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  1. Existence of Green's functions in perturbative Q.E.D

    Seneor, R.


    A report is made on some work done in collaboration with P. Blanchard which shows how, in the framework developped by H.Epstein and V.Glaser, one can prove the existence of Green's functions in quantum electrodynamics (Q.E.D.). The proof can be extended, in principle, to any theory involving massive and non massive particles. (Auth.)

  2. Does E.D.F. export at a loss

    Laramee, V.


    As European Energy markets should progressively open themselves to the free competition, Electricite de France (E.D.F.) is suspected by an energy research institute to sell abroad its kilowatts at a price inferior to the production cost. The situation and the different parameters to calculate the production cost are explained here. (N.C.)

  3. Journée d'étude Lolita & Endgame

    Guillaume Tanguy


    Full Text Available La journée d'études sur Lolita et Endgame, organisée le 16 janvier dernier par Simone Pellerin, Marianne Drugeon et Luc Bouvard à l'Université Université Paul-Valéry - Montpellier III, s'est déroulée devant une salle comble. La matinée était consacrée à Vladimir Nabokov. La variété des interventions s'est révélée stimulante aussi bien pour les étudiants que pour les enseignants. René Alladaye (UTM, CAS, « ‘Play hard’. Enjeux des jeux dans Lolita »Dans sa présentation consacrée aux « enjeux d...

  4. Cultural Literacy and Liberal Learning: An Open Letter to E. D. Hirsch, Jr.

    Booth, Wayne C.


    Making a list of essential information is seen as a hopelessly inadequate, and perhaps even dangerous, way to face America's educational problems. Opposition to E. D. Hirsch's book, CULTURAL LITERACY: WHAT EVERY AMERICAN NEEDS TO KNOW, is discussed. (MLW)

  5. Cultural Literacy and Cultural Anxiety: E. D. Hirsch's Discourse of Crisis.

    Trimbur, John


    Examines the arguments of E. D. Hirsch (and others) who argue for a return to basic education. Proposes John Dewey's program of educational reform as a sensible response to the current neoconservative discourse of crisis. (MS)

  6. Particle identification by means of fine sampling dE/dX measurements

    Imanishi, A; Ishii, T; Ohshima, T; Okuno, H; Shiino, K [Tokyo Univ., Tanashi (Japan). Inst. for Nuclear Study; Naito, F [Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology, Koganei (Japan). Faculty of Technology; Matsuda, T [Osaka Univ., Toyonaka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering Science


    Identification of relativistic charged particles by means of fine sampling d E/d X measurements with a longitudinal drift chamber has been studied. Using a fast-sampling ADC (25 MHz), dE/dX was measured in a 1.4 mm gas thickness over an electron drift space of 51 mm. For the simulated 1 m long tracks of pions and electrons of 500 MeV/c, a particle separation of 10sigma - 12sigma has been obtained, where sigma is the r.m.s. resolution of the dE/dX measurement. This result with fine sampling is better by a factor of 1.7 compared to the dE/dX measurement, with 21 mm sampling thickness. Further improvement achievable by reducing the correlation between neighbouring samples and simplification of electronics by use of the delta-ray clipping method are also discussed.

  7. Exploration of extremely low q_e_d_g_e regime in KSTAR

    Kim, Jayhyun; In, Y.; Park, B.H.; Aydemir, A.


    The q_e_d_g_e < 2 regime had long been regarded as an experimentally forbidden regime due to magneto-hydrodynamic instabilities. However, RFX-MOD experiment demonstrated that the control of error field could enable the entrance and sustainment of the discharge even in the forbidden regime. We explored q_e_d_g_e < 2 regime in Korea superconducting tokamak advanced research (KSTAR) without any feedback or feedforward control of error field since the intrinsic level of error field in KSTAR is inherently comparable to the controlled level of other device. The discharge sustained at q_9_5 ∼ 1.9 for 800 ms that is at least one order of magnitude longer than the resistive wall time of the device. Furthermore, simulated error field applied by field error correction coils prevented the passage of q_e_d_g_e = 3 integer rational surface before reaching q_e_d_g_e = 2. The detailed analysis is on-going for revealing the role of error field in the excitation of limiting instability. (author)

  8. Social Foundations and School Reform Networks: The Case Against E.D. Hirsch.

    Ognibene, Richard


    Critiques the views of E.D. Hirsch, highlighting limitations of his book, "The Schools We Need and Why We Don't Have Them." The paper acknowledges Hirsch's influence on public opinion about school reform, but details flaws and errors Hirsch makes, asking foundational scholars in teacher education to better prepare students to respond to…

  9. A Long View of the Literary Debate: E. D. Hirsch Jr. and His Forebears.

    Reynolds, Richard J.

    An immediate best seller when it was published in 1987, E. D. Hirsch, Jr.'s "Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs To Know" galvanized legions on both sides of the sociopolitical aisle that divides education. The book has become a revered text regularly referenced by those scholars who take up a position that may be loosely…

  10. Bookends of the Twentieth Century: Irving Babbitt, E. D. Hirsch, and the Humanistic Curriculum

    Smilie, Kipton D.


    Irving Babbitt and E.D. Hirsch defended the humanistic curriculum at both the beginning and end of the twentieth century, respectively. Both claimed that a set of specific knowledge needed to be passed from one generation to the next. Both found this knowledge primarily, though certainly not exclusively, through the classical Western tradition.…

  11. Success as Failure and Failure as Success: The Cultural Literacy of E. D. Hirsch, Jr.

    Sledd, Andrew E.; Sledd, James H.


    Examines the logic and rhetoric of E. D. Hirsch, Jr., in "Cultural Literacy." Attempts to answer the question of how intellectual failure guarantees success in the marketplace. Concludes with an alternative vision of the American society that Hirsch describes and the suggestion that Hirsch's cultural literacy is cross-cultural…

  12. Culture, Knowledge and Power: What the Conservatives Have Learnt from E.D. Hirsch

    Yandell, John


    British Conservatives happily acknowledge the debt that they owe to E.D. Hirsch. To understand the nature of their curricular project, and how it is located within the wider goals of education and social policy, we need to attend carefully to the character of this transatlantic borrowing. Its emphases and omissions reveal much about the…

  13. Direct measurement of α_Q_E_D(m_Z"2) at the FCC-ee

    Janot, Patrick


    When the measurements from the FCC-ee become available, an improved determination of the standard-model “input' parameters will be needed to fully exploit the new precision data towards either constraining or fitting the parameters of beyond-the-standard-model theories. Among these input parameters is the electromagnetic coupling constant estimated at the Z mass scale, α_Q_E_D(m_Z"2). The measurement of the muon forward-backward asymmetry at the FCC-ee, just below and just above the Z pole, can be used to make a direct determination of α_Q_E_D(m_Z"2) with an accuracy deemed adequate for an optimal use of the FCC-ee precision data.

  14. Tudengid ootavad uuelt ühikalt rohkem privaatsust / Krista Männa

    Männa, Krista


    Tallinna Ülikooli ja Eesti Kunstiakadeemia üliõpilaselamu ideekavandite näitus on avatud Tallinna Ülikooli keeltemaja 2. korruse galeriis. Välja on pandud seitsme Kunstiakadeemia arhitektuuriüliõpilase tööd

  15. Detector system for e-d scattering experiments on the VEPP-3 storage ring

    Isaeva, L.G.; Lazarenko, B.A.; Nikolenko, D.M.; Popov, S.G.; Rachek, I.A.; Ukraintsev, Yu.G.; Tsentalovich, E.P.; Wojtsekhowski, B.B.; Nelubin, V.V.


    Experiments on electron scattering from polarized deuterons were carried out on the VEPP-3 storage ring at the Novosibirsk Institute for Nuclear Physics. The e-D coincidences were detected for elastic scattering experiments, and the p-n coincidences for photo disintegration studies. The tensor analyzing power of the elastic scattering was measured in the range of momentum transfer up to 3 f -1 , and of photo disintegration in the range of photon energy up to 500 MeV. The detector system created for these experiments and the data analysis procedures are described in this paper. (orig.)

  16. Application of the probabilistic method at the E.D.F

    Gachot, Bernard


    Having first evoked the problems arising from the definition of a so-called 'acceptable risk', the probabilistic study programme on safety carried out at the E.D.F. is described. The different aspects of the probabilistic estimation of a hazard are presented as well as the different steps i.e. collecting the information, carrying out a quantitative and qualitative analysis, which characterize the probabilistic study of safety problems. The problem of data determination is considered on reliability of the equipment, noting as a conclusion, that in spite of the lack of accuracy of the present data, the probabilistic methods already appear as a highly valuable tool favouring an homogenous and coherent approach of nuclear plant safety [fr

  17. Super Energy Efficient Design (S.E.E.D.) Home Evaluation

    German, A. [Alliance for Residential Building Innovation (ARBI), Davis, CA (United States); Dakin, B. [Alliance for Residential Building Innovation (ARBI), Davis, CA (United States); Backman, C. [Alliance for Residential Building Innovation (ARBI), Davis, CA (United States); Weitzel, E. [Alliance for Residential Building Innovation (ARBI), Davis, CA (United States); Springer, D. [Alliance for Residential Building Innovation (ARBI), Davis, CA (United States)


    This report describes the results of evaluation by the Alliance for Residential Building Innovation (ARBI) Building America team of the “Super Energy Efficient Design” (S.E.E.D) home, a 1,935 sq. ft., single-story spec home located in Tucson, AZ. This prototype design was developed with the goal of providing an exceptionally energy efficient yet affordable home and includes numerous aggressive energy features intended to significantly reduce heating and cooling loads such as structural insulated panel (SIP) walls and roof, high performance windows, an ERV, an air-to-water heat pump with mixed-mode radiant and forced air delivery, solar water heating, and rooftop PV. Source energy savings are estimated at 45% over the Building America B10 Benchmark. System commissioning, short term testing, long term monitoring and detailed analysis of results was conducted to identify the performance attributes and cost effectiveness of the whole house measure package.

  18. Super Energy Efficiency Design (S.E.E.D.) Home Evaluation

    German, A.; Dakin, B.; Backman, C.; Weitzel, E.; Springer, D.


    This report describes the results of evaluation by the Alliance for Residential Building Innovation (ARBI) Building America team of the 'Super Energy Efficient Design' (S.E.E.D) home, a 1,935 sq. ft., single-story spec home located in Tucson, AZ. This prototype design was developed with the goal of providing an exceptionally energy efficient yet affordable home and includes numerous aggressive energy features intended to significantly reduce heating and cooling loads such as structural insulated panel (SIP) walls and roof, high performance windows, an ERV, an air-to-water heat pump with mixed-mode radiant and forced air delivery, solar water heating, and rooftop PV. Source energy savings are estimated at 45% over the Building America B10 Benchmark. System commissioning, short term testing, long term monitoring and detailed analysis of results was conducted to identify the performance attributes and cost effectiveness of the whole house measure package.

  19. Propriedades vibracionais de L-Treonina e D-Treonina sob altas pressÃes.

    Rocicler Oliveira Holanda


    Neste trabalho, cristais de treonina (C4H9NO3) nas formas L e D foram submetidos à anÃlises atravÃs da tÃcnica de espectroscopia Raman. Inicialmente realizou-se uma identificaÃÃo de todas as bandas Raman para as duas amostras por comparaÃÃo com dados de outros trabalhos de espectroscopia Raman em aminoÃcidos. Em uma segunda etapa obteve-se os espectros do material variando o parÃmetro termodinÃmico de pressÃo hidrostÃtica. Para a D-treonina a regiÃo espectral para os experimentos realizados e...

  20. S.E.C.U.R.E.D Practices On Bioarts Education At Work

    Crisostomo Castro Canencia


    Full Text Available The study sought answers on the practices of the bioarts education at work in term of site selection establishment process conservation of rainwater utilization of raintree leaves the 4 Rs reuse-recycle-reduce and redesign entrepreneurship and do-it-alone. S.E.C.U.R.E.D The study showed that site selection considered the topography type of soil vegetation nearness to market drainage free from flood water supply easy means of transportation supply of fish poultry and livestock cheap skilled labor peace and order. The study also indicated that the establishment process included the sound site selection planning-designing and lay-outing labor and material inputs fish-crop-poultry and livestock establishment production-care and feeding harvesting and marketing practices. The study further showed that it saved 400.80 cubic meters of rainwater used for fishponds 14.4 cubic meters of garden soil used in a potted marcotted citrus for 4 years operation. With the applied 4 Rs it saved 12567.25 pesos from the market cost of 15 530.00 pesos. And the do-it-alone saved 18104.00 from the 240649.00 development and operational cost and 53850.00 from 96000.00 expenses on the arts thus it provided 41 return of investment.

  1. P-odd effects in the e-d scattering in the vector-like theories

    Gakh, G.I.


    P-odd effects in elastic electron-deuteron scattering, due to the weak neutral currents, are analyzed in the framework of the vector-like theories. Considered is the case of the most general form of the P-invariance breaking in the elastic e - d scattering amplitude in both the leptonic and hadronic vertices. It is found that in the vector-like theories the parity violation in the electro-deuteron elastic scattering is confined in the hadronic vertex, while in the Weinberg-Salam model it is confined in the leptonic vertex. In the vector-like theories the asymmetry in the scattering of longitudinally polarized electrons by nonpolarized deuterons depends on the electromagnetic and weak form factors of a deuteron, whereas in the Weinberg-Salam model it does not depend on the structure of the deuteron. In the Weinberg-Salam model the asymmetry is independent on the T-violating form factors of the deuteron, whereas such a dependence is present in the vector-like theories

  2. The R.E.D. tools: advances in RESP and ESP charge derivation and force field library building.

    Dupradeau, François-Yves; Pigache, Adrien; Zaffran, Thomas; Savineau, Corentin; Lelong, Rodolphe; Grivel, Nicolas; Lelong, Dimitri; Rosanski, Wilfried; Cieplak, Piotr


    Deriving atomic charges and building a force field library for a new molecule are key steps when developing a force field required for conducting structural and energy-based analysis using molecular mechanics. Derivation of popular RESP charges for a set of residues is a complex and error prone procedure because it depends on numerous input parameters. To overcome these problems, the R.E.D. Tools (RESP and ESP charge Derive, ) have been developed to perform charge derivation in an automatic and straightforward way. The R.E.D. program handles chemical elements up to bromine in the periodic table. It interfaces different quantum mechanical programs employed for geometry optimization and computing molecular electrostatic potential(s), and performs charge fitting using the RESP program. By defining tight optimization criteria and by controlling the molecular orientation of each optimized geometry, charge values are reproduced at any computer platform with an accuracy of 0.0001 e. The charges can be fitted using multiple conformations, making them suitable for molecular dynamics simulations. R.E.D. allows also for defining charge constraints during multiple molecule charge fitting, which are used to derive charges for molecular fragments. Finally, R.E.D. incorporates charges into a force field library, readily usable in molecular dynamics computer packages. For complex cases, such as a set of homologous molecules belonging to a common family, an entire force field topology database is generated. Currently, the atomic charges and force field libraries have been developed for more than fifty model systems and stored in the RESP ESP charge DDataBase. Selected results related to non-polarizable charge models are presented and discussed.

  3. Deuteron form factors and e-d polarization observables for the Paris and Graz-II potentials

    Schwarz, K.; Plessas, W.; Mathelitsch, L.


    Elastic e-d scattering is studied employing the meson-theoretical Paris potential and the non-local separable Graz-II potential. Electric and magnetic form factors are calculated with inclusion of meson-exchange currents and compared to existing experimental data. Deuteron vector and tensor polarizations are predicted and discussed in relation to the deuteron wave functions of the potential models considered. Thereby the off-shell behaviour of the Graz-II interaction is found to be close to that one of the Paris potential over the most important domain of low and moderate off-shell moments. (Author)

  4. Produção e caracterização de quimeras recombinantes C e D de Clostridium botulinum

    Gil, Luciana Aquini Fernandes


    O botulismo bovino é uma intoxicação letal causada pela ingestão da neurotoxina produzida pelo Clostridium botulinum principalmente dos tipos C e D que atua inibindo a liberação de acetilcolina na junção neuromuscular levando à morte por paralisia flácida, com grande importância econômica e sanitária, sendo uma das principais causas de morte em bovinos adultos no Brasil. O controle imunológico do botulismo bovino depende da presença de anticorpos neutralizantes contra as neurotoxinas botul...

  5. Estudo farmacognóstico comparativo das folhas de Davilla elliptica A. St.-Hil. e D. rugosa Poir., Dilleniaceae

    Rose Lisieux R. Paiva Jácome

    Full Text Available As características farmacognósticas das folhas de Davilla elliptica A. St.-Hil. e D. rugosa Poir., Dilleniaceae, foram determinadas com objetivo de auxiliar na identificação taxonômica e no controle de qualidade das drogas vegetais e de produtos fitoterápicos. A espécie D. elliptica é um arbusto ereto, que ocorre naturalmente no cerrado e D. rugosa é um trepadeira lenhosa de beira de mata. Ambas são conhecidas popularmente como lixeirinha, sambaibinha e cipó-caboclo, empregadas na medicina tradicional como antiinflamatória e antiúlcera. As características microscópicas observadas em D. rugosa tais como tricomas estrelados e esclereídes no mesofilo e em D. elliptica de idioblastos contendo mucilagem e endoderme, são parâmetros que poderão ser utilizados na diferenciação das espécies. Os teores obtidos nos ensaios de pureza e nos doseamentos de taninos (9,4% e 7,2%, flavonoides (0,46% e 0,9% e mucilagens (2,2% e 4,1% de ambas as espécies, podem contribuir no controle de qualidade das drogas vegetais uma vez que são usadas indistintamente na produção de fitoterápicos.

  6. Measurement of Double-Polarization Asymmetries in the Quasielastic He3→(e → ,e'd ) Process

    Mihovilovič, M.; Jin, G.; Long, E.; Zhang, Y.-W.; Allada, K.; Anderson, B.; Annand, J. R. M.; Averett, T.; Boeglin, W.; Bradshaw, P.; Camsonne, A.; Canan, M.; Cates, G. D.; Chen, C.; Chen, J. P.; Chudakov, E.; De Leo, R.; Deng, X.; Deltuva, A.; Deur, A.; Dutta, C.; El Fassi, L.; Flay, D.; Frullani, S.; Garibaldi, F.; Gao, H.; Gilad, S.; Gilman, R.; Glamazdin, O.; Golak, J.; Golge, S.; Gomez, J.; Hansen, O.; Higinbotham, D. W.; Holmstrom, T.; Huang, J.; Ibrahim, H.; de Jager, C. W.; Jensen, E.; Jiang, X.; Jones, M.; Kang, H.; Katich, J.; Khanal, H. P.; Kievsky, A.; King, P.; Korsch, W.; LeRose, J.; Lindgren, R.; Lu, H.-J.; Luo, W.; Marcucci, L. E.; Markowitz, P.; Meziane, M.; Michaels, R.; Moffit, B.; Monaghan, P.; Muangma, N.; Nanda, S.; Norum, B. E.; Pan, K.; Parno, D.; Piasetzky, E.; Posik, M.; Punjabi, V.; Puckett, A. J. R.; Qian, X.; Qiang, Y.; Qui, X.; Riordan, S.; Saha, A.; Sauer, P. U.; Sawatzky, B.; Schiavilla, R.; Schoenrock, B.; Shabestari, M.; Shahinyan, A.; Širca, S.; Skibiński, R.; John, J. St.; Subedi, R.; Sulkosky, V.; Tobias, W. A.; Tireman, W.; Urciuoli, G. M.; Viviani, M.; Wang, D.; Wang, K.; Wang, Y.; Watson, J.; Wojtsekhowski, B.; Witała, H.; Ye, Z.; Zhan, X.; Zhang, Y.; Zheng, X.; Zhao, B.; Zhu, L.; Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration


    We present a precise measurement of double-polarization asymmetries in the He3→(e → ,e'd ) reaction. This particular process is a uniquely sensitive probe of hadron dynamics in 3He and the structure of the underlying electromagnetic currents. The measurements have been performed in and around quasielastic kinematics at Q2=0.25 (GeV /c )2 for missing momenta up to 270 MeV /c . The asymmetries are in fair agreement with the state-of-the-art calculations in terms of their functional dependencies on pm and ω , but are systematically offset. Beyond the region of the quasielastic peak, the discrepancies become even more pronounced. Thus, our measurements have been able to reveal deficiencies in the most sophisticated calculations of the three-body nuclear system, and indicate that further refinement in the treatment of their two-and/or three-body dynamics is required.

  7. Avaliação das atividades antifúngica, antimicobacteriana e larvicida de Duroia macrophylla e D. saccifera

    Ana Júlia Reis


    Full Text Available Justificativa e objetivos: A vasta biodiversidade amazônica tem sido apontada como uma fonte de produtos naturais candidatos a diversas atividades farmacológicas, principalmente no combate a doenças infecciosas. Algumas espécies, tais como as pertencentes ao gênero Duroia, da família Rubiaceae, têm sido caracterizadas pela produção de metabólitos secundários com propriedades biológicas importantes, porém são escassos os estudos com espécies deste gênero. Desta forma, o objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a atividade antimicobacteriana, antifúngica e antiparasitária de extratos de D. macrophylla e D. saccifera. Métodos: Foram coletados materiais vegetais de D. macrophylla e D. saccifera na Reserva Florestal A. Ducke em Manaus- AM, a partir dos quais foram preparados extratos diclorometânico, metanólico e aquoso e determinada a concentração inibitória e concentração larvicida mínima. Resultados: No que diz respeito aos extratos de D. saccifera¸ o extrato diclorometânico dos galhos foi o mais ativo frente às espécies fúngicas e as cepas micobacterianas avaliadas. Por outro lado, o extrato metanólico e o diclorometânico das folhas de D. macrophylla, foram os mais ativos frente a Candida sp. e Mycobacterium tuberculosis, respectivamente, porém, nenhum dos seis extratos avaliados apresentaram atividade antiparasitária frente a Toxocara canis. Conclusão: Esses resultados demonstram as propriedades antimicrobianas dessas plantas amazônicas para o desenvolvimento de novas alternativas terapêuticas no tratamento de doenças infecciosas, tais como a tuberculose e candidíase.

  8. A computer - aided system for the the E.D.F. 1400 MW. Nuclear power plants control

    Beltranda, G.; Philipps, C.


    The future E.D.F. 1400 MW nuclear power plants (due to be commissioned in 1991 at CHOOZ) are provided with a control and instrumentation system including the following levels: - sensors and actuators (LEVEL 0): this is the interface of the elementary acquisition and control signals; - the programmable logical and numerical controllers (LEVEL 1) for the logical control sequences and analog adjustment sequences for the whole equipment of the facilities; - the control room (LEVEL 2) including the computer-aided operation system as well as the wall mimic diagram and the auxiliary panel directly connected to the controllers. This is the processing and control conversational level; - the maintenance and site computer-aided systems (LEVEL 3). This paper aims at describing the computer-aided operation system (called KIC N4), its main functions, its architecture and the solutions retained as regards its softwares and the high-quality of data required. The achievement of this system has been entrusted by EDF to the SEMA. METRA/CIMSA-SINTRA grouping, among which SEMA.METRA is the leading company

  9. A Survey of Current and Future Perceived Multi-National Corporation Manufacturing Training Needs in Tianjin, (T.E.D.A.) China.

    Hickey, Will


    Describes a study that surveyed current and perceived future employer-provided training practices among multinational corporations manufacturing companies in the Tianjin Economic Development Area (T.E.D.A.) of China. Highlights include labor market; human resources management in China; workforce productivity; and return on investment. (Author/LRW)

  10. Filosofia e neurociência: entre certezas e dúvidas Philosophy and neuroscience: between certainties and doubts

    Ana Cristina Zimmermann


    Full Text Available Quando tentamos pensar o movimento humano, esse corpo vivo em relação com o mundo, por meio de conceitos restritos a uma única área, constata-se a complexidade deste fenômeno, que se mostra a cada novo movimento da ciência. Considerando esta complexidade, retomamos neste ensaio a possibilidade de diálogo entre Filosofia e Ciência, aqui ocupadas com os estudos sobre corpo e movimento humano. Recorremos, então, ao estranhamento entre Neurociência e Filosofia, em especial a Fenomenologia de Merleau-Ponty, por meio de exemplos clínicos e reflexões, não no sentido de buscar um sistema de explicações, forçar uma aproximação ou apontar elementos para fins de hierarquização, mas com o intuito de extrair deste movimento os elementos que nos ajudem a pensar nossas certezas e dúvidas acerca do movimento humano. A Filosofia nos auxilia, inicialmente, a indagar sobre os pressupostos e consequências das pesquisas, recolocando questões e restaurando o lugar da dúvida. A Ciência, por sua vez, abre campos, aguça curiosidades, e mesmo sem admiti-lo, deixa-se questionar. A separação entre as diferentes formas de pensar a realidade e produzir conhecimentos não precisa necessariamente ser combatida, às custas do enfraquecimento de ambas, mas é possível extrair consequências interessantes de um movimento de aproximação entre as duas áreas.When considering the human movement from a restricted point of view (i.e. from only one field of study, its complexity is evident at each new step in Science. Considering such complexity in the human movement, we revisit the possibility of a dialogue between Philosophy and Science, focusing on the studies on the human body and movement. We invoke the strangeness between Neuroscience and Philosophy, especially the phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty with clinical examples and reflexions. The intention is not to find a system of explanations, to force an approximation or to point out elements for

  11. Book Review: E.D. Zilivinskaya. Architecture of the Golden Horde. Part 1. Cult Monuments. Moscow; Kazan: “Otechestvo” Publ., 2014. 228 p.,+ 220 p., ill.

    Khuzin Fayaz Sh.


    Full Text Available The reviewed monograph by E.D. Zilivinskaya is the fi rst fundamental research in the national historiography to address cult architecture of the Golden Horde. It summarizes massive material collected during archaeological digs on urban settlements, which were actively conducted since 1960s. The subject of this research are cult buildings: mosques, madrasa, khanqah, Christian temples and memorial buildings (mausoleums, vaults, fences of bedrock made under barrows, mainly reconstructed by their debris discovered by the archaeologists. Along with their description, by regions, as well as their classifi cation and typology, examination of genesis of such cult buildings, the author addresses the issues of interaction of cultural traditions in architecture of the Golden Horde cities. The review gives a rather positive evaluation of E.D. Zilivinskaya’s monograph.

  12. Observation of a Neutral Charmoniumlike State Z(c)(0) in e(+)e(-) -> (D*(D)over-bar*)(0)pi(0)

    Ablikim, M.; Achasov, M. N.; Ai, X. C.; Albayrak, O.; Albrecht, M.; Ambrose, D. J.; Amoroso, A.; An, F. F.; An, Q.; Bai, J. Z.; Ferroli, R. Baldini; Ban, Y.; Bennett, D. W.; Bennett, J. V.; Bertani, M.; Bettoni, D.; Bian, J. M.; Bianchi, F.; Boger, E.; Boyko, I.; Briere, R. A.; Cai, H.; Cai, X.; Cakir, O.; Calcaterra, A.; Cao, G. F.; Cetin, S. A.; Chang, J. F.; Chelkov, G.; Chen, G.; Chen, H. S.; Chen, H. Y.; Chen, J. C.; Chen, M. L.; Chen, S. J.; Chen, X.; Chen, X. R.; Chen, Y. B.; Cheng, H. P.; Chu, X. K.; Cibinetto, G.; Dai, H. L.; Dai, J. P.; Dbeyssi, A.; Dedovich, D.; Deng, Z. Y.; Denig, A.; Denysenko, I.; Destefanis, M.; De Mori, F.; Ding, Y.; Dong, C.; Dong, J.; Dong, L. Y.; Dong, M. Y.; Du, S. X.; Duan, P. F.; Eren, E. E.; Fan, J. Z.; Fang, J.; Fang, S. S.; Fang, X.; Fang, Y.; Fava, L.; Feldbauer, F.; Felici, G.; Feng, C. Q.; Fioravanti, E.; Fritsch, M.; Fu, C. D.; Gao, Q.; Gao, X. Y.; Gao, Y.; Gao, Z.; Garzia, I.; Geng, C.; Goetzen, K.; Gong, W. X.; Gradl, W.; Greco, M.; Gu, M. H.; Gu, Y. T.; Guan, Y. H.; Guo, A. Q.; Guo, L. B.; Guo, Y.; Guo, Y. P.; Haddadi, Z.; Hafner, A.; Han, S.; Han, Y. L.; Hao, X. Q.; Harris, F. A.; He, K. L.; He, Z. Y.; Held, T.; Heng, Y. K.; Hou, Z. L.; Hu, C.; Hu, H. M.; Hu, J. F.; Hu, T.; Hu, Y.; Huang, G. M.; Huang, G. S.; Huang, H. P.; Huang, J. S.; Huang, X. T.; Huang, Y.; Hussain, T.; Ji, Q.; Ji, Q. P.; Ji, X. B.; Ji, X. L.; Jiang, L. L.; Jiang, L. W.; Jiang, X. S.; Jiang, X. Y.; Jiao, J. B.; Jiao, Z.; Jin, D. P.; Jin, S.; Johansson, T.; Julin, A.; Kalantar-Nayestanaki, N.; Kang, X. L.; Kang, X. S.; Kavatsyuk, M.; Ke, B. C.; Kiese, P.; Kliemt, R.; Kloss, B.; Kolcu, O. B.; Kopf, B.; Kornicer, M.; Kuehn, W.; Kupsc, A.; Lange, J. S.; Lara, M.; Larin, P.; Leng, C.; Li, C.; Li, C. H.; Li, Cheng; Li, D. M.; Li, F.; Li, G.; Li, H. B.; Li, J. C.; Li, Jin; Li, K.; Li, K.; Li, Lei; Li, P. R.; Li, T.; Li, W. D.; Li, W. G.; Li, X. L.; Li, X. M.; Li, X. N.; Li, X. Q.; Li, Z. B.; Liang, H.; Liang, Y. 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Y.; Zhu, K.; Zhu, K. J.; Zhu, S.; Zhu, X. L.; Zhu, Y. C.; Zhu, Y. S.; Zhu, Z. A.; Zhuang, J.; Zotti, L.; Zou, B. S.; Zou, J. H.


    We report a study of the process e(+)e(-) -> (D*(D) over bar*)(0)pi(0) using e(+)e(-) collision data samples with integrated luminosities of 1092 pb(-1) at root s = 4.23 GeV and 826 pb(-1) at root s = 4.26 GeV collected with the BESIII detector at the BEPCII storage ring. We observe a new neutral

  13. Usage of shape of signal from liquid ionization chamber for rejection delta electrons and multiple measurement of dE/d x

    Kulinich, P.A.


    The results of numerical simulation of separation of different kinds of charged particles with β 2 cm) ionization liquid medium chamber is proposed to be used for rejection of energetic delta electrons and for few measurements of dE/d x inside one gap. Possibility of separating π- and k-mesons at the level of 2 σ in a 4 cm L Kr medium chamber in the momentum range (0.5 N - 0.8) GeV/c is shown. 15 refs.; 13 figs.; 3 tabs. (author)

  14. The electrodisintegration of 3He studied with the 3He(e,e'p)2H and 3He(e,e'd)1H reactions

    Keizer, P.H.M.


    The author presents a survey of experimental and theoretical results for the ground-state properties of 3 He. The formalism of the (e,e'p) and (e,e'd) reactions is presented. A short description of the instrumentation, in particular those elements which are typical for the present study, and of the data analysis is given. This includes a description of the elements required in the 'recoil detection' technique. The kinematics of the experiments and the results are presented. The results are discussed and compared with calculations. (Auth.)

  15. Experimental Study of Particle Separation in a L Kr Ionization Chamber by Multiple Measuring of dE/d x Using the Shape Analysis of Signal

    Cantoni, P.; Frabetti, P.L.; Stagni, L.


    Charged particle (π - k) separation in the momentum range 0.5 - 0.7 GeV/c using a new method of shape analysis of the signal from a liquid krypton (L Kr) ionization chamber has been experimentally studied. The detector has been exposed to pions and protons at T11 test beam at the CERN PS. The shape of the preamplifier output signal was recorded by a waveform digitizer, then it was doubly 'differentiated' to obtain few measurements of dE/d x inside a 2 cm gap. This permits an increase of the boundary momentum of 2 σ separation from 0.6 GeV/c to 0.68 GeV/c. The comparison with the Monte Carlo result shows good agreement. (author). 11 refs.; 9 figs

  16. Running-in strategies for the low-enriched 600 MW(e) D-HHT reactor. Part 1. Comparison of different on-load refuelling schemes

    Hansen, U


    This paper presents detailed burn-up calculations and fuel management strategies for the Dragon-HHT, D-HHT, reference core. The reference layout was chosen from the outcome of a design survey with the 1-D equilibrium fuel cycle code FLATTER. The decision was based on aspects of engineering and economics. The purpose of the investigation is to devise a suitable first core, follow the irradiation history of the fuel and the general behaviour of the reactor during the first core replacements until equilibrium operating conditions are reached. A detailed description of time dependant burn-up and spatial power production for specified reactivity limits is required. For this purpose the reactor code system VSOP was employed. Different combinations of the parameters are investigated and the influence on reactor operation and economics discussed. From the strategy analysis a reference fuel management scheme is chosen for the low enriched 600 MW(e) D-HHT reactor.

  17. Annealing, temperature, and bias-induced threshold voltage instabilities in integrated E/D-mode InAlN/GaN MOS HEMTs

    Blaho, M.; Gregušová, D.; Haščík, Š.; Ťapajna, M.; Fröhlich, K.; Šatka, A.; Kuzmík, J.


    Threshold voltage instabilities are examined in self-aligned E/D-mode n++ GaN/InAlN/GaN MOS HEMTs with a gate length of 2 μm and a source-drain spacing of 10 μm integrated in a logic invertor. The E-mode MOS HEMT technology is based on selective dry etching of the cap layer which is combined with Al2O3 grown by atomic-layer deposition at 380 K. In the D-mode MOS HEMT, the gate recessing is skipped. The nominal threshold voltage (VT) of E/D-mode MOS HEMTs was 0.6 and -3.4 V, respectively; the technology invariant maximal drain current was about 0.45 A/mm. Analysis after 580 K/15 min annealing step and at an elevated temperature up to 430 K reveals opposite device behavior depending on the HEMT operational mode. It was found that the annealing step decreases VT of the D-mode HEMT due to a reduced electron injection into the modified oxide. On the other hand, VT of the E-mode HEMT increases with reduced density of surface donors at the oxide/InAlN interface. Operation at the elevated temperature produces reversible changes: increase/decrease in the VT of the respective D-/E-mode HEMTs. Additional bias-induced experiments exhibit complex trapping phenomena in the devices: Coaction of shallow (˜0.1 eV below EC) traps in the GaN buffer and deep levels at the oxide/InAlN interface was identified for the E-mode device, while trapping in the D-mode HEMTs was found to be consistent with a thermo-ionic injection of electrons into bulk oxide traps (˜0.14 eV above EF) and trapping at the oxide/GaN cap interface states.

  18. Compte-rendu de la journée d'étude de l'ATALA à Grenoble le 22 octobre 2004

    Lionel Lamadon


    Full Text Available La journée d'étude de l'ATALA (Association pour le Traitement Automatique de la Langue s'est déroulée le 22 octobre 2004 à l'université Stendhal Grenoble 3 et avait pour thème : TAL et apprentissage des langues. Cette journée était organisée par le LIDILEM (Laboratoire de Linguistique et Didactique des Langues Étrangères et Maternelles de l'université Stendhal, sous l'égide de l'ATALA et avec le soutien de XRCE (Xerox Research Centre Europe et du projet européen Thetis. Un nombre important de soumissions a permis d'emblée de mesurer l'intérêt suscité par le thème de cette journée. Au final, dix articles ont été sélectionnés pour une présentation orale ainsi que quatre articles pour la session posters. Autour de la thématique générale des liens entre le TAL (Traitement Automatique de la Langue et l'ALAO (Apprentissage des Langues Assisté par Ordinateur, les intervenants ont présenté différents axes de recherche permettant de mieux cerner les enjeux de l'intégration d'outils de TAL dans des environnements informatiques d'aide à l'apprentissage.

  19. Fathers of U.S. Children Born in 2001: Findings from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Birth Cohort (ECLS-B) E.D. TAB. NCES 2006-002

    Avenilla, Frank; Rosenthal, Emily; Tice, Pete


    This E.D. TAB presents information about the biological fathers of children born in the United States in the year 2001. It is the first publication of findings using the data collected from fathers during the base year collection of the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Birth Cohort (ECLS-B). It presents information on the demographic…


    Yulieth Nayive Romero Rincón


    Full Text Available Este escrito corresponde a los resultados parciales de la investigación adelantada en la Maestría en Pedagogía de la Universidad de la Sabana, titulada “Incidencia de las rutinas de pensamiento en el fortalecimiento de habilidades científicas: Observar y preguntar en los estudiantes de grado cuarto, ciclo II del colegio Rural José Celestino Mutis I.E.D.” La investigación surgió frente a la problemática de los bajos resultados en el campo de pensamiento ciencia y tecnología, sustentados al interior de la institución y en  los resultados de la prueba saber ICFES (2013. Cuyo indicador refiere que la mayoría de los estudiantes de la institución se ubican dentro del nivel de desempeño insuficiente (26% y mínimo (53%, encontrándose por debajo de los niveles de Bogotá y del país. Aunado a los pocos estudiantes que se encuentran dentro del nivel satisfactorio (16% y avanzado (5%. De igual modo, se plantea que la institución es débil en el uso comprensivo del conocimiento científico, en la explicación de fenómenos y similar en indagación a instituciones que obtuvieron puntajes parecidos. También surge del interés  de las docentes por establecer un punto de partida que ayude a fortalecer las habilidades del pensamiento científico. Por tal motivo, en el presente escrito se pretende presentar los hallazgosencontrados en la primera fase de la investigación, la cual se centró en la realización de un diagnóstico para identificar los niveles de observación y tipos de preguntas que formulan y plantean los estudiantes de grado cuarto de la institución. La investigación tiene un enfoque cualitativo, desde la investigación acción participación, cuya población fueron 32 estudiantes de grado cuarto.

  1. A split-target technique in determining the dE/dX of 1.0-5.0 MeV tritium in A1, Ni and Au

    Labor, M.I.W.


    The energy loss of 1.0 to 5.0 MeV tritium in aluminium, nickel and gold have been measured by a split-target technique. The data have been analysed by integrating an analytical expression for the variation of dE/dX with energy. The results are compared with semi-empirical calculations and with previously determined values. (author)

  2. The functioning of the reactors G2-G3 at Marcoule and E.D.F. 1; Experience de fonctionnement des reacteurs G2-G3 de Marcoule et enseignements des essais de demarrage du reacteur E.D.F. 1 de Chinon

    Boussard, R; Conte, F [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires; Stolz, J M [Electricite de France (EDF), 75 - Paris (France)


    After resuming briefly the characteristics of the installations G2-G3 at Marcoule and EDF 1 at Chinon, the authors review the main aspects of the tests, the starting and the exploitation of these reactors. Among the various points examined, particular emphasis is given to the devices of original nature such as tubular fuel elements, flattening of the neutron flux by stuffing, behaviour of the reactor tanks and the cooling circuits, the blowers, unloading devices, regulation and functioning of the informations. This analysis deals equally with the performances obtained and the difficulties and the various incidents experienced during the initial starting period. Among the more interesting results, the progressive increase in the power of the Marcoule reactors is mentioned, obtained through a better knowledge of the parameters covering the functioning of the reactors such as the distribution of the flux and the temperatures etc... acquired during the course of the exploitation of the reactor. The conclusion reached by the authors is that the experience gained on these installations has shown: - that during an initial period, adjustments became necessary, all of which turned out to be possible, - that an analysis of their functioning has permitted the progressive movement towards a truly industrial exploitation. (authors) [French] Les auteurs, apres un bref rappel des caracteristiques des installations G2 - G3 de MARCOULE et E.D.F. 1 de CHINON, passent en revue les principaux aspects des essais, de la mise en service et de l'exploitation de ces centrales. Parmi les divers points examines, une attention speciale est accordee aux dispositifs presentant un caractere original tels que elements combustibles tubulaires, aplatissement du flux neutronique par gavage, comportement des caissons des reacteurs et des circuits de refroidissement, soufflantes, appareils de dechargement, regulation et fonctionnement des informations. L'analyse presentee porte tant sur les

  3. Técnica e Inteligência Artificial: O debate entre J. Searle e D. Dennett/Technique and Artificial intelligence: the debate between J. Searle and D. Dennett

    Viana, Wellistony Carvalho; Professor do ICESPI, Professor do PPG em Ética e Epistemologia/UFPI.


    O debate entre J. Searle e D. Dennett acerca da possibilidade técnica de uma Inteligência artificial gira em torno de uma única questão: estados mentais expressam algo intrínseco, privado e subjetivo, experimentado em primeira-pessoa ou não passam de entidades obscurantistas, frutos da ignorância e, em princípio, reduzíveis à objetividade científica da neurociência? Searle defende a primeira tese, enquanto Dennett argumenta pela segunda. O texto expõe a posição de Dennett, a crítica de Searle...

  4. Effects of oral micellized natural vitamin E (D-α-tocopherol) v. syntheric vitamin E (DL-α-tocopherol) in feed on α-tocopherol levels, stereoisomer distribution, oxidative stress and the immune response in piglets

    Amazan, D; Cordero, G; López-Bote, C J


    This study evaluated the strategy of supplementing oral micellized natural vitamin E (d-α-tocopherol) to either piglets and/or sows on α-tocopherol concentrations in piglets serum and tissues after weaning. One first experiment tested the influence of the vitamin E supplementation source (natural...... supplementation on some of these parameters in piglets. Oral supplementation to sows with natural vitamin E as a micellized form (d-α-tocopherol) at the lowest dose produced a similar concentration of α-tocopherol in serum at days 2, 14 and 28 postpartum to those supplemented with threefold higher dose.......001) and lower (Pimportance of sow over piglet vitamin E supplementation was observed on stereoisomer distribution in piglets. Low doses of oral natural vitamin E supplementation...

  5. Atrição dental em Didelphis albiventris e D. marsupialis (Marsupialia, Didelphimorphia, Didelphidae) do Sul do Brasil Dental wear in Didelphis albiventris and D. marsupialis (Marsupialia, Didelphimorphia, Didelphidae) from southern Brazil

    Marília da Silva Aguiar; Jorge Ferigolo; João Luiz Rossi Junior; Marco Antônio Gioso


    Pesquisou-se o nível de desgaste dental (atrição e/ou abrasão) em 168 espécimes de Didelphis albiventris e D. marsupialis (gambás) do sul do Brasil. O desgaste foi muito importante, com elevada freqüência de dentina terciária e de exposição da câmara coronária e/ou do canal radicular, devido à associação de fraturas e desgaste, pois as fraturas predispõem ao desgaste e este favorece as fraturas. O grau de desgaste aumentou com a idade dos animais. A ordem crescente na freqüência de dentina te...

  6. Superávit e déficit fiscal dos municípios brasileiros: uma aplicação do modelo de viés de seleção em painel

    Sergio Naruhiko Sakurai


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é analisar o resultado primário fiscal dos municípios brasileiros entre 1999 e 2007, aplicando a metodologia de viés de seleção para dados em painel proposto por Wooldridge (1995. Mais especificamente, assume-se que a ocorrência de superávits e déficits fiscais não deve ser tomada como um evento puramente aleatório e, alternativamente, assume-se a existência de um primeiro estágio que determina a ocorrência de um superávit ou de um déficit fiscal. Os resultados corrigidos para a presença do viés amostral indicam que saldos fiscais positivos e negativos são parcialmente influenciados pelas características fiscais dos municípios, bem como pela estrutura demográfica da população. Contudo, suas características políticas pouco influenciam o resultado fiscal.

  7. Biologia reprodutiva de Dipsas neivai Amaral e D. catesbyi (Sentzen (Serpentes, Colubridae no sudeste da Bahia, Brasil Reproductive biology in Dipsas neivai and D. catesbyi (Serpentes, Colubridae in southeastern Bahia, Brasil

    Fátima Q. Alves


    Full Text Available A biologia reprodutiva de Dipsas neivai Amaral, 1923 e Dipsas catesbyi (Sentezen, 1796 foi estudada através da dissecção de 261 espécimes de D. neivai e 222 de D. catesbyi. Em D. neivai o macho amadurece com menor tamanho do que a fêmea, ocorrendo o oposto em D. catesbyi. Em ambas as espécies a fêmea atinge maior tamanho corporal que o macho. O tamanho da ninhada variou de um a oito ovos em D. neivai e de um a seis em D. catesbyi, não estando correlacionado com o tamanho da fêmea na última. O ciclo reprodutivo em ambos machos e fêmeas é contínuo, com vitelogênese e espermatogênese ocorrendo ao longo do ano todo. Em Dipsas neivai, a cópula nas fêmeas é dissociado da vitelogênese. D. neivai e D. catesbyi são sintópicas, e reproduzem no mesmo período do ano, o que possivelmente está relacionado à disponibilidade contínua de presas e à pouca variação climática no sudeste da Bahia.The reproductive biology of Dipsas neivai Amaral, 1923 and Dipsas catesbyi (Sentzen, 1796, was studied by dissecting 261 specimens of D. neivai and 222 of D. catesbyi. In D. neivai males mature at smaller body size than females, and in D. catesbyi the opposite was observed. The females were larger than males in both species. The clutch size ranged from one to eight in D. neivai, and one to six in D. catesbyi, but it is not correlated with female length in the last one. Reproductive cycles in both males and females are aseasonal, with vitelogensis and spermatogenesis occurring throughout the year. The couple in females of D. neivai is dissociated from the vitellogenesis. D. neivai and D. catesbyi are syntopic and reproduce in the same time of the year, which is possibly related to the continuous availability of prey and little climate variation in southern Bahia.

  8. Atrição dental em Didelphis albiventris e D. marsupialis (Marsupialia, Didelphimorphia, Didelphidae do Sul do Brasil Dental wear in Didelphis albiventris and D. marsupialis (Marsupialia, Didelphimorphia, Didelphidae from southern Brazil

    Marília da Silva Aguiar


    Full Text Available Pesquisou-se o nível de desgaste dental (atrição e/ou abrasão em 168 espécimes de Didelphis albiventris e D. marsupialis (gambás do sul do Brasil. O desgaste foi muito importante, com elevada freqüência de dentina terciária e de exposição da câmara coronária e/ou do canal radicular, devido à associação de fraturas e desgaste, pois as fraturas predispõem ao desgaste e este favorece as fraturas. O grau de desgaste aumentou com a idade dos animais. A ordem crescente na freqüência de dentina terciária nos dentes caudais aos caninos foi: primeiro, segundo e terceiro molares, terceiro e segundo pré-molar, e quarto molar. Diferentemente de outros onívoros, em Didelphis o desgaste dentário parece mais relacionado às fraturas devidas aos alimentos (seguida de atrição/abrasão do que ao contato entre os dentes. Ao contrário da literatura, os molares tribosfênicos não parecem "ideais" para tal dieta onívora, o que é evidenciado pela elevada freqüência de desgaste, fraturas e exposição da câmara coronária ou do canal radicular.This work deals with the study of dental wear down (atrittion and/or abrasion in 168 specimens of Didelphis albiventris and D. marsupialis from Southern Brazil. Wear down was very important, with high frequency of tertiary dentine and exposition of the pulp cavity/radicular canal, due to the association of fractures and wear down. Fractures predispose wear down which, on the other side, favors fractures. The degree of attrition increased with age. The order of growing frequency of tertiary dentin in poscanines was: first, second and third molars, third and second premolars, and finally fourth molar. Differently from others omnivorous in Didelphis tooth wear down seems rather related to fractures due to food (followed by attrition than to teeth contact. Contrary to literature, tribosphenic molars seems not to be "ideals" for such omnivorous diet, as is evident from the high frequency of wear down

  9. Natuke privaatsusest ja mõnevõrra enam selle jälitustegevuslikust riivest isikuandmeid töötleva Eesti avaliku võimu poolt / Eerik Kergandberg

    Kergandberg, Eerik, 1953-


    Artikkel on koostatud õiguskantsleri 2005. aasta teaduskonverentsi ettekande alusel ning keskendub eeskätt isikuandmete töötlemise tulemina privaatsust riivavale riiklikule tegevusele - jälitustegevusele ja sellega seotud aktuaalsematele probleemidele

  10. Expressão de certeza e dúvida na gagueira: estudo dos aspectos temporais da fala Expression of certainty and doubt on stuttering: study of speech's temporal features

    Leticia Correa Celeste


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: examinar o papel da organização temporal do discurso na expressão das atitudes de certeza e dúvida em grupo de adultos com gagueira, comparando-a em um grupo de adultos fluentes. MÉTODO: participaram desta pesquisa 24 indivíduos, sendo 12 com gagueira (GE1 e GE2 e 12 sem gagueira (GC. Foram coletadas amostras que teve como base um corpus de 10 frases chave que foram produzidas nas formas neutra, de dúvida e de certeza, totalizando 840 enunciados. A análise acústica foi realizada por meio do programa Praat e os seguintes parâmetros foram analisados: tempos e taxas de elocução e articulação, ocorrência e duração de pausas e disfluências, duração das vogais tônica e pré-tônica e ocorrência da vogal pós-tônica. A análise estatística foi realizada por meio dos testes Kruskall Wallis e qui-quadrado, com índice de significância de 95%. RESULTADOS: a expressão da dúvida apresenta taxa de articulação mais baixa no grupo controle, seguida da forma neutra e de certeza, com diferenças estatisticamente significantes. Ainda no grupo controle, foi observado presença de pausas e disfluências somente na expressão de dúvida. No grupo experimental, a maior diferença encontrada foi na duração da vogal da sílaba tônica. CONCLUSÃO: de uma forma geral, o GC variou mais sua organização temporal a fim de expressar as atitudes. No entanto, é possível observar também uma tendência semelhante no grupo de pessoas com gagueira. Quanto à velocidade de fala, ao retirar as pausas e as disfluências, vemos que tanto GE1 quanto GE2 diferenciam a certeza, articulando cada sílaba de forma mais rápida.PURPOSE: to examine the role of speech temporal organization on the expression as for the attitudes of certainty and doubt in the group of adults who stutter, comparing such analysis with a group of speech-fluent adults. METHOD: we analyzed 24 individuals, 12 with stuttering (SG1 and SG2 and 12 without stuttering (CG

  11. 1g(9/2), 1f(5/2), and 1f(7/2) neutron inner hole responses in Sn-115 and Sn-119 via the ((d)over-right-arrow,t) reaction at E-d=200 MeV

    Langevin-Joliot, H; Van de Wiele, J; Guillot, J; Gerlic, E; Rosier, LH; Willis, A; Djalali, C; Morlet, M; Tomasi-Gustafsson, E; Blasi, N; Micheletti, S; van der Werf, SY

    Neutron inner hole responses in Sn-115 and Sn-119 nuclei have been studied via the ((d) over right arrow ,t) reaction at E-d=200 MeV using a polarized beam with both vector and tensor components. One-step pickup observables corresponding to the overlapping 1g(9/2), 1f(5/2), and 1f(7/2) responses

  12. La représentation sociale de la culture de l'Autre : Figures opposées de l'Indien Primitif et du Maghrebin Indépendant chez des élèves de 1ère année d'IUT en situation de problème absurde

    Maffiolo, Daniel


    Dans le cadre d'une intervention pédagogique, 47 élèves en 1ère année d'IUT sont soumis à un problème absurde de sciences humaines comparant un groupe de Maghrebins et un groupe de Zapotèques. Après avoir présenté les effets quantitatifs en termes de contrat de communication didactique, on propose une analyse qualitative intertextuelle des copies, mettant à jour la production collective d'une double représentation sociale opposant sous forme argumentative l'Indien Primitif au Maghrebin Indépe...

  13. Structural mechanics studies at E.D.F

    Baylac, G.


    Structural mechanics studies at EDF have three goals: a better knowledge of the materials properties, an an improvement of the design, and a better in service surveillance of the components. This study has lead EDF to perform a large investment to make possible the fatigue survey of the primary circuit. This investment is of 10 men-years for the mechanical studies. A cumulative bookkeeping of the transients is now in action at Fessenheim I and II, Bugey II to V, Tricastin I, Gravelines I, Dampierre I. A catalog of the transients easy to use will be provided to each unit in the near future. The design of the new four loop plants will take advantage of a new catalog of the design transients, this catalog being used for the purpose of the design and the bookkeeping of the transients. Experimental and theoretical investigations concerning the vibrations of PWR internals and primary circuit have been carried out at Fessenheim I, Bugey V and Tricastin I . As a result of these studies and complementary studies on Safran mock-up, EDF has been able to define with FRAMATOME and CEA a monitoring system to meet the requirements of the safety authorities. The monitoring system is divided in to three parts: loose - parts detection system accelerometers; monitoring of reactor internals by neutron noise measurements; monitoring of heavy components vibrations by accelerometers. This system is now installed in all PWR units. Some developments are in progress at EDF mainly at the Directorate of Research and Development to improve the procedures of the control and to define the criteria for an early diagnostic of the anomalies. The major reports are Surveillance du comportement vibratoire des composants de circuit primaire; Vibration studies on a three loop PWR internals model; and Nuclear Reactor Surveillance - Neutron noise measurements and vibrations analysis on French PWR Internal structures

  14. Weak-electromagnetic interference in polarized eD scattering

    Prescott, C.Y.


    Observation of parity non-conservation in deep-inelastic scattering of polarized electrons from deuterium was reported in an experiment at SLAC in 1978. The events at SLAC and elsewhere leading to the successful search for parity non-conservation in the electromagnetic processes are described

  15. 435-IJBCS-Article-Prof E D Fiogbe


    occupées par de nombreux dépotoirs sauvages d'ordures ménagères. Les interventions ..... Tableau 1: Quantités de déchets solides et liquides recueillies. Lieu de provenance ..... réglementaires pour assurer une gestion durable des ...

  16. E.D.A.R. de Segovia ciudad

    Catón Romero, Ignacio


    Con este proyecto se pretende estudiar las características de las aguas residuales del núcleo urbano de Segovia y diseñar un sistema de depuración para éstas. La depuración de las aguas residuales, además de suponer un claro beneficio para el entorno de la zona desde el punto de vista ambiental, supondrá también un beneficio socioeconómico para la población, debido a la posibilidad de reutilización para algunas actividades como la agricultura. Será fundamental a la hora de d...

  17. A Model of Secondary Hydrocarbon Migration As a Buoyancy-Driven Separate Phase Flow Un modèle de migration secondaire des hydrocarbures considéré comme un écoulement en phases séparées régi par la poussée d'Archimède

    Lehner F. K.


    Full Text Available A mathematical model of secondary migration is described which permits the prediction of hydrocarbon migration and accumulation patterns in a sedimentary basin, if source rock expulsion rates and geometrical and hydraulic properties of major carrier systems are known through geological time. In this model, secondary migration is treated as buoyancy-driven, segregated flow of hydrocarbons in hydrostatic aquifers. Lateral, updip migration is conceived as a Boussinesq-type, free-surface flow, with source and sink terms representing supply from source rocks and leakage through cap rocks and faults. This permits a two-dimensional, map-view mathematical description of a three-dimensional, time-dependent secondary migration system. A nine-point finite difference approximation has been developed to minimize numerical dispersion, and upstream-weighting is used to obtain stable solutions. Example computations for simple, single carrier bed structures are presented. L'article décrit un modèle mathématique de migration secondaire prédisant la migration des hydrocarbures et leur accumulation dans un bassin sédimentaire, lorsque les taux d'expulsion des roches mères et les propriétés géométriques et hydrauliques des principaux systèmes de drainage sont connus à l'échelle du temps géologique. Dans ce modèle, la migration secondaire est traitée comme un écoulement des hydrocarbures en phase séparée, contrôlé par la poussée d'Archimède, dans des aquifères hydrostatiques. La migration latérale est considérée comme un écoulement de type Boussinesq, à surface libre, avec des termes sources et puits représentant les apports venant des roches mères et les fuites à travers les couvertures et les failles. Ceci permet une description mathématique bidimensionnelle cartographiable d'un système de migration secondaire tridimensionnel et dépendant du temps. On utilise une approximation type différences finies à neuf points pour minimiser

  18. Bispos conservadores brasileiros no Concílio Vaticano II (1962-1965: D. Geraldo de Proença Sigaud e D. Antônio de Castro Mayer - DOI: 10.5752/P.2175-5841.2011v9n24p1010

    Rodrigo Coppe Caldeira


    Full Text Available Desde o século XIX o catolicismo foi assinalado por uma divisão interna advinda das demandas pastorais de como a Igreja Católica deveria se situar e responder aos novos desafios lançados pela modernidade. Uns entendiam que ela deveria dialogar com modernidade, abrindo-se àquelas perspectivas positivas do projeto moderno, outros negavam qualquer possibilidade de tal diálogo, vendo nos valores modernos apenas anticristianismo e perdição, defendendo o lançamento de anátemas aqueles que, possivelmente, se desviassem da ortodoxia. O Concílio Vaticano II (1962-1965 pode ser compreendido como um campo de lutas simbólico-normativas, no qual estas duas tendências colocaram-se frente a frente nos inúmeros debates. Este artigo tem como objetivo principal apresentar brevemente a atuação de dois bispos brasileiros conservadores no concílio: D. Antônio de Castro Mayer e D. Geraldo de Proença Sigaud (1962-1965. Para tanto, apresentaremos algumas das principais intervenções dos bispos na assembleia conciliar, chamando atenção para os temas em que travaram maior combate, como liberdade religiosa, liturgia e organização hierárquica da Igreja. AbstractSince the 19th century Catholicism has been marked by internal divisions arising from the pastoral demands of how the Catholic Church should position itself and deal with the new challenges launched by modern times. Some people understood that the Catholic Church was supposed to evolve with modern times and open itself to new perspectives related to the modern project. Others denied any possibility of dialogue with the modern times and believed that modern values would encourage scepticism and anti Christianity, defending also the excommunication of those who deviate from orthodoxy. The Second Vatican Council (1962-1965 can be understood as a symbolic-normative battle field, in which two divergent positions are in continuous confrontation. This article aims to briefly present the

  19. Amplificação gênica alelo-específica na caracterização das hemoglobinas S, C e D e as interações entre elas e talassemias beta Allele-specific genic amplification in the characterization of hemoglobins S, C, D and interactions among them and with beta thalassemia

    Luciane Cristina Bertholo


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: As hemoglobinopatias resultam de alterações hereditárias, sendo prevalentes em muitas regiões do mundo, mas atingem a população brasileira de forma significativa. Elas são decorrentes de alterações em genes estruturais responsáveis pelo aparecimento das hemoglobinas variantes e/ou em genes reguladores, resultando nas talassemias. A identificação dessas patologias tem sido rotineiramente realizada por procedimentos eletroforéticos, contudo nossa experiência laboratorial evidencia que as mesmas nem sempre apresentam resoluções suficientes para a correta caracterização da mutação. CASUÍSTICAS E MÉTODOS: O propósito deste trabalho foi estabelecer uma metodologia válida para a caracterização das hemoglobinas S, C e D em homozigose ou heterozigose, e suas possíveis interações, baseada na amplificação gênica alelo-específica (PCR-AE com a utilização de primers sense, antisense e primers que se acoplam na posição do alelo mutante e na respectiva posição do alelo normal. RESULTADOS E DISCUSSÃO: Os resultados evidenciaram a validade dessa metodologia na caracterização das mutações, sendo esse procedimento de fácil realização, reprodutível e possível de ser aplicado em um significativo número de amostras.BRACKGROUND: The hemoglobinopathies are a group of hereditary hemoglobin disorders in worldwide distribution, affecting Brazilian population significantly; they are decurrent of alterations in structural genes, responsible for hemoglobin variants, and/or in regulatory genes, resulting the thalassemia. These disorders have been identified in most cases by electrophoretics procedures, and our laboratory experience points out that sometimes they do not obtain enough resolution for a right characterization of mutation. MATERIAL AND METHOD: The objective of this study was to establish a valid laboratory methodology for the characterization of hemoglobins S, C and D in homozygous or heterozygous and

  20. Creating cultural continuity in the domestic realm : the case of Soviet Estonia / Anu Kannike

    Kannike, Anu, 1967-


    Analüüs keskendub privaatsuse loomisele ja taastamisele kui ühele kultuuritraumaga toimetuleku strateegiale. On väidetud, et nõukogude perioodil loodi Eestis privaatsust peamiselt oma lähimiljöös ja koduse ruumi personaliseerimise kaudu

  1. Arla 40 aastat üles ehitatud turg haihtus viie päevaga / Tõnis Arnover

    Arnover, Tõnis, 1952-


    Ilmunud ka: Delovõje Vedomosti 15. veebr. lk. 5. Taani ja Rootsi piimakontsern Arla Foods kahjumit hinnatakse 20 miljonile Eesti kroonile päevas. Peale moslemite boikoti ohustavad Arla Lähis-Ida turuosa ka konkurendid. Vt. samas: Arla tootmine kannatab ka Taanis; Taani odav või ujutab üle Euroopa turu

  2. Efeitos da precipitação pluvial, da umidade relativa do ar e de excesso e déficit hídrico do solo no peso do hectolitro, no peso de mil grãos e no rendimento de grãos de trigo Effects of rainfall, relative humidity and water excess and deficit on test weight, thousand kernel weight, and grain yield of wheat

    Eliana Maria Guarienti


    Full Text Available Cerca de 90% da produção de trigo no Brasil está localizada nos estados do Paraná, do Rio Grande do Sul e de Santa Catarina. Nesses estados, a variabilidade climática é muito expressiva, tornando a produção tritícola uma atividade de risco e fazendo com que o decréscimo da produção e da produtividade de trigo seja objeto de questionamento de grande número de investigadores. Este trabalho teve por objetivo verificar a influência da precipitação pluvial, da umidade relativa do ar e de excesso e déficit hídrico do solo no peso do hectolitro, peso de mil grãos e rendimento de grãos. Foram usados dados de experimentos com a cultivar de trigo Embrapa 16, conduzidos durante os anos de 1990 a 1998, em sete locais do Rio Grande do Sul e em quatro locais de Santa Catarina. A análise estatística realizada foi correlação múltipla. Verificou-se que: a a precipitação pluvial e o excesso hídrico do solo afetaram negativamente o peso do hectolitro, peso de mil grãos e rendimento de grãos, e a umidade relativa do ar influenciou tanto positiva quanto negativamente essas variáveis; b o déficit hídrico do solo afetou positivamente o peso do hectolitro, peso de mil grãos e rendimento de grãos após a maturação fisiológica, isto é, nos dez primeiros dias anteriores à colheita, e negativamente nos demais períodos.About 90% of the wheat production in Brazil is located in Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina states. In these states there is a considerable climatic variability and consequently wheat production becomes a risky activity. Therefore, the decrease of wheat production and grain yield has been analyzed by a great number of investigators. This work aimed to verify the influence of rainfall, relative humidity, and water excess and deficit on test weight, thousand kernel weight, and grain yield of wheat. Data of Embrapa 16 wheat cultivar, obtained during the 1990-98 period, in seven Rio Grande do Sul state

  3. Research by E.D.F. in the field of environment overview and prospects

    Lepetit, J.P.; Delcambre, J.


    The implementation of a major nuclear development program has needed numerous research efforts in the field of environment and greatly enhanced knowledge both of natural mechanisms and impacts of facilities. On an other hand, in spite of an important reduction of oil fired stations use, studies are still performed in relation with the national and european efforts to improve air quality. The following topics are reviewed: - studies relating to water: thermal impact, effect of heating in the aquatic environment, capture of fish in intake structures and impact of transit, biological fooling, radioactive discharges, hydraulic facilities. - Impact on the atmospheric: applied meteorology, impact of cooling towers, dispersion in the atmospheric and chemical contents of the air, SO2, NOx, particles and trace pollutants, acid rain, release reduction technology, radioactive discharges. - Acoustic environment: noise generation, radiated acoustic levels [fr

  4. La femme et sa destinée d'après Edith Stein

    Philippe Lauria


    Full Text Available Woman's Destiny according Edith Stein The following essay aims to show that Edith Stein's conception of women was a feminist and a traditionalist one. This could be interpreted by some philosophers as a sort of contradiction. Thus the author presents the different arguments detecting such  a conflict between feminism and traditionalism. These arguments are based in fact on the opposition between nature or essence, on the one hand, and freedom, on the other hand. The thesis of the author is that there is not necessarily a conflict between essence and freedom, and that essence is not a fiction but an ontological reality which, interpreted in the way of Edith Stein, makes it possible to conceive sexual difference in a perfect synthesis between the Christian tradition and gender equality.

  5. An electrically reprogrammable 1024 bits MNOS ROM using MNOS-SOS e/d technology

    Mackowiak, E.; Le Goascoz, V.


    A 1024 bits fully decoded electrically writable and erasable non volatile ROM is described. Memory cells and peripheral circuits are made using P channel silicon on sapphire enhancement depletion technology [fr

  6. 29th Rencontres de Physique de La Vallée d'Aoste

    Rencontres de La Thuile


    This is the twenty-nineth Workshop in Particle Physics being held yearly at the Planibel Hotel of La Thuile, Aosta Valley. La Thuile is a beautiful mountain village located 1450 m, about 40 km north of the city of Aosta, on the road to the Mont Blanc. The hotel is at the bottom of a vast skiing area connected with the French ski resort La Rosiere and it is an outstanding complex for winter sports and congresses. The Rencontres will bring together about 120 active experimentalists and theorists, as well as a number of young students supported by the Organizers, to review the status and the future prospects in elementary particle physics. Will be published in: Nuovo Cimento, C

  7. Hermeneutic Haunting: E. D. Hirsch, Jr. and the Ghost of Interpretive Validity

    O'Neill, Linda


    This article applies criteria for validity in interpretation to Eric Donald Hirsch, Jr.'s interpretations of John Dewey. Specifically, three criteria that Hirsch, himself, established in his earlier work are used to evaluate Hirsch's interpretation of John Dewey as a member of a class (romantics) who embraced a naive naturalism (trait) more often…

  8. Core Knowledge and Standards: A Conversation with E.D. Hirsch, Jr.

    O'Neil, John


    Hirsch believes it is vitally important to specify the "core knowledge" that all students must learn. Here, Hirsch explains elements of his K-8 core-knowledge sequence. Teachers should avoid canned lessons but should know where they are going. New English standards are unacceptable, since they omit Shakespeare's works. (MLH)

  9. sup(113m)In E.D.T.M.P

    Nowotny, G.; Fraga de Suarez, A.H.; Mitta, A.E.A.


    A radiopharmaceutical prepared from ethylendiaminotetrametilenphosphoric acid (E.T.M.P.) is described, which can be labelled with 113 In for its use in bone scintillography. This compound has been tested satisfactorily in animals. Chemical controls for labelling are discussed as well as the biological ones for distribution and toxicity. A radiochemical yield of 95% or higher was obtained and after two hours of administration nearly 30% of dose can be localized is skeleton. (author) [es

  10. Deuteron tensor polarization in the e-+d →e-+p+n process

    Rekalo, M.P.; Gakh, G.I.; Rekalo, A.P.


    The polarization phenomena in the d-vector(e, ep)n reaction caused by the deuteron tensor polarization have been investigated in the relativistic impulse approximation (IA) framework. It is shown that in general case the tensor polarization leads to 16 Asymmetries. Sensitivity of these observables to the choice of the deuteron wave function parametrization has been investigated. The calculated asymmetry in the d-vector(e, pn)e' reation caused by the tensor polarization of the target is in good agreement with experimental data obtained in Novosibirsk. The calculated asymmetry in the nonrelativistic and relativistic IA are significantly different

  11. Subsídio e déficit habitacional no programa MCMV

    José Eduardo Baravelli


    Full Text Available O artigo recupera documentos e pesquisas recentes sobre o programa Minha Casa Minha Vida para apontar o uso do conceito de déficit habitacional como legitimador político e institucional do programa de habitação do governo federal. Esta legitimação, por outro lado, esvazia de sentido político o subsídio habitacional para a provisão habitacional para famílias de baixa renda, ideal oriundo dos movimentos de moradia e que, uma vez transplantado para o centro do programa Minha Casa Minha Vida, se limita a dar suporte a uma política de desenvolvimento econômico da construção habitacional brasileira.

  12. Calculation of the Kernel scattering for thermal neutrons in H2O e D2O

    Leal, L.C.; Assis, J.T. de


    A computer code, using the Nelkin-and Butler models for the calculations of the Kernel scattering, was developed. Calculations of the thermal neutron flux in an homogeneous-and infinite medium with a 1 /v absorber in 30 energy groups were done and compared with experimental data. The reactors parameters calculated by the Hammer code (in the original version and with the new library generated by the authors' code) are presented. (E.G) [pt

  13. Влияние негативных факторов профессиональной деятельности на индивидуально-личностные особенности пожарных и спасателей = Influence of negativ

    Шленков, А. В.


    Kuidas objektiivsed ja subjektiivsed negatiivsed kutsetegurid mõjutavad tuletõrjujate ja päästjate individuaalseid ja isiklikke omadusi. Objektiivseid negatiivseid kutsetegureid määratletakse kui väliseid tegureid, mis otseselt ohustavad elu ja tervist, näiteks: õnnetusjuhtumite ettenägematus olemus, eluohtlikkus jne. Subjektiivsed tegurid viitavad emotsionaalsetele ja isiklikele kogemused: vastutus, stress, psühholoogiline kliima meeskonnas jne.

  14. Etat actuel et avenir de l'industrie pétrolière d'extraction. Exposés présentés lors de la journée d'ouverture et la séance de clôture du Colloque international sur les Techniques d'Exploration et d'Exploitation des Hydrocarbures. Paris, 10-12 décembre 1975 Present State and Future of the Petroleum Extraction Industry. Talk Presented During the Opening Day and the Closing Session of the International Symposium on Hydrocarbon Exploration, Drilling and Production Techniques. Paris, 10-12 December 1975

    Piketti G.


    Full Text Available Ce document reprend les exposés et les discussions qui ont suivi, présentés lors de la journée d'ouverture et la séance de clôture du Colloque International sur les Techniques d'Exploration et d'Exploitation des Hydrocarbures organisé à Paris du 10 au 12 décembre 1975 par l'Association de Recherche sur les Techniques d'Exploitation du Pétrole (ARTEP et le Comité d'Études Pétrolières Marines (CEPM. Les communications techniques de ce colloque ont été publiées dans deux ouvrages(' consacrés respectivement - à l'exploitation des gisements. Méthodes de récupération assistée. Techniques de production ; - et au forage et à la production en mers profondes. This article contains the talks and ensuing discussions presented during the opening day and the closing session of the International Symposium on Hydrocarbon Exploration, Drilling and Production Techniques organized in Paris from 10 ta 12 December 1975 by the Association de Recherche sur les Techniques d'Exploitation du Pétrole (ARTEP and the Comité d'Études Pétrolières Marines (CEPM. The technical papers presented at this symposium have been published in two volumes (2 on the following respective topics - Reservoir Engineering. Enhanced Recovery Methods. Production Techniques; - Drilling and Production in Deep Water.

  15. Campylobacter jejuni en niños con enfermedad diarréica aguda (E.D.A

    Fabio Carmona V.


    Full Text Available En el período comprendido entre el 15 de septiembre de 1985 y septiembre 30 de 1986 fueron estudiados en Cali, Valle, Colombia, 231 niños que consultaron por enfermedad diarreica aguda (EDA; 137 provenían del Hospital Infantil, Club Noel y el resto del Centro de Salud de Siloé y del Hospital Universitario del Valle (HUV. El estudio de heces mostró Campylobacter jejuni (CJ en 31 (13.4%. Los 137 pacientes del Club Noel fueron estudiados también buscando Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli enterotoxigénico, encontrándose que el CJ fue el único gérmen en 13 pacientes (9.5% de los 19 aislamientos logrados en esta Institución. Todos los pacientes cursaron con los signos y síntomas típicos de la enfermedad; fiebre, diarrea, vómito, deposición mucosa o sanguinolenta. En cuanto al sexo hubo una relación niño:niña de 2:1 y el grupo de edad más comprometido fue hasta los 2 años, con promedio máximo hacia los 12 meses.

  16. Calories In, Calories Out: Food and Exercise in Public Elementary Schools, 2005. E.D TAB. NCES 2006-057

    Parsad, Basmat; Lewis, Laurie


    The rate of obesity among school-age children has become a national concern, with the number of overweight children aged 6 to 11 more than tripling over the past three decades (U.S. Government Accountability Office 2005). In 2001, the U.S. Surgeon General issued a Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Overweight and Obesity, and in 2002,…

  17. Biofiltro edificio de tamices de la E.D.A.R. de Arazuri: estudio y propuesta de mejoras

    Arana de Pablo, Ángel


    Existen en la actualidad diversas instalaciones industriales, que aunque tienen como finalidad la mejora de la calidad medioambiental, durante su funcionamiento provocan una serie de molestias a las poblaciones de su entorno. Estas industrias son de distintos tipos: estaciones depuradoras de aguas residuales, fábricas de compost, plantas de tratamiento de residuos sólidos urbanos…siendo las emisiones causantes de malos olores el mayor perjuicio causado. Ante esta situación, se hace ca...

  18. Soil nitrogen dynamics in high-altitude ski runs during the winter season (Monterosaski - Vallée d

    Freppaz, M.; Icardi, M.; Filippa, G.; Zanini, E.


    In many Alpine catchments, the development of winter tourism determined a widespread change in land use, shifting from forested and cultivated lands to ski slopes. The construction of a ski slope implies a strong impact on the landscape, with potential consequences on the soil quality. In most cases, the construction procedures include the total or partial removal of the soil body, the reallocation of the fine hearth fraction, the subsequent seeding of plants and the use of organic fertilizers. This work aims to evaluate soil physical and chemical properties and nitrogen (N) dynamics in anthropogenic soils from ski slopes of different age. Study sites were located in Champoluc (AO)- NW Italy between 2400 and 2700 m ASL. Topsoils (0-10 cm depth) were sampled in 4 ski slopes hydroseeded with commercial mixtures 4, 6, 10 and 12 years earlier, and in 4 control plots at the same exposure and altitude as the ski slopes. Soil samples were characterized, N dynamics in winter was evaluated with the buried bag technique and snowpack was analyzed for chemical and physical properties. Total nitrogen (TN) content in topsoil ranged 0.75-1.06 g kg-1 and was not correlated with the ski slope age. In all but one site, the TN content was significantly lower in the ski slope than in the control plot. A positive net ammonification and nitrification throughout the winter were found in all but one ski runs. These results suggest a high variability in the evolution degree of these anthropogenic soils. The net overwinter N mineralization that we report demonstrates that these soils are biologically active during the winter season. Such activity results in a pool of labile inorganic nitrogen potentially available for plant demand at the spring snowmelt.

  19. j u x t a p o s e d: A Revelatory Appraoch to Reconcile Past and Present

    Dawson, Michele Renee


    Carlo Scarpa, Italian architect, designer, painter, had a vision of a deliberate juxtaposition of the presence of the past against the backdrop of the present. Such are the conditions that describe various palimpsests, partially legible windows into the past. Reconstructing the Ca'Foscari (1935-37), Scarpa's first real commission marked the realized reconciliation between the old and the new. The finished work of the Ca'Foscari reflects the poetic manner in which the presence of the history a...

  20. Annual report of the Brazilian Directory of R and D - 1995; Relatorio anual da Diretoria de P e D 1995



    The Directory of Research and Development of the Brazilian CNEN (National Nuclear Energy Commission) presents the report for 1995. The publication describes and cover activities carried out in the following areas: nuclear reactors, nuclear fuel cycle, control and instrumentation, application of nuclear techniques, radioisotope production, materials of nuclear interest, radioactive wastes and irradiated materials. Three institutes accomplish Directory`s Programme: Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN/MG); Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN/RJ); and Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/SP). It is important to mention that the Institutes carry out a numberless of activities in cooperation with others institutions such as: universities, industries, private and government organizations. This cooperation is administrated through research contracts and agreements. 28 figs., 11 tabs.

  1. Elastic eD scattering in the Bethe-Salpeter approach for the deuteron with the positive- and negative-energy states

    Bondarenko, S.G.; Burov, V.V.; Hamamoto, N.; Manabe, Y.; Hosaka, A.; Toki, H.


    Recent results obtained by the application of the Bethe-Salpeter approach to the analysis of elastic electron-deuteron scattering with the separable NN kernel are presented. We analyze the impact of the P waves (negative-energy components) on the electromagnetic properties of the deuteron and compare it with experimental data. It was shown that the contribution of the P waves must be taken into account to explain tensor polarization and charge form factor of the deuteron

  2. Reflections on the simultaneous existence of the Heisenberg and interaction pictures in practical pre-theories of Q.E.D

    Yoakam, M.C.


    The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the possiblity of simultaneously incorporating both Lorentz invariance and a special gauge invariance among Boson fields satisfying Proca-like commutators and gauge conditions (including Proca, Feynman, Yennie, Landau, and Coester Gauge choices for the commutators) as a stationary condition in both the interaction and Heisenberg pictures for Lagrangian formulations of second-quantized neutral vector-meson theories (which include regularization by the auxillary-field method) before the regularization is removed. This approach, if ultimately successful, will demonstrate the Lorentz invariance and gauge invariance can be included as internal symmetries of a regularized form of quantum electrodynamics. It was demonstrated that, with spinor mass-counterterms but without Boson mass-counterterms, a generalization of the method of Coester and Stueckelberg to reduce the usual forms of the Proca-like field interactions to the simpler Coester interaction is applicable. Therefore, the choice of the interaction operator is more general than its surface appearance would indicate. Under the same restriction, it was shown that a simple generalization of the Fermi operator will provide stationary gauge conditions for the Proca-like Boson operators, but that the requirement of limited-gauge-invariance in both the Heisenberg and interaction pictures removes the ambiguity usually associated with the Fermi operator. In the presence of the Boson mass counterterms, it was shown that the subsidiary conditions are, in general, no longer stationary in the Heisenberg picture

  3. Search for the Decay Modes D0 to e+ e-, D0 to mu+ mu-, and D0 to e+/- mu+/-

    Lees, J. P.


    We present searches for the rare decay modes D{sup 0} {yields} e{sup +}e{sup -}, D{sup 0} {yields} {mu}{sup +}{mu}{sup -}, and D{sup 0} {yields} e{sup {+-}}{mu}{sup {-+}} in continuum e{sup +}e{sup -} {yields} c{bar c} events recorded by the BABAR detector in a data sample that corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 468 fb{sup -1}. These decays are highly GIM suppressed but may be enhanced in several extensions of the Standard Model. Our observed event yields are consistent with the expected backgrounds. An excess is seen in the D{sup 0} {yields} {mu}{sup +}{mu}{sup -} channel, although the observed yield is consistent with an upward background fluctuation at the 5% level. Using the Feldman-Cousins method, we set the following 90% confidence level intervals on the branching fractions: {Beta}(D{sup 0} {yields} e{sup +}e{sup -}) < 1.7 x 10{sup -7}, {Beta}(D{sup 0} {yields} {mu}{sup +}{mu}{sup -}) within [0.6, 8.1] x 10{sup -7}, and {Beta}(D{sup 0} {yields} e{sup {+-}}{mu}{sup {-+}}) < 3.3 x 10{sup -7}.

  4. Neutrino test of muon number conservation and a measurement of the reaction ν/sub e/ + D → p + e- + p

    Nemethy, P.; Willis, S.E.; Hughes, V.


    To test whether lepton conservation proceeds via a multiplicative law a search was made for the wrong neutrinos (anti ν/sub e/) from μ + decay. A six-ton H 2 O Cerenkov detector was used to look for the reaction anti ν/sub e/p → e + n at the LAMPF beam stop. A preliminary limit, R = anti ν/sub e//all μ + decay 2 O, the cross-section for the reaction anti ν/sub e/+D→p+e - +p was measured and found to be 1.17 +- .32 times the expected value

  5. Terre-Neuve ou la carte éclatée d'après le «Grand Insulaire» d'André Thevet



    Full Text Available Les deux cartes relatives à Terre-Neuve, représentée comme un archipel, que l'on trouve dans le Grand Insulaire inachevé du cosmographe André Thevet (circa, 1586, sont un bon témoignage des errements en partie calculés auxquels se prêtait la cartographie à l'époque des Grandes Découvertes. Pour vaincre des contraintes techniques d'une part, telles que la nécessité du montage entre des données disparates, et pour affirmer d'autre part le dessein d'une entreprise de conquête, le cosmographe — ou géographe universel — est amené à truquer, selon les règles de l'art, un document composite, prélevé à l'origine sur le planisphère de Mercator et augmenté d'informations venues des routiers portulans. Une île inédite, qui porte le nom de Thevet, a pour fonction de signer le tout.

  6. Vectorisation fluidique de la poussée d'une tuyère axisymétrique supersonique par injection secondaire

    Zmijanovic , Vladeta


    Secondary injection into the divergent section of a supersonic rocket nozzle is investigated for the fluidic thrust vectoring effects. The study was conducted in the framework of CNES PERSEUS program and was motivated by the need for an alternative vectoring solution aimed for a small space launcher. The thesis work, based on the combined experimental and numerical approaches, essentially comprises of a wide parametric study mainly concerning the position of the injection, the shape of the pr...

  7. Estilos parentais dos pais de crianças com perturbação de hiperactividade e défice de atenção

    Braga, Ana Catarina de Castro Goiana


    A presente investigação teve como objectivo estudar a relação entre o diagnóstico de Perturbação de Hiperactividade e Défice de Atenção nas crianças e o Estilo Parental adoptado pelos respectivos pais para a educação dos seus filhos. Foi recolhida uma amostra de conveniência constituída por 50 crianças (36 do género masculino e 14 do género feminino), com idades compreendidas entre os 5 e os 14 anos de idade, com diagnóstico de Perturbação de Hiperactividade e Défice de Atenção...

  8. Les tours funéraires de Palmyre: la mémoire conservée d'anciens habitants

    Chappaz, Jean-Luc


    Tiré du site internet du blog des Musées d'art et d'histoire ( "Victimes des récentes actions destructrices du groupe extrémiste État islamique (Daech), les tours funéraires typiques du paysage désertique de Palmyre apparurent à la fin de l'époque hellénistique (Ier siècle av. J.-C.) et furent érigées jusqu’au IIIe siècle de notre ère par les riches familles locales. Symboles de la réussite économique de la ville, elles étaient ornées par les bustes des défunts sculp...

  9. L'analyse implicative bayésienne multivariée d'un questionnaire binaire : quasi-implications et treillis de Galois simplifié

    Bernard, Jean-Marc; Poitrenaud, Sébastien


    We propose a new method for simplifying the Galois lattice associated to a binary questionnaire (n units classified according to q binary questions). The method consists in weakening the implications borne by the lattice into quasi-implications. At the descriptive level, the method involves a new measure for quasi-implications (the "multivariate implicative index") which satisfies some requirements of invariance by logical equivalence. At the inductive level, uncertainty about the patterns' t...


    Yenny Yadid Olave Chacón


    Full Text Available Las concepciones son ideas  u opiniones que se adquieren en la vida cotidiana y el ambiente escolar a través de diferentes experiencias. La primera intervención  didáctica evidencia las concepciones del concepto sistema nervioso, que poseen 6  estudiantes de grado noveno (901, con edades entre 14 y 17 años, de la ciudad de Bogotá D.C, del colegio Antonio Nariño de la jornada tarde. Las concepciones se analizaron bajo el paradigma cualitativo interpretativo; para el análisis se realizaron tres categorías emergentes; que se derivan a partir de los resultados obtenidos en el aula de clase: 1. Funcionalidad, 2. Estructuras Morfológicas y 3. Experiencias, basadas en la información obtenida del cuestionario que se aplicó. Se reconoció que los estudiantes aíslan el sistema nervioso de los demás sistemas, al mismo tiempo le atribuyen funciones motoras y sensitivas. Finalmente se evidencia en sus escritos que tienen errores conceptuales, y contradicen sus explicaciones.

  11. A boundary element analysis on the influence of Krc and e/d on the performance of cyclically loaded single pile in clay

    S. Basack

    Full Text Available The environment prevalent in oceans necessitates the piles supporting offshore structures to be designed against lateral cyclic loading initiated by wave action. Such quasi-static load reversal induces deterioration in the strength and stiffness of the soil-pile system, introducing progressive reduction in the bearing capacity associated with increased settlement of the pile foundation. To understand the effect of lateral cyclic load on axial response of single piles in soft clay, a numerical model was previously developed and validated by the author. Using the methodology, further analysis has been carried out to investigate how the variation in relative pilesoil stiffness and eccentricity effects the degradation of axial pile capacity due to the effect of lateral cyclic load. This paper presents a brief description of the methodology, analysis and interpretations of the theoretical results obtained from the further analysis and the relevant conclusions drawn there from.

  12. Determination of the electronic neutral-current couplings from e-d and e-p scatterings in connection with the effects of sea components

    Oka, Takamitsu.


    We make analyses of the parity-violating asymmetries of electron-deuteron and electron-proton deep inelastic scatterings including sea quark contribution and adopting three different kinds of parton distribution functions. Both results from electron-deuteron and from electron-proton scatterings coincide with the prediction of the Weinberg-Salam model. Our results are found to be insensitive to the difference among the three kinds of parton distribution functions. We also study the x-, y-, and sin 2 theta sub(w)-dependences of A/Q 2 in the Weinberg-Salam model. Experiments at higher y value will be useful for more precise determination of the Weinberg angle theta sub(w). (author)

  13. Correlação entre atrofia hipocampal e déficit de memória em pacientes com epilepsia de lobo temporal mesial

    Denise Pacagnella


    Resumo: A Epilepsia de Lobo Temporal Mesial (ELTM) é a forma mais frequente de epilepsia focal em adultos e geralmente está associada à atrofia hipocampal (AH) identificável pela ressonância magnética (RM) de alta resolução. Consiste em uma síndrome frequentemente refratária ao tratamento clínico e os pacientes podem apresentar déficits de memória devido a danos no sistema hipocampal, porém pouco se sabe a respeito do impacto da frequência de crises sobre a memória. Portanto, os objetivos do ...

  14. Application of sewage sludges in cultivates; Aplicacion de lodos digeridos procedentes de una E.D.A.R de lechos bacterianos en cultivos horticolas

    Manas Ramirez, P.; Castro Barrilero, E.; Hera de las Ibanez, J.; Sanchez Tebar, J. C.


    In general, wastewater sewage sludge contains a great proportion of water, organic matter and mineral elements and can be used in agriculture as organic amendment. Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium use to appear in most sewage sludge but in several cases heavy metals can be found in their chemical composition primarily when they come from industrial wastewater. The toxicity risk will depend on the heavy metals concentration and mobility. The wastewater depuration plant of Albacete is based on biological percolation filters and process daily about 48.000 m''3 of water 6.000 m''3 of which is industrial wastewater. The goal of this paper is to determine the agricultural aptitude of the digested sludge of this depuration plant using as control Lactuca sativa L. Results obtained showed significant differences among lettuce plants that were fertilized with three sludge dose and control. (Author) 26 refs.

  15. Experience in maintenance of pumps in test facilities at R.E.D., B.A.R.C. [Paper No.: II-5

    Nangia, H.V.; Soni, K.L.; Kamath, K.V.; Mahajan, S.C.


    Centrifugal pumps are used for circulating water in various test facilities which are meant for testing reactor components. Operating pressures are about 85 bars at 250 degC. Reciprocating pumps are used for make up service at pressures upto 160 bars. A primary heat transport pump for 200 MWe Candu type reactor, is being tested for checking its performance and for collection of base data. The following are discussed: (i) failure of hydrostatic seal and hydrostatic bearing and its causes, (ii) subsequent repairs and reconditioning, (iii) steps taken to avoid repetition of such failures, and (iv) problems in assembly. For a pump used in the fuelling machine test facility, following maintenance problems are discussed: (1) failure of various components like bearings, mechanical, seals, wear rings, etc., (2) causes of failure and steps taken to remedy the deficiencies noted, (3) experience with the indigenous antifriction bearings, and (4) experience with indigenous spiral wound gaskets. For the reciprocating pumps, leakage through gland packing is a problem. Experience with various types of packing and other parameters, affecting leakage are discussed. (author)

  16. Ensaios de variedades de amendoim: III - Décima e décima-primeira séries de ensaios Peanut variety trials: III

    Vicente Canecchio Filho


    Full Text Available No presente trabalho são relatadas experiências com 16 variedades de amendoim (Arachis hypogaea, L., recebidas dos Estados Unidos da América do Norte, do Congo Belga e de várias regiões do Brasil. Essas experiências, em número de oito, das quais três pertencentes à décima série (ano agrícola de 1953/54 e cinco compreendendo a décima-primeira série (ano agrícola de 1954/55, foram executadas nas localidades de Campinas, Ribeirão Prêto, Pindorama, Presidente Prudente e Tatuí, no Estado de São Paulo. Os resultados obtidos mostraram que, para as condições em que foram realizados os ensaios, as variedades Paulista-269, Bandeirante-263, Brasília-265, Centenário-264 e Tatuí-76, sobressairam-se das demais, notadamente a primeira, que, de um modo geral, foi bem classificada em todas as localidades, não só em relação à produção como pelo alto teor em óleo, nos frutos. A variedade Tatu-53 (testemunha, ainda bastante cultivada no Estado, classificou-se entre as piores. As maiores produções foram obtidas em terra arenosa. Nas terras roxa e roxa-misturada, também se conseguiram boas produções. Já na região representada pela terra massapê as produções foram fracas, confirmando os resultados dos anos anteriores.This paper reports the results obtained from field tests with sexteen peanut varieties received from the United States of America, Belgium Congo and several Brazilian regions. Eight experiments were conducted in the following counties of the State of São Paulo: Campinas, Ribeirão Preto, Pindorama, Presidente Prudente and Tatuí. Yield data showed the varieties Paulista-269, Bandeirante-263, Brasilia-265, Centenário-264 and Tatui-76 to prove better, particularly the first one, that ranked good classification in every locality as far as seed production and oil content of the seeds are concerned. Variety Tatu-53 which still widespreads all over the State, was one of the least yielders. The highest yields were obtained on sandy soils. On "terra-roxa" or "terra-roxa-misturada" soils, high production levels were also obtained; on the "massapé" soil the harvest was poor, thus ratifying prior results.

  17. Microparticules composites lipide-silice pour la libération prolongée d'un principe actif dans l'estomac.

    Perge , Laurent; Robitzer , Mike; Quignard , Françoise; Devoisselle , Jean-Marie; Legrand , Philippe


    International audience; Ces dernières années, les avancés scientifiques et technologiques ont été menées dans le développement de systèmes par voie orale à libération contrôlée de principe actif indépendants du ntemps de transit dans le tractus digestif et capables de résider plus longtemps dans l'estomac en évitant une vidange gastrique prématurée. Différentes approches ont été développées pour permettre de surpasser ces problèmes, comme des systèmes flottants, des systèmes polymères bioadhé...


    Jenny Johanna Duarte Díaz


    Full Text Available En la actualidad en las instituciones educativas existe dificultad por construir prácticas relacionadas con temas ambientales, a consecuencia de que no hay suficiente claridad en la forma de diseñar e implementar propuestas, propiciando que lo abordado desde los proyectos ambientales no tenga el impacto esperado. Razón que genera la necesidad de iniciar procesos investigativos que establezcan coherencia en las posturas curriculares, políticas nacionales y los contextos escolares en los que está inmersa la educación ambiental.   Por lo cual, el presente estudio se planteó con el objetivo de identificar las representaciones sociales frente al ambiente y la educación ambiental que poseían algunos miembros de una institución educativa de carácter público en Bogotá. Con el fin de iniciar procesos formativos que lleven a trabajar la educación ambiental de manera interdisciplinar en la escuela desde miradas reflexivas, que nos permitan construir una visión global del ambiente.   Para lo cual se utilizó un enfoque metodológico cualitativo apoyado en la técnica de entrevistas y como instrumento el cuestionario.   Concluyendo que el grupo de participantes no presentan una única representación social de ambiente definiéndolo desde tres miradas: como el medio de vida, los recursos a utilizar y la naturaleza. Y la educación ambiental desde las visiones naturalista, conservacionista - recursista y humanista. Evidenciando la importancia de generar más que actividades puntuales, procesos formativos en educación ambiental que vinculen a los diversos sujetos de las comunidades educativas.

  19. The Schoonebeek Oilfield: the Rw-2e High Pressure Steam Injection Project Gisement de Schoonebeek : le projet RW-2E d'injection de vapeur à haute pression

    Holtam V. R.


    Full Text Available The daily oil production from the Schoonebeek Oilfield amounts to some 1400 m3 /d, of which ca. 65% is produced from a high pressure (85 bar steam injection project. This project was started in 1981 and originally consisted of 7 structurally downdip/middip steam injectors. However, following the initially somewhat disappointing project performance, steam injection was moved to 4 middip/ updip injectors in 1984. This change in the location of the steam injectors, together with an increase in the level of surveillance and a more pragmatic reservoir management policy, has resulted in improved project performance. The ultimate extra oil/steam ratio for the total project is now expected to be 0. 7 m3 oil/ton of steam injected. La production de pétrole du gisement de Schoonebeek est d'environ 1400 m3/jour, dont près de 65% sont obtenus par injection de vapeur à haute pression (85 bar. Ce projet lancé en 1981 comportait initialement 7 injecteurs de vapeur orientés vers l'aval-pendage. En raison de performances décevantes, l'injection de vapeur a été transférée en 1984 sur 4 injecteurs travaillant vers l'amont-pendage. Ce changement de position des injecteurs, accompagné d'une surveillance renforcée et d'une politique de gestion du gisement plus pragmatique, a donné des résultats favorables. On pense que le rapport pétrole/vapeur pour l'ensemble du projet devrait être en dernière analyse de 0,7 m3 de pétrole par tonne de vapeur injectée.

  20. Atti del seminario internazionale "Immagini d'Italia e d'Europa nella letteratura e nella documentazione di viaggio nel XVIII e nel XIX secolo", (Firenze, 1999-2001

    Renato Pasta


    Full Text Available Renato Pasta, Introduzione. Paolo Marchetti, I giuristi e i confini. L'elaborazione giuridica della nozione di confine tra Medioevo ed età moderna. Jürgen Osterhammel, Atlantic Slavery: A Problem of Cross-Boundary History. Hans Erich Boedeker, "Europe" in the Discourse of the Sciences of State in 18th Century Germany. Sergueï Karp, Les recherches récentes (1990-2000 des relations culturelles franco-russes au XVIIIe siècle. Ananij Gerasimovič Ivanov, Il sistema amministrativo russo nella regione dei Mari dalla seconda metà del XVI al XVIII secolo. Il voevoda. Giulia Cecere, L' «Oriente d'Europa»: un'idea in movimento (sec. XVIII. Un contributo cartografico. Natividad Planas, Conflits de compétence aux frontières. Le contrôle de la circulation des hommes et des marchandises dans le royaume de Majorque au XVIIe siècle. Augustin Hernando, Identidad y representación de Europa en la docencia e investigación geográfica española. Teresa Isenburg, Separare ed Unire. Appunti sulle frontiere brasiliane fra Otto e Novecento: il caso della Guiana britannica

  1. Perfil hematológico de gambás Didelphis aurita e D. albiventris do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil = Blood profile of opossums Didelphis aurita and D. albiventris of São Paulo State, Brazil

    Renata Assis Casagrande


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi fornecer dados sobre o perfil hematológico de gambás (Didelphis sp.. Realizou-se hemograma de 83 D. aurita e 35 D. albiventris. Os valores obtidos dos D. aurita foram: Hematócrito dos adultos(A 31,8 ± 8,0% e dos filhotes(F 30,2 ± 6,9%; Eritrócitos A: 4,3 ± 1,5 x 106 μL-1, F: 3,4 ± 1,1 x 106 μL-1; Proteínas Totais A: 8,5 ± 1,0 g dL-1, F: 7,2 ± 0,9 g dL-1;Hemoglobina A: 10,9 ± 3,4 g dL-1, F: 8,7 ± 2,2 g dL-1; VCM A: 78,13 ± 18,13, F: 93,65 ± 23,62; HCM A: 26,41 ± 6,42, F: 27,09 ± 7,44; CHCM A: 64,59 ± 8,12, F: 30,40 ± 11,49; Leucócitos A: 8.205 ± 4.950 μL-1, F: 5.126 ± 3.945 μL-1; Neutrófilos A: 2.761 ± 2.966 μL-1, F: 1.310± 2.283 μL-1; Linfócitos A: 3.653 ± 2.431 μ L-1, F: 3.239 ± 2.234 μL-1; Monócitos A: 363,2 ± 308,7 μL-1, F: 101,5 ± 107,9 μL-1; Eosinófilos A: 1.362,0 ± 1.114,0 μL-1, F: 456,1 ± 464,4 μL-1 e Basófilos A: 65,9 ± 127,0 μL-1, F: 19,8 ± 48,7 μL-1. Os valores obtidos dos D. albiventris foram: Hematócrito A: 33,2 ± 14,0%, F: 25,7 ± 3,7%; Eritrócitos A: 4,8 ± 1,7 x 106 μL-1 , F: 3,9 ± 1,5 x 106 μL-1; Proteínas Totais A: 8,2 ± 0,6 g dL-1, F: 7,9 ± 1,1 g dL-1; Hemoglobina A: 10,3 ± 2,8 g dL-1, F: 10,2 ± 2,7 g dL-1; VCM A: 71,34 ± 23,74, F: 74,88 ± 27,68; HCM A: 22,86 ± 9,09, F: 28,63 ± 9,27,CHCM A: 32,48 ± 2,43, F: 40,13 ± 0,42; Leucócitos A: 11.683 ± 7.245 μL-1, F: 4.667 ± 4.027 μL-1; Neutrófilos A: 6.007 ± 6.250 μL-1, F: 1.274 ± 2.586 μL-1; Linfócitos A: 4.389 ± 1.928 μL-1, F: 3.151± 3.045 μL-1; Monócitos A: 455 ± 378 μL-1, F: 152,7 ± 180,4 μL-1; Eosinófilos A: 803 ± 840 μL-1, F: 67,8 ± 91,4 μL-1 e Basófilos A: 30,8 ± 75,3 μL-1, F: 21,5 ± 56,6 μL-1.The objective of this study was to provide data on the blood profile of opossums (Didelphis sp.. Hemograms were performed of 83 D. aurita and 35 D. albiventris. The results of D. aurita were: Hematocrit for adults(A 31.8 ± 8.0%, and for offspring(F 30.2 ± 6.9%; Red bloodcells A: 4.3 ± 1.5 x 106 μL-1, F: 3.4 ± 1.1 x 106 μL-1; Total proteins A: 8.5 ± 1.0 g dL-1, F: 7.2 ± 0.9 g dL-1; Hemoglobin A: 10.9 ± 3.4 g dL-1, F: 8.7 ± 2.2 g dL-1; VCM A: 78.13 ± 18.13, F: 93.65 ±23.62; HCM A: 26.41 ± 6.42, F: 27.09 ± 7.44; CHCM A: 64.59 ± 8.12, F: 30.40 ± 11.49; White blood cells A: 8,205 ± 4,950 μL-1, F: 5,126 ± 3,945 μL-1; Neutrophils A: 2,761 ± 2,966 μL-1, F: 1,310 ± 2,283 μL-1; Lymphocytes A: 3,653 ± 2,431 μL-1, F: 3,239 ± 2,234 μL-1; Monocytes A: 363.2 ± 308.7 μL-1, 101.5 ± 107.9 μL-1; Eosinophiles A: 1,362.0 ± 1,114.0 μL-1, F: 456.1 ± 464.4 μL-1 and Basophils A: 65.9 ± 127.0 μL-1, F: 19.8 ± 48.7 μL-1. D. albiventris presented Hematocrit A: 33.2± 14.0%, F: 25.7 ± 3.7%; Red blood cells A: 4.8 ± 1.7 x 106 μL-1, F: 3.9 ± 1.5 x 106 μL-1; Total proteins A: 8.2 ± 0.6 g dL-1, F: 7.9 ± 1.1 g dL-1; Hemoglobin A: 10.3 ± 2.8 g dL-1, F: 10.2 ± 2.7 gdL-1; VCM A: 71.34 ± 23.74, F: 74.88 ± 27.68; HCM A: 22.86 ± 9.09, F: 28.63 ± 9.27, CHCM A: 32.48 ± 2.43, F: 40.13 ± 0.42; White blood cells A: 11,683 ± 7,245 μL-1, F: 4,667 ± 4,027 μL-1; Neutrophils A: 6,007 ± 6,250 μL-1, F: 1,274 ± 2,586 μL-1; Lymphocytes A: 4,389 ± 1,928 μL-1, F: 3,151 ± 3,045 μL-1; Monocytes A: 455 ± 378 μL-1, F:152.7 ± 180.4 μL-1; Eosinophiles A: 803 ± 840 μL-1, F: 67.8 ± 91.4 μL-1 and Basophils A: 30.8 ± 75.3 μL-1, F: 21.5 ± 56.6 μL-1.

  2. União Européia, reformas institucionais e déficit democrático: uma análise a partir do mecanismo de co-decisão

    Medeiros,Marcelo de Almeida; Campos,Cinthia Regina


    O artigo discute o processo decisório europeu a partir de um mapeamento do sistema de co-decisão adotado pelo triângulo institucional da União Européia (UE). Na primeira parte, há uma explicação acerca do funcionamento do sistema decisório europeu, privilegiando as instituições que definem as regras do jogo e a forma como a tomada de decisão é praticada; na segunda parte, são expostos os dados coletados sobre a aplicabilidade da co-decisão durante os anos de 1999 a 2006, cruzando os principai...

  3. Analyse comparative de pratiques d’animation d’une discussion à visée démocratique et philosophique vues sous l’angle de la temporalité

    Pierrisnard, Christine


    Cette étude s’intéresse à la manière dont l’outil « Discussion à Visée Démocratique et Philosophique » (DVDP) est transformé par ses utilisateurs en instrument au fil des situations. L’analyse comparative des pratiques d’un animateur plutôt novice et d’un animateur expert fait apparaître trois éléments cruciaux de représentation temporelle de la situation de DVDP. Un empan temporel large, ancré dans le temps long pour le nécessaire recul de la pensée ; le kaïros, ancré dans l’immédiateté et l...

  4. Ruptures et continuité culturelles dans la basse vallée du Yapatera: approche typologique formalisée d'un matériel céramique récolté en prospection


    Full Text Available La basse vallée du Yapatera, dans le haut Piura, est un delta alluvionnaire, dont soixante kilomètres carrés ont été prospectés systématiquement en 1988, dans le but de réunir une documentation suffisante pour reconstruire l’occupation humaine préhispanique de cette microrégion. à partir de l’étude formelle du matériel céramique récolté en surface, l’auteur propose une séquence culturelle qui commence au Xème s. av. notre ère et se termine à la veille de la conquête espagnole. La technique de classification et de sériation proposée est adaptée au type de matériel étudié : la très forte fragmentation des tessons de céramique empêche en effet toute analyse strictement morphologique ou stylistique. C’est donc à partir d’une analyse technologique sur un grand nombre de tessons (type de pâte et technique de décor qu’est établie la sériation, à l’aide de statistiques multidimensionnelles. Une approche morpho-typométrique des formes sans col complète cette première analyse. La séquence obtenue est ensuite comparée aux données déjà existantes sur la région. Les correspondances, observées avec les séquences de Lanning et de Richardson notamment, renforcent la validité des propositions et une attribution culturelle est proposée pour chacune des huit ensembles reconnus. L’étude du nombre et de la localisation des sites de chaque ensemble complète l’analyse. La comparaison de la totalité des résultats a permis de reconnaître huit ensembles chronologiques et de mettre en évidence l’existence de deux ruptures principales dans la production céramique et les traditions technologiques. Ces ruptures semblent correspondre à l’arrivée de groupes allogènes centre andins. La première rupture, au début de notre ère, correspond à l’installation des mochica dans le piémont piuranais et à l’émergence de la culture Vicús, dont le centre se trouve à une vingtaine de kilomètres au sud de la basse vallée. Cette rupture voit l’apparition de l’irrigation, et de nouvelles techniques décoratives céramiques (modelage, moulage et palette. La deuxième rupture, plus marquée, a lieu vers le Xème ou le XIIème s. Elle correspond à une nouvelle arrivée de groupes culturels côtiers venant du Sud, que ce soient les tallán, dont l’existence n’est pas clairement attestée, ou les chimú, dont la présence se note par l’apparition d’une céramique particulière élaborée au moule. Cette recherche préliminaire ne répond pas directement à la question du développement culturel de la région de Piura, mais a permis d’élaborer une méthode de lecture rationnelle du matériel céramique. Cette analyse formelle, basée sur une approche technologique, permet en effet d’intégrer des données provenant de prospection, de fouilles stratigraphiques, de collections muséographiques et les informations disponibles dans les publications. Ainsi une étude régionale et pluridisciplinaire de la production céramique est envisagée à partir des résultats de ce premier travail. RUPTURAS Y CONTINUIDAD CULTURALES EN EL VALLE BAJO DEL YAPATERA: APROXIMACIÓN TIPOLÓGICA FORMALIZADA DE UN MATERIAL CERÁMICO RECOLECTADO DURANTE UNA PROSPECCIÓN. El valle bajo del Yapatera, Alto Piura, es un delta aluvial, cuyos sesenta kilómetros cuadrados han sido prospectados sistemáticamente en 1988, para reunir una documentación suficiente para reconstruir su ocupación humana prehispánica. A partir del estudio formal del material cerámico recolectado en superficie, el autor propone una secuencia cultural que empieza por el siglo X antes de nuestra era para acabarse en vísperas de la conquista española. La técnica de clasificación y de seriación propuesta es adaptada al tipo de material estudiado: la muy fuerte fragmentación de los tiestos de cerámica impide, de hecho, todo análisis estrictamente morfológico o estilístico. Es entonces a partir de un análisis tecnológico sobre un gran número de tiestos (tipo de pasta y técnica de decorado que está establecida la seriación, con la ayuda de las estadísticas multidimencionales. Un análisis morfotipométrico de las formas sin cuellos acaba este primero análisis. En seguida, se compara la secuencia obtenida con los datos ya existentes sobre la región. Las correspondencias observadas con las secuencias de Lanning y de Richardson, entre otros, refuerzan la validez de las propuestas y se propone una atribución cultural para cada una de los ocho conjuntos reconocidos. El estudio del número et de la localización de los sitios de cada fase completa el análisis. La comparación global de estos resultados ha permitido reconocer ocho conjuntos y poner en evidencia la existencia de dos rupturas principales en la producción cerámica y en las tradiciones tecnológicas. Esas rupturas parecen corresponder a la llegada de grupos alógenos centro andinos. La primera ruptura, al principio de nuestra era, corresponde a la instalación de los mochica en el piedemonte piurano y a la emergencia de la cultura Vicús, cuyo centro se sitúa a unos veinte kilómetros al sur del valle bajo. Esta ruptura ve la aparición del riego, de la metalurgia y nuevas técnicas decorativas en cerámica (moldeado, molde y paleteado. La segunda ruptura, más marcada, se hace alrededor del siglo X o XII. ésta corresponde a la llegada de nuevos grupos culturales de la costa sur, que sean los tallán, cuya existencia todavía no está claramente establecida, o que sean los chimú, cuya presencia está atestiguada por la aparición de una cerámica peculiar elaborada con molde. Esta primera investigación no responde directamente al problema del desarrollo cultural en la región de Piura, pero permite elaborar un método de lectura racional del material cerámico. Este análisis formal, basado en un enfoque tecnológico, permite la integración de datos provenientes de prospecciones, de excavaciones estratigráficas, de colecciones museográficas y de las informaciones publicadas. Así, el estudio regional y multidisciplinario de la producción cerámica es propuesto a partir de los resultados de este primero trabajo. CULTURALS RUPTURES AND CONTINUITY IN THE LOW VALLEY OF YAPATERA: FORMALIZED CATEGORIZATION APPROACH OF A POTTERY MATERIAL RECOLLECTED ON SURFACE. The low valley of Yapatera located in the Piura highlands, an alluvial delta of sixty square kilometers, has been prospected systematically in 1988, in order to collect enough information to reassemble the prehispanic human occupation on this micro-region. From the formal study of the pottery material recollected on surface, the author proposes a cultural sequence which begins on the Xth Century B.C. and ends at the verge of the spanish conquest. The proposed classification and coding technique is adapted to the kind of material in study: the severe fragmentation on the pottery pieces found turns impossible every effort to make an effective and entire analysis strictly morphological and stylistic. For this reason, the codification was established only after the technological study of a great number of pieces (kind of paste and decoration technique with the aid of multidimensional statistics. A morpho-tipométrique approach of neckless shapes concludes this first analysis. The data obtained was compared to those already existing in the region. Similarities observed with the Lanning and Richardson sequences strengthen remarkably the relevance of the proposals and a cultural characteristic is suggested to each of the eight recognized groups. The study of number and location of sites in each group concludes the analysis. The whole comparison of these results grants the identification of height chronological groups and demonstrates the existence of two major ruptures in the pottery production and technological traditions. These ruptures seem to relate to the arrival of foreign central andean group. The first one, at the beginning of our era, relates to the establishment of the mochica in the piuran piedmont at the verge of the Vicus culture, which center is located twenty kilometers south of the low valley. Such rupture leads us to the appearance of the irrigation and the new pottery decoration techniques (modelage, molding and palette…. The second rupture is more emphasized in the Xth or the XIIth Century. It relates to the arrival of new cultural groups who came from the South, like the tallan which existence has not yet been attested clearly, or the chimu which presence is noted by the appearance of a particular pottery prepared by molding. This preliminary research does not respond directly to the question of cultural development in the Piura region, even though it granted the creation of a rational reading method on pottery material. This formal analysis, based on a technological approach, granted the effect to integrate the information collected on surface, stratigraphic excavations, museum compilations and data available in publications. In this way, a regional and pluridisciplinary study of pottery production is considered from the results of the first accomplishment.

  5. Métathèse croisée d'alcènes contenant des N-hétéroaryles. Trifluorométhylation d'ène-carbamates cycliques et dérivés

    Lafaye , Kévin


    Has now been applied to the synthesis of a wide range of compounds such as polymers, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and naturals compounds. A large range of functional groups are well tolerated including alcohols, amides, carbamates and sulfonamides. However, some limitations still have to be overcome Olefin metathesis has emerged has one of the most efficient carbon-carbon bond forming reaction and such as rich N-heteroaryles which are probably causing desactivation of the ruthenium catalys...

  6. Enteroparasitoses e déficit nutricional em crianças hospitalizadas, Guarapuava, Estado do Paraná, Brasil = Enteroparasites and malnutrition in hospitalized children, Guarapuava, State of Paraná, Brazil

    Helder Ferreira


    Full Text Available A alta prevalência de infecção por Ascaris lumbricoides na população infantil leva a estudos em vários países, os quais associam os aspectos nutricionais às infecções intestinais parasitárias. Entretanto, poucos trabalhos descrevem o número de crianças hospitalizadas com enteroparasitoses em diferentes locais. Assim, investigamos a prevalência de internações infantis por enteroparasitoses em três hospitais da cidade de Guarapuava, Estadodo Paraná, associando a este aspecto a gravidade da doença, idade, sexo e condições nutricionais. O estado nutricional foi avaliado através de parâmetros antropométricos adotadas pela Organização Mundial da Saúde, usando à curva adotada pelo National Center ofHealth Statistic. As enteroparasitoses representaram 32,14% das hospitalizações de crianças, a maioria entre 0 a 3 anos. As crianças com déficit nutricional foram as mais hospitalizadas com enteroparasitoses e as que apresentaram graves quadros de infecções por Ascaris lumbricoides quando comparadas com crianças em condições nutricionais normais. Os resultados sugerem que a desnutrição é um fator agravante para a suscetibilidade a infecções por enteroparasitas.High prevalence of Ascaris infection in young children led to intensive studies in many countries focusing on its effect on nutritional status. However, few works described the number of hospitalized children with intestinal parasitic infection in different places. These data prompted us to investigate the prevalenceof hospitalized children with enteroparasite in three hospitals at Guarapuava city, State of Paraná, associating degree of infection, age, sex and nutritional conditions. The nutritional state of the children was evaluated by anthropometric measurements adopted by the World Health Organization, using as standard reference the curve adopted by the National Center of Health Statistic. The intestinal parasitic infection represented 32.14% of hospitalized children, and the majority was between 0 and 3 years of age. Moreover, the malnourished children were more hospitalized with enteroparasites and Ascaris-infection aggravate compared with nourished children. In conclusion, the results suggest that the malnutrition is an aggravating factor to the susceptibility to enteroparasite infections.

  7. Relações externas congolesas na primeira década do séc. XVII, em termos de D. Álvaro II: a emabixada de D. Garcia Baptista e D. António Manuel

    Amaral, Ílidio


    FOREIGN CONGOLESE RELATIONS IN THE FIRST DECADE OF THE XVIIth CENTURY, IN THE TIMES OF D. ALVARO II: THE EMBASSY OF D. GARIA BAPTISTA AND D. ANTONIO MANUEL - This article provides an insight into the diplomatic relationship between the Kingdom of Congo, Portugal and Spain and the Vatican in the first decade of the XVIIth century (1604-1608), being king of Congo D. Alvaro II, whose african name was Mpangu-a-Nimi Lukeni Lua Mvemba, and reigned from 1587 to 1618. Some notes are given through sev...

  8. Relações externas congolesas na primeira década do séc. XVII, em termos de D. Álvaro II: a embaixada de D. Garcia Baptista e D. António Manuel

    Ílidio do Amaral


    FOREIGN CONGOLESE RELATIONS IN THE FIRST DECADE OF THE XVIIth CENTURY, IN THE TIMES OF D. ALVARO II: THE EMBASSY OF D. GARIA BAPTISTA AND D. ANTONIO MANUEL - This article provides an insight into the diplomatic relationship between the Kingdom of Congo, Portugal and Spain and the Vatican in the first decade of the XVIIth century (1604-1608), being king of Congo D. Alvaro II, whose african name was Mpangu-a-Nimi Lukeni Lua Mvemba, and reigned from 1587 to 1618. Some notes are given through sev...

  9. Alguns fatores associados a excesso de peso, baixa estatura e déficit de peso em menores de 5 anos Some risk factors associated with overweight, stunting and wasting among children under 5 years old

    Márcia R. Vitolo


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Examinar fatores socioeconômicos e outras condições de vida familiar associadas a excesso de peso, baixa estatura e baixo peso para a estatura em menores de 5 anos. MÉTODOS: Estudo transversal avaliou 3.957 crianças entre 1 mês e 5 anos de idade durante campanha nacional de imunização no município de São Leopoldo (RS em 2002. As condições socioeconômicas e de saneamento das áreas de abrangência das unidades de saúde foram agrupadas por análise de cluster dos setores do censo populacional de 2001. RESULTADOS: Déficit de peso para estatura ocorreu em 2,6% das crianças, baixa estatura em 9,1% e excesso de peso em 9,8%. A regressão logística multivariada sugere que os fatores associados à chance de excesso de peso foram: área de condições socioeconômicas alta (RC = 1,47; IC95% 1,09-1,96, filhos únicos (RC = 1,44; IC95% 1,00-2,07 e peso ao nascer ≥ 2.500 g (RC = 2,21; IC95%1,27-3,83. A chance de déficit de peso associou-se ao baixo peso ao nascer (RC = 3,46; IC95% 2,06-5,80 e idade da mãe OBJECTIVE: To explore whether socioeconomic and sanitary conditions, maternal and child factors are associated with overweight, stunting, and wasting in children under five year old in the city of São Leopoldo, southern Brazil. METHODS: Cross-sectional study of 3,957 children aged 1 month to 5 years conducted in all primary care services of the city during the National Children's Vaccination Day in 2002. Maternal and child factors were assessed by a questionnaire. Children's height and weight were measured. Cluster analysis was used to group the areas served by the primary care services according to socioeconomic and sanitary conditions of the census tracts assessed by the 2001 National Census. RESULTS: Wasting was observed in 2.6% of children, stunting in 9.1% and overweight in 9.8%. The multivariable logistic regression model suggests that overweight was associated with higher socioeconomic status and better sanitation of the area (OR = 1.47; 95%CI 1.09-1.96, single child (OR = 1.44; 95%CI 1.00-2.07 and birth weight ≥ 2,500 g (OR = 2.21; 95%CI 1.27-3.83. Wasting was associated with low birth weight (OR = 3.46; 95%CI 2.06-5.80 and mother's age < 20 years (OR = 1.99; 95%CI 1.09-3.62. Stunting was associated with low socioeconomic status and poor sanitation of the area (OR = 2.36; 95%CI 1.51-3.69, three or more siblings (OR = 3.12; 95%CI 2.18-4.47, low birth weight < 2,500 g (OR = 3.49; 95%CI 2.53-4.80, child age < 36 months (OR = 1.77; 95%CI 1.37-2.29 and mother's age < 20 years (OR = 1.60; 95%CI 1.09-2.35. CONCLUSIONS: Overweight and stunting were the major anthropometric problems and therefore should be a priority for public policies.

  10. Composting of sewage sludge from wastewater treatment plant mixed with a recirculated vegetal fraction in two ratios; Compostaje de fangos de E.D.A.R. en pilas con dos proporciones diferentes de estructurante vegetal recirculado

    Plana, R.; Dominguez, J. [Universidad de Vigo (Spain); Aguilera, F.


    Due to the next European Directives that are being prepared about the waste management, specially about the organic fraction (U. S. W. sewage sludges, pig slurries, etc.) it will be necessary a previous biological treatment of the waste before spreading it on the soil. the current work studies the windrow composting of sewage sludge from an urban wastewater treatment plant mixed with a recirculated vegetal fraction in two different volumetric ratios (2:1 and 1:1). Temperature and oxygen consumption are measured to control the composting process, as well as the turning frequency and the quantity of products that is degradated. Although the process reaches thermofilic temperatures in both windrow, it is showed that in the 2:1 ratio more sludge is proportionally degradated. An economic study of the composting of this sewage sludge in different composting methods (dynamic and semi static) was made. (Author) 7 refs.

  11. Prevalência dos marcadores sorológicos dos vírus da hepatite B e D em crianças das tribos Caiabietxucarramãe do parque indígena do Xingu, Brasil central

    Ramiro Anthero Azevedo


    Full Text Available O Parque Indígena do Xingu (PIX está localizado no estado do Mato Grosso, na região de transição de cenado ao sul e da floresta Amazônica ao norte. Dados de literatura mostram que a população adulta apresenta elevada prevalência de marcadores do vírus da hepatite B (HBV. O presente estudo visa determinar a prevalência dos marcadores do HBV e do HDV na população indígena do PIX de zero a 14 anos, e investigar a forma de transmissão do HBV na região. Entre as 17 tribos existentes no PIX escolheu-se os Caiabi e os Txucairamãe que diferem em seus hábitos de vida e habitam a região Norte do parque com características de clima, vegetação e fauna semelhantes ás da região Amazônica. Avaliaram-se 222 crianças (116 Txucarramãe e 106 Caiabi e 33 mulheres em idade fértil. A pesquisa de marcadores sorológicos para HBV e HDV foi feita por técnica imunoenzimãtica. A prevalência global dos marcadores sorológicos nas crianças foi: HBsAg 4,5%; anti-HBs 39,6%; anti- HBc 44,1%; presença de algum marcador do HBV 47,3% e anti-HDV 0,0%, enquanto que nas mulheres em idade fértil foi: HBsAg 12%, todas anti-HBe positivas. A infecção pelo HBV ocoireu mais precocemente entre os Txucarramãe, quando se considerou algum marcador do HBV (p The medical literature bas shoum that the inhabitants of the Amazon region are highly affected by hepatites B and delta viruses infection, but this has never been studied in Indian children by age group. A study of the prevalence of serological markers of hepatitis B and delta viruses in Indian children aged 0 to 14 years living in the PIX was carried out. Tim Park is located in Central Brazil, a region which is in the transition between the savannah to the south and the Amazon jungle to the north. To determine the prevalence of HBV and HDV markers in Indian children and to characteiize the route of HBV transmission in this region. Out of the 17 tribes living in the PIX, two - the Caiabi and the Txucarramãe - were chosen because both live in the North part of the Park, but have quite different ways of life. The overall prevalence of HBV serum markers was: HBsAg, 4.5%; anti-HBs, 39.6%; anti-HBc, 44.1%; any marker of HBV, 47.3%; and anti-HDV, 0.0%. However; a striking difference in the prevalence of hepatitis B markers was observed between the two tribes: younger Caiabi children were much less affected than the Txucarramãe ones. The prevalence of HBsAg in fertile women was 12%, being anti-HBe positive. Our data suggest that HBV infection is highly prevalent among Indian children living in this Indigenous Park and vertical infection is not an important route of transmission in either tribes.

  12. Direito à Educação no Brasil e dívida educacional: e se o povo cobrasse? Right to education in Brazil and the educational debt: what if the people actually demanded it?

    Alceu Ravanello Ferraro


    Full Text Available Inicia-se tratando do direito à Educação no quadro dos direitos fundamentais da pessoa humana e do conceito de dívida educacional que decorre da não-realização do direito público subjetivo de cada cidadão e cidadã à Educação Fundamental completa, conforme estabelecido na Constituição de 1988. Utilizando como parâmetro a informação censitária sobre o número de anos de estudo concluídos com aprovação levantados no Censo 2000, estima-se que, nesse ano, o Estado brasileiro devia, aos 119,6 milhões de pessoas de 15 anos ou mais, a astronômica cifra de 325,5 milhões de anos de estudo não realizados na idade própria - uma média de quase três anos por pessoa. São projetados também os investimentos necessários em termos de professores e salas de aula/turno-ano para o resgate da dívida. Mostra-se ainda que a dívida estimada com base na Pesquisa Nacional por Amostra de Domicílios 2005 (316,4 milhões de anos de estudo devidos representa uma diminuição muito pequena em relação ao Censo 2000. Por fim, aborda-se a questão dos atores ou agentes da efetividade do direito à Educação e dos instrumentos de exigibilidade que a legislação põe à disposição desses mesmos agentes. Conclui-se afirmando que está posto aí, para a sociedade em geral e para educadores e educadoras em particular, o grande desafio de despertar nas pessoas humildes a consciência de que elas efetivamente têm direito à Educação e de que dispõem de meios para cobrar do Estado esse direito.We start by considering the right to Education within the framework of the fundamental human rights, and the ensuing concept of educational debt, which follows from the failure to enforce the subjective public right of each citizen to a complete Fundamental Education as established by the 1988 Brazilian Constitution. Based on the 2000 census information on the number of years of schooling successfully concluded, we estimate that in that year the Brazilian State owed to the 119.6 million people aged fifteen years or more the astronomical sum of 325.5 million years of study not accomplished at their proper time - an average of almost three years per person. We also calculate the investment in terms of teachers and classrooms/shift-year necessary to settle this debt. We also show that the debt estimated from the National Survey by Household Sampling 2005 (316.4 million years of study represents a very small reduction with respect to the 2000 Census. Lastly, we deal with the question of the actors or agents of the effectiveness of the right to Education and of the instruments of accountability place at their disposal by the legislation. The article concludes by affirming the great challenge put before society in general and educators in particular of producing in the simple folk the awareness that they effectively have a right to Education, and that they have the means of demanding their fulfillment by the State.

  13. Identification of the necessities of R and D and suggestions of alternatives for his financing; Identificacao das necessidades de P e D e sugestoes de alternativas para o seu financiamento



    This chapter identifies the areas more adequate for the R and D investments on the sugar and alcohol sector, specifically for the new energy industry from the sugar cane which are emerging and is responsible for 15% of the primary offer energy in Brazil. The chapter also examines the establishment of development fund for the ethanol and suggests resource sources.

  14. Total synthesis of crocacins A, C and D: new antibiotics isolated from Chondromyces crocatus and Chondromyces pediculatus; Sinteses totais das crocacinas A, C e D: novos antibioticos isolados de Chondromyces crocatus e Chondromyces pediculatus

    Oliveira, Luciana G. de; Dias, Luiz C.; Rosso, Giovanni B. [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas, SP (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica]. E-mail:


    This review describes the endeavors that led to the total synthesis of a novel class of antibiotic compounds: the crocacins A-D. Other aspects such as isolation, structural elucidation as well as the biological activities are also presented. (author)

  15. Relações externas congolesas na primeira década do séc. XVII, em termos de D. Álvaro II: a embaixada de D. Garcia Baptista e D. António Manuel

    Ílidio do Amaral


    Full Text Available FOREIGN CONGOLESE RELATIONS IN THE FIRST DECADE OF THE XVIIth CENTURY, IN THE TIMES OF D. ALVARO II: THE EMBASSY OF D. GARIA BAPTISTA AND D. ANTONIO MANUEL - This article provides an insight into the diplomatic relationship between the Kingdom of Congo, Portugal and Spain and the Vatican in the first decade of the XVIIth century (1604-1608, being king of Congo D. Alvaro II, whose african name was Mpangu-a-Nimi Lukeni Lua Mvemba, and reigned from 1587 to 1618. Some notes are given through several examples of congolese embassies, one of them being composed by D. Garcia Baptista, charged of the affairs more closely related to the Philipine administration (D. Filipe II, and D. Antonio Manuel, the marquis of Vunta, whose destination was the Vatican, to meet the Pope. Both arrived in Portugal in the last quarter of 1605, after a long and troubled journey with a halt in Brazil. The fist one brought a long memorial that was submitted to a minute appreciation by the Council of India and by the viceroy of Portugal. Later he went back to Congo. The second met with the greatest difficulties on his voyage to Rome where he arrived very ill, on January the 3rd 1608 and died on the 5th, after transmitting to the Pope the essencial of his mission. He was entitled to a magnificent funeral and was buried in the church of Santa Maria Maior, where his tomb still exists as well as a bust in marble attributed to the school of Bernini. He was known among the romans as Nigrita.

  16. Distinction of synthetic dl-α-tocopherol from natural vitamin E (d-α-tocopherol) by reversed-phase liquid chromatography. Enhanced selectivity of a polymeric C18 stationary phase at low temperature and/or at high pressure.

    Yui, Yuko; Miyazaki, Shota; Ma, Yan; Ohira, Masayoshi; Fiehn, Oliver; Ikegami, Tohru; McCalley, David V; Tanaka, Nobuo


    Separation of diastereomers of dl-α-tocopherol was studied by reversed-phase liquid chromatography using three types of stationary phases, polymeric ODS, polymeric C30, and monomeric ODS. Polymeric ODS stationary phase (Inertsil ODS-P, 3mmID, 20cm) was effective for the separation of the isomers created by the presence of three chiral centers on the alkyl chain of synthetic dl-α-tocopherol. Considerable improvement of the separation of isomers was observed on ODS-P phase at high pressure and at low temperature. Complete separation of four pairs of diastereomers was achieved at 12.0°C, 536bar, while three peaks were observed when the separation was carried out either at 12.0°C at low pressure or at 20°C at 488bar. Higher temperature (30.0°C) with the ODS-P phase resulted in only partial separation of the diastereomers even at high pressure. Only slight resolution was observed for the mixture of diastereomers with the C30 stationary phase (Inertsil C30) at 12.0°C and 441bar, although the stationary phase afforded greater resolution for β- and γ-tocopherol than ODS-P. A monomeric C18 stationary phase did not show any separation at 12.0°C and 463bar. The results suggest that the binding site of the polymeric ODS-P phase is selective for flexible alkyl chains that provided the longest retention for the natural form, (R,R,R) form, and the enantiomer, (S,S,S) form, of dl-α-tocopherol. Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier B.V.

  17. Single factor financial asset pricing models: an empirical test of the Capital Asset Pricing Model CAPM and the Downside Capital Asset Pricing Model D-CAPM Modelos de precificação de ativos financeiros de fator único: um teste empírico dos modelos CAPM e D-CAPM

    Felipe Dias Paiva


    Full Text Available This study analyzed the Capital Asset Pricing Model CAPM as well as the Downside Capital Asset Pricing Model D-CAPM and evaluated the latter as an efficient alternative asset pricing model. The returns of 40 companies on the São Paulo Stock Exchange BOVESPA were studied between December 1996 and August 2002. To test the models the study used as variables the Interbank Deposit Certificate CDI as a risk free asset and the Index of São Paulo Stock Exchange IBOVESPA as a proxy of the market portfolio. The D-CAPM was shown to be more useful in explaining the return of the stock market than the CAPM.O objetivo deste estudo é analisar o capital asset pricing model (CAPM e o downside capital asset pricing model (D-CAPM, bem como avaliar se este último modelo é uma eficiente alternativa de modelo de precificação de ativos. Os dados da pesquisa referem-se a 40 retornos de companhias listadas na Bolsa de Valores de São Paulo, de dezembro de 1996 a agosto de 2002. O artigo utilizou, para testar os modelos, as variáveis Certificado de Depósito Interbancário (CDI, como um ativo livre de risco, e o índice da Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo (Ibovespa, como proxy do portfólio de mercado. Conclui-se, então, que o D-CAPM possui uma maior capacidade explicativa dos retornos dos ativos se comparado ao CAPM.

  18. Dvě tváře dětství. Malí dospělí a děti hříšníci ve středověku

    Nodl, Martin


    Roč. 28, č. 1 (2006), s. 30-33 ISSN 0418-5129 R&D Projects: GA MŠk(CZ) LC521 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z90090514 Keywords : child hood * devotion * medieval family Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  19. “Fabricado no Reino Lusitano o que antes nos vendeu tão caro a China” : a produção de faiança em Lisboa, entre os reinados de Filipe II e D. João V

    Pais, Alexandre Manuel Nobre da Silva


    O estudo da manufactura de faiança nas olarias de Lisboa, do final do século XVI até ao estabelecimento da fábrica pombalina do Rato, em 1767, tem enfermado de contradições e variadas polémicas. Tendo sido nesta cidade que se iniciou a produção de louça em técnica de faiança em Portugal, pretende definir-se aqui quais os modelos decorativos e morfológicos então criados, os factores que conduziram ao seu aparecimento e o estatuto dos oleiros ao longo destes quase 200 anos. As ár...

  20. Salud oral y déficit nutricional en adultos mayores no institucionalizados en Londrina, Paraná, Brasil Saúde bucal e déficit nutricional em idosos não institucionalizados em Londrina, Paraná, Brasil Oral health status and nutritional deficit in noninstitutionalized older adults in Londrina, Brazil

    Arthur Eumann Mesas


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Examinar la asociación entre el déficit nutricional y problemas de salud oral en adultos mayores no institucionalizados de una comunidad en Brasil. MÉTODOS: En este estudio transversal fueron obtenidos datos de 267 adultos mayores (160 mujeres y 107 hombres con edad entre los 60 y 74 años provenientes del censo del área de cobertura de un Equipo del Programa Salud de la Familia de Londrina, Brasil. El déficit nutricional fue identificado con la Mini Evaluación Nutricional (OBJETIVO: Examinar a associação entre déficit nutricional e problemas de saúde bucal em idosos não institucionalizados de uma comunidade no Brasil. MÉTODOS: Neste estudo transversal, foram obtidos dados de 267 idosos (160 mulheres e 107 homens com idade entre 60 e 74 anos por meio de censo em área de cobertura de uma Equipe do Programa Saúde da Família de Londrina, Brasil. O déficit nutricional foi identificado com a Mini Avaliação Nutricional (OBJECTIVE: To examine the association between nutritional deficit and oral health problems in noninstitucionalized elderly adults in a Brazilian community. METHODS: In this cross-sectional study, data were obtained from 267 elderly adults (160 women, 107 men with ages between 60 and 74 years, identified through a census in the area covered by the Family Health Program in Londrina, Brazil. The Mini Nutritional Assessment score < 24 points was used to identify nutritional deficit. Oral evaluation consisted of an oral exam, measurement of stimulated salivary flow rate, and use of the Geriatric Oral Health Assessment Index (GOHAI for self-perception data. Multivariate analyses were adjusted by sociodemographic variables, depression, and drug consumption. RESULTS: Nutritional deficit was identified in 58 adults (21.7%. Among the dental conditions studied, absence of posterior occlusion (Odds Ratio, OR: 2.18; Confidence Interval, 95% CI: 1.06 - 4.45, stimulated salivary flow rate < 0.7 ml/minute (OR: 2.18, 95% CI: 1.06 - 4.50, advanced periodontal illness (OR: 6.54; 95% CI: 2.03 - 21.00, and negative self perception of oral health (OR: 3.41; 95% CI: 1.59 - 7.33 were associated with nutritional deficit regardless of sex, age, social class, education, smoking, depression, and drug consumption. CONCLUSIONS: Oral health impairment was associated with nutritional deficit and it requires a greater integration between dentistry and nutrition in the health promotion of older adults, especially in the prevention of tooth loss and in the posterior occlusal rehabilitation to avoid obstacles for an adequate diet.

  1. Variação da fotossíntese e dos teores de carboidratos induzidos por etefom e déficit hídrico na fase de maturação da cana-de-açúcar

    Guilherme Garcia Roberto


    Full Text Available ResumoUm importante índice para a indústria sucroalcooleira é a produtividade de sacarose em cana-de-açúcar, que pode ser relacionada à capacidade da planta em acumular sacarose durante a maturação. Apesar de se conhecer a eficiência de tratamentos como a restrição hídrica e a aplicação de reguladores para estimular o acúmulo de sacarose nos colmos, pouco se conhece sobre as respostas fisiológicas da planta que levam à maturação. Nesse contexto, o objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar as respostas fisiológicas da cana-de-açúcar a diferentes tratamentos indutores de maturação e, assim, compreender melhor a fisiologia desse processo. Duas variedades, a IACSP95-5000, de alta produtividade, e a IACSP94-2094, de produtividade moderada, foram submetidas ao déficit hídrico, à aplicação de regulador químico (etefom 480 g ha–1 e aos dois tratamentos associados. Foram medidos o crescimento, a concentração de carboidratos em folhas e colmos e as trocas gasosas. Concluiu-se que o efeito do etefom em cana-de-açúcar é genótipo-dependente, estimulando o acúmulo de sacarose no colmo e o suprimento de fotoassimilados pela fonte na variedade responsiva (IACSP95-5000. Tais efeitos não são associados à restrição do crescimento. Em relação à aplicação dos tratamentos de déficit hídrico e etefom associados, a variedade responsiva apresenta aumento no teor de sacarose no colmo nos mesmos níveis apresentados quando apenas etefom é aplicado, de modo que os tratamentos não apresentam efeitos aditivos na maturação da cana-de-açúcar.

  2. Synthèse énantiosélective du Monate de méthyle C et réaction aldol organocatalysée d'aldéhydes a,b-insaturés : application à la synthèse de dérivés de la Goniothalamine

    van Innis, Livia


    Le Monate de méthyle C est produit par Pseudomonas Fluorescens et possède des propriétés antibactériennes intéressantes envers les bactéries Gram-positives. Afin de permettre un accès efficace au noyau pyrannique du (+)-Monate de méthyle C, une méthodologie impliquant une séquence ène-IMSC a été mise au point. L'introduction de la chaîne latérale axiale a été effectuée par une réaction d'allylation asymétrique suivie d'une métathèse croisée sélective. Enfin, une réduction de la cétone intermé...

  3. Enteroparasitoses e déficit nutricional em crianças hospitalizadas, Guarapuava, Estado do Paraná, Brasil - DOI: 10.4025/actascihealthsci.v28i2.1064 Enteroparasites and malnutrition in hospitalized children, Guarapuava, State of Paraná, Brazil - DOI: 10.4025/actascihealthsci.v28i2.1064

    Maria Luiza Tunes Buschini


    Full Text Available A alta prevalência de infecção por Ascaris lumbricoides na população infantil leva a estudos em vários países, os quais associam os aspectos nutricionais às infecções intestinais parasitárias. Entretanto, poucos trabalhos descrevem o número de crianças hospitalizadas com enteroparasitoses em diferentes locais. Assim, investigamos a prevalência de internações infantis por enteroparasitoses em três hospitais da cidade de Guarapuava, Estado do Paraná, associando a este aspecto a gravidade da doença, idade, sexo e condições nutricionais. O estado nutricional foi avaliado através de parâmetros antropométricos adotadas pela Organização Mundial da Saúde, usando à curva adotada pelo National Center of Health Statistic. As enteroparasitoses representaram 32,14% das hospitalizações de crianças, a maioria entre 0 a 3 anos. As crianças com déficit nutricional foram as mais hospitalizadas com enteroparasitoses e as que apresentaram graves quadros de infecções por Ascaris lumbricoides quando comparadas com crianças em condições nutricionais normais. Os resultados sugerem que a desnutrição é um fator agravante para a suscetibilidade a infecções por enteroparasitasHigh prevalence of Ascaris infection in young children led to intensive studies in many countries focusing on its effect on nutritional status. However, few works described the number of hospitalized children with intestinal parasitic infection in different places. These data prompted us to investigate the prevalence of hospitalized children with enteroparasite in three hospitals at Guarapuava city, State of Paraná, associating degree of infection, age, sex and nutritional conditions. The nutritional state of the children was evaluated by anthropometric measurements adopted by the World Health Organization, using as standard reference the curve adopted by the National Center of Health Statistic. The intestinal parasitic infection represented 32.14% of hospitalized children, and the majority was between 0 and 3 years of age. Moreover, the malnourished children were more hospitalized with enteroparasites and Ascaris-infection aggravate compared with nourished children. In conclusion, the results suggest that the malnutrition is an aggravating factor to the susceptibility to enteroparasite infections

  4. What method to use for the renal clearance with {sup 51}Cr-E.D.T.A.: retrospective study among 1157 adults and 286 children; Quelle methode de mesure utiliser pour la clairance renale au 51Cr-EDTA: etude retrospective chez 1157 adultes et 286 enfants

    Lacoeuille, F.; Machefert, N.; Vervueren, L.; Berthelot, C.; Rakotonirina, H.; Le Jeune, J.J.; Couturier, O. [CHU d' Angers, Service de medecine nucleaire, 49 (France); Drablier, G.; Cahouet-Vannier, A. [CHU d' Angers, Service de pharmacie, 49 (France); Denizot, B. [CH Annemasse, service de medecine nucleaire, 74 (France)


    Purpose: in the objective to make our practices evolve and to limit the numbers of sampling for patients, we searched to determine if the methods used (4,2 or 1 sampling) to measure the renal clearance to {sup 51}Cr-EDTA give results comparable on the population of patients concerned by this examination. Conclusions: This study allowed to enlighten interchangeability between the four points and two points method for the population studied. It allows to consider a change in our practice for the profit of a two points methods. (N.C.)

  5. Comparaison des effets des couvertures en polyéthylène des abri-serres de première et de deuxième année d'utilisation sur la croissance et le développement du piment fort (Capsicum annuum L.

    Bouaouina, T.


    Full Text Available Comparison of Effects Polyethylene Greenhouse Cover Age on Hot Pepper (Capsicum annuum L. Growth and Development. Hot pepper (variety Forty was grown under two plastic greenhouses S1 and S2 covered with a regular non colored polyethylene film in its first year of use for S1 and in its second year of use for S2. The microclimate of S1 compared to that of S2 yielded higher perfomences, improved the precocity, and increased the yield of green pepper.

  6. Estrategia de mediación comunicativa para la construcción de una mejor comunicación asertiva entre padres e hijos adolescentes del grado quinto de primaria institución educativa departamental (i.e.d.) capellanía

    Acosta Rodriguez, Martha Cecilia; Gonzalez Bonilla, Mauricio


    El diálogo teórico que sustenta esta investigación está fundamentado en las siguientes categorías: Mediación comunicativa, Comunicación asertiva, Familia y adolescentes, donde las semejanzas, la representación y la misma biología invitaban a pensar en el papel que juega el hombre a la hora de comunicarse, coincidencia que produce conocimiento pero no desde el significado sino desde el sentido, como se ve y como se experimenta en la realidad desde tres punt...

  7. Prevalência do "dedo em baioneta": uma manifestação do distúrbio de hiperatividade e déficit de atenção entre alcoolistas e psicóticos do sexo masculino Prevalence of "Bajonettfinger": a manifestation of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder among male alcoholics and psychotics



    Full Text Available A prevalência do dedo em baioneta, sinal semiológico do distúrbio de déficit de atenção (DHDA, foi determinada em pacientes alcoolistas e indivíduos com distúrbios psicóticos, do sexo masculino, internados em hospital psiquiátrico. Para comparações foram examinados indivíduos, do sexo masculino, recrutados dentre os funcionários do próprio hospital. A alteração morfológica foi observada em 70/200 (35% dos alcoolistas, 45/100 (45% dos psicóticos e 8/50 (16% dos indivíduos controles. A diferença na prevalência do dedo em baioneta entre alcoolistas e psicóticos não foi significativa, mas o foi entre os alcoolistas ou psicóticos e o grupo controle. Estas observações sugerem, relativamente a população masculina, que: (1 o DHDA e síndromes correlatas estariam, por correlação com a prevalência dos dedos em baioneta, presentes em aproximadamente 1/3 dos alcoolistas e 1/2 dos pacientes com distúrbios psicóticos. (2 o DHDA e síndromes correlatas representariam um fator de vulnerabilidade para o alcoolismo. (3 adolescentes com dedos em baioneta deveriam merecer especial atenção no sentido de prevenção do alcoolismo.The prevalence of Bajonettfinger, a semiologic sign of attention-deficit disorder hyperactivity (ADHD, was determined in male alcoholics and psychotics from a psychiatric hospital. A control group was taken from the hospital staff. The morphologic alteration was observed in 35% of the 200 alcoholics, 45% of the 100 psychotics and 16% of the 50 controls. The difference in prevalence of the sign between the alcoholics and psychotics groups was not significant but the differences between any of these groups and the controls was significant. The observations suggested that: (1 ADHD would be present, as judged through its high correlation with the prevalence of bajonettfinger, in approximately 1/3 of the alcoholics and 1/2 of the psychotics; (2 ADHD would be a vulnerability factor for alcoholism; (3 adolescents with bajonettfinger should deserve special preventive attention with respect to alcoholism.

  8. Protection de la vie privée dès la phase de conception: application à la vérification de propriétés d'architectures de systèmes biométriques

    Bringer , Julien; Chabanne , Hervé; Le Métayer , Daniel; Lescuyer , Roch


    The goal of the work presented in this paper is to show the applicability of the privacy by design approach to biometric systems and the benefit of using formal methods to this end. We build on a general framework for the definition and verification of privacy architectures introduced at STM 2014 and show how it can be adapted to biometrics. The choice of particular techniques and the role of the components (central server, secure module, biometric terminal, smart card, etc.) in the architect...

  9. Conceptos básicos sobre terremotos y las causas que lo originan, proyecto de prevención y mitigación del riesgo en el colegio Nicolás Gómez Dávila I.E.D

    Hernández Ortiz, Gerardo


    El presente trabajo, es un estudio del conocimiento que tienen los estudiantes de ciclo III en el Colegio Nicolás Gómez Dávila, sobre el concepto de terremoto y las causas que lo producen, lo que permitió fortalecer el Plan Escolar de Gestión del Riesgo institucional. El proceso se desarrolló en tres fases: En la primera se realizó la fundamentación teórica partiendo desde los componentes legales, los cuales establecen la importancia de los planes de gestión de riesgo en Colombia, seguido...

  10. E f f e c t o f Y o g a a n d A e r o b i c T r a i n i n g o n B i o C h e m i c a l V a r i a b l e s i n M i d d l e A g e d D i a b e t i c P a t i e n t s

    J. K A R T H I K E Y A N


    Full Text Available Diabetes is related to the impaired glucose tolerance of the body, where insulin functioning is affected. The beneficial effect of the practice of Yoga and other exercises like Aerobic Training on diabetes includes direct influence on pancreatic secretion by rejuvenation of the pancreatic cells, through alternate abdominal contractions and relaxations, during asana The purpose of the study was to find out the effects of yoga and Aerobic Training on selected biochemical varia bles blood sugar and Glucose Tolerance among diabetic patients. To achieve this purpose, sixty men patients who were not involved in any vigorous physical training programme , age ranging from 35 to 45, undergoing treatment for hypertension and type - II diabetes mellitus, were selected from in and around Pettai, Tirunelveli city. The selected subjects were divided into three groups at random with 20 each. Twenty patients in eac h category (type II Diabetes and Hypertension would serve as control group and the remaining forty would undergo systematic Yoga training and Aerobic training in the department of physical education and sports sciences, under the supervision of physician, The M.D.T Hindu College, Tirunelveli. The control group did not undergo any special training programme. The remaining subjects constituted an experimental group who underwent Yoga and Aerobic Trainig Programme. The selected subjects were medically examine d by a qualified medical person for undergoing the training programme Analysis of data using ANACOVA showed that there were significant difference between experimental groups and control group on selected variables blood sugar and oral glucose tolerance. The significant improvement in the above said variables highlights the effect of aerobic training and yoga training design for this study, its systematic progressive loading pattern and appropriate recovery phase between sessions during the tra ining period. The control group did not participate any kind of training programme specifically for improving the selected variable level

  11. Reframing for Global Sustainability: The "Second Manifesto" for the "Turn of the Titanic"

    Rauch, Herbert


    Purpose: This paper aims to encourage "discourse concerning a 'sustainable societal system'", proposing S.E.E.D. (=Secure-base Earth Equilibrium Development). S.E.E.D. outlines a possible transition to a viable future civilisation, a realistic eco-social turnaround, a "taming" (i.e. a cultivation) of the market with regard to…

  12. Green's functions for theories with massless particles (in perturbation theory). [Growth properties, momentum space, mass renormalization

    Blanchard, P [European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva (Switzerland); Seneor, R [European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva (Switzerland); Ecole Polytechnique, 75 - Paris (France). Centre de Physique Theorique)


    With the method of perturbative renormalization developed by Epstein and Glaser it is shown that Green's functions exist for theories with massless particles such as Q.E.D. and lambda:PHI/sup 2n/ theories. Growth properties are given in momentum space. In the case of Q.E.D., it is also shown that one can perform the physical mass renormalization.

  13. Distillable entanglement in d circle times d dimensions

    Hamieh, S; Zaraket, H


    Distillable entanglement (E-d) is one of the acceptable measures of entanglement of mixed states. On the basis of discrimination through local operation and classical communication, this letter gives E-d for two classes of orthogonal multipartite maximally entangled states.

  14. Detailed Histologic Evaluation of Eosinophilic Esophagitis in Pediatric Patients Presenting with Dysphagia or Abdominal Pain and Comparison of the Histology between the Two Groups

    Thirumazhisai S. Gunasekaran


    Full Text Available EoE in children presents with four main symptoms. Most common symptoms exhibited by our clinic population are dysphagia (D and abdominal pain (AP. Despite similar treatments, we found in an earlier study that the outcomes between these two groups were different. Therefore, we investigated if there exist any histological differences between these groups that could further our knowledge of EoE. Aim. To compare esophageal histology in detail, apart from the eosinophil count, between EoE-D and EoE-AP. Method. Biopsies of patients with EoE-D and EoE-AP were reevaluated for 10 additional histological criteria, in addition to the eosinophil count. Results. Both groups had 67 patients; peak mean eosinophil was 33.9 and 31.55 for EoE-D and EoE-AP (p<0.05. Eosinophilic microabscesses, superficial layering of eosinophils, and epithelial desquamation were twice as common and significant in EoE-D group than EoE-AP. Eosinophil distribution around rete pegs was also significantly higher in EoE-D group. The remaining criteria were numerically higher in EoE-D, but not significant, with the exception of rete peg elongation. Conclusion. EoE-D patients have significantly higher eosinophils compared to EoE-AP, and the level of inflammation as seen from eosinophil microabscesses, superficial layering, desquamation, and the distribution around rete pegs is significantly higher.

  15. Eosinophilic Esophagitis in Children and Adolescents with Abdominal Pain: Comparison with EoE-Dysphagia and Functional Abdominal Pain.

    Gunasekaran, Thirumazhisai; Prabhakar, Gautham; Schwartz, Alan; Gorla, Kiranmai; Gupta, Sandeep; Berman, James


    Aim. Compare EoE-AP with EoE-D for clinical, endoscopy (EGD), histology and outcomes and also with FAP-N. Method. Symptoms, physical findings, EGD, histology, symptom scores, and treatments were recorded for the three groups. Cluster analysis was done. Results. Dysphagia and abdominal pain were different in numbers but not statistically significant between EoE-AP and EoE-D. EGD, linear furrows, white exudates were more in the EoE-D and both combined were significant (p < 0.05). EoE-D, peak and mean eosinophils (p  0.06) and eosinophilic micro abscesses (p  0.001) were higher. Follow-Up. Based on single symptom, EoE-AP had 30% (p  0.25) improvement, EoE-D 86% (p < 0.001) and similar with composite score (p  0.57 and <0.001, resp.). Patients who had follow-up, EGD: 42.8% with EoE-AP and 77.8% with EoE-D, showed single symptom improvement and the eosinophil count fell from 38.5/34.6 (peak and mean) to 31.2/30.4 (p  0.70) and from 43.6/40.8 to 25.2/22.8 (p < 0.001), respectively. FAP-N patients had similar symptom improvement like EoE-D. Cluster Analysis. EoE-AP and FAP-N were similar in clinical features and response to treatment, but EoE-D was distinctly different from EoE-AP and FAP-N. Conclusion. Our study demonstrates that EoE-AP and EoE-D have different histology and outcomes. In addition, EoE-AP has clinical features similar to the FAP-N group.

  16. Organotins in the sediments of the Zuari estuary, west coast of India

    Jadhav, S.; Bhosle, N.B.; Massanisso, P.; Morabito, R

    ., Jadhav, S., Harji, R., Sawant, S., Venket, K., Anil, A. C., 2004. Butyltins in water, biofilm and sediments of the west coast of India. Chemosphere 57, 897-907. Burton, E. D., Phillips, I. R., Hawker, D. W., 2004. Sorption and desorption behaviour... of tributyltin with natural sediments. Environmental Science & Technology 38, 6694 – 6700. Burton, E. D., Phillips, I. R., Hawker, D. W., 2005. In-situ partitioning of butyltin species in estuarine sediments. Chemosphere 59, 585 – 592. Burton, E. D., Phillips...

  17. Methods of flood extent mapping using SAR imagery in the Zambezi (Caprivi) Region, Namibia

    Kemp, J


    Full Text Available mapping using SAR imagery in the Zambezi (Caprivi) Region, Namibia Jaco Kemp1, Mariel Bessinger1, Melanie Luck-Vogel2 y o u r k n o w l e d g e p a r t n e r Department of Geography and Environmental Studies 2 Zambezi Region y o... u r k n o w l e d g e p a r t n e r Department of Geography and Environmental Studies 3 Zambezi Region y o u r k n o w l e d g e p a r t n e r Department of Geography and Environmental Studies 4 Zambezi...

  18. [Medium high energy physics at Syracuse University

    Souder, P.A.


    This report discusses: Polarized muonic atoms; spin-dependent structure functions of the neutron; parity violation in the scattering of polarized electrons; tensor polarization in elastic eD scattering; and, hyperfine structure of muonium

  19. The Toggle Local Planner for sampling-based motion planning

    Denny, Jory; Amato, Nancy M.


    Sampling-based solutions to the motion planning problem, such as the probabilistic roadmap method (PRM), have become commonplace in robotics applications. These solutions are the norm as the dimensionality of the planning space grows, i.e., d > 5

  20. Energy creation in electrical sparks and discharges

    Pappas, P.T.


    In this paper deficiencies of Lorentz force law, of Maxwell';s displacement current, of poynting vector, and of other explicit or implicit assumptions in E/D are analyzed. The infallible Cardinal law of E/D of Ampere is suggested as the most dominating candidate for the future E/D. Apparent difficulties of the Cardinal law are removed by resuming the ideal inertial frame concept to pragmatical cases. Energy creation is considered as not binding, but as possible, according to the Cardinal law as an alternative principle to the continuous creation hypothesis of Astronomy. Various inherent arc oscillations are presented as direct experimental evidence of energy creation. Several unexplained and exciting phenomena in E/D are readily explained by the Cardinal law. Finally, the unique constructive property of the Cardinal law is presented, suggested to be responsible for the Cosmos' creation and constructive evolution to higher forms of organization

  1. Literatuuronderzoek naar de bepalingsmetboden an paraquat en diquat in groenten, fruit en andere plantaardige produkten

    Lagerwey, W.; Tuinstra, L.G.M.Th.


    De resultaten van de literatuurstudie worden samengevat in een overzicht van de bepalingsmetboden van paraquat en diquat in groenten en fruit e.d. Naast de toepassingsgebieden, chemische en fysische eigenschappen van paraquat en diquat werden de bepalingsmethoden bestudeerd. Spektrofotometrische,

  2. Newton's Contributions to Optics

    creativity is apparent, even in ideas and models in optics that were ... Around Newton's time, a number of leading figures in science ..... successive circles increased as integers, i.e. d increases by inte- ... of easy reflections and transmission".

  3. Review Article The role of vitamin A

    Review Article. The role of vitamin A. E. E. D. MILLS. •. In cancer. Summary. The differentiation ... tance of varying levels of cellular binding proteins in normal and .... pre-albumin occurs. The resulting ... membranes causing labilization. Protein ...

  4. Transient stability of wind turbines connected to a power grid

    Counan, C.; Juston, P.; Testud, G.


    A wind turbine generator model has been adapted for digital simulation using the E.D.F. transient stability program. Component models of the wind generator are described and computed results are provided.

  5. Meet and Join Matrices in the Poset of Exponential Divisors

    ... exponential divisor ( G C E D ) and the least common exponential multiple ( L C E M ) do not always exist. In this paper we embed this poset in a lattice. As an application we study the G C E D and L C E M matrices, analogues of G C D and L C M matrices, which are both special cases of meet and join matrices on lattices.

  6. Pressure management strategies for water loss reduction in large-scale water piping networks: a review

    Adedeji, K


    Full Text Available . Therefore, in a WDN with kth number of pipes, the probability of a pipe breakage in the network as a result of the system pressure variations is estimated as [17] 4.35 3.738 5 8 0.0021 21.4 Pr 1 10 k kD D k k k e D e D     (5) where Prk...

  7. The influence of chemical degradation during dietary exposures to fish on biomagnification factors and bioaccumulation factors.

    Arnot, Jon A; Mackay, Donald


    The chemical dietary absorption efficiency (E D ) quantifies the amount of chemical absorbed by an organism relative to the amount of chemical an organism is exposed to following ingestion. In particular, E D can influence the extent of bioaccumulation and biomagnification for hydrophobic chemicals. A new E D model is developed to quantify chemical process rates in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). The new model is calibrated with critically evaluated measured E D values (n = 250) for 80 hydrophobic persistent chemicals. The new E D model is subsequently used to estimate chemical reaction rate constants (k R ) assumed to occur in the lumen of the GIT from experimental dietary exposure tests (n = 255) for 165 chemicals. The new k R estimates are corroborated with k R estimates for the same chemicals from the same data derived previously by other methods. The roles of k R and the biotransformation rate constant (k B ) on biomagnification factors (BMFs) determined under laboratory test conditions and on BMFs and bioaccumulation factors (BAFs) in the environment are examined with the new model. In this regard, differences in lab and field BMFs are highlighted. Recommendations to address uncertainty in E D and k R data are provided.

  8. Aspects of U-duality in matrix theory

    Blau, M.; O'Loughlin, M.


    We explore various aspects of implementing the full M-theory U-duality group E d+1 , and thus Lorentz invariance, in the finite N matrix theory (DLCQ of M-theory) describing toroidal IIA-compactifications on d-tori: (1) We generalize the analysis of Elitzur et al. (hep-th/9707217) from E d to E d+1 and identify the highest weight states unifying the momentum and flux E d -multiplets into one E d+1 -orbit, (2) We identify the new symmetries, in particular the Weyl group symmetry associated to the (d+1)'th node of the E d+1 Dynkin diagram, with Nahm-duality-like symmetries (N-duality) exchanging the rank N of the matrix theory gauge group with other (electric, magnetic, ...) quantum numbers. (3) We describe the action of N-duality on BPS bound states, thus making testable predictions for the Lorentz invariance of matrix theory. (4) We discuss the problems that arise in the matrix theory limit for BPS states with no top-dimensional branes, i.e. configurations with N = 0. (5) We show that N-duality maps the matrix theory SYM picture to the matrix string picture and argue that, for d even, the latter should be thought of as an M-theory membrane description (which appears to be well defined even for d > 5). (6) We find a compact and unified expression for a U-duality invariant of E d+1 for all d and show that in d = 5,6 it reduces to the black hole entropy cubic E 6 - and quartic E 7 -invariants respectively. (7) Finally, we describe some of the solitonic states in d = 6,7 and give an example (a 'rolled-up' Taub-NUT 6-brane) of a configuration exhibiting the unusual 1/g 3 s -behaviour. (author)

  9. Cloning, Site-Directed Mutagenesis, and Functional Analysis of Active Residues in Lymantria dispar Chitinase.

    Fan, Xiao-Jun; Yang, Chun; Zhang, Chang; Ren, Hui; Zhang, Jian-Dong


    Chitinases are glycosyl hydrolases that catalyze the hydrolysis of β-(1,4)-glycosidic bonds in chitin, the major structural polysaccharide presented in the cuticle and gut peritrophic matrix of insects. Two aspartate residues (D143, D145) and one tryptophan (W146) in the Lymantria dispar chitinase are highly conserved residues observed within the second conserved motif of the family 18 chitinase catalytic region. In this study, a chitinase cDNA, LdCht5, was cloned from L. dispar, and the roles of the three residues were investigated using site-directed mutagenesis and substituting them with three other amino acids. Seven mutant proteins, D143E, D145E, W146G, D143E/D145E, D143E/W146G, D145E/W146G, and D143E/D145E/W146G, as well as the wild-type enzyme, were produced using the baculovirus-insect cell line expression system. The enzymatic and kinetic properties of these mutant enzymes were measured using the oligosaccharide substrate MU-(GlcNAc) 3 . Among the seven mutants, the D145E, D143E/D145E, and D145E/W146G mutations kept some extant catalytic activity toward MU-(GlcNAc) 3 , while the D143E, W146G, D143E/W146G, and D143E/D145E/W146G mutant enzymes were inactivated. Compared with the mutant enzymes, the wild-type enzyme had higher values of k cat and k cat / K m . A study of the multiple point mutations in the second conserved catalytic region would help to elucidate the role of the critical residues and their relationships.

  10. A YAC contig and an EST map in the pericentromeric region of chromosome 13 surrounding the loci for neurosensory nonsyndromic deafness (DFNB1 and DFNA3) and Limb-Girdle muscular dystrophy type 2C (LGMD2C)

    Guilford, P.; Crozet, F.; Blanchard, S. [Institut Pasteur, Paris (France)] [and others


    Two forms of inherited childhood nonsyndromic deafness (DFNB1 and DFNA3) and a Duchenne-like form of progressive muscular dystrophy (LGMD2C) have been mapped to the pericentromeric region of chromosome 13. To clone the genes responsible for these diseases we constructed a yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) contig spanning an 8-cM region between the polymorphic markers D13S221. The contig comprises 24 sequence-tagged sites, among which 15 were newly obtained. This contig allowed us to order the polymorphic markers centromere- D13S175-D13S141-D13S143-D13S115-AFM128yc1-D13S292-D13S283-AFM323vh5-D13S221-telomere. Eight expressed sequence tags, previously assigned to 13q11-q12 (D13S182E, D13S183E, D13S502E, D13S504E, D13S505E, D13S837E, TUBA2, ATP1AL1), were localized on the YAC contig. YAC screening of a cDNA library derived from mouse cochlea allowed us to identify an {alpha}-tubulin gene (TUBA2) that was subsequently precisely mapped within the candidate region. 36 refs., 2 figs., 2 tabs.

  11. Probing α-particle wave functions using (rvec d,α) reactions

    Crosson, E.R.; Lemieux, S.K.; Ludwig, E.J.; Thompson, W.J.; Bisenberger, M.; Hertenberger, R.; Hofer, D.; Kader, H.; Schiemenz, P.; Graw, G.; Eiro, A.M.; Santos, F.D.


    Wave functions of the α particle corresponding to different S- and D-state deuteron-deuteron overlaps, left-angle dd|α right-angle, were investigated using exact finite-range distorted-wave Born-approximation (DWBA) analyses of (rvec d,α) reactions. Cross sections, vector, and tensor-analyzing powers were measured for (rvec d,α) reactions populating the lowest J π =7 + state in 56 Co at bombarding energies E d of 16 and 22 MeV, the lowest 7 + state in 48 Sc at E d =16 MeV, and the lowest 7 + state in 46 Sc at E d =22 MeV. We find that DWBA analyses of tensor-analyzing powers produce satisfactory agreement with the data and that A xx is especially sensitive to the D-state component of α-particle wave functions generated by different realistic nucleon-nucleon interactions

  12. Development of a personalized dosimetric tool for radiation protection in case of internal contamination and targeted radiotherapy in nuclear medicine

    Chiavassa, S.


    Current internal dosimetric estimations are based on the M.I.R.D. formalism and used standard mathematical models. These standard models are often far from a given patient morphology and do not allow to perform patient-specific dosimetry. The aim of this study was to develop a personalized dosimetric tool, which takes into account real patient morphology, composition and densities. This tool, called O.E.D.I.P.E., a French acronym of Tool for the Evaluation of Personalized Internal Dose, is a user-friendly graphical interface. O.E.D.I.P.E. allows to create voxel-based patient-specific geometries and associates them with the M.C.N.P.X. Monte Carlo code. Radionuclide distribution and absorbed dose calculation can be performed at the organ and voxel scale. O.E.D.I.P.E. can be used in nuclear medicine for targeted radiotherapy and in radiation protection in case of internal contamination. (author)

  13. Target fabrication using laser and spark erosion machining

    Clement, X.; Coudeville, A.; Eyharts, P.; Perrine , J.P.; Rouillard, R.


    Lasers and E.D.M. (electrical discharge machining) are both extremely useful tools for machining the small targets needed in inertial confinement studies. Lasers are currently used in a wide range of target problems and it appears that E.D.M. has a still wider range of applications for plane and spherical targets. The problems of material deformation and tool breaking are practically eliminated as the electrode and the machined part are not in mechanical contact. In comparison with laser micromachining E.D.M. offers: larger versatility with the possibility of new developments and applications; higher production speed for thin conducting materials; lower initial and operating costs; the processes are well controlled, reproducible and can be easily automated; the operation is safe without the dangers associted with lasers

  14. Development of a personalized dosimetric tool for radiation protection in case of internal contamination and targeted radiotherapy in nuclear medicine; Developpement d'un outil dosimetrique personnalise pour la radioprotection en contamination interne et la radiotherapie vectorisee en medecine nucleaire

    Chiavassa, S


    Current internal dosimetric estimations are based on the M.I.R.D. formalism and used standard mathematical models. These standard models are often far from a given patient morphology and do not allow to perform patient-specific dosimetry. The aim of this study was to develop a personalized dosimetric tool, which takes into account real patient morphology, composition and densities. This tool, called O.E.D.I.P.E., a French acronym of Tool for the Evaluation of Personalized Internal Dose, is a user-friendly graphical interface. O.E.D.I.P.E. allows to create voxel-based patient-specific geometries and associates them with the M.C.N.P.X. Monte Carlo code. Radionuclide distribution and absorbed dose calculation can be performed at the organ and voxel scale. O.E.D.I.P.E. can be used in nuclear medicine for targeted radiotherapy and in radiation protection in case of internal contamination. (author)

  15. Development of a personalized dosimetric tool for radiation protection in case of internal contamination and targeted radiotherapy in nuclear medicine; Developpement d'un outil dosimetrique personnalise pour la radioprotection en contamination interne et la radiotherapie vectorisee en medecine nucleaire

    Chiavassa, S


    Current internal dosimetric estimations are based on the M.I.R.D. formalism and used standard mathematical models. These standard models are often far from a given patient morphology and do not allow to perform patient-specific dosimetry. The aim of this study was to develop a personalized dosimetric tool, which takes into account real patient morphology, composition and densities. This tool, called O.E.D.I.P.E., a French acronym of Tool for the Evaluation of Personalized Internal Dose, is a user-friendly graphical interface. O.E.D.I.P.E. allows to create voxel-based patient-specific geometries and associates them with the M.C.N.P.X. Monte Carlo code. Radionuclide distribution and absorbed dose calculation can be performed at the organ and voxel scale. O.E.D.I.P.E. can be used in nuclear medicine for targeted radiotherapy and in radiation protection in case of internal contamination. (author)

  16. Laboratory procedures and their applications

    Vasil, I. K


    ... PageC O P Y R I G H T © 1984, B Y A C A D E M I C P R E S S , I N C . A L L RIGHTS R E S E R V E D . NO P A R T O F T H I S P U B L I C A T I O N M A Y B E R E P R O D U C E D OR T R A N S M I T ...

  17. New Maximal Two-distance Sets

    Lisonek, Petr


    A two-distance set in E^d is a point set X inthe d-dimensional Euclidean spacesuch that the distances between distinct points in Xassume only two different non-zero values. Based on results from classical distance geometry, we developan algorithm to classify, for a given dimension, all maximal...... (largest possible)two-distance sets in E^d.Using this algorithm we have completed the full classificationfor all dimensions less than or equal to 7, andwe have found one set in E^8 whosemaximality follows from Blokhuis' upper bound on sizes of s-distance sets.While in the dimensions less than or equal to 6...

  18. Novel Optical Methods for Identification, Imaging, and Preservation of the Cavernous Nerves Responsible for Penile Erections during Prostate Cancer Surgery


    Mariappan, J. Albea, E. D. Jansen, P. Konrad, and A. Mahadevan-Jansen, “Optical stimulation of neural tissue in vivo,” Opt. Lett., vol. 30, pp. 504-506...2005. 24. J. Wells, C. Kao, E. D. Jansen, P. Konrad, and A. Mahadevan-Jansen, “Application of infrared light for in vivo neural stimulation,” J. Biomed...tissue ap- eared as a fine lace -like pattern (Fig. 4). x Vivo Imaging of Human Prostatectomy pecimens he OCT imaging of human prostatectomy specimens

  19. Current Military Needs. War Gaming Department Perspectives, Connections 2008


    competitive U 1 : E x t r e m i s m d i s e m p o w e r e d / p a s s i v e s u p e r e m p o w e r e d...Current Military Needs War Gaming Department Perspectives Connections 2008 Stephen Downes-Martin, Ph.D. Professor, Center for Naval Warfare Studies...policy of the War Gaming Department, the CNWS, the U.S. Naval War College, the U.S. Navy,

  20. P ≠NP Millenium-Problem(MP) TRIVIAL Physics Proof Via NATURAL TRUMPS Artificial-``Intelligence'' Via: Euclid Geometry, Plato Forms, Aristotle Square-of-Opposition, Menger Dimension-Theory Connections!!! NO Computational-Complexity(CC)/ANYthing!!!: Geometry!!!

    Clay, London; Menger, Karl; Rota, Gian-Carlo; Euclid, Alexandria; Siegel, Edward

    P ≠NP MP proof is by computer-''science''/SEANCE(!!!)(CS) computational-''intelligence'' lingo jargonial-obfuscation(JO) NATURAL-Intelligence(NI) DISambiguation! CS P =(?) =NP MEANS (Deterministic)(PC) = (?) =(Non-D)(PC) i.e. D(P) =(?) = N(P). For inclusion(equality) vs. exclusion (inequality) irrelevant (P) simply cancels!!! (Equally any/all other CCs IF both sides identical). Crucial question left: (D) =(?) =(ND), i.e. D =(?) = N. Algorithmics[Sipser[Intro. Thy.Comp.(`97)-p.49Fig.1.15!!!

  1. Analytic description of highly excited vibrational-rotational states of diatomic molecules: II. Application to the hydrogen chloride molecule

    Burenin, A.V.; Ryabikin, M.Y.


    Processing of the precise experimental data on transition frequencies and energy levels in the ground electronic state of the H 35 Cl molecule was carried out on the basis of the asymptotically correct perturbation series analytically constructed to describe the discrete vibrational-rotational spectrum of a diatomic molecule. The perturbation series was shown to converge rapidly up to the dissociation energy E D , whereas the conventional Dunham series has a distinct limit of applicability equal to 0.39E D . 12 refs., 2 figs

  2. Remote experiment participation on Tore-Supra

    Theis, J.-M.; Larsen, J.-M.


    The DRFC has traditionally had a very large external collaboration involvement. In particular, 15% of the DRFC work is directed towards the JET programme. As a consequence substantial telecommunications facilities have been installed [F.E.D. 60/3 (2002) 449; F.E.D. 60/3 (2002) 459]. A specific station for remote communication has been set up in the Tore-Supra control room, closely coupled to a collaborating team at INRS Que., Canada. This paper describes our pilot experience with the Canadian participation, which gives details of the communication and data sharing tools used to fully work on Tore-Supra

  3. Electric power: liberalization in half-measure

    Pradel, P.


    The European directive about the electric power liberalization concerns only big consumers. These manufacturers have privileged relations with E.D.F. for long years with a very attractive price for the kilowatt hour. The change should not be very important, only more transparency in accounts and change in tariffs of power transmission: for example, a small electric power producer will be authorized to contest the buying price that E.D.F. imposes to him to transport the energy he produces. (N.C.)

  4. Search for Antihelium in the Cosmic Radiation

    Streitmatter, R.E.; Barbier, L.M.; Christian, E.R.


    The balloon-borne Isotope Matter-Antimatter Experiment (IMAX) was flown from Lynn Lake, Manitoba Canada on July 16-17, 1992. Sixteen hours of data were taken. Measurements of multiple dE/dX, rigidity, and time of flight were used to search for antihelium in the cosmic radiation. A report on the r......The balloon-borne Isotope Matter-Antimatter Experiment (IMAX) was flown from Lynn Lake, Manitoba Canada on July 16-17, 1992. Sixteen hours of data were taken. Measurements of multiple dE/dX, rigidity, and time of flight were used to search for antihelium in the cosmic radiation. A report...

  5. Author Details

    Isa, E.D.M.. Vol 9, No 6S (2017) - Articles Silica coated ionic liquid templated mesoporous silica nanoparticles. Abstract PDF. ISSN: 1112-9867. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More about AJOL · AJOL's Partners · Terms and Conditions of Use ...

  6. α φ µ π ψ


    Volumetric flow rate, STB/D r. Radius, ft. D r. Dimensionless radius e r. External radius, ft. eD r. Dimensionless external radius w ... wellbore using the finite element method. Theory: The law of conservation of mass, Darcy's law and the equation of state has been combined to obtain the following partial differential equation:.

  7. états financiers

    1 janv. 2016 ... Les charges au titre des services généraux et administratifs, ... une assurance raisonnable qu'il pourra réaliser ses objectifs. ...... La responsable de l'audit interne au Centre est chargée d'examiner les systèmes, les ...

  8. DER 86: main facts


    This report presents the important facts among the studies carried out by the Direction des Etudes et Recherches (E.D.F.): new applications of electric power for customers, protection of environment, classical equipments for power plants and nuclear equipments, monitoring and control of power plants, electrical equipments, development and operation of electrical networks, informatics and office automation [fr

  9. Diagnostic and Predictive Values of Thirst, Angiotensin II, and Vasopressin During Trauma Resuscitation


    and plasma AVP and AT2 levels across a broader spectrum of hemorrhagic shock severity may be warranted. The authors wish to thank the medical, nursing ...301. 2. Olsson K. Central control of vasopressin release and thirst. Acta Paediatr Scand Suppl. 1983;305:36–9. Pr eh os p E m er g C ar e D ow nl oa

  10. Vitamin E and Vitamin C supplementation does not prevent glucose intolerance in obese-prone rats

    Obesity-induced glucose intolerance affects over 70 million Americans. Elevated oxidative stress is associated with development of glucose intolerance. In this work, we tested the hypothesis that supplementation with the anti-oxidants vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol acetate; 0.4 g/kg diet) and vitamin...

  11. Intersecting D-branes and black hole entropy

    Behrndt, Klaus; Bergshoeff, Eric


    In four dimensions there are 4 different types of extremal Maxwell/scalar black holes characterized by a scalar coupling parameter a with a = 0, 1/√3, 1, √3. These black holes can be described as intersections of ten-dimensional non-singular Ramond-Ramond objects, i.e, D-branes, waves and

  12. A Simple Diffraction Experiment Using Banana Stem as a Natural Grating

    Aji, Mahardika Prasetya; Karunawan, Jotti; Chasanah, Widyastuti Rochimatun; Nursuhud, Puji Iman; Wiguna, Pradita Ajeng; Sulhadi


    A simple diffraction experiment was designed using banana stem as natural grating. Coherent beams of lasers with wavelengths of 632.8 nm and 532 nm that pass through banana stem produce periodic diffraction patterns on a screen. The diffraction experiments were able to measure the distances between the slit of the banana stem, i.e. d = (28.76 ±…

  13. Een Basketball Carnival voor de BAVO

    Jaap Verhagen


    Ongeveer vier jaar geleden is de Basisvorming ingevoerd. Na vier jaar zijn er allerlei schitterende lesinhouden, kijkwijzers, lesmethoden e.d. geïntroduceerd. Hier zou ik graag een bijdrage aan leveren d.m.v. een Basketball Carnival. Het woord carnival zal wel verbazing wekken. Carnival is niets



    Highly excited neutron hole states in Pb-207 have been studied via the (d, over arrow pointing right, t) reaction at E(d) = 200 MeV using for the first time a polarized beam, with both vector and tensor components. The determination of overlapping neutron hole response functions takes advantage of

  15. NSR superstring measures revisited

    Morozov, A.


    Review of remarkable progress in evaluation of NSR superstring measures, originated by E.D'Hoker and D.Phong. These recent results are presented in the old-fashioned form, what allows to highlight the options which have been overlooked in original considerations in late 1980's.

  16. Trypanocidal properties of Terminalia ivorensis A. Chev ...

    The column fractions of the ethyl acetate fraction gave E.D50 value between 1.98 and 5.46 μg/mL for the very active fractions indicating prospect for the development of potential trypanocidal agent from the plant. Keywords: Terminalis ivorensis, Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiensis, trypanocidal. African Journal of Traditional, ...

  17. Mycobacterium bovis infection in animals and humans

    Thoen, Charles O; Steele, James H; Gilsdorf, Michael J


    ... and Its Economic Consequences G. Bölske, H. Wahlström, B. Larsson, and J.Å. Robertsson 84 11 Benefit and Cost Assessment of the U.S. Bovine Tuberculosis Eradication Program M. Gilsdorf, E.D. Ebel, ...

  18. Volatile chemicals in glands of the carpenter ant, Camponotus ...

    Volatile chemicals in glands of the carpenter ant, Camponotus arminius. J.M. Brand, L.V. Mabinya, E.D. Morgan. Abstract. Camponotus arminius is a large black carpenter ant that occurs in tropical and sub-tropical Africa and has extensive foraging trails both in trees and on the ground. Analysis of excised mandibular glands ...

  19. 75 FR 42680 - Sunshine Act Notice


    .... ACTION: Notice of meeting. DATES: Date and Time: Friday, July 30, 2010; 11:30 a.m. e.d.t. Place: Via... Discrimination in Liberal Arts College Admissions. Timeline for Commissioner Statements and Rebuttals to HBCU and.... Management and Operations. Submission of FY 2012 Budget Estimate to the Office of Management and Budget. IV...

  20. Population studies on two native Mongolian population groups in China using STR loci.

    Su, Xiulan; Li, Dongxia; Lifu, Shuping Liu Bi; Yun, Peiyu Wang Tuoya Wu; Yun, Sheng


    The allelic distribution of nine short tandem repeats (STRs) loci (vWA, FGA, PentaE, D3S1358, D13S317, D5S818, D6S1043, D2S1772 and D7S3048) was examined in 286 Ximeng-Mongolian and 293 Wumeng-Mongolian unrelated individuals living in the Inner Mongolia province, PR China.

  1. East African Medical Journal

    REpORTINg ON MENTAl HEAlTH IllNESS (MHI) IN KENyA: HOw wEll ARE. wE dOINg? ... fundamental for evidence-based decision-making and improved service ... Owiti, MBChB, MSc, Academic Model for Prevention and Treatment of HIV ...

  2. Distribution of the portunid crab Ova/ipes punctatus (De Haan) in ...

    (De Haan) in Algoa Bay and salinity and temperature tolerances of its ... The three-spot swimming crab Ovalipes punctatus is commonly found in surf zones off ..... recorded in the Sundays River or Swartkops River estuaries. (p.E.D. Winter and ...

  3. Educational Reform: Critiquing the Critics.

    Reid, Charles R.


    Reviews Walter Feinberg's criticisms of educational critics Allan Bloom and E. D. Hirsch. Supports Feinberg's argument that experimentation is the only course still open in education, but argues that his views are informed by the traditional obscurantism of the educational establishment. (FMW)

  4. Examination of a Capabilities-based Prioritization Scheme for Service-Oriented Architecture Afloat


    THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK vii TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION ...led astray. xxii THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK 1 I. INTRODUCTION The Program Executive Office for Command, Control, Communications...Pecorella, T., Re, E. D., & Fantacci, R. (2003). A gateway architecture for IP satellite networks with dynamic resource mangement and DiffServ QoS

  5. Polychaeten aus den Zoologischen Museen von Leiden und Amsterdam I

    Augener, H.


    In der vorliegenden Arbeit ist die Untersuchung eines sehr umfangreichen Polychaeten-Materials niedergelegt, das mir von Herrn Prof. Dr. E. D. van Oort in Leiden und Herrn Prof. Dr. L. F. de Beaufort in Amsterdam zur Bearbeitung übergeben wurde. Von diesem Material ist der dem Museum in Leiden

  6. RJHS V2(4)ver12.cdr

    extract of MO restored TP concentrations and LDH activities to near normal values. Conclusion: We concluded that leaves of Moringa oleifera .... multiple range tests. Results were considered to be statistically significant when p values .... Caceres A, Cabrera O, Morales O,. M o l l i n e d o P, M e n d i a P. Pharmacological ...

  7. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    ... Public Lectures · Lecture Workshops · Refresher Courses · Symposia · Live Streaming. Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science; Volume 39; Issue 5. Synthesis and luminescence properties of Tb 3 + − d o p e d L i M g P O _4$ phosphor. C B PALAN N S BAJAJ A SONI S K OMANWAR. Volume 39 Issue 5 September ...

  8. 38 CFR 3.275 - Criteria for evaluating net worth.


    ... such as to provide for education or training beyond age 23. (Authority: 38 U.S.C. 501) (f) Agent Orange... payment made from the Agent Orange Settlement Fund or any other fund established pursuant to the settlement in the In re Agent Orange product liability litigation, M.D.L. No. 381 (E.D.N.Y.). (January 1...

  9. 38 CFR 3.263 - Corpus of estate; net worth.


    ... outlined in § 3.262(l) for the claimant and his or her dependents. (e) Agent Orange settlement payments... Agent Orange Settlement Fund or any other fund established pursuant to the settlement in the In re Agent Orange product liability litigation, M.D.L. No. 381 (E.D.N.Y.). (January 1, 1989) (Authority: Pub. L. 101...

  10. Nutrition, the Nervous System, and Behavior. Proceedings of the Seminar on Malnutrition in Early Life and Subsequent Mental Development. (Mona, Jamaica, January 10-14, 1972).

    Pan American Health Organization, Washington, DC.

    Five years have elapsed since the International Conference on Malnutrition, Learning, and Behavior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The present Seminar was held to examine progress since then. The following papers were presented and discussed: "Malnutrition and the Nervous System," Donald B. Cheek, A. B. Holt, and E. D. Mellits;…

  11. Untitled

    Barr, J.B.; Wallon, S.B. J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 1971, 15, 1079. Chuang, I-S; Maciel, G.E. Macromolecules 1984, 17, 1087. Gandini, A. Comprehensive Polymer Science, Pergamon Press: Oxford; 1992. Choura, M. Doctoral Thesis, National Polytechnic Institute, Grenoble, France, 1991. Wewerka, E.M.; Loughran, E.D.; Walters, ...

  12. False Fruits of Knowledge: A Rebuttal to Hirsch on Composition and Pedagogy.

    Blau, Sheridan

    E. D. Hirsch's call for authoritative knowledge about composition is flawed, according to this document, because he focuses on the product and not the process of composing, thereby excluding more of the problem of composition than he includes. Hirsch's principle of readability--that styles that communicate meaning with less effort from the reader…

  13. Theater Education and Hirsch's Contextualism: How Do We Get There, and Do We Want to Go?

    Gillespie, Patti P.


    Discusses theater education in the areas of curriculum, production, and criticism, as proposals in E. D. Hirsch's, "Cultural Literacy" might affect it. Explains context, cultural literacy, and contextual criticism in theater education. Traces interwoven history of education and theater. Explores how embracing Hirsch's proposal would…

  14. Teaching Values: Thoughts on Hirsch, Bloom, and the Materials of the Classroom.

    Eyler, Audrey S.


    Responds to E. D. Hirsch's "Cultural Literacy" and Allan Bloom's "The Closing of the American Mind," confronting questions of teaching values through literature. Argues that while teachers should deplore societal tyrannies, they can endorse the list proposed by Hirsch and allow students to develop their own responses to items…

  15. Cultural Literacy: A Critique of Hirsch and an Alternative Theory.

    Kaufer, David S.


    Outlines a practical alternative to E. D. Hirsch's challenge of teaching cultural knowledge. Asserts that a theory of cultural literacy based on contributing new knowledge is conceptually richer, less vague, and less authoritarian than Hirsch's theory based on "shared knowledge." (MM)

  16. Hirsch's "Philosophy of Composition": An Evaluation of the Argument.

    Doherty, Paul C.


    Examines the description of the reading for revision process put forth in E. D. Hirsch's "The Philosophy of Composition," contending the research studies Hirsch uses are inconsistent and, taken together, do not support the general description of the reading process that underlies the argument of the book. (HTH)

  17. Comfort Characterization of Various Fabrics for Extremity Protection


    of Fabric Mechanical Properties on Drape. Textile Research Journal 1998, 68 (1), 57–64 20. Nilakantan, G.; Keefe , M.; Bogetti, T. A.; Gillespie, J. W...10), 1056–1071. 21. Keefe , M.; Wetzel, E. D. Modeling and Simulation of Fabric-Human Interactions. Proceedings of TexComp-11 Conference, Leuven

  18. Gender | Page 233 | IDRC - International Development Research ...

    Gender. Sexospécificités. Il s'agissait d'une politique née d'une promesse mirifique ... from women's experiences of decentralization in Nepal, Pakistan, and India. ... last few decades, gender inequality and gender-based inequities continue to ...

  19. 26 CFR 301.7430-8 - Administrative costs incurred in damage actions for violations of section 362 or 524 of the...


    ...) In general. The Internal Revenue Service may grant a taxpayer's request for recovery of reasonable... Revenue Service or recovery of damages from the Internal Revenue Service under § 301.7433-2(e). (d) Costs... administrative costs within six months after such request is filed, the Internal Revenue Service's failure to...

  20. On the Fully-Developed Heat Transfer Enhancing Flow Field in Sinusoidally, Spirally Corrugated Tubes Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Hærvig, Jakob; Sørensen, Kim; Condra, Thomas Joseph


    A numerical study has been carried out to investigate heat transfer enhancing flow field in 28 geometrically different sinusoidally, spirally corrugated tubes. To vary the corrugation, the height of corrugation e/D and the length between two successive corrugated sections p/D are varied in the ra...

  1. 75 FR 35091 - NASA Advisory Council; Science Committee; Meeting


    ... NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION [Notice (10-068)] NASA Advisory Council; Science... Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announces a meeting of the Science Committee of the NASA Advisory....m. to 1:30 p.m., e.d.t. ADDRESSES: NASA Headquarters, 300 E Street, SW., Room 3H46, Washington, DC...

  2. 76 FR 67198 - Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines; Notice of Meeting


    ... Commission on Childhood Vaccines; Notice of Meeting In accordance with section 10(a)(2) of the Federal... Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV). Date and Time: December 8, 2011, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. E.D.T. December 9... December meeting will include, but are not limited to: updates from the Division of Vaccine Injury...

  3. D.E.R. 85: main facts


    This report presents the important facts among the studies carried out by the ''Direction des Etudes et Recherches'' (E.D.F.): new applications of electric power for customers, protection of environment, classical equipments for power plants and nuclear equipments, monitoring and control of power plants, electrical equipments, development and operation of electrical networks, informatics and office automation [fr

  4. Pulmonary inflammation and crystalline silica in respirable coal ...


    This study demonstrates dose-response relationships between respirable crystalline silica in coal mine dust and pulmonary inflammation, antioxidant production, and radiographic small opacities. [Kuempel E D, Attfield M D, Vallyathan V, Lapp N L, Hale J M, Smith R J and Castranova V 2003 Pulmonary inflammation and ...

  5. 2790-IJBCS-Article-Lambienou YE


    Cette étude a porté sur les sols et la végétation herbacée d'une savane pâturée au Burkina Faso. Elle ... does not impact soil chemical and biological parameters, except for soil basal respiration that increases .... Hyparrhenia subplumosa,.

  6. Exploration and metamorphosis in Balanus amphitrite Darwin (Cirripedia ; Thoracica) cyprids: significance of sugars and adult extract

    Khandeparker, L.; Anil, A.C.; Raghukumar, S.

    (AE) have been suggested to be involved in the settlement of Balanus amphitrite. In the present study experiments were carried out to assess how cypris larvae would explore and metamorphose when treated with LCA specific sugars (i.e. D-glucose and D...

  7. Personal news



    At a dinner given by Mrs and Br Verdoorn for the co-editors of Chronica Botanica during the AAAS-meetings at Boston, Mass., Dec. 29thm 1946, Dr. E. D. Merrill was awarded the honorary membership of the Botanic Gardens, Buitenzorg, Java, for 1946, on the occasion of the 129th anniversary of these

  8. 77 FR 24202 - Notice of Suspension and Commencement of Proposed Debarment Proceedings; Schools and Libraries...


    ... . The text may also be purchased from the Commission's duplicating inspection and copying during regular... applicants.\\10\\ You also conspired to bribe school officials in exchange for their ceding control of the... at 2, 4 (E.D. La. filed June 2, 2011) (Factual Basis). \\10\\ Id. \\11\\ Id. at 3. These bribes included...

  9. Genetic and Epigenetic Biomarkers for Recurrent Prostate Cancer After Radiotherapy


    several distinct advantages over surgical treatment, such as no complications from surgery, and a low risk of urinary incontinence , RT treatment takes...Khorana, Tissue factor and VEGF expression in prostate carcinoma: a tissue microarray study. Cancer Invest, 2009. 27(4): p. 430-4. 7. Crawford, E.D

  10. antibacterial properties and preliminary phytochemical analysis


    IBDF Ministeroida Agricultura, Riode Janesio, 63pp. Edeoja, O.H., Okwu, E.D. and Mbaebie, O.B. (2005). Phytochemical constituents of some Nigerian medicinal plants. African Journal of Biotechnology. 4(7):685-688. Ekhaise, F.O. and Okoruwa, P. (2001). Antibacterial activity of Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) extract on.

  11. Cultural Literacy of a College of Education Faculty.

    Stallings, William; Monaco, Malina

    This study sought to analyze the cultural literacy of a college of education faculty and compare it to the cultural literacy of undergraduate and graduate students at the same institution. A 100-item instrument, based upon a New York Times book review of "Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know" (E. D. Hirsch, Jr., and…

  12. The Operational Equations of State, 4: The Dulong-Petit Equation of State for Hydrocode


    1 1 , 2 2 ln T T T T V S S V S V S HHC C H V V E S V C C E E P VdE E E V d e CT e d V CT...71. 9. Grinfeld, M. A. Thermodynamic Methods in the Theory of Heterogeneous Systems , Longman, New York, 1991. NO. OF COPIES ORGANIZATION

  13. 75 FR 48411 - Research, Engineering and Development Advisory Committee; Notice of Meeting


    ... DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Federal Aviation Administration Research, Engineering and Development.... 2), notice is hereby given of a meeting of the FAA Research, Engineering and Development (R, E&D) Advisory Committee. Name: Research, Engineering & Development Advisory Committee. Time and Date: September...

  14. 78 FR 16357 - Research, Engineering and Development Advisory Committee


    ... DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Federal Aviation Administration Research, Engineering and Development... hereby given of a meeting of the FAA Research, Engineering and Development (R,E&D) Advisory Committee. Name: Research, Engineering & Development Advisory Committee. Time and Date: April 24--8:30 a.m. to 4...

  15. 26 CFR 31.3302(e)-1 - Successor employer.


    ..., acquired by the taxpayer. Example. In April 1961 the X Partnership terminated after selling all of its... under section 3302(e). (d) Cross-references. See paragraph (b) of § 31.3306(b)(1)-1 for examples of the...

  16. Lattices, supersymmetry and Kaehler fermions

    Scott, D.M.


    It is shown that a graded extension of the space group of a (generalised) simple cubic lattice exists in any space dimension, D. The fermionic variables which arise admit a Kaehlerian interpretation. Each graded space group is a subgroup of a graded extension of the appropriate Euclidean group, E(D). The relevance of this to the construction of lattice theories is discussed. (author)

  17. Données préliminaires sur l'écologie des chauves-souris frugivores ...


    Résumé. La communauté de chauves-souris frugivores de la Commune du Plateau à Abidjan a été étudiée d'août 2005 à juillet. 2006. ...... dortoirs mentionnés ou à proximité, semble être un facteur ... les alentours de la Direction de la Police.

  18. A Risk Mitigation Model: Lessons Learned From Actual Insider Sabotage


    performance Responsibilities removed from projects Suspension of Internet access Death in family ; Divorce Financial Disagreement re: salary/compensation...Infrastructure by Information Technology Insiders, ” Monterrey , CA.: Defense Personnel Security Research and Education Center. Shaw, E.D. (2004). “The

  19. RF Reactive Magnetron Sputter Deposition of Silicon Sub-Oxides

    Hattum, E.D. van


    RF reactive magnetron plasma sputter deposition of silicon sub oxide E.D. van Hattum Department of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Sciences, Utrecht University The work described in the thesis has been inspired and stimulated by the use of SiOx layers in the direct inductive printing technology,

  20. Fulltext PDF

    Shivashankar, India.and PS Weiss, USA. .. Motors and Macromolecular Assemblie,~: H C Berg, J Kuriyan, J A Spudich, R D Vale, USA and T. L Blundell, UK. Networks: U Alon, Israel, M Elowitz and E D Siggia, USA. Membrttne Proteins Structure, Fun.ction and Foldillg: P Booth, UK, F Bezanilia, D M Enociman,. G P Hess, E ...

  1. Dibaryon resonances in photo- and electrodisintegration of the deuteron

    Rekalo, M.P.; Gakh, G.I.; Kulish, Yu.V.; Rekalo, A.P.


    Special attention is given to the consideration of the polarization effects in e - d->e : -np which are most sensitive to the dibaryon constructions. The inclusion of the dibaryon resonances improves the agreement with experimental data on the reaction observables. 194 refs.; 26 figs.; 1 tab

  2. Obstructive pulmonary disease in patients with previous tuberculosis ...

    Obstructive pulmonary disease in patients with previous tuberculosis: Pathophysiology of a community-based cohort. B.W. Allwood, R Gillespie, M Galperin-Aizenberg, M Bateman, H Olckers, L Taborda-Barata, G.L. Calligaro, Q Said-Hartley, R van Zyl-Smit, C.B. Cooper, E van Rikxoort, J Goldin, N Beyers, E.D. Bateman ...


    martinette kruger

    experience. Key words: Market segmentation; Cricket spectators; Cricket Sixes tournament; ... to enjoy various sports as a form of entertainment, to grow tourism, to grow sport participation and ..... e. D is ta n ce. Figure 1. THREE CLUSTER SOLUTION: WARD'S METHOD WITH SQUARED ..... positive word-of-mouth referrals.

  4. Buckling analysis of rectangular composite plates with rectangular ...

    In aeronautical, marine and automobile industries the use of composite laminates .... load of fibre-reinforced plastic square panels using finite element method. .... lar cutout i.e d/b = 0.1 and β =0, the reduction in buckling load by increasing c/b ...

  5. Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences - Vol 9, No 2 (2003)

    Geothermal gradients in the Niger Delta basin from continuous temperature logs · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. I. O. Akpabio, J. E. Ejedawe, J. O. Ebeniro, E. D. Uko, 265-272. ...

  6. “Pinning strategy”: a novel approach for predicting the backbone ...


    To assess the quality of the strategy, we define two measures. The first one ...... modular framework of the protein backbone; Protein Eng. 12. 1063–1073 .... Richardson J S, Getzoff E D and Richardson D C 1978 The beta bulge: a common ...

  7. Load Carriage Induced Alterations of Pulmonary Function


    pulmonar , function reductions are directh’ related to the backpack load carried due to the mechanical constraint it imposes on the thoracic cage.2 To...and Fish- man. A.P.. 1965. The regulation of venttlation in diffuse Agostor. E.. D’Angelc, E. and Piolini, M., 1978. Breathing pulmonary fibrosis . J

  8. Activité insecticide d'une souche marocaine de Bacillus ...

    endotoxines et β -exotoxines) extraites à partir d'une souche de Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt A9) isolée d'un sol au Maroc sur la mouche Ceratitis capitata Wied (Diptera ; Tephritidae). les endotoxines de Bt A9 agissent sur la mortalité des larves et la ...

  9. 48 CFR 536.271 - Project labor agreements.


    ... is subordinate to a national or international labor organization (42 U.S.C. 2000e(d)). Large and...) The use of a PLA is not intended to create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural enforceable... reliable source of skilled, experienced building trades workers in all crafts needed on the job site for...

  10. New approaches towards the synthesis of the side-chain of mycolactones A and B

    van Summeren, RP; Feringa, BL; Minnaard, AJ; Summeren, Ruben P. van


    New approaches towards the synthesis of the C1' - C16' side-chain of mycolactones A and B from Mycobacterium ulcerans are reported. Chiral building block 4 ( Fig. 2) with the correct stereochemistry was obtained starting from naturally occurring monosaccharides, i.e. D-glucose or L-rhamnose. The

  11. Pariisitarid Ühispangas / Riin Kübarsepp

    Kübarsepp, Riin, 1978-


    Rein Tammiku näitus "Les petites femmes de Paris" Ühispanga galeriis ja Café Anglais'is Raekoja platsil Tallinnas. Eksponeeritud maalid ja ja giclée'd (kõrgtehnoloogia abil tehtud reproduktsioonid maalidest). Näituse korraldas La Gallerie Passage

  12. 76 FR 60715 - Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule


    .... If the buyer does not consent, the seller must promptly refund all money paid for the unshipped...-01088 (E.D. Mo. 1992); and United States v. Del Monte Corp., No. 85-5213 (N.D. Calif. 1985). The... cash, check, money order, or authorization from the buyer to charge an existing charge account, the...

  13. Drug: D01772 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available agent ... DG02030 ... Anesthetics ... DG02027 ... General anesthetics ... DG02028 ... Inhalational anaesthetics ... DG02027 ... General anesthetics... ... DG02028 ... Inhalational anaesthetics Same as: C13240 ATC code: N01AA01 ... Enzyme: CYP2E... D01772 Drug Ether (JP17/USP); Diethyl ether ... C4H10O D01772.gif ... Neuropsychiatric

  14. Case series


    2015 ... une étape fondamentale dans le traitement du cancer de l'enfant, elle doit être évaluée dès l'étape diagnostique et surveillée tout au long du traitement. Pan African ..... Mémoire et douleur chez l'enfant. Douleurs. 2004;.

  15. Dgroup: DG00129 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available DG00129 Chemical ... DGroup Tocopherol (vit E) ... D02332 ... Tocopherol (JP17) D01406 ... Toco...pherol calcium succinate (JP17) D01530 ... Tocopherol nicotinate (JP17) ... D01735 ... Tocopherol acetate (JP17) ... D08612 ... Tocopherol succinate ... ATC code: A11HA03 Vitamin E ...

  16. Construction Cluster Volume I [Wood Structural Framing].

    Pennsylvania State Dept. of Justice, Harrisburg. Bureau of Correction.

    The document is the first of a series, to be integrated with a G.E.D. program, containing instructional materials at the basic skills level for the construction cluster. It focuses on wood structural framing and contains 20 units: (1) occupational information; (2) blueprint reading; (3) using leveling instruments and laying out building lines; (4)…

  17. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Family Planning Services Offered by ...


    Keywords: Mobile clinics; Staic clinic; Family planning; Cost-effectiveness. Résumé. Des analyses ... d'offrir plus de méthodes de longue durée d'action peut influer sur une décision politique entre ces options. Cliniques ... nurse and a driver9.

  18. A Wavefield Imaging Technique for Delamination Detection in Composite Structures


    YANG1, M. P. DESIMIO3, S. E. OLSON3 AND E. D. SWENSON4 Joachim Schneider -Gloetzl, Gloetzl GmbH...Rheinste ten, Germany Rainer Gloetzl, RG Research, Ettling n, Germany Katerina Krebber, Sascha Liehr, Mario Wendt, Aleksander Wosniok, BAM, Federal

  19. PHYTOREMEDIATION POTENTIAL OF Vigna unguiculata IN A ...


    About 5g of each. 15 ... E. D. Paul, National Research Institute for Chemical Technology, P.M.B 1052, Zaria, Nigeria. O. B. Adesina .... by phosphorylation, and can be used for cell signaling. ... products seems an unlikely human health problem.

  20. A new intelligent approach for air traffic control using gravitational ...

    Therefore, poor management of this congestion may lead to a lot of flight delays, increase of operational errors by air traffic control personnel ... the PLT [8–11], and decreasing the duration of scheduling. [12, 13]. Hansen [3], Hu ...... [14] Hu X-B and Paolo E D 2009 An efficient genetic algorithm with uniform crossover for air ...

  1. Fulltext PDF


    Although the ordinary portland cement (OPC) which is often used in waste management operations alone holds .... 1⋅8. 18⋅75. Ca + Cs. 6⋅4. 6⋅4. 76⋅19. Ba + Cs. 8⋅0. 5⋅0. 62⋅50. Sr + Cs. 8⋅2 .... Hespe E D 1971 Atomic Energy Rev.

  2. Leaching of Co and Cs from spent ion exchange resins in cement ...



    Aug 22, 2003 ... active waste management for a future Serbian radioactive waste disposal centre. Keywords. Cement ... cost, easy operation and radiation and thermal stability. It is generally .... Initial activity, A0 = 8,0⋅107 Bq/per sample (60Co and 137Cs). Table 2. ... Hespe E D 1971 Atomic Energy Rev. 9 195. Plecas I ...

  3. Une proposition de nouveau cartogramme

    Raymond Badel


    Full Text Available Le cartogramme proposé est une technique de recherche-exploration rapide grâce aux possibilités offertes par le micro-ordinateur et sa diffusion. La propriété foncière en vallée d'Aure lui sert de support.

  4. Evaluation of Linked Data tools for Learning Analytics

    Drachsler, Hendrik; Herder, Eelco; d'Aquin, Mathieu; Dietze, Stefan


    Drachsler, H., Herder, E., d'Aquin, M., & Dietze, S. (2013, 8-12 April). Evaluation of Linked Data tools for Learning Analytics. Presentation given in the tutorial on 'Using Linked Data for Learning Analytics' at LAK2013, the Third Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge, Leuven, Belgium.

  5. 227 Données préliminaires sur la distribution spatio-temporelle des ...


    , in the district of Plateau in. Abidjan ... réservoir de nombreux virus, est soupçonnée d'héberger le virus de la fièvre hémorragique mortelle d'Ebola [17]. Enfin, la chauve-souris à tête de marteau utilise saisonnièrement ce site urbain pour sa.

  6. Architecture and aesthetics of nuclear power plants

    Andreu, P.


    Having first analysed the main aesthetical and architectural problems related to the establishment of nuclear sites, the first results of the description is given of studies undertaken by a group of architects asked by E.D.F. to conceive the main buildings of a nuclear power plant and to imagine their insert in the site [fr

  7. 78 FR 11101 - Air Quality: Revision to Definition of Volatile Organic Compounds-Exclusion of trans


    ... Review of Solstice\\TM\\ 1233zd(E) D. Significant New Alternatives Policy Program Review of Solstice\\TM... compounds creates an incentive for industry to use negligibly reactive compounds in place of more highly reactive compounds that are regulated as VOCs. The EPA lists compounds that it has determined to be...

  8. Characterization of the stereochemical selectivity of beta-hairpin formation by molecular dynamics simulations

    Soto, P; Zangi, R


    The stability of secondary structure motifs found in proteins is influenced by the choice of the configuration of the chiral centers present in the amino acid residues (i.e.. D VS L). Experimental studies showed that the structural properties of the tetrapeptide (L)V(L)P(L)A(L)L (all-L) are

  9. The influence of selection for protein stability on dN/dS estimations

    Dasmeh, Pouria; Serohijos, Adrian W. R.; Kepp, Kasper Planeta


    Understanding the relative contributions of various evolutionary processes-purifying selection, neutral drift, and adaptation-is fundamental to evolutionary biology. A common metric to distinguish these processes is the ratio of nonsynonymous to synonymous substitutions (i.e., dN/dS) interpreted ...

  10. Prescribed burning techniques

    Leone V


    Full Text Available Nella collana “Scienza e innovazione per i sistemi forestali ed ambientali” della Editrice Aracne è stato recentemente pubblicato il volume “La tecnica del fuoco prescritto” a cura di G. Bovio e D. Ascoli dell’Università di Torino.

  11. When I Read You, I Got Deja Vu, Mr. Hirsch.

    Hepburn, Mary A.


    Compares the theories of E. D. Hirsch on teaching cultural literacy with the earlier work of education reformer, Carleton Washburne. Points out that Washburne also supported the notion of cultural literacy, developed a social studies curriculum, and promoted the organization and internal continuity of learning as the prime consideration. (NL)

  12. I Get Deja Vu When I Read You, Mr. Hirsch.

    Hepburn, Mary A.

    In each era of curriculum reform the prevailing perceptions of what the school curriculum must accomplish define the standard of cultural literacy for our society. E. D. Hirsch believes that contemporary youth lack cultural literacy and that without this knowledge of the fundamental facts of U.S. culture they cannot effectively read or…

  13. Untitled

    These results are in complete conformity with the band model proposed by Dimmock et al (1966). According to this model, dE/dP changes sign from negative to positive values in going from an inverted band ordering to a normal situation. r. The present TEP and resistivity measurements under pressure can also be.


    Preferred Customer

    determination of nicotine in two brands of commercial cigarettes and ... to disruption of arteries and cardiovascular risk factors [8, 9]. Smoking .... e d. Figure 2. Cyclic voltammetric response (scan rate of 100 mV/s) of 1.0 mM nicotine at AGCE in.

  15. Agro-Science - Vol 4, No 2 (2005)

    Effects of N-fertilization and spacing on african rice gall midge Orseolia oryzivora harris and gagné i a sub-humid area of southeastern Nigeria. E O Ogah, B C Echezona, E-D N Umeh. ...

  16. Journal of Technology and Education in Nigeria - Vol 11, No 1 (2006)

    Effect Of Transplanting Dates, Plant Spacing And Nitrogen Levels On The Incidence Of African Rice Gall Midge Harris And Gagné (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) In Southeastern Nigeria · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. EO Ogah, E-D Umeh, MC Mbah, 7-16.

  17. Organization of the Fessenheim works and the quality assurance systems

    Broch, M.; Rousset, P.


    A rapid description is made of the power station which comprises two parts of 900 MW. The general organization of the works and the part played by E.D.F. in coordinating the work and controlling the quality are described. Then it is shown how the quality assurance is obtained during working activities and assembling, and also during trial runs [fr

  18. Fulltext PDF

    Editorial Board. T K Chakraborty, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. A K Ganguli, Institute of Nano Science & Technology, Mohali. C S Gopinath, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. Goutam De, Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata. N Jayaraman, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. E D Jemmis ...

  19. Comparison of moments from the valence structure function with QCD predictions

    Groot, J.G.H. de; Hansl, T.; Holder, M.; Knobloch, J.; May, J.; Paar, H.P.; Palazzi, P.; Para, A.; Ranjard, F.; Schlatter, D.; Steinberger, J.; Suter, H.; Rueden, W. von; Wahl, H.; Whitaker, S.; Williams, E.G.H.; Eisele, F.; Kleinknecht, K.; Lierl, H.; Spahn, G.; Willutzki, H.J.; Dorth, W.; Dydak, F.; Geweniger, C.; Hepp, V.; Tittel, K.; Wotschack, J.; Bloch, P.; Devaux, B.; Loucatos, S.; Maillard, J.; Merlo, J.P.; Peyaud, B.; Rander, J.; Savoy-Navarro, A.; Turlay, R.; Navarria, F.L.


    Moments (both ordinary and Nachtmann) of the nucleon valence structure function measured in high Q 2 γFe scattering are presented, supplemented by data from deep inelastic eD scattering. These data seem to agree with QCD predictions for vector gluons. The QCD parameter Λ is found to be of the order 0.5 GeV. (Auth.)

  20. Evidence for the Existence of a Bone Marrow Blood Barrier for the Passage of Specific Committed Stem Cells in Human and Canine and Their Physical Separation from Lymphocytes and Pluripotent Stem Cells


    Chest Cold 2. Sastro-intestinal Upset 3. Skin Infections 4. Antibiotic Treatment Within 2 Weeks 5. Pregnancy Within 6 Months 6, Recent Operation...HaematoL 24:367-376, 1973. Thomas, E.D., Buckner, CV., Storb, R.: Aplastic anaemia treated by marrow transplantation. Lancet 1:284-289,1972. Till

  1. Effects of aerobic exercise, diet, or both on lipids and lipoproteins in adults: a meta-analysis

    BACKGROUND: Studies addressing the effects of aerobic exercise (E), diet (D), or both (ED) on lipids and lipoproteins have led to conflicting results. OBJECTIVE: Determine the effects of E, D, and ED on lipids and lipoproteins. METHODS: Using the aggregate data meta-analytic approach, studies were ...

  2. 48 CFR 9905.506-60 - Illustrations.


    ... fiscal year from a calendar year to the 12-month period ending May 31. For financial reporting purposes... service center is expected to be material in amount, will be accumulated in an intermediate cost objective...) of the contract clause at 9903.201-4(e). (d) Financial reports are prepared on a calendar year basis...

  3. Temperature-dependent photoluminescence analysis of ZnO nanowire array annealed in air

    Sun, Yanan; Gu, Xiuquan; Zhao, Yulong; Wang, Linmeng; Qiang, Yinghuai


    ZnO nanowire arrays (NWAs) were prepared on transparent conducting fluorine doped tin oxide (FTO) substrates through a facile hydrothermal method, followed by a 500 °C annealing to improve their crystalline qualities and photoelectrochemical (PEC) activities. It was found that the annealing didn't change the morphology, but resulted in a significant reduction of the donor concentration. Temperature-dependent photoluminescence (PL) was carried out for a comprehensive analysis of the effect from annealing. Noteworthy, four dominant peaks were identified from the 10 K spectrum of a 500 °C annealed sample, and they were assigned to FX, D0X, (e, D0) and (e, D0) -1LO, respectively. Of them, the FX emission was only existed below 130 K, while the room-temperature (RT) PL spectrum was dominated by the D0X emission.

  4. Electronic structure of ClAlPc/pentacene/ITO interfaces studied by using soft X-ray spectroscopy

    Cho, Sangwan; Lee, Sangho; Kim, Minsoo; Heo, Nari; Lee, Geunjeong; Smith, Kevin E.


    The interfacial electronic structure of a bilayer of chloroaluminum phthalocyanine (ClAlPc) and pentacene grown on indium tin oxide (ITO) has been studied using synchrotron-radiation-excited photoelectron spectroscopy. The energy difference between the highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO) level of the pentacene layer and the lowest unoccupied molecular orbital (LUMO) level of the ClAlPc layer (E D HOMO - E A LUMO ) was determined and compared with that of C 60 / pentacene bilayers. The E D HOMO - E A LUMO of a heterojunction with ClAlPc was found to be 1.3 eV while that with C 60 was 0.9 eV. This difference is discussed in terms of the difference in the ionization energy of each acceptor materials. We also obtained the complete energy level diagrams of both ClAlPc/pentacene/ITO and C 60 /pentacene/ITO.

  5. The trace formula and the distribution of eigenvalues of Schroedinger operators on manifolds all of whose geodesics are closed

    Schubert, R.


    We investigate the behaviour of the remainder term R(E) in the Weyl formula {nvertical stroke E n ≤E}=Vol(M).E d/2 /[(4π) d/2 Γ(d/2+1)]+R(E) for the eigenvalues E n of a Schroedinger operator on a d-dimensional compact Riemannian manifold all of whose geodesics are closed. We show that R(E) is of the form E (d-1)/2 Θ(√E), where Θ(x) is an almost periodic function of Besicovitch class B 2 which has a limit distribution whose density is a box-shaped function. Furthermore we derive a trace formula and study higher order terms in the asymptotics of the coefficients related to the periodic orbits. The periodicity of the geodesic flow leads to a very simple structure of the trace formula which is the reason why the limit distribution can be computed explicitly. (orig.)

  6. Deuterium permeation and diffusion in high-purity beryllium

    Abramov, E.; Riehm, M.P.; Thompson, D.A.; Smeltzer, W.W.


    The permeation rate of deuterium through high-purity beryllium membranes was measured using the gas-driven permeation technique. The time-dependent and the steady-state deuterium flux data were analyzed and the effective diffusivities of the samples were determined. Using multilayer permeation theory the effects of surface oxide were eliminated and the diffusion coefficients of the bulk beryllium determined. The diffusion parameters obtained for the extra-grade beryllium samples (99.8%) are D 0 =6.7x10 -9 m 2 /s and E D =28.4 kJ/mol. For the high-grade beryllium samples (99%) the parameters are D 0 =8.0x10 -9 m 2 /s and E D =35.1 kJ/mol. (orig.)

  7. Deuterium permeation and diffusion in high purity beryllium

    Abramov, E.


    The permeation rate of deuterium through high-purity beryllium membranes was measured using the gas-driven permeation technique. The time-dependent and the steady-state deuterium flux data were analyzed and the effective diffusivities of the samples were determined. A multilayer permeation theory was used in order to eliminate the surface oxide effects and the diffusion coefficients of the bulk beryllium were determined. The diffusion parameters obtained for the extra-grade beryllium samples (99.8%) are D 0 = 6.7 x 10 -9 [m 2 /s] and E D = 28.4 [KJ/mol]; and for the high-grade beryllium samples (99%) the parameters are D 0 = 8.0 x 10 -9 [m 2 /s] and E D = 35.1 [KJ/mol

  8. Einstein-Dirac theory in spin maximum I

    Crumeyrolle, A.


    An unitary Einstein-Dirac theory, first in spin maximum 1, is constructed. An original feature of this article is that it is written without any tetrapod technics; basic notions and existence conditions for spinor structures on pseudo-Riemannian fibre bundles are only used. A coupling gravitation-electromagnetic field is pointed out, in the geometric setting of the tangent bundle over space-time. Generalized Maxwell equations for inductive media in presence of gravitational field are obtained. Enlarged Einstein-Schroedinger theory, gives a particular case of this E.D. theory. E. S. theory is a truncated E.D. theory in spin maximum 1. A close relation between torsion-vector and Schroedinger's potential exists and nullity of torsion-vector has a spinor meaning. Finally the Petiau-Duffin-Kemmer theory is incorporated in this geometric setting [fr

  9. Sobre o gênero Diaspidistis (Hemiptera, Diaspididae, com a descrição de duas espécies novas About Diaspidistis (Hemiptera, Diaspididae with description of two new species

    Vera R. S Wolff


    Full Text Available O gênero Diaspidistis Hempel, 1900 foi estudado. Foram redescritas Diaspidistis multilobis Hempel, 1900 e D. squamosa Hempel, 1937. Novas combinações são propostas: D. gomescostai (Lepage & Giannotti, 1946, D. memorabilis (Ferris, 1941, D. multipunctata (Lepage & Giannotti, 1946 e D. petasata (Ferris, 1942. São descritas e ilustradas duas espécies novas: Diaspidistis fonsecai sp. nov. e Diaspidistis tucumanensis sp. nov. Uma chave para identificação das espécies é apresentada baseada em fêmeas adultas.The genus Diaspidistis Hempel, 1900 was studied. Diaspidistis multilobis Hempel, 1900 and D. squamosa Hempel, 1937 were redescribed. New combinations are proposed: D. gomescostai (Lepage & Giannotti, 1946, D. memorabilis (Ferris, 1941, D. multipunctata (Lepage & Giannotti, 1946 and D. petasata (Ferris, 1942. Two new species are described and illustrated: Diaspidistis fonsecai sp. nov. and Diaspidistis tucumanensis sp. nov. A key to the species is presented based on adult females.

  10. Worldwide U.S. Active Duty Military Deaths. Alphabetical Index by Name, 1 October 1979 Through 30 September 1994



  11. The role of industrial engineering in public service delivery

    Van Heerden, Quintin


    Full Text Available *)'!+.,/4.7.+'?/-'#/->14).?E'<,1,?)+52'!*>45'"7).+?' J=5,,)-,/K+1.)L+*LM?' ' %N,D?)4G,/4'*7'(>9E.+'"-G./.14)?4.*/'?/-'O?/?0,G,/42' P/.=,)1.4F'*7'!*>45'"7).+?2'!*>45'"7).+?' =5,,)GK>/.1?L?+LM?' $ .1-!%.2!$ ' Q*=,)/G,/4' ./14.4>4.*/1',R,)+.1,'D>9E.+' ?-G./.14)?4.*/' ?/-' 45,'-,E...'*7'45,'I*/14.4>4.*/2';TTUL' ' N,1D.4,' 45,'G,/4.*/,-' +*/14.4>4.*/?E' *9E.0?4.*/' 4*' -,E.=,)' D>9E.+' 1,)=.+,1' ./' ?' D?)4.+>E?)' ?/-' ?/' ?++,D4?9E,' G?//,)2' 0*=,)/G,/4' -*,1' ./' 7?+4' ,RD,).,/+,' -.77.+>E4.,1' 4*' -,E.=,)'G?/F' D>9E.+' 1...

  12. Quantum walks

    Sephton, Bereneice


    Full Text Available stream_source_info Sephton_19967_2017.pdf.txt stream_content_type text/plain stream_size 36951 Content-Encoding UTF-8 stream_name Sephton_19967_2017.pdf.txt Content-Type text/plain; charset=UTF-8 d at a, p in gi n g th... e w at er c o lu m n a n d re co rd in g it s te m p er at u re a n d t h e ve lo ci ti es o f it s cu rr en ts . � e d at a ar e st o re d i n t h e d ev ic es , p at ie n tl y w ai ti n g fo r sc ie n ti st s to c al l t h e...

  13. The Deployment Life Study. Appendixes


    hyperactivity SdQ (Goodman, 1997) x x x x Child peer relationships SdQ (Goodman, 1997) x x x x Child prosocial behavior SdQ (Goodman, 1997) x x x x...2 Th e d ep lo ym en t Life Stu d y: M eth o d o lo g ical O verview an d B aselin e Sam p le d escrip tio n Table A.1 List of Constructs and...Life Study x x List o f C o n stru cts an d M easu res fo r th e d ep lo ym en t Life Stu d y 3 Survey Topic Measure Source Service Member Spouse

  14. Measurement of the electron--deuteron elastic scattering cross section in the range 0.8 less than or equal to q2 less than or equal to 6 GeV2

    Arnold, R.G.; Chertok, B.T.; Dally, E.B.; Grigorian, A.; Jordan, C.L.; Schuetz, W.P.; Zdarko, R.; Martin, F.; Mecking, B.A.


    Preliminary results of elastic eD scattering at large momentum transfer performed at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center using two high resolution spectrometers in coincidence are reported. The deuteron structure function A(q 2 ) is deduced at 9 values of q 2 from a comparison of elastic eD and eP coincident yields and the world's eP cross sections. These measurements extend the range of q 2 by 4.5 over previous work, and in this new range A(q 2 ) is observed to approach 1/q 20 momentum dependence. Results are in sharp disagreement with the meson exchange calculations, and they are in rough agreement with the nonrelativistic potential models, and they are in agreement with the predictions of the quark dimensional scaling model which pictures the deuteron as a bound state of 6 quarks at large momentum transfer

  15. The dismantling of nuclear installations

    Lacoste, A.C.; Duthe, M.; Mignon, H.; Lambert, F.; Pradel, Ph.; Hillewaere, J.P.; Dupre la Tour, St.; Mandil, C.; Weil, L.; Eickelpasch, N.; Finsterwalder, L.


    for nuclear installations, the dismantling is an important part of their exploitation. The technology of dismantling is existing and to get a benefit from the radioactive decay, it seems more easy for operating company such E.D.F. to wait for fifty years before dismantling. But in order to get the knowledge of this operation, the Safety Authority wanted to devote this issue of 'Controle'to the dismantling method. This issue includes: the legal aspects, the risks assessment, the dismantling policy at E.D.F., the site of Brennilis (first French experience of dismantling), the dismantling techniques, the first dismantling of a fuel reprocessing plant, comparison with classical installations, economic aspect, some German experiences, the cleansing of the american site of Handford. (N.C.)

  16. Experimental and analytical studies on waterhammer generated by the closing of check valves

    Huet, J.L.; Garcia, J.L.; Coppolani, P.; Ziegler, B.


    A double-guillotine rupture on a water line upstream from a check valve generates a severe transient between the check valve and the pressure vessel on the downstream side. Successively following phenomena occur: - decrease then reversal of the flow, - closing of the check valve with impact of the plug on its seat, - waterhammer propagating in the pipe downstream from the check valve. The COMMISARIAT A L'ENERGIE ATOMIQUE (C.E.A.) FRAMATOME and ELECTRICITE DE FRANCE (E.D.F.) have undertaken a joint program in order to: - investigate the behavior uf the check valve in the event of a sudden closure, - evaluate the pressure and flow transient in the line. The program includes: - full scale tests in two loops, CLAUDIA (C.E.A.) and ECLAIR (E.D.F.), - analytical studies in order to qualify the calculation codes. This paper describes the experimental program and presents the analysis results for a benchmark test

  17. Fractal and chaotic laws on seismic dissipated energy in an energy system of engineering structures

    Cui, Yu-Hong; Nie, Yong-An; Yan, Zong-Da; Wu, Guo-You


    Fractal and chaotic laws of engineering structures are discussed in this paper, it means that the intrinsic essences and laws on dynamic systems which are made from seismic dissipated energy intensity E d and intensity of seismic dissipated energy moment I e are analyzed. Based on the intrinsic characters of chaotic and fractal dynamic system of E d and I e, three kinds of approximate dynamic models are rebuilt one by one: index autoregressive model, threshold autoregressive model and local-approximate autoregressive model. The innate laws, essences and systematic error of evolutional behavior I e are explained over all, the short-term behavior predictability and long-term behavior probability of which are analyzed in the end. That may be valuable for earthquake-resistant theory and analysis method in practical engineering structures.

  18. Self-consistent equilibrium in a cylindrical, dissipative reverse field pinch

    Guo, S.C.; Paccagnella, R.


    One of the authors (C.L.S.) recently proposed a dissipative model to self-consistently solve the equilibrium problem in a free-boundary plasma column under cylindrical symmetry. In the present paper, on one hand the problem is strongly specialized to circular symmetry and to Ohm's and Fourier's laws without off-diagonal contributions; on the other hand, it is generalized by adding a dynamo effective electric field E d in Ohm's law, based on the standard turbulent model. This seems appropriate enough to study RFP equilibria, since it is well known that a stationary and cylindrically symmetric RFP is incompatible with a classical Ohm's law. Reasonably, only numerical solutions are expected to be accessible in general; but the further simplified problem with scalar and constant electric resistivity and constant dynamo coefficient α (E d =αB) can be solved analytically by elementary means. (author) 4 refs., 2 figs

  19. Mitochondrial oxidative enzyme activity in individual fibre types in hypo- and hyperthyroid rat skeletal muscles.

    Johnson, M A; Turnbull, D M


    Quantitative cytochemical and biochemical techniques have been used in combination to study the response of mitochondrial oxidative enzymes in individual muscle fibre types to hypo- and hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism resulted in decreased activity of succinate dehydrogenase (SDH), L-glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (L-GPDH), and D-3-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase (D-HBDH) in all fibre types of both slow-twitch soleus and fast-twitch extensor digitorum longus (e.d.l.) muscles. In hyperthyroidism, only L-GPDH activity increased in e.d.l. but more marked increases were seen in soleus muscles, which also showed increased SDH activity. In addition to these alterations in the enzyme activity in individual fibre types the metabolic profile of the muscle is further modified by the hormone-induced interconversion of slow- to fast-twitch fibres and vice versa.

  20. Training and training simulators for emergency situations in France

    Petit, G.


    The aim of this paper is to present principles and means set up by Electricite de France (E.D.F.) to provide the required tailor-made training. Today, recent advantages in computing capacities and software engineering along with the completion of Research and Development Training Division programs in the reactor safety (R+D) field (CATHARE, BETHSY..) give E.D.F. the opportunity to conceive and operate new tools for training which are described in the paper: RTGV-SEPIA: a simulator devoted to self training in SGTR field, thanks to a powerful expert system. SIPA: a 'generator of simulators' aiming at control and engineering studies and training, provided with a software able to give in real time a relevant description of complex topologies with diphasic flow patterns (up to a 12'' break in the primary coolant system of a reactor). (orig./DG) [de

  1. SEEDi1.0-3.0 strategies for major noncommunicable diseases in China.

    Hu, Chun-Song; Tkebuchava, Tengiz


    The purpose of this article is to briefly introduce the status and challenges of major noncommunicable diseases (mNCDs), which include cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, as well as related risk factors, such as environmental pollution, smoking, obesity and sleep disorders. "S-E-E-D" rules or the strategies of "S-E-E-D" intervention (SEEDi) consist of four core healthy elements: sleep, emotion, exercise and diet. The history of SEEDi 1.0-3.0 is also introduced, which includes versions 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 of the program. These guidelines are suitable for prevention and control of mNCDs. Not only the "Healthy China" initiated in China's "13th Five-year Plan," but also the "Healthy World" philosophy needs SEEDi 1.0-3.0 strategies for control of mNCDs.

  2. Fermi hyper-netted chain theory on a lattice: The Hubbard model

    Wang, X.Q.; Wang, X.Q.G.; Fantoni, S.; Tosatti, E.; Yu Lu.


    We review a new lattice version of Fermi Hyper-Netted Chain method for the study of strongly interacting electrons. The ordinary paramagnetic and the spin density wave functions have been correlated with Jastrow-type and e-d correlations, and the corresponding FHNC equations for the pair distribution function, the one body density matrix and the staggered magnetization are discussed. Results for the 1D chain and 2D square lattice models are presented and compared with the available results obtained within Quantum Monte Carlo, variational Monte Carlo and exact diagonalization of a 4x4 Hubbard cluster. Particularly interesting are the strong effects of e-d correlations on E/Nt and on the momentum distribution as well as antiferromagnetic behavior away from half filling found in our FHNC calculations in agreement with other studies. (author). 35 refs, 8 figs, 2 tabs

  3. Modeling and Analysis of Target Echo and Clutter in Range-Dependent Bistatic Environments: FY12 Annual Report for ONR


    la ti v e L a ti tu d e ( d e g N ) FORA triplet (no cardioid) −0.1 0 0.1 −0.15 −0.1 −0.05 0 0.05 0.1 0.15 d B 40 50 60 70 80 90 100...Relative Longitude (deg E) R e la ti v e L a ti tu d e ( d e g N ) FORA triplet (left and right cardioids) −0.1 0 0.1 −0.15 −0.1 −0.05 0...the Oceans (GEBCO): The GEBCO 08 Grid. Technical report, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) (of UNESCO ) and the

  4. Bénin

    menée début septembre 2012 et mise à jour systématiquement jusqu'à fin mars 2017. Des fiches d'enquêtes ont été préétablis pour recueillir dans un premier temps des informations contenues dans les dossiers des patients. DT1 en général et dans un second temps des informations relatives aux patients DT1 qui ont pu ...

  5. Development of Civil Works Energy Goals for Dredging Operations.


    yd H,N RPT Reporting Period 4. Project report 5. Monthly report H,N DAT Date reporting code in the form MMDDY MM = month DD = day Y = last digit in...12) W*ATTN: Libary 39180 -SA e d esClin 9,0 ATT: AF.A-DT-E Allied4 CoSmand Surop 27CE ATN: D*A (3 WESo ATN CAbr9240918 -,hi Sledonh 91,343oman 930

  6. Effects of Nicotine Administration and Stress on Sensory-Gating Depend on Rat Strain and Sex


    L., & Rosecrans, J. (1993). Nicotine: An addictive drug with therapeutic potential. Medicinal Chemistry Research, 2, 509-513. Levin, E.D., Morgan...11, 863-870. Russell, M.A.H., Peto, J., & Patel, U.A. (1974). The classification of smoking by factorial structure of motives. Journal ofthe Royal...Takada, Y., Thara, H., Urano, T., & Takada, A. (1995). Changes in the central and peripheral serotonergic system in rats exposed to water-immersion

  7. Sciences & Nature - Vol 6, No 2 (2009)

    Caractéristiques structurales et écologiques des phytocénoses forestières de la forêt classée d'itchèdè (département du plateau, sud-est bénin) · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. KS Awokou, CJ Ganglo, HA Azontondé, V Adjakidje, B De Foucault.

  8. Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion in Copper and Nickel Seawater Piping Systems


    Influenced Tipton, D. G. and Kain, R. M. 1980. Effect of temperature onCorosiope in Nuclear Power Plants atudy a Mical Gnuide the resistance to pitting of...Monel alloy 400 in seawater. In:Corrosion in Nuclear Power Plants anda Practical ie fr Proceedings of Corrosion 󈨔. Chicago, Illinois: National...Sons Ltd. 441 pp. Quimica . Verink, E.D. and Pourbaix, M. 1971. Use of electrochemical Pope, D. H., Duquette, D. J., Johannes, A. H., and Wayner

  9. Post-Correlation Semi-Coherent Integration for High-Dynamic and Weak GPS Signal Acquisition (Preprint)


    average signal model in (8) is repeated below with simplified notations as: )2( 0φπγδ += kjkk Bez (14) where δk = bkbk+1, B = MA2 , γ = 2αTs2M2, φ0...1995. [2] E.D. Kaplan and C.J. Hegarty (eds.), Understanding GPS: Principles and Applications (2nd Ed.) Artech House Publishers, Norwood, MA, 2006

  10. Two-dimensional analyzer for the Δ-E method of identification and detection of the charged particles

    Artemov, S.V.; Bajajin, A.G.; Karakhodzhaev, A.A.; Nam, I.V.; Nebesny, A.F.; Radyuk, G.A.; Yakushev, V.P.; Burtebayev, N.


    Full text: The module for measuring two-dimensional ΔE-E - spectra has been designed and manufactured. It was developed for transformation of the spectrometric signals from the spectrometric line of a ΔE-E - telescope and transferring the numerical information as a two-dimensional matrix of events to the leading PC. The functional circuit of the arrangement operates as follows. The input signals from the spectrometric lines of the ΔE- and E- detectors are fixed by the relevant peak detectors, which exits are connected with the analog - digital converters (ADC0-16, ADC1 - 16). With the signal 'strobe' the transformation of the captured input amplitude to the numeric code is yielded synchronously in both channels. These values ('E' and 'dE') determine the indexes of a matrix (such as MATRIX [E, dE] ++), and addition of '1' to the array value is fulfilled. Process is prolonged during a preset time of measuring. Change of the indexes of arrays under the exterior indication is possible as: MATRIX [E+dE, dE]; MATRIX [(E+dE/2), dE/2]; The resolution of transformation is possible to be equal 256 or 512 channels that is defined by program. The arrangement contains also the counter of the amount of strobe pulses and counters of exterior events. For acceleration of transferring the data array to the leading computer the interface of 'USB2.0' type with microcontroller C8051F321 - GM is implemented. The software for it has been written on 'C ' ' language in the united system keil μVision3. For the main computer the software has been written in system Builder 6 ('C++' language). Given software is written as an application of WINDOWS XP, for the assignment of parameters of measuring and activation of the arrangement and other guidance

  11. Thin epitaxial silicon detectors

    Stab, L.


    Manufacturing procedures of thin epitaxial surface barriers will be given. Some improvements have been obtained: larger areas, lower leakage currents and better resolutions. New planar epitaxial dE/dX detectors, made in a collaboration work with ENERTEC-INTERTECHNIQUE, and a new application of these thin planar diodes to EXAFS measurements, made in a collaboration work with LURE (CNRS,CEA,MEN) will also be reported

  12. Research Article


    Jan 1, 2017 ... The results suggest that the frasnian shale have fair to good potential genration with TOC ranging from 2% to 4%, ... potential, TOC between 0.5% to 1% poor potential, 1%-2% fair potential and between 2% -. 5% of TOC shale rock is ..... Presentation a la journée d'étude (Tight and shale Reservoir).17-18 ...

  13. Au sortir d'une longue « nuit » institutionnelle, nouvelles ...

    guerres et paix», s'est dotée d'un nouveau Code forestier. Entre autres innovations, le Code forestier considéré pose les bases de la décentralisation de la gestion des forêts. Dans l'esprit du décideur, il s'agit là d'un outil de durabilité forestière, ...

  14. In Defense of "Mindless Rote"

    Ethan Akin


    Full Text Available In The Schools We Need and Why We Don’t Have Them E. D. Hirsch provides the quote which will be our Scripture passage for today’s sermon. Following Whitehead, I propose to defend not thinking, to consider the relationship between thinking and not thinking and to describe how symbolism - particularly in mathematics - facilitates not thinking. Above all, I want to argue that all this avoidance of thought is a Good Thing.

  15. History of the Subcommittee on Welding of Armor Ferrous Metallurgical Advisory Board Ordnance Department U.S. Army


    progreee m d e on Unionmelt welding of asmr , Please edit your r e mnrka ha you desire and return at the emlieat paslsibls date. We learned in a...BE’F R E S E N ~ D AT THE DOOR) JCdmi t (to be f i l l e d in at W. h.) t o the meeting of the Subcorrrmi t tea ott Weldi of Asmr t o be held

  16. Initiative internationale des chaires de recherche | CRDI - Centre de ...

    Initiative de recherche de sept ans dotée d'un budget de 8 millions de dollars canadiens. L'Initiative internationale des chaires de recherche a pour but de jumeler d'éminents chercheurs d'universités du Canada avec des homologues de pays en développement afin de relever quelques-uns des plus grands défis auxquels ...

  17. Le lancement canadien du Rapport sur les politiques alimentaires ...

    1 mai 2018 ... Cet événement sera filmé, puis accessible en ligne sur la chaîne YouTube du CRDI. Le Rapport sur les politiques alimentaires mondiales 2018 passe en revue les principaux faits nouveaux et événements en matière de politiques alimentaires survenus au cours de l'année. D'éminents chercheurs ...

  18. Impressionistide vedurisuitsune Pariis


    Maikuu keskpaigani 1998 Musée d'Orsays olnud näitusest 'Manet, Monet & La Gare St. Lazare', mis 14. juunist avati Washingtoni Rahvusgaleriis. Näituse võtmeks oli St. Lazare'i raudteejaam, mida C. Monet on 11 korda maalinud. E. Manet'lt olid näitusel valdavalt Rue St. Petersbourg'i lähikonnast maalitud tööd


    Conclusion : bien que rare, la métaplasie malpighienne peut se voir dans la thyroïde. Elle doit être distinguée d'un car- cinome épidermoïde de la thyroïde par la recherche systématique, devant tout foyer de métaplasie malpighienne, des signes de malignité. Mots clés : métaplasie malpighienne, carcinome papillaire, ...

  20. La téléphonie intelligente : un moyen d'améliorer la santé animale et ...

    5 mai 2016 ... L'application prototype est maintenant offerte en anglais et en lao. La mise en commun d'information au moyen de photos s'est avérée d'un intérêt particulier pour les prestataires de soins de santé animale primaires. La prochaine phase de recherche fera fond sur ce projet pilote et mettra l'accent sur ...

  1. Western Mountain Initiative - Publications

    physiological mechanisms in drought-induced tree mortality. Nature Ecology and Evolution. DOI:10.1038/s41559-017 -843. 10.1038/nclimate3088. Halofsky, J.E., D.L. Peterson, K.L. Metlen, M.G. Myer, and V.A. Sample during drought in forests worldwide. Nature Plants 1, article number:15139. doi:10.1038/nplants.2015.139

  2. Intelligence économique, compétitivité et cohésion sociale

    Luc Marie Quoniam


    Full Text Available Book review: Intelligence économique, compétitivité et cohésion sociale by Bernard Carayon (.pdf rapportPublished by: Ministère de l’Intérieur français Année d'édition : 2003 Réf. : 9782110054913, 176 pages, 21x29,7 cm ISBN : 2-11-005491-3

  3. The processing of positional information in a two-item sequence limits the emergence of symmetry in baboons (Papio papio), but not in humans (Homo sapiens).

    Fagot, Joël; Malassis, Raphaelle; Medam, Tiphaine


    When trained to associate Stimulus A to Stimulus B, humans can derive the untrained symmetrical B to A relation while nonhuman animals have much more difficulties. Urcuioli (2008, Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 90, 257--282; 2015, Conductal, 3, 4--25) proposed that the apparent difficulty of animals in symmetry testing reflects their double encoding of the information on the stimuli (identity and relation) and their positional (i.e., spatial and temporal/ordinal) characteristics. This comparative study tested the emergence of symmetry in humans and baboons in a task in which the position of the stimuli was manipulated independently of their relation. Humans and baboons initially learned to associate pairs of visual shapes on a touch screen in a specific order. Three pairs of (A-B, C-D, and E-F) stimuli were used in training. After training, the two species were tested with the B-A, F-C, and E-D pairs. The B-A pairs preserved the association initially learned with A-B but reversed the positional information relative to training. The F-C pair neither preserved the association nor the positional information of the training pairs, and positional information were the only cues preserved in the E-D pair. Humans showed a response time advantage for B-A, suggesting symmetry, but also for E-D, suggesting that they also process positional information. In baboons, the advantage was found only for E-D, suggesting that they only process positional information. These results confirm that the processing of stimulus pairs differ between nonhuman animals to humans.

  4. Assessment of the Applicability of Total Quality Leadership into the Argentine Army.


    Leadership " or TQL (see Chapter III, Section F for further explanation). After analyzing various approaches to quality management , the leaders of the Navy...organizations, learning and change. Theory of knowledge. 18 The Deming Approach to Quality Management E D, EDE (’f’, BI.,, IM0) Figure 3-4. The Deming Approach... managers lack profound knowledge. "Profound knowledge is a lens which provides the needed theory to optimize organizations" [Ref 3:p 94]. According to

  5. Re-usable low density polyethylene aRm glove foR pueRpeRal ...


    Jul 7, 2008 ... E a s t a f r i c a n M E d i c a l J o u r n a l . July 2008. intRoduCtion ... sheet using a razor blade or a scissors. later the top flap of the cut ... absorbed before incubation at 37º c for 24 to 48 hours. the remaining ... and many other properties can be inferred (figure. 2). for this test .... on the long run. the hcW ...

  6. L'urbanisation sur le plateau d'allada au sud-Benin, agent des ...

    La méthodologie adoptée pour mener à bien cette étude est basée d'une part, sur la revue documentaire et d'autre part, sur les enquêtes de terrain menées dans toutes les communes du département de l'Atlantique. La recherche documentaire a permis de cerner les contours de l'urbanisation et d'évaluer son ampleur ...

  7. Detector for magnetic monopoles at OPAL

    Pinfold, J.L.; Kinoshita, K.; Lorazo, B.; Regimbald, M.


    We describe two indepent methods, employed in the OPAL experiment at LEP, for detection of magnetic monopoles and other highly ionizing particles. The first employs passive track-recording plastic detectors incorporated into the apparatus. The second utilizes thed dE/dX measurement capability of the OPAL JET chamber in association with a dedicated trigger. In addition, energetic particles carrying magnetic charge can be identified by the trajectory in the OPAL magnetic field. (orig.)

  8. Development of Diazaquinomycin Class Antibiotics for the Treatment of Drug-Resistant TB Infections


    Bald, A. Koul, K. Andries, and G.M. Cook , Bactericidal mode of action of bedaquiline. J. Antimicrob. Chemother., 2015. 70(7): p. 2028-2037. (10) Yano...2014. 111(20): p. E2100-E2109. (26) Johnston, C.W., M.A. Skinnider, C.A. Dejong, P.N. Rees, G.M. Chen, C.G. Walker, S. French , E.D. Brown, J

  9. Introducing the C.E.P.N. (Center for the assessment of protection in the nuclear field)

    Jammet, H.P.


    The center for the assessment of protection in the nuclear field (C.E.P.N.) was set up by Electricite de France (E.D.F.) and the Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (C.E.A.) in May 1976. Dr JAMMET, one of its promoters, relates the circumstances and motivations of its creation and presents the general lines of the purposes and programmes presently developed by the center [fr

  10. Effects of Phthalates on Androgen Receptor Regulation Associated with Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Development


    Flaws, J. A. Monohaloacetic acid drinking water disinfection by-products inhibit follicle growth and steroidogenesis in mouse ovarian antral follicles...Occurrence and Toxicity of Disinfection Byproducts in European Drinking Waters in Relation with the HIWATE Epidemiology Study, US-Korea in drinking water , J. Environ. Sci. 2017, (in press) 2. Jeong, C. H., Gao, G., Dettro, T., Wagner, E. D., Ricke, E. A., Plewa, M. J

  11. Le suivi de la pauvreté dans les Philippines | CRDI - Centre de ...

    15 juil. 2011 ... La province de Palawan, formée d'un étroit archipel de 1 700 îles qui bordent la frontière occidentale des Philippines, est saisissante par sa beauté — et son extrême pauvreté. Beaucoup de ses habitants n'ont ni eau potable, ni installations sanitaires adéquates, ni électricité. Un grand nombre sont illettrés, ...

  12. Ove rd ep en d en ceon wood-f ue l as a so u rc e of ho use hold ene ...


    Jun 23, 2005 ... s e x , marital stat u s , a n d e d u catio n leve l of ho u s e hold h e ad w e r e .... cluded because of the possibility that there are gen- ... ucation was added because of the belief that it is ... 1 The m unicip alit y ha s four hou s in g den s it y area s: low den - ... predicted values smooth the data and provide im-.

  13. Rapport financier trimestriel pour le trimestre qui a pris fin le 30 juin

    Office 2004 Test Drive User

    30 juin 2016 ... Le CRDI finance des travaux de recherche appliquée ... développement international (le Centre) et lʼévolution de la ..... voie de développement et sur la mise en oeuvre des connaissances scientifiques, techniques et autres en vue .... Les accords expirent à des dates différentes, et le dernier prend fin en.

  14. Rapport financier trimestriel pour le trimestre qui a pris fin le 31

    Office 2004 Test Drive User

    31 déc. 2016 ... Le CRDI finance des travaux de recherche appliquée ... développement international (le Centre) et lʼévolution de la ...... voie de développement et sur la mise en oeuvre des connaissances scientifiques, techniques et autres en vue du .... vertu d'accords de contribution conclus avec des bailleurs de fonds.

  15. D.E.R. 86 panorama


    This progress report presents the panorama of the studies carried out by the ''Direction des Etudes et des Recherches'' (E.D.F.): nuclear boilers; classical and nuclear thermal power plants, hydraulic power plants; electrical equipment; network analysis; environmental impacts; uses of electric power; new aspects of energy; applied informatics and mathematics; normalization and patents. A selection of the publications of 1986 is finally presented. 680 refs [fr

  16. Recommendation on Transition from Primary/Secondary Radar to Secondary- Only Radar Capability


    Radar Beacon Performance Monitor RCIU Remote Control Interface Unit RCL Remote Communications Link R E&D Research, Engineering and Development RML Radar...rate. Maintenance The current LRRs have limited remote maintenance monitoring (RMM) capabilities via the Remote Control Interface Unit ( RCIU ...1, -2 and FPS-20 radars required an upgrade of some of the radar subsystems, namely the RCIU to respond as an RMS and the CD to interface with radar

  17. A FASTBUS flash ADC system for the Mark II vertex chamber

    Barker, L.


    This is a description of a flash ADC system built for the Mark II experiment at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC). This system was designed for use in the experiment's vertex chamber where signals could occur over a relatively long time, approximately 10 microseconds. This long time, coupled with fast cable amplifiers, necessitated an alternate design approach than was used with a dE/dX FASTBUS flash ADC design. 1 ref., 6 figs

  18. Limicolaria flammea

    Dr Karamoko

    2Laboratoire de Zoologie-Biologie Animale, Université Félix Houphouët Boigny de Cocody,. 01 BPV 34 ... pontes, la durée d'incubation et le taux d'éclosion des œufs, alors qu'elle n'a pas d'effet sur le poids et les ... concentrations de calcium, sur la maturité sexuelle et les performances de reproduction de l'escargot L.

  19. Fluorine effect on pericyclic and pseudopericyclic processes ...


    Glendening E D, Reed A E, Carpenter J E and Wein- hold F 1988 NBO 3.1 Program Manual. 39. Fukui K 1981 Acc. Chem. Res. 14 363. 40. Gonzalez C and Schlegel H B 1989 J. Chem. Phys. 90 2154. 41. Gonzalez C and Schlegel H B 1990 J. Phys. Chem. 94 5223. 42. Wolinski K, Hilton J F and Pulay P 1990 J. Am. Chem.

  20. haematological values of appararently healthy sheep and goats

    Dr Olaleye

    Uquhart, G.M., Armour, J., Duncan, J.L., Dunn, A.M. and Jenning, F.W. (1992). Veterinary Parasitology,. Chuchill Livingstone Inc. New York, U.S.A. pp 4-244. Wilkins, J.H. and Hodges, R.E.D.H. (1962):. Observations on normal goats blood. Royal Army Vet. Corp. J. 33:7. Received: July 1998. Revised version accepted: June ...

  1. Oiseaux comme outils d'initiation à la connaissance de la faune et ...


    30 mai 2015 ... est le lance-pierre. C'est une fronde composée d'élastiques fixés aux deux branches d'une fourche de bois et servant à lancer des pierres (Larousse, 2015). Cette petite chasse se déroule généralement dans des zones ouvertes et à proximité des milieux anthropisées. En effet dans ces localités les ...

  2. An Exploration of Function Analysis and Function Allocation in the Commercial Flight Domain


    Decision Action Decision Action Inform Decision Action Inform D*Ci*ion Action Decision Action Inform Decision Action Manege Flight...d • Manege Flight Coordmaaon Monitor partyline Report arrival at T/O poeiaon Request T/O clearance Receive T/O clearance...ground maneuvering brake syt El E4 F3d Intermit Discrete Discrete Inform Action Action < • -x- • —x— • > F3 a b e d e 1 Manege

  3. D.E.R. 84 panorama


    This progress report presents the panorama of the studies carried out by the ''Direction des Etudes et des Recherches'' (E.D.F): nuclear boilers; classical and nuclear thermal power plants, hydraulic power plants; electrical equipment; network analysis; environmental impacts; uses of electric power; new aspects of energy; applied informatics and mathematics; normalization and patents. A selection of the publications of the year is finally presented [fr

  4. Case report


    9 juin 2016 ... présente aux urgences avec un tableau de douleur abdominale diffuse, de nausée, d'anorexie et de ... cette unité, il développera une anurie persistante nécessitant une hémodialyse transitoire. ... dialyse itérative, on notera une amélioration clinique et la reprise progressive d'une diurèse permettant la ...

  5. 47 CFR 90.248 - Wildlife and ocean buoy tracking.


    ...) Classes of emission are limited to N0N, A1A, A2A, A2B, F1B, J2B, F2A, F2B, and/or F8E. (d) The authorized... temperature range of −30° to +50° centigrade at normal supply voltage and for a variation in the primary supply voltage from 85% to 115% of the rated supply voltage at a temperature of +20 °C. For battery...

  6. Browse Title Index

    Items 101 - 150 of 510 ... Vol 42, No 2 (2017), Déterritorialisation et communautés imaginées : analyse anthropo-philosophique des mouvements et des réseaux sociaux des jeunes dans l'Afrique post-coloniale à la lumière de la pensée d'Arjun Appadurai, Abstract PDF. Serge Bernard Emmanuel Aliana. Vol 39, No 2 (2014) ...

  7. Economic analysis of Marine Protected Areas: Bioeconomic Modeling and Economic Valuation Approaches

    Bui, Bich Xuan


    The papers 2 and 3 of this thesis are not available in Munin. Paper 2: Xuan, B. B., Sandorf, E. D., Aanesen, M.: “Informing Management Strategies for a Reserve: Results from a Discrete Choice Experiment Survey”. (Manuscript). Paper 3: Xuan, B. B.: “Extractive and Non-extractive Values of a Marine Protected Area: A Bio-economic Model Application". (Manuscript). Marine protected areas (MPAs) are often established for conservation objectives. Benefits provided by MPAs exceed pure biod...

  8. Studies of the spin-isospin response of the nuclear continuum using intermediate energy hadrons. Final technical report, May 20, 1987--April 30, 1994


    For the most part the work supported by this grant has involved study of the spin, isospin, and multipole content of the continuum of nuclei. Most of the work has used polarized (p,p') or (d,d') reactions, measuring spin observables to infer properties of the target nuclei. In addition some work has been done using the (p,nx) reaction to study the Δ excitation region of the continuum. Publications resulting from this work have included seventeen refereed articles and letters, seventeen abstracts and conference talks, three of which were invited. Experiments included: 12 C(p,p), E=318 MeV; 48 Ca(p,p), E=318 MeV; 40 Ca(p,p), E=800 MeV; 208 Pb(p,p), E=200 MeV; H, 12 C(n,p); 40 Ca(p,p), E=580 MeV; 208 Pb(p,p), E=200 MeV; 12 C(d,d), E d =400 MeV; 40 Ca(p,p), E=500 MeV; 12 C(p,p), E=800 MeV; 40 Ca(d,d), E d =400 MeV; 40 Ca(p,p), E p =318 MeV; 208 Pb(p,p), E p =200 MeV; 12 C(d,d), E d =400 MeV; 2 H, 12 C(p,nπ), E p =800 MeV; 12 C(d,d), E d =600 MeV

  9. D.E.R. 83 panorama


    This progress report presents the panorama of the studies carried out by the ''Direction des Etudes et des Recherches'' (E.D.F.): nuclear boilers; classical and nuclear thermal power plants, hydraulic power plants; electrical equipment; network analysis; environmental impacts; uses of electric power; new aspects of energy; applied informatics and mathematics; normalization and patents. A selection of the publications of 1982 is finally presented [fr

  10. Migration et sexospécificités : le point de vue du mouvement ...

    Les mouvements de femmes en Inde ont du mal à résoudre les problèmes suscités par les changements rapides au chapitre des relations sociales et les vulnérabilités reliées, entre autres, au phénomène de la migration. Ce projet permettra à une équipe pluridisciplinaire composée d'économistes, d'historiens, de ...

  11. The Role of the Horizontal Gene Pool and Lateral Gene Transfer in Enhancing Microbial Activities in Marine Sediments


    nifH encoding plasmids of diazotrophic bacteria isolated from roots of a salt marsh grass. Meeting Abstract, 105th General Meeting of the American...When the method was applied to 100 endogenous plasmids isolated from cultivated marine diazotrophs from salt marsh grass rhizoplane niches remarkably...Beeson, K.E., D.L. Erdner, C.E. Bagwell, C.R. Lovell, and P.A. Sobecky. 2002. Differentiation of plasmids in marine diazotroph assemblages

  12. Development of Ecological Indicator Guilds for Land Management


    McArthur. 1982. A comparison of water stress between males and females of 4 species of desert shrubs. Forensic Science 28:304-308. Friauf, J.J...dung-inhabiting beetles (Coleoptera). Annals Entomology Fennici 45:1-12. Hardin, E.D., and D.L. White. 1989. Rare Vascular Plant Taxa...multiple meanings of a concept. Annual Review of Entomology 34:423-451. Heinz Center. 2002. The State of the Nation’s Ecosystems: Measuring the

  13. Browse Title Index

    Items 451 - 500 of 1255 ... Vol 8, No 3 (2002), Effects of lithology on geothermal gradient on the southeast Nigeria Delta, Nigeria, Abstract PDF. E.D. Uko, A.R.C Amakiri, K.O. Alagoa. Vol 11, No 2 (2005), Effects of long-term storage on the quality of soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merrill, in different containers in southern Nigerian ...

  14. 2428-IJBCS-Article-Sawadogo Boubacar


    état parasitaire chez des enfants de trois écoles riveraines de retenues d'eaux au Burkina Faso: Daguilma, Koubri et Yamtenga. Il s'agit d'une étude transversale réalisée d'avril 2004 à octobre 2014. L'évaluation de l'anémie a été basée sur la.

  15. Gromov hyperbolicity in lexicographic product graphs


    on the group [17]. The concept of hyperbolicity appears also in discrete mathematics, algorithms and networking. For .... graph (of a presentation with solvable word problem) there is an algorithm which allows to decide if it is ...... of Theorem 3.14, i.e., dG1◦{w}(Vp, [π(x)π(z)] ∪ [π(z)π(y)]) = δ(G1) with π the canonical projection.

  16. Résultats de recherche | Page 82 | CRDI - Centre de recherches ...

    Évaluer la nouvelle réglementation nationale du Chili sur l'approvisionnement alimentaire. Au Chili, la croissance économique a été accompagnée d'une augmentation de la consommation d'aliments ultra transformés et d'aliments riches en sucres raffinés, graisses saturées et sel. Projet.

  17. Federal Republic of Germany, A Country Study.


    toes, and sugar beets. Raising livestock, largely for milk and meat, more important than cropping. Country about 70 percent self- sufficient in foods ...ministries of economics and of food , agriculture, and forests. The FDP lost the powerful ministry of the interior, however. Friedrich Zimmer- man, a...34........................... PALATINATE S k 9:: ANSCAAACH LO RAIN 9 41, - - ( I ) WORTTEMBiRG L 0SUNDGA . .......... .. ............ 0 FRANCHE ::::::::::::. S w I S C 0 N F E D E R A T

  18. Ultra-Sensitive Biological Detection via Nanoparticle-Based Magnetically Amplified Surface Plasmon Resonance (Mag-SPR) Techniques


    surfactant such as hexadecyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (CTMA). And also CTMA- polymethacrylic acid (PMA), CTMA-Polyglutamic acid were synthesized as world of naturally occurring biomaterials probably none is more important and more fundamental than DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid ), the polymeric...deoxyribonucleic acid gate dielectric," Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 100, p. 024514, 2006. [3] C. H. Lee, E.-D. Do, Y.-W. Kwon, D.-H. Choi, J.-I. Jin

  19. National inventory of radioactive wastes; Inventaire national des dechets radioactifs



    There are in France 1064 sites corresponding to radioactive waste holders that appear in this radioactive waste inventory. We find the eighteen sites of E.D.F. nuclear power plants, The Cogema mine sites, the Cogema reprocessing plants, The Cea storages, the different factories and enterprises of nuclear industry, the sites of non nuclear industry, the Andra centers, decommissioned installations, disposals with low level radioactive wastes, sealed sources distributors, national defence. (N.C.). 16 refs.

  20. Lipolytic activity in high temperature germinating Almond seedlings



    Sep 20, 2012 ... Felipe A (1981). Germination accelérée d'amandes au moyen de l'acide gibbérellique. Cahier Options Méditerranéennes I:139-140. Hirayama O, Matsuda H (1972). An improved method for determining lipolytic acylhydrolases activity. Agric. Biol. Chem. 36(10):1831-. 1833. Garcia-Olmedo R, Marca-Garcia ...

  1. Vulnerabilities


    May 1, 2006)”, (accessed 1 April 2009). 6 ibid 7 Hongo , Jun. “Japan, U.S. sign accord on forces,” The...Jacobs, G. Keith. "Guam Becoming US Pacific Linchpin." Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter 29 (2003): 38-39. Jun, Hongo . "Japan, U.S. sign accord on forces

  2. D.E.R. 85 panorama


    This progress report presents the panorama of the studies carried out by the ''Direction des Etudes et des Recherches'' (E.D.F.): nuclear boilers; classical and nuclear thermal power plants, hydraulic power plants; electrical equipment; network analysis environmental impacts; uses of electric power; new aspects of energy; applied informatics and mathematics; normalization and patents. A selection of the publications of 1985 is finally presented [fr

  3. Fidelity induced distance measures for quantum states

    Ma Zhihao; Zhang Fulin; Chen Jingling


    Fidelity plays an important role in quantum information theory. In this Letter, we introduce new metric of quantum states induced by fidelity, and connect it with the well-known trace metric, Sine metric and Bures metric for the qubit case. The metric character is also presented for the qudit (i.e., d-dimensional system) case. The CPT contractive property and joint convex property of the metric are also studied.

  4. Absence of isotope effect of diffusion in a metallic glass

    Heesemann, A.; Raetzke, K.; Faupel, F.; Hoffmann, J.; Heinemann, K.


    The isotope effect E = d ln(D)/d ln (1/√m) of Co diffusion in structurally relaxed Co 86 Zr 14 and Co 81 Zr 19 glasses has been measured by means of a radiotracer technique. Within experimental accuracy no isotope effect was detected (E < 0.04). This suggests a highly cooperative diffusion mechanism. The connection between diffusion and collective low-frequency relaxations in glasses is discussed. (orig.)

  5. Protection Ou Partenariat

    Cette période marquait le début de la transition alors que la phase des secours et ... Ces changements surviennent après une longue histoire d'intervention étatique ..... La figure 1.1, adaptée d'une typologie créée par Alan Fowler, constitue une ...... Sida (organisation suédoise pour le développement international), d'autres ...

  6. Geomagnetic radioflash unfold (GRUF)

    Malik, J.S.


    A method of inverting the geomagnetic component of the radioflash signal from a nuclear explosion to obtain the gamma-ray time history was proposed by E. D. Dracott of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment. A simplified development of an elaboration by B. R. Suydam has been programmed for small calculators in a form suitable for interim field analysis of such data. The development of the program is contained in the report

  7. Carnivorous diving beetles of the genus Desmopachria (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) from Brazil: New species, new records, and a checklist

    Braga, Rafael Benzi; Ferreira, Nelson


    Abstract Eight new species of DesmopachriaBabington, 1841 are described and illustrated from Brazil: D. dicrophallica sp. nov. , D. disticta sp. nov. , D. grammosticta sp. nov. , D . grandinigra sp. nov. , D. itamontensis sp. nov. , D. leptophallica sp. nov. , D. stethothrix sp. nov. , and D. ukuki sp. nov. The species D. amyaeMiller, 2001 , D. cheiMiller, 1999 , D. margarita Young, 1990, and D. volatidiscaMiller, 2001 are recorded for the first time from Brazil. From species of the Desmopachria reported in Brazil, D. aldessaYoung, 1980 has a new record from Pará state and D. fossulataZimmermann, 1928, D. granoidesYoung, 1986 , and D. laevis Sharp, 1882 have new records from Rio de Janeiro State. A checklist of all Desmopachria recorded from Brazil is presented with notes about some of the localities. Resumo Oito espécies novas de DesmopachriaBabington, 1841 são descritas e ilustradas para o Brasil, D. dicrophallica sp. nov. , D. disticta sp. nov. , D. grammosticta sp. nov. , D . grandinigra sp. nov., D. itamontensis sp. nov., D. leptophallica sp. nov., D. stethothrix sp. nov. e D. ukuki sp. nov. As espécies D. amyaeMiller, 2001, D. cheiMiller, 1999 , D. margarita Young, 1990 e D. volatidiscaMiller, 2001 são registradas pela primeira vez para o Brasil. Das espécies de Desmopachria registradas para o Brasil D. aldessaYoung, 1980 tem um novo registro para o estado do Pará e D. fossulataZimmermann, 1928 , D. granoidesYoung, 1986 e D. laevis Sharp, 1882 têm novos registros para o estado do Rio de Janeiro. Uma listagem de todos os Desmopachria registrados para o Brasil é apresentada, com notas acerca de algumas localidades. PMID:25373202



    protein maize (Zea mays L.) in combating vitamin A and protein malnutrition, small land holdings by rural poor farmers still ... A cet effet, l'association des cultures doublée d'une densité optimale des plants dans les systems ..... their foliar area to lessen water loss. Also ..... Valenzuela, H.R., O'Hair, S.K. and Schaffer, B. 1991 ...

  9. Effets strongylicides in vitro de l'extrait aqueux de feuilles de Ficus ...

    Test de motilité des adultes de H. contortus au contact de l'extrait. Les vers adultes dont la bonne vitalité est établie (une motilité constatée d'au moins. 1 mouvement toutes les 5 secondes) sont placés dans les puits d'une plaque de micro titrage contenant 0,5 ml des préparations de la gamme médicamenteuse à tester.

  10. A FASTBUS flash ADC system for the Mark II vertex chamber

    Barker, L.


    This is a description of a flash ADC system built for the Mark II experiment at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC). This system was designed for use in the experiment's vertex chamber where signals could occur over a relatively long time, approximately 10 microseconds. This long time, coupled with fast cable amplifiers, necessitated an alternate design approach than was used with a dE/dX FASTBUS flash ADC design. 1 ref., 6 figs.

  11. Development of Novel Treatment Plan Verification Techniques for Prostate Intensity Modulation Arc Therapy


    1090.U N C O R R E FLA 5.0 DTD ROB18972_proof 1E D P R O O F 11. Malinowski KT, Noel C, Roy M, et al. Efficient use of contin- uous, real-time...Physics Volume -, Number -, 2010 ARTICLE IN PRESS4. Malinowski KT, Noel C, Roy M, et al. Efficient use of contin- uous, real-time prostate localization

  12. Intelligence artificielle, et si rien n’était déterminé ?

    Macq, Hadrien; Delvenne, Pierre


    A travers cette carte blanche, nous tentons de prendre du recul face à la perspective erronée d'un déterminisme technologique, exercice nécessaire selon nous afin d'injecter dans les débats relatifs au développement de l'intelligence artificielle les dimensions éthiques, morales et politiques dont ils manquent cruellement.

  13. EMC effect, antishadowing, and pointlike configurations in nucleons

    Strikman, M.I.; Frankfurt, L.L.


    Antishadowing of valence-quark distributions in a nucleus is estimated for small x. It is shown that the probability of pointlike configurations is suppressed in a bound nucleon. The possible relation of these phenomena to the EMC effect is discussed. Experiments are proposed to search for pointlike configurations in hadrons. Indications are obtained of the existence of an effect analogous to the EMC effect for x>0.3 in near-threshold eD scattering studied at SLAC

  14. Fulltext PDF

    T he A C M T uring A w ard for 2007 w as aw arded to. C larke, E m erson and Sifakis for their invention of m odel-checking, an autom ated technique for verifying ¯nite-state com puting system s. In this article, w e d escrib e th e cen tral id eas u n d erlyin g their approach. 1 . In tro d u ctio n. E ach year, the A ssociation for C ...

  15. Genotype x Environment interaction for quality traits in durum wheat ...



    May 24, 2010 ... E6. Merchouch. 2005 – 2006. 83.56d. 17.85c. 55.08b. -. 79.68c. E7. Douyet .... Y e llo w p ig m e n t in d e x. (b. ) S. D. S s e d im e n ta tio n v o lu m e. P ro te in c o n ...... extensively by environmental effects than genetics. Sum.

  16. Establishing Information Security Systems via Optical Imaging


    SLM, spatial light modulator; BSC, non - polarizing beam splitter cube; CCD, charge-coupled device. In computational ghost imaging, a series of...Laser Object Computer Fig. 5. A schematic setup for the proposed method using holography: BSC, Beam splitter cube; CCD, Charge-coupled device. The...interference between reference and object beams . (a) (e) (d) (c) (b) Distribution Code A: Approved for public release, distribution is unlimited

  17. A social work study on procrastinating behavior: A case study of some Iranian high school students

    Afsaneh Javadzadeh; Mohammad Reza Abedi; Hadi Ansaralhosseini


    This paper presents an empirical investigation on procrastinating behavior among some high school students in city of Esfahan, Iran. The proposed study uses APSS test developed by Solomon and Rothblum (1984) [Solomon, L.J., & Rothblum, E.D. (1984). Academic procrastination: Frequency and cognitive-behavioral correlates. Journal of Counseling, 31, 503-509.]. The study selects a sample of 60 students who were enrolled as secondary high school in city of Esfahan, Iran. The study performs some in...

  18. Safety study of PCC 2140 and ALILOG 21 used as part of safety measurement systems

    Meriaux, Pierre; Adnot, Serge; Rayrolles, Catherine.


    The PCC 2140 and ALILOG 21 equipment may be used at C.E.A. or E.D.F., as part of safety measurement systems. In a study of a similar, but earlier equipment, it was noticed that certain types of failures caused the system to switch to the least sensitive measurement range, which was detrimental to safety. This report analyses failure modes leading to unsafe failures and evaluates the risks ran into taking in account tests during use [fr

  19. National inventory of radioactive wastes


    There are in France 1064 sites corresponding to radioactive waste holders that appear in this radioactive waste inventory. We find the eighteen sites of E.D.F. nuclear power plants, The Cogema mine sites, the Cogema reprocessing plants, The Cea storages, the different factories and enterprises of nuclear industry, the sites of non nuclear industry, the Andra centers, decommissioned installations, disposals with low level radioactive wastes, sealed sources distributors, national defence. (N.C.)

  20. National inventory of radioactive wastes; Inventaire national des dechets radioactifs



    There are in France 1064 sites corresponding to radioactive waste holders that appear in this radioactive waste inventory. We find the eighteen sites of E.D.F. nuclear power plants, The Cogema mine sites, the Cogema reprocessing plants, The Cea storages, the different factories and enterprises of nuclear industry, the sites of non nuclear industry, the Andra centers, decommissioned installations, disposals with low level radioactive wastes, sealed sources distributors, national defence. (N.C.). 16 refs.

  1. Defense Resource Management Studies: Introduction to Capability and Acquisition Planning Processes


    Evaluation Plans ( BEPs ) Establishes how the MoD approved, procurement action will proceed – Dates for requesting and receiving bids – Evaluation period...Proposed Bid and Evaluation Plan ( BEP ) Next chart highlights the intended process and products Flag Button BLOCK 6 8 Intended Process and Products...Funding Level and Source  Circular of Requirements (COR) with Key Performance Parameters (KPPs)  Bid and Evaluation Plan ( BEP ) A B C D E D1 D2 D3

  2. Size and Velocity Distributions of Particles and Droplets in Spray Combustion Systems.


    34Particle Sizing by Optical , Nonimaging Techniques," Liquid Particle Size _Mjur-mentTechnjgjwi, ASTM publications STP848, ed. by J. MI. Tishkoff, R. D... Optical Nonimaging predictions do not account for nonideal lens effects. Techniques," in Liquid Particle Size Measurement Techniques, J.M.Tishkoff, ed...4S E. Dan Hirleman’ Particle Sizing by Optical , Nonimaging Techniques REFERENCE: Hieleman, E. D., "Particle Sizing by Optical , Nonimaging Tech- niques

  3. African Journal of Neurological Sciences - 2009 Vol. 28 No 1

    Observation. Un homme âgé de 43 ans, présentait une inflammation conjonctivale de l'oeil gauche évoluant depuis 14 ans, avec apparition progressive d'un ectropion avec exophtalmie axile irréductible et indolore aggravée d'une ophtalmoplégie et cécité gauches. L'IRM orbitaire a mis en évidence une masse ...

  4. Physical Mechanism of the Lower-Hybrid-Drift Instability in a Collisional Plasma.


    8217 70Q SaCE .A-.D A> AT TN R~~ . WIL.IAMRS 01CI " CUT% 755O -řA ol2’ 4’TN E_."D-NP F. WIMItNITZ 01:y A’ ’N. LOGE 02CY ATTN D’E_,D).p C. MOAZED 0:2’ All% c

  5. Enhanced Constrained Predictive Control for Applications to Autonomous Vehicles and Missions


    22] Diehl, M., Uslu, I., Findeisen , R., Schwarzkopf, S., Allgöwer, F., Bock, H.G., Bürner, T., Gilles, E.D., Kienle, A., Schlöder, J.P., and Stein, E...Optimization of Large Scale Systems, 2001, pp. 363–383. [23] Diehl, M., Bock, H.G., Schlöder, J.P., Findeisen , R., Nagu, Z., Allgöwer, F., “Real-Time

  6. Graffiti mochicas en la huaca Cao Viejo, Complejo El Brujo


    Full Text Available GRAFFITI MOCHICA DE LA HUACA CAO VIEJO, COMPLEXE ARCHÉOLOGIQUE DU BRUJO. Sur des murs et colonnes de quatre des sept édifices superposés (E, D, B, A qui forment la huaca Cao Viejo, nous avons identifié des graffitis qui représentent une grande variété de dessins. Nous analysons actuellement leur élaboration, les techniques employées, leur mise en relation, leur chronologie relative, et leur présence dans d’autres sites monumentaux de la côte péruvienne. En las superficies de muros y columnas de cuatro de los siete edificios superpuestos (E, D, B, A que forman la Huaca Cao Viejo, se han identificado graffiti en una amplia variedad de diseños. Se discute el propósito de su elaboración, la técnica, asociaciones, cronología relativa, y su recurrencia en otros sitios monumentales de la costa peruana. MOCHICA GRAFFITI IN HUACA CAO VIEJO, EL BRUJO COMPLEX. On the surfaces and columns of four among seven superimposed phases (E,D,B,A that form the Huaca Cao Viejo, graffiti representing a great variety of designs were discovered. We discuss their relevance, their significance, the techniques used in creating them, their relative chronology, and their use in other monumental buildings on the northern Peruvian coast.

  7. Lévy flight with absorption: A model for diffusing diffusivity with long tails

    Jain, Rohit; Sebastian, K. L.


    We consider diffusion of a particle in rearranging environment, so that the diffusivity of the particle is a stochastic function of time. In our previous model of "diffusing diffusivity" [Jain and Sebastian, J. Phys. Chem. B 120, 3988 (2016), 10.1021/acs.jpcb.6b01527], it was shown that the mean square displacement of particle remains Fickian, i.e., ∝T at all times, but the probability distribution of particle displacement is not Gaussian at all times. It is exponential at short times and crosses over to become Gaussian only in a large time limit in the case where the distribution of D in that model has a steady state limit which is exponential, i.e., πe(D ) ˜e-D /D0 . In the present study, we model the diffusivity of a particle as a Lévy flight process so that D has a power-law tailed distribution, viz., πe(D ) ˜D-1 -α with 0 <α <1 . We find that in the short time limit, the width of displacement distribution is proportional to √{T }, implying that the diffusion is Fickian. But for long times, the width is proportional to T1 /2 α which is a characteristic of anomalous diffusion. The distribution function for the displacement of the particle is found to be a symmetric stable distribution with a stability index 2 α which preserves its shape at all times.

  8. First-principles study of point-defect production in Si and SiC

    Windl, W.; Lenosky, T.J.; Kress, J.D.; Voter, A.F.


    The authors have calculated the displacement-threshold energy E(d) for point-defect production in Si and SiC using empirical potentials, tight-binding, and first-principles methods. They show that -- depending on the knock-on direction -- 64-atom simulation cells can be sufficient to allow a nearly finite-size-effect-free calculation, thus making the use of first-principles methods possible. They use molecular dynamics (MD) techniques and propose the use of a sudden approximation which agrees reasonably well with the MD results for selected directions and which allows estimates of Ed without employing an MD simulation and the use of computationally demanding first-principles methods. Comparing the results with experiment, the authors find the full self-consistent first-principles method in conjunction with the sudden approximation to be a reliable and easy method to predict E d . Furthermore, they have examined the temperature dependence of E d for C in SiC and found it to be negligible

  9. Thermoreflectance characterization of beta-Ga2O3 thin-film nanostrips.

    Ho, Ching-Hwa; Tseng, Chiao-Yeh; Tien, Li-Chia


    Nanostructure of beta-Ga(2)O(3) is wide-band-gap material with white-light-emission function because of its abundance in gap states. In this study, the gap states and near-band-edge transitions in beta-Ga(2)O(3) nanostrips have been characterized using temperature-dependent thermoreflectance (TR) measurements in the temperature range between 30 and 320 K. Photoluminescence (PL) measurements were carried to identify the gap-state transitions in the beta-Ga(2)O(3) nanostrips. Experimental analysis of the TR spectra revealed that the direct gap (E(0)) of beta-Ga(2)O(3) is 4.656 eV at 300 K. There are a lot of gap-state and near-band-edge (GSNBE) transitions denoted as E(D3), E(W1), E(W2), E(W3), E(D2), EDBex, E(DB), E(D1), E(0), and E(0)' can be detected in the TR and PL spectra at 30 K. Transition origins for the GSNBE features in the beta-Ga(2)O(3) nanostrips are respectively evaluated. Temperature dependences of transition energies of the GSNBE transitions in the beta-Ga(2)O(3) nanostrips are analyzed. The probable band scheme for the GSNBE transitions in the beta-Ga(2)O(3) nanostrips is constructed.

  10. Monolithically integrated enhancement/depletion-mode AlGaN/GaN HEMT D flip-flop using fluorine plasma treatment

    Xie Yuanbin; Quan Si; Ma Xiaohua; Zhang Jincheng; Li Qingmin; Hao Yue


    Depletion-mode and enhancement-mode AlGaN/GaN HEMTs using fluorine plasma treatment were integrated on one wafer. Direct-coupled FET logic circuits, such as an E/D HEMT inverter, NAND gate and D flip-flop, were fabricated on an AlGaN/GaN heterostructure. The D flip-flop and NAND gate are demonstrated in a GaN system for the first time. The dual-gate AlGaN/GaN E-HEMT substitutes two single-gate E-HEMTs for simplifying the NAND gate and shrinking the area, integrating with a conventional AlGaN/GaN D-HEMT and demonstrating a NAND gate. E/D-mode D flip-flop was fabricated by integrating the inverters and the NAND gate on the AlGaN/GaN heterostructure. At a supply voltage of 2 V, the E/D inverter shows an output logic swing of 1.7 V, a logic-low noise margin of 0.49 V and a logic-high noise margin of 0.83 V. The NAND gate and D flip-flop showed correct logic function demonstrating promising potential for GaN-based digital ICs. (semiconductor integrated circuits)

  11. Caixa é dívida negativa sob a perspectiva de hedging no Brasil?

    Marcio Telles Portal


    Full Text Available O presente estudo investigou se as companhias brasileiras de capital aberto, entre 1995 e 2008, coordenam as políticas de caixa e dívida para efeitos de hedging contra subinvestimento em condições de restrição financeira. Os resultados indicam a inexistência de um componente de hedging usando, simultaneamente, as políticas de caixa e dívida em companhias restritas. Foi observada para as companhias restritas financeiramente uma sensibilidade positiva do caixa ao fluxo de caixa e sensibilidade negativa da dívida ao fluxo de caixa, independentemente da necessidade de hedging. As companhias irrestritas não apresentaram uma sensibilidade do caixa ao fluxo de caixa significante estatisticamente, mas apresentaram sensibilidade negativa da dívida ao fluxo de caixa, resultados também independentes da necessidade de hedging. As evidências contrariam os resultados encontrados por Acharya, Almeida e Campello (2007 no mercado norte-americano, onde caixa e dívida negativa apresentaram de acordo com a necessidade de hedging diferentes papéis na otimização intertemporal dos investimentos em companhias restritas.

  12. PLA Naval Aviation Training and Operations


    El e ct r o ni c Di st ri b uti o n Ri g ht s T his d o c u m e nt a n d tr a d e m ar k(s) c o nt ai n e d h er ei n ar e pr ot e ct e d b y l a w...arti cl es, m o n o gr a p hs, a n d e dit e d v ol u m es f or b ot h p u bli c a n d g o v er n m e nt - o nl y distri b uti o n as a p pr o pri at...e.  • C A SI est a blis h es a n d m ai nt ai ns i nstit uti o n al r el ati o ns hi ps wit h or g a ni z ati o ns a n d i nstit uti o ns i n t h e P

  13. Investigation of correlations in nuclei with the (e,e'X) reaction

    Ent, R.


    In this thesis (e,e'd) experiments on 4 He, 6 Li and 12 C, and also a first (e,e'α) experiment on 6 LI are described. The aim of these experiments is twofold: to study the mechanism of (e,e'X) reactions and to extract useful spectroscopic information, i.e. the probability to find a cluster inside a nucleus and the cluster bound-state wave function, from these experiments. Ch. 2 contains a description of the 6 Li(e,e'd) 4 He reaction. The α-d momentum distribution in the ground state of 6 Li has been measured in parallel kinematics in the momentum range 0 m 6 Li. The results agree with the predictions of a three-body αNN model of 6 Li. Ch. 3 deals with deuteron formation in the reaction 12 C(e,e'd) 1O Be. The lowest T=1 state in 1O Be is found to be as strongly excited as the T=0 ground state, although the transition to the T=1 state is isospin forbidden for direct deuteron knockout. The data could consistently be explained by a mechanism of integration of a p-n pair in a relative T=1 state into a deuteron. In ch. 4 the mechanism of the 4 He(e,e'd) 2 H reaction is considered. The cross section for this reaction has been measured as a function of the four-momentum transfer at a missing momentum of 125 MeV/c. The data show that this reaction cannot be described as a quasielastic knockout of the deuteron. The data are compared with a microscopic calculation of the cross section for a direct knockout reaction. Ch. 5 gives an extensive review of all three (e,e'd) experiments. The model of an electron-induced cluster knockout process is discussed in a quasi elastic and a semi-microscopic approach. This description is compared with the data to test the reaction mechanism and the possibility to extract nuclear structure information. In ch. 7 the 6 Li(e,e'α) reaction is considered. This reaction was measured with a special detector, described in Ch. 6. (H.W.). 175 refs.; 32 figs.; 2 tabs

  14. Calculating the acidity of silanols and related oxyacids in aqueous solution

    Tossell, John A.; Sahai, Nita


    Ab initio molecular orbital theory was used to calculate deprotonation energies and enthalpies (ΔE d, ΔH d) of oxyacid monomers and oligomers. Results were interpreted with reference to current phenomenological models for estimating metal-oxide surface acidities. The ultimate goal is to predict surface acidities using the ab initio method. We evaluated contributions to ΔE d and ΔH d from the electrostatic potential at the proton, electronic relaxation, geometric relaxation, solvation, and polymerization for the neutral-charge gas-phase molecules H 2O, CH 3OH, HCOOH, SiH 3OH, Si(OH) 4, Si 2O 7H 6, H 3PO 4, P 2O 7H 4, H 2SO 3, H 2SO 4, HOCl, HClO 4, Ge(OH) 4, As(OH) 3, and AsO(OH) 3. ΔE d, gas calculated at the modest 6-31G∗ HF of theory level correlates well with experimental pK a in solution, because hydration enthalpies for the acid anions (ΔH hyd, A-) are closely proportional to ΔE d, gas. That is, anion interaction energies with water in aqueous solution and with H + in the gas phase are closely correlated. Correction for differential hydration between an acid and its conjugate base permits generalization of the ΔE d, gas - pK a correlation to deprotonation reactions involving charged acids. Thus, stable protonated, neutral, and deprotonated species Si(OH) 3(OH 2) 1+, Si(OH) 40, Si(OH) 3O 1-, and Si(OH) 2O 22- have been characterized, and solution pK a's for Si(OH) 3(OH 2) 1+ and Si(OH) 3O 1- were estimated, assuming that the charged species (Si(OH) 3(OH 2) 1+, Si(OH) 3O -1) fit into the same ΔE d, gas - pK a correlation as do the neutral acids. The correlation yields a negative pK a (˜ -5) for Si(OH) 3(OH 2) +1. Calculated ΔE d, gas also correlates well with the degree of O under-bonding evaluated using Brown's bond-length based approach. ΔE d, gas increases along the series HClO 4 - Si(OH) 4 mainly because of increasingly negative potential at the site of the proton, not because of differing electronic or geometric relaxation energies. Thus, pK a

  15. Epimeria of the Southern Ocean with notes on their relatives (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Eusiroidea

    Cédric d'Udekem d'Acoz


    Full Text Available The present monograph includes general systematic considerations on the family Epimeriidae, a revision of the genus Epimeria Costa in Hope, 1851 in the Southern Ocean, and a shorter account on putatively related eusiroid taxa occurring in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic seas. The former epimeriid genera Actinacanthus Stebbing, 1888 and Paramphithoe Bruzelius, 1859 are transferred to other families, respectively to the Acanthonotozomellidae Coleman & J.L. Barnard, 1991 and the herein re-established Paramphithoidae G.O. Sars, 1883, so that only Epimeria and Uschakoviella Gurjanova, 1955 are retained within the Epimeriidae Boeck, 1871. The genera Apherusa Walker, 1891 and Halirages Boeck, 1891, which are phylogenetically close to Paramphithoe, are also transferred to the Paramphithoidae. The validity of the suborder Senticaudata Lowry & Myers, 2013, which conflicts with traditional and recent concepts of Eusiroidea Stebbing, 1888, is questioned. Eight subgenera are recognized for Antarctic and sub-Antarctic species of the genus Epimeria: Drakepimeria subgen. nov., Epimeriella K.H. Barnard, 1930, Hoplepimeria subgen. nov., Laevepimeria subgen. nov., Metepimeria Schellenberg, 1931, Pseudepimeria Chevreux, 1912, Subepimeria Bellan-Santini, 1972 and Urepimeria subgen. nov. The type subgenus Epimeria, as currently defined, does not occur in the Southern Ocean. Drakepimeria species are superficially similar to the type species of the genus Epimeria: E. cornigera (Fabricius, 1779, but they are phylogenetically unrelated and substantial morphological differences are obvious at a finer level. Twenty-seven new Antarctic Epimeria species are described herein: Epimeria (Drakepimeria acanthochelon subgen. et sp. nov., E. (D. anguloce subgen. et sp. nov., E. (D. colemani subgen. et sp. nov., E. (D. corbariae subgen. et sp. nov., E. (D. cyrano subgen. et sp. nov., E. (D. havermansiana subgen. et sp. nov., E. (D. leukhoplites subgen. et sp. nov., E. (D. loerzae subgen

  16. Radon generation and transport in and around a gold mine tailings dam in South Africa

    Speelman, W.J.; Lindsay, R.; Newman, R.T.; Meijer, R.J. de


    Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (N.O.R.M.) occurs in most soil and rock, and by mining and mineral processing, some of the radionuclides are significantly enhanced. An in-situ gamma-ray detector called M.E.D.U.S.A., has been used to produce a map of relative activity concentrations in a gold mine tailings dam on the Witwatersrand in South Africa. A CsI(Na) scintillation detector is used in this system. M.E.D.U.S.A. spectra obtained from the survey were analyzed using the Full-Spectrum Analysis (F.S.A.) procedure to compute the 40 K, 238 U and 232 Th activity concentrations. The activity concentrations are used with global positioning data (G.P.S.) to produce the concentration maps. A hyper-pure germanium gamma-ray detector (Hp Ge) was used to measure gamma-rays from the naturally occurring nuclides for soil samples taken at different points on the site to calibrate the M.E.D.U.S.A. system. Radon soil gas measurements were performed at certain points on the mine tailings with a continuous radon monitor; R.A.D.7, and emanation coefficients were measured with electret technology. These parameters have been combined with the activity concentrations to obtain an average radon exhalation rate of about 0.1 Bq.m -2 .s -1 (with an uncertainty of about 20%) from the tailings dam. The purpose of the study is to also review and develop a mathematical model for radon activity concentration predictions in gold mine dumps. (authors)

  17. An emergency preparedness system the french project ecran

    Biscay, P.; Michelin, J.M.; Moussafir, J.


    Electricite de France (E.D.F) has developed the prototype of a new emergency preparedness system. The prototype system, called E.C.R.A.N. (Estimation des Consequences Radiologiques d'un Accident Nucleaire), includes: (1) - A local computerized system which collects meteorological data, stack exit data, and radiological data on the plant site, and receives the meteorological forecast data. All the data are gathered in a database with includes topography and digitized maps of the area. This dedicated workstation provides real-time computation of actual or forecast consequences up to 10 Km within 10 minutes. (2) - A central system, based on E.D.F. large scientific mainframe computers, where the heavier meteorological computations required for regional scale assessment (several hundreds of km) are carried out. At this level, we use the HERMES mesoscale model, nested on larger scale forecasts. This central system is connected by specialized lines to the French Meteorological Office's computing center, which delivers twice a day an operational 48 hours large scale forecast (grid size about 35 km). (3) - A communication network (E.D.F. computer network) which allows fast and reliable access to data and results for every group involved in the decision process. A prototype for the local system, which is a UNIX workstation, has been operating on the Cruas power plant (Rhone Valley in the South-East of France) since September 1987. A portable software package called ADSO was developed to integrate the numerical models in real time, and to build site-independent, machine-independent and sensor-independent databases. This paper describes the general structure of this system, the models it uses, its present state of development, the possible improvements and its future use in EDF operational emergency organization

  18. Upregulation of adipose 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 expression in ovariectomized rats is due to obesity rather than lack of estrogen.

    Paulsen, Søren K; Nielsen, Maria P; Richelsen, Bjørn; Bruun, Jens M; Flyvbjerg, Allan; Pedersen, Steen B


    Increased tissue activity of cortisol induced by the activation of inert cortisone to active cortisol through 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (11beta-HSD1) may play a role in the metabolic syndrome. We recently found that 11beta-HSD1 in subcutaneous adipose tissue (AT) was lower in lean women compared with lean men. Estrogen suppresses hepatic and renal 11beta-HSD1 in rats; hence we investigated the in vitro effect of estrogen on human and rat AT, and the in vivo effects on rat AT 11beta-HSD1 expression. Wistar rats were divided into four groups of eight animals. One group was sham-operated (controls) and others were ovariectomized (OVX). One OVX group was left untreated (OVX-E), another (OVX+E) received estrogen treatment, and one received a hypo-caloric diet (OVX-E+D), matching the weight gain of the control group. AT from women undergoing liposuction or surgery and from killed male and female rats were incubated with estrogen alone or in the presence of IL-1beta. Gene expressions were determined by real-time reverse transcriptase PCR. Ovariectomy resulted in a 280% increase in adipose 11beta-HSD1 expression P < 0.05). 11beta-HSD1 expression in the (OVX+E)-group was significantly reduced compared with the nonsubstituted group (P < 0.05). 11beta-HSD1 expression in the (OVX-E+D)-group was reduced significantly (P < 0.05) when compared with the level of the estrogen-substituted group. No significant differences between the control group, the (OVX+E)-group, and the (OVX-E+D)-group were found. In the in vitro studies, no direct effect of estrogen on adipose 11beta-HSD1 was found. The upregulation of 11beta-HSD1 in ovariectomized rats was most likely due to changes in body composition rather than lack of estrogen.

  19. Dietas artificiais para a criação de larvas e adultos da mosca-das-frutas sul-americana

    Adrise Medeiros Nunes


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi adequar as dietas artificiais para o desenvolvimento dos estágios de larva e adulto da mosca-das-frutas sul-americana (Anastrepha fraterculus. Para o estágio larval, foram testadas as seguintes dietas: D1, original, com 10 g de ágar; D2, modificada, com 3,6 g de ágar; e, D3, modificada, com bagaço seco de cana-de-açúcar. Para os adultos, foram testadas quatro dietas: A, levedura de cerveja + mel (2:1; B, açúcar refinado + extrato de levedura + gérmen de trigo cru (3:1:1; C, extrato de soja + açúcar mascavo + gérmen de trigo cru (3:1:1; e D, levedura seca de cervejaria + mel (2:1. Avaliaram-se os parâmetros biológicos de duração do período ovo-pupa, duração e viabilidade do estágio de pupa, massa média de pupas, razão sexual e duração e viabilidade do período ovo-adulto. O desenvolvimento larval em D1 e D2 foi semelhante e indicou que a criação de larvas pode ser realizada com 1/3 da quantidade de ágar da utilizada em D1. A utilização do bagaço seco de cana-de-açúcar, na dieta artificial, afetou negativamente o desenvolvimento larval. As dietas artificiais com levedura de cerveja + mel e com açúcar refinado + extrato de levedura + gérmen de trigo cru são as mais adequadas para a criação de adultos.

  20. Radon generation and transport in and around a gold mine tailings dam in South Africa

    Speelman, W.J.; Lindsay, R. [Western Cape Univ., Dept. of Physics (South Africa); Newman, R.T. [IThemba LABS, Somerset West (South Africa); Meijer, R.J. de [Nuclear Geophysics Division (NGD), KVI, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands)


    Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (N.O.R.M.) occurs in most soil and rock, and by mining and mineral processing, some of the radionuclides are significantly enhanced. An in-situ gamma-ray detector called M.E.D.U.S.A., has been used to produce a map of relative activity concentrations in a gold mine tailings dam on the Witwatersrand in South Africa. A CsI(Na) scintillation detector is used in this system. M.E.D.U.S.A. spectra obtained from the survey were analyzed using the Full-Spectrum Analysis (F.S.A.) procedure to compute the {sup 40}K, {sup 238}U and {sup 232}Th activity concentrations. The activity concentrations are used with global positioning data (G.P.S.) to produce the concentration maps. A hyper-pure germanium gamma-ray detector (Hp Ge) was used to measure gamma-rays from the naturally occurring nuclides for soil samples taken at different points on the site to calibrate the M.E.D.U.S.A. system. Radon soil gas measurements were performed at certain points on the mine tailings with a continuous radon monitor; R.A.D.7, and emanation coefficients were measured with electret technology. These parameters have been combined with the activity concentrations to obtain an average radon exhalation rate of about 0.1 Bq.m{sup -2}.s{sup -1} (with an uncertainty of about 20%) from the tailings dam. The purpose of the study is to also review and develop a mathematical model for radon activity concentration predictions in gold mine dumps. (authors)

  1. Characterisation of radiation damage in perovskite using high angular resolution electron channeling x-ray spectroscopy (HARECXS)

    Smith, K.L.; Zaluzec, N.J.


    Full text: Predicting and/or modelling the occurrence of radiation damage induced defects and their effects on physical properties (eg. amorphisation induced swelling, electrical conductivity., optical response etc.) in ceramic phases requires knowledge of the displacement energies, E d , of cations and anions in those phases. In this study, High Angular Resolution Electron Channelling X-ray Spectroscopy (HARECXS) spectra were collected from perovskite (CaTiO 3 ) samples that had been exposed to high-energy electrons or high-energy heavy ions. Calculations based on experimental data were then used to indicate the E d of the cations in perovskite. The HARECXS measurements were conducted on a Philips EM 420T AEM (LaB6 source, operated at 120 kV) fitted with an EDAX ultra thin window Si(Li) detector. The specimen was first manually oriented to an appropriate zone axis. Then control of the relative orientation of the incident probe was accomplished via direct computer control of the beam tilt coils, Typical acquisition times for a complete two-dimensional scan were 18-24 hours, while one dimensional scans ranged from 1-5 hours. Our experiments established that: a) HARECXS can detect radiation damage in perovskite caused by either high energy heavy ions or high energy electrons, b) the HARECXS signature of perovskite shows a systematic change with ion dose, c) HARECXS detects damage in perovskite that has been irradiated with 900kV electrons and does not detect damage in perovskite that has been irradiated with 620kV electrons, indicating the existance of an electron irradiation damage threshold. Calculations based on the latter results indicate that the displacement energy, E d of calcium and titanium in perovskite lie between 50 and 85eV. Copyright (2002) Australian Society for Electron Microscopy Inc

  2. Estudio y diseño de una planta de depuración de aguas residuales

    González González, María Gyomar


    En este proyecto se describe el diseño, funcionamiento y dimensionado de una Estación Depuradora de Aguas Residuales (E.D.A.R) de tipo urbana (vertido fundamentalmente doméstico), basada en un proceso biológico de fangos activos y capaz de tratar tanto los vertidos actuales como los previstos para el año horizonte, diseñándose para una población de 40.000 habitantes equivalentes, y situada en la localidad X (Región de Murcia). El diseño será el adecuado para permitir la reutili...

  3. Relance de l'aquaculture au Sri Lanka | IDRC - International ...

    29 avr. 2016 ... Aquaculture au Sri Lanka. L'adoption de l'ostréiculture dans deux collectivités côtières du Sri Lanka a donné lieu aux premières exportations d'huîtres du pays. Au Sri Lanka, le gouvernement a pour objectif de doubler la consommation de poisson par personne, de 11 kilos à 22 kilos par année, d'ici à la fin ...


    Doroty Leite Barbieri

    Full Text Available As autoras fazem considerações a respeito do Serviço de Neonatologia e dão enfoque especial ao Berçário, como um local físico integrante desse Serviço, destacando o papel de importância fundamental da enfermeira na equipe multidisciplinar. Dentre as várias funções da enfermeira neonatologista, as autoras descrevem, neste trabalho, as relacionadas com as atividades administrativas nos berçários de recém-nascidos.

  5. Enzyme Mini-Test for Field Identification of Leishmania Isolates from U.S. Military Personnel.


    and applied biology . Studies on the systematic value of electrophoretic data reveal high levels of genetic similarity between conspecific popula- tions...and E. D. Franke. In review. A New World Leishmania which can cause either cutan- eous or diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis in human hosts. Am. JTrop...u V "WW-APL~rILFXF t *.I M71 I A Table 2. Continued L. tarentolae (L.ta.)* ATAR /DZ/34/TARII L. adleri (* RLAT/KE/ 54/LRC-L123 L. agamae (

  6. Localized Elf Propagation Anomalies.


    the above three SPEs. Those important auxiliary data are used as inputs to air- chemistry codes to calculate the electron and ion density height...horizontal magnetic intensity H is H A ( ATAR ) 1 / 2 (9 d)- 1/2 exp(-’afL- d) e- d/ 8 " 7 coso A/m, (1) where A depends on the antenna moment, frequency...those rates are input to air- chemistry equations to obtain height profiles of electron and ion densities. Calculation of ion-pair production rates

  7. Distribution characteristics of volatile methylsiloxanes in Tokyo Bay watershed in Japan: Analysis of surface waters by purge and trap method.

    Horii, Yuichi; Minomo, Kotaro; Ohtsuka, Nobutoshi; Motegi, Mamoru; Nojiri, Kiyoshi; Kannan, Kurunthachalam


    Surface waters including river water and effluent from sewage treatment plants (STPs) were collected from Tokyo Bay watershed, Japan, and analyzed for seven cyclic and linear volatile methylsiloxanes (VMSs), i.e., D3, D4, D5, D6, L3, L4, and L5 by an optimized purge and trap extraction method. The total concentrations of seven VMSs (ΣVMS) in river water ranged from watershed was estimated at 2300kg. Our results indicate widespread distribution of VMSs in Tokyo Bay watershed and the influence of domestic wastewater discharges as a source of VMSs in the aquatic environment. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  8. Comportamento de íons de metais pesados (Pb e Ni) e de compostos nitrogenados em área industrial impactada no Município de Cubatão-SP

    Robercal Asevedo Berrocal


    A área de estudo deste trabalho, localizada no Município de Cubatão, abrange um terreno industrial desativado onde no passado foram descartados resíduos, bem como, manipulados e estocados materiais com elevados teores de substâncias orgânicas e iônicas. Por esse motivo constitui-se num sistema bastante complexo para disponibilidade iônica ao meio ambiente. Foram definidas quatro Áreas (A, B, C e D) para amostragens de solo e água subterrânea e efetuadas análises texturais , mineralógicas e qu...

  9. Application of voxelised numerical phantoms linked to the M.C.N.P. Monte Carlo code to the realistic measurement in vivo of actinides in the lungs and contaminated wounds

    Noelle, P.


    In vivo lung counting, one of the preferred methods for monitoring people exposed to the risk of actinide inhalation, is nevertheless limited by the use of physical calibration phantoms which, for technical reasons, can only provide a rough representation of human tissue. A new approach to in vivo measurements has been developed to take advantage of advances in medical imaging and computing; this consists of numerical phantoms based on tomographic images (CT) or magnetic resonance images (R.M.I.) combined with Monte Carlo computing techniques. Under laboratory implementation of this innovative method using specific software called O.E.D.I.P.E., the main thrust of this thesis was to provide answers to the following question: what do numerical phantoms and new techniques like O.E.D.I.P.E. contribute to the improvement in calibration of low-energy in vivo counting systems? After a few developments of the O.E.D.I.P.E. interface, the numerical method was validated for systems composed of four germanium detectors, the most widespread configuration in radio bioassay laboratories (a good match was found, with less than 10% variation). This study represents the first step towards a person-specific numerical calibration of counting systems, which will improve assessment of the activity retained. A second stage focusing on an exhaustive evaluation of uncertainties encountered in in vivo lung counting was possible thanks to the approach offered by the previously-validated O.E.D.I.P.E. software. It was shown that the uncertainties suggested by experiments in a previous study were underestimated, notably morphological differences between the physical phantom and the measured person. Some improvements in the measurement procedure were then proposed, particularly new bio-metric equations specific to French measurement configurations that allow a more sensible choice of the calibration phantom, directly assessing the thickness of the torso plate to be added to the Livermore phantom

  10. Inclusive $D*^{+-}$ Production in Two-Photon Collisions at LEP

    Achard, P.; Aguilar-Benitez, M.; Alcaraz, J.; Alemanni, G.; Allaby, J.; Aloisio, A.; Alviggi, M.G.; Anderhub, H.; Andreev, Valery P.; Anselmo, F.; Arefev, A.; Azemoon, T.; Aziz, T.; Bagnaia, P.; Bajo, A.; Baksay, G.; Baksay, L.; Baldew, S.V.; Banerjee, S.; Banerjee, Sw.; Barczyk, A.; Barillere, R.; Bartalini, P.; Basile, M.; Batalova, N.; Battiston, R.; Bay, A.; Becattini, F.; Becker, U.; Behner, F.; Bellucci, L.; Berbeco, R.; Berdugo, J.; Berges, P.; Bertucci, B.; Betev, B.L.; Biasini, M.; Biglietti, M.; Biland, A.; Blaising, J.J.; Blyth, S.C.; Bobbink, G.J.; Bohm, A.; Boldizsar, L.; Borgia, B.; Bottai, S.; Bourilkov, D.; Bourquin, M.; Braccini, S.; Branson, J.G.; Brochu, F.; Burger, J.D.; Burger, W.J.; Cai, X.D.; Capell, M.; Cara Romeo, G.; Carlino, G.; Cartacci, A.; Casaus, J.; Cavallari, F.; Cavallo, N.; Cecchi, C.; Cerrada, M.; Chamizo, M.; Chang, Y.H.; Chemarin, M.; Chen, A.; Chen, G.; Chen, G.M.; Chen, H.F.; Chen, H.S.; Chiefari, G.; Cifarelli, L.; Cindolo, F.; Clare, I.; Clare, R.; Coignet, G.; Colino, N.; Costantini, S.; de la Cruz, B.; Cucciarelli, S.; van Dalen, J.A.; de Asmundis, R.; Deglon, P.; Debreczeni, J.; Degre, A.; Deiters, K.; della Volpe, D.; Delmeire, E.; Denes, P.; DeNotaristefani, F.; De Salvo, A.; Diemoz, M.; Dierckxsens, M.; Dionisi, C.; Dittmar, M.; Doria, A.; Dova, M.T.; Duchesneau, D.; Echenard, B.; Eline, A.; El Mamouni, H.; Engler, A.; Eppling, F.J.; Ewers, A.; Extermann, P.; Falagan, M.A.; Falciano, S.; Favara, A.; Fay, J.; Fedin, O.; Felcini, M.; Ferguson, T.; Fesefeldt, H.; Fiandrini, E.; Field, J.H.; Filthaut, F.; Fisher, P.H.; Fisher, W.; Fisk, I.; Forconi, G.; Freudenreich, K.; Furetta, C.; Galaktionov, Iouri; Ganguli, S.N.; Garcia-Abia, Pablo; Gataullin, M.; Gentile, S.; Giagu, S.; Gong, Z.F.; Grenier, Gerald Jean; Grimm, O.; Gruenewald, M.W.; Guida, M.; van Gulik, R.; Gupta, V.K.; Gurtu, A.; Gutay, L.J.; Haas, D.; Hakobyan, R.S.; Hatzifotiadou, D.; Hebbeker, T.; Herve, Alain; Hirschfelder, J.; Hofer, H.; Hohlmann, M.; Holzner, G.; Hou, S.R.; Hu, Y.; Jin, B.N.; Jones, Lawrence W.; de Jong, P.; Josa-Mutuberria, I.; Kafer, D.; Kaur, M.; Kienzle-Focacci, M.N.; Kim, J.K.; Kirkby, Jasper; Kittel, W.; Klimentov, A.; Konig, A.C.; Kopal, M.; Koutsenko, V.; Kraber, M.; Kraemer, R.W.; Krenz, W.; Kruger, A.; Kunin, A.; Ladron de Guevara, P.; Laktineh, I.; Landi, G.; Lebeau, M.; Lebedev, A.; Lebrun, P.; Lecomte, P.; Lecoq, P.; Le Coultre, P.; Le Goff, J.M.; Leiste, R.; Levtchenko, M.; Levtchenko, P.; Li, C.; Likhoded, S.; Lin, C.H.; Lin, W.T.; Linde, F.L.; Lista, L.; Liu, Z.A.; Lohmann, W.; Longo, E.; Lu, Y.S.; Lubelsmeyer, K.; Luci, C.; Luminari, L.; Lustermann, W.; Ma, W.G.; Malgeri, L.; Malinin, A.; Mana, C.; Mangeol, D.; Mans, J.; Martin, J.P.; Marzano, F.; Mazumdar, K.; McNeil, R.R.; Mele, S.; Merola, L.; Meschini, M.; Metzger, W.J.; Mihul, A.; Milcent, H.; Mirabelli, G.; Mnich, J.; Mohanty, G.B.; Muanza, G.S.; Muijs, A.J.M.; Musicar, B.; Musy, M.; Nagy, S.; Natale, S.; Napolitano, M.; Nessi-Tedaldi, F.; Newman, H.; Niessen, T.; Nisati, A.; Kluge, Hannelies; Ofierzynski, R.; Organtini, G.; Palomares, C.; Pandoulas, D.; Paolucci, P.; Paramatti, R.; Passaleva, G.; Patricelli, S.; Paul, Thomas Cantzon; Pauluzzi, M.; Paus, C.; Pauss, F.; Pedace, M.; Pensotti, S.; Perret-Gallix, D.; Petersen, B.; Piccolo, D.; Pierella, F.; Pioppi, M.; Piroue, P.A.; Pistolesi, E.; Plyaskin, V.; Pohl, M.; Pojidaev, V.; Pothier, J.; Prokofev, D.O.; Prokofiev, D.; Quartieri, J.; Rahal-Callot, G.; Rahaman, M.A.; Raics, P.; Raja, N.; Ramelli, R.; Rancoita, P.G.; Ranieri, R.; Raspereza, A.; Razis, P.; Ren, D.; Rescigno, M.; Reucroft, S.; Riemann, S.; Riles, Keith; Roe, B.P.; Romero, L.; Rosca, A.; Rosier-Lees, S.; Roth, Stefan; Rosenbleck, C.; Roux, B.; Rubio, J.A.; Ruggiero, G.; Rykaczewski, H.; Sakharov, A.; Saremi, S.; Sarkar, S.; Salicio, J.; Sanchez, E.; Sanders, M.P.; Schafer, C.; Schegelsky, V.; Schmidt-Kaerst, S.; Schmitz, D.; Schopper, H.; Schotanus, D.J.; Schwering, G.; Sciacca, C.; Servoli, L.; Shevchenko, S.; Shivarov, N.; Shoutko, V.; Shumilov, E.; Shvorob, A.; Siedenburg, T.; Son, D.; Spillantini, P.; Steuer, M.; Stickland, D.P.; Stoyanov, B.; Straessner, A.; Sudhakar, K.; Sultanov, G.; Sun, L.Z.; Sushkov, S.; Suter, H.; Swain, J.D.; Szillasi, Z.; Tang, X.W.; Tarjan, P.; Tauscher, L.; Taylor, L.; Tellili, B.; Teyssier, D.; Timmermans, Charles; Ting, Samuel C.C.; Ting, S.M.; Tonwar, S.C.; Toth, J.; Tully, C.; Tung, K.L.; Ulbricht, J.; Valente, E.; Van de Walle, R.T.; Veszpremi, V.; Vesztergombi, G.; Vetlitsky, I.; Vicinanza, D.; Viertel, G.; Villa, S.; Vivargent, M.; Vlachos, S.; Vodopianov, I.; Vogel, H.; Vogt, H.; Vorobev, I.; Vorobyov, A.A.; Wadhwa, M.; Wallraff, W.; Wang, X.L.; Wang, Z.M.; Weber, M.; Wienemann, P.; Wilkens, H.; Wynhoff, S.; Xia, L.; Xu, Z.Z.; Yamamoto, J.; Yang, B.Z.; Yang, C.G.; Yang, H.J.; Yang, M.; Yeh, S.C.; Zalite, A.; Zalite, Yu.; Zhang, Z.P.; Zhao, J.; Zhu, G.Y.; Zhu, R.Y.; Zhuang, H.L.; Zichichi, A.; Zilizi, G.; Zimmermann, B.; Zoller, M.


    Inclusive D^{*+-} production in two-photon collisions is studied with the L3 detector at LEP, using 683 pb^{-1} of data collected at centre-of-mass energies from 183 to 208 GeV. Differential cross sections are determined as functions of the transverse momentum and pseudorapidity of the D^{*+-} mesons in the kinematic region 1 GeV e^+e^-D^{*+-}X)$ in this kinematical region is measured and the sigma(e^+e^- ---> e^+e^- cc{bar}X) cross section is derived. The measurements are compared with next-to-leading order perturbative QCD calculations.

  11. Moderate energy ions for high energy density physics experiments

    Grisham, L.R.


    This paper gives the results of a preliminary exploration of whether moderate energy ions (≅0.3-3 MeV/amu) could be useful as modest-cost drivers for high energy density physics experiments. It is found that if the target thickness is chosen so that the ion beam enters and then leaves the target in the vicinity of the peak of the dE/dX (stopping power) curve, high uniformity of energy deposition may be achievable while also maximizing the amount of energy per beam particle deposited within the target

  12. Radiochemical determination of Beryllium-7 in a fission-product mixture containing many inorganic salts; Determination radiochimique du beryllium-7 dans un melange de produits de fission riche en sels mineraux

    Prigent, Y; Van Kote, F [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Bruyeres-le-Chatel (France). Centre d' Etudes


    A radiochemical method is described for analysing beryllium-7 in a mixture of fission products containing many inorganic salts. By studying the influence of various parameters it has been possible to speed up the decontamination on an anionic resin using an HCl isopropanol mixture, as proposed by KORKISCH- and al. Be(OH){sub 2} is first precipitated in the presence of E.D.T.A.; the main contaminants are then fixed on Dowex 1 x 10 in 12 M HCl and on Dowex 1 x 8 in a 3 M HCl (20 per cent)-isopropanol (80 per cent) (vol/vol) mixture. The Be, which is not fixed, is precipitated by NH{sub 4}H{sub 2}PO{sub 4} in the presence of E.D.T.A., ignited as Be{sub 2}P{sub 2}O{sub 7}, filtered, weighed, and analyzed by gamma spectrometry. The method makes it possible to dose 4 samples in 16 hours with a chemical yield of 80 per cent, using a 4 day-old fission product solution. The overall decontamination factor, exceeds 10{sup 8}. (authors) [French] On decrit un procede d'analyse radiochimique du beryllium-7 a partir d'un melange de produits de fission riche en sels mineraux. L'etude de l'influence de differents parametres a permis d'accelerer la decontamination sur resine anionique en milieu HCl-isopropanol proposee par KORKISCH et COLL. On precipite d'abord Be(OH){sub 2} en presence d'E.D.T.A., puis fixe les principaux contaminants sur Dowex 1 x 10 en milieu HCl 12 M et sur Dowex 1 x 8 en milieu HCl 3 M (20 pour cent)-isopropanol (80 pour cent) (v/v). Be, non fixe, est precipite par NH{sub 4}H{sub 2}PO{sub 4} en presence d'E.D.T.A., calcine en Be{sub 2}P{sub 2}O{sub 7}, filtre, pese et analyse par spectrometrie gamma. La methode permet de traiter quatre echantillons en 16 h, avec un rendement de 80 pour cent, a partir d'une solution de produits de fission vieille de quatre jours. Le facteur de decontamination global depasse 10{sup 8}. (auteurs)

  13. X-Band Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Comparison of Mononuclear Mn(IV)-oxo and Mn(IV)-hydroxo Complexes and Quantum Chemical Investigation of Mn(IV) Zero-Field Splitting.

    Leto, Domenick F; Massie, Allyssa A; Colmer, Hannah E; Jackson, Timothy A


    X-band electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy was used to probe the ground-state electronic structures of mononuclear Mn(IV) complexes [Mn(IV)(OH)2(Me2EBC)](2+) and [Mn(IV)(O)(OH)(Me2EBC)](+). These compounds are known to effect C-H bond oxidation reactions by a hydrogen-atom transfer mechanism. They provide an ideal system for comparing Mn(IV)-hydroxo versus Mn(IV)-oxo motifs, as they differ by only a proton. Simulations of 5 K EPR data, along with analysis of variable-temperature EPR signal intensities, allowed for the estimation of ground-state zero-field splitting (ZFS) and (55)Mn hyperfine parameters for both complexes. From this analysis, it was concluded that the Mn(IV)-oxo complex [Mn(IV)(O)(OH)(Me2EBC)](+) has an axial ZFS parameter D (D = +1.2(0.4) cm(-1)) and rhombicity (E/D = 0.22(1)) perturbed relative to the Mn(IV)-hydroxo analogue [Mn(IV)(OH)2(Me2EBC)](2+) (|D| = 0.75(0.25) cm(-1); E/D = 0.15(2)), although the complexes have similar (55)Mn values (a = 7.7 and 7.5 mT, respectively). The ZFS parameters for [Mn(IV)(OH)2(Me2EBC)](2+) were compared with values obtained previously through variable-temperature, variable-field magnetic circular dichroism (VTVH MCD) experiments. While the VTVH MCD analysis can provide a reasonable estimate of the magnitude of D, the E/D values were poorly defined. Using the ZFS parameters reported for these complexes and five other mononuclear Mn(IV) complexes, we employed coupled-perturbed density functional theory (CP-DFT) and complete active space self-consistent field (CASSCF) calculations with second-order n-electron valence-state perturbation theory (NEVPT2) correction, to compare the ability of these two quantum chemical methods for reproducing experimental ZFS parameters for Mn(IV) centers. The CP-DFT approach was found to provide reasonably acceptable values for D, whereas the CASSCF/NEVPT2 method fared worse, considerably overestimating the magnitude of D in several cases. Both methods were poor in

  14. A Biophysico-Computational Perspective of Breast Cancer Pathogenesis and Treatment Response


    E C T E D P R O O F Tan, J. L., Tien, J., Pirone, D.M., Gray, D. S., Bhadriraju, K., andChen, C. S. (2003). Cells lying on a bed of microneedles : An...provided by P. Khavari, Stanford Medical Center) were used directly. Adenovirus Tet, V12Rac, V12Rac H40, PID, Pak1 WT, and HA-tagged β2-Chimerin have...polarized acini were then isolated in PBS/10mM EDTA, infected with adenovirus (15 minutes; 37°C) and transgene expression was confirmed by immunofluoresence

  15. Trombose da artéria carótida interna devida a trauma penetrante no pálato mole: relato de caso



    Full Text Available Descrevemos caso de trauma penetrante na região oral em criança, evoluindo com oclusão da artéria carótida interna e déficit neurológico correspondente. A tomografia computadorizada e a ressonância nuclear magnética demonstram a oclusão completa da artéria carótida interna. Enfatizamos esta rara complicação de trauma oral, comum em crianças e discutimos os aspectos patogênicos.

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    Items 1 - 50 of 81 ... Idrus, N. M. · Idrus, Z · Ighilhariz, Z. Ihsan, Y.N. · Illarionov, V.V. · Illarionova, T.V. · Imani, K · Inal, MK · Inalkaeva, K.S. · Inaloo, R · Inaloo, R. Inayah, A.A. · Indera, N.I. · Irandoost, M. Irandoust, M. Iranshahi, D. Mehrdad · Iravan Masoudi Asl, B · Ireana Yusra, A.F. · Irwan, Z · Isa, E.D.M. · Isa, K.N.A · Isa, M.F.M.

  17. Crescimento de trinca subcrítico em cerâmicas odontológicas: efeito do material (microestrutura) e do método de ensaio

    Carla Castiglia Gonzaga


    O objetivo deste trabalho foi realizar a caracterização microestrutural e das propriedades mecânicas de diferentes cerâmicas odontológicas para entender sua influência nos parâmetros de crescimento de trinca subcrítico (SCG), n (coeficiente de susceptibilidade ao SCG) e ?f0 (parâmetro escalar), determinados por diferentes métodos. Cinco cerâmicas foram avaliadas: porcelanas VM7 (Vita) e D (d.Sign, Ivoclar), vitrocerâmicas E1 (IPS Empress, Ivoclar) e E2 (IPS Empress 2, Ivoclar) e compósito IC ...

  18. Réduction des pertes de mangues après la récolte en Asie du Sud ...

    29 avr. 2016 ... On a également conçu des boîtes spéciales contenant de la fibre de banane imprégnée d'hexanal, dont l'utilisation pour le transport de la mangue permet de conserver le fruit beaucoup plus longtemps. Réduction des pertes de mangues après la récolte en Asie du Sud​ (PDF, 506 Ko). Il s'agit de l'une ...

  19. On the size and temperature dependence of the energy gap in cadmium-selenide quantum dots embedded in fluorophosphate glasses

    Lipatova, Zh. O., E-mail:; Kolobkova, E. V.; Babkina, A. N.; Nikonorov, N. V. [ITMO University (Russian Federation)


    The temperature and size dependences of the energy gap in CdSe quantum dots with diameters of 2.4, 4.0, and 5.2 nm embedded in fluorophosphate glasses are investigated. It is shown that the temperature coefficient of the band gap dE{sub g}/dT in the quantum dots differs from the bulk value and depends strictly on the dot size. It is found that, furthermore, the energy of each transition in these quantum dots is characterized by an individual temperature coefficient dE/dT.

  20. Design and construction of nuclear power plants for export. Adaptation of a reference plant from a series in a national power generating program

    Marcaillou, J.; Haond, H.


    The recent evolution of primary energy supplies places those countries having a nuclear industry in an exporting role. Exporting countries have generally developed a limited number of national reactor types and attempt to extend their manufacture with as few changes as possible. The E.D.F. in France is implementing an important PWR 900 MW program based on FRAMATOME nuclear reactors, initially conceived by WESTINGHOUSE. Such standardization poses certain problems for the importing countries. These problems and ways in which they can be solved are discussed [fr

  1. Theoretical nuclear physics: Progress report, October 1, 1987--October 1, 1988

    Kunz, P.D.; Rost, E.


    This paper discusses the following topics: Formulation of Non- Spectral Dirac Random Phase Approximation (RPA); Description of Discrete Transitions Using the Non-Spectral Dirac RPA; Sum Rules in Dirac RPA; The Coulomb Response for Quasi-Elastic (e,e') in Dirac RPA; Galerkin Approach to Dirac Problem with Finite Basis Splines; Open-Shell Nuclei in a Relativistic Mean-Field Model; An Alternative Interaction for the Relativistic Love Franey Model; Relativistic Suppression Factors in (p,d) Reaction Calculations; Effects of Initial and Final State Interactions on the P/bar P/ → Λ/bar /Lambda// Reaction; and Deuteron Knockout in the (e,e'd) Reaction

  2. Effets du calcium alimentaire sur les paramètres de reproduction de ...

    Le taux optimal de calcium induisant une meilleure reproduction varie de 12,02 % à 16,01 %. En outre, les animaux qui ont été nourris à ces régimes ont eu une relative longévité, un nombre élevé de pontes, une durée d'incubation réduite et un taux élevé d'éclosion des oeufs, contrairement aux régimes à base de ...

  3. Estimativas de parâmetros de cruzamentos para peso de fêmeas Holandês/Gir

    Martins,Gabrimar Araújo; Madalena,Fernando Enrique; Bruschi,José Henrique; Costa,José Ladeira da; Teodoro,Roberto Luiz; Monteiro,João Bosco Neves


    Objetivou-se, com este trabalho, o desenvolvimento de modelo para a descrição do peso de vacas, novilhas e bezerras Holandês/Gir. Foram utilizados 18.089 pesos mensais de 412 fêmeas, em fazenda demonstrativa na Zona da Mata de Minas Gerais. Os dados foram analisados pelo Proc Mixed do pacote SAS, separadamente, para as seguintes categorias: a) vacas, b) novilhas maiores de 12 meses de idade, c) novilhas de 70 dias a 12 meses e d) bezerras de até 70 dias. Para cada uma destas categorias, as eq...

  4. Estimates of crossbreeding parameters for live weight in Holstein/Gir females

    Martins, Gabrimar Araújo; Madalena, Fernando Enrique; Bruschi, José Henrique; Costa, José Ladeira da; Teodoro, Roberto Luiz; Monteiro, João Bosco Neves


    Objetivou-se, com este trabalho, o desenvolvimento de modelo para a descrição do peso de vacas, novilhas e bezerras Holandês/Gir. Foram utilizados 18.089 pesos mensais de 412 fêmeas, em fazenda demonstrativa na Zona da Mata de Minas Gerais. Os dados foram analisados pelo Proc Mixed do pacote SAS, separadamente, para as seguintes categorias: a) vacas, b) novilhas maiores de 12 meses de idade, c) novilhas de 70 dias a 12 meses e d) bezerras de até 70 dias. Para cada uma destas categorias, as eq...

  5. Ikonografie tarotových karet, řečených Mantegnových

    Skopalová, Eva


    The Iconography of Tarot Cards Known as the Mantegna Tarot Eva Skopalová Abstract: The text deals with a general idea of The So-Called Tarocchi of Mantegna. Individual sheets of the whole game are grouped by decades with letters E, D, C, B, A, and the total number of sheets is fifty. Each level of the system corresponds to a level of the universe in a way it was comprehended by a Renaissance man in the late 15th century in Northern Italy. The text brings out the idea of each level and the gen...

  6. MAQUETTE ORL Décembre 2004

    et la mesure des composés volatils sulfurés, grâce à lʼhalimétre. Lʼhalitose était diagnostiquée dés que le niveau de ... tion chirurgicale, les allergies ou la prise de médicaments. - Les pratiques dʼhygiène bucco-dentaire .... En effet, plusieurs auteurs rapportaient que 50% de la population nord-américaine souffrait de ...

  7. Predicting Magazine Audiences with a Loglinear Model.


    TITLE (InciudeSecuirty Clauificalson, Predicting !iagaz:ine Atidiences with a Loglinvar \\lode] * 12. PERSONAL AUTHOR(S) * Peter J.1 .:)anahel 1 3&. TYPE...important use of e.d. estimates is in media selection ( Aaker 1975; Lee 1962, 1963; Little and Lodish 1969). All advertising campaigns have a budget. It...BBD we obtain the modified BBD (MBBD). Let X be the number of exposures a person has to k insertions in a single magazine. The mass function of the

  8. Hipertexto revisited

    Furtado, José Afonso


    As tecnologias digitais questionam o modo de pensar o livro tradicional e dão origem a novos espaços de escrita e de leitura e a novos tipos de texto. A teoria do hipertexto tem vindo a conceptualizar essas mudanças. Procuramos demonstrar que esta tem diferentes matrizes, a partir da análise dos trabalhos de Theodor H. Nelson e de Douglas Engelbart, e, a partir deles, da oposição entre associação e conexão, entre hipertexto como ferramenta autoral e literária ou como sistema de recuperação de...

  9. Solar Simulation Laboratory Description and Manual.


    2000 was sent back to Cyborg Corp. three times over a five month period for repairs. The solar lab is presently using a loaner from Cyborg Corp. The IBM...PC/XT is connected to the ISAAC 2000 by a RS232 connection. All programs were written in advanced basic ("BASICA"). BASICA was used because Cyborg ...2067 CH/P Temperature.Control Bath TechnicalManual, November. 1980. A 30. Cyborg Corporation, Version 1.2, e.d Data

  10. Introductory guide to foundations

    Donaldson, GW


    Full Text Available . The secret of successful foundations is knowing just how much the subsoil can support. As one goes deeper, the ability of the ground to support a load becomes greater so that the foundation engineer can choose between deep foundations and the expense... beginstoinaease. When the house is ~ ~ p l e t e d it shelters the gmund f f ~ m sun and wind and the moisture content i- wen more rapidly- Leaking pipes and sewers increase the volume of water fed to the clay while ornamental trees planted around the house...

  11. Application of voxelised numerical phantoms linked to the M.C.N.P. Monte Carlo code to the realistic measurement in vivo of actinides in the lungs and contaminated wounds; Application des fantomes numeriques voxelises associes au code Monte Carlo MCNP a la mesure in vivo realiste des actinides dans les poumons et les plaies contaminees

    Noelle, P


    In vivo lung counting, one of the preferred methods for monitoring people exposed to the risk of actinide inhalation, is nevertheless limited by the use of physical calibration phantoms which, for technical reasons, can only provide a rough representation of human tissue. A new approach to in vivo measurements has been developed to take advantage of advances in medical imaging and computing; this consists of numerical phantoms based on tomographic images (CT) or magnetic resonance images (R.M.I.) combined with Monte Carlo computing techniques. Under laboratory implementation of this innovative method using specific software called O.E.D.I.P.E., the main thrust of this thesis was to provide answers to the following question: what do numerical phantoms and new techniques like O.E.D.I.P.E. contribute to the improvement in calibration of low-energy in vivo counting systems? After a few developments of the O.E.D.I.P.E. interface, the numerical method was validated for systems composed of four germanium detectors, the most widespread configuration in radio bioassay laboratories (a good match was found, with less than 10% variation). This study represents the first step towards a person-specific numerical calibration of counting systems, which will improve assessment of the activity retained. A second stage focusing on an exhaustive evaluation of uncertainties encountered in in vivo lung counting was possible thanks to the approach offered by the previously-validated O.E.D.I.P.E. software. It was shown that the uncertainties suggested by experiments in a previous study were underestimated, notably morphological differences between the physical phantom and the measured person. Some improvements in the measurement procedure were then proposed, particularly new bio-metric equations specific to French measurement configurations that allow a more sensible choice of the calibration phantom, directly assessing the thickness of the torso plate to be added to the Livermore phantom

  12. Vissage percutané rétrograde du scaphoïde | Mhammdi | Pan ...

    En plus des bénéfices de la chirurgie à ciel ouvert du scaphoïde, la réduction de la durée d'immobilisation et le retour rapide au travail, le vissage percutané permet également de réduire le risque opératoire et d'éviter un délabrement des tissus mous, une dévascularisation du foyer de fracture et par conséquent cette ...

  13. Three-dimensional cranio-facial computed tomography

    Pozzi Muccelli, R.; Stagul, F.; Pozzi Muccelli, F.; Zuiani, C.; Smathers, R.


    Computed tomography allows today to reconstruct three-dimensional (eD) images fram axial scans. The authors report their experience in cranio-facial pathology achived in two Departments of Radiology (University of Trieste, Italy and University of Standford, California). 3D images have been realized using two different softwares, one of which allows to reconstruct both soft tissue and bone structures. The application in maxillo-facial traumas, cranio-facial malformations and head tumours are disscussed. 3D images turned out to be very useful for the optimal visualization and for the spatial demostration of the lesion and have potential applications in cranio-facial surgery and radiotherapy

  14. The Primacy of Depth in Visual Perception.


    formulated an 4 - 1I hvothesis known as the "Adjacency principle ", which asserts, in effect. that the interaction among objects in visual snace is an inverse...f e r e f f e c o t u r s Le h r r t u e d 21 N= 5 SUBJECTS INDUCTION DISPARITY = 50 MIN Ŕ-1 STANDARD ERROR1.0- z 0. 9 - 0 o-8 Ld 0.7- LL_ z 0.6- 0 0...DISTRIBUTION LIST OS Department of the Navy CDR Paul R. Chatelier Physiology & Neuro Biology Program Office of the Deputy Under Secretary Code 441B of

  15. Motivações para recompra de ações : uma análise com as empresas da BM&FBovespa e da NYSE

    Garcia, Inajá Allane Santos


    Este trabalho analisou os motivos determinantes para a recompra de ações realizadas pelas empresas listadas na BM&FBovespa e na NYSE. De acordo com Ikenberry, Lakonishok e Vermaelen (2000) e Gabrielli e Saito (2004), os motivos mais citados pela literatura são: (a) fluxo de caixa livre; (b) sinalização de que as ações estão subavaliadas; (c) distribuição de dividendos; e (d) interesse das empresas em ajustar a estrutura de capital por meio da alavancagem. Devido a isso, optou-se por investiga...

  16. Periodic Solutions of Prescribed Energy for a Class of Hamiltonian Systems.


    near ag1+2d’ e.g. X(x) ( C, (3.6) IU(x) - U(;)I e. PIuq (;)12 + o(q) 4 K2 PLq Now for £(x) 4 C, by ($3) and (3.6), -2 V(x) - (U(x) - (1 + 2d)) - 2...H(z(t)) E constant so ’(z) - 1 implies that z(t) e D. Lastly since A 0 0, making the change of time scale t + AtI shows z is a 2irA periodic solution

  17. Theoretical nuclear physics

    Kunz, P.D.


    This report contains small papers on the following topics: ground state correlations of nuclei in relativistic random phase approximation; instability of infinite nuclear matter in the relativistic hartree approximation; charge density differences for nuclei near 208 Pb in relativistic models; meson exchange current corrections to magnetic moments in quantum hadro-dynamics; analysis of the O + → O - reaction at intermediate energies; contributions of reaction channels to the 6 Li(p,γ) 7 Be Reaction; deformed chiral nucleons; vacuum polarization in a finite system; second order processes in the (e,e'd) reaction; sea contributions in Dirac RPA for finite nuclei; and momentum cutoffs in the sea

  18. Microbial Forensics for Natural and Intentional Incidents of Infectious Disease Involving Animals


    Microbiologie medico-legale. ~ Microbiologia foren~e para ca£J~s de erderm®rdJ©lrdJ®$ DlTil~®©©D@$©l$ d® origen natural o intenciorm~d(il qa.u~ tEl~~ct...ll1 iBl ©lll1Dm©l~®$ S.A. McEwen, T.M Wilson, D.A. Ashford, E. D. Heegaard, T. Kuiken & B. Kournikakis Resumen La microbiologia forense es una... microbiologia y epidemiologia tradicionales, pero opera dentro de un marco juridico especifico. Entre las importantes razones que motivan una

  19. Allele frequency data for 16 STR loci in the Vietnamese population.

    Shimada, I; Brinkmann, B; Tuyen, N Q; Hohoff, C


    The short tandem repeat systems ACTBP2, D3S1358, TH01, D21S11, D18S51, Penta E, D5S818, D13S317, D7S820, D16S539, CSF1PO, Penta D, VWA, D8S1179, TPOX and FGA were studied in a population sample from Vietnam (178 individuals, mainly from the Hanoi area). The 16 loci met Hardy-Weinberg expectations and possess a combined power of discrimination greater than 0.9999999999999999998 and a combined power of exclusion greater than 0.99999994 in this Vietnamese population.

  20. environmental education teacher training: a particpatory research ...

    organisations. Such co - ope r at i ve ventures hold the key t o the emergence of guidelines allowing for the e sta bl i sh r.1en t of a non - racial structure of environmental education teacher training. It is proposed, therefore, to visit selected en vir onmenta l. e d u c a t i on p r o g r a r.11:: e s r u n by u n i v e r s i t i e s , colleges ...

  1. 720-IJBCS-Article-Ganse Hippolyte


    marie à 50 °C pendant 30min ; on laisse refroidir pendant 10 min ensuite, on ajoute 1. mL d'éthanol, puis on complète jusqu'au trait de jauge avec une solution d'acide acétique. 0,2 N. Toutes les solutions sont filtrées sur membrane PTFE 0,45 µm avant injection. La phase mobile utilisée est constituée d'un artémisinine ...

  2. Determination of Gravitational Counterterms Near Four Dimensions from RG Equations

    Hamada, Ken-ji


    The finiteness condition of renormalization gives a restriction on the form of the gravitational action. By reconsidering the Hathrell's RG equations for massless QED in curved space, we determine the gravitational counterterms and the conformal anomalies as well near four dimensions. As conjectured for conformal couplings in 1970s, we show that at all orders of the perturbation they can be combined into two forms only: the square of the Weyl tensor in $D$ dimensions and $E_D=G_4 +(D-4)\\chi(D...

  3. Final results for the excitation function and angular distributions of the 3H(d,n)4He reaction

    Tang Hongqing; Zhou Zuying; Qi Bujia; Zhou Chenwei; Du Yanfeng; Xia Haihong; Chen Zemin; Chen Zhenpeng; Chen Yingtang


    The final relative excitation function of the 3 H(d,n) 4 He rection at 0 degree is shown out. For comparison, a curve calculated from Drosg's HI-13 tandem is in progressplotted. The angular distributions of the 3 H(d,n) 4 He reaction at E d =13.36, 16.50 and 19.50 Mev in the center-of-mass system are shown out. A comparison of the legendre polynomial coefficients obtained from the present angular distribution data with Drosg's evaluation are reported

  4. Investigation of bleaching kinetics of the photochromic halogen-copper-cadmium glass

    Marczuk, K.; Ziemba, B.


    The curves of the isothermal glass bleaching kinetics of various conditions of exciting radiation are presented. Different values of radiation power, time of irradiation and temperature of samples were applied. analysis of the relaxation curves made it possible to distinguish three exponential components of the bleaching process with different time constants. For each component the relaxation coefficient has been determined. Basing on temperature dependence of the relaxation coefficients for the isothermal glass bleaching the activation energy for slow (E D = 0.46 eV) and fast (E K = 0.13 eV) colour centre decay process have been determined. (author)

  5. "Jah, tõesti, luulehing on loo..." : [luuletused] / Olev Olematu

    Kaevats, Mihkel, 1983-


    Sisu: "Jah, tõesti, luulehing on loo..." ; "minevik kui ainukene apoloogia..." ; "Ma mõtlen, ma mõtlen, ma mõtlen..." ; "Ma leisin Sinu männijuurte nõmmelt..." ; "kirjuta mulle, kui sa ei tule..." ; "see imeline kurv mis algab päälpool kõhtu..." ; "õlised sõrmed aluspükstel..." ; Õnn ; E.I.H.A.P.E.A.L.U.S.E.G.A.S.O.O.L.N.A.G.U.N.E.E.D.U.S.L.A.S.U.M.I.N.U.S.O.O.L. ; "algused alati armsad..."

  6. The Resonance Integral of Gold

    Jirlow, K; Johansson, E


    The resonance activation integral of gold has been determined, by means of cadmium ratio measurements of thin foils in a neutron beam. Comparison was made with a 1/v detector, and the neutron spectra were measured with a chopper. The resonance integral, RI, is defined as {integral}{sub 0.5}{sup {infinity}}{sigma}{sub r}(E)dE/E, where {sigma}{sub r}(E) is the differenc between the total absorption cross section and the 1/v part. An experimental value of 1490 {+-} 40 barns has been obtained. RI has also been computed from resonance parameter data with the result 1529 {+-} 70 barns.

  7. Methods of gas hydrate concentration estimation with field examples

    Kumar, D.; Dash, R.; Dewangan, P.

    physics and seismic inversion: examples from the northern deepwater Gulf of Mexico: The Leading Edge, 23, 60-66. Dash R., 2007, Crustal structure and marine gas hydrate studies near Vancouver Island using seismic tomography: PhD thesis, University...-resistivity logs: Examples from Green Canyon, Gulf of Mexico: SEG expanded abstracts, 26, 1579-1583. Singh, S. C., Minshull, T. A., and Spence, G. D., 1993, Velocity structure of a gas hydrate reflector: Science, 260, 204-207. Sloan, E. D. Jr., 1998, Clathrate...

  8. Lithogenic fluxes in the Bay of Bengal measured by sediment traps

    Ramaswamy, V.; VijayKumar, B.; Parthiban, G.; Ittekkot, V.; Nair, R.R.

    -Sea Research I, Vol. 44, No. 5, pp. 793410, 1997 0 1997 Elsevier Science Ltd PII: S0967-0637(96)00117-3 All tights reserved. Printed in Great Britain 09674x37/97 917.00+0.00 Lithogenic fluxes in the Bay of Bengal measured by sediment traps V. RAMASWAMY,* B... of amorphous silica in marine sediments. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, 50, 215-225. Emmel, F. J. and Curray, J. R. (1984) The Bengal submarine fan, northeastern Indian Ocean. Geo-Marine Letters, 3, 119-124. Goldberg, E. D. and Griffin, J. J. (1970...

  9. Compressional wave velocity and index properties of the gabbroic rocks drilled at hole 1105A of the Atlantis Bank, southwest Indian Ridge

    Rao, D.G.; Krishna, K.S.

    Director, NIO, Goa for his continuous encouragement in carrying out the work. The support provided by the scientific party and technical staff of ODP Leg 179 at sea is highly appreciated. We are grateful to both the co-chiefs for providing rock samples... and porosity parameters by gravimetric and gamma-ray attenuation techniques. In: S.O. Schlanger, E.D Jackson, et al. (Eds), Initial Report., DSDP 33: Washington (U.S. Govt. Printing Office), pp.931-958. CHRISTENSEN, NIKOLAS, I. (1977) Seismic velocities...

  10. Calcificação encefálica difusa: registro de um caso

    Ana L. Zuma de Rosso


    Full Text Available Os autores descrevem um caso de calcificação encefálica difusa primária, não-familial, cuja primeira manifestação foi disartria. Posteriormente, desenvolveu movimentos coreoatetósicos em mãos e face, discalculia e déficit de memória. A TC de crânio revelou calcificações em hemisférios cerebrais, cerebelo e tronco cerebral.

  11. Performance of the Recoil Mass Spectrometer and its detector systems at the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility

    Gross, C.J.; Ginter, T.N.; Shapira, D.; Milner, W.T.; McConnell, J.W.; James, A.N.; Johnson, J.W.; Mas, J.; Mantica, P.F.; Auble, R.L.; Das, J.J.; Blankenship, J.L.; Hamilton, J.H.; Robinson, R.L.; Akovali, Y.A.; Baktash, C.; Batchelder, J.C.; Bingham, C.R.; Brinkman, M.J.; Carter, H.K.; Cunningham, R.A.; Davinson, T.; Fox, J.D.; Galindo-Uribarri, A.; Grzywacz, R.; Liang, J.F.; MacDonald, B.D.; MacKenzie, J.; Paul, S.D.; Piechaczek, A.; Radford, D.C.; Ramayya, A.V.; Reviol, W.; Rudolph, D.; Rykaczewski, K.; Toth, K.S.; Weintraub, W.; Williams, C.; Woods, P.J.; Yu, C.-H.; Zganjar, E.F.


    The recently commissioned Recoil Mass Spectrometer (RMS) at the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility (HRIBF) is described. Consisting of a momentum separator followed by an E-D-E Rochester-type mass spectrometer, the RMS is the centerpiece of the nuclear structure endstation at the HRIBF. Designed to transport ions with rigidities near K=100, the RMS has acceptances of ±10% in energy and ±4.9% in mass-to-charge ratio. Recent experimental results are used to illustrate the detection capabilities of the RMS, which is compatible with many detectors and devices

  12. $2^\\infty$-Selmer groups, $2^\\infty$-class groups, and Goldfeld's conjecture

    Smith, Alexander


    We prove that the $2^\\infty$-class groups of the imaginary quadratic fields have the distribution predicted by the Cohen-Lenstra heuristic. Given an elliptic curve E/Q with full rational 2-torsion and no rational cyclic subgroup of order four, we analogously prove that the $2^\\infty$-Selmer groups of the quadratic twists of E have distribution as predicted by Delaunay's heuristic. In particular, among the twists E^d with |d| < N, the number of curves with rank at least two is $o(N)$.

  13. Dynamics of a six-quark deuteron: form factor and structure functions

    Mitra, A.N.


    Using a colour-dependent h.o. q-q interaction, incorporating the saturation property at the 3q level and of the same strength as provides the baryonic M 2 spectrum, a 6q wave function, antisymmetric with regard to both q→q and 3q→3q cluster interchanges, is constructed as an explicit solution of a 6-body Schroedinger equation. Applications to elastic and deep-inelastic e-d scattering reveal good agreement with the data without adjustable parameters

  14. Avaliação ecotoxicológica de efluentes de celulose branqueada de eucalipto ao longo do tratamento biológico

    Martins, Daniel Von Rondon


    O presente estudo teve como objetivo avaliar a toxicidade de efluentes de celulose branqueada de eucalipto. Inicialmente foi feita uma caracterização físicoquímica das amostras, em diferentes pontos ao longo do tratamento, e posteriormente para estes mesmos pontos foi avaliada a toxicidade com quatro organismos-teste: para toxicidade aguda: a) Vibrio fischeri (sistema Microtox®) e b) Daphnia similis; para toxicidade crônica: c) Ceriodaphnia dubia e d) Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata. Para a r...

  15. Institut brésilien pour la recherche écologique : L'enseignement et l ...

    En faisant un retour sur son expérience au FIE 2008, la Dre Suzana Padua, présidente de l'Institut pour la recherche écologique (IPE) du Brésil a déclaré ce qui suit : « Quand on comprend plus l'interconnexion de tout ce qui vit sur la planète, on ne pas faire autrement que d'être touchée d'une certaine façon », a dit la Dre ...

  16. Shaded Relief Images for Cartographic Applications.



  17. Redes de periodistas para vencer el miedo: comunidades emocionales ante la violencia de Estado

    López, Oliva; López, Guadalupe


    A través del análisis del informe M.I.E.D.O., publicado en marzo de 2016 por Article 19, en el cual se hace un recuento de las agresiones y los asesinatos de periodistas ocurridos en México durante el 2015, pretendemos entender por qué y cómo el miedo puede funcionar como una política de control, pero también como una fuerza social capaz de orientar y reconfigurar nuevas reglas del manejo emocional de los grupos sobre los cuales se pretende ejercer ese dominio. Desde el enfoque sociocultural ...

  18. La pratique de la climatisation

    Jacquard, Patrick


    Cet ouvrage rassemble des fiches pratiques parues dans la revue Clim pratique. L'ouvrage est organisé par grands types de systèmes de climatisation (eau glacée, détente directe, absorption, etc.) et de matériels (groupe d'eau glacée, split system, centrales de traitement d'air, etc.). Cette troisième édition est enrichie de nouvelles fiches sur la condensation, les tours de refroidissement, la régulation et la diffusion de l'air et actualise les fiches existantes sur la réglementation.

  19. Recherche de contaminations d'origine fongique dues à Candida non albicans sur les cathéters veineux périphériques aux services d'hématologie clinique et de maternité (Etablissement Hospitalier Spécialisé mère et enfant) du C.H.0 de Tlemcen

    Zouaber, Rabab


    Les infections fongiques prennent place parmi les complications des sujets à haut risque hospitalisé. En effet, l'augmentation de ces infections et particulièrement aux levures pathogènes tels Candida au cours des dernières décennies est presque parallèle à l'augmentation de l'utilisation généralisée d'une large gamme de dispositifs médicaux implantés tels les cathéters. C'est pourquoi, nous avons envisagé de rechercher des contaminations nosocomiales d'origine fongique liée...

  20. 2α + t cluster state in 11B

    Kawabata, T; Akimune, H; Fujita, H; Fujita, Y; Fujiwara, M; Hara, K; Hatanaka, K; Itoh, M; Kanada-En'yo, Y; Kishi, S; Nakanishi, K; Sakaguchi, H; Shimbara, Y; Tamii, A; Terashima, S; Uchida, M; Wakasa, T; Yasuda, Y; Yoshida, H P; Yosoi, M


    The cluster structures of the excited states in 11 B are studied by analyzing the isoscalar monopole and quadrupole strengths in the 11 B(d, d') reaction at E d = 200 MeV. The excitation strengths are compared with the theoretical predictions by the antisymmetrized molecular-dynamics (AMD) calculations. It is found that the large monopole strength for the 3/2 - 3 state at E x = 8.56 MeV is well described by the AMD wave function with a dilute 2α + tcluster structure

  1. Spin-isospin excitation in sd-shell nuclei studied by the (d,2He) reaction at Ed=270MeV

    Niizeki, T.; Ohnuma, H.; Yamamoto, T.; Katoh, K.; Yamashita, T.; Hara, Y.; Okamura, H.; Sakai, H.; Ishida, S.; Sakamoto, N.; Otsu, H.; Wakasa, T.; Uesaka, T.; Satou, Y.; Fujita, T.; Ichihara, T.; Orihara, H.; Toyokawa, H.; Hatanaka, K.; Kato, S.; Kubono, S.; Yosoi, M.


    The (d, 2 He) reactions on 24 Mg, 26 Mg and 28 Si were studied at E d =270MeV. The 0 cross sections obtained for the 1 + states from the 24 Mg, 28 Si(d, 2 He) reactions show a good correlation with those from the mirror (p,n) reactions. Four peaks were identified in the 26 Mg(d, 2 He) 26 Ne reaction as being due to the 1 + excitation. The B(GT + ) values for these transitions were estimated and compared with the shell model prediction. ((orig.))

  2. Design of a Freestanding Noise Measurement and Recording System to Predict the Intensity and Location of Electromagnetic Radiation from Earthquakes.


    the application of an EMP will result in movement of the diffuse layered ions and liquid [Ref. 10]. kpplied EM? and viscous force is given by: 1e...0.1 gamma 1- conductivity, /v= 4 x 10- 7, v = velocity,=length scae B. TELLURIC CURRENTS AB i~, 4 = c"E / D 0O. 0 1 gamma conductivity, E...interface amplifier was designed to set full scale minimum and maximum needle movement in the chart recorder. Calibration of the meter movement was

  3. Haemoglobin polimorphism in sheep (“Ovis aries”, L.): evaluation of genotype and frequency of animals breeder in Bahia State, Brazil Polimorfismo da hemoglobina de ovinos ("Ovis aries", L.): determinação do tipo e da freqüência em animais criados no Estado da Bahia

    Adriana da Silva Rodrigues Cavacanti; Sheila Magaly de Souza Gama; Juliana da Silva Rocha; Rui de Macêdo Chaves Filho; Maria Consuêlo Caribé Ayres; Maria Ângela Ornelas de Almeida; Thereza Cristina Borio dos Santos Calmon Bittencourt


    The distribution of hemoglobin types was investigated in 296 blood samples of health sheep, included adult and young animal, breeder in Bahia State. In this study were included sheep of the Brazilian Native breed (BNB) as Santa Inês (SI), Morada Nova (MN), Rabo Largo (RL) and crossbred of Suffolk x Dorper and BNB x Dorper. Blood samples were collected by venipuncture of the jugular in tubes containing E.D.T.A. and the hemoglobin typing was performed by starch gel electrophoresis using Tris-ED...

  4. Preparados homeopÃticos no manejo da lagarta-do-cartucho Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) e do percevejo barriga-verde Dichelops melacanthus (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) na cultura do milho (Zea mays)

    Tatiani Alano Modolon


    O sistema atual de produÃÃo de milho, proporcionam elevada produtividade ao mesmo tempo que favorece a surtos epidÃmicos pragas, como o percevejo Dichelops melacanthus e a lagarta Spodoptera frugiperda. EstratÃgias de controle convencionais tÃm sido ineficazes atà o momento. O presente estudo teve o objetivo avaliar o impacto de preparados homeopÃticos no desenvolvimento de S. frugiperda e D. melacanthus em plantas de milho. Para estudo do consumo da lagarta S. frugiperda sementes foram trata...

  5. Influence of instantaneous controlled pressure drop extraction conditions on composition and oil yield from Maritime Pine (Pinus Pinaster)

    Rezzoug , Sid-Ahmed; Janocka , Ingrid


    International audience; Experiments to extract the essential oil from maritime pine (pinus pinaster) were carried out using the instantaneous controlled pressure drop process: "Détente Instantanée Contrôlée" (D.I.C). This process involves subjecting the maritime pine needles for a short period of time to a steam pressure varying from 2 to 5 bar (120 to 150 °C) during a fixed processing time, followed by an instantaneous decompression towards a vacuum (about 50 mbar). In this contribution, we ...

  6. (133-IJBCS-Article-Dr Dué)


    P o rtio n d u tu b e d ig e s tif. A ctiv ité. (U. I/m g de pro té in e). A c tiv ité in v e rta s iq u e. A c tiv ité b e ta g lu c o s id a s iq u e. A c tiv ité a lp h a g lu c o s id a s ...

  7. Hyperspective, un outil d'aide à la définition des problématiques d'Intelligence Economique

    Goria, Stéphane; Geffroy, Philippe


    International audience; Tout dialogue entre deux personnes peut donner suite à de malheureux quiproquos après une interprétation erronée d'un ou plusieurs des termes (et des concepts sous-jacents à ces derniers) employés par l'un ou l'autre des intervenants. Aussi, suite à certaines observations effectuées sur le terrain de l'Intelligence Territoriale, nous avons décidé de développer un outil d'aide à la définition des sujets des demandes de recherche d'information et de veilles, combinant le...

  8. Psicoterapia interpessoal no tratamento da perturbação depressiva maior

    Lucas, Catarina Oliveira


    A terapia interpessoal é um modelo de terapia breve formulado para o tratamento da perturbação depressiva maior, tendo como precursores Gerald Klerman e Mirna Weissman. Esta visa o alívio dos sintomas associados à depressão abordando os problemas interpessoais que os originaram e perpetuam. Esta modalidade de terapia refere as perturbações como resultantes da existência de problemas numa das quatro áreas interpessoais principais: luto, transição de papéis, disputas de papéis interpessoais e d...

  9. Genetic Polymorphisms of 15 STR Loci within Turkish Student Population Living in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Dogan, Serkan; Kovačević, Lejla; Marjanović, Damir


    Allele frequencies of 15 STRs included in the PowerPlex 16 System (D3S1358, TH01, D21S11, D18S51, Penta E, D5S818, D13S317, D7S820, D16S539, CSF1PO, Penta D, VWA, D8S1179, TPOX and FGA) were calculated from the referent sample of 100 unrelated individuals of both sexes from Turkish student population living in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Buccal swab, as a source of DNA, was collected from the volunteers from whom the informed consent form was obtained. DNA extraction was performed using...

  10. Validation of the DNATyper™15 PCR Genotyping System for Forensic Application

    Jian Ye; Chengtao Jiang; Xingchun Zhao; Le Wang; Caixia Li; Anquan Ji; Li Yuan; Jing Sun; Shuaifeng Chen


    We describe the optimization and validation of the DNATyper™15 multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) genotyping system for autosomal short tandem repeat (STR) amplification at 14 autosomal loci (D6S1043, D21S11, D7S820, CSF1PO, D2S1338, D3S1358, D13S317, D8S1179, D16S539, Penta E, D5S818, vWA, D18S51, and FGA) and  amelogenin, a sex-determining locus. Several DNATyper™15 assay variables were optimized, including hot start Taq polymerase concentration, Taq polymerase activation time, magne...

  11. Analysis of short tandem repeat (STR) polymorphisms by the powerplex 16 system and capillary electrophoresis: application to forensic practice.

    Okamoto, Osamu; Yamamoto, Yuji; Inagaki, Sachiyo; Yoshitome, Kei; ishikawa, Takaki; Imabayashi, Kiyomi; Miyaishi, Satoru; Ishizu, Hideo


    Allele and genotype frequencies for 15 short tandem repeat (STR) polymorphisms--D3S1358, TH01, D21S11, D18S51, Penta E, D5S818, D13S317, D7S820, D16S539, CSF1PO, Penta D, vWA, D8S1179, TPOX and FGA--in a Japanese population were estimated. No deviations of the observed allele frequency from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium expectations were found for any of the systems studied. Between 2 new pentanucleotide STR loci, Penta E and Penta D, for which there is only limited data regarding the allelic di...

  12. Avaliação do potencial neuroprotetor de fármacos antipsicóticos em alterações bioquímicas, moleculares e comportamentais induzidas por antagonista de receptor NMDA (MK-801) em peixe zebra (Danio rerio)

    Bender, Kelly Juliana Seibt


    A esquizofrenia é uma doença mental grave caracterizada por sintomas positivos, negativos e déficits cognitivos que ainda é pouco compreendida. A redução da neurotransmissão glutamatérgica por antagonistas dos receptores NMDA mimetiza os sintomas da esquizofrenia. Muitos modelos animais têm mostrado sua importância para o estudo dessa doença, e o peixe-zebra tem sido proposto como um modelo promissor para estudar os efeitos in vivo de várias drogas e descobrir novos alvos farmacológicos. Nest...

  13. AVIS AUX PASSIONNES... - French version only


    Les anémones du CERN seront bientôt orphelines. Nous recherchons une personne volontaire pour s'occuper de l'aquarium situé au bâtiment principal, pour une durée d'une année. Si vous êtes intéressé, ou si vous voulez plus d'information, téléphonez au 73830 (les anémones vivant dans l'aquarium vous remercient beaucoup d'avance).

  14. Native aluminium (spherules and particles) in the central Indian Basin sediments: Implications on the occurrence of hydrothermal events

    Iyer, S.D; Mascarenhas-Pereira, M.B.L.; Nath, B.N

    . Conference report. J. Geol. Soc. Am., 136, 621-626. Das, P., Iyer, S.D., Kodagali, V.N., Krishna, K.S., 2005. A new insight into the distribution and origin of seamounts in the Central Indian Ocean Basin. Mar. Geod., 28, 259-269. Davydov, M... Ridge, 26o N): Space trotter, guest from mantle, or a widespread mineral, connected with serpentinization? J. Geophys. Res., 111, B05103, doi:10.1029/ 2005JB003955. Dekov, V.M., Mandova, E.D., Dimitrov, K.C., Rekkalov, K.N., 1995. Native aluminium...

  15. Anti-neutrino disintegration of the deuteron

    Mueller, W.; Gari, M.; Max-Planck-Institut fuer Chemie


    The anti-neutrino disintegration of the deuteron (anti ν + D → anti ν + n + p and anti νsub(e) + D → + e + + n + n) is calculated using realistic two-body states. Meson-exchange currents are considered in the one-boson-exchange limit. The results are discussed as corrections to the cross sections obtained in effective range approximations. It is shown that the ratio of the cross sections (sigma - /sigma 0 ) for reactor antineutrinos is practically independent of the nuclear physics uncertainties. (orig.)

  16. Excitation function and yield for the 103Rh(d,2n)103Pd nuclear reaction: Optimization of the production of palladium-103

    Manenti, Simone; Alí Santoro, María del Carmen; Cotogno, Giulio; Duchemin, Charlotte; Haddad, Ferid; Holzwarth, Uwe; Groppi, Flavia


    Deuteron-induced nuclear reactions for the generation of 103 Pd were investigated using the stacked-foil activation technique on rhodium targets at deuteron energies up to E d = 33 MeV. The excitation functions of the reactions 103 Rh(d,xn) 101,103 Pd, 103 Rh(d,x) 100g,cum,101m,g,102m,g Rh and 103 Rh(d,2p) 103 Ru have been measured, and the Thick-Target Yield for 103 Pd has been calculated.

  17. CoJACK: A High-Level Cognitive Architecture with Demonstrations of Moderators, Variability, and Implications for Situation Awareness


    defined, to CoJACK (Ritter, Reifers, Klein, & Schoelles, 2007) based on task appraisal theory (e.g., Cannon, 1932; Lazarus & Folkman , 1984; Selye...Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Lazarus , R. S., & Folkman , S. (1984). Stress, appraisal and coping. New York: Springer Publishing. Lovett, M. C., Daily, L...promising. 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 Java JACK Default CoJack CoJack Caffeine CoJack Challenged CoJack Threatened Agent Type Ta n k s D es tr o y e d

  18. Síndrome de Mauriac: forma rara do diabetes mellitus tipo 1

    Maia, Frederico F.R.; Araújo, Levimar R.


    O diabetes mellitus tipo 1 (DM1) é uma das doenças endócrino-metabólicas mais importantes na faixa etária pediátrica, podendo se manifestar com alterações sistêmicas decorrentes do controle glicêmico inadequado, como hepatomegalia e déficit de crescimento. Apresentamos o caso de uma criança com DM1 descompensado, evoluindo com sinais clínicos e laboratoriais sugestivos de síndrome de Mauriac. Alertamos para a importância do conhecimento dessa forma rara de DM1, buscando orientar e esclarecer ...

  19. III-Nitride, SiC and Diamond Materials for Electronic Devices. Symposium Held April 8-12 1996, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. Volume 423.


    Haustein , J. J. Song, and B. Goldenberg, Appl. Phys. Lett. 66, 3492 (1995). 11. Y. Koide, H. Itoh, M. R. Khan, K. Hiramtu, N. Sawaki, and 1. Akasaki, J...12]. Herman Lock and Gary E. Maciel, J. Mater. Res. 7 (10), 2791-7 (1992). [13]. M. Hoinkis, E. D. Tober, R. L. White etal., Appl. Phys. Lett. 61...Chem. Solids, 25, 1369 (1964). [2] L.Kleinman and J. C. Phillips, Phys. Rev. 116, 880 (1959); F. Herman , idid. 93, 1214 (1954). [3] L.Kleinman and J


    Durmuş GÜNAY


    Full Text Available Üçgen kesitli halka sonlu elemanların direngenlik matrisinin nümerik integrasyona başvurulmaksızın elde edilmesini sağlayan sabit matrisler, literatürde verilen ifadelerden hareketle bilgisayarda elde edilmiştir.Elemanın köşe düğümlerinin koordinatları ve malzeme özellikleri verildiği takdirde, halka sonlu elemanındirengenlik matrisi sözkonusu sabit matrisler yardımı ile kolayca elde edilmektedir.

  1. On the existence of n-dimensional indecomposable vector bundles

    Tan Xiaojiang.


    Let X be an arbitrary smooth irreducible complex projective curve of genus g with g ≥ 4. In this paper we extend the existence theorem of special divisors to high dimensional indecomposable vector bundles. We give a necessary and sufficient condition on the existence of n-dimensional indecomposable vector bundles E with deg(E) = d, dimH 0 (X,E) ≥ h. We also determine under what condition the set of all such vector bundles will be finite and how many elements it contains. (author). 9 refs

  2. Plafonnement de l'usage de la voiture. L'enquête. In: Mobilité en transitions, Connaître, comprendre et représenter

    GRIMAL, Richard


    Depuis environ une dizaine d'années, les signes s'accumulent d'une forte inflexion des comportements de mobilité : après des décennies de croissance ininterrompue, la mobilité automobile baisse dans plusieurs grandes agglomérations françaises et s'accompagne d'une progression des modes alternatifs, tandis que la circulation routière plafonne, tant au niveau national que dans l'ensemble des pays développés. L'idée d'une saturation possible de la demande de transport automobile, qui trouve diff...

  3. Case report


    9 juin 2016 ... Le syndrome d'Ekbom, ou délire d'infestation parasitaire, est une pathologie rare, caractérisée par la conviction inébranlable d'avoir une peau infestée d'insectes ou de parasites. Il s'agit d'un ..... plus fréquentes sont associées à un usage de cocaïne, de méthamphétamine, de chloral ou dans le cadre d'un ...

  4. Mössbauer and X-ray investigation of model compounds for the P460 center of hydroxylamine oxidoreductase from nitrosomonas

    Bill, E.; Gismelseed, A.; Laroque, D.; Trautwein, A. X.; Nasri, H.; Fischer, J.; Weiss, R.


    The divalent high-spin iron in the P460 center of hydroxylamine oxidoreductase and in three possible “picket fence” heme models exhibit extremely large quadrupole splittings (˜4 mms-1). Their isomer shifts of about 1 mms-1 are consistent with the X-ray results of two of the models, i.e. that Fe(II) is pentacoordinated. The coordination geometry of iron deviates considerably from the common fourfold symmetry of the “picket fence” porphyrin due to a CH3CO{2/-} ligand. This feature is also reflected by the significant anisotropies of g-factors, A tensor and rhombicity E/D.

  5. 1525-IJBCS-Article-Isidore Ayissi


    aire alimentaire et par conséquent une zone de croissance des espèces (Angoni, 2005). De ce fait, cette étude ... humide camerounaise de basse et moyenne altitude, dans le groupe de forêt littoral, constituée d'une végétation .... La température de l'air est permanemment élevée et varie entre 25 °C à. 30 °C avec une ...

  6. Determination of the frequency of the most immunogenic Rhesus antigens among Saudi donors in King Abdulaziz Medical City ? Riyadh

    Elsayid, Mohieldin; Al Qahtani, Faris Saeed; Al Qarni, Abdulaziz Mohammed; Almajed, Faisal; Al Saqri, Faisal; Qureshi, Shoeb


    Background: The Rhesus (Rh) blood group system is one of the most polymorphic and immunogenic systems known in humans, because of its immunogenicity along with ABO grouping, RhD antigen testing was made mandatory before issuing a compatible blood. At present, there are five major antigens, i.e., D, C, E, c, and e in Rh blood group system. Aims: The aim of this study is to provide essential data about the distribution of the major Rh antigens and the most common phenotype among the Saudi popul...

  7. Dépôt exceptionnel d'un portrait signé Berthe Morisot: le portrait de Jeanne Pontillon dans les collections du MAH


    Tiré du site internet du blog des Musées d'art et d'histoire ( "Le Musée d'art et d'histoire a le privilège de s'être vu confier par la Société des Amis du MAH (SAMAH) le Portrait de Jeanne Pontillon par Berthe Morisot (1841–1895). Donné à l'association par l'un de ses fidèles membres, ce tableau représente un enrichissement de taille pour l'institution genevoise.".

  8. Aerodynamic Loads and Separation Characteristics of the BLU-27B/B, MK- 82SE, and GBU-8 Weapons in the F-16 Aircraft Flow Field at Mach Numbers from 0.4 to 1.2


    76-147 Cm 1.2 0.8 o.q 0 SIMBOL CONFIG = ~ STORE ® IS E 0.60 MK-SESE m 15 E 0.80 MK-SESE IS E 0.90 MK-82SE IS E 0.95 MK-B2SE PYLON RRCK 6 M...0 10 .0 1 2 6 A E D C - T R - 7 6 - 1 4 7 SIMBOL CONFIG = H. STORE PILON RICK ~tt 0 11 I0 0.80 MK-82SE 7 I - 3 0 B II 10 0.60 HR-B2SE 7 T

  9. Brigitte SIMONOT et Gabriel GALLEZOT (2009) (dir.), L’entonnoir : Google sous la loupe des sciences de l’information et de la communication

    Bonaccorsi, Julia


    Ce titre annonce d’emblée une posture critique et, plus largement, une promesse de dévoilement. L’approche communicationnelle, affirmée dès le sous-titre, saisit Google comme un objet de recherche à construire à distance des discours promotionnels ou pamphlétaires. La recherche collective prend appui sur une perspective sociotechnique, mais également sociopolitique du moteur de recherche et de ses usages, pour interroger la production de valeurs par la société Google. Le moteur est scruté au ...

  10. Progress report file for 1997 Synthesis



    In this work are studied the following subjects: the working conditions of temporary employees in E.D.F nuclear power plants, the future of fast neutrons reactors, the radiological impact of the reprocessing plant of La Hague and the management of radioactive wastes, as well as the distribution of iodine tablets around nuclear sites. Others problems have some importance such the accounting of radioactive materials.These points were the essential of activities of the D.S.I.N (Direction of the Safety of Nuclear Installations) for the year 1997. (N.C.)

  11. Approaching space-time through velocity in doubly special relativity

    Aloisio, R.; Galante, A.; Grillo, A.F.; Luzio, E.; Mendez, F.


    We discuss the definition of velocity as dE/d vertical bar p vertical bar, where E, p are the energy and momentum of a particle, in doubly special relativity (DSR). If this definition matches dx/dt appropriate for the space-time sector, then space-time can in principle be built consistently with the existence of an invariant length scale. We show that, within different possible velocity definitions, a space-time compatible with momentum-space DSR principles cannot be derived

  12. Summary of Synoptic Meteorological Observations. North American Coastal Marine Areas - Revised. Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Volume I. Revised. Area 1 - Belle Isle Strait. Area 2 - Osv Bravo. Area 3 - NE Newfoundland Coast. Area 4 - SE Newfoundland Coast. Area 5 - Placentia Bay South. Area 6 - Cabot Strait. Area 7 - Anticosti Island



  13. In-phantom dosimetry using the 13C(d,n)14N reaction for BNCT (boron neutron capture therapy)

    Burlon, Alejandro; Kreiner, Andres J.; White, S.; Blackburn, B.; Gierga, David; Yanch, Jacquelyn C.


    The use of the 13 C(d,n) 14 N reaction at E d =1.5 MeV for accelerator-based boron neutron capture therapy is investigated. The 13 C(d,n) 14 N reaction presents the advantages of carbon as a target material and its large cross section. The deuteron beam was produced by a tandem accelerator at MIT's Laboratory for Accelerator Beam Applications. The resulting neutron spectra were evaluated in terms of RBE-dose rates at different depths inside a water-filled brain phantom using a heavy water moderator and lead reflector assembly. All results were simulated using the code MCNP. (author)

  14. A search for flavor changing neutral currents and lepton family number violation in neutral two-body charm decays

    Pripstein, D.A.


    This work presents a search for three rare/forbidden neutral charm decays, D 0 → μe, D 0 → μμ, and D 0 → ee. This study was based on data collected in Experiment E789 at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory using 800 GeV/c proton-gold interactions. Two statistical analyses are presented, one with background subtraction and the other without background subtraction. No evidence is found for any of the decays and the following upper limits are presented at the 90% confidence level

  15. Three-dimensional cranio-facial computed tomography

    Pozzi Muccelli, R; Stagul, F; Pozzi Muccelli, F; Zuiani, C; Smathers, R


    Computed tomography allows today to reconstruct three-dimensional (eD) images fram axial scans. The authors report their experience in cranio-facial pathology achived in two Departments of Radiology (University of Trieste, Italy and University of Standford, California). 3D images have been realized using two different softwares, one of which allows to reconstruct both soft tissue and bone structures. The application in maxillo-facial traumas, cranio-facial malformations and head tumours are disscussed. 3D images turned out to be very useful for the optimal visualization and for the spatial demostration of the lesion and have potential applications in cranio-facial surgery and radiotherapy.

  16. On-site control of 900 and 1300 MWe nuclear reactors control rod assemblies

    Lacroix, R.; Lebuffe, C.; Bour, D.; Pasquier, T.


    To measure the external wear of clads of the RCCA rodlets in both 900 and 1300 MWe P.W.R., two on site examination tools was developed by FRAGEMA. They have been used in 42 inspections between 1986 and 1989. The examination is performed in two successive phases: - longitudinal detection of wear by eddy currents, - characterization of wear by ultrasonic profilometry. Moreover, at the instance of E.D.F., an equipment is developing by INTERCONTROLE. These measurement tools allow a suitable monitoring system adapted to the phenomenon kinetics [fr

  17. Avoiding etomidate for emergency intubation: throwing the baby out ...


    Jul 22, 2008 ... benzodiazepines. Relative adrenal suppression is well described. Bolus doses are recommended; continuous infusion for sedation has been ..... .4. % v. 3. 1 .4. %. ) O n ly e to m id a te sig n ific a n t fo r A. I a fte r m u ltiv a ria te a n a ly sis. T a b le. I. P ro s p e c tiv e s tu d ie s. (ra n d o m is e d o. r o th e rw.

  18. Trophic transfer of Cd from duckweed (Lemna minor L.) to tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus).

    Xue, Yan; Peijnenburg, Willie J G M; Huang, Jin; Wang, Dengjun; Jin, Yan


    The transfer of the toxic heavy metal Cd from duckweed (Lemna minor L.) to the freshwater fish tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) was investigated. Concentrations of Cd in different chemical forms in duckweed and in different tissues (gut, edible muscle, and remnants or residual) of tilapia (i.e., ethanol-extractable fraction [F E ], HCl-extractable fraction [F HCl ], and residual fraction [F R ]) were quantified, and the bioaccumulation factors (BAFs) of Cd in the tilapia body were calculated. Simple linear regression analysis was used to unravel the correlation and accumulation mechanisms of Cd along the short food chain. Our results showed that with increasing exposure concentrations of Cd (0-50 μM for duckweed and 0-10 μM for tilapia), the total, F E (F e,d )-, F HCl (F h,d )-, and F R (F r,d )-Cd concentrations in duckweed and different tissues of tilapia increased progressively. The Cd sources (aqueous or dietary) influenced the BAF for Cd accumulation in the whole body of tilapia. Furthermore, regression analyses yielded significant positive correlations (R 2 > 0.96) between the Cd concentration in duckweed and in both the 3 parts and the whole body of tilapia. This finding suggests that Cd transfer from duckweed to tilapia can be quantitatively evaluated when tilapia is exposed only to duckweed. In addition, the linear regression between Cd accumulation in whole tilapia and F e,d -, F h,d -, and F r,d -Cd showed that particularly the correlation with F e,d -Cd is statistically significant (p < 0.001). The accumulated Cd concentrations and chemical forms in tilapia tissues also positively correlated with Cd sources (solution or duckweed). Compared with waterborne exposure only, duckweed especially increased the accumulation of Cd in the gut of tilapia. Taken together, our findings support a strong dependence of Cd accumulation and transfer from duckweed to tilapia on its chemical forms, especially on F e,d -Cd. This knowledge may expedite more

  19. Numerical study of cesium effects on negative ion production in volume H-and D- ion sources

    Fukumasa, Osamu; Niitani, Eiji; Yoshino, Kyougo


    We present the results of model calculation on H - /D - isotope effects in the tandem volume source. The model includes the surface production due to cesium injection. On the electron density n e dependence of H - /D - production, we have observed an interesting phenomena. Namely D - production, i.e D - density, is higher than H - production in low n e , but in high n e H - production is higher than D - production. The atomic density plays an important role in the density inversion between H - and D - ions. (author)

  20. Quantitative schemes in energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence implemented in AXIL

    Tchantchane, A.; Benamar, M.A.; Tobbeche, S.


    E.D.X.R.F (Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence) has long been used for quantitative analysis of many types of samples including environment samples. the software package AXIL (Analysis of x-ray spectra by iterative least quares) is extensively used for the spectra analysis and the quantification of x-ray spectra. It includes several methods of quantitative schemes for evaluating element concentrations. We present the general theory behind each scheme implemented into the software package. The spectra of the performance of each of these quantitative schemes. We have also investigated their performance relative to the uncertainties in the experimental parameters and sample description

  1. CDCC calculations with the Lagrange-mesh technique

    Druet, T.; Baye, D.; Descouvemont, P.; Sparenberg, J.-M.


    We apply the Lagrange-mesh technique to the Continuum Discretized Coupled Channel (CDCC) theory. The CDCC equations are solved with the R-matrix method, using Lagrange functions as variational basis. The choice of Lagrange functions is shown to be efficient and accurate for elastic scattering as well as for breakup reactions. We describe the general formalism for two-body projectiles, and apply it to the d+ 58 Ni collision at E d =80 MeV. Various numerical and physical aspects are discussed. Benchmark calculations on elastic scattering and breakup are presented.

  2. Proprosal study for diagnostic evaluation of social cognition in autism spectrum disorders

    Alessandra Aronovich Vinic


    Os Transtornos do Espectro Autista (TEA) são um grupo de condições caracterizadas pelo início, na primeira infância de atrasos e déficits no desenvolvimento das habilidades sociais, comunicativas e comportamentais. A terminologia TEA remete a ideia de um espectro de síndromes com características em comum e compõem o Transtorno Autista, o Transtorno Global do Desenvolvimento Sem Outra Especificação e a Síndrome de Asperger (LAMPREIA, 2003). Prejuízos na Cognição Social são um dos aspectos marc...

  3. Maniement des médicaments en néonatologie

    BOUSKHOURI, Wissem; KHEDIM, Naziha


    Les essais cliniques permettent de tester l'efficacité et la toxicité des médicaments et de mettre ainsi au point des médicaments adaptés aux nouveau-nés en termes de posologie et de forme galénique. Mais pour cette population particulière, continuellement en maturation, leur réalisation est compliquée d'un point de vue éthique mais surtout peu rentable pour les firmes pharmaceutiques. Les soignants doivent ainsi utiliser les médicaments disponibles pour l'adulte, qui bien souv...

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  5. Infection of the Gulf Coast Tick, Amblyomma Maculatum (Acari: Ixodidae), with Rickettsia Parkeri: First Report from the State of Delaware


    0279276E-D761-4A27-BFF7-7329E05E0F66 Infection of the Gulf Coast tick, Amblyomma maculatum (Acari: Ixodidae), with Rickettsia parkeri: first report from...Spring, MD 20910-1230, U.S.A. Abstract The molecular detection of Rickettsia parkeri in a Gulf Coast tick, Amblyomma maculatum, collected in Delaware...near Smyrna, Delaware. All specimens were tested for the presence of Rickettsia with a genus-specific quantitative real-time polymerase chain

  6. Decontamination by excimer laser


    The process developed in collaboration with the C.N.R.S. has reached the industrial stage. The transport by optical fibre beam has been perfected and allows to work from a distance of 20 m from the source. Demonstration has been made with a laser of a 500 watt power which allows a 5 to 10 m 2 /hour etching efficiency. This process is in the course of qualification in collaboration with the different organisations: C.E.A., COGEMA and E.D.F. This qualification concerns 25 different materials and zircaloy fuel claddings. (author)

  7. Three-body cluster state in 11B

    Kawabata, T.; Akimune, H.; Fujita, H.; Fujita, Y.; Fujiwara, M.; Hara, K.; Hatanaka, K.; Itoh, M.; Kanada-En'yo, Y.; Kishi, S.; Nakanishi, K.; Sakaguchi, H.; Shimbara, Y.; Tamii, A.; Terashima, S.; Uchida, M.; Wakasa, T.; Yasuda, Y.; Yoshida, H.P.; Yosoi, M.


    The cluster structures of the excited states in 11 B are studied by analyzing the isoscalar monopole and quadrupole strengths in the 11 B(d,d ' ) reaction at E d =200 MeV. The excitation strengths are compared with the predictions by the shell-model and antisymmetrized molecular-dynamics (AMD) calculations. It is found that the large monopole strength for the 3/2 3 - state at E x =8.56 MeV is well described by the AMD calculation and is an evidence for a developed three-body 2α+t cluster structure

  8. Dilute 2α+t cluster structure in 11B

    Kawabata, T.; Akimune, H.; Fujita, H.; Fujita, Y.; Fujiwara, M.; Hara, K.; Hatanaka, K.; Itoh, M.; Kanada-En'yo, Y.; Kishi, S.; Nakanishi, K.; Sakaguchi, H.; Shimbara, Y.; Tamii, A.; Terashima, S.; Uchida, M.; Wakasa, T.; Yasuda, Y.; Yoshida, H.P.; Yosoi, M.


    The cluster structures of the excited states in 11 B are studied by analyzing the isoscalar monopole and quadrupole strengths in the 11 B(d,d') reaction at E d =200 MeV. The excitation strengths are compared with the predictions by the shell-model and antisymmetrized molecular-dynamics (AMD) calculations. It is found that the large monopole strength for the 3/2 3 - state at E x =8.56 MeV is well described by the AMD calculation and is an evidence for a developed 2α+t cluster structure

  9. USACERL Report Bibliography.


    4 1- 0D 1 C. I - 0 U 100E 0 .-0 CA U a# - Uu in a. &- 0 U1 3 VC)0 L t 0 C U r-0> C S4 rCL (- - Go) Gll z. w - -l 10 0C-0)1 L r.-10 4.𔃼 o U tun 11 C)E...j0 In U E!’ U) U) U) a - u - Q L.- -u to Z, E 0- zaw ._ >, _ ~ i n ’n L. z 0 ( 2 Mu - e ( dCL a, 0- - 2 -) t -. ~> a , 0 0 all Q-) - 0 0 L’ a

  10. Effects of mutagenesis of aspartic acid residues in the putative phosphoribosyl diphosphate binding site of Escherichia coli phosphoribosyl diphosphate synthetase on metal ion specificity and ribose-5-phosphate binding

    Willemoës, Martin; Nilsson, Dan; Hove-Jensen, Bjarne


    The three conserved aspartic acid residues of the 5-phospho-d-ribosyl a-1-diphosphate binding site (213-GRDCVLVDDMIDTGGT-228) of Escherichia coli phosphoribosyl diphosphate synthetase were studied by analysis of the mutant enzymes D220E, D220F, D221A, D224A, and D224S. The mutant enzymes showed...... enzymes were dependent on the metal ion present, suggesting a function of the investigated aspartic acid residues both in the binding of ribose 5-phosphate, possibly via a divalent metal ion, and in the interaction with a divalent metal ion during catalysis....

  11. Propuesta para gestionar los conflictos escolares y promover el liderazgo a partir del conocimiento de la inteligencia emocional

    Pérez Peralta, Claudia Marcela; Guerra, Yolanda


    Tomando como referencia,problemáticas actuales relacionadas a los conflictos escolares y familiares, con un grado significativo de conductas de violencia dentro del contexto escolar y familiar, se puede decir que trabajar la resolución asertiva de conflicto,requiere el fortalecimiento afectivo y emocional de los niños y niñas, del respeto mutuo y de la cooperación e interrelación de los alumnos,docentes y familias en la I E D Integrado la Calera sede Rural Buenos Aires. Taking as a refe...

  12. Model Selection and Accounting for Model Uncertainty in Graphical Models Using OCCAM’s Window


    mental work; C, strenuous physical work; D, systolic blood pressure: E. ratio of 13 and Qt proteins; F, family anamnesis of coronary heart disease...of F, family anamnesis . The models are shown in Figure 4. 12 Table 1: Risk factors for Coronary lfeart Disea:W B No Yes A No Yes No Yes F E D C...a link from smoking (A) to systolic blood pressure (D). There is decisive evidence in favour of the marginal independence of family anamnesis of

  13. Anisotropy of creep for vortex motion along twin planes in YBa2Cu3O7-x single crystals

    Bondarenko, A.V.; Prodan, A.A.; Obolenskij, M.A.; Vovk, R.V.; Arouri, T.R.


    Anisotropy of magnetic flux creep was investigated for the flux motion along the twin boundaries. It is shown that in relatively low magnetic fields the velocity of vortex creep does not depend on magnetic field and angle α identical H, ab. It is found that the differential resistivity ρ identical dE/dJ at high transport currents tends to saturation and its value is close to the viscous friction resistivity in the Bardeen-Stephen model. In low magnetic fields for the field applied in the vicinity of the ab-plane of the crystal a lock-in transition of vortices between the superconducting CuO layers was observed

  14. Theory and practice as cultural forms and the research design on The open school program in the Danish school reform

    Knudsen, Lars Emmerik Damgaard; Haastrup, Lisbeth


    and not necessarily bridgeable but always embedded in the cultural setting or topos that surrounds them. This gave us inspiration to view the theory and practice theme in a pedagogical perspective where the knowledge forms and variable relations are not evaluated as optimal or coherent but as different ways......) Teori og praksisdidaktik. København. Unge Pædagoger Jorgensen, E. R. (2005). "Four Philosophical Models of the Relationship Between Theory and Practice." Philosophy of Music Education Review 13(no. 1). Knudsen, L. E. D. Knudsen (2012). Teori og praksis i læreruddannelsen. Kundskabsformer, kultur og...

  15. Tasks of the Shipboard Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman. Task Training Adequacy and Performance Frequency.


    Frequency List E-1 Appendix F - Submarine Quick Reference Task Frequency List . F-1 0 Appendix G - Mean Performance...j~~~~~~, -,,-p.r.. ... .0 -. %... h. • - III APPENDIX E I SURFACE SHIP QUICK REFERENCE TASK FREQUENCY LIST A Q N E Dl It T T E A E H HI K I L L L1 L...34. - - - ----------------------------------------- ---.--- ---------------------- - - E-4 APPENDIX F " SUBMARINE QUICK REFERENCE TASK FREQUENCY LIST (N 1l0) "% R 0 W 4. A Q N E D R T T

  16. The influence of γ-irradiation cobalt 60 on electrical properties of undoped GaAs treated with hydrogen plasma

    Korshunov, F.P.; Kurilovich, N.F.; Prokhorenko, T.A.; Bumaj, Yu.A.; Ul'yashin, A.G.


    The influence of exposition to a hydrogen plasma (hydrogenation) on the electrical properties alteration under gamma-irradiation in bulk GaAs have been investigated. It is shown that crystals hydrogenation before irradiation leads to particularly passivation of electrically active defects that are responsible for carriers scattering and removing processes in irradiated crystals. Radiation defects thermostability in hydrogenated GaAs crystals is lower than that in non hydrogenated ones. The energetic levels position of main defect that effects on electrical properties alteration after irradiation in GaAs crystals was detected. It is equal to E D =E C -0,125±0,0005 eV

  17. Bayda backs nuclear energy

    Wyatt, A.


    The findings and recommendations of the Cluff Lake inquiry are summarized. The public inquiry was conducted by Mr. Justice E.D. Bayda and two other commissioners at the behest of the government of the Province of Saskatchewan to consider the desirability of the Amok mining proposal in particular, and of nuclear power in general. The conclusions are favourable to both. The topics considered in the report include: reactor safety, waste disposal, proliferation, terrorism, and the ethical views of proponents and opponents. (N.D.H.)

  18. Conjunctive Conceptual Clustering: A Methodology and Experimentation.


    observing a typical restaurant table on vhich there are such objects as food on a plate, a salad, utensils, salt and pepper, napkins , a ase with flowers, a...colored graph has nodes and inks that match only if they have corre-ponding link-olor and node-color labelg 4w 80 [SEtexture sa lif ba p S M i e d If...LINK LINK LINK LINK LINK 9 0 1 OPENdRECT RECTLOD 1 2 CL 10 0 0 LINK LINK INK LINK LINK ,~ . 0.5. Input file for attribute-based clustering The

  19. Composition and origin of buried ferromanganese nodules from central Indian Ocean

    Pattan, J.N.; Parthiban, G.

    an oxidized environment (Goldberg, 1961). This is similar to the earlier reports from the CIB (Nath et al. 1992; Pattan and Banakar, 1993; Banakar and Jauhari, 1994; Jauhari and Pattan, 2000). The presence of Eu-anomaly could be due to hydrothermal...) The distribution of rare earth and minor elements in manganese nodules and sediments from the equatorial and SW Pacific. Lithos., v.20, pp.97-113. GOLDBERG, E.D. (1961) Chemistry in the oceans. In: M. Sears (Ed.), Oceanography. Amer. Assoc. Adv. Sci.. Washington...

  20. An Optimized Combined Wave and Current Bottom Boundary Layer Model for Arbitrary Bed Roughness


    Andrew. One of the sensitivities they studied included a three-order of magnitude variation in bottom ERDC/CHL TR-17-11 2 roughness length, the...Glenn (2000) model and σ in the present model. The Styles and Glenn (2000) model uses the secant method while the present model uses a variation ...The Sea, ed. E. D. Goldberg , I. N. McCave, J. J. O’Brien, J. H. Steele. 6, Interscience 538–577. Sorenson, K. S., O. S. Madsen, and L. D. Wright