Sample records for dinamiki razvitiya shchitovidnoj

  1. Development prospects of the Kansk-Achinsk fuel-energy complex. Perspektivy razvitiya KATEhKa

    Butkin, V.D.; Avakyan, A.A.; Kuznetsov, N.N.


    Evaluates development of the Kansk-Achinsk brown coal basin. The following aspects are analyzed: brown coal resources in 24 coal deposits, coal reserves, mining conditions, coal seams, design of surface mines in the basin, schemes for overburden removal, mining and spoil bank formation, earthmoving equipment (bucket wheel excxavators, walking draglines), hydraulic transport of overburden and its prospects, effects of Siberian winter conditions on surface mining, buildup of coal and clays on mining equipment, effects of frost on equipment output and reliability, slope stability, ground control methods, prevention of coal spontaneous combustion, air pollution control (dust emission, ventilation of deep mines in winter, effects of climate on ventilation of deep mines), mechanical properties of rock strata in the overburden (inclusions of hard rocks) and coal seams, physical and chemical properties of coal from the basin and their effects on combustion and processing technologies, use of brown coal from the Kansk-Achinsk basin as fuel in power plants and as a raw material for gasification, liquefaction, hydrogenation, pyrolysis, pyrolysis products, research programs on processing coal from the basin, production of smokeless fuels from the coal. 14 refs.

  2. Economic evaluation of the technological development of coal extraction. Ekonomicheskaya otsenka tekhnologicheskogo razvitiya ugledobychu

    Golland, E.B.; Rybakova, T.A.


    The monograph investigates the trends and prospects in the development of major technological directions in coal extraction. The characteristics of the development of the coal industry at the modern stage are analyzed and the basic trends of technical progress in coal extraction are characterized. Attention is devoted to the problems of evaluating the effectiveness and of determining the rational scales for using different technologies for coal extraction in the long range using economic and mathematical modeling. A model for optimizing the technological development of a coal basin is proposed. The results of calculation variants in terms of a model for the Kuzbass are presented.