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  1. Abstracts of papers of international meeting `Ecological status of territories contaminated by radionuclides`; Tezisy dokladov mezhdunarodnogo rabochego soveshchaniya `Ehkologicheskij status zagryaznennykh radionuklidami territorij`

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Konoplya, E F [ed.; Natsyyanal` naya akadehmiya navuk Belarusi, Minsk (Belarus)


    The collection contains the results of investigations implemented on the territories of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia within the realization of the Chernobyl Ecological Science Network: dynamics of radionuclides migration in the environment, state of phytocenosis, metabolic and genetic effects of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

  2. International conference. The problems of radiation genetics at the turn of the century. Abstracts; Mezhdunarodnaya konferentsiya. Problemy radiatsionnoj genetiki na rubezhe vekov. Tezisy dokladov

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Information concerning International conference: The problems of radiation genetics at the turn of the century - held in Moscow, November, 2000, is presented. The conference is dedicated to the memory of Timofeev-Resovsky (centenary of birth). Analysis of the development of concepts of the radiation genetics founder concerning study of genetic radiation effects on plants, animals and man is given. Molecular-genetic mechanisms of radiation mutagenesis are considered. Problems related to the analysis of delayed genetic radiation effects on the different types. Populations and regularities in radiation-induced mutagenesis at cellular, tissue and body levels are discussed. Great attention is paid to the genetic consequences for population, flora and fauna of Chernobyl and Kyshtym accidents, nuclear explosions at Semipalatinsk test site and other emergency radiation situations.

  3. Book of abstracts of the 3rd International conference and the 3rd International School for young scientists Interaction of hydrogen isotopes with structural materials. IHISM-07; Tezisy dokladov Tret'ej mezhdunarodnoj konferentsii i Tret'ej mezhdunarodnoj Shkoly molodykh uchenykh i spetsialistov Vzaimodejstvie izotopov vodoroda s konstruktsionnymi materialami. IHISM-07

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The book involves abstracts of presentations at the 3rd International Conference and the 3rd International School for Young Scientists Interaction of Hydrogen Isotopes with Structural Materials (IHISM-07). The activities of Russian and foreign scientific centers associated with the use of hydrogen isotopes in power engineering, national economy and basic research are considered. The presentations cover the following areas: kinetics and interaction between hydrogen isotopes and solids including effects of radiogenic helium accumulation, hydrides and hydride transformations; structural transformations and mechanical properties; equipment and research techniques.

  4. Bibliography of Soviet Laser Developments, Number 72, July - August 1984. (United States)


    automating experiments at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the USSR Academy of Sciences. CVSLAZAt, 8th. Tezisy dokladov. Part 2. IOF. Tomsk, 1984, 341...8217 4 w ~ ~ 1016. Vlokh , O.G. (LvGU). Electrodynamics in nonlinear optics . Elektrodinamika v nelineynoy optike. LvGU. L’vov, 1983, 83 p...Fizicheskiy institut im Lebedeva AN SSSR Physics Institute imeni Lebedev, Academy of Sciences USSR, Moscow FIANKuy Kuybyshevskiy filial Fizicheskogo instituta

  5. Translations on USSR Science and Technology, Biomedical and Behavioral Sciences, Number 39 (United States)


    hereditary impairment of repair processes in cells of the human body leads to such serious diseases as xeroderma pigmentosum , which is due to the...inability of skin fibroblasts to repair DNA lesions induced by ultraviolet light or x-rays. In addition to xeroderma pigmentosum , Bloom’s "Vsesoyuznyy simpozium po lyuminestsentnym priemnikam i preobrazovatelyam rentgenovskogo izlucheniya. 2-y. Tezisy dokladov" (Ail-Union Symposium

  6. Economical, political and social aspects of atomic energy in Bulgaria; Dvadtsat` let atomnoj ehnergetiki Respubliki Bolgarii

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shervashidze, N


    The future of atomic energy in Bulgaria is discussed in terms of the challenge to make correct political and economical decisions. The building of a second nuclear power plant at Belene should be considered taking into account the time needed for project realisation and the adherence to standards. The political aspects are connected closely to the financial crediting and to marketing research for electricity export. It is stressed that the development of atomic energy is closely related to the national stability and economical independence.

  7. Book of abstracts of the VIII scientific and technical conference Young people in science; Sbornik annotatsij dokladov Vos'moj nauchno-tekhnicheskoj konferentsii Molodezh' v nauke

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The book includes abstracts of reports made young scientists and specialists from FGOU RFYaTs-VNIIEhF (Sarov), FGOU RFYaTs-VNIITF (Snezhinsk), VNIIA (Moscow), FGOU NIIIT (Moscow), FGOU FNPTs NIIIS (Nizhnij Novgorod), OKBM (Nizhnij Novgorod), VNIINM (Moscow), TulGU (Tula). At the conference, young scientists presented reports on the following topics: Theoretical and mathematical physics; Experimental physics; Engineering; Information systems and technologies; Industrial, radiation and ecological safety

  8. Pointing Out Main Factors from Design, Construction and Operating Experience of Existing Nuclear Plants for Assisting in Shaping Future Nuclear Power Programmes; Les principaux criteres degages de l'etude, de la construction et de l'exploitation des centrales nucleaires existantes et leur interet pour l'elaboration des futurs programmes d'energie d'origine nucleaire; Ukazanie osnovnykh faktorov proektirovaniya, stroitel'stva i opyta ehkspluatatsii sushchestvuyutsikh atomnykh ehlektrostantsij, chto dolzhno pomoch' pri sostavlenii budushchikh programm atomnoj ehnergetiki; Principales consideraciones relativas al diseno, construccion y explotacion de centrales nucleares, encaminadas a facilitar la preparacion de programas futuros de energia nucleoelectrica

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dalla Volta, F. [Comitato Nazionale per l' Energia Nucleare, Rome (Italy)


    The paper examines the most significant technical and economical indications which are emerging from design, construction and operation of the first full size nuclear power plants and which may be most helpful in shaping future additions to nuclear capacity, with particular regard to the stituation existing in Italy. The present status of manufacturers' technology and its continuous development in the course of existing projects have shown a positive trend toward reduction of both fuel-cycle and plant-component costs. This is further favoured by the increasing tendency toward bigger plant sizes and by the fact that power forecasting analyses of the electrical network suggest the opportunity of installing units of higher capacity for nuclear than for conventional plants on the basis of predicted changes in energy production expenses due to the addition of such new units. Concerning the design, construction and testing experience of existing types of stations, the paper reviews the main factors to take into account in future planning also in the light of construction and testing schedules. A certain emphasis is given to the problem of containment, because of the rewards on plant location which can be made possible by the development of very safe containers with little or no economic penalty, also taking advantage of the specific Italian situation on certain aspects of this problem. Concerning the operation experience of proven station types, the paper discusses their ability to meet network requirements and their availability, also in connection with the increasing role of nuclear capacity which is being planned in the country. Finally, the paper stresses the importance of the problem of data collection and interpretation from the three power stations now starting operation in Italy in assisting the planning of next installations. Hint is given to longer-range fuel-cycle planning on the basis of the existing framework. (author) [French] L'auteur expose les principaux enseignements qui ont ete fournis, aux points de vue technique et economique, par l'etude, la construction et l'exploitation des premieres centrales nucleaires, et qui peuvent etre particulierement utiles pour l'implantation de nouvelles centrales de ce genre dans l'avenir, notamment eu egard aux conditions qui regnent en Italie. La technologie actuelle des reacteurs et les progres qu'elle continue de faire revelent une tendance marquee vers la reduction du cout, non seulement des cycles de combustible, mais aussi des elements de la centrale. Cette evolution se trouve d'ailleurs favorisee par la tendance croissante a construire des centrales plus grandes et par le fait que l'etude du developpement du reseau electrique semble indiquer que, sur le plan economique, il y a plus d' avantage ainstaller des centrales nucleaires plus puissantes que d'augmenter la puissance des centrales classiques. Se fondant sur l'experience acquise concernant l'etu de, la construction et l'essai des divers types de centrales existantes, l'auteur donne un apercu des principaux facteurs dont il convient de tenir compte lors de l'etablissement des programmes futurs. Il insiste sur le probleme de l'isolement, vu les incidences favorables que peut avoir sur le choix du site de la centrale la mise au point d'ecrans de protection tres surs, qui puissent etre construits sans augmentation sensible du prix de revient, en tirant notamment parti, pour resoudre certains aspects de ce probleme, des conditions particulieres qui se trouvent reunies en Italie. Quant a l'experience du fonctionnement de certaines centrales d'un modele eprouve, l'auteur examine dans quelle mesure ces installations peuvent etre construites sans difficulte et satisfaire la demande du reseau; il se refere ici egalement au role croissant qu'il est prevu d'attribuer a l'energie d'origine nucleaire en Italie. Enfin, l'auteur souligne a quel point le rassemblement et l'interpretation des donnees relatives aux trois centrales, qui doivent incessamment entrer en service en Italie, aideraient a etablir les plans des installations futures. Il suggere la possibilite de prevoir des maintenant des cycles de combustible pour une plus longue periode. (author) [Spanish] En la memoria se examinan las principales consideraciones de caracter tecnico y eco nomico relativas al diseno, construccion y explotacion de las primeras centrales nucleoelectricas a plena escala, y que mas pueden ayudar a preparar los planes futuros de expansion nuclear, con especial referencia a las condiciones que reinan en Italia. El estado actual de la tecnologia de los reactores y su evolucion continua en la ejecucion de los proyectos hasta ahora realizados, muestra una neta tendencia hacia la reduccion de los costos del ciclo de combustible y de los elementos componentes de las centrales. Contribuye a esta evolucion la tendencia cada vez mas acusada a construir centrales de mayores dimensiones, y el hecho de que las previsiones acerca de las condiciones futuras de la red electrica sugieren la conveniencia de instalar centrales nucleares de mayor capacidad que las centrales clasicas, en razon de la disminucion que experimentaran los gastos de produccion gracias a la puesta en servicio de esas nuevas unidades. En lo que se refiere a la experiencia adquirida en e l diseno, construccion y pruebas de las centrales en funcionamiento, la memoria estudia los principales factores que han de tenerse en cuenta en la preparacion de planes para el futuro, tambien desde e l punto de vista de los programas de construccion y de pruebas. El autor insiste en el problema del confinamiento, en razon de la favorable influencia que sobre la elecion del emplazamiento de las centrales puede ejercer el perfeccionamiento de blindajes muy seguros, que podrian construirse sin aumento sensible del costo, teniendo en cuenta la especial situacion de Italia en lo que se refiere a ciertos aspectos del problema. En cuanto a la experiencia adquirida en la explotacion de centrales de tipo bien conocido, la memoria estudia en que medida estas instalaciones pueden construirse sin dificultades y satisfacer la demanda de la red; tambien en este aspecto se refiere al creciente papel que cabe atribuir en Italia a la energia nucleoelectrica. Por ultimo, la memoria re calca hasta que punto el acopio y la interpretacion de los datos relativos a las tres centrales nucleares que ahora comienzan a funcionar en Italia facilitarian el proyecto de instalaciones futuras. Alude a la posibilidad de establecer desde ya ciclos de combustible mas extensos. (author) [Russian] Rassmatrivayutsya naibolee vazhnye tekhnicheskie i ehkonomicheskie faktory, kotorye vyyavilis' pri proektirovanii, stroitel'stve i ehkspluatatsii pervykh promyshlennykh atomnykh ehlektrostantsij i kotorye mogut byt' ochen' poleznymi pri sozdanii v budushchem novykh atomnykh ehlektrostantsij, uchityvaya osoben-nosti uslovij v Italii. Nyneshnee sostoyanie tekhnologii proizvodstva i ee postoyannoe razvitie v khode osushchestvleniya proektov pokazali sushchestvovanie opredelennoj tendentsii k snizheniyu kak stoimosti toplivnogo tsikla, tak i stoimosti komponentov stantsii. Ehtomu takzhe blagopriyatstvuyut vozrastayushchaya tendentsiya k uvelicheniyu razmerov ehlektrostantsii i tot fakt, chto analiz ehnergeticheskogo prognoza ehnergosistemy govorit o nalichii blagopriyatnykh uslovij dlya stroitel'stva ehlektrostantsij bol'shej moshchnosti na yadernom toplive vmesto stantsij na obychnom toplive, iskhodya iz predskazannykh izmenenij v stoimosti proizvodstva ehnergii, obuslovlennykh uvelicheniem kolichestva atomnykh ehlektrostantsij. Rassmatrivayutsya osnovnye faktory, kotorye dolrsny byt' uchteny v budushchem pri planirovanii ehlektrostantsij s uchetom takzhe grafikov stroitel'stva i ispytaniya. Opredelennyj upor sdelan na problemu protivoavarijnoj obolochki s uchetom takzhe spetsificheskikh uslovij Italii v otnoshenii nekotorykh aspektov ehtoj problemy; v rezul'tate udobnogo razmeshcheniya ehlektrostantsii mogut tselikom ili bol'shej chast'yu okupit'sya raskhody po razrabotke ochen' nadezhnykh obolochek. Rassmatrivaetsya sposobnost' oprobirovannykh tipov stantsij udovletvoryat' trebovaniya ehnergosistemy i ikh prigodnost' takzhe v svyazi s uvelichayushchejsya rol'yu yadernykh ehlektrostantsij. I,nakonets, podcherkivaetsya vazhnost' problemy sbora i interpretatsii dannykh o rabote trekh ehlektrostantsij, ehkspluatatsiya kotorykh nachinaetsya v Italii, chto dolzhno pomoch' pri proektirovanii novykh stantsij. (author)

  9. Experiments on multi-stage light intensification by electro-luminescence; Experiences sur l'intensification de la lumiere en cascade par electroluminescence; Opyty po mnogokaskadnomu svetousileniyu (fotoumnozheniyu) posredstvom ehlektrosvecheniya; Experimentos sobre intensificacion en cascada de la luminosidad por electroluminiscencia

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Owaki, K; Nakamura, T [Kobe Kogyo Corporation, Okubo, Akashi, Hyogo (Japan)


    S fotosensible en polvo, aglomerado con plastico y moldeado. Basandose en los resultados obtenidos con un solo elemento intensificador, se construyeron intensificadores de dos y tres etapas y se efectuaron experimentos para estudiar sus caracteristicas con diferentes resistencias montadas en paralelo. Con el intensificador de tres etapas se obtuvo una amplificacion del orden de 400, para una radiacion de entrada igual a 0,3 rdlux. Estos resultados sugieren la posibilidad de obtener un mayor aumento para una radiacion de entrada menor. Los autores estiman posible aplicar estos resultados experimentales a los intensificadores solidos de imagenes disenando un dispositivo adecuado. (author) [Russian] Za poslednie gody, v kachestve odnogo iz vazhnykh primenenij ehlektroniki tverdykh tel, byl opublikovan tselyj ryad dokladov otnositel'no povysheniya yarkosti izobrazhenij s pomoshch'yu kristallicheskogo usilitelya. Predstavlyaetsya udobnym i vazhnym ispol'zovat' kristallicheskij usilitel' dlya svetousileniya (fotoumnozheniya). TSel'yu nastoyashchej ehksperimental'noj raboty yavlyaetsya povyshenie stepeni usileniya posredstvom mnogostupenchatogo kaskadirovaniya usilitelya. V nastoyashchem doklade snachala razbirayutsya ehlektricheskie i opticheskie kharakteristiki monokaskadnogo usilitelya, a zatem s tsel'yu uluchsheniya ego parametrov kratko izlagayutsya preimushchestva ispol'zovaniya parallel'nogo soprotivleniya s ehlektro- svetyashchejsya panel'yu. Bylo ispol'zovano dva tipa fotoprovodyashchej yachejki, odna iz kotorykh byla uplotnennaya yachejka iz Cds, a drugaya byla sdelana iz fotochuvstvitel'nogo poroshka Cds, sformovannogo vmeste s plasticheskim svyazyvayushchim veshchestvom. Na osnovanii rezul'tatov, poluchennykh na monokaskadnom usilitele, byli postroeny dvukhkaskadnye i trekhkaskadnye usiliteli, i ikh kharakterisgiki byli provereny dlya razlichnykh parallel'no vklyuchennykh soprotivlenij. Pri pomoshchi trekhkaskadnogo usilitelya bylo polucheno pri vkhodyashchej radiatsii v 0

  10. The Technical Training Programme for Nuclear Power Station Personnel; Programme de formation technique du personnel des centrales nucleaires; Programma tekhnicheskoj podgotovki personala yadernoj ehlektrostantsii; El programa de formacion tecnica del personal de una central nucleoelectrica

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Howey, G. R. [Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario (Canada)


    kvalifikatsii v zavisimosti ot potrebnostej v rabote; (3) obsluzhivayushchij personal po kontrol'no-izmeritel'nym priboram - chetyre.urovnya kvalifikatsii; neset otvetstvennost' za remont vsekh apparatov, oborudovaniya po upravleniyu i ehlektrooborudovaniya; (4) mekhaniki po remontu - nesut otvetstvennost' za remont vsego mekhanicheskogo oborudovaniya (montazhnye raboty, svarka i t.d.); (5) obsluzhivayushchij personal - neset otvetstvennost' za raznoobraznye raboty, kotorye trebuyut bolee nizkoj kvalifikatsii. V dopolnenie k ehtim obshchim kategoriyam trebuetsya nebol'shoe kolichestvo spetsialistov, takikh kak khimiki i sluzhashchie po radiatsionnoj zashchite. Obsuzhdaetsya organizatsionnaya struktura personala NPD i programma ego obucheniya dlya budushchikh nuzhd yadernoj ehnergetiki. (author)