Sample records for ehffektivnosti pogloshcheniya parov

  1. Analiz ehffektivnosti perednej radiatsionnoj zashchity detektora CMS na LHC

    Azhgirey, L S


    On the basis of numerical simulation results one analyzed the efficiency of the front radiation protection multipurpose CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) detector on LHC. Paper presents the results of calculations of particle flow densities and of comparison with the protection perfect model. One investigated into secondary radiation field within detector range depending on configuration of protection. One proposes measures to improve protection of detector experimental region. Further ways to optimize design and composition of materials of protection are discussed

  2. Involvement of Lipid Metabolism in Chemical Transmission Processes at Mossy Fiber Synapses


    glutamate release from synaptosomes. Neurochemical Research 16:35-41. 6. Dorman, R.V. 1991 ’GF , synthesis in isolated cerebellar glomeruli: effects’umulat ion of t; - • {in h ippo-ampa I mo•-sv t ibr nerve end• i ngs. Neurochemical Research 18: 1231 1237. I0. Sep parovic-, D. ind I)Dorman, ..V