Sample records for elephantiasis nostras verrucosa

  1. Elephantiasis nostras verrucosa complicated with chronic tibial osteomyelitis.

    Turhan, Egemen; Ege, Ahmet; Keser, Selcuk; Bayar, Ahmet


    Elephantiasis nostras verrucosa represents an infrequent clinical entity with cutaneous changes characterized by dermal fibrosis, hyperkeratotic verrucous and papillamotous lesions resulting from chronic non-filarial lymphedema secondary to infections, surgeries, tumor obstruction, radiation, congestive heart failure, and obesity. Although recurrent streptococcal lymphangitis is believed to play a critical role in the origin of elephantiasis nostras verrucosa, the exact pathogenesis of the disorder is not yet clear. Therapeutic efforts should aim to reduce lymph stasis, which will also lead to improvement of the cutaneous changes but unfortunately there is no specific treatment for advanced cases. In this report, we present a patient who was treated by below knee amputation as a result of elephantiasis nostras verrucosa complicated with chronic tibial osteomyelitis.

  2. Elephantiasis nostras.

    Schiff, B L; Kern, A B


    Elephantiasis nostras is one of the most striking yet, at the same time, one of the most poorly understood dermatologic entities. We present a report on two patients with this disorder, each of whom had a marked enlargement of a lower extremity following recurrent attacks of infection and/or ulceration. In one case obesity and chronic cardiac disease may have been aggravating factors. In the second, the enlargement and deformity was severe enough to require amputation of the foot and lower leg. Study of these and other cases may lead to further insight into the pathogenesis of elephantiasis nostras.

  3. Dermatologia comparativa: similaridade entre elefantíase nostra verrucosa e coral Comparative dermatology: elephantiasis nostra in verrucous form comparable to coral

    Lana Bezerra Fernandes


    Full Text Available Demonstra-se quadro raro de Elefantíase Nostra, na sua forma verrucosa, no dorso de pé de homem de 80 anos por episódios prévios de erisipela de repetição. As lesões confluentes vegetantes e difusas em dorso de pé são comparáveis aos corais Trumpet Coral (Caulastrea curvataStudy of a rare case of Elephantiasis Nostra in verrucous form on the dorsum of the foot of an 80year-old male with a history of recurrent erysipelas infection. The vegetant, confluent lesions on the foot resemble Trumpet Coral (Caulastrea curvata

  4. Verrucous lesions arising in lymphedema and diabetic neuropathy: Elephantiasis nostras verrucosa or verrucous skin lesions on the feet of patients with diabetic neuropathy?

    Hotta, Eri; Asai, Jun; Okuzawa, Yasutaro; Hanada, Keiji; Nomiyama, Tomoko; Takenaka, Hideya; Katoh, Norito


    Verrucous skin lesions on the feet in diabetic neuropathy (VSLDN) develop in areas with sensory loss in diabetic patients. Although various types of chronic stimulation, such as pressure or friction, are considered an important factor in the development of such lesions, the precise pathogenesis of VSLDN remains obscure, and there is currently no established treatment for this disease. Here, we present a case of VSLDN on the dorsum of the right foot. However, because lymphedema was also observed at the same site, this lesion could also be diagnosed as elephantiasis nostras verrucosa arising in diabetic neuropathy. The lesion was successfully treated with a combination of elastic stocking and mixed killed bacterial suspension and hydrocortisone ointment, which suggested that VSLDN might have been exacerbated by the pre-existing lymphedema. Because various types of chronic stimulation can trigger VSLDN, treatment plans should be devised on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, it is important to investigate the presence of factors that can induce or exacerbate chronic inflammatory stimulation, such as lymphedema in our case, in each patient with VSLDN. © 2015 Japanese Dermatological Association.

  5. Epidemiology of elephantiasis with special emphasis on podoconiosis in Ethiopia: A literature review.

    Yimer, Mulat; Hailu, Tadesse; Mulu, Wondemagegn; Abera, Bayeh


    Elephantiasis is a symptom of a variety of diseases that is characterized by the thickening of the skin and underlying tissues, especially in the legs, male genitals and female breasts. Some conditions having this symptom include: Elephantiasis nostras, due to longstanding chronic lymphangitis; Elephantiasis tropica or lymphatic filariasis, caused by a number of parasitic worms, particularly Wuchereria bancrofti; non-filarial elephantiasis or podoconiosis, an immune disease caused by heavy metals affecting the lymph vessels; proteus syndrome, the genetic disorder of the so-called Elephant Man, etc. Podoconiosis is a type of lower limb tropical elephantiasis distinct from lymphatic filariasis. Lymphatic filariasis affects all population at risk, whereas podoconiosis predominantly affects barefoot subsistence farmers in areas with red volcanic soil. Ethiopia is one of the countries with the highest number of podoconiosis patients since many people are at risk to red-clay soil exposure in many parts of the country. The aim of this review was to know the current status and impact of podoconiosis and its relevance to elephantiasis in Ethiopia. To know the epidemiology and disease burden, the literatures published by different scholars were systematically reviewed. The distribution of the disease and knowledge about filarial elephantiasis and podoconiosis are not well known in Ethiopia. It is relatively well studied in southern Ethiopia but data from other parts of the country are limited. Moreover, programmes that focus on diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of filarial elephantiasis and podoconiosis are also non-existent even in endemic areas. Furthermore, the disease mapping has not been carried out country-wide. Therefore, in order to address these gaps, Ethiopian Ministry of Health needs to take initiative for undertaking concrete research and mapping of the disease in collaboration with stakeholders.

  6. Epidemiology of elephantiasis with special emphasis on podoconiosis in Ethiopia: A literature review

    Mulat Yimer


    Full Text Available Elephantiasis is a symptom of a variety of diseases that is characterized by the thickening of the skin and underlying tissues, especially in the legs, male genitals and female breasts. Some conditions having this symptom include: Elephantiasis nostras, due to longstanding chronic lymphangitis; Elephantiasis tropica or lymphatic filariasis, caused by a number of parasitic worms, particularly Wuchereria bancrofti; non-filarial elephantiasis or podoconiosis, an immune disease caused by heavy metals affecting the lymph vessels; proteus syndrome, the genetic disorder of the so-called Elephant Man, etc. Podoconiosis is a type of lower limb tropical elephantiasis distinct from lymphatic filariasis. Lymphatic filariasis affects all population at risk, whereas podoconiosis predominantly affects barefoot subsistence farmers in areas with red volcanic soil. Ethiopia is one of the countries with the highest number of podoconiosis patients since many people are at risk to red-clay soil exposure in many parts of the country. The aim of this review was to know the current status and impact of podoconiosis and its relevance to elephantiasis in Ethiopia. To know the epidemiology and disease burden, the literatures published by different scholars were systematically reviewed. The distribution of the disease and knowledge about filarial elephantiasis and podoconiosis are not well known in Ethiopia. It is relatively well studied in southern Ethiopia but data from other parts of the country are limited. Moreover, programmes that focus on diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of filarial elephantiasis and podoconiosis are also non-existent even in endemic areas. Furthermore, the disease mapping has not been carried out country-wide. Therefore, in order to address these gaps, Ethiopian Ministry of Health needs to take initiative for undertaking concrete research and mapping of the disease in collaboration with stakeholders.

  7. Segmental tuberculosis verrucosa cutis

    Hanumanthappa H


    Full Text Available A case of segmental Tuberculosis Verrucosa Cutis is reported in 10 year old boy. The condition was resembling the ascending lymphangitic type of sporotrichosis. The lesions cleared on treatment with INH 150 mg daily for 6 months.

  8. Chromoblastomycosis due to phialophora verrucosa

    Harshan V


    Full Text Available Chromoblastomycosis or chromo mycosis is a rare deep fungal infection affecting the legs and feet. A typical, culture proved case of chromoblastomycosis caused by Phialophora verrucosa is being reported.

  9. Bartoneliasis: fiebre verrucosa del guaitara en colombia

    Patiño Camargo, Luis


    En Colombia, al descubrirla, diósele (1) a esta dolencia los siguientes nombres: Bartonellosis, Fiebre verrucosa del Guaitara y Verruga, análoga a la enfermedad de Carrión, Fiebre de Oroya y Verruga Peruana.




    Full Text Available AB STRACT: Tuberculosis verrucosa cutis, otherwise called as warty tuberculosis is a disease due to acquired infection from an exogenous source in a person who has moderate to high immunity for tuberculosis. Lesions are frequently reported on hands and lower limbs. It is an occupational hazard in people who handle tuberculous tissues during work, example: Veterinarians and mortuary at tenders, farmers, butchers, anatomy at tenders (anatomist’s warts. Auto inoculation by sputum in a pulmonary tuberculosis pati ent can cause the disease. Clinical features are variable, but verrucosity always forms. Lesions are usually single indurated, verrucous plaque with serpigenous edge which may show some scar at centre with keloidal changes and are seen at trauma prone site s. Histopathology shows psedoepitheliomatous hyperplasia with infiltration of plasma cells and sometimes with caseating granuloma. Tissues rarely show positivity to bacilli on staining. Treatment of the disease is by anti TB therapy which will completely resolve the lesion.

  11. Europa Nostra medal Tartusse / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Alvar Aalto projekteeritud Tammekannu villa (1932) Tartus pälvis Europa Nostra medali, mis antakse eriti õnnestunult renoveeritud objektile. Villa renoveeriti soome arhitekti Tapani Mustoneni projekti järgi

  12. Europa Nostra medal Tartusse / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Alvar Aalto projekteeritud Tammekannu villa (1932) Tartus pälvis Europa Nostra medali, mis antakse eriti õnnestunult renoveeritud objektile. Villa renoveeriti soome arhitekti Tapani Mustoneni projekti järgi

  13. Antibacterial effect of Gracilaria verrucosa bioactive on fish pathogenic bacteria

    Maftuch,; Isma Kurniawati; Awaludin Adam; I’ah Zamzami


    Gracilaria verrucosa seaweed is a type of seaweed commonly found in water. This study was conducted to investigate the effect of G. verrucosa on fish pathogenic bacteria to support fish farming. The method used in this research was the separation of G. verrucosa fractions using column chromatography. The active antibacterial fraction of G. verrucosa which is obtained from column chromatography indicated fractions containing antibacterial compounds. It was fraction number 3 by using an eluent ...

  14. SELEKSI KLON BIBIT RUMPUT LAUT, Gracilaria verrucosa

    Petrus Rani Pong-Masak


    di setiap sentra produksi rumput laut. Tujuan seleksi klon ini adalah untuk mendapatkan bibit unggul varietas rumput laut Gracilaria verrucosa yang cepat pertumbuhannya. Sasaran penerapan metode seleksi klon ini adalah penyediaan bibit unggul untuk mendukung target peningkatan produksi. Selain itu, sasaran dari seleksi klon/ massa adalah penyediaan bibit untuk mendukung pengembangan kebun bibit di setiap sentra produksi.

  15. Giant scrotal elephantiasis of inflammatory etiology: a case report

    Denzinger Stefan


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Scrotal lymphedema is rare outside endemic filariasis regions in Africa and Asia. It is of variable origin in the western world. Case presentation We present a case of a 40-year-old European man with massive elephantiasis of the scrotum attributed to chronic inflammation of the lower urinary tract caused by urinary outlet obstruction and diabetes mellitus. The patient underwent subtotal scrotectomy saving penis, testes and spermatic cords and followed by scrotal reconstruction with adequate cosmetic and functional outcome. Conclusion In this report we discuss a rare case of scrotal elephantiasis in an European patient, reflect on the etiology and the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Surgery can be successful even in giant scrotal elephantiasis.

  16. Scroto-perineal hidradenitis suppurativa complicated by giant scrotal elephantiasis

    Badr Alharbi


    Full Text Available Scrotal elephantiasis has been a recognized complication of inguinal node irradiation, filarial infection, tumor involvement and surgical lymphatic destruction, but has rarely been reported in association with hidradenitis suppurativa (HS. HS, also known as acne inversa, is a chronic and often debilitating disease primarily affecting the axillae, inframammary regions and perineum. The location of the lesions may lead to social embarrassment and failure to seek medical treatment. Scroto-preineal HS complicated by scrotal elephantiasis is a distressing disease. Excisional surgery with reconstruction is the recommended treatment with a high likelihood of good outcome. We present a 38-year-old male patient with long-standing scroto-perineal HS complicated by giant scrotal elephantiasis.

  17. Antibacterial effect of Gracilaria verrucosa bioactive on fish pathogenic bacteria



    Full Text Available Gracilaria verrucosa seaweed is a type of seaweed commonly found in water. This study was conducted to investigate the effect of G. verrucosa on fish pathogenic bacteria to support fish farming. The method used in this research was the separation of G. verrucosa fractions using column chromatography. The active antibacterial fraction of G. verrucosa which is obtained from column chromatography indicated fractions containing antibacterial compounds. It was fraction number 3 by using an eluent 16 (ethanol: 4 (ethyl acetate. Furthermore, based on phytochemical screening, ultraviolet spectrophotometer and LC–MS analysis, antibacterial compounds contained in those fraction number 3 are Alkaloid, Flavonoid, Tannin, Phenolic compound. Based on LC–MS and UV–Vis analysis, flavonoid group, Quercetin-7-methyl-ether is a dominant group of the antibacterial compound on fraction no. 3. This fraction had moderate antibacterial activity against Aeromonas hydrophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Pseudomonas putida and had weak antibacterial activity against Vibrio harveyi and Vibrio algynoliticus bacteria.

  18. The complete mitochondrial genome of the Synanceia verrucosa (Scorpaeniformes: Synanceiidae).

    Wang, Qian; Wang, Jun; Luo, Jian; Chen, Guohua


    The complete mitochondrial genome of the Synanceia verrucosa has been sequenced. The mitochondrial genome is 16,506 bp in length, containing 13 protein-coding genes, two ribosomal RNA genes, 22 transfer RNA genes, and one control region. The gene order and the composition of S. verrucosa mitochondrial genome were similar to that of most other vertebrates. The overall nucleotides base composition of the heavy strand is A (31.01%), G (15.06%), C (25.60%), and T (28.34%). With the exception of the NADH dehydrogenase subunit 6 (ND6) and eight tRNA genes, all other mitochondrial genes are encoded on the heavy strand. The tRNA-Ser2 gene lacked DHC arm and could not fold into a typical clover-leaf secondary structure. Seen from the phylogenetic tree, a stonefish (S. verrucosa), two lionfishes, and eight rockfishes from the same order (Scorpaeniformes) clustered into one branch.

  19. Biodiversity and human-pathogenicity of Phialophora verrucosa and relatives in Chaetothyriales

    Li, Y.; Xiao, J.; Hoog, , de G.S.; Wang, X.; Wan, Z.; Yu, J.; Liu, W.; Li, R.


    Phialophora as defined by its type species P. verrucosa is a genus of Chaetothyriales, and a member of the group known as ‘black yeasts and relatives’. Phialophora verrucosa has been reported from mutilating human infections such as chromoblastomycosis, disseminated phaeohyphomycosis and mycetoma, w

  20. Left Ulnar Artery Pseudoaneurysm and Left Hand Swelling Simulated by Elephantiasis in a Patient with Neurofibromatosis Type 1

    Ta-Pin Lee


    Full Text Available Elephantiasis is a condition featured by gross enlargement of body parts to massive proportions. Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1 is a multisystem genetic disorder. Vascular anomaly is one among the complications of NF1. We report a case of NF1 who had a left hand vascular pseudoaneurysm with left hand swelling mimicking elephantiasis. The characteristics of sonography make it an excellent imaging modality to investigate this sort of superficial vascular lesion.

  1. CARD9 deficiencies linked to impaired neutrophil functions against Phialophora verrucosa.

    Liang, Pin; Wang, Xiaowen; Wang, Runchao; Wan, Zhe; Han, Wenling; Li, Ruoyu


    Caspase recruitment domain-containing protein 9 (CARD9) is an adaptor molecule that is critical for NF-κB activation and forms a complex with B cell lymphoma 10 and mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma translocation gene 1 that mediates C-type lectin receptors (CLRs)-triggered intracellular signaling during antifungal immunity. However, the role of CARD9 in the host defense against Phialophora verrucosa (P. verrucosa) infection remains to be elucidated. In the present study, we investigated the functions of polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs) from patients with CARD9 deficiencies against P. verrucosa. By isolating PMNs from patients and healthy blood donors and subsequently challenging the cells with P. verrucosa, we demonstrated that, compared with healthy donors, CARD9-deficient PMNs exhibited defects in P. verrucosa killing and pro-inflammatory cytokine productions, which can be rescued in the presence of serum; however, the CARD9-deficient PMNs exhibited normal reactive oxygen species generation and phagocytotic ability. In conclusion, our results indicate that CARD9 is indispensable for P. verrucosa killing by PMNs, and serum opsonization acts as a CARD9-independent way, which could be a promising immunotherapy in the future.

  2. [Current wound care in patients with elephantiasis--third-stage lymphedema].

    Rucigaj, Tanja Planinsek; Slana, Ana; Leskovec, Nada Kecelj


    Lymphedema resulting from fluid accumulation due to impairment in the lymphatic system drainage leads to enlargement of the body part involved. If left untreated, in its third stage it results in elephantiasis. Elephantiasis is frequently accompanied by papillomatosis and lymphocutaneous fistulas with lymphorrhoea, erosions and ulcers, frequently with the loss of function in the respective part of the body. Unlike other chronic wounds, wound healing in lymphedema is highly dependent on the use of combined therapies because local treatment with modern supportive dressings and compression therapy with adhesive and non-adhesive short-stretch systems is only part of the complete treatment. This treatment also includes sub-bandage foamy materials, kinesitherapy with tapes (kinesiotaping), intermittent local application of high-pressure oxygen, breathing exercise, and manual lymph drainage and exercises.

  3. Revision of the orb-weaving spider genus Verrucosa McCook, 1888 (Araneae, Araneidae).

    Lise, Arno A; Kesster, Cynara C; Da Silva, Estevam L Cruz


    The araneid spider genus Verrucosa McCook, 1888 is revised. Five of the seven previously known species, V. arenata (Walckenaer, 1841), V. lampra Soares & Camargo, 1948, V. meridionalis (Keyserling, 1892), V. undecimvariolata (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1889) and V. zebra (Keyserling, 1892), are redescribed and illustrated. In addition, 37 new species of Verrucosa from the Neotropical region are described and illustrated: V. cachimbo n. sp., V. tarapoa n. sp., V. scapofracta n. sp., V. carara n. sp., V. latigastra n. sp., V. guatopo n. sp., V. cuyuni n. sp., V. benavidesae n. sp., V. rancho n. sp., V. excavata n. sp., V. meta n. sp., V. levii n. sp., V. chanchamayo n. sp., V. manauara n. sp., V. brachiscapa n. sp., V. macarena n. sp., V. pedrera n. sp., V. lata n. sp., V. galianoae n. sp., V. suaita n. sp., V. coroico n. sp., V. florezi n. sp., V. hoferi n. sp., V. caninde n. sp., V. opon n. sp., V. silvae n. sp., V. avilesae n. sp., V. tuberculata n. sp., V. alvarengai n. sp., V. apuela n. sp., V. bartica n. sp., V. cajamarca n. sp., V. canje n. sp., V. cuyabenoensis n. sp., V. sergipana n. sp., V. simla n. sp. and V. rhea n. sp. Mahadiva reticulata O. P.-Cambridge, 1889 is removed from the synonymy of Verrucosa arenata (Walckenaer, 1841) and is recognized as a valid species, Verrucosa reticulata. Araneus cylicophorus Badcock, 1932 is transferred to Verrucosa by Mello-Leitão (1946) removed from the synonymy of Verrucosa meridionalis (Keyserling, 1892) and recognized as a valid species. The male of Verrucosa meridionalis (Keyserling, 1892) is described for the first time. Distributional maps are provided for all species.

  4. Screening a Mediterranean Sponge Axinella verrucosa For Antibacterial Activity in Comparison to Some Antibiotics

    Alma Shabbar


    Full Text Available The antibacterial effect of crude extract of marine sponge Axinella verrucosa at room temperature against seven nosocomial bacteria and one fungal isolates including, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Acinetobacter septicus and Proteus vulgaris, Acinetobacter meningitis, Klebsiella pneumonia, E. coli and the fungal pathogen Candida albicans were studied by Kirby-Bauer disc diffusion assay and, the findings of antibacterial activity of crude methanolic extract sponge A. verrucosa were compared to the efficiency of some marketed antibiotics that were tested against the same bacteria at given concentrations. In result, it was found that MeOH crude extract of Axinella verrucosa is effective against Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Acinetobacter septicus and Proteus vulgaris and except for its ineffectiveness against Acinetobacter meningitis, Klebsiella pneumonia, E. coli and the fungal pathogen Candida albicans. It was more active than Azithromycin and Gentamicin Against Proteus vulgaris and more efficient than ciprofloxacin against Acinetobacter septicus. Hexane and Ethyl acetate crude extracts derived from A. verrucosa revealed no activity against all bacterial and fungal pathogen. Sponge Axinella verrucosa remains an interesting source of new antibacterial metabolites with better activity than some antibiotics.

  5. High-yield production of biosugars from Gracilaria verrucosa by acid and enzymatic hydrolysis processes.

    Kim, Se Won; Hong, Chae-Hwan; Jeon, Sung-Wan; Shin, Hyun-Jae


    Gracilaria verrucosa, the red alga, is a suitable feedstock for biosugar production. This study analyzes biosugar production by the hydrolysis of G. verrucosa conducted under various conditions (i.e., various acid concentrations, substrate concentrations, reaction times, and enzyme dosages). The acid hydrolysates of G. verrucosa yielded a total of 7.47g/L (37.4%) and 10.63g/L (21.26%) of reducing sugars under optimal small (30mL) and large laboratory-scale (1L) hydrolysis processes, respectively. Reducing sugar obtained from acid and enzymatic hydrolysates were 10% higher, with minimum by-products, than those reported in other studies. The mass balance for the small laboratory-scale process showed that the acid and enzymatic hydrolysates had a carbohydrate conversion of 57.2%. The mass balance approach to the entire hydrolysis process of red seaweed for biosugar production can be applied to other saccharification processes.

  6. The Diplomat and the Pioneer in Jewish-Catholic relations prior to Nostra Aetate: Jo Willebrands and Toon Ramselaar

    Poorthuis, M.J.H.M.


    A combined search of documents in the secret archives of the Vatican and of hith-erto unexplored Dutch archives sheds new light on the genesis of Nostra aetate, the declaration of Vatican II, mainly on Judaism. Two Dutch Catholics exercised a decisive influence upon the making of this declaration: m

  7. Bioethanol production from Gracilaria verrucosa, a red alga, in a biorefinery approach.

    Kumar, Savindra; Gupta, Rishi; Kumar, Gaurav; Sahoo, Dinabandhu; Kuhad, Ramesh Chander


    In this study, Gracilaria verrucosa, red seaweed has been used for production of agar and bioethanol. The algae harvested at various time durations resulted in extraction of ~27-33% agar. The leftover pulp was found to contain ~62-68% holocellulose, which on enzymatic hydrolysis yielded 0.87 g sugars/g cellulose. The enzymatic hydrolysate on fermentation with Saccharomyces cerevisiae produced ethanol with an ethanol yield of 0.43 g/g sugars. The mass balance evaluation of the complete process demonstrates that developing biorefinery approach for exploiting Gracilaria verrucosa, a red alga, could be commercially viable.

  8. Vulval elephantiasis as a result of tubercular lymphadenitis: two case reports and a review of the literature

    Bamal Rahul


    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction Elephantiasis as a result of chronic lymphedema is characterized by gross enlargement of the arms, legs or genitalia, and occurs due to a variety of obstructive diseases of the lymphatic system. Genital elephantiasis usually follows common filariasis and lymphogranuloma venereum. It may follow granuloma inguinale, carcinomas, lymph node dissection or irradiation and tuberculosis but this happens rarely. Vulval elephantiasis as a consequence of extensive lymph node destruction by tuberculosis is very rare. We present two very unusual cases of vulval elephantiasis due to tuberculous destruction of the inguinal lymph nodes. Case presentation Two Indian women - one aged 40 years and the other aged 27 years, with progressively increasing vulval swellings over a period of five and four years respectively - presented to our hospital. In both cases, there was a significant history on presentation. Both women had previously taken a complete course of anti-tubercular treatment for generalized lymphadenopathy. The vulval swellings were extremely large: in the first case report, measuring 35 × 25 cm on the right side and 45 × 30 cm on the left side, weighing 20 lb and 16 lb respectively. Both cases were managed by surgical excision with reconstruction and the outcome was positive. Satisfactory results have been maintained during a follow-up period of six years in both cases. Conclusions Elephantiasis of the female genitalia is unusual and it has rarely been reported following tuberculosis. We report two cases of vulval elephantiasis as a consequence of extensive lymph node destruction by tuberculosis, in order to highlight this very rare clinical scenario.

  9. Mater Nostra: The Anti-blasphemy Message of the Feminist Punk-Prayer

    Elena Ivanovna Volkova


    Full Text Available In this essay I develop a blasphemy counter-discourse arguing that it was ecclesial and state authorities who committed blasphemies, which were condemned by Pussy Riot’s punk-prayer. Thus, the performance in this respect may be interpreted as an anti-blasphemy protest. The blasphemy list includes the collaboration of the church with the authoritarian state, known as heresy of Sergianism; Caesar and Temple idolatry, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, Virgin Mary and Folly for Christ’s sake. The punk-prayer may be interpreted as a feminine version of the Lord’s Prayer – Mater Nostra. Several corporeal narratives in the background – women’s dress code and rape debates, Virgin Mary’s belt, and its alleged miraculous ability to help women to deliver a baby – may be seen as allegories of feminist vs. patriarchal opposition in Russian religious and political culture.

  10. Iconografia e culto di Nostra Signora D’Itria nella Sardegna Spagnola

    Maria Francesca Porcella


    Full Text Available Il culto di Nostra Signora d’Itria o Odigitria o di Costantinopoli, legato all’icona della Vergine col Bambino venerata a Bisanzio e distrutta nel 1453, pervenne in Occidente in un ampio lasso di tempo, dalle lotte iconoclaste (sec. VIII fino alla caduta dell’Impero d’Oriente (sec. XV. La Sardegna, insieme alla Puglia e alla Sicilia vanta un culto antico, attestato da documenti materiali a partire dalla metà del XVI secolo e che ha avuto una fioritura straordinaria nel corso del Seicento. Se i dipinti si riallacciano agli schemi iconografici diffusi nelle aree calabresi e siciliane che evocano la processione con l’icona, i gruppi statuari con la Vergine, lo schiavo cristiano e il padrone turco o moro, sembrano ispirarsi a racconti di esclusiva origine locale, forse eventi storici poi mitizzati che hanno assunto un valore universale di salvazione dal pericolo barbaresco, fortemente sentito dalle popolazioni locali lungo tutto il periodo di dominazione spagnola.   Nostra Signora d’Itria or Odigitria or Constantinople faith, attached to the icon of Vergin Mary with child worshipped in Bysantium and distroyed in 1453, arrived at The West during a wide lapse of time, from the iconoclast fightings (VIII century to the Eastern Empire’s fall ( XV century. Sardinia, together with Apulia and Sicily is proud of an ancient faith, certified from materials documents, from the middle of XVI th century and that has had an extraordinary explosion during the six hundred century. If the paintings attach to the iconographic outlines spread to the Sicilian and Calabrian areas that bring to our memory the icon’s procession, the statues groups with the Vergin and the Christian Slave and the Turkish or Mour owner, they seem to get inspiration from exclusive local stories, perhaps historical events then changed into miths that have taken on an universal worth of salvation from the barbaric danger, strongly felt from the local populations during the all

  11. Components of evaporative water loss in the desert tenebrionid beetles, Eleodes armata and Cryptoglossa verrucosa

    Cooper, P.D.


    Water loss in Eleodes armata and Cryptoglossa verrucosa increased with increasing temperature and decreasing vapor activity (a/sub v/). Rates of evaporative water loss were always about 4 times greater in E. armata than in C. verrucosa at the different temperatures and 0.0 a/sub v/, while as a/sub v/ increased the ratio of E. armata loss to C. verrucosa decreased from 4 at 0.0 a/sub v/ to about 2 at 0.94 a/sub v/. A method for determining mesothoracic spiracular, sub-elytral abdominal, and cuticular water loss rates was described and validated for living E. armata. Sub-elytral abdominal water loss through the caudal opening was 8.0 mg H/sub 2/O (g.d)/sup -1/, meso-thoracic spiracular water loss was approximately 7.9 mg H/sub 2/O (g.d)/sup -1/, and cuticular loss was 26.2 mg H/sub 2/O (g.d)/sup -1/ at 30 C and 0.0 a/sub v/. Evaporative water loss was shown to have two unidirectional components, efflux and influx, for both beetles with the use of tritiated water (H/sup 3/HO). Efflux was independent of a/sub v/, while influx increased linearly with a/sub v/, with both components having lower rates in C. verrucosa compared to E. armata.

  12. Sesquiterpene Lactones from Gynoxys verrucosa and their Anti-MRSA Activity

    Ordóñez, Paola E.; Quave, Cassandra L.; Reynolds, William F.; Varughese, Kottayil I.; Berry, Brian; Breen, Philip J.; Malagón, Omar; Smeltzer, Mark S.; Compadre, Cesar M.


    Ethnopharmacological relevance Because of its virulence and antibiotic resistance, Staphylococcus aureus is a more formidable pathogen now than at any time since the pre-antibiotic era. In an effort to identify and develop novel antimicrobial agents with activity against this pathogen, we have examined Gynoxys verrucosa Wedd (Asteraceae), an herb used in traditional medicine in southern Ecuador for the treatment and healing of wounds. Materials and Methods The sesquiterpene lactones leucodine (1) and dehydroleucodine (2) were extracted and purified from the aerial parts of G. verrucosa, and their structure was elucidated by spectroscopic methods and single-crystal X-ray analysis. The in vitro anti-microbial activity of G. verrucosa extracts and its purified constituents was determined against six clinical isolates including S. aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis strains with different drug-resistance profiles, using the microtiter broth method. Results Compound 1 has very low activity, while compound 2 has moderate activity with MIC50s between 49 and195 μg/mL. The extract of G. verrucosa has weak activity with MIC50s between 908 and 3290 μg/mL. Conclusions We are reporting the full assignment of the 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR of both compounds, and the crystal structure of compound 2, for the first time. Moreover, the fact that compound 2 has antimicrobial activity and compound 1 does not, demonstrates that the exocyclic conjugated methylene in the lactone ring is essential for the antimicrobial activity of these sesquiterpene lactones. However, the weak activity observed for the plants extracts, does not explain the use of G. verrucosa in traditional medicine for the treatment of wounds and skin infections. PMID:21782013

  13. The edible red alga, Gracilaria verrucosa, inhibits lipid accumulation and ROS production, but improves glucose uptake in 3T3-L1 cells.

    Woo, Mi-Seon; Choi, Hyeon-Son; Lee, Ok-Hwan; Lee, Boo-Yong


    Gracilaria verrucosa is a red alga that is widely distributed in seaside areas of many countries. We examined the effect of G. verrucosa extract on adipogenesis, reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, and glucose uptake in 3T3-L1 cells. Oil red O staining and a nitroblue tetrazolium assay showed that G. verrucosa extract inhibited lipid accumulation and ROS production, respectively. mRNA levels of adipogenic transcription factors, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma and CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein alpha, as well as of their target gene, adipocyte protein 2, were reduced upon treatment with G. verrucosa extract. However, G. verrucosa extract increased glucose uptake, glucose transporter-4 expression, and AMP-activated protein kinaseα (AMPKα) phosphorylation compared to the control. Our results suggest that the anti-adipogenic and insulin-sensitive effects of G. verrucosa extract can be recapitulated to activation of AMPKα.

  14. Limits to physiological plasticity of the coral Pocillopora verrucosa from the central Red Sea

    Ziegler, M.


    Many coral species display changing distribution patterns across coral reef depths. While changes in the underwater light field and the ability to associate with different photosynthetic symbionts of the genus Symbiodinium explain some of the variation, the limits to physiological plasticity are unknown for most corals. In the central Red Sea, colonies of the branching coral Pocillopora verrucosa are most abundant in shallow high light environments and become less abundant in water depths below 10 m. To further understand what determines this narrow distribution, we conducted a cross-depths transplant experiment looking at physiological plasticity and acclimation in regard to depth. Colonies from 5, 10, and 20 m were collected, transplanted to all depths, and re-investigated after 30 and 210 d. All coral colonies transplanted downward from shallow to deep water displayed an increase in photosynthetic light-harvesting pigments, which resulted in higher photosynthetic efficiency. Shallow-water specimens transplanted to deeper water showed a significant decrease in total protein content after 30 and 210 d under low light conditions compared to specimens transplanted to shallow and medium depths. Stable isotope data suggest that heterotrophic input of carbon was not increased under low light, and consequently, decreasing protein levels were symptomatic of decreasing photosynthetic rates that could not be compensated for through higher light-harvesting efficiency. Our results provide insights into the physiological plasticity of P. verrucosa in changing light regimes and explain the observed depth distribution pattern. Despite its high abundance in shallow reef waters, P. verrucosa possesses limited heterotrophic acclimation potential, i.e., the ability to support its mainly photoautotrophic diet through heterotrophic feeding. We conclude that P. verrucosa might be a species vulnerable to sudden changes in underwater light fields resulting from processes such as

  15. Wound healing activity of aqueous extract ofCrotalaria verrucosa in Wistar albino rats

    Meena Kumari; Eesha BR; Mohanbabu Amberkar; Sarath babu; Rajshekar; Neelesh Kumar


    Objective:To evaluate the wound healing effect of aqueous extract ofCrotalaria verrucosa (C. verrucosa) in rats.Methods: Three wound models including incision, excision and dead space wounds were used in this study. The parameters studied were breaking strength in incision models, granulation tissue dry weight, breaking strength and hydroxyproline content in dead space wounds, percentage of wound contraction and period of epithelialization in excision wound model.Results: Two doses of the extract with and without dexamethasone showed significant increases in mean hydroxyproline, total protein content and dry weight of granulation tissue but it was higher with dose800 mg/kg comparing with the control. The dexamethasone treated group showed a significant(P<0.001) reduction in the wound breaking strength when compared to control group in incision type of wound model. Coadministration ofC. verrucosa with dexamethasone significantly(P<0.001) increased the breaking strength compared to the dexamethasone treated only group. In excision wound model, the percentage of the wound contraction was significantly(P<0.01)increased by two doses of test extract on all the days except the lower dose which exhibited only on12th,16th days of drug treatment and it also reversed the dexamethasone suppressed wound contraction. It significantly (P<0.001) reduced the time required for epithelialization and reversed the epithelialization delaying effect of dexamethasone (P<0.001).Conclusions:C. verrucosawas found to possess significant wound healing property. This was evident by decrease in the period of epithelialization, increase in the rate of wound contraction, skin breaking strength, and granulation tissue dry weight content. HenceC. verrucosa could be a good wound healing agent.

  16. Optimum Fermentation Process for Red Macroalgae Gelidium latifolium and Gracillaria verrucosa

    Mujizat Kawaroe; Dahlia Wulan Sari; Junkwon Hwangbo; Joko Santoso


    Red macroalgae have the potential to be processed into bioethanol due to their high carbohydrate and low lignin content. Gelidium latifolium and Gracilaria verrucosa are red macroalgae commonly found in Indonesian seas. Sometimes an over-supply of red macroalgae is rejected by the food industry, which opens up opportunities for others uses, e.g. for producing bioethanol. The objectives of this research were to analyze the influence of sulfuric acid concentration on hydrolysis of G. latifolium...

  17. A Rare Case of Coexistence of Borderline Lepromatous Leprosy with Tuberculosis Verrucosa Cutis

    Prabhakaran, Nagendran; Chandrashekar, Laxmisha; Behera, Biswanath


    Occurrence of pulmonary tuberculosis with leprosy is known but association of cutaneous tuberculosis with leprosy is rare. We report a case of borderline lepromatous leprosy coexistent with tuberculosis verrucosa cutis in a 29-year-old male, who presented with multiple skin coloured nodules and hyperkeratotic scaly lesions of 3-month duration. Dual infections are associated with high mortality and morbidity. Therefore early diagnosis and management helps to reduce mortality and to mitigate the effects of morbidity. PMID:28003920

  18. Multiple Tuberculosis Verrucosa Cutis Lesions on One Foot: A Case Report

    Seyamak Saleky


    Full Text Available Tuberculosis verrucosa cutis (TVC is a form of cutaneous tuberculosis caused by an exogenous inoculation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in previously infected or sensitized individuals. Tuberculin sensitivity is moderate to high in these patients. In adults tuberculosis verrucosa cutis occurs commonly on the dorsal aspect of fingers and toes but in children it often occurs on gluteal region and lower extremities. A 36-year-old man presented with verrucous lesion on his right foot which was present for 9 years. It was understood from history that he worked as a rancher. On dermatologic examination 3 verrucous hiperkeratotic plaques were present on medial and plantar aspects of the right foot and also on dorsal aspect of the forth toe of the same foot. In serial biopsy specimens which was obtained from the lesions, histopathologic findings compatible with tuberculosis verrucosa cutis was observed. On the chest X-ray and thoracic tomography there were no sign of infection related with tuberculosis and changes secondary to previous tuberculosis on the left lung were observed. After commencing anti tuberculosis therapy regime consisting of isoniazid, rifampicin, morphazinamide and ethambutol obvious healing in the lesions occurred. This rarely reported case in Turkey showed the importance of histopathologic changes observed in serial biopsies in diagnosis of TVC besides history and clinical course of the lesions. It also emphasized the role of response to treatment in confirming the diagnosis.

  19. Effects of galactose adaptation in yeast for ethanol fermentation from red seaweed, Gracilaria verrucosa.

    Ra, Chae Hun; Kim, Yeong Jin; Lee, Sang Yoon; Jeong, Gwi-Taek; Kim, Sung-Koo


    A total monosaccharide concentration of 39.6 g/L, representing 74.0 % conversion of 53.5 g/L total carbohydrate from 80 g dw/L (8 % w/v) Gracilaria verrucosa slurry, was obtained by thermal acid hydrolysis and enzymatic saccharification. G. verrucosa hydrolysate was used as a substrate for ethanol production by 'separate hydrolysis and fermentation' (SHF). The ethanol production and yield (Y EtOH) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae KCCM 1129 with and without adaptation to high galactose concentrations were 18.3 g/L with Y EtOH of 0.46 and 13.4 g/L with Y EtOH of 0.34, respectively. Relationship between galactose adaptation effects and mRNA transcriptional levels were evaluated with GAL gene family, regulator genes of the GAL genetic switch and repressor genes in non-adapted and adapted S. cerevisiae. The development of galactose adaptation for ethanol fermentation of G. verrucosa hydrolysates allowed us to enhance the overall ethanol yields and obtain a comprehensive understanding of the gene expression levels and metabolic pathways involved.


    Ahmad, Ahyar


    In this study, renewable marine cellulose from red algae Gracilaria verrucosa was utilized for the production of bioethanol. Bioethanol from the red alga cellulose was produced by the enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation methods and the conversion value of the cellulose in Gracilaria verrucosa was estimated. Trichoderma viride fungus and Zymomonas mobilis bacterium were used for enzymatic hydrolysis and bioethanol fermentation, r...

  1. Contributo allo studio dell’architettura romanica in Sardegna: la chiesa di Nostra Signora d’Itria a Maracalagonis

    Nicoletta Usai


    Full Text Available La chiesa dedicata alla Madonna d’Itria a Maracalagonis è di grande interesse per la sua natura di palinsesto, sia relativamente alle vicende storico-architettoniche di cui è stata oggetto, sia per quanto riguarda la sua intitolazione, della quale non permane traccia nelle fonti scritte medievali. Questo saggio ha per oggetto la chiesa nella sua interezza, a partire dalla sua intitolazione alla Madonna d’Itria, della quale si tracciano in sintesi le origini e l’evoluzione, per poi passare all’analisi di aspetti più spiccatamente tecnico-formali. Il contributo, proponendo una serie di confronti con altri monumenti compresi nel panorama del romanico sardo, propone alcune ipotesi per una ridefinizione della cronologia tradizionalmente attribuita alla chiesa di Nostra Signora d’Itria a Maracalagonis. The church dedicated to the Madonna d’Itria in Maracalagonis is of great interest for its nature of palimpsest, due to its historical and architectural events and to its dedication, of which there is no trace in medieval written sources. This paper is about the church in its entirety, starting from its dedication to the Madonna d’Itria, of which the origins and the evolution are examined, to move to the analyses of more technical and formal aspects. This contribution, which suggests a series of comparisons with other monuments belonging to the Sardinian Romanesque, try to formulize a series of hypothesis regarding the reconsideration of the traditional chronology ascribed to the church of Nostra Signora d’Itria in Maracalagonis.

  2. Giant elephantiasis neuromatosa in the setting of neurofibromatosis type 1: A case report



    Elephantiasis neuromatosa (EN) can arise from a plexiform neurofibroma of the superficial and deep nerves developing from a hyperproliferation of the perineural connective tissue infiltrating adjacent fat and muscles. To date, the clinical association between EN and neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) has been poorly defined, particularly with regard to the role of lymphatic alterations and the consequent lymphedema. The present study reports the clinical and biomolecular features of EN in a NF1 patient with the clear clinical diagnostic criteria of multiple cafè-au-lait macules, neurofibromas, EN, a positive family history and a novel NF1 germline c.1541_1542del mutation. Lymphoscintigraphy (LS) highlighted marked dermal backflow in the affected limb, hypertrophy of the ipsilateral inguinal and external iliac lymph nodes, and a bilateral lower limb lymph flow delay. These data support the hypothesis that an extensive hyperproliferative process involving perineural connective, limb soft tissues, bones and the lymphatic system can be responsible for EN in NF1 patients, on the basis of adipocyte metaplasia triggered by lymphostasis and lymphedema, and bone overgrowth and gigantism caused by chronic hyperemia. LS and magnetic resonance imaging can be efficacious tools in the diagnosis and clinical characterization of the early onset of the disease. PMID:27284375

  3. "Nostra Aetate" and the Effect of Segregation on the Attitude of Children: A Call for a Dynamic Re-Evaluation of Pedagogical Policy in a Pluralist Society

    Nwanaju, Isidore U.


    Since it is a known fact that the "point de depart" of "Nostra Aetate" is the recognition of diversity, pluralism, and inclusiveness in modern society in its declaration more than forty years ago, it is the aim of this paper to point out the pedagogical problems and difficulties underlying the continued and intentional…


    Emma Suryati


    Full Text Available Perbaikan mutu genetik rumput laut Gracilaria verrucosa dapat dilakukan melalui perkawinan silang dari spora atau melalui fusi protoplas. Perkembangan spora rumput laut sangat tergantung pada media tumbuh dan kondisi lingkungan dimana spora tersebut berada. Untuk memacu perkembangan spora pada kondisi laboratorium, diperlukan perlakuan khusus agar spora dapat tumbuh dan bertahan hidup. Pemberian kinetin yang berfungsi sebagai hormon perangsang tumbuh pada tanaman dapat mempercepat pertumbuhan dari spora membentuk anakan baru. Konsentrasi kinetin yang digunakan berkisar antara 0,5–2 mg/L. Sintasan spora dan pertumbuhan yang optimum diperoleh pada pemberian kinetin 1 mg/L baik pada media padat maupun pada media cair. Pemeliharaan anakan rumput laut secara in vitro dipertahankan hingga mencapai ukuran 2 cm. Genetic improvement of seaweed, G. verrucosa can be done through spore cross breeding or protoplast fusion. Seaweed spore development is very dependent on the medium and environment where the spore grows. To stimulate the development of the spore in laboratory, special treatment is needed in order to foster spore growth and survival. Kinetin treatment as a plant growth regulator can stimulate the growth of seaweed from spore to bud. Applied kinetin range was 0.5–2 mg/L. Optimum survival rate and growth of spore achieved by the addition of 1 ppm kinetin concentration both in solid and liquid media. In vitro nursery of buds was continued until the buds reached 2–3 cm in size.

  5. Process development for the production of bioethanol from waste algal biomass of Gracilaria verrucosa.

    Shukla, Rishikesh; Kumar, Manoj; Chakraborty, Subhojit; Gupta, Rishi; Kumar, Savindra; Sahoo, Dinabandhu; Kuhad, Ramesh Chander


    The algal biomass of different species of Gracilaria were collected from coasts of Orissa and Tamil Nadu, India and characterized biochemically. Among various species, G. verrucosa was found to be better in terms of total carbohydrate content (56.65%) and hence selected for further studies. The agar was extracted from algal biomass and the residual pulp was enzymatically hydrolyzed. The optimization of algal pulp hydrolysis for various parameters revealed a maximum sugar release of 75.8mg/ml with 63% saccharification yield. The fermentation of enzymatic hydrolysate of algal pulp was optimized and 8% (v/v) inoculum size, 12h inoculum age, pH 5.0 were found to be optimum parameters for maximum ethanol concentration (27.2g/L) after 12h. The process of enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation were successfully scaled up to 2L bioreactor scale.

  6. The occurrence of 15-keto-prostaglandins in the red alga Gracilaria verrucosa.

    Dang, The Hung; Lee, Hye Ja; Yoo, Eun Sook; Hong, Jongki; Choi, Jae Sue; Jung, Jee H


    New 15-keto-prostaglandins (1-4) were isolated from the MeOH extract of the red alga, Gracilaria verrucosa. Their structures were determined to be prostaglandin B congeners (1-3) and a prostaglandin E congener (4) based on the NMR and MS data. Prostaglandins with a C-15 keto function are rare from natural sources. The presence of these metabolites in the alga is notable because 15-keto-prostaglandins (15-keto-PGs) are considered to be the metabolic products of regular prostaglandins in mammals. The occurrence of different prostaglandins in this alga might be due to the existence of different oxidative enzymes, as previously mentioned for oxygenated fatty acids of the red alga Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis. The antiinflammatory activity of these prostaglandins was examined by evaluating their inhibitory effects on nitric oxide production in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-activated RAW264.7 murine macrophage cells. These prostaglandins showed weak activity on nitric oxide production.


    Bambang Priono


    Full Text Available Rumput laut merupakan salah satu komoditas perikanan yang memiliki potensi besar untuk dikembangkan. Hampir seluruh perairan pantai Indonesia dapat ditanami rumput laut, termasuk jenis Gracilaria verrucosa yang banyak dibudidayakan di tambak-tambak rakyat yang kurang produktif. Beberapa faktor penyebab produktivitas belum optimal adalah paket teknologi budidayanya yang belum tersosialisasikan dengan baik. Sehingga perlu dilakukan penelitian mengenai polikultur rumput laut dengan bandeng di tambak untuk mengetahui performan bibit terbaik dari beberapa kultivar berdasarkan lokasi sumber bibit. Penelitian dilakukan di tambak pembudidaya di Kabupaten Brebes, Jawa Tengah seluas 6 ha dan masing-masing berukuran 0,5-1 ha/petak. Persiapan yang dilakukan meliputi perbaikan saluran inlet, outlet, pematang, pintu air dan pelataran, pemberantasan hama dan biota liar, pemupukkan, serta pengisian air (ketinggian 60 cm. Pada setiap petak dibuat 3 petak pengamatan berbentuk segi empat berukuran 1 m2 (sebagai ulangan. Bibit rumput laut yang ditanam sebanyak 2.200 kg/ha, sedangkan pada petak pengamatan ditanam sebanyak 1 kg/petak. Guna meminimalkan pertumbuhan klekap dan lumut maka pada setiap petak tambak ditebari gelondongan bandeng sebanyak 2.500 ekor/ha. Hasil pengamatan menunjukkan bahwa rumput laut yang ditanam dapat tumbuh mencapai lebih dari 375% selama lebih dari 2 bulan pemeliharaan dan menunjukkan bahwa rumput laut Gracilaria verrucosa dapat dipelihara bersama dengan bandeng.

  8. Seasonal variations in the biomass, quantity and quality of agar, from the reproductive and vegetative stages of Gracilaria (verrucosa type)

    Whyte, J.N.C.; Englar, J.R.; Saunders, R.G.; Lindsay, J.C.


    Optimum growth of Gracilaria (verrucosa type) in British Columbia occurred between 5 and 6 meters below mean field level and correlated with solar radiation throughout the season. Vegetative populations declined with a consequent increase in reproductive forms to a maximum in July. Tetrasporophytes dominated the reproductive population and in July attained the greatest seasonal biomass of all forms of the alga. Maximum population and biomass were attained by carposporophytes in July and by male gametophytes one month earlier. An inverse relationship between biomass and yield of agar was apparent only for the vegetative and tetrasporic forms of the alga. Variations in yields, gel strengths, and gelation characteristics of the agars isolated, were demonstrated to be dependent on time of season and life stages of the alga. Ranked in the following decreasing order of merit as a source of agar were the cystocarpic, tetrasporic, vegetative and male gametophytic forms of Gracilaria (verrucosa type).

  9. AKTIVITAS ANTIOKSIDAN DAN KADAR FENOLIK TOTAL DARI GANGGANG MERAH (Gracilaria verrucosa L. [Antioxidant Activity and Total Phenolic Content of Red Sea Weed (Gracilaria verrucosa L.

    Lydia Ninan Lestario*


    Full Text Available The aims of this study were to compare the antioxidant activity and the total phenolic content of red sea weed (Gracilaria verrucosa L. from extract of methanol, ethanol, acetone, chloroform and hexane; and the correlation between total phenolic content and the antioxidant activity of each extract; then to determine the chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and carotene content of each extract and their correlation with the free radical scavenging activity as well. The antioxidant activity were measured by free radical scavenging method with DPPH and by reducing power method with K4Fe(CN6 as standard, whereas the total phenolic content was measured by Folin Ciocalteu method with gallic acid as standard. Chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and carotene were determined by spectrophotometric method based on Lambert-Beer law. The data of antioxidant activity and total phenolic content were statistically analyzed by Randomized Completely Block Design (RCBD with five kinds of solvents as treatments and five replications. Honestly Significant Difference Test (HSDT was used to compare the difference of treatments; whereas the chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and carotene content were not statistically analyzed since they were only supplement data. The results showed that the highest of the antioxidant activity by free radical scavenging method was found in acetone extract : 43.43% (BHT: 84.15%; whereas by reducing power method was found in chloroform extract : 0.1756 meq K4Fe(CN6/g extract (BHT : 6.1767 meq K4Fe(CN6/g extract; and the highest of the total phenolic content was also found in acetone extract : 45.29 mg /g extract. There were close correlation between phenolic content and antioxidant activity both by free radical scavenging method and by reducing power method with r (coefficient correlation respectivelly 0.89 and 0.91.Chlorophyll a and carotene had also close correlation with the free radical scaveging activity, but not for chlorophyll b.

  10. Physiological plasticity related to zonation affects hsp70 expression in the reef-building coral Pocillopora verrucosa

    Poli, Davide; Fabbri, Elena; Goffredo, Stefano; Airi, Valentina


    This study investigates for the first time the transcriptional regulation of a stress-inducible 70-kDa heat shock protein (hsp70) in the scleractinian coral Pocillopora verrucosa sampled at three locations and two depths (3 m and 12 m) in Bangka Island waters (North Sulawesi, Indonesia). Percentage of coral cover indicated reduced habitat suitability with depth and at the Tanjung Husi (TA) site, which also displayed relatively higher seawater temperatures. Expression of the P. verrucosa hsp70 transcript evaluated under field conditions followed a depth-related profile, with relatively higher expression levels in 3-m collected nubbins compared to the 12-m ones. Expression levels of metabolism-related transcripts ATP synthase and NADH dehydrogenase indicated metabolic activation of nubbins to cope with habitat conditions of the TA site at 3 m. After a 14-day acclimatization to common and fixed temperature conditions in the laboratory, corals were subjected for 7 days to an altered thermal regime, where temperature was elevated at 31°C during the light phase and returned to 28°C during the dark phase. Nubbins collected at 12 m were relatively more sensitive to thermal stress, as they significantly over-expressed the selected transcripts. Corals collected at 3 m appeared more resilient, as they showed unaffected mRNA expressions. The results indicated that local habitat conditions may influence transcription of stress-related genes in P. verrucosa. Corals exhibiting higher basal hsp70 levels may display enhanced tolerance towards environmental stressors. PMID:28199351

  11. Effect of temperature on two reef-building corals Pocillopora damicornis and P. verrucosa in the Red Sea

    Abdulmohsin A. Al-Sofyani


    Full Text Available The effects of temperature on two reef building corals Pocilloporadamicornis and P. verrucosa inhabiting the Obhur Creek, a small embayment on thewestern, Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia, was studied from December 2009 toNovember 2010. The overall annual range of seawater temperature in Obhur Creekwas between 24.5°C and 33°C. Zooxanthellae abundance anddiversity showed seasonal variations: the number of zooxanthellae in P. damicornis was slightly higher than in P. verrucosa, and theabundance of zooxanthellae of both species was low in summer and high duringwinter. The respiration rate of P. verrucosa did not vary between summerand winter, suggesting compensatory acclimation. In contrast, the respiratoryrate in P. damicornis was lower in winter than in summer. During thewinter season the metabolic rate was higher in both species owing to theoptimum seawater temperature (30°C. As a result of the abundance ofzooxanthellae and the optimum seawater temperature, the growth rates of theskeletons of the two coral species were higher in winter and lower in summer.In general, the results showed that P. damicornis is more flexible withrespect to temperature than P. damicornis. The difference inzooxanthellae thermal tolerances at 35°C may be due to the algalgenotypes between the two species, resulting in P. damicornis becomingbleached as the rate of metabolism exceeds the rate of photosynthesis withincreasing temperature.

  12. In Vitro and In Vivo Effects of Gracilaria verrucosa Extracts on Osteoclast Differentiation

    Kim, Kwang-Jin; Lee, Yong-Jin; Hwang, Yun-Ho; Kang, Kyung-Yun; Yee, Sung-Tae; Son, Young-Jin


    Bone remodeling, a physiological process characterized by bone formation by osteoblasts and bone resorption by osteoclasts, is important for the maintenance of healthy bone in adult humans. Osteoclasts play a critical role in bone erosion and osteoporosis and are bone-specific multinucleated cells generated through differentiation of monocyte/macrophage lineage precursors. Receptor activator of NF-κB ligand (RANKL) has been reported to induce osteoclast differentiation. In this study, we explored whether Gracilaria verrucosa extracts (GE) could affect RANKL-mediated osteoclast differentiation. GE significantly inhibited RANKL-activated osteoclast differentiation by inhibiting protein expression of c-fos and nuclear factor of activated T-cells, cytoplasmic 1 (NFATc1), vital factors in RANKL-mediated osteoclastogenesis. In addition, GE attenuated ovariectomy-induced bone loss in mice. In summary, GE can prevent osteoclastogenesis and hormone-related bone loss via blockage of c-fos-NFATc1 signaling. Our results suggest that GE may have therapeutic potential in the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis. PMID:28335442

  13. Levels of Cadmium in White and Brown Meat of Warty Crab (Eriphia verrucosa).

    Ariano, A; Voi, A Lo; D'Ambola, M; Marrone, R; Cacace, D; Severino, L


    European Union regulations that establish the maximum cadmium (Cd) levels for crab take into account only concentrations found in crab muscle (white meat), mainly from appendages; therefore, other organs and tissues (brown meat) are excluded. The objective of the present study was to evaluate Cd levels in both white and brown crab meat, in order to achieve a more complete assessment of health risk related to human consumption of warty crab. Microwave digestion and atomic absorption spectrometry were used to determine Cd concentrations in warty crab (Eriphia verrucosa) samples collected from the southern Tyrrhenian Sea in Italy. Cd concentrations in all samples of white crab meat were found to be very low (below the limit of quantification), although brown crab meat showed significantly higher Cd concentrations (up to 5.629 mg/kg wet weight; mean value, 1.465 mg/kg). Thus, the consumption of brown meat, common among certain populations of the Mediterranean region, where whole crustaceans are traditionally eaten, substantially increased Cd intake, resulting in alarmingly high estimated weekly intake values.


    Tetiana Shevtsova


    Full Text Available Seven samples of silver birch pollen from different habitat of Ukraine were investigated in order to estimate their contamination with the Enterobacteriaceae family, anaerobic bacteria and fungi. Also resistance of 108 strains of Escherichia coli isolated from seven samples of Ukrainian Betula verrucosa Ehrh. pollen against 5 antibiotics: ampicillin, chloramphenicol, meropenem, ceftriaxone and ofloxacin were determined. Disc diffusion method was used for antibiotic suceptibility testing according to EUCAST 2012. It is established the concentrations of enterobacteria ranged from 0.00 to 4.16 log cfu/g, of anaerobic bacteria – 2.48 to 4.90 log cfu/g and concentration of fungi ranged from 2.48 to 4.14 log cfu/g. Degree of pollen contamination is different depending on the habitats. The resistance of E. coli isolates was determined against ampicillin, chloramphenicol, meropenem and ofloxacin. But intermediate resistance in the 33.3% of E. coli isolates and susceptibility in the 8.3% to ceftriaxone was found out. Antibiotic resistance was evaluated for all samples of pollen in whole.

  15. Bioethanol production from Gracilaria verrucosa using Saccharomyces cerevisiae adapted to NaCl or galactose.

    Nguyen, Trung Hau; Ra, Chae Hun; Sunwoo, InYung; Jeong, Gwi-Taek; Kim, Sung-Koo


    This study examined the pretreatment, enzymatic saccharification, and fermentation of the red macroalgae Gracilaria verrucosa using adapted saccharomyces cerevisiae to galactose or NaCl for the increase of bioethanol yield. Pretreatment with thermal acid hydrolysis to obtain galactose was carried out with 11.7% (w/v) seaweed slurry and 373 mM H2SO4 at 121 °C for 59 min. Glucose was obtained from enzymatic hydrolysis. Enzymatic saccharification was performed with a mixture of 16 U/mL Celluclast 1.5L and Viscozyme L at 45 °C for 48 h. Ethanol fermentation in 11.7% (w/v) seaweed hydrolysate was carried out using Saccharomyces cerevisiae KCTC 1126 adapted or non-adapted to high concentrations of galactose or NaCl. When non-adapted S. cerevisiae KCTC 1126 was used, the ethanol productivity was 0.09 g/(Lh) with an ethanol yield of 0.25. Ethanol productivity of 0.16 and 0.19 g/(Lh) with ethanol yields of 0.43 and 0.48 was obtained using S. cerevisiae KCTC 1126 adapted to high concentrations of galactose and NaCl, respectively. Adaptation of S. cerevisiae KCTC 1126 to galactose or NaCl increased the ethanol yield via adaptive evolution of the yeast.

  16. Conversion of red-algae Gracilaria verrucosa to sugars, levulinic acid and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural.

    Jeong, Gwi-Taek; Ra, Chae Hun; Hong, Yong-Ki; Kim, Joong Kyun; Kong, In-Soo; Kim, Sung-Koo; Park, Don-Hee


    This study employed a statistical methodology to investigate the optimization of conversion conditions and evaluate the reciprocal interaction of reaction factors related to the process of red-algae Gracilaria verrucosa conversion to sugars (glucose, galactose), levulinic acid and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF) by acidic hydrolysis. Overall, the conditions optimized for glucose formation included a higher catalyst concentration than did those for galactose, and these conditions for galactose were similar to those for 5-HMF. Levulinic acid production, meanwhile, was optimized at a higher reaction temperature, a higher catalyst concentration, and a longer reaction time than was glucose, galactose or 5-HMF production. By this approach, the optimal yields (and reaction conditions) for glucose, galactose, levulinic acid, and 5-HMF were as follows: glucose 5.29 g/L (8.46 wt%) (reaction temperature 160 °C, catalyst concentration 1.92%, reaction time 20 min), galactose 18.38 g/L (29.4 wt%) (160 °C, 1.03%, 20 min), levulinic acid 14.65 g/L (18.64 wt%) (180.9 °C, 2.85%, 50 min), and 5-HMF 3.74 g/L (5.98 wt%) (160.5 °C, 1%, 20 min).

  17. Conspecific aggregations mitigate the effects of ocean acidification on calcification of the coral Pocillopora verrucosa.

    Evensen, Nicolas R; Edmunds, Peter J


    In densely populated communities, such as coral reefs, organisms can modify the physical and chemical environment for neighbouring individuals. We tested the hypothesis that colony density (12 colonies each placed ∼0.5 cm apart versus ∼8 cm apart) can modulate the physiological response (measured through rates of calcification, photosynthesis and respiration in the light and dark) of the coral Pocillopora verrucosa to partial pressure of CO2 (PCO2 ) treatments (∼400 μatm and ∼1200 μatm) by altering the seawater flow regimes experienced by colonies placed in aggregations within a flume at a single flow speed. While light calcification decreased 20% under elevated versus ambient PCO2  for colonies in low-density aggregations, light calcification of high-density aggregations increased 23% at elevated versus ambient PCO2 As a result, densely aggregated corals maintained calcification rates over 24 h that were comparable to those maintained under ambient PCO2 , despite a 45% decrease in dark calcification at elevated versus ambient PCO2 Additionally, densely aggregated corals experienced reduced flow speeds and higher seawater retention times between colonies owing to the formation of eddies. These results support recent indications that neighbouring organisms, such as the conspecific coral colonies in the present example, can create small-scale refugia from the negative effects of ocean acidification. © 2017. Published by The Company of Biologists Ltd.

  18. Reverse positional orientation in a neotropical orb-web spider, Verrucosa arenata

    Rao, Dinesh; Fernandez, Oscar Ceballos; Castañeda-Barbosa, Ernesto; Díaz-Fleischer, Francisco


    Most orb-web spiders face downwards in the web. A downward orientation has been proposed to be the optimal strategy because spiders run faster downwards and thus can catch prey quicker. Consequently, orb-web spiders also extend their web in the lower part, leading to top-down web asymmetry. Since the majority of orb-web spiders face downwards, it has been difficult to test the effect of orientation on prey capture and web asymmetry. In this study, we explored the influence of reverse orientation on foraging efficiency and web asymmetry in Verrucosa arenata, a neotropical orb-web spider that faces upwards in the web. We show that reverse orientation does not imply reverse web asymmetry in this species. V. arenata spiders captured more prey in the lower part of the web but more prey per area on the upper part. The average running speeds of spiders did not differ between upward and downward running, but heavier spiders took longer to capture prey while running upwards. We discuss these findings in the context of foraging efficiency and web asymmetry.

  19. Keloidal plaque in a patient with pulmonary tuberculosis: A rare morphological variant of tuberculosis verrucosa cutis

    Sundeep Chowdhry


    Full Text Available Tuberculosis verrucosa cutis (TVC, also known as warty tuberculosis, anatomist's wart or prosector's wart is characterized by the presence of verrucous plaque-like lesions, resulting from direct inoculation of the causative organism into the skin of a previously infected patient. A 59-year-old man presented with a hyperpigmented plaque on the chest wall which closely mimicked a keloid. He was a case of sputum-positive pulmonary tuberculosis and had repeatedly been applying early morning saliva on the lesion as a part of the indigenous practices for quick healing. There was further progression of the lesion with discharge from several sites. A smear for acid fast bacilli was positive from the discharge and growth on Lowenstein Jensen medium revealed growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Biopsy was compatible with TVC and the patient was started on 6 months anti-tubercular therapy. However, the plaque continued to persist with continuing discharge from multiple openings which necessitated surgical intervention, finally leading to near complete resolution of the plaque of TVC.

  20. 1,10-Phenanthroline-5,6-Dione–Based Compounds Are Effective in Disturbing Crucial Physiological Events of Phialophora verrucosa

    Granato, Marcela Queiroz; Gonçalves, Diego de Souza; Seabra, Sergio Henrique; McCann, Malachy; Devereux, Michael; dos Santos, André Luis Souza; Kneipp, Lucimar Ferreira


    Phialophora verrucosa is a dematiaceous fungus able to cause chromoblastomycosis, phaeohyphomycosis and mycetoma. All these fungal diseases are extremely difficult to treat and often refractory to the current therapeutic approaches. Therefore, there is an urgent necessity to develop new antifungal agents to combat these mycoses. In this context, the aim of the present work was to investigate the effect of 1,10-phenanthroline-5,6-dione (phendione) and its metal-based derivatives [Ag(phendione)2]ClO4 = ([Ag(phendione)2]+) and [Cu(phendione)3](ClO4)2.4H2O = ([Cu(phendione)3]2+) on crucial physiological events of P. verrucosa conidial cells. Using the CLSI protocol, we have shown that phendione, [Ag(phendione)2]+ and [Cu(phendione)3]2+ were able to inhibit fungal proliferation, presenting MIC/IC50 values of 12.0/7.0, 4.0/2.4, and 5.0/1.8 μM, respectively. [Cu(phendione)3]2+ had fungicidal action and when combined with amphotericin B, both at sub-MIC (½ × MIC) concentrations, significantly reduced (~40%) the fungal growth. Cell morphology changes inflicted by phendione and its metal-based derivatives was corroborated by scanning electron microscopy, which revealed irreversible ultrastructural changes like surface invaginations, cell disruption and shrinkages. Furthermore, [Cu(phendione)3]2+ and [Ag(phendione)2]+ were able to inhibit metallopeptidase activity secreted by P. verrucosa conidia by approximately 85 and 40%, respectively. Ergosterol content was reduced (~50%) after the treatment of P. verrucosa conidial cells with both phendione and [Ag(phendione)2]+. To different degrees, all of the test compounds were able to disturb the P. verrucosa conidia-into-mycelia transformation. Phendione and its Ag+ and Cu2+ complexes may represent a promising new group of antimicrobial agents effective at inhibiting P. verrucosa growth and morphogenesis. PMID:28194139

  1. El peregrinar simbólico a través de la mitología azteca en Terra Nostra de Carlos Fuentes

    Lergo, Inmaculada


    En Terra Nostra Carlos Fuentes exorciza la historia para ofrecerle una nueva oportunidad, para que las múltiples posibilidades de realización que quedaron latentes en su discurrir tengan su lugar, pues considera que sólo la ficción, la palabra escrita, puede viabilizar tiempos y espacios múltiples y simultáneos, y que sólo éstos pueden devolvernos la “memoria”, concepto clave que desentraña el complejo universo de la novela. Para ello, el mejor camino es el de lo mitológico, lo mágico, lo oní...

  2. TREATMENTS OF PLASMA CORONA RADIATION ON SEAWEED Gracilaria Verrucosa (HUDSON PAPENFUSS: Efforts to increase growth and biomass

    Filemon Jalu N Putra


    Full Text Available Gracilaria verrucosa (Hudson Papenfuss has great potential to be farmed in the water resources in Indonesia. As natural resource, the weed has a major contribution in the field of industry both for human food and health. Efforts have been done intensively to increase the production capacity to meet the market demand especially gelatin, both national and international market. One of them is the application of plasma corona irradiation treatments on the weed to improve developmental pathways. The concept of plasma irradiation performed at atmospheric conditions may impact on nitrogen intrusion pathway that is important element in the growth of the weed. The aims of this study are to assess the potential impact of plasma irradiation in improving the growth of G. verrucosa and thus increase their biomass production. The treatments were done using five different duration of plasma irradiation, which were 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 minutes at a 0,5mA stable source of voltage and 8kV of electrical current. Observations of growth rate include thallus length and biomass of G. verrucosa , that was observed every week for 28 days. The result showed that the growth of weed exhibited better than those without radiation. The best growth was reached in the group of treatment of 8 minutes irradiation, exhibited 65,91g of biomass and 9.5515% growth rate and length of thallus reached 22,33 cm and daily growth rate of 2.9759%. The lowest growth of the weed occurred in the treatment of 10 minutes irradiation, which was 44,82 g biomass, 8.123% growth rate, 17,13 cm thallus length with a daily growth rate of 1.9942%

  3. Biological denitrification in drinking water treatment using the seaweed Gracilaria verrucosa as carbon source and biofilm carrier.

    Ovez, B; Mergaert, J; Saglam, M


    Chemical and microbiological aspects were investigated with regard to biological denitrification of drinking water using the seaweed Gracilaria verrucosa as the carbon and energy substrate and as physical support for the microbial flora in semibatch, fixed-bed reactors. Complete removal of nitrate (100 mg/L) was readily achieved without accumulation of nitrite. Microbiological analysis indicated that the effluent of the reactor contained high numbers of bacteria (>10(6)/mL total count). Among the 44 bacterial strains isolated directly from the samples or isolated after enrichment at 37 degrees C, 25 different fatty acid profiles were found, indicating a complex microflora, including potential pathogens.


    Brata Pantjara


    Full Text Available Salah satu faktor lingkungan yang mempengaruhi produksi rumput laut, Gracilaria verrucosa adalah kualitas tanah. Rumput laut jenis ini banyak dibudidayakan di tambak tanah sulfat masam yang tergolong tanah dengan kesuburan rendah. Oleh karena itu, dilakukan penelitian yang bertujuan untuk mengetahui imbangan dosis pupuk yang optimal untuk pertumbuhan rumput laut di tambak tanah sulfat masam. Penelitian dilakukan di Desa Lampuara Kecamatan Ponrang Kabupaten Luwu. Penentuan dosis pupuk dan frekuensi aplikasi mengacu pada penelitian pendahuluan skala laboratorium. Perlakuan dalam penelitian ini adalah perbandingan pupuk urea dan SP-36, masing-masing secara berurutan adalah 150 dan 0 kg/ha (A; 112,5 dan 37,5 kg/ha (B; 75 dan 75 kg/ha (C; 37,5 dan 112,5 kg/ha (D; 0 dan150 kg/ha dan tanpa pupuk (E. Bibit rumput laut ditebar dengan kepadatan 2 ton/ha dan dipelihara selama 60 hari. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa perlakuan yang dicobakan memberikan pengaruh yang signifikan (P<0,05 terhadap rumput laut basah, di mana produksi tertinggi didapatkan pada perlakuan B dan C yaitu 2.090 g/m2 (20,9 ton/ha dan 1.986,7 g/m2 (19,9 ton/ha selama 60 hari dengan laju pertumbuhan harian (LPH sebesar 6,97% dan 6,62% per hari. One of the environment factors that influences seaweed, Gracilaria verrucosa production is soil quality. This seaweed is commonly cultured in acid sulphate-affected soil ponds that is classified as a soil with low fertility. The objective of the research was to know the optimum fertilizer dosage for seaweed growth in acid sulphate-affected soil ponds. The research was conducted in Lampuara Village Ponrang Sub-district Luwu Regency. Dosages and frequencies of fertilizer were determined by referring to a preliminary research in the laboratory. The treatments of this research were using Urea and SP-36 fertilizers with composition of 150 and 0 kg/ha (A; 112.5 and 37.5 kg/ha (B; 75 and 75 kg/ha (C; 37.5 and 112.5 kg/ha (D; 0 and 150 kg/ha and

  5. Effect of tropical storms on sexual and asexual reproduction in coral Pocillopora verrucosa subpopulations in the Gulf of California

    Aranceta-Garza, F.; Balart, E. F.; Reyes-Bonilla, H.; Cruz-Hernández, P.


    Pocillopora verrucosa is a branching, reef-building coral, and a simultaneous hermaphrodite that reproduces sexually and asexually by fragmentation. In the Gulf of California, local P. verrucosa populations have mixed modes of reproduction which vary in frequency by site. Sexual and asexual reproductions were assessed using multi-locus genotypes deriving from six microsatellite loci at every location. Clone frequencies varied from 0.30 at Loreto to 0.96 in the San Lorenzo Channel. Isla Espíritu Santo and the San Lorenzo Channel were mostly asexual subpopulations, presented the lowest genotypic richness ( N g / N = 0.1-0.12) and genotypic diversity ( G o / G e = 0.04), and were dominated by one or two multi-loci genotypes ( G o / N g = 0.35-0.45). Loreto, El Portugués, and Cabo Pulmo were mostly sexual with high Ng/ N (0.80-0.74) and G o / G e (0.52-0.58) and did not show domination by a single multi-locus genotype ( G o / N g = 0.70-0.74). There was a significant relationship ( P reproduction modes has different maintenance strategies at a regional and even local level among populations indicating the crucial role that storms play in population structure.

  6. Redescriptions of Oratosquilla indica (Hansen) and Clorida verrucosa (Hansen), with accounts of a new genus and two new species (Crustacea, Stomatopoda)

    Manning, Raymond B.


    Examination of the syntypes of Oratosquilla indica (Hansen) and Clorida verrucosa (Hansen), originally described from materials collected by the “Siboga” Expedition, has revealed that each of these species is based on two distinct species. A new genus is erected for O. indica and two previously unde

  7. Protein-lipid composition of silver birch (Betula verrucosa pollen and its antioxidant activity depending on habitat

    T. Shevtsova


    Full Text Available Pollen has various effects on the human body. In order to study and compare the biological activity of the mature pollen grains of Betula verrucosa Ehrh. we investigated the protein-lipid composition and total antioxidant activity (TAA of 10 samples from different habitats in the territory of Ukraine and the Slovak Republic. The collection sites are near highways and apartment blocks, as well as a nature reserve, forest and botanical garden. The protein content was determined by the Kjeldahl method. A chromatographic analysis of fatty acids from lipids was performed using a “Cvet 500” gas chromatograph, equipped with a flame-ionization detector in the isothermal mode. The bioactivity of aqueous, ethanol and methanol extracts of pollen grains was evaluated by the DPPH free radical scavenging method (2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl by means spectrophotometry in vitro. The protein content of the pollen of B. verrucosa ranged from 17.9% to 25.6%, depending on the habitat. Unsaturated fatty acids were found in higher amounts than saturated fatty acids. The profile of fatty acids indicates a higher content of palmitic (33.9%, oleic (29.5% and linoleic (27.8% acids and a low content of arachidonic (0.4% and pentadecanoic (0.8% acids. We also established that silver birch pollen is characterized by high antioxidant activity. The measured value of TAA for aqueous pollen extracts was within 74.8–85.5%. For the ethanol extracts it was quantified within 60.3–95.0% and for the methanol extracts – 46.1–92.6%. The Tukey test was used to determine the differences between the means at a level of P < 0.05. A strong correlation coefficient (0.70 was defined between the protein content and the TAA of aqueous extracts. In general, the Ukrainian and Slovak samples of pollen differ in the fatty acid composition of lipids and aqueous and ethanol TAA extracts. Pollen of B. verrucosa should be used for diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic purposes as close

  8. Application of solid-acid catalyst and marine macro-algae Gracilaria verrucosa to production of fermentable sugars.

    Jeong, Gwi-Taek; Kim, Sung-Koo; Park, Don-Hee


    In this study, the hydrolysis of marine macro-algae Gracilaria verrucosa with a solid-acid catalyst was investigated. To optimize the hydrolysis, four reaction factors, including liquid-to-solid ratio, catalyst loading, reaction temperature, and reaction time, were investigated. In the results, the highest total reducing sugar (TRS) yield, 61 g/L (51.9%), was obtained under the following conditions: 1:7.5 solid-to-liquid ratio, 15% (w/v) catalyst loading, 140 °C reaction temperature, and 150 min reaction time. Under these conditions, 10.7 g/L of 5-HMF and 2.5 g/L of levulinic acid (LA) were generated. The application of solid-acid catalyst and marine macro-algae resources shows a very high potential for production of fermentable sugars. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  9. Potential of phosphoric acid-catalyzed pretreatment and subsequent enzymatic hydrolysis for biosugar production from Gracilaria verrucosa.

    Kwon, Oh-Min; Kim, Sung-Koo; Jeong, Gwi-Taek


    This study combined phosphoric acid-catalyzed pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis to produce biosugars from Gracilaria verrucosa as a potential renewable resource for bioenergy applications. We optimized phosphoric acid-catalyzed pretreatment conditions to 1:10 solid-to-liquid ratio, 1.5 % phosphoric acid, 140 °C, and 60 min reaction time, producing a 32.52 ± 0.06 % total reducing sugar (TRS) yield. By subsequent enzymatic hydrolysis, a 68.61 ± 0.90 % TRS yield was achieved. These results demonstrate the potential of phosphoric acid to produce biosugars for biofuel and biochemical production applications.

  10. Absence of genetic differentiation in the coral Pocillopora verrucosa along environmental gradients of the Saudi Arabian Red Sea

    Robitzch, Vanessa S.N.


    The Red Sea is the world\\'s northernmost tropical sea. The 2000 km long, but narrow basin creates distinct environmental conditions along its latitudinal spread. The Red Sea displays a pronounced salinity gradient from 41 to 37 PSU (north to south) with an opposing temperature gradient from 21 to 27°C in the north to 27–33.8°C in the south. The Red Sea further displays a decreasing nutrient gradient from south to north that can also influence underwater light fields due to higher phytoplankton content and turbidity. Despite this strong variation in temperature, salinity, nutrients, and light conditions, the Red Sea supports large and diverse coral reef ecosystems along its nearly entire coastline. Only few studies have targeted whether these prevailing gradients affect genetic connectivity of reef organisms in the Red Sea. In this study, we sampled the abundant reef-building coral Pocillopora verrucosa from 10 reefs along a latitudinal gradient in the Red Sea covering an area of more than 850 km. We used nine Pocillopora microsatellite markers to assess the underlying population genetic structure and effective population size. To assure the exclusion of cryptic species, all analyzed specimens were chosen from a single mitochondrial lineage. Despite large distances between sampled regions covering pronounced, but smooth temperature and salinity gradients, no significant genetic population structure was found. Rather, our data indicate panmixia and considerable gene flow among regions. The absence of population subdivision driven by environmental factors and over large geographic distances suggests efficient larval dispersal and successful settlement of recruits from a wide range of reef sites. It also advocates, broadcast spawning as the main reproductive strategy of Pocillopora verrucosa in the Red Sea as reflected by the absence of clones in sampled colonies. These factors might explain the success of Pocillopora species throughout the Indo-Pacific and

  11. Concentración de clorofila a en colonias de Pocillopora verrucosa (Sderactina) durante un blanqueamiento coralino en el Golfo de California, México (1997)

    Munguía-Vega, Adrián; Reyes-Bonilla, Héctor


    El Niño-Southern Oscillation 1997-98 significantly elevated sea temperatures in the Gulf of California and caused widespread coral bleaching starting in july 1997. Changes in chlorphyll a concentration by unit of area (cm2) among normal, discolored and totally bleached colonies of the coral Pocillopora verrucosa (=P. elegans) were determined in 27 colonies collected in october, 1997 al Ensenada de Muertos. Baja California peninsula, México (240 03' N), by spectrophotometric determinations. Me...

  12. Antibacterial activity of Green Seaweed Caulerpa racemosa from Takalar Waters against pathogenic bacteria promoting ice-ice diseases in the agar-producing red algae Gracilaria verrucosa.

    Zainuddin, Elmi Nurhaidah; Anshary, Hilal; Huyyirnah; Hiola, Ridha


    The Ice-ice disease caused by bacterial pathogens which attack the algae tissue resulted white and brittle of seaweed thallus on red seaweed Gracilaria verrucosa farming. Study of antibacterial activity of green seaweed Caulerpa racemosa against the pathogens has been done using method include isolation of bacteria, pathogenicity test with Koch's postulates method, characterization of ice-ice bacteria, extraction of Caulerpa racemosa, and antibacterial test by agar diffusion method. The res...

  13. Massimo Bontempelli y la crítica española de entreguerras: nota sobre la recepción de Nostra Dea en Madrid (1926

    Martín Rodríguez, Mariano


    Full Text Available Massimo Bontempelli's plays are of highly historical importance in the avant-garde. Among them. Nostra Dea (1925 achieved considerable fame and Margarita Xirgu even decided to present it to the public in Madrid as early as 1926. The critics welcomed the innovative experience and praised both the acting and the staging, colourful and consistent with the modern symbolical features of the text, but many did not conceal their disappointment in front of the alleged superficiality of the plot and the characters of the play, whose frivolous humour appeared to conflict with the intended allegory. Only some pointed out that no consistency was to be asked from a play whose main interest was the «pure form». The play was considered nevertheless little more than a modern farce, what may illustrate the mixed reception in Madrid of the supposedly lighter manifestations of the avant-garde theatre.Las obras de Máximo Bontempelli revisten gran importancia histórica en las vanguardias. Nostra Dea (1925, por ejemplo, se hizo bastante famosa y Margarita Xirgu decidió presentarla al público madrileño ya en 1926. Los críticos aplaudieron la innovadora representación, especialmente por la interpretación y la puesta en escena, colorista y ajustada a las características simbólicas modernas del texto, aunque muchos no pudieron ocultar su decepción por la presunta superficialidad del argumento y los personajes de la obra, cuya comicidad frívola parecía disonar de la alegoría pretendida. Sólo algunos señalaron que no había que buscar coherencia alguna en una pieza cuyo interés principal residía en la «pura forma». Aun así, la obra se consideró poco más que una farsa moderna, lo que puede servir de ejemplo de la contradictoria recepción en Madrid de las manifestaciones supuestamente más ligeras del teatro de vanguardia.

  14. Genetic differentiation across multiple spatial scales of the Red Sea of the corals Stylophora pistillata and Pocillopora verrucosa

    Monroe, Alison


    Observing populations at different spatial scales gives greater insight into the specific processes driving genetic differentiation and population structure. Here we determined population connectivity across multiple spatial scales in the Red Sea to determine the population structures of two reef building corals Stylophora pistillata and Pocillopora verrucosa. The Red sea is a 2,250 km long body of water with extremely variable latitudinal environmental gradients. Mitochondrial and microsatellite markers were used to determine distinct lineages and to look for genetic differentiation among sampling sites. No distinctive population structure across the latitudinal gradient was discovered within this study suggesting a phenotypic plasticity of both these species to various environments. Stylophora pistillata displayed a heterogeneous distribution of three distinct genetic populations on both a fine and large scale. Fst, Gst, and Dest were all significant (p-value<0.05) and showed moderate genetic differentiation between all sampling sites. However this seems to be byproduct of the heterogeneous distribution, as no distinct genetic population breaks were found. Stylophora pistillata showed greater population structure on a fine scale suggesting genetic selection based on fine scale environmental variations. However, further environmental and oceanographic data is needed to make more inferences on this structure at small spatial scales. This study highlights the deficits of knowledge of both the Red Sea and coral plasticity in regards to local environmental conditions.

  15. Cholinesterase activity in the tissues of bivalves Noah's ark shell (Arca noae) and warty venus (Venus verrucosa): characterisation and in vitro sensitivity to organophosphorous pesticide trichlorfon.

    Perić, Lorena; Ribarić, Luka; Nerlović, Vedrana


    Cholinesterase (ChE, EC activity was investigated in gills and adductor muscle of two bivalve species: Arca noae and Venus verrucosa. The properties of ChEs were investigated using acetylcholine iodide (ASCh), butyrylcholine iodide (BSCh) and propionylcholine iodide (PrSCh) as substrates and eserine, BW254c51 and iso-OMPA as specific inhibitors. The highest level of ChE activity in crude tissue extracts was detected with PrSCh followed by ASCh, while values obtained with BSCh were apparently low, except in A. noae adductor muscle. The enzyme activity in A. noae gills and V. verrucosa gills and adductor muscle was significantly inhibited by BW254c51, but not with iso-OMPA. ChE activity in adductor muscle of A. noae was significantly reduced by both diagnostic inhibitors. The effect of organophosphorous pesticide trichlorfon on ChE activity was investigated in vitro in both species as well as in the gills of mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis. The highest sensitivity of ChE to trichlorfon was observed in A. noae gills and adductor muscle (IC50 1.6×10(-7)M and 1.1×10(-7)M, respectively), followed by M. galloprovincialis gills (IC50 1.0×10(-6)M) and V. verrucosa gills and adductor muscle (IC50 1.7×10(-5)M and 0.9×10(-5)M, respectively). The results of this study suggest the potential of ChE activity measurement in the tissues of A. noae as effective biomarker of OP exposure in marine environment.

  16. Physiological Response of the Hard Coral Pocillopora verrucosa from Lombok, Indonesia, to Two Common Pollutants in Combination with High Temperature.

    Kegler, Pia; Baum, Gunilla; Indriana, Lisa F; Wild, Christian; Kunzmann, Andreas


    Knowledge on interactive effects of global (e.g. ocean warming) and local stressors (e.g. pollution) is needed to develop appropriate management strategies for coral reefs. Surfactants and diesel are common coastal pollutants, but knowledge of their effects on hard corals as key reef ecosystem engineers is scarce. This study thus investigated the physiological reaction of Pocillopora verrucosa from Lombok, Indonesia, to exposure with a) the water-soluble fraction of diesel (determined by total polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH); 0.69 ± 0.14 mg L-1), b) the surfactant linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS; 0.95 ± 0.02 mg L-1) and c) combinations of each pollutant with high temperature (+3°C). To determine effects on metabolism, respiration, photosynthetic efficiency and coral tissue health were measured. Findings revealed no significant effects of diesel, while LAS resulted in severe coral tissue losses (16-95% after 84 h). High temperature led to an increase in photosynthetic yield of corals after 48 h compared to the control treatment, but no difference was detected thereafter. In combination, diesel and high temperature significantly increased coral dark respiration, whereas LAS and high temperature caused higher tissue losses (81-100% after 84 h) and indicated a severe decline in maximum quantum yield. These results confirm the hypothesized combined effects of high temperature with either of the two investigated pollutants. Our study demonstrates the importance of reducing import of these pollutants in coastal areas in future adaptive reef management, particularly in the context of ocean warming.


    Akhmad Mustafa


    Full Text Available Most of brackish water ponds used for seaweed (Gracilaria verrucosa culture in Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia are constructed on acid sulfate soil. Despite this inevitable condition, opportunities remain open to increase the seaweed production. The research was conducted to study the dominant factors that affect the seaweed production in ASS-affected ponds of Luwu Regency. As a dependent variable in this research is seaweed production. Independent variables were grouped into: (a farmer status factor, consisting of 9 variables; (b pond condition factor, consisting of 8 variables; (c pond management factor, consisting of 29 variables; (d soil quality factor, consisting of 17 variables and (e water quality factor, consisting of 11 variables. Multiple regression with dummy variable was used to analyze the data in prediction dependent variable. Results show that the average of seaweed production in ASS-affected pond of Luwu Regency is 11,000 kg dry/ha/year. Seaweed production can be increased through: (a decreasing dosage of urea and KCl and increasing dosage and frequency of fertilizer containing phosphate; (b increasing water depth in the pond and decreasing percentage of water exchange,(c conducting remediation to increase the soil pH and decreasing the concentration of Fe in the water, (d increasing stocking density of milkfish to decrease the epiphyte population and (e increasing the frequency of the farmer to attend trainings.


    Akhmad Mustafa


    Full Text Available Di pantai Timur Provinsi Sulawesi Selatan dijumpai tambak yang lebih luas dibandingkan dengan tambak di pantai Barat dan pantai Selatan. Tambak di pantai timur Sulawesi Selatan umumnya digunakan untuk budidaya rumput laut (Gracilaria verrucosa dengan kualitas dan kuantitas produksi yang tergolong tinggi. Informasi mengenai hubungan antara faktor lingkungan tambak (kualitas tanah dan kualitas air dengan produktivitas tambak untuk budidaya rumput laut di pantai Timur Sulawesi Selatan menjadi pokok bahasan dalam tulisan ini. Produktivitas tambak untuk rumput laut di pantai Timur Sulawesi Selatan berkisar antara 150 dan 40.909 dengan rata-rata 7.187 kg kering/ha/tahun. Produktivitas tambak untuk rumput laut yang lebih tinggi di pantai Timur Sulawesi Selatan didapatkan pada tanah dengan pHF lebih besar 6,5; pHFOX lebih besar 4,0; pHF-pHFOX kurang dari 2,5; dan SPOS kurang dari 1,00%. Kandungan Fe tanah yang melebihi 5.000 mg/L dan Al yang melebihi 490 mg/L menyebabkan penurunan produktivitas tambak untuk rumput laut. Peningkatan kandungan PO4 tanah lebih besar dari 6,0 mg/L dapat meningkatkan produktivitas tambak untuk rumput laut secara nyata. Produktivitas tambak untuk rumput laut tertinggi didapatkan pada salinitas 25,6 ppt dan oksigen terlarut 8,39 mg/L dan tumbuh baik pada kisaran pH antara 6,00 dan 9,32; suhu antara 26,00°C dan 37,86°C; fosfat lebih besar 0,1000 mg/L; dan besi kurang dari 0,1000 mg/L di pantai Timur Sulawesi Selatan.

  19. Physiological Response of the Hard Coral Pocillopora verrucosa from Lombok, Indonesia, to Two Common Pollutants in Combination with High Temperature.

    Pia Kegler

    Full Text Available Knowledge on interactive effects of global (e.g. ocean warming and local stressors (e.g. pollution is needed to develop appropriate management strategies for coral reefs. Surfactants and diesel are common coastal pollutants, but knowledge of their effects on hard corals as key reef ecosystem engineers is scarce. This study thus investigated the physiological reaction of Pocillopora verrucosa from Lombok, Indonesia, to exposure with a the water-soluble fraction of diesel (determined by total polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH; 0.69 ± 0.14 mg L-1, b the surfactant linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS; 0.95 ± 0.02 mg L-1 and c combinations of each pollutant with high temperature (+3°C. To determine effects on metabolism, respiration, photosynthetic efficiency and coral tissue health were measured. Findings revealed no significant effects of diesel, while LAS resulted in severe coral tissue losses (16-95% after 84 h. High temperature led to an increase in photosynthetic yield of corals after 48 h compared to the control treatment, but no difference was detected thereafter. In combination, diesel and high temperature significantly increased coral dark respiration, whereas LAS and high temperature caused higher tissue losses (81-100% after 84 h and indicated a severe decline in maximum quantum yield. These results confirm the hypothesized combined effects of high temperature with either of the two investigated pollutants. Our study demonstrates the importance of reducing import of these pollutants in coastal areas in future adaptive reef management, particularly in the context of ocean warming.

  20. Physiological Response of the Hard Coral Pocillopora verrucosa from Lombok, Indonesia, to Two Common Pollutants in Combination with High Temperature

    Kegler, Pia; Baum, Gunilla; Indriana, Lisa F.; Wild, Christian; Kunzmann, Andreas


    Knowledge on interactive effects of global (e.g. ocean warming) and local stressors (e.g. pollution) is needed to develop appropriate management strategies for coral reefs. Surfactants and diesel are common coastal pollutants, but knowledge of their effects on hard corals as key reef ecosystem engineers is scarce. This study thus investigated the physiological reaction of Pocillopora verrucosa from Lombok, Indonesia, to exposure with a) the water-soluble fraction of diesel (determined by total polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH); 0.69 ± 0.14 mg L-1), b) the surfactant linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS; 0.95 ± 0.02 mg L-1) and c) combinations of each pollutant with high temperature (+3°C). To determine effects on metabolism, respiration, photosynthetic efficiency and coral tissue health were measured. Findings revealed no significant effects of diesel, while LAS resulted in severe coral tissue losses (16–95% after 84 h). High temperature led to an increase in photosynthetic yield of corals after 48 h compared to the control treatment, but no difference was detected thereafter. In combination, diesel and high temperature significantly increased coral dark respiration, whereas LAS and high temperature caused higher tissue losses (81–100% after 84 h) and indicated a severe decline in maximum quantum yield. These results confirm the hypothesized combined effects of high temperature with either of the two investigated pollutants. Our study demonstrates the importance of reducing import of these pollutants in coastal areas in future adaptive reef management, particularly in the context of ocean warming. PMID:26555818

  1. AB037. Drug-related costs of rhinitis in Australia: a NostraData cross-sectional study of pharmacy ​​purchases​

    Carney, A. Simon; Price, David B.; Smith, Pete; Harvey, Richard; Bosnic-Anticevich, Sinthia; Christian, Louise; Skinner, Derek; Carter, Victoria; Durieux, Alice M. S.


    Background Intranasal corticosteroids (INS) are a first-line therapy for rhinitis according to all international clinical guidelines for rhinitis. Although many added treatments are not recommended, the use of multiple therapies to control symptoms is frequent, as patients often continue to experience debilitating symptoms while on medication. Previous estimates of multiple therapy prescriptions may have been too conservative, as most rhinitis therapies are also available over-the-counter (OTC). This may affect the cost burden of rhinitis treatment. To investigate the extent of multiple therapy use to treat rhinitis in Australia, using doctor prescriptions and OTC medication; and to assess the additional cost incurred by multiple therapy use. Methods This was a historical cohort study of pharmacy-related claims from NostraData, Australia. We examined all rhinitis therapy purchases (antihistamines, INS, combination treatments of both such as Dymista, non-steroidal nasal sprays, leukotriene receptor antagonists (LTRA), eye drops for allergic conjunctivitis, oral steroids and systemic steroids) from 909 pharmacies, including OTC and prescription drugs. We used therapies purchased at the same transaction to assess the proportion of multiple therapy purchases and their cost. Results A total of 4,247,193 pharmacy transactions including rhinitis therapies were analysed; 4% of transactions included multiple rhinitis therapy classes. The average transaction cost was 12.82 EUR for single therapy purchases and 26.72 EUR for multiple therapy purchases. 15% of single therapy purchases were INS, for an average cost of 20.68 EUR. The most frequent additions to INS therapy were antihistamine (74%) and non-steroidal nasal spray (10%). About 94% of antihistamine and 97% of non-steroidal nasal spray purchased as add-on therapy to INS were bought over-the-counter. The average cost of INS & antihistamine and INS & non-steroidal nasal spray transactions was 30.65 and 26.57 EUR


    Anggun Tanduwinata


    Full Text Available Indonesia is a megabiodiversity state that has many natural sources. Red algae (Glacillaria verrucosa as one of the natural sources, contains antioxidant compounds. The aim of this study was to determine the bioactive potency of red algae extract for white rat (Rattus novergicus therapy, based on malondialdehyde (MDA level and lung histology. The method consists of red algae extraction and characterization, induction of animal model with formalin and therapy with variation dosage. Based on phytochemistry test, FTIR and LCMS analysis, red algae extract contains flavonoid, terpenoid, alkaloid, β-carotene, β-apo-8’-carotenal, and α-tocopherol as antioxidant. Formalin can increase level of MDA and defect the bronchus ephitelium cell than the normal condition. Appropriate dosage can decrease the MDA level and repair the bronchus ephitelium cell. The optimum dosage is 100 mg/kg body weight.

  3. Spatio-Temporal Analyses of Symbiodinium Physiology of the Coral Pocillopora verrucosa along Large-Scale Nutrient and Temperature Gradients in the Red Sea

    Sawall, Yvonne


    Algal symbionts (zooxanthellae, genus Symbiodinium) of scleractinian corals respond strongly to temperature, nutrient and light changes. These factors vary greatly along the north-south gradient in the Red Sea and include conditions, which are outside of those typically considered optimal for coral growth. Nevertheless, coral communities thrive throughout the Red Sea, suggesting that zooxanthellae have successfully acclimatized or adapted to the harsh conditions they experience particularly in the south (high temperatures and high nutrient supply). As such, the Red Sea is a region, which may help to better understand how zooxanthellae and their coral hosts successfully acclimatize or adapt to environmental change (e. g. increased temperatures and localized eutrophication). To gain further insight into the physiology of coral symbionts in the Red Sea, we examined the abundance of dominant Symbiodinium types associated with the coral Pocillopora verrucosa, and measured Symbiodinium physiological characteristics (i.e. photosynthetic processes, cell density, pigmentation, and protein composition) along the latitudinal gradient of the Red Sea in summer and winter. Despite the strong environmental gradients from north to south, our results demonstrate that Symbiodinium microadriaticum (type A1) was the predominant species in P. verrucosa along the latitudinal gradient. Furthermore, measured physiological characteristics were found to vary more with prevailing seasonal environmental conditions than with region-specific differences, although the measured environmental parameters displayed much higher spatial than temporal variability. We conclude that our findings might present the result of long-term acclimatization or adaptation of S. microadriaticum to regionally specific conditions within the Red Sea. Of additional note, high nutrients in the South correlated with high zooxanthellae density indicating a compensation for a temperature-driven loss of photosynthetic

  4. (1)H NMR metabolomic profiling of the blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) from the Adriatic Sea (SE Italy): A comparison with warty crab (Eriphia verrucosa), and edible crab (Cancer pagurus).

    Zotti, Maurizio; De Pascali, Sandra Angelica; Del Coco, Laura; Migoni, Danilo; Carrozzo, Leonardo; Mancinelli, Giorgio; Fanizzi, Francesco Paolo


    The metabolomic profile of blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) captured in the Acquatina lagoon (SE Italy) was compared to an autochthonous (Eriphia verrucosa) and to a commercial crab species (Cancer pagurus). Both lipid and aqueous extracts of raw claw muscle were analyzed by (1)H NMR spectroscopy and MVA (multivariate data analysis). Aqueous extracts were characterized by a higher inter-specific discriminating power compared to lipid fractions. Specifically, higher levels of glutamate, alanine and glycine characterized the aqueous extract of C. sapidus, while homarine, lactate, betaine and taurine characterized E. verrucosa and C. pagurus. On the other hand, only the signals of monounsaturated fatty acids distinguished the lipid profiles of the three crab species. These results support the commercial exploitation and the integration of the blue crab in human diet of European countries as an healthy and valuable seafood. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  5. Endocarditis verrucosa ventricular izquierda

    Arias, Daniel Osvaldo; Tortora, M.; Cruz, A.; Klima, L.; Rodríguez, R.; Massone, Adriana R.; Stanchi, Néstor Oscar


    La endocarditis bacteriana es una entidad poco frecuente en caninos o subdiagnosticada. Un canino Rottweiler hembra de 3 años de edad fue derivado con signos compatibles de Insuficiencia Cardíaca Congestiva. El animal presentaba intolerancia al ejercicio, disnea y tos. La evolución del cuadro fue de 5 días con antecedentes de tos paroxística principalmente nocturna. La auscultación reveló un soplo de 6/6 en ambos precordios, ruidos hipofonéticos y ritmo irregular. A la palpación el choque car...

  6. Rapid biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using Crotalaria verrucosa leaves against the dengue vector Aedes aegypti: what happens around? An analysis of dragonfly predatory behaviour after exposure at ultra-low doses.

    Murugan, Kadarkarai; Sanoopa, C P; Madhiyazhagan, Pari; Dinesh, Devakumar; Subramaniam, Jayapal; Panneerselvam, Chellasamy; Roni, Mathath; Suresh, Udaiyan; Nicoletti, Marcello; Alarfaj, Abdullah A; Munusamy, Murugan A; Higuchi, Akon; Kumar, Suresh; Perumalsamy, Haribalan; Ahn, Young-Joon; Benelli, Giovanni


    Aedes aegypti is a primary vector of dengue, a mosquito-borne viral disease infecting 50-100 million people every year. Here, we biosynthesised mosquitocidal silver nanoparticles (AgNP) using the aqueous leaf extract of Crotalaria verrucosa. The green synthesis of AgNP was studied by UV-vis spectroscopy, SEM, EDX and FTIR. C. verrucosa-synthesised AgNPs were toxic against A. aegypti larvae and pupae. LC50 of AgNP ranged from 3.496 ppm (I instar larvae) to 17.700 ppm (pupae). Furthermore, we evaluated the predatory efficiency of dragonfly nymphs, Brachydiplax sobrina, against II and III instar larvae of A. aegypti in an aquatic environment contaminated with ultra-low doses of AgNP. Under standard laboratory conditions, predation after 24 h was 87.5% (II) and 54.7% (III). In an AgNP-contaminated environment, predation was 91 and 75.5%, respectively. Overall, C. verrucosa-synthesised AgNP could be employed at ultra-low doses to reduce larval population of dengue vectors enhancing predation rates of dragonfly nymphs.

  7. Osteoid osteoma: our experience using radio-frequency (RF) treatment; L'osteoma osteoide: nostra esperienza nel trattamento mediante radiofrequenza (RF)

    Mastrantuono, Donato; Martorano, Domenico; Verna, Valter; Mancini, Andrea; Faletti, Carlo [U.O.A. di Radiologia Diagnostica C.T.O., Torino (Italy). Dipartimento di Diagnostica per Immagini


    clinical results indicate a 100% success rate with complete remission of symptoms and no relapses having been reported at the time of writing for those patients who have arrived at the two year follow up (4 out of 21) [Italian] Scopo: La finalita' del nostro lavoro e' presentare i risultati ottenuti nel trattamento mediante RF dell'osteoma osteoide utilizzando una tecnica a minima invasivita' messa a punto dalla nostra equipe, alla luce del secondo anno di attivita'. Materiale e metodi: Da Gennaio 2001 ad Aprile 2003 sono stati trattati ventuno pazienti affetti da osteoma osteoide (15 maschi e 6 femmine d'eta' compresa tra 13 e 34 anni). Le lesioni erano localizzate 1 al bacino, 12 al femore (terzo prossimale e medio della diafisi), 3 al terzo prossimale diafissario di tibia, 3 al piede e 2 al terzo prossimale diafissario di omero. Tutti i pazienti sono stati sottoposti a radiografia, scintigrafia e TC. All'inizio della procedura, con l'ausilio della TC, viene fissato sul corticale un filo di Kirshner (f-K), di calibro appena superiore a quello dell'ago-elettrodo (17 G), posizionato manualmente allo zenith della zona bersaglio; utilizzando un trapano ortopedico, il f-K viene introdotto sino al nidus. Sulla guida del f-K si fa procedere un introduttore, da noi appositamente studiato e realizzato al fine di non perdere l'accesso al nidus nella fase di scambio tra f-K/ago-elettrodo, sul quale, rimosso il filo d'acciaio, si posiziona l'ago-elettrodo nella lesione. La temperatura raggiunta dalla punta esposta dell'ago-elettrodo e' di 90{sup o} C; la durata dell'ipertermia e' in media di sei minuti. Al termine viene effettuata una scansione di controllo con misurazione della densita' nella sede di trattamento: tale misurazione e' utilizzata come indice di evoluzione del processo riparativo nel follow-up. Risultati: Nel corso delle procedure effettuate non abbiamo avuto complicanze


    Erna Ratnawati


    Full Text Available Tambak di Kabupaten Luwu Utara umumnya tergolong tanah sulfat masam dan banyak digunakan untuk budidaya rumput laut (Gracilaria verrucosa dengan produksi yang tinggi. Oleh karena itu, dilakukan penelitian yang bertujuan untuk mengetahui faktor status pembudidaya, kondisi, dan pengelolaan tambak yang mempengaruhi produksi rumput laut. Metode penelitian yang diaplikasikan adalah metode survai untuk mendapatkan data primer dari produksi, status pembudidaya, dan pengelolaan tambak yang dilakukan melalui pengajuan kuisioner kepada responden secara terstruktur, sedangkan kondisi tambak ditentukan melalui pengamatan dan pengukuran langsung di lapangan. Sebagai peubah tidak bebas adalah produksi dan peubah bebas adalah faktor status pembudidaya yang terdiri atas 10 peubah, kondisi tambak yang terdiri atas 12 peubah, dan pengelolaan tambak yang terdiri atas 26 peubah. Analisis regresi berganda dengan peubah boneka digunakan untuk memprediksi produksi rumput laut. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa produksi aktual rata-rata rumput laut di tambak tanah sulfat masam sebesar 7.821 kg/ha/tahun dengan prediksi produksi sebesar 23.563 kg kering/ha/tahun. Produksi rumput laut dapat ditingkatkan melalui: peningkatan pengalaman pembudidaya tambak, penambahan jumlah pintu air, tambak dibuat dengan bentuk bujur sangkar atau empat persegi panjang dengan luasan tambak tidak terlalu luas serta peningkatan lama pengeringan tanah dasar tambak, padat penebaran ikan bandeng, dosis kapur dan dosis pupuk Urea, SP-36, KCl, dan Za sebagai pupuk dasar. Brackishwater pond in North Luwu Regency, generally as classified as acid sulfate soils and most of them was used for culturing seaweed (Gracilaria verrucosa with high productivity. Hence, it was conduct research that aim to know the effect of farmer status, condition, and management of pond on the seaweed production. Survey method was applied to find primary data of seaweed production, farmer status and pond management, while

  9. 臀部疣状皮肤结核误诊1例%A Case of Misdiagnosed Buttock Tuberculosis Verrucosa Cutis

    黄俊萍; 刘涛


    患儿女,10岁,右臀部环状斑块8余年,曾多次误诊为股癣.皮损组织病理示:表皮角化不全,毛囊角栓,表皮假上皮瘤样增生;真皮浅中层弥漫炎细胞浸润,以淋巴细胞为主;真皮内可见上皮样细胞结节,浸润的细胞有淋巴细胞、多核巨细胞及组织细胞等.抗酸染色(-),PPD试验(3+).诊断:疣状皮肤结核.%A 10-year-old girl with right hip circular plaque more than 8 years was misdiagnosed as tinea cruris many times. Pathology results showed epidermis parakeratosis, folliculus pili keratotic plug, epidermis pseudoepi-thcliomatous hyperplasia. Intermediate dermis diffused inflammatory cells most of which were lymphocytes. Epithelioid cells nodules can he seen in dermis. Infiltration cells were lymphocytes, multinuclear giant cells and histiocytes. Acid-fast stain( - ) ,PPD test(3 + ). Diagnosis; tuberculosis verrucosa cutis.

  10. Comparative analysis of the proximate and elemental composition of the blue crab Callinectes sapidus, the warty crab Eriphia verrucosa, and the edible crab Cancer pagurus

    Maurizio Zotti


    Full Text Available The proximate composition and element contents of claw muscle tissue of Atlantic blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus were compared with the native warty crab (Eriphia verrucosa and the commercially edible crab (Cancer pagurus. The scope of the analysis was to profile the chemical characteristics and nutritive value of the three crab species. Elemental fingerprints showed significant inter-specific differences, whereas non-significant variations in the moisture and ash contents were observed. In the blue crab, protein content was significantly lower than in the other two species, while its carbon content resulted lower than that characterizing only the warty crab. Among micro-elements, Ba, Cr, Cu, Li, Mn, Ni, and Pb showed extremely low concentrations and negligible among-species differences. Significant inter-specific differences were observed for Na, Sr, V, Ba, Cd and Zn; in particular, cadmium and zinc were characterized in the blue crab by concentrations significantly lower than in the other two species. The analysis of the available literature on the three species indicated a general lack of comparable information on their elemental composition. The need to implement extended elemental fingerprinting techniques for shellfish quality assessment is discussed, in view of other complementary profiling methods such as NMR-based metabolomics.

  11. Comparative analysis of the proximate and elemental composition of the blue crab Callinectes sapidus, the warty crab Eriphia verrucosa, and the edible crab Cancer pagurus.

    Zotti, Maurizio; Coco, Laura Del; Pascali, Sandra Angelica De; Migoni, Danilo; Vizzini, Salvatrice; Mancinelli, Giorgio; Fanizzi, Francesco Paolo


    The proximate composition and element contents of claw muscle tissue of Atlantic blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus) were compared with the native warty crab (Eriphia verrucosa) and the commercially edible crab (Cancer pagurus). The scope of the analysis was to profile the chemical characteristics and nutritive value of the three crab species. Elemental fingerprints showed significant inter-specific differences, whereas non-significant variations in the moisture and ash contents were observed. In the blue crab, protein content was significantly lower than in the other two species, while its carbon content resulted lower than that characterizing only the warty crab. Among micro-elements, Ba, Cr, Cu, Li, Mn, Ni, and Pb showed extremely low concentrations and negligible among-species differences. Significant inter-specific differences were observed for Na, Sr, V, Ba, Cd and Zn; in particular, cadmium and zinc were characterized in the blue crab by concentrations significantly lower than in the other two species. The analysis of the available literature on the three species indicated a general lack of comparable information on their elemental composition. The need to implement extended elemental fingerprinting techniques for shellfish quality assessment is discussed, in view of other complementary profiling methods such as NMR-based metabolomics.

  12. Assessing the effects of iron enrichment across holobiont compartments reveals reduced microbial nitrogen fixation in the Red Sea coral Pocillopora verrucosa

    Radecker, Nils


    The productivity of coral reefs in oligotrophic tropical waters is sustained by an efficient uptake and recycling of nutrients. In reef-building corals, the engineers of these ecosystems, this nutrient recycling is facilitated by a constant exchange of nutrients between the animal host and endosymbiotic photosynthetic dinoflagellates (zooxanthellae), bacteria, and other microbes. Due to the complex interactions in this so-called coral holobiont, it has proven difficult to understand the environmental limitations of productivity in corals. Among others, the micronutrient iron has been proposed to limit primary productivity due to its essential role in photosynthesis and bacterial processes. Here, we tested the effect of iron enrichment on the physiology of the coral Pocillopora verrucosa from the central Red Sea during a 12-day experiment. Contrary to previous reports, we did not see an increase in zooxanthellae population density or gross photosynthesis. Conversely, respiration rates were significantly increased, and microbial nitrogen fixation was significantly decreased. Taken together, our data suggest that iron is not a limiting factor of primary productivity in Red Sea corals. Rather, increased metabolic demands in response to iron enrichment, as evidenced by increased respiration rates, may reduce carbon (i.e., energy) availability in the coral holobiont, resulting in reduced microbial nitrogen fixation. This decrease in nitrogen supply in turn may exacerbate the limitation of other nutrients, creating a negative feedback loop. Thereby, our results highlight that the effects of iron enrichment appear to be strongly dependent on local environmental conditions and ultimately may depend on the availability of other nutrients.

  13. Concentración de clorofila a en colonias de Pocillopora verrucosa (Scleractina durante un blanqueamiento coralino en el Golfo de California, México (1997

    Adrián Munguía-Vega


    Full Text Available El Niño-Southern Oscillation 1997-98 significantly elevated sea temperatures in the Gulf of California and caused widespread coral bleaching starting in july 1997. Changes in chlorphyll a concentration by unit of area (cm² among normal, discolored and totally bleached colonies of the coral Pocillopora verrucosa (=P. elegans were determined in 27 colonies collected in october, 1997 at Ensenada de Muertos, Baja California peninsula, México (24° 03’ N, by spectrophotometric determinations. Mean pigment values varied from 2.06 µg/cm2 to 1.12 µg/cm2 and 0.09 µg/cm² among normal, decolorated and totally bleached colonies, respectively, although statistically significant differences only appeared between completely bleached and normal corals. The low chlorophyll concentration of the healthy-looking ("normal" corals and the lack of differences in pigment concentrations between these and partially bleached corals, indicated that the former had actually suffered a previous loss of pigmentation and may have been recovering when sampled.


    Akhmad Mustafa


    Full Text Available Rumput laut (Gracilaria verrucosa telah dibudidayakan di tambak tanah sulfat masam dengan kualitas dan kuantitas produksi yang relatif tinggi. Oleh karena itu, dilakukan penelitian yang bertujuan untuk mengetahui peubah kualitas air yang mempengaruhi laju pertumbuhan rumput laut di tambak tanah sulfat masam Kecamatan Angkona Kabupaten Luwu Timur Provinsi Sulawesi Selatan. Pemeliharaan rumput laut dilakukan di 30 petak tambak  terpilih selama 6 minggu. Bibit rumput laut dengan bobot 100 g basah ditebar dalam hapa berukuran 1,0 m x 1,0 m x 1,2 m. Peubah tidak bebas yang diamati adalah laju pertumbuhan relatif, sedangkan peubah bebas adalah peubah kualitas air yang meliputi: intensitas cahaya, salinitas, suhu, pH, karbondioksida, nitrat, amonium, fosfat, dan besi. Analisis regresi berganda digunakan untuk menentukan peubah bebas yang dapat digunakan untuk memprediksi peubah tidak bebas. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa laju pertumbuhan relatif rumput laut di tambak tanah sulfat masam berkisar antara 1,52% dan 3,63%/hari dengan rata-rata 2,88% ± 0,56%/hari. Di antara 9 peubah kualitas air yang diamati ternyata hanya 5 peubah kualitas air yaitu: nitrat, salinitas, amonium, besi, dan fosfat yang mempengaruhi pertumbuhan rumput laut secara nyata. Untuk meningkatkan pertumbuhan rumput laut di tambak tanah sulfat masam Kecamatan Angkona Kabupaten Luwu Timur dapat dilakukan dengan pemberian pupuk yang mengandung nitrogen untuk meningkatkan kandungan amonium dan nitrat serta pemberian pupuk yang mengandung fosfor untuk meningkatkan kandungan fosfat sampai pada nilai tertentu, melakukan remediasi untuk menurunkan kandungan besi serta memelihara rumput laut pada salinitas air yang lebih tinggi, tetapi tidak melebihi 30 ppt. Seaweed (Gracilaria verrucosa has been cultivated in acid sulfate soil-affected ponds with relatively high quality and quantity of seaweed production. A research has been conducted to study water quality variables that influence the

  15. Carcinoma espinocelular em leucoplasia verrucosa proliferativa: relato de caso e revisão da literatura = Squamous cell carcinoma in proliferative verrucous leukoplakia: report of a case and review of the literature

    Ramalho, Luciana Maria Pedreira


    Full Text Available A Leucoplasia Verrucosa Proliferativa (LVP é uma lesão cancerizável caracterizada por comportamento biológico mais agressivo e maior risco de malignização que as leucoplasias bucais. O diagnóstico da LVP deve ser feito pela combinação de achados clínicos e microscópicos e o acompanhamento dos pacientes deve ser rigoroso envolvendo a remoção de fatores de risco como o tabaco e o álcool e biópsias de controle, que podem ser realizadas quando ocorrerem mudanças nos sinais e sintomas. Este trabalho revisa a literatura sobre LVP e relata um caso de carcinoma espinocelular originado de leucoplasia verrucosa proliferativa, enfatizando os aspectos clínicos e histopatológico bem como a importância do acompanhamento rigoroso do paciente e de exames complementares como o azul de toluidina

  16. Role of Spiral and Multislice Computed Tomography in the evaluation of traumatic and spontaneous oesophageal perforation. Our experience; Ruolo della Tomografia Computerizzata Spirale e Multistrato nello studio delle lesioni traumatiche e spontanee dell'esofago: nostra esperienza

    De Lutio di Castelguidone, Elisabetta; Pinto, Antonio; Merola, Stefanella; Stavolo, Ciro; Romano, Luigia [Azienda Ospedaliera di Rilievo Nazionale A. Cardarelli, Napoli (Italy). Dipartimento di Diagnostica per Immagini


    oesophageal perforation, CT showed the presence of a intramural haematoma in one case, oesophageal fluid distension with gas and a small peri-oesophageal fluid effusion (Mallory-Weiss syndrome) in another, and oesophageal rapture (Boerhaave syndrome) in the last case. Conclusions: Our experience shows that in patients with suspected traumatic and spontaneous oesophageal perforation, standard cervical and chest radiography may suggest a suspected oesophageal perforation in only a small proportion of cases, whereas oral contrast oesophagography has a higher sensitivity. Through the careful analysis of suggestive and specific signs of oesophageal perforation, a correct CT examination enables an accurate and timely diagnosis which significantly affects prognosis and provides valuable indications for treatment. [Italian] Scopo: Presentare la nostra esperienza relativa al ruolo della TC nello studio delle perforazioni traumatiche e spontanee dell'esofago. Materiale e metodi: Da marzo 2001 a maggio 2003 sono giunti alla nostra osservazione 12 pazienti (7 di sesso maschile, 5 di sesso femminile, di eta' compresa tra 25 e 66 anni, eta' media 43,5) con sospetta lesione esofagea da incidente stradale (in 4 casi), ferita d'arma bianca (un caso), post-intubazione (2 casi), da indigestione di corpo estraneo (2 casi) e di tipo spontaneo (3 casi). Cinque pazienti praticavano l'esame standard del torace e della regione cervicale. In 2 pazienti con sospetta indigestione di corpo estraneo veniva somministrato gastrografin per os. In tutti i 12 casi veniva eseguito l'esame TC del collo-torace-addome senza e con mdc ev e con mdc idrosolubile per os in 4 casi. Risultati: Nei 5 pazienti con trauma cervico-toracico-addominale l'indagine TC evidenziava oltre a lesioni traumatiche pleuro-parenchimali (pneumotorace, versamento pleurico ed enfisema sottocutaneo) anche reperti suggestivi di perforazione esofagea: aria mediastinica in sede periesofagea (5 casi), fluido

  17. Helminthological screening of free-ranging grey brocket deer Mazama gouazoubira Fischer, 1817 (Cervidae: Odocoileini from Brazilian Pantanal wetlands, with considerations on Pygarginema verrucosa (Molin, 1860 Kadenatzii, 1948 (Spirocercidae: Ascaropsinae

    EG. Lux Hoppe

    Full Text Available The Brazilian Pantanal wetlands are a unique ecosystem with a faunistic composition similar to that of the adjacent biomes but in higher densities. The early establishment of domestic cattle husbandry in that area introduced pathogens that may influence the indigenous Pantanalian fauna. In this paper, the authors describe the helminthfauna of ten free-ranging adult Mazama gouazoubira from the Paiaguás sub-region, along with the descriptors of infection. Morphological description of Pygarginema verrucosa is supplied, with comments on other species of this genus. The helminth species found are similar to domestic cattle helminthfauna of the same physiographic region, suggesting an adaptation of bovine parasites to this host.

  18. Cutaneous tuberculosis, tuberculosis verrucosa cutis

    Nilamani Mohanty


    Full Text Available Cutaneous tuberculosis because of its variability in presentation, wider differential diagnosis, and difficulty in obtaining microbiological confirmation continues to be the most challenging to diagnose for dermatologists in developing countries. Despite the evolution of sophisticated techniques such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR and enzyme-linked-immunosorbent serologic assay (ELISA, the sensitivity of new methods are not better than the isolation of Mycobacterium tuberculosum in culture. Even in the 21 st century, we rely on methods as old as the intradermal reaction purified protein derivative standard test and therapeutic trials, as diagnostic tools. We describe a case which has been diagnosed and treated as eczema by renowned physicians for 2 years. Incisional biopsy showed the presence of well-defined granulomas and ZN staining of the biopsy specimen showed the presence of acid fast bacilli; a trial of ATT (antitubercular therapy for 6 months lead to permanent cure of the lesion.

  19. Bioremediation of caged fish aquaculture by the red alga Gracilaria verrucosa in an integrated multi-trophic aquaculture system%真江蓠(Gracilaria verrucosa)对网箱养殖海区的生态修复及生态养殖匹配模式

    徐姗楠; 温珊珊; 吴望星; 何培民


    2006年8~9月,在浙江象山港花鲈(Lateolabrax japonicus)养殖网箱中吊养真江蓠(Gracilaria verrucosa)对网箱养殖造成的水体富营养化进行生态修复研究.通过45d内的平面监测、定点跟踪监测和断面监测,结果表明:该网箱养殖区水体呈严重富营养化状态,营养状态指数(E)为32.00,其营养盐分布由高浓度的中心区向周围150m非养殖水域扩散;真江蓠对养殖区的富营养化海水具有较好的修复效果:江蓠生态修复区及其相邻网箱中水体PO4-P、NO2-N、NH4-N和NO3-N含量显著低于非修复区(P<0.01),修复区海水PO4-P、NO2-N、NH4-N和NO3-N浓度比非修复区分别降低22%~58%、24%~48%、22%~61%和24%~47%.养殖真江蓠45d后,修复区水体DO浓度和透明度显著高于非修复区(P<0.05),DO平均提高28%,透明度平均提高30%;而修复区水体Chl-a浓度显著低于非修复区(P<0.05),平均降低49%.通过建立基于N平衡的鱼藻生态养殖模式,每收获1kg花鲈至少需要匹配江蓠4.7 kg wet wt才可实现对鱼类排放N的完全吸收.因此网箱内栽培江蓠的混合生态养殖模式,可平衡因经济动物养殖所带来的额外营养负荷,有利于实现动物养殖环境的自我修复.

  20. 利用稻瘟霉模型筛选粗疣合叶苔内生真菌中的活性菌株%Screening of active strains in endophytic fungi from Scapania verrucosa using biological model of Pyricularia oryzae

    郭蕾; 吴锦忠; 许强芝; 韩婷; 秦路平


    Objective To rapidly screen the bioactive strains in endophytic fungi from Scapania verru-cosa by Pyricularia oryzae P-2b model and to identify the active strain T11. Methods The endophytic fungi were firstly isolated from S. verrucosa and the morphological deformation induced by ethyl acetate extract of bioactive fungi or growth inhibition of mycelia germinated from the conidia of P. oryzae were observed to screen the bioactive strains whose in vitro antifungus activity and cytotoxic effect on tumor cell lines were studied furtherly. The active strain Tll with the best activity was identified by morphological method. Results A total of 47 endophytic fungi were isolated from liverwort S. verrucosa. Among them,40 strains (85.1%) of endophytes could induce morphological abnormality of P. oryzae. The strain T11 could inhibit tumor cells proliferation and fungal mycelia growth effectively. Conclusion Endophytes from S. verrucosa have antifungal activity and cytotoxic effect and could be a potential resource for the develop-ment of antifungal and antitumor agent.%目的 利用稻瘟霉模型快速筛选粗疣合叶苔内生真菌中具有生物活性的菌株,并对活性菌株T11进行鉴定.方法 首次对粗疣合叶苔内生真菌进行了分离,通过观察内生真菌醋酸乙酯提取物引起稻瘟霉分生孢子或菌丝形态生长异常或生长抑制的情况,初步确定具有生物活性的菌株,进一步进行体外抗真菌及抗肿瘤活性筛选,对活性最好的T11菌株进行了分类鉴定.结果 粗疣合叶苔分离得到47株内生真菌,具有抗稻瘟霉活性的活性菌株40株,占总分离菌株的85.1%.其中T11号菌株可明显抑制真菌生长和肿瘤细胞增殖.结论 粗疣合叶苔内生真菌具有明显的抗真菌和细胞毒作用,是潜在的抗菌、抗肿瘤药物资源.

  1. [Idiopathic scrotal elephantiasis. A case report].

    López-Caballero, Ignacio; Sánchez-Ruvalcaba, Itzel; Sánchez-Martinez, Luis Carlos; Hernández-Ordoñez, Octavio; Gómez-Lara, Miguel; Flores-Carrillo, Víctor


    Introducción: el linfedema penoescrotal (también conocido como elefantiasis penoescrotal) es una condición que históricamente se ha descrito en áreas en las que la filariasis es endémica. Caso clínico: presentamos el caso de un hombre de 45 años de edad con linfedema escrotal. Después de descartar las causas adquiridas de linfedema, el paciente fue sometido a escrotectomía, prepuciectomía y reconstrucción escrotal y peneana. Actualmente el paciente se encuentra en seguimiento, sin datos de recidiva. Conclusión: el linfedema penoescrotal puede causar síntomas de debilidad e inmovilidad, así como problemas psicológicos. La cirugía otorga resultados cosméticos y funcionales aceptables.

  2. Provocative Opinion: Elephantiasis of the Textbook.

    Kerber, Robert C.


    Addresses the growing size of college organic chemistry textbooks. Notes that at the current rate of growth, average textbooks will be 1544 pages long in year 2000. Suggests methods to reduce textbook size. (ML)

  3. Nursing experience for treating gastritis verrucosa by electrocoagulation under gastroscopy plusTCM medicine%胃镜下电凝配合中药治疗疣状胃炎护理体会



    目的:探讨针对疣状胃炎患者,在实施胃镜下电凝+中药治疗的过程中,给予护理干预后获得的临床效果。方法:选取我院2011年5月-2013年5月疣状胃炎患者120例。通过抽签法完成所有胃炎患者的随机分组。设为D1组(观察组60例)与D2组(对照组60例)。所有患者全部选择胃镜下电凝+中药治疗的方法给予治疗。其中D1组胃炎患者实施综合护理,D2组患者实施常规护理。对比D1组与D2组胃炎患者分别完成护理后,临床护理效果表现出的差异。结果:在疣状胃炎患者临床症状的缓解率方面,D1组高于D2组患者非常明显(P<0.05);在患者疣状结节病灶消除的概率方面,D1组高于D2组患者明显(P<0.05)。在焦虑抑郁心理评分方面以及患者的临床满意度评分方面,D1组优于D2组患者非常明显(P<0.05)。结论:针对疣状胃炎患者,选择胃镜下电凝+中药治疗的方法给予临床治疗,可以获得一定的效果,在治疗的过程中配合对患者实施综合护理,在促进患者的临床治疗效果以及提高生活质量等方面,意义显著。%Objective: To investigate clinical efficacy of electrocoagulation under gastroscopy plus TCM medicine on gastritis verrucosa. Methods: 120 patients in our hospital from May 2011 to May 2013 were randomly divided into the D1 group (60 cases in observation group) and the D2 group (60 cases in control group). All patients were given electrocoagulation under gastroscopy plus TCM medicine. The D1 group received comprehensive nursing more; the D2 group received usual nursing. Difference of clinical effects in two groups was compared after nursing. Results: The remission rate in D1 was obviously higher (P<0.05); the probability of eliminating lesions in D1 was obviously higher (P<0.05); anxiety and depression scores and clinical satisfaction scores in D1 group were obviously better (P<0.05). Conclusion

  4. SELEKSI KLON BIBIT RUMPUT LAUT, Gracilaria verrucosa

    Petrus Rani Pong-Masak; Bambang Priono; Irsyaphiani Insan


    Upaya peningkatan produksi rumput laut juga tidak terlepas dari permasalahan, yaitu:ketersediaan bibit unggul dalam jumlah yang cukup, adanya serangan  hama dan penyakit, dan faktor pembatas musim tanam. Bibit rumput laut unggul dapat diperoleh dengan menggunakan metode seleksi klon dan   bioteknologi (kultur jaringan dan rekayasa gen). Seleksi klon/massa dapat dilakukan dengan mudah dan dapat menghasilkan varietas bibit unggul dalam pertumbuhan relatif cepat, daya tahan terhadap penyak...

  5. Smart objects: come il digitale organizza la nostra vita

    Emanuele Crescimanno


    Full Text Available Computer, tablet, smartphone are the most important everyday objects in our life because we made experiences by them; they run due to their software: so it is necessary to understand it, his form, his design and his tradeoffs to understand the role of these objects and the possibilities of a conscious use of them.

  6. Podoconiosis and endemic non-filarial tropical elephantiasis ...


    Jul 5, 2013 ... Management of established cases can be achieved with simple low- cost intervention ... typically follow a period of intense activity (long walking journey the ... to deep oedema between metatarsal heads; (b) block toes – the.

  7. Metabolic rates and tissue composition of the coral Pocillopora verrucosa over 12 latitudes in the Red Sea characterized by strong temperature and nutrient gradient, supplement to: Sawall, Yvonne; Al-Sofyani, A; Hohn, S; Banguera-Hinestroza, E; Voolstra, Christian R; Wahl, Martin (2015): Extensive phenotypic plasticity of a Red Sea coral over a strong latitudinal temperature gradient suggests limited acclimatization potential to warming. Scientific Reports, 5, 8940

    Sawall, Yvonne


    Global warming was reported to cause growth reductions in tropical shallow water corals in both, cooler and warmer, regions of the coral species range. This suggests regional adaptation with less heat-tolerant populations in cooler and more thermo-tolerant populations in warmer regions. Here, we investigated seasonal changes in the in situ metabolic performance of the widely distributed hermatypic coral Pocillopora verrucosa along 12 degrees latitudes featuring a steep temperature gradient between the northern (28.5 degrees N, 21-27 degrees C) and southern (16.5 degrees N, 28-33 degrees C) reaches of the Red Sea. Surprisingly, we found little indication for regional adaptation, but strong indications for high phenotypic plasticity: Calcification rates in two seasons (winter, summer) were found to be highest at 28-29 degrees C throughout all populations independent of their geographic location. Mucus release increased with temperature and nutrient supply, both being highest in the south. Genetic characterization of the coral host revealed low inter-regional variation and differences in the Symbiodinium clade composition only at the most northern and most southern region. This suggests variable acclimatization potential to ocean warming of coral populations across the Red Sea: high acclimatization potential in northern populations, but limited ability to cope with ocean warming in southern populations already existing at the upper thermal margin for corals

  8. Legio Patria Nostra: The History of the French Foreign Legion Since 1962


    regaled me with his stories of adventure that occurred long before our Global War on Terrorism began. Though I was never privy to his name, he planted ...recruitment and selection. The Legion’s ceremonial band the Musique Principale is also organic to the CSLE. The Compagnie d’Administration du Personel

  9. Forme atipiche di malattia mani-piedi-bocca: La nostra esperienza

    Dondi, Arianna


    Introduzione: La malattia mani-piedi-bocca è una patologia infettiva tipica della prima infanzia causata dagli enterovirus, in particolare i sierotipi Coxsackievirus A16 ed Enterovirus 71. A partire dal 2008, ne è stata descritta un’epidemia da Coxsackievirus A6, in genere accompagnata da febbre elevata e che si distingue per lo sviluppo di piccole vescicole che progrediscono a lesioni vescicolo-bollose e a bolle vere e proprie. Inoltre, nei pazienti affetti da dermatite atopica, le lesion...

  10. Uno «spaccato fantasmagorico» da epoche lontane dalla nostra: Pasolini in India

    Barbara Castaldo


    Full Text Available This essay discusses both the advantages and the limits of a post-colonial critical approach to Pier Paolo Pasolini’s travel work, L’odore dell’India. Through a close analysis of the text, Pasolini’s stereotypical interpretation of India emerges, which corresponds to Edward Said’s notion of “Orientalism”, as well as to other important theories of post-colonial studies. Pasolini’s naïve view of India and Indians reveals many similarities with his portraits of peasant cultures, Roman slums and the sub-proletariat, African villages, and even ancient Greek myths. This parallel further suggests the presence of a similar poetic vision behind all representations of “otherness” and of an “other” culture: Pasolini idealistically projects his dream of an innocent (and lost state of nature onto marginalized, primitive, or non-Western cultures. Critics who only use post-colonial theory for a critical analysis of L’odore dell’India fail to understand Pasolini’s deeply-held, anti-imperialist ideology and his anthropological utopia.

  11. El jardín de las delicias: Palimpsesto de Terra Nostra.

    Gómez, Blanca Inés


    En Carlos Fuentes hay un afán de teatralización de la realidad. “El elemento teatral de la novela siempre me ha resultado fascinante”- dice; en efecto uno de los más espectaculares hallazgos de la escritura del narrador mejicano es la alucinante lectura intertextual de cuadros como los de Brueghel en “Cambio de Piel, y el Jardín de las Delicias en Terra Nostra”, una de las novelas más ambiciosas de este final de milenio, en la cual Fuentes indaga sobre el tiempo colectivo.

  12. Diavolo di una particella perchè il bosone di Higgs cambierà la nostra vita

    Menasce, Dario


    Lo scienziato del Cern Dario Menasce ha partecipato direttamente agli esperimenti che hanno condotto alla scoperta del Bosone di Higgs, ma , prima di condurre il lettore all'interno dell'LHC e dei suoi misteri, con coinvolgimento e grande serietà guida il lettore attraverso i momenti più importanti delle ricerche della fisica tramite l'intervento dei grandi scienziati del passato e del presente, che hanno infine permesso di arrivare a definire il Modello Standard delle particelle, il primo passo verso l'ipotetica Teoria del Tutto. Un testo molto utile per chi vuole sondare il mondo dell'ultrasottile, che riprendo in più occasioni anche come manuale di consultazione e approfondimento.

  13. Proteomic profiling of birch (Betula verrucosa) pollen extracts from different origins.

    Erler, Anja; Hawranek, Thomas; Krückemeier, Leif; Asam, Claudia; Egger, Matthias; Ferreira, Fátima; Briza, Peter


    Pollen of the European white birch is a major source of spring pollinosis in Europe. Pollen-allergy diagnosis and treatment by specific immunotherapy commonly rely on extracts of natural origin. To gain insight into the protein content and its variability, we evaluated the profile of allergenic and non-allergenic proteins in extracts of pollen from different origins by MS-based proteomics. Aqueous extracts prepared from commercially available Swedish birch pollen, pollen collected from Austrian trees and a commercial skin prick extract were analyzed by 1-DE, 2-DE, immunoblotting and mass spectrometry, resulting in a complete inventory of extractable, disease-relevant pollen proteins. A main focus of this study was on the isoform distribution of Bet v 1, the major allergen of birch pollen. Using a combination of intact mass determination and peptide sequencing, five isoforms (a, b, d, f and j) were unequivocally identified in Swedish and Austrian birch pollen extracts, while the skin prick extract contained only isoforms a, b and d. Using the same methods as for Bet v 1, divergencies in the sequence of birch profilin (Bet v 2), a plant panallergen, were solved. The molecular characterization of pollen extracts is relevant for standardization and development of new reagents for specific immunotherapy.

  14. Rahvusvaheline muinsuskaitseauhind Eestisse: maailma lennundusajaloo suurimad angaarid väikses Eestis / Helle Solnask

    Solnask, Helle


    Muinsuskaitseorganisatsioonist Europa Nostra. Europa Nostra muinsuskaitseauhindadest. 2013. aastal osutus üheks 15-st laureaadist I kategoorias (restaureeerimine/konserveerimine) Tallinna vesilennukite angaaride taastamine ning kohandamine kaasaegseks meremuuseumiks

  15. Rahvusvaheline muinsuskaitseauhind Eestisse: maailma lennundusajaloo suurimad angaarid väikses Eestis / Helle Solnask

    Solnask, Helle


    Muinsuskaitseorganisatsioonist Europa Nostra. Europa Nostra muinsuskaitseauhindadest. 2013. aastal osutus üheks 15-st laureaadist I kategoorias (restaureeerimine/konserveerimine) Tallinna vesilennukite angaaride taastamine ning kohandamine kaasaegseks meremuuseumiks

  16. Increased carbohydrate supply in the pollen tube pathway after cross-pollination of Gasteria verrucosa (Mill.) H. Duval

    Willemse, M.T.M.


    Gasteria has ovular incompatibility, and recognition of cross-and self-pollen takes place. Cross-pollination includes recognition and pistil activation and leads to seed set. Self-pollen germinate, and their pollen tubes penetrate the ovules but after fertilization they abort. A group of glycoprotei

  17. morphology of kaloula rugifera and k.borealis tadpoles (anura:microhylidae:kaloula verrucosa group)in china


    the external morphology and internal oral features of the tadpoles of kaloula rugifera and k.borealis are described in this paper.similarities between these two larvae include external morphology,oral disc,internal oral features (floor and roof),terminal mouth,lateral eyes,single midventral spiracle,absence of keratinized jaw sheaths and labial teeth,absence of lingual papillae and postnarial arena,while the body of k.rugifera is bigger than that of k.borealis at stages from 36 to 39 and the number of papillae in the buccal cavity is 12-19 and 9-16,respectively in the two species.all the similarities and differences of the two species illustrate that the tadpoles within the family microhylidae could be attributed to assistance in clarifying a certain taxonomic treatment in microhylidae.


    蔺西萌; 刘长军; 黄倩; 赵旭东; 张红卫


    [目的]观察乙胺嗪、消肿乳糜清和自我照料3种方法对慢性丝虫病患者下肢象皮肿的疗效,探索慢性丝虫病下肢象皮肿的治疗、照料方法. [方法]选择河南省固始县321名慢性丝虫病患者,按乡随机分为4组:A组100例,每人口服乙胺嗪片剂100 mg/d;B组74例,口服消肿乳糜清胶囊6粒/d(基质9 g);C组96例,按WHO推荐象皮肿处理基本措施实施自我照料;D组51例为对照组,口服安慰剂肢囊6粒/d,均持续3月.采取双盲法分别在3个月和1年后随访患者症状、体征,并测量下肢排水量,观察比较疗效. [结果]1年后随访A组63%(63/100)、B组48.61%(35/72)的患者症状有不同程度减轻,高于C组和D组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.001).B组有48.61%的患者(35/72)下肢皮肤变软,高于A组、C组和D组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.001).下肢排水量测量显示B组和A组总有效率分别为73.17%、50%;高于C组和D组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.001),两组显效率分别为13.41%、7.37%,两组之间有效和显效差异均无统计学意义(P>0.05). [结论]消肿乳糜清和乙胺嗪均对慢性丝虫病患者下肢象皮肿有一定疗效,实施自我照料措施效果不明显.

  19. Diagnosing and Curing of Elephantiasis Scroti of Horses on 1 Case%一例马阴囊丝虫病的诊治报告

    吴安进; 莫芝英



  20. Large scale patterns of antimicrofouling defenses in the hard coral Pocillopora verrucosa in an environmental gradient along the Saudi Arabian coast of the Red Sea.

    Martin Wahl

    Full Text Available Large scale patterns of ecologically relevant traits may help identify drivers of their variability and conditions beneficial or adverse to the expression of these traits. Antimicrofouling defenses in scleractinian corals regulate the establishment of the associated biofilm as well as the risks of infection. The Saudi Arabian Red Sea coast features a pronounced thermal and nutritional gradient including regions and seasons with potentially stressful conditions to corals. Assessing the patterns of antimicrofouling defenses across the Red Sea may hint at the susceptibility of corals to global change. We investigated microfouling pressure as well as the relative strength of 2 alternative antimicrofouling defenses (chemical antisettlement activity, mucus release along the pronounced environmental gradient along the Saudi Arabian Red Sea coast in 2 successive years. Microfouling pressure was exceptionally low along most of the coast but sharply increased at the southernmost sites. Mucus release correlated with temperature. Chemical defense tended to anti-correlate with mucus release. As a result, the combined action of mucus release and chemical antimicrofouling defense seemed to warrant sufficient defense against microbes along the entire coast. In the future, however, we expect enhanced energetic strain on corals when warming and/or eutrophication lead to higher bacterial fouling pressure and a shift towards putatively more costly defense by mucus release.

  1. The features of silver birch Betula verrucosa Ehrh. and downy birch Betula pubescens Ehrh. seed regeneration in subtaiga and forest-steppe of Western Siberia

    B. E. Chizhov


    Full Text Available Article considers results of long-term studies of birch undergrowth in subtaiga subzone and forest-steppe zone of Western Siberia, the features of silver and downy birch seed regeneration under the canopy of parent stands, on logging, burned and abandoned arable lands, and hayfields. The distance of seed dispersal by wind, dynamics of accumulation of self-sown birch after continuous tillage and plough furrows is specified. It was found that seed regeneration under the birch stand canopy is hindered by drying of litter and root competition of the parent stand. A necessary condition for the germination of small seeds and the survival of weak shoots of birches is sufficient rainfall during the period of seed production and careful soil treatment, which provides removal of litter, total removal of herbaceous vegetation and soil reserve of weed seeds: continuous repeated plowing, bulldozing strips or shallow plow furrow with 0.7−1.0 m in width, with their additional cultivation. The most effective way of preparing land for seed regeneration of birch trees in arid steppe conditions is to transfer it under temporary cultivation of grain-crops, providing suppression of permanent weeds. Autumn plowing after harvest will provide annual readiness of the site for seed colonization of the birches. When there is an optimum combination of good seed harvest, rainy weather conditions, and appearance of mass self-sown birch, the land is excluded from the agricultural use. Prerequisites: the presence of seed productive walls of birch with preliminary removal of aspen and undesirable forms of birch. In spring of the next year an inventory is done of wintered self-sown birches, at least on 100 evenly spaced accounting plots. If the self-seeding dies, the site continues to be used by agriculture. Less reliable but acceptable is tillage by bulldozer stripes and furrows with 0.7−1.0 m in width, in a year of abundant seed production, before the start of mass seed fall.

  2. Francesco Bruni (a cura di, L'italiano nelle regioni. Lingua nazionale e identità regionali; La Nostra Lingua, Biblioteca storica di linguistica italiana, UTET, Torino 1992; XXXIII + 1038 pp.

    Pavao Tekavčić


    Full Text Available Gli italianisti di tutto il mondo sanno quanto ricca sia in Italia la tradizione della filologia, della critica e della perenne Questione della lingua. Recentemente questi domini scientifici si sono arricchiti di un' opera davvero monumentale come materia, impostazione, trattazione e mole: il volume di formato enciclopedico che qui recensiamo. È un'ennesima storia della lingua italiana, impostata tuttavia da un angolo visuale diverso, quello cioè della diffusione progressiva dell'italiano dalle origini ai giorni nostri nelle regioni dello stato italiano e in certe altre aree (Dalmazia e stria, Canton Ticino, Valle d'Aosta, Malta, Corsica. Si esaminano le caratteristiche dell'italianizzazione delle singole aree: da qui il sottotitolo.

  3. “Un dels suptils maestres de la sua art qui sien en nostra senyoria": Consolí Blanch d'Estrasburg, un argenter alemany a la Corona d'Aragó (1372-1401

    Molina i Castellà, Anna


    Full Text Available The presence of a silversmith called Consolí Blanch, who came from Strasbourg in the Germanic Empire, it's testified in the area of the Aragon Crown, in the last quarter of 14th century. Although his works are disappeared, archive documents inform us about his production for the Aragon royal court, the archbishop of Zaragoza Lope Fernández de Luna, chapters and bishops of Lleida and Tortosa, and finally for the kings of Navarra. This article offers the revision of published documentation and the analysis of new researches, becoming an approximation to the artistic grandeur of this master.[fr] La présence de l'orfèvre Consolí Blanch, procédant de l'autrefois ville allemande de Strasbourg, est documentée dans la couronne d'Aragon depuis la dernière partie du XlVe siècle. Malgré l'absence d'oeuvres conservées fruit de son talent, les archives sont témoin de ses créations pour la cour de la catalogne et l'Aragon, por l'archevêque de Zaragoza Lope Fernández de Luna, por les sièges cathédrales de Lleida et Tortosa, ainsi que por les rois de Navarre. La révision des documents publiés et les contributions inédites du présent article constituent un rapprochement à la grandeur artistique de ce personnage.

  4. Medical Research Publications: A Bibliography of Walter Reed Army Medical Center Staff, 1986-1992. Volume 2


    Infectious Disease. 1628. Skoog SJ. Verrucous elephantiasis of the scrotum: an unusual variant of genital lymphedema. J Urol 1986 Apr;135(4): 799-800...randomized study at West Point. Am J Sports Med 1990; 18(3):310-5. Surgery. Orthopedics. 520 499. Skoog SJ. Verrucous elephantiasis of the scrotum

  5. Hästi restaureeritud raekoda sai Euroopast kõrge tunnustuse / Askur Alas

    Alas, Askur, 1973-


    Tallinna raekoda sai Euroopa Liidu ja Euroopa pärandkultuuri organisatsiooni Europa Nostra kultuuripärandi medali. Europa Nostra nõukogu liikme Karin Hallas-Murula sõnul arvestatakse auhindade jagamisel nii mälestise säilitamist kui ka kasutamist tänapäeval. Mainekas auhind on tunnustus Teddy Böcklerile, kellele raekoja restaureerimine oli elutööks. Lisatud Europa Nostra peapreemiad

  6. Hästi restaureeritud raekoda sai Euroopast kõrge tunnustuse / Askur Alas

    Alas, Askur, 1973-


    Tallinna raekoda sai Euroopa Liidu ja Euroopa pärandkultuuri organisatsiooni Europa Nostra kultuuripärandi medali. Europa Nostra nõukogu liikme Karin Hallas-Murula sõnul arvestatakse auhindade jagamisel nii mälestise säilitamist kui ka kasutamist tänapäeval. Mainekas auhind on tunnustus Teddy Böcklerile, kellele raekoja restaureerimine oli elutööks. Lisatud Europa Nostra peapreemiad

  7. Eesti Muinsuskaitse Seltsi välissuhtlus aastal 2006 / Helle Solnask

    Solnask, Helle


    Üleeuroopalistest muinsuskaitseorganisatsioonidest, mille liikmeskonda EMS kuulub - "Europa Nostra" ja ASCE (Euroopa Ajalooliste Kalmistute Assotsiatsioon). Euroopa Liidu poolt toetatud projektidest, millistes EMS osaleb

  8. Euroopa aadel armastab ajalugu / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Organisatsioonist Europa Nostra, mille nõukokku valiti 2003. a. Karin Hallas. Tänavuste Europa Nostra preemiate kätteandmisest Münchenis ja objektidest, mille hulgas oli Leedu endise historitsistliku valitsushoone renoveerimine Kaunases (nüüd ülikooli rektoraat). Uue ilme saanud Tallinna raekoja esitamisest kandidaadiks

  9. Itaalias vangistati peaprokuröri tappa tahtnud mafioosod / Ülle Toode

    Toode, Ülle, 1969-


    Sitsiilias vahistati ligi poolsada maffiaorganisatsiooni Cosa Nostra väidetavat liiget. Politseini oli jõudnud info, et mafioosod kavatsevad lähiajal tappa Palermo peaprokuröri Pietro Grasso, tabamata on Cosa Nostra juht. Lisa: Kohtunik üksi sõjas maffia vastu

  10. Euroopa aadel armastab ajalugu / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Organisatsioonist Europa Nostra, mille nõukokku valiti 2003. a. Karin Hallas. Tänavuste Europa Nostra preemiate kätteandmisest Münchenis ja objektidest, mille hulgas oli Leedu endise historitsistliku valitsushoone renoveerimine Kaunases (nüüd ülikooli rektoraat). Uue ilme saanud Tallinna raekoja esitamisest kandidaadiks

  11. Mosquito-borne infections in Fiji

    Mataika, J. U.; Dando, B. C.; Spears, G. F. S.; Macnamara, F. N.


    During a filariasis survey conducted in northern Fiji in 1968-9 examinations were made for microfilaraemia, enlarged lymph nodes and elephantiasis. Analysis of the microfilarial densities at different ages and the number of anatomical sites showing lymph gland enlargement or elephantiasis have been used to provide evidence on the clustering of infections and pathogenesis. Although there is no evidence of clustering of risk of infection, there is evidence favouring the clustering of adult filariae in individuals. Nevertheless the number of sites of lymph node enlargement do not correspond with this finding and statistical evidence suggests that lymph-node enlargement is not necessarily associated with the near presence in the body of adult filariae, whether dead or alive. Males of Indian ethnic origin showed a higher prevalence of elephantiasis than males of Fijian ethnic origin, but women of either ethnic race showed prevalences lower than those of men. The onset of elephantiasis at a site does not directly reflect the number of infections sustained in the local area, but it appears that filariasis first induces for a limited period a proneness to elephantiasis. During this period a random and discrete event may induce the onset of elephantiasis. The nature of the event is unknown, but it probably is not trauma. PMID:4397426

  12. Contributions to Privacy and Anonymity on the Internet Domain Name System and Second-Generation Onion Routing

    Castillo-Pérez, Sergio,


    Tots els dies la nostra activitat a Internet deixa rastres de nosaltres mateixos i de la nostra forma de vida a través de l'emmagatzemament d'una gran quantitat d'informació personal, esdevenint en el que anomenem la nostra identitat digital. Avui en dia, el seguiment de les activitats dels usuaris correlacionat amb tals identitats digitals s'ha convertit en un dels principals interessos de no només companyies privades, sinó també de governs. La natura d'aquest interessos obeeix a diferents m...

  13. Some interesting Gasteroid ans Secotioid fungi from Sonora, Mexico

    Moreno, G.; Esteve-Raventós, F.


    Nine rare species of gasteroid and secotioid fungi from Sonora, Mexico are treated here: Agaricus texensis (= Longula texensis), Araneosa columellata, Calvatia bicolor, C. craniiformis, C. pygmaea, Disciseda hyalothrix, D. verrucosa, Endoptychum arizonicum, and D. stuckertii (= Abstoma stuckertii),

  14. Mõ molodtsõ! / Viktoria Panova

    Panova, Viktoria


    Kahest rahvusvahelisest tunnustusest Tallinna raekojale: Euroopa kultuuripärandi preemia arhitektuuri mälestusmärkide kategoorias ja Europa Nostra medal, millega tunnustatakse restauraator Teddy Böckleri tööd raekoja restaureerimisel

  15. Plaadid / Mart Kalvet, Priit Kenkmann, Urmas Piht...[jt.


    Uutest heliplaatidest Nihilisticrypt "Perverse Dark Somnolence", Nortt "Galgenfrist", Rotten Sound "Cycles", Severe Torture "Sworn Vengeance", Saattue "Jäähyvästi", Steel Scream "Lock n'load and get ready", Cosa Nostra Klub "L'Hymne a la Joie"

  16. Eesti Muinsuskaitse Seltsi rahvusvaheline koostöö / Helle Solnask

    Solnask, Helle


    Osalemisest Euroopa Muinsuskaitsepäevade koordinaatorite töögrupis, HEREIN'is, Europa Nostras, Euroopa Ajalooliste Kalmistute Assotsiatsioonis ASCE, Euroopa Muuseumi- ja Turismiraudteede Föderatsioonis

  17. Plaadid / Mart Kalvet, Priit Kenkmann, Urmas Piht...[jt.


    Uutest heliplaatidest Nihilisticrypt "Perverse Dark Somnolence", Nortt "Galgenfrist", Rotten Sound "Cycles", Severe Torture "Sworn Vengeance", Saattue "Jäähyvästi", Steel Scream "Lock n'load and get ready", Cosa Nostra Klub "L'Hymne a la Joie"

  18. Mõ molodtsõ! / Viktoria Panova

    Panova, Viktoria


    Kahest rahvusvahelisest tunnustusest Tallinna raekojale: Euroopa kultuuripärandi preemia arhitektuuri mälestusmärkide kategoorias ja Europa Nostra medal, millega tunnustatakse restauraator Teddy Böckleri tööd raekoja restaureerimisel

  19. Prospettive della scienza

    Eigen, Manfred


    Che vuol dire e a quale scopo dedicarsi alla ricerca di base ; Mozart, ovvero la nostra incapacità di comprendere il genio ; l'"Homunculus" nell'epoca delle biotecnologie ; spirale della crescita e scarsità.

  20. Tracce di sé: il rito del commiato laico tra commemorazione e narrazione

    Marina Brancato


    Full Text Available Far risuonare la situazione luttuosa in un valore di memoria, in un valore morale: valorizzare le sfumature, la ricchezza e la pluralità delle esperienze e di insegnamenti che abbiamo ricevuto in quel meraviglioso e variegato percorso che è la nostra vita. La profonda esigenza di un rito volto a commemorare la persona quale era in vita risponde alla cultura della nostra epoca, attribuendo in tal modo un'importanza nodale all'individualità di ciascuno.

  1. La internalización de la congestión turística a través de un impuesto: el caso de los vehículos de alquiler en Mallorca : Autores: Teresa Palmer Tous; Antoni Riera Font y Jaume Rosselló Nadal-Departament d'Economia Aplicada de la Universitat de les Illes Balears y CRE-Centre de Recerca Econòmica (UIB-"Sa Nostra") (2005)

    Carruitero, Patricia Belén


    La masificación del turismo y de las actividades de ocio ha contribuido al crecimiento económico de los diferentes destinos turísticos en todo el mundo. Sin embargo, dentro de las consecuencias económicas y sociales, los ciudadanos de los lugares turísticos se enfrentan cada vez más a las “externalidades negativas” del Turismo, entre ellas, principalmente, las relacionadas con el tránsito y el uso de las carreteras: contaminación atmosférica, contaminación acústica, congestión y mayor acciden...

  2. Lymphatic Filariasis: Transmission, Treatment and Elimination

    W.A. Stolk (Wilma)


    textabstractLymphatic filariasis (LF) is a mosquito-borne, tropical disease caused by filarial worms. Infection can lead to disabling chronic disease, characterized by swelling of extremities or external genitalia (lymphoedema, elephantiasis and hydrocele). Mass treatment with antifilarial drugs is

  3. Anatomia comparada do gênero Doris (Mollusca, Nudibranchia, Dorididae) do litoral brasileiro


    O gênero Doris está representado no Brasil por quatro espécies: Doris verrucosa, Doris bovena, Doris ilo e Doris kyolis, a maioria delas com um histórico taxonômico confuso. Através da revisão taxonômica do gênero Doris, do estudo da anatomia comparada entre as espécies e com dados da literatura foi possível separar D. verrucosa em duas espécies, mantendo D. verrucosa como a espécie com distribuição para a Europa e Mar Mediterrâneo e Doris januarii, um sinônimo revalidado, com distribuição pa...

  4. Update of information on perkinsosis in NW Mediterranean coast: Identification of Perkinsus spp. (Protista) in new locations and hosts.

    Ramilo, Andrea; Carrasco, Noelia; Reece, Kimberly S; Valencia, José M; Grau, Amalia; Aceituno, Patricia; Rojas, Mauricio; Gairin, Ignasi; Furones, M Dolores; Abollo, Elvira; Villalba, Antonio


    This study addressed perkinsosis in commercially important mollusc species in the western Mediterranean area. Perkinsus olseni was found in Santa Gilla Lagoon (Sardinia) infecting Ruditapes decussatus, Cerastoderma glaucum and Venerupis aurea, in Balearic Islands infecting Venus verrucosa and in Delta de l'Ebre (NE Spain) parasitising Ruditapes philippinarum and R. decussatus. Perkinsus mediterraneus was detected infecting Ostrea edulis from the Gulf of Manfredonia (SE Italy) and Alacant (E Spain), V. verrucosa and Arca noae from Balearic Islands and Chlamys varia from Balearic Islands, Alacant and Delta de l'Ebre. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. Some Physical, Chemical, and Biological Parameters of Samples of Scleractinium Coral Aquaculture Skeleton Used for Reconstruction/Engineering of the Bone Tissue.

    Popov, A A; Sergeeva, N S; Britaev, T A; Komlev, V S; Sviridova, I K; Kirsanova, V A; Akhmedova, S A; Dgebuadze, P Yu; Teterina, A Yu; Kuvshinova, E A; Schanskii, Ya D


    Physical and chemical (phase and chemical composition, dynamics of resorption, and strength properties), and biological (cytological compatibility and scaffold properties of the surface) properties of samples of scleractinium coral skeletons from aquacultures of three types and corresponding samples of natural coral skeletons (Pocillopora verrucosa, Acropora formosa, and Acropora nobilis) were studied. Samples of scleractinium coral aquaculture skeleton of A. nobilis, A. formosa, and P. verrucosa met the requirements (all study parameters) to materials for osteoplasty and 3D-scaffolds for engineering of bone tissue.

  6. Su Ipermodernità. Introduzione

    Niccolò Scaffai


    Full Text Available Non sempre l’immaginario ispirato dalla tecnologia si colloca all’insegna del postmoderno; d’altra parte, lo sviluppo della tecnologia, che organizza e riconfigura la nostra esperienza del reale e la nostra fruizione dell’arte, è una condizione decisiva nella logica culturale del postmoderno (o piuttosto della postmodernità. È parso perciò opportuno, nel quadro di un numero di Between intitolato proprio Tecnologia, immaginazione e forme del narrare, affrontare questo nodo di problemi complesso (e a volte contraddittorio attraverso la discussione del saggio di Raffaele Donnarumma, Ipermodernità. Dove va la narrativa contemporanea (Bologna, il Mulino 2014.

  7. Osservazione, interpretazione critica e intervento sociale

    Orazio Maria Valastro


    Full Text Available L'esperto ed il cultore che noi siamo o desideriamo diventare non può fare a meno di essere anche un osservatore, applicandosi a valutare le passioni che ci sostengono nell'elaborazione della nostra professionalità e ci muovono verso ambiti specifici d'intervento o di studio. Non essendo possibile garantire un'assoluta e oltremodo ricercata neutralità ed estraneità rispetto al fenomeno osservato, possiamo allora rivalutare l'interazione con il soggetto o l'oggetto della nostra ricerca o del nostro intervento, commutando questa condizione d'implicazione in una partecipazione consapevole, critica e innovatrice.

  8. L'invasione del virtuale

    Renzo Carlucci


    Full Text Available L'ormai indiscutibile il fatto di essere talmente circondati dal virtuale sintetico che quasi si fa fatica a riconoscere la realtà, col suo corollario di fatti “veri” legati alla nostra vita, dalle ricostruzioni digitali che permeano la nostra quotidianità (ogni riferimento al mondo di “Matrix” è puramente casuale; con l’avvento dei moderni sensori è poi veramente impressionante vedere quanto ormai il nostro ambiente sia “contaminato” dal virtuale.

  9. Seven different genes encode a diverse mixture of isoforms of Bet v 1, the major birch pollen allergen

    Schenk, M.F.; Gilissen, L.J.W.J.; Esselink, G.D.; Smulders, M.J.M.


    Background: Pollen of the European white birch (Betula pendula, syn. B. verrucosa) is an important cause of hay fever. The main allergen is Bet v 1, member of the pathogenesis-related class 10 (PR-10) multigene family. To establish the number of PR-10/Bet v 1 genes and the isoform diversity within a

  10. AcEST: DK963239 [AcEST

    Full Text Available lin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 328 2e-88 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson...SGLGSLLLERLSVDYGKKSKLGFTVYPSPQV 177 >tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=

  11. AcEST: DK960754 [AcEST

    Full Text Available verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 349 1e-94 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson...A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=1 Length = 451 Score = 349 bits (895), Expect =

  12. AcEST: DK957328 [AcEST

    Full Text Available ha tubulin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 332 2e-89 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN...TGSGLGSLLLERLSVDYGKKSKLGFTVYPSPQVST 179 >tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson

  13. Antibacterial potential of selected red seaweeds from Manapad coastal areas, Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, India

    Adaikalaraj G; Patric Raja D; Johnson M; Janakiraman N; Babu A


    Objective: To evaluate the antibacterial activity of Gracilaria verrucosa (G. verrucosa) (Hudson),Hypnea musciformis falk, Gracilaria ferugosoni (G. ferugosoni), Gelidium species and G. verrucosa var. against the selected bacterial pathogens. Methods: The antibacterial activities of methanol and aqueous hot extracts were tested against various organisms by using disc diffusion method. Results:The highest antibacterial activity (13 mm) was shown by the aqueous extract of G. verrucosa var. against Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa) and the lowest activity (6 mm) was observed in the methanol extract of E. prolifera against Escherichia coli (E. coli). However in most of the seaweeds, methanol extract was found to be more effective. The microbial strains Salmonella typhi (S. typhi), Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus), Bacillus subtilis (B. subtilis) and Candida albicans(C. albicans) were resistant to the aqueous extracts of all seaweeds. Conclusion: Further (H. musciformis) (Wulf) Lamour, Enatiocladia prolifera (E. prolifera) (Grev.) work is needed to identify the principle compound which is responsible for antibacterial activity against pathogenic bacteria especially those causing the human diseases.

  14. Seven different genes encode a diverse mixture of isoforms of Bet v 1, the major birch pollen allergen

    Schenk, M.F.; Gilissen, L.J.W.J.; Esselink, G.D.; Smulders, M.J.M.


    Background: Pollen of the European white birch (Betula pendula, syn. B. verrucosa) is an important cause of hay fever. The main allergen is Bet v 1, member of the pathogenesis-related class 10 (PR-10) multigene family. To establish the number of PR-10/Bet v 1 genes and the isoform diversity within a

  15. Wood-inhabiting dematiaceous Hyphomycetes in the Kampinos National Park

    A. Borowska


    Full Text Available In this work the results of investigations of wood-inhabiting fungal communities in several forest associations arę presented. The populations of these fungi on the wood of Carpinus betulus, Quercus robur, Betula verrucosa, Tilia cordata and Pinus sylvestris are also analyzed.

  16. Do We Provide Opportunities or Only Value Productivity?

    de la Iglesia Mayol, Begona


    With a view to improving the quality of life of persons living with disabilities without direct intervention but in the context of action at the level of their personal development, and with the institutional support of the University of the Balearic Islands and funding from "SA Nostra" Caixa de Balears, we decided to develop, implement and…

  17. È nata l’Associazione Italiana per la Scienza Aperta

    Maria Chiara Pievatolo


    Full Text Available Nostra res agitur: l’uso pubblico della ragione e la valutazione della ricerca riguardano i ricercatori, prima che i commercianti e i burocrati. Il sito della nuova associazione è ospitato provvisoriamente qui. Volete, anche voi, passare dalle parole ai fatti? Leggete...

  18. Spendere meno, spendere meglio: una proposta panottica di J.-C. Guédon

    Maria Chiara Pievatolo


    Full Text Available J.-C. Guédon ha commentato la nostra campagna di crowdsourcing in merito alle spese delle biblioteche sulla mailing list Nexa. Offriamo, qui di seguito, la versione italiana delle sue osservazioni – che presuppongono un mondo accademico molto diverso da quello impostoci...

  19. Pop / Tõnu Kaalep

    Kaalep, Tõnu, 1966-


    Heliplaatidest: Steve Reich "Three Tales", Finley Quaye "Much More Than Much Love", Boo Yaa Tribe "West Koasta Nostra", Robert Plant "Sixty Six To Timbuktu", Ryan Adams "Rock N Roll", Triosk meets Jan Jelinek "1+3+1", Mice Parade "Obrigado Saudade"

  20. Lernen von las Cuencas / Aprendiendo de las Cuencas

    Allen, Nacho Ruiz; López Arraiza, Sara


    Lernen von las Cuencas / Aprendiendo de las Cuencas (Learning from las Cuencas) research project, awarded with the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2015, provides a new perspective of industrial cultural landscapes. Despite being focused on a local environment, the coal minin...

  1. Cyberprogram 2.0: Programa de intervención para prevenir y reducir el ciberbullying. Garaigordobil, M.; Martínez-Valderrey, V. Madrid. Pirámide, 2014.

    Suárez Vilagran, Maria del Mar


    Lamentablement, l'assetjament escolar no és un tema estrany en l'àmbit acadèmic. Això no obstant, amb la introducció de les noves tecnologies a la nostra vida, n'ha sorgit un de nou que està situat més enllà de les aules: el ciberassetjament.

  2. Sistema expert en anàlisi de patrons socials

    De Benito Bordoy, Iván


    Creació d'un sistema d'anàlisi de patrons socials a partir de comportaments predictius de la nostra base de coneixement. Creación de un sistema de análisis de patrones sociales a partir de comportamientos predictivos de nuestra base de conocimiento.

  3. Pop / Tõnu Kaalep

    Kaalep, Tõnu, 1966-


    Heliplaatidest: Steve Reich "Three Tales", Finley Quaye "Much More Than Much Love", Boo Yaa Tribe "West Koasta Nostra", Robert Plant "Sixty Six To Timbuktu", Ryan Adams "Rock N Roll", Triosk meets Jan Jelinek "1+3+1", Mice Parade "Obrigado Saudade"

  4. Quaderni di filologia e lingue romanze, Ricerche svolte nell'Università di Macerata, Terza serie, vol. 17; Macerata 2002, 414 pp.

    Pavao Tekavčić


    15. Silvia Salvucci, recensione di: Christiane Roederer, La veilleuse de chagrin, Strasbourg, La Nuée Bleue, 2002; 408-409; Indice, 411-414. Come finora, la nostra recensione si concentra sui contributi di argomento linguistico e filologico, presentando gli altri in modo sommario.

  5. Aplicació de seguiment i visualització de dispositus iBeacon


    Els beacons són dispositius que emeten senyal bluetooth low energy (BLE) de manera contínua durant un llarg període de temps. Aquesta jove i emergent tecnologia esta cridada a ser una revolució en molts camps de la nostra vida diària.

  6. Aprendiendo de las Cuencas

    Allen, Nacho Ruiz; López Arraiza, Sara


    Learning from las Cuencas research project, awarded with the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2015, provides a new perspective of industrial cultural landscapes. Despite being focused on a local environment, the coal mining area of the Cuencas Mineras Centrales of Asturias, a...

  7. Tuletornid kui meresõiduajaloo mälestusmärgid / Jaan Vali

    Vali, Jaan


    Eesti ajalooliste tuletornide uurimine ja nende väärtuse väljaselgitamine algas 1997. a. Kogutud andmed analüüsis Muinsuskaitseameti esindajana läbi Jaan Vali, kes pälvis uurimuse eest Europa Nostra auhinna. Mälestisena on kaitse all 15 tuletorni koos nende juurde kuuluvate teenindushoonetega. Tuletornide tehnilisest seisukorrast ja korrastamisest

  8. Cosa Loro. Le discours des repentis sur la violence

    Romain Legendre


    Full Text Available “Repenters”, better called “collaborators of justice” contributed effectively to the fight against the sicilian mafia. However, their speech obeys internal codes to the organisation, based in particular on an ethics of the violence, besides legitimized by the convergence of interests between Cosa nostra and a part of the istitutions’ members.

  9. Thicker than Water? Kin, Religion, and Conflict in the Balkans


    Sicilian Mafia may offer an even better example. Because the future of la cosa nostra is constantly being threatened by government authorities...fruit, Neither red wine nor white wheat , Let him rot in evil shame till his last progeny. 22. The Byzantine Empire of Constantinople would not

  10. Tartuski universitet podajot v sud na gorupravu Narvõ / Irina Tokareva

    Tokareva, Irina


    Narva linnavõimud ei luba Narva kolledzhi uue hoone ehitamist projekti "Vihm" järgi. Oma õigusi peab ülikool kaitsma kohtus. Rahvusvaheline kultuuripärandi kaitse organisatsioon Europa Nostra ei kiida heaks Tartu ülikooli Narva kolledzhi uue hoone kujundust

  11. Tartuski universitet podast v sud na Narvskoje gorupravlenije / Irina Tokareva

    Tokareva, Irina


    Tartu ülikool annab Narva linnavalitsuse kohtusse, kuna viimane ei anna luba uue kolledzhi ehitamiseks projekti "Vihm" järgi. Ka rahvusvaheline kultuuripärandi kaitse organisatsioon Europa Nostra ei kiida heaks Tartu ülikooli Narva kolledzhi uue hoone kujundust, kuna selle katuse negatiivne kalle varjab barokkstiilis Narva raekoja fassaadi

  12. Pensare la natura

    Radicati di Brozolo, Luigi A


    «Attraverso un'esposizione avvincente e rigorosa, si mostra come la fisica del Novecento (relatività, meccanica quantistica, astrofisica) abbia radicalmente modificato la nostra concezione della natura, inserendoci in un universo in continua evoluzione» (Remo Bodei).

  13. Momenti nella vita di uno scienziato

    Rossi, Bruno


    Nel giro di pochi decenni, la nostra visione del mondo fisico, dal mond subatomico al mondo del cosmo, ha subito una profonda evoluzione. In questo libro, uno degli scienziati che hanno contribuito a tale sviluppo narra la storia della sua vita e del suo lavoro.

  14. Tartuski universitet podast v sud na Narvskoje gorupravlenije / Irina Tokareva

    Tokareva, Irina


    Tartu ülikool annab Narva linnavalitsuse kohtusse, kuna viimane ei anna luba uue kolledzhi ehitamiseks projekti "Vihm" järgi. Ka rahvusvaheline kultuuripärandi kaitse organisatsioon Europa Nostra ei kiida heaks Tartu ülikooli Narva kolledzhi uue hoone kujundust, kuna selle katuse negatiivne kalle varjab barokkstiilis Narva raekoja fassaadi

  15. Tartuski universitet podajot v sud na gorupravu Narvõ / Irina Tokareva

    Tokareva, Irina


    Narva linnavõimud ei luba Narva kolledzhi uue hoone ehitamist projekti "Vihm" järgi. Oma õigusi peab ülikool kaitsma kohtus. Rahvusvaheline kultuuripärandi kaitse organisatsioon Europa Nostra ei kiida heaks Tartu ülikooli Narva kolledzhi uue hoone kujundust

  16. Antropologia e diritti umani: a Palermo si discute dei modi possibili di una concreta integrazione

    Eleonora Bommarito


    Full Text Available Antropologia, Diritti Umani e Multiculturalismo. Tre sostantivi che facilmente vengono associati, perché ricondotti alla matrice comune che li lega, l’Uomo e spesso utilizzati insieme per sottolineare la vocazione globalizzante della nostra società, necessari, soprattutto nel 2008, dichiarato anno europeo del dialogo interculturale.

  17. El recuerdo imaginario como peso del pasado : las transiciones políticas en España

    Ucelay Da Cal, Enric


    Ponència presentada en les Jornades de Debat Interuniversitàries (Girona, Tarragona, Bellaterra i Barcelona) PER LA SEVA LLIBERTAT I LA NOSTRA 75é Aniversari de la Segona República (1931-1939), en Girona, 24 de Març de 2006, Universitat de Girona.

  18. Tartu Ülikool annab Narva linnavalitsuse kohtusse / Irina Tokareva

    Tokareva, Irina


    Põhjuseks linnavalitsuse otsus mitte lubada ülikooli Narva kolledži hoone ehitamist projekti "Vihm" järgi. Ka rahvusvaheline kultuuripärandi kaitse organisatsioon Europa Nostra ei kiida heaks Tartu ülikooli Narva kolledzhi uue hoone kujundust, kuna selle katuse negatiivne kalle varjab barokkstiilis Narva raekoja fassaadi

  19. Giustizia, uguaglianza e differenza

    Maria Chiara Pievatolo


    Full Text Available E’ una guida alla lettura della filosofia politica contemporanea, a cura di Brunella Casalini e Lorenzo Cini, pubblicata da Firenze University Press per la nostra collana ad accesso aperto Methexis. La versione digitalizzata del testo è a disposizione di tutti.

  20. Shaping of the axial power density distribution in the core to minimize the vapor volume fraction at the outlet of the VVER-1200 fuel assemblies

    Savander, V. I.; Shumskiy, B. E.; Pinegin, A. A.


    The possibility of decreasing the vapor fraction at the VVER-1200 fuel assembly outlet by shaping the axial power density field is considered. The power density field was shaped by axial redistribution of the concentration of the burnable gadolinium poison in the Gd-containing fuel rods. The mathematical modeling of the VVER-1200 core was performed using the NOSTRA computer code.

  1. Lorenzo Cini, Società civile e democrazia radicale

    Maria Chiara Pievatolo


    Full Text Available La nostra collana Methexis ha pubblicato ad accesso aperto il volume di Lorenzo Cini, Società civile e democrazia radicale, Firenze, Firenze University Press, 2012. La versione digitale del testo, in formato PDF, è a disposizione di tutti presso l’archivio elettronico dell'editore.

  2. Isotherapic of Culex on the biological cycle of the mosquito Culex sp

    Bruno Reis; Cintia Miranda dos Santos; Patrícia Aparecida Mançano Cavalca; Carlos Moacir Bonato


    Introduction: Culex is an insect of the family Culicidae. It occurs in tropical and subtropical regions. It is known as the domestic mosquito. Their larvae develop in stagnant and dirty water, with plenty of organic matter. Some species of the insect such as Culex quinquefasciatus transmit the worms (helminths) called Wuchereria bancrofti filariasis or Elephantiasis. Aims: Thus, the objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of isotherapic of Culex on the biological cycle of...

  3. Auricular chromoblastomycosis: case report Cromoblastomicose auricular: relato de um caso

    Achiléa Lisboa Bittencourt


    Full Text Available It is presented a case of auricular chromoblastomycosis mimicking an eczematous lesion. The authors refer the rarity of this localization. All reported cases of auricular chromoblastomycosis have been caused by Fonsecaea pedrosoi but in the present case the etiologic agent was Phialophora verrucosa.É apresentado um caso de cromoblastomicose auricular apresentado sob forma de lesão eritemato-escamosa, tendo tido o diagnóstico clínico de eczema. Os AA discutem sobre a raridade desta localização e aspecto clínico. Embora os poucos casos relatados de cromoblastomicose auricular tenham sido causados pela Fonsecaea pedrosoi, neste o agente etiológico foi a Phialophora verrucosa.

  4. Il cervello Cosciente

    Marcello Massimini


    Full Text Available Si può definire la coscienza come tutto ciò che scompare quando cadiamo addormentati in un sonno senza sogni, oppure come tutto ciò che scompare quando siamo sottoposti ad anestesia generale. Questa definizione, basata sulla nostra esperienza soggettiva, è generale, ampiamente condivisa, ma chiaramente pre-scientifica. Una definizione scientifica di coscienza presuppone che si affronti (e che si risolva il problema cervello-coscienza. In sostanza, risolvere questo problema significa rispondere alla seguente domanda: “come fa un pugno di neuroni racchiuso nel cranio ad ospitare un soggetto che vede rosso?”. I filosofi chiamano questo problema “the hard problem” (il problema difficile e molti ritengono che non sia affrontabile scientificamente; assumendo una posizione ancora più radicale, alcuni filosofi negano che vi sia un rapporto causale tra l’attività del cervello e la nostra esperienza soggettiva.

  5. Atelier dell'immaginario autobiografico (Orazio Maria Valastro

    Danila Allegra


    Full Text Available Atelier dell’immaginario autobiografico è un’opera d’arte portata a compimento da persone che sono riuscite a cogliere l’immaginario che vive e muta dentro di loro; quell’immaginario che si evolve nello stesso momento in cui si trasforma il mondo interiore ed occorre che le nuove immagini vengano sempre considerate come realtà nascenti. E’ necessario entrare nella storia confrontandosi con gli elementi che vi appaiono, senza la distanza che potrebbe porvi chi osserva e giudica con gli strumenti della ragione. La storia esistenziale di ciascuno è unica ed irripetibile in quanto è proprio l’immaginario ad essere in grado di liberare la verità nascosta dentro di noi, di mettere a nudo la nostra essenza creando un’opera d’arte che sia proprio la nostra vita, commistione di razionale ed irrazionale, sublimazione dell’amata follia.

  6. Transformació de dades pel comerç electrònic de Tous

    Fernández Artidiello, Carlos Rafael


    Aquest projecte es tracta de la creació d'una aplicació que ens ajudarà a establir comunicació entre la web de comerç on-line de l'empresa “Joieria Tous”, que estarà administrat per “GSI Commerce” i el sistema informàtic de la nostra central logística. Observarem que el sistema actual és totalment propietari i fet a mida, llavors per poder tenir una comunicació amb les noves botigues on-line s'ha de crear una plataforma que transformi les dades d'entrada al sistema informàtic de la nostra emp...

  7. Molecular identification of symbiotic dinoflagellates in Pacific corals in the genus Pocillopora

    Magalon, Hélène; Flot, Jean-François; Baudry, Emmanuelle


    International audience; This study focused on the association between corals of the genus Pocillopora, a major constituent of Pacific reefs, and their zooxanthellae. Samples of P. meandrina, P. verrucosa, P. damicornis, P. eydouxi, P. ligulata and P. molokensis were collected from French Polynesia, Tonga, Okinawa and Hawaii. Symbiodinium diversity was explored by looking at the 28S and ITS1 regions of the ribosomal DNA. Most zooxanthellae were found to belong to clade C, sub-clade C1, with li...

  8. Surgical vacuum-assisted closure for treatment of dramatic case of stonefish envenomation

    Alexandru Nistor; Olivier Giè; Paul Biegger; Cesare Fusetti; Stefano Lucchina


    Skin necrosis of the foot, oedema and lymphangitis from stonefish (Synanceia verrucosa) sting are complications well known for a long time and with potential long-term sequelae. Literature reports of stonefish envenomation give no specific reference on soft tissue management and surgical reconstruction. This is the first report describing a case of foot stonefish envenomation treated by vacuum-assisted closure therapy as an easy to use,accessible and simple adjuvant tool for management of large soft tissue necrosis.

  9. New and Interesting Records of South African Fungi, Part VII

    W. F. O. Marasas


    Full Text Available Four species of fungi recorded for the first time in South Africa, are described and illustrated. These are:  Acremoniella verrucosa  Togn. from roots of  Medicago sativa; Coniella pulchella Hohn. from roots of pine-apple;  Periconia igniaria  Mason & Ellis from seed of  Medicago sativa;  and  Stachybotrys subsimplex  Cooke from the cocoon of  Parastizopus armaticeps.

  10. AcEST: DK955920 [AcEST

    Full Text Available Alpha tubulin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 296 7e-79 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilso... Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=1 Length = 451 Score = 296 bits (757), Expect = 7e-79 Ident...RIRKLADNCTGLQGFLVFNAV 519 RIRKLADNCTGLQGFLVFNAV Sbjct: 121 RIRKLADNCTGLQGFLVFNAV 141 >tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI

  11. AcEST: DK956633 [AcEST

    Full Text Available tubulin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 350 5e-95 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson... Sbjct: 181 VVEPYNSVLS 190 >tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=1 Length

  12. AcEST: DK961804 [AcEST

    Full Text Available n OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 292 1e-77 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson...TGSGLGSLLLERLSVDYGKKSKLGFTVY 172 >tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=1 L

  13. AcEST: DK963606 [AcEST

    Full Text Available W7_BETVE Alpha tubulin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 333 5e-90 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson..._9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=1 Length = 451 Score = 333 bits (854), Expect = 5e-90

  14. AcEST: DK952919 [AcEST

    Full Text Available TIW7_BETVE Alpha tubulin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 358 1e-97 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson...LSTHS 658 VVEPYNSVLSTHS Sbjct: 181 VVEPYNSVLSTHS 193 >tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson

  15. AcEST: DK954281 [AcEST

    Full Text Available e-92 tr|B7TIW7|B7TIW7_BETVE Alpha tubulin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 341 3e-92 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilso...>tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=1 Length = 451 Score = 341 bits (874

  16. AcEST: DK958049 [AcEST

    Full Text Available TVE Alpha tubulin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 346 8e-94 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson...A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=1 Length = 451 Score = 346 bits (887), Expect =

  17. AcEST: DK948361 [AcEST

    Full Text Available 7_BETVE Alpha tubulin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 400 e-110 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson...STHSLLEHTDVAVLLDNEAIYDICR 214 >tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=1 Leng

  18. AcEST: DK954985 [AcEST

    Full Text Available tubulin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 339 7e-92 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TU...KKSKLGFTVYPSPQVSTS 180 Query: 633 V 635 V Sbjct: 181 V 181 >tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson

  19. AcEST: DK963473 [AcEST

    Full Text Available lin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 325 1e-87 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 P...RKLADNCTGLQGFLVFNAVGGGTGSGLGSLLLERLSVDYGKKSKLGFTVYP 173 >tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wil...sonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=1 Length = 451 Score = 325 bits (833), Expect = 1e-87 Identit

  20. AcEST: DK955655 [AcEST

    Full Text Available in OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 259 4e-68 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 P....A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=1 Length = 45

  1. AcEST: DK956379 [AcEST

    Full Text Available B7TIW7_BETVE Alpha tubulin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 350 3e-95 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson...ALNVDVTEFQTN 258 >tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1

  2. AcEST: DK949329 [AcEST

    Full Text Available a tubulin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 335 2e-90 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson...637 V 639 V Sbjct: 181 V 181 >tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=1 Lengt

  3. AcEST: DK959840 [AcEST

    Full Text Available B7TIW7|B7TIW7_BETVE Alpha tubulin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 333 6e-90 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson...QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=1 Length = 451 Score = 333 bits (854), Exp

  4. AcEST: DK951921 [AcEST

    Full Text Available |B7TIW7_BETVE Alpha tubulin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 329 7e-89 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson...GSGLGSLLLERLSVDYGKKSKLGFTVYPSP 175 >tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=1

  5. AcEST: DK959506 [AcEST

    Full Text Available bulin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 374 e-102 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilson... 201 >tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=1 Length = 451 Score = 374 bits

  6. New and Interesting Records of South African Fungi, Part VII

    W. F. O. Marasas


    Full Text Available Four species of fungi recorded for the first time in South Africa, are described and illustrated. These are:  Acremoniella verrucosa  Togn. from roots of  Medicago sativa; Coniella pulchella Hohn. from roots of pine-apple;  Periconia igniaria  Mason & Ellis from seed of  Medicago sativa;  and  Stachybotrys subsimplex  Cooke from the cocoon of  Parastizopus armaticeps.

  7. Dark cells in human oral leukoplakias

    Klein-Szanto, A.J.P. (Oak Ridge National Lab., TN); Sega, M.; Banoczy, J.; Albrecht, M.


    Dark basal keratinocytes, characterized by a strong affinity for basic dyes and by electron density of cytoplasm and nucleus, could be recognized in eleven oral leukoplakias. The percentage of dark cells was higher in the group comprising leukoplakias verrucosa, and erosiva (28% of the basal cells) than in the leukoplakia simplex group (10%). The presence of these cells is a good indicator of the degree of histological dysplasia and correlates well with the preneoplastic potential of these lesions.

  8. Recultivation work in the oil shale basin of Estonia, USSR

    Luik, H.


    Soviet Estonia, situated in northwestern USSR has important mineral resources of oil shale, the majority of which is deep-mined. Recultivation of exhausted oil shale pits, begun in 1959, has proceeded at an average of 150 ha/yr. Selective mining is adopted, followed quickly by physical recontouring and cultivation work. Maintenance and improvement of soil fertility is emphasized. Afforestation is the main form of biological recultivation. The most successful trees have been Pinus sylvestris, Betula verrucosa, Larix europea, and Larix japonica.

  9. Hawaii-Hyperspectral Airborne Remote Environmental Sensing (HIHARES󈧍) Experiment


    Common Name Description Cyphastrea ocellina ocellated coral Small encrustation’s or mushroom - shaped clumps; light reddish brown. Fungia scutaria... Mushroom coral Solitary coral on large (4-28 cm), free, elliptical plates; green to dark brown. Montipora verrucosa rice coral Highly variable...Gleason, D. D. R. Kohler, R. A. Leathers , E. M. Lochard, M. J. Montes, R. P. Reid, L. K. Sundman, 2005. “Interpretation of hyperspectral remote

  10. Le meraviglie del cervello semantico

    Alessandra Gilardini


    Full Text Available Quante volte portiamo a termine una frase prima che il nostro interlocutore finisca di parlare? L'atteggiamento potrebbe agevolare la comunicazione, ma spesso e volentieri chi viene "anticipato" si infastidisce e - se siamo in confidenza - ce lo fa notare. Non si tratta di lettura del pensiero... Abbiamo "semplicemente" pescato il senso nella nostra memoria semantica, riuscendo a completare la frase nel modo più appropriato in quella situazione.

  11. Il nucleo terrestre: il cuore magnetico della Terra

    De Santis, A.


    Il campo magnetico terrestre è una proprietà intrinseca del nostro pianeta e di altri oggetti del sistema solare. Il Sole stesso possiede un forte campo magnetico che si inverte quasi ciclicamente ogni 10-11 anni; tale comportamento è visibile attraverso la medesima ciclicità delle macchie solari che denotano sulla superficie l’intensa attività magnetica della nostra stella. Il campo magnetico terrestre è importantissimo per la vita sulla Terra. Esso protegge il pianeta dalle p...

  12. Roars: sette proposte per la valutazione della ricerca

    Maria Chiara Pievatolo


    Full Text Available L’articolo uscito oggi su Roars, Sette proposte per la VQR, propone sette soluzioni facilmente praticabili per correggere gli aspetti più discutibili della valutazione della ricerca in corso in Italia.  In queste pagine abbiamo discusso molto della classificazioni non bibliometriche delle riviste e abbiamo presentato una nostra soluzione a lungo termine. Nel breve termine pensiamo però [...

  13. The Italian mafias in the world: A systematic assessment of the mobility of criminal groups

    Calderoni, Francesco; Berlusconi, Giulia; Garofalo, Lorella; Giommoni, Luca; Sarno, Federica


    This study complements existing literature on the mobility of criminal groups (mainly based on country case studies) with the first systematic assessment of the worldwide activities of the four main types of Italian mafias (Cosa Nostra, Camorra, ’Ndrangheta and Apulian mafias) from 2000 to 2012. Drawing from publicly available reports, a specific multiple correspondence analysis identifies the most important associations among mafias, activities, and countries. The results show that the mafia...

  14. Il paesaggio tra conservazione e progetto. Il Concorso come strumento per la promozione della qualità progettuale


    Questo concorso, dall’oggetto assolutamente affascinante di un ponte (solo fisico o anche ideale?) sull’invaso del Pertusillo, ha prodotto grande eco ed anche effetti indotti di aumento della conoscenza della nostra regione, ma ha prodotto anche circa 80 magnifiche idee per una grande struttura, con una partecipazione, peraltro, molto diversificata di professionisti, dai giovanissimi fino ai rappresentanti degli studi più famosi, alimentando così un rinnovato entusiasmo nella competizione. No...

  15. Design of multifunctional systems based on carbon nanomaterials.

    Lucío Benito, Maria Isabel


    La nanotecnologia è chiamata a rivoluzionare molti settori della nostra vita. Tra tutti i campi in cui è convolta, la ricerca delle energie rinnovabili, la possibilità di ottenere acqua pulita in tutte le parti del mondo, il miglioramento della salute e l’aumento dell’aspettativa di vita e lo sviluppo di sistemi informatici, sono gli obiettivi che si distinguono. Le nanostrutture di carbonio sono materiali promettenti che possono aiutare a raggiungere questi obiettivi: includono fullereni, gr...

  16. Lacrime e pianto, tra antropologia e counseling

    Paolo G. Bianchi


    Full Text Available Il bimbo nasce con un vagito. Piangerà ancora molte volte nella vita e le cause saranno diverse: dolore, angoscia, ansia, stanchezza, stress, ma anche gioia, commozione o “liberazione”. Il pianto fa parte della vita, è espressione della nostra sensibilità, ma può anche essere visto come un elemento di debolezza. Certo è che anche i grandi della storia hanno pianto e non per questo sono stati sminuiti dai posteri, anzi…

  17. Nuovi approcci terapici in modelli murini di neurodegenerazione di tipo Alzheimer

    Kleiner, Giulio


    La demenza di tipo Alzheimer (AD) rappresenta una delle principali patologie che affliggono la nostra società. Purtroppo, i trattamenti terapeutici oggi disponibili non sono in grado di bloccare l’inesorabile esito della malattia, ma solo di rallentarlo. Pertanto, lo studio di nuove strategie terapiche e la successiva validazione delle stesse sono obiettivi prioritari della ricerca, con robuste analisi da effettuare su modelli animali affidabili. Attualmente, nessuno dei modelli sperimentali ...

  18. Progettare è un gioco, giocare un progetto

    Malcovati, Silvia


    Recensione della mostra "Bruno Munari", Rotonda di via Besana, Milano, 25 ottobre 2007 - 10 febbraio 2008. Pensare le situazioni più comuni della nostra vita, il nostro modo di essere e di comunicare, gli oggetti d'uso quotidiano e progettarli scombinando la logica acquisita, scardinando i principi, alterando le regole del gioco: così nascono le "macchine inutili", i "libri illeggibili", le "sculture pieghevoli", "l'arcobaleno di profilo", le "xerografie originali" o le "ricostruzioni tecnich...

  19. Introduzione al Laboratorio di Fisica

    Ciullo, Giuseppe

    La Fisica (dal greco τὰ ϕυσικὰ: le cose naturali) si pone l'obiettivo di descrivere e prevedere il comportamento dei fenomeni naturali, nonché degli apparati e degli strumenti, che hanno reso e rendono la nostra vita più comoda ed efficiente. Tale obiettivo viene perseguito mediante un'attenta osservazione dei fenomeni, con una conseguente schematizzazione dell'osservazione, per fornire una conoscenza della realtà oggettiva, affidabile, verificabile e condivisibile.

  20. Una rappresentazione simbolica di comunicazione urbana: il graffito

    Luciano Spinelli


    Full Text Available La nostra intenzione è quella di dare una lettura semiotica dello spazio urbano attraverso lo studio dei graffiti necessari, in un’analogia della soggettivazione che il cittadino fa dello spazio nel suo vissuto quotidiano. I suoi graffiti sono integrati ad altri segni proposti dallo Stato e dall’iniziativa privata che compongono così l'apparenza loquace della città polifonica.

  1. La mente nuova dell'imperatore

    Penrose, Roger


    Mente umana e intelligenza artificiale: si tratta di due realtà comparabili? A quali leggi della fisica (classica o quantistica) obbedisce la nostra mente? Un giorno i computer potranno ragionare esattamente come noi? In questo libro di divulgazione scientifica, che al suo apparire ha provocato vivaci polemiche, l'autore afferma che la "mente nuova", che l'intelligenza artificiale sostiene di poterci dare, è qualcosa di profondamente diverso dalla mente dell'uomo.

  2. Editoriale / Editorial

    Balloni Augusto


    Full Text Available Nel 1991 si è costituita la nostra Società Italiana di Vittimologia (S.I.V. e in questi vent’anni molte attività hanno attirato interesse da parte di diversi settori: si sono sviluppati rapporti con istituzioni del territorio e con organizzazioni nazionali e internazionali; inoltre la Rivista di Criminologia, Vittimologia e Sicurezza è diventata un importante strumento per il giusto riconoscimento e la necessaria visibilità delle vittime.

  3. Infanzie e Famiglie come snodi di criticità e risorse socio-educative: un anno di ricerca del Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Educazione

    Mariagrazia Contini


    Full Text Available Con i saggi che seguono si intende costruire una sorta di “numero monografico” della nostra rivista interamente dedicato alla ricerca biennale dal titolo "Infanzie e famiglie come snodi di criticità e possibilità socio-educative". Coordinata dalla sottoscritta, la ricerca vede impegnati 34 docenti e ricercatori del Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Educazione che la finanzia, con un contributo della Regione Emilia Romagna e della Provincia di Bologna.

  4. Inserto speciale su Postmodernità, psicopatologia e psicoterapeuti Associazionismo, professione e postmodernità.Congresso Nazionale del Laboratorio di Gruppoanalisi Roma, 2-4 dicembre 2011

    Nicolò Terminio


    Full Text Available Nella presentazione del Convegno nazionale del Laboratorio di Gruppoanalisi tenutosi a Roma dal 2 al 4 dicembre del 2011 l’accento veniva posto sulla necessità di «interrogarsi sui profondi cambiamenti che attraversano la nostra epoca». L’interrogativo centrale riguardava le forme del patire di «questa ineffabile contemporaneità» e le possibilità di rinnovamento degli psicoterapeuti

  5. Editorial núm. 005

    Miró, Carme


    Alícia de Larrocha, pianista barcelonina que va crear nous referents musicals vinculats al piano, va morir a una clínica de Barcelona el passat divendres, 25 de setembre. La seva aportació a la nostra contemporània societat ha estat una singular visió concertística del piano i, cal remarcar, una presència ètica en el món de l’art.

  6. Oggetti e memoria domestica

    Marina Brancato


    Full Text Available Questo contributo è un ideale viaggio nella memoria attraverso le stanze che compongono le nostre case. Un itinerario fra gli oggetti che fanno da sfondo quotidiano alla nostra scenografia domestica. Nello specifico indagheremo album fotografici, souvenir, ninnoli (mnemoteche domestiche. Sin dall’inizio abbiamo considerato gli ambienti domestici veri e propri serbatoi di memorie individuali e collettive. In tali serbatoi i soggetti depositano tracce delle proprie biografie, esprimendo e confermando progetti identitari.

  7. Changes in population structure and body dimensions of two xanthid crabs: A long-term study in a single boulder-shore

    M.R. Warburg


    Full Text Available Two xanthid crab species were studied during 29 months over a period of 14 years between 1986 and 1999 all in exactly the same boulder shore. One of the crab species studied was the xanthid, Eriphia verrucosa (Forskall, 1775 with 60 specimens, the other species, Xantho poressa (Olivi, 1792, with 155 specimens. A significant change in numbers of both males and females of E. verrucosa was noticeable between 1986 and 1996 with a marked drop in numbers between these years. In 1997 male numbers increased again to almosttheir previous numbers in the population during 1986. The population of X. poressa declined significantly towards the end of the study period. Numbers of both genders peaked in spring and again, in summer. There was generally a decline in numbers of both crab species during autumn and winter. Thus, the average capture during the seasons was highest in spring for males of both E. verrucosa, and X. poressa. The body dimensions: mass, carapace length (CL and width (CW were measured in both xanthids. The aim of this long-term study was to determine whether temporal changes in the population structure and allometric changes in the dimensions of these crabs took place. Only such long-term observations could reveal these changes in population.

  8. Differential specificity between closely related corals and abundant Endozoicomonas endosymbionts across global scales

    Neave, Matthew J.


    Reef-building corals are well regarded not only for their obligate association with endosymbiotic algae, but also with prokaryotic symbionts, the specificity of which remains elusive. To identify the central microbial symbionts of corals, their specificity across species and conservation over geographic regions, we sequenced partial SSU ribosomal RNA genes of Bacteria and Archaea from the common corals Stylophora pistillata and Pocillopora verrucosa across 28 reefs within seven major geographical regions. We demonstrate that both corals harbor Endozoicomonas bacteria as their prevalent symbiont. Importantly, catalyzed reporter deposition–fluorescence in situ hybridization (CARD–FISH) with Endozoicomonas-specific probes confirmed their residence as large aggregations deep within coral tissues. Using fine-scale genotyping techniques and single-cell genomics, we demonstrate that P. verrucosa harbors the same Endozoicomonas, whereas S. pistillata associates with geographically distinct genotypes. This specificity may be shaped by the different reproductive strategies of the hosts, potentially uncovering a pattern of symbiont selection that is linked to life history. Spawning corals such as P. verrucosa acquire prokaryotes from the environment. In contrast, brooding corals such as S. pistillata release symbiont-packed planula larvae, which may explain a strong regional signature in their microbiome. Our work contributes to the factors underlying microbiome specificity and adds detail to coral holobiont functioning.

  9. 'Tales of Symphonia': extinction dynamics in response to past climate change in Madagascan rainforests.

    Virah-Sawmy, Malika; Bonsall, Michael B; Willis, Katherine J


    Madagascar's rainforests are among the most biodiverse in the world. Understanding the population dynamics of important species within these forests in response to past climatic variability provides valuable insight into current and future species composition. Here, we use a population-level approach to analyse palaeoecological records over the last 5300 years to understand how populations of Symphonia cf. verrucosa became locally extinct in some rainforest fragments along the southeast coast of Madagascar in response to rapid climate change, yet persisted in others. Our results indicate that regional (climate) variability contributed to synchronous decline of S. cf. verrucosa populations in these forests. Superimposed on regional fluctuations were local processes that could have contributed or mitigated extinction. Specifically, in the forest with low soil nutrients, population model predictions indicated that there was coexistence between S. cf. verrucosa and Erica spp., but in the nutrient-rich forest, interspecific effects between Symphonia and Erica spp. may have pushed Symphonia to extinction at the peak of climatic change. We also demonstrate that Symphonia is a good indicator of a threshold event, exhibiting erratic fluctuations prior to and long after the critical climatic point has passed.

  10. Determination of antimicrobial activity of two macro algae extracts

    Bahar Gümüş


    Full Text Available In this study, antimicrobial activity of the possibility of using ethanol extracts obtained from seaweeds Ulva rigida and Gracilaria verrucosa were examined. U. rigida and G. verrucosa were collected from the Coast of Inciraltı (Izmir, Turkey. In the laboratory, the samples were cleaned by rinsing with tap and distilled water, and then dried at 40 °C for 24 hours. Dried and pulverized seaweed samples (10 g were weighed into an amber Erlenmeyer flask, and 200 ml of 95% (v/v ethanol was added. The mixture was shaken and extracted in a water bath shaker at temperatures of 30 °C, 45 °C and 60 °C for 30 min. The extracts were filtered, and ethanol was removed using a rotary evaporator to obtain extracts. Ethanolic extracts of U. rigida and G. verrucosa obtained at different temperatures were evaluated in vitro for antibacterial and antifungal activity on six bacteria (Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis, Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa and two fungi (Aspergillus brasiliensis and Candida albicans using the paper disk agar diffusion method. All extract groups tested were found to have antimicrobial activity against all bacteria and fungi, except for Aspergillus brasiliensis.

  11. La telecol.laboració en un context d'educació secundària: La negociació de significat en interaccions d'anglés com a llengua franca/tàndem espanyol

    Begoña Clavel Arroitia


    Full Text Available En aquest article presentem la nostra investigació sobre la negociació de significat en dos interaccions amb els mateixos estudiants espanyols i alemanys de 16 anys d'edat en col·legis d'Espanya i Alemanya respectivament. Les interaccions inclouen dos constel·lacions d'idioma, és a dir, anglés com a llengua franca i un tàndem espanyol. La nostra investigació es va dur a terme dins del projecte Telecollaboration for Intercultural Language Acquisition project (TILA. La nostra anàlisi qualitativa de la interacció demostra que la telecol.aboració ofereix moltes oportunitats per a la comprensió i l'aprenentatge. No hem trobat proves concloents per a recolzar la hipòtesi de que la negociació de significat és molt diferent en els dos tipus de constel·lacions d'idioma.

  12. La salute sociale: libertà remitificante e desiderio d'istituente

    Orazio Maria Valastro


    Full Text Available La società che è in grado di accogliere consapevolmente l’immaginario che la muove è una società in buona salute, capace di affrancarsi da un pensiero ecumenico insofferente ai regimi dell’immagine. Praticare l’immaginario, non limitandosi ad un’attività di disincanto o demistificazione nei confronti dei miti che fondano la nostra società, equivale piuttosto a liberare la tensione dinamica degli antagonismi delle immagini, autorizzandoci a riconquistare l’alterità delle costellazioni immaginarie, riequilibrando tramite il dinamismo delle strutture delle immagini le nostre dimensioni biologiche, psichiche e sociali, riconquistando la speranza insita nella funzione fantastica nel cogliere e migliorare la condizione delle donne e degli uomini rinnovando la nostra visione del mondo. L’esistenza d’equilibri psichici sociali, plurali e differenti, presuppone l’immaginazione simbolica come dinamismo prospettico, fattore d’equilibrio psicologico e sociale che c’interroga sulla salute a partire da un’antropologia simbolica, nel tentativo di riequilibrare la visione di noi stessi, la nostra relazione agli altri e al mondo, sostenendo una maggiore comprensione di quella molteplice complessità, differenziata e politeista, capace di mettere in forma un universo sistemico, stimolando la tolleranza e riabilitando la nozione d’equilibrio.

  13. Die ontstaan en ontwikkeling van melaatsheid in die antieke tyd: navorsings - en oorsigartikels

    François Retief


    millennium BC, and possibly in India and China in the 1st millennium BC. It has been suggested that leprosy was brought to the Mediterranean region by Alexander the Great’s armies, 4th century BC.Leprosy produces pathognomonic bone lesions, and the earliest osteo-archaeological evidence of leprosy was found in Egyptian skulls dating back to the 2nd century BC. The first clinical description of a disease recognisable as classical leprosy, can be dated to Strato of Alexandria, 3rd century BC. This condition, which became known as elephantiasis or elephas, was subsequently described by numerous notable physicians of the time, and Aretaeus of Cappadocia in particular. It migrated to Greece and Italy; Pliny the Elder stating that it fi rst appeared in Rome at the end of the 1st century BC. Although it was considered incurable, complex therapeutic programmes including venesection, purges, enemas and perspirants were prescribed in order to rid the body of the presumed fluid retention. Elephantiasis spread through the Roman Empire, but only became a notable European epidemic during the Middle Ages. In time the zara’ath-associated lepra of the Septuagint and elephantiasis were considered related diseases, and by the 4th century they were seen as the same disease. The two names became interchangeable. The influence of the Christian Church was such that the ritualised banning of lepers became incorporated into the treatment of elephantiasis – against the advice of physicians like Caelius Aurelianus (4th/5th century AD. Gradually the name lepra (leprosy replaced elephantiasis, which ensured the stigmatisation of leprosy as an “unclean disease” with divine punishment for previous sins – a tragic misconception which persisted up to modern times. Today elephantiasis refers to a tropical parasitic disease, fi lariasis, characterised by gross swelling and deformation of the lower body.

  14. [Podoconiosis, a society and medical community neglected disease].

    Prieto-Pérez, Laura; Soriano Cea, Juan José; Górgolas Hernández-Mora, Miguel


    Podoconiosis, mossy foot or endemic non-filarial elephantiasis, is a geochemical disease that causes lower limb lymphedema; it is directly related to walking barefoot over soils of volcanic origin, in areas with a high pluviometric annual index. It has a specific geographical distribution, affecting around 5% population in areas where it is endemic. It is debilitating and disfiguring disease, which frequently leads to social margination. Podoconiosis is totally preventable and, once a diagnosis is established, it may improve with simple therapeutic measures. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier España, S.L.U. All rights reserved.

  15. A clinical and investigational study of donovanosis

    Veeranna S


    Full Text Available A clinical and investigational study of 25 cases of Donovanosis was undertaken. The incidence was found to be 1.53% of all STD cases and 2.9% of GUD. M:F ratio was 2.12:1. Incidence was more in unmarried people. Fleshy exuberant type was seen in 88% of cases. Two patients (8% had extragenital ulcers. Donovan bodies were found in 88%. Pseudo elephantiasis was seen in 8 patients. Biopsy was done in 8 cases and showed ocanthosis, plasma cell infiltration and pseudo epitheliomatous hyperplasia. One patient developed squamous cell carcinoma of vulva.

  16. Situation analysis in a large urban area of India, prior to launching a programme of mass drug administrations to eliminate lymphatic filariasis.

    Ramaiah, K D; Vijay Kumar, K N; Ravi, R; Das, P K


    The main strategy now adopted for the elimination of lymphatic filariasis (LF) is based on mass drug administrations (MDA). Annual administration of antifilarial drugs to 65%-80% of the population at risk of the disease is believed to be necessary if LF is to be eliminated, at least as a public-health problem, within a reasonable time-frame. To facilitate the development of drug-delivery strategies that are sufficient to ensure such high treatment coverages in large urban areas, a situation analysis was undertaken in the Indian city of Chennai. The subjects interviewed came from households with high, moderate, low or very low incomes. A lack of information on the prevalence and socio-economic impact of the disease meant that LF was not viewed as a major pubic-health problem in the study area, even though cases of elephantiasis and hydrocele were detected in 2%-8% and 7%-20% of the households investigated. Overall, 40% of the interviewees from very-low-income households and 78% of those from middle-income households knew that (the parasite causing) elephantiasis was transmitted by mosquitoes. Only 4% of the subjects from high-income areas and 1% of those from low-income areas were aware that filarial infection was a major cause of hydrocele. Most of the subjects (>55% of each of the four socio- economic groups considered) felt that they were not at risk of developing elephantiasis. When specifically asked, only 35% of the subjects from high-income households but 84% of those from low-income households said that they would be willing to consume tablets of an antifilarial drug (diethylcarbamazine) in MDA to eliminate LF. It is therefore unclear whether high-income households in urban areas should be included in MDA programmes. The interviewees felt that an intensive campaign of information, education, communication and advocacy would be necessary if an effective MDA-based programme were to be implemented. Drug distribution through the health services was the most

  17. Identification and control of an isolated, but intense focus of lymphatic filariasis on Satawal Island, Federated States of Micronesia, in 2003.

    Pretrick, Moses; Melrose, Wayne; Chaine, Jean-Paul; Canyon, Deon; Carron, Jaime; Graves, Patricia M; Bradbury, Richard S


    There is very limited data available on the prevalence of Bancroftian filariasis in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). Considerable attempts to eliminate the disease had occurred in the Pacific region by the year 2003, and the prevalence in FSM was thought to be sufficiently low that the region was considered non-endemic. However, a survey conducted in 2003 on an isolated atoll of FSM, Satawal Island, challenged that assumption. Participants on Satawal Island were recruited and their blood tested for Wuchereria bancrofti antigen by the filariasis immunochromatographic test (ICT) card and circulating microfilaria by Knott's concentration technique. A survey for active cases of lymphoedema, elephantiasis and hydrocoele was performed and mosquitoes were trapped and dissected to detect larvae of W. bancrofti. A total of 104 males and 149 females from early teens to mid-80s were tested. Men had a significantly higher prevalence of infection than women in both the ICT test (53 vs 28%; p 25 years of age. All persons sampled were treated for LF. No cases of elephantiasis or hydrocoele were detected. No Aedes dissected were positive but three of nine culicine mosquitoes were positive for L1-3 larval stages of W. bancrofti by microscopy. In depth interviews were conducted with residents and chiefs. This survey showed that even in regions thought to be close to elimination, isolated high intensity foci of lymphatic filariasis may occur. These need to be recognized and control measures instituted such as local MDA as in the current study.

  18. Brugia timori INFECTION IN LEKEBAI, FLORES: clinical aspects

    Arbain Joesoef


    Full Text Available Pengamatan filariasis pada penduduk Nualolo-Lekebai, Pulau Flores telah dilakukan pada bulan Februari 1975. Kampung Nualolo-Lekebai berpenduduk 680 jiwa, pekerjaan bertani dan menganut agama Nasrani. Kebiasaan hidup di antara penduduk di daerah ini adalah menyerahkan pelaksanaan pekerjaan berat pada kaum wanita, baik di rumah ataupun di kebun. Dalam perjalanan jauh baik ke kebun atau ke pasar, kaum wanitanya selalu berjalan kaki sedangkan kaum prianya menunggang kuda. Sejumlah 80% dari penduduk kampung ini telah diperiksa terhadap infeksi parasit filaria dan terhadap gejala filariasis. Dari hasil yang ditemukan ternyata penduduk kampung ini menderita infeksi Brugia timori dengan angka derajat infeksi sebesar 7.0% dan angka derajat elephantiasis sebesar 10.3%. Hal yang menarik yang ditemukan dalam pengamatan ini adalah tingginya angka derajat elephantiasis pada kaum wanita dibandingkan dengan pada kaum pria. Fenomena ini mungkin disebabkan oleh kebiasaan hidup kaum wanita di daerah ini sehari-hari yang bekerja lebih berat dan berjalan kaki lebih sering dan lebih jauh dibandingkan kaum prianya.

  19. Niche acclimatization in Red Sea corals is dependent on flexibility of host-symbiont association

    Ziegler, Maren


    Knowledge of host-symbiont specificity and acclimatization capacity of corals is crucial for understanding implications of environmental change. Whilst some corals have been shown to associate with a number of symbionts that may comprise different physiologies, most corals associate with only one dominant Symbiodinium species at a time. Coral communities in the Red Sea thrive under large fluctuations of environmental conditions, but the degree and mechanisms of coral acclimatization are largely unexplored. Here we investigated the potential for niche acclimatization in 2 dominant corals from the central Red Sea, Pocillopora verrucosa and Porites lutea, in relation to the fidelity of the underlying coral-symbiont association. Repeated sampling over 2 seasons along a cross-shelf and depth gradient revealed a stable symbiont association in P. verrucosa and flexible association in P. lutea. A statistical biological-environmental matching routine revealed that the high plasticity of photophysiology and photopigments in the stable Symbiodinium microadriaticum (type A1) community in P. verrucosa were correlated with environmental influences along spatio-temporal dimensions. In contrast, photophysiology and pigments were less variable within each symbiont type from P. lutea indicating that niche acclimatization was rather regulated by a flexible association with a variable Symbiodinium community. Based on these data, we advocate an extended concept of phenotypic plasticity of the coral holobiont, in which the scleractinian host either associates with a specific Symbiodinium type with a broad physiological tolerance, or the host-symbiont pairing is more flexible to accommodate for different symbiont associations, each adapted to specific environmental settings.

  20. Tempo e reciprocità: leve di un nuovo paradigma socioeconomico

    Paolo Coluccia


    Full Text Available Questo saggio tenta di mettere a fuoco la mia riflessione filosofica e la mia attuale ricerca sociale ed economica. Nella sostanza ripropongo gli argomenti da me già trattati in occasione del Colloque International sur l'Aprés-Développement "Défaire le développement, refaire le monde" (Parigi, UNESCO, marzo 2002. Il tempo, la reciprocità e la condivisione delle risorse, se opportunamente ripensati, possono rappresentare una chance per poter ancora vivere insieme, liberi, uguali e diversi, in un mondo responsabile, plurale e solidale. Inoltre possono inaugurare un nuovo paradigma socioeconomico. "Rammentiamo che, per gran parte dell'era moderna, abbiamo associato al concetto di libertà quello di autonomia, e fatto coincidere l'autonomia con la capacità di offrire il nostro lavoro sul mercato. I frutti del lavoro - la proprietà - sono stati considerati simboli della nostra libertà. Il diritto di escludere gli altri da ciò che ci appartiene è stato considerato il miglior modo di proteggere la nostra autonomia e la nostra libertà personale. La vera libertà, però, è figlia della condivisione, non del possesso: non si può essere davvero liberi, se non si può condividere, provare un sentimento di empatia nei confronti dell'altro, abbracciarsi" (Rifkin, 2000. Una versione più ampia ed approfondita di questo saggio si trova con il titolo "Monete locali per il bene comune: lo spirito del SEL" nel libro collettivo curato da Edward Goldsmith Processo alla globalizzazione, Arianna Editrice, Casalecchio (BO, 2002.

  1. AcEST: DK948735 [AcEST

    Full Text Available Sbjct: 181 VVEPYNSVLSTHSLLEHTD 199 >tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wilsonii GN=TUA1 PE=2 SV=1...E Alpha tubulin OS=Betula verrucosa PE=2 SV=1 369 e-101 tr|A9QVH4|A9QVH4_9CONI Alpha tubulin OS=Picea wils...onii GN=TUA1 P... 369 e-101 tr|A9PL19|A9PL19_GOSHI Alpha-tubulin OS=Gossypium hirsu

  2. Species of Naked Amoebae (Protista new for the Fauna of Ukraine

    Patsyuk M. K.


    Full Text Available Представлены сведения об обнаружении новых для фауны Украины голых амеб: Rhizamoeba sp., Thecamoeba quadrilineata (Carter, 1856, Thecamoeba verrucosa (Ehrenberg, 1838, Flamella sp., Penardia mutabilis Cash, 1904

  3. Kanatlılarda barsak helmintiazisinin patolojisi ve epidemiyolojisi

    Paul, Dipti Rani; Dey, Anita Rani; Bilkis, Farhana; Begum, Nurjahan; Mondal, Md. Motahar Hussain


    Amaç: Yerli kanatlılarda barsak helmintlerinin patoloji ve epidemiyolojisini belirlemektir. Gereç ve Yöntem: Lokal marketlerden 109 kanatlının visceral organları toplandı. Helmintlerin identifikasyonu cinsiyet, sezon ve yaşa göre yapıldı. Bulgular: Kanatlıların 79 (%72.47)’unda bir veya daha fazla helmint tespit edildi. İki farklı trematod (Catatropis verrucosa, Echinostoma revolutum), üç farklı sestod (Raillietina tetragona, Raillietina echinobothrida, Raillietina cesticillus) ve iki farklı ...

  4. Comments on “Screening and Identification of Novel Ochratoxin A-Producing Fungi from Grapes. Toxins 2016, 8, 333”—In Reporting Ochratoxin A Production from Strains of Aspergillus, Penicillium and Talaromyces

    Perrone, Giancarlo; Logrieco, Antonio F.; Frisvad, Jens C.


    Recently a species in the genus Talaromyces, a uniseriate species of Aspergillus section Nigri and an isolate each of two widespread species, Penicillium rubens and P. commune, were reported to produce ochratoxin A. This claim was based on insufficient biological and chemical data. We propose a list of criteria that need to be met before an unexpected mycotoxin producer is reported. There have only been convincing data on ochratoxin A production for Penicillium verrucosum, P. nordicum, P. thymicola, all from Penicillium series Verrucosa, and from species in three sections of Aspergillus: section Circumdati, section Nigri and section Flavi. PMID:28216564

  5. Dicty_cDB: Contig-U16274-1 [Dicty_cDB

    Full Text Available 19m24, 5' ... 42 0.020 2 ( U21339 ) Gracilariopsis sp. Plymouth, England, internal ribo... 54 0.029 2 ( Y115...07 ) Gracilaria verrucosa 5.8S rRNA gene,ITS1, ITS2. 54 0.033 1 ( U30347 ) Gracilariopsis...40 ) Gracilaria robusta internal transcribed spacer regi... 54 0.033 1 ( U21246 ) Gracilariopsis tenuifrons ...internal transcribed spac... 54 0.033 1 ( U21245 ) Gracilariopsis sp. Ancon, Peru, internal transcribe... 54 0.033 1 ( U21243 ) Graci...lariopsis lemaneiformis internal transcribed s... 54 0.033 1 ( AY465829 ) Gracilari

  6. Pollen analysis in honey samples from the two main producing regions in the Brazilian northeast

    Geni da S. Sodré


    Full Text Available Knowledge about the botanical source of honey is very important for the beekeeper while it indicates adequate and abundant supply sources of nectar and pollen for the bees, thus contributing toward improved yield. The present study means to identify the pollen types occurring in 58 samples of honey produced in two states of the northeastern region of Brazil, Piauí (38 samples and Ceará (20 samples, and to verify the potential of the honey plants during the months of February to August. The samples were obtained directly from beekeepers in each state and analyzed at the Apiculture Laboratory of the Entomology Section of Escola Superior de Agricultura "Luiz de Queiroz", USP, Piracicaba, State of São Paulo, Brazil. The pollen analysis was performed using the acetolysis method. The samples were submitted to both a qualitative and a quantitative analysis. The dominant pollen in the State of Ceará is from Mimosa caesalpiniaefolia, M. verrucosa, Borreria verticillata, Serjania sp., and a Fabaceae pollen type, while in the State of Piauí it is from Piptadenia sp., M. caesalpiniaefolia, M. verrucosa, Croton urucurana and Tibouchina sp.O conhecimento da origem botânica do mel é de grande importância para o apicultor por indicar fontes adequadas e de abundante suprimento de néctar e pólen para as abelhas, contribuindo, desta forma, para uma melhor produção. O presente estudo teve como objetivo identificar os tipos polínicos em 58 amostras de méis produzidos em dois estados da região nordeste do Brasil, Piauí (38 amostras e Ceará (20 amostras, verificando o potencial das plantas apícolas durante os meses de fevereiro a agosto. As amostras foram obtidas diretamente de apicultores de cada Estado e analisadas no Laboratório de Apicultura do Setor de Entomologia da Escola Superior de Agricultura "Luiz de Queiroz", USP, Piracicaba, Estado de São Paulo. A análise polínica foi realizada utilizando-se o método da acetólise. As amostras foram

  7. Características morfológicas y fisiológicas de bongos patógenos en Costa Rica (Dematiaceae)

    Valiente, Carmen; Quesada, Eugenia


    Cuarenta y una cepas de hongos dematiáceos de la Micoteca de la Facultad de Microbiología, Universidad de Costa Rica, fueron estudiados morfológica y fisiológicamente. Treinta y tres fueron cepas de hongos patógenos (Fonsecaea pedrosoi, Cladosporium carrionii, Xylohypha bantiana, Exophiala jeanse/ mei, . Rhinocladiella aquaspersa, Phialophora verrucosa) y ocho fueron contaminantes de laboratorio (Hormodendrum sp.). Las pruebas realizadas fueron producción de ureasa, licuefacción de la gelatin...

  8. Disseny i implementació de la base de dades d'un sistema de recollida de dades d'activitat física provinents de dispositius wearables, en el marc d'un projecte big data de salut

    Bueno Sánchez, Miguel Ángel


    Aquest treball de final de carrera vol donar una solució a un suposat encàrrec de la Unió Europea de construir una base de dades relacional que permeti emmagatzemar dades de l'activitat física dels ciutadans, obtingudes a partir de dispositius wearables, i dades de l'estat de salut i malalties diagnosticades, recollides pels sistemes informàtics dels diferents serveis de salut. Amb totes aquestes dades recopilades la nostra base de dades permetrà, a través d'aplicacions d'alt nivell, extreure...

  9. Crònica dels Cavallers. XXX ANIVERSARI - MARÇ 2012 - Nº 65

    Autors varis


    Brancal. Comiat a la Cort 2011. Laude Arbitral de Na Violant D'Hongria. La Nostra Regina. Carmela Cuevas Saunders - LVII Reina Violant d'Hongria. Relació de Violants d'Hongria de la Germandat del Cavallers de la Conquesta. Marxa del Seguici. Berta Mas Agut -Na Dolça. Cristina Miravete Arjona - Na Margarida. Maria Querol Vicent - Na Rama. Relació de Dones de Companya de Na Violant d'Hongria. Regines de les festes de Castelló - Fira i festes de la Magdalena 2012. Consell d'Honor. Cavallers que ...

  10. Le costruzioni percettive-letterarie del corpo: verso una psicobiologia letteraria del Sé di Alfonso Santarpia.

    Santarpia, Alfonso


    International audience; Il visuale organico sembra promettere di svelare i segreti di quando pensiamo, di quando lottiamo, di quando amiamo e perché no, si saprà a breve anche quale area funzionale dell'encefalo si accen-derà o si spegnerà nell'attesa della morte. Plurime cartografie della nostra cognizione si svelano agli occhi degli scienziati (Damasio, 1995, 1999). Ma se un paziente fortemente ansioso vi racconta : ho gli occhi stanchi, lo stomaco mi brucia, il mio cervello ruota veloce co...

  11. Un anello per domarli tutti

    Merlini, Antonio


    Questa tesina tratta degli acceleratori di particelle. I motivi della loro nascita, la loro evoluzione, il loro presente e il loro futuro. Particolare attenzione sarà data al Large Hadron Collider, il più grande di essi e la più incredibile macchina mai realizzata dall’uomo. Inoltre si parlerà dei rilevatori, che permettono lo studio di particelle invisibili all’uomo; del fatto che gli scienziati non escludono che gli strumenti che utilizzano possano potenzialmente distruggere il pianeta; e di come gli acceleratori hanno cambiato la nostra vita.

  12. The web 2.0 Internet: Democratized Internet collaborations in the healthcare sector

    Hughes, Benjamin Alexander Paul


    Les col•laboracions democratitzades a Internet, entenent-les com les eines participatives de la xarxa, o la Web 2.0, afecten en l'actualitat a nombrosos aspectes la nostra vida. Els acadèmics destaquen el potencial de la Web 2.0 per millorar l’aprenentatge o la salut, així com el seu continu impacte en sectors com el de la tecnologia de mitjans de comunicació. També plantegen un gran nombre de qüestions importants als professionals i estudiosos. Per exemple, la consideració crítica de la Web ...

  13. L'evolució iconogràfica del mite de Dànae : De Gossaert a Subirachs

    González Pérez, M. Almudena


    El fascinant mite de Dànae ha inspirat artistes de múltiples disciplines; poetes, escriptors, escultors, gravadors i pintors han quedat subjugats per aquesta història i per la seva ductilitat. En aquest document concentrarem la nostra anàlisi en l'estudi d'un conjunt representatiu i divers de pintures sobre l'escena de la pluja d'or del mite de Dànae. El fascinante mito de Dánae ha inspirado artistas de múltiples disciplinas; poetas, escritores, escultores, grabadores y pintores han queda...

  14. Musica, cervello, movimento

    Franca Dalla Valle


    Full Text Available Tutti abbiamo provato la sensazione di sentirci "trasportati" dalla musica. Pensiamo a una lunga corsa, a una passeggiata in montagna, a una serie di vasche in piscina... All'inizio i movimenti sono faticosi, rigidi, poco sincroni; ma basta che nella nostra mente riusciamo a creare un ritmo musicale, o immaginiamo di ascoltare una melodia, di lì a poco il respiro si fa più tranquillo e profondo, gli arti acquistano sincronia, la fatica si attenua, diventando addirittura piacevole...

  15. Una proposta d'anàlisi de la formalitat disfàsica a partir d'un capítol del "Flos sanctorum"

    Antoni Mas i Miralles


    primers capítols de la "Vida de sant Vicent Ferrer" de Miquel Peres. Com que es tracta d’una traducció al català i d’una obra religiosa, sempre s’havia considerat que era un text de formalitat baixa. Però la nostra anàlisi, tant lingüística com formal, contradiu plenament aquesta suposició, ja que segons els nostres resultats es tracta d’una obra d’una elevada formalitat diafàsica tot i tractar-se d’una traducció del llatí.

  16. Anthropology of levitation. A path through the thinking of Peter Sloterdijk

    Alessandro Bellasio


    Full Text Available Nello scritto seguente vogliamo confrontarci con il pensiero maturo di uno tra i più appassionanti e innovativi filosofi contemporanei, il tedesco Peter Sloterdijk. La nostra ricognizione si soffermerà sull’originale ritratto dell’uomo che emerge dal confronto tra la prospettiva del nostro autore con quelle, rispettivamente, di Martin Heidegger e di Arnold Gehlen. In particolare, desideriamo rinvenire ed esplorare i diversi aspetti del rapporto tra il concetto di sfera e quell’essere vivente che noi stessi siamo.

  17. Estudi i anàlisi de la viabilitat per a la implantació d'una indústria de fabricació d'envasos cosmètics de vidre

    Huerta Cabeza, David; Serrano Pérez, Emma


    El sector de la perfumeria i cosmètica és un sector industrial i econòmic de primer nivell amb un mercat de gran importància i complexitat. Es troba a cavall entre el consum i la salut de les persones i, és per això que li afecta una legislació rigorosa en matèria de garanties als consumidors, amb responsabilitats sobre la seguretat i el benestar de les persones. Aquest és el punt de partida del nostra projecte, el qual ens ha portat a realitzar “l’estudi de la viabilitat econò...

  18. Tecnología y cultura en el antiguo Egipto

    Soravilla Españó, Luis Esteban


    A la primera part d'aquest assaig apuntem de manera concisa les principals diferències entre la cultura de l'Antic Egipte i la cultura moderna. A la segona part hem recollit tres exemples amb què mirem de mostrar (no pas demostrar) la nostra tesi. En la primera parte de este ensayo apuntamos de modo conciso las principales diferencias entre la cultura del Antiguo Egipto y la cultura moderna. En la segunda parte hemos recogido tres ejemplos donde intentamos mostrar (no demostrar) nuestra te...

  19. L'elaboració del complex d'Èdip en nens adoptats: dols i vincles

    Ballús Barnils, Elisabeth


    La nostra investigació empírica s'emmarca, a nivell teòric, dins la teoria relacional pròpia de la psicoanàlisi.Objectius: l'objectiu principal d'aquesta tesi és conèixer com els nens adoptats elaboren el complex d'Èdip, tenint en compte que a tots ells els acompanyen dues variables indissociables d'aquesta condició d'ésser un nen adoptat:- Ser un nen abandonat pels pares biològics. - Tenir una doble parentalitat: pares biològics i pares adoptius. Amb aquesta recerca volem aprofundir -mitja...

  20. I linguaggi del dialetto : il fonoritmo di Achille Curcio

    Tassoni, Luigi


    I lettori della poesia dialettale italiana, che così indicativi esempi ha mostrato alla nostra contemporaneità, si trovano naturalmente in una duplice posizione. Da un lato percepiscono come motivata la scelta topica della propria lingua, sia pure a circolazione limitata presso una cerchia di parlanti, dall’altro scoprono la specificità del linguaggio del testo che apre ad una condizione d’ascolto accessibile anche al di là della cerchia dialettofona; da un lato si trovano davanti ad una paro...




    Parlare di biblioteca/ mediateca nel XXI secolo, era del web 2.0, della banda larga e delle fibre ottiche, della rivoluzione dell’editoria (ancora in fieri) e della diffusione di e-book e testi print-on-demand, potrebbe apparire a molti un tema scontato e ridondante, una realtà percepita lontana dalla nostra quotidianità proprio perché associata all’immagine (tutta ottocentesca) di una biblioteca-spazio angusto e vetusto. Nella contemporaneità, l’introduzione delle informazioni su web e l...

  2. New and Interesting Cyanophytes from the Kowie river system in the Eastern Cape Province (South Africa) II.

    Archibald, CGM


    Full Text Available Gapensis in Africa Meridionale. Typus: no. KW 1-12 in collectione G.S.I.R., Pretoria. Iconotypus: flgurae nostrae no. 1?3. I Nova )Iedwigia XIII, 3/4. Archibald 391 NOSTOC VAUCHER 1803 Nostoc undulatum n. sp. This species does not appear to be very... closely related to any other knwon species but the diagnosis is similar in some respects to that of Nostoc hatei Dixir 1936 (ci. DESIKACRARY, 1959: 389, P1. 67, Fig. 2). The thallus is generally spherical but sometimes may be oval in shape...

  3. L'Universo alla ricerca delle sue origini

    Picasso, Emilio


    Sommario : La Cosmologia è una disciplina storica e come avviene per la storia più si allontana dalla nostra epoca il periodo che vogliamo studiare più rari si fanno i documenti e più difficile è l'interpretazione. Il grande anello di collisione elettrone-positrone, il LEP, permette ai fisici di risalire indietro nel tempo e di studiare i fenomeni che sono avvenuti circa un decimo di miliardesimo dopo il Big Bang. In questo senso limitato il LEP è una finestra sul tempo. In questa conferenza sono brevemente presentati gli argomenti di cosmologia e le costruzione del LEP è descritta in dettaglio.

  4. Il buco nero dei GIS non protegge l’ambiente

    Renzo Carlucci


    Full Text Available Il buco nero del GIS è la sua base cartografica. E’ ormai diffuso un uso indiscriminato dei GIS che richiama la nostra attenzione per lanciare un appello a tutti gli operatori del settore volto ad evitare l’affidamento tout court ad un software del delicato problema delle proiezioni cartografiche e dei loro riferimenti.Siamo di fronte sempre di più ad un uso indiscriminato dei “projection tools” e della “coordinate transformation” che portano a gravi errori di sovrapposizione nella stratigrafia cartografica all’interno dei GIS.

  5. Dall'osservazione partecipante all' osservazione militante e vice versa

    Domenico Pucciarelli


    Full Text Available Il mio percorso che ha oscillato tra militantismo e osservazione partecipante, mi ha portato a scegliere di proseguire le mie ricerche verso un'osservazione militante. Questa non è ispirata da imperativi ideologici ma "soltanto" dal desiderio del ricercatore di sposare la realtà per svelare la dinamica degli immaginari che sono utilizzati dagli individui o dai gruppi che gli danno corpo, per costruire o decostruire delle norme, degli spazi, dei luoghi, delle iniziative che modellano il nostro ambiente, la nostra storia e dunque i nostri riferimenti.

  6. Management of early spondyloarthritis: from diagnosis to treatment in clinical practice

    Moltó Revilla, Anna


    L'objectiu d'aquesta recerca era avaluar el diagnòstic i el tractament de les formes primerenques d‘espondiloartritis a la practica diària. Per això, hem inclòs en aquesta tesi tres articles que reflecteixen els tres punts claus de la nostra recerca. Primer, hem validat els criteris ASAS per a les espondiloartritis axials en la pràctica clínica, avaluant el seu rendiment per a la classificació dels pacients però també per al diagnòstic, comparant-los amb altres criteris d'espondiloartritis, i...

  7. Šest Marulićevih prijatelja

    Fisković, Cvito


    Concluding his renowned Latin epistle in verse, addressed to Franjo Božićević Natalis, the poet, who at that time was staying at Nečujam, sends his regards to some of his Split friends, inviting them all to his quiet cove on the island of Šolta: ... Ipsos nunc Thalia nostra salutat, Intima quos nobis iungit amicitia, Hyeronimum cythara clarum, gravitate Marinum, Ruris et agrorum cultibus Alvisium, Nicoleon risu facilem, sed ut ipse iubemus Ante salutetur Barbarus usque me...

  8. Triangolo di pensieri

    Connes, Alain; Schützenberger, Marcel Paul


    Le grandi scoperte scientifiche del XX secolo, come la relatività generale, la meccanica quantistica o il teorema di Godel, modificano profondamente la nostra percezione della realtà. Questo libro intende offrire a un pubblico largo, ma colto, la possibilità di superare il divario crescente fra le sottigliezze di queste modificazioni, apprezzate dai soli specialisti, e l'immagine spesso deformata che ne danno i media o le opere di divulgazione. Il libro cerca di dare delle risposte attraverso uno scambio di idee fra tre studiosi, ciascuno dei quali rappresenta un vertice del 'triangolo di pensieri'.

  9. La música de Vicent Olmos i Claver i el seu magisteri a les capelles musicals valencianes del segle XVIII

    Marzal Raga, Ángel


    “La música de Vicent Olmos i Claver i el seu magisteri a les capelles musicals valencianes del segle XVIII” és una tesi doctoral que intenta recuperar per a la nostra cultura una producció musical oblidada. Aquesta investigació ha sigut estructurada en dos volums subdividits, respectivament, en dues parts. No obstant l’estructura del treball, hem d’aclarir que la tesi s’inicia amb un apartat epistemològic que conté tot allò relacionat amb les fonts documentals, dins del qual trobarem la metod...

  10. Il musicologo come programmatore. Sfide attuali della programmazione musicale

    Miguel Ángel Marín


    Full Text Available Nonostante la radicata presenza del concerto musicale nella nostra cultura, e il significativo sviluppo del management musicale come settore disciplinare, si registra a tutt’oggi una sorprendente penuria di riflessioni teoriche sulla programmazione degli eventi musicali. Questo articolo, scritto dal punto di vista di un musicologo che lavora anche alla programmazione di eventi musicali, intende fornire un contributo in questo settore. In particolare, si concentra sulla presentazione di un’analisi preliminare delle sfide che i programmatori devono affrontare oggi, suddivise in quattro categorie: repertorio, interpreti, pubblico e mercato.

  11. Editorial

    Agustí Cerrillo


    Full Text Available

    A l’empara d’internet i de les xarxes socials o les xarxes d’intercanvi d’arxius van sorgint formes noves de delinqüència que exigeixen mecanismes nous tant de prevenció com de repressió. El farming, el phishing i, més recentment, el cyberbulling són conductes delictives que han aflorat i es van estenent al ritme que ho fa l’ús d’internet en la nostra societat.

  12. A theoretical approach to the engineering of bioinspired systems: design, applications & information management

    Revilla López, Guillem


    Premi extraordinari doctorat curs 2010-2011, àmbit d’Enginyeria Enginyeria Industrial L’enginyeria de sistemes bioinspirats ha crescut en importància i nombre d’aplicacions en el últims anys, atraient l’atenció dels científics sobre els seus usos potencials en camps com ara la bionanotecnologia, la nanomedicina i la ciència de materials. En aquesta tesis, es presenta una aproximació mitjançant mètodes computacionals a l’enginyeria de sistemes biomimètics. Em posat la nostra èm...

  13. Aproximació al còmput poblacional de la comarca de Requena-Utiel en època ibèrica

    Jeroni Pau Valor Abad


    Full Text Available En aquest article pretenem realitzar una aproximació al càlcul demogràfic del jaciment de Los Villares (Caudete de las Fuentes i alguns altres del seu territori, mitjançant la utilizació de models etnogràfics proposats per diversos autors per a l'estudi de poblacions tradicionals actuals. Així, la nostra proposta es basa en l'aplicació de dits models a l'estudi poblacional, en l Edat del Ferro i época ibérica, en la comarca.

  14. Química Supramolecular amb Jean-Marie Lehn


    "La química supramolecular pot ajudar a fer medicaments més eficaços". Amb motiu de les II Jornades Doctorals organitzades el passat juny des del Departament de Química de la UAB, el Premi Nobel de Química de l'any 1987 Jean-Marie Lehn va visitar la nostra universitat per impartir una xerrada sobre el disseny de nanoestructures supramoleculars i les seves aplicacions. Aprofitant aquesta visita, des d'UAB Divulga li vam realitzar una entrevista per saber més coses sobre la química supramolecul...

  15. Análisis del comportamiento de la procalcitonina en el paciente con cirrosis hepática ingresado en una unidad de cuidados intensivos

    Villarreal Tello, Esther


    La procalcitonina (PCT) és un dels biomarcadors d'inflamació aplicats al camp de la infecció més estudiats en els últims anys. Es forma en diversos parènquimes incloent el fetge. Alguns autors van postular que la disfunció hepàtica podria ocasionar falsos negatius en la determinació de la procalcitonina. Estudiem la resposta de la PCT en pacients amb insuficiència hepàtica, analitzem retrospectivament el seu comportament en els pacients amb cirrosis hepàtica ingressats en la nostra unitat de ...

  16. Creació d'identitat corporativa i desenvolupament gràfic

    Giménez Sánchez, Pedro


    En síntesi, podem definir aquest Treball de Fi de Grau com la creació d'una marca (identitat corporativa) des de zero, basant-nos en el coneixement de l'empresa a través d'un briefing que realitzarem situant l'empresa en el seu entorn competitiu, i aconseguir diferenciar i posicionar la nostra marca de forma eficaç. En síntesis, podemos definir este Trabajo de Fin de Grado como la creación de un marca (identidad corporativa) desde cero, basándonos en el conocimiento de la empresa a través ...

  17. Identità e métissage: umani al di là delle appartenenze (François Laplantine

    Carlo Milani


    Full Text Available Questo breve saggio attacca l'identità e la rappresentazione in quanto nozioni epistemologicamente povere, falsamente realiste, politicamente reazionarie. La nostra epoca di "incertezza identitaria", di "perdita dell'identità" è, secondo Laplantine, il momento migliore per spazzare via questi due dinosauri concettuali, retaggio della metafisica platonica e medievale, e riscoprire la ricchezza del diverso, dell'incontro con l'altro. L'autore cerca di dimostrare l'inconsistenza e l'inutilità ai fini della ricerca nelle scienze sociali, e nell'antropologia in particolare, di identità e rappresentazione, proponendo di sostituirle con la nozione di métissage, meticciato.

  18. Figure del desiderio: l'amore fra distruzione e sublime

    Mabel Franzone


    Full Text Available Attraverso due racconti di Cortázar, l'analisi di due figure del desiderio ci permette esplorare due estremi seguendo una verticalità. La distruzione, doppio tenebroso della nostra anima, ci rivela un erotismo legato alla morte e al desiderio morboso di possedere l'Altro; il suo contraltare è un'ascesa vertiginosa accompagnata da un godimento estetico, dall'amore sublime prossimo all'esperienza mistica che si concluderà con una discesa progressiva e nel rispetto di questo Altro. La creazione letteraria si presenta come uno sfogo alle nostre angosce, che sono anche una sorta d'espressione dell'erotismo.




    Parlare di biblioteca/ mediateca nel XXI secolo, era del web 2.0, della banda larga e delle fibre ottiche, della rivoluzione dell’editoria (ancora in fieri) e della diffusione di e-book e testi print-on-demand, potrebbe apparire a molti un tema scontato e ridondante, una realtà percepita lontana dalla nostra quotidianità proprio perché associata all’immagine (tutta ottocentesca) di una biblioteca-spazio angusto e vetusto. Nella contemporaneità, l’introduzione delle informazioni su web e l...

  20. 5. Liberalismo politico

    Larmore, Charles


    Natura della politica La lezione di questa mattina sarà suddivisa in due parti: nella prima affronterò in termini generali la natura della politica, mentre nella seconda parlerò più specificamente del liberalismo politico. Come ho già detto nella prima lezione, sono convinto che il nostro pensiero politico non dovrebbe fare affidamento su tutta la verità di cui pensiamo di disporre, almeno quando esso concerne gli scopi della politica. Quello a cui mi riferisco è la nostra riflessione politic...

  1. Varicose veins: new trends in treatment in a Vascular Surgery Unit.

    Mazzaccaro, Daniela P; Stegher, Silvia; Occhiuto, Maria Teresa; Muzzarelli, Lorenzo; Malacrida, Giovanni; Nano, Giovanni


    La recente introduzione di tecniche meno invasive in alternativa al tradizionale stripping safenico ha rivoluzionato il trattamento delle vene varicose (VV), soprattutto nelle Unità Operative a prevalente indirizzo flebologico, ove la scleroterapia con mousse, il laser o la termoablazione con radiofrequenza (RFA) vengono applicate sempre più frequentemente con parallela riduzione del ricorso alle tecniche di chirurgia open. Nella nostra Unità Operativa Complessa di Chirurgia Vascolare, la patologia venosa viene affrontata da sempre, parallelamente a quella arteriosa; in particolare dal 2013, superata la prima fase di apprendimento, anche nella nostra Unità Operativa è stato introdotto l’uso sistematico della RFA per il trattamento dell’incontinenza della vena grande safena (VGS). Abbiamo dunque retrospettivamente esaminato la nostra esperienza nel trattamento delle VV con particolare analisi del modo in cui il nostro approccio terapeutico è cambiato nel corso degli ultimi anni. I dati di tutti i pazienti trattati consecutivamente dal 1 settembre 2013 al 31 Luglio 2015 per VV essenziali e recidive sono stati pertanto retrospettivamente raccolti e analizzati. L’analisi statistica è stata effettuata utilizzando il software JMP 5.1.2 (SAS Institute). Sono state trattate in totale 409 gambe in 378 pazienti. La percentuale di stripping della VGS per VV essenziali è diminuita nel corso degli anni (67% nel 2013 contro il 15.2% nel 2015), a differenza di quello che è successo alla percentuale della RFA della VGS (14.3% vs. 31.5% rispettivamente nel 2013 e nel 2015) e alla percentuale di gambe trattate con la tecnica ASVAL (8.7% vs 31.5%, rispettivamente, nel 2013 e nel 2015). Analogamente, nel 2013 la maggior parte delle procedure è stata eseguita utilizzando l’anestesia spinale (77.5%), mentre nel 2015 le tecniche anestesiologiche più utilizzate sono state l’anestesia locale e l’anestesia locale con sedazione (rispettivamente 35.9% e 29.3%). Il

  2. Equazione di Dirac

    Monti, Dalida


    Relativamente poco noto al gran pubblico, il premio Nobel Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac appartiene a quel gruppo di uomini di ingegno che nei primi decenni del secolo contribuirono a dare alla nostra concezione del mondo fisico la sua impronta attuale. Assolutamente cruciali, per una valutazione dell'opera di Dirac, sono gli anni compresi tra il 1925 e il 1931: un periodo in cui il fisico fornisce la prima spiegazione chiara e coerente delle proprietà di spin dell'elettrone (equazione di Dirac) e perviene, in forza della pura deduzione matematica, alla scoperta dell'esistenza dell'elettrone positivo o positrone.

  3. Social software e multitasking: un virus o una risorsa?

    Gisella Paoletti


    Full Text Available Il multitasking è una strategia di gestione delle risorse cognitive; consiste nello svolgere più di un compito contemporaneamente. In alcuni casi è inevitabile, altre volte no, ma sempre più spesso ci sentiamo costretti a cercare di fare più cose simultaneamente. Possiamo veramente dividere la nostra attenzione conscia tra due compiti impegnativi, come leggere e scrivere? In questo articolo si riportano risultati sperimentali che hanno dimostrato che il risparmio di tempo può essere illusorio e che la performance ha un decadimento rispetto alle situazioni in cui è possibile svolgere i compiti in sequenza.

  4. Assessment of disease and infection of lymphatic filariasis in Northeastern Cambodia.

    Leang, Rithea; Socheat, Duong; Bin, Boravong; Bunkea, Tol; Odermatt, Peter


    We assessed the filariasis disease burden in four northeastern provinces of Cambodia by using and validating a key-informant questionnaire, consisting of four questions, with pictures of patients with leg elephantiasis and hydrocoele. The questionnaire was distributed and collected through the school, health and administrative systems. Validation surveys included clinical examination, a card test for W. bancrofti (ICT Filariasis card test, AMRAD) and night blood finger prick examination of patients reported with clinical elephantiasis. Only 48.0% of questionnaires were returned. A total of 220 patients were reported, mostly from Stung Treng (36.8%) and Rattanakiri provinces (35.0%). Key-informants reported patients with lymphatic filariasis with a sensitivity of 85.7% for leg and 97.0% for scrotum morbidity, and with a specificity of 95.6%. However, substantial over-reporting resulted in very low positive predictive values for elephantiasis of 19.4% for legs and of 23.7% for the scrotum. As 97.4% of patients with clinical lymphatic filariasis were older than 40 years, the diagnostic performance of the questionnaire would be improved by restricting its use to that age group. About 0.7% of 3490 W. bancrofti card tests were positive; the prevalence was 1.94% (12/618) in Rattanakiri, 0.38% (4/1055) in Stung Treng and 0.22% (2/919) in Preah Vihear. W. bancrofti microfilaria were identified in blood from two patients in Rattanakiri (0.32%) and from one patient in Stung Treng (0.09%). Brugia malayi microfilaria were identified in blood from five patients in Rattanakiri (0.81%) only. No patients with microfilariaemia were identified in Preah Vehear. In Mondulkiri province all investigations (card test, night blood examination, clinical examination) for lymphatic filariasis were negative. Our findings confirm the usefulness of key-informant questionnaire for the identification of filariasis patients provided that high adherence can be achieved. Lymphatic filariasis

  5. Pollen analysis in honey samples from the two main producing regions in the Brazilian northeast.

    Sodré, Geni da S; Marchini, Luís C; Carvalho, Carlos A L de; Moreti, Augusta C de C C


    Knowledge about the botanical source of honey is very important for the beekeeper while it indicates adequate and abundant supply sources of nectar and pollen for the bees, thus contributing toward improved yield. The present study means to identify the pollen types occurring in 58 samples of honey produced in two states of the northeastern region of Brazil, Piauí (38 samples) and Ceará (20 samples), and to verify the potential of the honey plants during the months of February to August. The samples were obtained directly from beekeepers in each state and analyzed at the Apiculture Laboratory of the Entomology Section of Escola Superior de Agricultura "Luiz de Queiroz", USP, Piracicaba, State of São Paulo, Brazil. The pollen analysis was performed using the acetolysis method. The samples were submitted to both a qualitative and a quantitative analysis. The dominant pollen in the State of Ceará is from Mimosa caesalpiniaefolia, M. verrucosa, Borreria verticillata, Serjania sp., and a Fabaceae pollen type, while in the State of Piauí it is from Piptadenia sp., M. caesalpiniaefolia, M. verrucosa, Croton urucurana and Tibouchina sp.

  6. Secretion of five extracellular enzymes by strains of chromoblastomycosis agents Secreção de cinco enzimas extracelulares por amostras de agentes da cromoblastomicose

    Thais Furtado de Souza


    Full Text Available The gelatinase, urease, lipase, phospholipase and DNase activities of 11 chromoblastomycosis agents constituted by strains of Fonsecaea pedrosoi, F. compacta, Phialophora verrucosa, Cladosporium carrionii, Cladophialophora bantiana and Exophiala jeanselmei were analyzed and compared. All strains presented urease, gelatinase and lipase activity. Phospholipase activity was detected only on five of six strains of F. pedrosoi. DNase activity was not detected on the strains studied. Our results indicate that only phospholipase production, induced by egg yolk substrate, was useful for the differentiation of the taxonomically related species studied, based on their enzymatic profile.As atividades gelatinase, urease, lipase, fosfolipase e DNase de 11 agentes da cromoblastomicose constituídos por amostras de Fonsecaea pedrosoi, F. compacta, Phialophora verrucosa, Cladosporium carrionii, Cladophialophora bantiana e Exophiala jeanselmei foram analisadas e comparadas. Todas as amostras apresentaram atividade urease, gelatinase e lipase. A atividade fosfolipase foi detectada apenas em cinco das seis amostras de F. pedrosoi. A atividade DNase não foi detectada nas amostras estudadas. Os resultados indicam que para a diferenciação entre espécies taxonomicamente relacionadas estudadas, baseado no seu perfil enzimático, apenas a produção de fosfolipase, induzida pelo substrato com gema de ovo, foi útil.

  7. Morphology, affinities and phytogeographic history of Porosia Hickey in the Cretaceous and Paleocene of North America and Asia

    Manchester Steven R.


    Full Text Available Morphology and anatomy of the extinct angiosperm fruit, Porosia verrucosa (Lesqueruex Hickey, are documented in detail based on various modes of preservation including molds, casts, and permineralizations from more than seventy localities in the late Cretaceous and Paleocene. The fruits are schizocarpic with paired unilocular, single-seeded mericarps seated on a prominent gynophore with an hypogynous perianth borne on a long pedicel. The most distinctive feature of these fruits is the regularly spaced cylindrical intrusions over the surface of the endocarp. These are interpreted to represent oil cavities similar to those common in the fruits of extant Rutaceae. The oldest known occurrences of P. verrucosa are from the Late Cretaceous (Campanian to Maastrichtian of western North America, but the genus traversed Beringia and became widespread in the Paleocene both in Asia (Kazakhstan, Amur Region, and Koryak Highlands, and North America (Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alberta, Saskatchewan. It extended to the late Paleocene in the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains region, and appears to have become extinct near the Paleocene-Eocene boundary.

  8. Microbial Diversity of Betula Trees: Pollen, Catkins, Leaves Relatively of Flowering

    Tetiana V. Shevtsova


    Full Text Available Quantitative microbiological analysis by dilution plating method of pollen and additional male and female catkins, leaves of Betula verrucosa Ehrh. and its two cultivars: ‘Purpurea’ and ‘Youngii’ relatively of flowering period of Betula has been realized with the aim to provide new knowledge of the microbiological quality of anemophilous pollen for processing and its further application. Qualitative microbiological analysis with MALDI-TOF MS Biotyper was used in the identification of aerobic, anaerobic mesophilic bacteria and coliforms. Mixed microbiota was determined, consisting of aerobic (4.68–4.89 log cfu/g and anaerobic (3.30–3.48 log cfu/g mesophilic bacteria, lactobacilli (0–3.48 log cfu/g, coliform bacteria (0–4.57 log cfu/g, fungi and yeast (3.78–3.95 log cfu/g on the pollen grains, that indicates acceptable quality in comparison with the microbiological quality parameters for bee pollen. Pantoea agglomerans was found associated with pollen of Betula verrucosa Ehrh. Recommendations on the collection of anemophilous pollen were established.

  9. The effects of ultraviolet radiation on growth and bleaching in three species of Hawaiian coral

    Goodman, G.D. (California State Univ., Long Beach (United States))


    Long term exposure to ultraviolet radiation is harmful to many organisms, including hermatypic corals, which obtain much of their nutrition from photosynthetic zooxanthellae. Therefore, increased UV radiation from atmospheric ozone depletion could inhibit growth of such corals. Moreover, coral bleaching, which has been attributed to loss of pigment and/or expulsion of zooxanthellae, may be a specific response to UV light. Does UV-A reduce skeletal growth or influence population density and pigment content of zooxanthellae In addition, do zooxanthellae migrate to shaded areas of the colony to avoid ultraviolet light Using alizarin red stain and suitable filters, I compared the stain and suitable filters, I compared the effects of UV-A (320-400nm) and full-spectrum UV (280-400nm) on the skeletal growth of two Hawaiian corals, Montipora verrucosa, Pocillopora damicornis, in situ. In the perforate corals, M. Verrucosa and Porites compressa, I measured concentration of zooxanthellae and their chlorophyll content to quantify bleaching in response to UV light. Reduction in skeletal growth by the two corals in response to different ranges of UV light appears to be species specific. Bleaching by UV appears to be characterized by an initial loss of pigment followed by the expulsion and migration of the zooxanthellae to shaded areas of the colony. Differences in tolerance and adaptation to decreasing ozone levels and increasing UV light should confer a competitive advantage on various species and morphologies of reef-building corals.

  10. Cercare mondi esplorazioni avventurose ai confini dell'universo

    Tonelli, Guido


    Abitiamo un sottile guscio sferico, di pochi chilometri di spessore, intorno alla superficie della Terra. Anche se esploriamo gli abissi più profondi dell'oceano o scaliamo le vette dell'Himalaya, il nostro regno ha dimensioni ridicole. Per questo, se riflettiamo su quelle dell'universo, ci resta una sensazione di lieve sgomento. Non solo. Il nostro piccolo mondo è anche popolato di chimere, fantasmi e terribili inganni: pensiamo che quello che percepiamo sia reale, invece tutto cambia appena ci allontaniamo dall'angolo tranquillo in cui si svolge la nostra esistenza. Quando cerchiamo di capire i fenomeni che si osservano nel meraviglioso tappeto di galassie che ricopre la volta stellata, o quelli che caratterizzano la materia nei suoi componenti elementari, dobbiamo rinunciare alle certezze che governano la nostra vita e intraprendere un viaggio vertiginoso che lascia senza fiato. Guido Tonelli, fisico al Cern di Ginevra e uno dei padri della scoperta del bosone di Higgs, ci fa compiere questo viaggio irri...

  11. Wittgenstein e la spiritualità filosofica alla luce della Conferenza sull'Etica

    Tommaso Manzon


    Full Text Available Lo scopo di questo paper è quello di sviluppare una lettura e un’interpretazione di uno degli scritti “minori” di Ludwig Wittgenstein, la Conferenza sull’Etica. La mia comprensione della Conferenza è inspirata principalmente dall’interpretazione della filosofia di Wittgenstein sviluppata da Pierre Hadot e, di conseguenza, la mia tesi consisterà nel dimostrare che seguendo Hadot la Conferenza sull’Etica può essere vista come un ‘Esercizio Spirituale’. Pertanto sostengo che la finalità principale di questo scritto va vista nel tentativo di cambiare la nostra attitudine verso il mondo, e dunque la nostra disposizione etica verso di esso. Ritengo inoltre che questo non sia solo lo scopo di ogni Esercizio Spirituale, bensì in generale quello dell’attività del filosofo austriaco, ossia, la volontà di coinvolgere i propri destinatari provocando in loro una riflessione e possibilmente un cambiamento in merito al proprio modo di vivere, e a tutta la sfera che va sotto il nome di “Etica”.

  12. I desideri e le masse. Una riflessione sul presente

    Guido Mazzoni


    Full Text Available Negli ultimi quarantacinque anni la vita psichica delle masse occidentali ha subito una metamorfosi senza precedenti; noi tutti ne siamo stati trasformati e travolti. Fedele a un’idea eroica e maschile dell’accadere e dell’esperienza, all’idea che le rotture epocali si manifestino sotto forma di guerre e rivoluzioni, una parte della cultura contemporanea continua a sottovalutare la portata di quanto è avvenuto. È una miopia che si manifesta talvolta in forma esplicita e più spesso in forma implicita, come accade ogni volta che applichiamo alla nostra epoca concetti, parole e miti che non reggono più. Molte delle categorie con cui giudichiamo il presente, con cui prendiamo una posizione etico-politica sui problemi della nostra epoca, danno l’impressione di scivolare sulla realtà senza afferrarla, o perché fanno riferimento a un futuro che, non rimandando più a un progetto politico, rappresenta solo la proiezione di un desiderio, o perché fanno riferimento a un passato che non ritornerà. Quali sono i tratti più vistosi della metamorfosi? Che cosa è accaduto?

  13. Dossier "TIC i patrimoni. Presentació

    Cèsar Carreras


    Full Text Available Ja fa uns quants anys que les tecnologies de la informació i la comunicació (TIC formen part de la nostra vida, i per aquest motiu han anat perdent l'apel·latiu de noves tecnologies per a convertir-se senzillament en TIC. A poc a poc aquestes tecnologies s'han incorporat amb més o menys fortuna als diversos àmbits professionals i, en general, de la nostra vida. Per això, ja hem superat una primera etapa d'ignorància absoluta, s'ha pogut constatar allò que les tecnologies actuals ens permeten millorar de les nostres tasques presents i allò que voldríem que fessin però que encara no fan.A fi de superar un possible desconeixement del tema presentem aquest dossier dedicat a les TIC i el patrimoni dins de la revista Digithum. Text complet (PDF Dossier complet (PDF

  14. UDI STOP Femminicidio

    Giovanna Crivelli


    Full Text Available L'UDI, Unione Donne in Italia, ha collaborato con l'Osservatorio dei Processi Comunicativi a un numero monografico della rivista scientifica M@gm@ dal titolo "Violenza maschile e femminicidio". Il numero monografico vuole mettere a disposizione le analisi, l’esperienza e la storia nostra e delle nostre interlocutrici, come contributo al nostro comune lavoro di sensibilizzazione, contrasto alla violenza maschile sulle donne – femminicidio. “UDI STOP femminicidio” è da anni la nostra campagna contro la violenza di genere, la collaborazione con l’Osservatorio dei Processi Comunicativi è parte integrante di questo sforzo. Il primo e dichiarato dei nostri progetti politici è il contrasto alla cultura e al potere ideologico che consente il femminicidio, la subordinazione culturale e sociale, la percezione della donna come oggetto di dominio, la riduzione in schiavitù di tante donne, comprese molte donne prostitute... Sappiamo di non voler tradire una “responsabilità di genere” che deve necessariamente concretizzarsi in tanti “gesti responsabili”, nella lunga pazienza quotidiana che consente la sedimentazione di un cambiamento radicale nelle coscienze. Vogliamo continuare ad essere l’associazione che coniuga insieme la soggettività personale e l'assunzione diretta di responsabilità, della progettualità a lungo termine che non trova “contraddittorio” misurarsi con la solidarietà concreta e quotidiana con le altre donne, nel tentativo di far nascere le nuove maniere di pensare.

  15. Transanal endoscopic video-assisted (TEVA) resection of early rectal lesions using a SILS port A single center experience.

    Cipolla, Calogero; Ferro, Giuseppina; Graceffa, Giuseppa; Morini, Lorenzo; Guercio, Giuseppina; Vieni, Salvatore; Pantuso, Gianni


    L’escissione chirurgica endoscopica transanale video-assistita (TEVA) mediante SILSTM– Port (Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery) si è affermata come una tecnica valida per la rimozione completa di lesioni benigne del retto non trattabili endoscopicamente e per le neoplasie maligne del retto in fase precoce. La TEVA rappresenta una valida alternativa alla escissione microchirurgica transanale (TEM), alla chirurgia transanale convenzionale ed alla resezione transaddominale. Nella nostra Unità Operativa sono state effettuate con successo 8 resezioni di voluminosi adenomi del retto impiegando la tecnica TEVA con con il SILSTM–Port. L’età media dei pazienti è stata di 51,1 anni, il BMI medio è stato di 23. Non sono state registrate complicanze post-operatorie né conversioni verso interventi resettivi maggiori per via trans-addominale. Il decorso post-operatorio dei pazienti è stato regolare. Il tempo medio di ospedalizzazione è stato di 3 giorni. I risultati della nostra esperienza, sia pure poco numerosa, in ci consentono di valutare la tecnica TEVA con SILSTM– Port più semplice da realizzare rispetto alla TEM. La metodica infatti non richiede lunghi periodi di apprendimento né l’impiego di materiale costoso come quello impiegato nella TEM.

  16. J.G. Fichte, Prova dell’illegittimità della ristampa dei libri. Un ragionamento e una parabola

    Maria Chiara Pievatolo


    Full Text Available La difficoltà che si trova a dimostrare una proprietà durevole dello scrittore sul suo libro è derivata dal fatto che non disponiamo di nulla di simile e quel che le sembra in qualche misura simile, ne differisce ancora parecchio sotto molteplici aspetti. Proprio da ciò dipende che la nostra dimostrazione abbia necessariamente un aspetto un po’ cavilloso; cercheremo, tuttavia, di renderla il più possibile chiara. Ma il lettore non deve essere indotto al sospetto, perché si potrà molto facilmente chiarirla e sostanziarla in concreto. – C’è infatti in circolazione una gran quantità di massime su questo oggetto, assunte da ogni benpensante poco informato sulla cosa e non interessato a contraddirle che giudica così il comportamento altrui in questo tipo di cose e orienta in conformità anche il proprio. Tutte queste massime si possono ricondurre facilmente e naturalmente alla nostra proposizione assunta come principio, tanto che questa circostanza è quasi la sua prova, e sarà perciò chiaro che essa è l’assioma alla base di tutti i nostri giudizi su questo oggetto, per quanto oscuri e non sviluppati.

  17. Il mondo dentro il mondo

    Barrow, John D


    Davvero esistono “lì fuori” leggi di natura, che stanno in attesa di essere scoperte, indipendenti dal nostro modo di pensare, o esse rappresentano soltanto la descrizione più conveniente di ciò che abbiamo visto? Come è nata l’idea stessa di “leggi di natura”? Queste costituiscono la realtà profonda o sono soltanto pezzi di un regolamento che ci siamo dati per organizzare meglio la nostra conoscenza del mondo? o semplici paletti che piantiamo e ci lasciamo alle spalle come segnali via via che procediamo nella giungla dell’esperienza? È possibile che non esistano affatto leggi di natura? Forse esse, e anche l’universo che da esse sembra regolato, sono del tutto creazioni della nostra mente: un’illusione che scompare appena cessiamo di pensarvi. Ma allora, che cosa accadrebbe, se non ci fossero osservatori dell’universo?». Interrogativi di questo genere, che incontriamo sulla soglia del Mondo dentro il mondo, sarebbero suonati eccentrici fino a qualche anno fa. Oggi, al contrario, circ...

  18. Rehabilitation and Aids during the Developing Years in Italy

    Martino Avellis; Alda Pellegri; Andrea Cazzaniga; Stefania Chierici; Marida Farina; Antonio Cinquegrana; Ciro Grazioli; Giovanni De Angelis


    The rehabilitation of children with disabilities should be initiated as early as possible,as soon as problems or disorders are diagnosed in the development,to prevent or promptly counteract the consolidation of disability.In Italy the institutes involved in the rehabilitation of children with serious disability must be by law highly specialized.The devices have a key part in rehabilitation courses in developmental age.They are often planned and designed in the same rehabilitation center."La Nostra Famiglia" has been in Italy one of the first specialized rehabilitation centers for children and adolescents.By "La Nostra Famiglia" have been designed aids for children which later became a model throughout Europe.Our National Health System provides free aids for children and adolescents and describes in detail the characteristics of great adaptability that aids for children and adolescents should have.The "pressure mapping" allows you to test the effects of adapted aids versus aids not properly adapted to the size and needs.

  19. Immune responses in human infections with Brugia malayi: specific cellular unresponsiveness to filarial antigens.

    Piessens, W F; McGreevy, P B; Piessens, P W; McGreevy, M; Koiman, I; Saroso, J S; Dennis, D T


    We evaluated the cellular immune competence of 101 subjects living in an area of South Kalimantan (Borneo) where Malayan filariasis is endemic. All patients with elephantiasis but none with other clinical stages of filariasis reacted with adult worm antigens. The majority of subjects without clinical or parasitological evidence of filariasis and approximately one-half of those with amicrofilaremic filariasis reacted with microfilarial antigens. In contrast, most patients with patent microfilaremia did not respond to microfilarial antigens. The in vitro reactivity of all patient categories to nonparasite antigens was similar to that of the distant control group. These results indicate that patent microfilaremia is associated with a state of specific cellular immune unresponsiveness and are consistent with the current hypothesis that the various clinical manifestations of filariasis result from different types of immune responses to distinct antigens associated with different developmental stages of filarial worms. PMID:7350196

  20. Oral myiasis in an adult associated with filariasis and Hansen's disease.

    Candamourty, Ramesh; Venkatachalam, Suresh; Yuvaraj, Vaithilingam; Sujee, Chembilary


    Oral myiasis is a common parasitic infestation of live human and animals caused by species of dipteran fly larvae known as maggots which may be secondary to medical disease. This case involves a 51-year-old female, poorly debilitated with advanced periodontal disease infected by the dipteral larvae in the anterior maxillary region which belonged to the family Calliphoridae and Chrysomya bezziana species. This lady was neglected from her family and presented oral myiasis with the previous history of filariasis and Hansen's disease. Secondary infestations may occur in cancrum oris, oral extraction wounds, jaw bone wounds, oral leprosy lesion, filariasis, and carcinoma. Hansen's disease (leprosy) is bacterial in origin whereas filariasis (elephantiasis) is parasitic in origin like-myiasis. The treatment consisted of manual removal of the larvae by topical application of turpentine oil, oral therapy, and surgical debridement of the oral wound.

  1. Hereditary gingival fibromatosis with distinctive facies.

    Prasad, Sunkara Shree Ramalinga; Radharani, Chitturi; Sinha, Soumya; Kumar, Sv Kiran


    Hereditary gingival enlargement also known as gingivitis or familial elephantiasis is a rare type of gingival enlargement. It appears as an isolated autosomal dominant disorder or maybe associated with other conditions. Oral manifestations may vary from minimal involvement of only tuberosity area and the buccal gingiva around the lower molars to a generalized enlargement inhibiting eruption of the teeth. This paper discusses the case of a 13-year-old female patient with distinctive facial characteristics who presented to the department with a chief complaint of swollen gums since 1 year. She had severe diffuse gingival enlargement of the maxilla and mandible. Diagnosis was made based upon clinical examination and family history. Quadrant wise internal bevel gingivectomy procedure was done for the patient to restore her functional and esthetic needs.

  2. WormAssay: a novel computer application for whole-plate motion-based screening of macroscopic parasites.

    Chris Marcellino


    Full Text Available Lymphatic filariasis is caused by filarial nematode parasites, including Brugia malayi. Adult worms live in the lymphatic system and cause a strong immune reaction that leads to the obstruction of lymph vessels and swelling of the extremities. Chronic disease leads to the painful and disfiguring condition known as elephantiasis. Current drug therapy is effective against the microfilariae (larval stage of the parasite, but no drugs are effective against the adult worms. One of the major stumbling blocks toward developing effective macrofilaricides to kill the adult worms is the lack of a high throughput screening method for candidate drugs. Current methods utilize systems that measure one well at a time and are time consuming and often expensive. We have developed a low-cost and simple visual imaging system to automate and quantify screening entire plates based on parasite movement. This system can be applied to the study of many macroparasites as well as other macroscopic organisms.

  3. Traditional Medicinal Flora of the District Buxar (Bihar, India

    Ritesh Singh


    Full Text Available Buxar district (Bihar,India is one of the less floristically studied regions of central Gangetic plain. The district lacks dense forests and its medicinal flora exclusively consists of dicot angiosperms. A total of 84 species belonging to 27 families were reported in this study. Majority of the reported plants were herbs with highest contribution from family Fabaceae (12. The present paper deals with the traditional uses of these plants. Plants and their part thereof were used to treat diseases such as - malaria, small pox, leprosy, diarrhea, diabetes, rheumatisms, hepatitis A, heart problems, elephantiasis, STDs, asthma, dysentery, in pregnancy complications and against snake and scorpion poisons. Findings will help in conservation and cultivation of these plants.

  4. A long-term follow-up of asymptomatic amicrofilaraemic individuals living in a filaria-endemic region of Orissa, India: infection and disease status.

    Beuria, M K; Bal, M S; Mandal, N N; Das, M K


    A group of asymptomatic amicrofilaraemic individuals (endemic normals) aged > 12 years was identified in 2 filaria-endemic villages of Orissa, India in 1990 (Bajapur village, n = 40) and in 1994 (Olosingh village, n = 47). They were re-examined for microfilaraemia and disease status in the year 2000 after a 10-year and a 6-year period. Studies conducted at both villages yielded a similar pattern in the development of disease. Above 85% of the females remained normal, compared to 54% of males. Remaining individuals had acquired hydrocoele (males) and adenolymphangitis (both males and females). Only 1 individual converted to having asymptomatic microfilariae. No case of elephantiasis was observed. Results indicate that most females remained normal and males faced considerable risk of developing hydrocoele in these Wuchereria bancrofti-endemic areas.

  5. Impact of community-based lymphedema management on perceived disability among patients with lymphatic filariasis in Orissa State, India.

    Philip J Budge

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Lymphatic filariasis (LF infects approximately 120 million people worldwide. As many as 40 million have symptoms of LF disease, including lymphedema, elephantiasis, and hydrocele. India constitutes approximately 45% of the world's burden of LF. The Indian NGO Church's Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA has been conducting a community-based lymphedema management program in Orissa State since 2007 that aims to reduce the morbidity associated with lymphedema and elephantiasis. The objective of this analysis is to evaluate the effects of this program on lymphedema patients' perceived disability. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: For this prospective cohort study, 370 patients ≥14 years of age, who reported lymphedema lasting more than three months in one or both legs, were recruited from villages in the Bolagarh sub-district, Khurda District, Orissa, India. The World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule II was administered to participants at baseline (July, 2009, and then at regular intervals through 24 months (July, 2011, to assess patients' perceived disability. Disability scores decreased significantly (p<0.0001 from baseline to 24 months. Multivariable analysis using mixed effects modeling found that employment and time in the program were significantly associated with lower disability scores after two years of program involvement. Older age, female gender, the presence of other chronic health conditions, moderate (Stage 3 or advanced (Stage 4-7 lymphedema, reporting an adenolymphangitis (ADL episode during the previous 30 days, and the presence of inter-digital lesions were associated with higher disability scores. Patients with moderate or advanced lymphedema experienced greater improvements in perceived disability over time. Patients participating in the program for at least 12 months also reported losing 2.5 fewer work days per month (p<0.001 due to their lymphedema, compared to baseline. SIGNIFICANCE: These results

  6. Impact of Community-Based Lymphedema Management on Perceived Disability among Patients with Lymphatic Filariasis in Orissa State, India

    Mues, Katherine E.; Kennedy, Erin D.; Prakash, Aiysha; Rout, Jonathan; Fox, LeAnne M.


    Background Lymphatic filariasis (LF) infects approximately 120 million people worldwide. As many as 40 million have symptoms of LF disease, including lymphedema, elephantiasis, and hydrocele. India constitutes approximately 45% of the world's burden of LF. The Indian NGO Church's Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) has been conducting a community-based lymphedema management program in Orissa State since 2007 that aims to reduce the morbidity associated with lymphedema and elephantiasis. The objective of this analysis is to evaluate the effects of this program on lymphedema patients' perceived disability. Methodology/Principal Findings For this prospective cohort study, 370 patients ≥14 years of age, who reported lymphedema lasting more than three months in one or both legs, were recruited from villages in the Bolagarh sub-district, Khurda District, Orissa, India. The World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule II was administered to participants at baseline (July, 2009), and then at regular intervals through 24 months (July, 2011), to assess patients' perceived disability. Disability scores decreased significantly (plymphedema, reporting an adenolymphangitis (ADL) episode during the previous 30 days, and the presence of inter-digital lesions were associated with higher disability scores. Patients with moderate or advanced lymphedema experienced greater improvements in perceived disability over time. Patients participating in the program for at least 12 months also reported losing 2.5 fewer work days per month (plymphedema, compared to baseline. Significance These results indicate that community-based lymphedema management programs can reduce disability and prevent days of work lost. These effects were sustained over a 24 month period. PMID:23516648

  7. Prevalensi Mikrofilaria setelah Pengobatan Masal 4 Tahun di Wilayah Kampung Sawah, Kecamatan Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan

    Silvia F. Nasution


    Full Text Available Limphatic filariasis is a target of global diseases elimination promoted by WHO to accomplish by the year of 2020.Until 2008, 316 out of 471 districts/provinces were mapped epidemiologically as endemic areas of filariasis. South Tangerang is one of the district reported as an endemic area of filariasis, with Mf  prevalence ranged 1 – 2.4% determined from 2002 to 2009. Some factors play important roles in elimination program of filariasis, such as an appropriate diagnostic and its evaluation, and also annual program of Mass Drug Administration (MDA. In Ciputat area, South Tangerang district, the MDA has been conducted annually since 2009, and evaluation program by finger blood sample was also conducted in 2002 and 2009. Finding result showed prevalence 1.6% of Mf and 8 individu were clinically diagnosed as elephantiasis. Although the MDA has been conducted every year, but the evaluation has not yet been performed after 2009. The Study aimed to evaluate the MDA effect against mikrofilaria rate (Mf and antigen circulation in perifer blood of people living near by the elephantiasis individu in Kampung Sawah area, Ciputat, South Tangerang. Periferal blood and blood vessel were collected at night from 08.00–10.00 PM. Peripheral blood were directly swab on slide or object glass to overnight preserve for giemsa stain in laboratory. After night preservation, the slide were then identified by microscope to detect microfilaria. The blood vessel were sentrifuged to collect the serum and performed rapid diagnostic test antigen antifilaria IgG4. Finding result of the study determined 95% Mf negative and 72.5 % negative of antigen anti-filaria IgG4. These finding showed that more than 70% of subjects were negative to filarial and its antigen circulation in the blood.This also indicates successfull program of 4 years MDA in this study area to eliminate parasite of filariasis.


    Lukman Waris


    Full Text Available Elephantiasis in this lime has still become the problem of trensetter health of society these days. This disease can be catching and have the character of chronical which because of worm of filaria attacking lymph gland and channel causing and lymphangitis of elephantiasis. Borneo South Province, counted 13 Sub-Province/town (100% expressed as Filariasis endemis among others in Tanah Bumbu Sub Province. Target of this research is to know policy of execution of filaria eliminasi in Tanah Bumbu Sub-Province and also applying of strategy of eliminasi mount District and factors which and resistor of PSP society of endemis filariasis. This Research methode is observasional and conducted to organizer of program and also taker of policy of Tanah Bumbu Sub-Province (study qualitative and quantitative study's chosen society by using transversal crosscut Desain study (cross secsional by statistical analysis. Result of research indicate that all taker of policy is not to know surely case picture of filariasis in Tanah Bumbu Sub-Province, so that cannot do resource allocation and over come take action in eradication of filariasis. Result of assessment of knowledge of attitude and behavior of responder, productive age (26-35 year though living many as farmer with education of finish mean of SMA more is owning of knowledge, positive behavior and attitude if compared to other age group. Pursuant to statistical analysis of productive age group at most counselling terpapar by officer of health so that they more is knowing of disease of filaria in general. Key words: filariasis, study policy, tanah bumbu sub province

  9. La guerra i la pau en l'era d'Internet

    Josep M. Porta Fabregat


    Full Text Available Aquest article mira d'esbrinar les causes de tipus ideològic que condueixen els éssers humans a la pau o a la guerra en el moment actual, l'era d'Internet. Aquest propòsit té sentit perquè la guerra no és una necessitat de la naturalesa ni de la història humanes: som capaços de guerra i de pau alhora. Tanmateix, per què subsisteix la guerra si podem aconseguir viure en pau? Segons la nostra opinió, la causa actual dels enfrontaments bèl·lics és el fanatisme. Aquest fenomen prové de la perversió de les dues fonts de la nostra civilització: la llibertat i la racionalitat. Aquesta doble perversió fa que ens creguem l'Absolut o, si més no, el seu instrument.Des de la caiguda del mur de Berlín, aquest tipus de fanatisme deriva de la convicció generalitzada en el fet que som al "final de la història"; d'aquesta situació, es conclou que la irracionalitat actual és definitiva i que, per tant, els esforços per arribar a una pau universal són inútils. En un sentit contrari, pensem que la fórmula d'aquesta pau només pot derivar d'una reflexió i de l'efectiva extensió mundial d'un mitjà tècnic que faci possible la comunicació entre tots els homes. La primera hauria de dissoldre les perversions de la llibertat i de la racionalitat i ens hauria de mantenir en la consciència de la nostra infinita llunyania respecte de l'Absolut. Però no n'hi ha prou amb aquesta reflexió. Perquè aquesta consciència triomfés, caldria l'extensió planetària de la situació tecnicoideològica que implica l'existència de la xarxa Internet: la llibertat dels qui hi intervenen, la racionalitat que permet la comunicació entre tots els que s'hi troben i l'accés universal. Aquesta és la tendència moral de la Xarxa, que per si mateixa afavoreix el progrés cap a la pau universal.

  10. La fauna de caprélidos (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Caprellidea de la costa de Coquimbo, centro-norte de Chile, con una clave taxonómica para la identificación de las especies The caprellid fauna (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Caprellidea from the coast of Coquimbo, Northern-central Chile, with a taxonomic key for species identification



    Full Text Available Los caprélidos son comunes y abundantes en muchos hábitats litorales del ambiente marino. Sin embargo este grupo de anfípodos no ha sido muy bien estudiado en la costa chilena. El estudio de los caprélidos se ha visto dificultado por su gran variabilidad morfológica y el hecho de que la literatura así como los especímenes de los museos son difíciles de localizar. El objetivo de este estudio fue entregar las herramientas taxonómicas para la identificación de las especies de crustáceos caprélidos comunes en el centro-norte de la costa de Chile. Se muestrearon distintos hábitats (boyas, bolones intermareales, praderas de algas y fanerógamas marinas y se encontraron seis especies distintas de caprélidos: Caprellina longicollis (Nicolet, 1849, Caprella equilibra Say, 1818, C. scaura Templeton, 1836, C. verrucosa Boeck, 1871; Deutella venenosa Mayer, 1890 y Paracaprella pusilla Mayer, 1890. Caprella scaura, C. verrucosa y D. venenosa fueron muy abundantes sobre las algas, hidrozoos y briozoos asociados a boyas. Caprella equilibra, también presente en boyas, fue más abundante bajo piedras en zonas intermareales rocosas expuestas, donde también se encontraron ejemplares de D. venenosa y de P. pusilla. Caprella scaura también se encontró sobre algas rojas de las playas arenosas, especialmente sobre Gracilaria chilensis y sobre la fanerógama marina Heterozostera tasmanica, donde cohabitó junto a Caprellina longicollis. Paracaprella pusilla constituye una nueva cita para las costas pacíficas sudamericanas, siendo nueva para la fauna de Chile. La especie D. venenosa, que se cita por primera vez después de la descripción original de Mayer en el año 1890, es considerada una especie endémica de la costa central de ChileCaprellids are abundant in many littoral habitats of the marine environment. Nevertheless, this group of amphipods has been scarcely studied along the coast of Chile. The study of the Caprellidea is particularly

  11. 江蓠在不同水层中的光合作用与生长

    刘思俭; 曾淑芳


    江蓠(Gracilaria Verrucosa)是制造琼脂的主要原料之一,它是一种常见的红藻,我国从北到南都有分布。它和大部份藻类植物一样,光合作用是碳素同化的主要方式,即在叶绿素的参与下,吸收日光能,进行二氧化碳及水分子的化学改组和碳素的还原,把无机碳化物合成有机化合物,同时放出氧气。

  12. Coral microbial community dynamics in response to anthropogenic impacts near a major city in the central Red Sea

    Ziegler, Maren


    Coral-associated bacteria play an increasingly recognized part in coral health. We investigated the effect of local anthropogenic impacts on coral microbial communities on reefs near Jeddah, the largest city on the Saudi Arabian coast of the central Red Sea. We analyzed the bacterial community structure of water and corals (Pocillopora verrucosa and Acropora hemprichii) at sites that were relatively unimpacted, exposed to sedimentation & local sewage, or in the discharge area of municipal wastewaters. Coral microbial communities were significantly different at impacted sites: in both corals the main symbiotic taxon decreased in abundance. In contrast, opportunistic bacterial families, such as e.g. Vibrionaceae and Rhodobacteraceae, were more abundant in corals at impacted sites. In conclusion, microbial community response revealed a measurable footprint of anthropogenic impacts to coral ecosystems close to Jeddah, even though the corals appeared visually healthy.

  13. Lupus vulgaris with squamous cell carcinoma.

    Motswaledi, Mojakgomo Hendrick; Doman, Chantal


    Tuberculosis is still a significant problem in developing countries. Cutaneous forms of tuberculosis account for approximately 10% of all cases of extrapulmonary tuberculosis. Cutaneous tuberculosis may be because of true infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis or because of tuberculids. Tuberculids are immunological reactions to haematogenously spread antigenic components of M. tuberculosis. True cutaneous tuberculosis may be because of inoculation or haematogenous spread of M. tuberculosis to the skin. Lupus vulgaris is the commonest form of true cutaneous tuberculosis. Other forms of true cutaneous tuberculosis are tuberculous chancre, tuberculosis verrucosa cutis, scrofuloderma, periorificial tuberculosis and miliary tuberculosis of the skin. Lupus vulgaris is usually chronic and progressive. It occurs in patients with moderate to high immunity against M. tuberculosis as evidenced by strongly positive tuberculin test. Long-standing cases of lupus vulgaris may be complicated by squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). We describe a patient who had undiagnosed lupus vulgaris for 35 years until she developed SCC on the lesion of lupus vulgaris.

  14. Quantifying Human Visible Color Variation from High Definition Digital Images of Orb Web Spiders

    Ajuria Ibarra, Helena; Rao, Dinesh


    Digital processing and analysis of high resolution images of 30 individuals of the orb web spider Verrucosa arenata were performed to extract and quantify human visible colors present on the dorsal abdomen of this species. Color extraction was performed with minimal user intervention using an unsupervised algorithm to determine groups of colors on each individual spider, which was then analyzed in order to quantify and classify the colors obtained, both spatially and using energy and entropy measures of the digital images. Analysis shows that the colors cover a small region of the visible spectrum, are not spatially homogeneously distributed over the patterns and from an entropic point of view, colors that cover a smaller region on the whole pattern carry more information than colors covering a larger region. This study demonstrates the use of processing tools to create automatic systems to extract valuable information from digital images that are precise, efficient and helpful for the understanding of the underlying biology. PMID:27902724

  15. Isolation of herpotrichiellacious fungi from the environment

    Vicente Vânia Aparecida


    Full Text Available Herpotrichiellaceous fungi, common agents of chromoblastomycosis and phaeohyphomycosis, were searched in samples of rotten wood, leaf littler, bark and soil of the rhizosphere, collected in the Centro Nacional de Pesquisas de Florestas/EMBRAPA, Colombo, PR, Brazil. Morphological analyses of macro, optic and scanning electron microscopy, as well as the determination of the nutritional pattern of the isolated strains were carried out for a taxonomical study. In a total of 17 colonies, 3 isolates (17.6% were identified as species of medical relevance: Cladophialophora bantiana (Sacc. de Hoog et al., Fonsecaea pedrosoi (Brumpt Negroni and Phialophora verrucosa Medlar. The identifications were based on the results of the analyses and on the comparison with CBS (Centraal Bureau voor Schimmelcultures reference strains. This investigation revealed the saprophytic existence of species known as agents of chromoblastomycosis and phaeohyphomycosis. These diseases are considered autochthonous in the studied area.

  16. Dicty_cDB: SLB811 [Dicty_cDB

    Full Text Available SL (Link to library) SLB811 (Link to dictyBase) - - - Contig-U16455-1 SLB811Z (Link... to Original site) - - SLB811Z 553 - - - - Show SLB811 Library SL (Link to library) Clone ID SLB811 (Link Representative seq. ID SLB81...1Z (Link to Original site) Representative DNA sequence >SLB811 (SLB811Q) /CSM/SL/SLB8-A/SLB811Q.Seq.d/ XXXXX...:none) Axinella verrucosa mRNA for elonga... 225 7e-58 AY582829_1( AY582829 |pid:none) Acanthamoeba culberts

  17. Preliminary results on Macroalgae distribution in destructive processes



    Full Text Available It has been shown, that the destruction of the coastal strip in region of action of Mikhailovsky landslide results in change of species structure and dominant species photophilous Cystoseira barbara on sciophylous Gracilaria verrucosa. In accordance with increasing sediments amount in sea water biomass and the morpho-functional parameters of the photophilous species are reducing, and at the sciophylous are growing. Progressing phenomenon of epiphytism is observed in algal populations in the southern part of researched region which is possible to consider as response reaction, leads to increase a synthesizing surface. Decreasing physiological activity is compensated by growth of the total surface of macrophytes. The increase of a sea water sediments leads to lowering ratio of long and shortwave pigments level of ATP-ase activity and raising concentration of the total sum of pigments in thalli.

  18. [Cutaneous tuberculosis. A study of 4 cases].

    Iborra, C; Cambau, E; Lecomte, C; Grosset, J; Bricaire, F; Caumes, E


    The recent increase in the incidence of tuberculosis has led to the return of cutaneous forms of this disease. In addition, diagnosis can now be made rapidly using genoma amplification. Four cases of cutaneous tuberculosis are described in nonimmunosuppressed patients: two cases of lupus vulgaris, including one due to Mycobacterium africanum, and two others of gummas, including one associated with tuberculosis verrucosa. The diagnosis was suggested by epidemiological, clinical, histological and immunological findings and confirmed by culture of the bacilli in 3 cases and by genoma amplification in 1. These observations illustrate the difficulties encountered in determining the tuberculosis nature of skin lesions. The clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, the pathophysiology of this disease and the new interest in genoma amplification are discussed.

  19. Carcinoma verrucoso: uma variante clínico-histopatológica do carcinoma espinocelular Verrucous carcinoma: a clinical-histopathologic variant of squamous cell carcinoma

    Maurício Zanini


    Full Text Available O carcinoma verrucoso é uma rara e indolente forma do carcinoma espinocelular descrita por Ackerman em 1948. Sua localização preferencial é a cavidade oral. Clinicamente manifesta-se como lesão verrucosa, de progressivo e lento crescimento e bom prognóstico. O tratamento de escolha é a exérese cirúrgica, devendo o paciente ser regularmente acompanhado devido ao risco de recorrências.Verrucous carcinoma is a rare and indolent variant of the squamous cell carcinoma described by Ackerman in 1948. The oral cavity is a most common site. Clinically, it presents most often as a slow-growing verrucous lesion. The prognosis is good. Treatment of choice is surgery. Patients require frequent reevaluation because recurrences may occur.

  20. Una strategia di elusione del Reale: la sacralizzazione della Cosa nel racconto “La forcina” di Guy de Maupassant

    Darwine Delvecchio


    Full Text Available In questo articolo proponiamo una lettura del racconto “La forcina” di Maupassant, secondo la quale la vicenda particolare del protagonista rappresenterebbe una delle possibili difese che il soggetto umano ha a propria disposizione per mantenersi a distanza dal Reale scabroso della Cosa. La nostra interpretazione prende le mosse dall'analisi condotta sulla sostanza semantica del testo e procederà confrontando gli strumenti forniti dalle scienze neurocognitive e della psicoanalisi freudiana e lacaniana.(Questo lavoro è stato prodotto nell'ambito del laboratorio sul tema seminariale “Le emozioni” proposto per l'anno 2013 dalla Scuola di Dottorato in Teoria e Analisi del Testo presso l'Università degli Studi di Bergamo

  1. Smart cities or dumb cities? Città dall’alto, città dal basso

    Beniamino Murgante


    Full Text Available C’è una certa convergenza tra gli esperti internazionali sulle Smart Cities (Ratti, 2013; Townsend, 2013 nel ritenere che queste città siano caratterizzate dalla sovrapposizione di un layer, di uno strato tecnologico abilitante, sulla città già esistente, non snaturando quindi le caratteristiche attuali della città, ma dotandola di una ‘quarta rete tecnologica’ (la rete Internet nella sua componente fisica, infrastrutturale oltre alle utilities che già conosciamo (acqua, luce, gas, in grado di collegare persone e cose tra loro (l’Internet ‘classica’ e la ‘Internet of Things’ che sempre più caratterizzerà la nostra interazione con gli oggetti.

  2. Un model d'autoregulació ètica: implantació i funcionament a Catalunya dels comitès d'ètica d'investigació clínica (CEIC)

    Oliva Prieto, Oriol


    Tenint present el concepte d'autoregulació ètica, la meva intenció en aquest treball és centrar-me en els trets característics de l'ètica de la investigació mèdica, la seva implantació i la seva aplicació pràctica actual en la nostra societat, amb la intuïció -reconec que tènue- de que aquest model podria servir, amb les oportunes modificacions, en altres institucions i àmbits. Teniendo presente el concepto de autorregulación ética, mi intención en este trabajo es centrarme en los rasgos c...

  3. Diversitat llingüística i educació

    Inmaculada Mas Álvarez


    Full Text Available Presentem les activitats conjuntes dutes a terme al 2n curs de formació de mestres (Llengua estrangera per a les assignatures de Lingüística i Llengua espanyola a la Universitat de Santiago de Compostela. Des d'un context universitari d'adaptació a l'Espai Europeu d'Educació Superior i tenint en compte que ens trobem en una comunitat bilingüe, els objectius comuns principals de las nostras programaciós han estat: contrarestar l'excessiva fragmentació entre les matèries lingüístiques, promoure la reflexió sobre la presa de consciència de la diversitat lingüística i cultural, fomentar l'aplicació de les TIC i potenciar el treball col.laboratiu.

  4. From the Nineties to the new millennium: projects and experiences of territory government, from the crisis of established models to the results of experimental innovative paths

    Roberto Farina


    Full Text Available Alle soglie degli anni ’90 la nostra è una delle regioni italiane più pianificate: tuttavia, dopo le esperienze degli anni ’60 e ‘70, in cui si era affermata la politica urbanistica riformista in particolare attraverso alcuni grandi programmi (la zonizzazione del territorio e l’attuazione dei piani dei servizi; i Piani per l’edilizia economica e popolare; i Piani per gli insediamenti produttivi, a partire dagli anni ’80 il modello di pianificazione “razionale”, pur nel pieno della sua attuazione (la legge urbanistica regionale è la n. 47 del 1978, e dello stesso anno era la L. 457, il piano decennale della casa il cui titolo IV definisce e programma il recupero edilizio e urbano, evidenzia già alcune difficoltà a reggere all’impatto di nuovi fenomeni e problemi che si manifestano nella società italiana.

  5. Ateliers dell'Immaginario Autobiografico

    Orazio Maria Valastro


    Full Text Available Gli articoli proposti sono stati selezionati tra i contributi editoriali pubblicati in proprio dall’Associazione di volontariato “Le Stelle in Tasca”, dei volumi e opuscoli a tiratura limitata che hanno animato un progetto editoriale di edizioni fuori commercio, destinate essenzialmente agli associati e condivise con gli attori sociali del territorio coinvolti nelle attività promosse. L’Associazione e gli Autori ne autorizzano la pubblicazione, nel quarto numero trimestrale del 2007 della rivista elettronica m@gm@, facendo assegnamento sulla politica del libero accesso tutelata da questo strumento editoriale, per condividerli con un pubblico più vasto di lettori. I testi sono un omaggio degli autori verso i quali rinnoviamo la nostra gratitudine per aver sostenuto il progetto associativo, sensibilizzando il territorio e rendendolo partecipe nel condividere i principi pedagogici di un’etica della narrazione e della scrittura di sé.

  6. La xarxa. Com canviaran les nostres vides els nous mitjans de comunicació. Un informe al Club de Roma de Juan Luís Cebrián

    Cèsar Carreras Monfort


    Full Text Available J. L. Cebrián ens ofereix en La xarxa una introducció general al que significa la societat de la informació, a tots els nous conceptes que apareixen constantment en els mitjans de comunicació i que són estranys per a molta gent. Es tracta d'un llibre de contingut ampli, destinat a un públic molt heterogeni, sens dubte desconeixedor de la matèria. S'hi descriuen els diversos canvis que les noves tecnologies produeixen ja en la nostra societat, en àmbits tan diferents com ara les comunicacions, la política, l'economia, l'educació i la formació, la cultura en general. Aquests aspectes es van desgranant amb un to divulgatiu, resseguint les idees principals elaborades sobre aquesta qüestió pels teòrics actuals.

  7. Il paesaggio tra conservazione e progetto. Il Concorso come strumento per la promozione della qualità progettuale

    Viviana Cappiello


    Full Text Available Questo concorso, dall’oggetto assolutamente affascinante di un ponte (solo fisico o anche ideale? sull’invaso del Pertusillo, ha prodotto grande eco ed anche effetti indotti di aumento della conoscenza della nostra regione, ma ha prodotto anche circa 80 magnifiche idee per una grande struttura, con una partecipazione, peraltro, molto diversificata di professionisti, dai giovanissimi fino ai rappresentanti degli studi più famosi, alimentando così un rinnovato entusiasmo nella competizione. Non v’è dubbio alcuno che solo attraverso queste modalità si può raggiungere il livello qualitativo adeguato, nello specifico dei progetti, ma più in generale nell’atteggiamento mentale di ciascuno, presupposto indispensabile di un futuro migliore.

  8. Traiettorie di epistemologia della complessità. Spunti per una pedagogia delle connessioni.

    Valentina Casirati


    Full Text Available L’articolo indaga sinteticamente le implicazione epistemologiche del pensiero di Gregory Bateson in relazione all’elaborazione di Edgar Morin. I due autori, infatti, sono legati dallo stesso sguardo epistemologico complesso, teso ad attivare connessioni originale tra ambiti disciplinari apparentemente lontani tra loro come quello della biologia e delle scienze sociali. Non riconoscere il gioco complesso delle interazioni entro cui la mente umana prende forma significa negare una parte essenziale dell’essere umano, rinunciando così al raggiungimento della nostra piena realizzazione. Le premesse epistemologiche del pensiero complesso rilanciano il ruolo della consapevolezza dell’interdipendenza che lega il soggetto umano ai sistemi creaturali più ampi, come dimensione prioritaria dell’agire educativo pedagogicamente fondato. Essa rappresenta inoltre un’occasione unica per innescare, nella realtà imprendibili di oggi, cambiamenti etico-valoriali significativi orientati in direzione di solidarietà, impegno e autenticità esistenziale.

  9. Outlining the historical stages of anti-rheumatic therapy: a reflection for the today’s rheumatologist

    P. Marson


    Full Text Available Da questo numero di Reumatismo, nella rassegna “La Reumatologia nella letteratura, nella storia e nell’arte”, prende avvio, un capitolo per volta, una “Piccola storia della terapia antireumatica”. Essa rappresenta la naturale continuazione di una nostra precedente monografia pubblicata nel 2006, intitolata appunto “Piccola storia delle malattie reumatiche” (1. Anzi, in un primo tempo le malattie e i farmaci dovevano essere i protagonisti di un’unica trattazione. Abbiamo modificato il progetto iniziale in itinere, anzitutto per il motivo molto banale che, mentre la parte dedicata alle malattie era pronta, quella dedicata ai farmaci richiedeva ancora un certo impegno, ma anche perché tra la storia delle malattie e quella dei farmaci vi sono alcune differenze non trascurabili...

  10. Ladinia linguistica in una monumentale opera: atlante lunguistico del ladino dolomitico e dei dialetti limitrofi - ald-1, Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag, Wiesbaden 1998.

    Mitja Skubic


    Full Text Available L'apparizione dell'atlante linguistico di un territorio romanzo va salutata con gioia, come una festa della ricerca scientifica in tale settore. E il sentimento di gioia ci pervade quando sfogliamo i primi quattro vol umi, in folio, deli' ALD. Non sol oper la mole e l'ampia concezione dell'opera, ma altrettanto e più ancora per il ricco materiale che l 'ALD offre. A tutta l' équipe scientifica guidata dal rinomato romanista salisburghese prof. Hans Goebl che assieme a Lois Craffonara e anche ideatore deli' opera, nonché ai collaboratori è all'editore vadano i nostri sinceri ringraziamenti. Ci sia permesso di aggiungere che la nostra rivista si pregia d'aver potuto ospitare alcuni studi scientifici del prof. Goebl, come anche del suo stretto collaboratore prof. Roland Bauer.

  11. Monogràfic "Copyright i dret d'autor: convergència internacional en un món digital?"

    Raquel Xalabarder


    Full Text Available

    Amb el desenvolupament tecnològic, la propietat intel·lectual ha anat adquirint un paper central en la nostra societat. El temps que ha transcorregut des de l'inici de la revolució digital ens proporciona ja una certa perspectiva. L'especulació ha anat deixant pas a respostes jurídiques concretes, legislatives i jurisprudencials, que, tot i que són de caràcter nacional, se situen en un marc global. El seminari té l'objectiu d'examinar-les, prenent com a referència l'experiència dels Estats Units d'Amèrica i dels països de la Comunitat Europea, en particular Espanya, que encara no ha incorporat la Directiva 2001/29/CE, de 22 maig 2001, sobre dret d'autor en la societat de la informació.

  12. “I’m a games maker”

    Stefano Macchia


    Full Text Available “I’m a games maker” è un progetto sperimentale realizzato nella nostra scuola e finalizzato alla costruzione di semplici giochi a contenuto educativo riutilizzabile, con il duplice scopo di raggiungere alcuni obiettivi specifici di apprendimento nel campo delle scienze e di disporre di uno strumento di integrazione per allievi con BES. Durante il progetto prima è stato realizzato un gioco da tavolo, un riadattamento del famoso Memory, e successivamente sono stati costruiti dei mobile games (App per dispositivi Android utilizzando la piattaforma gratuita AppsGeyser©. Nel presente contributo viene mostrato come sette studenti, di cui due con bisogni educativi speciali, abbiano  raccolto dati, discusso e quindi progettato e realizzato in gruppo dei semplici giochi, non solo acquisendo della conoscenza, ma anche attivando dei “microambienti sociali” dove collaborare positivamente, rispettare i compiti assegnati e motivarsi reciprocamente per il raggiungimento di obiettivi assegnati.

  13. Un tribunale civile inglese secondo una prospettiva antropologica

    Simon Roberts


    Full Text Available Le relazioni storiche con lo Stato e il ruolo chiave nel produrre processi e pronunce giudiziarie sono stati centrali per la nostra comprensione di che cos’è un “tribunale” in Occidente. Secondo  l’ideologia della rule of law1, la “giustizia” è sempre stata concettualizzata nei termini di un ordine realizzato per mezzo di una sentenza motivata; tanto che si è giunti a considerare i giudici quasi esclusivamente in relazione a questo assunto. Questa immagine neoclassica dominante del tribunale persiste nella cosmologia del mondo del common law – persino in presenza di trasformazioni ampiamente riconosciute – come una caratteristica apparentemente essenziale e duratura dell’ideologia del legalismo.

  14. Oltre lo spazio e il tempo la nuova fisica

    Lachièze-Rey, Marc


    Oggi la fisica si fonda, allo stesso tempo, sulla meccanica quantistica e sulla relatività generale. Ma, in quanto veri e propri sistemi di pensiero, queste due teorie suggeriscono due distinte visioni del mondo, non conciliabili nel quadro di una descrizione unificata. Se dunque la fisica attuale si rivela inadeguata, occorre costruirne una nuova, percorrendo fino in fondo la via geometrica. Supersimmetria, stringhe e superstringhe, gravità e cosmologia quantistiche, geometria non commutativa: nuove audaci ipotesi al servizio di nuove teorie che rinnovano la nostra concezione dello spazio, del tempo, della materia e dell'Universo, e che trovano nel volume una presentazione chiara e accessibile anche a un pubblico di non specialisti.

  15. Encontre Internacional Noves fronteres de la ciència, l'art i el pensament : física de l'estètica

    Perello, Josep; Física de l'estètica : noves fronteres de la ciència, l'art i el pensament


    Recopilació dels textos de les reflexions que van tenir lloc en l'encontre internacional "Noves fronteres de la ciència, l'art i el pensament. Física de l'estètica", celebrat els dies 6 i 7 de setembre de 2005 a l'Auditori Caixa Catalunya-l a Pedrera de Barcelona. En la trobada es plantejaren preguntes universals relati ves als límits de la nostra percepció, al disseny de la matèria o a la narrativa de la complexitat circumdant. Va comptar amb la collaboración de personalitats d'àmbits no científics que, des de la seva perspectiva, contribuiren a destil·l ar l'estètica emanada de les tendències contemporànies d'aquesta disciplina cien tífica.

  16. How to change the learning styles

    Rete EENET


    Full Text Available La grande trasformazione che ha portato al passaggio dalla societa' industriale a quella dell'informazione o della conoscenza ha coinvolto tutti gli aspetti della vita. In quanto parte integrante della nostra societa', il sistema educativo ha di fronte a se' nuove sfide imposte da questa trasformazione sociale che oltrepassano svariati confini, quali per esempio: * confini spaziali, quando si hanno a disposizione reti globali e internazionali,per esempio la European Schoolnet o sistemi per l'istruzione a distanza; * confini pedagogici, quando le tecnologiemultimediali di rete creano nuove formedi insegnamento e apprendimento; * confini strategici, quando l'acquisizione di nuove competenze e "alfabetizzazioni" (sui media e digitali diventa parte delle strategie e degli obiettivi educativi;

  17. Mafija - zgodovina in razvoj : diplomsko delo univerzitetnega študija

    Urbanija, Sara


    Štiri mafijske združbe, ki delujejo že stoletja izvirajo iz Italije. V Neaplju se je izoblikovala Camorra, v Kalabriji 'Ndrangheta, v Apuliji Sacra corona unita in na Siciliji Cosa nostra. Italijanske mafijske združbe so začele razvijati na jugu Italije in se širile v Ameriko, Evropo, na Japonsko, Kitajsko, v Rusijo... Vsaka združba je razvila svoje običaje in obrede, ki so se ohranili do današnjih dni. V vsakdanjem življenju so se mafijske družine srečevale z različnimi običaji. Ženske ...

  18. Caso e caos

    Ruelle, David


    Caso e caos – Il caso ha la sua ragione. Ma quale? E cos’è in realtà il caso? Da dove viene e come può fare irruzione nella nostra descrizione dell’universo? A tutte queste domande, in una chiara e lucida esposizione, cerca di dare risposta David Ruelle. Curiosando tra i risultati scientifici del XX secolo e soffermandosi anche su fenomeni e problemi estranei alla scienza tradizionale – le lotterie, gli oroscopi, la teoria dei giochi, la genesi della turbolenza – Ruelle ci guida a conoscere il caso avendo la matematica, la fisica e tutte le scienze naturali come compagne. Ancora oggi il modo in cui il caso irrompe nelle nostre vite e nel mondo può essere un mistero, ma grazie ai progressi della scienza, qui raccontati, riusciamo a saperne un poco di più.

  19. Obtenir mostres de color i comparar-les

    Ana Entenza Rodríguez


    Full Text Available La nostra intenció era investigar l'ús del color en una sèrie de peces comunicatives, però en descriure com seleccionaríem i classificaríem les mostres, vam veure que aquest pas inicial suposava un estudi en si mateix, perquè classificar una cosa que no està acotat en quantitat (algunes aplicacions treballen amb milions, que disposa de diferents nomenclatures (en funció de cultures i països, del qual amb prou feines coneixem una dotzena de noms i que varia en funció de les condicions de llum, de suport, o de qualitat de reproducció, requereix reflexió i aprofundiment.

  20. Jeanne Hersch: una filosofia dei contorni

    Roberta De Monticelli


    Full Text Available A Si tracciano le linee fondamentali del pensiero di Jeanne Hersch (Ginevra, 1910-2000, che concepisce la filosofia come servizio anti-idolatrico nei confronti della trascendenza da un lato, e dall’altro come continua presa di coscienza dei gesti della libertà che fanno irriducibile al dato e insieme profondamente individuata, qui ed ora, la nostra vita. Si mostra come l’ontologia di questa pensatrice sia indissociabile dalla sua estetica, o piuttosto dalla sua teoria del fare umano quale partecipazione finita e incarnata alla creazione. Si mostra il nesso da lei particolarmente sottolineato fra consistenza morale personale e responsabilità del pensiero teorico, sulla base dell’esempio negativo di Heidegger, sostenitore del nazismo. Si discute la netta presa di posizione che Jeanne Hersch assume contro le seduzioni e le liturgie verbali del suo pensiero incantatorio, irresponsabile nei confronti della verità e “radicato nel disprezzo”.

  1. Paola Bono - Bia Sarrasini (eds., Epiche. Altre imprese, altre narrazioni

    Massimo Fusillo


    Full Text Available Negli spazi affascinanti dell’Hangar Bicocca di Milano, accanto alle sublimi torri di Anselm Kiefer, è in corso in questi mesi un’ampia mostra, Light Time Tales, della famosa videoartista e performer americana Joan Jonas, da sempre affascinata dalla rilettura di saghe e testi epici, e tesa verso una ridefinizione continua della soggettività femminile. Nell’unica immensa sala buia, costellata da numerosi video e da alcune installazioni, il fruitore può costruirsi un proprio percorso più o meno labirintico, recependo in simultaneità frammenti di varie opere. Una prova di cosa possa significare oggi riproporre l’antichissimo genere dell’epica, nella nostra epoca intermediale, dominata dal multitasking.

  2. Revisió bibliogràfica dels usos pedagògics dels codis QR

    Fernando Gómez Gonzalvo


    Full Text Available Les TIC dins de les aules han obert un ventall de possibilitats pedagògiques. Es la nostra feina analitzar les propostes d’innovació educativa per a comprovar que és tracten de millores substancials i no d’una qüestió de moda. Presentem una revisió científica sobre l’utilització dels còdecs QR en educació. S’ha trobat diversos avantatges en l’ús de còdecs QR en les classes. Realitzem una proposta sobre les orientacions de les futures línies d’investigació que haurien de seguir el desenvolupament de l’investigació a dels còdecs QR en la seua aplicació didàctica i pedagògica.

  3. Metodi matematici per la teoria dell’evoluzione

    Bazzani, Armando; Freguglia, Paolo


    Esistono ormai da tempo molti articoli, in particolar modo su riviste di biomatematica, di (bio)fisica e di biologia, che presentano proposte e risultati di modellistica matematica relativi direttamente ed indirettamente alla teoria dell’evoluzione. Sicuramente questi studi sono da considerarsi cruciali per l’istituzione della biologia teorica. I temi da prendere in esame sono dapprima le convinzioni che i biologi hanno in merito. Quindi un’analisi dei precedenti tentativi di formulare una teoria matematica dell’evoluzione, nonché i relativi sviluppi e insuccessi a cui abbiamo assistito nell’ambito della "teoria della complessità". La nostra proposta consiste dunque nel realizzare una teoria matematicamente formulata e biologicamente ben fondata dell’evoluzione con specifico e giustificato riferimento a quella fenotipica. Quindi su questa base costruiamo sia di un modello geometrico sia un modello dinamico stocastico. In questo modo, pur tenendo presente l’intrinseca insufficienza dell’appro...

  4. Gli incerti confini del cosmo dai buchi neri alle macchine del tempo

    De Felice, Fernando


    Il libro mostra come la gravitazione abbia un ruolo determinante nei fenomeni cosmici che più ci impressionano, da quelli relativamente vicini alla nostra esperienza (come la formazione delle stelle) a quelli meno intuibili (come la formazione dei buchi neri), alla struttura dell'Universo nel suo insieme. Oltre a spiegare, in modo qualitativo, concetti come la geometria dello spazio-tempo, la relatività del tempo e i coni di luce, l'autore formula un'ipotesi innovativa tendente a spiegare l'origine della gravitazione e con essa quella dei fenomeni circondati ancora da un alone di mistero: la materia oscura dell'Universo e il destino della materia alla fine del collasso gravitazionale.

  5. Antropologi tra museo e patrimonio

    Pietro Clemente


    Full Text Available Chissà perché quando si pensa al museo si pensa al passato. Forse per via delle Muse, o dei musei egizi, etruschi e romani. Quando si pensa a questi popoli li si pensa, opacamente, nel loro tempo lontano,e non nel “vero” tempo della nostra conoscenza di essi: l’archeologia è uno dei settori più moderni e computerizzati della ricerca umanistica. È ancora ammesso qualche gesto romantico, qualche intuizione visionaria, ma poi si fa stratigrafia computerizzata e solo su queste basi si interpreta. Il collezionismo è fenomeno relativamente recente, per certe tipologie (oggetti della gente comune, carte telefoniche, modernariato è in continua mutazione.

  6. 14 modelli per la progettazione biofilica. Migliorare la salute e il benessere nell’ambiente antropico

    William Browning


    Full Text Available La progettazione biofilica può ridurre lo stress, accrescere la creatività e la lucidità del pensiero, migliorare il nostro benessere e accelerare la guarigione. Così, mentre si assiste all’espansione del processo di urbanizzazione da parte della popolazione mondiale, queste qualità assumono importanza crescente. Teorici, ricercatori e progettisti hanno lavorato decenni per definire quali aspetti della natura hanno un maggiore impatto sulla nostra soddisfazione per gli ambienti antropizzati, ed è in questa prospettiva che i “14 modelli per la progettazione biofilica” – che si articolano attorno alla relazione tra la natura, l’uomo in quanto essere biologico e la progettazione dell’ambiente antropico – si propongono di vagliare i benefici della biofilia e della progettazione applicata.

  7. Peste emozionale e immaginario sociale in Wilhelm Reich

    Georges Bertin


    Full Text Available Per noi è impressionante, quasi letteralmente, constatare oggi che le analisi sociologiche sviluppate da Wilhelm Reich settanta anni fa sono nuovamente di estrema attualità. Mentre una delle grandi voci dell'analisi critica, quella di Castoriadis, lontano certamente dai sofismi attuali dei nuovi filosofi che si adoperano ad accedere ai benefici pubblici e editoriali, si è ormai spenta da sei anni, mentre i politici si adoperano, sui podi della Società dello Spettacolo, a prendere di mira i processi di comunicazione più derisori per mascherare la loro assenza di pensiero politico, mai la nostra società post-moderna è stata in effetti così vicina a questa crisi di significati immaginari sociali che Reich definiva già negli anni trenta, peste emozionale.

  8. Moneta e Credito: storia e prospettive di una rivista



    Full Text Available Con questo numero speciale si apre una nuova stagione della storia della nostra rivista. In una fase di ristrutturazioni interne, la Banca Nazionale del Lavoro – Gruppo BNP-Paribas ha concordato la cessione della proprietà della rivista stessa e della sua consorella Quarterly Review all’Associazione Paolo Sylos Labini, mantenendo un collegamento tramite una sponsorizzazione. In questo modo è stato possibile salvare due riviste con una storia lunga e prestigiosa, conservandone intatto l’orientamento verso la ricerca e il dibattito scientifico nel campo della teoria e della politica economica, con attenzione particolare ma non esclusiva per gli aspetti monetari e finanziari e senza alcuna preconcetta scelta di campo tra le diverse scuole di pensiero.

  9. Monogràfic “Programari lliure”

    David Martínez


    Full Text Available Ningú no pot qüestionar el profund impacte que l’ús de la informàtica, i més concretament del programari, ha provocat en els més diversos àmbits de la nostra societat. Actualment existeixen dos tipus de programari, el propietari i el lliure. En sentit estricte, la diferència entre el programari propietari i el programari lliure és una diferència de caire jurídic, ja que es basa en la configuració diferent des del punt de vista de la propietat intel•lectual i, més concretament, dels drets d’autor.

  10. Note di fotonica

    Degiorgio, Vittorio


    L’invenzione del laser ha generato una vera rivoluzione nella scienza e nella tecnologia e ha dato luogo alla nascita di una nuova disciplina chiamata Fotonica. Le applicazioni della Fotonica che hanno un impatto cruciale in molti ambiti della nostra vita sono le comunicazioni in fibra ottica su cui si basa il funzionamento di Internet e del traffico telefonico su grandi distanze, i dischi ottici (CD, DVD, Blu-ray), la sensoristica ottica di tipo industriale e ambientale, la lavorazione dei materiali e la chirurgia con il laser, l’illuminazione con i LED. Questa seconda edizione contiene diversi ampliamenti e modifiche al testo pubblicato nel 2012, che ha colmato un vuoto nel panorama italiano di testi universitari riguardanti la Fotonica. Dopo avere esposto in modo sintetico ma rigoroso i concetti che stanno alla base del funzionamento del laser e della propagazione della luce nella materia, sono descritti i principali componenti e dispositivi ottici e optoelettronici, quali le fibre ottiche, gli amplifi...

  11. Dos inventaris del mas Corredor de Camargues (Pals) amb la guerra del francès pel mig

    Corredor Plaja, Anna-Maria


    Dos inventaris del mas Corredor de Camargues (Pals) de principis del segle XIX, un d'una certa extensió i l ’altre molt més reduït, ofereixen un modest testimoni de les conseqüències de la Guerra del Francès a casa nostra. Efectivament, vegem com molts dels béns esmentats en el document anterior a la guerra (1802) han desaparegut en l ’altre (1810), dos anys després del començament de l ’esdeveniment. A banda del seu valor històric, com tots els inventaris, aquests documents presenten un inte...

  12. Learning from las Cuencas

    Allen, Nacho Ruiz; López Arraiza, Sara


    Learning from las Cuencas research project, awarded with the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2015, provides a new perspective of industrial cultural landscapes. Despite being focused on a local environment, the coal mining area of the Cuencas Mineras Centrales of Asturias...... came to host busy urban agglomerations of unexpected density in their very heart. This heretical urban configuration is equally the result of the impact of economic interests in a specific space and in a relatively short lapse of time. Consequently, the co-existence of natural, rural, industrial...... and urban landscapes came about in a totally uncontrolled and unplanned fashion. The fuzzy limits between the different landscapes foreclose the possibility of identifying their areas of influence. The Cuencas are perceived as a mesh of opposing yet interconnected identities. This has given rise...


    Alberto Capatti


    Full Text Available Nel Vocabolario milanese italiano è presente non solo un  ricchissimo vocabolario bilingue della cucina ma  una vera e propria enciclopedia alimentare (prodotti, ingredienti, mestieri, piatti: un cantiere aperto e di enorme importanza per la storia della nostra cultura linguistica e gastronomica, sia prima dell’Unità sia dopo l’Unità d’Italia. Dining with Cherubini. A work in progressThe Vocabolario milanese italiano not only features a very rich range of terms regarding cooking but it is also a veritable encyclopedia of food (products, ingredients, professions, dishes: a work in progress of huge importance for the history of our culture, language and cuisine, both before and after the unification of Italy.

  14. Skjern River Restoration Counterfactual

    Clemmensen, Thomas Juel


    In 2003 the Skjern River Restoration Project in Denmark was awarded the prestigious Europa Nostra Prize for ‘conserving the European cultural heritage’ (Danish Nature Agency 2005). In this case, however, it seems that the conservation of one cultural heritage came at the expense of another cultural...... of Dissonance in Nature Restoration’, Journal of Landscape Architecture 2/2014: 58-67. Danish Nature Agency (2005), Skjern Å: Ådalens historie. De store projekter. Det nye landskab og naturen. På tur i ådalen [The Skjern River: The History of the River Delta. The Big Projects. The New Landscape and Nature...... heritage. While the meanders of the Skjern River were reconstructed according to its assumed course in 1870s, the embanked canal, which was the main feature and symbol of a comprehensive cultivation project from the 1960s, was deconstructed and reduced to incomprehensible traces of the past. Not only did...

  15. Metabolite Profiling of Red Sea Corals

    Ortega, Jovhana Alejandra


    Looking at the metabolite profile of an organism provides insights into the metabolomic state of a cell and hence also into pathways employed. Little is known about the metabolites produced by corals and their algal symbionts. In particular, corals from the central Red Sea are understudied, but interesting study objects, as they live in one of the warmest and most saline environments and can provide clues as to the adjustment of corals to environmental change. In this study, we applied gas chromatography – mass spectrometry (GC–MS) metabolite profiling to analyze the metabolic profile of four coral species and their associated symbionts: Fungia granulosa, Acropora hemprichii, Porites lutea, and Pocillopora verrucosa. We identified and quantified 102 compounds among primary and secondary metabolites across all samples. F. granulosa and its symbiont showed a total of 59 metabolites which were similar to the 51 displayed by P. verrucosa. P. lutea and A. hemprichii both harbored 40 compounds in conjunction with their respective isolated algae. Comparing across species, 28 metabolites were exclusively present in algae, while 38 were exclusive to corals. A principal component and cluster analyses revealed that metabolite profiles clustered between corals and algae, but each species harbored a distinct catalog of metabolites. The major classes of compounds were carbohydrates and amino acids. Taken together, this study provides a first description of metabolites of Red Sea corals and their associated symbionts. As expected, the metabolites of coral hosts differ from their algal symbionts, but each host and algal species harbor a unique set of metabolites. This corroborates that host-symbiont species pairs display a fine-tuned complementary metabolism that provide insights into the specific nature of the symbiosis. Our analysis also revealed aquatic pollutants, which suggests that metabolite profiling might be used for monitoring pollution levels and assessing

  16. When shape matters: strategies of different Antarctic ascidians morphotypes to deal with sedimentation.

    Torre, Luciana; Abele, Doris; Lagger, Cristian; Momo, Fernando; Sahade, Ricardo


    Climate change leads to increased melting of tidewater glaciers in the Western Antarctic Peninsula region and sediment bearing glacial melt waters negatively affects filter feeding species as solitary ascidians. In previous work the erect-forms Molgula pedunculata and Cnemidocarpa verrucosa (Order Stolidobranchiata) appeared more sensitive than the flat form Ascidia challengeri (Order Phlebobranchiata). Sedimentation exposure is expected to induce up-regulation of anaerobic metabolism by obstructing the organs of gas exchange (environmental hypoxia) or causes enhanced squirting activity (functional hypoxia). In this study we evaluated the possible relationship between ascidian morphotype and their physiological response to sedimentation. Together with some behavioural observations, we analysed the response of anaerobic metabolic parameters (lactate formation and glycogen consumption) in different tissues of three Antarctic ascidians, exposed to high sediment concentrations (200 mgL(-1)). The results were compared to experimental hypoxia (10% pO2) and exercise (induced muscular contraction) effects, in order to discriminate the effect of sediment on each species and morpho-type (erect vs. flat forms). Our results suggest that the styled (erect) C. verrucosa increases muscular squirting activity in order to expulse excessive material, while the flat-form A. challengeri reacts more passively by down-regulating its aerobic metabolism under sediment exposure. Contrary, the erect ascidian M. pedunculata did not show any measurable response to the treatments, indicating that filtration and ingestion activities were not reduced or altered even under high sedimentation (low energetic material) which could be disadvantageous on the long-term and could explain why M. pedunculata densities decline in the study area. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  17. Tipos polínicos encontrados em amostras de méis de Apis mellifera em Picos, Estado do Piauí Pollinic types found in honey samples of Apis mellifera from Picos, State of Piaui

    Geni da Silva Sodré


    Full Text Available Com o objetivo de determinar os tipos polínicos de méis produzidos por Apis mellifera L., 1758, no município de Picos, Estado do Piauí, foram realizadas análises polínicas de 35 amostras de méis coletadas entre novembro e dezembro de 2001 no Laboratório de Apicultura do Departamento de Entomologia, Fitopatologia e Zoologia Agrícola da Escola Superior de Agricultura "Luiz de Queiroz", Universidade de São Paulo. A identificação dos tipos polínicos foi realizada por meio de descrições obtidas em literatura especializada. Os resultados demonstraram que foram encontrados 36 tipos polínicos, distribuídos em 18 famílias botânicas, sendo consideradas como pólen dominante Piptadenia sp. (Mimosaceae, Mimosa caesalpiniiaefolia Benth. (Mimosaceae, M. verrucosa Benth. (Mimosaceae e Croton urucurana Baill. (Euphorbiaceae.This research deals with the pollinic types of honeys produced by Apis mellifera L., 1758 in the municipality of Picos, State of Piaui were determined in the Laboratory of Apiculture, Department of Entomology, Phytopathology and Agricultural Zoology, College of Agriculture ‘Luiz de Queiroz', University of São Paulo, in Piracicaba, State of São Paulo, pollinic analysis of 36 honey samples collected in November and December of 2001. The identification of e pthollinic made by types was specialized literature. The results showed that 36 types of pollen were found, distributed in 18 botanical families, and the following plant species were considered as dominant Piptadenia sp. (Mimosaceae, Mimosa caesalpiniiaefolia Benth. (Mimosaceae, M. verrucosa Benth. (Mimosaceae and Croton urucurana Baill. (Euphorbiaceae.

  18. Facilitation of macroalgae by the sedimentary tube forming polychaete Diopatra cuprea

    Thomsen, M. S.; McGlathery, K.


    Marine foundation organisms such as seagrasses, corals, and kelps facilitate the distribution of numerous organisms by creating refuges from environmental stressors and by providing food and substrate for settlement and growth. Barren soft-sediment systems often have faunal organisms that facilitate other species by habitat modification. We investigated how an abundant (21 m -2) tube cap forming polychaete, Diopatra cuprea, facilitates macroalgal distribution in Hog Island Bay, a turbid shallow tidal lagoon in Virginia (USA). Seventy percent of the number of mudflat macroalgae were found incorporated into protruding D. cuprea tube caps and field experiments showed that D. cuprea facilitates algal persistence by providing a stable substrate retaining algae against hydrodynamic forces such as tidal flushing and storm surge. If tube caps were removed, simulating storm-induced erosion, they were rebuilt within days and new drift algae incorporated. Also, D. cuprea facilitated the algal assemblage by fragmenting thalli in the attachment process, thereby ensuring a constant fragment supply for vegetative re-growth if storm-induced pruning occurs. On a species-specific level, Gracilaria verrucosa and Ulva curvata benefited more from tube cap construction compared to Fucus vesiculosus, Agardhiella subulata and the alien Codium fragile ssp. tomentosoides. This was partly because G. verrucosa and U. curvata were incorporated and fragmented more readily, and partly because they probably have physiological, morphological and biomechanical traits that enable them to better co-exist with D. cuprea. These results suggest that macroalgal distribution throughout Hog Island Bay to a large extent is linked to the distribution of D. cuprea. The processes of algal attachment, retainment, recovery, re-growth and fragmentation, can have important ecosystem implications because of the sheer abundance of the Diopatra- Gracilaria/Ulva association.

  19. Tecnoperceptives de la sonoritat electrònica en la cibercultura

    Begoña Abad Miguélez


    Full Text Available Les noves tecnologies de la comunicació i de la informació es caracteritzen per fer possible nous usos tècnics, des dels punt de vista instrumental, i noves pràctiques tecnològiques que remeten a relacions intersubjectives, comportaments, representacions... La cultura de l'ordinador, la cibercultura, no n'és cap excepció. Amb la generalització i l'afinament del dispositiu original que la crea, es generen socialment les condicions per a un canvi radical de les pràctiques, dels conceptes i dels punts de suport culturals més estables. La major part dels autors que s'han ocupat d'aquest canvi del sensorium cultural han tendit a centrar-se en la velocitat i acceleració de les imatges i dels textos deixant de costat el paper que realitza el so i el silenci. Deixant de banda, en definitiva, el paper de la música generada electrònicament. Amb tot, en una època "digital" on els ordinadors governen la nostra vida quotidiana, seria imperdonable que no penséssim en la música electrònica, digitalitzada, com a banda sonora més adient per a aquest nou context. És per això que en aquest treball volem prendre en consideració alguns dels canvis culturals que caracteritzen la cibercultura, i mirar d'establir connexions entre la revolució de les imatges i la revolució de la musicalitat, tant les unes com l'altra generades electrònicament. L'objectiu últim de la nostra incursió en aquest camp és apropar-nos als efectes de sentit de les tecnoperceptives de la sonoritat electrònica en la que podem anomenar "era de les màquines intel·ligents".

  20. Finzione E Ambiguità

    Wafaa Mohamed Hussein


    Full Text Available Antonio Tabucchi è uno scrittore insonne, solleticato dalla notte e dalle ombre, attirato da spirali frammentate di immagini, sogni, viaggi e persone, il nostro percorso tende ad indicare una possibile chiave di lettura di quest’autore con l’ausilio di due temi: mistero e notte. Tabucchi ha un senso innato del tempo che è nascosto dentro le cose; degli eventi che tornano e si ripetono; e della parola ultima, che deve chiudere il racconto, gettando ogni cosa nel nulla. Ma è anche un narratore moderno, sa che nelle cose e nei pensieri, c’è un vuoto, un’assenza. Scrivere un racconto per lui significa esprimere questo vuoto senza colmarlo mai. Per questo in tutto quello che Tabucchi narra, c’è un’omissione, o una rete di omissioni, che getta una luce enigmatica sull’apparente pienezza degli eventi. Emblematico ed esplicativo per la nostra ricerca è Notturno indiano, che a nostro avviso, è uno dei testi più riusciti di Tabucchi. È la storia di una ricerca, e più esattamente della ricerca di sé. Ma, anche, la rivelazione di una condizione di estranietà da se stesso, alla scoperta di un altro sé, sparso nei territori dell'inappartenenza. Non è un caso che questo Notturno vaghi alla ricerca di un "Ombra", soprattutto se si pensa al valore simbolico che l'ombra riveste in tanta letteratura. Come suggerisce Rankè il nostro doppio, ma soprattutto la nostra anima, quella matassa di fili che misteriosi ed enigmatici si intrecciano confondendoci e, che pur cercando di dipanare, resteranno sempre le mille facce di una stessa medaglia.

  1. Heaney l’amante infelice. Riprese del libro VI dell’Eneide

    Alberto Fraccacreta


    Full Text Available Seamus Heaney è forse l’amante infelice del Cristianesimo. Il rispetto per i morti, per le lacerazioni e infezioni nazionali – rispetto cantato superbamente in Station Island – spinse il poeta irlandese a cercare il rimedio alla crisi dei valori in un sistema trascendenteanteriore a quello intimamente cristiano: i Campi Elisi virgiliani. «Una fede lieve e pesante come la mannaia di una ghigliottina», suggerisce inconsapevolmente Kafka. Con Virgilio Heaney condivideva anche la sorte di esule. Nella nostra epoca assetata di alterità politica e metafisica, il loro rapporto va più a fondo della semplice ‘ripresa’, ‘traduzione’, ‘rilettura’: in entrambi si scorge l’inconfondibile tensione verso l’assolutamente altro, la trascendenza che, rinnovata, torna a investire il reale della sua potenza. Heaney e Virgilio, in una voce unica e stentorea,  divengono per la nostra epoca quasi un destino irrinunciabile. With respect to Christianity, Seamus Heaney may be considered an ‘unsatisfied lover’. His reverence towards both the dead and the wounds of his nation – a reverence majestically sung in Station Island – set the Irish poet on search for a remedy to the crisis of Christian values. That search found its fullfillment in a transcendence system prior to the Christian one: Virgil’s Elysium. «A belief is like a guillotine, just as heavy, just as light.», Kafka unsconsciously suggests. Heaney and Virgil even shared the same outcast fate. In our age – which craves for political and metaphysical otherness – the link between Heaney and Virgil is way deeper than mere reinterpretation or reworking. In both of them, we can glimpse the unique tension towards the Absolute Other – that is transcendence – which comes back to fill reality with its renewed power. Heaney and Virgil are one single stentorian voice, and they represent an undeniable destiny from the point ofview of our times.

  2. Bore holes and the vanishing of guinea worm disease in Ghana's upper region.

    Hunter, J M


    Ghana's Upper Region provides an excellent example of the beneficial effects of improved water security provided by hand-pump tube wells. Following a Ghana-Canada bilateral development project that installed some 2500 pumps, protection rates against guinea worm disease may be estimated as 88% in the west, and 96% in the east. Survey comparisons between ca 1960 and 1990 show that dracunculiasis declined in 32 of a total of 38 areas. The shadow of guinea worm has been lifted from the land and, in many areas, a true "vanishing" has occurred. The few areas of disease increase are characterized by the lowest population densities, pioneer settlement for cotton farming, and an absence of bore holes. Vagaries of development have inadvertently produced disease transformations or "metamorphoses" from dracunculiasis to elephantiasis (lymphatic filariasis) in one area, and to red water disease (schistosomiasis hematobium) in other areas. Correlative associations between pump densities and guinea worm disease are weakened by the large size of areas for which disease is reported in 1990. One preliminary finding is that geographical distance to the pump is a stronger influence than demographic pressure on pumps, regarding dracunculiasis. Diminishing returns on higher pump densities in many areas support the idea of making fuller, safer use of supplementary non-pump water. Despite crises of fee payment and pump maintenance, the rural bore hole project has struck a mortal blow against guinea worm, and permanently raised the quality of life in the Upper Region.

  3. Macrofilaricidal Activity in Wuchereria bancrofti after 2 Weeks Treatment with a Combination of Rifampicin plus Doxycycline

    Alexander Yaw Debrah


    Full Text Available Infection with the filarial nematode Wuchereria bancrofti can lead to lymphedema, hydrocele, and elephantiasis. Since adult worms cause pathology in lymphatic filariasis (LF, it is imperative to discover macrofilaricidal drugs for the treatment of the infection. Endosymbiotic Wolbachia in filariae have emerged as a new target for antibiotics which can lead to macrofilaricidal effects. In Ghana, a pilot study was carried out with 39 LF-infected men; 12 were treated with 200 mg doxycycline/day for 4 weeks, 16 were treated with a combination of 200 mg doxycycline/day + 10 mg/kg/day rifampicin for 2 weeks, and 11 patients received placebo. Patients were monitored for Wolbachia and microfilaria loads, antigenaemia, and filarial dance sign (FDS. Both 4-week doxycycline and the 2-week combination treatment reduced Wolbachia load significantly. At 18 months posttreatment, four-week doxycycline resulted in 100% adult worm loss, and the 2-week combination treatment resulted in a 50% adult worm loss. In conclusion, this pilot study with a combination of 2-week doxycycline and rifampicin demonstrates moderate macrofilaricidal activity against W. bancrofti.

  4. Circulating microbial products and acute phase proteins as markers of pathogenesis in lymphatic filarial disease.

    R Anuradha

    Full Text Available Lymphatic filariasis can be associated with development of serious pathology in the form of lymphedema, hydrocele, and elephantiasis in a subset of infected patients. Dysregulated host inflammatory responses leading to systemic immune activation are thought to play a central role in filarial disease pathogenesis. We measured the plasma levels of microbial translocation markers, acute phase proteins, and inflammatory cytokines in individuals with chronic filarial pathology with (CP Ag+ or without (CP Ag- active infection; with clinically asymptomatic infections (INF; and in those without infection (endemic normal [EN]. Comparisons between the two actively infected groups (CP Ag+ compared to INF and those without active infection (CP Ag- compared to EN were used preliminarily to identify markers of pathogenesis. Thereafter, we tested for group effects among all the four groups using linear models on the log transformed responses of the markers. Our data suggest that circulating levels of microbial translocation products (lipopolysaccharide and LPS-binding protein, acute phase proteins (haptoglobin and serum amyloid protein-A, and inflammatory cytokines (IL-1β, IL-12, and TNF-α are associated with pathogenesis of disease in lymphatic filarial infection and implicate an important role for circulating microbial products and acute phase proteins.

  5. Carcinoma epidermoide como complicação letal de lesões crônicas de cromoblastomicose Chromoblastomycosis associated with a lethal squamous cell carcinoma

    Edoardo Torres


    Full Text Available A cromoblastomicose é uma micose subcutânea, ocasionada por fungos dermatófitos, dos gêneros: Fonsecaea, Phialophora e Cladophialophora. As complicações habituais são: infecções secundárias, linfedema e elefantíase. Em lesões crônicas, tem-se documentado malignização. Relatamos um caso de um homem de 72 anos de idade, com cromoblastomicose de 30 anos de evolução, em região glútea, com desenvolvimento de carcinoma epidermoide.Chromoblastomycosis is a subcutaneous mycosis caused by the dermatophytic fungi Fonsecaea, Phialophora and Cladophialophora. Usual complications include secondary infection, lymphedema and elephantiasis. Associated malignancies have been found in chronic cases. This case report describes a 72 year-old male with a 30 year history of chromoblastomycosis in the gluteal region, who went on to develop a squamous cell carcinoma.

  6. Stigma reduction and improved knowledge and attitudes towards filariasis using a comic book for children.

    el-Setouhy, Maged A; Rio, Francisco


    WHO has initiated a global program for lymphatic filariasis (LF) elimination by year 2020. A comic book was designed to improve knowledge and attitudes of Egyptian school children, which included messages on the acceptability of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) and stigma reduction. Comic book administration significantly reduced the fear of the studied children from LF as a killer disease. It helped in positively changing the attitudes of the children towards Elephantiasis patients (p-value comic book also reduced the number of children who had earlier stated that they would avoid someone with LF. Knowledge about the ability of treating and preventing LF was also significantly increased among the children after reading the comic book. Moreover, comic book reading helped in raising the awareness towards MDA as the method of choice in preventing LF. Most of the children liked the comic book and its contents. Importantly, 96.2% found this book easy to understand. Many of relatives and friends read the comic book within 2 weeks after distribution. A well-accepted comic book for children is a proven way to reduce stigma and increase knowledge about disease prevention and treatment.

  7. Compassion in Soranus' Gynecology and Caelius Aurelianus' On Chronic Diseases.

    Porter, Amber J


    Compassion is considered an important quality for a successful physician today, but did ancient physicians display and value this emotion? How did they feel when faced with the pain and suffering of their patients? How did their patients' emotions affect their own? Many ancient physicians are not well-known for expressions of compassion in their writings; however, this seems to change in the second century AD. One medical writer who exemplifies this change is Soranus of Ephesus (c. 98-138 AD). In his Gynecology, there are a number of passages where compassion is addressed or expressed (such as the chapters on the qualities of the best midwife, the symptom of pica, childbirth, and superstition). The same points can be made of Soranus' On Chronic Diseases, preserved to some extent by the Latin version and adaptation by fifth century AD medical writer Caelius Aurelianus (see, for example, the chapters on chronic headache, mania and elephantiasis). Soranus and Caelius display compassion, understanding, and flexibility of approach when dealing with patient issues; they show themselves willing to change their medical technique when they see that it is doing more harm or discomfort than good. In Soranus and Caelius, we have an image of a physician who acknowledges and is aware of their patients' emotions, beliefs and attitudes, and who exhibits compassion for them.

  8. 骨膜增生厚皮症%A case of pachydermoperiostosis

    黄晨; 都琳; 雷文知; 杨雅骊; 朱元杰; 顾菊林


    报告1例骨膜增生厚皮症.患者男,25岁.头面部皮肤及四肢末端进行性增生肥厚10年余.皮肤科检查:颜面部皮肤肥厚增生,折叠,呈沟回状,皮脂溢出明显,面容为痛苦绝望表情,眼距宽、鼻梁低、鼻端大,呈狮面,枕部头皮呈脑回样,皱襞粗大,沟嵴明显,前臂和小腿呈圆柱状,似象皮腿,手指和足趾呈杵状,小鱼际肥厚明显,呈铲样手,余检查未见异常.%A case of pachydermoperiostosis is reported. A 25-year-old man complained of progressive hyperplasia and hypertrophy skin of the face, head and distal parts of extremities for nearly 10 years. The patient showed a complexion of weariness and despair. The facial skin was thickened with furrows, folds and seborrhea. He had a striking feature, presented as ocular hypertelorism, low nasal bridge, big nose and leonine facies. The occipital scalp was thickened and showed cutis verticis gyrata. The forearms and legs were in the shape of cylinder, like elephantiasis. The fingers and toes were club-shaped with a "spade-like" appearance, and the hypothenar eminences enlarged.

  9. An EcR homolog from the filarial parasite, Dirofilaria immitis requires a ligand-activated partner for transactivation.

    Shea, Cathy; Richer, Jennifer; Tzertzinis, George; Maina, Claude V


    Filarial parasites are responsible for several serious human diseases with symptoms such as lymphoedema, elephantiasis, and blindness. An understanding of how these parasites pass through developmental checkpoints may suggest potential targets for intervention. A useful model system for the study of the human parasites is the closely related nematode, D. immitis, the causative agent of dog heartworm disease. Ecdysteroids have been identified in filarial nematodes and have been shown to have a biological affect both on molting and microfilarial production. The ecdysteroid, 20-hydroxyecdysone and its receptor, EcR, have a well-characterized developmental role in insects, where it is involved in the control of molting and metamorphosis. We have identified a D. immitis nuclear receptor, DiEcR that shows strong sequence similarity to the insect EcR and shares many of its biochemical properties, including ligand-dependent activation of transcription. However, unlike most insect EcRs, DiEcR requires a ligand-activated RXR partner to exhibit ligand-dependent transcriptional activation of a reporter gene in tissue culture.

  10. Management of ulcers in lymphoedematous limbs

    Vishnu M Karnasula


    Full Text Available Lymphoedema is a progressive condition that can have a marked physical and psychological impact on affected patients and significantly reduce the quality of life. The ulcers on chronic lymphoedema patient, which often also makes it impossible for them to work. If left untreated, tends to progress or worsen. Ulcers in lymphoedema patients, therefore, represent not only a medical but also a psychological problem. The treatment is often regarded as being worse than it actually is. In our study of more than 25 years shows around 10% cases are due to chronic lymphodema. Ulcers of chronic lymphoedema are classified into four stages according to their presentation. Their management depends upon their stage of presentation. Patients with chronic lymphoedema and ulceration require a different approach to treatment. The specific issues associated with managing the patient with lymphoedematous ulceration include, limb shape distortion i.e., elephantiasis, care of the skin creases and folds, and swelling of the toes and fore foot. Stage I ulcers will heal with conservative treatment without any surgical intervention. Stage II ulcers needs debridement of the wound and split-thickness skin grafting. The most difficult to treat are the stage III and IV ulcers, due to associated skin changes and reduced vascularity. These cases need debulking along with excision of the ulcer. In order to prevent recurrence of the ulcer in all the four stages needs prolonged follow-up and limb care.

  11. Filarial lymphedema is characterized by antigen-specific Th1 and th17 proinflammatory responses and a lack of regulatory T cells.

    Subash Babu

    Full Text Available Lymphatic filariasis can be associated with development of serious pathology in the form of lymphedema, hydrocele, and elephantiasis in a subset of infected patients.To elucidate the role of CD4(+ T cell subsets in the development of lymphatic pathology, we examined specific sets of cytokines in individuals with filarial lymphedema in response to parasite antigen (BmA and compared them with responses from asymptomatic infected individuals. We also examined expression patterns of Toll-like receptors (TLR1-10 and Nod-like receptors (Nod1, Nod2, and NALP3 in response to BmA. BmA induced significantly higher production of Th1-type cytokines-IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha-in patients with lymphedema compared with asymptomatic individuals. Notably, expression of the Th17 family of cytokines-IL-17A, IL-17F, IL-21, and IL-23-was also significantly upregulated by BmA stimulation in lymphedema patients. In contrast, expression of Foxp3, GITR, TGFbeta, and CTLA-4, known to be expressed by regulatory T cells, was significantly impaired in patients with lymphedema. BmA also induced significantly higher expression of TLR2, 4, 7, and 9 as well Nod1 and 2 mRNA in patients with lymphedema compared with asymptomatic controls.Our findings implicate increased Th1/Th17 responses and decreased regulatory T cells as well as regulation of Toll- and Nod-like receptors in pathogenesis of filarial lymphedema.

  12. Filaria associated clinical manifestations in children in an endemic area and morbidity control by immunomonitoring and optimal DEC therapy: Sevagram experience.

    Harinath, B C; Reddy, M V; Bhunia, B; Bhandari, Y P; Mehta, V K; Chaturvedi, P; Prajapati, N C; Gupta, R K


    Lymphatic filariasis is a major public health problem in India with 412 million people living in bancroftian endemic areas and is a major cause of clinical morbidity. Twenty million people are reported to suffer from chronic disease manifestations such as lymphoedema, hydrocele or elephantiasis. At least twice the number have been shown to suffer from acute and occult filarial infections in an endemic area without diagnosis. Due to non-availability of suitable diagnostic test for confirming filaria aetiology other than parasitological examination, no significant study on filariasis in children has been reported earlier. Studies in our laboratory for more than a decade showed usefulness of microfilarial excretory-secretory antigen in confirming filarial aetiology in acute and occult infections in adults as well as in children. This study reports acute and atypical manifestations such as lymphadenopathy, asthmatic bronchitis, pulmonary eosinophilia, mono-arthritis, recurrent URI, pneumonia, nutritional anemia, pain in abdomen etc. in children living in filaria endemic area having no microfilaraemia but showing filaria aetiology by immunomonitoring for the presence of antibody or antigen and responding to optimal DEC therapy.

  13. Minocycline as a re-purposed anti-Wolbachia macrofilaricide: superiority compared with doxycycline regimens in a murine infection model of human lymphatic filariasis.

    Sharma, Raman; Al Jayoussi, Ghaith; Tyrer, Hayley E; Gamble, Joanne; Hayward, Laura; Guimaraes, Ana F; Davies, Jill; Waterhouse, David; Cook, Darren A N; Myhill, Laura J; Clare, Rachel H; Cassidy, Andrew; Steven, Andrew; Johnston, Kelly L; Ford, Louise; Turner, Joseph D; Ward, Stephen A; Taylor, Mark J


    Lymphatic filariasis and onchocerciasis are parasitic helminth diseases, which cause severe morbidities such as elephantiasis, skin disease and blindness, presenting a major public health burden in endemic communities. The anti-Wolbachia consortium (A·WOL: has identified a number of registered antibiotics that target the endosymbiotic bacterium, Wolbachia, delivering macrofilaricidal activity. Here we use pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) analysis to rationally develop an anti-Wolbachia chemotherapy by linking drug exposure to pharmacological effect. We compare the pharmacokinetics and anti-Wolbachia efficacy in a murine Brugia malayi model of minocycline versus doxycycline. Doxycycline exhibits superior PK in comparison to minocycline resulting in a 3-fold greater exposure in SCID mice. Monte-Carlo simulations confirmed that a bi-daily 25-40 mg/Kg regimen is bioequivalent to a clinically effective 100-200 mg/day dose for these tetracyclines. Pharmacodynamic studies showed that minocycline depletes Wolbachia more effectively than doxycycline (99.51% vs. 90.35%) after 28 day 25 mg/Kg bid regimens with a more potent block in microfilarial production. PK/PD analysis predicts that minocycline would be expected to be 1.7 fold more effective than doxycycline in man despite lower exposure in our infection models. Our findings warrant onward clinical investigations to examine the clinical efficacy of minocycline treatment regimens against lymphatic filariasis and onchocerciasis.

  14. Amando un boss: la psicologia mafiosa attraverso la voce di un “amante di Cosa Nostra”

    Roberta Lampasona


    Full Text Available Riassunto Il presente lavoro vuole essere un contributo di ricerca volto alla comprensione di alcune caratteristiche dello “psichismo mafioso” al femminile (Lo Verso, 1998, considerato uno specifico e importante spaccato antropo-culturale in Sicilia. Lo studio, inquadrabile come clinico-qualitativo tenterà di aggiungere ulteriori dati conoscitivi al mondo mafioso, attraverso la voce di una donna estranea a Cosa Nostra, ma amante di un boss mafioso dell’agrigentino. La metodologia utilizzata è stata quella dell’intervista semi-strutturata creata ad hoc e mirante a conoscere determinati aspetti passati e presenti della vita del soggetto e a trarne una conoscenza e/o un cambiamento della sua realtà psicologica nel contesto in cui vive. I dati ottenuti dall’intervista sono stati successivamente sottoposti ad un’ analisi qualitativa seguendo il modello della Grounded Theory e attraverso l’ausilio del software Atlas-ti. L’obiettivo del presente lavoro, è quello di estrapolare gli aspetti psicodinamici del fenomeno posto in esame, nel tentativo di comprendere la psiche a partire dall’attenzione posta alle relazioni inconsce della vita psicologica umana. Il vertice di osservazione è quello “gruppoanalitico soggettuale” (Lo Verso, 1989, 1994; Lo Verso, Di Blasi 2011, che vede l’identità soggettiva fondersi sull’asse del rapporto tra universo individuale e universi collettivi. Parole chiave: gruppoanalisi soggettuale; psichismo mafioso; amante. Loving a boss: psychology of mafia through the voice of a lover in Cosa Nostra Abstract The present work is a contribution to research aimed at understanding some features of female "mafia psychism" (Lo Verso, 1998, considered a specific and important anthropological and cultural insight into Sicily. The study, framed as clinical-qualitative, will attempt to add additional cognitive data to the mafia world, through the voice of a female stranger to Cosa Nostra but lover of a mafia

  15. Ogilvie's syndrome (acute colonic pseudo-obstruction): review of the literature and report of 6 additional cases; Sindrome di Ogilvie (pseudo-ostruzione della letteratura acuta del colon): revisione della letteratura e descrizione di 6 nuovi casi

    Grassi, Roberto; Cappabianca, Salvatore; Porto, Annamaria; Montemarano, Emilio; De Rosa, Roberto [Napoli Univ., Napoli (Italy). Dipartimento medico-chirurgico di internistica clinica e sperimentale, Sezione scientifica di radiodiagnostica, radioterapia e medicina nucleare; Sacco, Maurizio; Quantarelli, Mario [Ospedale San Gennaro, Napoli (Italy). Servisio di radiodiagnostica; Di Mizio, Roberto [Ospedale S. Massimo, Penne (Italy). Servizio di radiologia


    quale indirizzano noxae patogene diverse, forse interagenti. Descriviamo la nostra casistica comprendente 6 casi di sindrome di Ogilvie raccolti dal 1997 al 2002. Materiale e metodi: Sono giunti alla nostra osservazione 6 pazienti affetti da pseudo-ostruzione del colon nel periodo compreso tra ottobre 1997 e settembre 2002. In 2 casi la pseudo-ostruzione era recidiva. La positivit� dei reperti radiologici per la dilatazione acuta del colon senza ostruzione organica � stato il criterio di inclusione. Risultati: L'esame diretto dell'addome ha evidenziato che la dilatazione del colon era situata in 3 pazienti fino al livello della flessura splenica, in 2 fino alla flessura epatica e in un caso era interessato unicamente il colon trasverso. Nessuno dei pazienti presentava livelli idroaerei del piccolo intestino. Conclusioni: Il reperto clinico pi� caratteristico della sindrome di Ogilvie � la distensione addominale, che generalmente insorge all'improvviso, ha un'andamento progressivo, e raggiunge gradi elevati. L'indagine diagnostica di prima istanza � l'esame radiografico dell'addome, che documenta la dilatazione estrema del colon, in assenza di livelli idroaerei del tenue. Nella nostra casistica in 3 pazienti la sola terapia conservativa ha permesso il ritorno alla normalit� in 5 giorni. In altri 2 pazienti � stato necessario intervenire con una colonscopia decompressiva. in 1 caso la paziente � deceduta dopo 48 ore per arresto cardiocircolatorio.

  16. Risposta rapida in radioterapia: un percorso dedicato per il paziente con metastasi ossee

    Claudio Degli Esposti


    nel 2012. Circa il 6% dei pazienti/anno ha avuto necessità di ritrattamento antalgico sulla stessa sede a distanza di 1-6 mesi, mentre l’efficacia del trattamento è risultata essere in linea con i dati della letteratura, con un effetto antalgico completo a un mese nel 25% dei casi circa e una risposta parziale nel 27%. Limiti. Il percorso è stato attualmente implementato solo per i pazienti che afferiscono da strutture della nostra Azienda, in quanto al di fuori della nostra Azienda non è possibile ottenere preventivamente tutte le informazioni necessarie per avviare tale modalità di trattamento. Inoltre, l’indicazione alla seduta singola si basa su una valutazione clinica non del tutto standardizzabile e riproducibile. Conclusioni.I dati a nostra disposizione confermano l’efficacia e l’efficienza di un percorso che preveda la esecuzione di una seduta unica di radioterapia a scopo antalgico per metastasi ossee contestualmente alla presa in carico ed alla pianificazione della stessa.

  17. Australia: Perth, città dall'altro mondo

    Andrea Marçel Pidalà


    Full Text Available Nel luglio 2011 si è svolto, a Perth (Western Australia, il terzo congresso mondiale delle scuole di Planning: World Planning School Congress 2011; il WPSC 2011 è la terza edizione di un confronto internazionale tra docenti e ricercatori delle scuole universitarie di planning che si riuniscono nelle molteplici sigle di cluster regionali continentali o emi-continentali[1]. I due precedenti congressi mondiali si erano svolti a Shanghai nel 2001 e a Città del Messico nel 2006, quindi, è la prima volta che il congresso abbandona le metropoli per essere ospitato in una città di medie dimensioni come Perth, nota anche per essere, insieme a Honolulu una delle città più remote del pianeta. Le ragioni di questa scelta sono dovute oltre che a questioni di disponibilità organizzative, da parte della University of Western Australia, all’intenzione di esaltare, consapevolmente, una città, Perth, e un paese/continente, l’Australia che appare, ed è, nella nostra visione europea e nord-occidentale, dall’altra parte del mondo. La città che ha ospitato il congresso, il cui tema chiave era Planning Future’s – Futures Planning. Planning in an Era of Global (UnCertainty and Transformation, è risultata opportunità utile per osservare e comprendere alcune delle dinamiche attinenti le trasformazioni urbane e territoriali in atto nel nostro pianeta. In tal senso l’Australia si è mostrata, in occasione del WPSC 2011, agli occhi degli urbanisti che l’hanno visitata, come un nuovo “scenario” di riferimento, sia per la ricerca sui temi della pianificazione urbana e territoriale, sia per la sperimentazione progettuale. In questa era di (incertezze e trasformazioni, satura di conflitti e di tendenze alla globalizzazione anche formale, c’è un frammento di mondo che si offre per nuove forme esplorative della nostra disciplina, una parte di terra ancora non del tutto battuta, che si concede come occasione naturale ed opportunità per

  18. A 16-year experience of carotid artery stenting for carotid artery stenosis.

    Nano, Giovanni; Stegher, Silvia; Occhiuto, Maria Teresa; Muzzarelli, Lorenzo; Malacrida, Giovanni; Mazzaccaro, Daniela P


    Da più di 50 anni l’endoarteriectomia carotidea (CEA) è stata considerata il trattamento standard per le stenosi carotidee gravi asintomatiche e sintomatiche. Lo stenting carotideo (CAS) è progressivamente emerso negli ultimi 15 anni come alternativa alla chirurgia, specialmente nei pazienti ad alto rischio. Da allora, molti studi clinici randomizzati sono stati pubblicati per valutare la superiorità di un metodo rispetto all’altro, tuttavia i risultati dei trials hanno generato più dubbi che certezze nell’interpretazione dei loro risultati, gravati come sono da diverse limitazioni: la principale riguarda la ridotta competenza endovascolare richiesta per gli operatori che hanno eseguito lo stenting carotideo e partecipato ai trials. Inoltre questi trials sono stati eseguiti circa 10 anni fa, con materiali e farmaci differenti rispetto a quelli usati attualmente. Attualmente i registri su larga scala e le casistiche che riportano risultati a lungo termine sono maggiormente rappresentativi di una esperienza reale, che riflette ciò che accade di routine nella pratica clinica. Nella nostra Unità Operativa di Chirurgia Vascolare, il CAS è stato offerto dal 1999 come alternativa alla CEA per il trattamento delle stenosi carotidee sintomatiche e asintomatiche nei pazienti a rischio moderato-alto. Scopo del nostro lavoro è di riportare la nostra esperienza retrospettiva, con alcuni consigli e suggerimenti che derivano da ciò che abbiamo imparato in più di 16 anni. Abbiamo pertanto raccolto e analizzato retrospettivamente i dati di tutti i pazienti consecutivi che sono venuti per una stenosi carotidea significativa dal 1 ° gennaio 1999 al 31 agosto 2015. I risultati basilari sono stati la mortalità e la morbilità cerebrovascolare maggiore (MCE) sia a 30 giorni che a lungo termine. Lo studio è stato condotto su 1017 pazienti (677 maschi, 66.6%, età media 74 anni, IQR 69-79 anni) trattati sia per stenosi carotidea sintomatica (n=392, 38.5%) che

  19. Espectro polínico de amostras de mel de Apis mellifera L., coletadas na Bahia Pollen spectrum of samples of Apis mellifera L., honey collected in Bahia State, Brazil



    Full Text Available O espectro polínico encontrado em amostras de mel provenientes de seis municípios do Estado da Bahia foi analisado com o objetivo de contribuir para o conhecimento da flora visitada por Apis mellifera L. 1758 (Hymenoptera: ApidaeA identificação dos tipos polínicos foi feita por meio de literatura especializada e de informações de campo. Foram encontrados 43 tipos de pólen, sendo consideradas como dominantes as espécies Eucalyptus sp. (Myrtaceae, Mimosa verrucosa Benth. (Mimosaceae, M. scabrella Benth. (Mimosaceae e Bauhinia sp. (Caesalpiniaceae. Os tipos acessórios foram Alternanthera ficoidea R.Br. (Amaranthaceae, tipo Compositae (Asteraceae e Cecropia sp. (Moraceae. Destacou-se a participação de Mimosa sp. (Mimosaceae e de outras espécies silvestres na composição dos méis nos municípios considerados, registrando-se ainda a espécie Eucalyptus sp. (Myrtaceae como uma das principais fontes de alimento das abelhas dessa região.Pollen spectrum found in honey samples from six localities of Bahia State, Brazil, was analyzed with the objective to contribute for the knowledge of the plants used by Apis mellifera L., 1758 (Hymenoptera: Apidae. The identification of the pollen types was made by specialized literature and by field information. Two hundred pollen grains were studied in order to determine the percentage and the occurrence of each type. Forty three pollen types were identified, being considered as the predominant types Eucalyptus sp. (Myrtaceae, Mimosa verrucosa Benth. (Mimosaceae, M. scabrella Benth. (Mimosaceae and Bauhinia sp. (Caesalpiniaceae. The accessory pollen types were Alternanthera ficoidea R.Br. (Amaranthaceae, Compositae type (Asteraceae and Cecropia sp. (Moraceae. It is intense the participation of Mimosa sp. (Mimosaceae and other wild species in the honey composition of the six localities considered. Eucalyptus sp. (Myrtaceae is one of the dominant sources of bee food in some regions of Bahia State.

  20. Malignant transformation in non-recurrent peritoneal cystic mesothelioma Our experience and review of the literature.

    Santangelo, Giuseppe; Accardo, Marina; De Vita, Ferdinando; Del Giudice, Santolo; Gallucci, Federica; Fabozzi, Alessio; De Falco, Massimo


    Il mesotelioma peritoneale cistico è un tumore raro. Si tratta di un tumore benigno, che tuttavia va incontro a recidive locali post-chirurgiche in oltre il 50% dei casi. È proprio a seguito di recidive ricorrenti che si possono determinare trasformazioni maligne di questa neoplasia, come descritto in Letteratura. Nel Giugno del 2004 un paziente di 73 anni è giunto presso la nostra struttura con una tumefazione addominale causa di dolore gravativo: si trattava di una massa di 16 cm, la cui struttura, agli esami strumentali (ecografia, TC con m.d.c. e RMN), appariva pluricistica. Attraverso una laparotomia mediana si è provveduto alla sua rimozione e il paziente è stato dimesso in VIII giornata post-operatoria senza complicanze. L’esame istologico, corredato da studio immunoistochimico e di microscopia elettronica, ha consentito di porre diagnosi di mesotelioma peritoneale pluricistico in trasformazione maligna. D’accordo con gli oncologi, in considerazione della scarsa efficacia dei trattamenti adiuvanti e della scarsità dei dati riportati in Letteratura sull’argomento, si è deciso di sottoporre il paziente unicamente ad uno stretto follow-up, con esecuzione di ecografia addominale ogni sei mesi e TC addominale ogni anno. Ad oggi, dieci anni dopo il trattamento, il paziente, di 83 anni, gode di un discreto stato di salute e non si sono verificate riprese o recidive di malattia, né locali, né a distanza. Oltre al fatto di essere risultato maligno alla sua prima manifestazione e non dopo ripetute recidive, il caso presenta altre particolarità: il mesotelioma peritoneale cistico, infatti, solitamente colpisce soggetti di sesso femminile (con un rapporto F:M di 4,5:1) ad un’età media di 60 anni, mentre il caso descritto riguarda un soggetto di sesso maschile di 73 anni. La nostra osservazione dimostra la possibilità che il mesotelioma peritoneale vada incontro a trasformazioni maligne già alla sua prima manifestazione e non esclusivamente dopo

  1. Breve guida didattica e metodologica all'elaborazione di una tesina e alla lettura di un testo di studio

    Fernando Cipriani


    Full Text Available Non ci occuperemo di didattica di una determinata disciplina in senso stretto ma di metodologia di studio, di lettura critica di un testo sociologico in vista della formazione dello studente e del suo obiettivo globale finale: la redazione di una tesina, primo passo verso la tesi. Inoltre siamo convinti che non ci può essere una buona formazione dell’insegnante senza una buona formazione a monte, quella dello studente ch’egli è stato, e che si conclude con la discussione della tesi, intesa come la conclusione di un lungo processo  cognitivo, di un tirocinio sistematico e accurato che inizia sui libri di studio.       Qui non diamo la bibliografia sul modo di redigere una tesi, per la vastità bibliografica sull'argomento (che generalmente lo studente ricava da Internet, a partire dal libro magistrale di Umberto Eco (Come si fa una tesi di laurea, “Tascabili” Bompiani, Milano, 1977 poiché non è nostra intenzione vagliare quanto scritto in materia, ma fornire per mancanza di tempo e di spazio un'introduzione al problema, un minimo contributo di poche pagine nel campo empirico, piuttosto che nel campo teorico, in quanto già ampiamente sfruttato dalla retorica classica dell'argomentazione, su cui da Aristotele in poi molto è stato detto e scritto.    Come abbozzare innanzi tutto alcuni punti di un lavoro che, per quanto non ancora del tutto definito, si va delineando nella nostra mente come alcune linee di base, programmatiche e concrete, mirate a definire i momenti di un’ulteriore riflessione dello studente? Poco importa per ora la successione degli argomenti ma è necessario fornire i punti salienti di questo nostro intervento mediante un breve sommario non ancora articolato, proprio come faremmo per elaborare una tesina.     Ricerca bibliografica: soggetto, autori e sigle; progettazione di un piano di lavoro: indice, capitoli e sottocapitoli. – Scheda di lettura, scheda critica di un libro per la recensione; tipi e

  2. Il Servizio Intercultura dell’Istituto di Terapia Familiare di Firenze

    Giancarlo Francini


    Full Text Available Nel corso del presente articolo vengono descritte le premesse epistemologiche e le metodologie adottate dagli operatori del Servizio Intercultura dell’Istituto di Terapia Familiare di Firenze (ITFF nel lavoro con la popolazione migrante ed elencati gli interventi fatti nel territorio. Il Servizio Intercultura dell’ITFF si è interrogato in questi anni sul valore della cultura come porta d’ingresso nel rapporto con il migrante; nel chiedere loro di narrare aspetti della loro cultura condividiamo aspetti della nostra cultura. L’incontro con il malinteso, che come dice Jankelevitch «(… è un quasi niente» (Jankelevitch, 1987, p. 233, perché se fosse stato qualcosa di più ce ne saremmo accorti e se fosse qualcosa di meno non sarebbe significativo, ci permette di aprirci a un rapporto che cambia entrambi, operatore e migrante, nella relazione. È nella relazione e attraverso il racconto dell’evento migrazione e del ciclo di vita che si costruisce e si cerca un linguaggio comune per la descrizione e l’espressione del disagio. Il lavoro con i migranti deve fare i conti con le difficoltà legate all’impiego, alla casa, al permesso di soggiorno e non ultimo alla brevità di alcuni incontri, perché per alcuni la nostra città è solo una tappa di un percorso che continua alla ricerca di una sistemazione migliore. Nel territorio di Firenze sono stati messi a punto una serie di servizi: oltre alla clinica e a uno sportello di consulenza, ci si dedica alla formazione degli operatori che lavorano con i migranti. Esempi di queste attività sono: un progetto di peer tutoring in alcune scuole superiori, uno di formazione per le assistenti sociali al fine di proporre un protocollo più efficace di presa in carico dei migranti, una serie di focus group con dipendenti Asl all’interno del progetto “Mamma segreta” della regione Toscana; inoltre, la collaborazione con le associazioni presenti sul territorio ha permesso un contatto

  3. Apertura dei lavori

    Giovanni Renga


    Full Text Available

    Questa sessione apre i lavori dell’VIII Conferenza di Sanità Pubblica della nostra Società. Il programma che vi è stato presentato, la sede in cui si svolge, la qualità e la dimensione della vostra partecipazione riconfermano la validità di una formula che si è andata consolidando nel tempo e rappresenta ormai, insieme al Congresso Nazionale biennale, il fiore all’occhiello della ricchissima attività convegnistica della SItI.

    Si conferma anche la straordinaria continuità e coerenza della nostra società scientifica nell’interpretare, a livelli qualitativi sempre più elevati, la propria missione di individuazione, approfondimento e disseminazione della conoscenza necessaria per migliorare l’azione di Sanità Pubblica nel nostro Paese.

    La sessione testimonia questa attenzione! Con il tema della SARS, la Relazione di Pietro Crovari dà conto delle linee di comportamento dell’apparato di sanità pubblica nell’affrontare un problema che ha scosso l’opinione pubblica mondiale risvegliando anche nei paesi più progrediti antiche paure e arcaici pregiudizi; che ha provocato contraccolpi enormi in ambito commerciale ed economico; che ha richiamato l’attenzione su regole e precauzioni tanto scontate da risultare poi in pratica quasi inapplicate. La risposta italiana è stata corretta, impostata sulle conoscenze scientifiche adottate con pragmatico buon senso. Una autorevole presenza della cultura igienistica nelle sedi decisionali ci consente anche di guardare con serenità ai possibili rischi ancora ipotizzabili.

    La partecipazione alla Comunità Europea e l’adesione ai suoi principi e le sue regole stanno producendo una serie di cambiamenti che arriveranno a incidere anche sui nostri modelli di prevenzione. La Relazione di Vittorio Carreri fornirà il punto di vista di uno sperimentato ed attento conoscitore della materia riguardo agli innumerevoli problemi già aperti e su quelli ancora incombenti sul


    Drago Marguš


    Full Text Available U radu je iznesen kratki prikaz zemljopisnog položaja rijeke Krke, osobitosti njezina ušća, to izlova i istraživanja prirodnih populacija školjkaša. Poseban je naglasak stavljen na prikaz mogućnosti kontroliranog uzgoja školjkaša u bočatim vodama ušća. U ušću rijeke Krke utvrđeno je 56 svojti iz 27 porodica. Najrasprostranjenije su ove svojte: dagnja (Mytilus galloprovincialis, kamenica (Ostrea edulis, a česte su: jestiva srčanka (Cerastoderma glaucum, prnjavica (Venus verrucosa, kućica (Tapes decussatus, kunjka (Arca noae, mala kapica (Chlamys varia i jakovska kapica (Pecten jacobaeus. Izlov prirodnih populacija školjkaša za prehranu tradicionalna je djelatnost i procjenjuje se na 100 tona u godini. Istraživanja mogućnosti kontroliranog uzgoja dagnje, kamenice, male kapice i jakovske kapice rezultirala su razvojem tehnologija konroliranog uzgoja dagnje i kamenice 1983., a jakovske kapice i male kapice godine 1989. Danas je proizvodnja organizirana na 25 lokaliteta, ukupne površine 87.142 m2, s mogućnošću proizvodnje oko 1.500 tona dagnji i deset tisuća kamenica, a mogla bi se povećati iznad 10.000 tona.

  5. Characteristic of Tuber spp. localities in natural stands with emphasis on plant species composition

    Dorota Hilszczanska


    Full Text Available Fungi belonging to the genus Tuber establish ectomycorrhizal symbioses with shrubs, trees and some herbaceous plants. Some Tuber species, for example, T. melanosporum, T. magnatum, T. aestivum are economically important because they produce edible fruiting bodies with a distinctive taste and flavor. Our concept of truffle ecophysiology is dominated by the symbiosis with deciduous hosts, such as: Quercus spp., Fagus sylvatica, Castanea sativa, Corylus spp., Carpinus betulus, Ostrya carpinifolia, Betula verrucosa, and Tilia spp., whereas the real range of hosts in nature seems to be much wider. Moreover, interactions between Tuber mycelium and plant community could be more complex than just forming the ectomycorrhizal symbiosis. Here we show our inventory of plants and soils at six truffle’ sites in the southern part of Poland (Nida Basin and Przedbórz Upland. The aim of this study was to widen our understanding of ecological factors affecting Tuber spp., in the context of pioneering stage of research on truffles in Poland. We hope our findings will have a practical application and will help to choose suitable soils for truffle orchards.

  6. Properties of tree and grass pollen allergens: reinvestigation of the linkage between solubility and allergenicity.

    Vrtala, S; Grote, M; Duchêne, M; van Ree, R; Kraft, D; Scheiner, O; Valenta, R


    In this study we reinvestigated the kinetics of allergen release from birch pollen (Betula verrucosa) and timothy grass pollen (Phleum pratense) using different protein extraction procedures, immunoblotting with specific antibodies and immune electron microscopy. Pollen allergens such as the major birch pollen allergen, Bet v I, the major timothy grass pollen allergens, Phl p I and Phl p V, group-II/III allergens from timothy grass and profilins were released rapidly and in large amounts from hydrated pollen. Within a few minutes pollen allergens could be detected in aqueous supernatants prepared from birch and grass pollen with serum IgE or specific antibodies. In parallel the allergen content in the pollen pellet fractions decreased. A nonallergenic protein such as heat shock protein 70 can be extracted in sufficient amounts only with harsh extraction procedures. Immune electron microscopy of dry and rehydrated birch pollens showed that after short hydration, the major birch pollen allergen, Bet v I, migrated into the exine and to the surface of intact pollen grains, whereas profilin, against which a lower percentage of patients is sensitized, was retained in the pollen grain. Comparing the amino acid composition and hydrophilicity of the tested allergens with a nonallergenic protein such as heat shock protein 70, no significant difference was noted. In agreement with earlier observations we conclude that the allergenic properties of proteins are rather linked to the amount and speed of solubility from airborne particles than to intrinsic properties.

  7. Antibacterial activity of selected marine macro algae against vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecalis

    Manivachagam Chandrasekaran


    Full Text Available Objective: To evaluate the antibacterial activity of different extracts of Caulerpa chemnitzia (Epser J.V. Lamououx, Caulerpa racemosa (Frosk. Weber-van-Bosse (C. racemosa, Caulerpa scalpelliformis (R.Br. Weber-van-Bosse, Ulva lactuca Lin, Ulva fasciata Dellie, Ulva reticulata Forsk, Stoechospermum marginatum (Ag. Kutz (S. marginatum, Sargassum wightii Grev, Gracilaria verrucosa (Huds. Papenfuss and Gracilaria edulis (S.G. Gemelin P.C. Silva against Enterococcus faecalis (MTCC 439 (E. faecalis and one clinical isolate of vancomycin resistant E. faecalis. Methods: The selected marine macro algae were extracted with different solvents viz., hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate, acetone and methanol. Antibacterial assay was carried out by using disc diffusion method, determination of minimum inhibitory concentration and minimum bactericidal concentration. Results: The maximum antibacterial activity was recorded in the ethyl acetate extracts of S. marginatum and C. racemosa than the other extracts. The mean zone of inhibition produced by the extracts in agar diffusion assays against the tested bacterial strains ranged from 7.1 to 14.5 mm. The minimum inhibitory concentration was between 250 and 500 µg/mL, while the minimum bactericidal concentration was from 500 to 1 000 µg/mL. The ethyl acetate extracts of the seaweeds showed the presence of strong terpenoids, tannins and phenolic compounds compared with the other solvent extracts. Conclusions: These findings suggest that ethyl acetate extracts of S. marginatum and C. racemosa can be used as an antibacterial substance for the treatment of infection caused by E. faecalis.

  8. Cloning and Characterization of Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate Dehydrogenase Encoding Gene in Gracilaria/Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis

    REN Xueying; SUI Zhenghong; ZHANG Xuecheng


    Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) plays important roles in various cellular processes. A cytosolic GAPDH encoding gene (gpd) of Gracilaria/Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis was cloned and characterized. Deduced amino acid sequence of the enzyme of G. lemaneiformis had high homology with those of seven red algae. The 5'-untranslated regions of the GAPDHs encoding genes of these red algae varied greatly. GAPDHs of these red algae shared the highly conserved glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase active site ASCTTNCL. However, such active site of Cyanidium caldarium was different from those of the other six algae at the last two residues (CL to LF), thus the spatial structure of its GAPDH active center may be different from those of the other six. Phylogenetic analysis indicated that GAPDH of G. lemaneiformis might have undergone an evolution similar to those of Porphyra yezoensis, Chondrus crispus, and Gracilaria verrucosa. C. caldarium had a closer evolutionary relationship with Cyanidioschyzon merolae than with Cyanidium sp. Virtual Northern blot analysis revealed that gpd of G. lemaneiformis expressed constitutively, which suggested that it might be house-keeping and could be adapted as an inner control in gene expression analysis of G. lemaneiformis.

  9. 江蓠人工养殖的现状与几点建议



    江蓠(Gracilaria verrucosa)是一种常见的红藻,俗称“龙须菜”、“海面线”。红藻门,江蓠科。我国从南到北沿海均产,尤以南方沿海品种繁多,资源丰富,生长旺盛。由于江蓠经济价值高,藻体较大,生长快,一般含胶量达10-40%左右,是制造琼胶的重要原料之一。目前,国内外市场琼胶需求量越来越大,因此,江蓠的人工养殖生产已引起世界各国许多藻类学家、海藻养殖工作者和琼胶工业部门的关注和重视。

  10. Estructura comunitaria de corales zooxantelados (Anthozoa: Scleractinia en el arrecife coralino de Carrizales, Pacífico Mexicano

    Héctor Reyes-Bonilla


    Full Text Available El conocimiento ecológico de corales arrecifales en el Pacífico mexicano es escaso, por lo que el objetivo de este trabajo fue determinar la estructura de la comunidad de corales hermatípicos en el arrecife de Carrizales, Colima, mediante el uso de transectos y buceo autónomo (junio y octubre 2005, septiembre 2006. De las 13 especies de corales encontradas, Pocillopora verrucosa fue la más abundante y siete representan nuevos registros, sobresaliendo Psammocora contigua, primer registro para el Pacífico Oriental. No hubo diferencias significativas de abundancia entre profundidades, pero la zona somera presenta una mayor cobertura. Este sitio presenta una de las riquezas y cobertura de coral más alta (61% en el Pacífico Mexicano y valores de diversidad (H´=0.44±0.02, uniformidad (J´=0.76±0.02, y de diferenciación taxonómica (Δ*=45.87±3.16 relativamente altos. Actualmente la región no presenta grandes perturbaciones pero el creciente desarrollo económico de Manzanillo, uno de los principales puertos comerciales del país, además del creciente número de turistas, podrían afectar al arrecife, por lo que se sugiere implementar medidas de protección con el fin de mantener al arrecife más importante del litoral de Colima.

  11. Uriel García Cáceres, maestro y guía de la salud pública en el Perú

    Oscar Ugarte Ubilluz

    Full Text Available El Dr. Uriel García Cáceres, destacado médico, investigador e historiador peruano, nació en la ciudad de Cusco en 1922. Estudió la carrera de medicina en la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (1942-1950, e influenciado por el Dr. Pedro Weiss se desarrolló en el campo de la Anatomía Patológica, en donde hizo grandes descubrimientos como la descripción de nódulos en los riñones asociados a la fase verrucosa de la bartonelosis o enfermedad de Carrión. Sus contribuciones más importantes se encuentran en el campo de la paleopatología, campo en el cual ha contribuido con el mejor entendimiento de la patología del antiguo Perú. No ha sido tampoco ajeno al ámbito político, fue ministro de salud del Perú, cargo en el cual se desempeñó íntegramente y siempre en favor de la salud peruana. A sus 91 años, siempre luchador y jovial, y por encima de todo, siempre maestro con disposición también a aprender

  12. Phytometabolite Dehydroleucodine Induces Cell Cycle Arrest, Apoptosis, and DNA Damage in Human Astrocytoma Cells through p73/p53 Regulation

    Bailon-Moscoso, Natalia; González-Arévalo, Gabriela; Velásquez-Rojas, Gabriela; Malagon, Omar; Vidari, Giovanni; Zentella-Dehesa, Alejandro; Ratovitski, Edward A.; Ostrosky-Wegman, Patricia


    Accumulating evidence supports the idea that secondary metabolites obtained from medicinal plants (phytometabolites) may be important contributors in the development of new chemotherapeutic agents to reduce the occurrence or recurrence of cancer. Our study focused on Dehydroleucodine (DhL), a sesquiterpene found in the provinces of Loja and Zamora-Chinchipe. In this study, we showed that DhL displayed cytostatic and cytotoxic activities on the human cerebral astrocytoma D384 cell line. With lactone isolated from Gynoxys verrucosa Wedd, a medicinal plant from Ecuador, we found that DhL induced cell death in D384 cells by triggering cell cycle arrest and inducing apoptosis and DNA damage. We further found that the cell death resulted in the increased expression of CDKN1A and BAX proteins. A marked induction of the levels of total TP73 and phosphorylated TP53, TP73, and γ-H2AX proteins was observed in D384 cells exposed to DhL, but no increase in total TP53 levels was detected. Overall these studies demonstrated the marked effect of DhL on the diminished survival of human astrocytoma cells through the induced expression of TP73 and phosphorylation of TP73 and TP53, suggesting their key roles in the tumor cell response to DhL treatment. PMID:26309132

  13. Endozoicomonas genomes reveal functional adaptation and plasticity in bacterial strains symbiotically associated with diverse marine hosts

    Neave, Matthew J.


    Endozoicomonas bacteria are globally distributed and often abundantly associated with diverse marine hosts including reef-building corals, yet their function remains unknown. In this study we generated novel Endozoicomonas genomes from single cells and metagenomes obtained directly from the corals Stylophora pistillata, Pocillopora verrucosa, and Acropora humilis. We then compared these culture-independent genomes to existing genomes of bacterial isolates acquired from a sponge, sea slug, and coral to examine the functional landscape of this enigmatic genus. Sequencing and analysis of single cells and metagenomes resulted in four novel genomes with 60–76% and 81–90% genome completeness, respectively. These data also confirmed that Endozoicomonas genomes are large and are not streamlined for an obligate endosymbiotic lifestyle, implying that they have free-living stages. All genomes show an enrichment of genes associated with carbon sugar transport and utilization and protein secretion, potentially indicating that Endozoicomonas contribute to the cycling of carbohydrates and the provision of proteins to their respective hosts. Importantly, besides these commonalities, the genomes showed evidence for differential functional specificity and diversification, including genes for the production of amino acids. Given this metabolic diversity of Endozoicomonas we propose that different genotypes play disparate roles and have diversified in concert with their hosts.

  14. Variance analysis on different trees species depending on soil type – uncontaminated and heavy metals contaminated ones

    Monica MARIAN


    Full Text Available This paper summarizes our research work regarding the dynamics of vegetation growth of miscellaneous species of trees planted and monitored in the particular environment of the tailing pond in Bozanta Mare (Maramures County. The structure of soil bearing high content of heavy metals and cyanides considerably impacts the ecologic conditions of tailing ponds. Aspects related to soil characteristics (such as structure, size of particles, porosity, texture, chemical composition are included. Vegetal species that have accommodated within the tail pond are included as well. In the framework of our experiment we have planted seedlings belonging to four species of trees: Quercus petraea, Populus tremula, Betula verrucosa, Salix caprea. We have planted the seedlings in different location contexts in the tailing pond (“in situ”, as we have also planted “ex situ” witness trees. Our aim was to monitor the dynamics of growth of the stem and of cuttings. Our contribution, based on the outcomes of our research, consists in the formulation of functional correlations spotted between cormophites and micro biota, between the species of trees and their environmental underlying conditions, with the overarching goal to optimize the activities undertaken in order to alleviate the tailing ponds inherent to mining activities.

  15. Extensive phenotypic plasticity of a Red Sea coral over a strong latitudinal temperature gradient suggests limited acclimatization potential to warming

    Sawall, Yvonne


    Global warming was reported to cause growth reductions in tropical shallow water corals in both, cooler and warmer, regions of the coral species range. This suggests regional adaptation with less heat-tolerant populations in cooler and more thermo-tolerant populations in warmer regions. Here, we investigated seasonal changes in the in situ metabolic performance of the widely distributed hermatypic coral Pocillopora verrucosa along 12° latitudes featuring a steep temperature gradient between the northern (28.5°N, 21-27°C) and southern (16.5°N, 28-33°C) reaches of the Red Sea. Surprisingly, we found little indication for regional adaptation, but strong indications for high phenotypic plasticity: Calcification rates in two seasons (winter, summer) were found to be highest at 28-29°C throughout all populations independent of their geographic location. Mucus release increased with temperature and nutrient supply, both being highest in the south. Genetic characterization of the coral host revealed low inter-regional variation and differences in the Symbiodinium clade composition only at the most northern and most southern region. This suggests variable acclimatization potential to ocean warming of coral populations across the Red Sea: high acclimatization potential in northern populations, but limited ability to cope with ocean warming in southern populations already existing at the upper thermal margin for corals.

  16. Antibacterial activity of selected marine macro algae against vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecalis

    Manivachagam Chandrasekaran; Venugopalan Venkatesalu; Gnanaprakasam Adaikala Raj


    Objective: To evaluate the antibacterial activity of different extracts of Caulerpa chemnitzia (Epser) J.V. Lamououx, Caulerpa racemosa (Frosk.) Weber-van-Bosse (C. racemosa), Caulerpascalpelliformis Forsk, Stoechospermum marginatum (Ag.) Kutz (S. marginatum), Sargassum wightii Grev,Gracilaria verrucosa (R.Br.) Weber-van-Bosse, Ulva lactuca Lin, Ulva fasciata Dellie, Ulva reticulata Enterococcus faecalis (MTCC 439) (E. faecalis) and one clinical isolate of vancomycin resistant E.faecalis. Methods: The selected marine macro algae were extracted with different solvents viz., hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate, acetone and methanol. Antibacterial assay was carried out by using disc diffusion method, determination of minimum inhibitory concentration and minimum bactericidal concentration.Results:(Huds.) Papenfuss and Gracilaria edulis (S.G. Gemelin) P.C. Silva against marginatum and C. racemosa than the other extracts. The mean zone of inhibition produced by the extracts in agar diffusion assays against the tested bacterial strains ranged from 7.1 to 14.5 mm. The minimum inhibitory concentration was between 250 and 500 µg/mL, while the minimum bactericidal concentration was from 500 to 1000 µg/mL. The ethyl acetate extracts of the seaweeds showed the presence of strong terpenoids, tannins and phenolic compounds compared with the other solvent extracts.Conclusions:The maximum antibacterial activity was recorded in the ethyl acetate extracts of S. racemosa can be used as an antibacterial substance for the treatment of infection caused by E. faecalis. These findings suggest that ethyl acetate extracts of S. marginatum and C.

  17. Nitration of the pollen allergen bet v 1.0101 enhances the presentation of bet v 1-derived peptides by HLA-DR on human dendritic cells.

    Karle, Anette C; Oostingh, Gertie J; Mutschlechner, Sonja; Ferreira, Fatima; Lackner, Peter; Bohle, Barbara; Fischer, Gottfried F; Vogt, Anne B; Duschl, Albert


    Nitration of pollen derived allergens can occur by NO(2) and ozone in polluted air and it has already been shown that nitrated major birch (Betula verrucosa) pollen allergen Bet v 1.0101 (Bet v 1) exhibits an increased potency to trigger an immune response. However, the mechanisms by which nitration might contribute to the induction of allergy are still unknown. In this study, we assessed the effect of chemically induced nitration of Bet v 1 on the generation of HLA-DR associated peptides. Human dendritic cells were loaded with unmodified Bet v 1 or nitrated Bet v 1, and the naturally processed HLA-DR associated peptides were subsequently identified by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. Nitration of Bet v 1 resulted in enhanced presentation of allergen-derived HLA-DR-associated peptides. Both the copy number of Bet v 1 derived peptides as well as the number of nested clusters was increased. Our study shows that nitration of Bet v 1 alters antigen processing and presentation via HLA-DR, by enhancing both the quality and the quantity of the Bet v 1-specific peptide repertoire. These findings indicate that air pollution can contribute to allergic diseases and might also shed light on the analogous events concerning the nitration of self-proteins.

  18. Seasonal Stability in the Microbiomes of Temperate Gorgonians and the Red Coral Corallium rubrum Across the Mediterranean Sea

    van de Water, Jeroen A. J. M.


    Populations of key benthic habitat-forming octocoral species have declined significantly in the Mediterranean Sea due to mass mortality events caused by microbial disease outbreaks linked to high summer seawater temperatures. Recently, we showed that the microbial communities of these octocorals are relatively structured; however, our knowledge on the seasonal dynamics of these microbiomes is still limited. To investigate their seasonal stability, we collected four soft gorgonian species (Eunicella singularis, Eunicella cavolini, Eunicella verrucosa and Leptogorgia sarmentosa) and the precious red coral (Corallium rubrum) from two coastal locations with different terrestrial impact levels in the Mediterranean Sea, and used next-generation amplicon sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene. The microbiomes of all soft gorgonian species were dominated by the same \\'core microbiome\\' bacteria belonging to the Endozoicomonas and the Cellvibrionales clade BD1-7, whereas the red coral microbiome was primarily composed of \\'core\\' Spirochaetes, Oceanospirillales ME2 and Parcubacteria. The associations with these bacterial taxa were relatively consistent over time at each location for each octocoral species. However, differences in microbiome composition and seasonal dynamics were observed between locations and could primarily be attributed to locally variant bacteria. Overall, our data provide further evidence of the intricate symbiotic relationships that exist between Mediterranean octocorals and their associated microbes, which are ancient and highly conserved over both space and time, and suggest regulation of the microbiome composition by the host, depending on local conditions.

  19. Phytometabolite Dehydroleucodine Induces Cell Cycle Arrest, Apoptosis, and DNA Damage in Human Astrocytoma Cells through p73/p53 Regulation.

    Natalia Bailon-Moscoso

    Full Text Available Accumulating evidence supports the idea that secondary metabolites obtained from medicinal plants (phytometabolites may be important contributors in the development of new chemotherapeutic agents to reduce the occurrence or recurrence of cancer. Our study focused on Dehydroleucodine (DhL, a sesquiterpene found in the provinces of Loja and Zamora-Chinchipe. In this study, we showed that DhL displayed cytostatic and cytotoxic activities on the human cerebral astrocytoma D384 cell line. With lactone isolated from Gynoxys verrucosa Wedd, a medicinal plant from Ecuador, we found that DhL induced cell death in D384 cells by triggering cell cycle arrest and inducing apoptosis and DNA damage. We further found that the cell death resulted in the increased expression of CDKN1A and BAX proteins. A marked induction of the levels of total TP73 and phosphorylated TP53, TP73, and γ-H2AX proteins was observed in D384 cells exposed to DhL, but no increase in total TP53 levels was detected. Overall these studies demonstrated the marked effect of DhL on the diminished survival of human astrocytoma cells through the induced expression of TP73 and phosphorylation of TP73 and TP53, suggesting their key roles in the tumor cell response to DhL treatment.

  20. Bet v 1- and Bet v 2-Associated Plant Food Sensitization in Uganda and Germany: Differences and Similarities.

    Odongo, Leo; Mulyowa, Grace; Goebeler, Matthias; Trautmann, Axel


    Birch pollen allergy and concomitant plant food sensitization are well documented in Europe. However, there are currently no data available on pollen-associated plant food sensitization or even pollen allergy in tropical Africa. Our study aimed to investigate Bet v 1- and Bet v 2-associated plant food sensitization in atopic patients from Uganda and compare it with sensitization rates in German patients. Sera from 83 Ugandan and 97 German atopic patients were analysed using UniCAP100™ for allergen-specific IgE against the birch tree pollen allergens Bet v 1 and Bet v 2 as well as the plant foods hazelnut, apple, kiwi, pea, peach, cherry, litchi, peanut, and soy. As expected, sensitization to Bet v 1 and cross-reactive plant food allergens was more common in German atopic patients. In contrast, the prevalence of sensitization against Bet v 2 was remarkably similar in Ugandan and German patients. Interestingly, in Ugandan patients we found IgE-mediated sensitization against plant foods such as hazelnut, pea, peach, cherry, and litchi that are neither cultivated nor consumed in Uganda. For Ugandan atopic patients, sensitization against the Bet v 2 allergen (a plant profilin) may explain cross-reactivity to several plant foods which are not consumed in Uganda. Additionally, it is probable that sensitization of Ugandan atopics to alder pollen (Alnus acuminata, plant family Betulaceae) caused serological cross-reactivity with Betula verrucosa-related allergens. © 2015 S. Karger AG, Basel.

  1. Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis of Large Subunit rDNA of Symbiotic Dinoflagellates from Scleractinian Corals in the Zhubi Coral Reef of the Nansha Islands


    Zooxanthellae are very important for the coral reef ecosystem. The diversity of coral hosts is high in the South China Sea, but the diversity of zooxanthellae has not yet been investigated. We chose the Zhubi Coral Reef of the Nansha Islands as the region to be surveyed in the present study because it represents a typical tropical coral reef of the South China Sea and we investigated zooxanthellae diversity in 10 host scleractinian coral species using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) of the large subunit rRNA and restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) patterns. Pocillopora verrucosa, Acropora pelifera, Acropora millepora, Fungia fungites, Galaxea fascicularis, and Acropora pruinosa harbor Clade C, Goniastrea aspera harbors Clade D, and Acropora formosa harbors Clades D and C. Therefore, the Clade C is the dominant type in the Zhubi Coral Reef of the NanshaIslands. Furthermore, the results of the present also disprove what has been widely accepted, namely that one coral host harbors only one algal symbiont. The coral-algal symbiosis is flexible, which may be an important mechanism for surviving coral bleaching. Meanwhile, on the basis of the results of the present study, we think that Symbiodinium Clade D may be more tolerant to stress than Symbiodinium Clade C.

  2. The diversity and distribution of Holothuroidea in shallow waters of Baluran National Park, Indonesia



    Full Text Available Abstract. Siddiq AM, Atmowidi T, Qayim I. 2015. The diversity and distribution of Holothuroidea in shallow waters of Baluran National Park, Indonesia. Biodiversitas 17: 55-60. A study of the diversity and distribution of sea cucumber (Holothuroidea in shallow waters at Baluran National Park, East Java, Indonesia was carried out from July until September 2015. The method used in this study was systematic transect in low tide condition. Samples were collected by hands at intertidal sites. Identification of sea cucumber species based on morphological ossicles. Twenty one species of Holothuroidea belonging two orders and four families were found in this study. The most dominant family found was Holothuriidae (16 species, followed by Stichopodidae (2 species, Synaptidae (2 species, and Chiridotidae (1 spesies. Four species (Holothuria olivacea, H. verrucosa, Labidodemas rugosum, and Chiridota smirnovi are new record for Java waters and one species (H. papillifera is a new record for Indonesian waters. Two morphospecies (H. aff. macroperona and Stichopus cf. monotuberculatus need reconfirmation to species level. The highest abundance species of Holothuroidea was found at under rock with 15 species. Whereas, the highest number of individuals was found in seagrass areas with 5457 individuals. H. atra has extensive habitat distribution, such as seagrass, macroalgae, coral reef, dead coral, sand, and under rock.

  3. Polychlorinated biphenyls, organochlorine pesticides and trace metals in cultured and harvested bivalves from the eastern Adriatic coast (Croatia).

    Milun, Vesna; Lušić, Jelena; Despalatović, Marija


    Polychlorinated biphenyls, organochlorine pesticides and trace metals were determined in tissues of bivalve molluscs (Mytilus galloprovincialis, Ostrea edulis, Venus verrucosa, Arca noae and Callista chione), collected from 11 harvesting and 2 cultured locations along the eastern Adriatic coast, in May and November 2012. Concentrations (ng g(-1) dry weight) of organochlorines ranged from 1.53 to 21.1 for PCBs and 0.68 to 5.21 for p,p'-DDTs. HCB, lindane, heptachlor and aldrin-like compounds were found in lower levels or were not detected. Metal concentrations (mg kg(-1) dry weight) ranged from 0.23 to 4.03 for Cd, 0.87-3.43 for Cr, 3.69-202.3 for Cu, 0.06-0.26 for HgT, 0.62-9.42 for Ni, 0.95-4.64 for Pb, and 55.76-4010.3 for Zn. Established organochlorine and trace metal levels were lower than the maximum allowable levels in seafood set by the European Commission.

  4. The anti-fungi activity of the ethanol extracts of several algae%海藻乙醇提取物抗真菌活性

    李凌绪; 翟梅枝; 林奇英; 谢联辉


    采用生长速率法和孢子萌发法对福建沿海几种常见海藻的抗真菌活性进行了筛选.结果表明:孔石莼(Ulva pertusa)的乙醇提取物对链格孢菌(Alternaria brassicae),浒苔(Enteromorpha sp)、沙菜(Hypnea sp)、江蓠(Gracilaria verrucosa)的乙醇提取物对甜椒灰霉菌(Botrytis cinerea)的菌丝生长抑制率都在40%以上;江蓠、沙菜和蜈蚣藻(Grateloupia filicina)的乙醇提取物对香蕉炭疽菌(Gloeosporium musarum)和苹果青霉菌(Penicillium expansum)孢子萌发的抑制率都在90%以上;羊栖菜(Sargassum fusiforme)乙醇提取物对苹果青霉菌的孢子萌发抑制率也在90%以上.化学预试验法结果表明,抗菌活性成分可能为酚类、糖类、内酯或甾醇.

  5. The impact of UVB radiation on the glycoprotein glue of orb-weaving spider capture thread.

    Stellwagen, Sarah D; Opell, Brent D; Clouse, Mary E


    Many spider orb-webs are exposed to sunlight and the potentially damaging effects of ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation. We examined the effect of UVB on the viscoelastic glycoprotein core of glue droplets deposited on the prey capture threads of these webs, hypothesizing that webs built by species that occupy sunny habitats are less susceptible to UVB damage than are webs built by species that prefer shaded forest habitats or by nocturnal species. Threads were tested shortly after being collected in the early morning and after being exposed to UVB energy equivalent to a day of summer sun and three times this amount. Droplets kept in a dark chamber allowed us to evaluate post-production changes. Droplet volume was unaffected by treatments, indicating that UVB did not damage the hygroscopic compounds in the aqueous layer that covers droplets. UVB exposure did not affect energies of droplet extension for species from exposed and partially to mostly shaded habitats (Argiope aurantia, Leucauge venusta and Verrucosa arenata). However, UVB exposure reduced the energy of droplet extension in Micrathena gracilis from shaded forests and Neoscona crucifera, which forages at night. Only in L. venusta did the energy of droplet extension increase after the dark treatment, suggesting endogenous molecular alignment. This study adds UVB irradiation to the list of factors (humidity, temperature and strain rate) known to affect the performance of spider glycoprotein glue, factors that must be more fully understood if adhesives that mimic spider glycoprotein glue are to be produced.

  6. Comparative bioaccumulation kinetics of trace elements in Mediterranean marine sponges.

    Genta-Jouve, Grégory; Cachet, Nadja; Oberhänsli, François; Noyer, Charlotte; Teyssié, Jean-Louis; Thomas, Olivier P; Lacoue-Labarthe, Thomas


    While marine organisms such as bivalves, seagrasses and macroalgae are commonly used as biomonitors for the environment pollution assessment, widely distributed sponges received little attention as potential helpful species for monitoring programmes. In this study, the trace element and radionuclide bioaccumulation and retention capacities of some marine sponges were estimated in a species-comparative study using radiotracers technique. Six Mediterranean species were exposed to background dissolved concentrations of (110m)Ag, (241)Am, (109)Cd, (60)Co, (134)Cs, (54)Mn, (75)Se and (65)Zn allowing the assessment of the uptake and depuration kinetics for selected elements. Globally, massive demosponges Agelas oroides, Chondrosia reniformis and Ircinia variabilis displayed higher concentration factor (CF) than the erectile ones (Acanthella acuta, Cymbaxinella damicornis, Cymbaxinella verrucosa) at the end of exposure, suggesting that the morphology is a key factor in the metal bioaccumulation efficiency. Considering this observation, two exceptions were noted: (1) A. acuta reached the highest CF for (110m)Ag and strongly retained the accumulated metal without significant Ag loss when placed in depuration conditions and (2) C. reniformis did not accumulate Se as much as A. oroides and I. variabilis. These results suggest that peculiar metal uptake properties in sponges could be driven by specific metabolites or contrasting biosilification processes between species, respectively. This study demonstrated that sponges could be considered as valuable candidate for biomonitoring metal contamination but also that there is a need to experimentally highlight metal-dependant characteristic among species.

  7. Diversity of MAPs in some plant communities of Stara Planina

    Obratov-Petković Dragica


    Full Text Available The high floristic diversity of Stara Planina was the starting base for the research of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs in individual forest and meadow communities. The sites Javor and Prelesje, forest community Fagetum moesiacae montanum B. Jov. 1953, pioneer community of birch Betuletum verrucosae s.l. and meadow community Agrostietum vulgaris (capillaris Pavlović, Z. 1955, were researched as follows: soil types, floristic composition and structure of the community, percentage of MAPs, as well as the selection of species which, according to the predetermined criteria can be recommended for further exploitation. The study shows that the soil of the forest communities is eutric brown, and meadow soils are dystric and eutric humus-siliceous. The percentage of MAPs in the floristic structure of the study sites in forest and meadow communities is 32.35%. The following species can be recommended for the collection and utilisation: Hypericum perforatum L., Asperula odorata L., Dryopteris filix-mas (L Schott. Urtica dioica L., Euphorbia amygdaloides L., Prunella grandiflora L. Tanacetum vulgare L., Achillea millefolium L., Rumex acetosa L., Campanula glomerata L., Stachys officinalis (L Trevis., Plantago lanceolata W. et K., Potentilla erecta (L Rauchel, Chamaespartium sagittale (L P. Gibbs. Cynanchum vincetoxicum (L Pers., Euphrasia stricta Host., Fagus moesiaca (Matt Liebl. and Fragaria vesca L.

  8. Notes on soil dematiaceous hyphomycetes from Hexi Corridor, Gansu Province%甘肃河西走廊土壤中的暗色丝孢菌

    孔金花; 张天宇; 张伟


    Thirty nine isolates of dematiaceous hyphomycetes from 25 soil samples in Hexi Corridor, Gansu Province were obtained. Determination of the isolates yielded 27 species in 16 genera. Of which, Alternaria chlamydospora, Acremoniella atra and Acremoniella verrucosa are new records for China. Stachybotrys terrestris is a new species. Descriptions and illustrations of the new species and new records are given based on Chinese isolates. All specimens (dried cultures) and living cultures have been deposited in Herbarium of Shandong Agricultural University: Plant Pathology (HSAUP).%从甘肃河西走廊的25份土样中分离出39个暗色丝孢菌分离物,经鉴定分别属于16个属的27个种.其中厚垣链格孢Alternaria chlamydospora、黑小枝顶孢Acremoniella atra和疣小枝顶孢Acremoniella verrucosa为中国新记录种;士栖葡萄穗霉Stachubotrys terrestris为新种.研究过的标本(干制培养物)与活菌种均保存在山东农业大学植物病理学标本室(HSAUP).

  9. Cromomicosis: reporte de un caso incapacitante Chromomycosis: report of a disabling case

    Sendy Solórzano


    Full Text Available La cromomicosis es una micosis profunda subcutánea producida por hongos dimórficos que de forma habitual habitan en restos vegetales. Se presenta el caso de un paciente de 51 años que seis años antes del ingreso se dedicaba a la fabricación de tejas en Madre de Dios, Perú; donde sufrió una lesión inicial papular en una pierna la cual se extendió hasta comprometer los cuatro miembros, con lesiones verrucosas que lo llevaron a la discapacidad. Se observaron cuerpos fumagoides en la biopsia de piel. El paciente fue hospitalizado y recibió curaciones tópicas, antibioticoterapia y terbinafina. Fue dado de alta al cabo de dos meses con mejoría clínica.Chromomycosis is a deep subcutaneous mycosis caused by different dymorphic fungi species that normally live in vegetal debris. We report the case of a 51 year-old patient that six years previous to the evaluation worked making roof tiles in Madre de Dios, Peru; where he presented an initial papular lesion in a leg, which continued expanding until the 4 limbs were affected with disabling verrucous lesions. Fumagoid cells were found in the skin biopsy. The patient was hospitalized and received topical cleaning, antibiotics and terbinafine. He was discharged two months later with clinical improvement.

  10. Sessile macro-epibiotic community of solitary ascidians, ecosystem engineers in soft substrates of Potter Cove, Antarctica

    Clara Rimondino


    Full Text Available The muddy bottoms of inner Potter Cove, King George Island (Isla 25 de Mayo, South Shetlands, Antarctica, show a high density and richness of macrobenthic species, particularly ascidians. In other areas, ascidians have been reported to play the role of ecosystem engineers, as they support a significant number of epibionts, increasing benthic diversity. In this study, a total of 21 sessile macro-epibiotic taxa present on the ascidian species Corella antarctica Sluiter, 1905, Cnemidocarpa verrucosa (Lesson, 1830 and Molgula pedunculata Herdman, 1881 were identified, with Bryozoa being the most diverse. There were differences between the three ascidian species in terms of richness, percent cover and diversity of sessile macro-epibionts. The morphological characteristics of the tunic surface, the available area for colonization (and its relation with the age of the basibiont individuals and the pH of the ascidian tunic seem to explain the observed differences. Recent environmental changes in the study area (increase of suspended particulate matter caused by glaciers retreat have been related to observed shifts in the benthic community structure, negatively affecting the abundance and distribution of the studied ascidian species. Considering the diversity of sessile macro-epibionts found on these species, the impact of environmental shifts may be greater than that estimated so far.


    韩立刚; 袁毅


    瓶霉属、外瓶霉属真菌在自然界中广泛分布,是有着重要经济意义的一类真菌.迄今,我国已报道疣状瓶霉(Phialophora verrucosa)、裴氏瓶霉(Ph.pedrosoi)、棘状外瓶霉(Exophiala spinifera)、皮炎外瓶霉(E dermatitidis)和甄氏外瓶霉(E jeanselmei=Ph.gougerotii)5种,均是分离自人体的病原真菌.在长白山自然保护区的原始林中,用生长锥取样器随机钻取腐朽林木髓心,在实验室进行分离培养.共鉴定出瓶霉属真菌2种,外瓶霉属真菌3种,其中美州瓶霉(Ph.americana、烂木瓶霉(Ph.richardsiae)和鲑外瓶霉(E salmonis)为国内新记录种.

  12. Recultivation work in the oil shale basin of Estonia, USSR

    Luik, H.


    Soviet Estonia is situated in the northwestern part of the Soviet Union. The most important mineral resources are oil shale, phosphorite, peat and construction materials. Oil shale production is about 30 x 10/sup 6/ tonnes a year. The oil shale is partly surface mined but the majority is deep mined. Recultivation of exhausted oil shale pits started in 1959 and has proceeded at an average of 150 ha per annum. In the course of recultivation a process of selective mining is adopted, this is followed quickly by physical recontouring and cultivation work. Particular attention is given to the maintenance and improvement of soil fertility. Afforestation is the main form of biological recultivation with more than 2450 ha of exhausted oil shale workings having been planted. The most successful trees have been Pinus sylvestris, Betula verrucosa, Larix europea and Larix japonica. The development of mining and land use in the oil shale basin is closely regulated. To ensure efficient mining development and to maximise nature conservation and recreation potential a scheme of functional zoning has been drawn up and a policy of progressive recultivation has been adopted.

  13. Chronic ulcerating genital herpes simplex virus infection: A diagnosis mislead by HIV infection

    Sudip Parajuli


    Full Text Available We report a case of chronic herpes simplex in a 27 year old lady presenting with a history of persistent verrucous ulcer in the natal cleft of nine months duration. The patient was diagnosed and treated initially as a case of Tuberculosis Verrucosa Cutis (TVC based on the chronicity of the ulcer, negative HIV serological tests and histopathological findings. The diagnosis had to be revised as the lesion was increasing in size and the patient was not responding to treatment even after completing antituberculous treatment for six months. Repeat histopathological examination and immunohistochemistry showed DNA of herpes simplex. Based on this finding a repeat HIV serology was sent which was positive. The ulcer healed after a course of acyclovir. The case is being reported to highlight the importance of considering chronic herpes simplex infection in a case of chronic genital ulcer. In addition this case reminds us the nature of HIV infection to mislead the diagnosis by altering the natural course of the disease process.

  14. Explained and unexplained tissue loss in corals from the Tropical Eastern Pacific

    Rodriguez-Villalobos, Jenny Carolina; Work, Thierry M.; Calderon-Aguilera, Luis Eduardo; Reyes-Bonilla, Hector; Hernández, Luis


    Coral reefs rival rainforest in biodiversity, but are declining in part because of disease. Tissue loss lesions, a manifestation of disease, are present in dominant Pocillopora along the Pacific coast of Mexico. We characterized tissue loss in 7 species of Pocillopora from 9 locations (44 sites) spanning southern to northern Mexico. Corals were identified to species, and tissue loss lesions were photographed and classified as those explainable by predation and those that were unexplained. A focal predation study was done concurrently at 3 locations to confirm origin of explained lesions. Of 1054 cases of tissue loss in 7 species of corals, 84% were associated with predation (fish, snails, or seastar) and the remainder were unexplained. Types of tissue loss were not related to coral density; however there was significant geographic heterogeneity in type of lesion; one site in particular (Cabo Pulmo) had the highest prevalence of predator-induced tissue loss (mainly pufferfish predation). Crown-of-thorns starfish, pufferfish, and snails were the most common predators and preferred P. verrucosa, P. meandrina, and P. capitata, respectively. Of the 9 locations, 4 had unexplained tissue loss with prevalence ranging from 1 to 3% with no species predilection. Unexplained tissue loss was similar to white syndrome (WS) in morphology, indicating additional study is necessary to clarify the cause(s) of the lesions and the potential impacts to dominant corals along the Pacific coast of Mexico.

  15. Structure and Secondary Production of a Soft Bottom Macrobenthic Community in a Brackish Lagoon (Sacca di Goro, north-eastern Italy)

    Mistri, M.; Rossi, R.; Fano, E. A.


    The composition and distribution of the macrobenthic community in a lagoon in the Po River delta was investigated by taking monthly samples at three sites during 1994. A total of 38 macroinvertebrate taxa, representing five phyla, were identified. Gastropods, amphipods, and chironomid larvae dominated the macrofauna in term of abundance, while in terms of biomass bivalves were the dominant taxon. Monthly total invertebrate abundance showed considerable fluctuations, depending on the season and on the presence of the red macroalgae Gracilaria verrucosa. In the central area of the lagoon, a significant relationship was demonstrated between macrobenthic community parameters and amount of macroalgal cover. Taking the most important species, i.e. those that contributed most to similarity within sites, only Cerastoderma glaucum was found to be negatively related to the amount of macroalgal biomass. Mean annual secondary production varied between 50 and 75 g AFDW m -2yr -1depending on the site, yielding P/B ratios between 1·02 and 1·08. Confinement and moderate disturbance due to the presence of algal cover are hypothesized to determine structure, composition, and production of the macrobenthic community in the Sacca di Goro.

  16. Non-destructive methods for peat layer assessment in oligotrophic peat bogs: a case study from Poiana Ştampei, Romania

    Iuliana F. Gheorghe


    Full Text Available Practices currently employed in the investigation and characterisation of peat deposits are destructive and may irremediable perturb peat bog development even in cases when exploitation is not carried out. We investigated the correlation between vegetation characteristics in the active area of Poiana Ştampei peat bog, Romania, and the underlying peat layer depth, aiming at establishing a non-destructive method of peat layer depth estimation. The presence of the Sphagneto-Eriophoretum vaginati association, dominated by Sphagnum fimbriatum, Eriophorum vaginatum, Andromeda polifolia, Vaccinium oxycoccos, V. myrtillus, V. vitis-idaea, Polytrichum commune, Picea excelsa, Pinus sylvestris and Betula verrucosa was found to predict the existence of the peat layer but not its depth. Out of the seven identified vegetation types, one type was associated with a very thin or no peat layer, one type was characterised by the presence of a thick (over 100 cm peat layer and five types indicated the presence of variable average depths of the peat layer. pH values correlated with peat layer depth only within the vegetation type associated with thick peat layers.

  17. Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by Bipolaris hawaiiensis: a case report Feohifomicose subcutânea causada por Bipolaris hawaiiensis: registro de um caso

    Alcyr Ribeiro Costa


    Full Text Available A case of phaeohyphomycosis caused by Bipolaris hawaiiensis is reported. The patient, an immunocompetent host, presented a verrucous lesion on the first finger of the left foot. Dematiaceous septate hyphae and yeast-like elements were seen in direct and histological examination. The isolated strain was identified on the basis of micro and macromorphological aspects. Treated with electrocoagulation, the lesions healed and presented no relapse after two years follow-up.Os autores descrevem um caso de feohifomicose com lesão verrucosa no hálux esquerdo. O paciente não apresentava sinais clínicos de deficiência imunológica. Os exames direto e histopatológico mostraram células leveduriformes e poucas hifas septadas, demacióides, essenciais ao diagnóstico desta micose. O cultivo em lâmina permitiu identificar o hifomiceto como Bipolaris hawaiiensis. A eletrocoagulação foi usada como tratamento, com cura do processo, não havendo recidiva após dois anos.

  18. The effect of colour polymorphism on thermoregulation in an orb web spider

    Rao, Dinesh; Mendoza-Cuenca, Luis


    Spiders that build aerial webs in open areas face the risk of overheating due to incident solar radiation. These spiders can counteract overheating by either moving the web to another site or by adopting behavioural thermoregulation within the web. Since moving can be costly, studies have suggested that a passive but effective method of reducing heat load is by light reflectance through body colouration. We explored the interaction between colour and thermoregulation in a colour polymorphic species, under both field and laboratory conditions. We show that in natural conditions, the spiders maintain their body temperature below that of the ambient, but with no difference in surface temperature between colour morphs. In laboratory experiments with internal temperature measurements, white morphs bore the risk of overheating better than the yellow morphs since they heated up slower and cooled faster. We suggest that the thermoregulatory properties of colour polymorphism in Verrucosa arenata have physiological consequences and may play an important role in the maintenance of colour polymorphism in this species.

  19. Nitrogen Fixation Aligns with nifH Abundance and Expression in Two Coral Trophic Functional Groups

    Pogoreutz, Claudia


    Microbial nitrogen fixation (diazotrophy) is a functional trait widely associated with tropical reef-building (scleractinian) corals. While the integral role of nitrogen fixation in coral nutrient dynamics is recognized, its ecological significance across different coral functional groups remains yet to be evaluated. Here we set out to compare molecular and physiological patterns of diazotrophy (i.e., nifH gene abundance and expression as well as nitrogen fixation rates) in two coral families with contrasting trophic strategies: highly heterotrophic, free-living members of the family Fungiidae (Pleuractis granulosa, Ctenactis echinata), and mostly autotrophic coral holobionts with low heterotrophic capacity (Pocilloporidae: Pocillopora verrucosa, Stylophora pistillata). The Fungiidae exhibited low diazotroph abundance (based on nifH gene copy numbers) and activity (based on nifH gene expression and the absence of detectable nitrogen fixation rates). In contrast, the mostly autotrophic Pocilloporidae exhibited nifH gene copy numbers and gene expression two orders of magnitude higher than in the Fungiidae, which coincided with detectable nitrogen fixation activity. Based on these data, we suggest that nitrogen fixation compensates for the low heterotrophic nitrogen uptake in autotrophic corals. Consequently, the ecological importance of diazotrophy in coral holobionts may be determined by the trophic functional group of the host.

  20. {delta}{sup 13}C and {delta}{sup 15}N shifts in benthic invertebrates exposed to sewage from McMurdo Station, Antarctica

    Conlan, Kathleen E. [Canadian Musem of Nature, P.O. Box 3443 Station D, Ottawa, Ont., K1P 6P4 (Canada)]. E-mail; Rau, Greg H. [Institute of Marine Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 95064 (United States); Kvitek, Rikk G. [Earth Systems Science and Policy, California State University Monterey Bay, 100 Campus Center, Seaside, CA 93955 (United States)


    In an effort to identify biomonitors for contamination of Antarctic marine benthos by sewage, this study determines whether the US Antarctic Program's McMurdo Station produces a benthic sewage footprint and whether resident megafauna are assimilating sewage-derived material. We identified strong C and N isotopic gradients in benthic sediment as a function of downstream distance from McMurdo Station's point-source sewage addition. Sediment C and N isotope ratios approached marine background levels at the sampling end-point 612 m downcurrent. Based on isotope abundances in their tissues, at least some sewage C and N were assimilated by the sedentary, suspension feeding soft coral Alcyonium antarcticum, ascidian Cnemidocarpa verrucosa and bivalve Laternula elliptica. However, as inferred by tissue-sediment differences in downstream isotope trends, such assimilation was not in proportion to sewage exposure and input, therefore implying non-generalist feeding behavior by these species. In contrast, the motile, generalist feeding sea urchin Sterechinus neumayeri, sea star Odontaster validus and ribbon worm Parborlasia corrugatus showed isotopic evidence of sewage C and N assimilation roughly in proportion to sewage input. We recommend these generalist feeders for further use as biomonitors at this site now that sewage treatment has been implemented. As these species are circumpolar in distribution, they may also prove useful elsewhere in the Antarctic.

  1. Extensive phenotypic plasticity of a Red Sea coral over a strong latitudinal temperature gradient suggests limited acclimatization potential to warming

    Sawall, Yvonne; Al-Sofyani, Abdulmoshin; Hohn, Sönke; Banguera-Hinestroza, Eulalia; Voolstra, Christian R.; Wahl, Martin


    Global warming was reported to cause growth reductions in tropical shallow water corals in both, cooler and warmer, regions of the coral species range. This suggests regional adaptation with less heat-tolerant populations in cooler and more thermo-tolerant populations in warmer regions. Here, we investigated seasonal changes in the in situ metabolic performance of the widely distributed hermatypic coral Pocillopora verrucosa along 12° latitudes featuring a steep temperature gradient between the northern (28.5°N, 21-27°C) and southern (16.5°N, 28-33°C) reaches of the Red Sea. Surprisingly, we found little indication for regional adaptation, but strong indications for high phenotypic plasticity: Calcification rates in two seasons (winter, summer) were found to be highest at 28-29°C throughout all populations independent of their geographic location. Mucus release increased with temperature and nutrient supply, both being highest in the south. Genetic characterization of the coral host revealed low inter-regional variation and differences in the Symbiodinium clade composition only at the most northern and most southern region. This suggests variable acclimatization potential to ocean warming of coral populations across the Red Sea: high acclimatization potential in northern populations, but limited ability to cope with ocean warming in southern populations already existing at the upper thermal margin for corals.

  2. Validation of capillary zone electrophoresis and capillary isoelectric focusing separations optimized for the characterization of two recombinant products of the birch pollen allergen Bet v 1a.

    Kronsteiner, Barbara; Dullnig, Verena; Stutz, Hanno


    CZE and CIEF separation systems, both developed previously for a quality control of two recombinant products of the major birch pollen allergen Bet v 1a of Betula verrucosa, were validated including aspects of the International Conference on Harmonization. One product contained carbamylated variants as impurities. Linearity of response was confirmed by Mandel's fitting test between 0.028 and 1.90 mg/mL for CZE and between 0.016 and 0.26 mg/mL for CIEF. Repeatability and intermediate precision were evaluated for the effective mobility (mu(eff)) in CZE, for relative mobilization time in CIEF and the peak area ratio of Bet v 1a. LOQ for Bet v 1a was between 10 and 23 microg/mL for both methods. Evaluation of robustness for CZE revealed susceptibility of micro(eff) of Bet v 1a to alterations in of buffer pH and separation temperature. Selectivity was impaired by an increase in temperature, pH, and buffer concentration. In addition, pH variations influenced the separation profile of impurities. For CIEF, the ratio of narrow pH range carrier ampholytes is the critical parameter to retain robustness. Results demonstrate the suitability of both separation systems to discriminate between nonmodified Bet v 1a and carbamylated variants in the selected recombinant allergen products.

  3. Molecular characterization of recombinant T1, a non-allergenic periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) protein, with sequence similarity to the Bet v 1 plant allergen family.

    Laffer, Sylvia; Hamdi, Said; Lupinek, Christian; Sperr, Wolfgang R; Valent, Peter; Verdino, Petra; Keller, Walter; Grote, Monika; Hoffmann-Sommergruber, Karin; Scheiner, Otto; Kraft, Dietrich; Rideau, Marc; Valenta, Rudolf


    More than 25% of the population suffer from Type I allergy, an IgE-mediated hypersensitivity disease. Allergens with homology to the major birch ( Betula verrucosa ) pollen allergen, Bet v 1, belong to the most potent elicitors of IgE-mediated allergies. T1, a cytokinin-inducible cytoplasmic periwinkle ( Catharanthus roseus ) protein, with significant sequence similarity to members of the Bet v 1 plant allergen family, was expressed in Escherichia coli. Recombinant T1 (rT1) did not react with IgE antibodies from allergic patients, and failed to induce basophil histamine release and immediate-type skin reactions in Bet v 1-allergic patients. Antibodies raised against purified rT1 could be used for in situ localization of natural T1 by immunogold electron microscopy, but did not cross-react with most of the Bet v 1-related allergens. CD analysis showed significant differences regarding secondary structure and thermal denaturation behaviour between rT1 and recombinant Bet v 1, suggesting that these structural differences are responsible for the different allergenicity of the proteins. T1 represents a non-allergenic member of the Bet v 1 family that may be used to study structural requirements of allergenicity and to engineer hypo-allergenic plants by replacing Bet v 1-related allergens for primary prevention of allergy.

  4. Comparison of wood-inhabiting myxomycetes in subalpine and montane coniferous forests in the Yatsugatake Mountains of Central Japan.

    Takahashi, Kazunari; Harakon, Yuichi


    To demonstrate altitudinal gradients (and resulting temperatures) that affect myxomycete biodiversity and species composition, we statistically compared myxomycete assemblages between a subalpine coniferous forest and a montane pine forest within the region of the Yatsugatake Mountains, Nagano Prefecture, Central Japan. In summer and autumn field surveys during 2003-2010, 53 myxomycete taxa (with varieties treated as species) were observed from 639 records of fruiting bodies in the subalpine forest and 32 taxa were detected from 613 records in the montane forest. There were 20 species in common between the assemblages and the percentage similarity index was 0.400. Myxomycete biodiversity was higher in the subalpine than in the montane forest. Nine myxomycete species were statistically frequent occurrences in the subalpine forest and appeared in autumn: Lamproderma columbinum, Cribraria macrocarpa, Trichia botrytis, Physarum newtonii, Diderma ochraceum, Enteridium splendens, Elaeomyxa cerifera, Trichia verrucosa, and Colloderma oculatum. Five species were restricted to appear in the subalpine forest: Cribraria purpurea, Cribraria rufa, Cribraria ferruginea, Cribraria piriformis, and Lepidoderma tigrinum. Dead wood in the subalpine forest provided a breeding habitat for specific myxomycetes that inhabit cold areas; that is those areas having geographical features of decreasing temperature and increasing elevation, such as the temperate area of Central Japan.

  5. Você conhece esta síndrome? Do you know this syndrome?

    Isabella Brasil Succi


    Full Text Available A Síndrome de Bloch-Sulzberger (Incontinência Pigmentar é uma genodermatose rara, que afeta, principalmente, o sexo feminino, pois costuma ser letal em pacientes do sexo masculino intraútero. Caracteriza-se, principalmente, pelas manifestações dermatológicas, podendo também apresentar anomalias dentárias, oftalmológicas e neurológicas. As lesões cutâneas apresentam 4 fases distintas: vesiculosa, verrucosa, pigmentar e atrófica; que podem seguir uma sequência irregular, havendo até sobreposição das mesmasBloch-Sulzberger syndrome (incontinentia pigmenti is a rare genodermatosis that affects predominantly females, since it is generally lethal to male fetuses in utero. It is characterized principally by skin lesions, but may also involve dental, ophthalmological and neurological abnormalities. The skin lesions are present in four different phases: vesicular, verrucous, hyperpigmented and atrophic/hypopigmented. Their sequence is irregular and overlapping of stages is common

  6. Acantosis Nigricans Maligna Acanthosis Nigricans Maligna

    C Vallejo


    Full Text Available Es un síndrome paraneoplásico poco común, que se asocia a tumores gastrointestinales, más frecuentemente a adenocarcinoma gástrico (69%. Afecta a ambos sexos y no tiene prevalencia por grupo étnico alguno. Clínicamente son lesiones hiperpigmentadas, hipertróficas y verrucosas en zonas de flexión y en la mayoría de los casos, las mucosas también resultan afectadas con lesiones papilomatosas. Habitualmente desaparecen con la eliminación del tumor o reaparecen con la recurrencia o metástasis.Acanthosis nigricans malignant is an uncommon paraneoplastic syndrome associated with gastrointestinal tumors, frequently gastric adenocarcinoma, affects both sexes and it has not prevalence by race. Clinically, lesions are hyperpigmented, hypertrophic and verrucous in flexion areas and in most cases the mucous membranes are also affected with papillomatous lesions. Tipically disappears with the removal of the tumor and reappears when recurrence or metastasis occur.

  7. Ceratose liquenóide em um cão Lichenoid keratosis in a dog

    Tatiana Mello de Souza


    Full Text Available A ceratose liquenóide é uma rara dermatopatia proliferativa descrita em humanos e cães. Nos cães, a doença caracteriza-se pelo aparecimento de placas hiperceratóticas bem circunscritas nas pinas e, menos freqüentemente, nas virilhas. Este artigo descreve um caso de ceratose liquenóide em um cão macho, Dobermann, de seis anos de idade, com lesões verrucosas e multifocais na face interna das orelhas e lesões alopécicas, hiperpigmentadas, levemente elevadas e descamativas nas axilas e virilhas, ambas com evolução de aproximadamente três meses. O diagnóstico foi realizado com base na associação entre os achados clínicos e histopatológicos.Lichenoid keratosis is a rare proliferative dermatopathy reported in human beings and dogs. In dogs the disease is characterized by well circumscribed hyperkeratotic plaques distributed in the skin of pinnae and, less frequently, in the inguinal region. This report describes a case of lichenoid keratosis in a six-year-old male Dobermann dog which had multifocal verrucous lesions in the internal aspect of the pinnae and slightly scaly, overpigmented alopecic lesions in the axillae and inguinal region; both lesions had a clinical course of approximately three months. The diagnosis was based on the association of the clinical and histopathological findings.

  8. Micromorfologia da superfície do fruto de espécies de Mikania Willd. (Asteraceae ocorrentes no estado do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil Micromorphology of fruit surfaces in species of Mikania Willd. (Asteraceae occurring in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil

    Mara Rejane Ritter


    Full Text Available A micromorfologia da superfície dos frutos de 15 táxons de Mikania Willd. em microscopia eletrônica de varredura (MEV é apresentada neste trabalho. Buscaram-se caracteres que auxiliassem a separação de espécies próximas, ocorrentes no Estado do Rio Grande do Sul. Para algumas delas, estes caracteres mostraram valor taxonômico. As espécies estudadas foram divididas em quatro grupos, de acordo com o padrão encontrado. O padrão que apresentou paredes periclinais estriadas e paredes anticlinais com projeções verrucosas foi o mais constante nas espécies de Mikania Willd. analisadas.This work presents the surface micromorphology of fruits of 15 taxa of Mikania Willd. studied under scanning electron microscopy (SEM. The aim was to find characters to separate close species that occur in Rio Grande do Sul State. Such characters had taxonomic value for some of them. The species were separated into four groups according to the pattern. The pattern with striated periclinal and anticlinal walls with verrucose projections was the most constant in the species of Mikania Willd. analyzed.

  9. Comparative Assessment of Mediterranean Gorgonian-Associated Microbial Communities Reveals Conserved Core and Locally Variant Bacteria

    van de Water, Jeroen A J M


    Gorgonians are key habitat-forming species of Mediterranean benthic communities, but their populations have suffered from mass mortality events linked to high summer seawater temperatures and microbial disease. However, our knowledge on the diversity, dynamics and function of gorgonian-associated microbial communities is limited. Here, we analysed the spatial variability of the microbiomes of five sympatric gorgonian species (Eunicella singularis, Eunicella cavolini, Eunicella verrucosa, Leptogorgia sarmentosa and Paramuricea clavata), collected from the Mediterranean Sea over a scale of ∼1100 km, using next-generation amplicon sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene. The microbiomes of all gorgonian species were generally dominated by members of the genus Endozoicomonas, which were at very low abundance in the surrounding seawater. Although the composition of the core microbiome (operational taxonomic units consistently present in a species) was found to be unique for each host species, significant overlap was observed. These spatially consistent associations between gorgonians and their core bacteria suggest intricate symbiotic relationships and regulation of the microbiome composition by the host. At the same time, local variations in microbiome composition were observed. Functional predictive profiling indicated that these differences could be attributed to seawater pollution. Taken together, our data indicate that gorgonian-associated microbiomes are composed of spatially conserved bacteria (core microbiome members) and locally variant members, and that local pollution may influence these local associations, potentially impacting gorgonian health.

  10. Phytometabolite Dehydroleucodine Induces Cell Cycle Arrest, Apoptosis, and DNA Damage in Human Astrocytoma Cells through p73/p53 Regulation.

    Bailon-Moscoso, Natalia; González-Arévalo, Gabriela; Velásquez-Rojas, Gabriela; Malagon, Omar; Vidari, Giovanni; Zentella-Dehesa, Alejandro; Ratovitski, Edward A; Ostrosky-Wegman, Patricia


    Accumulating evidence supports the idea that secondary metabolites obtained from medicinal plants (phytometabolites) may be important contributors in the development of new chemotherapeutic agents to reduce the occurrence or recurrence of cancer. Our study focused on Dehydroleucodine (DhL), a sesquiterpene found in the provinces of Loja and Zamora-Chinchipe. In this study, we showed that DhL displayed cytostatic and cytotoxic activities on the human cerebral astrocytoma D384 cell line. With lactone isolated from Gynoxys verrucosa Wedd, a medicinal plant from Ecuador, we found that DhL induced cell death in D384 cells by triggering cell cycle arrest and inducing apoptosis and DNA damage. We further found that the cell death resulted in the increased expression of CDKN1A and BAX proteins. A marked induction of the levels of total TP73 and phosphorylated TP53, TP73, and γ-H2AX proteins was observed in D384 cells exposed to DhL, but no increase in total TP53 levels was detected. Overall these studies demonstrated the marked effect of DhL on the diminished survival of human astrocytoma cells through the induced expression of TP73 and phosphorylation of TP73 and TP53, suggesting their key roles in the tumor cell response to DhL treatment.

  11. Nutritional Basis of Butterflyfish Corallivory in the Red Sea

    Masterman, Jessica


    The overall goal of this study was to elucidate the relationship between coral nutrition and the observed prey preferences exhibited by corallivorous butterflyfishes. Fifteen species of coral (thirteen hard, two soft) and stomach/hindgut contents from six species of butterflyfish were analyzed in this study, all collected from the central Saudi Arabian Red Sea. All samples were analyzed for lipid, total-nitrogen (proxy for protein), and ash (proxy for minerals and when combined with lipid data, allows for calculation of carbohydrate). Unfortunately, substantial errors were encountered in the experimental lipid data, precluding the use of this data set. Using the value of (protein/ash) as a proxy for potential nutritional quality, it was determined that Pocillopora cf. verrucosa and P. damicornis have the highest nutritional quality, while Acropora hyacinthus and Stylophora pistillata have intermediate nutritional quality, and all remaining 11 species have low nutritional quality. This suggests that the high nutritional quality of Pocillopora damicornis and Acropora hyacinthus may be the cause of the well documented predator preferences for these two species. Fish gut content samples were, on average, twice as rich in protein and half as rich in minerals as the coral tissue samples, suggesting either selective consumption of especially rich parts of the coral colony, or consumption of other food sources (facultative corallivores). In all six butterflyfish species, stomach content samples were consistently richer in protein and poorer in mineral content than the hindgut content samples; this suggests significant and measureable uptake of protein in the butterflyfish digestion process.

  12. "A chiare lettere" Il ruolo del Presidente della Repubblica. Editoriale febbraio 2007

    Giuseppe Casuscelli


    Full Text Available Mentre la scienza costituzionalistica si interroga da qualche tempo sul cambiamento del ruolo del Capo dello Stato nel nostro ordinamento costituzionale - specie da quando il settennato presidenziale si svolge “all’interno di una dinamica bipolare e maggioritaria nella forma di governo parlamentare” - la dottrina ecclesiasticistica non ha avuto motivo di approfondire in modo particolare se, nel campo di ricerca proprio, vi fosse un ruolo specifico del Presidente della Repubblica, sia per l’aspetto della tutela dei diritti inviolabili della persona interessati dal fattore religioso, sia nei profili delle relazioni e della disciplina dei rapporti Stato–confessioni, e se possa ritenersi in parte mutato. Il passaggio dalla monarchia alla Repubblica, è noto, ha ridotto di molto le di lui competenze nella materia “ecclesiastica”, ed una svolta determinante a questo processo storico è stata impressa dalla Costituzione. Quel processo, si è detto in passato, “non ha ancora esaurito il suo iter”; e, più di recente, si è potuto sottolineare che, nella nostra materia, “rimane in ogni caso estranea alla figura costituzionale del Capo dello Stato … la titolarità di una qualsiasi funzione di indirizzo politico in senso stretto”, restando il suo compito limitato a quello più generale di rappresentante dell’unità nazionale e di “custode” della Carta ed a quelli, di ridotta valenza, concernenti alcuni profili amministrativi connessi all’attività normativa del Governo.

  13. Ús de tecnologies de tinta digital per a facilitar la interacció professor-alumnes en un curs d'alemany per a enginyers

    Daniela Gil Salom


    Full Text Available Aprendre una llengua usant la tauleta i la tinta digital com a mitjà de comunicació amb el professor i amb els altres companys, aporta acció i, en conseqüència, també motivació, al procés d'ensenyança-aprenentatge. Si el discent té més oportunitats de participar en l'aula per mitjà de l'ús d'esta ferramenta, pot millorar el seu aprenentatge de la llengua alemanya? Esta és la pregunta que pretenem respondre amb la nostra investigació. Les dades obtinguts mostren la conveniència d'aprofitar estes tecnologies, ja que l'atenció prestada a tres elements lingüístics fonamentals en l'aprenentatge de la llengua alemanya per mitjà de la tinta digital i el programari lliure Classroom Presenter ha oferit bons resultats, tant en les proves diagnòstiques, com en la valoració expressada pels estudiants.

  14. La restituzione virtuale dell’architettura antica come strumento di ricerca e comunicazione dei beni culturali: ricerca estetica e gestione delle fonti

    Stefano Borghini


    Full Text Available Raffaello Sanzio intuì per primo che il mondo antico, come lo vedevano i suoi occhi, non era che l’eco sbiadita di quella ricchezza che pur doveva caratterizzarne l’esperienza artistica. Oggi la tecnologia permette di realizzare il sogno di Raffaello e di restituire le immagini delle antiche architetture, rivoluzionando la percezione del patrimonio culturale da parte del pubblico moderno. La nostra esperienza decennale nel settore della comunicazione del bene culturale ha consentito di confrontarci con diversi casi: dalla Domus Aurea, all'Ara Pacis; dai filmati divulgativi agli applicativi pensati per le postazioni fisse dei musei, fino alla creazione di software per la gestione dei dati degli scavi archeologici. Sempre ponendo al centro di ogni lavoro i cardini del nostro modo di fare ricerca: l'attenzione al linguaggio, quale strumento di comprensione estetica, e la gestione informatizzata delle fonti, come apparato di studio e metodo di validazione scientifica delle ricostruzioni.[L’impostazione del saggio è comune ai due autori. In particolare, però, Stefano Borghini ha curato il paragrafo “Considerazioni generali”, mentre Raffaele Carlani “Alcune esperienze”].

  15. Maria Iliescu - Wagner Marxgut (eds, Latin vulgaire - Latin tardif III, Actes du Ill ème Colloque international sur le latin vulgaire et tardif (Innsbruck, 2-5 septembre 1991; Tübingen, Niemeyer, 1992; X + 368 pagine

    Pavao Tekavčić


    Full Text Available Questo volume raccoglie gli Atti del IIIcolloquio internazionale sul latino volgare e tardo, organizzato dalla prima curatrice assieme ad un gruppo di altri studiosi dell'Università di Innsbruck. Ci sono trenta contributi (non ventinove, come detto alla p. IX, di cui quattordici in tedesco, dodici in francese e quattro in spagnolo. Gli autori si dedicano a tutto l'arco della latinità dalla Cena Trimalchionis ai testi dei secc. XVI-XVIII; quanto ai livelli linguistici, predominano il lessico e la semantica, ma non mancano nemmeno i livelli grafico, fonetico-fonologico e morfosintattico, nonché interessanti accenni alla pragmatica e ai problemi sociolinguistici e testuali. La maggioranza degli autori offre fatti nuovi e/o reinterpretazioni in chiave moderna di quanto già noto. A nostro avviso sono particolarmente interessanti i due contributi dedicati alla lingua dei documenti recentemente scoperti (numm. 9 e 23, mentre al polo opposto si trovano i contributi di carattere polemico (num. 24 o addirittura vere e proprie stroncature (num. 22. In seguito diamo i riassunti dei contributi, con le nostre osservazioni. La numerazione 1-30 è nostra.

  16. Esplorazione Della Terra Incognita Della Fisica Nucleare: Nuclei Con Alone, Nuclei "A Grappoli", Nuclei Borromeani e Altre Stranezze Esotiche!

    Fortunato, Lorenzo


    English: If the current status of theoretical and experimental knowledge in Nuclear Physics could be reduced to a geographical chart or a planisphere, then our epoch would be in some respect comparable to the end of the Medieval age and in other to the beginning of the Reinassance: epochs in which, together with the consolidated knowledge of the Old World, there have been great and revolutionary expeditions as the discovery of America or the periplus of Cape of Good Hope, explorations aimed at reaching the limits that, along the centuries, have lead to more and more engaging scientific discoveries in more and more far away lands, ending only in the twentieth century with the complete mapping of all the continents. Nuclear Physics is living an analogous adventure on the plane of contrast... - Italian: Se lo stato attuale delle conoscenze teoriche e sperimentali della Fisica Nucleare si potesse ridurre a una carta geografica o un mappamondo, allora la nostra epoca si potrebbe paragonare per certi versi alla fin...

  17. Multidisciplinary approach to follicular thyroid carcinoma with giant mandibular and multiple sites metastases Case report.

    De Pasquale, Loredana; Rabbiosi, Dimitri; Bardazzi, Alessandro; Autelitano, Luca; Moro, Giacomina Pierina; Ghilardi, Giorgio


    I tumori metastatici in genere hanno una cattiva prognosi, con sopravvivenza breve e raramente sono candidabili al trattamento chirurgico. Nel caso dei carcinomi differenziati della tiroide, la prognosi è solitamente migliore, grazie alla possibilità di un approcio multidisciplinare e soprattutto al trattamento radiometabolico dei secodarismi, dopo l’asportazione del tumore primitivo. Il caso presentato riguarda una donna di 65 anni, che è giunta alla nostra osservazione per una tumefazione mandibolare, risultata successivamente una metastasi da carcinoma follicolare della tiroide, a partenza da un voluminoso gozzo cervico-mediastinico normofunzionante, con ulteriori secondarismi a livello polmonare. Dopo un accurato studio pre-operatorio la Paziente è stata sottoposta a resezione della mandibola sinistra con ricostruzione mediante una protesi metallica e a tiroidectomia totale. Successivamente è stata trattata con quattro cicli di terapia radiometabolica con buona risposta. La Paziente è viva, senza ulteriore progressione di malattia a un follow-up di quarantasei mesi. Anche nei casi di tumori differnziati della tiroide in fase metastatica, l’opzione chirurgica va presa in considerazione per consentire alle terapie complementari di migliorare la prognosi in termini di sopravvivenza.

  18. Ripetizione rituale e sviluppo narrativo

    Daniele Barbieri


    Full Text Available La serialità moderna condivide numerosi aspetti con quella che potremmo chiamare serialità primaria, differenziandosi sostanzialmente da essa per la presenza di una periodicità alla sua base. A separarle storicamente sta la nascita e lo sviluppo del romanzo, come forma narrativa unitaria, la cui esistenza stessa permette il porsi del problema teorico della natura della serialità. Ma tra la serialità primaria e quella moderna si trova anche la nascita e lo sviluppo della stampa periodica, la quale finisce per essere il modello della nostra serialità. Nella comprensione del rapporto tra serialità e narrazione, giocano un ruolo particolare le saghe, le più difficili da ricondurre al modello narrativo standard. È possibile osservare che in alcune saghe la dinamica narrativa non è in verità al centro dell'interesse del lettore, e si limita a costruire il quadro di una sorta di accesso al mito. Che cosa succede, infine, quando la serialità moderna si riavvicina a quella primaria, neutralizzando la periodicità (per esempio, attraverso la pubblicazione dei telefilm nel Web?

  19. Geometry beyond Euclid: The evolution of geometry in the last 150 years has changed our culture. He knows the School?

    Ferdinando Casolaro


    Full Text Available We propose the organization of a process of expansion of the Euclidean model for teaching. In the last national instructions and guidelines, relating to geometry, it just makes some confused nod to structures which are the basis of modern physics (geometry on curved space, art and Architecture (projective and descriptive. The study and the results of the Nuclei of Research Education established in Italian universities over the past sixty years instead lead to several considerations that we analyze in this paper.   La Geometria oltre Euclide: L'evoluzione della geometria negli ultimi 150 anni ha modificato la nostra cultura. Lo sa la Scuola? Si propone l'organizzazione di un percorso di ampliamento del modello euclideo per l'insegnamento. Nelle ultime Indicazioni nazionali e Linee guida, relativamente alla geometria, si fa solo qualche confuso cenno allo studio di geometrie che sono alla base della Fisica moderna (geometrie sullo spazio curvo, dell'arte e dell'Architettura (proiettiva e descrittiva. Lo studio ed i risultati dei Nuclei di Ricerca Didattica istituiti nelle Università italiane negli ultimi sessanta anni portano invece a considerazioni diverse che nel presente lavoro analizzeremo. Parole Chiave: Modifiche Riforma Gentile; N.R.D. nelle Università italiane; Geometrie non euclidee; Trasformazioni geometriche

  20. Fabio Vighi, Sexual difference in European Cinema.The curse of Enjoyment

    Emanuela Patti


    Full Text Available Seguendo un approccio critico che, sulla scia del pensiero di Slavoj Zižek, esplora il profondo legame tra finzione cinematografica e psicanalisi, va subito detto che questo saggio aggiunge un fondamentale tassello nel filone dei recenti sviluppi della teoria lacaniana offrendo una radicale rilettura del cinema europeo del Dopoguerra. Intesa come schermo della fantasia, la narrativa filmica è qui assunta come (pretesto per esplorare il tema della differenza sessuale (sexual difference quale paradigma di riferimento alla distanza incolmabile tra uomo e donna e svelare la discrepanza e i legami tra la realtà e il Reale del godimento, da cui deriva la provocatoria tesi lacaniana “non c’è rapporto sessuale”. Rohmer, Fellini, Buñuel, Pasolini, Almodóvar, Antonioni e Bergman sono solo alcuni dei registi attraverso i quali Vighi analizza i diversi modi di concepire il vuoto traumatico che alimenta il desiderio tentando di identificare, con sguardo politico, il nocciolo represso che struttura la nostra esperienza come soggetti immersi in uno specifico contesto socio-simbolico.

  1. Towards a Collective Intelligence: Transmediality and the Wu Ming Project

    Melina Anne Masterson


    Full Text Available Dagli albori della Seconda Repubblica in Italia,  le strategie di dominio sui mass media dell’ex premier Silvio Berlusconi hanno avuto un effetto considerevole sull’immaginario culturale italiano. In un approccio multisensoriale e multimediale alla scrittura, il collettivo Wu Ming mette in questione i paradigmi culturali che negli ultimi venti anni sono diventati egemonici. L’esperienza di un romanzo dei Wu Ming va ben oltre la parola stampata poiché cerca di stimolare tutti i cinque sensi per arricchire il modo in cui il lettore vive quello che c’è sulla pagina, dimostrando esempi chiari della «convergence culture» coniata da Henry Jenkins. Questo saggio esamina l’interazione tra parola e immagine messa in atto dal collettivo tramite il sito Pinterest e illustra come questo aspetto del loro progetto rappresenti un microcosmo di un approccio complessivo alla creazione estetica e alla pratica culturale. Inoltre, questo saggio descrive in che modo il processo collettivo di consumo portato avanti dai Wu Ming contribuisca alla formazione delle «communities of sentiment» di Arjun Appadurai e alla «intelligenza collettiva» di Jenkins. Queste sono formazioni che rivitalizzano il concetto di cultura popolare per la nostra epoca digitale e offrono un’alternativa ad un immaginario culturale italiano sovra-determinato dalle pratiche del Berlusconismo.

  2. Am I Halfway? Life Lived = Expected Life

    Canudas-Romo, Vladimir; Zarulli, Virginia


    in 2010 this might be as high as 10 years more. The stage of midlife has always been considered an important step in the life of human beings. However, there is no agreement on which is the age or age-range that represents the middle phase. Here we have further added the notion that halfway......“Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita, Mi ritrovai per una selva oscura, Ché la diritta via era smarrita. [In the middle of the journey of our life, I came to myself in a dark wood, for the straight way was lost.]” (Dante 1308-1320) We have reached halfway in life when our age equals our remaining...... life expectancy at that age. This relationship in stable population models between life lived and life left has captured the attention of mathematical demographers since Lotka. Our paper aims to contribute to the halfway-age debate by showing its time trends under mortality models and with current data...

  3. Il linguaggio della CMC... il «Dolce Stil Novo» del web? Un percorso di riflessione linguistica all’Orientale di Napoli

    Antonella Elia


    Full Text Available La comunicazione mediata sincrona ed asincrona nel web e nei mondi 3D, è costellata dall’uso sempre crescente di nuovi termini e dall’impiego di abbreviazioni, acronimi ed emoticons divenuti oramai parte integrante della nostra vita virtuale. Dal punto di vista linguistico un aspetto interessante del Cyberspeak è il processo di formazione morfologica. Autorevoli linguisti (Crystal, 1995; Algeo, 1999 hanno messo a punto una tassonomia che ha reso possibile la classificazione dei diversi tipi di formazione lessicale in atto nella nuova microlingua. Si intende qui presentare un’esperienza sviluppata nel laboratorio di «Informatica Umanistica» del corso di laurea in «Linguaggi Multimediali e Informatica Umanistica» della Facoltà di Lingue e Letterature Straniere dell’Università degli Studi di Napoli «L’Orientale» rivolta agli studenti di lingua inglese e finalizzata allo sviluppo della competenza e consapevolezza linguistica nell’uso dei corretti ed appropriati registri linguistici richiesti dai vari con(testi d’uso.

  4. Biologico transgenico dalla parte di Hermes

    Giuseppe Di Gregorio


    Full Text Available A partire dagli anni Sessanta, le tematiche inerenti alla comunicazione hanno acquistato un ruolo sempre più rilevante nel pensiero sociale; non solo per quanto riguarda la comunicazione interpersonale ma anche, e in misura crescente, per quanto riguarda l'analisi dei mezzi di comunicazione e del loro impatto sulla società. Siamo andati alla ricerca dei significati reconditi delle parole usate nei testi pubblicitari, e abbiamo scoperto, che dietro il tutto si muove una macchina organizzativa perfetta, che si serve di accurate ricerche motivazionali e si fa aiutare dalle scienze sociali per potere, sempre e in ogni caso, avere un potere di suggestione sul consumatore. La nostra ricerca ha voluto esaminare in che modo il mercato del biologico e del transgenico viene presentato al consumatore, quali tecniche pubblicitarie impiega e di che metodi persuasivi si avvale, ricordandoci sempre che la pubblicità, per sua stessa natura, sta dalla parte di chi 'produce' e non di chi 'consuma'.

  5. Il desiderio stellare del Principe di Salina

    Rosalba Galvagno


    Full Text Available If desire originates from the stars –de sideribus- and, if we agree with this etymology, the Subject’s desire coincides with the Other’s desire, Tomasi di Lampedusa’s Il Gattopardo shows one of the most fascinating and enigmatic literary figures of stellar desire, as it can be read, furthermore, in the explicit of the seventh part of the novel: «Giunta faccia a faccia con lui sollevò il velo e così, pudica ma pronto ad esser posseduta, gli apparve più bella di come mai l’avesse intravista negli spazi stellari».            Why does this female figure descending from the stellar spaces in order to yield to Don Fabrizio who has reached the final stage of his journey, embody the object of a possessive desire which, paradoxically, corresponds to death? Indeed, death marks the entire novel since its memorable incipit: «”Nunc et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen”». What kind of desire is it precisely about? What is our unexpectedly Hamlet-like hero troubled by? The cues which the novel shows for the interpretation of this desire are few but meaningful. However we could appeal to Ricordi d’Infanzia which lead to the writer’s laboratory at the time of the Gattopardo, and, perhaps, let us know the “cause” of the prince of Salina’s desire.

  6. Nietzsche e l’enigma dell'identità, la più difficile delle scoperte: il corpo lente, il corpo testo

    Roberta Cavicchioli


    Full Text Available Merito indiscusso di Nietzsche è di non aver fatto concessione alcuna alle rappresentazioni stereotipiche dell'umano, e di aver mostrato come “leggere l’altro, anche quell’altro che è in noi stessi, per confrontarsi con l’enigma dell’esistenza” sia possibile solo nell'incontro di scienza e poesia, nella pluralità dei discorsi e dei saperi sull'uomo. Maestro nell'arte di narrare, quest'animo intrepido di esploratore ha saputo produrre una salubre contaminazione di generi letterari e registri, od onta delle rigidità disciplinari, e con la generosità di chi non teme di esporsi in prima persona. In tal senso, il suo invito ad abbandonare un approccio mortifero e reificante alla vita, è una forma di introspezione e di auto-conoscenza, un esercizio indispensabile per mantenere un rapporto con le profondità dell'essere nel percorso accidentato che ci conduce alla scoperta della nostra identità.

  7. Churches in Bologna

    Giorgio Praderio


    Full Text Available È opportuno riconoscere, quando già non sia evidente, che la gran parte del patrimonio testimoniale architettonico ed artistico che il centro storico della nostra città può vantare, è costituito dalle chiese e dagli edifici ecclesiali, conventuali e religiosi. Bologna, tuttavia, è nata tardi alla pianificazione del turismo, e pare altrettanto restia ad aprirsi ad una gestione programmatica del territorio per la promozione di turismi culturali e consapevoli fuori dagli itinerari comuni, ormai asseverati storicamente. Si ha quasi l’impressione che si preferiscano lasciare tesori assoluti dell’arte quasi nascosti, patrimonio di pochi, dei soli iniziati che conoscono le vie d’accesso, le posizioni degli interruttori, gli eventuali custodi o gli orari di loro reperibilità: il patrimonio segreto della città si rivela così solo a chi ne possieda la combinazione, enfatizzando il raggiungimento di una meta quasi fosse una scoperta, come agli albori del “viaggio in Italia”.

  8. White and colored marbles from the “G. Carreca” and “” barraks at Rome I marmi bianchi e colorati dalle caserme “G. Carreca” e “” a Roma

    Marco Viglietti


    Full Text Available

    Questo lavoro si inserisce nell’ambito delle indagini archeologiche compiute tra il 2002 e il 2008 nell’area delle caserme “G. Carreca” e “”, in via Labicana a Roma. Ad una prima strutturazione dell’area di età domizianea, seguono fasi di vita di età antonina e severiana, prima dell’ultima, grande fase edificatoria riferibile alla seconda metà del IV - V secolo. La nostra indagine si appunta sul consistente deposito di marmi da opus sectile pavimentale e parietale. Specchio di un’elevata committenza, costituisce un campionario delle forme decorative in uso a Roma tra il I e il IV - V secolo. 

    This work develops from the archaeological researches carried out between 2002 and 2008 in Rome, via Labicana, in the area of “G. Carreca” and “” barracks. These the phases recognized: late Flavian, Antonine and Severiane, before the latest in the second half of IV/V cent. A.D. The survey focus on a considerable marble’s deposit in the kind of pavimental and parietal opus sectile. It’s a mark of an elevated customer and it represents a decorative shapes set of samples in use at Rome between I and IV-V cent. A.D.

  9. An easily overlooked cause of mortality in trauma: rupture of diaphragm.

    Taskesen, Fatih; Arikanoglu, Zulfu; Boyuk, Abdullah; Gumus, Metehan; Yasti, Ahmet Cinar; Onder, Akin; Kapan, Murat


    Scopo del presente studio è quello di condividere la nostra esperienza su pazienti con rottura traumatica del diaframma, con una revisione dei pazienti sottoposti a trattamento chirurgico per questa patologia tra il 2005 ed il 2010. La casistica consiste di 62 pazienti, dell’età media di 28,7 anni (compresi tra 15 e 62 anni). In 43 pazienti si trattava di una rottura del lato sinistro del diaframma (69%), in 17 la rottura era localizzata al lato destro (28%) ed in 2 pazienti la rottura era bilaterale (3%). In 8 pazienti il trattamento è stato toracotomico, in 50 si è proceduto a laparotomia, ed in 4 l’approccio è stato toraco-addominale. La mortalità è stata di 4 pazienti (6.4%), in 2 di essi per shock emorragico ed in 2 per polmonite e sepsi. Pur trattandosi di lesioni non frequenti, le rotture del diaframma sono facilmente disconosciute per effetto mascherante delle concomitanti lesioni viscerali e devono pertanto essere prese in considerazione in caso di traumi del torace inferiore o del settore superiore dell’addome, per effettuare il trattamento più opportuno e diminuire il rischio di mortalità.

  10. La materia dei sogni Sbirciatina su un mondo di cose soffici (lettore compreso)

    Piazza, Roberto


    Dall’aria che respiriamo ai cibi di cui ci nutriamo, dai vestiti che indossiamo ai detersivi con cui li laviamo, dai colori con cui dipingiamo agli schermi su cui li guardiamo, la nostra realtà quotidiana brulica di cose troppo piccole per essere viste, ma pur sempre enormi rispetto ai mattoni di cui è fatto il mondo, gli atomi e le molecole. Oltre ad essere alla radice di molte tecnologie di oggi e di domani, questi piccoli personaggi, ingredienti primari di quelli che gli scienziati chiamano "materiali soffici", "sistemi sovramolecolari", o " fluidi complessi", ci permettono anche di esplorare i segreti con cui la materia si organizza spontaneamente, perché anche la Vita altro non è se non l’apoteosi di questa incredibile "Terra di Mezzo", a metà strada tra le molecole e l’Uomo. Sfruttando l’esperienza scientifica accumulata dall’autore nel corso di molti anni, questo libro si propone di guidare il lettore attraverso un lungo, ma non troppo faticoso viaggio nel mondo delle nanoparticelle, dei...

  11. Parallela, a.c. di/Hrsg. Roland Bauer e Hans Goebl, Testo - Variazione - Informatica / Text ž Variation - Informatik, Atti del IX incontro italo-austriaco dei linguisti (Salisburgo, 1-4 novembre 2000 / Akten des IX. österreichisch-italienischen Linguiste

    Pavao Tekavčić


    Full Text Available I sottotitolo stesso del presente volume dice che i contributi appartengono ai domini piu attuali della linguistica. I 26 contributi sono raggruppati nelle seguenti tre sezioni (entro ciascuna i nomi degli autori in ordine alfabetico: 1. Linguistica variazionale/Variationslinguistik. (13 contributi, 2. Linguistica testuale/Textlinguistik (10 contributi, 3. Linguistica computazionale/Computerlinguistik (3 contributi. La miscellanea si apre con la Prefazione dei curatori/Vorwort der Herausgeber (V-V11I, seguita dall'Indice tematico/Thematisches Inhaltverzeichnis (IX-XI e dagli lndirizzi elet­ tronici (E-Mail Adressen degli autori e dei curatori. Dei 26 testi 21 sono in italiano e 5 in tedesco. In seguito presentiamo, in forma quanto piu succinta, i contributi, citando gli autori con le relative sedi (tra parentesi e le pagine (anche queste tra par­entesi, ma omettendo per brevita i titoli (alcuni abbastanza  lunghi.  La numer­ azione  dei contributi (13 + 10+3 e nostra.

  12. Publishers at the Intersection of Cultures. The significance of Italo-Dutch contacts in the creation process of Joan Blaeu’s Theatrum Italiae(1663

    Gloria Moorman


    Full Text Available Editori all’incrocio di culture: l’importanza di contatti italo-olandesi per la creazione del Theatrum Italiae (Joan Blaeu, 1663 Sfogliando le pagine di atlanti urbani come il Theatrum Italiae, pubblicato per la prima volta nel 1663 dalla casa editrice Blaeu di Amsterdam, si è sempre potuto fare un viaggio mentale alla scoperta della penisola italiana. Focalizzando la nostra attenzione sul processo editoriale sottostante la creazione dell’atlante, analizziamo che tipo di contatti esistevano tra i Blaeu e i loro partner italiani. Il ruolo di Pieter Blaeu, figlio di Joan, fu essenziale per la fortuna dell’atlante urbano, in particolare per gli interventi culturali da lui svolti tra le parti italiane e olandesi coinvolte nel progetto. I Blaeu hanno voluto offrire ai loro lettori informazioni approfondite sulla penisola italiana attraverso testi e immagini che avevano − per quanto possibile − collezionato e ricevuto dai loro corrispondenti italiani. È stato grazie ai vari contributi offerti da contatti internazionali come lo scrittore Vincenzo Armanni, o il libraio Andries Fries, attivo tra Amsterdam e Venezia, che Joan e Pieter Blaeu hanno potuto ampliare il materiale già pubblicato in precedenza, in special modo il Civitates Orbis Terrarum (Braun e Hogenberg, 1572.

  13. Elettrodinamica classica

    Lechner, Kurt

    Nella scoperta della Relatività Ristretta l'Elettrodinamica, rappresentando una teoria relativistica per eccellenza, ha giocato un ruolo fondamentale. Il principio di relativit` a einsteiniana, che afferma che tutte le leggi della fisica devono avere la stessa forma in tutti i sistemi di riferimento inerziali, è emerso con forza da questa teoria ed è andato consolidandosi sempre di più, man mano che le nostre conoscenze del mondo microscopico sono diventate più complete: tutte le interazioni fondamentali rispettano infatti tale principio. Il modo più semplice ed elegante per implementarlo — difatti l'unico di un'utilità concreta — è rappresentato dal paradigma della covarianza a vista nell'ambito del calcolo tensoriale. Questo paradigma è stato applicato con successo a tutte le teorie di carattere fondamentale, come le teorie che descrivono le quattro interazioni fondamentali e le più speculative teorie di superstringa, e mantiene la sua piena efficacia anche in teoria quantistica. La nostra esposizione dell'Elettrodinamica classica si baserà dunque a ragione su questo paradigma.

  14. El perfil de l’emprenedor social de l’estudiantat dels Graus d’Educació Social, Pedagogia i Treball Social a la Universitat de Barcelona

    Olga Cabrera-Santacana


    Full Text Available En el context de crisi actual, cada vegada més, es posa més atenció a un tipus d'economia més sostenible i amb valors socials, i la Universitat ha de reconèixer la seva responsabilitat en aquests nous reptes. Durant els darrers cursos acadèmics compresos entre 2010 i 2012, i amb el suport econòmic del projecte REDICE 2010, s'ha analitzat i identificat les necessitats formatives del perfil emprenedor social del nostre alumnat de la Facultat de Pedagogia, s'ha pogut anar introduint el concepte d'Emprenedoria social dins dels Graus d'Educació Social, Pedagogia i Treball Social a través de bones pràctiques que formin perfils universitaris creatius i innovadors per a l’emprenedoria social. Com a resultat d'aquesta anàlisi es mostra un interès per l'emprenedoria social i per unes necessitats acadèmiques per millorar la nostra activitat docent, buscant bones pràctiques identificades en aquesta línia per millorar la formació i docència en relació l'emprenedoria social.

  15. Il potere euristico dell’agapismo nella filosofia di Peirce

    Ivo Assad Ibri


    Full Text Available La prima parte di questo saggio offre un’analisi del testo “La legge della mente”, in cui Peirce teorizza il potere di crescita e diffusione delle idee e formula la sua risposta alla classica domanda riguardo al modo in cui la mente possa influenzare la materia. A partire da un’analisi centrata sul duplice significato semantico della parola "affetto", il lavoro intende mostrare come la rottura da parte di Peirce con il dualismo cartesiano di mente e materia conduca a una sostanziale identità tra idealità e realtà per mezzo di una fusione metafisica di realismo e idealismo, in cui la materia viene considerata esclusivamente come un caso particolare della mente. La seconda parte mostra come le diverse forme di evoluzionismo discendano dalle tre categorie, ponendo in evidenza il concetto di agapismo, la dottrina dell’amore cosmico e creativo. Nella parte finale viene mostrato come il legame tra realismo e idealismo, così come le considerazioni di Peirce sull'evoluzionismo, costituiscano aspetti essenziali in vista di una giustificazione del successo storico della nostra capacità umana di elaborare congetture, ovvero di proporre ipotesi di successo per spiegare i fatti.

  16. Autotransplantation of pancreatic islets. A single-center first experience.

    Magistri, Paolo; Andreani, Sara; Lo Conte, Domenico; Ferrari, Giovanni Carlo; Forgione, Antonello; Pugliese, Raffaele


    L’autotrapianto d’isole pancreatiche (IAT) è una procedura ben nota che consente di migliorare il controllo glicemico dopo una pancreasectomia totale (o completamento di pancreasectomia dopo duodenocefalopancreasectomia) rispetto alla sola terapia insulinica. In questo lavoro presentiamo la nostra esperienza nel campo dell’ IAT riportando il caso clinico di una donna di sessanta anni, sottoposta a completamento di pancreasectomia per episodi ricorrenti di acuzie in un quadro di pancreatite cronica. Il trattamento IAT è stato somministrato mediante iniezione trans-epatica intra-portale. Il recupero post-procedurale è stato ottimale, fatta eccezione per un’infezione di ferita che ha richiesto un trattamento con tecnologia a pressione negativa. La paziente è stata dimessa in ventisettesima giornata postoperatoria, in buone condizioni generali, dopo regolare ripresa dell’alimentazione e della canalizzazione. I dati presenti in letteratura dimostrano che la IAT è una procedura sicura, garantendo nel lungo periodo un vantaggio rispetto alla terapia insulinica in termini di rapporto costo-beneficio. Riguardo alla procedura chirurgica, è qui utile ricordare che la mortalità a 30 giorni dopo pancreasectomia totale associata a IAT è del 5%, ed è pertanto sovrapponibile ai risultati della pancreasectomia totale senza IAT. Riportando questa esperienza intendiamo contribuire alla crescita della casistica chirurgica attuale in questo campo, proponendo nel futuro un più ampio sviluppo e una più estesa applicazione di tale approccio.

  17. Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy as palliative treatment for malignant ascites A single-center experience and a review of the literature.

    Graziosi, Luigina; Marino, Elisabetta; De Angelis, Verena; Rebonato, Alberto; Donini, Annibale

    L’ascite maligna rappresenta il quadro avanzato di anormale accumulo di liquido intraperitoneale in pazienti con carcinosi peritoneale. Questa condizione clinica può rappresentare la condizione terminale di questa patologia a pessima prognosi inficiando inoltre la qualità di vita dei pazienti. Le opzioni terapeutiche includono differenti procedure che hanno tuttavia una limitata efficacia e alcune criticità; diuretici, paracentesi, shunt veno-peritoneali, inibitori delle metallo proteasi, immunomodulatori e agenti biologici rappresentano alcuni esempi di queste procedure. Nessuno di questi approcci terapeutici rappresenta a oggi lo standard of care per questa patologia data la scarsa efficienza e l’alto grado di effetti collaterali. L’introduzione della chirurgia citoriduttiva e della chemio terapia ipertermica intraperitoneale sembra essere un approccio terapeutico valido nel trattamento dell’ascite maligna refrattaria, introdotto nelle ultime due decadi e che tutt’ora necessita di validazione scientifica. In questo lavoro condividiamo la nostra esperienza di tre casi affetti da ascite maligna refrattaria trattati con HIPEC; facciamo inoltre una revisione della letteratura.

  18. Moneta e Credito: storia e prospettive di una rivista (Money And Credit: History And Prospects Of A Magazine

    Alessandro Roncaglia


    Full Text Available Con questo numero speciale si apre una nuova stagione della storia della nostra rivista. In una fase di ristrutturazioni interne, la Banca Nazionale del Lavoro ha concordato la cessione della proprietà della rivista stessa e della sua consorella Quarterly Review all' Associazione Paolo Sylos Labini, mantenendo un collegamento tramite una sponsorizzazione. In questo modo è stato possibile salvare due riviste con una storia lunga e prestigiosa, conservandone intatto l'orientamento verso la ricerca e il dibattito scientifico nel campo della teoria e della politica economica, con attenzione particolare ma non esclusiva per gli aspetti monetari e finanziari e senza alcuna preconcetta scelta di campo tra le diverse scuole di pensiero.   With this special issue opens a new era in the history of our magazine. In a period of internal restructuring, the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro agreed on the transfer of ownership of the magazine itself and all of its sister Quarterly Review 'Association Paolo Sylos Labini, while maintaining a connection via a sponsorship. In this way it was possible to save two magazines with a long and prestigious history, keeping intact the orientation towards research and scientific debate in the field of economic theory and policy, with particular but not exclusive attention to the monetary and financial aspects and without any preconceived choice of field between the different schools of thought.  JEL Codes: E44, G01Keywords: Quarterly Review, Associazione Paolo Sylos Labini, Moneta e Credito

  19. Le regole del gioco, l'instabilità e le crisi (The rules of the game, instability and crisis

    Alessandro Roncaglia


    Full Text Available This special issue of the PSL Quarterly Review includes some articles which appeared over the years in the first series of our journal (then entitled BNL Quarterly Review: see Roncaglia 2008. The articles published below have been selected among those that can help us to best understand the roots of the current economic crisis and the problems that may compromise our efforts to overcome it, or even worse, may generate yet further difficulties. Our journal is starting a new life, as from 2010 returning to its old quarterly schedule. With this special issue, we wish to illustrate certain aspects of its traditional approach that we mean to retain in the new series. Questo numero speciale della Rivista trimestrale PSL comprende alcuni articoli apparsi nel corso degli anni nella prima serie della nostra rivista (allora intitolato BNL Quarterly Review: vedi Roncaglia 2008. Gli articoli pubblicati di seguito sono stati selezionati tra quelli che possono aiutarci a comprendere meglio le radici della crisi economica e dei problemi che potrebbero compromettere i nostri sforzi per superarla, o, peggio ancora, può comportare difficoltà ancora maggiori. Il nostro giornale sta iniziando una nuova vita, a partire dal 2010 tornando al suo vecchio programma trimestrale. Con questo numero speciale, vogliamo illustrare alcuni aspetti del suo approccio tradizionale, che intendiamo mantenere nella nuova serie.  JEL Codes: F3, G1, N1, B5Keywords: BNL Quarterly Review, PSL Quarterly Review

  20. Alcune considerazioni sulla relazione insegnante e allievo disabile: Analisi di un’esperienza

    Anna Maria Disanto


    Full Text Available Obiettivo principale del nostro contributo è individuare e qualificare, all’interno della relazione educativa con l’allievo portatore di handicap, l’insieme di contenuti non immediatamente accessibili alla coscienza, che si rivelano solo una volta superate delle resistenze. Il rilievo di questi aspetti è stato possibile attraverso la elaborazione di un questionario cui ognuno ha risposto liberamente, garantito dal più assoluto anonimato. La significatività numerica del materiale a nostra disposizione (134 questionari, ci ha permesso di proporre delle considerazioni che, senza avere la pretesa di essere esaustive, risultano valide per introdurre delle riflessioni sull’argomento.Le riflessioni che presentiamo hanno avuto come occasione di stimolo e di riflessione un corso di formazione per insegnanti di sostegno della scuola dell’obbligo, nella cui impostazione si è cercato di integrare elementi presenti su un piano di realtà con aspetti relativi ad un livello inconscio. Quella che presentiamo è l’elaborazione finale di dati che analizzeremo non quantitativamente ma sul piano dei contenuti, attraverso il riconoscimento dei meccanismi di identificazione che intervengono nella relazione dell’insegnante con il bambino portatore di handicap: come si specifichi, cioè, il processo psicologico per cui si fanno propri elementi caratteristici, attributi di un’altra persona e ci si trasforma, totalmente o parzialmente, sul modello di quest’ultima.

  1. A great european project: the electron-poistron collider ring (LEP). A window on the past; Un grande progetto europeo: l`anello di collisione elettrone-positrone (il LEP). Una finestra sul passato

    Picasso, E.


    Cosmology is a historical discipline and as History, the farther away from the present the period studied, the fewer are the documents and their interpretation is ever more difficult. The Large electron positron Collider (LEP) enables the physicists to go back in time and to study the phenomena which occurred approximately one tenth of a thousandth millionth of a second after the Big Bang. In the Avogadro`s conference the cosmological arguments are briefly presented and LEP is described in some details. [Italiano] la Cosmologia e` una disciplina storica e come avviene per la storia piu` si allontana dalla nostra epoca il periodo da studiare, piu` rari si fanno i documenti e piu` difficile e` l`interpretazione. Il grande anello di collisione, il LEP, permette ai fisici di risalire indietro nel tempo e di studiare i fenomeni che sono avvenuti circa un decimo di miliardesimo dopo il Big Bang. In questo senso limitato il LEP e` una finestra sul tempo. Nella conferenza Avogadro gli argomenti di cosmologia sono brevemente presentati e la costruzione del LEP e` descritta in dettaglio.

  2. Dal mondo del pressappoco all'universo della precisione

    Koyré, Alexandre


    I temi affrontati in questo libro da uno dei più autorevoli storici della scienza, Alexandre Koyré, sono oggetto di un vivace interesse da parte della nostra cultura. Koyré discute qui l'origine, la natura e la valutazione delle macchine e degli strumenti scientifici, considerati nei loro riflessi umani e sociali, più ancora che nelle loro caratteristiche tecniche. La sua analisi chiarisce i termini di alcune questioni fondamentali per la storia della tecnologia e della scienza, e del loro rapporto storico; perché ad esempio la scienza greca, scopritrice di fondamentali principi poi applicati trionfalmente dalla fisica moderna, non abbia cercato di tradurli in innovazioni tecniche; perché i notevolissimi ritrovati tecnici delle civiltà orientali e del Medioevo abbiano fallito a questo scopo; perché la rivoluzione scientifica dell'età moderna ci abbia dato col suo concetto dell'esperienza gli strumenti che sono alla base della civiltà industriale; quale sia infine il rapporto tra tecnica e scienza pu...

  3. Miyamoto sensei, una mestra japonesa al Brasil. Una antropologia de l’educació i l’etnicitat cultural

    Maria-Vicenta Haro-Matas


    Full Text Available Les escoles del Japó o nihon gakko han reflexat l’especificitat ètnica de les colònies japoneses i nipo brasileres al Brasil, al mateix temps que han estat institucions d’educació japonesa pels infants. La hipòtesi en que se basa aquest article defèn l’idea que l’aprenentatge de la llengua i cultura japonesa a les nihon gakko ha estat i és el principal mitjà de perpetuïtat cultural ètnica per les persones amb ascendència japonesa dintre el context brasiler. L’interès d’aquest text està en la recerca d’una argumentació per a la justificació d’aquesta suposició a partir de la constitució d’una història sociocultural de la immigració japonesa al Brasil i l’educació del descendents, seguida per la història de vida d’una mestra japonesa de nihon gakko al Brasil. La combinació d’aquests dos mètodes confirmen la nostra hipòtesi demostrant simultàniament el que ha estat i és el procés d’inculturació en el context brasiler de la part de tots els actors socials que han format part d’aquestes escoles.

  4. Vitalmente morituri: una riflessione tra la vita e la morte

    Emilio Gardini


    Full Text Available La morte è un fenomeno “regimentato” dall'imprevisto che si scontra con il desiderio razionale del prosieguo; non accetta né governo né cura, e l'uomo vuole neutralizzarne la carica destabilizzante. In molti casi però il confine tra la vita e la morte è veramente sottile, tanto sottile che non è più possibile tenere la morte ai margini della nostra esistenza, essa ne diventa parte. Rientra tra le pratiche quotidiane che è necessario render parte “almeno” delle nostre riflessioni, andando oltre quel confine labile che la separa dalle nostre attività in vita. È in questo modo che qualcuno “agisce” la morte come si fa con la vita, che non significa solo affrontarla, ma riconoscerla come parte esistente della vita stessa, scegliendo di ridurla a fatto “vitale”. Il nostro mondo dipende da come ci rapportiamo ai fatti, e tra questi anche alla morte, il nostro “essere umani” sta in ciò che rientra nel nostro essere in vita e in morte. Vitalmente morituri, quindi, capaci di vivere e morire, di “agire” la vita e anche la morte. Ma in verità si tratta di riflessioni, dei tentativi che mettono insieme astrazione e azione per comprendere alcune scelte e ridurle a categorie conoscibili così come l’interpretazione sociologica permette di fare, tuttavia, direi, che abbiamo ancora molta paura della morte.

  5. A new perspective on the treatment of complicated giant emphysematous bulla A case report.

    Mazzella, Antonio; Izzo, Alessandro; Amore, Dario; Cerqua, Francesco Saverio; Perrotta, Fabio


    L’enfisema bolloso gigante, altresì detto polmone evanescente, è una sindrome clinica già descritta nel 1937 da Burke1. Si tratta di una patologia idiopatica che colpisce i giovani, spesso fumatori; altri fattori di rischio sono rappresentati dal deficit di α-1 antitripsina e dall’abuso di marijuana2. La severa distorsione dell’architettura del parenchima polmonare determina alterazioni della ventilazione e degli scambi gassosi. Le più frequenti complicanze sono rappresentate dallo pneumotorace spontaneo o provocato dalla ventilazione meccanica, e dalle infezioni. La “lung volume reduction surgery” (LVRS) è il trattamento gold standard in gruppi selezionati di pazienti. Le raccomandazioni alla chirurgia prevedono bolle occupanti > 30% dell’emitorace affetto o bolle complicate (rottura e/o sovrainfezione). Negli ultimi anni, la videotoracoscopia ha dimostrato una maggiore efficacia in termini di ridotte complicanze peri e post-operatorie, riduzione del dolore, riduzione dei tempi di degenza e dei costi in confronto alla chirurgia “open” 3. Riportiamo un caso di una donna di 31 anni affetta da bolla gigante complicata del lobo superiore del polmone destro. La paziente, ricoverata per idro – pneumotorace, a causa di prolungate perdite aeree, nonostante drenaggio toracico veniva indirizzata a LVRS. Mediante VATS uniportale con singola incisione cutanea di 4 cm veniva individuata la rottura di bolla gigante del lobo superiore di destra e si eseguiva pertanto bullectomia e pleurodesi meccanica. Questo caso, nella nostra conoscenza, rappresenta la prima resezione di bolla gigante eseguita in VATS uniportale.

  6. Pensar la in/visibilitat. Papers de treball

    Meri Torras


    Full Text Available Aquest text recull uns papers de treball al voltant de la in/visibilitat, amb el propòsit de revisar una categoria que ha creuat la trajectòria d’existència lèsbica, gai, queer, així com la teorització i el pensament a propòsit d’aquestes subjectivitats (i de la seva pròpia subjecció. L’associació de la visibilitat amb l’existència ha constituit un axioma. No obstant, la visibilitat no és sempre necessàriament la millor manera de fer-se visible o, immediatament, la millor estratègia política per a l’afirmació de la nostra existència. En aquests papers de treball parteixo de la formulació d’unes hipòtesis/propostes de reflexió, per continuar dialogant amb el volum Manifiestos gays, lesbianos, queer. Testimonios de una lucha (1969-1994, editat per Rafael M. Mérida, i acabo amb un breu testimoni de l’escriptora catalana Maria Mercè Marçal.

  7. Presenza e valori del passato remoto in riassunti di opere letterarie

    Tjaša Miklič


    Full Text Available In una ricerca più ampia sulle possibilita espressive della lingua italiana nel campo della temporalità, e precisamente nella fase dedicata alle caratteristiche di costruzione tipiche di testi riassuntivi e di presentazione (analizzati soprattutto sulla Enciclopedia Garzanti della letteratura [GAR] e sul Dizionario Bompiani de/le opere e dei personaggi [BOM] si è potuta constatare una molteplicita di modi di presentazione del testo originale. Tale molteplicità risulta, da una parte, dalla maggiore o minore larghezza nell'includere nel testo secondario vari mondi testuali possibili (contenuto narrativo dell'opera originale coni propri mondi testuali, situazione storica a cui quest'opera fa riferimento, vita dell'autore e genesi dell'opera, caratteristiche Ietterarie e commenti valutativi, fortuna dell'opera ecc. e, dall'atra, dall'utilizzazione di varie modalita espressive messe a disposizione dello scrivente dalla sua competeza linguistica e testuale (disposizione e ordinamento di detti mondi nel testo, procedimenti narrativi, tecniche narrative, modi di inserimento di un secondo discorso ecc. nonché, infine, dalle scelte fatte nell'associare questi elementi. Nella nostra discussione ci limiteremo a quelle parti della presentazione che si referiscono al riassunto "puro" dell'opera originale.

  8. Llatí i consciència política a la Catalunya setcentista

    Alejandro Coroleu


    Full Text Available Resum: El propòsit d’aquest article és palesar que la presència del llatí al segle XVIII a Catalunya no es redueix a edicions escolars, documents jurídics, tractats d’apologètica catòlica i escrits de devoció i pietat. La llengua llatina serveix també per difondre idees i postulats polítics al voltant d’esdeveniments del moment. En aquestes pàgines ens centrem en una sèrie de textos en llatí que han estat menystinguts o simplement ignorats per historiadors i filòlegs per raons lingüístiques i estètiques. Objecte de la nostra anàlisi són, sobretot, els escrits que descriuen els dos setges que Barcelona va patir la tardor del 1705 i la primavera de l’any següent. Particular atenció mereixerà el poema Barcino a Carolo propugnata, redactat després del 1708 i d’autor anònim.Paraules clau: Guerra de Successió, propaganda política, tradició clàssica, poesia èpica llatina.

  9. Provenance and alteration of pyroclastic rocks from the Romanesque Churches of Logudoro (north Sardinia, Italy) using a petrographic and geochemical statistical approach

    Columbu, Stefano


    The pyroclastic rocks, belonging to the calcalkaline volcanic activity occurred in Sardinia between 32 and 11 Ma ago, were widely used as construction material in several Romanesque Churches of the easternmost Logudoro, as well as in the Sardinia territory. In this work was taken as a case study the Church of Nostra Signora di Otti (12th cent.). There are no historical or archaeological evidences of the ancient quarries. Based on the geochemical, petrographic and volcanological characters of several samples from an extensive field area (approximately 150 kmq), a geographical zoning of the Oligo-Miocenic volcanics has been recognised. Internally to the Oschiri sector, according to TiO2 vs Differentiation Index diagram, there are three different sub-zones with pyroclastics: less fractionated (D.I. 70 ÷ 78); intermediate fractionated (D.I. 76 ÷ 79); more fractionated (D.I. 77 ÷ 82). To identify the origin of the ignimbrites of the Church, two statistical methods have been used: stepwise linear discriminant and canonical analysis. Moreover, to define the geochemical transformation processes induced by the alteration, by XRD analysis and XRF, SEM-EDS data, a comparative study of concentrations of major and trace elements measured between the surface portion and the innermost of the stone has been made.

  10. Un solo universo o infiniti universi ?

    Davies, Paul


    Presentato dal Washington Times come "il miglior scrittore di scienza sulle due sponde dell'Atlantico", Paul Davies conferma con questo libro la sua fama di imbattibile divulgatore scientifico. Fin dalle prime pagine il lettore dimentica le vesti accademiche del professore universitario e si lascia catturare dal vivace racconto delle sfide, vecchie e nuove, della scienza. Davies traduce i concetti più complicati in un linguaggio semplice e focalizza l'attenzione sui grandi temi della cosmologia e dell'astronomia: la possibilità, aperta dalla fisica moderna, della coesistenza di più "universi", il viaggio nel tempo, i buchi neri, la gravità quantistica, il rapporto tra scienza e religione. La tensione didattica e la grande vocazione comunicativa sono le due anime di quest'opera, che ha tutti i crismi del lavoro scientifico e il ritmo appassionante della narrativa. Chi legge Davies può imparare divertendosi e scoprire attraverso la scienza che la nostra esistenza ha un senso.

  11. L'autonomia universitaria. Da principio antico ad obiettivo per il futuro.

    Alessandra Maltoni


    Full Text Available La nostra Costituzione, nell’ambito e nel rispetto dell’ordinamento giuridico, ha sancito l’Autonomia Universitaria, intesa come libertà delle istituzioni culturali di darsi propri ordinamenti, pur nei limiti della Legge dello Stato. La Carta Costituzionale si è preoccupata quindi di stabilire che ogni istanza innovativa passasse attraverso la libertà di pensiero, non solo degli insegnanti e dei loro interlocutori, ma anche degli stessi apparati istituzionali e del sistema delle fonti che ne governa il funzionamento. Nel contesto della formazione innovata, Scuole e Università sono andate così assumendo un ruolo sempre più attivo nella capacità di progettare, di prendere decisioni, di realizzare e gestire il sistema formativo e di cooperare costruttivamente al processo di rinnovamento del Paese. Tuttavia le Università italiane di oggi necessitano, pur nel contesto di una valida Legge ordinaria di riferimento (la legge 168/1989, che il concetto di Autonomia assuma significati più chiari e che, al tempo stesso, ogni processo riformatore sia accompagnato da risorse economiche precise che sappiano incentivare un sistema fortemente statale e pubblico con controlli che rendano conto dei rapporti tra costi e benefici.

  12. Esclavistes versus monopolistes? Els litigis entorn del trànsit d'esclaus al virregnat rioplatense (1780-1810

    Mariano Martín Schlez


    Full Text Available A partir del cas del comerciant espanyol Diego d'Agüero, l'article analitza els debats que el tràfic d'esclaus va desencadenar a l'interior dels comerciants majoristes rioplatenses durant l'última etapa de l'Imperi Espanyol (1780-1810. A través de la seva correspondència i de les actes del Consolat de Buenos Aires, vam mostrar l'existència de dues fraccions de mercaders que van aprofundir el seu enfrontament a la calor de la crisi mercantil de fins del segle XVIII i principis del XIX. Per avaluar la naturalesa de les seves diferències, apel·lem a les característiques del gir mercantil d'Agüero, on trobem l'explicació del seu comportament polític i corporatiu. La nostra hipòtesi planteja que el nucli de l'enfrontament entre les dues fraccions no va ser la importació d'esclaus, sinó l'exportació de cuirs a ports estrangers, que implicava la consolidació d'interessos mercantils que jaqueaban els del monopoli gadità.

  13. Libertà di religione e libertà d’opinione a confronto: bilanciamento e obbligazioni positive degli Stati membri dell’UE

    Giuseppe Casuscelli


    Full Text Available La sentenza della Corte EDU nel caso Karaahmed v. Bulgaria, divenuta definitiva da pochi giorni e di seguito riportata per esteso, affronta il problema del bilanciamento tra la libertà di coscienza e di religione, garantita dell’art. 9 della Convenzione EDU, e le libertà di manifestazione del pensiero e di espressione riunione e associazione, garantite dagli artt. 10 e 11. Si tratta, è noto, di una questione aperta e fortemente dibattuta in molti Paesi dell’Unione Europea; nel nostro, che ci riguarda più da vicino, le forze politiche ne hanno fatto l’oggetto di aspri contrasti di vedute, che assumono spesso gli aspetti (non solo teorici dell’estremismo ideologico, dell’iperbole e dell’esasperazione linguistica, dell’indifferenza ai principi costituzionali del pluralismo confessionale e della libertà di religione indistintamente garantita a “tutti” dalla nostra Carta (art. 8, primo comma, e 19 Cost..

  14. From science to art and back again: The pendulum of an anthropologist

    Tim Ingold


    Full Text Available L’articolo guarda indietro quattro decenni di carriera da antropologo, iniziati con un orientamento fortemente sbilanciato verso le scienze naturali, per concludersi con un progetto che cerca di integrare l’antropologia con le pratiche artistiche, l’architettura e il design. È stato anche un periodo in cui la scienza è venuta perdendo sempre più il suo orientamento ecologico, mentre le arti lo hanno invece ulteriormente guadagnato. Nel tracciare il mio percorso di insegnamento e ricerca, mostro come sono mutati i punti di riferimento letterari, a partire da alcuni testi fondativi dell’ecologia umana e animale, ora per lo più dimenticati, attraverso tentativi di coniugare il sociale e l’ecologico ispirati al revival marxiano, fino alle scritture contemporanee sul post-umanesimo e la condizione dell’Antropocene. Era questa una scienza fondata sulla tacita meraviglia per la splendida bellezza del mondo naturale e in silenziosa gratitudine per ciò che ad esso dobbiamo per la nostra esistenza. La scienza odierna, tuttavia, ha mercificato la meraviglia e la gratitudine. Esse non guidano più le sue pratiche di ricerca, ma sono piuttosto invocate per pubblicizzarne i risultati. Finalità della scienza sono ormai la modellizzazione, la predizione e il controllo. Non è per questo motivo che ci volgiamo sempre più all’arte per riscoprire l’umiltà che la scienza ha perduto?

  15. Letteratura, pubblicità e ritorno del represso

    Francesco Ghelli


    Full Text Available Fin da quando ho avuto a che fare con l’ipotesi elaborata da Francesco Orlando secondo la quale la letteratura è sede di un ritorno del represso mi sono chiesto che cosa nella nostra epoca di deregulation, di caduta di censure e tabù, potesse occupare il posto del represso. Quali comportamenti, valori, convinzioni possono suscitare un tale scandalo da richiedere oggi nelle opere di fiction il baluardo di formazioni di compromesso, negazioni freudiane e ambivalenze? La letteratura dei giorni nostri, rispetto alla tradizione delineata da Orlando, sembra situarsi in una condizione postuma, al di là di una frattura che ha posto fine idealmente a una lunga storia di repressione, di morali coercitive e limitanti. Dopo tutto uno dei sociologi più influenti ai giorni nostri, Zygmunt Bauman, ha delineato il passaggio epocale da disagio della civiltà freudiano all’odierno disagio della libertà. Il problema del desiderio ai giorni nostri non sarebbe tanto lo scontro con un limite, un divieto, quanto invece una libertà indeterminata che rischia di tramutarsi in smarrimento, perdita di intensità e significato.

  16. Tradurre sotto il fascismo

    Antonio Bibbò


    Full Text Available Cesare Pavese, per primo, parlò degli anni Trenta come del decennio – italiano – delle traduzioni. Christopher Rundle parte da lì per un importante studio sul "problema delle traduzioni" durante il fascismo, Publishing Translations in Fascist Italy, Peter Lang, 2010. Riesce così a fornire un panorama convincente di uno dei dibattiti più caratteristici del Ventennio, e a ridiscutere alcuni assunti come la centralità della letteratura anglo-americana nelle preoccupazioni dei "censori". Perché di amministrazione della cultura si parla: della censura porosa e discontinua – o comunque tardiva – messa in atto dal fascismo per limitare “l’invasione delle traduzioni”. Un interesse, quello nei confronti della politica e della censura editoriale durante i fascismi che sembra ormai centrale negli studi di italianistica e traduttologia.Il secondo volume recensito - Christopher Rundle and Kate Sturge, Translation under Fascism, Palgrave Macmillan, 2010 presenta una serie di studi sullo statuto delle traduzioni durante i regimi totalitari. Questa collezione di saggi va oltre i confini italiani e tedeschi e si occupa delle politiche di traduzione dei regimi fascisti europei, contribuendo ad allargare e mettere in discussione non solo la nostra conoscenza delle pratiche censorie in diversi ambiti espressivi, ma anche la stessa idea di regime fascista. 

  17. Libro Vagabondo: La letteratura di viaggio deve viaggiare nella rete

    NIcola Bottiglieri


    Full Text Available Gli antichi reporter viaggiavano a piedi, a cavallo, in carrozza, poi con l’invenzione delmotore a scoppio usarono il treno, la nave, l’automobile, infine l’aereo. A ben vedere,ad ogni mezzo di locomozione ha corrisposto una diversa tecnica di scrittura: la penna,il telegrafo, la telescrivente ed oggi, grazie ad Internet, la mail. Domani avremol’ologramma, quando la figura e le parole del reporter arriveranno insieme a casa dellettore. Al quale racconterà di persona quello che ha visto, anche se il suo corpo èlontano mille miglia dalla casa dove appare. Oggi in Italia non siamo arrivati a tanto,ma ci siamo molto vicini. Infatti, cos’è YouTube che permette di familiarizzare con unluogo prima di conoscerlo e Google Earth che te lo fa vedere dall’alto prima d’arrivarci,come faceva Giove con i guerrieri greci sotto le mura di Troia? A cosa servono GoogleMaps, il telefonino, Facebook, il GPS, il very chip, ecc. ecc.? Strumenti che permettonodi vedere oltre l’orizzonte, di andare lontano portandoti la casa appresso, di non fartiperdere nelle strade del mondo, vincere l’angoscia del vuoto, in definitiva esserecapaci di trasformare ogni viaggiatore in turista. Oggi con le tecnologie legate allacomunicazione, mentre avanziamo in qualsiasi punto della terra, possiamo saperetutto quello che sta succedendo alle nostre spalle, a casa nostra. Anzi possiamo esserelocalizzati in ogni momento, proprio come fa Dio con i suoi figli reietti.

  18. Migrazioni a Nord. Visioni d’Occidente nella letteratura araba

    Marianna Salvioli


    Full Text Available Comparando alcuni testi della letteratura odeporica araba, lo studio intende rovesciare la direzione dello sguardo Ovest/Est. Il viaggio appare un tema ricorrente nella tradizione araba: il viaggio ‘sacro’, il pellegrinaggio alla Mecca, che dà occasione ai geografi medievali di descrivere le terre e i climi che attraversano, è sostituito tra l’Ottocento e gli inizi del Novecento dalla missione di studio o viaggio ‘profano’ in Occidente. Le prime opere di rilievo della letteratura araba moderna sono costituite proprio dai resoconti di viaggio, in particolare in Europa. Tra questi, celebri i racconti di al-Tahtawi e al-Shidyaq, seguiti da opere come La stagione della migrazione a Nord di Tayeb Salih, sino ad arrivare alla letteratura contemporanea della migrazione scritta anche in lingue diverse dall’arabo. Il percorso proposto è segnato da una significativa evoluzione della scrittura e dei generi, dalla ripresa della maqama e della rihla nei primi autori, all’adozione della forma romanzo o della cronaca nei più tardi. In conclusione si noterà che, come l’Occidente crea il proprio Oriente, l’Oriente costruisce il proprio Occidente, e dunque l’analisi dell’imagerie che l’altro elabora su di noi è necessaria quanto la demistificazione della nostra rappresentazione dell’altro.

  19. Note di fotonica

    Degiorgio, Vittorio


    L’invenzione del laser ha generato una vera rivoluzione nella scienza e nella tecnologia e ha dato luogo alla nascita di una nuova disciplina chiamata Fotonica. Le più importanti applicazioni della Fotonica che hanno un impatto cruciale in molti ambiti della nostra vita sono le comunicazioni in fibra ottica su cui si basa il funzionamento di Internet e del traffico telefonico su grandi distanze, i dischi ottici (CD, DVD, Blue-ray), la sensoristica ottica di tipo industriale e ambientale, la lavorazione dei materiali, l’illuminazione con i LED e la chirurgia. Questo volume ha come obiettivo quello di colmare un vuoto nel panorama italiano di testi universitari riguardanti la Fotonica. Lo scopo principale è quello di esporre in modo sintetico ma rigoroso i concetti che stanno alla base del funzionamento del laser e della propagazione della luce nella materia, e di descrivere i principali componenti e dispositivi ottici e optoelettronici, quali le fibre ottiche, gli amplificatori, i modulatori e i rivelato...

  20. Il corpo della strega

    Georges Bertin


    Full Text Available Come già evidenziato a proposito di altre pratiche, il sabba, attività ludica profana, religiosa, conferiva a ciascuno la possibilità di giocare efficacemente con la dinamica di un mondo da cui emergeva una figura archetipica, la strega, principale attore di questa danza in tondo. Il sabba era, dunque, uno dei luoghi ove si cristallizzavano le figure del proibito, questo per il suo carattere sacro, per la violenza istituzionale che presiedeva alla formazione dei rapporti sociali, e conferiva anche, per le caratteristiche di protesta che rivela, un'immagine sempre esaltante della capacità delle società a resistere. Il problema della nostra epoca ove rifioriscono le streghe nelle più svariate forme è, forse, quello di riallacciarsi con la dimensione gruppale dei nostri svaghi, nelle loro differenti forme e, contemporaneamente, con perdita di energia, a quanto presiedeva ai sabba e alla loro risoluzione sacrificale. In contro-corrente ai modelli meccanici che assegnano dei limiti precisi e funzionali ai corpi asserviti ad un ideale di controllo, il corpo sabbatico con la sua enfasi sulle posizioni limite (ciò che si rimproverava d'altronde alle streghe, era veramente corpo mistico.

  1. Typical and atypical lymphatic flows in breast carcinoma.

    Pasta, Vittorio; Monteleone, Francesco; D'Orazi, Valerio; Del Vecchio, Luca; Sottile, Daniela; Iacobelli, Silvia; Monti, Massimo


    La pratica, universalmente riconosciuta, della ricerca e biopsia del linfonodo sentinella nella stadiazione dei tumori ha evidenziato una serie di situazioni anatomiche e fisiologiche che hanno consentito una più approfondita conoscenza del comportamento del flusso linfatico nel soggetto sano e nel paziente affetto da neoplasia. In particolar modo abbiamo concentrato la nostra attenzione sulle pazienti sottoposte a ricerca linfoscintigrafica del linfonodo sentinella in vista di interventi chirurgici per carcinoma mammario; abbiamo valutato statisticamente la sede in cui è stato reperito il LS e nell’eventualità di drenaggio in sedi anomale il percorso del flusso linfatico. Si è fatto riferimento, per questo studio, alla casistica del Dipartimento di Scienze Chirurgiche dell’Università La Sapienza di Roma maturata negli ultimi 2 anni. Lo scopo del nostro studio è stato quello di valutare statisticamente la sede del linfonodo sentinella, le possibilità di flussi linfatici in direzione non usuale e in questi casi dove, quando e perché. Ne sono emersi riscontri degni di analisi critica e considerazioni oggetto del presente lavoro.

  2. Una inedita versione càrnica ottocentesca della parabola del figliuol prodigo

    Giovanni Frau


    Full Text Available Fra i manoscritti deila Biblioteca Comunale di Bassano· del Grappa è custodita - insieme con altre ·""' una inedita versione carilica delia Parabola del Figliuol prodigo, proveniente dall' "Epistolario racccolto da Bartolomeo Gamba" (con la collocazione numero 2589 XVII-"A-ll, un erudite locale, vissuto frail 1766 e il 1841. Essa devette far parte·""' con le altre - di quella silloge di versidni friulane,  che Pietro Oliva del Turco di Avia­no aveva commissionato a corrispondenti locali per canto di Bernardino Biondeili, il note autore del saggio sui dialetti ·· gallo-italici Milano 1853,·il quafetuttavia non vi inserì le versioni della nostra Regione: alla loro pubblicazione provvide - riprendendole dai manoscritti delle-stesso, rimasti inediti - Carlo Salvioni con le Versioni  friulane della Parabola  del;Figliuol prodigo tratte dale carte Biondeili, in "Memorie Stori­ che Forogiuliesi"t IX (1913}, pp. 80-95;

  3. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy and concomitant diseases Effectiveness of the single step treatment.

    Caglià, Pietro; Tracia, Angelo; Amodeo, Luca; Tracia, Lucio; Amodeo, Corrado; Veroux, Massimiliano


    Con il diffondersi della chirurgia video-laparoscopica si è posto in maniera crescente il problema di dover affrontare più patologie addominali coesistenti. La colecistectomia laparoscopica, in particolare, è stata spesso associata ad altre procedure laparoscopiche quali appendicectomia, splenectomia, ernioplastica o laparoplastica, interventi ginecologici ed altri. Sono stati esaminati retrospettivamente i dati relativi a 23 pazienti sottoposti a colecistectomia video-laparoscopica simultaneamente ad altri interventi. Solo di 19 pazienti è stato possibile raccogliere tutte le notizie cliniche necessarie alla valutazione. La colelitiasi rappresentava la prima patologia in 11 pazienti. La colecistectomia laparoscopica è stata associata a 1 fundoplicatio sec. Nissen, 1 adrenalectomia destra, 6 ernioplasiche inguinali, 2 laparoplastiche, 1 asportazione di cisti ovarica. In altre 8 pazienti (4 appendiciti sub-acute o croniche, 1 cisti endometrioide ovarica, 1 dermoide ovarico, 2 varicoceli sx) la calcolosi della colecisti è stata diagnosticata come patologia concomitante e trattata simultaneamente con il consenso del paziente. Tutti gli interventi sono stati eseguiti in anestesia generale e dallo stesso team. Nonostante il limitato numero di pazienti inclusi nella nostra serie, i risultati sono simili a quelli riportati da altri Autori. Il lieve aumento dei tempi operatori, rilevato durante le procedure chirurgiche associate, viene compensato dall’innegabile vantaggio di una singola esposizione all’anestesia e di una unica degenza ospedaliera. Particolare attenzione va comunque riservata alla valutazione dei fattori di rischio relativi ai singoli pazienti.

  4. Appendix stump closure with endoloop in laparoscopic appendectomy.

    Caglià, Pietro; Tracia, Angelo; Spataro, Daniele; Borzì, Laura; Lucifora, Bibiana; Tracia, Luciano; Amodeo, Corrado


    L’appendicite acuta rappresenta la più comune patologia infiammatoria della cavità adddominale. Mc Burney ne ha per primo descritto il trattamento chirurgico utilizzando la classica incisione nel quadrante addominale inferiore destro. Tale approccio è stato considerato il trattamento standard della patologia appendicolare per più di un secolo, fino all’inizio dell’era video laparoscopica. I rapidi cambiamenti tecnici e gli innegabili vantaggi della procedura videolaparoscopica ha portato ad una ampia diffusione della metodica in ambito clinico. La chiusura del moncone appendicolare, durante l’appendicectomia video laparoscopica, rappresenta uno degli aspetti tecnici fondamentali della procedura per le gravi potenziali complicanze che possono derivare da un suo non appropriato trattamento. Gravi complicanze sono infatti rappresentate da deiscenza, fistole stercoracee e peritonite. La chiusura con endostapler, hem-o-look e legatura intracorporea rappresentano le metodiche più comunemente utilizzate. Tutte le alternative descritte presentano vantaggi e svantaggi e vanno rapportate ai diversi stadi clinici della patologia appendicolare. Va inoltre notato che le differenti metodiche di trattamento del moncone appendicolare non sono state testate in studi randomizzati. In base alla nostra esperienza si può affermare che il trattamento del moncone appendicolare con endoloop può essere utilizzato con sicurezza e dovrebbe essere considerata la metodica di scelta anche in relazione al rapporto costo-beneficio. Metodi alternativi di chiusura del moncone appendicolare andrebbero utilizzati in caso di appendicite flemmonosa o gangrenosa, ascesso peritiflitico e/o contemporaneo trattamento di diverticolo di Meckel.

  5. "A chiare lettere" Editoriale gennaio 2007

    Giuseppe Casuscelli


    Full Text Available Ad onta delle crisi ricorrenti che investono il diritto ecclesiastico, nell’anno appena iniziato la nostra disciplina raccoglie il testimone inatteso della speranza. Il 2006 ci ha offerto la pubblicazione di tre manuali1 che, con un taglio ed un’impostazione nuovi, si rivolgono ad un’utenza che non è fatta soltanto degli studenti delle nostre Università; la pubblicazione del primo numero della nuova rivista semestrale “Diritto e Religioni”2, che intende trattare il fattore religioso da molteplici punti di vista aprendosi ad una molteplicità di scienze affini (antropologia, sociologia, storia, filosofia; la nascita di questa rivista telematica che non vuole avere un proprio indirizzo o orientamento, ma si prefigge lo scopo di essere strumento e manifesto della pluralità e del pluralismo delle scuole, delle sensibilità, dei metodi che alimentano il patrimonio comune del sapere teorico perché in esso trovi a sua volta alimento il concreto, quotidiano farsi dell’esperienza giuridica. Due ricorrenze di particolare rilievo segnano, ancora, questa fase: i cinquanta anni della Corte costituzionale, alla cui attività molto è legato il rinnovamento del “diritto ecclesiastico”, che ha partecipato alla celebrazione corale offrendo uno specifico contributo di analisi della sua giurisprudenza 3; i dodici lustri della Costituzione repubblicana, un’età “matura” che offre l’occasione per un bilancio della sua vitalità, delle compiute attuazioni, delle attese non ancora realizzate.

  6. eBook: Temps líquids per a les biblioteques públiques

    Juan Soriano, Emili


    Full Text Available Què fem amb els llibres electrònics?, és la pregunta que s’estan plantejant molts bibliotecaris mentre assisteixen perplexos a una competició frenètica sobre la distribucióde continguts digitals i a la cursa accelerada de les empreses tecnològiques per presentar dispositius de lectura electrònica amb més prestacions.La resposta no és senzilla, per això, les biblioteques públiques contemplen aquesta nova realitat amb un cert neguit, i alhora, com un nou repte per continuar sent una institució cultural central en la vida de les persones posicionant-se i adaptant els serveis i els continguts a les noves demandes dels usuaris, tenint present que, a dia de hui, el món digital i el món imprès no són excloents sinó complementaris.El present article intenta analitzar aquesta nova realitat i planteja algunes de les accions a adoptar per part de les biblioteques públiques amb les incerteses pròpies dels “tempslíquids” que travessa la nostra societat.

  7. Le strutture dell'immaginazione. Un disegno di John Hejduk / Structures for the Imagination. A John Hejduk's drawing

    Lamberto Amistadi


    Full Text Available Un disegno di John Hejduk è l'occasione per riflettere sul rapporto tra ideazione, rappresentazione e realizzazione dell'opera di architettura, seguendo i ragionamenti del maestro americano. Attraverso i mezzi che le sono propri, walls, roofs, boundaries, l'immagine architettonica ha la capacità di evocare e richiamare il senso profondo di situazioni inattese, “rinfrescare” la nostra visione delle cose contro il pericolo dell'automatizzazione. Ne esce un quadro in cui, nel circolo creativo che coinvolge artefice e fruitore, la realtà dell'architettura contribuisce per la sua parte al progetto di “fabbricazione del mondo”. / A drawing by John Hejduk is an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between the creation, representation and realisation of a work of architecture, following the reasoning of the American maestro. Through its own means - walls, roofs, boundaries - the architectural image has the capacity to evoke and invoke the profound sense of unexpected situations, to "refresh" our vision of things against the danger of automation. What emerges is a scenario in which, in the creative circle involving maker and spectator, the reality of architecture contributes to its part in the project of "manufacturing the world"

  8. Demographic characteristics and seasonal variations of acute appendicitis.

    Bal, Ahmet; Ozkececi, Ziya Taner; Turkoglu, Ozgur; Ozsoy, Mustafa; Celep, Ruchan Bahadir; Yilmaz, Sezgin; Arikan, Yüksel


    L’appendicite è la patologia che più comunemente richiede un intervento chirurgico in emergenza, e l’appendicectomia è il procedimento chirurgico più commune in tutto il mondo, importante in quanto rappresenta un trattamento efficace. Il nostro scopo è stato quello di determinare le variazioni stagionali dell’appendicite nella nostra regione e di indentificare le differenze demografiche e regionali, e per questo abbiamo analizzato retrospettivamente I dati dei pazienti ricoverati nell’ospedale universitario Afyon Kocatepe e nell’ospedale statale Sivrihisar State tra il 2003 ed il 2012, cioè 839 pazienti. L’età media di tutti i pazienti era di 33 ± 14.7 anni, e la maggior frequenza dell’appendicite acuta è risultata in autunno e nella primavera (P > 0.05). Non si sono osservate differenze sigfnificative stagionali nell’ospedale universitario Afyon Kocatepe, mentre l’appendicite si è manifestata più frequentemente in autunno che non in inverno nell’ospedale statale Sivrihisar (P 0.05). In conclusion, sebbene l’appendicite presenta una variazione stagionale, altri fattori embientali e l’impatto delle abitudini alimentari non vanno ignorate. L’etiologia dell’appendicite è comunque.multifattoriale, e nei futuri studi multiparametrici nell’intero territorio nazionale potrebbero evidenziarsi delle etiologie territorio-specifiche di questa patologia.

  9. Le sequenze narrative nei discorsi politici: la presentazione di sé

    Ramona Bongelli


    Full Text Available Nel nostro Paese, come in molte altre democrazie occidentali, la politica negli ultimi decenni ha iniziato ad occupare spazi di intrattenimento televisivo cambiando il proprio volto e le proprie tecniche espressive. L'esaltazione di sé e la rivelazione di informazioni strettamente private e personali sono diventate un carattere dominante della comunicazione politica, soppiantando in parte la narrazione di fatti pubblici e l'impegno programmatico. In questo contributo presentiamo l'analisi qualitativa di un corpus di 18 discorsi mediatici pronunciati dall'ex Presidente del Consiglio Silvio Berlusconi tra il 2008 e il 2011. Nello specifico, abbiamo focalizzato la nostra attenzione sulle sequenze autonarrative, ossia sui frammenti discorsivi in cui l'ex Premier parla di sé (self presentation e della sua vita privata (self disclosure, al fine di individuare i temi dominanti e le strategie comunicative impiegati. I risultati dell'analisi mostrano, sul piano della self-presentation, l'uso di una pluralità di immagini, tutte positivamente connotate, temporalmente costanti e riconducibili a qualità relazionali; sul piano della self-disclosure, una predilezione per la narrazione di eventi positivamente caratterizzati e di fatti volti a fornire prove della infondatezza delle accuse a lui rivolte da una parte del mondo politico e giudiziario italiano. Dal punto di vista delle strategie comunicative, si notano ripetuti shift dallo stile assertivo a quello offensivo.

  10. L'Estat i les Empreses en la conformació de l'estructura agrària de la província de Missions (Argentina

    Gabriela Schiavoni


    Full Text Available A partir d'una perspectiva que emfatitza la mútua constitució de l'Estat i de l'economia, la nostra contribució descriu l'acció de l' Estat i les empreses en el procés de distribució de la terra durant l'etapa del territori nacional fins a la provincialització. L'escàs marge de maniobra per disposar de la terra pública, la constitució de l'Estat a través de la colonització i el foment de l'explotació agrícola familiar van influir en la destinació de les grans propietats extractives que van subdividir i van vendre la terra a petits i mitjans productors. Els agrimensors nacionals van exercir un paper fonamental en el poblament, definint la representació geogràfica de la regió i estructurant el mercat de terres.

  11. I fondamenti di principio di un’economia islamica

    Hossein Askari


    Full Text Available Il Corano costituisce la fonte primaria per gli insegnamenti e le credenze dell’Islam. Mentre la comunità può modificare le politiche sociali ed economiche ispirate ai valori islamici al fine disoddisfare le mutevoli esigenze socio-economiche della società, i princìpi di base dell’economia islamica e il sistema sociale, tuttavia, devono essere preservati. Ci si attende che rappresentantiliberamente eletti collaborino con la società per formulare politiche a sostegno della stabilitàeconomica e sociale, della prosperità economica, dell’istruzione pubblica, delle cure sanitarie,dell’equità economica, di una giusta distribuzione del reddito e di una rete di sicurezza sociale.Tutti i musulmani fisicamente e mentalmente abili sono tenuti a lavorare per il propriosostentamento, e coloro che dispongono di un sufficiente livello di ricchezza hanno l’obbligo dipagare tasse che contribuiscano al finanziamento statale di programmi di welfare o di altra utilitàsociale. La nostra illustrazione del sistema economico islamico è sostenuta da numerosi studiosimoderni di Islam e di economia islamica, non concorda tuttavia del tutto con quelle offerte daesponenti e apparati religiosi legati a un’autorità statale.

  12. Health and medical care in Ethiopia.

    Hodes, R M; Kloos, H


    12% respectively. Infectious diseases dominate the medical scene in Ethiopia. In 1984, tuberculosis accounted for 11.2% of hospital admissions and 12.2% of deaths. The leading cause of childhood mortality in 1984 was diarrhea (45%). Malaria, trypanosomiasis, schistosomiasis, leishmaniasis, and meningococcal meningitis are endemic. Intestinal parasitism is rampant, and the nationwide prevalence of leprosy is 3/1000. Venereal diseases were the 9th most common cause of hospital outpatient visits in 1984, but AIDS is rare. The leading noninfectious diseases are rheumatic and syphilitic heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hepatoma, and elephantiasis. Ethiopia has the highest number of cases of nonfilarial elephantiasis -- an estimated 350,000 cases -- in the world. Aside from a large influx of money, the most necessary changes to improve the health system are lowering the salaries of doctors and nurses, reorienting physician training toward primary health care, increasing the quality of existing health services, more efficient management, and better coordination between the Ministry of Health and the voluntary organizations.

  13. Extent of podoconiosis-related stigma in Wolaita Zone, Southern Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study.

    Tora, Abebayehu; Franklin, Hannah; Deribe, Kebede; Reda, Ayalu A; Davey, Gail


    Studies have indicated that social stigma related to podoconiosis (endemic non-filarial elephantiasis) has a major impact on the psychosocial wellbeing of patients. However, little effort has been made so far to quantify the level of both felt and enacted stigma in a range of domains of life. We used a recently developed podoconiosis stigma assessment scale to measure levels of stigma as recalled over the previous 12 months. One hundred and fifty patients with podoconiosis rated the levels of stigma they perceived and experienced in 'interpersonal interactions', 'major life areas' and 'community, social and civic life'. High levels of stigma were observed on both felt and enacted stigma scales. The overall average stigma score was 40.7 (range 0 to 96). Enacted stigma was scored higher than felt stigma (mean score 21.2 vs. 19.5, respectively). The mean enacted stigma score was higher in 'major life areas', and 'community, social and civic life' than 'interpersonal interactions', while felt stigma was experienced most at the interpersonal level. Over half of patients reported that they had considered suicide in response to discrimination and prejudice, particularly in interpersonal interactions. Forced divorce, dissolution of marriage plan, insults and exclusion at social events were some of the most commonly mentioned forms of enacted stigma reported by affected individuals. Scores for overall level of stigma and enacted stigma increased significantly with stage of podoconiosis while the association observed in relation to felt stigma was only marginally significant (p = 0.085). Appropriate stigma reduction strategies must be identified and implemented in communities highly endemic for podoconiosis.

  14. Tailoring consent to context: designing an appropriate consent process for a biomedical study in a low income setting.

    Fasil Tekola

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Currently there is increasing recognition of the need for research in developing countries where disease burden is high. Understanding the role of local factors is important for undertaking ethical research in developing countries. We explored factors relating to information and communication during the process of informed consent, and the approach that should be followed for gaining consent. The study was conducted prior to a family-based genetic study among people with podoconiosis (non-filarial elephantiasis in southern Ethiopia. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We adapted a method of rapid assessment validated in The Gambia. The methodology was entirely qualitative, involving focus-group discussions and in-depth interviews. Discussions were conducted with podoconiosis patients and non-patients in the community, fieldworkers, researchers, staff of the local non-governmental organisation (NGO working on prevention and treatment of podoconiosis, and community leaders. We found that the extent of use of everyday language, the degree to which expectations of potential participants were addressed, and the techniques of presentation of information had considerable impact on comprehension of information provided about research. Approaching podoconiosis patients via locally trusted individuals and preceding individual consent with community sensitization were considered the optimal means of communication. Prevailing poverty among podoconiosis patients, the absence of alternative treatment facilities, and participants' trust in the local NGO were identified as potential barriers for obtaining genuine informed consent. CONCLUSIONS: Researchers should evaluate the effectiveness of consent processes in providing appropriate information in a comprehensible manner and in supporting voluntary decision-making on a study-by-study basis.

  15. Patients’ perceptions of podoconiosis causes, prevention and consequences in East and West Gojam, Northern Ethiopia

    Molla Yordanos B


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Podoconiosis is a form of non-filarial elephantiasis that affects barefoot individuals in highland tropical areas. The disease presents with bilateral, asymmetric swelling of the legs, usually confined to below the knee. This study aimed to assess podoconiosis patients’ perceptions of prevention, control, causes and familial clustering of the disease, and to document physical, social and economic impairments associated with the disease, with the ultimate aim of enabling development of tailored interventions in this region. Methods This descriptive study is part of the largest cross-sectional community-based household survey yet conducted on podoconiosis. It was completed in November and December, 2011, in Debre Eliyas and Dembecha Woredas of East and West Gojam Zones, northern Ethiopia, and consisted of a house-to-house census by community health workers followed by interviews of identified patients using a structured questionnaire. Results In the 17,553 households surveyed, 1,319 patients were identified. More male as compared to female patients were married (84.6% vs. 53.6%, χ2 = 157.1, p 2 = 102.3, p  Conclusion This study shows that podoconiosis has strong psychosocial, physical and economic impacts on patients in East and West Gojam Zones of northern Ethiopia. Concerns related to familial clustering, poor understanding of the causes and prevention of podoconiosis all add to the physical burden imposed by the disease. Strategies that may ease the impact of podoconiosis include delivery of tailored health education on the causes and prevention of disease, involving patients in intervention activities, and development of alternative income-generating activities for treated patients.

  16. Repurposing auranofin as a lead candidate for treatment of lymphatic filariasis and onchocerciasis.

    Christina A Bulman


    Full Text Available Two major human diseases caused by filariid nematodes are onchocerciasis, or river blindness, and lymphatic filariasis, which can lead to elephantiasis. The drugs ivermectin, diethylcarbamazine (DEC, and albendazole are used in control programs for these diseases, but are mainly effective against the microfilarial stage and have minimal or no effect on adult worms. Adult Onchocerca volvulus and Brugia malayi worms (macrofilariae can live for up to 15 years, reproducing and allowing the infection to persist in a population. Therefore, to support control or elimination of these two diseases, effective macrofilaricidal drugs are necessary, in addition to current drugs. In an effort to identify macrofilaricidal drugs, we screened an FDA-approved library with adult worms of Brugia spp. and Onchocerca ochengi, third-stage larvae (L3s of Onchocerca volvulus, and the microfilariae of both O. ochengi and Loa loa. We found that auranofin, a gold-containing drug used for rheumatoid arthritis, was effective in vitro in killing both Brugia spp. and O. ochengi adult worms and in inhibiting the molting of L3s of O. volvulus with IC50 values in the low micromolar to nanomolar range. Auranofin had an approximately 43-fold higher IC50 against the microfilariae of L. loa compared with the IC50 for adult female O. ochengi, which may be beneficial if used in areas where Onchocerca and Brugia are co-endemic with L. loa, to prevent severe adverse reactions to the drug-induced death of L. loa microfilariae. Further testing indicated that auranofin is also effective in reducing Brugia adult worm burden in infected gerbils and that auranofin may be targeting the thioredoxin reductase in this nematode.

  17. Addressing the neglected tropical disease podoconiosis in Northern Ethiopia: lessons learned from a new community podoconiosis program.

    Sara Tomczyk

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Despite its great public health importance, few control initiatives addressing podoconiosis (non-filarial elephantiasis, a geochemical neglected tropical disease exist. In June 2010, the first podoconiosis program in Northern Ethiopia, consisting of prevention, awareness, and care and support activities, began in Debre Markos, Northern Ethiopia. This study aims to document and disseminate the lessons learned from a new community podoconiosis program in Debre Markos. METHODS/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We used a content analysis approach to examine and evaluate data from a series of sources. These sources include conducted interview transcripts, a focus group discussion transcript and secondary sources including monitoring and evaluation field reports, observation notes, and research obtained from a literature review. Themes were identified and grouped into matrix tables. Overall, sixteen program steps were identified and grouped into 6 domains: Initial preparation, training and sensitization, foundation building, treatment activity implementation, awareness, and follow-up. Emphasis is placed on the need for baseline data, effective training, local leadership, experience-sharing, mass-awareness, cross-cutting sector issues (i.e., water and waste management, and integration with government health systems. Related successes and challenges are also described, as are stakeholder roles and misconceptions and socio-cultural challenges affecting the program start-up. Many of the identified successes and challenges are relevant to the aim of the podoconiosis program to be sustainable and community-led. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: Much of this information has already been used to improve the Debre Markos program. We also anticipate that the domains and steps identified will be useful in guiding new programs in other settings where podoconiosis is highly prevalent. We hope to encourage partnerships and collaboration among podoconiosis stakeholders in


    Nimmy Chacko*, Mohammed Ibrahim , Prerana Shetty and C.S. Shastry


    Full Text Available Ethnopharmacological relevance: Calotropis gigantea is used traditionally to treat common diseases such as fever, rheumatism, indigestion, cough, cold, eczema, asthma, elephantiasis, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea, either alone or with other medicinesAim of the study: To evaluate the antivenom activity of Calotropis gigantea plant extract against Vipera russelli snake venomMaterials and methods: The lyophilized snake venom of Vipera Russelli was dissolved in saline and required concentrations were prepared. Lyophilized polyvalent snake venom antiserum was used as reference serum. The methanolic extract of Calotropis gigantea was evaluated for its efficacy to neutralize various actions of the venom like lethality, necrotizing activity, edema forming activity and haemorrahgic activity.Results: Oral administration of C. gigantea plant extract at dose levels 200 and 400 mg/kg body weight effectively neutralized the lethal effect of 2LD50 and 3LD50 of V. russelli venom in mice (in-vivo neutralization. In in-vitro studies, the plant extract at all dose levels, i.e. 100, 200 and 400mg/kg body weight effectively neutralized 2LD50 and 3 LD50 of Vipera russelli venom. Oral administration of the plant extract at various dose levels was found to effectively inhibit the induction of haemorrhage and necrosis by the venom. At doses 200 and 400 mg/kg, the antinecrotic effect of plant extract was significant. The effect of methanolic extract of C. gigantea against edema induced by viperid venom was studied at 60, 120, 180 and 240 minutes. Plant extract at dose levels 200mg/kg and 400mg/kg showed significant anti-inflammatory activity at 240 min, and effect was comparable with that produced by the antivenom. Conclusion: Present study confirms the anti snake venom activity of alcoholic extract of C. gigantea.

  19. Evaluation of anti-ulcerogenic activity in an Aqueous Extract obtained from Bauhinia forficata leaves

    Giovanna Christina Costa Mazzeo


    Full Text Available Bauhinia forficata Link, popularly known as pata-de-vaca, unha-de-vaca, casco-de-vaca, has been widely used in traditional medicine to treat several diseases. Leaves of B. forficata are used in popular medicine as a diuretic, hypoglycemic, tonic and cleanser, and to combat elephantiasis. However, despite the wide range of ethnopharmacological data surrounding the plant, there are no scientific data demonstrating a probable anti-ulcerogenic activity conferred by use of that species. The present study aimed to evaluate the antiulcer properties of an infusion of fresh leaves of B. forficata Link. From the leaves of B. forficata, an Aqueous extract (AqE was obtained and the phytochemical analysis showed the presence of flavonols in this extract. In the gastric ulcer induced by administration of HCl-Ethanol model performed with four different doses of AqE (125, 250, 500 and 1000 mg.Kg-1, the AqE showed significant preventive activity (*p<0.01 at doses of 1000 mg.Kg-1. The antiulcer activity of AqE (1000 mg.Kg-1 could also be demonstrated in experimental models of NSAID-bethanechol (**p<0.001 and absolute ethanol (**p<0.001. Moreover, AqE (1000 mg.Kg-1 promoted a significant increase (**p<0.001 in the amount of gastric mucus. The data presented here demonstrated the potential gastroprotective activity from AqE, possibly attributed to the presence of flavonols in this extract. These results may serve as a support for the development of new treatments related to the pathology of gastric ulcer.Keywords: Gastric ulcer. Cytoprotection. Flavonoids. Bauhinia forficata.  


    Mardiana Mardiana


    Full Text Available Filariasis or elephantiasis diseases which caused by filaria worm and contagious through mosquito bite, still the major community health problem in Indonesia. There are several type of filaria worm in Indonesia, i.e. Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi and Brugia timori. The vectors of filariasis are Culex quinquefasciatus in the urban area, Anopheles spp, Aedes spp and Mansonia spp in the rural area. The infection risk in some area of filariasis related to the situation of local area. Various factor of environmental area which area physical, biological and also cultural social to be influence to development of transmitted filariasis by mosquito. The analysis of data Riskesdas 2007 has been done to perform of factor influence filariasis case in Indonesia. Same parameters was analyzed to case of filariasis in last 12 months; gender, ages, educations, work, mosquito net usage, sources of water, effluent dismissal, residences, water dismissal channel, existence of livestock in house. From analysis inferential, show there is no relation between genders, age, education, work, and mosquito net usage, sources of water, water dismissal channel, and existence of livestock in house to case filariasis. Statistically indicates that there is significantly difference between residences in rural and in urban to case of filariasis in last 12 months. Responder who live in rural areas (0,05% have 2,4 times risk higher than responder who live in urban (0,03%. The same as condition of water dismissal channel shows to existence of significantly differences. Responder who have water dismissal channel without cover have high risk infections of filariasis in the last 12 months were 0,05%, while the responder have water dismissal channel with cover have high risk in last 12 months were 0,03%. Keywords: Filariasis, endemic area, factors