Sample records for duzych gruczolow slinowych

  1. A study of possibility of application of instrumental NNA for multielement large-scale analysis of materials important for ecology and geology; Rozpoznanie mozliwosci zastosowania instrumentalnej wersji NNA do wielopierwiastkowej analizy duzych serii materialow waznych z punktu widzenia ekologii i geologii

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wasek, M.; Szopa, Z.; Dybczynski, R.


    A general scheme of INAA used in the Laboratory of Radiometric Methods of the INCT as well as present status of equipment and software serving for processing and interpretation of gamma-ray spectra have been presented. Sequential stages of multielement analysis were described, especially those were potential systematic and random errors that might affect the analysis reliability could be expected. Conclusions estimating the possibilities of INNA analyses carried out at present conditions have been drawn as well as future needs concerning both equipment and software serving for large-scale multielement routine analyses have been pointed out. (author). 13 refs, 5 figs, 3 tabs.