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  1. Skjern Enge som rollemodel

    Herbst, Mathias; Ringgaard, Rasmus; Schelde, Kirsten


    Genetablerede vådområder fjerner kuldioxid fra atmosfæren og binder det som tørv, men samtidig udleder områderne metan, som er en meget stærk drivhusgas. I en unik måleserie er balancen mellem de to processer i Skjern Enge blevet målt kontinuerligt siden september 2008.......Genetablerede vådområder fjerner kuldioxid fra atmosfæren og binder det som tørv, men samtidig udleder områderne metan, som er en meget stærk drivhusgas. I en unik måleserie er balancen mellem de to processer i Skjern Enge blevet målt kontinuerligt siden september 2008....

  2. MHD Stability Study of Oblate FRCs

    Cone, G. A.; Milroy, R. D.; Kim, C. C.


    The n=1 tilt, interchange, and shift modes of oblate FRC plasmas are simulated using the NIMROD code. The grid geometry approximates the shaped, close-fitting flux conserver used in the Swarthmore Spheromak eXperiment (SSX) oblate FRC studyfootnotetextM. J. Schaffer, M. Brown, C. Cothran, N. Murphy, An oblate FRC concept for SSX, ICC Workshop, College Park, MD, Feb 2007. The results validate the work by Belova et alfootnotetextE. V. Belova, S. C. Jardin, H. Ji, M. Yamada, R. Kulsrud, Numerical study of global stability of oblate field-reversed configurations, Phys. Plasmas, 8(4), 1267 (2001) which characterized important thresholds for these instabilities. The tilt mode changes from an internal mode to an external mode with decreasing FRC elongation, and in the oblate case it can be stabilized with a close-fitting conducting wall. By increasing the edge separatrix pressure for wall-supported FRCs, the growth rate of interchange mode decreases, and complete stabilization is achieved when the separatrix beta exceeds 30%. Simulations of the dynamics of FRC formation from two counter-helicity spheromaks are beginning, and preliminary results will be presented.

  3. Biographical sketch: Nosrat Ollah Ameli, MB, ChB (Hons), ChM (Birm), FICS, FRCS (Eng).

    Alimi, Marjan; Rahimi-Movaghar, Vafa


    Nosrat Ollah Ameli (1913-2010) was one of the pioneers in Iranian neurosurgery. After training in England in the 1950s, Ameli returned to his country to found the Darioush Kabir Hospital, where he started the first neurosurgical ward in collaboration with Prof. E. Samiy. Here he applied his genius and innovation to develop unique approaches to the management of challenging neurosurgical techniques, in the context of limited resource available at that time. He started the training of neurosurgeons in Iran. He was internationally recognised being elected as a vice president of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS). His efforts extended beyond neurosurgery to many other fields. He published extensively in international peer reviewed medical journals around the world and contributed to the foundation of Acta Medica Iranica journal, the first scientific medical journal in English published by Tehran University of Medical Sciences. His efforts to improve medical education in Iran continued even through his years of retirement. This article recounts Nosrat Ollah Ameli's many contributions to Iran's medical education as well as his achievements as a neurosurgeon.

  4. ASH ENG 225 Complete Course NEW.doc

    harrisss, samuel


    ASH ENG 225 Complete Course NEW   Check this A+ tutorial guideline at   ENG 225 Week 1 DQ Effective Use of Aesthetic Choices ENG 225 Week 2 Assignment Genres and Genre Film ENG 225 Week 2 DQ Genre Theory ENG 225 Week 3 Assignment Establishing Theme ENG 225 Week 3 DQ The Impact of Cinematography and Editing Optionsdocx ENG 225 Week 4 Assignment Final Film Critique Prepa...

  5. Development of Compact Toroid Injector for C-2 FRCs

    Matsumoto, Tadafumi; Sekiguchi, Junichi; Asai, Tomohiko; Gota, Hiroshi; Garate, Eusebio; Allfrey, Ian; Valentine, Travis; Smith, Brett; Morehouse, Mark; TAE Team


    Collaborative research project with Tri Alpha Energy has been started and we have developed a new compact toroid (CT) injector for the C-2 device, mainly for fueling field-reversed configurations (FRCs). The CT is formed by a magnetized coaxial plasma-gun (MCPG), which consists of coaxial cylinder electrodes; a spheromak-like plasma is generated by discharge and pushed out from the gun by Lorentz force. The inner diameter of outer electrode is 83.1 mm and the outer diameter of inner electrode is 54.0 mm. The surface of the inner electrode is coated with tungsten in order to reduce impurities coming out from the electrode. The bias coil is mounted inside of the inner electrode. We have recently conducted test experiments and achieved a supersonic CT translation speed of up to ~100 km/s. Other typical plasma parameters are as follows: electron density ~ 5 × 1021 m-3, electron temperature ~ 40 eV, and the number of particles ~0.5-1.0 × 1019. The CT injector is now planned to be installed on C-2 and the first CT injection experiment will be conducted in the near future. The detailed MCPG design as well as the test experimental results will be presented.

  6. Donald Nixon Ross, BS, MB, ChB, FRCS: pioneering surgeon and true gentleman.

    Chitwood, W Randolph


    Donald Nixon Ross, FRCS, was a master surgeon, a consummate scholar, and fine gentleman. Herein, are descriptions of his education, practice of cardiac surgery, and legacy contributions. He always will be known for developing and applying the aortic autograft "switch" procedure for aortic stenosis known in perpetuity as the Ross procedure. Copyright © 2015 The Society of Thoracic Surgeons. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  7. Inductive Sustainment of Oblate FRCs with the Assistance of Magnetic Diffusion, Shaping and Finite-Lamor Radius Stabilization

    Gerhardt, S.; Belova, E. V.; Yamada, M.; Ji, H.; Inomoto, M.; Jacobson, C. M.; Maqueda, R.; McGeehan, B.; Y., Ren


    Oblate field-reversed configurations FRCs have been sustained for >300 µs, or >15 magnetic diffusion times, through the use of an inductive solenoid. These argon FRCs can have their poloidal flux sustained or increased, depending on the timing and strength of the induction. An inward pinch is observed during sustainment, leading to a peaking of the pressure profile and maintenance of the FRC equilibrium. The good stability observed in argon (and krypton) does not transfer to lighter gases, which develop terminal co-interchange instabilities. The stability in argon and krypton is attributed to a combination of external field shaping, magnetic diffusion, and finite-Larmor radius effects.

  8. The influence of FRCs reinforcement on marginal adaptation of CAD/CAM composite resin endocrowns after simulated fatigue loading

    Rocca, G.T.; Sarrati, C.M.; Poncet, A.; Feilzer, A.J.; Krejci, I.


    To evaluate the marginal adaptation of endodontically treated molars restored with CAD/CAM composite resin endocrowns either with or without reinforcement by fibre reinforced composites (FRCs), used in different configurations. 32 human endodontically treated molars were cut 2 mm over the CEJ. Two i

  9. The influence of FRCs reinforcement on marginal adaptation of CAD/CAM composite resin endocrowns after simulated fatigue loading

    Rocca, G.T.; Sarrati, C.M.; Poncet, A.; Feilzer, A.J.; Krejci, I.


    To evaluate the marginal adaptation of endodontically treated molars restored with CAD/CAM composite resin endocrowns either with or without reinforcement by fibre reinforced composites (FRCs), used in different configurations. 32 human endodontically treated molars were cut 2 mm over the CEJ. Two

  10. Bipalium engeli n. sp., a terrestrial triclad from Singapore

    Hartog, den C.


    A new species of the genus Bipalium, B. engeli, is described from secondary forest in Singapore. It is allied to B. rauchi von Graff, 1899, from the same area, but differs markedly in its colour pattern.

  11. Menstrual bleeding patterns in adolescents using etonogestrel (ENG) implant.

    Deokar, Amit M; Jackson, Wendy; Omar, Hatim A


    Etonogestrel (ENG) implant is an effective method of contraception. The implant is designed to provide contraceptive efficacy for 3 years with a relatively quick return of fertility upon its removal. Menstrual irregularities are not uncommon on long-acting progestins and can often be the factor for discontinuation or removal. A retrospective chart analysis was done on 58 patients who chose to be on the ENG implant. Age ranged from 12 to 24 years. The cycle ranged from 1 to 17 months. The mean length of use of the implant was 10.9 months. Over the 20-month period, 13 ENG implants were removed because of menstrual bleeding problems. We conducted a chart review of the adolescent patients who received the ENG implant in our adolescent clinic. An analysis was done based on symptoms experienced by patients who were on the ENG implant and their management, which in some cases resulted in its removal. The data is presented on adolescent and young adult patients who receive their reproductive care in the Adolescent Medicine Clinic at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, USA. ENG implant when used correctly and as indicated is extremely effective in providing contraception for up to 3 years. However, menstrual irregularities can be very troublesome and often a reason for its removal. In our experience, 22.4% (13 out of the 58 subjects) had menstrual problems post-insertion that led to its removal. It is crucial for a clinician to inform and be informed about such side effects.

  12. 5'UTR mutations of ENG cause hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia.

    Damjanovich, Kristy; Langa, Carmen; Blanco, Francisco J; McDonald, Jamie; Botella, Luisa M; Bernabeu, Carmelo; Wooderchak-Donahue, Whitney; Stevenson, David A; Bayrak-Toydemir, Pinar


    Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) is a vascular disorder characterized by epistaxis, arteriovenous malformations, and telangiectases. The majority of the patients have a mutation in the coding region of the activin A receptor type II-like 1 (ACVRL1) or Endoglin (ENG) gene. However, in approximately 15% of cases, sequencing analysis and deletion/duplication testing fail to identify mutations in the coding regions of these genes. Knowing its vital role in transcription and translation control, we were prompted to investigate the 5'untranslated region (UTR) of ENG. We sequenced the 5'UTR of ENG for 154 HHT patients without mutations in ENG or ACVRL1 coding regions. We found a mutation (c.-127C > T), which is predicted to affect translation initiation and alter the reading frame of endoglin. This mutation was found in a family with linkage to the ENG, as well as in three other patients, one of which had an affected sibling with the same mutation. In vitro expression studies showed that a construct with the c.-127C > T mutation alters the translation and decreases the level of the endoglin protein. In addition, a c.-9G > A mutation was found in three patients, one of whom was homozygous for this mutation. Expression studies showed decreased protein levels suggesting that the c.-9G > A is a hypomorphic mutation. Our results emphasize the need for the inclusion of the 5'UTR region of ENG in clinical testing for HHT.

  13. Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia: two distinct ENG deletions in one family.

    Wooderchak, W; Gedge, F; McDonald, M; Krautscheid, P; Wang, X; Malkiewicz, J; Bukjiok, C J; Lewis, T; Bayrak-Toydemir, P


    Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by aberrant vascular development. Mutations in endoglin (ENG) or activin A receptor type II-like 1 (ACVRL1) account for around 90% of HHT patients, 10% of those are large deletions or duplications. We report here the first observation of two distinct, large ENG deletions segregating in one pedigree. An ENG exon 4-7 deletion was observed in a patient with HHT. This deletion was identified in several affected family members. However, some affected family members had an ENG exon 3 deletion instead. These deletions were detected by multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification and confirmed by mRNA sequencing and an oligo-CGH array. Linkage analysis revealed that one individual with the exon 3 deletion inherited the same chromosome from his mother who has the exon 4-7 deletion. This finding has important clinical implications because it shows that targeted family-specific mutation analysis for exon deletions could have led to the misdiagnosis of some affected family members. © 2010 John Wiley & Sons A/S.

  14. Skjern Enge - en våd ørkenvandring

    Ejrnæs, Rasmus; Wind, Peter; Nygaard, Bettina


    Engene og moserne omkring Skjern Å udgør den største del af det samlede genoprettede naturareal i projektet. Engene er en nødvendig ramme for et naturligt vandløb, med tilladelse til at gå over sine bredder. Men engenes enorme udstrækning og det varierede landskab med tæt forbundne vandløb, enge ...... moser, heder, klitter og strandenge har også været grundlag for et enestående plante- og dyreliv. I 2011 fik vi mulighed for at gentage undersøgelser af vegetationen i Skjern Enge efter genopretningen og resultater er biologisk nedslående....

  15. The influence of FRCs reinforcement on marginal adaptation of CAD/CAM composite resin endocrowns after simulated fatigue loading.

    Rocca, Giovanni Tommaso; Saratti, Carlo Massimo; Poncet, Antoine; Feilzer, Albert J; Krejci, Ivo


    To evaluate the marginal adaptation of endodontically treated molars restored with CAD/CAM composite resin endocrowns either with or without reinforcement by fibre reinforced composites (FRCs), used in different configurations. 32 human endodontically treated molars were cut 2 mm over the CEJ. Two interproximal boxes were created with the margins located 1 mm below the CEJ (distal box) and 1 mm over the CEJ (mesial box). All specimens were divided in four groups (n = 8). The pulp chamber was filled with: group 1 (control), hybrid resin composite (G-aenial Posterior, GC); group 2, as group 1 but covered by 3 meshes of E-glass fibres (EverStick NET, Stick Tech); group 3, FRC resin (EverX Posterior, GC); group 4, as group 3 but covered by 3 meshes of E-glass fibres. The crowns of all teeth were restored with CAD/CAM composite resin endocrowns (LAVA Ultimate, 3M). All specimens were thermo-mechanically loaded in a computer-controlled chewing machine (600,000 cycles, 1.6 Hz, 49 N and simultaneously 1500 thermo-cycles, 60 s, 5-55 °C). Marginal analysis before and after the loading was carried out on epoxy replicas by SEM at 200× magnification. For all the groups, the percentage values of perfect marginal adaptation after loading were always significantly lower than before loading (p 0.05). Within the limitations of this in vitro study, the use of FRCs to reinforce the pulp chamber of devitalized molars restored with CAD/CAM composite resin restorations did not significantly influenced their marginal quality.

  16. An Early Look at the Effects of ENG on Local Newscasts.

    Stone, Gerald C.; And Others

    This study sought evidence that the switch to electronic news gathering (ENG) by local television stations has changed news selection or news presentation. A content analysis was performed during five days of newscasts at three network-operated Los Angeles television stations that were in various stages of converting to total ENG. Although the…

  17. Efficacy of CDP and ENG in Detecting Balance Impairment Associated With Cerebral White Matter Changes.

    Urban, Matthew J; Sataloff, Robert T


    To examine the relationship between white matter changes (WMCs) and abnormal balance test results on computerized dynamic posturography (CDP) and electronystagmography (ENG). Also, to compare the utility of CDP with ENG for this purpose. Retrospective case review. Tertiary care referral center. A retrospective review of 137 subjects was conducted. The CDP and ENG results were compared between patients with (80) and without (57) WMCs as detected byT2/fluid attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). CDP analysis consisted of both sensory organization test (SOT) and motor control test (MCT) results, and ENG analysis included positional, oculomotor, and bithermal caloric testing. Multivariate logistic regression was performed to control for age and hearing loss discrepancies between the two groups. Ninety three percent of patients with WMCs had an abnormal CDP result, as compared with 44% of patients lacking WMCs (p ENG, as did 81% of patients without WMCs (p = 0.435). Multivariate regression analysis maintained that an abnormal CDP result was significantly associated with WMCs when controlling for age and hearing loss (p ENG. Hence, CDP may be a better study to identify and document patients who have balance dysfunction associated with this central finding. Such identification will permit additional evaluation and treatment based on objective confirmation of balance dysfunction, in this group of balance-impaired subjects who may have normal ENG's.

  18. CDIO Projects In DTU’s B.Eng. In Electronics Study Programme

    Kjærgaard, Claus; Brauer, Peter; Andersen, Jens Christian


    This paper describes the four cross disciplinary CDIO semester projects in the B.Eng. in Electronics study at DTU, and – along with similar papers describing the other six B.Eng. programs – provides documentation to accompany an exposition with students demonstrating their projects, furthermore...... the paper is meant as an inspiration to others working on implementing cross disciplinary projects in their curriculum. In the B.Eng. in Electronics programme each of the first 4 semester contains a cross disciplinary project, two of these are CDIO Design Build courses which are placed in the 1st and 4th...

  19. CDIO Projects In DTU’s B.Eng. In Electronics Study Programme

    Kjærgaard, Claus; Brauer, Peter; Andersen, Jens Christian


    This paper describes the four cross disciplinary CDIO semester projects in the B.Eng. in Electronics study at DTU, and – along with similar papers describing the other six B.Eng. programs – provides documentation to accompany an exposition with students demonstrating their projects, furthermore...... the paper is meant as an inspiration to others working on implementing cross disciplinary projects in their curriculum. In the B.Eng. in Electronics programme each of the first 4 semester contains a cross disciplinary project, two of these are CDIO Design Build courses which are placed in the 1st and 4th...

  20. Inform@ed space

    Bjerrum, Peter; Olsen, Kasper Nefer


    Inform@ed space Sensorial Perception And Computer Enchancement - bidrag til Nordisk Arkitekturforskningsforenings IT-konference, AAA april 2001.......Inform@ed space Sensorial Perception And Computer Enchancement - bidrag til Nordisk Arkitekturforskningsforenings IT-konference, AAA april 2001....

  1. Abnormal computerized dynamic posturography findings in dizzy patients with normal ENG results.

    Sataloff, Robert T; Hawkshaw, Mary J; Mandel, Heidi; Zwislewski, Amy B; Armour, Jonathan; Mandel, Steven


    The complexities of the balance system create difficulties for professionals interested in testing equilibrium function objectively. Traditionally, electronystagmography (ENG) has been used for this purpose, but it provides information on only a limited portion of the equilibrium system. Computerized dynamic posturography (CDP) is less specific than ENG, but it provides more global insight into a patient's ability to maintain equilibrium under more challenging environmental circumstances. CD Palso appears to be valuable in obtaining objective confirmation of an abnormality in some dizzy patients whose ENG findings are normal. Our review of 33 patients with normal ENG results and abnormal CDP findings suggests that posturography is useful for confirming or quantifying a balance abnormality in some patients whose complaints cannot be confirmed by other tests frequently used by otologists.

  2. An implantable ENG detector with in-system velocity selective recording (VSR) capability.

    Clarke, Chris; Rieger, Robert; Schuettler, Martin; Donaldson, Nick; Taylor, John


    Detection and classification of electroneurogram (ENG) signals in the peripheral nervous system can be achieved by velocity selective recording (VSR) using multi-electrode arrays. This paper describes an implantable VSR-based ENG recording system representing a significant development in the field since it is the first system of its type that can record naturally evoked ENG and be interfaced wirelessly using a low data rate transcutaneous link. The system consists of two CMOS ASICs one of which is placed close to the multi-electrode cuff array (MEC), whilst the other is mounted close to the wireless link. The digital ASIC provides the signal processing required to detect selectively ENG signals based on velocity. The design makes use of an original architecture that is suitable for implantation and reduces the required data rate for transmission to units placed outside the body. Complete measured electrical data from samples of the ASICs are presented that show that the system has the capability to record signals of amplitude as low as 0.5 μV, which is adequate for the recording of naturally evoked ENG. In addition, measurements of electrically evoked ENG from the explanted sciatic nerves of Xenopus Laevis frogs are presented.

  3. Identification and molecular characterization of a β-1,4-endoglucanase gene (Rr-eng-1) from Rotylenchulus reniformis.

    Wubben, Martin J; Ganji, Satish; Callahan, Franklin E


    β-1,4-endoglucanses, a.k.a. cellulases, are parasitism genes that facilitate root penetration and migration by plant-parasitic nematodes. Rotylenchulus reniformis is a sedentary semi-endoparasite for which little molecular data has been collected. In this report, we describe the isolation and characterization of a predicted glycosyl hydrolase family 5 cellulase from R. reniformis that we have named Rr-eng-1. The Rr-eng-1 cDNA was 1,341 bp long and was comprised of a 19 bp 5'-untranslated region (UTR), a 1,245 bp open reading frame (ORF), and an 80 bp 3'-UTR. The Rr-eng-1 genomic sequence was 2,325 bp. Alignment of the cDNA and genomic sequences revealed seven introns and eight exons for Rr-eng-1. BLASTN analysis showed the Rr-eng-1 cDNA was most homologous to the Hg-eng-6 mRNA from Heterodera glycines. Southern blot analysis indicated that at least three Rr-eng-1-like sequences were present in the R. reniformis genome. Translation of the Rr-eng-1 ORF yielded a 414 amino acid peptide (Rr-ENG-1) having an N-terminal signal sequence for secretion. No cellulose binding module (CBM) was detected in Rr-ENG-1; however, a putative CBM linker sequence N-terminal to the catalytic domain was present. Rr-ENG-1 was most homologous to Hg-ENG-6 but also shared a number of intron splice positions with Mi-ENG-2. Quantitative RT-PCR indicated that Rr-eng-1 was highly expressed in the J2 and adult vermiform life-stages with a sharp decline in expression detected in sedentary females.

  4. [Significance of ENG and DPG in the vestibular function examination in patients suffering BPPV].

    Liu, Jianguo; Guo, Suying; Wang, Kun; Li, Zhen; Du, Zhaowen; Xie, Wen; Liu, Yuehui


    To detect the significance of the electronystagmography (ENG) and the dynamic posturography (DPG) in the vestibular function examination in patients suffering BPPV. Forty, 34 to 79 old vertigo patients were examined with DPG and ENG. DPG evaluation parameters includes sense organization test from vestibular sensory score, proprioception score, visual score, Romber's score and composite score. ENG examination include caloric test. Twenty-six out of 40 BPPV patients got abnormal caloric test results; 33 patients got DPG abnormality which led to a low vestibular perception scores. Twenty-four out of these patients got abnormal results in both caloric test and DPG, while in 9 patients that got normal caloric results came up with low vestibular perception scores, except for which there was no significant abnormality in SOT. Besides, the BPPV patients, compared with normal, got abnormal scores in caloric test of ENG and vestibular perception test of DPG (P ENG and DPG are important methods in vestibular function tests, a comprehensive analysis of both is applied to value the severity of vestibular function in patients with BPPV and the duration of BPPV directly affects the vestibular function.

  5. CDIO Projects in DTU’s B.Eng. in IT Study Program

    Sparsø, Jens; Bolander, Thomas; Fischer, Paul


    Since the fall 2008 all B.Eng. study programs at the Technical University of Denmark have been based on the CDIO concept. The adoption of the CDIO standards and principles resulted in new or significantly revised study programs. As part of this effort design-build projects have been introduced...... on each of the first 4 semesters, and each semester-project spans several courses. The aim of this paper is to describe the four CDIO semester projects in the B.Eng. in IT study, and – along with similar papers describing the other six B.Eng. programs – to provide documentation to accompany an exposition...... with stands providing additional information and with students demonstrating their projects. The paper is narrowly focused on the IT-study program. At the time of writing this paper the students enrolled in 2008 have completed all four semesters in the new CDIO-based study plan, and the students enrolled...

  6. Forekomst af ynglefugle i Skjern Enge projektområde i 2011

    Amstrup, Ole; Bak, Mogens; Holm, Thomas Eske


    Danmarks Miljøundersøgelser (nu Aarhus Universitet) foretog i perioden 2003 og 2006 en monitering af ynglefuglene i Skjern Enge. For stadig at følge udviklingen i antallet af ynglefugle efter restaureringen af Skjern Enge, blev der i 2011 med støtte fra 15. juni Fonden gennemført en optælling efter...... sket et fald i antallet af ynglepar, bl.a. vibe, klyde, lille præstekrave, rørdrum, spidsand, atlingand og skeand. Der blev ikke registreret sikre ynglefund af brushane, engryle, stor kobbersneppe, sortterne og dværgmåge, som alle tidligere ynglede i Skjern Enge, før den store afvanding i 1965-1968....

  7. Allelic Dropout in the ENG Gene, Affecting the Results of Genetic Testing in Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia

    Tørring, Pernille M; Kjeldsen, A.D.; Ousager, L.B.


    Background: Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) is an autosomal-dominant vascular disorder with three disease-causing genes identified to date: ENG, ACVRL1, and SMAD4. We report an HHT patient with allelic dropout that on routine sequence analysis for a known mutation in the family (c.817......-3T>G in ENG) initially seemed to be homozygous for the mutation. Aim: To explore the possibility of allelic dropout causing a false result in this patient. Methods: Mutation analysis of additional family members was performed and haplotype analysis carried out. New primers were designed to reveal...

  8. Punkttællinger af ynglefugle i eng, by og skov 1998. Danmark

    Jacobsen, E. M.

    sig dårligere i skoven sammenlignet med udenfor. Endeligt præsenteres i rapporten separate resultater for bymæssig bebyggelse og enge, der foretages sammenligninger med svenske ynglefugle-tællinger, der gives eksempler på biotop-kodefordelinger for jernspurv og solsort, og der gives en kortfattet...

  9. The innovation element of the diploma (b.eng.) programs at DTU

    Nyborg, Mads; Christiansen, Nynne Budtz


    In September 2014 the first version of the newly developed CDIO-based diploma (B.Eng) programs were launched at DTU (Nyborg et al., 2015). The programs are the result of a comprehensive merger process of former diploma programs, namely the programs at Engineering College of Copenhagen (now DTU...

  10. Cdio as the educational and cultural structuring element in the dtu b.eng. in electronics programme

    Kjærgaard, Claus; Brauer, Peter; Andersen, Jens Christian


    as a part of the complex CDIO based education. The case used is the B.Eng. study in Electronics at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Implementing CDIO calls for many changes in the way that we build and document an program, having implemented CDIO at the B.Eng. program in electronics, it has been...

  11. Dr. Eng


    One problem in high-density environment such as in Lae Lae isle, Makassar-Indonesia is the unavailability of shared public space. Lae Lae isle, one small island in front of Makassar city is a densely populated, where 0.22 km2 is occupied by 1.563 people. Common sights in this isle are many people, all generations gathering on a bench in everywhere, and the bench called Bale bale. It is used by islander for private space and further change into shared place. The aims of this study are to ident...

  12. PREFACE: EDS2010 Preface

    Heggie, Malcolm I.


    The biennial international conference on Extended Defects in Semiconductors started in 1978 with a meeting in Hünfeld, Germany. Subsequent meetings rotated between Poland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Russia and Italy, culminating in EDS2004 in Chernogolovka, EDS2006 in Halle and EDS2008 in Poitiers. EDS2010 was held at the University of Sussex at Brighton, UK from September 19th to 24th. An extension of the tabulation of this history, which first appeared on the EDS2006 website, is given in the attached PDF. It is with sadness that we note one of the founders of the series, Prof. Dr Helmut Alexander, passed away on 3 December 2009 and we were proud to dedicate EDS2010 to his memory. It has become a tradition to make an award in his name, and this year it was made to Ivan Isacov for his poster "Electrical levels of dislocation networks in p- and n-type silicon". A short and warm celebration of Prof. Dr Alexander's life by his friends and colleagues, Prof. Drs Helmut Gottschalk, Eicke Weber and Wolfgang Schröter, is included in this volume. The conference was a forum for the state-of-the-art of investigation and modelling of extended defects in semiconductors. Scientists from universities, research institutes and industry made contributions to a deeper understanding of extended defects, their interaction with point defects and their role in the development of semiconductor technology. The remit of the conference included extended defects, nanostructures, nanoparticles, quantum dots and interfaces within semiconducting materials ranging from narrow to wide band gaps, including graphene-derived materials and diamond. Scientific interests range from defect geometry, electronic structure, dynamics, spectroscopy, microscopy, reactions and chemistry to introduction mechanisms, such as implantation and strained layers and the operation of devices such as integrated circuits, heterostructures, and solar cells. The organisers were confronted with a long period between

  13. Våde enge kan give iltmangel i vandløb

    Frier, Jens-Ole; Iversen, Niels; Rasmussen, Michael R.


    Våde enge oprettes i disse år mange steder i det danske landskab. I nogle tilfælde vil områderne give den positive tiltænkte ændring til glæde for naturen, andre steder kan det give problemer og føre til betydelig iltmangel i vandløbene. denne artikel beskriver et sådant tilfælde, og vi forsøger...

  14. Punkttællinger af ynglefugle i eng, by og skov 2000

    Jacobsen, E. M.

    mod at forbedre livsvilkårene for dyr og planter i de naturtyper der fokuseres på i denne rapport: eng, by og skov. Af de 348 ruter der blev optalt i 2000, var de 303 ruter gentagne i forhold til året før. Der er beregnet yngleindeks for 87 arter af danske ynglefugle og 2 arter af pattedyr. Indsatsen...... for at øge antallet af optællingspunkter med eng, strandeng og overdrev fortsatte og resulterede i en stigning fra 370 punkter i disse biotoper i 1999 til 544 punkter i 2000. Årets resultat 1999-2000 præges af tilbagegange for standfugle og kortdistancetrækkere samt fremgange for arter der overvintrer i...... resultater for landskabstyperne by, eng og skov. For engfuglenes vedkommende synes den generelle tendens gennem perioden at være tilbagegang eller uændrede ynglebestande. En beregning af samleindeks for ynglende byfugle bekræfter at ynglefuglene har gode kår i byerne, og at der i dag er væsentligt flere...

  15. Ed Deutschman Interview [video

    Deutschman, Ed


    Background: Ed Deutschman was a Navy cadet at the Del Monte Pre-Flight School, located at the now (2013) Naval Postgraduate School. Mr Deutschman visited the Dudley Knox Library on May 2, 2011, and spoke about his service in World War II as a Corsair fighter pilot in the Pacific.

  16. Mutational and clinical analysis of the ENG gene in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension.

    Pousada, Guillermo; Baloira, Adolfo; Fontán, Diego; Núñez, Marta; Valverde, Diana


    Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a rare vascular disorder characterized by a capillary wedge pressure ≤ 15 mmHg and a mean pulmonary arterial pressure ≥ 25 mmHg at rest. PAH can be idiopathic, heritable or associated with other conditions. The aim of this study was to analyze the Endoglin (ENG) gene and assess the influence of the c.572G > A (p.G191D) mutation in patients with idiopathic or associated PAH. The correlation between the pathogenic mutations and clinical and functional parameters was further analyzed. Sixteen different changes in the ENG gene were found in 44 out of 57 patients. After in silico analysis, we classified eight mutations as pathogenic in 16 of patients. The c.572G>A (p.G191D) variation was observed in ten patients, and the analysis for the splicing process using hybrid minigenes, with pSPL3 vector to assess splicing alterations, do not generate a new transcript. Age at diagnosis (p = 0.049) and the 6-min walking test (p = 0.041) exhibited statistically significant differences between carriers and non-carriers of pathogenic mutations. Patients with pathogenic mutations exhibited disease symptoms 8 years before non-carriers. Five patients with pathogenic mutations were carriers of another mutation in the BMPR2 or ACVRL1 genes. We present a series of PAH patients with mutations in the ENG gene, some of them not previously described, exhibiting clinical and hemodynamic alterations suggesting that the presence of these mutations may be associated with the severity of the disease. Moreover, genetic analysis in patients with PAH may be of clinical relevance and indicates the complexity of the genetic background.

  17. Minimal homozygous endothelial deletion of Eng with VEGF stimulation is sufficient to cause cerebrovascular dysplasia in the adult mouse.

    Choi, Eun-Jung; Walker, Espen J; Shen, Fanxia; Oh, S Paul; Arthur, Helen M; Young, William L; Su, Hua


    Brain arteriovenous malformations (bAVMs) represent a high risk for hemorrhagic stroke, leading to significant neurological morbidity and mortality in young adults. The etiopathogenesis of bAVM remains unclear. Research progress has been hampered by the lack of animal models. Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) patients with haploinsufficiency of endoglin (ENG, HHT1) or activin receptor-like kinase 1 (ALK1, HHT2) have a higher incidence of bAVM than the general population. We previously induced cerebrovascular dysplasia in the adult mouse that resembles human bAVM through Alk1 deletion plus vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) stimulation. We hypothesized that Eng deletion plus VEGF stimulation would induce a similar degree of cerebrovascular dysplasia as the Alk1-deleted brain. Ad-Cre (an adenoviral vector expressing Cre recombinase) and AAV-VEGF (an adeno-associated viral vector expressing VEGF) were co-injected into the basal ganglia of 8- to 10-week-old Eng(2f/2f) (exons 5 and 6 flanked by loxP sequences), Alk1(2f/2f) (exons 4-6 flanked by loxP sequences) and wild-type (WT) mice. Vascular density, dysplasia index, and gene deletion efficiency were analyzed 8 weeks later. AAV-VEGF induced a similar degree of angiogenesis in the brain with or without Alk1- or Eng-deletion. Abnormally patterned and dilated dysplastic vessels were found in the viral vector-injected region of Alk1(2f/2f) and Eng(2f/2f) brain sections, but not in WT. Alk1(2f/2f) mice had about 1.8-fold higher dysplasia index than Eng(2f/2f) mice (4.6 ± 1.9 vs. 2.5 ± 1.1, p Eng(2f/2f): 1%), we found that about 8-fold higher dysplasia was induced per copy of Eng deletion (2.5) than that of Alk1 deletion (0.3). ENG-negative endothelial cells were detected in the Ad-Cre-treated brain of Eng(2f/2f) mice, suggesting homozygous deletion of Eng in the cells. VEGF induced more severe vascular dysplasia in the Ad-Cre-treated brain of Eng(2f/2f) mice than that of Eng(+/-) mice. (1) Deletion of

  18. CDIO Projects in DTU’s Chemical and Biochemical B.Eng. Study Program

    Clement, Karsten; Harris, Pernille; Agersø, Yvonne


    The aim of this paper is to describe how the CDIO standards [1] have influenced the cross-disciplinary projects that are part of the study plan for the Chemical and Biochemical B.Eng. program. Four projects are described: The 1st semester design-build project on cleaning of waste water from a power...... plant, the 2nd semester laboratory project concerning antimicrobial resistant E. coli bacteria in retail meats, the 3rd semester project on unit operations in enzyme production, the 4th semester project on the fermentation and purification part of enzyme production....

  19. A new method for spike extraction using velocity selective recording demonstrated with physiological ENG in Rat.

    Metcalfe, B W; Chew, D J; Clarke, C T; Donaldson, N de N; Taylor, J T


    This paper describes a series of experiments designed to verify a new method of electroneurogram (ENG) recording that enables the rate of neural firing within prescribed bands of propagation velocity to be determined in real time. Velocity selective recording (VSR) has been proposed as a solution to the problem of increasing the information available from an implantable neural interface (typically with electrodes in circumferential nerve cuffs) and has been successful in transforming compound action potentials into the velocity domain. The new method extends VSR to naturally-evoked (physiological) ENG in which the rate of neural firing at particular velocities is required in addition to a knowledge of the velocities present in the recording. The experiments, carried out in rats required individual spikes to be distinct and non-overlapping, which could be achieved by a microchannel or small-bore cuff. In these experiments, strands of rat nerve were laid on ten hook electrodes in oil to demonstrate the principle. The new method generates a detailed overview of the firing rates of neurons based on their conduction velocity and direction of propagation. In addition it allows real time working in contrast to existing spike sorting methods using statistical pattern processing techniques. Results show that by isolating neural activity based purely on conduction velocity it was possible to determine the onset of direct cutaneous stimulation of the L5 dermatome. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  20. Exome sequencing identifies a novel intronic mutation in ENG that causes recurrence of pulmonary arteriovenous malformations.

    Saji, Naoki; Kawarai, Toshitaka; Miyamoto, Ryosuke; Sato, Takahiro; Morino, Hiroyuki; Orlacchio, Antonio; Oki, Ryosuke; Kimura, Kazumi; Kaji, Ryuji


    Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) occasionally can be discovered in patients with cerebrovascular disease. Pulmonary arteriovenous malformation (PAVM) is one of the complications in HHT and occasionally is causative for life-threatening embolic stroke. Several genetic defects have been reported in patients with HHT. The broad spectrum of phenotype and intrafamilial phenotype variations, including age-at-onset of vascular events, often make an early diagnosis difficult. We present here a Japanese family with a novel intronic heterozygous mutation of ENG, which was identified using whole exome sequencing (WES). The intronic mutation, IVS3+4delAGTG, results in in-frame deletion of exon 3 and would produce a shorter ENG protein lacking the extracellular forty-seven amino acid sequences, which is located within the orphan domain. Our findings highlight the importance of the domain for the downstream signaling pathway of transforming growth factor-beta and bone morphogenesis protein superfamily receptors. Considering the phenotype variations and the available treatment for vascular complications, an early diagnosis using genetic testing, including WES, should be considered for individuals at risk of HHT. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  1. Clinical features and mutations in the ENG, ACVRL1, and SMAD4 genes in Korean patients with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia.

    Lee, Seung-Tae; Kim, Jee-Ah; Jang, Shin-Yi; Kim, Duk-Kyung; Do, Young Soo; Suh, Gee Young; Kim, Jong-Won; Ki, Chang-Seok


    Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) is an inherited disorder that is characterized by abnormal communication between the arteries and veins in the skin, mucosa, and various organs. HHT has been reported to show significant phenotypic variability and genetic heterogeneity with wide ethnic and geographic variations. Although mutations in the endoglin (ENG) and activin A receptor type II-like 1 (ACVRL1) genes have been known to cause HHT for more than 10 yr, little is known about the clinical features or genetic background of Korean patients with HHT. In addition, mutations in mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 4 (SMAD4) are also seen in patients with the combined syndrome of juvenile polyposis and HHT. This study examined five Korean patients with the typical manifestations of HHT such as frequent epistaxis and pulmonary arteriovenous malformations. Direct sequencing of the ENG and ACVRL1 genes revealed one known mutation, ENG c.277C>T, in one patient and two novel mutations, ENG c.992-1G>C and ACVRL1 c.81dupT in two patients, respectively. The remaining two patients with negative results were screened for SMAD4 mutations as well as gross deletions of ENG and ACVRL1 using multiple ligation-dependent probe amplification, but none was detected. Despite the small number of patients investigated, we firstly report Korean patients with genetically confirmed HHT, and show the genetic and allelic heterogeneity underlying HHT.

  2. Some properties of 2-D dielectric-based ENG/MNG material parameters extracted using the S-parameter method

    Wu, Yunqiu; Arslanagic, Samel

    This work presents a systematic investigation of material parameters for two-dimensional epsilon-negative (ENG) and mu-negative (MNG) materials as obtained by the scattering parameter method. The unit cell consists of infinite dielectric cylinders, their sizes and permittivities are chosen...... to enable the ENG and MNG behaviors. For the both configurations, the permittivity and the permeability is reported. Influence of several effects on the extracted material parameters is examined, including the loss inside the cylinders and the size of the unit cells...

  3. Resonances and anti-resonances in the material parameters of 2-D dielectric ENG, MNG, and DNG materials

    Wu, Yunqiu; Arslanagic, Samel

    The resonant/anti-resonant behavior of parameters extracted by the S-parameter method for two-dimensional epsilon-, mu- and double-negative (ENG, MNG, DNG) materials is investigated. The unit cells consist of infinite dielectric cylinders supporting electric dipole, magnetic dipole, or both....... It is shown that the extraction procedure yields one resonant material parameter, and one anti-resonant material parameter in MNG and ENG configurations. However, both parameters display an over-all resonant response in DNG configurations where electric and magnetic dipole modes are excited simultaneously....

  4. Molecular and biochemical characterization of the β-1,4-endoglucanase gene Mj-eng-3 in the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne javanica.

    Hu, Lili; Cui, Ruqiang; Sun, Longhua; Lin, Borong; Zhuo, Kan; Liao, Jinling


    This study describes the molecular and biochemical characterization of the β-1,4-endoglucanase gene (Mj-eng-3) from the root knot nematode Meloidogyne javanica. A 2156-bp genomic DNA sequence of Mj-eng-3 containing six introns was obtained. Mj-eng-3 was localized in the subventral esophageal glands of M. javanica juveniles by in situ hybridization. Real-time RT-PCR assay showed that the highest transcriptional level of Mj-eng-3 occurred in pre-parasitic second-stage juveniles, and this high expression persisted in parasitic second-stage juveniles. Recombinant MJ-ENG-3 degraded carboxymethylcellulose and optimum enzyme activity at 40°C and pH 8.0. EDTA, Mg(2+), Mn(2+), Ca(2+), Co(2+), and Cu(2+) did not affect the activity of MJ-ENG-3; however, Zn(2+) and Fe(2+) inhibited MJ-ENG-3 enzyme activity. In planta Mj-eng-3 RNAi assay displayed a reduction in the number of nematodes and galls in transgenic tobacco roots. These results suggested that MJ-ENG-3 could be secreted by M. javanica to degrade the cellulose of plant cell walls to facilitate its entry and migration during the early stages of parasitism. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. Rebooting the EdD

    Wergin, Jon F.


    In this essay, Jon Wergin reminds readers of the philosophical and historical foundations of the doctor of education (EdD) degree. He argues that the EdD should be based, in large part, on John Dewey's progressive ideals of democratization and Paulo Freire's concepts of emancipatory education. Drawing on theories of reflective practice,…

  6. EDS becoms CERN Openlab contributor


    "EDS announced that it has become an official contributor to CERN openlab. The purpose of the joint project beteween CERN and EDS is to carry out research and development in the field of monitoring, management and operation of grid services." (1 page)

  7. EDS becomes CERN Openlab contributor


    "EDS today announced that it has become an official contributor to CERN openlab. The purpose of the joint project between CERN and EDS is to carry out research and development in the field of monitoring, management and operaiton of grid services." (2/3 page)

  8. Identification of an invasion and tumor-suppressing gene, Endoglin (ENG), silenced by both epigenetic inactivation and allelic loss in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.

    Wong, Victor Chun Lam; Chan, Pui Ling; Bernabeu, Carmelo; Law, Simon; Wang, Li Dong; Li, Ji-Lin; Tsao, Sai Wah; Srivastava, Gopesh; Lung, Maria Li


    Endoglin (ENG) has been identified as a candidate tumor-suppressor gene in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). Earlier microcell-mediated chromosome transfer (MMCT) studies of chromosome 9 in ESCC narrowed down a tumor-suppressive critical region to 9q33-34. ENG maps to 9q34-qter and encodes a transformation growth factor beta (TGFbeta) superfamily auxiliary receptor. This study aims to identify the potential role for ENG in ESCC development. Significant downregulation of ENG was detected at frequencies of 87.5% in 16 ESCC cell lines, 39.1% directly in 23 ESCC tumor specimens from Hong Kong, and 33.4% in 18 ESCC tumor specimens from the high-risk ESCC region of Henan, China. By methylation-specific PCR, methylated sequences were detected in an ESCC cell line panel and in clinical specimens. Following demethylation treatment in 9 ESCC cell lines, ENG expression was obviously restored. Loss of heterozygosity (LOH) in a 4.7 Mb region on 9q32-q34, where ENG maps, was observed directly in ESCC tumor tissues. Both epigenetic methylation and allelic loss appear to contribute to ENG downregulation in tumor cells. In vitro and in vivo functional studies such as colony formation, Matrigel culture, invasion and tumorigenicity assays were performed. Colony formation efficiency was significantly reduced by overexpression of ENG. In addition, significantly smaller colonies of ENG stable transfectants were formed in Matrigel culture. Significant suppression of invasion efficiency and tumorigenicity were also observed, when comparing the ENG stable transfectants with the vector-alone transfectants. This study provides evidence supporting ENG, as a cell invasion and tumor-suppressing gene in ESCC. (c) 2008 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

  9. TechEdSat Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The overall goal of the Technical Education Satellite (TechEdSat) is to employ a small spacecraft to evaluate, demonstrate, and validate two new technologies for...

  10. MicroRNA-370 suppresses proliferation and promotes endometrioid ovarian cancer chemosensitivity to cDDP by negatively regulating ENG.

    Chen, Xiao-Ping; Chen, You-Guo; Lan, Jian-Yun; Shen, Zong-Ji


    MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of non-coding RNAs that post-transcriptionally inhibit gene expression. In this study, we discovered that microRNA-370 (miR-370) was down-regulated in endometrioid ovarian cancer cells. In IGROV1 and TOV112D endometrioid ovarian cancer cells, miR-370 suppressed cellular viability and colony formation. miR-370 also enhanced endometrioid ovarian cancer cell chemosensitivity to cDDP. Endoglin (ENG) was directly and negatively regulated by miR-370. In addition, hypermethylation was a potential mechanism of miR-370 epigenetic silencing. We conclude that miR-370 acts as a tumor suppressor in endometrioid ovarian cancer via ENG regulation. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  11. Cdio as the educational and cultural structuring element in the dtu b.eng. in electronics programme

    Kjærgaard, Claus; Brauer, Peter; Andersen, Jens Christian


    as a part of the complex CDIO based education. The case used is the B.Eng. study in Electronics at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Implementing CDIO calls for many changes in the way that we build and document an program, having implemented CDIO at the B.Eng. program in electronics, it has been...... found that the normal public and internal course documentation platforms are insufficient to keep the large amount of information needed to describe the program as a whole, and the large amount of interaction between the individual courses, a master document describing the program has been developed...... to cover the first 4 semesters in the program, this paper is meant as an inspiration to others that might find this method beneficial. In todays modern and constantly changing society it must be expected that staff is constantly moving in and out between different research projects, while at the same time...

  12. Intravenous Bevacizumab Therapy in a Patient with Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia, ENG E137K, Alcoholic Cirrhosis, and Portal Hypertension.

    Bertoli, Luigi F; Lee, Pauline L; Lallone, Lauren; Barton, James C


    Intravenous bevacizumab decreased mucosal bleeding in some patients with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT). We treated a 47-year-old male who had HHT, severe epistaxis, and gastrointestinal bleeding, alcoholic cirrhosis, and portal hypertension with intravenous bevacizumab 2.5 mg/kg every 2 weeks. We tabulated these measures weekly during weeks 1-33 (no bevacizumab); 34-57 (bevacizumab); and 58-97 (no bevacizumab): hemoglobin (Hb) levels; platelet counts; units of transfused packed erythrocytes (PRBC units); and quantities of iron infused as iron dextran to support erythropoiesis. We performed univariate and multivariable analyses. We sequenced his ENG and ACVRL1 genes. Epistaxis and melena decreased markedly during bevacizumab treatment. He reported no adverse effects due to bevacizumab. Mean weekly Hb levels were significantly higher and mean weekly PRBC units and quantities of intravenous iron were significantly lower during bevacizumab treatment. We performed a multiple regression on weekly Hb levels using these independent variables: bevacizumab treatment (dichotomous); weekly platelet counts; weekly PRBC units; and weekly quantities of intravenous iron. There was 1 positive association: (bevacizumab treatment; p = 0.0046) and 1 negative association (PRBC units; p = 0.0004). This patient had the novel ENG mutation E137K (exon 4; c.409G→A). Intravenous bevacizumab treatment 2.5 mg/kg every 2 weeks for 24 weeks was well-tolerated by a patient with HHT due to ENG E137K and was associated with higher weekly Hb levels and fewer weekly PRBC units.

  13. Mitigating Higher Ed Cyber Attacks

    Rogers, Gary; Ashford, Tina


    In this presentation we will discuss the many and varied cyber attacks that have recently occurred in the higher ed community. We will discuss the perpetrators, the victims, the impact and how these institutions have evolved to meet this threat. Mitigation techniques and defense strategies will be covered as will a discussion of effective security…

  14. Engeliella engeli, nouveau genre et nouvelle espèce d’holothurie dendrochirote des côtes du Dahomey

    Cherbonnier, Gustave


    Description of a new genus and species of holothurians, Engeliella engeli, belonging to the family Sclerodactylidae. The new genus is related to Eupentacta and Apentamera. The type species was collected on the coast of Dahomey (Gulf of Guinea).

  15. Disruption of the Eng18B ENGase gene in the fungal biocontrol agent Trichoderma atroviride affects growth, conidiation and antagonistic ability.

    Mukesh K Dubey

    Full Text Available The recently identified phylogenetic subgroup B5 of fungal glycoside hydrolase family 18 genes encodes enzymes with mannosyl glycoprotein endo-N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase (ENGase-type activity. Intracellular ENGase activity is associated with the endoplasmic reticulum associated protein degradation pathway (ERAD of misfolded glycoproteins, although the biological relevance in filamentous fungi is not known. Trichoderma atroviride is a mycoparasitic fungus that is used for biological control of plant pathogenic fungi. The present work is a functional study of the T. atroviride B5-group gene Eng18B, with emphasis on its role in fungal growth and antagonism. A homology model of T. atroviride Eng18B structure predicts a typical glycoside hydrolase family 18 (αβ(8 barrel architecture. Gene expression analysis shows that Eng18B is induced in dual cultures with the fungal plant pathogens Botrytis cinerea and Rhizoctonia solani, although a basal expression is observed in all growth conditions tested. Eng18B disruption strains had significantly reduced growth rates but higher conidiation rates compared to the wild-type strain. However, growth rates on abiotic stress media were significantly higher in Eng18B disruption strains compared to the wild-type strain. No difference in spore germination, germ-tube morphology or in hyphal branching was detected. Disruption strains produced less biomass in liquid cultures than the wild-type strain when grown with chitin as the sole carbon source. In addition, we determined that Eng18B is required for the antagonistic ability of T. atroviride against the grey mould fungus B. cinerea in dual cultures and that this reduction in antagonistic ability is partly connected to a secreted factor. The phenotypes were recovered by re-introduction of an intact Eng18B gene fragment in mutant strains. A putative role of Eng18B ENGase activity in the endoplasmic reticulum associated protein degradation pathway of endogenous

  16. Overview of Deployed EDS Technologies

    Martz, H E; Crawford, C


    The term explosive detection system (EDS) is used by the TSA to describe equipment that is certified to detect explosives in checked bags. The EDS, as certified, by the TSL must consist of device for interrogating a bag and an automated detection algorithm (ATD) for evaluating the results of the interrogation. We only consider CT as the interrogation device in this report. A schematic drawing of a CT-based EDS is shown in Figure 2. The output of the ATD is the binary decision of alarm or non-alarm. Alarms may true- or false-positives. Non-alarms may be true- or false-negatives. False positives are also denoted false alarms. The true detection means that the ATD reports an alarm when a threat is present in the scanned bag. The probability of detecting a threat given that a threat is present is denoted the probability of detection (PD). The probability of false alarm (PFA) is the case when an alarm is reported when a threat is not present in a bag. Certification in this context means passing tests for PD and PFA at the TSL. The results of the EDS include CT cross-sectional images of the bag and specifics about the alarmed objects generated by ATD. These results are presented on a display so that a person may override the decision of ATD and declare the alarm to be a non-alarm. This process is denoted clearing. Bags that are not cleared by the person are sent to a secondary inspection process. Here the bags may be opened or assessed with explosive trace detection (ETD) in order to clear the bags. Bags that are not cleared at this point are evaluated by an ordinance disposal team. The CT scanner along with ATD is denoted Level 1 screening. The process of clearing on a display is denoted Level 2 screening. Secondary inspection is denoted Level 3 screening. Vendors of the deployed EDSs supply the TSA with equipment for all three levels. Therefore, the term EDS may include the equipment provided for Levels 1, 2 and 3. A schematic diagram of an EDS and the levels of

  17. A novel ENG mutation causing impaired co-translational processing of endoglin associated with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia.

    Suzuki, Atsuo; Nakashima, Daisuke; Miyawaki, Yuhri; Fujita, Junko; Maki, Asuka; Fujimori, Yuta; Takagi, Akira; Murate, Takashi; Teranishi, Masaaki; Matsushita, Tadashi; Saito, Hidehiko; Kojima, Tetsuhito


    Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) is an inherited autosomal dominant vascular dysplasia caused by mutations in mainly the endoglin gene (ENG) or activin-like kinase receptor 1 (ALK1) gene (ACVRL1). We investigated the molecular basis of HHT in a Japanese patient, and identified a novel missense mutation in ENG (c.38T>A, p.Leu13Gln) located in the signal peptide's hydrophobic core, but not in ACVRL1. In experiments in COS-1 cells, the Leu13Gln (L13Q) mutant endoglin appeared to be expressed as a precursor form, probably due to impaired protein processing. Flow cytometry analyses of the COS-1 cells transiently expressing recombinant endoglins revealed that the wild-type endoglin was detected on the cell surface, but the L13Q mutant was not. We also analyzed expression patterns of the recombinant endoglins by immunofluorescent staining, and found that the wild-type co-localized with the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), but the L13Q mutant did not. These results implied that the L13Q mutant endoglin fails to insert into the ER, probably due to destruction of the hydrophobic core structure in the signal peptide to be recognized by signal recognition particles. Thus, the Leu13 in the signal peptide of endoglin might be essential for correct protein processing through the ER and cell-surface expression. Taken together, the novel c.38T>A mutation in ENG would impair co-translational processing of the endoglin, and could be responsible for HHT in this patient. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  18. Ed Watson - 1940-2006


    Ed Watson passed away suddenly on 1 August in Geneva, he was 66. He leaves his wife and two children. Ed Watson arrived at CERN in March 1973 to work on digital electronics and CAMAC systems under Bob Dobinson, after many years at Rolls Royce in Scotland. He joined the European Muon Collaboration in 1976, where he played a major role in the design, deployment and running of its data acquisition system (DAQ) with David Botterill, Bob Dobinson, and Vicky White. The CAMAC-ROMULUS system was by far the largest and most advanced of its time, and it became a defining standard for DAQ systems for years to come. Ed was deeply involved in the detailed planning of the control rooms and the experiment cabling, as well as sharing the responsibility for the CAMAC readout system. He had a real talent for trouble shooting and played a vital part in supporting the experiment throughout its lifetime. He offered great moral support to the younger members of the collaboration and helped them a great deal with their work. The...

  19. Ed Watson 1940-2006


    Ed Watson arrived at CERN in March 1973 to work on digital electronics and CAMAC systems under Bob Dobinson, after many years at Rolls Royce in Scotland. He joined the European Muon Collaboration in 1976, where he played a major role in the design, deployment and running of its data acquisition system (DAQ) with David Botterill, Bob Dobinson, and Vicky White. The CAMAC-ROMULUS system was by far the largest and most advanced of its time, and it became a defining standard for DAQ systems for years to come. Ed was deeply involved in the detailed planning of the control rooms and the experiment cabling, as well as sharing the responsibility for the CAMAC readout system. He had a real talent for trouble shooting and played a vital part in supporting the experiment throughout its lifetime. He offered great moral support to the younger members of the collaboration and helped them a great deal with their work. The EMC had a wonderful social life to which Ed was a major contributor - who can forget its barbecues?  In...

  20. AdvancED Flex 4

    Tiwari, Shashank; Schulze, Charlie


    AdvancED Flex 4 makes advanced Flex 4 concepts and techniques easy. Ajax, RIA, Web 2.0, mashups, mobile applications, the most sophisticated web tools, and the coolest interactive web applications are all covered with practical, visually oriented recipes. * Completely updated for the new tools in Flex 4* Demonstrates how to use Flex 4 to create robust and scalable enterprise-grade Rich Internet Applications.* Teaches you to build high-performance web applications with interactivity that really engages your users.* What you'll learn Practiced beginners and intermediate users of Flex, especially

  1. Real time analysis under EDS

    Schneberk, D.


    This paper describes the analysis component of the Enrichment Diagnostic System (EDS) developed for the Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation Program (AVLIS) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Four different types of analysis are performed on data acquired through EDS: (1) absorption spectroscopy on laser-generated spectral lines, (2) mass spectrometer analysis, (3) general purpose waveform analysis, and (4) separation performance calculations. The information produced from this data includes: measures of particle density and velocity, partial pressures of residual gases, and overall measures of isotope enrichment. The analysis component supports a variety of real-time modeling tasks, a means for broadcasting data to other nodes, and a great degree of flexibility for tailoring computations to the exact needs of the process. A particular data base structure and program flow is common to all types of analysis. Key elements of the analysis component are: (1) a fast access data base which can configure all types of analysis, (2) a selected set of analysis routines, (3) a general purpose data manipulation and graphics package for the results of real time analysis. Each of these components are described with an emphasis upon how each contributes to overall system capability. 3 figs.

  2. Due etimologie venete ed istriane

    Alberto Zamboni


    Full Text Available Un isolato dialetto del Medio Agordino (La Valle, BL attesta per 'ginepro' (Juniperus eommunis L., d'altronde compattamente designato come dzené(iver, deneore il termine bozičo che richiama il busicio dato già per l'area bellunese dal Soravia (1877, 108. II Pellegrini (1964, 28 enota 51 ne riscontra il perfetto corrispondente del Veneto orientale buzíčo documentato al p. 356 (S. Stino di Livenza dali' AIS 599 e l'accosta senz'altro al padovano (in realtà piuttosto veneziano di terraferma brusiehio (eh = (č! segnalato dal Patriarchi (1821, ma I'ed. 1775 e che si giustificherebbe con l'intrusione di 'bruciare' dal noto usodi bruciare le bacche della pianta per suffumigi, cfr. il ted. regionale Feuerbaum (su cui Marzell 2/1972, 1091 e anche il tipo brusìn dell'alta Val di Sole (Pedrotti-Bertoldi 1931, 206s.. Si osservi che anche il grande repertorio poliglotta del Nemnich (3/1794, 267 dà esplicitamente brusichio per Venezia. Sul tipo e sull'etimo il Pellegrini ritorna più avanti (1982, 185 riassumendo la bibliografia precedente e aggiungendo documentazioni dall' ASLEF: bo/ič al p. 172 (Chions, PN e ancora nel friulano occidentale (in pratica sempre nella zona di confine col veneto sbrodicio, sbradicio a Budoia (AppiSanson 1970, 28;

  3. Single- and multi-layered all-dielectric ENG, MNG, and DNG material parameter extraction by use of the S-parameter method

    Wu, Yunqiu; Arslanagic, Samel


    The multi-layer two-dimensional(2-D) epsilon-negative (ENG), mu-negative (MNG) and double-negative (DNG) materials are investigated in this work. The unit cells consist of infinite dielectric cylinders of which the size and permittivity are chosen to excite the dominant electric and magnetic dipole...

  4. Building a Community on the Fast Track: ENG. 09/111 at Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) as a Tier C Model

    Velez, Lana


    This author organized and taught the new ENG 09/111 classes at her college, as well as authoring the course text and workbook. English 09/111 offers a unique opportunity for students who are not quite ready for freshmen composition, but more than likely do not need an entire semester of developmental English. In this article, she details the…

  5. GeneEd -- A Genetics Educational Resource

    ... Javascript on. Feature: Genetics 101 GeneEd — A Genetics Educational Resource Past Issues / Summer 2013 Table of Contents Science ... The Hereditary Material of Life / GeneEd — A Genetics Educational Resource / Using The Genetics Home Reference Website / Understanding the ...

  6. Study on sEng, VEGF, PLGF, and sFlt-1 levels, and umbilical artery blood flow change in the pregnant women with preeclampsia

    Xia Liu


    Objective:To observe sEng, VEGF, PLGF, and sFlt-1 levels, and umbilical artery blood flow change in the pregnant women with preeclampsia (PE), and their clinical significance.Methods:A total of 60 pregnant women with moderate and severe PE who were admitted in our hospital from January, 2014 to April, 2015 were included in the study and divided into the observation group 1 and observation group 2 with 30 cases in each group. ELISA was used to detect the levels of serum sEng, VEGF, PLGF, and sFlt-1. The color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnosis Apparatus was used to detect the changes of S/D, and RI. A total of 30 pregnant women who came for antenatal examination at the same period were served as the control group.Results:The levels of serum sEng, and sFlt-1 in the observation group 1 and 2 were significantly higher than those in the control group. The levels of serum sEng, and sFlt-1 in the observation group 2 were significantly higher than those in the observation group 1. The levels of serum VEGF and PLGF in the observation group 1 and 2 were significantly lower than those in the control group. The levels of serum VEGF and PLGF in the observation group were significantly lower than those in the observation group 1. S/D, and RI in the observation group 1 and 2 were significantly higher than those in the control group. S/D, and RI in the observation group 2 were significantly higher than those in the observation group 1.Conclusions:The serum sEng, VEGF, PLGF, and sFlt-1 levels are associated with PE, detection of which can accurately estimate the severity degree of PE, and determination of the umbilical artery blood flow can also accurately reflect PE condition.

  7. English II: ENG 152.

    Hudson, James

    A course guide for students in English 152 of Oakland Community College, a composition course in argumentative writing, this document gives the class schedule, the course outline, examples of writing, worksheets, ways of preparing bibliography and note cards, checklists, and a research bibliography, as well as presenting other cogent materials.…

  8. "What do people do if they don't have insurance?": ED to ED Referrals.

    Medford-Davis, Laura N; Prasad, Siddharth; Rhodes, Karin V


    Up to 20% of patients seen in public emergency departments (EDs) have already been seen for the same complaint at another ED, but little is known about the origin or impact of these duplicate ED visits. The goals of this investigation were to explore (1) whether patients making a repeat ED visit are self-referred or indirectly referred from the other ED; and (2) gather the perspective of affected patients on the health, social, and financial consequences of these duplicate ED visits. This mixed-methods study conducted over a 10-week period during 2016 in a large public hospital ED in Texas prospectively surveyed patients seen in another ED for the same chief complaint. Selected patients presenting with fractures were then enrolled for semi-structured qualitative interviews, which were audiotaped, transcribed, and independently coded by two team members until thematic saturation was reached. 143 patients were identified as being recently seen at another local ED for the same chief complaint prior to presenting to the public hospital; 94% were uninsured and 61% presented with fractures. 27% required admission at the public ED and 95% of those discharged required further outpatient follow-up. 51 patients completed a survey and qualitative interviews were conducted with 23 fracture patients. 53% of patients reported that staff at the first hospital told them to go the public hospital ED, and 23% reported referral from a follow-up physician associated with the first hospital. 73% reported receiving the same tests at both EDs. Interview themes identified multiple healthcare visits for the same injury, concern about complications, disrespectful treatment at the first ED, delayed care, problems accessing needed follow-up care without insurance, loss of work, and financial strain. The majority of patients presenting to a public hospital ED after treatment for the same complaint in another local ED were indirectly referred to the public ED without transferring paperwork or

  9. On the quantitativeness of EDS STEM

    Lugg, N.R. [Institute of Engineering Innovation, The University of Tokyo, 2-11-16, Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656 (Japan); Kothleitner, G. [Institute for Electron Microscopy and Nanoanalysis, Graz University of Technology, Steyrergasse 17, 8010 Graz (Austria); Centre for Electron Microscopy, Steyrergasse 17, 8010 Graz (Austria); Shibata, N.; Ikuhara, Y. [Institute of Engineering Innovation, The University of Tokyo, 2-11-16, Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656 (Japan)


    Chemical mapping using energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) in scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) has recently shown to be a powerful technique in analyzing the elemental identity and location of atomic columns in materials at atomic resolution. However, most applications of EDS STEM have been used only to qualitatively map whether elements are present at specific sites. Obtaining calibrated EDS STEM maps so that they are on an absolute scale is a difficult task and even if one achieves this, extracting quantitative information about the specimen – such as the number or density of atoms under the probe – adds yet another layer of complexity to the analysis due to the multiple elastic and inelastic scattering of the electron probe. Quantitative information may be obtained by comparing calibrated EDS STEM with theoretical simulations, but in this case a model of the structure must be assumed a priori. Here we first theoretically explore how exactly elastic and thermal scattering of the probe confounds the quantitative information one is able to extract about the specimen from an EDS STEM map. We then show using simulation how tilting the specimen (or incident probe) can reduce the effects of scattering and how it can provide quantitative information about the specimen. We then discuss drawbacks of this method – such as the loss of atomic resolution along the tilt direction – but follow this with a possible remedy: precession averaged EDS STEM mapping. - Highlights: • Signal obtained in EDS STEM maps (of STO) compared to non-channelling signal. • Deviation from non-channelling signal occurs in on-axis experiments. • Tilting specimen: signal close to non-channelling case but atomic resolution is lost. • Tilt-precession series: non-channelling signal and atomic-resolution features obtained. • Associated issues are discussed.

  10. Plant immunity: the EDS1 regulatory node.

    Wiermer, Marcel; Feys, Bart J; Parker, Jane E


    ENHANCED DISEASE SUSCEPTIBILITY 1 (EDS1) and its interacting partner, PHYTOALEXIN DEFICIENT 4 (PAD4), constitute a regulatory hub that is essential for basal resistance to invasive biotrophic and hemi-biotrophic pathogens. EDS1 and PAD4 are also recruited by Toll-Interleukin-1 receptor (TIR)-type nucleotide binding-leucine rich repeat (NB-LRR) proteins to signal isolate-specific pathogen recognition. Recent work points to a fundamental role of EDS1 and PAD4 in transducing redox signals in response to certain biotic and abiotic stresses. These intracellular proteins are important activators of salicylic acid (SA) signaling and also mediate antagonism between the jasmonic acid (JA) and ethylene (ET) defense response pathways. EDS1 forms several molecularly and spatially distinct complexes with PAD4 and a newly discovered in vivo signaling partner, SENESCENCE ASSOCIATED GENE 101 (SAG101). Together, EDS1, PAD4 and SAG101 provide a major barrier to infection by both host-adapted and non-host pathogens.

  11. TED-Ed lessons & TED-Ed clubs: Educational activities to amplify students' voices

    Villias, Georgios


    TED-Ed lessons and TED-Ed clubs are two powerful educational tools that can be used in today's school classrooms in order to create an educational environment that is engaging for the students and favors their active participation, created and fostered by TED-Ed. TED-Ed is TED's educational initiative, committed to create lessons worth sharing and amplify the voices and ideas of teachers and students around the world. TED-Ed animated lessons are fully organized lessons structured around an animated video that introduces new topics to learners in an exciting, thought-provoking way. These lessons have been created as a result of the cooperation between expert educators and animators and have been uploaded at the TED-Ed platform ( On the other hand, TED-Ed Clubs are also an interesting way to offer students the chance, the voice and the opportunity to express their thoughts, engage actively on these matters and connect with each other, both at a local, as well as at an international level ( By developing new TED-Ed lessons or by customizing appropriately existing animated TED-Ed lessons (translating, modifying the questions asked, introducing new discussion topics), I have created and implemented in my student-centered, didactic approach, a series of TED-ED animated lessons directly connected with the Greek national science syllabus that were used to spark students curiosity and initiate a further analytical discussion or introduce other relevant educational activities ( Furthermore, at my school, we established Varvakeio TED-Ed Club, an environment that supports and empowers our students to research, develop and disseminate their own personal ideas that worth spreading. During the year, our members were inspired by watching TED talks presented by experts on their field on various different areas, including social, economical, environmental and technological-scientific issues. Our aim

  12. Canadian EdGEO National Workshop Program

    Clinton, L. A.; Haidl, F. M.; Hymers, L. A.; van der Flier-Keller, E.


    Established in the early 1970s, EdGEO supports locally driven geosciences workshops for Canadian teachers. Workshops are organized by geoscientists and teachers, and typically have field, laboratory and classroom components. Grants of up to $3000 per workshop are available from the National EdGEO Program. By providing educational opportunities for today's teachers and, through them, their students, EdGEO seeks to cultivate a heightened awareness of our planet. EdGEO workshops provide teachers with potential fieldtrip sites for their students and the knowledge, enthusiasm and materials to inspire their students to engage in geoscience. Networking opportunities with local experts promote the importance of the geoscience profession. The expected result is an improved capacity on the part of Canadians to understand the Earth and to make informed decisions, especially with regard to the use of mineral and energy resources, the maintenance and remediation of the environment, and response to geological hazards. There exists a critical need to provide teachers with training and resources to tackle their Earth science curricula. In 2008, EdGEO supported fourteen workshops, with an unprecedented 521 teachers attending. These teachers then used our resources to reach an estimated 14,000 students during that single academic year. EdGEO workshops are locally driven and are therefore very diverse. Workshops are strongly tied to the provincial curriculum, focus on a specific geoscience topic, or may be largely field-based to demonstrate and practice how field activities could be incorporated into Earth science teaching. Many strive to include all of these important components. Geoscientists and teachers work collaboratively to develop and deliver EdGEO workshops to ensure that the activities can be effectively used in the classroom. The length of these professional development opportunities range from two-hour sessions to several days, and can generally accommodate up to twenty

  13. Ed Deutschman Visit Images, May 2, 2011

    Deutschman, Ed


    Background: Ed Deutschman was a Navy cadet at the Del Monte Pre-Flight School, located at the now (2013) Naval Postgraduate School. Mr Deutschman visited the Dudley Knox Library on May 2, 2011, and spoke about his service in World War II as a Corsair fighter pilot in the Pacific.

  14. Prospective study of violence against ED workers.

    Kowalenko, Terry; Gates, Donna; Gillespie, Gordon Lee; Succop, Paul; Mentzel, Tammy K


    Health care support occupations have an assault-injury rate nearly 10 times the general sector. Emergency departments (EDs) are at greatest risk of such events. The objective was to describe the incidence of violence in ED health care workers (HCWs) over 9 months. Specific aims were to (1) identify demographic, occupational, and perpetrator factors related to violent events (VEs) and (2) identify predictors of acute stress in victims and predictors of loss of productivity. A longitudinal, repeated-methods design was used to collect monthly survey data from ED HCWs at 6 hospitals. Surveys assessed number and type of VEs, and feelings of safety and confidence. Victims also completed specific VE surveys. Descriptive statistics and a repeated-measure linear regression model were used. Two hundred thirteen ED HCWs completed 1795 monthly surveys and 827 VEs were reported. Average VE rate per person per 9 months was 4.15. Six hundred one events were physical threats (PTs) (3.01 per person). Two hundred twenty six events were assaults (1.13 per person). Five hundred one VE surveys were completed, describing 341 PTs and 160 assaults. Men perpetrated 63% of PTs and 52% of assaults. Significant differences in VEs were reported between registered nurses (RNs) and medical doctors (MDs) (P = .0017) and patient care assistants (P stress than the MDs (P stress reduced productivity (P stress, and lost productivity. Acute stress has negative consequences on workers' ability to perform their duties. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  15. Cytoplasmic Streaming - Skylab Student Experiment ED-63


    This chart describes the Skylab student experiment (ED-63), Cytoplasmic Streaming, proposed by Cheryl A. Peitz of Arapahoe High School, Littleton, Colorado. Experiment ED-63 was to observe the effect of zero-gravity on cytoplasmic streaming in the aquatic plant named Elodea, commonly called water weed or water thyme. The phenomenon of cytoplasmic streaming is not well understood, but it is recognized as the circulation mechanism of the internal materials or cytoplasm of a cell. Cytoplasm is a gelatinous substance that has the ability to change its viscosity and flow, carrying various cell materials with it. The activity can be stimulated by sunlight or heat. In March 1972, NASA and the National Science Teachers Association selected 25 experiment proposals for flight on Skylab. Science advisors from the Marshall Space Flight Center aided and assisted the students in developing the proposals for flight on Skylab.

  16. Case Study:EDS in China


    @@ Asign that China is quickly moving up the global service outsourcing ranking came earlier this year when EDS (Electronic Data Services), one of the world's leading IT outsourcing companies,announced it would be moving its Asia headquarters to Shanghai from Australia. Recognizing the growing potential of China in this area, the company also announced it would shortly be launching at least two offshore software development centers in the country, with the first location due to be announced at the begining of November.

  17. Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS)

    Short, W.; Sullivan, P.; Mai, T.; Mowers, M.; Uriarte, C.; Blair, N.; Heimiller, D.; Martinez, A.


    The Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS) is a deterministic optimization model of the deployment of electric power generation technologies and transmission infrastructure throughout the contiguous United States into the future. The model, developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Strategic Energy Analysis Center, is designed to analyze the critical energy issues in the electric sector, especially with respect to potential energy policies, such as clean energy and renewable energy standards or carbon restrictions. ReEDS provides a detailed treatment of electricity-generating and electrical storage technologies and specifically addresses a variety of issues related to renewable energy technologies, including accessibility and cost of transmission, regional quality of renewable resources, seasonal and diurnal generation profiles, variability of wind and solar power, and the influence of variability on the reliability of the electrical grid. ReEDS addresses these issues through a highly discretized regional structure, explicit statistical treatment of the variability in wind and solar output over time, and consideration of ancillary services' requirements and costs.

  18. 9q33.3q34.11 microdeletion: new contiguous gene syndrome encompassing STXBP1, LMX1B and ENG genes assessed using reverse phenotyping.

    Nambot, Sophie; Masurel, Alice; El Chehadeh, Salima; Mosca-Boidron, Anne-Laure; Thauvin-Robinet, Christel; Lefebvre, Mathilde; Marle, Nathalie; Thevenon, Julien; Perez-Martin, Stéphanie; Dulieu, Véronique; Huet, Frédéric; Plessis, Ghislaine; Andrieux, Joris; Jouk, Pierre-Simon; Billy-Lopez, Gipsy; Coutton, Charles; Morice-Picard, Fanny; Delrue, Marie-Ange; Heron, Delphine; Rooryck, Caroline; Goldenberg, Alice; Saugier-Veber, Pascale; Joly-Hélas, Géraldine; Calenda, Patricia; Kuentz, Paul; Manouvrier-Hanu, Sylvie; Dupuis-Girod, Sophie; Callier, Patrick; Faivre, Laurence


    The increasing use of array-CGH in malformation syndromes with intellectual disability could lead to the description of new contiguous gene syndrome by the analysis of the gene content of the microdeletion and reverse phenotyping. Thanks to a national and international call for collaboration by Achropuce and Decipher, we recruited four patients carrying de novo overlapping deletions of chromosome 9q33.3q34.11, including the STXBP1, the LMX1B and the ENG genes. We restrained the selection to these three genes because the effects of their haploinsufficency are well described in the literature and easily recognizable clinically. All deletions were detected by array-CGH and confirmed by FISH. The patients display common clinical features, including intellectual disability with epilepsy, owing to the presence of STXBP1 within the deletion, nail dysplasia and bone malformations, in particular patellar abnormalities attributed to LMX1B deletion, epistaxis and cutaneous-mucous telangiectasias explained by ENG haploinsufficiency and common facial dysmorphism. This systematic analysis of the genes comprised in the deletion allowed us to identify genes whose haploinsufficiency is expected to lead to disease manifestations and complications that require personalized follow-up, in particular for renal, eye, ear, vascular and neurological manifestations.

  19. Genetic variation in the functional ENG allele inherited from the non-affected parent associates with presence of pulmonary arteriovenous malformation in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia 1 (HHT1) and may influence expression of PTPN14.

    Letteboer, Tom G W; Benzinou, Michael; Merrick, Christopher B; Quigley, David A; Zhau, Kechen; Kim, Il-Jin; To, Minh D; Jablons, David M; van Amstel, Johannes K P; Westermann, Cornelius J J; Giraud, Sophie; Dupuis-Girod, Sophie; Lesca, Gaetan; Berg, Jonathan H; Balmain, Allan; Akhurst, Rosemary J


    HHT shows clinical variability within and between families. Organ site and prevalence of arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) depend on the HHT causative gene and on environmental and genetic modifiers. We tested whether variation in the functional ENG allele, inherited from the unaffected parent, alters risk for pulmonary AVM in HHT1 mutation carriers who are ENG haploinsufficient. Genetic association was found between rs10987746 of the wild type ENG allele and presence of pulmonary AVM [relative risk = 1.3 (1.0018-1.7424)]. The rs10987746-C at-risk allele associated with lower expression of ENG RNA in a panel of human lymphoblastoid cell lines (P = 0.004). Moreover, in angiogenically active human lung adenocarcinoma tissue, but not in uninvolved quiescent lung, rs10987746-C was correlated with expression of PTPN14 (P = 0.004), another modifier of HHT. Quantitative TAQMAN expression analysis in a panel of normal lung tissues from 69 genetically heterogeneous inter-specific backcross mice, demonstrated strong correlation between expression levels of Eng, Acvrl1, and Ptpn14 (r2 = 0.75-0.9, P ENG gene influences quantitative and/or qualitative differences in ENG expression that contribute to risk of pulmonary AVM in HHT1, and provide correlative support for PTPN14 involvement in endoglin/ALK1 lung biology in vivo. PTPN14 has been shown to be a negative regulator of Yap/Taz signaling, which is implicated in mechanotransduction, providing a possible molecular link between endoglin/ALK1 signaling and mechanical stress. EMILIN2, which showed suggestive genetic association with pulmonary AVM, is also reported to interact with Taz in angiogenesis. Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms regulating these interactions in endothelial cells may ultimately provide more rational choices for HHT therapy.

  20. 34 CFR 85.942 - ED Deciding Official.


    ...) Definitions § 85.942 ED Deciding Official. The ED Deciding Official is an ED officer who has delegated authority under the procedures of the Department of Education to decide whether to affirm a suspension or enter a debarment. Authority: E.O. 12549 (3 CFR, 1986 Comp., p. 189), E.O. 12689 ( 3 CFR, 1989 Comp., p...

  1. edX e-learning course development

    Gilbert, Matthew A


    If you are an educator creating a course for edX or a corporate trainer using Open edX for large-scale learning and development initiatives, then edX E-Learning Course Development is the ideal book for you.

  2. Prevalence of germline PTEN, BMPR1A, SMAD4, STK11, and ENG mutations in patients with moderate-load colorectal polyps.

    Ngeow, Joanne; Heald, Brandie; Rybicki, Lisa A; Orloff, Mohammed S; Chen, Jin Lian; Liu, Xiuli; Yerian, Lisa; Willis, Joseph; Lehtonen, Heli J; Lehtonen, Rainer; Mester, Jessica L; Moline, Jessica; Burke, Carol A; Church, James; Aaltonen, Lauri A; Eng, Charis


    Gastrointestinal polyposis is a common clinical problem, yet there is no consensus on how to best manage patients with moderate-load polyposis. Identifying genetic features of this disorder could improve management and especially surveillance of these patients. We sought to determine the prevalence of hamartomatous polyposis-associated mutations in the susceptibility genes PTEN, BMPR1A, SMAD4, ENG, and STK11 in individuals with ≥5 gastrointestinal polyps, including at least 1 hamartomatous or hyperplastic/serrated polyp. We performed a prospective, referral-based study of 603 patients (median age: 51 years; range, 2-89 years) enrolled from June 2006 through January 2012. Genomic DNA was extracted from peripheral lymphocytes and analyzed for specific mutations and large rearrangements in PTEN, BMPR1A, SMAD4, and STK11, as well as mutations in ENG. Recursive partitioning analysis was used to determine cutoffs for continuous variables. The prevalence of mutations was compared using Fisher's exact test. Logistic regression analyses were used to determine univariate and multivariate risk factors. Of 603 patients, 119 (20%) had a personal history of colorectal cancer and most (n = 461 [76%]) had ENG (1.8%), 13 in PTEN (2.2%), 13 in STK11 (2.2%), 20 in BMPR1A (3.3%), and 21 in SMAD4 (3.5%). Univariate clinical predictors for risk of having these mutations included age at presentation younger than 40 years (19% vs 10%; P = .008), a polyp burden of ≥30 (19% vs 11%; P = .014), and male sex (16% vs 10%; P = .03). Patients who had ≥1 ganglioneuroma (29% vs 2%; P < .001) or presented with polyps of ≥3 histologic types (20% vs 2%; P = .003) were more likely to have germline mutations in PTEN. Age younger than 40 years, male sex, and specific polyp histologies are significantly associated with risk of germline mutations in hamartomatous-polyposis associated genes. These associations could guide clinical decision making and further investigations. Copyright © 2013 AGA

  3. La Costituzione Islandese: storia ed evoluzione

    Fabio Quartino


    Full Text Available "La Costituzione Islandese: storia ed evoluzione" is a degree thesis defended on 15th July 2009 by Fabio Quartino under the supervision of Prof. Andrea Canepa of the University of Genoa, Italy. It offers an extensive overview of Icelandic history aimed at finding out the roots of the nation's constitutional order, which is currently in the process of being revised by the first ever elected constitutional assembly in the life of the country. Fabio Quartino's work wishes to be a source of useful information for Italian-speaking scholars who have an interest in Iceland's constitutional history and may not have access to comprehensive overviews in their native tongue.

  4. The tRNAarg gene and engA are essential genes on the 1.7-Mb pSymB megaplasmid of Sinorhizobium meliloti and were translocated together from the chromosome in an ancestral strain.

    diCenzo, George; Milunovic, Branislava; Cheng, Jiujun; Finan, Turlough M


    Bacterial genomes with two (or more) chromosome-like replicons are known, and these appear to be particularly frequent in alphaproteobacteria. The genome of the N(2)-fixing alfalfa symbiont Sinorhizobium meliloti 1021 contains a 3.7-Mb chromosome and 1.4-Mb (pSymA) and 1.7-Mb (pSymB) megaplasmids. In this study, the tRNA(arg) and engA genes, located on the pSymB megaplasmid, are shown to be essential for growth. These genes could be deleted from pSymB when copies were previously integrated into the chromosome. However, in the closely related strain Sinorhizobium fredii NGR234, the tRNA(arg) and engA genes are located on the chromosome, in a 69-kb region designated the engA-tRNA(arg)-rmlC region. This region includes bacA, a gene that is important for intracellular survival during host-bacterium interactions for S. meliloti and the related alphaproteobacterium Brucella abortus. The engA-tRNA(arg)-rmlC region lies between the kdgK and dppF2 (NGR_c24410) genes on the S. fredii chromosome. Synteny analysis showed that kdgK and dppF2 orthologues are adjacent to each other on the chromosomes of 15 sequenced strains of S. meliloti and Sinorhizobium medicae, whereas the 69-kb engA-tRNA(arg)-rmlC region is present on the pSymB-equivalent megaplasmids. This and other evidence strongly suggests that the engA-tRNA(arg)-rmlC region translocated from the chromosome to the progenitor of pSymB in an ancestor common to S. meliloti and S. medicae. To our knowledge, this work represents one of the first experimental demonstrations that essential genes are present on a megaplasmid.

  5. Citar e referenciar : APA 6ª ed.

    Marcos, Isabel Marques


    A elaboração correta dos trabalhos científicos pressupõe o respeito por um conjunto de princípios normativos de citação e referenciação bibliográfica que salvaguardam os autores das criações intelectuais do uso indevido das mesmas. Partindo de três conceitos: citação, referência bibliográfica e lista de referências apresentam-se as normas da APA 6ª ed. nos seus elementos essenciais. Estas normas, da área da informação e documentação, definem regras para a normalização das referências bibliogr...

  6. Pareto vs Simmel: residui ed emozioni

    Silvia Fornari


    Full Text Available A cento anni dalla pubblicazione del Trattato di sociologia generale (Pareto 1988 siamo a mantenere vivo ed attuale lo studio paretiano con una rilettura contemporanea del suo pensiero. Ricordato per la grande versatilità intellettuale dagli economisti, rimane lo scienziato rigoroso ed analitico i cui contributi sono ancora discussi a livello internazionale. Noi ne analizzeremo gli aspetti che l’hanno portato ad avvicinarsi all’approccio sociologico, con l’introduzione della nota distinzione dell’azione sociale: logica e non-logica. Una dicotomia utilizzata per dare conto dei cambiamenti sociali riguardanti le modalità d’azione degli uomini e delle donne. Com’è noto le azioni logiche sono quelle che riguardano comportamenti mossi da logicità e raziocinio, in cui vi è una diretta relazione causa-effetto, azioni oggetto di studio degli economisti, e di cui non si occupano i sociologi. Le azioni non-logiche riguardano tutte le tipologie di agire umano che rientrano nel novero delle scienze sociali, e che rappresentano la parte più ampia dell’agire sociale. Sono le azioni guidate dai sentimenti, dall’emotività, dalla superstizione, ecc., illustrate da Pareto nel Trattato di sociologia generale e in saggi successivi, dove riprende anche il concetto di eterogenesi dei fini, formulato per la prima volta da Giambattista Vico. Concetto secondo il quale la storia umana, pur conservando in potenza la realizzazione di certi fini, non è lineare e lungo il suo percorso evolutivo può accadere che l’uomo nel tentativo di raggiungere una finalità arrivi a conclusioni opposte. Pareto collega la definizione del filosofo napoletano alle tipologie di azione sociale e alla loro distinzione (logiche, non-logiche. L’eterogenesi dei fini per Pareto è dunque l’esito di un particolare tipo di azione non-logica dell’essere umano e della collettività.

  7. Contribution of ED admissions to inpatient hospital revenue.

    Sacchetti, Alfred; Harris, Russell H; Warden, Todd; Roth, Sandra


    Emergency department (ED) practices are traditionally profiled in terms of their patient encounters. Such evaluations reflect a preponderance of outpatient visits while crediting income from admitted patients to traditional hospital-based services. This study evaluates the contribution of ED admissions to inpatient hospital revenue. The study was set at an urban tertiary care community hospital with university affiliation. Information referable to ED patients was collected from the hospital's Universal Billing Code (UB-92)-based patient information warehouse. Data fields referable to hospital charges, insurance type, and disposition were used for analysis of a 1-year period from September 1, 1998 to August 31, 1999. Statistical analysis was through chi square and ANOVA. During the study period 33,174 patients were treated in the ED with 6,671 (20%) admitted to inpatient services. Total hospital charges for all ED patients during this time were $107 million dollars with $9.1 million (8.5%) generated from discharged patients and $98.0 million (91.5%) from admitted ED patients (P revenue for inpatient services for the study period was $288 million of which 34% was contributed from admitted ED patients. ED services represent a major source of inpatient hospital revenue. The recognition of the ED's potential in this area may be lost if income from patients admitted through the ED is credited to traditional hospital-based services.

  8. Technical Analysis of IEC 61850 Ed 2.0%IEC 61850 Ed 2.0技术分析

    任雁铭; 操丰梅; 张军


    对IEC 61850 Ed 2.0的文件构成和技术路线进行了介绍.对比IEC 61850 Ed 1.0,从数据模型、工程配置语言和一致性测试3个方面,对IEC 61850 Ed 2.0的技术特点进行了技术分析.从设备制造商和检测中心2个方面,讨论了如何从IEC 61850 Ed 1.0迁徙到IEC 61850 Ed 2.0.%The profile and technical philosophy of IEC 61850 Ed 2.0 are described. By comparison with IEC 61850 Ed 1.0, an analysis is made of the technical features of IEC 61850 Ed 2.0 data model, substation configuration language and conformance test. A discussion is made of shifting from IEC 61850 Ed 1.0 to IEC 61850 Ed 2.0 with respect to the manufacturer and testing organization.

  9. Structured classification for ED presenting complaints – from free text field-based approach to ICPC-2 ED application

    Malmström Tomi


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Although there is a major need to record and analyse presenting complaints in emergency departments (EDs, no international standard exists. The aim of the present study was to produce structured complaint classification suitable for ED use and to implement it in practice. The structured classification evolved from a study of free text fields and ICPC-2 classification. Methods Presenting complaints in a free text field of ED admissions during a one-year period (n=40610 were analyzed and summarized to 70 presenting complaint groups. The results were compared to ICPC-2 based complaints collected in another ED. An expert panel reviewed the results and produced an ED application of ICPC-2 classification. This study implemented the new classification into an ED. Results The presenting complaints summarized from free text fields and those from ICPC-2 categories were remarkably similar. However, the ICPC-2 classification was too broad for ED; an adapted version was needed. The newly developed classification includes 89 presenting complaints and ED staff found it easy to use. Conclusions ICPC-2 classification can be adapted for ED use. The authors suggest a list of 89 presenting complaints for use in EDs adult patients.

  10. Take steps to curb violence, improve safety for ED personnel.


    While violent eruptions are well documented in the ED, there is a not a lot of research into what strategies are most effective at both curbing violence and managing incidents when they do occur. Experts suggest that ED managers should consider staff training and visible security measures when developing procedures for dealing with violence. In one survey of ED physicians, more than three-quarters reported at least one incident of workplace violence in the previous 12 months. Researchers report that many EDs post security at the point of entry, but lack security coverage in patient care areas. Experts suggest that verbal de-escalation techniques can be helpful in lowering anxiety levels.They also urge ED managers to bring in assistance when the ED is crowded or waiting times are long.

  11. EDs trying not to let the bed bugs bite.


    As bed bugs have emerged as a growing problem for EDs, managers have developed strategies for prevention and decontamination. Here are some of the approaches they have shared with ED Management: Educate your staff on what they should look for on patients and in rooms that would indicate the presence of bed bugs. Be proactive. Have an exterminator examine your ED on a regular basis. A decontamination room on the outside of the building will prevent the spread of these bugs in your ED.

  12. The ACVRL1 c.314-35A>G polymorphism is associated with organ vascular malformations in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia patients with ENG mutations, but not in patients with ACVRL1 mutations.

    Pawlikowska, Ludmila; Nelson, Jeffrey; Guo, Diana E; McCulloch, Charles E; Lawton, Michael T; Young, William L; Kim, Helen; Faughnan, Marie E


    Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) is characterized by vascular malformations (VMs) and caused by mutations in TGFβ/BMP9 pathway genes, most commonly ENG or ACVRL1. Patients with HHT have diverse manifestations related to skin and mucosal telangiectases and organ VMs, including arteriovenous malformations (AVM). The clinical heterogeneity of HHT suggests a role for genetic modifiers. We hypothesized that the ACVRL1 c.314-35A>G and ENG c.207G>A polymorphisms, previously associated with sporadic brain AVM, are associated with organ VM in HHT. We genotyped these variants in 716 patients with HHT and evaluated association of genotype with presence of any organ VM, and specifically with brain VM, liver VM and pulmonary AVM, by multivariate logistic regression analyses stratified by HHT mutation. Among all patients with HHT, neither polymorphism was significantly associated with presence of any organ VM; ACVRL1 c.314-35A>G showed a trend toward association with pulmonary AVM (OR = 1.48, P = 0.062). ACVRL1 c.314-35A>G was significantly associated with any VM among patients with HHT with ENG (OR = 2.66, P = 0.022), but not ACVRL1 (OR = 0.79, P = 0.52) mutations. ACVRL1 c.314-35A>G was also associated with pulmonary AVM and liver VM among ENG mutation heterozygotes. There were no significant associations between ENG c.207G>A and any VM phenotype. These results suggest that common polymorphisms in HHT genes other than the mutated gene modulate phenotype severity of HHT disease, specifically presence of organ VM. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  13. Minor injury attendance times to the ED.

    Conlon, Ciaran


    The Health Service Executive (HSE) highlights the need for effective patient throughput and management, whilst providing appropriate staffing and therapeutic interventions. It acknowledges that patient need is integral to the development of a nurse led service and advocates planning staffing levels to reflect arrival times of patients. An observational study of all patients who presented to the emergency department in July 2005 and February 2006 was undertaken (n=7768). The study identified 1577 patients suitable for treatment by the Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) in these two months, which represents 20% of all patient attendances to the ED in this time period. A data collection tool was devised collectively by the ANPs to identify appropriate patients. The findings of the study revealed that 73% of patients suitable for the ANP service presented between the hours of 0800 and 2000, of which 54% attended between 0800 and 1600 h. Sunday emerged as the busiest day in July 2005 whereas Monday was found to be the busiest day in February 2006. Friday was found to be consistently busy for both months.

  14. Application of Kalman filter to short-term tide level prediction by Yen, P.-H., Jan, C.-D., Lee, Y.-P. and Lee, H.-F. (J. Waterway Port Coast. Ocean Eng. 122(5); 1996; pp 226-231: Discussion

    Mandal, S.; Chandramohan, P.

    stream_size 2 stream_content_type text/plain stream_name J_Waterway_Port_Coast_Eng_124_213.pdf.txt stream_source_info J_Waterway_Port_Coast_Eng_124_213.pdf.txt Content-Encoding ISO-8859-1 Content-Type text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 ...

  15. The relationship between the thermoelectric generator efficiency and the device engineering figure of merit Zd,eng. The maximum efficiency 𝜼max

    Hapenciuc, C. L.; Borca-Tasciuc, T.; Mihailescu, I. N.


    Thermoelectric materials are used today in thermoelectric devices for heat to electricity(thermoelectric generators-TEG) or electricity to heat(heat pumps) conversion in a large range of applications. In the case of TEGs the final measure of their performance is given by a quantity named the maximum efficiency which shows how much from the heat input is converted into electrical power. Therefore it is of great interest to know correctly how much is the efficiency of a device to can make commercial assessments. The concept of engineering figure of merit, Zeng, and engineering power factor, Peng, were already introduced in the field to quantify the efficiency of a single material under temperature dependent thermoelectric properties, with the mention that the formulas derivation was limited to one leg of the thermoelectric generator. In this paper we propose to extend the concept of engineering figure of merit to a thermoelectric generator by introducing a more general concept of device engineering thermoelectric figure of merit, Zd,eng, which depends on the both TEG materials properties and which shall be the right quantity to be used when we are interested in the evaluation of the efficiency. Also, this work takes into account the electrical contact resistance between the electrodes and thermoelement legs in an attempt to quantify its influence upon the performance of a TEG. Finally, a new formula is proposed for the maximum efficiency of a TEG.

  16. Retraction notice to: Artificial intelligence in pharmaceutical product formulation: Neural computing [Chem. Ind. Chem. Eng. Q. 15(4 (2009 227-236

    Ibrić Svetlana


    Full Text Available This article has been retracted at the request of the authors. The retraction has been made because the authors admitted that they took the text and rawings from the review article written by R. Rowe and E. Colbourn, Future Medicinal Chemistry 1(4 (2009 713-726, without their permission and even did not include this article in the list of references. One of the conditions of submission of a paper for publication are that authors confirm that their work is entirely originally written, someone else’s data and/or text are appropriately cited or quoted and permission has been obtained for use of copyrighted material from other sources. Therefore, the retracted article represents a severe improperly usage of the scientific publishing system. Apologies are offered to readers of the Chem. Ind. Chem. Eng. Q. that this abuse was not detected during the submission process.

    Link to the retracted article 10.2298/CICEQ0904227I

  17. Measuring the Fidelity of Re-ED Programs.

    Meadowcroft, Pamela; Cantrell, Mary Lynn; Cantrell, Robert P.


    The effectiveness of a comprehensive intervention like Re-ED (Reeducation of Emotional Disturbed Children) requires a clear definition of the essential components of the model. This article describes an ongoing process to create a program assessment tool for Re-ED. Program fidelity requires being able to specify precisely what is meant by certain…

  18. Teaching Elementary School Social Studies Methods under edTPA

    An, Sohyun


    This article reports a self-study that analyzes my experience as a teacher educator navigating a turbulent educational landscape with the advent of edTPA. The data consist of my journal entries, the syllabi, handouts, work submitted by my students, and course evaluations. Data were analyzed by using an inductive process to describe how the edTPA…

  19. Effects of EdU labeling on mesenchymal stem cells

    Ning, Hongxiu; Albersen, Maarten; Lin, Guiting; Lue, Tom F.; Lin, Ching-Shwun


    Thymidine analog 5-ethynyl-2-deoxyuridine (EdU) has recently been used for tracking mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). In the present study, we tested whether EdU was cytotoxic and whether it interfered with differentiation, cytokine secretion and migration of MSCs.

  20. TechEdSat Nano-Satellite Series Fact Sheet

    Murbach, Marcus; Martinez, Andres; Guarneros Luna, Ali


    TechEdSat-3p is the second generation in the TechEdSat-X series. The TechEdSat Series uses the CubeSat standards established by the California Polytechnic State University Cal Poly), San Luis Obispo. With typical blocks being constructed from 1-unit (1U 10x10x10 cm) increments, the TechEdSat-3p has a 3U volume with a 30 cm length. The project uniquely pairs advanced university students with NASA researchers in a rapid design-to-flight experience lasting 1-2 semesters.The TechEdSat Nano-Satellite Series provides a rapid platform for testing technologies for future NASA Earth and planetary missions, as well as providing students with an early exposure to flight hardware development and management.

  1. The full moon and ED patient volumes: unearthing a myth.

    Thompson, D A; Adams, S L


    To determine if there is any effect of the full moon on emergency department (ED) patient volume, ambulance runs, admissions, or admissions to a monitored unit, a retrospective analysis of the hospital electronic records of all patients seen in an ED during a 4-year period was conducted in an ED of a suburban community hospital. A full moon occurred 49 times during the study period. There were 150,999 patient visits to the ED during the study period, of which 34,649 patients arrived by ambulance. A total of 35,087 patients was admitted to the hospital and 11,278 patients were admitted to a monitored unit. No significant differences were found in total patient visits, ambulance runs, admissions to the hospital, or admissions to a monitored unit on days of the full moon. The occurrence of a full moon has no effect on ED patient volume, ambulance runs, admissions, or admissions to a monitored unit.

  2. 子痫前期患者血清中sEng水平的研究%Studies of serum sEng levels and the expression of Endoglin in placenta in patients with preeclampsia

    刘蔚; 庞春蓉; 傅晓冬


    Objective To investigate the roles and significance in patients with preeclampsia with observing the level of soluble Endoglin(sEng) in patients with preeclampsia Methods 40 patients were enrolled in the present study. Among the 40 patients, 10 cases were mild preeclampsia and 30 cases were sever preeclampsia. 40 healthy pregnant women were selected as the control group over the same period. The serum sEng was measured with enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Results The serum sEng was 7. 38±1. 78 ng/ml in preeclampsia group and 2. 17±0. 59ng/ml in normal group. Serum sEng in patients with preeclampsia was significantly higher than those in controls(P<0. 01 ). The level of sEng in maternal serum was 7. 94±1.27ng/ml in sever preeclampsia group and 5. 72±1.09 ng/ml in mild preeclampsia group. The sEng levels were higher in severe preeclampsia compared to mild. Serum sEng levels increased in accordance with the severity of preeclampsia. Conclusion Serum sEng levels is significantly increased in patients with preeclampsia and increased with the severity degree of diseases.%目的 通过对子痫前期患者血清中的可溶性Endoglin(soluble Endoglin,sEng)的表达水平的测定,探讨其与子痫前期发病的关系及意义.方法 选取2008年10月~2009年10月在泸州医学院附属医院产科住院分娩的子痫前期患者40例与同期健康孕妇40例作为对照组.采用酶联免疫吸附试验(ELISA)夹心法检测子痫前期患者与正常妊娠妇女血清中的sEng的表达水平.采用SPSS14.0统计软件包进行统计学分析,数据以均数士标准差(-x±s)表示;两样本均数比较用随机独立样本均数t检验.取α=0.01作为检验水平,P<0.01差异有统计学意义.结果 子痫前期组血清中sEng为7.38±1.78ng/ml,正常妊娠组为2.17±0.59ng/ml,两组比较差异有显著性(P<0.01).重度痫前期组血清中sEng为7.94±1.27 ng/ml,轻度痫前期组血清中sEng为5.72±1.09ng/ml,重度子痫前期

  3. Deconstructing Stereotypes : Ed Bullins' the Taking of Miss Janie = Ed Bullins'in

    Çiğdem Pala MULL


    Full Text Available African-American playwright Ed Bullins is one of the most significant figures to emerge from the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s. His 1975 play The Taking of Miss Janie is a dramatic portrait of the specific events and ideas that created the 1960s, and their impact on the individual consciousnesses of the characters. The play brings into the foreground many issues related to race and ethnicity in America. Even though the general tone of The Taking of Miss Janie is one of violence and gloom, this reading focuses on those moments where love and human affection outshine the sense of destruction predominant in the play.

  4. Editorial-28(2-Eng

    Yuri Morales


    Full Text Available Número actual (Vol.28 – N°1   Este número brinda al lector tres trabajos científicos en las áreas de topografía y geodesia, biología, y farmacia. Estos trabajos corresponden a manuscritos presentados en 2012 y 2013, y ofrecen aportes considerados de importancia para compartir con la comunidad nacional e internacional. El primer artículo, según los autores, describe el movimiento cinemático de una zona considerada sobre la placa Caribe, partiendo del hecho de que, precisamente, las diferencias en las series temporales, al igual que en el Sistema Geocéntrico para las Américas  (SIRGAS, se deben a los movimientos propios. El segundo trabajo, como indica el autor, tuvo como objetivo conocer, de manera sostenible, los recursos biológicos y ecológicos del Proyecto Hidroeléctrico de Toro 2. Para conocer si el sitio reúne las condiciones biológicas de atracción turística, se realizó una investigación en donde se hizo un inventario de aves, mamíferos y plantas. Por último, en el tercer artículo los autores aportan información sobre diferencias en el perfil de compuestos fenólicos y su actividad anti-radical entre diferentes comercializadores de tisanas de Hibiscus sabdariffa en Costa Rica.   Yuri Morales López Director Revista Uniciencia

  5. Learning German as a Second Language through Eng-lish-German Comparison%通过英德比较学习二外德语



    Nowadays, more and more college students learn Ger-man as a second language. To master effective learning methods is urgent for German learners. Chinese college students's English ability is generally at a medium level, besides, German and Eng-lish are very similar, so knowledge of English is bound to have positive and negative effects on German learning. This paper makes an English-German comparison from such four aspects as pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation, and lists some similarities and differences between the two, so as to prove that English-German comparison is an effect way of learning German as a second language.%如今,我国把德语作为第二外语学习的在校大学生越来越多。掌握有效的学习方法是德语学习者的迫切需要。我国在校大学生普遍具有中等英语水平,且德语和英语又极其相近,英语知识势必会在德语学习过程中产生正负迁移作用。本文从语音、词汇、语法和标点符号四个方面对英德两种语言进行了比较,列举出一些两者的异同之处,以说明英德比较是学习二外德语的有效方法。

  6. Effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Microbiological ...

    phrases: Modified atmosphere packaging, polypropylene, low density polyethylene ..... data from two packs pre treatment; mean separation by Duncan's Multiple Range Test at value 1%. ..... communities of lrltltiopia. ltlast Africa Medical. Journal ...

  7. A distance regular graph of type E1 Ed


    In this note, the distance regular graph of type E1 Ed is considered and some characterization of the type graph is given. The results generalize the characterization of tight distance regular graphs.

  8. Elementi ed esercizi di geometria analitica e proiettiva

    Francia, Giovanni


    La retta : preliminario ; coordinate cartesiane nel piano, equazioni della retta, distanze ed angoli ; cambiamento delle coordinate, coordinate polari ; il cerchio ; le coniche come luoghi geometrici : l'ellisse, l'iperbole, parabola.

  9. Nuclear Medicine Physics: The Basics. 7th ed.

    Mihailidis, Dimitris


    Nuclear Medicine Physics: The Basics. 7th ed. Ramesh Chandra, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, a Wolters Kluwer Business. Philadelphia, 2012. Softbound, 224 pp. Price: $69.99. ISBN: 9781451109412. © 2012 American Association of Physicists in Medicine.

  10. Safe Handling of Snakes in an ED Setting.

    Cockrell, Melanie; Swanson, Kristofer; Sanders, April; Prater, Samuel; von Wenckstern, Toni; Mick, JoAnn


    Efforts to improve consistency in management of snakes and venomous snake bites in the emergency department (ED) can improve patient and staff safety and outcomes, as well as improve surveillance data accuracy. The emergency department at a large academic medical center identified an opportunity to implement a standardized process for snake disposal and identification to reduce staff risk exposure to snake venom from snakes patients brought with them to the ED.


    Stinca, Adriano


    Il problema delle specie aliene, soprattutto negli ultimi decenni, è diventato un elemento cruciale nella biologia della conservazione. La diffusione rapida ed incontrollata di organismi estranei al contesto territoriale di riferimento, infatti, spesso comporta impatti sulla biodiversità e sul funzionamento degli ecosistemi. In tali casi, pertanto, vi è anche l’incapacità da parte degli stessi sistemi biologici invasi a ristabilire autonomamente ed in tempi relativamente brevi le condizioni i...


    Tan HM


    Full Text Available This paper aimed to identify and explore the understanding and perception of erectile dysfunction (ED using exploratory qualitative approaches. This study was conducted in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Purposive sampling was used to recruit 17 urban men aged 40-75 years. A semi-structural interview guide was used to explore men’s understanding of ED, impacts on their well-being and experiences with treatments. The focus groups revealed that ED was perceived to be an important loss in men’s lives as sexual performance was closely related to manhood. The men associated ED with a loss of masculinity and self-esteem. Men’s understanding of ED treatments was restricted to phophodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE-5 inhibitors and traditional therapies. Although PDE-5 inhibitors were perceived to be effective, they were concerned about their safety and costs. Some of the men have learned to cope with ED rather than to seek help, particularly among older men, who attributed their decreased sexual capacities and erection difficulties to aging, and therefore conditioned themselves to accepting it. In contrast, younger men who have erectile difficulties are considered as ‘abnormal’, and are more likely to seek help and receive treatment for their sexual problem. Men’s knowledge of and experience with modern treatments of ED were mainly associated with PDE-5 inhibitors. Their perception towards PDE-5 inhibitors was largely influenced by personal experience, information from mass media and friends. The high cost and fear of side effects were two main deterrents in the use of PDE-5 inhibitors. Many men had conceded their use of PDE-5 inhibitors without their partners’ knowledge. They worried that their partners would view the matter with suspicion and mistrust.

  13. Chick embryo proliferation studies using EdU labeling.

    Warren, Michelle; Puskarczyk, Karolina; Chapman, Susan C


    Cell proliferation studies are an important experimental tool. The most commonly used thymidine analogues, tritiated thymidine and bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) label cells during S-phase. Both methods have significant drawbacks: low sensitivity in the case of tritiated thymidine and a denaturation step during BrdU detection that destroys most cellular epitopes, requiring careful optimization. The antibody against BrdU is also large and tissue penetration can be difficult. EdU (5'-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine) is closely chemically related to BrdU, with detection achieved by a copper catalyzed reaction requiring a small fluorescently conjugated azide. Cell cultures, flow cytometry and high throughput studies using EdU-labeled cells is exceptionally fast and does not require denaturation or antibodies. We have developed a tissue-labeling technique in chick embryos using EdU. Following EdU chemistry to detect proliferating cells, the tissue can undergo immunolabeling. We demonstrate fluorescent EdU chemistry followed by Tuj1 antibody staining resulting in multiplex fluorescent tissues.

  14. Reduction of electron channeling in EDS using precession.

    Liao, Yifeng; Marks, Laurence D


    We demonstrated that EDS measurement can be significantly improved by precessing the electron beam, thereby reducing electron channeling effects. For a SrTiO3 specimen orientated along the [001] zone axis, the measured strontium to titanium atomic ratio was 0.74-0.80 using conventional EDS methods, and the ratio was improved to ~0.99 by precessing the electron beam for angles greater than 22.54 mRad. In ALCHEMI-like experiments in which the specimen was tilted to near two-beam condition, the strontium to titanium ratio was insensitive to the deviation from the Bragg condition using a precessed electron beam. Similar reduction of electron channeling effects was also observed in precession-assisted EDS measurements for an L21-ordered Fe2MnAl intermetallic alloy tilted to the [011] zone axis as well as near two-beam conditions.

  15. ED becomes 'lean' and cuts LBTC, LOS times.


    Lean manufacturing techniques, first developed by Toyota, can be successfully adapted to help improve processes in your ED. St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston, has used Lean to reduce median length of stay, frequency of diversions, and the percentage of patients who left before treatment was complete (LBTC). Here's why "Lean" can help improve the performance of your ED: It enables you and your staff to see things from the patient's point of view. Lean tools enable you to view the status of your department in real-time and to compare that status with your performance goals. Exercises help identify areas where your processes break down and determine the most likely solutions.

  16. Reduction of Electron Channeling in EDS using Precession

    Liao, Yifeng; Marks, Laurence D.


    We demonstrate that EDS measurement can be significantly improved by precessing the electron beam, thereby reducing electron channeling effects. For a SrTiO3 specimen orientated along [001] zone axis, the measured strontium to titanium atomic ratio was 0.74 – 0.80 using conventional EDS methods, and the ratio was improved to ~0.99 by precessing the electron beam for angles greater than 22.54 mRad. In ALCHEMI-like experiments in which the specimen was tilted to near two-beam condition, the str...

  17. New psych unit eases patient burden in ED.


    Creating a special unit for psychiatric patients frees up beds in your ED, ensures better care for that patient population, and improves the atmosphere in the main department for the rest of your patients. Consider these suggestions: The creation of a psych unit can be extremely costly. Be prepared to demonstrate projected savings when pitching the idea to administration. Make sure an ED physician has overall responsibility for each patient at all times. Keep a regular group of nurses in rotation. This setup will help ensure smooth handoffs.

  18. Formation of FRCs on the Pulsed High Density Experiment

    Andreason, Samuel; Slough, John


    The Pulsed High Density (PHD) experiment has been reassembled at a new facility with sufficient space to continue through the full acceleration and compression stages to reach breakeven. The intention here is to produce a large FRC, but remain in the kinetic regime where the FRC is stable and the transport sufficiently low that a Q > 1 plasma can be attained at moderate densities ˜ 10^23 m-3. During reassembly a more complete analysis of previous experimental results has been made. One of the issues in the early phase of the experiment was inefficient flux trapping during field reversal due to the large scale of the FRC source (0.4 m radius). The on-axis seed plasma was unable to diffuse out to the walls on a timescale commensurate with the introduction of bias fields. This resulted in more than half of the initial bias flux lost before sheath formation halted flux loss. An annular array of plasma sources has been constructed that solves this problem and greatly enhances the flux retention. Dynamic formation has been employed on PHD and analysis tools capable of interpreting the magnetic loop diagnostic array have been developed. Results with comparison to numerical models will be presented.

  19. Violence prevention in the ED: linkage of the ED to a social service agency.

    Zun, Leslie S; Downey, La Vonne; Rosen, Jodi


    was a strong positive correlation of using services and case management (Pearson coefficient = 0.728, significance =.00). The referral of young victims of violence from the ED to psychosocial services could be successful using a case management model and an alliance between a healthcare system and a social service agency.

  20. Thermally Induced Silane Dehydrocoupling on Silicon Nanostructures (International ed.)


    Arkles Gelest Inc. 11 East Steel Rd., Morrisville, PA 19067 (USA) Y. W. Jun, Prof. Dr. K. H. Ahn Department of Chemistry Pohang University of Science...Figure 1a) and elemental analysis by energy-dispersive X-ray (EDS) analysis revealed strong carbon and oxygen signals (Table S2). By contrast, a

  1. Ed Henneke receives award for innovation in nondestructive testing research

    Gilbert, Karen


    Ed Henneke, of Blacksburg, associate dean for research and graduate studies in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, received the Award for Innovation in Nondestructive Testing Research (NDT) at the American Society for Nondestructive Testing's 14th Annual Research Symposium in Albuquerque, N.M. This award was established to recognize highly distinguished individual breakthroughs in research in NDT.

  2. Murray Pittock, ed., The Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Romanticism.

    Manfred Malzahn


    Full Text Available Murray Pittock, ed., The Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Romanticism. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2011. Pp. 251. ISBN 978-0-7486-3845-1 (hardback. £ 65.00. ISBN 978-0-7486-3846-8 (paperback. £ 21.99.

  3. Review: Askew, Mark (ed.: Legitimacy Crisis in Thailand

    Napisa Waitoolkiat


    Full Text Available Review of the edited volume: Askew, Mark (ed. (2010, Legitimacy Crisis in Thailand, Chiang Mai, Thailand: Silkworm Books (= King Prajadhipok’s Institute Yearbook No. 5 (2008/09. ISBN 978-974-9511-97-8, 340 pages

  4. Inside the Sex Ed Studio: An Interview with Peggy Brick

    Taverner, William J.


    "Inside the Sex Ed Studio" profiles leaders in the field of sexuality education. Peggy Brick, former director of Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern New Jersey's Center for Family Life Education (CFLE) and author of numerous sexuality education resources used worldwide, is the subject of this interview. Ms. Brick was interviewed by…

  5. Creating a Minnesota Statewide SNAP-Ed Program Evaluation

    Gold, Abby; Barno, Trina Adler; Sherman, Shelley; Lovett, Kathleen; Hurtado, G. Ali


    Systematic evaluation is an essential tool for understanding program effectiveness. This article describes the pilot test of a statewide evaluation tool for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed). A computer algorithm helped Community Nutrition Educators (CNEs) build surveys specific to their varied educational settings…

  6. Engaging the public through writing an op-ed

    Labosier, Chris; Zhu, Laiyin; Quiring, Steven


    In May, prior to the start of the 2012 hurricane season, AGU asked us to write an op-ed for the Houston Chronicle on the importance of funding hurricane research. We were excited to be asked and pleased that AGU facilitated the process by providing us with some guidance on writing the op-ed. Given the impact that Hurricane Ike had in Texas just a few years ago, we felt it was important to remind the citizens of the greater Houston metropolitan area of the societal benefits of funding hurricane research. Thanks to the assistance of AGU staff, writing the article required only a few hours of time. Our op-ed was published in the print edition of the Houston Chronicle on 1 June 2012, the official start of the hurricane season ( It was picked up by the media relations office in the College of Geosciences at Texas A&M University and featured on the college's Web site in the dean's biweekly briefing and on its Facebook page. As a result, the op-ed reached a large and diverse audience.

  7. Candidate Success and edTPA: Looking at the Data

    Evans, Lesley A.; Kelly, Mary K.; Baldwin, Joni L.; Arnold, Jackie M.


    This descriptive study looks at the correlations between Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) data and numerous program data points, including GPA, major GPA, and benchmark assignment scores, gathered in an Early Childhood Education (ECE) program. Previous studies have looked to correlate grade point average (GPA) with pre-service teacher…

  8. Lifeworld and Textualism: Reassembling the Researcher/ed and "Others"

    Payne, Phillip G.


    This response to McKenzie's "post-post" concerns about environmental education research draws upon empirical, conceptual, anecdotal, metaphorical, imaged and poetic means to help the researcher "reassemble" the researcher/ed by attending to her/his relational body and embodiment of various, often hegemonic, socially constructed environmental…



    terms what trauma is, and interfaces it with how Soyinka has (re-)imag(in)ed it and submits ... innermost and visceral thoughts and being of his characters. .... Like The Man Died, Madmen and Specialists arose from Soyinka's painful and traumatic acquaintance ... out of the period, which I stayed in prison, which was just over.

  10. TrED: the Trichophyton rubrum Expression Database

    Liu Tao


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Trichophyton rubrum is the most common dermatophyte species and the most frequent cause of fungal skin infections in humans worldwide. It's a major concern because feet and nail infections caused by this organism is extremely difficult to cure. A large set of expression data including expressed sequence tags (ESTs and transcriptional profiles of this important fungal pathogen are now available. Careful analysis of these data can give valuable information about potential virulence factors, antigens and novel metabolic pathways. We intend to create an integrated database TrED to facilitate the study of dermatophytes, and enhance the development of effective diagnostic and treatment strategies. Description All publicly available ESTs and expression profiles of T. rubrum during conidial germination in time-course experiments and challenged with antifungal agents are deposited in the database. In addition, comparative genomics hybridization results of 22 dermatophytic fungi strains from three genera, Trichophyton, Microsporum and Epidermophyton, are also included. ESTs are clustered and assembled to elongate the sequence length and abate redundancy. TrED provides functional analysis based on GenBank, Pfam, and KOG databases, along with KEGG pathway and GO vocabulary. It is integrated with a suite of custom web-based tools that facilitate querying and retrieving various EST properties, visualization and comparison of transcriptional profiles, and sequence-similarity searching by BLAST. Conclusion TrED is built upon a relational database, with a web interface offering analytic functions, to provide integrated access to various expression data of T. rubrum and comparative results of dermatophytes. It is devoted to be a comprehensive resource and platform to assist functional genomic studies in dermatophytes. TrED is available from URL:

  11. Nanoscale voxel spectroscopy by simultaneous EELS and EDS tomography.

    Haberfehlner, Georg; Orthacker, Angelina; Albu, Mihaela; Li, Jiehua; Kothleitner, Gerald


    Extending the capabilities of electron tomography with advanced imaging techniques and novel data processing methods, can augment the information content in three-dimensional (3D) reconstructions from projections taken in the transmission electron microscope (TEM). In this work we present the application of simultaneous electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS) and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) to scanning TEM tomography. Various tools, including refined tilt alignment procedures, multivariate statistical analysis and total-variation minimization enable the 3D reconstruction of analytical tomograms, providing 3D analytical metrics of materials science samples at the nanometer scale. This includes volumetric elemental maps, and reconstructions of EDS, low-loss and core-loss EELS spectra as four-dimensional spectrum volumes containing 3D local voxel spectra. From these spectra, compositional, 3D localized elemental analysis becomes possible opening the pathway to 3D nanoscale elemental quantification.

  12. Differential cDNA cloning by enzymatic degrading subtraction (EDS).


    We describe a new method, called enzymatic degrading subtraction (EDS), for the construction of subtractive libraries from PCR amplified cDNA. The novel features of this method are that i) the tester DNA is blocked by thionucleotide incorporation; ii) the rate of hybridization is accelerated by phenol-emulsion reassociation; and iii) the driver cDNA and hybrid molecules are enzymatically removed by digestion with exonucleases III and VII rather than by physical partitioning. We demonstrate th...

  13. States leverage telepsychiatry solutions to ease ED crowding, accelerate care.


    Many states are having success turning to telepsychiatry-based solutions to connect mental health patients with needed care while also decompressing crowded EDs. Just one year into a statewide telepsychiatry initiative in North Carolina (NC-STeP), administrators say the approach has saved as much as $7 million, and hospital demand for the service is higher than anticipated. In Texas, mental health emergency centers (MHEC) that use telepsychiatry to connect patients in rural areas with needed psychiatric care are freeing up EDs to focus on medical care. In just 11 months, 91 North Carolina hospitals have at least started the process to engage in NC-STeP. Much of the savings from NC-STeP come from involuntary commitment orders being overturned as a result of the telepsychiatry consults, reducing the need for expensive inpatient care. Implementing NC-STeP has involved multiple hurdles including credentialing difficulties and technical/firewall challenges. The Texas model provides 24/7 availability of psychiatrists via telemedicine through a network of MHECs. In-person staff at the MHECs perform basic screening tests and blood draws so that medical clearance can be achieved without the need for an ED visit in most cases. Funding for the MHECs comes from the state, hospitals in the region, and local governmental authorities that reap savings or benefits from the initiative.

  14. Estudo da movimentação de plantas aquáticas imersas presentes no reservatório da UHE Eng. Souza Dias - Jupiá Movement of submerged aquatic weeds in UHE Eng. Souza Dias reservoir - Jupiá, Brazil

    D. Martins


    11 bóias com deslocamento superior a 500 m. Os sítios de reprodução localizados no rio Paraná também contribuíram para o fornecimento de plantas imersas ao reservatório de Jupiá; nove blocos saíram da "Lagoa Pernilongo" e apresentaram deslocamentos superiores a 500 m. Entretanto, os sítios "Lagoa Barrenta" e "Lagoa Ferradura" foram aqueles que mais contribuíram com a chegada de plantas na tomada de água da UHE Eng. Souza Dias, uma vez que foram recolhidos, respectivamente, seis e quatro blocos de plantas provenientes desses locais de dispersão. A metodologia utilizada mostrou-se eficaz quanto à avaliação da movimentação de plantas aquáticas imersas dentro do reservatório de Jupiá.The purpose of this research was to develop a methodology to determine reproduction sites and respective importance on dissemination of E. densa, E. najas and C. demersum in the Jupiá Reservoir in Brazil. Ten sites with high incidence of these aquatic plant were monitored. Two sites were located at the Paraná River on "Ferradura"and "Pernilongo" Lakes, called "Testemunha", "Barrenta", "Vírgula" and "Florida", and on bed river points " Leito Acima da ponte", Abaixo da Ponte", " Baia ao lado da Ponte " and Praia de Itapura". Ten blocs of aquatic plants were released per month and monitored in each reproduction site. The blocs had a volume of 0.14 cm³ and had an external plastic label and an orange identification buoy to be easily located and inspected at long distances. After being released, the blocs were geo-referenced and their movements evaluated every fifteen days using a GPS equipment. The places "Vírgula Lake", "Testemunha Lake"and "Barrenta Lake" showed an outstanding number of blocs (30, 20 and 19 blocs, respectively that moved for distances farther than 500 m and, consequently, left their respective sites of reproduction. Most blocs remained inside the "Flórida Lake" and only 12 blocs reached the bed of the Tietê river. The site "Acima da Ponte" supplied

  15. Impact of prospective verification of intravenous antibiotics in an ED.

    Hunt, Allyson; Nakajima, Steven; Hall Zimmerman, Lisa; Patel, Manav


    Delay in appropriate antibiotic therapy is associated with an increase in mortality and prolonged length of stay. Automatic dispensing machines decrease the delivery time of intravenous (IV) antibiotics to patients in the emergency department (ED). However, when IV antibiotics are not reviewed by pharmacists before being administered, patients are at risk for receiving inappropriate antibiotic therapy. The objective of this study was to determine if a difference exists in the time to administration of appropriate antibiotic therapy before and after implementation of prospective verification of antibiotics in the ED. This retrospective, institutional review board-approved preimplementation vs postimplementation study evaluated patients 18years or older who were started on IV antibiotics in the ED. Patients were excluded if pregnant, if the patient is a prisoner, if no cultures were drawn, or if the patient was transferred from an outside facility. Appropriate antibiotic therapy was based on empiric source-specific evidence-based guidelines, appropriate pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties, and microbiologic data. The primary end point was the time from ED arrival to administration of appropriate antibiotic therapy. Of the 1628 evaluated, 128 patients met the inclusion criteria (64 pre vs 64 post). Patients were aged 65.2±17.0years, with most of infections being pneumonia (44%) and urinary tract infections (18%) and most patients being noncritically ill. Time to appropriate antibiotic therapy was reduced in the postgroup vs pregroup (8.1±8.6 vs 15.2±22.8hours, respectively, P=.03). In addition, appropriate empiric antibiotics were initiated more frequently after the implementation (92% post vs 66% pre; P=.0001). There was no difference in mortality or length of stay between the 2 groups. Prompt administration of the appropriate antibiotics is imperative in patients with infections presenting to the ED. The impact of prospective verification of

  16. Health care utilization before and after an outpatient ED visit in older people.

    Horney, Carolyn; Schmader, Kenneth; Sanders, Linda L; Heflin, Mitchell; Ragsdale, Luna; McConnell, Eleanor; Hocker, Michael; Hastings, S Nicole


    Older adults in the United States receive a significant amount of care in the emergency department (ED), yet the associations between ED and other types of health care utilization have not been adequately studied in this population. The goals of this study were to examine the relationships between health care use before and after an ED visit among older adults. This retrospective cohort study examined health care use among 308 patients 65 years or older discharged from a university-affiliated ED. Proportional-hazards models were used to assess the relationship between pre-ED health care use (primary care physician [PCP], specialist, ED, and hospital) and risk of return ED visits. Older ED patients in this study had visited other types of providers frequently in the previous year (median number of PCP and specialist visits, 4). Patients who used the ED on 2 or more occasions in the previous year were found to have visited their PCP more often than those without frequent ED use (median number of visits, 7.0 vs 4.0; P < .001). Despite more PCP use in this population, frequent ED use was associated with increased risk of a repeat ED visit (hazard ratio, 2.20; 95% confidence interval, 1.15-4.21), in models adjusted for demographics and health status. Older adults who use the ED are also receiving significant amounts of care from other sources; simply providing additional access to care may not improve outcomes for these vulnerable individuals. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  17. Direct interaction between the Arabidopsis disease resistance signaling proteins, EDS1 and PAD4.

    Feys, B J; Moisan, L J; Newman, M A; Parker, J E


    The Arabidopsis EDS1 and PAD4 genes encode lipase-like proteins that function in resistance (R) gene-mediated and basal plant disease resistance. Phenotypic analysis of eds1 and pad4 null mutants shows that EDS1 and PAD4 are required for resistance conditioned by the same spectrum of R genes but fulfil distinct roles within the defence pathway. EDS1 is essential for elaboration of the plant hypersensitive response, whereas EDS1 and PAD4 are both required for accumulation of the plant defence-potentiating molecule, salicylic acid. EDS1 is necessary for pathogen-induced PAD4 mRNA accumulation, whereas mutations in PAD4 or depletion of salicylic acid only partially compromise EDS1 expression. Yeast two-hybrid analysis reveals that EDS1 can dimerize and interact with PAD4. However, EDS1 dimerization is mediated by different domains to those involved in EDS1-PAD4 association. Co-immunoprecipitation experiments show that EDS1 and PAD4 proteins interact in healthy and pathogen-challenged plant cells. We propose two functions for EDS1. The first is required early in plant defence, independently of PAD4. The second recruits PAD4 in the amplification of defences, possibly by direct EDS1-PAD4 association.

  18. Factors affecting ED length-of-stay in surgical critical care patients.

    Davis, B; Sullivan, S; Levine, A; Dallara, J


    To determine what patient characteristics are associated with prolonged emergency department (ED) length-of-stay (LOS) for surgical critical care patients, the charts of 169 patients admitted from the ED directly to the operating room (OR) or intensive care unit (ICU) during a 6-week period in 1993 were reviewed. The ED record was reviewed for documentation of factors that might be associated with prolonged ED LOS, such as use of computed tomographic (CT), radiology special procedures, and the number of plain radiographs and consultants. ED LOS was considered to be the time from triage until a decision was made to admit the patient. Using a Cox proportional hazards model, use of CT and special procedures were the strongest independent predictors of prolonged ED length-of-stay. The number of plain radiographs and consultants had only a minimal effect. Use of a protocol-driven trauma evaluation system was associated with a shorter ED LOS. In addition to external factors that affect ED overcrowding, ED patient management decisions may also be associated with prolonged ED length-of-stay. Such ED-based factors may be more important in surgical critical care patients, whose overall ED LOS is affected more by the length of the ED work-up rather than the time spent waiting for a ICU bed or operating suite.

  19. EDS coal liquefaction process development. Phase V. EDS commercial plant study design update. Illinois coal. Volume 1. Main report

    Epperly, W. R.


    The objectives of the Study Design Update (SDU) were to identify the technical issues facing a potential commercial-size EDS plant design; to provide a reliable basis for estimating the cost of EDS products; and to furnish research guidance to the EDS Project. The SDU consists of two distinct studies in which different processing schemes are used to produce the hydrogen and fuel gas required by the plant. These studies are referred to as the Base Case and the Market Flexibility Sensitivity Case. In the Base Case, hydrogen is generated by steam reforming of the light hydrocarbon gases produced in the plant. Fuel gas is generated by feeding the bottoms stream from the liquefaction section vacuum pipestill to a FLEXICOKING unit. In the FLEXICOKING unit reactor, the bottoms stream is converted to coke; additional liquid product is also recovered. The coke is converted to low-Btu fuel gas in the FLEXICOKING unit gasifier. In the Market Flexibility Sensitivity (MFS) Case, the bottoms stream from the vacuum pipestill is split, and about half is sent to the FLEXICOKING unit for recovery of additional liquid product and production of fuel gas. The remainder of the bottoms stream is converted to hydrogen in a Partial Oxidation Unit. Hence the MFS Case does not consume light hydrocarbon gases produced and they are available for sale. The study of these two cases has demonstrated the importance of bottoms process selection to the economics and thermal efficiency of an EDS plant. Volume 1 - Main Report has been developed to be a stand-alone document. Both the Base Case and Market Flexibility Sensitivity (MFS) Case are covered. This volume includes an overview and detailed case summaries. It also covers economics, product recovery factors, material and energy balances, cost estimates and enviromental considerations.

  20. Is EdF carrying things too far?; EdF va-t-il trop loin?

    Jemain, A.; Rouaud, P.O.


    Considered as too fast, too dispersed and financially too hazardous, the recent series of acquisitions of Electricite de France (EdF) oblige the French government to make short work of the statute of the French electrical utility. This situation increases the debt of the company and constrains its captive clients (domestic clients and small and medium size companies) to contribute to this unlimited expansionism by paying their electricity a higher price. (J.S.)

  1. Does the Op-Ed Page Have a Chance to Become a Public Forum?

    Ciofalo, Andrew; Traverso, Kim


    Surveys op-ed page editors, finding that fewer than half of the responding papers have op-ed pages; that professional journalists, public figures, and propagandists dominate the pages; and that editors firmly control the agenda. (SR)

  2. From Corpus to Dictionary: A Hybrid Prescriptive, Descriptive and Proscriptive Undertaking Okulondoola engeli Eitu ly'Olusoga bwe Linaatuusibwa mu Iwanika: Omutindo ogulaga Olulimi bwe luli, bwe luteekwa okuba oba bwe lube lutwalibwe.

    Minah Nabirye



    Obufunze: Empandiika y'Olusoga ekaali inhuma inho waile nga waliwooku obubonelo obulaga enkola y'obuzila mu kugizimba. Olusoga lukaawagamiile wansi w'ennimi nga Oluganda n'olulimi olw'eiwanga, Olungeleza. Ensonga endala ku dhikaalemeisa Olusoga okwetengelela n'okuba nti lulina ebigambo ebilwingila buli olukeile. Eky'embi, enkyukakyuka ebigambo bino ebiyaaka by'eleetawo eli kwidha mu kiseela nga Olusoga lwene lukaali kufunilwaku mpandiika ntongole. Waile walifu dh'Olusoga buti dhiliwo kamaala, wazila ndala ku dho eli kugobelelwa mu kuwandiika kubanga abantu bakaawandiika nga bwe babona. Ebiwandiiko ebili ku Lusoga oba mu lulimi Olusoga byetaagibwa okulaga Olusoga bwe lulina okuba ela n'ebilina okwebuuzibwaku. Eibula ly'ebiwandiiko oti ni bino litegeeza nti omunoonheleza alina okwefunila entambi dh'Olusoga olwogelwa ela yeewanulila Olusoga oluli mu ntambi edho okusobola okutegeela engeli olulimi olwo bwe luli mu kiseela ekyo. Kino kileeseewo obuzibu obundi nti Olusoga olwogelwa tilutongoze ate lulimu emigote kamaala egyandibaile gilondoolwa okusinziila ku mutindo omusengeke singa lubailem mu buwandiike. Ekika ky'Olusoga oluli mu mbeela eyogelwa kya ndhawulo ku kili mu mbeela y'obuwandiike. Okuwanula Olusoga okuva mu ntambi kw'aba nti kugiililiile kwagayaga na kunoga kibala kikaali kwenga bukalamu. Aye engeli ye kili nti Olusoga lulina aboogezi abaswika mu bukaile obubili, abanoonheleza ku Lusoga baalisaine kutandiika li? Olupapula luno lulambulula enzimba y'eitu ly'Olusoga nga ekitundutundu ky'eitu lino kiviile mu Lusoga olwawanulwa okuva mu mbeela eyogelwa. Obuzibu obwayagaanibwa mu mpandiika y'ebigambo ebyawanulwa n'obusimbiibwaku eisila. Okulaga engeli y'okuzigula obuzibu bw'empandiika mu isomo ly'amawanika kwetaagisa enkola eteekubila inho ku nsonga ndala aye enoonheleza engeli esinga kugasa omutendela gw'obuzibu obulondoolebwa. Waile nga obuzibu obundi busobola okugondhoolwa okugiila ku mutendela oguteebwawo, gwalaga olulimi nga bwe luteekwa okuba, obuzibu

  3. A functional EDS1 ortholog is differentially regulated in powdery mildew resistant and susceptible grapevines and complements an Arabidopsis eds1 mutant.

    Gao, Fei; Shu, Xiaomei; Ali, Mohammad Babar; Howard, Susanne; Li, Nan; Winterhagen, Patrick; Qiu, Wenping; Gassmann, Walter


    Vitis vinifera (grapevine) is the most economically important deciduous fruit crop, but cultivated grapevine varieties lack adequate innate immunity to a range of devastating diseases. To identify genetic resources for grapevine innate immunity and understand pathogen defense pathways in a woody perennial plant, we focus in this study on orthologs of the central Arabidopsis thaliana defense regulator ENHANCED DISEASE SUSCEPTIBILITY1 (EDS1). The family of EDS1-like genes is expanded in grapevine, and members of this family were previously found to be constitutively upregulated in the resistant variety 'Norton' of the North American grapevine species Vitis aestivalis, while they were induced by Erysiphe necator, the causal agent of grapevine powdery mildew (PM), in the susceptible V. vinifera variety 'Cabernet Sauvignon'. Here, we determine the responsiveness of individual EDS1-like genes in grapevine to PM and salicylic acid, and find that EDS1-like paralogs are differentially regulated in 'Cabernet Sauvignon', while two are constitutively upregulated in 'Norton'. Sequencing of VvEDS1 and VaEDS1 cDNA and genomic clones revealed high conservation in the protein-encoding sequence and some divergence of the promoter sequence in the two grapevine varieties. Complementation of the Arabidopsis eds1-1 mutant showed that the EDS1-like gene with highest predicted amino acid sequence similarity to AtEDS1 from either grapevine varieties is a functional ortholog of AtEDS1. Together, our analyses show that differential susceptibility to PM is correlated with differences in EDS1 expression, not differences in EDS1 function, between resistant 'Norton' and susceptible 'Cabernet Sauvignon'.

  4. A Successful ED Fall Risk Program Using the KINDER 1 Fall RiskAssessment Tool.

    Townsend, Ann B; Valle-Ortiz, Marisol; Sansweet, Tracy


    Emergency nurses did not perform falls risk assessments routinely on our ED patients; the instrument used was aimed at inpatients. We identified a need to revise fall assessment practices specific to our emergency department. The purpose of the performance improvement project was to reduce ED falls and evaluate the use of an ED-specific fall risk tool, the KINDER 1 Fall Risk Assessment. The plan was to establish fall risk assessment practices at point of ED entry and to decrease total falls.

  5. Molecular cloning and characterization of enhanced disease susceptibility 1 (EDS1) from Gossypium barbadense.

    Su, Xiaofeng; Qi, Xiliang; Cheng, Hongmei


    Arabidopsis enhanced disease susceptibility 1 (EDS1) plays an important role in plant defense against biotrophic and necrotrophic pathogens. The necrotrophic pathogen Verticillium dahliae infection of Gossypium barbadense could lead to Verticillium wilt which seriously reduces the cotton production. Here, we cloned and characterized a G. barbadense homolog of EDS1, designated as GbEDS1. The full-length cDNA of the GbEDS1 gene was obtained by the technique of rapid-amplification of cDNA ends. The open reading frame of the GbEDS1 gene was 1,647 bp long and encoded a protein of 548 amino acids residues. Comparison of the cDNA and genomic DNA sequence of GbEDS1 indicated that this gene contained a single intron and two exons. Like other EDS1s, GbEDS1 contained a conserved N-terminal lipase domain and an EDS1-specific KNEDT motif. Subcellular localization assay revealed that GbEDS1-green fluorescence protein fusion protein was localized in both cytosol and nucleus. Interestingly, the transcript levels of GbEDS1 were dramatically increased in response to pathogen V. dahliae infection. To investigate the role of GbEDS1 in plant resistance against V. dahliae, a conserved fragment derived from GbEDS1 was used to knockdown the endogenous EDS1 in Nicotiana benthamiana by heterologous virus-induced gene silencing. Our data showed that silencing of NbEDS1 resulted in increased susceptibility to V. dahliae infection in N. benthamiana, suggesting a possible involvement of the novelly isolated GbEDS1 in the regulation of plant defense against V. dahliae.

  6. Treatment of Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy: Factors Associated with ED Revisits

    Brian R. Sharp


    Full Text Available Introduction: Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP is a condition that commonly affects women in the first trimester of pregnancy. Despite frequently leading to emergency department (ED visits, little evidence exists to characterize the nature of ED visits or to guide its treatment in the ED. Our objectives were to evaluate the treatment of NVP in the ED and to identify factors that predict return visits to the ED for NVP. Methods: We conducted a retrospective database analysis using the electronic medical record from a single, large academic hospital. Demographic and treatment variables were collected using a chart review of 113 ED patient visits with a billing diagnosis of “nausea and vomiting in pregnancy” or “hyperemesis gravidarum.” Logistic regression analysis was used with a primary outcome of return visit to the ED for the same diagnoses. Results: There was wide treatment variability of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy patients in the ED. Of the 113 patient visits, 38 (33.6% had a return ED visit for NVP. High gravidity (OR 1.31, 95% CI [1.06-1.61], high parity (OR 1.50 95% CI [1.12-2.00], and early gestational age (OR 0.74 95% CI [0.60-0.90] were associated with an increase in return ED visits in univariate logistic regression models, while only early gestational age (OR 0.74 95% CI [0.59-0.91] was associated with increased return ED visits in a multiple regression model. Admission to the hospital was found to decrease the likelihood of return ED visits (p=0.002. Conclusion: NVP can be difficult to manage and has a high ED return visit rate. Optimizing care with aggressive, standardized treatment in the ED and upon discharge, particularly if factors predictive of return ED visits are present, may improve quality of care and reduce ED utilization for this condition.

  7. Treatment of Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy: Factors Associated with ED Revisits

    Sharp, Brian R.; Sharp, Kristen M.; Patterson, Brian; Dooley-Hash, Suzanne


    Introduction Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP) is a condition that commonly affects women in the first trimester of pregnancy. Despite frequently leading to emergency department (ED) visits, little evidence exists to characterize the nature of ED visits or to guide its treatment in the ED. Our objectives were to evaluate the treatment of NVP in the ED and to identify factors that predict return visits to the ED for NVP. Methods We conducted a retrospective database analysis using the electronic medical record from a single, large academic hospital. Demographic and treatment variables were collected using a chart review of 113 ED patient visits with a billing diagnosis of “nausea and vomiting in pregnancy” or “hyperemesis gravidarum.” Logistic regression analysis was used with a primary outcome of return visit to the ED for the same diagnoses. Results There was wide treatment variability of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy patients in the ED. Of the 113 patient visits, 38 (33.6%) had a return ED visit for NVP. High gravidity (OR 1.31, 95% CI [1.06–1.61]), high parity (OR 1.50 95% CI [1.12–2.00]), and early gestational age (OR 0.74 95% CI [0.60–0.90]) were associated with an increase in return ED visits in univariate logistic regression models, while only early gestational age (OR 0.74 95% CI [0.59–0.91]) was associated with increased return ED visits in a multiple regression model. Admission to the hospital was found to decrease the likelihood of return ED visits (p=0.002). Conclusion NVP can be difficult to manage and has a high ED return visit rate. Optimizing care with aggressive, standardized treatment in the ED and upon discharge, particularly if factors predictive of return ED visits are present, may improve quality of care and reduce ED utilization for this condition. PMID:27625723

  8. EDS1 mediates pathogen resistance and virulence function of a bacterial effector in soybean

    Enhanced disease susceptibility 1 (EDS1) and phytoalexin deficient 4 (PAD4) are well known regulators of both basal and resistance (R) protein-mediated plant defense. We identified two EDS1- (GmEDS1a/b) and one PAD4-like (GmPAD4) protein that are required for resistance signaling in soybean. Consist...

  9. EDS V26 Containment Vessel Explosive Qualification Test Report

    Crocker, Robert W. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Haroldsen, Brent L. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Stofleth, Jerome H. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    The objective of the test was to qualify the vessel for its intended use by subjecting it to a 1.25 times overtest. The criteria for success are that the measured strains do not exceed the calculated strains from the vessel analysis, there is no significant additional plastic strain on subsequent tests at the rated design load (shakedown), and there is no significant damage to the vessel and attached hardware that affect form, fit, or function. Testing of the V25 Vessel in 2011 established a precedent for testing V26 [2]. As with V25, two tests were performed to satisfy this objective. The first test used 9 pounds of Composition C-4 (11.25 lbs. TNT-equivalent), which is 125 percent of the design basis load. The second test used 7.2 pounds of Composition C-4 (9 lbs. TNT-equivalent) which is 100 percent of the design basis load. The first test provided the required overtest while the second test served to demonstrate shakedown and the absence of additional plastic deformation. Unlike the V25 vessel, which was mounted in a shipping cradle during testing, the V26 vessel was mounted on the EDS P2U3 trailer prior to testing. Visual inspections of the EDS vessel, surroundings, and diagnostics were completed before and after each test event. This visual inspection included analyzing the seals, fittings, and interior surfaces of the EDS vessel and documenting any abnormalities or damages. Photographs were used to visually document vessel conditions and findings before and after each test event.

  10. Esther Schor, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Mary Shelley

    Anne BERTON


    Full Text Available “Today, whether she is found between staid cloth covers, in paperback, on the screen or in cyberspace, Mary Shelley is everywhere,” writes Esther Schor in her Introduction to this collection of essays (2. Interest in “the Author of Frankenstein” and of other works has grown steadily over the last twenty years, thanks notably to the publication of her Journals (The Journals of Mary Shelley, 1814-1844, ed. Paula R. Feldman and Diana Scott-Kilvert, 2 vols, Oxford: Clarendon, 1987, of her Lette...

  11. Book Review: Digital Forensic Evidence Examination (2nd ed.)

    Gary Kessler


    Cohen, F. (2010). Digital Forensic Evidence Examination (2nd ed.). Livermore, CA: ASP Press. 452 pages, ISBN: 978-1-878109-45-3, US$79.Reviewed by Gary C. Kessler, Gary Kessler Associates & Edith Cowan University ()On the day that I sat down to start to write this review, the following e-mailcame across on one of my lists:Person A and Person B write back and forth and create an email thread. Person A then forwards the email to Person C, but changes some wording in the e...

  12. Constitutive disease resistance requires EDS1 in the Arabidopsis mutants cpr1 and cpr6 and is partially EDS1-dependent in cpr5.

    Clarke, J D; Aarts, N; Feys, B J; Dong, X; Parker, J E


    The systemic acquired resistance (SAR) response in Arabidopsis is characterized by the accumulation of salicylic acid (SA), expression of the pathogenesis-related (PR) genes, and enhanced resistance to virulent bacterial and oomycete pathogens. The cpr (constitutive expressor of PR genes) mutants express all three SAR phenotypes. In addition, cpr5 and cpr6 induce expression of PDF1.2, a defense-related gene associated with activation of the jasmonate/ethylene-mediated resistance pathways. cpr5 also forms spontaneous lesions. In contrast, the eds1 (enhanced disease susceptibility) mutation abolishes race-specific resistance conferred by a major subclass of resistance (R) gene products in response to avirulent pathogens. eds1 plants also exhibit increased susceptibility to virulent pathogens. Epistasis experiments were designed to explore the relationship between the cpr- and EDS1-mediated resistance pathways. We found that a null eds1 mutation suppresses the disease resistance phenotypes of both cpr1 and cpr6. In contrast, eds1 only partially suppresses resistance in cpr5, leading us to conclude that cpr5 expresses both EDS1-dependent and EDS1-independent components of plant disease resistance. Although eds1 does not prevent lesion formation on cpr5 leaves, it alters their appearance and reduces their spread. This phenotypic difference is associated with increased pathogen colonization of cpr5 eds1 plants compared to cpr5. The data allow us to place EDS1 as a necessary downstream component of cpr1- and cpr6-mediated responses, but suggest a more complex relationship between EDS1 and cpr5 in plant defense.

  13. Domestic violence in an inner-city ED.

    Ernst, A A; Nick, T G; Weiss, S J; Houry, D; Mills, T


    A confidential written survey was conducted at the emergency department (ED) of Charity Hospital in New Orleans to determine the prevalence of domestic violence (DV) for male and female ED patients and to determine the demographics of DV. Four violence parameters were calculated for patients who had a partner at the time of presentation: 1) present physical; 2) present nonphysical; 3) past physical; and 4) past nonphysical. Out of the 516 patients enrolled, 283 were women and 233 were men. On the basis of Index of Spouse Abuse scoring, 14% of men and 22% of women had experienced past nonphysical violence, and 28% of men and 33% of women had experienced past physical violence. Of the 157 men and 207 women with partners at the time of presentation, 11% men and 15% women reported present nonphysical violence, and 20% men and 19% of the women reported present physical violence. Logistic-regression models demonstrated that women experienced significantly more past and present nonphysical violence but not physical violence than men. Alcohol, drug use, and suicidal ideation were found to be significant predictors associated with DV. In conclusion, DV rates were high in the New Orleans population, with nearly equal rates of past and present physical violence for men and women.

  14. The collection of MicroED data for macromolecular crystallography.

    Shi, Dan; Nannenga, Brent L; de la Cruz, M Jason; Liu, Jinyang; Sawtelle, Steven; Calero, Guillermo; Reyes, Francis E; Hattne, Johan; Gonen, Tamir


    The formation of large, well-ordered crystals for crystallographic experiments remains a crucial bottleneck to the structural understanding of many important biological systems. To help alleviate this problem in crystallography, we have developed the MicroED method for the collection of electron diffraction data from 3D microcrystals and nanocrystals of radiation-sensitive biological material. In this approach, liquid solutions containing protein microcrystals are deposited on carbon-coated electron microscopy grids and are vitrified by plunging them into liquid ethane. MicroED data are collected for each selected crystal using cryo-electron microscopy, in which the crystal is diffracted using very few electrons as the stage is continuously rotated. This protocol gives advice on how to identify microcrystals by light microscopy or by negative-stain electron microscopy in samples obtained from standard protein crystallization experiments. The protocol also includes information about custom-designed equipment for controlling crystal rotation and software for recording experimental parameters in diffraction image metadata. Identifying microcrystals, preparing samples and setting up the microscope for diffraction data collection take approximately half an hour for each step. Screening microcrystals for quality diffraction takes roughly an hour, and the collection of a single data set is ∼10 min in duration. Complete data sets and resulting high-resolution structures can be obtained from a single crystal or by merging data from multiple crystals.

  15. Improving ED specimen TAT using Lean Six Sigma.

    Sanders, Janet H; Karr, Tedd


    Lean and Six Sigma are continuous improvement methodologies that have garnered international fame for improving manufacturing and service processes. Increasingly these methodologies are demonstrating their power to also improve healthcare processes. The purpose of this paper is to discuss a case study for the application of Lean and Six Sigma tools in the reduction of turnaround time (TAT) for Emergency Department (ED) specimens. This application of the scientific methodologies uncovered opportunities to improve the entire ED to lab system for the specimens. This case study provides details on the completion of a Lean Six Sigma project in a 1,000 bed tertiary care teaching hospital. Six Sigma's Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control methodology is very similar to good medical practice: first, relevant information is obtained and assembled; second, a careful and thorough diagnosis is completed; third, a treatment is proposed and implemented; and fourth, checks are made to determine if the treatment was effective. Lean's primary goal is to do more with less work and waste. The Lean methodology was used to identify and eliminate waste through rapid implementation of change. The initial focus of this project was the reduction of turn-around-times for ED specimens. However, the results led to better processes for both the internal and external customers of this and other processes. The project results included: a 50 percent decrease in vials used for testing, a 50 percent decrease in unused or extra specimens, a 90 percent decrease in ED specimens without orders, a 30 percent decrease in complete blood count analysis (CBCA) Median TAT, a 50 percent decrease in CBCA TAT Variation, a 10 percent decrease in Troponin TAT Variation, a 18.2 percent decrease in URPN TAT Variation, and a 2-5 minute decrease in ED registered nurses rainbow draw time. This case study demonstrated how the quantitative power of Six Sigma and the speed of Lean worked in harmony to improve

  16. Registered Nurses and Discharge Planning in a Taiwanese ED: A Neglected Issue?

    Chang, Wen; Goopy, Suzanne; Lin, Chun-Chih; Barnard, Alan; Liu, Hsueh-Erh; Han, Chin-Yen


    Published research on discharge planning is written from the perspective of hospital wards and community services. Limited research focuses on discharge planning in the emergency department (ED). The objective of this study was to identify ED nurses' perceptions of factors influencing the implementation of discharge planning. This qualitative study collected data from 25 ED nurses through in-depth interviews and a drawing task in which participants were asked to depict on paper the implementation of discharge planning in their practice. Factors influencing discharge planning were grouped into three categories: discharge planning as a neglected issue in the ED, heavy workload, and the negative attitudes of ED patients and their families. The study highlighted a need for effective discharge planning to be counted as an essential clinical competency for ED nurses and factored into their everyday workload. Nurses perceived that organizational culture, and parents' and relatives' attitudes were barriers to implementing discharge teaching in the ED.

  17. SEM-EDS analysis and discrimination of forensic soil.

    Cengiz, Salih; Cengiz Karaca, Ali; Cakir, Ismail; Bülent Uner, H; Sevindik, Aytekin


    Soils vary among different areas, and have some characteristics because of the natural effects and transfers made by human and other living beings in time. So that forensic examination of soil is not only concerned with the analysis of naturally occurring rocks, minerals, vegetation, and animal matter. It also includes the detection of such manufactured materials such as ions from synthetic fertilizers and from different environments (e.g., nitrate, phosphate, and sulfate) as environmental artifacts (e.g., lead or objects as glass, paint chips, asphalt, brick fragments, and cinders) whose presence may impart soil with characteristics that will make it unique to a particular location. Many screening and analytical methods have been applied for determining the characteristics which differentiate and discriminate the forensic soil samples but none of them easily standardized. Some of the methods that applied in forensic laboratories in forensic soil discrimination are the color comparison of the normal air-dried (dehumidified) and overheated soil samples, macroscopic observation, and low-power stereo-microscopic observation, determination of anionic composition by capillary electrophoresis (CE), and the elemental composition by scanning electron microscope (SEM)-energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) and other high sensitivity techniques. The objective of this study was to show the effect of the application of 9 tonnes/cm2 pressure on the elemental compositions obtained by SEM-EDS technique and comparing the discrimination power of the pressed-homogenized and not homogenized forensic soil samples. For this purpose soil samples from 17 different locations of Istanbul were collected. Aliquots of the well mixed samples were dried in an oven at 110-120 degrees C and sieved by using 0.5 mm sieve and then the undersieve fraction(JEO-JSM-5600 equipped with an energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer OXFORD Link-ISIS-300. The samples from top of the sieves were examined with

  18. Prevalence and correlates of erectile dysfunction (ED) and treatment seeking for ED in Asian Men: the Asian Men's Attitudes to Life Events and Sexuality (MALES) study.

    Tan, Hui-Meng; Low, Wah Yun; Ng, Chirk Jenn; Chen, Kuang-Kuo; Sugita, Minoru; Ishii, Nobuhisa; Marumo, Ken; Lee, Sung Won; Fisher, William; Sand, Michael


    There have been limited multiregional studies in Asia examining the parameters of men's general and sexual health and quality of life in the general population vs. those in clinical cohorts of patients with erectile dysfunction (ED). The aims of the Asian Men's Attitudes to Life Events and Sexuality (Asian MALES) study were to investigate the prevalence of ED, associated health conditions, and ED treatment-seeking patterns in the general male population in five regions of Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Taiwan). Standardized questionnaire previously used in a similar multiregional study and modified to ensure culturally appropriate content for Asia. Phase I of the study involved 10,934 adult men, aged 20-75 years, who were interviewed using the standardized questionnaire. Phase II of the study involved men with self-reported ED recruited from Phase I and via physician referral, invitations in general practitioner offices, and street interception (total Phase II sample, N = 1,209). The overall prevalence of self-reported ED in the Phase I study population was 6.4%. ED prevalence varied by region and significantly increased with age (P influencer of treatment seeking in all regions except Malaysia. The findings confirm those of existing research on ED in both Asian and non-Asian males: ED is a prevalent condition; the prevalence of ED increases with age and is strongly associated with comorbid conditions; and the majority of men have never sought treatment for their condition. This study highlights a substantial need for the evaluation and treatment of ED in Asian men.

  19. Fisica e fumetti: Paperone ed il deposito sotterraneo

    Bagnoli, Franco


    I fumetti, come i film, spesso utilizzano idee scientifiche "fantasiose". Non ci riferiamo qui alla violazione implicita delle leggi della fisica, cosa permessa in un mondo di fantasia, quanto piuttosto all'uso di spiegazioni fisiche errate che vengono usate in buona fede perch\\'e a riflettono convinzioni molto diffuse, ma sbagliate, sull'interpretazione di fenomeni a partire dai principi fisici. D'altra parte questi errori possono servire a illustrare la corretta applicazione della fisica in una maniera molto pi\\`u accattivante rispetto alla modalit\\'a tradizionale di presentazione. Analizziamo qui l'avventura Paperone ed il deposito sotterraneo di Pezzin e Cavezzano. ----- Comics and cartoon movies sometimes exploit fictitious scientific ideas. It is often the case that these ideas, althought wrong, actually reflect the popular vision of some natural phenomenon. We do not refer here to the implicit violation of physical laws in fictions, a practice allowed by the underlining "poetic licence" of comics. Howe...

  20. EDS V25 containment vessel explosive qualification test report.

    Rudolphi, John Joseph


    The V25 containment vessel was procured by the Project Manager, Non-Stockpile Chemical Materiel (PMNSCM) as a replacement vessel for use on the P2 Explosive Destruction Systems. It is the first EDS vessel to be fabricated under Code Case 2564 of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, which provides rules for the design of impulsively loaded vessels. The explosive rating for the vessel based on the Code Case is nine (9) pounds TNT-equivalent for up to 637 detonations. This limit is an increase from the 4.8 pounds TNT-equivalency rating for previous vessels. This report describes the explosive qualification tests that were performed in the vessel as part of the process for qualifying the vessel for explosive use. The tests consisted of a 11.25 pound TNT equivalent bare charge detonation followed by a 9 pound TNT equivalent detonation.

  1. ED services: the impact of caring behaviors on patient loyalty.

    Liu, Sandra S; Franz, David; Allen, Monette; Chang, En-Chung; Janowiak, Dana; Mayne, Patricia; White, Ruth


    This article describes an observational study of caring behaviors in the emergency departments of 4 Ascension Health hospitals and the impact of these behaviors on patient loyalty to the associated hospital. These hospitals were diverse in size and geography, representing 3 large urban community hospitals in metropolitan areas and 1 in a midsized city. Research assistants from Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN) conducted observations at the first study site and validated survey instruments. The Purdue research assistants trained contracted observers at the subsequent study sites. The research assistants conducted observational studies of caregivers in the emergency departments at 4 study sites using convenience sampling of patients. Caring behaviors were rated from 0 (did not occur) to 5 (high intensity). The observation included additional information, for example, caregiver roles, timing, and type of visit. Observed and unobserved patients completed exit surveys that recorded patient responses to the likelihood-to-recommend (loyalty) questions, patient perceptions of care, and demographic information. Common themes across all study sites emerged, including (1) the area that patients considered most important to an ED experience (prompt attention to their needs upon arrival to the emergency department); (2) the area that patients rated as least positive in their actual ED experience (prompt attention to their needs upon arrival to the emergency department); (3) caring behaviors that significantly affected patient loyalty (eg, making sure that the patient is aware of care-related details, working with a caring touch, and making the treatment procedure clearly understood by the patient); and (4) the impact of wait time to see a caregiver on patient loyalty. A number of correlations between caring behaviors and patient loyalty were statistically significant (P loyalty but that occurred least frequently. The study showed through factor analysis that some caring

  2. Functions of EDS1-like and PAD4 genes in grapevine defenses against powdery mildew.

    Gao, Fei; Dai, Ru; Pike, Sharon M; Qiu, Wenping; Gassmann, Walter


    The molecular interactions between grapevine and the obligate biotrophic fungus Erysiphe necator are not understood in depth. One reason for this is the recalcitrance of grapevine to genetic modifications. Using defense-related Arabidopsis mutants that are susceptible to pathogens, we were able to analyze key components in grapevine defense responses. We have examined the functions of defense genes associated with the salicylic acid (SA) pathway, including ENHANCED DISEASE SUSCEPTIBILITY 1 (EDS1), EDS1-LIKE 2 (EDL2), EDL5 and PHYTOALEXIN DEFICIENT 4 (PAD4) of two grapevine species, Vitis vinifera cv. Cabernet Sauvignon, which is susceptible to E. necator, and V. aestivalis cv. Norton, which is resistant. Both VaEDS1 and VvEDS1 were previously found to functionally complement the Arabidopsis eds1-1 mutant. Here we show that the promoters of both VaEDS1 and VvEDS1 were induced by SA, indicating that the heightened defense of Norton is related to its high SA level. Other than Va/VvEDS1, only VaEDL2 complemented Arabidopsis eds1-1, whereas Va/VvPAD4 did not complement Arabidopsis pad4-1. Bimolecular fluorescence complementation results indicated that Vitis EDS1 and EDL2 proteins interact with Vitis PAD4 and AtPAD4, suggesting that Vitis EDS1/EDL2 forms a complex with PAD4 to confer resistance, as is known from Arabidopsis. However, Vitis EDL5 and PAD4 did not interact with Arabidopsis EDS1 or PAD4, correlating with their inability to function in Arabidopsis. Together, our study suggests a more complicated EDS1/PAD4 module in grapevine and provides insight into molecular mechanisms that determine disease resistance levels in Vitis species native to the North American continent.

  3. RT-PCR Analysis of ED-A,ED-B, and IIICS Fibronectin Domains: A New Screening Marker For Bladder Cancer

    M Ahmadi Javid


    Full Text Available Background: Fibronectin seems to play a very important role in the progression and invasion of bladder cancer. EDA, EDB, and IIICS domains of fibronectin are not expressed in the adult persons but they’re expressed in different cancers. The aim of this study is to investigate the mRNA of fibronectin in transitional carcinoma cells (TCC of bladder to study these domains. Methods: A total of 20 patients with known bladder cancer were studied. Two of them excluded since their excised tissues were not enough for both the pathological examination and RNA study. Another 20 (control group were normal volunteers who needed bladder operations. The excised tissue was immediately transferred to RNAlater (Ambion,TX. RNA was extracted via RNAWIZ (Ambion, TX. cDNA was made via RevertAid First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit (Fermentas. PCR of the cDNAs was performed using primers for EDA, EDB, and IIICS (Eurogentec,Belgium. Results: For the first time, we present the expression of the oncofetal fibronectin mRNA in the transitional cell carcinoma of bladder. The high grade muscle invasive (G3T2 tumor, expressed ED-A, ED-B, and IIICS. Expression of ED-A, ED-B, and IIICS was confirmed in the two patients with G3T1 TCC. The four patients with G2Ta and G3Ta expressed both ED-A and ED-B. The four patients with G1T1 tumor expressed ED-A only, similar to the nine patients with G1Ta tumor. None of the normal volunteers expressed the oncofetal extra domains. The sensitivity of ED-A positive fibronectin RNA for detecting TCC of any kind is 100%, and of ED-B was only 35%. The specificity of ED-B positive fibronectin RNA for the high grade TCC is 100%. Conclusion: ED-A, ED-B, and IIICS could be used as useful markers for the diagnosis and following up of bladder carcinoma. Keywords: Transitional Cell Carcinoma, bladder cancer, fibronectin, RT-PCR, oncofetal.

  4. Patient-Centered Care Transition for Patients Admitted through the ED: Improving Patient and Employee Experience

    Andrea Algauer BSN, RN


    Full Text Available With increasing wait times in emergency departments (ED across America, there is a need to streamline the inpatient admission process in order to decrease wait times and more important, to increase patient and employee satisfaction. One inpatient unit at New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center initiated a program to help expedite the inpatient admission process from the ED. The goal of the ED Bridge program is to ease the patient's transition from the ED to an inpatient unit by visiting the patient in the ED and introducing and setting expectations for the inpatient environment (i.e. telemetry alarms, roommates, hourly comfort rounds. Along with improving the patient experience, this program intends to improve the collaboration between ED nurses and inpatient nurses. With the continued support of our nurse management, hospital administrators and most important, our staff, this concept is aimed to increase patient satisfaction scores and subsequently employee satisfaction.

  5. The NStED Periodogram Service and Interface for Public CoRoT Data

    von Braun, K; Beekley, A; Berriman, G B; Bryden, G; Chan, B; Ciardi, D R; Good, J; Harbut, M; Kane, S R; Laity, A; Lau, C; Lynn, M; McElroy, D; Plavchan, P; Regelson, M; Rey, R; Ramirez, S V; Stauffer, J; Zhang, A


    As part of the NASA-CNES agreement, the NASA Star and Exoplanet Database (NStED) serves as the official US portal for the public CoRoT data products. NStED is a general purpose archive with the aim of providing support for NASA's planet finding and characterization goals. Consequently, the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (NExScI) developed, and NStED adapted, a periodogram service for CoRoT data to determine periods of variability phenomena and create phased photometric light curves. Through the NStED periodogram interface, the user may choose three different period detection algorithms to use on any photometric time series product, or even upload and analyze their own data. Additionally, the NStED periodogram is remotely accessed by the CoRoT archive as part of its interface. NStED is available at {\\bf}.

  6. Effect of Layered Double Hydroxides on Ultraviolet Aging Resistance of SBS Modifi ed Bitumen Membrane

    XU Song; YU Jianying; XUE Lihui; SUN Yubin; XIE Dong


    Layered double hydroxides (LDHs)/styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) copolymer modified bitumen was prepared by melt blending. The effect of LDHs on the ultraviolet (UV) aging behavior of SBS modifi ed bitumen was investigated. The changes of chemical structures of modifi ed bitumen before and after UV aging were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). The results show that LDHs obviously reduce the variation of softening point and low temperaturefl exibility of SBS modifi ed bitumen under different UV radiation intensities, which indicates that the UV aging resistance performance of SBS modifi ed bitumen is improved effectively by LDHs. Compared with SBS modifi ed bitumen, the changes of carbonyl, sulfoxide and butadienyl of LDHs/SBS modified bitumen decrease significantly after UV aging according to FTIR analysis, demonstrating that the oxidation and degradation reactions of SBS modifi ed bitumen were restrained effectively by adding LDHs.

  7. Barbara Storck: Erzählte Enge. Raum und Weiblichkeit in französischen Erzähltexten des 18. und frühen 19. Jahrhunderts. Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter 2009.

    Zuzanna Aleksandra Jakubowski


    Full Text Available Barbara Storck untersucht in ihrer Arbeit die geschlechtsspezifischen Semantisierung literarischer Räume in Erzähltexten Denis Diderots, Jean-Jacques Rousseaus, Mme de Genlis’, Mme de Staëls und Charles Nodiers. Im Zentrum steht dabei das Motiv der räumlichen Enge, insbesondere das der eingeschlossenen Frau. Zielsetzung ist die Erforschung der weiblichen Subjektkonstituierung durch literarische Räume. Leider bleibt eine geschlechteranalytische Perspektive − zugunsten der Darstellung einer Vielzahl ins Verhältnis zur Subjekt-Raum-Konstitution gesetzter zeitgenössischer Diskurse − wenig entwickelt.In her work, Barbara Storck examines the gender-specific semantics of literary spaces in narrative texts by Denis Diderot, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Mme de Genlis, Mme de Staël, and Charles Nodier. Central to her examination is the motif of spatial constriction and in particular that of the enclosed woman. The goal of the investigation is to uncover the constitution of the female subject through literary spaces. Unfortunately there is little development of a gender analytical perspective – to the benefit, however, of the presentation of multiple contemporary discourses on subject-space constitution.

  8. Diagnostic value of Blink reflex and facial nerve's electroneurogram (ENG) in patients with Bell's paralysis%瞬目反射和面神经电图在Bell's麻痹中的应用

    柯将琼; 李勇; 王小同


    目的 探讨Bell's麻痹患者行瞬目反射(blink reflex,BR)、面神经电图(electroneurogram,ENG)检测的意义.方法 36例Bell′s麻痹患者在发病1周内行BR和ENG测定.结果 患侧R1、R2及R2′缺如者23例,其余13例患侧较健侧R1、R2及R2′波潜伏期延长,异常率100%;患侧面神经运动传导潜伏期延长、波幅降低,与健侧比较差异有显著性(P<0.05),早期异常率为63.9%.结论 BR测定是诊断Bell's麻痹的敏感指标,同时结合ENG可全面、客观地评价面神经损害的程度和预后.

  9. Are family physicians the answer to ED doctor shortage, or 'blasphemy'?


    Some organizations maintain that family physicians have the skills and training necessary to practice in the ED and help combat the current physician shortage, while others maintain their training is inadequate. Here are some issues to take into consideration with such candidates: Have they obtained thorough experience the necessary skills to practice in the ED? Have they received a significant amount of clinical training in an ED? Has their training progress been monitored by a teaching attending?

  10. Spazio, movimento, prospettiva ed empatia: un prototipo di videogame didattico

    Pio Alfredo Di Tore


    Full Text Available Questo lavoro presenta la cornice teorica che sta alla base della progettazione di un videogame didattico pensato per valutare le abilità di perspective taking (capacità di adottare la prospettiva altrui e di mental rotation (rotazione mentale dei giocatori. Lo studio mira a rilevare come tali abilità siano coinvolte nella relazione empatica e a verificarne le implicazioni in campo educativo. Il lavoro adotta la definizione di empatia riconducibile ad Alain Berthoz ed alla teoria spaziale dell’empatia qui presentata con i relativi sistemi di riferimento spaziale. È inoltre fornita una rapida revisione della letteratura sulla rappresentazione dello spazio nel bambino e sulla rappresentazione dello spazio nel gioco (su base visiva. Infine, il lavoro descrive il prototipo di gioco – realizzato presso l’Università di Salerno – in cui il giocatore si trova alle prese con tre differenti compiti di cui due progettati per misurare le abilità di perspective taking mentre il terzo è calibrato sulle abilità di mental rotation.

  11. Etica ed evoluzionismo: la proposta di Marc Hauser

    Irene Pilloni


    Full Text Available Le recenti scoperte nell’ambito della psicologia evoluzionistica potrebbero offrire una risposta al dibattito sull’origine evoluzionistica della facoltà morale dell’Homo sapiens. In passato, il tentativo di spiegare il comportamento morale a partire dalla teoria dell’evoluzione è stato intrapreso dal padre fondatore dell’evoluzionismo Charles Darwin, successivamente da T.H. Huxley e da H. Spencer e infine dal sociobiologo E. Wilson a metà degli anni ‘70 del Novecento. Oggi questa impresa è stata ereditata dallo psicologo evoluzionista Marc Hauser, le cui indagini prendono avvio da un’analogia tra facoltà morale e facoltà linguistica. Questa analogia gli consente di affermare che la pluralità di codici morali adottati dagli uomini nelle differenti culture dipende da un numero limitato di principi morali, nello stesso modo in cui la varietà di lingue con cui gli uomini si esprimono, dipende da un numero limitato di principi linguistici universali. Dunque, sembrerebbe che l’evoluzione biologica abbia plasmato dei principi morali universali e uniformi che si presentano costanti in tutti gli uomini a prescindere dalla loro appartenenza culturale. Come vadano intesi i principi morali universali e quale rapporto intercorre tra di essi e i vari codici morali sarà l’argomento di questo saggio, il quale tenterà di analizzare la proposta di Marc Hauser all’interno della cornice dei rapporti tra etica ed evoluzionismo.

  12. Interdisciplinary mistrust, communication breakdowns cited in survey of ED handoffs.


    Both emergency and inpatient physicians agree that miscommunication during interunit handoffs can compromise patient care and that sequential handoffs are particularly problematic, according to a new study conducted at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) in Omaha, NE. The study highlights physician survey data showing that there is mistrust between inpatient and emergency physicians, and that which provider is responsible for patient care can be unclear when a verbal handoff is made. To make improvements, UNMC has been piloting a tool aimed at standardizing verbal and written handoff communications. Nearly a third of all the participating physicians surveyed reported having handoff-related adverse events, and most put the blame on ineffective communication. Ninety-four percent of emergency physicians surveyed indicated that they had to defend their clinical decisions at least some of the time. The admitting physicians largely validated this concern, with more than 25% noting that they usually disagree with decisions made in the ED. Using the situation, background, assessment, recommendation (SBAR) form of communication as a starting point, an intervention tool aims to streamline handoff communications, both verbally and in the electronic medical record.

  13. Book Review: Digital Forensic Evidence Examination (2nd ed.

    Gary Kessler


    Full Text Available Cohen, F. (2010. Digital Forensic Evidence Examination (2nd ed.. Livermore, CA: ASP Press. 452 pages, ISBN: 978-1-878109-45-3, US$79.Reviewed by Gary C. Kessler, Gary Kessler Associates & Edith Cowan University (gck@garykessler.netOn the day that I sat down to start to write this review, the following e-mailcame across on one of my lists:Person A and Person B write back and forth and create an email thread. Person A then forwards the email to Person C, but changes some wording in the email exchange between A & B. What is the easiest way (and is it even possible to find out when that earlier email message was altered before sent to Person C?Before you try to answer these questions, read Fred Cohen's Digital Forensic Evidence Examination. His book won't actually tell you how to answer these questions but it will help you understand the difficulty in even trying to answer them with any level of certainty.(see PDF for full review

  14. Hearing of Mr. Francois Roussely, President of EdF; Audition de M. Francois Roussely, President d'EdF

    Roussely, F. [Electricite de France (EDF), 75 - Paris (France)


    This document is the proceedings of the hearing of F. Roussely, President of Electricite de France (EdF), at the commission of economic affairs of the French house of commons, about the advisability of the construction of the EPR (European pressurized reactor) demonstration plant and about its possible financing by EdF. In a first part, F. Roussely recalls the European context of deregulation of energy markets and its impact of the French electric power industry (opening of the French market, industrial and social actions of EdF, need of a new generation of nuclear reactor, preservation of EdF's energy mix, warranty of public utility, un-bundling between energy trade and distribution, EdF's turnover and profitability, EdF's foreign daughter companies). In a second part, F. Roussely answers a series of questions asked by the different members of the commission concerning the different points presented in the first part. (J.S.)

  15. The utility of transvaginal ultrasound in the ED evaluation of complications of first trimester pregnancy.

    Panebianco, Nova L; Shofer, Frances; Fields, J Matthew; Anderson, Kenton; Mangili, Alessandro; Matsuura, Asako C; Dean, Anthony J


    For patients with early intrauterine pregnancy (IUP), the sonographic signs of the gestation may be below the resolution of transabdominal ultrasound (TAU); however, it may be identified by transvaginal ultrasound (TVU). We sought to determine how often TVU performed in the emergency department (ED) reveals a viable IUP after a nondiagnostic ED TAU and the impact of ED TVU on patient length of stay (LOS). This was a retrospective cohort study of women presenting to our ED with complications of early pregnancy from January 1, 2007 to February 28, 2009 in a single urban adult ED. Abstractors recorded clinical and imaging data in a database. Patient imaging modality and results were recorded and compared with respect to ultrasound (US) findings and LOS. Of 2429 subjects identified, 795 required TVU as part of their care. Emergency department TVU was performed in 528 patients, and 267 went to radiology (RAD). Emergency department TVU identified a viable IUP in 261 patients (49.6%). Patients having initial ED US had shorter LOS than patients with initial RAD US (median 4.0 vs 6.0 hours; P < .001). Emergency department LOS was shorter for women who had ED TVU performed compared with those sent for RAD TVU regardless of the findings of the US (median 4.9 vs 6.7 hours; P < .001). There was no increased LOS for patients who needed further RAD US after an indeterminate ED TVU (7.0 vs 7.1 hours; P = .43). There was no difference in LOS for those who had a viable IUP confirmed on ED TAU vs ED (median 3.1 vs 3.2 hours, respectively; P < .32). When an ED TVU was performed, a viable IUP was detected 49.6% of the time. Emergency department LOS was significantly shorter for women who received ED TVU after indeterminate ED TAU compared with those sent to RAD for TVU, with more marked time savings among those with live IUP diagnosed on ED TVU. For patients who do not receive a definitive diagnosis of IUP on ED TVU, this approach does not result in increased LOS. Copyright © 2015




    Full Text Available The Information Communication and Technology industry is made up of enterprises concerned with the design, manufacture, installation, development, support and management of computer-based information systems (both software and hardware. The rapid expansion of electronic technologies within the global TELECOM industry has been accompanied by an explosion of automation applications that are redefining the way we perceive and experience communication, entertainment and security in our personal and professional environments. Convenience is now a function of the extent to which electronic appliances and gadgets are „online‟ and accessible through land and wireless networks. Information flow is expected on demand -constant, reliable, accurate and accessible. Such changes have understandably raised expectations with regards to the how effectively we function, in the places we live and work. No where have the effects of this new technology been felt as powerfully as in the global real estate industry.

  17. Book Review: John M. Hobson and Leonard Seabrooke (2007) (eds) Everyday Politics of the World Economy

    Strange, Michael Stewart


    Book Review: John M. Hobson and Leonard Seabrooke (2007) (eds) Everyday Politics of the World Economy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), 254pp. Udgivelsesdato: 2009......Book Review: John M. Hobson and Leonard Seabrooke (2007) (eds) Everyday Politics of the World Economy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), 254pp. Udgivelsesdato: 2009...

  18. Multiple Intelligence and Digital Learning Awareness of Prospective B.Ed Teachers

    Gracious, F. L. Antony; Shyla, F. L. Jasmine Anne


    The present study Multiple Intelligence and Digital Learning Awareness of prospective B.Ed teachers was probed to find the relationship between Multiple Intelligence and Digital Learning Awareness of Prospective B.Ed Teachers. Data for the study were collected using self made Multiple Intelligence Inventory and Digital Learning Awareness Scale.…

  19. A Review of "Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter: 30 Sex Ed Lessons for Adults Only"

    Garrity, Joan Mogul


    While virtually all sex ed curricula are designed to be used with children, teens and young adults, "Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter: 30 Sex Ed Lessons for Adults Only" ([C] 2009, Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern New Jersey) offers lessons to help participants fully embrace the possibility of sexual pleasure and intimacy from mid-life through…

  20. MobilED – a mobile tools and services platform for formal and informal learning

    Ford, M


    Full Text Available The MobilED initiative is aimed at designing teaching and learning environments that are meaningfully enhanced with mobile technologies and services. The MobilED deliverables are to develop a set of scenarios and guidelines of how mobile...

  1. "What about Bilingualism?" A Critical Reflection on the edTPA with Teachers of Emergent Bilinguals

    Kleyn, Tatyana; López, Dina; Makar, Carmina


    Amidst the debates surrounding teacher quality and preparation programs, the edTPA (education Teaching Performance Assessment) has emerged to assess future teachers through a portfolio-based certification process. This study offers the perspective of three faculty members who participated in an experimental configuration of edTPA implementation…

  2. An EDS1 orthologue is required for N-mediated resistance against tobacco mosaic virus.

    Peart, Jack R; Cook, Graeme; Feys, Bart J; Parker, Jane E; Baulcombe, David C


    In Arabidopsis, EDS1 is essential for disease resistance conferred by a structural subset of resistance (R) proteins containing a nucleotide-binding site, leucine-rich-repeats and amino-terminal similarity to animal Toll and Interleukin-1 (so-called TIR-NBS-LRR proteins). EDS1 is not required by NBS-LRR proteins that possess an amino-terminal coiled-coil motif (CC-NBS-LRR proteins). Using virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) of a Nicotiana benthaminana EDS1 orthologue, we investigated the role of EDS1 in resistance specified by structurally distinct R genes in transgenic N. benthamiana. Resistance against tobacco mosaic virus mediated by tobacco N, a TIR-NBS-LRR protein, was EDS1-dependent. Two other R proteins, Pto (a protein kinase), and Rx (a CC-NBS-LRR protein) recognizing, respectively, a bacterial and viral pathogen did not require EDS1. These data, together with the finding that expression of N. benthamiana and Arabidopsis EDS1 mRNAs are similarly regulated, lead us to conclude that recruitment of EDS1 by TIR-NBS-LRR proteins is evolutionarily conserved between dicotyledenous plant species in resistance against bacterial, oomycete and viral pathogens. We further demonstrate that VIGS is a useful approach to dissect resistance signaling pathways in a genetically intractable plant species.

  3. Minimizing ED Waiting Times and Improving Patient Flow and Experience of Care

    Assaad Sayah


    Full Text Available We conducted a pre- and postintervention analysis to assess the impact of a process improvement project at the Cambridge Hospital ED. Through a comprehensive and collaborative process, we reengineered the emergency patient experience from arrival to departure. The ED operational changes have had a significant positive impact on all measured metrics. Ambulance diversion decreased from a mean of 148 hours per quarter before changes in July 2006 to 0 hours since April 2007. ED total length of stay decreased from a mean of 204 minutes before the changes to 132 minutes. Press Ganey patient satisfaction scores rose from the 12th percentile to the 59th percentile. ED patient volume grew by 11%, from a mean of 7,221 patients per quarter to 8,044 patients per quarter. Compliance with ED specific quality core measures improved from a mean of 71% to 97%. The mean rate of ED patients that left without being seen (LWBS dropped from 4.1% to 0.9%. Improving ED operational efficiency allowed us to accommodate increasing volume while improving the quality of care and satisfaction of the ED patients with minimal additional resources, space, or staffing.

  4. Variation in opioid prescribing patterns between ED providers.

    Smulowitz, Peter B; Cary, Chris; Boyle, Katherine L; Novack, Victor; Jagminas, Liudvikas


    Abuse of opioid prescription drugs has become an epidemic across the developed world. Despite the fact that emergency physicians overall account for a small proportion of total opioids prescribed, the number of prescriptions has risen dramatically in the past decade and, to some degree, contributes to the available supply of opioids in the community, some of which are diverted for non-medical use. Since successfully reducing opioid prescribing on the individual level first requires knowledge of current prescribing patterns, we sought to determine to what extent variation exists in opioid prescribing patterns at our institution. This was a single-institution observational study at a community hospital with an annual ED volume of 47,000 visits. We determined the number of prescriptions written by each provider, both total number and accounting for the number of patients seen. Our primary outcome measure was the level of variation at the physician level for number of prescriptions written per patient. We also identified the mean number of pills written per prescription. We analyzed data from November 13, 2014 through July 31, 2015 for 21 full-time providers. There were a total of 2211 prescriptions for opioids written over this time period for a total of 17,382 patients seen. On a per-patient basis, the rate of opioid prescriptions written per patient during this period was 127 per 1000 visits (95 % CI 122-132). There was a variation on the individual provider level, with rates ranging from 33 per to 332 per 1000 visits. There was also substantial variation by provider in the number of pills written per prescription with coefficient of variation (standard deviation divided by mean) averaged over different opioids ranging from 16 to 40 %. There was significant variation in opioid prescribing patterns at the individual physician level, even when accounting for the number of patients seen.

  5. Improved spectrum simulation for validating SEM-EDS analysis

    Statham, P.; Penman, C.; Duncumb, P.


    X-ray microanalysis by SEM-EDS requires corrections for the many physical processes that affect emitted intensity for elements present in the material. These corrections will only be accurate provided a number of conditions are satisfied and it is essential that the correct elements are identified. As analysis is pushed to achieve results on smaller features and more challenging samples it becomes increasingly difficult to determine if all conditions are upheld and whether the analysis results are valid. If a theoretical simulated spectrum based on the measured analysis result is compared with the measured spectrum, any marked differences will indicate problems with the analysis and can prevent serious mistakes in interpretation. To achieve the necessary accuracy a previous theoretical model has been enhanced to incorporate new line intensity measurements, differential absorption and excitation of emission lines, including the effect of Coster-Kronig transitions and an improved treatment of bremsstrahlung for compounds. The efficiency characteristic has been measured for a large area SDD detector and data acquired from an extensive set of standard materials at both 5 kV and 20 kV. The parameterized model has been adjusted to fit measured characteristic intensities and both background shape and intensity at the same beam current. Examples are given to demonstrate how an overlay of an accurate theoretical simulation can expose some non-obvious mistakes and provide some expert guidance towards a valid analysis result. A new formula for calculating the effective mean atomic number for compounds has also been derived that is appropriate and should help improve accuracy in techniques that calculate the bremsstrahlung or use a bremsstrahlung measurement for calibration.

  6. Francesco Fiorentino (ed., Figure e forme della memoria culturale

    Paola Di Gennaro


    Full Text Available Lavorare la memoria, obliare, ricordare, riscrivere il passato con gli strumenti del presente, è questo il soggetto e l’oggetto dei saggi riuniti in questo volume da Francesco Fiorentino, che li introduce attraverso l’operazione artistica di Robert Rauschenberg, il quale, dopo aver chiesto un disegno a de Kooning, maestro dell’Espressionismo astratto, lo espone cancellato. Questa «sottile meditazione iconologica sul tempo edipico dell’arte moderna» (7-8 annuncia uno dei leitmotiv del volume, verità ovvia ma necessaria: se la novità ha valore estetico, come è vero dal Settecento, allora il passato diventa fondamentale come sistema interno dell’arte. È su questo necessario filtro di selezione che agiscono le memorie citate nei saggi seguenti: intersezioni di tracce e cancellazioni, di cui si indagano autenticità, costruzione, ricostruzione, senza che i confini siano tra l’altro mai definiti – ed è questo, forse, che crea l’arte, per suo mezzo e scopo, tramite l’inaffidabilità della memoria: arte che è, come il quadro di Rauschenberg, «rappresentazione della permanenza e, insieme, dell’inattingibilità di ciò che è cancellato» (11. È insomma la «dimensione performativa dell’agire culturale» che viene messa in evidenza in questo volume, memoria che è culturale, appunto, umana e storica, e che, come il Wunderblock di Freud, si cancella ma mai completamente, e mai innocuamente. L’irriconoscibilità finale del ricordo rappresenta quindi il risultato della dimenticanza, e il suo prodotto più creativo. È proprio l’infedeltà della memoria a renderla oggetto sostanziale dell’arte, così come di questo lavoro, oggetto autoriflessivo della memoria collettiva.

  7. 联合应用顺阿曲库铵与维库溴铵后ED50和ED95的改变%The change of ED50 and ED95 for combination of cisatracurium and ve-curonium

    葛培青; 叶照君; 陶伟平; 梁伟民


    目的:观察顺式阿曲库铵联合维库溴铵用药后ED50和ED95的变化。方法将75例择期手术患者(ASAⅠ~Ⅱ级)随机分为3组:顺式阿曲库铵组、维库溴铵组和顺式阿曲库铵+维库溴铵组,每组各25例。麻醉诱导后,以单次给药法观察起效时间和T1达到最大抑制的时间,描绘3组患者的量-效曲线,求得各自的ED50和ED95值,并运用等效图法和代数法对两药相互作用进行分析。结果单用顺式阿曲库铵组、维库溴铵组ED50值分别为32.35、28.78μg/kg,ED95值分别为52.67、51.20μg/kg。联合用药时ED50值为16.81、12.17μg/kg,ED95值为23.49、22.16μg/kg,与单独用药相比,差异均有统计学意义。联合用药时ED50和ED95的合用代数值分别为0.942、0.879。结论联合使用顺式阿曲库铵和维库溴铵具有协同作用,且量-效曲线产生左移。%Objective To observe the change of ED50 and ED95 for the treatment with cisatracurium and vecuronium. Methods 75 cases of patients undergoing elective surgery (ASA Ⅰ to II level) were ramdomly divided into three groups:cisatracurium group,vecuronium group and cisatracurium+vecuronium group,each group of 25 cases.The onset time and T1 maximum inhibition time were determined by the single-injection doseresponse technique after anesthesia induction.Their respective ED50 of ED95 values were caculated by the depicted dose-response curve among the three groups of patients.The two medicine interaction analysis was caculated by the equivalent diagram method and algebraic method. Results ED50 was 32.35,28.78 μg/kg and ED95 was 52.67,51.20 μg/kg when patients were given single dose of atracurium or vecuronium.ED50 was 16.81,12.17 μg/kg and ED95 was 23.49,22.16 μg/kg when it combined the both two groups.Compared with other group,the differences in cisatracurium+vecuronium group were statistically significant.The combinational value of ED50 and ED95 was 0.942 and 0.879,respectively

  8. Accuracy of ED Bedside Ultrasound for Identification of Gallstones: Retrospective Analysis of 575 Studies

    Scruggs, William


    Full Text Available Study Objective: To determine the ability of emergency department (ED physicians to diagnose cholelithiasis with bedside ultrasound. Methods: ED gallbladder ultrasounds recorded over 37 months were compared to radiology ultrasound interpretation. Results: Of 1,690 ED gallbladder ultrasound scans performed during this period, radiology ultrasound was performed in 575/1690 (34% cases. ED physician bedside interpretation was 88% sensitive [95% CI, 84-91] and 87% specific [95% CI, 82-91], while positive predictive value (PPV was 91% [88- 94%] and negative predictive value (NPV was 83% [78-87%], using radiology interpretation as the criterion reference. Conclusion: ED physician ultrasound of the gallbladder for cholelithiasis is both sensitive and specific.

  9. The influence of sonority on the production of words ending in -ed by Brazilian EFL learners

    Fernanda Delatorre


    Full Text Available This study investigated the influence of sonority on the production of vowel epenthesis in verbs ending in -ed by Brazilian learners of English. Participants were twenty-six upper-intermediate Brazilian EFL learners who read and audio-recorded ten paragraphs containing 91 verbs ending in ed. The results demonstrated that sonority influenced mispronunciations since the least sonorous obstruents preceding -ed induced more vowel epenthesis than the more sonorous sonorants, which in turn induced more epenthesis than vowels in the same position. The results also demonstrated that within the class of obstruents, affricates preceding -ed induced more epenthesis than stops, which induced more epenthesis than fricatives, and that, within the class of sonorants, nasals induced more epenthesis than liquids. These results suggest that markedness in terms of sonority affects the production of vowel epenthesis in words ending in -ed.

  10. The influence of sonority on the production of words ending in -ed by Brazilian EFL learners

    Fernanda Delatorre


    Full Text Available This study investigated the influence of sonority on the production of vowel epenthesis in verbs ending in -ed by Brazilian learners of English. Participants were twenty-six upper-intermediate Brazilian EFL learners who read and audio-recorded ten paragraphs containing 91 verbs ending in ed. The results demonstrated that sonority influenced mispronunciations since the least sonorous obstruents preceding -ed induced more vowel epenthesis than the more sonorous sonorants, which in turn induced more epenthesis than vowels in the same position. The results also demonstrated that within the class of obstruents, affricates preceding -ed induced more epenthesis than stops, which induced more epenthesis than fricatives, and that, within the class of sonorants, nasals induced more epenthesis than liquids. These results suggest that markedness in terms of sonority affects the production of vowel epenthesis in words ending in -ed.

  11. Arsenic and Old Mustard: Chemical Problems of Old Arsenical and 'Mustard' Munitions (Joseph F. Bunnett and Marian Mikotajczyk, Eds.)

    Garrett, Benjamin


    technologies; and international obligations attendant to the Chemical Weapons Convention, which entered into force in 1997. Hermann Martens's presentation of German arsenical and mustard munitions and of technical approaches to their destruction is similarly detailed, thorough, and engaging. W. R. Cullen's chapter "Arsenic in the Environment" and Shigeru Maeda's chapter "Biotransformation of Arsenic in Freshwater Organisms" help place the problems associated with the arsenicals in their environmental context and, hence, should appeal to a large audiencenot merely those specialists dealing with chemical weapon destruction. The reports of the three discussion groupsYperite,3 Arsenicals, and Recovered Munitionsprovide useful summaries of current knowledge and needs for additional research. The Arsenicals report observes that "destruction of arsenical agents appears to have received little attention." This situation may change if searches in Washington, DC, should uncover caches of old arsenicals at CUA and, especially, when the governments of the People's Republic of China and Japan agree on funding for destruction of the chemical munitions Japan caused to be abandoned on what is now the territory of the PRC. A conservative estimate is that there are 2,000,000 of these abandoned munitions, most of them being arsenicals and mustards.4 Notes and References 1. Nieuwland (1878-1936) hired Rockne in 1914 as a chemistry instructor. According to Father Nieuwland, Rockne owed much of his prowess as one of the greatest coaches of all time to his training in chemistry, which taught him the method of reasoning (Ind. Eng. Chem. New Ed., April 20, 1931). W. Lee Lewis, Lewisite's eponym, credits Nieuwland's unpublished dissertation as the source for his 1918 synthesis (Lewis, W. L.; Perkins, G. A. The beta-Chlorovinyl Chloroarsines; Ind. Eng. Chem. 1923, 15, 290-295). Lewisite itself is actually the group of mono-, di-, and tri-substituted 2-chloroethenyl derivatives of arsenic(III) chloride

  12. Teaching and Assessing ED Handoffs: A Qualitative Study Exploring Resident, Attending, and Nurse Perceptions

    Moira Flanigan


    Full Text Available Introduction: The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education requires that residency programs ensure resident competency in performing safe, effective handoffs. Understanding resident, attending, and nurse perceptions of the key elements of a safe and effective emergency department (ED handoff is a crucial step to developing feasible, acceptable educational interventions to teach and assess this fundamental competency. The aim of our study was to identify the essential themes of ED-based handoffs and to explore the key cultural and interprofessional themes that may be barriers to developing and implementing successful ED-based educational handoff interventions. Methods: Using a grounded theory approach and constructivist/interpretivist research paradigm, we analyzed data from three primary and one confirmatory focus groups (FGs at an urban, academic ED. FG protocols were developed using open-ended questions that sought to understand what participants felt were the crucial elements of ED handoffs. ED residents, attendings, a physician assistant, and nurses participated in the FGs. FGs were observed, hand-transcribed, audiorecorded and subsequently transcribed. We analyzed data using an iterative process of theme and subtheme identification. Saturation was reached during the third FG, and the fourth confirmatory group reinforced the identified themes. Two team members analyzed the transcripts separately and identified the same major themes. Results: ED providers identified that crucial elements of ED handoff include the following: 1 Culture (provider buy-in, openness to change, shared expectations of sign-out goals; 2 Time (brevity, interruptions, waiting; 3 Environment (physical location, ED factors; 4 Process (standardization, information order, tools. Conclusion: Key participants in the ED handoff process perceive that the crucial elements of intershift handoffs involve the themes of culture, time, environment, and process. Attention

  13. EdU induces DNA damage response and cell death in mESC in culture.

    Kohlmeier, Fanni; Maya-Mendoza, Apolinar; Jackson, Dean A


    Recently, a novel DNA replication precursor analogue called 5-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine (EdU) has been widely used to monitor DNA synthesis as an alternative to bromodeoxyuridine. Use of EdU benefits from simplicity and reproducibility and the simple chemical detection systems allows excellent preservation of nuclear structure. However, the alkyne moiety is highly reactive, raising the possibility that incorporation might compromise genome stability. To assess the extent of possible DNA damage, we have analysed the effect of EdU incorporation into DNA during short- and long-term cell culture using a variety of cell lines. We show that EdU incorporation has no measurable impact on the rate of elongation of replication forks during synthesis. However, using different cell lines we find that during long-term cell culture variable responses to EdU incorporation are seen, which range from delayed cell cycle progression to complete cell cycle arrest. The most profound phenotypes were seen in mouse embryonic stem cells, which following incorporation of EdU accumulated in the G2/M-phase of the cell cycle before undergoing apoptosis. In long-term cell culture, EdU incorporation also triggered a DNA damage response in all cell types analysed. Our study shows that while EdU is extremely useful to tag sites of on-going replication, for long-term studies (i.e. beyond the cell cycle in which labelling is performed), a careful analysis of cell cycle perturbations must be performed in order to ensure that any conclusions made after EdU treatment are not a direct consequence of EdU-dependent activation of cell stress responses.

  14. Rapid Primary Care Follow-up from the ED to Reduce Avoidable Hospital Admissions.

    Carmel, Amanda S; Steel, Peter; Tanouye, Robert; Novikov, Aleksey; Clark, Sunday; Sinha, Sanjai; Tung, Judy


    Hospital admissions from the emergency department (ED) now account for approximately 50% of all admissions. Some patients admitted from the ED may not require inpatient care if outpatient care could be optimized. However, access to primary care especially immediately after ED discharge is challenging. Studies have not addressed the extent to which hospital admissions from the ED may be averted with access to rapid (next business day) primary care follow-up. We evaluated the impact of an ED-to-rapid-primary-care protocol on avoidance of hospitalizations in a large, urban medical center. We conducted a retrospective review of patients referred from the ED to primary care (Weill Cornell Internal Medicine Associates - WCIMA) through a rapid-access-to-primary-care program developed at New York-Presbyterian / Weill Cornell Medical Center. Referrals were classified as either an avoided admission or not, and classifications were performed by both emergency physician (EP) and internal medicine physician reviewers. We also collected outcome data on rapid visit completion, ED revisits, hospitalizations and primary care engagement. EPs classified 26 (16%) of referrals for rapid primary care follow-up as avoided admissions. Of the 162 patients referred for rapid follow-up, 118 (73%) arrived for their rapid appointment. There were no differences in rates of ED revisits or subsequent hospitalizations between those who attended the rapid follow-up and those who did not attend. Patients who attended the rapid appointment were significantly more likely to attend at least one subsequent appointment at WCIMA during the six months after the index ED visit [N=55 (47%) vs. N=8 (18%), P=0.001]. A rapid-ED-to-primary-care-access program may allow EPs to avoid admitting patients to the hospital without risking ED revisits or subsequent hospitalizations. This protocol has the potential to save costs over time. A program such as this can also provide a safe and reliable ED discharge option

  15. ED50 and ED95 of Intrathecal Bupivacaine Coadministered with Sufentanil for Cesarean Delivery Under Combined Spinal-epidural in Severely Preeclamptic Patients

    Fei Xiao; Wen-Ping Xu; Xiao-Min Zhang; Yin-Fa Zhang; Li-Zhong Wang; Xin-Zhong Chen


    Background:Spinal anesthesia was considered as a reasonable anesthetic option in severe preeclampsia when cesarean delivery is indicated,and there is no indwelling epidural catheter or contraindication to spinal anesthesia.However,the ideal dose of intrathecal bupivacaine has not been quantified for cesarean delivery for severe preeclamptic patients.This study aimed to determine the ED50 and ED95 of intrathecal bupivacaine for severely preeclamptic patients undergoing elective cesarean delivery.Methods:Two hundred severely preeclamptic patients are undergoing elective cesarean delivery under combined spinal-epidural anesthesia enrolled in this randomized,double-blinded,dose-ranging study.Patients received 4 mg,6 mg,8 mg,or 10 mg intrathecal hyperbaric bupivacaine with 2.5 μg sufentanil.Successful spinal anesthesia was defined as a T6 sensory level achieved within 10 minutes after intrathecal drug administration and/or no epidural supplement was required during the cesarean section.The ED50 and ED95 were calculated with a logistic regression model.Results:ED50 and ED95 ofintrathecal bupivacaine for successful spinal anesthesia were 5.67 mg (95% confidence interval [CI]:5.20-6.10 mg) and 8.82 mg (95% CI:8.14-9.87 mg) respectively.The incidence of hypotension in Group 8 mg and Group 10 mg was higher than that in Group 4 mg and Group 6 mg (P < 0.05).The sensory block was significantly different among groups 10 minutes after intrathecal injection (P < 0.05).The use of lidocaine in Group 4 mg was higher than that in other groups (P < 0.05).The use of phenylephrine in Group 8 mg and Group 10 mg was higher than that in the other two groups (P < 0.05).The lowest systolic blood pressure before the infant delivery of Group 8 mg and Group 10 mg was lower than the other two groups (P < 0.05).The satisfaction of muscle relaxation in Group 4 mg was lower than other groups (P < 0.05).There was no significant difference in patients' satisfaction and the newborns

  16. 血清中sFlt-1、sEng水平及胎盘中Endoglin表达的变化与子痫前期相关性研究%Study on the Correlation between Changes of the sFlt-1,the sEng Levels in Serum and the Expression of Endoglin in Placenta and Preeclampsia

    刘蔚; 傅晓冬


    目的:通过对子痫前期患者血清中的可溶性血管内皮生长因子受体1(sFlt-1)和可溶性Endoglin(sEng)的表达水平以及胎盘中Endoglin蛋白的表达水平的测定,探讨它们在子痫前期发生中的作用.方法:采用酶联免疫吸附试验(ELISA)夹心法检测并比较10例轻度子痫前期患者、30例重度子痫前期患者及40例正常晚期妊娠妇女血清中的sFlt-1和sEng的水平.并通过免疫组化SP法测定三组妊娠妇女胎盘中Endoglin蛋白的表达.结果:(1)正常妊娠组血清中sFlt-1水平低于轻度子痫前期组和重度痫前期组,各组比较差异有显著性(P0.05).(2)正常妊娠组血清中sEng水平和胎盘组织中Endoglin的平均光密度低于轻度子痫前期组,轻度子痫前期组低于重度子痫前期组,各组比较差异有显著性(P0.05).(2)The level of sEng in the serum and the mean optical density of Endoglin protein expressed in placenta of normal group was significantly lower than those of mild preeclampsia group,the same factor of mild preeclampsia group was significantly lower than those of sever preeclampsia group,there was significant difference among the three groups(P<0.01).(3)There was a positive correlation between the level of sEng in serum and Endoglin expression level(MOD level) in placenta.Conclusion:The expression level of sFlt-1 and sEng in peripheral blood of patients with preeclampsia is high;the expression of Endoglin protein in placenta increases in patients with preeclampsia.SFlt-1 and sEng in serum may participate in the occurrence and development of preeclampsia.

  17. Review: Abdul Raufu Mustapha (ed., Sects & Social Disorder: Muslim Identities & Conflict in Northern Nigeria (2014

    Heinrich Bergstresser


    Full Text Available Review of the edited volume:Abdul Raufu Mustapha (ed., Sects & Social Disorder: Muslim Identities & Conflict in Northern Nigeria, Martlesham: James Currey, 2014, ISBN 9781847011077, 256 pages

  18. Review: Funston, John (ed. (2009, Divided Over Thaksin: Thailand’s Coup and Problematic Transition

    Paul Chambers


    Full Text Available Review of the edited volume: Funston, John (ed. (2009, Divided Over Thaksin: Thailand’s Coup and Problematic Transition, Chiangmai: Silkworm Books, Singapore: ISEAS. ISBN 978-981-230-961-7, 203 pages.

  19. Hispaania võib oma väed Iraagist ära tuua / Erkki Bahovski

    Bahovski, Erkki, 1970-


    Hispaania parlamendivalimised võitnud sotsialistliku partei liider, arvatav uus peaminister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero lubas Hispaania väed Iraagist ära tuua. Diagrammid: Hispaania valimistulemused

  20. Modified Adomian decomposition method for fracture of laminated uni-directional composites

    B K Raghu Prasad; P V Ramana


    In this paper, the well-known Adomian Decomposition Method (ADM) is modified to solve the fracture laminated multi-directional problems. The results are compared with the existing analytical/exact or experimental method. The already known existing ADM is modified to improve the accuracy and convergence. Thus, the modified method is named as Modified Adomian Decomposition Method (MADM). The results from MADM are found to converge very quickly, simple to apply for fracture(singularity) problems and are more accurate compared to experimental and analytical methods. MADM is quite efficient and is practically well-suited for use in these problems. Several examples are given to check the reliability of the present method. In the present paper, the principle of the decomposition method is described, and its advantages form the analyses of fracture of laminated uni-directional composites.

  1. Hispaania võib oma väed Iraagist ära tuua / Erkki Bahovski

    Bahovski, Erkki, 1970-


    Hispaania parlamendivalimised võitnud sotsialistliku partei liider, arvatav uus peaminister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero lubas Hispaania väed Iraagist ära tuua. Diagrammid: Hispaania valimistulemused

  2. Jean Libis, Fabio Ferreira, Catherine Gublin, Sarah Mezaguer (eds.), Les Lectures de Gaston Bachelard. Index bibliographique

    Aurosa Alison


    Jean Libis, Fabio Ferreira, Catherine Gublin, Sarah Mezaguer (eds.), Les Lectures de Gaston Bachelard. Index bibliographique (Paris, Presse Universitaire de Franche-Comté, 2011 ISBN: 978-2-84867-392) di     Aurosa Alison

  3. Voyager, a journey into the unknown - an interview with Ed Stone (Caltech), Voyager project scientist

    CERN Video productions; Piotr Traczyk


    Voyager, a journey into the unknown - an interview with Ed Stone (Caltech), Voyager project scientist, interviewed on the 100th anniversary of the discovery of Cosmic Rays conference, Spaceparts, at CERN in November 2012.

  4. Ekspert : "Väed Afganistanist välja!" / Aadu Hiietamm

    Hiietamm, Aadu, 1954-


    Saksa kriisiekspert Peter Scholl-Latour on seisukohal, et välisväed peavad Afganistanist lahkuma, sest seni pole keegi suutnud seal sõda võita. P. Scholl-Latouri artiklist poliitikaajakirjas Cicero

  5. Jean Libis, Fabio Ferreira, Catherine Gublin, Sarah Mezaguer (eds., Les Lectures de Gaston Bachelard. Index bibliographique

    Aurosa Alison


    Full Text Available Jean Libis, Fabio Ferreira, Catherine Gublin, Sarah Mezaguer (eds., Les Lectures de Gaston Bachelard. Index bibliographique (Paris, Presse Universitaire de Franche-Comté, 2011 ISBN: 978-2-84867-392 di  Aurosa Alison

  6. Balanced nuclear and cytoplasmic activities of EDS1 are required for a complete plant innate immune response.

    Ana V García

    Full Text Available An important layer of plant innate immunity to host-adapted pathogens is conferred by intracellular nucleotide-binding/oligomerization domain-leucine rich repeat (NB-LRR receptors recognizing specific microbial effectors. Signaling from activated receptors of the TIR (Toll/Interleukin-1 Receptor-NB-LRR class converges on the nucleo-cytoplasmic immune regulator EDS1 (Enhanced Disease Susceptibility1. In this report we show that a receptor-stimulated increase in accumulation of nuclear EDS1 precedes or coincides with the EDS1-dependent induction and repression of defense-related genes. EDS1 is capable of nuclear transport receptor-mediated shuttling between the cytoplasm and nucleus. By enhancing EDS1 export from inside nuclei (through attachment of an additional nuclear export sequence (NES or conditionally releasing EDS1 to the nucleus (by fusion to a glucocorticoid receptor (GR in transgenic Arabidopsis we establish that the EDS1 nuclear pool is essential for resistance to biotrophic and hemi-biotrophic pathogens and for transcriptional reprogramming. Evidence points to post-transcriptional processes regulating receptor-triggered accumulation of EDS1 in nuclei. Changes in nuclear EDS1 levels become equilibrated with the cytoplasmic EDS1 pool and cytoplasmic EDS1 is needed for complete resistance and restriction of host cell death at infection sites. We propose that coordinated nuclear and cytoplasmic activities of EDS1 enable the plant to mount an appropriately balanced immune response to pathogen attack.

  7. Balanced nuclear and cytoplasmic activities of EDS1 are required for a complete plant innate immune response.

    García, Ana V; Blanvillain-Baufumé, Servane; Huibers, Robin P; Wiermer, Marcel; Li, Guangyong; Gobbato, Enrico; Rietz, Steffen; Parker, Jane E


    An important layer of plant innate immunity to host-adapted pathogens is conferred by intracellular nucleotide-binding/oligomerization domain-leucine rich repeat (NB-LRR) receptors recognizing specific microbial effectors. Signaling from activated receptors of the TIR (Toll/Interleukin-1 Receptor)-NB-LRR class converges on the nucleo-cytoplasmic immune regulator EDS1 (Enhanced Disease Susceptibility1). In this report we show that a receptor-stimulated increase in accumulation of nuclear EDS1 precedes or coincides with the EDS1-dependent induction and repression of defense-related genes. EDS1 is capable of nuclear transport receptor-mediated shuttling between the cytoplasm and nucleus. By enhancing EDS1 export from inside nuclei (through attachment of an additional nuclear export sequence (NES)) or conditionally releasing EDS1 to the nucleus (by fusion to a glucocorticoid receptor (GR)) in transgenic Arabidopsis we establish that the EDS1 nuclear pool is essential for resistance to biotrophic and hemi-biotrophic pathogens and for transcriptional reprogramming. Evidence points to post-transcriptional processes regulating receptor-triggered accumulation of EDS1 in nuclei. Changes in nuclear EDS1 levels become equilibrated with the cytoplasmic EDS1 pool and cytoplasmic EDS1 is needed for complete resistance and restriction of host cell death at infection sites. We propose that coordinated nuclear and cytoplasmic activities of EDS1 enable the plant to mount an appropriately balanced immune response to pathogen attack.

  8. 2003 annual results of EdF group; Resultats annuels 2003 du groupe EDF



    The Electricite de France (EdF) group Board of Directors, meeting on March 11, 2004, under the Chairmanship of Francois Roussely, reviewed the audited consolidated financial statements for the year ended 12/31/2003. This document presents the consolidated results of EdF group for 2003: consolidated financial statements, highlights of the year, focus on 2003 events, commercial results, EDF in Europe and worldwide, EDF France highlights, key figures. (J.S.)

  9. Timeliness of interfacility transfer for ED patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction.

    Ward, Michael J; Kripalani, Sunil; Storrow, Alan B; Liu, Dandan; Speroff, Theodore; Matheny, Michael; Thomassee, Eric J; Vogus, Timothy J; Munoz, Daniel; Scott, Carol; Fredi, Joseph L; Dittus, Robert S


    Most US hospitals lack primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) capabilities to treat patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) necessitating transfer to PCI-capable centers. Transferred patients rarely meet the 120-minute benchmark for timely reperfusion, and referring emergency departments (EDs) are a major source of preventable delays. We sought to use more granular data at transferring EDs to describe the variability in length of stay at referring EDs. We retrospectively analyzed a secondary data set used for quality improvement for patients with STEMI transferred to a single PCI center between 2008 and 2012. We conducted a descriptive analysis of the total time spent at each referring ED (door-in-door-out [DIDO] interval), periods that comprised DIDO (door to electrocardiogram [EKG], EKG-to-PCI activation, and PCI activation to exit), and the relationship of each period with overall time to reperfusion (medical contact-to-balloon [MCTB] interval). We identified 41 EDs that transferred 620 patients between 2008 and 2012. Median MCTB was 135 minutes (interquartile range [IQR] 114,172). Median overall ED DIDO was 74 minutes (IQR 56,103) and was composed of door to EKG, 5 minutes (IQR 2,11); EKG-to-PCI activation, 18 minutes (IQR 7,37); and PCI activation to exit, 44 minutes (IQR 34,56). Door-in door-out accounted for the largest proportion (60%) of overall MCTB and had the largest variability (coefficient of variability, 1.37) of these intervals. In this cohort of transferring EDs, we found high variability and substantial delays after EKG performance for patients with STEMI. Factors influencing ED decision making and transportation coordination after PCI activation are a potential target for intervention to improve the timeliness of reperfusion in patients with STEMI. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  10. The use of SEM/EDS method in mineralogical analysis of ordinary chondritic meteorite

    Breda Mirtič


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to evaluate the potential of scanning electron microscopy coupled with energy dispersiveX-ray spectroscopy (SEM/EDS for determination of mineral phases according to their stoichiometry and assessment of mineral composition of ordinary chondritic meteorite. For the purposes of this study, H3 type ordinary chondritic meteorite Abbott was selected. SEM/EDS allows identification and characterisation of mineralphases, whose size is below the resolution of an optical microscope. Mineral phases in chondrules and interstitial matrix were located in backscattered electron (BSE mode and were assessed from atomic proportions of constituent elements, obtained by the EDS analysis. SEM/EDS analyses of mineral phases showed that Abbott meteorite is characterised by Fe-rich (Fe, Ni-alloy kamacite, Fe-sulphide troilite or pyrrhotite, chromite, Mg-rich olivine, orthopyroxene bronzite or hypersthene, clinopyroxene Al-diopside, acid plagioclase oligoclase, accessory mineral chlorapatite and secondary minerals Fe-hydroxides (goethite or lepidocrocite. Results of semi-quantitative analyses confirmed that most of analysed mineralphases conform well to stoichiometric minerals with minor deviations of oxygen from stoichiometric proportions. Comparison between mineral phases in chondrules and interstitial matrix was also performed, however it showed no significant differences in elemental composition.Differences in chemical composition between minerals in interstitial matrix and chondrules are sometimes too small to be discernedby the SEM/EDS, therefore knowledge of SEM/EDS capabilities is important for correct interpretation of chondrite formation.

  11. Solving the worldwide emergency department crowding problem - what can we learn from an Israeli ED?

    Pines, Jesse M; Bernstein, Steven L


    ED crowding is a prevalent and important issue facing hospitals in Israel and around the world, including North and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. ED crowding is associated with poorer quality of care and poorer health outcomes, along with extended waits for care. Crowding is caused by a periodic mismatch between the supply of ED and hospital resources and the demand for patient care. In a recent article in the Israel Journal of Health Policy Research, Bashkin et al. present an Ishikawa diagram describing several factors related to longer length of stay (LOS), and higher levels of ED crowding, including management, process, environmental, human factors, and resource issues. Several solutions exist to reduce ED crowding, which involve addressing several of the issues identified by Bashkin et al. This includes reducing the demand for and variation in care, and better matching the supply of resources to demands in care in real time. However, what is needed to reduce crowding is an institutional imperative from senior leadership, implemented by engaged ED and hospital leadership with multi-disciplinary cross-unit collaboration, sufficient resources to implement effective interventions, access to data, and a sustained commitment over time. This may move the culture of a hospital to facilitate improved flow within and across units and ultimately improve quality and safety over the long-term.

  12. Chemical analysis and biological testing of materials from the EDS coal liquefaction process: a status report

    Later, D.W.; Pelroy, R.A.; Wilson, B.W.


    Representative process materials were obtained from the EDS pilot plant for chemical and biological analyses. These materials were characterized for biological activity and chemical composition using a microbial mutagenicity assay and chromatographic and mass spectrometric analytical techniques. The two highest boiling distillation cuts, as well as process solvent (PS) obtained from the bottoms recycle mode operation, were tested for initiation of mouse skin tumorigenicity. All three materials were active; the crude 800/sup 0 +/F cut was substantially more potent than the crude bottoms recycle PS or 750 to 800/sup 0/F distillate cut. Results from chemical analyses showed the EDS materials, in general, to be more highly alkylated and have higher hydroaromatic content than analogous SRC II process materials (no in-line process hydrogenation) used for comparison. In the microbial mutagenicity assays the N-PAC fractions showed greater activity than did the aliphatic hydrocarbon, hydroxy-PAH, or PAH fractions, although mutagenicity was detected in certain PAH fractions by a modified version of the standard microbial mutagenicity assay. Mutagenic activities for the EDS materials were lower, overall, than those for the corresponding materials from the SRC II process. The EDS materials produced under different operational modes had distinguishable differences in both their chemical constituency and biological activity. The primary differences between the EDS materials studied here and their SRC II counterparts used for comparison are most likely attributable to the incorporation of catalytic hydrogenation in the EDS process. 27 references, 28 figures, 27 tables.

  13. Usefulness of ED036 kit for measuring serum PIVKA-II levels in small hepatocellular carcinoma.

    Kuromatsu, R; Tanaka, M; Shimauchi, Y; Shimada, M; Tanikawa, K; Watanabe, K; Yokoo, T


    As a tumor marker for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), serum protein induced by vitamin K absence or antagonist-II (PIVKA-II) has high specificity, yet its sensitivity is relatively low, marking it less suitable to serve as an adjunct in the diagnosis of small HCC. Recently, the ED036 kit (Eisai, Tokyo, Japan), whose detection limit is approximately ten times superior to that of a conventional kit (Eitest MONOP II, Eisai) has been developed. In this study, serum PIVKA-II levels in serum samples from 83 patients with benign chronic liver diseases (CLD) and 129 patients with HCC were measured with those two kits. With the ED036 kit, the cut-off value was set at 40 mAU/ml. For PIVKA-II measured with the ED036 kit, sensitivity was 45.0%, specificity 92.8%, and accuracy 63.7%, when we discriminated patients with HCC from those with CLD without HCC. While maintaining a high specificity, of 92.8%, the ED036 kit showed a significantly higher sensitivity than the conventional kit (45.0% versus 27.9%; P PIVKA-II with the ED036 kit was significantly greater than the rate with the conventional kit (21.4% versus 9.5%; P < 0.005). Thus, the ED036 kit was thought to be more useful than the conventional kit as a tumor marker for small HCC.

  14. Arabidopsis EDS1 connects pathogen effector recognition to cell compartment-specific immune responses.

    Heidrich, Katharina; Wirthmueller, Lennart; Tasset, Céline; Pouzet, Cécile; Deslandes, Laurent; Parker, Jane E


    Pathogen effectors are intercepted by plant intracellular nucleotide binding-leucine-rich repeat (NB-LRR) receptors. However, processes linking receptor activation to downstream defenses remain obscure. Nucleo-cytoplasmic basal resistance regulator EDS1 (ENHANCED DISEASE SUSCEPTIBILITY1) is indispensible for immunity mediated by TIR (Toll-interleukin-1 receptor)-NB-LRR receptors. We show that Arabidopsis EDS1 molecularly connects TIR-NB-LRR disease resistance protein RPS4 recognition of bacterial effector AvrRps4 to defense pathways. RPS4-EDS1 and AvrRps4-EDS1 complexes are detected inside nuclei of living tobacco cells after transient coexpression and in Arabidopsis soluble leaf extracts after resistance activation. Forced AvrRps4 localization to the host cytoplasm or nucleus reveals cell compartment-specific RPS4-EDS1 defense branches. Although nuclear processes restrict bacterial growth, programmed cell death and transcriptional resistance reinforcement require nucleo-cytoplasmic coordination. Thus, EDS1 behaves as an effector target and activated TIR-NB-LRR signal transducer for defenses across cell compartments.

  15. Extensive FE-SEM/EDS, HR-TEM/EDS and ToF-SIMS studies of micron- to nano-particles in anthracite fly ash

    Ribeiro, Joana [Centro de Geologia, Universidade do Porto, Rua do Campo Alegre, 687, 4169-007 Porto (Portugal); DaBoit, Kátia [Institute of Environmental Research and Human Development, IPADHC, Capivari de Baixo, Santa Catarina (Brazil); Flores, Deolinda [Centro de Geologia, Universidade do Porto, Rua do Campo Alegre, 687, 4169-007 Porto (Portugal); Departamento de Geociências, Ambiente e Ordenamento do Território, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade do Porto, Rua do Campo Alegre, 687, 4169-007 Porto (Portugal); Kronbauer, Marcio A. [Laboratory of Environmental Researches and Nanotechnology Development, Centro Universitário La Salle, Victor Barreto, 2288 Centro 92010-000, Canoas, RS (Brazil); Silva, Luis F.O., E-mail: [Laboratory of Environmental Researches and Nanotechnology Development, Centro Universitário La Salle, Victor Barreto, 2288 Centro 92010-000, Canoas, RS (Brazil); Environmental Science and Nanotechnology Department, Catarinense Institute of Environmental Research and Human Development, IPADHC, Capivari de Baixo, Santa Catarina (Brazil)


    The generation of anthropogenic carbonaceous matter and mixed crystalline/amorphous mineral ultrafine/nano-particles in the 1 to 100 nm size range by worldwide coal power plants represents serious environmental problems due to their potential hazards. Coal fly ash (CFA) that resulted from anthracite combustion in a Portuguese thermal power plant was studied in this work. The physico-chemical characterization of ultrafine/nano-particles present in the CFA samples and their interaction with environment are the aim of this study. The methodologies applied for this work were field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM) with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), high-resolution transmission electron microscopy with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (HR-TEM/EDS) and time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (ToF-SIMS). Some hazardous volatile elements, C, N, S and Hg contents were also determined in the studied samples. Generally, the CFA samples comprise carbonaceous, glassy and metallic solid spheres with some containing mixed amorphous/crystalline phases. The EDS analysis coupled with the FE-SEM and HR-TEM observations of the fly ash particles with 100 to 0.1 nm demonstrates that these materials contain a small but significant proportion of encapsulated HVEs. In addition, the presence of abundant multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) and amorphous carbon particles, both containing hazardous volatile elements (HVEs), was also evidenced by the FE-SEM/EDS and HR-TEM/EDS analysis. A wide range of organic and inorganic compounds was determined by chemical maps obtained in ToF-SIMS analysis. - Highlights: ► We examine changes in the level of ultrafine and nanoparticles of coal mining. ► Increasing geochemical information will increase human health information in this area. ► Electron bean and Tof-SIMS increase area information.

  16. Cell type specific applicability of 5-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine (EdU) for dynamic proliferation assessment in flow cytometry.

    Diermeier-Daucher, Simone; Clarke, Scott T; Hill, Dani; Vollmann-Zwerenz, Arabel; Bradford, Jolene A; Brockhoff, Gero


    Using the nucleoside analogue EdU (5-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine) for thymidine substitution instead of BrdU (5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine) in cell proliferation assays has recently been proposed. However, the effect of EdU on cell viability, DNA synthesis, and cell cycle progression and consequently its usability for dynamic cell proliferation analysis in vitro has not been explored. We compared the effect of EdU and BrdU incorporation into SK-BR-3 and BT474 breast cancer cells and the impact on cell cycle kinetics, cell viability, and DNA damage. We found that EdU can be used not only for pulse but also for continuous cell labeling and henceforth in high resolution EdU/Hoechst quenching assays. BrdU and EdU proliferation assays based on click chemistry revealed comparable results. However, cell viability of SK-BR-3 breast cancer cells was highly affected by long term exposure to EdU. Both SK-BR-3 as well as BT474 cells show cell cycle arrests upon long term EdU treatment whereas only SK-BR-3 cells were driven into necrotic cell death by long term exposure to EdU. In contrast BT474 cells appeared essentially unharmed by EdU treatment in terms of viability. Consequently using EdU enables highly sensitive and quantitative detection of proliferating cells and facilitates even continuous cell cycle assessment. Nevertheless, potential cellular susceptibility needs to be individually evaluated.

  17. New directions for the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR and ED) program

    Miedzybrodzka, K. (Revenue Canada, Ottawa, ON (Canada))


    Essential features of the Canadian federal government's Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR and ED) Program are described, with an update of recent initiatives taken to enhance the delivery of the program. In this instance, the emphasis is on the implications of these changes for the mining and energy industries. The objective of the SR and ED program is to encourage research and experimental development in Canada by the private sector through broad-based support, with incentives that are as much as possible of immediate benefit, recognizing that science and technology are the cornerstones of progress and hence the foundations of Canada's prosperity. The essence of the program is investment tax credits in the form of fixed percentages of qualified SR and ED current and capital expenditures. Initiatives introduced in 1997 include clarification of definitions to enhance the certainty of what qualifies as SR and ED; enhancing the consistency in SR and ED reviews and audits; enhancing timeliness in processing SR and ED tax credits; and reducing the costs and administrative burden for claimants, most particularly for small and first-time claimants. Proposed initiatives to improve delivery include reorganization of the Program into a stand-alone unit with a focus on the science and incentive aspects; more consistent interpretation of relevant legislation across all industry sectors; further clarification of practices and procedures and resolution of problems associated with program administration; the appointment of a Steering Committee to oversee the administration of these initiatives and the appointment of industry sector committees (including the mining, oil and natural gas industries) to develop issue sheets, standards and interpretation guidelines for their respective sectors. The investment credits to companies doing SR and ED amount to $1.3 billion annually, which represents 27 per cent of federal government expenditures on research and

  18. New directions for the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR and ED) program

    Miedzybrodzka, K. [Revenue Canada, Ottawa, ON (Canada)


    Essential features of the Canadian federal government`s Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR and ED) Program are described, with an update of recent initiatives taken to enhance the delivery of the program. In this instance, the emphasis is on the implications of these changes for the mining and energy industries. The objective of the SR and ED program is to encourage research and experimental development in Canada by the private sector through broad-based support, with incentives that are as much as possible of immediate benefit, recognizing that science and technology are the cornerstones of progress and hence the foundations of Canada`s prosperity. The essence of the program is investment tax credits in the form of fixed percentages of qualified SR and ED current and capital expenditures. Initiatives introduced in 1997 include clarification of definitions to enhance the certainty of what qualifies as SR and ED; enhancing the consistency in SR and ED reviews and audits; enhancing timeliness in processing SR and ED tax credits; and reducing the costs and administrative burden for claimants, most particularly for small and first-time claimants. Proposed initiatives to improve delivery include reorganization of the Program into a stand-alone unit with a focus on the science and incentive aspects; more consistent interpretation of relevant legislation across all industry sectors; further clarification of practices and procedures and resolution of problems associated with program administration; the appointment of a Steering Committee to oversee the administration of these initiatives and the appointment of industry sector committees (including the mining, oil and natural gas industries) to develop issue sheets, standards and interpretation guidelines for their respective sectors. The investment credits to companies doing SR and ED amount to $1.3 billion annually, which represents 27 per cent of federal government expenditures on research and

  19. Improved Early Detection of Sepsis in the ED With a Novel Monocyte Distribution Width Biomarker.

    Crouser, Elliott D; Parrillo, Joseph E; Seymour, Christopher; Angus, Derek C; Bicking, Keri; Tejidor, Liliana; Magari, Robert; Careaga, Diana; Williams, JoAnna; Closser, Douglas R; Samoszuk, Michael; Herren, Luke; Robart, Emily; Chaves, Fernando


    Sepsis most often presents to the ED, and delayed detection is harmful. WBC count is often used to detect sepsis, but changes in WBC count size also correspond to sepsis. We sought to determine if volume increases of circulating immune cells add value to the WBC count for early sepsis detection in the ED. A blinded, prospective cohort study was conducted in two different ED populations within a large academic hospital. Neutrophil and monocyte volume parameters were measured in conjunction with routine CBC testing on a UniCel DxH 800 analyzer at the time of ED admission and were evaluated for the detection of sepsis. There were 1,320 subjects in the ED consecutively enrolled and categorized as control subjects (n = 879) and those with systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) (n = 203), infection (n = 140), or sepsis (n = 98). Compared with other parameters, monocyte distribution width (MDW) best discriminated sepsis from all other conditions (area under the curve [AUC], 0.79; 95% CI, 0.73-0.84; sensitivity, 0.77; specificity, 0.73; MDW threshold, 20.50), sepsis from SIRS (AUC, 0.74; 95% CI, 0.67-0.84), and severe sepsis from noninfected patients in the ED (AUC, 0.88; 95% CI, 0.75-0.99; negative predictive value, 99%). The added value of MDW to WBC count was statistically significant (AUC, 0.89 for MDW + WBC vs 0.81 for WBC alone; P detection of sepsis compared with WBC count alone at the time of admission in the ED.; No.: NCT02232750; URL: Copyright © 2017 American College of Chest Physicians. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  20. Flow cytometric analysis of T lymphocyte proliferation in vivo by EdU incorporation.

    Sun, Xiaojing; Zhang, Chunpan; Jin, Hua; Sun, Guangyong; Tian, Yue; Shi, Wen; Zhang, Dong


    Monitoring T lymphocyte proliferation, especially in vivo, is essential for the evaluation of adaptive immune reactions. Flow cytometry-based proliferation assays have advantages in measuring cell division of different T lymphocyte subsets at the same time by multicolor labelling. In this study, we aimed to establish the use of 5-Ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine (EdU) incorporation in vivo to monitor T lymphocyte proliferation by flow cytometry with an adoptive transfer model. We found that fixation followed by permeabilization preserved T cell surface antigens and had no obvious effects on the fluorescence intensity of APC, PE, PE-Cy7, FITC and PerCP-Cy5.5 when the concentration of the permeabilization reagents was optimized. However, the click reaction resulted in a significant decrease in the fluorescence intensity of PE and PE-Cy7, and surface staining after the click reaction improved the fluorescence intensity. Thus, an extra step of blocking with PBS with 3% FBS between the click reaction and cell surface staining is needed. Furthermore, the percentage of EdU-positive cells increased in a dose-dependent manner, and the saturated dose of EdU was 20mg/kg. Intraperitoneal and intravenous injection had no differences in lymphocyte proliferation detection with EdU in vivo. In addition, T cell proliferation measured by EdU incorporation was comparable to BrdU but was lower than CFSE labelling. In conclusion, we optimized the protocols for EdU administration in vivo and staining in vitro, providing a feasible method for the measurement of T lymphocyte proliferation with EdU incorporation by flow cytometry in vivo.

  1. mED2-一个小鼠胚胎发育的新基因%mED2-A Novel Gene Involved in Mouse Embryonic Development

    端家忠; 张靖溥; 朱少侠



  2. Suicide Prevention in an Emergency Department Population: The ED-SAFE Study.

    Miller, Ivan W; Camargo, Carlos A; Arias, Sarah A; Sullivan, Ashley F; Allen, Michael H; Goldstein, Amy B; Manton, Anne P; Espinola, Janice A; Jones, Richard; Hasegawa, Kohei; Boudreaux, Edwin D


    Suicide is a leading cause of deaths in the United States. Although the emergency department (ED) is an opportune setting for initiating suicide prevention efforts, ED-initiated suicide prevention interventions remain underdeveloped. To determine whether an ED-initiated intervention reduces subsequent suicidal behavior. This multicenter study of 8 EDs in the United States enrolled adults with a recent suicide attempt or ideation and was composed of 3 sequential phases: (1) a treatment as usual (TAU) phase from August 2010 to December 2011, (2) a universal screening (screening) phase from September 2011 to December 2012, and (3) a universal screening plus intervention (intervention) phase from July 2012 to November 2013. Screening consisted of universal suicide risk screening. The intervention phase consisted of universal screening plus an intervention, which included secondary suicide risk screening by the ED physician, discharge resources, and post-ED telephone calls focused on reducing suicide risk. The primary outcome was suicide attempts (nonfatal and fatal) over the 52-week follow-up period. The proportion and total number of attempts were analyzed. A total of 1376 participants were recruited, including 769 females (55.9%) with a median (interquartile range) age of 37 (26-47) years. A total of 288 participants (20.9%) made at least 1 suicide attempt, and there were 548 total suicide attempts among participants. There were no significant differences in risk reduction between the TAU and screening phases (23% vs 22%, respectively). However, compared with the TAU phase, patients in the intervention phase showed a 5% absolute reduction in suicide attempt risk (23% vs 18%), with a relative risk reduction of 20%. Participants in the intervention phase had 30% fewer total suicide attempts than participants in the TAU phase. Negative binomial regression analysis indicated that the participants in the intervention phase had significantly fewer total suicide attempts

  3. Preparation and Application of Polyclonal Antibody with a Peptide EDS1%EDS1多肽抗体的制备和应用

    陈卓; 宋宝安; 刘开兴; 于丹丹; 刘家驹; 王贞超; 李向阳; 毕亮; 胡德禹; 杨松


    EDS1 is an important protein with regulation function at SA signal transduction pathway at plant host. In order to acquire polyclonal antibody of high titer and specificity against enhanced disease susceptibility 1 (EDS1), according to the primary structure of information about EDS1 in NCBI GenBank, 3 polypeptides with sequence-specific was obtained by using bioinformatics software contained Blastn,Blastx and Expasy. One polypeptide was synthetized by fmoc solid phase synthesis methods, and determined theirs purity and molecular weight by using HPLC and GC-MS, purity value reaching at 89.37% and molecular weight being at 1978.33. The polypeptide was coupled to keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) to form a complex of Pep-KLH by us EDC. Anti-sera were acquired by immunizing rabbit with Pep-KLH emulsified by Complete Freund' s adjuvant (CFA) and Incomplete Freund' s adjuvant (IFA), and polyclonal antibody was purified by affinity chromatography. The titer and specificity of anti-sera and polyclonal antibody were determined by Indirect-ELISA and Western blotting. The results shown that anti-sera and polyclonal antibody reacted with Pep-KLH and detected a specific band of 70 kD, and the size was agreed with the predicted molecular mass. The EDS1 polyclonal antibody revealed high sensitivity and specificity.%EDS1蛋白是植物寄主SA信号转导通路中具有重要调控功能的蛋白,为获得效价高和选择性强的EDS1抗体,根据NCBI GenBank中报道的EDS1蛋白一级结构信息,采用Blastn、Blastx和ExPASy等生物信息学软件进行序列同源性分析,获得三段序列特异性较高的多肽,并从中优选一段序列特异性多肽,采用9-氟甲氧羰基固相合成法获得序列特异性最好的多肽,采用HPLC和GC-MS测定合成多肽的浓度和分子量,试验表明目的多肽纯度达89.37%,目的多肽分子量为1978.33.采用碳化二亚胺法将多肽与KLH进行偶联获得免疫原-Pep-KLH,并将其免疫新西兰大白兔以获

  4. Discordance between patient report and chart review of risk factors for antimicrobial resistance in ED patients.

    Caterino, Jeffrey M; Graham, Lauren; King, Andrew; Hoppes, Tyler


    The objective of this study is to identify the level of agreement between patient self-report and chart review for presence of antimicrobial resistance (AR) risk factors in emergency department (ED) patients. This is a cross-sectional analysis of adult ED patients from July 2010 to January 2011. All ED patients 18 years or older were eligible. Exclusion criteria included pregnant women, prisoners, altered mental status, non-English speakers, traumas, and patients unable to provide consent. Data were obtained by ED patient interview and review of the preceding 3 months of the medical record. We report the difference between patient self-report and chart review of identifying 1 or more AR risk factors using McNemar's χ(2). The test statistic was also calculated for individual risk factors and significance adjusted for multiple comparisons (P care utilization, current indwelling devices, and medical history. Among 289 patients, 1 or more risk factors were reported by 68% (95% CI, 63%-74%) of patients and found in 59% (95% CI, 53%-65%) of charts, a difference of 9.7% (95% CI, 5.3%-14%) (P care and results of ED research studies relying on chart reviews. Patient self-report identifies a greater number of AR risk factors than chart review. © 2013.

  5. Hardiness Mediates Stress and Impact Level in ED Nurses Who Experienced a Violent Event.

    Park, Jin Hee; Lee, Eun Nam; Kong, Kyung Ran; Jang, Moon Jung


    This secondary analysis examined the mediating effect of hardiness between stress and impact level in ED nurses who experienced a violent event. This correlational study was conducted from June to August 2014. We used the visual analog scale to measure stress level, the Impact of Event Scale-Revised to measure impact level after the violent event, and the Dispositional Resilience Scale to measure hardiness. We then analyzed mediating effects with the Sobel test. Data were collected in 31 emergency medical centers located in B city in Korea. Data from 321 ED nurses who experienced a violent event were analyzed. Most nurses (91.9%) were women, with a mean age of 28.73 years. The main outcome measure was the mediating effect of hardiness between stress and impact level after ED nurses experienced violence. We found that both violence-related stress (B = 0.22, P event. Based on results of a Sobel test, hardiness partially mediated the relationship between violence-related stress and impact level from a violent event (Z = 2.03, P = .044). Hardiness had an effect on reducing the impact level of ED nurses who had experienced a violent event and had a mediating role in mitigating their stress. Therefore, we recommend the development of an intervention program that emphasizes the improvement of hardiness in ED nurses. Copyright © 2017 Emergency Nurses Association. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. The Relationship Between the Use of a Worksite Medical Home and ED Visits or Hospitalizations

    Marissa Stroo BS


    Full Text Available Worksite medical homes may be a good model for improving employee health. The aim of this study was to compare the likelihood of being seen in the emergency department (ED or being hospitalized by level of use (no use, occasional use, or primary care of a worksite medical home, overall and by type of user (employee, adult dependent, or pediatric dependent. This was a retrospective analysis of claims data, using covariate-adjusted logistic regression models for ED visits and inpatient hospitalizations. Secondary data for the years 2006 to 2008 from a company that offers an on-site health care center (HCC were used. Analyses were based on a data set that combines health plan claims and human resources demographic data. Overall, people who did not use the HCC were more likely to be seen in the ED (adjusted odds ratio [OR] = 1.20, 95% confidence interval or CI [1.06, 1.37], P = .005 or to be hospitalized (adjusted OR = 1.58; 95% CI [1.34, 1.86]; P < .0001 compared with those who used the HCC for primary care. Both ED visits and hospitalizations for employees and dependents in this study were lower among those who used the worksite medical home for primary care. Worksite medical homes can improve chronic disease management and thus reduce ED visits and hospitalizations. These findings contribute to growing evidence that worksite medical homes are potentially cost-effective.

  7. Cardiac cell proliferation assessed by EdU, a novel analysis of cardiac regeneration.

    Zeng, Bin; Tong, Suiyang; Ren, Xiaofeng; Xia, Hao


    Emerging evidence suggests that mammalian hearts maintain the capacity for cardiac regeneration. Rapid and sensitive identification of cardiac cellular proliferation is prerequisite for understanding the underlying mechanisms and strategies of cardiac regeneration. The following immunologically related markers of cardiac cells were analyzed: cardiac transcription factors Nkx2.5 and Gata 4; specific marker of cardiomyocytes TnT; endothelial cell marker CD31; vascular smooth muscle marker smooth muscle myosin IgG; cardiac resident stem cells markers IsL1, Tbx18, and Wt1. Markers were co-localized in cardiac tissues of embryonic, neonatal, adult, and pathological samples by 5-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine (EdU) staining. EdU was also used to label isolated neonatal cardiomyocytes in vitro. EdU robustly labeled proliferating cells in vitro and in vivo, co-immunostaining with different cardiac cells markers. EdU can rapidly and sensitively label proliferating cardiac cells in developmental and pathological states. Cardiac cell proliferation assessed by EdU is a novel analytical tool for investigating the mechanism and strategies of cardiac regeneration in response to injury.

  8. Detection of DNA Synthesis in Proliferating Cells with EdU%EdU在检测细胞增殖中的应用




  9. "Etica ed Estetica sono tutt’uno" Riflessioni su TLP 6.421

    Gabriele Tomasi


    Full Text Available Per il primo Wittgenstein etica ed estetica erano tutt’uno. Scopo del saggio è fornire un’interpretazione di questa concezione. Esaminando il modo in cui è proposta nel Tractatus e considerando alcune annotazioni dei Quaderni 1914-1916 si evidenzia che l’unità di etica ed estetica è in un modo di vedere il mondo per cui esso non appare come fonte di limitazione. L’etica è un’estensione al mondo - alla vita - della capacità di conferire significato che nell’arte si realizza nei riguardi di oggetti particolari. Affermando l’unità di etica ed estetica Wittgenstein attira l’attenzione sul fatto che la radice dell’etica è in un certo modo di vedere le cose, in un atteggiamento verso la vita. Si tratta della prospettiva di un valore non connesso a come il mondo è e che è evocato dalla meraviglia per l’esistenza del mondo.

  10. Introducing the Collaborative E-Learning Design Method (CoED)

    Ryberg, Thomas; Buus, Lillian; Nyvang, Tom;


    In this chapter, a specific learning design method is introduced and explained, namely the Collaborative E-learning Design method (CoED), which has been developed through various projects in “e-Learning Lab – Centre for User Driven Innovation, Learning and Design” (Nyvang & Georgsen, 2007). We...... briefly situate this method within the wider area of Learning Design, where after we present the theoretical background of the CoED method. We illustrate the method through discussing its concrete implementation in recent projects and discuss its capacities and challenges in relation to other methods...... within the area of learning design. Finally, we discuss some challenges related to the CoED-method and the field of learning design in general....

  11. Morphology and Composition of Nanocrystalline Stabilized Zirconia using Sem-Eds System

    Sunday Adesunloye JONAH


    Full Text Available Bismuth oxide of known mole percentages has been incorporated into zirconia matrix via co-precipitation method. The co-precipitated powders containing mixed oxides of bismuth and zirconium are dried and calcined in air at 200°C and 800°C respectively to obtain nanosized-stabilized zirconia. The microstructures and the composition of the nanosized-stabilized zirconia are investigated using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM coupled with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS at a low accelerating voltage of 5kV. The results revealed that the powders are homogenously sintered with particle size having typical dimensions in the range of ~1.0-255µm. Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopic (EDS analysis of the solid solutions confirm a predominance in the concentration of bismuth and zirconium while sodium, chlorine, and oxygen are present in minor concentration. The quantitative analytic results from EDS were used to determine Zr/Bi ratio.

  12. Patient-centered transfer process for patients admitted through the ED boosts satisfaction, improves safety.


    To improve safety and patient flow, administrators at Hallmark Health System, based in Melrose, MA, implemented a new patient-centered transfer process for patients admitted through the ED at the health system's two hospitals. Under the new approach, inpatient nurses come down to the ED to take reports on new patients in a process that includes the ED care team as well as family members. The inpatient nurses then accompany the patients up to their designated floors. Since the new patient-transfer process was implemented in June 2012, patient satisfaction has increased by at least one point on patient satisfaction surveys. Administrators anticipate that medical errors or omissions related to the handoff process will show a drop of at least 50%, when data is tabulated.

  13. Recruitment and retention benefits of EMT--paramedic utilization during ED nursing shortages.

    Oglesby, Ryan


    ED nursing shortages have been widely documented in the literature; however, there has been little exploration of the benefits of using Emergency Medical Technicians-Paramedics (EMT-Ps) in the recruitment and retention of experienced ED registered nurses (RNs). This article will discuss the functionality of EMT-Ps in the nontraditional emergency care setting and the impact of their utilization against a background of nursing shortages. The proposed benefit from use of EMT-Ps in the emergency department will most certainly be lost without the input from the bedside RN. ED RNs play an integral part in the decision making and evaluation of all nontraditional roles that effect their departmental staffing, and their involvement in the process is critical to its success.

  14. Using process indicators to optimize service completion of an ED drug and alcohol brief intervention program.

    Akin, Joanna; Johnson, J Aaron; Seale, J Paul; Kuperminc, Gabriel P


    The strongest evidence for effectiveness of screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) programs is in primary care settings. Emergency department (ED) studies have shown mixed results. Implementation of SBIRT into ED settings is complicated by the type of patients seen and the fast-paced, high-throughput nature of the ED environment that makes it difficult to reach patients flagged for SBIRT services. This study uses data from an ED-based SBIRT program to examine the relationship between screen-positive rate, ED patient flow, and SBIRT service delivery. Data for the study (N = 67137) were derived from weekly reports extracted directly from one hospital's electronic health record. Measures included time and day of patient entry, drug/alcohol screen result (positive or negative), and whether the patient was reached by SBIRT specialists. Factorial analysis of variance compared variations in screen-positive rates by day and time and the percentage of patients reached by SBIRT specialists during these periods. Overall, 56% of screen-positive patients received SBIRT services. Only 5% of patients offered SBIRT services refused. Day and time of entry had a significant interaction effect on the reached rate (F12,14166 =3.48, P < .001). Although patient volume was lowest between 11 pm and 7 am, screen-positive rates were highest during this period, particularly on weekends; and patients were least likely to be reached during these periods. When implementing an ED-based SBIRT program, thoughtful consideration should be given to patient flow and staffing to maximize program impact and increase the likelihood of sustainability. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  15. Stroke Risk After Non-Stroke ED Dizziness Presentations: A Population-Based Cohort Study

    Kerber, Kevin A.; Zahuranec, Darin B.; Brown, Devin L.; Meurer, William J.; Burke, James F.; Smith, Melinda A.; Lisabeth, Lynda D.; Fendrick, A. Mark; McLaughlin, Thomas; Morgenstern, Lewis B.


    Objective Acute stroke is a serious concern in Emergency Department (ED) dizziness presentations. Prior studies, however, suggest that stroke is actually an unlikely cause of these presentations. Lacking are data on short- and long-term follow-up from population-based studies to establish stroke risk after presumed non-stroke ED dizziness presentations. Methods From 5/8/2011 to 5/7/2012, patients ≥ 45 years of age presenting to EDs in Nueces County, Texas, with dizziness, vertigo, or imbalance were identified, excluding those with stroke as the initial diagnosis. Stroke events after the ED presentation up to 10/2/2012 were determined using the Brain Attack Surveillance in Corpus Christi (BASIC) study, which uses rigorous surveillance and neurologist validation. Cumulative stroke risk was calculated using Kaplan-Meier estimates. Results 1,245 patients were followed for a median of 347 days (IQR 230- 436 days). Median age was 61.9 years (IQR, 53.8-74.0 years). After the ED visit, fifteen patients (1.2%) had a stroke. Stroke risk was 0.48% (95% CI, 0.22%-1.07%) at 2 days; 0.48% (95% CI, 0.22%-1.07%) at 7 days; 0.56% (95% CI, 0.27%-1.18%) at 30 days; 0.56% (95% CI, 0.27%-1.18%) at 90 days; and 1.42% (95% CI, 0.85%-2.36%) at 12 months. Interpretation Using rigorous case ascertainment and outcome assessment in a population-based design, we found that the risk of stroke after presumed non-stroke ED dizziness presentations is very low, supporting a non-stroke etiology to the overwhelming majority of original events. High-risk subgroups likely exist, however, because most of the 90-day stroke risk occurred within 2-days. Vascular risk stratification was insufficient to identify these cases. PMID:24788511

  16. SEM/EDS analysis for problem solving in the food industry

    Niemeyer, Wayne D.


    For forensic investigation in the food industry, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) in conjunction with energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry (EDS) is a powerful, often non-destructive, instrumental analysis tool to provide information about: • Identification of inorganic (and some organic) materials found as foreign contaminants in food products returned by consumers or detected during quality control inspections in the production facilities • Identification of wear particles found in production lines • Distribution of materials within a matrix • Corrosion and failure analysis of production equipment The identification of materials by SEM/EDS is accomplished through a combination of morphology by SEM imaging and the elemental composition of the material by EDS. Typically, the EDS analysis provides a qualitative spectrum showing the elements present in the sample. Further analysis can be done to quantify the detected elements in order to further refine the material identification. Metal alloys can often be differentiated even within the same family such as 300 Series stainless steels. Glass types can be identified by the elemental composition where the detected elements are quantified as the oxides of each element. In this way, for example, common window glass is distinguishable from insulation glass used in many ovens. Wear particles or fragments from breakage can find their way into food products. SEM/EDS analysis of the materials is an important resource to utilize when trying to determine the original source. Suspected source materials can then be sampled for comparative analysis. EDS X-ray mapping is another tool that is available to provide information about the distribution of materials within a matrix. For example, the distribution of inorganic ingredients in a dried food helps to provide information about the grind and blend of the materials.

  17. MedEdPORTAL: a report on oral health resources for health professions educators.

    Chickmagalur, Nithya S; Allareddy, Veerasathpurush; Sandmeyer, Sue; Valachovic, Richard W; Candler, Christopher S; Saleh, Michael; Cahill, Emily; Karimbux, Nadeem Y


    MedEdPORTAL is a unique web-based peer-reviewed publication venue for clinical health educators sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The open exchange of educational resources promotes professional collaboration across health professions. In 2008, the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) collaborated with AAMC to allow dental educators to use the platform to publish dental curriculum resources. Oral health is integral to general health; hence, collaboration among health care professionals brings enormous value to patient-centered care. The aim of this study was to conduct a current survey of metrics and submission statistics of MedEdPORTAL resources. The data were collected using the MedEdPORTAL search engine and ADEA and AAMC staff. The data collected were categorized and reported in tables and charts. Results showed that at the time of this study there were over 2,000 medical and dental resources available to anyone worldwide. Oral health resources constituted approximately 30 percent of the total resources, which included cross-indexing with information relevant to both medical and dental audiences. There were several types of dental resources available; the most common were the ones focusing on critical thinking. The usage of MedEdPORTAL has been growing, with participation from over 190 countries and 10,000 educational institutions around the world. The findings of this report suggest that MedEdPORTAL is succeeding in its aim to foster global collaborative education, professional education, and educational scholarship. As such, MedEdPORTAL is providing a new forum for collaboration and opens venues for promising future work in professional education.

  18. Washington state initiative trims Medicaid budget, ED utilization without denying access.


    In its first year of operation, Washington state's "ER is for Emergencies" initiative has helped to save the state's Medicaid budget $33.6 million. The initiative, which is based on the implementation of seven best practices, has succeeded in part by improving care coordination and by linking EDs across the state so information can be shared electronically. Leaders of the effort concede that while state pressure was essential in pushing providers to address excess use of the ED for nonemergency needs, they stress that the approach worked because all sides were willing to sit down and hammer out a solution. Further, they note that the infrastructure is now in place to address other problems in a similar fashion. An analysis of claims data shows that in the first year of the initiative, ED visits by Medicaid recipients declined by 9.9%, and the rate of visits by frequent ED utilizers declined by 10.7%. The analysis also shows that ED visits resulting in a scheduled drug prescription fell by 24%, and the rate of visits for a low-acuity diagnosis declined by 14.2%. While many EDs had to adjust their staffing and other resources to accommodate reduced volumes, others experienced few changes or even saw an uptick in volume, possibly from implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Leaders of the effort say the biggest challenge involved with implementing the initiative was securing administrative buy-in for investments that would likely result in improved efficiency and care, but also reduced revenue--at least initially.

  19. ED handles 30 burn patients after plant fire and explosion in Georgia.


    Dealing with a mass casualty event involving a high number of burn victims requires strategic use of ED resources. The ED at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, GA, was praised by the receiving burn center for the care it gave victims of a recent plant disaster. Here are some of their key strategies: After making your primary concern the patient's airway, turn to fluid resuscitation and pain management. Be certain burn victims are placed in warm rooms and are covered with blankets. Have a pre-plan with a regional burn center, then establish contact with that center in multiple-burn patient incidents.

  20. Replica location mechanism in data grid based on ED-Chord


    A peer-to-peer hierarchical replica location mechanism(PRLM)was designed for data grids to provide better load balancing capability and scalability.Global replica indexes of the PRLM are organized based on even distributed Chord(ED-Chord)structure.The locality can optimize queries on local replica indexes of virtual organizations.ED-Chord protocol collects the node identifiers information using a distributed method and assigns optimal identifiers for new nodes to make them more uniformly distributed in the entire identifier space.Theoretical analysis and simulations show that PRLM provides good performance,scalability and load balancing capability for replica location in data grids.

  1. Low-dose Ketamine Versus Morphine for Acute Pain In the ED: A Randomized Controlled Trial


    and Leeann Zarzabal for statistical support. References [1] Todd KH, Ducharme J, Choiniere M, Crandall CS, Fosnocht DE, Homel P, et al. Pain in the...model of acute pain. Am J Emerg Med 2001;19: 531–2. [8] Lester L, Braude DA, Niles C, Crandall CS. Low-dose ketamine for analgesia in the ED: a...retrospective case series. Am J Emerg Med 2010;28:820–7. [9] Lester L, Braude DA, Niles C, Crandall CS. Low-dose ketamine for analgesia in the ED: a

  2. Planning a brand new ED? Study up on acoustics, air quality, and patient wish-lists.


    Hospitals planning to construct new EDs have a golden opportunity to integrate designs and materials that can please both patients and providers. Experts say attention to acoustics, privacy, and air quality can lower stress levels and boost satisfaction. Further, designs that prioritize efficient work flows get high marks from providers. Experts advise hospital leaders to get considerable input from patients before designing a new ED facility. Privacy, quiet, and a connection to nature are top priorities for patients. Use design to enhance patient flow.

  3. SEM, EDS, PL and absorbance study of CdTe thin films grown by CSS method

    Hernandez-Torres, M.E.; Silva-Gonzalez, R.; Gracia-Jimenez, J.M. [Instituto de Fisica, BUAP, Apdo. Postal J-48, San Manuel, 72570 Puebla, Pue. (Mexico); Casarrubias-Segura, G. [CIE- UNAM, 62580 Temixco, Morelos (Mexico)


    Oxygen-doped CdTe films were grown on conducting glass substrates by the close spaced sublimation (CSS) method and characterized using SEM, EDS, photoluminescence (PL) and absorbance. A significant change in the polycrystalline morphology is observed when the oxygen proportion is increased in the deposition atmosphere. The EDS analysis showed that all samples are nonstoichiometric with excess Te. The PL spectra show emission bands associated with Te vacancies (V{sub Te}), whose intensities decrease as the oxygen proportion in the CSS chamber is increased. The oxygen impurities occupy Te vacancies and modify the surfaces states, improving the nonradiative process. (author)

  4. Sobredentaduras con implantes en pacientes geriátricos edéntulos totales

    E. Velasco Ortega; R. Medel Soteras; A. García Méndez; I. Ortiz García; A. España López; E. Núñez Márquez


    En la actualidad, la implantología oral constituye una modalidad terapéutica en el tratamiento prostodóncico de los pacientes mayores edéntulos totales. La utilización de implantes oseointegrados para rehabilitar la mandíbula o el maxilar edéntulos ha aumentado en el tratamiento de los pacientes geriátricos. La odontología clínica ha demostrado la aplicación con éxito de las técnicas implantológicas orales en los pacientes ancianos. Las sobredentaduras son una excelente modalidad terapéutica ...

  5. Centocinquant’anni di diritto canonico ed ecclesiastico nelle Università italiane. Prefazione

    Enrico G. Vitali


    Il contributo, non sottoposto a valutazione, riprende e rielabora il testo della relazione di sintesi al Convegno di Padova sul tema "Gl'insegnamenti del diritto canonico ed ecclesiastico a centocinquant'anni dall'Unità" (27-29 ottobre 2011), ed è destinato alla pubblicazione negli Atti, quale Prefazione. SOMMARIO: 1. I perché di una ricognizione storica – 2. Alcune indicazioni – 3. Alcune date importanti – 4. Dal Concordato del 1929 alla Costituzione repubblicana – 5. I nuovi indirizzi co...

  6. EdU, a new thymidine analogue for labelling proliferating cells in the nervous system.

    Chehrehasa, Fatemah; Meedeniya, Adrian C B; Dwyer, Patrick; Abrahamsen, Greger; Mackay-Sim, Alan


    Labelling and identifying proliferating cells is central to understanding neurogenesis and neural lineages in vivo and in vitro. We present here a novel thymidine analogue, ethynyl deoxyuridine (EdU) for labelling dividing cells, detected with a fluorescent azide which forms a covalent bond via the "click" chemistry reaction (the Huisgen 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction of an organic azide to a terminal acetylene). Unlike the commonly used BrdU, EdU detection requires no heat or acid treatment. It is quick and easy and compatible with multiple probes for fluorescence immunochemistry, facilitating the characterisation of proliferating cells at high resolution.

  7. Can geriatric approaches support the care of old patients in emergency departments? A review from a Swiss ED

    Schoenenberger, Andreas; Exadaktylos, Aristomenis


    In the coming decades, old patients will account for an increasing proportion of emergency department (ED) visits. During or after their stay in the ED, they more frequently suffer adverse outcomes than younger patients. There is evidence that specific age-centred approaches improve the outcomes. We therefore reviewed specific conditions needing particular attention in older ED patients, such as cognitive disorders and delirium, impaired mobility and falls, as well as problems related to the ...

  8. Reseña de: Rosario Moreno Soldevila, Juan Martos (eds.. Amor y sexo en la literatura latina

    Gema Molina Mellado


    Full Text Available Rosario Moreno Soldevila, Juan Martos (eds.. Amor y sexo en la literatura latina. Review of: Rosario Moreno Soldevila, Juan Martos (eds.. Amor y sexo en la literatura latina. Anexo II de Exemplaria Classica. Huelva: Servicio de Publicaciones, 2015. 267 págs. ISSN 2173-6839. // Rosario Moreno Soldevila, Juan Martos (eds.. Amor y sexo en la literatura latina // Reseña de: Rosario Moreno Soldevila, Juan Martos (eds.. Amor y sexo en la literatura latina. Anexo II de Exemplaria Classica. Huelva: Servicio de Publicaciones, 2015. 267 págs. ISSN 2173-6839.

  9. EDS1, an essential component of R gene-mediated disease resistance in Arabidopsis has homology to eukaryotic lipases.

    Falk, A; Feys, B J; Frost, L N; Jones, J D; Daniels, M J; Parker, J E


    A major class of plant disease resistance (R) genes encodes leucine-rich-repeat proteins that possess a nucleotide binding site and amino-terminal similarity to the cytoplasmic domains of the Drosophila Toll and human IL-1 receptors. In Arabidopsis thaliana, EDS1 is indispensable for the function of these R genes. The EDS1 gene was cloned by targeted transposon tagging and found to encode a protein that has similarity in its amino-terminal portion to the catalytic site of eukaryotic lipases. Thus, hydrolase activity, possibly on a lipid-based substrate, is anticipated to be central to EDS1 function. The predicted EDS1 carboxyl terminus has no significant sequence homologies, although analysis of eight defective eds1 alleles reveals it to be essential for EDS1 function. Two plant defense pathways have been defined previously that depend on salicylic acid, a phenolic compound, or jasmonic acid, a lipid-derived molecule. We examined the expression of EDS1 mRNA and marker mRNAs (PR1 and PDF1.2, respectively) for these two pathways in wild-type and eds1 mutant plants after different challenges. The results suggest that EDS1 functions upstream of salicylic acid-dependent PR1 mRNA accumulation and is not required for jasmonic acid-induced PDF1.2 mRNA expression.

  10. Determining the ED95 value of vecuronium in epilepsy patients%癫痫患者维库溴铵ED95的测定

    刘中杰; 李凤仙; 张庆国; 徐世元


    Objective To determine the ED95 value of vecuronium in epilepsy patients.Methods Fifty ASA grade Ⅰ or Ⅱ epilepsy patients were enrolled in this study. All patients were divided into five groups and were given single dose injection under intravenous anesthesia. Each of the five groups of patients received intravenous bolus of 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 μg/kg of vecuronium respectively. The neuromuscular block was measured by neuromuscular transmission monitor,and the responses were defined in terms of the percentages of maximum suppression in T1 of TOF of the adductor pollicis muscle. According to log-probit transformation of the data of dose and response, the dose-response curve of vecuronium was established through linear regression. The onset time of vecuronium was also recorded. Results The ED95 value of vecuronium in epilepsy patients is 57.2 μg/kg(95% CI 53.8-63.6 μg/kg). There is no significant difference in onset time among five groups.Conclusion The ED95 value of vecuronium in epilepsy patients is 57. 2 μg/kg( 95% CI 53.8-63.6 μg/kg), which is significantly higher than non-epilepsy patients.%目的 测定癫痫患者维库溴铵ED(95)值.方法 选取择期癫痫手术患者50例,ASA Ⅰ或Ⅱ级,年龄16~43岁,病史3~26年.患者均有服用抗癫痫药物史,术前均无酸碱平衡及水电解质紊乱,心肺、肝肾功能正常,随机均分为5个剂量组,维库溴铵剂量分别为20、30、40、50、60 μg/kg.记录拇内收肌四个成串刺激第一次反应最大抑制的百分率并进行概率单位转换,将维库溴铵的首次剂量进行对数转换,用直线回归方法建立维库溴铵的剂量-反应曲线,并记录起效时间.结果 癫痫患者维库溴铵ED(95)为57.2 μg/kg,95%可信区间(CI)53.8~63.6 μg/kg.结论 癫痫患者维库溴铵ED(95)为57.2 μg/kg(95% CI 53.8~63.6 μg/kg),明显大于非癫痫患者.

  11. Choice of Instructional Media of B.Ed. Students of Ignou from Two Indian Metropolises

    Bose, Sutapa; Sharma, Parveen


    Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) of India uses multiple media and modes for reaching out to its distant learners. For most of the programmes offered to these learners, print is the master medium and other media supplement it. Instructions for the Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.), one of the popular programmes of IGNOU, are also…

  12. Cross-sectional analysis of fouled SWRO membranes by STEM-EDS

    Aubry, Cyril


    The intact cross-section of two fouled reverse osmosis membranes was characterized using a scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) equipped with an electron energy dispersive spectroscope (EDS). Focused ion beam (FIB) was used to prepare a thin lamella of each membrane. These lamellas were then attached to a TEM grid for further STEM/EDS analysis. The foulant in sample A was mainly inorganic in nature and predominantly composed of alumino-silicate particles. These particles were surrounded by carbon at high concentrations, indicating the presence of organic materials. Iron was diffusely present in the cake layer and this could have enhanced the fouling process. The cake layer of membrane B was mainly consisted of organic matter (C, O, and N representing 95% of the total elemental composition) and organized in thin parallel layers. Small concentrations of Si, F, Na, Mg, and Cl were detected inside the active layer and support layer of the membrane. Due to the high sensitivity of the cake layer of membrane A to the electron beam, STEM/EDS line analyses might have been performed on large areas. On the other hand, the cake layer of sample B was resistant to the electron beam and the resolution of STEM/EDS was gradually improved until obtaining a resolution of 25. nm. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

  13. A Novel Semiconductor CIGS Photovoltaic Material and Thin-Film ED Technology


    In order to achieve low-cost high-efficiency thin-film solar cells, a novel Semiconductor Photovoltaic (PV) active material CuIn1-xGaxSe2 (CIGS) and thin-film Electro-Deposition (ED) technology is explored. Firstly,the PV materials and technologies is investigated, then the detailed experimental processes of CIGS/Mo/glass structure by using the novel ED technology and the results are reported. These results shows that high quality CIGS polycrystalline thin-films can be obtained by the ED method, in which the polycrystalline CIGS is definitely identified by the (112), (204, 220) characteristic peaks of the tetragonal structure, the continuous CIGS thin-film layers with particle average size of about 2μm of length and around 1.6μm of thickness. The thickness and solargrade quality of CIGS thin-films can be produced with good repeatability. Discussion and analysis on the ED technique, CIGS energy band and sodium (Na) impurity properties, were also performed. The alloy CIGS exhibits not only increasing band-gap with increasing x, but also a change in material properties that is relevant to the device operation. The beneficial impurity Na originating from the low-cost soda-lime glass substrate becomes one prerequisite for high quality CIGS films. These novel material and technology are very useful for low-cost high-efficiency thin-film solar cells and other devices.

  14. Breakers, Benders, and Obeyers: Inquiring into Teacher Educators' Mediation of edTPA

    Ratner, Andrew R.; Kolman, Joni S.


    This article reflects a qualitative exploratory inquiry into the lived experiences of faculty members working within a system of urban schools of education as they supported diverse teacher candidates in completing the Educative Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) during its first semesters of high-stakes implementation. Drawing upon…

  15. Ed. Dossiê José Vitorino de Pina Martins in memoriam

    Marnoto, Rita


    (2010. Ed. Dossiê). José Vitorino de Pina Martins in memoriam, Estudos Italianos em Portugal (n. s.), 5, 161-179. Aires A. Nascimento, Ernesto Rodrigues, Elsa Gonçalves, Adriano Moreira, Eduardo Lourenço ISSN 0807 8584 Homenagem a José Vitorino de Pina Martins , vida e obra

  16. An Analysis of Professional Practice Ed.D. Dissertations in Educational Technology

    Dawson, Kara; Kumar, Swapna


    The University of Florida offers an online professional practice Ed.D. focused on Educational Technology. Twenty-three students have completed professional practice dissertations and graduated since the program's inception in 2008. The purpose of this article is to share what these dissertations have looked like and to begin a dialogue about…

  17. The effect of practitioner characteristics on patient pain and embarrassment during ED internal examinations.

    Patton, Kenneth R; Bartfield, Joel M; McErlean, Mara


    The objective was to determine if practitioner characteristics influence patients' pain and embarrassment during an emergency department (ED) internal pelvic examination (IPE). This prospective, comparative study was performed in an urban, university teaching hospital ED with an annual census of 64,000. The study population consisted of a convenience sample of patients who required an IPE as part of her ED evaluation. Information gathered included patient age and final diagnosis, as well as examiner gender and level of training (LOT). Immediately after IPE, the patient was asked to rate both pain and embarrassment of the examination using a previously validated 100-mm visual analog scale (VAS). Finally, each subject was asked to indicate her practitioner gender preference for IPE. The influence of examiner gender and LOT on patient pain and embarrassment was assessed using a t-test or ANOVA with significance defined as P embarrassment scores were 29.7 and 17.5 respectively. Examiner gender, examiner LOT and patient age did not predict pain and embarrassment scores. Overall, 173 (62%) patients had no practitioner gender preference, whereas 93 (34%) preferred women and 11 (4%) preferred men. Examiner characteristics do not influence either the pain or the embarrassment associated with IPE in the ED.

  18. Using Ontological Engineering to Overcome AI-ED Problems: Contribution, Impact and Perspectives

    Mizoguchi, Riichiro; Bourdeau, Jacqueline


    This article reflects on the ontology engineering methodology discussed by the paper entitled "Using Ontological Engineering to Overcome AI-ED Problems" published in this journal in 2000. We discuss the achievements obtained in the last 10 years, the impact of our work as well as recent trends and perspectives in ontology engineering for…

  19. La delibazione delle sentenze ecclesiastiche ed i poteri istruttori della Corte d’Appello

    Natascia Marchei


    Full Text Available Il contributo è destinato alla pubblicazione nella rivista  Famiglia, Persone e Successioni, edita dalla Utet.SOMMARIO: 1. Il caso – 2. Gli orientamenti della giurisprudenza di legittimità – 3. Il limite del riesame del merito ed i poteri della Corte d’Appello: brevi considerazioni conclusive.

  20. APA Reporting Standards in Quantitative Research Dissertations from an Online EdD Program

    Salgado, Griselle


    This study was an investigation of the reporting practices in dissertations with quantitative research designs produced by students enrolled in an online Doctor of Education (EdD) program, one that follows the American Psychological Association (APA) standards for reporting research. Limited, empirical information exists about the competencies in…

  1. MobilED: a mobile tools and services platform for formal and informal learning

    Ford, M


    Full Text Available MobilED is a South African initiative aimed at designing teaching and learning environments that are meaningfully enhanced with mobile technologies and services. The deliverables are the development of a set of scenarios and guidelines on how mobile...

  2. MobilED – an accessible mobile learning platform for Africa

    Ford, M


    Full Text Available MobilED is a 3-year international collaborative project aimed at creating meaningful learning environments using mobile phone technologies and services. The outputs were a set of learning scenarios that were successfully tested in schools and a...

  3. EDS1 contributes to nonhost resistance of Arabidopsis thaliana against Erwinia amylovora.

    Moreau, Manon; Degrave, Alexandre; Vedel, Régine; Bitton, Frédérique; Patrit, Oriane; Renou, Jean-Pierre; Barny, Marie-Anne; Fagard, Mathilde


    Erwinia amylovora causes fire blight in rosaceous plants. In nonhost Arabidopsis thaliana, E. amylovora triggers necrotic symptoms associated with transient bacterial multiplication, suggesting either that A. thaliana lacks a susceptibility factor or that it actively restricts E. amylovora growth. Inhibiting plant protein synthesis at the time of infection led to an increase in necrosis and bacterial multiplication and reduced callose deposition, indicating that A. thaliana requires active protein synthesis to restrict E. amylovora growth. Analysis of the callose synthase-deficient pmr4-1 mutant indicated that lack of callose deposition alone did not lead to increased sensitivity to E. amylovora. Transcriptome analysis revealed that approximately 20% of the genes induced following E. amylovora infection are related to defense and signaling. Analysis of mutants affected in NDR1 and EDS1, two main components of the defense-gene activation observed, revealed that E. amylovora multiplied ten times more in the eds1-2 mutant than in the wild type but not in the ndr1-1 mutant. Analysis of mutants affected in three WRKY transcription factors showing EDS1-dependent activation identified WRKY46 and WRKY54 as positive regulators and WRKY70 as a negative regulator of defense against E. amylovora. Altogether, we show that EDS1 is a positive regulator of nonhost resistance against E. amylovora in A. thaliana and hypothesize that it controls the production of several effective defenses against E. amylovora through the action of WRKY46 and WRKY54, while WRKY70 acts as a negative regulator.

  4. Analisis Peranan Pusat Pelatihan Dan Promosi Ekspor Daerah (P3ED) Dalam Meningkatkan Ekspor Usaha...

    Siti Arofah Hasibuan


    Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah metode korelasional yaitu metode yang melihat hubungan antara variabel peranan P3ED dan variabel volume ekspor. Teknik penarikan sample yang digunakan adalah teknik purposive sampling. Analisa data penelitian dengan menggunakan analisa tabel tunggal dan untuk menguji hipotesis penelitian digunakan test statistik korelasi rank Spearman, oleh Siti Arofah Hasibuan 06003685

  5. EdD Students’ Self-Efficacy and Interest in Conducting Research

    Monica R Kerrigan


    Full Text Available Today’s educational practitioners are expected to know how to gather, analyze, and report on data for accountability purposes and to use that information to improve student outcomes. However, there is little understanding of how to support practitioners’ learning of and engagement with research and few studies on the research experiences of students enrolled in Doctorate of Education (EdD programs. The success of students enrolled in Doctor of Philosophy (PhD programs in conducting research has been found to be related to students’ self-efficacy and interest, but these concepts have not been explored with EdD students who are more likely to engage in applied research in their workplace than to create a research-focused career. This study sought to understand the self-efficacy and interest that EdD students enrolled in an Educational Leadership program have in research skills and tasks in order to improve research course offerings. Our findings with EdD students are consistent with existing research on PhD students regarding research self-efficacy but we did not observe significant changes in students’ interest over time. We suggest avenues for future study in light of current accountability reporting requirements for practitioners.

  6. Problemi di fisica meccanica e termologia, ottica ed elettricità

    Foglia, C


    Equazioni dimensionali ed unità di misura ; elementi di calcolo vettoriale ; cinematica ; dinamica ; fenomeni ondulatori ; meccanica dei fluidi ; termologia ; elettrostatica ; la corrente elettrica nei conduttori ohmici e non ohmici ; elettromagnetismo e correnti alternate ; equazioni di Maxwell e onde elettromagntiche ; ottica geometrica ; interferenza e diffrazione della luce ; polarizzazione della luce ; applicazioni elementari della teoria degli errori.

  7. Systematic Review of ED-based Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Research

    Esther K. Choo,


    Full Text Available Introduction: Assessment reactivity may be a factor in the modest results of brief interventions for substance use in the emergency department (ED. The presence of assessment reactivity in studies of interventions for intimate partner violence (IPV has not been studied. Our objectives were to identify ED IPV intervention studies and evaluate the presence of a consistently positive effect on the control groups. Methods: We performed a systematic search of electronic databases for English=language intervention studies addressing IPV in the ED published since 1990. Study selection and assessment of methodologic quality were performed by two independent reviewers. Data extraction was performed by one reviewer and then independently checked for completeness and accuracy by a second reviewer. Results: Of 3,620 unique manuscripts identified by database search, 667 underwent abstract review and 12 underwent full-text review. Only three met full eligibility criteria; data on the control arm were available for two studies. In these two studies, IPV-related outcomes improved for both the experimental and control condition. Conclusion: The paucity of controlled trials of IPV precluded a robust evaluation for assessment reactivity. This study highlighted a critical gap in ED research on IPV.

  8. Telepsychiatry program eases patient crowding in the ED, expedites mental health services to patients and providers.


    With funding from the Duke Endowment, the Albemarle Hospital Foundation in Elizabeth City, NC, implemented a telepsychiatry program aimed at decreasing patient backlogs in the health system's EDs, while also quickly connecting patients with needed mental health care. The approach has more than halved LOS for patients who are discharged to inpatient treatment facilities. The approach is also credited with reducing recidivism rates and the need for involuntary commitments. Now the state has announced plans to employ a similar approach statewide. Patients in the ED are connected with psychiatric providers at a remote location through the use of telemedicine carts that are equipped with wireless technology. With expedited psychiatric treatment, administrators say that nearly 30% of patients with involuntary commitment (IVC) orders stabilize to the point that their IVC orders can be rescinded and they can be discharged from the ED to outpatient care. Since the start of the pilot program in March of 2011, project administrators report that the average LOS in the ED for patients discharged to inpatient treatment facilities has decreased from 48 hours to 22.5 hours.

  9. With Medicare revenues at stake, ED managers place new importance on elevating the patient experience.


    With a portion of Medicare revenue soon to be on the line based on patient satisfaction, ED managers have a heightened focus on making sure patients not only receive first-rate care, but that they also come away from the experience with good things to say. Some hospitals have implemented "patient centric" training for all employees, including the clinical staff, and they're getting regular feedback from patients on things they could do better. Furthermore, patient throughput--always an important factor--has taken on added significance. Beginning this fall, Medicare will begin withholding 1% of payments to hospitals so that it can use these funds to provide incentives to institutions that score high on patient satisfaction. The percent of payments withheld will rise to 2% by 2017. ED managers have implemented rounding through the waiting areas so that patients and family members are kept informed, and they're coming up with new ways to shorten patient-to-provider times. Experts say patient views of time spent in the ED also impact satisfaction scores from inpatient stays. Sophistication in the art of cue management is helping some EDs clear waiting rooms and maximize resources.

  10. An Analysis of Professional Practice Ed.D. Dissertations in Educational Technology

    Dawson, Kara; Kumar, Swapna


    The University of Florida offers an online professional practice Ed.D. focused on Educational Technology. Twenty-three students have completed professional practice dissertations and graduated since the program's inception in 2008. The purpose of this article is to share what these dissertations have looked like and to begin a dialogue about…

  11. Pathogen effectors target Arabidopsis EDS1 and alter its interactions with immune regulators.

    Bhattacharjee, Saikat; Halane, Morgan K; Kim, Sang Hee; Gassmann, Walter


    Plant resistance proteins detect the presence of specific pathogen effectors and initiate effector-triggered immunity. Few immune regulators downstream of resistance proteins have been identified, none of which are known virulence targets of effectors. We show that Arabidopsis ENHANCED DISEASE SUSCEPTIBILITY1 (EDS1), a positive regulator of basal resistance and of effector-triggered immunity specifically mediated by Toll-interleukin-1 receptor-nucleotide binding-leucine-rich repeat (TIR-NB-LRR) resistance proteins, forms protein complexes with the TIR-NB-LRR disease resistance proteins RPS4 and RPS6 and with the negative immune regulator SRFR1 at a cytoplasmic membrane. Further, the cognate bacterial effectors AvrRps4 and HopA1 disrupt these EDS1 complexes. Tight association of EDS1 with TIR-NB-LRR-mediated immunity may therefore derive mainly from being guarded by TIR-NB-LRR proteins, and activation of this branch of effector-triggered immunity may directly connect to the basal resistance signaling pathway via EDS1.

  12. Racist Ordering, Settler Colonialism, and EdTPA: A Participatory Policy Analysis

    Tuck, Eve; Gorlewski, Julie


    This article tells the story of an intervention by a collective of teacher educators on New York State's adoption of edTPA. Too often in education policy analysis, issues of race are discussed briefly, if at all. This article argues that attending to constructions of race specific to settler colonialism is an important approach to education policy…

  13. Mathematical Modeling of the Impact of Hospital Occupancy: When Do Dwindling Hospital Beds Cause ED Gridlock?

    Lori Whelan


    Full Text Available Objectives. The time emergency department (ED patients spend from presentation to admittance is known as their length of stay (LOS. This study aimed to quantify the inpatient occupancy rate (InptOcc/ED LOS relationship and develop a methodology for identifying resource-allocation triggers using InptOcc-LOS association-curve inflection points. Methods. This study was conducted over 200 consecutive days at a 700-bed hospital with an annual ED census of approximately 50,000 using multivariate spline (piecewise regression to model the InptOcc/LOS relationship while adjusting for confounding covariates. Nonlinear modeling was used to assess for InptOcc/LOS associations and determine the inflection point where InptOcc profoundly impacted LOS. Results. At lower InptOcc, there was no association. Once InptOcc reached ≥88%, there was a strong InptOcc/LOS association; each 1% InptOcc increase predicted a 16-minute (95% CI, 12–20 minutes LOS prolongation, while the confounder-adjusted analysis showed each 1% InptOcc increase >89% precipitating a 13-minute (95% CI, 10–16 minutes LOS prolongation. Conclusions. The study hospital’s InptOcc was a significant predictor of prolonged ED LOS beyond the identified inflection point. Spline regression analysis identified a clear inflection point in the InptOcc-LOS curve that potentially identified a point at which to optimize inpatient bed availability to prevent increased costs of prolonged LOS.

  14. Massively Open Online Course for Educators (MOOC-Ed) Network Dataset

    Kellogg, Shaun; Edelmann, Achim


    This paper presents the Massively Open Online Course for Educators (MOOC-Ed) network dataset. It entails information on two online communication networks resulting from two consecutive offerings of the MOOC called "The Digital Learning Transition in K-12 Schools" in spring and fall 2013. The courses were offered to educators from the USA…

  15. Using Ontological Engineering to Overcome AI-ED Problems: Contribution, Impact and Perspectives

    Mizoguchi, Riichiro; Bourdeau, Jacqueline


    This article reflects on the ontology engineering methodology discussed by the paper entitled "Using Ontological Engineering to Overcome AI-ED Problems" published in this journal in 2000. We discuss the achievements obtained in the last 10 years, the impact of our work as well as recent trends and perspectives in ontology engineering for…

  16. Racist Ordering, Settler Colonialism, and EdTPA: A Participatory Policy Analysis

    Tuck, Eve; Gorlewski, Julie


    This article tells the story of an intervention by a collective of teacher educators on New York State's adoption of edTPA. Too often in education policy analysis, issues of race are discussed briefly, if at all. This article argues that attending to constructions of race specific to settler colonialism is an important approach to education policy…

  17. Xu Bing, Ed Pien and Gu Xiong: Lost and Found in Translation

    Mahon, Patrick


    The works of contemporary artists Xu Bing, Ed Pien and Gu Xiong are involved in bringing to light some of the factors inherent in social, cultural and linguistic translation. In doing so, each artist is also engaged in the nuanced activity of moving between historical and contemporary aesthetic strategies in order to interrogate the way meaning is…

  18. APA Reporting Standards in Quantitative Research Dissertations from an Online EdD Program

    Salgado, Griselle


    This study was an investigation of the reporting practices in dissertations with quantitative research designs produced by students enrolled in an online Doctor of Education (EdD) program, one that follows the American Psychological Association (APA) standards for reporting research. Limited, empirical information exists about the competencies in…

  19. Impact of Curricular Reforms on Educational Philosophy Courses in M.Ed Programmes

    Gafoor, K. Abdul; Remia, K. R.


    In the context of Vision of Teacher Education envisaged in National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education, this study probes "Do M.Ed programmes provide for the prerequisites of educational philosophy for teacher educators?" and "whether the syllabi following credit and non credit pattern vary in their coverage of content of…

  20. Time to Grow: Year Two Report on ExpandED Schools. A TASC Report

    Traill, Saskia; Brohawn, Katie


    An analysis of data from the second year of The After-School Corporation's (TASC's) national demonstration of an expanded school day for elementary and middle school students shows that ExpandED Schools improved school culture, decreased rates of students' chronic absenteeism and helped students develop positive learning habits and attitudes.…

  1. Visualization of mitochondrial DNA replication in individual cells by EdU signal amplification.

    Haines, Kristine M; Feldman, Eva L; Lentz, Stephen I


    Mitochondria are key regulators of cellular energy and mitochondrial biogenesis is an essential component of regulating mitochondria numbers in healthy cells. One approach for monitoring mitochondrial biogenesis is to measure the rate of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) replication. We developed a sensitive technique to label newly synthesized mtDNA in individual cells in order to study mtDNA biogenesis. The technique combines the incorporation of 5-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine (EdU) with a tyramide signal amplification (TSA) protocol to visualize mtDNA replication within subcellular compartments of neurons. EdU is superior to other thymidine analogs, such as 5-bromo-2-deoxyuridine (BrdU), because the initial click reaction to label EdU does not require the harsh acid treatments or enzyme digests that are required for exposing the BrdU epitope. The milder labeling of EdU allows for direct comparison of its incorporation with other cellular markers. The ability to visualize and quantify mtDNA biogenesis provides an essential tool for investigating the mechanisms used to regulate mitochondrial biogenesis and would provide insight into the pathogenesis associated with drug toxicity, aging, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Our technique is applicable to sensory neurons as well as other cell types. The use of this technique to measure mtDNA biogenesis has significant implications in furthering the understanding of both normal cellular physiology as well as impaired disease states.

  2. The use of open source electronic medical records in an urban ED in Kumasi-Ghana

    P.K. Forson*


    Conclusion: Open source medical records may be the most appropriate and cost-effective software to adapt for keeping patient records electronically in a low resource setting. Further studies need to be conducted to demonstrate how EMR may affect the pace of work in the ED.

  3. The role of plain radiographs in patients with acute abdominal pain at the ED

    van Randen, Adrienne; Lameris, Wytze; Luitse, Jan S. K.; Gorzeman, Michiel; Hesselink, Erik J.; Dolmans, Dennis E. J. G. J.; Peringa, Jan; van Geloven, Anna A. W.; Bossuyt, Patrick M.; Stoker, Jaap; Boermeester, Marja A.


    Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the added value of plain radiographs on top of clinical assessment in unselected patients presenting with acute abdominal pain at the emergency department (ED). Methods: In a multicenter prospective trial, patients with abdominal pain more than 2

  4. The role of plain radiographs in patients with acute abdominal pain at the ED

    Randen, A. van; Lameris, W.; Luitse, J.S.; Gorzeman, M.; Hesselink, E.J.; Dolmans, D.E.; Peringa, J.; Geloven, A.A. van; Bossuyt, P.M.; Stoker, J.; Boermeester, M.A.; Gooszen, H.G.


    OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the added value of plain radiographs on top of clinical assessment in unselected patients presenting with acute abdominal pain at the emergency department (ED). METHODS: In a multicenter prospective trial, patients with abdominal pain more than 2

  5. Tackling causes and costs of ED presentation for American football injuries: a population-level study.

    Smart, Blair J; Haring, R Sterling; Asemota, Anthony O; Scott, John W; Canner, Joseph K; Nejim, Besma J; George, Benjamin P; Alsulaim, Hatim; Kirsch, Thomas D; Schneider, Eric B


    American tackle football is the most popular high-energy impact sport in the United States, with approximately 9 million participants competing annually. Previous epidemiologic studies of football-related injuries have generally focused on specific geographic areas or pediatric age groups. Our study sought to examine patient characteristics and outcomes, including hospital charges, among athletes presenting for emergency department (ED) treatment of football-related injury across all age groups in a large nationally representative data set. Patients presenting for ED treatment of injuries sustained playing American tackle football (identified using International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification code E007.0) from 2010 to 2011 were studied in the Nationwide Emergency Department Sample. Patient-specific injuries were identified using the primary International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification diagnosis code and categorized by type and anatomical region. Standard descriptive methods examined patient demographics, diagnosis categories, and ED and inpatient outcomes and charges. During the study period 397363 football players presented for ED treatment, 95.8% of whom were male. Sprains/strains (25.6%), limb fractures (20.7%), and head injuries (including traumatic brain injury; 17.5%) represented the most presenting injuries. Overall, 97.9% of patients underwent routine ED discharge with 1.1% admitted directly and fewer than 11 patients in the 2-year study period dying prior to discharge. The proportion of admitted patients who required surgical interventions was 15.7%, of which 89.9% were orthopedic, 4.7% neurologic, and 2.6% abdominal. Among individuals admitted to inpatient care, mean hospital length of stay was 2.4days (95% confidence interval, 2.2-2.6) and 95.6% underwent routine discharge home. The mean total charge for all patients was $1941 (95% confidence interval, $1890-$1992) with substantial

  6. Progress of the BT-EdF-CEA project. The lithium polymer battery; Avancees du projet BT-EdF-CEA. Batterie lithium polymere

    Marginedes, D.; Majastre, H. [Bollore Technologies, 29 - Quimper (France); Baudry, P.; Lascaud, S. [Electricite de France, 77 - Moret sur Loing (France). Direction des Etudes et Recherches; Bloch, D.; Lebrun, N. [CEA Grenoble, CEREM, 38 (France)


    The lithium-polymer energy storage technology requires the production of thin films of huge surface. The BT-EdF-CEA consortium has studied the various manufacturing techniques of these films and their assembly. The process was chosen according to its productivity, low expensiveness, ecological impact and energy performances with capacities reaching 40 Ah. This paper explains: the objectives and specifications of the project, the advantage of the consortium and the role of the different partners, the results (coating, dry extrusion and battery element manufacturing techniques), and the electrochemical performances of the elements. (J.S.)

  7. The law that threatens EdF's monopoly; La loi qui menace le monopole d'EdF

    Dupin, L.


    The French house of commons has examined the bill about the new organisation of the French electricity market (Nome in French). Its goal is to reform the actual market and to create a real competition. The bill has five stakes: to put an end to the European dispute, to give to EdF's competitors an access to its nuclear production, to improve the management of consumption peaks, to harmonize the generation and the consumption prices, to prepare the French market to the real competition. (J.S.)

  8. Pediatric overtriage as a consequence of the tachycardia responses of children upon ED admission.

    Chang, Yu-Che; Ng, Chip-Jin; Wu, Chang-Teng; Chen, Li-Chin; Chen, Jih-Chang; Hsu, Kuang-Hung


    Overtriage has been observed among pediatric patients in emergency departments (EDs) under 5-level acuity pediatric triage systems. This study aimed to investigate the causes of overtriage and to provide suggestions for future amendments to such systems. This study has a retrospective follow-up design in which 42000 pediatric patients who were admitted to the ED of the largest medical center in Taiwan between January and December of 2010 were recruited. The study variables included patient demographics, chief concerns, individual vital signs (ie, blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, respiratory rate, and O2 saturation), triage level, ED final disposition, ED expenses, and total medical expenses. A logistic regression model was applied to explore the causes of overtriage and the effectiveness of a modified acuity system. Approximately 13.6% of the pediatric ED visits were upgraded to acuity level 1 based on vital signs that included heart rate (97.3%). The strength of the trend association (odds ratio) between decreasing acuity urgency (from levels 1 to 5) and hospitalization increased from 0.73 (95% confidence interval, 0.72-0.75) with the Pediatric Triage and Acuity System (Ped-TTAS) to 0.57 (95% confidence interval, 0.55-0.59) with the modified Ped-TTAS, which downgraded acuity levels by excluding the weighting of vital signs. Further validation was accomplished by comparing the trend association between decreasing acuity urgency and total medical expenses (Ped-TTAS: β = -0.13; modified Ped-TTAS: β = -0.18). Heart rate is prone to be affected by emotional responses among pediatric patients in certain specific age groups. Appropriate revisions of the pediatric triage system are suggested. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. Torrefied Biomass Pellets—Comparing Grindability in Different Laboratory Mills

    Jan Hari Arti Khalsa


    Full Text Available The firing and co-firing of biomass in pulverized coal fired power plants around the world is expected to increase in the coming years. Torrefaction may prove to be a suitable way of upgrading biomass for such an application. For transport and storage purposes, the torrefied biomass will tend to be in pellet form. Whilst standard methods for the assessment of the milling characteristics of coal exist, this is not the case for torrefied materials—whether in pellet form or not. The grindability of the fuel directly impacts the overall efficiency of the combustion process and as such it is an important parameter. In the present study, the grindability of different torrefied biomass pellets was tested in three different laboratory mill types; cutting mill (CM, hammer mill (HM and impact mill (IM. The specific grinding energy (SGE required for a defined mass throughput of pellets in each mill was measured and results were compared to other pellet characterization methods (e.g., durability, and hardness as well as the modified Hardgrove Index. Seven different torrefied biomass pellets including willow, pine, beech, poplar, spruce, forest residue and straw were used as feedstock. On average, the particle-size distribution width (across all feedstock was narrowest for the IM (0.41 mm, followed by the HM (0.51 mm and widest for the CM (0.62 mm. Regarding the SGE, the IM consumed on average 8.23 Wh/kg while CM and HM consumed 5.15 and 5.24 Wh/kg, respectively. From the three mills compared in this study, the IM seems better fit for being used in a standardized method that could be developed in the future, e.g., as an ISO standard.

  10. Staphylococcus aureus Leukocidin LukED and HIV-1 gp120 Target Different Sequence Determinants on CCR5

    Kayan Tam


    Full Text Available Leukocidin ED (LukED is a bicomponent pore-forming toxin produced by Staphylococcus aureus that lyses host cells by targeting the chemokine receptors CC chemokine receptor type 5 (CCR5, CXCR1, CXCR2, and DARC. In addition to its role as a receptor for LukED, CCR5 is the major coreceptor for primary isolates of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1 and has been extensively studied. To compare how LukED and HIV-1 target CCR5, we analyzed their respective abilities to use CCR5/CCR2b chimeras to mediate cytotoxicity and virus entry. These analyses showed that the second and third extracellular loops (ECL of CCR5 are necessary and sufficient for LukED to target the receptor and promote cell lysis. In contrast, the second ECL of CCR5 is necessary but not sufficient for HIV-1 infectivity. The analysis of CCR5 point mutations showed that glycine-163 is critical for HIV-1 infectivity, while arginine-274 and aspartic acid-276 are critical for LukED cytotoxicity. Point mutations in ECL2 diminished both HIV-1 infectivity and LukED cytotoxicity. Treatment of cells with LukED did not interfere with CCR5-tropic HIV-1 infectivity, demonstrating that LukED and the viral envelope glycoprotein use nonoverlapping sites on CCR5. Analysis of point mutations in LukE showed that amino acids 64 to 69 in the rim domain are required for CCR5 targeting and cytotoxicity. Taking the results together, this study identified the molecular basis by which LukED targets CCR5, highlighting the divergent molecular interactions evolved by HIV-1 and LukED to interact with CCR5.

  11. Effectiveness of Mathematics Teaching and Learning Experiences through Wireless Technology as Recent Style to Enhance B.Ed. Trainees

    Joan, D. R. Robert


    The objective of the study was to find out the effect of learning through Wireless technologies and the traditional method in teaching and learning Mathematics. The investigator adopted experimental research to find the effectiveness of implementing Wireless technologies in the population of B.Ed. trainees. The investigator selected 32 B.Ed.…

  12. Mentoring from Different Social Spheres: How Can Multiple Mentors Help in Doctoral Student Success in Ed.D Programs?

    Terry, Tarae; Ghosh, Rajashi


    Doctoral students leave their programs early due to lack of mentoring relationships needed to support degree completion and success. However, how mentoring contributes to Ed.D degree completion is not widely studied. In this qualitative narrative study, we sought to explore how multiple mentoring relationships reduced attrition in an Ed.D program.…

  13. Disruption of the Arabidopsis Defense Regulator Genes SAG101, EDS1, and PAD4 Confers Enhanced Freezing Tolerance.

    Chen, Qin-Fang; Xu, Le; Tan, Wei-Juan; Chen, Liang; Qi, Hua; Xie, Li-Juan; Chen, Mo-Xian; Liu, Bin-Yi; Yu, Lu-Jun; Yao, Nan; Zhang, Jian-Hua; Shu, Wensheng; Xiao, Shi


    In Arabidopsis, three lipase-like regulators, SAG101, EDS1, and PAD4, act downstream of resistance protein-associated defense signaling. Although the roles of SAG101, EDS1, and PAD4 in biotic stress have been extensively studied, little is known about their functions in plant responses to abiotic stresses. Here, we show that SAG101, EDS1, and PAD4 are involved in the regulation of freezing tolerance in Arabidopsis. With or without cold acclimation, the sag101, eds1, and pad4 single mutants, as well as their double mutants, exhibited similarly enhanced tolerance to freezing temperatures. Upon cold exposure, the sag101, eds1, and pad4 mutants showed increased transcript levels of C-REPEAT/DRE BINDING FACTORs and their regulons compared with the wild type. Moreover, freezing-induced cell death and accumulation of hydrogen peroxide were ameliorated in sag101, eds1, and pad4 mutants. The sag101, eds1, and pad4 mutants had much lower salicylic acid (SA) and diacylglycerol (DAG) contents than the wild type, and exogenous application of SA and DAG compromised the freezing tolerance of the mutants. Furthermore, SA suppressed the cold-induced expression of DGATs and DGKs in the wild-type leaves. These findings indicate that SAG101, EDS1, and PAD4 are involved in the freezing response in Arabidopsis, at least in part, by modulating the homeostasis of SA and DAG.

  14. Effectiveness of Mutual Learning Approach in the Academic Achievement of B.Ed Students in Learning Optional II English

    Arulselvi, Evangelin


    The present study aims at finding out the effectiveness of Mutual learning approach over the conventional method in learning English optional II among B.Ed students. The randomized pre-test, post test, control group and experimental group design was employed. The B.Ed students of the same college formed the control and experimental groups. Each…

  15. Multicolor flow cytometry analysis of the proliferations of T-lymphocyte subsets in vitro by EdU incorporation.

    Sun, Yanli; Sun, Yu; Lin, Guigao; Zhang, Rui; Zhang, Kuo; Xie, Jiehong; Wang, Lunan; Li, Jinming


    EdU (5-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine) incorporation has proved advantageous in the studies of cell kinetics, DNA synthesis, and cellular proliferation in vitro and in vivo compared to [(3) H]thymidine incorporation and BrdU (5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine) incorporation. Here, we describe a method that combines EdU incorporation and immunostaining with flow cytometric analysis to detect the proliferations of T lymphocyte subsets in vitro and optimized the assay's conditions. We found that the number of EdU(+) cells were associated with EdU concentration, incubation time, and the volume of Click reaction solution, the best EdU concentration 10-50 μM, the optimal incubation time 8-12 h and the proper volume of Click volume 100 μl for labeling 1 × 10(6) lymphocytes. Fixation was better to be performed before permeabilization, not together with. Furthermore, the permeabilization detergent reagent, PBS with 0.05% saponin was better than Tris buffer saline (TBS) with 0.1% Triton X-100. In addition, sufficient wash with PBS with 0.05% saponin has no influence on the staining of EdU(+) cells. Also, the lymphocytes incorporating EdU could be stored at 4°C, -80°C, and in liquid nitrogen up to 21 days. The present study will aid in optimization of flow cytometry assay to detect the proliferations of T cell subsets by EdU incorporation and the labeling of cell surface antigens.

  16. Higher Ed Meets Public Ed.

    Olenick, Mary Jo


    The University of Connecticut is revitalizing the Avery Point campus with two new buildings. A Marine Sciences and Technology Center will serve graduate and undergraduate students. A separate Marine Sciences Field Station/Hostel will house Project Oceanology: a science program for students in grades 5-12. (MLF)

  17. Response to the society of toxicology task force re-examination of the ED01 study.

    Kodell, R L; Gaylor, D W; Greenman, D L; Littlefield, N A; Farmer, J H


    This communication has re-examined and justified certain of the NCTR's analyses and recommendations from the ED01 Study, which were either misunderstood or misinterpreted by the SOT Task Force. In addition, we have shown that some of the Task Force's own analyses and interpretations are subject to review on scientific grounds. The Task Force's rejection of the linear extrapolation method recommended by the NCTR was stated because of a suspected force-fitting of a linear model to data, an approach that is not part of the NCTR procedure. In suspecting a protective effect of 2-AAF against bladder tumors, the Task Force used an inappropriate model that overpredicted the background bladder tumor rate in control mice. Contrary to the Task Force's belief, a failure to account adequately for time to tumor response was more characteristic of analyses performed by the Task Force rather than those performed by the NCTR. The Task Force's questioning of the multistage model for risk assessment was based on its use of inappropriate, crude tumor data rather than upon NCTR's use of the multistage model with time-adjusted tumor data. The Hartley-Sielken model did not fit the ED01 tumor data as well as the Task Force had presumed. In a risk extrapolation comparison by the Task Force, a coarse time partition of the ED01 data that had been questioned by the Task Force actually produced more stable results than a finer partition proposed by the Task Force. Another problem in the Task Force report concerns the change of protocol. Instead of resulting in a loss of strength as anticipated by the Task Force, the change of protocol during the ED01 Study resulted in an increase in information as alluded to by the Task Force. If the Task Force's proposal for restricting the length of feeding studies had been followed in the ED01 Study, most of the dose related tumor information would not have been obtained. Also, the Task Force's belief that low doses of 2-AAF had some effect on the

  18. Using Google Flu Trends data in forecasting influenza-like-illness related ED visits in Omaha, Nebraska.

    Araz, Ozgur M; Bentley, Dan; Muelleman, Robert L


    Emergency department (ED) visits increase during the influenza seasons. It is essential to identify statistically significant correlates in order to develop an accurate forecasting model for ED visits. Forecasting influenza-like-illness (ILI)-related ED visits can significantly help in developing robust resource management strategies at the EDs. We first performed correlation analyses to understand temporal correlations between several predictors of ILI-related ED visits. We used the data available for Douglas County, the biggest county in Nebraska, for Omaha, the biggest city in the state, and for a major hospital in Omaha. The data set included total and positive influenza test results from the hospital (ie, Antigen rapid (Ag) and Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection (RSV) tests); an Internet-based influenza surveillance system data, that is, Google Flu Trends, for both Nebraska and Omaha; total ED visits in Douglas County attributable to ILI; and ILI surveillance network data for Douglas County and Nebraska as the predictors and data for the hospital's ILI-related ED visits as the dependent variable. We used Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average and Holt Winters methods with3 linear regression models to forecast ILI-related ED visits at the hospital and evaluated model performances by comparing the root means square errors (RMSEs). Because of strong positive correlations with ILI-related ED visits between 2008 and 2012, we validated the use of Google Flu Trends data as a predictor in an ED influenza surveillance tool. Of the 5 forecasting models we have tested, linear regression models performed significantly better when Google Flu Trends data were included as a predictor. Regression models including Google Flu Trends data as a predictor variable have lower RMSE, and the lowest is achieved when all other variables are also included in the model in our forecasting experiments for the first 5 weeks of 2013 (with RMSE = 57.61). Google Flu Trends data

  19. Unplanned 3-day re-attendance rate at Emergency Department (ED) and hospital's bed occupancy rate (BOR).

    Sun, Yan; Heng, Bee Hoon; Tay, Seow Yian; Tan, Kelvin Brian


    Unplanned re-attendance at the Emergency Department (ED) is often monitored as a quality indicator of the care accorded to patients during their index ED visit. High bed occupancy rate (BOR) has been considered as a matter of reduced patient comfort and privacy. Most hospitals in Singapore operate under BORs above 85 %. This study aims to explore factors associated with the unplanned 3-day ED re-attendance rate and, in particular, if higher BOR is associated with higher 3-day unplanned ED re-attendance rate. This was a multicenter retrospective study using time series data. Three acute tertiary hospitals were selected from all six adult public hospitals in Singapore based on data availability. Daily data from year 2008 to 2013 were collected from the study hospitals' information systems. These included: ED visit date, day of week, month, year, public holiday, daily hospital BOR, daily bed waiting time (BWT) at ED (both median and 95th percentile), daily ED admission rate, and 3-day ED re-attendance rate. The primary outcome of the study was unplanned 3-day ED re-attendance rate from all reasons. Both univariate analysis and generalized linear regression were respectively applied to study the crude and adjusted association between the unplanned 3-day ED re-attendance rate and its potential associated factors. All analyses were conducted using SPSS 18 (PASW 18, IBM). The average age of patients who visited ED was 35 years old (SD = 2), 37 years old (SD = 2), and 40 years old (SD = 2) in hospitals A, B, and C respectively. The average 3-day unplanned ED re-attendance rate was 4.9 % (SE = 0.47 %) in hospital A, 3.9 % (SE = 0.35 %) in hospital B, and 4.4 % (SE = 0.30 %) in hospital C. After controlling for other covariates, the unplanned 3-day ED re-attendance rates were significantly associated with hospital, time trend, day of week, daily average BOR, and ED admission rate. Strong day-of-week effect on early ED re-attendance rate was

  20. The NOURISHED randomised controlled trial comparing mentalisation-based treatment for eating disorders (MBT-ED) with specialist supportive clinical management (SSCM-ED) for patients with eating disorders and symptoms of borderline personality disorder.

    Robinson, Paul; Hellier, Jennifer; Barrett, Barbara; Barzdaitiene, Daiva; Bateman, Anthony; Bogaardt, Alexandra; Clare, Ajay; Somers, Nadia; O'Callaghan, Aine; Goldsmith, Kimberley; Kern, Nikola; Schmidt, Ulrike; Morando, Sara; Ouellet-Courtois, Catherine; Roberts, Alice; Skårderud, Finn; Fonagy, Peter


    In this multi-centre randomized controlled trial (RCT) we compared modified mentalisation-based treatment (MBT-ED) to specialist supportive clinical management (SSCM-ED) in patients with eating disorders (EDs) and borderline personality disorder symptoms (BPD). This group of patients presents complex challenges to clinical services, and a treatment which addresses their multiple problems has the potential to improve outcome. MBT has been shown to be effective in improving outcome in patients with BPD, but its use has not been reported in ED. Sixty-eight eligible participants were randomised to MBT-ED or SSCM-ED. The primary outcome measure was the global score on the Eating Disorder Examination. Secondary outcomes included measures of BPD symptoms (the Zanarini Rating Scale for Borderline Personality Disorder), general psychiatric state, quality of life and service utilisation. Participants were assessed at baseline and at 6, 12 and 18 months after randomisation. Analysis was performed using linear mixed models. Only 15 participants (22 %) completed the 18 month follow-up. Early drop-out occurred significantly more in the SSCM-ED group. Drop-out did not vary with treatment model later in therapy and was sometimes attributed to participants moving away. There was higher drop--out amongst smokers and those with higher neuroticism scores. 47.1 % of participants in the MBT-ED arm and 37.1 % in the SSCM-ED arm attended at least 50 % of therapy sessions offered. Amongst those remaining in the trial, at 12 and 18 months MBT-ED was associated with a greater reduction in Shape Concern and Weight Concern in the Eating Disorder Examination compared to SSCM-ED. At 6, 12 and 18 months there was a decline of ED and BPD symptoms in both groups combined. Ten participants were reported as having had adverse events during the trial, mostly self-harm, and there was one death, attributed as 'unexplained' by the coroner. The high drop-out rate made interpretation of the results

  1. Evaluating the Value of High Spatial Resolution in National Capacity Expansion Models using ReEDS

    Krishnan, Venkat; Cole, Wesley


    Power sector capacity expansion models (CEMs) have a broad range of spatial resolutions. This paper uses the Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS) model, a long-term national scale electric sector CEM, to evaluate the value of high spatial resolution for CEMs. ReEDS models the United States with 134 load balancing areas (BAs) and captures the variability in existing generation parameters, future technology costs, performance, and resource availability using very high spatial resolution data, especially for wind and solar modeled at 356 resource regions. In this paper we perform planning studies at three different spatial resolutions--native resolution (134 BAs), state-level, and NERC region level--and evaluate how results change under different levels of spatial aggregation in terms of renewable capacity deployment and location, associated transmission builds, and system costs. The results are used to ascertain the value of high geographically resolved models in terms of their impact on relative competitiveness among renewable energy resources.

  2. Investigation of Detectability of Elementary Composition of Rainbow trout muscle with EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy Method

    Saltuk Buğrahan CEYHUN


    Full Text Available In present study, it is investigated that detectability of elementary composition of rainbow trout muscle using Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS. EDS system which has worked with attached to scanning electron microscope can do qualitative and semi-quantitative elementary analyses on selected region of sample using characteristic X-rays. For this purpose, it was performed four point and two mapping analyses from four samples. According to results, it was detected 13 elements which are consist of C, N and O in 87.70 percentage. As a result, although the method is sensitive and reliable, it is concluded that not adequate for elemental analysis alone but can be used as a support for analyzes with systems such as especially atomic absorption and ICP-MS.

  3. Analysis of Cell Proliferation and Homeostasis Using EdU Labeling.

    Flomerfelt, Francis A; Gress, Ronald E


    Determination of cellular proliferation and population turnover is an important tool for research on lymphoid cell function. Historically this has been done using radiolabeled nucleotides or nucleoside analogs, such as BrdU (5-bromo-2-deoxyuridine), that are incorporated into nascent DNA during S-phase. Recently, a new procedure was developed to label nascent DNA using EdU (5-Ethynyl-2-deoxyuridine). This new method overcomes limitations imposed by the procedure used to detect BrdU because EdU detection is based on an easily performed chemical reaction that does not require DNA denaturation, is quick and reproducible, and has a superior signal-to-noise ratio. This technique offers a wide range of opportunities to analyze cellular proliferation, population homeostasis, and cell marking procedures.

  4. Cell Proliferation Analysis Using EdU Labeling in Whole Plant and Histological Samples of Arabidopsis.

    Kazda, Anita; Akimcheva, Svetlana; Watson, J Matthew; Riha, Karel


    The ability to analyze cell division in both spatial and temporal dimensions within an organism is a key requirement in developmental biology. Specialized cell types within individual organs, such as those within shoot and root apical meristems, have often been identified by differences in their rates of proliferation prior to the characterization of distinguishing molecular markers. Replication-dependent labeling of DNA is a widely used method for assaying cell proliferation. The earliest approaches used radioactive labeling with tritiated thymidine, which were later followed by immunodetection of bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU). A major advance in DNA labeling came with the use of 5-ethynyl-2'deoxyuridine (EdU) which has proven to have multiple advantages over BrdU. Here we describe the methodology for analyzing EdU labeling and retention in whole plants and histological sections of Arabidopsis.

  5. EdU Incorporation for FACS and Microscopy Analysis of DNA Replication in Budding Yeast.

    Talarek, Nicolas; Petit, Julie; Gueydon, Elisabeth; Schwob, Etienne


    DNA replication is a key determinant of chromosome segregation and stability in eukaryotes. The yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been extensively used for cell cycle studies, yet simple but key parameters such as the fraction of cells in S phase in a population or the subnuclear localization of DNA synthesis have been difficult to gather for this organism. 5-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine (EdU) is a thymidine analogue that can be incorporated in vivo and later detected using copper-catalyzed azide alkyne cycloaddition (Click reaction) without prior DNA denaturation. This chapter describes a budding yeast strain and conditions that allow rapid EdU incorporation at moderate extracellular concentrations, followed by its efficient detection for the analysis of DNA replication in single cells by flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy.

  6. Improvement in student science proficiency through InSciEd out.

    Pierret, Chris; Sonju, James D; Leicester, Jean E; Hoody, Maggie; LaBounty, Thomas J; Frimannsdottir, Katrin R; Ekker, Stephen C


    Integrated Science Education Outreach (InSciEd Out) is a collaboration formed between Mayo Clinic, Winona State University, and Rochester Public Schools (MN) with the shared vision of achieving excellence in science education. InSciEd Out employs an equitable partnership model between scientists, teachers, education researchers, and the community. Teams of teachers from all disciplines within a single school experience cutting-edge science using the zebrafish model system, as well as current pedagogical methods, during a summer internship at the Mayo Clinic. Within the internship, the teachers produce new curriculum that directly addresses opportunities for science education improvement at their own school. Zebrafish are introduced within the new curriculum to support a living model of the practice of science. Following partnership with the InSciEd Out program and 2 years of implementation in the classroom, teacher-interns from a K-8 public school reported access to local scientific technology and expertise they had not previously recognized. Teachers also reported improved integration of other disciplines into the scientific curriculum and a flow of concepts vertically from K through 8. Students more than doubled selection of an Honors science track in high school to nearly 90%. 98% of students who took the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments in their 5(th) and 8(th) grade year (a span that includes 2 years of InSciEd Out) showed medium or high growth in science proficiency. These metrics indicate that cooperation between educators and scientists can result in positive change in student science proficiency and demonstrate that a higher expectation in science education can be achieved in US public schools.

  7. Representation of Solar Capacity Value in the ReEDS Capacity Expansion Model

    Sigrin, B.; Sullivan, P.; Ibanez, E.; Margolis, R.


    An important issue for electricity system operators is the estimation of renewables' capacity contributions to reliably meeting system demand, or their capacity value. While the capacity value of thermal generation can be estimated easily, assessment of wind and solar requires a more nuanced approach due to the resource variability. Reliability-based methods, particularly assessment of the Effective Load-Carrying Capacity, are considered to be the most robust and widely-accepted techniques for addressing this resource variability. This report compares estimates of solar PV capacity value by the Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS) capacity expansion model against two sources. The first comparison is against values published by utilities or other entities for known electrical systems at existing solar penetration levels. The second comparison is against a time-series ELCC simulation tool for high renewable penetration scenarios in the Western Interconnection. Results from the ReEDS model are found to compare well with both comparisons, despite being resolved at a super-hourly temporal resolution. Two results are relevant for other capacity-based models that use a super-hourly resolution to model solar capacity value. First, solar capacity value should not be parameterized as a static value, but must decay with increasing penetration. This is because -- for an afternoon-peaking system -- as solar penetration increases, the system's peak net load shifts to later in the day -- when solar output is lower. Second, long-term planning models should determine system adequacy requirements in each time period in order to approximate LOLP calculations. Within the ReEDS model we resolve these issues by using a capacity value estimate that varies by time-slice. Within each time period the net load and shadow price on ReEDS's planning reserve constraint signals the relative importance of additional firm capacity.

  8. "Head käed" tõid Berlinalelt auhinna / Tiit Tuumalu

    Tuumalu, Tiit, 1971-


    Berliini 52. filmifestivali tulemustest. Festivali "Panorama Special" kavas olnud Peeter Simmi "Head käed" saavutas hea publikuedu ning jagas sloveenlase Maja Weiss'i filmiga "Piirivalvur" Manfred Salzgeberi auhinda, mis on mõeldud subtiitrite tegemiseks filmi levitamisel euroopa ekraanidele. Kuldkaru jagasid briti Paul Greengrassi "Verine pühapäev" ja jaapanlase Hayao Miyazaki animafilm "Vaimudest viidud". Parima režissööri Hõbekaru sai Otar Ioseliani

  9. Morphology and Composition of Nanocrystalline Stabilized Zirconia using Sem-Eds System

    Sunday Adesunloye JONAH; Patrick Ovie AKUSU; Tajudeen Oladele AHMED; Rabiu NASIRU


    Bismuth oxide of known mole percentages has been incorporated into zirconia matrix via co-precipitation method. The co-precipitated powders containing mixed oxides of bismuth and zirconium are dried and calcined in air at 200°C and 800°C respectively to obtain nanosized-stabilized zirconia. The microstructures and the composition of the nanosized-stabilized zirconia are investigated using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) coupled with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) at a low accel...

  10. "Head käed" tõid Berlinalelt auhinna / Tiit Tuumalu

    Tuumalu, Tiit, 1971-


    Berliini 52. filmifestivali tulemustest. Festivali "Panorama Special" kavas olnud Peeter Simmi "Head käed" saavutas hea publikuedu ning jagas sloveenlase Maja Weiss'i filmiga "Piirivalvur" Manfred Salzgeberi auhinda, mis on mõeldud subtiitrite tegemiseks filmi levitamisel euroopa ekraanidele. Kuldkaru jagasid briti Paul Greengrassi "Verine pühapäev" ja jaapanlase Hayao Miyazaki animafilm "Vaimudest viidud". Parima režissööri Hõbekaru sai Otar Ioseliani

  11. "Käed liibuvad kätele ja silmad viivlevad silmil ..." : [luuletused] / Rabindranath Tagore

    Tagore, Rabindranath


    Sisu: "Käed liibuvad kätele ja silmad viivlevad silmil ..." ; "Armastan sind, armsaim. Anna mulle andeks mu armastus ..." ; "Su pärivad silmad on kurvad. Nad taotavad mõista mu meelt ..." ; "Oi naine, sa pole üksnes Jumala kätetöö, vaid ka meeste; need ..." ; "Usalda armastust isegi siis, kui ta toob ..." ; "Lõpeta siis viimne laul ja lahkugem ..."

  12. Il linguaggio, l’immagine ed il futuro dell’umano

    Rodolfo Eduardo Scachetti


    Full Text Available Si discute in quest’articolo il desiderio della tecnoscienza di superare l’umano attuale. Il pensiero-limite è il post-umano ed occorre provare a conoscere soprattutto le prospettive delle metamorfosi tecnologiche del corpo. La questione è la seguente: i nuovi modelli conoscitivi fondati sulle immagini predomineranno o rafforzeranno le capacità tradizionali dell’essere umano?

  13. Results from an online survey investigating ED patients' insights and treatment expectations.

    Burri, A; Porst, H


    Data suggest that the currently available therapies for erectile dysfunction (ED) do not meet all the patients' and their partners' expectations. The aim was to assess ED patients' treatment expectations for a variety of sex- and drug-related aspects such as importance of spontaneity, partner satisfaction, ideal onset of action and ideal duration of action. A total of n=1124 men with ED and n=410 healthy men, aged 30-75, participated in this online survey. The ED sample was further divided into patients currently undergoing treatment (CTG), patients who had been undergoing treatment in the past (PTG) and naïve patients (NG). The International Index of Erectile Function as well as a mix of study-specific questions was used. All groups considered 'maintaining an erection until the partner reaches orgasm' the most important aspect regarding erectile function. 'Being able to please the partner' was considered as the most important aspect for a fulfilled sex life. The majority of men (38.1%) further considered an onset of action of about 15 min to be desirable. In all, 95.9% further considered a duration of action up to 4 h to be desirable whereas approximately 71% of men considered a duration of more than 12 h to be too long. It seems that once the basic functional aspects related to erectile function have been covered, additional benefits such as 'spontaneity' and 'pleasing the partner' become important and may be critical for choosing the optimum individual treatment, to improve the sexual satisfaction and the adherence to the treatment.


    Gregori, Lucilia; Troiani, Cristina


    La Cascata delle Marmore, realizzata dal Salto effettuato dal F. Velino nel F. Nera, rappresenta un elemento morfologico particolarmente «scenografico» dell'Umbria. Essa, infatti, per le sue caratteristiche assume in importante ruolo in ambito morfologico, a causa della presenza di morfotipi fluviali e carsici abbastanza esclusivi, ma anche in campo ambientale, culturale ed infine turistico. L'origine del salto è legata a fattori antropici che risalgono all'epoca romana, motivo di contesa dal...

  15. Emergency Doses (ED) - Revision 3: A calculator code for environmental dose computations

    Rittmann, P.D.


    The calculator program ED (Emergency Doses) was developed from several HP-41CV calculator programs documented in the report Seven Health Physics Calculator Programs for the HP-41CV, RHO-HS-ST-5P (Rittman 1984). The program was developed to enable estimates of offsite impacts more rapidly and reliably than was possible with the software available for emergency response at that time. The ED - Revision 3, documented in this report, revises the inhalation dose model to match that of ICRP 30, and adds the simple estimates for air concentration downwind from a chemical release. In addition, the method for calculating the Pasquill dispersion parameters was revised to match the GENII code within the limitations of a hand-held calculator (e.g., plume rise and building wake effects are not included). The summary report generator for printed output, which had been present in the code from the original version, was eliminated in Revision 3 to make room for the dispersion model, the chemical release portion, and the methods of looping back to an input menu until there is no further no change. This program runs on the Hewlett-Packard programmable calculators known as the HP-41CV and the HP-41CX. The documentation for ED - Revision 3 includes a guide for users, sample problems, detailed verification tests and results, model descriptions, code description (with program listing), and independent peer review. This software is intended to be used by individuals with some training in the use of air transport models. There are some user inputs that require intelligent application of the model to the actual conditions of the accident. The results calculated using ED - Revision 3 are only correct to the extent allowed by the mathematical models. 9 refs., 36 tabs.

  16. T.G. Rapatzikou on Kathy Acker and Transnationalism (Polina Mackay and Kathryn Nicol, eds.


    Full Text Available Kathy Acker and Transnationalism. Eds Polina Mackay and Kathryn Nicol. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009. Pp. xx + 203. ISBN 978-1-4438-0570-4.Polina Mackay and Kathryn Nicol’s volume constitutes a thoroughly conceptualized editorial attempt to approach Kathy Acker’s subversive work from the perspective of transnationalism and global capitalism within the broader context of postmodern theory. Starting with a forward by Ellen G. Friedman, this volume contains nine essays which foc...

  17. TEM EDS analysis of epitaxially-grown self-assembled indium islands

    Jasmine Sears


    Full Text Available Epitaxially-grown self-assembled indium nanostructures, or islands, show promise as nanoantennas. The elemental composition and internal structure of indium islands grown on gallium arsenide are explored using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS. Several sizes of islands are examined, with larger islands exhibiting high (>94% average indium purity and smaller islands containing inhomogeneous gallium and arsenic contamination. These results enable more accurate predictions of indium nanoantenna behavior as a function of growth parameters.

  18. Modeling and analysis of the EDS Maglev system with the Halbach magnet array

    Ko, Wonsuk

    The magnetic field analysis based on the wavelet transform is performed. The Halbach array magnetic field analysis has been studied using many methods such as magnetic scalar potential, magnetic vector potential, Fourier analysis and Finite Element Methods. But these analyses cannot identify a transient oscillation at the beginning stage of levitation. The wavelet transform is used for analyzing the transient oscillatory response of an EDS Maglev system. The proposed scheme explains the under-damped dynamics that results from the cradle's dynamic response to the irregular distribution of the magnetic field. It suggests this EDS Maglev system that responds to a vertical repulsive force could be subject to such instability at the beginning stage of a low levitation height. The proposed method is useful in analyzing instabilities at the beginning stage of levitation height. A controller for the EDS maglev system with the Halbach array magnet is designed for the beginning stage of levitation and after reaching the defined levitation height. To design a controller for the EDS system, two different stages are suggested. Before the object reaches a stable position and after it has reached a stable position. A stable position can be referred to as a nominal height. The former is the stage I and the latter is the stage II. At the stage I, to achieve a nominal height the robust controller is investigated. At the stage II, both translational and rotational motions are considered for the control design. To maintain system stability, damping control as well as LQR control are performed. The proposed method is helpful to understand system dynamics and achieve system stability.

  19. Effects of an AMPS-modifi ed Polyacrylic Acid Superplasticizer on the Performance of Concrete Materials

    CHEN Baofan


    A self-made 2-acrylamide-2-methyl propylene sulfonic (AMPS)-modified polyacrylic acid superplasticizer and two other commercially available superplasticizers with different molecular structures are used in this study to investigate the effect of an AMPS-modifi ed polyacrylic acid superplasticizer on the properties of concrete materials. In the experiments, initial and 1.5 h slumps over time after admixtion are determined by adding different dosages of three superplasticizers into the premixed concrete to characterize the slump loss resistance of the premixed concrete. The water-reducing rates of three different types of concrete are determined to characterize the water-reducing capacity of the concrete with each superplasticizer. The 3, 7 and 28 d compressive strength is determined to characterize the mechanical properties of the concrete with each superplasticizer. In the meanwhile, 1, 1.5 and 2.0 h slump loss rates over time after admixtion are determined by adding different dosages of the three superplasticizers into the high-performance concrete (HPC) to characterize the slump loss resistance of HPC. The 7, 28, 60 and 90 d compressive strength is determined to characterize the compressive properties of HPC with each superplasticizer. The dry shrinkage rates of three different types of HPC are determined with each superplasticizer. Electricfl ux after standard curing for 56 d and chloride ion diffusion coeffi cient after curing for 28 d of HPC are determined to characterize the impermeability of HPC with each superplasticizer. The cross-section was examined using a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) system. Results demonstrate that the AMPS-modifi ed polyacrylic acid superplasticizer has better water-reducing effect and slump than the two commercially available polyacrylic acid superplasticizers. The AMPS-modifi ed polyacrylic acid superplasticizer also shows signifi cant improvement of the compressive strength, especially in comprehensive performance of HPC. In

  20. Global variables and identified hadrons in the PHENIX experiment

    John P Sullivan


    PHENIX measurements related to global variables and identified hadrons are discussed. These include two-pion correlations, elliptic flow, and dN=dη. Measurements of event-by-event fluctuations in mean transverse momentum, mean transverse energy, and net charge are presented for particles within the PHENIX acceptance. The centrality dependence of these measurements is also discussed.

  1. TEM EDS analysis of epitaxially-grown self-assembled indium islands

    Sears, Jasmine; Gibson, Ricky; Gehl, Michael; Zandbergen, Sander; Keiffer, Patrick; Nader, Nima; Hendrickson, Joshua; Arnoult, Alexandre; Khitrova, Galina


    Epitaxially-grown self-assembled indium nanostructures, or islands, show promise as nanoantennas. The elemental composition and internal structure of indium islands grown on gallium arsenide are explored using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS). Several sizes of islands are examined, with larger islands exhibiting high (>94%) average indium purity and smaller islands containing inhomogeneous gallium and arsenic contamination. These results enable more accurate predictions of indium nanoantenna behavior as a function of growth parameters.

  2. Advances in EBSD and EBSD/EDS integration for the characterization of mineralogical samples

    Palasse, L.; Goran, D.; Schwager, T.


    Electron BackScatter Diffraction (EBSD) is a well-known powerful technique for petrofabric studies using Scanning Electron Microscope. By assessing the quantitative microstructural information, i.e. crystallographic orientation data, it allows a large variety of applications: understanding the deformation mechanisms, seismic properties, metamorphic processes; and more recently, performing phase identification and discrimination when combined with Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS). However, it is known that for multiphase mineralogical samples, the information delivered either by EBSD or by EDS alone is not enough to successfully distinguish the present phases. Typical examples for EBSD related indexing issues are phases creating similar patterns; and for EDS technique alone, phases with similar chemical composition like calcite and aragonite, quartz and cristobalite. Recent software and hardware developments have significantly improved the data quality as well as the efficiency/productivity. This presentation aims to reveal the latest development in data processing that has transformed the combination of the two complementary techniques into a powerful tool for characterizing multiphase materials. Through geosciences application examples, we will present the advantages brought by this new approach which uses the quantified EDS results and EBSP to identify the correct phase, reducing the need of data cleaning, and without spending extra time at the SEM. We will also demonstrate how powerful EBSD indexing algorithm can overcome the limitation from sample preparation, with some examples of high hit rate achieved on polyphase mineralogical specimen and even on shock-metamorphosed minerals. Last but not least, recent developments also enable the investigation of nanostructured materials in the scanning electron microscope (SEM) by Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD). Through some mineralogical applications, we will demonstrate the high spatial resolution

  3. A new e-learning platform for radiology education (RadEd).

    Xiberta, Pau; Boada, Imma


    One of the key elements of e-learning platforms is the content provided to the students. Content creation is a time demanding task that requires teachers to prepare material taking into account that it will be accessed on-line. Moreover, the teacher is restricted by the functionalities provided by the e-learning platforms. In contexts such as radiology where images have a key role, the required functionalities are still more specific and difficult to be provided by these platforms. Our purpose is to create a framework to make teacher's tasks easier, specially when he has to deal with contents where images have a main role. In this paper, we present RadEd, a new web-based teaching framework that integrates a smart editor to create case-based exercises that support image interaction such as changing the window width and the grey scale used to render the image, taking measurements on the image, attaching labels to images and selecting parts of the images, amongst others. It also provides functionalities to prepare courses with different topics, exercises and theory material, and also functionalities to control students' work. Different experts have used RadEd and all of them have considered it a very useful and valuable tool to prepare courses where radiological images are the main component. RadEd provides teachers functionalities to prepare more realistic cases and students the ability to make a more specific diagnosis. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  4. ED50 of desflurane for laryngeal mask airway removal in anaesthetised adults.

    Makkar, J K; Arora, S; Jain, K; Wig, J


    Previous estimates for the end-tidal concentration of desflurane that allows removal of the laryngeal mask airway in 50% of anaesthetised adults (ED50) have ranged from 2.1% to 5.3%. To assess which value is correct, we studied 32 female patients (aged 30-50 years) undergoing intracavity caesium implants for cervical carcinoma under general anaesthesia. Anaesthesia was induced with propofol 2-3 and maintained with desflurane in a 50% nitrous oxide-oxygen mixture. At the end of surgery, a predetermined target end-tidal desflurane concentration (starting at 4%) was maintained for 10 min using Dixon's up-down method and the laryngeal mask airway was removed. The target end-tidal concentration in the next patient was increased or decreased by 0.5% depending upon the response of the previous patient. Removal of the laryngeal mask airway without coughing, clenching, biting, movement or any adverse airway event during or within 1 min after removal was considered to be successful. We found that the laryngeal mask airway can be successfully removed in 50% (ED50) and 95% (ED95) of the anaesthetised adults at end-tidal desflurane concentrations of 2.4% (95% CI 1.3-2.9) and 3.8% (3.1-9.6), respectively.

  5. Sobredentaduras con implantes en pacientes geriátricos edéntulos totales

    E. Velasco Ortega


    Full Text Available En la actualidad, la implantología oral constituye una modalidad terapéutica en el tratamiento prostodóncico de los pacientes mayores edéntulos totales. La utilización de implantes oseointegrados para rehabilitar la mandíbula o el maxilar edéntulos ha aumentado en el tratamiento de los pacientes geriátricos. La odontología clínica ha demostrado la aplicación con éxito de las técnicas implantológicas orales en los pacientes ancianos. Las sobredentaduras son una excelente modalidad terapéutica de prótesis sobre implantes con una buena respuesta funcional y estética en estos pacientes. La valoración médica y un plan de tratamiento es necesaria para optimizar los beneficios de la rehabilitación oral con sobredentaduras implantosoportadas sobre la calidad de vida de los pacientes geriátricos. Algunos implantes pueden constituir los elementos retentivos, mediante ataches de las sobredentaduras. Los resultados clínicos de muchos estudios demuestran que la rehabilitación prostodóncica mediante una sobredentadura con implantes de los pacientes edéntulos representa una terapéutica implantológica con éxito.

  6. The impact of an ED-only full-capacity protocol.

    Watase, Taketo; Fu, Rongwei; Foster, Denise; Langley, Denise; Handel, Daniel A


    The objective of this study was to assess the impact of an emergency department (ED)-only full-capacity protocol and diversion, controlling for patient volumes and other potential confounding factors. This was a preintervention and postintervention cohort study using data 12 months before and 12 months after the implementation of the protocol. During the implementation period, attending physicians and charge nurses were educated with clear and simple figures on the criteria for the initiation of the new protocol. A multiple logistic regression model was used to compare ambulance diversion between the 2 periods. The proportion of days when the ED went on diversion at least once during a 24-hour period was 60.4% during the preimplementation period and 20% in the postimplementation periods (P protocol was significantly associated with decreased odds of diversion rate in the postimplementation period (odds ratio, 0.32; 95% confidence interval, 0.21-0.48). Our predivert/full-capacity protocol is a simple and generalizable strategy that can be implemented within the boundaries of the ED and is significantly associated with a decreased diversion rate. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  7. Sugammadex ED90 dose to reverse the rocuronium neuromuscular blockade in obese patients


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT Objective: to determine the ED90 (minimum effective dose in 90% of patients of sugammadex for the reversal of rocuronium-induced moderate neuromuscular blockade (NMB in patients with grade III obesity undergoing bariatric surgery. Methods: we conducted a prospective study with the biased coin up-and-down sequential design. We chosen the following doses: 2.0mg/Kg, 2.2mg/Kg, 2.4mg/Kg, 2.6mg/Kg, 2.8mg/Kg. The complete reversal of rocuronium-induced NMB considered a T4/T1 ratio ≥0.9 as measured by TOF. After induction of general anesthesia and calibration of the peripheral nerve stimulator and accelerometer, we injected rocuronium 0.6mg/kg. We administered propofol and remifentanil by continuous infusion, and intermittent boluses of rocuronium throughout the procedure. Results: we evaluated 31 patients, of whom 26 had displayed successful reversal of the NMB with sugammadex, and failure in five. The mean time to complete moderate NMB reversal was 213 seconds (172-300, median 25-75%. The ED90 of sugammadex calculated by regression was 2.39mg/kg, with a 95% confidence interval of 2.27-2.46 mg/kg. Conclusion: the ED90 of sugammadex in patients with grade III obesity or higher was 2.39mg/kg.

  8. An electrodynamics-Langevin dynamics (ED-LD) approach to simulate metal nanoparticle interactions and motion.

    Sule, N; Rice, S A; Gray, S K; Scherer, N F


    Understanding the formation of electrodynamically interacting assemblies of metal nanoparticles requires accurate computational methods for determining the forces and propagating trajectories. However, since computation of electromagnetic forces occurs on attosecond to femtosecond timescales, simulating the motion of colloidal nanoparticles on milliseconds to seconds timescales is a challenging multi-scale computational problem. Here, we present a computational technique for performing accurate simulations of laser-illuminated metal nanoparticles. In the simulation, we self-consistently combine the finite-difference time-domain method for electrodynamics (ED) with Langevin dynamics (LD) for the particle motions. We demonstrate the ED-LD method by calculating the 3D trajectories of a single 100-nm-diameter Ag nanoparticle and optical trapping and optical binding of two and three 150-nm-diameter Ag nanoparticles in simulated optical tweezers. We show that surface charge on the colloidal metal nanoparticles plays an important role in their optically driven self-organization. In fact, these simulations provide a more complete understanding of the assembly of different structures of two and three Ag nanoparticles that have been observed experimentally, demonstrating that the ED-LD method will be a very useful tool for understanding the self-organization of optical matter.

  9. Real-time tracking data drive process improvements, even while ED volumes continue to climb.


    Christiana Hospital in Newark, DE, has been able to dramatically reduce length-of-stay in the ED by making use of data derived from a real-time location system (RTLS) that tracks the movements of patients, providers, and staff. Administrators say that while some efficiencies are gained from the system alone, most of the positive impact is derived from using the RTLS data to focus on specific processes and make refinements. Within one year of implementing the RTLS technology, LOS in the ED was reduced by 40 minutes for admitted patients and 18 to 20 minutes for the treated-and-released population. A work group focused on process improvements in the ED's fast track section reduced the average LOS from 2.5 hours to 60 minutes or less. Similarly, a work group focused on the ESI 3 population reduced the average treatment time for this population from 5 or 6 hours to 3.4 hours. Administrators say key steps toward a successful RTLS implementation are careful planning for how you want to use the technology, and alleviating staff concerns about why their movements are being tracked.

  10. The epidemiology of assault-related hospital in-patient admissions and ED attendances.

    O'Farrell, A


    The aim of this study was to describe the epidemiology and impact of serious assault warranting in-patient care over six years and its impact on ED attendances in a large teaching hospital in Dublin over 2 years. There were 16,079 emergency assault-related inpatient hospital discharges reducing from 60.1 per 100,000 population in 2005 to 50.6 per 100,000 population in 2010. The median length of stay was 1 day (1-466) representing 49,870 bed days. The majority were young males (13,921, 86.6%; median age 26 years). Overall crime figures showed a similar reduction. However, knife crimes did not reduce over this period. Data on ED attendances confirmed the age and gender profile and also showed an increase at weekends. Alcohol misuse was recorded in 2,292\\/16079 (14%) of in-patient cases and 242\\/2484 (10%) in ED attendances. An inter-sectoral preventative approach specifically targeting knife crime is required to reduce this burden on health services.

  11. Effect of an electronic medical record alert for severe sepsis among ED patients.

    Narayanan, Navaneeth; Gross, A Kendall; Pintens, Megan; Fee, Christopher; MacDougall, Conan


    Severe sepsis and septic shock are a major health concern worldwide. The objective of this study is to determine if Severe Sepsis Best Practice Alert (SS-BPA) implementation was associated with improved processes of care and clinical outcomes among patients with severe sepsis or septic shock presenting to the emergency department (ED). This is a single-center, before-and-after observational study. The intervention group (n = 103) consisted of adult patients presenting to the ED with severe sepsis or septic shock during a 7-month period after implementation of the SS-BPA. The control group (n = 111) consisted of patients meeting the same criteria over a prior 7-month period. The SS-BPA primarily acts by automated, real-time, algorithm-based detection of severe sepsis or septic shock via the electronic medical record system. The primary outcome was in-hospital mortality. Secondary outcomes included hospital length of stay (LOS), time to antibiotic administration, and proportion of patients who received antibiotics within the target 60 minutes. Time to antibiotics was significantly reduced in the SS-BPA cohort (29 vs 61.5 minutes, P sepsis or septic shock among ED patients is associated with significantly improved timeliness of antibiotic administration and reduced hospital LOS. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. Proliferation assays (BrdU and EdU) on skeletal tissue sections.

    Mead, Timothy J; Lefebvre, Véronique


    Assessing cell proliferation in situ is an important phenotyping component of skeletal tissues from development to adult stages and disease. Various methods exist including immunostaining for proteins and protein modifications associated with specific steps of the cell cycle, but the gold standard is to quantify the percentage of DNA-synthesizing cells. The thymidine analog 5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine (BrdU) has been widely used in the last decades for this purpose, with the inconvenience that its detection is lengthy and requires harsh treatment of tissue sections to give access of anti-BrdU antibody to nucleosides in genomic DNA. In 2008, Salic and Mitchison developed a new method and proved it to be quicker, simpler, and highly sensitive in non-skeletal tissues. This method relies on incorporation of 5-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine (EdU) into de novo DNA. This other thymidine analog is readily detected by click chemistry, i.e., covalent cross-linking of its ethynyl group with a fluorescent azide, a molecule small enough to diffuse freely through native tissues and DNA. Here, we describe and compare the BrdU and EdU approaches in skeletal tissues and conclude that in these tissues too EdU provides an easy and very sensitive alternative to BrdU.

  13. Undergraduate orthodontic & paediatric dentistry education in Europe--the DentEd project.

    Harzer, W; Oliver, R; Chadwick, B; Paganelli, C


    As a result of a European Union funded project (DentEd), a programme of visits to dental schools throughout Europe has been underway since 1998. This report describes the philosophy behind DentEd, gives a brief description of the features of a visitation, and covers the orthodontic and paediatric dentistry teaching as reported in 26 different dental schools in 16 different countries. It is based on a report submitted to DentEd from a small working group that looked at various aspects of educational provision within the two disciplines across Europe. The value of this information to teachers within the two disciplines and to the wider dental community is briefly discussed. The report recommends the adoption of an integrated course for orthodontics and paediatric dentistry. The main objectives are that the student should be able to understand orofacial and psychosocial growth and development of the child, recognize aberrant growth and development, and manage the behaviour of the child, their straightforward preventive, restorative and occlusal needs, and to make appropriate and timely referral.

  14. Characterization of low alloy ferritic steel–Ni base alloy dissimilar metal weld interface by SPM techniques, SEM/EDS, TEM/EDS and SVET

    Wang, Siyan; Ding, Jie; Ming, Hongliang; Zhang, Zhiming; Wang, Jianqiu, E-mail:


    The interface region of welded A508–Alloy 52 M is characterized by scanning probe microscope (SPM) techniques, scanning electron microscopy (SEM)/energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), transmission electron microscopy (TEM)/Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) and scanning vibrate electrode technique (SVET). The regions along the welded A508–Alloy 52 M interface can be categorized into two types according to their different microstructures. In the type-I interface region, A508 and Alloy 52 M are separated by the fusion boundary, while in the type-II interface region, A508 and Alloy 52 M are separated by a martensite zone. A508, martensite zone and grain boundaries in Alloy 52 M are ferromagnetic while the Alloy 52 M matrix is paramagnetic. The Volta potentials measured by scanning Kelvin probe force microscopy (SKPFM) of A508, martensite zone and Alloy 52 M follow the order: V{sub 52} {sub M} > V{sub A508} > V{sub martensite}. The corrosion behavior of A508–Alloy 52 M interface region is galvanic corrosion, in which Alloy 52 M is cathode while A508 is anode. The martensite dissolves faster than Alloy 52 M, but slower than A508 in the test solution. - Highlights: • The A508–Alloy 52 M interface regions can be categorized into two types. • The chromium depleted region is observed along the Alloy 52 M grain boundary. • The Alloy 52 M grain boundaries which are close to the interface are ferromagnetic. • Martensite zone has lower Volta potential but higher corrosion resistance than A508.

  15. Study on changes of sEng,VEGF,PLGF and sFlt-1 levels,and umbil ical artery blood flow in pregnant women with preeclampsia%子痫前期孕妇 sEng、VEGF 、PLGF 、sFlt-1水平与脐动脉血流变化



    目的::观察子痫前期(PE)孕妇血清可溶性细胞内皮糖蛋白(sEng)、血管内皮生长因子(VEGF)、可溶性血管内皮生长因子受体1(sFlt-1)、胎盘生长因子(PLGF)水平及脐动脉血流变化及其临床意义。方法:选取我院收治的中、重度 PE 孕妇各30例(观察1组、观察2组),采用双抗体酶联免疫吸附试验法(ELISA 法)检测两组孕妇血清 sEng、VEGF 、PLGF 、sFlt-1水平,并采用彩色多普勒超声诊断仪检测脐动脉收缩末期峰值(S)与舒张末期峰值(D)比值(S/D)、脐动脉血流阻力指数(RI)变化,并设同期产检正常孕妇30例为对照组,进行对照比较。结果:观察1、2组血清 sEng、sFlt-1水平明显高于对照组(P <0.05);观察2组血清 sEng、sFlt-1水平明显高于观察1组(P <0.05);观察1、2组血清VEGF 、PLGF 水平明显低于对照组(P <0.05);观察2组血清 VEGF 、PLGF 水平明显低于观察1组(P <0.05);观察1、2组孕妇脐动脉血流 S/D、RI 值明显高于对照组(P <0.05);观察2组孕妇脐动脉血流 S/D、RI 值明显高于观察1组(P <0.05)。结论:血清 sEng、VEGF 、sFlt-1、PLGF 水平与 PE 病情具有相关性,检测其水平可准确判断 PE 严重程度;脐动脉血流测定亦可准确反映 PE 病情。%[ABSTRACT]Objective:To observe sEng,vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF),placental growth factor (PLGF), and sFlt-1 levels,and umbilical artery blood flow change in the pregnant women with preeclampsia (PE),and their clinical sig-nificance.Methods:A total of 60 pregnant women with moderate and severe PE admitted in our hospital were included in the study and divided into the observation group 1 and observation group 2 with 30 cases in each group.ELISA was used to detect the levels of serum sEng,VEGF,PLGF,and sFlt-1.The color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnosis Apparatus was used to detect the ratio of end-systole peak and end-diastole peak (S/D),and changes in resistance index (RI

  16. INSIST-ED: Italian Society of Andrology registry on penile prosthesis surgery. First data analysis

    Edoardo Pescatori


    Full Text Available Objectives: The Italian Society of Andrology, i.e. “Società Italiana di Andrologia” (S.I.A., launched on December 2014 a prospective, multicenter, monitored and internal review board approved Registry for penile implants, the “INSIST-ED” (Italian Nationwide Systematic Inventarisation of Surgical Treatment for ED Registry. Purpose of this first report is to present a baseline data analysis of the characteristics of penile implant surgery in Italy. Material and methods: The INSIST-ED Registry is open to all surgeons implanting penile prostheses (all brands, all models in Italy, providing anonymous patient, device, surgical procedure, outcome, follow-up data, for both first and revision surgeries. A Registry project Board overviews all the steps of the project, and a Registry Monitor interacts with the Registry implanting surgeons. Results: As by April 8, 2016, 31 implanting surgeons actively joined the Registry, entering 367 surgical procedures in its database, that comprise: 310 first implants, 43 prosthesis substitutions, 14 device explants without substitution. Implanted devices account for: 288 three-component devices (81,3%, 20 two-component devices (5,4%, 45 non-hydraulic devices (12,3%. Leading primary ED etiologies in first implant surgeries resulted: former radical pelvic surgery in 111 cases (35,8%, Peyronie’s disease in 66 cases (21,3%, diabetes in 39 cases (12,6%. Two intraoperative complications have been recorded. Main reasons for 57 revision surgeries were: device failure (52,6%, erosion (19,3%, infection (12,3%, patient dissatisfaction (10,5%. Surgical settings for patients undergoing a first penile implant were: public hospitals in 251 cases (81%, private environments in 59 cases (19%. Conclusions: The INSIST-ED Registry represents the first European experience of penile prosthesis Registry. This baseline data analysis shows that: three-pieces inflatable prosthesis is the most implanted device, leading etiology of

  17. Structural basis for signaling by exclusive EDS1 heteromeric complexes with SAG101 or PAD4 in plant innate immunity.

    Wagner, Stephan; Stuttmann, Johannes; Rietz, Steffen; Guerois, Raphael; Brunstein, Elena; Bautor, Jaqueline; Niefind, Karsten; Parker, Jane E


    Biotrophic plant pathogens encounter a postinfection basal resistance layer controlled by the lipase-like protein enhanced disease susceptibility 1 (EDS1) and its sequence-related interaction partners, senescence-associated gene 101 (SAG101) and phytoalexin deficient 4 (PAD4). Maintainance of separate EDS1 family member clades through angiosperm evolution suggests distinct functional attributes. We report the Arabidopsis EDS1-SAG101 heterodimer crystal structure with juxtaposed N-terminal α/β hydrolase and C-terminal α-helical EP domains aligned via a large conserved interface. Mutational analysis of the EDS1-SAG101 heterodimer and a derived EDS1-PAD4 structural model shows that EDS1 signals within mutually exclusive heterocomplexes. Although there is evolutionary conservation of α/β hydrolase topology in all three proteins, a noncatalytic resistance mechanism is indicated. Instead, the respective N-terminal domains appear to facilitate binding of the essential EP domains to create novel interaction surfaces on the heterodimer. Transitions between distinct functional EDS1 heterodimers might explain the central importance and versatility of this regulatory node in plant immunity.

  18. Adaptation of Lorke's method to determine and compare ED50 values: the cases of two anticonvulsants drugs.

    Garrido-Acosta, Osvaldo; Meza-Toledo, Sergio Enrique; Anguiano-Robledo, Liliana; Valencia-Hernández, Ignacio; Chamorro-Cevallos, Germán


    We determined the median effective dose (ED50) values for the anticonvulsants phenobarbital and sodium valproate using a modification of Lorke's method. This modification allowed appropriate statistical analysis and the use of a smaller number of mice per compound tested. The anticonvulsant activities of phenobarbital and sodium valproate were evaluated in male CD1 mice by maximal electroshock (MES) and intraperitoneal administration of pentylenetetrazole (PTZ). The anticonvulsant ED50 values were obtained through modifications of Lorke's method that involved changes in the selection of the three first doses in the initial test and the fourth dose in the second test. Furthermore, a test was added to evaluate the ED50 calculated by the modified Lorke's method, allowing statistical analysis of the data and determination of the confidence limits for ED50. The ED50 for phenobarbital against MES- and PTZ-induced seizures was 16.3mg/kg and 12.7mg/kg, respectively. The sodium valproate values were 261.2mg/kg and 159.7mg/kg, respectively. These results are similar to those found using the traditional methods of finding ED50, suggesting that the modifications made to Lorke's method generate equal results using fewer mice while increasing confidence in the statistical analysis. This adaptation of Lorke's method can be used to determine median letal dose (LD50) or ED50 for compounds with other pharmacological activities. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  19. Different roles of Enhanced Disease Susceptibility1 (EDS1) bound to and dissociated from Phytoalexin Deficient4 (PAD4) in Arabidopsis immunity.

    Rietz, Steffen; Stamm, Anika; Malonek, Stefan; Wagner, Stephan; Becker, Dieter; Medina-Escobar, Nieves; Vlot, A Corina; Feys, Bart J; Niefind, Karsten; Parker, Jane E


    • Enhanced Disease Susceptibility1 (EDS1) is an important regulator of plant basal and receptor-triggered immunity. Arabidopsis EDS1 interacts with two related proteins, Phytoalexin Deficient4 (PAD4) and Senescence Associated Gene101 (SAG101), whose combined activities are essential for defense signaling. The different sizes and intracellular distributions of EDS1-PAD4 and EDS1-SAG101 complexes in Arabidopsis leaf tissues suggest that they perform nonredundant functions. • The nature and biological relevance of EDS1 interactions with PAD4 and SAG101 were explored using yeast three-hybrid assays, in vitro analysis of recombinant proteins purified from Escherichia coli, and characterization of Arabidopsis transgenic plants expressing an eds1 mutant (eds1(L262P) ) protein which no longer binds PAD4 but retains interaction with SAG101. • EDS1 forms molecularly distinct complexes with PAD4 or SAG101 without additional plant factors. Loss of interaction with EDS1 reduces PAD4 post-transcriptional accumulation, consistent with the EDS1 physical association stabilizing PAD4. The dissociated forms of EDS1 and PAD4 are fully competent in signaling receptor-triggered localized cell death at infection foci. By contrast, an EDS1-PAD4 complex is necessary for basal resistance involving transcriptional up-regulation of PAD4 itself and mobilization of salicylic acid defenses. • Different EDS1 and PAD4 molecular configurations have distinct and separable functions in the plant innate immune response.

  20. Salicylic acid antagonism of EDS1-driven cell death is important for immune and oxidative stress responses in Arabidopsis.

    Straus, Marco R; Rietz, Steffen; Ver Loren van Themaat, Emiel; Bartsch, Michael; Parker, Jane E


    Reactive oxygen species (ROS) have emerged as signals in the responses of plants to stress. Arabidopsis Enhanced Disease Susceptibility1 (EDS1) regulates defense and cell death against biotrophic pathogens and controls cell death propagation in response to chloroplast-derived ROS. Arabidopsis Nudix hydrolase7 (nudt7) mutants are sensitized to photo-oxidative stress and display EDS1-dependent enhanced resistance, salicylic acid (SA) accumulation and initiation of cell death. Here we explored the relationship between EDS1, EDS1-regulated SA and ROS by examining gene expression profiles, photo-oxidative stress and resistance phenotypes of nudt7 mutants in combination with eds1 and the SA-biosynthetic mutant, sid2. We establish that EDS1 controls steps downstream of chloroplast-derived O(2)(*-) that lead to SA-assisted H(2)O(2) accumulation as part of a mechanism limiting cell death. A combination of EDS1-regulated SA-antagonized and SA-promoted processes is necessary for resistance to host-adapted pathogens and for a balanced response to photo-oxidative stress. In contrast to SA, the apoplastic ROS-producing enzyme NADPH oxidase RbohD promotes initiation of cell death during photo-oxidative stress. Thus, chloroplastic O(2)(*-) signals are processed by EDS1 to produce counter-balancing activities of SA and RbohD in the control of cell death. Our data strengthen the idea that EDS1 responds to the status of O(2)(*-) or O(2)(*-)-generated molecules to coordinate cell death and defense outputs. This activity may enable the plant to respond flexibly to different biotic and abiotic stresses in the environment.

  1. Self-healing FRCs: A New Approach to Damage Tolerant Cryotanks Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Composite cryotanks, or Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels (COPVs), offer advantages over currently used aluminum-lithium cryotanks, particularly with respect to...

  2. John Wilkins MRCS, FRCS (Edin.), 1826-1905: his house at 121 Collins Street East, Melbourne.

    Lowe, R F


    The three-storeyed house at 70 Collins Street (formerly 121 Collins Street East), Melbourne, was built in 1857 as a home and surgery for Dr John Wilkins. It was associated for 100 years with surgical practice, especially general surgery and eye and ENT diseases, then with obstetrics and gynaecology, but in time had to yield to commercial pressures. However, the exterior remains intact, its special architecture reminiscent of its early elegance.

  3. Sir Michael Francis Addison Woodruff (1911-2001) FRS DSc MD MS FRCS.

    Leigh, Winston


    Michael Woodruff performed the first successful renal transplant in the UK and described the technique of joining the ureter of the transplant to the bladder. He contributed to all aspects of transplantation biology and was responsible for the design of the first purpose-built transplant unit in the world. As a Japanese prisoner of war at Changi in Singapore, Michael Woodruff studied the effects of malnutrition and devised a machine for extracting vitamins and trace elements from grass. After the war he demonstrated that the anterior chamber of the eye was an immunologically privileged site. He was the first person to describe 'adaptation'. He showed that antilymphocytic serum was effective as an immunosuppressive agent for homografts.

  4. Right to know: reducing risks of fecal pathogen exposure for ED patients and staff.

    Delaney, Molly Bridget


    The purpose of this article is to review the literature regarding the multiple challenges that contribute to ED bedside toileting and examine best practices that will reduce fecal exposure, cross-contamination among patients, and employee splash injuries. We searched the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature, MEDLINE, and Cochrane database for information about the multiple challenges involved in bedside toileting, using the following search terms: bedside toileting, gastroenteritis, macerator, sluice machine, fecal pathogen exposure, and splash injury. In addition, costs and benefits of reusable versus disposable bedside toileting equipment were compared and contrasted. Emergency departments have a higher exposure rate to fecal pathogens with current methods of bedside toileting. Short incubation periods may not allow the proper lead time needed for patients to access primary care providers. As a result, emergency departments and urgent care centers become a likely point of entry into the health care system. Although most inpatient rooms have built-in bathrooms, most emergency departments and outpatient examination rooms do not. Although many patients are ambulatory, restrictive monitoring equipment is required. For safety reasons, staff must bring toileting equipment to the bedsides of both ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients. Hopper dependence creates longer walking distances and delays. These delays may lead to incontinence events, skin breakdown, more frequent bed changes, and higher linen and labor costs. Reusable bedside toileting equipment is associated with at-risk behaviors. Examples are procrastination and sanitization shortcuts. These behaviors risk cross-contamination of patients especially when urgent situations require equipment to be reused in the interim. ED patients and staff are 5 times more likely to undergo fecal exposure. The 5 phases of ED bedside toileting at which risks occur are as follows: equipment setup, transport

  5. Dimensionality and scale properties of the Edinburgh Depression Scale (EDS) in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

    de Cock, Evi S A; Emons, Wilco H M; Nefs, Giesje


    Scale (EDS) is a widely used method for screening depression. However, there is still debate about the dimensionality of the test. Furthermore, the EDS was originally developed to screen for depression in postpartum women. Empirical evidence that the EDS has comparable measurement properties in both......BACKGROUND: Depression is a common complication in type 2 diabetes (DM2), affecting 10-30% of patients. Since depression is underrecognized and undertreated, it is important that reliable and validated depression screening tools are available for use in patients with DM2. The Edinburgh Depression...... to laugh or enjoy) and sleeping problems were the most informative indicators for being able to differentiate between the diagnostic groups of mild and severe depression. CONCLUSIONS: The EDS constitutes a sound scale for measuring an attribute of general depression. Persons can be reliably measured using...

  6. Can geriatric approaches support the care of old patients in emergency departments? A review from a Swiss ED.

    Schoenenberger, Andreas W; Exadaktylos, Aristomenis K


    In the coming decades, old patients will account for an increasing proportion of emergency department (ED) visits. During or after their stay in the ED, they more frequently suffer adverse outcomes than younger patients. There is evidence that specific age-centred approaches improve the outcomes. We therefore reviewed specific conditions needing particular attention in older ED patients, such as cognitive disorders and delirium, impaired mobility and falls, as well as problems related to the activities of daily living, disability, poly-pharmacy, adverse drug effects, co-morbidity and atypical presentation. We also propose steps to further improve the quality of care in older ED patients by using appropriate age-centred management.

  7. Berliini filmifestivalil näeb ka Peeter Simmi filmi "Head käed" / Triin Tael

    Tael, Triin


    Berliini 52. filmifestival algas eile sakslase Tom Tykweri mängufilmiga "Taevas". Esmakordselt on festivali "Panorama" kavas eesti mängufilm, milleks on Peeter Simmi "Head käed". Eesti filmid on esil ka festivali suurel filmiturul

  8. Thomas Crombez, Luk van den Dries (eds., Mass Theatre in Interwar Europe: Flanders and the Netherlands in an International Perspective

    Maartje Abbenhuis


    Full Text Available Thomas Crombez, Luk van den Dries (eds., Mass Theatre in Interwar Europe: Flanders and the Netherlands in an International Perspective (Leuven: Universitaire pers Leuven, 2014, 164 pp., ISBN 978 90 5867 992 5.


    Lara Scaglia


    Full Text Available L’articolo intende valutare in che misura la dottrina kantiana dello schematismo possa contribuire a chiarire gli intenti del Criticismo, con particolare attenzione alla relazione tra conoscenza ed esperienza.

  10. Hornborg, A. & Hill, J. D. (eds. 2011. Ethnicity in Ancient Amazonia: Reconstructing Past Identities from Archaeology, Linguistics and Ethnohistory

    Phil Riris


    Full Text Available Book review: Hornborg, A. & Hill, J. D. (eds. 2011. 'Ethnicity in Ancient Amazonia:' 'Reconstructing Past Identities from Archaeology, Linguistics and Ethnohistory.' Boulder: University Press of Colorado, £60

  11. Peter van Dam, James Kennedy, Friso Wielenga (eds., Achter de zuilen. Op zoek naar religie in naoorlogs Nederland

    Kim Christiaens


    Full Text Available Peter van Dam, James Kennedy, Friso Wielenga (eds., Achter de zuilen. Op zoek naar religie in naoorlogs Nederland (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2014, 456 pp., isbn 978 90 8964 680 4.

  12. Jacco Pekelder, Remco Raben, Mathieu Segers (eds., De wereld volgens Nederland. Nederlandse buitenlandse politiek in historisch perspectief

    Marianne van Leeuwen


    Full Text Available Jacco Pekelder, Remco Raben, Mathieu Segers (eds., De wereld volgens Nederland. Nederlandse buitenlandse politiek in historisch perspectief (Amsterdam: Boom, 2015, 304 pp., isbn 978 90  8953 604 4.

  13. Semi- and full quantitative EDS microanalysis of chlorine in reinforced mortars subjected to chloride ingress and carbonation

    Mendonca Filho, F.F.; Pacheo, J.; Copuroglu, O.


    Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry (EDS) is a powerful tool for research studies on building materials. Elemental quantification in cementitious phases contained in the concrete microstructure can be performed at an excellent spatial resolution. However, accurate compositional quantification requi

  14. PathEdEx - Uncovering high-explanatory visual diagnostics heuristics using digital pathology and multiscale gaze data

    Dmitriy Shin; Mikhail Kovalenko; Ilker Ersoy; Yu Li; Donald Doll; Chi-Ren Shyu; Richard Hammer


    ...: Here, we present PathEdEx, an informatics computational framework that incorporates whole-slide digital pathology imaging with multiscale gaze-tracking technology to create web-based interactive...

  15. Review: Iwanaga, Kazuki (ed. (2008, Women’s Political Participation and Representation in Asia. Obstacles and Challenges

    Dagmar Hellmann-Rajanayagam


    Full Text Available Review of the edited volume: Iwanaga, Kazuki (ed. (2008, Women’s Political Participation and Representation in Asia. Obstacles and Challenges, Copenhagen: NIAS Press, = Women and Politics in Asia No. 2, ISBN 9788776940164, XVII and 314 pages.

  16. Berliini filmifestivalil näeb ka Peeter Simmi filmi "Head käed" / Triin Tael

    Tael, Triin


    Berliini 52. filmifestival algas eile sakslase Tom Tykweri mängufilmiga "Taevas". Esmakordselt on festivali "Panorama" kavas eesti mängufilm, milleks on Peeter Simmi "Head käed". Eesti filmid on esil ka festivali suurel filmiturul

  17. What Do We Really Know about the EdTPA? Research, PACT, and Packaging a Local Teacher Performance Assessment for National Use

    Hébert, Cristyne


    This article calls attention to the overreliance on research about the Performance Assessment for California Teachers (PACT)--often labeled edTPA's predecessor--as justification for the edTPA. The article argues that the distinctions between the assessments are too vast to rely on PACT data to support the edTPA, given the localized nature of PACT…

  18. The vitamin D analog ED-71 is a potent regulator of intestinal phosphate absorption and NaPi-IIb.

    Brown, Alex J; Zhang, Fanjie; Ritter, Cynthia S


    The vitamin D analog ED-71 [1α,25-dihydroxy-2β-(3-hydroxypropyloxy)vitamin D(3)] has been approved for treatment of osteoporosis in Japan, but its effects on mineral metabolism have not been fully explored. We investigated the actions of ED-71 on phosphate (Pi) absorption and induction of the intestinal sodium/phosphate cotransporters. Oral treatment of vitamin D-deficient rats with ED-71 (20 pmol every other day for 8 d) produced a maximal 8-fold increase in duodenal Pi absorption, measured by the in situ loop method, whereas 1,25-dihyroxyvitamin D(3) [1,25(OH)(2)D(3]), at doses up to 150 pmol, had no effect. This action of ED-71 was attributable to a dramatic 24-fold induction of sodium-dependent Pi transporter type IIb (NaPi-IIb) mRNA in the duodenum; Pit-1 and Pit-2 mRNA levels were not increased. In vitamin D-replete rats, ED-71 treatment (50 pmol) at 72 and 24 h before death increased NaPi-IIb mRNA in the duodenum and jejunum, but not the ileum, whereas 1,25(OH)(2)D(3) at 1000 pmol was ineffective in all segments. Single oral doses of ED-71 increased mouse intestinal NaPi-IIb mRNA and protein between 6 and 24 h. Surprisingly, rat lung NaPi-IIb was not increased by ED-71, despite its coexpression with the vitamin D receptor in alveolar type II cells. However, ED-71 did not induce intestinal NaPi-IIb in vitamin D receptor-ablated mice. The greater potency of ED-71 than 1,25(OH)(2)D(3) on NaPi-IIb appears to be due to much higher and more prolonged levels of ED-71 in the circulation. In summary, ED-71, due to its disparate pharmacokinetics, is a much more potent inducer of intestinal Pi absorption and NaPi-IIb than 1,25(OH)(2)D(3), suggesting a role for this analog in the treatment of Pi-wasting disorders.

  19. Composition and microstructure of MTA and Aureoseal Plus: XRF, EDS, XRD and FESEM evaluation.

    Cianconi, L; Palopoli, P; Campanella, V; Mancini, M


    The aim of this study was to determine the chemical composition and the phases' microstructure of Aureoseal Plus (OGNA, Italy) and ProRoot MTA (Dentsply Tulsa Dental, USA) and to compare their characteristics. Study Design: Comparing Aureoseal Plus and ProRoot MTA microstructure by means of several analyses type. The chemical analysis of the two cements was assessed following the UNI EN ISO 196-2 norm. X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) was used to determine the element composition. The crystalline structure was analysed quantitatively using x-ray diffraction (XRD). Powders morphology was evaluated using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with backscattering detectors, and a field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM). Elemental analysis was performed by energy dispersive x-ray analysis (EDS). The semi-quantitative XRF analysis showed the presence of heavy metal oxides in both cements. The XRD spectra of the two cements reported the presence of dicalcium silicate, tricalcium silicate, tricalcium aluminate, tetracalcium aluminoferrite, bismuth oxide and gypsum. SEM analysis showed that ProRoot MTA powder is less coarse and more homogeneous than Aureoseal. Both powders are formed by particles of different shapes: round, prismatic and oblong. The EDS analysis showed that some ProRoot MTA particles, differently from Aureoseal, contain Ca, Si, Al and Fe. Oblong particles in ProRoot and Aureoseal are rich of bismuth. The strong interest in developing new Portland cement-based endodontic sealers will create materials with increased handling characteristics and physicochemical properties. A thorough investigation on two cement powders was carried out by using XRF, XRD, SEM and EDS analysis. To date there was a lack of studies on Aureoseal Plus. This cement is similar in composition to ProRoot MTA. Despite that it has distinctive elements that could improve its characteristics, resulting in a good alternative to MTA.

  20. La narrazione orale tra bambini ed adulti: da flusso continuo a vena carsica?

    Milena Bernardi


    Full Text Available Con il segmento di ricerca che viene presentato nella sua prima fase si prende in esame l’ipotesi di un processo, in atto da tempo, di trasformazione e/o di declino della narrazione orale nel rapporto quotidiano tra adulti e bambini, inteso, in questo specifico contesto, come “spia” dei mutamenti degli stili educativi e degli interscambi tra famiglie ed operatori dei servizi in relazione all’alleanza educativa. La complessità dei filoni di studio che rimandano alla voce “narrazione” negli ambiti delle scienze umane esige la precisazione della curvatura “narrativa” scelta per la ricerca in corso: curvatura che appartiene all’epistemologia della letteratura per l’infanzia e della pedagogia della narrazione in quanto permette di imboccare la strada della ricerca pedagogica rivolta innanzi tutto ai significati che il narrare assume nella relazione educativa e poi ai modi ed alle forme della narrazione che coinvolgono l’infanzia. In un’epoca di grande vitalità e visibilità delle narrazioni, tra cui abbondano le produzioni scritte, illustrate, filmate per l’infanzia, sembra esserci una zona marginale e quasi sommersa della comunicazione narrante che rischia di sfumare in una sorta di oblio. E’ la zona della narrazione orale esperita in praesentia da bambini ed adulti insieme, tessuta con fili di parole che restituiscono senso all’intero arco delle esperienze, tentando di riordinare il disordine che spesso connota la realtà, interpretando, stabilendo connessioni, impregnando di quel senso i vissuti, i fatti, le relazioni, le cose e le parole stesse, ancora, nelle voci. Del rischio e delle conseguenze che possono derivare dalla sua mancanza si occupa questo contributo di ricerca che, dal punto di vista metodologico, si è avvalso e si avvale sia di analisi condotte sul corpus dei testi sia della raccolta di dati e informazioni tramite incontri condotti con la modalità del focus group, con educatrici e genitori.

  1. Evidence of salicylic acid pathway with EDS1 and PAD4 proteins by molecular dynamics simulation for grape improvement.

    Tandon, Gitanjali; Jaiswal, Sarika; Iquebal, M A; Kumar, Sunil; Kaur, Sukhdeep; Rai, Anil; Kumar, Dinesh


    Biotic stress is a major cause of heavy loss in grape productivity. In order to develop biotic stress-resistant grape varieties, the key defense genes along with its pathway have to be deciphered. In angiosperm plants, lipase-like protein phytoalexin deficient 4 (PAD4) is well known to be essential for systemic resistance against biotic stress. PAD4 functions together with its interacting partner protein enhanced disease susceptibility 1 (EDS1) to promote salicylic acid (SA)-dependent and SA-independent defense pathway. Existence and structure of key protein of systemic resistance EDS1 and PAD4 are not known in grapes. Before SA pathway studies are taken in grape, molecular evidence of EDS1: PAD4 complex is to be established. To establish this, EDS1 protein sequence was retrieved from NCBI and homologous PAD4 protein was generated using Arabidopsis thaliana as template and conserved domains were confirmed. In this study, computational methods were used to model EDS1 and PAD4 and simulated the interactions of EDS1 and PAD4. Since no structural details of the proteins were available, homology modeling was employed to construct three-dimensional structures. Further, molecular dynamic simulations were performed to study the dynamic behavior of the EDS1 and PAD4. The modeled proteins were validated and subjected to molecular docking analysis. Molecular evidence of stable complex of EDS1:PAD4 in grape supporting SA defense pathway in response to biotic stress is reported in this study. If SA defense pathway genes are explored, then markers of genes involved can play pivotal role in grape variety development especially against biotic stress leading to higher productivity.

  2. Review: Michael Crandall & Karen E. Fisher (Eds) Digital Inclusion: Measuring the Impact of Information and Community Technology

    Pors, Niels Ole


    Review: Michael Crandall & Karen E. Fisher (Eds) Digital Inclusion: Measuring the Impact of Information and Community Technology. Medford. Information Today. ASIS&T Monographs, 2009. 185 pages. $ 59.50. ISBN 978-1-57387-373-4......Review: Michael Crandall & Karen E. Fisher (Eds) Digital Inclusion: Measuring the Impact of Information and Community Technology. Medford. Information Today. ASIS&T Monographs, 2009. 185 pages. $ 59.50. ISBN 978-1-57387-373-4...

  3. Review: Michael Crandall & Karen E. Fisher (Eds) Digital Inclusion: Measuring the Impact of Information and Community Technology

    Pors, Niels Ole


    Review: Michael Crandall & Karen E. Fisher (Eds) Digital Inclusion: Measuring the Impact of Information and Community Technology. Medford. Information Today. ASIS&T Monographs, 2009. 185 pages. $ 59.50. ISBN 978-1-57387-373-4......Review: Michael Crandall & Karen E. Fisher (Eds) Digital Inclusion: Measuring the Impact of Information and Community Technology. Medford. Information Today. ASIS&T Monographs, 2009. 185 pages. $ 59.50. ISBN 978-1-57387-373-4...

  4. Michal Meidan (ed.), Shaping China’s Energy Security: The Inside Perspective

    Kellner, Thierry


    Michal Meidan (ed.), Shaping China’s Energy Security: The Inside Perspective, Paris, Asia Centre/Centre études Asie, 2007, 239 pp. Claude Mandil, former Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, said last year that the global system is facing a triple crisis: supply crisis, climate crisis, and economic crisis. Those who are part of this system will have to ensure increased energy output even as they are forced to make significant cuts in greenhouse gases in order to deal with cli...

  5. ESSEA On-Line Courses and the WestEd Eisenhower Regional Consortium (WERC)

    Rognier, E.


    The WestEd Eisenhower Regional Consortium (WERC) is in its second year of offering two Earth Systems Science On-line Graduate courses from IGES - one for High School teachers, and one for Middle School teachers. These high-quality courses support WERC's commitment to "supporting increased scientific and mathematical literacy among our nation's youth through services and other support aimed at enhancing the efforts of those who provide K-12 science and mathematics education." WERC has been able to use its EdGateway online community network to offer these courses to environmental education and science teachers nationwide. Through partnerships with the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), the National Environmental Education Advancement Project (NEEAP), and other regional, state and local science and environmental education organizations, WERC has a broad reach in connecting with science educators nationwide. WERC manages several state and national listservs, which enable us to reach thousands of educators with information about the courses. EdGateway also provides a private online community in which we offer the courses. WERC partners with two Master Teachers from Utah, who facilitate the courses, and with the Center for Science and Mathematics Education at Weber State University, who provides low-cost graduate credit for the courses. Our students have included classroom teachers from upper elementary through high school, community college science teachers, and environmental science center staff who provide inservice for teachers. Educators from Hawaii to New Jersey have provided diverse personal experiences of Earth Systems Science events, and add richness to the online discussions. Two Earth Science Experts, Dr. Rick Ford from Weber State University, and Dr. Art Sussman from WestEd also contribute to the high caliber of learning the students experience in the courses. (Dr. Sussman's book, Dr. Art's Guide to Planet Earth, is used as one of

  6. Taking climate change seriously: An analysis of op-ed articles in Spanish press.

    Domínguez, Martí; Lafita, Íngrid; Mateu, Anna


    In this article, we study the evolution of opinion genres regarding climate change in three Spanish newspapers ( El País, El Mundo, and ABC). Analyzing the op-ed articles in these newspapers, we observe a significant change in the evolution of opinion. While denialism was very present in conservative press in 2007, 7 years later it is almost absent from El Mundo, and its presence in ABC is much lower and inactive: this shows that scientific consensus has prevailed over time and Spanish denialism has weakened, exclusively supported by political arguments by the most conservative parties.

  7. Application of SEM/EDS to environmental geochemistry of heavy metals

    Mateja Gosar


    Full Text Available Heavy metals represent a ubiquitous constituent of the near-surface environment, present in widely varyingconcentrations that typically have little impact on human behaviour and health. However, the mining of metals anduse of these metals in industrial processes has produced significant anthropogenic inputs of metals to both localand global environments. As such, a rigorous overview of the current accumulation of heavy metals and knowledgeof mineralogy of heavy metal-bearing phases is important for understanding their stability, solubility, mobility,bioavailability and toxicity. These data are of fundamental importance for environmental risk assessment and evaluationof future scenarios. Since conventional geochemical analyses provide limited information, other analyticalmethods have to be utilized for the characterisation of heavy metal-bearing phases. Significant analytical methodfor identification and characterisation of heavy metals in environmental media is a scanning electron microscopecoupled with energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (SEM/EDS, an apparatus for qualitative and semi-quantitative chemical analysis at microne level, newly introduced to Geological Survey of Slovenia. Use of SEM/EDS was already introduced to environmental studies world-wide. In Slovenia, SEM/EDS analyses of environmental media werefirstly carried out on the Meža River stream sediments and snow deposits from Ljubljana urban area.Heavy metal-bearing phases in the Meža River stream sediments were apportioned to three source areas: Mežica mining/smelting area (geogenic-technogenic origin, Ravne ironworks area (technogenic origin and the Meža River catchment area (geogenic origin, which corresponds to data obtained by conventional geochemical and multivariate statistical methods. Airborne particles, identified in urban snow deposits, were interpreted as geogenic particles, represented by fragments of heavy metal-bearing minerals, and technogenic particles that

  8. Technology will have major impact on shaping future EDs, say the experts.


    Technology can be a tremendous aid to any ED, if it is used properly, and it will have a growing role over the next 20 years. You might wish to enlist the help of pre-nursing or pre-law students to serve as "scribes," so that your doctors and nurses can spend less time at the computer and more time with patients. Be prepared for an increasingly informed patient population, many of whom may have gone online and have already "diagnosed" themselves. Stay on top of new technology that might improve care and safety, such as the "life stretcher," a mattress cover that automatically reads patients' vitals.

  9. L’immigrazione islamica ed i conflitti con l’ordinamento giuridico spagnolo

    Jose Antonio Rodriguez Garcia


    Full Text Available SOMMARIO: 1. Premessa: il sistema spagnolo di relazioni tra Stato e confessioni religiose - 1.1. La libertà di coscienza - 2. Uguaglianza nella libertà - 3. Laicità - 4. La cooperazione dello Stato con le confessioni religiose- 5. Gli accordi con la Chiesa cattolica - 6. Gli accordi con le minoranze religiose - 7. L’immigrazione islamica ed i conflitti con l’ordinamento giuridico spagnolo - 8. Educazione e immigrati islamici - 9. Diritto di famiglia e gli immigrati islamici - 10. Altri conflitti: libertà religiosa e l’immigrazione islamica - 11. Proposta di soluzioni.

  10. Experts: to crack down on violence in the ED, establish a robust system of reporting, educating staff.


    Researchers say that most ED personnel will experience some form of physical or verbal violence at some point in their careers. However, when such incidents are regularly reported, the patients involved can be flagged in a hospital's computer system, making future events involving the same patients much less likely. Further, when ED personnel are alert to the clues that a patient or family member is becoming agitated, early intervention can usually prevent the situation from escalating to violence. About one-half of all ED personnel will experience a physical assault, and 97%-100% will experience verbal abuse during their careers, according to research. A first step in developing a strategy for dealing with violence is to educate ED personnel about what constitutes workplace violence so that all such incidents can be reported. Experts say many ED workers fail to recognize some instances of violence, based on the intent of the person involved. However, intent should not be a factor, they say. In many cases, empathy and good customer service skills can prevent tense situations from escalating to violence, but experts say that it is important to intervene at the first sign of agitation. ED administrators should gather input from frontline staff on how to most effectively derail instances of violence.

  11. Modeling environmental influences on child growth in the MAL-ED cohort study: opportunities and challenges.

    Richard, Stephanie A; McCormick, Benjamin J J; Miller, Mark A; Caulfield, Laura E; Checkley, William


    Although genetics, maternal undernutrition and low birth weight status certainly play a role in child growth, dietary insufficiency and infectious diseases are key risk factors for linear growth faltering during early childhood. A primary goal of the Etiology, Risk Factors and Interactions of Enteric Infections and Malnutrition and the Consequences for Child Health and Development (MAL-ED) study is to identify specific risk factors associated with growth faltering during the first 2 years of life; however, growth in early childhood is challenging to characterize because growth may be inherently nonlinear with age. In this manuscript, we describe some methods for analyzing longitudinal growth to evaluate both short- and long-term associations between risk factors and growth trajectories over the first 2 years of life across 8 resource-limited settings using harmonized protocols. We expect there will be enough variability within and between sites in the prevalence of risk factors and burden of linear growth faltering to allow us to distinguish some of the key pathways to linear growth faltering in the MAL-ED study.

  12. Work stress and posttraumatic stress disorder in ED nurses/personnel.

    Laposa, Judith M; Alden, Lynn E; Fullerton, Louise M


    Work-related stress in the emergency department previously has been linked to depression and burnout; however, these findings have not been extended to the development of anxiety disorders, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Three sets of factors have been shown to contribute to stress in ED personnel: organizational characteristics, patient care, and the interpersonal environment. The current study addressed whether an association exists between sources of workplace stress and PTSD symptoms. Respondents were 51 ED personnel from a hospital in a large Canadian urban center. The majority of respondents were emergency nurses. Respondents completed questionnaires measuring PTSD and sources of work stress and answered a series of questions regarding work-related responses to stress or trauma. Interpersonal conflict was significantly associated with PTSD symptoms. The majority of respondents (67%) believed they had received inadequate support from hospital administrators following the traumatic incident and 20% considered changing jobs as a result of the trauma. Only 18% attended critical incident stress debriefing and none sought outside help for their distress. These findings underscore the need for hospital administrations to be aware of the extent of workplace stress and PTSD symptoms in their employees. Improving the interpersonal climate in the workplace may be useful in ameliorating PTSD symptoms.

  13. Avoided costs associated with cogeneration: a case study of Con Ed

    Bright, R.; Davitian, H.; Martorella, J.


    The potential impact of cogeneration in office and apartment buildings in New York City on the Consolidated Edison Company (Con Ed) has been investigated using a method of utility cost and fuel use analysis developed at Brookhaven National Laboratory. This method computes a utility's long run marginal costs and long run marginal fuel consumption associated with load modifications due to the introduction of on-site energy producing technologies. The principal findings of this study show that Con Ed's long run average cost is more likely to go down than up due to cogeneration in office and apartment building; the utility's avoided costs (i.e., its long run marginal savings) associated with the gross power output of the cogeneration systems are 10.5 cents/KWh for the office building and 6.4 cents/KWh for the apartment buildings; the utility's marginal savings include a component for avoided capacity costs; and there are net savings in the use of oil due to cogeneration (assuming the building used oil for its boilers before it switched and diesel fuel in its cogenerators afterwards).

  14. Alternate processing technology for liquid radwaste at ComEd stations

    Azar, M. [ComEd, Downers Grove, IL (United States)


    With the uncertainties in both the availability and the cost of low-level waste disposal, ComEd elected to pursue the lowest cost technology that would achieve a significant volume reduction in solid waste requiring disposal. ComEd has initiated a program to implement an Alternate Processing Technology (APT) at several of their stations. This is a new liquid waste processing technology which will reduce the volumes of low-level waste generated. The APT promises to be more cost effective, less complex and easier to operate than other current technologies. The APT currently being implemented at Quad Cities, Byron and Braidwood, was developed by Vance & Associates. The technology has been demonstrated on a bench-scale at all three of the stations and at this writing the pilot-scale testing is being conducted at Byron and Quad Cities. Following this testing, the next phase of the program is to purchase and install the new treatment equipment, which should be complete mid-summer of 1996. This paper describes some of the bench-scale test results used for the projections of the full-scale system performance.

  15. Analyzing Opinions and Argumentation in News Editorials and Op-Eds

    Bal Krishna Bal


    Full Text Available Analyzing opinions and arguments in news editorials and op-eds is an interesting and a challenging task. The challenges lie in multiple levels – the text has to be analyzed in the discourse level (paragraphs and above and also in the lower levels (sentence, phrase and word levels. The abundance of implicit opinions involving sarcasm, irony and biases adds further complexity to the task. The available methods and techniques on sentiment analysis and opinion mining are still much focused in the lower levels, i.e., up to the sentence level. However, the given task requires the application of the concepts from a number of closely related sub-disciplines – Sentiment Analysis, Argumentation Theory, Discourse Analysis, Computational Linguistics, Logic and Reasoning etc. The primary argument of this paper is that partial solutions to the problem can be achieved by developing linguistic resources and using them for automatically annotating the texts for opinions and arguments. This paper discusses the ongoing efforts in the development of linguistic resources for annotating opinionated texts, which are useful in the analysis of opinions and arguments in news editorials and op-eds.

  16. Establishment of the MAL-ED birth cohort study site in Vellore, Southern India.

    John, Sushil M; Thomas, Rahul J; Kaki, Shiny; Sharma, Srujan L; Ramanujam, Karthikeyan; Raghava, Mohan V; Koshy, Beena; Bose, Anuradha; Rose, Anuradha; Rose, Winsley; Ramachandran, Anup; Joseph, A J; Babji, Sudhir; Kang, Gagandeep


    The Indian Etiology, Risk Factors and Interactions of Enteric Infections and Malnutrition and the Consequences for Child Health and Development (MAL-ED) site is in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, in south India and is coordinated by the Christian Medical College, Vellore, which has many years of experience in establishing and following cohorts. India is a diverse country, and no single area can be representative with regard to many health and socioeconomic indicators. The site in Vellore is an urban semiorganized settlement or slum. In the study site, the average family size is 5.7, adults who are gainfully employed are mostly unskilled laborers, and 51% of the population uses the field as their toilet facility. Previous studies from Vellore slums have reported stunting in well over a third of children, comparable to national estimates. The infant mortality rate is 38 per 1000 live births, with deaths due mainly to perinatal and infectious causes. Rigorous staff training, monitoring, supervision and refinement of tools have been essential to maintaining the quality of the significantly large quantity of data collected. Establishing a field clinic within the site has minimized inconvenience to participants and researchers and enabled better rapport with the community and better follow-up. These factors contribute to the wealth of information that will be generated from the MAL-ED multisite cohort, which will improve our understanding of enteric infections and its interactions with malnutrition and development of young children.

  17. Predictors of body appearance cognitive distraction during sexual activity in a sample of men with ED.

    Pascoal, P M; Raposo, C F; Oliveira, L B


    Our aim is to scrutinize the extent to which aspects of body dissatisfaction and relationship variables predict body appearance cognitive distraction during sexual activity (BACDSA) in a sample of men diagnosed with ED. A total of 65 heterosexual Portuguese participants with ED completed a survey that included questions on socio-demographic data as well as body-related and relationship measures. We used the Global Body Dissatisfaction (GBD) Subscale of the Body Attitudes Test; a version of the Contour Drawing Rating Scale; a single item on partner's opinion perceived about one's body appearance; the Global Measure of Relationship Satisfaction; and the Inclusion of Other in Self Scale. Open questions assessed focus on specific body parts during sexual activity and relationship length. Hierarchical multiple regression indicated that only GBD was a significant predictor of BACDSA, contrary to the relationship measures that showed no significant predictive effect (R(2) =0.47). Our results support the important role of individual factors on explanatory models of sexual dysfunctions, suggesting that interventions addressing individual factors that affect BACDSA may be of preference.

  18. Enforcement of Mask Rule Compliance in Model-Based OPC'ed Layouts during Data Preparation

    Meyer, Dirk H.; Vuletic, Radovan; Seidl, Alexander


    Currently available commercial model-based OPC tools do not always generate layouts which are mask rule compliant. Additional processing is required to remove mask rule violations, which are often too numerous for manual patching. Although physical verification tools can be used to remove simple mask rule violations, the results are often unsatisfactory for more complicated geometrical configurations. The subject of this paper is the development and application of a geometrical processing engine that automatically enforces mask rule compliance of the OPC'ed layout. It is designed as an add-on to a physical verification tool. The engine constructs patches, which remove mask rule violations such as notches or width violations. By employing a Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) optimization method, the edges of each patch are placed in a way that avoids secondary violations while modifying the OPC'ed layout as little as possible. A sequence of enforcement steps is applied to the layout to remove all types of mask rule violations. This approach of locally confined minimal layout modifications retains OPC corrections to a maximum amount. This method has been used successfully in production on a variety of DRAM designs for the non-array regions.

  19. Prototype of Readout Electronics for the ED in LHAASO KM2A

    Liu, Xiang; Wang, Zheng; Fan, Lei


    The KM2A(one kilometer square extensive air shower array) is the largest detector array in the LHAA- SO(Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory) project. The KM2A consists of 5635 EDs(Electromagnetic particle Detectors) and 1221 MDs(Muon Detectors). The EDs are distributed and exposed in the wild. Two channels, Anode and Dynode, are employed for the PMT(photomultiplier tube) signal readout. The readout electronics proposed in this paper aims at the accurate charge and arrival time measurement of the PMT signals, which cover a large amplitude range from 20P.E(photoelectrons) to 2?x10^5P.E. By using the Trigger-less architecture, we digitize signals close to the PMTs. All digitized data is transmitted to DAQ(Data Acquisition) via the simplified WR(White Rabbit) protocol. Compared with traditional high energy experiments, high-precision of time measurement in such a large area and suppression of temperature effects in the wild become the key techniques. Experiments show that the design has fulfilled the requi...

  20. Mesofauna edáfica: indicador biológico de la calidad del suelo

    Ana Socarrás

    Full Text Available La búsqueda, el uso y la aplicación de los indicadores de la calidad del suelo se han intensificado en las últimas décadas, debido a la necesidad de preservar este recurso no renovable e indispensable para la vida humana, ante el deterioro creciente. La selección de los indicadores se ha dirigido, fundamentalmente, a conocer el efecto de los usos aplicados y el curso de la rehabilitación de los suelos degradados o contaminados. Los grupos que integran la mesofauna edáfica son sensibles a las perturbaciones naturales y antrópicas del medio, las que provocan cambios en su composición específica y su abundancia, y ocasionan la pérdida de especies y de su diversidad, con la consiguiente disminución de la estabilidad y la fertilidad del suelo. Por ello la mesofauna edáfica es considerada como un buen indicador biológico de su estado de conservación. El número, la densidad y el balance de sus grupos permiten predecir y evaluar las transformaciones ocasionadas por la aplicación de diferentes métodos de producción agrícola en condiciones edafoclimáticas específicas, así como considerar integralmente el funcionamiento del ecosistema.

  1. EDS and μ-XRF mapping of amalgam degradation products in ancient mirrors.

    Arizio, E; Orsega, E F; Falcone, R; Vallotto, M


    An amalgam mirror is a mirror type, used from the fifteenth century until the end of the nineteenth century, where the reflective layer is constituted by a tin amalgam layer adhered to a glass sheet. In this work, two amalgam mirrors samples were studied by scanning electron microscopy with an energy dispersive spectrometer and by micro-X-ray fluorescence elemental mapping to go deeply into the understanding of the degradation mechanism of the amalgam layer of ancient mirrors. The investigation has been focused for the first time on the reflective surface of the amalgam layer adherent to the glass sheet to better understand the processes of amalgam corrosion. The two amalgam degradation compounds, romarchite and cassiterite, has been spatially differentiated by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) maps. SEM images and micro-X-ray fluorescence and EDS maps showed that the amalgam degradation products grow up to form hemispherical stratified calottes. This structure is probably due to a mechanism involves cyclic phases and oxygen radial diffusion from a superficial oxidation nucleus.

  2. Tin amalgam mirrors: investigation by XRF, SEM-EDS, XRD and EPMA-WDS mapping

    Arizio, E.; Orsega, E. F.; Sommariva, G.; Falcone, R.


    Ancient mirrors were constituted by a tin-mercury amalgam layer superimposed to a glass sheet. This was the only one method used until the nineteenth century, when the wet silvering process was invented. The tin amalgam is a binary alloy of tin and mercury constituted by two different phases: a mercury-rich liquid phase and a tin-rich solid phase. The amalgam alteration produces mercury loss and a general growth of the solid crystalline phase. In addition, tin dioxide and monoxide are formed with a consequent decrease of the amalgam adhesion to the glass. These degradation phenomena led to reduction or disappearance of the mirror reflective power. The aim of this study was the characterization of the amalgam layers of eight mirror samples dating during the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. The samples were analyzed by X-ray diffraction and by a Scanning Electron Microscope with an Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (SEM-EDS), and for the first time on this type of alloy by X-ray Fluorescence and EPMA-WDS (Electron Probe Micro Analysis with Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry) elemental mapping. The contents of tin, mercury, and some trace elements in the amalgam layers have been determined. The investigation of the superficial patterns of the amalgam by SEM, EPMA-WDS mapping, and SEM-EDS allowed a first understanding of some morphologies and processes of the degradation of the amalgam layer.

  3. Evaluating the Value of High Spatial Resolution in National Capacity Expansion Models using ReEDS

    Krishnan, Venkat; Cole, Wesley


    This poster is based on the paper of the same name, presented at the IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, July18, 2016. Power sector capacity expansion models (CEMs) have a broad range of spatial resolutions. This paper uses the Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS) model, a long-term national scale electric sector CEM, to evaluate the value of high spatial resolution for CEMs. ReEDS models the United States with 134 load balancing areas (BAs) and captures the variability in existing generation parameters, future technology costs, performance, and resource availability using very high spatial resolution data, especially for wind and solar modeled at 356 resource regions. In this paper we perform planning studies at three different spatial resolutions - native resolution (134 BAs), state-level, and NERC region level - and evaluate how results change under different levels of spatial aggregation in terms of renewable capacity deployment and location, associated transmission builds, and system costs. The results are used to ascertain the value of high geographically resolved models in terms of their impact on relative competitiveness among renewable energy resources.

  4. Controlled wear of vitrified abrasive materials for precision grinding applications

    M J Jackson; B Mills; M P Hitchiner


    The study of bonding hard materials such as aluminium oxide and cubic boron nitride (BN) and the nature of interfacial cohesion between these materials and glass is very important from the perspective of high precision grinding. Vitrified grinding wheels are typically used to remove large volumes of metal and to produce components with very high tolerances. It is expected that the same grinding wheel is used for both rough and finish machining operations. Therefore, the grinding wheel, and in particular its bonding system, is expected to react differently to a variety of machining operations. In order to maintain the integrity of the grinding wheel, the bonding system that is used to hold abrasive grains in place reacts differently to forces that are placed on individual bonding bridges. This paper examines the role of vitrification heat treatment on the development of strength between abrasive grains and bonding bridges, and the nature of fracture and wear in vitrified grinding wheels that are used for precision grinding applications.

  5. Lokalizace mobilního robota v prostředí

    Němec, Lukáš


    Tato práce se zabývá problémem lokalizace mobilního robota na základě aktuálních senzorických 2D a 3D dat a záznamů z minulosti. Především se zaměřuje na praktickou detekci smyček v trase robota. Cílem bylo zhodnotit současné metody zpracování obrazu a hloubkových dat se zaměřením na problematiku lokalizace v prostředí. Práce se zabývá využitím modelu Bag of Words pro zpracování 2D dat a metodu Viewpoint Feature Histogram v prostředí mračna bodů pro 3D data. Návrh systému byl v práci reali...

  6. Ethanedisulfonate is degraded via sulfoacetaldehyde in Ralstonia sp. strain EDS1.

    Denger, K; Cook, A M


    Aerobic enrichment cultures (11) yielded three cultures able to utilise ethane-1,2-disulfonate as sole source of carbon and energy in salts medium. Two pure cultures were obtained and we worked with strain EDS1, which was assigned to the genus Ralstonia on the basis of its 16S rDNA sequence and simple taxonomic tests. Strain EDS1 utilised at least seven alkane(di)sulfonates, ethane-1,2-disulfonate, taurine, isethionate, sulfoacetate, sulfoacetaldehyde and propane-1,3-disulfonate, as well as methanesulfonate and formate. Growth with ethanedisulfonate was concomitant with substrate disappearance and the formation of 2 mol sulfate per mol substrate. The growth yield, 7 g protein (mol C)(-1), indicated quantitative utilisation of the substrate. Ethanedisulfonate-dependent oxygen uptake of whole cells during growth rose to a maximum before the end of growth and then sank rapidly; this was interpreted as evidence for an inducible desulfonative oxygenase that was not active in cell extracts. Inducible sulfoacetaldehyde sulfo-lyase was detected at high activity. Inducible degradation of taurine or isethionate or sulfoacetate via sulfoacetaldehyde sulfo-lyase is interpreted from the data.

  7. In Situ Labeling of Mitochondrial DNA Replication in Drosophila Adult Ovaries by EdU Staining.

    Chen, Zhe; Xu, Hong


    The mitochondrial genome is inherited exclusively through the maternal line. Understanding of how the mitochondrion and its genome are proliferated and transmitted from one generation to the next through the female oocyte is of fundamental importance. Because of the genetic tractability, and the elegant, ordered simplicity by which oocyte development proceeds, Drosophila oogenesis has become an invaluable system for mitochondrial study. An EdU (5-ethynyl-2´-deoxyuridine) labeling method was utilized to detect mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) replication in Drosophila ovaries. This method is superior to the BrdU (5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine) labeling method in that it allows for good structural preservation and efficient fluorescent dye penetration of whole-mount tissues. Here we describe a detailed protocol for labeling replicating mitochondrial DNA in Drosophila adult ovaries with EdU. Some technical solutions are offered to improve the viability of the ovaries, maintain their health during preparation, and ensure high-quality imaging. Visualization of newly synthesized mtDNA in the ovaries not only reveals the striking temporal and spatial pattern of mtDNA replication through oogenesis, but also allows for simple quantification of mtDNA replication under various genetic and pharmacological perturbations.

  8. Characterization of eds1, a mutation in Arabidopsis suppressing resistance to Peronospora parasitica specified by several different RPP genes.

    Parker, J E; Holub, E B; Frost, L N; Falk, A; Gunn, N D; Daniels, M J


    The interaction between Arabidopsis and the biotrophic oomycete Peronospora parasitica (downy mildew) provides an attractive model pathosystem to identify molecular components of the host that are required for genotype-specific recognition of the parasite. These components are the so-called RPP genes (for resistance to P. parasitica). Mutational analysis of the ecotype Wassilewskija (Ws-0) revealed an RPP-nonspecific locus called EDS1 (for enhanced disease susceptibility) that is required for the function of RPP genes on chromosomes 3 (RPP1/RPP14 and RPP10) and 4 (RPP12). Genetic analyses demonstrated that the eds1 mutation is recessive and is not a defective allele of any known RPP gene, mapping to the bottom arm of chromosome 3 (approximately 13 centimorgans below RPP1/RPP14). Phenotypically, the Ws-eds1 mutant seedlings supported heavy sporulation by P. parasitica isolates that are each diagnostic for one of the RPP genes in wild-type Ws-0; none of the isolates is capable of sporulating on wild-type Ws-0. Ws-eds1 seedlings exhibited enhanced susceptibility to some P. parasitica isolates when compared with a compatible wild-type ecotype, Columbia, and the eds1 parental ecotype, Ws-0. This was observed as earlier initiation of sporulation and elevated production of conidiosporangia. Surprisingly, cotyledons of Ws-eds1 also supported low sporulation by five isolates of P. parasitica from Brassica oleracea. These isolates were unable to sporulate on > 100 ecotypes of Arabidopsis, including wild-type Ws-0. An isolate of Albugo candida (white blister) from B. oleracea also sporulated on Ws-eds1, but the mutant exhibited no alteration in phenotype when inoculated with several oomycete isolates from other host species. The bacterial resistance gene RPM1, conferring specific recognition of the avirulence gene avrB from Pseudomonas syringae pv glycinea, was not compromised in Ws-eds1 plants. The mutant also retained full responsiveness to the chemical inducer of systemic

  9. SAG101 forms a ternary complex with EDS1 and PAD4 and is required for resistance signaling against turnip crinkle virus.

    Zhu, Shifeng; Jeong, Rae-Dong; Venugopal, Srivathsa C; Lapchyk, Ludmila; Navarre, DuRoy; Kachroo, Aardra; Kachroo, Pradeep


    EDS1, PAD4, and SAG101 are common regulators of plant immunity against many pathogens. EDS1 interacts with both PAD4 and SAG101 but direct interaction between PAD4 and SAG101 has not been detected, leading to the suggestion that the EDS1-PAD4 and EDS1-SAG101 complexes are distinct. We show that EDS1, PAD4, and SAG101 are present in a single complex in planta. While this complex is preferentially nuclear localized, it can be redirected to the cytoplasm in the presence of an extranuclear form of EDS1. PAD4 and SAG101 can in turn, regulate the subcellular localization of EDS1. We also show that the Arabidopsis genome encodes two functionally redundant isoforms of EDS1, either of which can form ternary complexes with PAD4 and SAG101. Simultaneous mutations in both EDS1 isoforms are essential to abrogate resistance (R) protein-mediated defense against turnip crinkle virus (TCV) as well as avrRps4 expressing Pseudomonas syringae. Interestingly, unlike its function as a PAD4 substitute in bacterial resistance, SAG101 is required for R-mediated resistance to TCV, thus implicating a role for the ternary complex in this defense response. However, only EDS1 is required for HRT-mediated HR to TCV, while only PAD4 is required for SA-dependent induction of HRT. Together, these results suggest that EDS1, PAD4 and SAG101 also perform independent functions in HRT-mediated resistance.

  10. EDS-40玻璃化液冻存小鼠4细胞胚胎的研究%Study on the cryopreservation of mouses 4 cell embryo by the EDS-40 vitrification

    鲁栋梁; 崔曙; 陈在贤


    Objective To study the cryoprotective effect of the solution of EDS-40 on mouse 4 cell embryo . Methods First test the verifying effect of EDS-40 and EFS-40 solutions, Then random chose 4 cell embryos of female mice to vitrify in EFS-40 or EDS-40 solutions at 25℃ and immerse into liquid nitrogen. Control group embryos were placed in program freezing e-quipment. All samples were cryopreserved 3 months. The embryos were rewarmed rapidly in 25℃ water,and agitated gently ,then embryos were transferred into cultural medium and cultured. Then watch the survival rates and the merogenic rates. Results Both EDS-40 and EFS-40 solutions had vitrifying effects. The survival rates of EFS-40. EDS-40 and control group were 87. 8%、 93. 47% and 80. 77% respectively;the merogenic rates of EFS-4O、EDS-4O and control groups were79. 83% 、 86.53% and 69. 23% respectively. Conclusion The effect of EDS-40 solution is better than that of EFS-40.%目的 研究玻璃化液EDS-40对冻贮小鼠4细胞胚胎的效果.方法 ①EFS-40和EDS-40玻璃化溶液的玻璃化测试.②随机将4细胞小鼠胚胎,在25℃室温下分别加入EDS-40和EFS-40玻璃化溶液,玻璃化后装管并迅速投入液氮中.对照组置于程序冷冻仪中进行程序化冷冻.各组均冻存3个月后,在25℃的水浴中复温后,用培养液反复洗涤后移入培养孔板培养,观察胚胎存活率及卵裂率.结果 两种玻璃化溶液能达到玻璃化效果;EFS-40、EDS-40及对照组冷冻复温后的存活率分别87.8%、93.47%、80.77%;EFS-40、EDS-40及对照组冻胚的卵裂率分别:79.83%、86.53%、69.23%.结论 EDS-40玻璃化液冻贮小鼠4细胞胚胎的效果明显优于EFS-40,是一种理想的玻璃化液.

  11. Brachial artery flow-mediated dilatation and carotid intima-media thickness in young ED patients with insulin resistance.

    Chen, S-F; Yao, F-J; Sun, X-Z; Wu, R-P; Huang, Y-P; Zheng, F-F; Yang, Q-Y; Han, D-Y; Xie, M-Q; Ding, M; Zhang, Y; Liu, G-H; Deng, C-H


    The evidence of a close relationship between cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction (ED) is well documented. The aim of this study is to investigate whether there is an early asymptomatic impairment of the peripheral vasculature in young ED patients without obvious cardiovascular disease. We studied a total of 261 ED patients (19-40 years old) and 40 age-matched healthy controls. All participants received questionnaires of cardiovascular risk factors and erectile function assessment, were subjected to lab tests of fasting blood sample, and underwent the ultrasonographic examination of brachial artery flow-mediated dilation (FMD) and carotid intima-media thickness (c-IMT). Insulin resistance (IR) was measured by the homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR). Compared with normal human controls, FMD was significantly lower, whereas the average c-IMT was significantly greater in ED patients. An inverse correlation was found between FMD and mean c-IMT. The ED patients had significantly higher levels of fasting glucose, fasting insulin and HOMA-IR index, but showed relatively lower total testosterone and prolactin levels than the controls. Both FMD and c-IMT showed a significant correlation with International Index of Erectile Function-5 questionnaire (IIEF-5) score, age and HOMA-IR. Multivariate stepwise regression analysis demonstrated that age, HOMA-IR and IIEF-5 score were the risk factors associated with FMD and c-IMT. In conclusion, young ED patients in association with IR display diminished FMD and increased c-IMT. Furthermore, ED, HOMA-IR and age are independent predictors of the two subclinical atherosclerotic markers.

  12. Comparison of management and outcomes of ED patients with acute decompensated heart failure between the Canadian and United States' settings.

    Lai, Anita; Tenpenny, Elliott; Nestler, David; Hess, Erik; Stiell, Ian G


    Introduction The objective of this study was to compare the emergency department (ED) management and rate of admission of acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) between two hospitals in Canada and the United States and to compare the outcomes of these patients. This was a health records review of adults presenting with ADHF to two EDs in Canada and the United States between January 1 and April 30, 2010. Outcome measures were admission to the hospital, myocardial infarction (MI), and death or relapse rates to the ED. Data were analysed using descriptive, univariate and multivariate analyses. In total, 394 cases were reviewed and 73 were excluded. Comparing 156 Canadian to 165 U.S. patients, respectively, mean age was 76.0 and 75.8 years; male sex was 54.5% and 52.1%. Canadian and U.S. ED treatments were noninvasive ventilation 7.7% v. 12.8% (p=0.13); IV diuretics 77.6% v. 36.0% (p<0.001); IV nitrates 4.5% v. 6.7% (p=0.39). There were significant differences in rate of admission (50.6% v. 95.2%, p<0.001) and length of stay in ED (6.7 v. 3.0 hours, p<0.001). Proportion of Canadian and U.S. patients who died within 30 days of the ED visit was 5.1% v. 9.7% (p=0.12); relapsed to the ED within 30 days was 20.8% v. 17.5% (p=0.5); and had MI within 30 days was 2.0% v. 1.9% (p=1.0). The U.S. and Canadian centres saw ADHF patients with similar characteristics. Although the U.S. site had almost double the admission rate, the outcomes were similar between the sites, which question the necessity of routine admission for patients with ADHF.

  13. The role of EDS1 (enhanced disease susceptibility) during singlet oxygen-mediated stress responses of Arabidopsis.

    Ochsenbein, Christian; Przybyla, Dominika; Danon, Antoine; Landgraf, Frank; Göbel, Cornelia; Imboden, André; Feussner, Ivo; Apel, Klaus


    Upon a dark/light shift the conditional flu mutant of Arabidopsis starts to generate singlet oxygen (1O2) that is restricted to the plastid compartment. Distinct sets of genes are activated that are different from those induced by hydrogen peroxide/superoxide. One of the genes that is rapidly upregulated is EDS1 (enhanced disease susceptibility). The EDS1 protein has been shown to be required for the resistance to biotrophic pathogens and the accumulation of salicylic acid (SA) that enhances the defenses of a plant by inducing the synthesis of pathogen-related (PR) proteins. Because of the similarity of its N-terminal portion to the catalytic site of lipases, EDS1 has also been implicated with the release of polyunsaturated fatty acids and the subsequent formation of various oxylipins. The release of singlet oxygen in the flu mutant triggers a drastic increase in the concentration of free SA and activates the expression of PR1 and PR5 genes. These changes depend on the activity of EDS1 and are suppressed in flu/eds1 double mutants. Soon after the beginning of singlet oxygen production, the synthesis of oxylipins such as jasmonic acid (JA) and 12-oxophytodienoic acid (OPDA) also start and plants stop growing and induce a cell-death response. The inactivation of EDS1 does not affect oxylipin synthesis, growth inhibition and the initiation of cell death, but it does allow plants to recover much faster from singlet oxygen-mediated growth inhibition and it also suppresses the spread of necrotic lesions in leaves. Hence, singlet oxygen activates a complex stress-response program with EDS1 playing a key role in initiating and modulating several steps of it. This program includes not only responses to oxidative stress, but also responses known to be activated during plant-pathogen interactions and wounding.

  14. Impact of newborn follow-up visit timing on subsequent ED visits and hospital readmissions: an instrumental variable analysis.

    O'Donnell, Heather C; Colman, Gregory; Trachtman, Rebecca A; Velazco, Nerissa; Racine, Andrew D


    To determine whether newborn first outpatient visit (FOV) within 3 days of discharge is associated with reduced rates of emergency department (ED) visits and hospital readmissions. Retrospective cohort analysis was performed of all newborns who were born and had outpatient follow-up within a large academic medical center to determine whether they had ED visits or hospital readmission within 2 weeks after hospital discharge. Multivariable regression using an instrumental variable for timing of FOV was conducted to estimate the relationship between FOV within 3 days of discharge and ED visits and hospital readmissions within 2 weeks of discharge, adjusting for potential confounders. Stratified analyses assessed this relationship in subpopulations with medical or social risk factors. Of 3282 newborns, 178 (5%) had 1 or more ED visits or hospital readmissions within 2 weeks of hospital discharge. FOV within 3 days was not significantly associated with ED visits and readmissions in the instrumental variable analysis (IVA) (-0.035, P = .11) or the ordinary least squares analysis (OLS) (0.006, P = .52). The difference in coefficients between these analyses, however, suggests that IVA successfully adjusted for some unmeasured bias. In stratified analyses, only newborns born to African American mothers or discharged by family medicine providers demonstrated a significant relationship between FOV within 3 days and reduced odds of ED visits and readmissions. No significant relationship between outpatient visit timing and ED visits and hospital readmissions was found. Further study is needed to assess the impact of early outpatient visits on other newborn outcomes. Copyright © 2014 Academic Pediatric Association. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  15. Antimicrobial resistance in urinary tract infections at a large urban ED: Factors contributing to empiric treatment failure.

    Rosa, Rossana; Abbo, Lilian M; Raney, Kenley; Tookes, Hansel E; Supino, Mark


    To calculate the emergency department (ED)-level Escherichia coli percentage of isolates susceptible to commonly used antibiotics and to determine the risk factors associated with inadequate empiric antibiotic therapy among patients treated for urinary tract infections (UTIs) in our ED. Retrospective cohort study conducted at a large tertiary teaching hospital. Participants included patients older than 18years of age who had a urine culture with growth of >100,000 colonies of E. coli. Demographic and therapeutic choices associated with inadequate empiric antibiotic therapy were explored. Antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of E. coli isolates recovered from ED patients were calculated, and stratified by gender and age. A total of 300 unique patients had E. coli bacteriuria during the study period. Among patients who received at least one dose of antibiotic in the ED, variables independently associated with an increased risk of inadequate empiric therapy were age (relative risk [RR] 1.016; 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.001-1.031; P=0.032), male gender (RR 2.507; 95% CI 1.470-4.486; P=0.001), and use of fluoroquinolones (RR 2.128; 95% CI 1.249-3.624 P=0.005). Sub-group analysis of patients discharged from the ED showed that definitive therapy with nitrofurantoin decreased the risk of inadequate empiric antibiotic therapy by 80% (RR 0.202; CI 0.065-0.638; P=0.006). ED-level antibiograms showed differences in antimicrobial susceptibility of E. coli by age and gender. Development of ED-level antimicrobial susceptibility data and consideration of patients' clinical characteristics can help better guide selection of empiric antibiotic therapy for the treatment of UTIs. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. Impact of a bronchiolitis guideline on ED resource use and cost: a segmented time-series analysis.

    Akenroye, Ayobami T; Baskin, Marc N; Samnaliev, Mihail; Stack, Anne M


    Bronchiolitis is a major cause of infant morbidity and contributes to millions of dollars in health care costs. Care guidelines may cut costs by reducing unnecessary resource utilization. Through the implementation of a guideline, we sought to reduce unnecessary resource utilization and improve the value of care provided to infants with bronchiolitis in a pediatric emergency department (ED). We conducted an interrupted time series that examined ED visits of 2929 patients with bronchiolitis, aged 1 to 12 months old, seen between November 2007 and April 2013. Outcomes were proportion having a chest radiograph (CXR), respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) testing, albuterol or antibiotic administration, and the total cost of care. Balancing measures included admission rate, returns to the ED resulting in admission within 72 hours of discharge, and ED length of stay (LOS). There were no significant preexisting trends in the outcomes. After guideline implementation, there was an absolute reduction of 23% in CXR (95% confidence interval [CI]: 11% to 34%), 11% in RSV testing (95% CI: 6% to 17%), 7% in albuterol use (95% CI: 0.2% to 13%), and 41 minutes in ED LOS (95% CI: 16 to 65 minutes). Mean cost per patient was reduced by $197 (95% CI: $136 to $259). Total cost savings was $196,409 (95% CI: $135,592 to $258,223) over the 2 bronchiolitis seasons after guideline implementation. There were no significant differences in antibiotic use, admission rates, or returns resulting in admission within 72 hours of discharge. A bronchiolitis guideline was associated with reductions in CXR, RSV testing, albuterol use, ED LOS, and total costs in a pediatric ED.


    O. M. Bondarev


    Full Text Available Purpose. The purpose of article is to develop the measures of hardness indices improvement of the supporting structures of motor cars of the electric trains ED9M. Methodology. In order to achieve the above stated aims the following measures had to be done: to develop a finite element model of the supporting structures of the motor bogie of the electric train ED9M, determine parameters of the developed model; perform the calculations to determine the stress-strain state during loads corresponding to different operating conditions with the search of geometric parameters reducing the highest stress levels. Findings. The obtained results of calculations (fields of stress distribution and strains in the elements of the motor bogie frame from the viewpoint of the strength and stiffness discovered the best geometric parameters of the bearings in the central suspension beams of the electric trains ED9M in the places of load transmission from the car body to the bogie frame. Originality. Based on the developed finite element models and the theoretical and experimental researches the scientifically grounded modernization measures of the construction elements of the central suspension beams for motor bogies of the electric trains ED9M were developed. Practical value. It was developed an engineering solution concerning the measures to improve the strength and stiffness characteristics of the central suspension beams for the motor cars of the electric trains ED9M. It was given to the Ukrzaliznytsya’s professionals to implement them during repairs.

  18. Ethics seminar: the hospice patient in the ED: an ethical approach to understanding barriers and improving care.

    Zieske, Michael; Abbott, Jean


    Emergency physicians (EPs) are asked to evaluate and treat a growing population of hospice patients who present to the emergency department (ED) for a number of important reasons. Hospice patients pose unique ethical challenges, and "best practices" for these patients can differ from the life-preserving interventions of usual ED care. Having a solid understanding of professional responsibilities and ethical principles is useful for guiding EP management of these patients. In end-of-life care, EPs need to recognize that there are barriers and complexities to the best management of hospice patients, but they need to commit to strategies that optimize their care. This article describes the case of a hospice patient who presented with sepsis and end-stage cancer to the ED. Patient, system, and physician factors made management decisions in the ED difficult. The goal in the ED should be to determine the best way to address terminally ill patient needs while respecting wishes to limit interventions that will only increase suffering near the end of life.

  19. Isolation of Plant Nuclei at Defined Cell Cycle Stages Using EdU Labeling and Flow Cytometry.

    Wear, Emily E; Concia, Lorenzo; Brooks, Ashley M; Markham, Emily A; Lee, Tae-Jin; Allen, George C; Thompson, William F; Hanley-Bowdoin, Linda


    5-Ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine (EdU) is a nucleoside analog of thymidine that can be rapidly incorporated into replicating DNA in vivo and, subsequently, detected by using "click" chemistry to couple its terminal alkyne group to fluorescent azides such as Alexa Fluor 488. Recently, EdU incorporation followed by coupling with a fluorophore has been used to visualize newly synthesized DNA in a wide range of plant species. One particularly useful application is in flow cytometry, where two-parameter sorting can be employed to analyze different phases of the cell cycle, as defined both by total DNA content and the amount of EdU pulse-labeled DNA. This approach allows analysis of the cell cycle without the need for synchronous cell populations, which can be difficult to obtain in many plant systems. The approach presented here, which was developed for fixed, EdU-labeled nuclei, can be used to prepare analytical profiles as well as to make highly purified preparations of G1, S, or G2/M phase nuclei for molecular or biochemical analysis. We present protocols for EdU pulse labeling, tissue fixation and harvesting, nuclei preparation, and flow sorting. Although developed for Arabidopsis suspension cells and maize root tips, these protocols should be modifiable to many other plant systems.

  20. Book Review: The Communicating Leader: The key to strategic alignment (2nd Ed

    X. C. Birkenbach


    Full Text Available Title: The Communicating Leader: The key to strategic alignment (2nd Ed Author: Gustav Puth Publisher: Van Schaik Publishers Reviewer: XC Birkenbach The aim of the book according to the author, is "meant to be a usable tool, an instrument in the toolbox of the real leader and leadership student". The book is written in conversational style (as intended by the author and the 219 pages of the 10 chapters are logically packaged into three parts. While the main emphasis is naturally on leadership and communication, the coverage includes topics typically encountered in Organisational Behaviour or Management texts, e.g., organizational culture, managing change, motivation, conflict management and strategic management.

  1. Enrico Biasin - Giovanna Maina - Federico Zecca (Eds., Porn After Porn. Contemporary Alternative Pornographies

    Mirko Lino


    Full Text Available Dopo Il Porno Espanso, recensito a suo tempo su Between, il nuovo libro a cura di Enrico Biasin, Giovanna Maina e Federico Zecca, Porn After Porn, è il primo tassello di un'interessante collana, “Mapping Pornographies: Histories, Geographies, Cultures”, che ha l'obiettivo di fornire materiali e strumenti metodologici al dibattito scientifico sulla pornografia contemporanea.I contributi che compongono il volume, dai saggi prettamente accademici alle testimonianze di artisti, produttori e registi del porno, creano tra loro fitte geometrie tematiche che illustrano i corpi, gli usi dei new media, gli sguardi e i consumi delle pornografie alternative, dalla loro proliferazione in Rete alla democratizzazione dell'accesso ai piaceri visivi inscritti nella fruizione di contenuti hard-core a pubblici non esclusivamente maschili ed eterosessuali.

  2. Il Castello di Tomar e il convento di Cristo. La storia ed il tempo presente

    Alvaro Barbosa


    Full Text Available L’insieme monumentale del Castello dei Templari e del Convento di Cristo di Tomar conserva, nei suoi luoghi e nel paesaggio, sette secoli della storia del Portogallo e della cultura europea. Negli ultimi vent’anni i cambiamenti subiti dalla società portoghese si riflettono anche in questo patrimonio storico architettonico: sia la partenza delle istituzioni che lo abitavano dall’inizio del XX secolo, sia il nuovo sguardo della società civile verso il monumento. Tra la storia ed il tempo presente, la vita culturale lì sviluppata in questo periodo ne costituisce la testimonianza. Il nuovo sguardo, sia culturale che scientifico, cerca inoltre di applicare le nuove tecnologie, come l’uso di CAD e della modellazione digitale, nella produzione di strumenti di conservazione e gestione dell’insieme monumentale.

  3. Distribuzioni di tensione per intagli soggetti a torsione in condizioni elastiche ed elastoplastiche

    Michele Zappalorto


    Full Text Available Il lavoro riporta delle soluzioni analitiche in forma chiusa per le distribuzioni di tensione generate da intagli circonferenziali in componenti assialsimmetrici soggetti a torsione, in condizioni lineari elastiche ed elastoplastiche. Il problema teorico in condizioni lineari elastiche è stato impostato e risolto utilizzando la teoria dei potenziali nel dominio complesso e una serie di opportuni sistemi di riferimento in coordinate curvilinee, evitando l’uso di mappature conformi. Le soluzioni proposte hanno un ampio range di applicabilità, in termini di dimensioni e forma dell’intaglio e di diametro dell’albero. Il problema elastoplastico è stato invece risolto utilizzando la tecnica delle trasformazioni odografiche, al fine di rendere lineari le equazioni nonlineari fondamentali del problema.Il contributo rappresenta la sintesi di una serie di lavori più ampi a cura degli stessi autori.


    Wahyudi Wahyudi


    Full Text Available The development of technology demands efficient and work speed, so it needs a system which can handleseveral things.This problem can be covered with PLC (Programmable Logic Control that can integrateseveral self standing component to be an integrated control system and can be changed the configurationwithout change all instrument. Modify the ladder program can alter system of PLC. This paper showsHoist Hanger system in PTC/ED (Pre Treatment Chemical/Electrocoat Dispotition process that controlledby PLC. Above input from limit switch, sensor, or the other input, PLC system drives the motorrelay Hoist Hanger machine. That cause the motor relay Hoist Hanger change its condition, so the movingof Hoist Hanger machine will be suitable with PLC program.

  5. La valutazione dello stato di salute percepita: strumenti psicometrici ed econometrici

    C. Quercioli


    Full Text Available

    Introduzione: per la messa a punto di modelli decisionali in Sanità Pubblica appare sempre più indispensabile collegare i tradizionali riscontri “oggettivi” (spesso insufficientemente sensibili perché molto dipendenti dal versante dell’offerta della statistica sanitaria, alle attese/percezioni soggettive degli utenti ed alla valutazione del bene salute. Perseguendo la nostra ricerca dell’ “anello mancante” tra Epidemiologia, Sociologia ed Economia, abbiamo voluto saggiare le correlazioni tra uno strumento tipicamente psicometrico ed uno econometrico di valutazione soggettiva dello stato di salute.

    Obiettivo: confrontare profili e valori di salute ottenuti con uno strumento psicometrico (SF36 ed uno econometrico (Health Utility Index-HUI. Materiali e metodi: SF36 descrive lo stato di salute attraverso 8 scale: Salute Generale, Attività Fisica, Ruolo Fisico, Ruolo Emotivo, Attività Sociali, Dolore Fisico, Vitalità e Salute Mentale. L’HUI produce sia un profilo di salute con 8 scale (Vista, Udito, Parola, Cognitività, Deambulazione, Uso delle mani, Emotività e Dolore, sia uno score riassuntivo del livello di salute. I questionari SF36 e HUI sono stati somministrati a 98 studenti dell’Università di Siena. I punteggi delle otto scale dei due questionari e lo score sono stati confrontanti mediante il Coefficiente di Spearman.

    Risultati: i punteggi raggiunti nelle 8 scale dell’HUI rientrano nel 95% dei casi nella fascia più alta (0,9-1, mentre quelli dell’SF36 rientrano nella fascia 90-100 solo per il 36%. Più discriminante sembra essere lo score (solo il 44% dei valori compresi nella fascia 0,9-1. La correlazione più forte è quella tra scala Salute Generale e score (r=0,458. La scala Attività Fisica è correlata con Deambulazione (r=0,382 e Dolore (0,312; Ruolo Fisico con Cognitività (r=0,425, Deambulazione (r=0,332, Dolore (r=0,383 e score (r= 0

  6. New tool aims to standardize handoffs in the ED, boosting safety and preventing communication failures.


    To address identified patient safety risks in the handoff process, a group of emergency providers developed Safer Sign Out, a paper-based template that prompts clinicians to jointly review issues of concern on patients who are being passed from one clinician to another at the end of a shift. Already in practice at 12 hospitals in the Mid-Atlantic region, the approach is now being disseminated nationwide with the help of the non-profit Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Foundation. Advocates of the new tool say very few EDs have a clear, agreed-upon process for how to conduct handoffs. Safer Sign Out seeks to prevent communications failures by putting structure into the handoff process. In addition to prompting incoming and outgoing physicians to discuss each patient being handed off, the approach involves having both physicians round at the bedside of these patients so that patients fully understand when their care is being transitioned to a new provider.

  7. Research on Petroleum Reservoir Diagenesis and Damage Using EDS Quantitative Analysis Method With Standard Samples

    包书景; 陈文学; 等


    In recent years,the X-ray spectrometer has been devekloped not only just in enhancing resolution,but also towards dynamic analysis.Computer modeling processing,sampled quantitative analysis and supra-light element analysis.With the gradual sophistication of the quantitative analysis system software,the rationality and accuracy of the established sample deferential document have become the most important guarantee to the reliability of sample quantitative analysis.This work is an important technical subject in China Petroleum Reservoir Research.Through two years of research and experimental work,the EDS quantitative analysis method for petroleum geolgey and resevoir research has been established.and referential documents for five mineral(silicate,etc).specimen standards have been compiled.Closely combining the shape characters and compositional characters of the minerals together and applying them into reservoir diagenetic research and prevention of oil formations from damage,we have obtained obvious geological effects.



    Based on the principle of laminated machining, the method of auto-programming in the electro discharge milling (ED-milling) process is drawn out.With the help of IGES formatted files, the process slicing and the machining locus can be programmed well.The program adopts three-parameter convergence as the basic way to slice the geometry mold and divide the non-uniform rational B-spline curve (NURBS) surface.With the great mount of discrete points, a given arithmetic is drawn out to order them, and then is carried out the interpolation of bi-arc.In the process, according to the character of the EDM process, the zigzag track of machining is accepted to remove the volume of work piece and shape the contour along the contour line of the slicing segments, including multi-connection.As a result, some correlative experiments are accomplished.

  9. Origine ed evoluzione dell'universo dal big-bang alle galassie

    Gratton, Livio


    Il volume, destinato a un vasto pubblico di lettori anche non particolarmente versati in materie scientifiche, offre un panorama aggiornato e completo degli sviluppi più recenti della cosmologia, la scienza che studia l'Universo nel suo complesso. Abbandonate ormai completamente visioni mitiche e geocentriche, la moderna cosmologia ripresenta come un ambizioso e affascinante tentativo di creare un modello unitario dell'Universo e della sua evoluzione attraverso gli strumenti della fisica e dell'astronomia. In questo quadro, nato da una profonda riflessione sui concetti di spazio e di tempo sviluppatasi nei primi decenni del secolo soprattutto da parte di Einstein, e sostenuto dal prodigioso progresso della tecnologia che ha aperto nuove e rivoluzionarie possibilità di osservazione, un succedersi sempre più incalzante ed emozionante di scoperte sta rivelando un panorama inaspettatamente vario, complesso, e allo stesso tempo semplice e unitario, la cui interpretazione richiede al cosmologo rigore, fantasia e...

  10. Tempeh Waste as a Natural, Economical Carbon and Nutrient Source: ED-XRF and NCS Study



    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to determine the elemental composition of three types of waste from tempeh production. They are soybean hull “tempeh waste” after dehulling soybeans, tempeh wastewater after soaking dehulled soybeans in water for 24 h, and tempeh wastewater after boiling dehulled soybeans in water for 30 min. By using ED-XRF analyzer, it was revealed that tempeh waste contained Mg, Si, P, S, K, Ca, Mn, Fe, and Zn. The highest elemental content was K, followed by Ca, P, and Mg. NCS analysis showed that tempeh waste was composed of C, N, and S with C/N ratio of 11.20. The present study provides evidence that both tempeh waste and wastewater are rich in carbon and nutrient contents, thus their potential for both inorganic and organic nutrient and carbon sources for microbial growth in bioremediation or as natural NPK fertilizers is promising.

  11. An Observational Study to Evaluate the Prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Prescribing Pattern of Drugs in Patients with ED Visiting an Andrology Specialty Clinic, Mumbai: 2012-14

    Kulkarni, Vijay R.; Bhagat, Sagar B.; Beldar, Amit S.; Patel, Sadiq B.


    Introduction: Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common occurrence and its incidence is expected to increase significantly along with the increase in various lifestyle diseases. The drug utilization for ED is very low. Also, studies describing the prescription pattern in ED are lacking. Materials and Methods: We conducted a retrospective cross-sectional observational study, including a drug utilization analysis, of 606 prescriptions as per the standard guidelines (WHO and STROBE). Results: Out of 606, 249 (41%) were from the age group of 30-39 years. Addictions were present in 388 (64%). Out of 606, 186 had urological, 154 had cardiovascular and 102 had psychological co-morbid disorders. Out of 348, 201 were prescribed Tadalafil (low dose) on a once daily basis. Out of 172, 121 were prescribed Sildenafil (high dose) on an ‘as and when required’ basis. Nutritional/ herbal supplements were prescribed in 126/606. The ratio of ‘Prescribed Daily Dose’ to ‘Defined Daily Dose’ of Tadalafil, Sildenafil, and Dapoxetine were 1.1, 1.3 and 1.5 respectively. Conclusion: Measures for de-addiction play an important role in the overall management of ED. The most common co-morbid disorders were urological, like BPH, LUTS, etc, followed by cardiovascular, psychological and diabetes. Overall, rational pharmacotherapy was observed. Tadalafil was the most commonly prescribed drug for ED. The main factor in the selection of a particular PDE5 inhibitor was its pharmacokinetics and cost. Udenafil, being the costliest, was the least prescribed. Dapoxetine was used in a significant number of individuals primarily for PE with ED. The combination of Papaverine, Chlorpromazine ± Alprostadil was used as intracavernosal injection in patients not responding to oral drugs. PMID:26393163

  12. Effects of sodium oxybate on the LD50 and hypnotic ED50 of ketamine%羟丁酸钠对氯胺酮LD50和催眠ED50的影响

    康辉; 高鹏飞; 刘菲; 陈琳; 金路; 王辰; 陶伟荣; 邢凡; 王丹


    Objective To investigate the effects of sodium oxybate on the median lethal dose (LD50) and hypnotic median effective dose (ED50) of ketamine. Methods Intraperitoneal injection of normal saline ( 10 ml · kg-1 ) was administrated in normal saline (NS) group and sodium oxybate (200 mg· kg-1) was intraperitoneally injected in sodium oxybate (SO) group, followed by peritoneal injection of katamine in geometric proportion 20 min later. LD50 and hypnotic ED50 were measured by sequential method. Results Sodium oxybate promoted LD50 of ketamine ( P < 0.01 ) and depressed hypnotic ED50 ( P < 0. 01 ). Conclusion Sodium oxybate can reduce the toxicity and reinforce the hypnotic effect of ketamine.%目的 探讨羟丁酸钠(sodium oxybate,SO)对氯胺酮(ketamine,Ket)半数致死量(median lethal dose,LD50)和催眠半数有效量(median effective dose,ED50)的影响.方法 生理盐水组(NS组)腹腔注射生理盐水10 ml·kg-1,羟丁酸钠组(SO组)腹腔注射羟丁酸钠200 mg·kg-1,20 min后再分别腹腔注射等比剂量的氯胺酮溶液,用序贯法测定氯胺酮的LD50和催眠ED50.结果 羟丁酸钠使氯胺酮LD50增高(P<0.01),催眠ED50降低(P<0.01).结论 羟丁酸钠能够降低氯胺酮的毒性,并可增强其催眠作用.

  13. Bhaktapur, Nepal: the MAL-ED birth cohort study in Nepal.

    Shrestha, Prakash Sunder; Shrestha, Sanjaya Kumar; Bodhidatta, Ladaporn; Strand, Tor; Shrestha, Binob; Shrestha, Rita; Chandyo, Ram Krishna; Ulak, Manjeswori; Mason, Carl J


    The Etiology, Risk Factors and Interactions of Enteric Infections and Malnutrition and the Consequences for Child Health and Development (MAL-ED) cohort study site in Nepal is located in the Bhaktapur municipality, 15 km east of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Bhaktapur, an ancient city famous for its traditional temples and buildings, is included on UNESCO's World Heritage List and is a major tourist attraction in Nepal. Nepal is a land-locked country located in South Asia between China and India with an area of 147 181 km(2), ranging from sea-level plains to Mount Everest, the world's highest peak. The total population as of the 2011 census was 26.6 million, with an average annual population growth rate of 1.4. Nepal is one of the world's least developed countries and is ranked 157 of 186 in the 2013 Human Development Report; one-third of the Nepali population lives below the poverty line. The current under-5 mortality rate is 54 per 1000 live births, the infant mortality rate is 46 per 1000 live births, and the neonatal mortality rate is 33 per 1000 live births. Vaccine coverage for all Expanded Program on Immunization vaccines is >80%. Among children, the most common diseases contributing to significant morbidity and mortality are acute respiratory infection and dehydration from severe diarrhea. In this article, we report on the geographic, demographic, and socioeconomic features of the Bhaktapur MAL-ED site and describe the data that informed our cohort recruitment strategy. © The Author 2014. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Infectious Diseases Society of America. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please e-mail:

  14. EDs in the Midwest and South activate disaster plans as deadly tornadoes sweep through the region.


    Hospitals in the Midwest and South activated their disaster plans in early March to deal with a phalanx of powerful tornadoes that leveled several small towns and killed at least two dozen people. Some hospitals had to activate plans for both internal and external disasters as their own facilities were threatened. One small critical-access hospital in West Liberty, KY, sustained significant damage and had to evacuate its patients to another facility. All the hospitals credit their disaster plans and practice drills with helping them to manage the crisis as efficiently as possible. Morgan County ARH Hospital in West Liberty, KY, went for several days without an operational lab or radiology department, but staff kept the ED open for absolute emergencies. Margaret Mary Community Hospital (MMCH) in Batesville, IN, received six tornado victims, but it was prepared for many more. Administrators credit advanced warning of the storms with helping them to prepare effectively, as well as to coordinate their response with other hospitals in the area. As a level 1 trauma center, the University of Louisville Hospital in Louisville, KY, received all the most seriously injured patients in the region, even while the facility itself was under a tornado warning. Staff had to route families away from the glassed-in waiting room to the basement until the tornado warning had passed. At one point during the crisis, there were 90 patients in the hospital's ED even though the department is only equipped with 29 beds. Administrators at Huntsville Hospital in Huntsville, AL, encouraged colleagues to take advantage of smaller-scale emergencies to activate parts of their disaster plans, and to focus disaster preparation drills on their hospital's top hazard vulnerabilities.

  15. Acute neck pain in the ED: Consider longus colli calcific tendinitis vs meningitis.

    Patel, Tyag K; Weis, James C


    Presented here is a rare cause of severe neck pain - acute longus colli calcific tendinitis - in a 54year old man who presented to the emergency department. The neck pain is due to inflammation caused by calcium hydroxyapatite crystal deposition in the tendons on the longus colli muscles. This is non-infectious. The gold standard for diagnosis is a CT neck which best shows the calcifications in the anterior vertebral column of C1-C4, where the tendons of these muscles insert bilaterally. Longus colli calcific tendinitis is not life-threatening and patients will make a full recovery after treatment with NSAIDs. However, this condition is often confused with life-threatening conditions such as infection (meningitis or retropharyngeal abscess), intracranial hemorrhage, trauma, herniation of cervical discs, or malignancy (Estimable et al. (2015) [1]). Symptoms associated with calcific tendinitis of the longus colli muscle are non-specific and include mild fever, moderate-severe headache, neck pain, and drastically reduced range of motion of the neck. More specific symptoms are the presence of dysphagia and odynophagia. Lab findings usually are significant for mild leukocytosis, and elevated ESR and CRP. Awareness of this condition by E.D. physicians can avoid unnecessary invasive interventions, increased costs, and delays that result from incorrect diagnosis and treatment. This is a unique case in which a patient who was afebrile with a normal ESR was worked up for meningitis and an intracranial process, and also empirically treated for meningitis before finally being diagnosed with acute calcific tendinitis of the longus colli muscle in the E.D. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. Correlation between capillary and arterial blood gas parameters in an ED.

    Heidari, Kamran; Hatamabadi, Hamidreza; Ansarian, Nader; Alavi-Moghaddam, Mostafa; Amini, Afshin; Safari, Saeed; Darbandsar Mazandarani, Parvin; Vafaee, Alireza


    Sampling from arteries for the analysis of blood gases is a common procedure in emergency departments (ED). The procedure is painful for the patients and causes concern for the medical personnel due to possible complications, such as hematoma, infection, ischemia, and formation of fistula or aneurism. The present study compared the results of capillary and arterial blood gases analyses (CBG and ABG) to emphasizing a less aggressive technique with the fewest complications for this procedure. In the comparative/analytical study, the results of ABG and CBG for 187 patients referring to the ED of a teaching hospital were compared using SPSS 18 statistical software (SPSS, Chicago, IL) in relation to the mean partial pressure of oxygen (Po(2)), partial pressure of carbon dioxide (Pco(2)), base excess (BE), bicarbonate (HCO(3)), serum acidity (pH), and saturation of hemoglobin oxygen (SaO(2)). Saturation of hemoglobin oxygen, HCO(3), pH, Pco(2), Po(2), and BE exhibited significant statistical correlation between ABG and CBG (P = .001). The average correlations between capillary and arterial samples were 0.78 for pH, 0.73 for Pco(2), 0.71 for BE, 0.90 for HCO(3), 0.77 for Po(2), and 0.52 for SaO(2). Comparison of the parameters means did not exhibit significant differences between arterial and capillary samples except for Po(2) and SaO(2) (P > .05). There appear to be strong correlation between samples collected from the finger tip capillaries with the arterial blood samples in relation to the analysis of blood gas. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  17. Solvent effect on librational dynamics of spin-labelled haemoglobin by ED- and CW-EPR.

    Scarpelli, Francesco; Bartucci, Rosa; Sportelli, Luigi; Guzzi, Rita


    Two-pulse, echo-detected electron paramagnetic resonance (ED-EPR) spectra and continuous-wave EPR (CW-EPR) spectra were used to investigate the solvent effect on the librational motion of human haemoglobin spin-labelled on cysteine β93 with the nitroxide derivative of maleimide, 6-MSL. Protein samples fully hydrated in phosphate buffer solution (PBS), in a 60% v/v glycerol/water mixture and in the lyophilized form were measured at cryogenic temperature in the frozen state. The protein librational motion was characterized by the amplitude-correlation time product, τ(c), deduced from the ED-EPR spectra. The librational amplitude, τ(c), was determined independently, from the motionally averaged hyperfine splitting in the CW-EPR spectra, and the librational correlation time, τ(c), was derived from the combination of the pulsed and conventional EPR data. Rapid librational motion of small amplitude was detected in all samples. In each case, the librational dynamics was restricted up to 180 K, beyond which it increased steeply for the hydrated protein in PBS and in the presence of glycerol. In contrast, in the dehydrated protein, the librational dynamics was hindered and less dependent on temperature up to ~240 K. In all samples, deviated from small values only for T > 200 K, where a rapid increase of was evident for the hydrated samples, whereas limited temperature variation was shown in the lyophilized samples. The librational correlation time was in the sub-nanosecond regime and weakly dependent on temperature. The results evidence that solvent favours protein dynamics.

  18. MetEd Training Resources from COMET: Assisting User Readiness for JPSS Era

    Stevermer, A.; Jeffries, R. A.


    With all the new advancements, finding time to learn and stay current regarding new satellite instruments, capabilities, applications, and products can be daunting. COMET's self-paced online training resources available via the globally-renowned MetEd Website are available 24/7/365 to help meet this challenge.. UCAR's COMET® Program ( has been funded for years by NOAA NESDIS as well as EUMETSAT and the Meteorological Service of Canada to support education and training in satellite meteorology. Experts from NOAA-NESDIS its Cooperative Institutes, the Meteorological Service of Canada, EUMETSAT, the Naval Research Laboratory and others work with COMET staff to create self-paced training lessons that encourage greater use of current and future satellite observations and products. As of fall 2016, nearly 90 satellite-focused, interactive materials are freely available in English via the MetEd Web site at Many of these lessons are also available in Spanish and French making training more easily accessible to an international audience. This presentation will focus on COMET's satellite training offerings that are directly applicable to helping users learn more about the capabilities of the S-NPP and JPSS satellite series just in time to prepare for JPSS-1 launch! Our educational offerings include lessons on the VIIRS imager and its applications including the exciting nighttime visible observation with the VIIRS Day-Night Band. We'll show how the lessons introduce users to the advances these systems bring to forecasting, numerical weather prediction, and environmental monitoring. We'll also highlight the recently published lesson, " JPSS River Ice and Flood Products" and discuss current and future work.

  19. Microwave oven-related injuries treated in hospital EDs in the United States, 1990 to 2010.

    Thambiraj, Dana F; Chounthirath, Thiphalak; Smith, Gary A


    The widespread availability of microwave ovens has sparked interest in injuries resulting from their use. Using a retrospective cohort design, the objective of this study is to investigate the epidemiology of microwave oven-related injuries treated in United States emergency departments (EDs) from 1990 through 2010 by analyzing data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. An estimated 155959 (95% confidence interval [CI], 133515-178402) individuals with microwave oven-related injuries were treated in US hospital EDs from 1990 through 2010, which equals an average of 21 individuals per day; 60.7% were female; 63.3% were adults (≥18 years); 98.1% of injury events occurred at home; and 3.9% of patients were hospitalized. During the 21-year study period, the number and rate of microwave oven-related injuries increased significantly by 93.3% and 50.0%, respectively. The most common mechanism of injury was a spill (31.3%), and the most common body region injured was the hand and fingers (32.4%). Patients younger than 18 years were more likely to sustain an injury to their head and neck (relative risk: 1.65; 95% CI, 1.39-1.96) than adults. To our knowledge, this is the first study to investigate microwave oven-related injuries on a national scale. Microwave ovens are an important source of injury in the home in the United States. The large increases in the number and rate of these injuries underscore the need for increased prevention efforts, especially among young children. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  20. SEM-EDS, EPMA and MRS analysis of neo-crystallisations on weathered glasses

    Falcone, R; Sommariva, G; Vallotto, M [Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, Via Briati 10, IT- 30141 Murano-Venice (Italy); Nardone, M [Universita dell' Aquila, Dipartimento di Fisica, IT-67100 Coppito-L' Aquila (Italy); Sodo, A [Universita di Roma Tre e ICPAL, Dipartimento di Fisica, IT-00146 Rome (Italy); Verita, M, E-mail: [Universita IUAV di venezia, Laboratorio Analisi Materiali Antichi, Palazzo Badoer, San Polo 2468/B, IT-30125 Venice (Italy)


    When a glass is exposed to the atmosphere the combined action of water and environmental elements leads to the weathering of the glass surface. Both the chemical composition of the glass and the environmental parameters influence the mechanism of glass weathering mainly consisting in the formation of a layer of hydrated leached glass and salt deposits. The study of these phenomena is very important for both industrial and cultural heritage applications. In order to study the weathering mechanism of glasses exposed outdoor the chemical composition of the glass and the chemical and mineralogical nature of the reaction products should be determined. X-ray micro-analytical techniques such as scanning electron microscopy and X-ray microanalysis (SEM-EDS) and electron probe microanalysis (WD-EPMA) are traditionally employed in this type of investigation. Nevertheless particular compounds are hardly detected with this technique (for ex. nitrates) and no direct information can be obtained on the mineralogical features of the reaction products. Moreover, X-ray diffractometry (XRD) cannot be successfully used because of the very low amounts of deposited material. This work reports the results of a combined complementary X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (WD-XRF), SEM-EDS, WD-EPMA and {mu}-Raman spectroscopy (MRS) investigation on the surfaces of an industrial float glass and a glass reproducing the low-durable glass of ancient stained windows exposed sheltered outdoor for 6 months. The investigation enabled the identification and characterisation of different reaction products (soluble salts) confirming the need of this analytical approach for the study of the glass weathering process.

  1. The FAST-ED App: A Smartphone Platform for the Field Triage of Patients With Stroke.

    Nogueira, Raul G; Silva, Gisele S; Lima, Fabricio O; Yeh, Yu-Chih; Fleming, Carol; Branco, Daniel; Yancey, Arthur H; Ratcliff, Jonathan J; Wages, Robert Keith; Doss, Earnest; Bouslama, Mehdi; Grossberg, Jonathan A; Haussen, Diogo C; Sakano, Teppei; Frankel, Michael R


    The Emergency Medical Services field triage to stroke centers has gained considerable complexity with the recent demonstration of clinical benefit of endovascular treatment for acute ischemic stroke. We sought to describe a new smartphone freeware application designed to assist Emergency Medical Services professionals with the field assessment and destination triage of patients with acute ischemic stroke. Review of the application's platform and its development as well as the different variables, assessments, algorithms, and assumptions involved. The FAST-ED (Field Assessment Stroke Triage for Emergency Destination) application is based on a built-in automated decision-making algorithm that relies on (1) a brief series of questions assessing patient's age, anticoagulant usage, time last known normal, motor weakness, gaze deviation, aphasia, and hemineglect; (2) a database of all regional stroke centers according to their capability to provide endovascular treatment; and (3) Global Positioning System technology with real-time traffic information to compute the patient's eligibility for intravenous tissue-type plasminogen activator or endovascular treatment as well as the distances/transportation times to the different neighboring stroke centers in order to assist Emergency Medical Services professionals with the decision about the most suitable destination for any given patient with acute ischemic stroke. The FAST-ED smartphone application has great potential to improve the triage of patients with acute ischemic stroke, as it seems capable to optimize resources, reduce hospital arrivals times, and maximize the use of both intravenous tissue-type plasminogen activator and endovascular treatment ultimately leading to better clinical outcomes. Future field studies are needed to properly evaluate the impact of this tool in stroke outcomes and resource utilization. © 2017 American Heart Association, Inc.

  2. Electromagnetic field effect simulation over a realistic pixel ed phantom human's brain

    Rojas, R.; Calderon, J. A.; Rivera, T. [IPN, Centro de Investigacion en Ciencia Aplicada y Tecnologia Avanzada, Calz. Legaria No. 694, Col. Irrigacion, 11500 Mexico D. F. (Mexico); Azorin, J., E-mail: [Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Unidad Iztapalapa, Av. San Rafael Atlixco 186, Col. Vicentina, 09340 Mexico D. F. (Mexico)


    The exposition to different types of electromagnetic radiations can produce damages and injures on the people's tissues. The scientist, spend time and resources studying the effects of electromagnetic fields over the organs. Particularly in medical areas, the specialist in imaging methodologies and radiological treatment, are very worried about no injure there patient. Determination of matter radiation interaction, can be experimental or theoretical is not an easy task anyway. At first case, is not possible make measures inside the patient, then the experimental procedure consist in make measures in human's dummy, however, is not possible see deformations of electromagnetic fields due the organs presence. In the second case, is necessary solve, the Maxwell's equations with the electromagnetic field, crossing a lot of organs and tissues with different electric and magnetic properties each one. One alternative for theoretical solution, is make a computational simulation, however, this option, require an enormous quantity of memory and large computational times. Then, the most simulations are making in 2 dimensional or in 3 dimensional although using human models approximations, build ed with basic geometrical figures, like spheres, cylinders, ellipsoids, etc. Obviously this models just lets obtain a coarse solution of the actually situation. In this work, we propose a novel methodology to build a realistic pixel ed phantom of human's organs, and solve the Maxwell's equations over this models, evidently, the solutions are more approximated to the real behaviour. Additionally, there models results optimized when they are discretized and the finite element method is used to calculate the electromagnetic field and the induced currents. (Author)


    N. V. Zhelninskaya


    Full Text Available Statistical methods play an important role in the objective evaluation of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the process and are one of the most important elements of the quality assurance system production and total quality management process. To produce a quality product, one must know the real accuracy of existing equipment, to determine compliance with the accuracy of a selected technological process specified accuracy products, assess process stability. Most of the random events in life, particularly in manufacturing and scientific research, are characterized by the presence of a large number of random factors, is described by a normal distribution, which is the main in many practical studies. Modern statistical methods is quite difficult to grasp and wide practical use without in-depth mathematical training of all participants in the process. When we know the distribution of a random variable, you can get all the features of this batch of products, to determine the mean value and the variance. Using statistical control methods and quality control in the analysis of accuracy and stability of the technological process of production of epoxy resin ED20. Estimated numerical characteristics of the law of distribution of controlled parameters and determined the percentage of defects of the investigated object products. For sustainability assessment of manufacturing process of epoxy resin ED-20 selected Shewhart control charts, using quantitative data, maps of individual values of X and sliding scale R. Using Pareto charts identify the causes that affect low dynamic viscosity in the largest extent. For the analysis of low values of dynamic viscosity were the causes of defects using Ishikawa diagrams, which shows the most typical factors of the variability of the results of the process. To resolve the problem, it is recommended to modify the polymer composition of carbon fullerenes and to use the developed method for the production of

  4. Detection of ED1 gene mutations in six pedigrees with hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia%六个少汗性外胚层发育不全家系ED1基因的突变分析

    吴庆华; 史惠蓉; 柳宝翠; 赵振华; 江淼; 鲁宁; 孔祥东


    Objective To identify potential mutations of ED1 gene in six pedigrees with hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (HED),and to provide genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis.Methods Eight coding exons of ED1 gene of patients with clinically diagnosed HED and their relatives were amplified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR).The products were further analyzed by direct sequencing. Results Various mutations of ED1 gene were detected,which included R153C,A349T,G299S,A349T and X392Q.Heterozygous double peaks at the same position were found in female carriers.Deletion of exon 9 was detected in one pedigree.R153C,X392Q and deletion of exon 9 were first identified in ethnic Han Chinese.Conclusion The identified mutations of ED1 gene may be responsible for the disease.Genetic counseling,prenatal diagnosis and carrier screening are now available for these families.%目的 对6个少汗性外胚层发育不全(hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia,HED)家系进行ED1基因突变分析,为其提供遗传咨询和产前诊断.方法 采用聚合酶链反应和DNA直接测序对6个家系的先证者及其成员ED1基因的8个外显子进行序列分析.结果 6个家系患者中均检出了ED1基因突变,分别为R153C、A349T、G299S、A349T、X392Q和第9外显子缺失突变,其中R153C、X392Q和第9外显子缺失突变在中国人群中首次报告.上述位点的杂合突变在部分女性亲属中检出.结论 错义突变R153C、A349T、G299S和X392Q和第9外显子缺失是导致6个少汗性外胚层发育不全家系患者临床表型的主要原因,通过对家系个体ED1基因分析可进行携带者筛查和产前诊断.

  5. Politiche sociali e migranti: quando l'approccio funzionale sacrifica l'esperienza ed il vissuto degli individui

    Orazio Maria Valastro


    Full Text Available Tralasciando un approccio strettamente funzionale all'analisi ed al regolamento dei flussi migratori in favore di un approccio dal basso, che non sacrifica l'esperienza sociale e il vissuto dei migranti, non ci si limita a considerare soltanto quello che emerge pubblicamente senza analizzare realmente il flusso migratorio. La comprensione dei molteplici ed eterogenei progetti migratori non è semplicemente riconducibile ad una diversità ed una specificità nazionale o locale. In questo modo si manifestano delle prospettive inedite che possono modificare i luoghi comuni, la conoscenza del fenomeno migratorio passa attraverso la comprensione delle motivazioni che spingono i migranti e ne determinano i loro progetti migratori.

  6. Experiences of patients with acute abdominal pain in the ED or acute surgical ward --a qualitative comparative study

    Schultz, Helen; Qvist, Niels; Backer Mogensen, Christian


    was that the ED included a multidisciplinary team with nurses, who mainly had interactions with the patients before surgical assessment. In all, it resulted in fragmentation of care and a patient experience of repetition. In ASW, focus was on assessment by a senior physician, only, and the nurses' interaction......The Danish health care system is currently establishing emergency departments (EDs) with an observation unit nationwide. The aim of the study was to investigate patients with acute abdominal pain and their experiences upon arrival and stay in an acute surgical ward (ASW) versus an ED...... with the patients took place after surgical assessment. In all, patients experienced long waiting times. The study shows a need to define the roles of the professionals in units receiving patients with acute abdominal pain in order to fulfil the medical as well as the experienced needs of the acute patient....

  7. EscapED: A Framework for Creating Educational Escape Rooms and Interactive Games to For Higher/Further Education.

    Samantha Jane Clarke


    Full Text Available Game-based learning (GBL is often found to be technologically driven and more often than not, serious games for instance, are conceptualised and designed solely for digital platforms and state of the art technologies. To encourage a greater discussion on the potential benefits and challenges of a more holistic approach to developing GBL that promote human centered interactions and play for learning, the authors present the escapED programme. The escapED programme was conceived following the recent entertainment trend of escape rooms and is used for developing non-digital GBL approaches within education. escapED aids the design and creation of educational Escape Rooms and Interactive Gaming Experiences for staff and students in further/higher education settings. The paper first presents a pilot study that was used to assess the feasibility and acceptance of University teaching staff of embedding interactive GBL into a higher education environment. The authors then present the escapED theoretical framework that was used to create the prototype game for the pilot study as a tool to aid future design and development of on-site interactive experiences. The paper also presents an external developer report of using the escapED framework to develop a prototype game for teaching research methods to Southampton University students. Finally, the authors present a discussion on the use of the escapED framework so far and plans for future work and evaluation in order to provide engaging alternatives for learning and soft skills development amongst higher education staff andstudents.

  8. Performance of the modified Richmond Agitation Sedation Scale in identifying delirium  in older ED patients.

    Grossmann, Florian F; Hasemann, Wolfgang; Kressig, Reto W; Bingisser, Roland; Nickel, Christian H


    Delirium in older emergency department (ED) patients is associated with severe negative patient outcomes and its detection is challenging for ED clinicians. ED clinicians need easy tools for delirium detection. We aimed to test the performance criteria of the modified Richmond Agitation Sedation Scale (mRASS) in identifying delirium in older ED patients. The mRASS was applied to a sample of consecutive ED patients aged 65 or older by specially trained nurses during an 11-day period in November 2015. Reference standard delirium diagnosis was based on Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) criteria, and was established by geriatricians. Performance criteria were computed. Analyses were repeated in the subsamples of patients with and without dementia. Of 285 patients, 20 (7.0%) had delirium and 41 (14.4%) had dementia. The sensitivity of an mRASS other than 0 to detect delirium was 0.70 (95% confidence interval, CI, 0.48; 0.85), specificity 0.93 (95% CI 0.90; 0.96), positive likelihood ratio 10.31 (95% CI 6.06; 17.51), negative likelihood ratio 0.32 (95% CI 0.16; 0.63). In the sub-sample of patients with dementia, sensitivity was 0.55 (95% CI 0.28; 0.79), specificity 0.83 (95% CI 0.66; 0.93), positive likelihood ratio 3.27 (95% CI 1.25; 8.59), negative likelihood ratio 0.55 (95% CI 0.28; 1.06). The sensitivity of the mRASS to detect delirium in older ED patients was low, especially in patients with dementia. Therefore its usefulness as a stand-alone screening tool is limited. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. Ethynyldeoxyuridine (EdU) suppresses in vitro population expansion and in vivo tumor progression of human glioblastoma cells.

    Ross, Heather H; Rahman, Maryam; Levkoff, Lindsay H; Millette, Sebastien; Martin-Carreras, Teresa; Dunbar, Erin M; Reynolds, Brent A; Laywell, Eric D


    Thymidine analogs (TAs) are synthetic nucleosides that incorporate into newly synthesized DNA. Halogenated pyrimidines (HPs), such as bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU), are a class of TAs that can be detected with antibodies and are commonly used for birthdating individual cells and for assessing the proliferative index of cell populations. It is well established that HPs can act as radiosensitizers when incorporated into DNA chains, but they are generally believed not to impair normal cell function in the absence of secondary stressors. However, we and others have shown that HP incorporation leads to a sustained suppression of cell cycle progression in mammalian cells, resulting in cellular senescence in somatic cells. In addition, we have shown that HP incorporation results in delayed tumor progression in a syngeneic rat model of glioma. Here we examine ethynyldeoxyuridine (EdU), a newly developed and alkylated TA, for its anti-cancer activity, both in vitro and in vivo. We show that EdU, like HPs, leads to a severe reduction in the proliferation rate of normal and transformed cells in vitro. Unlike HPs, however, EdU incorporation also causes DNA damage resulting in the death of a substantial subset of treated cells. When administered over an extended time as a monotherapy to mice bearing subcutaneous xenografts of human glioblastoma multiforme tumors, EdU significantly reduces tumor volume and increases survival without apparent significant toxicity. These results, combined with the fact that EdU readily crosses the blood-brain barrier, support the continued investigation of EdU as a potential therapy for malignant brain tumors.

  10. Morfogénesis y procesos edáficos: el caso de los Montes de Málaga

    Martínez Murillo, Juan Francisco; Senciales González, José María


    El objetivo del presente trabajo es poner de manifiesto las relaciones que existen entre clima, modelado y procesos edáficos, así como tratar de efectuar una aproximación a las causas de los factores y procesos edáficos diferenciadores de las zonas elevadas de los Montes de Málaga, ya evidenciados en trabajos anteriores, tratando de establecer una zonificación con origen en datos climáticos. Los resultados obtenidos en la presente investigación así lo atestiguan, dejando clara una zonificació...

  11. Conservação de uva de mesa 'Crimson' com recurso a revestimentos edíveis

    Rodrigues, Sara Isabel Ricardo


    Os revestimentos edíveis têm sido usados no tratamento pós-colheita de uva de mesa com bons resultados, ou seja mantendo a sua qualidade e segurança. Deste modo, surge o presente trabalho com o objetivo de conhecer o comportamento pós-colheita de uva de mesa apirénica ‘Crimson’ conservada a 1°C e humidade relativa de 95%, com a aplicação de revestimentos edíveis baseados em quitosano e Aloe vera. O material colhido apresentava características de qualidade indicativas de acentua...

  12. EdU-labeled human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cellsin vitro:5 and 10 µmol/L are the optimal concentrations of EdU%以EdU体外标记人脐带间充质干细胞:5,10µmol/L是其最适浓度

    王武; 张飞; 李贵才; 齐宝军; 武忠炎; 曹鹏


    BACKGROUND:EdU is a new nuclear marker, and currently, it is rarely reported. OBJECTIVE: To determine the optimal concentration of EdU to label human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cels. METHODS: Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cels were isolated, purified and subcultured. Cel morphology and growth were observed under inverted microscope. Flow cytometry was used to identify cel surface markers, as wel as adipogenic identification. EdU at concentrations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 µmol/L was used to label human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cels for 24 hours. The optimal concentration that resulted in the highest labeling efficiency was selected, and then cel proliferation curve was drawn. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION:Under the inverted microscope, cels grew adherently in a long spindle shape, and EdU-labeled cels had the same morphology. Flow cytometry showed that cels were positive for CD44, and had adipogenic differentiation ability. When the concentration of EdU was 5 and 10 µmol/L, the labeling efficiency was the highest, indicating that 5 and 10 µmol/L are the optimal concentrations of EdU to label human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cels.%背景:EdU为新一代细胞核标记物,目前对此标记的研究较少。  目的:采取EdU标记人脐带间充质干细胞,筛选出EdU标记人脐带间充质干细胞的最适浓度。  方法:采用组织块法分离、纯化及传代培养人脐带间充质干细胞,倒置显微镜观察其形态及生长情况,流式细胞仪鉴定细胞表面标志物,并进行成脂诱导分化能力鉴定。分别采用5,10,20,50,100µmol/L浓度的EdU标记脐带间充质干细胞24 h,选择标记率最高的优化浓度,绘制细胞增殖曲线。  结果与结论:倒置显微镜下观察细胞为贴壁生长,形态为长梭形,且EdU标记后的细胞形态与其一致,流式细胞仪检测CD44呈阳性表达,成脂诱导后具有向脂肪细胞分化的能力。5,10µmol

  13. Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana EDS1, a key component of plant immunity, in complex with its signalling partner SAG101.

    Wagner, Stephan; Rietz, Steffen; Parker, Jane E; Niefind, Karsten


    In plants, the nucleocytoplasmic protein EDS1 (Enhanced disease susceptibility1) is an important regulator of innate immunity, coordinating host-cell defence and cell-death programs in response to pathogen attack. Arabidopsis thaliana EDS1 stabilizes and signals together with its partners PAD4 (Phytoalexin deficient4) and SAG101 (Senescence-associated gene101). Characterization of EDS1 molecular configurations in vitro and in vivo points to the formation of structurally and spatially distinct EDS1 homomeric dimers and EDS1 heteromeric complexes with either PAD4 or SAG101 as necessary components of the immune response. EDS1, PAD4 and SAG101 constitute a plant-specific protein family with a unique `EP' (EDS1-PAD4-specific) domain at their C-termini and an N-terminal domain resembling enzymes with an α/β-hydrolase fold. Here, the expression, purification and crystallization of a functional EDS1 complex formed by EDS1 and SAG101 from Arabidopsis thaliana are reported. The crystals belonged to the orthorhombic space group P2(1)2(1)2(1), with unit-cell parameters a = 101.8, b = 115.9, c = 122.8 Å, and diffracted to 3.5 Å resolution.

  14. Different requirements for EDS1 and NDR1 by disease resistance genes define at least two R gene-mediated signaling pathways in Arabidopsis.

    Aarts, N; Metz, M; Holub, E; Staskawicz, B J; Daniels, M J; Parker, J E


    The Arabidopsis genes EDS1 and NDR1 were shown previously by mutational analysis to encode essential components of race-specific disease resistance. Here, we examined the relative requirements for EDS1 and NDR1 by a broad spectrum of Resistance (R) genes present in three Arabidopsis accessions (Columbia, Landsberg-erecta, and Wassilewskija). We show that there is a strong requirement for EDS1 by a subset of R loci (RPP2, RPP4, RPP5, RPP21, and RPS4), conferring resistance to the biotrophic oomycete Peronospora parasitica, and to Pseudomonas bacteria expressing the avirulence gene avrRps4. The requirement for NDR1 by these EDS1-dependent R loci is either weak or not measurable. Conversely, three NDR1-dependent R loci, RPS2, RPM1, and RPS5, operate independently of EDS1. Another RPP locus, RPP8, exhibits no strong exclusive requirement for EDS1 or NDR1 in isolate-specific resistance to P. parasitica, although resistance is compromised weakly by eds1. Similarly, resistance conditioned by two EDS1-dependent RPP genes, RPP4 and RPP5, is impaired partially by ndr1, implicating a degree of pathway cross-talk. Our results provide compelling evidence for the preferential utilization of either signaling component by particular R genes and thus define at least two disease resistance pathways. The data also suggest that strong dependence on EDS1 or NDR1 is governed by R protein structural type rather than pathogen class.

  15. Identification of tobacco smoke components in indoor breathable particles by SEM-EDS

    Slezakova, K.; Pires, J. C. M.; Martins, F. G.; Pereira, M. C.; Alvim-Ferraz, M. C.


    Tobacco smoke is one of the greatest sources of indoor particles, which has been linked with serious health effects. Consequently, there has been a widespread interest in analysing tobacco related indoor particulate matter (PM). Nevertheless, the majority of performed studies focused on bulk chemical composition of tobacco related PM, but the knowledge of individual tobacco smoke particles is still limited. Therefore, more information on PM should be provided, namely concerning morphological and chemical characterisation of individual particles. Aiming to further understand the impact of tobacco smoke on human health, this work studied the influence of tobacco smoke on chemical and morphological characteristics of PM 10 and PM 2.5, collected at one site influenced by smoking and at one reference (non-smoking) site. Chemical and morphological characteristics of 4000 individual particles were determined by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) combined with X-ray microanalysis (by Energy Dispersive Spectrometer - EDS). Cluster analysis (CA) was used to classify different particle groups that occurred in PM, aiming the identification of the respective emission sources. The results showed that tobacco smoke influenced the characteristics of both fine and coarse particles, this influence being stronger for fine fraction. The abundance of particles associated with tobacco smoke was 27% and 5% for PM 2.5 and PM 2.5-10, respectively; as expected, those particles were not identified in PM 2.5 and PM 2.5-10 of the reference (non-smoking) site. The results showed that at both sites PM was also influenced by outdoor sources. For PM 2.5-10, outdoor particles essentially originated from natural sources accounting for 35% and 15% at the smoking and reference sites, respectively. For PM 2.5, outdoor particles account for 38% and 29% at the smoking and reference sites, respectively; these particles showed considerable contribution (13% and 17%) from anthropogenic sources (mainly from

  16. Check list, status e conservazione dei mammiferi in Molise ed aree limitrofe

    M. Mancini


    Full Text Available Le condizioni ambientali della regione Molise, grazie ad una evidente riduzione delle attività agricole, zootecniche e della pressione venatoria, durante gli ultimi decenni sono migliorate determinando un incremento quali-quantitativo delle aree naturali e seminaturali. Tali circostanze hanno per il momento favorito un apprezzabile ?ritorno? di alcune specie di mammiferi e l?aumento delle popolazioni di altre in passato considerate a rischio. Tale situazione si è resa possibile anche grazie alla formazione, nel passato e più recentemente, di una cortina di aree naturali protette intorno al Molise. Da qui alcune specie tentano di ricolonizzare vecchi areali dove un tempo risultavano presenti. Per la realizzazione di questo lavoro le indagini hanno riguardato essenzialmente la regione Molise tuttavia senza l?esclusione, per ragioni biogeografiche ed ecologiche, dei territori delle unità orografiche dell?Italia centrale comprese nei bacini del Sangro, del Fortore e del Volturno, quindi i monti della Daunia, del Sannio, del Matese, di Venafro, le Mainarde, della Meta, i Frentani e i colli Campanari. Tali aree hanno costituito e costituiscono tuttora importanti aree di rifugio dalle quali, attraverso alcuni corridoi faunistici, stanno avvenendo notevoli ricolonizzazioni dei territori molisani. Le ricerche sono state condotte analizzando criticamente tutta la letteratura prodotta dalla seconda metà del 1800 ad oggi, per un totale di oltre duecento titoli tra pubblicazioni storiche a carattere locale, pubblicazioni divulgative e lavori scientifici. Le segnalazioni precedenti gli anni ?70 sono state poi confrontate, verificate ed integrate, con i dati delle osservazioni condotte dagli autori negli ultimi 15 anni. Sono state altresì prese in considerazione, mediante attenta vagliatura, alcune segnalazioni raccolte da intervista. Nella check-list vengono quindi segnalate complessivamente 69 specie delle quali 10 Insettivori, 24 Chirotteri, 1

  17. Determination of detection limits for SEM-EDS and m-FTIR analysis of artwork.

    Sessa, C; Vila, A; García, J F


    Scanning electron microscopy and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (SEM-EDS) and micro-Fourier transform infrared (m-FTIR) spectroscopy are two of the primary analytical techniques used for the characterisation of artwork (Casadio and Toniolo, J. Cult. Herit. 2:71-78, 2001; Bruni et al., Vibr. Spectrosc. 20:15-25, 1999; Bouchard et al., e-Preserv. Sci. 6:27-37, 2009). Despite wide application of these techniques, no studies have been performed to evaluate their detection limits for this type of analysis. The characterisation of minor components used in a piece of art is important because these components may provide key information about the process of creation and answer questions regarding conservation and restoration (Casadio and Toniolo, J. Cult. Herit. 2:71-78, 2001; Bicchieri et al., Spectrochim. Acta B At. Spectrosc. 56:915-922, 2001). This study focused on easel paintings. Several mock-ups were prepared, and the painting layers were created with binary mixtures of three different blues (Prussian blue, phthalocyanine blue and ultramarine blue). Blue pigments have been used extensively in many art pieces and several studies have described problems related to their determination in low concentrations (Bouchard et al., e-Preserv. Sci. 6:27-37, 2009; Bicchieri et al., Spectrochim. Acta B At. Spectrosc. 56:915-922, 2001; Osticiolia et al., Spectrochim. Acta A Mol. Biomol. Spectrosc. 73:525-531, 2009; Giaccai, Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 1047:233-242, 2008; Lutzenberger and Stege, e-Preserv. Sci. 6:89-100, 2009). This study indicated that the minimum concentrations at which the presence of the minor pigment is detected in at least half of the determinations performed are between 0.9% and 1.5% for phthalocyanine blue, between 0.8% and 1.3% for Prussian blue and between 0.3% and 1% for ultramarine blue with SEM-EDS; with m-FTIR spectroscopy, the minimum concentrations are between 0.9% and 1.5% for phthalocyanine blue, 2.4% or more for Prussian blue and 19% or

  18. CrashEd – A live immersive, learning experience embedding STEM subjects in a realistic, interactive crime scene

    Marie L. Bassford


    Full Text Available Interactive experiences are rapidly becoming popular via the surge of ‘escape rooms’; part game and part theatre, the ‘escape’ experience is exploding globally, having gone from zero offered at the outset of 2010 to at least 2800 different experiences available worldwide today. CrashEd is an interactive learning experience that parallels many of the attractions of an escape room – it incorporates a staged, realistic ‘crime scene’ and invites participants to work together to gather forensic evidence and question a witness in order to solve a crime, all whilst competing against a ticking clock. An animation can enhance reality and engage with cognitive processes to help learning; in CrashEd, it is the last piece of the jigsaw that consolidates the students’ incremental acquisition of knowledge to tie together the pieces of evidence, identify a suspect and ultimately solve the crime. This article presents the background to CrashEd and an overview of how a timely placed animation at the end of an educational experience can enhance learning. The lessons learned, from delivering bespoke versions of the experience to different demographic groups, are discussed. The article will consider the successes and challenges raised by the collaborative project, future developments and potential wider implications of the development of CrashEd.

  19. ED and quality of life in CABG patients: an intervention study using PRECEDE-PROCEED educational program.

    Pournaghash-Tehrani, S; Etemadi, S


    Some reports have examined ED, an important indicator of quality of life (QoL), in cardiac patients. However, the results of these studies have been contradictory. Although some studies report of improvement of ED following coronary artery bypass graft (CABG), others show either no improvement or worsening of the condition. Given such controversy, this study attempted to examine the status of ED following an educational intervention program called PRECEDE-PROCEED model in CABG patients (the PRECEDE acronym stands for predisposing, reinforcing, enabling constructs in educational/environmental diagnosis and evaluation and PROCEED stands for policy, regulatory and organizational constructs in educational and environmental development). This model is a planning model and offers a framework that enables us to recognize useful intervention strategies in achieving desired outcomes. Specifically, it works on two premises. First, it posits that the purpose of a health program is to improve the QoL for individuals. Second, it works on the principle that a diagnosis should begin with the preferred end result and work backward to assess what must be done to bring about that result. As such, the results of our study showed that the implementation of the intervention program following surgery not only significantly decreased ED but enhanced the QoL. Thus, utilization of educational intervention program after CABG operations is recommended.

  20. A Study on Attitude and Opinion towards Using Computer Technology in Teaching among B.Ed. Trainees in Tiruchirappalli District

    Kumar, C. Ashok


    The main aim of the study was to find out whether there was a significant difference in the attitude and opinion towards using Computer Technology in teaching among B.Ed., trainees in terms of select independent variables. Normative survey was the technique employed. Opinion towards Computer Usage and Attitude towards Computer Technology inventory…

  1. A natural driven membrane process for brackish and wastewater treatment: photovoltaic powered ED and FO hybrid system.

    Zhang, Yang; Pinoy, Luc; Meesschaert, Boudewijn; Van der Bruggen, Bart


    In isolated locations, remote areas, or islands, potable water is precious because of the lack of drinking water treatment facilities and energy supply. Thus, a robust and reliable water treatment system based on natural energy is needed to reuse wastewater or to desalinate groundwater/seawater for provision of drinking water. In this work, a hybrid membrane system combining electrodialysis (ED) and forward osmosis (FO), driven by renewable energy (solar energy), denoted as EDFORD (ED-FO Renewable energy Desalination), is proposed to produce high-quality water (potable) from secondary wastewater effluent or brackish water. In this hybrid membrane system, feedwater (secondary wastewater effluent or synthetic brackish water) was drawn to the FO draw solution while the organic and inorganic substances (ions, compounds, colloids and particles) were rejected. The diluted draw solution was then pumped to the solar energy driven ED. In the ED unit, the diluted draw solution was desalted and high-quality water was produced; the concentrate was recycled to the FO unit and reused as the draw solution. Results show that the water produced from this system contains a low concentration of total organic carbon (TOC), carbonate, and cations derived from the feedwater; had a low conductivity; and meets potable water standards. The water production cost considering the investment for membranes and solar panel is 3.32 to 4.92 EUR m(-3) (for 300 days of production per year) for a small size potable water production system.

  2. First Year Master of Education (M.Ed.) Students' Experiences of Part-Time Study: A South African Case Study

    Chikoko, V.


    This article reports on a study of how a group of first year M.Ed. students in the Faculty of Education of the University of KwaZulu-Natal experienced part-time study. Literature suggests that each year, South Africa suffers significant student departures from universities without completing their studies. Apart from the cost and manpower…

  3. Revenues and Expenditures by Public School Districts: School Year 2002-03. E.D. TAB. NCES 2006-312

    Hill, Jason; Johnson, Frank


    This short report on revenues and expenditures at the school district level is a companion to the state-level E.D. TAB, Revenues and Expenditures for Public Elementary and Secondary Education: School Year 2002-03 (NCES 2005-353R), which presents total state and national spending on public elementary and secondary education. This report provides…

  4. Integrated Canada-U.S. Power Sector Modeling with the Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS)

    Martinez, A.; Eurek, K.; Mai, T.; Perry, A.


    The electric power system in North America is linked between the United States and Canada. Canada has historically been a net exporter of electricity to the United States. The extent to which this remains true will depend on the future evolution of power markets, technology deployment, and policies. To evaluate these and related questions, we modify the Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS) model to include an explicit representation of the grid-connected power system in Canada to the continental United States. ReEDS is unique among long-term capacity expansion models for its high spatial resolution and statistical treatment of the impact of variable renewable generation on capacity planning and dispatch. These unique traits are extended to new Canadian regions. We present example scenario results using the fully integrated Canada-U.S. version of ReEDS to demonstrate model capabilities. The newly developed, integrated Canada-U.S. ReEDS model can be used to analyze the dynamics of electricity transfers and other grid services between the two countries under different scenarios.

  5. Book Review: Shrestha, Omkar Lal, and Aekapol Chongvilaivan (eds, Greater Mekong Subregion: From Geographical to Socio-economic Integration

    Timotheus J. Krahl


    Full Text Available Book Review of the edited volume: Omkar Lal Shrestha and Aekapol Chongvilaivan (eds (2013, Greater Mekong Subregion: From Geographical to Socio-economic Integration. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS, ISBN: 978-981-4379-68-7, 270 pages

  6. Bán, Zsófia and Turai, Hedvig, eds.: "Exposed Memories: Family Pictures in Private and Collective Memory"

    Katalin Kádár Lynn


    Full Text Available Zsófia Bán and Hedvig Turai, eds. Exposed Memories: Family Pictures in Private and Collective Memory. AICA: International Association of Art Critics: Hungarian Section: Distributed by Central European University Press, 2010, 193 pp. Reviewed by Katalin Kádár Lynn, Senior Researcher, ELTE.

  7. Simmi "Head käed" tuli, nägi ja võitis / Triin Tael

    Tael, Triin


    Berliini 52. filmifestivali "Panorama Special" kavas olnud Peeter Simmi Eesti-Läti ühisfilm "Head käed" saavutas hea publikuedu ning jagas sloveenlase Maja Weiss'i filmiga "Piirivalvur" Manfred Salzgeberi auhinda, mis on mõeldud subtiitrite tegemiseks filmi levitamisel euroopa ekraanidele. P. Simm on rahul ja plaanib uut filmi

  8. A SEM-EDS Study of Cultural Heritage Objects with Interpretation of Constituents and Their Distribution Using PARC Data Analysis

    Hoek, van C.J.G.; Roo, M.; Veer, van der G.; Laan, der S.R.


    Two cultural heritage objects studied with scanning electron microscopy-energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) are presented in this article: (1) archeological iron present in a soil sample and (2) a chip from a purple-colored area of an undisclosed 17th century painting. Novel PARC software was used

  9. Treatment expectations of men with ED and their female partners: an exploratory qualitative study based on grounded theory.

    Henninger, S; Höhn, C; Leiber, C; Berner, M M


    Erectile dysfunction (ED) can impair the quality of life and the relationship. An early treatment is necessary to avoid the development of comorbid complaints. To arise the help-seeking behavior and to improve the treatment of affected men, it is necessary to be aware of the treatment expectations. The objective of this study was to investigate the treatment expectations of men with ED and their female partners. This is an explorative qualitative study using semistructured telephone interviews with 12 men with ED and their female partners. Interviews were tape-recorded, transcribed and analyzed on the basis of the grounded theory. We could identify various treatment expectations, which could be differentiated into expectations according to the conditions (for example, low costs and an early access), the handling of the practitioner (for example, showing interest and taking the patient seriously or incorporate the female partner), the treatment itself (for example, clearing the causes and helpful medication) and the treatment outcome (for example, having no ED and more sexual desire). Considering the identified expectations could increase treatment motivation and compliance. We derive five theses from our data, how to implement our findings.

  10. ed, puud, rohukõrred : [luuletused] / Domokos Szil{u00E1gyi ; tlk. Tiiu Kokla

    Szil{u00E1gyi, Domokos


    Sisu: Mäed, puud, rohukõrred ; Väiksed armuhümnid ; Nõid ; Katke kinni vanaisa ; Pööripäev ; Avaldus ; Kelles iseoma südametunnistusele koputad ; Süüdistus ; Tee nii, et armastaksin ; Circumdederunt ; Hädamaandumine. Eluloolisi andmeid autori kohta lk. 297-298

  11. The Common Core State Standards and the Role of Instructional Materials: A Case Study on

    Watt, Michael G.


    The purpose of this study was to review research studies investigating the role of instructional materials in relation to the Common Core State Standards and to evaluate whether a new organisation,, founded to evaluate the alignment of instructional materials to the Common Core State Standards, has achieved its objectives. Content…

  12. 78 FR 71591 - Privacy Act of 1974; Computer Matching Program between the U.S. Department of Education (ED) and...


    ... Privacy Act of 1974; Computer Matching Program between the U.S. Department of Education (ED) and the U.S.... SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Pursuant to the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (Privacy Act) (5 U.S.C. 552a), the..., the Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act of 1988, 54 FR 25818 (June 19, 1989), and...

  13. Can Multimedia Make Kids Care about Social Studies? The GlobalEd Problem-Based Learning Simulation

    Ioannou, Andri; Brown, Scott W.; Hannafin, Robert D.; Boyer, Mark A.


    This study investigated whether using multimedia-based instructional material in a problem-based social studies simulation enhances student learning about world issues, increases interest in social studies, and generates positive attitudes toward the instruction. The GlobalEd Project, a Web-based international negotiation simulation embedded in…

  14. Students' Interest in Social Studies and Negotiation Self-Efficacy: A Meta-Analysis of the GlobalEd Project

    Yukhymenko, Mariya


    The current meta-analysis study summarizes the effects of the GlobalEd Project, a web-based educational intervention of international negotiations embedded within social studies curricula, on middle and high school students' interest in social studies and negotiation self efficacy. Meta-analytic evidence supports statistically significant…

  15. Can Multimedia Make Kids Care about Social Studies? The GlobalEd Problem-Based Learning Simulation

    Ioannou, Andri; Brown, Scott W.; Hannafin, Robert D.; Boyer, Mark A.


    This study investigated whether using multimedia-based instructional material in a problem-based social studies simulation enhances student learning about world issues, increases interest in social studies, and generates positive attitudes toward the instruction. The GlobalEd Project, a Web-based international negotiation simulation embedded in…

  16. Ouabain inhibition of the sodium-potassium pump: estimation of ED50 in different types of human leucocytes in vitro

    Møller, B; Vaag, Allan; Johansen, Torben


    uptake of K+ (86Rb+) that is sensitive to ouabain, 10(-5) mol l-1. 2. Dose-response curves for inhibition of the Na(+)-K+ pump were obtained after exposure of the cells to various concentrations of ouabain for 2.5 h when the level of pump inhibition was considered to be at steady state. 3. The ED50...

  17. Arabidopsis MAP kinase 4 regulates salicylic acid- and jasmonic acid/ethylene-dependent responses via EDS1 and PAD4.

    Brodersen, Peter; Petersen, Morten; Bjørn Nielsen, Henrik; Zhu, Shijiang; Newman, Mari-Anne; Shokat, Kevan M; Rietz, Steffen; Parker, Jane; Mundy, John


    Arabidopsis MPK4 has been implicated in plant defense regulation because mpk4 knockout plants exhibit constitutive activation of salicylic acid (SA)-dependent defenses, but fail to induce jasmonic acid (JA) defense marker genes in response to JA. We show here that mpk4 mutants are also defective in defense gene induction in response to ethylene (ET), and that they are more susceptible than wild-type (WT) to Alternaria brassicicola that induces the ET/JA defense pathway(s). Both SA-repressing and ET/JA-(co)activating functions depend on MPK4 kinase activity and involve the defense regulators EDS1 and PAD4, as mutations in these genes suppress de-repression of the SA pathway and suppress the block of the ET/JA pathway in mpk4. EDS1/PAD4 thus affect SA-ET/JA signal antagonism as activators of SA but as repressors of ET/JA defenses, and MPK4 negatively regulates both of these functions. We also show that the MPK4-EDS1/PAD4 branch of ET defense signaling is independent of the ERF1 transcription factor, and use comparative microarray analysis of ctr1, ctr1/mpk4, mpk4 and WT to show that MPK4 is required for induction of a small subset of ET-regulated genes. The regulation of some, but not all, of these genes involves EDS1 and PAD4.

  18. Test Reviews: Reynolds, C., & Voress, J. K. (2007). "Test of Memory and Learning: Second Edition." Austin, TX: PRO-ED

    Schmitt, Ara J.; Decker, Scott L.


    This article reviews the Test of Memory and Learning: Second Edition (TOMAL-2), published by PRO-ED, which constitutes a recent revision of the Test of Memory and Learning (TOMAL; Reynolds & Bigler, 1994). Advertised as the "single most comprehensive memory battery available for the entire age range of 5 years through 59 years of age", the TOMAL-2…

  19. ed, puud, rohukõrred : [luuletused] / Domokos Szil{u00E1gyi ; tlk. Tiiu Kokla

    Szil{u00E1gyi, Domokos


    Sisu: Mäed, puud, rohukõrred ; Väiksed armuhümnid ; Nõid ; Katke kinni vanaisa ; Pööripäev ; Avaldus ; Kelles iseoma südametunnistusele koputad ; Süüdistus ; Tee nii, et armastaksin ; Circumdederunt ; Hädamaandumine. Eluloolisi andmeid autori kohta lk. 297-298

  20. Test Review: Naglieri, J. A., Das, J. P., & Goldstein, S. (2014). Cognitive Assessment System-Second Edition (2nd Ed.)

    McGill, Ryan J.


    The Cognitive Assessment System-Second Edition (CAS2) is an individually administered measure of cognitive ability designed for children and adolescents ages 5 through 18 years. The measure, authored by Jack A. Naglieri, J. P. Das, and Sam Goldstein, was published by Pro-Ed in 2014 and is the first revision of the Cognitive Assessment System (CAS;…

  1. Relevance of Item Analysis in Standardizing an Achievement Test in Teaching of Physical Science in B.Ed Syllabus

    Marie, S. Maria Josephine Arokia; Edannur, Sreekala


    This paper focused on the analysis of test items constructed in the paper of teaching Physical Science for B.Ed. class. It involved the analysis of difficulty level and discrimination power of each test item. Item analysis allows selecting or omitting items from the test, but more importantly item analysis is a tool to help the item writer improve…

  2. Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann and Michael North (eds., Mediating Netherlandish Art and Material Culture in Asia

    Claartje Rasterhoff


    Full Text Available Book notice of: Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann and Michael North (eds., Mediating Netherlandish Art and Material Culture in Asia (Amsterdam Studies in the Dutch Golden Age Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 2014. 348 pp. ISBN 978-90-8964-569-2. € 99,00.

  3. Absenteeism rates in students receiving services for CDs, LDs, and EDs: a macroscopic view of the consequences of disability.

    Redmond, Sean M; Hosp, John L


    Elevated levels of absenteeism have been reported for students receiving special education services, especially students with learning disabilities (LDs) and emotional disturbances (EDs). In contrast, little is known about absenteeism rates associated with students with communication disorders (CDs). Archival records of student attendance for the 1997-2001 academic years from a mid-sized urban school district in the Intermountain West were used to examine absenteeism rates in students receiving services for CDs, LDs, and EDs. Two cohort samples were generated (K-4th grade and 5th-9th grade). Students with CDs displayed absenteeism rates that were comparable to those of students receiving general education. Significant group and group x grade effects were found. Students in the LD and ED groups displayed elevated levels of absenteeism, especially at Grade 9. The outcomes of this study support the characterization of the socioemotional concomitants associated with CDs as being typologically different and exerting a weaker influence on student's health levels than those associated with either LDs or EDs.

  4. Chronic cardiac allograft rejection: critical role of ED-A(+) fibronectin and implications for targeted therapy strategies.

    Franz, Marcus; Neri, Dario; Berndt, Alexander


    Chronic cardiac allograft rejection is characterized by cardiac allograft vasculopathy (CAV) and cardiac interstitial fibrosis (CIF) causing severe long-term complications after heart transplantation and determining allograft function and patients' prognosis. Until now, there have been no sufficient preventive or therapeutic strategies. CAV and CIF are accompanied by changes in the extracellular matrix, including re-expression of the fetal fibronectin splice variant known as ED-A(+) fibronectin. This molecule has been shown to be crucial for the development of myofibroblasts (MyoFbs) as the main cell type in CIF and for the activation of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) as the main cell type in CAV. Relevant re-expression and protein deposition of ED-A(+) fibronectin has been demonstrated in animal models of chronic rejection, with spatial association to CAV and CIF, and a quantitative correlation to the rejection grade. The paper by Booth et al published in this issue of The Journal of Pathology could prove for the first time the functional importance of ED-A(+) fibronectin for the development of CIF as a main component of chronic cardiac rejection. Thus, promising conclusions for the development of new diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic strategies for chronic cardiac rejection focusing on ED-A(+) fibronectin can be suggested.

  5. Simmi "Head käed" tuli, nägi ja võitis / Triin Tael

    Tael, Triin


    Berliini 52. filmifestivali "Panorama Special" kavas olnud Peeter Simmi Eesti-Läti ühisfilm "Head käed" saavutas hea publikuedu ning jagas sloveenlase Maja Weiss'i filmiga "Piirivalvur" Manfred Salzgeberi auhinda, mis on mõeldud subtiitrite tegemiseks filmi levitamisel euroopa ekraanidele. P. Simm on rahul ja plaanib uut filmi

  6. In memoriam: Cristiana Patta, DVM, 1958-2012, Virologa ed esperta di peste suina africana e malattie esotiche



    Full Text Available Il mondo della veterinaria è profondamente costernato per la scomparsa prematura di Cristiana Patta, Dirigente dell’Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Sardegna.Valente virologa di rilevanza nazionale ed internazionale, si è sempre distinta, nel corso della sua intensa seppure troppo breve esistenza, per competenza e professionalità. Ha iniziato la sua attività come ricercatrice presso l’Istituto di Sassari nel settore delle malattie virali degli animali. Ha conseguito la Specializzazionein microbiologia e virologia con indirizzo in tecniche microbiologiche e virologiche presso la Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia dell’Università di Sassari. L’approfondimento delle sue competenze ha poi riguardato i principali aspetti delle malattie esotiche, dalla diagnosi al loro controllo, e la pianificazione e gestione dei piani di eradicazione delle principali malattie infettive sottoposte a controllo a livello comunitario (pesti suine, brucellosi, tubercolosi, blue tongue.Le conoscenze che ha avuto modo di acquisire nella lotta alle pesti suine ed in particolare alla peste suina africana, hanno fatto si che diventasse una esperta a livello nazionale ed internazionale nel settore del controllo di questa malattia. È in tale veste che ha ricoperto il ruolo di un membro del roster degli esperti del Ministero della Salute e della Commissione Europea. Ha contribuito a numerosi progetti di ricerca europei ed è stata invitata, in qualità di relatore, in numerosi consessi scientifici promossi dalle Istituzioni internazionali quali OIE, FAO ed UE.Cristiana Patta ha collaborato in varie circostanze, con la sua autorevole presenza, anche alle iniziative formative che l’Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise “G. Caporale” di Teramo ha promosso in qualità di Centro di Collaborazione OIE per la Formazione Veterinaria, l’Epidemiologia, la Sicurezza Alimentare e il Benessere Animale, offrendo il suo contributo in

  7. Incidental findings of elevated random plasma glucose in the ED as a prompt for outpatient diabetes screening: a retrospective study.

    Friedman, Steven Marc; Vallipuram, Janaki; Baswick, Brenda


    To determine whether random plasma glucose (RPG) collected from patients without known impaired glucose metabolism (IGM) in the emergency department (ED) is a useful screen for diabetes or prediabetes. Retrospective cohort study. ED of a Canadian teaching hospital over 1 month. Adult patients in ED with RPG over 7 mmol/L were recruited for participation. Exclusion criteria included known diabetes, hospital admission and inability to consent. Participants were contacted by mail, encouraged to follow-up with their family physician (FP) for further testing and subsequently interviewed. The primary outcome measure was the proportion of patients in the ED with RPG over 7 mmol/L and no previous diagnosis of IGM who were diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes after secondary testing by FP with oral glucose tolerance test or fasting plasma glucose (FPG). Secondary outcomes included patient characteristics (age, gender, body mass index and language) and (2) compliance with advice to seek an appropriate follow-up care. RPG was drawn on approximately one-third (33%, n=1149) of the 3470 patients in the ED in March 2010. RPG over 7 mmol/L was detected in 24% (n=278) of patients, and after first telephone follow-up, 32% (n=88/278) met the inclusion criteria and were advised to seek confirmatory testing. 41% (n=114/278) of patients were excluded for known diabetes. 73% of patients contacted (n=64/88) followed up with their FP. 12.5% (n=11/88) of patients had abnormal FPG, and of these 11% (n=10/88) were encouraged to initiate lifestyle modifications and 1% (n=1/88) was started on an oral hypoglycaemic agent. For 7% (n=6/88) of patients, FP's declined to do follow-up fasting blood work. Elevated RPG in the ED is useful for identification of patients at risk for IGM and in need of further diabetic screening. Emergency physicians should advise patients with elevated RPG to consider screening for diabetes. For ED screening to be successful, patient education and collaboration with

  8. Assessing human health response in life cycle assessment using ED10s and DALYs: part 1--Cancer effects.

    Crettaz, Pierre; Pennington, David; Rhomberg, Lorenz; Brand, Kevin; Jolliet, Olivier


    Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a framework for comparing products according to their total estimated environmental impact, summed over all chemical emissions and activities associated with a product at all stages in its life cycle (from raw material acquisition, manufacturing, use, to final disposal). For each chemical involved, the exposure associated with the mass released into the environment, integrated over time and space, is multiplied by a toxicological measure to estimate the likelihood of effects and their potential consequences. In this article, we explore the use of quantitative methods drawn from conventional single-chemical regulatory risk assessments to create a procedure for the estimation of the cancer effect measure in the impact phase of LCA. The approach is based on the maximum likelihood estimate of the effect dose inducing a 10% response over background, ED10, and default linear low-dose extrapolation using the slope betaED10 (0.1/ED10). The calculated effects may correspond to residual risks below current regulatory compliance requirements that occur over multiple generations and at multiple locations; but at the very least they represent a "using up" of some portion of the human population's ability to accommodate emissions. Preliminary comparisons are performed with existing measures, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (U.S. EPA's) slope factor measure q1*. By analyzing bioassay data for 44 chemicals drawn from the EPA's Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) database, we explore estimating ED10 from more readily available information such as the median tumor dose rate TD50 and the median single lethal dose LD50. Based on the TD50, we then estimate the ED10 for more than 600 chemicals. Differences in potential consequences, or severity, are addressed by combining betaED10 with the measure disability adjusted life years per affected person, DALYp. Most of the variation among chemicals for cancer effects is found to be due

  9. The Important of Interesting in Englis Teaching and Learning%The Important of Interesting in Englis Teaching and Learning



    Interest is an indispensable factor in foreign language learning. Students' learning interest should be initially taken into account in English teaching-learning process in junior middle school. It's necessary to carry out a research on the influence of E

  10. A Comparative Study of Different Amorphous and Paracrystalline Silica by NMR and SEM/EDS

    JIA Yuan; WANG Baomin; ZHANG Tingting


    This work aimed to research the structure models of amorphous materials. Five amorphous and paracrystalline samples (natural or artiifcial) were investigated via29Si/27Al nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and field emission scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive spectroscopy (FE-SEM/EDS). The results of NMR showed the resonances of different specimens:-93.2 ppm,-101.8 ppm,-111.8 ppm for natural pozzolana opal shale (POS). These peaks were assigned to the Q2(2OH), Q3(OH)/Q4(1Al) and Q4 respectively. The results of27Al MAS NMR indicated that Al substituted for Si site in tetrahedral existing in the POS, while the Al/Si atomic ratio in opal was low (around 0.04). For the alkali-silicate-hydrate gel, there were at least three resolved signals assigned to Q0 and Q1, respectively. For the fused silica glass powder, there were the primary signals centered about at the range from-107 to-137 ppm, which were assigned to Q4 units. In addition, the peaks at around-98 and-108 ppm were corresponding to Q3(1OH) and Q4 units existing in aerogel silica structure.

  11. SEM/EDS characterisation of dusty deposits in precipitation and assessment of their origin

    Miloš Miler


    Full Text Available Detailed scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive spectroscopy (SEM/EDS analysis of dusty material in rainfall residue, deposited and collected on February 19th 2014 in Ljubljana, was carried out with the intention to characterise it according to its chemical and mineral composition and to assess its origin. The material consists of poorly sorted and sharp-edged particles of mostly very fine-grained silt and clay fractions, which is consistent with long-range aerial transport. Particles are represented by illite, chlorite and kaolinite group clay minerals, quartz, feldspars, carbonates, accessory minerals and secondary Fe-oxy-hydroxide minerals. Quantities of minerals and illite/ kaolinite ratio (4.5 correspond to dusts in rainfall residues originating from Moroccan Atlas, while chlorite/kaolinite ratio (2.8 agrees better with dust from central Libya. The element ratios Al/Si, Ca/Al, K/Ca, Mg/Al, Fe/Al and (Ca+Mg/Fe in the studied dusty deposit are in good agreement with ratios in dusts from rainfall residues originating from Morocco and northern Mauritania. This was also confirmed by the trajectories of cloud movement that caused precipitation with dusty deposit, although the back trajectory HYSPLIT simulation of air masses indicated northern Mauritania, central Niger, southern Algeria, southwestern and central Libya as the most possible source regions.

  12. Evaluation of the subacute and subchronic toxicity of inhaled EDS hydrotreated naphtha in the rat.

    McKee, R H; Hinz, J P


    Inhalation studies were conducted to assess the subacute and subchronic toxicity of EDS hydrotreated naphtha (HN). In the subacute toxicity study, male and female Sprague-Dawley rats were exposed to various concentrations of HN vapor (0.2, 1.0, and 5.0 g/m3) 6 hr/day for 5 consecutive days. Following 2 recovery days, the animals were exposed for 4 additional days and then sacrificed on the 12th study day. In the subchronic toxicity study, a similar protocol was utilized; however, the animals were exposed 5 days/week for 13 weeks. Following a 2-week recovery period, the animals were sacrificed. Parameters examined in both studies included survival, growth, clinical observations, urinalysis, blood chemistry at necropsy, and microscopic examination of selected tissues. There was some evidence of systemic effects associated with repeated inhalation exposure to HN, although these effects were mild and were primarily confined to the high-exposure groups. The major systemic effect appeared to be renal toxicity in male rats as evidenced by increased urinary excretion of renal epithelial cells, creatinine, glucose, and protein and decreased urine osmolality. However, the absence of consistent pathologic changes in the kidneys of these animals suggested that the lesions were either slight or reversible during the 2-week recovery period.

  13. ToF-SIMS and SEM-EDS analysis of the surface of chosen bioindicators

    Szynkowska, M.I. [Institute of General and Ecological Chemistry, Technical University of Lodz, Zeromskiego 116, 90-924 Lodz (Poland)], E-mail:; Pawlaczyk, A.; Rogowski, J. [Institute of General and Ecological Chemistry, Technical University of Lodz, Zeromskiego 116, 90-924 Lodz (Poland)


    Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) and scanning electron microscopy with field emission equipped with energy dispersive spectrometer (SEM-EDS) were applied in order to investigate the surface of chosen biological indicators such as bark, needles and hair. All samples were collected from the urban areas of the Lodz city region, recognized as one of the most polluted in Poland. The high resolution of the applied techniques provides good separation of signals from different chemical species. High detection sensitivity enables an analysis of crucial elements and/or molecules. It was found that the surface of the materials studied was in general covered by many exogenous particles, suggesting, from the monitoring purpose point of view, their possible anthropogenic origin. The preliminary results obtained revealed that these techniques can be successfully used in environmental analysis of various biological samples and can provide detailed information about distribution and composition of airborne pollutants within the sample surfaces studied as well as initiate a renewed interest in the exposure study.

  14. EDs credit drills, community engagement with helping them manage casualties from tornado crises.


    Emergency department leaders at DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa, AL, and Cullman Regional Medical Center in Cullman, AL, credit their regular practice drills with helping them deal with unprecedented demand when deadly tornadoes swept through the South this past April. Both facilities used the hospital instant command structure (HICS) to mobilize the resources needed to care for the surge in patients, and say the approach worked well in helping them meet the needs of their communities. However, the crises also showcased opportunities for improvement. The ED at DCH Regional Medical Center saw more than 600 patients on the day of the storm, a three-fold increase in the hospital's typical volume. CRMC treated 99 patients in the seven hours immediately following the storm when it usually treats 114 patients per day. In addition to a big surge in patients, both hospitals dealt with power outages that limited access to some services such as radiology. Triage proved particularly challenging at DCH Regional Medical Center, as patients flowed into the hospital from numerous access points. The hospital plans to assign coordinators to each area of the hospital to better manage the influx in the future. When reviewing emergency operations plans, Joint Commission reviewers often find deficiencies in hazard vulnerability analyses as well as the processes used to determine the emergency credentials of licensed independent practitioners.

  15. Cosmological constant in the Bianchi type-I-modified Brans–Dicke cosmology

    A K Azad; J N Islam


    In 1961, Brans and Dicke [1] provided an interesting alternative to general relativity based on Mach’s principle. To understand the reasons leading to their field equations, we first consider homogeneous and isotropic cosmological models in the Brans–Dicke theory. Accordingly we start with the Robertson–Walker line element and the energy tensor of a perfect fluid. The scalar field is now a function of the cosmic time only. Then we consider spatially homogeneous and anisotropic Bianchi type-I-cosmological solutions of modified Brans–Dicke theory containing barotropic fluid. These have been obtained by imposing a condition on the cosmological parameter (). Again we try to focus the meaning of this cosmological term and to relate it to the time coordinate which gives us a collapse singularity or the initial singularity. On the other hand, our solution is a generalization of the solution found by Singh and Singh [2]. As far as we are aware, such solution has not been given earlier.

  16. Isotherm and kinetic studies of Burazol Blue ED dye biosorption by dried anaerobic sludge.

    Caner, Necmettin; Kiran, Ismail; Ilhan, Semra; Iscen, Cansu Filik


    Biosorption potential of dried anaerobic sludge (DAS) for Burazol Blue ED (BB) was studied with respect to pH, equilibrium time, initial dye concentrations and temperature to determine equilibrium and kinetic models. The most suitable pH, equilibrium time and initial dye concentration were determined as 0.5+/-0.03, 75 min and 150 mg/L, respectively, at a biomass dosage of 0.4 g/L and 25 degrees C+/-1.0. The equilibrium data was best described by the Langmuir isotherm model. Maximum uptake capacity (q(m)) of DAS for the dyestuff (BB) were 118.3, 125.8 and 127.5mg/g biomass at temperatures of 25, 40 and 50 degrees C, respectively, indicating that the biosorption process is spontaneous and favored at higher temperatures. The overall biosorption process was best described by pseudo-second-order kinetic model. Gibbs free energy changes were calculated as -356.8, -519.7 and -520.6J/mol at 25, 40 and 50 degrees C, respectively.

  17. Nine years of DentEd--a global perspective on dental education.

    Reynolds, P A; Eaton, K A; Paganelli, C; Shanley, D


    This paper describes the three successive and successful DentEd projects, funded by the European Union, that established a productive thematic network which identified common content within the dental curriculum. It then developed an agreed professional profile, with a defined set of competences and a modular curriculum for all new dental graduates based on the European Credit Transfer System and trends in learning and assessment. The three phases took nine years to complete. Phase one investigated all aspects of dental undergraduate education and included over 30 visits to different dental schools by teams of dental educators. Phase two built on this work and included further visits to dental schools. Phase three refined the competency framework that had been developed in phase two and culminated in a global dental conference which finalised position papers on all aspects of dental education. The work and recommendations of the ICT in dental education group are considered in detail in the paper. The projects provided the stimulus for a number of European and international collaborations, including the web-based International Federation of Dental Education and Associations (IFDEA) Knowledge Centre and the International Virtual Dental School (IVIDENT), both of which aim to make increasingly sophisticated ICT-based educational material available worldwide and to promote international understanding.

  18. La fine della sublimazione del lucro (scuole paritarie ed enti ecclesiastici

    Nicola Colaianni


    Full Text Available "A CHIARE LETTERE” - TRANSIZIONI" • La fine della sublimazione del lucro (scuole paritarie ed enti ecclesiastici, di Nicola ColaianniLa giustizia amministrativa in materia scolastica ha una storia ultradecennale d'interpretazioni, talvolta anche acrobatiche, pro domo ecclesiae: dalle sentenze di fine anni ottanta – per cassare le quali bisognò scomodare la Corte Costituzionale – sulla trasformazione del diritto degli studenti di non avvalersi dell’insegnamento di religione cattolica in obbligo di svolgimento di un’attività alternativa a quelle più recenti sull’ammissibilità di un credito scolastico riservato ai soli avvalentisi e sul carattere culturale delle visite pastorali dei vescovi alle scuole. In questi, e in altri, casi il senso “fatto palese dal significato proprio delle parole secondo la connessione di esse” (diritto non può essere un obbligo, la scelta di non avvalersi non può avere effetti discriminanti, pastorale è la cura dei fedeli e quindi attiene alla religione e al culto non alla cultura non ha orientato l’interpretazione della legge nuova. A orientarla è stato il, sempre più mitico a uno sguardo spassionato della più recente legislazione, criterio di specialità, ...

  19. Microbial quality of some vegetables sold in ED DueimTwon, Sudan.

    Goja, Arafat Mohammed; Mahmoud, Mohamed Salih Osman


    This study was probably the first research carried out to investigate the microbiological quality of some vegetables sold in ED DueimTwon, Sudan. Four species of vegetables were used, Arugula (Eruca sativa), Mloukhia (Corchorus olitorius), Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) and Green pepper (Capsicum annuum). The samples were collected and examined according to standardized methods for total viable bacteria, coliforms and fecal coliform count. The average of total viable count ranged from 1.2 x 105-5.6 x 105 CFU mL(-1) for Arugula; 2.1 x 105-2.8 x 107 CFU mL(-1) for Mloukhia; 3.4 x 105-4.8 x 105 for Tomato and 2.3 x 105-8.0 x 106 CFU mL(-1) for Green pepper. However, the maximum level of total and fecal coliform were (93, 21); (28, 11); (75, 15) and (150, 20) MPN 100 mL(-1), respectively. Twelve bacteria belonging to five genera were isolated. Staphylococcus (33%) was the most predominant isolated followed by Enterobacteriaceae (25%), Bacillus (17%) and Streptococcus (17%). Micrococcus (8%) was the least dominant isolated. The results of microbial counts of these vegetable samples in this study indicate that, the agricultural practices, harvesting, hygiene, transporting and selling points are poor and therefore, the higher microbial load could be risked for public health.

  20. An integrative review: triage protocols and the effect on ED length of stay.

    Robinson, Dana J


    The purpose of this integrative review is to identify the effectiveness of using triage protocols to decrease ED length of stay. The review method described by Ganong was used to guide the review process. Data sources included CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature), Medline, the Cochrane Library, Mosby's Nursing Consult, and the National Guideline Clearinghouse. In addition, reference lists of all articles were reviewed, 3 authors of previous articles were contacted for more current or updated work, and a hand search of the Journal of Emergency Nursing was conducted. The search generated 56 articles, 8 of which met inclusion criteria. Data were interpreted and evaluated by use of a data summary sheet. Key conclusions drawn from the appraisals included that a decrease in length of stay was related to protocol use and nurses were able to initiate diagnostic testing and treatments appropriately. These conclusions apply to acuity levels 3 and 4, which require either little or no testing or require testing to facilitate a disposition decision. The implications for nursing are that appraisals of evidence lead to better practice decisions, protocols can provide greater nursing autonomy and satisfaction, and protocols are able to increase the facilitation of patient care in the emergency department.




    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: Considering the newer advances in the field of pros thodontics the use of implant has become popular. However not every patient can go for such procedures considering the economic norms and lack of awareness as well. A con ventional concept of preventive prosthodontics has been emphasizing on the importance of any procedures that can delay or eliminate future prosthodontic problems. In a recent study, post insertion of denture, most patients with removable partial or complete dentures w ere dissatisfied with their retention and stability. Considering this overall scenario when a patient with completely edentulous maxillary arch and partially edentulous mandibular arch report ed to the mentioned institution, a semi- precision attached overdenture were thought of, whic h in turn could show considerable advantages like increased retention, proprioception, a nd masticatory efficacy. A Prosthodontist who is well acquainted with semi-precision attachmen t will be in position to suggest a better treatment options in retaining teeth which might oth erwise be considered for extraction or immediate implant placement.


    Domenico Enrico Massimo


    Full Text Available Pollution, environmental disruption, oversized urban development and infrastructure new construction jeopardize landscape integrity and people’s quality of life. Research deals with the landscape protection and enhancement providing governments and decision makers with a comprehensive Decision Support System to assess the quality of natural and cultural heritage and address planning measures and policy actions for landscape treasuring. Research set-up a methodology relying upon GIS tools, to spatially discover, detect and define landscape units, so called “Landscape Elements” (“Elementi di Paesaggio”, EdP, along with their endowment such as natural, ecological, historic, cultural, and urban resources. Then evaluate them through a Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA tool set-up by the research team and integrated with a GIS. Research developed a Case Study in the European Mediterranean Basin, validating the whole census system and the performance and support of valuation tools. Results achieved open the possibility to generalize the prototype application at the regional, country and federation levels and therefore support the planning implementation for landscape enhancement.

  3. The hydrogen resource. Productive, technical and economic analysis; La risorsa idrogeno: analisi produttiva tecnica ed economica

    De Fronzo, G. [Lecce Univ., Lecce (Italy). Dipt. di Scienze Economiche, Matematico-Statistiche, Economici-Aziendali


    Diffusion of hydrogen as an energetic vector meets with a lot of obstacles that don't depend on available raw material, but on hydrogen combination with other elements. It is necessary, therefore, to separate hydrogen picking out the available different technologies to have different pure hydrogen of variable quantities. Besides, its diffusion as fuel is limited because of the great production cost compared to fuels sprung from petroleum. Hydrogen used on a large scale could have advantages on the environment and occupation, but there are economic and politic obstacles to limit its diffusion. Future of economic system, based on hydrogen as the main energetic vector, will depend on the programme that national and international qualified governing bodies will be able to do. [Italian] L'articolo analizza l'uso dell'idrogeno come risorsa dal punto di vista tecnico ed economico. Si discute la relazione con i programmi che governi nazionali sapranno mettere in campo per il suo sfruttamento.

  4. Noise pollution in iron and steel industry; Emissioni ed immissioni acustiche dell'industria siderurgica

    Bisio, G. [Genoa Univ. (Italy). Dipt. di Termoenergetica e Condizionamento Ambientale; Piromalli, W.; Acerbo, P. [Unita' Sanitaria Locale, Genoa (Italy). Laboratorio Fisico


    Iron and steel industry is characterized by high energy consumption and thus present remarkable problems from the point of view of noise pollution. The aims of this paper is to examine characteristic and acoustical emissions and immisions of some fundamentals iron and steel plants with several remarks on the possible measures to reduce noise pollution. For a large integrate iron and steel system, some surveys are shown with all devices running and, in addition, comparisons are made with other surveys when the main devices were out of service owing to great maintenance works. [Italian] L'industria siderurgica e' caratterizzata da elevati consumi enrgeticie e conseguentemente presenta notevoli problemi di impatto ambientale. Lo scopo della presente memoria e' un esame delle caratteristiche delle emissioni ed immissioni acustiche di alcuni fondamentali impianti siderurgici svolgendo varie considerazioni sui posibili provvedimenti per il contenimento dell'inquinamento acustico. Per un grande stabilimento sederurgico a ciclo integrale vengono presentati alcuni rilievi con tutti i reparti in attivita' e fatti confronti con altri rilievi effettuati mentre i principali reparti erano fuori esercizio per lavori di grande manutenzione.

  5. Palaeomagnetism of Middle Ordovician Carbonate Sequence, Vaivara Sinimäed Area, Northeast Estonia, Baltica

    Plado, Jüri; Preeden, Ulla; JÕeleht, Argo; Pesonen, Lauri J.; Mertanen, Satu


    The hill range of Vaivara Sinimäed in northeast Estonia consists of several narrow east- to northeast-trending glaciotectonic fold structures. The folds include tilted (dips 4-75°) Middle Ordovician (early Darriwilian) layered carbonate strata that were studied by mineralogical, palaeomagnetic, and rock magnetic methods in order to specify the postsedimentational history of the area and to obtain a better control over the palaeogeographic position of Baltica during the Ordovician. Mineralogical studies revealed that (titano)magnetite, hematite, and goethite are carriers of magnetization. Based on data from 5 sites that positively passed a DC tilt test, a south-easterly downward directed component A ( D ref = 154.6°± 15.3°, I ref = 60.9°± 9.7°) was identified. The component is carried by (titano)magnetite, dates to the Middle Ordovician ( Plat = 17.9°, Plon = 47.3°, K = 46.7, A95 = 11.3°), and places Baltica at mid-southerly latitudes. Observations suggest that in sites that do not pass the tilt test, the glaciotectonic event has caused some rotation of blocks around their vertical axis.

  6. Santa Clara de Nanay: the MAL-ED cohort in Peru.

    Yori, Pablo Peñataro; Lee, Gwenyth; Olórtegui, Maribel Paredes; Chávez, César Banda; Flores, Julian Torres; Vasquez, Angel Orbe; Burga, Rosa; Pinedo, Silvia Rengifo; Asayag, César Ramal; Black, Robert E; Caulfield, Laura E; Kosek, Margaret


    The Etiology, Risk Factors and Interactions of Enteric Infections and Malnutrition and the Consequences for Child Health and Development (MAL-ED) cohort study communities in Peru are located in Loreto province, in a rural area 15 km from the city of Iquitos. This riverine population of approximately 5000 individuals is fairly representative of Loreto. The province lags behind the rest of the country in access to water and sanitation, per capita income, and key health indicators including infant mortality (43.0 vs 16.0 per 1000 nationwide) and under-5 mortality (60.6 vs 21.0 per 1000). Total fertility rates are higher than elsewhere in the country (4.3 vs 2.6). Nationwide, the prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus is estimated at 0.45%, the prevalence of tuberculosis is 117 per 100 000, and the incidence of malaria is 258 per 100 000. Stunting in this community is high, whereas acute undernutrition is relatively uncommon. The population suffers from high rates of diarrheal disease. Prevalent enteric pathogens include Ascaris, Giardia, enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli, Shigella, and Campylobacter.

  7. Esistenza del modo O in piastre tridimensionali con fori circolari ed ellittici soggette a modo II

    Christian Marangon


    Full Text Available Il problema di una piastra criccata tridimensionale soggetta a modo II è stato affrontato in letteratura dimostrando che l’effetto del coefficiente di Poisson provoca l’insorgere di una nuova singolarità accoppiata al carico esterno applicato e non contemplata dalla soluzione piana di Williams. Recenti analisi teoriche e numeriche hanno evidenziato come questo effetto tridimensionale sia presente anche in piastre intagliate a spigolo vivo. Il nuovo modo (denominato modo O rimane singolare anche per angoli di apertura dell’intaglio maggiori di 102.6° e cioè quando il modo II risulta essere non singolare. Tutte le analisi fino ad ora effettuate hanno riguardato piastre indebolite da cricche o intagli a spigolo vivo non considerando l’effetto di un raggio di raccordo diverso da zero all’apice dell’intaglio.L’obiettivo del presente contributo è quello di dimostrare che il modo O è presente anche in piastre tridimensionali indebolite da intagli raccordati e soggette a modo II. Si sono quindi analizzate piastre con fori circolari ed ellittici variando sia la geometria dell’intaglio sia il valore del coefficiente di Poisson.

  8. Book Review: Guide to computer forensics and investigations (3rd ed.

    Keyu Jiang


    Full Text Available Nelson, B., Phillips, A., Enfinger, F., & Steuart, C. (2008. Guide to computer forensics and investigations (3rd ed.. New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc. 693 pages, ISBN: 1-4180-6733-4 (paper.Reviewed by Keyu Jiang ( and Ruifeng Xuan (, Department of Information Networking and Telecommunications, Fort Hays State University, Hays, KS 67601Nelson, Phillips, Enfinger, and Steuart’s book is about the science of computer forensics and its implications in crime investigations. This book is not intended to provide comprehensive training in computer forensics, but introduce the science the science of computer forensics and its implications in crime investigations.  It focused on establishing a solid foundation for those who are new to this field.  Nelson, Philips, Enfiger, and Steuart are experienced experts in different areas of computer forensics.  Different expertise makes this book could benefit many groups of people at different educational level and industrial background.(see PDF for full review

  9. Effects of Spin-Labels on Membrane Burial Depth of MARCKS-ED Residues.

    Qi, Yifei; Klauda, Jeffery B; Im, Wonpil


    Site-directed spin-labeling electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy is a useful tool to obtain information about the environment of specific residues. One of its applications is to investigate membrane protein topology based on the accessibility of the spin label, with the assumption that the position of the spin label in the membrane is close to that of the native residue. This assumption is valid in proteins with well-ordered structures, but could be problematic in small peptides because the labeling may cause a perturbation that is large enough to change local interactions between the peptide and the membrane. To quantitatively characterize such effects, we have simulated the association of a 25-amino-acid peptide, MARCKS-ED, to membranes with and without spin labels. Our simulations show that the depths of spin labels are ∼6-17 Å deeper than the unlabeled charged and polar residues in the wild-type. When the hydrophobic residue Phe is labeled, however, the spin-label depth is close to that of the native residue as well as the experimental value. Our study suggests that one should be cautious in interpretation of spin label data when charged and polar residues in small peptides are labeled.

  10. Claudia Scandura (ed., La poesia russa da Puškin a Brodskij. E ora?

    Enza Dammiano


    Full Text Available «Nonostante il lusinghiero giudizio espresso da Majakovskij e da Jakobson», scrive la curatrice nel contributo conclusivo alla miscellanea, «la poesia russa non è particolarmente conosciuta o apprezzata in Occidente: i romanzi di Dostoevskij e Tolstoj e il teatro di Čechov sono molto più noti dei poemi di Puškin o di Lermontov e di Pasternak tutti ricordano il romanzo Il dottor Živago […] e non i versi, ed è anzi difficile trovare qualcuno fuori dalla Russia che lo conosca come poeta. Dello stesso Brodskij, beniamino delle élites intellettuali europee e di oltreoceano, si apprezza (e si vende molto più la prosa che la poesia» (336. L’obiettivo del volume, che accoglie gli Atti del Convegno Internazionale La poesia russa da Puškin a Brodskij. E ora?, tenutosi a Roma dal 29 al 30 settembre 2011, sembra risiedere proprio nel recupero della tradizione poetica russa e nella ricerca di un riscatto del suo stesso statuto nell’ambito della ricezione occidentale, ma non solo.

  11. Raman, SEM-EDS and XRPD investigations on pre-Columbian Central America "estucado" pottery

    Casanova Municchia, Annalaura; Micheli, Mario; Ricci, Maria Antonietta; Toledo, Michelle; Bellatreccia, Fabio; Lo Mastro, Sergio; Sodo, Armida


    Seventeen different colored fragments from six selected pre-Columbian estucado ceramics from El Salvador have been investigated by Raman spectroscopy, scanning electron microscope coupled to an energy dispersive spectrometer (SEM/EDS) and X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD). The peculiarity of this kind of ceramics consist of the unusual presence of a white engobe, traditionally termed stucco, between the ceramic body and the decoration elements, hence the name estucado ceramics. The aim of this work was to study the unusual manufacturing technique and to identify the chemical composition of the engobe and of the pigment palette. The results showed that the stucco layer is made of clay (kaolinite) with traces of titanium oxide (anatase). Remarkably, this is the same composition of the white pigments used for the decoration layer, thus excluding an early use of natural titanium oxide as a white pigment in the estucado productions as suggested in previous investigations. Moreover, the presence of kaolinite and anatase both in the stucco and in the decoration layer suggests a cold-working or low temperature technique. The red, yellow and green decorations were realized by the use of natural ochre, while in all the blue and gray decorations Maya blue pigment was identified. Finally, an amorphous carbon pigment of vegetal origin and manganese oxide were used to obtain black pigments.

  12. La crisi energetica nel mondo e in Italia da Enrico Fermi ed Edoardo Amaldi a oggi

    Salvini, Giorgio


    Enrico Fermi e il suo allievo Edoardo Amaldi, grandi padri della Scuola di fisica nucleare italiana, hanno promosso l'impiego pacifico dell'energia nucleare: Fermi con il primo reattore a Chicago nel 1942, Arnaldi con i suoi contributi a tutti gli usi pacifici, dalla medicina alla produzione di energia. L'Italia, però, ha fatto eccessivo ricorso al petrolio, di cui non è produttrice. La ricerca è rimasta molto indietro rispetto a quella degli altri paesi e la politica sta dedicando pochissimi sforzi a questa gravissima situazione. Ragioni economiche, nonché ambientali, esigono ora una revisione e una ricontestualizzazione del problema. Durante un importante Convegno, tenutosi a Roma il 15 e 16 maggio 2007, alcuni tra i più noti ed esperti fisici italiani e stranieri hanno discusso proprio di questo problema. L'intento del volume, che raccoglie gli interventi del Convegno romano, è quello di fornire dati e informazioni che mettano il lettore in condizione di farsi un'idea propria, libera da pregiudizi, s...

  13. Factors influencing the development of antibiotic associated diarrhea in ED patients discharged home: risk of administering IV antibiotics.

    Haran, John Patrick; Hayward, Gregory; Skinner, Stephen; Merritt, Chris; Hoaglin, David C; Hibberd, Patricia L; Lu, Shan; Boyer, Edward W


    Antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD) and Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) are well-known outcomes from antibiotic administration. Because emergency department (ED) visits frequently result in antibiotic use, we evaluated the frequency of AAD/CDI in adults treated and discharged home with new prescriptions for antibiotics to identify risk factors for acquiring AAD/CDI. This prospective multicenter cohort study enrolled adult patients who received antibiotics in the ED and were discharged with a new prescription for antibiotics. Antibiotic-associated diarrhea was defined as 3 or more loose stools for 2 days or more within 30 days of starting the antibiotic. C difficile infection was defined by the detection of toxin A or B within this same period. We used multivariate logistic regression to assess predictors of developing AAD. We enrolled and followed 247 patients; 45 (18%) developed AAD, and 2 (1%) developed CDI. Patients who received intravenous (IV) antibiotics in the ED were more likely to develop AAD/CDI than patients who did not: 25.7% (95% confidence interval [CI], 17.4-34.0) vs 12.3% (95% CI, 6.8-17.9). Intravenous antibiotics had adjusted odds ratio of 2.73 (95% CI, 1.38-5.43), and Hispanic ethnicity had adjusted odds ratio of 3.04 (95% CI, 1.40-6.58). Both patients with CDI had received IV doses of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Intravenous antibiotic therapy administered to ED patients before discharge was associated with higher rates of AAD and with 2 cases of CDI. Care should be taken when deciding to use broad-spectrum IV antibiotics to treat ED patients before discharge home. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  14. SAG101 forms a ternary complex with EDS1 and PAD4 and is required for resistance signaling against turnip crinkle virus.

    Shifeng Zhu


    Full Text Available EDS1, PAD4, and SAG101 are common regulators of plant immunity against many pathogens. EDS1 interacts with both PAD4 and SAG101 but direct interaction between PAD4 and SAG101 has not been detected, leading to the suggestion that the EDS1-PAD4 and EDS1-SAG101 complexes are distinct. We show that EDS1, PAD4, and SAG101 are present in a single complex in planta. While this complex is preferentially nuclear localized, it can be redirected to the cytoplasm in the presence of an extranuclear form of EDS1. PAD4 and SAG101 can in turn, regulate the subcellular localization of EDS1. We also show that the Arabidopsis genome encodes two functionally redundant isoforms of EDS1, either of which can form ternary complexes with PAD4 and SAG101. Simultaneous mutations in both EDS1 isoforms are essential to abrogate resistance (R protein-mediated defense against turnip crinkle virus (TCV as well as avrRps4 expressing Pseudomonas syringae. Interestingly, unlike its function as a PAD4 substitute in bacterial resistance, SAG101 is required for R-mediated resistance to TCV, thus implicating a role for the ternary complex in this defense response. However, only EDS1 is required for HRT-mediated HR to TCV, while only PAD4 is required for SA-dependent induction of HRT. Together, these results suggest that EDS1, PAD4 and SAG101 also perform independent functions in HRT-mediated resistance.

  15. A avaliação do Burnout em professores. Comparação de instrumentos: CBP-R e MBI-ED Evaluation of Burnout in teachers. Comparison tools: CBP-R and MBI-ED

    Bernardo Moreno-Jimenez


    Full Text Available A categoria de professores vem sendo apontada como uma das mais propensas ao estresse e burnout. O instrumento mais utilizado para a avaliação do burnout em docentes tem sido o MBI-Ed. No entanto, pelas especificidades da própria profissão, tem-se verificado a necessidade da elaboração de um questionário que contemple aspectos característicos da organização escolar e das atividades de ensino, inclusive avaliando os elementos antecedentes e conseqüentes da síndrome. Assim sendo foi desenvolvido o CBP. Neste trabalho apresentam-se os estudos efetuados com o CBP-R (Revisado, sua fiabilidade assim como validades interna e de convergência com o MBI-Ed. Pode-se concluir que o CBP-R e o MBI-Ed medem o mesmo fenômeno e que o primeiro destes, além do mais, permite analisar as diferentes fases do processo e explica melhor a sintomatologia dos profissionais acometidos pelo burnout, confirmando suas qualidades como instrumento.Teachers are being appointed as the ones more prone to stress and burnout. Up to now the most used tool for burnout evaluation on teachers are the MBI-Ed. However, due to the complexity of the profession there is a need of a specific questionnaire that involves school organization and learning activities, evaluating also the preceding and the consequential elements of the syndrome. For that, a CBP was developed. This work presents the studies done with CBP-R (revised, its reliabilities, internal validity and convergence with MBI-Ed. It was possible to conclude that CBP-R and MBI-Ed measure the same phenomenon and that the first allows the analysis of different phases of the emotional wear process and better explains the symptoms of professionals assaulted by burnout, confirming the qualities of alternative tools for the evaluation of professional wear on teachers.

  16. [Analysis on the main difference and impact between IEC 60601-1 in Ed. 3.1 and GB 9706.1-2007].

    Zheng, Jia; He, Jun; Yu, Xinhua


    For the preparation of implementing IEC 60601-1 Ed. 3.1 in advance, this paper analyzes the main difference between IEC 60601-1 Ed. 3.1 and GB 9706.1-2007, and discusses the possible influence to medical device designing and testing.

  17. SEM/EDS of Submicron and Coarse PM Using Modified Passive Aerosol Sampler Substrates

    Wagner, J.; Wang, Z.; Willis, B.; Casuccio, G.


    Deployment of multiple UNC Passive Aerosol Samplers is an inexpensive and unobtrusive technique for assessing airborne particulate matter (PM) exposure and spatial variability. Computer-controlled SEM/EDS (Scanning Electron Microscopy / Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy) is used to measure the deposited particle mass and chemistry. A deposition velocity model is used to obtain ambient PM and elemental size distributions. Previous results have correlated well with active sampler results in environments dominated by coarse mineral dusts. To accurately measure submicron and carbonaceous aerosols, an improved collection substrate is needed. Previous studies used a double-sided carbon adhesive tab, which was ideal for coarse PM but under-detected submicron PM. One promising alternative is polycarbonate (PC) filter substrates. Another is transmission electron microscope (TEM) grids with formvar films mounted over holes drilled in the samplers. Preliminary tests of PC filters and TEM grid substrates, including tests in areas with smoke aerosols, exhibited substantial submicron aerosol and differing elemental size distributions. Detailed qualitative and quantitative evidence shows that the PC filters retained coarse PM well and yielded improved submicron PM imaging. TEM grids yield the best imaging and chemistry of submicron carbonaceous PM, but potentially the poorest retention of coarse PM. PM and elemental size distributions are presented for collocated passive samplers using the three substrate types, in both indoor and outdoor environments. Several methods are proposed to further optimize passive sampling of both submicron and coarse PM. Although this work was reviewed by EPA and approved for publication, it may not necessarily reflect official Agency policy.

  18. National targets, process transformation and local consequences in an NHS emergency department (ED): a qualitative study.

    Vezyridis, Paraskevas; Timmons, Stephen


    In the attempt to reduce waiting times in emergency departments, various national health services have used benchmarking and the optimisation of patient flows. The aim of this study was to examine staff attitudes and experience of providing emergency care following the introduction of a 4 hour wait target, focusing on clinical, organisational and spatial issues. A qualitative research design was used and semi-structured interviews were conducted with 28 clinical, managerial and administrative staff members working in an inner-city emergency department. A thematic analysis method was employed and NVivo 8 qualitative data analysis software was used to code and manage the emerging themes. The wait target came to regulate the individual and collective timescales of healthcare work. It has compartmentalised the previous unitary network of emergency department clinicians and their workspace. It has also speeded up clinical performance and patient throughput. It has disturbed professional hierarchies and facilitated the development of new professional roles. A new clinical information system complemented these reconfigurations by supporting advanced patient tracking, better awareness of time, and continuous, real-time management of emergency department staff. The interviewees had concerns that this target-oriented way of working forces them to have a less personal relationship with their patients. The imposition of a wait-target in response to a perceived "crisis" of patients' dissatisfaction led to the development of a new and sophisticated way of working in the emergency department, but with deep and unintended consequences. We show that there is a dynamic interrelation of the social and the technical in the complex environment of the ED. While the 4 hour wait target raised the profile of the emergency department in the hospital, the added pressure on clinicians has caused some concerns over the future of their relationships with their patients and colleagues. To

  19. Prestack migration velocity analysis based on simplifi ed two-parameter moveout equation

    Chen Hai-Feng; Li Xiang-Yang; Qian Zhong-Ping; Song Jian-Jun; Zhao Gui-Ling


    Stacking velocityVC2, vertical velocity ratioγ0, effective velocity ratioγef, and anisotropic parameterχef are correlated in the PS-converted-wave (PS-wave) anisotropic prestack Kirchhoff time migration (PKTM) velocity model and are thus difficult to independently determine. We extended the simplified two-parameter (stacking velocity VC2 and anisotropic parameterkef) moveout equation from stacking velocity analysis to PKTM velocity model updating and formed a new four-parameter (stacking velocityVC2, vertical velocity ratioγ0, effective velocity ratioγef, and anisotropic parameterkef) PS-wave anisotropic PKTM velocity model updating and processfl ow based on the simplifi ed two-parameter moveout equation. In the proposed method, first, the PS-wave two-parameter stacking velocity is analyzed to obtain the anisotropic PKTM initial velocity and anisotropic parameters; then, the velocity and anisotropic parameters are corrected by analyzing the residual moveout on common imaging point gathers after prestack time migration. The vertical velocity ratioγ0 of the prestack time migration velocity model is obtained with an appropriate method utilizing the P- and PS-wave stacked sections after level calibration. The initial effective velocity ratioγef is calculated using the Thomsen (1999) equation in combination with the P-wave velocity analysis; ultimately, the final velocity model of the effective velocity ratioγef is obtained by percentage scanning migration. This method simplifi es the PS-wave parameter estimation in high-quality imaging, reduces the uncertainty of multiparameter estimations, and obtains good imaging results in practice.

  20. Noble metals determination in ancient jewels with portable ED-XRF system

    Parreira, Paulo S.; Galvao, Tiago D.; Appoloni, Carlos R. [Universidade Estadual de Londrina (UEL), PR (Brazil). Dept. de Fisica. Lab. de Fisica Nuclear Aplicada ], e-mail:, e-mail:, e-mail:


    A handmade system of Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (ED-XRF) was used to perform the analysis of some jewels of the XIX century, as napkin holder, tobacco case, cigarette case, pen, pendant shrines, bracelets and a crucifix from the collection of the Museu Historico Nacional do Rio de Janeiro (MHN), Brazil. It was possible to verify the presence of Cu, Au and Ag as macro elements of the alloys, besides Hg as contaminant for one silver piece. Some gold and silver coins with well-known concentrations of gold and silver were also analysed, as reference material, to check out the methodology. To determine the concentrations of the metals, a methodology based on the equation of the fundamental parameters was used. For the jewels with silver aspect, it was possible to determine in average 90.4% of Ag for the napkin holder and 46.6% of Ag for one the bracelets, this last one presented also a high concentration of copper. For the jewels with golden aspect, it was possible to determine, in average, 88.6% to 98.9% for the Au content . For one special piece it was observed 62.5% of Au and 37.5% of Cu. For the coins, the obtained values showed a deviation of 0.4 and 7.6 percent for the average concentration of noble metals Ag and Au, respectively. The portable X-ray system showed to be a powerful tool in the investigation of metallic alloys with high concentration of major elements, allowing in situ measurements.(author)