Sample records for equipment technology multi-media

  1. On Multi-media Technology in English Teaching



    As an important means of contemporary educational technology, multi-media makes full use of its own advantages to probe into new patterns of teaching reform, to motivate new ways of thinking on teaching and learning, and to inspire creative spirits. This paper, composed of five parts, is aimed to evaluate the application of multi-media technology in English teaching. After a general introduction of multi-media technology in the first part,the second part explains the necessity of applying it in English teaching. The next two parts analyze the advantages as well as problems of multi-media technology in English teaching, and the last part is a conclusion.

  2. On Multi-media Technology in English Teaching



    As an important means of contemporary educational technology, multi-media makes full use of its own advantages to probe into new patterns of teaching reform, to motivate new ways of thinking on teaching and learning, and to inspire creative spirits. This paper, composed offive parts, is aimed to evaluate the application of multi-media technology in English teaching. After a general introduction of multi-media technology in thefirst part, the second part explains the necessity of applying it in English teaching. The next two parts analyze the advantages as well as problems of multi-media technology in English teaching, and the last part is a conclusion.

  3. The Utilization Methods of Multi-Media Technology in Higher VocationalEnglish Teaching



    Not only does the multi-media technology in teaching help students arouse curiosity and draw their attention,but also it makes students enhance their language skills and master knowledge.It makes English teaching smooth.

  4. Multi Media Madness--Improving Professional Development for Instructional Technology

    Thibeault, Nancy


    Multi Media Madness (3Ms) was a faculty development program where participants were guided by mentors through the development of a multimedia project. Nine faculty participants attended a week long workshop session in June 2003 taught by three mentors. At the end of the workshop series, the participants submitted a project plan that was reviewed,…

  5. Enhancing Chlorination Fundamentals for Water Treatment Technology IV Course Using On-Line Multi-Media

    Masengo Ilunga


    Full Text Available The current paper demonstrates the use of on-line multi-media, i.e. "chlorination of natural waters" and "dissociation of weak acids" from Merlot database, to enhance teaching and learning for Water Treatment Technology IV course material. This database focuses on fundamental concepts for chlorination as one of the most prominent disinfection treatment technology processes in the world and in South Africa. The course is part of the curriculum for the bachelor of technology degree in civil engineering, water specialisation at the University of South Africa (Unisa. The evaluation of these Merlot learning objects shows that accessibility, interaction usability, learning goal alignment, adaptation and motivation may be achieved during learning.

  6. Development of a prototype interactive learning system using multi-media technology for mission independent training program

    Matson, Jack E.


    The Spacelab Mission Independent Training Program provides an overview of payload operations. Most of the training material is currently presented in workbook form with some lecture sessions to supplement selected topics. The goal of this project was to develop a prototype interactive learning system for one of the Mission Independent Training topics to demonstrate how the learning process can be improved by incorporating multi-media technology into an interactive system. This report documents the development process and some of the problems encountered during the analysis, design, and production phases of this system.

  7. Electronic equipment packaging technology

    Ginsberg, Gerald L


    The last twenty years have seen major advances in the electronics industry. Perhaps the most significant aspect of these advances has been the significant role that electronic equipment plays in almost all product markets. Even though electronic equipment is used in a broad base of applications, many future applications have yet to be conceived. This versatility of electron­ ics has been brought about primarily by the significant advances that have been made in integrated circuit technology. The electronic product user is rarely aware of the integrated circuits within the equipment. However, the user is often very aware of the size, weight, mod­ ularity, maintainability, aesthetics, and human interface features of the product. In fact, these are aspects of the products that often are instrumental in deter­ mining its success or failure in the marketplace. Optimizing these and other product features is the primary role of Electronic Equipment Packaging Technology. As the electronics industry continues to pr...

  8. Concurrent design and market testing of virtual prototypes using group support and multi-media technology

    Muller, PC; van Engelen, JML; van Erp, A; Kappert, CB; Sierts, K; Terlouw, P; Sobolewski, M; Fox, M


    In order to be successful, new product development requires a balance between market pull and technology, push. On a project level this involves forging a link between the technical capabilities of the company and the needs of the market place. This paper describes an approach to forge this link ear

  9. Information technology equipment cooling system

    Schultz, Mark D.


    According to one embodiment, a system for removing heat from a rack of information technology equipment may include a sidecar indoor air to liquid heat exchanger that cools warm air generated by the rack of information technology equipment. The system may also include a liquid to liquid heat exchanger and an outdoor heat exchanger. The system may further include configurable pathways to connect and control fluid flow through the sidecar heat exchanger, the liquid to liquid heat exchanger, the rack of information technology equipment, and the outdoor heat exchanger based upon ambient temperature and/or ambient humidity to remove heat from the rack of information technology equipment.

  10. Technology Equipment Rooms.

    Day, C. William


    Examines telecommunications equipment room design features that allow for growth and can accommodate numerous equipment replacements and upgrades with minimal service disruption and with minimal cost. Considerations involving the central hub, power and lighting needs, air conditioning, and fire protection are discussed. (GR)

  11. Information technology equipment cooling method

    Schultz, Mark D.


    According to one embodiment, a system for removing heat from a rack of information technology equipment may include a sidecar indoor air to liquid heat exchanger that cools air utilized by the rack of information technology equipment to cool the rack of information technology equipment. The system may also include a liquid to liquid heat exchanger and an outdoor heat exchanger. The system may further include configurable pathways to connect and control fluid flow through the sidecar heat exchanger, the liquid to liquid heat exchanger, the rack of information technology equipment, and the outdoor heat exchanger based upon ambient temperature and/or ambient humidity to remove heat generated by the rack of information technology equipment.

  12. [Equipment and technology in robotics].

    Murphy, Declan; Challacombe, Ben; Nedas, Tim; Elhage, Oussama; Althoefer, Kaspar; Seneviratne, Lakmal; Dasgupta, Prokar


    We review the evolution and current status of robotic equipment and technology in urology. We also describe future developments in the key areas of virtual reality simulation, mechatronics and nanorobotics. The history of robotic technology is reviewed and put into the context of current systems. Experts in the associated fields of nanorobotics, mechatronics and virtual reality simulation simulation review the important future developments in these areas.

  13. Multi-media and network technology in English literature teaching%多媒体、网络技术在英国文学教学中的应用



    一直以来,英国文学课始终面临着教学内容庞杂、课时少、教学手段陈旧、教学目的不明确、学生兴趣不浓厚等诸多问题。多媒体、网络技术的发展为解决上述问题,改革英国文学课传统教学模式提供了可能。通过以教学实例为证,探讨了多媒体课件、网络自主学习平台,以及博客、讨论群等网络技术手段如何在英国文学课教学中得以整合并有效应用。%Teaching English literature becomes more difficult in English department in Chinese classroom, due to over- loaded learning materials, not enough class hours, inefficient teaching methods, not well-defined teaching goals and students'disinterest. Multi-media and network technology may be one of the solutions to the problems above. This pa- per attempts to discuss the possibility and efficiency of the application of multi-media and network technology in teaching English literature.

  14. DEA Multi-Media Drug Library

    ... Releases Speeches and Testimony Major Operations Multi-Media Library Micrograms Legislative & Legal Resources Events ESPAÑOL Contáctenos Declaración ... Liderazgo de la DEA Press Room » Multi-Media Library IMAGE GALLERY Drug Photos Amphetamines/Stimulants K2/Spice ...

  15. Application of Multi-media Technology to Improve Politics Classroom Instructions%用多媒体手段改进思想政治课堂教学实践



    Multi-media technology is one of teaching resources of politics classroom instructions,it has the characteristics of large amount of information, transmission speed and audio-visual features.It can be able to deal with some classroom teahing problems that cannot be sovled by using traditional teaching methods and illustrate by the classroom examlpes.%多媒体教学作为思想政治课程资源之一,具有信息量大、传输快、音画兼备、形象直观等特点。运用多媒体教学可以处理一些传统教学中难以解决的问题,并以课堂实例举例说明。

  16. An Analysis of the Implementation of Multi-media Technology in the Reading Course of English Majors%浅谈多媒体在英专英语阅读教学中的运用

    杨燕; 何英


    根据建构主义和有关现代阅读理论,英语教师在多媒体环境下进行阅读教学可以最大限度地培养学生的独立自主学习能力,使学生在教师指导下进行有意义的自主探索、知识构建、合作学习.%English teachers can teach reading course via multi-media technology according to construction and modern reading theories. This can best cultivate students' independent learning abilities. The students are guided by the teacher to do independent exploration, knowledge construction and cooperative study.

  17. Development of nuclear equipment qualification technology

    Choi, Heon O; Kim, Wu Hyun; Kim, Jin Wuk; Kim, Jeong Hyun; Lee, Jeong Kyu; Kim, Yong Han; Jeong, Hang Keun [Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, Taejon (Korea)


    In order to enhance testing and evaluation technologies, which is one of the main works of the Chanwon branch of KIMM(Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials), in addition to the present work scope of the testing and evaluation in the industrial facilities such as petroleum and chemical, plants, the qualification technologies of the equipments important to safety used in the key industrial facilities such as nuclear power plants should be localized: Equipments for testing and evaluation is to be set up and the related technologies must be developed. In the first year of this study, of vibration aging qualification technologies of equipments important to safety used in nuclear power plants have been performed. (author). 27 refs., 81 figs., 17 tabs.

  18. An Analysis on The Application of 2-dimentional Code Technology in Multi-media Teaching in Colleges and Universities%二维码技术用于高校多媒体教学的分析



    随着信息技术的发展,无线移动技术逐渐改变了人们的生活方式,对高校多媒体教学的形式也起到了巨大的推动作用。经过多年实践,无线移动技术与高校多媒体教学可以完美融合,能够全时化满足学生学习需要,拉近了教学资源与学生之间的空间距离。%With the development of information technology,wireless mobile technology are changing people's way of life gradually,at the same time,and it also significantly boost multi-media teaching in colleges and universities.With many years of practice,is has become possible to combine wireless mobile technology with the multimedia teaching perfectly, and wireless technology can meet students' learning demand anytime,which makes the spatial distance between students and teaching resources become closer.

  19. Measuring and Test Equipment through barcode technology

    Crockett, J.D.; Carr, C.C.


    Over the past several years, the use, trace methodology, and documentation of Measuring and Test Equipment has become a major concern. Current regulations are forcing companies to develop new policies, providing use history and traceability of Measuring and Test Equipment. The US Department of Energy and Environmental Organizations are driving Westinghouse Hanford Company to comply with the more stringent environmental guidelines and recent modifications in Department of Energy Orders. This paper discusses how the Fast Flux Test Facility at Westinghouse Hanford Company overcame these obstacles by using a computerized system through barcode technology.

  20. Problems in Multi-Media Use in the Reading Curriculum.

    Ediger, Marlow

    Multi-media instruction needs to be adapted to assist students in achieving objectives of instruction. Multi-media approaches need to stress quality sequence, and also need to provide a meaningful context for student learning. The developers of multi-media class resources should provide for diverse styles of learning and need to develop materials…

  1. Las tecnologías multimedia y reforma educativa en África: el caso de Ghana Making the Introduction of Multi-media Technologies Count in Education Reform in Africa: the Case of Ghana

    Kwame Akyeampong


    Full Text Available La presente contribución da un repaso a la introducción de las tecnologías antiguas y nuevas de la información en el sector educativo de Ghana. Señala cómo la reciente proliferación de las tecnologías mul timedia en el país ha alentado finalmente la introducción de las TIC en la educación. Sin embargo, el autor sostiene que buena parte de la motivación para introducir estas nuevas tecnologías en los centros educativos e institutos superiores no ha reflejado la necesidad de reconceptualizar las prácticas curriculares en la formación docente, con el fin de fundamentarlas en ideas constructivistas sobre los conocimientos y su producción. Sin esto, las reformas para introducir las nuevas tecnologías de información y comunicación en las aulas corren el riesgo de ser meramente herramientas que nuevamente se utilizan para reforzar las viejas tradiciones de enseñanza y aprendizaje en base a la trasmisión de los conocimientos sin ningún pensamiento crítico. Finalmente, el autor insiste en que los cambios curriculares en la formación docente en Ghana, y en otras partes de África, también deben reflejar las nuevas identidades de aprendizaje profesional y experiencias de aprendizaje que deben fomentar las TIC y otras herramientas mediáticas en el aula. This contribution reviews the introduction of old and new information communication technologies in Ghanaian education. It points out how the recent proliferation of multi-media technologies in the country has ultimately encouraged the introduction of ICTs in education. However, the author argues that much of the move to introduce these new technologies into schools and colleges has not reflected the need to re-conceptualise teacher education curriculum practices to base its foundations on constructivist ideas about knowledge and its production. Without this, reforms to introduce new information communication technologies in classrooms risk becoming tools that are again used to

  2. Hyperbaric intensive care technology and equipment.

    Millar, Ian L


    In an emergency, life support can be provided during recompression or hyperbaric oxygen therapy using very basic equipment, provided the equipment is hyperbaric-compatible and the clinicians have appropriate experience. For hyperbaric critical care to be provided safely on a routine basis, however, a great deal of preparation and specific equipment is needed, and relatively few facilities have optimal capabilities at present. The type, size and location of the chamber are very influential factors. Although monoplace chamber critical care is possible, it involves special adaptations and inherent limitations that make it inappropriate for all but specifically experienced teams. A large, purpose-designed chamber co-located with an intensive care unit is ideal. Keeping the critically ill patient on their normal bed significantly improves quality of care where this is possible. The latest hyperbaric ventilators have resolved many of the issues normally associated with hyperbaric ventilation, but at significant cost. Multi-parameter monitoring is relatively simple with advanced portable monitors, or preferably installed units that are of the same type as used elsewhere in the hospital. Whilst end-tidal CO₂ readings are changed by pressure and require interpretation, most other parameters display normally. All normal infusions can be continued, with several examples of syringe drivers and infusion pumps shown to function essentially normally at pressure. Techniques exist for continuous suction drainage and most other aspects of standard critical care. At present, the most complex life support technologies such as haemofiltration, cardiac assist devices and extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation remain incompatible with the hyperbaric environment.

  3. Modern, multi-media, advances in surgical information.

    Ponsky, Todd A; Rothenberg, Steven S


    The need for education does not end with residency. Practicing surgeons must find ways to stay current. The boom in new technologic developments may significantly enhance our methods of teaching through the use of new mutli-media. Here we will explore some of the muti-media innovations that have or may have the greatest impact on surgical education. Live, interactive, and online forums have proven to be effective new methods of bringing people together to discuss and learn new concepts in medicine. These forums allow physicians to interact with key opinion leaders and flatten knowledge sharing, so that everyone may have a voice. The dynamic, fast paced, and interactive format allows for screen-based learning to be engaging and interactive. Information is now available online in multiple formats that are continuously updated, so that information is no longer outdated by the time it is published in a textbook. Multi-media is now being used to disseminate content through, archived video, live video, as well as audiocasts. All of these are creating more modern ways for physicians to stay up-to-date either at home, in the office, or when mobile. Lastly, new advanced, interactive, technology can allow experts to assist less-experienced surgeons as "virtual partners" through telementoring. With telementoring, an expert can be virtually present while another surgeon is performing a complex, new, operation, and the expert can help with voice suggestions and on-screen telestration. Pediatric surgical education has made a giant leap thanks to new developments in multi-media technology.

  4. Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Commercial Lawn Equipment



    The U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities program produced this guide to help inform the commercial mowing industry about product options and potential benefits. This guide provides information about equipment powered by propane, ethanol, compressed natural gas, biodiesel, and electricity, as well as advanced engine technology. In addition to providing an overview for organizations considering alternative fuel lawn equipment, this guide may also be helpful for organizations that want to consider using additional alternative fueled equipment.

  5. Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Commercial Lawn Equipment (Brochure)


    The U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities program produced this guide to help inform the commercial mowing industry about product options and potential benefits. This guide provides information about equipment powered by propane, ethanol, compressed natural gas, biodiesel, and electricity, as well as advanced engine technology. In addition to providing an overview for organizations considering alternative fuel lawn equipment, this guide may also be helpful for organizations that want to consider using additional alternative fueled equipment.

  6. Disciplinary Technologies and Pupil Redisposition: School Equipment and Homework Diaries

    Zaborowski, Katrin U.; Breidenstein, Georg


    This paper explores disciplinary technologies and pupil redisposition through school and teacher focus on school equipment and homework diaries. During our field research in two contrasting secondary schools, we experienced the importance of missing school equipment to teacher and school control. We also concluded that forgotten or missing school…

  7. Analysis on Technology Roadmap of Agricultural Equipment Industry in Chongqing

    Chongjing; TAN; Jin; YE; Shi; YANG


    Since the subsidizing agricultural machine purchase was launched in 2004,the agriculture equipment industry in Chongqing has progressed by leaps and bounds,but it is still faced with a few urgent problems,which requires the coordination of stakeholders,with an aim to establish a clear direction of the development of industry and a technology route. With planting industry as an example,this paper applies the principle and method of industry technology roadmap to analyse the market demand,industry target,technology barrier and R & D demand of agricultural equipment industry in Chongqing. Based on the results,the top technology R & D items of agricultural equipment industry in Chongqing are obtained. Finally,the following suggestions are put forward: integrating resources,constructing platform and improving innovation ability; constructing agricultural industry park and promoting clustered development of agricultural equipment industry; strengthening finance and taxation support; strengthening construction of agricultural mechanization infrastructure; substantially developing socialized service of agricultural machinery.

  8. Roadmap for Process Equipment Materials Technology



    This Technology Roadmap addresses the ever-changing material needs of the chemical and allied process industries, and the energy, economic and environmental burdens associated with corrosion and other materials performance and lifetime issues. This Technology Roadmap outlines the most critical of these R&D needs, and how they can impact the challenges facing today’s materials of construction.

  9. JPRS Report, Science & Technology, USSR: Engineering & Equipment


    when our machine shop made a fixture from free-hand sketches by an innovative milling machine operator here. It was smaller than a stool , even...aesthetically or ergonomically . The main thing is that it perform its technological function. And if the primary Gidroavtomatika products were to reach the

  10. Learning medical and dental sciences through interactive multi-media.

    Demirjian, A; David, B


    Health professionals in various fields of Medicine and Dentistry must acquire comprehensive technological knowledge in order to practice their professions. A large portion of that knowledge cannot be found in a textbook. Examples of this type of information are data gleaned from viewing microscopic slides and dissecting cadavers. In order to fully comprehend an area of study in medicine, the student relies on various resources (often physically unrelated, like the x-ray department and the dissection room). This situation makes the teaching and learning processes much more difficult to accomplish, since the instructor and students have to manipulate multiple media and take the courses in various sites. Today's technology allows us to design and create teaching and learning tools that can alleviate these difficulties. Personal computers are now used to capture and display a vast array of information through many different media: text, sound, images, photographs, illustrations, animation and video. This information can be presented to the user with audio-visual interfaces designed to facilitate efficient communication of ideas. It is controlled primarily by the use of the mouse, at one's own pace. This interactive, multi-media approach to teaching and learning is called "Edutainment" (Education and Entertainment). This demonstration will show how these new tools are used to teach and learn about various subjects related to Medicine, particularly in Dermatology and Dentistry. Several courseware applications were developed, addressing various aspects of the field: Cancers of the Skin, Dental Development, the Temporomandibular joint, the Masticatory Muscles etc. These programs provide anthropological data on growth collected through longitudinal research, diagnosis and treatments of pigmented lesions of the skin, thousands of digitized x-rays accessible through a relational database, the latest imaging technology used to diagnose the temporomandibular disorders, high

  11. Super plastic forming technology applied to aeroengine and space equipment

    Mandai, Katsumi


    Titanium alloys, especially Ti-6Al-4V, are widely used for the aeroengine and space equipment because of their high strength ratio and excellent resistance to heat and corrosion. But this material is difficult to manufacture by conventional plastic forming technology. It has been reported that Ti-6Al-4V shows extensive ductility (superplasticity), more than 1000 percent under the condition of both low straining rate and high temperature ranges. Superplastic forming technology applying this characteristic is widely known as one of the most cost-effective methods to save material. At the plant, gas argon blowing equipment for the superplastic forming technology has been developed and 'V2500 nose fairing' and 'fuel tank of the H-II rocket second stage reaction control system' have been manufactured. This paper describes the superplastic forming equipment and the two products above.

  12. Study on Modern Agriculture Equipment and Technology Coordinating Innovation

    Weilong; WANG; Zulin; DA


    As the material foundation of agriculture modernization, the modernization level of agricultural equipment and technology is the significant signal of agricultural modernization, and the advancement of agricultural modernization is the important content of building a well-off society in an all-around way. Upgrading key technology research ability and promoting agricultural mechanization and industry development not only can shorten the gap between agricultural development level in China and that in developed countries, but also can advance the modernization process of China.

  13. Optimal deployment of emissions reduction technologies for construction equipment.

    Bari, Muhammad Ehsanul; Zietsman, Josias; Quadrifoglio, Luca; Farzaneh, Mohamadreza


    The objective of this research was to develop a multiobjective optimization model to deploy emissions reduction technologies for nonroad construction equipment to reduce emissions in a cost-effective and optimal manner. Given a fleet of construction equipment emitting different pollutants in the nonattainment (NA) and near -nonattainment (NNA) counties of a state and a set of emissions reduction technologies available for installation on equipment to control pollution/emissions, the model assists in determining the mix of technologies to be deployed so that maximum emissions reduction and fuel savings are achieved within a given budget. Three technologies considered for emissions reduction were designated as X, Y, and Z to keep the model formulation general so that it can be applied for any other set of technologies. Two alternative methods of deploying these technologies on a fleet of equipment were investigated with the methods differing in the technology deployment preference in the NA and NNA counties. The model having a weighted objective function containing emissions reduction benefits and fuel-saving benefits was programmed with C++ and ILOG-CPLEX. For demonstration purposes, the model was applied for a selected construction equipment fleet owned by the Texas Department of Transportation, located in NA and NNA counties of Texas, assuming the three emissions reduction technologies X, Y, and Z to represent, respectively, hydrogen enrichment, selective catalytic reduction, and fuel additive technologies. Model solutions were obtained for varying budget amounts to test the sensitivity of emissions reductions and fuel-savings benefits with increasing the budget. Different mixes of technologies producing maximum oxides of nitrogen (NO(x)) reductions and total combined benefits (emissions reductions plus fuel savings) were indicated at different budget ranges. The initial steep portion of the plots for NO(x) reductions and total combined benefits against budgets

  14. The formalization of innovative processes of food technology equipment

    V. A. Panfilov


    Full Text Available Improving the efficiency of scientific and engineering work to develop methods for converting agricultural raw materials into food is the most important condition of output processing and food sectors of agriculture in the sixth technological structure. The purpose of this article is to formalize the process of creating a progressive technique of food technologies. The process of self-organizing technological systems, presents a model of dual mechanism of control with regard to the processes of food technology. It is shown that in the process of adaptation development of the technological system as purposefully improving the structure and functioning of the system: increases the efficiency of interaction with the external environment. This smoothed out the contradictions of the technological system and its the main thing, the main technical contradiction: «productivity – quality». The steps to be taken to ensure that the technological system of conditions for intensive development. It is concluded that the potential development of some technological systems is hidden in the perspective of automation, and others – is associated with adaptive development processes, in particular machines, devices and bioreactors. The paper shows that innovative and truly breakthrough developments leading to the creation of fundamentally new equipment and new generations of technological systems, possible only with the establishment of patterns of organization, structure, functioning and development of open systems, which are modern technologies of agriculture. The mechanism of control of technological object acts as a core of adaptive development, which implements the anti-entropic entity management object, formalizing the innovation process of innovative food processing technologies.

  15. Multi-media regulatory requirements for an organic solvent wastewater

    Pintenich, J.L.; Bazydola, M.T. [Eckenfelder Inc., Nashville, TN (United States)


    The increasingly complex sets of environmental statutes and regulations in the United States have and will continue to present the designers and operators of aqueous waste treatment systems with significant challenges to meet regulatory performance standards for all media receiving an emission or discharge of some type. This paper summarizes the rigorous evaluations of multi-media environmental regulatory requirements for air emissions, water discharges, and treatment sludge which established that a groundwater treatment system at a National Priorities List (NPL) Superfund site could be designed and operated in a cost-effective manner. Pilot-scale treatability studies were used to develop the process design and demonstrate the attainment of extremely stringent water-quality based effluent limitations for this organic solvent wastewater. Dispersion modeling using Industrial Source Complex Long Term (ISCLT) demonstrated that predicted ground level concentrations of vinyl chloride and other hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) would be below state air toxics values. Emission rates were demonstrated to be below the relevant National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPs) as well as state emissions rate guidelines. Candidate emission control technologies were identified and evaluated on a life-cycle cost basis in accordance with the QAQPS Control Cost Manual published by USEPA to assess the feasibility of control. Adsorption with granular activated carbon, adsorption with a proprietary adsorbent, and catalytic oxidation were conceptualized for possible use at the site. The project received a discharge permit approval for the treated wastewater as well as a permit exemption for the air emission. During the first six months after startup, the treatment system was demonstrated to achieve the regulatory performance requirements.

  16. Cold Atmospheric Plasma Technology for Decontamination of Space Equipment

    Thomas, Hubertus; Rettberg, Petra; Shimizu, Tetsuji; Thoma, Markus; Morfill, Gregor; Zimmermann, Julia; Müller, Meike; Semenov, Igor


    Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) technology is very fast and effective in inactivation of all kinds of pathogens. It is used in hygiene and especially in medicine, since the plasma treatment can be applied to sensitive surfaces, like skin, too. In a first study to use CAP for the decontamination of space equipment we could show its potential as a quite promising alternative to the standard "dry heat" and H2O2 methods [Shimizu et al. Planetary and Space Science, 90, 60-71. (2014)]. In a follow-on study we continue the investigations to reach high application level of the technology. First, we redesign the actual setup to a plasma-gas circulation system, increasing the effectivity of inactivation and the sustainability. Additionally, we want to learn more about the plasma chemistry processes involved in the inactivation. Therefore, we perform detailed plasma and gas measurements and compare them to numerical simulations. The latter will finally be used to scale the decontamination system to sizes useful also for larger space equipment. Typical materials relevant for space equipment will be tested and investigated on surface material changes due to the plasma treatment. Additionally, it is planned to use electronic boards and compare their functionality before and after the CAP expose. We will give an overview on the status of the plasma decontamination project funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economics.

  17. III-Nitride advanced technologies and equipment for microelectronics

    Petrov, S. I.; Alexeev, A. N.; Mamaev, V. V.; Krasovitsky, D. M.; Chaly, V. P.


    Using of complex equipment SemiTEq shown in example of a closed cycle of basic technological operations for production of high-power field microwave transistors based on gallium nitride in the "Svetlana-Rost" JSC. Basic technological operations are shown: MBE growth of heterostructures, metal deposition of contacts using electron-beam evaporation system, thermal annealing of ohmic contacts, meza-isolation plasma-chemical etching and dielectric plasma deposition. The main problems during the technological route as well as ways to solve are discussed. In particular, ways to reduce the dislocation density in the active region of the transistor heterostructures grown on the mismatched substrates are described in detail. Special attention given to the homogeneity and reproducibility both after some manufacturing operations and applied to the end product.

  18. Advanced technology options for industrial heating equipment research

    Jain, R.C.


    This document presents a strategy for a comprehensive program plan that is applicable to the Combustion Equipment Program of the DOE Office of Industrial Technologies (the program). The program seeks to develop improved heating equipment and advanced control techniques which, by improvements in combustion and beat transfer, will increase energy-use efficiency and productivity in industrial processes and allow the preferred use of abundant, low grade and waste domestic fuels. While the plan development strategy endeavors to be consistent with the programmatic goals and policies of the office, it is primarily governed by the needs and concerns of the US heating equipment industry. The program, by nature, focuses on energy intensive industrial processes. According to the DOE Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey (MECS), the industrial sector in the US consumed about 21 quads of energy in 1988 in the form of coal, petroleum, natural gas and electricity. This energy was used as fuels for industrial boilers and furnaces, for agricultural uses, for construction, as feedstocks for chemicals and plastics, and for steel, mining, motors, engines and other industrial use over 75 percent of this energy was consumed to provide heat and power for manufacturing industries. The largest consumers of fuel energy were the primary metals, chemical and allied products, paper and allied products, and stone, clay and glass industry groups which accounted for about 60% of the total fuel energy consumed by the US manufacturing sector.

  19. Innovative Mechanical Engineering Technologies, Equipment and Materials-2013

    Ilnaz Izailovich, Fayrushin; Nail Faikovich, Kashapov; Mahmut Mashutovich, Ganiev


    In the period from 25 to 27 September 2013 the city of Kazan hosted the International Scientific Conference "Innovative mechanical engineering technologies, equipment and materials - 2013" (IRTC "IMETEM - 2013"). The conference was held on the grounds of "Kazanskaya Yarmarka" (Kazan). The conference plenary meeting was held with the participation of the Republic of Tatarstan, breakout sessions, forum "Improving the competitiveness and efficiency of engineering enterprises in the WTO" and a number of round tables. Traditionally, the event was followed by the 13th International specialized exhibition "Engineering. Metalworking. Kazan ", in which were presented the development of innovative enterprises in the interests of the Russian Federation of Industry of Republic of Tatarstan, to support the "Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology" and the 8th specialized exhibition "TechnoWelding". Kashapov Nail, D.Sc., professor (Kazan Federal University)

  20. Technology Roadmaps: Energy-efficient Buildings: Heating and Cooling Equipment



    Buildings account for almost a third of final energy consumption globally and are an equally important source of CO2 emissions. Currently, both space heating and cooling as well as hot water are estimated to account for roughly half of global energy consumption in buildings. Energy-efficient and low/zero-carbon heating and cooling technologies for buildings have the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 2 gigatonnes (Gt) and save 710 million tonnes oil equivalent (Mtoe) of energy by 2050. Most of these technologies -- which include solar thermal, combined heat and power (CHP), heat pumps and thermal energy storage -- are commercially available today. The Energy-Efficient Buildings: Heating and Cooling Equipment Roadmap sets out a detailed pathway for the evolution and deployment of the key underlying technologies. It finds that urgent action is required if the building stock of the future is to consume less energy and result in lower CO2 emissions. The roadmap concludes with a set of near-term actions that stakeholders will need to take to achieve the roadmap's vision.

  1. Technology review of commercial food service equipment - final report

    Rahbar, S.; Krsikapa, S. [Canadian Gas Research Inst., Don Mills, ON (Canada); Fisher, D.; Nickel, J.; Ardley, S.; Zabrowski, D. [Fisher Consultants (Canada); Barker, R.F. [ed.


    Market and technical information on gas fired equipment used in the commercial food service sector in Canada and in each province or territory was presented. Results of a market study and technology review were integrated to establish energy consumption and energy saving potential in this sector. Eight categories of commercial cooking appliances were studied. They were: fryers, griddles, broilers, ranges, ovens, tilting skillets, steam kettles and steamers. Focus was on gas fired appliances, although electric appliances were also included. The total energy consumption of the appliances was estimated at 76,140.37 GBtu in 1994. Gas appliances accounted for 63 per cent of the total inventory and consumed 83 per cent of the total energy used. Cooking energy efficiencies for the gas fired commercial cooking equipment ranged from 10 per cent to 60 per cent. The electric appliances had cooking energy efficiencies ranging from 35 per cent to 95 per cent. A list of recommendations were made for the many opportunities to introduce higher efficiency commercial cooking appliances, essential to slow down or to stabilize the energy consumption of cooking appliances over the next decade. 66 refs., 14 tabs., 18 figs.

  2. Assessment of conducting polymer applications in power equipment technology

    Schoch, K.F. Jr.; Bennett, A.I.; Burghardt, R.R.; Cookson, A.H.; Kennedy, W.N.; Oommen, T.V.; Saunders, H.E.; Smith, J.D.B.; Voshall, R.E. (Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh, PA (USA)); Fort, E.M. (Westinghouse Electric Corp., Orlando, FL (USA)); Robbins, B. (Reynolds Metals Co., Richmond, VA (USA))


    This report describes for the first time the state-of-the-art in conducting polymer technology specifically relating to electric power apparatus for transmission, distribution and generation. Thirty-two new applications in power equipment are proposed and assessed. The areas of the proposed applications include solid dielectric cable, oil-filled cable, capacitors, transformers, rotating machines, bushings, surge supressors, vacuum interrupters, gas-insulated equipment, and miscellaneous applications. The best applications will result in improved reliability and efficiency, design innovations, and simpler manufacturing procedures by taking advantage of the particular characteristics of conducting polymers. These characteristics include good control of conductivity over a range of 10{sup {minus}8} to 10{sup 3} S/cm, compatibility with organic compounds, simple preparation and development of anisotropic conductivity by polymer orientation. The proposed applications were evaluated according to technical impact, probability of success, economic impact, and time frame for implementation. The state-of-the-art of conducting polymers is also reviewed and areas requiring further research for these applications are discussed. Because of substantial recent progress is developing more practical conducting polymer materials, now is an excellent time to pursue the additional research needed. 37 refs., 16 figs., 15 tabs.

  3. Latest Technologies and Equipment to Obtain High Quality Drinking Water

    Goncharuk, V.V.


    Full Text Available A principally new concept of providing the Ukrainian population with quality drinking water have been proposed. It is based on a system of autonomous complexes for water purification in places of direct consumption. Water treatment autonomous complexes for collective and individual use with biotesting and analytical quality control of drinking water have been developed. The choice of the cleaning methods of tap and other waters up to the quality of genetic safe is performed in accordance with its composition and is based on a block concept that provides the possibility of varying the number of units depending on the composition of the source water. The proposed technology and equipment at cost and complex problems to be solved have no analogues in the world. Over thousand of modular installations «Vega» and disinfecting vehicles «Promin» are implemented in many settlement in all regions of Ukraine.

  4. Analyses of concrete microcosmic structure in multi-media environment

    闫波; 姜安玺; 王幼青; 刘丽艳; 徐桂芹


    The structure of concrete generally serves in multi-media environments; various environments act differently on concrete. The compound action of some severe environments will threaten the duration of concrete and decrease the service life of a concrete structure if improperly handled. In this paper the microstructure of concrete is observed by using Scanned Electric Microscope (SEM) through contrasting experiments in media of acid, alkali and salt with that of freezing-thawing in the same medium environment. This study is to supply a certain basis for changing traditional thinking of mechanical design and to combine construction reliability design with durability of concrete design.


    M. Y. Afanasiev


    Full Text Available This paper considers the question of an optical unit designing for transmitting power laser radiation through an optical fiber. The aim of this work is designing a simple construction unit with minimized reflection losses. The source of radiation in the optical unit described below is an ultraviolet laser with diode pumping. We present the general functioning scheme and designing features for the three main parts: laser beam deflecting system, laser beam dump and optical unit control system. The described laser beam deflection system is composed of a moving flat mirror and a spherical scattering mirror. Comparative analysis of the production technology for such mirrors was carried out, and, as a result, the decision was made to produce both mirrors of 99.99 % pure molybdenum without coating. A moving mirror deflects laser emission from a source through a fiber or deflects it on a spherical mirror and into the laser beam dump, moreover, switching from one position to another occurs almost immediately. It is shown that a scattering mirror is necessary, otherwise, the absorbing surface of the beam dump is being worn out irregularly. The laser beam dump is an open conical cavity, in which the conical element with its spire turned to the emission source is placed. Special microgeometry of the internal surface of the beam dump is suggested for the better absorption effect. An optical unit control system consists of a laser beam deflection system, laser temperature sensor, deflection system solenoid temperature sensor, and deflection mirror position sensor. The signal processing algorithm for signals coming from the sensors to the controller is described. The optical unit will be used in special technological equipment.

  6. 浅析多媒体在舞蹈创作中的作用%Analysis the Role of Multi-media in Dance Creation



    舞蹈艺术中恰当使用多媒体,可实现舞蹈影像与舞者的表演互动,使多媒体成为舞蹈创作的重要元素。将多媒体影像和适当的舞台装置相结合,也是对舞台呈现形式的一种拓展和创新。多媒体具有操作灵活便捷的优势,能结合剧情实时地创设环境、辅助叙事、营造气氛等,还能降低成本,弥补演出场地、舞美道具的不足。%Appropriate application multi-media in dance can play supporting role to choreography. Multi-media have the advantages of providing interactive performances between dance videos and dancers, thus they become an important element in dance creation. Combination of multi-media videos with proper stage equipments could innovate on theatrical presentation. Being flexible and convenient in operation, multi-media can build suitable environment, aid narration, create proper atmosphere, lower production costs to make up for deficiencies of space and props.

  7. Technology review of commercial food service equipment - final report

    Rahbar, S.; Krsikapa, S. [Canadian Gas Research Inst., Don Mills, ON (Canada); Fisher, D.; Nickel, J.; Ardley, S.; Zabrowski, D. [Fisher Consultants (Canada); Barker, R.F. [ed.


    Technical information on commercial gas cooking appliances was presented. This second volume provided an appliance-by-appliance comprehensive assessment of the energy performance of commercial food service equipment. Energy assessments were made for the following categories of cooking equipment: fryers, griddles, broilers, ranges, Chinese ranges, ovens, steamers, steam kettles, and braising pans. Recommendations were made for improving the energy efficiency and overall performance of gas appliances to support of the Canadian gas utilities marketing and energy conservation initiatives. 71 refs., 37 tabs., 58 figs.

  8. Municipal solid waste disposal by using metallurgical technologies and equipments

    Jiuju Cai, Wenqiang Sun


    Full Text Available Pyrolysis of municipal solid waste can take full advantage of energy and resource and avoid producing hazardous material during this period. In combination with mature metallurgical technologies of coking by coke oven, regenerative flame furnace technology and melting by electric arc furnace, technologies of regenerative fixed bed pyrolysis technology for household waste, co-coking technology for waste plastic and blend coal, and incineration ash melting technology by electric arc technology for medical waste were respectively developed to improve current unsatisfied sorting status of waste. The investigation results of laboratory experiments, semi-industrial experiments and industrial experiments as well as their economic benefits and environmental benefits for related technologies were separately presented.

  9. 高职高专多媒体英语教学刍议%Multi-media English Teaching in Vocational Colleges



    With the continuous development of science and technology, multi-media teaching has gradually become a new means of teaching. Especially in vocational colleges, multi-media teaching is used more and more during the English language teaching. The use of multi-media will help to create a good English communication environment, to improve students' interest in learning English, and thus to improve the efficiency of English teaching. If English teachers use multi-media technology reasonably and combine it with the traditional teaching, they will achieve good aims. In this essay, I will discuss the application of multi- media teaching of English in vocational colleges.%随着科技的不断发展,多媒体教学已经逐渐成为一种新兴的教学手段.特别是在高职院校中,多媒体手段越来越多的应用于英语教学实践当中.多媒体的运用,有利于创造良好的英语交际环境,提高学生学习英语的兴趣,从而也提高英语教学效率.合理的使用多媒体,将多媒体技术与传统教法相结合,会取得良好的效果.本文就多媒体技术在高职高专英语中的应用展开了论述.

  10. United States geothermal technology: Equipment and services for worldwide applications



    This document has two intended audiences. The first part, ``Geothermal Energy at a Glance,`` is intended for energy system decision makers and others who are interested in wide ranging aspects of geothermal energy resources and technology. The second part, ``Technology Specifics,`` is intended for engineers and scientists who work with such technology in more detailed ways. The glossary at the end of the document defines many of the specialized terms. A directory of US geothermal industry firms who provide goods and services for clients around the world is available on request.

  11. Offshore Equipment Industry Won the First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award


    The "key design and manufacturing technology of deep sea cylinder type drilling unit with high stability" researched and developed by COSCOShipyard Group Co., Ltd. won the first prize of 2011 annual national science and technology progress award in the national science and technology awards conference held on February 14, 2012. This is the first national technology award for domestic offshore engineering equipment manufacturing enterprises, which indicates that China's deep sea drilling equipment design has achieved significant breakthrough. It will promote the development of advanced offshore engineering manufacturing industry, and will have profound influence on China's deep sea energy development strategy and national energy security strategy.

  12. Scientific Bases of Innovation Technology of Drill-Hole Equipment by Cryogenic-Gravel Filters

    Коzhevnikov, А.А.


    Full Text Available Manufacturing technologies of cryogenic-gravel filter element and equipment of drill-hole water receiving part by a cryogenic-gravel filter are described. Compoundings of mineral binder and cryogenically-gravel composition are substantiated. Patterns of physical fields influence on the change of their properties and technological operations of equipping drill-hole water receiving part on changes of physical, mechanical, thermal and technological properties of experimental cryogenic gravel filter element are established. Parameters of delivery technology of cryogenicgravel filter to drill-hole water receiving part are theoretically and experimentally worked out.

  13. 77 FR 41930 - Bleed Air Cleaning and Monitoring Equipment and Technology


    ... an opportunity to participate in #0;the rule making prior to the adoption of the final rules. #0; #0... Equipment and Technology ACTION: Notice; request for information. SUMMARY: The FAA seeks information from industry developers, manufacturers, and the public related to effective air cleaning technology and...

  14. A scheme of improving the quality of speech mixing in multi-media conference system

    Lu, Meilian; Xu, Jiang; Chen, Pengfei


    The factors which influence the voice quality in multi-media conference on IP network, such as delay and the accumulation of delay is analyzed. A scheme which adopts mixing buffer and method of uniform mixing period to increase the quality of mixed speech is proposed. The prototype of multi-media conference system which using this scheme proves that the quality issue of speech mixing can be solved well, and the speech quality is good in the local area network.

  15. Equipment Maintenance: Interservice of Technical Manuals and Related Technology


    TX 78241-5990 (d) Sacramento ALC/MMEDT McClellan AFB CA 95652-5990 (e) Warner Robins ALC/MMEDT Robins AFB GA 31098-5990 Appendix B Attachment 2 Section...the chairperson, Interservice Group on the Exchange of Technical Manual Technology, HQ AFLC/MMERD, Wright-Patter- son AFB OH 45433-5001. b. Joint...MMEDU, Tinker AFB OK 73145- 5979, except when the requesting activity has an assigned Technical Order Distribution Office (TODO) Code (Account). b

  16. Technology and equipment for processing diamond materials of modern electronics

    Mityagin A. Yu.


    Full Text Available The methods of selection and sorting of diamonds according to their physical properties by modern physical methods of the analysis are developed, as well as the technologies of precision laser cutting of diamonds, their processing on a basis of thermochemical reactions in gas environment. The experimental installation for polishing and grinding of diamond plates, installation for slicing, installation for plasma-chemical processing are created. The techniques of surface roughness measurement of the processed plates and control of roughness parameters are developed. Some experimental results are given.

  17. Frontiers of Offshore Oil Equipment and Engineering Technology


    @@ From a worldwide perspective, offshore gas and oil fields account for about 60% of the total. At present, more than 100 countries are going in for offshore oil and gas exploration, among which over 50 countries are exploring ocean floor. With the continuous innovation of engineering technology, the exploration of submarine oil and gas will develop toward deep water area. The reserves are expected to continue to increase in the future. The discovery rate of oil and gas in China's sea area merely amounts to 18.5% and 9.2% respectively. Compared with land exploration,offshore exploration has a great potential.

  18. Putting agricultural equipment and digital technologies at the cutting edge of agroecology

    Bellon Maurel Véronique


    Full Text Available The agro-ecological transition is an ambitious challenge. It can be met by implementing the fundamentals of agroecology (use of biodiversity, integration of agriculture in landscapes, closure of flow loops in the context of a broad and renewed offer of technologies: agro-equipment, biotechnology, digital technologies… This article explores the role that agro-equipment and digital services can play in this transition. These technologies contribute through various levers to the agro-ecological transition: by improving farming efficiency (more service rendered for the same environmental impact, by precision farming (adaptation of the operations to the needs of the plant or the animal based on a monitoring–diagnosis–recommendation cycle and by the development of specialized machinery helping the farmer to achieve “flow loop-closing” (at the plot level, by maintaining the soil quality, or at the farm level, with the recycling of organic effluents or to take advantage of biodiversity (e.g., with agro-equipment adapted to mixed crops. The technological bricks that are requested and for which advances are expected are: sensors (to measure plant or animal needs and associated digital technologies (information transfer, data processing, precision technologies for input application, robotics, specialized machines to manage soil cover and weeds, or for agroforestry. The brakes and engines for innovation in agro-equipment are studied. The brakes are the generally small structure of the farm manufacturing companies, the deficit of the demand from farmers and the complexity − either real or perceived − of these equipments. To encourage innovation, several levers are to be used: involving users in the design of agro-equipments, creating financial incentives for innovative equipment purchase, and training end-users, prescribers and dealers to the high potential of these new technologies. In conclusion, putting agro-equipment and digital technology

  19. Composite technology in radar equipment. Dopler Meteo radar reflector device

    A. V. Shumov


    Full Text Available The article is devoted features of the application composite materials in radar technology for example adjustment of the development technology of the reflector antenna device DMRL-S - radar for monitoring meteorological conditions.Russian and foreign analogues DMRL-S are made of aluminum, which no longer meets modern requirements for strength and weight. Also aluminum reflectors are not temperature stable. Composite materials are characterized by higher values of specific characteristics: temporary resistance, endurance limit, stiffness, elastic modulus, and less prone to cracking. The use of such materials improves the strength, rigidity and durability.For the manufacture of the DMRL-C reflector used composite materials based on epoxy resins reinforced with fiberglass (both unidirectional and woven. To increase the rigidity and weight reflector is made in the form of three-layer sandwich fiberglass panels with honeycomb core variable height. Design work was carried out in a CAD Siemens NX8.0 / Unigraphics, through which was established mathematical model layered reflector, as well as all accessories used in the manufacture. With the program NX Nastran was held strength calculation and analysis of stiffness on the finite element method.After the manufacture of the product, we measured the standard deviation of the working surface of the reflector from the theoretical surface using a three-dimensional laser scanner. Measurements were made at different angular positions of the reflector, and when loading. It is shown that the maximum strain in the operating modes of operation across the surface of the product does not exceed 4%, which will provide the most accurate operation of the product in any position of the antenna system.As a result of this work reflector design was developed, created and verified by experimental data calculation model. Reflector antenna device of the DMRL-S was manufactured and tested. The reflector was made of reinforced

  20. Effluent treatment by multi-media filtration, microfiltration and ultrafiltration: results of a pilot investigation at WWTP Hoek van Holland.

    te Poele, S; Menkveld, W; Boom, J; van Bragt, W


    Upgrading of wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) effluent as a part of the Dutch governmental policy to close the water cycle has increasing interest now. The Water Board Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland together with the project team of Witteveen + Bos Consulting Engineers, Delft University of Technology and Rossmark water treatment investigated the reuse possibilities of WWTP effluent in the region of Delfland. Therefore pilot research was carried out at WWTP Hoek van Holland applying different filtration techniques: multi-media filtration, micro- and ultrafiltration. The results show stable process performances of the different filtration techniques when proper pre-treatment was applied. For microfiltration the filtration characteristics were strongly influenced by particles which were not retained in the multi-media filter. For ultrafiltration the filtration characteristics were strongly influenced by organic components WWTP effluent could not be used directly as process water or for agriculture purposes, due to high concentrations of COD and salts in the WWTP effluent and filtrates. However WWTP effluent or floc filtrate could be applied directly as water for the washing of sea-sand.




    Full Text Available The nations that achieve cyberpower will command influence in global affairs economically, culturally, militarily, and politically in the decades ahead. Military cyberpower is the application of the domain of cyberspace to operational concepts to accomplish military objectives and missions, and influence operations, as well as warfighting. Infotronics Technologies intertwine advanced information and electronics systems intelligence and enable autonomous business functions and objectives through the use of internet and other tether-free technologies (i.e. wireless, web,…. The modern logistics of military systems / equipment imply core technologies such as Watchdog Agent for Predictive Prognostics, Web-enabled Smart D2B (device to business, Platform and Tools for Data Transformation, Optimization, and Synchronization, Applied Wireless Technologies and Logistics Infotronics Agent (LIA. The hereby article argues that traceability, predictability and diagnosticability through advanced technologies will lead the armed forces to the life cycle logistics approach for interoperability and optimal cost of military systems / equipment.


    M.A. Ebadian, Ph.D.


    The dismantlement of radioactively contaminated process equipment is a major concern during the D&D process. There are an estimated 1,200 buildings in the DOE-EM complex that will require the dismantlement of equipment and various metal structures. As buildings undergo the D&D process, this metallic equipment contaminated with radionuclides such as uranium and plutonium must be size-reduced before final disposal. A single information source comparing dismantlement technologies in the areas of safety, cost, and performance is needed by DOE managers and is not currently available. The selection of the appropriate technologies to meet the dismantlement objectives for a given site is a difficult process in the absence of comprehensive and comparable data. Choosing the wrong technology could result in increased exposure of personnel to contaminants and an increase in D&D project costs. The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate commercially available and innovative technologies for equipment dismantlement and provide a comprehensive source of information to the D&D community in the areas of technology performance, cost, and health and safety.

  3. Technological Process and Equipment for Electric-local Softening Soil of Different Strength and Structure

    Rizun, A.R.


    Full Text Available Electric-discharge technology for soil local softening is developed; the pre-production model of mobile high-energy electric-discharge generator with the controlled energy release is produced. Application of the proposed equipment and technology will allow essentially reduce construction materials and cost of the installation and construction works, in particular, capital investments in alternative energy, industrial, residential construction, and hydraulic engineering in general.


    M.O. Kachieng’a


    Full Text Available South Africa has tried various strategies to improve access, quality and cost-efficiency in the health care delivery systems. However it is clear that the optimal approach has yet to be found. It has been recognised that health technology is an important element of this transformation, and will continue to play a vital role.
    It is almost evident that the way health technology is managed in health care institutions directly affects the quality of treatment patients receive. Although strategic importance of technology in health care has been documented widely in scientific literature; technology planning, procurement and management have not received the attention they deserve in the transformation of health care services in the country.
    The survey discussed in this paper investigated health care equipment maintenance problems and associated technological constraints from point of view of health technology managers, biomedical and clinical engineers. It also provides recommendations for competitive utilisation of technology in the public health sector.

  5. New development of longwall mining equipment based on automation and intelligent technology for thin seam coal

    Guo-fa WANG


    The paper introduced complete sets of automatic equipment and technology used in thin seam coal face,and proposed the comprehensive mechanization and automation of safe and high efficiency mining models based on the thin seam drum shearer.The key technology of short length and high power thin seam drum shearer,and new type roof support with big extension ratio and plate canopy were introduced.The new research achievement on automatic control system of complete sets of equipment for the thin seam coal,which composed of electronic-hydraulic system,compact thin seam roof supports,high effective shearer with intelligent control system,and characterized by automatical follow-up and remote control technology,was described in this paper..

  6. Wanted: rotary drilling technology for in situ mining systems. [Suggestions for imaginative use of technology and equipment

    Laswell, G.W.


    It is pointed out that although available equipment and technology are not adequate for the varied requirements of the long-range in-situ recovery of our natural resources, effective programs can be accomplished now with innovative drill programs and equipment planning. The necessity of considering new and unusual techniques in order to ensure the success of an in-situ recovery program is emphasized. Three drilling concepts that are not being utilized but have in-situ applicability are discussed. They are underreaming, or chambering, dual-concentric drillpipe, and downhole tricone percussion. Various circulation media for use with in-situ drilling methods are discussed. (JGB)


    V. Adamenko


    Full Text Available The paper contains investigation results and proposes a method for calculation of optimum cutting rate. The method takes into account energy-consumption indices of technological equipment that permits to improve technological energy efficiency of cutting process.

  8. Gunite and Associated Tanks Treatability Study Equipment Testing at the Tanks Technology Cold Test Facility

    Burks, BL


    This report provides a summary of the cold tests performed on the equipment to be used in the Gunite and Associated Tanks Treatability Study. The testing was performed from June 1996 to May 1997 at the Tanks Technology Cold Test Facility located at the 7600 complex at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Testing of specific equipment grouped into the following sections: (1) Modified Light-Duty Utility Arm Testing, (2) Remotely Operated Vehicle Testing, (3) Waste Dislodging and Conveyance System and Balance of Plant Equipment Testing, (4) Camera and Lighting System Testing, and (5) Characterization End-Effector Testing. Each section contains descriptions of a series of tests that summarize the test objectives, testing performed, and test results. General conclusions from the testing are also provided.

  9. Improving the Thermal Testing Technology of Technological Equipment of Autonomous Complexes

    V. V. Chugunkov


    Full Text Available The environmental conditions of autonomous objects of different-purpose technical complexes are in close relationship with increased values of operating temperatures. This requires thermal pretesting of the process equipment. The publication [1] considers the thermal test conditions in which the equipment elements under test are placed in a heated water tank covered by the globe insulators where, under automatic temperature control using a block of heaters, they are then kept for a specified period of time at a specified temperature range. Such an approach to the thermal tests of equipment allows us to reduce, but not eliminate completely the mass flows of water from evaporation with reducing power consumption of test equipment.Despite the results achieved, even a little bit of water vapor available when conducting the thermal tests may cause a failure of equipment. Therefore, there is a need in test equipment modernization for complete eliminating the fluxes of mass water and better power consumption in the test process. To this end, it is proposed to place a three-layer bubble wrap on the open surface of water.To justify an efficiency of the proposed option was developed a mathematical model of heat and mass transfer processes that occur during thermal tests, taking into account the geometric and thermo-physical characteristics of test tank, polymer film, and equipment. Using the laws and equations of heat and mass transfer enabled us to determine the required capacities for heating the tank with water and equipment to the required temperature range for a specified time, as well as the mass flows of water when evaporating from the tank surface.The efficiency of the three-layer bubble film as compared with the globe insulators as the elements for covering the test tank the surface has been analysed on the basis of the results obtained.The proposed film coating allowed almost complete elimination of evaporation losses of water mass and almost 8

  10. Use of technological equipment in critical care units: nurses' perceptions in Greece.

    Kiekkas, Panagiotis; Karga, Maria; Poulopoulou, Maria; Karpouhtsi, Irini; Papadoulas, Vasileios; Koutsojannis, Constantinos


    The aim of this study was to determine the perceptions of nurses who work in critical care units about positive and negative effects related to the use of technological equipment and identify relationships between these perceptions and demographic characteristics of participants. Previous researchers have investigated the perceptions of nursing personnel about the effects of technology on clinical practice. However, most of them focus on specific negative effects. Positive and negative effects have never been studied as a whole. Critical care nurses were surveyed to elicit their perceptions regarding the use of technological equipment. The instrument comprised a 14-item questionnaire and a series of demographic characteristics. A five-point Likert scale was used for each of these 14 questions. The questionnaire was administered to 122 nurses working at the four critical care units of a major academic hospital in Patras, Greece, from 1/10/2003 to 31/12/2003. The completion of the questionnaires was achieved by means of a personal interview. A total of 118 questionnaires were completed. The majority of nurses recognized the positive effects of equipment regarding patient care and clinical practice. At the same time, they agreed that use of equipment possibly leads to increased risk due to human errors or mechanical faults, increased stress and restricted autonomy of nursing personnel. The use of machines does not add to nursing prestige and this may be related to decreased autonomy. Human errors, mechanical faults and increased stress do not seem to come as a result of time constriction but rather of inadequate education. Undergraduate and continuing education should respond efficiently to the needs of contemporary critical care. Recognition of positive and negative effects of machines through the investigation of perceptions of nurses is the first step before looking for ways of maximizing advantages and facing disadvantages of equipment use.

  11. Development of an Improved Process for Installation Projects of High Technology Manufacturing Equipment

    Quintana, Sarah V. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    High technology manufacturing equipment is utilized at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) to support nuclear missions. This is undertaken from concept initiation where equipment is designed and then taken through several review phases, working closely with system engineers (SEs) responsible for each of the affected systems or involved disciplines (from gasses to HVAC to structural, etc.). After the design is finalized it moves to procurement and custom fabrication of the equipment and equipment installation, including all of the paperwork involved. Not only are the engineering and manufacturing aspects important, but also the scheduling, financial forecasting, and planning portions that take place initially and are sometimes modified as the project progresses should requirements, changes or additions become necessary. The process required to complete a project of this type, including equipment installation, is unique and involves numerous steps to complete. These processes can be improved and recent work on the Direct Current Arc (DC Arc) Glovebox Design, Fabrication and Installation Project provides an opportunity to identify some important lessons learned (LL) that can be implemented in the future for continued project improvement and success.

  12. Preparing Multi-Media Teaching Materials. A Source Book.

    United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Bangkok (Thailand). Regional Office for Education in Asia and the Pacific.

    This sourcebook on educational technology materials was developed in conjunction with a regional workshop on "The Use of Educational Technology by Teachers," which was held in September 1985 and attended by participants and observers from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea,…

  13. The application of active noise control technology to reduce noise from air pollution control equipment

    Depies, C. R.; Kapsos, D. W.


    The basic concept of active noise control, i. e. to create a noise field in a space in order to destructively interfere with an existing noise, and in the process create a quieter space, was explained. The manner in which noise control technology can be used in air pollution control equipment was described and guidelines for application were provided. A number of case studies were used to illustrate the suitability of active noise control for low frequency noise problems, especially in the area of air pollution control equipment. Impressive reduction of low frequency noise, energy efficiency, ability to retrofit into an existing duct system, and the hardware`s insensitivity to dirty exhaust environments were cited as the principal reasons for the success of active noise control technology over more traditional in-line passive silencers. 1 ref., 8 figs.


    The overall objective of the Environmental Testing and Verification Coatings and Coating Equipment Program is to verify pollution prevention and performance characteristics of coating technologies and make the results of the testing available to prospective coating technology use...

  15. Evaluation plan for a cardiological multi-media workstation (I4C project)

    J.W. van der Hofstede (J.); A.B.W.M. Quak (A. B W M); A.M. van Ginneken (Astrid); P.W. MacFarlane (Peter); J. Watson (J.); P.R.H. Hendriks (P. R H); C. Zeelenberg


    textabstractThe goal of the I4C project (Integration and Communication for the Continuity of Cardiac Care) is to build a multi-media workstation for cardiac care and to assess its impact in the clinical setting. This paper describes the technical evaluation plan for the prototype.

  16. Evaluation plan for a cardiological multi-media workstation (I4C project)

    Hofstede, J.W. van der; Quak, A.B.; Ginneken, A.M. van; Macfarlane, P.W.; Watson, J.; Hendriks, P.R.; Zeelenberg, C.


    The goal of the I4C project (Integration and Communication for the Continuity of Cardiac Care) is to build a multi-media workstation for cardiac care and to assess its impact in the clinical setting. This paper describes the technical evaluation plan for the prototype.

  17. A multi-media teaching package on comfort and building design

    Wilson, M.; Nicol, F.; Santamouris, M.; Bakker, L.G.


    This paper describes a multi-media teaching package MULCOM, being developed within the EC DG XVII SAVE programme. The product, at present under development, is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the field study and laboratory approach to thermal comfort with further sections on visual

  18. Development of mining technology and equipment for seafloor massive sulfide deposits

    Liu, Shaojun; Hu, Jianhua; Zhang, Ruiqiang; Dai, Yu; Yang, Hengling


    Seafloor massive sulfide(SMS) deposits which consist of Au, Ag, Cu, and other metal elements, have been a target of commercial mining in recent decades. The demand for established and reliable commercial mining system for SMS deposits is increasing within the marine mining industry. The current status and progress of mining technology and equipment for SMS deposits are introduced. First, the mining technology and other recent developments of SMS deposits are comprehensively explained and analyzed. The seafloor production tools manufactured by Nautilus Minerals and similar mining tools from Japan for SMS deposits are compared and discussed in turn. Second, SMS deposit mining technology research being conducted in China is described, and a new SMS deposits mining tool is designed according to the environmental requirement. Finally, some new trends of mining technology of SMS deposits are summarized and analyzed. All of these conclusions and results have reference value and guiding significance for the research of SMS deposit mining in China.


    The Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program has been established to verify the performance characteristics of innovative environmental technologies and report this objective information, thus, accelerating the entrance of these new technologies into the marketplace. V...

  20. The "INCOTERMS" Challenge: Using Multi-Media to Engage Learners

    Holley, Debbie; Haynes, Richard


    This paper explores issues raised during the development and implementation of a new multimedia learning experience, outlining the context to the research and focussing on the changing roles for teachers and learners in the light of evolving new technologies. A backdrop of successive government policies to widening participation is provided to…

  1. Operation and technology development of the radioactive xenon and krypton detection equipment

    Lee, Wanno; Choi, Sangdo; Ji, Youngyong; Lim, Jong Myoung; Cho, Young Hyun; Kang, Han Beul; Lee, Hoon; Kang, Moon Ja; Choi, Kun Sik


    Operation and technology development of the radioactive xenon and krypton detection equipment - Advancement, independence of operation technology for BfS-IAR system(the simultaneous analysis of xenon and krypton) installed after North Korea nuclear tests in 2006 and establishment of background base-line for xenon and krypton radioactivity. - Enhanced detection and analysis capabilities for neighborhood nuclear activities through advanced research of noble gas detection technology. Results of the Project · The operation of xenon and krypton analysis system (BfS-IAR) · Operation of fixed adsorption system. · Operation of portable adsorption system · Exercise of emergency response and proficiency test with SAUNA. · Measurement of noble gas background at specific region in Korea. - Radioxenon levels at Dongdu Cheon is approximately 1.6 mBq/m{sup 3} · Development of automation filling system for absorber cooling.

  2. Research on the Crucial Technology in Virtual Training System of Engineering Equipment

    Jiang Tianhe


    Full Text Available The virtual training system involves a large number of technical problems which affect the promotion and application in our country. In this work, several key techniques for the development of engineering equipment virtual training system are addressed. Firstly, the reconstruction method for three views of machine parts is proposed based on rapid 3D surface fitting as well as NURBS composite surface. Then, the interactive control techniques for the 3D visualization interactive assembly are studied in detail. The key technology of collision detection is also illuminated in the last part. The entire engineering equipment support training system, that includes structure expressing, principle demonstration, panoramic roaming, disassembly training as well as maintenance and repair training, is developed. This facilitates the trainees in learning the support training procedures step by step, and quickly improves their technical skills.

  3. Environmental Technology Verification Coatings and Coating Equipment Program (ETV CCEP) High Transfer Efficiency Spray Equipment--Generic Verification Protocol

    The Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program has been established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to verify the performance characteristics of innovative environmental technologies across all media and report this objective information to the states, ...


    A. O. Ischenko


    Full Text Available The analysis of possible variants of reconstruction of the power equipment is fulfilled and the conclusion concerning the prospects of such work with the use of composite materials is reached. The data on the technical characteristics of composite repair materials for various purposes are presented, the results of repairs of power equipment, in particular the technology for the recovery of the boarding surfaces of the diffuser rings and protection of the pumps D1250 casings are provided. The technology of the recovery pneumatic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder rod, as well as the unique technology of restoration of working surfaces of the impeller vanes of transfer pump, that had been destroyed by corrosion in conjunction with the cavitation processes and were considered as not restorable is described. The restored impeller was in operation during a year and only thereafter it was removed for restoration. Another composite material discussed in the article – diagum – makes it possible to perform a series of repairs associated with restoration of the rubber-covered surfaces of pump casings as well as with restoration of various surfaces of the conveyor belts. Taking the excellent adhesive properties of this composite into account, restoration of worn stainless steel sieve screens to remove abrasive material was fulfilled with the aid of it. The restoration was accomplished via the use of the conveyor belt which application time had expired, that was glued to a metal sieve with diagum. The use of the composites is economically justified, because the application of them in repairs reduces, firstly, terms of restoration work and, secondly, the price of repairs. Third, equipment that was damaged beyond repair is being commissioned by the use of the mentioned composites. 

  5. Equipment Design and Cost Estimation for Small Modular Biomass Systems, Synthesis Gas Cleanup, and Oxygen Separation Equipment; Task 9: Mixed Alcohols From Syngas -- State of Technology

    Nexant Inc.


    This deliverable is for Task 9, Mixed Alcohols from Syngas: State of Technology, as part of National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Award ACO-5-44027, ''Equipment Design and Cost Estimation for Small Modular Biomass Systems, Synthesis Gas Cleanup and Oxygen Separation Equipment''. Task 9 supplements the work previously done by NREL in the mixed alcohols section of the 2003 technical report Preliminary Screening--Technical and Economic Assessment of Synthesis Gas to Fuels and Chemicals with Emphasis on the Potential for Biomass-Derived Syngas.

  6. [Rational choice of technologies and equipment in the logistic support of a pathomorphology laboratory].

    Mal'kov, P G; Frank, G A; Sidorova, V P


    The purpose of the present communication is to provide specialists with the comparative characteristics of the most important user qualities of the major histological labware by the world's leading manufacturers introduced on the market. These are comparatively estimated solely from technologically significant criteria on the basis of the materials of open references, general public technical documents, and the authors' experience. Fabric processors, embedding complexes, microtomes, autostainers, and coverslippers are comparatively characterized from the viewpoint of a practical user. The presented materials may be useful to specialties to take decisions on logistics and re-equipment of morphological laboratories.

  7. Coal-fueled diesel technology development -- Fuel injection equipment for coal-fueled diesel engines

    Johnson, R.N.; Hayden, H.L.


    Because of the abrasive and corrosive nature of coal water slurries, the development of coal-fueled diesel engine technology by GE-Transportation Systems (GE-TS) required special fuel injection equipment. GE-Corporate Research and Development (GE-CRD) undertook the design and development of fuel injectors, piston pumps, and check valves for this project. Components were tested at GE-CRD on a simulated engine cylinder, which included a cam-actuated jerk pump, prior to delivery to GE-TS for engine testing.

  8. Elementary Analysis on the Technological Features of an Engineering Equipment Facile Diagnosis System


    From the point of systemic engineering, the general properties of an engineering equipment fault diagnosis system and the studying object of diagnosis engineering were discussed. With the developing course of fault diagnosis technology, the relationship be-tween facile diagnosis system and diagnosis engineering were also discussed. The basic structure and feature of a facile diagnosis system were discussed, and the isomorphic of a facile diagnosis system and precise diagnosis system was presented. The facile diagnosis requires the perfection of method, pertinence and apriority of knowledge , adaptability of the object being diagnosed and the approach to the aim of the diagnosis result, as well as the outstanding of main functions.

  9. Service description of communication systems supporting multi-media multi-user applications

    Heijenk, G. J.; Hou, X.; Niemegeers, I. G.

    The paper presents a service description of communication systems supporting multi-media multi-user applications. In particular, it focuses on service elements related to the call control. The service description specifies the functional behavior of the communication system as a whole. It can be used as a common reference in the next design stages, e.g., in the protocol design and implementation of both Customer Premises Networks and public telecommunication networks. After discussing the requirements of multi-media multi-user applications, a call model is presented. This model creates an abstract view of those aspects of the call relevant for the design and helps us in structuring the service. Only those service elements of a communication system that are related to the call establishment, modification and termination are fully specified by describing service primitives, their parameters and temporal ordering constraints.

  10. Experimental study and analysis of a novel multi-media plate heat exchanger

    SONG JiWei; WANG Fei; CHENG Lin


    The experimental study and analysis of a novel multi-media plate heat exchanger were performed in this paper.This novel multi-media plate heat exchanger was self-developed during the process of the investigation and design of the alpha magnetic spectrometer (AMS) thermal system.The plate of this kind of novel plate heat exchanger is formed by discontinuous structure wave consisting of convex sphere and concave sphere,its heat transfer performance is better than that of the BRI chevron plate heat exchanger,and its resistance characteristics are superior to those of the nornally used 60-degree plate heat exchanger.Furthermore,the mechanism analysis of heat transfer enhancement shows that the spherical wave structure can reduce the local field synergy angle,so as to improve the field synergy degree of velocity vector and temperature gradient vector.

  11. Ensuring Energy Efficient 5G User Equipment by Technology Evolution and Reuse

    Lauridsen, Mads; Berardinelli, Gilberto; Sørensen, Troels Bundgaard


    Research on fifth generation (5G) radio access technology (RAT) is ramping up, with the goal of significantly improving user data rates and latency compared to previous radio generations. While energy efficiency (EE) of the user equipment (UE) was not a key optimization parameter for the current...... standards, it is anticipated to become a distinguishing factor for 5G. In this paper, we analyze established and emerging technological solutions for features such as waveform, frame structure, duplexing and multiple antenna transmission from an EE perspective. Our contribution is to identify and discuss...... the features’ pros and cons in achieving high performance in terms of data rate and/or latency while limiting their effect on the UE power consumption. Based on the discussion we give general recommendations for an energy efficient 5G design in the context of a previously proposed RAT concept....

  12. Technology and complete set of the equipment of air-plasma method for synthesis of nanoaerosols

    Kopytin, Yurii D.; Novikov, O. G.


    The paper is aimed at studying synthesis and construction, as well as physical-chemical characteristics of nanoaerosols. The technology and product line of the Air-plasma method for synthesis of metal oxide nanopowders to obtain high-performance ceramics (PSNP) is hot and set at manufacturing different-types zirconium ceramics stabilized by yttrium and magnesium oxides, as well as other dopes. For the available equipment, the technologies of producing nanopowders of other metal oxides alongside with circonium oxide and composite oxides (Al203, Ti02, CuO, SiO2, Fe2O2, ZnO, CoO, Cr2O3, PbO, MnO, MgO, CaO, CeO, etc.) are developed and adapted.

  13. Electric Ground Support Equipment Advanced Battery Technology Demonstration Project at the Ontario Airport

    Tyler Gray; Jeremy Diez; Jeffrey Wishart; James Francfort


    The intent of the electric Ground Support Equipment (eGSE) demonstration is to evaluate the day-to-day vehicle performance of electric baggage tractors using two advanced battery technologies to demonstrate possible replacements for the flooded lead-acid (FLA) batteries utilized throughout the industry. These advanced battery technologies have the potential to resolve barriers to the widespread adoption of eGSE deployment. Validation testing had not previously been performed within fleet operations to determine if the performance of current advanced batteries is sufficient to withstand the duty cycle of electric baggage tractors. This report summarizes the work performed and data accumulated during this demonstration in an effort to validate the capabilities of advanced battery technologies. This report summarizes the work performed and data accumulated during this demonstration in an effort to validate the capabilities of advanced battery technologies. The demonstration project also grew the relationship with Southwest Airlines (SWA), our demonstration partner at Ontario International Airport (ONT), located in Ontario, California. The results of this study have encouraged a proposal for a future demonstration project with SWA.

  14. Modern wireless telecommunication technologies and their electromagnetic compatibility with life-supporting equipment.

    Wallin, Mats K E B; Marve, Therese; Hakansson, Peter K


    Hospitals rely on pagers and ordinary telephones to reach staff members in emergency situations. New telecommunication technologies such as General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), the third generation mobile phone system Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) might be able to replace hospital pagers if they are electromagnetically compatible with medical devices. In this study, we sought to determine if GPRS, UMTS (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access-Frequency Division Duplex [WCDMA FDD]), and WLAN (IEEE 802.11b) transmitted signals interfere with life-supporting equipment in the intensive care and operating room environment. According to United States standard, ANSI C63.18-1997, laboratory tests were performed on 76 medical devices. In addition, clinical tests during 11 operations and 100 h of intensive care were performed. UMTS and WLAN signals caused little interference. Devices using these technologies can be used safely in critical care areas and during operations, but direct contact between medical devices and wireless communication devices ought to be avoided. In the case of GPRS, at a distance of 50 cm, it caused an older infusion pump to alarm and stop infusing; the pump had to be reset. Also, 10 cases of interference with device displays occurred. GPRS can be used safely at a distance of 1 m. Terminals/cellular phones using these technologies should be allowed without restriction in public areas because the risk of interference is minimal.

  15. Power Saving Strategies and Technologies in Network Equipment Opportunities and Challenges, Risk and Rewards

    Ceuppens, Luc; Kharitonov, Daniel


    Drawing from todays best-in-class solutions, we identify power-saving strategies that have succeeded in the past and look forward to new ideas and paradigms. We strongly believe that designing energy-efficient network equipment can be compared to building sports cars, task-oriented, focused and fast. However, unlike track-bound sports cars, ultra-fast and purpose-built silicon yields better energy efficiency when compared to more generic family sedan designs that mitigate go-to-market risks by being the masters of many tasks. Thus, we demonstrate that the best opportunities for power savings come via protocol simplification, best-of-breed technology, and silicon and software optimization, to achieve the least amount of processing necessary to move packets. We also look to the future of networking from a new angle, where energy efficiency and environmental concerns are viewed as fundamental design criteria and forces that need to be harnessed to continually create more powerful networking equipment.

  16. Study on the key technologies of the Transfer Equipment Cask for Tokamak Equator Port Plug

    Wang, Buyun, E-mail: [Department of Automation, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui 230027 (China); Robot Sensors and Human-Machine Interaction Laboratory, Institute of Intelligent Machines, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, Anhui 230031 (China); Gao, Lifu [Department of Automation, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui 230027 (China); Robot Sensors and Human-Machine Interaction Laboratory, Institute of Intelligent Machines, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, Anhui 230031 (China); Cao, Huibin; Sun, Jian [Robot Sensors and Human-Machine Interaction Laboratory, Institute of Intelligent Machines, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, Anhui 230031 (China); Sun, Yuxiang; Song, Quanjun; Ma, Chengxue; Chang, Li; Shuang, Feng [Department of Automation, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui 230027 (China); Robot Sensors and Human-Machine Interaction Laboratory, Institute of Intelligent Machines, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, Anhui 230031 (China)


    Highlights: • Design on Intelligent Air Transfer System (IATS) for Transfer Equipment Cask (TECA). • A rhombic-like parallel robot for docking with minimum misalignment. • Design on electro-hydraulic servo system of the TECA for Tokamak Equator Port Plug (TEPP) manipulation. • A control architecture with several algorithms and information acquired from sensors could be used by the TECA for Remote Handling (RH). - Abstract: The Transfer Equipment Cask (TECA) is a key solution for Remote Handling (RH) in Tokamak Equator Port Plug (TEPP) operations. From the perspectives of both engineering and technical designs of effective experiments on the TEPP, key technologies on these topics covering the TECA are required. According to conditions in ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) and features of the TEPP, this paper introduces the design of an Intelligent Air Transfer System (IATS) with an adaptive attitude and high precision positioning that transports a cask system of more than 30 tons from the Tokamak Building (TB) to the Hot Cell Building (HCB). Additionally, different actuators are discussed, and the hydraulic power drive is eventually selected and designed. A rhombic-like parallel robot is capable of being used for docking with minimum misalignment. Practical mechanisms of the cask system are presented for hostile environments. A control architecture with several algorithms and information acquired from sensors could be used by the TECA. These designs yield realistic and extended applications for the RH of ITER.

  17. Complex of automated equipment and technologies for waveguides soldering using induction heating

    Murygin, A. V.; Tynchenko, V. S.; Laptenok, V. D.; Emilova, O. A.; Bocharov, A. N.


    The article deals with the problem of designing complex automated equipment for soldering waveguides based on induction heating technology. A theoretical analysis of the problem, allowing to form a model of the «inductor-waveguide» system and to carry out studies to determine the form of inducing wire, creating a narrow and concentrated heat zone in the area of the solder joint. Also solves the problem of the choice of the temperature control means, the information from which is used later to generate the effective management of induction soldering process. Designed hardware complex in conjunction with the developed software system is a system of automatic control, allowing to manage the process of induction heating, to prevent overheating and destruction of the soldered products, improve the stability of induction soldering process, to improve the quality of products, thereby reducing time and material costs for the production.

  18. Pb-free production of telecommunication network equipment: Technological and logistical challenges

    Michel, H.J. [Siemens AG, ICN M and L TDC CE MC, Bruchsal (Germany)


    Legislation in Europe and China will ban the use of SnPb solder in electronic devices by July 2006. Even though there will be an exemption for telecommunication network infrastructure equipment, component market and supply chain issues will nevertheless affect such high-tech products, and strongly influence logistics during the transition to ''Pb-free.'' The Siemens group ''Information and Communication Networks'' (ICN) produces high-technology modules for telecommunication networks. To prepare for cost-effective conversion to lead-free within ICN, an interdisciplinary team was formed. The presentation highlights critical issues and shows how the team is proceeding to confront them. (orig.)

  19. Technological review on endoscopic submucosal dissection: available equipment, recent developments and emerging techniques.

    Mavrogenis, Georgios; Hochberger, Juergen; Deprez, Pierre; Shafazand, Morteza; Coumaros, Dimitri; Yamamoto, Katsumi


    Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) is widely practiced in Japan and the Eastern World and is rapidly expanding in western countries for the management of early malignancies of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tube. In addition, novel therapeutic applications deriving from ESD have emerged including the treatment of achalasia, of submucosal tumors, of diverticula, of strictures and of reflux disease. An ESD procedure necessitates not only skills and specific training, but also familiarization with a vast spectrum of devices (endoscopes, high-frequency generators and their settings, endoknives, hoods, irrigation devices) and techniques (such as countertraction, artificial ulcer closure), that render the procedure faster, more efficient and safer. This technological article gives an overview on current and novel equipment for an ESD and associated techniques.

  20. 多媒体艺术在城市形象传播中的应用研究%Research on the Application of the Multi-media Art on the City's Image Propagation

    黄超; 王艳婷


    分析了当今多媒体艺术的概念和特点,论述了多媒体艺术对传播城市形象的积极作用,进而分析了以互联网为标志的信息时代技术与艺术的结合对传播城市形象以及城市历史文化的优越性和必要性,提出了应将历史文化、多媒体技术以及视觉传达理论相结合,在实践道路上探索出一条表现城市形象的最佳形式,这必将对城市对外形象宣传起到重要的推动作用。%It analyzed the conception and characterisitcs of multi-media art,discussed the active role of multi-media for spreading city image,further analyzed the superiority and necessity of spreading city image and history and culture combined with information time technology and art,proposed the combination of history and culture,multi-media tchnology and visual transmission,to explore the best form of expressing city image on the practice way,which will play a important role for spresding city image.

  1. Thinking and practice in the application of the diskless workstation in the multi-media classroom management%无盘站在多媒体教室管理应用中的思考与实践



    在现代教育技术不断发展的今天,多媒体教室在高校教学过程中的重要性不言而喻,随之而来的多媒体教室高效、集中的管理对多媒体教室管理人员提出了新的要求。就无盘工作站在多媒体教室管理中的应用进行了积极的探索。%With the rapid development of modern education technology, multi-media classrooms play an increasingly important role in the teaching activities in colleges. Therefore, it is necessary for the managerial personnel to meet the requirements of the centralized and efficient management of multi-media classrooms. The paper conducts a positive exploration of the application of diskless workstation in the management of multi-media classrooms.

  2. Ontology-Based Gap Analysis for Technology Selection: A Knowledge Management Framework for the Support of Equipment Purchasing Processes

    Macris, Aristomenis M.; Georgakellos, Dimitrios A.

    Technology selection decisions such as equipment purchasing and supplier selection are decisions of strategic importance to companies. The nature of these decisions usually is complex, unstructured and thus, difficult to be captured in a way that will be efficiently reusable. Knowledge reusability is of paramount importance since it enables users participate actively in process design/redesign activities stimulated by the changing technology selection environment. This paper addresses the technology selection problem through an ontology-based approach that captures and makes reusable the equipment purchasing process and assists in identifying (a) the specifications requested by the users' organization, (b) those offered by various candidate vendors' organizations and (c) in performing specifications gap analysis as a prerequisite for effective and efficient technology selection. This approach has practical appeal, operational simplicity, and the potential for both immediate and long-term strategic impact. An example from the iron and steel industry is also presented to illustrate the approach.

  3. Discuss the impact technological advances in equipment and materials have made on the delivery and outcome of endodontic treatment.

    Lababidi, Emad Aldin


    Recent advances in endodontic equipment and materials have considerably changed the manner in which endodontic treatment is delivered. Specific technological advances, including nickel-titanium instruments, ultrasonic instruments and the dental operating microscope have been associated with increased efficiency and efficacy of treatment and simplification of delivery. The effects of most of these changes have been tested via in vitro studies and case reports. Ongoing studies should constantly investigate what effects technological advances might have on the outcome of endodontic treatment.

  4. Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Commercial Lawn Equipment (Spanish version); Clean Cities, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE)

    Nelson, Erik


    Powering commercial lawn equipment with alternative fuels or advanced engine technology is an effective way to reduce U.S. dependence on petroleum, reduce harmful emissions, and lessen the environmental impacts of commercial lawn mowing. Numerous alternative fuel and fuel-efficient advanced technology mowers are available. Owners turn to these mowers because they may save on fuel and maintenance costs, extend mower life, reduce fuel spillage and fuel theft, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.


    V. I. Zolotukhin


    Full Text Available Vulcan TM is a small innovative company, specializing in the manufacture of steel and alloys casting systems and refractory accessories.Available for foundry and metallurgical industries, special technological equipment, designed and manufactured by LLC NPP “Vulkan-TM.”

  6. Removal of Contaminants from Equipment and Debris and Waste Minimization Using the TECHXTRACT(TM) Technology

    Jorg Schwitzgebel; Klaus Schwitzgebel; Michael W. Bonem; Ronald E. Borah


    From September, 1996 through July, 1997, EET, Inc. conducted a series of experiments under a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Program Research and Development Agreement (PRDA). This project, entitled "Removal of Contaminants from Equipment and Debris and Waste Minimization Using the TECHXTRACT â Technology" was conducted under DOE Contract DE-AC21- 96MC33138, administered by the Federal Energy Technology Center. The contract is divided into two phases - a base phase during which bench scale testing was conducted; and an optional phase for a field demonstration of a full-scale system. This report documents the results from the base phase of the contract. The base phase included the following major elements: - Evaluation of the effectiveness of various decontamination options, using both surrogate and radioactively contaminated samples. - Evaluation of various methods for the treatment of the secondary waste streams from the preferred decontamination system(s). - Evaluation of decontamination effectiveness for concrete rubble. - Preliminary engineering design and cost estimation for a full-scale system. - Preliminary economic analysis of the proposed system versus other currently available options for disposition of the materials. Results from the base phase, which are described in the following report, are very positive. Testing has shown that free release requirements and extremely high decontamination factors can be achieved for a variety of materials and radionuclides. Results for concrete rubble decontamination were less conclusive. The bench scale testing has led to the design of two different systems, both based on the TECHXTRACT â chemistry, for potential full-scale demonstration. Based on the preliminary economic analysis, this system compares favorably with currently available commercial options, including disposal.


    PUSTIANU Monica


    Full Text Available In Romania, there are companies that uses new technologies and computerized equipment leading to obtaining high quality products and profit. Furniture industry has continuously developed due to high demand for diversified products for all age groups. Romanian goods shall be delivered both in the country and abroad. The tapestries furniture made in our country, classical or modern, by leather in different colours or with textile coating materials fashionable chosen is already enjoying much attention from the external and internal customers. The workforce employed in the furniture manufacturing industry is qualified, managed to shape the wood into complex and elegant products that are able to give full satisfaction to all consumers SWOT analysis is defined as a complex research of economic aspects, technical, sociological, legal and managerial aspects that characterize the activity of a company and allows the formulation of an opinion on the past and present condition of the company. SWOT analysis may be carried out both at the level of functional areas of the company: financial, commercial, production, human resources, research and development, management and at the level of firm as a whole. By this analysis was obtained a clear picture of the current state of the analysed company, helping to knowledge and understanding of the general context in which the company operates. Key words: quality, furniture, management, production, analysis, SWOT

  8. Not-In-Kind Technologies for Residential and Commercial Unitary Equipment

    Fischer, S.K.


    This project was initiated by the Department of Energy in response to a request from the HVAC industry for consolidated information about alternative heating and cooling cycles and for objective comparisons of those cycles in space conditioning applications. Twenty-seven different heat pumping technologies are compared on energy use and operating costs using consistent operating conditions and assumptions about component efficiencies for all of them. This report provides a concise summary of the underlying principals of each technology, its advantages and disadvantages, obstacles to commercial development, and economic feasibility. Both positive and negative results in this study are valuable; the fact that many of the cycles investigated are not attractive for space conditioning avoids any additional investment of time or resources in evaluating them for this application. In other cases, negative results in terms of the cost of materials or in cycle efficiencies identify where significant progress needs to be made in order for a cycle to become commercially attractive. Specific conclusions are listed for many of the technologies being promoted as alternatives to electrically-driven vapor compression heat pumps using fluorocarbon refrigerants. Although reverse Rankine cycle heat pumps using hydrocarbons have similar energy use to conventional electric-driven heat pumps, there are no significant energy savings due to the minor differences in estimated steady-state performance; higher costs would be required to accommodate the use of a flammable refrigerant. Magnetic and compressor-driven metal hydride heat pumps may be able to achieve efficiencies comparable to reverse Rankine cycle heat pumps, but they are likely to have much higher life cycle costs because of high costs for materials and peripheral equipment. Both thermoacoustic and thermionic heat pumps could have lower life cycle costs than conventional electric heat pumps because of reduced equipment and

  9. Development of Technology and Equipment of the Automated Laser Welding for Manufacturing Heat Exchanger Details of Marine Engines

    Shelyagin, V.D.


    Full Text Available Based on the developed automated laser welding technology for flat tubes of copper-nickel alloys laser welding complex technological equipment, which can be applied on the enterprises of machine building, aerospace, shipbuilding and automobile industries, was designed and created. To control the integrity of welded flat tubes a technique, which consists in testing sample pressure and finding defective sections by laser interferometry in the automated mode, was developed. Specialized welding head was designed and manufactured for the industrial use of the developed laser welding technology.

  10. A Failing Grade for WEEE Take-Back Programs for Information Technology Equipment

    Nakajima, Nina; Vanderburg, Willem H.


    Product take-back (also called extended producer responsibility) has become a trend for dealing with the garbage resulting from categories of problematic products. Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is one such category with computer equipment being of particular significance. This article provides a description of the European…

  11. An integrated multi-media package for learning clinical phonetics and linguistics.

    Howard, S; Perkins, M; Martland, P


    Competence in the phonetic and linguistic analysis of normal and disordered spoken language is a basic requirement for all students and practitioners of speech and language therapy. This paper presents a learning package specifically designed for individuals who need to acquire or update practical skills and theoretical knowledge in clinical linguistic analysis. VISUAL-CLIP (VIdeo SUpported Active Learning in Clinical LInguistics and Phonetics) is a student-centred, interactive, multi-media tutorial in clinical linguistics and phonetics, based on digitised video- and audio-taped speech data from a child with a complex communication disorder. Data can be analysed from different perspectives and at different levels of difficulty using separate but inter-linked modules on phonetics, phonology, grammar, semantics and pragmatics. Case history information, formal assessment results, theoretical background and an annotated bibliography are also integrated into the CD-ROM based package.

  12. Multi-media Case Methods in Pre-service Science Education: Enabling an Apprenticeship for Praxis

    Bencze, Larry; Hewitt, Jim; Pedretti, Erminia


    In recent years, teacher educators have looked to case methods as one means of bridging the theory-practice gap in university-based pre-service programs. This paper explores how case methods may be used to foster habits of praxis - that is, critical, reflective practice - that enable beginning teachers to adapt to the many diverse contexts they may encounter in the field. Our research used qualitative ethnographic methods to determine the efficacy of a case method designed to encourage critical analysis of a Year 8 science Optics lesson. Results suggest student teachers: (1) understood an associated analytical framework; (2) effectively analysed curriculum and pedagogy; and (3) exercised prudence in their assessment of the case. These findings tentatively indicate emerging habits of praxis. Notwithstanding such gains, we encourage designers of case-based curricula to: ensure case authenticity, protect subjects from critique and use multi-media case methods in conjunction with other approaches to promote habits of praxis.


    V. A. Afanas’ev


    Full Text Available Summary. The article describes validation and development of technology of vitamin, mineral and complex premixes with the introduction of vegetable oil and a set of equipment for its implementation. The two-component mixture was used for research. Crushed wheat was used as the main component, and the metal admixture with magnetic properties, vitamin B2 and salt of micronutrients MnSO4 as key components. Quality of the final mixture was determined by the homogeneity test. Trace components dosing accuracy was determined by dosing vitamins B5 , E, A, and trace-element salts MnSO4 , FeSO4 , CuSO4 . Also introduction of vegetable oil in the filler was researched. When the oil was entering the mixer in an amount of 2 % homogeneity of the filler and oil mixture was 94 %. The oil fine spray was provided by special nozzles design. A pilot mixer consisting of a body having a lower portion of the shape of the double trough and lid is developed for conducting research in mixing vitamins, salts of trace elements with the filler. Inside the case, there are two horizontal shafts, rotating in opposite directions. Each shaft has four rows of blades. In the upper part of the mixer above paddle shafts manifold with injectors is located. The studies found that the accuracy of dosing vitamins B5 , E and A in amounts of 0,02 and 0,2%, does not exceed 1 % of a set weight of component; accuracy of dosing of trace components salts MnSO4, FeSO4, CuSO4 in amounts of 0,2 % does not exceed 1 % of a set weight of component; high quality of mixing provided by a mixer design that implements the fluidized mixing method.

  14. Development of Advanced Surface Enhancement Technology for Decreasing Wear and Corrosion of Equipment Used for Mineral Processing

    Daniel Tao; Craig A. Blue


    Equipment wear is a major concern in the mineral processing industry, which dramatically increases the maintenance cost and adversely affects plant operation efficiency. In this research, wear problems of mineral processing equipment including screens, sieve bends, heavy media vessel, dewatering centrifuge, etc., were identified. A novel surface treatment technology, high density infrared (HDI) surface coating process was proposed for the surface enhancement of selected mineral processing equipment. Microstructural and mechanical properties of the coated samples were characterized. Laboratory-simulated wear tests were conducted to evaluate the tribological performance of the coated components. Test results indicate that the wear resistance of AISI 4140 and ASTM A36 steels can be increased 3 and 5 folds, respectively by the application of HDI coatings.

  15. The Daktari: An Interactive, Multi-Media Tool for Knowledge Transfer among Poor Livestock Keepers in Kenya

    Nielsen, Louise; Heffernan, Claire; Lin, Yibo; Yu, Jun


    This article describes the findings from the assessment of a touch-screen, multi-media learning program on livestock health and production: "The Daktari." The program was tested on a sample of 62 livestock keepers in the Nairobi slums of Kariobangi and Kibera. The study examined prior knowledge regarding three livestock diseases (liver…

  16. The Relevance of Multi Media Skills in Teaching and Learning of Scientific Concepts in Secondary Schools in Lagos State, Nigeria

    Okedeyi, Abiodun S.; Oginni, Aderonke M.; Adegorite, Solomon O.; Saibu, Sakibu O.


    This study investigated the relevance of multi media skills in teaching and learning of scientific concepts in secondary schools. Self constructed questionnaire was administered to 120 students randomly selected in four secondary schools in Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos state. Data generated were analyzed using chi-square statistical…

  17. Key Technology of Intelligent Coal Mining Equipment%智能化采煤装备的关键技术



    Based on an idea of an unmanned coal mining technology,the paper introduced the orientation of an intelligent mining develop-ment in underground coal mine and provided the definition and technical connotation of the intelligent mining and excavation in coal mine. The paper reviewed the development and present status of the intelligent coal mining equipment and technology in China and pointed out that China would have an opportunity to take a commanding point of the intelligent mining and excavation equipment and technology.The paper stated the three perceptive and three adaptive technical architecture and had an outlook on breakthrough directions of the key tech-nology related to the high efficient and adaptive coal and rock cutting technology,adaptive control technology of the hydraulic powered sup-port,adaptive regulation technology of power transmission,intelligent recognition technology of coal-rock interface,intelligent diagnosis technology of the coal mining equipment and adaptive cruise control technology of the coal mining equipment.%基于无人化采矿技术理念,介绍了煤矿井下智能化开采发展方向,提出了煤矿智能化采掘的定义及技术内涵。回顾了我国智能化采煤装备技术发展及现状,指出我国有抢占智能采掘装备技术制高点的机遇。阐述了智能化采煤装备的“三个感知,三个自适”技术构架,展望了与其相关的煤岩高效自适应截割技术、液压支架自适应控制技术、动力传递自适应调控技术、煤岩界面智能识别技术、采煤装备智能诊断技术、采煤装备自主巡航技术等6项关键技术的突破方向。

  18. Students' Perceptions and Behaviour in Technology-Rich Classroom and Multi-Media Classroom

    Yang, Junfeng; Yu, Huiju; Gong, Chaohua; Chen, Nian-Shing


    Kurt Lewin proposed the field theory which stated that our behaviour was a result of both our personality and our environment. Based on this theory, it could be deduced that teacher's teaching behavior was a result of both teacher's personality and classroom environment. Considering the challenges of pedagogy transformation and the modest use of…

  19. Students' Perceptions and Behaviour in Technology-Rich Classroom and Multi-Media Classroom

    Yang, Junfeng; Yu, Huiju; Gong, Chaohua; Chen, Nian-Shing


    Kurt Lewin proposed the field theory which stated that our behaviour was a result of both our personality and our environment. Based on this theory, it could be deduced that teacher's teaching behavior was a result of both teacher's personality and classroom environment. Considering the challenges of pedagogy transformation and the modest use of…

  20. 机械设备技改方法及分析%Technological transformation and analysis of mechanical equipment



    Along with the continuous development of China's economy, the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology,various enterprises under the impact of the new situation,facing both great opportunities are also faced with severe challenges.Under the condition of market economy,the competition between enterprises increasingly deepened,facing the diversified demands of the market and high-end manufacturing technology, the enterprise for the number of mechanical equipment and technical renovation of equipment is an important task.An important aspect of improving the enterprise competitiveness is to improve the technological transformation of the equipment and increase the technical content of the equipment.This paper mainly expounds the contents of technological transformation of the mechanical equipment in China, and the evaluation and analysis of the technical innovation method, which is of great significance for improving the technological transformation of machinery and equipment.%随着我国经济的不断发展,科学技术水平的不断提高,各个企业在这种新形势的冲击下,既面临着重大的机遇同时也面临着严峻的挑战.市场经济条件下,企业之间的竞争日益加深,面对多样化的市场需求和高端的制造技术,企业对于机械设备数量和设备技改是一项重要的任务.提高企业竞争力的一个重要方面就是提高设备的技术改造,增加设备的技术含量.本文主要阐述了目前我国机械设备的技术改造的内容,并对设备技改方法进行了评价和分析,对提高机械设备技改有着重要的参考意义.

  1. Application technology in coffee (Coffea arabica L.: effect of air assistance with manually driven equipment

    João Miguel Francisco Ruas


    Full Text Available Small farmers in various parts of Brazil, based the application of pesticides exclusively by a coastal manual sprayers. How it is simple equipment, there are few resources available to improve the quality of the application. The aim of this paper was to study the effect of air assistance, with manual override, in the deposition and percentage of coverage applied on the leaves of coffee plants, situated internally and externally. The equipment consisted of a sprayer coastal pressurized by CO2 attached to an air assistance equipment. At the exit of air assistance equipment a hose was adapted for driving the air flow emitted to the nozzle of the sprayer coastal (XR 110-02, expanded jet plane. It was used a solution of water + potassium chloride + fluorescent dye to the application. The levels of deposits were measured by electrical conductivity of the solution from the washing leaves and the percentage of coverage by ultraviolet light. The deposition was higher in leaves positioned externally to the plant, as well as the coverage percentage. The percentage of coverage was greater for the adaxial side of the coffee leaves. There was no difference for the use or not of the air assistance. Improvements in the generation and distribution of air in manually equipments may be necessary, in order to improve its use in the application of spray liquids.


    Otstavnov Stanislav Sergeevich


    Full Text Available The article presents the data obtained from comprehensive study of russian hi-tech medical equipment market. The size and the structure of Russian medical equipment market in 2005-2011 were investigated and market size forecast for 2012-2015 was given. Priority segments of Russian high-tech medical equipment market were identified (products with a high degree of visualization, anesthetic and ventilation equipment, patient monitors based on the analysis of literature sources and morbidity structure. Key players in key segments of the market were identified and their financial performance such as number of employees, revenue, net profit, researches and development expenses were compared (according to actual annual reports. Research allowed to draw the following conclusion: today in the key segments of Russian high-tech medical equipment market the leadership of foreign companies (Hitachi, Philips, Siemens, Toshiba, General Electric, Dräger is indisputable, objective preconditions for the fundamental change of the situation are absent. Import substitution requires the consolidation of domestic producers, adequate funding and human resource. The results can be used in practice by medical industry companies and State authorities on purpose to upgrade the medical industry.


    Станислав Сергеевич Отставнов


    Full Text Available The article presents the data obtained from comprehensive study of russian hi-tech medical equipment market. The size and the structure of Russian medical equipment market in 2005-2011 were investigated and market size forecast for 2012-2015 was given. Priority segments of Russian high-tech medical equipment market were identified (products with a high degree of visualization, anesthetic and ventilation equipment, patient monitors  based on the analysis of literature sources and morbidity structure. Key players in key segments of the market were identified and their financial performance such as number of employees, revenue, net profit, researches and development expenses were compared (according to actual annual reports.Research allowed to draw the following conclusion: today in the key segments of Russian high-tech medical equipment market the leadership of foreign companies  (Hitachi, Philips, Siemens, Toshiba, General Electric, Dräger is indisputable, objective preconditions for the fundamental change of the situation are absent. Import substitution requires the consolidation of domestic producers, adequate funding and human resource.The results can be used in practice by medical industry companies and State authorities on purpose to upgrade the medical industry.DOI:

  4. Multi Media Dry Imager and printer: Codonics Medical Disc Publisher: Virtua

    Eric Tual


    Full Text Available Multi media dry imager and printer: Codonics"nCodonics, a privately held corporation headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, has been pioneering medical hardcopy solutions for over a decade, and is the industry leader in multi-media imagers. The first to introduce color DICOM printers, we are now represented in over 80 countries by thousands of people with over 25,000 installations worldwide. "nNow, Codonics revolutionizes the medical industry with the introduction of the Horizon Multi-media imager. Horizon instantly delivers diagnostic film, stunning color prints, and cost-saving white films. This all-in-one imager is an enormous breakthrough in performance, cost and quality for healthcare facilities. Horizon's unprecedented variety in printing options creates a new freedom of choice and allows users to match the output with the need, resulting in solutions capable of immediately reducing costs, minimizing waste and maximizing workflow. Horizon packs this all into one compact device, weighing less than 70 pounds and taking up less than two feet of desk space, eliminating costly sitting requirements. "nCodonics delivers a lot more than state-of-the-art medical imagers. Our focus is providing a greater value to your radiology department. Codonics was the first to introduce an exclusive medical-intended film alternative, DirectVista Paper. Printed the same way as our diagnostic film with no toners, wax or ribbons to ever replace, white film can be room light viewed and is preferred by referring physicians. "nCodonics implements design and test methodologies used in the aerospace industry to deliver the most reliable products in the world with the industry's lowest service and maintenance costs. The small size and light weight of Codonics imagers allow for further ground breaking innovation in the area of medical imager service. Codonics provides a replacement unit if any problem cannot be solved by our 24/7 technical support team. This

  5. Ultra-High Voltage DC Convertor Station Equipment Condition Data Access Technology Based on multi-Source Heterogeneous Fusion

    Wang, Feng; Zhang, Bo-wen; Han, Shuai; Ren, Wei; Xu, Hai-jun; Fu, Long-ming


    With the large-scale construction of special high-voltage project, as well as power supply reliability, security, economic and other increasingly demanding, state monitoring equipment involved in more and more monitoring projects and more and more monitoring data, because these data exist in multiple isolated systems in the Ultra-High Voltage(UHV) AC-DC substation, there is no data sharing mechanism, so a holistic analysis, application and sharing approach for the data set will need a deep consideration. In this paper, the equipment condition monitoring system frame of the UHV converter station and the scheme of the equipment state data access of UHV converter station based on the multi-source and heterogeneous data fusion are presented. Then, data exchange technology of UHV equipment state early warning center was introduced, and a data access and conversion device in the Zhongzhou converter station was deployed to solve the timeliness and functionality difficult of the existing system to meet the requirements of UHV operation and maintenance support.

  6. Application of electron beam equipment based on a plasma cathode gun in additive technology

    Galchenko, N. K.; Kolesnikova, K. A.; Semenov, G. V.; Rau, A. G.; Raskoshniy, S. Y.; Bezzubko, A. V.; Dampilon, B. V.; Sorokova, S. N.


    The paper discusses the application of electron beam equipment based on a plasma cathode gun for three-dimensional surface modification of metals and alloys. The effect of substrate surface preparation on the adhesion strength of gas thermal coatings has been investigated.

  7. 浅谈多媒体教学的优点%The Advantages of Multi-media Teaching



    Since entering in 1990 s,the rapid rise and the vigorous development of multimedia technology, its application has already spread all over each corner of national economy and social life,and brought about great change to the human mode of production, working and way of life . Similarly, the multimedia technology also have a positive effect on teaching, can provide the most ideal teaching environment for students.Multi-media teaching helps to cultivate students’active learning consciousness,is conducive to the cultivation of the quality training and innovation consciousness of students and improve the teaching effect. Multimedia teaching, can map, text, sound, like together,make the teaching and learning activities become more colorful,but also can combine knowledge learning, skill training,intellectual development into a vivid image, so as to stimulate students interest in learning,learning to become happy learning, enrich their imagination.%自进入20世纪90年代以来,多媒体技术迅速兴起、蓬勃发展,其应用已遍及国民经济与社会生活的各个角落,给人类的生产方式、工作方式乃至生活方式带来巨大的变革。同样,多媒体技术对教学也产生积极的效应,能为学生提供最理想的教学环境。多媒体教学有利于培养学生积极主动的学习意识,有利于学生素质培养和创新意识培养,有利于提高教学效果。多媒体技术教学,可将图、文、声、像融为一体,使教与学的活动变得更加丰富多彩,又可以寓知识学习、技能训练、智力开发于生动活泼的形象之中,从而激发学生的学习兴趣,变苦学为乐学,丰富学生想象力。

  8. 无人战机的装备技术与发展%Equipment Technology and Development of Drones



    Unmanned aerial vehicle is mainly from the past to perform aerial reconnaissance ,battlefield surveillance , and battle damage assessment tasks such as operational support equipment ,upgrade become able to carry out suppression of enemy air defense system ,ground attack ,and even can be performed on one of the main combat equipment of air combat mis -sion .The article summarizes the drone technology ,unmanned aircraft system .Finally discusses the drone equipment tech-nology and development of the analysis .%无人机从过去主要是执行空中侦察、战场监视和战斗毁伤评估等任务的作战支援装备,升级成为能执行压制敌防空系统、对地攻击,甚至可以执行对空作战任务的主要作战装备之一。文章概述了无人战机技术、无人战机系统。最后论述了无人战机的装备技术与发展分析。

  9. 浅析多媒体教学在课堂教学中的应用%On the Application of Multi-media in Classroom Teaching



    The application of multi-media teaching is an important symbol of education modernization. This article analyzes the characteristics and significance of multi-media teaching and discusses the role of teacher and students in multi-media teaching.%多媒体教学的应用,是教育现代化的一种重要标志。本文分析了多媒体教学的特点和意义,讨论了多媒体教学中教师和学生的角色。

  10. Development of Advanced Surface Enhancement Technology for Decreasing Wear and Corrosion of Equipment Used for Mineral Processing

    Daniel Tao; R. Honaker; B. K. Parekh


    Equipment wear is a major concern in the mineral processing industry, which dramatically increases the maintenance cost and adversely affects plant operation efficiency. In this research, novel surface treatment technologies, High Density Infrared (HDI) and Laser Surface Engineering (LSE) surface coating processes were developed for the surface enhancement of selected mineral and coal processing equipment. Microstructural and mechanical properties of the coated specimens were characterized. Laboratory-simulated wear tests were conducted to evaluate the tribological performance of the coated components. Test results indicate that the wear resistance of ASTM A36 (raw coal screen section) and can be significantly increased by applying HDI and LSE coating processes. Field testing has been performed using a LSE-treated screen panel and it showed a significant improvement of the service life.

  11. Development of Advanced Surface Enhancement Technology for Decreasing Wear and Corrosion of Equipment Used for Mineral Processing

    Daniel Tao; Craig A. Blue


    Equipment wear is a major concern in the mineral processing industry, which dramatically increases the maintenance cost and adversely affects plant operation efficiency. In this research, novel surface treatment technologies, High Density Infrared (HDI) and Laser Surface Engineering (LSE) surface coating processes were developed for the surface enhancement of selected mineral processing equipment. Microstructural and mechanical properties of the coated specimens were characterized. Laboratory-simulated wear tests were conducted to evaluate the tribological performance of the coated components. Test results indicate that the wear resistance of ASTM A36 (raw coal screen section) and can be significantly increased by applying HDI and LSE coating processes. Field testing has been performed using a LSE-treated screen panel and it showed a 2 times improvement of the service life.

  12. Multi media LCD data projector, TLP711; Multimedia ekisho data projecter TLP711



    The TLP711, a multi media LCD data projector, was commercialized which is capable of projecting/displaying various images brightly and highly minutely and which is adaptable to real XGA. The main features are as follows:(1) A luminance of 1,350 ANSI lumens, the highest in the industry, has been realized by employing a multi-polarizing beam splitter technique and an LCD panel with a micro lens.(2) By virtue of a newly developed resizing circuit, display is possible from VGA(640x480 dots) to UXGA(1,600x1,200 dots), and a video signal is reproduced with a high picture quality by a digital progressive scan. In addition, HDTV (high definition TV) and DTV (digital TV) can also be displayed.(3) Using a camera for paintings and calligraphy, which is loaded with 810 thousand pixel CCD (electric charge coupled element) 1.7 times as many pixels as the conventional model, documents and stereoscopic objects can be displayed with a resolution equivalent to XGA.(translated by NEDO)

  13. Creation of a library tour application for mobile equipment using iBeacon technology


    We describe the design, development, and deployment of a library tour application utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy devices know as iBeacons. The tour application will serve as library orientation for incoming students. The students visit stations in the library with mobile equipment running a special tour app. When the app detects a beacon nearby, it automatically plays a video that describes the current location. After the tour, students are assessed according to the defined learning objective...

  14. Magnetic fields and the technology challenges they pose to beam-based equipment: a semiconductor perspective

    Esqueda, Vincent; Montoya, Julian A.


    As semiconductor devices shrink in size to accommodate faster processing speeds, the need for higher resolution beam-based metrology equipment and beam-based writing equipment will increase. The electron and ion beams used within these types of equipment are sensitive to very small variations in magnetic force applied to the beam. This phenomenon results from changes in Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) magnetic flux density at the beam column which causes deflections of the beam that can impact equipment performance. Currently the most sensitive beam-based microscope manufacturers require an ambient magnetic field environment that does not have variations that exceed 0.2 milli-Gauss (mG). Studies have shown that such low levels of magnetic flux density can be extremely difficult to achieve. As examples, scissor lifts, vehicles, metal chairs, and doors moving in time and space under typical use conditions can create distortions in the Earth's magnetic field that can exceed 0.2 mG at the beam column. In addition it is known that changes in the Earth's magnetic field caused by solar flares, earthquakes, and variations in the Earth's core itself all cause changes in the magnetic field that can exceed 0.2 mG. This paper will provide the reader with the basic understanding of the emerging problem, will discuss the environmental and facility level challenges associated in meeting such stringent magnetic field environments, will discuss some of the mitigation techniques used to address the problem, and will close by discussing needs for further research in this area to assure semiconductor and nanotechnology industries are pre-positioned for even more stringent magnetic field environmental requirements.

  15. Centralized Control Management Techniques of Multi-media Classroom%浅谈多媒体教室集中控制管理技术



    针对多媒体教学设备种类繁多、操作复杂等问题,设计使用多媒体教学设备中央控制管理系统.中央控制管理系统由安装在主控制室的电源控制系统、通话系统、监视系统、控制系统4部分组成,具有可靠性高、操作简单、互动性强等特点,可实现对多媒体教室的集中管理、集中控制和集中维护.%At present, multi-media teaching facilities have problems such as a wide variety and complexity of oper- ation, the author introduced the centralized control management system of multimedia teaching equipment. Central control and management system is made up of four parts: power control system, intercom system, surveillance sys- tem, control system. It has features such as high reliability, simple operation and high interaction. Centralized man- agement, control and maintenance could be realized.

  16. Primary Research on Wireless Multi-Media Sensor Network%无线多媒体传感器网络研究初探



    无线多媒体传感器网络(Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks,WMSNs)是一种新型的传感器网络,其节点装备有麦克风、摄像头及其它传感器,可以获取多媒体信息。文章分析了无线多媒体传感器网络与传统无线无线传感器网络的异同点,进一步探讨了无线多媒体传感器网络的应用及影响无线多媒体传感器网络研究与设计的关键问题。%Wireless Multimedia Sensor network(Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks,WMSNs) is a new Sensor network,The node equipped with a microphone,cameras and other sensors,the multi-media information can be obtained.Similarities and differences of the wireless sensor multimedia network and traditional wireless of wireless sensor network were analyzed,application of wireless multimedia sensor network and key problem of research and design of influencing wireless multimedia sensor network was further explored.

  17. Research cooperation project on environmentally friendly technology for highly efficient mineral resources extraction and treatment. Detail design for pilot plant (Purchased equipment)



    The paper prepared plans of the purchased equipment in the detailed design of a pilot plant in the joint research project on the environmental protection technology for highly efficient mineral resource extraction and treatment. (NEDO)

  18. Technology adaptation and employment in the agricultural tools and equipment industry of Bangladesh.

    Ahmad QK; Rahman KM; Islam Kmn; Ali ME


    ILO pub-WEP pub. Working paper on employment and choice of technology in agricultural machinery and other small scale industries in Bangladesh - examines industrial structure, industrial workers' age, sex, educational level, on the job training and working conditions; reviews capital investment, productivity, sources and availability of raw materials, financing and marketing problems; discusses technology transfer. Statistical tables.

  19. Pros and Cons of Multi-media Teaching in College English Teaching%多媒体教学在大学英语教学中的利与弊



    随着信息技术的不断发展,在现代教育教学中,多媒体教学的不断运用已日益成为趋势。多媒体教学作为我国大学英语改革的重大措施,能够有效激发学生学习英语的兴趣,培养良好的英语学习习惯。本文结合教学实践经验,阐述了在大学英语教学中,多媒体教学在教学过程中的优势以及需要解决的主要问题,并提出了具体的对策,以期达到进一步帮助学生改善英语学习效果的目的。%With the continuous development of information technology,the continuous use of multi-media teaching has become a trend in the modern education.As a major measure of the reform of college English,multi-media teaching can effectively stimulate students’ interest in learning English and cultivate good English learning habits. Combined with teaching practice,this paper expounds the advantages of multi-media teaching in college English teaching,and the main problems which need to be solved,and puts forward some concrete measures,hoping to help students improve their English learning effect.

  20. A method and technical equipment for an acute human trial to evaluate retinal implant technology

    Hornig, Ralf; Laube, Thomas; Walter, Peter; Velikay-Parel, Michaela; Bornfeld, Norbert; Feucht, Matthias; Akguel, Harun; Rössler, Gernot; Alteheld, Nils; Lütke Notarp, Dietmar; Wyatt, John; Richard, Gisbert


    This paper reports on methods and technical equipment to investigate the epiretinal stimulation of the retina in blind human subjects in acute trials. Current is applied to the retina through a thin, flexible microcontact film (microelectrode array) with electrode diameters ranging from 50 to 360 µm. The film is mounted in a custom-designed surgical tool that is hand-held by the surgeon during stimulation. The eventual goal of the work is the development of a chronically implantable retinal prosthesis to restore a useful level of vision to patients who are blind with outer retinal degenerations, specifically retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration.

  1. Remote Expertise for Maintenance: An Application of Telecommunications Technology to Improve Shipboard Equipment Readiness


    34°’’ ’^^"^-^ ’’’’’ shore-based’ ; xpert maintLa’nce tec’niSnf de?p ^in. th^’^ M ^^l" ■’■^"’°’^ ’’’^ troubleshooting; and (3) conducting studies to 1,1...Survey Respondents 7 2. Applicability Scores for Telecommunications Accessory Devices Within and Across Categories of Equipment Components...maintenance personnel. The two telecommunications linkage configurations tested in this study were audio plus video and audio with video as needed

  2. Sustainable energy conversion for electricity and coproducts principles, technologies, and equipment

    Rao, Ashok


    Provides an introduction to energy systems going on to describe various forms of energy sources Provides a comprehensive and a fundamental approach to the study of sustainable fuel conversion for the generation of electricity and for coproducing synthetic fuels and chemicals Covers the underlying principles of physics and their application to engineering including thermodynamics of combustion and power cycles, fluid flow, heat transfer, and mass transfer Details the coproduction of fuels and chemicals including key equipment used in synthesis and specific examples of coproduction in integrated

  3. Technology of Measuring equipment for Air Pollution. Development of Mobile Air Pollution monitoring system (LIDAR)

    Cha, Hyung Ki; Song, Ky Seok; Rhee, Young Joo; Kim, Duck Hyun; Yang, Ki Ho; Lee, Jong Min; Cha, Byung Heon; Lee, Kang Soo


    Most air pollution monitoring technologies accompany a time-consuming sample treatment process and provides pollution information only for a local area. Thus, they have a critical restriction in monitoring time-dependent pollution variation effectively over the wide range of area both in height and in width. LIDAR (Light detection and ranging) is a new technology to overcome such drawbacks of the existing pollution monitoring technologies and has long been investigated in the advanced countries. The goal of this project is to develop the mobile air pollution monitoring system and to apply the system to the detection of various pollutants, such as ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and aerosols.

  4. 浅析多媒体数据压缩%Superficial Analys is of the Multi-media Data Compressing Technique



    With the multi-media technology applications gaining popularity, a wide range of information (such as voice, images, text, etc)are occupying more and more space in the media, how to information retrieval, classification, storage, transmission and display is currendy facing one of the most urgent issues.firsdy, Data compression is necessity and feasibility,secondly introduce the classification of data compres-sion technology and detailed analysis of the ADPCM coding, DCT transform.%伴随着多媒体技术应用的日益普夏,各种各样的信息(如声音,图像,文字等)在介质中占有越来越大的空间,如何对这些信息进行快速地检索,分类,存储,传送及显示,是当前所面临的最为迫切的问题之一.首先说明数据压缩的必要性和可行性,其次介绍数据压缩技术的分类.并详细分析了ADPCM编码、DCT变换.

  5. Investigations of perspective technologies, equipment and sanitary - hygienic means for Life-Support System of new generation

    Shumilina, I. V.

    Creation of optimal sanitary - hygienic conditions allows to keep health and capacity of the crewmembers work at increase of space flight duration. There is a wide application experience of means, methods and equipment for sanitary - hygienic supply, which were developed and experimentally tested for space flights. However, about 800 kg personal hygiene means (napkins and towels are made with water and delivered with the Earth) are necessary for 3 crewmembers per one year. For long orbital and interplanetary flights (without an opportunity of stocks updating) it is necessary to increase a degree of Life-Support System isolation and optimization of goods turnover. Washing combined with water regeneration system is most perspective for sanitary - hygienic procedures. Therefore, creation of space equipment for washing with sanitary - hygienic water (SHW) regeneration system is especially important. The researches have shown, that to processes, which can be applied for SHW regeneration in space conditions and require insignificant quantity of additional materials (as against sorption), concern membrane methods (reverse osmosis, nanofiltration etc.). Two-step membrane unit for SHW regeneration recovered no less than 85 % of permeate with the organic and inorganic selectivity of 82-95 %. The tests of two-step membrane unit for SHW regeneration carried out on mock up solutions and real SHW, containing detergents really used in space flight conditions. The researches on a substantiation of an opportunity of clothing washing, clothing drying and the estimation of an opportunity of application of various detergents for clothing washing are urgent. The tests of water extraction technology from textile materials are carried out. Is established, that at conditional time of contact 1s, humidity of a leaving air flow from clothing drying unit comes nearer to 100 %. It is necessary to solve the problem for creation of Life-Support System of new generation for long-term space

  6. Creation of a Library Tour Application for Mobile Equipment using iBeacon Technology

    Jonathan Bradley


    Full Text Available We describe the design, development, and deployment of a library tour application utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy devices know as iBeacons. The tour application will serve as library orientation for incoming students. The students visit stations in the library with mobile equipment running a special tour app. When the app detects a beacon nearby, it automatically plays a video that describes the current location. After the tour, students are assessed according to the defined learning objectives. Special attention is given to issues encountered during development, deployment, content creation, and testing of this application that depend on functioning hardware, and the necessity of appointing a project manager to limit scope, define priorities, and create an actionable plan for the experiment.

  7. Development of extrusion equipment and technology for the production of cereals

    O. V. Abramov


    Full Text Available As a result, an integrated approach has been optimized structure designed muesli bars, represented by the modernized technology of their production, developed a mathematical model of motion of the molten product in the form of channels and extrusion of the matrix on the basis of the data presented molding construction site.

  8. Technology of repair of selected equipment in the power plant type VVER 440

    Barborka, J.; Magula, V. [Welding Research Inst. (WRI), Bratislava (Slovakia)


    This article is divided in two parts: The first part is studying the effect of individual parameters by the usual and pulsed welding of 15CH2MFA steel. It can be concluded that by use of mechanized or automatic TIG process in PC position with addition of a cold wire with high nickel content the desired quality of repair welded joints of a pressure vessel of VVER 440 reactor can be achieved. Based on the results of the second laboratory study of the renovation technology applied for the rotary surfaces of pressure-tight cover and spindle of the main closing armature type DN 500 it can be concluded, that the developed technology for surfacing the sealing surfaces by TIG process with addition of a high-nickel cold wire the functional capability of the mentioned parts can be fully restored.

  9. Ultrasonic technology for enhanced oil recovery from failing oil wells and the equipment for its implemention.

    Abramov, Vladimir O; Mullakaev, Marat S; Abramova, Anna V; Esipov, Igor B; Mason, Timothy J


    A new method for the ultrasonic enhancement of oil recovery from failing wells is described. The technology involves lowering a source of power ultrasound to the bottom of the well either for a short treatment before removal or as a permanent placement for intermittent use. In wells where the permeability is above 20 mD and the porosity is greater than 15% ultrasonic treatment can increase oil production by up to 50% and in some cases even more. For wells of lower permeability and porosity ultrasonic treatment alone is less successful but high production rates can be achieved when ultrasound is applied in conjunction with chemicals. An average productivity increase of nearly 3 fold can be achieved for this type of production well using the combined ultrasound with chemical treatment technology. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  10. 基于.NET MVC架构的多媒体教室管理系统的设计与实现%Design and Implementation of Multi-media Classroom Management System Based on ASP.NET MVC



    多媒体教室管理是高校现代教育技术管理部门的重要工作之-,为了满足一线教学的顺利进行,其重要性不言而喻。利用Visual Studio2010开发平台和SQL Server2008数据库软件,采用ASP.NET MVC架构设计多媒体教学管理系统,以满足管理部门、教师和学生等用户对多媒体教室信息共享的要求。%Multi-media classroom management is an important work in the management department of the modern education technology. In order to meeting the teaching proceeds smoothly, the importance is obvious. According to the sharing needs of the departments, teachers and students, this paper constructs a multi-media classroom management based on ASP.NET MVC. The development environment is Visual Studio2010 and SQL Server2008.

  11. Discussion on maintenance technology of medical equipment electronic equipment%医疗器械电子设备的维修技术探讨

    黄扬; 蒋延丰


    随着我国社会主义现代化建设的不断发展,我国的医疗卫生水平得到了极大的提升。作为医院日常工作中极为重要的组成部分,医疗器械电子设备的维修与管理直接影响着临床工作的顺利开展,其在医院的诊断与治疗过程中发挥着不可替代的作用,引起了医学界的高度重视。本文将着重对医疗器械电子设备普遍存在的问题进行深入分析,并提出相应的维修技术策略,为医院的医疗器械电子设备的维修提供一个参考与借鉴。%With thecontinuous development of China's socialist modernization construction,China's medical and health level has been greatly improved.The daily work of the hospital as a very important part, maintenance and management of medical equipment electronic equipment directly affects the smooth development of clinical work,the in the process of diagnosis and treatment of hospital plays a irreplaceable role,caused the great attention of the medical profession.This article will focus on the medical equipment,electronic equipment,the general problems of the in-depth analysis,and put forward the corresponding technical strategies for the maintenance of medical equipment for the hospital to provide a reference for the maintenance of electronic equipment.

  12. Key Residential Building Equipment Technologies for Control and Grid Support PART I (Residential)

    Starke, Michael R [ORNL; Onar, Omer C [ORNL; DeVault, Robert C [ORNL


    Electrical energy consumption of the residential sector is a crucial area of research that has in the past primarily focused on increasing the efficiency of household devices such as water heaters, dishwashers, air conditioners, and clothes washer and dryer units. However, the focus of this research is shifting as objectives such as developing the smart grid and ensuring that the power system remains reliable come to the fore, along with the increasing need to reduce energy use and costs. Load research has started to focus on mechanisms to support the power system through demand reduction and/or reliability services. The power system relies on matching generation and load, and day-ahead and real-time energy markets capture most of this need. However, a separate set of grid services exist to address the discrepancies in load and generation arising from contingencies and operational mismatches, and to ensure that the transmission system is available for delivery of power from generation to load. Currently, these grid services are mostly provided by generation resources. The addition of renewable resources with their inherent variability can complicate the issue of power system reliability and lead to the increased need for grid services. Using load as a resource, through demand response programs, can fill the additional need for flexible resources and even reduce costly energy peaks. Loads have been shown to have response that is equal to or better than generation in some cases. Furthermore, price-incentivized demand response programs have been shown to reduce the peak energy requirements, thereby affecting the wholesale market efficiency and overall energy prices. The residential sector is not only the largest consumer of electrical energy in the United States, but also has the highest potential to provide demand reduction and power system support, as technological advancements in load control, sensor technologies, and communication are made. The prevailing loads

  13. Cognitive Study on Multi-media Listening Learning Autonomy%多媒体自主听力认知研究



    把学生当做知识灌输对象的行为主义学习理论已经让位于把学生当做信息加工主体的认知学习理论,同时建构主义所要求的学习环境得到最新信息技术成果的强大支持,从而使建构主义理论与广大教师的教学实践紧密的结合起来,成为国内外学校深化教学改革的指导思想。从认知理论中的建构主义理论出发分析自主听力理解,并在一定程度上对多媒体自主听力给出一定的启示。%Cognitive learning theory, which evolved out of the urgent need to reform the traditional listening teaching models guided by behaviorism, has been widely acknowledged in both theory and classroom practice. Assisted by multi-- media technologies, constructivism has become a leading thought for foreign listening teaching. The paper probes into the autonomous listening learning based on eonstructivism and put forward the listening teaching suggestions so as to help students improve listening comprehension and foster learning autonomy.

  14. 多媒体外呼系统的研究与设计%Research and Design on Multi-media Outbound System



    This paper analyzes communications operators' demand of outbound business in the new competitive market. In order to achieve outbound system efficiently, according to the characteristics of modem outbound business, this paper analyzes and designs the key modules of outbound system finely. Combining with manual outbound, IVR automatic outbound, SMS, MMS, WAP_PUSH, E- mail_PUSH and other multi-channel interaction technology, it also explains the implementation of a multi-media outbound system with fine management and an interaction of several forms.%分析了新竞争形式下通信运营商外呼业务的需求,为实现高效的外呼系统,针对现代外呼业务的特点,对外呼系统进行精细化的分析设计,结合人工外呼、IVR自动外呼、短信、彩信、WAP_PUSH、Email等多媒体交互技术,论述了具备精细化管理及多种形式交互的多媒体外呼系统的实现。

  15. Effects of Job Characteristics on Performance of Advanced Manufacturing Technology:an Empirical Examination to Equipment-manufacturing Industry

    DAI Dashuang; WANG Dongbo; SONG Jinbo


    Advanced manufacturing technology (AMT) is pivotal for firms to gain manufacturing performance and competitive advantage. Job characteristics, as a kind of important factors affecting the implementation effects of AMT, have become the focus in the field of academy. Based on a literature review, this study refines the implementation effects of AMT into operational performance, satisfaction and competitive performance, and reclassifies the job characteristics of AMT into job autonomy, job responsibility, job complexity and job significance. With a large sample of 307 equipment-manufacturing firms selected from the 2005 China International Equipment and Manufacturing Exposition, linear structural equation analysis (LIEREL) is performed to examine the relationships between job characteristics and the implementation effects of AMT. The results show that job responsibility and job significance have positive effects on satisfaction; satisfaction is positively correlated with operational performance; operational performance positively affects competitive performance. The findings provide the guide for firms to improve satisfaction, achieve higher operational performance and further gain higher competitive by reasonable job redesign.

  16. Interactive push-button: elaborations main automation and miscellaneous applications equipment statements of museums of science and technology

    Osmar Henrique Moura da Silva


    Full Text Available In Brazil there is a growing trend in the number of informal education settings such as Museums of Science and Technology (MCT and others them. A recent survey indicated about 190 of them in the country, considered a relatively small number to serve over five thousand municipalities. Indeed, this represents heterogeneous group, in that, together with environments, which comparatively are still in early stages of development and expansion of their interactive activities. This activities, recognized for this differences in relation of those formal education activities, are routinely canned out by the visitors from the perspective of free choice, by handling cranks or grip buttons. In this context, this work aims to contribute to those committed with the places of informal education touting major electronic devices that can be easily mounted to the coveted automation equipment interactive push-button, whose applicability in different direction are also discussed.

  17. Frontier Study on Military Logistics Equipment and Technological System%军事物流装备与技术内容体系及发展前沿

    辛世成; 徐景麟; 刘泓浩


    结合军事物流装备与技术的概念,建立了军事物流装备与技术的内容体系,并根据我军物流装备与技术的发展概况,对军事物流装备与技术的发展前沿进行了分析探究。指出军事物流装备与技术的发展要注重实战化、标准化、一体化和信息化,为军事物流的发展奠定物质和技术基础。%In this paper, in connection with the concept of the military logistics equipment and technologies, we built the military logistics equipment and technological system, then according to the situation of the development of the logistics equipment and technologies of the Chinese army, analyzed the development frontier of the development of the military logistics equipment and technologies, and at the end, pointed out that during the development of the military logistics equipment and technologies, the emphasis should be placed on practicality, standardization, integration and informatization.

  18. Technology in Language Teaching.

    Jaquith, Paul, Ed.


    In this special issue on technology in language teaching, major articles include: "Sociocultural Aspects of Second Language Acquisition" (David Nunan); "The Need for Multi-Media ESL Teaching Methods: A Psychological Investigation into Learning Styles" (Don W. Hinkelman, Jay M. Pysock); "Can Japanese Children Learn English?" (David Paul);…

  19. Key Residential Building Equipment Technologies for Control and Grid Support PART I (Residential)

    Starke, Michael R [ORNL; Onar, Omer C [ORNL; DeVault, Robert C [ORNL


    Electrical energy consumption of the residential sector is a crucial area of research that has in the past primarily focused on increasing the efficiency of household devices such as water heaters, dishwashers, air conditioners, and clothes washer and dryer units. However, the focus of this research is shifting as objectives such as developing the smart grid and ensuring that the power system remains reliable come to the fore, along with the increasing need to reduce energy use and costs. Load research has started to focus on mechanisms to support the power system through demand reduction and/or reliability services. The power system relies on matching generation and load, and day-ahead and real-time energy markets capture most of this need. However, a separate set of grid services exist to address the discrepancies in load and generation arising from contingencies and operational mismatches, and to ensure that the transmission system is available for delivery of power from generation to load. Currently, these grid services are mostly provided by generation resources. The addition of renewable resources with their inherent variability can complicate the issue of power system reliability and lead to the increased need for grid services. Using load as a resource, through demand response programs, can fill the additional need for flexible resources and even reduce costly energy peaks. Loads have been shown to have response that is equal to or better than generation in some cases. Furthermore, price-incentivized demand response programs have been shown to reduce the peak energy requirements, thereby affecting the wholesale market efficiency and overall energy prices. The residential sector is not only the largest consumer of electrical energy in the United States, but also has the highest potential to provide demand reduction and power system support, as technological advancements in load control, sensor technologies, and communication are made. The prevailing loads

  20. Survey of available technology for the improvement of gas-fired residential heating equipment. Final report

    Putnam, A.A.; Talbert, S.G.; Vergara, R.D.; Levy, A.; DeWerth, D.W.; Norris, T.R.


    Available technology was surveyed as to possible application to more efficient gas-fired comfort heating and water heating in residences. Objectives were (1) to evaluate energy saving modifications and design approaches, including both retrofit and new systems, and (2) to identify RD and D required to bring to the marketplace those concepts that have a reasonable payback period. Over 60 concepts, including both retrofit devices and new designs, were identified on the basis of the study of the technical literature and discussions with various segments of industry. After evaluating each concept on the basis of expected initial cost, energy consumption, and operating cost, those concepts with a reasonably short payback period were considered from the point of view of RD and D needs. A principal recommendation covering several specific concepts was the study of condensing heat-exchanger systems. RD and D was recommended on both mechanical and aerodynamically valved pulse combustors, radiant burners, catalytic systems, heat pipe systems, self-powered heating units, and gas-fired heat pumps. Relative to retrofit concepts, recommendations covered the effects of derating on furnace corrosion and the methodology for predicting savings in individual homes. Need was also indicated for a methodology to optimize sizing of heating units and for data on energy demand requirements for integrated appliances. General recommendations related to systems control analysis, minimum venting requirements, and combustion air requirements in tight homes.


    Uspensky I. A.


    Full Text Available An integral part of technological process for the cultivation of agricultural crop is the transportation issues. For their execution, we require significant energy and labor costs. The statistics show that the proportion of expenses for transportation of goods in agriculture reaches 25-40% of the total costs for ready-to-sale production, when the proportion of farm tractor transportations reaches 60% of the total. Thus, there are considerable losses of production, reaching in separate cases up to 50%. They are especially great in the harvesting and post-harvest cycles of crop production which is connected with crop damage during transportation. Large losses of fruit and vegetable products when transporting might be connected with their mechanical damage level during loading, unloading and transportation. This causes the urgency of the problem of preservation when transporting fruit and vegetables. One of the prior national issues is "... the development of directions to improve road transport maintenance with the aim of improving the quality of the transport process, which includes increasing commercial speed of freight flows by 2-3 times, increase productivity and profitability of road transport systems by 2-3 times, reducing the environmental load on nature by 20% ... " and others mentioned in the "Transport Strategy of Russia until 2020"


    Daniele Accornero


    Full Text Available Still today, the issue of safely and efficiently avoiding the atmospheric release of the nano-particles produced by combustion and incineration processes is a critical and open challenge. This study addresses the conception, the technological realization and the first experimental testing of a new device suitable for in-duct filtration and separation of nano particles dispersed into flue-gas streams. The active filtering material is a membrane made from ptfe foil, in origin impermeable but suitable to allow creation, once properly stretched, of an inner texture of permeable micro- and nano-tubes, thus inducing activation of van der Waals effects to the advantage of improved particles’ sticking. The experimental tests confirm attainment of a remarkable filtration capacity, way better than the so-called ‘absolute filters’. Moreover, the filtration material allows to undergo a simple and safe “regeneration cleaning”  process by which the particles can be re-collected off-duct without any filter dismantling.

  3. Technology for Trusted IP Access Control Equipment%IP设备可信接入控制技术

    葛晓滨; 许剑


    Trusted IP equipment proposed access control technology is proposed in this paper. The adoption of this technology can achieve a medium-sized enterprise information network for all IP devices in the management and control of access behavior. The system based on Linux system Python language to develop and management of end users in the Web interface through the IP visual resource planning, allocation, and can be used to develop a variety of IP strategy.The system realizes the information network for all IP devices on the access behavior of the control, in control, thus enhancing the security of information networks.%提出了IP设备可信接入控制技术.通过该技术的应用,实现了大中型企业信息网络中所有IP设备的接入行为的管理与控制,系统采用基于Linux系统的Python语言进行开发,用户在Web管理端通过可视化的界面进行IP资源的规划、分配,同时可以制定各种IP使用策略.系统实现了对信息网所有IP设备接入行为的可控、在控,从而提高了信息网络的安全性.

  4. Double Twisting Technology Development and Equipment Selection%倍捻技术发展与设备选型



    探讨倍捻技术发展状况及设备选型依据.系统阐述了倍捻机的分类、结构特点和单锭传动等新技术的应用,并与传统捻线机进行了利弊对比分析,提出了选型依据.指出:倍捻机具有产量高、卷装大、结头少、劳动生产率高等优点,选型中重点应关注产品质量、耗电、占地面积、万米结头数、劳动生产率等指标.认为,倍捻机研发的主攻方向是减少电耗和占地面积,扩大产品的适应范围,增加使用的经济效益.应加强技术研发,创造出更多具有自主知识产权的倍捻机新产品.%Development status and equipment selection foundation of double twisting technology were discussed-Classification and structure property of double twister were introduced systematically as well as spindle drive et al new technology application. Double twister was contrasted with traditional twister,selection basis was put forward. It is pointed out that advantages of double twister are larger volume and output,less knots,higher labor productivity et al. Indexes of product quality,power consumption,covering area,knots number per 100 000 meters and labor productivity should be paid special attention to in equipment selection. It is considered that the main R & D direction of double twister should be reducing power consumption and covering area,increasing product range,adding economic benefits. Technology R & D should be strengthened to create more double twister with independent intellectual property.

  5. 浅谈先进制造技术与现代装备价值管理%Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Value Management of Modern Equipment



      文章通过介绍当今机械先进制造技术以及在先进制造技术基础上生产的现代装备的特征,进而阐述现代装备价值管理的具体思路。%The article presents the current advanced manufacturing technology and the features of modern equipment by advanced manufacturing technology, and then discusses the idea of value management of modern equipment.

  6. Removal of contaminants from equipment and debris and waste minimization using TechXtract{reg_sign} technology

    Bonem, M.W. [EET, Inc., Bellaire, TX (United States)


    Under this Program Research and Development Agreement (PRDA), EET, Inc., is extending its proprietary TechXtract{reg_sign} chemical decontamination technology into an effective, economical, integrated contaminant removal system. This integrated system will consist of a series of decontamination baths using the TechXtract{reg_sign} chemical formulas, followed by a waste treatment process that will remove the contaminants from the spent chemicals. Sufficient decontamination will result so that materials can be released without restriction after they have been treated, even those materials that have traditionally been considered to be {open_quotes}undecontaminable.{close_quotes} The secondary liquid waste will then be treated to separate any hazardous and radioactive contaminants, so that the spent chemicals and wastewater can be discharged through conventional, permitted outlets. The TechXtract{reg_sign} technology is a unique process that chemically extracts hazardous contaminants from the surface and substrate of concrete, steel, and other solid materials. This technology has been used successfully to remove contaminants as varied as PCBs, radionuclides, heavy metals, and hazardous organics. The process` advantage over other alternatives is its effectiveness in safe and consistent extraction of subsurface contamination. TechXtract{reg_sign} is a proprietary process developed, owned, and provided by EET, Inc. The objective of the PRDA is to demonstrate on a full-scale basis an economical system for decontaminating equipment and debris, with further treatment of secondary waste streams to minimize waste volumes. Contaminants will be removed from the contaminated items to levels where they can be released for unrestricted use. The entire system will be designed with maximum flexibility and automation in mind.

  7. A Study on Teaching English Grammar via Multi-media in the light of the Theory of Communities of Practice%基于实践社群理论的英语语法多媒体教学研究

    葛忆翔; 李基安


    英语语法多媒体教学作为现代技术在教学领域的应用有别于传统的英语语法教学.实践社群理论为认识英语语法多媒体教学的本质和特征提供了独特而有用的视角.基于实践社群理论的研究表明,多媒体的介入不仅仅是技术的使用,它改变了课堂教学中教师与学生以及学生与学生之间的关系,它使得学习这一社会性活动具备了新的特征.本文从实践社群理论的核心思想出发,探讨了其对多媒体教学的启示,并以虚拟式的教学为例,探讨了该理论对于实施英语语法多媒体教学的启示.%Teaching English grammar via multi-media is a case showing the application of modern technology to teaching. It strikes a sharp difference to the conventional English grammar teaching. The theory of Communities of Prac-tice sheds a special yet useful perspective from which one can understand the essence and features of multi-media English grammar teaching. Studies based on the theory show that the participation of multi-media in classroom teaching is much more than the utilization of the technology. It alters the relationship between the teacher and the students and between one student and another. It also endows learning -- a social activity -- new features. In the light of the core ideas of the theory of Communities of Practice, this article aims to study its implications to multi-media teaching. It also discusses, taking the teaching of subjunctive mood as an example, the theory's implications to multi-media English grammar teach-ing.

  8. Research on confected rice and its processing technology and equipment%配米工艺及设备的探讨

    黄淑娟; 李春雷; 柳轶明


    The definition,classification and technology of confected rice were researched.Major confected rice equipments were introduced including the advantages and disadvantages of different confected rice technology.%探讨了配米的定义、分类和工艺,分析了不同配米工艺的优缺点,介绍了主要配米设备。

  9. 多媒体互动体验设计在博物馆陈列中的应用浅析%Application of multi-media interaction design to museum display



    Development of economy and the increasing improvement of people's living standard provide museum display technology with a new proposition and opportunity. This paper discusses application of multi-media interactive experience to museum display from the current situation and possibility.%为避免时间与空间的距离成为博物馆与观众之间的隔阂,使观众能够方便地浏览博物馆的藏品,了解博物馆的信息,身临其境参与互动体验成为对博物馆提出的新要求,在此语境下,对于多媒体互动体验在博物馆陈列设计中的应用的现状及其可能性展开讨论。

  10. Management of Meteorological Equipment Warehouse Based on RFID Tags Technology%基于RFID电子标签的气象装备库管理

    郎东梅; 王连华


    根据我国气象装备库业务管理现状,结合RFID电子标签技术,开展气象装备库现代化管理的研究.通过对RFID电子标签构成和工作原理的研究认识,设计一套基于电子标签技术的气象装备库管理系统,介绍该系统各部分组成和信息流程,重点介绍气象装备信息录入硬件子系统设计及其工作原理.归纳总结出RFID电子标签技术给气象装备库管理带来的改进,并对该技术应用在气象装备库管理中将发挥的作用和效益进行展望.%The modern management technology of meteorological equipment warehouse is discussed according to the present management situation of meteorological equipment warehouses,combined with RFID tag technology.Based on the composition and working principles of RFID electronic tags,a meteorological equipment management system was designed,and the system components and information flow are introduced,emphatically the system design and working principles of the meteorological equipment information input subsystem.A summary of improvements in meteorological equipment management relied on tag technology is given.The future application and benefits of tag technology in meteorological equipment warehouse management is explored.

  11. Technology and Equipment of Waste Heat Recovery in Dryer Section of Paper Machine%纸机干燥部余热回收技术与设备



    Some waste heat recovery technology and equipment used in dryer section of paper machine at home and abroad were introduced in this paper.%介绍一些国际、国内余热回收技术和设备,供同行分析、研究和借鉴.

  12. New networks of technological creation in energy industries: reassessment of the roles of equipment suppliers and operators

    Jacquier-Roux, V. [Institut de Recherche Economique sur la Production et le Developpement -IREPD, Universite Pierre Mendes-France, 38 - Grenoble (France); Bourgeois, B. [Institut d' Economie et de Politique de l' Energie - IEPE-CNRS/ Universite Pierre Mendes-France, 38 - Grenoble (France)


    Within a financial context of selection inducing either a decrease or a drop of their home research and development expenditures, energy industries companies have succeeded to maintain and even to increase their knowledge production during the last 15 years (1985 - 1998). To understand these apparently paradoxical changes, elements of analysis are looked for within an evolutionary framework, and more specially referring to the related developments to network-firms, user-supplier relationship, and interactive nature of innovation processes. Empirical data are set on granted patents to a sample of the top 15 world largest companies on both sides of operators and equipment suppliers, and for the two industries of oil production and power generation. Interpretation of the results suggests that two dynamics ought to be distinguished. On one side, dynamics of the networks of technological creation is characterized by an upstream going-up of the head of the network towards suppliers. On the other side networks of creation of competitive advantages and bargaining power continues to be based on the operators and their strategies of adaptation to the constraints and opportunities of their institutional, financial and competitive environment. (author)

  13. Laser Technology and Equipment


    5W CW Diode-Pumped Solid-State Green Laser;QCW Diode-Pumped Solid-State Green Laser;High Beam Quality Diode-Pumped In-Frared Laser;High Beam Quality Diode-Pumped Infrared Laser;QCW Diode-Pumped Solid-State UV Laser;

  14. The New Development for Teaching Foreign Language-Combination of Traditional Teaching with Modern Multi-Media Methods



    With the development of society and economy, more and more talents capable persons are badly needed in the world. Under the influence of traditional English teaching mode, most English learners can only read and write. They are usually called“deaf-mutes”. Therefore, traditional English teaching mode isn’t satisfied by the teachers and received greatly challenged. Due to applying multimedia to English teaching could create more authentic language environment for the learners, which enables them to communicate in English in real-life situations. At present, the multi-media approach is the most popular language teach⁃ing method in the world. The most effective way to develop the teaching is combine multimedia with the traditional methods. This is of special significance to English teaching and make the English teaching receiving the best effect.

  15. Key technologies and equipment for a fully mechanized top-coal caving operation with a large mining height at ultra-thick coal seams

    Jinhua Wang; Bin Yu; Hongpu Kang; Guofa Wang; Debing Mao; Yuntao Liang; Pengfei Jiang


    Thick and ultra-thick coal seams are main coal seams for high production rate and high efficiency in Chinese coal mines, which accounts for 44%of the total minable coal reserve. A fully mechanized top-coal caving mining method is a main underground coal extraction method for ultra-thick coal seams. The coal extraction technologies for coal seams less than 14 m thick were extensively used in China. However, for coal seams with thickness greater than 14 m, there have been no reported cases in the world for underground mechanical extraction with safe performance, high efficiency and high coal recovery ratio. To deal with this case, China Coal Technology&Engineering Group, Datong Coal Mine Group, and other 15 organizations in China launched a fundamental and big project to develop coal mining technologies and equipment for coal seams with thicknesses greater than 14 m. After the completion of the project, a coal extraction method was developed for top-coal caving with a large mining height, as well as a ground control theory for ultra-thick coal seams. In addition, the mining technology for top-coal caving with a large mining height, the ground support technology for roadway in coal seams with a large cross-section, and the prevention and control technology for gas and fire hazards were developed and applied. Furthermore, a hydraulic support with a mining height of 5.2 m, a shearer with high reliability, and auxiliary equipment were developed and manufactured. Practical implication on the technologies and equipment developed was successfully completed at the No. 8105 coal face in the Tashan coal mine, Datong, China. The major achievements of the project are summarized as follows:1. A top-coal caving method for ultra-thick coal seams is proposed with a cutting height of 5 m and a top-coal caving height of 15 m. A structural mechanical model of overlying strata called cantilever beam-articulated rock beam is established. Based on the model, the load resistance of the

  16. Medical equipment management

    Willson, Keith; Tabakov, Slavik


    Know What to Expect When Managing Medical Equipment and Healthcare Technology in Your Organization As medical technology in clinical care becomes more complex, clinical professionals and support staff must know how to keep patients safe and equipment working in the clinical environment. Accessible to all healthcare professionals and managers, Medical Equipment Management presents an integrated approach to managing medical equipment in healthcare organizations. The book explains the underlying principles and requirements and raises awareness of what needs to be done and what questions to ask. I

  17. 多媒体互联网时代大学课堂值得警惕的几种现象%Some Phenomena in College Classrooms inAge of Multi -media and Internet



    电脑网络多媒体的新技术时代,对课堂教学也带来了一些负面影响,呈现了书写习惯、书法水平明显下滑态势;也使学生记忆、掌握知识的主观愿望下降,带来课堂作业、测试的部分功能目标丧失;还产生课堂泛娱乐化的趋势,压缩了思考、玩味的空间。作者强调,解决这些问题,需要加强传统的教学手段应对课堂教学的技术化时代的变革,如督促检查课堂笔记、控制多媒体使用量、在考试测验命题时考虑互联网因素等等;同时,还需要增强学校及社会的多层次管理,协同配合,避免信息技术所带来的某些不利。%Negative influence has been brought by computer, the internet and multi - media in the age of new technology. Students perform bad in writing habit and skill. They do not like to memorize knowledge. They even entertain themselves with the digital devices in classrooms. To solve these problems, a teacher should make some reform on traditional methods. He should check classroom notes, control the usage of multi - media and take the in- ternet into consideration in making out questions in tests. Meanwhile, social management should be strengthened and coordinated.

  18. Use of Multi-Media Sampling as Integrated Approach to Surficial Geochemical Sampling for Gold in Regional Reconnaissance Surveys in Parts of the Ashanti Belt, Southwest Ghana

    Prosper M. Nude


    Full Text Available This study compared the conventional method used in surficial geochemical sampling to multimedia sampling method during reconnaissance surveys in gold exploration. The use of the conventional method in regional reconnaissance exploration surveys whereby surficial geochemical sampling is done step-wise, first by sampling stream sediments followed by rock chips then soils and other regolith materials in the search and defining of prospective targets of gold mineralization appears inefficient in geological environments characterized by complex regolith and landform modifications. However, multi-media geochemical sampling which involves the simultaneous sampling of different geochemical samples appears a better alternative and eliminates false and erratic anomalies often associated with the sampling of a single medium. Multi-media samples comprising rock chips, scree, termite mounds and lateritic lags, were collected simultaneously to support stream sediments in parts of the Ashanti belt in the Birimian of southwest Ghana, which is characterized by complex regolith and landform modifications. The most prospective targets among the three anomalous zones defined by the stream survey were better pronounced with the support of the other media, based on the consistency in significant gold contents in those samples. Gold assay values from the multi-media samples ranked the Manso East target as the most prospective and the Manso Northwest target being least prospective due to the inconsistent gold assay values in the different media. Thus the integration of the gold assay values from the various media defined real and prospective geochemical gold targets better than in the conventional method in which sampling of different media was done in stages. Unlike the conventional method, the multi-media survey provided gold results that showed regional, proximal and in-situ anomalies simultaneously. Multi-media geochemical survey therefore, appears to be a

  19. Strengthening human resources for new and renewable energy technologies of the 21st century

    Berkovski, B. [UNESCO, Engineering and Technology Div, Geneva (Switzerland); Gottschalk, C.M.


    The UNESCO Engineering Education and Training Programme provides educational materials for postgraduate level students of energy engineering subjects in the fields of new and renewable energy technologies. Aimed at students in developing countries, the package can be used for distance learning. The multi-media ``Learning Package``, part of this program, consists of a textbook, multi-media products and software, much of which is already published. The energy educational goals include environmental awareness, and ethical responsibility towards society. (UK)

  20. 蛙人运载装备体系发展现状及关键技术%Current Status of Swimmer Delivery Equipment System and Key Technologies

    王帅; 刘涛


    Swimmer delivery equipment is a new type of weapon equipment applied in special naval forces nowadays. Various countries have paid great attention to the development of the equipment since the end of World War II. First the current status of swimmer delivery equipment system including diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) , swimmer/SEAL delivery vehicle (SDV) , dry deck shelter (DDS) and advanced SEAL delivery system (ASDS ) is reviewed. Then the key technologies of swimmer delivery equipment at present stage are listed in detail.%蛙人运载装备是海军特种部队的新型武器装备,在二次世界大战后受到各国广泛重视.首先对近年来国外蛙人运载装备体系包含的小型蛙人推进装置( DPV)、湿式蛙人输送艇(SDV)、干甲板掩蔽舱(DDS)以及大型干式蛙人运载器(ASDS)的研制现状进行综述,然后详细列举了现阶段蛙人运载装备的关键技术.

  1. Programming paradigms in an object-oriented multi-media standard

    Duke, D.J.; Herman, I.


    Of the various programming paradigms in use today, object-orientation is probably the most successful in terms of industrial take-up and application, particularly in the field of multimedia. It is therefore unsurprising that this technology has been adopted by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC24 as the foundation fo

  2. 滚动体加工工艺技术与装备发展方向%Machining Process Technology and Development Direction of Equipment for Rolling Elements



    The machining process technology and equipment are introduced for rolling elements in China,and the cur-rent situation and existing main problems about machining process for rolling elements in China are analyzed.The de-velopment direction of machining process technology for rolling elements is discussed.%通过对国内滚动体加工工艺技术及装备的介绍,分析了我国滚动体加工工艺现状及存在的主要问题,探讨了滚动体加工工艺技术的发展方向。

  3. Advanced technologies for maintenance of electrical systems and equipment at the Savannah River Site Defense Waste Processing Facility

    Husler, R.O. (Westinghouse Savannah River Co., Aiken, SC (United States)); Weir, T.J. (Pentek, Inc., Coraopolis, PA (United States))


    An enhanced maintenance program is being established to characterize and monitor cables, components, and process response at the Savannah River Site, Defense Waste Processing Facility. This facility was designed and constructed to immobilize the radioactive waste currently stored in underground storage tanks and is expected to begin operation in 1993. The plant is initiating the program to baseline and monitor instrument and control (I C) and electrical equipment, remote process equipment, embedded instrument and control cables, and in-cell jumper cables used in the facility. This program is based on the electronic characterization and diagnostic (ECAD) system which was modified to include process response analysis and to meet rigid Department of Energy equipment requirements. The system consists of computer-automated, state-of-the-art electronics. The data that are gathered are stored in a computerized database for analysis, trending, and troubleshooting. It is anticipated that the data which are gathered and trended will aid in life extension for the facility.

  4. Equipment Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology%设备监测与诊断技术的应用



    According to the characteristics of the power industry, power plants in the Aetna Group, set up a system of monitoring and diagnosis of equipment failure, the operation and management of equipment and played a good effect, that the equipment monitoring and diagnostic teehniques applied in the enterprise.%根据电力行业的特点,在安泰集团发电厂建立了相应的设备故障监测诊断体系,对设备的运行管理起到了较好的效果,指出设备监测与诊断技术在企业中应用的必要性.

  5. Application of Step Control Technology on Rolling Lines Equipment System%步进控制技术在绕线设备系统中的应用



    In order to satisfy the requirements of stable and precise rolling for the rolling lines equipment sys-tem, the rolling lines equipment system based on step control technology is developed .After brief description the technology characteristics of step motor , step driver and step controller , the application of the step control technology on the rolling lines equipment system is discussed .The system constitution , working principle , technology characteristics and software and hardware implementation methods of the rolling lines equipment are introduced , and the electrical system wiring diagram and part of the control program block are given .Practical use indicates that the rolling lines equipment control system using step control technology has good real time property .The auto-parameters can be configured flexibly .The system has stable performance and high rolling precision , satisfying the technical requirements .%为了满足绕线设备系统的稳定精密绕制要求,研制了基于步进控制技术的绕线设备系统。在简述步进电机、步进驱动器及步进控制器技术特点的基础上,讲述了步进控制技术在绕线设备系统中的应用,介绍了绕线设备的系统组成、工作原理、技术特点和软硬件实现方法,并给出了设备电气系统接线图和部分系统控制程序段。使用结果表明,采用步进控制技术的绕线设备控制系统实时性好,自动参数可以灵活设置。系统性能稳定,绕线精度高,能满足工艺使用要求。

  6. Mercury Pollution Control Technology of Mercury Containing Equipment%含汞设备汞污染控制技术

    牛瑞; 蒋洪; 陈倩


    Mercury pollutants in natural gas not only cause pollution and corrosion of equip-ment, the impact of production efficiency, but also on the human body and the environ-ment there is a definite harm. Equipment of mercury exists mainly in the form of elemental mercury, particle size, adsorption and permeation on the inner wall of the equipment, or with the oil, furring together adhesion on the inner wall. Mercury will cause corrosion to equipment, especially for aluminum equipment. This paper summarizes the general methods of domestic and foreign experience and metal cleaning,proposed containing mercury remov-al methods including artificial jet cleaning method,the steam cleaning method,cyclic chem-ical cleaning method. According to the device type and mercury pollution degree, choose suitable mercury cleaning method, and puts forward equipment for mercury technical re-quirements, of containing mercury pollution control, Recommended when mercury envi-ronment homework allows contact concentration (the PEL) for 20 μg/m3. At run time, mercury containing equipment should be timely detection and cleaning,in order to avoid the harm from mercury.%天然气中的汞不仅对设备造成污染和腐蚀,而且对人体及环境都有一定的危害。设备内的汞主要以单质汞的形式存在,颗粒大小不一,吸附渗透在设备内壁或与油污、水垢等一起黏附在内壁上。汞会对设备造成腐蚀,尤其是铝制设备。归纳并综合国内外经验和金属清洗的一般方法,提出了含汞设备的汞清除方法,包括人工喷射清洗法、蒸汽清洗法、循环化学清洗法等,根据设备类型和汞污染程度选择合适的清汞方法;提出了设备清汞的技术要求,推荐含汞环境作业时的允许接触浓度(PEL)为20μg/m3。含汞设备在运行时应及时检测汞含量,定期清汞,以避免汞带来的危害。

  7. A Brief History of the Lecture: A Multi-Media Analysis

    Norm Friesen


    Full Text Available The lecture has been much maligned as a pedagogical form. It has been denigrated as a «hot ‎medium» that has long been «superseded» by the cooler dialogical and televisual forms. Yet the lecture ‎persists and even flourishes today in the form of the podcast, the TED Talk, Kahn Academy and the «smart» ‎lecture hall (outfitted with audio, video and student feedback technologies. This persistence ‎should lead us to re-evaluate both the lecture and the role of the media that have been related to it over time. This paper examines the lecture as a site of intersecting media, as «a site where differences between media are negotiated» as these media ‎evolve (Franzel 2010. This study shows the lecture as bridging oral ‎communication with writing and newer media technologies, rather than as being superseded ‎by newer electronic and digital forms. The result is a remarkably adaptable and robust form ‎that combines textual record and ephemeral event. It is that is capable of addressing a range of ‎different demands and circumstances, both in terms of classroom pragmatics and more abstractly, of the circulation of knowledge itself. The Web, which ‎brings multiple media together with new and established forms and genres, presents fertile ‎grounds for the continuation and revitalization of the lecture as a dominant pedagogical form.

  8. Microbiological characteristics of multi-media PRB reactor in the bioremediation of groundwater contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons.

    Liu, Hong; Zhang, Lanying; Deng, Haijing; Liu, Na; Liu, Cuizhu


    A multi-media bio-PRB reactor was designed to treat groundwater contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons. After a 208-day bioremediation, combined with the total petroleum hydrocarbons content in the groundwater flowed through the reactor, microbiological characteristics of the PRB reactor including microbes immobilized and its dehydrogenase activity were investigated. TPH was significantly reduced by as much as 65% in the back of the second media layer, whereas in the third layer, the TPH content reached lower than 1 mg l⁻¹. For microbes immobilized on the media, the variations with depth in different media were significantly the same and the regularity was obvious in the forepart of the media, which increased with depth at first and then reduced gradually, while in the back-end, the microbes almost did not have any variations with depth but decreased with the distance. The dehydrogenase activity varied from 2.98 to 16.16 mg TF L⁻¹ h⁻¹ and its distribution illustrated a similar trend with numbers of microbial cell, therefore, the noticeable correlation was found between them.

  9. Nuclear Technology. Course 32: Nondestructive Examination (NDE) Techniques II. Module 32-4, Operation of Magnetic Particle Test Equipment.

    Groseclose, Richard

    This fourth in a series of six modules for a course titled Nondestructive Examination (NDE) Techniques II describes the specific technique variables and options which are available to the test technician, provides instructions for selecting and operating the appropriate test equipment, describes physical criteria for detectable discontinuities,…


    S. Sernov


    Full Text Available The paper contains information on the current state of automotive lighting equipment. Different designs of automotive lighting devices, their merits and demerits are described in the paper. The paper includes a substantiation of expediency of developing light-emitting diode lighting and proposes recommendations about optimization of their design.

  11. Analysis of Multi-media Teaching for New Curriculum%浅析新课程下的多媒体教学



    在新一轮课程改革的大背景下,新的教育理念多媒体教学迅速成为高校教学的重要手段,本文主要介绍了多媒体教学与传统教学的差异、多媒体教学的主要方式以及目前多媒体教学存在的主要不足。%New round of curriculum reform in the context of the new philosophy of education multimedia teaching quickly became an important means of college teaching,this article introduces the multi-media teaching and traditional teaching differences,the main form of multimedia teaching and the current lack of a major multi-media teaching.

  12. Automation Technology and Equipment for Welding Boiler Pressure Vessel%锅炉压力容器焊接自动化技术及装备



    This paper introduces the development in automatic welding technology and equipment of boiler's pressure vessel in China, including the membrane wall tube joint welding machine, straight joint welding machine, saddle shaped welding machine, box girth TI automatic back run welding workstation, narrow gap submerged arc welder, pipeline welding workstation, and welding equipment so as to provide reference for improving welding automation technology and equipment manufacturing level.%介绍我国锅炉压力容器自动焊接领域的技术和装备发展情况,包括膜式壁焊机、直管接长焊机、马鞍形焊机、集箱环缝TI自动封底焊接工作站、窄间隙埋弧焊机、管道预制焊接工作站、堆焊设备等,为提高焊接自动化技术及装备制造水平提供参考。

  13. Renewal of radiological equipment.


    In this century, medical imaging is at the heart of medical practice. Besides providing fast and accurate diagnosis, advances in radiology equipment offer new and previously non-existing options for treatment guidance with quite low morbidity, resulting in the improvement of health outcomes and quality of life for the patients. Although rapid technological development created new medical imaging modalities and methods, the same progress speed resulted in accelerated technical and functional obsolescence of the same medical imaging equipment, consequently creating a need for renewal. Older equipment has a high risk of failures and breakdowns, which might cause delays in diagnosis and treatment of the patient, and safety problems both for the patient and the medical staff. The European Society of Radiology is promoting the use of up-to-date equipment, especially in the context of the EuroSafe Imaging Campaign, as the use of up-to-date equipment will improve quality and safety in medical imaging. Every healthcare institution or authority should have a plan for medical imaging equipment upgrade or renewal. This plan should look forward a minimum of 5 years, with annual updates. Teaching points • Radiological equipment has a definite life cycle span, resulting in unavoidable breakdown and decrease or loss of image quality which renders equipment useless after a certain time period.• Equipment older than 10 years is no longer state-of-the art equipment and replacement is essential. Operating costs of older equipment will be high when compared with new equipment, and sometimes maintenance will be impossible if no spare parts are available.• Older equipment has a high risk of failure and breakdown, causing delays in diagnosis and treatment of the patient and safety problems both for the patient and the medical staff.• Every healthcare institution or authority should have a plan for medical imaging equipment upgrade or replacement. This plan should look forward a

  14. Women, environmental management and sustainable development: multi-media training package.

    Bulajic, B


    The Women, Environmental Management and Sustainable Development training package is a major part of the International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women¿s programs on women and sustainable development. This training package highlights an integrated approach in the organization and management of environmental policies and programs integrating the needs of women and their participation in planning, management, implementation and evaluation of environmental programs and projects. With 400 pages of text, 170 transparencies, trainer's guide, bibliography, and audiovisual support material, this package provides an overall presentation of existing problems, solutions, and policies. The training package is designed for 1) senior officials of Ministries of Environment, Natural Resources, Planning, Women's Affairs, Education, and Health; 2) development planners and provincial or local authorities in charge of environmental programs and projects; 3) engineers in charge of designing technologies for environmental projects; 4) university professors, trainers and managers of national training institutes and educational institutions, training staff on women, environmental management and sustainable development; and 5) representatives of nongovernmental organizations involved in environmental projects. The five modular units of the training package include: Introduction--Agenda 21; Module 1--Women and Environmental Health; Module 2--Women as Agents of Change in the Developmental Sector; Module 3--Women as Managers of the Environment; Module 4--Women, Environmental Indicators and Capacity Building Programs. The training package has undergone evaluation for content accuracy comprehensiveness, sequence and relationship of ideas within context, technical quality and media compatibility.

  15. 滴灌技术与装备进一步发展的思考%Thinking about further development of drip irrigation technology and equipment

    韩启彪; 冯绍元; 曹林来; 黄修桥; 范永申; 李浩


    For drip irrigation technology,product and equipment to develop better in China,the popu-larization and application of the technology in future are the problems that should be considered and summarized currently.The overall advance trend of drip irrigation technology is analyzed by combining with new situation of agricultural production,and it is shown that the future application scope of drip irrigation will be even broader,and the concept of technology integration and intelligent irrigation will be reflected more substantially,and the efficient use of energy resources will be paid significantly more attention.Further,the development in theory,technology,equipment and manufacturing of drip irri-gation has been thought and stressed to some degree.It is considered that the network optimization the-ory,massed water drip irrigation technology and low -energy irrigation technology need to be streng-thened in the drip irrigation theory and technology.In the product research and development,high flow filters,precision fertilization equipment,new type of emitters,intelligent hardware and software,drip tape recovery equipment and other innovative products should be paid significant attention.Meantime, the establishment of drip grassroots service team is called.This paper could provide a technical support for the further development of drip irrigation technology and equipment.%为了未来中国滴灌技术与滴灌产品、装备更好地发展、推广和应用是灌溉行业需要思考总结的问题。文中结合中国农业生产的新形势,分析了滴灌技术总体发展趋势,认为未来滴灌应用范围会更广阔,将更加体现技术集成和智能灌溉理念,更加强调能源资源的高效利用。在此基础上,对滴灌理论与技术以及滴灌装备与制造等方面的发展进行了若干思考和总结:认为在理论技术上,需加强管网优化、多水源滴灌系统、低能耗滴灌等方面研究;而在产品研发上

  16. Application of 3D Printing Technology in Electronic Equipment Industry%3D打印技术在电子设备行业的应用



    3D打印是最近几年开始流行的,以成形速度快为特点的打印新技术,最基本的组成元件,就是数字模型,能够按照实物本身的特点和结构,进行分层次的打印,最终形成实际产品,这项技术涉及信息技术、材料科学、精密机械等多个学科领域。在电子设备行业中,3D打印技术也得到了广泛的应用,文章将对3D打印技术进行简单介绍,并对3D技术在电子设备行业中所发挥的作用和应用进行简单探讨。%3D printing is the most popular in recent years, with the characteristics of forming speed printing new technology, the most basic components, is the digital model, can be in accordance with the characteristics and structure of the material itself, the level of printing, eventually forming the actual product, the technology involved in information technology, materials science, precision machinery and other ifelds. In the electronic equipment industry, 3D printing technology has been widely used, the article will be a brief introduction to 3D printing technology, and the role and application of 3D technology in the electronic equipment industry is simply discussed.

  17. Creating science and technology superiority,increasing marine equipment manufacturing capability to build China into world No.1 shipbuilding country

    Zhang Xiangmu


    @@ China's shipbuilding industry faces a historic development opportunity right at the beginning of the new century. Attaching great importance to the development of the shipbuilding industry, the Chinese government has given a series of instructions, which set up the grand goal of building China into the world number one shipbuilding country. To achieve this goal, we must solve two key problems, that is, scientific and technical innovation, and marine equipment production.

  18. Advanced technologies for maintenance of electrical systems and equipment at the Savannah River Site Defense Waste Processing Facility

    Husler, R.O. [Westinghouse Savannah River Co., Aiken, SC (United States); Weir, T.J. [Pentek, Inc., Coraopolis, PA (United States)


    An enhanced maintenance program is being established to characterize and monitor cables, components, and process response at the Savannah River Site, Defense Waste Processing Facility. This facility was designed and constructed to immobilize the radioactive waste currently stored in underground storage tanks and is expected to begin operation in 1993. The plant is initiating the program to baseline and monitor instrument and control (I&C) and electrical equipment, remote process equipment, embedded instrument and control cables, and in-cell jumper cables used in the facility. This program is based on the electronic characterization and diagnostic (ECAD) system which was modified to include process response analysis and to meet rigid Department of Energy equipment requirements. The system consists of computer-automated, state-of-the-art electronics. The data that are gathered are stored in a computerized database for analysis, trending, and troubleshooting. It is anticipated that the data which are gathered and trended will aid in life extension for the facility.

  19. Impact of Mars sand on dust on the design of space suits and life support equipment: A technology assessment

    Simonds, Charles H.


    Space suits and life support equipment will come in intimate contact with Martian soil as aerosols, wind blown particles and material thrown up by men and equipment on the Martian surface. For purposes of this discussion the soil is assumed to consist of a mixture of cominuted feldspar, pyroxene, olivine, quartz, titanomagnetite and other anhydrous and hydrous iron bearing oxides, clay minerals, scapolite and water soluble chlorides and sulfates. The soil may have photoactivated surfaces that acts as a strong oxidizer with behavior similar to hydrogen peroxide. The existing data about the Mars soil suggests that the dust and sand will require designs analogous to those uses on equipment exposed to salty air and blowing sand and dust. The major design challenges are in developing high performance radiators which can be cleaned after each EVA without degradation, designing seals that are readily cleaned and possibly in selecting materials which will not be degraded by any strong oxidants in the soil. The magnitude of the dust filtration challenge needs careful evaluation in terms of the trade off between fine-particle dust filters with low pressure drop that are either physically large and heavy, like filter baghouses require frequent replacement of filter elements, of low volume high pressure thus power consumption approaches, or washable filters. In the latter, filter elements are cleaned with water, as could the outsides of the space suits in the airlock.

  20. Development of Lab-to-Fab Production Equipment Across Several Length Scales for Printed Energy Technologies, Including Solar Cells

    Hösel, Markus; Dam, Henrik Friis; Krebs, Frederik C


    We describe and review how the scaling of printed energy technologies not only requires scaling of the input materials but also the machinery used in the processes. The general consensus that ultrafast processing of technologies with large energy capacity can only be realized using roll-to-roll m......We describe and review how the scaling of printed energy technologies not only requires scaling of the input materials but also the machinery used in the processes. The general consensus that ultrafast processing of technologies with large energy capacity can only be realized using roll...

  1. Progress on Frontier of Equipment Technology for Sea-cage Aquaculture%深水网箱养殖装备技术前沿进展

    郭根喜; 陶启友; 黄小华; 胡昱


    上世纪七十年代末,海水鱼类养殖其中最重要的一项技术成果是发明了深水网箱,持续数十年的研究与开发应用,使现代海洋农业有了新的诠释.随着深水网箱装备技术的进步,围绕“一条鱼”养殖工程技术的种质、养成、营养、管理、环境、加工、物流、信息以及养殖配套装备等技术链日益完善,深水网箱已成为现代海洋农业不可或缺的重要装备.%At the end of the 1970's, sea-cage was the most important technical achievement in marine fish aquaculture. The sustainable investigation and application for several decades made the modern marine agriculture have a new interpretation. Along with the progress on equipment technologies of sea-cage, technology around the industry chain of "one fish" aqua-cultural engineering, such as germplasm, farming, nutrition, management, environment, processing, logistics, information and facility technology has become perfect day by day. Sea-cage is a indispensable and important equipment in modern sea aquaculture.

  2. Learning and technological capability building in emerging economies: The case of the biomass power equipment industry in Malaysia

    Hansen, Ulrich Elmer; Ockwell, David


    There is increasing recognition that the transfer of foreign technology to developing countries should be considered in light of broader processes of learning, technological capability, formation and industrial development. Previous studies that have looked at this in the context of cleantech...

  3. Overall multi-media persistence as an indicator of potential for population-level intake of environmental contaminants

    MacLeod, Matthew; McKone, Thomas E.


    Although it is intuitively apparent that population-level exposure to contaminants dispersed in the environment must related to the persistence of the contaminant, there has been little effort to formally quantify this link. In this paper we investigate the relationship between overall persistence in a multimedia environment and the population-level exposure as expressed by intake fraction (iF), which is the cumulative fraction of chemical emitted to the environment that is taken up by members of the population. We first confirm that for any given chemical contaminant and emission scenario the definition of iF implies that it is directly proportional to the overall multi-media persistence, P{sub OV}. We show that the proportionality constant has dimensions of time and represents the characteristic time for population intake (CTI) of the chemical from the environment. We then apply the CalTOX fate and exposure model to explore how P{sub OV} and CTI combine to determine the magnitude of iF. We find that CTI has a narrow range of possible values relative to P{sub OV} across multiple chemicals and emissions scenarios. We use data from the Canadian Environmental Protection Act Priority Substance List (PSL1) Assessments to show that exposure assessments based on empirical observation are consistent with interpretations from the model. The characteristic time for intake along different dominant exposure pathways is discussed. Results indicate that P{sub OV} derived from screening-level assessments of persistence, bioaccumulation potential, and toxicity (PBT) is a useful indicator of the potential for population-level exposure.

  4. Remanufacturing Technology in Continuous Casting Core Equipment and Its Application%连铸关键设备再制造技术及应用

    侯峰岩; 任乔华; 高锦岩


    连铸关键设备的再制造是高效、绿色钢铁发展的重要方向.介绍了连铸结晶器和连铸辊的失效形式、表面处理技术以及结构设计技术在结晶器和连铸辊上的研究与应用;分析总结了各种表面涂层的热稳定性能、耐磨损性能和实际应用寿命;运用有限元解析技术对结晶器铜板和连铸辊的结构、服役条件进行分析,并对其进行各种优化设计,与优异的表面处理技术相配合,提高连铸设备的整体使用寿命.实践表明借助再制造工程体系的先进表面技术和先进设计与管理方法,可以使连铸设备不断得到性能恢复和技术改造升级,延长其寿命和报废期限,提高连铸设备的档次和附加值,具有良好的经济和社会效益.%Remanufacturing of continuous casting core equipment is an important direction for efficient devel-opment of green steel. The failure mode of continuous casting mold and roller was described. Surface technol-ogy and structural design techniques for continuous casting core equipment were introduced. Thermal stabili-ty, wear resistant and life of all type coatings were analyzed. Finite element analytical techniques were used to analyze the structure and service condition of continuous casting mold and roller. Designs were optimized and matched the excellent surface technology to improve the overall life of the continuous casting equipment. Prac-tice show that the performance and technology of continuous casting equipment are improved through advanced surface technology, design and management of the remanufacturing engineering system. The life expectancy and retirement period are extended and the quality and added value are improved, resulting in good social and economical benefits.

  5. 有机过氧化物交联电缆的工艺及设备相关技术研究%Research on Technology and Equipment of Organic Peroxide Cross-linked Cable



    The productive technologies and equipments of organic peroxide cross-linking are discussed.And the international advanced crosslinking production equipment and improved technology are introduced.%讨论了有机过氧化物交联的生产工艺、设备,介绍了目前国际先进的交联生产设备和改进工艺.

  6. [Key technologies and implementation of the medical equipment road transportation simulation platform based on 6-DOF parallel robots].

    Pei, Yidong; Pei, Baoqing; Li, Hui; Fan, Yubo


    In view of the shortage of medical equipment road transportation simulation platform, we put forward a road transportation simulation method based on 6-DOF parallel robots. A 3D road spectrum model was built by the improvement of the harmonic superposition method. The simulation model was then compared with the standard model to verify its performance. Taking the road spectrum as the excitation, we could get the robot motion data to control the parallel robot through the S-shaped linear interpolation of the absolute position. It can simulate the movement of vehicles with different speed under various road conditions efficiently and accurately.

  7. Remanufacturing strategy for chemical equipment

    ZHANG Xian-cheng; XU Bin-shi; WANG Hai-dou; JIANG Yi; WU Yi-xiong; GONG Jian-ming; TU Shan-dong


    Failure, especially induced by cracks, usually occurred in the service process of chemical equipment, which could cause the medium leakage, fire hazard and explosion and induced the personnel casualty and economic losses. To assure the long-term and safety service, it is necessary to apply the remanufacturing technology on the chemical equipment containing cracks. The recent research advances on the remanufacturing, the failure modes and the life extension technology for chemical equipment were reviewed. The engineering strategy of the remanufacturing for the chemical equipment was proposed, which could provide a reasonable and reliable technical route for the remanufacturing operation of chemical equipment. In the strategy, the redesign was also been considered.

  8. Instrument Automation Equipment Failures and Maintenance Technology%仪表自动化设备故障与维护技术



    随着经济的发展,我国石油化工企业的作用越来越重要,油气运输的相关技术和设备也更加先进,在石油化工企业运行的过程中,仪表自动化设备能够很好地提高其生产效率。我们必须做好自动化设备故障维修方面的工作,提高其工作效率。%With the development of economy, the role of China’s petrochemical enterprises increasingly important oil and gas-related technologies and equipment transportation are also more advanced in the process of petrochemical companies operating in instrument automation equipment can well improve its production efficiency . We must do a good job of automation equipment maintenance failures, improve their work efficiency.

  9. Overseas Coal Gasification Equipment Technology and Its Application in China%国外煤气化设备技术及在中国的应用



    对几种煤气化炉炉型进行了技术对比。论述了煤气化技术的选用原则。分析了我国煤气化技术装备需要解决的一些问题。通过实例较详细地介绍了国外煤气化技术在中国的应用。%The technical comparison between different types of the coal gasification furnaces is presented and the selection principal of the coal gasification technology is discussed. Furthermore, the unsolved problems in the coal gasification equipment of Chinese enterprises are analyzed. The applications of the overseas coal gasification technology in China are introduced through case study.

  10. RIA Technology Application in Medical Equipment Repair System%RIA技术在医疗设备报修系统中的应用

    蒋友好; 彭文; 蒋宁峰; 孔令伟; 马力; 殷佩浩; 孙成


      RIA富互联网应用具有高度互动性、丰富用户体验以及功能强大的客户端。在介绍R IA技术的概念、特点以及技术平台的基础上,指出RIA方式应该是医院医疗设备管理信息系统建设的最优先考虑方案。%RIA(Rich Internet Applications) have highly interactive,rich user experience and powerful clients. Based on introducing the concept, features, and technology platform of the RIA technology, we proposed that RIA should be the highest priority in hospital medical equipment management information system construction.

  11. Creating science and technology superiority,increasing marine equipment manufacturing capability to build China into world No.1 shipbuilding country


    The creation of science and technol-ogy superiority is the basic driving forceto push forward the development ofChina’s shipbuilding Industry by leaps andbounds,and achieve the goal of buildingChina into the world number one ship-building country. 1.The strength of science and tech-nology is the decisive factor affecting ourcompetitiveness in the world market The shipbuilding industry is a labour-intensive,capital-intensive and technology-intensive industry.However,ever since the90’s of the last century,with the wide ap-plication of new technology and new manu-facturing process,the productivity of shipconstruction has increased significantly,therole of primary production elements suchas low-priced labor has weakened dramati-cally in the market competition.With thecontinuous increase of technology inten-siveness in the shipbuilding industry,thestrength of science and technology is becoming the most important factor of mar-ket competitiveness.In the last ten years,in order to strengthen their technical sup

  12. OPC UA技术在冶金设备监测系统中的应用%Application of OPC UA Technology in Monitoring System for Metallurgical Equipment

    姜泽苗; 孔庆奎; 范瑜


    OPC UA技术在工业控制方面有着不可替代的优势,主要体现在其跨平台性和实时性上,可以方便地解决工业现场监控过程中各个子系统和底层设备之间互操作以及互通信的难题。结合冶金现场设备监测系统的搭建,对OPC UA技术规范进行了研究,开发了OPC UA客户端和服务器,实现了对冶金设备运行状态的实时监测并及时制定故障应对方案的目的。 OPC UA技术在信息建模与跨平台方面的强大优势预示着基于OPC UA技术的集成系统必将成为今后的开发热点。%The technology of OPC UA has irreplaceable superior in industrial control area, especially its cross platform and real time performance;the difficulties of the interoperability and intercommunication among all the subsystems and bottom layer equipment in industrial field monitoring. The specifications of OPC US technology is researched combining with the establishment of monitoring system for metallurgy field equipment;and client and server of OPC UA are developed for implementing real time monitoring for the operation status of metallurgy equipment and failure timely responded scheme. The outstanding superior of OPC UA in information modeling and cross-platform indicates that the integrated systems based on OPC UA will definitely become the hot spots of development in the future.

  13. 炮烟净化技术装备研究%Research on Equipment of Gun Smoke Purification Technology



    This paper analyzes the gun smoke poisonous gases on the human body and the harm to the environment, and find the methods to deal with these harmful gases from theory, puts forward the design method to solve the problem of the design of gun smoke purifying mine in the confined space and can realize products and equipment.%分析了炮烟中有毒有害气体对人体以及环境的危害,然后从理论上分析了处理这些危害气体的方法,进而提出解决矿井下密闭空间中炮烟净化问题的设计思路以及能够实现装备产品的设计方法。

  14. Customer familiarity with new industrial product technology and its influence on adoption: The case of De Beers diamond extraction equipment

    Nabbie, A.


    Full Text Available An investigation was conducted into the influence of industry customers familiarity with new technology on their decisions when purchasing discontinuous industrial products. This was done in the context where the supplier and customer organisations are entities in the same company. Even in this favourable context, continuous products remained successful despite a better solution being available. Literature on this close type of relationship is sparse, mostly because information on such internal processes is generally regarded as competitive. The case investigated was the DebTech division of De Beers, and their experience with products that they design and manufacture for the global diamond mining industry. Product developer and customer data from applicable projects was analysed, and interviews and observations were conducted. The results indicate that familiarity with the product technology favourably influences perceptions of newness, safety, and the ease of integration of a product. Familiarity increases customers propensity to recommend and purchase new-technology products.

  15. An Approach to Multi-media Network Environment-Based Cooperative Teaching Mode of English Reading in Higher Vocational Education%多媒体网络环境下的高职英语阅读合作教学模式初探



    Combining multi-media network technology with co-operative learning and based on some second language acquisition theories,this project constructs an English reading teaching mode,namely,"Multi-media Network Environment-Based ARDCA Cooperative Teaching Mode of English Reading in Higher Vocat-ional Education".This model has been applied to our teaching practice and has achieved very good results.%本项目将多媒体网络技术和合作学习相结合,以二语习得理论为理论基础,构建了以"激趣(Activate)-阅读(Read)-讨论(Discuss)-创造(Create)—评价(Assess)"为主线的"多媒体网络环境下的高职英语ARD-CA阅读合作教学模式",并将之运用于高职英语阅读教学中,在实践中取得了良好的效果。

  16. The technology of layer-specific rotary soil cultivation for forest crops and equipment for its implementation

    S. N. Orlovskiy


    Full Text Available Influence of existing methods and technologies of soil processing for forest crops on establishment and growth of cultivated tree species was studied. It was found that furrow plough processing of soil can interfere with the cultivated trees’ ecological peculiarities, because the furrow floor, where trees are planted, often constitutes the lower part of the turf or the upper part of the ashen-gray layers having unfavorable water-physical conditions and decreased crop-producing power. Whenever conifer trees grow on the bottom of a furrow excavated in medium and heavy clay loam, their growth is significantly decreased and accompanied by remarkable changes in morphology. Processing of shallow humus thickness soil with multiple cutter results in mixing of A0, A1 and A2 (ashen-gray layers. Consequently, the processed horizon obtains a lower amount of fertile substances than the vegetable soil on non-processed places. An apparatus for graded soil tillage, its construction, working principle and usage technology are described. The major peculiarity of the device consists in the ability not to crumbl the soil, but to shake down vegetable earth cut by subsurface plow from beneath. The technology involves removing roots and grass outside cultivated land, so that it cannot be then overgrown with weeds. It was found that exploitation of the device improves soil pulverization quality, enhances percentage of separates less than 10 mm and 10–50 mm, decreases content of the separate larger than 50 mm, and reduced specific energy output almost three-fold. Vertical displacement of control particles while soil processing with common cutter machines and the suggested device was studied. Establishment and growth of Siberian pine was determined in experimental productive cultures at different planting technologies. It was shown that under the suggested technology, forest plants furrow sowing can be done while soil processing, so that making nurseries becomes

  17. 中国玉米收获技术与装备发展研究%Development of Technology and Equipment of Corn Harvester in China

    陈志; 郝付平; 王锋德; 苏文凤; 崔俊伟


    阐述了中国玉米种植模式、收获工艺及收获装备与发达国家的差异,以及中国玉米收获机械的研发历程和主要机型.阐述摘穗、剥皮及茎秆处理等通用技术与装置的特点,以及中国在不分行玉米收获技术方面的研究与探索.分析了当前制约中国玉米收获机械化发展的主要因素、国外玉米联合收获机的发展趋势和中国各玉米产区种植与收获特点,指出了中国应在农机农艺融合的基础上,因地制宜地开发适合本地区的玉米联合收获装备.%The differences of corn planting-harvesting process and harvesting equipment between China and developed countries, corn harvester developing process and major model were introduced. The general technology and equipment of snapping, husking and straw treatment of corn harvesting machine, and the research and exploration of corn harvesting technology regardless of row in China were expatiated. The major factor for restricting development of corn harvest mechanization in China, the development trend of foreign corn harvester, and planting and harvesting characteristics of Chinese corn producing areas were analyzed. Finally, it pointed out that the corn harvester should be designed with combination of agricultural machinery and technology to suit local condition in China.

  18. Acoustic user interfaces for ambient-assisted living technologies.

    Goetze, Stefan; Moritz, Niko; Appell, Jens-E; Meis, Markus; Bartsch, Christian; Bitzer, Jörg


    This contribution discusses technologies for acoustic user interaction in ambient-assisted living (AAL) scenarios. Acoustic user interfaces allow for a natural and convenient way to interact with technical systems e.g. via sound or speech presentation or via speech input by means of automatic speech recognition (ASR) as well as by detection and classification of acoustic events. Older persons targeted by AAL technologies especially need more easy-to-use methods to interact with inherently complex supporting technology. As an example we designed and evaluated an application for acoustic user interaction with a multi-media reminder and calendar system. For this purpose, mainly older participants were involved in user studies to continuously evaluate and support the development strictly following a user-centred design process. The results suggest a wide acceptance of acoustic user interfaces by older users either for controlling inherently complex AAL systems by using robust ASR technologies or as a natural and ambient way of presenting information to the user. However, further research is needed to increase the robustness of ASR systems when using hands-free equipment, i.e. to provide a real ambient way of interaction, and to introduce personalised speech and sound presentation schemes accounting for the individual hearing capabilities and sound preferences.

  19. Thermal-hydraulics, physical chemistry, and technology at nuclear power stations equipped with fast-neutron sodium-cooled reactors

    Alekseev, V. V.; Efanov, A. D.; Kozlov, F. A.; Sorokin, A. P.


    Main results of investigations aimed at developing a verified system of computer codes that take into account the interrelation among nuclear-physical, thermal-hydraulic, physicochemical, thermal-mechanical, mass-transfer, and technological processes in nuclear power installations and at substantiating the models used as the core of these codes are presented together with the results of tests carried out to obtain data for verifying the codes.

  20. High-fidelity simulator technology may not be superior to traditional low-fidelity equipment for neonatal resuscitation training.

    Finan, E; Bismilla, Z; Whyte, H E; Leblanc, V; McNamara, P J


    Despite completing accredited resuscitation training, neonatal trainees often feel unprepared to deal with real-life clinical emergencies. High-fidelity simulator (HFS) technology offers the potential of recreating a realistic stressful clinical environment to aid training and evaluation. To date, there are limited data examining the physiological impact of this training modality in comparison to less costly alternatives. The objective of this study was to compare the effects of low-fidelity simulator (LFS) versus HFS technology on performance levels, objective and subjective measures of stress in neonatal trainees. Sixteen neonatal fellows were invited to participate in a prospective randomized study. Subjects were divided into pairs and randomized to LFS or HFS for completion of scenario I. After an interval of 1 month, fellow teams crossed over to complete scenario II using the alternative simulator technology. Technical and non-technical skills were assessed using validated resuscitation scoring tools. Participants recorded subjective stress at sequential time points before and after each simulation. Buccal cortisol was measured at each corresponding time point and comparison between HFS and LFS groups was made. The mean overall resuscitation performance score was 75.8%±10, but there was no difference in performance between HFS and LFS groups. There was also no significant difference in non-technical skills performance between groups. Salivary cortisol increased over the duration of the simulated experience, but there were no differences between the two groups (P=0.001, two-way repeated measures analysis of variance). We also identified changes in subjective measures of stress (P<0.001, analysis of variance) over time, but again there were no differences between groups. Simulated neonatal resuscitations induce a significant stress response in neonatal trainees; however, we were unable to identify any difference in stress measures between HFS and LFS. These

  1. Le CERN fait equipe avec des leaders des technologies de l'information pour construire une gigantesque grille de calcul

    CERN Press Office. Geneva


    PR11.01 24.09.2001 CERN teams up CERN*, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Geneva, Switzerland announced today the creation of the CERN openlab for DataGrid applications. Three leading Information Technology firms: Enterasys Networks, Intel and KPNQwest have joined CERN to push forward this groundbreaking project in advanced distributed computing. Each company will invest 2.5 MCHF ($1.5M) over a period of 3 years to help CERN achieve its ambitious objectives.

  2. 初馏塔设备负载安全仪表技术研究%The Primary Tower Equipment Load Safety Instrument Technology Research

    胡晓峰; 齐志辉; 张军; 秦攀峰


    The oil is currently the world's most important energy, primary tower equipment load safety instrument technology in oil refining industry is one of the most important two processing technology in oil refining industry, important place is had in production. The primary distillation tower equipment load safety instrumentation technology of crude oil processing in the two most important process, liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuel is the main means of production, play a decisive role in refinery occupies the position. The primary distillation tower equipment load safety instrument general to decompression distillated oil and coker gas oil as raw material, but with the crude oil becoming heavier growth trend and market demand for light oil refinery began mixing part, vacuum residue, or even directly to the atmospheric residue as cracking raw material.%石油是目前世界上最主要的能源.初馏塔设备负载安全仪表技术是炼油工业中最重要的一种二次加工工艺,在炼油工业生产中占有重要地位.初馏塔设备负载安全仪表技术是原油二次加工中最重要的加工过程,是液化石油气、汽油、煤油和柴油的主要生产手段,在炼油厂中占有举足轻重的地位.初馏塔设备负载安全仪表技术一般以减压馏分油和焦化蜡油为原料,但是随着原油的日趋变重的增长趋势和市场对轻质油品的大量需求,部分炼油厂开始掺炼减压渣油,甚至直接以常压渣油作为裂化原料.

  3. Equipment Remote Control Technology of Longwall Mine Face%综采工作面装备远程控制技术进展报告

    李首滨; 黄曾华; 王旭鸣; 冯银辉; 王峰


    可完全替代进口技术和产品,对我国煤矿装备制造业有着重要的现实意义。综采工作面装备远程控制技术大幅提升了综采成套装备的智能化水平,带动了我国在煤机装备自动化、智能化方面的整体技术进步,为建设大型现代化矿井提供了保障,有力地推动了我国煤炭工业的转型升级。%Because of the harsh environment and limited space in the fully mechanized work face of the coal mine, and the operator working in close distance to equipment, there isn’t refuge space,in case of emergencies. In addition, the on-site noise and dust also affect workers’ health. There is an urgent need to freeing workers from the production environment of the high risk. It is of great practical significance to study on remote control technology of fully mechanized equipment for coal mine safety, high efficiency production, labor environment improvement and the labor intensity of workers reduction. In this project, remote control technology of fully mechanized equipment is studied. The successful implementation of the unmanned operation technology of fully mechanized coal make the fewer people attended safe and efficient automation production realized. The breakthrough of core technologies of intelligent control system for fully mechanized coal mining equipment are reached. The monitoring hosts and the console located in underground equipment train or ground scheduling command center can remotely control the work face equipment start-stop, automation production and artificial intervention, combining fully mining equipment run data and the face video system. It is achieved that in normal production process mining machine memory cut coal is mainly performed, artificial remote intervention supplemented;the supporter following mining machine automati-cally action is mainly performed, artificial remote intervention supplemented.The automation control is mainly performed, local control supplemented

  4. Research Progress of Recycling Technology for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipments%我国电子废弃物回收工艺研究进展

    周蕾; 许振明


    The recycling technology for waste electrical and electronic equipments attracts domestic and international attentions. The basic recycling methods and their characteristics are summaizedi and the new recycling processes for waste electrical and electronic equipments are reviewed, especially the integrated recycling processes for waste domestic appliances, waste batteries and waste PCBs. Some new trends and potential problems are also discussed.%总结了处理电子废弃物的传统基本技术及其特点.针对传统工艺的缺陷综述了我国具有处理流程简单、成本低、资源利用率较高等优点的电子废弃物回收新工艺的研究进展,重点介绍了机械物理复合工艺处理废旧家电、废旧电池及废旧PCB板.同时提出了我国电子废弃物资源化方面的一些新动向和潜在的问题.

  5. The Application of CNC Technology in Pipe Bending Equipment%多轴数控技术在弯管设备中的应用



    本文主要针对普及型数控弯管机的技术原理进行研究分析,成功将高性价比的嵌入式多轴数控系统应用于老旧故障弯管机,实现了机器控制系统的升级改造,为车间盘活了闲置设备,提升生产力。%This paper mainly studies and analyzes the technology of general CNC pipe bender. In order to rehab the idle equipment and increase the plant productivity, it successfully uses the multi-axis CNC system which has high per-formance price ratio for broken-downpipe bender. It is carried out to rebuild the control system of machine.

  6. Application of RFID Technology in the Medical Equipment Information Management%RFID技术在医疗设备信息化管理中的应用



    医疗设备信息化管理是医院管理的重要组成部分,直接关系到诊疗水平高低和医疗技术安全与否。本研究重点分析目前医疗设备信息化管理面临的问题,针对性地提出利用RFID技术予以解决,并指出相关注意事项。%This research focuses on the problems of medical equipment information management, and proposals how to solve these problems with RFID technology, and points out the possible risks we should pay attention.

  7. Research on processing technology and equipment of biomass pellet fuel%木质颗粒燃料加工技术与装备研究

    刘强; 朱典想; 郭东升


    As an important mode of biomass energy’s conversion, wood pallet has drawn more and more attention. The paper discussed the processing technology and equipment of wood pallet fuel, focused on the summery of the whole procedure and pointed out the existing problems that could be improved in the future so as to get the best effect in actual production.%木质颗粒燃料作为生物质能源转化的一个重要领域,越来越受到人们的关注。本文主要对木质颗粒燃料的加工技术和关键设备进行说明,探讨了实际生产中存在的一些问题,并对木煤设备未来研发方向做了总结。

  8. High-tech cargo : logistics technologies are evolving to help improve efficiencies in moving oil and gas equipment

    Stastny, P.


    Like electronic data interchange (EDI), radio frequency identification (RFID) is a logistics tool developed to aid companies in managing their assets efficiently. RFID is used by companies improve shipment tracking, as well as to improve supply chain efficiencies. The technology uses tiny devices called RFID tags or transponders encoded with specific data about shipments. The tag emits a signal that is read by remote control as it passes through a warehouse gate. While RFID is currently used for pallets, it is hoped that the technology will soon be used for individual objects. Web-based systems are now being used to directly trace and monitor shipments as well as to identify potential delays. Schenker International has recently introduced a transportation management system (TMS) for oil and gas clients. The system is a website that manages shipments from purchase order to site delivery, and functions as a forum for all parties to each shipment. It was concluded that use of the TMS allows oil and gas operators to improve planning efficiencies. 1 fig.

  9. Analysis of Application of Installation Technology of Building Automation Electrical and Mechanical Equipment%建筑自动化机电设备安装技术探析



    文章主要研究建筑自动化机电设备安装技术,介绍了建筑自动化机电设备的特点和现阶段机电设备安装施工中存在的问题,并对建筑自动化机电设备安装技术进行了讨论。%The paper mainly researches building automation electrical and mechanical equipment installation technology,in-troduces the features of building automation mechanical and electrical equipment and the present problems existing in the electri-cal and mechanical equipment installation construction,and discusses the technology of building automation electrical and me-chanical equipment installation.

  10. Study on Reconstruction Technology of Continuous Casting Equipment%论连铸关键设备再制造技术



    我国的钢铁制造倡导高效、绿色的发展方式,连铸关键设备的再制造就是钢铁产业发展的关键,本文就对连铸技术中结构设计问题以及表面处理技术等做出了分析研究,并且在对各种表面涂层的稳定性分析方面作了总结,对于连铸钢铁表面的图层的实际耐磨损程度和使用寿命做出了预算.大量实践经验证明,提高连铸设备的使用年限和报废期限对取得良好的经济和社会效益具有重要作用.%The high efficiency,green development pattern is advocated by Steelmaker in China,and remanufacturing of continuous casting key equipment is the key to the development of steel industry.The author analyses and researches the structural design problem in the continuous casting technology and surface treatment technology,and summarizes the stability analysis of varieties of surface coatings,and budgets actual wear resistance and service life for surface layer of continuous casting of steel.A great deal of practical experience proved that it was important to improve the lifespan and scrap period of the continuous casting equipment for obtaining good economic and social benefits.

  11. Design of Assemble or Disassemble Equipment System Based on VR Technology%基于VR技术的设备拆装系统设计

    胡畔; 姜睐; 李依桐


    To solve the problem of showing and virtually operating the assemble and disassemble process of the equipments,a VR(Virtual Reality) training system based on virtual reality technology in which students can assemble or disassemble equipments was designed by a new, simple and quick software solution of "modeling software + programming language". 3DMAX software are adopted to build the virtual training scenarios and virtual devices modeling, C programming language was used to achieve display the scene and model in real-time, produce special effects and interactive control function, ultimately complete the virtual device assemble or disassembly process. After the actual use of trainees, it show that the system has the characteristics of good interaction and strong immersion, the process of assemble or disassemble is realistic, efficient and convenient,achieved its purpose of assemble or disassemble e-quipments training, and it is a preparation and complement to assemble or disassemble actual equipments.%为解决在虚拟环境中对设备拆装过程进行演示和虚拟操作的问题,设计构建基于虚拟现实技术的设备拆装实训系统,给出一种新的、简单、快捷的软件解决方案,即“模型文件十开发包”的方法.用3DMAX实现虚拟实训场景及其中虚拟设备的建模,用VC编程实现场景及模型的实时显示、特殊效果产生、人机交互控制等功能,最终实现虚拟的设备拆装实训系统设计.受训者的实际使用表明,该系统具有良好的交互性和较强的沉浸感,拆装过程逼真、高效、便捷,达到了设备拆装实训教学的训练目的,是对实物拆装实训的有益准备和补充.

  12. New Development on Technology and Equipment of Sheet Hydroforming%板材液压成形技术与装备新进展

    苑世剑; 刘伟; 徐永超


    With the development of sheet metal parts on large size, thin-wall, deep cavity, complicated curved-surface and hard forming materials, the manufacturing industries, such as aviation, aerospace and automobile industry, have pald more attentions to the low-cost and high flexible sheet hydroforming technology, which is up agalnst new opportunities and challenges. The state-of-the-art of sheet hydroforming technology is introduced, and the new developing technologies, including hydromechanical deep drawing with independent radial hydraulic pressure, pre-bulging hydromechanical deep drawing, hydromechanical deep drawing with double-side hydraulic pressures, double sheets hydroforming and warn sheet hydroforming, are presented in detall. The current application statements of domestic and foreign on the domalns of automobile, aerospace and others are summarized, the progress of R&D on sheet hydroforming equipments are reviewed, and the words’ largest sheet hydroforming equipment with tonnage of 150 MN and liquid volume of 5 m3 is introduced, the development tendency of sheet hydroforming technology is prospected.%随着板材零件向大尺寸、薄壁、深腔、复杂曲面以及难变形材料方向发展,具有低成本、高柔性的板材液压成形技术在航空、航天、汽车等制造业受到高度重视,并面临新的机遇和挑战。介绍板材液压成形技术的发展现状,重点介绍近年发展的径向主动加压充液拉深、预胀充液拉深、正反向加压充液拉深、双板成对液压成形和热态液压成形技术。分析国内外板材液压成形技术在汽车、航空航天等领域的应用现状,综述板材液压成形装备的研制进展,介绍正在研制的世界最大的吨位为150 MN、液体容积为5 m3的液压成形装备,对板材液压成形技术的发展趋势进行展望。

  13. Research on soil multi-media environmental pollution around a Pb-Zn mining and smelting plant in the karst area of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Southwest China

    DENG Chaobing; WANG Shuangfei; LI Fasheng


    The method of principal component analysis was applied to systematical research on the soil multi-media environment, including soil, surface water, ground water, waterbody sediment and agricultural crops, as well as pollution-inducing wastewater, mullock (or waste ore) and slag in the periphery of a large-sized Pb-Zn mining and smelting plant in a karst area of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The results revealed that soils in the area studied have been heavily polluted by Cd, Zn, Pb and Hg, and the levels of these metals in the samples of agricultural crop greatly exceed the standards. The above-mentioned pollutants exist in all soil-multi-media environments. The mullock, slag, wastewater, surface water, ground water, soil, and agricultural crops constitute a composite ecological chain. Therefore, the improper disposal of mullock and slag, and the use of polluted wastewater for agricultural irrigation are the main causes of soil pollution. Heavy metals in the soil have three transition progresses: point (improved soil with slag, ground water inflow plot), linear (river transition) and non-point transition (regional pollution by slag) patterns, and the tailing yard is the most important locus for heavy metals to release into the environment.

  14. Study on the multi-media teaching effect in medical English%医学英语多媒体教学效果探析



    The ultimate goal for medical English teaching is to cultivate students' comprehensive language competence, self-learning ability and cross-cultural communication skills. Multi-media teaching in medical English enlarged the capacity of knowledge imparted in class, boosted students' interests in study, improved their learning efficiency and communication competence. Students' ability of English application could be enhanced through Internet multi-media resources utilization. After years' practice good teaching effect had been obtained.%医学英语教学的最终目的是通过先进的教学方法和手段使学生具备专业英语的综合应用能力、自主学习能力和跨文化交流能力.医学英语多媒体教学扩充了课堂教学的知识容量,激发了学生的学习兴趣,提高了学生的学习效率和语言表达能力,利用多媒体网络资源有利于提高学生运用英语的能力.通过多年的实践,医学英语多媒体教学取得了较好的教学效果.

  15. 食品微波冻干技术及装备研究进展%Research progress on technology and equipment for freeze - drying food by microwave

    王玉川; 张慜


    Freeze - drying technology used in food drying can maximize the retention of nutrients in food. The foods dried by freeze - drying are mainly exported at present since long drying period,large energy consumption and high cost. Microwave has the characteristics of inner heat source. Microwave freeze -drying technology is developed by the combination of microwave heating technology and traditional freeze- drying technology,which has been widely concerned by foreign scholars and business community since the middle of the last century. But the key technical problem has been restricting its commercial applica-tion because of the phenomenon of very obvious uneven and low - pressure gas discharge. In recent years,microwave freeze drying technology and the theory has been continuously improved due to the rapid development of science and technology and the interdisciplinary intersection and mutual penetration, which provide technical and economic support for research of the key technologies,equipment develop-ment and commercial application. The research progress of microwave drying technology at home and a-broad in high efficiency,energy saving,uniform and equipment is summarized.%冻干技术能够最大限度地保留食品的营养成分,在我国食品干燥行业得到了一定的应用。由于冻干技术存在干燥周期长、能耗大、成本高等缺点,目前我国冻干食品以出口为主。微波具有内热源特性,采用微波高效加热技术与传统冻干技术相结合而发展的微波冻干技术从上世纪中期已受到国外学者与企业界广泛关注。但是,微波冻干存在非常明显的不均匀与低压气体放电现象,这一关键技术问题一直以来制约其商业化应用。近些年来,由于科学技术的迅猛发展和学科领域的交叉、相互渗透,为微波冻干关键技术的研究、装备开发及商业化应用提供了技术及经济支撑,微波冻干技术、理论得到不断完善。综

  16. Potentials of Advanced Database Technology for Military Information Systems

    Choenni, Sunil; Bruggeman, Ben


    Research and development in database technology evolves in several directions, which are not necessarily divergent. A number of these directions might be promising for military information systems as well. In this paper, we discuss the potentials of multi-media databases and data mining. Both direct

  17. Prospect on key equipments and technologies for superfine iron ore dressing%微细粒铁矿选矿关键装备技术和展望

    张国旺; 周岳远; 辛业薇; 肖骁; 黄礼龙


    The key equipments and technologies for superfine iron ore dressing in recent years were reviewed in detail, and the development of the high intensity magnetic separator, fine mill and flotation column was also introduced. In addition, the latest development of the tower mil and the application of fine grinding technology to iron ore grinding were introduced, and study application and development of the high intensity magnetic separator as well as the application prospect of the flotation column to reverse flotation of superfine iron ore dressing were narrated also.%对近年来微细粒铁矿选矿的关键装备技术进行了详细评述,并对强磁选、细磨和浮选柱等装备的发展方向进行了展望。着重介绍了塔磨机的最新进展及细磨技术在铁矿中的应用,强磁选机的研究应用及发展,以及浮选柱在微细粒铁矿反浮选的应用前景。

  18. Research on the Learning Effects of Multimedia Assisted Instruction Using Information Technology Model

    Chen, Chen-Yuan


    As technology advances, whether from the previous multi-media teaching, online teaching, or now interactive whiteboard, the various changes in both hardware and software resources as well as information are very huge. The information is quickly circulating under the changes in the old and new technology, and the new knowledge has been created.…

  19. 终端设备物理隔离技术策略研究%Study on Technology and Strategy of Terminal Equipment Physical Isolation



    为防范来自网络和本地针对计算机信息的侵害,本文对现有的物理隔离技术进行较为详尽的分析,强调处理涉密信息的终端设备硬盘必须与连接网络的硬盘物理隔离.根据计算机信息安全对身份鉴别的要求,借鉴门禁与汽车防盗技术,提出使用身份卡、汽车防盗遥控器作为身份鉴别的凭证,将其系统模块与物理隔离部件集成为一个产品的新技术策略,同步实现防范来自远程和本地的侵害.新策略是对现有成熟技术的整合,完全可行并值得推广.%Aiming to prevent the damage of information in computer from Internet and local network, the existing physical isolation technology is analyzed, specially for the situation, that the hard drive of the terminal equipment carried privileged information has to connect with Internet. Based on computer information security to identification, referenced of the lesson on access control and automotive anti-theft technology, a new technical strategy is proposed, which combines system modules with physical isolated parts as one production by using identity cards, car alarm remote control as the certificate of authentication, to avoid remote and local aggression. The new strategy is the integration of existing mature technology, therefore it' s entirely feasible and worthy of promotion.

  20. Analysis on installation new technology of super high-rise buildings electrical and mechanical equipments%超高层建筑机电设备的安装新技术分析



    主要介绍了高层建筑机电设备安装新技术的特点,分析了高层建筑机电设备安装中存在的种种问题,提出了高层建筑机电设备安装技术的改进措施,最后介绍了超高层建筑机电设备的安装新技术,以促进机电设备安装质量的提高。%Introduced the characteristics of installation new technology of electrical and mechanical equipment of high-rise buildings,analyzed the existing various problems in mechanical and electrical equipment installation of high-rise buildings,put forward the improvement measures of electrical and mechanical equipment installation technology of high-rise buildings,finally introduced the installation new technology of electrical and mechanical equipment of super high-rise buildings,promote the improvement of installation quality of electrical and mechanical equipments.

  1. 多媒体电脑在外语教学中的运用%Application of Multi-Media Computer in Foreign Language Teaching



    It is very important to apply multi-media computers in English teaching.By employing them it is possible for the teachers to use the new teaching approaches and to free them the old traditional teaching methods.This article focuses on its necessity and feasibility.%在英语教学中,利用多媒体电脑进行教学,对更新教学手段,促进英语教学模式的转变,将老师从以往大量的备课、板书、吃粉笔灰、改作业的传统教学环境中解脱出来具有十分重要的意义,本文作者就多媒体电脑在英语教学中的必要性和可行性进行探讨。

  2. Composting equipment design and technology for rural refuse disposal%处理农村生活垃圾装置的研制及工艺

    文国来; 王德汉; 李俊飞; 邹璇; 孙艳军


    为了探索农村生活垃圾的处理途径,该文研究了一种新型一体化处理生活垃圾的装置及工艺,以广州市番禺区猛涌村生活垃圾为研究对象,进行了2个月的中试试验.研制的堆肥装置分4个小仓,每个小仓容纳垃圾1.56 m3,总容积6.24 m3,抽风机功率为1.1 kW/h,抽风频率为1 d 10次,每次30 min,总时间为5 h,每天总耗电量5.5 kW,能耗低.通过12 d高温发酵,24 d编织袋二次发酵的处理方式,温度能达到60℃的天数在5 d以上,出仓时减容约为40%,堆肥产品质量符合要求,且整个处理过程无二次污染,结果表明该装置及工艺可以用来处理农村生活垃圾,可充分做到垃圾减量化、无害化和资源化.%The environmental risk caused by the rural refuse increasingly is proved to be a big issue because there is not enough place for landfill. A new kind of composting equipment and technology was studied for dealing with such a problem in this paper. The composting equipment, which is composed of 4 bins with 1.56 m3 volume of each bin, was tested for 2 months at the municipal solid waste transfer station at Mengyong village, Panyu district in Guangzhou. The power of exhaust fan was 1.1 kW/h, the operation frequency was 10 times per day, 30 minutes per time, so the total operation time was 5 hours a day, the energy cost of the whole compost was 5.5kW. Through 12 days of high temperature fermentation followed by 24 days of bag fermentation, the temperature could be up to 60 °C for at least 5 days, the volume reduction rate of the rural refuse could reach up to 40% after 12 days, and there was no secondary pollution in the whole compost. The results showed that the composting equipment and technology was a feasible way to realize quantitative reduction, harmlessness and resources recovery of the rural refuse.

  3. 数据仓库与数据挖掘技术用于煤矿设备预测检修%Data Warehouse and Data Mining Technology for Coal Mine Equipment Forecast Overhaul



    随着科学技术的发展,煤矿设备系统运行检测技术不断得到提高,设备的维护经验也日益丰富。而作为整个企业管理信息系统的一个子系统,当前煤矿设备预测检修体系具有良好的数据共享性,能够和其它管理系统进行联接,实现信息共享,提高管理的高效性和准确性。文章首先概述了预测检修与数据库技术,建立了数据仓库与数据挖掘技术用于煤矿设备预测检修体系,然后提出了相关配套措施:健全大型煤矿设备检修制度、尽可能地升级煤矿设备和提高检修人员的技术水平。%With the development of science and technology, coal mining equipment system runs detection technology constantly improve equipment maintenance experience increasingly rich. As a subsystem of the entire enterprise management information system, the current coal mining equipment predictive maintenance system has good data sharing, connection and other management systems, information sharing, improve management efficiency and accuracy. This paper begins with an overview of predictive maintenance and database technology, the establishment of a data warehouse and data mining technology for coal mining equipment predictive maintenance system, then supporting measures: the sound of a large coal mine equipment maintenance system, as much as possible to upgrade coal mining equipment and increase maintenance personnel technical level.

  4. 焦炉推焦粉尘治理工艺选择及设备配置%Technological Selection of Dust Treatment and Equipment Collocation While Coking in Coke Oven

    姜乃斌; 邢显昌


      The article probes into the technological selection of dust treatment and equipment col ocation while coke choosing in coke oven; makes focus on and analyzes the three main topics of flue dust col ection, transportation and dust filter-ing of dust treatment in coke oven tapping.

  5. 纸机干燥部余热回收技术与设备(续)%Technology and Equipment of Waste Heat Recovery in Dryer Section of Paper Machine (Continuous)



    Some waste heat recovery technology and equipment used in dryer section of paper machine at home and abroad were introduced in this paper.%介绍一些国际、国内余热回收技术和设备,供同行分析、研究和借鉴.

  6. 电视照明技术与先进设备的融合%Television Lighting Technology and Advanced Equipment



    在早期的电视作品创作之中,照明工作主要是为场景提供一个合适的色温与照度以方便摄像机工作,这时体现到的是其较为实用的一面,如今的电视照明工作不仅具有以上实用性,更多的是在为作品的渲染环境和创造意境方面发挥作用,体现了其艺术性的一面,之所以照明技术取得这样大的进步,很大程度取决于先进的技术设备在影视照明领域的运用。%Works created in the early days of TV , lighting the work is mainly to provide a suitable color tem-perature and the intensity of illumination for the camera work , at this time to reflect is the more practical side , today′s TV lighting not only has more practical , more is in the works for rendering environment , play a role to create artistic conception , embodies the artistic side of the lighting technologies have made such great pro-gress, largely depends on the use of advanced technology and equipment in the field of film and television lighting.

  7. The effectiveness of using the combined-cycle technology in a nuclear power plant unit equipped with an SVBR-100 reactor

    Kasilov, V. F.; Dudolin, A. A.; Gospodchenkov, I. V.


    The design of a modular SVBR-100 reactor with a lead-bismuth alloy liquid-metal coolant is described. The basic thermal circuit of a power unit built around the SVBR-100 reactor is presented together with the results of its calculation. The gross electrical efficiency of the turbine unit driven by saturated steam at a pressure of 6.7 MPa is estimated at η{el/gr} = 35.5%. Ways for improving the efficiency of this power unit and increasing its power output by applying gas-turbine and combined-cycle technologies are considered. With implementing a combined-cycle power-generating system comprising two GE-6101FA gas-turbine units with a total capacity of 140 MW, it becomes possible to obtain the efficiency of the combined-cycle plant equipped with the SVBR-100 reactor η{el/gr} = 45.39% and its electrical power output equal to 328 MW. The heat-recovery boiler used as part of this power installation generates superheated steam with a temperature of 560°C, due to which there is no need to use a moisture separator/steam reheater in the turbine unit thermal circuit.

  8. Theoretical and experimental fundamentals of designing promising technological equipment to improve efficiency and environmental safety of highly viscous oil recovery from deep oil reservoirs

    Moiseyev, V. A.; Nazarov, V. P.; Zhuravlev, V. Y.; Zhuykov, D. A.; Kubrikov, M. V.; Klokotov, Y. N.


    The development of new technological equipment for the implementation of highly effective methods of recovering highly viscous oil from deep reservoirs is an important scientific and technical challenge. Thermal recovery methods are promising approaches to solving the problem. It is necessary to carry out theoretical and experimental research aimed at developing oil-well tubing (OWT) with composite heatinsulating coatings on the basis of basalt and glass fibers. We used the method of finite element analysis in Nastran software, which implements complex scientific and engineering calculations, including the calculation of the stress-strain state of mechanical systems, the solution of problems of heat transfer, the study of nonlinear static, the dynamic transient analysis of frequency characteristics, etc. As a result, we obtained a mathematical model of thermal conductivity which describes the steady-state temperature and changes in the fibrous highly porous material with the heat loss by Stefan-Boltzmann's radiation. It has been performed for the first time using the method of computer modeling in Nastran software environments. The results give grounds for further implementation of the real design of the OWT when implementing thermal methods for increasing the rates of oil production and mitigating environmental impacts.

  9. Data availability and the need for research to localize, quantify and recycle critical metals in information technology, telecommunication and consumer equipment.

    Chancerel, Perrine; Rotter, Vera Susanne; Ueberschaar, Maximilian; Marwede, Max; Nissen, Nils F; Lang, Klaus-Dieter


    The supply of critical metals like gallium, germanium, indium and rare earths elements (REE) is of technological, economic and strategic relevance in the manufacturing of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). Recycling is one of the key strategies to secure the long-term supply of these metals. The dissipation of the metals related to the low concentrations in the products and to the configuration of the life cycle (short use time, insufficient collection, treatment focusing on the recovery of other materials) creates challenges to achieve efficient recycling. This article assesses the available data and sets priorities for further research aimed at developing solutions to improve the recycling of seven critical metals or metal families (antimony, cobalt, gallium, germanium, indium, REE and tantalum). Twenty-six metal applications were identified for those six metals and the REE family. The criteria used for the assessment are (i) the metal criticality related to strategic and economic issues; (ii) the share of the worldwide mine or refinery production going to EEE manufacturing; (iii) rough estimates of the concentration and the content of the metals in the products; (iv) the accuracy of the data already available; and (v) the occurrence of the application in specific WEEE groups. Eight applications were classified as relevant for further research, including the use of antimony as a flame retardant, gallium and germanium in integrated circuits, rare earths in phosphors and permanent magnets, cobalt in batteries, tantalum capacitors and indium as an indium-tin-oxide transparent conductive layer in flat displays.

  10. Processing Technology and Equipment of Color Peanut Chocolate%彩色花生巧克力豆加工工艺技术及设备



    Equipments and their basic working principle, structure and usage for peanut chocolate were intro-duced. Technology requirements and formula of color chocolate were discussed. Taking peanut as core material, peanut chocolate could be made with a percentage of cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sugar powder, lecithin, pigment and polish-ing agent. Products had bright color, rich nutrition and unique flavor.%本文介绍了制作花生巧克力所需设备以及设备的基本工作原理、构造和使用方法;探讨了彩色巧克力豆制作过程的工艺条件和配方。采用巧克力花生豆成套设备,以花生为芯料,可可粉、可可脂、糖粉、卵磷脂、色素和抛光剂按一定的比例,可制作出来色泽光亮、营养丰富、风味独特的花生巧克力豆。

  11. 用新型设备配置的废纸OCC制浆工艺%Waste Paper OCC Pulping Technology of Using New Equipment Configuration



    waste paper-pulping is a collection of stripped between the fiber and fiber, fiber and impurities, the purification and upgrading of the fiber quality, the washing of pulp, the classification of fiber, hot dispersion and refining processing as one of the pulping process.the most suitable operation method and equipment were chosen in operation units to reach the best processing effect. And then, the entire stock preparation technology of the production line and design must be due a higher product quality and cost-efficient and low-carbon economy requires.%废纸制浆是集纤维与纤维,纤维与杂质之间的剥离、纤维质量的净化及提升、浆料的洗涤浓缩、纤维的分级、纤维的热分散和磨浆处理为一体的制浆过程。各操作单元中选择最适用的操作方法和设备,来达到最好的处理效果。所以整条浆料制备生产线的技术及设计方案必须应有较高的产品档次及成本效率和符合低磁经济要求。

  12. Achievement report on research and development of medical and welfare equipment technology. Esophageal speech aid system; Iryo fukushi kiki gijutsu kenkyu kaihatsu seika hokokusho. Shokudo hassei hojo sochi



    Research and development of an esophageal speech aid system is carried out to assist patients with the vocal chords lost in pharyngectomy. The goal is to develop a device to enable people, who have had their pharynges removed but can communicate under noiseless circumstances, to communicate easily even in the noisy street. The study involves the development of a voice pickup means, speech signal processing technology, integrated circuit dedicated to the present purpose, esophageal speech signal analyzer, and improvement on the user's comfort. The effort results in a highly directional microphone and a small, high-output loudspeaker. Several real-time signal processing algorithms are developed, including one related to the bandwidth division type analysis and synthesis technique that ensures stable voice conversion. An esophageal speech database is built. A portable esophageal speech aid system is manufactured by way of experiment, which is equipped with the functions of analog simple voice magnification and digital voice conversion. This device serves concurrently as a telephone speech aid system. (NEDO)

  13. Comparative research on technological innovation and technological diffusion of magnates in communication equipment industry%通信设备巨头技术创新布局与扩散比较研究

    宋天华; 于光; 石春生


    专利引文是衡量技术创新的重要指标。以著名的德温特(DII)创新系统的数据,对通信设备行业两家重要企业思科与华为的专利引文进行分析。结果显示,一些中国高技术企业经过多年的技术创新,其研发效率已经追上世界一流的跨国企业;中国企业的技术扩散主要是在国内,国际间技术扩散刚刚起步,影响力较小;而跨国企业技术扩散是全球性的,影响力处于龙头地位;追赶型企业技术创新是力求突破的锥型布局,领先企业是平衡型的哑铃布局;企业的技术创新布局主导着它们的技术扩散方向,中国企业技术创新与扩散的宽度大,但是优势技术少,技术深度低。而跨国企业优势技术多,技术扩散的深度高,技术专业化程度比较高。%Patent citation is one of important indicators surveying technological innovation. By analyzing DII' S patent citations of two top enterprises Cisco and Huawei in communications equipments industry, their innovation and technology diffusion are explored. Results argue that through long - term innovation, the efficiency of some Chinese high - technological firms in R&D has caught up with that of some top multinationals; Technological diffusion of Chinese enterprises mainly distributes in domestic firms. Its technological internationalization just starts now and has the weak influence. And the multinational technological diffusion is global and has the strong influence; Technological innovation of the pursuing enterprise displays a awl - shaped distribution, and technological innovation of the advanced enterprise shows a dumbbell distribution; the distribution of technological innovation leads the direction of technological diffusion; The distribution width of technological innovation and diffusion for Chinese enterprises are widen, however, its top technologies are fewer, the technical specialization level is low, and multinational

  14. 以高新医疗设备推动技术创新提升服务质量%Promoting Technological Innovation and Improving Service Quality with the Application of High-tech Medical Equipments

    李永昌; 汪春晖; 干振华; 杨国斌


    The role of medical equipments for diagnosis has transformed from assistant tools to important means. With the development of medical equipments, technological innovation has been promoted, which improves the quality of medical services. The important roles of high-lech medical equipments in promoting technological innovation and improving the quality of medical services will be discussed in this article. The problems which should be paid attention to during the introduction and application of the medical equipments with high technology will also be presented in terms of innovation promotion and quality improvement of medical services.%医疗设备已从过去作为疾病诊治的辅助工具,逐渐变为重要手段.医疗设备的发展,推动了技术创新,促进了医疗服务质量提升.本文主要阐述了高新医疗设备在推动技术创新、提升服务质量中的意义,剖析了各类高新医疗设备的作用,以及它们发挥作用的主要体现,并从推动技术创新、提升服务质量视角,对引进和应用高新医疗设备应注意的问题进行了探讨.

  15. Present Status and Prospects of Modernized Mining Technology and Equipment in China Coal Mine%中国煤矿现代化开采技术装备现状及其展望



    总结了近10年来中国煤机装备先进的技术成果,以及大采高综采、大采高综放开采、短壁开采等现代化开采技术现状及其应用.我国现代化开采方法与煤机装备的协调快速发展,大幅推进了煤矿"高产、高效、安全、洁净"的发展进程,形成了具有中国特色的现代化开采技术与装备体系.对中国煤矿现代化开采技术与装备的发展趋势进行了前瞻性展望,认为我国现代化开采技术在快速发展的同时,工作面装备智能化技术,成套装备系统高可靠性综合技术,安全、环境与采煤协调开采技术,高强度开采条件下围岩活动规律等仍需进行进一步深入研究.%The paper summarized the advanced technical achievements of the coal machinery equipment in China in the passed 10 years,including the present status and application of the high mining height fully mechanized coal mining, high mining height mechanized top coal caving mining, shortwall coal mining and other modernized coal mining technology. The coordinative rapid development of the modernized mining method and the coal machinery equipment in China had highly pushed the progress of the “mine high production, high efficiency, safety and clean” development and had formed the modernized mining technology and equipment system with China characteristics. The paper had a prospective outlook on the development tendency of the modernized mining technology and equipment in China. The paper held that meanwhile the modern coal mining technology in China was rapidly developing, a further deep study on the intelligent technology of the coal mining face equipment, the high reliability comprehensive technology of the completed equipment system, safety, environment and coal mining coordinated mining technology, the surrounding rock activity law under the high intensified mining conditions shall be conducted.

  16. Outlook of Weaving Equipment and Technology- An Overview of the Weaving Equipment Exhibited on ITMA 2015%织造装备技术的最新进展-- ITMA 2015参展织造装备评述



    本文简要概述了ITMA 2015展会上展出的剑杆织机、喷气织机、地毯织机、特种窄幅织机等织造装备的性能特点,指出织造装备正在朝着高效节能、自动化、差异化的方向发展,设备稳定性和可靠性不断提升,品种适应性和应用领域不断拓展。%This paper brielfy summarized the characteristics of weaving equipment exhibited on ITMA 2015, including rapier loom, air jet loom, carpet weaving machine, special narrow fabric weaving machine and so on. It points out that the development direction of weaving equipment is high efifciency, energy saving, automation and differentiation. In addition, the equipment stability and reliability is improving, the variety adaptability and application ifeld is expanding.

  17. Equipment Operational Requirements

    Greenwalt, B; Henderer, B; Hibbard, W; Mercer, M


    The Iraq Department of Border Enforcement is rich in personnel, but poor in equipment. An effective border control system must include detection, discrimination, decision, tracking and interdiction, capture, identification, and disposition. An equipment solution that addresses only a part of this will not succeed, likewise equipment by itself is not the answer without considering the personnel and how they would employ the equipment. The solution should take advantage of the existing in-place system and address all of the critical functions. The solutions are envisioned as being implemented in a phased manner, where Solution 1 is followed by Solution 2 and eventually by Solution 3. This allows adequate time for training and gaining operational experience for successively more complex equipment. Detailed descriptions of the components follow the solution descriptions. Solution 1 - This solution is based on changes to CONOPs, and does not have a technology component. It consists of observers at the forts and annexes, forward patrols along the swamp edge, in depth patrols approximately 10 kilometers inland from the swamp, and checkpoints on major roads. Solution 2 - This solution adds a ground sensor array to the Solution 1 system. Solution 3 - This solution is based around installing a radar/video camera system on each fort. It employs the CONOPS from Solution 1, but uses minimal ground sensors deployed only in areas with poor radar/video camera coverage (such as canals and streams shielded by vegetation), or by roads covered by radar but outside the range of the radar associated cameras. This document provides broad operational requirements for major equipment components along with sufficient operational details to allow the technical community to identify potential hardware candidates. Continuing analysis will develop quantities required and more detailed tactics, techniques, and procedures.

  18. Reverse logistic of eletrical and eletronic equipment waste from information technology sector: reality, perspectives and challenges in Natal-RN, Brazil

    Lorena Albuquerque Adriano da Silva


    Full Text Available This study aimed to diagnose the situation of electrical and electronic equipment waste (WEEE across the information technology sector (trade and technical assistance from Natal (capital of Rio Grande do Norte State, Northeast of Brazil from reverse logistic perspective as well as to analyze how these companies have been preparing for the adjustments demanded by new Brazilian law concerning the waste management (National Policy on Waste Management. This is a quantitative and descriptive study on which was adopted a structured questionnaire with 23 variables divided into four groups (i the awareness level on WEEE, (ii WEEE management, (iii environmental management and (iv profile of companies  which was applied to 20 companies in the IT sector from Natal / RN. Concerning the results, it was observed that companies have experienced a huge number of deficiencies in infrastructure, information and articulation related to reverse logistic, which helps to explain the fact that 65% of the sample believed that customers are little or no interested in solid waste management issues in the company. Also in reference to the waste management, 35% throw away the WEEE  for recycling, providing the waste stream by the secondary markets. In addition, 60% of the sample were included in the group responsible for collecting and treatment of WEEE and 40% of companies have implemented the management plan and / or maintenance. In conclusion, it was observed that some companies are little attentive to the waste law and its impact on their business. Thus, the logistic reverse and the compliance with WEEE management are hampered by lack of WEEE management plans.

  19. 基于SAR的装备维修手册生成技术%Research on Generation Technology of Equipment Maintenance Handbook Based on Supportability Analysis Record

    黄文江; 胡起伟; 朱宁; 王业


    保障性分析记录(Supportability Analysis Record,SAR)是维修手册编写的基础数据来源,针对传统纸质维修手册存在的缺陷以及维修手册编写中SAR的利用率不高等问题,提出了以保障性分析记录建立底层数据环境直接生成维修手册的设计思想,构建了基于SAR的装备维修手册生成技术框架,突破了基于XML的SAR表示技术。该框架充分利用SAR数据生成维修手册,提高了分析数据的可重用性,避免了重复分析,降低了工作量,提高了维修手册生成效率。%Supportability analysis record is the basal data source of the maintenance handbook. For the limitation of traditional papery maintenance handbook and the low utilization of supportability analysis record when writing the maintenance handbook,the underlying data environment is established based on supportability analysis record,then the maintenance handbook created directly. In this paper, a technical framework of equipment maintenance handbook is built based on supportability analysis record,in which the supportability analysis record is fully utilized,and the technology of SAR expressing based on XML is broken through. So the reusability of the data is improved,repeated analysis is avoided,the workload is decreased,the efficiency of creating maintenance handbook is improved.

  20. A Reinforcement Learning Model Equipped with Sensors for Generating Perception Patterns: Implementation of a Simulated Air Navigation System Using ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) Technology.

    Álvarez de Toledo, Santiago; Anguera, Aurea; Barreiro, José M; Lara, Juan A; Lizcano, David


    Over the last few decades, a number of reinforcement learning techniques have emerged, and different reinforcement learning-based applications have proliferated. However, such techniques tend to specialize in a particular field. This is an obstacle to their generalization and extrapolation to other areas. Besides, neither the reward-punishment (r-p) learning process nor the convergence of results is fast and efficient enough. To address these obstacles, this research proposes a general reinforcement learning model. This model is independent of input and output types and based on general bioinspired principles that help to speed up the learning process. The model is composed of a perception module based on sensors whose specific perceptions are mapped as perception patterns. In this manner, similar perceptions (even if perceived at different positions in the environment) are accounted for by the same perception pattern. Additionally, the model includes a procedure that statistically associates perception-action pattern pairs depending on the positive or negative results output by executing the respective action in response to a particular perception during the learning process. To do this, the model is fitted with a mechanism that reacts positively or negatively to particular sensory stimuli in order to rate results. The model is supplemented by an action module that can be configured depending on the maneuverability of each specific agent. The model has been applied in the air navigation domain, a field with strong safety restrictions, which led us to implement a simulated system equipped with the proposed model. Accordingly, the perception sensors were based on Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) technology, which is described in this paper. The results were quite satisfactory, and it outperformed traditional methods existing in the literature with respect to learning reliability and efficiency.

  1. A Reinforcement Learning Model Equipped with Sensors for Generating Perception Patterns: Implementation of a Simulated Air Navigation System Using ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Technology

    Santiago Álvarez de Toledo


    Full Text Available Over the last few decades, a number of reinforcement learning techniques have emerged, and different reinforcement learning-based applications have proliferated. However, such techniques tend to specialize in a particular field. This is an obstacle to their generalization and extrapolation to other areas. Besides, neither the reward-punishment (r-p learning process nor the convergence of results is fast and efficient enough. To address these obstacles, this research proposes a general reinforcement learning model. This model is independent of input and output types and based on general bioinspired principles that help to speed up the learning process. The model is composed of a perception module based on sensors whose specific perceptions are mapped as perception patterns. In this manner, similar perceptions (even if perceived at different positions in the environment are accounted for by the same perception pattern. Additionally, the model includes a procedure that statistically associates perception-action pattern pairs depending on the positive or negative results output by executing the respective action in response to a particular perception during the learning process. To do this, the model is fitted with a mechanism that reacts positively or negatively to particular sensory stimuli in order to rate results. The model is supplemented by an action module that can be configured depending on the maneuverability of each specific agent. The model has been applied in the air navigation domain, a field with strong safety restrictions, which led us to implement a simulated system equipped with the proposed model. Accordingly, the perception sensors were based on Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B technology, which is described in this paper. The results were quite satisfactory, and it outperformed traditional methods existing in the literature with respect to learning reliability and efficiency.

  2. 信息技术设备电磁泄漏建模与防护%Modeling and security protection on electromagnetic compromising emanations of information technology equipment

    王利涛; 郁滨


    The electromagnetic compromising emanations of information technology equipment and its protection are researched with the help of modeling. Electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compromising emanations are comparatively analyzed. And it is found that electromagnetic interference emphasized the consequence of electromagnetic energy transfer, while electromagnetic compromising emanations pay more attention to the unintentional information leakage via electromagnetic waves. Modeling of electromagnetic compromising emanations is done with reference to the communication system. The concept of channel capacity is introduced and the conditions that should be met for information eavesdropping and recovery are given. On this basis , the security protection of electromagnetic compromising emanations is studied from the aspects of source and path. Research conclusions can give directions to the security protection and provide comprehensive insurance to information security.%通过建模方法对信息技术设备存在的电磁泄漏及其安全防护问题开展了研究.对比分析了电磁干扰和电磁泄漏两类问题,确定两者区别在于电磁干扰注重电磁能量转移造成的后果,而电磁泄漏则侧重于电磁波形式无意的信息传输.通过与通信系统进行对照分析,建立电磁泄漏模型,引入信道容量的概念并给出了窃收还原需要满足的条件.在此基础上深入分析了泄漏源与泄漏路径上的防护方法,研究结果可指导电磁泄漏防护的实践,为信息安全提供更全面的保障.

  3. A Reinforcement Learning Model Equipped with Sensors for Generating Perception Patterns: Implementation of a Simulated Air Navigation System Using ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) Technology

    Álvarez de Toledo, Santiago; Anguera, Aurea; Barreiro, José M.; Lara, Juan A.; Lizcano, David


    Over the last few decades, a number of reinforcement learning techniques have emerged, and different reinforcement learning-based applications have proliferated. However, such techniques tend to specialize in a particular field. This is an obstacle to their generalization and extrapolation to other areas. Besides, neither the reward-punishment (r-p) learning process nor the convergence of results is fast and efficient enough. To address these obstacles, this research proposes a general reinforcement learning model. This model is independent of input and output types and based on general bioinspired principles that help to speed up the learning process. The model is composed of a perception module based on sensors whose specific perceptions are mapped as perception patterns. In this manner, similar perceptions (even if perceived at different positions in the environment) are accounted for by the same perception pattern. Additionally, the model includes a procedure that statistically associates perception-action pattern pairs depending on the positive or negative results output by executing the respective action in response to a particular perception during the learning process. To do this, the model is fitted with a mechanism that reacts positively or negatively to particular sensory stimuli in order to rate results. The model is supplemented by an action module that can be configured depending on the maneuverability of each specific agent. The model has been applied in the air navigation domain, a field with strong safety restrictions, which led us to implement a simulated system equipped with the proposed model. Accordingly, the perception sensors were based on Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) technology, which is described in this paper. The results were quite satisfactory, and it outperformed traditional methods existing in the literature with respect to learning reliability and efficiency. PMID:28106849

  4. New Trends in School Science Equipment.

    Lowe, Norman K., Ed.

    This four-part volume examines trends, problems, and issues related to school science equipment. Part 1 focuses on laboratory work and practical activities in science and technology education, considering equipment and curriculum development, equipment development related to curricula in Brazil, uses of local resources for practical work,…

  5. Prediction on Technological Transformation of Substation Primary Equipment Based on Assets Wall%基于资产墙的变电一次主设备技改投资预测

    杨玺; 陈杏; 宋依群; 杨镜非; 温晓昇; 陈志峰


    Concentrated transformation caused for reason of intensive commissioning of electric power equipments may bring great financial pressure and reliability risk,therefore,this paper discusses scientific prediction on future technological trans-formation scale of electric power equipments. Total scale of technological transformation of the electric power company is the total of technological transformation of all equipments,in allusion to individual differences,the paper studies assets wall projecting model based on random simulation which comprehensively considers overall unity and individual randomness of the equipments and may improve reasonability and veracity of predicting outcomes. The asset projecting model and Monte Carlo simulation was used for predicting investment scale of technological transformation of four types substation primary main e-quipments of 1 1 0 kV and above voltage level in Jiangmen power supply bureau of Guangdong power grid co.,ltd..Expected value of investment scale of medium and long term technological transformation of existing equipments in this power supply bureau was predicted as well and fluctuation interval of investment on technological transformation was provided according to different confidence levels.%电力设备密集投运所导致的集中改造将给电力公司带来较大的资金压力和可靠性风险,基于此,对电力设备未来技改规模的科学预测进行了探讨。电力公司技改总规模是所有设备技改的总和,针对设备的个体差异,研究基于随机模拟的资产墙投映模型,综合考虑设备的整体统一性和个体随机性,可提高预测结果的合理性和准确性。利用资产投映模型和蒙特卡罗模拟,对广东电网有限责任公司江门供电局110 kV及以上的四类变电一次主设备的技改投资规模进行预测,预测了该供电局现有设备中长期技改投资规模的期望值,并根据不同的置信水平给出技改投资的波动区间。

  6. 3D 打印技术对装备维修保障的影响与对策%Influence of 3D Printing Technology on Equipment Maintenance Support and Relevant Countermeasures

    郭继周; 吴集; 邓启文


    随着3D 打印技术的迅速发展和打印材料种类不断增多,3D 打印在装备维修保障领域已呈现出良好的应用前景。针对3D 打印技术的快速发展,科学分析了3D 打印技术为信息化战争装备维修保障带来的发展机遇,系统研究了3D打印技术发展对信息化战争装备维修保障的影响,提出了推进3D 打印技术在装备维修保障领域应用的对策建议。%With fast development of 3D printing technologies and increasing of printing materials, 3D printing has shown good application prospect in equipment maintenance field.Aiming at the rapid development of 3D printing technologies,the paper scientifically researches on the opportunities the 3D technology has offered for equipment maintenance support of information-based warfare,system-atically studies on the influence of such technology on the equipment maintenance support of informa-tion-based warfare and brings out some countermeasures and suggestions on how to facilitate the ap-plications of 3D printing technology in equipment maintenance support.

  7. Design of a Precise Medical Equipment Positioning System Based on Internet of Things Technology%基于物联网技术的医疗设备精确定位系统的设计

    高峰; 张胜; 刘惠欣; 杨友良; 马翠红; 汤园园


    Objective To develop an accurate medical equipment positioning system based on Internet-of-things (IoT) technology so as to strengthen the management of medical equipment and prevent the loss of hospital’s ifxed assets. Methods The RFID (Radio Frequency Identiifcation) electronic tag was instal ed in the medical equipment and the RFID reader was instal ed in important areas of the hospital, which enabled the real-time transmission of the mobile trajectory of the medical equipment to the server so as to realize accurate positioning of the medical equipment. Results The system solved the dififculties in tracking and management of medical equipment and made it easy to make an inventory of the ifxed assets of the hospital and improve informatization level of medical equipment management. Conclusion The IoT-technology-based accurate medical equipment positioning system demonstrated its practicality, stability and extensibility in the accurate location of the medical equipment.%目的:基于物联网技术开发医疗设备精确定位系统,加强对医院医疗设备的管理,防止医院固定资产丢失。方法在医疗设备上安装射频识别(RFID)电子标签,在医院的重要区域安装RFID阅读器,将医疗设备的移动轨迹实时地发送至服务器,从而实现对医疗设备的精确定位。结果该系统的应用基本解决了医疗设备跟踪管理的困难,方便了医院固定资产盘点核对,提高了医疗设备管理的信息化水平。结论基于物联网技术的医疗设备精确定位系统,具有良好的实用性、稳定性和扩展性。

  8. The Science, Engineering and Technology Career Library Corner. Final report, February 1, 1995--January 31, 1996

    Cole, P.R.


    A grant was made to install and pilot-test the Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Career Library Corner at the New York Hall of Science. The SET Career Library Corner is located in a multi-media library setting where visitors can explore careers in a quiet, uninterrupted environment, in contrast to the original installation designed as a museum floor exhibit.

  9. Drilling equipment

    Voyevodin, Yu.M.; Kholosha, Ye.G.; Leshchenko, A.G.; Timchenko, A.I.


    The invention refers to units designed for extracting minerals by mechanical action on the face by a cutting tool. There is a known drills which includes a pulse device which contains a combustion chamber, cylinder, piston-percussion tool and cutting tool. The combustion chamber and the sub-piston cavity of the cylinder are connected by a channel in which there is a distributor. Its shortcoming is the fact that the pulse device does not guarantee the necessary motion of the actuating mechanism for its velocity and frequency of the shocks on the cutting tool. This reduces the efficiency of the operation and limits the area of application. The purpose of the proposed invention is to improve productivity of the device. This is achieved because the head of the drill is equipped with a 2-piston pulse device which contains 2-combustion chambers, 2 working cylinders, 2 piston percussion instruments, a rod with gas-conducting and connecting channels for interconnection of the sub-piston cavities and combustion chambers of both cylinders. The spent gases of one cylinder are used for closing the combustion chamber of the second cylinder.

  10. Application of the 3D Printing Technology in the Maintenance of Medical Equipment%三维打印技术在医疗器械维修中的应用

    徐路钊; 张华伟; 吴书铭; 刘成友; 蒋红兵


    The application of the three-dimensional printing technology in the medical ifeld has become widely used. The technology can be used in the production of customer-specified surgical models, implants, prosthesesand customized surgical equipment for a particular surgery. Yet the application of three-dimensional printing technology in the maintenance of the medical equipment is not common. In the daily maintenance of equipment, the deifciency and the high price of the spare parts has brought much inconvenience to the maintenance work. By analyzing the different cases in routine equipment maintenance, this paper used different modeling methods to conduct three-dimensional reduction of the existing or missing parts. The paper also compared the three-dimensional molded parts with the original parts and veriifed the effectiveness of the application in the medical equipment maintenance.%三维打印技术在医疗领域的应用范围越来越广泛,能够定制特定手术模型、植入物、假肢和个性化手术设备等,但三维打印技术在医疗设备维修中的应用却较少。在日常的设备维修保养中,设备零配件的缺失和高昂的价格给维修工作带来了诸多不便。本文结合日常维修实例,对已有或缺失的零配件使用不同的建模方法进行三维还原,比较了三维成型件与原零配件的特性,并通过实验验证了三维打印技术在医疗设备维修中的应用价值。

  11. 物联网技术在浙江省地震台站设备管理中的应用%Application of the internet of things technology in the equipment management of the seismic stations in Zhejiang Province

    陈吉锋; 陈军辉; 张帆


    According to the status that seismic stations have increased while the shortage is existed in equipment management, we designed an intelligent management system, which was based on the technology of radio frequency identifi cation (RFID) and modern communication technology, to achieve the real-time monitoring and inventory of seismic equipment. Compared with the traditional management situation,this system can ensure the equipment management accurate and effi cient operation of seismic stations, at the same time, it helps to provide evidence for the analysis of the seismic equipment failure.%针对目前浙江省地震监测台站不断增多,地震设备管理存在严重不足的现状,设计一种基于射频识别(RFID)技术及现代通信技术的地震设备物联网化智能管理系统,实现对台站设备从采购、仓储、安装、维修、报废等整个生命周期的实时监控与盘点。与传统资产管理模式相比,该系统能确保地震台站设备管理精确和高效运行,并可为地震台站设备故障原因分析提供依据。

  12. 模辊式生物质燃料成型技术及设备的研究进展%Research Progress of Biomass Pellet Fuel Solidification Technology and Equipment

    郝玲; 祖宇; 董良杰


    从模辊式生物质燃料成型技术的起源、设备类型与特点以及影响因素、成型机理、设备和关键部件的研究现状等方面进行了总结,分析了模辊式生物质燃料成型技术与设备的发展潜力、遇到的问题及研究成果,并对今后研究方向及设备结构的优化提出了看法.%With the summary of these aspects which are the origin of the mould and roller biomass fuel forming technology, types and characteristics of the equipment and the research status of its influence factors, formation mechanism, equipment and key components, this paper analyzed the development potential of the mould and roller biomass fuel forming technology and equipment, problems and results in the research, and gave suggestions of the future direction in research and the optimization of equipment.

  13. The Information Revolution Planning for Institutional Change, The NPS Information Technology Strategic Plan / FY 2003


    The Joint Vision of NPS outlines the future goals for the institution within the context of national priorities and defines academic goals through excellence in scholarly accomplishment and peer recognition. It requires that our faculty and staff are experienced in using modern technologies for teaching and learning. We must nurture and sustain efforts in high performance computing, multi-media technology, educational technology, and the technology of distance education.

  14. Aquatic Equipment Information.

    Sova, Ruth

    Equipment usually used in water exercise programs is designed for variety, intensity, and program necessity. This guide discusses aquatic equipment under the following headings: (1) equipment design; (2) equipment principles; (3) precautions and contraindications; (4) population contraindications; and (5) choosing equipment. Equipment is used…

  15. 呼气检测技术与设备的研究进展%Progress in Technology and Equipment of Exhaled Breath Detection

    林丽泉; 董浩; 王福园; 陈星


    As an important physiological process for human beings, breathing is one of the most important ways to exchange substances between the human body environment and the outside world. Various studies suggested that the type and concentration of the exhaled breath that contains a large number of metabolic products, have close relationships with human health. Nitric oxide, one kind of exhaled gas, is an internationally recognized molecular markers of airway inflammation. Through detecting the exhaled markers, we can promptly detect the body's health condition, and monitor the occurrence and development of diseases, so as to achieve the purpose of disease prevention. Due to the non-invasive, exhaled breath detection technology and equipment emerged in large numbers both at home and abroad.%呼吸作为人体重要的生理过程,是人体内环境与外界交换物质的途径之一。呼出气体中包含着大量人体新陈代谢的产物,各项研究表明呼出物的种类和浓度在一定程度上能反映人体健康状态。通过检测呼出气中的标志物能及时诊断人体的健康状态,对疾病的发生、发展过程进行监测,从而达到疾病预防的目的。由于呼气检测的无损性,国内外涌现出了许多呼吸检测技术和设备,本文主要介绍了气体采样、进样及预处理技术与设备,复杂混合气体、特定标识物、呼出气中冷凝物的检测技术和设备的研究进展。

  16. Intelligent Robot Warehouse Equipment Key Technology%智能仓储机器人装备关键技术的研究

    李建雄; 孟特


    Intelligent Storage System is a major technology and equipment to complete the task of automated transport and logistics robot access.Its foldable rack,double U-shaped frame new structural design,can easily walk through from the bottom shelf,high utilization of space,which can be distributed in accordance with the work area RFID radio frequency identification code and two -dimensional sensor set,accurate calculation and Analyzing the current position and expected tasks from the corresponding control algorithm,pose estimation and reference models feature matching and complete accurate positioning between the station and warehouse shelves of independent walking.Logistics robot represents the development direction of modern logistics,logistics and distribution to accelerate the reaction rate,reduce infrastructure costs and service costs,the traditional logistics enterprise management and business processes to be radically improved.%智能仓储系统中的主要技术和装备是完成自动搬运和存取任务的仓储物流机器人。其采用可折叠机架、双U型框架新型结构设计,可方便的从货架底部穿行,空间利用率高,其可根据分布在工作区域RFID射频、二维识别码和传感器检测集,准确计算和判断当前位置和预期任务,由相应的控制算法、位姿估计和参考模型特征匹配而完成精确定位,在工位和仓库货架之间自主行走。仓储物流机器人代表着现代物流的发展方向,能够加快物流配送的反应速度,降低基建成本及服务成本,使传统物流企业的管理和业务流程得到根本性的提升。

  17. Understanding computer and information technology

    Choi, Yun Cheol; Han, Tack Don; Im, Sun Beom


    This book consists of four parts. The first part describes IT technology and information community understanding of computer system, constitution of software system and information system and application of software. The second part is about computer network, information and communication, application and internet service. The third part contains application and multi media, application of mobile computer, ubiquitous computing and ubiquitous environment and computer and digital life. The last part explains information security and ethics of information-oriented society, information industry and IT venture, digital contents technology and industry and the future and development of information-oriented society.

  18. A longitudinal study of the effectiveness of a multi-media intervention on parents' knowledge and use of vehicle safety systems for children.

    Snowdon, Anne W; Hussein, Abdul; Purc-Stevenson, Rebecca; Follo, Giovanna; Ahmed, Ejaz


    Motor-vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and serious injury for children under the age of 14 in Canada and in the United States despite mandatory use of vehicle restraints since 1977. Using a pre- and post-test design, the present study tests the effectiveness of a multi-media intervention study on parents' knowledge of car safety seat use for children (0-12 years). The sample included 201 parents from four Ontario cities. Results indicate that parents' knowledge of when to accurately and safely transition a child to the appropriate car safety seat based on child's age, weight and height was retained at the 1 year post-test for children 4-8 years of age. The rates of correct use of safety seats significantly increased 1 year following the intervention program. Other factors that influenced parent's knowledge included being a parent versus non-parents, gender, income, education, sources of information, and regional location. The results of this study can help guide the development and implementation of future intervention programs and injury prevention policy.

  19. Wastewater treatment efficiency of a multi-media biological aerated filter (MBAF) containing clinoptilolite and bioceramsite in a brick-wall embedded design.

    Ji, Guodong; Tong, Jingjing; Tan, Yufei


    A multi-media biological aerated filter (MBAF) with clinoptilolite media was used to treat synthetic wastewater. Coal ash bioceramsite with supplemental metallic iron was added to the clinoptilolite media of MBAFs in a brick-wall embedded design. Performance parameters, such as hydraulic, organic, N and P loading capacity and microbial community composition were studied for different quantity of supplemental metallic iron contained in three MBAFs. The MBAFs with more metallic iron were found to have superior hydraulic and organic loading, and higher N and P capacities. COD, NH3-N and TP removal dropped by 7-10%, 6-7% and 4-5%, respectively, with when hydraulic loading was raised from 2.8 to 7.5 m3 m(-2) d(-1). NH3-N removal also decreased 8-9% when ammonia loading was elevated from 0.078 to 0.156 kg NH3-N m(-3) d(-1). Real-time PCR revealed a relatively stable bacterial community composed primarily of eubacteria that formed after an initial 120 d operational period. Doubling the amount of metallic iron in the bioceramsite media resulted in a twofold increase of eubacteria in the MBAF, but a decrease in the ratio of anaerobic ammonia-oxidizing bacteria to total bacteria.

  20. Migration, Displacement, and Movements in the Global Space: Ming-Yuen S. Ma’s Multi-Media Project Xin Lu: A Travelogue in Four Parts

    Xiaojing Zhou


    Full Text Available In her recent work, Sau-ling Cynthia Wong draws critical attention to the implications of the formation of an Asian American “diaporic community” in cyberspace, where race still operates as an organizing principle of power relations. Although cyberspace is not confined by national borders, Wong examines how subversion of and intervention in race- and sex-based hierarchies in cyberspace can articulate Asian American identities in relation to diasporas and the nation-state. This essay explores the politics of artistic invention in diasporas as embedded in the disruption, dislocation, and fragmentation in Ming-Yuen S. Ma’s multi-media project, Xin Lu: A Travelogue in Four Parts—a series of four experimental videos about Chinese diasporas. It argues that by moving outside the nation-space into the experiential and virtual “global space” of diasporas, Ma’s work addresses Wong’s concerns and enacts a viable “virtual mediation” that situates Chinese diasporas in the historical contexts of British colonialism and American racial exploitation and exclusion. This movement also entails confronting other forms of oppression, including sexism and heterosexism in both the East and West. While giving voice and visibility to the struggles of racial and sexual minorities across national borders, Ma demonstrates the possibilities of a historicized critical approach to diasporas, one which underlies Wong’s insistence in critiquing gendered and racialized power structures both within and outside the nation-state.

  1. English Learning Media Selection in the Multi-media Context%复合媒介语境下英语学习媒体选择研究

    汤欣; 刘令; 杨渊; 符强


    Based on researches, this article discusses the relationship between the use of English learning media and the actual English score of non-English majors. Researches show that comparing with traditional English learning media, the multi-media based learning environment has provided more channels for the learners and affected their scores. It is of practical significance to further study the various teaching media in hope of improving the scores of learners.%此文基于调查,讨论了非英语专业学习者英语学习媒体应用与英语实际成绩的相关性。研究结果表明,与传统的英语学习媒体比较,基于多媒体的学习环境提供了更多的渠道可供学习者使用,相应地对学习者的学习成绩产生影响。对学习者所使用的各种教学媒体进行进一步研究具有实践意义,以期能够对学习者成绩的提高有所裨益。

  2. On Multi-media Network College English Teaching from the Perspective of Constructivism%从建构主义理论看多媒体网络环境下大学英语教学



    Constructivism centers on learners and involves learners’active engagement in study. With the development of multi-media network teaching, the paper talks about the link between constructivist theory and multi-media network English teaching. Thus, we can find out a new teaching pattern, which is suitable for English teaching in China.%建构主义理论强调以学习者为中心,充分发挥学习者的自主性。文章探讨了随着多媒体网络教学的发展,建构主义理论与多媒体网络英语教学的契合点,从而找出适合中国英语教学的教学模式。

  3. Study and Development on Multi-media Teaching Software for Computer Software Technique Foundation%计算机软件技术基础多媒体辅助教学软件研究与开发

    夏昌浩; 贺鹏


    By analyzed the structure of multi-media teaching software for computer software technique foundation,this paper presented a abstract model,and introduced a learning process control algorithm based on reasoning.We discussed and realized data base management and multi-media fields of data base list structure.In the end,this paper analyzed the software running statue.%通过对计算机软件技术基础多媒体辅助教学软件结构进行分析,提出了抽象模型,给出了基于推理的学习过程控制算法,讨论并实现了数据库管理及数据库表结构多媒体字段,最后分析了软件运行现状。

  4. 装备制造企业突破性创新与技术创新绩效的关系研究%Research on Technological Innovation in Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise with Radical Innovation

    徐建中; 贾大风; 吕希琛; 杨慧兰


    Rapidly changing market demands and technological change incentives make radical innovation a strategic tool for China’s equipment manufacturing enterprises to leap forward in technology.Equipment manufacturing enterprises with radical innovation can receive superiority and advantage in technology,product,market and competitiveness.At the same time,equipment manufacturing enterprises with radical innovation enhance their innovation management capabilities and tacit knowledge absorption capacity so as to improve technological innovation output performance and process performance.Improving policy mechanisms’enhancing support system and strengthening the enterprises’dominant innovation position with the lead of radical innovation can enhance the technological innovation performance.%市场需求快速变化和技术变革动荡的双重诱因,使得突破性创新成为我国装备制造企业实现技术跨越的战略工具。装备制造企业开展突破性创新可以获得技术优势、产品优势、市场优势及竞争优势,提升企业的创新管理能力和隐性知识吸收能力,进而影响装备制造企业技术创新的产出绩效与过程绩效。完善突破性创新政府政策机制、完善突破性创新支撑体系和强化企业突破性创新主体地位等能有效提升我国装备制造企业技术创新绩效。

  5. Fault diagnosis methods and technology of electrical equipments%电气设备的故障诊断方法与技术



    分析了常用电气设备故障诊断方法。包括电气设备故障的种类及特点,查找电气故障的方法及手段,电气设备维修的十项基本原则等。%The fault diagnosis methods of commonly used electrical equipments are analyzed, which include the types and characteristics, finding methods and means of electrical faults, and ten basic principles of electrical equipment maintenance, etc..

  6. 玉米半湿法提胚关键工艺与设备研究综述%Research Overview on Key Technology and Equipments for Corn Germ Extraction with Semi-wet Milling

    任宁; 阮竞兰


      对玉米半湿法提胚关键工艺与设备进行综述,阐述了玉米半湿法提胚原理;指出充分调质、高效脱胚和合理提胚是玉米半湿法提胚的三个关键工艺环节,水汽调节机、玉米脱胚机和玉米提胚机是玉米半湿法提胚的关键设备,并对各设备的优缺点进行了分析;最后指出必须研制具有自主知识产权且具有较高科技含量的玉米提胚关键设备,才能提高我国玉米深加工与综合利用的水平与质量。%The key technology and equipments for the corn germ extraction with semi-wet milling was sum-marized,and its extraction principle was explained in this paper .It was pointed that adequate conditioning ,effi-cient degerming , and reasonable germ extraction were the key technology for the corn germ extraction with semi-wet milling;and water conditioner ,degerminator;and device for germ extraction were its key equipments . The advantages and disadvantages of the equipments were analyzed .It was pointed out in the last that the key equipments for corn germ extraction with proprietary intellectual property rights and higher technology content must be researched in order to improve the level and quality of the deep processing and comprehensive utiliza -tion for corns.

  7. The Research on Improving the Technological Innovation Ability of Equipment Manufacturing Industry in the Post- crisis Era%后危机时代提升我国装备制造业技术创新能力研究

    景刚; 耿慧敏


    “十二五”规划建议中指出了要坚持走中国特色新型工业化道路,此次金融危机加快了世界产业格局的调整,对于我国装备制造业企业而言,抓住机遇,提升企业的技术创新能力,保持长期的竞争优势,显得尤为重要.虽然改革开放以来,我国装备制造业得到长足发展,在一些领域已达到世界领先水平,但也存在着产品技术含量低、自主创新能力差等方面的不足.这就需要提高我国装备制造企业技术创新能力,增强产业核心竞争力,推进产业升级,促进装备制造业持续稳定增长.%"Twelve Five - Year" plan proposed the need to adhere to the new path of industrialization with Chinese charac teristics. The financial crisis has accelerated the adjustment of industrial structure in the world. For the equipment manu facturing enterprises in China, it is particularly important to seize opportunities, enhance corporate technological innovation ability and maintain long - term competitive advantage. Since reform and opening, Chinas equipment manufacturing indus try has made rapid progress and reached world leading level in some areas, but there are also low technological content of products and poor capacity of independent innovation gaps. So equipment manufacturing enterprises should improve the technological innovation capability, enhance the industry's core competitiveness, promote industrial upgrading, and promote the sustainable development of equipment manufacturing industry.


    Belingtone Eliringia MARIKI


    Full Text Available This paper is an academic observation of an Educational Multimedia Content development-training programme funded by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL in Tanzania. This project focused on skills development in script writing and in radio and video programme development, aimed at transforming selected subjects from text to multimedia content. The ultimate objective was to enable better and easy understanding of the lessons, for Open and Distance Learning learners. A group of 25 teachers from the Tanzania’s Institute of Adult Education participated in the training and development of the programmes. In this paper the author shares the new and exciting experiences of teachers on adding such skills to their professional career, as the development of these programmes. Author’s own participation and interviews with peers in the project were employed as methods of data collection. A total number of 13 videos and 12 radio programmes were developed over the span of six months. Five school subjects were covered, namely: English, Mathematics, Biology, History and Geography. Some of the challenges encountered in developing the programmes included: difficulties in developing a video idea from the textbooks; working as a group online in collaboration with the training consultant in another country especially in script development; memorizing words (as actors playing in the productions and saying it on camera; and time constraints (working under pressure. The author recommends to African nations and educators in other parts of the world to access these multimedia-learning programmes online since they are OER, and to use them in their context. The video and radio programmes reflect the Tanzanian context to some extent, but most of the lessons are general for use by any country. The paper concludes that skills development on technological innovations among ODL teachers in both formal and non-formal education system is essential towards attaining EFA goals.

  9. Present situation and Countermeasures of management of mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance technology in coal mine%煤矿机电设备维修技术管理的现状与对策



    Coal Mine Electrical and mechanical equipment maintenance in place, proper maintenance will greatly improve work efifciency, prolong the use of coal mine mechanical and electrical equipment in a certain extent for a long time, so coal mine electrical and mechanical equipment maintenance technology in the present stage of production and life is very important. However, there are still many problems in the coal mining enterprises, coal mining machinery and electrical equipment maintenance. to solve these problems is an important prerequisite for the healthy and safe development of coal mine enterprises.%煤矿机电设备养护到位、维修得当是提高其工作效率的根本保证,也会在一定程度上延长煤矿机电设备的使用寿命。但是在煤矿企业,煤矿机电设备的维修管理仍然存在许多问题,解决这些问题是煤矿企业健康、安全发展的重要前提。

  10. Effect of Cooperative Learning and Traditional Methods on Students' Achievements and Identifications of Laboratory Equipments in Science-Technology Laboratory Course

    Aydin, Suleyman


    Science lessons taught via experiments motivate the students, and make them more insistent on learning science. This study aims to examine the effects of cooperative learning on students' academic achievements and their skills in identifying laboratory equipments. The sample for the study consisted of a total of 43 sophomore students in primary…

  11. 既有通信传输设备扩容施工技术%Construction Technology of the Existing Communication Transmission Equipment Expansion



    Based on the Datong-Baotou railway electrification reconstruction engineering expanding communication trans-mission equipment,the paper introduces how to carry on the business in both the transmission equipment and capacity. Through the organization and implementation of the plan,it can not only ensure the transmission equipment expansion one-time across all sites,but also ensure the normal operation of the existing equipment very well.%以在大包线电气化改造工程中进行既有传输设备扩容为例,对如何在既有传输设备上进行业务的扩容进行了阐述。通过该扩容方案的组织和实施,既保证了全线所有站点传输设备一次性扩容完成,又很好地保证了既有设备正常运行。

  12. Chemical-mechanical cleaning technology of ferrous sulfide in oil field equipment%油田设备中硫化亚铁的化学-机械清洗技术



    A cleaning technology combined by JY -01 ferrous sulfide elimination agent and mechanical three-dimensional rotated cleaning is discussed. It can be used to solve the problem about elimination of ferrous sulfide in some equipments, such as oil storage tanks. This technology is characterized by high cleaning speed and no corrosion on equipments. The hidden trouble in safety generated by self-ignition of ferrous sulfide in the process of oil field equipment maintenance, overhaul and tank cleaning can be solved effectively by that.%介绍了一种将JY—01除硫化亚铁药剂与机械三维旋转清洗相结合的清洗技术,来解决油田储罐等设备中硫化亚铁清除的问题。该技术清洗速度快,对设备不产生腐蚀,能够有效解决油田设备维修、检修及清罐过程中硫化亚铁自燃带来的重大安全隐患。

  13. 基于虚拟技术的矿山设备维修训练系统设计研究%Design of maintenance training system for mining equipments based on virtualization technology



    以改进矿山设备维修训练手段为目的,通过对矿山设备虚拟维修系统开发关键技术的分析,提出了基于虚拟技术的矿山设备维修训练系统结构设计思路;并将建立好的设备训练系统应用于矿山维修训练中,达到了降低训练费用、缩短训练时间及提高训练效果的目的.%In order to improve the maintenance training methods for mining equipments, after analysing key technologies of developing virtual maintenance system for mining equipments, the ideas of designing the structure of maintenance training system for mining equipments based on virtualization technology are proposed.In addition, the established maintenance training system is applied to maintenance training in a mine, thus training costs decrease, training duration shortens and training effects improve.

  14. Bonding Technology and Equipment Of Capacitive Touch Screen Based On Glass%玻璃结构电容式触摸屏邦定工艺及设备



    Abstract: In recent years capacitive touch screens based on glass are widely used in various fields, Bonding technology is the key technology in manufacturing process of capacitive touch screen based on glass. The article introduced in detail bonding technology of capacitive touch screen based on glass, made a comparative analysis of several types of common bonding equipment.%摘要:近年来玻璃结构电容式触摸屏广泛应用于各个领域.邦定工艺是玻璃结构电容式触摸屏生产制造过程中的关键工艺。介绍了玻璃结构电容式触摸屏的邦定工艺流程.并对常用的几类邦定设备进行了分析、比较。

  15. The practical application analysis on building mechanical and electrical engineering equipment installation technology%建筑机电工程设备安装技术实际应用分析



    Discussed the characteristics of building mechanical and electrical engineering equipment installation technology,from the technical personnel,drawing design,infrastructure and other aspects,analyzed the existing problems in building mechanical and electrical engineering e-quipment installation,and put forward specific solutions,to effectively improve the installation quality of mechanical and electrical engineering.%论述了建筑机电工程设备安装技术的特点,从技术人员、图纸设计、基础设施等方面,分析了建筑机电工程设备安装中存在的问题,并提出了具体的解决措施,以有效提高机电工程的安装质量。

  16. Analysis of Green Technology for Automatic PET Bottle Stretch Blow Molding Equipment%全自动PET瓶拉吹成型设备绿色化技术浅析

    陈思红; 张友根


    The green technology of automatic PET bottle stretch blow molding equipment mainly reflects in improving energy efficiency, reducing molding processing costs, reducing environmental pollution, improving the cleanliness, and multi-functional, specialization and intelligent control et al. The high-speed is a sign of green technical level of automatic PET bottle stretch blow molding equipment.%全自动PET瓶拉吹成型设备绿色化技术主要体现在提高能源利用效率、降低成型加工成本、减少对环境的污染、提高清洁度、多功能化、专用化、控制智能 化等方面.高速化是全自动PET瓶拉吹成型设备绿色化技术水平的标志.

  17. Promotion mode for some special agriculture technology and equipments based on multi-parts cooperation%基于多方协作的特色农机技术推广模式

    林江娇; 赖伟梁; 朱立学; 刘光华; 骆少明; 刘少达


    针对特色农机技术与装备的区域推广难题,分析了其面临的困难和有利条件,提出了一种以地方政府扶持,行业协会指导,农机推广部门配合,科研机构支持的多方协作农机技术推广模式,并以银杏分级脱壳成套技术装备、鱼塘增氧机和蜜桔分拣机在广东地区的推广模式为例,探讨了政产学研用相结合的小规模非通用型专业农机技术与装备的示范推广新路径。%To overcome the difficulties of market promotion of some special agriculture technology and equipments in a district, main situation and advantages were discussed. A promotion mode based on multi-parts coordination was proposed including the support from government, instructed by the industry associates, the help of agriculture mechanization organization, and the sustaining of scientific depart-ments. Some adaptable practices such as the market promotion of ginkgo crush machine, fishing equip-ment of increasing oxygen and a grading package machine in the Guangdong province were illustrated as assistant to analysis a new way, which had multi-societies of different industry, in order to promote some special agriculture technology and equipment in a small sale products.

  18. Experiment Research on Decarburization Technology of 80 t Single Snorkel Vacuum Refining Equipment%80t单嘴真空精炼装置脱碳工艺试验研究

    段建平; 张永亮; 杨学民; 成国光; 张鉴; 郭汉杰


    Single snorkel vacuum refining equipment is a new style refining equipment. One hundred twenty seven heats experiments on decarburization were carried out by 80 t single snorkel vacuum refining equipment. The results indicate that single snorkel vacuum refining equipment can obtain better decarburization effect. The minimum content of carbon is 10 × 10^-6. The experiment process of single snorkel vacuum refining equipment is introduced in this text, and analyzing different inflation factors for results of decarburization. The factors contain flow ration of ladle bottom blowing, thickness of slag in the ladle, free space height of ladle, treating time, temperature and component of steel liquid. The reasonable technology parameters were suggested.%单嘴真空精炼装置是一种新型的炉外精炼设备。采用80t单嘴真空精炼装置进行了127炉脱碳工业试验,试验结果表明,单嘴真空精炼装置可以获得较好的脱碳效果,试验最低碳质量分数为10×10^-6。主要介绍了单嘴精炼装置的试验情况,分析了钢包底吹气体流量、钢包内渣层厚度、钢包自由空间高度、脱碳时间、钢水温度及成分对脱碳效果的影响,并提出了合理的工艺参数。

  19. Study on Maintenance of Combat Readiness Medical Equipment Based on RFID Technology%基于RFID技术的战储卫生装备维护保养应用研究

    张玉明; 葛剑徽; 谢迅雷; 李成; 李传军; 许军


    目的:研究一种基于RFID技术的战储卫生装备维护保养管理系统,为卫生装备的仓储管理和卫勤保障提供决策依据.方法:通过RFID读写器实现了对电子标签的读写,即用利射频信号通过无线传输的方式,在读写器和电子标签之间进行数据交换和目标识别.结果:建立了基于RFID技术的战储卫生装备维护保养管理系统框架模型,提出了RFID应用中需要注意解决的一些问题.结论:RFID技术可以有效解决装备分散数据采集的瓶颈问题,将RFID技术应用于战储卫生装备维护管理中.可以提高管理效率,实现战储卫生装备信息的动态管理.%Objective To study the maintenance management system for combat readiness medical equipment based on RFID in order to make a valuable reference to the warehouse management of medical equipment and the decision-making of medical organization for the further medical support. Methods Reading and writing operation was done by using the electronic tag through RFID reader which exchanged data and distinguished object between the reader and the electronic tag by using radio frequency signals via wireless transmission means. Results The model of maintenance management system based on RFID was established for the medical equipment of combat readiness. Some problems to be settled in the future were put forward based on the- discussion. Conclusion RFID technology can resolve the bottleneck problem in acquiring scattered data for the equipments. By using RFID technology in medical equipment, managing efficiency can be improved and dynamic information management of medical equipment of combat readiness can be realized.

  20. 紫外成像检测技术在高压电力设备带电检测中的应用%Application of Ultraviolet Imaging Detection Technology in Electrification Detection for High Voltage Power Equipments

    钱金菊; 王锐; 黄振; 彭向阳; 林茂


    Combining vast data information obtained from ultraviolet imaging detection in present years,this paper discusses characteris-tics of ultraviolet imaging detection technology in fault diagnosis for power system.Proceeding from basic principles of ultraviolet ima-ging detection technology,it analyzes main factors affecting ultraviolet imaging detection results and states operational approach of using ultraviolet imaging detection technology to detect corona discharge defect of high voltage power equipment.It also analyzes main rea-sons for causing corona discharge by combining actual cases of ultraviolet imaging detection for power transmission and transformation equipments and proposes corresponding overhaul suggestions.Actual application cases indicate that this method is able to effectively complete electrification detection for high voltage power equipments.%结合近年来获得的大量紫外成像检测诊断的数据资料,探讨了紫外成像检测技术在电力系统故障诊断应用中的特点。基于此,从紫外成像检测技术的基本原理出发,分析影响紫外成像检测结果的主要因素,并阐述了利用紫外成像检测技术检测高压电力设备电晕放电缺陷的操作方法;结合输变电电力设备紫外成像检测的实际案例,分析了引起设备电晕放电的主要原因,并给出相应的检修建议。实际应用案例表明该方法可有效地对高压电力设备进行带电检测。

  1. Research on on line monitoring and condition based maintenance technology of power primary equipment%电力一次设备的在线监测及其状态检修技术的研究



    In this paper,the on-line monitoring and condition based maintenance technology of power primary equipment are studied,hoping that this research can promote the development of China's electric power industry to a certain extent.%本文就电力一次设备的在线监测及其状态检修技术进行了具体研究,希望这一研究能够在一定程度上推动我国电力事业的相关发展.

  2. Application of Multimedia and Internet Technology in Learning Mould Design

    Simon; S; P; Shum


    With the use of multimedia which combines the use o f text, sound, images, motion video and animation, it is more efficient for studen ts to learn mould design interactively. A program is created using several multi media software to simulate the mechanism of moulding processes in order to let s tudents understand the concept of mould design. In addition, students can even access the program through the Internet. Therefore, the software is defined as Multimedia and Internet Technology (MIT) program. T...

  3. The application of Audio technology in household equipment%音响技术在家用设备中的应用



    The article analyzes the use of audio technology in broadcasting,as timbre processing a major example ,to illustrate the use and development of audio technology. Bass replay technology and the standing wave suppression technology are used in HDTV, the Sound effects of HDTV have been significantly improved. Finally,this article used the audio technology In TV applications,listed Surround sound technology,SPS-3D,Surround biomimetic approach,Dolby Pro Logic surround sound manner,Fully digital Dolby Surround AC-3 technology in TV applications.%  文章分析了音响技术在广播中的运用,以音色处理为主要例子来说明了音响技术的运用和发展。在HDTV中运用了低音重放技术和驻波抑制技术,对HDTV的音响效果有了显著提高。最后以音响技术在电视中的应用为例,列举了环绕声技术、SPS一3D环绕声仿生方式、杜比定向逻辑环绕声方式、全数字杜比环绕声AC-3等技术在电视中的运用。

  4. Equipment. Out of order.

    Connolly, C


    The NHS has underinvested in equipment for more than 20 years. Most hospitals have inadequate equipment inventories. More than half the anaesthetic machines in use are more than five years old and should be replaced. Almost a fifth of the equipment used in cancer treatment is obsolete. Current accounting systems act as a disincentive to replacing old equipment.

  5. RFID技术在高校实验设备资产管理中的应用%Application of RFID technology in experimental equipment assets management in colleges and universities

    王声革; 郭建宏


    利用RFID自动识别技术,通过互联网实现实验设备固定资产的信息化管理.该应用技术可改变高校实验设备固定资产的手工管理方式,有效解决资产清查效率低、资产清查难度大、难以监控等问题,显著提高高校资产管理的效率和水平,保证教学科研工作正常运行.%The laboratory equipment assets exist daily management benefit low, asset inventory difficult, difficult to control, and other problems. Using RFID automatic identification technology, through the Internet it can realize the informationization management of experimental equipment of fixed assets, may change the university experimental equipment fixed assets manual management way, can effectively solve the asset inventory problems related to low efficiency, can improve the efficiency of college asset management and level, and can ensure the normal operation of the teaching and scientific research.

  6. Study and application of harmonic mitigation technology of electrical and mechanical equipment%机电加工设备谐波抑制方法的研究和应用



    随着电力电子技术的迅速发展,大量新型电力电子设备在机电加工行业获得了广泛应用,给电网带来了严重的谐波污染,引起一系列用电质量问题,严重地危害了电网的安全可靠运行.为解决电力电子装置应用中带来的谐波污染问题,介绍了利用数字有源电力滤波器装置来治理谐波污染的方法,很好地解决了电力电子设备对机电设备的谐波污染问题.%With the development of the technology of power electronics, plenty of power electronic equipments have been widely used in the field of the electrical and mechanical manufacture today. It has brought a series of power quality problem and heavy harmonic pollution to power systems, and has lessened the security running of power systems. For the purpose of solving the harmonic pollution by the application of power electronic devices, this paper introduces a method of using digital active power filter, therefore the harmonic pollution problem of power electronic equipment to the electrical and mechanical equipment is well solved.

  7. Technology Research of Railway Lines and Signal Equipment Three-dimensional Modeling Based on Creator%基于Creator的铁路线路及信号设备三维建模技术研究

    张艳; 王志伟


    采用虚拟现实仿真技术,针对实现列控设备功能验证和仿真的需求,提出了一套完整的列车运行铁路线路及信号设备的三维建模方法,并利用Creator软件具体实现,同时介绍了Creator软件的Road工具、OpenFlight格式、纹理和特殊节点Switch的使用,以及LOD的设置等.该建模方法能正确验证列控设备的功能特性,为铁路安全行车提供保障.%For train-control equipment simulation and function verification, a set of railway lines and signal equipment three-dimensional modeling method was elaborated with virtual-reality simulation technology, and the method was realized with the software of Creator. Road module, OpenFlight format, texture and special node of Switch, and setting of LOD of Creator were introduced. The modeling method can verify function and characteristic of train-control equipment, which ensures safety of railway travel.

  8. Application of new control technology during the maintenance of equipment in the Laguna Verde nuclear power plant; Aplicacion de nueva tecnologia de control durante el mantenimiento de equipos en la CLV

    Ojeda R, M. A. [CFE, Central Laguna Verde, Subgerencia General de Operacion, Veracruz (Mexico)]. e-mail:


    In the nuclear power plant of Laguna Verde, in normal operation and recharges are carried out activities of preventive maintenance and corrective to different equipment, due to the one displacement of radioactive materials from the vessel of the reactor until the one system of vapor, different radiation levels are generated (from low until very high) in the circuits of vapor and water, the particles can be incrusted on those interior surfaces of the pipes and equipment, creating this way a potential risk of contamination and exhibition during the maintenance of equipment. To help to optimize the dose to the personnel the use of new technology the has been implemented which besides contributing an absolute control of the work, it offers bigger comfort to the one worker during the development of their work, also contributing a supervision more effective of the same one. Using the captured and processed information of the work developed you can use for the personnel's capacitation and feedback of the work for the continuous improvement of the same one. During a reduction of programmed power and normal operation are carried out maintenance correctives and specific works to preserve the readiness and ability of the equipment and with this to maintain the security of the nuclear power plant. The development of the theme it is showing the advances and commitments of personnel to take to excellence to the nuclear power plant of Laguna Verde showing to the obtained results of the dose and benefits of 2 works carried out in the nuclear power plant where tools ALARA were applied as well as the use of the new technology (Video Equipment of Tele dosimetry and Audio 'VETA') in works carried out in the building of purification level 10.15, change and cuts of filter of the prefilters of system G16, as well as,the retirement and transfer for its decay of High Integrity Container (HIC) of the building of purification level -0.55 to the Temporary Warehouse in Site

  9. 中石油装备制造业务技术创新发展与展望%Advance and Prospect of Technology Innovation of CNPC’s Equipment Manufacturing Business

    张晗亮; 罗超; 刘兆黎; 秦莲香


    石油装备制造是石油行业的重要支撑性产业,先进的技术装备是勘探开发和炼油化工水平提升的前提和保证。面临长期低油价,中石油装备制造业务发展何去何从,是亟待思考的问题。介绍了中石油装备制造业务技术创新成果和存在的不足,通过分析指出:中石油装备制造业务应以满足油气主业发展需要为出发点,以提高自主创新能力为核心,以市场为导向,加强绿色、深层、海洋、非常规等高端替代进口装备研发和现有优势传统主导产品技术升级,加快产品结构调整,加快向服务延伸,打造技术竞争优势。%The petroleum equipment manufacturing is an important supportive industry for the petroleum in⁃dustry. Advanced equipment is the premise and the guarantee of promoting the exploitation and refining level. The development of CNPC equipment manufacturing business has been an urgent issue under the long term low oil price environment. The CNPC equipment manufacturing technology innovation products and the shortcomings have been introduced. Analyses show that, the CNPC equipment manufacturing business should set satisfying the main petro⁃leum business development as target, improving independent innovation as the core, taking the market as the trend guide, so that to enhance research and development of high⁃end equipment for green, deep formation, offshore and unconventional oil and gas reservoir development, improve upgrade of the main conventional products, promote ad⁃justment of products structure and stretching into service, thus establish the technical competitive advantage.

  10. 化工设备使用与保养技术分析%Analysis on the Technology of Chemical Equipment Use and Maintenance



    化工行业是我国工业发展的重要组成部分,是我国重要的产业类型。化工设备安全平稳运行是保证企业完成生产任务的重要因素,也是保证企业安全生产和利益最大化的基础。本文对化工设备产生故障的原因、故障出现的规律及保养维护措施等进行了探讨分析。%Chemical industry is an important component of our country industry development,it is an important type of industry in our country. Safe and stable operation of chemical equipment is an important factor guaranteeing the completion of the production task for enterprises,and also the foundation to guarantee the safe production and the maximization of profit for enterprises.. In this paper,the cause of the failure of chemical equipment,the law of the failure and maintenance measures are discussed and analyzed..

  11. Experimental Equipment and Basic Technological Methods of Obtaining Cavitation Protective Coatings on Working Surfaces of Steam Turbine Blades Made of Titanium Alloy VT6 in Order to Replace Imports of Similar Products

    Bilous, V.A.


    Full Text Available The experimental equipment and basic technological methods of obtaining сavitation protective coatings on the working surfaces of blades of steam turbines from titanium alloy VT6 have been created. The selection and the basis of the composition and conditions of synthesis of optimal coating for hardening blades have been justified. The parameters of deposition process of coatings on the blade model have been worked, the experimental technological deposition process of hardening coatings has been created. The tests of titanium alloy VT6 samples with the preferred coatings in simulation conditions close to operational have been conducted. The coatings on the blade model of length up to 130 cm and weight up to 30 kg have been deposited. The velocity of the TiN coating depositing was 10 mkm/h.

  12. [Metrological software of laser medical equipment].

    Romashkov, A P; Glazov, A I; Tikhomirov, S V


    The paper considers the laser medical equipment situation that has established in Russia and that is characterized by the wide medical application of laser technologies and appropriate software and by inadequate development and imperfection of required metrological software and maintenance of laser equipment.


    I. Gorlov


    Full Text Available The paper considers a problem pertaining to selection friction pair materials for plain bearings of mining equipment which are lubricated with  nano-dispersed magnetic oil. Methodology for equipment tests, technology for obtaining new anti-friction materials (polymer, ceramic, amorphous and investigation results are presented in the paper.

  14. 高压输电线路设备红外诊断与检测技术分析%Analysis of high voltage transmission line equipment of infrared diagnosis and detection technology



    近年来,电力项目工程规模不断扩大,高压输电线路设备也在不断完善,输电线路设备红外诊断在高压输电中的应用,极大地提升了高压输电线路维护工作的质量和效率。本文主要介绍高压输电线路设备红外诊断与检测原理,同时还分析了设备故障发热对高压输电线路的危害,然后介绍了几种高压输电线路红外诊断与检测技术,希望能帮助相关工作人员提升工作质量和效率。%In recent years,the electric power project of the expanding scale,high voltage transmission line equipment is being perfected,application of electric equipment of infrared diagnosis in high voltage power transmission line in high voltage transmission line,improve work great maintenance work quality and efficiency.This paper mainly introduces the high voltage transmission line equipment of infrareddiagnosis and detection principle,and also analyses the harm of equipment fault heating on high voltage transmission line,and then introducedthe infrared detection and diagnosis technology of high voltage transmission line, the hope can help staff to improve work quality and efficiency.

  15. Integration Technology of Thermal Vacuum Test and Thermal Balance Test for Electronic Equipment%电子学设备热真空/热平衡试验一体化技术



    Thermal vacuum test and thermal balance test of electronic equipment for space remote sensor are performed during development. In this paper an integration technology of thermal vacuum test and thermal balance test for electronic equipment is presented. The thermal balance test can be arranged reasonably and the development efficiency be inproved. The inherent relationship between the two thermal tests is analyzed deeply, and a test method is proposed that the two thermal tests are conducted at a time by using a set of thermal boundary simulation device,in order to research the realization of integration of the two thermal tests. Subsequently, the feasibility of realization of thermal balance test is analyzed, and the integration technology is validated by taking an electronic equipment as an example.%航天遥感相机电子学设备在研制过程中需要进行热真空试验与热平衡试验。电子学设备热真空试验与热平衡试验的一体化技术能够更为合理地组织热试验进程并进一步提高研制效率。为了研究两种热试验一体化技术的可实现性,文章分析了两种热试验的内在联系.提出了采用一套热边界模拟装置在一次试验中先后完成两种热试验的试验方法。在此基础上,文章以某项目电子学设备为仿真实例,重点分析了热平衡试验的可实现性,从而验证了一体化技术的正确性。

  16. 基于红外热成像技术的电气设备预知维护专家系统%Predictive Maintenance Expert System for ElectricalEquipments Based on Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology

    于晓东; 李书臣


    介绍了一种以红外热成像技术为基础的电气设备预知维护专家系统的应用设计方案,对电气设备运行维护的现状、预知维护的概念和红外热成像技术进行了简要分析,详细说明了预知维护专家系统的构成、开发过程和实际应用作,重点阐述了如何利用红外热成像技术,建立状态分析专家系统,实现电气设备的预知维护.%The application scheme for electrical equipments predictive maintenance expert system based on infrared thermal imaging technology was introduced, including the concept of predictive maintenance and infrared thermal imaging technology, and the structure of predictive maintenance expert system, and its development and application; then a state analysis expert system was built to implement predictive maintenance of e-lectrical equipments.

  17. Technologies and equipments of the individual decontamination for medicinal rescue against bioterrorism attack%反生物恐怖袭击医学救援中人员洗消技术与装备

    曹勇平; 贾德胜


    This paper made a discussion an the realistic threats of bioterrorism attack in the world and China,the principles and the basic methods of mass decontamination of individuals during a bioterrorism attack incident,the re-search developments at home and abroad and the existing problems in our nation on technology and equipment of de-contamination against bioterrorism attack, in order to provide the references for further improving the preparedness of emergency rescue and carrying out the research on technology and equipment of individual decontamination against bioterrorism attack.%本文探讨了生物恐怖袭击在世界和我国威胁的现实性、反生物恐怖袭击大量人员洗消的原则和基本方法、反生物恐怖袭击洗消技术和装备的研究进展以及我国在反生物恐怖袭击洗消技术和装备存在的问题,为进一步做好反生物恐怖袭击应急救援准备工作和开展生防人员洗消技术装备研究提供参考.

  18. 家纺用化学纤维生产技术与装备的发展现状与趋势%Technology and Equipment Development of Chemical Fiber Used in Home Textiles



    本文介绍了家纺用化学纤维几个品种的生产方法和技术特征,包括膨体连续长丝(BCF)、空气变形丝(ATY)以及采用一步法工艺生产的地毯用短纤维。目前国内铺敷织物用纤维生产基本靠进口设备,技术与装备的国产化已势在必行。而随着人们消费理念的变化,亦要考虑建筑环境标准和生态认证对家用纺织品市场的影响。%Process and technology characterics of various types of chemical fiber used in home textiles are introduced in this article, including bulking continuous filament (BCF) , air textured yarn (ATY) as well as the staple fibers used for carpet with one-step process. Currently, the production of domestic chemical fiber used in carpet and flooring still relies on imported equipment, and localization of relative technology and equipment is urgent. Furthermore, with the consumption concept is changing, it is essential to pay attention to the impact of building environment standards and eco-labels on the home textile market.

  19. Analysis of Research and Application of Solar Greenhouse Technology and Equipment at Home and Abroad%国内外日光温室技术装备的研究与应用分析



    Solar greenhouse is the unique type of a greenhouse in north China;it is a major component of facilities agriculture industry in our country. This paper examines the present state of research on and application of sunlight greenhouse technology and equipment both at home and abroad, analyzes the problems existing in the development of solar greenhouse technology and equipment in China, and defines the development direction so as to promote the sustained and rapid development of solar greenhouse industry in China.%日光温室是我国北方地区独有的一种温室类型,是我国设施农业产业中的主体。阐述国内外日光温室技术装备研究与应用现状,借鉴国外发达国家经验,分析我国日光温室技术装备发展中存在的问题,并指出发展方向,为促进我国日光温室产业持续快速发展提供参考。

  20. A communication standard between Dimensional Measurement Equipments and its implementation technology%尺寸检测设备的通讯标准DMIS及其实现技术

    崔长彩; 车仁生; 罗小川; 王东; 李兵


    讨论了机械工业自动化测试与控制领域的一个重要问题:尺寸检测设备的通讯标准及其实现技术。介绍了尺寸测量接口标准(DMIS)的产生背景、用途、语法结构及其功能的扩展完善。文章最后简要介绍了最近几年出现的DMIS对象技术(DOT)和虚拟DMIS(Virtual-DMIS)。这对我国未来尺寸测试设备的发展和系统集成具有重要意义。%This paper proposes an important problem about automated measurement and control in the field of industry metrology: the communication standard between automated dimensional measurement equipment and its implementation technology, introduces the background, purpose, grammar structure and its expanded functionality of the Dimensional Measurement Interface Standard(DMIS), and then presents the latest DMIS Object Technology(DOT) and Virtual-DMIS. It is quite significant for developing dimensional measurement equipment and integrating automated systems in the future.

  1. 多媒体与网络环境下的政治词汇教学策略%On TeaChing Strategies of Political English Words via Internet and Multi -media



    Vocabulary is the part that changes fastest in a language. The rapid development of socialism modernization will definitely bring about the changes of vocabulary. Political English vocabulary ;with its characteristics of generalization, keeping pace with times, and popularity arouses many college students "interest. Multi - media and Internet provide college political English words teaching'with more advantageous and more convenient conditions. The author, in this paper, is trying to study the teaching strategies of political English words via Internet and Multi - media after interpreting the teaching merits in the circumstances of Internet and Multi - media.%词汇可以说是语言中变化最快的一部分,而社会主义现代化的飞速发展必然会带来反映其发展变化的词汇的相应变化。政治词汇以其概括性、时代性和通俗性等特点激发了众多大学生的学习兴趣。多媒体和网络环境为大学英语政治词汇教学提供了更加优越和便利的条件。文章论述了多媒体和网络环境下政治词汇教学的优势,并探析了新时期政治词汇教学的几种策略。

  2. Determination of Cd, Cr, Hg and Pb in plastics from waste electrical and electronic equipment by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry with collision-reaction interface technology.

    Santos, Mirian C; Nóbrega, Joaquim A; Cadore, Solange


    A procedure based on the use of a quadrupole inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer equipped with a collision-reaction interface (CRI) for control of spectral overlap interferences was developed for simultaneous determination of Cd, Cr, Hg, and Pb in plastics from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). The injection of H(2) and He (80 and 60 mL min(-1), respectively) into the sampled plasma, colliding and reacting with potentially interfering polyatomic ions, allows interference-free determination of chromium via its isotopes (52)Cr and (53)Cr that are freed from overlap due to the occurrence of (40)Ar(12)C(+), (40)Ar(12)C(1)H(+), (36)S(16)O(+) or (1)H(36)S(16)O(+). Cadmium, Hg and Pb were directly determined via their isotopes (110)Cd, (111)Cd, (112)Cd, (199)Hg, (200)Hg, (201)Hg, (202)Hg, (206)Pb, (207)Pb, and (208)Pb, without using CRI. The CRI can be quickly activated or deactivated before each analyte measurement. Limits of detection for (52)Cr were 0.04 or 0.14 μg L(-1) with He or H(2) injected in CRI. Cadmium and Pb have LODs between 0.02 and 0.08 μg L(-1) and Hg had 0.93-0.98 μg L(-1), without using CRI. Analyte concentrations for samples varied from 16 to 43, 1 to 11, 4 to 12, and 5 to 13 mg kg(-1) for Cr, Cd, Hg and Pb, respectively.

  3. An Exploration into The Application of Multi-media Teaching in Automobile Maintenance and Repair Major%多媒体网络教学在汽车维修中的应用探索



    校园网上实现多媒体教学,是每个学校致力开发一个项目。汽车产业作为国民支柱的重要领头项目,其中汽车维修起着举足轻重地位,有着得天独厚的优势。多媒体网络教学的应用和发展有利于提高汽车维修教学改革水平,扩展教学改革思路。通过我校多媒体教学的尝试,探索多媒体网络教学在现代职业教育层面上的作用,特别是在汽车维修中应用的几点体会,为机电一体化教学改革提出新的思路,有利于我国汽车维修事业的蓬勃发展。%To achieve teaching through multi-media in campus network is a program that each school is engaged in,automobile industry is an important national leading pillar program,and automobile maintenance and repair plays an important role and it has special advantages,the application and development of teaching through multi-media network helps to improve the teaching and reform level of automobile maintenance and repair and extend the thought on teaching reform.Attempts to teaching through multi-media network in our school,exploration into the effect of teaching through multi-media network on modern vocational education and the experience about the application in automobile maintenance and repair provide new ideas for the reform of the teaching of integration of mechatronics,it would be conducive to the flourishing development of automobile maintenance and repair business.

  4. Common NICU Equipment

    ... newborn intensive care unit (NICU) > Common NICU equipment Common NICU equipment E-mail to a friend Please ... Baby Caring for your baby Feeding your baby Common illnesses Family health & safety Complications & Loss Pregnancy complications ...

  5. 生物质规模化处理与输料装备技术研究报告%Research Report on Large-scale Biomass Processing and Transmission Equipments and Technology

    庄会永; 张雁茹; 马岩; 董世平


    utilizing woody agricultural and forestry biomass in large scale, the research focuses on many new technologies of biomass processing, including: manipulator feedstock-fetching control, manipulator free swerving, forcible feeding, efficient abrasion-resistant shredding, efficient stump-cutting-parabolic sending technology, intertwisting and blocking prevention technology and stable, sustainable and even feeding technology in multiple feedstock transmission. The project has developed new equipments for processing and transmitting feedstock in large scale and can meet the requirements of feedstock characteristics and industrial utilization. These equipments has been applied in biomass demonstration projects that can consume biomass up to 200,000 tons per year, and has promoted high efficiency utilization and sustainable development of agricultural resources.(1)research on high-efficiency mobile shredding equipments technology: during shredding woody biomass, workers always face some difficulties, such as bad working environment, low-efficiency, unsafe, strong intensity, the project has conquered these problems and developed high-efficiency shredding equipment for harvesting woody biomass,(2)research on energy plant combine harvester equipments technology: has conquered efficient stumping and harvesting technology, smooth feeding, chopping and parabolic sending technology, developed combine harvester; integrated efficient saw-disc cutting, forcible grabbing and transmitting, low power consumption shredding and self-driven operating chassis technologies, and has solved the difficulty of salix and KorshinskPeashrub harvest;(3)research on woody biomass feedstock transmission technology: has emphasized the technology of intertwisting and blocking prevention and even distribution and feeding.

  6. 筒子纱数字化自动染色成套技术与装备研究%Study of Digital Automatic Dyeing Packaged Technology and Equipment for Cheese

    刘琳; 侯玉磊; 范伟


    阐述了筒子纱数字化自动染色工艺技术的开发、筒子纱数字化自动染色成套装备的研制以及筒子纱数字化染色生产全过程中央控制系统的研发,并在上述3个方面的研究基础上,建立起筒子纱数字化自动染色生产线。并将其主要技术参数及先进性与国内外同类技术产品进行了对比。结果表明,采用筒子纱数字化自动染色成套技术与装备达到了筒子纱染色高质高效、节能减排生产;筒子纱数字化自动染色生产线实现了筒子纱染色从原纱到成品的全过程数字化自动生产、筒子纱数字化染色车间现场无人化操作,推动了纺织行业数字化、自动化、智能化、清洁化的技术进步。%The development of cheese digital automatic dyeing technology,cheese digital automatic dyeing equip-ment and cheese digital automatic dyeing production overall process central control system was expounded. The cheese digital automatic dyeing production line was built, which was based on the above-mentioned three aspects. And its main technical parameters and advancement were compared with that of the same technology products at home and abroad. The results show that using cheese digital automatic dyeing packaged technology and equipment attains cheese dyeing production with high quality and efficiency and energy saving and emission reduction; cheese digital automatic dyeing production line realizes overall process digital automatic production of cheese dyeing from original yarn to the finished product and cheese digital dyeing workshop unmanned operation. And it promotes digi-tal, automatic, intelligent, clean technical advance in textile industry.

  7. 物联网技术在输变电设备状态监测中的应用%Application of the internet of things technology in power transmission equipments condition monitoring

    曹一家; 何杰; 黄小庆; 张志丹


    Smart grid is one of the most important application fields in the internet of things (IOT). On the basis of integrated analysis of basic concept and research hotspot of IOT, the paper preliminary studies the application prospects of IOT in on-line monitoring of power transmission and distribution equipment, electric vehicle and smart home. Then, with intelligent monitoring, condition assessment and life cycle management of transmission and distribution equipment as background, architecture of the internet of power transmission and distribution equipment is proposed, including intelligent perception layer, data communication layer, information integration layer, smart application layer. Key technologies, such as integrated intelligent monitoring device, coding and labeling system, communication technology, panoramic information modeling, information processing, life cycle management, security problems and standardization, are further discussed in detail. And then research directions and existing problems of these technologies are finally given.%智能电网是物联网应用的最重要领域之一.在分析物联网概念及研究热点的基础上,初步探讨物联网在智能电网中输变电设备在线监测、电动汽车和智能家居的应用前景,以输变电设备智能监测、状态评估和全寿命周期管理为背景,提出包括智能感知层、数据通信层、信息整合层和智能应用层的输变电设备物联网体系架构,并详细探讨体系架构中所涉及到的若干关键技术,主要包括一体化智能监测装置、编码和标识体系、通信技术、全景信息建模、信息处理技术、全寿命周期管理、安全威胁与措施以及标准化,指出这些技术的研究方向和存在问题.

  8. Medical Equipment Maintenance Programme Overview WHO Medical device technical series

    Organization, World Health


    WHO and partners have been working towards devising an agenda an action plan tools and guidelines to increase access to appropriate medical devices. This document is part of a series of reference documents being developed for use at the country level. The series will include the following subject areas: . policy framework for health technology . medical device regulations . health technology assessment . health technology management . needs assessment of medical devices . medical device procurement . medical equipment donations . medical equipment inventory management . medical equipment maint

  9. On College Students’ English Learning Anxiety in the Multi-media and Network Environment%多媒体网络环境下大学生英语学习焦虑研究

    朱云; 张鸣; 胡新


    A study is made , by employing a questionnaire , to explore college students ’ English learning anxiety in the multi -media and network environment .The questionnaire survey shows college students ’ English learning anxiety decreases in the multi -media and network environment , compared with that in the traditional teaching environment .College students ’ English learning anxiety, however, still exits in many fields.Based on the analysis, some advice is put forward for eliminating or reducing English learning anxiety .%通过问卷调查的研究方法对多媒体网络环境下的大学生英语学习焦虑进行了探讨。研究发现多媒体网络环境下,大学生的英语学习焦虑相比于传统教学环境有所降低,尤其表现在听说训练和课堂交际活动方面。同时,研究还表明学生的英语学习焦虑仍然普遍存在。基于调查分析,提出了如何帮助学生克服和降低焦虑的建议。

  10. Equipment energy efficiency energy-saving control technology and application%设备能效控制节能技术及实践应用



    Saving energy and reducing consumption, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society have an important role, and it can also promote the development of enterprises, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. We took the benefits of six Sigma as the guiding ideology, from “value” perspective, examined equipment energy consumption. Through innovative thinking, we reviewed the “waste heat recovery and utilization”,“centralized energy supply”,“eliminate transition waste”,“eliminate the design margin”,“excellent process energy saving”,“frequency conversion control application of”,“new technology”as the 7 major technical methods of energy saving energy, we realized saving goals, played a good role in promotion.%  节能降耗,对建设资源节约型和环境友好型社会具有重要的推动作用,同时也是促进企业发展、提高企业经济效益的有效措施。我公司以精益六西格玛为指导思想,从“价值”角度,审视设备能耗点,通过创新思维,梳理总结了“余热回收利用”、“中央集中供能”、“消除过渡浪费”、“消除设计余量”、“优化工艺节能”、“变频控制应用”、“新技术引进”等7大技术节能方法,为节能降耗目标的实现,起到了良好的推动作用。

  11. Research on processing technology and equipment for the fish floss chip%鱼松片加工工艺优化及成型设备研究

    任金海; 陈红; 朱冉; 宗力; 熊善柏


    In order to improve the added value of low-value freshwater fish, A new kind of fish floss chip was developed with abundant of low-value dried silver as the major material by autoclaving, blowing, molding and drying. The orthogonal experiment was designed to get the optimum processing parameters, that were 20% adding amount of pre-gelatinized sticky, 3 Mpa the molding press and 20 seconds the pressure keeping time. The basic structures, working principles and main technical parameters of the fish floss chip molding equipment were briefly described.%以风干鲢鱼为原料,开发了鱼松片加工工艺:经高压蒸煮、打击成绒、压制成型、干燥等工序后,制成即食型的方便食品鱼松片.通过正交试验以感官品质评定为指标,得到了鱼松片成型的最优工艺:糕粉添加量为20%,成型压力为3 MPa,保压时间为20 s.为满足工艺条件和工业化生产的需要,设计了自动化程度高的鱼松片成型机,介绍了其基本结构、工作原理及主要技术参数.

  12. 酿造白醋连续脱色与过滤的工艺装备与技术%White Vinegar Continuous Bleaching and Filtering Process Equipment and Technology

    周明印; 李娇娇


    以淀粉质(谷物)为原料,应用连续液化、糖化[1];连续酒精发酵和醋酸发酵;通过连续脱色、灭菌和过滤分离等工艺装备与工艺技术,生产高品质的酿造白醋。该项工艺技术应用于工业化生产,使传统酿造白醋的生产实现了规模化、连续化、高效生产。该技术也可用于液态醋规模化、连续化生产。%To produce high-quality brewing white vinegar with starch (corn)as raw materials,apply liquefaction and saccharification,continuous ethanol fermentation,continuous acetic fermentation, continuous decolorization,sterilization,filtration separation and other process equipment and process technology.The technology has been applied in industrial production to make the traditional brewing vinegar production realize scale,continuous and efficient production.The technology also can be used for liquid vinegar scale and continuous production.

  13. Mobile SPC Equipment Problems and Maintenance Technology%试论移动电话程控交换设备出现的问题及维护技术



    随着科学技术的快速发展,电话成为人们生活不可缺少的重要部分,人们对电话的要求不断提高,依赖性逐渐增强。这对移动电信提出了更高的要求。程控交换技术缓解了移动电话业务过于繁忙导致人工服务滞后的现象,文章针对移动电话程控交换设备出现的问题,探讨了相应的维护技术。%With the rapid development of science and technology,phones become an important and indispensable part of life,people's increasing demands for telephone,dependence gradually increased,which is a higher mobile telecommunications requirements.Program-controlled switching technology to ease the mobile phone business is too busy leading to the phenomenon of human services lag,articles for mobile PBX equipment problems,the maintenance of the appropriate technology.

  14. Online Monitoring and Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Technology for Secondary Equipment in Intelligent Substation%智能变电站二次设备在线监测与智能诊断



    介绍了二次设备在线监测及智能诊断的技术实现思路、体系架构,提出并分析了工程实施中设备配置及具体功能实现方案,通过二次回路的链路、协议、模型等多角度多方位的分析得出故障定位判定逻辑。研究结果对二次设备在线监测与智能诊断的实施具有借鉴和指导意义。%Introduction was made to the technology implementation idea and architecture of online monitoring and intelligent fault diagnosis. This paper proposed and analyzed the equipment conifguration and speciifc function realization scheme in project implementation. Through the analysis of link, protocol and model etc multi-dimension, this paper obtained the fault location judgment logic. The achievement is of certain ref-erence value for the study on secondary equipment online monitoring and intelligent fault diagnosis.

  15. 浅谈《化学反应过程与设备》的多媒体教学%The Application of Multimedia Technology in the Teaching of Chemical Reaction Process and Equipment

    胡春玲; 朱开宪


    The Chemical Reaction Process and Equipment was the main course of chemical engineering professional.The advantages,with introduction of multimedia technology in teaching,turning abstract contents to intuitive,and making theory and practice close integration,were described,which can meet the requirements of training new model chemical personnel.Finally,the broad prospects of this application in chemical reaction process and equipment teaching were specified.%化学反应过程与设备是化工类专业的主要课程,针对该学科的特点及学生的学习状态阐述了在教学中引入多媒体技术具有化抽象为直观、理论与实践紧密结合的优点,能够适应对化工类人才培养模式对新型化工人才的要求,多媒体技术在本课程教学中具有广阔的应用前景。

  16. Study on Coating Equipment Diagnosis Technology Based on Theory of Innovation(TRIZ)%基于创新理论(TRIZ)的涂装设备诊断技术研究



    随着市场对产品外观质量要求的不断提高,涂装设备也相应地得到了快速的发展,但原有的涂装设备的维护和故障诊断技术已不适应新的生产模式。本文通过将创新理论引入到涂装设备的故障诊断和设计改进中,提出了涂装设备新的诊断技术和方法,并举例说明了应用创新理论进行喷漆室故障诊断的方法。%With the increasing quality requirements of market for product appearance,the constant improvement of the coating equipment had obtained fast development,but the old painting equipment maintenance and fault diagnosis technology has not adapt to the new mo

  17. The implementation of the infrared thermal imaging technology in the fault diagnosis of the electrical equipment%红外热成像技术在电力设备故障诊断中的应用

    代青昊; 谢子芳


    红外热成像技术可实现电力设备在运行状态时以非接触的快速、在线监测方式获取设备的运行状态信息,通过对电力设备的异常温升来发现和诊断设备故障,从而实现隐患、故障的提早发现。%Nowadays, as the market competition being more and more vehement and the electric power change from sellerg market to buyerg market, the acquirement of the electrical reliability is higher and higher. The fault diagnosis in the electrical equipment is more and more important. As we all know, the thermal effect is the normal outer reflect of the various fault and anomaly. The infrared thermal imaging technology can realizes the non - contact, fast and on - line monitoring methods to acquire the operation situation of the elec- trical equipment when it is working. Through the unusual temperature rise to find the device fault, it can realizes the advancing discov- ery of the hidden trouble and fault.


    A. I. Kotlabay


    Full Text Available Study of directions concerning development of military equipment, its modernization with the purpose to improve its military efficiency is an actual problem for the Armed Forces, military science, designers and researchers.The paper analyzes and estimates possibilities to use civil equipment for military purpose. Problems pertaining to technologies of double application, diversification of civil equipment in military engineering machinery are considered in the paper.

  19. 基于C/S架构的多媒体教室设备管理系统研究%Research of Equipment Management System in Multi-media Classroom based on C/S Structure

    张会铭; 叶仁春; 雷志华



  20. 核电厂DCS安全级设备自主装配技术%Independent Assembly Technology for DCS Safety Equipment in Nuclear Power Plant



    本文描述了核电厂DCS安全级设备自主装配工艺鉴定和验证技术,主要包括特种工艺、布线工艺和装配检验技术。并将此技术应用于北京广利核系统工程有限公司在执行自主产品(FirmSys)工程样机项目机柜的装配中,通过实践证明了应用该技术的安全可靠性和实用性。%A independent assembly technology of identification and verification was pro‐posed ,which included special process , wiring process and verification process . The safety reliability and practicability of the proposed technology were verified according to the application in FirmSys assembly implemented by China Techenergy Co .,Ltd .

  1. Analysis and Prospects of Clean Production Technology and Equipment of Furfural Industry%糠醛制造业清洁生产工艺与装备的现状分析和展望



    Furfural industry is among the heavily polluting industries. Along with the development of economy and society, the furfural industry is facing increasing pressures in terms of resources and environment. It is imperative to put forward Clean Production standards for furfural industry as soon as possible. This paper makes specific analysis on the current status of technologies and equipments of the furfural industry and forwards reasonable suggestions on clean production standards for furfural industry in technologies and equipments with a view to promote sustainable, stable and healthy development of furfural industry as well as to promote pollution prevention and control levels.%糠醛制造业属重污染行业,随着国民经济和社会的发展,糠醛制造行业面临的资源和环境压力也越来越大。尽快出台糠醛制造业清洁生产标准,势在必行。本文重点阐述了目前中国糠醛制造业生产工艺与装备的现状,并加以具体地分析。同时,从清洁生产的角度针对糠醛制造业清洁生产标准中生产工艺与装备要求方面的制订提出合理化建议。从而,促进糠醛制造行业持续、稳定、健康的发展,推进糠醛生产行业的环境污染防治工作。

  2. Technology Research Based on CNC Milling Machine Equipped with a Knife Library%基于数控铣床加装刀库的技术研究



    The early CNC milling machine can not change the knife automatically, after a knife processing, need human involvement, the spindle knife down, then install the next knife need to process, go to settings, and then call the relevant procedures to continue processing. It not only improves the people's work strength, increase the probability of error, but also seriously affects the processing efficiency. For CNC milling machine equipped with automatic tool changer,tool change action automatically,it is high efficiency,good stability, and has been applied in many enterprises. In this paper, a CNC milling machine to proceed, in terms of hardware preparation,mechanical installation,circuit design,NC,PMC programming such as a complete description of the installation of a CNC milling process of the tool magazine.%早期的数控铣床由于不能自动换刀,一把刀加工完成后,需要人参与,把主轴上的刀卸下来,再将下把需要加工用的刀装上去,再去对刀,再调用相关程序继续加工……这样,不仅提高了人的工作强度,加大了出错的几率,而且更严重影响了加工效率。给数控铣床加装自动换刀装置,换刀动作自动完成,效率高,稳定性好,在许多企业得到了应用。从一台数控铣床着手,从硬件准备、机械安装、电路设计、NC和PMC程序编制等方面完整说明一台数控铣床加装刀库的过程。

  3. Office equipment energy use and trends

    Piette, M.A.; Eto, J.H.; Harris, J.P.


    Office information technologies are using an increasing amount of energy in commercial buildings. During recent forecasting hearings in California, the office equipment end use has been a major source of differences among forecasts of commercial sector energy use. Not only are there major differences in forecasted load growth resulting from the energy use of office equipment, but there are also differences in interpretations of historical and base-year estimates. Understanding office equipment energy use is particularly important because office equipment is widely believed to be the fastest growing electrical end use in the fastest growing sector. This report describes the development and application of a spreadsheet to estimate current and future energy use by office equipment. We define the term office equipment'' to mean information processing technologies used in buildings. The seven categories of office equipment relate to categories found in our analysis of utility surveys and industry sales reports. These seven categories of equipment are examined for eleven types of commercial buildings.

  4. Office equipment energy use and trends

    Piette, M.A.; Eto, J.H.; Harris, J.P.


    Office information technologies are using an increasing amount of energy in commercial buildings. During recent forecasting hearings in California, the office equipment end use has been a major source of differences among forecasts of commercial sector energy use. Not only are there major differences in forecasted load growth resulting from the energy use of office equipment, but there are also differences in interpretations of historical and base-year estimates. Understanding office equipment energy use is particularly important because office equipment is widely believed to be the fastest growing electrical end use in the fastest growing sector. This report describes the development and application of a spreadsheet to estimate current and future energy use by office equipment. We define the term ``office equipment`` to mean information processing technologies used in buildings. The seven categories of office equipment relate to categories found in our analysis of utility surveys and industry sales reports. These seven categories of equipment are examined for eleven types of commercial buildings.

  5. The technology of the bearings used in the nuclear power generation system turbine generator units; Technologie des paliers equipant les groupes turbo-alternateurs du parc nucleaire

    Vialettes, J.M.; Rossato, M. [Service Ensembles de Production, Departement Machines, Direction des Etudes et Recherches, Electricite de France (EDF), 92 - Clamart (France)


    A bearing consists of all the stationary part which allow the relative motion in rotation or in translation, of a shaft line. Inside the bearing there is a journal bearing with a metallic anti-friction coating (the babbitt metal). The high power turbine generator unit rotors are supported by smooth transversal journal bearings fed with oil which fills the empty space and runs along the shaft. The technologies used for the bearings and the thrust bearings of the turbine generator units and the various shaft lines of the French CP0/CP1- and CP2/1300 MW-type nuclear power plants are described. The experience feedback is then discussed in terms of the dynamics of the shaft line, i.e. vibrational problems, the influence of the alignment and the babbitt metal incidents. (author) 4 refs., 11 figs.

  6. Review of CNPC Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Industry during the Tenth Five-Year Plan Period

    Liu Bingyi


    @@ Major problems in petroleum equipment manufacturing Difference of petroleum equipment manufacturing technology between China and foreign countries (1) Drilling equipment. The gap between Chinese drilling equipment and that of other countries is still large in its quality and the application of high-level technology.

  7. Chemical and toxicological properties of emissions from CNG transit buses equipped with three-way catalysts compared to lean-burn engines and oxidation catalyst technologies

    Yoon, Seungju; Hu, Shaohua; Kado, Norman Y.; Thiruvengadam, Arvind; Collins, John F.; Gautam, Mridul; Herner, Jorn D.; Ayala, Alberto


    Chemical and toxicological properties of emissions from compressed natural gas (CNG) fueled transit buses with stoichiometric combustion engines and three-way catalyst (TWC) exhaust control systems were measured using a chassis dynamometer testing facility and compared to the data from earlier CNG engine and exhaust control technologies. Gaseous and particulate matter emissions from buses with stoichiometric engines and TWC were significantly lower than the emissions from buses with lean-burn engines. Carbonyls and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from buses with stoichiometric engines and TWC were lower by more than 99% compared to buses with lean-burn engines. Elemental and organic carbons (EC and OC), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and trace elements from buses with stoichiometric engines and TWC were effectively controlled and significantly lower than the emissions from buses with lean-burn engines. Potential mutagenicity measured using a microsuspension modification of the Salmonella/microsome assay was lower by more than 99% for buses with stoichiometric engines and TWC, compared to buses with lean-burn engines and OxC.


    J. Steinhoff


    The objective and the scope of this document are to list and briefly describe the major mobile equipment necessary for waste package (WP) retrieval from the proposed subsurface nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain. Primary performance characteristics and some specialized design features of the equipment are explained and summarized in the individual subsections of this document. There are no quality assurance requirements or QA controls in this document. Retrieval under normal conditions is accomplished with the same fleet of equipment as is used for emplacement. Descriptions of equipment used for retrieval under normal conditions is found in Emplacement Equipment Descriptions, DI: BCAF00000-01717-5705-00002 (a document in progress). Equipment used for retrieval under abnormal conditions is addressed in this document and consists of the following: (1) Inclined Plane Hauler; (2) Bottom Lift Transporter; (3) Load Haul Dump (LHD) Loader; (4) Heavy Duty Forklift for Emplacement Drifts; (5) Covered Shuttle Car; (6) Multipurpose Vehicle; and (7) Scaler.

  9. 2007 special equipment safety


    @@ The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R.China (AQSIQ) issued a notice on May 28, 2007,requiring various locations to rectify their procedures for checking special equipment and hoisting machines for hidden problems. To further clarify and implement responsibility in the safety management of special equipment in enterprises, inspection responsibilities and test organizations related to technical assurance are to be established. Further, quality inspection departments will be supervised by law in order to improve special equipment safety.




    介绍了火箭发动机喷管真空加压钎焊技术工艺原理及特点,真空加压钎焊设备的结构和工艺过程.该技术工艺是对火箭发动机喷管夹层抽空,在达到钎焊温度时.炉膛内充人保护性气体.满足工艺所需0.8 MPa的外压力条件,对火箭发动机喷管形成真空钎焊与真空扩散焊两种焊接方式相结合的综合性工艺方法.%This paper introduces a rocket engine spout vacuum and pressure brazing technology principle and characteristic of vacuum braze welding, introduces the structure and process equipment. The technology is on the rocket engine spout dissection in time, to the temperature within the furnace brazing, filled with protective gas, process to meet the required 0.8Mpa outer pressure condition, the rocket engine spout to form a vacuum brazing and vacuum diffusion welding two welding methods of combining a comprehensive process.

  11. PLC模型控制技术在RH精炼炉中的研究与应用%The Research and Application of the PLC Model Control Technology in the RH Equipment



    RH vacuum degassing technology is applied worldwide due to its continuous improvement in equipment and process technique.practical proves that it is very necessary for improving the quality of liquid steel, increasing yields and reducing energy consumption to adopt computer control system in RH vacuum refining process. Combining the development of computer automatic control system for RH refining process home and abroad ,the constitution.featurcs and functions of control model are reviewed and some suggestions for developing the computer control technology of RH process are put forword.%随着RH真空精炼设备和工艺技术的不断进步,RH真空精炼设备已在众多炉外精炼中起到了不可替代的重要作用,适用于大量生产优质超低碳钢.实践证明,在RH处理过程中,采用冗余和模型控制技术的自动化控制系统,对稳定提高钢质量,实现高效,低耗生产具有重要意义.对此,结合国内外RH精炼过程计算机自动化控制系统的发展,对RH计算机控制系统的构成、控制模型等进行了研究.

  12. The observation of the fine structure of bamboo cell wall with SEM, AFM and multi-media microscope%三种仪器用于竹纤维细胞壁观察的效果比较

    张宁; 张美云; 夏新兴


    In this paper, the fibrillation of bamboo fibers was observed with scanning electron microscopy, multi-media microscope and atomic force microscopy. The results show that all of the three instruments can be used to observe the fibrillation of fibers. The stripping process of the outermost secondary wall and the microfibril angle to the axis can be clearly observed most small in scanning electron microscopy, and the microfibril almost parallel to axis can be seen. The observation of atomic force microscopy shows that the surface of fiber becomes smooth after the stripping of the outermost secondary wall. The overall fibrillation of fiber can be observed in multi-media microscope. It was found that the observation of stripping process of cell wall combined with scanning electron microscopy, multi-media microscope and atomic force microscopy is a new approach to study the mechanism of beating.%  利用扫描电镜,多媒体显微镜和原子力显微镜三种仪器观察竹纤维分丝帚化情况和细胞壁的破裂情况。结果发现:利用扫描电子显微镜清晰地观察到竹纤维次生壁的剥离过程,而且可以看到竹纤维次生壁外层的微纤维与细胞轴向之间的夹角很小,几乎与轴平行;用原子力显微镜观察到次生壁外层完全剥离之后,纤维表面变得光滑;用多媒体显微镜能够较好地观察低倍数下纤维的分丝帚化。用这三种仪器结合起来观察纤维打浆过程中的细胞壁破裂情况,是一种研究磨浆机理的新方法。

  13. 基于GPS技术的地埋管道杂散电流检测设备%The Stray Current detect Equipment based on the GPS technology

    叶星星; 焦风川


    在电气化轨道交通沿线,有列车经过的时候,轨道电流必将在地埋管道上产生较大的杂散电流,从而使地埋管道产生电化学腐蚀,对管道产生极大的破坏.冈此,为找出腐蚀点的具体位置,设计了本检测设备,包括中断器及管道电位检测仪.设备以高速微处理器为系统核心,应用GPS 技术,通过同步通断测量技术准确测量管道电位,并选用液晶屏及薄膜按键进行了良好的人机交互设计.%Along the line of the electrification subway, when there coming the wain, the electricity of the railway would produce desirable stray current on the pipes covered under the earth, which can cause electrochemical corrosion that may make great harm to the pipes. In order to precisely locate the corrosion pit, this delection equipnent containing interrupter and pipe electric potential detector has been designed. We adopt high-speed microprocessor as the system core and measure the pipe electric potential with the application of GPS technology, as well as the excellent design of HMl with LCD and film touch.

  14. 晶闸管变流设备电源精确过零检测技术∗%Thyristor Converter Equipment Supply Accurate Zero Crossing Detection Technology



    研究低压交变电压过零脉冲的生成电路在于克服相关专利技术因采用降压变压器、整流或光耦器件、较复杂电子电路等,而使得电路在过零检测的精确性等方面存在的不足。通过分析设计交变电压过零检测环节、微分环节、脉冲整形和输出环节等,采用自建电路并检测各环节波形,可知电路过零脉冲误差低于0.5μs,功耗低于9.4 mW。故与现有技术相比电路具有诸多优点,可应用于晶闸管变流设备的定相和触发控制、交流电源的检测等方面。%It aims to conquer the shortcomings in zero detection accuracy of some related patents etc. to study the low-voltage alternating voltage zero crossing pulse generation circuit because these related patents adopted some step-down transformers,rectifier devices or optical couplers as well as some of more complex circuits. It can be known that the circuit can make the error of zero crossing pulse less than 0.5 μ s,circuit power consumption less than 9.4 mW by some ways to analysis and design the zero crossing detection circuit,differential circuit,shaping and output pulse circuit,to make the circuit and detect each part wave. So,the circuit has more advantages than some circuits of the existing patents and can be widely used in thyristor phase-shifting or zero crossing triggering and the phasing technology,AC power detection etc.

  15. 地质灾害监测设备太阳能高效供电技术研究%Research on Solar Energy Efficient Power Supply Technology in Geohazards Monitoring Equipment

    张兆义; 庹先国; 王洪辉; 钟佳迅; 张贵宇


    With the study of geological disaster monitoring equipment power supply, proposed a kind of method based on solar energy efficient power supply. Adopts charging management chip LT3652 integrated MPPT technology, which realize the maximum power point tracking automatically. This system extracted the peak power from the photovoltaic panels driving load directly. At the same time charge for the energy reserves units, ensuring maintain work when photovoltaic panels output power is zero. Geohazards monitoring power supply system was tested in downtown of Chengdu in Sichuan province (light intensity 81001ux to 876001ux) with photovoltaic cells 30W and lead-acid battery 12V/70Ah. When the load is 0.6W/SV, solar power system for a maximum charge current 1.47A, which can maintain the monitoring equipment works continuously 15 rainy days, improving the long-term of geohazards monitoring equipment.%通过对地质灾害监测设备供电情况的研究,提出一种基于太阳能的高效供电方法,即采用集成MPPT技术的充电管理芯片LT3652,自动实现最大功率点跟踪,从光伏电池抽取峰值功率,直接驱动负载,同时给能量储备单元充电,以保证在光伏电池输出功率为零时,维持负载工作.地质灾害监测供电系统选用了30W的光伏电池,12V/70Ah的铅酸免维护蓄电池,在四川省成都市区(光照强度为81001ux至876001ux)进行了测试,当负载为0.6W/5V时,太阳能供电系统最大充电电流为1.47A,设备可连续工作15个阴雨天,提高了地质灾害监测设备的长效性.

  16. Research of DFT of Equipment Circuiton Boundary-scan Technology%基于边界扫描技术的装备电路可测性设计

    许四毛; 邓小鹏


    随着装备中基于复杂数字电路的嵌入式系统应用越来越广泛,装备中电路系统的可测性设计(DFT)已成为装备可测试性设计的重要内容。IEEE 1149.1作为一种标准化的电路可测性设计方法,弥补了传统电路测试方法存在的缺陷,为复杂的互连电路提供了一种非入侵的测试手段。首先简述了可测试性设计和边界扫描测试技术的基本原理,并从边界扫描测试链设计、提高测试覆盖率和优化电路网络几个方面,分别提出了几种装备电子系统的电路可测试性设计的具体方法。%With the equipment of complex digital circuit based on embedded system application is more and more widely. The Design For Testability (DFT)of equipment circuit system has become the important content of equipment’s DFT. As a kind of circuit design for testability standardization method,IEEE1149.1 makes up for the defects of the traditional circuit testing method. It provides a means for non-invasion circuit testing method for complex interconnection circuit. This paper first introduces the basic principle of circuit design for testability and boundary scan technology. And,from the aspect of design of boundary scan chain,improving the testing coverage and optimization of interconnection circuit network,some specific measures of the design for testability of equipment circuit system is girve out.

  17. On the management and maintenance of multi-media classroom of our university%浅谈多媒体教室的管理和维护——以武夷学院为例



      随着高校多媒体教室日益普及,管理和维护的问题日渐突出。本文结合我校的实际情况,从多媒体教室的建设、管理和维护等方面,对高校多媒体教室的管理运行模式进行探讨。%  With the multi-media classroom becoming more and more popular in university, the issues of management and maintenance are more and more protruding. According to the actual condition of our university, the article discusses the management operation mode of multimedia classroom in university from three aspect:construction,management and maintenance.

  18. Analysis and Simulation of Transmission Effect in MPEG Multi-media Network%基于MPEG标准的多媒体网络传输效果分析与仿真

    谢佳; 徐山峰; 周翔; 刘志鹏


    With the help of the simulation tool myEvalvid -NT,the performance of video transmission in multi-media network is evaluated by four indicators including packet delay,frame delay,packet jitter and frame jitter. The simulated result of decodable frame rate is very close to the theoretical value of decodable frame rate.%使用myEvalvid-NT仿真软件,选取封包延迟、画面延迟、封包抖动率和画面抖动率4个指标对多媒体网络的视频传输效果进行仿真。经过仿真计算后得到的可解画面比例与理论值非常接近。

  19. Status and commentary of research and development on oil sand pyrolysis characteristics with technology and equipment%油砂热解特性及工艺与装置研究开发现状与评述

    马小龙; 张自生; 高鑫; 李鑫钢


    油砂是一种储量巨大的非常规石油资源,油砂热解技术具有良好的工业化前景。本文概述了油砂热解的相关基础研究进展,包括油砂热解的3个阶段、气液固三相产物的性质及多种油砂热解动力学模型的总结。分析了常压干馏、惰性气体保护热解、加氢热解、减压热解及复合热解工艺,简述了不同工艺对产品收率和产品性质等方面的影响。回顾了油砂热解的装置,从固定床、旋转干馏炉、流化床干馏炉到Alberta Taciuk Process (ATP)装置,重点介绍了具有不同载热方式和能量回收方式的旋转干馏炉和流化床干馏炉。从能源利用效率的角度分析对比了各种热解工艺和热解设备的优势与劣势,阐明了降低能耗提高能源效率是热解技术的主要问题,进而提出了旋转干馏炉和流化床干馏炉具有更好的工业前景。%Oil sand is a kind of unconventional oil resources and the pyrolysis technique of oil sand is suitable for industrial application. In this paper the fundamental research of oil sand pyrolysis was summarized, including the three stages of oil sand pyrolysis,properties of gaseous,liquid and solid products and various pyrolysis kinetic models of oil sand. Atmospheric retorting,pyrolysis under inert gas,hydropyrolysis, vacuum pyrolysis and combined pyrolysis technology were analyzed. The effects on the products yields and characteristics of different pyrolysis technologies were reviewed. The pyrolysis equipment were summarized,including fixed bed reactor,rotary retort,fluidized-bed retort and Alberta Taciuk Process (ATP) reactor. And special emphasis was placed on the rotary and fluidized-bed retorts using different ways of heat carrier and energy recovery. From the perspective of energy efficiency,the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies and equipments were analyzed by comparison. It was indicated that reducing energy consumption and

  20. 燃煤电厂PM2.5减排技术与装备探讨%Probe into PM2.5 Emission Reduction Technology and Equipment in Coal-ifred Power Plant



    Coal-ifred power plant possesses a large proportion in power industry in our country, the pol ution problems of smoke dust emission stand out. A great lot of coal-ifred smoke dust causes the serious environmental pol ution, particularly the ifne particulate PM2.5 suspend in the air for a long time, causing a long and sustaining harm to human health. Therefore, PM2.5 emission reduction technology in coal-ifred power plant bears an important signiifcance and a far reaching impact on en-vironmental protection cause. So the great development of PM2.5 emission reduction technology and equipment is the general trends in power industry.%燃煤电厂在我国电力工业中占有很大的比重,其烟尘排放污染问题也尤其突出。大量燃煤烟尘的排放造成了严重的环境污染,特别是其中的细颗粒物PM2.5,能长期悬浮于大气中,对人类的健康造成了长期持续的危害,因此燃煤电厂PM2.5减排技术对于环境保护事业具有重要的意义和深远的影响,大力发展PM2.5减排技术与装备是电力行业大势所趋。

  1. 特种设备常用钢材现场高效无损金相检验技术%Non-destructive Metallographic Testing Technology on the Commonly Used Steel of Special Equipment



    Non-destructive Metallographic testing technology plays an important role on metallurgical quality evaluation, accident cause analysis and material degradation testing of special equipment materials. Nondestructive sample preparation on spot, etchant and etching parameters of the commonly used steel, determination of failure microstructure is studied in this article to make test more efifcient.%现场无损金相检验技术在特种设备用材冶金质量评价、事故原因分析、长期服役特种设备材质劣化检测中发挥着越来越重要的作用。通过特种设备现场快速无损制样、常见材质及特殊组织显现浸蚀剂及浸蚀参数实践研究,结合典型组织及失效组织评定,实现特种设备常用钢材现场高效无损金相检验。

  2. Research on the Fault Diagnosis Technology of Equipment Based on the Fuzzy Petri Net Data Fusion Organon%基于模糊Petri网融合推理的装备故障诊断技术研究

    刘雪霞; 谭业发; 许君风


    研究了模糊Petri网应用于故障诊断中的正向推理方法,针对某型工程装备液压系统故障的特点,建立了基于模糊Petri网的故障诊断推理模型,并以液压系统压力不足故障为例,探讨了正向推理方法在系统级故障诊断中的应用.实现了故障征兆的信息融合,该推理方法适用于现场的快速故障诊断.%It introduces the forward reasoning diagnosis technology of the fault fuzzy Petri nets. Aiming at the fault symptom information fusion and fault conclusion determination, it establishes the fault diagnosis model based on forward reasoning of fuzzy Petri net, realizes the rapid and on - site diagnosis to hydraulic system of certain engineering equipment.

  3. The Technology Equipment Innovation and Control of Mechanical Failure of SCR Roller Caster%SCR铜杆连铸连轧铸机压轮装备改进及故障控制



    通过对铸机压轮机械故障进行深入的探讨和研究,有针对性地对压轮进行重点维护保养、定期检修、及时监控、适时更换和技术装备创新,皆可有效地减少其机械故障发生,达到节能降耗、延长设备寿命和提高企业经济效益的效果.%Through the exploration of production practice, it has successfully resolved the bottleneck problems which limit the production, such as mechanical failure of the SCR casting machine pinch roller. Having the in-depth research on the mechanical failure of casting-machine pinch roller and carrying on maintaining, prophylactic repair, timely monitor and replace for the pinch roller,the technology equipment innovation for pinch roller are useful for reducing the incidence of mechanical failure, saving energy, reducing consumption, extending the service life and enhancing economic benefits of enterprises.

  4. JPRS Report, Science & Technology, USSR: Engineering & Equipment


    Permian , Upper and Middle Carboniferous, intersalt and subsalt deposits of the Upper Devonian, and intrasalt continental carbonate sediments of the...phase and extinction of the dis- charge, and we must accumulate experience in operation of the subsystems of the installation. In short, the T-15

  5. JPRS Report, Science & Technology, USSR: Engineering & Equipment


    absorption of its kinetic energy without residual strains and damage in the case of collision with an obstacle when the automobile is moving at given...fields of elastoplastic strains can also be measured and the stresses can be estimated by using the strain pattern of the part material. Types of...MPa Analysis of the data obtained by using brittle coatings and the results of calculations showed that accumulation of damage over a 10-year

  6. JPRS Report, Science & Technology, USSR: Engineering & Equipment


    Gromov; STANKI I INSTRUMENT, No 1, Jan 87) 76 Six-Axis Universal Robot Developed in Riga (0. Meshkov; PRAVDA, 23 Dec 86) 77 Robot Engineering...CONTROLS, AUTOMATION, ELECTRONICS SIX-AXES UNIVERSAL ROBOT DEVELOPED IN RIGA Moscow PRAVDA in Russian 23 Dec 86 p 1 [Article by 0. Meshkov, under the

  7. JPRS Report, Science & Technology, USSR: Engineering & Equipment


    being 12.5 m long and the Michelson interferometer having unequal arms with a multipass optical system in the measuring arm. Its design and...Figure 1) is turned by a spring 11 so that its arms 18 and 12 are brought out of notches 4 and 8 in guides 3 and 7 and do not prevent free movement of...finished parts 14 and blanks 10 in them, coming from chute holder 9 by gravity flow. Arm 6 with opposite side notches 4 and 8 drops in under the

  8. JPRS Report, Science & Technology, USSR: Engineering & Equipment


    representing a haz- ard to man—was touched upon in a basic-research paper titled " Ergonomie Designing of Remote-Controlled Manipulation Systems" by Ye...the integrated solution of these problems based on automated dynam- ically linked subsystems. "Hardware System for Ergonomie Support of Models of...Aspects of the Socioeconomic Effectiveness of the Development and Use of a Bank of Ergonomie Specifications", devoted to a study of a set of questions

  9. JPRS Report, Science & Technology, USSR: Engineering & Equipment.


    then the power might initially not only not increase, but actually decrease. This effect is known as the "iodine pit." But an electrical network...reason for this is perhaps the fact that it was created by Salieri-scientists, instead of Mozart -inventors. An inventor is sometimes helped by a child’s...will be purified in large measure, leaving a significant amount of their deleteri- ous admixtures in the stratum. The effectiveness of water

  10. JPRS Report, Science & Technology, USSR: Engineering & Equipment.


    Nuclear Power Station safer and ecologically cleaner was discussed at this meeting, as was the question of whether construction of the station’s... ecological balance of a natural treasure—Lake Drushkyay. N. Ponomarev-Stepnoy, first deputy director of the Institute of Atomic Energy imeni Kurchatov...ples, including turbojet and jet engines, ground-effect machines, hydrofoils , mini- and super-computers, NC machine tools and machining centers

  11. JPRS Report. Science & Technology, USSR: Engineering & Equipment.


    plant management and gospriyemka made a decision, approved by USSR Gos- standart , to combine the most labor-consuming control operations during the...18610422b Moscow STANDARTYIKACHESTVO in Russian No 4, Apr 88 pp 7-8 [Text] The Scientific-Technical Council of USSR Gos- standart resolves: 1 .To

  12. Reliable Electronic Equipment

    N. A. Nayak


    Full Text Available The reliability aspect of electronic equipment's is discussed. To obtain optimum results, close cooperation between the components engineer, the design engineer and the production engineer is suggested.

  13. Cooling of electronic equipment

    A. Kristensen, Anders Schmidt


    Cooling of electronic equipment is studied. The design size of electronic equipment decrease causing the thermal density to increase. This affect the cooling which can cause for example failures of critical components due to overheating or thermal induced stresses. Initially a pin fin heat sink...... is considered as extruded profiles are inadequate for compact designs. An optimal pin fin shape and configuration is sought also taking manufacturing costs into consideration. Standard methods for geometrical modeling and thermal analysis are applied....

  14. Quarry Equipment Yearbook 2003



    This issue of the journal is devoted to an annual review of developments in the equipment used for minerals extraction and recycling. For each of 12 types of equipment, an editorial review is presented of developments and a tabular presentation of suppliers' ranges and contact information, including e-mail addresses and websites. The sections are: asphalt plants, conveyors, crushers and screens, drill rigs, dump trucks, excavators, hammers, pumps, tyres, weighbridges, wheel loaders and wheel washers.

  15. Selecting the right ultrasound equipment--an administrator's perspective.

    Jacoby, Robert


    Recent advancements in ultrasound equipment, technology and capability make the selection of new or replacement equipment a difficult task. It is not uncommon that the sonographers will have different needs and wants from the equipment than do the radiologists. This potential hurdle needs to be addressed in order to arrive at a mutually acceptable selection. Vendors across the board all have very competitive products and they each have that special little "function" or "enhancement" that sets them apart from their competitor. The customer needs to approach the evaluation of the equipment in a very objective manner in order to truly understand not only the differences of each piece of equipment but the actual capability of each piece of equipment. In the end however, it is the individual sonographer that will be utilizing the equipment most of the time and they should have the final say to department management as to which equipment is selected.

  16. Technology.

    Online-Offline, 1998


    Focuses on technology, on advances in such areas as aeronautics, electronics, physics, the space sciences, as well as computers and the attendant progress in medicine, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Describes educational resources for elementary and middle school students, including Web sites, CD-ROMs and software, videotapes, books,…

  17. Exercise and sports equipment: some ergonomics aspects.

    Reilly, T; Lees, A


    Sports equipment encompasses a gamut of devices used in laboratory, training and competitive contexts and these form the content of this paper. Ergometers range in sophistication from friction braked stationary bicycles to computer controlled simulators which incorporate exercise modes specific to the athletic user. These are now used in training, as experimental devices and in some instances for competition purposes. Training equipment exhibits a similar emphasis on exercise specificity, safety being an important aspect of its use. Design of projectiles for sporting activities has mainly reflected their traditional modes of use, the introduction of synthetic materials having some ergonomics implications. Similarly, materials science and design technology have contributed innovations in equipment for racquet sports and hitting implements. The changes have tended to be associated with availability of new materials for product construction and have implications for safety and skill in the transition to using the new products. Ski equipment design illustrates ergonomics factors in interfacing the performer with the sporting environment and how equipment has progressed by regenerative design processes. Enhancement of performance in some sports must be accompanied by an awareness of safety requirements: where appropriate, risks to participants should be reduced by use of protective clothing and equipment. Enforced validation of protective equipment is recommended to raise safety levels in certain sports and the safety of spectators must not be neglected. Human factors criteria can then be applied in monitoring, officiating and spectating at sporting events.

  18. Complete equipments and technology for polyester industrial yarn directly spun from recycled polyester%再生聚酯直纺涤纶工业丝成套设备技术探讨



    采用回收聚酯(PET)瓶片,通过液相增黏直接纺丝生产涤纶工业丝,探讨了再生聚酯直纺涤纶工业丝的成套设备和工艺技术.结果表明:对干燥设备和螺杆挤压机进行改造,利用双级熔体预过滤器和液相增黏系统,聚酯瓶片再生增黏后特性黏数可达(0.85±0.01) dL/g;该成套设备的关键是采用单轴式液相增黏反应器;调整纺丝和拉伸工艺,直接纺丝生产的涤纶工业丝线密度为1 189 dtex,断裂强度为7.98 cN/dtex,断裂伸长率为14.66%,达到了常规固相增黏法生产的涤纶工业丝的性能指标.%Polyester (PET) industrial yam was prepared from recycled PET bottle flake via liquid-state polycondensation and directly spinning process.The complete equipment and process technology for directly spinning recycled PET industrial yarn were discussed.The results showed that the PET bottle flake can be regenerated with the intrinsic viscosity up to (0.85 ±0.01) dL/g after regeneration and polycondensation as the drying unit and screw extruder were reformed and a two-stage melt prefilter and liquid-state polycondensation system were applied; the key to the complete equipment was to introduce an uniaxial liquid-state polycondensation reactor; the directly-spun PET industrial yarn had the linear density of 1 189 dtex,breaking tenacity 7.98 cN/dtex and elongation at break 14.66% after adjusting the spinning and drawing processes,which were equal to the physical index of PET industrial yarn prepared by solid-state polycondensation.

  19. Design of Bogie Anti-corrosive Thick Coating Intense Radiation Curing Technology and Equipment%浅析转向架防腐厚涂层强辐射固化工艺及设备设计

    于喜年; 赵月红; 刘军


    In order to solve the problem on bogie anti-corrosive thick coating curing,then the thickness of anti-corrosion coating 250 μm or/about and the thickness of general dry film and 5~8 kg limited of scraping putty weight were required in accordance with relevant standards and specifications,as requlated with anti-corrosive thickness.Therefore,the still high quality on welding bogie was proposed and reguested.Analysis of bogie anti-corrosion thick coating paint,curing technology and optimal combination of special anti-corrosive coatings on the surface of high speed bogie was made,which is favourable for tech-equipment and process arrangement and coat infense radiation curing.Short-wave radiation heater is the key component of the coating to be cured.A special combination of structural design by elliptical surface and parabolic surface was adopted.It is more conducive to deep directional radiation which makes the solvent in the bottom of anti-corrosive coating evaporate quickly as a result of strong coating adhesion.Therefore short-wave radiation heater is more suitable for curing the thick coating of wheel axis.Intense radiation curing equipment,parametric design and its virtual assembly provide quick and easy reference in design of anti-corrosive coating curing equipment to produce other relevant products for different manufactures being concerned.%为解决转向架防腐厚涂层固化问题,依照相关标准和规范,对防腐涂层厚度作出规定,要求总干膜厚度为250μm左右,并对腻子的刮涂重量限制在5~8 kg以内,对转向架的焊接质量提出了更高的要求;分析了转向架防腐厚涂层涂覆、固化工艺以及高速动车转向架专用防腐涂料的最优组合,有利于涂层强辐射固化工艺设计和工艺过程安排;短波辐射加热器为涂层固化的关键部件,采用抛物面与椭圆面组合的特殊结构设计,更有利于深层定向辐射,使防腐涂层的底部溶剂迅速挥发,增强了涂层的附

  20. 物联网设备远程控制技术研究与改进%The Research and Improvement oF IoT Equipment Remote Control Technology

    任瑞芳; 金慧


    对传统物联网设备远程控制技术进行测试和分析,提出一种改进的物联网设备远程控制方法,旨在解决因为通信延迟或错误导致的用户终端状态更新慢、数据过期、界面异常或卡机等影响人机交互流畅性的问题。在用户终端创建虚拟设备模块,该模块与网络应用服务器连接,用于接收用户指令、转发控制消息、同步和校验设备终端状态等工作;在设备终端联网模块上增加指令抵达消息反馈机制,在接收到有虚拟设备发送的控制指令时先立即以轻量数据包原路返回,然后再把控制指令转发给下层电器模块进行处理。实验结果表明:这种改进的远程交互方法和装置,减轻了应用服务器与设备终端的数据处理压力、能够保证用户终端与设备终端状态的匹配、明显提升了用户终端指令响应速度,操作过程流畅、敏捷、正确。%Based on the test of the remote control technology of the traditional IoT equipment and research on it, a new method is proposed to resolve the human-machine interaction fluency problems such as status update slow, data expired, UI exception or sys⁃tem halted, that caused by communication delay or error. A virtual device module is created on the user terminal, which connected with the network application server. It can send and receive command messages, and forwardly synchronize and check the equip⁃ment running state. A message feedback mechanism is created in network module of the equipment terminal, when it received a control message, It will be the first to return data with a lightweight data packet and then forwarded to the next layer of electrical module. The experimental result shows that the improved method and device can reduce the processing pressure, guarantee the da⁃ta correctness of the equipment and user terminal , It really improves the fluency of human-machine interaction.

  1. 探析高校多媒体教室的建设与管理%Construction and Management on College Multi-media Classroom



    随着科学技术发展,多媒体技术辅助教学正在逐渐取代传统的教学方式,多媒体教室建设已成为各高校重视的工作之一。根据从事多媒体教室管理工作的实际经验,简要论述了高校多媒体教室建设与管理方面的经验。%Along with the science and technology developing, multimedia technology assisted teaching is gradually taking the place of traditional teaching methods, so multimedia classroom construction has become one of the universities important work. In this paper, based on the multimedia classroom management experience for many years, the construction and management of university multimedia classroom were briefly discussed.

  2. Research and Application of New Technology and Equipment in Shandong Gold Refinery%新技术、新设备在山东黄金精炼厂的研究与应用

    王德煜; 姚福善; 刘瑞强


    山东黄金矿业(莱州)有限公司精炼厂1200 t/d氰化厂采用浮选-氰化浮选工艺,实现了多金属资源综合回收利用,氰化物和水资源的循环利用;采用立磨机(塔磨机)、气力搅拌浸出槽、立式压滤机和在线监测分析仪等新型选矿设备,全工艺流程实现自动化、信息化控制,为黄金冶炼产业绿色、无害生产和自动控制前沿技术提供了生产实践经验。%The 1 200 t/d cyanide plant of Shandong Gold Refinery,which used the technique of flotation-cyanidation-flotation,has realized not only the comprehensive recycling of polymetallic resource but also cyanide and water recycling.It has be used in cyanide plant for the vertical mill (tower mill),the leaching tank of air agitation,the vertical filter press,the on-line monitoring analyzer and other new equipment of mineral processing.The whole technique has realized the automation and information controlling,and also provide the production practice for the green and harmless production and the frontier technology of automatic controlling in gold smelting industry.

  3. Technology

    Xu Jing


    Full Text Available The traditional answer card reading method using OMR (Optical Mark Reader, most commonly, OMR special card special use, less versatile, high cost, aiming at the existing problems proposed a method based on pattern recognition of the answer card identification method. Using the method based on Line Segment Detector to detect the tilt of the image, the existence of tilt image rotation correction, and eventually achieve positioning and detection of answers to the answer sheet .Pattern recognition technology for automatic reading, high accuracy, detect faster

  4. Decomposing the Cyclical Movements in the Real Price of Equipment

    Kwang Hwan Kim


    Full Text Available This paper raises warning flags about the current use of the real price of equipment as the driving process for investment-specific technology in the Real-Business-Cycle (RBC model. Using a structural VAR approach, this paper finds that a significant fraction of the real price of equipment is accounted for by other shocks besides investment-specific technology shocks (I-shocks. This finding indicates that the current RBC models which use the real price of equipment as the driving process of investment-specific technology might overstate the contribution of I-shocks to economic fluctuations.

  5. Development of ion/proton beam equipment for industrial uses

    Choi, Byung Ho; Lee, J. H.; Cho, Y. S.; Joo, P. K.; Kang, S. S.; Song, W. S.; Kim, H. J.; Chang, G. H.; Bang, S. W


    KAERI has possessed design and fabrication technologies of various ion sources including Duoplasmatron and DuoPiGatron developed by R and D projects of the long-term nuclear technology development program. In order to industrialize ion beam equipments utilizing these ion sources, a technology transfer project for a technology transfer project for a domestic firm has been performed. Under this project, engineers of the firm have been trained through classroom lectures of ion beam principles and OJT, an ion/proton beam equipment (DEMO equipment) has been designed, assembled and commissioned jointly with the engineers. Quality of the ion sources has been quantified, and technologies for ion beam equipment construction, functional test and application research have been developed. The DEMO equipment, which consists of an ion source, power supplies, vacuum, cooling and target systems, has been fabricated and tested to secure stability and reliability for industrial uses. Various characteristic tests including high voltage insulation, beam extraction, beam current measuring, etc. have been performed. This DEMO can be utilized for ion sources development as well as ion beam process development for various industrial products. Engineers of the firm have been trained for the industrialization of ion beam equipment and joined in beam application technology development to create industrial needs of beam equipment. (author)

  6. Dairy Equipment Lubrication


    Lake To Lake Dairy Cooperative, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, operates four plants in Wisconsin for processing milk, butter and cheese products from its 1,300 member farms. The large co-op was able to realize substantial savings by using NASA information for improved efficiency in plant maintenance. Under contract to Marshall Space Flight Center, Midwest Research Institute compiled a handbook consolidating information about commercially available lubricants. The handbook details chemical and physical properties, applications, specifications, test procedures and test data for liquid and solid lubricants. Lake To Lake's plant engineer used the handbook to effect savings in maintenance labor and materials costs by reducing the number of lubricants used on certain equipment. Strict U.S. Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration regulations preclude lubrication changes n production equipment, but the co-op's maintenance chief was able to eliminate seven types of lubricants for ancillary equipment, such as compressors and high pressure pumps. Handbook data enabled him to select comparable but les expensive lubricants in the materials consolidation process, and simplified lubrication schedules and procedures. The handbook is in continuing use as a reference source when a new item of equipment is purchased.

  7. Education Demonstration Equipment

    Nagy, A.; Lee, R. L.


    The General Atomics fusion education program ``Scientist in the Classroom" (SIC) now in its sixth year, uses scientists and engineers to present plasma as a state of matter to students in the classroom. Using hands-on equipment, students see how magnets, gas pressure changes, and different gases are turned into plasmas. A piston, sealed volume, and vacuum chamber illuminate ideal gas laws. Liquid nitrogen is used to explore thermodynamic temperature effects and changes in states of matter. Light bulbs are excited with a Tesla coil to ionize gases, thus becoming an inexpensive plasma devices and a plasma tube shows magnetic interactions with plasma. The demonstration equipment used in this program is built with simple designs and common commercial equipment keeping in mind a teacher's tight budget. The SIC program ( ˜25 school presentations per year) has become very popular and has acquired an enthusiastic group of regular teacher clientele requesting repeat visits. In addition, three very popular and successful ``Build-It" days, sponsored by the General Atomics Fusion Education Outreach Program, enables teachers to build and keep in their classroom some of this equipment. The demonstration devices will be presented along with their ``build-it" details.

  8. Shipboard and laboratory equipment

    Shyamprasad, M.; Ramaswamy, V.

    bed, and a digital clock and a transponder helped to locate the camera. Equipment for the analysis of the nodules such as x-ray fluorescence and atomic absorption spectrophotometers were installed aboard MV Skandi Surveyor and MV Fernella and MV G A...

  9. Lifetime of Mechanical Equipment

    Leland, K.


    The gas plant at Kaarstoe was built as part of the Statpipe gas transport system and went on stream in 1985. In 1993 another line was routed from the Sleipner field to carry condensate, and the plant was extended accordingly. Today heavy additional supply- and export lines are under construction, and the plant is extended more than ever. The main role of the factory is to separate the raw gas into commercial products and to pump or ship it to the markets. The site covers a large number of well-known mechanical equipment. This presentation deals with piping, mechanical and structural disciplines. The lifetime of mechanical equipment is often difficult to predict as it depends on many factors, and the subject is complex. Mechanical equipment has been kept in-house, which provides detailed knowledge of the stages from a new to a 14 years old plant. The production regularity has always been very high, as required. The standard of the equipment is well kept, support systems are efficient, and human improvisation is extremely valuable.

  10. Joint ventures for mobile equipment reduce hospital costs.

    DeMuro, P R


    Many hospitals cannot afford to purchase all of the high-technology equipment necessary to provide a full range of services. Healthcare organizations should consider entering a joint venture to gain access to mobile equipment. However, changes pending in Washington (see Up-data, p. 5) dictate caution for all healthcare joint ventures, particularly those involving physician investments.

  11. Industrial cogeneration optimization program. Volume II. Appendix A. Conceptual designs and preliminary equipment specifications. Appendix B. Characterization of cogeneration systems (near-term technology). Appendix C. Optimized cogeneration systems


    This appendix to a report which evaluates the technical, economic, and institutional aspects of industrial cogeneration for conserving energy in the food, chemical, textile, paper, and petroleum industries contains data, descriptions, and diagrams on conceptual designs and preliminary equipment specifications for cogeneration facilities; characterization of cogeneration systems in terms of fuel utilization, performance, air pollution control, thermal energy storage systems, and capital equipment costs; and optimized cogeneration systems for specific industrial plants. (LCL)

  12. Sodium cleaning from sodium contaminated components and operation for experimental equipment

    Kim, B. H.; Kim, J. M.; Kim, T. J.; Nam, H. Y.; Jeong, J. Y.; Choi, B. H.; Choi, J. H


    An objective of washing technology development for sodium contaminated equipment is to clean and reuse safely and effectively the used equipment through a washing and maintenance, and recovery of the sodium wastes generated during washing.

  13. 项目制教学法在食品发酵设备与工艺实验教学中的应用%The Application of Project-based Teaching Methodology in the Experimental Teaching of Food Fermentation Equipment and Technology



    食品发酵设备与工艺是食品专业的必修课,其中实验课具有很强的实践性.我们将"项目制"的理念引入食品发酵设备与工艺实验教学中,通过十多年的不断改进和创新,取得了较好的效果.%Food fermentation equipment and technology is a com-pulsory course of food science specialty, and its experimental teaching has a strong practicality. With continuous improvement and innovation of ten years, we used project-based teaching methodology in the experimental teaching of food fermentation e-quipment and technology, which obtained visible teaching effect.


    S. L. Rovin


    Full Text Available This article presents an automated cupola complex, developed by scientific-production enterprise «Technolit» together with GSTU named after P. O. Sukhoi, launched in the spring of 2015 at the plant «Stroiex» in the city of Chelyabinsk (the Russian Federation. The old cupolas (open type have been replaced by the new cupolas of the closed type, equipped with automatic control and management system and multistage wet gas treatment system. Cupolas are equipped with systems of post-combustion gases and the batch charging, the separate systems of air blast, systems of sludge removal and recirculation of water, the slag granulation installations, mechanized cleaning of cupola furnace and automatic safety system. These activities allowed the company to increase production and improve the quality of cast iron, reduce the coke consumption by 20% and reducing emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere almost 30 times.

  15. Soviet equipment flies in

    CERN PhotoLab


    End of February 1977 a Soviet Ilyushin-76 heavy freight aircraft landed at Cointrin airport having on board fifty large wire proprtional chambers and associated apparatus, together weighing 10 tons, supplied by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, USSR. The equipment was for the CERN- Dubna-Munich-Saclay experiment NA4 on deep inelastic muon scattering being set up in the North Area of SPS. See Weekly Bulletin 11/78.

  16. 输变电设备状态监测数据自动汇集技术研究与应用%Automatic Collection Technology for State Monitoring Data of Power Transmission and Transformation Equipment and Its Application

    杨强; 谢善益; 马金宝; 范颖


    In order to establish an unified and standardized data platform for electric power equipment state monitoring and diagnosis system,a method which was based on unified information model and aimed to realize automatic collection for state monitoring data of various professional systems was studied.Firstly,a solution scheme for object coding of various data source systems and inconformity of object naming was put forward and an verification method for source system model was presented as well.Process steps of automatic data collection were stated and meanwhile,methods for automatic joint of pro-duction management system and information model of dispatching automation system,construction of online monitoring model,real-time data and alarming data collection were introduced and analyzed.Automatic collection technology was ap-plied in Guangdong Power Grid Co.,Ltd.which was effectively realizing automatic collection,comprehensive integration and unified application of mass data of production management system,energy management system and online monitoring system.%为建立电力设备状态监测诊断系统的统一化、标准化数据平台,研究了基于统一信息模型,实现来源于各专业系统的状态监测数据自动汇集的方法。首先提出各数据源系统的对象编码及对象命名不一致问题的解决方案,以及对源系统模型进行校验的方法;阐述数据自动汇集的过程步骤,介绍和分析生产管理系统与调度自动化系统信息模型自动拼接、在线监测模型创建、实时数据及告警数据汇集的方法。自动汇集技术已应用于广东电网公司,实现了广东电网生产管理系统、能量管理系统、在线监测系统的海量数据的自动汇集、全面融合、统一应用。

  17. Equipment Obsolescence Management Program

    Redmond, J.


    Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Operators are challenged with securing reliable supply channels for safety related equipment due to equipment obsolescence. Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have terminated production of spare parts and product life-cycle support. The average component life cycles are much shorter than the NPP design life, which means that replacement components and parts for the original NPP systems are not available for the complete design life of the NPPs. The lack or scarcity of replacement parts adversely affects plant reliability and ultimately the profitability of the affected NPPs. This problem is further compounded when NPPs pursue license renewal and approval for plant-life extension. A reliable and predictable supply of replacement co components is necessary for NPPs to remain economically competitive and meet regulatory requirements and guidelines. Electrical and I and C components, in particular, have short product life cycles and obsolescence issues must be managed pro actively and not reactively in order to mitigate the risk to the NPP to ensure reliable and economic NPP operation. (Author)

  18. Equipment for gas conversion

    Tabata, K.; Matsumoto, I.


    Equipment is proposed for vapor conversion of hydrocarbons (Uv), possibly in a mixture with air, in order to produce an inorganic gas, which chiefly consists of H2 and COx. It consists of a reaction pipe made of an inorganic refractory ceramic and equipped along the wall circumference with heaters. The reaction pipe is filled with a combined, multilayer catalyst (Kt) carrier, made of gamma-A1203 which in the transverse cross section has a multipore reticular or fibrous structure. Replacement of the traditional steel (St) materials for the walls of the reaction pipe with ceramic materials reduces the output of the hydrocarbon which contaminates the surface (Pv) of the catalyst; the use of a multilayer carrier for the catalyst made of gamma-A1203 with a porous reticular or fibrous structure reduces the pressure losses in the reactor and facilitates the replacement of the spent catalyst. The equipment is designed for vapor conversion of natural gas, C3H8, and vapors of kerosene, naphtha and so on.

  19. Multi-media Future 9000 Language Lab and Foreign Language Teaching%多媒体FUTURE 900O语言实验室与外语教学



    多媒体是一个将视频、图像、动画和声音等媒体信息集于一体的综合性媒体体系。多媒体语言实验室在教学中越来越凸现其优势,尤其在外语教学中,它以图像和声音产生逼真的教学情境,教学效果更加显著。为了适应不断创新和发展的多媒体教学技术,我们还要挖掘潜能,还要探索新的具有智能化的教学技术模式。%Multimedia is a comprehensive system which assembles visual frequences, pictures, motion pictures and sounds, etc. The advantages of the multimedia language lab are becoming more and more conspicuous,especially in foreign language teaching. Multimedia can create lifelike teaching context, which can gain notable teaching effect. In order to adapt to the rapid development of multimedia teaching technology, we should try to find out potential capacity and explore new intelligent teaching modes.

  20. Tu Amigo Pepe: Evaluation of a Multi-media Marketing Campaign that Targets Young Latino Immigrant MSM with HIV Testing Messages.

    Solorio, Rosa; Norton-Shelpuk, Pamela; Forehand, Mark; Montaño, Daniel; Stern, Joshua; Aguirre, Joel; Martinez, Marcos


    Latino immigrant men who have sex with men (MSM) are at risk for HIV and delayed diagnosis in the United States. This paper describes the evaluation of a pilot of the Tu Amigo Pepe, a multimedia HIV testing campaign aimed at Latino MSM in Seattle, WA particularly targeting immigrants who may not identify as gay, ages 18-30 years old. The 16-week campaign included Spanish-language radio public service announcements (PSAs), a Web site, social media outreach, a reminder system using mobile technology, print materials and a toll-free hotline. In developing the PSAs, the Integrated Behavioral Model was used as a framework to reframe negative attitudes, beliefs and norms towards HIV testing with positive ones as well as to promote self-efficacy towards HIV testing. The campaign had a significant and immediate impact on attitudes, beliefs, norms and self-efficacy towards HIV testing as well as on actual behavior, with HIV testing rates increasing over time.

  1. Liver enzymes among microelectronics equipment maintenance technicians.

    Upfal, M


    Equipment maintenance workers within the microelectronics industry have opportunities for occupational exposure to a variety of toxic agents. This pilot investigation compares liver enzymes in this population with that of other coworkers. Participants (n = 135) were randomly selected from a medical surveillance program at the manufacturing facility. Nine job categories were examined, including equipment maintenance workers and electronic technicians. Although abnormal liver enzymes were detected among equipment maintenance workers (odds ratio 16.4; P less than .008) and electronic technicians (odds ratio 27; P less than .0005), the numbers of participants were small (n = 8, 10). The data suggest that independent and/or interactive etiologic roles of occupation and alcohol should be further investigated. Early detection of subclinical occupational or recreational hepatotoxicity with appropriate employment of industrial hygiene control technology and/or the reduction of alcohol consumption may provide a means of preventing liver disease.

  2. 基于PLC控制技术和气压传动控制技术的汽车前悬架与转向轮螺纹装配设备研发%Based on PLC control technology and air pressure drive control technology of automobile front suspension and steering wheel screw assembly equipment research and development



    在装配汽车前悬架与转向轮时需要拧紧螺纹,一旦操作不当就会出现前倾角过大的缺陷,加快车轮胎的磨损,降低小轴承及轮毂紧固螺母的使用寿命。对此,本文设计了一种基于PLC控制技术和气压传动控制技术的装配设备,能有效避免上述问题。%in the assembly of front suspension and steering wheel need to tighten the screw thread, once the defect of improper operation will appear before the Angle is too large, to speed up the car tire wear, reduce the service life of small bearings and wheel fastening nut. To this, this paper designed a kind of control technology based on PLC control technology and pneumatic transmission assembly equipment, can effectively avoid the above problems.

  3. To Quicken Engineering Technology/Equipment Conifguration and Popular Application through Field Tests of Critical Engineering Technologies%依托重大工程技术现场试验加快工程技术装备配套定型与推广应用

    方朝亮; 谢正凯; 金鼎; 钟太贤; 撒利明; 罗凯


    为进一步推动基础研究和技术攻关取得的室内研究成果的技术配套和产品定型,加快其向现实生产力的转化,中国石油天然气集团公司依托重大工程技术现场试验项目,组织了一系列重大工程技术现场试验,先后试验定型和完善配套了控压钻井技术与装备、连续管作业技术与装备、气井带压作业技术与装备、精细分层注水技术与工具、多波地震勘探技术、EILog成像测井技术与装备等,取得了一批重大标志性成果,形成了多项特色工艺技术,提升了工程技术服务支持业务核心竞争力,为集团公司主营业务有质量、有效益、可持续发展提供了强有力的技术支撑。%To further promote the conifguration of complete sets of engineering technology and equipment after laboratory research achievements obtained by basic studies and technical breakthroughs, China National Petroleum Corporation has launched a series of ifeld tests of critical engineering technologies by way of ifeld test projects. A batch of important benchmarking accomplishments has been made, sets of special technologies and corresponding corollary equipment have been tested, configured and perfected, including managed pressure drilling (MPD), coiled tubing (CT) operation, gas-well snubbing, precise distributed water flooding, multi-wave seismic exploration, and EILog image logging. The core competitiveness of supporting engineering service is thus enhanced, providing powerful technical support for high-quality, high-efifciency and sustainable development of CNPC businesses.

  4. 国内外纺纱设备及技术发展的四大亮点--2014年中国国际纺机展暨ITMA亚洲展览会的纺纱机械评析%Four Highlights in the Development of Spinning Equipment and Technology at Home and Abroad

    章友鹤; 成建林; 毕大明; 赵连英; 陈根才; 史世忠


    The article summarized four highlights of the spinning equipment and technologies shown on ITMA Asia + CITME 2014 by both domestic and foreign exhibitors: high-speed and high-efficiency technologies are widely used for improving production efficiency of spinning equipment; automatic and continuous technologies are widely used for realizing “substituting labor with robot” and saving labor cost; intelligent and digital technologies are widely used for realizing network- and information-based management of entire process;energy-saving new spinning technologies are adopted to reduce energy and material consumption.%文章介绍了2014年中国国际纺机展暨ITMA亚洲展览会上展出的国内外纺纱设备及技术的四大亮点:围绕提高纺纱设备的生产效率,广泛采用高速化与高效化技术;广泛采用自动化连续化技术,实现“机器换人”减少劳动用工;广泛采用智能化与数字化技术,纺纱全过程实现网络化与信息化管理;积极采用节能降耗的纺纱新技术,降低能耗与机物料消耗。

  5. Key Technologies and Equipments of High Intensity Magnetic Separation for Weakly Magnetic Minerals%弱磁性矿石高效强磁选关键技术及装备研究

    饶宇欢; 熊大和


    针对我国弱磁性矿石选矿效率低,强磁选设备存在磁场强度低、磁介质易堵塞、回收率低、维修难度大等重大技术难题。研究提出了微细粒弱磁性矿粒在综合力场中的动力学方程和影响弱磁性矿物选矿指标的关系方程式等一系列磁选机设计方面的理论问题;在装备设计中通过独特的铠装、水内冷磁系,减少漏磁,获得了1.0 T以上磁场强度,实现了强磁选机节能;研发了棒状磁介质及其优化排列结构,解决了强磁选机易堵塞问题;发明了分选大颗粒物料(2~5 mm)的强磁选机,解决了湿式强磁选机仅能处理小于1 mm物料的难题;发明了干式振动高梯度磁选机,使强磁选从湿式分选扩大到干式分选。 SLon系列强磁选机已有30多种型号,单台设备日处理量可达10000 t。研究提出了强磁选选矿的新工艺,实现了SLon系列强磁选机的大规模工业应用。%The mineral processing equipment of weak magnetic ores has some key technological difficulties, such as low magnetic field, easily jammed magnetic media, low recovery rate and difficult maintenance. This paper discusses a series of theoretical problems in designing magnetic separator, including dynamic function of fine-grain sized ore particle in the multi-force field and relation function affecting mineral processing indexes. Magnetic field intensity (>1.0T) is obtained by unique armor furnishing and inner cooling magnetic system to reduce magnet leakage. Easy jamming problem of magnetic separator is solved by bar-shaped magnetic media with optimized structure. The former hydraulic magnetic separator can only process small particle size crude ores (<1 mm). However, the newly-invented magnetic separator has the capacity to separate crude ores with large particle size (2~5 mm).The invention of dry vibrating high gradient magnetic separator expands the magnetic separation from hydraulic to dried

  6. Study on Drying Technology of Wild Erythroculter Ilishaeformis Using Solar Assisited Heat Pump Equipment%野生白鱼热泵太阳能组合干燥设备及工艺研究

    吴鹏辉; 付捷; 稂晓嘉; 邱瑜


    野生白鱼的初始含水率在75%以上且热敏性较高,烘干所需时间较长。为了降低干燥过程的能耗,达到削减成本、节能减排的目的,采用热泵太阳能组合干燥的方法,以干燥总能耗为响应值,以影响野生白鱼干燥能耗的3个主要因素(干燥温度、环境湿度、太阳能系统能耗)为响应值,设计了三因素三水平响应面分析试验,通过Design Expert 8.0统计分析软件,对数据进行响应面优化。在干燥风速为2m/s,太阳能系统的供热时间为10小时的条件下,确定野生白鱼干燥的最佳工艺为:干燥温度为41.02℃,太阳能系统的循环风机功率为0.85kW,环境湿度为20%,此时干燥总能耗的最小值为43.8975 kW·h 。%The initial moisture of wild erythroculter ilishaeformis is generally higher than 75%,so the dr-ying time was needed.The purposes of this study is to reduce the energy consumption of the drying process,cut costs and save the energy by using a solar assisited heat pump equipment.In this study,the technology of dr-ying wild erythroculter ilishaeformis was optimized by response surface method.Taking the total energy con-sumption as response,the model was using response surface analysis of three main effect factors(drying temper-ature,humidity and circulation energy)at three levels.The data were analysis tested by Design Expert 8.0 sta-tistical analysis software.Under the conditions of the drying wind speed 2m/s and the heating time of solar sys-tems for 10 hours,the best drying technology of wild erythroculter ilishaeformis:the drying temperature was 41.02 ℃,circulating energy consumption was 0.85kW ·h,and the humidity was 20%.In this case,the mini-mum value of the total energy consumption of the drying was 43.8975kW·h.

  7. Electronic business in the home medical equipment industry.

    Wei, June; Graham, Michael J; Liu, Lai C


    This paper aims at developing electronic business solutions to increase value for the home medical equipment industry. First, an electronic strategic value chain model was developed for the home medical equipment industry. Second, electronic business solutions were mapped from this model. Third, the top 20 dominant companies in the home medical equipment industry were investigated to see the current adoption patterns of these electronic business solutions. The solutions will be beneficial to decision-makers in the information technology adoptions in the home medical equipment industry to increase the business values.

  8. Waste Handling Equipment Devleopment Test and Evaluation

    R.L. Tome


    The purpose of this study is to identify candidate Monitored Geologic Repository (MGR) surface waste handling equipment for development testing. This study will also identify strategies for performing the development tests. Development testing shall be implemented to support detail design and reduce design risks. Development testing shall be conducted to confirm design concepts, evaluate alternative design concepts, show the availability of needed technology, and provide design documentation. The candidate equipment will be selected from MGR surface waste handling equipment that is the responsibility of the Management and Operating Contractor (M&O) Surface Design Department. The equipment identified in this study is based on Viability Assessment (VA) design. The ''Monitored Geologic Repository Test and Evaluation Plan'' (MGR T&EP), Reference 5.1, was used as a basis for this study. The MGR T&EP reflects the extent of test planning and analysis that can be conducted, given the current status of the MGR requirements and latest VA design information. The MGR T&EP supports the appropriate sections in the license application (LA) in accordance with 10 CFR 60.2 1(c)(14). The MGR T&EP describes the following test activities: site characterization to confirm, by test and analysis, the suitability of the Yucca Mountain site for housing a geologic repository; development testing to investigate and document design concepts to reduce risk; qualification testing to verify equipment compliance with design requirements, specifications, and regulatory requirements; system testing to validate compliance with MGR requirements, which include the receipt, handling, retrieval, and disposal of waste; periodic performance testing to verify preclosure requirements and to demonstrate safe and reliable MGR operation; and performance confirmation modeling, testing, and analysis to verify adherence to postclosure regulatory requirements. Development test activities can be

  9. 基于RFID的电力通信设备管理系统的设计与应用%Design and Application of Management System of Power Communication Equipment Based on RFID Technology

    王阳; 张正文


      针对目前电力通信设备仓库管理中存在的问题,设计应用基于RFID的B/S模式通信设备管理系统,实现对电力通信设备的动态管理,节约人力和物资成本,提高精益集约化管理水平。%Power communications equipment for the current problems in warehouse management was discussed. Designing RFID-based applications B/S mode communication device management system, automatically collect information communication equipment, to achieve the dynamic management of power communication equipment, saving manpower and material costs, increase lean intensive management level.

  10. 结合物联网技术的租赁设备质量控制研究%Research on Quality Control of Medical Equipment for Renting Combined with IOT Technology

    苏秋玲; 洪范宗; 董少良


    Objective: Based on the good benefits of our medical equipment rental center at the moment, to optimize the management of equipment rental center in hospital and improve the safe of using the rented equipment through modern means by application of IOT . Methods: We summarized the current status of medical equipment quality control and the shortcomings, all common life flow of equipment in rental center, researched and explored medical equipment quality control program combined IOT, then analyzed quality status before and after the scheme with SPSS 13.0. Results: In accordance with all life flow of equipment in rental center, we divided the scheme into two parts of equipment in and out rental center, those of which take ventilator as example, and then constructed a model benefit for medical equipment quality control. Results showed that quality status of the rented equipment before and after the program had statistically significant (P <0.01). Conclusions: Through program combined IOT for rental equipment quality control management, management of medical equipment in hospital has been improved. Performance and safe use of medical devices has been assured, which effectively reducing the probability of occurrence in medical and providing a good reference for the modernizing hospitals in future.%目的:在现有医院医疗设备租赁中心平台效益基础上,实现医疗设备的集中式质量控制,并通过物联网技术的应用,优化医院租赁中心设备的管理,以现代化手段提高各租赁设备的使用安全.方法:总结医院卫生装备质量控制的现状及存在不足、设备在租赁中心的全寿命流程,研究并探讨结合物联网技术实行租赁设备的质量控制方案,并运用统计学软件SPSS 13.0分析方案实施前后设备质量的状况.结果:依据各医疗设备在租赁中心的寿命流程,分租赁中心内与院内其他科室两部分设立不同的质量控制方案并给出了呼吸机应用实例做

  11. Equipment, exposure, emission review--specification of process equipment for worker exposure control.

    Bowes, Stephen M


    technology was based on detailed assessment of stream composition and risk, rather than on process unit name or function. The EEER and Equipment Selection Matrix provided reproducible recommendations and helped manage cost and complexity of equipment specification for health protection.

  12. Fiscal 1998 survey report. Medical equipment (Development of fine sampling/analysis system for blood / Development of high-precision 3-D image diagnosis system / Development of low-invasion operation support system / Total development of artificial internal organ technologies); 1998 nendo chosa hokokusho. Iryo kiki (ketsuekinado biryo saishu, biryo bunseki system kaihatsu/koseido sanjigen eizo shindan system kaihatsu/teishinshu shujutsu shien system kaihatsu/jinko zoki gijutsu sogo kaihatsu)



    For efficient medical care supply systems, the R and D of advanced medical care technology and equipment largely contribute to productivity improvement for medical care services. Among them, a progress of medical care technology is becoming important for preparation of efficient and fair supply systems. MITI thus established 'Medical care and welfare equipment development project' in 1994, and has promoted the strategic long-term R and D project of medical care and welfare equipment as joint R and D project of NEDO and private enterprises. In fiscal 1998, on the development of the fine sampling/analysis system for blood, the high- precision 3-D image diagnosis system, the low-invasion operation support system, and the artificial internal organ technologies since fiscal 1996, this project clarified essential technical issues based on the future view, selected some themes to be newly developed in the future, and surveyed and evaluated the details of their R and D concretely. (NEDO)

  13. How to Use Equipment Therapeutically.

    Bowne, Douglas


    Shares therapeutic and economic practices surrounding equipment used in New York's Higher Horizons adventure program of therapy for troubled youth. Encourages educators, therapists, and administrators to explore relationship between equipment selection, program goals, and clients. (NEC)

  14. Donation of CERN computing equipment to Pakistan

    Anaïs Schaeffer


    An official ceremony marking the eighth donation of CERN computing equipment to an outside institute, this time a university in Pakistan, took place on Monday, 2 March.     From left to right: Sajjad Mohsin, Dean at the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Rolf Heuer, CERN Director-General, S. M. Junaid Zaidi, Rector of CIIT, Aumair Qayyum (CIIT) and Syed Ali Zahir Bukhari (CIIT).   On this occasion, 224 servers and 30 network hubs were donated to the CIIT (COMSATS Institute of Information Technology) in Islamabad, Pakistan, where they will be used by scientists working on the LHC’s ALICE experiment. For several years now, CERN has regularly donated computing equipment that no longer meets its highly specific requirements but is still more than adequate for less exacting environments. To date, a total of 1,149 servers and 79 hubs have been donated to eight countries, namely Bulgaria, Egypt, Ghana, Morocco, the Philippines, Senegal, Serbia and now P...

  15. Japanese National Safety Standards for Electrical Equipment

    Junkichi Sumiya


    @@ I am working in Japan electrical safety & environment technology laboratory, which is called JET for short. In JET, we are carrying out the safety test of electrical equipment according to Japanese domestic standards or IEC standards. And in my section, our stuff is drafting some national safety standards harmonized with IEC in cooperation with the government. The standards are applied for the mandatory regulation and other schemes.

  16. Laboratory Equipment Type Fiber Optic Refractometer

    E. F. Carome; M. Benca; L. Ovsenik; J. Turan


    Using fiber optics and micro optics technologies we designed an innovative fiber optic index of refraction transducer that has unique properties. On the base of this transducer a laboratory equipment type fiber optic refractometer was developed for liquid index of refraction measurements. Such refractometer may be used for medical, pharmaceutical, industrial fluid, petrochemical, plastic, food, and beverage industry applications. For example, it may be used for measuring the concentrations of...


    Outhier, Maxime; Rydström, Vilhelm; Sanz, Imanol


    This Examination Thesis was done at the Blekinge Institute of Technology of Karlskrona. The work is a part of the education to Bachelor of Science in product development. The task consists of changing the steering wheel transmission of the DYNAPAC CA soil compactor machine made by Svedala Compaction Equipment AB. During the work we have followed the Fredy Olsson product development method. The work is divided in two parts: The Concept phase and The Primary Construction phase. In the Concept p...

  18. 一种多媒体计算机网络互连节点动态流控模型分析%Analysis of One Dynamic Traffic Controlling Model About Multi-media Networks Interconnecting Node



    This paper proposes a new dynamic traffic controlling police on interconnecting node,based on various rate controlling serving scheme to meet QoS requirements as multi-media being transported,this controlling model is formed by asymmetric dual-queuing exhausting polling system.. Furthermore this paper gives exactly performance analysis about the model,by the embedded Markov chain and the probability generation function method. The formula of the mean cell waiting time and mean queue length are obtained as well as the simulation results are given. This indicates that the model is much effective for image/voice integrated transmission,and has more importance for traffic control on integrated service Internet.%文章提出一种基于信息分组变速率控制服务机制的网络互连节点流控策略,以适应多媒体网络传输的QoS要求,节点模型按照非对称双队列周期查询式完全服务排队系统构成。利用嵌入马尔可夫链理论和概率母函数的分析方法,还给出了信息分组的平均排队队长和平均时延的解析表达式,并进行了计算机仿真实验,结果表明该模型能较好地实现图像/声音的集成传输,这对进一步研究综合业务Internet中的流控机制有积极意义。

  19. NIH Standard. Animal Care Equipment.

    National Institutes of Health (DHEW), Bethesda, MD. Office of Administrative Management.

    The National Institutes of Health standardized animal care equipment is presented in this catalog. Each piece of equipment is illustrated and described in terms of overall dimensions, construction, and general usage. A price list is included to estimate costs in budgeting, planning, and requisitioning animal care equipment. The standards and…

  20. Separation by electrostatic equipments; Separacion por medios electrostaticos

    Miguel, R.; Larrauri, E.; Arnaiz, S.; Cacho, S.; Robertson, C.; Smallwood, J.; Coilt, J.; Ufer, R.; Kohnlecher, R.


    Development of automated separation technologies is essential in increasing recovery rates, particularly from highly mixed sources such municipal solid wastes and wastes from electric and electronic equipment, and in reducing recycling costs. This frame moved GAIKER Technological Centre to look for new technologies that allow to recover materials such metals, plastics, papers from those waste sources. Electrostatic separation technology has been successfully applied to separate these materials collaborating to get the targets specified by legislation. (Author)

  1. Research on key technology of revolving mining the triangle coal in boundaries of full-mechanized caving mining face with heavy equipment%重型装备综放工作面旋转开采边界三角煤关键技术研究∗

    高维智; 张会军; 张学亮


    由于重型装备的综放工作面支架吨位大,前后部刮板输送机与转载机等端头设备搭接关系极其复杂,设备旋转过程中调架、移动管理难度极大,效率较低。因此,从重型设备综放工作面的设备搭接、工艺优化、巷道布置等方面做了详细研究,提出了重型装备综放工作面旋转开采成套关键技术。%The supports in full-mechanized caving mining face with heavy equipment have large tonnage,the lapping relations of end equipment such as scraper conveyer and reversed load-er are extremely complex,the difficulty of support shifting and movement management in process of equipment revolving is great and the efficiency is low. Based on above problems,e-quipment lapping,process optimization and roadway layout were researched,and the complete key technology of revolving mining in full-mechanized caving mining face with heavy equipment was put forward.

  2. Design and Development of Medical Equipment Management System Based on Two-dimensional Bar Code and Mobile Technologies%基于二维条码和移动技术的医疗设备管理系统的设计与开发

    顾伟; 况华; 孙科芬; 张科娜; 王天鹰


    目的:开发医院设备管理系统,提高设备资产管理工作的质量和效率。方法结合国家、行业、地方医疗器械编码标准,借助二维条码和移动技术开发一套符合医院设备管理需要的信息系统。结果本系统的使用,提升了医院整体管理水平。结论该系统实现了国有资产的规范管理、合理利用。%Objective To develop medical equipment management system to improve the quality and efficiency of equipment assets management. Methods Combined with national, industrial and local coding standards of medical equipment, the management system which is in accordance with management requirements of hospital equipment is developed by using two-dimensional bar code and mobile technologies. Results The overall management level of the hospital has been improved with the application of the management system. Conclusion The standard management and rational utilization of state-owned property have been implemented with the application of the system.

  3. Abyssal soil investigation equipment

    Smits, F.P.; Maggioni, W.; Mainardi, U. [ISMES, Bergamo (Italy)


    The present paper deals with the development of a testing device for quick offshore geotechnical investigations. The equipment, at present, consists of a penetrometer, mounted on a sea bed platform, a handling frame and a control cabin; a further development includes a drill rig and a geotechnical laboratory. All this is designed so as to be an autonomous unit that can be handled by various types of non-specialized ships which have the necessary deck space. The sea bed platform can operate in 2,000 m of waterdepth and is provided with a hydraulic penetrometer, with a thrust capacity of 400 kN, able to carry out cone penetration type testing until a depth of more than 100 m, as well as shallow depth continuous sampling. The penetrometer can be equipped with a series of probes (piezocone, pressiocone, total radial pressure transducer, seismic cone) allowing the execution of the wide range of direct geotechnical measurements normally performed during on-land penetration tests.

  4. Status analysis of technology of mining medium-low-voltage frequency control equipment%矿用中低压变频调速设备技术的现状分析

    李军; 申生太; 董淑棠; 顾潮青


    阐述了矿用设备运行中存在的问题,研究了当前各种矿用变频调速设备的工作原理、系统组成、功能及使用情况,探讨了矿用变频设备使用中应该关注的问题及采取的措施,针对不同矿用设备应该根据使用对象和工况特点进行选型配套,为用户全面了解矿用变频技术现状和选型配套提供了良好的技术支持。%The problems of mining equipment in the operation were elaborated,the operating principle,system composition,functions and service conditions of various kinds of mining fre-quency control equipment at present were studied,the issues of concern and the adopted meas-ures of mining frequency control equipment in use were discussed��Type selection and matching of different mining equipment should carry out according to using obj ects and operating condi-tions,which provided good technical supports for customers to overall understand the mining fre-quency control technical status and type selection and matching.

  5. Antimicrobial food equipment coatings: applications and challenges.

    Bastarrachea, Luis J; Denis-Rohr, Anna; Goddard, Julie M


    Emerging technologies in antimicrobial coatings can help improve the quality and safety of our food supply. The goal of this review is to survey the major classes of antimicrobial agents explored for use in coatings and to describe the principles behind coating processes. Technologies from a range of fields, including biomedical and textiles research, as well as current applications in food contact materials, are addressed, and the technical hurdles that must be overcome to enable commercial adaptation to food processing equipment are critically evaluated.

  6. Wireless Hybrid Identification and Sensing Platform for Equipment Recovery (WHISPER) Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Advanced Systems & Technologies proposed WHISPER (Wireless Hybrid Identification and Sensing Platform for Equipment Recovery) solution to NASA's need for...

  7. Miscellaneous equipment in commercial buildings: The inventory, utilization, and consumption by equipment type

    Pratt, R.G.; Williamson, M.A.; Richman, E.E.


    The nature of the miscellaneous equipment (devices other than permanently installed lighting and those used for space conditioning) in commercial buildings is diverse, comprising a wide variety of devices that are subject to varied patterns of use. This portion of the commercial load is frequently underestimated, and widely hypothesized to be growing. These properties make it a particularly difficult load to characterize for purposes of demand-side management. In the End-Use Load and Consumer Assessment Program (ELCAP), over 100 commercial sites in the Pacific Northwest have been metered at the end-use level for several years. Detailed inspections of the equipment in them have also been conducted. This paper describes how the ELCAP data have been used to estimate three fundamental properties of the various types of equipment in several classes of commercial buildings: (1) the installed capacity per unit floor area, (2) utilization of the equipment relative to the installed capacity, and (3) the resulting energy consumption by building type and for the Pacific Northwest commercial sector as a whole. Applications for the results include assessment of conservation potential, prediction of equipment loads from survey data, estimating equipment loads for energy audits, targeting of conservation technology development, and disaggregating building total or mixed end-use data. 4 tabs., refs.

  8. 红外成像检漏技术在青海电网SF6电气设备泄漏检测中的应用%Application of Infrared Imaging Leakage Detection Technology to SF6 Electric Equipment Leakage Detection in Qinghai Power Grid

    李玉海; 路自强; 李后顺; 周尚虎


    The paper introduces an infrared imaging technology adopting in SF6 electric equipment gas leakage detection, and makes test and study on suitable testing distance for different SF6 electric equipment through applying SF6 gas leakage analog device. The method can locate the SF6 leakage point fast and accurately in practical application.%笔者介绍了一种用于检测SF6电气设备气体泄漏的红外成像技术,并通过SF6气体泄漏模拟装置,对不同SF6电气设备适用的测试距离等进行试验研究.通过在现场实际应用,该方法可以快速、准确地对SF6泄漏点进行定位.

  9. Chinese Petroleum Material and Equipment Export in 1996


    @@ 1996 was a hard year for the export of Chinese machinery and electrical products, but it was an actual harvest one for exporting Chinese petroleum material, equipment and technology. The export value for CPTDC (China Petroleum Technology and Development Corporation) alone was close to $70 million, which was more than double as the previous year.

  10. 基于GSM短消息的滚动式广告机远程通信控制系统%Multi-spindle synchronization tension control technology of textile finishing equipment

    徐之健; 史伟民; 彭来湖; 肖亮


    目前市场上大多数滚动式广告机的监控设备采用有线传输,有些滚动式广告机甚至没有监控设备.滚动式广告机一般分布在不同地区,分布较广,数量众多,这对设备的检测维护带来不便,而且大大降低了效率.针对上述问题,采用GSM短消息作为一种数据传输模式来进行通信,利用西门子TC35i无线模块进行短消息的发送和接收,再对短消息解析得到命令指示.研究结果表明,该系统能对广告机设备实施监控,有效地解决设备远程监控的问题,在性能上较传统滚动式广告机有较大的提升.%At present, most of the rolling advertising machine monitoring equipment in market using wired transmission, and even some advertising machine had no monitoring equipment.Rolling advertising machine generally located in different regions, widely distributed and had large number, monitoring equipment inconvenience, also greatly reduces the efficiency.Aiming at short messages through GSM data transmission mode as a communication, Siemens TC35i wireless module was used to send and receive short messages, then the short message was analyzed.The results indicate that the system can get an order directing to control the advertising machine, solution to the problem of remote monitoring equipment performance, contrast to traditional advertising machine has a larger increase.

  11. Application Prospect of BIM Technology in the Construction of Building Equipment Management System%BIM技术在建筑设备管理系统中的应用前景分析

    潘爱群; 莫世峰


    This article discuss the applications of "Building Information Modeling" (BIM) in the visualization management of equipment and pipeline, energy-saving control of air-conditioning system , BAS integration and so on.%本文对建筑信息模型(BIM)在设备与管道可视化管理、空调系统节能控制、BAS集成等方面的应用进行了探讨。


    S. S. Tkachenko


    Full Text Available Three fundamental principles of modern production: Saving resources; Environmental cleanliness; Security. During the reconstruction, re-equipment, modernization and creation of a new thermal equipment, it is necessary to choose units and technologies that provide greater efficiency and higher efficiency equipment, strict compliance with environmental and safety standards.

  13. 电气设备状态维修技术的现状及发展%The Present State and Development Trend of Condition-based Maintenance Technology for Electrical Equipment



    状态维修与定期维修相结合已成为电气设备检修的必然趋势,分析了电气设备的现状、维修制度和状态维修的相关问题。探讨了实际工作中如何合理开展电气设备状态维修工作,如何成功地向状态维修过渡的问题。%Combination of condition-based maintenance and regular maintenance has be-come the inevitable trend of electrical equipment maintenance. Various related problems in the current state, maintenance system and condition-based maintenance of electrical equipment were analyzed. The issue of how to reasonably carry out condition-based maintenance for electric equipment maintenance in practice work and how to successfully transit to condi-tion-based maintenance was also discussed.

  14. Direct Liquid Cooling for Electronic Equipment

    Coles, Henry; Greenberg, Steve


    This report documents a demonstration of an electronic--equipment cooling system in the engineering prototype development stage that can be applied in data centers. The technology provides cooling by bringing a water--based cooling fluid into direct contact with high--heat--generating electronic components. This direct cooling system improves overall data center energy efficiency in three ways: High--heat--generating electronic components are more efficiently cooled directly using water, capturing a large portion of the total electronic equipment heat generated. This captured heat reduces the load on the less--efficient air--based data center room cooling systems. The combination contributes to the overall savings. The power consumption of the electronic equipment internal fans is significantly reduced when equipped with this cooling system. The temperature of the cooling water supplied to the direct cooling system can be much higher than that commonly provided by facility chilled water loops, and therefore can be produced with lower cooling infrastructure energy consumption and possibly compressor-free cooling. Providing opportunities for heat reuse is an additional benefit of this technology. The cooling system can be controlled to produce high return water temperatures while providing adequate component cooling. The demonstration was conducted in a data center located at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California. Thirty--eight servers equipped with the liquid cooling system and instrumented for energy measurements were placed in a single rack. Two unmodified servers of the same configuration, located in an adjacent rack, were used to provide a baseline. The demonstration characterized the fraction of heat removed by the direct cooling technology, quantified the energy savings for a number of cooling infrastructure scenarios, and provided information that could be used to investigate heat reuse opportunities. Thermal measurement data were used

  15. 多媒体环境下学生语用能力培养教学模式探索%Teaching Model in Developing Students' Pragmatic Competence in the Multi-media Environment

    姜梅; 李红梅; 杨士花


    语用能力的培养是外语教学的重要目标之一,如何培养学习者语用能力是二语习得领域值得关注的课题。随着科技的发展,多媒体在教学中的应用越来越广泛,如何借助多媒体培养学生语用能力是本文探索的主要内容。本文基于显性语用教学的课堂教学模式理论,构建了多媒体环境下语用能力培养的教学模式。该模式一方面可以通过借助多媒体技术,增加目的语输入和接触,克服学生在汉语大环境中真实的英语语言环境相对贫乏的现状;另一方面,它能发挥学生的主动性,让学生通过自己的主动探究,构建语用知识,提高语用能力。该教学模式的构建,对采用多媒体技术培养学生的英语口语表达能力提供了一些思路。%Developing students' pragmatic competence is an essential task in foreign language teach-ing,and how to foster students'pragmatic competence is a concern in the field of language acquisition. In this paper,the authors study the teaching model in developing students' pragmatic competence in the multi-media environment.This model helps to increase the input of the target language,which can help students to overcome the shortage of real language context in the situation of English studied as a foreign language.Additionally,it can generate students' motivation to acquire and construct the prag-matic knowledge initiatively,so as to improve their pragmatic competence.This study also provides a new approach in teaching students appropriate oral English.

  16. English Learning Adaption under Multi-media and Web-assisted Environment%多媒体网络辅助环境下英语学习适应性研究



    Learners’ adaption to web-assisted English learning environment is analyzed, mainly from five dimen-sions that include 33 sub-dimensions, i.e.learning motivation, web environment and resources, learning strate-gies, learning abilities and learning contents.The results indicate that learners’ motivation types are mainly in-strumental rather than cultural, interactive or integrative, with certain recreational tendency, that learners are a-daptive to web environment in terms of Internet skills and techniques but lack abilities to utilize English websites offered by English speaking countries and resources in English on websites related to their majors, that self-su-pervision and on-line study planning are both difficult for English learners and learners’ on-line interactive abili-ty is relatively poor, that most learners only practice reading and listening via Internet and are less adaptive to on-line oral or writing tasks.Based on the research, the advice and solutions to the above problems are given for the purpose of improving learners’ adaption under multi-media and web-assisted learning environment.%从学习动机、网络环境和资源、学习策略、学习能力和学习内容5个方面33个子维度,对学习者的网络英语学习适应性进行了调查和分析。研究发现,学习者借助网络方式学习英语的动机类型以工具性为主,呈现出一定的娱乐化倾向,缺乏借助网络实现文化融入和交际目的的动力;对网络环境的技术层面适应度较好,但是对原版英语网站和专业英语网络资源的使用能力不足;缺乏自我监督与网络学习的规划能力,网络互动能力较差;网络学习内容仍以阅读和听力形式为主,对口语和写作训练适应度较差。基于以上研究提出了改善学习者多媒体网络辅助环境下英语学习适应性的建议。

  17. 多媒体技术与传统教学模式在数学教学中的整合%Integrating Multi-media Technology with Traditional Mathematics Education

    舒斯会; 刘珊



  18. Tax Adjusted for Imported Equipment


    @@ Ministry of Finance, Central Administration of Customs, and State Administration of Taxation of P.R. of China jointly issued a "Notice on the Lists Related to the Interim Provisions on the Adjustment of Import Tax Policy on Major Technical Equipment" (the Notice) on April 13rd to adjust the list of equipment catalog and merchandise attached to the "Interim Provisions on the Import Tax Policy on Major Technical Equipment", as well as the preferential scope and extent of the import tax on a number of major technical equipment.

  19. Perspectives of patients with disabilities on the accessibility of medical equipment: examination tables, imaging equipment, medical chairs, and weight scales.

    Story, Molly Follette; Schwier, Erin; Kailes, June Isaacson


    In a prior survey, patients with disabilities reported difficulty using many common types of medical equipment. The purpose of this study was to conduct focus groups to explore in greater detail the most common difficulties mentioned by survey participants in order to identify critical issues related to accessibility and usability and to inform subsequent research. Participants of eight focus groups discussed medical equipment accessibility and safety issues experienced when using or attempting to access four specific categories of medical devices: examination tables, imaging equipment, medical chairs, and weight scales. Content of the transcript of each focus group was categorized according to five major themes: safety issues, equipment issues, health care provider issues, patient issues, and environmental issues. The results were then aggregated. The focus group participants reported that characteristics of the equipment's contact surfaces could cause difficulty and discomfort. Participants commented on lack of physical support for patients with disabilities to transfer their bodies onto and off the equipment and lack of support to achieve and maintain body positions while on the equipment. Wheelchair scales were reported as rarely available, and scales without voice output were inaccessible to blind individuals. Health care provider issues and patient issues are discussed in relation to the accessibility and safety of the equipment. Some types of medical devices and technologies present substantial barriers for some medical patients with disabilities, which may negatively affect their access to health care. Recommendations for improved designs are provided to enhance medical equipment accessibility and safety.

  20. Power Product Equipment Technician: Equipment Systems. Teacher Edition. Student Edition.

    Hilley, Robert

    This packet contains teacher and student editions on the topic of equipment systems, intended for the preparation of power product equipment technicians. This publication contains seven units: (1) principles of power transmission; (2) mechanical drive systems; (3) principles of fluid power; (4) hydraulic and pneumatic drive systems; (5) wheel and…

  1. Remanufacturing Versus New Acquisition of Production Equipment: Definitions and Decision-making Checklist

    Yang, Qi


    With technology changing at a dramatic pace, entrepreneurs may assume that acquiring the newest production equipment available is the best option. But that is not always the case. It is important to first assess the needs in order to decide whether new or remanufactured production equipment is the best alternative. Investment on production equipment can be initiated due to existing equipment cannot handle capacity; products evolve and changes needed to meet market requirement; to continuously...

  2. 舰载信息化装备安全可信计算环境构建技术∗%Construction Technology of Trusted Computing Environment for Warship Information Equipment

    陆光宇; 孔祥营; 刘云飞; 凌云锋


    Taking“guarantee the security of equipment mission task” as the goal, based on the Cyber-Physical characteris⁃tic of weapon equipment, this paper analyzes main security threats and explains the connotation of security and trust deeply with regard to naval warship electronic information system equipments. Co-opting the thinking of Trusted Computing, we build an active depth defense model which includes three layers:trusted terminal, trusted district and trusted border and im⁃plement the capability for trusted hardware, application, storage, network access and communication, which build a security and trusted computing environment for battle tasks in naval warship.%以“保障装备使命任务安全”为目标,基于武器装备的信息物理融合系统特性,深入分析了网络空间战条件下舰载信息化装备面临的主要安全威胁及其安全可信的内涵,借鉴可信计算思想,采用可信终端、可信区域、可信边界组成的纵深主动防御体系模型,实现了装备的硬件可信、应用可信、存储可信、网络通信及接入可信,为舰艇作战任务的执行构建了一个安全可信计算环境。

  3. 无线转红外技术的教学设备的升级改造%Upgrade and improvement of teaching equipment based on wireless transfer infrared technology

    叶仁春; 张莉; 陆云龙


    The infrared control functions of multimedia teaching equipment have been highly restricted since the valid distance of the infrared properties is only 10 meters. In this study ,the technique of wireless transceiver communication is used ,which could penetrate the barriers. Therefore ,the limitation of short distance for the infrared control can be avoided. Furthermore ,the infrared coding of the teaching equipment can be interpreted by using self-learning mode. So the conversion from wireless coding to infrared coding will be realized and a seamless integration of teaching equipment and middle control can be achieved further. It has been demonstrated practically that technique of the wireless transfer infrared is an effective way for upgrading of the teaching facilities .%因红外线特性只能在视距10 m左右内有效,使得多媒体教学设备的红外控制功能受到了极大的限制。采用了能够穿透障碍物的无线收发通信技术,从而避开了红外视距距离短的限制,并且以“自学习”方式解读教学设备的红外编码,完成了无线编码到红外编码的转化,从而实现了教学设备与中控的无缝集成。经实践应用表明,无线转红外技术是教学设备升级改造的有效途径。

  4. Emergency Department Real Time Location System Patient and Equipment Tracking


    technology to meet the need. The ability to limit the range for reading an RFID tag to prevent false alerts is presently being worked on. Tag...investigator believes that the RFID /RTLS technology can further assist in the successful management of equipment supply and storage logistics...with RFID and RTLS in managing assets has proven to be an effective, efficient and job satisfying technologic advancement. As described earlier in

  5. Environmentally conscious management of waste electrical and electronic equipment

    Prades Costa, Natalia


    Rapid technological change, low initial cost, and the fast obsolescence of the electrical and electronic equipments have resulted in a fast‐growing surplus of electronic waste around the globe. Electronic waste, e‐waste, e‐scrap, or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) describes loosely discarded, surplus, obsolete, broken, electrical or electronic devices. The processing of electronic waste in developing countries causes serious health and pollution problems because electronic...

  6. Treatment options for tank farms long-length contaminated equipment

    Josephson, W.S.


    This study evaluated a variety of treatment and disposal technologies for mixed waste (MW) meeting the following criteria: 1. Single-Shell and Double-Shell Tank System (tank farms) equipment and other debris; 2. length greater than 12 feet; and contaminated with listed MW from the tank farms. This waste stream, commonly referred to as tank farms long-length contaminated equipment (LLCE), poses a unique and costly set of challenges during all phases of the waste management lifecycle.

  7. Development of equipment for fabricating DUPIC fuel powder

    Kim, Ki Ho; Yang, M. S.; Park, J. J.; Lee, J. W.; Kim, J. H.; Cho, K. H.; Lee, D. Y.; Lee, Y. S.; Na, S. H


    The powder fabrication processes, as the first stage of manufacturing DUPIC (Direct Use of PWR spent fuel In CANDU) fuel, consist of the slitting of spent PWR fuel rods, REOX (Oxidation and REduction of Oxide Fuels) processing to produce the powder feedstock, the milling of the produced powder, the granulation of the milled powder, and the mixing of the granulated powder with pressing lubricants. All these processes should be conducted by remote means in a hot-cell environment where the direct human access is limited to the strictest minimum due to the high radioactivity. This report describe the development of the equipment for fabricating DUPIC fuel powder. These equipment are Slitting Machine, Oxidation and Reduction (OREOX) Furnace, Mill, Roll Compactor, and Mixer. Remote design concept was applied to all the equipment for use in the M6 hot-cell of the IMEF. Mechanical design considerations and capabilities of the equipment for remote operation and maintenance are presented. First prototypes were developed and installed in the DUPIC full scale mock-up and tested using a master-slave manipulator. Redesign and reconstruction were made on each equipment based on mock-up test results. The remote technology acquired through this research was utilized in developing other equipment for DUPIC fuel fabrication, thereby improving safety and increasing productivity. This technology could also be extended to the area of remote handling equipment development for use in hazardous environments. (author). 14 refs., 9 tabs., 21 figs.

  8. Dental operatory design and equipment.

    Floyd, M


    Improving and expanding the dental services of a practice can involve purchasing new equipment and even modifying or expanding the physical plant. Operatory design is important to the efficiency with which dental procedures can be performed. Equipment purchases to outfit the dental operatory should be made based on the specific needs and functions of a practice.

  9. 筹建大型自备电厂工艺与设备选择情况之分析%Selection of Technology and Equipment in Preparing to Construct the Large Captive Power Plant

    王伟; 张宝文; 徐青芳; 张维军; 张国宗


    介绍筹建大型自备电厂各配套装置的选择情况,通过对各种工艺的优缺点以及关键设备选型的调查、考察、比较,从不同专业角度及投资、运行费用、操作等方面进行综合分析、估算,最终选择适合本地区、本企业的最佳工艺和设备,从而使企业经济效益、环境效益最大化。%Describe selection of configuration devices in constructing large captive power plant . After investigating and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the various processes and the key equipment , comprehensive analysis and estimation from these aspects: different professional perspectives , investment , operating cost , operation , etc ., ultimately select the best process and the equipment which suiting for the local region and the local enterprise , so the economic and environmental benefits of the enterprise are maximized .

  10. 切入寡头垄断市场的技术创业路径分析——以博亚机械为例%Analysis of Technology Entrepreneurship Path in Oligarchic Monopoly Market ——A Case Study of Boya Precision Industrial Equipments Co.Ltd



    The paper summarizes the characteristics of oligarchic monopoly market, analyzes the technology entrepreneurship path under the oligarchic monopoly market based on the existing literature.The paper takes the Boya Precision Industrial Equipments Co.Ltd as an example, researches the import substitution of technology entrepreneurship path under the oligarchic monopoly market, and discusses the impact of their entrepreneurial success factors.%从寡头垄断市场特点入手,在已有文献的基础上,分析了适合寡头垄断市场的技术创业路径.以襄阳博亚机械有限公司为例,探析了切入寡头垄断市场的技术引领型进口替代技术创业路径,并系统讨论了影响其创业成功的关键因素.

  11. Aeration equipment for small depths

    Sluše, Jan; Pochylý, František


    Deficit of air in water causes complications with cyanobacteria mainly in the summer months. Cyanobacteria is a bacteria that produces poison called cyanotoxin. When the concentration of cyanobacteria increases, the phenomena "algal bloom" appears, which is very toxic and may kill all the organisms. This article describes new equipment for aeration of water in dams, ponds and reservoirs with small depth. This equipment is mobile and it is able to work without any human factor because its control is provided by a GPS module. The main part of this equipment consists of a floating pump which pumps water from the surface. Another important part of this equipment is an aerator where water and air are blended. Final aeration process runs in the nozzles which provide movement of all this equipment and aeration of the water. Simulations of the flow are solved by multiphase flow with diffusion in open source program called OpenFOAM. Results will be verified by an experiment.

  12. Innovations in cold chain equipment for immunization supply chains.

    Robertson, Joanie; Franzel, Lauren; Maire, Denis


    Since 2010, numerous new technologies have entered the immunization cold chain equipment market. The World Health Organization (WHO) Immunization Devices Programme-Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS)-has played a key role in bringing these to market. In this article, the authors explore the emergence of new cold chain equipment technologies from 2004 to 2016 and the role of PQS in this evolution. This review focuses on three major vaccine cold chain technology innovations-solar direct-drive refrigerators, long-term passive cold boxes, and equipment with user-independent freeze prevention. For the review, we used online data from WHO PQS, a literature search, and unpublished research reports. Timelines with key milestones in the emergence of the three focus technologies show delays of between one and three years between earliest field trials and publication of WHO specifications; procurement builds after the WHO prequalification of initial devices. The timelines show the role of PQS as both gatekeeper and enabler for cold chain equipment technologies. The use of target product profiles by PQS has increased its ability to signal preferred attributes and to engage with manufacturers during the product-development stage. Procurement data show how demand for solar direct-drive refrigerators increased over time. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, is employing demand-generation strategies to try to drive procurement of technologies with favorable technical attributes. Copyright © 2017 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.. All rights reserved.

  13. Data Network Equipment Energy Use and Savings Potential in Buildings

    Lanzisera, Steven; Nordman, Bruce; Brown, Richard E.


    Network connectivity has become nearly ubiquitous, and the energy use of the equipment required for this connectivity is growing. Network equipment consists of devices that primarily switch and route Internet Protocol (IP) packets from a source to a destination, and this category specifically excludes edge devices like PCs, servers and other sources and sinks of IP traffic. This paper presents the results of a study of network equipment energy use and includes case studies of networks in a campus, a medium commercial building, and a typical home. The total energy use of network equipment is the product of the stock of equipment in use, the power of each device, and their usage patterns. This information was gathered from market research reports, broadband market penetration studies, field metering, and interviews with network administrators and service providers. We estimate that network equipment in the USA used 18 TWh, or about 1percent of building electricity, in 2008 and that consumption is expected to grow at roughly 6percent per year to 23 TWh in 2012; world usage in 2008 was 51 TWh. This study shows that office building network switches and residential equipment are the two largest categories of energy use consuming 40percent and 30percent of the total respectively. We estimate potential energy savings for different scenarios using forecasts of equipment stock and energy use, and savings estimates range from 20percent to 50percent based on full market penetration of efficient technologies.

  14. Lunar construction/mining equipment

    Ozdemir, Levent


    For centuries, mining has utilized drill and blast as the primary method of rock excavation. Although this technique has undergone significant improvements, it still remains a cyclic, labor intensive operation with inherent safety hazards. Other drawbacks include damage to the surrounding ground, creation of blast vibrations, rough excavation walls resulting in increased ventilation requirements, and the lack of selective mining ability. Perhaps the most important shortcoming of drill and blast is that it is not conducive to full implementation of automation or robotics technologies. Numerous attempts have been made in the past to automate drill and blast operations to remove personnel from the hazardous work environment. Although most of the concepts devised look promising on paper, none of them was found workable on a sustained production basis. In particular, the problem of serious damage to equipment during the blasting cycle could not be resolved regardless of the amount of charge used in excavation. Since drill and blast is not capable of meeting the requirements of a fully automated rock fragmentation method, its role is bound to gradually decrease. Mechanical excavation, in contrast, is highly suitable to automation because it is a continuous process and does not involve any explosives. Many of the basic principles and trends controlling the design of an earth-based mechanical excavator will hold in an extraterrestrial environment such as on the lunar surface. However, the economic and physical limitations for transporting materials to space will require major rethinking of these machines. In concept, then, a lunar mechanical excavator will look and perform significantly different from one designed for use here on earth. This viewgraph presentation gives an overview of such mechanical excavator systems.

  15. Strategic Health Technology Incorporation

    Wang, Binseng


    Technology is essential to the delivery of health care but it is still only a tool that needs to be deployed wisely to ensure beneficial outcomes at reasonable costs. Among various categories of health technology, medical equipment has the unique distinction of requiring both high initial investments and costly maintenance during its entire useful life. This characteristic does not, however, imply that medical equipment is more costly than other categories, provided that it is managed properly. The foundation of a sound technology management process is the planning and acquisition of equipment

  16. Equipe de trabalho

    Gabriel Gerber Hornink


    Full Text Available   Equipe de Trabalho 2014 1. Equipe editorial Editor-Chefe Bayardo Bapstista Torres, Instituto de Química - USP, Brasil Eduardo Galembeck, Departamento de Bioquímica Instituto de Biologia UNICAMP, Brasil   Editores Gabriel Gerber Hornink, Depto. Bioquímica, Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas, Universidade - Federal de Alfenas - Unifal-MG, Brasil Vera Maria Treis Trindade, Instituto de Ciências Básicas da Saúde, Departamento de Bioquímica, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil   Corpo Editorial Adriana Cassina, Departamento de Bioquímica, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de la República, Uruguai Angel Herráez, Departamento de Bioquímica y Biología molecular, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Espanha André Amaral Gonçalves Bianco, Universidade Federal de São Paulo (Unifesp, Brasil Denise Vaz de Macedo, Departamento de Bioquímica, Instituto de Biologia, Universidade Estadual de Campinas - Unicamp, Brasil Eneida de Paula, Departamento de Bioquímica, Instituto de Biologia, Universidade Estadual de Campinas - Unicamp, Brasil Guilherme Andrade Marson, Instituto de Química - USP, Brasil Jose Antonio Martinez Oyanedel, Universidad de Concepción, Chile Josep Maria Fernández Novell, Dept. Bioquímica i Biologia Molecular Universitat de Barcelona, Espanha Leila Maria Beltramini, Instituto de Física de São Carlos, Universidade Estadual de São Paulo - USP, Brasil Manuel João da Costa, Escola de Ciências da Saúde, Universidade do Minho, Portugal Maria Lucia Bianconi, Instituto de Bioquímica Médica Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ, Brasil María Noel Alvarez, Departamento de Bioquímica, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de la República, Uruguai Miguel Ángel Medina Torres, Department of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Faculty of Sciences University of Málaga, Espanha Nelma Regina Segnini Bossolan, Instituto de Física de São Carlos, Universidade de São Paulo - USP, Brasil Paulo De Avila

  17. Ergonomics technology

    Jones, W. L.


    Major areas of research and development in ergonomics technology for space environments are discussed. Attention is given to possible applications of the technology developed by NASA in industrial settings. A group of mass spectrometers for gas analysis capable of fully automatic operation has been developed for atmosphere control on spacecraft; a version for industrial use has been constructed. Advances have been made in personal cooling technology, remote monitoring of medical information, and aerosol particle control. Experience gained by NASA during the design and development of portable life support units has recently been applied to improve breathing equipment used by fire fighters.

  18. Co-operation Equipment Qualification for Safety grade I and C Equipment between Russia and Korea

    Ham, J. K.; Lee, D. H.; Park, J. W.; Jeong, M. H.; Choi, Y. H.; Suh, J. J.; Jang, T. H. [Korea Testing Laboratory, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Equipment Qualification technology for I and C system on nuclear grade have been approved with accurate and safe for verifying and validation. It contributes to acknowledge of reliability and to review of user approval. Also it did not completely satisfied the requirement of Russia, it can be satisfied by bit of modification on design. It is expected to support the export of safety PLC to nuclear power plant. Proven EQ technology is required on the further markets of nuclear. Therefore, comparison test with foreign country is necessary to support the mutual accreditation of EQ for export of domestic products.

  19. Co-operation Equipment Qualification for Safety grade I and C Equipment between Russia and Korea

    Ham, J. K.; Lee, D. H.; Park, J. W.; Jeong, M. H.; Choi, Y. H.; Suh, J. J.; Jang, T. H. [Korea Testing Laboratory, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Equipment Qualification technology for I and C system on nuclear grade have been approved with accurate and safe for verifying and validation. It contributes to acknowledge of reliability and to review of user approval. Also it did not completely satisfied the requirement of Russia, it can be satisfied by bit of modification on design. It is expected to support the export of safety PLC to nuclear power plant. Proven EQ technology is required on the further markets of nuclear. Therefore, comparison test with foreign country is necessary to support the mutual accreditation of EQ for export of domestic products.

  20. Multifunctional Testing Rig for Machinery Safety Equipment

    Vöth Stefan


    Full Text Available At the Centre of Drive and Lifting Technology ZAFT of Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola a new testing device will be available. The device is suitable for testing drivetrain components like safety clutches and hoist safety components like snag protection devices. In focus are continuous tests with regard to fatigue as well as transient tests with regard to switching characteristics. The article gives information on requirements on the testing rig out of the main purpose and out of the given environment. Furthermore concept, main data and engineering design of this equipment are demonstrated. Aspects and first results of the mechanical assembly are shown.

  1. Direct and indirect laryngoscopy: equipment and techniques.

    Collins, Stephen R


    Visualization of the larynx by direct or indirect means is referred to as laryngoscopy and is the principal aim during airway management for passage of a tracheal tube. This paper presents a brief background regarding the development and practice of laryngoscopy and examines the equipment and techniques for both direct and indirect methods. Patient evaluation during the airway examination is discussed, as are predictors for difficult intubation. Laryngoscope blade design, newer intubating techniques, and a variety of indirect laryngoscopic technologies are reviewed, as is the learning curve for these techniques and devices.

  2. Laboratory Equipment Type Fiber Optic Refractometer

    E. F. Carome


    Full Text Available Using fiber optics and micro optics technologies we designed aninnovative fiber optic index of refraction transducer that has uniqueproperties. On the base of this transducer a laboratory equipment typefiber optic refractometer was developed for liquid index of refractionmeasurements. Such refractometer may be used for medical,pharmaceutical, industrial fluid, petrochemical, plastic, food, andbeverage industry applications. For example, it may be used formeasuring the concentrations of aqueous solutions: as the concentrationor density of a solute increase, the refractive index increasesproportionately. The paper describes development work related to designof laboratory type fiber optic refractometer and describes experimentsto evaluation of its basic properties.

  3. Achievement report for fiscal 1999 on research and development of technologies for medical welfare equipment. Unified system of diagnosis and treatment for heart diseases; 1999 nendo iryo fukushi kiki gijutsu kenkyu kaihatsu seika hokokusho. Shinshikkan shindan chiryo togo shien system



    The items to be subjected to research and development are (1) technology of surgical operation support by a maneuverable manipulator system, (2) shape change compensation technology, (3) high speed 3-dimensional ultrasonic measurement technology, (4) image processing technology, (5) surgical planning, and (6) intraoperative micro-manipulation support technology. This fiscal year, a conceptual design is prepared of the titled system by making the below-named studies. Before the examination of the items to be developed, the research and development program is divided into several phases, sample cases for the new system to treat and the techniques it will use at each phase are studied, and research and development policies for each element at each phase are deliberated. Under item (1), a study is made about the manipulator to operate under the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) environment from the viewpoints of engineering and medicine. Under item (2), the shape and dimensions of a stabilizer and stabilizing method are studied for a conceptual design. Under item (3), the effect of the materials of a scanning probe on the MRI image is studied. Under item (4), a prototype software program is developed for image processing, and a study is made about techniques for correcting endoscopic image distortion. Under item (5), a concept design is prepared relative to the basic functions necessary for information display. Under item (6), a study is made about the concept design framework. (NEDO)

  4. Network Embedding, Organizational Learning and Technological Innovation:Evidence from Chinese Marine Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises%网络嵌入、组织学习对企业技术创新绩效的影响研究*--基于海洋装备制造企业的考察

    贾晓霞; 张晓乐


    Based on the network embedding theory and considering the technical complexity, customized feature of marine engineering e-quipment products, the network embedding is divided into technology embedding and business embedding, with organizational learning be-ing the mediating variable, a concept model of the effects of network embedding on technological innovation is constructed. Through the questionnaire analysis of 132 marine engineering equipment manufacturing enterprises and structural equation modeling, the relationship a-mong network embedding, organizational learning and technological innovation is explored. To be specific, the technology embedding can effectively improve technological innovation performance by exploitative learning, but the relationship between technology embedding and exploratory learning is not significant, while the business embedding can significantly promote technological innovation performance through both exploitative learning and exploratory learning.%基于对网络嵌入相关文献的梳理,结合海工产品技术复杂、用户定制的特点,将网络嵌入分为技术嵌入与业务嵌入两方面,以组织学习为中间变量,构建了网络嵌入影响企业创新绩效的概念模型。通过132家海洋工程装备制造企业的问卷调查与结构方程建模分析,实证结果表明:技术嵌入程度越深,越有利于企业通过应用性学习提升企业的技术创新绩效,但技术嵌入与探索性学习的相关关系并不显著;而业务嵌入程度越深,不但能有效促进企业的应用性学习,而且有利于企业进行探索性学习,从而提升企业的技术创新绩效。

  5. Force Project Technology Presentation to the NRCC


    cycle engineering for: – Fuel Handling & Quality Surveillance Equipment – Water Purification , Handling, & Quality Equipment – Combat Engineer...Material Handling Equipment – Military Bridging – Fuels and Lubricants – Army Petroleum Laboratory • Respond to Maneuver Support Center of...Systems & Latrines  A gray water reuse technology (TRL 6) that treats water from current CSS equipment to include Water Purification Systems & Shower

  6. ASME 规范对核设备制造和运行期间的无损检验要求对比%Differences of NDT Technology Requirement between Manufacture and Operation Period of Nuclear Equipment in ASME Code

    葛亮; 蔡家藩; 聂勇; 梁平


    对比分析了美国机械工程师协会(ASME)规范对核设备在制造和运行阶段中,在检验范围、检验技术和验收准则等方面的无损检验要求,对存在的差异进行了归纳总结。%This paper takes the ASME code as an example to describe the requirement of NDT for nuclear equipment in Manufacture and Operation Periods,and to analyze and compare the corresponding requirements of inspection scope,technique and acceptance standard in this two period,as well as,the sum-up the difference.

  7. Basic Principle that should be followed for Innovative High-tech Products and Equipment Technology%创新型高科技产品及其制备应遵循的基本原则



    Starting from the basic principle that should be followed for innovative high-tech products and preparation technology,this paper narrates the manufacturing technology,preparation technology,market value and environmental influence;and discusses the importance of innovative high-tech products from eight aspects.%从创新型高科技产品及制备技术应遵循的基本原则讲起,阐述了制造工艺、制备技术、市场价值、环境影响等方面内容,从8个方面论证了创新型高科技产品的重要性。

  8. 基于物联网技术的电力设备状态检修研究%Research on condition based maintenance of electric power equipment based on Internet of things technology



    In recent years,the rapid development of Internet of things technology.Based on the advantages of the Internet of things,China's power development in the integration of the Internet of things technology. In this paper,the application of the Internet of things technology in power system is analyzed, and the related cases are demonstrated.%近年来,物联网技术迅速发展.基于物联网的优越性,我国在电力发展中融入的了物联网技术.藉此,本文分析了物联网技术在电力系统中的应用,并以相关案例对其进行了展示.

  9. Evaluation of Operational Effectiveness of Amphibious Armored Equipment Based on Simulation Technology%基于仿真技术的两栖装甲装备作战效能评估方法

    张杰; 王宁; 朱江


    Amphibious operation is a system to system confrontation based on information system. Amphibious operation confrontation system is a typical complex adaptive system. The evaluation method of operational effectiveness based on complex adaptive system theory and multi-agent modeling approach are used to simulale combat based on the equipment performance parameters and the background of specific operational environment and troops code. The simulation can reflect weapon systems performance in the whole process of combat and the difference of operational effectiveness under different external conditions. It can provide reference to amphibious armored equipment for development, operational use, tactical training and tactical research.%两栖作战是基于信息系统的体系与体系的对抗.两栖作战对抗系统是典型的复杂适应系统.基于复杂适应系统理论和多Agent建模方法的作战效能评估方法,在掌握装备性能参数基础上,以具体作战环境和一定兵力编成为背景进行作战模拟,能够反映武器系统的诸属性在作战全过程的体现和在不同外界条件下作战效能的差别,可为两栖装甲装备研制、作战使用及战术训练、战法研究提供参考.

  10. 民用建筑机电设备安装中管线布置综合平衡技术%Pipeline Arrangement and Comprehensive Balance Technology with the Installation of Electromechanical Equipment in Civil Building



    Along with the improvement of production process, social requirements for electromechanical installation engineering become higher and higher. Pipeline arrangement and comprehensive balance technology is introduced in order to make electromechanical installation engineering meet demand for buildings. Based on the technology, the author introduces the definition of pipeline arrangement and comprehensive balance technology, the function and principle of pipeline arrangement and comprehensive balance technology, the flow chart and refinement work of pipeline arrangement and comprehensive balance technology. According to style apartment hotel of D block at World Expo Village, the application of pipeline arrangement and comprehensive balance technology is introduced in detail.%随着生产工艺的不断改进和提高,对机电安装工程的具体要求越来越高,为使机电安装工程满足建筑的功能要求,引入了管线布置综合平衡技术.针对该项技术,阐述了管线布置综合平衡技术的定义,总结了管线布置综合平衡技术的作用和原则,管线布置综合平衡技术流程图及需细化的工作,并以世博村D地块公寓式酒店为例,详细介绍了管线布置综合平衡技术的应用情况.

  11. Technical Comparative Analysis of "Best of Breed" Turnkey Si-Based Processes and Equipment, to be Used to Produce a Combined Multi-entity Research and Development Technology Roadmap for Thick and Thin Silicon PV

    Hovel, Harold [The Solar Energy Consortium, Kingston, NY (United States); Prettyman, Kevin [The Solar Energy Consortium, Kingston, NY (United States)


    A side-by-side analysis was done on then currently available technology, along with roadmaps to push each particular option forward. Variations in turnkey line processes can and do result in finished solar device performance. Together with variations in starting material quality, the result is a distribution of effciencies. Forensic analysis and characterization of each crystalline Si based technology will determine the most promising approach with respect to cost, efficiency and reliability. Forensic analysis will also shed light on the causes of binning variations. Si solar cells were forensically analyzed from each turn key supplier using a host of techniques

  12. Estratégias tecnológicas e desempenhos inovadores das PMEs de equipamentos médico-hospitalares de São Carlos e Ribeirão Preto Technology strategies and innovation performances of the small and medium-sized firms in the medical equipment industry of São Carlos and Ribeirão Preto

    Denise Luciana Rieg


    Full Text Available Este trabalho tem como objetivo identificar e analisar as estratégias tecnológicas (ETs adotadas por pequenas e médias empresas (PMEs produtoras de equipamentos médico-hospitalares localizadas em São Carlos e em Ribeirão Preto. Procura-se verificar se há diferenças entre o grupo de empresas que alcançou desempenhos inovadores (DIs mais altos e o grupo daquelas que tiveram DIs mais baixos nos últimos anos. Para isso, foi realizado um survey, aplicando-se um questionário estruturado em trinta e nove empresas que concordaram em participar da pesquisa. Os resultados (resultados referentes a vinte e sete empresas que puderam ser classificadas como sendo de maior ou menor DI, dentre as trinta e nove empresas investigadas mostram que as ETs adotadas pelas empresas com DIs mais altos são diferentes em muitos aspectos daquelas adotadas pelo grupo com DIs mais baixos. Foram obtidos indícios de que maiores investimentos em atividades internas de P&D&E e em fontes externas de tecnologia, maior dedicação à previsão tecnológica preliminar voltada para monitoramento do perfil de produtos e processos e o desenvolvimento de um amplo portfolio de tecnologias de produto e de processo permitem às empresas alcançarem DIs mais significativos.The goal of this article is to identify and to analyze the technology strategies (TSs adopted by small and medium-sized firms of the medical equipment sector located in São Carlos and Ribeirão Preto. It seeks to verify whether there are differences between the group of firms that reached higher innovation performances (IPs and the one with lower (IPs in recent years. In order to analyze that, data about TSs and IPs were collected from twenty seven medical equipment producers. The statistical analysis of the data shows that the TSs adopted by the medical equipment firms that reached higher IPs are different in many aspects from the ones adopted by those that reached lower IPs. Some indications were obtained




    The objective and the scope of this document are to list and briefly describe the major mobile equipment necessary for waste package (WP) Transport and Emplacement in the proposed subsurface nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain. Primary performance characteristics and some specialized design features of the equipment are explained and summarized in the individual subsections of this document. The Transport and Emplacement equipment described in this document consists of the following: (1) WP Transporter; (2) Reusable Rail Car; (3) Emplacement Gantry; (4) Gantry Carrier; and (5) Transport Locomotive.

  14. Equipment for thoracoscopy.

    Allen, M S; Trastek, V F; Daly, R C; Deschamps, C; Pairolero, P C


    The combining of miniaturized video technology with thoracoscopy now allows surgeons to perform a variety of thoracic procedures percutaneously. Both rigid and flexible video thoracoscopes are available. The rigid endoscope has a camera located proximally at the eye-piece and is capable of excellent resolution. However, visualization of the entire pleural cavity is difficult because of the rigid chest wall. Placing the video camera at the distal end of a flexible thoracoscope, as in the electronic video thoracoscope (EVE-L; Fujinon, Wayne, NJ), yields better visualization of these relatively inaccessible areas. However, disadvantages of the flexible thoracoscope include increased expense and complexity, reduced resolution as compared to rigid systems, and the need for a strobed light source, thus making video-assisted surgery more difficult. Thoracoscopic wedge excisions of the lung are now possible because of the adaptation of gastrointestinal staplers for percutaneous use. The initial design consisted of a reloadable 30-mm disposable stapler. Newer models, however, have a longer staple line and some are reusable. Future refinements may allow the head of the instrument to articulate, thus permitting it to be applied to the lung at various angles. Thoracoscopic ports that provide an air-tight seal are available but are not essential; therefore, standard thoracotomy instruments can be utilized through small open incisions. Specialized disposable thoracoscopic instruments are also available, including scissors, dissectors, and fan retractors. It is hoped that the future will bring improved optics, better staplers, and refined percutaneous instrumentation.

  15. 马苏里拉干酪关键加工工艺技术参数的优化和设备的研发%The Optimization of the Key Processing Technology Parameters and Development of the Critical Equipment for Mozzarella Cheese Making

    王雪梅; 张轶


    At present, the cheese production enterprises in China are less, cheese production and processing technology was not mature enough and mainly fol owed the foreign technology. In view of the related research on cheese production technology are few. This paper reviewed the production of mozzarel a cheese, optimized the key processing technology parameters, stated the critical equipment which independent developed in industrial production of mozzarel a cheese, thereby make the product quantity and quality are in accordance with the design requirements.%目前,我国干酪生产企业较少,生产加工工艺技术还不够成熟,主要沿袭国外技术,有关干酪生产的工艺和设备方面的研究也较少。本文就马苏里拉干酪的生产进行了论述,优化了关键加工工艺参数,自主研发了工业化生产马苏里拉干酪的关键设备,生产的产品质量和产量均符合设计要求。

  16. Transformation and existing form of ammonia-N in a multi-media permeable reactive barrier%多介质渗透反应格栅中氨氮的转化与存在形态

    杨应钊; 刘菲; 孔祥科; 李圣品; 马剑飞


    在利用渗透反应格栅技术修复地下水氨氮污染过程中,掌握氨氮在不同介质环境中的转化规律及存在形态对多介质渗透反应格栅中各介质作用及氮转化过程的控制十分重要.针对进水氨氮浓度约10 mg/L的模拟地下水,以天然河沙、释氧材料、斜发沸石及海绵铁为反应介质,设计了一套多介质渗透反应格栅模拟氨氮在各介质环境中的转化及归宿.结果表明,在天然河沙层,氨氮优先被河沙吸附固定,但去除量有限(△C<1.5 mg/L),氨氮主要以离子态溶于模拟地下水.在好氧沸石层,氨氮经沸石吸附及生物硝化协同作用几乎被完全去除,该层出水氨氮浓度低于0.01 mg/L,且氮主要存在形态为硝酸盐氮(C=10~26.6 mg/L).在铁厌氧层,部分硝酸盐氮经海绵铁化学还原和生物反硝化作用,分别被转化为氨氮(△C=2~9.5 mg/L)和氮气(△C<8 mg/L),其余硝酸盐氮以离子态继续存留于模拟地下水.%In the process of using permeable reactive barrier to remediate ammonia-N pollution in the groundwater,in order to control different media' s effect and nitrogen transformation process in multi-media permeable reactive barrier,it was important to understand the transformation and existing form of ammonia-N in different media environments.Natural river sand,oxygen releasing compounds,clinoptilolite and sponge iron were selected as reaction media to simulate the transformation and fate of ammonia-N in various media environments,which influent concentrations were about 10 mg/L in the simulative groundwater.The experimental results showed that,in natural river sand layer,ammonia-N was prior adsorbed and fixed by river sand,however,the removal quantity was limited (△ C < 1.5 mg/L).Ammonia-N mainly dissolved in the simulative groundwater with ionic form.In aerobic clinoptilolite layer,ammonia-N was nearly completely removed by the clinoptilolite adsorption and bio-nitrification,the effluent

  17. "It's Quite Liberating Turning up to a Classroom without a Pile of Papers and Equipment." Pedagogic Bungee Jumping: A Strategy to Rethink Teaching in a Technology-Rich Age?

    Hughes, Julie


    Initial Teacher Education (ITE) for the post-compulsory sector (PCE) in the UK is currently under review. Despite earlier plans to substantially increase the use of technology in ITE the Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) consultation findings recommend that "we will expect that teachers do develop their skills in this area to a limited extent on a…

  18. 变压器油色谱分析技术在设备状态检修中的应用%Application of Transformer Oil Chromatographic Analysis Technology to Equipment Condition Maintenace

    粱艳丽; 曹阳


    Based on examples, the application of transformer oil chromatographic technology to eqaipment maintenance is analyzed.%通过故障实例,分析了变压器油色谱技术在设备状态检修中的应用。

  19. The research of medical equipment on-line detection system based on Android smartphone

    Jiang, Junjie; Dong, Xinyu; Zhang, Hongjie; Liu, Mengjun


    With the unceasing enhancement of medical level, the expanding scale of medical institutions, medical equipment as an important tool for disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention, used in all levels of medical institutions. The quality and accuracy of the Medical equipment play a key role in the doctor's diagnosis and treatment effect, medical metrology as the important technical foundation is to ensure that the equipment, technology, material components are accurate and the application is safe and reliable. Medical equipment have the feature of variety, large quantity, long using cycle, expensive and multi-site, which bring great difficulty in maintenance, equipment management and verification. Therefore, how to get the medical measurement integrate deeply into the advanced internet technology, information technology and the new measuring method, for real-time monitoring of medical equipment, tracking, positioning, and query is particularly important.

  20. ENERGY STAR Certified Imaging Equipment

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Certified models meet all ENERGY STAR requirements as listed in the Version 2.0 ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Imaging Equipment that are effective as of...

  1. EAS Equipment Authorization Grantee Registrations

    Federal Communications Commission — EAS (Equipment Authorization System). Radio Frequency (RF) devices are required to be properly authorized under 47 CFR Part 2 prior to being marketed or imported...

  2. EMR Measurements on NDA Equipment

    Macdonell, Alexander Thomas [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Meierbachtol, Krista Cruse [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Evans, James Walter Jr. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Mayo, Douglas R. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emission strength measurements were performed on a suite of passive non-destructive assay (NDA) radiation detection equipment. Data were collected from 9 kHz up to 6 GHz on each of the assembled systems.

  3. Next generation of dock safety equipment.

    Swietlik, Walt


    OSHA and forklift manufacturers have made extensive efforts to improve the safety of forklift operation in and around industrial facilities and warehouses. However, the use of next-generation vehicle restraint and light communications technology will go much farther toward protecting forklift operators and pedestrians, reducing accidents, and improving productivity at the loading dock. While these new technologies mark a significant advance in loading dock safety, they cannot replace forklift and loading dock safety policies. Employers must continue to focus on forklift safety training and consider the use of multiple safety devices, such as strategically placed signs, painted aisles, and guarded walkways. The best practice is to seek the advice of safety consultants and qualified loading dock equipment representatives.

  4. 装备制造业技术创新效率及其影响因素研究--以苏州为例%The Research on Technology Innovation Efficiency and Influence Factors---Taking Suzhou Equipment Manufacturing as an Example

    夏海力; 李卿; 吴松强


    Based on the theory of Grounded theory and finished the data of 37 Suzhou equipment manufacturing enterprises , analyzing and refining 12 factors of industrial and environmental aspects .Using stochastic frontier analysis (SFA) to eval‐uate the technology innovation efficiency of equipment manufacturing ,and analyzing the significance and effect of influence factors .T he conclusion is that the technology innovation efficiency of Suzhou equipment manufacturing show ascendant trend ,and the comprehensive impact of industrial and environmental factors was from promotion to inhibition .Cluster in‐novation is helpful to improve it ,but to some extent ,it hinders the diversification of technological innovation .Market fac‐tors promote technological innovation ,but there are some standard problems in it .The recommendations are that consoli‐dating the cluster technology innovation superiority and promoting the diversification of technology innovation ,regula‐tingthe downstream market development and promoting the upstream enterprise technology innovation ,promoting the depth integration of "Internet plus R% D and manufacturing" to enhance the efficiency of technological innovation .%基于扎根理论编码方法,根据37家苏州装备制造企业调研资料,分析提炼影响装备制造业技术创新效率的12个因素。以苏州装备制造业数据为样本,运用随机前沿分析法(SFA)测算苏州装备制造业技术创新效率,并分析影响因素及其作用效果。研究结果表明,苏州装备制造业技术创新效率整体呈上升趋势,产业、环境影响因素综合作用由促进变为抑制;集群创新有助于提升技术创新效率,但在一定程度上阻碍了技术创新多元化;市场因素推动了技术创新,但存在膨胀发展所伴随的未标化问题。苏州装备制造业应巩固集群技术创新优势,推动多元化技术创新;调控下游市场发展,促进上游企业技

  5. Radio telemetry equipment and applications for carnivores

    Fuller, Mark R.; Fuller, Todd K.; Boitani, Luigi; Powell, Roger A.


    Radio-telemetry was not included in the first comprehensive manual of wildlife research techniques (Mosby 1960) because the first published papers were about physiological wildlife telemetry (LeMunyan et al. 1959) and because research using telemetry in field ecology was just being initiated (Marshall et al. 1962; Cochran and Lord 1963). Among the first uses of telemetry to study wildlife, however, was a study of carnivores (Craighead et al. 1963), and telemetry has become a common method for studying numerous topics of carnivore biology. Our goals for this chapter are to provide basic information about radio-telemetry equipment and procedures. Although we provide many references to studies using telemetry equipment and methods, we recommend Kenward's (2001) comprehensive book, A manual of wildlife radio tagging for persons who are unfamiliar with radio-telemetry, Fuller et al. (2005), and Tomkiewicz et al. (2010). Compendia of uses of radio-telemetry in animal research appear regularly as chapters in manuals (Cochran 1980; Samuel and Fuller 1994), in books about equipment, field procedures, study design, and applications (Amlaner and Macdonald 1980; Anderka 1987; Amlaner 1989; White and Garrott 1990; Priede and Swift 1992; Kenward 2001; Millspaugh and Marzluff 2001; Mech and Barber 2002), and in reviews highlighting new developments (Cooke et al. 2004; Rutz and Hays 2009; Cagnacci et al. 2010). Some animal telemetry products and techniques have remained almost unchanged for years, but new technologies and approaches emerge and replace previously available equipment at an increasing pace. Here, we emphasize recent studies for which telemetry was used with carnivores.

  6. Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE)


    Space and Missile Systems Center Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) Lt Col James “Mutt” Wilson Program Manager 29 Apr 15 Information contained in...SUBTITLE Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 5e. TASK...SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES Presented at the GPS Partnership Council 2015 (GPSPC15), held April 29 to May 1, 2015, at the Los Angeles AFB, CA. 14. ABSTRACT

  7. Nuclear Weapon and Military Equipment

    N. Natarajan


    Full Text Available Military equipment must survive a, nuclear attack if enough personnel required to operate them remain combat effective. To achieve this goal, the criteria that determine equipment survivability should be established and any new design should incorporate these criteria to evolve a hardened design. An analysis of the overall response by considering the response to each individual nuclear environment can result in a balanced overall hardened system. The paper discusses the criteria required to be known.

  8. 面向智能变电站二次设备的网络报文管控技术%Network Packet Control Technology for Secondary Equipments in Smart Substation

    周华良; 郑玉平; 姚吉文; 姜雷; 谢黎; 王凯


    随着智能变电站以太网应用往混合组网、多网共口的方向发展,网络的安全稳定性对于智能变电站设备可靠运行至关重要。文中深入研究了电力二次设备在多种报文共网共口条件下接收与发送的优化处理机制。在接收方向上针对变电站网络风暴条件下的报文特点,提出多级过滤、分组流量控制的方法实现网络风暴抑制,保证了正常报文的接收与处理;在发送方向上提出以优先级划分为前提的优化调度发送策略,保证了报文发送的实时性并充分利用了网络带宽。同时,基于纯硬件片上系统实现了上述机制的实际应用与测试,有效提升了智能变电站二次设备网络通信的稳定性与可靠性。%With the application of the Ethernet tending to be hybridized in networking in smart substation and packets in multiple protocols existing in the same network,the security and stability of the network has become the crucial point for the reliability of smart substation equipments.The optimization of network packets in two directions of sending and receiving is studied.That is,according to the characteristics of packets in smart substation network,packet flow control in groups and the multi-stage filtering in the receiving direction is put forward to suppress network packet storms and processing normal packet effectively;while in the sending direction,an optimization scheduling strategy based on packet priority classification is used to get the real-time performance and make full use of network bandwidth.Meanwhile all the strategies in this paper are implemented on the SoC hardware system,the test results showing that the stability and reliability of network communication in smart substation equipments is effectively improved.

  9. Discussion on Management Model of Medical Equipment Maintenance in Hospital

    ZHOU Qiang; DENG Wen-yan; CAI Kui


    With the development of technology, medical equipment plays a more important role in the modern hospital. Medical equipment provides images, physiological results or other schematics of the patients to help doctors deal with the routines. It is also the major tool to the lab assistant in the clinical teaching and studies. It becomes one of a symbol of the technological level in modern hospital. The director of the hospital should establish an efficacious management pattern to manage the medical equipment, so that it will be operated in good condition to insure the safety of the patients. Since the maintenance is an important part of medical equipment management, it is significant that the hospital should establish a system to fit for itself. The study reviews the issues in hospital medical equipment maintenance management, the development of the maintenance management model and the characteristics, as well as the status at home and abroad. The research has been finished by using literature research method, questionnaire survey method and data analysis method. Then we analyze the current status of hospital medical equipment maintenance management model to find the problems. Based on the authentic and effective data from the survey, we can deduce the overview about the maintenance model in Beijing. The paper discusses the advantages and the disadvantages between the different model, and it makes suggestions on the follow aspects, such as system management, quality management, personnel management, cost management, information management perspective.

  10. Oil heat technology research and development

    Kweller, E.R. [Department of Energy, Washington, DC (United States); McDonald, R.J. [Brookhaven National Lab., Upton, NY (United States)


    The purpose of this United States Department of Energy (DOE)/Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) program is to develop a technology base for advancing the state-of-the-art related to oilfired combustion equipment. The major thrust is through technology based research that will seek new knowledge leading to improved designs and equipment optimization. The Combustion Equipment space Conditioning Technology program currently deals exclusively with residential and small commercial building oil heat technology.

  11. Research on Selection of Equipment Maintenance Modes

    SHANG Wen-li; SHI Hai-bo; HE Bai-tao


    The development of equipment maintenance management is introduced, and equipment maintenance concept is defined. Equipment maintenance modes are classified, analyzed and compared, which merits and demerits are pointed out. At last, a decision-making frame to select equipment maintenance modes is advanced, and steps to select and implement equipment maintenance are given.

  12. 14 CFR 25.1415 - Ditching equipment.


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Ditching equipment. 25.1415 Section 25.1415... STANDARDS: TRANSPORT CATEGORY AIRPLANES Equipment Safety Equipment § 25.1415 Ditching equipment. (a) Ditching equipment used in airplanes to be certificated for ditching under § 25.801, and required by...

  13. Extravehicular activity technology discipline

    Webbon, Bruce W.


    Viewgraphs on extravehicular activity technology discipline for Space Station Freedom are presented. Topics covered include: extravehicular mobility unit; airlock and EMU support equipment; tools, mobility aids, and workstations; and telerobotic work aids interfaces.

  14. 基于红外扫描监控技术的激光监听检测设备%Laser monitoring detection equipment based on infrared scanning monitoring technology

    徐明; 赵晓叶; 田亚慧; 倪屹


    This project is mainly for the detection of laser monitoring equipment.This project uses the method of infrared scanning monitoring, using the principles,such as the"cat eye effect"of the optical system like lens, to realize the detection of laser monitoring device, it can be used to realize the information protection in the secret meeting strict and effectively.In addition, it also can be used in the military for capturing sniper.This project can realize the detectable distance reaches 300 meters, if using a telephoto lens, such as 500 mm focal length lens, the distance will be up to 1 km.%本项目主要是针对激光监听设备的检测. 本项目采用了红外扫描监控法,利用镜头等光学系统的"猫眼效应"等原理来实现对激光监听设备的探测,可用于机密会议中实现严而有效的信息防护.除此之外,也可用于军事中狙击手方位的捕捉.本项目可以实现的可检测距离达到300 m,如果采用长焦距镜头,比如500 mm的焦距镜头,距离将达1 km.

  15. 试析电子与电器废弃物资源化处理技术%Analysis on Waste Resource Treatment Technology of Electronic and Electrical Equipment



    电子、电器设备的更新换代可谓是飞速发展,而这急速的产品更替产生了大量的电子与电器废弃物(waste electric and electronic equipment,WEEE).而WEEE含有大量的重金属、贵金属以及塑料、玻璃等物质,一旦遗漏在外,将带来无法想象的环境破坏问题,因此,目前社会各界对于W EEE进行回收利用的资源化处理成为了人们关注的热点.文章在介绍电子、电器废弃物的特点的基础上,主要分析了目前社会上对于电子、电器设备废弃物资源化处理的主要技术,进而分析各种处理技术对提高电子与电器废弃物的利用效果.

  16. A Vibration Offset Collection Equipment Based on the Sensor Technology of Photoelectric Mouse*%一种基于光电鼠标传感技术的振动偏移量采集设备

    孙宁; 陈进; 林立新


    阐述了基于CY7C68013和ADNS-3080的两自由度振动偏移量实时采集设备的设计与实现.详细分析了采用ADNS-3080完成图像采集、分析,并得出最终有效数据△x和△y值的方法;采用CY7C68013进行数据处理并通过SPI总线和USB总线进行数据传输的过程;以及上位机的数据存储、分析、显示和网络传输的软件设计.%The paper described the design and implementation of the real-time collection equipment for 2-D of vibration offset based on the CY7C68013 and the ADNS-3080. It analysed the method for image acquisition, analysis, and reached the final valid data of values △χ and △y by ADNS-3080, and the course of data processing by CY7C68013 and the data transfer by SPI bus and USB bus and completed the software design of data storage, analysis, display and network transmission in host computer.

  17. Improvement of flue gas selective catalytic reduction technology and equipment for propane dehydrogenation (PDH) unit%丙烷脱氢装置烟气脱硝技术与设备改造

    刘唯奇; 张国甫; 高海见; 陈金锋


    为降低烟气中的氮氧化物含量,采用丹麦托普索公司催化剂和工艺技术,在烟气余热锅炉内增加脱硝段,以满足达标排放的目的.并与工程公司合作,优化脱硝注氨系统的工艺流程,减少氨水消耗量,降低氨逃逸浓度.技术与设备改进后,烟色得到改善,烟气中的NOx含量大幅降低,同时氨水消耗量低于设计值,产生了良好的环境效益和经济效益.%The NOx concentration in the flue gas is reduced for standardized emission by a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) reactor installed in the waste heat boiler.The catalyst and reactor design are provided by Denmark HALDOR TOPSOE.New ammonia injection process is studied with engineering company to reduce ammonia consumption and slip concentration.After the improvement of process and equipment,the colour of flue gas looks better than before.The flue gas NOx concentration is significantly decreased and ammonia consumption is lower than hte design value,which produce good environmental and economic benefits.

  18. 大跨空间钢结构预应力施工技术研究与应用——大跨空间钢结构预应力施工方法和张拉装备%Research and Application of Long-span Space Steel Structure Prestress Construction Technology ——Construction Method and Tensioning Equipment of Long-span Space Steel Structure Prestress Technology

    郭正兴; 罗斌


    Cable construction is a system engineering, which demands the analysis, fabrication,installation and tensioning to be consistent. In this system, tensioning is core, analysis, fabrication,installation, error adjustment and corresponding structure of cable joint, cable ending style, tensioning equipment are auxiliary for tensioning. According to many practice research, the basic technology requirements for cable fabrication, installation and tensioning, and corresponding construction technology and innovation of tensioning equipment are put forward, including the assurance of fabrication length and adjustment quantity of cable, the choosing and setting of cable, anchor adjustment equipment, the basic requirement of installation and tensioning on fabrication of cable, the installation technique of flat cable and inclined cable, the key control technology of passive tensioning and assurance principles of initiative cable and passive cable, and so on.%拉索施工是个系统工程,从分析、制作、安装到张拉必须保持一致性,其中以张拉为核心,分析、制作、安装和误差调整及相关索节点构造、索头形式、张拉装备等都必须服务于张拉.根据大量工程研究和实践,提出了拉索制作、安装和张拉的基本技术要求及相关施工工艺和张拉装备的创新,包括:拉索制作长度和调节量的确定,索体、锚具、调节装置和连接件的选配;安装和张拉对拉索制作的基本要求;平索和斜索的安装工艺;被动张拉技术的关键控制;主动索和被动索的确定原则等.

  19. Down time analysis of longwall face equipment - a case study

    Kundu, M.; Ral, P.; Nath, R. [Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (India). Inst. of Technology, Dept. of Mining Engineering


    The fully mechanized longwall method of underground coal mining is the only technology that can offer stiff competition to surface mining methods in terms of production and productivity. It is yet to realize its full potential in India. Indian experience with mechanized longwall faces has been a mixed one with several failures and only meagre success owing to difficult geomining conditions, mismatch of equipment vis-a-vis geomining conditions, poor machine running time, inadequate maintenance strategies, lack of availability of spares on time, poor utilization, etc. A perceptible gap exists between the actual performance and potential capacity of the equipment due to frequent breakdown and, subsequently, the reduced availability of equipment package. The study analysed the down time of longwall face equipment during operation in the field. It was conducted for eight months on shearers, automated flexible conveyors, powered supports, stage loader, belt conveyors, etc. Analysis in the form of tables and pie charts illustrates the down time of each equipment. Critical components in the system that require attention were systematically identified. The equipment down time studies are beneficial on mechanized longwall faces and they must be conducted for a long period of time in the field to arrive at meaningful results. Breakdown appears to be a function of duty conditions under which a particular equipment operates. Powered supports are most prone to breakdown on a mechanized longwall face followed by shearer and automated flexible conveyors. Belt conveyors are the most reliable in operation. 7 refs., 3 figs., 3 tabs.

  20. Radiological equipment analyzed by specific developed phantoms and software

    Soto, M.; Campayo, J. M. [Logistica y Acondicionamientos Industriales SAU, Sorolla Center, Local 10, Av. de las Cortes Valencianas No. 58, 46015 Valencia (Spain); Mayo, P. [TITANIA Servicios Tecnologicos SL, Sorolla Center, Local 10, Av. de las Cortes Valencianas No. 58, 46015 Valencia (Spain); Verdu, G.; Rodenas, F., E-mail: [ISIRYIM Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Camino de Vera s/n, Valencia (Spain)


    The use of radiographic phantoms specifically designed to evaluate the operation of the radiographic equipment lets the study of the image quality obtained by this equipment in an objective way. In digital radiographic equipment, the analysis of the image quality can be computerized because the acquisition of the image is possible in different technologies that are, computerized radiography or phosphor plate and direct radiography or detector. In case of film-screen equipment s this analysis could be applied digitalising the image in a professional scanner. In this work we have shown an application to assess automatically the constancy quality image in the image chain of the radiographic equipment s. This application is integrated by designed radiographic phantoms which are adapted to conventional, dental equipment s and specific developed software for the automatic evaluation of the phantom image quality. The software is based on digital image processing techniques that let the automatic detection of the different phantom tests by edge detector, morphological operators, threshold histogram techniques... etc. The utility developed is enough sensitive to the radiographic equipment of operating conditions of voltage (kV) and charge (m As). It is a friendly user programme connected with a data base of the hospital or clinic where it has been used. After the phantom image processing the user can obtain an inform with a resume of the imaging system state with accepting and constancy results. (Author)