Sample records for ehv ac power

  1. EHV AC undergrounding electrical power performance and planning

    Benato, Roberto


    Analytical methods of cable performance in EHV AC electrical power are discussed in this comprehensive reference. Descriptions of energization, power quality, cable safety constraints and more, guide readers in cable planning and power network operations.

  2. Composite Based EHV AC Overhead Transmission Lines

    Sørensen, Thomas Kjærsgaard

    Overhead lines at transmission level are the backbone of any national power grid today. New overhead line projects however are at the same time subject to ever greater public resistance due to the lines environmental impact. As full undergrounding of transmission lines at extra high voltage (EHV...... and analysed with regard to the possibilities, limitations and risks widespread application of composite materials on EHV AC overhead transmission lines may present. To form the basis for evaluation of the useability of composite materials, dierent overhead line projects aimed at reducing the environmental...

  3. Technical Papers for the Third Symposium on EHV AC Power Transmission. US-USSR Joint Committee on Cooperation in the Field of Energy.

    Joint American-Soviet Committee on Cooperation in the Field of Energy.


    Eleven papers prepared for presentation at a symposium to be held during 1982 in the USA on scientific cooperation between the US and USSR in the field of research, design and operation of ehv/uhv ac and dc power transmission systems are included. A separate abstract was prepared for each paper. (LCL)

  4. AC HTS Transmission Cable for Integration into the Future EHV Grid of the Netherlands

    Zuijderduin, R.; Chevtchenko, O.; Smit, J. J.; Aanhaanen, G.; Melnik, I.; Geschiere, A.

    Due to increasing power demand, the electricity grid of the Netherlands is changing. The future grid must be capable to transmit all the connected power. Power generation will be more decentralized like for instance wind parks connected to the grid. Furthermore, future large scale production units are expected to be installed near coastal regions. This creates some potential grid issues, such as: large power amounts to be transmitted to consumers from west to east and grid stability. High temperature superconductors (HTS) can help solving these grid problems. Advantages to integrate HTS components at Extra High Voltage (EHV) and High Voltage (HV) levels are numerous: more power with less losses and less emissions, intrinsic fault current limiting capability, better control of power flow, reduced footprint, etc. Today's main obstacle is the relatively high price of HTS. Nevertheless, as the price goes down, initial market penetration for several HTS components is expected by year 2015 (e.g.: cables, fault current limiters). In this paper we present a design of intrinsically compensated EHV HTS cable for future grid integration. Discussed are the parameters of such cable providing an optimal power transmission in the future network.

  5. EHV/HV Underground Cable Systems for Power Transmission

    Bak, Claus Leth

    are to be found. One very good example of this is offshore wind power plants. The current transmission system is laid out in a traditional manner, which is based on the idea of not transporting power over longer distances as the power plants have been located near centres of consumption. It has merely played....... Many interesting research topics are still open, especially with regards to asset management tools....

  6. EHV/HV Underground Cable Systems for Power Transmission

    Bak, Claus Leth

    Power transmission is facing its largest challenges ever with regards to handling a transition from today’s fossil‐based power production into renewable sources of generation. We can no longer place power plants close to centres of consumption; they must be located where the natural resources...... the role of interconnecting these generation/load centres, ensuring fair reliability and redundancy of supply. Nowadays, the power transmission system must be able to handle the various sources of renewable generation in a flexible electricity market. This has the consequence that the original layout...... cables is given, and secondly, the modelling approach and validation of this is discussed. Thirdly, making up the main core of the work presented, dynamics of underground cable systems are discussed and important cases to study are highlighted, and next, protection and fault location are discussed...

  7. Evaluation of semiconductor devices for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle (EHV) ac-drive applications, volume 1

    Lee, F. C.; Chen, D. Y.; Jovanovic, M.; Hopkins, D. C.


    The results of evaluation of power semiconductor devices for electric hybrid vehicle ac drive applications are summarized. Three types of power devices are evaluated in the effort: high power bipolar or Darlington transistors, power MOSFETs, and asymmetric silicon control rectifiers (ASCR). The Bipolar transistors, including discrete device and Darlington devices, range from 100 A to 400 A and from 400 V to 900 V. These devices are currently used as key switching elements inverters for ac motor drive applications. Power MOSFETs, on the other hand, are much smaller in current rating. For the 400 V device, the current rating is limited to 25 A. For the main drive of an electric vehicle, device paralleling is normally needed to achieve practical power level. For other electric vehicle (EV) related applications such as battery charger circuit, however, MOSFET is advantageous to other devices because of drive circuit simplicity and high frequency capability. Asymmetrical SCR is basically a SCR device and needs commutation circuit for turn off. However, the device poses several advantages, i.e., low conduction drop and low cost.

  8. AC HTS Transmission Cable for Integration into the Future EHV Grid of the Netherlands

    Zuijderduin, R.; Chevtchenko, O.; Smit, J.J.; Aanhaanen, G.; Melnik, I.; Geschiere, A.


    Due to increasing power demand, the electricity grid of the Netherlands is changing. The future grid must be capable to transmit all the connected power. Power generation will be more decentralized like for instance wind parks connected to the grid. Furthermore, future large scale production units a

  9. High Voltage AC underground cable systems for power transmission

    Bak, Claus Leth; Silva, Filipe Miguel Faria da


    This paper is a second of two presenting a review of research results in underground cable transmission obtained by the Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University ET/AAU and Danish TSO within the last six years. The main core of the results are obtained by PhD students...... researching electrical engineering topics related to using underground cables for power transmission at EHV level and including the 420 kV level. The research topics were laid down by ET/AAU and in the DANPAC (DANish Power systems with Ac Cables) research project. The main topics are discussed...

  10. AC Optimal Power Flow


    In this work, we have implemented and developed the simulation software to implement the mathematical model of an AC Optimal Power Flow (OPF) problem. The objective function is to minimize the total cost of generation subject to constraints of node power balance (both real and reactive) and line power flow limits (MW, MVAr, and MVA). We have currently implemented the polar coordinate version of the problem. In the present work, we have used the optimization solver, Knitro (proprietary and not included in this software) to solve the problem and we have kept option for both the native numerical derivative evaluation (working satisfactorily now) as well as for analytical formulas corresponding to the derivatives being provided to Knitro (currently, in the debugging stage). Since the AC OPF is a highly non-convex optimization problem, we have also kept the option for a multistart solution. All of these can be decided by the user during run-time in an interactive manner. The software has been developed in C++ programming language, running with GCC compiler on a Linux machine. We have tested for satisfactory results against Matpower for the IEEE 14 bus system.

  11. Practice and Prospect of AC/DC Hybrid Power Grid in Southern China


    China Southern Power Grid is a unique EHV AC/DC hybrid transmission network that operates in China. In its service area, the distribution of energy resources and the development of economy are extremely unbalanced, so long-distance and bulk power transmission are needed; besides, the geography and climate conditions are serious, rains, fogs, lightning and typhoon as well as high temperature are common all the year round. Facing these challenges,the power grid enhanced stability control, improved the equipment and strengthen the network structure. In the future, the power grid plans to optimize the disposition of power sources and build digitalized power system.

  12. Analysis of overvoltages in overhead ground wires of extra high voltage (EHV) power transmission line under single-phase-to-ground faults

    Dudurych, [No Value; Rosolowski, E


    Overhead ground wires (GW) of extra high voltage (EHV) power transmission lines, apart from lightning-induced overvoltage protection are frequently used for carrier-current communication. In this case the ground wires are suspended on insulators, the dielectric strength of which should be sufficient

  13. High Voltage AC underground cable systems for power transmission

    Bak, Claus Leth; Silva, Filipe Miguel Faria da


    This paper is a first of two presenting a review of research results in underground cable transmission obtained by the Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University ET/AAU and Danish TSO within the last 6 years. The main core of the results are obtained by PhD students research......This paper is a first of two presenting a review of research results in underground cable transmission obtained by the Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University ET/AAU and Danish TSO within the last 6 years. The main core of the results are obtained by PhD students...... researching electrical engineering topics related to using underground cables for power transmission at EHV level and including the 420 kV level. The research topics were laid down by ET/AAU and in the DANPAC (DANish Power systems with AC Cables) research project. The main topics are discussed...

  14. Stability Enhancement of Power System by Controlling Hvdc Power Flow through the Same Ac Transmission Line

    P. Upendra Kumar


    Full Text Available Long extra high voltage (EHV ac lines cannot be loaded to their thermal limits in order to keep sufficient margin against transient instability. With the scheme proposed in this paper, it is possible to load these lines very close to their thermal limits. The conductors are allowed to carry usual ac along with dc superimposed on it. The added dc power flow does not cause any transient instability. This paper presents the feasibility of converting a double circuit ac line into composite ac–dc power transmission line to get the advantages of parallel ac–dc transmission to improve stability and damping out oscillations. Simulation and experimental studies are carried out for the coordinated control as well as independent control of ac and dc power transmissions. No alterations of conductors, insulator strings, and towers of the original line are needed. Substantial gain in the loadability of the line is obtained. Master current controller senses ac current and regulates the dc current orders for converters online such that conductor current never exceeds its thermal limit. The present paper is implemented by using MATLAB/SIMULINK.

  15. Long distance transmission of bulk power: the EHV-UHV DC challenge

    Clerici, A.; Valtorta, G.


    This paper deals with technical and economical analysis of transmission of powers in the range from 1000 to 5000 MW and distances included between 1000 to 4000 km. The advantages of adoption of UHV DC transmission are evident especially for the longest distances and the largest power levels considered. (author) 4 refs., 9 figs.

  16. Control of Power Converters in AC Microgrids

    Rocabert, Joan; Luna, Alvaro; Blaabjerg, Frede


    The enabling of ac microgrids in distribution networks allows delivering distributed power and providing grid support services during regular operation of the grid, as well as powering isolated islands in case of faults and contingencies, thus increasing the performance and reliability of the ele......The enabling of ac microgrids in distribution networks allows delivering distributed power and providing grid support services during regular operation of the grid, as well as powering isolated islands in case of faults and contingencies, thus increasing the performance and reliability...

  17. Distributed AC power flow method for AC and AC-DC hybrid ...

    DR OKE

    Present MGs incorporate AC and DC sources and loads along with storage and power ... Keywords: Microgrid (MG), Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Particle ... But in case of renewable based MGs, where small and intermittent sources ...

  18. Analysis on Phase Arrangement and Transposition Modes for UHV DC and Double-circuit EHV AC Transmission Line Built on the Same Tower

    SIMA Wenxia; ZHOU Yuan; YUAN Tao; YANG Qing; SUN Shujie; Gilles Tremouille


    For AC and DC hybrid transmission lines, the arrangement and transposition modes of AC conductors not only affect the unbalance factor of AC lines, but also influence the bias current of DC converter transformers by AC and DC coupling. Excessive bias current will influence the normal operation of converter transformers, thus the optimal AC phase arrangement and transposition mode of hybrid lines was studied to minimize the coupling effect between AC and DC lines to fit the requirements on both aspects. Based on the parameters of the Ximeng-Shanghai project in China, a detailed simulation model of the DC converter station and the hybrid transmission line with double- circuit AC 500 kV transmission lines and DC ± 800 kV transmission lines were presented in the software PSCAD- EMTDC, and the coupling effects of the hybrid transmission lines were elucidated. The fundamental frequency components of DC poles with different operation conditions, arrangements of conductors and operation modes were analyzed, and the effective arrangement and transposition limiting the fundamental frequency current component of the DC line were compared. Simulation results show that AC operating conditions can affect DC induced components while the DC system operation mode has no apparent effect. With compact arrangement and inconsistent transposition of AC lines, the fundamental frequency component on DC lines can be reduced effectively; the three transposed mode within the hybrid line is the optimal layout scheme, considering both the requirements of DC bias current and AC unbalance degree.

  19. 21 CFR 886.1850 - AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope. 886.1850... (CONTINUED) MEDICAL DEVICES OPHTHALMIC DEVICES Diagnostic Devices § 886.1850 AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope. (a) Identification. An AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope is an AC-powered device that is...

  20. 21 CFR 886.4440 - AC-powered magnet.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered magnet. 886.4440 Section 886.4440 Food... DEVICES OPHTHALMIC DEVICES Surgical Devices § 886.4440 AC-powered magnet. (a) Identification. An AC-powered magnet is an AC-powered device that generates a magnetic field intended to find and...

  1. 21 CFR 888.1240 - AC-powered dynamometer.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered dynamometer. 888.1240 Section 888.1240...) MEDICAL DEVICES ORTHOPEDIC DEVICES Diagnostic Devices § 888.1240 AC-powered dynamometer. (a) Identification. An AC-powered dynamometer is an AC-powered device intended for medical purposes to...

  2. 21 CFR 886.1630 - AC-powered photostimulator.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered photostimulator. 886.1630 Section 886...) MEDICAL DEVICES OPHTHALMIC DEVICES Diagnostic Devices § 886.1630 AC-powered photostimulator. (a) Identification. An AC-powered photostimulator is an AC-powered device intended to provide light stimulus...

  3. Power control for ac motor

    Dabney, R. W. (Inventor)


    A motor controller employing a triac through which power is supplied to a motor is described. The open circuit voltage appearing across the triac controls the operation of a timing circuit. This timing circuit triggers on the triac at a time following turn off which varies inversely as a function of the amplitude of the open circuit voltage of the triac.

  4. Low power DCVSL circuits employing AC power supply


    In view of changing the type of energy conversion in CMOS circuits, this paper investigates low power CMOS circuit design, which adopts a gradually changing power clock. First, we discuss the algebraic expressions and the corresponding properties of clocked power signals. Then the design procedure is summed up for converting complementary CMOS logic gates employing DC power to the power-clocked CMOS gates employing AC power. On this basis, the design of differential cascode voltage switch logic (DCVSL) circuits employing AC power clocks is proposed. The PSPICE simulations using a sinusoidal power-clock demonstrate that the designed power-clocked DCVSL circuit has a correct logic function and low power characteristics. Finally, an interface circuit to convert clocked signals into the standard logic levels of a CMOS circuit is proposed, and its validity is verified by computer simulations.

  5. Reliability of emergency ac power systems at nuclear power plants

    Battle, R E; Campbell, D J


    Reliability of emergency onsite ac power systems at nuclear power plants has been questioned within the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) because of the number of diesel generator failures reported by nuclear plant licensees and the reactor core damage that could result from diesel failure during an emergency. This report contains the results of a reliability analysis of the onsite ac power system, and it uses the results of a separate analysis of offsite power systems to calculate the expected frequency of station blackout. Included is a design and operating experience review. Eighteen plants representative of typical onsite ac power systems and ten generic designs were selected to be modeled by fault trees. Operating experience data were collected from the NRC files and from nuclear plant licensee responses to a questionnaire sent out for this project.

  6. AC power generation from microbial fuel cells

    Lobo, Fernanda Leite; Wang, Heming; Forrestal, Casey; Ren, Zhiyong Jason


    Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) directly convert biodegradable substrates to electricity and carry good potential for energy-positive wastewater treatment. However, the low and direct current (DC) output from MFC is not usable for general electronics except small sensors, yet commercial DC-AC converters or inverters used in solar systems cannot be directly applied to MFCs. This study presents a new DC-AC converter system for MFCs that can generate alternating voltage in any desired frequency. Results show that AC power can be easily achieved in three different frequencies tested (1, 10, 60 Hz), and no energy storage layer such as capacitors was needed. The DC-AC converter efficiency was higher than 95% when powered by either individual MFCs or simple MFC stacks. Total harmonic distortion (THD) was used to investigate the quality of the energy, and it showed that the energy could be directly usable for linear electronic loads. This study shows that through electrical conversion MFCs can be potentially used in household electronics for decentralized off-grid communities.

  7. AC Power Local Network with Multiple Power Routers

    Ryo Takahashi


    Full Text Available Controlling power flow and achieving appropriate matching between power sources and loads according to the quality of energy is expected to be one of the approaches to reduce wasted energy consumption. A power router, proposed recently, has the capability of realizing circuit switching in a power distribution network. This study focuses on the feasibility of an AC power routing network system composed of multiple power routers. To evaluate the feasibility, we experimentally confirm the circuit switching operation of the parallel and series configurations of the power routers, so that the network system can be designed by the combination of parallel and series configurations.

  8. Calculation of Electric Field at Ground Surface and ADSS Cable Prepared Hanging Point near EHV Power Transmission Tower

    Xu Bao-Qing


    Full Text Available A simplified model of the 750kV tower is established by CDEGS software which is based on the Method Of Moment. The power frequency electric field distribution on the ground is achieved by software calculation and field-measuring. The validity of the calculation is proved when compare the calculation and experiment results. The model also can be used to calculate the electric field in prepared hanging points on the tower. Results show that the electric field distribution on the ground surface around the tower and prepared hanging points are meet the standard by calculation and experiment.

  9. An AC/AC Direct Power Conversion Topology Having Multiple Power Grid Connections with Adjustable Loading

    Klumpner, Christian; Blaabjerg, Frede


    Normally, a power converter has one supply port to connect to the power grid and one or multiple output ports to connect to AC loads that require variable voltage and variable frequency. As the trend on the energy market is towards deregulation, new converter topologies are needed to allow...... independent producers/consumers to connect to multiple distribution grids in order to optimise the electricity price, as this will vary during the day from one power distribution company to another one. It will be needed to have a load that can smoothly adjust the power consumed from each power grid in order...... these fraction power will be a necessary feature on a deregulated energy market. This paper presents a new topology of a power converter based on the Direct Power Conversion concept, which is able to connect to multiple grids and provide complete decoupling between without circulating power between the grids...

  10. 超、特高压工频过电压研究综述%A General Overview of Power Frequency Overvoltage in the System of EHV and UHV

    周旭东; 石雁祥


    对超、特高压系统中工频过电压产生的原因、影响作出了说明,对超、特高压输电系统中工频过电压的研究现状进行了综述,总结了工频过电压的主要研究方法,指出了目前研究中尚未解决的一些问题。%In this paper, the causes and effects of the power frequency overvoltage in the system of EHVand UHVwere introduced, the research status of power frequency overvoltage in the system ofEHV and UHVwas reviewed, In addition, the main research methods of power frequency overvoltage were summarized, Some unresolved questions in the present study were pointed.

  11. Wind-powered asynchronous AC/DC/AC converter system. [for electric power supply regulation

    Reitan, D. K.


    Two asynchronous ac/dc/ac systems are modelled that utilize wind power to drive a variable or constant hertz alternator. The first system employs a high power 60-hertz inverter tie to the large backup supply of the power company to either supplement them from wind energy, storage, or from a combination of both at a preset desired current; rectifier and inverter are identical and operate in either mode depending on the silicon control rectifier firing angle. The second system employs the same rectification but from a 60-hertz alternator arrangement; it provides mainly dc output, some sinusoidal 60-hertz from the wind bus and some high harmonic content 60-hertz from an 800-watt inverter.

  12. Guiding Principles in Selecting AC To DC Converters For Power Factor Corrections in AC Transmission System

    Ibekwe B.E


    Full Text Available The ac to dc converters’ power factors correction in ac transmission system were investigated. The studies include: phase-controlled converter; pulse width modulated (PWM converter and ac input current shaped converter. Using Fourier series, power factors of these converters were calculated and simulated using MATLAB. The resulting curves are displayed in the hard copies for practical guides in the choice of converters; and comparatively, current shaped type is the best.

  13. Approaches to building single-stage AC/AC conversion switch-mode audio power amplifiers

    Ljusev, Petar; Andersen, Michael Andreas E.


    This paper discusses the possible topologies and promising approaches towards direct single-phase AC-AC conversion of the mains voltage for audio applications. When compared to standard Class-D switching audio power amplifiers with a separate power supply, it is expected that direct conversion...

  14. A hybrid electromechanical solid state switch for ac power control


    Bidirectional thyristor coupled to a series of actuator driven electromechanical contacts generates hybrid electromechanical solid state switch for ac power control. Device is useful in power control applications where zero crossover switching is required.

  15. New approaches to the design and economics of EHV transmission plant

    Jones, Brian


    New Approaches to the Design and Economics of EHV Transmission Plant examines the limitations of EHV transmission plant. Analysis is also covered in the book to correct these limitations. The concept behind EHV is that allowable transfer of electricity is related to the square of the voltage. Factors such as the expense of supplying a certain volume of electricity over a given distance and creations of power stations are examined. The book provides economic studies of alternative design policies based on estimation of costs and benefits of the design parameters. The text also focuses on the pr

  16. Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method for Analysis of Power Frequency Electric Field of EHV Transmission Lines%超高压输电线路工频电场分析的比例边界有限元方法

    刘俊; 林皋; 李建波


    为精确研究超高压输电线路在复杂工况下的工频电场,采用比例边界有限元方法,在建立相应的电场计算模型基础上,利用变分原理并通过比例边界坐标变换,推导出工频电场的比例边界有限元方程、电位求解公式及电场求解公式,分析了超高压输电线路在穿越较复杂地形时的工频电场,探讨了超高压输电线路下存在介质块对工频电场的影响,并将算例计算结果与其他数值方法进行了比较.结果表明,比例边界有限元方法精度高、计算工作量小.%A scaled boundary finite element method (SBFEM) is developed for precise study of power frequency electric field generated by the EHV transmission lines under complex conditions. The electric field model is established, and variational principle technique and coordinate transformation between scaled and Cartesian coordinate is used to derive the scaled boundary finite element equations. The formulation of calculation of electric potential and field is also obtained.The method is also to solve the power-frequency electric field of EHV transmission lines under condition of complex landscape and media block. Numerical experiment is carried out and compared with other numerical methods. The results show that the proposed method yields excellent results, quick convergence and less amount of computation time.

  17. Power converters and AC electrical drives with linear neural networks

    Cirrincione, Maurizio


    The first book of its kind, Power Converters and AC Electrical Drives with Linear Neural Networks systematically explores the application of neural networks in the field of power electronics, with particular emphasis on the sensorless control of AC drives. It presents the classical theory based on space-vectors in identification, discusses control of electrical drives and power converters, and examines improvements that can be attained when using linear neural networks. The book integrates power electronics and electrical drives with artificial neural networks (ANN). Organized into four parts,

  18. Active Power Regulation based on Droop for AC Microgrid

    Li, Chendan; Coelho, Ernane A. A.; Firoozabadi, Mehdi Savaghebi


    In this paper, two different control strategies are proposed to address the active power regulation issue in AC microgrids. The principle of power regulation in the droop controller is firstly introduced. Frequency scheduling and droop gain scheduling on top of droop control is proposed to succes......In this paper, two different control strategies are proposed to address the active power regulation issue in AC microgrids. The principle of power regulation in the droop controller is firstly introduced. Frequency scheduling and droop gain scheduling on top of droop control is proposed...




    Full Text Available Recently, a new generation of ac-ac single-phase and three-phase power converters with more commutations per half cycle has been proposed for ac power due to the increasing availability and power capability of high frequency controlled-on and off power emiconductor switching devices. This paper presents three phase ac-acconverter whose control strategy is based on modified sinusoidal ulse-width modulation switching technique. As majority of the industrial loads are being inductive, the power factor is less. To improve the power factor, the delayed current is shifted to the input voltage, through a modification of the classical sinusoidal pulse width modulation switching technique. In this way, the decrease in the phase angle between the input current and voltage is feasible, and consequently, high cost compensation capacitors can be avoided. The improvement of power factor through this switching technique on the proposed converter is investigated and verified via simulation using the software Matlab/Simulink.

  20. An Examination of AC/HVDC Power Circuits for Interconnecting Bulk Wind Generation with the Electric Grid

    Daniel Ludois


    Full Text Available The application of high voltage dc (HVDC transmission for integrating large scale and/or off-shore wind generation systems with the electric grid is attractive in comparison to extra high voltage (EHV ac transmission due to a variety of reasons. While the technology of classical current sourced converters (CSC using thyristors is well established for realization of large HVDC systems, the technology of voltage sourced converters (VSC is emerging to be an alternative approach, particularly suitable for multi-terminal interconnections. More recently, a more modular scheme that may be termed ‘bridge of bridge’ converters (BoBC has been introduced to realize HVDC systems. While all these three approaches are functionally capable of realizing HVDC systems, the converter power circuit design trade-offs between these alternatives are not readily apparent. This paper presents an examination of these topologies from the point of view of power semiconductor requirements, reactive component requirements, operating losses, fault tolerance, multi-terminal operation, modularity, complexity, etc. Detailed analytical models will be used along with a benchmark application to develop a comparative evaluation of the alternatives that maybe used by wind energy/bulk transmission developers for performing engineering trade-off studies.

  1. An examination of AC/HVDC power circuits for interconnecting bulk wind generation with the electric grid

    Ludois, D.; Venkataramanan, G. [Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1415 Engineering Dr. Madison WI 53706 (United States)


    The application of high voltage DC (HVDC) transmission for integrating large scale and/or off-shore wind generation systems with the electric grid is attractive in comparison to extra high voltage (EHV) AC transmission due to a variety of reasons. While the technology of classical current sourced converters (CSC) using thyristors is well established for realization of large HVDC systems, the technology of voltage sourced converters (VSC) is emerging to be an alternative approach, particularly suitable for multi-terminal interconnections. More recently, a more modular scheme that may be termed 'bridge of bridge' converters (BoBC) has been introduced to realize HVDC systems. While all these three approaches are functionally capable of realizing HVDC systems, the converter power circuit design trade-offs between these alternatives are not readily apparent. This paper presents an examination of these topologies from the point of view of power semiconductor requirements, reactive component requirements, operating losses, fault tolerance, multi-terminal operation, modularity, complexity, etc. Detailed analytical models will be used along with a benchmark application to develop a comparative evaluation of the alternatives that may be used by wind energy/bulk transmission developers for performing engineering trade-off studies. (author)

  2. Rethinking Rectification: AC-DC Power Supply in Package

    Pejtersen, Jens; Knott, Arnold; Jørgensen, Ivan Harald Holger

    Rectification of AC mains voltage is almost exclusively implemented with passive diode bridge rectifiers for power applications below 100 W. The diode bridge rectifier is reliable, cost effective and easy to use. But it is also lossy, nonlinear and passive. Thus reducing the power conversion...

  3. Djungle power. A more remote AC bus

    Boehnke, Heinz W. [Technosol, Jork (Germany)


    The Dzanga-Sangha Reserve in the Central African Republic is probably one of the world's most remote protected rainforest areas, much to the benefit of the rare species of lowland gorilla, forest elephant and local pygmy population Ba'Aka. The park is co-managed by the ''WWF-World Wide Fund for Nature'' with sponsoring from the German Regenwald-Stiftung. In 2008 wwf decided to switch from the old, failing generator supply to a solar hybrid mini-grid, along with stringent measures of energy conservation and management. After a careful energy audit Technosol designed an AC-bus system with a 22 kWp PV generator which should overcome the dependency on the old generators and their fuel demands. For 15 buildings, an entirely new distribution network was installed, state of the art energy saving devices introduced and an energy metering system deviced. The installation is operating since August 2009. In such remote locations, the reliability of the AC-bus over other generator-based solutions will be demonstrated and with the support of international organisations like the wwf the practical application of solar hybrid supply becomes a landmark of sustainable energy concepts. (orig.)

  4. 21 CFR 880.6320 - AC-powered medical examination light.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered medical examination light. 880.6320... Miscellaneous Devices § 880.6320 AC-powered medical examination light. (a) Identification. An AC-powered medical examination light is an AC-powered device intended for medical purposes that is used to illuminate...

  5. Power flow control of intertied ac microgrids

    Nutkani, Inam Ullah; Loh, Poh Chiang; Blaabjerg, Frede


    of interlinking power converters. Active and reactive power flows of these converters should preferably be managed autonomously without demanding for fast communication links. A scheme that can fulfill the objectives is now proposed, which upon realised, will result in more robustly integrated microgrids...

  6. Distributed AC power flow method for AC and AC-DC hybrid ...

    DR OKE

    Hence the distribution power flow models to be developed were supposed to include both mesh and DG modeling (Sedghi ... Newton-Raphson based power flow methods, namely Newton ... Equation (1) is the mathematical realization of this ...

  7. Resistojet control and power for high frequency ac buses

    Gruber, Robert P.


    Resistojets are operational on many geosynchronous communication satellites which all use dc power buses. Multipropellant resistojets were selected for the Initial Operating Capability (IOC) Space Station which will supply 208 V, 20 kHz power. This paper discusses resistojet heater temperature controllers and passive power regulation methods for ac power systems. A simple passive power regulation method suitable for use with regulated sinusoidal or square wave power was designed and tested using the Space Station multipropellant resistojet. The breadboard delivered 20 kHz power to the resistojet heater. Cold start surge current limiting, a power efficiency of 95 percent, and power regulation of better than 2 percent were demonstrated with a two component, 500 W breadboard power controller having a mass of 0.6 kg.

  8. A Series-LC-Filtered Active Damper for AC Power Electronics Based Power Systems

    Wang, Xiongfei; Blaabjerg, Frede; Loh, Poh Chiang


    This paper proposes an active damper with a series LC-filter for suppressing resonances in an ac power electronics based power system. The added filter capacitor helps to lower the voltage stress of the converter to be used for implementing the damper. Unlike active filters for the compensation...... is built, where the damper is integrated into a grid-connected converter. The results obtained from the experiments demonstrate the stability enhancement of ac power electronics based power systems by the active damper....

  9. Introducing AC Inductive Reactance with a Power Tool

    Bryant, Wesley; Baker, Blane


    The concept of reactance in AC electrical circuits is often non-intuitive and difficult for students to grasp. In order to address this lack of conceptual understanding, classroom exercises compare the predicted resistance of a power tool, based on electrical specifications, to measured resistance. Once students discover that measured resistance…

  10. Total loss of AC power analysis for EPR reactor

    Darnowski, Piotr, E-mail: [Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Heat Engineering, Nowowiejska 21/25, 00-665 Warsaw (Poland); Skrzypek, Eleonora, E-mail: [Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Heat Engineering, Nowowiejska 21/25, 00-665 Warsaw (Poland); National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ), A. Sołtana 7, 05-400 Otwock-Świerk (Poland); Mazgaj, Piotr, E-mail: [Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Heat Engineering, Nowowiejska 21/25, 00-665 Warsaw (Poland); Świrski, Konrad [Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Heat Engineering, Nowowiejska 21/25, 00-665 Warsaw (Poland); Gandrille, Pascal [AREVA NP SAS, Tour AREVA, 1 place Jean Millier, 92084 Paris La Défense (France)


    Highlights: • Total loss of AC power (Station Blackout) was simulated for the EPR reactor model. • In-vessel phase of the accident is under consideration. • Comparison of MELCOR and MAAP results is presented. • MELCOR and MAAP results are comparable. - Abstract: In this paper the results of severe accident simulations for the EPR reactor in the case of loss of offsite power combined with total failure of all diesel generators (total loss of AC power) are presented. Calculations were performed with MELCOR 2.1 computer code for in-vessel phase of the accident. In this scenario, the unavailability of all offsite and onsite power sources and the lack of cooling leads directly to core degradation, material relocation to the lower plenum and rupture of the reactor pressure vessel. MELCOR results were compared qualitatively and quantitatively with MAAP4 code results and show a good agreement.

  11. Photovoltaic Inverter Controllers Seeking AC Optimal Power Flow Solutions

    Dall' Anese, Emiliano; Dhople, Sairaj V.; Giannakis, Georgios B.


    This paper considers future distribution networks featuring inverter-interfaced photovoltaic (PV) systems, and addresses the synthesis of feedback controllers that seek real- and reactive-power inverter setpoints corresponding to AC optimal power flow (OPF) solutions. The objective is to bridge the temporal gap between long-term system optimization and real-time inverter control, and enable seamless PV-owner participation without compromising system efficiency and stability. The design of the controllers is grounded on a dual ..epsilon..-subgradient method, while semidefinite programming relaxations are advocated to bypass the non-convexity of AC OPF formulations. Global convergence of inverter output powers is analytically established for diminishing stepsize rules for cases where: i) computational limits dictate asynchronous updates of the controller signals, and ii) inverter reference inputs may be updated at a faster rate than the power-output settling time.

  12. High-power converters and AC drives

    Wu, Bin


    This new edition reflects the recent technological advancements in the MV drive industry, such as advanced multilevel converters and drive configurations. It includes three new chapters, Control of Synchronous Motor Drives, Transformerless MV Drives, and Matrix Converter Fed Drives. In addition, there are extensively revised chapters on Multilevel Voltage Source Inverters and Voltage Source Inverter-Fed Drives. This book includes a systematic analysis on a variety of high-power multilevel converters, illustrates important concepts with simulations and experiments, introduces various megawatt drives produced by world leading drive manufacturers, and addresses practical problems and their mitigations methods.

  13. Zebra Alphaherpesviruses (EHV-1 and EHV-9: Genetic Diversity, Latency and Co-Infections

    Azza Abdelgawad


    Full Text Available Alphaherpesviruses are highly prevalent in equine populations and co-infections with more than one of these viruses’ strains frequently diagnosed. Lytic replication and latency with subsequent reactivation, along with new episodes of disease, can be influenced by genetic diversity generated by spontaneous mutation and recombination. Latency enhances virus survival by providing an epidemiological strategy for long-term maintenance of divergent strains in animal populations. The alphaherpesviruses equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1 and 9 (EHV-9 have recently been shown to cross species barriers, including a recombinant EHV-1 observed in fatal infections of a polar bear and Asian rhinoceros. Little is known about the latency and genetic diversity of EHV-1 and EHV-9, especially among zoo and wild equids. Here, we report evidence of limited genetic diversity in EHV-9 in zebras, whereas there is substantial genetic variability in EHV-1. We demonstrate that zebras can be lytically and latently infected with both viruses concurrently. Such a co-occurrence of infection in zebras suggests that even relatively slow-evolving viruses such as equine herpesviruses have the potential to diversify rapidly by recombination. This has potential consequences for the diagnosis of these viruses and their management in wild and captive equid populations.

  14. A Non-linear Controller for Single-Phase AC-AC Power Converter to meet UPS Performance Index

    Abdelhafid Ait Elmahjoub


    Full Text Available This article focuses on AC-AC power converter that can be used for uninterruptible power supply (UPS. The converter is built on two stages: a AC-DC input stage and a DC-AC output stage. The two blocks are connected by an intermediate DC bus. The aim of control is threefold: i power factor correction ii regulation of DC bus iii generating a sinusoidal voltage at the output. The synthesis of controllers has been achieved through the technique of nonlinear backstepping control. A detailed analysis of the stability control system is presented. The performances of regulators have been validated by numerical simulation in MATLAB / SIMULINK.

  15. Equine herpes virus type 1 (EHV-1) and 4 (EHV-4) infections in horses and donkeys in northeastern Turkey.

    Yildirim, Y; Yilmaz, V; Kirmizigul, A H


    The herpesviruses infections in equides are caused by five different serotypes of viruses, belonging to family Herpesviridae. The goal of this study was to conduct a seroepidemiological investigation of equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) and type 4 (EHV-4) in horses and donkeys raised in two provinces and their villages in northeastern Turkey. A total of 666 samples from 423 horses and 243 donkeys that were not immunized against these infections were tested with ELISA. While 52.48% of tested horse sera was found to carry specific antibodies to EHV-1, 83.69% of these serums were found to carry specific antibodies to EHV-4. 51. Eighty-five percent of analyzed donkey samples tested positive for EHV-1 and 64.20% of these samples tested positive for EHV-4 antibodies. When the horse and donkey samples were evaluated together, 52.25% were seropositive for EHV-1 and 76.58% were seropositive for EHV-4. This study showed that EHV-1 and EHV-4 infections are quite common in the horses and donkeys being raised in the areas where the study was carried out. In addition, since the area where the study was carried out in the borders of Armenia and Georgia, the high level of seropositive results for these infections leads to the conclusion that we should consider the risk of diseases spreading to neighboring countries. This is the first study to serologically identify EHV-1 and EHV-4 infections in donkeys raised in Turkey.

  16. A Switched Capacitor Based AC/DC Resonant Converter for High Frequency AC Power Generation

    Cuidong Xu


    Full Text Available A switched capacitor based AC-DC resonant power converter is proposed for high frequency power generation output conversion. This converter is suitable for small scale, high frequency wind power generation. It has a high conversion ratio to provide a step down from high voltage to low voltage for easy use. The voltage conversion ratio of conventional switched capacitor power converters is fixed to n, 1/n or −1/n (n is the switched capacitor cell. In this paper, A circuit which can provide n, 1/n and 2n/m of the voltage conversion ratio is presented (n is stepping up the switched capacitor cell, m is stepping down the switching capacitor cell. The conversion ratio can be changed greatly by using only two switches. A resonant tank is used to assist in zero current switching, and hence the current spike, which usually exists in a classical switching switched capacitor converter, can be eliminated. Both easy operation and efficiency are possible. Principles of operation, computer simulations and experimental results of the proposed circuit are presented. General analysis and design methods are given. The experimental result verifies the theoretical analysis of high frequency AC power generation.

  17. 精益化管理在超高压输电企业的应用探讨%Study on application of lean management in safety management of EHV power transmission enterprises



    在简述企业精益化管理研究的基础上,以南方电网公司基层A单位为实例,分析了超高压输电企业安全生产管理现状与精益化管理要求的差距。对应解决A单位生产经营活动流程中存在的业务运转不顺畅,岗位职责不清晰等问题,通过整合系统资源,优化建立了本单位双闭环管理的“面向设备”和“面向管理”的主业务流程体系为主要特种的输电企业精益化管理模式,并建立了与此对应的输电精益化管理信息平台。通过企业的安全生产管理工作实践检验取得成效,同时展望提出了下一步精益化管理的努力方向。%Based on summarizing the research on lean management of enterprises, taking A grass-root unit of China Southern Power Grid as practical example, the gap between the current situation of work safety management and re-quirements of lean management in EHV power transmission enterprises was analyzed. Corresponding to solve the problems existing in the production and management activities procedure of A unit, such as the business operation was not smooth, the job responsibilities were not clear, and so on, through integrating the system resources, the lean management mode of power transmission enterprises was optimized and established, and the main characteristic was the main business procedure with double closed loop management of"device oriented" and"management ori-ented ". The corresponding information platform of lean management on power transmission was established, and through the inspection of work practice on safety management of enterprise, the effectiveness of the platform was a-chieved. The striving direction of further lean management was prospected and put forward.

  18. Power Electronic Transformer based Three-Phase PWM AC Drives

    Basu, Kaushik

    A Transformer is used to provide galvanic isolation and to connect systems at different voltage levels. It is one of the largest and most expensive component in most of the high voltage and high power systems. Its size is inversely proportional to the operating frequency. The central idea behind a power electronic transformer (PET) also known as solid state transformer is to reduce the size of the transformer by increasing the frequency. Power electronic converters are used to change the frequency of operation. Steady reduction in the cost of the semiconductor switches and the advent of advanced magnetic materials with very low loss density and high saturation flux density implies economic viability and feasibility of a design with high power density. Application of PET is in generation of power from renewable energy sources, especially wind and solar. Other important application include grid tied inverters, UPS e.t.c. In this thesis non-resonant, single stage, bi-directional PET is considered. The main objective of this converter is to generate adjustable speed and magnitude pulse width modulated (PWM) ac waveforms from an ac or dc grid with a high frequency ac link. The windings of a high frequency transformer contains leakage inductance. Any switching transition of the power electronic converter connecting the inductive load and the transformer requires commutation of leakage energy. Commutation by passive means results in power loss, decrease in the frequency of operation, distortion in the output voltage waveform, reduction in reliability and power density. In this work a source based partially loss-less commutation of leakage energy has been proposed. This technique also results in partial soft-switching. A series of converters with novel PWM strategies have been proposed to minimize the frequency of leakage inductance commutation. These PETs achieve most of the important features of modern PWM ac drives including 1) Input power factor correction, 2) Common

  19. Modeling and Analysis of Harmonic Stability in an AC Power-Electronics-Based Power System

    Wang, Xiongfei; Blaabjerg, Frede; Wu, Weimin


    This paper addresses the harmonic stability caused by the interactions among the wideband control of power converters and passive components in an AC power-electronicsbased power system. The impedance-based analytical approach is employed and expanded to a meshed and balanced threephase network...

  20. Impacts on Power Factor of AC Voltage Controllers Under Non-Sinusoidal Conditions

    Mukhtiar Ahmed Mahar


    Full Text Available AC-AC conversion is obtained with the help of Cyclo-converters, DC Link converters and AC Voltage Controllers. AC voltage controllers are also referred to as voltage regulators. Main issue concerned to these converters is that they generate harmonics due to periodic variable structure system. The generated harmonics create disturbances and degrade the performance of converter. The power factor of supply side is affected due to these harmonics. This paper focuses on source side power factor of ac voltage controllers under nonsinusoidal conditions. In order to observe the power factor, measurement tool of power factor and simulation model of ac voltage controller is also developed in MATLAB software.

  1. 21 CFR 880.5100 - AC-powered adjustable hospital bed.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered adjustable hospital bed. 880.5100... (CONTINUED) MEDICAL DEVICES GENERAL HOSPITAL AND PERSONAL USE DEVICES General Hospital and Personal Use Therapeutic Devices § 880.5100 AC-powered adjustable hospital bed. (a) Identification. An AC-powered...

  2. A Multi-channel AC Power Supply Controller


    A multi-channel AC power Supply controler developed recently by us was introdueed briefty in this paper.This controller is a computer controlled multi-electronic-switch device.The controller contains 16 independent channels in a standard box(440W×405D×125H mm).There is an electronic switch in each channel,the rated load power is≤1 kW.The main function of the controller is to set the state of electronic switch(ON/OFF)




    Full Text Available Photovoltaic generators (PVG are increasingly used to provide electricity in remote areas. However, in many applications the DC generated electricity by a PVG need to be converted to AC. Traditionally DC to AC inverters have been widely used for this purpose. In this paper, a different system is proposed in which a self excited induction generator (SEIG driven by a permanent magnet DC motor (DCM and powered from a PVG through a maximum power point tracker (MPPT are used. A step-up chopper is utilized as an MPPT unit. The proposed system is modelled in time domain, and a detailed transient and steady-state analysis are presented. The main reason behind analyzing the system in the time domain is because of the fact that for unknown speeds, the methods developed for steady-state analysis of SEIGs can not be applied. The presented work shows that the full available power of the PVG can be harnessed by selecting suitable values for the duty cycle and the frequency of the step up chopper and the excitation capacitor of the SEIG. It is also shown that with such a combination power utilization efficiency of more than 83% can be achieved.

  4. Safe-commutation principle for direct single-phase AC-AC converters for use in audio power amplification

    Ljusev, Petar; Andersen, Michael Andreas E.


    This paper presents an alternative safe commutation principle for a single phase bidirectional bridge, for use in the new generation of direct single-stage AC-AC audio power amplifiers. As compared with the bridge commutation with load current or source voltage sensing, in this approach...

  5. Safe-commutation principle for direct single-phase AC-AC converters for use in audio power amplification

    Ljusev, Petar; Andersen, Michael Andreas E.


    This paper presents an alternative safe commutation principle for a single phase bidirectional bridge, for use in the new generation of direct single-stage AC-AC audio power amplifiers. As compared with the bridge commutation with load current or source voltage sensing, in this approach...

  6. Distributed Optimal Power Flow of AC/DC Interconnected Power Grid Using Synchronous ADMM

    Liang, Zijun; Lin, Shunjiang; Liu, Mingbo


    Distributed optimal power flow (OPF) is of great importance and challenge to AC/DC interconnected power grid with different dispatching centres, considering the security and privacy of information transmission. In this paper, a fully distributed algorithm for OPF problem of AC/DC interconnected power grid called synchronous ADMM is proposed, and it requires no form of central controller. The algorithm is based on the fundamental alternating direction multiplier method (ADMM), by using the average value of boundary variables of adjacent regions obtained from current iteration as the reference values of both regions for next iteration, which realizes the parallel computation among different regions. The algorithm is tested with the IEEE 11-bus AC/DC interconnected power grid, and by comparing the results with centralized algorithm, we find it nearly no differences, and its correctness and effectiveness can be validated.

  7. Power-supply-operations group-training programs, ac/dc power systems and micellaneous information

    Harris, C A


    This program introduces the technician to three phase a-c power and its relationship to rectifier power conversion systems. A brief introduction is given as to the engineering significance of various parameters such as, phase rotation, ac power relationships, harmonics, transformer voltage vectors, rectifier parameters, filters, water cooling, phase delayed triggers to SCR's, dielectric stress vs life and other related subjects. The significance of the details as they apply to various diagnostic problems that a technician may be called upon to solve is emphasized. Reference CAPE-2747.

  8. Optimizing efficiency on conventional transformer based low power AC/DC standby power supplies

    Nielsen, Nils


    This article describes the research results for simple and cheap methods to reduce the idle- and load-losses in very low power conventional transformer based power supplies intended for standby usage. In this case "very low power" means 50 Hz/230 V-AC to 5 V-DC@1 W. The efficiency is measured...... on two common power supply topologies designed for this power level. The two described topologies uses either a series (or linear) or a buck regulation approach. Common to the test power supplies is they either are using a standard cheap off-the-shelf transformer, or one, which are loss optimized by very...

  9. A Study on Power Quality Improvement in PWM Controlled AC Voltage Controller

    Ahmet ALTINTAŞ


    Full Text Available A lot of topologies of pulse-width modulated (PWM-AC controllers for single-phase and three-phase systems are proposed up to date. PWM-AC controllers have important advantages compared with the phase-controlled AC controllers using thyristors and triacs. The PWM-AC controller has sinusoidal current waveforms, smaller THD values, better power factor, faster dynamics, and smaller input/output filter. This article presents a novel control technique for application to PWM-AC controllers with ability of generating fewer harmonics. In the proposed control method, both the traditional AC voltage controllers and the PWM-AC controllers are combined; and smaller THD values are obtained. Thus, the harmonic pollution in the power system will be reduced; and consequently, the power quality will be increased. For this purpose, computer simulations are performed in order to investigate the proposed controller performance. The obtained results are compared with the conventional PWM-AC controller.

  10. Electrical Model of Balanced AC HTS Power Cable

    Zuijderduin, R.; Chevtchenko, O.; Smit, J. J.; Willén, D.; Melnik, I.; Geschiere, A.

    The future electricity grid will be more sustainable and it will have more power transmission and distribution capability with more electrical power added from decentralized sources on distribution level and from wind parks and other large sources on transmission level. More interconnections and more underground transmission and distribution will be put up. Use of high temperature superconducting (HTS) power cables provides solutions to many of the future grid problems caused by these trends. In this paper we present an electrical model of a balanced 6 km-long three phase triaxial HTS power cable for the Dutch project being developed by a consortium of Alliander, Ultera™ and TUD. The cable currents in all three phases are balanced by selecting proper twist pitches and insulation thickness. The paper focuses on determining inductances, capacitances and AC losses of the balanced cable. Using the developed model, we also determine the voltage drop as function of the cable length, the neutral current and the effect of the imbalanced capacitances on the current distribution of the Dutch distribution cable. The model is validated and it can be used for accurate simulation of the electrical behaviour of triaxial HTS cables in electrical grids.

  11. Efficient relaxations for joint chance constrained AC optimal power flow

    Baker, Kyri; Toomey, Bridget


    Evolving power systems with increasing levels of stochasticity call for a need to solve optimal power flow problems with large quantities of random variables. Weather forecasts, electricity prices, and shifting load patterns introduce higher levels of uncertainty and can yield optimization problems that are difficult to solve in an efficient manner. Solution methods for single chance constraints in optimal power flow problems have been considered in the literature, ensuring single constraints are satisfied with a prescribed probability; however, joint chance constraints, ensuring multiple constraints are simultaneously satisfied, have predominantly been solved via scenario-based approaches or by utilizing Boole's inequality as an upper bound. In this paper, joint chance constraints are used to solve an AC optimal power flow problem while preventing overvoltages in distribution grids under high penetrations of photovoltaic systems. A tighter version of Boole's inequality is derived and used to provide a new upper bound on the joint chance constraint, and simulation results are shown demonstrating the benefit of the proposed upper bound. The new framework allows for a less conservative and more computationally efficient solution to considering joint chance constraints, specifically regarding preventing overvoltages.

  12. 21 CFR 880.5510 - Non-AC-powered patient lift.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Non-AC-powered patient lift. 880.5510 Section 880... Devices § 880.5510 Non-AC-powered patient lift. (a) Identification. A non-AC-powered patient lift is a... patient in the horizontal or other required position from one place to another, as from a bed to a...

  13. Using a nonparametric PV model to forecast AC power output of PV plants

    Almeida, Marcelo Pinho; Perpiñan Lamigueiro, Oscar; Narvarte Fernández, Luis


    In this paper, a methodology using a nonparametric model is used to forecast AC power output of PV plants using as inputs several forecasts of meteorological variables from a Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) model and actual AC power measurements of PV plants. The methodology was built upon the R environment and uses Quantile Regression Forests as machine learning tool to forecast the AC power with a confidence interval. Real data from five PV plants was used to validate the methodology, an...

  14. AC Versus DC Link Comparison Based on Power Flow Analysis of a Multimachine Power System

    Mohammed Abdeljalil DJEHAF; Sid Ahmed ZIDI; Youcef DJILANI KOBIBI


    Deregulation and privatization is posing new challenges on high voltage transmission and on distributions systems as well. An increasingly liberalized market will encourage trading opportunities to be identified and developed. High voltage power electronics, such as HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) and FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems) provide the necessary features to avoid technical problems in heavily loaded power systems; HVDC offers most advantages: it can be used for system int...

  15. AC Versus DC Link Comparison Based on Power Flow Analysis of a Multimachine Power System

    Mohammed Abdeljalil DJEHAF


    Full Text Available Deregulation and privatization is posing new challenges on high voltage transmission and on distributions systems as well. An increasingly liberalized market will encourage trading opportunities to be identified and developed. High voltage power electronics, such as HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current and FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems provide the necessary features to avoid technical problems in heavily loaded power systems; HVDC offers most advantages: it can be used for system interconnection and for control of power flow as well. The major benefit of HVDC is its incorporated ability for fault-current blocking, which is not possible with synchronous AC links. In addition, HVDC can effectively support the surrounding AC systems in case of transient fault conditions and it serves as firewall against cascading disturbances. This paper presents a comparison between HVDC link and an HVAC link in a 29 Bus multimachine system, based on load flow analysis using Newton-Raphson method for the AC link case, and sequential method for the HVDC link case.

  16. Ground Loop Impedance of Long EHV Cable Lines

    Ohno, Teruo; Bak, Claus Leth; Sørensen, Thomas K.


    The distance protection scheme without communication is often applied to the backup protection of EHV cable lines. For a reliable operation of a ground distance relay, the ground loop impedance of EHV cable lines needs to have a linear relationship to the distance from the relay location to the f...

  17. Analysis of Statistical Distributions of Energization Overvoltages of EHV Cables

    Ohno, Teruo; Ametani, Akihiro; Bak, Claus Leth

    Insulation levels of EHV systems have been determined based on the statistical distribution of switching overvoltages since 1970s when the statistical distribution was found for overhead lines. Responding to an increase in the planned and installed EHV cables, the authors have derived the statist......Insulation levels of EHV systems have been determined based on the statistical distribution of switching overvoltages since 1970s when the statistical distribution was found for overhead lines. Responding to an increase in the planned and installed EHV cables, the authors have derived...... the statistical distribution of energization overvoltages for EHV cables and have made clear their characteristics compared with those of the overhead lines. This paper identifies the causes and physical meanings of the characteristics so that it becomes possible to use the obtained statistical distribution...... for the determination of insulation levels of cable systems....

  18. DC Vs AC - War Of Currents For Future Power Systems A HVDC Technology Overview

    Anil K. Rai


    Full Text Available DC vs AC discussion began in 1880s with development of first commercial power transmission in Wall Street New York. Later when AC technology came into notice by efforts of inventor and researcher Sir Nicola Tesla soon the advantages of AC transmission and AC devices overtook the DC technology. It was hoped that DC technology had lost battle of currents. Today with researches going on FACTS devices and bulk power transmission HVDC has again gained a reputation in power sector. Solution of this centuries old debate is to develop HVDC systems that assists HVAC systems for better performance stability and control

  19. A molecular survey of outflow gas: velocity-dependent shock chemistry and the peculiar composition of the EHV gas

    Tafalla, M.; Santiago-García, J.; Hacar, A.; Bachiller, R.


    Context. Bipolar outflows from Class 0 protostars often present two components in their CO spectra that have different kinematic behaviors: a smooth outflow wing and a discrete, extremely high-velocity (EHV) peak. Aims: To better understand the origin of these two outflow components, we have studied and compared their molecular composition. Methods: We carried out a molecular survey of the outflows powered by L1448-mm and IRAS 04166+2706, two sources with prominent wing and EHV components. For each source, we observed a number of molecular lines towards the brightest outflow position and used them to determine column densities for 12 different molecular species. Results: The molecular composition of the two outflows is very similar. It presents systematic changes with velocity that we analyze by dividing the outflow in three chemical regimes, two of them associated with the wing component and the other the EHV gas. The analysis of the two wing regimes shows that species like H2CO and CH3OH favor the low-velocity gas, while SiO and HCN are more abundant in the fastest gas. This fastest wing gas presents strong similarities with the composition of the “chemically active” L1157 outflow (whose abundances we re-evaluate in an appendix). We find that the EHV regime is relatively rich in O-bearing species compared to the wing regime. The EHV gas is not only detected in CO and SiO (already reported elsewhere), but also in SO, CH3OH, and H2CO (newly reported here), with a tentative detection in HCO+. At the same time, the EHV regime is relatively poor in C-bearing molecules like CS and HCN, for which we only obtain weak detections or upper limits despite deep integrations. We suggest that this difference in composition arises from a lower C/O ratio in the EHV gas. Conclusions: The different chemical compositions of the wing and EHV regimes suggest that these two outflow components have different physical origins. The wing component is better explained by shocked ambient

  20. Equid herpesvirus (EHV-1) live vaccine strain C147: efficacy against respiratory diseases following EHV types 1 and 4 challenges.

    Patel, J R; Földi, J; Bateman, H; Williams, J; Didlick, S; Stark, R


    The temperature sensitive and host range mutant clone 147 of equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) was assessed for its ability to protect conventional, susceptible adult horses against respiratory infection by EHV-1 and equine herpesvirus 4 (EHV-4). Intranasal (IN) vaccination with 5.2 log(10) TCID(50) did not cause adverse clinical reactions although a limited virus shedding and viraemia (leukocytes) was observed in 11 of 15 and 10 of 15 vaccinated horses respectively. All 15 vaccinated horses showed a significant seroresponse to both EHV-1 and EHV-4 for virus neutralising (VN) antibody. None of 14 control horses shed virus or became viraemic or seroconverted prior to challenge. EHV-1 challenge (dose 6.0 log(10)) 6 weeks after vaccination resulted in pyrexia in all eight control horses while eight vaccinated horses remained unaffected. Six control horses developed nasal discharge, five of which were mucopurulent nasal discharge (mean duration 3.2 days) which also occurred in four vaccinated horses for 1 day. All eight control horses shed challenge EHV-1 at a significantly higher level (group mean titre 2.6+/-0.4 log(10) TCID(50) per sample) and for much longer (mean duration 4.8+/-1.5 days) than that (group mean titre 1.4+/-0.8 log(10) TCID(50) per sample and mean duration 1.5+/-0.5 days) in six vaccinated horses. Furthermore, all eight control horses became viraemic (mean duration 2.9 days) but viraemia did not occur in eight vaccinated horses. Following EHV-1 challenge, all eight control horses showed a significant VN antibody rise to both EHV-1 and EHV-4 but this occurred in only one vaccinated horse and to EHV-4 only. In EHV-4 challenge (dose of 4.2 log(10) TCID(50)) of a separate pair of seven vaccinated and six control horses, 6 weeks after EHV-1 vaccination resulted in pyrexia (mean duration 2.3 days) and nasal discharge (mean duration 1.8 days) in three and five control horses respectively but the only reaction observed in the vaccinated group was nasal discharge

  1. Transmission Technologies and Operational Characteristic Analysis of Hybrid UHV AC/DC Power Grids in China

    Tian, Zhang; Yanfeng, Gong


    In order to solve the contradiction between demand and distribution range of primary energy resource, Ultra High Voltage (UHV) power grids should be developed rapidly to meet development of energy bases and accessing of large-scale renewable energy. This paper reviewed the latest research processes of AC/DC transmission technologies, summarized the characteristics of AC/DC power grids, concluded that China’s power grids certainly enter a new period of large -scale hybrid UHV AC/DC power grids and characteristics of “strong DC and weak AC” becomes increasingly pro minent; possible problems in operation of AC/DC power grids was discussed, and interaction or effect between AC/DC power grids was made an intensive study of; according to above problems in operation of power grids, preliminary scheme is summarized as fo llows: strengthening backbone structures, enhancing AC/DC transmission technologies, promoting protection measures of clean energ y accessing grids, and taking actions to solve stability problems of voltage and frequency etc. It’s valuable for making hybrid UHV AC/DC power grids adapt to operating mode of large power grids, thus guaranteeing security and stability of power system.

  2. Solid-state fast voltage compensator for pulsed power applications requiring constant AC power consumption

    Magallanes, Francisco Cabaleiro; Viarouge, Philippe; Cros, Jérôme


    This paper proposes a novel topological solution for pulsed power converters based on capacitor-discharge topologies, integrating a Fast Voltage Compensator which allows an operation at constant power consumption from the utility grid. This solution has been retained as a possible candidate for the CLIC project under study at CERN, which requires more than a thousand synchronously-operated klystron modulators producing a total pulsed power of almost 40 GW. The proposed Fast Voltage Compensator is integrated in the modulator such that it only has to treat the capacitor charger current and a fraction of the charging voltage, meaning that its dimensioning power and cost are minimized. This topology can be used to improve the AC power quality of any pulsed converters based on capacitor-discharge concept. A prototype has been built and exploited to validate the operating principle and demonstrate the benefits of the proposed solution.

  3. DC Voltage Droop Control Implementation in the AC/DC Power Flow Algorithm: Combinational Approach

    Akhter, F.; Macpherson, D.E.; Harrison, G.P.


    In this paper, a combinational AC/DC power flow approach is proposed for the solution of the combined AC/DC network. The unified power flow approach is extended to include DC voltage droop control. In the VSC based MTDC grids, DC droop control is regarded as more advantageous in terms...... of operational flexibility, as more than one VSC station controls the DC link voltage of the MTDC system. This model enables the study of the effects of DC droop control on the power flows of the combined AC/DC system for steady state studies after VSC station outages or transient conditions without needing...... to use its complete dynamic model. Further, the proposed approach can be extended to include multiple AC and DC grids for combined AC/DC power flow analysis. The algorithm is implemented by modifying the MATPOWER based MATACDC program and the results shows that the algorithm works efficiently....

  4. Analysis of Statistical Distributions of Energization Overvoltages of EHV Cables

    Ohno, Teruo; Ametani, Akihiro; Bak, Claus Leth;

    Insulation levels of EHV systems have been determined based on the statistical distribution of switching overvoltages since 1970s when the statistical distribution was found for overhead lines. Responding to an increase in the planned and installed EHV cables, the authors have derived...... the statistical distribution of energization overvoltages for EHV cables and have made clear their characteristics compared with those of the overhead lines. This paper identifies the causes and physical meanings of the characteristics so that it becomes possible to use the obtained statistical distribution...... for the determination of insulation levels of cable systems....

  5. Phosphor-in-glass for high-powered remote-type white AC-LED.

    Lin, Hang; Wang, Bo; Xu, Ju; Zhang, Rui; Chen, Hui; Yu, Yunlong; Wang, Yuansheng


    The high-powered alternating current (AC) light-emitting diode (LED) (AC-LED), featuring low cost, high energy utilization efficiency, and long service life, will become a new economic growth point in the field of semiconductor lighting. However, flicker of AC-LED in the AC cycles is not healthy for human eyes, and therefore need to be restrained. Herein we report an innovation of persistent "phosphor-in-glass" (PiG) for the remote-type AC-LED, whose afterglow can be efficiently activated by the blue light. It is experimentally demonstrated that the afterglow decay of PiG in the microsecond range can partly compensate the AC time gap. Moreover, the substitution of inorganic glass for organic resins or silicones as the encapsulants would bring out several technological benefits to AC-LED, such as good heat-dissipation, low glare, and excellent physical/chemical stability.

  6. Asymmetric operation of AC power transmission systems : the key to optimizing power system reliability and economics

    Marceau, R.J. [University of Ontario Inst. of Technology, Oshawa, ON (Canada); McGillis, D.T. [McGill Univ., Montreal, PQ (Canada). Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering]|[Concordia Univ., Montreal, PQ (Canada). Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Sana, A.R.


    This book provides an invaluable tool for professionals working in the field of electrical engineering and applied science. It presents a simple and cost-effective strategy to operate alternating current (AC) power transmission systems more reliably and economically. Typically, bulk power transmission systems are operated symmetrically. When a problem such as a short-circuit occurs on a 3-phase line on an individual phase, all 3 phases are taken out of service. Such a strategy is fundamentally inefficient, given that most faults are single-line-to-ground faults. The more effective operating strategy presented in this book is based on the concept of asymmetric operation, which defines the operation of a 3-phase AC transmission line as 3 independently operated entities. As such, a 3-phase line can be operated with 1 or 2 phases out of service for single-line transmission corridors or with 1 , 2 or 3 phases out of service in the case of multiple-line corridors. This approach also maintains 3-phase symmetrical operation at its extremities, thereby protecting loads and power plants from undesirable voltages and currents. The overall integrity of 3-phase transmission is maintained in terms of power delivery, balanced voltages and currents even in the event of failures in part of the transmission system. The result is improved security. 67 refs., 42 tabs., 73 figs., 2 appendices.

  7. Three-phase AC-AC power converters based on matrix converter topology matrix-reactance frequency converters concept

    Szczesniak, Pawel


    AC voltage frequency changes is one of the most important functions of solid state power converters. The most desirable features in frequency converters are the ability to generate load voltages with arbitrary amplitude and frequency, sinusoidal currents and voltages waveforms; the possibility of providing unity power factor for any load; and, finally, a simple and compact power circuit. Over the past decades, a number of different frequency converter topologies have appeared in the literature, but only the converters with either a voltage or current DC link are commonly used in industrial app

  8. Power flow analysis for droop controlled LV hybrid AC-DC microgrids with virtual impedance

    Li, Chendan; Chaudhary, Sanjay; Vasquez, Juan Carlos


    The AC-DC hybrid microgrid is an effective form of utilizing different energy resources and the analysis of this system requires a proper power flow algorithm. This paper proposes a suitable power flow algorithm for LV hybrid AC-DC microgrid based on droop control and virtual impedance. Droop...... and virtual impedance concepts for AC network, DC network and interlinking converter are reviewed so as to model it in the power flow analysis. The validation of the algorithm is verified by comparing it with steady state results from detailed time domain simulation. The effectiveness of the proposed...

  9. Single phase AC-DC power factor corrected converter with high frequency isolation using buck converter

    R. Ramesh,


    Full Text Available Single phase ac-dc converters having high frequency isolation are implemented in buck, boost, buck-boost configuration with improving the power quality in terms of reducing the harmonics of input current. The paperpropose the circuit configuration, control mechanism, and simulation result for the single phase ac-dc converter.

  10. Genetic diversity of equine gammaherpesviruses (γ-EHV) and isolation of a syncytium forming EHV-2 strain from a horse in Iceland.

    Thorsteinsdóttir, Lilja; Torfason, Einar G; Torsteinsdóttir, Sigurbjörg; Svansson, Vilhjálmur


    The horse population in Iceland is a special breed, isolated from other equines for at least one thousand years. This provides an exceptional opportunity to investigate old and new pathogens in a genetically closed herd. Both types of equine gammaherpesviruses, EHV-2 and EHV-5, are common in Iceland. Genetic variation was examined by sequencing four genes, glycoprotein B (gB), glycoprotein H (gH), DNA polymerase and DNA terminase for 12 Icelandic and seven foreign EHV-2 strains. One Icelandic virus isolate, gEHV-Dv, induced syncytium formation, an uncharacteristic cytopathy for EHV-2 in equine kidney cells. When sequenced, the glycoprotein genes were different from both EHV-2 and EHV-5, but the polymerase and terminase genes had 98-99% identity to EHV-2. Therefore the gEHV-Dv strain can be considered a variant of EHV-2. Substantial genetic variability was seen within the EHV-2 glycoprotein genes but limited in the polymerase and terminase genes. The Icelandic EHV-2 strains do not seem to differ phylogenetically from the foreign viruses, despite isolation for over a thousand years.


    I.V. Domanskyi


    Full Text Available The paper presents a systematic analysis of existing methods of reactive power compensation. The study of operating modes of the systems external and traction power supply is carried out. The methodology for selecting promising compensation schemes and energy-saving in the traction networks AC electrified railway lines is offered. The comparative evaluation of prospective controlled compensation devices shows that use of seamlessly adjustable devices with unregulated condensing the battery and with parallel translator regulated with thyristor unit and with filters to reduce harmonics bond to the large capital investments. For traction networks of domestic railways payback period is more than 10-15 years. The most promising for traction power supply today is a stepwise adjustable devices of reactive power compensation. For the efficient allocation of investments in programs and projects of modernization of system traction power supply developed by the methodology of selecting parameters and places placement devices transverse compensation in the system traction power supply, which is based on the use of software systems with imitation of interconnected instant circuits moving loads of electric rolling stock. Based on the results of multiple calculations full factor experiment when simulating work of the systems traction power supply during the day marked the most influencing factors on energy-saving in process freight on electric traction and established the extent of their influence. These include the overflows of power, the resistance of traction network, reactive power compensation, power supply circuits and the organization of trains. Innovative technologies energy-saving railways from positions of consideration their close connection with the systems external power supply are proposed.

  12. Intertied ac–ac microgrids with autonomous power import and export

    Nutkani, Inam Ullah; Loh, Poh Chiang; Wang, Peng


    Intertied ac–ac microgrids offer many potential benefits like flexible frequency and voltage selection, reserve sharing and enhanced supply reliability. Operating them is however challenging due to their larger size and presence of more power converters with different responsibilities. These comp......Intertied ac–ac microgrids offer many potential benefits like flexible frequency and voltage selection, reserve sharing and enhanced supply reliability. Operating them is however challenging due to their larger size and presence of more power converters with different responsibilities...

  13. Mathematical model for the power supply system of an autonomous object with an AC power transmission over a cable rope

    Rulevskiy, V. M.; Bukreev, V. G.; Shandarova, E. B.; Kuleshova, E. O.; Shandarov, S. M.; Vasilyeva, Yu Z.


    A modeling problem of the power system, which provides an AC power transmission to a submersible device over the conducting rope, was considered. The power supply system units and their parameters are described. The system multi-dimensional mathematical model in the variables state space with regard to the nonlinear characteristic of system elements is proposed.

  14. Improved Design Methods for Robust Single- and Three-Phase ac-dc-ac Power Converters

    Qin, Zian

    becomes a emerging challenge. Accordingly, installation of sustainable power generators like wind turbines and solar panels has experienced a large increase during the last decades. Meanwhile, power electronics converters, as interfaces in electrical system, are delivering approximately 80 % electricity...

  15. Efficient Lightweight AC-AC Power Control for Solar UAV Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — A highly efficient and lightweight dual bridge matrix power controller development is proposed that will provide high performance to a solar powered high altitude...

  16. Advanced power electronics converters PWM converters processing AC voltages

    dos Santos, Euzeli


    This book covers power electronics, in depth, by presenting the basic principles and application details, which can be used both as a textbook and reference book.  Introduces a new method to present power electronics converters called Power Blocks Geometry. Applicable for courses focusing on power electronics, power electronics converters, and advanced power converters. Offers a comprehensive set of simulation results to help understand the circuits presented throughout the book

  17. A Sufficient Condition on Convex Relaxation of AC Optimal Power Flow in Distribution Networks

    Huang, Shaojun; Wu, Qiuwei; Wang, Jianhui;


    This paper proposes a sufficient condition for the convex relaxation of AC Optimal Power Flow (OPF) in radial distribution networks as a second order cone program (SOCP) to be exact. The condition requires that the allowed reverse power flow is only reactive or active, or none. Under the proposed...... sufficient condition, the feasible sub-injection region (power injections of nodes excluding the root node) of the AC OPF is convex. The exactness of the convex relaxation under the proposed condition is proved through constructing a group of monotonic series with limits, which ensures that the optimal...... solution of the SOCP can be converted to an optimal solution of the original AC OPF. The efficacy of the convex relaxation to solve the AC OPF is demonstrated by case studies of an optimal multi-period planning problem of electric vehicles (EVs) in distribution networks....

  18. A Sufficient Condition on Convex Relaxation of AC Optimal Power Flow in Distribution Networks

    Huang, Shaojun; Wu, Qiuwei; Wang, Jianhui


    This paper proposes a sufficient condition for the convex relaxation of AC Optimal Power Flow (OPF) in radial distribution networks as a second order cone program (SOCP) to be exact. The condition requires that the allowed reverse power flow is only reactive or active, or none. Under the proposed...... sufficient condition, the feasible sub-injection region (power injections of nodes excluding the root node) of the AC OPF is convex. The exactness of the convex relaxation under the proposed condition is proved through constructing a group of monotonic series with limits, which ensures that the optimal...... solution of the SOCP can be converted to an optimal solution of the original AC OPF. The efficacy of the convex relaxation to solve the AC OPF is demonstrated by case studies of an optimal multi-period planning problem of electric vehicles (EVs) in distribution networks....

  19. Power factor control system for ac induction motors

    Nola, F. J. (Inventor)


    A power control circuit for an induction motor is disclosed in which a servo loop is used to control power input by controlling the power factor of motor operation. The power factor is measured by summing the voltage and current derived square wave signals.

  20. Analysis of energy processes in pulse converters of AC electric power

    Kadatsky A.F.


    Full Text Available The article presents the analysis of energy processes in switched-mode AC-AC converters of buck, boost and buck-boost types. The mathematical model of energy processes is obtained. The mathematical model is generalized to DC-DC and AC-AC converters, to three basic types of converters and considers possibility of autotransformer inclusion of an inductor. It is shown that the use of bi-directional switches allows both DC and AC conversion of electrical energy regardless of the load type and also supports recuperation of electrical energy back to the source. It is shown that the maximum value of instant power in a load circuit in AC—AC converters exceeds twice the rated value of load power in comparison with DC—DC converters. It is shown that the energy capacity of an inductor in AC—AC converters exceeds twice the energy capacity of DC—DC converters at the identical rated power of conversion. It is shown that the energy capacity of an inductor in converters of buck and boost types depends on the ratio of input and output voltage. Also, the energy capacity of an inductor in converters of buck-boost type does not depend on the ratio of input and output voltage. It is shown that the energy capacity of an inductor in converters of buck and boost types is lower than the energy capacity of an inductor in the converter of buck-boost type.

  1. Power Controllability of Three-phase Converter with Unbalanced AC Source

    Ma, Ke; Chen, Wenjie; Liserre, Marco


    Three-phase DC-AC power converters suffer from power oscillation and overcurrent problems in case of unbalanced AC source voltage that can be caused by grid/generator faults. Existing solutions to handle these problems are properly selecting and controlling the positive and negative sequence...... currents. In this work a new series of control strategies which utilize the zerosequence components are proposed to enhance the power control ability under this adverse condition. It is concluded that by introducing proper zero sequence current controls and corresponding circuit configurations, the power...... converter can enable more flexible control targets, achieving better performances in the delivered power and load current when suffering from unbalanced AC voltage....

  2. Power Controllability of Three-phase Converter with Unbalanced AC Source

    Ma, Ke; Liserre, Marco; Blaabjerg, Frede


    Three-phase DC-AC power converters suffer from power oscillation and overcurrentt problems in case of unbalanced AC source voltage that can be caused by grid/generator faults. Existing solutions to handle these problems are properly selecting and controlling the positive and negative sequence...... converter can enable more flexible control targets, achieving better performances in the delivered power and load current when suffering from unbalanced AC sources....... currents. In this work a new series of control strategies which utilize the zero-sequence components are proposed to enhance the power control ability under this adverse conditions. It is concluded that by introducing proper zero sequence current controls and corresponding circuit configurations, the power...

  3. Autonomous Active Power Control for Islanded AC Microgrids with Photovoltaic Generation and Energy Storage System

    Wu, Dan; Tang, Fen; Dragicevic, Tomislav;


    , an autonomous active power control strategy is proposed for AC islanded microgrids in order to achieve power management in a decentralized manner. The proposed control algorithm is based on frequency bus-signaling of ESS and uses only local measurements for power distribution among microgrid elements. Moreover......, this paper also presents a hierarchical control structure for AC microgrids that is able to integrate the ESS, PV systems and loads. Hereby, basic power management function is realized locally in primary level, while strict frequency regulation can be achieved by using additional secondary controller......In an islanded AC microgrid with distributed energy storage system (ESS), photovoltaic (PV) generation and loads, a coordinated active power regulation is required to ensure efficient utilization of renewable energy, while keeping the ESS from overcharge and over discharge conditions. In this paper...

  4. Simulation Analysis on Power Frequency Electric Field at Ground Surface Near EHV Power Transmission Tower%超高压输电线路铁塔附近地面工频电场仿真分析

    李永明; 范与舟; 徐禄文


    根据铁塔实际结构和导线抛物线方程,建立了铁塔附近三维电场计算模型.基于模拟电荷法分析了500 kV输电线路铁塔周围地面上的工频电场分布,分析了铁塔对其附近电场环境的影响,并讨论了影响电场计算结果的因素.研究结果表明:铁塔对其附近地面电场有一定屏蔽作用,电场强度在铁塔下方显著降低且在金属构架处产生畸变;铁塔的影响范围和铁塔高度及塔基尺寸有关;铁塔构架等效半径、线单元剖分段数以及铁塔不同简化模型都会影响计算结果.%Based on actual structure of power transmission tower and parabolic equation of transmission lines,a three-dimensional model to compute power frequency electric field at ground surface near transmission tower is built.According to charge simulation method,the distribution of power frequency electric field at ground surface near 500kV transmission tower as well as the impacts of transmission tower on nearby electric field is analyzed,and the factors impacting computational results of electric field are discussed.Research results show that there is a certain screening effect of transmission tower on ground surface electric field nearby the tower,so the electric field intensity beneath the tower decreases obviously and electric field distortion appears at the positions where metal frameworks are erected.The impacting area is related to the height of the tower and the size of tower foundation; computational result of electric field will be impacted by the equivalent radius of tower framework,the number of line segments and different simplified models of the tower.

  5. Motor power control circuit for ac induction motors

    Nola, F. J. (Inventor)


    A motor power control of the type which functions by controlling the power factor wherein one of the parameters of power factor current on time is determined by the on time of a triac through which current is supplied to the motor. By means of a positive feedback circuit, a wider range of control is effected.

  6. Chance-Constrained AC Optimal Power Flow for Distribution Systems With Renewables

    DallAnese, Emiliano; Baker, Kyri; Summers, Tyler


    This paper focuses on distribution systems featuring renewable energy sources (RESs) and energy storage systems, and presents an AC optimal power flow (OPF) approach to optimize system-level performance objectives while coping with uncertainty in both RES generation and loads. The proposed method hinges on a chance-constrained AC OPF formulation where probabilistic constraints are utilized to enforce voltage regulation with prescribed probability. A computationally more affordable convex reformulation is developed by resorting to suitable linear approximations of the AC power-flow equations as well as convex approximations of the chance constraints. The approximate chance constraints provide conservative bounds that hold for arbitrary distributions of the forecasting errors. An adaptive strategy is then obtained by embedding the proposed AC OPF task into a model predictive control framework. Finally, a distributed solver is developed to strategically distribute the solution of the optimization problems across utility and customers.

  7. Analytical approximation for AC losses in thin power-law superconductors

    Sokolovsky, V; Meerovich, V [Physics Department, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, PO Box 653, Beer-Sheva, 84105 (Israel)


    AC losses in the superconducting parts of tapes and multifilamentary coated conductors that are subjected to AC magnetic fields are an important component of the total losses in such composites. The analytical expression for AC losses in a thin superconducting strip with a power-law voltage-current characteristic and critical current depending on a magnetic field is obtained for the case of asymptotically high perpendicular magnetic fields. The losses caused by closure currents are estimated. The results show that the Bean model gives significantly understated values for coated conductors. The applicability of the obtained expressions is analyzed.

  8. A new low cost single phase ac-ac power line conditioner

    Santosh Sonar 1, Tanmoy Maity


    Full Text Available The paper presents a comparative study of three topologies of recently developed voltage-fed z-source inverter (ZSI such as simple ZSI, quasi-ZSI and trans-ZSI. Different control techniques, proposed earlier for simple ZSI such as simple boost control, maximum boost control and constant boost control, have been applied here for all type of ZSI topologies. The detailed comparative evaluation of all topologies under different PWM techniques is done as power line conditioner. For the common boost factor and modulation index, the output voltage, line harmonics profile of all ZSIs powered by same source and load are evaluated. The operating principles are analysed and the boost factor, voltage gain, duty ratio and voltage stress across the switches are derived. Also the relationships among them are compared even under variable circuit parameters and switch frequency. The results would help to select suitable topology and PWM switching method for power line conditioner application.

  9. Study on AC loss measurements of HTS power cable for standardizing

    Mukoyama, Shinichi; Amemiya, Naoyuki; Watanabe, Kazuo; Iijima, Yasuhiro; Mido, Nobuhiro; Masuda, Takao; Morimura, Toshiya; Oya, Masayoshi; Nakano, Tetsutaro; Yamamoto, Kiyoshi


    High-temperature superconducting power cables (HTS cables) have been developed for more than 20 years. In addition of the cable developments, the test methods of the HTS cables have been discussed and proposed in many laboratories and companies. Recently the test methods of the HTS cables is required to standardize and to common in the world. CIGRE made the working group (B1-31) for the discussion of the test methods of the HTS cables as a power cable, and published the recommendation of the test method. Additionally, IEC TC20 submitted the New Work Item Proposal (NP) based on the recommendation of CIGRE this year, IEC TC20 and IEC TC90 started the standardization work on Testing of HTS AC cables. However, the individual test method that used to measure a performance of HTS cables hasn’t been established as world’s common methods. The AC loss is one of the most important properties to disseminate low loss and economical efficient HTS cables in the world. We regard to establish the method of the AC loss measurements in rational and in high accuracy. Japan is at a leading position in the AC loss study, because Japanese researchers have studied on the AC loss technically and scientifically, and also developed the effective technologies for the AC loss reduction. The JP domestic commission of TC90 made a working team to discussion the methods of the AC loss measurements for aiming an international standard finally. This paper reports about the AC loss measurement of two type of the HTS conductors, such as a HTS conductor without a HTS shield and a HTS conductor with a HTS shield. The AC loss measurement method is suggested by the electrical method..

  10. Electrical Model of Balanced AC HTS Power Cable

    Zuijderduin, R.; Chevtchenko, O.; Smit, J.J.; Willen, D.; Melnik, I.; Geschiere, A.


    The future electricity grid will be more sustainable and it will have more power transmission and distribution capability with more electrical power added from decentralized sources on distribution level and from wind parks and other large sources on transmission level. More interconnections and mor

  11. Narrow-based towers for ehv lines of 400 kV and above

    Gopalan, T.V.; Susendran, R.; Rao, G.V.


    India's need to transmit extra high voltage (ehv) over long distances means that narrow tower designs to reduce the waste of agricultural land and installation difficulties in rocky terrain deserve serious study. A Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) narrow-base design prototype lowered the overall tower height relative to surrounding vegetation, but the extra cross-arm weight and length required redesign of the cross-arm to a double delta configuration. Additional research is needed to reduce foundation costs further. 5 references, 3 figures, 1 table. (DCK)

  12. The power supply system model of the process submersible device with AC power transmission over the cable-rope

    Rulevskiy, V. M.; Bukreev, V. G.; Kuleshova, E. O.; Shandarova, E. B.; Shandarov, S. M.; Vasilyeva, Yu Z.


    A practical problem of power supply system modeling for the process submersible device with AC power transmission over the cable-rope was considered. The problem is highly relevant in developing and operation of submersible centrifugal pumps and submersibles. The results of modeling a symmetrical three-phase power supply system and their compliance with the real data are given at the paper. The obtained results in the mathematical and simulation models were similar.

  13. Engineering Design of the ITER AC/DC Power Supply System

    Oh, B. H.; Lee, K. W.; Chang, D. S.; Jin, J. T.; Hwang, C. K.


    To design high power pulse power supplies, especially in huge power supplies have not designed till now, it is necessary to analyze a system's characteristics and relations with another systems as well as to know high voltage, high current control technologies. Contents of this project are; - Analysis of the changed designs of the AC/DC converters. - Setup of the PSIM model for the calculation of the junction temperature of the converter thyristors. - Finalize the converter's simulation modules and estimate the parallel number of an arm for each converter. - Fix the protection sequence and make a simulation. - Stability check of the power distribution system against the reactive power effect. - Design of small size hardware AC/DC converter. The results of these studies may used as one of references for practical designs of the power supplies and also used for developing Tokamak type fusion reactors in the future

  14. AC Power Consumption of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Interconnects: Non-Equilibrium Green's Function Simulation

    Yamamoto, Takahiro; Sasaoka, Kenji; Watanabe, Satoshi


    We theoretically investigate the emittance and dynamic dissipation of a nanoscale interconnect consisting of a metallic single-walled carbon nanotube using the non-equilibrium Green's function technique for AC electronic transport. We show that the emittance and dynamic dissipation depend strongly on the contact conditions of the interconnect and that the power consumption can be reduced by adjusting the contact conditions. We propose an appropriate condition of contact that yields a high power factor and low apparent power.

  15. Power control of a wind farm with active stall wind turbines and AC grid connection

    Hansen, Anca Daniela; Sørensen, Poul; Iov, Florin

    This paper describes the design of a centralised wind farm controller for a wind farm made-up exclusively of active stall wind turbines with AC grid connection. The overall aim of such controller is to enable the wind farms to provide the best grid support. The designed wind farm control involves...... both the control on wind turbine level as well as the central control on the wind farm level. The ability of active stall wind farms with AC grid connection to regulate the power production to the reference power ordered by the operators is assessed and discussed by means of simulations....

  16. Research and Development of Bi-2223-Based AC Power Cables in Russia

    Vysotsky, Vitaly; Fetisov, Sergey; Sytnikov, Viktor

    The Russian program for R&D of AC power cables has been started in 2005. During the program, the several 5m prototypes and witness samples of Bi-2223 based cables have been tested, as along with the 30m experimental three phase cable. Eventually 200m full size AC power cable with ratings 20 kV 1.5/2kA and 50/70MVA has been developed and successfully tested. The review of cable designs and test results is presented.

  17. Six switches solution for single-phase AC/DC/AC converter with capability of second-order power mitigation in DC-link capacitor

    Liu, Xiong; Wang, Peng; Loh, Poh Chiang


    This paper proposes an approach for DC-link second-order harmonic power cancellation in single-phase AC/DC/AC converter with reduced number of switches. The proposed six-switch converter has two bridges with three switches in each of them, where the middle switch in each bridge is shared by the AC...... on their modulation indices of the six-switch converter, and high modulation indices are proved to be feasible for second-order power cancellation in the DC-link based on the phase difference analysis. Both reduced switch numbers and DC electrolytic capacitor size can be achieved using the proposed converter...

  18. System Frequency as Information Carrier in AC Power Systems

    Douglass, Philip James; Heussen, Kai; You, Shi


    Power generators contain control systems able to regulate system frequency, but the frequency setpoint values are only rarely modified from nominal values. This paper describes design considerations for a communication system from generators to frequency sensitive distributed energy resourc es (FS...... to carry information: First, a protocol for dispatching blocks of FS- DER that is suitable for systems restricted to relatively slow rates of change of frequency (ROCOF). Second, for systems that allow higher ROCOF values, the feasibility of using power generation resources as a power line communication......-DER) using changes to frequency setpoint values of genera- tors. Signaling discrete system states by generating off-nominal system frequency values can be used as a novel narrowband unidirectional broadcast communications channel. This paper describes two protocols for utilizing off-nominal frequencies...

  19. Study of Power Flow Algorithm of AC/DC Distribution System including VSC-MTDC

    Haifeng Liang


    Full Text Available In recent years, distributed generation and a large number of sensitive AC and DC loads have been connected to distribution networks, which introduce a series of challenges to distribution network operators (DNOs. In addition, the advantages of DC distribution networks, such as the energy conservation and emission reduction, mean that the voltage source converter based multi-terminal direct current (VSC-MTDC for AC/DC distribution systems demonstrates a great potential, hence drawing growing research interest. In this paper, considering losses of the reactor, the filter and the converter, a mathematical model of VSC-HVDC for the load flow analysis is derived. An AC/DC distribution network architecture has been built, based on which the differences in modified equations of the VSC-MTDC-based network under different control modes are analyzed. In addition, corresponding interface functions under five control modes are provided, and a back/forward iterative algorithm which is applied to power flow calculation of the AC/DC distribution system including VSC-MTDC is proposed. Finally, by calculating the power flow of the modified IEEE14 AC/DC distribution network, the efficiency and validity of the model and algorithm are evaluated. With various distributed generations connected to the network at appropriate locations, power flow results show that network losses and utilization of transmission networks are effectively reduced.

  20. AC losses in superconductors with a power-law constitutive relation

    Agassi, Y.D., E-mail:


    Highlights: • Derivation of power-law constitutive-relation from distributed Anderson–Kim theory. • The electric-field for HTS constitutive-relation satisfies nonlinear heat-equation. • For slab, AC losses scale as B{sub 0}{sup m}, m = 3–4 and I{sup 3} with field-amplitude and current, respectively. • Calculated pinning potential, AC-losses scaling is consistent with BSCCO data. - Abstract: The observed constitutive relation between the electrical field and current density in cuprates high temperature superconductors is a power-law of the current. This functional dependence is presumably related to the giant flux-creep domain. It is shown that this constitutive relation reflects the statistical spread of the pinning potential associated with creep motion of vortex bundles. The AC losses emanating from a power-law constitutive relation are calculated in an approach focused on the superconductor’s electric field. For a slab geometry in the presence of a parallel AC magnetic field or transport current, the calculated AC-loss scaling laws are consistent with BSCCO data and the critical state model. Extensions of the approach are briefly discussed.

  1. Coordinated Control Scheme for Ancillary Services from Offshore Wind Power Plants to AC and DC Grids

    Sakamuri, Jayachandra N.; Altin, Müfit; Hansen, Anca Daniela;


    This paper proposes a new approach of providing ancillary services to AC and DC grids from offshore wind power plants (OWPPs), connected through multi-terminal HVDC network. A coordinated control scheme where OWPP’s AC grid frequency modulated according to DC grid voltage variations is used...... to detect and provide the ancillary service requirements of both AC and DC grids, is proposed in this paper. In particular, control strategies for onshore frequency control, fault ridethrough support in the onshore grid, and DC grid voltage control are considered. The proposed control scheme involves only...... local measurements and therefore avoids the need of communication infrastructure otherwise required for communication based control, and thus increases the reliability of the control system. The effectiveness of the proposed control scheme is demonstrated on a MTDC connected wind power system developed...

  2. Quadratic models of AC-DC power flow and optimal reactive power flow with HVDC and UPFC controls

    Yu, Juan; Yan, Wei; Wen, Lili [The Key Laboratory of High Voltage Engineering and Electrical New Technology, Ministry of Education, Electrical Engineering College of Chongqing University, Chongqing 400030 (China); Li, Wenyuan [British Columbia Transmission Corporation (BCTC), Suite 1100, Four Bentall Center, 1055 Dunsmuir Street, P.O. Box 49260, Vancouver, BC (Canada)


    Quadratic models of power flow (PF) and optimal reactive power flow (ORPF) for AC-DC power systems are proposed in the paper. Voltage magnitudes at the two sides of ideal converter transformers are used as additional state variables to build the quadratic models. Effects of converter controls on equality constraints are considered. The quadratic expression of unified power flow controller (UPFC) is also developed and incorporated into the proposed models. The proposed PF model retaining nonlinearity has a better convergence feature and requires less CPU time compared to traditional PF models. The Hessian matrices in the quadratic AC-DC ORPF model are constant and need to be calculated only once in the entire optimization process, which speeds up the calculation greatly. Results obtained from the four IEEE test systems and an actual utility system indicate that the proposed quadratic models achieve a superior performance than conventional models. (author)

  3. Experimental investigation of the loss characteristics of superconductors for AC power applications

    Overbeeke, van Frank; Oordt, Klaas; Klundert, van de Louis J.M.


    Recent studies confirm the economical feasibility of the application of superconductors in AC power apparatus. The low-loss conductor which has been proposed still only exists in theory. Simple calculations show that the economic criterion described by Ogasawara and Hlásnik is inaccurate because of

  4. A Direct Power Conversion Topology for Grid Integration of Hybrid AC/DC Energy Resources

    Liu, Xiong; Loh, Poh Chiang; Wang, Peng;


    This paper proposes a multiple-input versatile matrix converter (VMC) for integrating hybrid ac/dc energy resources and storages to the power grid. The VMC is developed from the traditional indirect matrix converter but operates in the reverse-boost mode rather than in the forward-buck mode. The ...

  5. A direct power conversion topology for grid integrations of hybrid AC/DC resources

    Liu, Xiong; Loh, Poh Chiang; Wang, Peng;


    This paper proposes a multiple-input versatile matrix converter (VMC) to integrate hybrid ac/dc energy resources and storages to a power grid. The VMC is developed based on the indirect matrix converter (IMC) with its six-switch voltage source converter replaced by a nine-switch topology. The nine...

  6. AC Power Supply for Wobbler Magnet of the MC-50 Cyclotron

    Kim, Yu-Seok; Kang, Bong-Koo; Lee, Hong-Gi; Park, Ki-Hyeon; Wha Chung, Chin; Woo Lee, Wol


    The MC-50 cyclotron (k=50) produces the ion beam for nuclear physics, chemistry, and applied researches in Korea. It has a small beam diameter with Gaussian beam shape, whereas many users want a beam irradiation on a large target. A wobbler magnet and an AC power supply were designed and constructed to meet the users' requirement. The power supply has two independently operating channels for the vertical and horizontal coils of the wobbler magnet. The frequency of the AC power supply for both coils is programmable from 1 to 20 Hz in a step of 1 Hz, and the maximum rms output current is 12 A. Various properties of the power supply and experimental results are given in the paper.

  7. A New Generalized Two-Stage Direct Power Conversion Topology to Independently Supply Multiple AC Loads from Multiple Power Grids with Adjustable Power Loading

    Klumpner, Christian; Blaabjerg, Frede


    Normally, a power converter has one supply port to connect to the power grid and one output port to connect to an AC load that requires variable voltage and variable frequency. Converter topologies with multiple output ports, the so-called multi-drive converters are also used in order to share......) and continuously adjust these power fractions will become a desired feature. This paper presents a generalized Direct Power Converter topology, which is able to connect to multiple AC supplies proving complete decoupling and no circulating power between the input ports and to independently control multiple AC...... the cost of an active front-end rectifier. As the trend on the energy market is towards deregulation, new converter topologies are needed to allow independent producers/consumers to connect to multiple distribution grids in order to minimize the electricity price. Having the possibility to adjust smoothly...

  8. Power Loss Analysis and Comparision of DC and AC Side Decoupling Module in a H-bridge Inverter

    Ma, Siyuan; Wang, Haoran; Zhu, Guorong;


    In single-phase inverters, a considerable amount of low-frequency ripples appear on the DC side due to the instantaneous power imbalance between the DC side and AC side. Recently, active methods using film capacitors or inductors as ripple power storage components introduced at the DC or AC side...

  9. AC/DC and DC/AC Converty Circuits in Power Supply Equipment%电源设备中AC/DC和DC/AC变换电路




  10. Adapting AC Lines to DC Grids for Large-Scale Renewable Power Transmission

    D. Marene Larruskain


    Full Text Available All over the world, governments of different countries are nowadays promoting the use of clean energies in order to achieve sustainable energy systems. In this scenario, since the installed capacity is continuously increasing, renewable sources can play an important role. Notwithstanding that, some important problems may appear when connecting these sources to the grid, being the overload of distribution lines one of the most relevant. In fact, renewable generation is usually connected to the nearest AC grid, although this HV system may not have been designed considering distributed generation. In the particular case of large wind farms, the electrical grid has to transmit all the power generated by wind energy and, as a consequence, the AC system may get overloaded. It is therefore necessary to determine the impact of wind power transmission so that appropriate measures can be taken. Not only are these measures influenced by the amount of power transmitted, but also by the quality of the transmitted power, due to the output voltage fluctuation caused by the highly variable nature of wind. When designing a power grid, although AC systems are usually the most economical solution because of its highly proven technology, HVDC may arise in some cases (e.g. offshore wind farms as an interesting alternative, offering some added values such as lower losses and better controllability. This way, HVDC technology can solve most of the aforementioned problems and has a good potential for future use. Additionally, the fast development of power electronics based on new and powerful semiconductor devices allow the spread of innovative technologies, such as VSC-HVDC, which can be applied to create DC grids. This paper focuses on the main aspects involved in adapting the existing overhead AC lines to DC grids, with the objective of improving the transmission of distributed renewable energy to the centers of consumption.

  11. A novel wireless power and data transmission AC to DC converter for an implantable device.

    Liu, Jhao-Yan; Tang, Kea-Tiong


    This article presents a novel AC to DC converter implemented by standard CMOS technology, applied for wireless power transmission. This circuit combines the functions of the rectifier and DC to DC converter, rather than using the rectifier to convert AC to DC and then supplying the required voltage with regulator as in the transitional method. This modification can reduce the power consumption and the area of the circuit. This circuit also transfers the loading condition back to the external circuit by the load shift keying(LSK), determining if the input power is not enough or excessive, which increases the efficiency of the total system. The AC to DC converter is fabricated with the TSMC 90nm CMOS process. The circuit area is 0.071mm(2). The circuit can produce a 1V DC voltage with maximum output current of 10mA from an AC input ranging from 1.5V to 2V, at 1MHz to 10MHz.

  12. AC Loss of Ripple Current in Superconducting DC Power Transmission Cable

    Yoshitomi, K.; Otabe, E. S.; Vyatkin, V. S.; Kiuchi, M.; Matsushita, T.; Hamabe, M.; Yamaguchi, S.; Inada, R.

    As a method of largely reducing the transmission loss in the electric power grid, superconducting direct current (DC) power transmission cable has been investigated. Using superconducting DC power transmission cables, large amounts of current and energy can be transferred compared to conventional copper cables. In this case, an alternating current (AC) is converted to DC and superposed AC which is known as ripple current, and the energy loss by the ripple current is generated. Therefore it is desired to estimate the energy loss density for the case of DC current and superposed AC current for a design of DC transmission cable system. In this study, the hysteresis loss for DC current of 2 kA rectified from 60 Hz alternating current is calculated using the Bean model, and coupling loss was also estimated. The diameter of the cable was 40 mm. The ripple currents generated by multi-pulse rectifiers, 6-pulse, 12-pulse, and 24-pulse were considered. It is found that the total AC loss including the hysteresis loss and the coupling loss is considerably smaller than the supposed heat loss of 0.5 W/m which is obtained with a newly developed cable.

  13. A New Coordinated Voltage Control Scheme for Offshore AC Grid of HVDC Connected Offshore Wind Power Plants

    Sakamuri, Jayachandra N.; Cutululis, Nicolaos Antonio; Rather, Zakir Hussain;


    This paper proposes a coordinated voltage control scheme (CVCS) which enhances the voltage ride through (VRT) capability of an offshore AC grid comprised of a cluster of offshore wind power plants (WPP) connected through AC cables to the offshore voltage source converter based high voltage DC (VSC-HVDC......) converter station. Due to limited short circuit power contribution from power electronic interfaced variable speed wind generators and with the onshore main grid decoupled by the HVDC link, the offshore AC grid becomes more vulnerable to dynamic voltage events. Therefore, a short circuit fault...... in the offshore AC Grid is likely to have significant implications on the voltage of the offshore AC grid, hence on the power flow to the onshore mainland grid. The proposed CVCS integrates individual local reactive power control of wind turbines and of the HVDC converter with the secondary voltage controller...

  14. Instantaneous characteristics simulation and analysis on three-level brushless AC synchronous generators of aeronautic constant speed and frequency AC power system

    Ma, Xiaohe; Shen, Songhua


    This paper mainly introduces theoretical analysis and experimental results of instantaneous characteristics on a certain three level brushless three-phase AC synchronous generators. The analysis, modeling and simulations with Simplorer software of Ansoft Company are carried out. It establishes three level generator models, gives theoretical relation matrix equation, and simulates some instantaneous characteristics. Design of the system requires reliable simulation tools with comprehensive component libraries capable of dealing with complex system behavior. The simulation results verify that the proposed system model can efficiently simulate the instantaneous characteristics of the real AC generator system. It gives better design experiences and digital methods for aeronautic constant speed and frequency AC power system.

  15. Power Balance Control in an AC/DC/AC Converter for Regenerative Braking in a Two-Voltage-Level Flywheel-Based Driveline

    Janaína G. Oliveira


    Full Text Available The integration of a flywheel as a power handling can increase the energy storage capacity and reduce the number of battery charge/discharge cycles. Furthermore, the ability of recovering energy of the vehicle during breaking can increase the system efficiency. The flywheel-based all-electric driveline investigated here has its novelty in the use of a double-wound flywheel motor/generator, which divides the system in two different voltage levels, enhancing the efficiency of the electric driveline. The connection of two AC electrical machines (i.e., the flywheel and the wheel motor with different and variable operation frequency is challenging. A power matching control applied to an AC/DC/AC converter has been implemented. The AC/DC/AC converter regenerates the electric power converted during braking to the flywheel machine, used here as power handling device. By controlling the power balance, the same hardware can be used for acceleration and braking, providing the reduction of harmonics and robust response. A simulation of the complete system during braking mode has been performed both in Matlab and Simulink, and their results have been compared. The functionality of the proposed control has been shown and discussed, with full regeneration achieved. A round-trip efficiency (wheel to wheel higher than 80% has been obtained.

  16. Electromechanical systems with transient high power response operating from a resonant ac link

    Burrows, Linda M.; Hansen, Irving G.


    The combination of an inherently robust asynchronous (induction) electrical machine with the rapid control of energy provided by a high frequency resonant ac link enables the efficient management of higher power levels with greater versatility. This could have a variety of applications from launch vehicles to all-electric automobiles. These types of systems utilize a machine which is operated by independent control of both the voltage and frequency. This is made possible by using an indirect field-oriented control method which allows instantaneous torque control all four operating quadrants. Incorporating the ac link allows the converter in these systems to switch at the zero crossing of every half cycle of the ac waveform. This zero loss switching of the link allows rapid energy variations to be achieved without the usual frequency proportional switching loss. Several field-oriented control systems were developed under contract to NASA.

  17. Isolated single-stage high power factor AC/DC converter

    王卫; 贲洪奇; 高国安


    The problem of harmonic pollution has brought wide attention with the increase of power customers. The adoption of the technology of active power factor correction (APFC) with advanced high frequency power converter is a more efficient solution to the problem of harmonic pollution. A single-stage isolated high power factor AC/DC converter, which features wide range DC output, high power factor, lower harmonic pollution in input current, and phase-shift PWM full-bridge circuit can achieve soft switching. The principle of the circuit topology and the reasons of voltage surges across the power switch are analyzed. Experiment results illustrate that this circuit has the advantages of high power factor and lower harmonic distortion.

  18. Development of a method to evaluate shared alternate AC power source effects in multi-unit nuclear power plants

    Jung, Woo Sik; Yang, Joon Eun


    In order to evaluate accurately a Station BlackOut (SBO) event frequency of a multi-unit nuclear power plant that has a shared Alternate AC (AAC) power source, an approach has been developed which accommodates the complex inter-unit behavior of the shared AAC power source under multi-unit Loss Of Offsite Power (LOOP) conditions. The approach is illustrated for two cases, 2 units and 4 units at a single site, and generalized for a multi-unit site. Furthermore, the SBO frequency of the first unit of the 2-unit site is quantified. The SBO frequency at a target unit of Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) could be underestimated if the inter-unit dependency of the shared AAC power source is not properly modeled. The effect of the inter-unit behavior of the shared AAC power source on the SBO frequency is not negligible depending on the Common Cause Failure (CCF) characteristics among AC power sources. The methodology suggested in the present report is believed to be very useful in evaluating the SBO frequency and the core damage frequency resulting from the SBO event. This approach is also applicable to the probabilistic evaluation of the other shared systems in a multi-unit nuclear power plant.

  19. Improved SCR ac Motor Controller for Battery Powered Urban Electric Vehicles

    Latos, T. S.


    An improved ac motor controller, which when coupled to a standard ac induction motor and a dc propulsion battery would provide a complete electric vehicle power train with the exception of the mechanical transmission and drive wheels was designed. In such a system, the motor controller converts the dc electrical power available at the battery terminals to ac electrical power for the induction motor in response to the drivers commands. The performance requirements of a hypothetical electric vehicle with an upper weight bound of 1590 kg (3500 lb) were used to determine the power rating of the controller. Vehicle acceleration capability, top speed, and gradeability requisites were contained in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Schedule 227a(d) driving cycle. The important capabilities contained in this driving cycle are a vehicle acceleration requirement of 0 to 72.4 kmph (0 to 45 mph) in 28 seconds a top speed of 88.5 kmph (55 mph), and the ability to negotiate a 10% grade at 48 kmph (30 mph). A 10% grade is defined as one foot of vertical rise per 10 feet of horizontal distance.

  20. Three-Phase AC Optimal Power Flow Based Distribution Locational Marginal Price: Preprint

    Yang, Rui; Zhang, Yingchen


    Designing market mechanisms for electricity distribution systems has been a hot topic due to the increased presence of smart loads and distributed energy resources (DERs) in distribution systems. The distribution locational marginal pricing (DLMP) methodology is one of the real-time pricing methods to enable such market mechanisms and provide economic incentives to active market participants. Determining the DLMP is challenging due to high power losses, the voltage volatility, and the phase imbalance in distribution systems. Existing DC Optimal Power Flow (OPF) approaches are unable to model power losses and the reactive power, while single-phase AC OPF methods cannot capture the phase imbalance. To address these challenges, in this paper, a three-phase AC OPF based approach is developed to define and calculate DLMP accurately. The DLMP is modeled as the marginal cost to serve an incremental unit of demand at a specific phase at a certain bus, and is calculated using the Lagrange multipliers in the three-phase AC OPF formulation. Extensive case studies have been conducted to understand the impact of system losses and the phase imbalance on DLMPs as well as the potential benefits of flexible resources.

  1. Artificial Cooperative Search Algorithm based Load Frequency Control of Interconnected Power Systems with AC-DC Tie-lines

    S. Ramesh kumar


    Full Text Available A maiden effort for optimal tuning of load frequency controller parameters using Artificial Cooperative Search (ACS algorithm for a two area interconnected power system with AC-DC parallel tie-lines has been presented in this paper. ACS is a recent swarm intelligence algorithm developed for solving numerical optimization problems. The swarm intelligence philosophy behind ACS algorithm is based on the migration of two artificial superorganisms as they biologically interact to achieve the global minimum value pertaining to the problem. The HVDC link in parallel with AC tie-line is used as system interconnection to effectively damp the frequency oscillations of the AC system. An integral square error criterion (ISE has been used as performance index to design the optimal parameters. A comparative study of tuned values has been presented to show the effectiveness of the Artificial Cooperative Search algorithm. The results demonstrate the success of ACS algorithm in solving Load frequency control (LFC optimization problem.

  2. Effect of DC Link Control Strategies on Multiterminal AC-DC Power Flow

    Shagufta Khan


    Full Text Available For power-flow solution of power systems incorporating multiterminal DC (MTDC network(s, five quantities are required to be solved per converter. On the other hand, only three independent equations comprising two basic converter equations and one DC network equation exist per converter. Thus, for solution, two additional equations are required. These two equations are derived from the control specifications adopted for the DC links. Depending on the application, several combinations of valid control specifications are possible. Each combination of a set of valid control specifications is known as a control strategy. The number of control strategies increases with an increase in the number of the DC terminals or converters. It is observed that the power-flow convergence of integrated AC-MTDC power systems is strongly affected by the control strategy adopted for the DC links. This work investigates the mechanism by which different control strategies affect the power-flow convergence pattern of AC-MTDC power systems. To solve the DC variables in the Newton-Raphson (NR power-flow model, sequential method is considered in this paper. Numerous case studies carried out on a three-terminal DC network incorporated in the IEEE-300 bus test system validate this.

  3. Harmonic Analysis of AC-DC Topologies and their Impacts on Power Systems

    Mukhtiar Ahmed Mahar


    Full Text Available Power Electronic Converters are commonly used in different applications because of high efficiency and low cost. Due to latest advancement in semiconductor devices it is difficult to draw the boundaries for applications of power electronic topologies. These topologies are variable structure systems and generate harmonics during the operation which will affect the power quality when are connected to system network. Rectifier is a big family of converters and used when ac-dc conversion is needed. These converters are widely used in distribution system. Therefore, it is necessary to predict the harmonic levels of these converters and also observe their impacts on system network. Pakistan now days facing serious energy crises specially, in power sector due to increase in load demand. To bridge the gap between load demand and generation of electricity, various steps are taken by power companies and government. The steps include the up gradation of existing power plants, generation of power from rental power plants, installation of renewable power sources, taking different steps of demand side management etc. But efforts of power companies on power quality is still lacking. This research work focuses on power quality of the system network. In this work, harmonics of single phase and three phase full bridge diode rectifiers are analyzed by using the fast fourier transform method of MATLAB. The effects of harmonics on the system network are also discussed.

  4. AC/DC Power Flow Computation Based on Improved Levenberg-Marquardt Method

    Cao, Jia; Yan, Zheng; Fan, Xiang; Xu, Xiaoyuan; Li, Jianhua; Cao, Lu


    Under the case of ill-conditioning system, this paper is concerned with the AC/DC power flow calculation. The improved Levenberg-Marquardt (ILM) method with adaptive damping factor selection is applied to solve the AC/DC power flow problem. The main purpose of this paper is as follows: one is to provide comparison reference between Newton method, classical LM method (CLM) and ILM method under the well-conditioning system; the other is to research what is the maximal load withstood by power system, under the case of ill-conditioning. Finally, those methods are tested on the 22-bus, the IEEE 118-bus AC/DC system, respectively. Numerical results indicate that the ILM method has the advantage of fast convergent speed. When expanding loads in a certain extent, ILM method can at least find least square solutions, whereas Newton method and CLM method would divergent, and the convergent property of Newton method can be improved by taking some measurements using the information of a least square solution obtained by ILM method.

  5. Nonlinear control of voltage source converters in AC-DC power system.

    Dash, P K; Nayak, N


    This paper presents the design of a robust nonlinear controller for a parallel AC-DC power system using a Lyapunov function-based sliding mode control (LYPSMC) strategy. The inputs for the proposed control scheme are the DC voltage and reactive power errors at the converter station and the active and reactive power errors at the inverter station of the voltage-source converter-based high voltage direct current transmission (VSC-HVDC) link. The stability and robust tracking of the system parameters are ensured by applying the Lyapunov direct method. Also the gains of the sliding mode control (SMC) are made adaptive using the stability conditions of the Lyapunov function. The proposed control strategy offers invariant stability to a class of systems having modeling uncertainties due to parameter changes and exogenous inputs. Comprehensive computer simulations are carried out to verify the proposed control scheme under several system disturbances like changes in short-circuit ratio, converter parametric changes, and faults on the converter and inverter buses for single generating system connected to the power grid in a single machine infinite-bus AC-DC network and also for a 3-machine two-area power system. Furthermore, a second order super twisting sliding mode control scheme has been presented in this paper that provides a higher degree of nonlinearity than the LYPSMC and damps faster the converter and inverter voltage and power oscillations.

  6. Coordinated Stability Control of Wind-Thermal Hybrid AC/DC Power System

    Zhiqing Yao


    Full Text Available The wind-thermal hybrid power transmission will someday be the main form of transmitting wind power in China but such transmission mode is poor in system stability. In this paper, a coordinated stability control strategy is proposed to improve the system stability. Firstly, the mathematical model of doubly fed wind farms and DC power transmission system is established. The rapid power controllability of large-scale wind farms is discussed based on DFIG model and wide-field optical fiber delay feature. Secondly, low frequency oscillation and power-angle stability are analyzed and discussed under the hybrid transmission mode of a conventional power plant with wind farms. A coordinated control strategy for the wind-thermal hybrid AC/DC power system is proposed and an experimental prototype is made. Finally, real time simulation modeling is set up through Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS, including wind power system and synchronous generator system and DC power transmission system. The experimental prototype is connected with RTDS for joint debugging. Joint debugging result shows that, under the coordinated control strategy, the experimental prototype is conductive to enhance the grid damping and effectively prevents the grid from occurring low frequency oscillation. It can also increase the transient power-angle stability of a power system.

  7. Interior point algorithm-based power flow optimisation of a combined AC and DC multi-terminal grid

    Farhan Beg


    Full Text Available The high cost of power electronic equipment, lower reliability and poor power handling capacity of the semiconductor devices had stalled the deployment of systems based on DC (multi-terminal direct current system (MTDC networks. The introduction of voltage source converters (VSCs for transmission has renewed the interest in the development of large interconnected grids based on both alternate current (AC and DC transmission networks. Such a grid platform also realises the added advantage of integrating the renewable energy sources into the grid. Thus a grid based on DC MTDC network is a possible solution to improve energy security and check the increasing supply demand gap. An optimal power solution for combined AC and DC grids obtained by the solution of the interior point algorithm is proposed in this study. Multi-terminal HVDC grids lie at the heart of various suggested transmission capacity increases. A significant difference is observed when MTDC grids are solved for power flows in place of conventional AC grids. This study deals with the power flow problem of a combined MTDC and an AC grid. The AC side is modelled with the full power flow equations and the VSCs are modelled using a connecting line, two generators and an AC node. The VSC and the DC losses are also considered. The optimisation focuses on several different goals. Three different scenarios are presented in an arbitrary grid network with ten AC nodes and five converter stations.

  8. Final design of the Korean AC/DC converters for the ITER coil power supply system

    Oh, Jong-Seok, E-mail: [ITER Korea, National Fusion Research Institute, Daejeon 305-806 (Korea, Republic of); Choi, Jungwan; Suh, Jae-Hak; Choi, Jihyun [ITER Korea, National Fusion Research Institute, Daejeon 305-806 (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Lacksang; Kim, Changwoo; Park, Hyungjin; Jo, Seongman; Lee, Seungyun; Hwang, Kwangcheol; Liu, Hyoyol [Dawonsys Corp., Siheung 429-450 (Korea, Republic of); Hong, Ki-Don; Sim, Dong-Joon; Lee, Jang-Soo [Hyosung Corp., Gongdeok-Dong, Seoul 121-720 (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Eui-Jae; Kwon, Yang-Hae; Lee, Dae-Yeol; Ko, Ki-Won; Kim, Jong-Min [Mobiis Corp., Yangjae-dong, Seoul 137-888 (Korea, Republic of); Song, Inho [ITER Organization, Route de Vinon sur Verdon, CS 90 046, 13067 St. Paul Lez Durance Cedex (France); and others


    The final design of the ITER TF, CS, CC and VS AC/DC converters has been completed to implement ITER requirements following the detailed design and refinements of the preliminary design. The number of parallel thyristors and the rating of fuses are coordinated to keep those devices within the explosion limit even under most severe fault conditions. The impedance of the converter transformer has been optimized taking into account the energization inrush current, short circuit current, reactive power consumption and the available DC voltage. To ensure system integrity, AC/DC converters are mechanically divided into transformers, AC busbars, 6-pulse bridges, DC interconnecting busbars and DC reactors, and then all subsystems are decoupled by flexible links. To provide stable real time network communication down to the converters, a one GbE link is deployed between master controllers and local controllers. IEEE 1588 is implemented to the embedded controllers for precision time synchronization. This paper describes the detailed solutions implemented in the final design for the ITER AC/DC converters with R&D results of converter prototypes.

  9. A new DC/AC boost transformerless converter in application of photovoltaic power generation

    Wei, Mo; Loh, Poh Chiang; Blaabjerg, Frede


    This paper presents a new DC/AC boost transformerless converter in the applications of photovoltaic (PV) power generation. A new circuit topology of single phase full bridge power inverter with additional DC/DC boost stage is proposed. The proposed topology overcomes two commonly existing...... shortcomings of transformerless PV system: namely one, the voltage generated sometimes low and insufficient to fulfill the load requirement; and two, there always leakage current flowing through parasitic capacitance between PV panel and ground. This configuration helps to boost the voltage at the PV side...

  10. AC/DC Power Conversion System Using 3/9 Multiphase Transformer

    Ahmad Hoteit


    Full Text Available The main idea of this paper is to build a 3/9 AC multiphase transformer for conversion into DC power through the rectifier circuit which contains 18 pulse rectification with a ripple factor less than 0.8% produced by the odd phase number 9. This modeling has been simulated using Orcad simulation software, the nine phases are out of the main three phase power lines, each phase is shifted from the other by 40o (360o/9, this type of transformer is often required in aerospace, railway and automobile applications.

  11. Derivation and characterisation of a live equid herpes virus-1 (EHV-1) vaccine to protect against abortion and respiratory disease due to EHV-1.

    Patel, J R; Bateman, H; Williams, J; Didlick, S


    A German abortion isolate of EHV-1 (strain M8) was grown in equine dermal (ED) cells at a low multiplicity of infection in presence of 5-bromo-2-deoxy uridine. The resulting stock was dialysed, titrated and cloned by terminal dilution in ED cells grown in 96-well microtitration plates. Of 192 clones each originating from a single focus, clone 147 (C147) was found to be restricted for growth at and above temperatures of 38.5 degrees C. It was also restricted for growth at 37 degrees C in rabbit kidney (RK-13) cells which are widely used for the isolation and titration of EHV-1; hence clone 147 was EHV-4-like. Clone 147 showed a remarkable efficacy as a vaccine in protecting conventional pregnant Welsh Mountain pony mares against abortions due to EHV-1. A single intranasal (IN) vaccination protected five out of six (83.3%), and four out of five (80%) of mares upon challenge 4 and 5-6 months, respectively, after the immunisation, whereas all six unvaccinated mares aborted between 9 and 19 days after IN EHV-1 challenge. With the exception of the day 9 abortion, foetuses of the remaining five mares were EHV-1 infected. Placenta from the early aborting mare was, however, EHV-1 positive. Both groups of vaccinated mares were also significantly protected against clinical reaction (notably pyrexia), nasal shedding and viraemia following challenge infection.

  12. Active Power and DC-link Voltage Coordinative Control for Cascaded DC-AC Converter with Bidirectional Power Application

    Tian, Yanjun; Chen, Zhe; Deng, Fujin;


    Two stage cascaded converters are widely used in DC/AC hybrid systems to achieve the bidirectional power transmission. The topology of dual active bridge cascaded with inverter (DABCI) is commonly used in this application. This paper proposes a coordinative control method for DABCI and it’s able...... to reduce the DC-link voltage fluctuation between the DAB and inverter, then reduce the stress on the switching devices, as well as improve the system dynamic performance. In the proposed control method, the DAB and inverter are coordinated to control the DC-link voltage and the power......, and this responsibility sharing control can effectively suppress the impact of the power variation on the DC-link voltage, without sacrificing stability. The proposed control method is also effective for DABCI in unidirectional power transmission. The effectiveness of the propose control has been validated by both...

  13. Emergency operation of a 3AC 50Hz power grid in the Loetschberg base tunnel; Notbetrieb der Energieversorgung 3AC 50Hz im Loetschberg-Basistunnel

    Stadelmann, M. [BLS AG, Ressort Bahnstrom, Bern (Switzerland); Boss, J. [BKW FMB Energie AG, Spiez (Switzerland)


    At latest after 90 min after tripping of the normal supply a special isle grid energized from the power plant of Kandergrund feeds the numerous users in the base tunnel with 3 AC 50 hz. This prevents them from damages and train operation can be assured immediately after return of normal grid voltage. (orig.)

  14. Modeling and analysis of harmonic resonance in a power electronics based AC power system

    Wang, Xiongfei; Blaabjerg, Frede; Chen, Zhe


    The dynamic interactions among the interconnected power converters may bring in harmonic resonance in a power electronics based power system. This paper addresses this issue in a power system dominated by multiple current- and voltage-controlled inverters with LCL- and LC-filters. The impedance-b...

  15. Modeling a reversible solid oxide fuel cell as a storage device within AC power networks

    Ren, J.; Roscoe, A.J.; Burt, G. [Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Royal College, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (United Kingdom); Gamble, S.R.; Irvine, J.T.S. [School of Chemistry, University of St. Andrews, Purdie Building, St. Andrews (United Kingdom)


    A reversible solid oxide fuel cell (RSOFC) system, consisting of a RSOFC stack, heat store, and electrical inverters to convert DC to AC power, is shown by computer modeling to have the potential to efficiently store electrical energy. This paper describes the modeling of a single RSOFC, based on a proposed cell geometry, empirical data on the resistivities of the components, and calculation of activation and diffusion polarization resistances from electrochemical theory. Data from ac impedance spectroscopy measurements on symmetrical cells are used to model RSOFC impedance. A RSOFC stack is modeled by electrically linking the individual cells inside a pressurized vessel. A phase change heat store is added to improve energy storage efficiency. The model is implemented in MATLAB {sup registered} /Simulink {sup registered}. Two competing inverter control schemes are compared, trading off DC bus ripple against AC power quality. It is found that selection of appropriate DC bus capacitance is important in certain scenarios, with potential system cost implications. It is shown that the system can store electrical energy at an efficiency of 64% over a single discharge-charge cycle, i.e., hydrogen to electricity and heat to hydrogen. (Copyright copyright 2012 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA, Weinheim)

  16. Low-energy hydraulic fracturing wastewater treatment via AC powered electrocoagulation with biochar.

    Lobo, Fernanda Leite; Wang, Heming; Huggins, Tyler; Rosenblum, James; Linden, Karl G; Ren, Zhiyong Jason


    Produced and flowback waters are the largest byproducts associated with unconventional oil and gas exploration and production. Sustainable and low cost technologies are needed to treat and reuse this wastewater to avoid the environmental problems associated with current management practices (i.e., deep well injection). This study presents a new process to integrate AC-powered electrocoagulation (EC) with granular biochar to dramatically reduce energy use and electrode passivation while achieving high treatment efficiency. Results show achieving a 99% turbidity and TSS removal for the AC-EC-biochar system only used 0.079 kWh/m(3) or 0.15 kWh/kg TSS, which is 70% lower than traditional DC-EC systems and orders of magnitude lower than previous studies. The amount of biochar added positively correlates with energy saving, and further studies are needed to improve organic carbon and salt removal through system integration.

  17. AC Power Routing System in Home Based on Demand and Supply Utilizing Distributed Power Sources

    Takashi Hikihara


    Full Text Available To help reduce consumption of fossil fuels, renewable, natural and distributed power sources are being adopted. These alternative energy sources inevitably show fluctuations in the amount of output power, frequency, and voltage. The suppression of such fluctuations is a key issue to avoid disturbances in power grids. A similar situation arises as far as the regulation of in-home power flow is concerned. We focus on the quality of supplied and demanded power in particular. In this paper, an in-home power distribution system based on information of power is proposed. The system is developed in order to integrate power dispatch and communication. The experimental results show the feasibility of new flexible and efficient power management approaches.

  18. An overview of power electronics applications in fuel cell systems: DC and AC converters.

    Ali, M S; Kamarudin, S K; Masdar, M S; Mohamed, A


    Power electronics and fuel cell technologies play an important role in the field of renewable energy. The demand for fuel cells will increase as fuel cells become the main power source for portable applications. In this application, a high-efficiency converter is an essential requirement and a key parameter of the overall system. This is because the size, cost, efficiency, and reliability of the overall system for portable applications primarily depend on the converter. Therefore, the selection of an appropriate converter topology is an important and fundamental aspect of designing a fuel cell system for portable applications as the converter alone plays a major role in determining the overall performance of the system. This paper presents a review of power electronics applications in fuel cell systems, which include various topology combinations of DC converters and AC inverters and which are primarily used in fuel cell systems for portable or stand-alone applications. This paper also reviews the switching techniques used in power conditioning for fuel cell systems. Finally, this paper addresses the current problem encountered with DC converters and AC inverter.

  19. Study on Transformer Magnetic Biasing Control Method for AC Power Supplies


    This paper presents a novel transformer magnetic biasing control method for high-power high-performance AC power supplies. Serious consequences due to magnetic biasing and several methods to overcome magnetic biasing are first discussed. The causes of the transformer magnetic biasing are then analyzed in detail. The proposed method is based on a high-pass filter inserted in the forward path and the feedforward control. Without testing magnetic biasing of transformer, this method can eliminate magnetic biasing of transformer completely in real-time waveform feedback control systems though the aero error of the Hall effect sensors varies with time and temperature. The method has already been employed in a 90KVA AC power supply. It is shown that it offers improved performance over existing ones. In this method, no sensors are used such that the zero error of the Hall effect sensors has not any influence on the system. It is simple to design and implement. Furthermore, the method is suitable for various power applications.

  20. Shunt capacitors for a.c. power systems having a rated voltage above 1000 V - Part 1: General

    International Electrotechnical Commission. Geneva


    This part of IEC 60871 is applicable to both capacitor units and capacitor banks intended to be used, particularly, for power-factor correction of a.c. power systems having a rated voltage above 1 000 V and frequencies of 15 Hz to 60 Hz. This part of IEC 60871 also applies to capacitors intended for use in power filter circuits.

  1. Power-Based Control for a Bidirectional AC-DC Power Converter

    del Puerto Flores, Dunstano; Scherpen, Jacquelien M.A.


    In many electrical applications it is indispensable that the power converter can operate as a generating or rectifier unit, and the controller must be able to handle this bidirectional power flow. An application example is the doubly fed induction machine, where power can flow in both directions thr

  2. A Series-LC-Filtered Active Damper with Grid Disturbance Rejection for AC Power-Electronics-Based Power Systems

    Wang, Xiongfei; Pang, Ying; Loh, Poh Chiang;


    damper. Unlike an active power filter for mitigating low-frequency harmonics, the proposed damper dampens resonances at higher frequencies, whose values are dependent on interactions among multiple grid-connected converters and reactive elements of the system. Its control requirements are, therefore......-order resonant controller, in addition to the second-order resonant controller used for resonance damping. Experimental results obtained have confirmed the effectiveness of these controllers, and hence, the feasibility of the active damper.......This letter proposes an active damper with a series LC filter for suppressing resonances in an ac power-electronics-based power system. The added series filter capacitor helps to withstand most of the system voltage, hence, allowing a lower rated converter to be used for implementing the active...

  3. A novel power control strategy of Modular Multi-level Converter in HVDC-AC hybrid transmission systems for passive networks

    Hu, Zhenda; Wu, Rui; Yang, Xiaodong;


    With the development of High Voltage DC Transmission (HVDC) technology, there will be more and more HVDC-AC hybrid transmission system in the world. A basic challenge in HVDC-AC hybrid transmission systems is to optimize the power sharing between DC and AC lines, which become more severe when...... supplying power for passive networks, as the surplus power can only flow back to power grids through the AC lines. To deal with this issue, it demands not only accurate system capability design but also flexible power control strategy of power converters in VSC-HVDC. This paper proposes a novel power...

  4. Evaluation of the presence of equine viral herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) and equine viral herpesvirus 4 (EHV-4) DNA in stallion semen using polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

    Hebia-Fellah, Imen; Léauté, Anne; Fiéni, Francis; Zientara, Stéphan; Imbert-Marcille, Berthe-Marie; Besse, Bernard; Fortier, Guillaume; Pronost, Stephane; Miszczak, Fabien; Ferry, Bénédicte; Thorin, Chantal; Pellerin, Jean-Louis; Bruyas, Jean-François


    In the horse, the risk of excretion of two major equine pathogens (equine herpesvirus types 1 (EHV-1) and 4 (EHV-4)) in semen is unknown. The objective of our study was to assess the possible risks for the horizontal transmission of equine rhinopneumonitis herpesviruses via the semen and the effect of the viruses on stallion fertility. Samples of stallion semen (n=390) were gathered from several different sources. Examination of the semen involved the detection of viral DNA using specific PCR. The mean fertility of the stallions whose sperm tested positive for viral DNA and the mean fertility of stallions whose sperm did not contain viral DNA, were compared using the Student's t-test. EHV-4 viral DNA was not detected in any of the semen samples. EHV-1 DNA was identified in 51 of the 390 samples, (13%). One hundred and eighty-two samples came from 6 studs and there was significant difference (pherpes viruses in other species.

  5. Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Power Frequency Electric Field of UHV AC Transmission Line

    Chen Han


    Full Text Available In order to study the power frequency electric field of UHV AC transmission lines, this paper which models and calculates using boundary element method simulates various factors influencing the distribution of the power frequency electric field, such as the conductor arrangement, the over-ground height, the split spacing and the sub conductor radius. Different influence of various factors on the electric field distribution will be presented. In a single loop, using VVV triangular arrangement is the most secure way; in a dual loop, the electric field intensity using reverse phase sequence is weaker than that using positive phase sequence. Elevating the over-ground height and reducing the conductor split spacing will both weaken the electric field intensity, while the change of sub conductor radius can hardly cause any difference. These conclusions are important for electric power company to detect circuit.

  6. Plasma antennas driven by 5–20 kHz AC power supply

    Zhao, Jiansen, E-mail:; Chen, Yuli; Sun, Yang; Wu, Huafeng; Liu, Yue; Yuan, Qiumeng [Merchant Marine College, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai, 201306 (China)


    The experiments described in this work were performed with the aim of introducing a new plasma antenna that was excited by a 5–20 kHz alternating current (AC) power supply, where the antenna was transformed into a U-shape. The results show that the impedance, voltage standing-wave ratio (VSWR), radiation pattern and gain characteristics of the antenna can be controlled rapidly by varying not only the discharge power, but also by varying the discharge frequency in the range from 5 to 20 kHz. When the discharge frequency is adjusted from 10 to 12 kHz, the gain is higher within a relatively broad frequency band and the switch-on time is less than 1 ms when the discharge power is less than 5 W, meaning that the plasma antenna can be turned on and off rapidly.

  7. Lowest of AC-DC power output for electrostrictive polymers energy harvesting systems

    Meddad, Mounir; Eddiai, Adil; Hajjaji, Abdelowahed; Guyomar, Daniel; Belkhiat, Saad; Boughaleb, Yahia; Chérif, Aida


    Advances in technology led to the development of electronic circuits and sensors with extremely low electricity consumption. At the same time, structural health monitoring, technology and intelligent integrated systems created a need for wireless sensors in hard to reach places in aerospace vehicles and large civil engineering structures. Powering sensors with energy harvesters eliminates the need to replace batteries on a regular basis. Scientists have been forced to search for new power source that are able to harvested energy from their surrounding environment (sunlight, temperature gradients etc.). Electrostrictive polymer belonging to the family of electro-active polymers, offer unique properties for the electromechanical transducer technology has been of particular interest over the last few years in order to replace conventional techniques such as those based on piezoelectric or electromagnetic, these materials are highly attractive for their low-density, with large strain capability that can be as high as two orders of magnitude greater than the striction-limited, rigid and fragile electroactive ceramics. Electrostrictive polymers sensors respond to vibration with an ac output signal, one of the most important objectives of the electronic interface is to realize the required AC-DC conversion. The goal of this paper is to design an active, high efficiency power doubler converter for electrostrictive polymers exclusively uses a fraction of the harvested energy to supply its active devices. The simulation results show that it is possible to obtain a maximum efficiency of the AC-DC converter equal to 80%. Premiliminary experimental measurements were performed and the results obtained are in good agreement with simulations.

  8. Power Flow Analysis for Low-Voltage AC and DC Microgrids Considering Droop Control and Virtual Impedance

    Li, Chendan; Chaudhary, Sanjay Kumar; Savaghebi, Mehdi


    adequate power flow studies. In this paper, power flow analyses for both AC and DC microgrids are formulated and implemented. The mathematical models for both types of microgrids considering the concept of virtual impedance are used to be in conformity with the practical control of the distributed...... generators. As a result, calculation accuracy is improved for both AC and DC microgrid power flow analyses, comparing with previous methods without considering virtual impedance. Case studies are conducted to verify the proposed power flow analyses in terms of convergence and accuracy. Investigation...

  9. Statistical Distribution of Energization Overvoltages of EHV Cables

    Ohno, Teruo; Bak, Claus Leth; Ametani, Akihiro


    those on the overhead lines with respect to maximum, 2%, and mean values. As the minimum value is almost at the same level, standard deviations are smaller for the cables. The obtained statistical distributions in this paper are of a great importance in considering insulation levels of cable systems.......Statistical distributions of switching overvoltages have been used for decades for the determination of insulation levels of extremely high voltage (EHV) systems. Existing statistical distributions obtained in the 1970s are for overhead lines, and statistical distributions of switching overvoltages...

  10. Enhancing power transfer capability through flexible AC transmission system devices:a review



    Global demand for power has significantly increased, but power generation and transmission capacities have not increased proportionally with this demand. As a result, power consumers suffer from various problems, such as voltage and frequency instability and power quality issues. To overcome these problems, the capacity for available power transfer of a transmission network should be enhanced. Researchers worldwide have addressed this issue by using flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) devices. We have conducted a comprehensive review of how FACTS controllers are used to enhance the avail-able transfer capability (ATC) and power transfer capability (PTC) of power system networks. This review includes a discussion of the classification of different FACTS devices according to different factors. The popularity and applications of these devices are discussed together with relevant statistics. The operating principles of six major FACTS devices and their application in increasing ATC and PTC are also presented. Finally, we evaluate the performance of FACTS devices in ATC and PTC im-provement with respect to different control algorithms.

  11. Statistical evaluation of telephone noise interference caused by AC power line harmonic currents

    Kuussaari, M. (Imatran Voima Oy, Vantaa (Finland))


    A statistical approach is applied for the evaluation of the limits for harmonic currents in AC power lines, the goal being to prevent excessive telephone noise interference voltages in subscriber cables in rural areas. The analysis is based on Monte-Carlo simulation which takes into account the effect of the experiental probability distributions of the relevant parameters. In the Finnish conditions, the properties of communication cables permit equivalent disturbing phase currents of 8 to 10 A. The digital exchanges permit approximately the same currents. Some new telephone types that have a low balance may make it necessary to limit the currents to a level that is somewhat lower.

  12. A vectored equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) vaccine elicits protective immune responses against EHV-1 and H3N8 equine influenza virus.

    Van de Walle, Gerlinde R; May, Maeva A; Peters, Sarah T; Metzger, Stephan M; Rosas, Cristina T; Osterrieder, Nikolaus


    Vaccination is commonly used to control equine respiratory pathogens such as equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) and equine influenza virus (EIV). Here, we describe the generation and characterization of a recombinant EHV-1 modified live virus vaccine (MLV) based on a recent abortogenic EHV-1 strain, NY03. The immunogenicity and efficacy of the MLV was tested in horses in an EHV-1 vaccination/challenge experiment using the highly virulent neurovirulent EHV-1 strain OH03. Induction of a robust EHV-1-specific immune response was observed. Upon challenge infection, vaccinated horses were partially protected against disease as demonstrated by a significant reduction in clinical signs, nasal shedding and viremia levels. In addition, the NY03-based MLV was used to express the EIV H3 protein and immunogenicity was tested in horses. Expression of H3 was readily detected in NY03-H3-infected cells in vitro. Vaccination of horses resulted in the induction of a robust serological immune responses against two recent but genetically distinct EIV representatives, VA05 and NY-99, which were above the threshold predicted to be protective against development of clinical disease.

  13. Optimal PowerFlow (OPF) Model with Unified AC-DC Load Flow and Optimal Commitmentfor an AC-catenary Railway Power Supply System (RPSS) fed by aHigh Voltage DC (HVDC) transmission line

    Abrahamsson, Lars; Östlund, Stefan; Söder, Lennart


    In this paper an alternative railway power systems design based on an HVDC feeder is studied. The HVDC feeder is connected to the catenary by converters. Such an HVDC line is also appropriate for DC-fed railways and AC-fed railways working at public frequency. A unit commitment optimal power flow model has been developed and is applied on a test system. In this paper, the model is presented in detail. The model, in the form of an MINLP program, uses unified AC-DC power flow to minimize the en...

  14. Design of Three Phase Solar-Based 4.5kw Ac Power Inverter Station

    Dr.J.C. Onuegbu


    Full Text Available The design model of a 4.50Kilowatt, 3-phase, 50 hertz solar-based power generating station was examined by the paper. The power station is a dual source input generating station using 8 series connected 100A, 12V batteries per phase as backup, the solar panels being the main frame. An inverter of 12Volt direct current input voltage was incorporated to supply an output of 3-phase, 220Volts and 50 hertz alternating current. A charging circuit was installed to monitor charging level and to preserve the accumulator’s life span. The paper also looked into the solar-based power station component design model. The batteries therein are back-up and the system will ensure 24-hours reliable power supply. The setup has a normally closed switching relay ready to pickup the auxiliary battery supply within a few milliseconds after the solar source voltage drops below a stipulated level. The three phase a.c. voltage was achieved using standby on-line circuit with cascaded 741-based flip-flop at the base of the transistor drivers of the 3-phase power transformer. This model circuit reduced the load on each phase winding and facilitated reliable and uninterruptible power supply. The delta-wyeconnected transformer will guarantee proper phase shift of 120 degrees that will emulate alternating current voltage similar to the conventional generator voltage.

  15. Plasma characteristics of argon glow discharge produced by AC power supply operating at low frequencies

    Kongpiboolkid, Watcharapon; Mongkolnavin, Rattachat [Department of Physics, Facuty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok (Thailand); Plasma Technology and Nuclear Fusion Research Unit, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok (Thailand)


    Non-thermal properties of Argon glow discharge operating with various operating pressures were measured and presented in this work. The Argon plasma is produced by a parallel conducting electrodes coupling with a high voltage AC power supply. The power supply can generate high AC voltage at various frequencies. The frequencies for the operation are in the range of a few kHz. The system is capable of generating electric field between the two metal electrodes discharge system. The characteristics of plasma produced were measured by optical emission spectroscopy (OES) technique where electron temperature (T{sub e}) and electron number density (n{sub e}) can be determined by line intensity ratio method. The value of electron number density was then determined from the Saha-Eggert equation. Our results show that the electron number density of the discharge obtained is of the order of 10{sup −17} − 10{sup −18} m{sup −3} where the electron temperature is between 1.00−2.00 eV for various operating frequencies used which are in good agreement with similar results published earlier.

  16. A self-powered AC magnetic sensor based on piezoelectric nanogenerator.

    Yu, Aifang; Song, Ming; Zhang, Yan; Kou, Jinzong; Zhai, Junyi; Lin Wang, Zhong


    An AC magnetic field, which is a carrier of information, is distributed everywhere and is continuous. How to use and detect this field has been an ongoing topic over the past few decades. Conventional magnetic sensors are usually based on the Hall Effect, the fluxgate, a superconductor quantum interface or magnetoelectric or magnetoresistive sensing. Here, a flexible, simple, low-cost and self-powered active piezoelectric nanogenerator (NG) is successfully demonstrated as an AC magnetic field sensor at room temperature. The amplitude and frequency of a magnetic field can both be accurately sensed by the NG. The output voltage of the NG has a good linearity with a measured magnetic field. The detected minute magnetic field is as low as 1.2 × 10(-7) tesla, which is 400 times greater than a commercial magnetic sensor that uses the Hall Effect. In comparison to the existing technologies, an NG is a room-temperature self-powered active sensor that is very simple and very cheap for practical applications.

  17. Evolution of beam losses after a power cut of the SR7 AC supply



    Magnet failures in the LHC could lead to equipment damage if the energy stored in the accelerator was not discharged properly. The Machine Protection Systems (MPS) ensure this proper discharge and knowledge about the evolution of losses in case of failure is needed to evaluate the adequacy of the protection. A power cut of the AC supply in SR7 would lead to a simultaneous current decay in three normal conducting circuits. The evolution of the losses after such failure is slow, with a loss time constant of more than 100 ms both at 450 GeV and 7 TeV, and in both cases the damage level is not reached before 45 ms. This leaves sufficient time for the MPS to ensure redundant protection. A similar scenario would be expected for a power cut at SR3.

  18. Hysteresis Current Control Based Shunt Active Power Filter for Six Pulse Ac/Dc Converter

    Rakesh Kumar Pandey


    Full Text Available In this paper the simulation of Shunt Active power Filter using P-Q theory and PI controller has been presented. This SAPF compensates the harmonic currents drawn by three phase six pulse AC/DC converter. The process of compensation is done by calculating the instantaneous reactive power losses using p-q theory and the PI controller to reduce the ripple voltage of the dc capacitor of the PWM-VSI. This approach is different from conventional approach and provides very effective solution. In this simulation we use hysteresis band current controller (HCC for switching the VSI inverter. The simulation has been done for both steady state and transient conditions

  19. A Novel Active Bouncer System for Klystron Modulators with Constant AC Power Consumption

    Cabaleiro Magallanes, F; Viarouge, P; Cros, J; De Almeida Martins, C


    This paper presents the principles and design methodologies of a novel active bouncer system, to be implemented in a transformer-based klystron modulator, which is able to meet two different objectives: 1. Regulate the output pulse voltage flattop, and 2. Attenuate the power fluctuation withdrawn from the AC network. This solution allows the utilization of a standard constant voltage / constant current power supply as a capacitor charger. The solution consists of a 4-quadrant switching converter placed in series with the main capacitor bank (forming a unique element in parallel with the capacitor charger), controlled with specific feed-back loops to achieve the two objectives. The complete design method, including a numerical optimization, of the whole system, is presented in the paper. Analyses of the compromises between the active bouncer specifications and the other modulator sub-components design is presented as well.

  20. ACS production: optimal design of solar thermal power plants; Produccion de ACS. Optimizacion del dimensionado de instalaciones de energia solar termica

    Platon Arias, L.; San Jose Alonso, F.


    The aim of this project is to develop a program to size solar thermal power plants for the production of the company ACS, which enable optimum value calculations of the different influence parameters (surface, inclination, orientation, energy input) advising diverse circumstances and requirements. The energy input calculation has been effected according to f-chart method. For the solar radiation on inclined and oriented surfaces calculation, has been applied the Klein Method. (Author) 14 refs.

  1. Increased deposition of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) under an AC high-voltage power line

    Öberg, Tomas; Peltola, Pasi


    There is considerable public concern regarding the potential risks to health of electromagnetic fields in general and high-voltage power lines in particular. As epidemiological findings are not supported by a clearly defined mechanism of direct magnetic field interactions with the human body, potential indirect effects are of interest. It has been suggested that an increased exposure to chemical pollutants could occur near high-voltage power lines due to formation and deposition of charged aerosols. The current study reports empirical evidence that seems to support this hypothesis. The deposition of 18 congeners of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) was studied by collecting samples of pine needles under a 400 kV AC power line and at reference sites in the vicinity. Compared to the reference sites, the average deposition of PCB congeners under the power line was almost double. This difference between the two groups of samples was statistically significant. While it is premature to draw any conclusions regarding the human exposure near high-voltage power lines, the issue deserves attention and further investigations.

  2. A.c. Power Measurement Using Power Analyzer Associated with External Transducers. Accuracy and Uncertainty Evaluation

    Marinel Popescu


    Full Text Available The development of the digital signal processors and their implementation in measuring technique has led to the manufacturing of power analyzers used as multifunction meters in industry, automation, tests and laboratory activities, monitoring and control of processes, etc. The parameters of a three-phase system can be known if the phase currents, the phase voltages and the phase difference between them can be known.A power analyzer has six inputs for currents and voltages measuring signals. The paper presents a method of determination of errors and uncertainties of electrical quantities measurement using a power analyzer associated with external transducers. The best estimation of measured quantity and uncertainty of measurement are used to report the result of measurement process.

  3. Equine herpesvirus 2 (EHV-2 infection in thoroughbred horses in Argentina

    Fernández Fernando M


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Equine herpesvirus 2 is a gamma-herpesvirus that infects horses worldwide. Although EHV-2 has been implicated in immunosuppression in foals, upper respiratory tract disease, conjunctivitis, general malaise and poor performance, its precise role as a pathogen remains uncertain. The purpose of the present study was to analyse the incidence of EHV-2 in an Argentinean horse population and correlate it with age and clinical status of the animals. Results A serological study on 153 thoroughbred racing horses confirmed the presence of EHV-2 in the Argentinean equine population. A virus neutralization test showed a total of 79.7 % animals were sero-positive for EHV-2. An increase in antibodies titre with age as well as infection at earlier ages were observed. EHV-2 was isolated from 2 out of 22 nasal swabs from horses showing respiratory symptoms. The virus grew slowly and showed characteristic cytopathic effect after several blind passages on RK13 cells. The identity of the isolates was confirmed by nested PCR and restriction enzyme assay (REA. Conclusion This is the first report on the presence of EHV-2 in Argentina and adds new data to the virus distribution map. Though EHV-2 was isolated from foals showing respiratory symptoms, further studies are needed to unequivocally associate this virus with clinical symptoms.

  4. Six switches solution for single-phase AC/DC/AC converter with capability of second-order power mitigation in DC-link capacitor

    Liu, Xiong; Wang, Peng; Loh, Poh Chiang


    /DC rectifier and DC/AC inverter. A small size DC-link capacitor can be achieved through coordination control of rectifier and inverter to cancel the second-order oscillation power. Maximum available phase difference between rectifier’s and inverter’s modulation references is investigated to be dependent...... on their modulation indices of the six-switch converter, and high modulation indices are proved to be feasible for second-order power cancellation in the DC-link based on the phase difference analysis. Both reduced switch numbers and DC electrolytic capacitor size can be achieved using the proposed converter...

  5. Potential risk of equine herpes virus 1 (EHV-1) transmission by equine embryo transfer.

    Hebia, I; Fiéni, F; Duchamp, G; Destrumelle, S; Pellerin, J-L; Zientara, S; Vautherot, J-F; Bruyas, J-F


    The objective of this study was to determine whether the 10 wash cycles proposed by the International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS) for bovine embryos efficiently decontaminated equine embryos exposed to equine herpes virus 1 (EHV-1) in vitro. Donor mares and stallions were individually screened and shown to be negative for the virus by PCR detection of EHV-1 DNA in blood leukocytes, semen, and uterine lavages in which embryos were recovered. Twenty embryos were recovered and randomly assigned to one of two groups: 10 embryos were exposed for 24h to infectious EHV-1 at 10(6)TCID(50)/ml, and 10 embryos were used as negative controls. Exposed embryos were washed in accordance with IETS recommendations for ruminant and porcine embryos, before being incubated for 24 h with semiconfluent rabbit kidney (RK13) cells to detect any cytopathic effects (CPE), and finally tested for the presence of EHV-1 viral DNA by PCR. The embryo washing media were also assayed for the virus on RK 13 cells and by PCR. Control embryos were neither exposed to the virus nor washed. EHV-1 was not found in the control embryos, or in the last five washes of the exposed embryos. However, the virus was detected in 7/10 of the embryos exposed to EHV-1 for 24h, as well as in the first five washes of the embryos. The gradual disappearance of EHV-1 from the 10 successive wash solutions from the exposed embryos and the detection of viral DNA in 7/10 washed embryos by PCR, demonstrated that the washing procedure was unable to remove EHV-1 and suggested that EHV-1 could be attached to the acellular layer surrounding embryos (zona pellucida or capsule) or had penetrated the embryo.

  6. Application of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for diagnosis of equine herpes virus-1 (EHV-1).

    Gupta, A K; Singh, B K; Yadav, M P


    Fifty aborted foetus samples were diagnosed for the presence of equine herpes virus-1 (EHV-1) by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique. Specific primer pair for amplification of a particular segment of EHV-1 DNA in gc region having 3 Hae III restriction endonuclease sites was used. A 409 base pair segment obtained as PCR amplification product in 9 samples was digested with Hae III to confirm the presence of EHV-1 as the infectious agent in aborted tissues. It was observed that PCR technique was more sensitive, specific and rapid than the conventional virological diagnostic methods.

  7. Power system technical performance issues related to the application of long HVAC cables

    Wiechowski, on behalf of Cigre WG C4.502, W.; Sluis, L. V. der; Ohno, Teruo


    This paper reports the progress of work of Cigre Working Group C4.502 “Power system technical performance issues related to the application of long HVAC cables”. The primary goal of the WG C4.502 is to write a technical brochure that will serve as practical guide for performing studies necessary...... for assessing the technical performance of HV/EHV systems with large share of AC cable lines. This paper besides providing a background for formulation of WG C4.502 and its overall aim, describes the tasks that were accomplished before the interim report was submitted to Study Committee C4 System Technical...

  8. Power System Technical Performance Issues related to the Application of Long HVAC Cables

    Wiechowski, W.; der Sluis, L.V.; Ohno, Teruo


    This paper reports the progress of work of Cigre Working Group C4.502 “Power system technical performance issues related to the application of long HVAC cables”. The primary goal of the WG C4.502 is to write a technical brochure that will serve as practical guide for performing studies necessary...... for assessing the technical performance of HV/EHV systems with large share of AC cable lines. This paper besides providing a background for formulation of WG C4.502 and its overall aim, describes the tasks that were accomplished before the interim report was submitted to Study Committee C4 System Technical...

  9. Development of a single-phase harmonic power flow program to study the 20 kHz AC power system for large spacecraft

    Kraft, L. Alan; Kankam, M. David


    The development of software is described to aid in design and analysis of AC power systems for large spacecraft. The algorithm is an important version of harmonic power flow program, HARMFLO, used for the study of AC power quality. The new program is applicable to three-phase systems typified by terrestrial power systems, and single-phase systems characteristic of space power systems. The modified HARMFLO accommodates system operating frequencies ranging from terrestrial 60 Hz to and beyond aerospace 20 kHz, and can handle both source and load-end harmonic distortions. Comparison of simulation and test results of a representative spacecraft power system shows a satisfactory correlation. Recommendations are made for the direction of future improvements to the software, to enhance its usefulness to power system designer and analysts.

  10. Voltage source ac-to-dc converters for high-power transmitters

    Cormier, R.


    This work was done to optimize the design of the components used for the beam power supply, which is a component of the transmitters in the Deep Space Network (DSN). The major findings are: (1) the difference in regulation between a six-pulse and a twelve-pulse converter is at most 7 percent worse for the twelve-pulse converter; (2) the commutation overlap angle of a current source converter equals that of a voltage source converter with continuous line currents; (3) the sources of uncharacteristic harmonics are identified with SPICE simulation; (4) the use of an imperfect phase-shifting transformer for the twelve-pulse converter generates a harmonic at six times the line frequency; and (5) the assumptions usually made in analyzing converters can be relaxed with SPICE simulation. The results demonstrate the suitability of using SPICE simulation to obtain detailed performance predictions of ac-to-dc converters.

  11. Integrated analysis of DFIG drive-train and power electronics dynamics during electrical AC faults and wind disturbances

    Barahona Garzón, Braulio; Sørensen, Poul Ejnar; Anaya-Lara, Olimpo


    The dynamics of a 2 MW DFIG wind turbine are studied during electrical AC faults, and wind disturbances. A simulation platform that couples HAWC2, and Matlab/Simulink was used. High frequencies of the gear box, and power electronics are neglected. It was shown that the dynamics of the dc-link are......The dynamics of a 2 MW DFIG wind turbine are studied during electrical AC faults, and wind disturbances. A simulation platform that couples HAWC2, and Matlab/Simulink was used. High frequencies of the gear box, and power electronics are neglected. It was shown that the dynamics of the dc...

  12. Automatic Control Systems (ACS for Generation and Sale of Electric Power Under Conditions of Industry-Sector Liberalization

    Yu. Petrusha


    Full Text Available Possible risks pertaining to transition of electric-power industry to market relations have been considered in the paper. The paper presents an integrated ACS for generation and sale of electric power as an improvement of methodology for organizational and technical management. The given system is based on integration of operating Automatic Dispatch Control System (ADCS and developing Automatic Electricity Meter Reading System (AEMRS. The paper proposes to form an inter-branch sector of ACS PLC (Automatic Control System for Prolongation of Life Cycle users which is oriented on provision of development strategy.

  13. Single Ended Fault Location Estimation for EHV Transmission Systems

    ZHANG Qing-chao张庆超; LI Hui李晖; D. W. P. Thomas


    A novel numerical algorithm for fault location estimation of single-phase-to-earth fault on EHV transmission lines is presented in this paper. The method is based on one-terminal voltage and current data and is used in a procedure that provides the automatic determination of faulted types and phases, rather than requires engineer to specify them. The loop and nodal equations comparing the faulted phase to non-faulted phases of multi-parallel lines are introduced in the fault location estimation models, in which source impedance of remote end is not involved. Precise algorithms of locating fault are derived. The effect of load flow and fault resistance,on the location accuracy, are effectively eliminated. The algorithms are demonstrated by digital computer simulations.

  14. Virological and molecular biological investigations into equine herpes virus type 2 (EHV-2) experimental infections.

    Borchers, K; Wolfinger, U; Ludwig, H; Thein, P; Baxi, S; Field, H J; Slater, J D


    Two 18-month-old naturally reared ponies were used to investigate the pathogenicity of EHV-2. After dexamethasone treatment, pony 1 was inoculated intranasally with EHV-2 strain T16, which has been isolated from a foal with keratoconjunctivitis superficialis and pony 2 was similarly inoculated with strain LK4 which was originally isolated from a horse with upper respiratory tract disease. Following virus inoculation, pyrexia was not detected in either pony but both developed conjunctivitis, lymphadenopathy, and coughing. EHV-2 was detected in nasal mucus samples up to day 12 post infection (p.i.), in eye swabs up to day 10 p.i., and in buffy coat cells throughout the investigation in both animals. EHV-2-specific antibody titres were raised significantly 18 days p.i. Following the administration of dexamethasone, 3 months p.i., infectious virus was again detected in nasal mucus and conjunctival swabs from both ponies for 7 days. The tissue distribution of EHV-2 genome was studied post mortem, by means of a nested PCR. EHV-2 was detected in lymphoid tissues, lung, conjunctiva, trigeminal ganglia and olfactory lobes of pony 2, whereas in pony 1 only the conjunctiva of the left eye was PCR positive.

  15. The EHV-1 UL4 protein that tempers viral gene expression interacts with cellular transcription factors.

    Zhang, Yunfei; Charvat, Robert A; Kim, Seong K; O'Callaghan, Dennis J


    The UL4 gene is conserved within the genome of defective interfering particles of equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) that mediate persistent infection. Here, we show that the UL4 protein inhibits EHV-1 reporter gene expression by decreasing the level of transcribed mRNA. The UL4 protein did not bind any gene class of EHV-1 promoters in electromobility or chromatin immunoprecipitation assays, but directly interacted with the TATA box-binding protein (TBP) and the carboxy-terminal domain of RNA polymerase II both in vitro (GST-pulldown assays) and in infected cells (coimmunoprecipitation analyses). Microarray analyses of the expression of the 78 EHV-1 genes revealed that viral late genes important for virion assembly displayed enhanced expression in cells infected with UL4-null virus as compared to wild-type or UL4-restored EHV-1. Quantitative PCR analyses showed that viral DNA replication was not retarded in cells infected with the UL4-null virus as compared to wild-type EHV-1.

  16. Experimental Investigations on PV Powered SVM-DTC Induction Motor without AC Phase Current Sensors

    T. Muthamizhan


    Full Text Available The paper presents a low-cost, phase-current reconstruction algorithm for space vector modulated direct torque controlled induction motor using the information obtained from only one shunt resistor which is in series with low side switches in a conventional three-phase inverter. The aim is to develop a low-cost high - performance induction motor drive. It uses the dc-link voltage and dc current to reconstruct the stator currents needed to estimate the motor flux and the electromagnetic torque. Photovoltaic arrays convert solar power to dc electric power; uses chopper and dc-ac inverter to fed three phase Induction Motor. The chopper used here is current fed full bridge boost dc-dc converter, which is preferred and extensively used in high voltage applications and advantageous over voltage fed converters. The inverter switches are controlled by PWM techniques obtained from SVM-DTC of IM. The experimental investigations are given to prove the ability of the proposed scheme of reproducing the performances of a SVM- DTC IM drive.

  17. Suppression of AC railway power-line interference in ECG signals recorded by public access defibrillators

    Dotsinsky Ivan


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Public access defibrillators (PADs are now available for more efficient and rapid treatment of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest. PADs are used normally by untrained people on the streets and in sports centers, airports, and other public areas. Therefore, automated detection of ventricular fibrillation, or its exclusion, is of high importance. A special case exists at railway stations, where electric power-line frequency interference is significant. Many countries, especially in Europe, use 16.7 Hz AC power, which introduces high level frequency-varying interference that may compromise fibrillation detection. Method Moving signal averaging is often used for 50/60 Hz interference suppression if its effect on the ECG spectrum has little importance (no morphological analysis is performed. This approach may be also applied to the railway situation, if the interference frequency is continuously detected so as to synchronize the analog-to-digital conversion (ADC for introducing variable inter-sample intervals. A better solution consists of rated ADC, software frequency measuring, internal irregular re-sampling according to the interference frequency, and a moving average over a constant sample number, followed by regular back re-sampling. Results The proposed method leads to a total railway interference cancellation, together with suppression of inherent noise, while the peak amplitudes of some sharp complexes are reduced. This reduction has negligible effect on accurate fibrillation detection. Conclusion The method is developed in the MATLAB environment and represents a useful tool for real time railway interference suppression.

  18. Control of VSC-HVDC in offshore AC islands with wind power plants: Comparison of two alternatives

    Zeni, Lorenzo; Hesselbæk, Bo; Sørensen, Poul Ejnar;


    The subject of this paper is the control of offshore AC collection and export networks behind a voltage source converter based high voltage direct current transmission system. The inertia-less nature of such grids makes the control of voltages and power flows potentially more flexible, but at the...

  19. Containment and Consensus-based Distributed Coordination Control for Voltage Bound and Reactive Power Sharing in AC Microgrid

    Han, Renke; Meng, Lexuan; Ferrari-Trecate, Giancarlo


    This paper offers a highly flexible and reliable control strategy to achieve voltage bounded regulation and accurate reactive power sharing coordinately in AC Micro-Grids. A containment and consensus-based distributed coordination controller is proposed, by which each output voltage magnitude can...

  20. Containment and Consensus-based Distributed Coordination Control for Voltage Bound and Reactive Power Sharing in AC Microgrid

    Han, Renke; Meng, Lexuan; Ferrari-Trecate, Giancarlo


    This paper offers a highly flexible and reliable control strategy to achieve voltage bounded regulation and accurate reactive power sharing coordinately in AC Micro-Grids. A containment and consensus-based distributed coordination controller is proposed, by which each output voltage magnitude can...

  1. Distributed Primary and Secondary Power Sharing in a Droop-Controlled LVDC Microgrid with Merged AC and DC Characteristics

    Peyghami Akhuleh, Saeed; Mokhtari, Hossein; Loh, Poh Chiang;


    in dc microgrids, which in most cases, are solved by a secondary control layer reinforced by an extensive communication network. To avoid such an infrastructure and its accompanied complications, this paper proposes an alternative droop scheme for low-voltage dc (LVDC) microgrid with both primary power......In an ac microgrid, a common frequency exists for coordinating active power sharing among droop-controlled sources. A common frequency is absent in a dc microgrid, leaving only the dc source voltages for coordinating active power sharing. That causes sharing error and poorer voltage regulation...... sharing and secondary voltage regulation merged. The main idea is to introduce a non-zero unifying frequency and a second power term to each dc source by modulating its converter with both a dc and a small ac signal. Two droop expressions can then be written for the proposed scheme, instead of the single...

  2. The Single-Phase AC-DC Conversion Circuit with Power Factor Adjustable%功率因数可调单相AC-DC变换电路∗

    杨力; 张师斌; 赵宁


    基于UCC28019A设计的功率因数可调单相AC-DC变换电路。 MSP430单片机作为其控制核心,使用高精度24 bitΣ-Δ型ADC采样,可完成对输入电压有效值、输入电流有效值、有功功率有效值、功率因数等参数的测量。由UCC28019A完成功率因数的校正,通过控制数字移相电路对外围电流反馈信号移相,实现功率因数在0.8~1.0范围内的调整。本设计还可通过对输出电流和电压的监测,实现2.5 A过流保护和36 V稳压输出的功能。%This design is a single-phase AC-DC conversion circuit with power factor adjustable based on UCC28019A. MSP430 is selected as the control core. We adopt the high precision 24-bitΣ-ΔADC to measure the input voltage RMS,the input current RMS,the active power RMS,the power factor and some other parameters. The power-factor correction is accomplished by UCC28019A. By controlling the digital phase shift circuit to shift the phase of the current feedback signal,the power factor can be set in the range of 0.8 to 1.0. By detecting the output current and voltage,the circuit has the function of 2.5A overcurrent protection and 36V regulated output.

  3. Ranking transmission projects in large scale systems using an AC power flow model; Priorizacao de obras em sistemas de grande porte usando um modelo AC da rede

    Melo, A.C.G. [Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica (CEPEL), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Fontoura Filho, R.N. [ELETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Peres, L.A.P. Pecorelli [FURNAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Morozowski Filho, M. [Santa Catarina Univ., Florianopolis, SC (Brazil)


    Initially, this paper summarizes the approach developed by the Brazilian Planning Criteria Working Group (GTCP/ELETROBRAS) for identifying which subset of transmission investments should be postponed to meet a pre-stablished budget constraint with the least possible impact on system performance. Next, this paper presents the main features of the computational model PRIO, which allows the application of the ranking process to large scale power systems (2,000 buses and 3,000 circuits), with as many as 100 projects to be ranked. In this model, the adequacy analysis of each system state is carried out through an AC power flow coupled to a successive linear programming based remedial actions model. Case studies with the IEEE-RTS system and a configuration of the Brazilian Southeastern are presented and discussed. (author) 7 refs., 6 figs., 5 tabs.

  4. Assistant solar photovoltaic power supply with AC power grid%太阳能光伏辅助市电供电系统

    欧少敏; 何志毅


    By using the solar cell as an assistant power source ,the direct power supply to the electric equipments loaded together by the AC power is achieved without storing battery and input into the power grid .After DC/DC boost ,the photovoltaic output from the solar cells is connected with the output ends of the rectifier bridge ,while tracking the AC power variation to maintain a definite output power under a certain photovoltaic condition .Moreover ,a DC‐DC‐AC inverter is designed to acquire the AC output consistent with AC power in frequency and phase .It output is connected to the electric equipment but separated from the AC power grid by the unidirectional controlling circuit to only load the equipment without inversely flow into the power grid .Thus the high cost of electricity storage ,or power transportation , land occupying ,maintenance as well as technical limitations of grid connection .%以太阳能电池作为辅助电源,实现了与市电共同负载用电设备无蓄电不入网的直接供电方案。将太阳能电池组光伏输出经DC/DC变换器升压后的输出与用电设备的整流桥输出连接,并跟踪市电电压变化使之在相同的光伏条件下维持一定的输出功率;另外也设计了DC/DC/AC变换器电路逆变成与市电同频同相的交流输出,通过单向控制电路与市电隔离,使电源变换电路的输出只加载到用电设备中而不逆流进入到电力网,从而避免高昂的蓄电成本,或并网的输送、占地、维护等成本和入网的技术限制。

  5. AC electrokinetic drug delivery in dentistry using an interdigitated electrode assembly powered by inductive coupling.

    Ivanoff, Chris S; Wu, Jie Jayne; Mirzajani, Hadi; Cheng, Cheng; Yuan, Quan; Kevorkyan, Stepan; Gaydarova, Radostina; Tomlekova, Desislava


    AC electrokinetics (ACEK) has been shown to deliver certain drugs into human teeth more effectively than diffusion. However, using electrical wires to power intraoral ACEK devices poses risks to patients. The study demonstrates a novel interdigitated electrode arrays (IDE) assembly powered by inductive coupling to induce ACEK effects at appropriate frequencies to motivate drugs wirelessly. A signal generator produces the modulating signal, which multiplies with the carrier signal to produce the amplitude modulated (AM) signal. The AM signal goes through the inductive link to appear on the secondary coil, then rectified and filtered to dispose of its carrier signal, and the positive half of the modulating signal appears on the load. After characterizing the device, the device is validated under light microscopy by motivating carboxylate-modified microspheres, tetracycline, acetaminophen, benzocaine, lidocaine and carbamide peroxide particles with induced ACEK effects. The assembly is finally tested in a common dental bleaching application. After applying 35 % carbamide peroxide to human teeth topically or with the IDE at 1200 Hz, 5 Vpp for 20 min, spectrophotometric analysis showed that compared to diffusion, the IDE enhanced whitening in specular optic and specular optic excluded modes by 215 % and 194 % respectively. Carbamide peroxide absorbance by the ACEK group was two times greater than diffusion as measured by colorimetric oxidation-reduction and UV-Vis spectroscopy at 550 nm. The device motivates drugs of variable molecular weight and structure wirelessly. Wireless transport of drugs to intraoral targets under ACEK effects may potentially improve the efficacy and safety of drug delivery in dentistry.

  6. A Sufficient Condition on Convex Relaxation of AC Optimal Power Flow in Distribution Networks

    Huang, Shaojun; Wu, Qiuwei; Wang, Jianhui;


    solution of the SOCP can be converted to an optimal solution of the original AC OPF. The efficacy of the convex relaxation to solve the AC OPF is demonstrated by case studies of an optimal multi-period planning problem of electric vehicles (EVs) in distribution networks....

  7. Application of a type-specific enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for equine herpesvirus types 1 and 4 (EHV-1 and -4) to horse populations inoculated with inactivated EHV-1 vaccine.

    Yasunaga, S; Maeda, K; Matsumura, T; Kondo, T; Kai, K


    A type-specific enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) using equine herpesvirus types 1 (EHV-1) and 4 (EHV-4) glycoprotein G was applied for sero-epizootiology of EHV infections in Japan. Recently, an inactivated EHV-1 vaccine has been administered to racehorses for prevention of upper respiratory disease. To examine the effect of the vaccination on the result of the ELISA, 6 horses were experimentally inoculated three times intramuscularly or intranasally with inactivated EHV-1 vaccine. Sera collected from these horses were used to the type-specific ELISA and complement-fixation (CF) test. Although the CF test detected a significant increase of antibody elicited by vaccination, the ELISA did not detect any antibody response. Next, sera collected from thirty-eight horses, which were intramuscularly inoculated with inactivated EHV-1 twice at an interval of four weeks, were used in the ELISA and CF test. The results also indicated that CF titers increased by vaccine inoculation, but ELISA titers did not. To examine epizootiology of EHVs serologically in racehorse populations at two Training Centers of the Japan Racing Association, the type-specific ELISA and CF test were carried out using paired sera collected from racehorses before and after the winter season. The results showed that the ELISA could distinguish EHV-1 and EHV-4 infections in vaccinated horses serologically. In conclusion, the type-specific ELISA is considered to be useful for sero-diagnosis and sero-epizootiological research on EHV-1 and EHV-4 infections not only in unvaccinated horses, but also in vaccinated horses in Japan.

  8. A High Power Factor Single-phase AC-DC Converter%一种高功率因数的单相AC-DC变换器

    李雨; 丁志勇; 李鹏鹏


    设计了一种有源功率因数校正(APFC)的高功率因数单相AC-DC变换器。该系统以TI公司专用APFC控制芯片UCC28019为控制核心,实现BOOST式APFC,后级以高效控制芯片TPS54360为控制器,输出恒压36 V,最大输出电流为2.5 A。该系统采用STC12C5A60S2单片机为监测控制中心,具有输出过流保护和功率因数、输出电压、输出电流实时测量和显示功能。在设计时,该系统从布局布线和滤波等方面消除了电磁干扰,使电压调整率和负载调整率都在0.5%以下,工作性能稳定、可靠。%An active Power Factor Correction(APFC)high power factor single-phase AC-DC converter. The system is dedicated to TI’s UCC28019 APFC control chip to control the core, to achieve BOOST type APFC, after the class in an efficient control chip TPS54360 controller, constant voltage output 36 V, maximum output current of 2.5 A. The system uses STC12C5A60S2 microcontroller monitoring control center, with output overcurrent protection and power factor, output voltage, output current, real-time measurement and display functions. In the design, the system layout and filtering from the elimination of electromagnetic interference, voltage regulation and load regulation are 0.5%, stable performance, reliable.

  9. Oxycoal-AC. Innovative components and concepts for the power plants of the future

    Kneer, Reinhold; Toporov, Dobrin; Foerster, Malte [RWTH Aachen Univ. (DE). Inst. of Heat and Mass transfer (WSA)


    In the framework of the OXYCOAL-AC research project, detailed experimental and numerical investigations of oxycoal swirl flames have been made. The effects of high CO{sub 2} concentrations in the gas mixture during oxy-firing on the volatiles and particle ignition, flame propagation, flame stability, emissions and heat transfer in the boiler have been investigated and analyzed. Measures for oxy-flame stabilization as a function of flue gas recycling ratio (02 content) are derived and a swirl burner able to operate in both air and oxy-firing has been developed. Thus, OXYCOAL-AC became the first test-plant worldwide where coal can be burnt in a stable flame in a CO{sub 2} atmosphere with oxygen content between 18 and 30 vol. %. In addition, the development of the key component in the OXYCOAL-AC process, an ion transport membrane for oxigen production, is ongoing. Appropriate membrane materials have been identified and tested for their applicability to oxycoal conditions. Laboratory scale modules have been designed and successfully operated as membrane-based air separation units. Design concepts of scaled up membrane modules and their integration in pilot or power plant scale facilities are under development. Fly ash separation from the recycled hot flue gas is investigated by testing different ceramic filter materials. First oxy-firing experiments with wet recycled flue gas have shown an increased slagging behaviour of fly ash compared to air-firing conditions. Therefore more investigations on the behaviour of coal ash in oxyfuel atmosphere are scheduled. Further, numerical simulations of a utility scale (1200 MW{sub th}) boiler oxy-firing bituminous coal, based on non-grey implementation of the Exponential Wide Band Model, were performed with respect to retrofit. Comparisons are made between air firing and oxy-firing under boundary conditions varying with respect to oxygen and water content of the oxidizer. Predictions have shown that a significant increase of the

  10. Pulse doubling in zigzag-connected autotransformer-based 12-pulse ac-dc converter for power quality improvement

    Abdollahi, Rohollah


    This paper presents a pulse doubling technique in a 12-pulse ac-dc converter which supplies direct torque controlled motor drives (DTCIMDs) in order to have better power quality conditions at the point of common coupling. The proposed technique increases the number of rectification pulses without significant changes in the installations and yields in harmonic reduction in both ac and dc sides. The 12-pulse rectified output voltage is accomplished via two paralleled six-pulse acdc converters each of them consisting of three-phase diode bridge rectifiers. An autotransformer is designed to supply the rectifiers. The design procedure of magnetics is in a way such that makes it suitable for retrofit applications where a six-pulse diode bridge rectifier is being utilized. Independent operation of paralleled diode-bridge rectifiers, i.e. dc-ripple re-injection methodology, requires a Zero Sequence Blocking Transformer (ZSBT). Finally, a tapped interphase reactor is connected at the output of ZSBT to double the pulse numbers of output voltage up to 24 pulses. The aforementioned structure improves power quality criteria at ac mains and makes them consistent with the IEEE-519 standard requirements for varying loads. Furthermore, near unity power factor is obtained for a wide range of DTCIMD operation. A comparison is made between 6-pulse, 12-pulse, and proposed converters from view point of power quality indices. Results show that input current total harmonic distortion (THD) is less than 5% for the proposed topology at various loads.

  11. Error Assessment of Solar Irradiance Forecasts and AC Power from Energy Conversion Model in Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems

    Gianfranco Chicco


    Full Text Available Availability of effective estimation of the power profiles of photovoltaic systems is essential for studying how to increase the share of intermittent renewable sources in the electricity mix of many countries. For this purpose, weather forecasts, together with historical data of the meteorological quantities, provide fundamental information. The weak point of the forecasts depends on variable sky conditions, when the clouds successively cover and uncover the solar disc. This causes remarkable positive and negative variations in the irradiance pattern measured at the photovoltaic (PV site location. This paper starts from 1 to 3 days-ahead solar irradiance forecasts available during one year, with a few points for each day. These forecasts are interpolated to obtain more irradiance estimations per day. The estimated irradiance data are used to classify the sky conditions into clear, variable or cloudy. The results are compared with the outcomes of the same classification carried out with the irradiance measured in meteorological stations at two real PV sites. The occurrence of irradiance spikes in “broken cloud” conditions is identified and discussed. From the measured irradiance, the Alternating Current (AC power injected into the grid at two PV sites is estimated by using a PV energy conversion model. The AC power errors resulting from the PV model with respect to on-site AC power measurements are shown and discussed.

  12. Power Improvement of Transmission Line Using High Voltage Direct Current (Hvdc Transmission System

    Lasisi, H


    Full Text Available The use of long EHV (Extremely High Voltage ac lines for the transmission of electrical energy increases the line reactance and susceptance which limits the thermal loadings on the line in order to keep sufficient margin against transient instability. With the scheme proposed in this paper, it is possible to load the lines very close to their limit with zero reactance and susceptance. The conductors are allowed to carry usual ac along with dc superimposed on it. The added dc power flow does not cause any transient instability. The scheme comprises a twelve-pulse bridge rectifier, dc-links, pulse width modulated (PSW-voltage sourced inverter (VSI and converter transformers. The master current controller is used to implement the scheme which senses ac current and regulates the dc current orders for converters online such that conductor current never exceeds its thermal limit. This paper gives the feasibility of converting a double circuit ac line into composite ac–dc power transmission line given the advantage of stability improvement, damping oscillations, voltage stabilization and reactive power compensation for ac weak buses. Simulation and experimental studies using MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory are carried out for the coordinated control as well as independent control of ac and dc power transmissions.

  13. Blackout Accdent Analyses of AC 600 Nuclear Power Plant%AC600核电厂新电事故分析

    阎义洲; 臧希年


    In the advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant design, the passive residual heat removal system is adopted. This system is composed of the secondary side of steam generator, air cooler and air loop which consists of the air cooling tower and atmosphere environment. Wall-air heat exchanging correlation equation is added to the RELAP5 Code. The modified code is used to simulate the AC600 PWR nuclear power plant transient behavior with Passive Residual Heat Removal System (PRHR) in micro-circulation start-up mode after the blackout accident occurs.The calculation results show that the higher the chimney or the larger the air cooler heat transfer area, the more the heat removal capacity of PRHR system. The computational results are consistent with the theoretical analyses.%我国改进型压水堆核电站设计中采用了非能动余热排出系统,它由蒸汽发生器及空气冷却器构成的汽水回路和空气回路组成.本文在RELAP5程序中补充了空气壁面换热结构关系式,分析改进型压水堆核电站(AC600)全厂断电事故后的瞬态行为.结果表明:烟囱高度增加、换热面积增加均使系统的排热能力增强;计算结果与理论分析结果相一致.

  14. Sub-micrometer particles produced by a low-powered AC electric arc in liquids.

    Jaworski, Jacek A; Fleury, Eric


    The article presents the report of the production of composites of sub-micrometer metal particles in matrix consisted of the metal compounds by means of an AC electric arc in water and paraffin solutions using electrodes carbon-metal and metal-metal (metal: Ni, Fe, Co, Cu). The advantage of this method is the low electric power (from 5 to 10 W) needed in comparison to standard DC arc-discharge methods (0.8 to 3 kW). This method enables the production of particles from conductive material also in wide range of temperature and in solvent which could be either transparent to light or opaque. Moreover the solvent can be electrolyte or insulating liquid. The microstructure of the composite layer was investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Electron Probe Microanalysis (EPMA) and X-ray. During particles production in water metal oxides were created. Additionally using cobalt-copper, nickel-copper as couple electrodes, insoluble in water copper (II) hydroxide crystal grains were created additionally which crystals shape was depended on transition metal. For iron-copper couple electrodes system the copper (II) hydroxide was not formed. Experiments with sequence production of Ni and Fe particles with C electrode assisting in molten paraffin let to obtain both Ni and Fe particles surrounded by paraffin. After solidification the material was insulator but if locally magnetic field influenced on the liquid solution in that place after solidification a new composite was created which was electric current conductor with resistivity around 0.1 omega x m, was attracted by magnetic field and presented magneto resistance around 0.4% in changing magnetic field in a range 150 mT. After mixing the concentrated paraffin with normal paraffin resistivity of the mixture increased and it became photosensitive and created small voltage under light influence.

  15. Design of 6 W isolated flyback AC/DC power supply%6W隔离反激式AC/DC电源设计

    冯欣宇; 黄阿娟


    介绍了基于UCC28910的5 V/1.2 A隔离反激式开关电源.电路结构简单,所需外部元件较少,有效减少了电路板占用面积.电源可实现AC 85~265 V宽电压输入,在无需光耦合器的情况下实现恒定电压与恒定电流输出.具有700 V高压启动和小于30 mW待机功耗的特点.采用DCM模式减少开关损耗,符合Energy StarEPS 2.0标准.%The design of 5 V/1.2 A isolated flyback switching power supply based on UCC28910 is introduced. Its circuit structure is simple and fewer external components are required,which reduces the area occupied by PCB effectively. The power supply can accepts a wide range voltage input of 85 VAC to 265 VAC. The constant voltage and current output was realized without any opto-coupler. This device has characteristics of 700 V high-voltage start and less than 30 mW standby power loss. DCM mode is used to reduce the switching loss,which is consistent with the standard of Energy Star EPS2.0.

  16. OXYCOAL-AC: Towards an integrated coal-fired power plant process with ion transport membrane-based oxygen supply

    Kneer, R.; Toporov, D.; Forster, M.; Christ, D.; Broeckmann, C.; Pfaff, E.; Zwick, M.; Engels, S.; Modigell, M. [Rhein Westfal TH Aachen, Aachen (Germany). Inst. of Heat & Mass Transfer


    The cooperative project OXYCOAL-AC aims at the development of a zero-CO{sub 2}-emission coal combustion process for power generation. The scope of the research comprises a multitude of aspects. This article focuses on membrane-based air separation modules and their design for oxycoal conditions, the specifics of coal combustion in a CO{sub 2}/O{sub 2} atmosphere including related burner design as well as the cleaning of hot flue gas from oxycoal combustion.

  17. System and Battery Charge Control for PV-Powered AC Lighting Systems

    Kern, G.


    This report reviews a number of issues specific to stand-alone AC lighting systems. A review of AC lighting technology is presented, which discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various lamps. The best lamps for small lighting systems are compact fluorescent. The best lamps for intermediate-size systems are high- or low-pressure sodium. Specifications for battery charging and load control are provided with the goal of achieving lamp lifetimes on the order of 16,000 to 24,000 hours and battery lifetimes of 4 to 5 years. A rough estimate of the potential domestic and global markets for stand-alone AC lighting systems is presented. DC current injection tests were performed on high-pressure sodium lamps and the test results are presented. Finally, a prototype system was designed and a prototype system controller (with battery charger and DC/AC inverter) was developed and built.

  18. Derivation of Theoretical Formulas of the Frequency Component Contained in the Overvoltage Related to Long EHV Cables

    Ohno, Teruo; Bak, Claus Leth; Ametani, Akihiro;


    Recent studies of long extremely high-voltage (EHV) cables show the importance of performing temporary overvoltage analyses. As the switching of EHV cables can trigger temporary overvoltages, it is important to find the dominant frequency component contained in the switching overvoltages of these...

  19. Serological evidence of equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) activity in polo horses in Nigeria.

    Adeyefa, C A


    Serological evidence of Equine Herpes virus type 1 (EHV-1) activity in Polo horses in Nigeria is reported for the first time. Eighty-two percent of horses tested with known antigen had precipitating antibodies to EHV-1 while 43% of sera tested against antigen prepared from nasal discharges were positive suggesting that the virus was being excreted in the nasal discharges and probably acting as a source of infection for incontact animals as occurs in on-going acute infections. The result of this study indicates a high prevalence of EHV-1 activity among Polo horses in Nigeria and demonstrates the ubiquitous distribution of the virus in a country that has not been previously investigated.

  20. Equine herpes virus type 1 (EHV-1) infection induces alterations in the cytoskeleton of vero cells but not apoptosis.

    Walter, I; Nowotny, N


    Effects of infection with two different strains of equine herpes virus type 1 (EHV-1; Piber 178/83, Kentucky D) on the cytoskeleton of Vero cells were investigated immunohistochemically, and evaluated by confocal laser scanning microscopy. Twenty four hours post EHV-1 infection the assembly of the microtubulus system of Vero cells was heavily disturbed. The Golgi region was dispersed into vesicles spread throughout the cytoplasm as demonstrated by WGA lectin binding. Other cytoskeletal elements such as cytokeratin, vimentin, and filamentous actin (F-actin) were not affected by EHV-1 infection. The nature of Vero cell death after EHV-1 infection was investigated by three different methods to include all possible stages of apoptosis. All methods failed to demonstrate characteristic apoptotic features, therefore, it seems likely that necrosis is the predominant way of cell death in EHV-1 infected Vero cells.

  1. Isolation and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against an attenuated vaccine strain of equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1).

    Meyer, H; Hübert, P H


    The production and differentiation of monoclonal antibodies (mabs) against the Rac-H strain of EHV-1 used as an attenuated live vaccine to prevent rhinopneumonitis and abortion is described. Seven different antigenic sites were detected by the 15 mabs produced. EHV-1 specific mabs as well as EHV-1 and -4 common mabs could be established, allowing easy typing of EHV isolates. One mab recognized the vaccine strain only. This reaction was used to investigate a possible involvement of the vaccine strain in cases of abortion. Common antigenic determinants with EHV-1,-3,-4 and BHV-1 could also be detected, indicating the presence of highly-conserved epitopes of alpha-herpesviruses.

  2. Anomalous Power Law Dispersions in ac Conductivity and Permittivity Shown to be Characteristics of Microstructural Electrical Networks

    Almond, D. P.; Bowen, C. R.


    The frequency dependent ac conductivity and permittivity of porous lead zirconate titanate ceramic with the pore volume filled with water are shown to match the simulated electrical response of a large network of randomly positioned resistors and capacitors. Anomalous power law dispersions in conductivity and permittivity are shown to be an electrical response characteristic of the microstructural network formed by the porous lead zirconate titanate pore structure. The anomalous power law dispersions of a wide range of materials are also suggested to be microstructural network characteristics.

  3. Evaluation of semiconductor devices for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle (EHV) ac-drive applications, volume 2

    Lee, F. C.; Chen, D. Y.; Jovanic, M.; Hopkins, D. C.


    Test data of switching times characterization of bipolar transistors, of field effect transistor's switching times on-resistance and characterization, comparative data of field effect transistors, and test data of field effect transistor's parallel operation characterization are given. Data is given in the form of graphs.

  4. Enhancement of Power Quality in Transmission Line Using Flexible Ac Transmission System Device U.P.F.C (Unified Power Flow Controller

    B. Divya Lakshmi


    Full Text Available Present scenario states that power demand has been increased in a rapid and random manner. Hence power generated is unable to meet the power demand so power scarcity exists. There is an approximate loss of (20 - 40 % of power generated during its transmission. Hence there is a need for enhancing the power quality in transmission lines. In order to improve the power quality our paper make use of FACTS DEVICES. FACTS devices can be added to power transmission and distribution systems at appropriate locations to improve system performance. The real and reactive powers can be easily controlled in a power system with FACTS devices. Flexible AC Transmission System creates a tremendous quality impact on power system stability. This paper describes the basic principle of operation of UPFC, its advantages and to compare its performance with the various FACTS equipment available. The objective of this paper is to keep the power system to remain in voltage stable condition when it experiences a load change and contingency, also deals with the simulation of various FACTS controllers using simulation program with MATLAB/SIMULINK

  5. Design of a High Power Factor Single-phase AC-DC Regulated Power Supply%一种高功率因数单相AC-DC稳压电源的设计

    谭洁; 李恒; 沐润志


    针对目前AC-DC稳压电源转换率、稳压效果不理想,提出了一种高功率因数单相AC-DC稳压电源设计方案。以UCC28019芯片为校正核心实现有源功率因数校正,通过对BOOST主电路拓扑结构的升压电路的输入电流进行控制,使其达到与输入电压相位差为0,功率因数接近于1。本设计以单片机为控制核心,通过按键设置输出电压给定值,实时比较输出电压实测值与给定值,自动调节PWM波形占空比,进而控制MOS管的关断频率使输出电压稳定。%Aiming at the present AC-DC, the regulated power supply conversion rate and the regulated effect of it are not satisfied. This paper puts forward a kind of design scheme with high power factor single-phase AC-DC regulated power supply. The UCC28019 correction chip is the core of this design to realize the active power factor correction. In order to make the input current and the input voltage phase difference reach 0 and the power factor is close to 1, this paper uses the topology of BOOST circuit as main circuit to control the input current. At the same time, this design takes SCM as the core of the control to set up the output voltage by the button. Then, through comparing the actual output voltage and the output voltage, the waveform of PWM will be automatically adjusted and the cut-off frequency of MOS tube is controlled to ensure the stabilization of the output voltage.

  6. Transient Power Converse in an AC/DC Interconnected Power Grid%交直流电网故障暂态功率倒向解析

    李晓华; 蔡泽祥; 黄明辉; 刘之尧; 李一泉


    针对交直流电网出现的暂态功率倒向现象而导致继电保护误动的问题,从继电保护的视角出发,在电磁暂态时间框架下研究交直流系统相互影响机理和交流故障特征的变异机理,提出在换相失败电磁暂态过程的解析分析、特征变异对保护性能的影响评估方法和评价指标,进而给出了交直流混合电网界定暂态功率倒向的计算模型和方法。交直流系统相互作用而引发的暂态功率倒向是由交流故障和直流系统快速变化引起的2个不同扰动源同时作用于电网元件,且满足一定电气和时序条件下“竞争”的必然结果。仿真结果验证了所述模型和方法的正确性。%In view of the transient power converse leading to the malfunction of the protective relay the AC/DC power grid, the mechanism of interaction of AC/DC systems and the change of AC fault features are studied in the electromagnetic transient time framework from the viewpoint of protective relaying. The HVDC commutation failure is analyzed. The evaluation method for and indices on the influence of the resolving analysis and fault feature variation on the protection performance are proposed in the electromagnetic transient process of commutation failure. Then the method of calculating the boundary of the transient power converse is presented. The transient power converse occurring in the AC/DC power grid is an inevitable result of electric competition and time sequence competition between the disturbance due to AC fault and that due to the rapid response of HVDC. Simulation results show the validity of the model and method proposed.

  7. A new high-performance AC/DC power factor correction switching converter based on one-cycle control technology and active floating-charge technology

    GAO Chao


    A new family of converters, high-performance AC/DC power factor correction (PFC) switching converters with one-cycle control technology and active floating-charge technology, was derived and experimentally verified. The topology of a single-phase CCM and DCM Boost-PFC switching converter was also analyzed. Its operating prniciples and control methods were expounded. Based on these, a new type of AC/DC switching converter circuits for PFC combined with one-cycle control technology was presented herein. The proposed AC/DC switching converter significantly helps improve the converter efficiency and its power factor value.

  8. Comparative Analysis of Glycoprotein B (gB of Equine Herpesvirus Type 1 and Type 4 (EHV-1 and EHV-4 in Cellular Tropism and Cell-to-Cell Transmission

    Bart Spiesschaert


    Full Text Available Glycoprotein B (gB plays an important role in alphaherpesvirus cellular entry and acts in concert with gD and the gH/gL complex. To evaluate whether functional differences exist between gB1 and gB4, the corresponding genes were exchanged between the two viruses. The gB4-containing-EHV-1 (EHV-1_gB4 recombinant virus was analyzed for growth in culture, cell tropism, and cell entry rivaling no significant differences when compared to parental virus. We also disrupted a potential integrin-binding motif, which did not affect the function of gB in culture. In contrast, a significant reduction of plaque sizes and growth kinetics of gB1-containing-EHV-4 (EHV-4_gB1 was evident when compared to parental EHV-4 and revertant viruses. The reduction in virus growth may be attributable to the loss of functional interaction between gB and the other envelope proteins involved in virus entry, including gD and gH/gL. Alternatively, gB4 might have an additional function, required for EHV-4 replication, which is not fulfilled by gB1. In conclusion, our results show that the exchange of gB between EHV-1 and EHV-4 is possible, but results in a significant attenuation of virus growth in the case of EHV-4_gB1. The generation of stable recombinant viruses is a valuable tool to address viral entry in a comparative fashion and investigate this aspect of virus replication further.

  9. The Role of the Equine Herpesvirus Type 1 (EHV-1 US3-Encoded Protein Kinase in Actin Reorganization and Nuclear Egress

    Alexandra Proft


    Full Text Available The serine-threonine protein kinase encoded by US3 gene (pUS3 of alphaherpesviruses was shown to modulate actin reorganization, cell-to-cell spread, and virus egress in a number of virus species. However, the role of the US3 orthologues of equine herpesvirus type 1 and 4 (EHV-1 and EHV-4 has not yet been studied. Here, we show that US3 is not essential for virus replication in vitro. However, growth rates and plaque diameters of a US3-deleted EHV-1 and a mutant in which the catalytic active site was destroyed were significantly reduced when compared with parental and revertant viruses or a virus in which EHV-1 US3 was replaced with the corresponding EHV-4 gene. The reduced plaque sizes were consistent with accumulation of primarily enveloped virions in the perinuclear space of the US3-negative EHV-1, a phenotype that was also rescued by the EHV-4 orthologue. Furthermore, actin stress fiber disassembly was significantly more pronounced in cells infected with parental EHV-1, revertant, or the recombinant EHV-1 expressing EHV-4 US3. Finally, we observed that deletion of US3 in EHV-1 did not affect the expression of adhesion molecules on the surface of infected cells.

  10. The Role of the Equine Herpesvirus Type 1 (EHV-1) US3-Encoded Protein Kinase in Actin Reorganization and Nuclear Egress

    Proft, Alexandra; Spiesschaert, Bart; Izume, Satoko; Taferner, Selina; Lehmann, Maik J.; Azab, Walid


    The serine-threonine protein kinase encoded by US3 gene (pUS3) of alphaherpesviruses was shown to modulate actin reorganization, cell-to-cell spread, and virus egress in a number of virus species. However, the role of the US3 orthologues of equine herpesvirus type 1 and 4 (EHV-1 and EHV-4) has not yet been studied. Here, we show that US3 is not essential for virus replication in vitro. However, growth rates and plaque diameters of a US3-deleted EHV-1 and a mutant in which the catalytic active site was destroyed were significantly reduced when compared with parental and revertant viruses or a virus in which EHV-1 US3 was replaced with the corresponding EHV-4 gene. The reduced plaque sizes were consistent with accumulation of primarily enveloped virions in the perinuclear space of the US3-negative EHV-1, a phenotype that was also rescued by the EHV-4 orthologue. Furthermore, actin stress fiber disassembly was significantly more pronounced in cells infected with parental EHV-1, revertant, or the recombinant EHV-1 expressing EHV-4 US3. Finally, we observed that deletion of US3 in EHV-1 did not affect the expression of adhesion molecules on the surface of infected cells. PMID:27754319

  11. A Study on Collaborative Operation Method for a New Energy Type Dispersed Power Supply System by AC-EMAP Model

    Hidese, Koichi; Takano, Ichiro; Nishikawa, Hisao; Sawada, Yoshio

    Application of a dispersed power supply system combined with a large scale photovoltaic system (PV), a fuel cell (FC) and an electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) is studied in this paper. This system is operated in autonomous mode, taking account of time delay characteristics of FC. The modified Euler type Moving Average Prediction (EMAP) model is improved using short time fast fourier transform (ST-FFT). The Adaptive Control type EMAP (AC-EMAP) model is introduced to reduce the capacity of EDLC. This system can meet the multi-quality electric power requirements of customers, and compensate voltage stability and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) function as well. Moreover, the required capacity of EDLC to compensate the fluctuation of both PV output and load demand is clarified by the simulation based on collaborative operation method by a prediction model using software MATLAB/Simulink.

  12. Damping effects of Supplementary Control Signals for Enhancement of Transient Stability in AC-DC Power Systems

    Uma Vani M


    Full Text Available This paper discusses the impact of HVDC on Power System Stability and proposes a novel controlmechanism to augment the system angle stability. The effectiveness of the proposed controller is demonstrated by asingle machine-infinite bus system example. The performance of this controller, in comparison to the conventionalP and P-I controllers, is found to be very effective as a supplementary PID controller in damping generator rotoroscillations. The supplementary controls using signals derived from the AC systems to modulate the DC quantitiesis presented in this paper.

  13. Seventy Three SGCC Standards on 1000 kV UHV AC Transmission Technology


    Name of Project:73 Standards including Q/GDW 319-2009 1000kV AC Transmission System Overvoltage and Insulation Coordination Guidelines Main Participant Units:State Grid Corporation of China,China Electric Power Research Institute,State Grid Electric Power Research Institute,China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation,Communication and Construction Branch of State Grid Corporation,Grid Operation Branch of State Grid Corporation Main Contributors:Liu Zhenya,Shu Yinbiao,Zheng Baosen,Sun Xin,Chen Weijiang,Yu Yongqing,Wang Jianping,Sun Zhusen,Liang Xuming,Guo Jianbo Award Grade:First PrizeBackground Ultra-High Voltage (UHV) transmission is featured by long distance,large capacity,low line loss,and land conservation.Compared with 500 kV EHV transmission system,UHV transmission power can be 4-5 times for the same transmission distance,UHV transmission distance and corridor capacity can be 3 times,but loss of transmission lines can be only one third for the same transmission power.At the end of 2004,State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) made a proposal to develop the UHV technology and build a strong power grid.

  14. Condition assessment of power cables using partial discharge diagnosis at damped AC voltages

    Wester, F.J.


    The thesis focuses on the condition assessment of the distribution power cables, which have a very critical part in the distribution of electrical power over regional distances. The majority of the outages in the power system is related to the distribution cables, of which for more than 60% to inter

  15. An active damper for stabilizing power electronics-based AC systems

    Wang, Xiongfei; Blaabjerg, Frede; Liserre, Marco


    The mutual interactions between the parallel grid-connected converters coupled through the grid impedance tend to result in a number of stability and power quality challenges. To address them, this paper proposes an active damper concept based on a low-power, high-bandwidth power converter. The b...

  16. Peltier ac calorimeter

    Jung, D. H.; Moon, I. K.; Jeong, Y. H.


    A new ac calorimeter, utilizing the Peltier effect of a thermocouple junction as an ac power source, is described. This Peltier ac calorimeter allows to measure the absolute value of heat capacity of small solid samples with sub-milligrams of mass. The calorimeter can also be used as a dynamic one with a dynamic range of several decades at low frequencies.

  17. Application of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch with Flexible AC Transmission System Devices

    Abdarrazak OUALI


    Full Text Available Because their capability to change the network parameters with a rapid response and enhanced flexibility, flexible AC transmission system (FACTS devices have taken more attention in power systems operations as improvement of voltage profile and minimizing system losses. In this way, this paper presents a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm (MOEA to solve optimal reactive power dispatch (ORPD problem with FACTS devices. This nonlinear multi-objective problem (MOP consists to minimize simultaneously real power loss in transmission lines and voltage deviation at load buses, by tuning parameters and searching the location of FACTS devices. The constraints of this MOP are divided to equality constraints represented by load flow equations and inequality constraints such as, generation reactive power sources and security limits at load buses. Two types of FACTS devices, static synchronous series compensator (SSSC and unified power flow controller (UPFC are considered. A comparative study regarding the effects of an SSSC and an UPFC on voltage deviation and total transmission real losses is carried out. The design problem is tested on a 6-bus system.

  18. Containment and Consensus-based Distributed Coordination Control to Achieve Bounded Voltage and Precise Reactive Power Sharing in Islanded AC Microgrids

    Han, Renke; Meng, Lexuan; Ferrari-Trecate, Giancarlo


    This paper presents a novel distributed approach to achieve both bounded voltage and accurate reactive power sharing regulation in AC microgrid. The coupling/trade-off effects between bus voltages and reactive power sharing regulation are first analyzed in detail to provide a guideline for coordi...


    Meera, V.


    Multilevel inverter has been under research and development for more than three decades and has found successful industrial application. Also, it has become the enabling power conversion technology for high voltage and high power applications in present power systems and large electric motor drives. The propagated energy source consists of solar cells, wind turbines, micro-turbines (natural gas), fuel cells and storage batteries and also connected to the low voltage distribution network throu...

  20. Uncertainty evaluation in the measurement of power frequency electric and magnetic fields from AC overhead power lines.

    Ztoupis, I N; Gonos, I F; Stathopulos, I A


    Measurements of power frequency electric and magnetic fields from alternating current power lines are carried out in order to evaluate the exposure levels of the human body on the general public. For any electromagnetic field measurement, it is necessary to define the sources of measurement uncertainty and determine the total measurement uncertainty. This paper is concerned with the problems of measurement uncertainty estimation, as the measurement uncertainty budget calculation techniques recommended in standardising documents and research studies are barely described. In this work the total uncertainty of power frequency field measurements near power lines in various measurement sites is assessed by considering not only all available equipment data, but also contributions that depend on the measurement procedures, environmental conditions and characteristics of the field source, which are considered to increase the error of measurement. A detailed application example for power frequency field measurements is presented here by accredited laboratory.

  1. HV/EHV circuit breakers status monitoring using the CBW (circuit breaker watcher) system; Monitoramento do estado de disjuntores AT/EAT utilizando o sistema CBW (circuit breaker watcher)

    Duran, Ricardo; Schwarz, Marcos Bernert [Schneider Electric Alta Tensao Ltda., Itajai, SC (Brazil)]. E-mail:


    Taking in consideration the new requirements related with the imposed penalties to the electric sector due to energy supply interruption it is necessary to employ new maintenance techniques. In this direction, a solution is the introduction of digital systems in the substations supervision, facilitating by this way their operation. The introduction of these systems doesn't care if the substation is of the attended type or not. A system that supplies the monitoring of the HV/EHV circuit breaker status can be considered as an important support tool for new techniques of the maintenance in HV/EHV equipment. This document describes the CBW (Circuit Breaker Watcher) system destined to the monitoring of HV/EHV circuit breakers status, with the main objective to monitor the electric characteristics of power supply signals, commands and measurable magnitudes.The text also approaches integrated system through which it is possible to monitor, in a same system, circuit breakers, switchgears, transformers or others required equipment for monitoring.

  2. Prevalence of equine herpesvirus type 2 (EHV-2) DNA in ocular swabs and its cell tropism in equine conjunctiva.

    Borchers, K; Ebert, M; Fetsch, A; Hammond, T; Sterner-Kock, A


    Equine herpes virus 2 (EHV-2), a gamma(2)-herpesvirus, is common in horses of all ages. Its role as a primary pathogen is unclear but there is an association between EHV-2, respiratory disease and keratoconjunctivitis. The purpose of this study was to gain more information on the prevalence of EHV-2 DNA in conjunctival swabs from horses with and without ocular disease and to define the anatomical site and cell type harbouring viral genome or antigen. By polymerase chain reaction (PCR) 22 out of 77 (28.6%) ocular swabs of clinically healthy and only 4 out of 48 (8.3%) samples from diseased horses were positive. To define the main virus reservoir ocular tissue from 13 randomly selected horses without pathological evidence of ocular disease were analysed by nested PCR. In two horses optic nerve, lacrimal gland and conjunctiva, in further two cases lacrimal gland and conjunctiva and in four horses the conjunctiva only were EHV-2 PCR positive. For specifying the target cell we focused on conjunctivae and selected 3 out of 15 clinically healthy slaughterhouse horses positive for EHV-2 by PCR. In situ hybridisation on sections of these paraffin embedded conjunctivae localized viral genome in histiocyte-like cells of the submucosa. Immunohistochemical staining with an EHV-2 or S100 specific polyclonal antiserum demonstrated that Langerhans cells were co-localized in the same region of the sample section where virus positive cells were detected. Furthermore, we concluded that detection of viral antigen revealed a productive virus infection.

  3. A designed equine herpes thymidine kinase (EHV4 TK) variant improves ganciclovir-induced cell-killing.

    McSorley, Theresa; Ort, Stephan; Monnerjahn, Christian; Konrad, Manfred


    The limitations of the ganciclovir (GCV)/herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase (HSV1 TK: EC system as a suicide gene therapy approach have been extensively studied over the years. In our study, we focused on improving the cytotoxic profile of the GCV/equine herpes virus-4 thymidine kinase (EHV4 TK: EC system. Our approach involved the structure-guided mutagenesis of EHV4 TK in order to switch its ability to preferentially phosphorylate the natural substrate deoxythymidine (dT) to that of GCV. We performed steady-state kinetic analysis, genetic complementation in a thymidine kinase-deficient Escherichia coli strain, isothermal titration calorimetry, and analysis of GCV-induced cell killing through generation of HEK 293 stable cell-lines expressing EHV4 TK mutants and wild-type EHV4 TK. We found that the EHV4 TK S144H-GFP mutant preferentially phosphorylates GCV and confers increased GCV-induced cytotoxicity compared to wild-type EHV4 TK.

  4. Active Distribution Grid Management based on Robust AC Optimal Power Flow

    Soares, Tiago; Bessa, Richard J.; Pinson, Pierre


    resources in day/hour-ahead stages. This paper follows the DSO trends by proposing a methodology for active grid management by which robust optimization is applied to accommodate spatial-temporal uncertainty. The proposed method entails the use of a multi-period AC-OPF, ensuring a reliable solution......Further integration of distributed renewable energy sources in distribution systems requires a paradigm change in grid management by the distribution system operators (DSO). DSOs are currently moving to an operational planning approach based on activating flexibility from distributed energy...... for the DSO. Wind and PV uncertainty is modeled based on spatial-temporal trajectories, while a convex hull technique to define uncertainty sets for the model is used. A case study based on real generation data allows illustration and discussion of the properties of the model. An important conclusion...

  5. An active damper for stabilizing power-electronics-based AC systems

    Wang, Xiongfei; Blaabjerg, Frede; Liserre, Marco


    The interactions among the parallel grid-connected converters coupled through the grid impedance tend to result in stability and power quality problems. To address them, this paper proposes an active damper based on a high bandwidth power electronics converter. The general idea behind this propos...

  6. Single stage single phase active power factor corrected Ĉuk Topology Based AC-DC Converter

    Md. Ismail Hossain


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on the analysis of a power factor correction (PFC converter using close loop Ĉuk topology. Regardless of the input line voltage and output load variations, input current drawn by the buck or buck-boost converter is always discontinuous. The Boost converter suffers from high voltage stresses across the power electronic devices. The input current in Ĉuk converter is comparable to boost converter’s input current. In this paper output voltage is controlled by inner current and outer voltage control loop along with power factor correction (PFC. It shows less input current THD, nearly unity power factor and better output voltage regulation of AC-DC converter under variable input voltage and output load. In this paper the relative performance between normal diode rectifier, open loop Ĉuk rectifier and close loop Ĉuk rectifier is presented. An algorithm for implementing close loop Ĉuk rectifier in digital domain is developed and simulated.

  7. Sensitivity Analysis of Core Damage by Loss of Auxiliary Feed Water during the Extended Loss of All AC Power

    Jeon, Woo Jae; Chung, Soon Il; Hwang, Su Hyun; Lee, Kyung Jin; Lee, Byung Chul [FNC Tech., Yongin (Korea, Republic of); Yun, Duk Joo; Lee, Seung Chan [Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co. Ltd., Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    In this study, the reactor core damage time for OPR1000 type Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) was analyzed to develop a strategy to handle ELAP and to apply to the EOP. The reactor core damage time in the ELAP condition was calculated according to the time of Auxiliary Feedwater (AFW) loss. Fukushima accident was caused by long hours of Station Black Out (SBO) caused by natural disaster beyond Design Based Accident (DBA) criteria. It led to the reactor core damage. After the accident, the regulatory authorities of each country (Japan, US, EU, IAEA, and etc.) recommended developing the necessary systems and strategies in order to cover up the Extended Loss of All AC Power (ELAP) such as one occurred in the Fukushima accident. And the need of procedure or guideline to cope with ELAP has been raised through the stress test for Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant unit 1. Current Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP) used in domestic nuclear power plant are seemed to be insufficient to cope with ELAP. Therefore, it has been required to be improved. As the result, the time of AFW loss in the ELAP condition influences greatly on core damage time.

  8. Coordinated Reactive Power and Voltage Management for Offshore Wind Farms with AC-connection

    Heussen, Kai


    This paper analyzes voltage and reactive power in a wind farm in dependence on switchable shunt and tap-changer settings in connection with the control ranges of flexible reactive power sources. Attention is paid to their interdependent effects on central control variables, such as voltage...... in the collection grid, reactive power exported to the grid and internal active power losses. An aggregated steady-state model of an offshore wind farm is presented and a reduced mathematical representation suitable for symbolic analysis is developed. A coordination scheme is proposed to coordinate fast continuous...... control inputs with slow tap-changing devices using a short-term prediction. The proposed scheme is aimed at balancing cost factors such as wear of switching components, active power loss within the wind farm and STATCOM capacity....

  9. EHV systems technology - A look at the principles and current status. [Electric and Hybrid Vehicle

    Kurtz, D. W.; Levin, R. R.


    An examination of the basic principles and practices of systems engineering is undertaken in the context of their application to the component and subsystem technologies involved in electric and hybrid vehicle (EHV) development. The limitations of purely electric vehicles are contrasted with hybrid, heat engine-incorporating vehicle technology, which is inherently more versatile. A hybrid vehicle concept assessment methodology is presented which employs current technology and yet fully satisfies U.S. Department of Energy petroleum displacement goals.

  10. Distributed Operation of Interlinked AC Microgrids with Dynamic Active and Reactive Power Tuning

    Nutkani, Inam Ullah; Loh, Poh Chiang; Blaabjerg, Frede


    Microgrids are small grids formed by clustering modern generating sources, storage systems, and loads together. Being independent, the formed microgrids can, in principle, operate at their own preferred voltages and frequencies. Tying them to the mains grid or another microgrid would therefore...... require some interlinking power converters, whose control should preferably be autonomous without depending on fast communication links. Contributing to this theme of research, a distributed power management scheme has been proposed in this paper for interlinking two or more independent microgrids...... operating at different voltages and frequencies. The proposed scheme allows sources in the microgrids to concentrate more on active power harnessing, while the interlinking converters focus more on meeting the load reactive demand. If necessary, backup active power from an underloaded microgrid can also...

  11. Corrosion investigations, Tracy Red Bluff, California, and Boulder City, Nevada, ehv direct current tests

    Backstrom, T.E.


    Evaluation of corrosion on buried metalwork, by the introduction of large direct currents into the ground, was studied during ehv dc transmission investigations in the Tracy-Red Bluff, California and the Boulder City, Nevada areas. Tests made on two types of electrodes showed that ehv dc ground return at test current levels would: (1) promote serious corrosion of buried metalwork within approximately 1/2-mile radius of the electrode with a ground mat electrode and mild corrosion with a deep-well electrode; (2) promote negligible-to-serious corrosion of buried pipelines within 1/2 to 3 mile radius of either a ground mat or deep-well electrode, depending on (a) distance of the pipelines from the electrode, (b) geometry of the two electrode-pipeline systems, and (c) horizontal extent of the pipelines; (3) impress negligible-to-mild corrosion of buried pipelines beyond a 3-mile radius of the electrode depending upon geometry of the electrode-pipeline system. Results show normal corrosion prevention techniques will be adequate to prevent corrosion of buried metalwork, if electrode is properly located. Use of ground return for only 8 to 24 hours per year on the ehv intertie, although with currents 2 to 3 times higher than test currents, will cause stray current damage of only a fraction of that expected with continuous operations.

  12. Effect of metals on the lytic cycle of the coccolithovirus, EhV86.

    Martha eGledhill


    Full Text Available In this study we show that metals, and in particular copper (Cu, can disrupt the lytic cycle in the Emiliania huxleyi - EhV86 host-virus system. Numbers of virus particles produced per E. huxleyi cell and E. huxleyi lysis rates were reduced by Cu at total metal concentrations over 500 nM in the presence of EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, and 250 nM in the absence of EDTA in acute short term exposure experiments. Zinc (Zn, cadmium (Cd and cobalt (Co were not observed to affect the lysis rate of EhV86 in these experiments. The cellular glutathione (GSH content increased in virus infected cells, but not as a result of metal exposure. In contrast, the cellular content of phytochelatins (PCs increased only in response to metal exposure. The increase in gluthatione content is consistent with increases in the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS on viral infection, while increases in PC content are likely linked to metal homeostasis and indicate that metal toxicity to the host was not affected by viral infection. We propose that Cu prevents lytic production of EhV86 by interfering with virus DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis through a transcriptional block, which ultimately suppresses the formation of ROS, a biochemical response required for successful virus infection.

  13. Characteristics of Overvoltage Protection with Cascade Application of Surge Protective Devices in Low-Voltage AC Power Circuits



    Full Text Available Surge Protective Devices (SPDs are widely used for protection of the equipment in low-voltage AC power circuits against wide variety of surges. Cascade application of SPDs starting at the service entrance of a building and downstream toward near sensitive equipment is intended to ensure optimal energy distribution among installed SPDs, as well as proper equipment protection against surges. Characteristics of overvoltage protection with two-stage application of SPDs have been analyzed in the paper through performed measurements, followed by simulations and numerical modeling using the ATP/EMTP and MATLAB Simulink. Parametric analysis of the protection's characteristics in wide range of influencing factors has been performed in order to define a set of applicable solutions for proper selection and performance of SPDs.

  14. Analysis and implementation of power management and control strategy for six-phase multilevel ac drive system in fault condition

    Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban


    Full Text Available This research article exploits the power management algorithm in post-fault conditions for a six-phase (quad multilevel inverter. The drive circuit consists of four 2-level, three-phase voltage source inverter (VSI supplying a six-phase open-end windings motor or/impedance load, with circumstantial failure of one VSI investigated. A simplified level-shifted pulse-width modulation (PWM algorithm is developed to modulate each couple of three-phase VSI as 3-level output voltage generators in normal operation. The total power of the whole ac drive is shared equally among the four isolated DC sources. The developed post-fault algorithm is applied when there is a fault by one VSI and the load is fed from the remaining three healthy VSIs. In faulty conditions the multilevel outputs are reduced from 3-level to 2-level, but still the system propagates with degraded power. Numerical simulation modelling and experimental tests have been carried out with proposed post-fault control algorithm with three-phase open-end (asymmetrical induction motor/R-L impedance load. A complete set of simulation and experimental results provided in this paper shows close agreement with the developed theoretical background.

  15. Linear Decentralized Power Sharing Schemes for Economic Operation of AC Microgrids

    Nutkani, Inam Ullah; Loh, Poh Chiang; Wang, Peng;


    This paper presents two linear power sharing schemes for distributed generators (DGs). The purpose is to reduce the total generation cost (TGC) of the considered autonomous microgrid. The saving in cost is realized by tuning the DG droop gradients in accordance to their respective maximum or mean...

  16. Design of an AC/DC power supply for telecom applications

    Suntio, T.; Vallittu, P.; Laurinen, T.; Ikonen, M. [Efore Oy, Espoo (Finland)


    Typical Telecom uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) comprises of parallel connected rectifiers and storage batteries supplying DC power for Telecom switching systems on fixed or mobile telephone networks. The requirement is most often of total uninterruptibility meaning high reliability and availability performance as a vital design and development goal. The Telecom systems must also meet stringent noise emission and immunity requirements stipulated by EMC and Low Voltage Directives, European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) as well as other global and local standards depending on the area they are to be used. This paper will describe in practice the vital features the rectifiers should contain as well as presents results from a practical equipment of 48 V, 500 W. (orig.) 27 refs.

  17. Analytical Solution for Model-Based Dynamic Power Factor Measurement in AC Resistance Spot Welding


    On the basis of welding transformer circuit model, a new measuring method was proposed. This method measures the peak angle of the welding current, and then calculates the dynamic power factor in each half-wave.An artificial neural network is trained and used to generate simulation data for the analytical solution, i.e. a highorder binary polynomial, which can be easily adopted to calculate the power factor online. The tailored sensing and computing system ensures that the method possesses a real-time computational capacity and satisfying accuracy. A DSP-based resistance spot welding monitoring system was developed to perform ANN computation. The experimental results suggest that this measuring method is feasible.

  18. Electrical and mechanical design criteria for EHV and UHV: overhead transmission lines


    The results are presented of a program devoted to the selection of electrical and mechanical design criteria and parameters for overhead power transmission lines for ac systems rated at from 345 to 1100 kV and for dc systems rated at from 600 to 1200 kV. Information is included on the environmental effects, i.e., audible noise and electric fields, of the lines, mechanical and economic requirements, safety, failures, grounding, and lightning protection. (LCL)

  19. Simulation and performance enhancement of the air cooling system in a DC/AC power converter station

    Lozowy, R.; El-Shaboury, A.; Soliman, H.; Ormiston, S. [Manitoba Univ., Winnipeg, MB (Canada). Dept. of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


    This study analyzed the flow structure and heat transfer in a large 3-dimensional domain with turbulence, mixed convection, an impinging jet, and flow over heated blocks. The objective was to better understand turbulent mixed-convection cooling of heat-generating bodies in 3-dimensional enclosures, which is important to industry. The cooling of 2 thyristor valve halls was simulated. Each valve hall housed 3 towers that contained electronics used in DC/AC power conversion. The simulation results included the magnitudes of the net air flows for all the inter-block gaps and the maximum temperature in each gap. A parametric study was also performed to investigate the effects of the air inlet location, size and aspect ratio. The effects of the air injection angle on cooling effectiveness was also examined. The study showed that for fixed inlet mass flow rate, significant improvement in the cooling effectiveness can be obtained by changing the injection angle of the inlet air jet, the location of the inlet grill, or the size of the inlet grill. It was concluded that these study results may be relevant to other applications, such as the design of power transformers, the design of cooling systems for spent nuclear fuel and computer server cooling racks. 13 refs., 12 figs.

  20. The AC Impedance Characteristic of High Power Li4Ti5O12-based Battery Cells

    Stroe, Ana-Irina; Stroe, Daniel Loan; Swierczynski, Maciej Jozef


    This paper studies the impedance characteristics of a fresh 13 Ah high-power lithium titanate oxide (LTO) battery cell and analyses its dependence on the temperature and state-of-charge. The impedance of the battery cell was measured by means of the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS......) technique for the entire state-of-charge (SOC) interval and considering five temperatures between 5oC and 45oC. By analyzing the measured impedance spectra of the LTO-based battery cell, it was found out that the cell’s impedance is extremely dependent on the operating conditions. By further processing...

  1. AC/DC Smart Control And Power Sharing of DC Distribution Systems


    ISRCS 2011, Boise, Idaho, USA, Pages 89-84, IEEE Xplore DOI 10.1109/ISRCS.2011.6016095, Aug 9-11, 2011. 8. A. Mohamed, M. Elshaer and O. A...Manooth, “A Survey of Systems to Integrate Distributed Energy Resources and Energy Storage on the Utility Grid,” in IEEE 2008 Energy 2030 Conf., 2008...Georgia, USA. [2] H. Puttgen, P. MacGregor, F. Lambert, “Distributed Generation: Semantic Hype or the Dawn of a New Era,” IEEE Power and Energy

  2. Estimation of coefficients of multivariable power series approximating magnetic nonlinearity of AC machines*

    Sobczyk Tadeusz J.


    Full Text Available Energy based approach was used in the study to formulate a set of functions approximating the magnetic flux linkages versus independent currents. The simplest power series that approximates field co-energy and linked fluxes for a two winding core of an induction machine are described by a set of common unknown coefficients. The authors tested three algorithms for the coefficient estimation using Weighted Least-Squared Method for two different positions of the coils. The comparison of the approximation accuracy was accomplished in the specified area of the currents. All proposed algorithms of the coefficient estimation have been found to be effective. The algorithm based solely on the magnetic field co-energy values is significantly simpler than the method based on the magnetic flux linkages estimation concept. The algorithm based on the field co-energy and linked fluxes seems to be the most suitable for determining simultaneously the coefficients of power series approximating linked fluxes and field co-energy.

  3. Sensitivity Analysis of Core Damage from Reactor Coolant Pump Seal Leakage during Extended Loss of All AC Power

    Park, Da Hee; Kim, Min Gi; Lee, Kyung Jin; Hwang, Su hyun; Lee, Byung Chul [FNC Technology Co. Ltd., Yongin (Korea, Republic of); Yoon, Duk Joo; Lee, Seung Chan [Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co. Ltd., Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    In this study, in order to comprehend the Fukushima accident, the sensitivity analysis was performed to analyze the behavior of Reactor Coolant System (RCS) during ELAP using the RELAP5/MOD3.3 code. The Fukushima accident was caused by tsunami resulted in Station Black Out (SBO) followed by the reactor core melt-down and release of radioactive materials. After the accident, the equipment and strategies for the Extended Loss of All AC Power (ELAP) were recommended strongly. In this analysis, sensitivity studies for the RCP seal failure of the OPR1000 type NPP were performed by using RELAP5/MOD3.3 code. Six cases with different leakage rate of RCP seal were studied for ELAP with operator action or not. The main findings are summarized as follows: (1) Without the operator action, the core uncovery time is determined by the leakage rate of RCP seal. When the leakage rate per RCP seal are 5 gpm, 50 gpm, and 300 gpm respectively, the core uncovery time are 1.62 hr, 1.58 hr, and 1.29 hr respectively. Namely, If the leakage rate of RCP seal was much bigger, the uncover time of core would be shorter. (2) In case that the cooling by SG secondary side was performed using the TDAFP and SG ADV, the core uncovery time was significantly extended.

  4. A designed equine herpes thymidine kinase (EHV4 TK) variant improves ganciclovir-induced cell-killing.

    McSorley, T.; Ort, S.; Monnerjahn, C.; Konrad, M.


    The limitations of the ganciclovir (GCV)/herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase (HSV1 TK: EC system as a suicide gene therapy approach have been extensively studied over the years. In our study, we focused on improving the cytotoxic profile of the GCV/equine herpes virus-4 thymidine kinase (EHV4 TK: EC system. Our approach involved the structure-guided mutagenesis of EHV4 TK in order to switch its ability to preferentially phosphorylate the natural substrate deoxythymidine ...

  5. Response of ponies to adjuvanted EHV-1 whole virus vaccine and challenge with virus of the homologous strain.

    Dolby, C A; Hannant, D; Mumford, J A


    Five yearling ponies were vaccinated with inactivated Equid herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) in Freund's complete adjuvant as a double emulsion and revaccinated 6 weeks later with EHV-1 in Freund's incomplete adjuvant. These ponies and three age-matched controls were challenged intra-nasally after a further 6 weeks with homologous live virus and monitored clinically, biologically and serologically. After challenge, clinical signs were mild in both groups. No cell-associated viraemias were detected in vaccinated ponies. Vaccination induced high levels of complement-fixing (CF) and virus-neutralizing (VN) antibody, and elicited a response to all major viral glycoproteins as shown by western blot analysis.

  6. Design of wide output voltage AC-DC power supply based on buck-boost circuit%基于Buck-Boost电路的宽输出电压AC-DC电源设计

    徐文城; 刘尧; 王秀荣


    设计了一种宽输出电压的AC DC开关电源,其主要特征是输出电压可以在较大范围内任意调节,解决了传统的开关电源只能输出几个特定电压值的问题.该设计的核心是反激变换电路和Buck-Boost电路.分析了这两种电路的工作原理及其应用,并且给出了具体的设计.实验表明,设计的电源能较好地实现了输出电压的宽范围调节.%AC-DC switching power supply with a wide range voltage output was designed. Its main feature is that the output voltage can be adjusted in a wide range. The problem that the traditional switching power supplies only have few specific voltage outputs is solved in the design. The flyback convert circuit and Buck-Boost circuit are the cores of the design. The working principle and applications of these two circuits are analyzed. The concrete design is given in this paper. The experiments show that a wide range regulation of the output voltage has been more successfully achieved in the design of the power supply.

  7. Ag incorporated Mn3O4/AC nanocomposite based supercapacitor devices with high energy density and power density.

    Nagamuthu, S; Vijayakumar, S; Muralidharan, G


    Silver incorporated Mn3O4/amorphous carbon (AC) nanocomposites are synthesized by a green chemistry method. X-ray diffraction studies revealed the structural changes in Mn3O4/AC nanocomposites attributable to the addition of silver. Cyclic voltammetry, charge-discharge and ac-impedance studies indicated that the Ag-Mn3O4/AC-5 electrode was the most suitable candidate for supercapacitor applications. From the galvanostatic charge-discharge studies, a higher specific capacitance of 981 F g(-1) at a specific current of 1 A g(-1) was obtained. An Ag-Mn3O4/AC-symmetric supercapacitor consisting of an Ag-incorporated Mn3O4/AC composite as an anode as well as a cathode, and an asymmetric supercapacitor consisting of an Ag-incorporated Mn3O4/AC composite as a cathode and an activated carbon as an anode have been fabricated. The symmetric device exhibits a specific cell capacitance of 72 F g(-1) at a specific current of 1 A g(-1) whereas the asymmetric device delivers a specific cell capacitance of 180 F g(-1) at a high current rate of 10 A g(-1). The asymmetric supercapacitor device yields a high energy density of 81 W h kg(-1). This is higher than that of lead acid batteries and comparable with that of nickel hydride batteries.

  8. ACAC Converters for UPS

    Rusalin Lucian R. Păun


    Full Text Available This paper propose a new control technique forsingle – phase ACAC converters used for a on-line UPSwith a good dynamic response, a reduced-partscomponents, a good output characteristic, a good powerfactorcorrection(PFC. This converter no needs anisolation transformer. A power factor correction rectifierand an inverter with the proposed control scheme has beendesigned and simulated using Caspoc2007, validating theconcept.

  9. Introduction to electrical power and power electronics

    Patel, Mukund R


    Power Generation, Distribution, and Utilization AC Power Fundamentals Common Aspects of Power Equipments AC Generator AC and DC Motors Transformer Power Cable Power Distribution Fault Current Analysis System ProtectionEconomic Use of PowerElectrochemical BatteryPower Electronics and Motor Drives Power Electronics Devices DC-DC Converters AC-DC-AC Converters Variable-Frequency Drives Quality of Power Power Converter CoolingAppendixIndex

  10. AcEST: DK956943 [AcEST

    Full Text Available jct: 407 RWQQRLEHNTKPFPSSLCLM-----GATNPVVIPRNH 438 >sp|P22484|VGLD_EHV1K Glycoprotein D OS=Equine herpesvirus 1 (strain Kentucky...LGLYNQWWRVCRSVPPPWYVFFNKR 49 >sp|P68327|VGLD_EHV1D Glycoprotein D OS=Equine herpesvirus 1 (strain Kentucky D

  11. AcEST: BP921196 [AcEST

    Full Text Available ot sp_hit_id P29123 Definition sp|P29123|US10_EHV1K Gene 66 protein OS=Equine herpesvirus 1 (strain Kentucky...cetylmuramoyl-pentapeptide-trans... 30 6.3 >sp|P29123|US10_EHV1K Gene 66 protein OS=Equine herpesvirus 1 (strain Kentucky

  12. Micro Analyses AC/DC Hybrid Power Grid Planning and Design%交直流混合微电网的规划设计



    由于交直流混合微电网可以减少多重变换器运行所产生的损耗、谐波电流,同时能够提高系统的经济性、可靠性,所以现在已成为当今微电网的主要发展方向。笔者将从电压等级、接地方式、母线结构和网络拓扑等角度,探讨交直流混合微电网的规划设计,以供有意对交直流混合微电网进行深入研究的专家学者参考。%Due to micro AC/DC hybrid power grid can reduce multiple converter loss, harmonic current generated by the operation, at the same time can improve the efficiency of system, the reliability, so now it is the main direction of micro grid today. Grounding method, the author will from voltage grade, bus structure and network topology of micro AC/DC hybrid power grid planning and design were discussed, for the intention to conduct the thorough research to the micro AC/DC hybrid power grid in the experts and scholars to provide the reference.

  13. Fundamental Understanding of the Impact High Pulsed Power Loading has on a MicroGrid’s DC or AC Bus


    Seamless integration of distributed/renewable energy into a smart MicroGrid architecture is a hot topic of research for both public and defense...applications. It is the DoD’s intention to develop a more cost efficient and reliable power architecture on the battlefield. A smart MicroGrid ...dedicated power supplies. The impact this type of loading has on the central DC or AC bus of a MicroGrid must be studied and it was the intent of

  14. Power System Technical Performance Issues Related to the Application of Long HVAC Cables

    Bak, Claus Leth

    The aim of this TB is to serve as a practical guide for preparing models and performing studies necessary during the assessment of the technical performance of HV/EHV systems with a large share of (long) AC cables. The brochure follows all phases of planning and analysis of a typical underground...

  15. Power System Technical Performance Issues Related to the Application of Long HVAC Cables

    Bak, Claus Leth

    The aim of this TB is to serve as a practical guide for preparing models and performing studies necessary during the assessment of the technical performance of HV/EHV systems with a large share of (long) AC cables. The brochure follows all phases of planning and analysis of a typical underground ...

  16. 基于AC/DC数字电源控制器IW1810的LED驱动电路设计%Based on the AC/DC Digital Power Supply Controller IW1810 LED Driver Design

    徐晶; 付贤松; 牛萍娟


    The IW1810 incorporates a 64 kHz controller and a 800 V BJT. The device uses the numerical control technology and operates in quasi-resonant mode to provide current and output overvoltage protection, while minimizing the external component count and ensuring the high efficiency, no load power is less than 100 mW. Based on IW1810 designed a highly integrated,high efficient and constant current AC/DC LED driver circuit was designed. The circuit operates at 90 V to 264 V wide voltage range,output current is 340 mA,output power is 4 W, efficiency up to 80%,the area of the designed source is only 18 mm×38 mm.%IW1810集成了一个64 kHz的PWM控制器和一个800 V的BJT,该芯片采用数控技术,工作在准谐振模式,提供过流和输出过压保护,简化外围元件确保电路的高效性,无载功率小于100 mW。设计一款基于IW1810高度集成、高效恒流的AC/DC LED驱动电路,电路工作在90 V到264 V的宽电压范围内,输出恒流340 mA,输出功率为4 W,效率高达80%以上,电路板面积仅为18 mm×38 mm。

  17. Observer-based higher order sliding mode control of power factor in three-phase AC/DC converter for hybrid electric vehicle applications

    Liu, Jianxing; Laghrouche, Salah; Wack, Maxime


    In this paper, a full-bridge boost power converter topology is studied for power factor control, using output higher order sliding mode control. The AC/DC converters are used for charging the battery and super-capacitor in hybrid electric vehicles from the utility. The proposed control forces the input currents to track the desired values, which can control the output voltage while keeping the power factor close to one. Super-twisting sliding mode observer is employed to estimate the input currents and load resistance only from the measurement of output voltage. Lyapunov analysis shows the asymptotic convergence of the closed-loop system to zero. Multi-rate simulation illustrates the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed controller in the presence of measurement noise.

  18. Development of a low cost integrated 15 kW A.C. solar tracking sub-array for grid connected PV power system applications

    Stern, M.; West, R.; Fourer, G.; Whalen, W.; Van Loo, M.; Duran, G.


    Utility Power Group has achieved a significant reduction in the installed cost of grid-connected PV systems. The two part technical approach focused on 1) The utilization of a large area factory assembled PV panel, and 2) The integration and packaging of all sub-array power conversion and control functions within a single factory produced enclosure. Eight engineering prototype 15kW ac single axis solar tracking sub-arrays were designed, fabricated, and installed at the Sacramento Municipal Utility District's Hedge Substation site in 1996 and are being evaluated for performance and reliability. A number of design enhancements will be implemented in 1997 and demonstrated by the field deployment and operation of over twenty advanced sub-array PV power systems.

  19. Prokaryotic expression of glycoprotein G genes of EHV1 and EHV4%马疱疹病毒糖蛋白G基因C-末端的原核表达

    田志革; 郭巍; 相文华; 曲娟娟


    为获得马疱疹病毒1型(EHV1)和4型(EHV4)糖蛋白G(gG),对克隆载体pMD-1gG和pMD-4gG分别进行BamHⅠ+SalⅠ和EcoRⅠ+HindⅢ双酶切,将所得片段分别插入表达载体pGEX-6P-1和pET28a(+)中,构建了重组质粒pGEX-1gG和pET-4gG。经双酶切和序列鉴定为阳性后,将重组质粒pGEX-1gG转化入大肠杆菌BL21(DE3)、重组质粒pET-4gG转化入大肠杆菌Rosetta(DE3)中,经IPTG诱导表达后对表达产物进行SDS-PAGE分析。结果显示,分别在35和17ku处出现与预期大小相符的目的条带。Western-blot结果证实,目的蛋白均具有良好的反应原性。表明,成功实现了EHV1gG和EHV4gG蛋白的正确表达,初步鉴定其具有良好的反应原性。%To obtain the gG proteins of EHV1 and EHV4 by prokaryotic expression,the recombinant cloning plasmids pMD-1gG and pMD-4gG were digested with BamH Ⅰ +Sal Ⅰ and EcoR Ⅰ q-Hind Ⅲ respectively,and the gG fragments were cloned into the BamH Ⅰ and Sal Ⅰ sites of plasmid pGEX-6P-1 and the EcoR Ⅰ and Hind Ⅲ sites of pET-28a(+)to construct recombinant expression plasmids pGEX-1gG and pET-4gG. The recombinant plasmids were verified by digestion and sequencing analysis and then transformed into Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3) and Rosetta(DE3) respectively, which were then induced with IPTG at 37 ℃. Expressed proteins of 35 ku and 17 ku as expected were showed by SDS-PAGE. In the Western-blot test,the expressed products can react with the antibodies to EHV1 or EHV4,which indicated that fusion proteins were expressed in the prokaryote system and showed good reactionogenicity.

  20. Power sharing algorithm for vector controlled six-phase AC motor with four customary three-phase voltage source inverter drive

    Padmanaban, Sanjeevikumar; Grandi, Gabriele; Blaabjerg, Frede


    This paper considered a six-phase (asymmetrical) induction motor, kept 30 phase displacement between two set of three-phase open-end stator windings configuration. The drive system consists of four classical three-phase voltage inverters (VSIs) and all four dc sources are deliberately kept isolated......) by nearest three vectors (NTVs) approach is adopted to regulate each couple of VSIs. The proposed power sharing algorithm is verified by complete numerical simulation modeling (Matlab/ Simulink-PLECS software) of whole ac drive system by observing the dynamic behaviors in different designed condition. Set...

  1. Tevatron AC dipole system

    Miyamoto, R.; Kopp, S.E.; /Texas U.; Jansson, A.; Syphers, M.J.; /Fermilab


    The AC dipole is an oscillating dipole magnet which can induce large amplitude oscillations without the emittance growth and decoherence. These properties make it a good tool to measure optics of a hadron synchrotron. The vertical AC dipole for the Tevatron is powered by an inexpensive high power audio amplifier since its operating frequency is approximately 20 kHz. The magnet is incorporated into a parallel resonant system to maximize the current. The use of a vertical pinger magnet which has been installed in the Tevatron made the cost relatively inexpensive. Recently, the initial system was upgraded with a more powerful amplifier and oscillation amplitudes up to 2-3{sigma} were achieved with the 980 GeV proton beam. This paper discusses details of the Tevatron AC dipole system and also shows its test results.

  2. Power sharing algorithm for vector controlled six-phase AC motor with four customary three-phase voltage source inverter drive

    Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban


    Full Text Available This paper considered a six-phase (asymmetrical induction motor, kept 30° phase displacement between two set of three-phase open-end stator windings configuration. The drive system consists of four classical three-phase voltage inverters (VSIs and all four dc sources are deliberately kept isolated. Therefore, zero-sequence/homopolar current components cannot flow. The original and effective power sharing algorithm is proposed in this paper with three variables (degree of freedom based on synchronous field oriented control (FOC. A standard three-level space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM by nearest three vectors (NTVs approach is adopted to regulate each couple of VSIs. The proposed power sharing algorithm is verified by complete numerical simulation modeling (Matlab/Simulink-PLECS software of whole ac drive system by observing the dynamic behaviors in different designed condition. Set of results are provided in this paper, which confirms a good agreement with theoretical development.

  3. Analysis and Comparing of Urban Rail Locomotive Auxiliary System AC Power Supply Mode%城轨列车辅助系统交流供电方式的分析与比较



    Through analyzing the urban rail locomotive auxiliary system AC power system supply mode, comparing the ad-vantages and disadvantages of general power supply mode and individual supply mode, prove accordance to urban rail auxil-iary system AC power supply mode selection.%通过对城轨列车辅助系统交流供电方式进行分析,比较集中供电方式和分散供电方式的各自优劣,为城轨列车辅助系统交流供电供电方式选型提供依据。

  4. A comparative study of modelling AC electric arc by one-dimensional interpolation for power system harmonics analysis

    Liu Yu-Jen; Hung Jen-Pan; Chen Shang-I; Lin Cheng-Wei


    Electric arc is a discharge phenomenon caused by particular electrical events and arc produced facilities in power system, for example the occurrence of short-circuit fault in feeders and the use of electric arc furnace for steel-making. All of these electric arcs have a highly nonlinear nature and can be considered as a significant source of power quality problems. To investigate the impacts of the electric arcs on power quality studies the development of the electric arc models for simulati...

  5. Direct Power Control Based Single-Phase AC-DC Converter Controller Design%基于直接功率控制的单相AC-DC变流器控制器设计

    马庆安; 李群湛; 邱大强; 徐英雷; 张丽艳


    Single-phase AC-DC full-bridge converter is popular in industry. The aβ-coordinate model was setup for the single-phase system via delaying variables by 90°. Controller was designed based on direct power control. The two-degree-of-freedom PI controller was utilized in this paper to increase the robustness of the system and decrease the overshoot, and sampled voltages were modified to improve the performance. Simulation was conducted based on PSCAD/EMTDC, the results verify the feasibility.%将单相系统延迟90°得到αβ坐标系二相系统,并由此建立了单相变流器的数学模型。基于直接功率控制设计了单相变流器控制系统。提出电压外环使用二自由度PI控制器以提高控制系统的鲁棒性并降低系统启动过程中的超调量,对可能影响系统性能的采样电压进行了修正。最后基于PSCAD/EMTDC的仿真分析验证了方案的可行性。

  6. Multisim simulation test of RLC sinusoidal AC circuit power%RLC 正弦交流电路电量的 Multisim 仿真测试



      本文基于探索RLC正弦交流电路电量波形的Multisim仿真的目的,运用Multisim10软件对RLC正弦交流电路的特性进行了仿真实验分析,给出了Multisim仿真实验方案,仿真了电路中总电压、电流及各元件电压的相位关系,虚拟仿真实验结果与理论分析计算结果相一致,结论是仿真实验可直观形象地描述电路的工作特性。%To explore the Multisim simulation of RLC sinusoidal AC circuit power waveform , the paper car-ries out the simulation experiments to analyze the characteristics of RLC sinusoidal AC circuit by using Multi -sim10 software.The paper proposes the Multisim simulation scheme and simulates the phase relationship of the total voltage, the electric current and the voltage of each phase in the circuit .The simulation results are given to show that the results of virtual simulation and the theoretical analysis are consistent .The simulation experiment can intuitively and vividly describe the work characteristics of the circuit .

  7. SoC-Based Dynamic Power Sharing Method with AC-Bus Voltage Restoration for Microgrid Applications

    Lu, Xiaonan; Sun, Kai; Guerrero, Josep M.


    In a microgrid system, distributed energy storage units are commonly employed as the energy buffers. In this paper, a dynamic power sharing method based on the state-of-charge (SoC) of each energy storage unit is proposed. Droop control is employed as the basic control strategy for the distributed...... shared in the energy storage system. The relationship between the droop coefficient and SoC are studied deeply and the small signal model is developed to verify the stability of the control system. It is found that the active power sharing speed becomes faster with higher exponent of SoC. At the same...... energy storage units. By using the proposed method, the coefficients in the conventional droop method are adjusted according to the SoC of each energy storage module. The modules with higher SoC delivers more active power, while those with lower SoC delivers less. Meanwhile, the reactive power is equally...

  8. Electric Vehicle to Power Grid Integration Using Three-Phase Three-Level AC/DC Converter and PI-Fuzzy Controller

    Khairy Sayed


    Full Text Available This paper presents the control and simulation of an electric vehicle (EV charging station using a three-level converter on the grid-side as well as on the EV-side. The charging station control schemes with three-level AC/DC power conversion and a bidirectional DC/DC charging regulator are described. The integration of EVs to the power grid provides an improvement of the grid reliability and stability. EVs are considered an asset to the smart grid to optimize effective performance economically and environmentally under various operation conditions, and more significantly to sustain the resiliency of the grid in the case of emergency conditions and disturbance events. The three-level grid side converter (GSC can participate in the reactive power support or grid voltage control at the grid interfacing point or the common coupling point (PCC. A fuzzy logic proportional integral (FL-PI controller is proposed to control the GSC converter. The controllers used are verified and tested by simulation to evaluate their performance using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The comparison of a PI-controller and a PI-Fuzzy controller for the EV charging station shows the effectiveness of the proposed FL-PI controller over conventional PI controller for same circuit operating conditions. A good performance for PI-Fuzzy in terms of settling time and peak overshoot can observed from the simulation results.

  9. Design of a Solid-State Fast Voltage Compensator for klystron modulators requiring constant AC power consumption

    Aguglia, Davide; Viarouge, Philippe; Cros, Jerome


    This paper proposes a novel topological solution for klystron modulators integrating a Fast Voltage Compensator which allows an operation at constant power consumption from the utility grid. This kind of solution is mandatory for the CLIC project under study, which requires several hundreds of synchronously operated klystron modulators for a total pulsed power of 39 GW. The topology is optimized for the challenging CLIC specifications, which require a very precise output voltage flat-top as well as fast rise and fall times (3µs). The Fast Voltage Compensator is integrated in the modulator such that it only has to manage the capacitor charger current and a fraction of the charging voltage. Consequently, its dimensioning power and cost is minimized.

  10. Analysis and implementation of power managment and control strategy for six-phase multilevel ac drive system in fault condition

    Sanjeevikumar, P.; Grandi, Gabriele; Blaabjerg, Frede


    This research article exploits the power management algorithm in post-fault conditions for a six-phase (quad) multilevel inverter. The drive circuit consists of four 2-level, three-phase voltage source inverter (VSI) supplying a six-phase open-end windings motor or/impedance load, with circumstan......This research article exploits the power management algorithm in post-fault conditions for a six-phase (quad) multilevel inverter. The drive circuit consists of four 2-level, three-phase voltage source inverter (VSI) supplying a six-phase open-end windings motor or/impedance load...... sources. The developed post-fault algorithm is applied when there is a fault by one VSI and the load is fed from the remaining three healthy VSIs. In faulty conditions the multilevel outputs are reduced from 3-level to 2-level, but still the system propagates with degraded power. Numerical simulation...


    Gao Chao


    This letter studies and analyzes the working features of main circuit of tri-level boost Power Factor Correct (PFC) converter and the advantages of tri-level switch converter in aspects of bearing high-voltage of power components,overall system loss and magnetic component selection based upon the single-level boost PFC switch converter. Besides,relying on the application of mi-croprocessor in power converter technology and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) chip's strong cal-culating capacity,the letter presents the adoption of modified scheme of tri-level boost PFC converter under the control of predictive control algorithm. Moreover,the operating principle and control method are specified,the results of circuit test and analysis are provided and the advantages of pre-dictive control technology-based multi-level boost PFC converter is verified.

  12. Modeling and Compensation Design for a Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of an AC Distribution System

    Ainsworth, Nathan; Hariri, Ali; Prabakar, Kumaraguru; Pratt, Annabelle; Baggu, Murali


    Power hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL) simulation, where actual hardware under text is coupled with a real-time digital model in closed loop, is a powerful tool for analyzing new methods of control for emerging distributed power systems. However, without careful design and compensation of the interface between the simulated and actual systems, PHIL simulations may exhibit instability and modeling inaccuracies. This paper addresses issues that arise in the PHIL simulation of a hardware battery inverter interfaced with a simulated distribution feeder. Both the stability and accuracy issues are modeled and characterized, and a methodology for design of PHIL interface compensation to ensure stability and accuracy is presented. The stability and accuracy of the resulting compensated PHIL simulation is then shown by experiment.

  13. Effect of Tower Shadow and Wind Shear in a Wind Farm on AC Tie-Line Power Oscillations of Interconnected Power Systems

    Tan, Jin; Hu, Weihao; Wang, Xiaoru


    This paper describes a frequency domain approach for evaluating the impact of tower shadow and wind shear effects (TSWS) on tie-line power oscillations. A simplified frequency domain model of an interconnected power system with a wind farm is developed. The transfer function, which relates the ti...

  14. Evaluation of a vectored equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) vaccine expressing H3 haemagglutinin in the protection of dogs against canine influenza.

    Rosas, Cristina; Van de Walle, Gerlinde R; Metzger, Stephan M; Hoelzer, Karin; Dubovi, Edward J; Kim, Sung G; Parrish, Colin R; Osterrieder, Nikolaus


    In 2004, canine influenza virus (CIV) was identified as a respiratory pathogen of dogs for the first time and found to be closely related to H3N8 equine influenza virus (EIV). We generated a recombinant vectored vaccine that expresses H3 of a recent isolate of EIV using equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) as the delivery vehicle. This EHV-1 vectored vaccine exhibited robust and stable EIV H3 expression and induced a strong influenza virus-specific response in both mice and dogs upon intranasal or subcutaneous administration. Furthermore, upon challenge with the recent CIV isolate A/canine/PA/10915-07, protection of vaccinated dogs could be demonstrated by a significant reduction in clinical sings, and, more importantly, by a significant reduction in virus shedding. We concluded that the EHV-1/H3 recombinant vector can be a valuable alternative for protection of dogs against clinical disease induced by CIV and can significantly reduce virus spread.

  15. Overview of Key Techniques of EHV/UHV Controllable Shunt Reactor%超/特高压可控并联电抗器关键技术综述

    郑涛; 赵彦杰


    The controllable shunt reactor (CSR) is one of the key elements used in an extra-high voltage (EHV)/ultra-high voltage(UHV)transmission system for reactive power control.In contrast to conventional CSRs,EHV/UHV CSRs are at a higher voltage level and with a larger capacity,which makes higher requirements on the indices such as response speed, harmonic distortion,reliability and the corresponding techniques.An overview is made of domestic and foreign developments in four key techniques of EHV/UHV CSR,including body structure design,electromagnetic transient modeling,protection configuration research and control system design. The advantages and disadvantages of different technical schemes are discussed.Key issues of the four techniques are pointed out,and the trends in application and development are proj ected.%可控高压并联电抗器是超/特高压输电系统中重要的无功调节设备。相比于其他可控并联电抗器,超/特高压可控并联电抗器电压高、容量大,对响应速度、谐波含量以及可靠性等性能指标及相关技术有着更高的要求。文中综述了超/特高压可控并联电抗器在本体结构设计、电磁暂态仿真模型构建、本体保护配置及原理研究、控制系统设计等4个方面关键技术的国内外研究现状,评述了各技术方案的优缺点,指出了各关键技术的重、难点,并对相关技术的发展趋势作出了展望。

  16. Control of grid interactive AC microgrids

    Wang, Xiongfei; Guerrero, Josep M.; Chen, Zhe


    and reliability, becomes an attractive candidate for the configuration of future electrical power system. This paper gives a brief review of grid interactive ac microgrid configurations. Control methods for power electronics interfaced DER units in grid interactive ac microgrids are discussed. In addition......, microgrid controls and power management strategies are presented. Future trends of microgrid are discussed pointing out how this concept can be a key to achieve a more intelligent and flexible AC grid....

  17. Comparison of mechanical drive concepts for high power ac-traction locomotives; Vergleich mechanischer Antriebskonzepte fuer Drehstrom-Hochleistungslokomotiven

    Koerner, O. [Siemens AG, Nuernberg (Germany). A und D LD T D2


    Due to the recent progress with rare earth magnets, a direct drive based on a permanent magnetic synchronous machine could be employed in high power locomotives. An unsprung and a partially suspended direct drive are compared by the criteria of complexity, costs, vertical wheel-rail forces and dynamic loads on the drive with a conventional cardan hollow shaft drive and a nose suspended drive. (orig.)

  18. 基于IGBT的交流固态功率控制器设计%Design of AC Solid-State Power Controller Based on IGBT

    刘建英; 刘鹏飞; 马敏; 杨占刚; 李新健


    Solid state power controller ( SSPC) is a solid state device which is used to replace the relay’s role of switching and the breaker’s role of protection.It’s a switch matching with solid state distribution system.SSPC has the advantages of no noise, reacting quickly no electronic contact,no electronic arc,high reliability and so on.Therefore,an AC power switch based on insula-ted gate bipolar transistor(IGBT) at reverse tandem structure was presented.By replacing the complex signal processing circuit, AC-DC converter AD736 was used to convert capacitance sensor output into digital signal directly,simplify the electronics,and minimiz the interference of distributed and parasitic capacitance.Experiment result shows that the system meets the requirement of accuracy,and acquires good performance on the over-current protection of inverse-time.%固态功率控制器( SSPC)是集断路器线路保护功能和固态继电器可靠性于一体的智能开关装置,具有开关速度快、无触点、无电弧、可靠性高等特点。为此,以基于绝缘栅双极型晶体管( IGBT)反向串联结构为交流功率开关,研制了交流固态功率控制器。应用交流-直流真有效值转换芯片AD736,将传感器的输出直接转换为直流信号,省去了前端复杂的信号调理电路,简化了设计,并且有效地降低了寄生电容和杂散电容的影响。实验表明:设计的交流固态功率控制器原理样机满足测量精度要求,并验证了对负载反时限过流保护功能。

  19. 一种单位功率因数单相AC/DC变换器的研究%Investigation on a Single-phase AC/DC Converter with Unity Power Factor

    杨喜军; 陈红平; 叶芃生



  20. The Precision Stepping AC Power Based on the Single-chip Microcomputer Controling%基于单片机控制的精密交流步进电源

    傅元; 张钦; 丁振宇


    为了满足市场对高精度交流步进电源的需求,设计并实现了一种基于单片机控制的精密交流步进电源。主电路采用典型的单端反激式开关电源,实现交流工频220V到直流340V的升压输出,控制电路核心芯片采用51单片机,利用PWM和SPWM技术驱动功率开关管的导通和关断,结合单相双向功率芯片CS5460精准测量和计算,实现输出交流电压范围为0.1V-220V,步进电压50mV。该精密交流步进电源具有使用便捷、可靠性高、精度较高等优点。%In order to meet the market demand for high-precision stepping AC power , designed and implemented the precision stepping AC power based on the single-chip microcomputer controling. The main circuit used typical single-ended flyback switch power supply, implementation of AC 220V to DC 340V power frequency boost output, control circuit used the 51 single-chip microcomputer as core chip, taking advantage of PWM and SPWM technology driven conduction and shut off the power switch tube, combining with single-phase two-way power chip CS5460 precise measurement and calculation, realized the output voltage range from 0.1V to 220V, stepped voltage 50 mV.The precision stepping AC power supply has the advantages of high convenient,use reliability and high precision.

  1. 含直流电源与负荷的交直流系统潮流算法%Power flow algorithm for AC/DC system with DC sources and loads

    傅裕; 杨建华; 张琪


    考虑轻型高压直流输电技术的特点,提出了基于电压源换流器(VSC)的交直流电力系统统一迭代潮流求解算法,分别从交流网络、电压源换流器和直流网络三部分推导了其相应的牛顿-拉夫逊法潮流计算修正方程式.该算法可以进行包含直流电源和直流负荷的交直流系统潮流计算.修改的WSCC-9节点系统仿真结果验证了所提算法的正确性和有效性.%A uniform iterative algorithm of power flow calculation for AC/DC system based on VSG (Voltage Source Converter) is proposed with the consideration of light HVDC technology. The correction equations of the Newton-Raphson method are deduced for AC grid,VSG and DC grid respectively. It can be used for the power flow calculation of AC/DC system with DC sources and loads. Simulative results for the modified WSCC 9-bus AC/DC hybrid power system demonstrate its correctness and validity.

  2. 核电厂仪控系统ACDC类电源自动测试系统%Auto-Testing System for AC/DC Power Supplies of I & C System of Nuclear Power Plants

    曾泽嵘; 王健; 陶长兴


    核电厂仪控系统是核电站的神经中枢,要求能在恶劣环境下完成数据采集与处理、控制与调节、诊断、通讯等功能,因此对其供电电源有很高要求[1]。核电厂大修及日常维护中,需要测试诊断及老化试验的仪控电源备件种类繁多、数量巨大。通过分析核电厂对仪控电源备件测试诊断及老化试验的要求,针对核电厂仪控系统中数量最多ACDC类电源设计该测试系统,具有自动化程度高、可靠性、安全性等特点。%I&C Systems are the nerve center of the nuclear power plants, which is required to function good of data-acquisition and processing, control and regulation, diagnostic, communication etc. in hash environments, thus it's extremely strict for its power supply. In the overhaul and regular maintenances of nuclear power plant, the I&C system power supplies under testing or diagnostic and aging test are in various sorts and in large number. By analyzing the requirements of nuclear power plants, here presence a design of auto-testing system for AC/DC power supplies, which have features of highly automatic, reliability, safety etc.

  3. Immunogenicity of equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV1) and equine rhinovirus type 1 (ERhV1) following inactivation by betapropiolactone (BPL) and ultraviolet (UV) light

    Campbell, T.M.; Studdert, M.J.; Blackney, M.H. (Melbourne Univ., Parkville (Australia). School of Veterinary Science)


    Some kinetic data on the inactivation of equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV1) and equine rhinovirus type 1 (ERhV1) by betapropiolactone (BPL) and ultraviolet (UV) irradiation are reported. 0.25% BPL at 37/sup 0/C for 1 h reduced the titre of EHV1 by > 10sup(3.4) and of ERhV1 by > 10sup(4.1) TCID/sub 50//ml. UV irradiation (334 2/) produced similar reductions in titre after 2 min. These data were used as a basis for inactivating EHV1 and ERhV1 by the combined action of BPL and UV irradiation. Viruses were exposed to 0.1% BPL for 1 h at 4/sup 0/C with constant stirring, followed by UV irradiation for 2 min, followed by incubation for 3 h at 37/sup 0/C. Inactivated EHV1 elicted secondary immune responses only in horses whereas ERhV1 produced primary immune responses in mice (including athymic nu/nu mice), rabbits and probably in horses.

  4. Software Development for DC Current Distribution in AC Power Grid%交流电网直流电流分布仿真软件的开发

    汪发明; 张露; 全江涛; 谢齐家; 潘卓洪; 文习山


    为量化分析高压直流输电入地电流(简称直流电流)在交流电网内的分布,提出了直流分布的完整理论分析模型,实现了变电站地下网络的Thevenin等效;借助潮流计算数据取得交流电网的接线信息,开发了潮流计算接口,解决了现代大型交流电网接线运行方式的数据输入问题。运用随机模拟试验方法探讨交流电网直流分布的机理,分析了交流电网内的直流电流的分布规律:交流电网规模越大直流电流分布越广;杆塔-避雷线系统的存在会使交流电网直流电流分布密集;采用抑制措施后交流电网局部直流电流分布可能更加密集,但直流电流分布总量下降。仿真软件适用于大型交流电网直流电流分布的预测计算和抑制措施的仿真评估,可以为更好地分析、预报和抑制直流电流分布及其不良影响提供参考。%In order to analyze the HVDC transmission's earth-return current distribution in AC power grids,an improved theoretical model is set up realizing the Thevenin equivalence of underground networks.A power flow calculation interface is developed to load data of the connection of modern large-scale AC grid.Then the random test method was used to summarize the rules of DC current distribution.The results are gained as follows:the larger the AC grid,the more the DC current distribution is caused;the DC current distribution is increased by towers and overhead ground wires;though the local DC current distribution is increased,the total DC current distribution is suppressed by mitigation methods.The simulation software is suitable for DC current distribution computation and evaluating the mitigation methods,and it provides reference for analysis,forecast,mitigation,and adverse effects of DC current distributions.

  5. A touchdown PCR for the differentiation of equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) field strains from the modified live vaccine strain RacH.

    Osterrieder, N; Hübert, P H; Brandmüller, C; Kaaden, O R


    More than 50 reference strains and field isolates of equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) were examined by a touchdown PCR. Primers for specific amplification of EHV-1 DNA were chosen from the terminal and internal repeat regions of the EHV-1 genome where the high-passaged live vaccine strain RacH displays symmetric 850 bp deletions. The positive strand and one negative strand primer were designed to encompass the deletions present in RacH, and the second negative strand primer was designed to hybridize within these deletions. Discrimination between field isolates and the vaccine strain was achieved by the generation of amplification products of different size: In all EHV-1 reference strains and field isolates, a 495 bp DNA fragment was amplified specifically, whereas a 310 bp fragment was amplified when DNA of the vaccine strain RacH was used as a template. PCR amplification was only obtained in the presence of 8-10% dimethylsulfoxide and when the primer annealing temperatures were decreased stepwise from 72 degrees C to 60 degrees C. Under these conditions as little as 100 fg template DNA, corresponding to about 100 genome equivalents, could be detected. The PCR assay allows fast and sensitive discrimination of the modified live vaccine strain RacH from field strains of EHV-1 since it is applicable to viral DNA extracted from organ samples and paraffin-embedded tissues. It may thus be helpful for examining the potential involvement of the RacH live vaccine strain in abortions of vaccinated mares.

  6. 交流电子负载中电感参数的选取%Inductor Parameters Selection of AC Power Electronic Load

    严雪飞; 朱长青; 赵月飞; 安巧静; 侯立健


    For the purpose of fast tracking of the current, in this paper,the voltage PWM converter is used to realize the analogy of the load characteristics. And the hysteresis current control is used to control the AC current in order to realize the fast tracking. In view of lack of theoretical basis for the selection of inductance,the variation of the inductor current in AC power electronic load is analyzed,and the range of inductor parameters is designed with considering reference current tracing ,the switch frequency limit and current harmonics restraining and finally the range of the load inductance is determined and a simulation model was established in matlab/simulink. The simulation results show selection of the appropriate inductance helps to quickly track the reference current and improve the waveform quality,and the results also prove the effectiveness of this selection scheme.%为了实现电子负载中实际电流快速跟踪指令电流的目的,电路采用了电压型PWM变换器实现负载特性的模拟,通过滞环电流控制方法对交流侧电流进行控制来实现快速跟踪指令电流;针对电感选取缺乏理论基础的缺点,分析了交流电子负载中电感电流的变化规律,从快速跟踪指令电流、开关管频率限制以及抑制谐波三方面综合考虑给出了电感参数范围确定的方法,并最终确定了电子负载中电感的选取范围,最后在matlab/simulink中建立了仿真模型。仿真结果表明,选取合适的电感有助于快速跟踪指令电流和提高波形质量,同时也证明了该选取方案的有效性和可行性。

  7. Pragmatic power

    Eccles, William


    Pragmatic Power is focused on just three aspects of the AC electrical power system that supplies and moves the vast majority of electrical energy nearly everywhere in the world: three-phase power systems, transformers, and induction motors. The reader needs to have had an introduction to electrical circuits and AC power, although the text begins with a review of the basics of AC power. Balanced three-phase systems are studied by developing their single-phase equivalents. The study includes a look at how the cost of ""power"" is affected by reactive power and power factor. Transformers are cons

  8. 林肯AC-1200焊接电源结构特点与原理分析%Feature and Principle analysis of Lincon AC-1200 Welding Power




  9. 基于MATLAB的交流电源频率调节环路仿真%Simulation of Frequency Regulation Loop for AC Power Supply Based on MATLAB

    刘爱元; 刘持胜; 戴洪德


    Based on the introduction of components and principles of frequency regulation loop of constant fre⁃quency AC power supply, mathematic model of frequency modulation system was established. In this paper, the simulation with parameters changed under the state of middling rotate speed and middling load of the engine was discussed with emphasis. The simulation results showed that the change of system parameters would affect the dynamic and static characteristics of the system. The simulation results have good application value.%  在介绍某型恒频交流电源频率调节环路的组成和工作原理的基础上,分析了频率调节环路各组成部分的数学模型,建立了频率调节环路总的数学模型。文章重点讨论了某型发动机在中转速中负载状态下,改变滤波整形放大电路频率调节环路前向通道和反馈通道参数对系统动静态特性产生的影响。利用MATLAB仿真工具对系统进行了变参数仿真,得出了相应的仿真曲线,并对仿真结果进行了动静态特性分析。该仿真结果具有很好的应用价值。

  10. AcEST: BP911950 [AcEST

    Full Text Available herpesvirus 1 (strain Kentucky A) GN=IR6 PE=4 SV=1 Length = 272 Score = 30.0 bits (66), Expect = 5.7 Identi...: 369 QRLAQGP 389 L+ GP Sbjct: 76 DTLSNGP 82 >sp|P68342|VG67_EHV1K Uncharacterized gene 67 protein OS=Equine

  11. Design of coarse signal processing software for AC power smart sensor experimental platform%交流电力智能传感器粗信号处理实验平台的软件设计

    殷巧; 肖继学; 童俊; 程志; 廖旋; 张汉中; 吴瑞竹


    A kind of software, which is suitable for AC power smart sensor experimental platform, is developed to perform coarse signal processing for AC power smart sensor. It contains signal acquisition, signal preprocessing, coarse signal processing and other function modules. It can perform sampling and storing signal, calculating AC power period and offset, analyzing amplitude and initial phase, which are difficult to work out, with definition method, correlation method and LMS method. Results of experiment show that the software can implement the coarse signal processing methods for AC power smart sensor and meet the needs of the experimental platform.%在Keil集成开发环境中设计采用单片机的交流电力智能传感器实验平台的软件系统.该软件包括信号采集、信号预处理、粗信号处理等功能模块,分别完成电力信号的采样与保存,交流电力周期与偏移量的获取,基于定义法、相关分析法、最小二乘法的交流电力难测特征参数幅值与初相位的分析.实验表明,该软件能较好地实现交流电力智能传感器的多种粗信号处理方法,满足实验平台的要求.

  12. DC-Modulated PFC Buck-Type AC/AC Converter for Light Dimming

    罗方林; 叶虹


    Dimmers are very widely applied in theatres, cinemas, dancing-parties, auditoriums and signal systems. They are usually supplied by single-stage AC/AC converters in the past with voltage regulation technique with the disadvantages of high total harmonic distortion, low power factor and poor power transfer efficiency. This paper introduces a novel method-DC-modulation that implements DC/DC conversion technology into AC/AC converters. The DC-modulated single-stage PFC AC/AC converters effectively improved the power factor up to 0.999 and the power transfer efficiency up to 97.8 %. The experimental results verified our design and calculation. This technique will be widely used in light dimming and other industrial applications.

  13. 1000 kV 交流特高压输电线路运行特性分析%Analysis of 1 000 kV AC Ultra High Voltage Power Transmission Line Operation Characteristics



    1000 kV 交流特高压输电线路是解决我国电力能源分布不均匀,降低电力负荷的有效手段。1000 kV 交流特高压线路的维护工作也开始受到社会各界的广泛关注。为了保障交流特高压线路能够安全运行,文章分析了1000 kV 交流特高压输电线路运行特性,借鉴了国外先进经验,总结了其中的关键技术。%1 000 kV AC UHV transmission line is an effective means of uneven distribution of electric energy,reduce the power load solutions,the maintenance work of 1 000 kV AC UHV line has begun to attract widespread concern in the community,in order to protect AC UHV safe operation,we must summarize the key technologies,learn from foreign ad-vanced experience,this paper analyzes the operating characteristics of 1 000 kV UHV AC transmission lines.

  14. Compact 40 kA 16,7 Hz switchgear for traction power supply; Kompakte 40-kA-Bahnschaltanlage fuer AC 15 kV 16,7 Hz

    Kinscher, Jochen [Siemens AG, Erlangen (DE). Industry Sector Mobility Div. Complete Transportation (I MO CT); Jentzsch, Peter [Siemens AG, Berlin (DE). Industry Sector Mobility Div. Complete Transportation Power Supply Germany (I MO CT EL P)


    The air-insulated medium-voltage switchgear Sitras {sup registered} ASG 15 is the first type-tested compact switchgear that can be used in AC 15 kV 16,7 Hz traction power supplies with up to 40 kA short-circuit currents. Therefore, it meets all the demands on prefabricated switchgears for railway applications that railway system operators today are focusing on and is a best practice example for a successful adaption of components designed for the 50 Hz technology for 16,7 Hz traction power supplies. (orig.)

  15. The truncated form of glycoprotein gp2 of equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) vaccine strain KyA is not functionally equivalent to full-length gp2 encoded by EHV-1 wild-type strain RacL11.

    von Einem, Jens; Wellington, Janet; Whalley, J Millar; Osterrieder, Kerstin; O'Callaghan, Dennis J; Osterrieder, Nikolaus


    Most equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) strains, including the naturally occurring virulent RacL11 isolate, encode a large glycoprotein, gp2 (250 kDa), which is expressed from gene 71. Besides other alterations in the viral genome, the avirulent strain KyA harbors an in-frame deletion of 1,242 nucleotides in gene 71. To examine the contributions of gp2 variation to virus growth and virulence, mutant RacL11 and KyA viruses expressing full-length or truncated gp2 were generated. Western blot analyses demonstrated expression of a 250-kDa gp2 in cells infected with RacL11 virus or a mutant KyA virus harboring full-length gene 71, whereas a 75- to 80-kDa gp2 was detected in cells infected with KyA or mutant RacL11 virus expressing KyA gp2. The RacL11 gp2 precursor of 250 kDa in size and its truncated KyA counterpart of 80 kDa, as well as the 42-kDa carboxy-terminal gp2 subunit, were incorporated into virus particles. Absence of gp2 in RacL11 resulted in a 6-fold reduction of extracellular virus titers and a 13% reduction of plaque diameters, whereas gp2-negative KyA exhibited a 55% reduction in plaque diameter and a 51-fold decrease in extracellular virus titers. The massive growth defects of gp2-negative KyA could be restored by reinsertion of the truncated but not the full-length gp2 gene. The virulence of the generated gp2 mutant viruses was compared to the virulence of KyA and RacL11 in a murine infection model. RacL11 lacking gp2 was apathogenic for BALB/c mice, and insertion of the truncated KyA gp2 gene into RacL11 was unable to restore virulence. Similarly, replacement in the KyA genome of the truncated with the full-length RacL11 gene 71 did not result in the generation of virulent virus. From the results we conclude that full-length and truncated EHV-1 gp2 are not functionally equivalent and cannot compensate for the action of their homologues in allogeneic virus backgrounds.

  16. Routine- and on-site tests on accessories for EHV-XLPE-insulated cables; Stueck- und Inbetriebnahmepruefung an Garnituren fuer VPE-isolierte Hochspannungskabel

    Schmidt, F.; Weissenberg, W. [Pirelli Kabel und Systeme GmbH und Co. KG, Kabelwerk Berlin (Germany)


    The authors describe their experience with a new measurement system for use in unshielded rooms. By this method accessories for EHV-XLPE-cables were reliably proofed as partial discharge free at routine- as well as on-site tests. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die Verfasser berichten ueber die Moeglichkeit, durch Messungen in ungeschirmten Pruefaufbauten sowohl bei der Stueck- als auch bei der Inbetriebnahmepruefung die Teilentladungsfreiheit von Garnituren fuer HS-VPE-Kabelanlagen nachzuweisen. (orig.)




    Full Text Available The proposed topology reduces the total harmonic distortion (THD of a high frequency AC/AC Converter well below the acceptable limit. This paper deals with a novel single phase AC/DC/AC soft switching utility frequency AC to high frequency AC converter. In this paper a single phase full bridge inverter with Vienna rectifier as front end is used instead of conventional diode bridge rectifier to provide continuous sinusoidal input current with nearly unity power factor at the source side with extremely low distortion.. This power converter is more suitable and acceptable for cost effective high frequency (HF consumer induction heating applications.

  18. Investigation of the prevalence of neurologic equine herpes virus type 1 (EHV-1) in a 23-year retrospective analysis (1984-2007).

    Perkins, Gillian A; Goodman, Laura B; Tsujimura, Koji; Van de Walle, Gerlinde R; Kim, Sung G; Dubovi, Edward J; Osterrieder, Nikolaus


    A single nucleotide polymorphism in the equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) DNA polymerase gene (ORF30 A(2254) to G) has been associated with clinical signs of equine herpes myeloencephalopathy (EHM). The purpose of our study was to determine the odds ratio for this genetic marker and EHM using a panel of field isolates from North America collected over the past twenty-three years. EHV-1 isolates cultured at the Cornell University Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory from 1984 to 2007 were retrieved along with their clinical histories. DNA was extracted from these EHV-1 cultures and allelic discrimination was performed using real-time PCR. The results were confirmed by sequencing of the target region in ORF30. PCR and sequencing were in 100% agreement and showed that 19 out of the 176 isolates had the ORF30 G(2254) allele (11%), of which 16 were EHM cases and 3 respiratory or abortion cases. The odds of having neurologic disease with the ORF30 G(2254) genotype were computed as 162 times greater than those with the opposite allele ORF30 A(2254) (95% confidence interval: 35-742). Despite this strong statistical significance, 24% (5/21) of horses with neurologic disease in our study population harbored the "non-neurologic" form of the allele (ORF30 A(2254)), suggesting that other factors may also contribute to the onset of EHM.

  19. An equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) vectored H1 vaccine protects against challenge with swine-origin influenza virus H1N1.

    Said, Abdelrahman; Damiani, Armando; Ma, Guanggang; Kalthoff, Donata; Beer, Martin; Osterrieder, Nikolaus


    In 2009, a novel swine-origin H1N1 influenza A virus (S-OIV), antigenically and genetically divergent from seasonal H1N1, caused a flu pandemic in humans. Development of an effective vaccine to limit transmission of S-OIV in animal reservoir hosts and from reservoir hosts to humans and animals is necessary. In the present study, we constructed and evaluated a vectored vaccine expressing the H1 hemagglutinin of a recent S-OIV isolate using equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) as the delivery vehicle. Expression of the recombinant protein was demonstrated by immunofluorescence and western blotting and the in vitro growth properties of the modified live vector were found to be comparable to those of the parental virus. The EHV-1-H1 vaccine induced an influenza virus-specific antibody response when inoculated into mice by both the intranasal and subcutaneous routes. Upon challenge infection, protection of vaccinated mice could be demonstrated by reduction of clinical signs and faster virus clearance. Our study shows that an EHV-1-based influenza H1N1 vaccine may be a promising alternative for protection against S-OIV infection.

  20. 一种适用于新型直接交交型有源滤波器的逐次分序谐波检测算法%A Harmonic Detection Method by Separated Sequence and Order Suitable for Novel Direct AC-AC Based Active Power Filters

    吕自波; 李楚杉; 邓焰; 何湘宁; 谢瑞


    有源电力滤波器(active power filter,APF)是电力系统中实现谐波治理功能的一种新型变流设备。谐波检测作为APF 的关键技术之一,直接决定了其整体性能。针对近来出现的一类基于直接交交变换技术的 APF,提出一种新的谐波检测算法。该算法结合改进的滑窗离散傅里叶变换法以及对称分量法,实现对三相电网各次谐波的各序分量的独立的快速检测。新算法与传统方法相比具有简单快速的优势。尤其是当系统不平衡时,需要在每个谐波频率上对正序与负序分量分别检测的应用场合。此外,该算法同样可用于传统的 APF 中以实现快速的谐波检测。首先对新型直接交交型APF 进行简要的介绍,再详细推导新的谐波检测算法的原理,并将该算法与传统算法进行比较研究。然后基于新的谐波检测算法针,对新型APF提出一整套滤波控制解决方案。最后对新的谐波检测算法进行仿真验证,并在一台3kW新型 APF 样机上对其进行实验验证,仿真与实验结果证明了新算法的正确性与实用性。%Active Power Filter (APF) is a new kind of equipment used in power grids to realize harmonic control function. As a key technology in APF, the harmonic detection algorithm directly determines the overall performance of the system. A new harmonic detection algorithm was proposed for the newly emerging direct AC-AC based APF. It is based on the combination of an improved sliding-window discrete Fourier transform (ISDFT) and symmetrical component method (SCM), which can realize individual fast detection of each sequence components for different orders of harmonics. The algorithm is simpler and faster than the traditional detection ones. It is superior especially when the grid is unbalanced and large numbers of harmonics needs to be detected. Furthermore, the new method can also be used in traditional APF to get rapid harmonic

  1. 控制方式转换策略下的改进交直流系统潮流算法%A Modified Power Flow Algorithm for AC/DC Power System Under Transformation Strategy of Converter Control Modes

    陈厚合; 李国庆; 姜涛


    The transformation strategy among converter control modes is analyzed. Considering the interaction effects between AC and DC system under different converter control modes, a new power flow algorithm that can suitable for the transformation strategy of converter control modes is proposed. Based on the sequential solution, the elements of special nodes in Jacobian matrix of AC system are effectively modified; in the transformation strategy based on converter control modes the key state variables of converter are reasonably chosen and the product of the cosine value of the control angle with the transformation ratio of transformer tap is processes as one state variable to effectively avoid the off-limit of cosine value of the control angle or that of transformer tap during the iteration. The proposed algorithm is mathematically clear and easy to achieve. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm is accurate, rapid and reliable.%分析了换流器控制方式的转换策略。考虑在不同控制方式下交直流系统的相互影响,提出一种能够满足换流器控制方式转换策略的潮流计算方法。以顺序求解法为基础,对交流系统雅可比矩阵的特殊节点元素进行有效修正;基于换流器控制方式转换策略合理选取换流器关键状态变量,并将控制角余弦值和变压器分接头变比乘积作为一个状态变量处理,有效地避免了迭代过程中控制角余弦值或变压器分接头越限情况发生。该算法数学概念清晰、易于实现。仿真结果验证了该算法的准确性、快速性和可靠性。

  2. AC 410 AC410 AC410 Unit 7 Homework Assignment



    AC 410 AC410 AC410 Unit 7 Homework Assignment Click Link Below To Buy:    Questions Requiring Analysis 14-30   Early in your first audit of Star Corporation, you notice that sales and year-end inventory are almost unchanged from the prior year. However, cost of goods sold is less than in the preceding year, and accounts payable also are down substantially. Gross profit has increased, but this increase has not c...

  3. Universality of ac conduction in disordered solids

    Dyre, Jeppe; Schrøder, Thomas


    The striking similarity of ac conduction in quite different disordered solids is discussed in terms of experimental results, modeling, and computer simulations. After giving an overview of experiment, a macroscopic and a microscopic model are reviewed. For both models the normalized ac conductivity...... as a function of a suitably scaled frequency becomes independent of details of the disorder in the extreme disorder limit, i.e., when the local randomly varying mobilities cover many orders of magnitude. The two universal ac conductivities are similar, but not identical; both are examples of unusual non......-power-law universalities. It is argued that ac universality reflects an underlying percolation determining dc as well as ac conductivity in the extreme disorder limit. Three analytical approximations to the universal ac conductivities are presented and compared to computer simulations. Finally, model predictions...

  4. Design and simulation on low pass filter for frequency measurement circuit of aircraft AC power system%飞机交流电源测频电路低通滤波器的设计与仿真



    This paper conducted fault location and causal analysis,and provided the solution for this problem of Ac power frequency measurement jump In the process of model development . A low pass filter apply to Aircraft Ac power system frequency measurement circuit are Designed,and it's characteristics are also be analyzed and calculated.The filter model is set up based on Simulink for simulation,the result shows that the method of filter design is effective.%针对型号研制过程中出现的交流电源频率测量出现跳变的问题,进行了故障定位和原因分析,并提出了解决方案。设计了适用于飞机交流电源系统频率测量电路的低通滤波器,对其特性进行了计算分析,并基于SIMULINK建立了滤波器的模型,进行了仿真验证,结果表明设计的滤波器是有效的。

  5. 薄变换器在风力发电并网中的应用%Application of Thin AC Converter in the Wind Power Parelling in Smart Grid

    郑琼; 余焱


    This paper analyzes and compares several wind power generators network modes and deeply analyzes the permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSG) parelling in smart grid.A thin AC converter(TACC) between smart grid and wind power devices is designed.It is a topology circuit of the AC converter which makes devices in smart grid more intelligent and controllable.The different states of TACC and the non-TACC in simulation model of Matlab 9.0/Simulink are built and the principle of two states is analyzed.The study shows a TACC can be scalable to high power levels and high voltage environment.It can convert shunt VAR capacitors into STATCOM to reduce losses.A new power electronic devices TACC is used to make network equipment more reliable and intelligent compare with the former device.%分析比较了风力发电机的几种并网方式,并对永磁同步发电机(PMSG)的并网进行了详细分析,在电网与风力发电装置间设计了一个薄AC变换器(TACC),使智能电网的装置智能化、可控化等.在Matlab 9.0/Simulink 环境下建立了有TACC和无TACC的情况下电网输出电压的仿真模型,并分析两种情况下的工作原理.经研究表明TACC可用于大功率、大电压的环境下,可将分流无功补偿转变成STATCOM降低损耗.

  6. Design and full-scale test for steel tubular tower of UHV and EHV quadruple-circuit transmission line on the same tower%超/特高压交流同塔四回钢管塔设计及试验

    李清华; 杨靖波; 韩军科; 董建尧


    双回1000kV与双回500kV同塔并架四回路SSZT2塔.是我国乃至世界上迄今为止应用于一般线路工程的单塔输送容量最大、高度最高、荷载最大的输电钢管塔.钢管最高材质为Q420,钢管全部采用插板和锻造法兰联接,首次应用强度级差高颈锻造法兰;在SSZT2杆塔结构设计中,对杆塔结构型式、风振系数、埃菲尔效应、钢管构件杆端弯矩等进行了专项研究,完善了超/特高压同塔多回钢管塔的设计,并通过了真型试验.试验表明我国超/特高压同塔多回钢管塔在设计、加工等环节有了可靠保障,可在特高压工程中进一步应用.%The SSZT2 lower,on which 1 000 kV AC double-circuit and 500 kV AC double-circuit are arranged,is the highest steel lubular tower with the biggest load and largest transmission capacity within conventional lines all over the world. The tube is made from Q420 high-strength steel and connected by plug-in boards and forging flanges. Trie strength classification technical is applied in forging flanges for the first lime. The design of multi-circuit steel lubular tower for UH V and EHV is improved through different aspects of studies including tower structure, wind vibration coefficient, Eiffel effect and bending moment. The success of full-scale test verified the reliability in design and manufacture of multi-circuit steel tubular tower for UHV and EHV which can be used in future projects.

  7. Dynamic power flow controllers

    Divan, Deepakraj M.; Prasai, Anish


    Dynamic power flow controllers are provided. A dynamic power flow controller may comprise a transformer and a power converter. The power converter is subject to low voltage stresses and not floated at line voltage. In addition, the power converter is rated at a fraction of the total power controlled. A dynamic power flow controller controls both the real and the reactive power flow between two AC sources having the same frequency. A dynamic power flow controller inserts a voltage with controllable magnitude and phase between two AC sources; thereby effecting control of active and reactive power flows between two AC sources.

  8. imulation Results of Single Stage AC- AC Converter for Induction Heating



    Full Text Available This paper presents simulation of single stage Induction heating system with series Load Resonance. Low frequency AC is converted in to High Frequency Ac using newly developed ZVS-PWM high frequency inverter. This High Frequency is used for Induction Heating .Single stage AC-AC converter system is modeled and simulated using Matlab Simulink. The simulation results of ZVS-PWM high frequency system are presented. The effectiveness of this UFAC-to-HFAC direct power frequency converter using IGBTs for consumer high-frequency IH appliances is evaluated and proved on the basis of simulation results.

  9. 一种高功率因数交流 LED 驱动电路的设计%Design of AC LED Driver Circuit with High Power Factor

    刘生建; 马桂芳; 邱晓芬


    传统的LED驱动电路由于采用AC-DC变换器,需要大的电感和电解电容,导致LED驱动电路存在体积大、成本高、寿命短等问题,提出一种新型交流电压直接驱动的LED驱动电路。该驱动电路仅需要MOSFETs和运放等有源器件,输入电流能跟随输入电压呈正弦波形变换,以获得高功率因数和低THD。仿真和实验验证该驱动电路的电气特性。%Conventional LED drivers consist of AC -DC converters which require passive components such as high value inductors and electrolytic capacitors for their operation ,the use of such components increases the size and cost of the LED system while de-creasing the overall life time , a novel driver circuit that can directly run from AC voltage is presented .The proposed driver circuit only needs active devices like MOSFETs and op -amps for power processing ,the input current is selectively controlled to follow a sinusoidal waveform to achieve low harmonic distortion and high power factor .The efficiency of the proposed system is around 80%for a 1.5W converter with 8% total harmonic distortion and 0.97 power factor,both simulation and experimental results have been presented to verify the operation of the proposed circuit .

  10. Autonomous Operation of Hybrid Microgrid With AC and DC Subgrids

    Chiang Loh, Poh; Li, Ding; Kang Chai, Yi


    This paper investigates on power-sharing issues of an autonomous hybrid microgrid. Unlike existing microgrids which are purely ac, the hybrid microgrid studied here comprises dc and ac subgrids interconnected by power electronic interfaces. The main challenge here is to manage power flows among all...... sources distributed throughout the two types of subgrids, which is certainly tougher than previous efforts developed for only ac or dc microgrid. This wider scope of control has not yet been investigated, and would certainly rely on the coordinated operation of dc sources, ac sources, and interlinking...

  11. Benchmark of AC and DC Active Power Decoupling Circuits for Second-Order Harmonic Mitigation in Kilowatt-Scale Single-Phase Inverters

    Qin, Zian; Tang, Yi; Loh, Poh Chiang;


    efficiency and high power density is identified and comprehensively studied, and the commercially available film capacitors, the circuit topologies, and the control strategies adopted for active power decoupling are all taken into account. Then, an adaptive decoupling voltage control method is proposed...

  12. Predictive Current Control of a 7-level AC-DC back-to-back Converter for Universal and Flexible Power Management System

    Bifaretti, Steffano; Zanchetta, Pericle; Iov, Florin


    /or various distributed generation systems. Effective and accurate power flow control is demonstrated through simulation in Matlab- Simulink environment on a model based on a two-port structure and using a Predictive Control technique. Control of different Power flow profiles has been successfully tested...

  13. Wide band modeling of large power transformer windings for very fast transient overvoltage (VFTO) analysis


    There are some difficulties in using multi-transmission-line (MTL) model for wide band modeling of whole windings of the large power transformer. In this paper, the normalized MTL model is firstly de- rived, with which not only the difficulty of modeling windings with different turn-lengths using MTL can be solved, but also the model can be extended to the modeling of the multi-winding transformer. Secondly, both MTL model and the lumped circuit model on turn basis are mathematically compared in validation of the frequency range and it is pointed out that the lumped circuit model on turn basis is generally valid below 2.5 MHz for EHV and UHV power transformers. Finally, based on the MTL equations, a novel lumped circuit model is derived and it is shown that the valid frequency range of the new circuit is extended to about 4 MHz for modeling large EHV and UHV power transformer windings.

  14. 风火打捆交直流混联送端系统暂态稳定性分析%Analysis on Transient Stability for Wind-thermal-bundled Power Transmitted by AC/DC System

    赵祥; 张师; 周毅博; 孟祥辉; 于昊; 王鹤萤


    风火打捆通过交直流混联外送电能已成为目前大规模风电基地比较常用的能源输送方式。在这种输送方式中,交直流混联、风电输送功率占总输送功率的比例和风电机组的类型等都会对风火打捆送端系统的暂态稳定性产生影响。在建立风电场模型、控制系统模型和混联输电系统模型的基础上,分析交直流混联对暂态稳定性的影响,研究不同风电机组类型对暂态稳定的影响,研究风电输出功率所占比例的改变对送端暂态稳定的影响。最后,通过分析得出:双馈感应发电机与常规火电机组打捆系统暂态稳定性好于另外两种类型风电机组;且双馈感应发电机在保证原动机出力稳定的情况下增加配比,有利于火电机组的功角稳定性。%Since wind power is explored on a large scale, it is a regular way for power transmission that the electricity generated from wind-thermal base is transmitted via AC/DC transmission system. The AC/DC transmission, the proportion of wind power to the total transmission power and the different kinds of wind turbine generators can influence the transient stability of the AC/DC transmission system with wind-thermal combined generation. First, the wind farm models, control system models and hybrid transmission models are founded. Then, the influences of AC/DC transmission system upon the transient stability are analyzed, and the influence of different kinds of wind turbine generators and the change of wind power proportion upon the transient stability is studied. At last, it is concluded through analysis that the transient stability of double fed induction generator (DFIG) and conventional wind generator bundled with thermal generation are better than the two other wind turbine generators, and while ensuring stable mechanical output, increasing proportion of DFIG will benefit the angle stability of thermal generators.

  15. Design and Implementation of New Electromagnetic Coupling DC/AC Power Transmission Circuit%新型电磁耦合DC/AC电能传输电路的设计与实现

    何伊妮; 杭乃善; 方柳; 曾智翔


    从电磁感应原理出发,仿照同步机电磁耦合机理,提出一种静止的电磁型DC/AC电能传输方式.同时给出该原理的数学推导和新型逆变电路的工作原理.通过对电路模型进行仿真分析,验证了理论的正确性和可行性.最后总结预测了该原理作为一种新型逆变技术的应用前景.对换流输电领域开展研究具有一定的参考价值.%Starting from the principle of electromagnetic inductive and by use of the synchronous generator electromagnetic coupling mechanism, this paper proposes the way of static electromagnetic DC/AC power transmission, presenting the mathematic derivation of the principle and the working principle of the new inverter circuit. Through the simulation analysis of the electric circuit model,the theory is proved accurate and feasible. Finally, the application prospect of the new DC/AC electromagnetic equipment is discussed. The discussion in the paper has a certain reference value in the conversion technology research.

  16. Recombinant equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) vaccine protects pigs against challenge with influenza A(H1N1)pmd09.

    Said, Abdelrahman; Lange, Elke; Beer, Martin; Damiani, Armando; Osterrieder, Nikolaus


    Swine influenza virus (SIV) is not only an important respiratory pathogen in pigs but also a threat to human health. The pandemic influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 virus likely originated in swine through reassortment between a North American triple reassortant and Eurasian avian-like SIV. The North American triple reassortant virus harbors genes from avian, human and swine influenza viruses. An effective vaccine may protect the pork industry from economic losses and curb the development of new virus variants that may threaten public health. In the present study, we evaluated the efficacy of a recombinant equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) vaccine (rH_H1) expressing the hemagglutinin H1 of A(H1N1)pdm09 in the natural host. Our data shows that the engineered rH_H1 vaccine induces influenza virus-specific antibody responses in pigs and is able to protect at least partially against challenge infection: no clinical signs of disease were detected and virus replication was reduced as evidenced by decreased nasal virus shedding and faster virus clearance. Taken together, our results indicate that recombinant EHV-1 encoding H1 of A(H1N1)pdm09 may be a promising alternative for protection of pigs against infection with A(H1N1)pdm09 or other influenza viruses.

  17. Power quality improvement by using multi-pulse AC-DC converters for DC drives: Modeling, simulation and its digital implementation

    Mohd Tariq


    Full Text Available The paper presents the modeling, simulation and digital implementation of power quality improvement of DC drives by using multi pulse AC–DC converter. As it is a well-known fact that power quality determines the fitness of electrical power to consumer devices, hence an effort has been made to improve power quality in this work. Simulation and digital implementation with the help of MATLAB/Simulink has been done and results obtained are discussed in detail to verify the theoretical results. The multipulse converter was connected with DC drives and was run at no load condition to find out the transient and steady state performances. FFT analysis has been performed and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD results obtained at different pulses are shown here.

  18. Cooperative Frequency Control for Autonomous AC Microgrids

    Shafiee, Qobad; Quintero, Juan Carlos Vasquez; Guerrero, Josep M.


    Distributed secondary control strategies have been recently studied for frequency regulation in droop-based AC Microgrids. Unlike centralized secondary control, the distributed one might fail to provide frequency synchronization and proportional active power sharing simultaneously, due to having...... not require measuring the system frequency as compared to the other presented methods. An ac Microgrid with four sources is used to verify the performance of the proposed control methodology....

  19. Unity power factor converter

    Wester, Gene W. (Inventor)


    A unity power factor converter capable of effecting either inversion (dc-to-dc) or rectification (ac-to-dc), and capable of providing bilateral power control from a DC source (or load) through an AC transmission line to a DC load (or source) for power flow in either direction, is comprised of comparators for comparing the AC current i with an AC signal i.sub.ref (or its phase inversion) derived from the AC ports to generate control signals to operate a switch control circuit for high speed switching to shape the AC current waveform to a sine waveform, and synchronize it in phase and frequency with the AC voltage at the AC ports, by selectively switching the connections to a series inductor as required to increase or decrease the current i.

  20. Management Indicator System of EHV Infrastructure Projects Considering Whole Process%考虑全过程的超高压基建工程管控指标体系

    黄琰; 马博; 曾鸣; 吴伟仁; 王亚娟; 朱晓丽


    In order to reduce construction cost of EHV infrastructure project and realize centralized management control, based on the requirements for harmony development of economy-energy-environment, considering the main problems during EHV infrastructure projects management, this paper analyzes the key factors for the 5 stages of EHV infrastructure projects in terms of the whole process theory and proposes a new indicator system of EHV infrastructure projects by considering the whole process.%为降低超高压基建工程的造价成本、实现集约化管理控制模式,基于经济—能源—环境协调发展的要求,针对超高压基建工程管理控制流程中存在的问题,结合全过程理论,分析了我国超高压基建工程5个阶段关键性影响因素,提出了考虑全过程的超高压基建工程管控指标体系.

  1. Implementation and Control of an AC/DC/AC Converter for Double Wound Flywheel Application

    J. G. Oliveira


    Full Text Available An all-electric driveline based on a double wound flywheel, connected in series between main energy storage and a wheel motor, is presented. The flywheel works as a power buffer, allowing the battery to deliver optimized power. It also separates electrically the system in two sides, with the battery connected to the low voltage side and the wheel motor connected to the high voltage side. This paper presents the implementation and control of the AC/DC/AC converter, used to connect the flywheel high voltage windings to the wheel motor. The converter general operation and the adopted control strategy are discussed. The implementation of the AC/DC/AC converter has been described from a practical perspective. Results from experimental tests performed in the full-system prototype are presented. The prototype system is running with satisfactory stability during acceleration mode. Good efficiency and unity power factor could be achieved, based on vector control and space vector modulation.

  2. ACS: ALMA Common Software

    Chiozzi, Gianluca; Šekoranja, Matej


    ALMA Common Software (ACS) provides a software infrastructure common to all ALMA partners and consists of a documented collection of common patterns and components which implement those patterns. The heart of ACS is based on a distributed Component-Container model, with ACS Components implemented as CORBA objects in any of the supported programming languages. ACS provides common CORBA-based services such as logging, error and alarm management, configuration database and lifecycle management. Although designed for ALMA, ACS can and is being used in other control systems and distributed software projects, since it implements proven design patterns using state of the art, reliable technology. It also allows, through the use of well-known standard constructs and components, that other team members whom are not authors of ACS easily understand the architecture of software modules, making maintenance affordable even on a very large project.

  3. Benchmark of AC and DC active power decoupling circuits for second-order harmonic mitigation in kW-scale single-phase inverters

    Qin, Zian; Tang, Yi; Loh, Poh Chiang;


    studied, where the commercially available film capacitors, circuit topologies, and control strategies for active power decoupling are all taken into account. Then, an adaptive decoupling voltage control method is proposed to further improve the performance of dc decoupling in terms of efficiency...

  4. 带变流器负载的三相交流电源系统稳定性判据的研究%Stability Criterion for Three-phase AC Power Systems With Converter Load

    刘增; 刘进军


    Power electronic converters operated in AC power system, such as the boost rectifier, behave as a constant power loads (CPLs), which have negative impedance characteristics at the input terminals. And this might cause system instability. In small-signal sense, the stability of the system including the CPL is determined by the source output impedance and the load input impedance (admittance). As a result, the stability criterion based on these impedances is an effective way to check the stability of the system. This paper summarized existing work, and proposed a novel stability criterion using the infinite-norm of the impedance (admittance) matrixes for three phase AC power systems. Further, the conservatism of the proposed criterion was compared with the one of the existing criterions. Among existing four stability criterions, singular-value criterion is with the least conservatism, while the calculation of the singular-value is complex. However, the conservatism of the proposed stability criterion based on the infinite-norm is close to the one of singular-value criterion, and it is simpler to calculate the infinite-norm. Consequently, the proposed stability criterion can facilitate the stability analysis of the three phase AC power systems.%交流电源系统中的电力电子变流器一般恒功率运行,其三相交流输入端具有负阻抗特性,然而该特性可能使整个交流电源系统不稳定.从小信号分析的角度,带变流器负载的交流电源系统的稳定性由电源输出阻抗和负载输入导纳之间的关系决定,因此基于电源输出阻抗和负载输入导纳的稳定性判据是分析交流电源系统稳定性非常有效的方法.总结现有的4种交流电源系统稳定性判据,提出一种新型的基于阻抗矩阵∞-范数的稳定性判据,并将提出的稳定性判据与现有的进行保守性比较.在现有的4种稳定性判据中,奇异值判据的保守性最小,但是奇异值的求取比较

  5. Development of a hardware-based AC microgrid for AC stability assessment

    Swanson, Robert R.

    As more power electronic-based devices enable the development of high-bandwidth AC microgrids, the topic of microgrid power distribution stability has become of increased interest. Recently, researchers have proposed a relatively straightforward method to assess the stability of AC systems based upon the time-constants of sources, the net bus capacitance, and the rate limits of sources. In this research, a focus has been to develop a hardware test system to evaluate AC system stability. As a first step, a time domain model of a two converter microgrid was established in which a three phase inverter acts as a power source and an active rectifier serves as an adjustable constant power AC load. The constant power load can be utilized to create rapid power flow transients to the generating system. As a second step, the inverter and active rectifier were designed using a Smart Power Module IGBT for switching and an embedded microcontroller as a processor for algorithm implementation. The inverter and active rectifier were designed to operate simultaneously using a synchronization signal to ensure each respective local controller operates in a common reference frame. Finally, the physical system was created and initial testing performed to validate the hardware functionality as a variable amplitude and variable frequency AC system.

  6. PI and Fuzzy Control Strategies for High Voltage Output DC-DC Boost Power Converter - Hardware Implementation and Analysis

    Padmanaban, Sanjeevi Kumar; Blaabjerg, Frede; Siano, Pierluigi


    converter with inbuilt voltage-lift technique and overcome the aforementioned deficiencies. Further, the control strategy is adapted based on proportional-integral (P-I) and fuzzy logic, closed-loop controller to regulate the outputs and ensure the performances. Complete hardware prototype of EHV converter......This paper presents the control strategies by Proportional-Integral (P-I) and Fuzzy Logic (FL) for a DC-DC boost power converter for high output voltage configuration. Standard DC-DC converters are traditionally used for high voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission systems. But, lack its...... performances in terms of efficiency, reduced transfer gain and increased cost with sensor units. Moreover, the internal self-parasitic components reduce the output voltage and efficiency of classical high voltage converters (HVC). This investigation focused on extra high-voltage (EHV) DC-DC boost power...

  7. RS485 Bus Application in aircraft AC power controller%RS485总线在飞机交流电源功率控制器中的应用



    AC Power Controller (APCU)is the important part of a load of aircraft electrical power automation control and man-agement.SCI module is built in TMS320F2812,through the preparation of procedures designed to achieve RS485 bus features,it mainly to complete the system fault analysis and software upgrades.The actual test results show that the data transfer of the RS485 bus is accurate and reliable,it achieves the desired design goals.%交流电源功率控制器(APCU)是实现飞机电气负载控制与电源自动化管理的重要组成部分。利用 TMS320F2812内置的 SCI 模块,编写相关程序实现 RS485总线的设计,该通信总线主要完成系统的故障分析和软件升级。通过实际的通信试验,结果表明系统 RS485总线数据传输准确,通信运行可靠,达到预期的设计目标。

  8. Influence of AC line faults on HVDC commutation failure transient characteristics in DC/AC interconnected power grid%直流馈入后交流线路故障对换相失败瞬态特征的影响

    张汝莲; 赵成勇; 卫鹏杰


    高压直流(HVDC)输电系统故障会使交流系统电气故障特性复杂化.在PSCAD/EMTDC环境下,基于含宁东--山东直流输电系统的山东电网的电磁暂态模型,研究当青岛换流站附近交流线路不同位置发生不同故障时,直流系统换相失败对交流系统电气瞬态特征的影响.直流系统换相失败对故障线路的平行线路影响最为严重,重点研究交流线路不同故障引一起直流换相失败对平行线路电气特性的影响.仿真分析结果表明,平行线路的故障相电流畸变程度随着故障位置和故障类型的不同而不同,在线路中间发生故障比线路两端故障时畸变严重,发生单相接地短路故障比三相接地短路故障时崎变严重,故在线路中间发生单相接地短路故障时畸变最严重.%The faults of HVDC power transmission system make the electrical characteristics of AC system more complex. In PSCAD/EMTDC environment,based on the electromagnetic transient model of Shandong grid containing Ningdong-Shandong DC transmission system,the influence of HVDC commutation failure on the electrical transient characteristics of AC system is studied for different faults occurring at different positions of AC line near Qingdao substation. During the period of commutation failure,the parallel line of the faulty line is most affected. The influence of commutation failure,caused by different faults of AC line,on the electrical transient characteristics of parallel line is detailed. According to the comparative analysis of simulative results ,the current distortion of the faulty phase of parallel line varies with the fault positions and fault types. It is more serious when the fault occurs in the middle of the line than that when the fault occurs at terminals;it is more serious during single-phase grounding fault than that during three-phase grounding fault. When single-phase grounding fault occurs in the middle of the line ,the current distortion of the

  9. Power

    Elmholdt, Claus Westergård; Fogsgaard, Morten


    In this chapter, we will explore the dynamics of power in processes of creativity, and show its paradoxical nature as both a bridge and a barrier to creativity in organisations. Recent social psychological experimental research (Slighte, de Dreu & Nijstad, 2011) on the relation between power...... and creativity suggests that when managers give people the opportunity to gain power and explicate that there is reason to be more creative, people will show a boost in creative behaviour. Moreover, this process works best in unstable power hierarchies, which implies that power is treated as a negotiable...... and floating source for empowering people in the organisation. We will explore and discuss here the potentials, challenges and pitfalls of power in relation to creativity in the life of organisations today. The aim is to demonstrate that power struggles may be utilised as constructive sources of creativity...

  10. The integration of solar power plants for domestic water services in buildings; Integracion de calderas y calentadores individuales en las instalaciones de ACS con energia solar

    Martin, J. V.; Garcia, R.; Lopez de Subijana, R.; Casado, J. M.


    The integration of solar power plants for domestic water services in buildings with individual heating and domestic water facilities has some problems which must be solved by the manufacturers of boilers and individual heaters; the most important is the water temperature in the entrance to the individual equipment because of solar heating. Therefore, we must care about materials in boilers and heaters, and temperature control systems of domestic water production. We analyse the technical conditions which appear in these equipment in the usual schemes: Centralized accumulation, distributed accumulation, serial heating, etc., and propose some elements which can be integrated in these facilities to obtain a better operation. (Author)

  11. 隔离式SEPIC三电平AC-AC变换器的研究%Research of Isolated SEPIC Three-level AC - AC Converter

    周振军; 李磊


    电力电子装置已在电力系统中得到了越来越广泛的应用,代表之一就是交流调压稳压装置.但是目前的交流调压稳压器多数采用AC-DC-AC的变换方式,这种调压稳压器不仅体积大、噪音大,而且开关管的电压应力大、输出电压波形质量低.提出了一种新型的隔离式交-交变换器,它是在sepic变换器(单端初级电感转换器)的基础上引入了推挽式变压器实现电气隔离.分析了工作原理,给出了控制策略,并通过仿真论证了变换器开关管电压应力小、输出电压波形质量高等特点.%Power electronics have been more widely used in power systems. One representative of power electronics is AC voltage regulator. But the AC - DC - AC conversion type is widely used for voltage regulator now. These AC voltage regulator not only have big bulk and high noise,but also with high power switch voltage stress and low quality of output waveform. To solve these problems)an isolated three-level AC - AC direct converter was proposed. It joined the push-pull transformer to achieve electrical isolation based on sepic AC -AC converter. Its operation principle and control strategies of the converter were investigated. By modeling and simulation,the performances of the AC - AC converter were verified, such as low switch voltage stress, high quality of output waveform and so on.

  12. 变电站交流不间断电源应用%Application of AC Uninterruptible Power Supply in Substation



    @@ 1 UPS(uninterruptible power system)在变电站的应用 UPS(Uninterruptible Power System)是一种含有储能装置,以逆变器和电池系统为主要组成部分的恒压恒频的电源设备.主要用于给单台计算机、计算机网络系统或其它电力电子设备提供不问断的电力供应.当市电输入正常时,UPS将市电稳压后供应给负载使用,此时的UPS就是一台交流市电稳压器,同时它还向机内电池充电;当站用电源中断时,UPS立即将机内电池的电能,通过逆变转换的方法向负载继续供应220V交流电,使负载维持正常工作并保护负载软、硬件不受损坏.

  13. Development of the Field of Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)


    @@ Theoretical and technological development of large capacity power electronics and flexible AC transmission systems are one of the most important projects developed by Tsinghua University. The Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) technology which uses power electronics to improve the efficiency and quality of the electrical generation, transmission and distribution system is considered to be one of the most significant technological innovations for power systems in the 20th century. The advanced static var generator (ASVG) is a key FACTS device.

  14. High power factor, fixed frequency, three-phase AC/CC converter which uses a single power processing stage; Conversor CA/CC, trifasico, com alto fator de potencia, frequencia fixa, empregando um unico estagio de processamento de potencia

    Davila, Jose Gregorio Contreras


    This paper introduces a new switching mode power supply with the following properties: zero-voltage switching, pulse-width modulation at constant frequency, three-phase input with power factor and low input current distortion, using a simple power stage. The converter is designed in a manner that the input current harmonic content is reduced naturally. Circuit-operation, theoretical analysis, simulation, design procedure and example are presented. A laboratory prototype rated at 3 kW and operating at 100 Khz, has been fabricated and tested successfully. (author) 15 refs., 75 figs.

  15. Hierarchical Power Flow Control Strategy and Algorithm for Multi-terminal Interconnected AC/DC Distribution Network%多端互联交直流配电网的潮流分层控制策略及算法

    彭克; 咸日常; 张新慧; 陈羽; 陆海


    随着直流配电系统的提出与发展,传统配电网的网架结构与运行方式正在逐渐改变,未来会形成交直流混联的配电网新型供电模式,交直流之间的电气量耦合给潮流的有序控制以及混联求解都带来了新的挑战。为此,提出了多端互联的交直流配电网分层潮流控制策略,实现交直流电压的有序控制。第一层控制由交直流互联的换流器实现,采用下垂控制均摊直流配电网内的负荷,并根据下垂曲线对直流母线电压进行控制。第二层控制由具有调压功能的分布式电源实现,维持就地电压平衡。第三层控制由电压调节器实现,进行区域电压调整。针对交直流配电网的特点,提出了高斯—牛顿交直流混合潮流算法,提高了算法的收敛性能。最后,在改进的 IEEE 123节点系统上进行了测试,验证了所述控制策略及算法的有效性与正确性。%With the development of DC distribution system , the network structure and operation mode of traditional distribution system have greatly changed . The AC/DC hybrid distribution network will be dominant in the future and poses a new challenge to power flow control and the AC/DC hybrid algorithm . For this reason , a hierarchical power flow control strategy is proposed to carry out orderly voltage control . At the first layer , DC load sharing is realized by the bidirectional converter with droop control , and DC bus voltage is controlled according to the droop control curve , at the second layer , local voltage balance is regulated by the distributed generator , while at the third , regional voltage is controlled by the voltage regulator . Secondly , the Gauss‐Newton hybrid algorithm is proposed according to the characteristics of the AC/DC hybrid distribution system to improve the convergence performance of the algorithm . Finally , the test results on a modified IEEE 123‐bus system show the validity and

  16. Flexible AC transmission systems: the state of the art

    Edris, Abdel-Aty [Electric Power Research Inst., Palo Alto, CA (United States). Electric Systems Division


    Flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) is a concept promoting the use of power electronic controllers to enhance the controllability and usable capacity of AC transmission. This paper presents the state of the art of FACTS and the status of the current projects for the application of the FACTS controllers in transmission systems. (author) 8 refs., 8 figs.

  17. Protection of AC and DC Microgrids

    Beheshtaein, Siavash; Savaghebi, Mehdi; Quintero, Juan Carlos Vasquez


    In future, distributed energy resources (RESs) will be utilized at consumption points. As a consequence, power flow and fault current would be bidirectional and topologydependent; and hence the conventional protection strategies would be inefficient. This paper categorizes the main challenges in AC...

  18. Thermal Simulation of AC Electromagnetic Contactor

    NIUChun-ping; CHENDe-gui; ZHANGJing-shu; LIXing-wen


    Transient magnetic circuit method is adopted to calculate the power loss in winding and shading coil. Based on the analysis of heat transfer process in AC contactor, a thermal model is proposed and the temperature field distribution is simulated with 3-D FEM of ANSYS.Comparison of simulation results with measurements shows that the proposed method is effective.

  19. 大功率交流电力机车枕梁簧座焊接工艺优化%Welding Technics Improving to the Spring Pedestal of High - power AC Electric Locomotive

    贺煣; 许立勇; 谷祥帅


    This paper presents the product structure ,welding quality requirement ,assembling and welding scheme of the spring pedestal which used in the bolster beam of High - power AC Transmission Electric Locomotive .According to the analysis of the welding fault which caused by manual welding method and robot -welding method ,improved the welding technics and established an effective solution ,finally ensures the welding quality and heightens the manufacture efficiency of the spring pedestal which used in the bolster beam .%  文章介绍了大功率交流传动电力机车枕梁簧座产品结构、焊接质量要求、装配和焊接方案,对焊接缺陷进行了系统分析,制定了有效的解决措施,保证了枕梁簧座的焊接质量,提高了生产效率。

  20. 基于DSP2812和CPLD的飞机交流一次配电控制器的设计%Design of AC Power Distribution Control Unit for Aircraft Based on DSP2812 and CPLD

    孙梦楠; 董延军; 刘中秀


    利用DSP和CPLD,设计了飞机交流一次配电控制器,采用通用的嵌入式硬件和软件设计方法,构建了一个高性能的系统控制平台.系统采用CAN总线实现了APCU与供电系统处理机(PSP)和机电综合管理系统(EMS)的通信,通过RS485总线接口实现与地面维护设备的通信,通过ARINC429总线通信接口实现与交流一次配电控制装置的通信.%A high performance control platform has been built with DSP TMS320F2812 and CPLD used the method of embedded hardware and software technology. CAN bus is designed for communication between APCU and electrical management system. Control programmes can be updated through RS485 bus,and ARINC429 bus is used to communicate with AC power distribution control unit.

  1. Non-isolated DC-AC converter with high voltage gain for autonomous systems of electric power; Conversor CC-CA nao isolado com alto ganho de tensao para aplicacao em sistemas autonomos de energia eletrica

    Silveira, George Cajazeiras [Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnologica do Ceara (CEFET/CE), Fortaleza, CE (Brazil); Torrico-Bascope, Rene P. [Universidade Federal do Ceara (PPGEE/UFC), Fortaleza, CE (Brazil). Programa de Pos Graduacao em Engenharia Eletrica; Borges Neto, Manuel Rangel [Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnologica de Petrolina (CEFET-PET), PE (Brazil)


    A non-isolated DC-AC converter with high voltage gain with two output sinusoidal voltage - 110 V and 220 V - and frequency 60 Hz for application in autonomous systems of electric power is proposed in this work. This topology consists of a boost converter with high voltage gain, based on three-state switching cell combined with a double half bridge inverter. This configuration type the size and the cost are reduced and the efficiency is gotten better, due to the reduced number of switches. The converters that compose this topology operate with high frequency, reducing the volume of the magnetic materials. can be mention as important characteristics: the voltage stress across the switches of the boost converter are low, due they be naturally clamped by one output filter capacitor, which allows the utilization of switches with lower conduction resistances, and the waveforms of the output voltage of the double half bridge inverter supplies for the load it is sinusoidal and it possesses low harmonic content. (author)

  2. Research on AC/DC power flow in wind-solar-water hybrid in micro power system%风/光/水互补微型电力系统的交直流潮流的研究

    邵冰然; 杨建华; 左婷婷



  3. AcEST: DK950971 [AcEST

    Full Text Available GN=... 37 0.66 tr|B1ACS4|B1ACS4_BALBO DMP1 (Fragment) OS=Balaenoptera borealis ... 37 0.66 tr|B1ACS3|B1ACS3...todon GN=DM... 37 1.1 tr|B1ACT4|B1ACT4_LISBO DMP1 (Fragment) OS=Lissodelphis borealis ... 37 1.1 tr|B1ACS2|B...SSSEEEIQSKNTEMESRRLTVDAY 160 >tr|B1ACS4|B1ACS4_BALBO DMP1 (Fragment) OS=Balaenoptera borealis GN=DMP1 PE=4 S

  4. Isolation of sequences flanking Ac insertion sites by Ac casting.

    Wang, Dafang; Peterson, Thomas


    Localizing Ac insertions is a fundamental task in studying Ac-induced mutation and chromosomal rearrangements involving Ac elements. Researchers may sometimes be faced with the situation in which the sequence flanking one side of an Ac/Ds element is known, but the other flank is unknown. Or, a researcher may have a small sequence surrounding the Ac/Ds insertion site and needs to obtain additional flanking genomic sequences. One way to rapidly clone unknown Ac/Ds flanking sequences is via a PCR-based method termed Ac casting. This approach utilizes the somatic transposition activity of Ac during plant development, and provides an efficient means for short-range genome walking. Here we describe the principle of Ac casting, and show how it can be applied to isolate Ac macrotransposon insertion sites.

  5. 基于 DSP 的逆变交流电阻焊电源控制%Control of Power Source for AC Inverter Resistance Welding on the Basis of DSP

    曹彪; 李海波; 庞少辉


    常用的工频电阻焊机输出不连续的类正弦交流波形,由于电流过零时间长,同等功率下电流峰值过大,造成焊接时工件加热不连续,易产生飞溅,针对上述问题,设计了一种基于数字信号处理器(DSP)的逆变交流控制系统。该系统以 DSP 为控制核心,包括信息检测、脉宽调制(PWM)输出控制、人机交互、输入输出(I /O)接口、故障检测等电路和相应的控制软件。系统采用 PWM控制方式调节焊接变压器的初级电压,实现了大范围电流调节条件下较为连续的输出;具有电流、电压、功率3种反馈控制模式和多种频率选择,在每半个周期内实现快速反馈调节,提高了控制精度,改善了交流电阻焊机的工艺适应性。%Single-phase AC resistance welder provides alternating current similar to sine-wave.Due to the long zero-crossing time and high peak current,welding heating becomes discontinuous and splash occurs easily.In order to solve these problems,a control system for AC resistance welding,which takes DSP(Digital Signal Processor)as the controlling core and is composed of information detection,PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)output control,human-computer interaction,I /O (Input/Output)interface and fault detection circuits,is developed,and the correspond-ing software is also designed to assure system function.By employing PWMcontrol to adjust the primary voltage of welding transformer,a relative continuous output in wide current range is ensured.The control system possesses three feedback control modes respectively in terms of current,voltage and power,provides several output frequen-cies,and implements quick and stable output control in half a period.Thus,both high control precision and adaptive welding process can be achieved.

  6. A Primal-Dual Interior Point Method-Based Algorithm Adopting Automatic Differentiation for Optimal Power Flow of AC/DC Power Grid Containing VSC-HVDC System%基于自动微分技术的VSC-HVDC内点法最优潮流

    季聪; 卫志农; 汤涌; 孙国强; 韦延方; 孙永辉


    Based on steady state power flow model of voltage source converter-high voltage direct current (VSC-HVDC) power transmission system and combining with automatic differentiation (AD) technology, a primal-dual interior point method-based algorithm for optimal power flow (OPF) of AC/DC power grid was proposed. Using high efficient AD tool based on operator overloading the Jacobian and Hessian matrices were generated, thus the work load for derivation of differential expressions and code compiling could be reduced and the development efficiency of program could be improved. Simulation results of calculation examples showed that in the solution of OPF problem of AC/DC power grid containing VSC-HVDC power transmission system the high efficiency of traditional primal-dual interior point method could be kept and it possessed satisfied adaptability to the combination of different VSC control modes.%根据电压源换流器-高压直流输电(voltage source converter-high voltage direct current,VSC-HVDC)的稳态潮流模型,结合自动微分(automatic differentiation,AD)技术,提出一种基于原对偶内点法的交直流系统最优潮流算法.该算法利用高效的基于操作符重载的AD工具生成雅可比(Jacobian)矩阵和海森(Hessian)矩阵,减少了微分表达式推导和代码编写的工作量,提高了程序的开发效率.多个算例的仿真结果表明,该算法保持了传统原对偶内点法在解决含VSC-HVDC的交直流最优潮流问题上的高效性,且对VSC的不同控制方式组合均具有良好的适应性.

  7. Distributed Control for Autonomous Operation of a Three-Port AC/DC/DS Hybrid Microgrid

    Wang, Peng; Jin, Chi; Zhu, Dexuan


    This paper presents a distributed control scheme for reliable autonomous operation of a hybrid three-port ac/dc/distributed storage (ds) microgrid by means of power sharing in individual network, power exchange between ac and dc networks, and power management among three networks. The proposed...

  8. Advanced DC/AC inverters applications in renewable energy

    Luo, Fang Lin


    DC/AC inversion technology is of vital importance for industrial applications, including electrical vehicles and renewable energy systems, which require a large number of inverters. In recent years, inversion technology has developed rapidly, with new topologies improving the power factor and increasing power efficiency. Proposing many novel approaches, Advanced DC/AC Inverters: Applications in Renewable Energy describes advanced DC/AC inverters that can be used for renewable energy systems. The book introduces more than 100 topologies of advanced inverters originally developed by the authors,

  9. AC-3 audio coder

    Todd, Craig


    AC-3 is a system for coding up to 5.1 channels of audio into a low bit-rate data stream. High quality may be obtained with compression ratios approaching 12-1 for multichannel audio programs. The high compression ratio is achieved by methods which do not increase decoder memory, and thus cost. The methods employed include: the transmission of a high frequency resolution spectral envelope; and a novel forward/backward adaptive bit allocation algorithm. In order to satisfy practical requirements of an emissions coder, the AC-3 syntax includes a number of features useful to broadcasters and consumers. These features include: loudness uniformity between programs; dynamic range control; and broadcaster control of downmix coefficients. The AC-3 coder has been formally selected for inclusion of the U.S. HDTV broadcast standard, and has been informally selected for several additional applications.

  10. A Dual-Buck–Boost AC/DC Converter for DC Nanogrid With Three Terminal Outputs

    Wu, Weimin; Wang, Houqing; Liu, Yuan


    such as the low-voltage ac power system. There are three typical grounding configurations for a dc nanogrid: the united grounding, the unidirectional grounding, and the virtual isolated grounding. Each grounding configuration has its own specifications to ac/dc converters. In this paper, a dual-buck-boost ac...

  11. 1000 kV与500 kV同塔四回交流输电线路杆塔型式研究%Study on Tower Types of 1000 kV and 500 kV Four-Circuit AC Transmission Lines on One Tower

    张禄琦; 郝阳; 张小力; 文凡; 臧国华; 魏鹏


    同塔四回输电技术是电网建设中解决输电走廊紧张、提高输电容量、实现“资源节约型”电网的有效手段.依托特高压交流输电技术研究成果,通过理论分析和数值计算对1 000kV与500 kV同塔四回交流输电线路杆塔型式进行研究.借鉴超高压输电线路同塔四回输电技术的经验,基于2种典型杆塔结构,从电磁环境、防雷性能、覆冰校验和经济性等方面进行了比较和分析,选择出合理的杆塔型式,并推荐了塔头布置方案,为1 000 kV与500 kV同塔四回输电线路塔型设计提供借鉴和参考.%Application of the four-circuit on one tower transmission technology is an effective way to solve the corridor shortage problems for transmission lines, and to improve transmission capacity and build the resource-saving power grids. Based on UHVAC-dedicated technological research results, a study was made through theoretical analysis and numerical calculation on the tower types of 1 000 kV and 500 kV four-circuit AC transmission lines on the same tower. Based on the experiences of EHV four-circuit AC transmission technology, two typical tower structures were analyzed in terms of electromagnetic environment, lighting performance, icing verification and economy. A reasonable tower type was selected, and the tower head layout scheme was proposed, which can provide a reference for tower design of 1 000 kV and 500 kV four-circuit AC transmission lines.

  12. Flexible AC transmission systems modelling and control

    Zhang, Xiao-Ping; Pal, Bikash


    The extended and revised second edition of this successful monograph presents advanced modeling, analysis and control techniques of Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS). The book covers comprehensively a range of power-system control problems: from steady-state voltage and power flow control, to voltage and reactive power control, to voltage stability control, to small signal stability control using FACTS controllers. In the six years since the first edition of the book has been published research on the FACTS has continued to flourish while renewable energy has developed into a mature and

  13. Modeling and Simulation of Electrical Resonance in EHV Transmission Line Case Study in West Java Region 500 kV System

    Aditya Pramana Putu Agus


    Full Text Available Electrical transmission line can be approached by the second order system with the model of capacitive, inductive, and resistive elements. In the system, the capacitive element is represented by the capacitance value between phases and phase to ground. In the other side, inductance of reactor and phase conductor represent the inductance element, whereas resistance of the phase conductor represents the resistance value of the system. As a second order system, the electrical transmission line is potentially experiencing the resonance phenomena if the natural frequency reaches the 50 Hz operation frequency. This paper explains the study of resonance phenomena in Extra High Voltage (EHV 500 kV transmission line between two 500 kV Substation in West Java Region by the modeling and simulation. The results show that the transmission line is very vulnerable to the resonance phenomenon which is indicated by the existence of voltage up to 800 kV when this transmission line is not yet energized and causing one of the line arrester broken. The results also show that under the resonance phenomena, single pole auto reclose process is potentially failed. This study is expected to increase the concern for the resonance phenomena in the transmission lines.

  14. AC/RF Superconductivity

    Ciovati, Gianluigi [JLAB


    This contribution provides a brief introduction to AC/RF superconductivity, with an emphasis on application to accelerators. The topics covered include the surface impedance of normal conductors and superconductors, the residual resistance, the field dependence of the surface resistance, and the superheating field.

  15. Frequency stabilizing control system for large-scale power system; Daikibo keito shuhasu iji system

    Tsukada, M. [Chubu Electric Power Co. Inc., Nagoya (Japan); Sato, S.; Shuto, I.; Hachisuka, T. [Toshiba Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    To maintain the frequency in a power system, a balance is required between power generation and demand. In the case of a serious transmission line fault, the power system will be divided into several groups and it will be difficult to maintain the power balance. In other words, an imbalance in a power system causes frequency instability. The frequency stabilizing system can control the power balance at high speed and stabilize the power system frequency. Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (CEPCO) has been utilizing and upgrading such systems, called system stabilizing control (SSC), since the 1960s. This paper introduces a new frequency stabilizing system applied to the EHV power system of CEPCO. This system has the ability to recognize the latest configuration of the power system, enabling it to be applied to a wide variety of power system configurations. 3 refs., 5 figs., 2 tabs.

  16. New switching pattern for AC/AC converters with RB-IGBTs for offshore wind parks

    Mogstad, Anne Berit


    Offshore wind power has an increasing interest in the research community and among the politicians. Therefore it is important to find the right solutions to meet the environmental and commercial requirements to give offshore wind power a promising future. This thesis are proposing a new converter topology for offshore wind parks. Since the topology is based on DC transmission in stead of AC transmission it is better suited for use in this type of parks. All the converters are located in the w...

  17. Experimental Investigation on Surface Conditions of Conductors in AC Power Transmission Lines%交流输电线路导线表面状态的实验研究

    卞星明; 杨文言; 赵磊; 王黎明; 关志成


    导线表面状态是影响其电晕特性的重要因素,研究实际运行后导线的表面状态对输电线路的设计、运行都有着重要的理论意义.为此,选取了华北、华中和华南典型地区的500 kV交流输电线路导线及新导线样本进行了表面状态的研究.场发射环境扫描电子显微镜的实验结果表明:实际运行后导线的表面物质成分比新导线大大增加,表面形貌更加凹凸不平;非金属元素主要含有碳、氧、硅、硫,金属元素主要含有铝、铁、钙、钾、钠、镁.表面形貌仪的实验结果表明:与新导线相比,运行后导线的粗糙度增加,同一地区的导线表面粗糙度相差不大,随着运行时间的增加,导线表面粗糙程度有所提高.%The influence of conductor surface conditions on corona discharge is of great value to the design and operation of power transmission lines in power system. Six strands of the aged conductors acquired from 500 kV AC transmission lines in northern, central, southern China respectively and two strands of the new conductors China were used. The results of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy-dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX) showed that the morphologies of the aged strands were greatly different from the new ones. The aged strands had been corrupted in the ambient atmospheric conditions during their long-term operating in power grid; many substances in the neighborhood of the conductors were also adhered to the surfaces as a result of the strong electric field and gravitational force. Therefore, the surfaces of the aged strands are much coarser and more uneven than the new ones. For the new strands, aluminum is the main component, there are few impurities. However, in the surface layer of the aged strands, there are many other elements, such as oxygen, carbon, silicon, sulfur, chlorine, kalium, calcium, zincum, natrium, iron, magnesium etc. Two basic roughness parameters Ra and Rq were introduced to express

  18. Predictive Direct Power Control of Three-phase DC/AC Converter Without Phase Locked Loop%无锁相环三相DC/AC变流器直接功率预测控制

    陈强; 郝思鹏; 章心因; 吕干云


    以三相DC/AC变流器为研究对象,给出了一种无锁相环直接功率预测控制方法,能实现对并网功率的无差拍控制,并且为降低锁相环对控制性能的影响,实现无锁相环控制。根据采样控制导致的两拍延时,采样控制频率为载波频率两倍,精确计算得到下一拍的变流器状态量,然后针对给定功率参考值根据公式直接计算得到三相变流电路的输出。推导得到控制系统设定的频率与电网频率的偏差对所提出控制方法的性能没有影响,论证了无锁相环的可行性。最后构建了三相并网变流器Simulink仿真模型和实验样机,利用Simulink中的Embedded Coder模块实现控制系统仿真模型到DSP硬件控制系统C语言程序的转换,通过仿真和实验验证了控制方法的有效性。%A predictive direct power control method without the phase locked loop (PLL) is presented,the research obj ect of which is the three-phase DC/AC converter.This method can achieve the deadbeat control of grid-connected power.In order to reduce the influence on the control performance by PLL,the method without PLL is realized.According to the two-beat delay resulting from the sampling control,the sampling frequency which is twice the carrier frequency is adopted to calculate the grid voltage,the grid-connected power and current after one cycle accurately.The output of the converter is calculated by the formula given in the paper.The deviation between the frequency set by the control system and the grid frequency has no influence on the performance of the control method proposed in this paper.The feasibility of the absence of phase locked loop (PLL) is demonstrated.The three-phase grid-connected converter simulation model and experimental prototype are built.The conversion from a control system simulation model into the C language program of DSP is realized by the Embedded Coder block of Simulink.The control method is validated and

  19. Technical Aspects of the Advanced Camera For Surveys Repair (ACS-R)

    Rinehart, Stephen; Cheng, Edward S.; Sirianni, Marco


    The ACS Repair (ACS-R) team includes contributors from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Ball Aerospace, and Teledyne Imaging Sensors; It determined that all of the capabilities of the ACS could be restored and created a concept for the ACS-R component of SN4. ACSR will restore the WFC of ACS by replacing the existing CCD Electronics Box (CEB) with the CEB-Replacement (CEB-R) and providing power from a new Low Voltage Power Supply Replacement (LVPS-8). The new LVPS-R will also attempt to restore the HRC function by providing power through the original power bus. In this presentation, we faeus on the concept and technical aspects of the ACS-R.

  20. Estimation of the Thurstonian model for the 2-AC protocol

    Christensen, Rune Haubo Bojesen; Lee, Hye-Seong; Brockhoff, Per B.


    The 2-AC protocol is a 2-AFC protocol with a “no-difference” option and is technically identical to the paired preference test with a “no-preference” option. The Thurstonian model for the 2-AC protocol is parameterized by δ and a decision parameter τ, the estimates of which can be obtained...... by fairly simple well-known methods. In this paper we describe how standard errors of the parameters can be obtained and how exact power computations can be performed. We also show how the Thurstonian model for the 2-AC protocol is closely related to a statistical model known as a cumulative probit model....... This relationship makes it possible to extract estimates and standard errors of δ and τ from general statistical software, and furthermore, it makes it possible to combine standard regression modelling with the Thurstonian model for the 2-AC protocol. A model for replicated 2-AC data is proposed using cumulative...

  1. A Novel High Performance Bridgeless Ac-Dc Boost Converter

    S.M.AshrafulAlam Mohon


    Full Text Available A new single phase high performance bridgeless AC-DC Boost converter is proposed. The converter is made bridgeless by the use of two unidirectional switches and two diodes at the input ac side for power conversion for both positive and negative half cycle. Because of the high frequency switching, the power factor of the circuit is inherently corrected and it requires a small filter to make the input current near sinusoidal with limited THD. The significant improvement in THD makes the circuit a good choice in applications needing AC-DC conversion with power conditioning. The circuit exhibits such better performances than conventional AC-DC boost converter with variable loads at constant frequency switching with no additional control circuits. The efficiency of the circuit is also satisfactory. Analysis and simulation results of the circuit are obtained by using software simulation. The main advantage of this new AC-DC converter is its superior power quality over conventional AC-DC boost converter

  2. Automatic Video Monitor and Record System for High-Power AC Diesel Locomotive%大功率交流内燃机车自动视频监控及记录系统



    介绍了自动视频监控和记录系统在大功率交流内燃机车上的构成及应用.采用在车前、车后、车内等部位安装多路摄像头,并可对机车的运行状态的图像和数据进行显示、记录、同步回放或分类检索的方式,使司机能及时从操纵台的显示屏了解到车内各机械间和前后方道路的情况,避免了以往司机必须亲自进到各设备间对部件进行定期故障检查的情况,也提高了车外环境监控的准确性.这样不仅降低了司机的工作强度,还提高了监控的全面性和行车的安全性,特别对于目前铁路机车驾驶由正、副司机操作改革为单司机值乘的方案具有重要的适用意义.%Constitutes and applications of automatic video monitor and record system for high-power AC diesel locomotive are introduced. The system is equipped with several video cameras separately mounted in the front, rear and inside of the loco. The retrievable video images and related data of loco running status are displayed, recorded,and assorted. By this way,drivers can get sufficient information of loco work status inside each cabinets and road situations outside the loco from displays on the console without coming into every mechanical cabinet with more accurate circumstance information outside loco. Therefore, the driver' s working intensity is reduced,and loco application safety is increased. Its significance is especially prominent under present railway steering scheme as main-assistant driver mode being changed into one single driver mode.

  3. Cascading failures in ac electricity grids

    Rohden, Martin; Jung, Daniel; Tamrakar, Samyak; Kettemann, Stefan


    Sudden failure of a single transmission element in a power grid can induce a domino effect of cascading failures, which can lead to the isolation of a large number of consumers or even to the failure of the entire grid. Here we present results of the simulation of cascading failures in power grids, using an alternating current (AC) model. We first apply this model to a regular square grid topology. For a random placement of consumers and generators on the grid, the probability to find more than a certain number of unsupplied consumers decays as a power law and obeys a scaling law with respect to system size. Varying the transmitted power threshold above which a transmission line fails does not seem to change the power-law exponent q ≈1.6 . Furthermore, we study the influence of the placement of generators and consumers on the number of affected consumers and demonstrate that large clusters of generators and consumers are especially vulnerable to cascading failures. As a real-world topology, we consider the German high-voltage transmission grid. Applying the dynamic AC model and considering a random placement of consumers, we find that the probability to disconnect more than a certain number of consumers depends strongly on the threshold. For large thresholds the decay is clearly exponential, while for small ones the decay is slow, indicating a power-law decay.

  4. Control of hybrid AC/DC microgrid under islanding operational conditions

    Ding, G.; Gao, F.; Zhang, S.


    This paper presents control methods for hybrid AC/DC microgrid under islanding operation condition. The control schemes for AC sub-microgrid and DC sub-microgrid are investigated according to the power sharing requirement and operational reliability. In addition, the key control schemes......, the whole hybrid AC/DC microgrid can manage the power flow transferred between sub-microgrids for improving on the operational quality and efficiency....

  5. 新型交流电荷感应技术在火电厂烟气浊度测量中的应用%Application of new type AC electric charge inductive technique for flue gas turbidity measurement in thermal power plant

    张振全; 于一


    This paper briefly introduces the traditional flue gas turbidity measurement methods and the existing problems, a detailed description the application of AC charge inductive technique in flue gas turbidity measurement. It is showed that the AC charge inductive technique is advanced by analyzing the actual application curve of flue gas turbidity measurement in the thermal power plant.%简要介绍了传统烟气浊度测量的技术方法和存在的问题,详细说明了交流电荷感应技术在烟气浊度测量中的应用.通过在火电厂烟气浊度测量中的实际安装应用和曲线分析,说明了交流电荷感应技术的先进性.

  6. A Study on the Dependable and Secure Relaying Scheme under High Resistance Earth Faults on HV, EHV Line

    Kim, I.D.; Han, K.N. [Korea Electric Power Research Institute, Taejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    This report contains following items for the purpose of investigating and analyzing characteristics of high impedance ground faults. - Reason and characteristics identification of HIF - Modeling of power system - Testing of protective relays using RTD(Real Time Digital Simulator) - Staged ground faults test - Development of new algorithm to detect HIF - Protective coordination schemes between different types of relays - HIF monitoring and relaying scheme and H/W prototyping. (author). 22 refs., 28 figs., 21 tabs.

  7. Analysis of Input and Output Ripples of PWM AC Choppers

    Pekik Argo Dahono


    Full Text Available This paper presents an analysis of input and output ripples of PWM AC choppers. Expressions of input and output current and voltage ripples of single-phase PWM AC choppers are first derived. The derived expressions are then extended to three-phase PWM AC choppers. As input current and output voltage ripples specification alone cannot be used to determine the unique values of inductance and capacitance of the LC filters, an additional criterion based on the minimum reactive power is proposed. Experimental results are included in this paper to show the validity of the proposed analysis method.

  8. A Computer Model for Teaching the Dynamic Behavior of AC Contactors

    Ruiz, J.-R. R.; Espinosa, A. G.; Romeral, L.


    Ac-powered contactors are extensively used in industry in applications such as automatic electrical devices, motor starters, and heaters. In this work, a practical session that allows students to model and simulate the dynamic behavior of ac-powered electromechanical contactors is presented. Simulation is carried out using a rigorous parametric…

  9. A dry-cooled AC quantum voltmeter

    Schubert, M.; Starkloff, M.; Peiselt, K.; Anders, S.; Knipper, R.; Lee, J.; Behr, R.; Palafox, L.; Böck, A. C.; Schaidhammer, L.; Fleischmann, P. M.; Meyer, H.-G.


    The paper describes a dry-cooled AC quantum voltmeter system operated up to kilohertz frequencies and 7 V rms. A 10 V programmable Josephson voltage standard (PJVS) array was installed on a pulse tube cooler (PTC) driven with a 4 kW air-cooled compressor. The operating margins at 70 GHz frequencies were investigated in detail and found to exceed 1 mA Shapiro step width. A key factor for the successful chip operation was the low on-chip power consumption of 65 mW in total. A thermal interface between PJVS chip and PTC cold stage was used to avoid a significant chip overheating. By installing the cryocooled PJVS array into an AC quantum voltmeter setup, several calibration measurements of dc standards and calibrator ac voltages up to 2 kHz frequencies were carried out to demonstrate the full functionality. The results are discussed and compared to systems with standard liquid helium cooling. For dc voltages, a direct comparison measurement between the dry-cooled AC quantum voltmeter and a liquid-helium based 10 V PJVS shows an agreement better than 1 part in 1010.

  10. Control of hybrid AC/DC microgrid under islanding operational conditions

    Ding, G.; Gao, F.; Zhang, S.


    This paper presents control methods for hybrid AC/DC microgrid under islanding operation condition. The control schemes for AC sub-microgrid and DC sub-microgrid are investigated according to the power sharing requirement and operational reliability. In addition, the key control schemes...... of interlinking converter with DC-link capacitor or energy storage, which will devote to the proper power sharing between AC and DC sub-microgrids to maintain AC and DC side voltage stable, is reviewed. Combining the specific control methods developed for AC and DC sub-microgrids with interlinking converter......, the whole hybrid AC/DC microgrid can manage the power flow transferred between sub-microgrids for improving on the operational quality and efficiency....

  11. High performance AC drives

    Ahmad, Mukhtar


    This book presents a comprehensive view of high performance ac drives. It may be considered as both a text book for graduate students and as an up-to-date monograph. It may also be used by R & D professionals involved in the improvement of performance of drives in the industries. The book will also be beneficial to the researchers pursuing work on multiphase drives as well as sensorless and direct torque control of electric drives since up-to date references in these topics are provided. It will also provide few examples of modeling, analysis and control of electric drives using MATLAB/SIMULIN

  12. Power-law index and penetration depth of (NdxSmxGd1−2x)Ba2Cu3O7−δ films studied by AC susceptibility

    Li, Xiaofen; He, Dong; Grivel, Jean-Claude


    Superconducting (NdxSmxGd1−2x)Ba2Cu3O7−δ films with x=0, 0.1, 0.25, 0.33 were grown by PLD on STO single crystal substrates. The power-law index n and penetration depth λ are studied by AC susceptibility. During cooling, n in films with x ≠ 0 increases much slower compared with the films with x =....... The films with x ≠ 0 also tend to have a longer penetration depth. These properties might be related to the higher possibility for disorder in the mixed (Nd,Sm,Gd)BCO films....




    Two ac dipoles with vertical and horizontal magnetic field have been proposed at RHIC for applications in linear and non-linear beam dynamics and spin manipulations. A magnetic field amplitude of 380 Gm is required to produce a coherent oscillation of 5 times the rms beam size at the top energy. We take the ac dipole frequency to be 1.0% of the revolution frequency away from the betatron frequency. To achieve the strong magnetic field with minimum power loss, an air-core magnet with two seven turn winding of low loss Litz wire resonating at 64 kHz is designed. The system is also designed to allow one to connect the two magnet winding in series to resonate at 37 kHz for the spin manipulation. Measurements of a half length prototype magnet are also presented.

  14. 一种新颖的交流接触器无声节电技术%A Novel Technology of Noiseless & Electricity -saving Power in AC Contactor



    This paper proposes a changing and controlling method of AC contactor' s actuation and DC keeping. The noiseless & electricity-saving component used in AC contactor has many advantages, such as better performance, lower cost and easier installing and maintenance.%提出了一种新颖的交流接触器电磁吸合与吸持状态的切换和控制方法,并给出了典型电路。采用该方法设计的交流接触器无声节电器或节电线圈性能好、成本低、安装维护方便。

  15. Single-Phase Direct AC-AC Boost Converter

    LUCANU, M.


    Full Text Available The paper presents a single-phase direct AC-AC boost converter. The circuit of the converter is simple and it has good performances, irrespective of the load nature. The adequate functioning and high performance of the circuit (the efficiency and waveform of the absorbed input current were tested both by simulation and experimentally.

  16. 电网行波故障定位信息主站系统的组网应用%Traveling wave fault locating information master station application in EHV networking

    谭劲; 游鑫


    Through summarizing the existing problems of transmission lines fault search and fault locating application in Guiyang EHV company, according to the demand of practical application, a set of the traveling wave fault locating information master station was estab- lished. The system took the jurisdiction transmission lines of Guiyang EHV company as supervised object,rock the dispatch of unified connection substation and the operation maintenance department of transmission lines as service object,obtain directly from related station data, increasing the efficiency of transmission lines fault search and the level of operation and maintenance.%通过总结超高压公司贵阳局在输电线路故障查找和故障定位系统应用中存在的问题,根据现场实际应用需求,实施建立一套电网行波故障定位信息主站系统。该系统以超高压贵阳局所管辖线路为监测对象,以调度统一联系的变电站和输电线路运行维护部门为服务对象,直接从电力数据网获取相关站点数据,从而有效提高输电线路故障查找效率和运行维护水平。

  17. Investigation and comparison of AC losses on stabilizer-free and copper stabilizer HTS tapes

    Shen, Boyang; Li, Jing; Geng, Jianzhao; Fu, Lin; Zhang, Xiuchang; Li, Chao; Zhang, Heng; Dong, Qihuan; Ma, Jun; Coombs, T. A.


    This paper presents the measurement and simulation of Alternating Current (AC) losses on the Stabilizer-free and Copper Stabilizer High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Tapes: SuperPower SF12100 and SCS12050. The AC loss measurement utilised electrical method to obtain overall losses with AC transport currents. The 2D H-formulation by COMSOL Multiphysics has been used to simulate the real geometry and multi-layer HTS tapes. Ferromagnetic AC losses of substrate have been assumed to be ignored as the substrates of SF12100 and SCS12050 are non-magnetic. Hysteresis AC losses in the superconducting layer, and eddy-current AC losses in copper stabilizer, silver overlayer and substrate were concerned in this investigation. The measured AC losses were compared to the AC losses from simulation, with 3 cases of different AC frequency 10, 100, and 1000 Hz. The eddy-current AC losses of copper stabilizer at frequency 1000 Hz were determined from both experiment and simulation. The estimation of AC losses with frequency at 10,000 Hz was also carried out using simulation method. Finally, the frequency dependence of AC losses from Stabilizer-free Tape and Copper Stabilizer Tape were compared and analysed.

  18. Cooling Floor AC Systems

    Jun, Lu; Hao, Ding; Hong, Zhang; Ce, Gao Dian

    The present HVAC equipments for the residential buildings in the Hot-summer-and-Cold-winter climate region are still at a high energy consuming level. So that the high efficiency HVAC system is an urgently need for achieving the preset government energy saving goal. With its advantage of highly sanitary, highly comfortable and uniform of temperature field, the hot-water resource floor radiation heating system has been widely accepted. This paper has put forward a new way in air-conditioning, which combines the fresh-air supply unit and such floor radiation system for the dehumidification and cooling in summer or heating in winter. By analyze its advantages and limitations, we found that this so called Cooling/ Heating Floor AC System can improve the IAQ of residential building while keep high efficiency quality. We also recommend a methodology for the HVAC system designing, which will ensure the reduction of energy cost of users.

  19. Power quality load management for large spacecraft electrical power systems

    Lollar, Louis F.


    In December, 1986, a Center Director's Discretionary Fund (CDDF) proposal was granted to study power system control techniques in large space electrical power systems. Presented are the accomplishments in the area of power system control by power quality load management. In addition, information concerning the distortion problems in a 20 kHz ac power system is presented.

  20. Fabrication of alumina films with laminated structures by ac anodization

    Hiroyo Segawa


    Full Text Available Anodization techniques by alternating current (ac are introduced in this review. By using ac anodization, laminated alumina films are fabricated. Different types of alumina films consisting of 50–200 nm layers were obtained by varying both the ac power supply and the electrolyte. The total film thickness increased with an increase in the total charge transferred. The thickness of the individual layers increased with the ac voltage; however, the anodization time had little effect on the film thickness. The laminated alumina films resembled the nacre structure of shells, and the different morphologies exhibited by bivalves and spiral shells could be replicated by controlling the rate of increase of the applied potentials.

  1. Combined short and long term rating of static Var system components for steady state and transient voltage support in a 500 kV power grid

    Paulsson, L.; Silva, A.; Thorvaldsson, B. [ABB Power Systems AB, Vaesteraas (Sweden); Gonzalez, R. [Northern States Power Co., Minneapolis, MN (United States)


    One efficient way to improve the power transmission performance is to provide appropriate reactive power balance and control in the network. Reactive power compensation by means of static var compensation (SVC) and series compensation (SC) are well established ways to achieve such improvement. The SVC, which is a relatively new concept, has now been used successfully for more than 15 years in EHV systems. This paper discusses a more general type of shunt compensation, designated Static var System (SVS), which may include breaker switched capacitor banks and other special features besides conventional SVC technology. (author) 4 figs.

  2. 基于STC90C58的单相交流供电线路漏电流监测装置%STC90C58-based Device to Monitor Leakage Current of Single-phase AC Power Line

    关旭俊; 谢力扬


    基于STC90C58设计了一种监测单相交流供电线路漏电流的装置。采用了微控制器和电能计量器件,可同时采集并显示单相交流供电线路相线电流、中性线电流和相线对地漏电流的幅值。可为判断漏电性质和排查漏电点提供数据支持,对提高漏电保安器的投入率、提高用电安全性、降低线损有一定的积极意义。%A device based on STC90C58 to monitor the leakage current of single-phase AC power line is designed .The device uses a micro-controller and a power energy IC ,it can simultaneously capture and display the amplitudes of the phase line current ,the neutral current and the phase-to-ground leakage current of the single-phase AC supply line .The device can determine the nature of leakage points and provide data to support the investigation ,it will have some positive significance to improve the input rate of leakage protectors and improve the security for using electricity and reduce line losses .

  3. HXD1D 型交流传动电力机车辅助系统不间断供电技术%Uninterrupted Power Supply Technology of The HXD1D Ac Drive Electric Locomotive’s Auxiliary System

    魏伟龙; 李辉


    This paper describes auxiliary system uninterrupted power supply technology of the new generation AC drive electric lo-comotive for passenger(The type of HXD1D),introduce the principle and the power supply situation in different conditions, and the advantages by adopting the technology.%介绍了我国新一代交流传动快速客运电力机车(HXD1D 型电力机车)所采用的辅助系统不间断供电技术,描述了其工作原理及不同工况下辅助负载的供电情况,以及采用该项技术具有的优势。

  4. Estimation of Contingency Cost of EHV Infrastructure Project Based on Risk Analysis and Fuzzy Expert System%基于风险分析和模糊专家系统的超高压基建工程不可预见费估算

    马博; 倪红芳; 朱晓丽; 曾鸣


    Aiming at the deficiency of contingency cost estimation of project investment with current method, contingency cost estimation model is established by taking EHV infrastructure project for an example. The risks that may exist in the implementation process of EHV infrastructure projects are analyzed and classified. And then, fuzzy expert system is used to estimate the contingency cost of EHV infrastructure project. Example results show that the proposed model is feasible and effective for estimating contingency cost of EHV infrastructure project and the estimation error is within 10%.%针对工程项目投资中采用现有的方法估算不可预见费存在的不足,以超高压基建工程为例,构建了不可预见费估算理论模型,分析了超高压基建工程实施过程中存在的风险,并对各风险进行分类筛选,进而确定风险等级,再利用模糊专家系统估算工程的不可预见费.算例应用结果表明,基于风险分析和模糊专家系统来估算超高压基建工程不可预见费用的方法可行、有效,且估算误差均在10%以内.

  5. 浅析都匀电网110kV线路方式融冰与交流短路融冰特点%Analysis of the characteristics of working ice - melting and AC short circuit ice - melting for 110kV line of Duyun power grid



    Since freeze disaster is easy to occur for Duyun power grid in winters, ice - melting should be taken into consideration ac- cording to the situation of timely ice - covering to 110kV line with avoiding the accident of pole collapse. Based on the reality of work- ing ice - melting and AC short circuit ice - melting of 110kV line taken in Duyun power grid during the freezing period of early 2011, the characteristics of the two ice - melting ways and the modified direction in future for the 110kV line of Duyun power grid are ana- lyzed, and the suggestions and proposals of Duyun power grid ice - melting planning are put forword.%都匀电网冬季易发凝冻灾害,110kV线路应及时根据覆冰跟踪情况安排融冰以避免发生因覆冰导致线路倒杆的事故。根据都匀电网2011年初凝;东期间实施的110kV线路方式融冰和交流短路融冰的实际情况,分析并总结了都匀电网110kV线路采用的两种融冰方式的特点及今后需要改进的方向,并对未来都匀电网融冰规划提出意见及建议。

  6. 基于电压控制特性的电压源型多端直流/交流系统潮流求解%Power Flow Solving of VSC Multi-terminal DC/AC System Based on Voltage Control Characteristics

    杨堤; 程浩忠; 姚良忠; 曾平良


    The voltage source converter based high voltage direct current (VSC-HVDC) transmission technology has good application prospects owing to its excellent controllability,voltage stability and good adaptability to power supply for load center,wind power accommodation,and power transmission among islands.The present research on power flow of VSC-HVDC system is mostly based on constant power control mode without considering the practical converter voltage control characteristics.In order to more accurately reflect the voltage control characteristics of VSC in the actual power grid,a voltage control model based on VSC is developed.As well,converter loss,AC filter,and converter capacity limit are considered in the power flow model.And a general power flow algorithm is proposed for power flow of the VSC based multi-terminal DC/AC system.Some cases with changed DC grid power injection,N -1 contingency and multi-terminal DC/AC system,are built and analyzed.The case analysis indicates that the power flow algorithm is able to reflect the voltage control ability of DC converters,while verifying the effectiveness,rationality and algorithm rapidity based on voltage control characteristics.%由于基于电压源型换流器的高压直流(VSC-HVDC)输电技术具有良好的可控性,对负荷中心供电、风电消纳、孤岛电力传输等适应能力强,电压稳定性好,因此具有良好的应用前景。当前对VSC-HVDC 系统主要基于定功率控制模式进行潮流计算,而很少考虑到实际的换流器电压控制能力。为了更加精确地反映实际电网中 VSC 的电压控制特性,文中建立了基于 VSC 的电压控制模型,考虑了换流器损耗、交流滤波器、换流器容量限制等的影响,并基于电压控制特性提出了 VSC多端直流/交流系统的通用潮流求解方法。对直流电网功率分布变化和 N -1故障以及多端直流/交流系统的潮流算例分析表明,所提的潮流算法能够反

  7. DC injection into low voltage AC networks



    This report summarises the results of a study investigating the impact of levels of injected DC current injections on a low voltage AC distribution network systems in order to recommend acceptable limits of DC from microgeneration. Relevant literature is reviewed, and the impact of DC levels in distribution transformers, transformer modelling, and instrumental transformers are discussed. The impact of DC in residual current devices (RCD) and in domestic electricity watt hour meters is examined along with DC enhanced corrosion, corrosion failure, and the measurement of DC current injection. Sources of DC injection outlined include DC from computer power supplies, network faults, geomagnetic phenomena, lighting circuits/dimmers, and embedded generators.

  8. ACS CCD Stability Monitor

    Grogin, Norman


    A moderately crowded stellar field in the cluster 47 Tuc {6 arcmin West of the cluster core} is observed every four months with the WFC. The first visit exercises the full suite of broad and narrow band imaging filters and sub-array modes; following visits observe with only the six most popular Cycle 18 filters in full-frame mode. The positions and magnitudes of objects will be used to monitor local and large scale variations in the plate scale and the sensitivity of the detectors and to derive an independent measure of the detector CTE. One exposure in each sub-array mode with the WFC will allow us to verify that photometry obtained in full-frame and in sub-array modes are repeatable to better than 1%. This test is important for the ACS Photometric Cross-Calibration program, which uses sub-array exposures. This program may receive additional orbits to investigate ORIENT-dependent geometric distortion, which motivates the ORIENT and BETWEEN requirement on the first visit.

  9. AcEST: DK956383 [AcEST


  10. Using AC Motors in Robotics

    Hosein Marzi


    Full Text Available It has been proven that fuzzy controllers are capable of controlling non-linear systems where it is cumbersome to develop conventional controllers based on mathematical modeling. This paper describes designing fuzzy controllers for an AC motor run mechanism. It also compares performance of two controllers designed based on Mamdani and Takagi-Sugeno with the conventional control scheme in a short track length, following a high disturbance. Fine and rapid control of AC motors have been a challenge and the main obstacle in gaining popularity in use of AC motors in robots actuators. This chapter reviews how use of intelligent control scheme can help to solve this problem.

  11. Design and Analysis of the Main AC/DC Converter System for ITER

    盛志才; 许留伟; 傅鹏


    A design of the main AC/DC converter system for ITER is described and the configuration of the main AC/DC converters is presented. To reduce the reactive power absorbed from the converter units, the main AC/DC converters are designed to be series-connected and work in a sequential mode. The structure of the regulator of the converter system is described. A simulation model was built up for the PSCAD/EMTDC code, and the design was validated accordingly. Harmonic analysis and reactive power calculation of the converters units are presented. The results reveal the advantage of sequential control in reducing reactive power and harmonics.

  12. Coordination Control Strategy for AC/DC Hybrid Microgrids in Stand-Alone Mode

    Dwi Riana Aryani


    Full Text Available Interest in DC microgrids is rapidly increasing along with the improvement of DC power technology because of its advantages. To support the integration process of DC microgrids with the existing AC utility grids, the form of hybrid AC/DC microgrids is considered for higher power conversion efficiency, lower component cost and better power quality. In the system, AC and DC portions are connected through interlink bidirectional AC/DC converters (IC with a proper control system and power management. In the stand-alone operation mode of AC/DC hybrid microgrids, the control of power injection through the IC is crucial in order to maintain the system security. This paper mainly deals with a coordination control strategy of IC and a battery energy storage system (BESS converter under stand-alone operation. A coordinated control strategy for the IC, which considers the state of charge (SOC level of BESS and the load shedding scheme as the last resort, is proposed to obtain better power sharing between AC and DC subgrids. The scheme will be tested with a hybrid AC/DC microgrid, using the tool of the PSCAD/EMTDC software.

  13. Vector control of three-phase AC machines system development in the practice

    Quang, Nguyen Phung


    Covers the area of vector control of 3-phase AC machines, in particular induction motors with squirrel-cage rotor, permanent excited synchronous motors and doubly-fed induction machines. This title summarizes the basic structure of a field-oriented controlled 3-phase AC drive and grid voltage orientated controlled wind power plant.

  14. Performance Analysis of Phase Controlled Unidirectional and Bidirectional AC Voltage Controllers

    Abdul Sattar Larik


    Full Text Available AC voltage controllers are used to vary the output ac voltage from a fixed ac input source. They are also commonly called ac voltage regulators or ac choppers. The output voltage is either controlled by PAC (Phase Angle Control method or on-off control method. Due to various advantages of ac voltage controllers, such as high efficiency, simplicity, low cost and ability to control large amount of power they efficiently control the speed of ac motors, light dimming and industrial heating, etc. These converters are variable structure systems and generate harmonics during the operation which will affect the power quality when connected to system network. During the last couple of years, a number of new semiconductor devices and various power electronic converters has been introduced. Accordingly the subject of harmonics and its problems are of great concern to power industry and customers. In this research work, initially the simulation models of single phase unidirectional and bidirectional ac voltage controllers were developed by using MATLAB software. The harmonics of these models are investigated by simulation. In the end, the harmonics were also analyzed experimentally. The simulated as well as experimental results are presented.

  15. Diagnostics of the Fermilab Tevatron using an AC dipole

    Miyamoto, Ryoichi [Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX (United States)


    The Fermilab Tevatron is currently the world's highest energy colliding beam facility. Its counter-rotating proton and antiproton beams collide at 2 TeV center-of-mass. Delivery of such intense beam fluxes to experiments has required improved knowledge of the Tevatron's beam optical lattice. An oscillating dipole magnet, referred to as an AC dipole, is one of such a tool to non-destructively assess the optical properties of the synchrotron. We discusses development of an AC dipole system for the Tevatron, a fast-oscillating (f ~ 20 kHz) dipole magnet which can be adiabatically turned on and off to establish sustained coherent oscillations of the beam particles without affecting the transverse emittance. By utilizing an existing magnet and a higher power audio amplifier, the cost of the Tevatron AC dipole system became relatively inexpensive. We discuss corrections which must be applied to the driven oscillation measurements to obtain the proper interpretation of beam optical parameters from AC dipole studies. After successful operations of the Tevatron AC dipole system, AC dipole systems, similar to that in the Tevatron, will be build for the CERN LHC. We present several measurements of linear optical parameters (beta function and phase advance) for the Tevatron, as well as studies of non-linear perturbations from sextupole and octupole elements.

  16. Aislamiento acústico

    Tobío, J. M.


    Full Text Available This is a very specific subject in the field of architectural acoustics, namely, insulation'. Emphasis is placed on the theoretical foundations of this phenomenon, and the most simple formula are developed to calculate easily the transmission losses of a material or the constructional insulating arrangements. The practical aspect of insulation can be considered by means of several graphs and charts, without the use of mathematics, and utilising common materials, that will not substantially increase the cost of the project. Finally this papers offers a critical discussion of building codes, and their reference to the acoustical insulation of dwellings, and data is included on the new regulations of the Madrid Municipality.Se trata un tema muy concreto de la Acústica Arquitectónica, el aislamiento, haciendo hincapié en los fundamentos teóricos del fenómeno y estableciendo las fórmulas más sencillas que permiten calcular fácilmente las pérdidas de transmisión de un material o disposición constructiva aislante. Varias gráficas y abacos permiten abordar, sin ningún tratamiento matemático, el problema práctico del aislamiento, aprovechando los materiales comunes y sin ocasionar gastos que graven sustancialmente el importe del proyecto. Por último, se hace un estudio crítico de las normas y su incidencia en los problemas del aislamiento de viviendas, incluyendo datos referentes a la nueva Ordenanza del Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

  17. Partial AC-coupling minigrids

    Moix, Pierre-Olivier; Ruchet, Claude [Studer Innotec, Sion (Switzerland)


    Partial AC-coupling: - It is feasible to make AC-coupling of some compatible elements without V/f droops. Standard elements available on the market were tested. - Optimum design for efficiency is a share of the solar modules between DC-coupling with a solar charger and AC-coupling with a grid inverter according to the load profile. - Partial AC-coupling is better in term of robustness; it is more reliable to have at least a part of the solar production connected directly to DC, or even only DC coupling. The presented concepts are not only theoretical but were implemented and tested on real products available on the market. Many tests have been done to find out the limits and problems that can occur with the use of grid connected and stand alone inverter together. Many combinations were tested and it was found robust enough to be used in the field with the precautions mentioned about microcycling. (orig.)

  18. Current Control of Grid Converters Connected with Series AC Capacitor

    Wang, Xiongfei; Blaabjerg, Frede; Loh, Poh Chiang


    The series ac capacitor has recently been used with the transformerless grid-connected converters in the distribution power grids. The capacitive characteristic of the resulting series LC filter restricts the use of conventional synchronous integral or stationary resonant current controllers. Thus...

  19. Calculated characteristics of an ac plasma display panel cell

    Boeuf, J.P.; Pitchford, L.C. [Universite Paul Sabatier, Toulouse (France)


    Equipotential contours and contours of constant power deposition into excitation of xenon, calculated from a two-dimensional (2-D) fluid model, are presented at times during the evolution of a single discharge event in an ac plasma display panel cell with a dielectric barrier rib geometry.

  20. Phase controlled dc-ac converter with high frequency switching

    Harada, Koosuke; Sakamoto, Hiroshi; Shoyama, Masahito

    A sinusoidal dc-ac converter is presented in which a pair of switches is placed on each side of the primary and secondary of the isolation transformer. This converter is controlled by the phase difference between the two pairs of switches. The transformer is miniaturized by making the switching frequency high. This converter is especially suitable for small uninterruptible power supply systems.


    S. YU. Buryak


    Full Text Available Purpose. In order to ensure reliability, security, and the most important the continuity of the transportation process, it is necessary to develop, implement, and then improve the automated methods of diagnostic mechanisms, devices and rail transport systems. Only systems that operate in real time mode and transmit data on the instantaneous state of the control objects can timely detect any faults and thus provide additional time for their correction by railway employees. Turnouts are one of the most important and responsible components, and therefore require the development and implementation of such diagnostics system.Methodology. Achieving the goal of monitoring and control of railway automation objects in real time is possible only with the use of an automated process of the objects state diagnosing. For this we need to know the diagnostic features of a control object, which determine its state at any given time. The most rational way of remote diagnostics is the shape and current spectrum analysis that flows in the power circuits of railway automatics. Turnouts include electric motors, which are powered by electric circuits, and the shape of the current curve depends on both the condition of the electric motor, and the conditions of the turnout maintenance. Findings. For the research and analysis of AC electric point motor it was developed its mathematical model. The calculation of parameters and interdependencies between the main factors affecting the operation of the asynchronous machine was conducted. The results of the model operation in the form of time dependences of the waveform curves of current on the load on engine shaft were obtained. Originality. During simulation the model of AC electric point motor, which satisfies the conditions of adequacy was built. Practical value. On the basis of the constructed model we can study the AC motor in various mode of operation, record and analyze current curve, as a response to various changes

  2. Development of a low-cost integrated 20-kW ac solar tracking sub- array for grid-connected PV power system applications. Phase 1, Annual technical report, 11 July 1995--31 July 1996

    Stern, M.; West, R.; Fourer, G.; Whalen, W.; Van Loo, M.; Duran, G. [Utility Power Group, Chatsworth, CA (United States)


    The overall goal of this effort is to reduce the installed cost of utility scale grid connected photovoltaic power systems. The focus of the effort is on ``BOS`` (Balance-Of-System) component manufacturing technology, which essentially involves all PV power system engineering, manufacturing, assembly and construction tasks from the receipt of a PV module to the deliver of grid connected electricity.

  3. Total AC loss of YBCO coated conductor carrying AC transport current in AC transverse magnetic field with various orientations

    Amemiya, Naoyuki [Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National University, 79-5 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya, Yokohama 240-8501 (Japan); Jiang, Zhenan [Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National University, 79-5 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya, Yokohama 240-8501 (Japan); Iijima, Yasuhiro [Materials Research Laboratory, Fujikura Ltd, 1-5-1 Kiba, Koto, Tokyo 135-8512 (Japan); Kakimoto, Kazuomi [Materials Research Laboratory, Fujikura Ltd, 1-5-1 Kiba, Koto, Tokyo 135-8512 (Japan); Saitoh, Takashi [Materials Research Laboratory, Fujikura Ltd, 1-5-1 Kiba, Koto, Tokyo 135-8512 (Japan)


    Using an electro-magnetic method, we measured the total AC loss of a YBCO coated conductor carrying an AC transport current in an AC transverse magnetic field with various orientations. We measured the magnetization loss (energy flow from the external magnetic field) and the transport loss (energy flow from the transport current circuit) independently during simultaneous application of an AC transverse magnetic field and AC transport current. Their sum gave us the total AC loss. The transport loss increases with increasing AC transverse magnetic field, and the magnetization loss increases with increasing AC transport current. The AC transverse magnetic field and the AC self magnetic field interact with each other at the conductor edges. This nonlinear interaction is a possible cause of the increase in AC loss. Due to the high aspect ratio of YBCO coated conductors, this increase in AC loss due to the interaction between the AC transverse and AC self magnetic fields is observed even when the transverse magnetic field is nearly parallel to the conductor wide-face. When the total AC losses for various transport currents and various field orientations are plotted against a transverse magnetic field component which is perpendicular to the conductor wide-face, the plots with different field angles but identical transport current all agree quite well with each other. The total AC loss is dominated by the self magnetic field and the perpendicular component of the transverse magnetic field, both of which mostly penetrate from the conductor edges.

  4. AC losses in circular arrangements of parallel superconducting tapes

    Kühle (fratrådt), Anders Van Der Aa; Træholt, Chresten; Däumling, Manfred


    The DC and AC properties of superconducting tapes connected in parellel and arranged in a single closed layer on two tubes (correspondig to power cable models with infinite pitch) with different diameters are compared. We find that the DC properties, i.e. the critical currents of the two arrangem......The DC and AC properties of superconducting tapes connected in parellel and arranged in a single closed layer on two tubes (correspondig to power cable models with infinite pitch) with different diameters are compared. We find that the DC properties, i.e. the critical currents of the two...... arrangements, scale with the number of tapes and hence appear to be independent of the diameter.However, the AC loss per tape (for a given current per tape) appears to decrease with increasing diameter of the circular arrangement. Compared to a model for the AC loss in a continuous superconducting layer...... (Monoblock model) the measured values are about half an order of magnitude higher than expected for the small diameter arrangement. When compared to the AC loss calculated for N individual superconducting tapes using a well known model ( Norris elliptical) the difference is slightly smaller....

  5. Wide band modeling of large power transformer windings for very fast transient overvoltage (VFTO) analysis

    YANG Yu; WANG ZanJi


    There are some difficulties in using multi-transmission-line (MTL) model for wide band modeling of whole windings of the large power transformer. In this paper, the normalized MTL model is firstly de-rived, with which not only the difficulty of modeling windings with different turn-lengths using MTL can be solved, but also the model can be extended to the modeling of the multi-winding transformer. Sec-ondly, both MTL model and the lumped circuit model on turn basis are mathematically compared in validation of the frequency range and it is pointed out that the lumped circuit model on turn basis is generally valid below 2.5 MHz for EHV and UHV power transformers. Finally, based on the MTL equa-tions, a novel lumped circuit model is derived and it is shown that the valid frequency range of the new circuit is extended to about 4 MHz for modeling large EHV and UHV power transformer windings.

  6. Application of Helicopter Line Inspection and Live Overhaul in EHV Transmission Lines%直升机作业在超高压输电线路巡视与带电检修中的应用

    赵志刚; 梁利辉


    This paper focuses on the background of helicopter line inspection ,compares advantages and disadvantages be-tween the helicopter line inspection and the manual line in-spection ,analyzes the key requirements and maintenance technologies of helicopter line inspection and live overhaul in EHV transmission lines ,makes some precautions during hel-icopter line inspection .%介绍直升机巡视背景,结合国网河北省电力公司直升机巡视情况,比较直升机巡视和人工巡视的优缺点,分析直升机在超高压输电线路巡视与带电检修应用中的关键要求和维护技术,并提出直升机巡视的注意事项。

  7. Restoration of Normal Frequency Affected by Small Load Variations Through HVDC link Using Neuro-Fuzzy Approach

    Anil Kumar Sharma,; Dr. G. K. Joshi,; Tarun Kumar De; Shyam Krishan Joshi


    HVDC power transmission is coming up with merits to replace the EHV-AC system. The controller inverter operation can successfully regulate the power in HVDC link leading to fulfillment ofpower demand in A.C. networks caused by sudden rise in loading. Since overloading and unloading both lead to the departure of operating frequency below or above normal, its control for normalization isexercised through control of power flow in HVDC Link. Also the same is achieved by adjusting firing delay ang...

  8. Comparative Study on Thermal Behavior of Base Resin for EHV XLPE Cable Insulation Material%超高压交联电缆绝缘料基础树脂热行为对比研究

    罗军; 陈维清; 俞杰; 陈文卿; 屠德民; 王利群


    One kind of domestic EHV cable insulation material (YJ-110) and three kinds of imported. EHV Cable insulation materials were selected as research object in this paper. The molecular weight and thermal behavior of the four samples are characterized by gel permeation chromatography (GPC) and dif-ferential scanning calorimeter (DSC). The results show that the number average molecular weight (Mn) of YJ-110 is almost the same as those of the imported samples, while the weight average molecular weight (Mw) of YJ-110 is among those of the imported samples. Compared with the imported samples, YJ-110 has poorer chain regularity and higher content of short branched chain (SCB), so YJ-110 shows poor crys-tallization capacity.%选用1种国产超高压电缆绝缘料(YJ-110)和3种进口超高压电缆绝缘料作为研究对象,采用凝胶渗透色谱(GPC)和差示扫描量热分析(DSC)等方法对国产料和进口料的分子量和热行为进行了表征。结果表明:国产电缆绝缘料YJ-110的数均分子量(Mn)和3种进口样的数均分子量几乎相同,而重均分子量(Mw)介于3种进口电缆料的之间。与进口电缆料相比,YJ-110的链规整度相对较差,短支链(SCB)含量相对较高,表现出较差的结晶能力。

  9. How Much DC Power is Necessary


    must transform essentially all of the available AC power to DC, including all of the power for the ship propulsion drive. This approach by Fig. 1 convert the AC source power to DC and energize the associated DC busses. At the power levels anticipated, i.e., for ship propulsion load...for a ship propulsion application. We begin by assuming that the variable frequency power electronics associated with the rotor will only deliver

  10. Protection of AC filter connection in HVDC%高压直流输电系统中交流滤波器连线保护

    宋红涛; 胡晓静; 王红青; 张广朴; 王海亮; 朱艳娜


    A HVDC system has some characteristics which should be considered in AC filter connection protection, such as harmonic, island operation, breaking capability of circuit breaker and TA saturation. An AC filter connection protection scheme was proposed with the consideration of these characteristics. The scheme includes differential protections taking accounts of TA saturation and over voltage prelections involving the factors of harmonic, AC over voltage, circuit breaker capacity and island operation. The proposed scheme has been successfully applied to a number of domestic projects of HV and EHV DC. Operation performences show that the proposed proleclion scheme can provide a good protection for AC filter connection.%高压直流输电系统具有存在谐波、孤岛运行、过电压及TA饱和等特点,交流滤波器连线保护需要充分考虑这些特点带来的影响,才能起到既全面又有效的保护作用.基于上述特点,提出一种新的交流滤波器连线保护方案,方案中考虑了TA饱和的差动保护和计及谐波、交流过电压、断路器分断能力及孤岛运行的过电压保护等.该方案已成功运用于国内多个高压及特高压直流工程中.运行情况表明其保护效果良好.

  11. Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) Fuel Cell Transit Buses: Preliminary Evaluation Results

    Chandler, K.; Eudy, L.


    This report provides an evaluation of three prototype fuel cell-powered transit buses operating at AC Transit in Oakland, California, and six baseline diesel buses similar in design to the fuel cell buses.

  12. Direct current power delivery system and method

    Zhang, Di; Garces, Luis Jose; Dai, Jian; Lai, Rixin


    A power transmission system includes a first unit for carrying out the steps of receiving high voltage direct current (HVDC) power from an HVDC power line, generating an alternating current (AC) component indicative of a status of the first unit, and adding the AC component to the HVDC power line. Further, the power transmission system includes a second unit for carrying out the steps of generating a direct current (DC) voltage to transfer the HVDC power on the HVDC power line, wherein the HVDC power line is coupled between the first unit and the second unit, detecting a presence or an absence of the added AC component in the HVDC power line, and determining the status of the first unit based on the added AC component.

  13. Pulse-Width Control in Ladder Structure Four-Phase Rectifier for AC-Electromotive

    Ivanov, V. V.; Myatez, S. V.; Langeman, E. G.; Schurov, N. I.


    Based on these studies the ways of power factor of the single-phase rectifiers operating in a single-phase AC network improving are suggested. The ladder four-phase rectifier is offered as a technical mean using a pulse-width method of controlling the rectified voltage. The pulse-width control efficiency as a way of the power factor rectifier with a ladder structure for AC electromotive improving is evaluated.

  14. Modulation schemes with enhanced switch thermal distribution for single-phase AC-DC-AC reduced-switch converters

    Qin, Zian; Loh, Poh Chiang; Blaabjerg, Frede


    ulation schemes can significantly change the performance of a power converter in steady state, and they have been extensively studied, but mostly directed to three-phase topologies, where triplen offsets are added. Single-phase systems, including ac-dc-ac systems, are less widely pursued, even...... among their switches, while keeping their dc-link voltages low. Single points of failure are thus minimized, allowing the converters to have longer lifetimes. Simulation and experimental results have demonstrated the intended performances and hence verifying the idea....

  15. Droop-free Distributed Control for AC Microgrids

    Nasirian, Vahidreza; Shafiee, Qobad; Guerrero, Josep M.


    guidelines are provided. Steady-state performance analysis shows that the proposed controller can accurately handle the global voltage regulation and proportional load sharing. An AC microgrid prototype is set up, where the controller performance, plug-and-play capability, and resiliency to the failure...... active power of each inverter with its neighbors’ and uses the difference to update the frequency and, accordingly, the phase angle of that inverter. The global dynamic model of the microgrid, including distribution grid, regulator modules, and the communication network, is derived, and controller design......A cooperative distributed secondary/primary control paradigm for AC microgrids is proposed. This solution replaces the centralized secondary control and the primary-level droop mechanism of each inverter with three separate regulators: voltage, reactive power, and active power regulators. A sparse...

  16. Superconducting shielded core reactor with reduced AC losses

    Cha, Yung S.; Hull, John R.


    A superconducting shielded core reactor (SSCR) operates as a passive device for limiting excessive AC current in a circuit operating at a high power level under a fault condition such as shorting. The SSCR includes a ferromagnetic core which may be either closed or open (with an air gap) and extends into and through a superconducting tube or superconducting rings arranged in a stacked array. First and second series connected copper coils each disposed about a portion of the iron core are connected to the circuit to be protected and are respectively wound inside and outside of the superconducting tube or rings. A large impedance is inserted into the circuit by the core when the shielding capability of the superconducting arrangement is exceeded by the applied magnetic field generated by the two coils under a fault condition to limit the AC current in the circuit. The proposed SSCR also affords reduced AC loss compared to conventional SSCRs under continuous normal operation.

  17. Neural network based PWM AC chopper fed induction motor drive

    Venkatesan Jamuna


    Full Text Available In this paper, a new Simulink model for a neural network controlled PWM AC chopper fed single phase induction motor is proposed. Closed loop speed control is achieved using a neural network controller. To maintain a constant fluid flow with a variation in pressure head, drives like fan and pump are operated with closed loop speed control. The need to improve the quality and reliability of the drive circuit has increased because of the growing demand for improving the performance of motor drives. With the increased availability of MOSFET's and IGBT's, PWM converters can be used efficiently in low and medium power applications. From the simulation studies, it is seen that the PWM AC chopper has a better harmonic spectrum and lesser copper loss than the Phase controlled AC chopper. It is observed that the drive system with the proposed model produces better dynamic performance, reduced overshoot and fast transient response. .

  18. Structural, ac conductivity and dielectric properties of 3-formyl chromone

    Ali, H. A. M.


    The structure for the powder of 3-formyl chromone was examined by X-ray diffraction technique in the 2θ° range ( 4° - 60° . The configuration of Al/3-formyl chromone/Al samples was designed. The electrical and dielectric properties were studied as a function of frequency (42- 5 × 106 Hz) and temperature (298-408K). The ac conductivity data of bulk of 3-formyl chromone varies as a power law with the frequency at different temperatures. The predominant mechanism for ac conduction was deduced. The ac conductivity shows a thermally activated process at different frequencies. The dielectric constant and dielectric loss were determined using the capacitance and dissipation factor measurements at different temperatures. The dielectric loss shows a peak of relaxation time that shifted to higher frequency with an increase in the temperature. The activation energy of the relaxation process was estimated.

  19. Hopping models and ac universality

    Dyre, Jeppe; Schrøder, Thomas


    Some general relations for hopping models are established. We proceed to discuss the universality of the ac conductivity which arises in the extreme disorder limit of the random barrier model. It is shown that the relevant dimension entering into the diffusion cluster approximation (DCA) is the h......) is the harmonic (fracton) dimension of the diffusion cluster. The temperature scaling of the dimensionless frequency entering into the DCA is discussed. Finally, some open problems regarding ac universality are listed.......Some general relations for hopping models are established. We proceed to discuss the universality of the ac conductivity which arises in the extreme disorder limit of the random barrier model. It is shown that the relevant dimension entering into the diffusion cluster approximation (DCA...

  20. UHV交流输电线路有源干扰下无方向信标台功率限值的分析%Analysis of Non-directional Radio Beacon Power Limit Under the Condition of Active Interference Caused by UHV AC Transmission Line

    周铖路; 翁木云; 陈凤


    有关UHV交流输电线路与无方向信标台电磁兼容方面的研究主要集中在防护距离的分析,对间距无法满足要求时的兼容问题研究较少。为此,从台站频谱参数入手,分析特高压交流输电线路有源干扰下无方向信标台的发射功率限值。首先介绍无方向信标台的工作原理及配置区域,然后分析UHV交流输电线路对台站的干扰机理,最后根据飞行航迹,以防护率为干扰判别依据,结合防护距离的研究,分别针对航路无方向信标台、近距无方向信标台和远距无方向信标台进行有效辐射功率的分析。结果表明,在给定条件下,对于航路和远距无方向信标台,有效辐射功率分别大于5.298 W、5.273 W时,机载无线电罗盘不受干扰;对于近距无方向信标台,与输电线路始终满足兼容的要求,无需分析限值。%The EMC research between UHV AC transmission line and non-directional radio beacon mainly focused on the protection distance while the study of EMC is little when the protection distance cannot meet the requirements. Therefore, the non-directional radio beacon power limit under the condition of active interference caused by UHV AC transmission line is analyzed from the aspect of spectrum parameters. Firstly, the working principle and configuration area of non-directional radio beacon are introduced. Then the interference mechanism of non-directional radio beacon from UHV AC transmission line is analyzed. Finally, the effective radiated power (ERP) of route non-directional radio beacon, close non-directional radio beacon and distance non-directional radio beacon are analyzed according to the flight path and protection ratio in combination with protection distance research. The results show that under the given conditions, route non-directional radio beacon and distance non-directional radio beacon’s ERP should be greater than 5.298 W and 5.273 W respectively to keep

  1. Speed Control of DC Motor using AC/AC/DC Converter Based on Intelligent Techniques

    Rakan Kh Antar


    Full Text Available    This paper describes the application of ac/ac/dc and ac/dc converters to control the speed of a separately excited DC motor. Artificial neural network and PI controller are trained to select the desired values of firing angles for triggering thyristors of the ac/ac/dc and ac/dc bridge converters in order to control the speed of the dc motor at a desired value with constant and different load torques in order to obtain the best speed response. Simulation results show that the rising time for ac/dc and ac/ac/dc converters at 250rpm are reduced about 79% and 89% respectively, while delay time it reduced about 69% and 64% respectively. Therefore, speed response of the dc motor is more efficient for closed loop system compared with open loop also the response of ac/ac/dc converter is better than ac/dc converter.

  2. AC410 Unit 9 Assignment



     AC410 Unit 9 Assignment Click Link Below To Buy:   18–29. The CPA firm of Carson & Boggs LLP is performing an internal control audit in accordance with PCAOB Standard No. 5. The partner in charge of the engagement has asked you to explain the process of determining which controls to test. Describe the process, presenting each of the links in this process and a short summary of how the auditors approach each of them. v ...

  3. Electrothermal ac electro-osmosis

    Gagnon, Zachary R.; Chang, Hsueh-Chia


    Two ac polarization mechanisms, charge accumulation due to electrode double layer charging and bulk permittivity/conductivity gradients generated by Joule heating, are combined in the double layer by introducing zwitterions to produce a new ac electrokinetic pump with the largest velocity (>1 mm/s) and flow penetration depth (100 μm) reported for low-conductivity fluids. The large fluid velocity is due to a quartic scaling with respect to voltage, as is true of electrothermal flow, but exhibits a clear maximum at a frequency corresponding to the electrode double layer inverse RC time.

  4. Nuclear structure of $^{231}$Ac

    Boutami, R; Mach, H; Kurcewicz, W; Fraile, L M; Gulda, K; Aas, A J; García-Raffi, L M; Løvhøiden, G; Martínez, T; Rubio, B; Taín, J L; Tengblad, O


    The low-energy structure of 231Ac has been investigated by means of gamma ray spectroscopy following the beta-decay of 231Ra. Multipolarities of 28 transitions have been established by measuring conversion electrons with a mini-orange electron spectrometer. The decay scheme of 231Ra --> 231Ac has been constructed for the first time. The Advanced Time Delayed beta-gamma-gamma(t) method has been used to measure the half-lives of five levels. The moderately fast B(E1) transition rates derived suggest that the octupole effects, albeit weak, are still present in this exotic nucleus.

  5. AcEST: DK963222 [AcEST

    Full Text Available sp|P81919|OR46A_DROME Odorant receptor 46a, isoform A OS=Drosoph... 32 2.8 sp|Q5MJ68|SPDYC_HUMAN Speed...FCFKA 181 CS +T + AV S L + +YV + AC Q FI C+ A Sbjct: 262 CSVLVLTANFYAIAVLSDERLELFKYVTYQACMLIQIFILCYYA 305 >sp|Q5MJ68|SPDYC_HUMAN Spee

  6. AcEST: DK953266 [AcEST

    Full Text Available 34 0.49 sp|A5VSF3|ACSA_BRUO2 Acetyl-coenzyme A synthetase OS=Brucella ov... 34 0.49 sp|Q8YJ48|ACSA_BRUME Ac... K++ + NK L+ R G WG GR++ Sbjct: 180 FVITADEGVRGGKPVALKENTDTAIDIAAKQYVMVNKVLVVRRTGGKVSWGRGRDL 235 >sp|A5VSF3|ACSA_BRUO2

  7. AcEST: BP918420 [AcEST

    Full Text Available D 180 >sp|A8AC98|APGM_IGNH4 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate-independent phosphoglycerate mutase OS=Ignicoccus hosp...italis (strain KIN4/I / DSM 18386 / JCM 14125) GN=apgM PE=3 SV=1 Length = 416 Score

  8. AcEST: BP921446 [AcEST

    Full Text Available 34 2e-30 tr|A4VIU1|A4VIU1_PSEU5 Putative uncharacterized protein OS=Pseud... 129 1e-28 tr|Q11HF6|Q11HF6_MESSB...EHTHLMLDSKAGWVEPHIQAGDRCFAEYPDESLAQWHERLGL 159 >tr|Q11HF6|Q11HF6_MESSB Glutathione-dependent formaldehyde-ac

  9. AcEST: BP917259 [AcEST

    Full Text Available Q96AC6|KIFC2_HUMAN Kinesin-like protein KIFC2 OS=Homo sapiens... 30 9.0 sp|O88737|BSN_MOUSE Protein bassoon ... WGQPG AAGS + PG Sbjct: 748 SSSPTEWVKWSWGQPG-------AAGSRAPPG 772 >sp|O88737|BSN_MOUSE Protein bassoon

  10. AcEST: DK947455 [AcEST

    Full Text Available tative uncharacterized protein OS=Picea... 246 9e-64 tr|A8QIH7|A8QIH7_MORAL Chlor...DPTARSDNGSCEYEFKE 479 >tr|A8QIH7|A8QIH7_MORAL Chloroplast ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase ac

  11. AcEST: DK943932 [AcEST

    Full Text Available rella paten... 145 2e-33 tr|B6T2L2|B6T2L2_MAIZE Sedoheptulose-1,7-bisphosphatase ...EAL++SHVCK+AC Sbjct: 67 ATACVNTFGDEQLAVDMLADKLLFEALRHSHVCKYAC 103 >tr|B6T2L2|B6T2L2_MAIZE Sedoheptulose-1,7-

  12. AcEST: DK961189 [AcEST

    Full Text Available OS=A... 127 7e-29 sp|Q94B08|GCP1_ARATH Germination-specific cysteine protease 1 OS... 125 2e-28 sp|P00785|AC...IRNSWGLNWGDSGYVKLQRNIDDPFGKCGIAMMPSYP 347 >sp|Q94B08|GCP1_ARATH Germination-specific cysteine protease 1 OS=

  13. AC propulsion system for an electric vehicle, phase 2

    Slicker, J. M.


    A second-generation prototype ac propulsion system for a passenger electric vehicle was designed, fabricated, tested, installed in a modified Mercury Lynx vehicle and track tested at the Contractor's site. The system consisted of a Phase 2, 18.7 kw rated ac induction traction motor, a 192-volt, battery powered, pulse-width-modulated, transistorized inverter packaged for under rear seat installation, a 2-axis, 2-speed, automatically-shifted mechanical transaxle and a microprocessor-based powertrain/vehicle controller. A diagnostics computer to assist tuning and fault finding was fabricated. Dc-to-mechanical-system efficiency varied from 78% to 82% as axle speed/torque ranged from 159 rpm/788 nm to 65 rpm/328 nm. Track test efficiency results suggest that the ac system will be equal or superior to dc systems when driving urban cycles. Additional short-term work is being performed under a third contract phase (AC-3) to raise transaxle efficiency to predicted levels, and to improve starting and shifting characteristics. However, the long-term challenge to the system's viability remains inverter cost. A final report on the Phase 2 system, describing Phase 3 modifications, will be issued at the conclusion of AC-3.

  14. AC Cable: Yokohama Project

    Masuda, Takato

    High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) cables can transmit large amounts of electricity in a compact size with minimal losses. Therefore, they are expected to save the construction cost of underground lines in urban areas and decrease transmission losses. Several HTS cables have recently been demonstrated in networks around the world, and full-scale commercialization is expected in the near future. In Japan, the development of compact HTS cables suitable for urban deployment has been underway since the early 1990s. In 2007, a national project was started to verify their operational performance and long-term reliability in the grid. An HTS cable 240 m long was installed at the Asahi substation of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) in Yokohama; then a joint, terminations and cooling system was constructed in 2011. After successful performance tests, the cable was connected to the grid for the first time in Japan, and started to deliver electricity to 70,000 households in October 2012. This trouble-free in-grid service continued for over a year. We can conclude that the HTS cable system performs well and has the stability required for long-term in-grid operations.

  15. Security analysis of interconnected AC/DC systems

    Eriksson, Robert


    This paper analyses N-1 security in an interconnected ac/dc transmission system using power transfer distribution factors (PTDFs). In the case of a dc converter outage the power needs to be redistributed among the remaining converter to maintain power balance and operation of the dc grid. The red......This paper analyses N-1 security in an interconnected ac/dc transmission system using power transfer distribution factors (PTDFs). In the case of a dc converter outage the power needs to be redistributed among the remaining converter to maintain power balance and operation of the dc grid...... voltage control design consider the power distribution for a converter outage. By proper design and utilizing the proposed method increases the N-1 security and the secure transfer limits. This article proposes a method which minimizes the 2-norm of the sum of the PTDFs with constraints of not violating...... any line or transformer limits. Simulations were performed in a model of the Nordic power system where a dc grid is placed on top. The simulation supports the method as a tool to consider transfer limits in the grid to avoid violate the same and increase the security after a converter outage....

  16. Autonomous Operation of Hybrid Microgrid with AC and DC Sub-Grids

    Loh, Poh Chiang; Blaabjerg, Frede


    This paper investigates on the active and reactive power sharing of an autonomous hybrid microgrid. Unlike existing microgrids which are purely ac, the hybrid microgrid studied here comprises dc and ac sub-grids, interconnected by power electronic interfaces. The main challenge here is to manage...... the power flow among all the sources distributed throughout the two types of sub-grids, which certainly is tougher than previous efforts developed for only either ac or dc microgrid. This wider scope of control has not yet been investigated, and would certainly rely on the coordinated operation of dc...... sources, ac sources and interlinking converters. Suitable control and normalization schemes are therefore developed for controlling them with results presented for showing the overall performance of the hybrid microgrid....

  17. The effects of Non-sinusoidal AC Power Supply of Inverter on Induction Motor%变频器非正弦供电对异步电机的影响



    The effects of non-sinusoidal power supply of inverter on Induction motor are introduced. The harm of harmonic voltage and current on motor magnetic circuit, stator and rotor power factor, motor losses and efficiency, harmonic torque, electric stress and shaft current is analyzed as well as its prevention measures.%介绍变频器非正弦供电对异步电机的影响,分析谐波电压和电流对电机磁路、定子和转子功率因数、电机损耗与效率、谐波转矩、电应力、轴电流产生的危害和如何防止。


    T. M. Mishchenko


    Full Text Available In the article the electric circuit of substitution and mathematical model of the system of alternating current «traction substation − traction mains − electric locomotive DS 3» at switching its power transformer on in the idle mode are presented. Numerical determinations of parameters of traction substation, rails, contact network and transformer are executed; in so doing a special attention is paid to the estimation of dispersion inductance for the primary winding of transformer.

  19. ACS from development to operations

    Caproni, Alessandro; Colomer, Pau; Jeram, Bogdan; Sommer, Heiko; Chiozzi, Gianluca; Mañas, Miguel M.


    The ALMA Common Software (ACS), provides the infrastructure of the distributed software system of ALMA and other projects. ACS, built on top of CORBA and Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware, is based on a Component- Container paradigm and hides the complexity of the middleware allowing the developer to focus on domain specific issues. The transition of the ALMA observatory from construction to operations brings with it that ACS effort focuses primarily on scalability, stability and robustness rather than on new features. The transition came together with a shorter release cycle and a more extensive testing. For scalability, the most problematic area has been the CORBA notification service, used to implement the publisher subscriber pattern because of the asynchronous nature of the paradigm: a lot of effort has been spent to improve its stability and recovery from run time errors. The original bulk data mechanism, implemented using the CORBA Audio/Video Streaming Service, showed its limitations and has been replaced with a more performant and scalable DDS implementation. Operational needs showed soon the difference between releases cycles for Online software (i.e. used during observations) and Offline software, which requires much more frequent releases. This paper attempts to describe the impact the transition from construction to operations had on ACS, the solution adopted so far and a look into future evolution.

  20. Stretched exponential relaxation and ac universality in disordered dielectrics

    Milovanov, Alexander V.; Rypdal, Kristoffer; Juul Rasmussen, Jens


    This paper is concerned with the connection between the properties of dielectric relaxation and alternating-current (ac) conduction in disordered dielectrics. The discussion is divided between the classical linear-response theory and a self-consistent dynamical modeling. The key issues are stretc......This paper is concerned with the connection between the properties of dielectric relaxation and alternating-current (ac) conduction in disordered dielectrics. The discussion is divided between the classical linear-response theory and a self-consistent dynamical modeling. The key issues...... are stretched exponential character of dielectric relaxation, power-law power spectral density, and anomalous dependence of ac conduction coefficient on frequency. We propose a self-consistent model of dielectric relaxation in which the relaxations are described by a stretched exponential decay function....... Mathematically, our study refers to the expanding area of fractional calculus and we propose a systematic derivation of the fractional relaxation and fractional diffusion equations from the property of ac universality....

  1. Study of ac electrical properties of aluminium-epoxy composites

    Elimat, Z M [Applied Science Department, Ajloun University College, Al-Balqa Applied University, Amman (Jordan); Zihlif, A M [Physics Department, University of Jordan, Amman (Jordan); Ragosta, G [Institute of Chemistry and Polymer Technology (ICTP), CNR-Possouli, Napoli (Italy)], E-mail:


    Ac electrical properties of aluminium flakes-epoxy composites were studied as a function of the composition, frequency and temperature. The dielectric constant increased smoothly with an increase in the concentration of aluminium. An increase in the dielectric constant was observed with the temperature as well as with a decrease in the frequency. The observed increase in the values of the dielectric constant with the aluminium concentration was attributed to interfacial polarization. It was found that ac electrical conductivity increases with increasing content of aluminium, temperature and frequency. The observed enhancement in ac conductivity is attributed to the increase in the number of conduction paths created by the aluminium flake contacts in the composite to give a higher electrical conductivity. Also, the activation energy of aluminium flakes-epoxy composites was determined, as well as the values of the dielectric constant. Compared with various theoretical models, Bruggman's formula gives a better fit. The universal power-law model of ac conductivity is observed in epoxy-aluminium composites. The calculated power exponent (about unity) is physically acceptable within this applied model.

  2. A novel concept for stabilization of AC/DC network with UPFC

    Pandey, R.K. [Banaras Hindu Univ., Inst. of Technology, Varanasi (India). Dept. of Electrical Engineering


    In a power system network, 2 regional grids can be interconnected by HVDC back-to-back. The 2 converter stations are connected through the DC link and the converters have their individual controls. The risk of network tripping can be significantly minimized by modulating the real and reactive power, thereby improving the stability of the AC/DC system. This paper described a unified power flow controller (UPFC), an innovative concept for stabilizing AC/DC networks. It also presented the results of a study that investigated the perturbation in AC bus voltages along with the effect on the stability deterioration. The new concept of control was proposed by embedding UPFC and then generating the control decisions to sufficiently stabilize the earlier ones. The Novel Discrete-Time model for AC/DC systems was used to study the complete system stability under varying perturbations of AC system voltage. The study revealed that the HVDC-SVC alone was not able to handle the perturbation of line to line voltage change after a certain value because the SVC cannot support external reactive power variations which are meant to regulate the Var requirements during converter control. In such situations, the UPFC along with the HVDC-SVC damped the oscillations, thereby adequately matching the real and reactive power demands. This combination can be used effectively in situations when the AC system bus voltage fluctuates due to changing P and Q requirements. 9 refs., 1 tab., 5 figs.

  3. AC Motor Drive Fed by Renewable Energy Sources with PWM

    J. Pavalam


    Full Text Available In this fast aproaching nature of technology the ned of Electricity becomes a mandatory in developing technology. The ned of Electricity increases the power demand where the power demand met by the conventional sources of energy has some disadvantage of polution, this disadvantage can be decreased by the use of the Renewable energy sources like Fuel Cel and available solar energy. When a FUEL cel produces AC power, basicaly two stages are required for conversion first a bosting stage and second is inversion stage. In this paper the Bost inverter topology is achieved where in the conventional methods the normal DC - AC power conversion method is used where as in this paper the PWM based DC - AC inverter has ben used which is useful in reducing the harmonics in the output of the Inverter. The voltage controled output is produced in the bost inverter the curent controled output is taken from dc-dc bidirectional converter. The Fuel cel canot be relied as a whole so a Solar PV module is conected acros the Load so while the Sunlight days the PV arays generate power and in the night time the Fuel cel is used to generate power for the load. Since, the Fuel cel and PV arays can generate power in Partial load they are prefered than any other sources. When the output from the Solar PV aray is low or when the sunlight available is not eficient in generating the power a automatic switch over is provided in the junction betwen the Solar PV aray and Fuel cel so that whenever it hapens the switch automaticaly switch over to another source. The simulation results are presented to confirm the operational feature of the proposed system.

  4. 21 CFR 872.6865 - Powered toothbrush.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Powered toothbrush. 872.6865 Section 872.6865 Food... DEVICES DENTAL DEVICES Miscellaneous Devices § 872.6865 Powered toothbrush. (a) Identification. A powered toothbrush is an AC-powered or battery-powered device that consists of a handle containing a motor...

  5. AcEST: DK943965 [AcEST

    Full Text Available FKBP-type OS=Cya... 55 2e-06 tr|B8EIG1|B8EIG1_METSI Peptidylprolyl isomerase FKBP-type OS=Met... 53 9e-06 t... type OS=Ac... 51 4e-05 tr|B8I9L2|B8I9L2_METNO Peptidylprolyl isomerase FKBP-type OS=Met.

  6. 高压直流输电入地电流在交流电网分布的仿真分析%Simulation and Analysis of HVDC Earth-return Current's Distribution in AC Power Grid

    潘卓洪; 张露; 谭波; 梅桂华; 文习山


    DC bias of neutral-earthing transformers is caused by earth-return current of high voltage direct current(HVDC) transmission.Using the data of power flow calculations and by building the mathematical model,computer aided analysis of DC distribution can be carried out.This approach is introduced to obtain the DC distribution and DC restrain measure of Chu-Sui ultra HVDC transmission of Guangdong power grid.Through the study,the rules of DC distribution in some random virtual power grids can be obtained.It can be concluded that more DC distribution will be resulted with larger scale power grid and more geographically concentrated distribution substations.Errors between the calculation and realistic measurement are caused by the errors in resistances of transformer windings and neutral reactor.It is observed that DC distribution of 220 kV networks is affected by the neutral-earthing 110 kV networks,but this is not the case for 500 kV systems.Utilizing neutral braking measure will lead to increment of DC distribution in local power grid,but the total amount will be reduced. This work is supported by Special Fund of the National Basic Research Program of China(No.2009CB724500).%高压直流输电入地电流可能造成中性点接地运行变压器出现直流偏磁现象。借助潮流计算数据整理电网信息,再通过建立数学模型,可以有效地开展直流分布的计算机仿真工作。介绍了仿真软件在楚穗直流调试工况下预测和抑制广东电网直流分布的应用,最后通过随机算法产生的虚拟电网算例分析总结了电网参数对直流分布的影响:交流电网规模越大,变电站越密集,直流分布越严重;变压器和中性点小电抗准确阻值难以完全统计,仿真计算结果与实际值会存在一定偏差;接地运行的110kV系统会影响220kV网络的直流分布,但500kV系统的直流分布则基本不变;采用中性点抑制措施后,电网局部直流分布会增加,但电网直流电流总量下降。

  7. Control of the LHC 400 MHz RF System (ACS)

    Arnaudon, L; Maesen, P; Prax, M


    The LHC ACS RF system is composed of 16 superconducting cavities, eight per ring. Each ring has two cryomodules, each containing four cavities. Each cavity is powered by a 300 kW klystron. The klystrons are grouped in fours, the klystrons in each group sharing a common 58 kV power converter and HV equipment bunker. The ACS RF control system is based on modern industrial programmable controllers (PLCs). A new fast interlock and alarm system with inbuilt diagnostics has been developed. Extensive use of the FIPIO Fieldbus drastically decreases the cabling complexity and brings improved signal quality, increased reliability and easier maintenance. Features of the implementation, such as system layout, communication and the high-level software interface are described. Operational facilities such as the automatic switch on procedure are described, as well as the necessary specialist tools and interfaces. A complete RF chain, including high voltage, cryomodule and klystron is presently being assembled in order to ch...

  8. Thermal Impact Analysis of Circulating Current in High Power Modular Online Uninterruptible Power Supplies Application

    Zhang, Chi; Guerrero, Josep M.; Vasquez, Juan Carlos


    In a modular uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), each DC/AC module was designed to work in a circular way considering the reliability and power stress issues of the whole system. Thus unsynchronized PWMs will occur if any of the DC/AC modules is plugged in or out of the system at any time...

  9. Influence of System Inertia Time Constants on Transient Stability Level of Interconnected AC Power Grid%系统惯性时间常数对互联电网暂态稳定水平的影响

    赵振元; 陈维荣; 戴朝华; 张雪霞


    由于区域电网的互联,整个系统的惯性时间常数将会发生明显变化,继而会影响整网的暂态稳定水平。基于暂态能量函数法,通过对等值2机系统进行数学推导并作暂态稳定分析,研究了系统在各种运行方式下,2端机组惯量变化对电力系统暂态稳定水平产生的影响,比较了两端机组惯量变化分别对系统暂态稳定性的影响,并发现了系统机组惯性时间常数对系统暂态稳定水平造成的影响与系统的负荷水平及初始工况有关。在理论分析的基础上,结合相关算例在各种运行方式下进行了仿真研究,仿真结果验证了分析结果的正确性。%Due to the interconnection of regional power grids, the inertia time constant of the whole interconnected grid evidently changes, then transient stability level of the interconnected power grid will be influenced. Based on transient energy function, by means of mathematical deduce for equivalent two-machine system and analysis on its transient stability, the influences of unit inertial changes at both terminals on transient stability level of the whole system under various operation modes are researched, and respective influences of terminal unit inertial changes on transient stability of the whole grid are compared, besides, it is found that the influences of unit inertial time constants on system transient stability level are relevant to load level and initial operating condition of the power grid. Based on theoretical analysis, simulation of concerned examples under various operation modes is performed and the correctness of theoretical analysis results is verified by simulation results.

  10. Application of Load Compensation in Voltage Controllers of Large Generators in the Polish Power Grid

    Bogdan Sobczak


    Full Text Available The Automatic Voltage Regulator normally controls the generator stator terminal voltage. Load compensation is used to control the voltage which is representative of the voltage at a point either within or external to the generator. In the Polish Power Grid (PPG compensation is ready to use in every AVR of a large generator, but it is utilized only in the case of generators operating at the same medium voltage buses. It is similar as in most European Power Grids. The compensator regulating the voltage at a point beyond the machine terminals has significant advantages in comparison to the slower secondary Voltage and Reactive Power Control System (ARNE1. The compensation stiffens the EHV grid, which leads to improved voltage quality in the distribution grid. This effect may be particularly important in the context of the dynamic development of wind and solar energy.

  11. A PMU based special protection scheme: a case study of Taiwan power system

    Yi Jen Wang; Chih Wen Liu [National Taiwan Univ., Taipei (China). Dept. of Electrical Engineering; Yuin Hong Liu [Taiwan Power Co., Taipei (China)


    This paper proposes a special protection scheme to prevent power system blackout due to a sequence of relay trip events based on phasor measurement units (PMUs). In a control center, we use PMUs to monitor the generators and the major EHV transmission lines of a power system, and apply an instability prediction algorithm for initiating a special protection scheme (SPS) to avoid a sequence of relay trip events whenever necessary. When a fault happens, we group the generators swinging coherently and reduce the system to One-Machine-Infinite-Bus (OMIB) system. The remedial control actions consist of load shedding and generation tripping. The strategy for determining the amount of remedial control actions is a proposed relay setting limited equal-area criterion for OMIB. A case study of Taiwan power system assumed to be equipped with proposed special protection scheme is conducted. Encouraging results are obtained. (author)

  12. AC dynamometer; Koryu dinamo meter



    Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., developed an AC dynamometer for testing automobiles, and the product was delivered to Hokkaido Automotive Engineering College via Safety Automobile Company. The device is used for testing 1,300cc-class automobiles. It is similar to the conventional type in that its force of reaction to an imposed load is measured by load cells. It is a variable speed motor driven by an inverter (FRENIC5000VG5), whose specifications and features are mentioned below. It is a totally-enclosed self-cooled oscillating AC dynamometer that outputs 75kW, revolves at 1500/2868rpm, and operates for 30min. Since it is rated for a short time operation, the external fan is dispensed with, and this reduces noise. A number of parts for the standard type (R90 series) are utilized for reduction in the cost, and the time required for its delivery was short. (NEDO)

  13. Design of Harmonics-Caused Thermal Overload Protection for AC Filter Reactor and Its Application in HVDC Power Transmission Projects%交流滤波器电抗器谐波热过负荷保护设计及其在直流工程中的应用

    张民; 贺仁睦; 李泰; 孙哲


    In HVDC power transmission projects the thermal overload of AC filter reactor may occur due to harmonic currents. The harmonics-caused thermal overload protection is the main protection for the reactor to avoid the damage due to thermal overload, so it is necessary for the correct configuraion of related protection parameters to understand the principle of this protection and master its design and implementation. The design and implementation of harmonics-caused thermal overload protection for AC filter reactor are researched in depth, and the skin-effect of harmonic currents, the determination of filter paramters, protection algorithm and setting calculation are analyzed in detail, and according to the designed withstanding ability of AC filter reactor to harmonic currents the correctness of the desing and related paramters are checked by PSCAD/EMTDC simulation. Based on the presented method and according to the skin-effect coefficient provided by reactor manufacturer the parameters of skin-effect filter can be calculated, and according to thermal equivalent current of harmonic currents the setting of the protection can be calculated. The proposed method is available for reference to the configuration of thermal overload protection for AC filter reactor used in HVDC projects.%在直流输电工程中,交流滤波器电抗器在谐波电流的作用下会出现发热或过载现象,电抗器谐波热过负荷保护是避免电抗器因过热导致损坏的主保护,理解并掌握该保护的设计原理及实现过程才能在实际工程中正确配置保护相关参数,详细研究了交流滤波器电抗器热过负荷保护的设计及实现方法,对保护中的集肤效应滤波器参数确定方法、保护算法、定值计算均进行了详细分析,并根据交流滤波器电抗器耐受谐波电流设计能力通过PSCAD/EMTDC仿真计算校核了保护设计及相关参数的正确性,在实际工程中可以按照所述方法根据电抗器生产厂

  14. Aspectos epidemiológicos e clínicos da infecção neurológica associada ao herpesvírus eqüino 1 (ehv-1 em cavalos que morreram com sinais nervosos no Estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil

    Érica Azevedo Costa


    Full Text Available Durante o período de Outubro de 2004 a Fevereiro de 2006, 75 amostras de sistema nervoso central (SNC oriundas de eqüinos que morreram com sinais neurológicos no estado de Minas Gerais foram enviadas ao Laboratório de Virologia Comparada no ICB/UFMG para o diagnóstico de herpesvírus eqüino. Essas amostras foram previamente diagnosticadas negativas para o vírus da raiva através dos testes de imunofluorescência direta e inoculação em camundongos, no Laboratório de Saúde Animal (LSA do Instituto Mineiro de Agropecuária (IMA. Dentre as amostras analisadas, 39 (52% foram positivas para o herpesvírus eqüino 1 (EHV-1 através da técnica de reação em cadeia pela polimerase (PCR. Na maioria dos casos, o exame histopatológico do SNC revelou uma discreta vasculite com infiltrado perivascular de células mononucleares, congestão, trombose arterial e degeneração do tecido nervoso central. As amostras de SNC positivas para o EHV-1 foram coletadas de eqüinos oriundos de 30 municípios de Minas Gerais. Os casos de EHV-1 ocorreram de forma isolada não apresentando caráter sazonal. Na maioria dos casos (71,8%, a evolução dos sinais clínicos foi aguda, sendo que os sinais clínicos observados com mais freqüência foram ataxia, instabilidade dos membros posteriores, paralisia dos membros posteriores e decúbito. De acordo com informações relatadas pelo IMA, as infecções causadas pelo EHV-1 foram tão freqüentes como as infecções causadas pelo vírus da raiva em eqüinos no estado de Minas Gerais durante o período estudado. Portanto, torna-se importante a inclusão da encefalite pelo EHV-1 no diagnóstico diferencial de outras doenças do SNC de eqüinos no estado de Minas Gerais.

  15. Performance of AC/graphite capacitors at high weight ratios of AC/graphite

    Wang, Hongyu [IM and T Ltd., Advanced Research Center, Saga University, 1341 Yoga-machi, Saga 840-0047 (Japan); Yoshio, Masaki [Advanced Research Center, Department of Applied Chemistry, Saga University, 1341 Yoga-machi, Saga 840-0047 (Japan)


    The effect of negative to positive electrode materials' weight ratio on the electrochemical performance of both activated carbon (AC)/AC and AC/graphite capacitors has been investigated, especially in the terms of capacity and cycle-ability. The limited capacity charge mode has been proposed to improve the cycle performance of AC/graphite capacitors at high weight ratios of AC/graphite. (author)

  16. Team-oriented Adaptive Droop Control for Autonomous AC Microgrids

    Shafiee, Qobad; Nasirian, Vahidreza; Guerrero, Josep M.;


    This paper proposes a distributed control strategy for voltage and reactive power regulation in ac Microgrids. First, the control module introduces a voltage regulator that maintains the average voltage of the system on the rated value, keeping all bus voltages within an acceptable range. Dynamic...... consensus protocol is used to estimate the average voltage across the Microgrid. This estimation is further utilized by the voltage regulator to elevate/lower the voltage-reactive power (Q-E) droop characteristic, compensating the drop caused by the droop mechanism. The second module, the reactive power...... regulator, dynamically fine-tunes the Q-E coefficients to handle the proportional reactive power sharing. Accordingly, locally supplied reactive power of any source is compared with neighbor sources and the local droop coefficient is adjusted to mitigate and, ultimately, eliminate the load mismatch...

  17. Prokaryotic expression and analysis of the immunogenicity of the gC gene of equine herpes virus 1%马疱疹病毒1型(EHV-1)gC蛋白的原核表达及其免疫原性分析

    王美月; 胡哲; 何佳; 刘荻萩; 王晓钧


    目的 马鼻肺炎由马疱疹病毒1型(EHV-1)和4型(EHV-4)引起,但是二者存在广泛的抗原交叉反应,给两型病毒感染的鉴别诊断带来困难.EHV-1 gC糖蛋白(gC1)具有凝集马红细胞的功能,而EHV-4 gC糖蛋白不具有此特性,因此获得纯化的gC蛋白有助于建立马鼻肺炎鉴别诊断方法以及进一步研究马疱疹病毒感染的免疫分子机制.方法 提取病毒基因组DNA,用特异性引物对目的基因片段进行扩增,对正确扩增的基因片段以及克隆载体pET30a(+)分别进行BamH Ⅰ和EcoR Ⅰ双酶切,将所得目的基因片段插入表达载体pET30a(+)中,构建重组质粒pET30a-gC1.经双酶切和序列鉴定为阳性的重组质粒pET30a-gC1转化入大肠埃希菌表达菌株Rosseta中,经IPTG诱导表达目的蛋白并对表达条件进行优化,对表达产物进行SDS-PAGE和Western blot分析.结果 重组质粒转化菌经IPTG诱导表达60 ku的目的蛋白,大小与预期相符,且在诱导温度为25℃时蛋白呈可溶性表达,诱导温度为30℃时蛋白以包涵体的形式表达.将包涵体电泳后切胶纯化回收,纯化效率相对较好,纯度较高.Western blot检测目的蛋白能被EHV-1和EHV-2感染马血清识别.结论 成功构建EHV-1 gC基因表达载体,其表达产物具有反应原性,为进一步开展EHV感染的分子诊断奠定了基础.

  18. Monolithic blue LED series arrays for high-voltage AC operation

    Ao, Jin-Ping [Satellite Venture Business Laboratory, University of Tokushima, Tokushima 770-8506 (Japan); Sato, Hisao; Mizobuchi, Takashi; Morioka, Kenji; Kawano, Shunsuke; Muramoto, Yoshihiko; Sato, Daisuke; Sakai, Shiro [Nitride Semiconductor Co. Ltd., Naruto, Tokushima 771-0360 (Japan); Lee, Young-Bae; Ohno, Yasuo [Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Tokushima, Tokushima 770-8506 (Japan)


    Design and fabrication of monolithic blue LED series arrays that can be operated under high ac voltage are described. Several LEDs, such as 3, 7, and 20, are connected in series and in parallel to meet ac operation. The chip size of a single device is 150 {mu}m x 120 {mu}m and the total size is 1.1 mm x 1 mm for a 40(20+20) LED array. Deep dry etching was performed as device isolation. Two-layer interconnection and air bridge are utilized to connect the devices in an array. The monolithic series array exhibit the expected operation function under dc and ac bias. The output power and forward voltage are almost proportional to LED numbers connected in series. On-wafer measurement shows that the output power is 40 mW for 40(20+20) LED array under ac 72 V. (Abstract Copyright [2002], Wiley Periodicals, Inc.)

  19. Development of the Spring-Hook Grounding Line of EHV/UHV Transmission Line%超(特)高压线路弹压式钩型接地线的研制

    晏节晋; 张振威


    An important measure is that to hang grounding lines to protect electric operators from electric shock injury in the interruption maintenance of transmission lines .There are some difficulties and security risks in the process of the use of common grounding lines , especially even worse in EHV/UHV transmis-sion line .But this spring-hook grounding line is more simple and convenient , more efficient and safer in the process of hanging and removing .%输电线路停电检修时,一项重要保护措施就是挂设接地线,以保证检修人员在检修过程中免遭触电伤害。而比较常见的接地线在使用过程中存在一定的困难和安全隐患,特别是在超(特)高压输电线路上,尤为明显,而研制的弹压式钩型接地线在挂设、拆除过程中简单方便、工作效率较高、安全性大大提高。

  20. Development of an AC Module System: Final Technical Report

    Suparna Kadam; Miles Russell


    The GreenRay Inc. program focused on simplifying solar electricity and making it affordable and accessible to the mainstream population. This was accomplished by integrating a solar module, micro-inverter, mounting and monitoring into a reliable, 'plug and play' AC system for residential rooftops, offering the following advantages: (1) Reduced Cost: Reduction in installation labor with fewer components, faster mounting, faster wiring. (2) Maximized Energy Production: Each AC Module operates at its maximum, reducing overall losses from shading, mismatch, or module downtime. (3) Increased Safety. Electrical and fire safety experts agree that AC Modules have significant benefits, with no energized wiring or live connections during installation, maintenance or emergency conditions. (4) Simplified PV for a Broader Group of Installers. Dramatic simplification of design and installation of a solar power system, enabling faster and more efficient delivery of the product into the market through well-established, mainstream channels. This makes solar more accessible to the public. (5) Broadened the Rooftop Market: AC Modules enable solar for many homes that have shading, split roofs, or obstructions. In addition, due to the smaller building block size of 200W vs. 1000W, homeowners with budget limitations can start small and add to their systems over time. Through this DOE program GreenRay developed the all-in-one AC Module system with an integrated PV Module and microinverter, custom residential mounting and performance monitoring. Development efforts took the product from its initial concept, through prototypes, to a commercial product sold and deployed in the residential market. This pilot deployment has demonstrated the technical effectiveness of the AC Module system in meeting the needs and solving the problems of the residential market. While more expensive than the traditional central inverter systems at the pilot scale, the economics of AC Modules become

  1. Development of an AC Module System: Final Technical Report

    Suparna Kadam; Miles Russell


    The GreenRay Inc. program focused on simplifying solar electricity and making it affordable and accessible to the mainstream population. This was accomplished by integrating a solar module, micro-inverter, mounting and monitoring into a reliable, 'plug and play' AC system for residential rooftops, offering the following advantages: (1) Reduced Cost: Reduction in installation labor with fewer components, faster mounting, faster wiring. (2) Maximized Energy Production: Each AC Module operates at its maximum, reducing overall losses from shading, mismatch, or module downtime. (3) Increased Safety. Electrical and fire safety experts agree that AC Modules have significant benefits, with no energized wiring or live connections during installation, maintenance or emergency conditions. (4) Simplified PV for a Broader Group of Installers. Dramatic simplification of design and installation of a solar power system, enabling faster and more efficient delivery of the product into the market through well-established, mainstream channels. This makes solar more accessible to the public. (5) Broadened the Rooftop Market: AC Modules enable solar for many homes that have shading, split roofs, or obstructions. In addition, due to the smaller building block size of 200W vs. 1000W, homeowners with budget limitations can start small and add to their systems over time. Through this DOE program GreenRay developed the all-in-one AC Module system with an integrated PV Module and microinverter, custom residential mounting and performance monitoring. Development efforts took the product from its initial concept, through prototypes, to a commercial product sold and deployed in the residential market. This pilot deployment has demonstrated the technical effectiveness of the AC Module system in meeting the needs and solving the problems of the residential market. While more expensive than the traditional central inverter systems at the pilot scale, the economics of AC Modules become

  2. Ac-dc Bus-interface Bi-directional Converters in Renewable Energy Systems

    Dong, Dong


    This dissertation covers several issues related to the ac-dc bus-interface bi-directional converters in renewable energy systems. The dissertation explores a dc-electronic distribution system for residential and commercial applications with a focus on the design of an ac-dc bi-directional converter for such application. This converter is named as the â Energy Control Centerâ due to its unique role in the system. First, the impact of the unbalanced power from the ac grid, especially the ...

  3. AC loss in superconducting wires operating in a wind turbine like generator

    Seiler, Eugen; Zirngibl, Thomas; Mijatovic, Nenad;


    with the measurements on the original tape. The AC losses of the coil are approximately 10 times higher than the losses of the tape and they have been measured in two different experimental arrangements, one with directly connected and the other with transformer coupled power supply. Measurements in both arrangements...... resulted in the same AC loss characteristic. This work was done as a part of the Superwind project which aims to build a series of test coils and a spinning model of a generator to investigate AC loss and stability of the coils in wind turbine like conditions....

  4. Data-Driven Control for Interlinked AC/DC Microgrids via Model-Free Adaptive Control and Dual-Droop Control

    Zhang, Huaguang; Zhou, Jianguo; Sun, Qiuye;


    This paper investigates the coordinated power sharing issues of interlinked ac/dc microgrids. An appropriate control strategy is developed to control the interlinking converter (IC) to realize proportional power sharing between ac and dc microgrids. The proposed strategy mainly includes two parts...

  5. AcEST: DK943968 [AcEST


  6. AcEST: DK954735 [AcEST

    Full Text Available AC ■■Homology search results ■■ - Swiss-Prot (release 56.9) Link to BlastX Result : Swiss-Prot sp_hit_id Q7TMD5 Definition sp| significant alignments: (bits) Value sp|Q7TMD5|ZC3HE_RAT Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 1... ...tein pstB ... 30 5.8 sp|Q2S081|PSTB_SALRD Phosphate import ATP-binding protein pstB O... 30 7.6 >sp|Q7TMD5

  7. Determination of input/output characteristics of full-bridge AC/DC/DC converter for arc welding

    Stefanov, Goce; Karadzinov, Ljupco; Sarac, Vasilija; Cingoski, Vlatko; Gelev, Saso


    This paper describes the design and practical implementation of AC/DC/DC converter in mode of arc welding. An analysis of the operation of AC/DC/DC converter and its input/output characteristics are determined with computer simulations. The practical part is consisted of AC/DC/DC converter prototype for arc welding with output power of 3 kW and switching frequency of 64 kHz. The operation of AC/DC/DC converter is validated with experimental measurements.

  8. Design and implementation of co-operative control strategy for hybrid AC/DC microgrids

    Mahmud, Rasel

    This thesis is mainly divided in two major sections: 1) Modeling and control of AC microgrid, DC microgrid, Hybrid AC/DC microgrid using distributed co-operative control, and 2) Development of a four bus laboratory prototype of an AC microgrid system. At first, a distributed cooperative control (DCC) for a DC microgrid considering the state-of-charge (SoC) of the batteries in a typical plug-in-electric-vehicle (PEV) is developed. In DC microgrids, this methodology is developed to assist the load sharing amongst the distributed generation units (DGs), according to their ratings with improved voltage regulation. Subsequently, a DCC based control algorithm for AC microgrid is also investigated to improve the performance of AC microgrid in terms of power sharing among the DGs, voltage regulation and frequency deviation. The results validate the advantages of the proposed methodology as compared to traditional droop control of AC microgrid. The DCC-based control methodology for AC microgrid and DC microgrid are further expanded to develop a DCC-based power management algorithm for hybrid AC/DC microgrid. The developed algorithm for hybrid microgrid controls the power flow through the interfacing converter (IC) between the AC and DC microgrids. This will facilitate the power sharing between the DGs according to their power ratings. Moreover, it enables the fixed scheduled power delivery at different operating conditions, while maintaining good voltage regulation and improved frequency profile. The second section provides a detailed explanation and step-by-step design and development of an AC/DC microgrid testbed. Controllers for the three-phase inverters are designed and tested on different generation units along with their corresponding inductor-capacitor-inductor (LCL) filters to eliminate the switching frequency harmonics. Electric power distribution line models are developed to form the microgrid network topology. Voltage and current sensors are placed in the proper

  9. High Frequency AC Inductor Analysis and Design for Dual Active Bridge (DAB) Converters

    Zhang, Zhe; Andersen, Michael A. E.


    The dual active bridge (DAB) converter is an isolated bidirectional dc-dc topology which is the most critical part for the power conversion systems such as solid-state transformers (SST). This paper focuses on analysis and design of high frequency ac inductors which are the power interfacing...

  10. A Multi-Functional Fully Distributed Control Framework for AC Microgrids

    Shafiee, Qobad; Nasirian, Vahidreza; Quintero, Juan Carlos Vasquez


    This paper proposes a fully distributed control methodology for secondary control of AC microgrids. The control framework includes three modules: voltage regulator, reactive power regulator, and active power/frequency regulator. The voltage regulator module maintains the average voltage of the mi...

  11. Three-Phase and Six-Phase AC at the Lab Bench

    Caplan, George M.


    Utility companies generate three-phase electric power, which consists of three sinusoidal voltages with phase angles of 0 degrees, 120 degrees, and 240 degrees. The ac generators described in most introductory textbooks are single-phase generators, so physics students are not likely to learn about three-phase power. I have developed a simple way…

  12. Study on Cascade Aviation Brushless Doubly-Fed AC Power System Simulation%串级式航空无刷双馈交流发电系统仿真研究

    梁波; 李玉忍; 王鹏; 薛梦娇


    随着多电/全电飞机概念的提出以及机上用电设备的增加,对飞机供电系统电能容量与质量提出了更高的要求.传统三级式同步发电机采用恒速传动装置,不但增加了机载重量,而且发电机容量不能做到很大.为解决优化问题,提出一种串级式航空无刷双馈变速恒频交流发电机,在减少飞机重量的同时可满足对发电机大容量的要求;在对串级式无刷双馈发电机组成和工作原理研究分析的基础上,结合矢量控制算法在Matlab/simulink环境下建立其仿真模型并进行了仿真研究.结果表明:系统运行具有良好的动态特性;所建立的模型是正确的,所采用的方法是可行的.%As more-electric/all-electric aircraft concept proposed and electrical equipment increasing,the quality and capacity of the power supply systems of the aircraft is taken higher demands.Traditional three synchronous generator uses constant speed drive unit,but it not only increases the load capacity,but also limits the generator capacity.The paper presented a cascade aviation brushless doubly-fed variable speed constant frequency alternator,at the same time,reduced the weight of the aircraft to meet the requirements of large-capacity generator.On the basis of analysis of the composition and working principle of the cascade brushless doubly-fed generator,the model has been established and simulated in Matlab/simulink environment combined with vector control algorithm.The results show that:the system has good dynamic characteristics,and the established model is correct and feasible.

  13. The spectrum and frequency of self-inflicted and host gene mutations produced by the transposon Ac in maize.

    Huang, Jun T; Dooner, Hugo K


    The autonomous transposon Activator (Ac) is a powerful mutagen. Ac-induced mutations range from small footprints of host sequences to large rearrangements of transposon or host sequences. These mutations arise by different repair mechanisms of the double-strand break produced by Ac excision: footprints by nonhomologous end joining and rearrangements by various mechanisms, including DNA replication repair. Footprints greatly outnumber other mutations, masking them because they usually share a nonfunctional phenotype. To determine the spectrum and frequencies of host and self-mutations generated by Ac, we used an allele harboring Ac in the 5' untranslated region bronze (bz). In this system, simple excisions produce purple revertants, whereas deletions of host or transposon sequences produce stable bronze (bz-s) mutants. Internal and terminal deletions of Ac predominated among the 72 bz-s derivatives. Most internal deletions (52 of 54) behaved as nonautonomous Dissociation (Ds) elements. All nine terminal deletions or fractured Ac (fAc) elements had rearrangements of adjacent host sequences. Most Ds and fAc deletion junctions displayed microhomologies and contained filler DNA from nearby sequences, suggesting an origin by DNA repair synthesis followed by microhomology-mediated end joining. All mutations occurred more frequently in pollen, where one in 200 grains carried new Ds or fAc elements.

  14. Effect of the magnetic material on AC losses in HTS conductors in AC magnetic field carrying AC transport current

    Wan, Xing-Xing; Huang, Chen-Guang; Yong, Hua-Dong; Zhou, You-He


    This paper presents an investigation on the AC losses in several typical superconducting composite conductors using the H-formulation model. A single superconducting strip with ferromagnetic substrate or cores and a stack of coated conductors with ferromagnetic substrates are studied. We consider all the coated conductors carrying AC transport currents and simultaneously exposed to perpendicular AC magnetic fields. The influences of the amplitude, frequency, phase difference and ferromagnetic materials on the AC losses are investigated. The results show that the magnetization losses of single strip and stacked strips have similar characteristics. The ferromagnetic substrate can increase the magnetization loss at low magnetic field, and decrease the loss at high magnetic field. The ferromagnetic substrate can obviously increase the transport loss in stacked strips. The trends of total AC losses of single strip and stacked strips are similar when they are carrying current or exposed to a perpendicular magnetic field. The effect of the frequency on the total AC losses of single strip is related to the amplitude of magnetic field. The AC losses decrease with increasing frequency in low magnetic field region while increase in high magnetic field region. As the phase difference changes, there is a periodic variation for the AC losses. Moreover, when the strip is under only the transport current and magnetic field, the ferromagnetic cores will increase the AC losses for large transport current or field.

  15. A Novel Protection Scheme against Fault Resistance for AC Microgrid

    Xinrui Liu


    Full Text Available The faults characteristics of the lines in AC microgrid are weakened due to the fault resistance, which may refuse protection action. To solve the problems caused by different types of the faults through fault resistance (FTFR, the faults where the fault point resistance is greater than zero in AC microgrid, a novel FTFR protection scheme based on the active power of 0-frame component or d-frame component consumed by fault resistance is proposed in this paper as the backup protection of FTFR. This proposed protection scheme utilizes the active power of 0-frame component or d-frame component consumed by fault resistance to identify internal FTFR and external faults. It performs well in grid-connected mode and islanded mode by adopting self-adaptive threshold and is not affected by the factors such as the fault position and the fault resistance value. The theoretical analysis and various simulations show that this protection scheme can identify and isolate different types of internal FTFR in AC microgrid with high reliability and high sensitivity.

  16. Input-current shaped ac to dc converters


    The problem of achieving near unity power factor while supplying power to a dc load from a single phase ac source of power is examined. Power processors for this application must perform three functions: input current shaping, energy storage, and output voltage regulation. The methods available for performing each of these three functions are reviewed. Input current shaping methods are either active or passive, with the active methods divided into buck-like and boost-like techniques. In addition to large reactances, energy storage methods include resonant filters, active filters, and active storage schemes. Fast voltage regulation can be achieved by post regulation or by supplementing the current shaping topology with an extra switch. Some indications of which methods are best suited for particular applications concludes the discussion.

  17. Power Quality in DC Power Distribution Systems and Microgrids

    Stephen Whaite


    Full Text Available This review paper discusses power quality considerations for direct current (DC electric power distribution systems, particularly DC microgrids. First, four selected sample DC architectures are discussed to provide motivation for the consideration of power quality in DC systems. Second, a brief overview of power quality challenges in conventional alternating current (AC distribution systems is given to establish the field of power quality. Finally, a survey of literature addressing power quality issues in DC systems is presented, and necessary power quality considerations in DC distribution system design and operation are discussed.

  18. RHIC spin flipper AC dipole controller

    Oddo, P.; Bai, M.; Dawson, C.; Gassner, D.; Harvey, M.; Hayes, T.; Mernick, K.; Minty, M.; Roser, T.; Severino, F.; Smith, K.


    The RHIC Spin Flipper's five high-Q AC dipoles which are driven by a swept frequency waveform require precise control of phase and amplitude during the sweep. This control is achieved using FPGA based feedback controllers. Multiple feedback loops are used to and dynamically tune the magnets. The current implementation and results will be presented. Work on a new spin flipper for RHIC (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider) incorporating multiple dynamically tuned high-Q AC-dipoles has been developed for RHIC spin-physics experiments. A spin flipper is needed to cancel systematic errors by reversing the spin direction of the two colliding beams multiple times during a store. The spin flipper system consists of four DC-dipole magnets (spin rotators) and five AC-dipole magnets. Multiple AC-dipoles are needed to localize the driven coherent betatron oscillation inside the spin flipper. Operationally the AC-dipoles form two swept frequency bumps that minimize the effect of the AC-dipole dipoles outside of the spin flipper. Both AC bumps operate at the same frequency, but are phase shifted from each other. The AC-dipoles therefore require precise control over amplitude and phase making the implementation of the AC-dipole controller the central challenge.

  19. AcEST: DK959751 [AcEST

    Full Text Available .. 86 1e-16 sp|A0FGR8|ESYT2_HUMAN Extended synaptotagmin-2 OS=Homo sapiens G... 72 3e-12 sp|Q6PFQ7|RASL2_MOU...SE Ras GTPase-activating protein 4 OS=Mus mus... 72 4e-12 sp|Q3TZZ7|ESYT2_MOUSE Extended...ivating-like protein 1 OS=Mus mu... 65 3e-10 sp|Q5M7N9|ESYT3_XENTR Extended synaptotagmin-3 OS=Xenopus tropi... 1 OS=Homo s... 61 6e-09 sp|Q8L7A4|AGD11_ARATH Probable ADP-ribosylation factor GTPase-ac... 61 6e-09 sp|Q7ZWU7|EST2B_XENLA Extended... synaptotagmin-2-B OS=Xenopus laev... 60 1e-08 sp|Q5FWL4|EST2A_XENLA Extended

  20. AcEST: BP920842 [AcEST

    Full Text Available ta... 59 6e-09 sp|Q3TZZ7|ESYT2_MOUSE Extended synaptotagmin-2 OS=Mus musculus G... 59 7e-09 sp|Q9ZT47|PP16A_...CUCMA 16 kDa phloem protein 1 OS=Cucurbita maxim... 57 2e-08 sp|A0FGR8|ESYT2_HUMAN Extended synaptotagmin-2 ... domain-conta... 56 6e-08 sp|Q8L7A4|AGD11_ARATH Probable ADP-ribosylation factor GTPase-ac... 55 8e-08 sp|A0FGR9|ESYT3_HUMAN Extended... synaptotagmin-3 OS=Homo sapiens G... 55 1e-07 sp|Q5DTI8|ESYT3_MOUSE Extended synap...totagmin-3 OS=Mus musculus G... 54 2e-07 sp|Q5M7N9|ESYT3_XENTR Extended synaptota