Sample records for dormitories

  1. User Satisfaction of Indoor Environmental Quality in Student Dormitories


    Gulsah Yavuz Kocaman; Filiz Senkal Sezer; Tuğba Cetinkol


    Dormitories are buildings that continuously provide accommodation to students. Many university students in Turkey prefer to stay in private or state dormitories. The purpose of this study is to understand the criteria that are seen important by students, who stay in dormitories, and to assist the fulfilment of necessary performance specifications of buildings. Another goal is to assist the development of design criteria for new buildings by collecting user opinions related to issues that crea...

  2. Water use in engineering dormitory in Greenland - Apisseq

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kotol, Martin

    The report contains information about the annual water use in the engineering dormitory Apisseq. The report begins with brief description of the dormitory and then presents the water use, its fractions (cold water and DHW) and also the energy use related to DHW heating. Significant portion...... of the energy is covered by the solar plant....

  3. Constitutional Challenge to Dormitory Residency Requirements: End of the Tunnel? (United States)

    Reed, Omer Lee, Jr.; Irving, Joe D.


    Since 1969 dormitory residency requirements have been under constitutional challenge. This discussion suggests a judicial trend supporting the requirements has been established. Housing administrators should note that not every requirement has been upheld and that the present trend is no guarantee against a future reversal of direction by the…

  4. Designing a dormitory with emphasis on renewable energy (United States)

    Daneshvar Tarigh, F.; Daneshvar Tarigh, A.; Habib, F.


    The majority of universities provides on- and off-campus residential quarters for students during their studies which enables them to keep connected to other students and focus on their studies usually with a small amount of money. The manner of designing a dormitory has a direct impact on the performance of the students and therefore requires a lot of attention. This includes but not limited to a mostly independent and private quiet room maintaining good indoor air quality through adequate ventilation and air conditioning. Undoubtedly, the most important aspect of such a place is saving energy in a way that does not influence the quality of student's life. The type of usage of such buildings causes different presence time and different ideas about the lights and temperature's set point. In this paper, we will discuss aspects of designing a dormitory as well as optimization of occupants comfort and energy efficiency using renewable energies such as solar energy to produce electricity, wind energy for natural ventilation and above all using architectural techniques to lower the energy consumption.

  5. [Associations between dormitory environment/other factors and sleep quality of medical students]. (United States)

    Zheng, Bang; Wang, Kailu; Pan, Ziqi; Li, Man; Pan, Yuting; Liu, Ting; Xu, Dan; Lyu, Jun


    To investigate the sleep quality and related factors among medical students in China, understand the association between dormitory environment and sleep quality, and provide evidence and recommendations for sleep hygiene intervention. A total of 555 undergraduate students were selected from a medical school of an university in Beijing through stratified-cluster random-sampling to conduct a questionnaire survey by using Chinese version of Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) and self-designed questionnaire. Analyses were performed by using multiple logistic regression model as well as multilevel linear regression model. The prevalence of sleep disorder was 29.1%(149/512), and 39.1%(200/512) of the students reported that the sleep quality was influenced by dormitory environment. PSQI score was negatively correlated with self-reported rating of dormitory environment (γs=-0.310, Psleep disorder included grade, sleep regularity, self-rated health status, pressures of school work and employment, as well as dormitory environment. RESULTS of multilevel regression analysis also indicated that perception on dormitory environment (individual level) was associated with sleep quality with the dormitory level random effects under control (b=-0.619, Psleep disorder was high in medical students, which was associated with multiple factors. Dormitory environment should be taken into consideration when the interventions are taken to improve the sleep quality of students.

  6. Test and analysis of indoor environment of dormitories of universities in autumn (United States)

    Chen, Shijia


    In this paper, the indoor thermal and humid environment, luminous environment and acoustic environment of college dormitories in Baoding are tested and conducted a questionnaire survey. From the test, the subjective feelings and the objective evaluation parameters of the students in the dormitory were obtained. At last, the differences of thermal comfort, luminous environment and acoustic environment caused by students' different living habits and adaptability were analyzed.

  7. Quantitative assessment of bio-aerosols contamination in indoor air of University dormitory rooms. (United States)

    Hayleeyesus, Samuel Fekadu; Ejeso, Amanuel; Derseh, Fikirte Aklilu


    The purpose of this study is to provide insight into how students are exposed to indoor bio-aerosols in the dormitory rooms and to figure out the major possible factors that govern the contamination levels. The Bio-aerosols concentration level of indoor air of thirty dormitory rooms of Jimma University was determined by taking 120 samples. Passive air sampling technique; the settle plate method using open Petri-dishes containing different culture media was employed to collect sample twice daily. The range of bio-aerosols contamination detected in the dormitory rooms was 511-9960 CFU/m(3) for bacterial and 531-6568 CFU/m(3) for fungi. Based on the criteria stated by WHO expert group, from the total 120 samples 95 of the samples were above the recommended level. The statistical analysis showed that, occupancy were significantly affected the concentrations of bacteria that were measured in all dormitory rooms at 6:00 am sampling time (p-value=0.000) and also the concentrations of bacteria that were measured in all dormitory rooms were significantly different to each other (p-value=0.013) as of their significance difference in occupancy (p-value=0.000). Moreover, there were a significant different on the contamination level of bacteria at 6:00 am and 7:00 pm sampling time (p=0.015), whereas there is no significant difference for fungi contamination level for two sampling times (p= 0.674). There is excessive bio-aerosols contaminant in indoor air of dormitory rooms of Jimma University and human occupancy produces a marked concentration increase of bacterial contamination levels and most fungi species present into the rooms air of Jimma University dormitory were not human-borne.

  8. Comparison of Student Self-Reported and Administrative Data regarding Intercession into Alcohol Misuse among College Freshmen Dormitory Residents (United States)

    Novik, Melinda G.; Boekeloo, Bradley O.


    Intercession into collegiate alcohol misuse by the Department of Resident Life (DRL) in freshmen dormitories at one large Mid-Atlantic, diverse, public university was examined. Freshmen dormitory resident drinkers (n = 357), 71% of whom reported alcohol misuse, were surveyed. Student self-report and DRL documentation, respectively, revealed that…

  9. Phthalates in dormitory and house dust of northern Chinese cities: Occurrence, human exposure, and risk assessment. (United States)

    Li, Hai-Ling; Song, Wei-Wei; Zhang, Zi-Feng; Ma, Wan-Li; Gao, Chong-Jing; Li, Jia; Huo, Chun-Yan; Mohammed, Mohammed O A; Liu, Li-Yan; Kannan, Kurunthachalam; Li, Yi-Fan


    Phthalates are widely used chemicals in household products, which severely affect human health. However, there were limited studies emphasized on young adults' exposure to phthalates in dormitories. In this study, seven phthalates were extracted from indoor dust that collected in university dormitories in Harbin, Shenyang, and Baoding, in the north of China. Dust samples were also collected in houses in Harbin for comparison. The total concentrations of phthalates in dormitory dust in Harbin and Shenyang samples were significantly higher than those in Baoding samples. The total geometric mean concentration of phthalates in dormitory dust in Harbin was lower than in house dust. Di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) was the most abundant phthalate in both dormitory and house dust. The daily intakes of the total phthalates, carcinogenic risk (CR) of DEHP, hazard index (HI) of di-isobutyl phthalate (DiBP), dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and DEHP were estimated, the median values for all students in dormitories were lower than adults who live in the houses. Monte Carlo simulation was applied to predict the human exposure risk of phthalates. HI of DiBP, DBP, and DEHP was predicted according to the reference doses (RfD) provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.EPA) and the reference doses for anti-androgenicity (RfD AA) developed by Kortenkamp and Faust. The results indicated that the risks of some students had exceeded the limitation, however, the measured results were not exceeded the limitation. Risk quotients (RQ) of DEHP were predicted based on China specific No Significant Risk Level (NSRL) and Maximum Allowable Dose Level (MADL). The predicted results of CR and RQ of DEHP suggested that DEHP could pose a health risk through intake of indoor dust. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  10. [Tuberculosis among construction workers in dormitory housing in Chiba City]. (United States)

    Igari, Hidetoshi; Maebara, Ayano; Suzuki, Kiminori; Shimura, Akimitsu


    Tuberculosis (TB) control in a low socio-economic society is an important program for urban area of industrialized countries. Some construction workers live in Hanba, a kind of dormitory housings that have crowded living conditions, and possibly give rise to Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmission. The pulmonary tuberculosis detection rate by chest X-ray screening in Hanba is higher than the general population, and therefore TB incidence among Hanba construction worker is also estimated to be as high as that of homeless. To analyze the ratio of the TB patients from Hanba in Chiba City from 1993 through 2006, and analyze the treatment outcome and speculate the factors affecting them, especially the effects of the inpatients DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short-course) policy introduction after 2001. TB registration records in the Public Health Center, Chiba City, Japan, were retrospectively analyzed. Pulmonary TB patients from Hanba were 121 (male: 121, female: 0), representing 3.8% of the total 3179 TB patients from 1993 through 2006. Restricting to male patients aged 40-59 years-old, TB patients from Hanba were 78, representing 10.7% of 729 male TB patients of the same age groups. All of TB patients from Hanba developed pulmonary TB (PTB) and treatment outcome of chemotherapy was cured or completed: 69 (57%), defaulted or failed: 43 (36%), and died 9 (7%) respectively. When compared with PTB in Chiba and Japan, defaulted or failed was higher. In the multi-variated analysis, extensive lesions more than one lung (Adjusted odds ratio [AOR]: 0.13, 95% confidence interval [CI]: 0.04-0.37, P factor for cured and completed. However, hospitalization during initial period of treatment was positive factor (AOR: 7.92, 95% CI: 1.73-36.2, P = 0.008). After inpatients DOTS introduction, the rate of cured or completed increased from 50% to 67%, and the rate of failed or defaulted decreased from 46% to 22% (P construction workers, occupied 3.8% of total TB patients in Chiba

  11. Improving student satisfaction of Andalas University Dormitory through Service Quality and Importance Performance Analysis (United States)

    Putri, Nilda Tri; Anggraini, Larisa


    Residential satisfaction of university dormitories serve as one of the significant aspects in the framework of sustainability in higher education. This research investigated the quality of dormitory services in Andalas University Dormitory based on student’s satisfaction. According to management residential, the enrollment of residential student has increased gradually in Andalas University. In 2016, capacity of residential student is 1686, but only 1081 students can stay at dormitory because some rooms in bad condition. There are a lot of problems and complaints regarding dormitory’s service quality i.e water problems, leaky rooms and bathrooms, cleanliness and inadequate facilities in residential college. In addition, there are 20% of last year student’s residential check out before the time of contract runs out. The aim of this research are understanding the level of GAP exists between expectation and perception students’ residential in the content of service quality and evaluating the improvement priority services using Importance Performance Analysis. This study is measuring service quality by using Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy, Reliability and Tangible dimension. A negative GAP indicates that the actual services are than what was expected and the GAP is highlighted area for improvement. Based on IPA, management should improve this following dimension services : responsiveness, tangible and assurance dimension.

  12. 77 FR 60041 - Heating, Cooling, and Lighting Standards for Bureau-Funded Dormitory Facilities (United States)


    ... 1076-AF10 Heating, Cooling, and Lighting Standards for Bureau-Funded Dormitory Facilities AGENCY... confirming the interim final rule published and effective on May 24, 2012, addressing heating, cooling, and... identified in the ``School Facilities Design Handbook'' (handbook) dated March 30, 2007, respecting heating...

  13. Feasibility analysis on the building environment of college dormitories in Baoding (United States)

    Wang, Xinyi


    The quality of indoor air greatly affects people's health. As a place where college students live for a long time, the architectural environment is closely related to people's lives. In this paper, two cases of dormitory of the North China Electric Power University in Baoding are selected as the subject investigated. The environmental test and questionnaire method were used to study. The test indexes mainly include temperature, relative humidity and wind speeds. We obtain the basic situation of indoor thermal humidity environment, light environment and air velocity. Based on a series of tests, combined with subjective comfort and comprehensive evaluation, we analyzed the thermal comfort of indoor buildings, and put forward measures to further improve the building environment of College Dormitories under the principle of high efficiency and energy saving.

  14. Energy usage while maintaining thermal comfort: A case study of a UNT dormitory (United States)

    Gambrell, Dusten

    Campus dormitories for the University of North Texas house over 5500 students per year; each one of them requires certain comfortable living conditions while they live there. There is an inherit amount of money required in order to achieve minimal comfort levels; the cost is mostly natural gas for water and room heating and electricity for cooling, lighting and peripherals. The US Department of Energy has developed several programs to aid in performing energy simulations to help those interested design more cost effective building designs. Energy-10 is such a program that allows users to conduct whole house evaluations by reviewing and altering a few parameters such as building materials, solar heating, energy efficient windows etc. The idea of this project was to recreate a campus dormitory and try to emulate existent energy consumption then try to find ways of lowering that usage while maintaining a high level of personal comfort.

  15. Prevalence of ADHD among the Students Residing in Dormitory of Ardabil University of Medical Sciences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fariba Sadeghi Movahed


    Full Text Available Background & Objective: Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD is a heredity and psychological disorder that often continues to adulthood and causes great number of emotional, social, educational and occupational problem for college students. The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of ADHD among students residing in the dormitory of Ardabil University of Medical Sciences.   Methods: In this cross sectional study, all students in the dormitory of Ardabil University of Medical Sciences were included. They filled the Self reporting Conner’s ADHD questionnaires. Data were extracted and analyzed with SPSS.   Results: During this study, the prevalence of ADHD was 8.6 percent. The males show more involvement rate than females. The students with ADHD showed more incidences of smoking and psychotropic drug consumption.   Conclusion: Due to the high prevalence of ADHD among the college students, early diagnosis and treatment of ADHD seems to be necessary.

  16. The effect of architectural façade design on energy savings in the student dormitory


    Pejić Petar Č.; Petković Dušan Lj.; Krasić Sonja M.


    There are many reasons for adequate use of natural light inside students' dormitories. Intensity of light required for student activities and temperature inside the rooms are the major factors for an occupant's comfortable work and life. Design of building façades has a significant impact both on the use of natural light and energy consumption. In this paper, a comparative analysis of student rooms with different orientations and different façade designs wa...

  17. The effect of architectural façade design on energy savings in the student dormitory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pejić Petar Č.


    Full Text Available There are many reasons for adequate use of natural light inside students' dormitories. Intensity of light required for student activities and temperature inside the rooms are the major factors for an occupant's comfortable work and life. Design of building façades has a significant impact both on the use of natural light and energy consumption. In this paper, a comparative analysis of student rooms with different orientations and different façade designs was performed in order to investigate what type of refurbishment in the façade is necessary. The goal of the refurbishment was generation of optimal thermal and lighting comfort for students' work with maximal energy saving for a new student dormitory in Nis, Serbia. An analysis of annual energy consumption of the newly designed student dormitory and proposed replacements on the exterior façade was performed by using the software EnergyPlus. Based on the energy consumption analysis it could be concluded that significant energy savings would be possible by upgrading the shading devices across the width of the window. In other words, changing the façade of the dorm could generally improve students' comfort, while the energy costs would be reduced. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. TR 36037: Development of student dorms in Serbia at the beginning of the 21st century i br. TR 33051: The concept of sustainable energy supply of settlements with energy efficient buildings

  18. 48 CFR 31.205-13 - Employee morale, health, welfare, food service, and dormitory costs and credits. (United States)


    ... AND PROCEDURES Contracts With Commercial Organizations 31.205-13 Employee morale, health, welfare... 48 Federal Acquisition Regulations System 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Employee morale, health, welfare, food service, and dormitory costs and credits. 31.205-13 Section 31.205-13 Federal Acquisition...

  19. The relationship between cultural intelligence and social compatibility in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences dormitories resident students. (United States)

    Keyvanara, Mahmoud; Yarmohammadian, Mohammad Hossein; Soltani, Batoul


    Cultural intelligence and social compatibility are two acquired processes that their education and reinforcement between dormitory's students who have inter cultural interactions with each other can conclude with results that tension diminution, inter cultural contrast and conflict, social divisions and consequently healthy and peaceful relationships and governance and finally mental peace, and health are of its most important. Hence, the research has been occurring in order to the determination of cultural intelligence relationship with the social compatibility of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences dormitories resident students in 2012. The research method is descriptive-correlation, and its population is composed of all Isfahan University of Medical Sciences dormitories resident students in 2012 that were totally 2500 persons. The two steps sampling method have been used, group sampling and random sampling has been occurring at first and second steps and totally 447 persons were selected. Research data were collected via Earley and Ang cultural intelligence questionnaire with 0.76 Cronbach's alpha Coefficient and California social compatibility standard questionnaire with higher than 0.70 Cronbach's alpha factor. Questionnaire data have been analyzed with the SPSS software and results have been presented in the shape of descriptions and statistics. Results showed that there is a direct significant relationship (P intelligence and the social adjustment in students living in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences dormitories and also there is a direct significant relationship in the level of (P intelligence; however, there is no significant relationship between cognitive and behavioral dimensions of cultural intelligence and social adjustment (P > 0.05). Cultural intelligence and cognitive and motivational addition in dimensions of students living in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences dormitories increase their social integration, therefore, cultural

  20. Wind Movement Comparison Between Student Dormitory 2 and 3 ITERA and The Correlation Toward its Indoor Thermal Comfort (United States)

    Perdana Khidmat, Rendy; Donny Koerniawan, M.; Suhendri


    Student dormitory is a semi-private building that designated to occupies large number of habitats. This type of building mostly designated in simple type of vertical housing. In the context of utilization, dormitory surely requires indoor thermal comfort yet in the same way it requires the energy efficiency as well. Building in a tropical climate country is expected to be adequate to adopt a potention from its surrounding in order to switch air conditioner and gain efficiency in energy consume. One of its key factors is wind. This paper tries to describe and investigate wind movement that works on two different type of student dormitory in Sumatera Institute of Technology. The distinct difference between two blocks is one of the tower block utilizes void meanwhile the other are not. This research is conducted by using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) based software. This study is expected to provide an overview of the wind movement and its effect on air temperature and its correlation to the indoor thermal comfort in both buildings.

  1. The Relationship of Exercise Frequency to Body Composition and Physical Fitness in Dormitory-Dwelling University Students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seok Hee Kim


    Full Text Available Background and Objective: The health benefits of regular exercise are well known, and the transition to adulthood is an important time for establishing exercise habits. In this study, we aimed to identify the degree of obesity prevention and fitness according to exercise level in male and female university students who live in dormitories. Material and Methods: This study included 1,808 university dormitory residents, 1,263 men and 545 women, who completed a sociodemographic questionnaire and were classified into groups according to exercise habit. Sociodemographic data were expressed as frequency and percent, and one-way analysis of variance was conducted to examine the group difference according to exercise habit. Results: Weight, muscle mass, lean body mass, and basal metabolism were significantly higher in male university students living in dormitories who habitually exercise at least 3 times a week compared to those who exercise less often (p<0.05. The body mass index was higher in female university students living in dormitories who exercise at least 3 times a week compared to those who exercise less often (p<0.05. The former group could also perform a greater number of sit-ups (p<0.01 and had greater back strength (p<0.01 and faster whole-body reaction time (p<0.01. Women who exercised at least once a week could perform more push-ups versus those who did not exercise (p<0.01. Male university students living in dormitory who exercise at least 3 times a week had higher systolic blood pressure and greater grip strength than male students who exercised twice a week or less (p<0.05; they could also do more push-ups (p<0.05. Conclusion: University students who exercise at least three times a week have somewhat higher fitness and healthier body composition compared to those who exercise twice a week or less. These differences may impact lifetime fitness and body composition.

  2. Attitudes of Students Living in Dormitories of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences Towards the Causes of Drug Addiction. (United States)

    Mir Lotfi, Parvizreza; Javadimehr, Mani; Adrome, Mahdiye


    Health-threatening behavior is one of the most challenges of social and mental health, that most countries are involved somehow in it, and as a result widespread and severe problems are imposed on communities. The aim of this study was to assess the attitudes of students living in dormitories of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences towards causes of drug addiction. In this study, 100 students (60 boys and 40 girls) living in dormitories (Kooser and Misagi) of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences were selected using the simple random sampling method. Data were collected by oral interview and participants were asked demographic, geographic and economic oral questions about their attitude towards causes of drug addiction. The interview was conducted by psychology experts and respondents' answers were recorded on tape recorder and then transcribed on papers, and finally the data were analyzed by SPSS (15). Different percentages of participants expressed different views about the causes of drug addiction. Results showed that 75%, 65%, 55.5% 90%, 40% and 85%, of participants believed being away from their parents, curiosity, unconsidered friendships, smoking, using drug at home, and easy accessibility were as major contributing factors involved in drug addiction, respectively, and the same factors underlie the student's involvement in addiction. Many contributing factors of drug abuse obtained in this study can influence on tendency towards drug use for new students. It is evident that the period of residency in dormitories is one of the most critical periods in students' life. Thus, the concerned authorities take necessary measures to overcome the students' mental and social problems.

  3. Association of evening smartphone use with cardiac autonomic nervous activity after awakening in adolescents living in high school dormitories. (United States)

    Nose, Yoko; Fujinaga, Rina; Suzuki, Maki; Hayashi, Ikuyo; Moritani, Toshio; Kotani, Kazuhiko; Nagai, Narumi


    Smartphones are prevalently used among adolescents; however, nighttime exposure to blue-enriched light, through electric devices, is known to induce delays of the circadian rhythm phases and poor morning somatic conditions. We therefore investigated whether evening smartphone use may affect sleep-wake cycle and cardiac autonomic nervous system (ANS) activity after awaking in dormitory students. The participants were high school students, living under dormitory rules regarding the curfew, study, meals, lights-out, and wake-up times. The students were forbidden from the use of both television and personal computer in their private rooms, and only the use of a smartphone was permitted. According to prior assessment of smartphone use, we chose age-, sex-, exercise time-matched long (n = 22, >120 min) and short (n = 14, ≤60 min) groups and compared sleep-wake cycle and physiological parameters, such as cardiac ANS activity, blood pressure, and intra-aural temperature. All measurements were performed during 6:30 to 7:00 a.m. in the dormitories. Compared with the short group, the long group showed a significantly lower cardiac ANS activity (2727 ± 308 vs. 4455 ± 667 ms 2 , p = 0.030) with a tendency toward a high heart rate, in addition to later bedtimes during weekdays and more delayed wake-up times over the weekend. Blood pressure and intra-aural temperature did not differ between the groups. In this population, evening smartphone use may be associated with altered sleep-wake cycle and a diminished cardiac ANS activity after awakening could be affecting daytime activities.

  4. The Relationship of Social Problem-Solving Skills and Dysfunctional Attitudes with Risk of Drug Abuse among Dormitory Students at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. (United States)

    Nasrazadani, Ehteram; Maghsoudi, Jahangir; Mahrabi, Tayebeh


    Dormitory students encounter multiple social factors which cause pressure, such as new social relationships, fear of the future, and separation from family, which could cause serious problems such as tendency toward drug abuse. This research was conducted with the goal to determine social problem-solving skills, dysfunctional attitudes, and risk of drug abuse among dormitory students of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran. This was a descriptive-analytical, correlational, and cross-sectional research. The research sample consisted of 211 students living in dormitories. The participants were selected using randomized quota sampling method. The data collection tools included the Social Problem-Solving Inventory (SPSI), Dysfunctional Attitude Scale (DAS), and Identifying People at Risk of Addiction Questionnaire. The results indicated an inverse relationship between social problem-solving skills and risk of drug abuse ( P = 0.0002), a direct relationship between dysfunctional attitude and risk of drug abuse ( P = 0.030), and an inverse relationship between social problem-solving skills and dysfunctional attitude among students ( P = 0.0004). Social problem-solving skills have a correlation with dysfunctional attitudes. As a result, teaching these skills and the way to create efficient attitudes should be considered in dormitory students.

  5. In China, students in crowded dormitories with a low ventilation rate have more common colds: evidence for airborne transmission.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuexia Sun

    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To test whether the incidence of common colds among college students in China is associated with ventilation rates and crowdedness in dormitories. METHODS: In Phase I of the study, a cross-sectional study, 3712 students living in 1569 dorm rooms in 13 buildings responded to a questionnaire about incidence and duration of common colds in the previous 12 months. In Phase II, air temperature, relative humidity and CO(2 concentration were measured for 24 hours in 238 dorm rooms in 13 buildings, during both summer and winter. Out-to indoor air flow rates at night were calculated based on measured CO(2 concentrations. RESULTS: In Phase I, 10% of college students reported an incidence of more than 6 common colds in the previous 12 months, and 15% reported that each infection usually lasted for more than 2 weeks. Students in 6-person dorm rooms were about 2 times as likely to have an incidence of common colds ≥6 times per year and a duration ≥2 weeks, compared to students in 3-person rooms. In Phase II, 90% of the measured dorm rooms had an out-to indoor air flow rate less than the Chinese standard of 8.3 L/s per person during the heating season. There was a dose-response relationship between out-to indoor air flow rate per person in dorm rooms and the proportion of occupants with annual common cold infections ≥6 times. A mean ventilation rate of 5 L/(s•person in dorm buildings was associated with 5% of self reported common cold ≥6 times, compared to 35% at 1 L/(s•person. CONCLUSION: Crowded dormitories with low out-to indoor airflow rates are associated with more respiratory infections among college students.

  6. 谈三沙市永兴岛驻岛官兵宿舍设计%On Sansha City Yongxing island soldier's stationed in the island dormitory design sense

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    通过对某些高校大学生宿舍的调查结果分析,结合宿舍设计的新趋势,从宿舍平面类型、驻岛官兵心理需求、宿舍环境及宿舍设施布置等方面入手,探讨了在新形势下驻岛官兵宿舍设计的新模式。%The findings of the analysis of some university student’s dormitory, dormitory design combined with the new trend, from dorm plane type, the psychological needs of officers and soldiers live in the island, dormitory environment and hostel facilities layout, and explore the island to live in the new situation soldiers the new model dormitory design.

  7. 高校宿舍文化建设初探——以西安思源学院“我爱我家”宿舍形象设计大赛为例%On College Dormitory Culture Construction——Take Xi'an Siyuan University "I love My Home" Dormitory Image Design Competition for example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The student dormitory is an important site of college students. University in the full implementation of the logis- tics service, the two education plays an important role in the dormitory management, service and educational functions of the high school students, dormitory management in the implementation of full educating people, the entire process of edu- cating people, education for all-round education, irreplaceable important position. The article takes Xi'an Siyuan College as an example, discussed the building of the dormitory culture.%学生宿舍是高校大学生活动的重要场所。目前高校在全面落实后勤“三服务、两育人”中学生宿舍的管理、服务和教育功能中占有重要地位,宿舍管理在落实全员育人、全程育人、全方位育人的教育工作中,有着不可替代的重要位置。文章以西安思源学院为例,探讨了高校宿舍文化的建设。

  8. Konverze objektu dormitory na hostel a jeho nové řešení v Tomioka Silk Mill, Japonsko


    Brezovský, Jindřich


    Diplomová práce s názvem „KONVERZE OBJEKTU DORMITORY NA HOSTEL A JEHO NOVÉ ŘEŠENÍ V TOMIOKA SILK MILL, JAPONSKO“ je zpracována dle platných předpisů ve formě architektonické studie. Předmětem této práce jsou dvě varianty konverze objektu pro ubytování dělnic (dormitory). Dílčím úkolem je řešení úpravy zeleně v atriu dormitory a návrh revitalizace náhorní roviny. Objekt se nachází v areálu bývalé přádelny hedvábí ve městě Tomioka v prefektuře Gunma, na ostrově Honšú v Japonsku. Konverze objekt...

  9. Study of the Effect of Using Purposeful Activity (Gardening on Depression of Female Resident in Golestan Dormitory of Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sahar Ghanbari


    Full Text Available Background: Students encounter many stressful factors during their educational time. Stress can result in different physical and mental disorders such as depression. One intervention is using purposeful activity of gardening. The goal of this research is to investigate the effect of using purposeful activity (gardening on depression of female resident in Golestan dormitory of Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences. This study was an experimental field research with pre and post tests in case controlled groups in the year of 2012-2013. Fifty depressed female students of Golestan dormitory in Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences participated in the study. Students were randomly allocated to case and controlled groups. Both groups were taken Beck Depression Inventory. Then gardening sessions (seed and small tree planting were carried on in dormitory yard for 3 days a week for two months. Each session took approximately one hour. Both groups were assessed with the same questionnaire again after intervention. Results: The results showed a significant recovery after intervention in case group based on the depression scores (P=0.0001. Conclusion: According to this study, it seems that using purposeful activity of gardening has positive effects on decreasing depression in depressed female students.

  10. Evaluation of Health Literacy and its influencing factors on dormitory students of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Tehran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rahman Panahi


    Full Text Available Background and Objectives: Health literacy represents the cognitive and social skills, which are used to determine the motivation and ability of individuals to acquire access and understand the methods to use the information in order to maintain and improve the health. This study aimed to assess the level of health literacy in students and identify the factors influencing it in the 2015-2016 academic year. Materials and Methods: In this cross-sectional, descriptive and analytical study, 360 students inhabiting the dormitories of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Tehran were randomly selected using the cluster sampling method. To collect the data, an inventory of Health Literacy for Iranian Adults was used. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Chi-square test with the SPSS software version 21. Results: The mean age of the students was 22.93±4.05 years. The results showed that 9.2% (n=31 of the students had low health literacy, 27.6% (n=94 not so inadequate literacy, 42.6% (n=145 adequate health literacy, and 19.7% (n=67 excellent health literacy. Health literacy was significantly associated with gender and family income (P<0.001. Conclusions: Due to the limited level of health literacy in many students, it is necessary to design training programs commensurate with their level of health literacy and media interests.

  11. College Students’ Personality Traits and Dormitory Interpersonal Relationship Study%大学生人格特征与宿舍人际关系的关系研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Previous studies concentrated on factors affecting college students dormitory interpersonal analysis, the study of personality characteristics of college students based on the analysis, the main use of the literature review and survey method are combined, the focus of study among college students dormitory interpersonal and Big Five Personality Traits Relationship. We for a total of 430 Minnan Normal questionnaires were got back 293 valid questionnaires. The results are as follows:First, personality aspects, between the grades in these five dimensions (openness, agreeableness, rigor, neuroticism and extraversion) on has significant differences. The higher grades, higher neuroticism scores; on the contrary, the higher grades, openness, agreeableness, rigor and openness of these four personality dimensions the lower the score. Second, in the year of this factor, all grades differences Students dormitory satisfaction significantly. The higher-grade, lower satisfaction scores. Third, the dormitory interpersonal satisfaction and openness, rigor two personality dimensions were positively correlated. Dormitory interpersonal satisfaction and personality dimension neuroticism were negatively correlated.%前人研究多集中在对影响大学生宿舍人际关系因素的分析,本研究基于大学生人格特征分析,主要使用了文献法与问卷调查法相结合的方法,重点研究大学生宿舍人际关系与大五人格特征之间的关系。本人对闽南师范大学发放问卷共430份,收回有效问卷293份。研究结果如下:第一,人格方面,各年级间在这五个维度(开放性、宜人性、严谨性、神经质和外向性)上都有显著差异。年级越高,神经质得分越高;相反,年级越高,开放性、宜人性、严谨性和开放性这四个性维度得分越低。第二,在年级这个因素上,各年级大学生对宿舍满意度差异显著。年级越高,满意度得分就越低。第三,

  12. Cultural Intelligence and Social Adaptability: A Comparison between Iranian and Non-Iranian Dormitory Students of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. (United States)

    Soltani, Batoul; Keyvanara, Mahmoud


    At the modern age, to acquire knowledge and experience, the individuals with their own specific culture have to enter contexts with cultural diversity, adapt to different cultures and have social interactions to be able to have effective inter-cultural relationships.To have such intercultural associations and satisfy individual needs in the society, cultural intelligence and social adaptability are deemed as inevitable requirements, in particular for those who enter a quite different culture. Hence, the present study tries to compare the cultural intelligence and its aspects and social adaptability in Iranian and non-Iranian dormitory students of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 2012. The study was of descriptiveanalytical nature. The research population consisted of Iranian and non-Iranian students resided in the dormitories of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences which are 2500, totally. For Iranian students, two-stage sampling method was adopted. At the first stage, classified sampling and at the second stage, systematic random sampling was conducted. In this way, 441 students were selected. To form non-Iranian students' sample, consensus sampling method was applied and a sample of 37 students were obtained. The research data was collected by using Earley & Ang's Cultural Intelligence Questionnaire with the Cronbach's coefficient α of 76% and California Social Adaptability Standard Questionnaire with the Cronbach's coefficient α of over 70%. Then, the data were put into SPSS software to be analyzed. Finally, the results were presented by descriptive and inferential statistics methods. The study findings revealed that there was no statistically significant difference between cultural intelligence and cognitive aspect of cultural intelligence in Iranian and non-Iranian students (P≥0/05). However, Iranian and non-Iranian students statistically differed in terms of the following aspects of cultural intelligence: meta-cognitive aspect (61.8% for

  13. Characterization of PAHs and metals in indoor/outdoor PM10/PM2.5/PM1 in a retirement home and a school dormitory. (United States)

    Hassanvand, Mohammad Sadegh; Naddafi, Kazem; Faridi, Sasan; Nabizadeh, Ramin; Sowlat, Mohammad Hossein; Momeniha, Fatemeh; Gholampour, Akbar; Arhami, Mohammad; Kashani, Homa; Zare, Ahad; Niazi, Sadegh; Rastkari, Noushin; Nazmara, Shahrokh; Ghani, Maryam; Yunesian, Masud


    In the present work, we investigated the characteristics of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and metal(loid)s in indoor/outdoor PM10, PM2.5, and PM1 in a retirement home and a school dormitory in Tehran from May 2012 to May 2013. The results indicated that the annual levels of indoor and outdoor PM10 and PM2.5 were much higher than the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). The most abundant detected metal(loid)s in PM were Si, Fe, Zn, Al, and Pb. We found higher percentages of metal(loid)s in smaller size fractions of PM. Additionally, the results showed that the total PAHs (ƩPAHs) bound to PM were predominantly (83-88%) found in PM2.5, which can penetrate deep into the alveolar regions of the lungs. In general, carcinogenic PAHs accounted for 40-47% of the total PAHs concentrations; furthermore, the smaller the particle size, the higher the percentage of carcinogenic PAHs. The percentages of trace metal(loid)s and carcinogenic PAHs in PM2.5 mass were almost twice as high as those in PM10. This can most likely be responsible for the fact that PM2.5 can cause more adverse health effects than PM10 can. The average BaP-equivalent carcinogenic (BaP-TEQ) levels both indoors and outdoors considerably exceeded the maximum permissible risk level of 1 ng/m(3) of BaP. The enrichment factors and diagnostic ratios indicated that combustion-related anthropogenic sources, such as gasoline- and diesel-fueled vehicles as well as natural gas combustion, were the major sources of PAHs and trace metal(loid)s bound to PM. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  14. The museum setup in the Benedictine dormitory of Monreale: the artworks of Santa Maria del Bosco and the textile artefacts of the Cathedral, Sicily, Italy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Concetta di Natale


    Full Text Available The recent decision to convert the Benedictine Dormitory in Monreale into an exhibition site offers the opportunity to enjoy the whole monumental complex where the wonderful cloister is the core attraction. It is on this site that the Norman Cathedral stands, brightly decorated with golden mosaics. The new exhibition has gathered together the artworks from the ruined abbey of Santa Maria del Bosco in Calatamauro and added them to the artefacts already exhibited at the Diocesan Museum. They include marble gravestones from the 16th-17th century church and those dating to the 18th century; one stone is in polychrome marble of the family of the canons, Candes and Donato; another was used for the burial of the monks from the period of the Olivetan refoundation, characterized by the Order’s coat of arms and attributed to Girolamo Musca. There are also majolica tiles from the chapels in cornu evangelij (left side of the altar adorned with large vegetal-shaped decorations, provided by Palermitan manufacturers in the mid-eighteenth century. They are found next to the remnants of the majolica tiles still in situ, executed in 1762 by the potters from Burgio, in Sicily. Rosario Rosso (also Russo and Giuseppe Virgadamo. Also commissioned after the refoundation of the holy temple are the four artworks by the painter Ippolito Ferrante, three of which, Sacrificio di Isacco, Melchisedec and Giale e Sisar, are on exhibition in the prestigious museum. Alongside these artworks are noteworthy textile artefacts made between the second half of the 16th and second half of the 18th centuries some of which are linked to the munificent figures of archbishops such as Ludovico II Torres and Francesco Testa.

  15. Yurtta ve Ailesi Yanında Kalan Ortaöğretim Öğrencilerinin Kaygı Düzeylerinin Karşılaştırılması = The Comparison between the Anxiety Levels of Secondary School Students Living with Their Parents and Living in Dormitories

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kemal DEMİRAY


    Full Text Available In this study, the relationship between secondary school students’ levels of state trait anxiety and some factors such as age, gender, living with parents and living in dormitories has been investigated. 166 secondary school students who stay in dormitories and 139 students who live with their parents –totally 305 students in Karabük- have been taken as subjects in this research. In data collection, a “Personal Inquiry Form” in which personal characteristics are asked and “State Trait Anxiety Inventory-STAI” have been used. As a result, the level of state anxiety of female students (p<.05 and the students who stay in dormitories (p<.01 were found to be significantly higher than those of male students and those of who live with their parents. The findings have been discussed with reference to relevant literature.

  16. The prevalence of pityriasis versicolor in the dormitories of the Lorestan University of Medical Sciences by the three methods: skin scraping, use of scotch tape and wood’s lamp

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    sanaz Rostami


    Full Text Available Background : Pityriasis versicolor is a chronic, recurrent and often asymptomatic infection of stratum corneum, Which is caused by lipophilic yeasts of Malassezia. Human to human transmission through direct contact is possible. The present study aimed to assess the prevalence of pityriasis versicolor in the dormitories of the Lorestan University of Medical Sciences by the three methods: skin scraping, use of scotch tape and wood’s lamp was perfumed. Materials and Methods: In this descriptive cross-sectional study,115 students in the dormitories of the university of medical sciences were studied with the three methods:skin scraping, using  scotch tape and wood’s lamp. Results: Among 115 patients, 66.94% were female and 33.05% were male. The mean age was 21.38 years.25% of boys and 11.1% of girls were affected.The prevalence of  Pityriasis versicolor by  the three methods was determined 15.7%. In this study, the  most common site of infection was shoulder and neck. Conclusion: The recent study showed a high prevalence of Pityriasis versicolor in Lorestan University of  Medical Sciences students . The prevalence of pityriasis versicolor had a statistically significant difference between males and females, and was more common in females .  The pairwise comparison results obtained  from the three methods using the Kappa coefficient, scotch tape method  was the most consistent results than the other two methods.

  17. Little changes make big differences: the effect of greenery on dormitory students’ satisfaction = Los pequeños cambios consiguen grandes diferencias: el efecto de la vegetación en el grado de satisfacción de los estudiantes en las residencias universitarias

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ali Zabihi


    Full Text Available Links between dormitory satisfaction and academic achievement, happiness, sense of belonging to space, academic progress, physical and mental well-being have been well-established. However, the relationship between greenery and degree of satisfaction among university students is poorly understood. This study was an attempt to understand whether access to greenery is associated with university students’ dormitory satisfaction. To this end, 200 students living in a dormitory at Kerman Islamic Azad University were recruited through random convenience sampling. The data were gathered through a questionnaire. The pot plants were distributed among the participants. Analysis of the data using T-test showed that students' satisfaction with the dormitory increased significantly after receiving the pot plants. The finding of the study will help landscape architects, planners and policymakers to maximize the satisfaction of the students at dormitory by providing the students with greenery. Resumen Los vínculos entre el grado de satisfacción en las residencias universitarias y el logro académico, la felicidad, el sentido de pertenencia al espacio, el progreso académico, el bienestar físico y mental están ampliamente establecidos. Sin embargo, la relación entre la vegetación y el grado de satisfacción entre los estudiantes universitarios es poco conocida. Este estudio trata de explicar si disponer de vegetación está asociado con la satisfacción de los estudiantes en las residencias universitarias. Con este fin, se eligieron al azar 200 estudiantes de una residencia en la Universidad de Kerman Islamic Azad. Los datos fueron recopilados a través de un cuestionario. Se distribuyeron plantas en maceta entre las participantes . El análisis de los datos mediante el test de la T mostró que el grado de satisfacción de las estudiantes de la residencia aumentó significativamente después de recibir las plantas. El hallazgo del estudio ayudará a los

  18. Uso problemático de álcool e outras drogas em moradia estudantil: conhecer para enfrentar Uso problemático de alcohol y otras drogas e residencias estudiantiles: conocer para enfrentar Abusing alcohol and other drugs in students' dormitories: knowing it in order to face it

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marília Rita Ribeiro Zalaf


    problemático de drogas, aliado a la depresión, al desempleo y a las características propias de ese espacio académico. Estereotipos de género relacionadas al uso de drogas, como sumisión femenina, prejuicios y culpa, se mostraron reflejados en la residencia estudiantil.This article deals with the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in the students' dormitories of the University of São Paulo. The purposes of the study were to understand how the health-disease process of the dwellers occurs, regarding drug use, and to analyze the underlying manifestations to the gender issues related to drug use by students. The analysis is supported by the Social Determination Theory. Data collection occurred through semi-structured interviews focusing on the history of the health-disease process related to the abuse of alcohol and other drugs, before and after the students moved into the USP students' dormitories - Conjunto Residencial da USP (CRUSP. With the results obtained, the students' dormitories were identified as another element that favors the abuse of drugs, allied to depression, unemployment and the particular characteristics of this academic space. Gender stereotypes related to drug abuse, such as female subalternity, prejudice and culpability were shown to exist in the students' dormitories.

  19. Dormitory of Physical and Engineering Sciences: Sleeping Beauties May Be Sleeping Innovations (United States)

    van Raan, Anthony F. J.


    A ‘Sleeping Beauty in Science’ is a publication that goes unnoticed (‘sleeps’) for a long time and then, almost suddenly, attracts a lot of attention (‘is awakened by a prince’). The aim of this paper is to present a general methodology to investigate (1) important properties of Sleeping Beauties such as the time-dependent distribution, author characteristics, journals and fields, and (2) the cognitive environment of Sleeping Beauties. We are particularly interested to find out to what extent Sleeping Beauties are application-oriented and thus are potential Sleeping Innovations. In this study we focus primarily on physics (including materials science and astrophysics) and present first results for chemistry and for engineering & computer science. We find that more than half of the SBs are application-oriented. To study the cognitive environments of Sleeping Beauties we develop a new approach in which the cognitive environment of the SBs is analyzed, based on the mapping of Sleeping Beauties using their citation links and conceptual relations, particularly co-citation mapping. In this way we investigate the research themes in which the SBs are ‘used’ and possible causes of why the premature work in the SBs becomes topical, i.e., the trigger of the awakening of the SBs. This approach is tested with a blue skies SB and an application-oriented SB. We think that the mapping procedures discussed in this paper are not only important for bibliometric analyses. They also provide researchers with useful, interactive tools to discover both relevant older work as well as new developments, for instance in themes related to Sleeping Beauties that are also Sleeping Innovations. PMID:26469987

  20. 77 FR 30888 - Heating, Cooling, and Lighting Standards for Bureau-Funded Dormitory Facilities (United States)


    ... Bureau-operated schools; providing guidelines to ensure the Constitutional and civil rights of Indian... information from public review, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so. O. Required Determinations...

  1. Experience of Dormitory Peer Mentors: A Journey of Self Learning and Development (United States)

    Lin, Yii-nii; Lai, Pi-hui; Chiu, Yi-Hsing Claire; Hsieh, Hui-Hsing; Chen, Yien-Hua


    The study looked back on the one-year experience of the first group of peer mentors of a university at northern Taiwan. Twelve peer mentors (six males and six females; with an average age of 21.45) took part in the study. A qualitative phenomenological approach and in-depth interviews were adopted. The results showed that participants deemed the…

  2. Environmental Assessment for Construction of a Multi-Story Dormitory at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida (United States)


    ionantha T E Cypress domes White-flowered wild petunia Ruellia noctiflora E Wet prairie BIRDS American oystercatcher...The parking and street lights will be full cut fixtures in addition to being fully s hielded and using low pressure sodium lamps .. 2 ) The height...uction Ms .. Patrick, Thank you for the rapid response to our letter. Below are tbe r .esponses to your comments: 1 . The light wi l l be ful l cut

  3. Performance of the solarium-assisted dormitory at the White Mountain School, Littleton, NH

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hall-Martindale, M.; Converse, A.O.


    The performance of a hybrid solarium-based heating system is discussed. Over the period 16 October 1979 to 12 March 1980 the solarium collection efficiency was 18.1%, with a daily high of 37.8% on 3 March 1980. The buffering action of the solarium is significant, contributing an energy savings of 144 gal oil equivalent (24% of the actual oil usage). The rock bed storage and associated ducts have a heat loss larger than expected, delivering to the building only 23% of the energy collected in the solarium. Insolation and temperatures are shown for a three-day period; corresponding values for a ten-day period are available for simulation studies.

  4. Smoking Prevalence and Associated Factors to Quit among Tabriz Dormitory University Medical Students, Tabriz, Iran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shamsipour M.


    Full Text Available Background and Objectives: Cigarette smoking as a major public health problem contributes extra health costs, and smoking cessation among youths is a priority for any prevention program. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of smoking and examined factors associated with having attempts to quit smoking and the motivations to quit among medical university students. Methods: A cross-sectional survey using a random sampling was carried out among 523 (293 male, and 246 female, aged 22.48±3.33years students in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. Data were collected by using a self-administered questionnaire. The data were analyzed by t-test, chi-square test and Fisher exact tests.Results: The overal prevalence of smoking was 8.9%. (male 18% and 1.4% female. There were significant relationships between smoking status with male gender and alcohol consumption (p<0.001. The reasons for smoking initiation were: satisfying their curiosity, new experience (37.76%, pleasure and entertainment (17.48%, mental, emotional problems and sedation (16.08%, smoker friends (15.38%, inexperience and ignorance (4.89%. 54.16% of the current smokers had a history of smoking cessation.Conclusion: Regarding the higher prevalence of cigarette smoking in students, especialy in male and attempting to quit smoking in majority of them, preventive interventions in younger age and providing cigarette smoking cessation services for students seem necessary.

  5. The Value of Adding Ambient Energy Feedback to Conservation Tips and Goal-Setting in a Dormitory (United States)

    Karp, Abigail; McCauley, Michelle; Byrne, Jack


    Purpose: The majority of research on energy feedback has been conducted in residential households; in this study, the authors aim to examine the effectiveness of similar initiatives in a college environment. The our goal was to see how much additional electricity savings could be induced using feedback beyond average savings achieved by…

  6. The Survey of Noise and Light Effects on Body Posture During the Study in Male Dormitory of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Z Zamanian


    Conclusion: Posture of students during the study has correlation with light. Therefore, improved lightening can improve student posture and consequently a remarkable help to increase the students comfort.

  7. Effect of façade impregnation on feasibility of capillary active thermal internal insulation for a historic dormitory – A hygrothermal simulation study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Finken, Gholam Reza; Bjarløv, Søren Peter; Peuhkuri, Ruut Hannele


    Internal insulation of external walls is known to create moisture performance challenges due to increased moisture levels and condensation risk on the cold side of the insulation. Capillary active/hydrophilic insulations have been introduced to solve these moisture problems, since they are able...... to transport liquid moisture to the inner surface and enable it to dry. Experience with this insulation type is rare in Denmark. In hygrothermal 1D computer simulations, several more or less capillary active insulation systems (AAC, calcium silicate, IQ-Therm) in various thicknesses (30–150 mm) have been....... A moisture safe construction was only achieved when exterior façade impregnation shielding against driving rain was added. The best system showed acceptable relative humidity values both behind the insulation and on the interior surface, a significant increase in minimum temperature on the interior surface...

  8. Assessing the Efficiency Level of Separation Centers Dormitories related to the separation center for students with addicted parents that lack competency to take care of their children

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Molouk Khadem Ashkezari


    The collection of data in this research was carried out through indexing, filling questionnaires, interviews as well as direct As far as the mental health of abusers is concerned, 12.5 percent of abusers were healthy and 87.5 percent were suspicious of mental disorder. Moreover, a meaningful relationship was observed between drug abuse in prison and disorders, physical pains, obsession, depression and psychosis. Based on the results, opium was the major drug used in prisons. High-risk behaviors were also observed among prison inmates.

  9. Pengembangan Asrama Putra Universitas Sumatera Utara


    Abdillah, Vicry


    Development of North Sumatra University Male Dormitory intended to develop male dormitory that is not liveable for the better along with supporting facilities dormitory in it. USU male dormitory was built for USU students from outside North Sumatra to reside. In addition to this place to stay. The hostel also serves as a container for USU students socialize to other students. Dormitory function is also to realize that the student personal self. The hostel also has some supporting ...

  10. Interactive Check System for Facilitating Self-awareness of Dorm Students in Upper Secondary Education


    Akamatsu , Shigenori; Yoshida , Masanobu; Satoh , Hironobu; Yamaguchi , Takumi


    International audience; We describe a new interactive system using a social learning platform to provide dormitory students with the ability to communicate with teachers/advisors in a timely manner to promote self-active awareness of the dormitory environment. Our system comprises tablet PCs, cloud computing services, and application and server software to enable collaboration over a high-speed wireless local area network that covers the campus, dormitory, and teachers’ homes. The purpose of ...

  11. 48 CFR 1436.570 - Prohibition against use of lead-based paint. (United States)


    ... INTERIOR SPECIAL CATEGORIES OF CONTRACTING CONSTRUCTION AND ARCHITECT-ENGINEER CONTRACTS Contract Clauses... institutional structure where persons reside such as an orphanage, boarding school dormitory, day care center...

  12. Facility Energy Performance Benchmarking in a Data-Scarce Environment (United States)


    0.10 0.43 Commercial Studies Barracks Dining Facilities Vehicle Maintenance CBECS - 2003 •Dormitory •Fraternity •Sorority • Restaurant •Cafeteria...Vehicle service/repair shop CTS •Residence Hall/Dormitory •Food service • Restaurant /cafeteria •Vehicle service/repair •Vehicle DC - 2013 •Residence...Hall/Dormitory N/A N/A NYC - 2013 •Residence Hall/Dormitory • Restaurant •Food service •Automobile dealership CEUS •Lodging • Restaurant N/A CEC

  13. 25 CFR 39.1 - What is the purpose of this part? (United States)


    ... of Bureau-operated and tribally operated day schools, boarding schools, and dormitories. This part applies to all schools, dormitories, and administrative units that are funded through the Indian School... Indians BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR EDUCATION THE INDIAN SCHOOL EQUALIZATION...

  14. Pieceable Kingdom: Interior Architecture: University of Massachusetts (United States)

    Ryder, Sharon Lee


    Because of a high vacancy rate and widespread vandalism in its highrise dormitories, the University of Massachusetts commissioned an environmental consultant to assess the problem. A two-year study showed that occupancy increased and vandalism decreased in an experimental dormitory where students were allowed greater freedom to arrange their own…

  15. Sistem Informasi Geografis Asrama Mahasiswa Aceh Berbasis LBS (Location Based Service “Saweue Syedara” Berbasis Android

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alwie Augusra T. A


    Full Text Available Student Dormitory is a desirable place to live for all overseas Aceh students that far from home, Student Dormitory be exclusive if the existence of a dormitory is located very far from the government and from the student's hometown, so the presence of dormitory is felt not exist and far from elegant impression , there are many Aceh students dormitory are not recorded by the Regional Government , that recorded only dormitory under the auspices of the government, when in fact the most dormitory are located under other institutions. Along with the development of, make it even easier people's lives in their daily live. During its development, mobile technology can determine the position of users, find the location you want to target, and provide a route to that location. The use of mobile devices for the Aceh Government, Society, and students in particular is to facilitate them in the course of a visit to Student Dormitory. The geographic information system created using the Java programming language with SDK (Software Development Kit Android and using MySQL and SQLite databases, the system is a client-server. The process of making and development of Geographic Information System using SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle using prototyping life cycle. By using the life cycle of prototyping, the design can be quickly created and tested by users. Users can participate in helping the development of a system to provide feedback on the prototype that has been tried before, so that the system be made better. The result of this application design is the realization of a mobile application that can allow users to find information and search for Aceh Student Dormitory in Java Island, Indonesia. The Geographic Information System uses technology of LBS (Location Based Service, this allows users to find the location of dormitory that wish to visit. This system will be developed on mobile devices using the Android operating system.

  16. 44 CFR 15.7 - Disturbances. (United States)


    ..., disorderly conduct, or other conduct at Mt. Weather and NETC that: (a) Creates loud or unusual noise or a nuisance; (b) Unreasonably obstructs the usual use of classrooms, dormitory rooms, entrances, foyers...

  17. Outline of the history of the Dnieper railroad (1920 - 1940 years

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gh. I. Bilan


    In addition the conclusion of unsatisfactory social conditions of railway employees, their bad living conditions, insufficiency and bad sanitary condition of dormitories and canteens has been made based on newspaper publication.

  18. Download this PDF file

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    the roof rumbled, we thought a calamity had befallen Intoto and fear ..... deep and several hundred meters long. Traces of recent ... Damage sustained by reinforced concrete frame dormitory building at ..... Consider shallow ground motions for.

  19. Alcohol Use among College Students: Some Competing Hypotheses. (United States)

    Igra, Amnon; Moos, Rudolf H.


    Proximity of dormitory peers, involvement in informal social activities, and lack of commitment to religious and academic values were independently related to drinking and drinking onset. Formal involvement in college activities and psychological stress had no independent effect. (CP)

  20. Colleges Weigh Liability in Alcohol and Sexual-Harassment Cases. (United States)

    Fields, Cheryl M.


    A review of court decisions indicates that colleges generally had not been held liable for injuries arising from use of alcohol in dormitories or fraternities. Sexual harassment perpetrators are becoming more sophisticated and the incidents are less blatant. (MLW)

  1. 25 CFR 36.84 - Can a program hire or contract or acquire by other means behavioral health professionals to meet... (United States)


    ...) At least one individual must be a licensed or certified school counselor or a social worker who is... CHILDREN AND NATIONAL CRITERIA FOR DORMITORY SITUATIONS Homeliving Programs Staffing § 36.84 Can a program...

  2. Introduction : Common Life at the LiAi


    Altés Arlandis, Alberto; Garriga, Josep


    There are various forms of collective housing that propose and rehearse many different forms of sharing functions, spaces and other "things". Social and public housing usually encourage one or other form of sharing in search of affordability. Experiences of cooperative building often include shared facilities and spaces, some times shared activities. Student housing, women dormitories, workers dormitories, elderly homes, asylum homes, camps, monasteries, schools and other situations and forms...

  3. Environmental Assessment for Demolition and Construction of Military Personnel Support Facilities Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico (United States)


    Randolph Avenue, between Truman and Eileen Streets.  Dormitory Campus 2 located on the west side of the Base between Sherman and Lowry Avenues and...Rhinocheilus lecontei SS K desert massasauga Sistrurus catenatus spp. edwardsii SS K gray vireo Vireo vicinior ST K burrowing owl Athene cunicularia...Street.  NCO Academy located east of the flight line south of Biggs Avenue and north of Randolph Avenue, between Truman and Eileen Streets.  Dormitory


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andhika Safaat


    Full Text Available Consumer is the determinant factor for the quality of services. Students as the stakeholder of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB need to receive the best services. The aimed of this research were to analyze students’ satisfaction on dormitory in Bogor Agricultural University (IPB and to identify strategy to improve students’ satisfaction. The design of this research was cross sectional study, which carried out in IPB campus, Darmaga-Bogor, West Java for six months since September 2006 to February 2007. Numbers of samples were 289 students. The result showed that the attributes needed to be improved at man’s dormitory were bath room, water availability, the adjustment program for new students, the material construction of dormitory program, the activity of dormitory program, the access to complaint, the dormitory management, the waste management, the safety at room, the tasteof food at canteen, the menu variation, the nutrition of food, the price of food at canteen, the hygiene of food at canteen, and the cleanliness at canteen. Meanwhile, at women dormitory the main priorities to be improved were bathroom, water availability, the place to iron, dispenser, the license for being late, the night’s alarm, the adjustment program, the material construction of dormitory, the activity of dormitory program, the place for complaint, the waste management, the safety at room, the taste of food at canteen, the menu variation, the hygiene of food and the cleanliness at canteen.

  5. The making of a new working class? A study of collective actions of migrant workers in South China


    Chan, Chris King-Chi; Pun, Ngai


    In this study, we argue that the specific process of the proletarianization of Chinese migrant workers contributes to the recent rise of labour protests. Most of the collective actions involve workers' conflict with management at the point of production, while simultaneously entailing labour organizing in dormitories and communities. The type of living space, including workers' dormitories and migrant communities, facilitates collective actions organized not only on bases of locality, ethnici...

  6. Perilaku Bullying pada Mahasiswa Berasrama

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mangadar Simbolon


    Full Text Available Students’ bullying characteristics phenomena has become a concern because educational institution where educative individuals are being train has in fact become a place of bullying. Bullying is an act of hurting someone done by an individual or group. Bullying is not limited to a community or educational institutional, such as a university, as a whole, but it happened in a narrower area that is related to a campus – dormitory. Dormitory, a place conducive for learning is a social laboratory, with an educative, social, moral and regeneration function. Based on the statistical data of bullying cases of university A, released by the office of the student affairs in 2008, it was found out that there are 1 or 2 cases every semester. Bullies usually consist of 1 to 8 students.To know the types of bullying, factors and affects that causes the act on the victims and dormitory community, and efforts of prevention. A qualitative research was done to dig deep into the real picture of bullying. An interview and discussions were done toward 14 reseach subject. Sources and methodology triangular were done to validate the data. Data analysis was done using the open coding steps. Bullying causes factors in university A is the same in general that is seniority factor, imitating the past experiences. Seniors expect themselves to be honored and problem occurred when juniors dishonored them. Bullies bullied because they were once victims, therefore bullying is somehow done as an act of revenge. Bullying acts occurred in dormitory of university A in Bandung. Anti-bullying systems designed by the university are: Religious understanding development, religious teaching implementation, uplifting moral values. Others things done are improving students’ controlling system by the dormitory deans and monitors (dormitory workers. Keywords: bullying, dormitory, students

  7. Penerapan Framework Yii dalam Pembangunan Sistem Informasi Asrama Santri Pondok Pesantren sebagai Media Pencarian Asrama Berbasis Web

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erliyah Nurul Jannah


    Full Text Available The need of information technology in the modern era is inevitable. It occurs in most of institutions, including the Islamic Boarding School. Parents of Islamic Boarding School students have difficulty in choosing a proper dorm for their child in new academic year. This happens because there are many choices provided by the boarding school. The dormitories vary in terms of cost, facilities, and activities of the dorm. Therefore, it is necessary to build a Dorm Information Systems (SIRAMA to assist parents and students in searching a dormitory that best meets their criteria. SIRAMA is a web-based application that serves as an information media about the dormitory at boarding school. The information consists of the initial cost of dormitory entrance, monthly fees, boarding facilities, and schedule activities of the dorm. SIRAMA is developed using waterfall model, implemented using PHP Yii framework as the programming language, and tested with black-box testing and user acceptance testing. The result shows that SIRAMA is capable to recommend a list of dormitories that meets the students or parents’ criteria. SIRAMA is also very well accepted by the users.

  8. Determining the Feasibility of Milk Vending Machines to Improve Calcium Intake Among College Students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura E. Monnat


    Full Text Available Calcium intake declines from late adolescence to young adulthood, in part, due to decreases in accessibility to milk and dairy products. While milk vending has shown demonstrated success in secondary schools, no studies have examined whether milk vending improves calcium intake among college students. We hypothesized that milk and calcium intake would be higher among college students given access to milk vending in their dormitory (milk vending consumers compared to those lacking access in their dormitory (non-milk vending consumers. Milk vending machines were installed in two dormitories, and two dormitories having non-milk beverage vending served as comparison sites. Students completed a calcium intake questionnaire at the point of milk (n = 73 or non-milk (n = 79 beverage vending purchases. Mean total calcium intake was higher in milk vending consumers (1245 + 543 mg/d compared to non-milk vending consumers (1042 + 447 mg/d (p = 0.01. Adjusting for gender and milk vending consumer status, there was a positive association between past month milk vending purchases and daily calcium intake from milk (p < 0.001. Fifty-seven students without in-dormitory access to milk vending reported an interest in milk vending if made available. Milk vending may serve as a novel approach for improving calcium intake in college students.

  9. A Building Connecting Separated Communities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Axel, Erik

    Producing something for general use involves the designers' anticipation of the use of the object. Personal as well as professional experience is involved in the design anticipations of the process. Using an object means exploring it as a concrete arrangement for our everyday conduct of life....... in no systematic sequence. This, among other things, separates design and use, which is worth investigating in order to understand the problems involved in connecting the design of a house and analyzing the experience of a user. We undertook a preliminary investigation of how a dormitory for visiting students from...... with students from other dormitories, and connect with the Danes from other sections of the building isolating themselves. The janitor was surprised at the supposed function of the washing machines. Since other dormitories at the campus did not provide washing machines, the ones at the house investigated were...

  10. Interpersonal Communication of Children with Mental Retardation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aliyah Nur'aini Hanun


    Full Text Available Tunagrahita were a terminology to called the children with mentally retarded conditions. This conditions caused these children having difficulties at least on four areas, related with attention, memory, language, and academics. The research problem is how interpersonal communication tunagrahita in Dormitory Extraordinary Education Foundation (YPLB Cipaganti Bandung. This research’s aim is to seek the interpersonal communication phenomenon of children with mentally retarded in YPLB Cipaganti Dormitory. The research method which were used is the qualitative method with communication Ethnography approach and Symbolic Interactionism theory to have comprehensive descriptions about life reality of mentally retarded’s children in YPLB Cipaganti Dormitory. Data obtained by participation observer, unstructured interviews, and documentary study. The result showed that interpersonal interactions are done with each child boarding and with the management of the hostel, is a series of unique events and interpersonal communication with a distinctive circular process that takes place continuously.

  11. A study on women's junior college students' eating habits (Part 3) : The difference of eating habits in student living style


    山岸, 恵美子; 牛越, 静子


    We examined the difference of eating habits in the life styles of 397 students of Nagano Prefectual Women’s Junior College.The results are as follows.(1) Talking of breakfast, commuting students eat at about 7 o’clock, but boarding and dormitory students including those who cook for themselves about 8.The rising time through breakfast time is 21 and 34 minutes respectively.Both students have lunch at noon, but boarding and dormitory students have supper at about six thirty, and students who c...

  12. 25 CFR 36.83 - How many hours can a student be taken out of the academic setting to receive behavioral health... (United States)


    ... 25 Indians 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false How many hours can a student be taken out of the academic setting to receive behavioral health services? 36.83 Section 36.83 Indians BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS... AND NATIONAL CRITERIA FOR DORMITORY SITUATIONS Homeliving Programs Staffing § 36.83 How many hours can...

  13. US College and University Student Health Screening Requirements for Tuberculosis and Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, 2012 (United States)

    Jewett, Amy; Bell, Teal; Cohen, Nicole J.; Buckley, Kirsten; Leino, E. Victor; Even, Susan; Beavers, Suzanne; Brown, Clive; Marano, Nina


    Objective: Colleges are at risk for communicable disease outbreaks because of the high degree of person-to-person interactions and relatively crowded dormitory settings. This report describes the US college student health screening requirements among US resident and international students for tuberculosis (TB) and vaccine-preventable diseases…

  14. Encouraging Students to Engage with Native Speakers during Study Abroad (United States)

    Cadd, Marc


    Students, their parents, and educators trust that a study-abroad experience is the best way to increase linguistic proficiency. The professional literature, however, shows a much more complex picture. Gains in linguistic proficiency appear to depend on variables such as whether the students experience a homestay or dormitory, the length of time…

  15. Biochemistry in an Undergraduate Writing-Intensive First-Year Program: Seminar Courses in Drugs and Bioethics (United States)

    Mills, Kenneth V.


    The College of the Holy Cross offers a universal first-year program called Montserrat, in which first-year students participate in a living-learning experience anchored by a yearlong seminar course. The seminar courses are part of a thematic cluster of four to eight courses; students in the cluster live together in a common dormitory and…

  16. Environmental Assessment Building 5745, Historical Building Demolition, Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana (United States)


    PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) 2d Civil Engineer Squadron (2 CES/CEAO),Barksdale AFB,LA,71110 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT...Housing, Unaccompanied 26 0.1 VOQ, VAQ, BAQ, dormitories, transient facilities Outdoor Recreation 142 0.6 Softball fields, tennis courts, football field

  17. Residence Hall Student Satisfaction with Interim Alcohol Policy. Office for Student Affairs Research Bulletin; v15 n4 Jul74. (United States)

    Seabourg, Deborah; And Others

    At the beginning of the 1973-74 academic year alcohol usage was officially permitted for the first time in residence halls at the Twin Cities Campus of the University of Minnesota. To determine residents' perceptions of the effects of the change in drinking policy, interviews were conducted with 49 current dormitory residents, who had also lived…

  18. 25 CFR 36.20 - Standard V-Minimum academic programs/school calendar. (United States)


    ..., physical education, music, etc.) which are directly related to or affect student instruction shall provide....20 Section 36.20 Indians BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR EDUCATION MINIMUM ACADEMIC STANDARDS FOR THE BASIC EDUCATION OF INDIAN CHILDREN AND NATIONAL CRITERIA FOR DORMITORY...

  19. Digital Devices Invade Campus, and Networks Feel the Strain (United States)

    New, Jake


    Inside campus libraries and dormitory rooms, thousands of students connect to the Internet not only to study with online systems like Blackboard but also to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix. Computers, smartphones, wireless printers, tablets, iPods, Xboxes, handheld gaming systems, e-readers, smart TVs, Blu-ray players--students now bring an…

  20. Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of grey water for reuse requirements and treatment alternatives: the case of Jordan

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Abu-Ghunmi, L.N.A.H.; Zeeman, G.; Lier, van J.B.; Fayyed, M.


    The objective of this work is to assess the potentials and requirements for grey water reuse in Jordan. The results revealed that urban, rural and dormitory grey water production rate and concentration of TS, BOD5, COD and pathogens varied between 18-66 L cap(-1) d(-1), 848-1,919, 200-1,056, and

  1. Grey water biodegradability

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Abu Ghunmi, L.; Zeeman, G.; Fayyad, M.; Van Lier, J.B.


    Knowing the biodegradability characteristics of grey water constituents is imperative for a proper design and operation of a biological treatment system of grey water. This study characterizes the different COD fractions of dormitory grey water and investigates the effect of applying different

  2. Grey water biodegradability

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Abu Ghunmi, L.; Zeeman, G.; Fayyad, M.; Lier, van J.B.


    Knowing the biodegradability characteristics of grey water constituents is imperative for a proper design and operation of a biological treatment system of grey water. This study characterizes the different COD fractions of dormitory grey water and investigates the effect of applying different

  3. One-year assessment of a solar space/water heater--Clinton, Mississippi (United States)


    Unit called "System 4" integrated into space-heating and hot-water systems of dormitory satisfied 32 percent of building heat load. System 4 includes flat-plate air collectors, circulation blowers, rock storage bed with heat exchanger, two hot water tanks, and auxiliary heaters. Report describes performance of system and subsystems, operating-energy requirements and savings, and performance parameters.

  4. 41 CFR 301-11.12 - How does the type of lodging I select affect my reimbursement? (United States)


    ... lodgings. (Hotel/motel, boarding house, etc.) You will be reimbursed the single occupancy rate. (b) Government quarters. You will be reimbursed, as a lodging expense, the fee or service charge you pay for use... college dormitories or similar facilities or rooms not offered commercially but made available to the...

  5. Simulation of the earthquake-induced collapse of a school building in Turkey in 2011 Van Earthquake

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bal, Ihsan Engin; Smyrou, Eleni


    Collapses of school or dormitory buildings experienced in recent earthquakes raise the issue of safety as a major challenge for decision makers. A school building is ‘just another structure’ technically speaking, however, the consequences of a collapse in an earthquake could lead to social reactions

  6. The contamination of personal space : boundary construction in a prison environment

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sibley, David; van Hoven, Bettina

    In this paper, inmates in dormitories in a prison in New Mexico, USA, talk about their everyday lives. We are particularly interested in the ways in which they think about space. Their principal concern appears to be the definition of personal space in an environment where boundaries are weak. The

  7. Communities of Opportunity: Smart Growth Strategies for Colleges and Universities (United States)

    Dalbey, Matthew; Nelson, Kevin; Bagnoli, Peggy; Bagnoli, David; Droge, Martha; Cirino, Anna Marie


    Colleges and universities are growing, and they need new facilities to accommodate this growth. Whether it's space for new academic classrooms, laboratories, dormitories, research centers, business incubators, or space for retail and services necessary for a campus to thrive, college and university business officers are involved in decision-making…

  8. Blueberry Pancakes, Please. (United States)

    Leana, Frank C.


    Describes three case vignettes of college freshmen who are unhappy with their choice of schools early in their freshman years. Considers problems in dormitory living, academic pressures, and interpersonal problems. Discusses change in the campus environment in recent decades and the need for adult involvement in campus life. (NB)

  9. The Relationship of Cultural Similarity, Communication Effectiveness and Uncertainty Reduction. (United States)

    Koester, Jolene; Olebe, Margaret

    To investigate the relationship of cultural similarity/dissimilarity, communication effectiveness, and communication variables associated with uncertainty reduction theory, a study examined two groups of students--a multinational group living on an "international floor" in a dormitory at a state university and an unrelated group of U.S.…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mazroatus Saadah


    Full Text Available The announcement of the closedness of ijtihad (getting Islamic Laws seemingly gives significant influence on the teaching pattern in traditional islamic dormitories in Indonesia. It can be seen from the teaching pattern of Kitab Kuning particularly the Book of Fiqh (Islamic Law which is essentially the scientific thought or elaboration of islamic scientist or ulama onto syaria cases (the Holy Quran and Al-Hadith. With the existence of the doctrine of ijtihad closedness, the teaching model applied in traditional islamic dormitories only transfers meanings (getting the meaning of arabic books and explains the contents without any dialogue or discussion. In addition, it also legitimates the ulama’s dominance or authority, such as what he said must be obeyed and the students or santri have no rights to reconfirm and criticize. Therefore, this journal will reveal the influence of the ijtihad closedness toward the teaching pattern of Islamic law in traditional islamic dormitories. With the positiveness of technology and information advance and the numbers of modern teaching models, there is a promising hope for traditional islamic dormitory to upgrade its teaching pattern and to develop to be more modern without having to break and leave its typical character.

  11. Study of Aspirations, Attitudes and Motivational Structure of Adolescent Girl Students of Iraq for Out-of-Home Jobs. (United States)

    Shukla, Aditya N.; El-Hanafy, Mohammad Ghanim

    To ascertain the educational, occupational and social aspirations, attitudes and motivation-structure of Iraqi adolescent girl students, a questionnaire was distributed to 137 randomly-selected students from 2 colleges at the University of Mosul. Respondents were predominantly urban-oriented, dormitory residents, unmarried, average in scholastic…

  12. MIT Experiments with Joint Venture Contract. (United States)

    American School and University, 1981


    A new dormitory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology was constructed using a joint venture contract with safeguards and incentives that brought university, architect, and building contractor into a closer and more productive relationship than under conventional contract arrangements. (Author/MLF)

  13. Fusion Building: New Trend with Some Old Roots (United States)

    Hamilton, Craig


    The focus on the quality of a student's entire academic experience has led to a greater emphasis on student life activities and facilities. In response, many campuses are renovating, expanding, or creating new buildings that support student life. While many of these are traditional stand-alone student dormitories, dining facilities, unions, and…

  14. The hidden magnitude of raised blood pressure and elevated blood ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    community based NCDs risk factors screening program. Abebe Bekele1, Terefe .... effect of uncontrolled diabetes and over time leads to ... the burden and gain medical, social and economic benefits ... consumption, and khat chewing) were considered (10). Methods ... or dormitories, critically ill, and mentally disabled were.

  15. 25 CFR 36.41 - Standard XIV-Textbooks. (United States)


    ... 25 Indians 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Standard XIV-Textbooks. 36.41 Section 36.41 Indians BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR EDUCATION MINIMUM ACADEMIC STANDARDS FOR THE BASIC EDUCATION OF INDIAN CHILDREN AND NATIONAL CRITERIA FOR DORMITORY SITUATIONS Instructional Support § 36.41 Standard XIV—Textbooks. (a) Each school shal...

  16. Energy performance and Indoor Air Quality in Modern Buildings in Greenland

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kotol, Martin; Rode, Carsten


    A new dormitory for engineering students “Apisseq” was built in the town of Sisimiut, Greenland in 2010. Its purpose is not only to provide accommodation for students. Thanks to its complex monitoring system it enables researchers to evaluate the building’s energy performance and indoor air quality...

  17. 25 CFR 36.50 - Standard XVII-School program evaluation and needs assessment. (United States)


    ... MINIMUM ACADEMIC STANDARDS FOR THE BASIC EDUCATION OF INDIAN CHILDREN AND NATIONAL CRITERIA FOR DORMITORY... process evaluation methods. The areas to be reviewed will include, but not be limited to, the following... planning and implementation. (4) Curriculum development and instruction. (5) Primary education. (6) Program...

  18. 75 FR 56597 - University of Wisconsin; University of Wisconsin Nuclear Reactor Environmental Assessment and... (United States)


    ... dormitory is approximately 400 meters (1,300 feet) away. There are no nearby industrial, transportation, or... housed in the Reactor Laboratory, a 13 meter (43 feet) by 22 meter (70 feet) room of conventional... height is approximately 11 meters (36 feet) with a portion of the ceiling above the console area a height...

  19. 45 CFR 611.5 - Illustrative applications. (United States)


    ... recipient has never used discriminatory policies, the services and benefits of the program or activity it... students or trainees in the availability or use of any academic, dormitory, eating, recreational, or other... activities to be conducted in a graduate school, discrimination in the admission and treatment of students in...

  20. 14 CFR 1250.103-4 - Illustrative applications. (United States)


    ... policies, the services and benefits of the program or activity it administers may not in fact be equally... a university for activities to be conducted in a graduate school, discrimination in the admission..., dormitory, eating, recreational, or other facilities of the grantee or other recipient. (d) In a research or...

  1. 41 CFR 101-6.206 - Illustrative applications. (United States)


    ... policies, the services and benefits of the program or activity it administers may not in fact be equally... use of any academic, dormitory, eating, recreational, or other facilities of the recipient. (c) In the... receiving the benefits or services of the program is prohibited. (d) In the program involving the donation...

  2. Managing Debt and Capital Investments: A Toolbox for Private Colleges and Universities (United States)

    Townsley, Michael K.


    All private colleges and universities make strategic capital investments and consider the use of debt to fund those investments. From the commonplace purchase of photocopiers to the construction of new academic buildings or dormitories, investment decisions that yield long-term financial benefits must follow on the heels of careful analysis. To…

  3. Human exposure to brominated flame retardants through dust in different indoor environments: Identifying the sources of concentration differences in hair from men and women. (United States)

    Li, Junqi; Dong, Zheng; Wang, Ying; Bao, Junsong; Yan, Yijun; Liu, Anming; Jin, Jun


    Brominated flame retardants (BFRs) can accumulate in humans and are associated with adverse health effects. The study was conducted to determine the differences in Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and alternative brominated flame retardant (Alt-BFR) concentrations between men and women. We analyzed hair samples from 14 male and 20 female university students, paired dust samples from their dormitories (10 for males and 8 for females), and six dust samples from university teaching buildings. The total PBDE concentrations in hair from females were significantly (three times) higher (p = 0.012) than that from males (means 372 and 109 ng/g, respectively). The mean total PBDE concentrations in classroom and dormitory dust were 36100 and 2012 ng/g, respectively. The PBDE patterns were different in the male and female hair samples, as were the patterns in the classroom and dormitory dust. There are no reports concerning human exposure to BFRs through dust that was assessed considering academic and residential environments simultaneously. The differences between BFR exposure for males and females and the differences between BFR concentrations in hair samples from males and females were consistent for 71.4% of the compounds. However, using only dormitory dust in the calculations gave consistent differences only for 28.6% of the compounds, suggesting that the BFR concentration differences in hair were mainly because females spent much more time than males in classrooms. Copyright © 2018 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  4. 25 CFR 39.722 - What transportation information must day schools, on-reservation boarding schools and peripheral... (United States)


    ... 25 Indians 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false What transportation information must day schools, on-reservation boarding schools and peripheral dormitory schools report? 39.722 Section 39.722 Indians BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR EDUCATION THE INDIAN SCHOOL EQUALIZATION PROGRAM Student...

  5. Alaskan Native High School Dropouts: A Report Prepared for Project ANNA. (United States)

    Jacobson, Desa

    Presented is a summary of the Alaskan Native high school dropouts. The data collected on 180 Native Alaskan high school dropouts was taken from the regional dormitories at Nome, Kodiak, Bethel and Boarding Home programs in Anchorage, Tok, Fairbanks, Dillingham, and Ketchikan. Students who terminated for academic reasons, failed to attend school,…

  6. The Effectiveness of Positive Coping Program on Reduction of Addiction Potential in Students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fatemeh Nematollahi


    Full Text Available Objective: This study aimed to study the effectiveness of positive coping program on reduction of addiction potential in dormitory girl students. Method: The research method was semi experimental method namely: pre test-post test with witness group. In selection of sample, first addiction potential scale administered among 160 dormitory girl students, and 20 of them who were scored higher than cutoff score on addiction potential scale selected and divided to two experimental and witness groups. Experimental group received 10 sessions training which each session was 90 minutes. Positive coping program was based on three components of Bob Murray’s theory namely: social relationships, goal setting and spirituality. After finishing of training Post test were administered in both experimental and witness groups. Results: The results showed positive coping training was significantly reduced students’ addiction potential. Conclusion: The training of positive coping can be affect on reduction of girl students’ addiction potential.

  7. How to make sure the logistics work well under new situation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Dai Shi-ming


    With the further development of economics and politics in China, each industry need to make some change and innovations, in order to catch up with the new situation. State-owned enterprises are also included. This essay wil be based on the writer's actual work : logistics management, dormitory management, fleet management. Firstly wil make brief introduction of the current working condition, point out the potential issues, then discuss and try to figure out how to solve and prevent them.



    Dyanza Sri Novianti; Alfiasari .


    The first-grade college students who were living in the dormitory face transitional period toward the adult period. Therefore, it needed the ability to measure his life satisfaction. This study aimed 1) to analyze the differences between maternal and paternal parenting styles; 2) to analyze the influence of college student characteristic, family characteristic and parenting style toward college student character; and 3) to analyze the influence of college student characteristic, family charac...

  9. Online Movie Trailers - A Reception Analysis


    Jensen, Frida Videbæk; Rozé, Caroline


    This project is a reception analysis of how a target group receive online movie trailers. It utilized a focus group as means of research with participants from the dormitories Kollibrien and Korallen. We concluded that the group we investigated were not interested in online movie trailers as anything else than a preview of a movie. They preferred to experience movie trailers in the cinema. Their opinion of specific movie trailers were also determined by whether or not they identified with the...

  10. Food environments in university dorms: 20,000 calories per dorm room and counting. (United States)

    Nelson, Melissa C; Story, Mary


    Few young adults meet national dietary recommendations. Although home food availability likely has important influences on dietary intake, little research has examined this issue among young adults. The objective of this research was to conduct a detailed, observational assessment of food and beverages available in college-student dormitory rooms. Dormitory-residing students (n=100) were recruited from a large, public university. Research staff completed a detailed inventory of food and beverages in the dorm rooms, including nutrient contents and purchasing sources. Data were collected and analyzed in 2008. The mean number of food and beverage items per participant was 47 (range: 0-208), with 4% of participants not having any food or beverages. More than 70% of students had each of the following types of items: salty snacks, cereal or granola bars, main dishes, desserts or candy, and sugar-sweetened beverages. Fewer students had low-calorie beverages, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, tea/coffee, and 100% fruit/vegetable juice. The average number of calories per dorm room was 22,888. Items purchased by parents had a higher calorie and fat content than items purchased by students. Findings indicate that students maintain a wide array of food and beverages in their dormitory rooms. Parents purchased a substantial amount of food for their children's dormitory rooms, and these food items were less healthful than the food that students purchased. The foods observed in college students' living spaces may have an important impact on eating habits. Overall, young adult-oriented obesity prevention efforts are needed, and improving the various facets of campus food environments may mark an important component of such strategies.

  11. Field Demonstration of Active Desiccant-Based Outdoor Air Preconditioning Systems, Final Report: Phase 3; FINAL

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Fischer, J.


    This report summarizes an investigation of the performance of two active desiccant cooling systems that were installed as pilot systems in two locations-a college dormitory and a research laboratory-during the fall of 1999. The laboratory system was assembled in the field from commercially available Trane air-handling modules combined with a standard total energy recovery module and a customized active desiccant wheel, both produced by SEMCO. The dormitory system was a factory-built, integrated system produced by SEMCO that included both active desiccant and sensible-only recovery wheels, a direct-fired gas regeneration section, and a pre-piped Trane heat pump condensing section. Both systems were equipped with direct digital control systems, complete with full instrumentation and remote monitoring capabilities. This report includes detailed descriptions of these two systems, installation details, samples of actual performance, and estimations of the energy savings realized. These pi lot sites represent a continuation of previous active desiccant product development research (Fischer, Hallstrom, and Sand 2000; Fischer 2000). Both systems performed as anticipated, were reliable, and required minimal maintenance. The dehumidification/total-energy-recovery hybrid approach was particularly effective in all respects. System performance showed remarkable improvement in latent load handling capability and operating efficiency compared with the original conventional cooling system and with the conventional system that remained in another, identical wing of the facility. The dehumidification capacity of the pilot systems was very high, the cost of operation was very low, and the system was cost-effective, offering a simple payback for these retrofit installations of approximately 5 to 6 years. Most important, the dormitory system resolved numerous indoor air quality problems in the dormitory by providing effective humidity control and increased, continuous ventilation air

  12. Determining the Feasibility of Milk Vending Machines to Improve Calcium Intake Among College Students


    Laura E. Monnat; Angela M. Rose; Julie A. Kennel; Christopher H. Holloman; Gail L. Kaye; Carolyn W. Gunther


    Calcium intake declines from late adolescence to young adulthood, in part, due to decreases in accessibility to milk and dairy products. While milk vending has shown demonstrated success in secondary schools, no studies have examined whether milk vending improves calcium intake among college students. We hypothesized that milk and calcium intake would be higher among college students given access to milk vending in their dormitory (milk vending consumers) compared to those lacking access in...

  13. Treatment of Source-Separated Blackwater: A Decentralized Strategy for Nutrient Recovery towards a Circular Economy


    Melesse Eshetu Moges; Daniel Todt; Arve Heistad


    Using a filter medium for organic matter removal and nutrient recovery from blackwater treatment is a novel concept and has not been investigated sufficiently to date. This paper demonstrates a combined blackwater treatment and nutrient-recovery strategy and establishes mechanisms for a more dependable source of plant nutrients aiming at a circular economy. Source-separated blackwater from a student dormitory was used as feedstock for a sludge blanket anaerobic-baffled reactor. The effluent f...

  14. The influence of hostel servicescapes on social interaction and service experience.


    Rashid-Radha, Jasmine Z. R. R


    Historically, hostels have been purposely designed to provide the kind of environment that fosters communication and interaction between guests. Hostel guests are typically provided with dormitory-type rooms, shared washrooms, a shared kitchen and communal living areas, thereby offering less privacy and more opportunity for interaction than other accommodation types. However, recent studies have highlighted that due to changes in backpacking trends, there are opposing views of how different a...

  15. Predicting Active Duty Air Force Pilot Attrition Given an Anticipated Increase in Major Airline Pilot Hiring (United States)


    the Air Force in addressing some quality-of-life issues, such as updating 3,800 family housing units, 21 dormitories, and building three child ...of pilots into the airlines (Air Force Personnel Center, FY 07). By allowing this crop of pilots to leave on the Air Force’s terms, the service felt...attrition rates compared with pilots with more general skills (flying mobility aircraft) (Stephen P. Barrows, 1993). This may be due to the phenomenon in

  16. Návrh a implementace aplikace pro podporu vrátnice


    Kovář, Martin


    The goal of this work is to design and implement application for support the student's dormitory reception. For that is needed to analyze processes and needs of receptionists, define requirements and then propose solutions. At first, work is devoted to the analysis of environment and processes, followed by the definition of requirements and their analysis. Next is finding out, if is there appropriate application. Such application is found and analyzed. Missing functionality is replaced by a n...

  17. Leisure Times Status Amongst Students of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences –Yazd, Iran


    Mohammad Hassan Lotfi; Amir Houssain Aminian; Aghdasea Ghomizadea


    A large number of the selected students are admitting for the Iranian University to acquire scientific and insight subjects annually. In this way, exposing to different cultural manners, new conditions of educational and dormitory residence place can affect psycho-social aspects of students where a not good planning for fulfilling times of leisure can produce psycho-social problems. This analytic cross sectional study was planned to evaluate the status of lesiure time amongst students of Shah...

  18. Community health workers on a college campus: Effects on influenza vaccination. (United States)

    Huang, Jack J; Francesconi, Maria; Cooper, Madeline H; Covello, Allyson; Guo, Michelle; Gharib, Soheyla D


    To assess the impact of a campus community health worker program (HealthPALs) on student influenza vaccination. Undergraduate students at a northeastern US university (enrollment 6650), influenza seasons 2011-2012 through 2015-2016. Study design: Difference-in-differences analysis of student vaccination at campus dormitory influenza clinics during intervention vs. baseline. In the first intervention year, HealthPALs conducted in-person peer outreach at several campus dormitory flu clinics. Subsequent years, HealthPALs conducted an enhanced intervention, with the addition of a personalized, dormitory-specific social media campaign appealing to students' community identity. The initial intervention increased vaccinations by 66% (IRR = 1.66, 95%CI 1.39-1.97) at intervention clinics relative to control. The enhanced intervention increased vaccinations by 85% (IRR = 1.85, 95%CI 1.75-1.96). Community health workers can be a highly effective, low-cost strategy for increasing influenza vaccination among college students. This model could also be used to address other campus health challenges where student engagement is key.

  19. Bed Bug Infestations and Control Practices in China: Implications for Fighting the Global Bed Bug Resurgence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Changlu Wang


    Full Text Available The bed bug resurgence in North America, Europe, and Australia has elicited interest in investigating the causes of the widespread and increasing infestations and in developing more effective control strategies. In order to extend global perspectives on bed bug management, we reviewed bed bug literature in China by searching five Chinese language electronic databases. We also conducted telephone interviews of 68 pest control firms in two cities during March 2011. In addition, we conducted telephone interviews to 68 pest control companies within two cities in March 2011. Two species of bed bugs (Cimex lectularius L. and Cimex hemipterus (F. are known to occur in China. These were common urban pests before the early1980s. Nationwide “Four-Pest Elimination” campaigns (bed bugs being one of the targeted pests were implemented in China from 1960 to the early 1980s. These campaigns succeeded in the elimination of bed bug infestations in most communities. Commonly used bed bug control methods included applications of hot water, sealing of bed bug harborages, physical removal, and applications of residual insecticides (mainly organophosphate sprays or dusts. Although international and domestic travel has increased rapidly in China over the past decade (2000–2010, there have only been sporadic new infestations reported in recent years. During 1999–2009, all documented bed bug infestations were found in group living facilities (military dormitories, worker dormitories, and prisons, hotels, or trains. One city (Shenzhen city near Hong Kong experienced significantly higher number of bed bug infestations. This city is characterized by a high concentration of migratory factory workers. Current bed bug control practices include educating residents, washing, reducing clutter, putting items under the hot sun in summer, and applying insecticides (pyrethroids or organophosphates. There have not been any studies or reports on bed bug insecticide

  20. Exposure to violent and sexual media content undermines school performance in youth

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yakup Çetin


    Full Text Available Background: Humans are hard-wired to pay attention to violent and sexual cues. Because humans have limited attention capacity, attention allocated to violent and sexual cues decreases attention that can be allocated to encoding important information in school. This study examined the effects of exposure to violent and sexual media on general school performance and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL scores in Turkish youth. Methods: The relationship between exposure to violent and sexual media on school performance was assessed in a sample of 1545 Turkish adolescents. Then, we compared the TOEFL scores of 143 Turkish boys aged 14 to 18 divided in 71 living in dormitories in which consumption of media was strictly regulated and 72 living at home. Results: A significant negative relationship was found between exposure to violent/sexual media and school success. The effects remained significant even after controlling for the total amount of media exposure. In addition, boys living in the dormitory in which consumption of media was strictly regulated outscored those living at home on the TOEFL post-test immediately after the end of the study, and on a delayed post-test one week later. Conclusions: Because there was no difference between boys living at home and those living in a dormitory on the pre-test, the post-test and delayed post-test differences cannot be attributed to initial differences in English language proficiency. These results suggest that exposure to violent and sexual media impairs adolescent school performance and foreign language memory.

  1. Some Observations on Naso-pharyngeal Epidemics in Public Schools. (United States)

    Glover, J A


    Over 80 per cent. of school sickness, whether judged by the number of cases or by the time lost, is transmitted by "droplet" infection.The alleged increase in sickness in public schools is partly apparent, due to increased attention to minor febricula and partly real, due (1) to increased influenza prevalence, the aftermath of the great epidemic of 1918, and (2) to the increased demand for public school education leading to pressure upon accommodation, and especially to overcrowding in dormitories.The bulk of the droplet infections are accounted for by (1) influenza; (2) feverish cold, chill, or P.U.O.; (3) tonsillitis; regular infectious diseases make a comparatively small showing. The incidence and bacteriological findings and the variations in the incidence of pneumonia and otitis media are discussed. Are these complications really secondary epidemics? Tonsillitis, bacteriological findings, milk.Prophylaxis.-Efficacy of vaccines uncertain. Some evidence that they may diminish the onset of complications. If given vaccines should be administered before the danger period, i.e., not later than November.Intensive prophylaxia other than vaccines during the first half of the Lent term would probably amply repay any trouble. It should include:-(a) Special efforts to prevent boys returning to school after the Christmas holidays infected with influenza or febricula.(b) Temperature taking for three weeks.(c) Immediate isolation of all pyrexias and catarrhs.(d) No work before breakfast for at least the first six weeks of the term.(e) All hot baths and showers taken during the day or after games to be followed by cold showers.(f) Prevention of chill in watching games, etc.(g) Increased provision for drying clothes, uniforms and boots.Infection mainly takes place in sleeping quarters, and proper spacing out of beds and thorough "cross" ventilation in dormitories is of paramount importance; instances of cross infection due to proximity of beds; illustrated by bed charts and

  2. Il fiore e la pietra


    Hirsch, Debora


    Il fiore e la pietra è un progetto di scultura urbana per una piazza della città di Torino. Il tema trae la sua prima ispirazione dal fumetto B.C. di Johnny Hart: un fragile fiore dialoga con una pietra. Lʼambiguità tra solidità e fragilità è simbolicamente accostata alla situazione avversa in cui si trova lʼindustria torinese per eccellenza, FIAT, e al problema dei quartieri dormitori. Il contesto nel quale venne realizzato il progetto è tuttora sintomatico di una situazione ...

  3. Asia’s Bilateral Relations (United States)


    engaged in a three-day orgy with several hundred Chinese prostitutes in a luxury hotel in Zhuhai. The episode coincided with the anniversary of the 1931...out of the dormitory and into a hotel . As many as 1,000 Chinese students protested on the campus and then marched downtown. The Chinese MOFA called in...scientists have succeeded in developing mini-nukes or low-yield “ boutique ” nuclear bombs for battlefield use, India’s military equation with Pakistan

  4. The influence of construction measurement and structure storey on seismic performance of masonry structure (United States)

    Sun, Baitao; Zhao, Hexian; Yan, Peilei


    The damage of masonry structures in earthquakes is generally more severe than other structures. Through the analysis of two typical earthquake damage buildings in the Wenchuan earthquake in Xuankou middle school, we found that the number of storeys and the construction measures had great influence on the seismic performance of masonry structures. This paper takes a teachers’ dormitory in Xuankou middle school as an example, selected the structure arrangement and storey number as two independent variables to design working conditions. Finally we researched on the seismic performance difference of masonry structure under two variables by finite element analysis method.

  5. Measurement of air exchange rates in different indoor environments using continuous CO2 sensors

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yan YOU; Can Niu; Jian Zhou; Yating Liu; Zhipeng Bai; Jiefeng Zhang; Fei He; Nan Zhang


    A new air exchange rate (AER) monitoring method using continuous CO2 sensors was developed and validated through both laboratory experiments and field studies.Controlled laboratory simulation tests were conducted in a 1-m3 environmental chamber at different AERs (0.1-10.0 hr-1).AERs were determined using the decay method based on box model assumptions.Field tests were conducted in classrooms,dormitories,meeting rooms and apartments during 2-5 weekdays using CO2 sensors coupled with data loggers.Indoor temperature,relative humidity (RH),and CO2 concentrations were continuously monitored while outdoor parameters combined with on-site climate conditions were recorded.Statistical results indicated that good laboratory performance was achieved:duplicate precision was within 10%,and the measured AERs were 90%-120% of the real AERs.Average AERs were 1.22,1.37,1.10,1.91 and 0.73 hr-1 in dormitories,air-conditioned classrooms,classrooms with an air circulation cooling system,reading rooms,and meeting rooms,respectively.In an elderly particulate matter exposure study,all the homes had AER values ranging from 0.29 to 3.46 hr-1 in fall,and 0.12 to 1.39 hr-1 in winter with a median AER of 1.15.

  6. Caries prevalence and DMF-T index of Papuan’s students with Betel chewing habit

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yohanes Tebai


    Full Text Available The purpose of the research is to find the extent of caries prevalence and DMF-T index in Papuan’s students with betel chewing habit in Cilaki Dormitory Bandung, 2007. Betel chewing habit is a chewing action of Areca nut (Areca Catechu Linn, Betel leaves (Piper Betel Folia, Betel fruit (Piper Betle Linn, lime talk (Calcium Hydroxide, and after chew to spent out of the mouth. The research is a descriptive research using the survey technique. Research samples are determined by purposive sampling, and a number of 80 samples are collected, consisting of Papuan’s student with betel chewing habit in Bandung between 18-to-30 years of age. Research results indicated that caries prevalence is 98.75% with a DMF-T index of 5.46. The conclusion of the reseach is that the caries prevalence and the DMF-T in Papuan’s student with betel chewing habit in Cilaki Papuan’s Student Dormitory Bandung, 2007, is in the high category.

  7. Grey water biodegradability. (United States)

    Ghunmi, Lina Abu; Zeeman, Grietje; Fayyad, Manar; van Lier, Jules B


    Knowing the biodegradability characteristics of grey water constituents is imperative for a proper design and operation of a biological treatment system of grey water. This study characterizes the different COD fractions of dormitory grey water and investigates the effect of applying different conditions in the biodegradation test. The maximum aerobic and anaerobic biodegradability and conversion rate for the different COD fractions is determined. The results show that, on average, dormitory grey water COD fractions are 28% suspended, 32% colloidal and 40% dissolved. The studied factors incubation time, inoculum addition and temperature are influencing the determined biodegradability. The maximum biodegradability and biodegradation rate differ between different COD fractions, viz. COD(ss), COD(col) and COD(diss). The dissolved COD fraction is characterised by the lowest degradation rate, both for anaerobic and aerobic conditions. The maximum biodegradability for aerobic and anaerobic conditions is 86 and 70% respectively, whereas the first order conversion rate constant, k₂₀, is 0.119 and 0.005 day⁻¹, respectively. The anaerobic and aerobic conversion rates in relation to temperature can be described by the Arrhenius relation, with temperature coefficients of 1.069 and 1.099, respectively.

  8. Field Surveys of Non-Residential Solar Water Heating Systems in Taiwan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kung-Ming Chung


    Full Text Available To develop indigenous alternative and renewable energy resources, long-term subsidy programs (1986–1991 and 2000–present for solar water heaters have been enforced in Taiwan. By the end of 2010, the total installed area of solar collectors had exceeded 2 million square meters. However, over 98% of solar water heaters were used in residential systems for hot water production, with the areas of installed solar collector being less than 10 square meters. There were only 98 systems with area of solar collectors installed exceeding 100 square meters put into operation from 2001 to 2010. These systems were mainly installed for water heating in dormitories, swimming pools, restaurants, and manufacturing plants. In the present study, a comprehensive survey of these large-scale solar water heaters was conducted. The objectives of the survey were to assess the system performance and to collect feedback from individual users. It is found that lack of experience in system design and maintenance are the key factors affecting reliable operation of a system. Hourly, daily and long-term field measurements of a dormitory system were also examined to evaluate its thermal efficiencies. Results indicated that thermal efficiency of the system is associated with the daily solar radiation. Hot water use pattern and operation of auxiliary heater should be taken into account in system design.

  9. Based on acceptance and commitment therapy on social anxiety symptoms and quality of life Chamran University students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Farokh Hasheminiya


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of acceptance and commitment therapy on social anxiety symptoms and quality of life Chamran University Dormitory. From among female students living in dormitories martyr Chamran University, through the call, and after the implementation of the social anxiety questionnaire, a total of 30 people with the highest social anxiety score Bund, were selected randomly to participate in the study. Method of this quasi experimental study was from type of pre- and post-test with the control group. So that the qualified students, after the initial interview were randomly assigned to two experimental and control groups. Participants in both groups of social anxiety and quality of life questionnaire in the pre-test, post-test and follow-up was 1.5 months completed. The experimental group received 10 sessions of treatment based on acceptance and commitment. The results of multivariate analysis of covariance (MANCOVA suggests that this treatment reduces social anxiety (F = 18,47, p = 0/001 and improved quality of life (F = 13,46, p = 0/04 in experimental group compared with the control group in the post-test and procedures were followed. Research results show that based on acceptance and commitment therapy a good way to reduce social anxiety and improve the quality of life.

  10. The effect of hand hygiene on illness rate among students in university residence halls. (United States)

    White, Cindy; Kolble, Robin; Carlson, Rebecca; Lipson, Natasha; Dolan, Mike; Ali, Yusuf; Cline, Mojee


    Several studies have indicated a connection between hand sanitization and infection control in numerous settings such as extended care facilities, schools, and hospitals. The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of both a hand-hygiene message campaign and the use of an alcohol gel hand sanitizer in decreasing the incidence of upper-respiratory illness among students living in university residence halls. This study involved a total of 430 students recruited from 4 residence halls during the fall semester at the University of Colorado at the Boulder campus. Dormitories were paired into control and product groups. In the product groups, alcohol gel hand-sanitizer dispensers were installed in every room, bathroom, and dining hall. The data were statistically analyzed for the differences between product and control groups in reported symptoms, illness rates, and absenteeism from classes. The overall increase in hand-hygiene behavior and reduction in symptoms, illness rates, and absenteeism between the product group and control group was statistically significant. Reductions in upper respiratory-illness symptoms ranged from 14.8% to 39.9%. Total improvement in illness rate was 20%. The product group had 43% less missed school/work days. Hand-hygiene practices were improved with increased frequency of handwashing through increasing awareness of the importance of hand hygiene, and the use of alcohol gel hand sanitizer in university dormitories. This resulted in fewer upper respiratory-illness symptoms, lower illness rates, and lower absenteeism.

  11. Measurement of air exchange rates in different indoor environments using continuous CO2 sensors. (United States)

    You, Yan; Niu, Can; Zhou, Jian; Liu, Yating; Bai, Zhipeng; Zhang, Jiefeng; He, Fei; Zhang, Nan


    A new air exchange rate (AER) monitoring method using continuous CO2 sensors was developed and validated through both laboratory experiments and field studies. Controlled laboratory simulation tests were conducted in a 1-m3 environmental chamber at different AERs (0.1-10.0 hr(-1)). AERs were determined using the decay method based on box model assumptions. Field tests were conducted in classrooms, dormitories, meeting rooms and apartments during 2-5 weekdays using CO2 sensors coupled with data loggers. Indoor temperature, relative humidity (RH), and CO2 concentrations were continuously monitored while outdoor parameters combined with on-site climate conditions were recorded. Statistical results indicated that good laboratory performance was achieved: duplicate precision was within 10%, and the measured AERs were 90%-120% of the real AERs. Average AERs were 1.22, 1.37, 1.10, 1.91 and 0.73 hr(-1) in dormitories, air-conditioned classrooms, classrooms with an air circulation cooling system, reading rooms, and meeting rooms, respectively. In an elderly particulate matter exposure study, all the homes had AER values ranging from 0.29 to 3.46 hr(-1) in fall, and 0.12 to 1.39 hr(-1) in winter with a median AER of 1.15.

  12. Effectiveness of Group Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy on Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) ‎. (United States)

    Maddineshat, Maryam; Keyvanloo, Sodabe; Lashkardoost, Hossein; Arki, Mina; Tabatabaeichehr, Mahbubeh


    Standards of care and treatment of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) vary. Non-drug ‎psychosocial intervention therapy is recommended for women with any kind of ‎discomfort or distress caused by PMS. The current study examined the effectiveness of ‎group cognitive-behavioral therapy on the symptoms of PMS at a girls' dormitory of ‎North Khorasan University of Medical Sciences. In this quasi-experimental study, 32 female students with PMS who were majoring in ‎nursing and midwifery and residing in the dormitory were selected using the ‎convenience sampling method and were assigned to experimental and control groups. ‎The Standardized Premenstrual Symptoms Screening Tool was used as the research ‎tool. Eight sessions of cognitive-behavioral group therapy were held for the students Results: There was a significant difference in psychological symptoms before and after ‎cognitive-behavioral therapy (p=0.012). Furthermore, cognitive-behavioral therapy was ‎effective on social interferences caused by PMS symptoms (p=0.012).‎ Group cognitive-behavioral therapy effectively alleviates PMS symptoms in female ‎college students.‎.

  13. Effectiveness of group cognitive-behavioral therapy ‎on ‎symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS ‎

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maryam Maddineshat


    Full Text Available Objective: Standards of care and treatment of premenstrual syndrome (PMS vary. Non-drug ‎psychosocial intervention therapy is recommended for women with any kind of ‎discomfort or distress caused by PMS. The current study examined the effectiveness of ‎group cognitive-behavioral therapy on the symptoms of PMS at a girls’ dormitory of ‎North Khorasan University of Medical Sciences.Method: In this quasi-experimental study, 32 female students with PMS who were majoring in ‎nursing and midwifery and residing in the dormitory were selected using the ‎convenience sampling method and were assigned to experimental and control groups. ‎The Standardized Premenstrual Symptoms Screening Tool was used as the research ‎tool. Eight sessions of cognitive-behavioral group therapy were held for the studentsResults: There was a significant difference in psychological symptoms before and after ‎cognitive-behavioral therapy (p=0.012. Furthermore, cognitive-behavioral therapy was ‎effective on social interferences caused by PMS symptoms (p=0.012.‎Conclusion: Group cognitive-behavioral therapy effectively alleviates PMS symptoms in female ‎college students.‎

  14. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage between healthy students of medical and nonmedical universities. (United States)

    Abroo, Soleiman; Hosseini Jazani, Nima; Sharifi, Yaeghob


    Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a challenge for public health, and community-acquired (CA) infections seem to be increasing among people in different areas. A total of 700 healthy student volunteers residing in dormitories of universities in Urmia, Iran, were enrolled in this study. After identification of the isolates, antibiotic susceptibility, presence of mecA and pvl genes, and staphylococcal cassette chromosome mec (SCCmec) typing were evaluated. Nasal screening identified 137 (19.6%) carriers of S aureus, and 18 (13.14%) were MRSA isolates. The antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of isolates revealed high resistance to penicillin (93.4%). All isolates were sensitive to vancomycin. The SCCmec typing showed that most MRSA strains belonged to SCCmec type IV (n = 14; 77.8%). Only 1 (5.56%) MRSA isolates carried the pvl gene. Our findings revealed the relatively high frequency of S aureus nasal carriers and the advent of multidrug resistance among these isolates. Most MRSA isolates were SCCmec type IV; the transfer of such MRSA strains from carriers to other individuals in crowded living conditions such as dormitories can act as a risk factor for outbreak of CA MRSA and is a serious threat for the study groups. Copyright © 2017 Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    . Sutyawan


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTThe objectives of this study were to assess food service management, food acceptance, and the consumption’s level of students boarding school dormitory SMA 1 Pemali Bangka Belitung. The research was conducted in May—July 2013 with a cross sectional design. Subjects were purposively chosen with the total of 71 students. As many as 51.0% of components of food service management system have already been applied consisted of planning, purchasing, storage, processing, serving, personal hygiene, and sanitation. Spearman correlation analysis showed that the preference level for taste of food was significantly associated with energy and protein sufficiency level (p<0.05. The preference level for temperature of food was significantly associated with sufficiency levels of phosphorus (p<0.05. Preference level for temperature of food was significantly associated with compliance level of energy and iron (p<0.05. The level of compliance was significantly associated with sufficiency level of energy, iron, phosphorus, and zinc (p<0.05. Energy, protein, fosfor, iron intake from dormitory was significantly negatively associated with intake from non dormitory (p<0.05.Keywords: compliance level, food service management, preference level, sufficiency levelABSTRAKTujuan penelitian ini untuk mengetahui proses penyelenggaraan makanan, daya terima makanan, dan tingkat asupan siswa asrama kelas unggulan SMA 1 Pemali Bangka Belitung. Penelitian ini dilaksanakan pada bulan Mei hingga Juli 2013 dengan menggunakan desain cross-sectional. Subjek diambil secara purposive dengan total 71 siswa. Sebanyak 51.0% komponen sistem penyelenggaraan makanan sudah diterapkan yang terdiri dari perencanaan, pembelian, penyimpanan, pengolahan, penyajian, higiene perorangan, dan sanitasi. Uji korelasi Spearman menunjukkan bahwa tingkat kesukaan terhadap rasa makanan memiliki hubungan yang nyata dengan tingkat kecukupan energi dan protein (p<0.05. Tingkat kesukaan terhadap suhu

  16. Analisis Pengendalian Risiko Terhadap Peningkatan Kinerja Pekerjaan Konstruksi (Studi Kasus Asrama Haji Gorontalo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Evan Kusuma Wijaya


    Full Text Available A good construction management can support the acceleration of the infrastructure construction and a low performance in implementation of the construction projects will lead to delay and cost overrun. This paper is intended to identify the risk factors which affect to performance of construction project. Gorontalo Hajj Dormitory construction project are not completed within the estimated scheduled and cost. Data in this research were collected through questionnaires from stakeholders. Regression model of an analysis result then simulated with Monte Carlo method and the variables in this model are the most dominant risk factor which influence on a performance. The most dominant risk for cost and schedule performance is bad condition during construction, incorrect of implementation methods, rework and equipment failure. The cost and schedule performance of the construction work are in poor condition. Generated statistical model is aligned with Earn Value Method and can be apply on the field. Keywords: Earned Value Analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, Risk analysis.

  17. Learning From Demonstration?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Koch, Christian; Bertelsen, Niels Haldor


    Demonstration projects are often used in the building sector to provide a basis for using new processes and/or products. The climate change agenda implies that construction is not only required to deliver value for the customer, cost reductions and efficiency but also sustainable buildings....... This paper reports on an early demonstration project, the Building of a passive house dormitory in the Central Region of Denmark in 2006-2009. The project was supposed to deliver value, lean design, prefabrication, quality in sustainability, certification according to German standards for passive houses......, and micro combined heat and power using hydrogen. Using sociological and business economic theories of innovation, the paper discusses how early movers of innovation tend to obtain only partial success when demonstrating their products and often feel obstructed by minor details. The empirical work...

  18. Survey of large-scale solar water heaters installed in Taiwan, China

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chang Keh-Chin; Lee Tsong-Sheng; Chung Kung-Ming [Cheng Kung Univ., Tainan (China); Lien Ya-Feng; Lee Chine-An [Cheng Kung Univ. Research and Development Foundation, Tainan (China)


    Almost all the solar collectors installed in Taiwan, China were used for production of hot water for homeowners (residential systems), in which the area of solar collectors is less than 10 square meters. From 2001 to 2006, there were only 39 large-scale systems (defined as the area of solar collectors being over 100 m{sup 2}) installed. Their utilization purposes are for rooming house (dormitory), swimming pool, restaurant, and manufacturing process. A comprehensive survey of those large-scale solar water heaters was conducted in 2006. The objectives of the survey were to asses the systems' performance and to have the feedback from the individual users. It is found that lack of experience in system design and maintenance are the key factors for reliable operation of a system. For further promotion of large-scale solar water heaters in Taiwan, a more compressive program on a system design for manufacturing process should be conducted. (orig.)

  19. Identity, Flexibility and Sustainability for the new Social Housing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cesare Sposito


    Full Text Available Pubblica (lit. Public Residential Construction, undergone over the last sixty years in Italy, have brought about new lines of thought with regard to places to live. The high cost of renewal and re-functionalization of the E.R.P. areas, the absence of services, which have transformed them into dormitory suburbs, have led us to rethink new urban environments as places possessing a sense of identity, in which to provide communal services and spaces for neighborly relations. Moreover, the social, economic and political dynamics of the last few years have modified not only life styles, but also the typology of householder, ever more sensitive to the quality of product and environmental issues. This contribution discusses several principles as a point of departure for a new Social Housing.

  20. Vegetation and geothermal development in the vicinity of the Takinogami geothermal field

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ohba, T


    After site studies for a new geothermal power plant at the Takinogami geothermal field, the Japan Natural Conservation Association recommended against locating the plant near the office and dormitory complexes at Matsukurasawa junction. An alternate site located about 1 km upstream on the Takinogami River was proposed. It was recommended that a buffer zone be established between the construction road and the local forest. This zone would be planted with Uwamizu cherry, Azuki pear, Tani deutia, Tamu brushwood, Clathracea, Rowan, Kobano ash and Yama (Japanese lacquer tree). A road embankment would be constructed of terraced masonry which would be landscaped with Tani deutia, Kuma raspberry, giant knotweed and mugwort. Previous development of geothermal wells in the area resulted in severe effects on the local flora. Consequently, further development was not recommended.

  1. Theoretical Advanced Study Institute in Elementary Particle Physics

    CERN Document Server


    The program will consist of a pedagogical series of lectures and seminars. Lectures will be given over a four-week period, three or four lectures per day, Monday through Friday. The audience will be composed primarily of advanced theoretical graduate students. Experimentalists with a strong background in theory are also encouraged to apply. Some post-doctoral fellows will be admitted, but preference will be given to applicants who will not have received their Ph.D. before 2017. The minimum background needed to get full benefit of TASI is a knowledge of quantum field theory (including RGEs) and familiarity with the Standard Model. Some familiarity with SUSY would be helpful. We hope to provide some subsidy, but students will need partial support from other sources. Rooms, meals, and access to all facilities will be provided at reasonable rates in beautifully located dormitories at the University of Colorado.

  2. LEMBAGA PENDIDIKAN ISLAM AKHIR ABAD XX Studi Pendidikan Muhammadiyah Sekolah Umum Plus dan Boarding School

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heni Listiana


    Full Text Available Abstract: Modernization of Islamic education institutions in Indonesia was preceded by  Muhammadiyah movement that rised the idea of extra public schools or so called "HIS met de Qur'an". This school model became the forerunner of modern Islamic education institutions in the 20th century. This school model is, then, disseminated to other reformist movements. ‘Plus’ Public Schools  has become a new phenomenon of modern educational institutions to acomodate the needs of Muslims to modern education. In addition to the developing Extra Public Schools, Muhammadiyah also developed "boarding School" (Dormitory education system which was initially criticized to address the needs of the Muslim community towards education. Keywords: islamic education institutions, muhammadiyah, 20th century

  3. The Effect of Sexual Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy on Females\\' Sexual Knowledge, Sexual Attitude, and Sexual Self-Confidence. A Case Study in Shiraz, Iran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E Rahimi


    21.Lawrence S, Janet S. African- American adolescents knowledge, health- related attitudes, Sexual behavior, and contraceptive decisions: Implications for the prevention of adolescent HIV infection. Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology 200515: 104-112.Abstract retrieved Jul 15, 2007, from Psych INFO database,. 22.Shojayizade D, Ghobbe N, Mansurian M editors. The effectiveness of Health education couples on Sexual attitude about contraception means. Sexual health position in fertility and infertility seminar: 2003. 15-18: Tehran. Tehran Shahid Beheshti University of Medicine 2004. 23.Usefi E, Besharat M, Yunesi J. An investigation of the correlation between Sexual knowledge and attitude with marital satisfaction among serried couples Inhabiting in married students dormitory at shahid beheshti university. Quarterly journal of Iranian Counseling Association Winter 2008,Vol.6,No26,27-39.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mar me tshe 'bar མར་མེ་ཚེ་འབར།


    Full Text Available The reality of local education is described at a central boarding primary school in a pastoral area of a northeastern Tibetan community in China. I describe how I became a teacher; my personal relationships at the school; the school in general terms; the local teachers' backgrounds; school positions, ranks, and duties; adult education programs; teaching certificates; students' parents' backgrounds; school terms; student number and class sizes; students' daily schedule and curriculum; student monitors and their responsibilities; student food; student dormitories; textbooks; post-graduation; relationships between teachers and student families; teacher and student relationships; teachers' attitudes toward students; students' families' attitude toward education; what administrators expect from teachers; official evaluation of administrators; and evaluation of teachers. I conclude with observations and recommendations on how to improve rural Tibetan education.

  5. The structure of the Emotions Profile Index

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kurbalija Dragan


    Full Text Available In order to evaluate the factor structure of the Emotions Profile Index (EPI 217 first-year students accommodated in the school’s dormitory were examined. The data was analyzed with Beelzebub algorithm for comparative confirmative and exploratory component analysis. The results show that the empirical structure of EPI can be related with 4 bipolar factor structure proposed in the scoring key, although the relation is far from indubitable. The structure of hypothetical dimension Distrustful vs. Trustful has a solid empirical foundation, correlations between orthoblique and hypothetical factors of theoretical dimensions Gregarious vs. Depressed and Timid vs. Aggressive are acceptable while, on the other hand, the structure of the hypothetical dimension Controlled vs. Dyscontrolled requires revising, not only because the Adventurous trait is used to describe both of their poles but for numerous other reasons. The paper suggests a few ways of improving the characteristics of the test.

  6. Introduction of flexible monitoring equipment into the Greenlandic building sector

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kotol, Martin; Heller, Alfred; Orthmann, Christian


    sensor network (WSN) technologies. The design of a prototype wireless monitoring and control system is demonstrated in the new dormitory Apisseq in Sisimiut, Greenland. The existing mechanical ventilation was running at a constant air volume even during unoccupied hours which resulted in a very high heat...... to be hardwired to the controller. In Greenland where price of the labor is very high and availability of experts limited the installation of such control system becomes unacceptably expensive, particularly in case of renovation of existing buildings. One possible solution to the above is to introduce wireless...... demand. It was estimated that installing the WSN system will bring annual savings of 1,600 € at the investment of 8,000 €. This paper describes the initial setup of the system and discusses its advantages and drawbacks....

  7. Interior insulation – Experimental investigation of hygrothermal conditions and damage evaluation of solid masonry façades in a listed building

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Odgaard, Tommy; Bjarløv, Søren Peter; Rode, Carsten


    Exterior walls in historic multi-storey buildings compared to walls in modern buildings have low thermal resistance, resulting in high energy loss and cold surfaces/floors in cold climates. When restrictions regarding alteration of the exterior appearance exist, interior insulation might be the o......Exterior walls in historic multi-storey buildings compared to walls in modern buildings have low thermal resistance, resulting in high energy loss and cold surfaces/floors in cold climates. When restrictions regarding alteration of the exterior appearance exist, interior insulation might...... be the only possibility to increase occupant comfort. This paper describes an investigation of the hygrothermal influence when applying 100 mm of diffusion open interior insulation to a historic multi-storey solid masonry spandrel. The dormitory room with the insulated spandrel had a normal indoor climate...... showed no risk of damage from the changed hygrothermal conditions when applying interior insulation to a solid masonry spandrel....

  8. Energy performance and indoor air quality in modern buildings in Greenland

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kotol, Martin; Rode, Carsten; Vahala, Jan


    A new dormitory for engineering students "Apisseq" was built in Sisimiut, Greenland in 2010. Its purpose is not only to provide accommodation for students, but thanks to its complex monitoring system, it enables researchers to evaluate the building's energy performance and indoor air quality. Some......, which have negative effects on the energy performance and indoor air quality. The heat demand in 2011 was 26.5% higher than expected. One of the main causes of the extra heat demand is the fact that the ventilation system was over-dimensioned, and although it is running on the lowest fan power...... of the installed technologies are not commonly used in the current Greenlandic building stock. Therefore, evaluation of their performance under local conditions is essential for further use and development. The first year of operation has disclosed some errors made during the design process and construction phase...

  9. Study of the composition and viscosity of engobe and glazed from dimension stones wastes for application in red tile

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hastenreiter, L.L. G.; Santos, J.C.; Taguchi, S.P.


    The dimension stones wastes has some constituents that may be employed in the ceramic. This work is about the production of engobe and glaze for ceramic coating. Chemical characterization of the residue and Clay (XRF) was performed. Several compositions were tested in order to decrease the melting temperature of the glaze to 980°C, enabling to produce the ceramic at 1100°C for 15 to 60 minutes, it presenting more uniform and better technological properties of the surface. The viscosities of some compositions of glaze and engobe were studied, to be applied on the red tile (100x100mm) to obtain the ceramic coating. These were analyzed for resistance to abrasion, according to NBR 13 818/1997 and it was found that the ceramic was classified as PEI 1 and may be used, eg in residential bathrooms and dormitories with no doors to the outside. (author)

  10. Predicting Couples’ Happiness Based on Spiritual Intelligence and Lovemaking Styles: The Mediating Role of Marital adjustment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to predict couples’ happiness based on spiritual intelligence and lovemaking styles with the mediating role of marital adjustment. Therefore 360 male and female, married students living in Tehran University dormitory were randomly selected and were asked to answer the items of Sternberg’s Love Questionnaire, King’s Spiritual Intelligence Scale, Oxford’s Happiness Questionnaire and Spanier’s Marital Adjustment Questionnaire. Structural equation modeling (path analysis was used for data analysis. The results  of path analysis showed  that spiritual intelligence and lovemaking styles have direct effects on couples’ happiness, and the spiritual intelligence did not have an indirect effect on couples’ happiness whereas lovemaking styles had indirect effects on couples’ happiness through martial satisfaction. Altogether the results of this research show that marital adjustment has a mediating role in predicting couples’ happiness based on spiritual intelligence and lovemaking styles.

  11. The effect of air quality on sleep

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Strøm-Tejsen, Peter; Wargocki, Pawel; Wyon, David Peter


    The effect of air quality on sleep was examined for occupants of 14 identical single-occupancy dormitory rooms. The subjects, half women, were exposed to two conditions (open/closed window), each for one week, resulting in night-time average CO2 levels of 660 and 2585 ppm, and air temperatures...... performance. Although no significant effects on the sleep quality scale or on next-day performance could be shown, there were significant and positive effects of a higher ventilation rate (open window) on the actigraph measured sleep latency and on the subjects’ assessment of the freshness of the air...... of 24.7 and 23.9°C, respectively. Sleep was assessed from movement data recorded on wristwatch-type actigraphs and from online morning questionnaires, including the Groningen Sleep Quality scale, questions about the sleep environment, next-day well-being, SBS symptoms, and two tests of mental...

  12. Interracial roommate relationships: an experimental field test of the contact hypothesis. (United States)

    Shook, Natalie J; Fazio, Russell H


    This study investigated how automatically activated racial attitudes are affected by relatively long-term interracial relationships. A natural field experiment was conducted in a college dormitory system. Participants were White freshmen who had been randomly assigned to either a White or an African American roommate. Students participated in two sessions during the first 2 and last 2 weeks of their first quarter on campus. During these sessions, they answered questions about their satisfaction and involvement with their roommates and completed an inventory of intergroup anxiety and an implicit measure of racial attitudes. Participants in interracial rooms reported less satisfaction and less involvement with their roommates than did participants in same-race rooms. However, automatically activated racial attitudes and intergroup anxiety improved over time among students in interracial rooms, but not among students in same-race rooms. Thus, the results suggest that interracial roommate relationships, although generally less satisfying and involving than same-race roommate relationships, do produce benefits.

  13. Influence of socio-economic changes on students' health of Siberian Federal University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Temnykh A.S.


    Full Text Available The results of statistical researches of morbidity of students of university are presented in times of socio-economic reforms from 1990 to 2011. 1775 students took part in an experiment. The tendency of decline of health of young people level is marked. It is set that principal reason of increase of morbidity is an unhealthy way of life of young people and low level of motive activity. The annual medical inspection of all of students, engaged in a physical culture and sport is recommended. The necessity of maintainance is marked for an educational process on a physical culture volume of employments in an amount 408 hours on 1, 2 and 3 courses. An increase of activity of students and efficiency of employments is possibly at the permanent improvement of financial base. It is recommended to organize in student dormitories sporting rooms with the proper equipment.

  14. Stimulus selection and tracking during urination: autoshaping directed behavior with toilet targets. (United States)

    Siegel, R K


    A simple procedure is described for investigating stimuli selected as targets during urination in the commode. Ten normal males preferred a floating target that could be tracked to a series of stationary targets. This technique was used to bring misdirected urinations in a severely retarded male under rapid stimulus control of a floating target in the commode. The float stimulus was also evaluated with nine institionalized, moderately retarded males and results indicated rapid autoshaping of directed urination without the use of verbal instructions or conventional toilet training. The technique can be applied in training children to control misdirected urinations in institution for the retarded, in psychiatric wards with regressed populations, and in certain male school dormitories. PMID:885828


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Syamsul Qomar


    Full Text Available From research conducted data showed that transformational leadership has been executed well by leaders in MTI Canduang. This is evidenced by the changes better than ever, morale and motivation of teachers and employees. Factors supporting leadership in MTI Canduang of which is a strong leader, the majority are young, energetic and highly motivated, skilled in the art, the support of all parties. Whereas the inhibiting factor of which is the absence of a permanent dormitory, minimal finances. Models/styles of verbal and non verbal leadership shown by the variety of writing programs that have been created by the leadership as well as attitudes and daily behavior is an example for subordinates. From the findings of this study concluded that transformational leadership has done well in MTI Canduang. Factors supporting leadership more than the barriers. While the verbal and non verbal leadership has been executed well by the existing leaders. Key Words: Kepemimpnan transformasional, peningkatan mutu

  16. LED Lightbulbs as a Source of Electricity Saving in Buildings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zeb Akhtar


    Full Text Available Today a number of renewable energy technologies are available for power generation, but fossil fuels are still providing a dominant share nevertheless. In order to decrease the electric bill and save our environment, energy conservation is always crucial. In this paper a very interesting idea is presented which is economically viable to reduce electricity usage in our buildings. An effort has been made to estimate the amount of energy that could be saved in the dormitory section of the IMOP building in Russia. Although there are many ways to reduce the consumption of electricity in this building but here the emphasis is on changing light bulbs inside the rooms, kitchen, toilet and bathroom of each apartment. The scope of the study is to figure out monthly electricity saving by replacing traditional light bulbs by LED light bulbs in the building under consideration. The total investment required and the payback period is also presented.

  17. Acute prurigo simplex in humans caused by pigeon lice. (United States)

    Stolf, Hamilton Ometto; Reis, Rejane d'Ávila; Espósito, Ana Cláudia Cavalcante; Haddad Júnior, Vidal


    Pigeon lice are insects that feed on feathers of these birds; their life cycle includes egg, nymph and adult and they may cause dermatoses in humans. Four persons of the same family, living in an urban area, presented with widespread intensely pruritic erythematous papules. A great number of lice were seen in their house, which moved from a nest of pigeons located on the condenser of the air-conditioning to the dormitory of one of the patients. Even in urban environments, dermatitis caused by parasites of birds is a possibility in cases of acute prurigo simplex. Pigeon lice are possible etiological agents of this kind of skin eruption, although they are often neglected, even by dermatologists.

  18. Karakteristik Khutbah Jumat di Mesjid Kampus: Perspektif Komunikasi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yusuf Hamdan


    Full Text Available This research which uses descriptive approach is focused on Friday speech characteristic delivered on campus mosque. The details of research focus are (1 Profile of the speaker; (2 Audience perception toward the speaker (as communicator; (3 Audience perception toward Friday speech’ features (message. It is found that the speakers are mostly middle aged, docent, has formal education background, but also graduated from an Islamic dormitory. They have speech experience for a long time, using multimedia devices, writing-communication-skilled, and being highly exposed by the media. The audience perceived the speakers as somebody who mastered the materials and acquired speech skill. But the messages are not clear and concise, the peakers itself was perceived as insensitive toward his audience. Speech message was positively perceived, the theme was relevant enough and attracted audience. But the topics aren’t actual enough, and didn’t have a unity of idea.

  19. Environmental air pollution and DNA adducts in Copenhagen bus drivers - effect of GSTM1 and NAT2 genotypes on adduct level

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Per Sabro; de Pater, Nettie; Okkels, Henrik


    The lymphocyte bulky PAH-DNA adduct levels have been studied in persons occupationally exposed to ambient air pollution. The exposure group consisted of 90 healthy, nonsmoking bus drivers from the Copenhagen area, divided into three exposure groups according to driving area, and 60 rural controls...... (smokers and non-smokers). PAH-DNA adducts were determined by 32P-postlabelling with the butanol enrichment procedure. The bus drivers answered a comprehensive questionnaire on passive smoking, residential area, diet and other potential confounding variables. A significantly higher adduct level...... was observed in bus drivers working in central Copenhagen (1.214 fmol/microg DNA, n = 49) compared with both those driving in the dormitory (median: 0.507 fmol/microg DNA, P = 0.046, n = 16) and suburban (median: 0.585 fmol/microg DNA, P = 0.041, n = 25) areas. All three groups had higher adduct levels than...

  20. Personal and household hygiene, environmental contamination, and health in undergraduate residence halls in New York City, 2011. (United States)

    Miko, Benjamin A; Cohen, Bevin; Haxall, Katharine; Conway, Laurie; Kelly, Nicole; Stare, Dianne; Tropiano, Christina; Gilman, Allan; Seward, Samuel L; Larson, Elaine


    While several studies have documented the importance of hand washing in the university setting, the added role of environmental hygiene remains poorly understood. The purpose of this study was to characterize the personal and environmental hygiene habits of college students, define the determinants of hygiene in this population, and assess the relationship between reported hygiene behaviors, environmental contamination, and health status. 501 undergraduate students completed a previously validated survey assessing baseline demographics, hygiene habits, determinants of hygiene, and health status. Sixty survey respondents had microbiological samples taken from eight standardized surfaces in their dormitory environment. Bacterial contamination was assessed using standard quantitative bacterial culture techniques. Additional culturing for coagulase-positive Staphylococcus and coliforms was performed using selective agar. While the vast majority of study participants (n = 461, 92%) believed that hand washing was important for infection prevention, there was a large amount of variation in reported personal hygiene practices. More women than men reported consistent hand washing before preparing food (p = .002) and after using the toilet (p = .001). Environmental hygiene showed similar variability although 73.3% (n = 367) of subjects reported dormitory cleaning at least once per month. Contamination of certain surfaces was common, with at least one third of all bookshelves, desks, refrigerator handles, toilet handles, and bathroom door handles positive for >10 CFU of bacteria per 4 cm(2) area. Coagulase-positive Staphylococcus was detected in three participants' rooms (5%) and coliforms were present in six students' rooms (10%). Surface contamination with any bacteria did not vary by frequency of cleaning or frequency of illness (p>.05). Our results suggest that surface contamination, while prevalent, is unrelated to reported hygiene or health in the university setting

  1. Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of grey water for reuse requirements and treatment alternatives: the case of Jordan. (United States)

    Ghunmi, Lina Abu; Zeeman, Grietje; van Lier, Jules; Fayyed, Manar


    The objective of this work is to assess the potentials and requirements for grey water reuse in Jordan. The results revealed that urban, rural and dormitory grey water production rate and concentration of TS, BOD(5), COD and pathogens varied between 18-66 L cap(-1)d(-1), 848-1,919, 200-1,056, and 560-2,568 mg L(-1) and 6.9E2-2.7E5 CFU mL(-1), respectively. The grey water compromises 64 to 85% of the total water flow in the rural and urban areas. Storing grey water is inevitable to meet reuse requirements in terms of volume and timing. All the studied grey waters need treatment, in terms of solids, BOD(5), COD and pathogens, before storage and reuse. Storage and physical treatment, as a pretreatment step should be avoided, since it produces unstable effluents and non-stabilized sludge. However, extensive biological treatment can combine storage and physical treatments. Furthermore, a batch-fed biological treatment system combining anaerobic and aerobic processes copes with the fluctuations in the hydrographs and pollutographs as well as the present nutrients. The inorganic content of grey water in Jordan is about drinking water quality and does not need treatment. Moreover, the grey water SAR values were 3-7, revealing that the concentrations of monovalent and divalent cations comply with agricultural demand in Jordan. The observed patterns in the hydrographs and pollutographs showed that the hydraulic load could be used for the design of both physical and biological treatment units for dormitories and hotels. For family houses the hydraulic load was identified as the key design parameter for physical treatment units and the organic load is the key design parameter for biological treatment units. Copyright IWA Publishing 2008.

  2. Investigating the problems associated with interior air quality of bedroms in boarding schools and developing a new system

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mustafa Ertürk


    Full Text Available The problems associated with interior air quality in the dormitory of a vocational and technical training center that consist of six bedrooms with a capacity of sixty students are studied for December of 2016. Measurements are carried out with 11 Testo 535 CO2 measuring instruments, two and nine of which are used for exterior and interior air, respectively. The outdoor CO2 measurements are made in the garden and in front of open window situated at the second floor of the building. The data received from other nine measuring instruments placed at five different locations where the students are mostly present are recorded continuously and averaged manually. These measurements are conducted for seven different hours of four different days on December (1500, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 0000, 0300, 0630. According to results obtained at 1500, it is found that the amount of CO2 level in rooms is measured to 1100 ppm, which is under the permitted amount of level. Students begin to enter the bedrooms from 1800, the amount of CO2 increase staidly to up to 2000. The free time of students from 930 to 2200 increases the amount of CO2 and continues until 0600 in the morning due to their increased activities in this period of times. To solve the problem associated with interior air quality of this dormitory, a novel system which controls the interior air quality continuously and keeps it stabile is developed. In this newly developed system, it is aimed to keep the amount of CO2 at 1100 ppm level by transferring the data collected from CO2 sensors in bedrooms to ABB brand driver, and designing a variable air flow system that controls the fresh air and exhaust fans. This system is also expected to constantly stabilize the blown air temperature at 25 °C by activating the electric resistances present in the air channel according to the load, when the outside air temperature drops below 20 °C.

  3. Tobacco Use and Associated Factors in Medical Students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hamideh Ebrahimi


    Full Text Available Background Many studies indicate that one of the leading preventable causes of premature death, disease and disability around the world is Tobacco use. Unfortunately, adolescents and young adults of colleges are often targeted of marketing by the tobacco industry. The aim of this study was to assess the relative frequency of tobacco use and associated factors in medical students. Methods This cross-sectional study has done among medical students in 2014 - 2015. Totally, 284 students from 4 levels (basic, extern, intern and residents were selected by random sampling from each category. We used a checklist for collecting demographic information that was distributed among participants by a trained interviewer. SPSS-11.5 software was used for data analysis andsignificance level was considered < 0.05. Results Among 284 medical students, 17 (6% smoked cigarette and 3 (1.05% used illicit substance. All of the users were male, 15 (88% of which were single. 1 (1.4 % of the basic level students, 6 (6.9 % of the externs, 9 (14.8 % of the Interns and 1(1.6 % of the residents used cigarette but the differences among these groups were not significant (P = 0.36. Generally, 13 (76.5% of the users resided in dormitory and the others lived in parental home, which shows a significant difference among these groups (P = 0.01.The logistic regression indicated stage level was positively associated with cigarette use (P < 0.007. Conclusions In this study, we evaluated how several environmental factors may influence illicit substance and tobacco use. We found an association between living in a dormitory and smoking cigarette, so it is an important factor to be considered in program planning for new students who entered into this environment.

  4. [Two Outbreaks of Yersinia enterocolitica O:8 Infections in Tokyo and the Characterization of Isolates]. (United States)

    Konishi, Noriko; Ishitsuka, Rie; Yokoyama, Keiko; Saiki, Dai; Akase, Satoru; Monma, Chie; Hirai, Akihiko; Sadamasu, Kenji; Kai, Akemi


    Although the number of outbreaks caused by Yersinia enterocolitica has been very small in Japan, 4 outbreaks were occurred during the 2 years between 2012 and 2013. We describe herein 2 outbreaks which were examined in Tokyo in the present study. Outbreak 1: A total of 39 people (37 high school students and 2 staff) stayed at a hotel in mountain area in Japan had experienced abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever in August, 2012. The Y. enterocolitica serogroup O:8 was isolated from 18 (64.3%) out of 28 fecal specimens of 28 patients. The infection roots could not be revealed because Y. enterocolitica was not detected from any meals at the hotel or its environment. Outbreak 2: A total of 52 students at a dormitory had diarrhea and fever in April, 2013. The results of the bacteriological and virological examinations of fecal specimens of patients showed that the Y. enterocolitica serogroup O:8 was isolated from 24 fecal specimens of 21 patients and 3 kitchen staff. We performed bacteriological and virological examination of the stored and preserved foods at the kitchen of the dormitory to reveal the suspect food. For the detection of Y. enterocolitica, food samples. together with phosphate buffered saline (PBS) were incubated at 4 degrees C for 21 days. Then, a screening test for Y. enterocolitica using realtime-PCR targeting the ail gene was performed against the PBS culture. One sample (fresh vegetable salad) tested was positive on realtime-PCR. No Y. enterocolitica was isolated on CIN agar from the PBS culture because many bacteria colonies other than Y. enterocolitica appeared on the CIN agar. After the alkaline-treatments of the culture broth or the immunomagnetic beads concentration method using anti-Y. enterocolitica O:8 antibodies, Y. enterocolitica O:8 which was the same serogroup as the patients' isolates was successfully isolated from the PBS culture. The fresh vegetable salad was confirmed as the incrimination food of this outbreak.

  5. Mumps vaccine performance among university students during a mumps outbreak. (United States)

    Cortese, Margaret M; Jordan, Hannah T; Curns, Aaron T; Quinlan, Patricia A; Ens, Kim A; Denning, Patricia M; Dayan, Gustavo H


    The largest reported mumps outbreak at a US college in 19 years occurred in 2006 at a Kansas university with a 2-dose measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccination policy. We assessed vaccine performance and mumps risk factors, including the possibility of waning vaccine protection. Case students were compared with a cohort of the university's approximately 19,000 undergraduates. The secondary attack rate for clinical mumps was determined among roommates exposed to case students. Time from receipt of the second dose of MMR vaccine was compared between case students and roommates without mumps. Coverage with > or =2 dose of MMR vaccine was > or =95% among 140 undergraduate case students and 444 cohort students. The secondary attack rate for clinical mumps among roommates who had received 2 doses of vaccine ranged from 2.2% to 7.7%, depending on the case definition. Compared with roommates without mumps, case students were more likely (odds ratio, 2.46; 95% confidence interval, 1.25-4.82) to have received their second dose of MMR vaccine > or =10 years earlier. The odds of being a case student increased with each 1-year increase in time from receipt of the second dose of MMR vaccine (odds ratio, 1.36; 95% confidence interval, 1.10-1.68) among case students and roommates aged 18-19 years but not among those aged > or =20 years. Students aged 18-19 years had a higher risk of mumps (risk ratio, 3.14; 95% confidence interval, 1.60-6.16), compared with students aged > or =22 years; women living in dormitories had increased risk of mumps (risk ratio, 1.95; 95% confidence interval, 1.01-3.76), compared with men not living in dormitories. High 2-dose MMR coverage protected many students from developing mumps but was not sufficient to prevent the mumps outbreak. Vaccine-induced protection may wane. Similar US settings where large numbers of young adults from wild-type naive cohorts live closely together may be at particular risk for mumps outbreaks.

  6. Library resources and services use for study by students of medical Sciences in Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, 2006-7

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Saeed Haji Aghajani


    Full Text Available Background and purpose: Today with growth of information, information sources are also growing in number and diversity. The users should welcome these changes and learn the skills which help with optional use of information resources and prevents confusion. This study is an attempt to evaluate student use of information resources and library services in Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services.Methods: In this survey a questionnaire was used to collect the date. The questionnaire included question on demographic data such as the degree program of study, sex, living place and 15 items on study habits and library use. The last year students of 13 disciplines leading to Associate degree, Bachelors degree, and Professional doctoral degree (medicine were included in this study. The association of variables was tested with chi-square and fisher exact tests and to examine the correlation of variables Spearman correlation coefficient was used. A P value of less than 0.05 was considered significantResults: In this study 215 last year students participated. Of all participants 70.3% were female; 43.3% study for an associate degree, 47.4% studies for Bachelor’s degree and 9.3% studied for doctoral degree; 92.6% lived in dormitories. There is a significant association between use of library sources and the study program degree (r=0.191, P=0.005 and living place (P=0.026 Original English books are used scarcely. Use of English sources are associated with the degree the students studied for (r=0.137, P=0.045 and sex; using specialty journal is associated with program degree (r=0.160, P=0.013.Most students of doctoral degree (40%, bachelors degree (42.2%, and associate degree (32.3% did not use library as an educational setting. Male students (28.2% and students living in dormitories (24.6% “always” used library as main study place.Conclusions: Most of our students always or often preferred transcripts of instructors’ lecture over

  7. Utah Valley University Field Station at Capitol Reef National Park: A Venue for Improved Student Learning and Retention (United States)

    Nielsen, K.; Schultz, M.; Williams, B.; Gay, J.; Johnson, S.; Dunn, P.


    The unique geo-environment offered in Capitol Reef National Park and its surrounding areas has a long-standing history of inspiring geological scientific exploration. The Capitol Reef Field Station was established in 2008 as part of collaboration between the National Park and Utah Valley University in order to support teaching and research of the natural environment found within the park and on the Colorado Plateau. The facility itself situated deep within the park, well off any public road system offers state of the art alternative energy and sustainable construction and makes extensive use of passive heating and cooling, in order to maintain its status of being "off-grid." The field station is a 6200 square foot complex of classrooms and dormitories supporting university level education and field studies of the Colorado Plateau. The complex includes a classroom and dining area, professional kitchen, and two separate dormitories, which can sleep up to 24 overnight visitors, while the daytime usage can accommodate up to 40 visitors. The vision of the facility is to support teaching and research toward responsible, respectful, and sustainable stewardship of the natural world - including Interdisciplinary learning between arts and sciences Student internships and service learning in collaboration with the National Park Service Field-based scientific research (as well as inventorying and assessing Park ecosystems changes) Field training in scientific research Collaboration between National Park Service scientists and local, regional, and national institutions The park is situated at 38°N 249°E at elevations greater than 2000 m in Southern Utah. In contrast to the more famous neighboring sister parks such as Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, which are in relatively close proximity to large road systems and cities, Capitol Reef offers what is believed to be the darkest night sky in the US. The culmination of features creates an ideal location for studies of the

  8. Prevalence of and factors associated with regular khat chewing among university students in Ethiopia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Astatkie A


    Full Text Available Ayalew Astatkie,1 Meaza Demissie,2 Yemane Berhane,2 Alemayehu Worku2,3 1School of Public and Environmental Health, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Hawassa University, Hawassa, Ethiopia; 2Addis Continental Institute of Public Health, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; 3School of Public Health, College of Health Sciences, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Purpose: Khat (Catha edulis is commonly chewed for its psychostimulant and euphorigenic effects in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Students use it to help them study for long hours especially during the period of examination. However, how regularly khat is chewed among university students and its associated factors are not well documented. In this article we report on the prevalence of and factors associated with regular khat chewing among university students in Ethiopia. Methods: We did a cross-sectional study from May 20, 2014 to June 23, 2014 on a sample of 1,255 regular students recruited from all campuses of Hawassa University, southern Ethiopia. The data were collected using self-administered questionnaires. We analyzed the data to identify factors associated with current regular khat chewing using complex sample adjusted logistic regression analysis. Results: The prevalence of current regular khat chewing was 10.5% (95% confidence interval [CI]: 6.1%–14.9%. After controlling for sex, religion, year of study, having a father who chews khat, cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking in the adjusted logistic regression model, living off-campus in rented houses as compared to living in the university dormitory (adjusted odds ratio [95% CI] =8.09 [1.56–42.01], and having friends who chew khat (adjusted odds ratio [95% CI] =4.62 [1.98–10.74] were found to significantly increase the odds of current regular khat use. Conclusion: Students living outside the university campus in rented houses compared to those living in dormitory and those with khat chewing peers are more likely to use

  9. Kultur Asrama Berbasis Sekolah Sebagai Pusat Pembinaan Karakter (Studi Kasus di SMPIT Al-Furqon Palembang

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Munir Munir


    Full Text Available Artikel ini merupakan hasil penelitian yang mendeskripsikan tentang kultur asrama di SMPIT Al-Furqan Palembang, memahami makna filosofis asrama bagi masyarakat belajar SMPIT Al-Furqan Palembang, serta memahami sistem nilai dalam kultur tersebut pada konteks pendidikan Islam kontemporer. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian lapangan, yakni dengan menjadikan SMPIT Al-Furqan Palembang sebagai objek penelitian. Sedangkan sumber primer dalam penelitian ini, yakni berasal dari hasil observasi dan didukung juga dengan hasil wawancara. Sedangkan yang menjadi informan dalam kajian ini adalah para siswa dan para tenaga pendidik, pembina dan kepala asrama, kepala sekolah, pengurus dapur, petugas keamanan dan ketertiban asrama, kantin dan toko di sekitar asrama, serta beberapa orang wali siswa. Artikel ini menyimpulkan bahwa karakter yang ingin ditanamkan kepada setiap siswa/ peserta didik di SMPIT Al-Furqan Palembang, yakni: religious, jujur, toleransi, disiplin, kerja keras, kreatif, mandiri, demokratis, peduli lingkungan, peduli sosial, dll. Karakter ini akan dicapai dengan membuat tata tertib peraturan, panduan dan sangsi atas setiap pelanggaran.                               This article is the result of research that describes about the dormitory culture at Al-Furqan SMP IT Palembang, understanding the philosophical meaning of hostels for people to learn SMPIT Al-Furqan Palembang, as well as understanding the value system of the culture in the context of contemporary Islamic education. This research is a field study, by making SMP IT Al-Furqan Palembang as research objects. While the primary source in this study is derived from the observation and supported also by the results of the interview. While the informants in this study are students and educators, teachers and matron, principals, kitchen staffs, security guards and order cafeterias and shops around the dormitory, as well as several students’ parents. The article concludes


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. F. Dolina


    Full Text Available Purpose. The research paper aims to determine radioactive contamination on the territory of campus of Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan (DNURT. Methodology. The dosimeters measured the radioactive contamination in different places (points of DNURT campus, focusing on public places. The centres of measurements became dormitories, monuments, stops, main entrances of the new and the old buildings, classrooms, basements, a swimming pool, boiler room and others. Findings. The conducted radiation monitoring for the first time in the history of the University discovered the source of radioactive contamination on DNURT territory and campus. The highest radiation background is observed on three points, namely: the pedestal of the monument, the monument to students-soldiers, the main entrance of the new building (columns. This can be explained by granite materials, which the pedestals and the stairs are made of. Originality. The largest contribution to the total value of annual effective dose of human exposure is made by ionizing radiation sources (IRS of building materials (65 - 70%. The radioactivity level of building materials is determined by the content of natural radionuclides that are included in uranium-radium and thorium decay series (18 and 12 radionuclides as well as potassium-40. Radioactivity of building materials is evaluated by the content of dominant radionuclides radium-226, thorium-232 and potassium-40. Their dominant role is explained by the fact that these long-lived high-energy - emitters are the products of decay of radium-226 in uranium series of and radium-224 in thorium series, exposing radioactive gases (radon-222 and radon-220. Radioactive gases are accumulated in the basements of educational buildings; their decay is accompanied by 100% alpha radiation, which is the most dangerous. Practical value. It is necessary to set radioactivity signs near the objects with high

  11. Comparison the Effect of Mefenamic Acid and Matricaria Chamomilla on Primary Dysmenorrhea in Kashan Medical University Students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zahra Karimian


    Full Text Available Background & Objectives: Regarding to high incidence of dysmenorrhea and influence on daily activities and fewer side effects of herbal medicines than chemical drugs, the aim of this study was to compare the effect of mefenamic acid and matricaria chamomilla (MC on primary dysmenorrhea.   Methods: This triple-blind randomized clinical trial study was done on 90 female students residents in dormitories of Kashan University of Medical Sciences in 2012. The subjects were categorized into two groups randomly. Mefenamic acid capsules (250 mg, every 8 hours were given to the first group from 48 hours before menstruation until 24 hours after it. The second group received MC capsules made in Barij Essence Factory of Kashan (250 mg, every 8 hours. Severity of dysmenorrhea was measured by McGill ruler. Finally, the data were analyzed by SPSS. The chi-squire, fisher and paired t-test were used. The p-value of less than 0.05 was considered as statistically significant difference.   Results: The result of this study indicated that both chamomilla and mefenamic acid can reduce the severity of pain and hemorrhage (p0.05.   Conclusion: This study showed that matricaria chamomilla is effective in decreasing the severity of primary dysmenorrhea and reducing hemorrhage as well as mefenamic acid.

  12. An outbreak of community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection in a boarding school in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (China). (United States)

    Miu-ling, Wong; Kwok-ming, Poon; Yuen-kong, Wan; Shuk-Kwan, Chuang; Lai-key, Kwok; Sik-on, Pak


    In November 2012, an outbreak of community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA) skin and soft tissue infections affecting students at a boarding school in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (China) was detected. A case was defined as any student or staff notified with MRSA infection from 25 October 2012 to 5 July 2013 with the clinical isolate being of staphylococcal cassette chromosome mec type IV or V and positive for Panton-Valentine leukocidin gene. We conducted field investigations, advised on control measures and enhanced surveillance for skin and soft tissue infections at the school. Decolonization therapies were offered to all cases and contacts, and carrier screening was conducted. There were five cases; two (40%) were hospitalized and three (60%) required surgical treatments. Initial screening comprised 240 students and 81 staff members. Overall, four cases (80%) plus eight other students (3.3%) were carriers, with eight of 12 (66.7%) from the same dormitory. All staff members screened negative. After intensified control measures, the number of students screened positive for CA-MRSA decreased from nine to one with no more cases identified in the school. Identification of carriers, decolonization therapy, monitoring of cases and contacts and strengthening of environmental and personal hygiene were control measures that helped contain this CA-MRSA outbreak in a boarding school in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (China).

  13. Factors that Affect Suicide Attempts of Adolescents in Multicultural Families in Korea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Subin Park


    Full Text Available We examined the factors that affect suicide attempts adolescents multicultural families in South Korea. The participants were 727 adolescents whose mothers and/or fathers were born outside of South Korea (376 males and 351 females. Among them, 41 (weighted prevalence 6.2% had attempted suicide during the last 12 months. Female gender, residence in large cities (compared with in rural areas, living with relatives/alone/with friends/in a dormitory or living in a facility (compared with living with family, high and low socio-economic status (compared with a middle level, high and low academic performance (compared with a middle level, severe perceived stress (compared with non-severe stress, conflicts with a teacher (compared with conflicts with parent, and foreign-father/-parent families (compared with foreign-mother family were associated with increased odds of suicide attempt. The results indicate that greater awareness of the possibility of suicidal behavior is prudent for adolescents in multicultural families with certain risk factors, such as being from a foreign-parents family, living separately from the family, and having conflicts with a teacher.

  14. Factors that Affect Suicide Attempts of Adolescents in Multicultural Families in Korea. (United States)

    Park, Subin; Lee, Yeeun


    We examined the factors that affect suicide attempts adolescents multicultural families in South Korea. The participants were 727 adolescents whose mothers and/or fathers were born outside of South Korea (376 males and 351 females). Among them, 41 (weighted prevalence 6.2%) had attempted suicide during the last 12 months. Female gender, residence in large cities (compared with in rural areas), living with relatives/alone/with friends/in a dormitory or living in a facility (compared with living with family), high and low socio-economic status (compared with a middle level), high and low academic performance (compared with a middle level), severe perceived stress (compared with non-severe stress), conflicts with a teacher (compared with conflicts with parent), and foreign-father/-parent families (compared with foreign-mother family) were associated with increased odds of suicide attempt. The results indicate that greater awareness of the possibility of suicidal behavior is prudent for adolescents in multicultural families with certain risk factors, such as being from a foreign-parents family, living separately from the family, and having conflicts with a teacher.

  15. Fighting Brick with Brick: Chikazumi Jōkan and Buddhism’s Response to Christian Space in Imperial Japan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Garrett Washington


    Full Text Available In 1915, with the support of Jōdo Shinshū (True Pure Land Buddhism’s Higashi Honganji sect and dozens of private Buddhist donors, Buddhist priest Chikazumi Jōkan erected a new, one-of-a-kind Buddhist meeting hall in Tokyo, the Kyūdō Kaikan. Chikazumi conceived of the building as a clear and deliberate spatial challenge to the crowded Protestant churches and lecture halls of turn-of-the-twentieth-century Tokyo. He chose prominent Western-style architect Takeda Goichi (1872–1938, rather than a traditional Japanese shrine or temple carpenter, to design it. The new building, in tandem with the adjacent Kyūdō Gakusha (Salvation Dormitory that Chikazumi established in 1902, spoke to, and significantly impacted, the socio-moral, intellectual, and religious life of hundreds of young Tokyoites. These two buildings represented a response to Protestant Christianity’s popularity and relevance like no other in imperial Japan. In order to achieve the religious evangelism and suprasectarian reform that he envisioned for Buddhism, Chikazumi proved willing to apply observations made in the West and appropriate practical Western Christian architectural features. Through an analysis of drawings, photographs, periodicals, institutional records, and other sources, this article tells the story of the rare fusion of opposites as Chikazumi equipped Buddhism to compete with Protestantism for the attention and devotion of the educated elite.

  16. Selected parameters of social exclusion among immigrants in the Czech Republic. (United States)

    Kajanová, Alena; Vacková, Jitka


    This article deals with the issue of social exclusion of immigrants in the Czech Republic. A review of expert sources indicates that immigrants are most often excluded from the labour market, housing market, and in communication with institutions. These areas became the target of our research. We observed how they were affect by knowledge of the Czech language, length of residence and type of work performed. The study was conducted using quantitative research strategies, interviews, and a questionnaire, the clarity of which was ensured by a double translation. The research group consisted of immigrants, namely Vietnamese, Slovak, Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish nationalities, living in selected regions of the Czech Republic. Results showed that there were statistically significant differences among the immigrant groups. The Vietnamese were least satisfied with housing conditions; they often reported living in overcrowded apartments and dormitories, and saw little chance of changing their situation because of discrimination by landlords. With regard to Czech language skills, the greater difference between Czech and Vietnamese and the relative similarity between Czech and the other studied immigrant languages also played a role. As a result, this indicator also showed the greatest dissatisfaction among the Vietnamese. For employees, poor knowledge of Czech corresponds to lower socioeconomic status.

  17. The Fulfilment Level of Turkic Republics Higher Education Students' Academic and Social Expectations in Turkey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mirgül ENTERİEVA


    Full Text Available The aim of this study is to determine the fulfilment level of students who come from Turkic Republics to study in Turkey, regarding their academic and social expectations. The qualita-tive research technique and phenomenological design were used in the study. Data of this research was collected via a semistructured interview form consisting 11 openended questions and probes, which were developed by the researchers. A total of 39 undergraduate and postgraduate students from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan participated in the present study. This study indicated that, while expecting satisfactory accommodation the students also anticipated having quality education enabling them for better employment opportunities upon graduation. Some of the students thought that graduate studies in Turkey would be a bridge to Europe. However, it has been found out that students have several academical, social and educational support service problems. According to findings it can be recommended to improve internationalization in higher education, student-centered environment and current educational and training content, organization of orientation programs, submission of international student office and guidance and consultancy services and enhancing the education support services and dormitory facilities.

  18. Restaurante, en Lisanza (Italia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Castiglioni, Enrico


    Full Text Available This building was initially planned as a single dwelling, but whilst under construction it was decided to convert it into a restaurant. The available room was insufficient, hence a number of terraces were adapted to increase the total restaurant area. There are several floor levels: the lowest of them is protected by an arcade and serves as a boathouse. The restaurant terrace is situated over it, also the restaurant itself and additional services. Finally, a number of dormitories take up the top floor. It is an original design, which involves a clever organisation of planes and volumes.EI edificio estaba destinado a «vivienda unifamiliar», pero mediada la construcción se decidió convertirlo en restaurante. El espacio disponible no era mucho, por lo que se recurrió a la creación de una serie de terrazas que sirvieran para ampliar las zonas destinadas al nuevo cometido. La edificación está organizada en varios niveles. El inferior es porticado, y sirve como refugio para los botes; encima están: la terraza del restaurante y el restaurante propiamente dicho, con sus servicios anexos; la última planta está destinada a dormitorios. Es original y tiene un acertado juego de volúmenes.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O. M. Pshinko


    Full Text Available Purpose. Heat consumption for heating and hot water supply of housing and industrial facilities is an essential part of heat energy consumption. Prerequisite for development of energy saving measures in existing heating systems is their preliminary examination. The investigation results of campus heating system of Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan are presented in the article. On the basis of the analysis it is proposed to take the energy saving measures and assess their effectiveness. Methodology. Analysis of the consumption structure of thermal energy for heating domestic and hot water supply was fulfilled. The real costs of heat supply during the calendar year and the normative costs were compared. Findings. The recording expenditures data of thermal energy for heating supply of residential buildings and dormitories in 2012 were analyzed. The comparison of actual performance with specific regulations was performed. This comparison revealed problems, whose solution will help the efficient use of thermal energy. Originality. For the first time the impact of climate conditions, features of schemes and designs of heating systems on the effective use of thermal energy were analyzed. It was studied the contribution of each component. Practical value. Based on the analysis of thermal energy consumption it was developed a list of possible energy saving measures that can be implemented in the system of heat and power facilities. It was evaluated the fuel and energy resources saving.

  20. The first neighborhood micro-grid of shared energy, RennesGrid: A harbinger of the energy transition at the local level

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Djahel, Thierry


    To develop a concrete policy for saving energy and for the energy transition, the Rennes metropolitan area and Schneider Electric have launched RennesGrid, a 20-year experiment with managing energy consumption at Ker Lann, an urban development zone located in Bruz township, 12 kilometers southwest of Rennes, France. Covering more than 160 hectares, Ker Lann groups: approximately sixty companies specialized in high technology; seventeen establishments of higher education, research and training; and residential units and dormitories for students. RennesGrid will make it less dependent on carbon energy thanks to the production of local, renewable sources using photovoltaic installations. For consumers, the objective is to reduce their energy needs and consume a renewable form of energy produced locally. Planned for operation at the end of 2017 and endowed with a global investment budget of Euro 5.8 million, this experiment is a private business with a hold over three hectares of land under a 20-year concession. Its business model is, however, mainly based on a cooperative approach (in particular with residents of the zone) and on innovative arrangements for participatory funding

  1. Preparation for environment of residences. Residence and information facilities; Sumai no kankyo zukuri. Sumai to joho setsubi

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nanjo, K. [Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    Taking up the home automation (HA) as the information facility of residence, business and technical trend of HA system together with its present and future condition are described. The service functions of HA system used for multiple dwelling houses are home telephone function, security function, control function and visual communication function. Besides, development concept of dormitory control system and service functions which are attractive to people like owner, manager and residents are described. As for its trend in foreign countries, though in France HA system under government guidance was applied in the 1980`s, it was not successful and market related to HA system was held in check. Since 1990`s, due to government policy for its introduction, this system is getting popular in the residences of disabled person, advanced age person and so forth. As for the development of HA system, more improvement not only indoor the home but also comfort, safety and so forth linking to the outdoor system is necessary. 6 figs.

  2. Date and acquaintance rape. Development and validation of a set of scales. (United States)

    Walsh, J F; Devellis, B M; Devellis, R F


    Increasing recognition of the prevalence of date/acquaintance rape (DAR) in the US, especially among college women, has led to an understanding that the techniques needed to fend off attacks from friends and acquaintances differ from those used to prevent rape by strangers. This study developed and tested the reliability and validity of the following DAR constructs: perceived vulnerability (underestimation of vulnerability discourages adequate self-protection), self-efficacy, relational priority (neglecting self-interest to save a relationship), rape myth acceptance (subscribing to myths about rape allows women to avoid facing their own vulnerability), and commitment to self-defense. These constructs were also correlated with scales measuring masculinity, self-esteem, and degree of belief in a "just world." Data were gathered to test these constructs via a questionnaire administered to 800 female undergraduate dormitory residents (47% response rate). Analysis of the data allowed refinement of 50 items into 25 items that constitute reliable scales of perceived vulnerability, self-efficacy, and self-determination and a marginally reliable scale of victim-blaming (rape myth). Support was found for 5/6 predicted correlates between DAR scales and 3/5 hypothesized correlations between DAR scales and convergent/discrimination validity scales. Research into this rape prevention tool will continue.

  3. Perceived Social Support, Self-Esteem, and Internet Addiction Among Students of Al-Zahra University, Tehran, Iran. (United States)

    Naseri, Laila; Mohamadi, Jalal; Sayehmiri, Koroush; Azizpoor, Yosra


    Internet addiction is a global phenomenon that causes serious problems in mental health and social communication. Students form a vulnerable group, since they have free, easy, and daily access to the internet. The current study aimed to investigate perceived social support, self-esteem, and internet addiction among Al-Zahra University students. In the current descriptive research, the statistical sample consisted of 101 female students residing at AL-Zahra University dormitory, Tehran, Iran. Participants were randomly selected and their identities were classified. Then, they completed the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support, Rosenberg's Self-esteem Scale, and Yang Internet Addiction Test. After completion of the questionnaires, the data were analyzed using the correlation test and stepwise regression. The Pearson correlation coefficient indicated significant relationships between self-esteem and internet addiction (P scale of internet addiction and the family subscale were predicative variables for self-esteem (r = 0.137, P self-esteem were more vulnerable to internet addiction.

  4. Meningococcal disease awareness and meningoccocal vaccination among Greek students planning to travel abroad. (United States)

    Pavli, Androula; Katerelos, Panagiotis; Maltezou, Helena C


    Objective Students living in dormitories are at increased risk for meningococcal disease. Our aim was to evaluate Greek students planning to study abroad about their level of meningococcal disease awareness and attitudes and practices towards meningococcal vaccination. Methods We studied 231 Greek ERASMUS students using a questionnaire. Results Students had a mean number of 4.1 correct answers out of six questions. In particular 66.5% 79.3%, 72.3% and 82.3% of them answered correctly about the etiology, transmission, epidemiology and treatment of meningococcal disease, respectively. Only 23.4% were vaccinated, whereas 14.7% were planning to do so in the near future. Students who answered correctly ≥5 questions were more likely to be male, vaccinated against meningococcal meningitis and science students. Conclusion We found an overall good level of knowledge about meningococcal disease among Greek students planning to study or already studying abroad. Knowledge about meningococcal disease was associated with vaccine uptake. However, vaccination rate against meningococcal disease was low.

  5. The effects of bedroom air quality on sleep and next-day performance. (United States)

    Strøm-Tejsen, P; Zukowska, D; Wargocki, P; Wyon, D P


    The effects of bedroom air quality on sleep and next-day performance were examined in two field-intervention experiments in single-occupancy student dormitory rooms. The occupants, half of them women, could adjust an electric heater to maintain thermal comfort but they experienced two bedroom ventilation conditions, each maintained for 1 week, in balanced order. In the initial pilot experiment (N = 14), bedroom ventilation was changed by opening a window (the resulting average CO2 level was 2585 or 660 ppm). In the second experiment (N = 16), an inaudible fan in the air intake vent was either disabled or operated whenever CO2 levels exceeded 900 ppm (the resulting average CO2 level was 2395 or 835 ppm). Bedroom air temperatures varied over a wide range but did not differ between ventilation conditions. Sleep was assessed from movement data recorded on wristwatch-type actigraphs and subjects reported their perceptions and their well-being each morning using online questionnaires. Two tests of next-day mental performance were applied. Objectively measured sleep quality and the perceived freshness of bedroom air improved significantly when the CO2 level was lower, as did next-day reported sleepiness and ability to concentrate and the subjects' performance of a test of logical thinking. © 2015 The Authors. Indoor Air published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  6. Facebook Use between College Resident Advisors' and Their Residents: A Mixed Methods Approach. (United States)

    Kacvinsky, Lauren E; Moreno, Megan A


    Facebook use is nearly ubiquitous among college students. Studies have shown links between Facebook displays of depression or problem drinking and risk of these problems. This project aimed to determine whether Facebook could be used to help Resident Advisors (RAs) identify college students at risk for depression or problem drinking. Interviews were conducted with college freshmen to investigate whether they were Facebook "friends" with their RA. Focus groups were conducted with RAs to determine their views on Facebook friending their dormitory residents and using Facebook to help identify at-risk students. 72 freshmen were interviewed and 25 RAs participated in focus groups; both agreed it is common for RAs and residents to be Facebook friends. RAs commonly noted references to depression and problem drinking on residents' Facebook pages, which often led to in-person discussions with the resident. This study provides support that RAs use Facebook to identify issues that may impact their student residents. RAs emphasized benefits of in-person interactions in order to provide support and obtain additional details about the situation. Universities could consider whether providing RA education about Facebook interactions with residents merits encouragement within their existing RA training programs.

  7. An outbreak of community-associated methicilin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection in a boarding school in Hong Kong (China

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wong Mui-ling


    Full Text Available Background: In November 2012, an outbreak of community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA skin and soft tissue infections affecting students at a boarding school in Hong Kong (China was detected. Methods: A case was defined as any student or staff notified with MRSA infection from 25 October 2012 to 5 July 2013 with the clinical isolate being of staphylococcal cassette chromosome mec type IV or V and positive for Panton-Valentine leukocidin gene. We conducted field investigations, advised on control measures and enhanced surveillance for skin and soft tissue infections at the school. Decolonization therapies were offered to all cases and contacts, and carrier screening was conducted. Results: There were five cases; two (40% were hospitalized and three (60% required surgical treatments. Initial screening comprised 240 students and 81 staff members. Overall, four cases (80% plus eight other students (3.3% were carriers, with eight of 12 (66.7% from the same dormitory. All staff members screened negative. After intensified control measures, the number of students screened positive for CA-MRSA decreased from nine to one with no more cases identified in the school. Conclusion: Identification of carriers, decolonization therapy, monitoring of cases and contacts and strengthening of environmental and personal hygiene were control measures that helped contain this CA-MRSA outbreak in a boarding school in Hong Kong (China.

  8. The antibacterial effect of sage extract (Salvia officinalis) mouthwash against Streptococcus mutans in dental plaque: a randomized clinical trial. (United States)

    Beheshti-Rouy, Maryam; Azarsina, Mohadese; Rezaie-Soufi, Loghman; Alikhani, Mohammad Yousef; Roshanaie, Ghodratollah; Komaki, Samira


    The aim of the study was to evaluate the clinical effects of a mouthwash containing Sage (Salvia officinalis) extracts on Streptococcus mutans (SM) causing dental plaque in school-aged children. A double blind clinical trial study was conducted in a dormitory on 70 girls aged 11-14 years having the same socioeconomic and oral hygiene conditions. These students were randomly divided into 2 groups; the first group (N=35) using Sage mouthwash, and the second group (N=35) using placebo mouthwash without active any ingredients. At the baseline, plaque samples obtained from the buccal surfaces of teeth were sent to laboratory to achieve SM colony count. These tests were reevaluated after 21 days of using the mouthwashes. Statistical data analysis was performed using t-student tests with pSage mouthwash significantly reduced the colony count (P=0.001). Average number of colonies in test group was 3900 per plaque sample at the baseline, and 300 after mouthwash application. In the control group, pre-test colony count was 4400 that was reduced to 4000; although this reduction wasn't significant. The Sage mouthwash effectively reduced the number of Streptococcus mutans in dental plaque.

  9. Alcohol drinking among college students: college responsibility for personal troubles. (United States)

    Lorant, Vincent; Nicaise, Pablo; Soto, Victoria Eugenia; d'Hoore, William


    One young adult in two has entered university education in Western countries. Many of these young students will be exposed, during this transitional period, to substantial changes in living arrangements, socialisation groups, and social activities. This kind of transition is often associated with risky behaviour such as excessive alcohol consumption. So far, however, there is little evidence about the social determinants of alcohol consumption among college students. We set out to explore how college environmental factors shape college students' drinking behaviour. In May 2010 a web questionnaire was sent to all bachelor and master students registered with an important Belgian university; 7,015 students participated (participation = 39%). The survey looked at drinking behaviour, social involvement, college environmental factors, drinking norms, and positive drinking consequences. On average each student had 1.7 drinks a day and 2.8 episodes of abusive drinking a month. We found that the more a student was exposed to college environmental factors, the greater the risk of heavy, frequent, and abusive drinking. Alcohol consumption increased for students living on campus, living in a dormitory with a higher number of room-mates, and having been in the University for a long spell. Most such environmental factors were explained by social involvement, such as participation to the student folklore, pre-partying, and normative expectations. Educational and college authorities need to acknowledge universities' responsibility in relation to their students' drinking behaviour and to commit themselves to support an environment of responsible drinking.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dyanza Sri Novianti


    Full Text Available The first-grade college students who were living in the dormitory face transitional period toward the adult period. Therefore, it needed the ability to measure his life satisfaction. This study aimed 1 to analyze the differences between maternal and paternal parenting styles; 2 to analyze the influence of college student characteristic, family characteristic and parenting style toward college student character; and 3 to analyze the influence of college student characteristic, family characteristic, parenting style, and character toward life satisfaction. This research was conducted in Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor City, West Java Province. The sample consists of 102 first-grade college student which selected by multistage random sampling method. Maternal and paternal parenting styles perceived by students are measured using the Parent as Social Context Questionnaire (PASCQ-final version instrument of Skinner, Sandy, and Tatiana (2005. College student characters are measured using the Value in Action Inventory of Strengths (VIA-IS instrument. Meanwhile, life satisfaction was measured using an instrument developed by West (2006. Independent sample t-test found that there was a significant difference between maternal and paternal parenting styles on the warmth dimension. Regression analysis found that parenting style had a significant positive effect toward college student character. Regression analysis also found that character had a significant positive effect toward life satisfaction of college student.

  11. Effectiveness of indirect evaporative cooling and thermal mass in a hot arid climate

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Krueger, Eduardo [Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Tecnologia/Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia Civil, Departamento de Construcao Civil, Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana - UTFPR, Av. Sete de Setembro, 3165. Curitiba PR, CEP. 80230-901 (Brazil); Gonzalez Cruz, Eduardo [Instituto de Investigaciones de la Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseno (IFAD), Universidad del Zulia, Nucleo Tecnico de LUZ, Av. Goajira (16) con Calle 67, Maracaibo, CP 4011-A-526 (Venezuela); Givoni, Baruch [Department of Architecture, School of Arts and Architecture, UCLA, Los Angeles CA, USA, and Ben Gurion University (Israel)


    In this paper, we compare results of a long-term temperature monitoring in a building with high thermal mass to indoor temperature predictions of a second building that uses an indirect evaporative cooling system as a means of passive cooling (Vivienda Bioclimatica Prototipo -VBP-1), for the climatic conditions of Sde Boqer, Negev region of Israel (local latitude 30 52'N, longitude 34 46'E, approximately 480 m above sea level). The high-mass building was monitored from January through September 2006 and belongs to a student dormitory complex located at the Sde Boqer Campus of Ben-Gurion University. VBP-1 was designed and built in Maracaibo, Venezuela (latitude 10 34'N, longitude 71 44'W, elevation 66 m above sea level) and had its indoor air temperatures, below and above a shaded roof pond, as well as the pond temperature monitored from February to September 2006. Formulas were developed for the VBP-1, based on part of the whole monitoring period, which represent the measured daily indoor maximum, average and minimum temperatures. The formulas were then validated against measurements taken independently in different time periods. The developed formulas were here used for estimating the building's thermal and energy performance at the climate of Sde Boqer, allowing a comparison of two different strategies: indirect evaporative cooling and the use of thermal mass. (author)

  12. PENDIDIKAN TINGGI KADER MUHAMMADIYAH: Pengalaman Pondok Muhammadiyah Hajjah Nuriyah Shabran UMS

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Syamsul Hidayat


    Full Text Available This paper is intended to describe the experience of organizing the Shabran Boarding(designation for the Muhammadiyah Hajjah Nuriyah Shabran Boarding UMS as a center of higher education of Muhammadiyah cadres under the direct guidance by Muhammadiyah. With a historical approach 'narrative' of this paper describes the development of Shabran Boarding UMS as far as can be covered by the author, so it will be able to take some important points for the development of Shabran boarding in forward. Shabran Boarding trip with all its dynamics has undergone four phases of development. The first phase (1982-1992 cottage really only manage student cadre official delegation PWM / PWA throughout Indonesia. The second phase (1993-1997, Shabran changed, it is no longer a function of forging the cadre official delegation PWM / PWA, but only as a dormitory with religious education in addition to the interest in religious sciences from various faculties and departments. But in its development corrected by receiving back the messenger Muhammadiyah cadres with 50% scholarship for students of Islamic studies. The third phase (1998-2005 as a continuation of the second phase with some development, namely the separation of the two groups of students Islamic faculty and vice versa. The fourth phase (2007-present, Shobran Boarding back to khittah to receive an official delegation of PWM, is integrated with the faculty of Islamic faculty UMS, and special for boy students.

  13. Safety of a meningococcal group B vaccine used in response to two university outbreaks. (United States)

    Duffy, Jonathan; Johnsen, Peter; Ferris, Mary; Miller, Mary; Leighton, Kevin; McGilvray, Mark; McNamara, Lucy; Breakwell, Lucy; Yu, Yon; Bhavsar, Tina; Briere, Elizabeth; Patel, Manisha


    To assess the safety of meningococcal group B (MenB)-4C vaccine. Undergraduates, dormitory residents, and persons with high-risk medical conditions received the MenB-4C vaccine two-dose series during mass vaccination clinics from 12/2013 through 11/2014. Adverse events (AEs) were identified by 15 minutes of observation postvaccination, spontaneous reports, surveys, and hospital surveillance. Causality was assessed for serious adverse events (SAEs). 16,974 persons received 31,313 MenB-4C doses. The incidence of syncope during the 15-minutes post-dose 1 was 0.88/1000 persons. 2% of participants spontaneously reported an AE (most common were arm pain and fever). 3 SAEs were suspected of being caused by the vaccine, including one case of anaphylaxis. Most AEs reported were nonserious and consistent with previous clinical trial findings. Measures to prevent injury from syncope and to treat anaphylaxis should be available wherever vaccines are administered. Our safety evaluation supports the use of MenB-4C in response to outbreaks.

  14. Air temperature and relative humidity in Dome Fuji Station buildings, East Antarctic ice sheet, in 2003

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Takao Kameda


    Full Text Available In order to clarify the living condition in Dome Fuji Station in 2003, air temperature and relative humidity in the station were measured. Thermocouples with data logger and a ventilated psychrometer were used for the measurements. Average air temperature from February 11, 2003 to January 14, 2004 (missing period: July 19 to August 17 in the Dome Fuji Station buildings were as follows: Generator room 24.7℃, Dining room 23.5℃, Observation room 21.1℃, Dormitory room 18.2℃, Corridor 18.2℃, Food storage 8.2℃ and Old ice coring site -51.3℃. Average outside air temperature (1.5m height from the snow surface during the period was -54.4℃. A remarkable increase of outside air temperature (+30℃ at maximum due to a blocking high event was observed from October 31, 2003 to November 10, 2003 at Dome Fuji, during which increase of air temperature from 5 to 8°C in the station buildings was recorded. Snow on the station buildings was partly melted and some of the melted water penetrated into the station. This was the only time snow melted during the wintering over party's stay at the station. Average relative humidity in the station buildings obtained using a small humidifier was about 25%; the relative humidity without using the humidifier ranged from 9.0 to 22.9%.

  15. My Most Memorable AAS Meeting-December 1957, Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana (United States)

    Edmondson, F. K.


    My attendance at AAS meetings began with the 46th meeting in September 1931 at the brand new Perkins Observatory. This was the first semester of my junior year at Indiana University. Professor Wilbur Cogshall, my astronomy professor, took me to the meeting, and paid my expenses for dormitory accommodations and meals. Hence, my attendance at AAS meetings covers a span of nearly 68 years. There have been so many "memorable" meetings that it is hard to pick just one. However, the 99th meeting in December 1957 at Butler University in Indianapolis, a joint meeting with the AAAS, is memorable because I was in a wheel chair and using crutches, following an injury to my right knee cap. I was a member of the AAAS Committee to select the "best paper" presented at the meeting to receive the Newcomb Cleveland Prize, and Martin Schwarzschild's first report of results from Project Stratoscope was on the program. I showed up at the Committee meeting in my wheel chair, and nominated Martin's paper for the "best paper" award. The Committee asked a lot of questions and then approved the paper by a unanimous vote. The wheel chair and crutches obviously played a role in convincing the Committee that I had strong feelings about the merits of Martin's paper. Allan Sandage was the Warner Prize Lecturer, and reported on the current status of his revision of the cosmic distance scale. Hubble's 1936 distances needed to be increased by a factor of five to ten.

  16. أسلوب الخريطة العقلية وتطبيقه بالصور الفوتوغرافية لترقية مـهارة الكلام في السكن الداخلي مجمع الفتيان التعليمي أتشيه

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yulistri Yulistri


    Full Text Available Learning the speaking skills in the girls' dormitory of Aceh Alfityan foundation emphasizes on memorizing a lot of vocabularies and practicing of Arabic conversation. After conducting pre observation, the researcher found that the second grade of junior high school faced a number of problems in practicing the Arabic conversation such as the difficulty in arranging the Arabic sentences in accordance with the rules. The results of this classroom action research indicated that the application of mind mapping and photographic models were effective and could help the students to improve and smarten their speaking skills. As the researcher note in their daily conversations, the students’ ability in Arabic speaking skill was better than before. The students’ response toward the learning speaking skills using mind mapping and photography models was very effective. It was based on the observation in the teaching and learning process in the classroom. The students were very delighted while learning activity and at the same time they could also improve their understanding toward the learning materials. In addition, they were be able to practice Arabic conversation skills fluently during their daily life. Moreover, the application of mind mapping and photographic models took the important role in enhancing the ability of students’ Arabic speaking skills. It was supported by the results analysis of each student’s answer in each phase. The researchers found an average increase in the students’ learning evaluation test in each phase.

  17. Possibilities of Independent Learning in Two Self-Access Facilities of an Iranian University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Afshin Mohammadi


    Full Text Available The roles that self-access centers play in language learners’ development of autonomy considerably vary in accordance with the institutional features attributed to their structure and the services they offer. As part of a larger study which assessed 100 learners’ readiness for autonomy, this paper reports on the status quo of two facilities at the humanities faculty of an Iranian university, based on English-as-Foreign-Language (EFL learners’ views and practices. Seven undergraduate EFL learners from various years of study were asked to describe the ways in which they exploit self-access services for language learning purposes and express their opinions vis-à-vis their functionality through semi-structured interviews. Findings reveal that most learners preferred not to attend the computer center, principally because, the Internet, as the most widely acknowledged service, had become available in other places around the university, such as in the dormitory. The reasons for this reluctance are highlighted, along with a presentation of some suggestions for upgrading learners’ participation in self-access language learning in similar contexts.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mutiara Purnamawati


    Full Text Available This study aims to: (1 identify the habits of vegetable consumption among the first grade students before and after entering the dormitory; (2 analyze the personality, situation, and the food choices based on gender; and (3 analyze the factors that influence the food choices among the first grade students. This study included 288 students in the first grade (121 male students and 167 female students that selected by cluster random sampling. Data were collected by self-administered methods. Variables measured consist of characteristic samples (allowance, age, and gender, vegetable consumption habits, personality (neuroticism, extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness, and conscientiousness, the situation (places to eat, and the food choices (vegetables. This study found that personality (extraversion, openness to experience, and agreeableness and situations (eating at home had a positive influence on the food choices (vegetables. This means that the sample which had good socialize (extraversion, creative and imaginative (openness to experience, friendly and environmentally sensitive (agreeableness would increase the choose to eat vegetables. Moreover, sample more ate vegetables when they were at home.

  19. Comparative effects of building envelope improvements and occupant behavioural changes on the exergy consumption for heating and cooling

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Schweiker, Marcel; Shukuya, Masanori


    Much focus is put on measures to improve the building envelope system performance to reduce the impact of the building sector on the global environmental degradation. This paper compares the potential of building envelope improvements to those of a change in the occupant's behavioural pattern. Three cases of improvements together with a base case were analysed using exergy analysis, because the exergy concept is useful to understand the underlying processes and the necessary adjustments to the calculation of the heat-pump system. The assumptions for the occupant behaviour were set up based on our field measurements conducted in a dormitory building and the calculation was for steady-state conditions. It was found that the potential of occupant behavioural changes for the reduction in exergy consumption is more affected by the outdoor temperature compared to building envelope improvements. The influence of occupant behaviour was highly significant (more than 90% decrease of exergy consumption) when the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors is small, which is the case for long periods in regions with moderate temperatures during summer and/or winter. Nevertheless, both measures combined lead to a reduction from 76% up to 95% depending on the outside conditions and should be the final goal.

  20. Self-Efficacy Reduces Impediments to Classroom Discussion for International Students: Fear, Embarrassment, Social Isolation, Judgment, and Discrimination

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Junko Maeda


    Full Text Available Approximately one million international students were enrolled at U.S. universities in the academic year 2015–2016, and the number has been steadily rising since. Although these students aim to increase intercultural communication skills, international knowledge, and critical thinking skills, some international students experience difficulty participating in class discussion. Several studies have revealed a range of obstacles to full participation in in-class discussions, including language, cultural differences, academic differences, and social isolation. Among these barriers, some studies have identified emotional factors that significantly affect learning. This study was an in-depth exploration of the adverse emotional factors that impede discussion participation. Using a qualitative approach, twenty-three international students at one university were interviewed, and their responses analyzed. Students reported that fear, embarrassment, social isolation, judgment and discrimination were barriers to participation. These findings are discussed in the context of a framework for reducing negative emotional states, employing self-efficacy theory. This framework was applied to the interview results and the author’s observation of international students’ behavior in dormitories and university offices. These findings suggest a possible intervention approach for educators to help international students express themselves in the classroom.

  1. Pengasuhan Anak Yatim dalam Prespektif Pendidikan Islam

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fauziyah Masyhari


    Full Text Available Artikel ini membahas pengasuhan anak yatim dalam perspektif pendidikan Islam. Ada dua pertanyaan penting: (1 apa maksud pengasuhan anak yatim itu? (2 bagaimana pola asuh anak yatim dalam pendidikan Islam? Kajian ini menyimpulkan bahwa: (1 pengasuhan anak yatim yaitu proses perbuatan mengasuh, menjaga, dan membimbing yang dilakukan oleh orang dewasa, sebagai upaya membentuk kepribadian yang sempurna (kāmil; (2 Pola asuh anak yatim memiliki dua bentuk, yaitu: pertama, bentuk keluarga, di mana keluarga tertentu mengangkat anak yatim untuk dijadikan anak asuh; kedua, bentuk panti asuhan atau asrama yang biasanya dikelola oleh yayasan tertentu. This article discusses the care of orphans in the perspective of Islamic education. There are two important questions: (1 what is an orphan care? (2 how is the pattern of orphan care in Islamic education? This study concludes that: (1 upbringing of orphans is the process of parenting, guarding and guiding by adults, in an attempt to form a perfect personality (kāmil; (2 The pattern of foster care of orphans has two forms, namely: first, the form of the family, in which the particular family appoints the orphan to be a foster child; second, the form of an orphanage or dormitory that is usually managed by a particular foundation.

  2. Children of imprisoned mothers. (United States)

    Senanayake, M P; Arachchi, J K; Wickremasinghe, V P


    To describe the problems faced by children during separation from their imprisoned mothers, and evaluate the health of children who accompanied their mothers into prison. A prospective observational study. Welikada Prison, Colombo, Sri Lanka. 200 randomly selected mothers who had left their children at home were interviewed using a questionnaire. During a period of 8 months 30 children living with their mothers in prison underwent physical and developmental examination and tuberculin testing. The living conditions within the prison were evaluated. During 18 months from January 1999, 4089 women were imprisoned. 88% were remanded, 20% awaited trial for more than one year in prison. 2416 were mothers. 1411 had at least one child under 12 years of age. The 200 mothers interviewed had 262 children under 12 years at home. Their care arrangements were: a relative (69%), father (16%), older sibling (4%), religious organisation (2.7%), neighbour (1.3%). None had received social services support. 70 children accompanied mothers into prison. In the 30 children followed up regularly 23% had scabies, 10% pediculosis, and 7% impetigo. No severe malnutrition was found and screening for tuberculosis was negative. 70% were breastfed. The child-friendly dormitory was inadequate to accommodate all children. Care arrangements and schooling were affected and no counselling services were provided during the imprisoned mothers' absence. The children within the prison enjoyed close bonds with the mothers and their physical needs were met. The child's best interest had not always been considered by court when deciding on custody during the mothers' imprisonment.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    . Suryono


    Full Text Available 800x600 Normal 0 false false false IN X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Milk is the best source of calcium and many studies suggest that adolescence who drink milk or eat other dairy foods have stronger bones and better nutritional status. The objectives of this study were to determine effect of high calcium and fresh milk on nutritional status and bone density. Variables measured in this study were body mass index and bone density of trunk. Samples were 55 adolescent boys aged 17 to 19 years old (students of TPB IPB. The study was conducted at TPB IPB dormitory during four months. The design of this study was nested randomized design with two factors. Two kinds of milk (fresh milk and high calcium milk and 3 levels of volume (250 ml, 500 ml, and 750 ml were used. Results of the study indicated that high calcium milk consumption was able to increase body mass index and bone density of trunk. It was found that high calcium consumption showed very highly significant effect (P Keywords: milk consumption, adolescence, nutritional status, bone density of trunk.

  4. Evacuation Simulation in Kalayaan Residence Hall, up Diliman Using Gama Simulation Software (United States)

    Claridades, A. R. C.; Villanueva, J. K. S.; Macatulad, E. G.


    Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) has recently been adopted in some studies for the modelling of events as a dynamic system given a set of events and parameters. In principle, ABM employs individual agents with assigned attributes and behaviors and simulates their behavior around their environment and interaction with other agents. This can be a useful tool in both micro and macroscale-applications. In this study, a model initially created and applied to an academic building was implemented in a dormitory. In particular, this research integrates three-dimensional Geographic Information System (GIS) with GAMA as the multi-agent based evacuation simulation and is implemented in Kalayaan Residence Hall. A three-dimensional GIS model is created based on the floor plans and demographic data of the dorm, including respective pathways as networks, rooms, floors, exits and appropriate attributes. This model is then re-implemented in GAMA. Different states of the agents and their effect on their evacuation time were then observed. GAMA simulation with varying path width was also implemented. It has been found out that compared to their original states, panic, eating and studying will hasten evacuation, and on the other hand, sleeping and being on the bathrooms will be impedances. It is also concluded that evacuation time will be halved when path widths are doubled, however it is recommended for further studies for pathways to be modeled as spaces instead of lines. A more scientific basis for predicting agent behavior in these states is also recommended for more realistic results.

  5. Assessing the effect of an educational intervention program based on Health Belief Model on preventive behaviors of internet addiction (United States)

    Maheri, Aghbabak; Tol, Azar; Sadeghi, Roya


    INTRODUCTION: Internet addiction refers to the excessive use of the internet that causes mental, social, and physical problems. According to the high prevalence of internet addiction among university students, this study aimed to determine the effect of an educational intervention on preventive behaviors of internet addiction among Tehran University of Medical Sciences students. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This study was a quasi-experimental study conducted among female college students who live in the dormitories of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Two-stage cluster sampling was used for selection of eighty participants in each study groups; data were collected using “Young's Internet Addiction” and unstructured questionnaire. Validity and reliability of unstructured questionnaire were evaluated by expert panel and were reported as Cronbach's alpha. Information of study groups before and 4 months after the intervention was compared using statistical methods by SPSS 16. RESULTS: After the intervention, the mean scores of internet addiction, perceived barriers construct, and the prevalence of internet addiction significantly decreased in the intervention group than that in the control group and the mean scores of knowledge and Health Belief Model (HBM) constructs (susceptibility, severity, benefits, self-efficacy) significantly increased. CONCLUSIONS: Education based on the HBM was effective on the reduction and prevention of internet addiction among female college students, and educational interventions in this field are highly recommended. PMID:28852654

  6. [Alcohol use and health-risk behaviours among academic students in Podkarpackie]. (United States)

    Zadarko-Domaradzka, Maria; Zadarko, Emilian; Barabasz, Zbigniew; Sobolewski, Marek


    Alcohol over-use is one of the risk behaviour and has harmful effects on health. In the whole European Region ever forth death among 15-29 years old people is caused by alcohol over. use. The aim of the paper is to present the degree of alcohol consumption propagation among academic stu. dents in Podkarpackie, as well as estimate the occurrence of hazardous drinking. Anonymous questionnaire survey was conducted among academic students in 2010. Chi-square test was used for statistical analysis. There is statistical difference regarding alcohol use between women and men. Men report to drink more and more frequent. Regular alcohol use was declared by 11.9% of men and 2.3% of women. Hazardous drinking was reported by 20.7% students. Age does not statistically differ the occurrence of hazardous drinking. However, it is interesting that although among the group of 19 years old, every seventh student reports hazardous drinking, among the other groups it was reported by every fifth student. More students from urban areas (24%), than from rural areas (18%) report hazardous drinking. Students living in dormitory almost twice more frequent are at the risk of hazardous drinking (29%), than those living with parents (17%). Among female students hazardous drinking was reported by the following faculties: touristic and recreation (24%), law(13%), medical (14%) and mathematic-environmental (15%). Among men students hazardous drinking was highly reported by law and administration faculty students (33%). Among hazardous drinking students as many as 45% regularly smoke cigarettes.

  7. Ze Cabra-Macho does it safely: building an AIDS awareness campaign among Brazil's construction workers. (United States)

    Hughes, H


    Rio de Janeiro's 350,000 construction workers are considered to be at high risk of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection because of their isolation and poverty. Most of these men are immigrants from agricultural areas and are separated from their wives for months at a time. Both encounters with prostitutes or homosexual relationships with other workers in the on-site dormitories are widespread practices. The Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association (ABIA) is presently working with 20 construction companies in Rio to plan AIDS educational programs and materials. Employer and employee representatives meet weekly with ABIA to consider various strategies for reaching the largely illiterate labor force. A logo of the campaign is a small, clay figure of a construction worker called Ze Cabra-Macho (brave heroic man). Audiovisuals about occupational safety are already in use on construction sites, so this medium is being selected for an educational presentation on how AIDS is and is not transmitted. Since the construction workers live together, and some are already infected with HIV, it is important to dispel panic and discrimination. an effective theme of the campaign has been that construction workers must protect themselves during sex with a condom just as they do on the work-site with safety helmets. This illustrates the importance of socially and culturally appropriate AIDS prevention messages, which are most likely achieved through the direct participation of members of the target audience.

  8. [Scabies epidemic in a sheltered workshop--what should be done?]. (United States)

    Mayer, J; Wever, S; Lurz, C; Bröcker, E B


    Scabies is an infectious parasitic skin disease with a notable rising incidence in Germany. The disease is usually transmitted by close physical contact, but indirect spread e.g. by bedding is also possible. Due to its contagiousness, introduction of scabies into crowding living facilities, such as dormitories or kindergartens, can easily cause an epidemic outbreak. We describe an epidemic of scabies in a workshop for handicapped people in February 1998. A worker with severe scabies reported that numerous colleagues in both workshop and the associated hostel had complained of pruritus for months and that some of them already had undergone scabicide treatment. The number of contacts (staff, colleagues, friends, attendants, family) of our patient and the other already affected people was more than 460. The management of the workshop asked for help in handling the epidemic. We describe the cooperative efforts of the management, as well as hospital and private dermatologists, to evaluate all potential contacts and present a concept of treatment for the termination of such an epidemic outbreak of scabies.

  9. Association of Academic Performance with Outcome Expectations and Its Domains in Nursing and Midwifery Students at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sepideh Bakhtiari


    Full Text Available Introduction: Outcome expectation is considered as a basic and significant variable in education. It is a cognitive-motivational component that takes the individual into account as an active and sensible decision-maker. The present study was conducted to investigate the correlation of outcome expectations with academic performance of students of nursing and midwifery in Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences. Methods: In this descriptive cross-sectional study, the sample size included 218 nursing and midwifery students selected through convenient random sampling method. The instrument for data collection was the questionnaire of “outcome expectations of career decision-making and discovery targets”, which comprised of 13 questions in three domains of future orientation, job satisfaction and personal expectations. The questionnaires were coded after being completed and the obtained data were fed into SPSS-16 software and analyzed by descriptive statistics, t-test, Kolmogrov-Smirnov, ANOVA and Mann-Whitney tests. Results: The findings indicated no statistically significant difference between place of living (dormitory or home and outcome expectations along with its domains (39.4% and 60-6%. However, a significant correlation was reported between discipline, gender, admittance year and academic performance of the students (p0.05. Conclusion: The findings of this study indicated a positively positive significant relationship between students’ academic performance and outcome expectations along with its domains.

  10. Investigation of the Relationship of Mindfulness with Psychological Well-being: The Role of Strategic Engagement Regulation and Self-Esteem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sirus Alipoor


    Full Text Available This study was aimed to investigate the relationship of mindfulness with psychological well-being with mediating investigating the mediating role of strategic engagement regulation and self-esteem. For this purpose, 211female student’s resident in dormitories of Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz were selected using simple random sampling method. They were asked to complete Ryff Psychological Well-being Scale (RPWS, Strategic Engagement Regulation Scale (SERS, Mindfulness Five-Factor Inventory (MFFI and Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSES. After collecting the data, structural equation modelling was used to test the proposed model and hypothesis as well. The results showed that mindfulness was significantly and positively related to psychological well-being, strategic engagement regulation and self-esteem. Also, mindfulness through strategic engagement regulation is affected on self-esteem and psychological well-being. These findings implied that mindful persons probably were capable to maintain their self-esteem with challenging and threating situations and hence, they tend to have more psychological well-being.

  11. [The establishment of the hospital-system in the Byzantine Empire]. (United States)

    Józsa, László


    Byzantine hospitals developed out of Christian institutions for the poor and homeless. Philanthropy provided the initial impulse to create hospices (xenons) and to expand these institutions into specialized medical centers (iatreons or nosokomeions). However the Byzantine nosocomeions resemble more closely modern hospitals than they do any of the institutions of Greek-Roman antiquity or any of the houses of charity in the Latin West during the Middle Ages. Since the 4th century the Byzantine hospitals have stressed the central position of the nosocomeion in Byzantine society at the intersection of state, ecclesiastical and professional interest. In the great cities and in the capital, more than hundred hospitals worked in the East-Roman Empire. The Byzantine hospital rules guaranted patients private beds, required physicians to wash their hands after each examination and arranged the physical plant to keep all the sick warm. The Byzantine hospitals had separate sections (in modern terms: surgery-trauma surgery, internal medicine, ophthalmology, etc.) and at the beginning of the sixth century a separate institution for women. From the sixth century at least, bathing facilities normally adjoined Byzantine nosocomeia. By the twelfth century Byzantine hospitals also set aside a room or perhaps a separate building to treat outpatients. In addition to the main dormitories the surgery, baths and outpatient clinic, the large parts of hospitals also had separate rooms (or adjoining buildings) for library, for lecture hall, for administrative functions and record keeping for storage and for other services.

  12. [Preventive health control of U. S. emigrants at the beginning of 20th century on the example of hotel "Emigrants" in Rijeka]. (United States)

    Rotim Malvić, Jasna


    Rijeka inscribed herself on the list of great European emigration ports like Hamburg, Bremen, Liverpool in the end of the year 1903 when a ship of the British Cunard Line established a travel line from Rijeka to New York. Up to the year 1914, 317639 passengers - emigrants travelled to America from the port of Rijeka. The large flow of people caused problems for the city, for that reason, already in 1906 did the Hungarian ministry of home affairs started the construction of a grandiose building intended for the emigrants. When it was opened in 1908 it was named Hotel Emigrants and had a capacity of 2500 guests. The name Hotel was given to him because of the highest construction and sanitary standards applied during his construction, but also because of comfort provided for the emigrants, large bright dormitories, living rooms, one big and spacious terrace and a number of smaller ones indicated more to a touristic hotel than to a house for emigrants. Health surveillance of emigrants was performed by Dr. David Friedman, Dr. Arturo Jellouscheg and Dr. Emil Tauffer. They were in charge in front of the Maritime Gubernia in Rijeka, the U.S. consulate in Rijeka and the Adria Maritime Society. Although the city authorities and the Hungarian authorities boasted of the hotel and the rigid medical control over immigrants which was done there, American authorities have still often returned some emigrants, at the expense of the company, after inspection at Ellis Island revealing that before landing some individuals are sick.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohamad Ali


    Full Text Available Islamic education is considered only oriented to the hereafter alone, teach rituals and develop a defensive posture and formisme paradigm. On the other hand, Islamic education is faced with the phenomenon of discontinuity which marked the waning value of respect for the basic values and ethics, such as honesty, discipline, tolerance. This Problem is what ignited K.H. Ahmad Dahlan (1868-1923 and Muhammad Fethullah Gülen (1838 - ... strengthening Islamic education. This study aims to understand the concepts, practices, and comparative Islamic education K.H. Ahmad Dahlan and Muhammad Fethullah Gülen. This type of research is the study of literature  with historical and philosophical approach. The results show: first, the concept of Islamic education K.H. Ahmad Dahlan stressed intregration of religious sciences and the modern sciences, tolerance, open to modernity and perfection of mind (intellect; for Fethullah Gülen education is a manifestation of Allah, which emphasizes ethics, science, and theology. Secondly, the common the sharing concept between the two are at: ideas, foundation, educational goals and teaching methods. Third, while the point of difference lies in the educational materials, dormitory educational models (boarding school and implementing a system of moving class.

  14. Study of educational furniture conformity with students anthropometric dimensions of Isfahan university of medical sciences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    mehdi Sadeghi


    Full Text Available Musculoskeletal disorders, early fatigue induced by static work and the same symptoms are caused by inappropriate designed tools, equipment, building and workplace. Inadequate educational furniture is taken to be the reason of severe posture problems such as low back pain, spinal disorders, fatigue, shoulder and neck pain, and disturbance circulation in legs. So ergonomic design of educational furniture should be carefully considered. Materials and Methods: The present research was a cross-sectional study. Samples included desks and chairs (n=150 chosen from reading rooms of dormitories and faculties of Isfahan university of medical sciences Isfahan- Iran. In the study 2 parameters from desk and 5 parameters from chairs were assessed using a tape-measure and a set-sqare. Data were analyzed by SPSS ver 10 software. Results: Comparing the results from the mean of measured values (for seating height, desk height and desk clearance indicated a significant difference between them (p<0. 00. Conclusion: Findings of the study showed that existing standard in Iran about chairs and tables for educational institutions should be reviewed. Also the most important problem with chairs and desks are seating height and desk surface height respectively. These two parameters didn’t match with anthropometric dimensions of the sudents of Isfahan university of medical sciences.

  15. U.S. College and University Student Health Screening Requirements for Tuberculosis and Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, 2012 (United States)

    Jewett, A.; Bell, T; Cohen, NJ.; Buckley, K.; Leino, V.; Even, S.; Beavers, S.; Brown, C.; Marano, N.


    Objective Colleges are at risk for communicable disease outbreaks because of the high degree of person-to-person interactions and relatively crowded dormitory settings. This report describes the U.S. college student health screening requirements among U.S. resident and international students for tuberculosis (TB) and vaccine-preventable diseases (VPD) as it relates to the American College Health Association (ACHA) Guidelines. Methods/Participants In April 2012, U.S. college health administrators (N=2858) were sent online surveys to assess their respective school’s TB screening and immunization requirements. Results Surveys were completed by 308 (11%) schools. Most schools were aware of the ACHA immunization (78%) and TB screening (76%) guidelines. Schools reported having policies related to immunization screening (80.4%), immunization compliance (93%), TB screening (55%), and TB compliance (87%). Conclusion Most colleges were following ACHA guidelines. However, there are opportunities for improvement to fully utilize the recommendations and prevent outbreaks of communicable diseases among students in colleges. PMID:26730492

  16. Mediation of Conflict Handling Styles in the Relation between Virtues and Marital Satisfaction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    حسین نادری


    Full Text Available Despite awareness of the adjusted conflict tactics, sometimes there is no motivation for proper behavior. It is expected that virtues increase the likelihood of adaptive behaviors by affecting motivation for ethical behaviors. This research studied the relation between marital satisfaction, character and its underlying virtues that are the internal elements necessary for adjusted life from a positive psychology perspective. It is assumed that spouse's conflict handling styles is a mediator that play a role between character, virtues, and marital satisfaction. In a correlation plan, the married university students living in dormitories were asked to complete three questionnaires: Character Strengths, Conflict Management Style, and Marital Satisfaction. Finally, the data was analyzed based on SEM method. The courage and transcendence are found as predictors of marital satisfaction and adaptive conflict handling tactics; The Humanity doesn't show a significant relationship with satisfaction. Results also support the mediating role of adaptive conflict handling styles in relation between virtues and satisfaction. It seems that marital satisfaction stems basically from the individual's inner characteristics rather than love between spouses. Virtues affect marital outcomes through their impact on spouses' interaction styles during conflicts. Clinical implications of these results are discussed as suggestions for family therapy interventions based on a positive perspective.

  17. A study to investigate the effectiveness of successful intelligence training program to increase academic hope

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mahbobeh Samavatian


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of successful intelligence training program on academic hopefulness of probation students of Esfahan University of Technology. The research is semi-experimental of pre-test, post-test type with control group. Research population includes all probation students of Esfahan University of Technology. The study chooses 30 female and male students and assigns them randomly into two groups of experimental and control. Experimental group participate in 13 successful intelligence-training sessions for 13 weeks. Research tools consists of, Hope in certain aspects. Statistical analysis is conducted using SPSS18 on inferential statistics level proportionate to data analysis level. Statistical test hypothesis are analyzed through univariate covariance and multivariate covariance analysis. The results show that successful intelligence program training was effective to enhance hopefulness of probation students (p < 0.05. Given the results of present research, successful intelligence program training can be used as an intervention method in order to decrease harms because of dormitory and student life.

  18. Differences in the Drinking Behaviors of Chinese, Filipino, Korean, and Vietnamese College Students* (United States)

    Lum, Chris; Corliss, Heather L.; Mays, Vickie M.; Cochran, Susan D.; Lui, Camillia K.


    Objective: This study examined alcohol drinking behaviors across ethnic subgroups of Asian college students by gender, foreign-born status, and college-related living arrangements. Method: Univariate and ordinal logistic regression analyses were employed to explore male and female Asian subgroup differences in alcohol drinking behaviors. The sample included 753 male and female undergraduates between the ages of 18 and 27 years who self-identified as Chinese, Filipino, Korean, or Vietnamese and who varied in their foreign-born status. Participants completed a self-administered questionnaire on their alcohol drinking practices. Results: Ordinal regression analysis assessed risks for increased consumption and found that Korean and Filipino students reported higher levels of alcohol consumption compared with other Asian subgroups. Students living in on-campus dormitories and in off-campus apartments reported higher alcohol consumption than did those living at home. Being born in the United States was a significant predictor of higher levels of alcohol consumption for women but not for men. Conclusions: Results of this study indicate the need for campus alcohol education and prevention programs capable of responding to specific Asian subgroup needs. PMID:19515297


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suat ZEYREK


    Full Text Available Turkey was followed by a very slow development in the course of the republic’s first year in higher education.By 1955, there are only two universities in the three cities in Turkey.Although the new university will be declared opened by Ismet Inonu’s mouth several times it was not possible for various reasons.Turkey’s economic situation, the shortage of trained personel and it has been hampered by severe conditions of World War II.But even more important excuses should have prevented the spread of higher education in Turkey. This article will be presented in the light of the real causes of the problem of archival sources mentioned above.Period ruling party, the CHP’s higher education policy followed in scholarships and dormitories were investigated.CHP likely to promote higher education in the first primary education spread to the base and thus wants to create a higher demand.For this reason, it is necessary first of all to build infrastructure for higher education institutions and rules.Coming from big cities in different regions of Anatolia youth to take education to all students experience difficulties and inclusive, egalitarian policies were followed.

  20. Researching Subjective Meaning System of Music Consumers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Taghi Iman


    Full Text Available The purpose of this qualitative study is to explain the subjective meaning system of consumers of the popular music. Participants in this study include 21 students (male and female living in dormitories of Shiraz University. Researches use qualitative approach of grounded theory. Technique of data collection has been in-depth interviews. Data have been analyzed with qualitative software called NVIVO. Analyze the data and paradigmatic model shows that the grounded condition for participants, including “spatial texture” of accommodation based on a subset of locality plus time coordination, participant’s age necessitation, collective identity. Meanwhile, global market trends and fashionism influence as interfering conditions. Participants placed in these conditions, take developed and alternative musical factor and increased mental absenteeism quotient. As a result of taking this strategy, the consequences of idio-sensuation (image of the other [alter image]self-reincarnation and psychology projection will be introduced. Idio-sensuation naturally implies that the participant initiate music consumption in such a manner as to bring in their own personal mental images as contrasted with other’s which in itself possess multifarious dimensions having been in a state of fluctuation in between two diverse pole of psychological projection and self-reincarnation.

  1. An outbreak of influenza in a residential drug-rehabilitation community. (United States)

    Boschini, Antonio; Longo, Benedetta; Caselli, Francesca; Begnini, Marco; De Maria, Cesare; Ansaldi, Filippo; Durando, Paolo; Icardi, Giancarlo; Rezza, Giovanni


    Influenza outbreaks can be difficult to control in confined settings where high-risk individuals are concentrated. Following the occurrence of a large number of cases of influenza-like illness in a rehabilitation community for drug users, between February and March 2004, surveillance activities were implemented. Attack rates of influenza-like illness were calculated, and risk factors for the development of disease and complications were evaluated through the use of relative risks (RR) with 95% confidence intervals (CI). Nasal-pharyngeal samples were collected for virological studies. Of 1,310 persons who were living in the community, 209 were diagnosed with influenza-like illness: the attack rate (15.9% overall) was higher for HIV-infected persons (RR: 1.77, 95% CI: 1.32-2.37), older individuals, and dormitory residents. HIV-infected participants were also more likely to develop complications compared with HIV-uninfected persons diagnosed with influenza-like illness (RR: 5.13, 95% CI: 2.52-10.20). The outbreak was attributable to Christchurch-like influenza A strains. Vaccination was ineffective because of the mismatch between wild and vaccine strains.

  2. Comparing the Effects of Vitamin B1 and Calcium on Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS among Female Students, Ilam- Iran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Soheila Samieipour


    Full Text Available Background Premenstrual syndrome (PMS is a combination of physical, psychological and emotional symptoms that occur periodically before menstruation and disappear with the onset of menstruation. There are some therapeutic methods mostly according to the clinical trials that reduce the prevalence and intensity of symptoms of PMS by unknown mechanisms. This study aimed to investigate the effects of Calcium and vitamin B1 on Premenstrual syndrome among female students. Materials and Methods: This is a triple-blind clinical trial conducted on 210 female students living in dormitories of Ilam University of Medical Sciences who had PMS. PMS symptoms questionnaire was used to investigate the symptoms. Participants were assigned in 3 groups of 70 people with the following regimen: group 1 received one pill containing 100 milligrams vitamin B1, group 2 received Calcium pills and group 3 received placebo. The participants in all groups took medicines for 2 months and then reported the intensity of their symptoms by the questionnaire. The collected data was analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics, using SPSS-16. Results: In groups receiving vitamin B1, Calcium and placebo, the intensity of physical and psychological symptoms as well as general symptoms of PMS had a remarkable reduction (P

  3. Assessing problem-solving skills in construction education with the virtual construction simulator (United States)

    Castronovo, Fadi

    problem-solving skills, a new version of the VCS(4) was developed, with new building modules and assessment framework. The design and development of the VCS4 leveraged research in educational psychology, multimedia learning, human-computer interaction, and Building Information Modeling. In this dissertation the researcher aimed to evaluate the pedagogical value of the VCS4 in fostering problem-solving skills. To answer the research questions, a crossover repeated measures quasi-experiment was designed to assess the educational gains that the VCS can provide to construction education. A group of 34 students, attending a fourth-year construction course at a university in the United States was chosen to participate in the experiment. The three learning modules of the VCS were used, which challenged the students to plan and manage the construction process of a wooden pavilion, the steel erection of a dormitory, and the concrete placement of the same dormitory. Based on the results the researcher was able to provide evidence supporting the hypothesis that the chosen sample of construction students were able to gain and retain problem-solving skills necessary to solve complex construction simulation problems, no matter what the sequence with which these modules were played. In conclusion, the presented results provide evidence supporting the theory that educational simulation games can help the learning and retention of transferable problem-solving skills, which are necessary to solve complex construction problems.

  4. Escuela-liceo de Avon Fontainebleau – Francia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bayonne, Philippe


    Full Text Available Replaces and enlarges the old school city of Avon, a group of educational buildings which were in precarious safety conditions, of which those which were still in good condition have been kept. The new installations, with a capacity for 1,142 pupils of both sexes, day-students, boarders and semi-boarders, covers a very wide and varied building programme, comprising numerous classrooms for specific and general classes, social-educational premises, dormitories for boarders, dining rooms, kitchens, surgery, administration, and offices and rooms for teachers and staff in charge. The whole is completed with a carpark and garage for bicycles. Construction, executed according to an industrial method in which concrete predominates, is organized through the juxtapositioning of the square bodies, subdivided in turn into nine cells, 9.20 m each side. The dormitory block and porter's lodge is separate. The Centre is located in the Wood of Fontainebleau, which comprises the greatest conditioning factor in construction; so, the treatment of frontages was subordinated to their entire integration in the surrounding environment. The same can be said of supplying energy needs, being reduced in this case to electricity and solar energy due to their non-polluting nature.

    Sustituye y amplía la antigua ciudad escolar de Avon, conjunto de edificios docentes que se encontraban en precarias condiciones de seguridad, de los que conserva, sin embargo, aquellos que se mantienen en buen estado. Las nuevas instalaciones, capaces para 1.142 alumnos de ambos sexos externos, internos y mediopensionistas, abarca un programa de edificación muy amplio y variado, compuesto por numerosas aulas para clases específicas y generales, locales socioeducativos, dormitorios para internos, comedores, cocina, enfermería, administración, y las oficinas y despachos de profesores y encargados. El conjunto se completa con un aparcamiento y un garaje para bicicletas. La

  5. Solar thermal evaporation of human urine for nitrogen and phosphorus recovery in Vietnam

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Antonini, Samantha; Nguyen, Phong Thanh; Arnold, Ute; Eichert, Thomas; Clemens, Joachim


    A No Mix sanitation system was installed in a dormitory at the University of Can Tho in Vietnam, with the objective of recycling nutrients from source separated urine. This paper presents a pilot scale evaporation technology, and investigates the feasibility of recovering nitrogen and phosphorus from human urine by solar still for use as fertilizer. After 26 days of sun exposure, 360 g of solid fertilizer material was recovered from 50 L undiluted urine. This urine-derived fertilizer was mainly composed of sodium chloride, and had phosphorus and nitrogen contents of almost 2%. When tested with maize and ryegrass, the urine fertilizer led to biomass yields and phosphorus and nitrogen uptakes comparable to those induced by a commercial mineral fertilizer. Urine acidification with sulfuric or phosphoric acid prior treatment reduced nitrogen losses, improved the nutrient content of the generated fertilizers, and induced higher biomass yields and nitrogen and phosphorus uptakes than the commercial mineral fertilizer. However, acidification is not recommended in developing countries due to additional costs and handling risks. The fate of micropollutants and the possibility of separating sodium chloride from other beneficial nutrients require further investigation. - Highlights: ► 360 g of fertilizer was derived from 50 L urine by solar evaporative distillation. ► The fertilizer contained 90% sodium chloride, 3% sulfur, 2% nitrogen, 2% phosphorus. ► It induced biomass yields comparable to those produced by a commercial fertilizer. ► Urine acidification improved the nutrient content of the generated fertilizers. ► Acidification is not recommended for use in developing countries (costs, safety).

  6. Development of Ozone Technology Rice Storage Systems (OTRISS) for Quality Improvement of Rice Production

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Nur, M; Kusdiyantini, E; Wuryanti, W; Winarni, T A; Widyanto, S A; Muharam, H


    This research has been carried out by using ozone to address the rapidly declining quality of rice in storage. In the first year, research has focused on the rice storage with ozone technology for small capacity (e.g., household) and the medium capacity (e.g., dormitories, hospitals). Ozone was produced by an ozone generator with Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma (DBDP). Ozone technology rice storage system (OTRISS) is using ozone charateristic which is a strong oxidizer. Ozone have a short endurance of existence and then decompose, as a result produce oxygen and radicals of oxygen. These characteristics could kill microorganisms and pests, reduce air humidity and enrich oxygen. All components used in SPBTO assembled using raw materials available in the big cities in Indonesia. Provider of high voltage (High Voltage Power Supply, 40-70 kV, 23 KH, AC) is one of components that have been assembled and tested. Ozone generator is assembled with 7 reactors of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma (DBDP). Rice container that have been prepared for OTRISS have adjusted so can be integrated with generator, power supply and blower to blow air. OTRISS with a capacity of 75 kg and 100 kg have been made and tested. The ability of ozone to eliminate bacteria and fungi have been tested and resulted in a decrease of microorganisms at 3 log CFU/g. Testing in food chemistry showed that ozone treatment of rice had not changed the chemical content that still meet the standard of chemical content and nutritional applicable to ISO standard milled rice. The results of this study are very likely to be used as an alternative to rice storage systems in warehouse. Test and scale-up is being carried out in a mini warehouse whose condition is mimicked to rice in National Rice Storage of Indonesia (Bulog) to ensure quality. Next adaptations would be installed in the rice storage system in the Bulog. (paper)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. Noaje


    Full Text Available Bucharest, capital of Romania, deals with serious difficulties as a result of urban politics: influx of people due to industrialization and development of dormitory areas, lack of a modern infrastructure, absence of coherent and long term urban development politics, continuous depletion of environment. This paper presents a multisensor study relying on multiple data sets, both analogical and digital: satellite images (Corona – 1964 panchromatic, SPOT HRV – 1994 multispctral and panchromatic, IKONOS – 2007 multispectral, aerial photographs – 1994, complementary products (topographic and thematic maps. Georeferenced basis needs to be generated to highlight changes detection. The digital elevation model is generated from aerial photography 1:5,000 scaled, acquired in 1994. First a height correction is required followed by an affine transformation to the ground control points identified both in aerial photographs and IKONOS image. SPOT-HRV pansharpened satellite image has been rectified on georeferenced IKONOS image, by an affine transformation method. The Corona panoramic negative film was scanned and rubber sheeting method is used for rectification. The first 25 years of the study period (1964–1989 are characterized by growth of industrial areas, high density apartment buildings residential areas and leisure green areas by demolition of cultural heritage areas (hundred years old churches and architectural monuments. Changes between the imagery were determined partially through visual interpretation, using elements such as location, size, shape, shadow, tone, texture, and pattern (Corona image, partially using unsupervised classification (SPOT HRV and IKONOS. The second period of 18 years (1989–2007 highlighted considerable growth of residential areas in the city neighborhood, simultaneously with the diminish of green areas and massive deforestation in confiscated areas before and returned to the original owners.

  8. Effect of Zingiber officinale R. rhizomes (ginger on pain relief in primary dysmenorrhea: a placebo randomized trial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rahnama Parvin


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Zingiber officinale R. rhizome (ginger is a popular spice that has traditionally been used to combat the effects of various inflammatory diseases. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of ginger on pain relief in primary dysmenorrhea. Method This was a randomized, controlled trial. The study was based on a sample of one hundred and twenty students with moderate or severe primary dysmenorrhea. The students were all residents of the dormitories of Shahed University. They were randomly assigned into two equal groups, one for ginger and the other for placebo in two different treatment protocols with monthly intervals. The ginger and placebo groups in both protocols received 500 mg capsules of ginger root powder or placebo three times a day. In the first protocol ginger and placebo were given two days before the onset of the menstrual period and continued through the first three days of the menstrual period. In the second protocol ginger and placebo were given only for the first three days of the menstrual period. Severity of pain was determined by a verbal multidimensional scoring system and a visual analogue scale. Results There was no difference in the baseline characteristics of the two groups (placebo n = 46, ginger n = 56. The results of this study showed that there were significant differences in the severity of pain between ginger and placebo groups for protocol one (P = 0.015 and protocol two (P = 0.029. There was also significant difference in duration of pain between the two groups for protocol one (P = 0.017 but not for protocol two (P = 0.210. Conclusion Treatment of primary dysmenorrhea in students with ginger for 5 days had a statistically significant effect on relieving intensity and duration of pain. Trial registration IRCT201105266206N3

  9. Residencia para enfermeras en Cambridge Gran Bretaña

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thurlow, David


    Full Text Available This residence, consisting of two floors and a l-shaped layout with wings of equal length, houses two independent apartments on the lower level and twelve dormitory type rooms equipped with bathrooms and kitchens common to every two rooms on the ground floor and to every four on the upper level. The project is characterized by its simplicity of design, which strives to harmonize the new structure, both in the materials and in the formal approach, with the traditional architecture present in the surroundings. In this direction, fundamentally, the solution adopted for the roof —covered with slate— stands out, which are interrupted for window openings and to provide abundant lighting for the central distributing corridor on the first floor which is distant from the perimeter. The achievements in the functional design are integrated into a pleasant and attractive solution which can be appreciated from both the inside and the outside.Esta Residencia, de dos niveles de altura y planta configurada como una «L» de brazos iguales, alberga dos apartamentos independientes en el nivel inferior, y doce salones-dormitorio, dotados de servicios de baño y cocina comunes a cada dos dormitorios, en planta baja, y a cada cuatro, en el nivel superior. El proyecto se caracteriza por su sencillez de diseño, que procura armonizar la nueva construcción, tanto en los materiales como en el planteamiento formal, con la arquitectura tradicional existente en el entorno. En este sentido se destaca, fundamentalmente, la solución adoptada para la cubierta, revestida de pizarra, que se interrumpe para abrir huecos de ventana y para iluminar abundantemente el corredor central de distribución en la planta primera, alejado del perímetro. Los logros en la solución funcional se integran en un diseño agradable y atractivo, apreciable tanto interior como exteriormente.

  10. [Survey on a public health emergency event caused by norovirus]. (United States)

    Xing, Y; Jiang, C; Hua, W Y; Liu, F; Zhao, Z; Ding, Y J; Wang, L; Li, J


    Objective: To study the epidemiological characteristics of an outbreak caused by norovirus infection in a school in Haidian district, Beijing. Methods: Basic information of the school and data related to patients in the fields survey were collected and analyzed descriptively. Laboratory tests were performed to test the stool and anal swab specimens of both patients and cooks as well as the environmental specimens. Risk factors related to the incidence were analyzed through a case-control study. Results: A total number of 119 patients were identified in the school. Clinical symptoms were mild, mainly involving vomiting (94.1 % , 112/119), abdominal pain (46.2 % , 55/119), but no need of hospitalization. The average age of the student patients was 6.38, with minimum and maximum between 5 and 11. Patients were found in 22 classes, but mainly in grade 1 and class 7 where 35 patients were found (30.17 % ). A total of 134 specimens of rectal swabs and stool were collected, with 7 positive for norovirus and 6 for sappovirus. Salmonella, Shigella, lapactic Escherichia coli and Vibrio parahaemolyticus were not found in on dinner sets, residual foods, bottled water or in drinking fountains. Index on water hygiene was unsatisfactory in classrooms or dormitories where more cases were found. Accommodation, north-facing-classrooms, abnormal water hygiene indexes were found related to the occurance of the disease ( P <0.05). Conclusions: The outbreak was identified a gastroenteritis infection, caused by norovirus with symptoms as vomiting and abdominal pain. This event reached the reporting standards of public health emergencies-level Ⅳ. Discovery and isolation of the first case was not timely while transmission of the disease might be water-borne. Surveillance programs on symptoms, disinfection of vomit and stool in places like nurseries and schools should be strengthened to prevent the norovirus outbreak.

  11. Designed to deter: Barriers to facilities at secondary schools in Ghana

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anthony K. Danso


    Full Text Available Background: There are varied and complex problems associated with the admission of students with disabilities into secondary (senior high schools all over the world. This situation is further complicated by difficulties encountered in the built environment of these institutions and, in this, Ghana is no exception. Objectives: This exploratory study investigated the level of accessibility of the built environment in secondary schools in eight out of the ten regions of Ghana, in order to determine whether they conform to guidelines provided in international building standards and also assess the extent to which they have been designed and constructed to meet the provisions of the Persons with Disability Act 2006, which allows for equal access to public buildings in Ghana. Method: In total, 705 building elements in 264 facilities were surveyed using international standards, building codes, regulations and guidelines. These facilities included car parks, classrooms, dormitories, assembly halls, telephone booths and administration blocks. Results: Our findings revealed that most of the building elements were barring and not disability-friendly. Just to name a few: there were obstructions on access routes to and around buildings, absence of designated car parks, unfriendly vertical and horizontal means of circulation in buildings and lack of accessible sanitary accommodations. In addition, the general lighting and signage were poor. As a result, very few students with disabilities are admitted and retained in these schools. Conclusion: Mainstreaming of people with disabilities into the Ghanaian educational system remains impossible unless urgent action is taken to alter the facilities at secondary schools. Based on this research outcome, recommendations have been made to the Ghanaian government and the Ghana Education Service, as well as non-governmental organisations and relevant professional bodies for the amelioration of the present situation in

  12. Academic and Socio-demographic Causes of Medical Student's underachievement in Iranian Medical Schools: A Systematic Review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Keivan Dolati


    Full Text Available The academic performance of medical students seems to influence and be influenced by various factors. Identification of the factors that would influence the academic performance may help to modify some of these factors which may be reflecting positively on student’s GPA. Therefore, the objective of present study was to examine the effects of factors such as the student’s demographic data, educational and socio-cultural factors on the academic underachievement of Iranian medical students. In this systematic review study, all the papers related to the investigation of the causes of academic underachievement in case of the Iranian medical students, that were published during the period between 1996 and 2015, were recorded and reviewed. To carry out this purpose, all the Iranian journals and some of the scientific databases such as IranMedex, SID, Magiran, and MedLib, and foreign databases such as PubMed, Web of Science, Google Scholar, ERIC, and Science Direct, were used to search the keywords academic underachievement, medical students, educational status, and education progress. After searching mentioned databases, 218 papers were recorded, 97 of which were unrelated and were omitted during the initial review. After omitting the unrelated papers, 121 papers were reviewed by authors independently, and after the omission of the papers not possessing the criteria to enter the study, 65 papers remained, and finally, after complete reviewing procedure, 10 studies entered the analysis. In conclusion, being married, having second jobs, residing in a dormitory, admission to university by the privilege, low educational level of the parents, long interval between receiving diploma and entering university, male sex, age, not having educational planning and motivation skills, and absence from the classes are the main educational barriers among medical students resulted in underachievement.

  13. The Impact of Media Literacy Intervention on the Students\\' Attitudes about Self-Medication of Slimming Supplements

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mahnaz Solhi


    Full Text Available Background and objective: Self-medication of slimming supplements has increased. Media advertising is involved in this field. The aim of the present study was to determine the effect of media literacy educational intervention in the students' attitudes about self-medication of slimming supplements among the female dormitories in University of Medical Sciences in Iran. Methods: In this quasi-experimental study of controlled type, 98 students were selected by multistage cluster sampling method and randomly divided into two groups of 49 tests and 49 control. The data collecting instruments were the researcher-made questionnaire about media literacy and attitude on self-medication of slimming pills, BICI questionnaire of body image, and SEI Cooper Smith's questionnaire of self-esteem. Based on the results obtained from the questionnaires early completion, an appropriate educational intervention was designed and carried out. One and three months after the intervention, data was gathered and analyzed in (16 SPSS software using descriptive and analytical tests. Results: Before the intervention, the mean scores of attitude, body image, self-esteem, and dimensions of media literacy in both groups were moderate, and there was no significant difference between them. Also, positive correlations were observed in the experiment group between attitude and knowledge (r = 0.99, p = 0.001, critical thinking (r = 0.61, p = 0.001 and analysis (r=0.37, p=0.009. One and three months after the intervention, the mean scores of  body image, self-esteem, and dimensions of media literacy were  observed significant in  both groups (p <0.05. Conclusion: Media literacy education was effective in promoting the attitude about slimming supplements. Paper Type: Research Article.

  14. Study on construction of temporary dwellings and problems caused by living long time on Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake; Hanshin / Awaji daishinsai ni okeru okyu kasetsu jutaku no secchi to chokikan shiyo suru baai no kadai ni kansuru chosa

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Takahashi, K.; Nakamura, Y. [Nagasaki Univ. (Japan)] Shimizu, Y. [Kumagai Gumi Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    Two years after the above-titled earthquake, an examination was performed on inhabitants in the temporary dwelling houses in Kobe, center of the calamity, and problems caused by a long stay there were clarified together with a grasp of the evolving problems by comparing the result of survey carried out immediately after the disaster. The number of such temporary dwelling houses amounted to 29,128 within Kobe City and 3,168 outside of the city. According to the room arrangement, they were either one f 4 types : 2-rooms with a kitchen, 1 room with a kitchen, dormitory and those specifically for aged persons. There were 59,449 applications at the first offer of 2,702 houses. The priority of their assignments and so on are explained. As for the housing structure, numerous complaints concerned with the room temperature, noise and so forth. As for the living environment, lack of nearby commodity shop, omission of transportation access, ill drainage of the housing sites were pointed out and the matters of demand to the local authorities included the installation of mail post and street lights. As for the health management, insomnia, stiff shoulder, lumbago and other bad physical conditions were revealed. The financial difficulty and the high house rent were obstacles to migrate to other places. The prolonged temporary lives worsened the apprehension of dwellers for the earthquake, typhoon, fire and alike. Some features for the calamity are described in comparison with the result of survey on those who were compelled to live under similar conditions by the eruption of Mr. Fugen. 6 refs., 13 figs., 15 tabs.

  15. On the trail of preventing meningococcal disease: a survey of students planning to travel to the United States. (United States)

    Huang, Hsien-Liang; Cheng, Shao-Yi; Lee, Long-Teng; Yao, Chien-An; Chu, Chia-Wei; Lu, Chia-Wen; Chiu, Tai-Yuan; Huang, Kuo-Chin


    College freshmen living in dormitories are at increased risk for meningococcal disease. Many students become a high-risk population when they travel to the United States. This study surveyed the knowledge, attitudes toward, and behavior surrounding the disease among Taiwanese college students planning to study in the United States, and to identify factors that may affect willingness to accept meningococcal vaccination. A cross-sectional survey of college students going to study in the United States was conducted in a medical center-based travel medicine clinic. Background information, attitudes, general knowledge, preventive or postexposure management, and individual preventive practices were collected through a structured questionnaire. A total of 358 students were included in the final analysis. More than 90% of participants believed that preventing meningococcal disease was important. However, fewer than 50% of students accurately answered six of nine questions exploring knowledge of the disease, and only 17.3% of students knew the correct management strategy after close contact with patients. Logistic regression analysis showed that students who understood the mode of transmission (odds ratio: 3.21, 95% CI = 1.117-9.229), medication management (1.88, 1.045-3.38), and epidemiology (2.735, 1.478-5.061) tended to be vaccinated. Despite an overall positive attitude toward meningococcal vaccination, there was poor knowledge about meningococcal disease. Promoting education on the mode of transmission, epidemiology, and pharmacological management of the disease could increase vaccination rates. Both the governments and travel medicine specialists should work together on developing an education program for this high-risk group other than just requiring vaccination. © 2013 International Society of Travel Medicine.

  16. Transmission of measles among healthcare Workers in Hospital W, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China, 2016. (United States)

    Jia, Haimei; Ma, Chao; Lu, Mengting; Fu, Jianping; Rodewald, Lance E; Su, Qiru; Wang, Huaqin; Hao, Lixin


    As China approaches the elimination of measles, outbreaks of measles continue to occur. Healthcare workers (HCWs) are known to be at high risk of infection and transmission of measles virus. A measles outbreak occurred in a hospital in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. We report an investigation of this outbreak and its implications for measles elimination and outbreak preparedness. We conducted a retrospective search for measles cases using hospital records. Information on cases was collected by interview, and was used to determine epidemiological linkages. We surveyed HCWs to determine their demographic characteristics, disease history and vaccination status, and knowledge about measles. We identified 19 cases, ages 18 to 45 years, in Hospital W between December 2015 and January 2016; 14 were laboratory-confirmed, and 5 were epidemiologically linked. The primary case was a 25-year-old neurology department nurse who developed a rash on 22 December 2015 that was reported on 11 January 2016. She continued working and living with her workmates in a dormitory during her measles transmission period. Among the 19 infected HCWs, 2 had received a dose of measles-containing vaccine (MCV) before the outbreak, and 16 had unknown vaccination status. Outbreak response immunization activities were started on 8 January in a non-selective manner by offering vaccine regardless of vaccination history; 605(68%) of 890 HCWs were vaccinated. The HCW survey had a 73% response rate (646/890); 41% of HCWs reported that they had received MCV before outbreak, and 56% exhibited good knowledge of measles symptoms, transmission, complications, and vaccination. Low MCV coverage, low measles knowledge among HCWs, delayed reporting of measles cases, and absence of proper case management were associated with this outbreak. Training and vaccinating HCWs against measles are essential activities to prevent measles virus transmission among HCWs.

  17. Kemampuan Konsentrasi Berhubungan dengan Waktu Reaksi tetapi Tidak Berhubungan dengan Pola Tidur di Pondok Pesantren

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Handayani -


    Full Text Available Pesantren as dormitory-based educational institutions familiarize their students with sleep patterns and certain activities, including sports that increase reaction time. This study aims to prove the relationship between sleep patterns and reaction time with the ability of concentration in adolescent girls. This cross-sectional study was conducted on 27 Wachid Hasyim boarding school students whose average age was 17.49 years (IK 95% 17.33-17,66. Subjects filled out the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI and Krawietz Concentration Scale (KCS questionnaires and underwent the Ruler Drop Test. All three consecutively measured sleep patterns, concentration ability and reaction time. The KCS questionnaire assessed four components: 1 Control of Focus (CF; 2 Uncontrolled Focus (UF; 3 Reading and Listening Focus (RLF; And 4 Control of Focus Before Sleep (CFBS. The results show that the subject has a PSQI score of 6.41 (95% IK 5.29-7.52 that exceeds the normal limit. However, subjects had a rapid reaction time (55.6% and a KCS score of 216.78 (95% IO 958.06-225.49; p = 0.044 higher than their mean value. There was no relationship between sleep patterns with concentration ability (p = 0.487. There is a negative correlation trend between sleep patterns and CFBS (r = -322; p = 0.050 or with reaction time (r = -394; p = 0.069. There was a relationship between reaction time and overall concentration (p = 0.048 and partially on RLF + CFBS (p = 0.029. There is a positive correlation between the reaction time in the form of the catch distance response with CFBS (r = 0.326; p = 0.049. The effort of pesantren in maximizing the use of time that caused poor sleep pattern was found did not decrease the ability of student concentration. Exercise that increases reaction time is found to reduce their ability to start sleeping


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kardi Teknomo


    Full Text Available Limitation of parking spaces in Petra Christian University need to be solved by deterring private cars usage. However, the factors that affect students to choose their mode to campus are unknown. Determination of factors that influence mode choices may support alternatives and policy that could be proposed. Analytic Hierarchy Process was used to analyze the factors. Trips characteristics data of the students was collected by questionnaires interview. The results of the analysis show that the main factors that influence student to choose their mode to campus is security (49,3% and time (27,3%. Walking from student dormitory was the best alternative (33.2%, while carpool (16% is slightly lower than private cars usage (18%. Vanpool (12.4% is lower than carpool. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Lahan parkir di Universitas Kristen Petra yang terbatas, memerlukan solusi alternatif yang mengalihkan penggunaan kendaraan pribadi. Permasalahannya, faktor-faktor apa yang menyebabkan mahasiswa memilih menggunakan mobil pribadi daripada alternatif moda yang lain belum diketahui. Dengan menentukan faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi pemilihan moda, serta besar pengaruhnya, berbagai alternatif dan kebijakan untuk menurunkan kebutuhan akan lahan parkir, dapat diusulkan dengan lebih efektif. Metoda Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP dapat dipergunakan untuk menentukan faktor-faktor pemilihan moda. Data karakteristik perjalanan dilakukan dengan wawancara berkuisioner kepada mahasiswa Universitas Kristen Petra yang mempunyai kemungkinan untuk melakukan pilihan terhadap alternatif-alternatif moda yang ada. Hasil analisa menunjukkan bahwa faktor utama yang mempengaruhi pemilihan moda untuk berangkat kuliah adalah faktor keamanan (49,3% dan faktor waktu (27,3%. Ditinjau dari berbagai faktor, alternatif jalan kaki dari pondokan merupakan alternatif yang terbaik (33,2%, sedangkan carpool (16%, sedikit lebih rendah daripada penggunaan mobil pribadi (18%. Angkutan kampus (antar

  19. Mental Health Status of Medical Students in Tehran: A Cross Sectional Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad-Reza Sohrabi


    Full Text Available Background: Mental health of medical students who will be responsible for community health has great importance. This study was designed to determine the prevalence of probable mental disorders during the internship period of medical students.    Methods: This descriptive cross sectional study evaluated 404 medical students of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, in Tehran, the capital of Iran. The data collecting instrument was a self-rated questionnaire including standard mental health questionnaire SCL-90-R, demographic and socio-economic data. The score 0.7 and above were designated as possible cases of mental disorders. Analysis performed by SPSS software, version 14 (SPSS Inc, Chicago, Il, USA. p-value<0.05 was considered significant.  Results: 53.8% of participants were female, and 79.4% were single. From all participants, 14.1% had Global Severity Index (GSI score more than 0.7. Mean and standard deviation of GSI score was 0.32 (0.27. The frequency of probable mental disorder in medical students was 16.3% in somatization; 24.5% in obsessive-compulsive; 15.6% in interpersonal sensitivity; 16.8% in depression; 18.8% in anxiety; 14.6% in hostility; 11.4% in phobic anxiety; 16.8% in paranoid ideation and 13.9% in psychoticism. Students who had no children, lived in dormitory, had good economic status and were satisfied with their private life and studying course had significantly lower GSI scores.  Conclusion: Between 11 to 24% of the students had mental disorders in different dimensions and economic status, living place and number of children were related to the disorders.

  20. The accumulation of dust mite allergens on mattresses made of different kinds of materials. (United States)

    Visitsunthorn, Nualanong; Chirdjirapong, Varakorn; Pootong, Visanu; Jirapongsananuruk, Orathai; Pacharn, Punchama; Weeravejsukit, Sirirat; Mahakittikun, Vanna; Vichyanond, Pakit


    Different mattress materials may affect the accumulation of allergens. To compare the amount of group 1 dust mite allergens (Der p1 + Der f1) on mattresses made of different kinds of materials before and after use. Sixty new mattresses made of kapok, synthetic fiber, coconut fiber and sponge-like polyurethane, were placed in the house officers' dormitory at Siriraj hospital, Thailand. The dust samples were collected before (0), 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months after the mattresses were used. Group 1 dust mite allergens were analyzed using two-site monoclonal antibody ELISA. Der f1 made up 86.7 % of group 1 allergens found in the matress dust. After the 2nd month, only the mean level in sponge-like polyurethane mattress was under 2 microg/g dust (sensitized level). At the 6th month, the mean levels were 13.1 in coconut, 21.7 in kapok and 17.3 microg/g dust in synthetic fiber, all of which were more than 10 microg/g dust (symptomatic level). At the 9th month, the level in sponge-like polyurethane mattress was increased to 11.2 microg/g. At 12th month the level in coconut fiber, sponge-like polyurethane synthetic fiber and kapok mattresses were 20.2, 22.4, 28.9 and 32.2 microg/g dust respectively. The accumulation rate in kapok and synthetic mattresses was significantly higher than coconut and sponge-like polyurethane mattresses. The mean level of group 1 mite allergens exceeded 10 microg/g dust after the 6th month of use in coconut fiber, kapok and synthetic fiber and at the 9th month in sponge-like polyurethane mattress.

  1. The interplay between individual social behavior and clinical symptoms in small clustered groups. (United States)

    Poletti, Piero; Visintainer, Roberto; Lepri, Bruno; Merler, Stefano


    Mixing patterns of human populations play a crucial role in shaping the spreading paths of infectious diseases. The diffusion of mobile and wearable devices able to record close proximity interactions represents a great opportunity for gathering detailed data on social interactions and mixing patterns in human populations. The aim of this study is to investigate how social interactions are affected by the onset of symptomatic conditions and to what extent the heterogeneity in human behavior can reflect a different risk of infection. We study the relation between individuals' social behavior and the onset of different symptoms, by making use of data collected in 2009 among students sharing a dormitory in a North America university campus. The dataset combines Bluetooth proximity records between study participants with self-reported daily records on their health state. Specifically, we investigate whether individuals' social activity significantly changes during different symptomatic conditions, including those defining Influenza-like illness, and highlight to what extent possible heterogeneities in social behaviors among individuals with similar age and daily routines may be responsible for a different risk of infection for influenza. Our results suggest that symptoms associated with Influenza-like illness can be responsible of a reduction of about 40% in the average duration of contacts and of 30% in the daily time spent in social interactions, possibly driven by the onset of fever. However, differences in the number of daily contacts were found to be not statistically significant. In addition, we found that individuals who experienced clinical influenza during the study period were characterized by a significantly higher social activity. In particular, both the number of person-to-person contacts and the time spent in social interactions emerged as significant risk factors for influenza infection. Our findings highlight that Influenza-like illness can remarkably

  2. Study on Operating Performance of a Combined Hot Water Supplying System with Solar Energy and Heat Pump Based on TRNSYS%基于TRNSYS的太阳能-热泵联合供热水系统运行性能研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Established a combined hot water supplying system model with solar energy and air source heat pump based on TRNSYS and simulated the water temperature variation and operating energy consumption characteristics in the water tank of a student dormitory in different seasons in Changsha.The results show that the water from the time-temperature control scheme of the system each month can basically meet the needs of users.By concmparing the solar energy absorption,heat pump energy consumption and energy consumption of each part at each month,coluded that the heat pump has the least energy consumption,the solar energy utilization rate is the highest and the system save energy most in summer.The research results provide reference value for mastering theperformance of hot water supplying system with solar energy and improving the design and control of the whole system.%基于TRNSYS软件建立了太阳能与空气源热泵联合供水系统模型,模拟了长沙地区某学生宿舍不同季节水箱内的水温变化及运行能耗特点.结果表明,所选取的时间-温差控制方案下该系统各个月的水温基本上可以满足用户需求.通过比较各供热水系统各月吸收太阳热量、热泵能耗、各个部件能耗,得出夏季热泵能耗最少,太阳能利用率最高,该系统节约能源最多.研究结果对掌握太阳能供热水系统性能及改善整个系统的设计与控制具有参考价值.

  3. Sistem Informasi Penjualan Boneka Berbasis Web (Studi Kasus: Asrama Boneka Unilak

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eddis Syahputra Pane


    Full Text Available AbstrakSistem penjualan boneka di asrama boneka selama ini dilakukan dengan cara bekerja sama dengan toko-toko boneka dan pedagang boneka di kaki lima yang membutuhkan waktu yang lama dalam memasarkan boneka tersebut sehingga dinilai kurang efektif dan efesien. Lambatnya perkembangan penjualan karena kurangnya promosi Asrama Boneka kepada masyarakat sehingga tidak semua kalangan masyarakat mengenal perusahaan ini. Oleh karena itu dibutuhkan suatu sistem infomasi penjualan berbasis web atau internet yang dapat membantu dalam memasarkan boneka sehingga transaksi penjualan dapat dilakukan dengan cepat dimana saja dan kapan saja oleh semua kalangan masyarakat. Tujuan pembangunan sistem informasi penjualan boneka ini adalah untuk memberikan informasi tentang boneka yang dipasarkan secara detail kepada calon pembeli sehingga mempermudah calon pembeli mendapatkan informasi yang dibutuhkan; lebih memperkenalkan  asrama boneka kepada semua kalangan masyarakat sehingga dapat memperluas jangkauan pemasaran dengan tujuan dapat meningkatkan penjualan. Kata kunci: Sistem Informasi Penjualan, Web Abstract Sales system in a dorm dolls doll has been done by working together with shops and traders stuffed doll in the sidewalk that takes a long time in the doll market that is considered less effective and efficient. The slow development of sales due to lack of promotion Dormitory doll to the public so that not all people know this company. Therefore needed a web-based sales information system or the internet that can help in marketing the doll so that the transaction can be done quickly anywhere and anytime by all circles of society. The development objective of this doll sales information system is to provide information about the dolls marketed in detail to prospective buyers making it easier for potential buyers to get the information needed; introduce boarding doll to all the community so that it can expand your marketing reach with the aim to increase

  4. Association of Psychosocial Conditions, Oral Health, and Dietary Variety with Intellectual Activity in Older Community-Dwelling Japanese Adults. (United States)

    Tomioka, Kimiko; Okamoto, Nozomi; Kurumatani, Norio; Hosoi, Hiroshi


    This study examined the factors related to intellectual activity in community-dwelling elderly persons. Self-administered questionnaires mailed to all people aged ≥65 years in a dormitory suburb in Japan (n = 15,210). The response rate was 72.2%. Analytical subjects (n = 8,910) were those who lived independently and completely answered questions about independent and dependent variables and covariates. Independent variables included psychosocial conditions (i.e., social activities, hobbies, and a sense that life is worth living (ikigai)), oral health (i.e., dental health behaviors and oral function evaluated by chewing difficulties, swallowing difficulties, and oral dryness), and dietary variety measured using the dietary variety score (DVS). A dependent variable was intellectual activity measured using the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology Index of Competence. Covariates included age, gender, family structure, pensions, body mass index, alcohol, smoking, medical history, self-rated health, medications, cognitive function, depression, and falling. Logistic regression was used to estimate the odds ratio (OR) for poor intellectual activity. Poor intellectual activity was reported by 28.9% of the study population. After adjustment for covariates and independent variables, poor intellectual activity was significantly associated with nonparticipation in social activities (OR = 1.90, 95%CI = 1.61-2.24), having neither hobbies nor ikigai (3.13, 2.55-3.84), having neither regular dental visits nor daily brushing (1.70, 1.35-2.14), the poorest oral function (1.61, 1.31-1.98), and the lowest DVS quartile (1.96, 1.70-2.26). These results indicate that psychosocial conditions, oral health, and dietary variety are independently associated with intellectual activity in elderly persons. The factors identified in this study may be used in community health programs for maintaining the intellectual activity ability of the elderly.

  5. Association of Psychosocial Conditions, Oral Health, and Dietary Variety with Intellectual Activity in Older Community-Dwelling Japanese Adults.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kimiko Tomioka

    Full Text Available This study examined the factors related to intellectual activity in community-dwelling elderly persons.Self-administered questionnaires mailed to all people aged ≥65 years in a dormitory suburb in Japan (n = 15,210. The response rate was 72.2%. Analytical subjects (n = 8,910 were those who lived independently and completely answered questions about independent and dependent variables and covariates. Independent variables included psychosocial conditions (i.e., social activities, hobbies, and a sense that life is worth living (ikigai, oral health (i.e., dental health behaviors and oral function evaluated by chewing difficulties, swallowing difficulties, and oral dryness, and dietary variety measured using the dietary variety score (DVS. A dependent variable was intellectual activity measured using the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology Index of Competence. Covariates included age, gender, family structure, pensions, body mass index, alcohol, smoking, medical history, self-rated health, medications, cognitive function, depression, and falling. Logistic regression was used to estimate the odds ratio (OR for poor intellectual activity.Poor intellectual activity was reported by 28.9% of the study population. After adjustment for covariates and independent variables, poor intellectual activity was significantly associated with nonparticipation in social activities (OR = 1.90, 95%CI = 1.61-2.24, having neither hobbies nor ikigai (3.13, 2.55-3.84, having neither regular dental visits nor daily brushing (1.70, 1.35-2.14, the poorest oral function (1.61, 1.31-1.98, and the lowest DVS quartile (1.96, 1.70-2.26.These results indicate that psychosocial conditions, oral health, and dietary variety are independently associated with intellectual activity in elderly persons. The factors identified in this study may be used in community health programs for maintaining the intellectual activity ability of the elderly.

  6. Source of Personal Exposure to PM2.5 among College Students in Beijing, China (United States)

    Xie, Qiaorong; Zhu, Xianlei; Li, Xiang; Hui, Fan; Fu, Xianqiang; Zhang, Qiangbin


    The health risk from exposure to airborne particles arouses increasing public concern in Beijing, a megacity in China, where concentration of PM2.5 frequently exceeds the guideline values of World Health Organization (WHO). To investigate daily exposure to PM2.5, a personal exposure study was conducted for college students. The purpose of this study was to measure the daily PM2.5 personal exposures of students, to quantify the contributions of various microenvironments to personal exposure since students spend more than 85% of their time indoors, and to apportion the contributions of PM2.5 indoors origin and outdoor origin. In this work, a total of 320 paired indoor and outdoor PM2.5 samples were collected at eight types of microenvironments in both China University of Petroleum (suburban area) and Tsinghua University (urban area). The microenvironments were selected based on the time-activity diary finished by 1500 students from both universities. Simultaneously, the air exchange rate was measured in each microenvironment. PM2.5, elements, inorganic ions and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the samples were determined. The peak concentrations were observed in dinning halls, whereas PM2.5 in dormitories was the largest contributor to personal exposure because students spend more than half of a day there. Furthermore, source apportionment by positive matrix factorization (PMF) will be carried out to understand the source of personal exposure to PM2.5. Especially, efforts will be put on determing the contributions of primary combustion, secondary sulfate and organics, secondary nitrate, and mechanically generated PM, which present different infiltration behavior and are indoor PM2.5 of ambient origin, with help of air exchange rate data. The results would be benefit for refining the understanding of the contribution of PM2.5 of ambient (outdoor) origin to the daily PM2.5 personal exposures. Acknowledgments:This study has been funded by Beijing Municipal Commission

  7. The Role of Residential Communities for the Academic and Social Success of Undergraduate Women in STEM Majors: The Case of a Public University in Ethiopia (United States)

    Wuhib, Frehiwot Wondimu

    This study is an exploratory case study which explored the residential environment of an Ethiopian public university on its role for the social and academic integration of undergraduate women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. It also explained how the social and academic integration of the women contributed for their overall college success. There were three groups of participants; undergraduate women in STEM, female resident proctors, and relevant officials from the university and the Ministry of Education of the Ethiopian government. Each of the participants were interviewed on a one-on-one basis and the interviews were transcribed and coded for the analysis. Supportive quantitative data about the enrollment, performance and retention of students were also gathered from the university's registrar office and analyzed quantitatively to support the qualitative data obtained through interviews. The study was framed by Tinto's Integration Model and data were interpreted using Third World feminist theory. The findings showed that due to the fact that all same-sex, same-major women living in the same rooms, and all who live in one dorm take similar courses throughout their program, and dormitories serving multiple roles, including being collaboration spaces, played a big role for better social and academic integration of the women. It is also found that their social and academic integration helped them to better perform in their majors by enhancing their sense of belonging in the male-dominated STEM majors, enhancing their commitment, and promoting peer encouragement. On the other hand, the findings also showed that there were some factors which have negative influence in the integration process such as negative stereotypes against the presence and good performance of women in STEM, lack of support system, and limited interaction with faculty. So, the study recommends that working on improving the negatively influencing factors will

  8. Peer communication on sex and sexual health among youths: a case of Debre Berhan university, Ethiopia. (United States)

    Gezahegn, Takele; Birhanu, Zewdie; Aman, Mamusha; Dessalegn, Muluken; Abera, Asmamaw; Nyagero, Josephat


    Friends are considered an important source of advice and information about sex. Conversations about sex among young people tend to generate norms that influence positive or negative pressure on individuals to conform to group standards. The aim of the study was to explore peer communication on sex and sexual health. Grounded theory qualitative study design was employed using focus group discussions and participant observation. Participants were selected using criterion purposive sampling. Semi-structured guides and checklists were used as data collection tools. Information was audio-recorded and transcribed verbatim and uploaded to ATLAS.ti 7 software for coding. Data collection and analysis were undertaken simultaneously using constant comparative analysis. Students talked with peers and sexual partners about sex more than sexual health issues. Common places of talk included dormitory, begtera (near dorm where students meet), and space (reading rooms). Whereas, time of talk, either in a group or with just their close friends or sex partners, included during training, evening and weekend time, during walking together, and break time. Students used verbal and non-verbal and formal and informal communication styles. The content, place, and time for discussions about sex were influenced by gender, social-cultural norms (e.g. religion), rural vs urban living, and the occurrence of sexual health issues (e.g, sexually-transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancies). Priority should be given to designing audience-specific strategies and messages to promote discussions about sex and to encourage safe sexual practices. Primary target groups should include female and rural students, who are predisposed to risky sexual behavior.

  9. NESHAP Area-Specific Dose-Release Factors for Potential Onsite Member-of-the-Public Locations at SRS using CAP88-PC Version 4.0

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Trimor, P. [Savannah River Site (SRS), Aiken, SC (United States). Savannah River National Lab. (SRNL)


    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires the use of the computer model CAP88-PC to estimate the total effective doses (TED) for demonstrating compliance with 40 CFR 61, Subpart H (EPA 2006), the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) regulations. As such, CAP88 Version 4.0 was used to calculate the receptor dose due to routine atmospheric releases at the Savannah River Site (SRS). For estimation, NESHAP dose-release factors (DRFs) have been supplied to Environmental Compliance and Area Closure Projects (EC&ACP) for many years. DRFs represent the dose to a maximum receptor exposed to 1 Ci of a specified radionuclide being released into the atmosphere. They are periodically updated to include changes in the CAP88 version, input parameter values, site meteorology, and location of the maximally exposed individual (MEI). In this report, the DRFs were calculated for potential radionuclide atmospheric releases from 13 SRS release points. The three potential onsite MEI locations to be evaluated are B-Area, Three Rivers Landfill (TRL), and Savannah River Ecology Lab Conference Center (SRELCC) with TRL’s onsite workers considered as members-of-the-public, and the potential future constructions of dormitories at SRELCC and Barracks at B-Area. Each MEI location was evaluated at a specified compass sector with different area to receptor distances and was conducted for both ground-level and elevated release points. The analysis makes use of area-specific meteorological data (Viner 2014). The resulting DRFs are compared to the 2014 NESHAP offsite MEI DRFs for three operational areas; A-Area, H-Area, and COS for a release rate of 1 Ci of tritium oxide at 0 ft. elevation. CAP88 was executed again using the 2016 NESHAP MEI release rates for 0 and 61 m stack heights to determine the radionuclide dose at TRL from the center-of-site (COS).

  10. Review of Portuguese Cistercian Monastic Heritage (United States)

    Martins, Ana M. T.


    This paper aims to present a contribution to the history of the reform and renewal in the Portuguese Cistercian monasteries throughout almost nine centuries of cultural and architectural history in this Country. The Cistercian Order played a remarkable role in the affirmation of Portugal (1143) and had unquestionable position, since the medieval period, in the construction of a significant part of the Portuguese culture. The reform of many Monasteries came with the Autonomous Congregation of Alcobaça (1567). In fact, the Portuguese Cistercian Monasteries absorbed the regional ways of construction with masonry (granite in the north and limestone in the south) but it is without a doubt in its architecture that change and renewal can be found as strength and a tool for achieving a status of cultural landmarks. The renewal and reform in the Portuguese Cistercian Monasteries was not restricted to the styles in vogue but also was related to the physical expansion of the monasteries. This could be achieved by adding new aisles and cloisters like in Alcobaça or Salzedas Monasteries. Though there are cases of unconventional renewals and reformations such as the existence of two churches in the Monastery of Salzedas and the example of the open air Museum of the Monastery of S. João de Tarouca were can be found the former medieval monastery, as a result of new archaeological research and a prospective hypothesis of its volumetric layout, in between the walls of the 17th century dormitories and the Church. This continuous architectonic renewal is still being carried out in the 21st century either by the Portuguese Government, through several heritage institutes since the 20th century, or a few individuals on their one.The history of the Portuguese Cistercian Monasteries blends itself with the history of Portugal as the continuous architectonic renewals and reforms were also a result of nine centuries of events and changes in this Country.

  11. Assessment of Medical Students’ Posture When Using the Existing Best-Selling Laptop Tables Using Rapid Upper Limb Assessment Method

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    mojtaba jafarvand


    Full Text Available Introduction and purpose: Improper posture while working is one of the most important risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders. Regarding this, the aim of this study was to assess the posture of students studying at Qazvin University of Medical Sciences when using the existing best-selling laptop tables using rapid upper limb assessment (RULA method. Methods: This analytic, cross-sectional study was conducted on 50 male and female dormitory students in 2017. The study population was selected through stratified random sampling technique. The participants’ postures in two different work stations (tables number one and two were evaluated by means of RULA method. Data analysis was performed in SPSS version 16 using the independent sample t-test and ANOVA test. Results: According to the results, 36% and 46% of the students obtained scores of 3 and 4, respectively in case of table number one. Furthermore, regarding table number two, scores 3 and 4 were recorded for 48% and 44% of the participants, respectively. Therefore, tables number one and two were found to have 82% and 92% of level two corrective measure, respectively. In addition, a significant relationship was obtained between the demographic variables and RULA score (P<0.05. Conclusion: As the findings of the present study indicated, table number one was a better case than table number two for fitting with different body structures since it allowed for the adjustment of the height and inclination of the work surface. However, corrective measures were necessary for both tables to provide the users with comfort, convenience, health, and productivity when using these laptop tables.

  12. Health status of the children in a high density town near Harare, Zimbabwe. (United States)

    Watts, T E; Siziya, S


    To determine the health status of the children for conditions associated with poverty. Cross sectional. Households in Chitungwiza, a dormitory town of Harare, Zimbabwe. 181 children less than five years of age in 1990 and 162 in 1993. Nutritional status and illness experienced by children. A total of 191 (90.0%) mothers breast fed for more than a year. Thirty two (24.2%) children more than six months old in 1990 and 24 (18.9%) in 1993 were offered less than three meals a day. Illnesses were most common (90.9%) in children aged six to 11 months old and decreased after this. Diarrhoea and coughs accounted for most of this excess (87.9%). Coughs alone affected 33.8% of children of all ages. Knowledge of making rehydration sugar/salt solution was wrong in 23.9% of mothers. Appropriate immunization was given to 85% of children in 1993. Twenty one (14.9%) children in 1990 and 15(12.2%) in 1993 were under 80% weight for age. Thirteen (8.7%) children in 1990 and 16 (10.8%) in 1993 were stunted. Breast feeding was generally satisfactory but the number of meals offered to a fifth of the children aged more than six months was inadequate. Instructions for making rehydration sugar/salt solution, on composition and quantity to be given should be made easily available so that the rate of mothers with wrong knowledge of making the sugar salt solution could be decreased. Children of age six to 11 months need to be kept warm to avoid coughs and need to be brought up in hygienic conditions to avoid diarrhoea.

  13. FY1999 Meeting of The Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineering of Japan. Hot water supply system; 1999 nendo gakujutsu koenkai gaiyo. Kyuto

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oze, H. [Toyo University, Tokyo (Japan)


    G-5 and 6 measure and investigate actual state of use of hot water supply systems in dormitories used by persons living alone without their families and by unmarried persons to collect fundamental data. G-5 considers how hot water is used, by making a questionnaire survey on the subject houses, and identifies the consumption trend of heat, water and hot water in the hot water supply systems as a whole. G-6 selected eleven houses from among the houses discussed in the previous report to identify the trend of use of hot water by each house. Also, quantity of hot water used in every day of the week is estimated. G-7 discusses methods for estimating water temperatures at faucets of water pipes from the water sources. This is intended to raise the accuracy of tap water temperature conversion coefficient by districts used for calculating estimated heat quantity as a parameter 'hot water supply energy consumption coefficient' to evaluate energy saving performance of a hot water supply facility. G-8 performs numerical simulations changing different parameters in the hot water supply piping system by using a heat loss calculation model for the existing household hot water supply piping. It executes evaluation on energy conservation performance of each model. G-9 estimates efficiency of instantaneous household gas hot water supply devices, not only on thermal efficiency of devices during steady state combustion, but also on non-steady state such as start-up, and discusses methods to derive actual efficiency by using calculations. (translated by NEDO)

  14. Treatment of Source-Separated Blackwater: A Decentralized Strategy for Nutrient Recovery towards a Circular Economy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Melesse Eshetu Moges


    Full Text Available Using a filter medium for organic matter removal and nutrient recovery from blackwater treatment is a novel concept and has not been investigated sufficiently to date. This paper demonstrates a combined blackwater treatment and nutrient-recovery strategy and establishes mechanisms for a more dependable source of plant nutrients aiming at a circular economy. Source-separated blackwater from a student dormitory was used as feedstock for a sludge blanket anaerobic-baffled reactor. The effluent from the reactor, with 710 mg L−1 NH4–N and 63 mg L−1 PO4–P, was treated in a sequence of upflow and downflow filtration columns using granular activated carbon, Cocos char and polonite as filter media at a flow rate of 600 L m−2 day−1 and organic loading rate of 430 g chemical oxygen demand (COD m−2 day−1. Filtration treatment of the anaerobic effluent with carbon adsorbents removed 80% of the residual organic matter, more than 90% of suspended solids, and turbidity while releasing more than 76% NH4–N and 85% of PO4–P in the liquid phase. The treatment train also removed total coliform bacteria and E. coli in the effluent, achieving concentrations below detection limit after the integration of ultraviolet (UV light. These integrated technological pathways ensure simultaneous nutrient recovery as a nutrient solution, pathogen inactivation, and reduction of active organic substances. The treated nutrient-rich water can be applied as a source of value creation for various end-use options.

  15. Predicting Factors Associated with Regular Physical Activity among College Students: Applying BASNEF Model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. Moeini


    Full Text Available Introduction & Objective: One of the important problems in modern society is people's sedentary life style. The aim of this study was to determine factors associated with regular physical activity among college students based on BASNEF model.Materials & Methods: This study was a cross-sectional study carried out on 400 students in Hamadan University of Medical Sciences. Based on the assignment among different schools, classified sampling method was chosen for data gathering using a questionnaire in three parts including: demographic information, constructs of BASNEF model, and standard international physical activity questionnaire (IPAQ. Data were analyzed by SPSS-13, and using appropriate statistical tests (Chi-square, T-test and regression. Results: Based on the results, 271 students(67.8 % had low, 124 (31% moderate ,and 5 (1.2% vigorous physical activity. There was a significant relationship (c2=6.739, df= 1, P= 0.034 between their residence and physical activity and students living in dormitory were reported to have higher level of physical activity. Behavioral intention and enabling factors from the constructs of BASNEF model were the best predictors for having physical activity in students (OR=1.215, P = 0.000 and (OR=1.119, P= 0.000 respectively.Conclusion: With regard to the fact that majority of the students did not engage in enough physical activity and enabling factors were the most effective predictors for having regular physical activity in them, it seems that providing sports facilities can promote physical activity among the students.(Sci J Hamadan Univ Med Sci 2011;18(3:70-76

  16. Young adult eating and food-purchasing patterns food store location and residential proximity. (United States)

    Laska, Melissa Nelson; Graham, Dan J; Moe, Stacey G; Van Riper, David


    Young adulthood is a critical age for weight gain, yet scant research has examined modifiable contextual influences on weight that could inform age-appropriate interventions. The aims of this research included describing where young adults eat and purchase food, including distance from home, and estimating the percentage of eating/purchasing locations contained within GIS-generated buffers traditionally used in research. Forty-eight participants (aged 18-23 years, n=27 women) represented diverse lifestyle groups. Participants logged characteristics of all eating/drinking occasions (including location) occurring over 7 days (n=1237) using PDAs. In addition, they recorded addresses for stores where they purchased food to bring home. Using GIS, estimates were made of distances between participants' homes and eating/purchasing locations. Data collection occurred in 2008-2009 and data analysis occurred in 2010. Among participants living independently or with family (n=36), 59.1% of eating occasions were at home. Away-from-home eating locations averaged 6.7 miles from home; food-shopping locations averaged 3.1 miles from home. Only 12% of away-from-home eating occasions fell within -mile residential buffers, versus 17% within 1 mile and 34% within 2 miles. In addition, 12%, 19%, and 58% of shopping trips fell within these buffers, respectively. Results were similar for participants residing in dormitories. Young adults often purchase and eat food outside of commonly used GIS-generated buffers around their homes. This suggests the need for a broader understanding of their food environments. Copyright © 2010 American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  17. [An epidemiological investigation on a food-born outbreak of noroviru caused by Sydney 2012 G II.4 strain]. (United States)

    Cai, Wen-Feng; Xie, Hua-Ping; Liu, Yu-Fei; Yuan, Jun; Xiao, Xin-Cai; Ding, Peng; Chen, Chun; Zhang, Du; Chen, Jian-Dong; Ma, Xiao-Wei; Geng, Jin-Mei; Lin, Dong-Ming; Lian, Gui-Xiong; Yang, Zhi-Cong


    To identify the source of infection, route of transmission and risk factors related to a cluster of acute gastroenteritis cases in a university of Guangzhou. Cases were identified according to the definition. Descriptive epidemiological approaches and case-control study designs were employed in the analysis. All the samples were tested for norovirus by RT-PCR. Positive samples were subjected to both nucleotide sequence and homology analysis. A total of 141 cases related to norovirus gastroenteritis were identified in January 8 to 21, 2013, with the attack rate as 8.5 per thousand (141/16,600). The peak in morbidity was seen on January 8 to 9. No clustering was found in different classes or dormitories. Results from the case-control study revealed that early cases were infected in Restaurant A (OR = 3.46, 95% CI: 1.07-11.16) and the cold shredded chicken set meal (OR = 17.82, 95% CI: 4.46-78.17) served at lunch (OR = 4.34, 95% CI: 1.18 -17.37) on January 7 was under suspicion. A total of 266 samples, including rectal swabs from the patients and kitchen wokers, leftover food and environmental swabs, were collected. Twenty-one samples (collected from 17 persons) were positive for norovirus by RT-PCR. About 29.6% (8/27) of the kitchen workers in the Restaurant A were tested positive for the virus. The pathogen was identified as the new norovirus genotype II.4 variant, termed Sydney 2012. The virus strains isolated from the patients among student and staff and the kitchen workers were 100% identical in their nucleotide sequence. This was the first reported acute gastroenteritis outbreak caused by the new norovirus genotype II.4 variant, Sydney 2012, which showed that the food was contaminated by the asymptomatic kitchen workers who carried the virus.

  18. Micromammals in the diet of the Long-eared Owl (Asio otus at the W.W.F.'s Oasi San Giuliano (Matera, South Italy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesco Cecere


    Full Text Available Abstract The presence of small mammals in the winter diet of a dormitory made up of 5 specimens living at the WWF's Oasi San Giuliano (province of Matera is analysed in the following study. The data confirm the presence of small mammals, Microtinae in particular, as a main prey of the Long-eared Owl. 1921 prey-individuals totalling 37695 grams in biomass were found. Rodentia are dominant (86.93% of the biomass; Microtus savii is of particular importance and represents 61.06% of the total biomass and was found in 60.42% of the pellets found. The second most frequently hunted species is the Apodemus sp.: 24.06% of the biomass, 37.08% of the frequency. The other mammals preyed on (Suncus etruscus, Crocidura sp., Pipistrellus sp., Vespertilius sp., Rattus sp., Moscardinus avellanarius are of little importance: 1.27% of the biomass. The owls preyed upon 9 of the 11 species of mammals present (the Talpa sp. and the Mus domesticus are absent. Affinity among different periods, estimated through Sorensen's Index, was found to be medium-high (0.67-0.72. The data analysis confirms the stenophagy of the Long-eared Owl, in this area that is characterised by extensive cereal cultivation and few shrubs and trees. In comparison with other Italian localities, a greater number of preyed species was recorded (8 mammals, 9 birds, 1 insect. Roost owls preyed mainly upon Chiroptera (0.36% compared with 0.1-0.2. Myotis capaccinii and Pipistrellus savii were also found in the diet of the Long-eared Owl for the first time in Italy.

  19. Successes, Challenges and Lessons Learned for Recruiting, Engaging and Preparing a Diverse Student Population for 21st Century Careers in Ocean Sciences. (United States)

    Clarkston, B. E.; Garza, C.


    Diversity within the Ocean Sciences workforce is still underperforming relative to other scientific disciplines, a problem that will be only be solved by recruiting, engaging and retaining a more diverse student population. The Monterey Bay Regional Ocean Science Research Experiences for Undergraduates program is housed at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB), an HSI with strong connections to multiple regional community colleges and other Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions (PUIs) in the CSU system. From this unique position, 11 sophomore and junior-level undergraduate students are recruited per year from academic institutions where research opportunities in STEM are limited and from groups historically underrepresented in the Ocean Sciences, including women, underrepresented minorities, persons with disabilities, and veterans. During the program, students engage in a 10-week original research project guided by a faculty research mentor in one of four themes: Oceanography, Marine Biology and Ecology, Ocean Engineering, and Marine Geology. In addition to research, students engage in rigorous weekly professional development workshops in which they practice critical thinking, ethical decision-making, peer review, writing and oral communication skills. These workshops include tangible products such as an NSF-style proposal paper, Statement of Purpose and CV modelled for the SACNAS Travel Award Application, research abstract, scientific report and oral presentation. To help retain students in Ocean Sciences, students build community during the REU by living together in the CSUMB dormitories; post-REU, students stay connected through an online facebook group, LinkedIn page and group webinars. To date, the REU has supported 22 students in two cohorts (2014, 2015) and here we present successes, challenges and lessons learned for a program designed to prepare students for 21st century Ocean Science careers.

  20. A Research Experiences for Undergraduates program (REU) Program Designed to Recruit, Engage and Prepare a Diverse Student Population for Careers in Ocean Sciences. (United States)

    Clarkston, B. E.; Garza, C.


    The problem of improving diversity within the Ocean Sciences workforce—still underperforming relative to other scientific disciplines—can only be addressed by first recruiting and engaging a more diverse student population into the discipline, then retaining them in the workforce. California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) is home to the Monterey Bay Regional Ocean Science Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. As an HSI with strong ties to multiple regional community colleges and other Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions (PUIs) in the CSU system, the Monterey Bay REU is uniquely positioned to address the crucial recruitment and engagement of a diverse student body. Eleven sophomore and junior-level undergraduate students are recruited per year from academic institutions where research opportunities in STEM are limited and from groups historically underrepresented in the Ocean Sciences, including women, underrepresented minorities, persons with disabilities, and veterans. During the program, students engage in a 10-week original research project guided by a faculty research mentor in one of four themes: Oceanography, Marine Biology and Ecology, Ocean Engineering, and Marine Geology. In addition to research, students develop scientific self-efficacy and literacy skills through rigorous weekly professional development workshops in which they practice critical thinking, ethical decision-making, peer review, writing and oral communication skills. These workshops include tangible products such as an NSF-style proposal paper, Statement of Purpose and CV modelled for the SACNAS Travel Award Application, research abstract, scientific report and oral presentation. To help retain students in Ocean Sciences, students build community during the REU by living together in the CSUMB dormitories; post-REU, students stay connected through an online facebook group, LinkedIn page and group webinars. To date, the REU has supported 22 students in two

  1. Occurrence, sources and human exposure assessment of SCCPs in indoor dust of northeast China. (United States)

    Liu, Li-Hua; Ma, Wan-Li; Liu, Li-Yan; Huo, Chun-Yan; Li, Wen-Long; Gao, Chong-Jing; Li, Hai-Ling; Li, Yi-Fan; Chan, Hing Man


    Short-chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs) are widely used chemicals in household products and might cause adverse human health effects. However, limited information is available on the occurrence of SCCPs in indoor environments and their exposure risks on humans. In this study the concentrations, profiles and human exposure of SCCPs in indoor dust from five different indoor environments, including commercial stores, residential apartments, dormitories, offices and laboratories were characterized. The SCCPs levels ranged from 10.1 to 173.0 μg/g, with the median and mean concentration of 47.2 and 53.6 μg/g, respectively. No significant difference was found on concentrations among the five microenvironments. The most abundant compounds in indoor dust samples were homologues of C 13 group, Cl 7 group and N 20 (N is the total number of C and Cl) group. In the five microenvironments, commercial stores were more frequently exposed to shorter carbon chained and higher chlorinated homologues. Three potential sources for SCCPs were identified by the multiple linear regression of factor score model and correspondence analysis. The major sources of SCCPs in indoor dust were technical mixtures of CP-42 (42% chlorine, w/w) and CP-52 b (52% chlorine, w/w). The total daily exposure doses and hazard quotients (HQ) were calculated by the human exposure models, and they were all below the reference doses and threshold values, respectively. Monte Carlo simulation was applied to predict the human exposure risk of SCCPs. Infants and toddlers were at risk of SCCPs based on predicted HQ values, which were exceeded the threshold for neoplastic effects in the worst case. Our results on the occurrences, sources and human exposures of SCCPs will be useful to provide a better understanding of SCCPs behaviors in indoor environment in China, and to support environmental risk evaluation and regulation of SCCPs in the world. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  2. Relationship between junk foods intake and weight in 6-7 years old children, Shahin Shahr and Meymeh, Iran (United States)

    Darvishi, Leila; Ghiasvand, Reza; Ashrafi, Maryam; Ashrafzadeh, Elnaz; Askari, Gholamreza; Shiranian, Afshin; Hasanzadeh, Akbar


    Background: Healthy nutrition is very important considering the weight status especially in children. The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between junk foods intake and weight in 6-7-years old children. Materials and Methods: This cross-sectional study was carried out in Shahin Shahr and Meymeh, Iran, in 2009. Anthropometrics measures were done and 24-hour food recall used for dietary information and analyzed with food processor 2 and then compared with dietary reference intakes 2008 (DRI). Findings: 61.1 percent of the subjects were residing in dormitories and 12.7 percent were marred. Prevalence of overweight or obesity and abdominal obesity was 6.9 percent and 46.1 percent respectively. Mean (±SD) systolic blood pressure was 105.2 ± 15.6 mm/Hg and diastolic was 62.2 ± 10.4 mm/Hg. Totally, 3.9 percent of the subjects had hypertension. The analysis of food intake indicate that (B12, folate, magnesium, potassium, calcium) with level below the recommended ones, and (vitamin C, E, pantothenic acid, B1, B3, phosphate, zinc) with up levels the recommended ones, and energy intake, macronutrient, vitamin A, pyridoxine, iron, selenium were in general appropriate. Conclusion: These results indicated appropriate level of macronutrients intake and unbalance mainly existed in micronutrients. It is recommended to increase intake important food groups such as dairy, vegetable, fruit that include good source of micronutrients, and also it is suggested that need for strategies can improve competence in the area of nutrition. PMID:24083252

  3. Association of Psychosocial Conditions, Oral Health, and Dietary Variety with Intellectual Activity in Older Community-Dwelling Japanese Adults (United States)

    Tomioka, Kimiko; Okamoto, Nozomi; Kurumatani, Norio; Hosoi, Hiroshi


    Background This study examined the factors related to intellectual activity in community-dwelling elderly persons. Methods Self-administered questionnaires mailed to all people aged ≥65 years in a dormitory suburb in Japan (n = 15,210). The response rate was 72.2%. Analytical subjects (n = 8,910) were those who lived independently and completely answered questions about independent and dependent variables and covariates. Independent variables included psychosocial conditions (i.e., social activities, hobbies, and a sense that life is worth living (ikigai)), oral health (i.e., dental health behaviors and oral function evaluated by chewing difficulties, swallowing difficulties, and oral dryness), and dietary variety measured using the dietary variety score (DVS). A dependent variable was intellectual activity measured using the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology Index of Competence. Covariates included age, gender, family structure, pensions, body mass index, alcohol, smoking, medical history, self-rated health, medications, cognitive function, depression, and falling. Logistic regression was used to estimate the odds ratio (OR) for poor intellectual activity. Results Poor intellectual activity was reported by 28.9% of the study population. After adjustment for covariates and independent variables, poor intellectual activity was significantly associated with nonparticipation in social activities (OR = 1.90, 95%CI = 1.61–2.24), having neither hobbies nor ikigai (3.13, 2.55–3.84), having neither regular dental visits nor daily brushing (1.70, 1.35–2.14), the poorest oral function (1.61, 1.31–1.98), and the lowest DVS quartile (1.96, 1.70–2.26). Conclusion These results indicate that psychosocial conditions, oral health, and dietary variety are independently associated with intellectual activity in elderly persons. The factors identified in this study may be used in community health programs for maintaining the intellectual activity ability of the

  4. Prevalence of obsessive-compulsive disorder in Turkish university students and assessment of associated factors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Topal Kenan


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Many students who begin university at risky periods for OCD development cannot meet the new challenges successfully. They often seek help and apply to the university health center for psychiatric distress. We aimed to determine the prevalence and associated factors of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD at students of the Cukurova University in this cross sectional study. Methods This study was performed in the Cukurova University Faculty of Education with a population of 5500 students; the representative sample size for detecting the OCD prevalence was calculated to be 800. After collecting sociodemographic data, we questioned the students for associated factors of OCD. The General Health Questionnaire-12 (GHQ-12 and Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI, Section K were used for psychiatric evaluation. Logistic regression analysis was performed to evaluate the linkage between OCD and associated factors. Results A total of 804 university students were included in this study. The GHQ-12-positive students (241 students, 29.9% were interviewed using Section K of the CIDI (222 students, 27.6%. OCD was diagnosed in 33 (4.2% students. The Logistic regression analysis of the data showed significant associations between OCD and male gender (p:0.036, living on government dormitory (p: 0.003, living on students' house/parental house (p:0.006, having private room in the parental house (p:0.055 and verbal abuse in the family (p:0.006. Conclusion This study demonstrates a higher prevalence of OCD among a group of university students compared to other prevalence studies of OCD in Turkish society. Furthermore, our findings also suggest relationships between OCD and sociodemographic factors, as well as other environmental stress factors.

  5. Adaptation in Response of Excitation and Inhibition Factors of Angiogenesis after 4 Weeks of Progressive Resistant Training in Sedentary Men

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    s. Karami


    Full Text Available Aims: The sport activity is an important factor affecting the capillary density and angiogenesis. Nitric oxide (NO and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF are the most important stimulative regulators in the angiogenesis. In addition, endostatin is one of the inhibitors of angiogenesis. The aim of this study was to investigate the adaptation in the responses of the angiogenesis inhibition and stimulating factors after 4-week increasing resistive exercises in the sedentary men. Materials & Methods: In the semi-experimental study, 20 healthy and inactive male students, aged between 20 and 25 years, who were residents of Tehran University Dormitory, were studied in the first semester of the academic year 2015-16. The subjects, selected via available sampling method, were divided into two groups including experimental and control groups (n=10 per group. 4-week resistive exercises were done three sessions per week. Blood-sampling was done before and 48 hours after the last exercise session. VEGF, NO, and endostatin were then measured. Data was analyzed by SPSS 18 software using independent and dependent T tests, as well as Pearson correlation coefficient test. Findings: In experimental group, VEGF and No significantly increased at the posttest stage than the pretest (p=0.001. Nevertheless, no significant difference was observed in control group (p>0.05. In both experimental and control groups, endostatin level did not significantly increase at the posttest stage than the pretest (p>0.05. In addition, VEGF and NO were the only variables that were significantly correlated (p=0.016; r=0.82. Conclusion: 4-week increasing resistive exercises in the sedentary men significantly affect the angiogenes stimulating factors, i. e. VEGF and NO, while such exercises do not significantly affect the angiogenesis inhibition factor, i. e. endostatin.

  6. Incidence of academic failure and its underlying factors in Lorestan university of medical sciences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Farzad Ebrahimzadeh


    Full Text Available Background: Academic failure, conceived of as lack of success in one’s education, is of paramount importance for students of medical sciences and it might lead to more acute problems. The present study set out to investigate the prevalence and underlying reasons of academic failure in Lorestan University of medical sciences.  Materials and Methods: In this cohort study, academic records of all students of Lorestan University of Medical Sciences during the academic years of 2006-2011 were collected from education and student affair center and also, demographic and educational records were entered into a checklist. Inappropriate grade point average, being a provisional student, prolonged graduation, expulsion and dropout were taken into account as academic failure. To model the related effective factors, logistic regression was adopted and significance level was set at 0.05. Results: The cumulative incidence of academic failure was about 25.1%. Factors such as department, being self-funded or government-funded student, academic grade students are pursuing, the elapsed time between academic grades, gender and location of residence were related to academic failure (P<0.05. It is worth mentioning that no relationship was observed between the academic failure and being accepted based on quota system. Conclusion: The most important at risk groups were students of department of medicine and health, associate or medical doctoral students, self-funded students, students with a considerable time elapsed between their academic grades, male students and students living in dormitory. It is suggested that these students refer to consulting centers of university or educational supervisors and receive particular attention.

  7. Girls' access to education in a developing country. (United States)

    Geissinger, H


    This article provides an overview of girls' access to education in Papua New Guinea (PNG). PNG is a nation state formed by groups speaking over 800 languages. In 1990, population, except in the North Solomons, numbered about 3.5 million. Life expectancy is about 56.1 years. 43% are aged under 15 years. PNG has one of the highest rates of subsistence living in the world. Most live in villages. Fees are charged for schooling. European style education was brought by the missionaries and was directed mainly to boys. Girls could be included in Bible studies. In 1906, Australia began building schools for boys to work in colony administrative jobs. Colonial control was expanded through development of schools. PNG is mountainous and has few roads, bus routes, or trains. Secondary schools must offer dormitories. In 1988, at least 50% of children were in primary school in all 19 provinces and the area comprising the National Capital District. The government became independent in 1975. Statistical data were unreliably collected. North Solomons was known for having high female primary school enrollments, high status for women, and limited data. Physical location of schools depends on availability of land and resources. Tribal fighting interferes with access. Lotteries determine entrance to secondary school. There are bottlenecks in advancing from one grade to the next. Girls in remote villages may not see women role models and have little desire to obtain any education. Parents may prevent female schooling. Cultural and historical factors are key obstacles to female schooling. Female schooling may not equate with job options.

  8. The Effect of Calcium Pre-Rinse on Salivary Fluoride After 900 ppm Fluoride Mouthwash: A Randomized Clinical Trial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nahid Ramazani


    Full Text Available Objective: Calcium fluoride deposit during fluoride application. Uptake and retention of fluoride by saliva depends generally on the concentration of calcium. In this study, the ef-fect of calcium pre-rinse on salivary fluoride concentration after a 900 ppm fluoride mouthwash was investigated.Materials and Methods: This cross-over double-blind randomized clinical trial was con-ducted in a girls' dormitory in Zahedan University of Medical Sciences, southeast Iran. In this study, 42 female dental students were chosen using simple randomization. During the first phase, 21 subjects (group A used fluoride rinse (F regimen and the remaining (group B used calcium pre-rinse followed immediately by fluoride rinse (Ca + F regi-men. In the second phase, participants rinsed using the mouthwashes not previously used. Prior to each phase prophylaxis was performed and no fluoridated product was used dur-ing a two-week interval between the phases. Salivary samples were taken immediately be-fore (baseline, 1 and 12 hours after rinsing. The salivary fluoride concentration was de-termined using fluoride sensitive electrode. Repeated measures ANOVA was used for sta-tistical analysis and the significance level was set at P<0.05.Results: There was significant difference between fluoride concentrations at different time points (P< 0.001. Significant differences were observed when the different time points of two regimens were examined. In contrast to this, the baseline before using F regimen and the baseline before using Ca + F regimen did not show any significance (P= 0.070.Conclusion: Pre-rinsing with calcium before fluoride is recommended because of signifi-cant increases in salivary fluoride concentration.

  9. Educational outreach to general practitioners reduces children's asthma symptoms: a cluster randomised controlled trial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sladden Michael


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Childhood asthma is common in Cape Town, a province of South Africa, but is underdiagnosed by general practitioners. Medications are often prescribed inappropriately, and care is episodic. The objective of this study is to assess the impact of educational outreach to general practitioners on asthma symptoms of children in their practice. Methods This is a cluster randomised trial with general practices as the unit of intervention, randomisation, and analysis. The setting is Mitchells Plain (population 300,000, a dormitory town near Cape Town. Solo general practitioners, without nurse support, operate from storefront practices. Caregiver-reported symptom data were collected for 318 eligible children (2 to 17 years with moderate to severe asthma, who were attending general practitioners in Mitchells Plain. One year post-intervention follow-up data were collected for 271 (85% of these children in all 43 practices. Practices randomised to intervention (21 received two 30-minute educational outreach visits by a trained pharmacist who left materials describing key interventions to improve asthma care. Intervention and control practices received the national childhood asthma guideline. Asthma severity was measured in a parent-completed survey administered through schools using a symptom frequency and severity scale. We compared intervention and control group children on the change in score from pre-to one-year post-intervention. Results Symptom scores declined an additional 0.84 points in the intervention vs. control group (on a nine-point scale. p = 0.03. For every 12 children with asthma exposed to a doctor allocated to the intervention, one extra child will have substantially reduced symptoms. Conclusion Educational outreach was accepted by general practitioners and was effective. It could be applied to other health care quality problems in this setting.

  10. Occurrence of antibiotics in hospital, residential, and dairy effluent, municipal wastewater, and the Rio Grande in New Mexico. (United States)

    Brown, Kathryn D; Kulis, Jerzy; Thomson, Bruce; Chapman, Timothy H; Mawhinney, Douglas B


    This study had three objectives: 1) determine occurrence of antibiotics in effluent from hospitals, residential facilities, and dairies, and in municipal wastewater 2) determine antibiotic removal at a large wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Albuquerque, NM, and 3) determine concentrations of antibiotics in the Rio Grande, which receives wastewater from the Albuquerque WWTP. Twenty-three samples of wastewater and 3 samples of Rio Grande water were analyzed for the presence of 11 antibiotics. Fifty-eight percent of samples had at least one antibiotic present while 25% had three or more. Hospital effluent had detections of sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim, ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, lincomycin, and penicillin G, with 4 of 5 hospital samples having at least one antibiotic detected and 3 having four or more. At the residential sampling sites, ofloxacin was found in effluent from assisted living and retirement facilities, while the student dormitory had no detects. Only lincomycin was detected in dairy effluent (in 2 of 8 samples, at 700 and 6600 ng/L). Municipal wastewater had detections of sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim, ciprofloxacin, and ofloxacin, with 4 of 6 samples having at least one antibiotic present and 3 having 3 or more. The relatively high concentrations (up to 35,500 ng/L) of ofloxacin found in hospital and residential effluent may be of concern due to potential genotoxic effects and development of antibiotic resistance. At the Albuquerque WWTP, both raw wastewater and treated effluent had detections of sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim, and ofloxacin, at concentrations ranging from 110 to 470 ng/L. However, concentrations in treated effluent were reduced by 20% to 77%. No antibiotics were detected in the Rio Grande upstream of the Albuquerque WWTP discharge, and only one antibiotic, sulfamethoxazole, was detected in the Rio Grande (300 ng/L) below the WWTP.

  11. A Comparative Study on Cultural Attitudes of On-campus and Non-Campus Students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vahid Shalchi


    Full Text Available This article will explore the different way of leisure and some cultural attitudes among on-campus and non-campus students. The method of this study is survey research and questionnaires have been used. The statistical population is the students under the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology’s universities and three-stage cluster sampling method was used for sampling. In the first stage among 31 provinces in Iran, 6 cities have been chosen and in the second stage a number of universities have been chosen among Public University, Payame Noor University, University of Applied Science and Technology, and Nonprofit University, and in the third stage a number of students staying in dormitories and on-campus have been chosen randomly. The sample size is 2500 people and SPSS 19 software has been utilized for data analysis. The results show that there is a considerable difference between the participants’ priorities, obstacles and opportunities in the two groups. Also there is a significant difference between on-campus and non-campus students in terms of their treatment of the most important university’s issues, important criterion in individual success and concerns about the relation between themselves and the society. On-campus students claim financial limitations as one of the most important obstacles for passing their leisure time whereas non-campus students see social supervision as the most important limitation. Moreover, there is a large gap between on-campus students to have an access to leisure facilities, with other students. The concerns between the two groups are also very different. For example on-campus students have twice more concerns on marriage whereas non-campus students have twice more concerns on immigration to foreign countries.

  12. Mindfulness Training Improves Attentional Task Performance in Incarcerated Youth: A Group Randomized Controlled Intervention Trial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Noelle R Leonard


    Full Text Available We investigated the impact of cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness training (CBT/MT on attentional task performance in incarcerated adolescents. Attention is a cognitive system necessary for managing cognitive demands and regulating emotions. Yet persistent and intensive demands, such as those experienced during high-stress intervals like incarceration and the events leading to incarceration, may deplete attention resulting in cognitive failures, emotional disturbances, and impulsive behavior. We hypothesized that CBT/MT may mitigate these deleterious effects of high stress and protect against degradation in attention over the high-stress interval of incarceration. Using a group randomized controlled trial design, we randomly assigned dormitories of incarcerated youth, ages 16 to 18, to a CBT/MT intervention (youth n = 147 or an active control intervention (youth n = 117. Both arms received approximately 750 minutes of intervention in a small-group setting over a 3-5 week period. Youth in the CBT/MT arm also logged the amount of out-of-session time spent practicing MT exercises. The Attention Network Test was used to index attentional task performance at baseline and 4 months post-baseline. Overall, task performance degraded over time in all participants. The magnitude of performance degradation was significantly less in the CBT/MT vs. control arm. Further, within the CBT/MT arm, performance degraded over time in those with no outside-of-class practice time, but remained stable over time in those who practiced mindfulness exercises outside of the session meetings. Thus, these findings suggest that sufficient CBT/MT practice may protect against functional attentional impairments associated with high-stress intervals. Keywords: adolescent development, incarcerated adolescents, detained adolescents, stress, attention, mindfulness meditation.

  13. Cardiopulmonary benefits of reducing indoor particles of outdoor origin: a randomized, double-blind crossover trial of air purifiers. (United States)

    Chen, Renjie; Zhao, Ang; Chen, Honglei; Zhao, Zhuohui; Cai, Jing; Wang, Cuicui; Yang, Changyuan; Li, Huichu; Xu, Xiaohui; Ha, Sandie; Li, Tiantian; Kan, Haidong


    Indoor exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) from outdoor sources is a major health concern, especially in highly polluted developing countries such as China. Few studies have evaluated the effectiveness of indoor air purification on the improvement of cardiopulmonary health in these areas. This study sought to evaluate whether a short-term indoor air purifier intervention improves cardiopulmonary health. We conducted a randomized, double-blind crossover trial among 35 healthy college students in Shanghai, China, in 2014. These students lived in dormitories that were randomized into 2 groups and alternated the use of true or sham air purifiers for 48 h with a 2-week washout interval. We measured 14 circulating biomarkers of inflammation, coagulation, and vasoconstriction; lung function; blood pressure (BP); and fractional exhaled nitric. We applied linear mixed-effect models to evaluate the effect of the intervention on health outcome variables. On average, air purification resulted in a 57% reduction in PM2.5 concentration, from 96.2 to 41.3 μg/m3, within hours of operation. Air purification was significantly associated with decreases in geometric means of several circulating inflammatory and thrombogenic biomarkers, including 17.5% in monocyte chemoattractant protein-1, 68.1% in interleukin-1β, 32.8% in myeloperoxidase, and 64.9% in soluble CD40 ligand. Furthermore, systolic BP, diastolic BP, and fractional exhaled nitrous oxide were significantly decreased by 2.7%, 4.8%, and 17.0% in geometric mean, respectively. The impacts on lung function and vasoconstriction biomarkers were beneficial but not statistically significant. This intervention study demonstrated clear cardiopulmonary benefits of indoor air purification among young, healthy adults in a Chinese city with severe ambient particulate air pollution. (Intervention Study on the Health Impact of Air Filters in Chinese Adults; NCT02239744). Copyright © 2015 American College of Cardiology Foundation

  14. Comparison of the influence of acupressure and self-care behavior education on the severity of primary dysmenorrhea based on visual analogue scale among students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leila Ansaripour


    Full Text Available Dysmenorrhea is one of the frequently occurring problems which affect many young women’s life, and their efficiency and productivity. The aim is comparison of the effect of acupressure in two points of Guan Yuan (RN- 4 and Qiujo (RN- 2 with self-care behaviors education on severity of primary dysmenorrhea based on visual analogue scale. This is a non-randomized open-label parallel-group clinical trial. The study was conducted on 120 female students residing in dormitory who suffered from dysmenorrhea in three groups in 2014.Pressure in the acupressure group was done for 20 minutes (15 seconds pressure, 15 seconds rest on the first two days of menstruation for two cycles. Training was conducted in four sessions and the control group received ibuprofen 400 mg for three cycles. For evaluating of pain severity, visual analog scale was applied. Paired t-test was employed to compare the means before and after the intervention. The mean and standard deviation of pain severity before and after the intervention in all three groups of acupressure and education of self-caring behavior and control before and after the intervention showed statistically meaningful differences (p0.05. Regarding the prevalence and side effects of medical methods (non-steroid anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen, it can be said that today we can equally use methods with the same effects like acupressure and education of self-caring in order to reduce the pain caused by dysmenorrhea which are available easily and with the least cost.

  15. Social Benefits During Entrance and Education in Higher Education Institutions in 1945-1953 (on the Example of the Lower Volga Region

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kharinina Larisa Vasilyevna


    Full Text Available The article analyzes the benefits granted to the applicants and students of higher education institutions of the Lower Volga region during post-war period. The benefits were classified by certain criteria. The first type of benefits is the right to free entrance to higher education institutions. The second type is free education. The third type is lunch tickets which could be used in institutes’ dining halls. The fourth type is rent-free inhabitation in institutes’ dormitories or rented accomodation. Moreover, the system of increased scholarship was established. The reasons that formed each group of welfare recipients were analyzed. The importance of these reasons for post-war Soviet socio-economic space was determined. The author pointed main historical periods which influenced the process of applying different benefits. The process of advantages and factors transformation was shown. The subjects of privilege’s policy toward students and entrants were analyzed. The author showed the degree of their influence on decision-making process in the context of socio-economic regulation of students’ life. Main social and economic difficulties which prevented the activity of institutes’ administration, were viewed in detail. The author determined the specificity of different institutes according to their localization in region. The factors that influenced the local transformations were pointed. The authors make conclusion about the degree of efficiency of students’ privileges in post-war period. All theses were confirmed by numerous factual materials which have an archival origin and have never been published in such historical research works.

  16. Penitenciaría federal de Marion. Illinois (U. S. A.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hellmuth, Obata y Kassabaum, Arquitectos


    Full Text Available This federal prison is designed to house 600 prisioners, and has been planned so that it can be easily enlarged, to accommodate 1,000 inmates. The distribution is radial, and entry is via an administrative building, which lies outside the double metallic safety enclosure. A main corridor leads to the central nucleus, from which three other corridors branch off. The one on the right connects with five units, containing the cells, a general dormitory, the library, public hall, gymnasium and a school. The central corridor leads to further cell units, the admission office, hospital and secondary services, whilst the left hand corridor provides access to the chapel, the prisoners dining mess, kitchens and washing rooms. The building is of high quality and has a noble aspect, following modern trend in this type of constructions.Esta penitenciaría Federal ha sido construida para albergar 600 reclusos, pero con la posibilidad de poder ampliar fácilmente su capacidad hasta 1.000. Al conjunto, que presenta una distribución general radial, se accede a través del edificio de la Administración situado a la entrada, fuera de la doble cerca metálica de seguridad. A través del corredor principal, se llega al núcleo central, del que parten otros tres corredores; el de la derecha consta de cinco unidades constructivas, que contienen las celdas de los reclusos y una unidad dormitorio, la biblioteca, el auditorio-gimnasio y la escuela. Al corredor del fondo dan otras unidades con celdas, la unidad de admisión, hospital, etc.; y al corredor de la izquierda: la capilla, el comedor de reclusos, las zonas de servicio, cocinas, lavandería, etc. El edificio es noble y de calidad, de acuerdo con las modernas directrices en este tipo de construcciones.

  17. Attendance and alcohol use at parties and bars in college: a national survey of current drinkers. (United States)

    Harford, Thomas C; Wechsler, Henry; Seibring, Mark


    This study examines attendance and alcohol use at parties and bars among college students by gender, residence, year in school and legal drinking age. The study participants were respondents in the 1997 and 1999 Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study (CAS). The combined sample consisted of 12,830 students (61% women) who reported use of alcohol in the past 30 days prior to interview. Their responses provided information on attendance and alcohol use at parties (dormitory, fraternity, off campus) and off-campus bars. Logistic regression analyses examined the influence of gender, residence, year in school and legal drinking age related to attendance, drinking/non-drinking and heavy drinking (5 or more drinks) at each select setting. Consistent with the literature, fraternity/ sorority parties were occasions of heavy drinking (49%) among drinkers in those settings, yet they drew upon smaller proportions of students (36%) when compared to off-campus parties (75%) and off-campus bars (68%). Off-campus parties (45%) and bars (37%) were also occasions for heavy drinking among drinkers in these settings. College residence was shown to relate to differential exposure to drinking settings, but residence had less impact on the decision to drink and the level of heavy drinking. Attendance at parties decreased with advance in school years, but attendance at off-campus bars increased. Although heavy drinking at off-campus bars decreased with advancing grade year in school, slightly higher proportions of under-age students (41%) compared to students of legal drinking age (35%) exhibited heavy drinking at off-campus bars. The identification of high-risk settings and their correlates serves to better understand the development of heavy drinking on college campuses. Off-campus parties, as compared to campus parties and bars, may pose greater difficulties related to successful intervention.

  18. "We Might Get Some Free Beers": Experience and Motivation for Transactional Sex Among Behaviorally Bisexual Men in Vientiane, Laos. (United States)

    Bowring, Anna L; Pasomsouk, Nakhornphet; Hughes, Chad; van Gemert, Caroline; Higgs, Peter; Sychareun, Vanphanom; Hellard, Margaret; Power, Robert


    People engaging in transactional sex are considered a key population for HIV prevention. Prior quantitative surveys demonstrated that behaviorally bisexual men in Vientiane, Laos commonly transact sex. In 2013, we conducted a qualitative study to explore behaviorally bisexual men's experience, motivations, and perceptions related to transactional sex in Vientiane. Behaviorally bisexual men were recruited from bars, nightclubs, and dormitories for five focus group discussions (FGDs) and 11 in-depth interviews (n = 31). Additionally, young women were recruited from a university, garment factory, and nightclub for four FGDs (n = 22). Transcripts were translated and thematically coded. Bisexual male participants most commonly described being paid for sex by male-to-female transgender people and buying sex from women. Both male and female participants reported that older, single women pay younger men for sex. Negotiation and direction of sexual transactions are influenced by age, attraction, and wealth. Common motivations for selling sex included the need for money to support family or fund school fees, material gain, or physical pleasure. Transactional sex was often opportunistic. Some behaviorally bisexual men reported selling sex in order to pay another more desirable sex partner or to buy gifts for their regular sex partner. Participants perceived high risk associated with intercourse with female sex workers but not with other transactional sex partners. Health interventions are needed to improve knowledge, risk perception, and health behaviors, but must recognize the diversity of transactional sex in Vientiane. Both physical and virtual settings may be appropriate for reaching behaviorally bisexual men and their partners.

  19. Use of RAMARN meters within the Radon Program of the Czech Republic

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Holecek, J.; Otahal, P.; Bercikova, M.; Slovak, J.


    majority was used to search for objects with elevated radon concentration, were used to implement the anti-radon prevention strategy and regulation of the existing radon exposure. RAMARN systems are also used to determine the concentration of radon in school buildings. Kindergartens that have been professionally measured and comply with valid regulations of radon concentration in dormitory rooms are marked with a sticker labeled 'Radon - free Kindergarten'. Information on the Radon Program can be found on the Internet at (authors)

  20. Low-E Storm Windows Gain Acceptance as a Home Weatherization Measure

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gilbride, Theresa L.; Cort, Katherine A.


    This article for Home Energy Magazine describes work by the U.S. Department of Energy to develop low-emissivity storm windows as an energy efficiency-retrofit option for existing homes. The article describes the low-emissivity invisible silver metal coatings on the glass, which reflect heat back into the home in winter or back outside in summer and the benefits of low-e storm windows including insulation, air sealing, noise blocking, protection of antique windows, etc. The article also describes Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's efforts on behalf of DOE to overcome market barriers to adoption of the technology, including performance validation studies in the PNNL Lab Homes, cost effectiveness analysis, production of reports, brochures, how-to guides on low-e storm window installation for the Building America Solution Center, and a video posted on YouTube. PNNL's efforts were reviewed by the Pacific Northwest Regional Technical Forum (RTF), which serves as the advisory board to the Pacific Northwest Electric Power Planning Council and Bonneville Power Administration. In late July 2015, the RTF approved the low-e storm window measure’s savings and specifications, a critical step in integrating low-e storm windows into energy-efficiency planning and utility weatherization and incentive programs. PNNL estimates that more than 90 million homes in the United States with single-pane or low-performing double-pane windows would benefit from the technology. Low-e storm windows are suitable not only for private residences but also for small commercial buildings, historic properties, and facilities that house residents, such as nursing homes, dormitories, and in-patient facilities. To further assist in the market transformation of low-e storm windows and other high-efficiency window attachments, DOE helped found the window Attachment Energy Rating Council (AERC) in 2015. AERC is an independent, public interest, non-profit organization whose mission is to rate

  1. Mental health and housing. (United States)

    Kari-Koskinen, O; Karvonen, P


    With the present trend away from the designing of individual buildings and towards the systematic planning of whole residential communities, it should be possible to take mental health requirements into account at the planning stage. At present, sociologists are all too seldom consulted on matters of residential planning. When discussing the relationship between housing and mental health one cannot restrict oneself only to the external aspects of the house, but rather one must also consider the opportunities available for the members of the family to satisfy their own needs, both within the home and in its immediate surroundings. Factors which may affect residential requirements include geographical location, type and standard of dwelling and time and continuity of occupation. A move between two districts or groups representing different housing norms and values may lead to withdrawal symptoms in the individual. This may arise equally well from the remoteness of the country districts as from the conflicting pressures brought on by the abundance of contacts available in the large towns. Town life tends to heighten susceptibility to neuroses and personality conflicts. The character of a residential area may affect the mental health of its occupants. Faris & Dunham (4), in studying the incidence of various types of mental illness with an urban population, observed that schizophrenia was most common among people who were in some way isolated from social involvement. The striving for spaciousness in residential areas and the creation of a "summer city" or "garden city" image or a "family-centred way of life" may lead to unexpected problems and have a variety of social consequences. Mental health difficulties have been noted, for example, among housewives in "dormitory" towns or suburbs (11). The institutions required by a community may be grouped into four categories, representing the basic needs of its members. These are (1) economic institutions, (2) social and


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David David


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk: (1 mengevaluasi SMA INS Kayutanam dan (2 menyusuan strategi pengembangan SMA INS Kayutanam berdasarkan hasil evaluasi tersebut. Pendekatan yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah kuantitatif dan kualitatif. Sumber data dalam penelitian ini adalah 50 siswa kelas X dan XI, satu kepala sekolah, empat wakil kepala sekolah, 30 guru, dua pembina asrama dan dua orang dari pemerintahan. Hasil penelitian dibagi dalam dua kelompok yaitu hasil evaluasi dan strategi pengembangan. Berdasarkan hasil evaluasi ditemukan bahwa ada beberapa komponen yang perlu perbaikan yaitu kurikulum, kompetensi pendidik dan tenaga kependidikan, fasilitas, peran serta masyarakat, dana dan organisasi. Strategi pengembangan terdiri dari: (1 perumusan kurikulum terintegrasi yang memuat tujuan dan sasaran pendidikan yang diprakarsai oleh Sjafei; (2 perumusan metode mengajar yang sesuai dengan tujuan dan sasaran pendidikan yang diprakasai Sjafei; (3 pengelolaan aset produktif dengan pemanfaatan modal sosial; (4 pemanfaatan basis alumni; (5 membangun kerja sama dengan instansi terkait seperti sekolah lain, pemerintah daerah, dan pihak swasta. Kata kunci: evaluasi, strategi pengembangan   THE EVALUATION AND THE STRATEGY FOR DEVELOPING INDONESISCH NEDERLANDSCHE SCHOOL (INS KAYUTANAM SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Abstract The study was to: (1 evaluate the development of INS Kayutanam Senior High School; and (2 design the strategy to develop INS Kayutanam Senior High School based on the results of the evaluation. The approach used of in the study was quantitative and qualitative. The data source in the study was 50 students from the X grade and the XI grade, one principal, four vice principals, 30 teachers, two dormitory advisors and two government representatives. The results of the study were divided into two groups namely the evaluation results and the development strategies. Based on the results of the study, the researcher found that there were several

  3. Career intentions of PhD students in nursing: A cross-sectional survey. (United States)

    Bai, XiaoLing; Luo, ZhongChen; Lou, Ting; Pang, Jin; Tang, SiYuan


    Despite the rapid growth of Chinese nursing PhD programs, little is known about the career intentions of students in this field. To investigate the career intentions of nursing PhD students. Online cross-sectional survey. Nursing PhD students at Chinese universities. An online questionnaire was designed and the data were analyzed using SPSS. The mean age of the participants was 31.53 ± 4.92 years, and most were female (89.9%), married (74.2%), and had been employed previously (69.7%). Most intended to work in the city where their family lived (34.8%) or near their previous workplace (32.6%). Most (60.7%) desired to work in an educational institution (e.g., a university or college). The most common expected salary was 8000-11,999 RMB/month. The work benefits perceived as indispensable were "Five Insurances and One Fund" (77.5%), good educational resources for children (59.6%), financial allowances for PhD graduates (52.8%), staff dormitories/housing subsidies (50.6%), and tenure (50.6%). Nursing education (75.3%) and research (70.8%) were the most favored fields. The key job characteristics were the opportunity to put strengths to fullest use (79.8%), time to conduct research (60.7%), and work-life balance (51.7%). The key research conditions included a good research incentive mechanism (77.5%), a Basic Scientific Research Foundation (68.5%), opportunity to apply to conduct research projects (66.3%), and the nursing team's atmosphere regarding research (64.0%), and 91.0% were eager to study abroad (e.g., as part of an international exchange). Nursing PhD students would like to work in their hometown or near their previous workplace. Most preferred working in an educational institution, and the most popular fields were nursing education and research (rather than clinical care), despite the high demand of hospital management for nursing PhD graduates. Flexible work, high-quality research conditions, a certain salary, work benefits, and training were key

  4. Iron and Vitamin C Co-Supplementation Increased Serum Vitamin C Without Adverse Effect on Zinc Level in Iron Deficient Female Youth

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Reza Khoshfetrat


    Full Text Available Background: Iron supplementation can decrease the absorption of zinc and influence other antioxidants levels such as vitamin C. This study aimed to investigate the effect of iron supplements alone and in combination with vitamin C on zinc and vitamin C status in iron deficient female students. Methods: In a double-blind randomized clinical trail, 60 iron deficient students were selected from 289 volunteers residing in dormitory. After matching, subjects were randomly assigned into two groups: Group I (50 mg elemental iron supplements and Group II (50 mg elemental iron + 500 mg ascorbic acid. Serum ferritin, iron, serum zinc, and plasma vitamin C concentrations were measured by using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, and colorimeter, respectively after 6 and 12 weeks supplementation. Student′s t-test and repeated measures analysis of variance were applied to analyze the data using SPSS software. Results: Serum zinc levels had no significant differences between 2 groups at the baseline; however, its concentration decreased from 80.9 ± 4.2-68.9 ± 2.7 μg/dl to 81.2 ± 4.5-66.1 ± 2.9 μg/dl (P < 0.001 in Groups I and II, respectively after 6 weeks of supplementation. Continuous supplementation increased serum zinc concentration to baseline levels (79.0 ± 2.9 μg/dl; P < 0.01 in Group I and 70.5 ± 3.1 μg/dl in Group II following 12 weeks of supplementation. Plasma vitamin C increased from 3 ± 0/1-3.3 ± 0.2 mg/dl to 2.7 ± 0. 1-4.2 ± 0.2 mg/dl (P < 0.01 in Groups I and II, respectively. At the end of study, plasma vitamin C significantly increased from 3.3 ± 0.3-4.7 ± 0.3 (P < 0.01 to 4.2 ± 0.2-7.1 ± 0.2 (P < 0.001 in Groups I and II, respectively. Conclusions: Iron supplementation with and without vitamin C led to reduction in serum Zn in iron-deficient female students after 6 weeks. However, the decreasing trend stops after repletion of iron stores and Zn levels returned to the

  5. Evaluation of the relationship between internet addiction and depression in university students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sahin S.


    Full Text Available Objective: To assess the Internet addiction and depression level in university students. Methods: The present study is a cross-sectional study conducted on the students of Sakarya University between 05 April and 05 July 2012. After the departments were selected by casting lots, 994 students who were randomly selected from each class constituted the study group. Students in the classrooms were informed about the objective and purpose of the study. Then they were asked to complete the previously prepared questionnaire under supervision. In the current study, the Internet Addiction Scale was used in order to assess the Internet addiction. The higher scores obtained in the scale represent higher level of Internet addiction. Depression was assessed with the Beck Depression Inventory. Students with a score of 17 and above were regarded to have suspected depression. Data were assessed in SPSS (version 15.0 Statistics Package Program on the computer. Student's t-test, One-Way Analysis of Variance and Spearman's Correlation Analysis were used for analyses. Statistical significance value was taken as p<0.05. Results: The study group consisted of 573 (57.6% females and 421 (42.4% males. They were aged between 18 and 26 with a mean age of 21.10 ± 1.71 years. The scores obtained by the students from the Internet Addiction Scale ranged between 0-90 with a mean score of 20.04±12.85. The scores obtained from the Beck Depression Inventory ranged between 0-53 with a mean score of 11.32±9.23. In our study, frequency of suspected depression was determined to be 23.0% (n=229. In the present study, Internet addiction level was determined to be higher in males, those with high family income, those staying in dormitory, smokers, those with an extroverted personality, those having Internet access, those using Internet once a day or more and students with suspected depression (p<0.05 for each. Discussion: Internet addiction is an important health problem in university

  6. The expansion of coal mining in the depression areas – a way to development?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stanislav Martinát


    Full Text Available The coal has been mined in the Karviná area for more than 150 years. During the course of time mining areas were continuously extended at the expense of the settled areas. At the beginnings the mining was limited, but later, namely under conditions of centrally planned economy in the period between 1950s and 1980s, it was heavily intensified. Then, as a result of economic restructuring of the Czech Republic mining was reduced in the region to be re-developed in the last decade again. The expansion of coal mining has been continuously affecting the socio-economic structure of local population (huge working immigration, industrialisation, construction of mass housing for miners – miners dormitories, later housing estates etc., displacement of settlements, surrounding landscape (subsidence of terrain, undermining, hydrological changes and formation of artificial lakes, occurrence of plenty of post-mining brownfields after the reduction of mining etc., but also contemporary outward, image and socio-spatial structure of cities (dominance housing in housing estates, effects of communists spatial urban planning etc.. Currently, negotiations about expansion of coal mining are in progress in this region, namely the city parts of Karviná (Staré Město and Orlová (Výhoda should be affected. In the introductory parts of this paper social, economical and environmental aspects of coal mining on the development of regions and connected problems are discussed and both cities are shortly presented. The questionnaire survey focused on perceptions of after-mining renewal and potential expansion of mining in the area of cities of Karviná and Orlová was conducted (n=1000. As the most important predictor that influences perception of mining and renewal, employment in mining companies has been identified. The higher education respondents achieved, the higher level of opposition against mining was manifested. The correlation was also found between the level of

  7. Utilization of AGN-201K for Education and Research in Korea

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Myung-Hyun [Department of Nuclear Engineering, Kyung Hee University, KHU Reactor Research and Education Center, Kiheung, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, 446-701 (Korea, Republic of)


    A zero power reactor, AGN-201K has been operated in Kyung Hee University since 1982 and it was refurbished extensively three years ago. In 2008, Reactor Research and Education Center (RREC) was established for student training and research. The primary mission of RREC is an educational service for nuclear engineering students. Since January 2009, short courses were provided 15 times to 160 students from 7 universities. This course has been an one-week dormitory housing program in the name of Reactor Experiment and was designed as an advanced course customized to undergraduate senior-level. It has introductory session, safety guide session, concluding presentation session with six experiment sessions; reactor operation and control, measurement of period for reactivity, criticality approach, rod worth measurement, measurement of temperature feedback coefficient and thermal flux measurement with neutron activation analysis (NAA). As a R and D effort for future experimental courses, RREC is now seeking for the possibility of reactor utilization for prompt gamma activation analysis, NAA for material mass spectroscopy, and neutron radiography (NR). A feasibility study on NR was done with MCNP simulation on collimator design and showed that calculated thermal flux level was high enough at the object position even though image size is very small, less than 4 cm diameter. Research activity has been done for sub-criticality measurement with modified neutron source multiplication method (MNSM). For sub-criticality evaluation with this method, three kinds of the neutron flux distributions such as forward, adjoint, fixed source neutron fluxes, which are solution in both eigenvalue and fixed source problems are needed. These flux distributions were calculated by using PARTISN code systems. Physics conditions are highly dependent on the source locations and rod positions as well as detector positions. Recent results showed that this method improved accuracy in rod worth


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. F. Golovchuk


    conducted through the restoration of 350 individual heating systems in residential buildings, remote departments and campus dormitories. The conclusions propose the list of activities upon the real economy of fuel and energy resources, and measures to overcome the economic and political crisis in the country.

  9. Cycle Tracks and Parking Environments in China: Learning from College Students at Peking University. (United States)

    Yuan, Changzheng; Sun, Yangbo; Lv, Jun; Lusk, Anne C


    China has a historic system of wide cycle tracks, many of which are now encroached by cars, buses and bus stops. Even with these conditions, college students still bicycle. On campuses, students park their bikes on facilities ranging from kick-stand-plazas to caged sheds with racks, pumps and an attendant. In other countries, including Canada, some of the newer cycle tracks need to be wider to accommodate an increasing number of bicyclists. Other countries will also need to improve their bike parking, which includes garage-basement cages and two-tiered racks. China could provide lessons about cycle tracks and bike parking. This study applied the Maslow Transportation Level of Service (LOS) theory, i.e., for cycle tracks and bike parking, only after the basic needs of safety and security are met for both vehicle occupants and bicyclists can the higher needs of convenience and comfort be met. With random clustering, a self-administered questionnaire was collected from 410 students in six dormitory buildings at Peking University in Beijing and an environmental scan of bicycle parking conducted in school/office and living areas. Cycle tracks (1 = very safe/5 = very unsafe) shared with moving cars were most unsafe (mean = 4.6), followed by sharing with parked cars (4.1) or bus stop users (4.1) ( p racks and bicycle parking services (pumps, etc.). If parking were improved, three quarters indicated they would bicycle more. While caged sheds were preferred, in living areas with 1597 parked bikes, caged sheds were only 74.4% occupied. For the future of China's wide cycle tracks, perhaps a fence-separated bus lane beside a cycle track might be considered or, with China's recent increase in bike riding, shared bikes and E-bikes, perhaps cars/buses could be banned from the wide cycle tracks. In other countries, a widened cycle track entrance should deter cars. Everywhere, bike parking sheds could be built and redesigned with painted lines to offer more space and order, similar

  10. Jardín de infancia en Munich -Alemania Federal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Haindl, Friedrich F.


    Full Text Available In order to comply better with the present requirements, this kindergarten, that was built 70 years ago, has been amplified by a building on the adjoining site and which is connected to the old one by means of a patio and a corridor in the basement. It is a five storey construction, plus a basement that in addition to the above mentioned corridor also holds the heating installations. The four first storeys are occupied by the children's rooms, which are divided according to the different age groups. Each storey has a big hall for gatherings and a dormitory, both facing the south; further it has a service department with staff rooms and kitchen. The top floor, which has the greatest free height due to the sloping roof, has been provided with a gymnasium with all the installations required for this purpose. The construction is completed by a garage and living quarters for the porter.Para ampliar y adecuar a las actuales exigencias este jardín de infancia, construido hace 70 años, se ha levantado, en un solar vecino, otro edificio unido al anterior mediante un patio común y por un pasadizo situado al nivel del sótano. Es una construcción de cinco plantas, más un sótano que alberga, además de! pasadizo de conexión, las instalaciones de calefacción y el calentador de agua. Las dependencias para los niños, distribuidos por edades y sexos, figuran en las cuatro primeras plantas. Cada una de ellas dispone de un gran local para grupos y una sala de reposo, ambos orientados al sur; y de una zona de servicios, que consta de habitación para el personal, cocina y aseos. En la quinta y última planta, de mayor altura libre por el aprovechamiento de la cubierta inclinada, se sitúa el gimnasio, con sus servicios correspondientes. La construcción se completa, en la medianería oeste del solar, con un pabellón para garaje y una vivienda para el portero.

  11. Informing the scale-up of Kenya’s nursing workforce: a mixed methods study of factors affecting pre-service training capacity and production (United States)


    number of student nurse clinical placement sites, utilizing alternate forms of skills training, hiring more faculty and clinical instructors, and expanding the dormitory and classroom space to accommodate new students are needed to ensure that increases in student enrolment are not at the cost of quality nursing education. Student attrition does not appear to be a concern in Kenya compared to other African countries (10 to 40%). PMID:25142037


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Apri Dwi Astuti


    kriteria ketuntasan minimum (KKM � � Learning Independency is crucial for students. Additionality, learning independence helps students to be responsible and grows the willing of learning. The management of the use of pocket money creates a feeling of responsibility, commitment and discipline. The finale of this research to know learning independence and the use of pocket money influence the learning achievement in Economics subject on VII and VIII of SMP Semesta Boarding School in the Academic year of 2011/2012. The populations of this research are all VII and VIII grade studentsof SMP Semesta Boarding School. Learning Independency and The use of Pocket Money act as free variable, while students�learning achievement acts asbound variable. The data was gathered from interview, questionnaire and teacher�s documentation. The analysis of the data applies double regression linear analysis.Based on the double linear analysis simultaneously, it is revealed that Learning Independency and The use of Pocket Money influene� the learning achievement in Economics subject on VII and VIII until up to 51,3%. Partially, thev ariable of Learning Independency influence the learning achievement in Economics is 66,2% and The use of Pocket Money influene� the learning achievement in Economics is 62,5%.According to the result of the research above, it can be concluded that learning independence and the use of Pocket Money influence the learning independence and the use of pocket money influence the learning achievement of Econimics subject for VII and VIII grade of SMP Semesta Boarding School Semarang in the academic year of 2011/2012 on simultan and partially . Based on this research, hopefullythe, 1 School give a little change to student when they go home. 2 Parents observe give of pocket money by the students activity in the dormitory.3 student hopefully to progress their learning independency actually to the learning achievement that still under minimum criteria (KKM.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edi Suresman, dkk


    Full Text Available Abstrack, A successful education is influenced by various factors, one of which is method or approach to education to build a religious attitude for students. One of Islamic values-based learning methods that have been implemented at UPI in an effort to build religious attitude of PPG Post SM-3T participants is targhib and tarhib learning model and the results are very effective. The focus of problem in this study is on whether targhib - tarhib model was used in other LPTKs in building religious attitude for PPG Post SM-3T participants? The purpose of this study is to understand what learning model is applied in LPTK organizing PPG Post SM-3T in building religious attitude for PPG participants? This study was conducted by using a descriptive approach, qualitative-interpretative. The techniques of data collection used are questionnaire in the form of religious attitude distributed to PPG Post SM-3T participants, religious builder in a dormitory, and manager, and participation observation in the field. The data analysis was performed in five steps: verification of the data, presentation of the serial number for answer sheets, scoring of answer sheet, calculation of religious attitude trends by estimating the population and its percentage, and analysis of trends to differences in the effectiveness of each method used to mold religious attitude in each of LPTK organizing PPG. The results of the study suggest any variation of models used in each of LPTK, i.e., lectures, tutorials, thariqah shufis and targhibs - tarhibs. The targhib - tarhib have the most successful position than other models. Targhib – tarhib are 84%, lectures, 50%, shufis, 80%, tutorials, 70%.   Keywords: Construction Model, Religious Attitude, PPG Post SM-3T.   Abstrak, Keberhasilan pendidikan dipengaruhi oleh berbagai faktor, salah satu faktor tersebut adalah metode atau pendekatan pendidikan yang dapat membangun sikap religius bagi peserta didik. Salah satu metode

  14. 探讨网络成瘾青少年的网络相关行为特征%Discussion on the Characteristics of Internet-related Behaviors in Adolescents with Internet Addiction Disorder

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邵新月; 王冲


    Objectiveto explore and analyze on the characteristics of Internet-related behaviors in adolescents with Internet Addiction Disorder(IAD).Methods The Internet addiction test, the diagnosis questionnaire and the questionnaire survey are done by 1000 cases of randomly selected young people.Results 97 cases (9.7%) of IAD with a very young beginner, a long time and high frequcency. The teenagers with IAD spend more than 3 length of time than the normal ones. Such children always own a personal computer, easier to surf online. The Internet cafe and dormitory are good choices, mainly playing internet games, browsing pornographic websites, taking network two-way communication, ect. These teenagers prefer to the anxiety and pleasure of the internet with morenegative messagers on it.Conclusion Internet addiction has a significant difference in the perception of network emotion, cognition, and network activity compared with the normal, and it has a significant effect on the prediction of Internet addiction.%目的:本文主要是探讨和分析网络成瘾的青少年的网络相关行为特征。方法随机选择1000例青少年作为调研对象,通过网络成瘾测验、诊断问卷以及行为调查问卷等方式进行调查。结果其中网络成瘾共有97例(9.7%),这些网络成瘾的青少年中开始接触网络年龄相对较小、网龄较长、上网频率较高。成瘾组青少年每周上网时间为正常组青少年上网时间的3倍,拥有个人电脑、上网条件都要优于正常上网少年,成瘾组青少年大都选择在网吧或者宿舍上网。成瘾组青少年少年内容大都集中在网络游戏、色情网站、网络双向沟通等,网络成瘾组青少年更倾向于上网的焦虑以及快感等,对于网络的消极评价更多。结论网络成瘾青少年对于网络情感、认知以及网络活动存在的认知和正常使用者相比较存在一定的差异,其网络内容偏好对于网络成瘾的预测具有显著的影响。

  15. Exposure assessment in Beijing, China: biological agents, ultrafine particles, and lead. (United States)

    Dong, Shuofei; Yao, Maosheng


    In this study, air samples were taken using a BioSampler and gelatin filters from six sites in Beijing: office, hospital, student dormitory, train station, subway, and a commercial street. Dust samples were also collected using a surface sampler from the same environments. Limulus amoebocyte lysate (LAL) and Glucatell assays were used to quantify sample endotoxin and (1,3)-β-d-glucan concentration levels, respectively. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) was used to measure the dust mite allergens (Der p 1 and Der f 1). Ultrafine particle and lead concentrations in these sampling sites were also measured using P-Trak and atomic absorption spectrometer, respectively. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and linear regression analysis were used to analyze the concentration data. Higher culturable bacteria (12,639 CFU/m3) and fungi (1,806 CFU/m3) concentrations were observed for the train station and the subway system, respectively. For the rest of sampling sites, their concentrations were comparable to those found in western countries, ranging from 990 to 2,276 CFU/m3 for bacteria, and from 119 to 269 CFU/m3 for fungi. ANOVA analysis indicated that there were statistically significant differences between the culturable bacterial and fungal concentration levels obtained for different sites (p value=0.0001 and 0.0047). As for dust allergens, endotoxin, and (1,3)-β-D-glucan, their concentrations also seemed to be comparable to those found in the developed countries. Airborne allergen concentrations ranged from 16 to 68 ng/m3. The dust-borne allergen concentration was observed to range from 0.063 to 0.327 ng/mg. As for endotoxin, the highest airborne concentration of 25.24 ng/m3 was observed for the commercial street, and others ranged from 0.0427 to 0.1259 ng/m3. And dust-borne endotoxin concentration ranged from 58.83 to 6,427.4 ng/mg. For (1,3)-β-D-glucan, the airborne concentration ranged from 0.02 to 1.2 ng/m3. Linear regression analyses showed that there existed

  16. Masalah Kesehatan Jiwa pada Mahasiswa Baru di Sebuah Universitas di Jakarta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dhanasari Vidiawati


    organize medical check up for freshmen students which include physical and mental health. The purposes of this study were to identify the characteristics of students who have mental disorder and factors related to visit for consulting doctor or psychologist after the medical check up. A cross-sectional study was conducted in January-February, 2017. The study used secondary datas from freshmen medical check up of 2015 and 2016 and medical records of university student clinic in 2015-2016. Mental health evaluation done by using SRQ20 (self-reporting questionnaire that filled online by students’ re-registration. A total of 1,793 (12.4% of freshmen students from 14,129 students fill out ‘yes’ answer for at least 6 question and called as having mental disorder. There were only 24% of mental disorder students had come to doctors at university hospitals and only 2.4% who come to the counselor psychologist at the clinic during the year 2015-2016. The factors associated of visit the doctor in clinic were living in a dormitory or boarding (p<0.05 OR 2.82 and having physical problems at medical check up (p<0.05 OR 1.49. The factor associated with of visit the psychologist was male (p<0.05 OR 2.16. Number of mental disorder students who visited the doctor almost ten fold than visited the psychologist. So university clinics doctors as primary care physicians need to be more competence in identifying and detecting early mental disorder symptoms that hide in somatic symptoms. Keywords: SRQ20, students mental disorder, university clinic, primary care physicians Normal 0 false false false IN X-NONE X-NONE The Prevalence of Skin Diseases and its Association with Hygiene Behavior and Level of Education in a Pesantren, Jakarta Selatan 2013

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohamad A. Sahala


    Full Text Available Skin diseases are very common in places where the society lives in a crowded area. Pesantren is anIslamic school with a dormitory for its students, thus making the spread of skin infection easier to occur. Theobjective of this research was to identify the association between the prevalence of skin diseases with the hygienebehavior and level of education of santris (students of pesantren. This cross-sectional study was conducted in apesantren in South Jakarta. Data collection was carried out through a questionnaire consisting of ten questionsabout hygienic behaviors and history of previous dermatological examinations from July until September 2013.Results showed that out of 98 santris, 88 of them had skin diseases (89.7%. The most frequent skin infectionwas scabies with 67 cases (49.3%. Furthermore, 78 (88.6% out of all santris who had skin diseases, werecategorized to have poor hygienic behaviors. There were only 10 santris that did not have any skin disease, 3of them had good hygienic behaviors. There was no significant difference between hygienic behaviors of santrisand the prevalence of skin disease (p=0.350. Associated with the level of education, ibtidaiyah had the highestnumber of santris (51.2% affected by skin diseases. There was a significant difference between the level ofeducation and the prevalence of skin diseases (p<0.001. In coclusion, the prevalence of skin diseases in thepesantren was 89.7%; there was no association between skin diseases and hygienic behaviors. However, therewas an association between skin diseases and level of education. Keywords: skin diseases, prevalence, personal behavior, level of education   Prevalensi Penyakit Kulit dan Hubungannya dengan Perilaku Kebersihandan Tingkat Pendidikan di Pesantren, Jakarta Selatan 2013 Abstrak Penyakit kulit sering terjadi pada masyarakat yang hidup di lingkungan padat penghuni. Pesantrenadalah asrama sekolah Islam yang biasanya padat penghuni sehingga mudah terjadi penularan

  17. Preservation of natural aquatic ecosystems by application of bottom coal ash based bioreactor for in situ treatment of anthropogenic effluents (United States)

    Anker, Y.; Nisnevitch, M.; Tal, M.; Cahan, R.; Michael, E.


    operating with initial horizontal flow and continuous vertical circulation through aeration apparatus. Along the flow path several different bio-modules are applied, the sequence consists of aerobic and anaerobic stages, as well as biomass preservation section and fine grain filtration. The pilot biofilter facility was built during the summer of 2009; the influent consisted of domestic wastewater (of the adjacent Ariel University dormitories) and also synthetic aquatic solutions equivalent to urban, industrial, and roads runoff effluents. The biofilter operation evaluation demonstrated significant decrease in pollution loads, including organic, salts and pathogens. The facility's efficiency reached approximately 90% reduction or more, allowing the release of treated runoff without limitation to natural fluvial ecosystems (according to the required regulations). The present stage in the project is implementation of the method and process by application of a full scale pilot facility at a joint between an anthropogenic drainage network, consisting of urban, industrial and motorway runoff collection systems and a typical natural Samaritan fluvial ecosystem. The purpose of the system is to treat these anthropogenic effluents prior to their release into the stream and by that to prevent the negative environmental above mentioned effects.

  18. Evaluating Syndromic surveillance systems at institutions of higher education (IHEs: A retrospective analysis of the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic at two universities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    May Larissa


    ; only the second peak corresponded to patterns in the community at large. Self-reported illness to university deans' offices was also relatively increased during mid-term exam weeks. The overall volume of pH1N1-related communication messages similarly peaked twice, corresponding to the two peaks of student ILI cases. Conclusions During the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, both University A and B experienced a peak number of ILI cases at the beginning of the Fall term. This pattern, seen in surveillance systems at these universities and to a lesser extent in data from other IHEs, most likely resulted from students bringing the virus back to campus from their home states coupled with a sudden increase in population density in dormitories and lecture halls. Through comparison of data from different syndromic surveillance data streams, paying attention to the likely biases in each over time, we have determined, at least in the case of the pH1N1 pandemic, that student health center data more accurately depicted disease transmission on campus at both universities during the Fall 2009 pandemic than other available data sources.

  19. Evaluating syndromic surveillance systems at institutions of higher education (IHEs): a retrospective analysis of the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic at two universities. (United States)

    Zhang, Ying; May, Larissa; Stoto, Michael A


    the community at large. Self-reported illness to university deans' offices was also relatively increased during mid-term exam weeks. The overall volume of pH1N1-related communication messages similarly peaked twice, corresponding to the two peaks of student ILI cases. During the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, both University A and B experienced a peak number of ILI cases at the beginning of the Fall term. This pattern, seen in surveillance systems at these universities and to a lesser extent in data from other IHEs, most likely resulted from students bringing the virus back to campus from their home states coupled with a sudden increase in population density in dormitories and lecture halls. Through comparison of data from different syndromic surveillance data streams, paying attention to the likely biases in each over time, we have determined, at least in the case of the pH1N1 pandemic, that student health center data more accurately depicted disease transmission on campus at both universities during the Fall 2009 pandemic than other available data sources.

  1. Illicit Drug Use, Illicit Drug Use Disorders, and Drug Overdose Deaths in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Areas - United States. (United States)

    Mack, Karin A; Jones, Christopher M; Ballesteros, Michael F


    Drug overdoses are a leading cause of injury death in the United States, resulting in approximately 52,000 deaths in 2015. Understanding differences in illicit drug use, illicit drug use disorders, and overall drug overdose deaths in metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas is important for informing public health programs, interventions, and policies. Illicit drug use and drug use disorders during 2003-2014, and drug overdose deaths during 1999-2015. The National Survey of Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) collects information through face-to-face household interviews about the use of illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco among the U.S. noninstitutionalized civilian population aged ≥12 years. Respondents include residents of households and noninstitutional group quarters (e.g., shelters, rooming houses, dormitories, migratory workers' camps, and halfway houses) and civilians living on military bases. NSDUH variables include sex, age, race/ethnicity, residence (metropolitan/nonmetropolitan), annual household income, self-reported drug use, and drug use disorders. National Vital Statistics System Mortality (NVSS-M) data for U.S. residents include information from death certificates filed in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Cases were selected with an underlying cause of death based on the ICD-10 codes for drug overdoses (X40-X44, X60-X64, X85, and Y10-Y14). NVSS-M variables include decedent characteristics (sex, age, and race/ethnicity) and information on intent (unintentional, suicide, homicide, or undetermined), location of death (medical facility, in a home, or other [including nursing homes, hospices, unknown, and other locations]) and county of residence (metropolitan/nonmetropolitan). Metropolitan/nonmetropolitan status is assigned independently in each data system. NSDUH uses a three-category system: Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA) of ≥1 million persons; CBSA of illicit drugs, the prevalence was highest for the large metropolitan areas compared with

  2. Enfermedad por meningococo, Neisseria meningitidis: perspectiva epidemiológica, clínica y preventiva Meningococcal disease caused by Neisseria meningitidis: epidemiological, clinical, and preventive perspectives

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lourdes Almeida-González


    disponibilidad de vacuna y de medicamentos para quimioprofilaxis, debido a que se ha documentado un incremento de casos de enfermedad por N. meningitidis, serogrupo C, en el país. Es por lo anterior que esta revisión está dirigida a proporcionar al personal de salud un recordatorio de los aspectos relevantes de la epidemiología, y de los clínicos y preventivos de la enfermedad meningocóccica.Bacterial meningitis constitutes a significant global public health problem. In particular, Neisseria meningitidis continues to be a public health problem among human populations in both developed and developing countries. Meningococcal infection is present as an endemic and an epidemic disease. Meningococcal disease is manifested not only as meningitis, but also as meningococcemia. The latter is usually fulminant. The global persistence of N. meningitidis is due to the significant number of carriers and the dynamics of transmission and disease. Approximately 500 million people worldwide are carriers of the bacterium in their nasopharynx. Multiple factors have been identified that predispose to the transmissibility of N. meningitidis, including active or passive inhalation tobacco smoking, upper viral respiratory tract infections, drought seasons, and overcrowding. These factors explain the frequent occurrence of outbreaks in military barracks, schools, prisons, and dormitories. Some of the determinants of invasiveness of the bacteria include nasopharyngeal mucosal damage in colonized individuals, virulence of the strains, absence of bactericidal antibodies, and deficiencies of the complement system. During both endemic and epidemic scenarios of meningococcal disease, control measures should include treating the cases with appropriate antimicrobial therapy (penicillin, ceftriaxone, or chloramphenicol; providing chemoprophylactic drugs to contacts (rifampin or ciprofloxacin, and close observation of contacts. Nevertheless, the key to effective control and prevention of meningococcal

  3. Obituary: Raymond Edwin White Jr., 1933-2004 (United States)

    Liebert, James William


    Raymond E. White, Jr., died unexpectedly at his home, in the early morning hours of October 12, 2004. Death appears to have been caused by severe diabetic shock. He retired from the Department of Astronomy/Steward Observatory in July 1999 with the title of University Distinguished Professor, after serving on the faculty of this institution for over 35 years. He was born in Freeport, Illinois, on 6 May 1933, to Beatrice and Raymond E, Sr. -the latter being a career soldier in the US Army. Ray's early schooling took place in Illinois, New Jersey, Germany and Switzerland, following his father's assignments. He obtained a bachelors degree from the University of Illinois in 1955. Next Ray enlisted in the US Army, but quickly was enrolled in Officer Candidate School. He then served as lst Lt. in the US Army Corps of Engineers. Although military affairs remained a lifelong interest, and he was a member of the Company of Military Historians, Ray decided after three years to return to academia. He entered the astronomy PhD program at the University of Illinois in 1958. His PhD dissertation was supervised by Ivan R. King. Ray accepted a faculty position at the University of Arizona in 1964. First and foremost, Ray White was known at Arizona as an excellent teacher, revered by a large number of former students. When the astronomy major program was begun in 1967, Ray was one of three, original, major advisors. Over the next three decades, he was a leader at the University level in reforming the undergraduate program and courses. He was selected Outstanding University Faculty Member in April 1989 and he served as one of a handful of professors who are Faculty Fellows. These Fellows devote untold hundreds of hours as part-time residents at student dormitories, to give students a friendly face to address their problems. In 1995, Ray was among the first group of faculty to be recognized as University Distinguished Professors. In the year of his retirement, 1999, University

  4. A Comparison of job selection by students with and without hearing impairment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oya Kanyilmaz


    that may benefit young people, especially those who are hard of hearing was seen. In order to meet these needs, specialized instructional programs for dormitory counselors in schools for the deaf should be implemented.Key Words: Preferred job, hearing-impaired students, career counselingÖzetAmaç: Bu çalışma ile sağlıklı ve işitme engelli öğrencilerin mesleki tercihlerinin karşılaştırılması, olası farklılıklar ile bunu etkileyen faktörlerin saptanması amaçlanmıştır. Yöntem: Çalışma Mayıs 2004’te Ankara’da, 70 dB üzerinde işitme kayıbı olanların devam ettiği Yahya Özsoy İşitme Engelliler İlköğretim Okulu öğrencileri (n=119 ile belirlenmiş engeli olmayanların devam ettiği bir İlköğretim Okulu öğrencileri (n=119 üzerinde yürütülmüştür. Öğrencilere uygulanan anket formlarında, sosyodemografik bilgilerin yanı sıra ileride kendileri için hangi mesleği düşündükleri ve bu meslek için gereken eğitim seviyesi sorgulanmıştır. Seçilen meslek için gereken eğitim seviyesi kriteri olarak 11 yıl alınmıştır. Ayakkabı boyacılığı, terzilik, demircilik, marangozluk, boyacılık, tır şoförlüğü gibi meslekler 11 yıldan az süre eğitim gerektiren meslekler grubuna dahil edilmiş olup; öğretmen, pilot, doktor, hemşire gibi meslekler 11 yıl ve üzerinde bir süre eğitim gerektiren meslekler grubunda ele alınmıştır. İstatistiksel analiz yöntemi olarak lojistik regresyon kullanılmıştır. Bulgular: Seçilen meslek için gereken eğitim seviyesini etkileyen faktörlere bakıldığında, işitme engelli okuluna devam eden öğrenciler ile erkek öğrencilerin diğer gruplara göre daha fazla oranda 11 yıldan az eğitim gerektiren meslek tercihinde bulundukları saptanmıştır. Halen devam edilen sınıf, annenin yaşı, çalışma durumu ve eğitimi ile, babanın yaşı, çalışma durumu ve eğitiminin tercih edilen meslek için gereken eğitim seviyesi ile ilişkili olmadığı g

  5. Medieval Dobrun

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Popović Marko Đ.


    door, may also be considered an addition. The purpose of the two rooms the position of which corresponds to that of the prothesis, is not clear. Of the wall-paintings only those in the narthex have partially survived (Figs 12–14. Despite damage, especially that inflicted in 1945, from the surviving fragments, old photographs and descriptions the original arrangement of scenes can be largely reconstructed, as well as the features of this, as it seems, valuable work of Serbian painting from the first half of the fourteenth century. Especially important is the ktetor's composition discussed on several occasions, showing župan Pribil with his sons Petar and Stefan, and protovestiar Stan. The impressive traces of dormitory cells and other buildings, indicative of a larger monastic community, are observable around the church. The churchyard included a cemetery with numerous gravestones, especially of the stećak type (Fig. 15, of which almost none have survived. Depictions in relief or carved on the rock some hundred meters to the northeast of the church are a curious discovery (Figs 16–17. In their immediate vicinity are vestiges of ascetic cave cells, registered also in the wider surroundings of Dobrun Castle. Approaches to the Dobrun complex have mostly been partial, their focus, understandably enough, being on the church with its remains of wall-paintings. Any solution to a series of problems that arise here would, by contrast, require an integrated approach to the complex given that it constituted a whole, initially at least. Regrettably, the research results achieved so far cannot lead to final conclusions, but rather to working hypotheses expected to inspire further research. Of particular significance as the starting-point for such exploration is Dobrun Castle – the walled core of the later fortress with the outlying settlement. In a region that was the westernmost zone of the state of the Nemanjić, župan Pribil with his sons seems to have controlled the