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  1. Walter Rowe Courtenay, Jr. (1933–2014) (United States)

    Benson, Amy J.


    WALTER R. COURTENAY, JR., ichthyologist and retired professor, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida, died in Gainesville, Florida, on 30 January 2014 at age 80. Walt was born in Neenah, Wisconsin, on 6 November 1933, son of Walter and Emily Courtenay. Walt's interest in fish began at a young age as evidenced by a childhood diary in which at 13 years of age he wrote about his first catch—a two-and-a-half pound “pike” from Lake Winnebago. When Walt turned ten, the family moved from Wisconsin to Nashville, Tennessee, the move precipitated by his father accepting a position as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. During those early days in Nashville, Walt's father would take summers off and travel to Michigan to teach at Camp Miniwanca along the shore of Lake Michigan where father and son honed their angling skills. It was also at that time Walt's father had definite views on what his son should be doing in adult life—in Walt's case it was to become a medical doctor. However, his Woods Hole internship in marine biology and oceanography toward the end of his undergraduate years was a transformative experience for him so much so that he abandoned all ideas of becoming a medical doctor and instead specialized in ichthyology and oceanography. Apart from the inherent interest and opportunities Woods Hole opened to him, being back at the shore of a large body of water, in this case the Atlantic Ocean, was far more interesting than sitting in lectures on organic chemistry. With that, Walt completed his B.A. degree at Vanderbilt University in 1956. In 1960 while in graduate school in Miami, Walt met and married Francine Saporito, and over the next several years had two children, Walter III and Catherine. He went on to receive his M.S. in 1961 from The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami on the systematics of the genus Haemulon (grunts) and his Ph.D. degree in 1965 working under his advisor C. Richard

  2. [Investigation on Cheyletoidea mites breeding in culture environment of Eupolyphaga sinensis and morphologic observation of Eucheyletia reticulate Cunliffe]. (United States)

    Ning, Tao; Wei, Guo; Shao-Sheng, Wang; Chao-Pin, Li


    To investigate the species of Cheyletoidea mites breeding in the culture environment of Eupolyphaga sinensis and to observe the morphology of Eucheyletia reticulata Cunliffe. The soil samples from an E. sinensis farm in northern Anhui were collected. The mites in the soil samples were separated directly under a microscope and the glass specimens were made to observe the morphological feature of the mites under a light microscope, then the mites species were identified and classified based on the morphological characteristics. In the culture soil of E. sinensis , totally 7 kinds of Cheyletoidea mites were isolated, namely Eucheyletia reticulata Cunliffe, Cheyletus eruditus Schrank, Cheyletus malaccensis Oudemans, Cheyletus troussarti Oudemans, Cheyletus aveisor Rohdendorz, Acaropsis sollers Rohdendorz and Cheletomorpha lepidopterorum Shaw. They belonged to genera Eucheyletia , Cheletomorpha , Acaropsis and Cheyletus of Cheyletidae Leach family. The Eucheyletia reticulata Cunliffe was firstly found in the culture environment of E. sinensis , and its gnathosoma was large, the pedipalpal femurs were expanding and there were two strips of comb hair and two smooth bristles on the pedipalpal tarsus, and the back of the body was covered with two pieces of tergum, which were decorated with reticular pattern. The body and foot setae were fan-shape. There are various of Cheyletoidea mites found in the breeding environment of E. sinensis . These mites are important species for pest control in the culture environments of E. sinensis . Related measures should be taken to prevent the excessive growth of Cheyletoidea mites, so as to avoid the adverse effects on the quality and quantity of E. sinensis .

  3. The power of one / Bryce Courtenay

    Trove (Australia)

    Courtenay, Bryce, 1933-2012


    ... . Children aged 11 years and older. 520-07 他出生在南非,他既不是黑人,也不是南非人,而是南非人的仇人——“红脖子”英国人,因此处处受到歧视。5岁时进入寄宿学校,得到的第一个名 ...

  4. Pilk kahe keelemehe pikale kirjavahetusele / Paul Alvre

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Alvre, Paul


    Arvustus: Baudouin de Courtenay, Jan. Briefwechsel zwischen Jan Baudouin de Courtenay und Jooseppi J. Mikkola aus den Jahren 1898-1926 = Jan Baudouin de Courtenay i Jooseppi J. Mikkola korespondencja z lat 1898-1926 / herausgegeben von Raimo Pullat in Zusammenarbeit mit Magdalena Smoczynska. Krak̤w : Polska Akademia Umiejetnosci, 2004. (Studia i materialy do dziej̤w Polskiej Akademii Umiejetnosci ; 4)

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    Items 451 - 500 of 644 ... C Chimphambano, I O Komolafe, A S Muula .... Desirée Witte, Mari Kirsten, Cheryl Louw, Bagrey Ngwira, John C. Victor, Paul H. Gillard, ... Jennifer J. Hull, Nigel Cunliffe, Khuzwayo C. Jere, Sung-Sil Moon, Yuhuan Wang, ...

  6. "On Becoming a Critically Reflexive Practitioner" Redux: What Does It Mean to "Be" Reflexive? (United States)

    Cunliffe, Ann L.


    In this commentary, Cunliffe states that is convinced that reflexivity offers a way of foregrounding our moral and ethical responsibility for people and for the world around us. To "BE" reflexive was defined as embracing "subjective understandings of reality as a basis for thinking more critically about the impact of our…

  7. Blue tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) predation on fishes in the Muddy River system, Clark County, Nevada (United States)

    Scoppettone, G.G.; Salgado, J.A.; Nielsen, M.B.


    Blue tilapia (Oreochromis aureus), native to North Africa and the Middle East (Courtenay and Robins 1973, Fuller et al. 1999), has been introduced around the world as a human food source, for vegetation control, and as a game fish (Costa-Pierce and Riedel 2000). Blue tilapia has been particularly successful in establishing and spreading in North American waters where it has been reported to change fish community structure and cause native fish decline (Courtenay and Robins 1973, Fuller et al. 1999). Because of these detrimental effects, it is now generally considered an unwelcome introduction into North American waters (Dill and Cordone 1997, Fuller et al. 1999).

  8. Panel proposal: A Discourse Activist Perspective on Organizational Storytelling

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bager, Ann Starbæk

    in action; Cunliffe, 2003; Cunliffe & Coupland, 2011; and Butler’s reflexive undoing). The main objective is to foster dissensus-based (Deetz, 2001), democratic, egalitarian and multivoiced organizational and societal practices. Invited contributors and title of their presentations: Kenneth Mølbjerg...... discourse: Critical reflections on organizational discourse analysis. Human relations, 64, 1121–1146. Bager, A. S. (2015). Theorizing and analyzing plurivocality and dialogue in organizational and leadership development practices: Discussion and close up discourse analysis of dialogic practices...... in a leadership development forum. PhD thesis. University of Aalborg, Denmark. Bager, A.S. (2016): Små fortællinger: Diskursanalyse af fortællinger i praksis. In Diskurs og praksis: Teori, metode og analyse, Ed. Anders Horsbøl & Pirkko Raudaskoski. Metoder i samfundsvidenskab og humaniora. Samfundslitteratur...

  9. Explaining Humanitarian Intervention in Libya and Non-Intervention in Syria (United States)


    enforcement of human rights could prevent authoritarian governments from hurting their own populations. On the other hand, the violent protests in Syria...humanitarian intervention in its current form because it "reinforces authoritarianism , hard sovereignty, [and] militarization.൩ Furthermore, he asks...December 2011), p. 48. 78 Philip Cunliffe, Dangerous duties: power, paternalism and the ’responsibility to protect’, Review of International Studies (2010

  10. A radiobiological comparison of human tumor soft-agar clonogenic assays. (United States)

    West, C M; Sutherland, R M


    Radiation survival curves have been generated for 3 human tumor cell lines as a means of comparing and evaluating the validity of human tumor soft-agar clonogenic assays. The assays investigated were the Hamburger-Salmon, Courtenay-Mills, Courtenay-Mills plus additions, soft agar (no additions), and soft agar plus additions. The additions were formulated to supplement the media used in soft agar assays of primary ovarian and cervical carcinoma specimens. Supplementing the media with additions led to a 2- to 3-fold increase in PE of CaSki cells but had no effect on the PEs of ME180 and OWI cells. Radiation survival curves were similar in all assays for CaSki and OWI but differed for ME180 cells. For ME180 cells, the Courtenay-Mills and soft agar assays plus additions produced the most radioresistant curves (Do = 2.2 Gy); the cells were more responsive when assayed by the Hamburger-Salmon method (Do = 1.5 Gy), and the soft agar and Courtenay-Mills assays gave the most radiosensitive curves (Do = 1.2 Gy). These results demonstrate that the PE of human tumor cell lines may be increased with no effect on radiation survival; radiation survival may be altered without changes in PE and neither may be altered by applying modifications and supplements to existing clonogenic assays.

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    Skinner, Donald · Skinner, Donald · Skovdal, Morten · Sliep, Yvonne · Smillie, Kirsten · Smit, Jennifer A. Smith, Dawn K · Smith, Helen · Smith, Julia · Smith, Sarah · Snipstad, Mai Bente · Sodemann, Morten · Soko, Mavis · Sone, Albert Mouelle · Souza, Emmanuel · Spark-du Preez1, N · Spiegel, Paul B · Sprague, Courtenay

  12. Roberto Dapit, La Slavia friulana - Beneška Slovenija. Lingue e culture: Resia, Torre, Natisone - Jezik in kultura: Rezija, Ter, Nadiža. Bibliografia ragionata - Kritična biblio­grafija, Circolo Zadroga "Lipa", San Pietro al Natisone - Špeter 1995, 138 p.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mitja Skubic


    Full Text Available E' possibile che al linguista non slavista il titolo non dica gran che. Eppure, per merito anche del linguista polacco Ian Baudouin de Courtenay, il dialetto sloveno di Resia, del Torre e del Natisone, queste parlate slovene sono fra le più studiate, anche dai linguisti stranieri: De Courtenay, poi, più recentemente Gian Battista Pellegrini, Giu­ seppe Francescato, Giovanni Frau, Antonio Maria Raffo da parte italiana e friulana; per la parte slovena possiamo ricordare Karel Strekelj, Fran Ramovs, Tine Logar, Pavle Merkù, Neva Godini, Liliana Spinozzi-Monai, Rado Lencek. E' doveroso, poi, citare l'americano Eric Hamp e l'olandese Han Steenwijk. Un posto a parte spetta a Milka Maticetov perché congiunge gli interessi linguistici con quelli etnologici.

  13. Distribución geográfica del género Pimeliaphilus Trägårdh (Acari: Prostigmata asociados a triatominos (Hemiptera: Reduviidae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gerardo A. MARTI


    Full Text Available Se brinda un listado de especies del género Pimeliaphilus Trägårdh asociadas a diferentes especies de triatominos, con sus respectivas coordenadas geográficas de todo el continente americano. Se realizaron viajes de campo para incorporar nuevos registros a una recopilación bibliográfica. Se extiende la distribución geográfica de Pimeliaphilus triatomae Cunliffe, con dos registros para la provincia de Chaco (Argentina y se amplía el rango de hospedadores ya que se citan por primera vez asociados a Triatoma delpontei Romaña & Abalos.

  14. Improving Bone Formation in a Rat Femur Segmental Defect by Controlling Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 Release (United States)


    of rhBMP-2 in patients.8 Both the physical properties and pharmacokinetics of the FR +BMP scaffold are believed to contribute to its superior...scaffolds investigated in this study exhibit these key physical properties.28 Further, the observation of re- generated bone grown in direct contact with...Amit, Y., Arbel, R., Aro, H., Atar , D., Bishay, M., Borner, M.G., Chiron, P., Choong, P., Cinats, J., Courtenay, B., Fei- bel, R., Geulette, B., Gravel

  15. A Practitioner’s Guide to Trust and Legitimacy (United States)


    Mary Tomkins, Mikki Honeycutt, and the mentors of 11 45 and Connected—you inspired me and, through your example, made me want to find a way to trust...172 Personal observation for first 20 years of career. 173 Bryan Parman, John Scruggs, and Mary Otto...Fourth Circuit, Graham V. Conner , 1989. 181 Portland Police Bureau, “Portland Police Policy 1010.00, Use of Force,” section 5, in Portland Police

  16. Book Review: Molecular approaches in natural resource conservation and management.Landscape Ecol 27:467–468. (United States)

    Kevin M. Potter


    The first rule of intelligent tinkering, Aldo Leopold famously noted, is to keep all the wheels and cogs. Rodney Honeycutt, David Hillis, and John Bickham take the analogy a step further: Not only are conservation biologists like car mechanics trying to keep an engine running, but they are aware of the existence—let alone the function—of only a small percentage of the...

  17. Predicting utterance pitch targets in Yoruba for tone realisation in speech synthesis

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Van Niekerk, DR


    Full Text Available well studied African tone language of which the linguistic details of the tone system have been thoroughly described. Three level tones, labelled High (H), Mid (M) and Low (L) are associated with syllables and have a high functional load (Courtenay... (see Figure 1). Distinct intra-syllable patterns occurring in Yoru`ba´ are falling and rising pitch contours when L and H tones are realised after H and L tones respectively. downstep downstep H L Figure 1: A simplified illustration of terracing...

  18. Jan Baudouin de Courtenay’s concept of mixed languages

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rado L. Lencek


    Full Text Available This paper addresses the problem of defining the notion of mixture in languages and dialects as used by Jan Baudouin de Courtenay (1845 - 1929. Focussing on the types of interference which were formulated on the basis of observations of the dialects of the Slovene language (5 , the paper deals primarily with those Baudouin's theoretical positions (4, observations and deductions (5.1 which are today part of a theory of linguistic interference. The article is an English version of a paper, presented at the Eighth International Congress of Slavists which was held in Zagreb from the 3rd to the 9th September 1978.

  19. Organizational knowledge building through action research

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Lone Hersted; Frimann, Søren

    learning and change processes in relation to organizational knowledge building and knowledge sharing. The project draws on the dialogue tradition within action research (Coghlan et al.; 2010; Reason & Bradbury, 2001; Ripamonti et al 2016) and social constructionist ideas (Cunliffe 2002, 2004; Gergen 2003...... 2005; Chia 1996; Tsoukas, & Chia (2002)) based on a dialogical approach. Two internal consultants fulfill the roles as process facilitators of the action research process, and the two researchers from Aalborg University (LH and SF) are contributing with ideas, sparring, qualitative research design...... in a collaborative setting for learning, involving employees and managers, including as well the sharing of knowledge throughout the organization? In addition, we are curious to examine whether action research as an inquiry for learning and change can act as an alternative to the New Public Management paradigm...

  20. Retrofit of new digital control systems in existing power stations

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Smith, J.E.; Baird, C.F.


    With the notable exception of the Canadian CANDU nuclear power stations, little use has been made of digital control in North American nuclear stations. Recently, however, there has been renewed interest in such systems within the nuclear industry in response to demands for better ergonomics in control room design and the obsolescence of control equipment whose fundamental design has changed little in 20 yr. Early in 1985, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited was asked by New Brunswick Power to advise on the redesign of the control systems for two fossil-fired generating stations, Coleson Cove and Courtenay Bay Unit 4. Coleson Cove is to be converted from oil to coal firing with consequent extensive control system changes and Courtenay Bay Unit 4 required a low-cost solution to the problem of relocating its control room from the existing isolated location to the combined control center used by units 1, 2, and 3. In both cases, the recommended solution involves the retrofit of state-of-the-art digital control systems. Although the units involved are nonnuclear the experience is applicable

  1. The measurement of intrinsic cellular radiosensitivity in human tumours and normal tissues

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lawton, P.A.


    Human tumour and normal cell radiosensitivity are thought to be important factors determining the response of tumour and normal tissues to radiotherapy, respectively. Clonogenic assays are the standard method for measuring radiosensitivity but they are of limited applicability for clinical use with fresh human tumours. The main aim of this work was to evaluate the Adhesive Tumour Cell Culture System (ATCCS), as a method for measuring the radiosensitivity of human tumours. A soft agar clonogenic assay, the modified Courtenay-Mills assay, was used as a standard to compare with the ATCCS. The demonstration that fibroblast contamination could occur with both assay methods led to the investigation of a new technique for removing unwanted fibroblasts from tumour cell suspensions and to the use of a multiwell assay for measuring fibroblast radiosensitivity. (author)

  2. The measurement of intrinsic cellular radiosensitivity in human tumours and normal tissues

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lawton, P.A.


    Human tumour and normal cell radiosensitivity are thought to be important factors determining the response of tumour and normal tissues to radiotherapy, respectively. Clonogenic assays are the standard method for measuring radiosensitivity but they are of limited applicability for clinical use with fresh human tumours. The main aim of this work was to evaluate the Adhesive Tumour Cell Culture System (ATCCS), as a method for measuring the radiosensitivity of human tumours. A soft agar clonogenic assay, the modified Courtenay-Mills assay, was used as a standard to compare with the ATCCS. The demonstration that fibroblast contamination could occur with both assay methods led to the investigation of a new technique for removing unwanted fibroblasts from tumour cell suspensions and to the use of a multiwell assay for measuring fibroblast radiosensitivity. (author).

  3. Glass of monatomic Lennard-Jones system at nanoscale

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Vo Van Hoang


    Structure and stability of glass of monatomic Lennard-Jones (LJ) system at nanoscale compared with those of the bulk counterparts have been studied using the classical molecular dynamics (MD) method. Models have been obtained by cooling from the melts. Structure of the systems was analyzed via radial distribution function (RDF), interatomic distances, the Honeycutt-Andersen analysis and coordination number distributions. Surface and core structures of LJ nanoparticles have been analyzed in details. Density dependence and cooling rate effects on structure of the systems have been found and discussed. In addition, size dependence of structure and properties of nanoparticles has been analyzed in detail. Indeed, we found glass formation in monatomic LJ systems; however, their stability is not high. Evolution of structure and thermodynamics of the systems upon cooling from the melts was found. We also discussed annealing-induced crystallization of LJ glass.

  4. Evolution of local atomic structure during solidification of Al2Au liquid: An ab initio study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Xiong, L H; Lou, H B; Wang, X D; Debela, T T; Cao, Q P; Zhang, D X; Wang, S Y; Wang, C Z; Jiang, J Z


    The local atomic structure evolution in Al2Au alloy during solidification from 2000 K to 400 K was studied by ab initio molecular dynamics simulations and analyzed using the structure factor, pair correlation functions, bond angle distributions, the Honeycutt-Anderson (HA) index and Voronoi tessellation methods. It was found that the icosahedral-like clusters are negligible in the Al2Au stable liquid and supercooled liquid states, and the most abundant clusters are those having HA indices of 131 and 120 or Voronoi indices of < 0,4,4,0 >, < 0,3, 6,0 > and < 0,4,4,2 > with coordination numbers of 8, 9 and 10, respectively. These clusters are similar to the local atomic structures in the CaF2-type Al2Au crystal, revealing the existence of structure heredity between liquid and crystalline phase in Al2Au alloy. (C) 2014 Acta Materialia Inc. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  5. Five Apollo astronauts with Lunar Module at ASVC prior to grand opening (United States)


    Some of the former Apollo program astronauts observe a Lunar Module and Moon mockup during a tour the new Apollo/Saturn V Center (ASVC) at KSC prior to the gala grand opening ceremony for the facility that was held Jan. 8, 1997. The astronauts were invited to participate in the event, which also featured NASA Administrator Dan Goldin and KSC Director Jay Honeycutt. Some of the visiting astonauts were (from left): Apollo 10 Lunar Module Pilot and Apollo 17 Commander Eugene A. Cernan; Apollo 9 Lunar Module Pilot Russell L. Schweikart; Apollo 10 Command Module Pilot and Apollo 16 Commander John W. Young; Apollo 10 Commander Thomas P. Stafford; and Apollo 11 Lunar Module Pilot Edwin E. 'Buzz' Aldrin, Jr. The ASVC also features several other Apollo program spacecraft components, multimedia presentations and a simulated Apollo/Saturn V liftoff. The facility will be a part of the KSC bus tour that embarks from the KSC Visitor Center.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kerim DEMİRCİ


    Full Text Available Analyzing the structure of language has primarily to do with understanding the sounds that make up language. Saussure’s idea of ‘language is a system of mutually defining entities’ [there is nothing but differences in language] has been the main incentive behind the phoneme theory. The theory in modern terms has been formed especially by Baudouin de Courtenay and linguitsts such as Nikolai Trubetzkoy, Paul Passy, Roman Jakobson, Sergey Karçevski. These scholars made a tremendous contribution to linguistics by setting a system that made possible to differentiate speech sounds and phonemes from all other unprocessed (raw ones. This system laid the foundation of modern phonetic and phonology. This study examines the main features of the phoneme theory that analyzes distinctive features of speech sounds from a systematic approach Dilin yapısını çözümlemek öncelikli olarak dili oluşturan seslerin anlaşılmasıyla ilişkilidir. Ferdinand de Saussure’ün ‘Dilde aykırılıklardan başka bir şey yoktur’ varsayımından yola çıkan dilciler fonem teorisinin ortaya çıkmasını sağlamışlardır. Modern anlamda fonem teorisi, özellikle Rus bilgin Baudouin de Courtenay başta olmak üzere Nikolai Trubetzkoy, Paul Passy, Roman Jakobson, Sergey Karçevski gibi birçok uzmanın çalışmalarıyla şekillenmiştir. Bu bilginler dillerin konuşma seslerini çözümlemeyi mümkün kılan bir sitemi dilbilime kazandırmıştır. Bu sistem modern fonetik ve fonoloji çalışmalarının altyapısını oluşturmuştur. Bu yazıda konuşma seslerine mahsus ayırt edici özelliklerin bilimsel metotlarla tespitine dayanan fonem teorisinin en temel özellikleri ele alınacaktır.

  7. Survival curves after X-ray and heat treatments for melanoma cells derived directly from surgical specimens of tumours in man

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Rofstad, E.K.; Wahl, A.; Tveit, K.M.; Monge, O.R.; Brustad, T.


    X-ray and heat survival curves were established for melanoma cells derived directly from surgical specimens of tumours in man by using the Courtenay soft agar colony assay. The plating efficiency for 11 of the 14 melanomas studied was sufficiently high (PE = 0.3-58%) to measure cell survival over at least two decades. Experiments repeated with cells stored in liquid nitrogen showed that the survival assay gave highly reproducible results. The melanomas exhibited individual and characteristic survival curves whether exposed to radiation or heat (43.5 0 C). The D 0 -values were in the ranges 0.63-1.66 Gy (X-rays) and 33-58 min (heat). The survival curves were similar to those reported previously for human melanoma xenografts. The radiation sensitivity of the cells was not correlated to the heat sensitivity. Since the melanomas appeared to be very heterogeneous in radiation response in vitro as melanomas are known to be clinically, it is suggested that melanomas may be suitable for prospective studies aimed at establishing whether clinical radioreponsiveness somehow is related to in vitro survival curve parameters. (orig.)

  8. A campo traviesa entre los Círculos Lingüísticos: la problemática de la semiótica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Goutman Bender


    Full Text Available En este artículo, la autora analiza la problemática de la semiótica a la luz de algunos de sus exponentes más descollantes (Mathesius, Jakobson, Havránek y Mukarovský, Bogatyrev, Trubetskói, Courtenay, Saussure, Carnap, Peirce así como de las escuelas que crearon (los círculos Lingüísticos de Praga, Moscú y Viena. Se parte de la hipótesis de que la problemática de la semiótica tiene que ver con la significación y con la comunicación; con el sistema de signos y con la producción de signos; con el lenguaje observado y con el lenguaje vivido así como con el modo como unos y otros se vinculan. Concluye que no hay modo de separar cultura, lengua y semiótica.

  9. Chromosomal stasis in distinct families of marine Percomorpharia from South Atlantic. (United States)

    Paim, Fabilene Gomes; Almeida, Leandro Aragão da Hora; Affonso, Paulo Roberto Antunes de Mello; Sobrinho-Scudeler, Patrícia Elda; Oliveira, Claudio; Diniz, Débora


    The weakness of physical barriers in the marine environment and the dispersal potential of fish populations have been invoked as explanations of the apparent karyotype stasis of marine Percomorpha, but several taxa remain poorly studied cytogenetically. To increase the chromosomal data in this fish group, we analyzed cytogenetically three widespread Atlantic species from distinct families: Chaetodipterus faber Broussonet, 1782 (Ephippidae), Lutjanus synagris Linnaeus, 1758 (Lutjanidae) and Rypticus randalli Courtenay, 1967 (Serranidae). The three species shared a karyotype composed of 2n=48 acrocentric chromosomes, single nucleolus organizer regions (NORs) and reduced amounts of centromeric heterochromatin. A single NOR-bearing pair was identified in all species by physical mapping of 18S rDNA while non-syntenic 5S rRNA genes were located at centromeric region of a single pair. The similar karyotypic macrostructure observed in unrelated groups of Percomorpharia reinforces the conservative karyoevolution of marine teleosteans. Nonetheless, the species could be differentiated based on the pair bearing ribosomal cistrons, revealing the importance of microstructural analyses in species with symmetric and stable karyotypes.

  10. Collaborative Occupational Therapy: Teachers' Impressions of the Partnering for Change (P4C) Model. (United States)

    Wilson, A L; Harris, S R


    Occupational therapists (OTs) often face barriers when trying to collaborate with teachers in school-based settings. Partnering for change (P4C), a collaborative practice model designed to support children with developmental coordination disorder, could potentially support all students with special needs. Therefore, the aim of this study was to explore how teachers experience OT services delivered using the P4C model to support children with a variety of special needs. P4C was implemented at one elementary school in Courtenay, British Columbia. Eleven teachers participated in two focus groups and a one-on-one interview to gather descriptive, qualitative data. Grounded theory techniques were used for data analysis. Four themes (collaborating in the thick of it all, learning and taking risks, managing limited time and resources, and appreciating responsive OT support) represented teachers' experiences of P4C. Teachers strongly preferred collaborative OT services based on the P4C model. Students with a variety of special needs were supported within their classrooms as teachers learned new strategies from the OT and found ways to embed these strategies into their daily routines.

  11. Cogeneration opportunities in the maritime provinces

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    MacPherson, S.W.


    With the arrival of natural gas in New Brunswick in November 1999, the province will be faced with new power generation development opportunities in four different categories of power projects. These include industrial self generation (including cogeneration), merchant power plants, power projects to replace aging facilities, and power projects to help meet future environmental needs. New Brunswick's competitive advantage in harnessing the power generation development opportunities lies in the fact that it is close to major electricity markets in Quebec and New England. It also has many available generation sites. The province's many pulp and paper plants with large process steam needs are also ideal candidates for cogeneration. Some of the major competitive advantages of natural gas over coal are its lower operation and maintenance costs, it is thermally more efficient, produces lower emissions to the environment and prices are competitive. One of the suggestions in New Brunswick Power's new restructuring proposal is to unbundle electricity service in the province into generation and transmission and distribution services. Three gas-fired projects have already been proposed for the province. The 284 MW Bayside Power Project at the Courtenay Bay Generating Station is the most advanced

  12. Short- and medium-range order in a Zr73Pt27 glass: Experimental and simulation studies

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Wang, S.Y.; Wang, C.Z.; Li, M.Z.; Huang, L.; Ott, R.T.; Kramer, M.J.; Sordelet, D.J.; Ho, K.M.


    The structure of a Zr 73 Pt 27 metallic glass, which forms a Zr 5 Pt 3 (Mn 5 Si 3 -type) phase having local atomic clusters with distorted icosahedral coordination during the primary crystallization, has been investigated by means of x-ray diffraction and combining ab initio molecular-dynamics (MD) and reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) simulations. The ab initio MD simulation provides an accurate description of short-range structural and chemical ordering in the glass. A three-dimensional atomistic model of 18?000 atoms for the glass structure has been generated by the RMC method utilizing both the structure factor S(k) from x-ray diffraction experiment and the partial pair-correlation functions from ab initio MD simulation. Honeycutt and Andersen index and Voronoi cell analyses, respectively, were used to characterize the short- and medium-range order in the atomistic structure models generated by ab initio MD and RMC simulations. The ab initio results show that an icosahedral type of short-range order is predominant in the glass state. Furthermore, analysis of the atomic model from the constrained RMC simulations reveals that the icosahedral-like clusters are packed in arrangements having higher-order correlations, thus establishing medium-range topological order up to two or three cluster shells.

  13. Mechanical and dynamical behaviors of ZrSi and ZrSi{sub 2} bulk metallic glasses: A molecular dynamics study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ju, Shin-Pon, E-mail: [Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung 804, Taiwan (China); Department of Medicinal and Applied Chemistry, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung 807, Taiwan (China); Wu, Tsang-Yu; Liu, Shih-Hao [Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung 804, Taiwan (China)


    The mechanical and dynamical properties of ZrSi and ZrSi{sub 2} bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) have been investigated by molecular dynamics simulation. The Honeycutt-Anderson (HA) index analysis indicates that the major indexes in ZrSi and ZrSi{sub 2} bulk metallic glasses are 1551, 1541, and 1431, which refers to the liquid structure. For uniaxial tension, the results show that the ZrSi and ZrSi{sub 2} BMGs are more ductile than their crystal counterparts. The evolution of the distribution of atomic local shear strain clearly shows the initialization of shear transformation zones (STZs), the extension of STZs, and the formation of shear bands along a direction 45° from the tensile direction when the tensile strain gradually increases. The self-diffusion coefficients of ZrSi and ZrSi{sub 2} BMGs at temperatures near their melting points were calculated by the Einstein equation according to the slopes of the MSD profiles at the long-time limit. Because the HA fraction summation of icosahedral-like structures of ZrSi BMG is higher than that of ZrSi{sub 2} BMG, and these local structures are more dense, the self-diffusion coefficients of the total, Zr, and Si atoms of ZrSi{sub 2} BMG are larger than those of ZrSi BMG. This can be attributed to the cage effect, where a denser local structure has a higher possibility of atoms jumping back to form a backflow and then suppress atomic diffusivity. For ZrSi{sub 2} BMG, the self-diffusion coefficient of Si increases with temperature more significantly than does that of Zr, because more open packing rhombohedra structures are formed by the Si-Si pair.

  14. Bond-orientational analysis of hard-disk and hard-sphere structures. (United States)

    Senthil Kumar, V; Kumaran, V


    We report the bond-orientational analysis results for the thermodynamic, random, and homogeneously sheared inelastic structures of hard-disks and hard-spheres. The thermodynamic structures show a sharp rise in the order across the freezing transition. The random structures show the absence of crystallization. The homogeneously sheared structures get ordered at a packing fraction higher than the thermodynamic freezing packing fraction, due to the suppression of crystal nucleation. On shear ordering, strings of close-packed hard-disks in two dimensions and close-packed layers of hard-spheres in three dimensions, oriented along the velocity direction, slide past each other. Such a flow creates a considerable amount of fourfold order in two dimensions and body-centered-tetragonal (bct) structure in three dimensions. These transitions are the flow analogs of the martensitic transformations occurring in metals due to the stresses induced by a rapid quench. In hard-disk structures, using the bond-orientational analysis we show the presence of fourfold order. In sheared inelastic hard-sphere structures, even though the global bond-orientational analysis shows that the system is highly ordered, a third-order rotational invariant analysis shows that only about 40% of the spheres have face-centered-cubic (fcc) order, even in the dense and near-elastic limits, clearly indicating the coexistence of multiple crystalline orders. When layers of close-packed spheres slide past each other, in addition to the bct structure, the hexagonal-close-packed (hcp) structure is formed due to the random stacking faults. Using the Honeycutt-Andersen pair analysis and an analysis based on the 14-faceted polyhedra having six quadrilateral and eight hexagonal faces, we show the presence of bct and hcp signatures in shear ordered inelastic hard-spheres. Thus, our analysis shows that the dense sheared inelastic hard-spheres have a mixture of fcc, bct, and hcp structures.

  15. TOXICanada: 13 good reasons to establish a Clean Canada Fund

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    trichloroethylene); Lynn Lake (Manitoba --Acid mine drainage on 1200 hectares of an abandoned nickel mine); Uranium City (Saskatchewan -- radioactive tailings); Swan Hills (Alberta -- a toxic waste disposal facility leaking dioxins into nearby lakes and rivers); Tsolum River (British Columbia -- sulphuric acid from the Mount Washington Copper Mine poisoning the Tsolum River and the Courtenay Estuary); Giant Mine (Northwest Territories -- arsenic and sulphur dioxide from gold mining operations); the Faro Mine (Yukon Territory -- acid mine drainage from tailings ponds, toxic lead, zinc and other heavy metals); and Resolution Island (Nunavut -- former US Military Base, part of the DEW Line, with the highest PCB levels north of the 69th parallel)

  16. Obituary: Benjamin Franklin Peery Jr. (1922-2010) (United States)

    Cowley, Charles


    brings up several hundred abstracts. He is remembered warmly by his departmental colleagues. R. K. Honeycutt writes: Those of us who overlapped with Ben at Indiana have only good memories about a good friend. He was a fine stellar astronomer who I remember most fondly from our lunchtime conversations. We talked about astronomy, politics, university issues, the arts, and human development/human nature. With Ben the conversation was always about ideas, not events or people. He was a scholar in the best Univ tradition--I learned a lot from Ben about being part of a University community. His interests remained focused on cool giant stars, like VV Cephei, but moved to the study of systems where the radioactive element technetium could be identified in the spectrum. This observation, first made by Paul Merrill, proved that nuclear transformations involving trans-iron peak elements were taking place in stars, and was a keystone of the theory of nucleosynthesis. Nucleosynthesis and stellar structure were the main fields of his research career. In 1977, Ben joined the faculty of Howard University. Shortly before his departure from Bloomington, IN, he told me that the new move would mean less time for research, and more emphasis on teaching, services, and efforts to bring more African Americans into scientific careers. Ben was only the second African American PhD in astronomy, and felt a responsibility to increase that number and to improve educational opportunities generally for the African Americans. He had been involved with the National Science Teacher's Association's (ASTA) Elementary School Science Program when he was at Indiana. At Howard, he was principal investigator on a NASA grant which led to the development of research and teaching facilities for astronomy. The grant supported both colleagues and students who were able to carry out summer research projects at Goddard Space Flight Center. One of the Howard students supported by this grant, Professor Araya Asfaw, is now