Sample records for cwip

  1. 77 FR 37392 - Combined Notice of Filings #1 (United States)


    ... Requirements Depreciation Accrual Rates Filing to be effective 1/1/2012. Filed Date: 6/8/12. Accession Number...-000. Applicants: Southwestern Electric Power Company. Description: Accounting updates re CWIP...

  2. Nuclear power and investor perceptions of risk

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kahal, M.I.; Miller, R.E.


    This paper explores and quantifies the recent Wall Street fears concerning nuclear utilities. An econometric model of investor behavior is presented that quantifies the nuclear risk premium for the period when nuclear fear among investors was at its height, in mid-1984. The principal finding is that the risk premium relates primarily to nuclear construction work in progress (CWIP), rather than to the commercial operation of completed nuclear plants. 7 references, 1 table