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  1. David Hume's Monetary Theory Revisited: Was He Really a Quantity Theorist and an Inflationist?

    Wennerlind, Carl


    David Hume's monetary theory has been controversial since its formulation. Lately, the focus has been on Hume's alleged misapplication of the quantity theory of money. While he appears to subscribe to a simple quantity theory with money neutrality, in a famously contested passage in the essay Of Money, he violates the neutrality condition by…

  2. Homeostasis and change: A commentary on Homeostatic Theory of Obesity by David Marks

    Carlo C DiClemente


    Full Text Available This commentary on David Marks’ article on the Homeostatic Theory of Obesity and his Circle of Discontent mechanism for maintaining problematic eating behavior and obesity offers a perspective on the promise and potential of this theory. At the same time, we challenge the author to incorporate more of a process perspective into the theory. This would include greater exploration of how individuals enter and exit this hypothesized Circle of Discontent, how these mechanisms lead to obesity rather than other internalizing or externalizing disorders, and how the interactions among key variables differ for males and females and developmental stages.

  3. The reconstitution of political theory: David Easton, behavioralism, and the long road to system.

    Gunnell, John G


    During the last half of the twentieth century, the concept of system was arguably the most important concept in the theoretical repertoire of the discipline of American political science. Although systems analysis was broadly employed in the behavioral sciences, David Easton's work was particularly influential in the study of politics. This is in part because he attempted to develop a distinct account of the political system that was not theoretically subservient either to general systems theory or to conceptions of the social system such as that advanced by Talcott Parsons. Although a great deal of attention has been devoted to Easton's theory, the origins and evolution of the system concept in his work have not been carefully reconstructed and analyzed.

  4. A Philosophical Analysis of David Orr's Theory of Ecological Literacy: Biophilia, Ecojustice and Moral Education in School Learning Communities

    Mitchell, Debra B.; Mueller, Michael P.


    In his writings, David Orr claims that the US is in an "ecological crisis" and that this stems from a crisis of education. He outlines a theory of ecological literacy, a mode by which we better learn the ecology of the Earth and live in a sustainable manner. While emphasizing a shock doctrine, the diagnosis of "crisis" may be correct, but it is…

  5. Control Theory with Applications to Naval Hydrodynamics: The First David W. Taylor Lectures -- April 1972


    by Bucy and Joseph; this lecture considers only the linear problem. Astrom , K. J., "Introduction to Stochastic Control Theory," Academic Press, Inc...Optimal Filter 62 REFERENCES 1. Astrom , K. J., "Introduction to Stochastic Control Theory," Academic Press, Inc., New York (1970). 2. Kaiman, R. E

  6. David Garcia



    丹麦哥本哈根Henning Larsen建筑事务所合伙人,David Garcia Studio拥有者。他是建筑师,也是教育家,在刚刚举办的以“ID-ENTITY多重身份实体”为主题的北欧艺术节上,

  7. David Hilbert's lectures on the foundations of physics 1915-1927 relativity, quantum theory and epistemology

    Sauer, Tilman


    A single system of economic governance - capitalism - prevails in the world today, both in theory and in practice. Yet there is neither a standard definition of capitalism nor a theory of how it works. Moreover, the most common conception of capitalism is that of a one-level system governed by markets, i.e., supply and demand, where many socioeconomic externalities are ignored. The purpose of this book is to counter this conception, showing that capitalism is more than markets. In fact, capitalism shares many parallels with everyday organized sports, in that both are indirect, three-level syst

  8. International conference on dynamical systems and game theory in honor of Mauricio Peixoto and David Rand

    Peixoto, Mauricio Matos; Rand, David A J; Dynamics, Games and Science I


    "Dynamics, Games and Science I and II" are a selection of surveys and research articles written by leading researchers in mathematics and its applications to the sciences. The majority of the contributions are on dynamical systems and game theory, focusing either on some of their most fundamental and theoretical developments or on their applications to modeling in biology, economics, engineering, finances and psychology. The aim of these books is to present cutting-edge research in these areas that can encourage graduate students and researchers in mathematics to develop them further

  9. David Huebner


    Less than one year after becoming the chaiman of Coudert Brothers LLP,David Huebner made his second visit to Beijing in March to celebrate the firm's 25 years presence in China,Coudert began operations from an office in the Beijing Hotel in 1979,at the request of the Beijing Municipal Government to teach its officials foreign trade law.The one-man show has since evolved into a multicultural legal staff of 80 lawyers,with the landmark being the obtaining of the No.001 license from the Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China in 1992 to become the first foreign law firm to open an hourly billing rate of US$500 when practicing law,explains to CIB the significance of the 25 years' mark,and the future direction of his firm in China.

  10. Connla's well: An exploration of similar elements of ancient Celtic perspectives and David Bohm's theories in quantum physics from a Jungian perspective

    Maciel, Duan

    This dissertation addresses the common elements between ancient Celtic mystical doctrines and philosophy and David Bohm's unique theories in quantum physics through a Jungian lens, using research based in dialogical hermeneutics. The premise of this dissertation is that psi, or the probability wave function of quantum physics, and its world of potentia are the same entities as Jung's objective psyche (or collective unconscious) and its domain, the unus mundus. In addition, the study explores the remarkable similarity between the ancient Celts' Otherworld, quantum physics' world of potentia, and Jung's unus mundus. These similarities argue for an in-depth Jungian analysis of this important but largely neglected mythology. The study explores the supposition, based partially on physicist David Bohm's theories of the implicate and explicate orders, that the above world of potentia intertwines with our three-dimensional world in a reciprocal creativity, designed to enhance both worlds. The study further advocates a greater emphasis on the creative arts therapies in the therapeutic situation, based on the above reciprocity. It is argued that this emphasis on creativity in the temenos may activate a profound "quantum leap" of insight in the analysand, most likely due to the reciprocity in which the objective psyche responds uniquely to the particular and individual creativity offered in order to heal the personal psyche. As we creatively access the objective psyche, that entity responds in kind, giving us new understanding and allowing us to change our attitudes and to further individuation, which in turn enhances the objective psyche. In addition, a psyche of reality is postulated in which Jung's concept of the objective psyche is expanded from the collective unconscious of humankind to a collective unconscious of All That Is, reflecting the findings in quantum physics that our universe is self-aware, organic, and holistic rather than mechanical and fragmented.

  11. Design of a Precise Delay Program Based on Keil C51%KeilC51精确延时程序设计

    吴挺运; 林成何


    C programming In view language of the poor predictability of the execution time of the C programming language code, we use to achieve the accurate design of delay procedure in detail, and point out the advantages and disadvantages of the usual delay methods. Besides, introduce the calculation of the delay time through some we take advantage of some powerful functions of Keil C51 to examples so that the delay time of the C programming lan- guage code can be predicted. Nesting the assembly language into C programming language can give full play to the advantages of all kinds of language and thus improving the development efficiency%针对C语言代码的执行时间的可预见性差,结合KeilC51开发工具,分析了在KeilC51开发工具中利用c语言实现精确的延时程序的设计,指出了常用延时方法优缺点。并通过一些实例分析了延时时间的计算方法,使c语言代码的延时时间可以被预见。c语言中嵌套汇编语言是一种有效的方法,可以充分发挥出各语言的优势特点、提高开发效率。

  12. Hello, David! / Vladlen Livshits

    Livshits, Vladlen


    Autori kohtumisest silmapaistva ameerika ajakirjaniku ja kirjaniku David Shipleriga Kohtla-Järvel 1978. aastal, ameerika matemaatiku Benoit Mandelbroti fraktaalse geomeetria teooriast, Lea Livshitsi maalidest

  13. 大卫·哈维空间理论的哲学语境%Philosophical Context of David Harvey’s Space Theory



    空间理论的出现,使得“空间哲学”在20世纪经历了重大变奏,大卫·哈维的空间理论正是在这种情境中出现的。换句话说,哈维的空间理论承载了20世纪空间哲学的诸多命题,充分融合了空间哲学方法论,亲历了20世纪空间研究从“哲学”到“理论”的转型之路。在空间哲学的节奏与变奏中,哈维敏锐地把握了绝对性、相对性和关系性三种空间观之间的张力,并结合列斐伏尔三元辩证法,成功地为自己的空间理论架构起一条“辩证之径”。%“Space philosophy”underwent great changes in the 20th century because of space theories ,and David Harvey’s space theory just appeared in this situation .In other words ,Harvey’s space theory had many propositions of the 20th century ,fully fused the methodology of space philosophy ,and experienced the transformation of space researches from ”philosophy” to”theory” in the 20th century .Within the rhythm and variation of space philosophy ,Harvey keenly grasped the tension among the three space con-cepts of absoluteness ,relativity and relevance .Then he successfully constructed one“dialectical way”for his space theory by com-bining Lefevbvre’s ternary dialectics .

  14. David Lynch (Sammelrezension)


    Ralfdieter Füller: Fiktion und Antifiktion. Die Filme David Lynchs und der Kulturprozeß im Amerika der 1980er und 90er Jahre.Stefan Höltgen: Spiegelbilder. Strategien der ästhetischen Verdoppelung in den Filmen von David Lynch

  15. Memories of David Kirzhnits

    Bolotovsky, B. M.


    In the mid-1950s, a new staff member appeared at the Theory Division of the Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences (FIAN): David Abramovich Kirzhnits. A Moscow State University alumnus, after graduation he had been assigned to a large defense plant in the city of Gorky, where he had worked for several years as an engineer. He was "liberated" from there by Igor Evgenyevich Tamm, our department head, who managed to transfer him to FIAN. Igor Evgenyevich knew D. A. Kirzhnits - they had met in Moscow before Kirzhnits finished university. At that time Kirzhnits was performing thesis work with professor A. S. Kompaneyets as academic adviser. At his adviser's suggestion, D. Kirzhnits consulted with I. E. Tamm on questions pertaining to the thesis topic. I. E. Tamm took a great liking for the diploma student, and he even wanted to recruit D. A. Kirzhnits for the Theory Division immediately after graduation. But at that time (1949) this proved impossible for several reasons. First, D. Kirzhnits was, as they say, an "invalid of the fifth group"REFID="9789814436571_0026FN001"> - a Jew - which during those years of violent struggle against cosmopolitanismb often proved an obstacle in looking for work. Second, during the years of mass repressions D. Kirzhnits' father had been arrested on treason charges (according to the charges, he had wanted to sell the Far East to Japan). After intensive investigation his father was released, but he lived only a little longer. Reports of this also could have impeded his acceptance. Third, Igor Evgenyevich didn't have enough weight in officials' eyes at that time and so was unable to overcome "first" and "second."...

  16. Characterization of David Copperfield

    WANG Yi-jun


    Abstracts:David Copperfield is one of the masterpieces of the famous British novelist Charles Dickens in the 19th century. Dick⁃ens portrays a series of characters with distinctive disposition such as David Copperfield, the Peggottys, Mr. and Mrs. Micawber, Murdstone, Uriah Heep etc. Through the actions and conflicts of these figures, the author reveals the panorama of the social life at the time.

  17. Simulative debugging method for serial communication under Keil Cenvironment%Keil C环境下串口实验的模拟调试

    朱艳萍; 邹应全; 廖建辉


    According to the practice teaching needs of the single chip, the specific methods and steps of serial communication between SCM and PC are proposed under Keil C51 software environment. The simulation experiment is as follows: Serial program sends two hexadecimal data, changes it for decimal and displays on four digital tubes. Comparing the simulation data under software step execution of I/O mouth with the actual serial interface communication results ,they are consistent. This experiment is to make the students more familiar with single-chip microcomputer software development environment and debugging details. And it also makes students deep understanding the serial interface communication and dynamic display.%根据单片机实践教学发展的需要,提出了在Keil C51软件环境下模拟单片机与PC机间串口通信的具体方法和步骤.仿真实验为:串口程序发送2位16进制数据,将其转换为十进制后,在4位LED上显示.通过比较软件单步执行的I/O口模拟数据,发现与实际串口通信结果一致.该实验使学生更加熟悉单片机软件开发环境下模拟硬件的调试方法,加深了学生对串口通信及动态显示的理解.

  18. Gazzâli ve David Hume Bilgi Kuramlarında Dinî Bilginin İmkânı/ The Possibility of Religious Knowledge in al-Ghazzali and David Hume’s Theory of Knowledge

    Mustafa Yıldız


    Bu makale Gazzâlî ve David Hume bilgi kuramlarında dinî bilginin imkânını karşılaştırmaktadır. Bunu yapmadaki amacı her iki düşünürün ortaya koydukları bilgi kuramlarında dinî bilgi için nasıl bir temel öngördüklerini ortaya koymaktır. Gazzâlî’ye göre, bir bilgi kuramında üç yoldan birinin kullanılmasıyla dinî inanca bir temel bulanabilir. Bunlardan birincisi, dinî inançların aklî bir açıklaması yapılmaksızın peygamberlerden nakledilen haberlere güvenmek suretiyle inancın temellendirilmesidir. İkincisi, istidlal yöntemiyle ulaştığımız bilgilerin inancımızı temellendirmesidir. Üçüncüsü, dinî pratiklerle elde edilen ruhsal sezginin dinî inanca temel olabilmesidir. David Hume peygamberlerden nakledilen haberlere güvenmenin mucizeye dayandığını, mucizenin ise güvenilir bir bilgi kaynağı olmadığını ileri sürdü. İstidlal yöntemiyle de dinî inancın temellendirilemeyeceğini ileri sürdü. Ona göre böyle bir şeyi yapmak aklın yetki sınırlarının dışındadır. Hume’un bilgi teorisinde ruhsal bir sezgi ile dinî inançları temellendirmek de mümkün değildir. Çünkü ona göre insanın bu anlamda bir ruhu yoktur. Ona göre dinî inançların insan doğasındaki kökenleri bazı duygulara dayanmaktadır. Bunlar da bilinmez tabiat olaylarına karşı insanın hissettiği korku ve umut gibi duygulardır.

  19. David Hockney Portraits

    Howgate, S.; Stern Shapiro, B.


    David Hockney is one of the most significant artists exploring and pushing the boundaries of figurative art today. He has been engaged with portraiture since his teenage years, when he painted Portrait of My Father (1955), and portraits of family, lovers, friends and well-known subjects represent an

  20. Recollections of David Marr.

    Nishihara, H K


    David Marr came to MIT's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab in the early 1970s and energized the study of vision at the intersection of computer science, psychology, and neuroscience. As one of his first graduate students, I had the privilege of getting to know him and working with him during that heady period of AI research.

  1. Interview with David Moore

    Rossman, Allan; Dietz, E. Jacquelin; Moor, David


    David Moore is Professor Emeritus of Statistics at Purdue University. He served as the first President of the International Association for Statistical Education (IASE) from 1993-1995 and as President of the American Statistical Association (ASA) in 1998. He is a Fellow of the ASA and of the IMS and was awarded the ASA's Founders Award in…

  2. 论在思想政治理论课教学中融入大卫·哈维的资本主义观%David Harvey’s View of Capitalism on the Ideological and Political Theory Courses

    冯旺舟; 邢起龙


    思想政治理论课的教学涉及大量关于资本主义的内容,必须根据每门课程的特点,将大卫·哈维的资本主义观融入思想政治理论课的教学中。大卫·哈维的资本主义观是对当代西方社会的独特诊断,既有利于与教材内容进行无缝对接,又有利于丰富思想政治理论课教学的内容,发掘利用大卫·哈维的资本主义观的价值,增强思想政治理论课教学的时效性和说服力。%Involves a lot of capitalism content in ideological and political theory course teaching, the view of capitalism of David Harvey integrate into the ideological and Political Theory Course Teaching must according to the characteristics of each course. David Harvey's view of capitalism is the unique diagnosis in Contemporary Western society, is not only beneficial toseamless docking with the teaching content, but also conducive to enrich the content of ideological and political theory course teaching, highlight the value of David Harvey's view of capitalism,strengthen effectiveness and persuasive of ideological and politicaltheory course teaching.

  3. David B. Steinman

    Editorial, Equipo


    Full Text Available El doctor ingeniero David B. Steinman, diseñador de más de cuatrocientos puentes en todo el mundo, ha fallecido en Nueva York, a los setenta y tres años de edad. Como homenaje a su memoria, y en agradecimiento a sus frecuentes colaboraciones en nuestra revista, “Informes de la Construcción” le dedica este cálido recuerdo.

  4. David Keynes Hill.

    Huxley, Andrew


    David Hill followed his father, A.V. Hill FRS, into the study of muscular contraction. Using a wide range of experimental techniques, he made several important advances of which the most important was the discovery of the 'short-range elastic component', a phenomenon which implied that even in the resting state there was an interaction between the thick (myosin) and thin (actin) filaments. He also studied physical changes in nerve when stimulated.

  5. David Warner (1934 - 2003)


    It is with great sadness that we learned that our friend and former colleague, David Warner, passed away on Christmas Eve. The funeral was held the following Monday. David was a "linac man". His career centred around linacs, but with a multitude of different subjects. He began at CERN by building the 3 MeV linac in the extension of the South Hall. He did pioneering work on this machine, which paved the way towards the design of the Alvarez cavities for the CERN Linac 2, for which he was responsible. After this challenge was successfully finished, David was the first member of the small but growing team, that was in charge of building the LEP Injector Linacs (LIL). After having been recognised as a proton linac expert, he quickly converted to electron linacs where he soon became the respected key expert for the design, parameters and ultimate performance of LIL. His predilection for precise and detailed documentation, and his vision that the know-how acquired with LIL should be preserved a...

  6. David Bowie's Hauntology

    Christiansen, Steen Ledet

    David Bowie's now-defunct rock-opera trilogy's first installment 1. Outside is filled with uncanny mediations of rock music's chameleon. The inner sleeve booklet is titled The Diary of Nathan Adler, or the Ritual Art-Murder of Baby Grace Blue: A non-linear Gothic Drama Hyper-Cycle. Behind this long......-winded title, is the story of a murder, narrated by several characters through both text, music and images. Bowie, however, is the narrator of all these different voices, using technology to distort his voice into these different characters as separate entities. His voice and presence haunts the entire album...

  7. Response to David Harvey.

    Antonio Negri


    Full Text Available The text is a response of authors of Commonwealth to criticism presented by David Harvey. Hard and Negri turn down the primacy of class division over other various identity formations (e.g. race, gender and they perceive it as field of revolutionary struggle. Then, starting with Spinoza they highlight variety of definitions of singularity and do not agree withthe significant role ascribed to the notion of fictitious capital; they point out immaterial aspect of financialization and its role as a “central form of the accumulation of capital.” Finally, they emphasize the importance of recognition of present indignation and revolutionary actions, which could be made only from below.

  8. Entretien avec David Toscana

    Vanden Berghe, Kristine; Toscana, David


    David Toscana (Monterrey, 1961) es autor de siete novelas y de un libro de relatos. Se le conoce también como el escritor que tuvo la iniciativa de hacer una antología de cuentos publicada bajo el título de Mc Ondo (Barcelona: Mondadori, 1996). En ella se incluyó un cuento suyo, «La noche de una vida difícil», colindante con la cultura pop y la literatura urbana, rasgos que hacen de este cuento un texto poco representativo de su obra que se caracteriza por una confección más bien clásica y re...

  9. Pora prodavat znanija / David Tisch

    Tisch, David


    California Ülikooli (Berkeley) professor David Tisch teadmistepõhistest väärtustest ja nende mõjust konkurentsivõimele, konkurentsist innovatsiooniturul, Silicon Valley edu põhjustest, väikeste ja keskmiste ettevõtete osast innovatsioonis. Lisa: David Tisch

  10. Laurance David Hall.

    Coxon, Bruce


    An account is given of the life, scientific contributions, and passing of Laurance David Hall (1938-2009), including his early history and education at the University of Bristol, UK, and the synthesis and NMR spectroscopy of carbohydrates and other natural products during ∼20 years of research and teaching at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Lists of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and sabbatical visitors are provided for this period. Following a generous endowment by Dr. Herchel Smith, Professor Hall built a new Department of Medicinal Chemistry at Cambridge University, UK, and greatly expanded his researches into the technology and applications of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and zero quantum NMR. MRI technology was applied both to medical problems such as the characterization of cartilage degeneration in knee joints, the measurement of ventricular function, lipid localization in animal models of atherosclerosis, paramagnetic metal complexes of polysaccharides as contrast agents, and studies of many other anatomical features, but also to several aspects of materials analysis, including food analyses, process control, and the elucidation of such physical phenomena as the flow of liquids through porous media, defects in concrete, and the visualization of fungal damage to wood. Professor Hall's many publications, patents, lectures, and honors and awards are described, and also his successful effort to keep the Asilomar facility in Pacific Grove, California as the alternating venue for the annual Experimental NMR Conference. Two memorial services for Professor Hall are remembered.

  11. Extending David Horrobin's membrane phospholipid theory of schizophrenia: overactivity of cytosolic phospholipase A(2) in the brain is caused by overdrive of coupled serotonergic 5HT(2A/2C) receptors in response to stress.

    Eggers, Arnold E


    David Horrobin's membrane phospholipid theory of schizophrenia has held up well over time because his therapeutic prediction that dietary supplementation with eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) would have a therapeutic effect has been partially verified and undergoes continued testing. In the final version of his theory, he hypothesized that there was hyperactivity of phosphoslipase A(2) (PLA(2)) or a related enzyme but did not explain how the hyperactivity came about. It is known that serotonergic 5HT(2A/2C) receptors are coupled to PLA(2), which hydrolyzes both arachidonic acid (AA) and EPA from diacylglycerides at the sn-2 position. In this paper, Horrobin's theory is combined with a previously published theory of chronic stress in which it was hypothesized that a disinhibited dorsal raphe nucleus, the principal nucleus of the serotonergic system, can organize the neuropathology of diseases such as migraine, hypertension, and the metabolic syndrome. The new or combined theory is that schizophrenia is a disease of chronic stress in which a disinhibited DRN causes widespread serotonergic overdrive in the cerebral cortex. This in turn causes overdrive of cPLA(2) and both central and peripheral depletion of AA and EPA. Because EPA is present in smaller amounts, it falls below threshold for maintaining an intracellular balance between AA-derived and EPA-derived second messenger cascades, which leads to abnormal patterns of neuronal firing. There are two causes of neuronal dysfunction: the disinhibited DRN and EPA depletion. Schizophrenia is statistically associated with metabolic syndrome, hypertension, and migraine because they form a cluster of diseases with similar pathophysiology. The theory provides an explanation for both the central and peripheral phospholipid abnormalities in schizophrenia. It also explains the role of stress in schizophrenia, elevated serum PLA(2) activity in schizophrenia, the relationship between untreated schizophrenia and metabolic syndrome

  12. Unnatural Narratology. Basic Concepts and Recent Work [Jan Alber / Rüdiger Heinze: Unnatural Narratives – Unnatural Narratology. Berlin 2011. Per Krogh Hansen / Stefan Iversen / Henrik Skov Nielsen / Rolf Reitan (Eds.: Strange Voices in Narrative Fiction. Berlin 2011. David Herman / James Phelan / Peter Rabinowitz / Brian Richardson / Robyn Warhol: Narrative Theory: Core Concepts and Critical Debates. Columbus 2012

    Brian Richardson


    Full Text Available Rezension zu / Review of:Jan Alber / Rüdiger Heinze: Unnatural Narratives – Unnatural Narratology. Berlin 2011. Per Krogh Hansen / Stefan Iversen / Henrik Skov Nielsen / Rolf Reitan (Eds.: Strange Voices in Narrative Fiction. Berlin  2011. David Herman / James Phelan / Peter Rabinowitz / Brian Richardson / Robyn Warhol: Narrative Theory: Core Concepts and Critical Debates. Columbus 2012.

  13. Rõnotshnaja jeres kapitalizma / David Korten

    Korten, David


    Järg 4,18 september lk. 12. Hinnatud antiglobalismi ideoloog David Korten: totalitaarse tuleviku oht ei kao kuni transnatsionaalsed korporatsioonid juhivad maailma majandust rahvusvaheliste organisatsioonide ja valitsuste kontrolli all

  14. David Asbury (1950-2015)


    It was with great sadness that we learned that David Asbury passed away in his sleep last week.   David joined CERN in 1984 after having worked for some years at RAL in the UK. He was a skilled programmer and systems engineer, and much appreciated by both users and colleagues at CERN. His contributions to IT services include the IBM mainframe workhorse CERN VM, the backup tape service and in recent years the version control services, until his well-deserved retirement at the end of March this year. We will all remember David for his friendly and helpful manners, and as a warm person who was always caring for others, particularly newcomers. David was also a passionate musician and active tennis player. He will be greatly missed by his colleagues. A memorial service took place at 11 a.m. on Monday, 14 December 2015 at the Auditoire Calvin next to the Cathedral in Geneva. His colleagues and friends

  15. On "White Supremacy" and Caricaturing, Misrepresenting and Dismissing Marx and Marxism: A Response to David Gillborn's "Who's Afraid of Critical Race Theory in Education".

    Cole, Mike


    In this journal in 2007, the author and Alpesh Maisuria critiqued two central tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT) from a Marxist perspective (Cole and Maisuria, 2007). These are its primacy of "race" over class, and its concept of "white supremacy". Part of the critique focused on the work of leading UK Critical Race Theorist,…

  16. Integral Evolution: An Interview with David Loye

    Russ Volckmann


    Full Text Available David Loye is one of those people that the longer you get to know them the more you begin todiscover a bit of their depth and breadth of perspective and creativity in the world. Hispublications speak for themselves. His network with leading scientists and thinkers around theworld is equally impressive.Actually, my first contact was with David’s wife, Riane Eisler, author of the Chalice and theBlade (among other books written with and without David. Despite the fact that they live overthe hill from me, I did not meet her face to face right away. Rather, I interviewed her over thetelephone for the Integral Leadership Review, which I publish and edit. When I first approachedher about doing the interview she suggested that I should interview David, but I did not knowDavid Loye’s work at all. In that interview I discovered more about Riane’s work and the extentof their partnership. In fact, they are prime movers of a partnership approach to leadership thatthey promote through a nonprofit center and in a Master’s program at the California Institute ofIntegral Studies in San Francisco.My conversation with Riane piqued my curiosity about David’s work and I bought one of hisbooks, Darwin’s Lost Theory of Love. Here I found evidence of the extraordinary scope anddepth of David’s work that made him a natural candidate for an interview. The only questionwas would I use it in Integral Leadership Review or in Integral Review: such is the quality of hisinterests and intellect.Before doing the interview, I borrowed a copy of one of David’s earlier books. When I went totheir house to pick it up I met them both. They are quite a team and I recommend their work toall.

  17. David's Understanding of Functions and Periodicity

    Gerson, Hope


    This is a study of David, a senior enrolled in a high school precalculus course. David's understandings of functions and periodicity was explored, through clinical interviews and contextualized through classroom observations. Although David's precalculus class was traditional his understanding of periodic functions was unconventional David engaged…


    da Silva, Lorena Fiungo


    Resumo: Para David Hume, o conhecimento humano tem sua origem na experiência. Entretanto, há uma parte deste conhecimento que não tem a mesma origem. Neste caso, para o filósofo, quando um conhecimento não tem sua origem na experiência, ele deriva da imaginação. Este é, precisamente, o caso da matemática, que embora originalmente derivado da experiência, carrega consigo um conhecimento seguro e certo. Nesse sentido, o presente estudo tem por objetivo expor a teoria do conhecimento em David Hu...

  19. Henry David Thoreau's Spiritual World



    Henry David Thoreau was wholeheartedly in love with nature and he devoted almost all his life time to observation, appreciation and study of nature. Thus he formed a deep understanding of nature. In 1845, Thoreau began a two-year and two-month residence at Walden Pond. His life was lonely but full of fragrance. He wanted to live meaningfully, confront the essential facts of life and live a simple life. Based on the review of the literature related to this topic, this paper aims to study Henry David Thoreau’s spiritual world, especially reflected in his famous book-Walden.

  20. David Hume on Competent Judges

    Eaton, Marcia Muelder


    This essay is the eighth in an occasional series on past treatments of major issues in arts education policy from antiquity through the twentieth century. The essay on which it is based, David Hume's "Of the Standard of Taste," originally published in 1757, is too extensive to be reprinted here, but it is easily accessible in the public…

  1. David Hume on Competent Judges

    Eaton, Marcia Muelder


    This essay is the eighth in an occasional series on past treatments of major issues in arts education policy from antiquity through the twentieth century. The essay on which it is based, David Hume's "Of the Standard of Taste," originally published in 1757, is too extensive to be reprinted here, but it is easily accessible in the public domain.…

  2. My Journey Into the Physics of David Finkelstein

    Alexander, Stephon


    David Finkelstein was a co-pioneer of the use of topology and solitons in theoretical physics. The author reflects on the great impact Finkelstein had on his research throughout his career. The author provides an application of one of Finkelsteins idea pertaining to the fusion of quantum theory with relativity by utilizing techniques from Loop Quantum Gravity.

  3. David Almond's "Skellig": "A New Vista of Contemplation"?

    Stewart, Susan Louise


    The debates that have arisen regarding Darwin's theories of evolution and Christian views of creation and their place in education in the United States have frequently been extremely heated, resulting in trials, hearings, and laws. This article provides an overview of some of the disagreements and illustrates how David Almond's British novel,…

  4. 戴维·伊斯顿系统分析理论视野下高职院校思政理论课实践教学研究%Higher Vocational College Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Under the Systematic Theory of David Easton



    思政理论课实践教学是理论教学的延伸及补充,现今高职院校思想政治理论课实行实践教学改革体现其功能所在。利用戴维·伊斯顿系统分析理论,构建高职院校思想政治理论课实践教学模式,对体现思想政治教育的价值发挥关键作用。%Ideological and political theory teaching is an extension and supplement of theory teaching of the theory .The reform of ideological and political theory courses teaching in the higher vocational institute reflects its roles told by David Easton ’ s system-atic theory.Construction of the teaching mode of higher vocational college ideological and political theory reflects the value of ideo -logical and political education .

  5. Generalized Stillinger--David Potential

    Zhyganiuk, Igor


    We present an improved version of the Stillinger--David polarization potential of the intermolecular interaction in water. A clear algorithm of construction of a function describing the oxygen-hydrogen interaction in water molecules is formulated. A new approach to the modeling of a function screening the charge-dipole interaction on small distances is developed. To describe the long-range asymptotics of the intermolecular potential, the bare Stillinger--David potential is supplemented by a term related to the interaction of dipole moments of oxygen ions. In addition, we introduce a term involving a deformation of the electron shells of oxygen ions to the polarization component. These corrections allow us to successfully reproduce all essential results of quantum mechanical calculations of the interaction energy for water molecules obtained by Clementi. Analyzing the behavior of the dipole moment of a water molecule as a function of the intermolecular distance, we obtain the estimate of irreducible two-partic...

  6. INTRODUCTION: David Sherrington as a mentor of young scientists

    Goldbart, Paul M.


    the ones first developed in the setting of the Sherrington--Kirkpatrick model of spin glasses. What this small anecdote hints at is the vastness of the terrain over which research on spin glasses is having a deep and lasting impact. As scientists we are, I think it's fair to say, at least partially motivated by a desire to receive some recognition for our work, some evidence that it has been engaging and stimulating to others in the field. But David's work far transcends this model, being pivotal not only to researchers in the originally-intended domain of rather obscure magnetic alloys, but also far, far beyond: from neuroscience and biological information processing, to the social sciences, including economics, and on to probability theory, computer science, the next generation of optimization algorithms, and the entire field of complexity theory. Indeed, one can regard spin glasses in the guise of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model as a conceptual version of the silicon revolution: a curiosity-driven scientific endeavour that continues to catalyse utterly unanticipated progress over far-flung domains. David captured it all perfectly in the title of his 2001 Bakerian Lecture: 'Magnets, microchips, memories and markets: [the] statistical physics of complex systems.' Many of us would consider ourselves wonderfully fortunate if our work were to have just a small fraction of the impact that David's has. Moreover, the scientific panorama revealed by investigations stimulated by David's work is beautiful, shocking and inspiring, a panorama broader still than condensed matter theory or even physics itself. So, when our spirits are down and our brows furrowed by some painful integral or a bug in our computer code, let us remember to pause and revel in the astonishing confluence of scientific themes that the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model and its associates capture. To echo a view I first heard from Giorgio Parisi: I'm not sure if there is anything more rich or surprising in

  7. Honoring Jean-David Rochaix.

    Govindjee; Redding, Kevin


    We honor Jean-David Rochaix, an outstanding scholar of chloroplast biogenesis and photosynthesis, who received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award of the International Society of Photosynthesis Research at its 17th International Photosynthesis Congress held in Maastricht, The Netherlands (August 5-12, 2016). With this award he joins other major discoverers in the field of photosynthesis: Pierre Joliot (of France, 2013); Ulrich W. Heber* (of Germany, 2010) and Kenneth Sauer (of USA, 2010); Jan M. Anderson* (of Australia, 2007); and Horst T. Witt* (of Germany, 2004). See "Appendix 1" for the list of those who have received the ISPR Communication, Innovation, Calvin-Benson, and Hill awards.

  8. David Owen Williams (1944 - 2006)


    Many people, not only at CERN but also throughout the world, were saddened to learn that their friend and colleague David Williams had passed away in the early hours of Tuesday 24 October. His death came after a year of fighting cancer with all of his usual determination and optimism. Even days before the end he was still welcoming to visitors, and was alert and interested in all their news. Born in 1944, David came to CERN from the University of Cambridge in 1966, with a degree in Physics and Computer Science. Joining what at the time was called the Documents and Data (DD) Division, in the earlier part his career he worked first on software for analysis of bubble chamber photographs, subsequently leading the group that supported experiments with 'hybrids' of bubble chambers and electronic detectors and then the group supporting online computing in experiments. He thus witnessed all of the enormous changes that took place in particle physics as the era of bubble chambers came to an end and the availability ...

  9. Distributed Access View Integrated Database (DAVID) system

    Jacobs, Barry E.


    The Distributed Access View Integrated Database (DAVID) System, which was adopted by the Astrophysics Division for their Astrophysics Data System, is a solution to the system heterogeneity problem. The heterogeneous components of the Astrophysics problem is outlined. The Library and Library Consortium levels of the DAVID approach are described. The 'books' and 'kits' level is discussed. The Universal Object Typer Management System level is described. The relation of the DAVID project with the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program is explained.

  10. [Book review] Green engineering: environmentally conscious design, by David T. Allen and David R. Shonnard

    Boustany, R.G.


    Review of: Green engineering: Environmentally conscious design / David T. Allen and David R. Shonnard / Prentice-Hall, Inc., One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458. 2002. 552 pages. ISBN 0-13-061908-6.

  11. David Mechanic: Professional Zombie Hunter.

    Hafferty, Frederic W; Tilburt, Jon


    Within the fields of medicine and sociology, the descriptor "profession" (along with its brethren: profession, professionalization, and professionalism) has had a rich etymological history, with terms taking on different meanings at different times-sometimes trespassing into shibboleth and jargon. This etymological journey has co-evolved with the career of David Mechanic to whom this issue of the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law is devoted. We exploit a provocative metaphor applied to Mechanic's work on the challenges facing medicine as a profession as a playful exegesis on what we call "profession" to excavate an ensconced and encrusted domain of health jargon operating at the tensive interface of society and modern medical work.

  12. A Star of David catenane

    Leigh, David A.; Pritchard, Robin G.; Stephens, Alexander J.


    We describe the synthesis of a [2]catenane that consists of two triply entwined 114-membered rings, a molecular link. The woven scaffold is a hexameric circular helicate generated by the assembly of six tris(bipyridine) ligands with six iron(II) cations, with the size of the helicate promoted by the use of sulfate counterions. The structure of the ligand extension directs subsequent covalent capture of the catenane by ring-closing olefin metathesis. Confirmation of the Star of David topology (two rings, six crossings) is provided by NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and X-ray crystallography. Extraction of the iron(II) ions with tetrasodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate affords the wholly organic molecular link. The self-assembly of interwoven circular frameworks of controlled size, and their subsequent closure by multiple directed covalent bond-forming reactions, provides a powerful strategy for the synthesis of molecular topologies of ever-increasing complexity.

  13. Sir David Brewster: polarization pioneer

    Coulson, Kinsell L.


    Sir David Brewster, Scottish physicist of the Nineteenth Century, was one of the pioneers in the investigation of the polarization of light. Every physics student is familiar with the Brewster angle of reflection, and the Brewster neutral point of skylight polarization is a well- known feature in atmospheric optics. He was at one time the most honored natural philosopher in Britain, having received numerous medals plus a knighthood for his work in the polarization of light. This paper, having arisen from my new biography of Brewster, traces his polarization work throughout his most productive period in the first half of the last century. It is of interest to science historians, as well as to those working in the field of polarization phenomena.

  14. [Exhibition review of] David Bowie is

    Langkjær, Michael Alexander


    Anmeldelse af en udstilling d. 23. marts - 28. juli 2013 om rockmusikeren David Bowie på Victoria and Albert Museet, London.......Anmeldelse af en udstilling d. 23. marts - 28. juli 2013 om rockmusikeren David Bowie på Victoria and Albert Museet, London....

  15. David L. Harrison: A Work Of Art

    Raymond, Allen


    This article describes poet and writer David L. Harrison. A former School Board Chairman from Springfield, MO, David was responsible for beginning an annual "Teacher Appreciation Banquet" and for launching the "Sky High for Reading" program. The "Sky High for Reading" program encourages children in Springfield to read enough books so that, if…

  16. Dr. David Syz, State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Switzerland

    Patrice Loïez


    Photo 01: Dr. David Syz (left) with Professor Roger Cashmore, Research Director for Collider Programmes.Photo 02: Dr. David Syz signing the VIP visitors' book, with Prof. Roger Cashmore.Photo 03: Dr. David Syz signing the VIP visitors' book.Photo 04: Handshake between Dr. David Syz (left) and Prof. Roger Cashmore.

  17. Obituary: David Stanley Evans, 1916-2004

    Bash, Frank N.


    David Stanley Evans died on 14 November 2004 in Austin, Texas. He was a noted observational astronomer whose career was divided between South Africa and Texas. He also used the extensive historical collections at the University of Texas to write several books on the history of astronomy. He was born in Cardiff, Wales on 28 January 1916. David received his BA degree in mathematics in 1937 from Kings College, Cambridge. He became a PhD student at Cambridge Observatory in 1937, and was one of Sir Arthur Eddington's last surviving students. He received his PhD degree in 1941 with a dissertation entitled, "The Formation of the Balmer Series of Hydrogen in Stellar Atmospheres." He was a conscientious objector to war and, thus, spent the war years at Oxford working with physicist Kurt Mendelssohn on medical problems, involving cadavers, relating to the war. During these years, David was scientific editor of "Discovery", and he was editor of "The Observatory". David left England in 1946 in order to take up the position of Second Assistant at the Radcliffe Observatory, Pretoria, South Africa. He and H. Knox Shaw were the entire staff after R. O. Redman left, and they aluminized and installed the mirrors in the 74-inch telescope. His notable scientific contribution was to use lunar occultations to measure stellar angular diameters during the 1950s. He succeeded in determining the angular diameter of Antares and determined that Arcturus was not circular but had an elliptical shape. The elliptical shape was later shown to be an instrumental artifact, but the utility of using lunar occultations to measure stellar diameters and stellar multiplicity was conclusively demonstrated. T. Gold presented David's paper on lunar occultation angular diameters at the January 1953 meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society. For the rest of his life, David resented Gold's remarks, because he felt that he had been ridiculed. By 1953, David Evans was Chief Assistant at the Royal Observatory

  18. A Teoria da Consciência de David Chalmers

    João de Fernandes Teixeira


    Full Text Available O artigo tem por objetivo apresentar e discutir a teoria da consciência elaborada pelo filósofo David Chalmers no seu livro The Conscious Mind, publicado em 1996. O artigo é dividido em duas partes. A primeira expõe os principais delineamentos da teoria de Chalmers; a segunda discute seus principais conceitos, abordando a plausibilidade metafísica da existência dos "zumbis" e a idéia de superveniência.The paper focuses on Chalmer´s theory of consciousness as it is presented in his most recent book, The Conscious Mind, published in 1996. The first part is devoted to a presentation of the main outlines of Chalmer´s theory. The second part discusses such a theory by focusing on the metaphysical plausibility of the existence of zombies as well as on the notion of supervenience.

  19. Proteus和Keil软件在单片机项目式教学中的应用%Application of Proteus and Keil in MCU project teaching

    赖忠喜; 林君焕; 陶东娅


    针对单片机项目式教学中出现的问题,提出了将Proteus仿真软件和Keil软件引入到单片机项目式教学中.以”简易温室监控系统”项目为例,详细阐述Proteus软件和Keil软件在单片机课程教学中的使用方法和仿真调试过程.实践证明,该教学方法能激发学生学习的热情,锻炼了学生的创新能力和单片机软硬件综合开发能力,取得了良好的教学效果,是提高单片机教学效率和教学质量的一种有效方法.%Aimed at the problems appearing in MCU project teaching, this paper proposed that introducing Proteus simulation software and Keil software into MCU project teaching. Taking the simple Greenhouse monitoring System as an example, The application method and simulation debugging process of Proteus and Keil softwares using in the course teaching of MCU were expounded. It was proven that the teaching method aroused the learning enthusiasm of the students, cultivated the students' creative ability and comprehensive ability of hardware and software development And much better teaching effect had been achieved. It is an effective method to improve the quality and efficiency of MCU teaching.

  20. Binary Structure in David Lodge's Novels



    David Lodge is one of the most renowned modern English writers.He is known for the binary structure in his novels.In this paper,the writer will try to the binary structure in some of his novels to show his reflections on Catholicism and culture conflicts.

  1. A Conversation with...David Satcher.

    Campbell, Neil A.


    David Satcher began his career as a medical geneticist and was appointed director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 1993. In this interview, Dr. Satcher talks about the responsibilities of the CDC and explains how a childhood experience inspired his interest in medicine and his continuing commitment to community service.…

  2. David L. Gutmann (1925-2013).

    Rose, Jon; Huyck, Margaret; Grunes, Jerome


    David L. Gutmann, a pioneer in geropsychology and professor emeritus at Northwestern University, died on November 3, 2013, at the age of 88. A student of Bernice Neugarten, Bruno Bettelheim, and Erik Erikson, Gutmann discovered changes in adult psychological development related to parenting styles that held across diverse cultures.

  3. Being "Stresslessly Invisible": The Rise and Fall of Videophony in David Foster Wallace's "Infinite Jest"

    Ribbat, Christoph


    In a satiric chapter of David Foster Wallace's novel "Infinite Jest," a mock media expert reports how American consumers of the near future recoil from a new communication device known as "videophony" and return to the voice-only telephone of the Bell Era. This article explores the said chapter in the framework of media theories reading the…

  4. Unravelling the Franklin Mystery, Second Edition with David C. Woodman

    Burke, Danita Catherine


    This is a forthcoming book review of David C. Woodman's second edition of his book "Unravelling the Franklin Mystery."......This is a forthcoming book review of David C. Woodman's second edition of his book "Unravelling the Franklin Mystery."...

  5. David Miller on Immigration Policy and Nationality

    Lægaard, Sune


    David Miller's recent statement of the case for restrictive immigration policies can plausibly be construed as an application of a ‘liberal nationalist' position. The paper first addresses Miller's critique of distributive justice arguments for open borders, which relies on nationality as determi......David Miller's recent statement of the case for restrictive immigration policies can plausibly be construed as an application of a ‘liberal nationalist' position. The paper first addresses Miller's critique of distributive justice arguments for open borders, which relies on nationality...... as determinative of the scope of distributive justice and as giving rise to national collective responsibility. Three interpretations of his main positive reason for restricting immigration, which concerns the importance of a shared public culture, are then discussed: culture as having valuable social functions...... in relation to immigration policy....

  6. David Gopperfield is an Autobiography of Dickens



    Dickens is considered to be one of the greatest English novelists of the Victorian period. David Copperfield published in 1849-1850,was written when Dickens creative power reached his height. The story is narrated in the first person through the mouth of its hero: David Copperfield. In David Copperfield. Dickens made good use of his own life experiences to expose the social evils of its own. For example, they were also born on Friday, they had wretched childhood. David's love for Dora modeled after Dickens" youthful fascination for Maria Beadnell, Dickens" father was the original form of Mr. Micawber in DC and Dickens" mother was the original form of David's pretty young mother. And in the book, we also can see that the immorality and the treachery were prevalent in the England realism. So the novel is not only a personal record, but also a broad picture of the society of the author's day. In my opinion , we could say DC is an autobiography of Dickens.

  7. David Gill - Magnificent and Desirable Astronomer

    Reid, John S


    This paper was given to mark the centenary of the death of David Gill, the foremost British astronomer in the last quarter of the 19th century and into the 20th century. Gill abandoned a successful career as a clock and watchmaker. His speciality was in astrometry, an area of astronomy of both practical and scientific importance that tended to be eclipsed in the 20th century by the rise of astrophysics. As Her Majesty's Astronomer at the Cape of Good Hope for 27 years, David Gill was admired for his prolific contribution to highly accurate and trustworthy results. David Gill's collaboration was desired by leading astronomers of the day and he was the only southern hemisphere representative on the hugely important Conference Internationale des Etoiles Fondamentales of 1896. He created with Jacobus Kapetyn the first extensive star catalogue derived from photographic plates (the CPD), including over 450,000 stars. He was an initiator of the biggest multi-national and multi-observatory project of the century, tak...

  8. David Harvey’s contribution to urban sociology

    Cvjetković Marija


    Full Text Available David Harvey is a neo-Marxist theorist influential in many disciplines. This paper analyses his specific use of Marx’s theory as a contribution to urban sociology. Observing cities in the context of a constant need of capitalism to overcome the problem of over-accumulation of capital, urbanization is seen as an important factor of capitalist development. Methods of temporary relocation and resolutions of capitalist contradictions, with the help of so-called accumulation by dispossession, are intensified in neo-liberalism, which is seen as a project for the restoration of class power. Therefore, Harvey demands more equitable cities in which the interest of private capital will not be the main factor of their shaping. Harvey’s Marxism is alluring, but it is also the subject of numerous criticisms.

  9. A Study on Agriculture Industrialization Brand Establishment Strategy based on"Safety and Low-carbon"Concept——An Inspiration Obtained from David Aaker’s Brand Recognition Theory%以“安全低碳”为理念塑造农业产业化品牌的策略研究——从戴维·阿克的品牌识别理论得到的启示

    晏劲松; 鲁德银


    本文解释了"低碳农业"的概念,并对戴维·阿克的品牌识别理论进行了分析,从产品本身、品牌组织背景、品牌人格、品牌象征四个方面进行论证,以戴维·阿克的理论为基础,提出了以"安全低碳"为理念塑造农业产业化品牌的策略。%This paper explains the concept of "low-carbon agriculture" and analyzes David Aaker’s brand recognition theory.Based on David Aaker’s theory,an analysis has been done from the perspective of product itself,brand organization background,brand personality and brand symbol.A theoretical model of establishing agricultural industrialization brand on the basis of safety and low-carbon environment has been proposed.

  10. David Bowie的音乐遗产



    2013年4月,我在《通俗歌曲》写了一篇关于专辑《The Next Day》的介绍.当时第一句话是:“我们不得不感谢上帝,让David Bowie还活在这个世界上,当我们翻阅他这么多年来的各种造型时.依然很难相信,他居然还没有死。”

  11. Miracle and Causality in David Hume

    Mustafa Çevik


    Full Text Available In this paper it has been discussed the problems arise from the definition of miracle which take place in some religious and philosophical texts. The definitions particularly quoted from David Hume’s texts and Islamic resources. The problems discussed in two titles. First problem is the possibility of miracle as a historical event. The other is the possibility of miracle as “the law of nature”. Here we discussed particularly the “law” and the “violation of law”.

  12. Guerra e Paz, por David Grossman

    Luis Sérgio Krausz


    Full Text Available Na Bíblia Hebraica, a guerra é um assunto diretamente vinculado à esfera do sagrado. A proteção de Deus ao povo de Israel em suas batalhas é, assim, um dos fundamentos da teologia bíblica. No romance, A mulher foge, de David Grossman, como em Homero, a realidade da guerra contrapõe-­se à realidade das pessoas comuns e, assim, separa, em um vasto abismo, as experiências deste e daquele lado. Ao contrário do que acontece na Bíblia, e também na Ilíada, não há, nas guerras do romance, qualquer tipo de crença divina, seja ela de molde pagão, seja ela de caráter retributivo, conforme a teologia bíblica.

  13. Rainforest pioneer. Millennium trailblazers 3: David Cassell.

    Gilmour, D


    The Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation in Guyana is headed by Australian forester David Cassells who is also chairman of the Advisory Group for the World Conservation Union Forest Conservation Program. He states that this program is different from other projects to conserve tropical forests since it focuses on financial sustainability and self-sufficiency. He also plans that the revenue for the center will come from a mixture of eco-forestry with certified logging, ecotourism, sustainable production of non-timber products such as vines and latexes, bioprospecting, and the sale of forest management expertise. He further added that the program's success could change the way people value and use tropical forests.

  14. David Lukens Reasoner (1941-1992)

    Chappell, Rick

    David Lukens Reasoner, former head of NASA's Ionospheric Physics branch, died on April 21, 1992. Reasoner was born July 1, 1941. He worked tirelessly to expand NASA's Space Physics Division, bringing his deep experience and personal expertise to bear on the challenges of growth.During the magical period of the late 1950s and early 1960s when America turned its eyes toward space and the Moon, David Lukens Reasoner journeyed north from the nearby Texas town of Dickinson to Rice University with an idea of getting involved in exploring the frontiers of space. He pursued a course of study in electrical engineering and received a bachelor's degree in 1963 and a master's degree in 1964. In the early 1960s, the Space Science Department at Rice was formed, and President John Kennedy visited to say that America chose to go to space not because it is easy but because it is hard and because it would require the very best talents of our nation to succeed. Dave Reasoner was one of those talented people. His excellence in electrical engineering and physics, combined with his natural abilities in the laboratory, suited him ideally for building the machines of space. As a student, he built sounding rocket payloads and multiple instruments for satellites and experiment packages that were placed on the Moon by the Apollo astronauts. He completed his doctoral degree in space science in 1968. It was in these early thrilling days of space exploration that I first met Dave, beginning a friendship and collegial relationship that was to last 27 years.

  15. Histological Study on Reproductive Organ of Rana Temporaria Chensinesis David

    HUANG He; TIAN Yaguang; NING Fangyong; BAI Xiujuan; ZHANG Guixue


    The experiment was designed to study the histology of reproductive organ of Rana temporaria chensinesis David in reproductive season and dereproductive season, The results displayed that the sexual gland weight and oviduct weight of the Rana temporaria chensinesis David were significantly different between reproductive season and dereproductive season.

  16. Venemaa - lähedane ja kauge / David Vseviov

    Vseviov, David, 1949-


    Rmt.: Sergejev, Vladimir ; Vseviov, David. Venemaa - lähedane ja kauge : aegade algusest kuni Vassili III-ni. Tallinn : Valgus, 2002 ; Sergejev, Vladimir ; Vseviov, David. Venemaa - lähedane ja kauge : vürstiriigist tsaaririigiks. Ivan IV. Tallinn : Valgus, 2007.

  17. 77 FR 26765 - David H.M. Phelps: Debarment Order


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Food and Drug Administration David H.M. Phelps: Debarment Order AGENCY: Food and Drug... under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) debarring David H.M. Phelps for a period of 20.... FDA bases this order on a finding that Mr. Phelps was convicted, as defined in section 306(l)(1)(B)...

  18. Binary Opposition of the Characterization of David in Bible



    Characters in Bible are like the coin possessing two sides. David, the most complicated figure in Bible, is just a case in point. From this perspective, this paper tries to use the principle of binary opposition to analyze the characterization of David in Bible, that is, David’s tolerance vs. vengeance, piety vs. impiety, and iron heart vs. sentiment.

  19. Correspondentie David van Dantzig-Gerrit Mannoury : historische notitie SEN

    Siegenbeek van Heukelom, J.; Alberts, G.


    Correspondence David van Dantzig--Gerrit Mannoury October 23rd 1917, after the second lecture in a course on analytical geometry David van Dantzig, student of chemistry, wrote a long letter to the professor of mathematics Gerrit Mannoury. It proved the starting point of a life-long symbiosis of pupi

  20. Third Annual David Derse Memorial Lecture and Award | Poster

    By Anne Arthur, Guest Writer The Third Annual David Derse Memorial Lecture and Award presentation was held on Nov. 18 at NCI at Frederick to honor the outstanding research accomplishments of David Derse, Ph.D., and to stimulate the exchange of innovative ideas that Derse was well known for promoting throughout his scientific career.

  1. Obituary: David L. Band (1957-2009)

    Cominsky, Lynn


    David L. Band, of Potomac Maryland, died on March 16, 2009 succumbing to a long battle with spinal cord cancer. His death at the age of 52 came as a shock to his many friends and colleagues in the physics and astronomy community. Band showed an early interest and exceptional aptitude for physics, leading to his acceptance at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an undergraduate student in 1975. After graduating from MIT with an undergraduate degree in Physics, Band continued as a graduate student in Physics at Harvard University. His emerging interest in Astrophysics led him to the Astronomy Department at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA), where he did his dissertation work with Jonathan Grindlay. His dissertation (1985) entitled "Non-thermal Radiation Mechanisms and Processes in SS433 and Active Galactic Nuclei" was "pioneering work on the physics of jets arising from black holes and models for their emission, including self-absorption, which previewed much to come, and even David's own later work on Gamma-ray Bursts," according to Grindlay who remained a personal friend and colleague of Band's. Following graduate school, Band held postdoctoral positions at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, the University of California at Berkeley and the Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences at the University of California San Diego where he worked on the BATSE experiment that was part of the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (CGRO), launched in 1991. BATSE had as its main objective the study of cosmic gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and made significant advances in this area of research. Band became a world-renowned figure in the emerging field of GRB studies. He is best known for his widely-used analytic form of gamma-ray burst spectra known as the "Band Function." After the CGRO mission ended, Band moved to the Los Alamos National Laboratory where he worked mainly on classified research but continued to work on GRB energetics and spectra. When NASA planned

  2. Theorising "Geo-Identity" and David Harvey's Space: School Choices of the Geographically Bound Middle-Class

    Rowe, Emma


    This paper draws on David Harvey's theories of absolute and relational space in order to critique geographically bound school choices of the gentrified middle-class in the City of Melbourne, Australia. The paper relies on interviews with inner-city school choosers as generated by a longitudinal ethnographic school choice study. I argue that the…

  3. David Cronenberg y el cuerpo abierto

    Johanna Rodríguez Ahumada


    Full Text Available En la sociedad actual, la relación entre el cuerpo y la tecnología ha planteado una de las fisuras más importantes en la concepción de la subjetividad. La enigmática y fascinante relación entre el humano y la máquina, explorada tanto por el cine como por otros (viejos y nuevos medios en el ámbito de la ciencia ficción, ha planteado la figura del cyborg u organismo cibernético como una criatura híbrida, ambigua, que rompe con la dicotomía naturaleza-artificialidad. ¿Cómo leer los nuevos productos culturales que surgen a raíz de la revolución tecnológica? El objeto de este estudio es Crash (David Cronenberg ,1995, que parte de una interpretación audiovisual de la novela de J.G. Ballard y aborda las fantasías de hibridación del yo con el otro, de lo orgánico con lo inorgánico; en últimas, de cuerpos en tránsito.

  4. 大卫·哈维空间理论的政治诉求--一种“时空辩证乌托邦”的建构%David Harvey's Political Appeal of Space Theory---A Construction of “Spatiotemporal Dialectical Utopianism”



    随着社会理论之空间转向成为学术热点,大卫·哈维及其思想也早已渐入中国学者视野之中,特别是其“历史-地理唯物主义”已成为对历史唯物主义挑战的经典改造。然而,在整个后现代话语氛围中,哈维不仅停留于理论的质疑和批判,更为可贵之处在于其试图以“时空辩证乌托邦”为理想实现某种建构。这也是哈维思想往往被学者所忽视的一面。当然,这种建构是依附于马克思主义理论,从地理学的视角对《共产党宣言》的重新解读,并提出重振“全世界无产者,联合起来”的口号。同时,通过解构“全球化”神话,以不平衡地理发展理论为基点实现全球宏观空间和身体微观空间的有机结合。这种解构和回归,有力的抨击了新自由主义“退步乌托邦”的建构。最终,以反叛建筑师的设想,在批判空间形式和社会过程两种乌托邦形式的基础上,提出了建构时空辩证乌托邦理想。虽然这种建构最终也导向了另一种形式的空想,然而哈维强烈的主体性反思、反教条式的独特视角以及斗争的乐观心态、勇气等等都是值得我们批判性学习的。%As social theory of space turn becomes academic focus,David Harvey and his thoughts are getting into the vision of Chinese scholars.In particular,his “historical-geography materialism”has become a classical renovation for historical materialism.However,in the whole atmosphere of the post-modern discourse,Harvey not only questioned and criticized the theory,but also tried to achieve some kind of construction through dialectical utopianism,which tended to be overlooked by other scholars. Certainly,based on the Marxist theory,this construction re-interpreted Communist Manifesto from the perspective of geography and proposed to revive the slogan of “proletarians of the world,unite”.At the same time,by deconstructing the myth of

  5. David Bohm, sua estada no Brasil e a teoria quântica

    Olival Freire Jr.


    Full Text Available Quando o artigo Uma proposta de interpretação da teoria quântica em termos de variáveis" escondidas", de autoria de David Bohm, foi publicado, ele estava no Brasil, na Universidade de São Paulo. Atingido pelo McCarthysm, Bohm perdeu sua posição na Universidade de Princeton e, por isto, veio para o Brasil, onde permaneceu de outubro de 1951 a janeiro de 1955. Analisamos sua atividade neste período, incluindo sua interpretação da teoria quântica, e a recepção desta pela comunidade científica. Destacamos que, apesar das condições adversas, a sociedade brasileira foi capaz de acolher o cidadão e cientista perseguido politicamente, e assegurar a continuidade de seu trabalho científico. A ciência brasileira foi bastante beneficiada pelo ensino, pela pesquisa e pela permanente preocupação com os fundamentos da física, características do trabalho de David Bohm.When the paper A Suggested interpretation of the quantum theory in terms of "hidden" variables, by David Bohm, was published he has been in Brazil at University of São Paulo. He was hit by the McCarthysm, lost his post at the Princeton University and by this he came to the Brazil, where he stayed from 1951 (October to 1955 (January. We analysed his activity in this period, including his interpretation of the quantum theory and its reception in the scientific community. We pointed out that notwithstanding the adverse conditions, the Brazilian society was able to recept the political persecuted scientist and citizen and to warrant the continuity of his scientific work. The Brazilian science was very benefited by the teaching, the research and the permanent preoccupation with the foundations of physics, features of David Bohm's work.

  6. Dr. David Syz, State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Switzerland

    Maximilien Brice


    Dr. David Syz, State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Switzerland, toured the assembly hall of the ATLAS experiment on a recent visit to CERN.Photos 01, 02: Dr. Peter Jenni, spokesperson for the ATLAS experiment (second from left), explains to Dr. David Syz (fourth from left) and accompanying visitors the process of integration of a 26-metre-long coil of the barrel toroid magnet system into its coil casing.Photo 03: Dr. Peter Jenni (extreme right) with Dr. David Syz (front row, fourth from right) behind a stack of 26-metre-long 'racetrack' coils awaiting integration into their coil casings.

  7. Second Annual David Derse Memorial Lecture and Award | Poster

    By Anne Arthur, Guest Writer The Second Annual David Derse Memorial Lecture and Award presentation was held on November 12, 2013, at the NCI at Frederick Conference Center to honor David Derse’s outstanding research accomplishments and to stimulate the exchange of innovative ideas that Derse was well known for promoting throughout his scientific career. The Annual David Derse Memorial Lecture and Award is sponsored by the HIV Drug Resistance Program, with support from Hye Kyung Chung-Derse, Ph.D., the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and colleagues and friends of Derse who contributed to the memorial fund in his honor.

  8. 后现代语境下的传媒研究--论戴维·莫利媒介理论对中国媒介与文化研究的启发%Media Studies In Context of Postmodernity---The Inspiration of David Morley’s Media Theory on China’s Media and Cultural Studies



    David Morley is one of the representatives of the British Cultural Studies .He inherited the aca-demic tradition of the Birmingham School , insisted on interdisciplinary theoretical path , stressed that the media should be studies In the social and physical context and the communication and culture should be examined from a multidisciplinary perspective of sociology , anthropology and semiotics .In the context of postmodern caused by globalized media , Morley tried to to study the dynamic process of globalization and localization of media consumption in the contemporary culture by ethnography , Exploring issues about cross-cultural communi-cation and national identity .Morley's media theory is great inspiration to open up new perspectives and ideas important for China's media and cultural studies , not only help us to understand our current age of media and social context better , but also provide interpretive framework and methodology to understand a serious of media phenomenon and solve problems occurred in media development in the process of China 's modernization .So Morley’s theory is of great significance for both China's media theory studies and media practice .%戴维·莫利是英国文化研究的代表人物之一。他继承了伯明翰学派的学术传统,坚持跨学科的理论路径,强调将媒介研究置于社会和物质的背景下,从社会学、人类学、符号学等多学科视角来审视传播和文化;在全球化媒介构建的后现代语境下,他尝试运用人种志方法研究当代文化中媒介消费的全球化与本土化同时发生的动态过程,探讨有关跨文化传播与民族认同等问题。莫利的媒介理论对中国媒介与文化研究开辟新的视角与思路具有重要的启发,能帮助我们更好地理解当前所处的媒介时代与社会语境,为中国现代化进程中出现的媒介现象与传媒发展等问题提供可借鉴的阐释框架与方法论,对我国媒介理

  9. David Barker: the revolution that anticipates existence

    Italo Farnetani


    Full Text Available David Barker is the man who “anticipated" the existence of babies by focusing attention on the importance of the fetus and what takes place during intrauterine life. Barker was one of the physicians who in the last decades brought about the greatest changes in medicine, changes so important as to represent a veritable revolution in medical thought. According to Barker's studies, the embryo obviously has a genetic complement coming from the mother and father, but from the very first stages of development it begins to undergo the influence of the outside environment, just as occurs for adults whose biological, psychological and pathological aspects are influenced by the environment to a not well-established percentage between genetic complement and epigenetics. Much of our future lives as adults is decided in our mothers' wombs. If Barker's discovery was revolutionary from the cultural standpoint, it was even more so from the strictly medical one. Barker's research method was rigid from the methodological standpoint, but innovative and speculative in its working hypotheses, with a humanistic slant. Barker's idea has another practical corollary: it is evident that the role of obstetricians, perinatologists and neonatologists is more and more relevant in medicine and future prevention. Unquestionably, besides the enormous merits of his clinical research, among the benefits that Barker has contributed there is that of having helped us to see things from new points of view. Not only is the neonate (and even more so the fetus not an adult of reduced proportions, but perhaps the neonate is the "father" of the adult person.

  10. David Rosenmann-Taub: Lectura de sus Silencios David Rosenmann-Taub: Reading his Silence

    Cristián Gómez O


    Full Text Available Este artículo intentará poner la obra poética de David Rosenmann-Taub en la perspectiva de aquellas condiciones de posibilidad que hacen factible una obra como la suya. Hemos querido, así, razonar los procedimientos internos de su poesía, interrogándola en su propia retórica, pero también en lo que esa retórica silencia o se niega a decir. En el complemento de estas dos preguntas, es donde se puede desplegar el rol que cumple la historia como principio de realidad de la obra incluso si no es explícitamente mencionada.The following paper will try to see in which perspectives a poetic work, such as the one by David Rosenmann-Taub, is feasible. The paper will try to understand the inner procedures of his poetry by questioning its own rhetoric, and by analyzing what this rhetoric denies to say or silences. As a complement to these two questions, the role of history will unravel so as to reveal its participation as a principle of reality in the work, even though it is not explicitly mentioned.

  11. Eesti keel barbarite suus / David J. Peterson ; intervjueerinud Peeter Helme

    Peterson, David J.


    USA telekanali HBO telesarjas "Troonide mäng" (mis on George R. R. Martini "Jää ja tule laulu" sarja esimese raamatu "Troonide mäng" teleekraniseering) tegeles dothraki keele loomisega keeleteadlane David J. Peterson

  12. NOAA Ship David Starr Jordan Underway Meteorological Data, Quality Controlled

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NOAA Ship David Starr Jordan Underway Meteorological Data (delayed ~10 days for quality control) are from the Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanographic...

  13. David Simpson Receives 2012 Waldo E. Smith Medal: Citation

    Lerner-Lam, Arthur


    David Simpson was awarded the 2012 Waldo E. Smith Medal at the AGU Fall Meeting Honors Ceremony, held on 5 December 2012 in San Francisco, Calif. The medal is for "extraordinary service to geophysics".

  14. David Nolfi Receives NAHRS Award for Professional Excellence

    Maureen Diana Sasso


    Full Text Available News AnnouncementDavid A. Nolfi, MLS, AHIP, Health Sciences Librarian & Library Assessment Coordinator at Duquesne University’s Gumberg Library, received the 2013 NAHRS Award for Professional Excellence at the One Health Conference in Boston, MA.

  15. David Bowie:摇滚变色龙


    1月8日是David Bowie的69岁生日,才过去两天,讣告传来,David Bowie突然离世,他来不及接受自己的第25张专辑带来的声誉,也看不到自己儿子执导的《魔兽世界》了。

  16. Kommunist mittekommunisti ei usalda / David Satter ; interv. Viktor Niitsoo

    Satter, David


    Tallinnas esitles oma raamatut "Meeletuste ajastu. Nõukogude Liidu allakäik ja langus" Finacial Times'i endine Moskva korrespondent David Satter, tegemist on NL-i viimase viieteistkümne aasta koondkroonikaga. Intervjuus meenutab David Satter oma tööaastaid Moskvas 1976-1982. a., kus ta keskendus põhiliselt ühiskondlik-poliitilistele teemadele, kaasa arvatud dissidentlik liikumine. Suhted võimudega, KGB provokatsioonid

  17. Obituary: David Q. Wark, 1918-2002

    McMillin, Larry Max


    David Q. Wark, a research meteorologist at the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA/NESDIS) and its predecessor organizations for 55 years, died of cancer 30 July 2002. He will be long remembered for his seminal contributions to the weather satellite program. A pioneer in the use of satellite sensors to provide observations of the Earth's environment for application to weather forecasting and atmospheric science, Dr. Wark was noted for his brilliant insights, dedication, and exceptional scientific achievements. He developed many of the theoretical and experimental techniques on which NOAA's current multi- billion-dollar meteorological satellite program is based. In the 1960's and early 1970's, he and his NOAA colleague Donald Hilleary were the motivating force and principal investigators for the first satellite instruments dedicated to sounding the atmosphere for temperature and water-vapor. These instruments included the Satellite Infra-Red Spectrometer (SIRS)-A and -B and the Vertical Temperature Profile Radiometer (VTPR), which were flown on NASA's Nimbus satellites and NOAA's ITOS-D satellites, respectively. With colleague Henry Fleming, he formulated the radiative transfer equation that quantifies the spectral radiances of the Earth and its atmosphere (measured at satellite altitude) and inverted that equation mathematically to infer the atmospheric temperature profile from satellite-based measurements of those radiances. A difficulty they had to overcome was that the mathematical problem is ill-posed, i.e., it admits of an infinite number of solutions. They arrived at a unique solution via an innovative application of a-priori information on the atmospheric state. This work was described in the landmark 1965 Wark and Fleming paper in the American Meteorological Society's Monthly Weather Review. From that early period until just weeks before his death, Dr. Wark continued

  18. Obituary: David Fulmer Bender, 1913-2004

    Miller, Sylvia L.


    David Fulmer Bender died in San Diego, California, on 13 September 2004, at the age of 91. His heart stopped suddenly while he was dancing. His pioneering work in establishing comprehensive, computer-accessible ephemerides of asteroids and comets found many applications, including the first-ever visit to an asteroid, Gaspra, by an interplanetary spacecraft. Dave was born in Reno, Nevada, on 10 February 1913, to Homer Charles Bender and Susan Bowers Bender. The family moved to Spokane, Washington, while Dave was very young. His father was a civil engineer and a graduate of MIT, who helped design bridges and dams throughout the Northwest, including the Grand Coolie Dam. Dave had a brother, Phillip (now deceased), who was one year younger. Advancing rapidly in the Spokane school system, Dave finished high school when he was 15 years old. At 16 he moved to Pasadena, California, and began his studies at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). In addition to pursuing his course work, he was active in track and football, a tendency toward physical exercise that stayed with him for the rest of his life. It was probably during these years that Dave heard a lecture by Albert Einstein, as mentioned to colleagues many years later. Dave received a BS degree in physics in 1933, an MS in 1934, and a PhD in 1937, all from Caltech. His dissertation was entitled, "The Index of Refraction of Air in the Photographic Infrared." During his sophomore year he found his way to Pomona College in Claremont, California, where he met his future wife, Elizabeth Boyden at a social gathering. They were married in 1935. Dave's academic career spanned the years from 1937 to 1970, initially at Louisiana State University, Vanderbilt University, and then Fisk. As a life-long pacifist and conscientious objector, Dave served alternate duty during World War II. In 1946 he joined the faculty of the physics department at Whittier College in California, where he became the department chair and

  19. Representations of Reductive Groups : in Honor of the 60th Birthday of David A. Vogan, Jr.

    Trapa, Peter


    Over the last forty years, David Vogan has left an indelible imprint on the representation theory of reductive groups.  His groundbreaking ideas have lead to deep advances in the theory of real and p-adic groups, and have forged lasting connections with other subjects, including number theory, automorphic forms, algebraic geometry, and combinatorics. Representations of Reductive Groups is an outgrowth of the conference of the same name, dedicated to David Vogan on his 60th birthday, which took place at MIT on May 19-23, 2014.  This volume highlights the depth and breadth of Vogan's influence over the subjects mentioned above, and point to many exciting new directions that remain to be explored.  Notably, the first article by McGovern and Trapa offers an overview of Vogan's body of work, placing his ideas in a historical context. Contributors: Pramod N. Achar, Jeffrey D. Adams, Dan Barbasch, Manjul Bhargava, Cédric Bonnafé, Dan Ciubotaru, Meinolf Geck, William Graham, Benedict H. Gross, Xuhua He, Jing-Son...

  20. Avignoni totaalne teatrifestival / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Avignoni teatrifestivalil nähtust. Lähemalt Marc Wolters'i ühemeheteater "Colt Warmers", Chapelle Sainte Claire (Alfred Jarry) "Kuningas Ubu", Herman Hesse "Sidharta" mängituna India teatritrupi poolt, "Movin' Melvin Brown : Me, Ray Charles and Sammy D. Jr" ning Virgine Mirabeau koreograafial tantsuetendus "Shoult I Stay Or..." Art's Fusion esituses

  1. Kass maandub kosmoses / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Kinos Kosmos linastub noorte autorite filmikassett "Kass kukub käppadele" : "Tähesõit" (Jaak Kilmi), "Harjutused Florianile" (Peter Herzog), "Pauli laululaegas" (Rainer Sarnet). Kasseti operaator on Mait Mäekivi

  2. Review essay on David Laibman, Deep History: A Study in Social Evolution and Human Potential

    Altug Yalcintas


    Full Text Available While historical materialism and evolutionism provide similar explanations and ideas regarding the cause of long-term social change, the two theories are rarely used in conjunction with one another. In Deep History,the author David Laibman addresses some of the standard questions of evolutionary social theory and attempts to bridge the two concepts, by showing that historical and materialist explanations are present in both Marxian and evolutionary interpretations of history. His goal: develop a Marxist theory of history from an evolutionist perspective, and surmount the traditional confines of historical materialism, so as to embrace evolutionary conceptions in explaining social change. However, the unbalanced research methodology limits the reach and depth of Laibman’s contribution. The two main shortcomings of his work are discussed in the following sections: The Audience Problem and The Evolutionary Problem.

  3. David i fortællingen i verden

    Hasselbalch, Trine Bjørnung


    Interpretations of the narratives about David in the Books of Samuel can be divided roughly into works that understand them one way or the other as products of history, and works that tend to disregard questions about their historical conditions. But neither strategy – studying the meaning of the...... in unresolved social situations of which the authors are not in control. From this perspective, some nuances are suggested about how the writing of the David narratives could be meaningful to their author(s)....

  4. David Hume, Scepticism, Imagination and Political Philosophy

    Renato Lessa


    Full Text Available The main purpose of my presentation is to explore some possible links between Hume’s philosophy of history and imagination. My point is that although Hume has clearly rejected narratives about human history and politics based on modern and rationalist versions of Natural Law, his own accounts on the matter were positively based on arguments that went well beyond some sort of retreat into bare empiricism or scattered historicism. Hume’s stance on the matter of history and politics, to my mind, can be interpreted as an effort to build a natural history of morals, justice and government in which imagination plays a non-negligible role. His criticism of rationalistic natural law theories does not entail the acceptance of empiricist or institutionalist points of view. Of course, empiricist and institutionalist languages are in the use, across Hume’s arrays of arguments, but it seems to me that these languages appear as submitted to the supremacy of imagination. In that sense, we may face in Hume’s theory of justice an alternative view, in the form of a breach between pure rationalistic and empiricist views.

  5. Nähtamatu revolutsioon / David R. Smith ; interv. Philip Ball

    Smith, David R.


    Tehisstruktuuriga metamaterjalid võivad põhjapanevalt muuta telekommunikatsiooni, andmekandjaid ja isegi päikeseenergeetikat, kinnitab Dukeѫi ülikooli töörühma juht David R. Smith. Artikkel üldpealkirja all: 10 tulevikutehnoloogiat 2007

  6. Grade 1 Students Meet David Wiesner's "Three Pigs."

    Pantaleo, Sylvia


    Describes the oral, written, and visual arts responses of a group of Grade 1 children. Discusses first grade children's understandings of and responses to several Radical Change characteristics and metafictive techniques found in David Wiesner's "The Three Pigs" (2001), the 2002 Randolph Caldecott Medal winner. Explores the nature of the literary…

  7. 76 FR 12971 - David E. Berman: Debarment Order


    ... the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the FD&C Act) debarring David E. Berman, MD, for 3 years..., specializing in plastic surgery with an office in Sterling, VA. On or about January 16, 2004, and on or about... offered it for sale to, and used it on, thirty of his patients as BOTOX Cosmetic. Dr. Berman did...

  8. Drawing borders of mental disorders : An interview with David Kupfer

    Verhoeff, Berend


    The new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is on its way and will most likely be published in 2013. The chair of the task force of this significant project, Dr David Kupfer, was in the Netherlands at a national psychiatry conference to give an update on its progress. Short

  9. Child Welfare Research and Training: A Response to David Stoesz

    Smith, Brenda D.; Vandiver, Vikki L.


    In this response to David Stoesz' critique, "The Child Welfare Cartel," the authors agree that child welfare research and training must be improved. The authors disagree, however, with Stoesz' critique of social work education, his assessment of the most-needed forms of child welfare research, and his depiction of the goals and…

  10. Video from Panel Discussion with Joseph Fraumeni and David Schottenfeld

    Video footage from Panel Discussion with Joseph Fraumeni and David Schottenfeld on Cancer Epidemiology over the Last Half-Century and Thoughts on the Future. The discussion took place on May 11, 2012, when DCEG hosted Dr. Schottenfeld as a Visiting Scholar.

  11. Inside the Classroom of Harvard Law School Professor David Wilkins.

    Lawrence-Lightfoot, Sara


    Examines the teaching methods of David Wilkins, an African American Harvard Law School professor considered an exciting teacher by his students and colleagues. Describes his skill in getting students to attend class, engage in legal thinking, feel comfortable in the classroom, and learn the formal rituals and procedures for the court. (SM)

  12. Life after Death in Poverty: David Treuer's "Little"

    Stirrup, David


    David Treuer's debut novel, "Little" (1995), is set on a Minnesota reservation, centering around a dilapidated housing tract that its small community of residents call "Poverty." Aptly named both for the condition and background of the housing, this name is the first pointer to the type of multifaceted reading that the novel…

  13. Empowering Adolescent Readers: Intertextuality in Three Novels by David Almond

    Latham, Don


    In "Skellig," "Kit's Wilderness," and "Clay", David Almond employs various types of intertextuality to enrich his narratives. Through the use of allusion, adaptation, collage, and mise-en-abyme, he encourages his adolescent readers to seek out precursor texts and to consider the interrelationships between these texts and his own. By so doing, he…

  14. In Memoriam: David Judson Sencer, A Public Health Giant


    Dr. Jeffery Koplan, Director of the Emory Global Health Institute at Emory University, reflects on the career of Dr. David Sencer.  Created: 12/15/2011 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 12/19/2011.

  15. "David Byrne really does love PowerPoint"

    van Leeuwen, Theo; Djonov, Emilia


    This article presents a reading if David Byrne's Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information, an art work created with Microsoft's presentation software PowerPoint, as an instance of creative research on semiotics and semiotic technology. It reveals commonalities and differences between Byrne...

  16. Challenging Texts: Teaching Deliberately--Reading Henry David Thoreau's "Walden"

    Davis, Andrea


    One of the more difficult 19th-century American texts for high school students to read is undoubtedly Henry David Thoreau's "Walden." His erudite allusions, often page-long sentences, and sophisticated sense of the ironic initially leave many students cold. Still, the author encourages them to read amid the din of a cultural cacophony that shouts…

  17. Battling Creaticide: An Interview with David C. Berliner

    Ambrose, Don


    This article presents an interview with David C. Berliner, a Regents' Professor in the College of Education at Arizona State University. His books include "Educational Psychology," "The Manufactured Crisis," and "The Handbook of Educational Psychology." He has served as president of the American Educational Research Association and of the…

  18. Henry David Thoreau and Martin Luther King, Jr. Lesson Plan.

    Powell, Brent


    Presents a five-lesson, high school instructional unit on the ideas and activities of Henry David Thoreau and Martin Luther King, Jr. Includes student objectives, step-by-step instructional procedures, and discussion questions. Provides quotations by Thoreau and King. (CFR)

  19. Fatboy Slim ja David Byrne teevad Imelda Marcosest muusikali


    Inglise DJ Fatboy Slim'i ja USA art-rockmuusiku David Byrne'i diskokeskne muusikal "Here Love Lives" kajastab Filipiinide diktaatori Ferdinand Macrose abikaasa elu. Muusikal esietendub tuleva aasta märtsis Austraalias Adelaide'i kultuurifestivalil, Euroopa esietendus toimub seejärel Liverpoolis

  20. David E. Smith Receives 2012 Charles A. Whitten Medal: Citation

    Phillips, Roger J.


    David E. Smith was awarded the 2012 Charles A. Whitten Medal at the AGU Fall Meeting Honors Ceremony, held on 5 December 2012 in San Francisco, Calif. The medal is for "outstanding achievement in research on the form and dynamics of the Earth and planets."

  1. David Bruce Payton : väikeriigid mõistavad üksteist / David Bruce Payton ; interv. Marianne Mikko

    Payton, David Bruce


    Uus-Meremaa suursaadik Eestis David Bruce Payton talupidaja toetamise loobumisest Uus-Meremaal, Uus-Meremaa põllumajandussektorist, veinidest, ekspordist, Eesti saamisest EL-i ja NATO liikmeks, Uus-Meremaa rahvastikust, elatustasemest, Iraagi võimalikust ründamisest, Põhja-Koreast

  2. Metamorphosed characters in dreams: constraints of conceptual structure and amount of theory of mind.

    Schweickert, Richard; Xi, Zhuangzhuang


    Dream reports from 21 dreamers in which a metamorphosis of a person-like entity or animal occurred were coded for characters and animals and for inner states attributed to them (Theory of Mind). In myths and fairy tales, Kelly and Keil (1985) found that conscious beings (people, gods) tend to be transformed into entities nearby in the conceptual structure of Keil (1979). This also occurred in dream reports, but perceptual nearness seemed more important than conceptual nearness. In dream reports, most inanimate objects involved in metamorphoses with person-like entities were objects such as statues that ordinarily resemble people physically, and moreover represent people. A metamorphosis of a person-like entity or animal did not lead to an increase in the amount of Theory of Mind attribution. We propose that a character-line starts when a character enters a dream; properties and Theory of Mind attributions tend to be preserved along the line, regardless of whether, metamorphoses occur on it.

  3. David Bohm la physique de l'infini

    Teodorani, Massimo


    Les idées de David Bohm, indépendamment du scepticisme de ses collègues les plus traditionalistes, ont profondément influencé la physique du siècle dernier et ouvert une porte à la physique du nouveau millénaire. Grâce aussi aux contacts qu'il sut nouer avec des chercheurs d'autres branches du savoir, ses idées ont été accueillies avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme par les neuroscientifiques, les philosophes, les théologiens, les psychologues, les sociologues, les poètes, les artistes et les éducateurs. David Bohm avait peut-être pressenti qu'il existe une "physique de l'âme" et avec elle il voulait tracer un nouveau chemin pour une humanité à la dérive.

  4. Pupazzi di neve. David Lynch fotografo e l’"Unheimliche"

    Paolo Sebastiano Lanzi


    Full Text Available L’opera di David Lynch non si limita al cinema, come ha dimostrato l’esposizione del 2007 alla Fondation Cartier di Parigi, The Air is on Fire. Tuttavia gli studi teorici hanno trascurato ciò che gallerie e musei hanno evidenziato da tempo: il Lynch pittore, fotografo, musicista, artista poliedrico. L’articolo si focalizza su una serie fotografica, Snowmen, ed è tratto da una ricerca di Paolo Sebastiano Lanzi sulla figura di David Lynch fotografo. Alla luce del saggio di Freud sul Perturbante (Das Unheimliche, 1919 si interpretano gli Snowmen come immagini di morte. Si chiariscono alcuni aspetti della poetica dell’artista-regista, come l’inquietudine dell’Inland Empire o di certe idee care al Surrealismo. Lo studio della produzione fotografica di Lynch riempie un vuoto nell’analisi critica sul suo lavoro, che va necessariamente riconsiderato in una prospettiva più ampia.

  5. Dr. David Syz, State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Switzerland

    Maximilien Brice


    Dr. David Syz, State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Switzerland is seen here (seventh from right) visiting the assembly hall for the ATLAS experiment during his recent visit to CERN. To his right is Dr. Peter Jenni (blue shirt), spokesperson for the ATLAS Collaboration. The horizontal metal cylinder behind the group is one of the eight vacuum vessels for the superconducting coils of the ATLAS barrel toroid magnet system.

  6. About David Ruelle, After His 80th Birthday

    Gallavotti, Giovanni


    This is, with minor modifications, a text read at the 114th Statistical Mechanics meeting, in honor of D. Ruelle and Y. Sinai, at Rutgers, Dec. 13-15, 2015. It does not attempt to analyze, or not even just quote, all works of David Ruelle; I discuss, as usual in such occasions, a few among his works with which I have most familiarity and which were a source of inspiration for me.


    Jhon Shooter


    Full Text Available David L. Krantz is Professor of Psychology at Lake Forest College. A Fromer Fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies in Behavioral Science, be has published articles and books in the social psychology of science and topic related to power, knowing, and life's meaning. He recently completed a book tentatively titled journays and Destinations: Searching for life's Meanings while a Visiting Professor at the University of Ghent, Belgium.




    The research is related to David Hume. This philosopher is described as being an empiricist, but it should be noted that the empiricism promoted by Hume represents the development up to the final consequences of this philosophical doctrine that should be subjected to the observability requirement. The core problem for Hume’s philosophy is the difficulty of causality thinking. The Scottish philosopher promotes a moderate and inconsistent skepticism because he does not doubt the permanency of f...

  9. David Nelson, MD, MPH | Division of Cancer Prevention

    Dr. David E Nelson is the Director of the Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program (CPFP) Branch in the National Cancer Institute's Division of Cancer Prevention. The CPFP is an internationally renowned postdoctoral program designed to train early career scientific researchers and leaders in the field of cancer prevention. Dr. Nelson came to the CPFP in 2008 after working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta for many years. |

  10. Professors David and Isabel Crook and Their Family

    Shu; Zhang


    Professors David and Isabel Crook and their family are loved by the Chinese people.Four generations of the family live and work in China and regard China as their homeland.Born in Britain in 1910,Davidgraduated from Columbia University in the United States.He joined the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1935.Being an anti-fascist internationalist fighter,he joined the International Brigades and plunged himself into the anti-fascist struggle in Spain.

  11. PC-give and David Hendry's econometric methodology

    Neil R. Ericsson; Julia Campos; Hong-Anh Tran


    This paper summarizes David Hendry's empirical econometric methodology, unifying discussions in many of his and his co-authors' papers. Then, we describe how Hendry's suite of computer programs PC-GIVE helps users implement that methodology. Finally, we illustrate that methodology and the programs with three empirical examples: post­war narrow money demand in the United Kingdom, nominal income determination in the United Kingdom from Friedman and Schwartz (1982), and consumers' expenditure in...

  12. About David Ruelle, after his 80th birthday

    Gallavotti, Giovanni


    This is, with minor modifications, a text read at the 114th Statistical Mechanics meeting, in honor of D.Ruelle and Y.Sinai, at Rutgers, Dec.13-15, 2015. It does not attempt to analyze, or not even just quote, all works of David Ruelle; I discuss, as usual in such occasions, a few among his works with which I have most familiarity and which were a source of inspiration for me.

  13. Fairness and Respect in Obesity Prevention Policies: A Response to David Buchanan

    Katherine King


    Full Text Available In his response to our article (1,2, David Buchanan introduces some useful and important distinctions in the concepts of equality and autonomy. He highlights, for example, the distinction between inequality and inequity, which captures the insight that not all differences between people are unjust. Unjust inequalities are a subset of differences between people, and theories of justice can be defined by how they determine which of these differences are unjust. In addition, he points out that autonomy is not simply a matter of negative liberty, but also about a positive capacity to act. This understanding of autonomy is consistent with the account we offered in the paper, which underlines the importance of both the capacity to understand available options, and the capacity to act on the choices that one makes.

  14. David Hartley's views on Madness: With an introduction by GE Berrios.

    Berrios, G E


    The psychiatric aspects of David Hartley's writings have received less attention than the rest of his work. This Classic Text deals with Section VI of his Observations on Man …, namely, the 'Imperfections of the rational Faculty'. Hartley defines madness as an imperfection of reason that can be temporary or enduring. He makes use of his model of mental functioning to differentiate between eight clinical categories of madness, each representing a different pattern of vibrations of the nerves. Hartley developed this model based on Newton's theory of vibrations and, to explain the complexity of mental acts and entities, he combined it with his own version of the mechanism of Association of Ideas borrowed from John Locke. Much work needs to be done to identify the provenance of Hartley's nosology and nosography.

  15. Hacking the aesthetic: David Haines and Joyce Hinterding's new ecologies of signal

    Andrew Murphie


    Full Text Available Award winning Australian electronic artists David Haines and Joyce Hinterding's installation work is discussed as “signal-work.” Their work reconfigures signal within original assemblages involving subtle audio, high resolution video (both recorded and animated, kilometers of coiled copper wire, antennae or home-built electronics, electrostatic disturbances, the like of very low frequency radiation from the Milky Way, and cross-signal processing. The article develops a context for thinking about the work in terms of Whitehead's process philosophy, as this is relevant to media theory, as well as concepts of plural ecology and ongoing differentiation drawn from Bateson and Guattari. Signal processing is seen as key to all this. The article argues that in Hinterding and Haines’ signal-work new sensations are produced, outside of the normal “syntax” of some models of aesthetic experience. This challenges some aspects of thinking about both aesthetics and political ecology.

  16. LAS GRIETAS DE LA CIUDAD CAPITALISTA Entrevista con David Harvey

    Rendueles, César; del Olmo, Carolina


    David Harvey es uno de los investigadores de la ciudad capitalista más renombrados de la actualidad. Geógrafo de formación, Harvey ha desarrollado el grueso de su carrera profesional en Estados Unidos, donde actualmente enseña Geografía y Estudios Urbanos en City University of New York tras haber sido durante más de treinta años profesor en la Johns Hopkins University de Baltimore. El principal e indiscutido mérito de la obra de Harvey reside en su fructífera fusión de geografía y marxismo co...

  17. Eric A. Posner and David Weisbach, Climate Change Justice

    Kelleher, J. Paul


    Even when this book was first published in 2010, there was a large literature on the nature of climate change justice. (The 2015 paperback release that occasioned this review makes no changes to the 2010 text.) Of course not all of the climate justice literature to that date was penned by philosophers, but a great of it was and naturally philosophers claim to have much to say about climate justice. So it is somewhat surprising how infrequently Eric Poser and David Weisbach engage with the phi...

  18. Attitudes of Mississippi college students toward David Duke before and after seeing the film Who is David Duke?

    Eisenman, R; Girdner, E J; Burroughs, R G; Routman, M


    The attitudes of 211 students at a university in Mississippi were investigated both before and after seeing the Public Broadcasting Film Who Is David Duke? The film provided evidence of Duke's current racism, anti-Semitism, and pro-Nazi leanings. In a previous study with university students in Louisiana, the majority did not change their attitudes after watching the film (Eisenman, 1993). However, in the present study, students' attitudes showed change in an anti-Duke direction. The findings are discussed and reasons given for the differences between the two samples, and for the popularity of Duke, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

  19. First Scholarship at AGU Established by David E. Lumley

    Tahar, Joanna G.


    Shortly after AGU launched its annual voluntary contribution campaign last year—the theme was “Building Tomorrow's Talent Today”—the Union's development office received an e-mail message from David E. Lumley about establishing a scholarship for a high-school student or undergraduate. Many scientific societies and associations have quite a few named scholarships, but for AGU this was a new concept. Lumley was sure of what he wanted to do and even more excited when he learned that his scholarship would be a first for AGU. “I want to help inspire today's young minds to work on problems of global importance in both the energy and environment sectors of industry and academia,” Lumley said. Recipients of the David E. Lumley Young Scientist Scholarship for Energy and Environmental Science will be expected to present a paper and to participate in various student activities at Fall Meeting. “Meeting some of the ‘giants’ of geoscience and getting their feedback on research is a big deal for these young students. We sometimes lose sight of this,” he said.

  20. The Will to Touch: David Copperfield’s Hand

    Pamela K. Gilbert


    Full Text Available In the nineteenth century, touch was considered to be a more privileged sense than has been generally noted, and the hand was pre-eminently the site of active touching. The hand comes newly to rival the face in descriptive significance in mid-nineteenth-century fiction, and reflects contemporary notions of the role of touch in the exercise of the will and the development of the sensorium. This article explores medical and philosophical understandings of embodied touch within the period, and examines why the hand emerged as a focal point for scientific, poetic, and popular discussion. Such scientists as Charles Bell, Herbert Spencer, and Alexander Bain tend to work within two paradigms: the hand as a site of sensory input that forms a conduit between inner and outer worlds, and the hand as an instrument of the will. The article explores Dickens's use of these ideas about touch and development in his 1850 'Bildungsroman', 'David Copperfield'. David struggles to establish his proper status as a middle-class male, in part by learning to use his hands to impose his own will and to resist the dominance of inappropriate others through touch.

  1. David Rosenthal’s Tirant lo Blanc turns 30

    Jan Reinhart


    Full Text Available The groundbreaking English language translation of Tirant lo Blanc by New York poet and academic David Rosenthal remains dominant three decades after its initial, and celebrated, release. Rosenthal’s controversially fluid and concise rendering of the Valencian classic survived a serious challenge 20 years ago by a more literal version from a well-meaning amateur translator and journeyman academic backed by a leading U.S.-based Catalan scholar. The article reviews the controversy and compares the two versions, adding comments from some of the key critics. La traducció capdavantera a l’anglés del Tirant lo Blanc, feta pel poeta i erudit de Nova York, David Rosenthal, continua mantenint la seua importància, tres dècades després de publicar-se. La polèmica versió dúctil i concisa de Rosenthal del clàssic valencià, ha sobreviscut el desafiament seriós, de fa vint anys, de la versió més literal d’un benintencionat traductor amateur i acadèmci oficial, recolzat per un destacat erudit català establert als Estats Units. L’article revisa la polèmica i compara les dues versions, tot afegint els comentaris d’alguns dels crítics més importants.

  2. Lola Cercas en Soldados de Salamina (David Trueba, 2003

    Sally Faulkner


    Full Text Available Este artículo defiende la importancia de Lola Cercas, interpretada por Ariadna Gil, en la obra de David Trueba Soldados de Salamina. Si su trabajo anterior se había enfocado en la historia, la memoria y el uso de fuentes archivísticas, se sostiene que estos temas son filtrados por la psique de Lola, cuyo papel es crucial. A través de medios tradicionales, como un trabajo de cámara subjetiva, y recursos más innovadores, como el “mindscreen” (Kawin, Trueba impulsa nuestra identificación con la protagonista. La preocupación de Lola sobre su falta de descendencia añade una dimensión ulterior, permitiendo a Trueba insinuar un futuro incierto al examinar un complejo pasado._______________________ABSTRACT:This article argues for the importance of Lola Cercas, played by Ariadna Gil, in David Trueba’s Soldados de Salamina. If previous work has focussed on history and memory and the use of archival sources in the work, I argue that these areas are filtered through Lola’s psyche, thus her role is crucial. Through traditional means, such as subjective camera-work, and more innovative approaches, like the ‘mindscreen’ (Kawin, Trueba fosters our identification with an otherwise off-putting protagonist. Lola’s concern about her childlessness adds a further dimension, allowing Trueba to point to an uncertain future as he examines a complex past.

  3. David Kelley et la politique de la complicité

    Jean-Pierre Esquenazi


    Full Text Available La télévision est liée à sa diffusion familiale, comme le prouve l’histoire américaine de la télévision. Les séries télévisées sont elles-mêmes attachées à ce contexte. Elles multiplient les marques rituelles de reconnaissance. David Kelley, auteur de Ally Mc Beal ou de Boston Legal, aime jouer avec cette nécessité. Il crée une relation de complicité entre ses personnages et le téléspectateur. Le texte en étudie les principales figures.Television is linked to its family broadcasting; American history reminds us of it. And television series are tied to this context. They multiply signs of recognition. David Kelley, Ally Mc Beal or Boston Legal's producer, likes to play with this necessity. He creates a relation of complicity between his figures and the viewer. This text studies his main methods.

  4. Idealism and romantic patriotism for science - an interview with José Francisco David-Ferreira.

    David-Ferreira, José Francisco


    Jose Francisco David-Ferreira is one of the most influential Professors of Cell and Developmental Biology in Portugal. David-Ferreira pioneered the use of electron microscopy in cell biology and experimental embryology. He also paved the way for successive generations of biologists who cross-fertilized the national scientific community. As we discuss briefly below, David-Ferreira is above all a Pedagogue and an Institution builder.

  5. Embedding of Poly Honeycomb Networks and the Metric dimension of Star of David Network



    Full Text Available In this paper, we have introduced few Interconnection Networks, called David Derived Network DD(n ,Dominating David Derived Network DDD(n, Honeycomb cup Network HCC(n and Kite RegularTrianguline Mesh KRrTM(n. We have given drawing algorithm for DDD(n from Honeycomb networkHC(n and embedded poly–Honeycomb Networks, KRrTM(n in to Dominating David Derived Networks.Also we have investigated the metric dimension of Star of David network SD(n and lower bound of themetric dimension for DD(n.

  6. On the Nationality of Justice Society:Miller’s Remarks about Rawls’Theory---Based on On Nationality by David Miller%正义社会的民族性:米勒论罗尔斯--基于《论民族性》



    In the book of On Nationality professor Miller forms perfect-ly the perspective of political theory which is based on the principle of na-tionality.And in his citation and interpretation of Rawls’s theory of justice he lets us know that justice society in Rawls’s theory is of nationality.In the meanwhile he provides a reference for us to understand the international po-litical order view based on Rawls’s theory of the Law of Peoples the refer-ence that is of the international political order view based on the principle of nationality.However there are some problems of Miller ’s interpretation of Rawls’s theory of justice for example he thinks that Rawls’s theory of justice is a kind of specific political theory delt with practical issues;he failes to un-derstand the jump or coherence between Rawls’s dometic theory of justice and Rawls’s international theory of justice and so on.%在《论民族性》中,戴维・米勒教授有力地展现了一种基于民族性原则的政治学理论视镜。在对罗尔斯正义理论的征引和解读中,米勒教授一方面基于其民族性理论视镜让我们有幸获得了他对罗尔斯教授所说之“正义社会的性质是什么”这一问题的个殊性回答,即罗尔斯教授的正义社会具有民族性;进而另一方面,他还为我们理解罗尔斯万民法主导下的国际政治秩序观提供了一个米勒版参照,即基于民族性原则的国际政治秩序观。不过,米勒教授对罗尔斯正义理论的解读也存有一些问题,比如将罗尔斯理论视为一种应对现实问题的具体政治理论、未能理解罗尔斯教授国内和国际正义理论之间的跳跃性或连贯性等。

  7. 基于Proteus和Keil软件的温室环境监测系统开发%Development of environment monitoring systems for greenhouse based on Proteus and Keil software

    曾宇; 宋永端; 王弼堃


    Aiming at overcoming the shortcomings of the design methods of agricultural monitoring system, a new approach was investigated to develop greenhouse environment monitoring systems where air temperature, air humidity, CO2 concentration can be online measured and monitored. A fundamentally different embedded system design method named Joint-Debugging of Proteus and Keil was proposed, which significantly reduced the development cycle and hardware costs. C# language was adopted to develop PC monitoring software and Access Data Base was used to store and manage the historical data. Several system key issues including key data processing, serial interrupt data-flow building, Access Database design, Proteus and PC communications were well solved. The experimental results show that the system runs well and verifies the effectiveness of the proposed methods.%针对现有农业环境监控系统设计方式的不足,该文研究与开发了一套温室、大棚监测系统,用于测量空气温度、湿度及二氧化碳浓度.该系统引入Proteus与Keil软件联合调试的开发方式,采用C#语言构建了具有良好交互功能的上位机软件,引入Access数据库管理历史数据;解决了关键数据的处理、串口中断数据流的构建、Access数据库的设计、Proteus软件与上位机的通信等系统若干关键问题.系统实际运行良好,验证了所采用开发方式的有效性.

  8. Infinite potential the life and times of David Bohm

    Peat, David


    Throughout his life, David Bohm felt himself to be different, and this was reflected in his lifestyle and in his physics. His life was one of unfulfilled searching. If one compares mainstream physics to the church, with a solid hierarchy of cardinals, archbishops and bishops, Bohm was an ascetic hermit who would occasionally come in from the wilderness with a compelling message, only to disappear again. Bohmian quantum mechanics is not part of mainstream physics, but for those who do cross over, like John Bell, the commitment can be rewarding. In the post-war 'Un-American Activities' purge, Bohm lost a prestigious job at Princeton and t emporarily his US citizenship, and his nomadic career took him to Brazil, Israel and Bristol before he finally settled in London's Birkbeck College. A sensitive-written book about a gifted, unusual and sometimes provocative figure. The interaction between Bohm and Oppenheimer is especially interesting, while Bohm's later life was bizarre.

  9. David Duke, running for governor, proposes tattooing people with HIV.


    Former Ku Klux Klan leader, David Duke, planning a second run for governor of Louisiana, said he would curb the AIDS epidemic by tattooing people who are infected with HIV. His suggestion is to put indelible, glow-in-the-dark tattoos on the genitals of people infected with HIV. According to Duke, it may sound very draconian but it would not demean people. He also believes that tattooing would be legal because courts have a history of supporting the quarantining and institutionalizing of people with infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis. Duke said Cuba has had some success in using quarantines to reduce HIV infection, but he does not think it would work in the United States because it would cost too much. According to Duke, many people who get HIV from irresponsible behavior do not tell their partners that they have AIDS--these people are mad at the world and engage in dangerous behaviors even more.

  10. Respuestas a "Needs, Values and Truth", de David Wiggins

    Hilary Putnam


    Full Text Available En este artículo, se trata de presentar algunas opiniones criticas sobre el significado de "verdad" lingüístico y pragmático, en la obra Needs, Values, Truth de Wiggins. Se explora el sentido de la "verdad" en su contexto gramatical y en su significación contextual. Es difícil suponer un concepto "absoluto" de verdad, sobre todo si lo relacionamos con el con texto ético de la acción. Referidas la ideas de Wiggins a Williams, David son, Peirce, Wittgenstein, Habermas, se considera que la suposición de que la verdad está asociada a la analogía, la identidad, la equivalencia, no es suficiente para obtener el grado de certeza de las cosas. Es ne cesaria una indagación más profunda sobre la intencionalidad y el relativismo donde la "verdad" se funda.

  11. Quantenmechanik im Kalten Krieg David Bohm und Richard Feynman

    Forstner, Christian


    Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts entwickelten David Bohm und Richard Feynman zwei grundlegend verschiedene Ansätze der moderne Quantenmechanik: Bohm eine realistische Deutung mit Hilfe verborgener Parameter und Feynman den Pfadintegralformalismus. Dies ist umso bemerkenswerter, weil beide Physiker von ähnlichen Voraussetzungen ausgingen und aus ähnlichen Zusammenhängen stammten. Durch ihren vergleichenden Ansatz bietet diese Studie mehr als einen Beitrag zur Geschichte der Quantentheorie. Mit der Frage nach den sozialen und kulturellen Bedingungen der Theoriebildung ist sie darüberhinaus von wissenschaftssoziologischem und wissenschaftstheoretischem Interesse. Die anfangs ähnliche und später unterschiedliche Einbindung der beiden Wissenschaftler in die Scientific Community erlaubt es überdies zu untersuchen, welchen Anpassungsdruck die jeweilige Gruppe auf den individuellen Wissenschaftler und die Kernbestandteile seiner Forschungen ausübt und welche neuen Freiheitsgrade für die Theoriebildung entstehen, ...

  12. Filosofia e retórica em David Hume

    Dircilene da Mota Falcão


    Uma comparação atenta entre o Tratado da natureza humana, obra de estreia de David Hume, e as Investigação sobre o entendimento humano e Investigação sobre os princípios da moral nas quais a primeira obra foi reeditada, revela uma diferença considerável na escrita do filósofo. Provavelmente levado por uma profunda decepção com sua obra inicial, Hume as reescreve adotando mudanças estilísticas e no foco de suas discussões para torná-las mais próximas de suas convicções filosóficas. Como instru...

  13. Astronaut David Brown talks to FIRST team members


    Astronaut David Brown talks with FIRST team members, Baxter Bomb Squad, from Mountain Home High School, Mountain Home, Ariz., during the FIRST competition. Students from all over the country are at the KSC Visitor Complex for the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Southeast Regional competition March 9-11 in the Rocket Garden. Teams of high school students are testing the limits of their imagination using robots they have designed, with the support of business and engineering professionals and corporate sponsors, to compete in a technological battle against other schools' robots. Of the 30 high school teams competing, 16 are Florida teams co-sponsored by NASA and KSC contractors. Local high schools participating are Astronaut, Bayside, Cocoa Beach, Eau Gallie, Melbourne, Melbourne Central Catholic, Palm Bay, Rockledge, Satellite, and Titusville.

  14. Astronaut David Brown talks with team members from South Carolina


    Astronaut David Brown looks over the robot named 'L'il Max' with members of the team The Bot Kickers! from Northwestern High School, Rock Hill, S.C. Students from all over the country are at the KSC Visitor Complex for the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Southeast Regional competition being held March 9-11 in the Rocket Garden. Teams of high school students are testing the limits of their imagination using robots they have designed, with the support of business and engineering professionals and corporate sponsors, to compete in a technological battle against other schools' robots. Of the 30 high school teams competing, 16 are Florida teams co- sponsored by NASA and KSC contractors. Local high schools participating are Astronaut, Bayside, Cocoa Beach, Eau Gallie, Melbourne, Melbourne Central Catholic, Palm Bay, Rockledge, Satellite, and Titusville.

  15. Je zult eerst moeten ontdekken hoe leerlingen denken: Interview David Orme Tall

    Verhoef, N.C.


    In de zomer van 2011 logeert Nellie Verhoef bij David Tall, emeritus hoogleraar in het wiskundig denken aan de Universiteit vanWarwick. Het idee is dat ze oog in oog de resultaten betreffende de Nederlandse experimenten met ‘Lesson Study’ zullen kunnen bespreken. Nellie interviewt David bij gelegenh

  16. David Hume. Una bibliografía de ediciones españolas e iberoamericanas

    Tasset, José Luis


    La bibliografía actual sobre David Hume es literalmente inabarcable. Hume Studies a través de la página web de la Hume Society publica anualmente un listado bastante completo de todo lo publicado sobre cualquier aspecto del pensamiento y la vida de David Hume.

  17. A Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities at Teachers College: David Eugene Smith's Collection

    Murray, Diane R.


    This dissertation is a history of David Eugene Smith's collection of historical books, manuscripts, portraits, and instruments related to mathematics. The study analyzes surviving documents, images, objects, college announcements and catalogs, and secondary sources related to Smith's collection. David Eugene Smith (1860-1944) travelled…

  18. 78 FR 36591 - David M. Lewis, D.M.D., Dismissal of Proceeding


    ... Enforcement Administration David M. Lewis, D.M.D., Dismissal of Proceeding On December 5, 2012, the Deputy... to Show Cause to David M. Lewis, D.M.D. (Registrant), of Sacramento, California. The Show Cause Order..., according to the DI, is the Registrant's attorney. However, `` umerous Federal Courts have held that `...

  19. David Falk: Algunas cuestiones abiertas para el marketing deportivo. [David Falk: Some open questions for the sports marketing arena].

    José A. Martínez


    Full Text Available David Falk, el que fuera el representante del jugador de baloncesto Michael Jordan, es una figura de referencia para el marketing deportivo. Falk contribuyó decisivamente a revitalizar el marketing deportivo, ayudó a construir lo que probablemente sea la relación comercial más importante del deporte (Jordan-Nike, y llevó hasta el extremo la filosofía de que en la negociación lo importante es que tu cliente llegue a conseguir el máximo dinero posible, más allá de que ese sea su valor de mercado o que el propio mercado pueda admitir esa inflación. En este artículo se repasan algunos de los hechos más destacados de su vida profesional y, desde una perspectiva crítica, se relacionan con varias cuestiones abiertas que el mundo académico y profesional del deporte continúa discutiendo. Abstract David Falk, former agent of the basketball player Michael Jordan, is a figure of reference for sports marketing. Falk was instrumental in revitalizing the sports marketing. He helped to build what is probably the most important relationship in sport business (Jordan-Nike, and strongly defended a radical philosophy of negotiation, where the most important is the maximization of client gains, regardless their true market value or if the market can admit such inflation. This article reviews some of the highlights of his career facts and, from a critical perspective, discusses several open issues related to the academic and professional world of sports. To achieve this aim, several recent contributions to the marketing and sports literature are commented.

  20. Learning Theories Applied to the Teaching of Business Communication.

    Hart, Maxine Barton


    Reviews major learning theories that can be followed by business communication instructors, including those by David Ausubel, Albert Bandura, Kurt Lewin, Edward Thorndike, B.F. Skinner, and Robert Gagne. (LRA)

  1. EDITORIAL: Van der Waals interactions in advanced materials, in memory of David C Langreth Van der Waals interactions in advanced materials, in memory of David C Langreth

    Hyldgaard, Per; Rahman, Talat S.


    sufficiently close to any corrugated—and/or any smooth—surface and thus enforce a strong vdW-type adhesion; it exploits what is then essentially a contact force (dominated by the attraction exerted in the near-surface regions) to defy the pull of gravity on its own bulk. This Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter special issue is dedicated to the memory of David C Langreth. David is a dearly missed friend and mentor who inspired many of us. He was an outstanding condensed matter theorist and a scholar who greatly influenced us through his many-particle-physics based insights into density functional theory (DFT), surface science and related areas. His seminal works range from conserving formulations of interacting nonequilibrium transport [1] and formal-scattering theory [2] to an explicit formulation [3] of the exact DFT exchange-correlation energy in the adiabatic connection formula (ACF), the latter also being derived independently by Gunnarsson and Lundqvist [4]. David's portfolio also includes an analysis [5] that helped catalyze and guide the development of DFT from the local-density approximation (LDA) to the formulations of generalized gradient approximations (GGAs). Another salient contribution of David's is in the area of vdW interactions in materials. He was a key architect of the vdW density functional (vdW-DF) method [6, 7]. This method was developed in a long-standing Rutgers-Chalmers collaboration between David's group and that of Bengt I Lundqvist, later extending to a wider group of researchers on both sides of the Atlantic. Plasmons are collective excitations that depend on electron-density variation. The plasmon response can be seen as defining the nature of the LDA [4] and their description can thus also be seen as contributing to the success of GGA. The vdW-DF method is a regular constraint-based density functional (for ground-state DFT) which is derived within the ACF framework and which emphasizes the electrodynamical nature of the coupling between




    Full Text Available The research is related to David Hume. This philosopher is described as being an empiricist, but it should be noted that the empiricism promoted by Hume represents the development up to the final consequences of this philosophical doctrine that should be subjected to the observability requirement. The core problem for Hume’s philosophy is the difficulty of causality thinking. The Scottish philosopher promotes a moderate and inconsistent skepticism because he does not doubt the permanency of facts. The Humean epistemology is mixed with elements belonging to some naïve ontology of a materialistic nature and with elements of a sensualistic psychology of an associationist type. The causality or the causal connection between events is based on a psychological belief, which has a pragmatic end for people, in that it offers us the psychological comfort of habitual events and the familiar existential. Causality refers to certain events that have already happened in a certain way, but it cannot constitute a necessary and sufficient basis for similar future events.

  3. Transatlantic Miscommunication in David Hare’s Drama Stuff Happens

    Golimowska, Karolina


    Full Text Available This article addresses the transatlantic relations between the United States and Europe and specifically Great Britain in the context of post-9/11 international politics as reflected in the drama Stuff Happens (2004 written by British playwright David Hare. It focuses on the way re­cent history is performed and contextualized in dramatic form and analyzes the function and power of the theatricalization of historic events and particularly of finding ways to address 9/11 on a stage. Furthermore, it discusses the method of mixing parts of public speeches quoted ver­batim with fiction and its effects on readers and audiences. The play addresses the struggles and fragility of international diplomacy in the aftermath of 9/11. It reflects a general skepticism to­wards politicians and their decisions as well as the helpless position of millions of observers who are affected by these decisions and yet feel like they have no influence. This article sees post-9/11 verbatim theater as a chance for playwright and spectators to get access to the world of politics and to take part in the process of writing transatlantic history. More generally, through the ex­ample of this play, the article aims at discussing new challenges and functions of post-9/11 theater.

  4. "David Copperfield": Perfect Reflection of Dickens' Creative Ideas



    @@ Charles Dickens ( 1812- 1870 ) was the most popular and internationally known as an Engilsh novelist. Being the greatest representative of the English critical realism, he gives us a most vivid picture of the everyday life of the ordinary people of his time. He created a large number of characters ,well drawn, full of life and unforgettable. He has suffered so bitterly himself as a child and had seen so much evil that he burned with the desire to fight it to the end .While presenting a truthful account of the hardships borne by the poor people, he believed that a hard-working and honest man could achieve his little personal happiness under capitalism. He criticized the vices of the capitalist society, but failed to see the necessity of a bitter struggle of the oppressed against their oppressors, He wished that the oppressors would become kind through proper education and persuasion, and that the social contradictions would be resolved by the kindness and beneficence of the oppessors. So, "kindness ","beneficence" and "love" are the main ideas guiding his literary creations. "David Copperfield", one of Dickens' best novels, perfectly reflects these ideas.

  5. Reconstructing apology: David Cameron's Bloody Sunday apology in the press.

    McNeill, Andrew; Lyons, Evanthia; Pehrson, Samuel


    While there is an acknowledgement in apology research that political apologies are highly mediated, the process of mediation itself has lacked scrutiny. This article suggests that the idea of reconstruction helps to understand how apologies are mediated and evaluated. David Cameron's apology for Bloody Sunday is examined to see how he constructs four aspects of apology: social actors, consequences, categorization, and reasons. The reconstruction of those aspects by British, Unionist, and Nationalist press along with reconstructions made by soldiers in an online forum are considered. Data analysis was informed by thematic analysis and discourse analysis which helped to explore key aspects of reconstruction and how elements of Cameron's apology are altered in subsequent mediated forms of the apology. These mediated reconstructions of the apology allowed their authors to evaluate the apology in different ways. Thus, in this article, it is suggested that the evaluation of the apology by different groups is preceded by a reconstruction of it in accordance with rhetorical goals. This illuminates the process of mediation and helps to understand divergent responses to political apologies.

  6. “Silencio”: hearing loss in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive

    Allister Mactaggart


    Full Text Available In a filmmaking career replete with extraordinary images and sounds, David Lynch's Mulholland Drive (2001 stands out for attention as a striking and seemingly inexhaustible resource for analysis. In this article, this film is used to examine the specific ways in which Lynch uses pre-existing pop songs to wrap the spectator within the filmic soundscape. Nowhere is the complexity and uncanniness of pop music made more explicit than in Rebekah Del Rio's stunning performance of “Llorando (Crying” in the Club Silencio scene. The split between the singer's powerful performance and her subsequent collapse with the sound of the voice left hanging in the air marks a pivotal point in the film. This scene, coupled with other examples of feminine jouissance, is contrasted with the deadening roar of the master's voice, which solely demands obedience but is deaf to any reply. At the core of this article is an analysis of the status of the voice (and the gaze as examples of the Lacanian object a and its relationship to Marx's concept of surplus value. Mulholland Drive provides a powerful demonstration of how these concepts can be seen, heard, and felt in relation to film, and how sound can reverberate into the spaces and silences beyond the screen.

  7. Integration of approaches in David Wake's model-taxon research platform for evolutionary morphology.

    Griesemer, James


    What gets integrated in integrative scientific practices has been a topic of much discussion. Traditional views focus on theories and explanations, with ideas of reduction and unification dominating the conversation. More recent ideas focus on disciplines, fields, or specialties; models, mechanisms, or methods; phenomena, problems. How integration works looks different on each of these views since the objects of integration are ontologically and epistemically various: statements, boundary conditions, practices, protocols, methods, variables, parameters, domains, laboratories, and questions all have their own structures, functions and logics. I focus on one particular kind of scientific practice, integration of "approaches" in the context of a research system operating on a special kind of "platform." Rather than trace a network of interactions among people, practices, and theoretical entities to be integrated, in this essay I focus on the work of a single investigator, David Wake. I describe Wake's practice of integrative evolutionary biology and how his integration of approaches among biological specialties worked in tandem with his development of the salamanders as a model taxon, which he used as a platform to solve, re-work and update problems that would not have been solved so well by non-integrative approaches. The larger goal of the project to which this paper contributes is a counter-narrative to the story of 20th century life sciences as the rise and march of the model organisms and decline of natural history.

  8. Osborne's trilogy : a critique of the management philosophy of David Osborne / Jan-Erik Lane

    Lane, Jan-Erik


    Kriitiline lühiülevaade David Osborne'i raamatutes Reinventing government (kaasautor T. Gaebler, 1992), Banishing bureaucracy (kaasautor P. Plastrik, 1997) ja The price of government (kaasautor P. Hutchinson, 2004) avaldatud teooriatest

  9. Siim Nestor soovitab : David Morales. Reede ja laupäeva parimad palad / Siim Nestor

    Nestor, Siim, 1974-


    Popmuusikaüritustest: David Morales 15. apr. klubis Moskva, "Eklekter" 16. apr Von Krahlis (esinejaks rootsi diskor DJ Mad Mats), prantsuse diskor DJ Yellow 16. apr. klubis Hollywood, üritusest "Dependent" 17. apr. Tartus

  10. David Oistrahhi festival läheneb lõpule / Toivo Traks

    Traks, Toivo


    Kontsertidest David Oistrahhi festivali raames: saksa viola da gamba mängija Holger Faust-Peters ja klavessinist Iren Lill 19. juulil Pärnu Eliisabeti kirikus, briti laulja Patricia Rozario ja RTE Vanbrugh Quartet 20. juulil Eliisabeti kirikus

  11. Robert Bresson, Mariano Barroso, Paskaljevich, Mary Harron, David Trueba, Lars von Trier, Liv Ullmann, Zhang Yimou

    La madriguera


    La madriguera (2000). Robert Bresson, Mariano Barroso, Paskaljevich, Mary Harron, David Trueba, Lars von Trier, Liv Ullmann, Zhang Yimou. Ediciones de intervención cultural S.L. 80 80 33

  12. Jalutu David tantsib auhinna vääriliselt / Andres Laasik

    Laasik, Andres, 1960-2016


    Tantsufilm "Elu hind" ("The Cost of Living") : lavastaja ja koreograaf Lloyd Newson : peaosades David Toole, Eddie Kay : Suurbritannia 2004. Filmi aluseks on Londoni tantsuteatri DV 8 Physical Theatre' 2000.a. valminud lavastus

  13. Milline on olnud teie vapustavaim muuseumielamus? / Lauri Leesi, David Vseviov, Andres Herkel...[jt.


    Küsimusele vastasid Tallinna prantsuse lütseumi direktor Lauri Leesi, kirjanik Doris Kareva, ajaloolane David Vseviov, riigikogu Isamaa ja Res Publica liidu fraktsiooni aseesimees Andres Herkel ja kirjanik Olev Remsu

  14. Prozaci asemel GTD ehk getting things done / David Allen ; interv. Endrik Randoja

    Allen, David


    Konsultant ja koolitaja David Allen oma aja- ja enesejuhtimise meetodist GTD - getting things done. Vt. samas: Väikesed nipid, et tõhusam olla; Milles seisneb Alleni meetod; Kuidas ma oma ülesannet täitsin - logiraamat

  15. "Handbook of biomedical optics", edited by David A. Boas, Constantinos Pitris, and Nimmi Ramanujam

    Gramatikov Boris


    Full Text Available Abstract David A. Boas, Constantinos Pitris, and Nimmi Ramanujam, Eds.: Handbook of Biomedical Optics CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, Boca Raton, London, New York, 2011 ISBN: 978-1-4200-9036-9 (Hardback, 787 pages

  16. "Handbook of biomedical optics", edited by David A. Boas, Constantinos Pitris, and Nimmi Ramanujam

    Gramatikov Boris


    Abstract David A. Boas, Constantinos Pitris, and Nimmi Ramanujam, Eds.: Handbook of Biomedical Optics CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, Boca Raton, London, New York, 2011 ISBN: 978-1-4200-9036-9 (Hardback), 787 pages

  17. [David Feest. Zwangskollektivierung im Baltikum : die Sowjetisierung des estnischen Dorfes 1944-1953] / Anu Mai Kõll

    Kõll, Anu Mai, 1946-


    Arvustus: Feest, David. Zwangskollektivierung im Baltikum : die Sowjetisierung des estnischen Dorfes 1944-1953. Köln [etc.] : Böhlau, 2007. Esimesest rahvusvaheliselt kättesaadavast laiahaardelisest Eesti kollektiviseerimist käsitlevast teosest

  18. Clinton või Trump - USA jaoks ühtviisi katastroof / David Satter ; intervjueerinud Taavi Minnik

    Satter, David


    Intervjuu maineka Ühendriikide Venemaa eksperdi David Satteriga, kes hoiatab, et Ameerika presidendivalimistel on inimestel valida kahe äärmiselt halva kandidaadi - Donald Trumpi ning Hillary Clintoni vahel

  19. Antropología y colonialismo interno : David J. Guzman, entre poder supremo y capital

    Lara Martinez, Rafael


    Introducción. David J. Guzmán y los Anales del Museo Nacional. Dinámica entre lo propio y lo ajeno. Etnicidad. Migración neocolonial. Conclusión. Bibliografía mínima de David J. Guzmán. En Kóot, enero 2010, año N°1, N°1, p. 11-22 Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador

  20. [Jaan Kross ja David Samoilov. Mu sõbra avatud akna all] / M. J.

    Jõgi, Mall, 1947-


    Tutvustus: Kross, Jaan. Mu sõbra avatud akna all : [luuletused ja tõlked] = В окно моего друга : [стихи и переводы] / Jaan Kross ja David Samoilov ; Tallinna Ülikool. Tallinn : Avenarius, 2015 ; David Samoilovi Pärnu : teejuht. Luuletusi. Tallinn : Avenarius, 2015

  1. David Benjamin Sherry摄影展在纽约举办


    2009年9月10日至10月17日.摄影家David Benjamin Sherry摄影作品展在纽约Bellwether画廊举办。“我发誓.这里还有天赐的极品.美到极致,根本无法用言语形容。”这是摄影师David Benjamin Sherry最大的感慨。

  2. [Jaan Kross ja David Samoilov. Mu sõbra avatud akna all] / M. J.

    Jõgi, Mall, 1947-


    Tutvustus: Kross, Jaan. Mu sõbra avatud akna all : [luuletused ja tõlked] = В окно моего друга : [стихи и переводы] / Jaan Kross ja David Samoilov. Tallinn : Avenarius, 2015 ; David Samoilovi Pärnu : teejuht. Luuletusi. Tallinn : Avenarius, 2015

  3. Sütti, teatrituli !!! / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    3. juunil, Vanalinnapäevade raames, etendatakse teatri- ja muusikamuuseumi siseõues 1824. aastal etendunud täielikult eestikeelset näitemängu "Pärmi Jaagu unenägu" ("Permi Jago unne-näggo"). Etendus toimub lugemisteatri vormis, esitavad Tõnu Oja ja Guido Kangur. Sündmuse lõpuks süttib teatrituli, mis taaselustab Rändteatri traditsiooni ning reisib juulis ja augustis mööda Eestit

  4. Kaks vaadet Draamateatri "Kodukohale" / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Pakutakse kaks võimalust, kuidas kirjutada Draamateatri lavastusest "Kodukoht" Keila-Joa mõisas (arvustuste pealk. "Draamateater viib Keila-Joal võlumaailma" ja "Näide safe-bet-teatrist"). Mõlemad arvustuse tüübid mõnevõrra utreeritud

  5. Miks paisub Avignon viis korda? / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Avignoni teatrifestivali OFF-programmist. Pikemalt Bernard-Marie Koltési näidendi "La nuit juste avant les forets" lavastusest (trupp Compagnie Pourquoi) ja lavastusest "Mascarade" (trupp Viva La Commedia)

  6. Igavus teatris on igavaim igavus / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Läti teatri esindusfestivalist Riias. Lähemalt järgmistest lavastustest : R. Baumanise "Indranid" M. Gruzdovi lavastuses, J. Rainise "Puhu, tuul" G. Polishtshuki lavastuses, E. Siendze "Vasakpööre" O. Kordersi lavastuses ja E. Albee "Kes kardab Vurginia Woolfi?" R. Vaivarsi lavastuses

  7. Uus film tegi Raagist tegija / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Eesti Televisiooni fiktiivne dokumentaaldraama "August 1991" : stsenarist ja režissöör Ilmar Raag : produtsent Gerda Kordemets : operaator Janno-Hans Arro. Lisatud augustiputshi ajal teletorni kaitsnud Jüri Joosti ja Peeter Milli kommentaar

  8. Kaks kiirpilku draamaprogrammile / Andres Keil, Katrin Ruus

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Balti teatrifestivalil "OmaDraama 2006" nähtud etendustest - Rudolfs Blaumanise ja Inga Abele "Kadunud poeg" Peteris Krilovsi lavastuses, Birute Mari monotükk "Poetess", ZUGA Ühendatud Tantsijate "Naine ja hunt", Merle Karusoo "Misjonärid", Mart Kivastiku- Hendrik Toompere "Põrgu Wärk", Anna Brigadere "P.S Pöialpoiss" Andrejs Jarovojs lavastuses ja Leedu Juozas Miltinise nim. Draamateatri "Sügis tuleb läbi metsa"

  9. Viljandi paugutab kolme esietendusega / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Janusz Glowacki "Fortinbras jõi end täis" Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia teatrikunsti eriala 6. lennu esituses, lavastaja Kalju Komissarov ja Sven Heiberg ; Ott Aardami "Börs ja börsitar" ja Henrik Ibseni "Nora/Maja", lavastaja Helen Rekkor

  10. Vene suurim teatrifestival tuleb! / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Vene draamafestivali "Kuldne mask" paremik 11.-16. oktoobrini Tallinnas. Tutvustatakse lavastusi - "Vennad ja õed" (lav. L. Dodin), "September. doc" (lav. M. Ugarov), "Oblom off" (M. Ugarov), "Kuningas Oidipus" (lav. A. Prikotenko)

  11. Tantsud Tartus - vaatajast saab looja / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Festivalide Draama ja Eclectica tantsulavastustest : Krõõt Juuraku "Once Upon", Kaja Kannu, Martins Eiche ja Aigars Aipinsi "Vabadus/Briviba" ja Mairika Plakso ja Margus Toomla "The story of M & M Part II"

  12. Sasha Pepeljajevi ustetagune maailm / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Rahvusvahelisel tantsupäeval, 29. apr., jõudis Kanuti Gildi saalis maailmaesietenduseni S. Pepeljajevi ja tema uue nimega trupi - teater APART - tantsulavastus "Uksed", mis põhineb D. Harmsi erinevate teoste tekstidel

  13. Physics Nobel prize 2004: Surprising theory wins physics Nobel


    From left to right: David Politzer, David Gross and Frank Wilczek. For their understanding of counter-intuitive aspects of the strong force, which governs quarks inside protons and neutrons, on 5 October three American physicists were awarded the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics. David J. Gross (Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara), H. David Politzer (California Institute of Technology), and Frank Wilczek (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) made a key theoretical discovery with a surprising result: the closer quarks are together, the weaker the force - opposite to what is seen with electromagnetism and gravity. Rather, the strong force is analogous to a rubber band stretching, where the force increases as the quarks get farther apart. These physicists discovered this property of quarks, known as asymptotic freedom, in 1976. It later became a key part of the theory of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) and the Standard Model, the current best theory to describe the interac...

  14. An Interview with David Dabydeen on Literature and Politics

    Ruzbeh Babaee


    , inspires the act of writing. I used to teach MA courses on Black British Literature and on Literature and Slavery. Certainly, Olaudah Equiano’s autobiography in 1789, which I read multiple times for teaching purposes, left an impact on my writing, which is dotted with ‘Equiano’ figures ( people who moved from deprivation to the craft of writing, through cunning and an inclination for mischief mostly. Secondly, as an academic, you are exposed to theory, which can fertilised your writing and give it a ‘metaphysical’ content. Overexposure leads to didacticism, which I am sure my writing suffers from. As Derek Walcott says, you shouldn’t “put Descartes before the horse.” Most importantly, being an academic pays the bills, so whilst hunger has provoked a lot of writers, I preferred to have a house rather than a hovel. Growing up in Guyana was to exist in relative lack of material things. Many years ago I met Maya Angelou, she had kindly invited me to her house, and she had cooked a lovely Southern meal. She said: “I drive a Cadillac. I don’t do bicycles, which were my youth. And I eat meat, because all I had as a child was garden vegetables’. I appreciated her extravagance, though deep down she was a kindly person, and generous.   RB: You are also a politician. In 2010 you were appointed as Guyana's Ambassador in China. How have you proved yourself as a politician? DD: I don’t belong to any political party in Guyana, but I enjoyed a close friendship with Cheddi and Janet Jagan. Cheddi had been cheated out of office as a result of the CIA and the British Government, in the 1960s, because he was a committed man of the left. In 1984, when I was appointed to Warwick University, I invited Cheddi to lecture there.  He had no money, so the University and a travel agent friend, Vino Patel, were persuaded to provide his economy ticket and accommodation whilst at Warwick. We treated him as the true President of Guyana. All the national elections had been fiddled

  15. David Hume' s Theory of Justice%休谟的正义理论



    @@ 一、休谟的正义论与近代道德哲学的渊源 按照罗尔斯的理解,近代道德哲学(从1600年到1800年)的性质决定于三个重要的历史发展.首先,"在16世纪存在着宗教改革运动.宗教改革运动在塑造现代世界方面居于基础地位.它打破了中世纪宗教的统一,导致了宗教多元论,导致了后来几个世纪的所有后果.这反过来又滋长了其他领域的多元论".

  16. The Multi-wire Ionization Chamber (DAVID)'s Influence on the Beams of Accelerator%多丝电离室(DAVID)系统对加速器射束的影响

    徐慧军; 李玉; 张素静; 韩萍; 张军华


    Abjective: Through measuring the parameters of the accelerator beams under two conditions of uninstalled and installed DAVID system,to analyze DAVID system's influence on the beams. Methods: We chosed the Siemens ARTISTE Linear Accelerator which was allocated with a 160 MLC multi-leaf collimator, and the 6 MV X-ray was used. The model number of the multi-wire ionization chamber was T34084. Utilizing the equipments like 3D water tank and semiconductor detector to measure PDD, profile, TPR2010 and the absorbed dose underwater 5 cm under the conditions of uninstalled and installed DAVID system, we analyzed DAVID system's influence on the PDD, flatness, symmetry and actinogen of accelerator beams, and calculated the attenuation coefficient of DAVID system. Results: Under the two conditions of uninstalled and installed DAVID system, the R100 deviation of the three fields (5 cm×5 cm 、10 cm×10 cm and 20 cm×20 cm) lay between 0.6 mm ~1.3 mm, R80 deviation of them lay between 0.13 mm~0.66 mm, and R50 deviation lay between 0.38 mm~1.12 mm. The R100, R80, and R50 deviation of the fields of 40 cmx40 cm were 3.12 mm, 3.31 mm and 2.04 mm; The QI deviations were 0.0020, 0.0045, 0.0101, and 0.0061; The flatness deviation in the x and y direction was between 0.10%~0.58%; The symmetry deviation lay between 0.04%~0.26%; And the TPR2010 deviation was 0.002. The beams went across DAVID system and attenuated 7.67% of the dose. Conclusions: The comprehensive structure and making materials of DAVID system have little effect on the PDD, symmetry, flatness, and TPR2010 of the 6 MV X-ray beams, but the beams attenuate the dose when going across DAVID system.%目的:通过测量未安装和已安装DAVID系统两种情况下加速器射束的参数,分析DAVID系统对射束的影响.方法:西门子ARTISTE直线加速器,配备160叶多叶光栅,选择6 MV的X线.多丝电离室(DAVID),型号为T34084.利用三维水箱、半导体探测器等仪器测量未安装和已安

  17. Remedial investigation/feasibility study for the David Witherspoon, Inc., 901 Site, Knoxville, Tennessee: Volume 2, Appendixes



    This document contains the appendixes for the remedial investigation and feasibility study for the David Witherspoon, Inc., 901 site in Knoxville, Tennessee. The following topics are covered in the appendixes: (A) David Witherspoon, Inc., 901 Site Historical Data, (B) Fieldwork Plans for the David Witherspoon, Inc., 901 Site, (C) Risk Assessment, (D) Remediation Technology Discussion, (E) Engineering Support Documentation, (F) Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirements, and (G) Cost Estimate Documentation.

  18. 为了生活而生活——完美人生David Bowie



    David Bowie,原名 DavidRobert Jones,1947年1月8日出生于英国伦敦的布里克顿。他最终身高是5英尺10.5英寸,也就是大约1.79米——不过 David 看上去怎么也不像有这么高。David 有两个姐姐和一个哥哥,用比较委婉的说法是:他们和他都没有完全的血缘关系。他的大姐 Myra Ann 后来嫁到了埃及,改信伊斯兰教,并把名字改为:Iman,和David 第二个妻子一样。David很爱的哥哥 Terence,和他是同母异父兄弟。同母亲改嫁过来后,随了继父的姓氏:Jones,不过在去世之前的最后几年里,Terence 坚持把姓氏改回了母亲娘家的 Burns。Terence 在1970年就因为抑郁症住进精神病医院,1985年1月6日自杀。当时已经十几年如一日般红得发紫的 David 没有参加葬礼,因为他知道自己参加的话媒体将会带来什么样的关注,而这些关注

  19. J. David Creswell: Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions to Psychology.


    APA's Awards for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions to Psychology recognize excellent young psychologists who have not held a doctoral degree for more than nine years. One of the 2014 award winners is J. David Creswell, for "outstanding and innovative research on mechanisms linking stress management strategies to disease." Creswell's award citation, biography, and a selected bibliography are presented here.

  20. The body in the pool: reflections on David Cronenberg’s 'Maps to the Stars'

    Arnold-de-Simine, Silke


    Placing David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars (2014) in the Gothic tradition reveals the ghostly and often overlooked mother-daughter dynamics at play in that genre, veering between the internalized fears of Gothic terror and the externalized evil of Gothic horror.

  1. Physics for Teachers: Understanding Physics: David Cassidy, Gerald Holton, & James Rutherford

    Hubisz, John L.


    Physics for Teachers: Understanding Physics, by David Cassidy, Gerald Holton, & James Rutherford and published by Springer Verlag, New York, NY 10010 (2002), pp. xxiii + 851 80.00 hardback. ISBN 0-387-98756-8. Student Guide & Instructor Guide are also available. The text and Instructor Guide are available online at

  2. An Interview with David Rindskopf: A Leading Voice on Teaching Statistics and Methodology

    Bembenutty, Hefer


    This article presents an interview with David Rindskopf, a Distinguished Professor of Educational Psychology and Psychology at the City University of New York Graduate Center, where he has taught since 1979. His research and teaching are in the area of applied statistics, measurement, and research design. He is a fellow of the American Statistical…

  3. Inconvenient Truths: A Response to the Article by David Stoesz, "The Child Welfare Cartel"

    Clark, James J.; Yegidis, Bonnie L.


    David Stoesz offers a sweeping critique of the Children's Bureau and social work education by claiming the existence of a "child welfare cartel." He also attacks the quality of social work education and research, which he claims has poorly invested government funding and helped create the unmitigated failures of the American child…

  4. David Cronenberg ja William S. Burroughs kutsuvad teid lantshile / Aare Ermel

    Ermel, Aare, 1957-2013


    Mängufilm "Alasti eine" ("Naked Lunch") William S. Burroughs' teose järgi : režissöör ja stsenarist David Cronenberg : Suurbritannia - Kanada 1991. Lähemalt režissööri kohta. Ka Nädal nr. 35, lk. 29

  5. Interview with the editor: David L. Turpin by Robert P. Scholz.

    Turpin, David L


    David L. Turpin has worked on dental journals for over 30 years--from his early days on the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin, to the Angle Orthodontist, and to the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. He will retire as editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics at the end of 2010.

  6. 76 FR 9005 - David Creasey; Notice of Application Tendered for Filing With the Commission; Notice of...


    ... Drainage Ditch on the Fort Hall Reservation in Fort Hall, Idaho. The project would be located on entirely... regulations. i. Applicant Contact: Mr. David Creasey, P.O. Box 61, Fort Hall, ID 83202, (208) 785-0164 j. FERC... Tribes Cultural Resources/Heritage Tribal Office, the Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Fish and...

  7. Bringing the Social Sciences to Health Policy: An Appreciation of David Mechanic.

    Boyer, Carol A; Gray, Bradford H


    David Mechanic has been a pioneering leader in the social and behavioral sciences of health, health services, and health and mental health policy for more than fifty years. One of David's most distinctive qualities has been his vision in identifying trends and defining new research areas and perspectives in health care policy. His early work on how methods of physician payment by capitation and fee-for-service in England and the United States affected physicians' responses to patients and patient care addressed present challenges and many ongoing studies of payment mechanisms. His papers on rationing of health care established a framework for examining alternative allocation mechanisms and just decision making. Influential papers dealt with risk selection, policy challenges in managed care, reducing racial disparities, trust relationships between patients, doctors, and the public and health institutions, and the predicaments of health reform. Focusing on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, David explored its opportunities and challenges especially in providing comprehensive and effective behavioral health services. A hallmark of his work has been his redirecting our attention to the most severely ill and those in greatest need. Less visible is the leadership and institution building endeavors and the many honors David has received.

  8. Builders Challenge High Performance Builder Spotlight: David Weekley Homes, Houston, Texas



    Building America Builders Challenge fact sheet on David Weekley Homes of Houston, Texas. The builder plans homes as a "system," with features such as wood-framed walls that are air-sealed then insulated with R-13 unfaced fiberglass batts plus an external covering of R-2 polyisocyanurate rigid foam sheathing.

  9. Forging Futures with Teens and Science Fiction: A Conversation with Greg Bear and David Brin.

    Moltz, Sandy


    Presents an interview with Greg Bear and David Brin, two science fiction writers who started Reading for the Future, an international project geared toward secondary school students that shows teachers and librarians how science fiction inspires young readers. Discusses programs that have come out of this group; standards for books geared toward…

  10. Enciclopédia e Shoah: fragmento e verbete em Ver: Amor, de David Grossman

    Matheus Philippe Faria Santos


    Full Text Available O romance Ver: Amor, 2007, de David Grossman evidencia uma forma contemporânea de ficção sobre a Shoah, marcada pela fragmentação narrativa e escrita lacunar, que no romance de Grossman evidenciam, paradoxalmente, uma escrita enciclopédica, a partir da configuração do texto como verbete.

  11. Käsitsi tegemise võlu / David Jones ; intervjueerinud Kai Lobjakas

    Jones, David, 1953-


    10. Kohila keraamikasümpoosionil osalenud briti keraamik ja teoreetik David Jones endast, rakutehnikast, huvist põletamisega seonduvate teemade vastu, Kohila sümpoosioni raames tehtust, keraamika õpetamisest Inglismaal, käsitöö ja keraamika positsioonist praegu ja tulevikus jm.

  12. David Kirk on Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy: In Dialogue with Steven Stolz (Part 1)

    Stolz, Steven A.; Kirk, David


    Forming the first of two articles, this dialogue begins from the dilemma posed in the writings of David Kirk that physical education is in crisis because the dominant practice of physical education as "sport-techniques" is resistant to change. In order to make sense of crisis discourse, the discussion explores the potential for change in…

  13. Exclusion and renewal : identity and Jewishness in Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" and David Vogel's Married Life

    Valk, Francina Cornelia


    In this study I explore literary structures of identity-formation in the works of assimilated/acculturated Jewish writers: Kafka’s novella “The Metamorphosis” (“Die Verwandlung”, 1912) and David Vogel’s Hebrew novel Married Life. 1929) These authors wrote their works when the failure of Jewish assi

  14. Q & A with Ed Tech Leaders: Interview with David M. Monetti

    Fulgham, Susan M.; Shaughnessy, Michael F.


    Contributing editors Susan Fulgham and Michael Shaughnessy present their interview with David M. Monetti, Professor in the Department of Psychology and Counseling at Valdosta State University. Monetti teaches courses in educational psychology, learning, and measurement and evaluation. He is actively involved with the public schools as a researcher…

  15. Romantic Remediation? John Cage and Henry David Thoreau’s Walden State of Mind

    Mehring, F.


    Rather than identifying Cage as a romantic soul mate of the transcendentalists exhibiting a rebellious attitude against conventions, I will investigate new ways to detect with greater exactness what Sean Wilentz described in the context of David S. Reynolds work on the American Renaissance as “the s

  16. David Hurst Thomas and the Historical Archaeology of the Spanish Borderlands.

    Snead, James E.


    Discusses David Hurst Thomas' archaeological work on the Spanish borderlands, which integrates field archaeology and documentary history. Focuses on locating and studying the Santa Catalina de Guale. Addresses his project on the Pueblo San Marcos that will further test his ideas about the Spanish mission period. (CMK)

  17. Apollo külastajate lemmikuks on Jan Kausi ja David Mitchelli raamatud / Jaak Urmet

    Urmet, Jaak, 1979-


    Apollo kaupluse koduleheküljel valiti parimaks ilukirjandusteoseks Jan Kausi "Tema", tõlgitud ilukirjanduse osas David Mitchelli "Pilveatlas", luuleraamatutest Ott Arderi "Luule sünnib kus sünnib kui sünnib" ja lasteraamatutest Christopher Paolini "Vanem"

  18. Surnuist üles äratamine = Reviving the dead / David Crowley

    Crowley, David, 1966-


    Eesti ekspositsioonist "Kui pikk on ühe maja elu?" 13. Venezia arhitektuuribiennaalil "Common Ground" (kuraator David Chipperfield). Tallinna Linnahalli minevikust ja praegusest olukorrast. Kuraator Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla, näituse autorid Urmo Vaikla, Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla, Ingel Vaikla, Maria Pukk, Ivar Lubjak, Veronika Valk. Saksa paviljoni näitusest "Reduce, reuse, recycle"

  19. A Proof of George Andrews' and David Robbins' $q$-TSPP Conjecture

    Koutschan, Christoph; Zeilberger, Doron


    The conjecture that the orbit-counting generating function for totally symmetric plane partitions can be written as an explicit product-formula, has been stated independently by George Andrews and David Robbins around 1983. We present a proof of this long-standing conjecture.

  20. Investing in the Child Welfare Workforce: A Response to David Stoesz

    Briar-Lawson, Katharine; Leake, Robin; Dickinson, Nancy; McCarthy, Mary; Anderson, Gary; Groza, Victor; Gilmore, Grover C.


    Responding to David Stoesz's invited article criticizing the Children's Bureau and the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI), the author's inaccurate assertions are challenged, and new information is provided about the significant work underway to support the child welfare workforce. The Children's Bureau has made historic investments…

  1. The Archives of the History of American Psychology: An Interview with David B. Baker.

    Prieto, Loreto R.


    Presents an interview with David B. Baker, Director of the Archives of the History of American Psychology. Covers topics such as: Baker's interest in the history of psychology, his work at the Archives of the History of American Psychology, and recommendations for teachers when addressing history in non-history courses. (CMK)

  2. VIDEO AT OSF - Interview to David Rabanus, ESO, on the ALMA OSF site, at 2900 m


    In this interview, recorded on the ALMA OSF (Operations and Support Facilities) site, at 2900 m on the Chajnantor highlands, physicist David Rabanus of ESO/ ALMA takes us inside the heart of the ALMA antennas, to reveal how the antennas detect millimetric and submillimetric radiowaves.

  3. Henry David Thoreau, Martin Luther King Jr., and the American Tradition of Protest.

    Powell, Brent


    Maintains that Henry David Thoreau and Martin Luther King, Jr. fundamentally altered the tradition of protest and reform. Compares and contrasts the role of each man in U.S. social and constitutional history. Concludes that while Thoreau lacked the broad influence of King, his writings influenced both King and Mohandas Gandhi. (CFR)

  4. World's Youth Connect through Global Nomads Group: An Interview with GNG's David Macquart

    Morrison, James L.; Macquart, David


    Editor-in-chief James L. Morrison talks with David Macquart, co-founder of the Global Nomads Group (GNG), a group dedicated to improving children's cultural understanding by bringing the world into the classroom using videoconferencing technology. GNG moderates video conferences between K-12 classes in different countries, organizes virtual…

  5. Reconstructing the Foreign Teacher: The Nativization of David Crook in Beijing

    Jacobsen, Craig K.


    This paper is a critical examination of the life and work of David Crook (1910-2000) as an English teacher in China from just prior to 1949 through the 1980's. It describes Crook's struggle to transcend attitudes of superiority commonly associated with native speaking English teachers at the time as well as his efforts to introduce innovations in…

  6. A Network Text Analysis of David Ayer’s Fury

    Starling David Hunter


    Full Text Available Network Text Analysis (NTA involves the creation of networks of words and/or concepts from linguistic data. Its key insight is that the position of words and concepts in a text network provides vital clues to the central and underlying themes of the text as a whole. Recent research has relied on inductive approaches to identify these themes. In this study we demonstrate a deductive approach that we apply to the screenplay of the 2014 World War II-era film Fury. Specifically, we first use genre expectations theory to establish prior expectations as to the key themes associated with war films. We then empirically test whether words and concepts associated with the most influentially-positioned nodes are consistent with themes common to the war-film genre. As predicted, we find that words and concepts associated with the least constrained nodes in the text network were significantly more likely to be associated with the war, action, and biography genres and significantly less likely to be associated with the mystery, science-fiction, fantasy, and film-noir genres. Keywords: content analysis, text analysis, network text analysis, semantic network analysis, film studies, screenplay, screenwriting, war movies, World War II, tanks

  7. The post-perspectival: screens and time in David Lynch's Inland Empire

    Anne Jerslev


    Full Text Available Taking Anne Friedberg's notion of the post-perspectival as the point of departure for her analysis of David Lynch's digitally shot and edited Inland Empire from 2006, Anne Jerslev argues that the film deconstructs continuous time and coherent space by constructing multiple planes of representation, multiple layerings of screens and, hence, multiple and fractured modes of perception. The article further suggests that the film's enigmatic structure might best be understood with reference to a new media genre like the website with its hyperlink structure. Finally, the article discusses how a sense of ubiquitous surveillance coalesces with the screen logic.Author Biography Anne Jerslev (PhD is Professor of Film and Media Studies at the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen. Anne Jerslev has published and edited books in Danish and English and published dozens of articles in journals and anthologies in Danish, Scandinavian languages, German and English. Her first book was titled David Lynch i vore øjne (David Lynch in our eyes (1991; it was published in German in 1995 under the title David Lynch—mentale Landschaften. After the Lynch book she published books about cult movies, youth and media and media and intimacy. She has edited two volumes in English, Realism and Reality in Film and Media (2002, where she contributed a piece about Lars von Trier's The Idiots, and Performative Realism (co-edited with Rune Gade (2005. Her latest edited volume (co-edited with Christa Lykke Christensen is Hvor går grænsen? Brudflader i den moderne mediekultur [Are there no limits? The crossing of boundaries in contemporary media culture] (Copenhagen 2010. She is currently editing a volume about “Impure Cinema” together with professor Lúcia Nagib from the University of Leeds, which will appear in 2013. Her own contribution to the book is an article about David Lynch's Interview Project.

  8. 戴维·赫尔曼的认知叙事学思想%David Herman's Thoughts in Cognitive Narratology



    David Herman is one of the pioneers of the post-classical narratology. He has devoted himself into the career of combining narratology with cognitive science. He has studied the main issues of the classical narratology, absorbed the essence of it and promoted the development of narrative theory. Some of his theories, such as the hypothetical focalization theory, the story logic theory and the vague time concept, are very influential in the West. In the representatives of cognitive narratology, David Herman has produced the richest theoretical fruits. That is why he has been named the leader of cognitive narratology in the West.%戴维·赫尔曼是西方后经典叙事学的先锋。他致力于将叙事学与认知科学更彻底地结合,从认知的视角重新审视了经典叙事学的主要问题,在最大程度上吸取了经典叙事学的精华,推动了叙事理论的发展。他的假定聚焦理论、故事逻辑理论、模糊时间概念理论等在西方都颇有影响。在认知叙事学的主要代表人物中,他的理论成果最为丰硕,不愧为西方认知叙事学的领军者。

  9. Procedural Semantics as a Theory of Meaning.


    of the system that uses it. I will begin with a brief outline of a theory of intelligence put forward by Daniel Dennett [1974], which I find highly...commented on the draft, including especially Eugene Charniak, Daniel Dennett , Gerald Gazdar, Steven Isard, David Israel, Philip Johnson-Laird, and...satisfying and a useful precursor to a theory of the evolution of natural languages. Dennett presents a plausibly mechanistic account for an array of

  10. David Chipperfield: An Architect of Humane Buildings%无可挑剔的现代主义建筑大师——David Chipperfield



    英国卫报的建筑评论家Deyan Sudjic这样评价建筑师David Chipperfield:他是无可挑剔的现代主义建筑大师,他的建筑简洁、流畅、严谨,让人很难想到他最初是在Richard Rogers和Norman Foster的建筑事务所里工作过的。David Chipperfield不追求张扬的设计,也不追求奇特古怪的建筑造型,所以他无法像库哈斯或是扎哈·哈迪德一样成为明星建筑师,但他的建筑形式却常常令人震撼,印象深刻。这使得他在英国,除了BBC苏格兰总部、英国BFI电影中心等,很少拿到什么大项目,他一度为此很担心,但是他在别处却有为数不少的项目,

  11. Seyed Mohammad Hossein Tabatabai and David Hume in the philosophical basis for determining the values

    Mohammad Javad Movahedi


    Full Text Available allameh sayyid muhammad husain tabatabaei and David Hume, in regard to influential philosophical thought's, are very important, one in the Muslim world and The other in the West world. Allama has mentioned his thoughts on ethics, in his two books, the principles of philosophy and Method of realism and Al-Mizan interpretation (Quranic exegesis. In The principles of philosophy and Method of realism, his main discussions are actions that export from agent and the relationship between agent and action. In the sixth chapter of the book, Allama generally analyzes mental aspects, and in particular, examines the psychophilosophical analysis and epistemology of the moral concepts. In terms of epistemology, ethics is one of the perceptions of mental aspects, and according to Allama, humans naturally can distinct right from wrong and take steps towards goodness and happiness. The second psychophilosophical aspect of ethics is related to good moral qualities and spiritual positive properties. As was stated before, humans, by nature, are equipped with the ability to recognize right and wrong; so it can be concluded in the issue of good moral qualities and spiritual positive properties, that virtues and vices are in the form of spiritual positive properties and that actualized in regard to need of Physical actions, and accordingly, humans are forced to take action. Allama in epistemological discussions and how human can obtain the knowledge has analyzed the agency of human and relationship between the agent and the action with the aim of demonstrating the role of reason and perceptions in all levels of human life as central and substantial. Hume at the beginning of the third book, a treatise on human nature, stated that "Morality is a subject that interests us above all others"; He spoke of the importance of this field of philosophy. You can even ponder and reflect on the previous parts of the book so that the introductions of a scheme of ethics are discussed

  12. Urban common space, heterotopia and the right to the city: Reflections on the ideas of Henri Lefebvre and David Harvey

    Orlando Alves dos Santos Junior


    Full Text Available A city’s common spaces are appropriated by capital that aims to guarantee the conditions necessary for the production-reproduction of capitalist relations. In this context, the challenge is to imagine and construct a very different type of city capable of breaking away from the dynamic of capital, founded on new forms of appropriation of the city, which implies articulating both theory and praxis. For this to occur, however, it is necessary to create new knowledge about the city and a strong anti-capitalist social movement focused on the transformation of daily urban life and involving new forms of appropriation of urban common spaces. It is in this context, and from a dialectic perspective, that this article articulates the ideas of Henri Lefebvre and David Harvey, seeking to contribute to an understanding of the production processes of space in contemporary capitalism, the discussion of the future of cities and perspectives on transition. To do so, the article addresses four central ideas: (i the dialectic conception of space to problematize the production and appropriation of urban common spaces; (ii the recognition of urban common spaces as spaces traversed by contradictions, disputes and material and symbolic conflicts among different agents; (iii the right to the city as a need and as a utopian project; and (iv the challenge of articulating heterotopic practices from the perspective of creative rebellion for the right to the city and the transition to a new urban future.

  13. La analogía sociobiológica del desarrollo de la ciencia, la epistemología evolucionista de David Hull

    Ruiz G., Rosaura


    Full Text Available The eminent philosopher of biology, David Hull has proposed that a "general theory of evolution" can be advanced that would account for the evolution of organisms as well as for the evolution of scientific knowledge. According to Hull, competition among scientists plays in conceptual evolution a similar essential role as competition among organisms plays in biological evolution. Hull uses the sociobiology tradition to explain the apparently altruistic behavior of scientists in the search for knowledge.

    David Hull, uno de los filósofos de la biología más destacados en la actualidad, propone una "Teoría general de evolución" que, afirma, explica tanto la evolución de los seres vivos como el desarrollo del conocimiento científico. En el caso de la evolución conceptual, Hull sostiene que la competencia entre científicos juega un papel esencial en el avance de la ciencia, de manera similar a lo que ocurre en la evolución biológica. Entre otras cuestiones Hull recupera la tradición de la sociobiología para la explicación del comportamiento aparentemente altruista de los científicos en la búsqueda del conocimiento.

  14. David Melcher: Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions to Psychology.


    Presents David Melcher, the 2011 winner of the American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions to Psychology. "For his elegant and groundbreaking work on one of the most important problems in perceptual psychology, the transfer of perceptual representations across eye movements. David Melcher's innovative experiments used perceptual aftereffects to show how remapping of visual locations underlies the creation of the percept of a clear and stable world. His work on the accumulation of memory contributed importantly to the understanding of natural perceptual representations and their neural underpinnings. His elegant reviews of transsaccadic perception communicated to a broad audience the remarkable capacity of the brain to create seamless perceptual representations despite the disruptions produced by eye movements." (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2011 APA, all rights reserved).

  15. David Barker, Buruli ulcer and the epidemiology of a neglected tropical disease.

    Phillips, D I W


    In 1969, David Barker, his wife and four children moved to Uganda to work at Makerere Medical School in the capital Kampala. During the 1960s, Makerere had become a research and teaching centre with an international reputation based on the work of Trowell, Burkitt, Hutt and many others who had pioneered studies explaining the disease patterns in the West Nile area on the basis of the local climate, nutrition and lifestyle. David Barker was funded by the Medical Research Council to carry out research on a poorly understood disease, Buruli ulcer, joining Scottish surgeon Wilson Carswell, who was later to achieve fame as the role model for Dr Garrigan in Giles Foden's novel The Last King of Scotland.

  16. Claustre Obert: David Trueba i Lorenzo Silva sobre literatura, cinema i dret



    El director de cinema i escriptor David Trueba, el novel·lista Lorenzo Silva i el catedràtic de la Universitat de València Javier de Lucas dialogaran aquest dimecres 11 de setembre, a les 20 hores, en el Claustre Obert que se celebra al Centre Cultural La Nau de la Universitat de València. La taula redona es titula 'Diàleg sobre literatura, cinema i dret'.

  17. Sir David K Henderson and the origins of British occupational therapy.

    Pentland, Duncan; Pentland, Brian


    Sir David K Henderson made several major contributions in the field of psychiatry, gaining an international reputation but, perhaps lesser known is his role in the introduction of occupational therapy in the United Kingdom. The part Henderson played in establishing occupational therapy as an aspect of his evolving approach to treating mental illness in Scotland is discussed, as is the influence he had in stimulating and supporting the early pioneers of the profession elsewhere in the UK.

  18. Determinants of vigilance in a reintroduced population of Père David's deer

    Wei ZHENG; Guy BEAUCHAMP; Xuelei JIANG; Zhongqiu LI; Qinglong YANG


    After being kept in captivity and isolated from natural predators for more than 1,200 years,Père David's deer has been reintroduced in China and now occurs in a reserve where human activity is the only potential threat.Antipredator vigilance is an important component of survival for many prey animals in their natural habitat.Do deer still adjust vigilance as a function of risk after such a long period of relaxed predation pressure? Here,we examined vigilance levels in Père David's deer groups as a function of group size,sex and level of human disturbance.The results showed that individual vigilance significantly decreased with group size in all-female groups but not in all-males or mixed-sex groups.In rutting season,males compete with one another and harass females,and we argue that vigilance is partly aimed at threatening males and that such vigilance increases with group size.This explains why overall vigilance did not vary with group size for males in general and for females in mixed-sex groups.Vigilance increased in more disturbed areas but in in male deer only.The results indicate that despite relaxed predation pressure over centuries,Père David's deer can still adjust antipredator responses as a function of perceived risk.Such information may become useful in the rewilding programme now under way for this species in China.

  19. University Mentality or Community College Paranoia: A Critique of Don Morgan's Reaction to David Riesman's Tentative Hypotheses.

    Vaughan, George B.


    Responds to Don Morgan's reaction (JC 502 050) to David Riesman's article, "Community Colleges: Some Tentative Hypotheses" (JC 502 056). Summarizes Riesman's major arguments and challenges Morgan's interpretations of them. (AYC)



    所在地:坎特伯雷,英国 职业:自由插画师 生日:1977年5月 所受培训:自学 所用软件:Photoshop 所用硬件:Pentium 4 PC、笔记本、Wacom Intuos2 A5数位板。影响;我总是会受一天之内看到或听到的随意图片和声音的影响。工作时欣赏音乐会大大改变作品最终的感觉,而且取决于乐队或作词。如果某个项目让我觉得有所畏惧的话,我会翻开我所收藏的艺术书,浏览精彩的设计经典,

  1. DAVID Knowledgebase: a gene-centered database integrating heterogeneous gene annotation resources to facilitate high-throughput gene functional analysis

    Baseler Michael W


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Due to the complex and distributed nature of biological research, our current biological knowledge is spread over many redundant annotation databases maintained by many independent groups. Analysts usually need to visit many of these bioinformatics databases in order to integrate comprehensive annotation information for their genes, which becomes one of the bottlenecks, particularly for the analytic task associated with a large gene list. Thus, a highly centralized and ready-to-use gene-annotation knowledgebase is in demand for high throughput gene functional analysis. Description The DAVID Knowledgebase is built around the DAVID Gene Concept, a single-linkage method to agglomerate tens of millions of gene/protein identifiers from a variety of public genomic resources into DAVID gene clusters. The grouping of such identifiers improves the cross-reference capability, particularly across NCBI and UniProt systems, enabling more than 40 publicly available functional annotation sources to be comprehensively integrated and centralized by the DAVID gene clusters. The simple, pair-wise, text format files which make up the DAVID Knowledgebase are freely downloadable for various data analysis uses. In addition, a well organized web interface allows users to query different types of heterogeneous annotations in a high-throughput manner. Conclusion The DAVID Knowledgebase is designed to facilitate high throughput gene functional analysis. For a given gene list, it not only provides the quick accessibility to a wide range of heterogeneous annotation data in a centralized location, but also enriches the level of biological information for an individual gene. Moreover, the entire DAVID Knowledgebase is freely downloadable or searchable at

  2. Hear After: Matters of Life and Death in David Tudor’s Electronic Music

    You Nakai


    Full Text Available In David Tudor’s electronic music, home-brew modular devices were carefully connected together to form complex feedback networks wherein all components—including the composer/performer himself—could only partially ‘influence’ one another. Once activated, the very instability of mismatched connections between the components triggered a cascade of signals and signal modulations, so that the work “composed itself,” and took “a life of its own.” Due to this self-producing, perpetuating nature of his works, Tudor insisted on what he called “the view from inside,” focusing more on the internal observation of his devices and sound than in materials external to the immanence of performance. When Tudor passed away in 1996, it became apparent that the sheer lack of resources outside the work—scores, instructions, recordings, texts—had made many of his music impossible to perform in his absence. The works that took a life of their own could not survive their composer’s death partially because of his utter reliance on them to do their work. By connecting often mismatched resources obtained from extended research on Tudor, this paper presents modular observations that seem to offer certain perspectives on the issue of life and death surrounding Tudor’s music. A comparison with developments in systems theory, most notably autopoiesis, outlines a mechanism for the endless life of sounds that compose themselves. Moving out of this theoretical reflection, a fieldwork report of an ongoing attempt to ‘revive’ some of Tudors works is offered. This report demonstrates the observer shifting from one ‘inside’ to another—from an electronic circuitry inside a particular device, to a network composed of several devices, and further into the activation of a composite instrument. Meandering away from the archives, the composer’s “view from inside” of his electronic devices is set side by side with recent insights of object

  3. Research and thinking on David Harvey’s Thoughts%对大卫·哈维思想的研究与思考

    郭丽媛; 连佳蕙


    Long of the geographic thinking and see short of the humanities and social,are the main features Harvey scholarship, but also the main reason for its doctrine of human concern. In this paper, Harvey thought in-depth analysis, and further explore the theory and thinking how to deal with David Harvey’s Thoughts.%以地理思维之长见人文社会之短是哈维治学的主要特点,也是其学说为人关注的主要原因。本文对哈维的思想进行了深入分析,并对如何对待哈维理论进行了进一步的探寻与思考。

  4. OBITUARY: Eur.Ing. Professor David Dew-Hughes in memoriam

    Campbell, Archie; Dew-Hughes, Denise; Donaldson, Gordon; Palmer, Richard


    We regret to announce the death of David Dew-Hughes, the second Honorary Editor of Superconductor Science and Technology, in Autumn 2006. He was born in Manchester, the eldest of three children, attended Manchester Grammar School and took his first degree in metallurgy at Birmingham, before undertaking a Doctorate of Engineering at Yale University. After initial work for IBM on semiconductors, he returned to England as a lecturer in metallurgy at Cambridge University. There he devoted his career to superconductivity long before it became fashionable, starting a group on the properties of what we now know as type II materials, with his students Jan Evetts, Archie Campbell and Anant Narlikar. Between them they paved the way to our understanding of the magnetic vortex properties of these materials, and thus to the development of modern practical materials for superconducting magnets. Eur.Ing. Professor David Dew-Hughes 1932-2006 In 1965 he became a founding Senior Lecturer in physics at Lancaster University, moving to Brookhaven National Laboratory in 1974. His final academic post was in engineering science at Oxford University where he also held a University College Tutorial Fellowship. As long ago as 1971 David wrote an authoritative review for Reports on Progress in Physics on 'The metallurgical enhancement of type II superconductors'. Following the discovery of high-Tc superconductivity, IOP Publishing launched Superconductor Science and Technology in 1988 and he was a founder member of its Editorial Board. When Jan Evetts retired as Honorary Editor in 1992, David was the natural choice as his successor. He served a five year term and remained on the Board as Deputy Editor until the end of 2000. To mark the 10th anniversary of high-temperature superconductivity in 1997, David edited a special issue of Superconductor Science and Technology in which past and present members of the Editorial Board contributed reviews of their specialities. He noted that at that time

  5. Getting Past the ‘Post-’: History and Time in the Fiction of David Mitchell

    Maria Beville


    Full Text Available This paper examines David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas (2004 and The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet (2010, with a particular focus on history and narrative time. It seeks to offer an alternative perspective on the multiple and intertwined fictional narratives of Mitchell’s oeuvre as these evidence a move past the "post-" of postmodernism. Keywords: David Mitchell, time, narrative, historiography, experimental fiction, post-postmodernismPostmodernism has cast an extended influence over much literary criticism in the last fifty years. However, with the end of the noughties now in reach of critical hindsight, and with the shock of September 11, 2001 beginning to subside, significant attention is turning once again toward the new literary vanguard. Efforts to discuss post-postmodernism, critical realism, new materialism, and new-millennial writing are certainly on a par with artistic and literary efforts to move beyond postmodernist playfulness and relativism. Within this broader framework, scholars have debated the fiction of David Mitchell, often straining to include his literary experimentalism with categories of the postmodern. However, resisting these efforts in the two novels chosen for analysis here, Mitchell’s writing appears to return from the abstraction and playfulness of postmodern poetics to settle as an engaged writing practice concerned with the materiality of time and of history. With time and history as its conceptual anchors, Mitchell’s more literary practice in the novels discussed here confronts developed postmodernist approaches to the past through an insistence upon a sense of time that abjures postmodern paradigms of uncertainty and relativity. This paper will examine time and narrative in relation to selected recent works by Mitchell in order to allow an alternative perspective on the workings of the multiple and intertwined fictional narratives across his novels; a perspective which can enlarge our understanding of how

  6. Christopher R. Fee & David A. Leeming. Gods, Heroes, and Kings. The Battle for Mythic Britain

    Sophie ALATORRE


    Full Text Available A reassessment of British mythology has long been overdue, and Gods, Heroes and Kings is to be regarded as a stimulating contribution which helps to situate Anglo-Saxon tales in the mainstream of Medieval literature. Myths, pagan and Judeo-Christian beliefs, classical narratives: such vast material forms the backcloth Christopher F. Fee and David A. Leeming have undertaken to explore, thanks to an erudite comparative approach. Obviously, their book first aims at giving readers a new image of ...

  7. Atomic processes and application in honour of David R. Bates' 60th birthday

    Burke, P G


    Atomic Processes and Applications is a collection of review articles that discusses major atomic and molecular processes and their applications to upper atmospheric physics and to astrophysics. The book also serves as a 60th birthday tribute to Dr. David R. Bates. The coverage of the text includes the overview of stratospheric aeronomy; upper atmosphere of the earth; and problems in atmospheric pollution. The book also deals with technical and highly specialized issues including photoionization of atomic systems; atomic structure and oscillator strengths; and atomic scattering computations. Th

  8. Johannes Kepler and David Fabricius: Their Discussion on the Nova of 1604

    Granada, Miguel A.

    David Fabricius (1564-1617) was one of the most important astronomers in the period between 1596, the year of publication of Kepler's Mysterium cosmographicum, and 1609, the year of publication of the Astronomia nova.1 Kepler praised Fabricius as the most accurate observational astronomer after Tycho Brahe's death in 1601.2 Fabricius was a Reformed pastor in Ostfriesland (East Frisia), his remote natal region, and a vocational astronomer. He published nothing in the field of astronomy except for the short treatises between 1604 and 1606 concerning the nova that appeared in October 1604 in Serpentarius.

  9. Física e epistemologia heterodoxas: David Bohm e o ensino de ciências

    Angotti, José André Pérez; UFSC - Santa Catarina


    Apresentamos proposições e convicções de David Bohm (1917–1992) bastante sugestivas para os professores de física/ciências preocupados com a melhoria dos processos e dos resultados de suas atividades, principalmente na perspectiva de ruptura com os pressupostos profissionais fundados nos fundamentos da Ciência Clássica e mesmo da Ciência Moderna e Contemporânea, bem como nos pressupostos da transmissão (ou troca) destes conhecimentos em sala de aula. Tais pressupostos, ad...

  10. Sit Down with Sabin: David Schlegel: Hunting Dark Energy (LBNL Summer Lecture Series)

    Russell, Sabin; Schlegel, David


    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory physicist and dark energy hunter David Schlegel chats with Sabin Russell, former San Francisco Chronicle reporter turned Berkeley Lab science writer, June 22, 2011. Their conversation is the first installment of "Sit Down With Sabin," a weekly conversation hosted by Russell. Over the course of five conversations with Berkeley Lab staff this summer, Russell will explore the ups and downs of innovative science — all without the aid of PowerPoint slides. Brought to you by Berkeley Lab Public Affairs.


    DURSUN, Abdurazzak


    In this article it is tried to clarify the thoughts of 18th century’s Scottish philosopher David Hume’s and 11th century’s ıranian islamic philosopher Gazali’s about causality problem. Causality is commonly being identified as “an event and the effects are interconnected to eachother in a particular way, there is always a reason for anything in the nature or that everthing can be explained by attributing to an event, the assertion that the same causes will give the same result at the same con...

  12. The problem of moral based on human nature in David Hume

    Emin Çelebi


    Full Text Available The biggest dream of Scottish philosopher David Hume was to establish a science to provide all the unknown about human life with concreteness as is in positive sciences. The science that he called “Human Nature Science” seems as a concept including all human actions like moral, knowledge and liberty. Naturally, everything related to human actions imply a sense in respect of moral, as well. In this study, we try to understand how Hume explained the problem of morality based on human nature.

  13. The problem of moral based on human nature in David Hume

    Emin Çelebi


    Full Text Available The biggest dream of Scottish philosopher David Hume was to establish a science to provide the entire unknown about human life with concreteness as is in positive sciences. The science that he called “Human Nature Science” seems as a concept including all human actions like moral, knowledge and liberty. Naturally, everything related to human actions imply a sense in respect of moral, as well. In this study, we try to understand how Hume explained the problem of morality based on human nature.

  14. O contratualismo e o utilitarismo na filosofia moral e política de David Hume

    Gabriel Bertin de Almeida


    A obra de David Hume é marcada por dois momentos distintos: o Tratado da Natureza Humana, brilhante obra de sua juventude, e as investigações e os ensaios, entre outros textos mais maduros. No contexto dessa transição, suas teorias moral e política sofrem pequenas, porém significativas, modificações. Uma delas diz respeito ao desaparecimento, na segunda Investigação, da dicotomia obrigação naturalmoral de justiça existente no Tratado, e, sobretudo, ao uso mais frequente do sentimento de human...

  15. Purification and in vitro Activity of an Antimicrobial Peptide from Skin of Rana Temporaria Chensinensis, David

    ZHOU Jie; MENG Qing-fan; XU Xue-song; TIAN Xiao-le; JIANG Fu-jia; LI Qing-shan; TENG Li-rong


    In this study, an antimicrobial component (RTCI) was purified from the skin of Rana temporaria chensinensis,David. Antimicrobial activities of RTCI against clinical multi-drug resistant bacterial strains, including Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureaus, Klebsiella oxytoca, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterococcus faecalis, and Proteus mirabilis were measured in vitro by means of minimal inhibitory concentration and time-kill studies.The results indicate that RTCI could inhibit the growth of these bacteria at a proper concentration and suggest that RTCI shows a better antimicrobial activity to Gram-negative bacterial strains than to Gram-positive bacterial strains.

  16. Media(ting Textual Therapies in David Lodge’s Therapy and Deaf Sentence

    Lidia Mihaela Necula


    Full Text Available What the present article attempts at is mediating the image of a ‘discarnate man’ who inlays a discursive medium, itself a message. In so doing, it embarks upon two of David Lodge’s novels, Therapy (1995 and Deaf Sentence (2008 respectively as best implying and suggesting for a mode of survival: the exorcising writing act, manifest at the level of the text under the form of diary pages, letters or emails, seems to work as the best therapeutic treatment for depression (personal or textual, so that the poetics of the text is gradually traded for and replaced by the politics of the fictional game.

  17. [Reseña del libro de] David Harvey. Diecisiete contradicciones y el fin del capitalismo.

    Labajos, Vidal


    [ES]La realidad problemática y en tensión constituye la materia prima de la crítica social; esto es, las contradicciones. David Harvey, autor de libros como La condición de la posmodernidad. Investigación sobre los orígenes del cambio cultural ([1989]1998) o Breve historia del neoliberalismo ([2005] 2007), hace de las contradicciones capitalistas su objeto de estudio principal en este último libro. Esquivando un estilo excesivamente farragoso, dedica gran parte de su interés a concretar un...

  18. The wonder of their voices: The 1946 Holocaust interviews of David Boder (New York: Oxford, 2010).

    Rosen, Alan C


    Writing a study of psychologist David Boder's 1946 displaced persons (DP) interview project gave me a chance to further document the substantial early response to the Holocaust. This was clearly one important piece of my study, and one that was eminently straightforward. Yet much of the research on Boder's project at the point in time that I carried it out was elliptical, partly because the primary interview materials were coming to light at an astonishing pace, partly because the archive collections were virtually untapped, and partly because of the misconception of Boder and his interview project itself.

  19. Buhler, James. Neumeyer, David. Deemer, Rob. Hearing the Movies: Music and Sound in Film History

    Carlos Henrique Silveira


    Full Text Available James Buhler et David Neumeyer sont certainement les auteurs les plus importants à publier sur l’analyse de la musique de film depuis les années quatre-vingt-dix aux Etats-Unis. Entre autres contributions, ils ont édité ensemble (avec Caryl Flinn Music and Cinema, un livre consacré aux différentes perspectives de l’étude de la musique de film. Tous les deux sont professeurs de théorie musicale à l’école de musique de l’université du Texas à Austin (Neumeyer étant aussi professeur à Leslie Wa...

  20. Perfiles heroicos en la filmografía de David Mamet

    Echart, P. (Pablo)


    Los universos ficticios de David Mamet se caracterizan por ser espacios inhóspitos. En ellos prevalecen las relaciones personales basadas en el interés propio, del que derivan variadas formas de engaño, manipulación y violencia. Sin embargo, esta concepción pesimista de la naturaleza humana no minimiza el valor y la necesidad del comportamiento ético. De hecho, una parte considerable de su filmografía puede analizarse a la luz de la dicotomía entre un contexto social perverso y unos personaje...

  1. Sulle orme di Racine e Metastasio: Il castigo di Atalia di David Franco-Mendes

    Anna Linda Callow


    Full Text Available Atalia's Punishment by David Franco-Mendes is a biblical drama which belongs to the period of the  Hebrew Haskalah. The author declares openly that he was inspired by the works of Racine and Metastasio,  but although it is possible to identify many common features, there are also important differences. The character of Atalia is deprived of a tragic stature which could inspire sympathy in the reader,  while all the elements of the text regarding the Temple of Jerusalem and the coronation of the legitimate  heir to the lineage of David are amplified. In this way, the drama, as compared to the works of Racine  and Metastasio, is brought back to be closer to the sensibility of a Jewish audience. Its being written  according to the canons of modern literature, and in pure Biblical Hebrew, however, makes it ideally  accessible to an educated audience of non-Jewish origin. The work can then be interpreted as an attempt  to mediate between the Jewish and non-Jewish European culture, in the spirit of the Haskalah.

  2. Corpses of Metaphor. Images of Death in David Leavitt and Jamaica Kincaid

    Fiorenzo Iuliano


    Full Text Available This essay analyzes two works, My Brother by Jamaica Kincaid, and "Saturn Street" by David Leavitt, investigating the construction of homosexuality as a process accomplished by resorting to illness (AIDS and death. In both works, indeed, the slow and dramatic course of AIDS amounts to the progressive unveiling of homosexuality as a social threat or a cause of anxiety and repulsion. The two works are set in different contexts: whereas Jamaica Kincaid refers to the problematic situation of homosexuality in the Caribbean, David Leavitt explores the social and cultural scenario of the 1990s Los Angeles, in the wake of a by now ended utopian confidence in science and technology.  This comparative approach helps us understand the political dynamics through which, in different and, to some extents, opposite realities, the social stigma of AIDS worked as a means to construct homosexual identity and set it apart from the sanitized spectrum of normal and sanctioned sexual behaviors. The point I want to make in this essay is that the corpse is used as an effective metaphor for a dehumanized depiction of male homosexual and ill subjects.

  3. eXistenZ by David Cronenberg: cyber-fictions for a post-humanity

    Laura Borràs Castanyer


    Full Text Available This article analyses David Cronenberg's film, eXistenZ, with the aim of establishing comparative territory with the world of new, electronic text forms. A second objective is to examine the enormous, creative possibilities that can already be seen within our contemporary, literary panorama yet which demand a change in sensibilities in order to adjust them to the needs of the new paradigm. It constitutes a reflection on the transformation of certain cultural habits which may allow us to develop new critical tools for analysing and comprehending this new literary step into the digital environment. Full text (HTML Este artículo presenta un análisis de la película eXistenZ, de David Cronenberg, con el fin de establecer un terreno comparativo con el mundo de las nuevas textualidades electrónicas y poder observar, de este modo, las enormes posibilidades creativas que ya se aprecian en el panorama literario contemporáneo pero que deben ir acompañadas de un cambio de sensibilidad para ajustarse a las necesidades del nuevo paradigma. Se trata de una reflexión sobre las transformaciones de unos ciertos hábitos culturales que, tal vez, nos permitirán llegar a desarrollar nuevas herramientas críticas para el análisis y comprensión de este nuevo paso de la literatura en el entorno digital.

  4. David Bellos. Le Poisson et le bananier: une histoire fabuleuse de la traduction

    Émilie Geneviève Audigier


    Full Text Available Poisson et le Babanier: une histoire fabuleuse de la traduction de David Bellos (Flammarion: 2012 oferece uma paisagem dinâmica e lúdica nos campos da tradução sob várias formas. David Bellos propõe ao leitor um convite à viagem na história da tradução e nos problemas conseqüentes para um largo público. Ao colocar as questões: que faz a tradução? Quantos modos de traduzir existem? Como as sociedades se empregam à esse capacidade? Esse livro, precioso em informações eruditas sobre a transposição oferece numerosas pistas de reflexão sobre tradução no mundo atual, e traz distanciamento histórico onde esse exercício cultural é um desafio permanente: do jogo literário à diplomacia, da economia ao direito internacional, do turismo à ficção científica, da literatura ao cinema.

  5. David R.Klein的《Organic Chemistry》内容介绍%The Introduction of Organic Chemistry Wrote by David R.Klein



    翻译了David R.Klein教授在2012年编著的《Organic Chemistry》的主要内容,全书27章,这本书仍然依照传统官能团分类编排,但将重点放在机理的介绍上.第六章介绍了化学反应和机制,第十二章介绍了合成的知识.正文之后给出各章所涉及的概念和词汇小结、关键术语,有助于教师的教学总结和学生的自修性复习.正文中间的习题和各章正文之后的三种类型习题进一步考察对知识的掌握.期望能为国内大学有机化学教材内容的编排提供一些参考.

  6. Advances in proof theory

    Strahm, Thomas; Studer, Thomas


    The aim of this volume is to collect original contributions by the best specialists from the area of proof theory, constructivity, and computation and discuss recent trends and results in these areas. Some emphasis will be put on ordinal analysis, reductive proof theory, explicit mathematics and type-theoretic formalisms, and abstract computations. The volume is dedicated to the 60th birthday of Professor Gerhard Jäger, who has been instrumental in shaping and promoting logic in Switzerland for the last 25 years. It comprises contributions from the symposium “Advances in Proof Theory”, which was held in Bern in December 2013. Proof theory came into being in the twenties of the last century, when it was inaugurated by David Hilbert in order to secure the foundations of mathematics. It was substantially influenced by Gödel's famous incompleteness theorems of 1930 and Gentzen's new consistency proof for the axiom system of first order number theory in 1936. Today, proof theory is a well-established branch ...

  7. 36th Annual David W. Smith Workshop on Malformations and Morphogenesis: Abstracts of the 2015 annual meeting.

    Gripp, Karen W; Adam, Margaret P; Hudgins, Louanne; Carey, John C


    The 36th Annual David W Smith Workshop on Malformations and Morphogenesis was held on August 14-19, 2015 at the Harbourtowne Conference Center in St. Michaels Maryland. The Workshop, which honors the legacy of David W Smith, brought together over 120 clinicians and researchers interested in congenital malformations and their underlying mechanisms of morphogenesis. As is the tradition of the meeting, the Workshop highlighted five themes besides mechanisms of morphogenesis: Rasopathies, Eye Malformations, Therapeutics, Prenatal Diagnosis, and Disorders of Sex Development. This Conference Report includes the abstracts presented at the 2015 Workshop. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  8. Le Breton David, En souffrance. Adolescence et entrée dans la vie

    Claude Rivière


    Full Text Available Les souffrances du jeune Werther, Rimbaud, Le Grand Meaulnes : littérature ancienne ! Quant à la « flamboyante jeunesse » ou à la « génération perdue » des Fitzgerald et des Hemingway, elles sont quasiment ignorées en France. Freud a dit l’Œdipe, Debesse, La crise d’originalité juvénile. David Le Breton, lui, articule d’abord sa recherche avec ses ouvrages antérieurs sur le risque et se focalise sur l’expérience psychologique de l’adolescent souhaitant échapper à la souffrance qu’il éprouve, ...

  9. Capitalismo, cidade e política na perspectiva de David Harvey

    Marco Aurélio Santana


    Full Text Available O texto discute alguns eixos conceituais relevantes para a compreensão da obra de David Harvey, concentrando-se especificamente nas formulações do autor acerca da ideia de rearranjo espacial (spatial fix, de novo imperialismo (new imperialism e de acumulação mediante despossessão (acumulation by dispossession. Objetiva-se lidar também com o que se seriam os componentes da teoria critica de Harvey. Além disso, apresenta-se como tais ideias e formulações não podem ser plenamente entendidas sem o seu enraizamento nas reflexões do autor acerca das cidades.

  10. What motivated Dr David Livingstone (1813-73) in his work in Africa?

    Beard, John A S


    Born of humble beginnings in a Scottish mill-town, David Livingstone would become one of the great explorers of the 19th century, traversing 30,000 miles of unknown Africa. His pioneering spirit and inquisitive mind brought knowledge and discoveries in the fields of tropical medicine, linguistics, botany, zoology, anthropology and geology. While it can be argued that Livingstone exhibited contradictions and shortcomings as a man, he nonetheless grasped the imagination of Victorian Britain and helped to change European attitudes towards Africa forever. His numerous endeavours were undertaken under the banner of divinely inspired missionary work -- 'If God has accepted my service, then my life is charmed till my work is done' (Livingstone D. Livingstone's Private Journals, 1851-53. London: Chatto & Windus, 1960:108). Yet whether it was indeed religion that truly motivated Livingstone, or rather that he used it as a vehicle for his other passions, is less certain.

  11. Memory, Identity and Desire: A Psychoanalytic Reading of David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive

    Murat Akser


    Full Text Available This is a reading of David Mulholland Drive through psychoanalytic approach of Lacan from the perspective of formation of fantasy and shifting identities. Lynch constructs his films consciously choosing his themes from the sub(versive/conscious side of human mind. Previous attempts to read Lynch's films are fixed around the idea that Lynch is using film genres to create postmodern pastiches. Mulholland Drive has been analyzed several times from different approaches ranging from gender (Love, 2004, narratology (Lentzner, 2005; McGowan, 2004; Cook, 2011. Elements of film noir, musical, caper films can be identified in Lynch’s films. This detailed textual analysis intends to rationalize Lynch’s narrative structure through Lacanian terms in reference to Zizekian terminology.

  12. The Dehumanizing American Dream in David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross

    Mehdi Sepehrmanesh


    Full Text Available The American Dream is a recurrent theme in American literature. In this response, this paper is an attempt to expose the destructive effects of the dream on the human spirit. It is also shown, through the analysis of David Mamet’s glengarry Glen Ross, that despite the promise of the dream it contains many contradictions. Beneath the seeming simple surface of the play lies a deep current of meanings that reflect the calamities of modern American life, and in a broader sense, the modern world. This article indicates how capitalism inculcates ideologies in the mind of individuals in order to facilitate the exploiting process and unquestioning subordination. Ragged individualism, for instance, as  the most prominent of these ideologies, disrupts all communal bonds and even exceeds to the disintegration of friendship and family life.

  13. Review: Henry E. Brady & David Collier (Eds. (2004. Rethinking Social Inquiry: Diverse Tools, Shared Standards

    Matthias Catón


    Full Text Available The book Rethinking Social Inquiry, edited by Henry E. BRADY and David COLLIER, is a response to a book by KING, KEOHANE and VERBA (1994 that aimed to introduce quantitative standards to qualitative research. The authors of the book reviewed here criticize many of the suggestions made there because they argue that qualitative research requires other tools. Nevertheless, they agree that the foundations of research design are similar. The book comprises a comprehensive critique of mainstream quantitative techniques, describes a set of qualitative tools for research, and addresses issues of how to combine qualitative and quantitative approaches to maximize analytical leverage. It is an excellent contribution to the methodological debate in the social sciences. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0602309

  14. Sobre as coleções e colecionadores em Ver: Amor, de David Grossman

    Jorge Freitas


    Full Text Available Este artigo define-se como a análise do conceito de coleção no romance do escritor israelense David Grossman (2007, Ver: Amor. Nesse sentido, pretendemos elaborar um percurso pelas características principais do romance de Grossman que giram em torno de uma escrita enciclopédica, labiríntica, metalinguística, rizomática e fragmentária. Características, convém ressaltar, típicas de um romance pós-moderno, sobretudo, de um romance que pretende se confrontar com questões duríssimas sobre o extermínio, a morte, a catástrofe, mas que também, aponta para temas como a vida, a memória, o amor e a sobrevivência.

  15. eXistenZ, de David Cronenberg: ciberficciones para la posthumanidad

    Laura Borràs Castanyer


    Full Text Available Este artículo presenta un análisis de la película eXistenZ, de David Cronenberg, con el fin de establecer un terreno comparativo con el mundo de las nuevas textualidades electrónicas y poder observar, de este modo, las enormes posibilidades creativas que ya se aprecian en el panorama literario contemporáneo pero que deben ir acompañadas de un cambio de sensibilidad para ajustarse a las necesidades del nuevo paradigma. Se trata de una reflexión sobre las transformaciones de unos ciertos hábitos culturales que, tal vez, nos permitirán llegar a desarrollar nuevas herramientas críticas para el análisis y comprensión de este nuevo paso de la literatura en el entorno digital.

  16. David Hume e as finanças de James I



    Full Text Available RESUMOEste artigo examina a análise de David Hume realizada em seu livro História da Inglaterra, da luta entre o parlamento e o rei James I sobre as finanças da coroa durante o primeiro trimestre do século XVII. Inicialmente, são apresentados os principais elementos políticos por trás da briga no coração do poder político da Inglaterra, seguidos por comentários do escritor escocês sobre as finanças reais, com ênfase nos seus pontos de vista sobre as receitas e despesas da Coroa durante o reinado de James I. No final são recuperados os fatores de longo prazo elencados como determinantes da nova postura parlamentar.

  17. El error en filosofía: El caso de David Hume

    García Obando, Pedro Antoino; Universidad Industrial de Santander


    El presente texto se ocupa del error filosófico en el caso de Hume. El autor defiende la tesis según la cual no es posible enseñar una filosofía como la de David Hume si no se asume la historia de sus ideas filosóficas con los ojos de la crítica, una crítica que cuente además los posibles errores cometidos por Hume en la solución de algunos de los problemas planteados por él mismo. Esta historia abarca los años de diferencia que hay entre el Tratado de la naturaleza humana y la Investigación ...

  18. Remedial investigation/feasibility study for the David Witherspoon, Inc., 901 Site, Knoxville, Tennessee: Volume 1



    This remedial investigation (RI)/feasibility study (FS) supports the selection of remedial actions for the David Witherspoon, Inc. 901 Maryville Pike Site in Knoxville, Tennessee. Operations at the site, used as a recycling center, have resulted in past, present, and potential future releases of hazardous substances in to the environment. This Site is a Tennessee Superfund site. A phased approach was planned to (1) gather existing data from previous investigations managed by the Tenn. Dept. of Environment and Conservation; (2) perform a preliminary RI, including risk assessments, and an FS with existing data to identify areas where remedial action may be necessary; (3) gather additional field data to adequately define the nature and extent of risk-based contaminants that present identifiable threats to human and/or ecological receptors; and (4) develop remedial action alternatives to reduce risks to acceptable levels.

  19. David Harvey, The Enigma of Capital and the Crises of Capitalism

    Hugo Dias


    Full Text Available David Harvey é, actualmente, uma das figuras incontornáveis quando nos debruçamos sobre as dinâmicas espacio‑temporais de desenvolvimento do capitalismo contemporâneo. O geógrafo ambicionou sempre defender uma certa noção de conhecimento, que admite a diversidade e a fragmentação, mas que daí não retira a conclusão da absoluta impotência para a construção de uma grelha de compreensão da realidade. Se o seu percurso inicial é marcado por um cunho positivista forte (que cedo abandona, é no ref...

  20. David Urquhart’s perceptions of the eastern question the affairs of Serbia

    Milojković-Đurić Jelena


    Full Text Available At the beginning of his diplomatic career in Constantinople in 1835, David Urquhart was instrumental in promoting the British cause by endorsing its political grand design and mercantile interests in Turkey, Greece, the Caucasian region, Crimea, Serbia and adjacent Balkan principalities. While observing the complexities of the Eastern Question, Urquhart recognized the underlying importance that Serbia had attained in the context of competing imperial interests in the Balkans. His engaged commentaries on the crucial changes in Serbian political discourse elucidated as well his understanding of Serbian history and culture past and present. Urquhart discerned a correspondence between Serbian political affairs and the inherent situa­tion in the region of the Caucasus and Circassia.

  1. Pintura y Terror : Jacques-Louis David en 1793-1794

    García Hernández, Miguel Ángel


    Entre 1793 y 1794, durante el llamado «Gran Terror», los retratos de los «mártires revolucionarios» de Jacques-Louis David han desarticulado las bases de la pintura de historia al eliminar la narración y el espacio de la perspectiva tal y como habían sido concebidos desde el Renacimiento. Este artículo indaga en este proceso a través del entramado político, social y religioso que se puso en marcha durante la República jacobina. Entre 1793 i 1794, durant l’anomenat «Gran Terror», els retrat...

  2. Astronaut David Brown talks with team members from Lake Buena Vista, Fla


    Astronaut David Brown chats with members of the Explorers team, from Lake Buena Vista, Fla., during the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Southeast Regional competition held March 9-11 in the KSC Visitor Complex Rocket Garden. Teams of high school students from all over the country are testing the limits of their imagination using robots they have designed, with the support of business and engineering professionals and corporate sponsors, to compete in a technological battle against other schools' robots. Of the 30 high school teams competing at the Southeast Regional event, 16 are Florida teams co-sponsored by NASA and KSC contractors. Local high schools participating are Astronaut, Bayside, Cocoa Beach, Eau Gallie, Melbourne, Melbourne Central Catholic, Palm Bay, Rockledge, Satellite, and Titusville.

  3. Animals and nature: mapping storylines and metaphors in David Kramer’s narratives

    M. Slabbert


    Full Text Available This article discusses the representation of animals and nature in selected lyrics from the oeuvre of singer, songwriter and producer David Kramer and considers his engagement with historical and contemporary discourses about human-animal and human-nature interaction in relation to ecological awareness within a South African context. I trace the socio-political commentary voiced through his depiction of animals in the folksongs he wrote during apartheid, especially in lyrics from the album “Baboondogs” (Kramer, 1986. Kramer also employs intertextual references to traditional South African folksongs and tales in his music. Furthermore, the social and environmental significance of Kramer’s representations of nature in a selection of his postapartheid lyrics is investigated. I argue that the pedagogical value of Kramer’s cultural commentary can contribute significantly to the challenge of teaching animal studies and ecocriticism in South African context.

  4. David Hume : de la Nueva Metafísica a la Verdadera Religión

    Pérez Andreo, Bernardo


    La crítica de David Hume a la religión y la propuesta de una nueva metafísica son dos elementos inseparables en la obra de Hume, pues la crítica de la metafísica, falsa y adulterada como la llama él, es la base para realizar la crítica que de verdad le interesa a Hume, la crítica de la religión, de las religiones. Todas las religiones, entiende, son las causantes de las guerras y discordias sociales, porque un grupo de privilegiados las utilizan para buscar fines espurios y no para hacer aqu...

  5. [Recurrent depressive disorder in Caspar David Friedrich. A pathographical approach with operationalized diagnosis].

    Spitzer, C; Dahlenburg, B; Freyberger, H J


    Caspar David Friedrich (1774 - 1840) is one of the most important German Romantic painters. In his paintings, he prototypically represents the melancholy, which has been mentioned by his contemporaries and later biographers. Art scientists have also referred to his melancholy for the interpretation of his work. From a medical point of view, there are only two pathographies which remain inconclusive. Having applied diagnostic criteria for psychiatric disorders to his letters and publications, to statements of his contemporaries and to his art, we propose that he had suffered from a recurrent major depression which occurred in 1799 for the first time. At least three depressive episodes followed before he was struck by a stroke in 1835. There are epidemiological, psychodynamic and personality-typological reasons supporting our diagnostic assumption. The course of his depression corresponds to phases of reduced creativity, to the chosen techniques and motives. Finally we discuss the implications of our approach for the pathographical method in general.

  6. Poor Little Ritz Boy David "does" Hawaii or: lucky Davy salutes lucky Lindy.

    Bittner, David


    In this article, David Bittner explodes the myth, restated in Brideshead Revisited (1945), that Polynesians are "happy and harmless." He does so for the same reason that Evelyn Waugh does: "the grim invasion of trader, administrator, missionary, and tourist" has changed all that (p. 174). Touring Hawaii in July of '09, Bittner was interested to discover some unusual bits of American heritage, but saddened to see how "civilization" and "Americanization" actually seem to have eroded the Hawaiian people's rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Bittner's dual religious heritage-Judaism by birth and upbringing and Catholicism by choice in mid-life-has given him the perspective to apply the lessons of Hawaiian history to his own personal issues, particularly forgiveness.

  7. David M. Lubin. Shooting Kennedy : JFK and the Culture of Images.

    François Brunet


    Voici un livre décapant, décoiffant et déroutant, qui a d’ores et déjà fait pas mal de bruit outre-Atlantique. Son auteur, David Lubin, enseigne l’histoire de l’art à Wake Forest (Caroline du Nord), et il était déjà connu des américanistes comme l’auteur de Picturing a Nation : Art and Social Change in Nineteenth-Century America (1994). Dans ce dernier livre, comme dans Titanic (1999), Lubin se montrait un historien de l’art novateur, voire iconoclaste, en organisant la confrontation des genr...

  8. David M. Lubin. Shooting Kennedy : JFK and the Culture of Images.

    François Brunet


    Full Text Available Voici un livre décapant, décoiffant et déroutant, qui a d’ores et déjà fait pas mal de bruit outre-Atlantique. Son auteur, David Lubin, enseigne l’histoire de l’art à Wake Forest (Caroline du Nord, et il était déjà connu des américanistes comme l’auteur de Picturing a Nation : Art and Social Change in Nineteenth-Century America (1994. Dans ce dernier livre, comme dans Titanic (1999, Lubin se montrait un historien de l’art novateur, voire iconoclaste, en organisant la confrontation des genr...

  9. The Poetics of Combinatory Cinema: David Jhave Johnston interviews Roderick Coover and Scott Rettberg

    Roderick Coover


    Full Text Available For the past several years filmmaker Roderick Coover and fiction writer Scott Rettberg have collaborated on a series of film and digital media projects that address climate change, environmental catastrophe, cross-cultural communication and combinatory poetics. Working between Philadelphia, USA, where Coover directs the graduate programme in Film and Media Arts at Temple University, and Bergen, Norway, where Rettberg is Professor of Digital Culture at the University of Bergen. Their projects, including The Last Volcano, Rats and Cats, Three Rails Live (with Nick Montfort and Toxi•City, deal thematically with contemporary and past moments of environmental change and human loss, and formally with interdisciplinary practice and combinatory poetics. Coover and Rettberg were interviewed by digital poet and experimental filmmaker David Jhave Johnston, Assistant Professor in the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong.

  10. David a. brading. la canonización de juan diego

    Renán Silva


    David Brading, el conocido y con toda justicia respetado historiador inglés especialista en América Hispana —y de manera particular en Nueva España—, ha escrito un pequeño libro que plantea grandes interrogantes. Se trata de un folleto de menos de cien páginas —en formato pequeño—, en donde examina con una erudición admirable los episodios que rodearon la canonización de Juan Diego, el indio mexicano a quien, según el relato tradicional, se le apareció la Virgen María, relato a partir del cua...

  11. David A. Brading. La canonización de Juan Diego

    Renán Silva


    Full Text Available David Brading, el conocido y con toda justicia respetado historiador inglés especialista en América Hispana —y de manera particular en Nueva España—, ha escrito un pequeño libro que plantea grandes interrogantes. Se trata de un folleto de menos de cien páginas —en formato pequeño—, en donde examina con una erudición admirable los episodios que rodearon la canonización de Juan Diego, el indio mexicano a quien, según el relato tradicional, se le apareció la Virgen María, relato a partir del cual se ha construido uno de los pilares que estructuraron la propia historia de México, inseparable del culto guadalupano, como tantos autores lo han mostrado

  12. The challenges and future of oral drug delivery: An interview with David Brayden.

    Brayden, David J


    David Brayden speaks to Hannah Makin, Commissioning Editor: David Brayden is a Full Professor (Advanced Drug Delivery) at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University College Dublin (UCD) and also a Fellow of the UCD Conway Institute. Following a PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Cambridge, UK (1989), and a postdoctoral research fellowship at Stanford University, CA, USA, he set up Elan Biotechnology Research's in vitro pharmacology laboratory in Dublin (1991). At Elan, he became a senior scientist and project manager of several of Elan's joint-venture drug delivery research collaborations with US biotech companies. In 2001, he joined UCD as a lecturer in veterinary pharmacology and was appointed Associate Professor in 2006 and Full Professor in 2014. He was a Director of the Science Foundation Ireland Research Cluster (The Irish Drug Delivery Research Network) from 2007 to 2013, is a Deputy Coordinator of an FP7 Consortium on oral peptides in nanoparticles ('TRANS-INT', 2012-2017), and is a Co-Principal Investigator in 'CURAM', Science Foundation Ireland's new Centre for Medical Devices (2014-2020 [ 1 ]). He was made a Fellow of the Controlled Release Society in 2012. He is the author or co-author of >200 research publications and patents. D Brayden serves on the Editorial Advisory Boards of Drug Discovery Today, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews and the Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, and is an Associate Editor of Therapeutic Delivery. D Brayden works as an independent consultant for drug delivery companies.

  13. Basic Research in the Mathematical Foundations of Stability Theory, Control Theory and Numerical Linear Algebra.


    without determinantal divisors, Linear and Multilinear Algebra 7(1979), 107-109. 4. The use of integral operators in number theory (with C. Ryavec and...Gersgorin revisited, to appear in Letters in Linear Algebra. 15. A surprising determinantal inequality for real matrices (with C.R. Johnson), to appear in...Analysis: An Essay Concerning the Limitations of Some Mathematical Methods in the Social , Political and Biological Sciences, David Berlinski, MIT Press

  14. 论休谟的财产权理论%A theory on David Hume's property rights




  15. David Hume's Theory on Motive and Its Dilemma%休谟的动机理论及其困境




  16. 休谟行为理论初探%A first study of David Hume's action theory




  17. A toxidez da escrita como um destino da sublimação em David Foster Wallace

    Ana Cecília Carvalho


    Full Text Available A autora discute o conceito de sublimação sob a luz da segunda teoria freudiana do conflito pulsional, a fim de examinar os aspectos funcionais e disfuncionais na criação literária, tomando como exemplo o caso de alguns escritores suicidas para destacar, dentre eles, o autor americano David Foster Wallace.

  18. David Lowden 《The market has been growing by 20 percent and we are growing ahead of that》



    @@ David Lowden became chief executive of Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) in January 2006. Despite having worked in the market research industry for about almost I3years, including four years with ACNielsen, Lowden has been getting to know about the business from a different perspective.

  19. A new species of Neyraia Joyeux et Timon-David, 1934 (Cestoda: Dilepididae) from the Egyptian wild birds.

    Ashour, A; Lewis, J; Ahmed, S E


    A new species of the genus Neyraia Joyeux et Timon-David, 1934 is described from Egyptian wild birds; Neyraia epops from the hoopoe Upupa epops. The new species is compared and with the other related species of the genus. The erection of the new species was based primarily on differences in the number of testes and number of the rostellar hooks.

  20. Patria ed Affetti : Jewish identity and risorgimento nationalism in the oeuvres of Samuel Luzzatto, Isaac Reggio, and David Levi

    Grazi, Alessandro


    Joodse identiteit en Risorgimento-nationalisme in de oeuvres van Samuel Luzzatto, Isaac Reggio en David Levi Alessandro Grazi deed onderzoek naar de houding van Joden tegenover de moderniteit in het negentiende-eeuwse Italië en de vraag in welke mate hun reacties het resultaat waren van geografisch,

  1. Preserving Precious Instruments in Mathematics History: The Educational Museum of Teachers College and David Eugene Smith's Collection

    Murray, Diane R.


    A history is given of the Educational Museum of Teachers College, which began in 1886, and David Eugene Smith's extensive collection of mathematical tools used in the Museum's exhibits is discussed. Historic mathematical instruments including, the astrolabe, abacus and counting rods, and the slide rule are examined. The author uses digitized…

  2. Teacher as Actor--Henry David Thoreau--From Room One-Eleven to Walden Pond and Beyond.

    Barto, David

    To help maintain class interest in the important themes addressed in "Walden" and "The Duties of Civil Disobedience," a high school English teacher has presented a dramatic monologue as Henry David Thoreau to his students. After much library research, the teacher used some of the props characteristic of the author, such as a…

  3. No correlation between neonatal fitness and heterozygosity in a reintroduced population of Père David's deer

    Yan ZENG; Chunwang LI; Linyuan ZHANG; Zhenyu ZHONG; Zhigang JIANG


    Considering the severe impacts of genetic bottlenecks and small numbers of founders in populations of reintroduced animals,it is necessary to study inbreeding and its effect on fitness in species of conservation concern.Père David's deer is one of few large mammal species extinct in the wild but safely preserved in captivity.Its specific background gives us the opportunity to study the relationships between heterozygosity and neonatal fitness in relocated populations.We employed five microsatellite loci to explore heterozygosity-fitness correlations in a population of Père David's deer at the Beijing Milu Ecological Research Center.We observed associations between microsatellite-based variables sMLH,IR,MD2 and HL,and two components of fitness expressed early in life (birth weight and the neonatal mortality of 123 Père David's deer calves born over six consecutive years).We found that neonatal mortality was 19.1% ± 7.6%,not higher than the 19% or 18% reported in other ungulates.The heterozygosity of calves was not associated with neonatal mortality,nor birth weight.Our study implies that low genetic variability of microsatellite loci has no overt effect on birth weight and neonatal mortality in reintroduced populations of Père David's deer.

  4. Los actos tienen consecuencias. Lógicas del mind-game film en la trilogía de Los Ángeles de David Lynch

    Elsaesser, T.


    Actions Do Have Consequences. Logics of the Mind-Game Film in David Lynch’s Los Angeles-Trilogy. David Lynch is a director, along with other auteurs, notably Michael Haneke and Lars von Trier, whose authorial identity and creative authority —and the challenges these encounter in the 21st century— ar

  5. Bohmian mechanics and quantum theory an appraisal

    Goldstein, Sheldon; Cushing, James T


    We are often told that quantum phenomena demand radical revisions of our scientific world view and that no physical theory describing well defined objects, such as particles described by their positions, evolving in a well defined way, let alone deterministically, can account for such phenomena. The great majority of physicists continue to subscribe to this view, despite the fact that just such a deterministic theory, accounting for all of the phe­ nomena of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics, was proposed by David Bohm more than four decades ago and has arguably been around almost since the inception of quantum mechanics itself. Our purpose in asking colleagues to write the essays for this volume has not been to produce a Festschrift in honor of David Bohm (worthy an undertaking as that would have been) or to gather together a collection of papers simply stating uncritically Bohm's views on quantum mechanics. The central theme around which the essays in this volume are arranged is David Bohm's vers...

  6. The David and Goliath principle: cultural, ideological, and attitudinal underpinnings of the normative protection of low-status groups from criticism.

    Jeffries, Carla H; Hornsey, Matthew J; Sutton, Robbie M; Douglas, Karen M; Bain, Paul G


    Two studies documented the "David and Goliath" rule--the tendency for people to perceive criticism of "David" groups (groups with low power and status) as less normatively permissible than criticism of "Goliath" groups (groups with high power and status). The authors confirmed the existence of the David and Goliath rule across Western and Chinese cultures (Study 1). However, the rule was endorsed more strongly in Western than in Chinese cultures, an effect mediated by cultural differences in power distance. Study 2 identified the psychological underpinnings of this rule in an Australian sample. Lower social dominance orientation (SDO) was associated with greater endorsement of the rule, an effect mediated through the differential attribution of stereotypes. Specifically, those low in SDO were more likely to attribute traits of warmth and incompetence to David versus Goliath groups, a pattern of stereotypes that was related to the protection of David groups from criticism.

  7. «Always the photography astonishes me»: David Bowie, between myth and visual culture

    Alessandra Olivares


    Full Text Available The recent death of David Bowie activated a memorial process which incites to retrace the cultural, social, aesthetic, of costume, fashion and art history of the last forty years. It’s impossible, therefore, not reflect on the mechanisms that led to the creation of he who in the collective imaginary is reductive to consider just a symbol of modern rock.Several books, prestigious magazines and important exhibitions devoted space to the infinite nuances of he who is defined not only icon but also idol, star, legend and myth. These terms have subtle interferences between them as Jean Jacques Wunenburger underlined and all refer to the concept of Mythology. Even if many authors stated the “disappearance of the myth” in the postmodern epoch (Jewett and Lawrence, the myth is one of those phenomena which involves the everyday life, also in the contemporary time.Certainly the ever closer relations between art, mass media and advertisement played a decisive role in restructuring the concept of myth, but didn’t essentially change its meaning. Actually, the mass reproducibility of images, instead of provoking the “fall of aura”, as stated by Walter Benjamin, seems to have increased the "sacred" magnetism of the images.The icon David Bowie is the result of a multifaceted and outstanding personality which involved and influenced every possible contemporary language - fashion, music, theatre, film, performance, video and more recently internet. As always the photographic gaze captured and crystallized over time the different visions making them eternal and “biting” in the meaning which Barthes clarified in his famous book.The intense collaboration with “the man who photographed the Seventies”, the English Mick Rock, produced images intended to write an important piece of the history of contemporary photography. Ziggy Stardust, the character masterfully interpreted and documented by Mick Rock, is the symbol of Bowie’s fascinating ability

  8. Capacity theory on algebraic curves

    Rumely, Robert S


    Capacity is a measure of size for sets, with diverse applications in potential theory, probability and number theory. This book lays foundations for a theory of capacity for adelic sets on algebraic curves. Its main result is an arithmetic one, a generalization of a theorem of Fekete and Szegö which gives a sharp existence/finiteness criterion for algebraic points whose conjugates lie near a specified set on a curve. The book brings out a deep connection between the classical Green's functions of analysis and Néron's local height pairings; it also points to an interpretation of capacity as a kind of intersection index in the framework of Arakelov Theory. It is a research monograph and will primarily be of interest to number theorists and algebraic geometers; because of applications of the theory, it may also be of interest to logicians. The theory presented generalizes one due to David Cantor for the projective line. As with most adelic theories, it has a local and a global part. Let /K be a smooth, complet...

  9. Kritik Sejarah dan Literasi terhadap Hukum Waris Islam dalam Pandangan David S. Powers

    Safrudin Edi Wibowo


    Full Text Available Conventionally speaking, the current Muslim law of inheritance is habitually considered as a sufficient and final form of legal formula that reflects the true spirit of Islamic Law ordained by God. The majority of Muslims currently are of belief that the ulama of the first generation have passed down to us the most complete and sophisticated set of law based on their acute interpretation of the Qur’an and the Sunnah. This belief however has now been subjected to a severe criticism by the contemporary critiques especially from the like of David S. Powers. His Studies in Qur’an and Hadith: The Formulation of the Islamic Law of Inheritance that employs the historical and literary criticism approach discovered that there are other sides of Muslim inheritance law. This work challenges the established belief among the traditional Muslims and offers a new legal paradigm whereby a legal ruling must bee seen as reflecting a social and historical dimension. This paper in every respect is a critical review of Powers’ book.

  10. Clássicos versus Keynes: a abordagem formal de David Champernowne

    Cláudia Heller


    Full Text Available Este texto tem por objetivo ressaltar um aspecto que não tem sido tratado com a devida profundidade na literatura que estuda a formalização da Teoria Geral do Emprego, dos Juros e da Moeda de John Maynard Keynes (1936. Mais precisamente, o texto destaca a estratégia de formalização adotada por David G. Champernowne em seu artigo intitulado "Unemployment, Basic and Monetary: the classical analysis and the keynesian", publicado em 1935-36 na Review of Economic Studies. Chamamos a atenção para o fato dele distinguir a teoria clássica da teoria de Keynes não apenas pelos pressupostos adotados por cada teoria, mas principalmente pela construção de subsistemas a partir de um sistema geral, com características recursivas (relações de causalidade distintas. As explicações "em prosa", a descrição algébrica das funções comportamentais e condições de equilíbrio e a ilustração por meio de diagramas, além da escolha de conjuntos específicos de variáveis para representar cada uma das teorias e suas diferentes versões são aspectos deste artigo de Champernowne que merecem uma análise mais minuciosa.

  11. Toward A Constructive Postmodern Pluralism on the Perspectives of Alfred North Whitehead and David Ray Griffin

    Purwanto Purwanto


    Full Text Available Tidak bisa dipungkiri perkembangan pemikiran keagamaan selalu memberikan corak yang dinamis, salah satunya adalah pemikiran tentang posmodernisme. Kaitannya dengan hal tersebut istilah pluralism posmodern konstruktif merupakan salah satu pemikiran posmodern yang menjadi kajian utama dalam tulisan ini. Meskipun banyak yang menolak penggunaan kata posmodernisme karena banyaknya asumsi yang berkembang namun istilah tersebut mempunyai kegunaan lebih dalam menyelami pemikiran-pemikiran yang berkembang saat ini. Saya menggunakan istilah tersebut untuk membedakan dua macam pluralism; 1 pluralism modern yang mencari kesamaan dasar pada tiap tradisi agama yang berbeda, dan 2 pluralisme posmodern yang menolak setiap pencarian dasar kesamaan berdasarkan penekanan terhadap keragaman dan keutamaan agama. Dari situ, artikel ini menjelaskan tentang ide-ide seputar pluralisme posmodern konstruktif (constructive postmodern pluralism. Selain itu, pembahasan dalam artikel ini lebih banyak bertumpu pada pemikiran dua tokoh, yakni Alfred North Whitehead, yang diperkenalkan dan dikembangkan oleh Cobb, dan David Ray Griffin. Pluralisme yang diusung dua tokoh ini melampaui gagasan pluralisme yang dijelaskan oleh John Hick, yaitu pluralisme yang menempatkan agama dalam posisi dasar the same down deep. 

  12. Plasticity, stability, and yield: the origins of Anthony David Bradshaw's model of adaptive phenotypic plasticity.

    Peirson, B R Erick


    Plant ecologist Anthony David Bradshaw's account of the evolution of adaptive phenotypic plasticity remains central to contemporary research aimed at understanding how organisms persist in heterogeneous environments. Bradshaw suggested that changes in particular traits in response to specific environmental factors could be under direct genetic control, and that natural selection could therefore act directly to shape those responses: plasticity was not "noise" obscuring a genetic signal, but could be specific and refined just as any other adaptive phenotypic trait. In this paper, I document the contexts and development of Bradshaw's investigation of phenotypic plasticity in plants, including a series of unreported experiments in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Contrary to the mythology that later emerged around Bradshaw's ideas, Bradshaw was engaged in a serious and sustained empirical research program concerning plasticity in the 1950s and 1960s that went far beyond a single review paper. Moreover, that work was not isolated, but was surrounded by an already rich theoretical discourse and a substantial body of empirical research concerning the evolution of developmental plasticity and stability. Bradshaw recast the problem of how to understand (and control) plasticity and stability within an epistemic framework focused on genetic differences and natural selection.

  13. Reseña de Levey, David (2008. Language Change and Variation in Gibraltar

    Mª Carmen Merino Ferrada


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Tabla normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0cm; mso-para-margin-right:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:10.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:0cm; line-height:115%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;} Se trata de una reseña de Levey, David (2008. Language Change and Variation in Gibraltar.

  14. David J. Triggle: Medicinal chemistry, to pharmacology, calcium channels, and beyond.

    Walker, Michael J A


    David Triggle's scientific career began as a chemist, went through medicinal chemistry into pharmacology, and finally on to somewhat more philosophical interests in later years. It was a career marked by many contributions to all of those aspects of science. Chief amongst his many contributions, in addition to those in medicinal chemistry, was his work on the drugs known as calcium ion channel blockers or (calcium antagonists). In the calcium ion channel field he was a particularly instrumental figure in sorting out the mechanisms, actions and roles of the class of calcium channel blockers, known chemical and pharmacologically as the dihydropyridines (DHPs) in particular, as well as other calcium blockers of diverse structures. During the course of a long career, and extensive journeys into medicinal chemistry and pharmacology, he published voluminously in terms of papers, reviews, conference proceedings and books. Notably, many of his papers often had limited authorship where, as senior author it reflected his deep involvement in all aspects of the reported work. His work always helped clarify the field while his incisive reviews, together with his role in coordinating and running scientific meetings, were a great help in clarifying and organizing various fields of study. He has had a long and illustrious career, and is wellknown in the world of biomedical science; his contributions are appreciated, and well recognized everywhere. The following article attempts to chart a path through his work and contributions to medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, science, academia and students.

  15. El enigma de las montañas reales: propuesta narrativa de David Toscana

    Iwona Kasperska


    Full Text Available The objective of this paper is to reflect on some features of David Toscana’s novel Los puentes de Königsberg. In this contribution by the Northern Mexican writer there are unusual parallelisms between different realities of the cities of Monterrey (Mexico and Königsberg (East Prussia, which become the basis of the structure of the novel. In this framework the author situates certain eccentric characters, providing them with a “double life”, a real Mexican one and an imaginary East-Prussian one, in order to contrast the cities and validate the superiority of Königsberg, the actual protagonist of the novel. Toscana uses selected criteria, such as scientific and cultural contributions by the cities, their different historical fates, and the moral attitudes of their inhabitants towards discrimination, war crimes and gender violence, which implies a severe critique of Monterrey’s society. The set of parallelisms between the cities is totally convincing as a fictional structure and emphasizes the most prominent quality of Toscana’s analysed prose.

  16. David Matza: perspectiva criminológica de la deriva a la delincuencia juvenil

    Omar Huertas Díaz


    Full Text Available El fenómeno de la delincuencia juvenil es un tema que aún en la actualidad sigue generando polémica; las líneas de investigación enfocan su esfuerzo en la búsqueda de las razones por las cuales un menor entra en el mundo delincuencial. Sin embargo, omiten la existencia de autores que dedicaron sus estudios a dar respuesta a tal cuestión. Un autor clave en el estudio del fenómeno delincuencial es el sociólogo estadounidense David Matza, pionero en las teorías de carácter social que pretenden dar respuestas a las incógnitas planteadas dentro de la temática juvenil; el presente artículo se enfocará en el análisis y reflexión de los principales postulados de su teoría de las subculturas delincuenciales, por medio de una perspectiva basada en la interacción, lo cual nos mostrará que es una subcultura a la par de la cultura convencional, con miembros que no distan de aquellos jóvenes que son considerados normales por la mayoría de la sociedad. Así se explica por qué algunos jóvenes se aproximan al quebrantamiento de la ley.

  17. David Triggle: Research collaborations and scientific exchanges with the China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, China.

    Dai, De-Zai


    Over the period 1995-2012, David Triggle was a frequent visitor to the China Pharmaceutical University in Nanjing, China making many important contributions that enhanced the activities of the Research Division of Pharmacology at the University. In addition to providing collegial advice and facilitating interactions with the international pharmacological community, Professor Triggle's international reputation as a thought leader in the field of ion channel research and drug discovery provided important insights into the potential pathophysiological and therapeutic effects of targeting ion channels. This included the L-type calcium channel and the outward delayed rectified potassium currents of rapid (IKr) and slow (IKs) components in the myocardium. The Nanjing research team had been particularly interested in ion channel dysfunction in the context of cardiac arrhythmias, remodeling and drug discovery. With Professor Triggle's assistance, the relationship between an increase in ICa.L and other biological events including an enhancement of IKr and IKr currents, NADPH oxidase and endothelin receptor activation, down regulation of calcium modulating protein FKBP12.6, sarco/endoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+)ATPse (SERCA2A) and calsequens 2 (CASQ2), calcium leak at the diastole and endoplasmic reticulum stress, were evaluated and are discussed. Additionally, the organization of several international symposia was greatly enhanced by input from Professor Triggle as were the published research manuscripts in international pharmacology journals. During his association with the China Pharmaceutical University, Professor Triggle aided in enhancing the scientific standing of the Pharmacology department and was a highly effective ambassador for international research cooperation.

  18. Response to the Point of View of Gregory B. Pauly, David M. Hillis, and David C. Cannatella, by the Anuran Subcommittee of the SSAR/HL/ASIH Scientific and Standard English Names List

    Frost, Darrel R.; McDiarmid, Roy W.; Mendelson, Joseph R.


    The Point of View by Gregory Pauly, David Hillis, and David Cannatella misrepresents the motives and activities of the anuran subcommittee of the Scientific and Standard English Names Committee, contains a number of misleading statements, omits evidence and references to critical literature that have already rejected or superseded their positions, and cloaks the limitations of their nomenclatural approach in ambiguous language. Their Point of View is not about promoting transparency in the process of constructing the English Names list, assuring that its taxonomy is adequately reviewed, or promoting nomenclatural stability in any global sense. Rather, their Point of View focuses in large part on a single publication, The Amphibian Tree of Life, which is formally unrelated to the Standard English Names List, and promotes an approach to nomenclature mistakenly asserted by them to be compatible with both the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature and one of its competitors, the PhyloCode.

  19. Measures recommended to verify the placement of a DAVID detector in the accelerator head; Medidas recomendadas para la verificacion de la colocacion de un detector DAVID en el cabezal del acelerador

    Vazquez Galinanes, A.; Sanz Freire, C. J.; Diaz Pascual, V.; Collado Chamorro, P.; Gomez Amez, J.; Tomey Montesinos, A.; Ossola Lentati, G. A.


    The technological development affects not only the equipment used to perform radiation therapy treatments, but also to teams that are at our disposal to verify the proper administration of the same. One of these new teams is the 'device for verification of IMRT Deliveries advanced' (DAVID). The DAVID chamber is a multi-wire transmission is placed in a linear accelerator head are firmly anchored to it. The design is intended to be one of the wires passing through the center of each pair of collimator blades along its entire length. This forces each has a design for multi leaf collimator system. In addition, each team has a set of screws that allow fine tuning of both the source-wire distance and the center of the transmission chamber in the radiation field of the accelerator. The work aims make a recommendation, based on our experience, a set of measures to be taken to verify the correct placement of DAVID in the field of treatment, or alternatively, help to make the necessary adjustment. (Author)

  20. David Blackwell’s Forty Years in the Idaho Desert, The Foundation for 21st Century Geothermal Research

    McLing, Travis; McCurry, Mike; Cannon, Cody; Neupane, Ghanashyam; Wood, Thomas; Podgorney, Robert; Welhan, John; Mines, Greg; Mattson, Earl; Wood, Rachel; Palmer, Carl


    Dr. David Blackwell has had a profound influence on geo-thermal exploration and R&D in Idaho. Forty years have elapsed since the first Southern Methodist University (SMU) temperature logging truck rolled onto the high desert in Southern Idaho, yet even after so much time has elapsed, most recent and ongoing geothermal R&D can trace its roots to the foundational temperature studies led by Dr. Blackwell. We believe that the best way to honor any scientist is to see their work carried forward by others. As this paper demonstrates, it has been an easy task to find a host of Idaho researchers and students eager to contribute to this tribute paper. We organize this paper by ongoing or recent projects that continue to benefit left to Idaho by Dr. David Blackwell.

  1. The Development of a Total Quality Management Plan for David Grant USAF Medical Center Travis Air Force Base, California


    Ralston, F. (Summer, 1984). Total quality management: A revolutionary management philosophy. S.A.M. Advanced Management Journal , 24-33. Ryan, M. 3...Care" that appeared in the 5 January 1989 edition of The New England Journal of Medicine. In this article he lists six steps that lead to continuous...pathology, endodontics, pediatrics, periodontics, and prosthodontics . In addition to the basic allied specialties, David Grant USAF Medical Center

  2. Evaluation of MLC leaf positioning accuracy for static and dynamic IMRT treatments using DAVID in vivo dosimetric system.

    Karagoz, Gulay; Zorlu, Faruk; Yeginer, Mete; Yildiz, Demet; Ozyigit, Gokhan


    Accuracy and precision of leaf positioning in multileaf collimators (MLCs) are significant factors for the accuracy of IMRT treatments. This study aimed to inves-tigate the accuracy and repeatability of the MLC leaf positioning via the DAVID invivo dosimetric system for dynamic and static MLC systems. The DAVID system was designed as multiwire transmission ionization chamber which is placed in accessory holder of linear accelerators. Each wire of DAVID system corresponds to a MLC leaf-pair to verify the leaf positioning accuracy during IMRT treatment and QA. In this study, verifications of IMRT plans of five head and neck (H&N) and five prostate patients treated in a Varian DHX linear accelerator with 80-leaf MLC were performed using DAVID system. Before DAVID-based dosimetry, Electronics Portal Imaging Device (EPID) and PTW 2D ARRAY dosimetry system were used for 2D verification of each plan. The measurements taken by DAVID system in the first day of the treatments were used as reference for the following measurements taken over the next four weeks. The deviations in leaf positioning were evaluated by "Total Deviation (TD)" parameter calculated by DAVID software. The delivered IMRT plans were originally prepared using dynamic MLC method. The same plans were subsequently calculated based on static MLC method with three different intensity levels of five (IL5), 10 (IL10) and 20 (IL20) in order to compare the performances of MLC leaf positioning repeatability for dynamic and static IMRT plans. The leaf positioning accuracy is also evaluated by analyzing DynaLog files based on error histograms and root mean square (RMS) errors of leaf pairs' positions. Moreover, a correlation analysis between simultaneously taken DAVID and EPID measurements and DynaLog file recordings was subsequently performed. In the analysis of DAVID outputs, the overall deviations of dynamic MLC-based IMRT calculated from the deviations of the four weeks were found as 0.55% ± 0.57% and 1.48% ± 0

  3. Probabilities and Shannon's Entropy in the Everett Many-Worlds Theory

    Andreas Wichert


    Full Text Available Following a controversial suggestion by David Deutsch that decision theory can solve the problem of probabilities in the Everett many-worlds we suggest that the probabilities are induced by Shannon's entropy that measures the uncertainty of events. We argue that a relational person prefers certainty to uncertainty due to fundamental biological principle of homeostasis.

  4. El último lector de David Toscana o la lectura como revelación

    Ada Aurora Sánchez Peña


    Full Text Available La ectura, vista como proceso o como producto, no es sino un entrecruce de subjetividades, un ir hacia el otro y lo otro. Como desplazamiento, encuentro y revelación, la lectura es la única vía a través de la cual el texto emerge más allá de su materialidad. Ya lo dijo Wolfgang Iser: “un texto sólo despierta a la vida cuando es leído” (Iser, 1993: 99-100. Desde la metaliteratura, los dobleces y complejidades del acto de leer han sido motivo de reflexión y exploración, aunque probablemente menos que los vinculados particularmente a los problemas de la escritura literaria. Desde la posición de autorreferencialidad, el lenguaje artístico observa el universo extraordinario que se despliega en la producción y recepción del mensaje literario. En este texto se busca examinar la lectura como eje temático de la novela El último lector (Anagrama, 2004a,1 del escritor regiomontano David Toscana (1961. Asomarse a la propuesta metaliteraria de uno de los exponentes más distinguidos de la narrativa mexicana actual permite un acercamiento a diversas cuestiones asociadas al acto de leer, por ejemplo, el placer estético, los tipos de lectores, la novela como género literario, el paso de la realidad a la ficción, la impostación, así como la relación entre vida y literatura, por señalar algunos. Sobre todo, se está al alcance de una visión de mundo fincada en cierta medida en la asunción de la lectura como descubrimiento y revelación.


    Adriana Lenho de Figueiredo Pereira


    Full Text Available Objetivo: Analisar os dados maternos e neonatais dos atendimentos realizados por enfermeiras obstétricas em casa de parto. Método: Pesquisa transversal e retrospectiva, que utilizou os documentos oficiais de produtividade e perfil anual do atendimento da Casa de Parto David Capistrano Filho, período março de 2004 a dezembro de 2009. Os dados receberam tratamento estatístico descritivo e foram comparados aos resultados de pesquisas nacionais e internacionais. Resultados: Foram atendidos 1477 partos normais e 1475 nascidos vivos. A episiotomia foi realizada em 3,9% das parturientes e o trauma perineal grave ocorreu em 0,27% dos partos. Os casos de asfixia neonatal representaram 0,3% dos nascidos vivos, os demais nasceram em boas condições de vitalidade. As transferências maternas (12,3% para o hospital foram causadas pela bolsa amniótica rota (33%, mecônio no líquido amniótico (22,5 e distócias (19,2%. O desconforto respiratório (30,6%, hipoatividade/sucção débil (17,3%, baixo peso/prematuridade (16,3% e infecção (15,3% causaram as transferências neonatais (6,6%. Conclusão: As parturientes atendidas tiveram a presença do acompanhante, o períneo foi preservado no parto e seus filhos nasceram em boas condições de vitalidade. Os indicadores assistenciais foram semelhantes aos descritos em pesquisas nacionais e internacionais sobre os Centros de Parto. As transferências neonatais foram mais elevadas em comparação aos Centros de Parto brasileiros. Descritores:  Assistência de enfermagem, Centros independentes de assistência à gravidez e ao parto, Parto humanizado

  6. David Skae and his nineteenth century etiologic psychiatric diagnostic system: looking forward by looking back.

    Kendler, K S


    The Kraepelinian syndromal approach to diagnosis taken by DSM-III and its successors, which defines disorders by their clinical phenomenon, has come under rising criticism with increasing calls for an etiologically based nosology. The relative virtues of a syndromal versus etiologic psychiatric nosology have actually been debated within our field for a long time. To deepen and historically contextualize our current discussion, I review in detail the proposal for etiologic diagnostic systems for insanity by David Skae (1814-1873). While his proposal was intuitive and appealing to some, others questioned its viability and utility pointing out a number of potential problems in its implementation that remain relevant today. Something critical might be lost for psychiatric disorders, they argued, if mental symptoms were removed from diagnostic criteria. Etiologically based diagnoses work best for mono-causal disorders and those where the causes all operate on the same scientific level. However, psychiatric disorders are highly multifactorial with a wide diversity of risk factors spread across biological, psychological and social-environmental domains so identification of a particular cause on which to base diagnoses would be difficult. Not only do individual risk factors contribute to many different disorders but most disorders are influenced by many etiologic factors. With respect to causes and disorders, psychiatry is characterized by a 'many to many' relationship which would make an etiologic nosologic system inherently problematic. Finally, causes and effects can be devilishly difficult to distinguish for psychiatric illness and, while clinically based nosologies aid in differential diagnosis, etiologically based system might not operate similarly.Molecular Psychiatry advance online publication, 14 March 2017; doi:10.1038/mp.2017.32.

  7. A tribute to Charles David Kelman MD: ophthalmologist, inventor and pioneer of phacoemulsification surgery.

    Pandey, Suresh K; Milverton, E John; Maloof, Anthony J


    Charles David Kelman was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA, on 23 May 1930 and passed away in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, on 1 June 2004 at the age of 74 years after a long battle with cancer. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Tufts University in 1950 and completed medical studies at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, in 1956. He was Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at New York Medical College and an Attending Surgeon at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary and Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Although a prolific inventor, he will be best remembered for developing phacoemulsification, following his realization while sitting in a dentist's chair, that ultrasonic vibrations could be used to emulsify the aged crystalline lens through a very small incision. His pioneering work revolutionized cataract surgery. He also pioneered cryo-extraction of cataracts, the use of freezing for the repair of retinal detachments and designed numerous ophthalmic instruments and intraocular lenses. Dr Kelman received numerous awards, including the American Academy of Ophthalmology Achievement Award (1970), the Ridley Medal from the International Congress of Ophthalmology (1990), and the Inventor of the Year Award from The New York Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law Association (1992). Most recently (2003), Dr Kelman was honoured by the American Academy of Ophthalmology with the Laureate Recognition award. Dr Kelman was also an accomplished Broadway producer, composer and jazz saxophonist. With his demise, the ophthalmic and medical community lost a famed inventor with multifaceted talents and one of the great ophthalmologists of the twentieth century.

  8. Imperi coloniali da Oriente a Occidente: immagini dell’Altro da Tacito a David Malouf, da Salman Rushdie a Michael Ondaatje

    Elvira Gòdono


    Full Text Available Many centuries before Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (1902 and Rudyard Kipling’s Kim (1901 were published, the East and West were still divided, as in Tacito’s De Germania, by a limes also visible in David Malouf’s An Imaginary Life (1978, in which the poet Ovid exiled at Tomi, is friends with the savage Child, of animal nature in a human body, similar to the metamorphic migrants of Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses (1988, which hides the magnificent and ancient East of Mahābhārata and Rāmāyana in many Western identities, lost in diabolic European cities. This chaotic antithesis in Michael Ondaatje’s pages lets Sri Lanka’s childish ghosts float amidst stories of peregrination and in search of a Promised Land. In the Skin of a Lion (1987 includes an epigraph from the ancient poem of Gilgamesh, an Eastern echo in a novel profoundly important for many Western studies that often focus on the theory of the canon or on postmodern literature. These categories are discussed with the prospect of broadening cultural and post-colonial studies, in order to merge theory of genres and thematic criticism with anthropology, mythology, and ethnology. Multiple citations expand the original object of research, adding the colonial prophecy present in North American myths, as demonstrated by Margaret Atwood, Margaret Laurence or Lévi-Strauss. Incessantly moving from one space to another, authors give voice to the native cry from multiple perspectives, narrating – like all colonial empires founded on human cruelty– the beast’s nature that has shown its worst aspect.

  9. Leedu teater näitas vene sisu / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Rahvusvahelisest teatrifestivalist Sirenos, mis toimub 24. sept. 3. okt. Vilniuses. Näidatakse ette Leedu teatri paremik. Lähemalt R. Tuminase ja A. Dapshyse "Madagaskarist", V. Masalskise "Kuningas Learist", C. Grauzhinise "Tõrksa taltsutusest" ja G. Varnase "Kuritööst ja karistusest"

  10. Omadraama pärjas eestlasi / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Balti teatrifestivalil "OmaDraama 2006" nähtud etendustest said viis auhinda eestlased - Mart Kivastik näidendi "Põrgu Wärk" eest, Hendrik Toompere lavastuse eest, Harriet Toompere naisosatäitmise eest, Jan Uuspõld Wiiralti kehastamise eest ning Margus Prangel Tuglase osa eest; Merle Karusoo sai auhinna järjepidevuse eest sotsiaalselt aktuaalsete probleemide tõstatamisel. Ülejäänud kaks auhinda said läti trupi lavastus "P:S. Pöialpoiss" ning leedu luuletaja ja näitleja Birute Mar Salomeja Nerise kuju eest lavastuses "Poetess"

  11. Bulgaaria maanteenomaadid Tallinna tänavatel. Teater / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Märtsis kaubaveoautol toimuvatest etendustest "Cargo Sofia-Tallinn". Esitavad bulgaaria treilerijuhid Ventzislav Borissov ja Nedjalko Nedjalkov. Teose autorid on Stefan Kaegi ja Jörg Karrenbauer. Lavastus on sissejuhatuseks suvisele teatrifestivalile Baltoscandal

  12. Mida teeks tulevane kultuuriminister 500 miljoni krooniga? / interv. Andres Keil


    Suuremate erakondade kultuurispetsialistid (kultuuriministrikandidaadid) Urmas Paet, Andres Herkel, Peeter Jalakas, Indrek Saar, Jaak Allik, samuti kultuuriminister Raivo Palmaru vastavad küsimustele, mis on suurimad ohud eesti keele ja rahvuskultuuri säilimisele, milline on kultuuriministeeriumi ja -ministri portfelli staatus praeguses valitsuses, kas kultuuri rahastamine riigieelarvest on piisav, mille poolest erineb nende erakonna nägemus kultuuripoliitikast teiste erakondade omast, kuhu nad suunaksid 50, 500 miljonit, kui see oleks nende käsutuses

  13. Estonia näitas uut logo / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Ooperiteatri uue logo autor on Kristjan Kirsfeldt. Liis Kolle lavastab G. Rossini ooperi "Sinjoor Bruschino ehk Poeg juhuse tahtel", kunstnikud Liina Keevallik ja Reili Evart. 2. juunil Rahvusooperis etendunud rahvusooperi näiteringi "Welcome to Estonia" Neeme Kuninga kirjutatud ja lavastatud muusikalist "Minu veetlev Eedi".

  14. "Kalevi naised" - mis asi see oli? / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Produtsent Kristian Taska Kalev Spordis näitamiseks valminud Venezuela seebiseriaali Eesti oludele mugandatud "Kalevi naised" esimene osa (lavastaja Ingomar Vihman, osades Maria Avdjushko, Jan Uuspõld, Britta Vahur)

  15. "Lavakad" laval - kaheksa kuud enne diplomit / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Eesti Muusika ja Teatriakadeemia Lavakunstikooli 23. lennu lavastustest : kaksiklavastus "Pink" VAT Teatris, Mart Kase "Perekond" Eesti Nuku- ja Noorsooteatris ja William Shakespeare'i "Eksituste komöödia" Stephen Harperi ja Elmo Nüganeni lavastuses Hobuveskis

  16. Eks eklektikat Piiteris jätku ... / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Peterburi festivalist "Uus draama" (Novaja drama), pikemalt peatutakse Aleksei Kazantsevi ja Mihhail Rozhini juhitava Moskva dramaturgia ja rezhissuuri keskuse esitatud H. Kraussleri tükil "Peatus. Kummitused" I. Selini lavastuses

  17. Nüganeni "Laulatus" festivalil DRAAMA 2005 / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Selle aasta Draama festivali üheks väliskülaliseks on Poola Toruni Wilam Horzyca teater lavastusega "Laulatus". W. Gombrowiczi näidendi lavastajaks on Tallinna Linnateatri peanäitejuht E. Nüganen

  18. Tampere Teattrerikesä algas veidi teispoolselt / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Soomes alanud teatrifestivalist Tampere teatrisuvi. Pikemalt A. Raivio "Viimasest karavanist" Q-teatteri esituses, M. Ivashkeviciuse " Poisikesest" Korshunovase Teatri ja Vilniuse Linnateatri koostöös ning sakslaste lavastusest "Solaris"

  19. Underway physical and meteorological data from NOAA Ship DAVID STARR JORDAN in the North Pacific from 2000-04-06 to 2000-12-09 (NCEI Accession 0000362)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Conductivity, temperature, salinity, pressure, and other data were collected from NOAA Ship DAVID STARR JORDAN from April 6, 2000 to December 9, 2000. Data were...

  20. Interview to David Thompson NASA astrophysicist, on the occasion of the Spaceparts conference at CERN, on the 100th anniversary of the cosmic rays discovery.

    CERN Visual Media Office


    Interview to David Thompson NASA astrophysicist, on the occasion of the Spaceparts conference at CERN, on the 100th anniversary of the cosmic rays discovery, focussing on the gamma ray sky and the Fermi space telescope.

  1. Testimony of David Yardas, water resources analyst Environmental Defense Fund on the contemporary needs and management of the Newlands Reclamation Project

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This is the testimony of David Yardas, water resource analyst for the Environmental Defense Fund, concerning the contemporary needs and management of federal...

  2. David Grant Medical Center energy use baseline and integrated resource assessment

    Richman, E.E.; Hoshide, R.K.; Dittmer, A.L.


    The US Air Mobility Command (AMC) has tasked Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL) with supporting the US Department of Energy (DOE) Federal Energy Management Program's (FEMP) mission to identify, evaluate, and assist in acquiring all cost-effective energy resource opportunities (EROs) at the David Grant Medical Center (DGMC). This report describes the methodology used to identify and evaluate the EROs at DGMC, provides a life-cycle cost (LCC) analysis for each ERO, and prioritizes any life-cycle cost-effective EROs based on their net present value (NPV), value index (VI), and savings to investment ratio (SIR or ROI). Analysis results are presented for 17 EROs that involve energy use in the areas of lighting, fan and pump motors, boiler operation, infiltration, electric load peak reduction and cogeneration, electric rate structures, and natural gas supply. Typical current energy consumption is approximately 22,900 MWh of electricity (78,300 MBtu), 87,600 kcf of natural gas (90,300 MBtu), and 8,300 gal of fuel oil (1,200 MBtu). A summary of the savings potential by energy-use category of all independent cost-effective EROs is shown in a table. This table includes the first cost, yearly energy consumption savings, and NPV for each energy-use category. The net dollar savings and NPV values as derived by the life-cycle cost analysis are based on the 1992 federal discount rate of 4.6%. The implementation of all EROs could result in a yearly electricity savings of more than 6,000 MWh or 26% of current yearly electricity consumption. More than 15 MW of billable load (total billed by the utility for a 12-month period) or more than 34% of current billed demand could also be saved. Corresponding natural gas savings would be 1,050 kcf (just over 1% of current consumption). Total yearly net energy cost savings for all options would be greater than $343,340. This value does not include any operations and maintenance (O M) savings.

  3. David Grant Medical Center energy use baseline and integrated resource assessment

    Richman, E.E.; Hoshide, R.K.; Dittmer, A.L.


    The US Air Mobility Command (AMC) has tasked Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL) with supporting the US Department of Energy (DOE) Federal Energy Management Program`s (FEMP) mission to identify, evaluate, and assist in acquiring all cost-effective energy resource opportunities (EROs) at the David Grant Medical Center (DGMC). This report describes the methodology used to identify and evaluate the EROs at DGMC, provides a life-cycle cost (LCC) analysis for each ERO, and prioritizes any life-cycle cost-effective EROs based on their net present value (NPV), value index (VI), and savings to investment ratio (SIR or ROI). Analysis results are presented for 17 EROs that involve energy use in the areas of lighting, fan and pump motors, boiler operation, infiltration, electric load peak reduction and cogeneration, electric rate structures, and natural gas supply. Typical current energy consumption is approximately 22,900 MWh of electricity (78,300 MBtu), 87,600 kcf of natural gas (90,300 MBtu), and 8,300 gal of fuel oil (1,200 MBtu). A summary of the savings potential by energy-use category of all independent cost-effective EROs is shown in a table. This table includes the first cost, yearly energy consumption savings, and NPV for each energy-use category. The net dollar savings and NPV values as derived by the life-cycle cost analysis are based on the 1992 federal discount rate of 4.6%. The implementation of all EROs could result in a yearly electricity savings of more than 6,000 MWh or 26% of current yearly electricity consumption. More than 15 MW of billable load (total billed by the utility for a 12-month period) or more than 34% of current billed demand could also be saved. Corresponding natural gas savings would be 1,050 kcf (just over 1% of current consumption). Total yearly net energy cost savings for all options would be greater than $343,340. This value does not include any operations and maintenance (O&M) savings.

  4. Electrical solitons theory, design, and applications

    Ricketts, David S


    The dominant medium for soliton propagation in electronics, nonlinear transmission line (NLTL) has found wide application as a testbed for nonlinear dynamics and KdV phenomena as well as for practical applications in ultra-sharp pulse/edge generation and novel nonlinear communication schemes in electronics. While many texts exist covering solitons in general, there is as yet no source that provides a comprehensive treatment of the soliton in the electrical domain.Drawing on the award winning research of Carnegie Mellon's David S. Ricketts, Electrical Solitons Theory, Design, and Applications i

  5. DAVID--a translucent multi-wire transmission ionization chamber for in vivo verification of IMRT and conformal irradiation techniques.

    Poppe, B; Thieke, C; Beyer, D; Kollhoff, R; Djouguela, A; Rühmann, A; Willborn, K C; Harder, D


    Permanent in vivo verification of IMRT photon beam profiles by a radiation detector with spatial resolution, positioned on the radiation entrance side of the patient, has not been clinically available so far. In this work we present the DAVID system, which is able to perform this quality assurance measurement while the patient is treated. The DAVID system is a flat, multi-wire transmission-type ionization chamber, placed in the accessory holder of the linear accelerator and constructed from translucent materials in order not to interfere with the light field. Each detection wire of the chamber is positioned exactly in the projection line of a MLC leaf pair, and the signal of each wire is proportional to the line integral of the ionization density along this wire. Thereby, each measurement channel essentially presents the line integral of the ionization density over the opening width of the associated leaf pair. The sum of all wire signals is a measure of the dose-area product of the transmitted photon beam and of the total radiant energy administered to the patient. After the dosimetric verification of an IMRT plan, the values measured by the DAVID system are stored as reference values. During daily treatment the signals are re-measured and compared to the reference values. A warning is output if there is a deviation beyond a threshold. The error detection capability is a leaf position error of less than 1 mm for an isocentric 1 cm x 1 cm field, and of 1 mm for an isocentric 20 cm x 20 cm field.

  6. Waltz's Theory of Theory

    Wæver, Ole


    Kenneth N. Waltz's 1979 book, Theory of International Politics, is the most influential in the history of the discipline. It worked its effects to a large extent through raising the bar for what counted as theoretical work, in effect reshaping not only realism but rivals like liberalism and refle......Kenneth N. Waltz's 1979 book, Theory of International Politics, is the most influential in the history of the discipline. It worked its effects to a large extent through raising the bar for what counted as theoretical work, in effect reshaping not only realism but rivals like liberalism...... and reflectivism. Yet, ironically, there has been little attention to Waltz's very explicit and original arguments about the nature of theory. This article explores and explicates Waltz's theory of theory. Central attention is paid to his definition of theory as ‘a picture, mentally formed' and to the radical anti......-empiricism and anti-positivism of his position. Followers and critics alike have treated Waltzian neorealism as if it was at bottom a formal proposition about cause-effect relations. The extreme case of Waltz being so victorious in the discipline, and yet being consistently mis-interpreted on the question of theory...

  7. Iconografía, música y narración en Wild at Heart, de David Lynch

    García Escrivá, Vicente


    El análisis del texto fílmico Corazón Salvaje (Wild at Heart, David Lynch, EEUU, 1990) permite localizar toda una serie de rasgos característicos de la narrativa y la estética cinematográfica posmoderna. Por un lado, el film presenta una notable descomposición narrativa, lo que se traduce en una sucesión de escenas un tanto inconexas, a modo de cuadros intensos pero poco trabados. Asimismo, en la película se produce una suerte de hibridación de géneros, aglutinados por un tono general de paro...

  8. The Discovery of Anti-Matter The Autobiography of Carl David Anderson, the Youngest Man to Win the Nobel Prize


    In 1936, at age 31, Carl David Anderson became the second youngest Nobel laureate for his discovery of antimatter when he observed positrons in a cloud chamber.He is responsible for developing rocket power weapons that were used in World War II.He was born in New York City in 1905 and was educated in Los Angeles. He served for many years as a physics professor at California Institute of Technology. Prior to Oppenheimer, Anderson was offered the job of heading the Los Alamos atomic bomb program but could not assume the role because of family obligations.He was a pioneer in studying cosmic rays

  9. Instinto e razão na natureza humana, segundo Hume e Darwin Instinct and reason in human nature in David Hume and Charles Darwin

    José Claudio Morelli Matos


    Full Text Available Esta discussão pretende mostrar pontos relevantes de uma comparação entre a obra de David Hume e de Charles Darwin, no que toca às capacidades cognitivas humanas e de outros animais. Hume tem uma teoria que explica o conhecimento causal em termos de um instinto natural - o hábito. A presença de tal instinto pode ser entendida remetendo-se a uma teoria geral da natureza, onde o mundo é entendido como governado por leis e regularidades constantes, e sem a suposição da interferência de um plano ou desígnio. Isto conduz Hume à aproximação entre a capacidade cognitiva humana e a de outros animais, que também manifestam um aprendizado instintivo do tipo causal. Darwin, por sua vez, menciona uma graduação de diversas capacidades de conhecimento, diferenciando a ação instintiva da ação que resulta de deliberação e inferência; e aponta para o fato de que muitos animais apresentam um grau significativo de comportamento inteligente. Seu mecanismo de evolução por seleção natural pretende explicar essas características, tanto no homem como nos animais. Disso resulta contemporaneamente uma corrente em epistemologia que tem recebido o nome de epistemologia evolutiva, a qual, ao seguir declaradamente Darwin, carece de uma interpretação mais detalhada do pensamento de Hume, que poderia, supõe-se, oferecer elementos para o tratamento de questões epistemológicas tais como a da capacidade para o conhecimento causal.This discussion intends to show some relevant elements, in order to establish a comparison between the works of David Hume and Charles Darwin concerning human and other animal's cognitive capacities. Hume develops a theory to explain causal knowledge in terms of a natural instinct - habit. The presence of this instinct can be understood by reference to a general theory of nature that conceives the world governed by constant laws and regularities, without any supposition of interference of an external design or intention

  10. 大卫·布鲁尔SSK思想演化历程%The Course of Evolution for David Bloor's SSK Ideas



    本文分析了大卫·布鲁尔SSK思想演化历程及主要内容:重新定义科学知识;提出作为研究方法的强纲领,用其分析科学案例并得出“利益”在科学知识产生过程中具有决定性作用;提出社会学有限主义理论,认为科学知识从其基本单位一科学语词始,本体地由社会因素所决定。在全面阅读布鲁尔作品及以其为研究对象的文章的基础上,通过详尽的例子分析,完整、客观地呈现对布鲁尔思想的思考和理解,为进一步深入研究其思想奠定基础。%The Course of evolution for David Bloor's SSK ideas and main contents are analyzed: to redefine the scientific knowledge; to put for- ward strong program as a research method, apply it to analyze scientific cases and come to the conclusion that "interest" has a decisive role in the process of scientific knowledge production; to bring forward the theory of sociological finitism, scientific knowledge is determined by social factors ontologically from scientific words which as its basic unit is considered. Based on all-around reading of Bloor;s work and papers researc- hing on his ideas, detailed case studies, thinking and understanding for Bloor;s ideas are analyzed completely and objectively, and to lay the foundation for further study for his ideas.

  11. RCRA Summary Document for the David Witherspoon 1630 Site, Knoxville, Tennessee

    Pfeffer, J.


    The 48-acre David Witherspoon, Inc. (DWI) 1630 Site operated as an unregulated industrial landfill and scrap yard. The Tennessee Division of Superfund (TDSF) closed the landfill in 1974. During the period of operation, the site received solid and liquid wastes from salvage and industrial operations. The site consists of five separate tracts of land including a small portion located across the Norfolk Southern Railroad track. The landfill occupies approximately 5 acres of the site, and roughly 20 acres of the 48 acres contains surface and buried debris associated with the DWI dismantling business operation. Beginning in 1968, the state of Tennessee licensed DWI to receive scrap metal at the DWI 1630 Site, contaminated with natural uranium and enriched uranium (235U) not exceeding 0.1 percent by weight (TDSF 1990). The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has agreed to undertake remedial actions at the DWI 1630 Site as specified under a Consent Order with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) (Consent Order No. 90-3443, April 4, 1991), and as further delineated by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between DOE and the State of Tennessee (MOU Regarding Implementation of Consent Orders, October 6, 1994). The soil and debris removal at the DWI 1630 Site is being performed by Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC (BJC) on behalf of the DOE. Remediation consists of removing contaminated soil and debris from the DWI 1630 site except for the landfill area and repairing the landfill cap. The DWI 1630 remediation waste that is being disposed at the Environmental Management Waste Management Facility (EMWMF) as defined as waste lot (WL) 146.1 and consists primarily of soils and soil like material, incidental debris and secondary waste generated from the excavation of debris and soil from the DWI 1630 site. The WL 146.1 includes soil, soil like material (e.g., shredded or chipped vegetation, ash), discrete debris items (e.g., equipment, drums, large scrap metal

  12. Why (School) Teachers Should Be Trusted. Review of "Professionalism and Ethics in Teaching" by David Carr.

    McPherson, Ian


    This book offers ways to answer questions about public trust in teachers. Discourses on teachers as transmitters of moral and cognitive virtues and on the unsatisfactory nature of competing models of theory-practice relationships are grounded in an interpretation of Aristotle's Phronesis as moral wisdom. Education is only one of the purposes of…

  13. David, Mr Bear and Bernstein: Searching for an Equitable Pedagogy through Guided Group Work

    Boyle, Bill; Charles, Marie


    The authors' experiences of observing teaching and learning in schools have led them to become concerned at the dominant paradigm of a "pedagogy of poverty" at the expense of a "pedagogy of plenty". Bernstein's theory of power and control of education knowledge is overtly practised in classrooms globally. This is evidenced in…

  14. Nice Work de David Lodge : Un « Condition of England novel » des années 1980 ? Nice Work: A « Condition of England novel » of the 1980s?

    Armelle Parey


    Full Text Available In Nice Work, David Lodge appropriates the model of the « condition-of-England novel » which he transposes into the 1980s. More than a mere transposition, Nice Work turns out to be an open rewriting of the Victorian novels quoted in epigraphs since the text, with its comical aspect and its auto-reflexive dimension, distances itself from realism. Far from being innocent, this rewriting considers critically the Thatcher era as well as contemporary literary theory and gives a discerning homage to Victorian novels.

  15. 时尚界没有万能策略——访WGSN中国区经理David Kurz



    WGSN是一个为全球时尚行业提供B2B在线订阅服务的资讯公司,2006年6月,David Kurtz先生出任WGSN公司中国区经理,带领团队在中国发展。作为中国区经理,Kurtz先生全面负责WGSN公司在中国的业务,致力于为中国本土时尚公司以及驻中国的外国企业提供领先的时尚与潮流资讯。4月中旬,David Kurtz来到上海发布了该公司2007/2008年全球时尚行业与消费模式十大发展趋势,并接受了《中国制衣》记者的专访。

  16. Thinking outside the Chinese Box: David Mitchell and Murakami Haruki’s subversion of stereotypes about Japan

    Chikako Nihei


    Full Text Available Japan has often been portrayed by orientalist stereotypes, as famously framed by Edward Said, that were mainly constituted within Europe and North America. There are two distinct streams of orientalist discourse around Japan: traditional Orientalism and techno-Orientalism. Here the West speaks of the Other/the non-West rather than allowing it to speak for itself. In regards to the discourse of ‘Otherness’, another interesting phenomenon is Japan’s self-Orientalising: through the internalisation of the Western Orientalist discourse, Japan identifies itself and constructs its own subjectivity. In his literary works, the author David Mitchell attempts to subvert the conventional orientalist approach to describe Japan while concurrently maintaining his position as a British observer. He makes use of Western perspectives to cater to his Western readers’ preference for Japan’s traditional and cultural elements, and yet at the same time attempts to subvert stereotypes. Mitchell’s approach is reminiscent of Japanese author Murakami Haruki’s use of both ‘Japaneseness’ and ‘un-Japaneseness’ in his works. Mitchell also learnt the importance of the use of the subjective narrative voice from Murakami. In this article, I examine how David Mitchell, as a western author, attempts to go beyond orientalist stereotypes, and how his writing is influenced by Murakami Haruki.

  17. The moral status of the embryo: an attempt at an analysis with the aid of David Hume's ethics.

    Engel, J B; Hönig, A; Segerer, S; Häusler, S F M; Dietl, J; Djakovic, A


    This article applies the moral sentimentalism founded by David Hume to the moral status of the embryo. It will attempt to explain the paradoxical fact that in Germany abortion is common and socially accepted while preimplantation genetic diagnosis is banned with the aid of an approach based on moral sentimentalism. David Hume established the thesis that the human being is guided by the emotions and not by reason when making moral decisions. Scientific innovations often create a feeling of anxiety. Consequently, the initial moral judgment about it is negative. Due to this habit, the innovation is often accepted after a phase of indifference. This phenomenon has been observed in the case of heart transplantation, as well as for IVF. Consequently, the apparent contradiction in the varying degrees of the embryo's worthiness of protection in the womb and in the Petri dish is due to the simple fact that these are different stages of habituation. Therefore, the ethics of Hume cannot stipulate the embryo's moral status for once and for all; however, they can paradoxically raise the ongoing current debate to a more rational level through the insight that the underlying moral concepts are not based on reason alone.

  18. 大卫·哈维的后现代观--以其空间生产理论为视角%The Post-modern Idea of David Harvey--in the perspective of his spatial production



      David Harvey, as an important representative of the neo-Marxist, developed post-modernism into“cultural - geographical postmodernism”based on the theory of spatial production perspective. That is to say, post-modernism is not only a kind of culture transfer, but also a kind of geographic phenomenon. By means of“time-space compression”experience, “Cultural - geographical postmodernism”explored the deeper cause of postmodernism, which is the transformation from the Ford socialist accumulation system to the Flexible accumulation system. From these information, David Harvey draw a conclusion that postmodern condition is a transfer of capitalist mode of production and culture, rather than the emergence of a new society.%  作为新马克思主义者重要代表的大卫·哈维以空间生产理论为视角,将后现代主义发展为一种“文化—地理后现代主义”,即后现代主义既是一种文化转移,又是一种地理现象;以“时空压缩”体验为中介,在探究后现代主义的深层根源:福特-凯恩斯主义向灵活积累体制的转变,得出结论,即后现代状况是资本主义生产方式与文化的一种转移,而非全新社会的出现。

  19. Z Theory

    Nekrasov, Nikita


    We present the evidence for the existence of the topological string analogue of M-theory, which we call Z-theory. The corners of Z-theory moduli space correspond to the Donaldson-Thomas theory, Kodaira-Spencer theory, Gromov-Witten theory, and Donaldson-Witten theory. We discuss the relations of Z-theory with Hitchin's gravities in six and seven dimensions, and make our own proposal, involving spinor generalization of Chern-Simons theory of three-forms. Based on the talk at Strings'04 in Paris.

  20. Cadrage, décadrage et recadrage dans Baa Baa Black Sheep : A Jungle Tale de David Malouf et Michael Berkeley Patrimonial Deconstruction and Reconstruction in David Malouf and Michael Berkeley’s Baa Baa Black Sheep : A Jungle Tale

    Jean-Philippe Héberlé


    Full Text Available This article discusses Michael Berkeley’s first opera, Baa Baa Black Sheep: A Jungle Tale. Premiered under the baton of Paul Daniel on July 3rd 1993 at the Cheltenham International Festival of Music, this opera is based on two texts by Rudyard Kipling: The Jungle Books (1894-1895 and “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep” from the short story collection Wee Willie Winkie and Other Stories, first published in 1888. The libretto was penned by the Australian poet, novelist, playwright and librettist, David Malouf. After a brief survey of some of the earliest transpositions of The Jungle Books, I analyse the way David Malouf deals with both texts. “Baa Baa Black Sheep” is used as the central element of his libretto, and episodes and characters from The Jungle Books are incorporated to draw parallelism between the main topics of the two texts. Both Malouf’s endeavour and Berkeley’s, through the music, aims at deconstructing the preposterous oldest transpositions of The Jungle Books and at focusing on the key elements of Kipling’s famous book, notably identity and hybridism, two important themes of colonial and postcolonial literature. The aim of David Malouf and Michael Berkeley is to address an adult audience and show that The Jungle Books are not only aimed at children as Disney’s or Baden Powell’s appropriations of the work could wrongly make us believe.Cet article porte sur Baa Baa Black Sheep: A Jungle Tale, le premier opéra de Michael Berkeley. Créé au Everyman Theatre de Cheltenham le 3 juillet 1993 sous la direction de Paul Daniel, cette œuvre est le fruit de la collaboration entre le compositeur britannique et l’écrivain australien David Malouf. Le livret de Malouf se fonde sur deux récits de Rudyard Kipling : la nouvelle autobiographique “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep” auquel l’opéra doit son nom et The Jungle Books. Après m’être intéressé aux premières transpositions musicales de The Jungle books, je montre comment

  1. Animal Welfare: Focusing on the Future. By David J. Mellor and A.C. David Bayvel. OIE: Paris, France, 2014; 358 pp; €65.00; ISBN: 978-92-9044-929-4

    Donald M. Broom


    Full Text Available This book, which is a volume in an OIE series, describes much that is relevant to animal welfare, the chapters being in English with summaries or full text in French and Spanish. As with many reviews of our state of knowledge, many contributions to this volume draw on previous publications. For example, David Fraser’s excellent discussion of the globalization of farm animal welfare is explained at greater length in his 2008 paper [1] and book [2]. However, chapters on drivers of animal welfare policy in Africa, the Americas, the Far East and Australasia and the Middle East are amongst those that are novel. The description by Aidaros of Islamic teachings in relation to animal welfare is particularly welcome.[...

  2. David Hume e o “número de Dunbar”: uma abordagem evolucionista sobre os fundamentos da moralidade = David Hume and “Dunbar’s number”: an evolutionary approach to the foundations of morality

    Araujo, Marcelo de


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é caracterizar o conceito de justiça como uma convenção social indispensável para a emergência de obrigações morais no contexto de grupos que ultrapassam o “numero de Dunbar”. O artigo retoma, por um lado, a teoria da justiça proposta por David Hume na terceira seção de Uma Investigação sobre os Princípios da Moral, e, por outro lado, a hipótese de Robin Dunbar acerca do número máximo de indivíduos com os quais uma pessoa pode manter relações sociais estáveis que envolvam laços de amizade, vínculos de família, e histórias pessoais compartilhadas

  3. 大卫·林奇的生平和作品%David Lynch's Biography and Filmmography



    @@ 生平 大卫·林奇(David Lynch)是现代美国电影创作的伟大复兴者,一个受到广泛赞誉的编剧兼导演,他还是电视制片人、摄影家、动画专家、作曲家和电脑影像艺术家.运用惊人的平衡感和技巧游走于主流电影和先锋电影的边缘,林奇为电影银幕带来一种怪诞、黑暗和诡异不安的真实感,一种由极端的暴力、怪异的喜剧和奇妙的美丽为特征的噩梦世界.

  4. Para una des-comprensión filosófica del cine: el caso Inland Empire de David Lynch

    Julio Cabrera


    Full Text Available El trabajo cuestiona la capacidad hermenéutica de la filosofía en su tarea de analizar películas, sosteniendo quetal capacidad dejó de ser apropiada para hacer surgir el sentido y la verdad de obras cinematográficas. Se argumentaque una capacidad interactiva y “performativa” sería más adecuada. Obras cinematográficas como las de David Lynchayudan a entender este paso metodológico y temático desde la noción interpretativa de la verdad hacia la noción interactivade la misma, al construir filmes que se configuran como “imposibles hermenéuticos”. El artículo contiene unaauto-crítica a la propia actitud hermenéutica aún asumida en mi libro Cine: 100 años de filosofía, de 1999.



    何大为David Ho毕业于英国爱丁堡大学,获建筑设计硕士;曾任职英国格罗夫Groves-Raines Architects建筑设计公司;现任edg康新公司首席设计师。代表作品:英国斯开岛博物馆台 湾弗朗明戈滨海休闲酒店 台湾弗朗明戈教堂 上海棕榈泉别墅区 索尼Sony手机北京总部 英国ATKINS北京办公室 亚洲发展银行ADB北京总部 腾讯深圳总部 奇虎360北京总部 慈铭北京总部及高端健康会所


    Prof. Dr. Marcos Gomes


    Full Text Available Este ensaio busca interpretar a letra da canção N’Jeri, de autoria de David Calderoni. Primeiramente destaca a multiplicidade das atividades intelectuais desse autor, bem como examina algumas peculiaridades do CD Viação onde a canção está instalada. Aparentemente o texto é pouco afeito às tentativas de interpretação, quer pelo inusitado de algumas imagens, quer pela forma fragmentária como estas se apresentam nos versos. Entretanto, a insistência metodológica acabou por encontrar o substrato delas, iluminando algo próprio da criação poética: o escapismo versus os entraves da racionalidade.

  7. 三位录音工程师泄露吉他录音天机DAVID SINGLETON篇



    @@ David Singleton从1989开始成为吉他手Robert Fripp's的录音工程师,其间先后录制了Robert Fripp的许多作品,包括现在流行的King Crimson"双三重唱"版本.Singleton还录制了ProjeKct Four, the California Guitar Trio(加洲吉他三重奏),the Europa String Choir and Tony Geballe(欧洲弦乐唱诗班与通尼·盖博尔),以及若干重新混音和母版处理的具有历史意义的Crimson音乐会现场录音.我们在DisciplineMobile Global的英国写字楼找到了他.

  8. Between a Rock and a Blue Chair: David Hockney’s Rocky Mountains and Tired Indians (1965

    Martin Hammer


    Full Text Available Travel and cultural exchange between the United Kingdom and the United States of America became a key feature of the 1960s, shaping the world view of many a British artist, curator, architect, writer, film-maker, and academic. Against that wider backdrop, I offer here a focused reading of David Hockney’s 1965 painting, Rocky Mountains and Tired Indians. With its faux-naive idiom and overt but quirkily un-modern American theme, the work conveys the artist’s singular take on what it felt like to be a Brit at large in the US, an environment at once wondrously exotic and at times strikingly banal. Close analysis discloses Hockney’s rich repertoire of artistic and literary allusions in Rocky Mountains, and the meanings and associations these may have encapsulated.

  9. How to Measure the Quantum Measure - In memory of David Ritz Finkelstein

    Frauca, Álvaro Mozota; Sorkin, Rafael Dolnick


    The histories-based framework of Quantum Measure Theory assigns a generalized probability or measure μ(E) to every (suitably regular) set E of histories. Even though μ(E) cannot in general be interpreted as the expectation value of a selfadjoint operator (or POVM), we describe an arrangement which makes it possible to determine μ(E) experimentally for any desired E. Taking, for simplicity, the system in question to be a particle passing through a series of Stern-Gerlach devices or beam-splitters, we show how to couple a set of ancillas to it, and then to perform on them a suitable unitary transformation followed by a final measurement, such that the probability of a final outcome of "yes" is related to μ(E) by a known factor of proportionality. Finally, we discuss in what sense a positive outcome of the final measurement should count as a minimally disturbing verification that the microscopic event E actually happened.

  10. How to Measure the Quantum Measure. In memory of David Ritz Finkelstein

    Frauca, Álvaro Mozota; Sorkin, Rafael Dolnick


    The histories-based framework of Quantum Measure Theory assigns a generalized probability or measure μ( E) to every (suitably regular) set E of histories. Even though μ( E) cannot in general be interpreted as the expectation value of a selfadjoint operator (or POVM), we describe an arrangement which makes it possible to determine μ( E) experimentally for any desired E. Taking, for simplicity, the system in question to be a particle passing through a series of Stern-Gerlach devices or beam-splitters, we show how to couple a set of ancillas to it, and then to perform on them a suitable unitary transformation followed by a final measurement, such that the probability of a final outcome of "yes" is related to μ( E) by a known factor of proportionality. Finally, we discuss in what sense a positive outcome of the final measurement should count as a minimally disturbing verification that the microscopic event E actually happened.

  11. A Proposed Theoretical Model Using the Work of Thomas Kuhn, David Ausubel, and Mauritz Johnson as a Basis for Curriculum and Instruction Decisions in Science Education.

    Bowen, Barbara Lynn

    This study presents a holistic framework which can be used as a basis for decision-making at various points in the curriculum-instruction development process as described by Johnson in a work published in 1967. The proposed framework has conceptual bases in the work of Thomas S. Kuhn and David P. Ausubel and utilizes the work of several perceptual…

  12. "Neither Can They Die Any More; for They Are Equal Unto the Angels": Secular Epiphanies in David Almond's "Counting Stars"

    Grace, Deborah


    Written before the successful publication of Skellig (1998), David Almond's short story collection, "Counting Stars," has attracted less critical attention than his more famous novels. Falling between fiction and autobiography, the earlier short stories are more firmly grounded in realism than the novels, which feature elements of…

  13. Dodecanuclear 3d/4f-metal clusters with a 'Star of David' topology: single-molecule magnetism and magnetocaloric properties.

    Alexandropoulos, Dimitris I; Cunha-Silva, Luís; Lorusso, Giulia; Evangelisti, Marco; Tang, Jinkui; Stamatatos, Theocharis C


    A family of interwoven molecular inorganic knots, shaped like the 'Star of David', was prepared by the employment of naphthalene-2,3-diol in 3d/4f-metal cluster chemistry; the isoskeletal dodecanuclear compounds exhibit slow relaxation of the magnetization and magnetocaloric properties, depending on the metal ion.

  14. Rembrandt and/ or studio, Saul and David, c.1655: revealing the curtain using cross-section analyses and X-ray fluorescence imaging

    Noble, P.; van Loon, A.; Alfeld, M.; Janssens, K.; Dik, J.


    Recent technical investigation of a late Rembrandt painting - Saul and David, c.1655 - from the collection of the Mauritshuis in The Hague has revealed important new information regarding the picture’s condition and original appearance. As already known, at some point in the past, the two figures we

  15. Harry Stevens, the British "Correspondent" of David Rjazanov's Institute : On the History of Collecting at the Marx-Engels Institute (1927-1931)

    Novichenko, Irina; Blok, Aad; Lucassen, Jan; Sanders, Huub


    The article is devoted to the history of the acquisition of the Marx-Engels Institute in Great Britain in 1927-1931. The director of the Institute David Rjazanov organized the collectioning of the archives, books, serials with the help of Harry Stevens that gave the possibility to gather in Moscow a

  16. David Adler Lectureship Award in the Field of Materials Physics Lecture

    Bredas, Jean-Luc


    We first review the current state-of-the-art in the field of organic electronics and then focus on organic solar cells, which we define as solid-state cells in which the semiconducting materials between the electrodes are organic, be them polymers, oligomers, or small molecules. We describe the optical and electronic processes that take place in such cells and turn our attention briefly to: (i) optical absorption and exciton formation; (ii) exciton migration to the electron donor - electron acceptor interface; (iii) exciton dissociation into charge carriers, resulting in the appearance of holes in the donor component and electrons in the acceptor component; (iv) charge carrier mobility; and (v) charge collection at the electrodes. In the second part of the presentation, we underline the complexity of the processes taking place at the nanoscale at the donor/acceptor interfaces and highlight the molecular understanding that comes from a computational approach combining electronic-structure theory calculations, molecular mechanics / molecular dynamics simulations, and Monte Carlo simulations.

  17. David Hull's generalized natural selection as an explanation for scientific change

    Little, Michelle Yvette


    Philosophers of science such as Karl Popper and Thomas Kuhn have employed evolutionary idiom in describing scientific change. In Science as a Process (1988) Hull makes evolutionary theory explanatorily applicable. He modifies key evolutionary terms in order that both biological evolution and scientific change are instances of a general selection process. According to Hull, because of naturally-existing competition for credit among researchers and the professional lineages they constitute, scientists are constrained to cooperate and collaborate. This process entails two important philosophical consequences. First, it allows for a natural justification of why the sciences can provide objective empirical knowledge. Second, appreciating its strength means that a philosophical analysis of scientific change is solidly difficult features to combine. I work on strengthening two weaknesses in Hull's arguments. First, operating in his analysis is an unexplicated notion of ``information'' running parallel to the equally opaque notion of genetic information. My third chapter provides a clear account of ``genetic information'' whose usefulness extends beyond the assistance it can render Hull as a clear concept is needed in biological contexts as well. The fourth and fifth chapters submit evidence of scientific change from radio astronomy. Hull insists on empirical backing for philosophical theses but his own book stands to suffer from selection effects as it offers cases drawn from a single subspecialty in the biological sciences. I found that in the main scientists and the change they propel accords well with Hull's explanation. However, instances of major change reveal credit- and resource-sharing to a degree contrary with what Hull would expect. My conclusion is that the naturalness of competition, instantiated during the course of standardized and relatively ``normal'' scientific research, is not the norm during periods of new research and its uncertain standards of

  18. David and Goliath : the procedures for selling ENEL distribution lines to city-owned companies

    Onofri, L. [Bologna Univ., Bologna (Italy). Dept. of Economics


    This paper analyzed the economic impacts of the provisions under Article 9 of the Bersani Decree, relating to the sale of the ENEL distribution networks to city-owned companies, with particular reference to the ENEL-AEM Milano case. The Bersani Decree states that the sale of networks must be made according to normal market rules, but also rules that ENEL is obliged to sell its own distribution network. Through the use of analytical instruments inspired by the contract theory, this study highlighted several contradictions in the decree. It was noted that the deferment to private parties bargaining to perform the sale was contradictory, as it was counterbalanced and blocked by the legal compulsion to sell. The Bersani Decree influences the bargaining power of the parties by handing it over to the city-owned company, who then make as low an evaluation of the contract as possible. This has prompted several companies to seek arbitration. If the arbitrators are unable to arrive at a satisfactory price, the contract will not be completed. The refusal to accept a proposed price may be seen as an attempt to negotiate a different purchase price. In addition, magistrates undertake the bargaining power that would be be granted to both parties to respect the Bersani Decree, in that the magistrate has the power to order one or both parties to conclude the contract. The independent setting of the sale is compromised and does not necessarily reflect the evaluations of parties involved. Appeals to appraisers, hearings and research mean that the costs to both parties, and society, increases. It was suggested that legislators should allow the market to work independently, without mandating the terms of private companies' transactions, and without additional procedural phases. A market-oriented formulation could avoid useless extensions and costs in the sale of ENEL-owned distribution networks to city-owned companies. 17 refs., 4 tabs., 12 figs.

  19. Breaking the Waves: How the Phenomenon of European Jihadism Militates Against the Wave Theory of Terrorism

    Proshyn Denys


    Full Text Available David Rapoport’s Wave theory of terrorism is one of the most oftencited theories in the literature on terrorist violence. Rapoport is praised for having provided researchers with a universal instrument which allows them to explain the origin and transformation of various historical types of terrorism by applying to them the concept of global waves of terrorist violence driven by universal political impulses. This article, testing the Wave theory against the recent phenomenon of homegrown jihadism in Europe, uncovers this theory’s fundamental weaknesses and questions its real academic and practical value.

  20. David Henry Hwang's Drama Research Review in China%国内黄哲伦戏剧研究综述



    黄哲伦( David Henry Hwang)是美国当代著名的华裔剧作家。《蝴蝶君》一剧让他声名大噪,并确立了他在戏剧界的地位,同时他也因此剧受到了国内学者的关注。从2000年国内就开始有了关于他的研究,并且研究数量逐年增加,其中不乏一些值得重视的观点。但是笔者经总结发现,关于黄哲伦的研究主要集中于他的《蝴蝶君》上,其他作品研究相对较少,内容主要集中于对其写作主题及思想的研究。本文通过对国内这一领域的研究现状与研究特点进行考察,试图发现我国对黄哲伦研究在理论方法、研究视角与关注侧重等方面呈现出的特点,以及存在的不足并找出新的研究空间。%David Henry Hwang is a famous contemporary Chinese-American playwright whose play M. Butterfly has earned him world-wide fame and reputation in the theater. Thereafter, he is paid attention to by the domestic scholars mainly for this play. Since 2000, studies about Hwang and his works have begun and the number has been increasing gradually. However, after careful analysis, the paper finds that most of researches about Hwang are focused on M. Butterfly and only a few are concerned about his other works. In addition, the contents are about his writing themes. Therefore, this article tries to find the insufficiency in literary methods and research perspectives and new rooms about Hwang's research by analyzing the domestic research status and features.

  1. “I Am Alive in Here”: Liveness, Mediation and the Staged Real of David Blaine’s Body

    Turner, Elizabeth


    Full Text Available This article explores how mediation has impacted the meanings of David Blaine’s endurance feats Above the Below (2003 and Dive of Death (2008, using both traces of the live events found through academic and journalistic commentary, and the films made that document these performances. Using this evidence, both performances suffered from an ambivalent reception that suggested they failed to entertain on the level of high or popular culture. Mediatization plays a recuperative role in understanding Blaine’s body as a container of his power and as invulnerable, retroactively interpreting the live events so that he emerges from his ordeals triumphantly as a coherent, heroic subject. Above the Below engaged a discourse of individual transcendence that valorized the extraordinary power of Blaine’s body, while the recording of Dive of Death attempted a recovery of a stunt that was largely considered to have failed. Both these works therefore engage the potential of mediation to retrospectively interpret performance, offering a ‘version’ of the performance that can be consumed and circulated on its own terms.

  2. The E-pistolary Novel: Print Screens of Media-driven Thoughts in David Llewellyn’s Eleven

    Oana Celia GHEORGHIU


    Full Text Available Contemporary literature seems to have reconciled the idea that everything valuable has already been said and done and, as such, has wilfully inscribed itself in a never-ending cycle of narratives about narratives, in a process of recycling and updating the past, which some love to name postmodernist. What is left at stake is simply the consumerist need to produce an oxymoronic ‘original copy’: to launch that piece of literature unseen and unheard of before on a crowded book market. A recipe for success seems to be the ability to combine the novelty of the architectural design – the formal innovation – with the thematisation of the present. It is precisely what the young Welsh novelist and scriptwriter, David Llewellyn, achieves with his debut novel, Eleven. In an attempt to translate the old into the new, Eleven is constructed following the design of the early modern epistolary novels, yet making use of a contemporary mode of writing: the email. Thematically, it is an exploration of patterns of individual thinking shaped by the media, against the background of an event with global consequences, which is, nevertheless, viewed from afar, without the inherent trauma so visible in American post-9/11 fiction. The present paper aims at analysing the construction of the novel, including the linguistic transformations it employs, and at accounting for the identitaryrevolt that transpires from the e mails exchanged between various character-narrators on an apparently ordinary day: September 11, 2001.

  3. Packaging Theory.

    Williams, Jeffrey


    Considers the recent flood of anthologies of literary criticism and theory as exemplifications of the confluence of pedagogical concerns, economics of publishing, and other historical factors. Looks specifically at how these anthologies present theory. Cites problems with their formatting theory and proposes alternative ways of organizing theory…

  4. Agency Theory

    Linder, Stefan; Foss, Nicolai Juul

    Agency theory studies the problems and solutions linked to delegation of tasks from principals to agents in the context of conflicting interests between the parties. Beginning from clear assumptions about rationality, contracting and informational conditions, the theory addresses problems of ex...... agency theory to enjoy considerable scientific impact on social science; however, it has also attracted considerable criticism....

  5. Agency Theory

    Linder, Stefan; Foss, Nicolai Juul


    Agency theory studies the problems and solutions linked to delegation of tasks from principals to agents in the context of conflicting interests between the parties. Beginning from clear assumptions about rationality, contracting, and informational conditions, the theory addresses problems of ex...... agency theory to enjoy considerable scientific impact on social science; however, it has also attracted considerable criticism....

  6. Atomic theories

    Loring, FH


    Summarising the most novel facts and theories which were coming into prominence at the time, particularly those which had not yet been incorporated into standard textbooks, this important work was first published in 1921. The subjects treated cover a wide range of research that was being conducted into the atom, and include Quantum Theory, the Bohr Theory, the Sommerfield extension of Bohr's work, the Octet Theory and Isotopes, as well as Ionisation Potentials and Solar Phenomena. Because much of the material of Atomic Theories lies on the boundary between experimentally verified fact and spec

  7. Grounded theory.

    Harris, Tina


    Grounded theory is a popular research approach in health care and the social sciences. This article provides a description of grounded theory methodology and its key components, using examples from published studies to demonstrate practical application. It aims to demystify grounded theory for novice nurse researchers, by explaining what it is, when to use it, why they would want to use it and how to use it. It should enable nurse researchers to decide if grounded theory is an appropriate approach for their research, and to determine the quality of any grounded theory research they read.

  8. Ring theory

    Rowen, Louis H


    This is an abridged edition of the author's previous two-volume work, Ring Theory, which concentrates on essential material for a general ring theory course while ommitting much of the material intended for ring theory specialists. It has been praised by reviewers:**""As a textbook for graduate students, Ring Theory joins the best....The experts will find several attractive and pleasant features in Ring Theory. The most noteworthy is the inclusion, usually in supplements and appendices, of many useful constructions which are hard to locate outside of the original sources....The audience of non

  9. A novel HURRAH protocol reveals high numbers of monomorphic MHC class II loci and two asymmetric multi-locus haplotypes in the Pere David's deer.

    Qiu-Hong Wan

    Full Text Available The Père David's deer is a highly inbred, but recovered, species, making it interesting to consider their adaptive molecular evolution from an immunological perspective. Prior to this study, genomic sequencing was the only method for isolating all functional MHC genes within a certain species. Here, we report a novel protocol for isolating MHC class II loci from a species, and its use to investigate the adaptive evolution of this endangered deer at the level of multi-locus haplotypes. This protocol was designated "HURRAH" based on its various steps and used to estimate the total number of MHC class II loci. We confirmed the validity of this novel protocol in the giant panda and then used it to examine the Père David's deer. Our results revealed that the Père David's deer possesses nine MHC class II loci and therefore has more functional MHC class II loci than the eight genome-sequenced mammals for which full MHC data are currently available. This could potentially account at least in part for the strong survival ability of this species in the face of severe bottlenecking. The results from the HURRAH protocol also revealed that: (1 All of the identified MHC class II loci were monomorphic at their antigen-binding regions, although DRA was dimorphic at its cytoplasmic tail; and (2 these genes constituted two asymmetric functional MHC class II multi-locus haplotypes: DRA1*01 ∼ DRB1 ∼ DRB3 ∼ DQA1 ∼ DQB2 (H1 and DRA1*02 ∼ DRB2 ∼ DRB4 ∼ DQA2 ∼ DQB1 (H2. The latter finding indicates that the current members of the deer species have lost the powerful ancestral MHC class II haplotypes of nine or more loci, and have instead fixed two relatively weak haplotypes containing five genes. As a result, the Père David's deer are currently at risk for increased susceptibility to infectious pathogens.

  10. The Female Characters in David Copperfield--Compared with the popular Victorian image of the ideal wife/woman“the Angel in the House”



    Charles Dickens is the greatest representative of English critical realism in the nineteenth century.In his book David Copperfield,Dickens created dozens of female characters whose characteristics are all vivid and unique.This paper mainly analyzes some of the women characters in this novel compared with the ideal woman- the angel in the house- in Victorian period,and discuss Dickens’attitudes towards women.

  11. The Female Characters in David Copperfield——Compared with the popular Victorian image of the ideal wife/woman“the Angel in the House”



    Charles Dickens is the greatest representative of English critical realism in the nineteenth century.In his book David Copperfield,Dickens created dozens of female characters whose characteristics are all vivid and unique.This paper mainly analyzes some of the women characters in this novel compared with the ideal woman- the angel in the house- in Victorian period,and discuss Dickens’ attitudes towards women.

  12. Diversidad de insectos acuáticos y calidad del agua de los ríos David y Mula, provincia de Chiriquí, Panamá.

    Tomás Ríos


    Full Text Available Se determinó la diversidad, abundancia, distribución, riqueza de insectos acuáticos y la calidad del agua en los ríos David y Mula, en época seca (enero-abril y lluviosa (julio-octubre en el año 2010. Los insectos acuáticos se recolectaron dos veces al mes y se utilizaron tres métodos de captura, de acuerdo con el tipo de sustrato. Se identificaron 82 géneros (cuatro sin determinar, agrupados en 43 familias y nueve órdenes de la clase Insecta, con una abundancia total de 14.951 individuos. El río David presentó una diversidad (H’ entre 2,17 y 2,87, y el río Mula entre 2,73 y 2,90. El índice de similitud de Sorensen mostró valores altos de similitud. Según el índice BMWP’/Pan, los ríos David y Mula mostraron aguas de calidad buena o no alteradas de manera sensible a aguas de calidad excelente, excepto en un sitio del río David donde el agua fue de calidad regular, eutrófica y moderadamente contaminada en la época lluviosa. En ambos ríos los datos indican una constancia de los niveles de pH, oxígeno disuelto y conductividad, y además, no presentan cambios significativos notables durante las épocas seca y lluviosa.

  13. The New Technology of the Rana spinosa David Artificial Propagation and Cultivation%棘胸蛙人工繁育新技术



    在模拟棘胸蛙的野生态环境情况下,通过人工控制养殖池水的水温和酸碱度,根据棘胸蛙的生活特性,合理进行亲蛙选育、蝌蚪培育、幼蛙饲养和病害防治的技术改良,可以达到棘胸蛙年产卵次数达6~7次,年产卵量达1935粒,蛙卵孵化率达96.1%,蝌蚪变态率达96.5%,幼蛙成活率达96.8%的养殖效果。%We simulate the environment of the wild Rana Spinosa David,so that we can control temperature,basicity and acidity of the water.According to the living characteristic of Rana Spinosa David,we choose the parents of froggy,bring tadpole and little froggy up,make prevention of disease in improving technology rationally,the Rana Spinosa David can spawn 6~7 times with 1935 spawns every year,the frog incubation rate can reach as high as 96.1%,the tadpole metamorphosis rate 96.5%,the young frog survival rate 96.8%.

  14. A Brief Analysis of the Women Characters in David Copperfield%《大卫·科波菲尔》中女性人物的分析



    David Copperfield was written by Charles Dickens,who is the greatest representative of English critical realism in the nineteenth century. One of Dickens's favorite novels,David Copperfield is known all over the world for the well-portrayed characters based on the writer's own life.In David Copperfield,dozens of women characters are portrayed ranging from rich women to poor servants.This paper analyzes some of the women characters in the novel,through which Dickens reveals his attitude toward marriage.%是英国19世纪批判现实主义文学最杰出的代表查尔斯·狄更斯所著.作为狄更斯最喜爱的小说之一,这部小说结合了大量作者个人的生活经历,以其精彩的人物刻画而享誉全世界,其中描写了上至贵妇,下到贫穷仆女的几十个女性人物.本文分析了小说中的一些女性人物,从中反映出狄更斯对于婚姻的态度和看法,即夫妻应该经常沟通思想、交流情感,以尽量避免陷入爱情的盲目性.

  15. Attracted by the same sex,or repelled by the opposite sex?--Sexual segregation in Pére David's deer


    Sexual segregation behavior has attracted deep interest of zoologists in recent years.People have put forward many hypotheses to explain the phenomenon.We recommended two indices for measuring the intensity of aggregation and sexual segregation in animals,and applied those measurements to the study of aggregation and sexual segregation in free-ranging Père David's deer.We quantified the aggregation and segregation behavior with those methods and compared the intensities of sexual segregation in different seasons with statistic means.At the same time,the Nutritional Strategy Hypothesis,the Social-factor Hypothesis and Reproductive Strategy Hypothesis were tested in the study.We discovered that aggregation in free ranging Père David's deer was high in winter but low in summer.Sexual segregation in free ranging Père Danid's deer is caused by the reproductive strategy of different sexes,the highest degree of sexual segregation was found in the breeding season not the non-breeding season in the free ranging Père David's deer.

  16. 论大卫·哈维的空间文化理论%On David Harvey’s Theory on Culture of Space



    哈维认为,空间的概念因文化背景不同而发生变异,它从来不是静态的,而在不断发生实质性的变化。空间甚而可视为一种美学范畴。今天美学战胜伦理学,已成为社会和知识关注的焦点。后现代空间观念的特点是“时空压缩”,它的要害是通过时间来消弭空间。西方资本主义自20世纪60年代以来,时空压缩愈演愈烈,无论是在政治、私人还是社会领域,变化无常、支离破碎都是它的一贯特征。而这一切在马克思主义经典作家的著作中早就多有预言。如《共产党宣言》展示的空间思想,就不仅是当今资本全球化扩张的一个雄辩的历史唯物主义说明,它同样与时俱进在向未来开放,显示资本从来就不是自然物,而是社会关系,今天它在全球空间与地方文化的尖锐对峙中,势将酝酿筹划新的革命。%Harvey believes that the concept of space,due to different cultural backgrounds and mutate,is never static.It continues to occur in substantial changes.Space is even regarded as an aesthetic category.Today aesthetics overcomes ethics and has become the focus that the society and knowledge concern.The characteristics of post-modern concept of space are “time -space compression,”the key of which is to eliminate its space through time.Since the 1960s,the time-space compression of Western capitalism has been intensified,whether it is in the political,private or social sphere.To be capricious and fragmented is its consistent feature.All this has been predicted in the works by Marxist classical writers for a long time.For example,the thought on space described in Communist Manifesto is not merely an eloquent description of historical materialism on the global ex-pansion of capital in today’s society;but also open to the times in the future,showing that the capital has never been the natural world,but a social relationship.Today it is a sharp confrontation between the global and the lo-cal culture of space,a new revolution is bound to the drawing board.

  17. On David Harvey's Theory of "Time-Spatial Fix"%大卫·哈维的"时间-空间修复"理论




  18. 戴维·哈维的新帝国主义理论探析%On David Harvey's Theory of New Imperialism




  19. A Probe into David Harvey's New Marxist Spatial Theory%大卫·哈维的新马克思主义空间理论探析

    章仁彪; 李春敏



  20. 大卫·哈维的不平衡地理发展理论述评%Comments on the Theory of David Harvey's Uneven Geographical Development




  1. On the Analysis Framework of David Held's Globalization Theory%论戴维·赫尔德的全球化理论分析框架




  2. The Role of Naturalness in Lewis's Theory of Meaning

    Brian Weatherson


    Full Text Available Many writers have held that in his later work, David Lewis adopted a theory of predicate meaning such that the meaning of a predicate is the most natural property that is (mostly consistent with the way the predicate is used. That orthodox interpretation is shared by both supporters and critics of Lewis's theory of meaning, but it has recently been strongly criticised by Wolfgang Schwarz. In this paper, I accept many of Schwarze's criticisms of the orthodox interpretation, and add some more. But I also argue that the orthodox interpretation has a grain of truth in it, and seeing that helps us appreciate the strength of Lewis's late theory of meaning.

  3. Model theory

    Chang, CC


    Model theory deals with a branch of mathematical logic showing connections between a formal language and its interpretations or models. This is the first and most successful textbook in logical model theory. Extensively updated and corrected in 1990 to accommodate developments in model theoretic methods - including classification theory and nonstandard analysis - the third edition added entirely new sections, exercises, and references. Each chapter introduces an individual method and discusses specific applications. Basic methods of constructing models include constants, elementary chains, Sko

  4. Viability Theory

    Aubin, Jean-Pierre; Saint-Pierre, Patrick


    Viability theory designs and develops mathematical and algorithmic methods for investigating the adaptation to viability constraints of evolutions governed by complex systems under uncertainty that are found in many domains involving living beings, from biological evolution to economics, from environmental sciences to financial markets, from control theory and robotics to cognitive sciences. It involves interdisciplinary investigations spanning fields that have traditionally developed in isolation. The purpose of this book is to present an initiation to applications of viability theory, explai

  5. Field theory

    Roman, Steven


    Intended for graduate courses or for independent study, this book presents the basic theory of fields. The first part begins with a discussion of polynomials over a ring, the division algorithm, irreducibility, field extensions, and embeddings. The second part is devoted to Galois theory. The third part of the book treats the theory of binomials. The book concludes with a chapter on families of binomials - the Kummer theory. This new edition has been completely rewritten in order to improve the pedagogy and to make the text more accessible to graduate students.  The exercises have also been im

  6. Galois Theory

    Cox, David A


    Praise for the First Edition ". . .will certainly fascinate anyone interested in abstract algebra: a remarkable book!"—Monatshefte fur Mathematik Galois theory is one of the most established topics in mathematics, with historical roots that led to the development of many central concepts in modern algebra, including groups and fields. Covering classic applications of the theory, such as solvability by radicals, geometric constructions, and finite fields, Galois Theory, Second Edition delves into novel topics like Abel’s theory of Abelian equations, casus irreducibili, and the Galo

  7. Game theory.

    Dufwenberg, Martin


    Game theory is a toolkit for examining situations where decision makers influence each other. I discuss the nature of game-theoretic analysis, the history of game theory, why game theory is useful for understanding human psychology, and why game theory has played a key role in the recent explosion of interest in the field of behavioral economics. WIREs Cogni Sci 2011 2 167-173 DOI: 10.1002/wcs.119 For further resources related to this article, please visit the WIREs website.

  8. Elastoplasticity theory

    Hashiguchi, Koichi


    This book details the mathematics and continuum mechanics necessary as a foundation of elastoplasticity theory. It explains physical backgrounds with illustrations and provides descriptions of detailed derivation processes..

  9. Cloud amount/frequency, NITRATE and other data from NOAA Ship DAVID STARR JORDAN in the NE Pacific from 1971-07-01 to 1971-07-12 (NCEI Accession 8100361)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Conductivity, temperature and Depth probe was used to collect data from NOAA Ship DAVID STARR JORDAN. The data were collected from NE Pacific (limit-180) over 12...

  10. Carbon dioxide, temperature, and salinity collected via surface underway survey from NOAA Ship David Starr Jordan off the West Coast of the US and Mexico from 2006-08-06 to 2007-10-28 (NODC Accession 0084176)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NODC Accession 0084176 includes chemical, physical, and underway - surface data collected aboard NOAA Ship DAVID STARR JORDAN in Channel Islands National Marine...

  11. David Fiander (1931 - 2015)


    It was with shock and sorrow that we heard that Dave Fiander had passed away on 29 March.    Dave was born in London in 1931 and educated in a number of schools in Wales, finishing up in Swansea. He studied Engineering at Imperial College London – a university which has always enjoyed a premier reputation in the subject. After graduation he worked for several years for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, where he worked on the production of enriched uranium fuel rods for nuclear power stations. In 1963, he was offered a job at CERN and joined a group in the PS Division headed by Fred Asner and responsible for injection and ejection systems. This was an exciting time for CERN. Europe’s first large synchrotron, the PS, had been completed and had begun to accelerate bunches of protons to a world record energy of 28 GeV. Once accelerated, the 25 bunches of particles circulated at intervals of 110 ns around the 100-metre-radius circle that was the PS accelerato...

  12. Om David Harvey

    Czeskleba-Dupont, Rolf; Schultz Jørgensen, Peter


    Harvey's geografiopfattelse præsenteres fra 'Explanation in Geography' (1969) til de seneste værker, hvor faget er hivet ud af elfenbenstårnet for at udgøre fundamentet til en 'people's geography'. Samtidigt er der sket en sammensmeltning af historisk og geografisk materialisme. Studier over...... 'kapitalen' gennemgås, hvor den geografiske dimension i kapitalens akkumulation er udarbejdet. Harvey's måde at videreføre Henri Lefebvre's tænkning om retten til byen bliver omtalt. Spørgsmålet rejses om arbejderklassen og byen. Og der fokuseres afsluttende på organisering af modstanden i et klassekamps-perspektiv....

  13. Reviews / David J. Smith

    Smith, David J.


    Arvustus: Kasekamp, Andres. A history of the Baltic states. Basingstoke (Hampshire) ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. Artiklis tutvustatakse raamatut eelkõige kui täielikku ülevaadet Balti riikide postsotsialistlikust edukast arengust ja selle ajaloolistest juurtest

  14. Eesti hirmuvabaks! / David Vseviov

    Vseviov, David, 1949-


    Erinevalt parteiliikmetest saab üksikkandidaadina valitu Riigikogus hääletada vabast tahtest lähtudes ja karistushirmu tundmata. Me ei peaks panustama lootusele, et üks inimene osutub paljudest teistest vabamaks ja julgemaks, vaid sellele, et arvamuste väljendamine ja hirmuvaba otsustamine on Eestis norm

  15. Taastuvenergeetika eluliin / David Talbot

    Talbot, David


    Taastuvate energiaallikate laialdasem kasutamine nõuab muutusi ja uuendusi elektrienergia ülekandeliinide süsteemis. Artiklis on lähemalt käsitletud taastuvenergia tootmist Saksamaal ja Ameerika Ühendriikides

  16. David Owen WILLIAMS


    Lidy Williams-Oonk and her children Mark & Marietta, being unable to thank everybody individually, would like to express their sincere thanks to friends and colleagues at CERN and abroad for their great help and support, their messages and flowers, as well as their donations to the Ligue Genevoise contre le Cancer, on the death of their beloved husband and father.

  17. 岩松鼠的食物贮藏行为%Food-hoarding behaviour of David's rock squirrel Sciurotamias davidianus

    路纪琪; 张知彬


    Food storage is an important adaptation of some animal species to the temporal variation or unpredictable food supplies. David's rock squirrel Sciurotamias davidianus occurs in mountainous and hilly areas of north China. Food-hoarding behaviour of this species was unknown. We set up four semi-natural enclosures in the Donglingshan Mountain area near Beijing, and investigate the hoarding strategy of 12 David's rock squirrels and their response to perceived pilferage on seeds of walnuts Juglans regia and wild apricot Prunus armeniaca. The results show that: 1) David's rock squirrels hoarded food items in both larder and scatter patterns but more items were scatter hoarded; 2) when confronted by perceived pilferage on hoarded food, David's rock squirrels increased both larder hoarding and scattered hoarding; 3) none of the seeds of wild apricot and walnut were eaten at the feeder. David's rock squirrels consumed more seeds of wild apricot than that of walnuts outside nest boxes; 4) David's rock squirrels only scatter hoarded walnuts; and 5) seeds of walnuts were transported greater distances than that of wild apricot. The result suggests that David's rock squirrels might play different roles in natural regeneration of walnuts and wild apricots[Acta Zoologica Sinica 51(3):376-382,2005].%食物贮藏是许多动物对不可预见的食物供应变化的一种重要适应.岩松鼠(Sciurotamias davidianus)为中国特有物种,广泛分布于华北地区的山地和丘陵地带.作者在北京市东灵山地区建造半自然围栏(4 m×3 m× 1 m),以核桃(Juglans regia)和山杏(Prunus armeniaca)种子为备选食物,对岩松鼠(12只)的食物贮藏行为进行了研究.数据的统计分析采用SPSS for Windows进行.研究结果表明:1)岩松鼠表现出集中和分散两种食物贮藏方式,而分散贮藏是其偏好的贮藏方式;2) 当遇到贮藏食物被盗窃时,岩松鼠倾向于搬运更多的食物进行集中和分散贮藏;3)岩松鼠没有在食

  18. Potential Theory

    Lukeš, Jaroslav; Netuka, Ivan; Veselý, Jiří


    Within the tradition of meetings devoted to potential theory, a conference on potential theory took place in Prague on 19-24, July 1987. The Conference was organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, with the collaboration of the Institute of Mathematics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, the Department of Mathematics, Czech University of Technology, the Union of Czechoslovak Mathematicians and Physicists, the Czechoslovak Scientific and Technical Society, and supported by IMU. During the Conference, 69 scientific communications from different branches of potential theory were presented; the majority of them are in­ cluded in the present volume. (Papers based on survey lectures delivered at the Conference, its program as well as a collection of problems from potential theory will appear in a special volume of the Lecture Notes Series published by Springer-Verlag). Topics of these communications truly reflect the vast scope of contemporary potential theory. Some contributions deal...

  19. Uncertainty theory

    Liu, Baoding


    When no samples are available to estimate a probability distribution, we have to invite some domain experts to evaluate the belief degree that each event will happen. Perhaps some people think that the belief degree should be modeled by subjective probability or fuzzy set theory. However, it is usually inappropriate because both of them may lead to counterintuitive results in this case. In order to rationally deal with belief degrees, uncertainty theory was founded in 2007 and subsequently studied by many researchers. Nowadays, uncertainty theory has become a branch of axiomatic mathematics for modeling belief degrees. This is an introductory textbook on uncertainty theory, uncertain programming, uncertain statistics, uncertain risk analysis, uncertain reliability analysis, uncertain set, uncertain logic, uncertain inference, uncertain process, uncertain calculus, and uncertain differential equation. This textbook also shows applications of uncertainty theory to scheduling, logistics, networks, data mining, c...

  20. Concept theory

    Hjørland, Birger


      Concept theory is an extremely broad, interdisciplinary and complex field of research related to many deep fields with very long historical traditions without much consensus. However, information science and knowledge organization cannot avoid relating to theories of concepts. Knowledge...... organizing systems (e.g. classification systems, thesauri and ontologies) should be understood as systems basically organizing concepts and their semantic relations. The same is the case with information retrieval systems. Different theories of concepts have different implications for how to construe......, evaluate and use such systems. Based on "a post-Kuhnian view" of paradigms this paper put forward arguments that the best understanding and classification of theories of concepts is to view and classify them in accordance with epistemological theories (empiricism, rationalism, historicism and pragmatism...

  1. Conspiracy Theory

    Bjerg, Ole; Presskorn-Thygesen, Thomas


    The paper is a contribution to current debates about conspiracy theories within philosophy and cultural studies. Wittgenstein’s understanding of language is invoked to analyse the epistemological effects of designating particular questions and explanations as a ‘conspiracy theory......’. It is demonstrated how such a designation relegates these questions and explanations beyond the realm of meaningful discourse. In addition, Agamben’s concept of sovereignty is applied to explore the political effects of using the concept of conspiracy theory. The exceptional epistemological status assigned...... to alleged conspiracy theories within our prevalent paradigms of knowledge and truth is compared to the exceptional legal status assigned to individuals accused of terrorism under the War on Terror. The paper concludes by discussing the relation between conspiracy theory and ‘the paranoid style...

  2. MSM Book Review: Let Them Eat Prozac: The Unhealthy Relationship between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Depression, by David Healy.

    Leemon B. McHenry


    Full Text Available Ever since David Healy first announced in 1991 that SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors have a causal role in some suicide cases, he has had to face ostracism from corporate psychiatry, has had a job offer from the University of Toronto withdrawn, been accused of practicing 'junk science' by the pharmaceutical industry and of covertly promoting a non-SSRI antidepressant via a secret plot with a particular company and of constructing with Carl Elliott his own martyrdom. The New York Times (Nov 15, 2005 recently dubbed Healy 'psychiatry's gadfly' for his stinging criticism of his profession's blind acceptance of the safety and efficacy data provided by drug companies-data based on their clinical trials of their own drugs. Let Them Eat Prozac details in quasi-autobiographical fashion the events that led up to Healy's discontent with psychiatry's cozy relationship with the pharmaceutical industry. The critical issue of concern is the aggressive marketing of the SSRIs that has usurped the authority of science and led to a cover-up of the risks involved in the use of these psychotropic drugs. The story begins with the case of Caitlin Hurcombe, a 19-year old girl who hanged herself in her bedroom a few weeks after starting to take Prozac. Healy explains, 'SSRIs can cause suicide in individuals who have no nervous conditions, primarily by inducing mental turmoil during the early stages of treatment. Patients who develop akathisia while on SSRIs are likely to be seen by primary-care physicians who have not been trained to recognize the problem' (p. 15. The role of akathisia, a drug-induced form of intense agitation, is crucial to linking these drugs with suicide. From the Hurcombe case, we are guided through the history of psychopharmacology in the 20th century, leading up to the creation of the SSRIs, the debate over the effectiveness of these drugs and the adverse reactions they cause and the predictable response from an industry that

  3. Number theory

    Andrews, George E


    Although mathematics majors are usually conversant with number theory by the time they have completed a course in abstract algebra, other undergraduates, especially those in education and the liberal arts, often need a more basic introduction to the topic.In this book the author solves the problem of maintaining the interest of students at both levels by offering a combinatorial approach to elementary number theory. In studying number theory from such a perspective, mathematics majors are spared repetition and provided with new insights, while other students benefit from the consequent simpl

  4. Psychodynamic Theory

    Kathleen Holtz Deal


    Full Text Available Psychodynamic theory, a theory of personality originated by Sigmund Freud, has a long and complex history within social work and continues to be utilized by social workers. This article traces the theory’s development and explains key concepts with an emphasis on its current relational focus within object relations theory and self-psychology. Empirical support for theoretical concepts and the effectiveness of psychodynamic therapies is reviewed and critiqued. Future directions are discussed, including addressing cultural considerations, increasing research, and emphasizing a relational paradigm

  5. Bayesian Theory

    Bernardo, Jose M


    This highly acclaimed text, now available in paperback, provides a thorough account of key concepts and theoretical results, with particular emphasis on viewing statistical inference as a special case of decision theory. Information-theoretic concepts play a central role in the development of the theory, which provides, in particular, a detailed discussion of the problem of specification of so-called prior ignorance . The work is written from the authors s committed Bayesian perspective, but an overview of non-Bayesian theories is also provided, and each chapter contains a wide-ranging critica

  6. Mapping Theory

    Smith, Shelley

    This paper came about within the context of a 13-month research project, Focus Area 1 - Method and Theory, at the Center for Public Space Research at the Royal Academy of the Arts School of Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark. This project has been funded by RealDania. The goals of the research...... project, Focus Area 1 - Method and Theory, which forms the framework for this working paper, are: * To provide a basis from which to discuss the concept of public space in a contemporary architectural and urban context - specifically relating to theory and method * To broaden the discussion of the concept...

  7. Plasticity theory

    Lubliner, Jacob


    The aim of Plasticity Theory is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the contemporary state of knowledge in basic plasticity theory and to its applications. It treats several areas not commonly found between the covers of a single book: the physics of plasticity, constitutive theory, dynamic plasticity, large-deformation plasticity, and numerical methods, in addition to a representative survey of problems treated by classical methods, such as elastic-plastic problems, plane plastic flow, and limit analysis; the problem discussed come from areas of interest to mechanical, structural, and

  8. Model theory

    Hodges, Wilfrid


    An up-to-date and integrated introduction to model theory, designed to be used for graduate courses (for students who are familiar with first-order logic), and as a reference for more experienced logicians and mathematicians.

  9. Continuity theory

    Nel, Louis


    This book presents a detailed, self-contained theory of continuous mappings. It is mainly addressed to students who have already studied these mappings in the setting of metric spaces, as well as multidimensional differential calculus. The needed background facts about sets, metric spaces and linear algebra are developed in detail, so as to provide a seamless transition between students' previous studies and new material. In view of its many novel features, this book will be of interest also to mature readers who have studied continuous mappings from the subject's classical texts and wish to become acquainted with a new approach. The theory of continuous mappings serves as infrastructure for more specialized mathematical theories like differential equations, integral equations, operator theory, dynamical systems, global analysis, topological groups, topological rings and many more. In light of the centrality of the topic, a book of this kind fits a variety of applications, especially those that contribute to ...

  10. Activity Theory.

    Koschmann, Timothy; Roschelle, Jeremy; Nardi, Bonnie A.


    Includes three articles that discuss activity theory, based on "Context and Consciousness." Topics include human-computer interaction; computer interfaces; hierarchical structuring; mediation; contradictions and development; failure analysis; and designing educational technology. (LRW)

  11. Graph theory

    Gould, Ronald


    This introduction to graph theory focuses on well-established topics, covering primary techniques and including both algorithmic and theoretical problems. The algorithms are presented with a minimum of advanced data structures and programming details. This thoroughly corrected 1988 edition provides insights to computer scientists as well as advanced undergraduates and graduate students of topology, algebra, and matrix theory. Fundamental concepts and notation and elementary properties and operations are the first subjects, followed by examinations of paths and searching, trees, and networks. S

  12. Matrix Theory


    MATRICES . The monograph Nonnegative Matrices [6] is an advanced book on all aspect of the theory of nonnegative matrices and...and on inverse eigenvalue problems for nonnegative matrices . The work explores some of the most recent developments in the theory of nonnegative...k -1, t0 . Define the associated polynomial of type <z>: t t-t 2 t-t 3 t-tk_ 1,X - x - x . . .X- where t = tk . The

  13. Le retour de l’événement : la mort dans Jardin, cendre de Danilo Kiš et Tsing de David Albahari

    Nadja Djuric


    Full Text Available L’article traite de la mort du père comme événement fondateur dans deux romans serbes, Jardin, cendre (1965 de Danilo Kiš, et Tsing (1988 de David Albahari. L’événement de la mort ne peut pas être représenté dans la narration, néanmoins sa présence se manifeste dans la manière de laquelle il influence la structure du récit, surtout en créant des événements secondaires sous forme de retour en tant que différence.The paper focuses on the death of the father as the major event in two Serbian novels, Garden,ashes (1965, written by Danilo Kiš, and David Albahari’s Tsing (1988. Although the event of death cannot be incorporated in the narrative, it nonetheless remains present and reflects itself in its structure, mainly by creating a twist of secondary events.El artículo trata de la muerte del padre como acontecimiento fundador en dos novelas serbias, Jardín, ceniza (1965 de Kis Danilo, y Ching (1988 de David Albahari. El acontecimiento de la muerte no puede ser representado en la narración, sin embargo, su presencia se manifiesta en el modo como influye en la estructura de la narración, especialmente mediante la creación de acontecimientos secundarios que remiten al pasado en tanto que diferencia.

  14. The initial study of the Pere David deer's wild breeding%麋鹿野化繁育的初步探讨

    杨文学; 唐艳清; 田禾莹; 唐士阁; 黄小军


    麋鹿作为国家一级保护动物,加大对其野化繁育研究,探讨其野外生存、繁衍规律,对提高其生存能力、扩大种群数量、优化种群结构具有深远意义.本文在通过对河北滦河上游国家级自然保护区糜鹿野化繁育研究工作进展情况进行分析和总结基础上,初步探讨糜鹿野化繁育产仔、疾病、活动等相关生物因子及规律,旨在为麋鹿野化繁育进一步深入研究工作提供一些基础科学参考数据.%Pere David deer is the national first-class protected animal, and it is great significant to study its wild breeding, wild survival and reproductive patterns for the purpose of improving its survival ability, enlarge its population and optimize the population structure. In this paper, on the basis of analyzing and summarizing the work on the Pere David deer's wild breeding at the Hebei Luanhe River upstream national nature reserve, the giving birth, diseases, activities and other related biological factors affecting the animal's wild breeding are discussed, which is beneficial to the further studies on Pere David's deer's wild breeding by providing with some basic scientific reference and data.

  15. Flow sin fronteras: Concierto para percusión y Ensamble de Vientos de Juan David Osorio: análisis y ejecución interpretativa

    Duque Velásquez, Daniel


    En este trabajo se realiza el análisis técnico musical de la Obra Flow Sin Fronteras, Concierto para Percusión y Ensamble de Vientos, la cual fue compuesta entre los años 2013 y 2014 por el compositor colombiano Juan David Osorio -- A su vez, esta monografía pretende reconocer la labor del compositor, al ser el primero a nivel nacional en escribir un concierto para percusión solista y ensamble de vientos, dar fe del gran trabajo realizado valiéndose de sus experiencias musicales en la composi...

  16. Celestial Phenomena and Royal Glory: The Painted Ceiling in Ehrenstrahlsalongen by David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl at Drottningholm Palace in Sweden

    Söderlund, I. E.


    This paper explores the relationship of astronomical phenomena and the painted ceiling The Glorious Deeds of Swedish Kings executed around 1694-1696 by the Swedish court painter David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl in the Royal manor Drottningholm, outside Stockholm. The central theme of the painting is how "Reputation" brings the renown of the valour of the Swedish kings to the stars. When Galileo dedicated the moons of Jupiter to the Medici's he used an already established tradition of likening prominent people to celestial phenomena. This paper explores why motifs related to the stars and heavens was considered to be so suitable in the court context in early modern Europe.

  17. Resultados da assistência ao parto no Centro de Parto Normal Dr. David Capistrano da Costa Filho em Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil

    Campos,Sibylle Emilie Vogt; Lana,Francisco Carlos Félix


    A qualidade da assistência prestada em Centro de Parto Normal (CPN) por enfermeira obstetra é amplamente questionada. Foi realizado um estudo descritivo e retrospectivo de 2.117 partos ocorridos entre janeiro de 2002 e julho 2003, no CPN Dr. David Capistrano da Costa Filho, em Belo Horizonte. Entre os principais resultados da assistência, destacam-se a taxa de transferência materna com 11,4%; a taxa de cesárea com 2,2%; a taxa de admissão em Centro de Tratamento Intensivo (CTI) neonatal de 1,...

  18. The carving of the wood: an exhibition of work by David Pye, Nick Barberton, Matthew Burt, Gaynor Dowling, Eleanor Lakelin, Malcolm Martin and Keith Rand

    Pulley, Bob; Glasgow, Andrew; Olding, Simon; Ratuszniak, Annette


    This catalogue was published and distributed by the Crafts Study Centre for the 2014 exhibition, The Carving of the Wood. The exhibition was curated and the accompanying catalogue was edited by Professor Simon Olding. The Crafts Study Centre holds important collections of wooden bowls and platters by David Pye, the celebrated Professor of Furniture Design at the Royal College of Art 1964-74. These works are presented at the heart of an exhibition which looks at the way that a group of ma...

  19. De onde se vê? Duplicação e dissolução do olhar em Alfred Hitchcock e David Lynch

    Ulysses Pinheiro


    Full Text Available Este artigo compara dois filmes, Janela indiscreta, de Alfred Hitchcock, e Estrada perdida, de David Lynch, com o objetivo de mostrar que eles ilustram duas maneiras distintas de caracterizar o olhar inumano da percepção cinematográfica, tal como ele foi descrito por Gilles Deleuze. Essas duas maneiras distintas não foram discriminadas pelo próprio Deleuze, mas convergem em direção a sua crítica à hermenêutica.

  20. Cluster-like coordinates in supersymmetric quantum field theory.

    Neitzke, Andrew


    Recently it has become apparent that N = 2 supersymmetric quantum field theory has something to do with cluster algebras. I review one aspect of the connection: supersymmetric quantum field theories have associated hyperkähler moduli spaces, and these moduli spaces carry a structure that looks like an extension of the notion of cluster variety. In particular, one encounters the usual variables and mutations of the cluster story, along with more exotic extra variables and generalized mutations. I focus on a class of examples where the underlying cluster varieties are moduli spaces of flat connections on surfaces, as considered by Fock and Goncharov [Fock V, Goncharov A (2006) Publ Math Inst Hautes Études Sci 103:1-211]. The work reviewed here is largely joint with Davide Gaiotto and Greg Moore.

  1. Uma teoria naturalista da justificação das crenças na epistemologia de David Hume

    Claudiney José de Souza


    Full Text Available One of the first difficulties in interpreting Hume’s epistemological writings concerns precisely the meaning of the words ‘knowledge’ and ‘belief’. In this article it is shown, initially, how, from a humean point of view, the traditional epistemic criterion to define ‘knowledge’ and ‘belief’ appears very restrictive. Hume’s theory of causal belief is then briefly reviewed in the light of epistemological naturalism of the Michael J. Costa and Louis E. Loeb. Finally, it is submitted that the examination of all these topics lends support to the Hume’s naturalistic theory of justification of beliefs.

  2. Einstein's Theory Fights off Challengers


    found no evidence that gravity is different from General Relativity on scales larger than 130 million light years. This limit corresponds to a hundred-fold improvement on the bounds of the modified gravitational force's range that can be set without using the cluster data. "This is the strongest ever constraint set on an alternative to General Relativity on such large distance scales," said Schmidt. "Our results show that we can probe gravity stringently on cosmological scales by using observations of galaxy clusters." The reason for this dramatic improvement in constraints can be traced to the greatly enhanced gravitational forces acting in clusters as opposed to the universal background expansion of the universe. The cluster-growth technique also promises to be a good probe of other modified gravity scenarios, such as models motivated by higher-dimensional theories and string theory. A second, independent study also bolsters General Relativity by directly testing it across cosmological distances and times. Up until now, General Relativity had been verified only using experiments from laboratory to Solar System scales, leaving the door open to the possibility that General Relativity breaks down on much larger scales. To probe this question, a group at Stanford University compared Chandra observations of how rapidly galaxy clusters have grown over time to the predictions of General Relativity. The result is nearly complete agreement between observation and theory. "Einstein's theory succeeds again, this time in calculating how many massive clusters have formed under gravity's pull over the last five billion years," said David Rapetti of the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC) at Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, who led the new study. "Excitingly and reassuringly, our results are the most robust consistency test of General Relativity yet carried out on cosmological scales." Rapetti and his colleagues based their

  3. Possibility Theory versus Probability Theory in Fuzzy Measure Theory

    Parul Agarwal


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to compare probability theory with possibility theory, and to use this comparison in comparing probability theory with fuzzy set theory. The best way of comparing probabilistic and possibilistic conceptualizations of uncertainty is to examine the two theories from a broader perspective. Such a perspective is offered by evidence theory, within which probability theory and possibility theory are recognized as special branches. While the various characteristic of possibility theory within the broader framework of evidence theory are expounded in this paper, we need to introduce their probabilistic counterparts to facilitate our discussion.

  4. Jane Eyre de Michael Berkeley et de David Malouf : La transposition opératique d’un grand classique de la littérature anglaise Jane Eyre by Michael Berkeley and David Malouf: The Operatic Rewriting of a Great Classic English Novel

    Jean-Philippe Héberlé


    Full Text Available This article discusses Michael Berkeley’s opera Jane Eyre. Premiered on June 30, 2000 by Music Theatre Wales at the Cheltenham International Festival of Music, this opera is based on the novel by Charlotte Brontë and the libretto is written by the Australian poet, novelist, playwright and librettist, David Malouf. It was risky and daring to try to adapt this famous and long novel for the stage. We will particularly focus on the similarities and differences between the novel and the opera as well as on the strategies used both by David Malouf and Michael Berkeley to adapt it. Through the analysis of the similarities we will see how Michael Berkeley set to music some of the great themes and elements of the novel: passion, a sense of entrapment, the “Gothic” atmosphere. On the other hand, the analysis of the discrepancies between the novel and the opera as they appear in both the libretto and the music will lead us to a modern apprehension of the characterization of madness as well as of the metafictional dimension of the rewriting of Jane Eyre by David Malouf and Michael Berkeley.  

  5. Basic Color Terms: Their Universality and Evolution. The David Hume Series of Philosophy and Cognitive Science Reissues.

    Berlin, Brent; Kay, Paul

    Ethnoscience studies, and studies of color vocabulary in particular, have firmly established that to understand the full range of meaning of a word in any language, each new language must be approached on its own terms, without a priori theories of semantic universals. It has been shown that color words in fact encode a great deal of…

  6. Biocultural Theory

    Carroll, Joseph; Clasen, Mathias; Jonsson, Emelie


    Biocultural theory is an integrative research program designed to investigate the causal interactions between biological adaptations and cultural constructions. From the biocultural perspective, cultural processes are rooted in the biological necessities of the human life cycle: specifically human...... and ideological beliefs, and artistic practices such as music, dance, painting, and storytelling. Establishing biocultural theory as a program that self-consciously encompasses the different particular forms of human evolutionary research could help scholars and scientists envision their own specialized areas...... of research as contributions to a coherent, collective research program. This article argues that a mature biocultural paradigm needs to be informed by at least 7 major research clusters: (a) gene-culture coevolution; (b) human life history theory; (c) evolutionary social psychology; (d) anthropological...

  7. Galois theory

    Stewart, Ian


    Ian Stewart's Galois Theory has been in print for 30 years. Resoundingly popular, it still serves its purpose exceedingly well. Yet mathematics education has changed considerably since 1973, when theory took precedence over examples, and the time has come to bring this presentation in line with more modern approaches.To this end, the story now begins with polynomials over the complex numbers, and the central quest is to understand when such polynomials have solutions that can be expressed by radicals. Reorganization of the material places the concrete before the abstract, thus motivating the g


    Rogério Faé


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é fundamentar a escolha pela perspectiva teórica do materialismo histórico-geográfico, desenvolvida pelo geógrafo David Harvey para compreender uma região. Para tanto, apresentamos e discutimos também os referenciais predominantes nas análises sobre regiões, com o intuito de demonstrar os limites desses referenciais e as possibilidades abertas pela perspectiva de Harvey. Assim, apresentamos alguns dos principais conceitos que têm orientado as ações de governos dos mais diversos matizes; a abordagem de David Harvey bem como seus pressupostos teóricos e históricos; e uma análise comparativa em que demonstramos as limitações dos referenciais predominantes e as possibilidades da perspectiva do último autor. Ao final, conclui-se que o materialismo histórico-geográfico permite compreender que as dinâmicas sociais e econômicas de uma região se caracterizam em processos conflituosos e contraditórios e resultam em uma configuração regional específica e transitória.

  9. Review on "Urbanization of Capital " Written by David Harvey%马克思主义与城市问题结合研究的典范——大卫·哈维的《资本的城市化》述评



    新马克思主义城市学派是影响二战后西方社会科学界的一个重要流派,大卫·哈维是其代表人物.在《资本的城市化》中,他将马克思主义理论和方法应用于城市(化)问题,演绎出城市空间组织和结构是资本生产的需要和产物的总结论,揭示了资本主义城市化是资本集聚和阶级斗争矛盾作用的过程的实质,并将其延伸到对整个资本主义政治经济的批判和分析,从而发展了马克思主义的城市理论.该学派理论对忽视马克思主义理论与城市问题之间联系的我国学界尤具借鉴价值.%The new Marxism urban school is one of the important western theories after World War II. David Harvey is the representative figure of this school. In his work "urbanization of capital" , Harvey applies Marxism theories and methods to the urban problem, deduces that the urban spatial organization and structure are the production of capital, and reveales the capitalist urbanization are a contradictory process of capital accumulation and class struggle. Harvey extends this kind of theories to the whole criticism and analysis for capitalist political and economic system, and develops Marxist theories on city. These theories are especially important for Chinese scholars, because they often ignore the connections between the urban problems and Marxism theories.

  10. Effective theories of universal theories

    Wells, James D


    It is well-known but sometimes overlooked that constraints on the oblique parameters (most notably $S$ and $T$ parameters) are only applicable to a special class of new physics scenarios known as universal theories. In the effective field theory (EFT) framework, the oblique parameters should not be associated with Wilson coefficients in a particular operator basis, unless restrictions have been imposed on the EFT so that it describes universal theories. We work out these restrictions, and present a detailed EFT analysis of universal theories. We find that at the dimension-6 level, universal theories are completely characterized by 16 parameters. They are conveniently chosen to be: 5 oblique parameters that agree with the commonly-adopted ones, 4 anomalous triple-gauge couplings, 3 rescaling factors for the $h^3$, $hff$, $hVV$ vertices, 3 parameters for $hVV$ vertices absent in the Standard Model, and 1 four-fermion coupling of order $y_f^2$. All these parameters are defined in an unambiguous and basis-indepen...

  11. Livability theory

    R. Veenhoven (Ruut)


    markdownabstract__Abstract__ Assumptions Livability theory involves the following six key assumptions: 1. Like all animals, humans have innate needs, such as for food, safety, and companionship. 2. Gratification of needs manifests in hedonic experience. 3. Hedonic experience determines how much we

  12. Framing theory

    de Vreese, C.H.; Lecheler, S.; Mazzoleni, G.; Barnhurst, K.G.; Ikeda, K.; Maia, R.C.M.; Wessler, H.


    Political issues can be viewed from different perspectives and they can be defined differently in the news media by emphasizing some aspects and leaving others aside. This is at the core of news framing theory. Framing originates within sociology and psychology and has become one of the most used th

  13. Scattering theory

    Friedrich, Harald [Technische Univ. Muenchen, Garching (Germany). Physik-Department


    Written by the author of the widely acclaimed textbook. Theoretical Atomic Physics Includes sections on quantum reflection, tunable Feshbach resonances and Efimov states. Useful for advanced students and researchers. This book presents a concise and modern coverage of scattering theory. It is motivated by the fact that experimental advances have shifted and broadened the scope of applications where concepts from scattering theory are used, e.g. to the field of ultracold atoms and molecules, which has been experiencing enormous growth in recent years, largely triggered by the successful realization of Bose-Einstein condensates of dilute atomic gases in 1995. In the present treatment, special attention is given to the role played by the long-range behaviour of the projectile-target interaction, and a theory is developed, which is well suited to describe near-threshold bound and continuum states in realistic binary systems such as diatomic molecules or molecular ions. The level of abstraction is kept as low as at all possible, and deeper questions related to mathematical foundations of scattering theory are passed by. The book should be understandable for anyone with a basic knowledge of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics. It is intended for advanced students and researchers, and it is hoped that it will be useful for theorists and experimentalists alike.

  14. Theory Overview

    Lenz, Alexander


    We set the scene for theoretical issues in charm physics that were discussed at CHARM 2016 in Bologna. In particular we emphasize the importance of improving our understanding of standard model contributions to numerous charm observables and we discuss also possible tests of our theory tools, like the Heavy Quark Expansion via the lifetime ratios of $D$-mesons

  15. Combinatorial Theory

    Hall, Marshall


    Includes proof of van der Waerden's 1926 conjecture on permanents, Wilson's theorem on asymptotic existence, and other developments in combinatorics since 1967. Also covers coding theory and its important connection with designs, problems of enumeration, and partition. Presents fundamentals in addition to latest advances, with illustrative problems at the end of each chapter. Enlarged appendixes include a longer list of block designs.

  16. Activity Theory

    Bertelsen, Olav Wedege; Bødker, Susanne


    the young HCI research tradition. But HCI was already facing problems: lack of consideration for other aspects of human behavior, for interaction with other people, for culture. Cognitive science-based theories lacked means to address several issues that came out of the empirical projects....

  17. Theory U

    Monthoux, Pierre Guillet de; Statler, Matt


    The recent Carnegie report (Colby, et al., 2011) characterizes the goal of business education as the development of practical wisdom. In this chapter, the authors reframe Scharmer’s Theory U as an attempt to develop practical wisdom by applying certain European philosophical concepts. Specifically...

  18. Matching theory

    Plummer, MD


    This study of matching theory deals with bipartite matching, network flows, and presents fundamental results for the non-bipartite case. It goes on to study elementary bipartite graphs and elementary graphs in general. Further discussed are 2-matchings, general matching problems as linear programs, the Edmonds Matching Algorithm (and other algorithmic approaches), f-factors and vertex packing.

  19. Deception: Theory and Practice


    Fight” manual is rather simplistic, its release marked the beginning of a military deception renaissance within the U.S. Army. Of note however, the...decades. Furthermore, the era marks a renaissance of deception throughout the U.S. Army culminating with the central use of deception during Operation...Some Personal Reflections on the Practice of Deception in the Mediterranean Theatre from 1941 to 1945,” memorandum included in David Mure, Master of

  20. « Tu as versé beaucoup de sang, et tu as fait de grandes guerres ». Charles Quint et le roi David dans les écrits des rederijkers

    Samuel Mareel


    Cet article décrit les relations complexes et changeantes entre Charles Quint et les chambres de rhétorique, le phénomène littéraire qui domina les Pays-Bas néerlandophones aux XVe et XVIe siècles, à travers une analyse de l’image du roi David dans les écrits des rederijkers. David était souvent utilisé par les rhétoriqueurs pour glorifier l’empereur, mais aussi pour exprimer leurs espoirs et leurs déceptions face à son régime. Ironiquement, David ne fut pas seulement un type et un exemple du...

  1. « Tu as versé beaucoup de sang, et tu as fait de grandes guerres ». Charles Quint et le roi David dans les écrits des rederijkers

    Samuel Mareel


    Full Text Available Cet article décrit les relations complexes et changeantes entre Charles Quint et les chambres de rhétorique, le phénomène littéraire qui domina les Pays-Bas néerlandophones aux XVe et XVIe siècles, à travers une analyse de l’image du roi David dans les écrits des rederijkers. David était souvent utilisé par les rhétoriqueurs pour glorifier l’empereur, mais aussi pour exprimer leurs espoirs et leurs déceptions face à son régime. Ironiquement, David ne fut pas seulement un type et un exemple du prince Habsbourg, il le fut aussi des adeptes de la Réforme, dont bon nombre étaient membres des chambres de rhétorique.A través del análisis de la imagen del rey David en los escritos de los rederijkers, este artículo describe las relaciones complejas y cambiantes entre Carlos V y las cámaras de retórica, institución literaria determinante en los Países Bajos de habla neerlandesa durante los siglos XV y XVI. Los retóricos utilizaron a menudo a David para glorificar al emperador, pero también para expresar sus esperanzas y decepciones frente a su gobierno. David no fue sólo un modelo y un ejemplo para el príncipe de la Casa de Austria, sino que lo fue también, irónicamente, para los adeptos de la Reforma, entre quienes se contaban muchos miembros de las cámaras de retórica.

  2. Potential theory

    Helms, Lester L


    Potential Theory presents a clear path from calculus to classical potential theory and beyond, with the aim of moving the reader into the area of mathematical research as quickly as possible. The subject matter is developed from first principles using only calculus. Commencing with the inverse square law for gravitational and electromagnetic forces and the divergence theorem, the author develops methods for constructing solutions of Laplace's equation on a region with prescribed values on the boundary of the region. The latter half of the book addresses more advanced material aimed at those with the background of a senior undergraduate or beginning graduate course in real analysis. Starting with solutions of the Dirichlet problem subject to mixed boundary conditions on the simplest of regions, methods of morphing such solutions onto solutions of Poisson's equation on more general regions are developed using diffeomorphisms and the Perron-Wiener-Brelot method, culminating in application to Brownian motion. In ...

  3. Elastoplasticity theory

    Hashiguchi, Koichi


    This book was written to serve as the standard textbook of elastoplasticity for students, engineers and researchers in the field of applied mechanics. The present second edition is improved thoroughly from the first edition by selecting the standard theories from various formulations and models, which are required to study the essentials of elastoplasticity steadily and effectively and will remain universally in the history of elastoplasticity. It opens with an explanation of vector-tensor analysis and continuum mechanics as a foundation to study elastoplasticity theory, extending over various strain and stress tensors and their rates. Subsequently, constitutive equations of elastoplastic and viscoplastic deformations for monotonic, cyclic and non-proportional loading behavior in a general rate and their applications to metals and soils are described in detail, and constitutive equations of friction behavior between solids and its application to the prediction of stick-slip phenomena are delineated. In additi...

  4. Operator theory


    A one-sentence definition of operator theory could be: The study of (linear) continuous operations between topological vector spaces, these being in general (but not exclusively) Fréchet, Banach, or Hilbert spaces (or their duals). Operator theory is thus a very wide field, with numerous facets, both applied and theoretical. There are deep connections with complex analysis, functional analysis, mathematical physics, and electrical engineering, to name a few. Fascinating new applications and directions regularly appear, such as operator spaces, free probability, and applications to Clifford analysis. In our choice of the sections, we tried to reflect this diversity. This is a dynamic ongoing project, and more sections are planned, to complete the picture. We hope you enjoy the reading, and profit from this endeavor.

  5. Communication theory

    Stein, Irene F.; Stelter, Reinhard


    Communication theory covers a wide variety of theories related to the communication process (Littlejohn, 1999). Communication is not simply an exchange of information, in which we have a sender and a receiver. This very technical concept of communication is clearly outdated; a human being...... is not a data processing device. In this chapter, communication is understood as a process of shared meaning-making (Bruner, 1990). Human beings interpret their environment, other people, and themselves on the basis of their dynamic interaction with the surrounding world. Meaning is essential because people...... ascribe specific meanings to their experiences, their actions in life or work, and their interactions. Meaning is reshaped, adapted, and transformed in every communication encounter. Furthermore, meaning is cocreated in dialogues or in communities of practice, such as in teams at a workplace or in school...

  6. Scattering theory

    Friedrich, Harald


    This corrected and updated second edition of "Scattering Theory" presents a concise and modern coverage of the subject. In the present treatment, special attention is given to the role played by the long-range behaviour of the projectile-target interaction, and a theory is developed, which is well suited to describe near-threshold bound and continuum states in realistic binary systems such as diatomic molecules or molecular ions. It is motivated by the fact that experimental advances have shifted and broadened the scope of applications where concepts from scattering theory are used, e.g. to the field of ultracold atoms and molecules, which has been experiencing enormous growth in recent years, largely triggered by the successful realization of Bose-Einstein condensates of dilute atomic gases in 1995. The book contains sections on special topics such as near-threshold quantization, quantum reflection, Feshbach resonances and the quantum description of scattering in two dimensions. The level of abstraction is k...

  7. On David Harvey’s “Dialectical Utopianism”--- On the Development of Marxism under the Background of Globalization%论大卫・哈维的“辩证乌托邦主义”--兼谈全球化背景下马克思主义的发展

    赖佩媛; 路克利


    “Dialectical Utopianism” is a social conception proposed by a British left‐wing scholar named David Harvey .This article ,based on the “dialectical utopianism” ,analyzes some global out‐standing issues ,and points out that Marxist theory is confirmed and used for reference ,as well as for criticism and questioning .Through the comparative analysis ,it shows that Harvey used spatial and geographic concept to question the historical materialism ,in which excessive abstraction and metaphor existed ,and led to the limitations of the theory .It is concluded that Harvey’s many new concepts are difficult to support the so‐called “dialectical Utopia” ,but to a certain extent ,he has still a more posi‐tive attempt to use and develop Marxist Theory in the era of globalization .%“辩证乌托邦主义”(Dialectical Utopianism)是英国左翼学者大卫・哈维(David Harvey)提出的社会构想。之所以说哈维的“辩证乌托邦主义”是在全球化背景下对马克思主义的发展,是因为哈维深入地分析了全球化的一些突出问题,对马克思主义理论既有肯定和借鉴,也存在批判和质疑。通过概念的比较分析,指出哈维以空间、地理等概念来质疑历史唯物主义,是对一些关键概念的过度延伸和抽象隐喻的窘状,导致其理论的局限。从而得出结论,哈维的诸多新概念难以支撑其所谓的“辩证乌托邦主义”,但仍不失为在全球化时代运用和发展马克思主义的较为积极的理论尝试。

  8. The New Governor General of Canada's Love Fate of China%加拿大新总督DAVID JOHNSTON的中国情缘



    @@ 经加拿大总理哈珀提名,专家委员会在全国各界广泛征求意见,并经英国女王伊丽莎白二世批准,加拿大滑铁卢大学校长DAVID JOHNSTON(戴·约翰斯顿)教授将于10月1日接替现任总督米夏埃尔·让出任加拿大新总督,任期五年.加拿大是英联邦国家,英国女王也是加拿大女王.总督是女王在加拿大的代表,是加拿大的国家元首,也是加拿大武装部队总司令.

  9. 哈士蟆卵油化学成分研究%Study on the Chemical Constituents of the Ovum Oil of Rana temporaria chensinensis David.

    卢立明; 宋少江; 徐绥绪; 徐峰


    @@ 哈士蟆油(oviductus ranae)为中国林蛙(Rana temporaria chensinensis David.)雌蛙的干燥输卵管制品,系一种名贵中药材,对它的化学成分和药效作用研究已有综述报道[1].但中国林蛙卵,民间用其治疗肺虚咳嗽,其化学成分至今未见报道.为开发利用这一资源,本文以林蛙卵为原料,对其脂溶性部分的化学成分进行了初步研究.

  10. David Trumbull, entre masonería y protestantismo: la conformación del frente anticlerial en Chile a fines del siglo XIX

    Javier Castro Arcos


    Full Text Available El objetivo de este artículo es caracterizar la figura del Pastor Protestante David Trumbull en la configuración del Frente anticlerical chileno de fines del siglo XIX. Se analizan los planteamientos fundamentales de Trumbull, respecto a la vinculación Política-Religión en temáticas críticas de época, como lo fueron la búsqueda de la Libertad de Culto y la participación de lo protestante en la construcción del Chile republicano. Es considerada la interrelación entre Masonería y Protestantismo a través de la figura de Trumbull, como un articulador de perspectivas doctrinalmente contradictorias, pero instrumentalmente posibles de ser ensambladas por causa de un objetivo común, la implementación del ideario liberal.

  11. David Robichaux, ed., Familia y parentesco en México y Mesoamérica. Unas miradas antropológicas



    Alors que le monde mésoaméricain ne cesse de susciter une abondante littérature anthropologique, force est de constater la rareté des études consacrées à la parenté dans cette région du monde. Comme le rappelle David Robichaux dans sa préface, depuis Essays on Mexican Kinship publié en 1976, qui faisait d’ailleurs un constat équivalent, la recherche anthropologique mésoaméricaniste semble n’avoir guère avancé dans cette direction, en comparaison de ce qui s’est produit pour d’autres aires cul...

  12. The Liberating Role of Astronomy in an Old Farmer's Almanac: David Rittenhouse's "Useful Knowledge" and a Benjamin Banneker Almanac for 1792

    Walker, Theodore, Jr.


    Traditionally, astronomy met theology and political ethics in almanacs. As presented in early New England almanacs of the farmer's type, astronomy was deity-affirming and liberty-oriented. The old English label for astronomy that affirms theology was "Astro-theology" (William Derham, 1715). The New England rendering of astro-theology was so strongly oriented towards liberty that it can now be labeled astro-liberation theology. This 21st century label is appropriate because 18th century New England printers and astronomers used astronomy to demonstrate the glory of the Creator (astro-theology) and to encourage liberation from colonialism and slavery (astro-liberation theology). A philosophy of astronomy as "useful knowledge' expressed by David Rittenhouse in 1775 - and implicit in a Benjamin Banneker almanac for 1792 - included liberty-oriented visions of planet Earth as seen from outer space, and liberty-oriented visions of intelligent life on other planets orbiting other stars.


    Laura Quintana


    Full Text Available Este artículo pretende mostrar que en su ensayo Sobre la norma del gusto David Hume va más allá de una explicación causal y de una fundamentación universalista del gusto, para sugerir una concepción contextual y dialógica del consenso en asuntos estéticos. Así, en contraste con la mayoría de los intérpretes, se defenderá que en este texto no prevalece el punto de vista dominante en las teorías estéticas del siglo XVIII, sino que junto a éste se presenta un enfoque alternativo.

  14. 'The solution to his own enigma': connecting the life of Montague David Eder (1865-1936), socialist, psychoanalyst, Zionist and modern saint.

    Thomson, Mathew


    This article examines the career of pioneer British psychoanalyst David Eder (1865-1936). Credited by Freud as the first practising psychoanalyst in England, active in early British socialism and then a significant figure in Zionism in post-war Palestine, and in between an adventurer in South America, a pioneer in the field of school medicine, and a writer on shell-shock, Eder is a strangely neglected figure in existing historiography. The connections between his interest in medicine, psychoanalysis, socialism and Zionism are also explored. In doing so, this article contributes to our developing understanding of the psychoanalytic culture of early twentieth-century Britain, pointing to its shifting relationship to broader ideology and the practical social and political challenges of the period. The article also reflects on the challenges for both Eder's contemporaries and his biographers in making sense of such a life.

  15. David Peck Todd and the transit of 1882: A lover's triangle forms while an astronomer triangulates the distance to the Sun

    Sheehan, W. P.


    The transit of Venus of 1882 was a remarkable event, the last transit in the 19th century and the last one to occur until our own time. Among those who undertook to study the transit was David Todd of Amherst College, who, when he was not included in the U.S. Naval Observatory's expeditions, was hired by the Lick Observatory trust to observe the transit from their site-in-development, Mt. Hamilton. Todd went west for the transit just as his wife and Austin Dickinson, Emily's brother, crossed a Rubicon in their love-affair. He successfully photographed the transit from Mt. Hamilton and the plates have survived. In time for the 2004 transit, Tony Misch of Lick and I have scanned them and presented them in cinematographic form and our transit-of-Venus movie will receive its American premiere.

  16. From David Walker to President Obama: Tropes of the Founding Fathers in African American Discourses of Democracy, or The Legacy of Ishmael

    Elizabeth J. West


    Full Text Available More than a century after the Emancipation Proclamation, in a society that still others blackness, we continue to hold to the mythical humanizing power of literacy. In our own time this has been poignantly evinced in the public reception of the current President of the United States, Barack Obama. He has been internationally hailed for his written and oral eloquence, and many Americans expected that Obama’s evident intellectual prowess would reverse prevailing stereotypes of black inferiority. Obama’s rhetorical success is rooted in the longstanding literary practice of invoking the mythical founding fathers to validate text and subject. In this regard, David Walker’s Appeal (1829 represents the emergence of a long tradition of black voices invoking America’s most sacred patriarchs and their rhetoric of Americanness.

  17. Compte rendu de Vrydaghs (David, Michaux l’insaisissable. Socioanalyse d’une entrée en littérature

    Paul Dirkx


    Full Text Available Henri Michaux, l’un des monstres sacrés de la littérature française du XXe siècle, est depuis plusieurs années le poète « français » le plus étudié en France et probablement au-delà. Les livres à son sujet sont pléthore, les articles se comptent par centaines, la littérature « michalienne » continue de couler à flots. Pourtant, le livre de David Vrydaghs, issu d’une thèse de doctorat soutenue à l’Université de Liège en 2005, vient combler une lacune, et non des moindres, puisqu’il propose, d’...

  18. The philosophy of set theory an historical introduction to Cantor's paradise

    Tiles, Mary


    A century ago, Georg Cantor demonstrated the possibility of a series of transfinite infinite numbers. His methods, unorthodox for the time, enabled him to derive theorems that established a mathematical reality for a hierarchy of infinities. Cantor's innovation was opposed, and ignored, by the establishment; years later, the value of his work was recognized and appreciated as a landmark in mathematical thought, forming the beginning of set theory and the foundation for most of contemporary mathematics. As Cantor's sometime collaborator, David Hilbert, remarked, ""No one will drive us from the

  19. An Analysis on Paul's Emotional Experience with Freud's Psychoanalytical Theory in Sons and Lovers

    胡嘉薏; 范丽娟


    David Herbert Lawrence is one of the most important and controversial writers. Sons and Lovers, one of .his most influential novels, is his first full-length and semi-autobiographical novel. This novel describes the growing process and the emotional experiences of a coal mine worker's son Paul. This paper takes Freud's psychoanalytic theory as the theoretical basis. By analyzing three different patterns of relationships among Paul and three women, including mother Morel, lover Miriam and mistress Clara, this paper finally comes to a conclusion that the real love should be based on the harmony of the personality structure and the unity of the body and the soul.

  20. The Theory of Edge Detection and Low-level Vision in Retrospect

    Ghosh, Kuntal; Sarkar, Sandip; BHAUMIK, KAMALES


    The theory of edge detection and the treatise on low-level vision presented in this chapter in the light of the non-classical receptive field of retinal ganglion cells is a straightforward continuation of the approach of David Marr and his group. The appeal of the present approach lies in its simplicity and easy implementation, although it should be kept in mind that no non-linear model of the extended surround has been proposed here, which could be an interesting direction of future work. Po...

  1. Militancia política y labor artística de David Alfaro Siqueiros: de Olvera Street a Río de la Plata

    Alicia Azuela de la Cueva


    Full Text Available El texto aborda una de las etapas más importantes en la vida del pintor David Alfaro Siqueiros, la que transcurrió mientras estuvo exiliado en las ciudades de Los Ángeles, Montevideo y Buenos Aires durante 1932 y 1934 en Nueva York en 1936 y por último a raíz de su participación en el atentado en contra de León Trotsky en 1940, en la ciudad chilena de Chillán, de 1941 a 1943. La autora propone que este periodo no sólo selló de manera permanente la relación entre la carrera artística de Siqueiros y su actividad política, sino que les dio, en sus contenidos e impacto, un amplio carácter internacional y transcultural. Analiza los antecedentes de la labor artístico-política de Siqueiros y su repercusión en la fundación de bloques de militantes del Partido Comunista provenientes del ámbito artístico.The text examines one of the most important stages in the life of painter David Alfaro Siqueiros, which took place while he was exiled in Los Ángeles, Montevideo and Buenos Aires in 1932 and 1934 in New York in 1936 and finally, as a result of his role in the attempt on Leon Trotsky's life in 1940 in the Chilean city of Chillán from 1941 to 1943. The author suggests that this period not only permanently sealed the link between Siqueiros' artistic career and his political activity, but also lent them a profoundly international, transcultural connotation as regards their contents and impact. The author analyzes the antecedents of Siqueiros' artistic and political work and its repercussion on the founding of blocs of Communist Party militants drawn from artistic circles.

  2. Graph theory

    Merris, Russell


    A lively invitation to the flavor, elegance, and power of graph theoryThis mathematically rigorous introduction is tempered and enlivened by numerous illustrations, revealing examples, seductive applications, and historical references. An award-winning teacher, Russ Merris has crafted a book designed to attract and engage through its spirited exposition, a rich assortment of well-chosen exercises, and a selection of topics that emphasizes the kinds of things that can be manipulated, counted, and pictured. Intended neither to be a comprehensive overview nor an encyclopedic reference, th

  3. Design theory


    This book deals with the basic subjects of design theory. It begins with balanced incomplete block designs, various constructions of which are described in ample detail. In particular, finite projective and affine planes, difference sets and Hadamard matrices, as tools to construct balanced incomplete block designs, are included. Orthogonal latin squares are also treated in detail. Zhu's simpler proof of the falsity of Euler's conjecture is included. The construction of some classes of balanced incomplete block designs, such as Steiner triple systems and Kirkman triple systems, are also given.

  4. Communication theory

    Goldie, Charles M


    This book is an introduction, for mathematics students, to the theories of information and codes. They are usually treated separately but, as both address the problem of communication through noisy channels (albeit from different directions), the authors have been able to exploit the connection to give a reasonably self-contained treatment, relating the probabilistic and algebraic viewpoints. The style is discursive and, as befits the subject, plenty of examples and exercises are provided. Some examples and exercises are provided. Some examples of computer codes are given to provide concrete illustrations of abstract ideas.

  5. Residuation theory

    Blyth, T S; Sneddon, I N; Stark, M


    Residuation Theory aims to contribute to literature in the field of ordered algebraic structures, especially on the subject of residual mappings. The book is divided into three chapters. Chapter 1 focuses on ordered sets; directed sets; semilattices; lattices; and complete lattices. Chapter 2 tackles Baer rings; Baer semigroups; Foulis semigroups; residual mappings; the notion of involution; and Boolean algebras. Chapter 3 covers residuated groupoids and semigroups; group homomorphic and isotone homomorphic Boolean images of ordered semigroups; Dubreil-Jacotin and Brouwer semigroups; and loli

  6. Graph theory

    Diestel, Reinhard


    HauptbeschreibungThis standard textbook of modern graph theory, now in its fourth edition, combinesthe authority of a classic with the engaging freshness of style that is the hallmarkof active mathematics. It covers the core material of the subject with concise yetreliably complete proofs, while offering glimpses of more advanced methodsin each field by one or two deeper results, again with proofs given in full detail.The book can be used as a reliable text for an introductory course, as a graduatetext, and for self-study. Rezension"Deep, clear, wonderful. This is a serious book about the

  7. 当代基督教神学与文学——大卫·贾斯帕教授访谈%Contemporary Christian Theology through Literature:An Interview with David Jasper



    A Short Introduction to Hermeneutics (2004). His recent research focuses on such topics as "From Modernism to Postmodernism" (2003), "From Inter-discipline to Multidiscipline" (2003), "Literature: Critical Theory and Religious Studies" (2004), and "The Study of Literature and Theology" (2007). David Jasper is also editor of a series of books and journals, such as Studies in Literature and Religion, of which thirty volumes have been published by Macmillan, and the journal Literature and Theology. This interview took place after the summer institute on "Theology, Sinology and Cultural Studies" in Wenzhou, China, at which Jasper delivered a lecture entitled "Contemporary Christian Theology through the Arts and Culture." The interview is an extension of that lecture focusing more on the relationship between theology and postmodernist literature. According to Jasper, the meta-narrative of the Bible as a legitimating and unifying force is disintegrated on the one hand, so new ways should be adopted to "do theology." On the other hand there exist some similarities between Christian theology and postmodernism. Therefore, postmodernism is not a turn away from religion, but a return to certain very ancient religious ways. In either case, literature provides modern people with "a space" to revise their thinking and perception.

  8. 非普遍性发展理论及其对我国幼儿教育改革的启示%The Theory of Nonuniversal Development and Its Indication to The Reform of the Nursery Education in China

    霍力岩; 李敏谊


    @@ 美国塔夫茨大学(Tufts University)发展心理学家费尔德曼(David Henry Feldman)教授于1980年在(Beyond Universals in Cognitive Development)一书中提出了一种新的关于人的发展的理论--非普遍性发展理论(The Nonuniversal Theory/The Theory of Nonuniversal Develop-ment) .

  9. Review of Planning for uncertainty: living wills and other advance directives for you and your family, 2nd edition by David John Doukas, M.D., and William Reichel, M.D

    Bernal Ellen W


    Full Text Available Abstract Advance directives are useful ways to express one's wishes about end of life care, but even now most people have not completed one of the documents. David Doukas and William Reichel strongly encourage planning for end of life care. Although Planning for Uncertainty is at times fairly abstract for the general reader, it does provide useful background and practical steps.

  10. The genesis of an ‘interesting’ and important social and environmental accounting conversation: Celebrating the contribution of professor David Owen to social and environmental accounting and auditing (SEAA) research and practice

    O'Dwyer, B.


    This paper reflects on the nature of ‘interesting’ research in the context of the contributions Professor David Owen has made to the social and environmental accounting and auditing (SEAA) research field over his academic career. The paper reviews some of Professor Owen's key research themes and res


    Deane-Peter Baker


    Full Text Available As the nature of armed conflict continues to change, so the living ethical traditionthat is just war theory has to adapt to meet new challenges. This paper offers aproposal for extending just war theory by incorporating into its framework a humancapabilities-based ethic drawn from the work of Martha Nussbaum. This newapproach is analysed in the light of two important recent challenges to just wartheory: David Rodin’s critique of the principle of national defence, and the emergingdoctrine of humanitarian intervention. While the results of this analysis can only beconsidered to be preliminary, the authors argue that indications are thatsupplementing just war theory with Nussbaum’s human capabilities-based ethic, orsomething similar, could yield significant benefits for the ethical analysis ofcontemporary armed conflicts.

  12. Bohmian mechanics. The physics and mathematics of quantum theory

    Duerr, Detlef [Muenchen Univ. (Germany). Fakultaet Mathematik; Teufel, Stefan [Tuebingen Univ. (Germany). Mathematisches Inst.


    Bohmian Mechanics was formulated in 1952 by David Bohm as a complete theory of quantum phenomena based on a particle picture. It was promoted some decades later by John S. Bell, who, intrigued by the manifestly nonlocal structure of the theory, was led to his famous Bell's inequalities. Experimental tests of the inequalities verified that nature is indeed nonlocal. Bohmian mechanics has since then prospered as the straightforward completion of quantum mechanics. This book provides a systematic introduction to Bohmian mechanics and to the mathematical abstractions of quantum mechanics, which range from the self-adjointness of the Schroedinger operator to scattering theory. It explains how the quantum formalism emerges when Boltzmann's ideas about statistical mechanics are applied to Bohmian mechanics. The book is self-contained, mathematically rigorous and an ideal starting point for a fundamental approach to quantum mechanics. It will appeal to students and newcomers to the field, as well as to established scientists seeking a clear exposition of the theory. (orig.)

  13. General Theories of Regulation

    Hertog, J.A. den


    This chapter makes a distinction between three types of theories of regulation: public interest theories, the Chicago theory of regulation and the public choice theories. The Chicago theory is mainly directed at the explanation of economic regulation; public interest theories and public choice theor

  14. 围栏条件下岩松鼠对核桃的贮藏%Hoarding of walnuts by David's rock squirrels (Sciurotamias davidianus)within enclosure

    路纪琪; 张知彬


    许多动物都能够贮藏食物以应对一定时期的食物短缺.岩松鼠是中国特有的一种啮齿动物,主要分布于华北山地和丘陵地区,对于其食物贮藏行为还了解不多.我们在北京东灵山地区建立了半自然围栏,在围栏一角设置一木质巢箱供其休息,在围栏中心设一食盘(给食处),就岩松鼠对核桃(已预先标记)的贮藏特征进行了观察.每只受试动物在实验开始前6 h断食,于13∶00左右,随机选择1只岩松鼠,将其放入围栏中适应2~3 h.随后,在给食处放置20枚已标记的核桃.于第二天同一时间进入围栏,检查并记录岩松鼠对核桃的处理情况,将埋藏、取食和剩余的核桃全部移出,另置20枚新的核桃,继续实验.第三天,重复上述检查和记录,将岩松鼠及被其处理的核桃全部移出,清理巢箱、整理围栏.随后放入第二只岩松鼠,重复上述实验过程,如遇恶劣气候,则实验顺延,直至实验结束.结果表明:岩松鼠兼具集中贮藏和分散贮藏两种食物贮藏方式,并且分散方式是其主要的食物贮藏方式;岩松鼠在围栏中选择一定的位置贮藏食物;文中还讨论了可能影响岩松鼠食物贮藏的因素.%A variety of animals store food to cope with temporally variable or unpredictable food supplies.We have little knowledge of the food hoarding behavior of David's rock squirrels (Sciurotamias davidianus), a species endemic to China and mainly distributed in the hilly temperate zone in northern China.We constructed semi-natural enclosures in the Donglingshan mountains area in which we investigated the squirrels' food hoarding behavior by providing them with tagged walnuts (Juglans regia).The results showed that David's rock squirrels exhibited both larder and scatter hoarding, and the latter seemed to be their preferred choice.Artificial pilferage of hoarded food items had no significant effect on the hoarding behavior of squirrels.Within the enclosures


    Sorin Nicolae BORLEA


    Full Text Available This study attempts to provide a theoretical framework for the corporate governance debate. The review of various corporate governance theories enhances the major objective of corporate governance which is maximizing the value for shareholders by ensuring good social and environment performances. The theories of corporate governance are rooted in agency theory with the theory of moral hazard’s implications, further developing within stewardship theory and stakeholder theory and evolving at resource dependence theory, transaction cost theory and political theory. Later, to these theories was added ethics theory, information asymmetry theory or the theory of efficient markets. These theories are defined based on the causes and effects of variables such as: the configuration of the board of directors, audit committee, independence of managers, the role of top management and their social relations beyond the legal regulatory framework. Effective corporate governance requires applying a combination

  16. Dystopian Social Theory and Education

    Warmington, Paul


    In this article Paul Warmington examines the dystopian analyses pervading recent work by David Blacker, John Marsh, and Pauline Lipman. Their unsettling depictions of education under late capitalism bear witness to irreversible economic and environmental malaise, the colonization of education by neoliberalism, and the unsustainability of faith in…

  17. Gauge theory and little gauge theory

    Koizumi, Kozo


    The gauge theory is the most important type of the field theory, in which the interactions of the elementary particles are described by the exchange of the gauge bosons.In this article, the gauge theory is reexamined as geometry of the vector space, and a new concept of "little gauge theory" is introduced. A key peculiarity of the little gauge theory is that the theory is able to give a restriction for form of the connection field. Based on the little gauge theory, Cartan geometry, a charged boson and the Dirac fermion field theory are investigated. In particular, the Dirac fermion field theory leads to an extension of Sogami's covariant derivative. And it is interpreted that Higgs bosons are included in new fields introduced in this article.

  18. Magnetron theory

    Riyopoulos, Spilios


    A guiding center fluid theory is applied to model steady-state, single mode, high-power magnetron operation. A hub of uniform, prescribed density, feeds the current spokes. The spoke charge follows from the continuity equation and the incompressibility of the guiding center flow. Included are the spoke self-fields (DC and AC), obtained by an expansion around the unperturbed (zero-spoke charge) flow in powers of ν/V1, ν, and V1 being the effective charge density and AC amplitude. The spoke current is obtained as a nonlinear function of the detuning from the synchronous (Buneman-Hartree, BH) voltage Vs; the spoke charge is included in the self-consistent definition of Vs. It is shown that there is a DC voltage region of width ‖V-Vs‖˜V1, where the spoke width is constant and the spoke current is simply proportional to the AC voltage. The magnetron characteristic curves are ``flat'' in that range, and are approximated by a linear expansion around Vs. The derived formulas differ from earlier results [J. F. Hull, in Cross Field Microwave Devices, edited by E. Okress (Academic, New York, 1961), pp. 496-527] in (a) there is no current cutoff at synchronism; the tube operates well below as well above the BH voltage; (b) the characteristics are single valued within the synchronous voltage range; (c) the hub top is not treated as virtual cathode; and (d) the hub density is not equal to the Brillouin density; comparisons with tube measurements show the best agreement for hub density near half the Brillouin density. It is also shown that at low space charge and low power the gain curve is symmetric relative to the voltage (frequency) detuning. While symmetry is broken at high-power/high space charge magnetron operation, the BH voltage remains between the current cutoff voltages.

  19. PREFACE: HITES 2012: 'Horizons of Innovative Theories, Experiments, and Supercomputing in Nuclear Physics'

    Hecht, K. T.


    This volume contains the contributions of the speakers of an international conference in honor of Jerry Draayer's 70th birthday, entitled 'Horizons of Innovative Theories, Experiments and Supercomputing in Nuclear Physics'. The list of contributors includes not only international experts in these fields, but also many former collaborators, former graduate students, and former postdoctoral fellows of Jerry Draayer, stressing innovative theories such as special symmetries and supercomputing, both of particular interest to Jerry. The organizers of the conference intended to honor Jerry Draayer not only for his seminal contributions in these fields, but also for his administrative skills at departmental, university, national and international level. Signed: Ted Hecht University of Michigan Conference photograph Scientific Advisory Committee Ani AprahamianUniversity of Notre Dame Baha BalantekinUniversity of Wisconsin Bruce BarrettUniversity of Arizona Umit CatalyurekOhio State Unversity David DeanOak Ridge National Laboratory Jutta Escher (Chair)Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Jorge HirschUNAM, Mexico David RoweUniversity of Toronto Brad Sherill & Michigan State University Joel TohlineLouisiana State University Edward ZganjarLousiana State University Organizing Committee Jeff BlackmonLouisiana State University Mark CaprioUniversity of Notre Dame Tomas DytrychLouisiana State University Ana GeorgievaINRNE, Bulgaria Kristina Launey (Co-chair)Louisiana State University Gabriella PopaOhio University Zanesville James Vary (Co-chair)Iowa State University Local Organizing Committee Laura LinhardtLouisiana State University Charlie RascoLouisiana State University Karen Richard (Coordinator)Louisiana State University

  20. Kas me sellist eesti keelt tahtsime? / Anu Lamp ; küsitlenud Andres Keil

    Lamp, Anu, 1958-


    Vestlus lavastaja ja näitleja Anu Lambiga Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia Lavakunstikooli 22. lennu diplomilavastusest "Keeleuuenduse lõpmattu kurv" kus räägitakse uudissõnu ja seda, mis Johannes Aaviku pärandist on saanud