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  1. Turkey Reading Culture Map.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rahmi Akkılık


    Full Text Available Derived from the project with the same name, the work was published into a book by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Directorate General of Libraries and Publications, the project coordinator. Goal of the project is defined as follows: "specifying the solutions to problems faced directly or indirectly in accessing information, making suggestions to related corporations and persons, determining the perception of libraries in the society, raising the quality of services provided at public libraries and children's libraries affiliated with the Ministry, diversifying these libraries and designating the road map for the future." Carried out with the "method of face-to-face surveys" with 6.212 people in 26 cities, the research revealed the society's habits of reading and library usage.

  2. Technological Transformations of Reading Culture

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Albrechtslund, Anne-Mette Bech

    The increasing use of social media along with the rapidly developing digitization of the book has led to a range of new circumstances for writing, publishing and reading books, resulting in transformations in reading culture and practices. The social aspect of reading is emphasized when readers...... relations in the network of writers, publishers, readers, and reviewers. Similarly, the increasing use of electronic reading devices plays a key role in the acceleration of a culture in which the audience engages with cultural works in new ways. The print book has an “easy materiality” (Marshall, 2010, p....... 17), but with the electronic book, the materiality of reading becomes more ambiguous and malleable as the book as technology is being radically reconstructed. The purpose of this paper is to explore these changes through an investigation into the technology relations (Ihde, 1990) in fiction reading...

  3. Promoting reading and good reading culture through the use of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This paper is the findings from existing literature on the mechanics of using book talks and story books to inculcate reading and the steps to develop good reading culture in children. This work is an ongoing action research work in selected private and public schools in Lagos Mainland. It has so far been established that the ...

  4. Why should I read? - A cross-cultural investigation into adolescents' reading socialisation and reading attitude (United States)

    Broeder, Peter; Stokmans, Mia


    While reading behaviour of adolescents is a frequent object of research, most studies in this field are restricted to a single country. This study investigates reading as a leisure-time activity across social groups from three regions differing in reading tradition as well as in the facilities available for reading. The authors analyse the reading behaviour of a total of 2,173 adolescents in the Netherlands, in Beijing (China), and in Cape Town (South Africa). Taking Icek Ajzen's Theory of Planned Behaviour as a starting point, the authors adjusted it to model the three most important determinants of reading behaviour, namely (1) reading attitude; (2) subjective norms (implicit and explicit social pressure to read); and (3) perceived behavioural control, which includes reading proficiency and appropriateness of the available books (book supply). While they found the adjusted model to fit the Dutch and Beijing situation quite well, it appeared to be inappropriate for the Cape Town situation. Despite considerable cultural and situational differences between the Netherlands and Beijing, the results show a similar pattern for these two environments. The most important determinants turn out to be: the hedonic reading attitude, the implicit norm of family and friends, the attractiveness of the available choice of books, and the perceived reading proficiency.

  5. Developing a reading culture in Nigerian society: Issues and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Developing a reading culture in Nigerian society: Issues and Remedies. ... Development of reading culture is faced with the challenges of language interference, poor funding of education and poor economy. ... AJOL African Journals Online.

  6. Reading Culture in An African University: Problems And Prospects ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Reading Culture in An African University: Problems And Prospects. ... This paper examined if undergraduates of African universities have reading culture or not. To elicit the necessary information ... AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE ...

  7. Written culture: reading pratices and printed book

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lidia Eugenia Cavalcante


    Full Text Available The history of the written culture and the reading practices is the subject argued in this article. It aims at to understand the trajectory of the printed book in its materiality, as well as the processes delineated from the undisputed cultural presence and politics of this support for the modern society. Search to evidence the reading practices, the phenomena and the mutations that fortify such support per centuries, approaching the “book crisis”, its causes and effects. Therefore, it deals with the particularitities of the written culture, that if they had accomplished in the Siècle des Lumières and if they had consecrated in “acting” of the spirit of the authors and the readers of that time, whose propagation influenced the western person. It analyzes the sociological and historical conditions of the place of the modern reader between Science, Philosophy and Romance, continuously transformed for the renewal of the thought and the culture.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. Yu. Kryvda


    Full Text Available Purpose. The article is devoted to the cultural aspect of texts using in European culture. The paper found out methodological basis of correctly interpreting the term "practice" in the philosophical and sociological discourses. In the first case the concept reveals human nature; appealing to the field of ethics and intersubjective interactions. In sociological approach the term practice is contrasted to institutional life. It seems to be an organic; vital relevance of actions for contrast to the mechanically regulated community life. Methodology. The paper considered the typology of human intellectual conditions according to Kant’s divided into pure and practical reason. The last one directs action-willed individual efforts so as to meet the universal relevance and ethical coherence. Gottlieb Fichte interpreted practice reason as the way to combine intellectual intentions and material conditions of human being. G. W. F. Hegel enriched the concept with terms of "objectification" and "alienation” of labour. Karl Marx formulated the main features of activity approach to the human nature exploring. In sociological discourse the term practice is opposed to mechanically done actions (according to institutional normativity. Given the philosophical and sociological methodological contexts the reading is studied as activity that aimed emotional and volitional contact with sense. Originality. The paper analysed the genealogy of reading practices. There were selected two types of text perception – rapid "masculine" and prudent "women's" reading. Women salon environment of the XVIII-th century capitalistic Europe was the main condition for the forming of literary-aware public. The authors analysed the process of reading of the text-as-satisfaction and text-as-pleasure (R. Barthes. The work presents the overview of classical studies of sociocultural field: Thorstein Veblen; Vladimir Toporov; Rolan Barthes and contemporary researchers such as T. Markova

  9. Short Corr1munication

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    1999). In vitro culture techniques have been used to study different aspects of gennination .... differentiation of protocomes, in seed callus of an orchid and correlated changes in free amino acids ... with tobacco tissue culture. Physiol. Plant.

  10. Promoting Reading Culture in Nigerian Children | Saka | Nigerian ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The study was to determine the promotion of reading culture among Nigerian children with special emphasis on primary schools in all the five (5) Federal parastatals in Minna metropolis. The study was to determine why, where, problems and strategies for promoting reading culture of primary school children. Survey ...

  11. Black Deaf Individuals' Reading Skills: Influence of ASL, Culture, Family Characteristics, Reading Experience, and Education (United States)

    Myers, Candace; Clark, M. Diane; Musyoka, Millicent M.; Anderson, Melissa L.; Gilbert, Gizelle L.; Agyen, Selina; Hauser, Peter C.


    Previous research on the reading abilities of Deaf individuals from various cultural groups suggests that Black Deaf and Hispanic Deaf individuals lag behind their White Deaf peers. The present study compared the reading skills of Black Deaf and White Deaf individuals, investigating the influence of American Sign Language (ASL), culture, family…

  12. Reading culture from tobacco advertisements in Indonesia. (United States)

    Nichter, Mimi; Padmawati, S; Danardono, M; Ng, N; Prabandari, Y; Nichter, Mark


    Tobacco advertising in Indonesia is among the most aggressive and innovative in the world, and tobacco advertisements saturate the environment. Tobacco companies are politically and financially powerful in the country because they are one of the largest sources of government revenue. As a result, there are few restrictions on tobacco marketing and advertising. National surveys reveal that 62% of men and 1% to 3% of women are smokers. Over 90% of smokers smoke clove cigarettes (kretek). This paper examines the social and cultural reasons for smoking in Indonesia and discusses how the tobacco industry reads, reproduces and works with culture as a means of selling cigarettes. An analysis is provided of how kretek tobacco companies represent themselves as supporters of Indonesian national identity. This analysis is used to identify strategies to break the chains of positive association that currently support widespread smoking. Between November 2001 and March 2007, tobacco advertisements were collected from a variety of sources, including newspapers and magazines. Frequent photographic documentation was made of adverts on billboards and in magazines. Advertisements were segmented into thematic units to facilitate analysis. In all, 30 interviews were conducted with smokers to explore benefits and risks of smoking, perceptions of advertisements and brand preferences. Focus groups (n = 12) were conducted to explore and pretest counter advertisements. Key themes were identified in tobacco advertisements including control of emotions, smoking to enhance masculinity and smoking as a means to uphold traditional values while simultaneously emphasising modernity and globalisation. Some kretek advertisements are comprised of indirect commentaries inviting the viewer to reflect on the political situation and one's position in society. After identifying key cultural themes in cigarette advertisements, our research group is attempting to engage the tobacco industry on "cultural

  13. Towards overcoming poor readership and building reading culture ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Towards overcoming poor readership and building reading culture of in schools. ... of this paper is to find strategies that can overcome poor readership in schools. ... Keywords: English First Additional Language, Writing Skills, Spelling Errors, ...

  14. The Reading of Cultural and Lifestyle Journalism

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    From, Unni


    Based on analyses of 25 qualitative individual interviews with readers from different demographic backgrounds, this article investigates how readers experience and use journalism on culture in both online and print press. I argue that the use of journalism on culture is constituted within different...... etc.). Thus, the article explores whether and how the use of journalism on culture is interrelated with more universal processes of meaning production, and therefore it draws on a socio-cognitive perspective, especially in regard to schemes of expectation and experience (e.g. Bruun 2004; Waldahl 1998...

  15. Black deaf individuals' reading skills: influence of ASL, culture, family characteristics, reading experience, and education. (United States)

    Myers, Candace; Clark, M Diane; Musyoka, Millicent M; Anderson, Melissa L; Gilbert, Gizelle L; Agyen, Selina; Hauser, Peter C


    Previous research on the reading abilities of Deaf individuals from various cultural groups suggests that Black Deaf and Hispanic Deaf individuals lag behind their White Deaf peers. The present study compared the reading skills of Black Deaf and White Deaf individuals, investigating the influence of American Sign Language (ASL), culture, family characteristics, reading experience, and education. (The descriptor Black is used throughout the present article, as Black Deaf individuals prefer this term to African American. For purposes of parallel construction, the term White is used instead of European American.) It was found that Black Deaf study participants scored lower on measures of both reading and ASL. These findings provide implications for possible interventions at the primary, secondary, and college levels of education.

  16. The Problem of Reading and Reading Culture Improvement of Students-Bachelors of Elementary Education in Modern High Institution (United States)

    Kamalova, Lera A.; Koletvinova, Natal'ya D.


    This article is aimed to study the problems of reading and improve reading culture of students-bachelors of elementary education in modern high institutions and development of the most effective methods and techniques for improving of reading culture of students in the study of Humanities disciplines. The leading method to the study of this…

  17. The Importance of Background Culture Knowledge in Reading

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    As achieving cross-culture communication is the final aim of learning English,it turns out to be inefficient to attach more importance on the ability of listening,speaking,reading,writing and knowledge system.Background culture knowledge is supposed to be an important way to reach the aim of language teaching,and help readers understand articles.Considering the effects of background culture knowledge and its importance,this article will do a research on it and try to help both readers and teachers aware of the importance of background culture knowledge and take note of it.

  18. Poor Reading Culture: A Barrier to Students' Patronage of Libraries ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    show that computer and other media, harsh economic reality, societal demand for materialism, inadequate library materials among others are causes of poor reading culture of students in secondary schools. .... foundation of elementary education. ... play in the social, economic and technological development of any country.

  19. Queer Girls and Popular Culture: Reading, Resisting, and Creating Media (United States)

    Blackburn, Mollie V.


    This article reviews Driver's monograph, "Queer Girls and Popular Culture: Reading, Resisting, and Creating Media," reporting on queer girls' active engagement with television characters, films, lesbian magazines, online communities, and music. She explores the consequences of their engagements with these media on their lives and their…

  20. Poor Reading Culture: A Barrier to Students' Patronage of Libraries ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The paper examined poor reading culture: A barrier to students' patronage of Selected Secondary School Libraries in Ado Ekiti Local Government Area of Ekiti State. The design for the study is descriptive survey which utilizes questionnaire to collect data. Oral interview was also conducted. Tables and simple percentages ...

  1. Reading Minds and Telling Tales in a Cultural Borderland. (United States)

    Mattingly, Cheryl


    In this article I consider "narrative mind reading," the practical capability of inferring the motives that precipitate and underlie the actions of others. Following Jerome Bruner, I argue that this everyday capacity depends on our ability to place action within unfolding narrative contexts. While Bruner has focused on narrative mind reading as a within-culture affair, I look to border situations that cross race and class lines where there is a strong presumption among participants that they do not, in fact, share a cultural framework. Instead, interactions often reinforce actors' perceptions of mutual misunderstanding and cultural difference. Drawing on a longitudinal study of African American families who have children with severe illnesses, I examine narrative mind reading and misreading in one mother's interactions with the clinicians who treat her child. I further explore how narrative misreadings are supported through chart notes and "familiar stranger" stories. The focus on miscommunication grounds a theory of the reproduction of cultural difference in interactive dynamics and brings Bruner's emphasis on narrative into dialogue with contemporary anthropology of cultural borderlands.

  2. Socio-cultural variation in reading comprehension development among fifth graders in Peru

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Morales Silva, S.L.; Verhoeven, L.T.W.; Leeuwe, J.F.J. van


    In this study, the socio-cultural variation in reading comprehension development was examined in 331 fifth graders from schools in Lima, Peru. Reading comprehension was measured using an adaptation of the PIRLS Reading Literacy test. The fifth graders' reading comprehension results, measured over

  3. Socio-Cultural Variation in Reading Comprehension Development among Fifth Graders in Peru (United States)

    Silva, Silvia Morales; Verhoeven, Ludo; van Leeuwe, Jan


    In this study, the socio-cultural variation in reading comprehension development was examined in 331 fifth graders from schools in Lima, Peru. Reading comprehension was measured using an adaptation of the PIRLS Reading Literacy test. The fifth graders' reading comprehension results, measured over the course of fifth grade, were related to the…

  4. Pop : The Corrs "Best Of" / Mart Juur

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Juur, Mart, 1964-


    Heliplaatidest: The Corrs "Best Of", Ryan Adams "Gold", Green Day "International Superhits!", Techno Animal "The Brotherhood of The Bomb", Dr. Dre & kompanii "The Wash Soundtrack", Natalie Imbruglia "White Lilies Island", Carlos Santana "Divine Light - Reconstruction & Mix Translation: Bill Laswell", Enigma "LoveSensualityDevotion - The Remix Collection"

  5. Socio-cultural predictors of reading literacy in fourth graders in Lima, Peru

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Morales Silva, S.L.; Verhoeven, L.T.W.; Leeuwe, J.F.J. van


    This study investigates socio-cultural cognitive literacy predictors for reading literacy (RL), tested in 314 fourth graders from two different levels of social economic status in Lima, Peru. The following variables were tested as predictors: word decoding, vocabulary, motivation to read, reading

  6. 77 FR 50185 - LoCorr Fund Management, LLC and LoCorr Investment Trust; Notice of Application (United States)


    ... Fund Management, LLC and LoCorr Investment Trust; Notice of Application August 14, 2012. AGENCY.... Applicants: LoCorr Fund Management, LLC (``LFM'' or the ``Adviser'') and LoCorr Investment Trust (the ``Trust... Mary Kay Frech, Branch Chief, at (202) 551-6821 (Division of Investment Management, Office of...

  7. Reading Culture: Best Practice Needed for the Survival of Nigerian Tertiary Institutions (United States)

    Okecha, Rita Ebele


    This paper examined the importance of reading culture, the role of parents, teachers and government in ensuring that reading culture is imbibed early in life. A sample of eighty (80) students from Ambrose Alli University in their clusters was used for the study. The questionnaire was used to obtain the data which were analysed using frequencies,…

  8. Dutch institutional reading culture in the early nineteenth century: an exploration and a comparison

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Honings, R.; Lubbers, A.


    In recent decades there has been an increase of literary-historical research into Dutch (institutional) reading culture. In this article the focus lies on institutional reading culture in the Netherlands during the years 1815-30. Although a great deal of research has been conducted into regional

  9. Reading in a Participatory Culture: Remixing "Moby-Dick" in the English Classroom (United States)

    Jenkins, Henry, Ed.; Kelley, Wyn, Ed.


    Building on the groundbreaking research of the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media & Learning initiative, this book crosses the divide between digital literacies and traditional print culture to engage a generation of students who can read with a book in one hand and a mouse in the other. "Reading in a Participatory Culture" tells the story of an…

  10. Reimagining Reading: Creating a Classroom Culture That Embraces Independent Choice Reading (United States)

    Dickerson, Katie


    Many of us are plagued by negative memories of sustained silent reading. In some of these memories, we are the students, attempting to read a book that didn't hold our interest or trying to read over the din of our disengaged classmates. In other memories, we are the teachers, suffering through a ten-minute classroom management nightmare, deciding…

  11. Cultural Awareness and Reading. Proceedings of the Annual Reading Conference (12th, Terre Haute, Indiana, June 17-18, 1982). (United States)

    Gibbs, Vanita M., Comp.; Pabst, Robert L., Comp.

    Reflecting the expertise of the speakers and providing a rich resource of information within the conference theme, the articles in these proceedings explore the relationship between cultural awareness and reading. The proceedings begin with a copy of the conference program and opening remarks by the conference cochair. Following an opening address…

  12. Reading Culture and Internet Browsing: A Shift of Paradigm among ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Four hypotheses were tested to confirm the average number of hours the participants devout to browsing on one hand and to reading on the other, identify gender difference in respondents' perception of the time they spend and what they use the time for and if their browsing indeed have any impact on their reading habit.

  13. Use of social media for reading culture development among ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Many activities of academic life require the ability to read and write. Reading helps to develop the mind and personality of a person; it also enriches ones' intellectual abilities. But, with the current popularity of social media, it is slowly and steadily taking over the mind of young people who are expected to cultivate good ...

  14. Promoting the Reading Culture Towards Human Capital and Global Development (United States)

    Olasehinde, M. O.; Akanmode, O. A.; Alaiyemola, A. T.; Babatunde, O. T.


    It is commonly agreed that a country cannot be fully developed without large-scale investment in her educational scheme since the breakthrough of a country is directly proportional to her educational level. Since the acquisition of effective reading skills has a positive effect on all school subjects, then reading is sine-qua-non for human capital…

  15. The Reading Culture And The Nigerian Child: The Role Of The ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The educational policy of Nigeria focuses sharply on child development and takes serious cognisance of the role of libraries in schools ... Keywords: the child, reading culture, school library, child development. AJOL African Journals Online.

  16. Up or down? Reading direction influences vertical counting direction in the horizontal plane ? a cross-cultural comparison


    G?bel, Silke M.


    Most adults and children in cultures where reading text progresses from left to right also count objects from the left to the right side of space. The reverse is found in cultures with a right-to-left reading direction. The current set of experiments investigated whether vertical counting in the horizontal plane is also influenced by reading direction. Participants were either from a left-to-right reading culture (UK) or from a mixed (left-to-right and top-to-bottom) reading culture (Hong Kon...

  17. Cultural Literacy Based Critical Reading Teaching Material with Active Reader Strategy for Junior High School (United States)

    Damaianti, Vismaia S.; Damaianti, Lira Fessia; Mulyati, Yeti


    This article describes the findings of a study aimed at producing a set of cultural literacy-oriented critical reading teaching material. This material is developed as a countermeasure to the increasingly thin sensitivity of society, especially the students toward noble values of religion, custom, and culture. With this material student get a…

  18. Expresssing culture through drama: a reading of Anowa and the ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This paper examines the relationship between literature and culture through seminal effort exhibited in two plays; Anowa and The Marriage of Anansewa by Ama Atta Aidoo and Efua Sutherland respectively. With various discourse in the plays, we strive to analyse the link between literature and culture. The paper begins

  19. Culturalism and existentialist thought—a reading of Julien Kilanga ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    existentialism, globalisation, Julien Kilanga Musinde, meaning of death. ... violence and dictatorship” (119). By contrast, and using his own style .... Josué boasts a humanistic education in which Greco-Latin culture looms large. This is not only ...

  20. Your Place or Mine? Reading Art, Place and Culture

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brander, Birgitte Gade; Reisberg, Mira; Greenwood, David


    and force colleges of education into the position of creating programs that demonstrate compliance with governing codes. Educational practices are usually developed and become entrenched without a clear articulation of the theories on which they are founded. Critical pedagogy is committed to the exploration...... and development of a culture of schooling that supports the nature of self-conscious critique. Like critical pedagogues, place-based educators are centrally concerned with cultural context of teaching and learning and the role of schooling in shaping and reconstructing society. In drawing on the local environment...

  1. Culturally Responsive Reading Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities (United States)

    Kourea, Lefki; Gibson, Lenwood; Werunga, Robai


    As student populations are becoming more diverse in ability and ethnicity across American classrooms, teachers are faced with instructional challenges in meeting their students' learning needs. Challenges are heightened for general and special education teachers who teach students with learning disabilities (LD) and have a culturally and…

  2. Second-Grade Urban Learners: Preliminary Findings for a Computer-Assisted, Culturally Relevant, Repeated Reading Intervention (United States)

    Bennett, Jessica G.; Gardner, Ralph, III; Cartledge, Gwendolyn; Ramnath, Rajiv; Council, Morris R., III


    This study investigated the effects of a multicomponent, supplemental intervention on the reading fluency of second-grade African-American urban students who showed reading and special education risk. The packaged intervention combined repeated readings and culturally relevant stories, delivered through a novel computer software program to enhance…

  3. Survey Guidelines and its Reading Criteria for Monitoring and Transmitting Cultural Heritage Values (United States)

    De Masi, A.


    The paper describes reading criteria for an analysis and interpretation of material systems in relation to a built space, survey guidelines and its reading criteria for Cultural Heritage (CH) values'monitoring and transmission. In addition, integrated systems of digital technologies and 2D/3D digitization of CH are introduced for an effective and accurate reading of Venice and Milan's monuments. Specifically, the guidelines for an architectural survey allow to organize and document historic monuments information, and to identify the significant cultural/physical elements of our past in order for them to be preserved and protected for future generations. In addition, in this paper the studied projects introduce a combination of virtual technologies and historical reality with experimenting innovative solutions for CH. From the methodological point of view, this study has made use of the identification of levels of study (LS) differentiated, each of which is capable of identifying categories.

  4. Survey Guidelines and its Reading Criteria for Monitoring and Transmitting Cultural Heritage Values

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. De Masi


    Full Text Available The paper describes reading criteria for an analysis and interpretation of material systems in relation to a built space, survey guidelines and its reading criteria for Cultural Heritage (CH values’monitoring and transmission. In addition, integrated systems of digital technologies and 2D/3D digitization of CH are introduced for an effective and accurate reading of Venice and Milan’s monuments. Specifically, the guidelines for an architectural survey allow to organize and document historic monuments information, and to identify the significant cultural/physical elements of our past in order for them to be preserved and protected for future generations. In addition, in this paper the studied projects introduce a combination of virtual technologies and historical reality with experimenting innovative solutions for CH. From the methodological point of view, this study has made use of the identification of levels of study (LS differentiated, each of which is capable of identifying categories.

  5. Cybertext Redux: Using Digital Game-Based Learning to Teach L2 Vocabulary, Reading, and Culture (United States)

    Neville, David O.; Shelton, Brett E.; McInnis, Brian


    The essay reports on a mixed-methods study using an interactive fiction (IF) game to teach German vocabulary, reading, and culture to university students. The study measured knowledge retention and transfer, and evaluated the attitudes of students toward the game. The results tentatively indicate that contextualized, immersive role play may have…

  6. National Language Policy and Its Impacts on Second Language Reading Culture (United States)

    Azmi, Mohd Nazri Latiff


    This research concentrates on Malaysian language policy and its impacts on the development of English language (regarded as a second language in Malaysia) specifically on reading culture. The main objectives of this research are to investigate the weaknesses and strengths of the policy and also to come out with recommendations to improve the…

  7. "You Don't Read a Science Book, You Study It": An Exploration of Cultural Concepts of Reading. (United States)

    Anderson, Jim; Gunderson, Lee


    Discusses how the differing views held by teachers and immigrant parents and their children affect early reading instruction, secondary content reading, and reading involving technology. Demonstrates that immigrant students and their parents hold different beliefs about reading and schooling than those held by many teachers. Concludes it is…

  8. Socio-cultural context, child development and beginning reading in Peru

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cecilia Thorne


    Full Text Available This article focuses on the fact that many children in Peru are not able to read fluently when they finish elementary school. To analyze this shortcoming it presents an overview of the Peruvian context, the education system, the multilingual and the socio-cultural background and identifies the difficult conditions in which Peruvian children grow and its consequences in child development and beginning reading. The paper discusses different aspectsof developmental psychology and puts the accent on Bronfenbrenner's theory and the developmental approach to education. It offers, also, a review of several studies on reading in Peru. Finally it emphasizes the advantages of incorporating the ecological theory and the developmental approach to education

  9. Up or down? Reading direction influences vertical counting direction in the horizontal plane - a cross-cultural comparison. (United States)

    Göbel, Silke M


    Most adults and children in cultures where reading text progresses from left to right also count objects from the left to the right side of space. The reverse is found in cultures with a right-to-left reading direction. The current set of experiments investigated whether vertical counting in the horizontal plane is also influenced by reading direction. Participants were either from a left-to-right reading culture (UK) or from a mixed (left-to-right and top-to-bottom) reading culture (Hong Kong). In Experiment 1, native English-speaking children and adults and native Cantonese-speaking children and adults performed three object counting tasks. Objects were presented flat on a table in a horizontal, vertical, and square display. Independent of culture, the horizontal array was mostly counted from left to right. While the majority of English-speaking children counted the vertical display from bottom to top, the majority of the Cantonese-speaking children as well as both Cantonese- and English-speaking adults counted the vertical display from top to bottom. This pattern was replicated in the counting pattern for squares: all groups except the English-speaking children started counting with the top left coin. In Experiment 2, Cantonese-speaking adults counted a square array of objects after they read a text presented to them either in left-to-right or in top-to-bottom reading direction. Most Cantonese-speaking adults started counting the array by moving horizontally from left to right. However, significantly more Cantonese-speaking adults started counting with a top-to-bottom movement after reading the text presented in a top-to-bottom reading direction than in a left-to-right reading direction. Our results show clearly that vertical counting in the horizontal plane is influenced by longstanding as well as more recent experience of reading direction.

  10. The Use of Reading Texts to Teach Cultural Elements in EFL Classes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Esen GENÇ


    Full Text Available In today’s global world, the rising role of communication leads to seek for new techniques for developing language teaching process. Currently, one of the most important factors in language teaching is considering language as a whole. It is not only a set of rules, instead it is developing and changing, as well as the culture of the community. The cultural side of language is a significant part of language teaching but generally ignored. The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of using reading texts in the book titled ‘Select Readings’ to teach cultural elements in EFL classes for 1st grade students at university. For the study carried out during the academic year of 2011-2012, 30 students studying at 1st grade have been chosen randomly. In order to test the development of cultural knowledge between the pre-test and post-test applications of the students, who participated in the study, a cultural knowledge testing is used that has been designed by the researcher. The research has been conducted with pre-test post-test model without a control group method; for the analysis of the findings SPSS 15.0 software program has been used. When the results of the test which has been designed by the researcher and conducted before and after the activities analyzed, the finding gathered is as follows; There is a significant effect of teaching cultural elements in reading texts, in context, to the cultural knowledge of the university students.

  11. De como La Llorona se tornou um Miserere de Willy Corrêa de Oliveira How La llorona became a Miserere by Willy Corrêa de Oliveira

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mauricio De Bonis


    Full Text Available Em nossa pesquisa sobre o ciclo de peças para piano Miserere, de Willy Corrêa de Oliveira (DE BONIS, 2010 discutimos uma série de procedimentos composicionais pertinentes a essa obra e à produção do compositor em geral, a saber: a metalinguagem, a relação com as artes plásticas, a condensação de ideias, a superposição de citações à maneira de um ideograma, o teatro musical, e a possibilidade de uma análise estrutural de cada peça ao lado de uma leitura semântica (incentivada pela própria partitura. Obra aberta, o Miserere tem recebido adições do compositor após a publicação da pesquisa. As mesmas ferramentas de análise aplicadas para o ciclo todo são aqui utilizadas para o estudo de uma das últimas peças a serem acrescentadas, em 2009.In our research on the cycle of piano pieces called Miserere, by Brazilian composer Willy Corrêa de Oliveira (DE BONIS, 2010 we discuss a series of compositional procedures used in this work and in the composer's production in general, such as borrowings and metalanguage, the relation to visual arts, the condensation of ideas, the superposition of quotations in the manner of an ideogram, musical theater, and the possibility of an structural analysis of each piece side by side with a semantic reading (favored by the score itself. As an open work, the Miserere has received additions by the composer after the publication of this research. The same analytical tools applied to the cycle are here used to study one of the last pieces to join the cycle in 2009.

  12. The Influence of the Internet Surfing on the Reading Culture of Secondary School Teachers: A Case Study of Newspaper Readership in Kigumo Sub County, Kenya


    Margaret Njoki Ngugi; Hellen k. Mberia


    Reading in the 21st century networked society is no longer confined to the print reading. The scope of the reading has extended to the Internet sources that changed the traditional reading culture of the readers. The present study was conducted to identify the impact of the Internet surfing on the reading culture of secondary school teachers in Kigumo Sub County. The objectives of the study were to find out the influence of the internet on the reading culture of secondary school teachers in K...

  13. Up or down? Reading direction influences vertical counting direction in the horizontal plane – a cross-cultural comparison

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silke Melanie Goebel


    Full Text Available Most adults and children in cultures where reading text progresses from left to right also count objects from the left to the right side of space. The reverse is found in cultures with a right-to-left reading direction. The current set of experiments investigated whether vertical counting in the horizontal plane is also influenced by reading direction. In experiment 1, native English-speaking children and adults and native Cantonese-speaking children and adults performed three object counting tasks. Objects were presented flat on a table in a horizontal, vertical and square display. Independent of culture, the horizontal array was mostly counted from left to right. While the majority of English-speaking children counted the vertical display from bottom to top, the majority of the Cantonese-speaking children as well as both Cantonese- and English-speaking adults counted the vertical display from top to bottom. This pattern was replicated in the counting pattern for squares: all groups except the English-speaking children started counting with the top left coin. In experiment 2, Cantonese-speaking adults counted a square array of objects after they read a text presented to them either in left to right or in top to bottom reading direction. Most Cantonese-speaking adults starting counting the array by moving horizontally from left to right. However, significantly more Cantonese-speaking adults started counting with a top-to-bottom movement after reading the text presented in a top-to-bottom reading direction than in a left-to-right reading direction. Our results show clearly that vertical counting in the horizontal plane is influenced by longstanding as well as more recent experience of reading direction.

  14. Celebrating diversity: the significance of cultural differences on reading comprehension processes of the young adult EFL learner in a matriculation preparation programme in Israel


    Hellerstein-Yehezkel, Devora


    Reading comprehension in English as a foreign language (EFL) is a key to success in academic studies in Israel. As Israel is a cultural melting pot, adult students come from widely diverse educational backgrounds, often determined by their cultural environment. They arrive at the university or college classroom with vastly different approaches to learning and reading, in general, and to reading in EFL, in particular. The challenge for the EFL teacher is to help students draw from their cultur...

  15. The Influence of Schema and Cultural Difference on L1 and L2 Reading (United States)

    Yang, Shi-sheng


    Reading in L1 shares numerous basic elements with reading in L2, and the processes also differ greatly. Intriguing questions involve whether there are two parallel cognitive processes at work, or whether there are processing strategies that accommodate both L1 and L2. This paper examines how reading in L1 is different from and similar to reading…

  16. Unrecognized Cultural Conventions for Assessing Word Reading That Affect Research and Practice (United States)

    Fletcher-Flinn, Claire M.; Thompson, G. Brian; Yamada, Megumi; Naka, Makiko


    In research on the acquisition of reading, there have been cross-orthographic comparisons made between some alphabetic scripts and a few syllabic scripts. In the present study of Japanese Grade 1 children learning to read hiragana, a syllabic script, there was a comparison of assessments of oral word reading accuracy levels recorded by scorers…

  17. Preliminary results on in vitro mutagenesis studies on Lansium domesticum Corr

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mohd Nazir Basiran; Shuhaimi Shamsuddin; Sakinah Ariffin


    Dokong (Lansium domesticum Corr.) which belongs to the family Meliaceae is an important fruit trees for the Malaysian fruit industry. Despite the various types that have been identified, the genetic variability is still too narrow for meaningful breeding efforts. Dokong also has long juvenility period and the fruits are pathenocarpically developed. The fruits are often not uniform in size, the tree is prone to bark borers, and the tree architecture needs a lot of pruning for better fruit formation and facilitate easier harvesting. A lot of breeding efforts is needed to improve the genetic characteristics of this species before it can really have an industrial impact. Induced mutation and in vitro culture are two approaches which may be more efficient for genetic improvement. Results of radiosensitivity studies showed that irradiation doses between 50 and 70 Gy is effective enough to induced mutations in seeds. Initial attempts to develop in vitro cultures of Lansium showed that shoot-tips and axillary buds can be cultured to produce plantlets in a medium containing 3 mg/L kinetin and 4 mg/L indoleacetic acid. The procedures can be optimised to develop an efficient micropropagation system. However, attempts to initiate callus cultures have not been successful

  18. Integrating Explicit Learning about the Culture of Science into the Pre-Service Teacher Curriculum through Readings and Reflections (United States)

    Egger, A. E.


    Teachers provide foundational science experiences that spark interest in some students to pursue science and serve as an endpoint for others. For both groups, getting a glimpse into the culture of science is important to their futures as citizens, but this glimpse is not something all teachers are equipped to offer. Explicit instruction in the culture of science is generally not part of college-level science courses; to reach future teachers, it should be incorporated into the curriculum for pre-service teachers. I have incorporated readings from Visionlearning's peer-reviewed, freely available, web-based Process of Science series ( into my class for pre-service middle-level and secondary science teachers. The readings describe the development of the culture and process of science using deeply embedded examples of scientists and their work. Students reflected on each reading by describing what they learned and something they will use in their future teaching. Responses were graded for thoughtfulness and completeness and later compiled. In general, students with more science courses had a better initial understanding of the culture of science and found the readings engaging stories that explained in more depth what they already knew. However, all students reported learning some fundamental aspects of the culture and nature of science. Most commonly, they learned scientific language, often words with both colloquial and scientific definitions: theory, hypothesis, law, uncertainty, error, confidence. Other learning gains were reported in defining the difference between scientific controversy and social controversy over science, interactions between historical events and the scientific enterprise, how much scientists work in groups and interact at meetings, and the role that funding plays in guiding research. On their own, students struggled to describe explicit ways to incorporate these concepts into their

  19. Reading for excess : Relational autobiography, affect and popular culture in Tarnation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Poletti, Anna


    In this article I will examine a limit point in current methods of reading in autobiography studies, using Jonathan Caouette's 2003 autobiographical film Tarnation as a case study. Reading a powerful and deeply ambiguous key scene from the film, I investigate the limits of a narrative-based approach

  20. "Manga" Literacy: Popular Culture and the Reading Habits of Japanese College Students. (United States)

    Allen, Kate; Ingulsrud, John E.


    Notes that "manga"--Japanese comics--constitute the most popular kind of reading material in Japan. Discusses the skills needed to read manga. Surveys 297 Japanese college students. Suggests that many manga readers can be considered engaged readers as they are highly motivated and have developed a range of strategies to help them…

  1. Deaf persons' english reading levels and associations with epidemiological, educational, and cultural factors. (United States)

    Zazove, Philip; Meador, Helen E; Reed, Barbara D; Gorenflo, Daniel W


    One hundred six Michigan d/Deaf persons, part of a study evaluating how to improve d/Deaf persons' understanding of cancer prevention recommendations, had reading levels determined using the Test of Reading Comprehension, Syntactic Sentences. Respondents averaged 52 years old, 59% female, 84% Caucasian, 58% married, and 75% Deaf community members. The mean Test of Reading Comprehension, Syntactic Sentences score was 6.1 (women: 6.2, men: 6.0). Higher scores were associated with greater income (p = .02), employment (p = .01), education (high school p = .002, some college p home, teacher in school, at home now: all p speaking with and satisfaction with physicians and nurses (p Language with physicians and nurses (.019) and Deaf community membership (p = .02). In multivariate analysis, higher scores were associated with higher income, college degree, and teacher using English. Reading levels of a predominantly Deaf population were low. Higher income, college degree, and teacher using English were associated with higher reading levels.

  2. The coefficient of rolling resistance (CoRR) of some pharmaceutical tablets. (United States)

    Ketterhagen, William R; Bharadwaj, Rahul; Hancock, Bruno C


    Experiments have been conducted to measure the coefficient of rolling resistance (CoRR) of some pharmaceutical tablets and several common materials, such as glass beads and steel ball bearings. CoRR values are required as inputs for discrete element method (DEM) models which can be used to model particulate flows and solid dosage form manufacturing processes. Until now there have been no CoRR data reported for pharmaceutical materials, and thus these new data will help to facilitate more accurate modeling of pharmaceutical systems. Copyright 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  3. Modelos de correção geométrica para imagens HRV - SPOT


    Antônio José Ferreira Machado e Silva


    A correção geométrica apresenta-se como uma ferramenta extremamente importante nas diversas aplicações de Sensoriamento Remoto. Por este motivo, ela deve incluir o rol das tarefas que compõem o pré-processamento de imagens. A literatura apresenta diversos modelos matemáticos para este fim, bem como modelos para refinar a correção geométrica. Esta dissertação busca apresentar, analisar e comparar alguns métodos de correção geométrica, procurando estudar a relação entre custos computacionais e ...

  4. Reflections of Cultural Memory in the Island of Disputes: Reading Durrell’s Bitter Lemons of Cyprus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yildiray Cevik


    Full Text Available The clean reading of Durrell’s Aegean travelogues favors the elaboration of memories of travels, a proper circumstance of getting involved in the cultural milieu of the island of Cyprus. Lawrence Durrell’s travel book Bitter Lemons of Cyprus (1957, which is based on his three-year stay on the island, a sojourn which coincided with the enosis crisis along with value, personal and cultural conflicts shows how representations of cultural and political conflicts are inextricably linked to representation of modern oriental thought. He sees the clashes of tension in living styles of bi-polar society, characters and British politics even though he claims to keep away from British politics. Island’s cultural ideology of ‘melting pot’ has been replaced by bi-culturalism in the recent decades.  The novel is an embodiment of cultural identities in cleavages surviving for recognition which also demonstrates a need for the construction of an egalitarian bi-communal society. The novel is told of in various perspectives of ethnicities that are used as tools for cultural integration, preservation of identity and culture by the images of prominent figures from respective ethnicities. These perspectives formed mainly under Durrell’s orientalist viewpoint fill the novel through the cultural memory construed writer’s sovereign Western consciousness out of whose unchallenged centrality on Oriental perspective emerged. Durrell filters his experiences through cultural memory after the return to England. Thus, in this paper cultural memory as Durrell reflects on a tri-partite basis will be analyzed in terms of conflicts, stereotypes, identity crisis, clashes and hopes for negotiations.

  5. A cross-cultural comparison of verbal learning and memory functions in reading disabled American and Norwegian adolescents. (United States)

    Asbjørnsen, Arve E; Obrzut, John E; Oyler, James D


    The present study reports the results of a cross-cultural analysis of the role of phonetic and semantic cues in verbal learning and memory. A newly developed memory test procedure, the Bergen-Tucson Verbal Learning Test (BTVLT), expands earlier test procedures as phonetic cues are applied in addition to semantic cues in a cued recall procedure. Samples of reading disabled and typically developed adolescents from the US and from Norway were recruited as voluntary participants. The results indicate that the stimulus materials chosen for the memory test are working well in both American and in Norwegian samples, yielding acquisition results comparable to similar list learning procedures, and also yielding high internal consistency across learning trials. The procedure also reliably differentiates between reading disabled samples in both languages, and also yields cross-cultural differences that seem to reflect differences in transparency and differences in the orthography of the included languages. The BTVLT with its focus on phonetic coding is a promising supplement to established tests of verbal memory for assessment of reading and language impaired individuals. © 2014 The Authors Scandinavian Journal of Psychology published by Scandinavian Psychological Associations and John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  6. Baby Culture and the Curriculum of Consumption: A Critical Reading of the Film "Babies" (United States)

    Maudlin, Julie G.; Sandlin, Jennifer A.; Thaller, Jonel


    We focus on the recently emerging "baby culture" that is fostering a curriculum of consumption and consumerism among parents-to-be and infants aged zero-to-three. To gain insight into how the cultural artifacts, practices, and trends emerging from this demographic are shaping the way we think and act in a consumer culture, we investigate…

  7. Designing Reading Instruction for Cultural Minorities: The Case of the Kamehameha Early Education Program. (United States)

    Calfee, Robert C.; And Others

    This is a report on the Kamehameha Early Education Program (KEEP), a research and development project designed to find ways of improving the school performance of educationally disadvantaged Hawaiian children. The project, implemented in a laboratory school setting and continuously monitored, is described as a reading instruction program for…

  8. Investigating the Strategic Reading Processes of First and Second Language Readers in Two Different Cultural Contexts (United States)

    Mokhtari, Kouider; Reichard, Carla


    This study investigated whether significant differences exist between first and second language readers in their metacognitive awareness and perceived use of specific strategies when reading for academic purposes in English. Three hundred and fifty college students (141 US and 209 Moroccan) completed an instrument designed to measure their…

  9. Do changes in socialization lead to decline in reading level? How parents, literary education, and popular culture affect the level of books read

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Verboord, Marc; Rees, Kees van


    The influence of reading socialization on the level of books read in adult life was investigated for birth cohorts who finished secondary education between 1975 and 1998. Three forms of reading socialization were taken into account: socialization in the parental home, literary socialization at

  10. A Western Professor in Singapore: Cross-Cultural Readings, Expectations, and Surprises in the Classroom (United States)

    Freeman, Bradley


    The educational field is seeing an increased growth in English-language teaching opportunities abroad. This situation gives rise to a number of interesting research inquiries. For example, can teaching experience in one cultural context translate well into another? What do studies tell us about cross-cultural awareness and effectiveness of those…

  11. Reading Difference: Picture Book Retellings as Contexts for Exploring Personal Meanings of Race and Culture (United States)

    Lysaker, Judith; Sedberry, Tiffany


    In racially and culturally homogeneous school settings, opportunities for children to interact with those who are unlike themselves are not always available. Picture book retellings provide contexts within which students are exposed to racial and cultural differences by allowing them to engage in vicarious events with people they might not…

  12. Empathy without borders? Cross-cultural heart and mind-reading in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Background: This cross-cultural study was designed to examine cultural differences in empathy levels of first-year medical students. Methods: A total of 257 students from the academic year 2010/11, 131 at Jimma University, Ethiopia, and 126 at the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany, completed the Balanced ...

  13. "It was like reading a detective novel": Using PAR to work together for culture change. (United States)

    Fortune, Darla; McKeown, Janet; Dupuis, Sherry; de Witt, Lorna


    Participatory action research (PAR), with its focus on engagement and collaboration, is uniquely suited to enhancing culture change initiatives in dementia care. Yet, there is limited literature of its application to culture change approaches in care settings, and even less in dementia specific care contexts. To address these gaps in the literature, the purpose of this paper is to examine the complexities of a PAR project aimed at changing the culture of dementia care in two diverse dementia care settings, including a long term care (LTC) and community care setting. Drawing from data gathered throughout the PAR process, we unpack the challenges experienced by participants working together to guide culture change within their respective care settings. These challenges include: overextending selves through culture change participation; fluctuating group membership; feeling uncertainty, confusion and apprehension about the process; frustratingly slow process; and seeking diverse group representation in decision making. We also highlight the potential for appreciative inquiry (AI) to be integrated with PAR to guide a process whereby participants involved in culture change initiatives can develop strategies to mitigate challenges they experience. We view the challenges and strategies shared here as being constructive to would-be culture change agents and hope this paper will move others to consider the use of PAR when engaging in culture change initiatives. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  14. Cross-cultural reading the mind in the eyes: an fMRI investigation. (United States)

    Adams, Reginald B; Rule, Nicholas O; Franklin, Robert G; Wang, Elsie; Stevenson, Michael T; Yoshikawa, Sakiko; Nomura, Mitsue; Sato, Wataru; Kveraga, Kestutis; Ambady, Nalini


    The ability to infer others' thoughts, intentions, and feelings is regarded as uniquely human. Over the last few decades, this remarkable ability has captivated the attention of philosophers, primatologists, clinical and developmental psychologists, anthropologists, social psychologists, and cognitive neuroscientists. Most would agree that the capacity to reason about others' mental states is innately prepared, essential for successful human social interaction. Whether this ability is culturally tuned, however, remains entirely uncharted on both the behavioral and neural levels. Here we provide the first behavioral and neural evidence for an intracultural advantage (better performance for same- vs. other-culture) in mental state decoding in a sample of native Japanese and white American participants. We examined the neural correlates of this intracultural advantage using fMRI, revealing greater bilateral posterior superior temporal sulci recruitment during same- versus other-culture mental state decoding in both cultural groups. These findings offer preliminary support for cultural consistency in the neurological architecture subserving high-level mental state reasoning, as well as its differential recruitment based on cultural group membership.

  15. Armando Magalhães Corrêa: gente e natureza de um sertão quase metropolitano Armando Magalhães Corrêa: people and nature in an almost metropolitan sertão

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Luiz de Andrade Franco


    Full Text Available O texto examina o pensamento social e ambiental de Armando Magalhães Corrêa (1889-1944, conforme expresso no livro O sertão carioca (1936. Mostra-se que ele fez parte de uma geração de conservacionistas pioneiros do Brasil, a qual, ao contrário do que geralmente se pensa, soube integrar as dimensões social e natural, aproximando a necessidade de defender a natureza do imperativo de melhorar as condições de vida dos habitantes do interior brasileiro. Ao focalizar as populações do entorno rural da cidade do Rio de Janeiro por volta de 1930, o autor capta num microcosmo as distâncias sociais e culturais entre urbanos e sertanejos brasileiros. Descreve com acuidade o meio natural de uma área em grande parte urbanizada que vai da baixada de Jacarepaguá à Pedra de Guaratiba. Trata das atividades produtivas dos seus habitantes e faz sugestões políticas conservacionistas que vieram a influenciar as políticas governamentais.The article examines the social and environmental thought of Armando Magalhães Corrêa (1889-1944 as expressed in his book O sertão carioca (1936. He was part of a generation of pioneer conservationists in Brazil who-contrary to what is generally believed-were able to bring the social and natural dimensions together, blending the need to defend nature with the imperative of improving the living conditions for people in Brazil's interior. Focusing on people residing in the rural outskirts of Rio de Janeiro city around 1930, Corrêa captures a microcosm that illustrates the social and cultural distances separating Brazilian urbanites and sertão dwellers. He provides clear descriptions of the natural world within a largely urbanized area that stretches from the Jacarepaguá lowlands to Pedra de Guaratiba. He explores the productive activities of the region's inhabitants and makes conservationist suggestions that were to influence governmental policy.

  16. A review of the current state of digital plate reading of cultures in clinical microbiology. (United States)

    Rhoads, Daniel D; Novak, Susan M; Pantanowitz, Liron


    Digital plate reading (DPR) is increasingly being adopted as a means to facilitate the analysis and improve the quality and efficiency within the clinical microbiology laboratory. This review discusses the role of DPR in the context of total laboratory automation and explores some of the platforms currently available or in development for digital image capturing of microbial growth on media. The review focuses on the advantages and challenges of DPR. Peer-reviewed studies describing the utility and quality of these novel DPR systems are largely lacking, and professional guidelines for DPR implementation and quality management are needed. Further development and more widespread adoption of DPR is anticipated.

  17. A indústria cultural lida pela cultura erudita: tomadas de posição e ideologia * Culture industry read by high culture: positions and ideology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Resumo: Muitos intelectuais têm discutido o problema da compreensão da cultura de massa como uma forma de alienação. Desde a "Dialética do esclarecimento" de Adorno e Horkheimer, tende-se a entender cultura de massa em oposição à alta cultura. Este artigo tenta mostrar como uma compreensão menos estanque do fenômeno poderia ajudar a ver o problema como ele aparece hoje. Se “cultura de massa” e “alta cultura” parecem, em muitos aspectos, inextricavelmente confundidas atualmente, este trabalho baseia-se na teoria sociológica, a fim de esclarecer as posições dos agentes no campo de produção erudita.Palavras-chave: Cultura de massa – Alta cultura – Indústria cultural. Abstract: Many intellectuals have been discussing the problem of understanding mass culture as a way to alienation. Since Adorno and Horkheimer´s "Dialectic of Enlightenment", we tend to understand mass culture in opposition to high culture. This article tries to show how a less tight understanding of the phenomena could help us to look at the problem as it appears today. If mass culture and high culture seem, in many ways, inextricably mixed these days, this work relies on some sociological works, in order to enlighten the agents’ positions within the cultural field.Keywords: Mass culture – High cultureCulture industry.

  18. Empathy without borders? Cross-cultural heart and mind-reading in first-year medical students. (United States)

    Dehning, Sandra; Gasperi, Sarah; Tesfaye, Markos; Girma, Eshetu; Meyer, Sebastian; Krahl, Wolfgang; Riedel, Michael; Möller, Hans-Jürgen; Müller, Norbert; Siebeck, Matthias


    This cross-cultural study was designed to examine cultural differences in empathy levels of first-year medical students. A total of 257 students from the academic year 2010/11, 131 at Jimma University, Ethiopia, and 126 at the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany, completed the Balanced Emotional Empathy Scale (BEES), the Reading the Mind in the Eyes (RME-R) test, and a questionnaire on sociodemographic and cultural characteristics. Furthermore, we conducted a qualitative analysis of the students' personal views on the definition of empathy and possible influencing factors. Group comparisons and correlation analyses of empathy scores were performed for the entire cohort and for the Jimma and Munich students separately. We used a regression tree analysis to identify factors influencing the BEES. The male students in Jimma (39.1 ± 22.3) scored significantly higher in the BEES than those male students from Munich (27.2 ± 22.6; p = 0.0002). There was no significant difference between the female groups. We found a moderate, positive correlation between the BEES and RME-R test, i.e. between emotional and cognitive empathy, within each university. Nevertheless, the RME-R test, which shows only Caucasian eyes, appears not to be suitable for use in other cultures. The main findings of our study were the influence of culture, religion, specialization choice, and gender on emotional empathy (assessed with the BEES) and cognitive empathy (assessed with the RME-R test) in first-year medical students. Further research is required into the nature of empathy in worldwide medical curricula.

  19. Reading Popular Culture Narratives of Disease with Pre-Service Teachers (United States)

    Staples, Jeanine M.


    Jeanine M. Staples is an associate professor in the Language, Culture, and Society Program of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania. She teaches a mandatory course entitled LLED 480: Media Literacy in the Classroom. The course is designed for pre-service teachers in the…

  20. Gender, Order, and Femicide: Reading the Popular Culture of Murder in Ciudad Juarez (United States)

    Volk, Steven S.; Schlotterbeck, Marian E.


    More than 400 women have been murdered in and around Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, over the past decade. As the murders continue unabated and unsolved, and with the likely complicity of state authorities, they have triggered a dynamic cultural response from writers, filmmakers, singers, and others who deplore the murders while suggesting the underlying…

  1. Bullying the media : Cultural and climato-economic readings of press repression versus press freedom

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Van de Vliert, E.

    Journalists and media assistants in many places are murdered, imprisoned, censored, threatened, and similarly harrassed. Here I document that, and explain why, there are three climato-economic niches of press repression versus press freedom as part of broader syndromes of national culture. A

  2. 'Read me to resilience': Exploring the use of cultural stories to boost ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The study explored whether and how culturally sensitive stories can encourage resilience in young children orphaned by AIDS. The purpose of the investigation was allied to the paradigm of positive psychology, which focuses on the promotion of potential strengths to buffer children against adversity, as well as on social ...

  3. PyCorrFit-generic data evaluation for fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. (United States)

    Müller, Paul; Schwille, Petra; Weidemann, Thomas


    We present a graphical user interface (PyCorrFit) for the fitting of theoretical model functions to experimental data obtained by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS). The program supports many data file formats and features a set of tools specialized in FCS data evaluation. The Python source code is freely available for download from the PyCorrFit web page at We offer binaries for Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. © The Author 2014. Published by Oxford University Press.

  4. Merlinda Bobis’s Poem-plays: Reading Ethics and Identity across Cultures

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dolores Herrero


    Full Text Available Merlinda Bobis is a bilingual writer who was born in the Philippines but now lives in Australia, which turns her into an in-between, a woman who has been carried across different cultures and cannot therefore be defined by making exclusive reference to any of them. The aim of this paper will be to show her two poem-plays Promenade and Cantata of the Warrior Woman, not as isolated phenomena, but as part of a rich tradition of (diasporic Filipino poets and activist playwrights. Moreover, this paper will study these works from the perspective of a postmodern post-foundational ethics, since they are mainly concerned with writing as a means, not only to do away with fixed and rigid national/ cultural/ social/ gender/ ethnic categories, but also of liberation and celebration of a shared experience among the oppressed, especially women who have been suppressed by the combined oppression of nationalism, patriarchy and colonialism. By putting forward a quest for national, collective and individual identity through reconstructing the lost voices of women both in the pre-and post-contact periods, these poem-plays emphasize the importance of communication between self and other as the only way to give tolerance and peace a chance.

  5. Canadian Organ Replacement Register (CORR: Reflecting the Past and Embracing the Future

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Louise M Moist


    Full Text Available Introduction: The Canadian Organ Replacement Register (CORR is the only Canadian information system on kidney and extra-kidney organ failure and transplantation in Canada. CORR's mandate is to record and analyze the level of activity and outcomes of vital organ transplantation and treatment of end stage kidney disease using dialysis, either hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, activities across Canada. The Canadian Organ Replacement Register was officially launched in 1987, and it included transplantation of extra-renal vital organs (liver, heart, lung, pancreas, bowel, in addition to renal transplantation and replacement therapy, with new financial support from the provinces. Objective: This manuscript describes the process of data acquisition and reporting, focusing on the patients with end stage kidney disease on dialysis, with data reported from the 2014 CORR Annual Data Report and the Center-Specific Reports on Clinical Measures. Methods: CORR is currently housed in the Canadian Institute for Health Information and collects data from hospital dialysis programs, regional transplant programs, organ procurement organizations and kidney dialysis services offered at independent health facilities. Data on patients is collected by completion of survey forms for each patient at the start of dialysis or receiving a transplant, using the Initial Registration form, and yearly follow up forms, which collects data on the status of the patient as of October 31 st . Results: The incident rate per million population (RPMP has remained stable with the exception of the 65+ age group with has experience a modest decrease since 2001. However, there has been an increasing prevalence of ESKD diagnoses, with the highest rate per million population (RPMP amongst the age group 65+ years. This is likely attributed to gradual improving patient survival. Between 2003 and 2012, nearly 90% of dialysis patients younger than < 18 and 26% of patients 75+ years survived for

  6. In vitro clonal propagation of bael (Aegle marmelos Corr.) CV. CISH-B1 through enhanced axillary branching. (United States)

    Pati, Rajesh; Chandra, Ramesh; Chauhan, Ugam Kumari; Mishra, Maneesh; Srivastava, Navin


    Rapid clonal micropropagation protocol of Aegle marmelos (L.) Corr. cv. CISH-B1 was achieved by nodal stem segment of mature bearing tree. Three centimeter long shoots having one axillary bud excised from 10-15th nodal region of shoots during September gave quick in vitro bud burst (5.33 days) when cultured on MS medium supplemented with BAP, 8.84 μM + IAA 5.7 μM. The maximum number of proliferated shoots (9.0/explant) were obtained on same medium supplemented with BAP 8.84 μM + IAA 5.7 μM. The micro shoots were rooted (100 %) on + IAA 5.7 μM. In vitro rooted plants were acclimatized on autoclaved coconut husk containing plant salt mixture and under shade net house (50 % shade 70-80 % RH). The plants were established in the field after acclimatization. The micropropagated plants were tested for its genetic fidelity using 13 RAPD, 3 ISSR and 2 DAMD primers. Profile obtained by all the three Single Primer Amplification Reaction (SPAR) technique from mother tree and micropropagated plants revealed genetic integrity of micropropagated plants with that of mother tree.

  7. Teaching Reading (United States)

    Day, Richard R.


    "Teaching Reading" uncovers the interactive processes that happen when people learn to read and translates them into a comprehensive easy-to-follow guide on how to teach reading. Richard Day's revelations on the nature of reading, reading strategies, reading fluency, reading comprehension, and reading objectives make fascinating…

  8. MisReading LIS Education. (United States)

    Wiegand, Wayne


    Discusses the need to place a greater emphasis on the subject of reading in library and information science (LIS) education and research. Topics include literacy studies, print culture history, reader-response theory, ethnography of reading, genre fiction and cultural studies, information versus reading, and access to information versus content of…

  9. Tanzania Corre

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Airway Foreign Body Aspirations in Children at Muhimbili National Hospital, .... The majority of airway aspirated objects are small things that the child can easily find and ... optimal circumstances for manipulation of the paediatric airway7.

  10. CORR Guidelines. Preparing and Conducting Review Missions of Construction Project Readiness for Nuclear Power Plants

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    The construction readiness review (CORR) mission for nuclear power plant projects has been established with the aim of conducting peer reviews of construction projects related to nuclear power plants. Such a mission provides a detailed assessment of readiness for construction, construction progress, readiness for turnover, as well as recommendations for improvement. Organizations in Member States, such as nuclear utilities, owners, regulators and technical support organizations, can benefit from such reviews. A team of international experts with complementing specialities will conduct the CORR mission. The review is based on appropriate IAEA publications, such as IAEA Safety Standards Series Guides and IAEA Nuclear Energy Series publications, as well as on internationally recognized project and construction management guides. Mission findings are summarized in a mission report, which includes a list of recommendations, suggestions and identified good practices. The review is not intended to be a regulatory inspection or an audit against international codes and standards. Rather, it is a peer review aimed at improving implementation processes and procedures through an exchange of technical experiences and practices at the working level. The mission is applicable at any stage of a nuclear power plant construction project, although two specific phases are targeted: (1) start of construction mission (Phase 1 mission) and (2) an in-progress mission (Phase 2 mission). Missions are initiated when official requests are submitted by Member States through the appropriate IAEA channels

  11. Idea Sharing: The Use of Read-Share-Act to Promote Extensive Reading (United States)

    Charumanee, Nisakorn


    Nisakorn Charumanee believes that a reading teacher has an active role in cultivating reading culture or reading habit and in activating students to "want" to read. One way to do this is to integrate extensive reading into the classroom (Day and Bamford, 1998; Bamford and Day, 2004) where extensive reading can be enhanced if the teacher…

  12. Técnicas cirúrgicas para correção da presbiopia em pacientes fácicos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ferraz Caroline Amaral


    Full Text Available A presbiopia é a afecção ocular mais freqüente e é definida como a perda progressiva da amplitude acomodativa relacionada à idade. Atualmente, tentativas de correção cirúrgica da presbiopia em paciente fácicos e afácicos têm recebido considerável atenção, sendo campo vasto de pesquisa. O objetivo deste artigo é discutir as técnicas cirúrgicas propostas para correção da presbiopia em pacientes fácicos publicadas na literatura até o presente momento.

  13. Reading faster

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul Nation


    Full Text Available This article describes the visual nature of the reading process as it relates to reading speed. It points out that there is a physical limit on normal reading speed and beyond this limit the reading process will be different from normal reading where almost every word is attended to. The article describes a range of activities for developing reading fluency, and suggests how the development of fluency can become part of a reading programme.

  14. The Reading the Mind in the Eyes test: validation of a French version and exploration of cultural variations in a multi-ethnic city. (United States)

    Prevost, Marie; Carrier, Marie-Eve; Chowne, Gabrielle; Zelkowitz, Phyllis; Joseph, Lawrence; Gold, Ian


    The first aim of our study was to validate the French version of the Reading the Mind in the Eyes test, a theory of mind test. The second aim was to test whether cultural differences modulate performance on this test. A total of 109 participants completed the original English version and 97 participants completed the French version. Another group of 30 participants completed the French version twice, one week apart. We report a similar overall distribution of scores in both versions and no differences in the mean scores between them. However, 2 items in the French version did not collect a majority of responses, which differed from the results of the English version. Test-retest showed good stability of the French version. As expected, participants who do not speak French or English at home, and those born in Asia, performed worse than North American participants, and those who speak English or French at home. We report a French version with acceptable validity and good stability. The cultural differences observed support the idea that Asian culture does not use theory of mind to explain people's behaviours as much as North American people do.

  15. Parents' reading-related knowledge and children's reading acquisition. (United States)

    Ladd, Megan; Martin-Chang, Sandra; Levesque, Kyle


    Teacher reading-related knowledge (phonological awareness and phonics knowledge) predicts student reading, however little is known about the reading-related knowledge of parents. Participants comprised 70 dyads (children from kindergarten and grade 1 and their parents). Parents were administered a questionnaire tapping into reading-related knowledge, print exposure, storybook reading, and general cultural knowledge. Children were tested on measures of letter-word knowledge, sound awareness, receptive vocabulary, oral expression, and mathematical skill. Parent reading-related knowledge showed significant positive links with child letter-word knowledge and sound awareness, but showed no correlations with child measures of mathematical skill or vocabulary. Furthermore, parent reading-related knowledge was not associated with parents' own print exposure or cultural knowledge, indicating that knowledge about English word structure may be separate from other cognitive skills. Implications are discussed in terms of improving parent reading-related knowledge to promote child literacy.

  16. Race and Culture in the Secondary School Health and Physical Education Curriculum in Ontario, Canada: A Critical Reading (United States)

    Petherick, LeAnne


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to explore issues of race and culture in health education in the secondary school health and physical education (HPE) curriculum in Ontario, Canada. Design/methodology/approach: Using Ontario's secondary school curriculum as a point of analysis, this paper draws from critical race theory and a whiteness lens…

  17. Quasi-Appropriation of Dialectical Materialism: A Critical Reading of Marxism in Vygotskian Approaches to Cultural Studies in Science Education (United States)

    Rodrigues, André; Camillo, Juliano; Mattos, Cristiano


    In this review essay we examine five categories of dialectical materialism proposed by Paulo Lima Junior, Fernanda Ostermann, and Flavia Rezende in their study of the extent to which the articles published in "Cultural Studies of Science Education," that use a Vygotskian approach, are committed to Marxism/dialectical materialism. By…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aiza Johari


    Full Text Available Abstract: The challenges of reading are indeed apparent in most teaching and learning processes in ESL classrooms. As a result, this study is conducted to resolve the issues of students who seem to find reading to be unbearable. Many of them have limited ability to read well and hence, possess insufficient reading habits to become competent readers, particularly out-of-school context. Besides, poor home literacy environments also contribute to their shortcomings in reading. The main objectives of this study are to identify the students’ reasons for reading as well as to find out their home reading environments (reading backgrounds and habits; reading attitudes and motivation; reading exposure and supports. To identify these, questionnaires were distributed to 120 secondary school students (Form 4: 16 years old from one of the urban schools in Sarawak, Malaysia. The findings indicate that the students read to gain information and knowledge though many chose reading as a hobby as their last choice in explaining their motives of reading. Besides, they preferred non-academic reading materials, mainly lighter forms reading materials such as comics, story books and magazines. Though the students acknowledged the importance of reading in their daily lives, their average reading habits, attitude, motivation, exposure and support within the home domain had suggested otherwise. They mainly read for instrumental purposes while reading for pleasure seemed not to be given priority. Besides, the respondents acknowledge that their parents and themselves did not read much at home. As an implication, it is vital for students to improve their reading perceptions, abilities and practices to achieve personal, societal and national progress. On a final note, parents’ early and continuous efforts to be involved in their children’s literacy events in an out-of-school context are believed to be vital to inculcate positive reading environments, habits and culture

  19. Attendance at cultural events, reading books or periodicals, and making music or singing in a choir as determinants for survival: Swedish interview survey of living conditions. (United States)

    Bygren, L O; Konlaan, B B; Johansson, S E

    To investigate the possible influence of attendance at cultural events, reading books or periodicals, making music or singing in a choir as determinants for survival. A simple random sample was drawn of 15,198 individuals aged 16-74 years. Of these, 85% (12,982) were interviewed by trained non-medical interviewers between 1982 and 1983 about cultural activities. They were followed up with respect to survival until 31 December 1991. Swedish interview survey of living conditions comprising a random sample of the adult Swedish population. 12,675 people interviewed between 1982 and 1983. Survival of subjects after controlling for eight confounding variables: age, sex, education level, income, long term disease, social network, smoking, and physical exercise. 6,301 men and 6,374 women were followed up; 533 men and 314 women died during this period. The control variables influenced survival in the expected directions except for social network for men; a significant negative effective was found when the analysis was made separately for men and women. We found an influence on mortality when the eight control variables were controlled for in people who rarely attended events compared with those attending most often, the relative risk being 1.57 (95% confidence interval 1.18 to 2.09). Attendance at cultural events may have a positive influence on survival. Long term follow up of large samples with confounders that are well controlled for and with the cultural stimulation more highly specified should be used to try to falsify the hypothesis before experiments start.

  20. Metacognitive Reading Strategies, Motivation, and Reading Comprehension Performance of Saudi EFL Students (United States)

    Meniado, Joel C.


    Metacognitive reading strategies and reading motivation play a significant role in enhancing reading comprehension. In an attempt to prove the foregoing claim in a context where there is no strong culture for reading, this study tries to find out if there is indeed a relationship between and among metacognitive reading strategies, reading…

  1. Culture. (United States)

    Smith, Timothy B; Rodríguez, Melanie Domenech; Bernal, Guillermo


    This article summarizes the definitions, means, and research of adapting psychotherapy to clients' cultural backgrounds. We begin by reviewing the prevailing definitions of cultural adaptation and providing a clinical example. We present an original meta-analysis of 65 experimental and quasi-experimental studies involving 8,620 participants. The omnibus effect size of d = .46 indicates that treatments specifically adapted for clients of color were moderately more effective with that clientele than traditional treatments. The most effective treatments tended to be those with greater numbers of cultural adaptations. Mental health services targeted to a specific cultural group were several times more effective than those provided to clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds. We recommend a series of research-supported therapeutic practices that account for clients' culture, with culture-specific treatments being more effective than generally culture-sensitive treatments. © 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  2. Reading: Time

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Annemarie Wennekers; Frank Huysmans; Jos de Haan


    Original title: Lees:Tijd The amount of time that Dutch people spend reading has been declining steadily since the 1950s. This decline in reading time contrasts starkly with the positive personal and social benefits that can be derived from reading, according to lots of research. The Reading:

  3. Reading Comics (United States)

    Tilley, Carol L.


    Many adults, even librarians who willingly add comics to their collections, often dismiss the importance of comics. Compared to reading "real" books, reading comics appears to be a simple task and compared to reading no books, reading comics might be preferable. After all, comics do have words, but the plentiful pictures seem to carry most of the…

  4. Autonomous Histories of Muslim Women Cultural Poetics; A Critical Reading of the Personal/Academic Narratives of Leila Ahmed and Amina Wadud

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hadeer Abo El Nagah


    Full Text Available Louis Montrose's "Professing the Renaissance: the Poetics and Politics of Culture" renewed concern with the historical, social and political conditions of literary productions (1989. He suggested a platform through which autonomous aesthetics and academic issues to be understood as inextricably linked to other discourses. While autobiography is considered as a "writing back," I argue here that it is rather a strategic transitional act that connects the past with the present and remaps the future. Though a very personal opening, autobiography is seen as a documentation of public events from a personal perspective. Academic autobiographies like Arab American history professor Leila Ahmad's A Border Passage from Cairo to America; A Woman’s Journey (2012 and African American theology professor Amina Wadud’s Inside the Gender Jihad (2008 are two examples of the production of interwoven private and public histories. The personal opening in such narratives is an autonomous act that initiates cross-disciplinary dialogues that trigger empowerment and proposes future changes. In that sense, these autobiographies are far from being mere stories of the past. Conversely, they are tools of rereading one's contributions and thus repositioning the poetics and politics of culture as testimonial narratives. Employing post-colonial, Islamic feminism and new historicism, the aim of this study is to critically read the above academic/personal two autobiographies as examples of the private/ public negotiations of culture. It also aims to explore the dialogue between the literary, historical and social elements as they remap the future of women in Muslim societies and the diaspora.

  5. Exploring massive, genome scale datasets with the GenometriCorr package.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander Favorov


    Full Text Available We have created a statistically grounded tool for determining the correlation of genomewide data with other datasets or known biological features, intended to guide biological exploration of high-dimensional datasets, rather than providing immediate answers. The software enables several biologically motivated approaches to these data and here we describe the rationale and implementation for each approach. Our models and statistics are implemented in an R package that efficiently calculates the spatial correlation between two sets of genomic intervals (data and/or annotated features, for use as a metric of functional interaction. The software handles any type of pointwise or interval data and instead of running analyses with predefined metrics, it computes the significance and direction of several types of spatial association; this is intended to suggest potentially relevant relationships between the datasets.The package, GenometriCorr, can be freely downloaded at Installation guidelines and examples are available from the sourceforge repository. The package is pending submission to Bioconductor.

  6. Fratura de órbita por queda de cavalo e correção de estrabismo Orbit fracture by horse fall and strabismus correction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abelardo de Souza Couto Junior


    Full Text Available Descreve-se uma paciente com fratura orbitária grave causada por queda de cavalo. Relato do seu tratamento cirúrgico com correção do estrabismo e tentativa de correção da enoftamia.Description of a patient with orbital fracture cause by a horse fall. Follow-up the surgical treatment of the strabismus and the enophtlamos.

  7. Quasi-appropriation of dialectical materialism: a critical reading of Marxism in Vygotskian approaches to cultural studies in science education (United States)

    Rodrigues, André; Camillo, Juliano; Mattos, Cristiano


    In this review essay we examine five categories of dialectical materialism proposed by Paulo Lima Junior, Fernanda Ostermann, and Flavia Rezende in their study of the extent to which the articles published in Cultural Studies of Science Education, that use a Vygotskian approach, are committed to Marxism/dialectical materialism. By closely examining these categories ("thesis, antithesis and synthesis," "unity of analysis," "History," "revolution," "materialism") we expect to enrich the general discussion about the possible contributions of Marxism to science education. We perceive part of science education practice as orientating toward positivism, which reduces human beings—teachers, learners and researchers—to isolated individuals who construct knowledge by themselves. The very same approach aggravates the inner contradiction of the capitalist society demanding commitments from researchers to continually build innovative science education from human praxis. Nevertheless, it is necessary to situate ourselves beyond a formal commitment with dialectical materialism and hence reach the heart of this method. Besides understanding the researchers' commitments, we question the extent to which the respective research helps to radically refresh the current view on science, science education practice, and research in science education.

  8. Do Major Field of Study and Cultural Familiarity Affect TOEFL[R] iBT Reading Performance? A Confirmatory Approach to Differential Item Functioning (United States)

    Liu, Ou Lydia


    The TOEFL[R] iBT has increased the length of each reading passage to better approximate academic reading at North American universities, resulting in a reduction in the number of passages on the reading section of the test. One of the concerns brought about by this change is whether the decrease in topic variety increases the likelihood that an…

  9. Towards long-read metagenomics: complete assembly of three novel genomes from bacteria dependent on a diazotrophic cyanobacterium in a freshwater lake co-culture. (United States)

    Driscoll, Connor B; Otten, Timothy G; Brown, Nathan M; Dreher, Theo W


    Here we report three complete bacterial genome assemblies from a PacBio shotgun metagenome of a co-culture from Upper Klamath Lake, OR. Genome annotations and culture conditions indicate these bacteria are dependent on carbon and nitrogen fixation from the cyanobacterium Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, whose genome was assembled to draft-quality . Due to their taxonomic novelty relative to previously sequenced bacteria, we have temporarily designated these bacteria as incertae sedis Hyphomonadaceae strain UKL13-1 (3,501,508 bp and 56.12% GC), incertae sedis Betaproteobacterium strain UKL13-2 (3,387,087 bp and 54.98% GC), and incertae sedis Bacteroidetes strain UKL13-3 (3,236,529 bp and 37.33% GC). Each genome consists of a single circular chromosome with no identified plasmids. When compared with binned Illumina assemblies of the same three genomes, there was ~7% discrepancy in total genome length. Gaps where Illumina assemblies broke were often due to repetitive elements. Within these missing sequences were essential genes and genes associated with a variety of functional categories. Annotated gene content reveals that both Proteobacteria are aerobic anoxygenic phototrophs, with Betaproteobacterium UKL13-2 potentially capable of phototrophic oxidation of sulfur compounds. Both proteobacterial genomes contain transporters suggesting they are scavenging fixed nitrogen from A. flos-aquae in the form of ammonium. Bacteroidetes UKL13-3 has few completely annotated biosynthetic pathways, and has a comparatively higher proportion of unannotated genes. The genomes were detected in only a few other freshwater metagenomes, suggesting that these bacteria are not ubiquitous in freshwater systems. Our results indicate that long-read sequencing is a viable method for sequencing dominant members from low-diversity microbial communities, and should be considered for environmental metagenomics when conditions meet these requirements.

  10. Multicultural Reading (United States)

    Veltze, Linda


    Multicultural reading advocates believe in the power of literature to transform and to change people's lives. They take seriously the arguments that racism and prejudice can be lessened through multicultural reading, and also that children from undervalued societal groups who read books that depict people like themselves in a positive light will…

  11. The Relationship between FL Reading Strategies and FL Reading Proficiency: A Study on Turkish EFL Learners (United States)

    Gönen, Ipek Kuru


    Reading in FL possesses certain challenges for FL readers such as difficulty in inferring underlying messages in texts and dealing with unfamiliar cultural load. All these challenges may be associated with FL learners' reading proficiency and their use of FL reading strategies especially while reading academic materials. This study aims at…

  12. Reading through Films

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Madhavi Gayathri Raman


    Full Text Available This paper captures the design of a comprehensive curriculum incorporating the four skills based exclusively on the use of parallel audio-visual and written texts. We discuss the use of authentic materials to teach English to Indian undergraduates aged 18 to 20 years. Specifically, we talk about the use of parallel reading (screen-play and audio-visual texts (Shawshank Redemption, and Life is Beautiful, A Few Good Men and Lion King drawn from popular culture in the classroom as an effective teaching medium. Students were gradually introduced to films based on novels with extracts from the original texts (Schindler’s List, Beautiful Mind for extended reading and writing practice. We found that students began to pay more attention to aspects such as pronunciation, intonational variations, discourse markers and vocabulary items (phrasal verbs, synonyms, homophones, and puns. Keywords: Reading, films, popular culture, ESL classroom, language skills

  13. A Study of Boys' Reading. (United States)

    Telford, Lesley


    Examined how reading attitudes of Year 6 boys in British primary schools were influenced by gender issues, peers, and peer group culture. Found that confidence and experience shown in private reading was at odds with boys' public attitudes in discussion with peers. Suggests that siblings and adults might provide more positive role models for…

  14. Symbolic Communication: Reading Material Culture. (United States)

    Sayre, Shay


    Presents a multipart exercise developed to facilitate a semiotic approach for teachers of journalism courses concerned with feature writing and photography, in advertising copywriting classes, and for public relations projects involved with image development. Notes that the lessons for each sequence are based upon a process of discovery through a…

  15. Latin American culture and reading: text commentary and analysis of teaching as a resource Cultura latinoamericana y comprensión lectora: comentario y análisis de texto como recurso pedagógico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Mondaca


    Full Text Available This present article develops an active learning pedagogical approach to enhance the process of reading comprehension in the XXI century classroom, through the incorporation of the Latin American culture in the use of educational resource of text analysis, which allows learners to generate a sense of belonging and cultural identity from elements such as literature, history, poetry, music, art, among others elements that make up the latinoamerican realm. This sense of cultural belonging involves learners in topics that are familiar to their contexts, recreating appreciation for reading.El presente artículo desarrolla una propuesta pedagógica activa de aprendizaje para mejorar el proceso de comprensión lectora en las aulas del siglo XXI, a través de la incorporación de la cultura latinoamericana en el recurso de aprendizaje del comentario y análisis de textos, lo que permite generar sentidos de pertenencia y de identidad cultural desde la historia, literatura, filosofía, poesía y las artes, entre otros elementos que constituyen a lo latinoamericano. Este sentido de apropiación del patrimonio cultural involucra a los estudiantes en temáticas propias de su entorno resignificando el aprecio por la lectura.

  16. cultural

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irene Kreutz


    Full Text Available Es un estudio cualitativo que adoptó como referencial teorico-motodológico la antropología y la etnografía. Presenta las experiencias vivenciadas por mujeres de una comunidad en el proceso salud-enfermedad, con el objetivo de comprender los determinantes sócio-culturales e históricos de las prácticas de prevención y tratamiento adoptados por el grupo cultural por medio de la entrevista semi-estructurada. Los temas que emergieron fueron: la relación entre la alimentación y lo proceso salud-enfermedad, las relaciones con el sistema de salud oficial y el proceso salud-enfermedad y lo sobrenatural. Los dados revelaron que los moradores de la comunidad investigada tienen un modo particular de explicar sus procedimientos terapéuticos. Consideramos que es papel de los profesionales de la salud en sus prácticas, la adopción de abordajes o enfoques que consideren al individuo en su dimensión sócio-cultural e histórica, considerando la enorme diversidad cultural en nuestro país.

  17. Genetic variations of Lansium domesticum Corr. accessions from Java, Sumatra and Ceram based on Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA fingerprints

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Yulita KS (2011 Genetic variations of Lansium domesticum Corr. accessions from Java, Bengkulu and Ceram based on Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA fingerprints. Biodiversitas 12: 125-130. Duku (Lansium domesticum Corr. is one of popular tropical fruits in SE Asia. The spesies has three varieties, known as duku, langsat and kokosan; and duku is the most popular one for being the sweetiest fruit. Indonesia has several local varieties of duku, such as duku Condet, duku Sumber and duku Palembang. This present study aimed to assess genetic diversity of 47 accessions of duku from Java, Sumatra, and Ceram based on RAPD fingerprints. Ten RAPD’s primers were initially screened and five were selected for the analysis. These five primers (OPA 7, 13, 18, OPB 7, and OPN 12 generated 53 scorable bands with an average of 10.6 polymorphic fragment per primer. Percentage of polymorphism ranged from 16.89% (OPA 7 and OPN 12 to 24.54% (OPB 7 with an average of 20.16% polymorphism. OPB 7 at 450 bp was exclusively possessed by accession 20 (Java, OPA 18 at 500 bp was by accession 6 (Java, 550 bp by 3 clones from Bengkulu. While OPN 12 at 300 bp and OPA 13 at 450 bp were shared among the accessions. Clustering analysis was performed based on RAPD profiles using the UPGMA method. The range of genetic similarity value among accessions was 0.02-0.65 suggesting high variation of gene pool existed among accessions.

  18. Correção total da tétrade de Fallot no primeiro ano de vida

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando MORAES NETO


    Full Text Available De janeiro de 1996 a novembro de 1997, 15 crianças com idade variando de 3 a 11 meses (média: 6 meses e pesando entre 5 kg a 9 kg (média: 7,2 kg foram eletivamente submetidas à correção total de tétrade de Fallot. Treze tinham sintomas de hipoxemia, e 2 eram acianóticos. O diagnóstico definitivo foi obtido em todos os casos por ecocardiografia bidimensional. Utilizou-se circulação extracorpórea convencional e hipotermia moderada. Obteve-se proteção miocárdica com infusão na aorta de solução cardioplégica cristalóide gelada e hipotermia tópica do coração. O tempo de CEC variou de 50 min a 125 min (média: 56 min e o de pinçamento aórtico de 32 min a 86 min (média: 56 min. A correção foi realizada por via transventricular em 14 e por via transatrial em 1. Em 11 casos, utilizou-se enxerto de pericárdio bovino para ampliar a via de saída do ventrículo direito, sendo que em 4 a ampliação foi transanular. Após a correção, o gradiente entre o ventrículo direito e a artéria pulmonar variou de 2 a 25 mmHg (média: 12 mmHg. Não ocorreram óbitos ou complicações significativas nesta série. Conclui-se que a correção total da tétrade de Fallot no primeiro ano de vida pode ser realizada com baixa mortalidade, podendo essa conduta ter vantagens sobre a correção em dois tempos.From January 1996, to November 1997, 15 consecutive infants ranging in age from 3 to 11 months (mean: 6 months and weigh ing from 5 to 9 kilograms (mean: 7.2 kilograms underwent elective total repair of tetralogy of Fallot. Thirteen had symptoms of hypoxemia and two were acyanotic. Definitive diagnosis was established in all cases by two-dimensional echocardiography. Intracardiac correction was accomplished with conventional cardiopulmonary bypass and moderate hypothermia. Myocardial protection was obtained by cold cristaloide cardioplegia infused into the aorta and topical hypothermia of the heart. Bypass time ranged from 50 to 125 minutes

  19. Reading Evaluation (United States)

    Fagan, W. T.


    The Canadian Institute for Research in Behavioral and Social Sciences of Calgary was awarded a contract by the Provincial Government of Alberta to assess student skills and knowledge in reading and written composition. Here evaluation is defined and the use of standardized and criterion referenced tests for evaluating reading performance are…

  20. How Reading Volume Affects both Reading Fluency and Reading Achievement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Richard L. ALLINGTON


    Full Text Available Long overlooked, reading volume is actually central to the development of reading proficiencies, especially in the development of fluent reading proficiency. Generally no one in schools monitors the actual volume of reading that children engage in. We know that the commonly used commercial core reading programs provide only material that requires about 15 minutes of reading activity daily. The remaining 75 minute of reading lessons is filled with many other activities such as completing workbook pages or responding to low-level literal questions about what has been read. Studies designed to enhance the volume of reading that children do during their reading lessons demonstrate one way to enhance reading development. Repeated readings have been widely used in fostering reading fluency but wide reading options seem to work faster and more broadly in developing reading proficiencies, including oral reading fluency.

  1. Leitura de imagens e cultura visual: desenredando conceitos para a prática educativa Image reading and critical understanding of the visual culture: unraveling concepts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Emilia Sardelich


    Full Text Available Quase tudo do pouco que conhecemos, em relação ao conhecimento produzido, nos chega pelos meios de informação e comunicação. Estes, por sua vez, também constroem imagens do mundo. Imagens para deleitar, entreter, vender, com mensagens sobre o que devemos vestir, comer, aparentar, pensar. Em nossa sociedade contemporânea discute-se a necessidade de uma alfabetização visual que se expressa em várias designações como: leitura de imagens e compreensão crítica da cultura visual. Freqüentes mudanças de expressões e conceitos dificultam o entendimento dessas propostas para o currículo escolar, a definição do/a professor/a responsável por tal conhecimento e o referencial teórico do mesmo. Este artigo apresenta os conceitos que fundamentam as propostas da leitura de imagens e cultura visual, sinalizando suas proximidades e distâncias. Contrasta alguns referenciais teóricos da antropologia, arte, educação, história, sociologia, e sugere linhas de trabalho em ambientes de aprendizagem com o intuito de refletir sobre nossa permanente formação como docentes.Almost everything from the little we know relating to manufactured knowledge comes to us by means of information and communication. This in turn also build images of the world. Images for pleasure, entertainment, trade, telling us what to wear, to eat, to think, how to look. In our contemporary society there is a debate about the need of a visual education that expresses itself in different denominations such as image reading and critical understanding of the visual culture. Frequent changes in expressions and concepts cause more difficulties in understanding these propositions in the national curriculum, the definition of the teachers responsible for this knowledge and the theoretical reference of it. This article intends to unravel the concepts that establish these different propositions, pointing out their similarities and differences. It contrasts theoretical references

  2. Promoting preschool reading


    Istenič, Vesna


    The thesis titled Promoting preschool reading consists of a theoretiral and an empirical part. In the theoretical part I wrote about reading, the importance of reading, types of reading, about reading motivation, promoting reading motivation, internal and external motivation, influence of reading motivation on the child's reading activity, reading and familial literacy, the role of adults in promotion reading literacy, reading to a child and promoting reading in pre-school years, where I ...

  3. Reading Edward Said in Myanmar

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Lars


    Twenty years after its publication, Culture and Imperialism continues to be seen as part of the defining moment of postcolonial readings of our contemporary world. The anniversary marks an opportunity to revisit the landscape of culture and imperialism as envisaged by Edward Said, but also to dis...

  4. Reading Aloud. (United States)

    Giorgis, Cyndi; Johnson, Nancy J.


    Offers brief descriptions of 34 children's books that are excellent for reading aloud: some of them for inviting interaction, for laughing out loud, for prompting discussion, for living vicariously, for lingering over language, and for making curricular connections. (SR)

  5. Desenvolvimento de uma ferramenta computacional para recuperação e correção de textos digitalizados

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marlon Marcon


    Full Text Available Atualmente, há diversas ferramentas computacionais voltadas para identificação e reconhecimento de palavras em arquivos digitais, onde um grande problema tem sido o tratamento de ruídos (falhas de aquisição e erros ortográficos. Estas inconveniências fazem com que os algoritmos de reconhecimento apresentem resultados abaixo do esperado. Este trabalho implementa uma solução para o reconhecimento de palavras com maior qualidade, aplicando algoritmos de remoção de ruído e melhora de contraste, bem como a adoção de um léxico aliado ao módulo de reconhecimento dos caracteres. Os resultados obtidos a partir dos testes de validação e correção das palavras com problemas com taxas de aproveitamento dentro dos limites esperados.

  6. Correção de estrabismo em paciente com síndrome de Saethre-Chotzen

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thiago Gonçalves dos Santos Martins


    Full Text Available A síndrome de Saethre-Chotzen é uma doença rara, que pode causar alterações craniofaciais e estrabismo. A incidência é de 1 para 50.000 nascidos vivos. A inteligência costuma ser normal, mas alguns casos podem ter retardo mental. Crianças com essa síndrome devem ser acompanhadas por uma equipe multidisciplinar. A correção do estrabismo nesses pacientes pode ser mais difícil, devido à ocorrência frequente de inserções anômalas dos músculos extraoculares. Recomendam-se técnicas de imagem para avaliar eventuais alterações das inserções e trajeto dos músculos extraoculares.

  7. Emotional Landscapes of Reading


    Natalia Samutina


    This paper focuses on fan fiction as a literary experience and especially on fan fiction readers’ receptive strategies. Methodologically, its approach is at the intersection of literary theory, theory of popular culture, and qualitative research into practices of communication within online communities. It presents a general characterization of fan fiction as a type of contemporary reading and writing, drawing upon the influential works by H. Jenkins, A. Dericho, K. Tosenberger, and others. T...

  8. Fostering the Love of Reading: The Affective Domain in Reading Education. (United States)

    Cramer, Eugene H., Ed.; Castle, Marrietta, Ed.

    Representing current thinking about a wide range of issues related to reading motivation, this book offers a look at how to create classroom cultures that foster in students the love of reading. The book is about teachers and the critical role they play in helping children develop into motivated, active, engaged readers who read both for pleasure…

  9. Reading Letters

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Beier, Sofie


    In our everyday life we constantly encounter a diversity of reading matters, including display types on traffic signage, printed text in novels, newspaper headlines, or our own writing on a computer screen. All these conditions place different demands on the typefaces applied. The book discusses...

  10. Reading Rembrandt

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bal, Mieke


    Reading Rembrandt: Beyond the Word-Image Opposition explores the potential for an interdisciplinary methodology between visual art and literature. In a series of close analyses of works by "Rembrandt" - works as we see them today, through all the ways of seeing and commenting that precede - and

  11. Does Extensive Reading Promote Reading Speed? (United States)

    He, Mu


    Research has shown a wide range of learning benefits accruing from extensive reading. Not only is there improvement in reading, but also in a wide range of language uses and areas of language knowledge. However, few research studies have examined reading speed. The existing literature on reading speed focused on students' reading speed without…

  12. Lente fácica de câmara posterior para correção de hipermetropia consecutiva à ceratotomia radial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Salera Cristina Moreira


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Avaliar a eficácia, previsibilidade e segurança do implante de lente fácica de câmara posterior para a correção de hipermetropia consecutiva à ceratotomia radial. MÉTODOS: Foram analisados retrospectivamente os prontuários de seis pacientes (10 olhos com hipermetropia consecutiva à hipercorreção após ceratotomia radial submetidos ao implante de lente fácica de câmara posterior para sua correção. RESULTADOS: O equivalente esférico pré-operatório médio da refração dinâmica foi de +4,65 dioptrias (variando de +2,50 a +6,50 dioptrias e o equivalente esférico pós-operatório médio foi de +0,3375 dioptrias (variando de -0,875 a +2,25 dioptrias. Quando comparamos as acuidades visuais com correção pré e pós-operatórias observamos que três olhos (30% ganharam duas linhas de acuidade visual, dois (20% ganharam uma linha de acuidade visual, um (10% manteve a mesma acuidade visual, três olhos (30% perderam uma linha de acuidade visual e um olho (10% perdeu duas linhas. CONCLUSÃO: O implante da lente fácica de câmara posterior para correção da hipermetropia consecutiva à ceratotomia radial mostrou-se como uma nova opção para o tratamento desta indesejável complicação, entretanto, fazem-se necessários estudos abrangendo maior número de casos e um acompanhamento a longo prazo destes casos.

  13. Correção das aberrações oculares nos retratamentos de LASIK personalizado e convencional Correction of ocular aberrations in custom and standard LASIK retreatments

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andréia Peltier Urbano


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Comparar a correção das aberrações oculares nos retratamentos de LASIK personalizado e convencional. MÉTODOS: Foi realizado um estudo prospectivo, randomizado, de 74 olhos de 37 pacientes submetidos ao retratamento de LASIK para correção de miopia e astigmatismo. Cada paciente foi submetido ao retratamento de LASIK personalizado Zyoptix (Bausch & Lomb em um olho e convencional Planoscan (Bausch & Lomb no olho contralateral. Foi comparada a correção das aberrações oculares nos retratamentos personalizado e convencional. RESULTADOS: No sexto mês pós-operatório, os olhos submetidos ao retratamento Zyoptix apresentaram diminuição estatisticamente significativa do defocus, astigmatismo, coma, aberração esférica, segunda ordem, terceira ordem, alta ordem e aberrações totais. Os olhos submetidos ao retratamento Planoscan apresentaram diminuição estatisticamente significativa do defocus, segunda ordem e aberrações totais. CONCLUSÕES: O retratamento personalizado foi superior ao retratamento convencional para a correção das aberrações oculares de baixa e alta ordens.PURPOSE: To compare the correction of ocular aberrations between custom and standard LASIK retreatment. METHODS: Prospective, randomized trial with paired eye control of 74 eyes from 37 patients who underwent LASIK retreatment. Each patient underwent retreatment using Zyoptix LASIK (Bausch & Lomb in 1 eye and Planoscan LASIK (Bausch & Lomb in the fellow eye. Correction of ocular aberrations was compared between custom and standard LASIK retreatments. RESULTS: At 6 months, there was a statistically significant reduction in defocus, astigmatism, coma, spherical aberration, second, third, higher-order and total aberration in Zyoptix eyes. There was a statistically significant reduction in defocus, second-order and total aberration in Planoscan eyes. CONCLUSIONS: Custom retreatment was statistically superior than standard retreatment for correction of lower

  14. A peculiar distribution of radial velocities of faint radio-galaxies with 13.0<=msub(corr)<=15.5

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Karoji, H.; Nottale, L.; Vigier, J.-P.


    A sample of 41 radio-galaxies with 13.0<=msub(corr)<=15.5 has been analyzed to test the angular redshift anisotropy discovered on Sc I galaxies by Rubin, Rubin and Ford (1973). The sample does not present their anisotropy but contains an even more curious distribution of radial velocities which suggests that the Rubin-Ford effect results from an anomalous redshift of light when it travels through clusters of galaxies. (Auth.)

  15. Avaliação da correção da energia pelo balanço de nitrogênio em alimentos para frangos de corte

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R.C. Andrade


    Full Text Available Com o objetivo de determinar valores de energia metabolizável aparente e de energia metabolizável aparente corrigida pelo balanço de nitrogênio de alimentos para frangos de corte, bem como avaliar os efeitos da correção da energia sobre seu desempenho, foram conduzidos dois experimentos: I determinação da energia do milho, do farelo de soja, da farinha de carne e ossos, da farinha de vísceras e da farinha de penas, pelo método de coleta total de excretas, utilizando-se 450 pintos de corte com um dia de idade, distribuídos em delineamento inteiramente ao acaso, sendo seis tratamentos e cinco repetições; II desempenho de 960 frangos de corte, distribuídos ao acaso, em cinco tratamentos e seis repetições. As aves que receberam os tratamentos A (matriz energética de acordo com Rostagno et al. (2011 e E (energia sem correção com ajuste pela idade apresentaram melhor desempenho, e as aves do tratamento E tiveram melhor conversão alimentar. Portanto, formulações com energia sem correção pelo balanço de nitrogênio e ajustadas pela idade são viáveis tanto sob o ponto de vista zootécnico, quanto econômico.

  16. Assessing the Validity of the Cross-Cultural Survey of Online Reading Attitudes and Behaviors with American and South Korean Fifth- and Sixth-Grade Students (United States)

    Putman, S. Michael; Wang, Chuang; Ki, Seryeong


    The Internet is having a profound impact on the literacy practices of students worldwide; yet, there are few instruments available to facilitate cross-cultural comparisons and conclusions specific to cognitive and affective variables related to Internet proficiency. This research was conducted to examine the measurement invariance of the…

  17. Inculcating reading habits among Nigerian secondary schools ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This paper looks at reading habit as process of imbibing a culture of educating, informing and enlightening people. Inculcating reading habit is very essential for the academic achievement of children and this is made possible with the help of trained and qualified teachers who help in guiding children in developing the right ...

  18. International Voices: Reading in Kazakhstan and Oceania (United States)

    Topping, Keith; Golopyatova, Nina; Goodwin, Maureen; Peirce, Robin


    This column focuses on the innovative strategies some teachers from Kazakhstan and Oceania are using to overcome the challenges they face. In Kazakhstan, schools organize reading days to encourage and inspire children to read. In the predominantly oral culture of the Cook Islands, Niue Island, and Rarotonga, teachers and administrators model…

  19. Reading as Situated Language: A Sociocognitive Perspective. (United States)

    Gee, James Paul


    Situates reading within a broad perspective that integrates work on cognition, language, social interaction, society, and culture. Argues that reading and writing cannot be separated from speaking, listening, and interacting, on the one hand, or using language to think about and act on the world, on the other. Introduces "social languages" as a…

  20. Golden Mountain Reading Series. Level 2. (United States)

    Sung, Robert

    This reading series was developed as a means to educate Chinese-American elementary school children in Chinese reading, writing, and culture. The text covers the following topics: Chinese literature, Chinese and American history, famous people, general knowledge, Chinese letter writing, the four seasons, and the major Chinese and American…

  1. Brains with character: Reading and writing neuronarrative

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Yaczo, T.F.


    Brains with Character: Reading and Writing Neuronarrative tracks the concept of neuronarrative by analyzing the reciprocal and catalytic relationships between neuroscience and literary media. Crucial to understanding the contemporary stakes in these two cultural endeavors is how their relationships

  2. Slow Reading: Reading along "Lectio" Lines (United States)

    Badley, K. Jo-Ann; Badley, Ken


    The medieval monastic movement preserved and developed reading practices--lectio--from ancient Greek pedagogy as a slow, mindful approach to reading for formation. This ancient way of reading, now better known as lectio divina, challenges the fast, pragmatic reading so characteristic of our time. We propose that the present moment may be ripe for…

  3. Developing reading literacy by reading badge


    Rejc, Blanka


    Reading is a fundamental activity of our society and is present in all areas of a person’s life. Authors who deal with reading define reading with different definitions, some of them I also presented in my master’s degree thesis. The ways of reading, typology of readers and knowledge of different reading models are only some of the important theoretical facts that serve as a basis for the research and defining reading. Reading motivation is an important motivational factor, which encourages a...

  4. Cultural alternatives. A material reading of the mourning of 11th-M / Alternativas de la cultura. Una lectura material del duelo del 11-M

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pilar Jimeno Salvatierra


    Full Text Available Since the human ecology approach occurs a break in the forms of studying culture or its accomplishments. The novelty has to do with the need to examine it not in itself or in their performances, but as an element of the ecological system is interconnected with the rest of their material elements. This material functional analysis model is described as a substantive by its main theoretical. Thus the cultural behaviours are responses to disturbances belonging to the system environment. One of the most interesting for the study of social and cultural are rituals, as part of retroactive mechanisms within any human ecological system. The aims of this paper is to theorize about the observation of the material aspects of collective behaviours, such as rituals, ceremonies, or others collective manifestations, that highlight the social importance and interpretative of these aspects. The article manifests both the creation and the orientation of “enactment of meanings” through the analysis of collective behaviours. It also shows an important part of social truth in material performances. Methodological applications such as Rappaport’s reference to material signs in his ritual theory, placing emphasize on the communication role of these are used to interpret the mourning ritual.

  5. Determination of Free Radical Scavenging, Antioxidative DNA Damage Activities and Phytochemical Components of Active Fractions from Lansium domesticum Corr. Fruit (United States)

    Klungsupya, Prapaipat; Suthepakul, Nava; Muangman, Thanchanok; Rerk-Am, Ubon; Thongdon-A, Jeerayu


    Lansium domesticum Corr. or “long-kong” is one of the most popular fruits in Thailand. Its peel (skin, SK) and seeds (SD) become waste unless recycled or applied for use. This study was undertaken to determine the bioactivity and phytochemical components of L. domesticum (LD) skin and seed extracts. Following various extraction and fractionation procedures, 12 fractions were obtained. All fractions were tested for antioxidant capacity against O2−• and OH•. It was found that the peel of L. domesticum fruits exhibited higher O2−• and OH• scavenging activity than seeds. High potential antioxidant activity was found in two fractions of 50% ethanol extract of peel followed by ethyl acetate (EA) fractionation (LDSK50-EA) and its aqueous phase (LDSK50-H2O). Therefore, these two active fractions were selected for further studies on their antioxidative activity against DNA damage by hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in human TK6 cells using comet assay. The comet results revealed DNA-protective activity of both LDSK50-EA and LDSK50-H2O fractions when TK6 human lymphoblast cells were pre-treated at 25, 50, 100, and 200 μg/mL for 24 h prior to H2O2 exposure. The phytochemical analysis illustrated the presence of phenolic substances, mainly scopoletin, rutin, and chlorogenic acid, in these two active fractions. This study generates new information on the biological activity of L. domesticum. It will promote and strengthen the utilization of L. domesticum by-products. PMID:26287238

  6. Determination of Free Radical Scavenging, Antioxidative DNA Damage Activities and Phytochemical Components of Active Fractions from Lansium domesticum Corr. Fruit

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Prapaipat Klungsupya


    Full Text Available Lansium domesticum Corr. or “long-kong” is one of the most popular fruits in Thailand. Its peel (skin, SK and seeds (SD become waste unless recycled or applied for use. This study was undertaken to determine the bioactivity and phytochemical components of L. domesticum (LD skin and seed extracts. Following various extraction and fractionation procedures, 12 fractions were obtained. All fractions were tested for antioxidant capacity against O2−• and OH•. It was found that the peel of L. domesticum fruits exhibited higher O2−• and OH• scavenging activity than seeds. High potential antioxidant activity was found in two fractions of 50% ethanol extract of peel followed by ethyl acetate (EA fractionation (LDSK50-EA and its aqueous phase (LDSK50-H2O. Therefore, these two active fractions were selected for further studies on their antioxidative activity against DNA damage by hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 in human TK6 cells using comet assay. The comet results revealed DNA-protective activity of both LDSK50-EA and LDSK50-H2O fractions when TK6 human lymphoblast cells were pre-treated at 25, 50, 100, and 200 μg/mL for 24 h prior to H2O2 exposure. The phytochemical analysis illustrated the presence of phenolic substances, mainly scopoletin, rutin, and chlorogenic acid, in these two active fractions. This study generates new information on the biological activity of L. domesticum. It will promote and strengthen the utilization of L. domesticum by-products.

  7. Testing for a cultural influence on reading for meaning in the developing brain: the neural basis of semantic processing in Chinese children

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tai-Li Chou


    Full Text Available Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI was used to explore the neural correlates of semantic judgments in a group of 8- to 15-year-old Chinese children. Participants were asked to indicate if pairs of Chinese characters presented visually were related in meaning. The related pairs were arranged in a continuous variable according to association strength. Pairs of characters with weaker semantic association elicited greater activation in the mid ventral region (BA 45 of left inferior frontal gyrus, suggesting increased demands on the process of selecting appropriate semantic features. By contrast, characters with stronger semantic association elicited greater activation in left inferior parietal lobule (BA 39, suggesting stronger integration of highly related features. In addition, there was a developmental increase, similar to previously reported findings in English, in left posterior middle temporal gyrus (BA 21, suggesting that older children have more elaborated semantic representations. There were additional age-related increases in the posterior region of left inferior parietal lobule and in the ventral regions of left inferior frontal gyrus, suggesting that reading acquisition relies more on the mapping from orthography to semantics in Chinese children as compared to previously reported findings in English.

  8. Rearing a reading habit


    Sridhar, M. S.


    Discusses the importance and ways of inculcating reading habit in children at the right age, describes the five reading phases in children along with interest and the material to satiate the need, explains how four deterministic factors affect the reading habit of children, enlists motivations that are behind the reading process with tips to improve reading habit of children.

  9. Reading Deeply for Disciplinary Awareness and Political Judgment (United States)

    Staudinger, Alison


    What happens when students become better readers? Cultivating deep reading habits in students to help them navigate disciplinary cultures respects student autonomy. Scholarly literature predicts that three linked practices improve student reading: practice with feedback, explicit in-class work on reading strategies, and disciplinary norm…

  10. Osteotomias segmentares múltiplas para a correção da cifose Multiple segmental osteotomies to the kyphosis correction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Fernando Pereira da Silva Herrero


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Avaliar o resultado do tratamento cirúrgico da hipercifose dorsal da coluna vertebral por meio da técnica de Ponte (osteotomias múltiplas posteriores. MÉTODOS: Estudo retrospectivo de 10 pacientes (oito com sequela de doença de Scheuermann e dois com sequela de laminectomia submetidos a cirurgia para correção de hipercifose acima de 70°. A idade variou de 12 anos a 20 anos (média de 16,8 anos ± 2,89. Os parâmetros radiográficos estudados foram a mensuração da cifose, lordose e, quando presente, da escoliose. Também foram avaliadas a presença de cifose juncional proximal e distal, a perda da correção e complicações como soltura e quebra dos implantes. Os parâmetros radiográficos foram avaliados no período pré-operatório, pós-operatório imediato e avaliação tardia. RESULTADOS: Os pacientes foram seguidos por um período que variou de 24 a 144 meses (média de 65,8 meses ± 39,92. O valor médio da hipercifose pré-operatória foi de 78,8º ± 7,59º (Cobb e de 47,5º ± 12,54º no seguimento, com a média de correção de 33,9º ± 9,53º e perda média de correção de 2,2º. CONCLUSÃO: O tratamento cirúrgico da hipercifose torácica por meio de osteotomias múltiplas posteriores apresentou boa correção da deformidade e perda mínima de correção ao longo do seguimento.OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the results of the surgical treatment of the spinal Kyphosis using the Ponte's technique (multiple posterior osteotomies. METHODS: Ten patients (8 with Scheuermann´s kyphosis and 2 with kyphosis after laminectomy submitted to surgical correction of kyphotic deformity greater than 70º were retrospectively assessed. The age at the surgical time ranged from 12 to 20 years old (mean age16.8 years ± 2.89. The radiographic parameters evaluated were the kyphosis, the lordosis and the scoliosis - whenever present. The presence of proximal and distal junctional kyphosis, loss of correction, and complications as implants

  11. Re-thinking Reading in the Context of a New Wave of Electronic Reading Devices (United States)

    Kratky, Andreas

    We are currently witnessing a new wave of digital reading devices that will probably significantly change the way we read and publish. This is not the first digital revolution of aspects of cultural production and perception. This paper compares the previous digital revolutions of the music, film and publishing industries and attempts a prognosis of coming changes in the way we will work with digital texts. As a conclusion a new notion of interface design for the emerging reading ecology is proposed.

  12. Fundo de garantia por tempo de serviço (FGTS - em busca da correção “justa”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rocco Antonio Rangel Rosso Nelson


    Full Text Available O direito social fundamental referente ao fundo de garantia por tempo de serviço (FGTS adentra as pautas de discussões atuais do direito, sendo reforçado pela exposição midiática, tendo em vista o pleito de que os saldos do FGTS sejam corrigidos em face de um índice oficial que refletisse a inflação, como o INPC (índice nacional de preços ao consumidor, referente a depósitos entre 1999 até os dias atuais, ao invés da correção feita baseada na Taxa referencial (TR. A presente demanda abarrotou a justiça brasileira, ganando a contenda esteira no STJ e STF. A importância da matéria é palmar, tendo em vista que a posição a ser tomada afetaria 45 milhões de trabalhadores. A pesquisa em tela, fazendo uso de uma metodologia de análise qualitativa, usando-se os métodos de abordagem hipotético-dedutivos de caráter descritivo e analítico, tem por escopo analisar a questão sobre a correção atuarial dos valores depositados a título de fundo de garantia por tempo de serviço. Com fulcro no direito da propriedade, tendo em vista que os saldos fundiários constituírem salário, na modalidade diferida, deve prosperar a tese da correção desses saldos por um índice que reflita a inflação.

  13. Impuretés et systèmes corrélés. Des chaînes aux cuprates supraconducteurs (United States)

    Bobroff, J.


    Impurities and correlated systems Discovery of high TC superconductors has opened the new field of strongly correlated fermions physics. In these compounds, mostly transition metal oxides, strong correlations between electrons affect sharply their electronic properties. In order to determine accurately these correlations and their possible link with superconductivity, we study the effect of local defects such as non magnetic impurities. In fact, in the more simple case of insulating spin chains and ladders, these impurities induce a staggered magnetism in their neighborhood which reveals the underlying electronic correlations. Similar effects are observed in high TC superconductors, using local probes such as nuclear magnetic resonance. These observations allow to get a better understanding of both normal and superconducting state of these oxides, both full of surprises. La découverte des supraconducteurs à haute température critique a ouvert la voie à une nouvelle physique, celle des fermions fortement corrélés. Dans ces systèmes, le plus souvent des oxydes de métaux de transition, les fortes corrélations entre électrons affectent profondément leurs propriétés électroniques et induisent de nouveaux états originaux : liquides de spins, supraconductivité, etc. Pour mesurer ces corrélations et ainsi déterminer leur lien éventuel avec la supraconductivité, nous proposons d'étudier l'effet de défauts ponctuels tels que des impuretés non magnétiques. En effet, dans le cas plus simple de chaînes ou d'échelles de spin isolantes, ces impuretés induisent dans leur voisinage immédiat un magnétisme alterné révélateur des corrélations électroniques. Des effets semblables sont observés dans les supraconducteurs à haute température critique, grâce à des sondes locales comme la résonance magnétique nucléaire. Ces observations permettent de mieux comprendre à la fois l'état normal et supraconducteur de ces oxydes, tous deux riches en

  14. Resultados da correção cirúrgica da exotropia permanente em pacientes amblíopes e não-amblíopes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriana Valim Portes


    Full Text Available A exotropia permanente (XT acomete cerca de 1 a 2% da população. Seu tratamento é clínico: antiambliogênico e correção dos erros refrativos, e cirúrgico. O objetivo do tratamento cirúrgico é alinhar os olhos na posição primária do olhar, proporcionando melhor resultado estético. Há muito tempo diversos autores estudam os fatores pré, per e pós-operatórios relacionados ao resultado cirúrgico, uma vez que a taxa de sucesso varia de 60 a 80%. Ainda são poucos os estudos que comparam a presença de ambliopia como fator de influência no resultado final. OBJETIVO: Comparar o resultado cirúrgico dos pacientes amblíopes e não-amblíopes submetidos à cirurgia de correção de XT. MÉTODOS: Análise retrospectiva de 37 prontuários de pacientes amblíopes (Grupo A e não-amblíopes (Grupo B submetidos à correção cirúrgica de XT por retrocessoressecção monocular, sendo avaliados os registros pós-operatórios imediatos e tardios. Idade: grupo A 24,7 ± 14,2 anos, grupo B 22,6 ±18,6 anos; Desvio pré-operatório: grupo A 29,1± 7,2Δ, grupo B 28,4 ± 6,8Δ. RESULTADOS: A taxa de sucesso foi de 60% e 100% (p<0,05, no pós-operatório imediato e 50% e 82,3% (p=0,082, no pós-operatório final, nos grupos A e B, respectivamente. Não houve diferença significante quanto aos desvios pós-operatórios imediatos, tardios e variação do desvio. CONCLUSÃO: Pode-se concluir que o grupo B mostrou melhor resultado no pós-operatório imediato; porém não houve diferença no resultado cirúrgico de correção de exotropia permanente entre pacientes amblíopes e não-amblíopes no período pós-operatório de seis meses.

  15. Dialogic Reading Aloud to Promote Extensive Reading (United States)

    Jacobs, George M.


    How can teachers motivate students to read extensively in a second language? One strategy is for teachers to read aloud to students to promote the joys of reading generally, to build students' language skills and to introduce students to specific authors, book series, genres, websites, etc. This article begins by discussing why teachers might want…

  16. Enhancing academic reading skills through extensive reading ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Abstract. The current study explores the feasibility of an extensive reading programme in the context of a low-income country (Mozambique), as well as the influence of extensive reading on academic reading. The programme took over 4 months and was conducted among 30 students majoring in Journalism at the Eduardo ...

  17. Teacher-Librarian Collaboration in Developing Favourable Reading ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The research was guided by three (3) questions which assisted in eliciting information that can be used to encourage the useof school media centres to develop a reading culture in Nigerian schools. Before a reading culture can be inculcated in children, books have to be made available. Suggestions were made on how ...

  18. The Reflexive Nature of Reading as Ethnographic Practice: Editorial Note

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wolff-Michael Roth


    Full Text Available In this editorial, I suggest that not only is reading published texts a way of doing ethno­graph­ic research, but also reading concretely realizes itself in the productions of new texts that reproduce the cultural practices that are analyzed in the published text. Reading as ethnographic method is therefore a reflexive project. I provide a dialectical framework for theorizing the reflexive nature of reading. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0401390

  19. Reading Notes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Campaigns for the maintenance of national, regional and local identities and for the retrieval of our tangible and intangible cultural heritage represent commendable initiatives after the long, dark night imposed by the omnipotent ideology of proletarian internationalism, which promoted the dissolution and destruction of these values. The guild of the architects in Romania has distinguished itself among the professional categories that have waged the above-mentioned campaigns. Acting individually, in groups, in associations or in NGOs, Romanian architects have vigorously advocated the recovery, preservation and development of our architectural heritage, all the more so as their forerunners succeeded in imposing a “national style in architecture.” An enumeration of these names, associations or NGOs would be superfluous and unfair on account of its inevitable omissions. The magnitude of the restoration efforts targeted at monuments of architecture and urban ensembles has brought to light true jewels that leave us speechless and pleasantly surprise …

  20. Developing Cultural Awareness in English Writing

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Language and culture have an intimate relationship,and cultural awareness plays an important role in language learning,involving aural comprehension,speaking,reading,writing and translation.This paper mainly discusses cultural awareness in English writing.

  1. Unique occurrence of unusual fatty acid in the seed oil of Aegle marmelos Corre: Screening the rich source of seed oil for bio-energy production

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Katagi, Kariyappa S.; Munnolli, Ravindra S.; Hosamani, Kallappa M.


    In this work, an attempt has been made to characterize, isolate and elucidate the structure of unusual fatty acid in the seed oil of Aegle marmelos Corre. Further, this nonedible seed oil is screened for its bio-diesel or industrial feedstock property. The Aegle marmelos Corre seeds yielded 49.0% oil. The seed oil contains 12.5% of 12-hydroxyoctadec-cis-9-enoic acid (ricinoleic acid) along with other normal fatty acids. The identification and characterization was supported by FTIR, 1 H NMR, 13 C NMR, MS, GC analysis and chemical degradation technique. A good agreement is seen between the calculated and experimental results of iodine value (IV) and saponification value (SV). The prominent parameters of bio-diesel such as cetane number (CN), lower heating value (LHV) and higher heating value (HHV) are deployed to envisage the quality of oil for use as bio-diesel. This seed oil is nonedible and is found to be the alternative feed stock for the production of bio-diesel since it convenes the major specifications of bio-diesel. The bio-diesel property of fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) of this seed oil is compared with other bio-diesels.

  2. Reducing Risk through a Supplementary Reading Intervention: A Case Study of First- and Second-Grade Urban Students (United States)

    Council, Morris R., III; Cartledge, Gwendolyn; Green, DeLayna; Barber, Mariah; Gardner, Ralph, III


    This descriptive study examined whether a computer-based, repeated reading intervention (i.e., Reading Relevant and Culturally Engaging Stories) is associated with improved reading and social behavior for three primary-aged urban black girls who each showed both academic and behavioral risk. The Reading Relevant and Culturally Engaging Stories…

  3. Peso corporal e estado hídrico de triatletas no Ironman Brasil: Um fator de correção

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberto Lemos


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: O triatlo Ironman é uma prova de longa duração em que comumente se observam alterações hidroeletrolíticas. A desidratação e hiponatremia são prevalentes e o diagnóstico diferencial entre elas deve levar em conta a variação de peso corporal do atleta. Contudo, deve-se considerar também que as variações são um somatório de fontes hídricas e não hídricas, sendo necessário aplicar um fator de correção para avaliação do real estado hídrico do atleta. Objetivo: Avaliar o estado hídrico do atleta baseado nas variações de peso corporal sem e com aplicação de fator de correção.MÉTODO: Vinte e seis atletas foram pesados em três momentos distintos (dois dias antes da prova, imediatamente antes e após a realização. O estado hídrico foi classificado com base no cálculo da variação percentual de peso corporal isolado e com aplicação do fator de correção de 1 kg proporcional ao atleta de 70 kg. Além disso, foram registrados os principais sinais clínicos e sintomas referidos.RESULTADOS: Nas 48 horas que antecederam a largada houve um ganho médio de peso de 1,2 kg. Após a prova, vinte e três (88,4% atletas foram classificados como desidratados inicialmente, porém após a aplicação do fator de correção à variação do peso, esse número caiu para 12 (46,1%. Dos classificados como desidratação severa houve redução de 7 (26,2% para nenhum atleta. Dez atletas (3,8% apresentaram sinais e sintomas de desidratação.CONCLUSÃO: A classificação do estado de hidratação baseado nas perdas hídricas durante a prova foi significativamente modificado pela aplicação do fator de correção, sendo sua utilização justificada pelas evidências de que o ganho de peso nas 48 horas anteriores à prova está possivelmente relacionado ao acúmulo muscular de glicogênio e água (fontes não hídricas intravasculares.

  4. Theme: Parents and Reading. (United States)

    Jund, Suzanne, Ed.


    This journal issue concentrates on the theme "Parents and Reading." It presents articles on sharing books with young children, using public relations in a reading program, guiding preschool learning, assessing language readiness, working with reading problems, and teaching reading readiness in Wisconsin kindergartens. Resources and a review of…

  5. Psychometric Research in Reading. (United States)

    Davis, Frederick B.

    This review of psychometric research in reading analyzes the factors which seem related to reading comprehension skills. Experimental analysis of reading comprehension by L. E. Thorndike revealed two major components: knowledge of word meanings and verbal reasoning abilities. Subsequent analysis of experimental studies of reading comprehension…

  6. Fear experience reading: women reading

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Starting from the assumptions the patriarchal paradigm has used in the construction of male and female identity, the changes experienced by women in the last century and the statements about fear undergone by more than twenty-five women from different ages and nationalities through their own life cycle, the author gives us an account on what women fear and how they live and overcome it. These ideas are based on the hypothesis that if patriarchy as a social organization is a cultural constant, the fears experienced by women in the process of constructing themselves as such are also constant. She concludes that the only course to follow is necessarily a way where feminine consciousness must be integrated, both in men and women, as a previous step in the construction of a reality based on equals, though, at the same time, different. This would allow us to discover the masculine and feminine dimension in all of us.

  7. 501 reading comprehension questions

    CERN Document Server


    This updated edition offers the most extensive and varied practice for all types of questions students might face on standardized and in-class tests. With this guide, students will learn to develop expert reading strategies, understand how to read faster and with greater comprehension, overcome reading anxiety, and increase appreciation of reading for pleasure. This book's step-by-step approach provides graduated coverage that moves from the basics to more advanced reading.

  8. An Introspective Study of Arabic- and Mandarin-Speakers' Reading Comprehension Strategies (United States)

    Abbott, Marilyn


    Little L2 reading strategy research has explored the effect of linguistic and cross-cultural differences on strategic reading habits. This study attempted to fill this void by examining the reading strategies that Arabic- and Mandarin-speaking immigrants employed when reading and answering Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment reading…

  9. The Inculcation of Loving Reading Quran Values at the Reading Quran Institution, Home, and Community

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wirdanengsih Wirdanengsih


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was intended to describe the value of loving reading Al-Quran that was implemented by three education centers; Reading Quran Insitution Awaliyah, Family and Community Education for children between 9-12 years old in Nagari Balai Gurah. Also, this research was to discover how is the implementation of loving reading Al-Quran values and who are involved in it.  The result indicated that the implementation of the values of loving reading Al-Quran basically used surveillance approaches and guidance from the tutors, parents, and community in Reading Al-Quran. The socialization pattern that was used in implementing the value of love reading Al-Quran at Reading Quran Institution and family tended to use flexible patterns between authoritative and permissive patterns. Parties who involved in implementing the value of loving reading Al-Quran were the Awaliyah Institution, teacher and management, and family consisting of fathers, mothers, siblings, and grandparents. The uniqueness came from the roles of cultural social values in the community stating children who did not learn and love Al-Quran will be an embarrassment to the family. Moreover, the ceremony of Khatam Quran became the strong factor for children in implementing loving reading Al-Quran, due to this ceremony there was a process of social acknowledgement to the children who love reading Al-Quran.

  10. O ENSINO DE HISTÓRIA E UM TEXTO EM CONTEXTOS: uma leitura sobre o livro “História da Liberdade no Brasil” de Viriato Corrêa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vasni de Almeida


    Full Text Available Este trabalho tem como foco o ensino de História e a análise do livro A História da Liberdade no Brasil de Viriato Corrêa, que em diferentes contextos históricos, a citada obra foi utilizada com finalidades diferentes. O discurso e a narrativa histórica extraídas da fonte em questão, produziu, em três momentos distintos, diferentes reorientações de sentidos, o seu lançamento em 1962, seu uso como tema de enredo de samba pela Salgueiro no carnaval de 1967 e na sua 2ª coedição pelo Instituto Nacional do Livro (INL em 1974. Além dos contextos culturais e sociais, destaca-se o político na história recente do Brasil, na transição entre a democracia e a ditadura com o advento do golpe civil-militar de 1964. O tema central da nossa reflexão é “luta por liberdade no Brasil”, perpassando contextos políticos e históricos, correlacionando repercussões das abordagens no ensino de História.   PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Ensino de História, Contexto histórico, Discurso histórico, Narrativa histórica.     ABSTRACT This work focuses on the teaching of History and the analysis of the book The History of Freedom in Brazil by Viriato Corrêa, that in different historical contexts, the mentioned work was used for different purposes. The discourse and historical narrative extracted from the source in question produced, in three distinct moments, different reorientations of meanings, its launching in 1962, its use as theme of samba story by the Salgueiro in the carnival of 1967 and in its second coedition by the National Institute of the Book (INL in 1974. In addition to the cultural and social contexts, the politician stands out in the recent history of Brazil, in the transition between democracy and dictatorship with the advent of the civil-military coup of 1964. The central theme Of our reflection is "struggle for freedom in Brazil", crossing political and historical contexts, correlating repercussions of the approaches in the teaching of

  11. Reading Disabilities and PASS Reading Enhancement Programme (United States)

    Mahapatra, Shamita


    Children experience difficulties in reading either because they fail to decode the words and thus are unable to comprehend the text or simply fail to comprehend the text even if they are able to decode the words and read them out. Failure in word decoding results from a failure in phonological coding of written information, whereas reading…

  12. To read or not to read

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mol, Suzanne Elizabeth


    There is a widely held belief that reading (story)books makes us smarter and helps promote success in life. Does scientific evidence support this notion? The three meta-analyses in this thesis comprise 146 studies between 1988 and 2010 (N=10,308 participants) that addressed the role of book reading

  13. Foreign Language Reading Anxiety among Yemeni Secondary School Students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yehia Ahmed Y. Al-Sohbani


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to examine Foreign Language (FL reading anxiety level of Arabicspeaking Yemeni students learning English as a foreign language (n = 106. It utilized (a a background information questionnaire, (b the Foreign Language Reading Anxiety Scale (FLRAS, and (c students' English school marks. Results of the study showed that learners of English experienced an above moderate level of FL reading anxiety. There was no significant difference between students' FL reading anxiety and their gender. However, a statistically reliable difference between the means of public and private schools regarding their FL reading anxiety in favor of the private school. Moreover, a positive correlation was found between students' FL reading anxiety and their type of school. Difficulties of uncertainty, pronunciation of English words, unfamiliar topic, unknown vocabulary, reading aloud, using word by word translation, unfamiliar English culture and history, unfamiliar grammar, English letters and symbols were identified as the major sources of FL reading anxiety.

  14. Ausência de ventriculotomia previne arritmias ventriculares pós correção da tetralogia de Fallot?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    KALIL Renato A. K


    Full Text Available Arritmias ventriculares são eventos tardios freqüentes após correção da tetralogia de Fallot (TF. Morte súbita, possivelmente relacionada a arritmias, é responsável por mais de 40% dos óbitos tardios. Fibrose cicatricial pela ventriculotomia direita poderia ser fator predisponente a eventos arrítmicos. A abordagem atrial teria vantagens por evitar lesão das coronárias, não comprometer a dinâmica ventricular e prevenir arritmias tardias. Trabalhos prévios demostraram não haver melhor desempenho hemodinâmico no procedimento pós-operatório imediato na correção atrial. Nesta série, procuramos analisar a incidência de arritmias ventriculares tardias no Grupo de correção atrial, comparativamente à ventriculotomia direita. Entre 1988 e 1995, 238 pacientes foram submetidos a correção cirúrgica da TF, sendo 28 por via exclusiva atrial (Grupo A e 210 por via ventricular (Grupo V. Os grupos eram semelhantes quanto a idade, sexo, peso, altura e superfície corporal. A escolha da abordagem foi aleatória. Pacientes que sofreram qualquer ventriculotomia foram incluídos no Grupo V. Avaliamos a ocorrência de BAV transitório ou definitivo no p.o. imediato e a presença de arritmias atriais e ventriculares no ECG comum obtido na última consulta ambulatorial. O tempo de acompanhamento foi 45 ± 22 m no Grupo A e 33 ± 24 m no Grupo V. Não houve BAV transitório ou definitivo no Grupo A. Ocorreram 7% BAV transitórios e 2% definitivos no Grupo V (NS. Arritmias supraventriculares foram 17,4% no Grupo A e 12,0% no Grupo V (NS. Arritmias ventriculares foram 13,0% A e 3,8% V (NS. A evolução clínica quanto ao alívio da estenose pulmonar, eventos p.o. imediatos e classe funcional foi semelhante em ambos os grupos. Resultados publicados de mapeamento eletrofisiológico de VD demonstram anormalidade da despolarização, não apenas na parede livre, mas também no septo, banda parietal e ápex, sendo as arritmias ventriculares mais freq

  15. Promoting Reading Through The use of Book Talk, Story books and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Promoting Reading Through The use of Book Talk, Story books and book mobile Among Children in Selected Schools in ... Keywords: Reading culture, book talk, story book, book mobile, School Children ... AJOL African Journals Online.

  16. Reading the Word and Reading the World: Introducing Extensive Literature Reading Programs in Awassa College of Teacher Education and Its Partner Schools (United States)

    Charles, Paul Michael


    Extensive literature reading is a controversial area within EFL, both in terms of its effectiveness, and potential contribution to linguistic and cultural imperialism. This article considers the role of extensive literature reading in L2 acquisition from both innatist and critical perspectives. Set in the context of a development project at Awassa…

  17. Guided Reading and Motivation (United States)

    Hauptman, Allyson L.


    The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between Guided Reading and student motivation to read across fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. The study defined literacy motivation as: (a) task value; (b) self-perceived competence; (c) students' perceptions of the Guided Reading format. Factor analysis and repeated measures ANOVAs were…

  18. Readability and Reading Ability. (United States)

    Wright, Benjamin D.; Stenner, A. Jackson

    This document discusses the measurement of reading ability and the readability of books by application of the Lexile framework. It begins by stating the importance of uniform measures. It then discusses the history of reading ability testing, based on the assumption that no researcher has been able to measure more than one kind of reading ability.…

  19. Reading and Empathy (United States)

    McCreary, John J.; Marchant, Gregory J.


    The relationship between reading and empathy was explored. Controlling for GPA and gender, reading variables were hypothesized as related to empathy; the relationship was expected to differ for males and females. For the complete sample, affective components were related to GPA but not reading. Perspective taking was related to reading…

  20. Free Reading Is UTOPIA (United States)

    LeCrone, Nancy


    In high school students get tied up in extracurricular activities and have little time for pleasure reading. It is true that with rigorous academic schedules they have little time for pleasure reading. Thus began a conversation with a sophomore English teacher at the author's high school. As they were discussing the plight of free reading he was…

  1. Reading: United States. (United States)

    Weber, Rose-Marie


    An exploration of the increasingly important role of linguistics in literacy research and instruction reviews literature on reading comprehension, written language, orthography, metalinguistics, classroom language use, reading disabilities, native tongues, nonstandard dialects, bilingual education, adult literacy, and second-language reading. (86…

  2. Teaching Reading with Puppets. (United States)

    Bennett, Ruth

    The use of traditional stories in American Indian language programs connects students' reading to their lives and familiarizes learners with the rhythms of the oral language. Puppet performances are one way of connecting reading programs to the Native oral tradition. A high school reading lesson in a first-year Hupa language class uses many…

  3. I Get Deja Vu When I Read You, Mr. Hirsch. (United States)

    Hepburn, Mary A.

    In each era of curriculum reform the prevailing perceptions of what the school curriculum must accomplish define the standard of cultural literacy for our society. E. D. Hirsch believes that contemporary youth lack cultural literacy and that without this knowledge of the fundamental facts of U.S. culture they cannot effectively read or…

  4. Developmental relations between reading comprehension and reading strategies


    Muijselaar, M.M.L.; Swart, N.M.; Steenbeek-Planting, E.G.; Droop, W.; Verhoeven, L.T.W.; Jong, P.F. de


    We examined the developmental relations between knowledge of reading strategies and reading comprehension in a longitudinal study of 312 Dutch children from the beginning of fourth grade to the end of fifth grade. Measures for reading comprehension, reading strategies, reading fluency, vocabulary, and working memory were administered. A structural equation model was constructed to estimate the unique relations between reading strategies and reading comprehension, while controlling for reading...

  5. Reading Comprehension Strategies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Unal Ulker


    Full Text Available The academic success of the university students greatly depends on the mastery of an academic reading skill. However, students as well as teachers, take the learning of this skill for granted, as they tend to presuppose that reading skill is acquired as a part of their secondary education. As a result, most first-year students employ non university strategies to read academic texts, which leads to a surface approach to reading and prevents students from a better understanding of the material. This paper will discuss the strategies that involve students in taking a deep approach to reading academic texts.

  6. Reading use in preschool


    Laísa Cristina dos Santos Guilherme; Rodrigo Ferreira Daverni


    Abstract: Reading in preschool is a time of awakening the taste and pleasure in reading, it is also a source of reflection, discovery and learn to listen. It is then necessary that the contact with the reading start from pre-school, with a variety of texts and the teacher also has the habit of reading in their daily lives. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the benefits of daily reading in the classroom pre-school life of a student, which the characteristics of a player and teacher re...

  7. What oral text reading fluency can reveal about reading comprehension

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Veenendaal, N.J.; Groen, M.A.; Verhoeven, L.T.W.


    Text reading fluency – the ability to read quickly, accurately and with a natural intonation – has been proposed as a predictor of reading comprehension. In the current study, we examined the role of oral text reading fluency, defined as text reading rate and text reading prosody, as a contributor

  8. Reading embodied consciousness in "Emma". (United States)

    Harbus, Antonina


    The language of Emma (1815) reflects Jane Austen's developing view of embodied consciousness and her particular interest in this novel in the physical manifestations of emotions, such as blushes and nervous responses. The discursive exploration of the inner life in Emma is the product of a cultural context that features emerging brain science and Austen's own conceptualization of the psychophysical nature of emotions. This article analyzes the language of mind and emotion in Emma, to contend that Austen grapples with the implications of the idea of embodied consciousness in a narrative that contrasts mind reading with interpreting the body.

  9. Reading Social wMaps.w (United States)

    Clements, Millard


    What should social studies teachers be trying to teach students how to do? Every culture provides its members with social "maps" that explain how things are--e.g., school materials, advertisements. Teaching students how to read these social "maps" should be the central task for social studies education. (RM)

  10. Golden Mountain Reading Series. Teacher's Guide, Level 2. (United States)

    Sung, Robert

    This reading series was developed as a means to educate Chinese-American elementary school students in Chinese reading, writing, and culture. The following topics are covered: Chinese literature, Chinese and American history, famous people, general knowledge, Chinese ideography, the four seasons, and the major Chinese and American festivals and…

  11. Mudanças na refração após cirurgia de correção de esotropia Refractive changes following surgery for correction of esotropia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcelo F. Gaal Vadas


    Full Text Available Objetivo: Estudar o comportamento da refração e da curvatura corneana em pacientes com esotropia essencial submetidos à cirurgia monocular para correção do estrabismo. Métodos: Estudo prospectivo em que 42 olhos de 21 pacientes com esotropia essencial de ângulo moderado, sem quaisquer outros estrabismos associados, foram selecionados e submetidos ao exame oftalmológico completo e à cirurgia monocular. O olho contralateral serviu como grupo controle. Foram feitas avaliações de pré-operatório, pós-operatório de 1 mês e pós-operatório de 6 meses. O astigmatismo pré-operatório foi confrontado com os astigmatismos pós-operatórios por análise vetorial e cálculo do valor polar. Resultados: Obtivemos, nos olhos operados, redução significante (pPurpose: To evaluate changes in refraction and corneal curvature following surgery for correction of acquired esotropia. Methods: 42 eyes of 21 patients with acquired moderate angle esotropia without any other form of strabismus were prospectively enrolled and submitted to a complete ophthalmological examination followed by recess/resect procedure in a single eye. Data from the fellow eye were selected as control. Ophthalmological assessment was carried out preoperatively, 1 month after surgery and 6 months after surgery, where astigmatism was compared using vector analysis and the polar value concept. Results: The eyes submitted to surgery revealed a significant (p<0.05 decrease in spherical equivalent, from 3.28 ± 1.98 diopters to 3.05 ± 1.95 diopters. Refraction data disclosed a significant increase in the 90° component of net astigmatism, from 0.458 ± 0.594 diopters to 1.002 ± 0.718 diopters, which was also observed in keratometric readings:1.083 ± 0.560 diopters to 1.690 ± 0.591 diopters. Surgically induced astigmatism, assessed using refraction data was 0.63 ± 0.27 diopters at an average axis of 92.30 ± 14.91 degrees, and 0.71 ± 0.27 diopters at an average axis of 94.45

  12. Exploring the Relationship between Adolescent's Reading Skills, Reading Motivation and Reading Habits (United States)

    McGeown, Sarah P.; Duncan, Lynne G.; Griffiths, Yvonne M.; Stothard, Sue E.


    The present study examines the extent to which adolescents' reading affect (reading motivation) and behaviour (reading habits) predict different components of reading (word reading, comprehension, summarisation and text reading speed) and also adds to the limited research examining group differences (gender, age, ability) in adolescents' reading…

  13. Correção da acidez do solo e controle do capim-sapé Soil acidity correction and control of sapé-grass

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Margarida Mesquita Carvalho


    Full Text Available RESUMO - Um experimento de campo foi realizado para verificar o efeito da correção da acidez do solo sobre o controle do capim-sapé (Imperata brasiliensis, gramínea invasora de pastagens. Pastagem de capim-gordura (Melinis minutiflora em Latossolo Vermelho-Amarelo, com intensa infestação de capim-sapé foi usada. Os tratamentos consistiram de cinco doses de calcário dolomítico (0, 1, 2, 4 e 6 t/ha, incorporado ao solo manualmente com auxílio de enxada, à profundidade de 20 cm, após gradagem das parcelas. Um tratamento extra, sem calcário e gradagem foi adotado. O delineamento experimental foi em blocos ao acaso com quatro repetições. No período de 33 meses de duração do experimento, foram feitos três cortes da vegetação aérea e duas amostragens de solo. Não houve efeito das doses de calcário sobre a produção de matéria seca do capim-sapé e das outras espécies (capim-gordura, Brachiaria decumbens e invasoras de folhas largas, apesar de terem ocorrido alterações nas características químicas do solo. A correção da acidez do solo, quando associada às correções das principais deficiências nutricionais, pode controlar o capim-sapé, ao estimular o crescimento das forrageiras.ABSTRACT - A field experiment was conducted to determine the effect of acid soil correction, on the control of the sapé (Imperata brasiliensis, a grass type weed of pasture. A molasses grass (Melinis minutiflora pasture in a red-yellow latosol, having a high proportion of "sapé" was used. Treatments consisted of five levels of dolomite limestone (0, 1, 2, 4 and 6 t/ha incorporated by hand using a garden tool to the top 20 cm of soil following a mechanical tillage of the plots (disking. An additional treatment without disking and without lime was adopted. The experimental design was randomized blocks with four replications. During the 33 months of the experimental period, three harvests and two soil samplings were performed. There were no

  14. Ecological, psychological, and cognitive components of reading difficulties: testing the component model of reading in fourth graders across 38 countries. (United States)

    Chiu, Ming Ming; McBride-Chang, Catherine; Lin, Dan


    The authors tested the component model of reading (CMR) among 186,725 fourth grade students from 38 countries (45 regions) on five continents by analyzing the 2006 Progress in International Reading Literacy Study data using measures of ecological (country, family, school, teacher), psychological, and cognitive components. More than 91% of the differences in student difficulty occurred at the country (61%) and classroom (30%) levels (ecological), with less than 9% at the student level (cognitive and psychological). All three components were negatively associated with reading difficulties: cognitive (student's early literacy skills), ecological (family characteristics [socioeconomic status, number of books at home, and attitudes about reading], school characteristics [school climate and resources]), and psychological (students' attitudes about reading, reading self-concept, and being a girl). These results extend the CMR by demonstrating the importance of multiple levels of factors for reading deficits across diverse cultures.

  15. Universal Visual Features Might Be Necessary for Fluent Reading. A Longitudinal Study of Visual Reading in Braille and Cyrillic Alphabets. (United States)

    Bola, Łukasz; Radziun, Dominika; Siuda-Krzywicka, Katarzyna; Sowa, Joanna E; Paplińska, Małgorzata; Sumera, Ewa; Szwed, Marcin


    It has been hypothesized that efficient reading is possible because all reading scripts have been matched, through cultural evolution, to the natural capabilities of the visual cortex. This matching has resulted in all scripts being made of line-junctions, such as T, X, or L. Our aim was to test a critical prediction of this hypothesis: visual reading in an atypical script that is devoid of line-junctions (such as the Braille alphabet read visually) should be much less efficient than reading in a "normal" script (e.g., Cyrillic). Using a lexical decision task, we examined Visual Braille reading speed and efficiency in sighted Braille teachers. As a control, we tested learners of a natural visual script, Cyrillic. Both groups participated in a two semester course of either visual Braille or Russian while their reading speed and accuracy was tested at regular intervals. The results show that visual Braille reading is slow, prone to errors and highly serial, even in Braille readers with years of prior reading experience. Although subjects showed some improvements in their visual Braille reading accuracy and speed following the course, the effect of word length on reading speed (typically observed in beginning readers) was remained very sizeable through all testing sessions. These results are in stark contrast to Cyrillic, a natural script, where only 3 months of learning were sufficient to achieve relative proficiency. Taken together, these results suggest that visual features such as line junctions and their combinations might be necessary for efficient reading.

  16. Reading in developmental prosopagnosia

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Starrfelt, Randi; Klargaard, Solja K; Petersen, Anders


    exposure durations (targeting the word superiority effect), and d) text reading. RESULTS: Participants with developmental prosopagnosia performed strikingly similar to controls across the four reading tasks. Formal analysis revealed a significant dissociation between word and face recognition......, that is, impaired reading in developmental prosopagnosia. METHOD: We tested 10 adults with developmental prosopagnosia and 20 matched controls. All participants completed the Cambridge Face Memory Test, the Cambridge Face Perception test and a Face recognition questionnaire used to quantify everyday face...... recognition experience. Reading was measured in four experimental tasks, testing different levels of letter, word, and text reading: (a) single word reading with words of varying length,(b) vocal response times in single letter and short word naming, (c) recognition of single letters and short words at brief...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alhamdu Alhamdu


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between interest and reading motivation based on literature review. The concept of the interest portrayed as a psychological state that occurs during interaction between individual and specific topic, object or activity including process of willingness, increased attention, concentration and positive feeling to the topic, object or activity. Meanwhile reading motivation emphasized to mental readiness, willingness and refers to beliefs and perception of individual to engage in reading activity. Some researchers were identified factors that influenced reading motivation such as intrinsic and extrinsic factors, self-concept and value of reading, and interest. In general, the literature review described that have positive relationship between interest and reading motivation.

  18. Crossing Cultures with Multi-Voiced Journals (United States)

    Styslinger, Mary E.; Whisenant, Alison


    In this article, the authors discuss the benefits of using multi-voiced journals as a teaching strategy in reading instruction. Multi-voiced journals, an adaptation of dual-voiced journals, encourage responses to reading in varied, cultured voices of characters. It is similar to reading journals in that they prod students to connect to the lives…

  19. Motivational reading on education, meaningful reading realisation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriana Qafa


    Full Text Available In this study I will present some ideas on today’s educational practice for motivation, the realization of the meaningful reading. There is a special place for the methodical ranking of the reading process, starting in school. Main requests of this reading, consist of the deep meaning of the subject, exploration of the idea, and other elements of the subject, implementation of the technique’s rules of the expressive reading, such as breathing, voice, diction, intonation, spelling, stoppages, logical emphasizes, emotional expressions, temper, timber, gesticulations, and mimic. There is also highlighted the fact that the used method comes from the pupils’ results and depends on the capability and level of the teacher, from the programming’s scale, the tools that are put into disposition, the age and the level of the pupils, and from the environment that the teacher creates during courses. At the end there are some practical guidelines for the realization of the expressive reading in the literature subject.

  20. A técnica do cone para correção da anomalia de Ebstein: resultados imediatos e em longo prazo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Pedro da Silva


    Full Text Available FUNDAMENTO: As principais correções da anomalia de Ebstein (AE baseiam-se na reconstrução monocúspide da valva tricúspide e são limitadas pela frequente necessidade de substituição ou pela alta reincidência de insuficiência valvar. OBJETIVO: Avaliar a viabilidade e os efeitos da correção anatômica da anomalia de Ebstein com a técnica do cone na evolução clínica dos pacientes, na função da valva tricúspide e na morfologia do ventrículo direito. MÉTODOS: Foram comparados os dados clínicos, ecocardiográficos e radiológicos de 52 pacientes consecutivos, com idade média de 18,5 ± 13,8anos, submetidos à técnica do cone, obtidos nos períodos pré-operatório, pós-operatório imediato (POI e em longo prazo (POL. RESULTADOS: Houve dois óbitos hospitalares (3,8% e mais dois durante o seguimento. A classe funcional média de insuficiência cardíaca pré-operatória de 2,2 melhorou para 1,2 após 57 meses de seguimento médio de 97% dos pacientes (p 0,05. A área funcional indexada do VD aumentou de 8,53 ± 7,02 cm2/m2 no préoperatório para 21,01±6,87 cm2/m2 no POI (p 0,05. O índice cardiotorácico médio foi reduzido de 0,66 ± 0,09 para 0,54 ± 0,06 (p < 0,001 em longo prazo. CONCLUSÃO: A técnica do cone apresentou baixa mortalidade hospitalar, corrigindo a insuficiência tricúspide de maneira eficaz e duradoura, com a restauração da área funcional do ventrículo direito, permitindo o remodelamento reverso do coração e a melhora clínica na maioria dos pacientes em longo prazo.

  1. Utilização de microparafusos ortodônticos na correção de assimetrias The use of orthodontic microscrews in the asymmetries correction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Henrique Mascarenhas Villela


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: o controle da ancoragem é de fundamental importância para o sucesso do tratamento ortodôntico, principalmente na correção das assimetrias, onde se torna ainda mais crítico. Os métodos convencionais de ancoragem utilizados para tratar estes tipos de anomalia são mais complexos e podem causar movimentos indesejáveis na unidade de reação ou, ainda, ser rejeitados pelos pacientes, devido ao comprometimento estético. A utilização de microparafusos como unidades de ancoragem, além de anular os efeitos colaterais indesejáveis, simplifica a mecânica ortodôntica, fornece uma maior previsibilidade ao resultado do tratamento, proporciona maior conforto e estética ao paciente, reduz o tempo de tratamento e possibilita a correção de casos com perdas dentárias, já que fornece uma ancoragem direta. OBJETIVO: realizar uma revisão de literatura sobre o tratamento das assimetrias dentárias com o uso de microparafusos ortodônticos de titânio como ancoragem, ilustrando-a com alguns casos clínicos.INTRODUCTION: The control of anchorage is of crucial importance to the success of the orthodontic treatment, specially in the correction of asymmetries, where it plays a most critical role. The conventional anchorage methods used to treat those types of anomaly are more complex and may cause undesirable movements in the reaction unit, or else, be rejected by the patients due to the esthetic involvement. The use of microscrews as anchorage unit not only nullifies the undesirable side effects, but also simplifies the orthodontic mechanics, provides a greater predictability of the treatment outcome, gives the patient more comfort and better esthetic results, shortens the treatment length, and enables the correction of dental loss cases, since it provides direct anchorage. AIM: To carry out a review of the literature on the treatment of dental asymmetries using titanium orthodontic microscrews as anchorage, illustrating it with some

  2. Improve your reading

    CERN Document Server

    Fry, Ron


    Help your students discover the practical solution to their reading frustrations, with Improve Your Reading. Written by bestselling author and education advocate Ron Fry, this book avoids gimmicks and tricks in favor of proven strategies that will help your students better retain and comprehend what they've read in any textbook, in any course, at any academic level. Endlessly adaptable to each student's individual learning needs, the text focuses on fundamental skills students can carry beyond the classroom.

  3. Reading disorders and dyslexia. (United States)

    Hulme, Charles; Snowling, Margaret J


    We review current knowledge about the nature of reading development and disorders, distinguishing between the processes involved in learning to decode print, and the processes involved in reading comprehension. Children with decoding difficulties/dyslexia experience deficits in phoneme awareness, letter-sound knowledge and rapid automatized naming in the preschool years and beyond. These phonological/language difficulties appear to be proximal causes of the problems in learning to decode print in dyslexia. We review data from a prospective study of children at high risk of dyslexia to show that being at family risk of dyslexia is a primary risk factor for poor reading and children with persistent language difficulties at school entry are more likely to develop reading problems. Early oral language difficulties are strong predictors of later difficulties in reading comprehension. There are two distinct forms of reading disorder in children: dyslexia (a difficulty in learning to translate print into speech) and reading comprehension impairment. Both forms of reading problem appear to be predominantly caused by deficits in underlying oral language skills. Implications for screening and for the delivery of robust interventions for language and reading are discussed.

  4. Developmental Relations Between Reading Comprehension and Reading Strategies

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Muijselaar, M.; Swart, N.M.; Steenbeek-Planting, E.G,.; Droop, M.; Verhoeven, L.; de Jong, P.F.


    We examined the developmental relations between knowledge of reading strategies and reading comprehension in a longitudinal study of 312 Dutch children from the beginning of fourth grade to the end of fifth grade. Measures for reading comprehension, reading strategies, reading fluency, vocabulary,

  5. Quantifying 3D Deformation in the 14 November 2016 MW 7.8 Kaikoura, New Zealand Earthquake Using COSI-Corr Optical Satellite Image Correlation (United States)

    Zinke, R. W.; Hollingsworth, J.; Dolan, J. F.; Van Dissen, R. J.


    We determined the 3D surface deformation field for 14 November 2016 MW 7.8 Kaikoura, New Zealand earthquake using a novel version of COSI-Corr optical image correlation software on 20 sets of WorldView satellite images. Our results provide high-precision (better than 1 m) measurements of horizontal and vertical displacement resulting from this event, over areas of 100's of square km. As such, our data set "bridges the gap" between the numerous, high-quality field and lidar-based measurements collected in the very near-field vicinity of the fault (but which may not account for far-field, distributed deformation), and other space-borne techniques such as InSAR that survey a wide spatial aperture but typically decorrelate near the fault. Our results thus provide a clear picture of how surface deformation was manifested in the Kaikoura rupture at a variety of spatial scales, and can aid in understanding how near-fault field measurements reflect broader patterns of strain release in earthquakes, and help us develop a better understanding of the controls on the 3D distribution of near-surface deformation in large earthquakes.

  6. Técnica de Doyle na correção de fratura completa em úmero de tucano (Ramphastos toco: relato de caso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D.B.C. Lima


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi relatar a realização de osteossíntese no úmero esquerdo de uma ave silvestre utilizando-se a técnica de Doyle. Um tucano (Ramphastos toco sofreu uma fratura transversa completa no terço proximal do úmero esquerdo. Após avaliação clínica e procedimentos pré-operatórios, a ave foi submetida à osteossíntese. A técnica cirúrgica utilizada permitiu uma perfeita coaptação dos fragmentos ósseos, ocasionando a formação de calo ósseo e recuperação do membro afetado em um período curto de tempo, apresentando-se como opção eficaz na correção de fraturas do úmero em aves de médio porte.

  7. A cultura do consumo: uma leitura psicanalítica lacaniana La cultura del consumo: una lectura psicoanalítica lacaniana The culture of consuming: a lacanian psychoanalyst reading

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vanessa Leite Teixeira


    Full Text Available O presente artigo pretende fazer uma leitura da cultura capitalista de consumo na contemporaneidade tomando como aporte a Teoria dos Discursos, desenvolvida por Jacques Lacan no seminário O Avesso da Psicanálise (1969-1970 e modificada na Conferência de Milão, proferida por ele em 12 de maio de 1972. O tema é abordado pela via do capitalismo, cujos desdobramentos levam ao consumo de produtos elevados à categoria de objetos-tampão da falta estrutural denominados latusas, de modo a estimular o excesso de gozo. A importância dessa leitura sustenta-se na atualidade do tema e nas consequências perigosas que podem advir ao sujeito quando do usufruto do gozo ilimitado acima das restrições fundadoras do desejo. Parte-se do pressuposto de que não há cura para a divisão subjetiva. Neste sentido, diante do engodo contemporâneo da completude o campo de impossibilidade de sutura do desejo é considerado o ponto de apoio para a clínica lacaniana.Este artículo hace una lectura de la cultura capitalista del consumo contemporáneo, fundada en la teoría de los discursos desarrollada por Jacques Lacan en El seminario, El revés de la psicoanálisis (1969-1970 y cambiada en la Conferencia de Milano, proferida en 12 de Mayo de 1972. El tema es abordado por la vía del capitalismo, cuyos desdoblamientos llevan al consumo de productos elevados a la categoría de objetos tampones de la falta estructural, llamados latusas, para estimular el exceso de gozo. La importancia de esta lectura está sostenida en su actualidad y en las peligrosas consecuencias que pueden advenir al sujeto debido a la superioridad del gozo ilimitado sobre las restricciones fundadoras del deseo. Es presunto que no hay cura para la división subjetiva. En ese sentido, frente al engodo contemporáneo de la integridad, la imposibilidad de sutura del deseo es considerada el punto de apoyo para la clínica lacaniana.This article concerns a reading of the capitalist culture of

  8. CSAF Reading List 2014 (United States)

    ... Undaunted Zero Dark Thirty 101109-F-RH756-737 Raptor's Reveille Featured Books Featured Films Featured Art House To House House To House by David Bellavia and John Bruning One of the great heroes of the Iraq War /McMillan/Switzler Read More... Fearless Book: Fearless by Eric Blehm Read More... Zero Dark Thirty Zero

  9. Reading Patterns Changing

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Modern life is changing the way people read April 23 was the 16th World Book and Copyright Day,also known as the World Book Day.Reading-related problems have once again attracted people’s attention.Today,living a life with an increasingly rapid pace,most people are




  11. Reading and Working Memory (United States)

    Baddeley, Alan


    Outlines the concept of working memory, with particular reference to a hypothetical subcomponent, the articulatory loop. Discusses the role of the loop in fluent adult reading, then examines the reading performance of adults with deficits in auditory verbal memory, showing that a capacity to articulate is not necessary for the effective…

  12. How Knowledge Powers Reading (United States)

    Lemov, Doug


    Recent research shows that reading comprehension relies heavily on prior knowledge. Far more than generic "reading skills" like drawing inferences, making predictions, and knowing the function of subheads, how well students learn from a nonfiction text depends on their background knowledge of the text's subject matter. And in a cyclical…

  13. Science Fiction: Serious Reading, Critical Reading (United States)

    Zigo, Diane; Moore, Michael T.


    Science fiction deserves a greater respect, serious and critical reading and a better place in high school literature classes. Some of the science fiction books by Isaac Asimov, Alfred Bester, Ray Bradbury and Octavia L. Butler and various activities for incorporating science fiction into the English language arts instruction classroom are…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Henny Uswatun Hasanah


    Full Text Available Teaching is a process of communication. It has to be created through the way of teaching and exchanging the message or information by every teacher and student. The message can be knowledge, skills, ideas, experiences, and many others. Through the process of communication, the people can receive the message or information. To avoid misunderstanding in the process of communication, media are needed in the process of teaching. Magazine can be other alternative as reading material in the classroom. Magazine as reading material has appeal for the students. To make the students get information from magazine, the teacher can ask the students to observe table of content and giving the students training to use it. Like, what is done on text book. Distinguishing informative reading material with fictive reading, important to know students in reading magazine. Like analyzing advertisements to detect propaganda.

  15. Book Clubs: An Ethnographic Study of an Innovative Reading Practice in Spain (United States)

    Álvarez-Álvarez, Carmen


    The most innovative reading practices currently rely on the paradigm of dialogic reading. Book clubs, literary gatherings and study circles are emerging in different social spaces to promote reading and literary discussion amongst adults, and libraries, bookshops, cultural centres, etc. are increasingly developing strategies in this direction.…

  16. The State of Reading in Selected Secondary Schools in Oyo State ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    school are left to the discretion of students. Among the teachers who give attention to reading, we found a majority of them who failed to give students the necessary motivation to strengthen their interest in reading. It was also found out that most school heads contributed to the poor reading culture of the students by their ...

  17. Korean Screen Cultures

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Screen Cultures sets out to redress this imbalance with a broad selection of essays spanning both North and South as well as different methodological approaches, from ethnographic and audience studies to cultural materialist readings. The first section of the book, «The South», highlights popular media...... new approaches to Korean popular culture beyond national borders and includes work on K-pop and Korean television drama. This book is a vital addition to existing scholarship on Korean popular culture, offering a unique view by providing an imaginary unification of the two Koreas negotiated through...

  18. Bible reading in Africa: the shaping of a reformed perspective

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. Wielenga


    Full Text Available In this article I try to develop a reformed perspective on Bible reading in Africa by ordinary readers. I explore the concept of ordinary readers in the context of recent hermeneutical discus-sions, and of the differences between their mode of reading and that of biblical scholars against the background ofthe reality of the oral or semi-literate cultures of Africa. A reformed perspec-tive, with its emphasis on the church as locus for Bible reading under the operation of the Holy Spirit, opens up a way forward out of the dilemma between ordinary and professional Bible reading. A reformed perspective can also clear the way for a gender-sensitive reading of the Bible in a continent where most Bible readers are women. This requires from those who read the Bible together an attitude of humility.

  19. Reading Deeply for Disciplinary Awareness and Political Judgment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alison Kathryn Staudinger


    Full Text Available What happens when students become better readers? Cultivating deep reading habits in students to help them navigate disciplinary cultures respects student autonomy. Scholarly literature predicts that three linked practices improve student reading: practice with feedback, explicit in-class work on reading strategies, and disciplinary norm discussions. To see what happens when students engage in these practices, I studied two years of students in an American Political Thought (APT course, comparing essays written at the start and end of the courses. In this article, I analyze evidence of student learning by reading their work closely, and in the context of political theory as a humanistic sub-discipline, speaking both to “what is?” student reading and exploring its implications for citizenship through political theorist Hannah Arendt’s reflective political judgment. As students deepen their reading practices, they are cultivating habits of citizenship, even if they still struggle with disciplinary awareness.

  20. Forecasting Reading Anxiety for Promoting English-Language Reading Performance Based on Reading Annotation Behavior (United States)

    Chen, Chih-Ming; Wang, Jung-Ying; Chen, Yong-Ting; Wu, Jhih-Hao


    To reduce effectively the reading anxiety of learners while reading English articles, a C4.5 decision tree, a widely used data mining technique, was used to develop a personalized reading anxiety prediction model (PRAPM) based on individual learners' reading annotation behavior in a collaborative digital reading annotation system (CDRAS). In…

  1. Lectura y Vida: Revista Latinoamericana de Lectura, 2002 (Reading and Life: Latin American Reading Magazine, 2002). (United States)

    Lectura y Vida: Revista Latinoamericana de Lectura, 2002


    Articles in this volume include the following titles (translated from the Spanish): "Who Is in Charge of Teaching Reading and Writing at the University? Tutorials, Exam Preparation, and Class Synthesis in the Humanities" (Paula Carlino); "False Conceptions of the Linguistic Abilities, Values, and the Culture of Girls and Boys from Poor Families"…

  2. I read, you read, we read: the history of reading in Slovenia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anja Dular


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTPurpose: The aim of the article is to research reading habits in Slovenia in the period between 16th and 19th century and to find similarities with Austria and other European countries of that time.Methodology/approach: For the purpose of the analysis different resources were used – study books, catechisms, prayer books and manuals. We were focused on introductions in which readers are advised how to read, explaining to whom the work is intended and emphasizing the importance of meditation on the texts.Results: Historically the laud reading was prefered, as to continue the folk tradition. However, the 16th century texts were transmitted by women while the folk tradition was narrated by males. In the 18th century the higher level of literacy and greater book production and availability caused that the books were not a privilege of a few. At that time more texts were intended for silent, individual reading. Interestingly, the authors emphasized the importance of meditation on the texts, too. It was also advised when to read – it wasrecommedend to read in leisure time on Sundays, and on holidays. The role of books was also to breakaway with the reality and to forget everyday problems. Due to the overproduction of books in the 17th centrury it was concerned that books are misleading the crowds. The church considered the reading of books as inappropriate, and criticized fiction, novels and adventure stories mostly read by women.Research limitation: The study is based on Slovenian texts only, although the foreign literature, especially in German, was generally available, too.Originality/practical implications: The study is fullfiling the gap in the history of reading in Slovenia.

  3. Reading and company

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kuzmičová, Anežka; Dias, Patrícia; Vogrinčič Čepič, Ana


    in the environment where one engages in individual silent reading. The primary goal of the study was to explore the role and possible associations of a number of variables (text type, purpose, device) in selecting generic (e.g. indoors vs outdoors) as well as specific (e.g. home vs library) reading environments....... Across all six samples included in the study, participants spontaneously attested to varied, and partly surprising, forms of sensitivity to company and social space in their daily efforts to align body with mind for reading. The article reports these emergent trends and discusses their potential...

  4. Habits of Reading and Library Use of the Ethnic Minority Children in Multi-cultural Societies Çok Kültürlü Toplumlarda Etnik Azınlık Çocuklarının Okuma ve Kütüphane Kullanma Alışkanlıkları

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bülent Yılmaz


    Full Text Available In this study, it is examined that habits of reading and library use of the ethnic minority children live in multi-cultural societies in theoretical base. Habits of reading and library use are tools which have important functions incultural adaptation of ethnic minority children. These habits can help the cultural adaptation of the children, especially, by contributing to their language developments and educational achievements. Bu çalışmada, çok kültürlü toplumlarda yaşayan etnik azınlık çocuklarının okuma ve kütüphane kullanma alışkanlıkları kuramsal olarak ele alınmıştır. Okuma ve kütüphane kullanma alışkanlıkları etnik azınlık çocukları için kültürel uyumda önemli işlevlere sahip araçlardır. Bu alışkalıklar, çocuklarda, özellikle, dil gelişimi ve eğitimde başarıya katkıda bulunarak kültürel uyuma yardımcı olurlar.

  5. The latent structure of reading comprehension problems in pupils living in poverty


    Košak Babuder, Milena; Kavkler, Marija


    The results of Slovene and international studies reveal a connection between literacy and education levels, employment opportunities and the subsequent socio-economic status of individuals and families. Home environment and living habits are also associated with literacy (reading culture) and, in particular, parental levels of education directly affect the development of child literacy. Reading efficiency relating to reading comprehension and reading to learn is an important element of readin...

  6. Técnica do retalho pediculado para correção do sulco vocal The pediculated flap technique to sulcus vocalis repairing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcos Grellet

    Full Text Available Introdução: técnica do retalho pediculado de mucosa para reparar o sulco vocal permite o aparecimento da onda mucosa nessa região. A presença do sulco vocal traz como conseqüência rouquidão, soprosidade e aspereza. Outros sintomas podem estar presentes como fadiga ao falar, queimação ou ardor. Objetivo: provocar o aparecimento de onda mucosa com técnica cirúrgica. Forma de estudo: clínico retrospectivo. Material e método: Foram operados 3 pacientes para auxiliar no deslocamento do epitélio escamoso estratificado e da camada superficial da prega vocal aderidos ao ligamento vocal injetamos pequena quantidade de dexametasona. Obtemos o retalho pediculado descolando retalho de mucosa da prega vocal. Resultados: No pós-operatório, a videoestroboscopia mostra uniformidade do revestimento da cobertura da prega vocal na região do sulco vocal. Nos pacientes operados observamos a presença da onda mucosa nessa região e a coaptação das pregas vocais é satisfatória, no caso de sulco unilateral. A análise subjetiva e objetiva da voz apresenta resultados normais a partir de um ano da cirurgia. Os sintomas, esforço e fadiga ao falar, ardor e queimação, desapareceram nesse período. Para sulco bilateral operamos inicialmente o sulco de uma prega vocal com melhora dos índices acústicos utilizados, embora não atingisse valores normais em todos os parâmetros avaliados no curto período de evolução (30 dias de pós-operatório após realizarmos a correção cirúrgica do sulco da outra prega vocal. Conclusão: A técnica microfonocirúrgica de retalho pediculado de mucosa para correção do sulco vocal mostrou resultados amplamente favoráveis para reabilitação da voz nos três pacientes apresentados.Introduction: the pedicullate flap technique to repair sulcus vocalis allows the appearing of the mucous wave in this region. Sulcus vocalis cause hoarseness, breathing and roughness. Other symptoms can happen during the speech like

  7. Understanding Blood Pressure Readings (United States)

    ... Venous Thromboembolism Aortic Aneurysm More Understanding Blood Pressure Readings Updated:Jun 1,2018 What do your blood ... and Live Our Interactive Cardiovascular Library has detailed animations and illustrations to help you learn about conditions, ...

  8. Reading the Tourist Guidebook

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Therkelsen, Anette; Sørensen, Anders


    of information sought, amount of information read and level of involvement displayed, indicating a three-pronged typology of guidebook readers. The guidebook reader typology thus constructed may be regarded as a first step in understanding the effect of guidebooks on tourists’ behaviour and their experience......This article investigates tourists’ ways of reading their guidebooks on the basis of qualitative interviews with tourists visiting Copenhagen, Denmark. Tourist guidebooks have only been dealt with sporadically by tourism scholars. The relatively few studies that focus on guidebooks either present...... a historical perspective on the guidebook or centre on content analyses of place representation, whereas virtually no research exists on the way in which tourists read and use their guidebooks. This study reveals that tourists read the same guidebooks in a number of different ways regarding types...

  9. What Are Reading Disorders? (United States)

    ... and language-based learning disabilities are commonly called dyslexia . These disorders are present from a young age ... information about these problems. Types of Reading Disorders Dyslexia is a brain-based type of learning disability ...

  10. Textbook Reading Levels (United States)

    Hopkins, Charles R.; Kim, Paul Y.


    Since the reading abilities of general business students vary from one individual to the next, the author's report on the readability of three general business textbooks to guide business teachers in their selection of textbooks. (AG)

  11. Sequence Read Archive (SRA) (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The Sequence Read Archive (SRA) stores raw sequencing data from the next generation of sequencing platforms including Roche 454 GS System®, Illumina Genome...

  12. Reading-Boxing Class (United States)

    Kravitz, Richard; Shapiro, Marvin


    The physical education department of the Pennsylvania Advancement School of Philadelphia has established a reading and communication skill project that uses the appeal of sports to help students improve their basic skills. (Author)

  13. Les utilités du jeu vidéo sérieux : finalités, discours et mises en corrélation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Etienne Armand Amato


    Full Text Available Les jeux vidéo sérieux offrent aujourd’hui une grande diversité de catégories et d’usages. Ils prétendent changer notre rapport au monde comme au jeu. Pour surmonter les paradoxes provenant de l’opposition entre activité ludique et activité sérieuse, il est préférable d’étudier ces nouveaux produits en termes d’utilité. La méthode de la recherche présentée ici a consisté à prendre en considération le point de vue et les intérêts particuliers de ceux qui les produisent – les émetteurs –, et de ceux qui les pratiquent – les récepteurs. Le résultat obtenu est que leurs finalités respectives sont surtout convergentes et complémentaires dans le cas de la formation et du soin, alors qu’elles divergent et changent de nature dans le domaine de la communication journalistique, politique et surtout publicitaire. Il se trouve que cette réalité est masquée par le discours des promoteurs des jeux sérieux qui tiennent des propos très globalisants. Pour dépasser la rhétorique des acteurs d’un secteur en pleine expansion, une nouvelle définition du jeu vidéo sérieux est finalement proposée. Elle se fonde sur l’instrumentalisation du jeu vidéo et conclut sur l’idée que tous les jeux sérieux cherchent à mettre en corrélation effective le jeu et la réalité.

  14. Fisioterapia no pós-operatório de correção artroscópica do impacto femoroacetabular = Physical therapy following femoroacetabular impingement arthroscopy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Frasson, Viviane Bortoluzzi


    Full Text Available Introdução: Diferentes métodos para ganho de amplitude de movimento do quadril operado, descarga de peso sobre o membro operado e de retorno ao esporte são atualmente baseados na experiência clínica de alguns grupos de pesquisadores do Impacto Femoroacetabular. Entretanto, o protocolo ideal de Fisioterapia no pós-operatório de correção artroscópica do Impacto Femoroacetabular ainda não está estabelecido na literatura. Objetivo: Apresentar uma metodologia para a reabilitação pós-operatória do Impacto Femoroacetabular, descrevendo um protocolo com base na experiência dos autores e em conhecimentos biomecânicos. Descrição da experiência: O protocolo de reabilitação proposto é dividido em quatro fases: (1 fase de reabilitação imediata, que compreende a fase hospitalar e as duas semanas iniciais da reabilitação; (2 fase de retorno às atividades de vida diária, que abrange o primeiro mês de pós-operatório; (3 fase de reforço muscular específico e treino proprioceptivo e; (4 fase de preparo final para o retorno ao esporte. Os autores procuram apresentar neste artigo as bases científicas para as condutas propostas em cada uma das fases. Conclusão: O conhecimento da patologia, da biomecânica articular do quadril e das bases fisiológicas dos métodos e técnicas de fisioterapia é fundamental para propor um protocolo adequado na ausência de evidências científicas suficientes para dar suporte ao protocolo mais adequado

  15. Correção cirúrgica com sucesso de aneurisma subaórtico: relato de caso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ronaldo Machado BUENO


    situated in the mitro-aortic intervalvular fibrosa (MAIVF region. We present a ruptured annular subaortic aneurysm with left ventricular outflow tract to left atrial communication submitted to a successful surgical repair. An 18-year-old man developed a septic shock in april-1996 with meningitis and intra-venous disseminated coagulation, but without evidence of infective endocarditis. Blood cultures grew Staphylococcus aureus. In march 1997, a mitral systolic ejection murmur was noted. Transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography showed a bicuspid aortic valve, a prolapsed anterior mitral leaflet, and an annular subaortic aneurysm at MAIVF with left ventricular tract to left atrial communication. Cardiac catheterization confirmed left ventricular to left atrial shunt, but no aneurysmatic structure was seen. Cardiac operation with cardiopulmonary bypass was performed on May 1997. The left atrium was opened. An annular subaortic aneurysm was present in the area of MAIVF and measured 1.8 cm in extension. Its neck measured 1.0 cm. A fibrous-thin-walled aneurysm (fibrous sac extended into the left atrium and its extremity was perforated . The aneurysm was resected and its neck was plicated using pledgeted sutures. Valve replacement was not necessary. The postoperative course was uneventful, and the patient was discharged on the seventh postoperative day. Echocardiogram at discharge showed normal function of aortic and mitral valves and no residual shunt. Concluding, a successful surgical repair of annular subaortic aneurysm is possible, with out valve replacement, and with no residual shunt.

  16. Colpossacrofixação para correção do prolapso da cúpula vaginal Abdominal sacropexy to repair vaginal vault prolapse

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eliana Viana Monteiro Zucchi


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: avaliar o resultado da técnica da colpossacrofixação (CSF para tratamento de pacientes que apresentaram prolapso de cúpula vaginal pós-histerectomia e que foram tratadas no período de 1995 a 2000. MÉTODOS: foram incluídas, retrospectivamente, 21 pacientes com prolapso de cúpula vaginal pós-histerectomia e correção prévia de cistocele e retocele. Foram analisados a idade, paridade, peso e índice de massa corpórea (IMC o intervalo entre a histerectomia e o aparecimento do prolapso. A colpossacrofixação foi realizada em 15 pacientes, das quais se avaliaram o tempo cirúrgico, perda sangüínea e recidiva. As pacientes submeteram-se a CSF com ou sem interposição de prótese de material sintético entre a cúpula vaginal e o sacro. RESULTADOS: para 15 das 21 pacientes acompanhadas em nosso serviço, a técnica de CSF foi a de eleição. Em um caso houve dificuldade técnica intra-operatória e optou-se pela correção a Te Linde. A média de idade das pacientes foi de 63,7 (47 a 95 anos, paridade 4,6 e o IMC 26,9. A CSF foi realizada, em média, 18 anos após histerectomia total abdominal e 3 anos após histerectomia vaginal. O tempo cirúrgico médio foi de 2 horas e 15 minutos, sem necessidade de transfusão sanguínea. Não houve recidiva do prolapso ou dos sintomas pré-operatórios (seguimento de 1 a 5 anos. CONCLUSÕES: o tratamento cirúrgico do prolapso de cúpula vaginal pode ser realizado pela via vaginal (colpocleise ou fixação ao ligamento sacroespinhoso e pela via abdominal (colpossacrofixação. Esta última apresenta a vantagem de restaurar o eixo vaginal preservando sua profundidade, o que, além de melhorar o prolapso, permite o restabelecimento das funções sexuais, intestinal e urinária (principalmente quando associada a colpofixação - Burch. Assim, quando o diagnóstico e tratamento são adequados e a equipe cirúrgica tem pleno conhecimento da anatomia pélvica, podemos afirmar que a CSF atinge

  17. Developing New Reading Assessments to Promote Beginning Reading in Singapore (United States)

    Koh, Kim H.; Paris, Scott G.


    Effective reading instruction and intervention are rooted in effective assessments of children's developing skills in reading. The article aims to describe the development of new reading assessments to help promote beginning reading in Singapore primary schools. We begin with an introduction to the educational landscape and policies before…

  18. Reading Every Single Day: A Journey to Authentic Reading (United States)

    Hudson, Alida K.; Williams, Joan A.


    This article details one teacher's implementation of reading workshop in her second grade classroom. She provided a framework for authentic reading using the five components of reading workshop: time, choice, response, community, and structure. She found that reading workshop is a highly effective practice for not only increasing students'…

  19. Exploring Students' Reading Profiles to Guide a Reading Intervention Programme (United States)

    Boakye, Naomi A. N. Y.


    There have been a number of studies on reading interventions to improve students' reading proficiency, yet the majority of these interventions are undertaken with the assumption that students' reading challenges are obvious and generic in nature. The interventions do not take into consideration the diversity in students' reading backgrounds and…

  20. "Read the Text, as if!"The Reading Retention Strategy (United States)

    Divoll, Kent; Browning, Sandra


    Students do not always read what is expected in college courses (Berry, Cook, Hill, & Stevens, 2010; Phillips & Phillips, 2007; Sikorski et al., 2002) or they read to cram for an exam or quiz (Clump, Bauer, & Bradley, 2004). The Reading Retention Strategy (RRS) is designed to motivate students to read and assist students in…

  1. Child-centered reading intervention: See, talk, dictate, read, write!

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhammet BAŞTUĞ


    Full Text Available Poor reading achievement of children in elementary schools has been one of the major concerns in education. The aim of this study is to examine the effectiveness of a child-centered reading intervention in eliminating the reading problems of a student with poor reading achievement. The research was conducted with a student having difficulty in reading. A reading intervention was designed that targeted multiple areas of reading and aimed to improve reading skills through the use of multiple strategies. This intervention is child-centered and includes visual aids, talking, dictating, reading and writing stages. The study was performed in 35 sessions consisting of stages of a single sentence (5 sessions, two sentences (5 sessions, three sentences (20 sessions and the text stage (5 sessions. The intervention sessions were audio-taped. These recordings and the written responses to the reading comprehension questions provided the data for analysis. The findings on the reading intervention revealed positive outcomes. The student exhibited certain improvements at the levels of reading, reading rate and reading comprehension. These results were discussed in the literature and the findings suggest that child-centered reading strategies such as talking, dictating and writing should be the main focus of instruction for students with low reading literacy achievement to enable these students to meet the demands of the curriculum.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edi Santoso


    Full Text Available Abstract: The present study, entitled Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension through Interactive Read-Aloud, attempts to unlock problems found in teaching and reading comprehension through interactive read-aloud in a Senior High School of Sport (SMAN Olah Raga Lampung, in Metro. The findings revealed that students’ reading comprehension improved through interactive read-aloud. The improvement can be seen from the increase of test results, meaning construction, and motivation. The process of reading activities showed that the teacher’s gesture and body language, 20 questions, explain and guess activities were proven to help the students construct meaning from the given texts. In addition, interactive read-aloud is effective to boost students’ motivation to comprehend the texts.   Key words: Reading comprehension, interactive read-aloud.

  3. Critical Pedagogy Principles in Teaching EFL Reading

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Slamet Wahyudi Yulianto


    Full Text Available This study attempts to reveal how the use of critical pedagogy principles in teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL reading facilitates students to think critically. Additionally, it investigates and elaborates the benefits and challenges of using critical pedagogy principles in teaching EFL reading. The three critical pedagogy principles used in this study were dialogic education, democratic classroom, and reading the world and the word. Critical thinking skills and dispositions expected to be performed by the participants were analysis and evaluation skills, open-mindedness, and making reasoned decision. This is a case study design which was conducted in the form of teaching program. The teaching program which consisted of eight meetings was given to 59 EFL sophomores in the Reading in Professional Context class at a private teacher education in Bandung. Data in the form of classroom talks and activities and students‟ responses as well as their critical thinking skills self-assessment were collected by using video recordings, observation notes, interview guideline, students‟ learning journals, and questionnaires. It is revealed that the teaching program has facilitated students to think critically by providing four categories of activity. They are (1 offering problematic topics and reading materials that are linked to the students‟ lives, (2 encouraging students to read between the lines, (3 distributing classroom power, and (4 creating space for students‟ voices to be heard. Meanwhile, there are two benefits of the teaching program, namely (1 language development and (2 new knowledge as well as experience acquisition. However, there are three major challenges in conducting the teaching program that are (1 the lack of classroom-friendly authentic controversial reading materials, (2 the passive culture, and (3 the unpredictable classroom.

  4. Effects of zirconium and nitrogen plasma immersion ion implantation on the electrochemical corrosion behavior of Mg–Y–RE alloy in simulated body fluid and cell culture medium

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Jamesh, Mohammed Ibrahim; Wu, Guosong; Zhao, Ying; Jin, Weihong; McKenzie, David R.; Bilek, Marcela M.M.; Chu, Paul K.


    Highlights: • Dual Zr and N plasma ion implantation are conducted on WE43Mg alloy. • Zr and N implanted WE43 (ZrN-WE43) enhanced corrosion resistance in cell culture medium. • ZrN-WE43 enhanced corrosion resistance in simulated body fluid (SBF). • ZrN-WE43 shows near capacitive impedance spectra in cell culture medium. • Calcium phosphate is formed on the corrosion product. - Abstract: The effects of dual Zr and N plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) on the corrosion behavior of WE43Mg alloy are evaluated in simulated body fluid (SBF) and cell culture medium (cDMEM). Zr and N PIII improves the corrosion resistance of WE43 which exhibits smaller i corr , larger R 1 and R 2 , smaller CPE 2 , and larger phase angle maxima in SBF and cDMEM. The Zr and N PIII WE43 samples exhibit 12-folds decrease in i corr in SBF and 71-folds decrease in i corr with near capacitive EIS in cDMEM. Analysis of the corrosion products reveals calcium phosphate


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anna-Karin Svensson


    Full Text Available The current research is an in-depth study of four pre-service teachers’ own experience of reading in various contexts and for different reasons. The aim is to analyse what has been significant regarding reading in a life history perspective by the use of narratives. A socio-cultural perspective on reading is used as analysis tool. The over-arching result from analysing pre-service teachers’ narratives is that reading is a relational process regardless of the context reading takes place in. The emerging themes allow a deeper understanding on critical aspects for developing reading in various contexts and at different levels. Significant others seem important in every reading practice, from new readers in primary school to pre-service teachers’ reading at university level. The narratives reveal a need for bridging the gaps that arise between the reading practices in the various contexts that students meet in school and university.

  6. Reading in a Digital Age (United States)

    Baron, Naomi S.


    The many advantages of reading digitally also bring with them implications for how we learn differently when we read differently. The author suggests that new contemporary technologies are changing the very notion of what it means to read. Even millennials acknowledge that their attention is more focused when they read print rather than online.…

  7. Early Reading and Concrete Operations. (United States)

    Polk, Cindy L. Howes; Goldstein, David


    Indicated that early readers are more likely to be advanced in cognitive development than are nonearly-reading peers. After one year of formal reading instruction, early readers maintained their advantage in reading achievement. Measures of concrete operations were found to predict reading achievement for early and nonearly readers. (Author/DB)

  8. Monitoring Progress toward Independent Silent Reading. (United States)

    Franc, Lillian H.; Hildebrandt, Jeannette


    Concludes, among other things, that fluent oral reading is an important step toward reading for meaning and independent silent reading and that silent reading should be encouraged from the beginning of reading instruction. (FL)

  9. [Binocular coordination during reading]. (United States)

    Bassou, L; Granié, M; Pugh, A K; Morucci, J P


    Is there an effect on binocular coordination during reading of oculomotor imbalance (heterophoria, strabismus and inadequate convergence) and of functional lateral characteristics (eye preference and perceptually privileged visual laterality)? Recordings of the binocular eye-movements of ten-year-old children show that oculomotor imbalances occur most often among children whose left visual perceptual channel is privileged, and that these subjects can present optomotor dissociation and manifest lack of motor coordination. Close binocular motor coordination is far from being the norm in reading. The faster reader displays saccades of differing spatial amplitude and the slower reader an oculomotor hyperactivity, especially during fixations. The recording of binocular movements in reading appears to be an excellent means of diagnosing difficulties related to visual laterality and to problems associated with oculomotor imbalance.

  10. A Cultural Reading of a Chinese White-Collar Workplace Bestseller and its Filmic Adaptation: Li Ke’s A Story of Lala’s Promotion and Go Lala Go!


    Shenshen Cai


    In 2007, Li Ke’s novel A Story of Lala’s Promotion (Du Lala Shengzhi Ji) became a bestseller among Chinese white-collar workers in foreign-owned (Western) companies and struck a chord with the Chinese middle class. The novel revolves around office politics, Western company culture and the white-collar lifestyle, the ‘shelved ladies’ phenomenon and middle-class aesthetics. To decipher the embedded cultural codes of this book, this study undertakes a textual analysis of the plots of A Story of ...

  11. How reading comprehension is embodied and why that matters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arthur M. GLENBERG


    Full Text Available Reading comprehension, much like comprehension of situations and comprehension of oral language, is embodied. In all cases, comprehension is the ability to take effective action on the basis ofaffordances related to the body, the physical world, and personal goals and cultural norms. In language contexts, action-based comprehension arises from simulating the linguistic content usingneural and bodily systems of perception, action, and emotion. Within this framework, a new approach to teaching reading comprehension is described: Teach children how to simulate while reading. TheMoved by Reading intervention teaches simulation in two stages. In the first stage, physical manipulation, children manipulate toys to simulate the content of what they are reading. After success in physically manipulating the toys, the children are taught to manipulate the toys in imagination. Research demonstrates that both physical and imagined manipulation leads to large gains in memory and comprehension.

  12. How reading comprehension is embodied and why that matters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arthur M. Glenberg


    Full Text Available Reading comprehension, much like comprehension of situations and comprehension of oral language, is embodied. In all cases, comprehension is the ability to take effective action on the basis of affordances related to the body, the physical world, and personal goals and cultural norms. In language contexts, action-based comprehension arises from simulating the linguistic content using neural and bodily systems of perception, action, and emotion. Within this framework, a new approach to teaching reading comprehension is described: Teach children how to simulate while reading. The Moved by Reading intervention teaches simulation in two stages. In the first stage, physical manipulation, children manipulate toys to simulate the content of what they are reading. After success in physically manipulating the toys, the children are taught to manipulate the toys in imagination. Research demonstrates that both physical and imagined manipulation leads to large gains in memory and comprehension.

  13. The Explicit Instruction of Reading Strategies: Directed Reading Thinking Activity vs. Guided Reading Strategies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Mehdi Yazdani


    Full Text Available Investigating the efficiencies and deficiencies of reading strategies is one of the noticeable issues in the related theory and research in reading comprehension instruction. This study was to examine the impact of Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA and Guided Reading (GR on reading comprehension. Sixty three Iranian students of grade one in Shahed high school in the city of Bojnourd took part in the study. They were assigned in three groups, one control and two experimental groups. The instruction lasted for ten weeks. This study utilized a pretest posttest control group in quantitative quasi- experimental design. The same reading comprehension test was administered as pre-test and post-test. The results were twofold: First, the instruction of learning strategies could foster reading comprehension skill. Second, while the explicit instruction of both strategies could improve the students' reading comprehension skill, Directed Reading Thinking Activity had a more significant positive effect than Guided Reading.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Reviewed by Yavuz Akbulut


    Full Text Available The book demonstrates the best and most conservative ways to decipher and critique research reports particularly for social science researchers. In addition, new editions of the book are always better organized, effectively structured and meticulously updated in line with the developments in the field of research statistics. Even the most trivial issues are revisited and updated in new editions. For instance, purchaser of the previous editions might check the interpretation of skewness and kurtosis indices in the third edition (p. 34 and in the fifth edition (p.29 to see how the author revisits every single detail. Theory and practice always go hand in hand in all editions of the book. Re-reading previous editions (e.g. third edition before reading the fifth edition gives the impression that the author never stops ameliorating his instructional text writing methods. In brief, “Reading Statistics and Research” is among the best sources showing research consumers how to understand and critically assess the statistical information and research results contained in technical research reports. In this respect, the review written by Mirko Savić in Panoeconomicus (2008, 2, pp. 249-252 will help the readers to get a more detailed overview of each chapters. I cordially urge the beginning researchers to pick a highlighter to conduct a detailed reading with the book. A thorough reading of the source will make the researchers quite selective in appreciating the harmony between the data analysis, results and discussion sections of typical journal articles. If interested, beginning researchers might begin with this book to grasp the basics of research statistics, and prop up their critical research reading skills with some statistics package applications through the help of Dr. Andy Field’s book, Discovering Statistics using SPSS (second edition published by Sage in 2005.

  15. Development of a Standardized Methodology for the Use of COSI-Corr Sub-Pixel Image Correlation to Determine Surface Deformation Patterns in Large Magnitude Earthquakes. (United States)

    Milliner, C. W. D.; Dolan, J. F.; Hollingsworth, J.; Leprince, S.; Ayoub, F.


    Coseismic surface deformation is typically measured in the field by geologists and with a range of geophysical methods such as InSAR, LiDAR and GPS. Current methods, however, either fail to capture the near-field coseismic surface deformation pattern where vital information is needed, or lack pre-event data. We develop a standardized and reproducible methodology to fully constrain the surface, near-field, coseismic deformation pattern in high resolution using aerial photography. We apply our methodology using the program COSI-corr to successfully cross-correlate pairs of aerial, optical imagery before and after the 1992, Mw 7.3 Landers and 1999, Mw 7.1 Hector Mine earthquakes. This technique allows measurement of the coseismic slip distribution and magnitude and width of off-fault deformation with sub-pixel precision. This technique can be applied in a cost effective manner for recent and historic earthquakes using archive aerial imagery. We also use synthetic tests to constrain and correct for the bias imposed on the result due to use of a sliding window during correlation. Correcting for artificial smearing of the tectonic signal allows us to robustly measure the fault zone width along a surface rupture. Furthermore, the synthetic tests have constrained for the first time the measurement precision and accuracy of estimated fault displacements and fault-zone width. Our methodology provides the unique ability to robustly understand the kinematics of surface faulting while at the same time accounting for both off-fault deformation and measurement biases that typically complicates such data. For both earthquakes we find that our displacement measurements derived from cross-correlation are systematically larger than the field displacement measurements, indicating the presence of off-fault deformation. We show that the Landers and Hector Mine earthquake accommodated 46% and 38% of displacement away from the main primary rupture as off-fault deformation, over a mean

  16. Efeito da trepanação na previsibilidade da correção da ametropia esférica pós-transplante

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Renata Soares Magalhães


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Demonstrar a redução e previsibilidade da ametropia esférica com melhora da acuidade visual promovida pelo transplante penetrante (TP de córnea por ceratocone e o efeito da relação diâmetro doador-receptor neste resultado. MÉTODOS: Estudo retrospectivo revisando aleatoriamente os prontuários de 60 pacientes submetidos ao TP por ceratocone, realizados pelo mesmo cirurgião, com a mesma técnica cirúrgica, entre 2005 e 2008. Foram avaliados estatisticamente: ceratometria, equivalente esférico e acuidade visual no pré, pós-operatório de 1, 3 e 6 meses. Os grupos foram então divididos conforme a diferença de trepanação entre diâmetro do doador e receptor, sendo o grupo 1 composto por pacientes com diferença de zero ou 0,25mm (8,0/8,0 e 8,25/8,0mm e o grupo 2 por pacientes com diferença de 0,5mm (8,0/8,5mm. RESULTADOS: Observou-se redução significativa da ceratometria média e equivalente esférico e melhora da acuidade visual dos pacientes com ceratocone submetidos ao TP. No sexto mês a redução do equivalente esférico foi de 79% em relação ao pré-operatório. Cada dia de pós-operatório está associado à hipermetropização de 0,68D (p=0,005. Entretanto, a diferença entre os grupos não foi significativa. Em relação a ceratometria, cada dia de pós-operatório associou-se a um declínio de 1,87D (p<0,0001 que variou entre os grupos significativamente (p=0,007. O grupo 1 apresentou redução de 8,93D na ceratometria média, comparado a redução de 6,81D no grupo 2 (p=0,035. CONCLUSÃO : O planejamento da trepanação pode proporcionar redução significativa da elevada ametropia que comumente acompanha o pós-operatório do TP por ceratocone, permitindo assim correção ótica satisfatória.

  17. Correção cirúrgica da doença de Hirschprung pela técnica de de la Torre-Mondragon

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gabriela Teixeira Araujo


    Full Text Available A Aganglionose Intestinal Congênita (AIC, ou Doença de Hirschprung, é uma má formação caracterizada pela ausência de células ganglionares nos plexos mioentérico e submucoso da porção distal do trato gastrointestinal. Assim, o segmento aganglionar é aperistáltico e espástico, constituindo um obstáculo ao transito intestinal e gerando a dilatação do segmento saudável. A doença costuma manifestar-se no período neonatal com obstrução intestinal, distensão abdominal e vômitos. O tratamento é cirúrgico, pela técnica de De La Torre-Mondragon, realizada em um tempo cirúrgico e sem colostomia prévia. Relato do caso: P.R.D., masculino, 33 dias de vida, foi encaminhado ao serviço com quadro de distensão abdominal e parada da eliminação de fezes há 22 horas. Foi internado primeiramente aos cinco dias de vida com quadro de obstrução intestinal, aliviada após limpeza mecânica. Encontrava-se com abdômen distendido, flácido, sem sinais de desconforto à palpação e ruídos hidroaéreos presentes. O enema opaco evidenciou progressão do contraste com dilatação do retossigmoide. A manometria retal demonstrou reflexo inibitório anorretal não desencadeado, com inúmeras evacuações do lactente durante o exame. Foi indicada correção cirúrgica feita pela técnica de De La Torre-Mondragon, sem intercorrências. Anatomopatológico da peça cirúrgica confirmou ausência de células ganglionares no segmento. O diagnóstico preciso e o manejo cirúrgico precoce foi fundamental para evitar a principal complicação desta doença, a enterocolite necrosante. A técnica de De La Torre-Mondragon consiste no rebaixamento transanal endorretal do cólon e permitiu a recuperação do transito intestinal precocemente, sem a necessidade de colostomia. O reestabelecimento precoce do transito intestinal melhorou a qualidade de vida do paciente e diminuiu custos e o tempo de hospitalização.

  18. Reading Authentic Texts

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Balling, Laura Winther


    Most research on cognates has focused on words presented in isolation that are easily defined as cognate between L1 and L2. In contrast, this study investigates what counts as cognate in authentic texts and how such cognates are read. Participants with L1 Danish read news articles in their highly...... proficient L2, English, while their eye-movements were monitored. The experiment shows a cognate advantage for morphologically simple words, but only when cognateness is defined relative to translation equivalents that are appropriate in the context. For morphologically complex words, a cognate disadvantage...... word predictability indexed by the conditional probability of each word....

  19. BAHAN PENYERAP KMnO4 DAN ASAM L-ASKORBAT DALAM PENGEMASAN AKTIF (ACTIVE PACKAGING UNTUK MEMPERPANJANG MASA SIMPAN DAN MEMPERTAHANKAN MUTU BUAH DUKU (Lansium domesticum Corr. [Adsorbers for KMnO4 and L-Ascorbic Acid in the Active Packaging to Prolong the Shelve-Life and Maintain the Quality of Lanzone (Lansium domesticum Corr. Fruits

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Soesiladi E Widodo


    Full Text Available To develop an active packaging of lanzone (Lansium domisticum Corr. Fruits, KmnO4 as an ethylene scavenger and L-ascorbic acid as an oxygent scavenger were inserted into packaging. As direct contact of KmnO4 with agricultural product was not recommended and due to the liquid characteristic of both scavenger was carried out. This research was aimed at finding out the best adsorbers for KmnO4, L-ascorbic acid, and their combination in an active packaging to prolog the shelve-life and to maintain the quality of lanzone fruits. The result showed that 1 among the four adsorbers tested, pumice could was the best alternative as a KmnO4 or L-ascorbic acid adsorbers, and 2 spon and pumice were the best alternative adsorber for the combination of KmnO4 or L-ascorbic acid. Both adsorber were effective in prolonging the shelve-live (8-11 days longer than with out packaging and as good as using silica gel and vermiculite and maintaining the quality of lanzone fruits.

  20. A Limousin-French dictionary as a source on the history of cooking : Potatoes in the Tulle area (Corrèze, France) in the early 19th century


    Chastanet, Monique


    Des erreurs ayant été commises dans le travail éditorial, le texte de référence est celui qui figure sur ce site.; International audience; The words of a language, when documented for a specific period, may serve as a valuable historical source. For the history of cooking, a good example can be seen in a Limousin-French dictionary published at Tulle (Corrèze, France) in 1823. It shows, through certain terms and expressions, the earliest uses of the potato in the cooking of this region. It is ...

  1. Correção Legislativa da Jurisprudência: uma análise das Emendas Constitucionais em matéria tributária / Legislative correction of Jurisprudence: an analysis of Constitutional Amendments in tax matters


    Antonelli, Leonardo


    DOI: 10.12957/rqi.2014.10693Trabalho enviado em 11 de fevreiro de 2014. Aceito em 25 de março de 2014. Resumo: A presente monografia busca oferecer um panorama sobre a correção legislativa da jurisprudência, que é o fenômeno que ocorre quando o Congresso reage e, por meio de emenda constitucional, lei complementar ou ordinária, modifica conscientemente determinada interpretação judicial, fazendo com que a decisão final sobre determinado assunto controvertido não tenha o seu fim no âmbito do J...

  2. About the school readings and the new educational demands

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aitana Martos García


    Full Text Available This article reviews from a critical point of view the State of the art on the school readings, from their theoretical assumptions to their didactic instrumentation and the views of teachers... In this regard, are reviewed the approaches of different paradigms and authors, whose references and contributions are contrasted with the current cultural crossroads and the perceptions of students and teachers. Classical reading and writing are overwhelmed by concepts such as multialfabetizacion, transmedia, fan fiction, etc, and the school is which should facilitate models integrators and eclectic readings. Also make converge the media and encourage the participation (Jenkins, and all of this without losing the critical literacy as a backdrop.

  3. Re-reading early modern prayer as social act

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sterrett, Joseph William


    Literary criticism is increasingly interested in prayer as a cultural and literary mode. This article proposes a theoretical framework for reading prayer as a performance, as an act governed by community conventions with effects in the social world. Drawing upon groundbreaking work by Marcel Maus...... and Hans Georg Gadamer, and citing critical reading of Shakespeare’s King Lear, The Tempest, and Hamlet, I show how prayer can be read as an act defined by real and imagined audiences while retaining individual self expression....

  4. A Cultural Reading of a Chinese White-Collar Workplace Bestseller and its Filmic Adaptation: Li Ke’s A Story of Lala’s Promotion and Go Lala Go!

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shenshen Cai


    Full Text Available In 2007, Li Ke’s novel A Story of Lala’s Promotion (Du Lala Shengzhi Ji became a bestseller among Chinese white-collar workers in foreign-owned (Western companies and struck a chord with the Chinese middle class. The novel revolves around office politics, Western company culture and the white-collar lifestyle, the ‘shelved ladies’ phenomenon and middle-class aesthetics. To decipher the embedded cultural codes of this book, this study undertakes a textual analysis of the plots of A Story of Lala’s Promotion and its filmic adaptation, Go Lala Go! (Du Lala Shengzhi Ji dir. Xu Jinglei, 2010. This paper conducts a trans-media adaption study (from fiction to film to examine three interrelated themes in the novel and the film. First, focusing on the influence of Western corporate culture on Chinese white-collar workers under economic globalisation, the widely circulating rules of Western workplaces are interpreted, clarifying the acculturating process of Western culture over its Chinese counterpart. The paper further explains that on the platform provided by foreign companies, and with the influence and training of Western corporate culture, intelligent and diligent young Chinese aspirational women struggle and realise their dreams in the workplace. Second, employing a feminist perspective, an attempt is made to address the situation of contemporary Chinese white-collar women represented by the contemporary social phenomenon of the ‘shelved ladies’, which also serves as an emblem of female independence and individualism. Third, through an analysis of the filmic adaptation, which focuses on the white-collar female’s lifestyle and consumption habits, the paper also highlights the contemporary Chinese population’s pursuit of a middle-class identity and aesthetic that mirrors the overwhelming consumerism of post-socialist China.

  5. The International Scientific-Practical Conference XIII Faizkhanov Readings “The Heritage of the Golden Horde in the Nationhood and Cultural Traditions of the Peoples of Eurasia” (St. Petersburg, May 4–6, 2016

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R.Yu. Pochekaev


    Full Text Available XIII Faizkhanov Readings have been held in St. Petersburg on May 4–6, 2016. This year the conference was devoted to the Golden Horde and its heritage in Eurasia on occasion of the 750 years from foundation of this state. The conference was organized by the Spiritual Administration of Moslems of the Russian Federation, State Hermitage, Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, Institute of Oriental Studies, Institute of Oriental Manuscripts and others. There were two plenary sessions and four sections with about 100 speakers from different regions of Russia as well as from Finland, France, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan. Most part of presentations caused questions and debates. The proceeding of the conference is to be published this year.

  6. U.S. Special Forces: Culture Warriors (United States)


    definitions include:  “ culture is that complex whole which includes knowledge, beliefs, art, law, morals , custom, and any other capabilities and habits...perceptions towards others, such as ethnocentrism, cultural relativism , stereotypes, biases and worldview. Readings: ARSOF 2022, Special Warfare, Vol. 26...FORCES: CULTURE WARRIORS by Joshua L. Hill December 2014 Thesis Advisor: Heather S. Gregg Second Reader: Robert Burks THIS PAGE

  7. PRK versus LASIK para correção de miopia baixa e moderada PRK versus LASIK for correction of low and moderate myopia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriana dos Santos Forseto


    Full Text Available Objetivo: Comparar, por meio de um estudo prospectivo e bilateral randomizado, a eficácia, segurança e previsibilidade das técnicas de ceratectomia fotorrefrativa (PRK e "excimer laser in situ keratomileusis" (LASIK para o tratamento da miopia baixa e moderada. Métodos: Foram incluídos dezessete pacientes (34 olhos com equivalente esférico (EE refracional entre -2,00 e -6,00 dioptrias (D. Cada paciente foi submetido a PRK em um olho e LASIK no outro. Ambos os olhos foram tratados no mesmo dia pelo mesmo cirurgião, com o excimer laser VISX 20/20B e o microceratótomo automatizado da Chiron. Resultados: No pré-operatório, a média do EE refracional foi semelhante nos dois grupos (-3,57±1,17D e -3,71±0,98D, para PRK e LASIK, respectivamente. Dor pós-operatória foi referida somente nos casos de PRK (8 olhos: 47,1%. O seguimento pós-operatório médio foi de 14±5 meses (6 a 24 para o grupo de PRK, e 14±6 meses (3 a 24 para o de LASIK. A média do erro refrativo residual foi semelhante nos dois grupos (-0,34±0,45D e -0,29±0,52D, para PRK e LASIK, respectivamente. No primeiro dia pós-tratamento, 15 olhos (100% do grupo de LASIK e 2 (13,3% de PRK apresentavam acuidade visual sem correção (AV s/c ³ 20/40 (n=15. Ao último exame, 15 olhos (88,2% de LASIK contra 11 (64,7% de PRK atingiram AV s/c ³ 20/20 (n=17. Não houve perda da melhor acuidade visual corrigida. Conclusão: Neste estudo, tanto o PRK quanto o LASIK mostraram-se ser tecnicamente seguros, eficazes e previsíveis para a correção da miopia baixa e moderada. A técnica de LASIK foi a preferida na análise subjetiva dos pacientes, pela recuperação visual mais precoce associada a menor dor no pós-operatório.Purpose: To compare, through a prospective, randomized and bilateral study, the effectiveness, safety and predic-tability of photorefractive keratectomy (PRK and excimer laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK for correction of low and moderate myopia. Methods

  8. Computer Simulation of Reading. (United States)

    Leton, Donald A.

    In recent years, coding and decoding have been claimed to be the processes for converting one language form to another. But there has been little effort to locate these processes in the human learner or to identify the nature of the internal codes. Computer simulation of reading is useful because the similarities in the human reception and…

  9. Readings in risk

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Glickman, Theodore S; Gough, Michael


    ... from Resources for the Future are distributed worldwide by The Johns Hopkins University Press. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Readings in risk I Theodore S. Glickman and Michael Gough, editors. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references. ISBN 0-915707-55-1 (alk. paper) 1. Technology-Risk assessment. 2. Health risk assessment....

  10. Time for Reading (United States)

    Waters, Lindsay


    Over the last 50 years, certain ideas have become dominant that make learning to read different than it once was than the ideas that children are neurologically "wired" to use language "competently" in certain ways. Noam Chomsky has promoted the idea that there are certain "syntactic structures" hard-wired in the human brain. That view, the author…

  11. Recipe for Reading. (United States)

    Jenkins, Jacquelyn W.; Shaul, Nancy Pera

    The program described in this paper was based upon the premise that the activity of cooking in the classroom is an excellent way of integrating all areas of learning and a very useful reading vehicle. Through cooking activities and related field trips, children can add to both their knowledge in basic subject areas and their motor skills as well…

  12. Painless reading comprehension

    CERN Document Server

    Jones, EdD, Darolyn "Lyn"


    Reading comprehension gets easier as students learn what kind of reader they are, discover how to keep facts in their head, and much more. Bonus Online Component: includes additional games, including Beat the Clock, a line match game, and a word scramble.

  13. Reading, Perception and Language. (United States)

    Duane, Drake D., Ed.; Rawson, Margaret B., Ed.

    The nine papers in this book discuss aspects of language processing that contribute to reading difficulty. After a summary of the 1974 World Congress on Dyslexia, at which these papers were presented, the following subjects are examined: historical background and educational treatment of dyslexia; the structure of language; neuroanatomy underlying…

  14. Books for Summer Reading. (United States)

    Phi Delta Kappan, 1992


    Advises administrators to use their summers to relax and recharge their intellectual batteries. Reading suggestions include Edith Wharton's "House of Mirth," Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper," Amy Tan's "Joy Luck Club," China Achebe's "Things Fall Apart," Paule Marshall's "The Chosen…

  15. Reading in Place (United States)

    Price, Leah


    The digital age is rendering books more common, not less. It is true that there is nothing new about "furniture books": The trade in reading material has long been dwarfed by the market for coffee-table books, books that steakhouse chains buy by the yard, empty bindings that interior decorators use to accessorize the upholstery. As coffee-table…

  16. Reading the Future. (United States)

    Nettle, Keith

    Given the strong sense of passing time which seems to be wired into human beings, it is only natural that the Year 2000, or Y2K in contemporary jargon, should lead to serious speculation about the future. Reading and literacy, old skills relatively speaking, continue rightly to figure in those predictions (along with the technologically advanced…

  17. Reading's Next Chapter (United States)

    Kellman, Steven G.


    It is hard to imagine a world without books. Reading represents a mode of thinking and being that may be overshadowed in a contemporary world of web sites, movies, TV shows, CDs and video games. Ultimately, the author concludes that the percentage of serious readers has probably not changed significantly during the past century: what has changed…

  18. SchemaOnRead Manual

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    North, Michael J. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States)


    SchemaOnRead provides tools for implementing schema-on-read including a single function call (e.g., schemaOnRead("filename")) that reads text (TXT), comma separated value (CSV), raster image (BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and JPG), R data (RDS), HDF5, NetCDF, spreadsheet (XLS, XLSX, ODS, and DIF), Weka Attribute-Relation File Format (ARFF), Epi Info (REC), Pajek network (PAJ), R network (NET), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), SPSS (SAV), Systat (SYS), and Stata (DTA) files. It also recursively reads folders (e.g., schemaOnRead("folder")), returning a nested list of the contained elements.

  19. Significados e sentidos de saúde socializados por artefatos culturais: leituras das imagens de advertência nos maços de cigarro Senses and meanings of health socialized by cultural devices: readings of the warning images on cigarettes packs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rogério Dias Renovato


    possibilities of readings that can be present at these devices.We understand the propagated images as cultural pedagogies that behave as texts to be read, building up representations that can be assumed as true effect, and attributes to the citizen the necessity of constant control of its action. Reassuring the biomedicine and the health institutions, an onedimensional vision is propagated disregarding the complexity of this problem. We understand that the cultural pedagogies are part of competition territories, where the directions and meanings can be re-prepared producing hybrid identities that build up its own identity origins over this tangle of power relations.

  20. Teachers’ beliefs about reading and use of reading strategies




    The aim of this article is to place the focus on teachers’ beliefs about reading and reading strategies to the purpose of emphasizing the im portance of reading strategies in the reading process. The method of study is analytic analysis of teachers’ beliefs obtained through ques tionnaires delivered to 18 English language teachers of elementary, secondary and high level education in the region of Saranda in lbania. The results of the study pointed to a great concordance between teach ers’ bel...

  1. Reading Psalm 23 In African Context

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David T. Adamo


    Full Text Available The book of Psalms is the best known, most discussed and most cited book of the Old Testament. Psalm 23 especially is the most loved book of the Psalms. That must have been the reason why it was named ‘an American icon’ and the ‘nightingale of the Psalms’. Two major ways of reading this Psalm are: as a shepherd to a sheep and as God to a human. The author of this article reads Psalms 23 Africentrically, that is, as God to a human. This means that Psalms 23 is read for the purpose of protection, provision, healing and success in all aspects of life, which are the main concerns of African people. It means reading Psalm 23 existentially with African life interest. Intradisciplinary and/or interdisciplinary implications: This article is concerned with biblical studies, African Traditional Religion and culture and African Biblical Hermeneutics. It seeks to challenge the traditional Eurocentric approaches for its methodological approaches that do not make biblical studies adequately relevant to African Christianity. The book of Psalms is used as a perfect example of how it can be interpreted relevantly in Africa. Further implication is that there will be reduction of the Bible and Christianity looking like a foreign book and religion.

  2. Enter the imperceptible: Reading Die Antwoord

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sonja Smit


    Full Text Available Die Antwoord (The Answer, a Zef-rap outfit from South Africa, have been criticised for their appropriation of cultural signifiers in their lyrics and the images which come to fore in their music videos. This paper investigates how the band uses culture as a “found object” and albeit problematically, subverts static conceptions regarding South African life. I read Die Antwoord’s performance as an embrace of simulation (via Jean Baudrillard which destabilises myths regarding authenticity. Die Antwoord’s lack of authenticity is investigated in relation to hip hop as well as the creation of a Zef counter-culture. Drawing specifically from “Fatty Boom Boom”, the analysis centres on how the band satirises exoticised myths surrounding South African life.

  3. Reading behaviour from adolescence to early adulthood: A panel study of the impact of family and education on reading fiction books

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nagel, I.; Verboord, M.


    In this article we study how the frequency of book-reading - a form of legitimate culture - develops in the period from adolescence to young adulthood and how it is influenced by parents' education, parental reading socialization climate, school and their interactions. In disentangling parental and

  4. Iowa City Reads! The Reading Event Worth Shouting About. (United States)

    Donham van Deusen, Jean; Langhorne, Mary Jo


    Describes the Community Reading Month (CRM) initiative in Iowa City, Iowa; its goals are to promote the value of reading and to build a sense of community. Topics include the development of CRM, increased reading scores of Iowa City's elementary school students, activities for people of all ages, and planning and evaluation. (AEF)

  5. The Importance of Metacognitive Reading Strategy Awareness in Reading Comprehension (United States)

    Ahmadi, Mohammad Reza; Ismail, Hairul Nizam; Abdullah, Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan


    Metacognitive reading strategy awareness plays a significant role in reading comprehension and educational process. In spite of its importance, metacognitive strategy has long been the ignored skill in English language teaching, research, learning, and assessment. This lack of good metacognitive reading strategy skill is exacerbated by the central…

  6. The Assessment of Reading Comprehension Difficulties for Reading Intervention (United States)

    Woolley, Gary


    There are many environmental and personal factors that contribute to reading success. Reading comprehension is a complex interaction of language, sensory perception, memory, and motivational aspects. However, most existing assessment tools have not adequately reflected the complex nature of reading comprehension. Good assessment requires a…

  7. Early reading intervention by means of a multicomponent reading game

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ven, M.A.M. van de; Leeuw, L.C. de; Weerdenburg, M.W.C. van; Steenbeek-Planting, E.G.


    This study examined the effects of an intervention with a multicomponent reading game on the development of reading skills in 60 Dutch primary school children with special educational needs. The game contains evidence-based reading exercises and is based on principles of applied gaming. Using a

  8. Reading Fluency Instruction for Students at Risk for Reading Failure (United States)

    Ring, Jeremiah J.; Barefoot, Lexie C.; Avrit, Karen J.; Brown, Sasha A.; Black, Jeffrey L.


    The important role of reading fluency in the comprehension and motivation of readers is well documented. Two reading rate intervention programs were compared in a cluster-randomized clinical trial of students who were considered at-risk for reading failure. One program focused instruction at the word level; the second program focused instruction…

  9. How do children read words? A focus on reading processes

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van den Boer, M.


    Being able to read is very important in our literate society. Many studies, therefore, have examined children’s reading skills to improve our understanding of reading development. In general, there have been two types of studies. On the one hand, there is a line of research that focuses on the

  10. Early Reading Intervention by Means of a Multicomponent Reading Game (United States)

    van de Ven, M.; de Leeuw, L.; van Weerdenburg, M.; Steenbeek-Planting, E. G.


    This study examined the effects of an intervention with a multicomponent reading game on the development of reading skills in 60 Dutch primary school children with special educational needs. The game contains evidence-based reading exercises and is based on principles of applied gaming. Using a multiple baseline approach, we tested children's…

  11. Developmental, Component-Based Model of Reading Fluency: An Investigation of Predictors of Word-Reading Fluency, Text-Reading Fluency, and Reading Comprehension


    Kim, Young-Suk Grace


    The primary goal was to expand our understanding of text reading fluency (efficiency or automaticity)—how its relation to other constructs (e.g., word reading fluency and reading comprehension) changes over time and how it is different from word reading fluency and reading comprehension. We examined (1) developmentally changing relations among word reading fluency, listening comprehension, text reading fluency, and reading comprehension; (2) the relation of reading comprehension to text readi...

  12. Encouraging Recreational Reading (The Printout). (United States)

    Balajthy, Ernest


    Describes computer software, including "The Electronic Bookshelf" and "Return to Reading," which provides motivation for recreational reading in various ways, including: quizzes, games based on books, and whole language activities for children's literature and young adult fiction. (MM)

  13. Selected Readings in Genetic Engineering (United States)

    Mertens, Thomas R.; Robinson, Sandra K.


    Describes different sources of readings for understanding issues and concepts of genetic engineering. Broad categories of reading materials are: concerns about genetic engineering; its background; procedures; and social, ethical and legal issues. References are listed. (PS)

  14. Piggyback secundário com LIO de PMMA para correção de surpresa refracional pós-facoemulsificação: resultados a longo prazo de 20 casos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando Cançado Trindade


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Avaliar os resultados a longo prazo da técnica do piggyback secundário utilizada para a correção de ametropia indesejável pós-facoemulsificação. MÉTODOS: Estudo retrospectivo que compreendeu 20 olhos (19 pacientes. A LIO utilizada foi de peça única de PMMA de 12,5 mm de comprimento total, com óptica oval de 5x6mm, com borda fina e arredondada e angulação de 10 graus com as hápticas. A mesma técnica cirúrgica foi utilizada em todos os casos, consistindo na confecção de túnel esclero-corneano com 5mm de largura, através do qual foi implantada a lente secundária no sulco ciliar. RESULTADOS: A ametropia indesejável foi corrigida em todos os casos. Não foi observado qualquer tipo de complicação durante ou após a cirurgia do piggyback secundário. CONCLUSÃO: A utilização de LIO de peça única de PMMA foi segura e eficaz no piggyback secundário para a correção das surpresas refracionais pós-facoemulsificação.

  15. Interaction Quality during Partner Reading


    Meisinger, Elizabeth B.; Schwanenflugel, Paula J.; Bradley, Barbara A.; Stahl, Steven A.


    The influence of social relationships, positive interdependence, and teacher structure on the quality of partner reading interactions was examined. Partner reading, a scripted cooperative learning strategy, is often used in classrooms to promote the development of fluent and automatic reading skills. Forty-three pairs of second grade children were observed during partner reading sessions taking place in 12 classrooms. The degree to which the partners displayed social cooperation (instrumental...

  16. Abu-Rabia, S. (1996. Attitudes and cultural background and their relationship to reading comprehension in a second language: A comparison of three different social contexts. International Journal of Applied Linguistics24(5, 711-721. Afflerbach, P. (1986

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Inayatullah Kakepoto


    Full Text Available This study investigated the effect of content familiarity and test format on Iranian English learners. The participants of this were advanced students studying at different language institutes in Isfahan, Iran. To sample the subjects of this study, the latest version of Oxford Placement Test was administered to 428 students studying at advanced level in 6 different language institutes. Based on the results of the OPT test and for the sake of homogeneity 70 students were considered as the target participants of the study. Each participant was given a test of reading comprehension with familiar content and unfamiliar content. Each test contained multiple choice, true/false, and fill in the blanks test items. Factorial design results indicated that test takers had a significantly better performance on content familiar tests and sub tests. It also became clear that their performance on multiple choice section either in content familiar and content unfamiliar test was superior to that of true/false and fill in the blanks. It will be of endless help to test makers and language teachers to be aware of the role test format and content of the test can play on test takers’ performance.

  17. Análise dos fatores de risco na correção cirúrgica do defeito septal atrioventricular de forma total Risk factors analysis in the surgical repair of complete atrioventricular septal defect

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eduardo Keller Saadi


    Full Text Available Pacientes com defeito septal atrioventricular de forma total (DSAVT freqüentemente apresentam insuficiência cardíaca intratável e hipertensão arterial pulmonar nos primeiros meses de vida, e apenas uma minoria sobrevive sem tratamento cirúrgico precoce. Por essa razão, indica-se a correção definitiva para alterar favoravelmente a história natural da doença. Entretanto, vários fatores são responsáveis pela alta mortalidade cirúrgica. O presente trabalho estuda a experiência na correção cirúrgica do DSAVT com o objetivo de identificar alguns fatores de risco estatisticamente significativos para a ocorrência de morte operatória. Analisaram-se, retrospectivamente, 52 pacientes submetidos, entre janeiro de 1974 e dezembro de 1990, a cirurgia definitiva para correção de DSAVT no Royal Brompton and National Heart and Lung Institute, sendo estudadas as seguintes variáveis: idade, peso, sexo, ano da operação, presença de síndrome de Down, grau de regurgitação da valva AV, bandagem prévia do tronco pulmonar, presença de anomalias associadas, pressão sistólica pulmonar, duplo orifício mitral, classificação do defeito segundo Rastelli, emprego de parada circulatória e técnica de correção (1 x 2 retalhos. Todos os fatores foram avaliados isoladamente, mediante a análise univariada. Para determinar quais os fatores que, independentemente da ação de outros, contribuíram significativamente para maior mortalidade cirúrgica, foi utilizada a análise multivariada com regressão logística. A análise multivariada demonstrou que o baixo peso na época da operação e a técnica de correção com um retalho aumentam significativamente a mortalidade cirúrgica.Patients with complete atrioventricular septal defects (CAVSD frequently present with severe heart failure which cannot be controllable medically and pulmonary hypertension in infancy. Just a small number survives without early surgical treatment. For this reason

  18. Reading Processes and Parenting Styles (United States)

    Carreteiro, Rui Manuel; Justo, João Manuel; Figueira, Ana Paula


    Home literacy environment explains between 12 and 18.5% of the variance of children's language skills. Although most authors agree that children whose parents encourage them to read tend to develop better and earlier reading skills, some authors consider that the impact of family environment in reading skills is overvalued. Probably, other…

  19. Initial Reading through Computer Animation. (United States)

    Geoffrion, Leo D.; Bergeron, R. Daniel

    The Computer Animated Reading Instruction System (CARIS) was developed to introduce reading to children with varied sensory, cognitive, and physical handicaps. CARIS employs an exploratory learning approach which encourages children to experiment with the reading and writing of words and sentences. Brief computer-animated cartoons provide the…

  20. Teaching Reading in Vocational Education. (United States)

    South Carolina State Dept. of Education, Columbia. Office of Vocational Education.

    This handbook on teaching reading in vocational education is designed to provide vocational education teachers with a resource to use in helping students to develop sound reading skills. Provided in the handbook are information sheets, self-checks, practice activities, and suggestions for further reading dealing with the following topics:…

  1. Encouraging Students to Read Mathematics (United States)

    Shepherd, Mary D.


    It is generally agreed that the ability to read mathematics is an important skill--one that few of our students possess. A number of people have published some suggestions for helping students learn to read their mathematics textbooks. What these have in common is suggestions for getting students more active while reading. Using these resources as…

  2. Reading comprehension in Parkinson's disease. (United States)

    Murray, Laura L; Rutledge, Stefanie


    Although individuals with Parkinson's disease (PD) self-report reading problems and experience difficulties in cognitive-linguistic functions that support discourse-level reading, prior research has primarily focused on sentence-level processing and auditory comprehension. Accordingly, the authors investigated the presence and nature of reading comprehension in PD, hypothesizing that (a) individuals with PD would display impaired accuracy and/or speed on reading comprehension tests and (b) reading performances would be correlated with cognitive test results. Eleven adults with PD and 9 age- and education-matched control participants completed tests that evaluated reading comprehension; general language and cognitive abilities; and aspects of attention, memory, and executive functioning. The PD group obtained significantly lower scores on several, but not all, reading comprehension, language, and cognitive measures. Memory, language, and disease severity were significantly correlated with reading comprehension for the PD group. Individuals in the early stages of PD without dementia or broad cognitive deficits can display reading comprehension difficulties, particularly for high- versus basic-level reading tasks. These reading difficulties are most closely related to memory, high-level language, and PD symptom severity status. The findings warrant additional research to delineate further the types and nature of reading comprehension impairments experienced by individuals with PD.

  3. The "RAP" on Reading Comprehension (United States)

    Hagaman, Jessica L.; Luschen, Kati; Reid, Robert


    Reading problems are one of the most frequent reasons students are referred for special education services and the disparity between students with reading difficulties and those who read successfully appears to be increasing. As a result, there is now an emphasis on early intervention programs such as RTI. In many cases, early intervention in…

  4. Readability, Reading Ability, and Readership. (United States)

    Kern, Richard P.; And Others

    This paper presents data describing large differences between the reading difficulty levels of printed materials used in certain military occupational specialties (MOSs) and the relatively lower reading ability levels of men assigned to these MOSs. Initial data explore the relationship between reading ability and utilization of printed materials…

  5. Proust and Eliot: An Intertextual Reading

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Inge Crosman Wimmers


    Full Text Available Defining intertextuality as “the reader’s perception of relationships between one work and others, which either preceded or followed it” (Riffaterre, this essay sets out to highlight compelling similarities between Proust’s novel, A la recherche du temps perdu , and the fictional works of George Eliot. The emphasis is on affective memory (involuntary memory and emotional templates, ethical considerations (empathy and compassion, and the kind of self-reflexive reading both writers encourage through a complicit narration that implicates the reader. They show readers how emotional memory constitutes the essence of their personal history, thus anticipating modern research in psychology and the neurosciences. In doing so, they make us aware that there are no insurmountable barriers between fictional worlds and ours. In conclusion, this intertextual reading of two novelists from different centuries and cultures has confirmed that these insights are still valid today.

  6. Cultural Journalism Publications for Reluctant Readers. (United States)

    Hatcher, Barbara


    Provides a list of cultural journalism publications (based on oral history interviews) written, edited, and produced by students around the country that provide good easy reading for older reluctant readers. (MKM)

  7. Course Syllabus--Culture, Science and Technology. (United States)

    Coleman, Sam


    Presents a course syllabus and requirements for an anthropology course on the cross-cultural analysis of the relationships between technology, science, and social organization. Provides daily topics, suggested text readings, and reference articles. (MVL)

  8. Direct reading dosimeter

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Thomson, I.


    This invention is a direct reading dosimeter which is light, small enough to be worn on a person, and measures both dose rates and total dose. It is based on a semiconductor sensor. The gate threshold voltage change rather than absolute value is measured and displayed as a direct reading of the dose rate. This is effected by continuously switching the gate of an MOS transistor from positive to negative bias. The output can directly drive a digital readout or trigger an audible alarm. The sensor device can be a MOSFET, bipolar transistor, or MOSFET capacitor which has its electrical characteristics change due to the trapped charge in the insulating layer of the device

  9. Reading, writing, rebelling

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Doubinsky, Sebastien


    What is reading? What is writing? What connects the two? These questions have been the fertile ground for many literary and philosophical theories, from New Criticism to Deconstruction. This essay does not pretend answering to these two questions, but rather to question the question themselves...... and try to shed a different light of this essential problematic. Choosing not to consider literature as a stable concept, but rather as an ontologically impermanent one, I try to reflect upon the terms that condition our approach of works and of the creation of these works. In a large perspective......, the notions of “reading” and “writing” are examined through the prism of their incarnations as “works”, and the consequences of this identity have on our critical discourse. In order to read critically, one must thus recognize this immanent instability of our notions and definitions, and begin from...

  10. A correção das estenoses traqueobrônquicas mediante o emprego de órteses Therapeutic management of tracheobronchial stenosis with stent application

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available O tratamento cirúrgico do paciente com estenose traqueobrônquica exige uma avaliação individualizada em razão da complexidade de sua origem, sendo a traqueoplastia considerada a modalidade ideal. As causas mais comuns de estenose são devidas à intubação traqueal e ao desenvolvimento de neoplasias e estas condições são justamente as que mais se beneficiam com o tratamento endoscópico quando a correção cirúrgica não está indicada. Na atualidade, os meios endoscópicos incluem a aplicação de diversos tipos de laser e sondas de dilatação, habitualmente com o uso de broncoscópio rígido, e emprego de radioterapia e órteses, separadamente ou em associação. Basicamente, as órteses são de dois tipos: metálicas e de silicone. As metálicas têm sua indicação mais freqüente para os casos de traqueomalacia e estenoses por compressão neoplásica extrínseca. Nos casos de obstrução da via aérea por inflamação aguda, restrita à sua luz ou sem envolvimento mais profundo da parede traqueobrônquica, ou em presença de neoplasia endoluminal, é recomendável a órtese de silicone. Embora em algumas situações essas diversas formas de tratamento possam ser intercambiáveis, não costumam ser a regra. Portanto, a estratégia terapêutica visando à resolução mais eficaz da estenose traqueobrônquica baseia-se na seleção dos métodos empregados desde o primeiro tratamento.The surgical treatment of patients with tracheobronchial stenosis requires individualized attention due to the complexity of its origin though tracheoplasty is considered to be the ideal procedure. The most common causes of stenosis are tracheal intubation and the development of neoplasias. These are the very conditions that most benefit from endoscopic treatment when surgical correction is not indicated. Today, endoscopic procedures include the application of different kinds of laser and dilators usually delivered with a rigid bronchoscope, as well as

  11. Quantum reading capacity

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pirandola, Stefano; Braunstein, Samuel L; Lupo, Cosmo; Mancini, Stefano; Giovannetti, Vittorio


    The readout of a classical memory can be modelled as a problem of quantum channel discrimination, where a decoder retrieves information by distinguishing the different quantum channels encoded in each cell of the memory (Pirandola 2011 Phys. Rev. Lett. 106 090504). In the case of optical memories, such as CDs and DVDs, this discrimination involves lossy bosonic channels and can be remarkably boosted by the use of nonclassical light (quantum reading). Here we generalize these concepts by extending the model of memory from single-cell to multi-cell encoding. In general, information is stored in a block of cells by using a channel-codeword, i.e. a sequence of channels chosen according to a classical code. Correspondingly, the readout of data is realized by a process of ‘parallel’ channel discrimination, where the entire block of cells is probed simultaneously and decoded via an optimal collective measurement. In the limit of a large block we define the quantum reading capacity of the memory, quantifying the maximum number of readable bits per cell. This notion of capacity is nontrivial when we suitably constrain the physical resources of the decoder. For optical memories (encoding bosonic channels), such a constraint is energetic and corresponds to fixing the mean total number of photons per cell. In this case, we are able to prove a separation between the quantum reading capacity and the maximum information rate achievable by classical transmitters, i.e. arbitrary classical mixtures of coherent states. In fact, we can easily construct nonclassical transmitters that are able to outperform any classical transmitter, thus showing that the advantages of quantum reading persist in the optimal multi-cell scenario. (paper)

  12. readShape

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zitniak, J.; Pargac, M.


    In the Slovak Environmental Agency during relative short time originated the first version of software product using of GPS technology for monitoring of negative phenomena in nature. It was denominated as readShape and its primary goal is to minister for conservator of environment geographically strictly to observe endangered territories as are, for example, fire, fish kill, impact of motor vehicle accident or dangerous objects as are illegal stock-piles, wastes and other. Process of monitoring is described

  13. Reading Speed as a Constraint of Accuracy of Self-Perception of Reading Skill (United States)

    Kwon, Heekyung; Linderholm, Tracy


    We hypothesised that college students take reading speed into consideration when evaluating their own reading skill, even if reading speed does not reliably predict actual reading skill. To test this hypothesis, we measured self-perception of reading skill, self-perception of reading speed, actual reading skill and actual reading speed to…

  14. The Role of Reading in a Japanese Language Program: A Response to the MLA Ad Hoc Committee's Report (2007) (United States)

    Marcus, Ginger


    Reading is defined as a socio-cultural act negotiated between text and reader, and the act of reading is considered to be a cognitive process that involves knowledge not only of symbols/letters, vocabulary and structure, but also of culture. In other words, in order to understand the intentions of the author and to formulate meaning, the second…

  15. The Role of Reading in the Development of Giftedness in the Context of Globalization and National Identity (United States)

    Shastina, Elena; Shatunova, Olga; Borodina, Tatyana; Borisov, Anatoly; Maliy, Yury


    The article explores the cultural potential of reading as one of the factors in the development of children's giftedness. The role of the book as the bearer of culture in the process of preserving national identity is revealed. The authors of the article discover the growing importance of family reading in the process of a gifted person…

  16. Davies, Florence (1995. Introducing Reading. Davies, Florence (1995. Introducing Reading.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sonia Maria Gomes Ferreira


    Full Text Available Arising at a time of unprecedented growth of interest in fostering critical thinking, Introducing Reading offers a clear introduction and thorough account of contemporary developments in the field of reading. While overtly focusing on the special demands of social and human aspects of the reading practice, the issues raised have crucial resonance in the sphere of critical reading. Explicitly addressed to teachers of mother tongue and foreign language contexts, the book claims to elaborate on aspects of reading which have received meager attention to date: individual readers engaged in different real-world reading tasks, the social contexts where such readers engage and interact with texts, and the nature and variety of texts, here regarded as “participants” in the interaction between reader and writer. To this extent, the book successfully reaches the ambitious aim of “socializing and humanizing reading and the teaching of reading” (p. xi. Arising at a time of unprecedented growth of interest in fostering critical thinking, Introducing Reading offers a clear introduction and thorough account of contemporary developments in the field of reading. While overtly focusing on the special demands of social and human aspects of the reading practice, the issues raised have crucial resonance in the sphere of critical reading. Explicitly addressed to teachers of mother tongue and foreign language contexts, the book claims to elaborate on aspects of reading which have received meager attention to date: individual readers engaged in different real-world reading tasks, the social contexts where such readers engage and interact with texts, and the nature and variety of texts, here regarded as “participants” in the interaction between reader and writer. To this extent, the book successfully reaches the ambitious aim of “socializing and humanizing reading and the teaching of reading” (p. xi.

  17. Basic Concepts of Reading Instruction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gökhan ARI


    Full Text Available Reading act is performed by connected physiological, psychological and cognitive processes. The operations taking place in these processes are expected to continue for life by being developed with certain strategies. A lot of information is gained with reading skill in education life. Therefore, basic concepts that constitute reading education in teaching and improving reading are important for teachers. The aim of this study is to submit information compiled from the literature about reading education process and which basic concepts are used in reading education. While teaching reading from part to whole, from whole to part and interactional approaches are used. From part to whole approach is at the forefront. Then with interactional approach strategies, both code solving and making sense is improved. Teachers should know the characteristics of bouncing, stopping, turning back, and scanning movements of the eye both in code solving and making sense. The teacher should configure the teaching for the students to gain fluid reading elements by making use of reading out and reading silently. After reading act is acquired; good reader characteristics should be gained by improving asking questions, guessing, summarizing, interpretation skills in integrated readings. Reading skill is improved by studies on the text. Therefore, the students should come across texts that are suitable to their levels, textuality and readability criteria. The vocabulary of children should be improved in a planned way with text-based word and meaning studies. Fluid reading, making sense and interpretation skills of children should be pursued with different evaluation types. In the long term, work should be done to make reading a habit for them.

  18. Miraculous Readings: Using Fantasy Novels about Reading to Reflect on Reading the Bible (United States)

    Dalton, Russell W.


    This article reflects on the vivid images of reading presented in several popular fantasy novels, including "The Spiderwick Chronicles," "The Great Good Thing," and "The Neverending Story." It suggests that these images can be used to help children, youth, and adults reflect on the nature of reading and the potential power of reading sacred texts.…

  19. Reading Fluency and Students with Reading Disabilities: How Fast Is Fast Enough to Promote Reading Comprehension? (United States)

    O'Connor, Rollanda E.


    The goal of improving reading rate and fluency is to positively impact reading comprehension; however, it is unclear how fast students with learning disabilities (LD) need to read to reap this benefit. The purpose of this research was to identify the point of diminishing return for students who were dysfluent readers. Participants included 337…

  20. Book Clubs in Developmental Reading: Building Reading Comprehension, Fostering Reading Enjoyment, and Engaging Students (United States)

    Maldonado, Michele


    The use of book clubs in college developmental reading classes is an effective way to encourage reluctant readers to build and strengthen reading skills, foster reading enjoyment, and engage students. In addition, book clubs build a sense of community within the classroom as the students converse and share their interpretations of the reading…

  1. The Effects of Extensive Reading on Reading Comprehension, Reading Rate, and Vocabulary Acquisition (United States)

    Suk, Namhee


    Several empirical studies and syntheses of extensive reading have concluded that extensive reading has positive impacts on language learning in second- and foreign-language settings. However, many of the studies contained methodological or curricular limitations, raising questions about the asserted positive effects of extensive reading. The…

  2. Word Reading Efficiency, Text Reading Fluency, and Reading Comprehension among Chinese Learners of English (United States)

    Jiang, Xiangying; Sawaki, Yasuyo; Sabatini, John


    This study examined the relationship among word reading efficiency, text reading fluency, and reading comprehension for adult English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners. Data from 185 adult Chinese EFL learners preparing to take the Test-of-English-as-a-Foreign-Language[TM] (TOEFL[R]) were analyzed in this study. The participants completed a…

  3. Early Identification of Reading Difficulties

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Poulsen, Mads; Nielsen, Anne-Mette Veber; Juul, Holger


    Early screening for reading difficulties before the onset of instruction is desirable because it allows intervention that is targeted at prevention rather than remediation of reading difficulties. However, early screening may be too inaccurate to effectively allocate resources to those who need...... them. The present study compared the accuracy of early screening before the onset of formal reading instruction with late screening six months into the first year of instruction. The study followed 164 Danish students from the end of Grade 0 to the end of Grade 2. Early screening included measures...... of phonemic awareness, rapid naming, letter knowledge, paired associate learning, and reading. Late screening included only reading. Results indicated that reading measures improved substantially as predictors over the first six months of Grade 1, to the point where late reading measures alone provided...

  4. Resultados preliminares do implante de lente intra-ocular fácica artisan para correção de miopia Preliminary results of artisan phakic intraocular lens implantation to correct myopia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leonardo Akaishi


    Full Text Available OBJETIVOS: Avaliar os resultados preliminares quanto à eficácia, estabilidade e segurança da lente intra-ocular de câmara anterior Artisan em olhos fácicos para correção de miopia. MÉTODOS: Foi analisado retrospectivamente o resultado de 34 olhos fácicos que receberam o implante de lente intra-ocular Artisan para correção de miopia. Os parâmetros avaliados foram: contagem endotelial pré e pós-operatória, acuidade visual sem correção pré e pós-operatória, melhor acuidade visual com correção pré e pós-operatória, equivalente esférico pré e pós-operatório, ganho e perda de linhas de visão e complicações. RESULTADOS: Dezoito pacientes (34 olhos foram incluídos neste estudo. Quatorze eram do sexo feminino (77,8% e 4 do sexo masculino. A idade média dos pacientes era de 30 anos (DP ± 7,3, variando de 21 a 46 anos. O período médio de seguimento foi de 8,5 meses (DP ± 3,6. A média de perda endotelial foi de 4,75% em 6 meses. A acuidade visual sem correção pré-operatória era de 0,02 (20/800 variando de 0,01 a 0,13. O equivalente esférico médio pré-operatório na refração dinâmica era de -13,25 D, variando de -5,75 D a -19,75 D. No último seguimento a acuidade visual sem correção era de 0,64 (20/32 variando de 0,33 a 1,00. O equivalente esférico médio na refração dinâmica era de -1,18 D (DP ± 0,92 variando de + 0,25 a -3,0. Entre as complicações observadas em nosso estudo 1 (3,4% paciente apresentou deslocamento da lente por trauma necessitando de uma segunda intervenção para reposicionamento. CONCLUSÃO: O uso de lente fácica de câmara anterior Artisan para correção de miopia no presente estudo se mostrou seguro, eficaz e com boa previsibilidade. No entanto, estudo prospectivo com maior número de casos e maior seguimento é necessário para determinar a segurança do procedimento a longo prazo.PURPOSE: To observe the preliminary results based on the efficacy, stability and safety of

  5. Underlying skills of oral and silent reading

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Van Den Boer, Madelon; van Bergen, Elsje; de Jong, Peter F.


    Many studies have examined reading and reading development. The majority of these studies, however, focused on oral reading rather than on the more dominant silent reading mode. Similarly, it is common practice to assess oral reading abilities rather than silent reading abilities in schools and in

  6. Reading Abilities and Strategies: A Short Introduction (United States)

    Liu, Feng


    This paper gives a short analysis of reading abilities and reading strategies. Much research has been done to investigate the nature of reading, though it's had to exactly define reading abilities and strategies. Different kinds of readings are discussed in this paper and distinctions are made between first language reading and second or foreign…

  7. Influence of newspapers in the development of student's reading ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Influence of newspapers in the development of student's reading culture in two Nigerian University Libraries. ... PROMOTING ACCESS TO AFRICAN RESEARCH ... Information Impact: Journal of Information and Knowledge Management ... size of 200 and questionnaire was the major instrument used for data collection.

  8. Reading "Las Meninas": An Ekphrastic Approach to Teaching "Don Quijote" (United States)

    Ortuno, Marian


    Reading and teaching "Don Quijote" present multiple challenges to twenty-first century students and instructors who are culturally and historically distanced from the seventeenth century. With "Las Meninas" serving as a visual lexicon for cuing correlative themes and events in "Don Quijote", the instructor, through an ekphrastic, interdisciplinary…

  9. Enhancing L2 Reading Comprehension with Hypermedia Texts: Student Perceptions (United States)

    Garrett-Rucks, Paula; Howles, Les; Lake, William M.


    This study extends current research about L2 hypermedia texts by investigating the combined use of audiovisual features including: (a) Contextualized images, (b) rollover translations, (c) cultural information, (d) audio explanations and (e) comprehension check exercises. Specifically, student perceptions of hypermedia readings compared to…

  10. Reading Urban Environment by Photo: A Critical Tool for Socio ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Reading Urban Environment by Photo: A Critical Tool for Socio-Cultural Analyzing. ... Science, Technology and Arts Research Journal ... In the last decades usage of photos in landscape and urban design grow noticeably; yet applying it in architectural research or education for discovering social determinations needs more ...

  11. Isolation and open reading frame 5 gene analysis of porcine ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Nov 8, 2012 ... viral RNA of fourth generation, reverse transcriptase (RT)-PCR based on open reading frame 5 (ORF5) ... fourth generation. TCID50 of isolate measured by Reed-Muench method was 10-3.6/0.1 ml. Genetic evolution of ORF5 indicated that the two isolated strains were in a .... generation of the virus culture.

  12. The Importance of Reading in Earnest: Non-Fiction for Young Children (United States)

    Job, Jennifer; Coleman, Mary Ruth


    Until recently, reading instruction for early grades has focused on fiction. However, the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards both emphasize the reading of nonfiction texts to gain specific skill sets for analyzing information. Research has shown that gifted students and children with culturally/linguistically…

  13. Teaching and Learning Critical Reading with Transnational Texts at a Mexican University: An Emergentist Case Study (United States)

    Perales Escudero, Moises Damian


    This dissertation project examines the implementation of a critical reading intervention in a Mexican university, and the emergence of target critical reading processes in Mexican college-level EFL readers. It uses a Complexity Theory-inspired, qualitative methodology. Orienting the selection and design of materials is a deep view of culture that…

  14. Realities and Fallacies of Reading Instruction for Ethnically Different Students: Cognitive and Affective Concerns. (United States)

    Vick, Marian Lee

    A review of the literature about reading instruction for ethnically different students discloses a body of information largely disconnected and biased. Numerous factors are alleged to be determinants of the reading retardation of such students. Generally, these fall into two categories: racial factors in intelligence and cultural deprivation. The…

  15. Correção do mosto da uva Isabel com diferentes produtos na Serra Gaúcha Must correction of the Isabel grape with different products in the Serra Gaúcha - RS, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luiz Antenor Rizzon


    Full Text Available A uva Isabel da Serra Gaúcha geralmente não alcança teor de açúcar suficiente para produzir vinho equilibrado e, em determinados casos, para atingir 10% v/v de álcool, concentração mínima para vinho de mesa estabelecida pela legislação brasileira. O objetivo do presente trabalho foi avaliar o efeito de diferentes produtos utilizados para correção do mosto na composição química do vinho Isabel. O experimento constou de seis tratamentos: testemunha (sem correção, sacarose, açúcar mascavo, mosto concentrado, álcool vínico e glicose de milho. Os vinhos foram elaborados em microvinificações, com seis repetições. As amostras foram avaliadas através das análises clássicas, efetuadas por métodos físico-químicos, e dos elementos minerais por absorção atômica. A sacarose foi o produto mais adequado para a correção do mosto, pois não incorporou componentes estranhos, não alterou a relação álcool em peso/extrato seco reduzido e apresentou elevado rendimento alcoólico. O álcool vínico pode ser utilizado desde que seja um produto genuíno de procedência garantida, preferencialmente obtido de vinho branco.The cv. Isabel grown in the Serra Gaúcha region in general does not produce a balanced wine, because it sometimes does not reach, the minimum stablished by Brazilian legislation 10% v/v of alcohol. The aim of this work was to evaluate the effects of different products used in the must sugar correction on the chemical composition of the Isabel wine. The experiment had six treatments - control (without correction and correction with saccharose, brown sugar, concentrated must, wine alcohol and mayz glucose; there were six replications. The wine was elaborated by microvinification. The samples were evaluated through classical analysis made by physico-chemical methods and the mineral elements determined by atomic absorption. Results showed that saccharose was the most adequate product for chaptalisation because it did

  16. Equipamento microprocessado para geração de sinal de correção diferencial, em tempo real, para GPS Microprocessor-based equipment for real time generation of differential GPS correction signal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thales C. B. Lima


    Full Text Available Este trabalho apresenta o desenvolvimento de um equipamento microprocessado, de baixo custo, para geração de sinal de correção diferencial para GPS, em tempo real, e configuração e supervisão do receptor GPS base. O equipamento desenvolvido possui um microcontrolador dedicado, display alfanumérico, teclado multifunção para configuração e operação do sistema e interfaces de comunicação. O circuito eletrônico do equipamento tem a função de receber as informações do GPS base e interpretá-las, transformando-as numa sentença no protocolo RTCM SC-104. O software do microcontrolador é responsável pela conversão do sinal recebido pelo GPS base, do formato proprietário para o protocolo RTCM SC-104. A placa processadora principal possui duas interfaces seriais padrão RS-232C. Uma delas tem a função de configuração e leitura das informações geradas pelo receptor GPS base. A outra atua somente como saída, enviando o sinal de correção diferencial. O projeto do equipamento microprocessado mostrou que é possível a construção de uma estação privada para a geração do sinal de correção diferencial, de baixo custo.This work presents the development of low cost microprocessor-based equipment for generation of differential GPS correction signal, in real time, and configuration and supervision of the GPS base. The developed equipment contains a dedicated microcontroller connected to the GPS receiver, alphanumeric display and multifunction keyboard for configuration and operation of the system and communication interfaces. The electronic circuit has the function of receiving the information from GPS base; interpret them, converting the sentence in the RTCM SC-104 protocol. The microcontroller software makes the conversion of the signal received by the GPS base from the specific format to RTCM SC-104 protocol. The processing main board has two serials RS-232C standard interfaces. One of them is used for configuration and

  17. Correção de textos e concepções de língua e variação: relações nem sempre aparentes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Auxiliadora Bezerra


    Full Text Available Os objetivos deste trabalho são identificar conceitos de língua e de variação lingüística subjacentes à correção de textos escolares realizada por professores de língua materna e explicitar a relação entre esses conceitos e a correção/avaliação feita. Para isso, foram analisadas duas redações corrigidas e avaliadas por um grupo de professores em formação continuada, tendo-lhe sido solicitada a justificativa para a nota a elas atribuída. A análise foi baseada em princípios teóricos relativos à formação de professor, correção/avaliação e concepções de linguagem. Os resultados indicam que os professores corrigem, sobretudo, seguindo normas do código, embora ao justificarem suas notas lancem mão de informações discursivo-textuais, demonstrando terem se apropriado de um discurso teórico moderno sobreposto a práticas tradicionais.This paper has two main aims to be achieved. The first one relates to identifying concepts of language and linguistic variety subjacent to school texts correction led by teachers of mother tongue, whereas the second one concerns the elicitation of the relation between those concepts and the correction/evaluation practices adopted by the teachers. For that, two compositions were corrected and evaluated by a group of teachers to be. Afterwards, they were required to justify the grades given. The analysis was based on theoretical principles in relation to teacher training, correction/evaluation practices, and language concepts as well. The results show that although teachers correct compositions based mainly on code rules, during the grades justification phase they refer to discursive information. This implies that despite the fact that they have acquired a modern theoretical discourse, they still adopt traditional corretive practices.

  18. Estudo randômico da correção cirúrgica do prolapso uterino através de tela sintética de polipropileno tipo I comparando histerectomia versus preservação uterina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silvia Carramão

    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Comparar os resultados anatômicos pós-operatórios de pacientes portadoras de prolapso uterino tratadas utilizando tela de polipropileno para correção dos defeitos do assoalho pélvico, comparando histerectomia vaginal com a preservação do útero. MÉTODO: Estudo randomizado com 31 mulheres portadoras de prolapso uterino estádio III ou IV (POP-Q divididas em dois grupos: Grupo HV- 15 mulheres submetidas à histerectomia vaginal e reconstrução da anatomia do assoalho pélvico com tela de polipropileno tipo I (Nazca R-Promedon e Grupo HP- 16 mulheres mulheres submetidas à reconstrução da anatomia do assoalho pélvico com tela de polipropileno tipo I (Nazca R-Promedon preservando o útero. Raça, urgência miccional, constipação intestinal, dor sacral, sangramento e tempo de operação foram os parâmetros analisados. RESULTADOS: O tempo de seguimento médio foi de nove meses. Não se observou diferença entre os grupos nas complicações funcionais. O tempo cirúrgico foi 120 minutos para grupo HV versus 58.9 minutos para grupo HP ( p < 0.001 e o volume de perda sanguínea intraoperatória foi 120 mL no grupo HV versus 20 mL para grupo HP ( p < 0.001*. A taxa de sucesso objetivo foi 86.67% para grupo HV e 75% para grupo HP (p = 0,667. A taxa de erosão de tela foi 20% (3/15 de extrusão no grupo HV versus 18,75% (3/16 no grupo HP (p = 1,000. CONCLUSÃO: A correção cirúrgica do assoalho pélvico com telas nas portadoras de prolapso uterino apresentaram similaridade quer sendo ela feita com histeropexia quer com histerectomia. Contudo, o tempo cirúrgico e o volume da perda sanguínea foram significantemente maiores no grupo com histerectromia (HV. Operações vaginais com telas são procedimentos efetivos para a correção do prolapso.

  19. The State of Reading in Selected Secondary Schools in Oyo State ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Nekky Umera

    Introduction ... culture, lack of reading materials and other socio-economic, have been ... One of the fundamental objectives of education is to produce a literate .... carry out the study, appropriate questions that captured the issues that are.

  20. Imagens de Leitura na Literatura de Cordel (Images of Reading in "Cordel" Literature). (United States)

    Hata, Luli


    Shows, in "Cordel" literature (a popular manifestation found in northeastern Brazil) an expressive source for the analysis of popular culture in Brazil. Uses this literature to discuss images of reading. (PA)

  1. Giro form reading machine (United States)

    Minh Ha, Thien; Niggeler, Dieter; Bunke, Horst; Clarinval, Jose


    Although giro forms are used by many people in daily life for money remittance in Switzerland, the processing of these forms at banks and post offices is only partly automated. We describe an ongoing project for building an automatic system that is able to recognize various items printed or written on a giro form. The system comprises three main components, namely, an automatic form feeder, a camera system, and a computer. These components are connected in such a way that the system is able to process a bunch of forms without any human interactions. We present two real applications of our system in the field of payment services, which require the reading of both machine printed and handwritten information that may appear on a giro form. One particular feature of giro forms is their flexible layout, i.e., information items are located differently from one form to another, thus requiring an additional analysis step to localize them before recognition. A commercial optical character recognition software package is used for recognition of machine-printed information, whereas handwritten information is read by our own algorithms, the details of which are presented. The system is implemented by using a client/server architecture providing a high degree of flexibility to change. Preliminary results are reported supporting our claim that the system is usable in practice.

  2. Lente fácica de câmara posterior para correção da miopia Posterior chamber phakic lens for the correction of myopia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ricardo Queiroz Guimarães


    Full Text Available Objetivo: Avaliar a eficácia, previsibilidade e segurança do implante de lente intra-ocular de câmara posterior em pacientes com miopia moderada e elevada. Métodos: Analisamos os resultados das cirurgias realizadas em 93 olhos de 54 pacientes para implante de lente fácica de câmara posterior com a finalidade de corrigir miopia moderada e elevada. O objetivo da cirurgia era a emetropia. O acompanhamento médio foi de 9 meses, variando de 1 a 38 meses (desvio padrão 10,45. Resultados: O equivalente esférico médio pré-operatório era -13,56 D (variando de -5,75 a -20,38 D e o equivalente esférico médio pós-operatório no último exame foi -0,92 D (variando de -3,88 a +1,00 D. No último exame, 39 olhos (41,9% se encontravam entre ±0,50 D da emetropia, 64 olhos (68,8% estavam entre ±1,00 D e 88 olhos (94,6% estavam entre ±2,00 D da emetropia. Um ganho de duas ou mais linhas de visão foi observado em 45,17% (42 olhos. Em 15 olhos (16,1% ocorreu algum tipo de complicação: em 2 olhos (2,2% houve perda de células endoteliais, em 2 olhos (2,2% ocorreu bloqueio pupilar e em 11 olhos (11,8% houve alterações de transparência lenticular, assintomática em 5 olhos (5,4% e sintomática em 6 olhos (6,5%. Conclusão: O implante de lente fácica de câmara posterior para correção de miopia moderada e alta é um método eficaz, previsível e seguro. O significativo ganho de linhas de visão é uma observação freqüente nesta técnica. Um acompanhamento pós-operatório mais prolongado em um maior número de pacientes é necessário para confirmar a estabilidade dos resultados a longo prazo.Purpose: To examine the efficacy, predictability and safety of posterior chamber phakic intraocular lens implantation in patients with moderate and high myopia. Methods: We analyzed the results of 93 eyes of 54 patients who were submitted to the implantation of a posterior chamber phakic lens for the correction of their myopia. The target postoperative


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julie Coiro/


    Full Text Available This paper details a number of challenges and opportunities for today’s learners when reading for information on the Internet. After defining online reading comprehension from a new literacies perspective and how it appears to be different than offline reading comprehension, I highlight details about four of the biggest challenges for today’s learners. These include 1 understanding and becoming proficient with the new literacy skills and practices needed for online research; 2 developing a special kind of digital wisdom that focuses on learning how to learn with the Internet; 3 taking on new roles in a digital culture that expects learners to actively participate and contribute with new knowledge as a member of their community; and 4 developing positive attitudes toward using the Internet for academic work. The second part of the paper shares examples of how skilled online readers can use the steps of online inquiry to think more deeply about topics that interest them; develop a personal voice as they share ideas with others; and work collaboratively to build meaning and new digital products that enable them to make a difference in their world, or matter. You can explore the research and resources from this presentation in more depth at .

  4. Freedom for mangas: youth, reading, and information

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jacira Gil Bernardes


    Full Text Available The present paper is an attempt to reflect and discuss the meaning and significance that youngsters from an outskirt district attribute to information and reading. 8 semi-structured interviews were conducted with young adults between 18 and 24 years of age who took part on a social project called Casa das Juventudes (House of the Youth in the Guajuviras suburb in Canoas, Brazil. Casa das Juventudes is a part of the ‘Territórios da Paz’ (Land of Peace project and is a development and learning center as well as a leisure space. It houses PROTEJO, a social project that focus on youngsters who are subject to violence and other forms of social vulnerability. Our outcomes indicate that reading is part of their daily activities since the results of the interviews demonstrate that they express interest not only in literature but also in obtaining information both in and outside Casa das Juventudes. However, access to information is hindered for various reasons such as the absence of public libraries and cultural spaces suitable to their social reality. Access to information seems to be impeded not by lack of interest in reading but because of the inadequacy of books and by the high price of material acquisition.

  5. Science teacher's discourse about reading

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isabel Martins


    Full Text Available In this research we start from the assumption that teachers act as mediators of reading practices in school and problematise their practices, meanings and representations of reading. We have investigated meanings constructed by a group of teachers of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, working at a federal technical school. Having French discourse analysis as our theoretical-methodological framework, we considered that meanings, concepts and conceptions of reading are built historically through discourses, which produce meanings that determine ideological practices. Our results show that, for that group of teachers, there were no opportunities during either initial training or on-going education for reflecting upon the role of reading in science teaching and learning. Moreover, there seems to be an association between the type of discourse and modes of reading, so that unique meanings are attributed to scientific texts and their reading are linked to search and assimilation of information.

  6. Emprego da submucosa de intestino delgado na correção de estenose esofágica em cães Small intestinal submucosa for reconstruction of esophageal stricture in a dog model


    Zacarias Alves de Souza Filho; Fernando Hintz Greca; João Ricardo Duda; Guilherme Zicarelli Cravo; Sérgio Ossamu Ioshii


    OBJETIVO: Pesquisar a eficácia da Submucosa de lntestino Delgado (SID) porcina na correção de estenoses esofágicas cervicais em cães. MÉTODOS: Para produzir estenose, 12 animais foram submetidos a ressecções de porção elíptica de 3,5X2,0 cm, na parede anterior do esôfago cervical, suturado por pontos de fio de algodão. O processo evolui por 90 dias, atingindo a estenose desejada e comprovada por esofagograma. Na seqüência, a lesão cicatricial produzida foi ressecada e substituída por enxerto ...

  7. Emprego da submucosa de intestino delgado na correção de estenose esofágica em cães Small intestinal submucosa for reconstruction of esophageal stricture in a dog model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zacarias Alves de Souza Filho


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Pesquisar a eficácia da Submucosa de lntestino Delgado (SID porcina na correção de estenoses esofágicas cervicais em cães. MÉTODOS: Para produzir estenose, 12 animais foram submetidos a ressecções de porção elíptica de 3,5X2,0 cm, na parede anterior do esôfago cervical, suturado por pontos de fio de algodão. O processo evolui por 90 dias, atingindo a estenose desejada e comprovada por esofagograma. Na seqüência, a lesão cicatricial produzida foi ressecada e substituída por enxerto de SID. Transcorridos 2 meses os animais foram submetidos a novo esofagograma. Aferiu-se então a largura esofágica (nas porções proximal e média do esôfago cervical após a realização da estenose e pós-correção. Os animais foram submetidos a eutanásia, ao 60º dia de pós-correção, e à necropsia os esôfagos foram retirados e enviados ao laboratório de Anatomia Patológica. RESULTADOS: Não houve fístula ou infecção. Ocorreram reepitelização completa da mucosa, discreta reação infamatória e neovascularização moderada. A luz esofágica foi ampliada em 70% dos animais (43% ± 13% em média (p = 0,2135. A medida da porção proximal, passou de 0,76cm para 0,95cm em média (p=0,02. Não houve alteração significativa em relação a porção medial. CONCLUSÃO: A SID demonstrou ser, no cão, enxerto eficaz para correção de estenoses esofágicas, integrando-se nitidamente à sua parede e substituindo-a de forma adequada.PURPOSE: The objective of the present study is evaluating the efficiency of porcine Small Intestinal Submucosa (SIS as graft in the managemant of stenotic cervical esophagus lesions in dogs. METHODS: Twelve dogs were submitted to resection of an eliptic (3,5X2,0 cm portion of the anterior esophagus wall followed by cotton suture repair. Three months later stenosis were confirmed by esophagogram. Next, scar tissue formed was ressected followed by SIS patch placement. Two months after the procedure new

  8. Alguns aspectos da biologia de Triatoma pseudomaculata Corrêa & Espínola, 1964, em condições de laboratório (Hemiptera:Reduviidae:Triatominae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teresa Cristina M Gonçalves


    Full Text Available Biology of Triatoma pseudomaculata Corrêa & Espínola, 1964, under Laboratory Conditions (Hemiptera:Reduviidae:Triatominae - Observations were made on the evolutive cycle of Triatoma pseudomaculata, held under laboratory conditions, fed weekly on bird (pigeon. Of 60 eggs obtained, only 34 nymphs reached the adult stage in a period of X(S=398±76 days. The following parameters were observed: the time immature stages took to develop from egg to adult emergence; the occurrence of the first meal; the time-lapse between the presenting of the blood-meal and the begining of feeding; time of feeding; amount of blood ingested; variation of weight 24 hr after the blood-meal and until the next blood-meal; and the defecation pattern. The experiment was carried out for 20 months, held in BOD incubator with the average of temperature and humidity of 28±1ºC and 80±5% RU, respectively

  9. The Role of Speech Prosody and Text Reading Prosody in Children's Reading Comprehension (United States)

    Veenendaal, Nathalie J.; Groen, Margriet A.; Verhoeven, Ludo


    Background: Text reading prosody has been associated with reading comprehension. However, text reading prosody is a reading-dependent measure that relies heavily on decoding skills. Investigation of the contribution of speech prosody--which is independent from reading skills--in addition to text reading prosody, to reading comprehension could…

  10. Fatores de correção volumétrica na medição de atividade de 99mTc e 123I em calibradores de radionuclídeos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amanda Ribeiro Correia


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Determinar os fatores de correção para a variação volumétrica dos radiofármacos contidos em recipientes de diferentes geometrias. Comparar a influência desses fatores na determinação da atividade de 99mTc e 123I utilizando dois tipos de calibradores: um com câmara de ionização e outro com detector Geiger-Müller (G-M. Avaliar o desempenho de calibradores de alguns serviços de medicina nuclear em medição de atividade de 99mTc e 123I. MATERIAIS E MÉTODOS: Foram utilizados oito calibradores, frascos de vidro 10R, seringas de plástico de 3 e 5 mL e soluções de 99mTc e 123I. Os fatores de correção foram determinados a partir das medições práticas da variação da leitura do calibrador com a variação do volume da solução no recipiente. O desempenho foi avaliado em relação ao critério de aceitação de ±10% de exatidão exigida pela norma brasileira. RESULTADOS: A variação da resposta do calibrador com a variação do volume do frasco foi bem maior no calibrador que utiliza G-M. Ela também foi maior para 123I do que para 99mTc. CONCLUSÃO: Os resultados confirmam que a resposta dos calibradores depende do volume contido nos recipientes. Essa dependência é mais crítica para os calibradores equipados com detector G-M e para 123I quando comparado com 99mTc.

  11. Viabilidade celular da mucosa do intestino delgado de ratos, após correção de choque hipovolêmico com solução de NaCl 7,5%

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brito Marcus Vinicius Henriques


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Estudar o efeito da correção volêmica com diferentes tipos de solução, na mucosa do intestino delgado de ratos. MÉTODOS: Foram utilizados 120 ratos Wistar (Rattus norvegicus albinus, machos, adultos, com peso individual entre 310 e 410g, oriundos do Instituto Evandro Chagas de Belém do Pará, submetidos a período de adaptação por 15 dias, recebendo água e ração ad libitum, durante todo o experimento. Os animais foram distribuídos em: Grupo Padrão (P, Grupo Choque (C, Grupo Solução Fisiológica (SF e Grupo Solução Hipertônica (SH, com 30 animais cada. Estes foram divididos em subgrupos com 10 animais cada, de acordo com o dia de pós-operatório (DPO previsto para a eutanásia dos animais, (1masculine, 3masculine ou 7masculine DPO, sendo após esta, colhido material para realização de teste de absorvância pelo MTT em todos os animais. RESULTADOS: O grupo SF apresentou menores índices de viabilidade celular comparado aos grupos SH e C (p<0.05. CONCLUSÃO: A correção volêmica com solução de cloreto de sódio a 7.5% levou a manutenção de maior quantidade de células viáveis, no intestino delgado em ratos no 7masculine dia do experimento.

  12. Correção simultânea de defeito congênito intracardíaco e pectus excavatum Simultaneous repair of congenital heart defect and pectus excavatum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    João Roberto Breda


    Full Text Available Relatamos tratamento simultâneo de pectus excavatum e defeito congênito intracardíaco representado por comunicação interatrial ostium secundum. Paciente do sexo masculino, 8 anos de idade, com diagnóstico clínico e ecocardiográfico de comunicação interatrial, associada à deformidade da parede torácica tipo pectus excavatum. Foi encaminhado para operação com correção simultânea do defeito congênito intracardíaco associado ao reparo do pectus. O tratamento operatório simultâneo do pectus excavatum e defeitos congênitos intracardíacos torna difícil o acesso ao coração. Foi feita a correção simultânea dessas alterações, com satisfatório resultado, sobretudo estético, para o paciente.The author describes the simultaneous treatment of pectus excavatum and congenital intracardiac defect (atrial septal defect represented by the interatrial foramen secundum. An 8-year-old boy, with clinical and echocardiography diagnosis of atrial septal defect associated with pectus excavatum was referred to a simultaneous surgical treatment of both abnormalities. The simultaneous surgical treatment of both pectus excavatum and congenital intracardiac defects make it difficult to access the heart. In this case, the simultaneous surgical treatment of atrial septal defect and pectus excavatum was a valuable alternative to surgical repair of both abnormalities, mainly due to its cosmetic outcome.

  13. Reading assessment and training program

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lewis, C.L.


    The objective was to ensure ourselves and the general public that the workers in the Nuclear Materials Processing Department (NMPD) could read, follow, and understand procedures. Procedures were randomly selected and analyzed for reading levels. A tenth grade reading level was established as the standard for all NMPD employees. Employees were tested to determine reading levels and approximately 12% could not read at the target level. A Procedure Walk-Through Evaluation was administered to each person not reaching tenth grade reading level. This was a job performance measure given to ensure that the worker was competent in his/her present job, and should remain there while completing reading training. A mandatory Reading Training Program utilizing Computer Based Training was established. This program is self-paced, individualized instruction and provided to the worker on Company time. Results of the CBT Program have been very good. Instruction is supplemented with test-taking skills seminars, practice exams, individual conferences with their own reading specialist, and some self-directed study books. This paper describes the program at Savannah River Site

  14. Developmental, Component-Based Model of Reading Fluency: An Investigation of Predictors of Word-Reading Fluency, Text-Reading Fluency, and Reading Comprehension. (United States)

    Kim, Young-Suk Grace


    The primary goal was to expand our understanding of text reading fluency (efficiency or automaticity)-how its relation to other constructs (e.g., word reading fluency and reading comprehension) changes over time and how it is different from word reading fluency and reading comprehension. We examined (1) developmentally changing relations among word reading fluency, listening comprehension, text reading fluency, and reading comprehension; (2) the relation of reading comprehension to text reading fluency; (3) unique emergent literacy predictors (i.e., phonological awareness, orthographic awareness, morphological awareness, letter name knowledge, vocabulary) of text reading fluency vs. word reading fluency; and (4) unique language and cognitive predictors (e.g., vocabulary, grammatical knowledge, theory of mind) of text reading fluency vs. reading comprehension. These questions were addressed using longitudinal data (two timepoints; Mean age = 5;24 & 6;08) from Korean-speaking children ( N = 143). Results showed that listening comprehension was related to text reading fluency at time 2, but not at time 1. At both times text reading fluency was related to reading comprehension, and reading comprehension was related to text reading fluency over and above word reading fluency and listening comprehension. Orthographic awareness was related to text reading fluency over and above other emergent literacy skills and word reading fluency. Vocabulary and grammatical knowledge were independently related to text reading fluency and reading comprehension whereas theory of mind was related to reading comprehension, but not text reading fluency. These results reveal developmental nature of relations and mechanism of text reading fluency in reading development.

  15. Influência de formas de nitrogênio e do ph na correção da deficiência de ferro no girassol Influence of nitrogen forms and ph in the correction of iron deficiency in sunflower

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Renato Mello Prado


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se avaliar o efeito do uso de solução nutritiva com ácido, amônio, nitrato e aplicação de solução ácida foliar em plantas de girassol com deficiência de ferro. O experimento foi realizado com a cultura do girassol (Sungro 393 em câmera de crescimento do Laboratório de Nutrição Vegetal da Universidade de Córdoba, Espanha. Inicialmente, as plantas foram cultivadas durante 11 dias, em vasos contendo 0,5 L de solução nutritiva completa (40 µM de Fe. Em seguida, as plantas foram submetidas ao estresse, renovando com a mesma solução nutritiva, diminuindo a concentração de Fe a 5 µM e acrescentando 15 mM de NaHCO3 e CaCO3 a 0,5 g L-1. Nas plantas com a deficiência de ferro, foram aplicados cinco tratamentos, sendo: (a controle sem Fe, mantendo a mesma solução nutritiva anterior; (b solução nutritiva com nitrato 2mM Ca(NO32; (c solução nutritiva com amônio, 2mM (NH42SO4; (d solução nutritiva com HCl diluído, pH 3,5; (e pulverização das folhas com 0,5 mM H2SO4 e com 5 repetições. Realizou-se avaliação da medida indireta da clorofila e a medida do valor pH da solução nutritiva, a partir de 0; 2; 5 e 7 dias após a aplicação dos tratamentos e, na última avaliação, realizou-se a análise química foliar, determinando o teor de Fe total e a matéria seca da planta. O emprego da solução nutritiva com amônio diminuiu o valor pH da solução nutritiva e incrementou o teor foliar de ferro e o valor SPAD das folhas, eliminando os sintomas visuais de deficiência de ferro em plantas de girassol. O uso de amônio na solução nutritiva, durante sete dias, foi mais efetivo na correção da deficiência de ferro em plantas de girassol, comparado com a solução nutritiva com nitrato e com ácido diluído a pH 3,5 e solução ácida foliar.The objective was to evaluate the effect of using a nutrient solution with acid, ammonium nitrate and foliar application of acid solution in sunflower plants with iron

  16. Write to read: the brain's universal reading and writing network. (United States)

    Perfetti, Charles A; Tan, Li-Hai


    Do differences in writing systems translate into differences in the brain's reading network? Or is this network universal, relatively impervious to variation in writing systems? A new study adds intriguing evidence to these questions by showing that reading handwritten words activates a pre-motor area across writing systems. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  17. Do You Read Me? Service Supplement: Reading Development Activities Guide. (United States)

    Kendall, Elizabeth L.; Chenoweth, Roberta

    This activity guide is one of four supplements to be used with "Do You Read Me? Prevocational-Vocational Reading Development Activities" (ED 210 454). Each supplement deals with a different occupational category. Games, puzzles, and other activities are offered to aid in developing the word recognition, vocabulary, and comprehension…

  18. The relationship between children's reading motivation and reading competence

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    It has been found that motivation is very important to children's reading competence. This paper intended to study intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and find their relationship with children's reading competence. In order to do so, previous investigations about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation were critically reviewed, and their results were discussed in this paper.

  19. Operating Classroom Aesthetic Reading Environment to Raise Children's Reading Motivation (United States)

    Chou, Mei-Ju; Cheng, Jui-Ching; Cheng, Ya-Wen


    This research aims to explore how preschool educators understand about raising children's reading motivation through operating classroom aesthetic reading environment. With one year qualitative research, sixteen 4-6 years old young were observed and interviewed. The first stage interviews were undergone with environmental guidance. After the…

  20. Reading the Web: Internet Guided Reading with Young Children (United States)

    Salyer, David


    Online reading requires traditional and new comprehension skills and strategies, and these skills and strategies will have to be taught and supported, especially for young beginning readers. But how do elementary teachers go about doing this? Much of the research regarding teaching and supporting online reading comprehension has focused on older…

  1. Electricity Bill [second reading

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hooper, G.; Williams, C.C.P.; Ezra, D.


    The Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of Energy introduced the second reading of the Electricity Bill which provides for the restructuring and privatisation of the electricity supply industry throughout Great Britain. Three features at the heart of the Government's proposals are mentioned - first that the proposals will promote competition in electricity generation and supply of electricity so there will be a downward pressure on costs and prices, second is a new deal for customers and third is the security of electricity supply which will be ensured by the diversity of suppliers. The benefits of the scheme are outlined and then specific details of the Bill are considered. The debate which followed lasted six hours and is reported verbatim. The issues raised included environmental effects, efficiency, energy conservation, research and development and investment. (UK)

  2. Odiseo a través de la parodia. Desmitificación e ironía de una Ítaca nostálgica en Prometeo de Pérez de Ayala y ¿Por qué corres, Ulises? de Gala. – Odysseus through parody. Demythologization and irony of a nostalgic Ithaca in Prometeo by Pérez de Ayala and ¿Por qué corres, Ulises? by Gala

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    López López, Carmen María


    Full Text Available The aim of this article is to propose a critical and comparative study beginning from the epic model variations on the Spanish Literature from the twentieth century: Prometeo by Ramón Pérez de Ayala and ¿Por qué corres, Ulises? by Antonio Gala. To this purpose, a historic perspective will be designed, according to some Homeric episodes inside of the Odisea: the stay of the hero with Nausicaa in the phaeacians’ land, with the nymph Calypso in Ogygia, with the magician Circe in the Eea’s island, in the Lotofagi’s land, the Nekuia and the re-encounter with Penelope. To conclude, this article pretends to analyze the sense of the laugh from the tradition, to deal with the reinterpretation of the myth as a parody and an irony regarding the Homeric narration.

  3. Phonological coding during reading. (United States)

    Leinenger, Mallorie


    The exact role that phonological coding (the recoding of written, orthographic information into a sound based code) plays during silent reading has been extensively studied for more than a century. Despite the large body of research surrounding the topic, varying theories as to the time course and function of this recoding still exist. The present review synthesizes this body of research, addressing the topics of time course and function in tandem. The varying theories surrounding the function of phonological coding (e.g., that phonological codes aid lexical access, that phonological codes aid comprehension and bolster short-term memory, or that phonological codes are largely epiphenomenal in skilled readers) are first outlined, and the time courses that each maps onto (e.g., that phonological codes come online early [prelexical] or that phonological codes come online late [postlexical]) are discussed. Next the research relevant to each of these proposed functions is reviewed, discussing the varying methodologies that have been used to investigate phonological coding (e.g., response time methods, reading while eye-tracking or recording EEG and MEG, concurrent articulation) and highlighting the advantages and limitations of each with respect to the study of phonological coding. In response to the view that phonological coding is largely epiphenomenal in skilled readers, research on the use of phonological codes in prelingually, profoundly deaf readers is reviewed. Finally, implications for current models of word identification (activation-verification model, Van Orden, 1987; dual-route model, e.g., M. Coltheart, Rastle, Perry, Langdon, & Ziegler, 2001; parallel distributed processing model, Seidenberg & McClelland, 1989) are discussed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2014 APA, all rights reserved).

  4. Software theory a cultural and philosophical study

    CERN Document Server

    Frabetti, Federica


    This book engages directly in close readings of technical texts and computer code in order to show how software works. It offers an analysis of the cultural, political, and philosophical implications of software technologies that demonstrates the significance of software for the relationship between technology, philosophy, culture, and society.

  5. Cognitive Training and Reading Remediation (United States)

    Mahapatra, Shamita


    Reading difficulties are experienced by children either because they fail to decode the words and thus are unable to comprehend the text or simply fail to comprehend the text even if they are able to decode the words and read them out. Failure in word decoding results from a failure in phonological coding of written information, whereas, reading…

  6. Individualizing Teaching in Beginning Reading (United States)

    McDonald Connor, Carol


    The best way to teach children how to read has been debated for more than a century. Accumulating research now shows that there is no one best way to teach reading. The effect of various types of instruction depends on the constellation of skills learners bring to the classroom. In this article, we discuss the idea of…

  7. The Neurobiological Basis of Reading. (United States)

    Joseph, Jane; Noble, Kimberly; Eden, Guinevere


    This paper reviews studies using positron emission tomography and functional magnetic resonance imaging in adults to study the reading process and notes that general networks of regions seem to be uniquely associated with different components of the reading process. Findings are evaluated in light of technical and experimental limitations and…

  8. Dyslexia and Severe Reading Disability. (United States)

    Ngandu, Kathleen M.

    This handbook contains advice for the teacher in diagnosing dyslexia and developing an individualized program for overcoming severe reading problems. Observable characteristics of dyslexia are listed as an aid to the teacher's diagnosis, but it is emphasized that cooperation between the teacher and a reading specialist is of great importance in…

  9. How my brain stopped reading

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Beier, Sofie


    Due to a medical condition I temporarily lost the ability to read and write. As an academic researcher specialised in understanding the reading process, I can benefit from this terrible experience by explaining – on a scientific level – what happened to me, and hence draw the lines to existing re...

  10. Empathy, Reading, and Gender Relationships (United States)

    McCreary, John J.


    For this study, empathy was defined as not only understanding and sharing another's mental state, but also responding from a perspective more closely resembling the observed rather than the observer. Based on evidence suggesting relationships between reading and empathy, between empathy and gender, and between reading and gender, the current study…

  11. Reading Prosody in Spanish Dyslexics (United States)

    Suárez-Coalla, Paz; Álvarez-Cañizo, Marta; Martínez, Cristina; García, Noemí; Cuetos, Fernando


    Reading becomes expressive when word and text reading are quick, accurate and automatic. Recent studies have reported that skilled readers use greater pitch changes and fewer irrelevant pauses than poor readers. Given that developmental dyslexics have difficulty acquiring and automating the alphabetic code and developing orthographic…

  12. Semantic Preview Benefit during Reading (United States)

    Hohenstein, Sven; Kliegl, Reinhold


    Word features in parafoveal vision influence eye movements during reading. The question of whether readers extract semantic information from parafoveal words was studied in 3 experiments by using a gaze-contingent display change technique. Subjects read German sentences containing 1 of several preview words that were replaced by a target word…

  13. Schemata as a Reading Strategy. (United States)

    Mustapha, Zaliha

    Reading is a multileveled, interactive, and hypothesis-generating process in which readers construct a meaningful representation of text by using their knowledge of the world and of language. If reading involves grasping the significance of an input depending on the reader's mental cognitive-perceptual situation, then there is a form of background…

  14. The Joy of Reading Groups (United States)

    Southwood, Sue


    Reading groups or book clubs have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many libraries, bookshops and workplaces hosting meetings, while a wealth of support is available online. They provide a chance to read, share opinions, chat and have fun--each one will be unique in how it works. Discussing books can help to reinforce, change or…

  15. Summertime...and Reading Beckons. (United States)

    Bettmann, Otto


    Presents a collection of quotes by famous people about reading for enjoyment and personal development. The collection was assembled from a lifetime of fond association with books and reading by the rare-book librarian at the State Library in Berlin, who after Hitler's rise, relocated to the United States and founded the Bettmann Archive in New…

  16. READ – developing literacy together

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christensen, Mette Vedsgaard


    -home literacy-intervention throughout a school year. The children in the intervention group (1500 children in year 2 and 3) received reading materials and their parents were informed about how to talk about texts, language and knowledge with their children through specially developed tools such as “reading...

  17. Teaching Literature and Reading Performances

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ingerslev, Gitte Holten


    the reading of literature is respectively supported and hindered in literature lessons in upper secondary school. The aim is to investigate the relation between the teacher's conception of learning and knowledge within the subject combined with the student's conception of learning and of reading...

  18. The power of print reading: comics in the classroom. (United States)

    Gabaron, Sabine


    Evidence from neuroscience and psychological studies supporting benefits of print reading over digital reading has recently been discussed in these columns (Perbal 2017 J. Cell Commun. Signal. 11:1-4). In the present commentary, I would like to add my perspective as a Humanities educator, and build upon the idea that print reading results in better comprehension, learning and communication. The argumentation that is presented herein is based on a study performed in a French Comics language class aimed at broadening students' knowledge and experience of graphic novels, and providing them with a cultural representation in the foreign language. The results that are discussed in this commentary indicate that upon reading printed books students created connections for a more meaningful learning experience, leading to personal growth and linguistic development. The impact these graphic novels had on students' learning capacity and relationship to reading was tremendous. The kinesthetic relationship with printed text was deeply enriching and gratifying. The stimulatory effects on their imagination allowed for a more creative reading, and a deeper comprehension, resulting in meaningful communication.

  19. Universal brain systems for recognizing word shapes and handwriting gestures during reading. (United States)

    Nakamura, Kimihiro; Kuo, Wen-Jui; Pegado, Felipe; Cohen, Laurent; Tzeng, Ovid J L; Dehaene, Stanislas


    Do the neural circuits for reading vary across culture? Reading of visually complex writing systems such as Chinese has been proposed to rely on areas outside the classical left-hemisphere network for alphabetic reading. Here, however, we show that, once potential confounds in cross-cultural comparisons are controlled for by presenting handwritten stimuli to both Chinese and French readers, the underlying network for visual word recognition may be more universal than previously suspected. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging in a semantic task with words written in cursive font, we demonstrate that two universal circuits, a shape recognition system (reading by eye) and a gesture recognition system (reading by hand), are similarly activated and show identical patterns of activation and repetition priming in the two language groups. These activations cover most of the brain regions previously associated with culture-specific tuning. Our results point to an extended reading network that invariably comprises the occipitotemporal visual word-form system, which is sensitive to well-formed static letter strings, and a distinct left premotor region, Exner's area, which is sensitive to the forward or backward direction with which cursive letters are dynamically presented. These findings suggest that cultural effects in reading merely modulate a fixed set of invariant macroscopic brain circuits, depending on surface features of orthographies.

  20. Kids & Family Reading Report™. 5th Edition (United States)

    Scholastic Inc., 2015


    This report presents the 5th Edition of Scholastic's biannual study of children's and parents' attitudes and behaviors about reading. The latest research touches on reading aloud to children of all ages, the impact of reading independently for fun at school and at home, the importance of frequent reading, and the books children want most to read.…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Desy Olivia Riani


    Full Text Available This collaborative action research is aimed to find out whether or not the implementation of Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR improves students' reading comprehension and also to identify students' attitude towards the implementation of CSR. CSR is reading strategy that employs four strategies namely Preview, Click and Clunk, Get the Gist and Wrap Up during students’ cooperative learning. A class of eleventh grade students of a public senior high school in Majalengka, West Java, Indonesia is participated as the participant of the study. The required data were collected through the use of questionnaire, observation checklist, and reading test. The data from the questionnaire indicated that 82% students had positive attitude toward the implementation of CSR. They feel that CSR improves their motivation in learning English and CSR brings more fun to the process of learning. Moreover, it was found from observation data that the students were actively participated during CSR implementation and they were motivated when comprehending a text by means CSR strategy. Finally, the study proved that CSR improved students’ reading comprehension. Students’ mean score of reading test in the beginning of the study was 67, meanwhile, after applying CSR as reading strategy, their mean scores improved to 88.

  2. Cultural realities of being

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cultural Realities of Being offers a dialogue between academic activity and everyday lives by providing an interface between several perspectives on human conduct. Very often, academic pursuits are arcane and obscure for ordinary people, this book will attempt to disentangle these dialogues, lift...... fresh light on the everyday events presented in the text. Cultural Realities of Being will be essential reading for those studying Cross Cultural Psychology as well as those interested in social representation and identity......., lifting everyday discourse and providing a forum for advancing discussion and dialogue. Nandita Chaudhary, S. Anandalakshmy and Jaan Valsiner bring together contributors from the field of cultural psychology to consider how people living within social groups, regardless of how liberal, are guided...... of cultural psychology. The book builds upon rich cultural traditions present in India, and precisely because of this focus, the book has much larger implications and relevance to the field and aims to orient the academic reader from around the world to viewing India and Indian society as a valuable area...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana María Montes-Salas


    Full Text Available In the NMS has been relevant to investigate the notion of reading and how reading comprehension skills are developed as they are the basis of learning. According to Frida Diaz Barriga and Hernandez (2002 critical and reflective understanding of the composition of texts written are nodal activities in the construction of meanings. We now know that the skills of reading and typesetting apprentices develop in subjects strategically and self-regulated, thanks to this research. Promote the development of communication skills contributes to the foundation of the curriculum consists of educating for students to acquire skills that allow them to face problems collaboratively and competently.

  4. Out of Context: Thinking Cultural Studies Diasporically

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Grant Farred


    Full Text Available This essay on cultural studies and the African Diaspora argues for a rethinking of cultural studies in two critical ways: firstly, that cultural studies, from its founding institutional and conceptual moment, cannot but be thought diasporically; and, secondly, that cultural studies be thought ‘out of’, or, against, context—that is, cultural studies is most revealing in its political and literary articulation when it is not read, as many of its advocates claim, contextually. This essay offers a broad critique of cultural studies and the (African diaspora but derives its most cogent and creative argument from its ability to read together the work of two diasporic authors, deracinated South African and Australian writers, J. M. Coetzee and David Malouf.

  5. Pupil's motivation in the 3. grades for required reading and The Reading Badge


    Logar, Renata


    Reading is extremely important for pupils and their development. The pupil with reading habits riches his vocabulary and gaining knowledge. On the other hand the pupil through reading entry into the world of imagination and stories. Major role in motivating students to read have parents and teachers. In this graduation thesis I was interested in how third grade teachers motivate their pupils to read. In doing so, I was focused mainly to reading for required reading and The Reading Badge. ...

  6. Urine culture (United States)

    Culture and sensitivity - urine ... when urinating. You also may have a urine culture after you have been treated for an infection. ... when bacteria or yeast are found in the culture. This likely means that you have a urinary ...

  7. Incidence of Sociodemographic Factors in the Attitudes to the Reading of High School Students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teresa Cervera Mata


    Full Text Available The socioeconomic and cultural characteristics of the high school students determine their possibilities to change their attitude towards the reading and, in this way, encourage their reading habit. A program of workshops to inspire Reading carried out in an educational compensation center shows how a relationship between sociodemographic factors and the change happened with their reading habit is established. This methodology is introduced in the classroom as a tool that intends to produce a transformation in their literary education through playful elements, which are required in the necessary contexts of social transformation. An attitude towards reading are the first aspects that must be positively modified to strengthen the relationship between books and students and thus, encourage the reading as an habit. Therefore, the knowloedge of the social and family influential environment will contribute to the application of this methodology in the classroom, enhancing or mitigating the effects of this relationship.

  8. Peak reading detector circuit

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Courtin, E.; Grund, K.; Traub, S.; Zeeb, H.


    The peak reading detector circuit serves for picking up the instants during which peaks of a given polarity occur in sequences of signals in which the extreme values, their time intervals, and the curve shape of the signals vary. The signal sequences appear in measuring the foetal heart beat frequence from amplitude-modulated ultrasonic, electrocardiagram, and blood pressure signals. In order to prevent undesired emission of output signals from, e. g., disturbing intermediate extreme values, the circuit consists of the series connections of a circuit to simulate an ideal diode, a strong unit, a discriminator for the direction of charging current, a time-delay circuit, and an electronic switch lying in the decharging circuit of the storage unit. The time-delay circuit thereby causes storing of a preliminary maximum value being used only after a certain time delay for the emission of the output signal. If a larger extreme value occurs during the delay time the preliminary maximum value is cleared and the delay time starts running anew. (DG/PB) [de

  9. Early Mandarin Literacy in a Class-created Reading Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Reed Riggs


    Full Text Available This article explores methods for creating an extensive reading (ER library during the first weeks of language instruction, illustrated here in a college Mandarin course. Data include student-created texts, video transcripts of students reading in groups, field notes, and a student perceptions survey. Taken together the data provide a snapshot of how students in a beginning-level university Mandarin course can utilize Internet resources to create and use a personalized ER library. ER has been shown in previous research to enrich known words (Waring & Takaki, 2003, and provide opportunities for early literacy in languages that use nonalphabetic scripts like Japanese (Hitosugi & Day, 2004. Mandarin texts feature Chinese characters, which exhibit a low reliability in sound-meaning-visual associations, effectively blocking learners from sounding out unfamiliar words and clearly identifying meaning (Everson et al., 2016. The data here show how learners were able to connect prior knowledge from their own culture to new communicative situations in the form of printed comic books to read in class in small groups. Learners were found to connect understandings between their own culture and the target culture, focusing particularly on cultural similarities.

  10. Safeguards Culture

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Frazar, Sarah L.; Mladineo, Stephen V.


    The concepts of nuclear safety and security culture are well established; however, a common understanding of safeguards culture is not internationally recognized. Supported by the National Nuclear Security Administration, the authors prepared this report, an analysis of the concept of safeguards culture, and gauged its value to the safeguards community. The authors explored distinctions between safeguards culture, safeguards compliance, and safeguards performance, and evaluated synergies and differences between safeguards culture and safety/security culture. The report concludes with suggested next steps.

  11. Organizational culture


    Schein, Edgar H.


    Cultural orientations of an organization can be its greatest strength, providing the basis for problem solving, cooperation, and communication. Culture, however, can also inhibit needed changes. Cultural changes typically happen slowly – but without cultural change, many other organizational changes are doomed to fail. The dominant culture of an organization is a major contributor to its success. But, of course, no organizational culture is purely one type or another. And the existence of sec...

  12. Fourteen Autumns: A Reading Teacher Teaches Writing. (United States)

    Wilson, Jo-Anne R.


    An elementary school reading teacher describes how she restructured her teaching methods by encouraging children to read and write as part of an integrated process, rather than teaching reading alone as a set of fragmented steps. (GC)

  13. The Habit of Reading: A Neglected Dimension of Adult Reading Instruction. (United States)

    Fink, Katherine T.; Devine, Thomas G.


    Less competent adult readers have not developed the habit of reading. Ways to cultivate adult reading habits include relevant material, environment saturated with reading material, reading aloud to adults, having them read to children, sustained silent reading, modeling, book sharing, author conferences, and recognition. (SK)

  14. Oral Reading Fluency as a Predictor of Silent Reading Fluency at Secondary and Postsecondary Levels (United States)

    Seok, Soonhwa; DaCosta, Boaventura


    This research investigated oral reading fluency as a predictor of silent reading fluency at the secondary and postsecondary levels. Several measures were used, including the Gray Oral Reading Test, the Test of Silent Word Reading Fluency, the Test of Silent Contextual Reading Fluency, and the Reading Observation Scale. A total of 223 students…

  15. Teaching Reading and Writing: Reading a Balanced Diet. (United States)

    Manning, Maryann; Manning, Gary


    Presents elementary school teachers with 13 ideas on how to achieve a balanced "diet" in their primary and intermediate reading and writing programs using 5 different genres--artistic, personal, narrative, expository, and procedural. (BB)

  16. Reading motivation in elementary school students


    Sonja Pečjak; Nataša Bucik


    Reading motivation is one of the crucial factors of reading and consequently also learning efficiency of students. The purpose of the contribution is to establish the connection between dimensions of reading motivation and reading achievement in elementary school students. Participating in the study were 1073 third-grade and 1282 seventh-grade students. We used the questionnaire of reading motivation which consists of two factors: the reading competence factor and the interest and perceived r...

  17. Quantification of Mycosphaerella fijiensis in vitro growth by absorbance readings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mileidy Cruz-Martín


    Full Text Available The slow growth of Mycosphaerella fijiensis Morelet in synthetic and semi-synthetic media as well as the characteristics of their colonies makes the use of traditional methods for evaluating the fungal growth are inadequate and impractical. Therefore, it requires a method to quantify growth in small volumes of substance and in short periods of time. The aim of this study was to quantify the M. fijiensis growth, through absorbance readings on the time, of mycelial suspensions obtained from cultures in liquid medium. Mycelial dry weight of the pathogen grown in liquid culture in flasks of 250 ml capacity and the absorbance in 96 well plates was compared. Similar procedure was used to evaluate the effect of bacterial culture filtrates with in vitro antifungal activity against M. fijiensis. A linear relationship between absorbance at 595 nm of fungal growth in liquid culture medium with respect to the dry mass was found. Absorbance readings using 96-well plates were possible to quantify the M. fijiensis mycelial suspensions growth in liquid culture. Also, there may be applied to assess the growth inhibition of the pathogen for bacterial culture filtrates with results at 48 h incubation. Key words: antifungal activity assay, biomass, DO595

  18. Cryptographic Aspects of Quantum Reading

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gaetana Spedalieri


    Full Text Available Besides achieving secure communication between two spatially-separated parties,another important issue in modern cryptography is related to secure communication intime, i.e., the possibility to confidentially store information on a memory for later retrieval.Here we explore this possibility in the setting of quantum reading, which exploits quantumentanglement to efficiently read data from a memory whereas classical strategies (e.g., basedon coherent states or their mixtures cannot retrieve any information. From this point ofview, the technique of quantum reading can provide a new form of technological security fordata storage.

  19. Jesus the 'Teacher-Saviour' or 'Saviour-Teacher': reading the gospel ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    While every interpretation is culturally particular and context-specifi c, the critical assessment of the hermeneutical principles and social consequences of real examples from different cultures may facilitate fresh readings of the scripture with more creative imagination, theological integrity and ethical responsibility. This essay ...

  20. Early home literacy and adolescents' online reading behavior in comparative perspective

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Notten, N.J.W.R.; Becker, B.


    Online reading behavior can be regarded as a 'new' form of cultural capital in today's digital world. However, it is unclear whether 'traditional' mechanisms of cultural and social reproduction are also found in this domain, and whether they manifest uniformly across countries at different stages of

  1. Reading Caplan in Karachi. (United States)

    Moazam, Farhat


    Bioethics education and discussions about ethical dilemmas are being increasingly reduced to teaching students how to balance the four, easily memorised philosophical principles popularised by influential American philosophers Tom Beauchamp and Jim Childress. The reality is that human beings approach and comprehend moral issues in diverse ways shaped by shared histories, cultural norms and values, kinship systems, lived experiences and existing socio-political realities. Therefore, ethical discourse limited to a culturally myopic Principlism that disregards the indigenous landscape can be an abstract and meaningless venture. The different moral lenses through which people can view the same issue is highlighted in this essay. It compares the analyses offered by American bioethicist Arthur Caplan of the blocking of polio vaccination by militants in northern Pakistan and of issues related to posthumous insemination, with the more nuanced, contextualised discussions about both topics offered by Pakistani students of bioethics in our Center. For this discipline to resonate with and make an impact on those we teach, an inclusive, more reflective and socially relevant approach is required. In my opinion, bioethics is a contact sport that should not be transformed into merely an academic exercise.

  2. Anomalia de Ebstein em paciente adulto: valvuloplastia modificada para correção de insuficiência tricúspide Ebstein's anomaly in adult patients: modified repair technique for tricuspid insufficiency

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mauro Barbosa ARRUDA FILHO


    Full Text Available OBJETIVOS: Avaliar a correção cirúrgica em pacientes adultos portadores de anomalia de Ebstein, utilizando uma variação técnica para correção da insuficiência tricúspide. CASUÍSTICA E MÉTODOS: Entre janeiro de 1990 e março de 2001, seis pacientes adultos foram submetidos à correção cirúrgica com uma variação da técnica apresentada por Carpentier. A idade variou de 18 a 34 anos. Todos se apresentavam em classe funcional III ou IV (NYHA, com piora da cianose ou arritmias freqüentes. Em quatro pacientes a valva tricúspide era do tipo B e em dois do tipo A (Carpentier, quatro apresentavam comunicação interatrial (CIA associada. O hematócrito variou de 33% a 68%. O índice cardíaco variou de 0.47 a 0.88. A fração de ejeção do ventrículo esquerdo variou de 50% a 80%. RESULTADOS: Não se registrou óbitos no período hospitalar. Um paciente foi reoperado por sangramento no pós-operatório imediato. Em dois pacientes ocorreram derrames pericárdicos de repetição. Foi registrado um óbito no 14º mês de pós-operatório por morte súbita. Os pacientes foram seguidos por um período de 10 a 108 meses. Quatro encontram-se em classe funcional I e um encontra-se em classe funcional II (NYHA. O ecocardiograma no pós-operatório imediato e na última avaliação mostra insuficiência tricúspide discreta ou moderada em quatro e importante em um paciente. CONCLUSÃO: Apesar do pequeno número de pacientes nesta série, a modificação técnica cumpriu o seu papel, com a melhora clínica e funcional dos pacientes tratados em até nove anos de seguimento.PURPOSE: To value the surgical treatment of adult patients with Ebstein's anomaly, using a Carpentier's modified repair technique. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Between January 1990 and March 2001 six adult patients with Ebstein's anomaly were treated using a modification of Carpentier's repair technique, four were males and two were females, ages ranging from 18 to 34 years (Mean 23

  3. Reading comprehension and reading related abilities in adolescents with reading disabilities and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. (United States)

    Ghelani, Karen; Sidhu, Robindra; Jain, Umesh; Tannock, Rosemary


    Reading comprehension is a very complex task that requires different cognitive processes and reading abilities over the life span. There are fewer studies of reading comprehension relative to investigations of word reading abilities. Reading comprehension difficulties, however, have been identified in two common and frequently overlapping childhood disorders: reading disability (RD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The nature of reading comprehension difficulties in these groups remains unclear. The performance of four groups of adolescents (RD, ADHD, comorbid ADHD and RD, and normal controls) was compared on reading comprehension tasks as well as on reading rate and accuracy tasks. Adolescents with RD showed difficulties across most reading tasks, although their comprehension scores were average. Adolescents with ADHD exhibited adequate single word reading abilities. Subtle difficulties were observed, however, on measures of text reading rate and accuracy as well as on silent reading comprehension, but scores remained in the average range. The comorbid group demonstrated similar difficulties to the RD group on word reading accuracy and on reading rate but experienced problems on only silent reading comprehension. Implications for reading interventions are outlined, as well as the clinical relevance for diagnosis.

  4. Rock History and Culture


    Gonzalez, Éric


    Two ambitious works written by French-speaking scholars tackle rock music as a research object, from different but complementary perspectives. Both are a definite must-read for anyone interested in the contextualisation of rock music in western popular culture. In Une histoire musicale du rock (i.e. A Musical History of Rock), rock music is approached from the point of view of the people – musicians and industry – behind the music. Christophe Pirenne endeavours to examine that field from a m...

  5. Some indicators of (unsuccessful reading

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vuksanović Jasmina


    Full Text Available In the paper we set the aim to determine whether phonological awareness and short-term verbal memory are indicators of a subsequent reading acquisition. The sample consisted of 194 first graders from two primary schools in Belgrade. The results of our research showed that the most significant indicator of the subsequent (unsuccessful reading was phonological awareness. The short-term verbal memory is, to a lesser extent, an indicator of the subsequent reading acquisition defined by the time needed for reading the text and by the text comprehension. Our findings offer basis for proposing that the phonological awareness assessment should be implemented into the regular procedure of assessing child's readiness for school. In this way children in need for preventive stimulation within the inclusive programme in primary schools could be identified.

  6. CDRH FOIA Electronic Reading Room (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The CDRH FOIA electronic reading room contains frequently requested information via the Freedom of Information Act from the Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

  7. Critical reading and critical thinking Critical reading and critical thinking

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Loni Kreis Taglieber


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to provide, for L1 and L2 reading and writing teachers, a brief overview of the literature about critical reading and higher level thinking skills. The teaching of these skills is still neglected in some language classes in Brazil, be it in L1 or in L2 classes. Thus, this paper may also serve as a resource guide for L1 and/or L2 reading and writing teachers who want to incorporate critical reading and thinking into their classes. In modern society, even in everyday life people frequently need to deal with complicated public and political issues, make decisions, and solve problems. In order to do this efficiently and effectively, citizens must be able to evaluate critically what they see, hear, and read. Also, with the huge amount of printed material available in all areas in this age of “information explosion” it is easy to feel overwhelmed. But often the information piled up on people’s desks and in their minds is of no use due to the enormous amount of it. The purpose of this paper is to provide, for L1 and L2 reading and writing teachers, a brief overview of the literature about critical reading and higher level thinking skills. The teaching of these skills is still neglected in some language classes in Brazil, be it in L1 or in L2 classes. Thus, this paper may also serve as a resource guide for L1 and/or L2 reading and writing teachers who want to incorporate critical reading and thinking into their classes. In modern society, even in everyday life people frequently need to deal with complicated public and political issues, make decisions, and solve problems. In order to do this efficiently and effectively, citizens must be able to evaluate critically what they see, hear, and read. Also, with the huge amount of printed material available in all areas in this age of “information explosion” it is easy to feel overwhelmed. But often the information piled up on people’s desks and in their minds is of

  8. Les visées de l’argumentation et leurs corrélats langagiers : une approche discursive The Aims of Argumentation and their Linguistic Correlates: A Discursive Approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raphaël Micheli


    Full Text Available Le présent article a pour objectif de contribuer au débat théorique et méthodologique portant sur la définition qu’il convient d’octroyer à la notion d’« argumentation » et sur les conditions qui président à l’observabilité des processus argumentatifs dans les discours. On tente de montrer comment une approche discursive peut traiter deux problèmes souvent débattus dans le champ des études argumentatives. (1 Peut-on, sur le plan pragmatique, identifier une (ou plusieurs visée(s permettant de saisir ce que l’argumentation, en tant que « fait de discours », a de spécifique par rapport à d’autres faits de discours ? (2 Peut-on corréler les visées identifiées sur le plan pragmatique avec des formes relativement stables qui assurent le caractère « reconnaissable » de l’argumentation dans la matérialité langagière ? C’est ainsi la double question des visées de l’argumentation et de leurs corrélats langagiers qui est au centre du propos : l’enjeu est de formuler une série de propositions méthodologiques, en discutant quelques contributions récentes qui ont marqué l’approche discursive de l’argumentation dans l’espace francophone.This paper aims at contributing to the theoretical and methodological debate bearing on the definition of “argumentation” and the observation of argumentative processes in linguistic data. It shows how a discursiveapproach can deal with two issues that are often discussed in the field of argumentation studies. (1 On a pragmatic level, is it possible to identify one (or several aim(s allowing to understand what is specific to the verbal activity of argumentation, as opposed to other verbal activities? (2 Is it possible to correlate such pragmatic aims with forms, so as to account for argumentation in the materiality of language? The paper thus deals both with the aims of argumentation, and with their linguistic correlates: its objective is to put forward a

  9. Escória de siderurgia e calcário na correção da acidez do solo cultivado com cana-de-açúcar em vaso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Prado Renato de Mello


    Full Text Available A avaliação química da escória de siderurgia, como corretivo de acidez do solo, pode sofrer interferências em razão da presença da alta energia de ligação dos seus constituintes neutralizantes e a presença de diversos elementos metálicos. Tendo como objetivo avaliar se a recomendação de correção baseada no poder de neutralização adotado para o calcário é compatível para escória de siderurgia, em função das alterações do valor pH, teores de H+Al, Ca+Mg em solos ácidos da região dos cerrados cultivados com cana-de-açúcar, realizou-se o presente experimento, em condições de casa de vegetação, em vaso com 20 dm³ do Latossolo Vermelho e do Neossolo Quartzarênico em dois cultivos sucessivos da cana-de-açúcar (cana-planta e cana-soca por 210 dias após a incorporação dos corretivos, a cada cultivo. Os tratamentos, foram constituídos de dois corretivos calcário e escória em dois níveis de aplicação, como segue: nível 1= a dose para elevar V=50% e nível 2= dobro da dose necessária para elevar V=50%. Ao término de cada cultivo, os solos foram amostrados e analisados quimicamente. A reatividade da escória de siderurgia depende da classe de solo. A eficiência da escória de siderurgia baseado no poder de neutralização adotado para o calcário não apresentou comportamento satisfatório para estimar a necessidade de produto para a correção da acidez do solo, sugerindo a necessidade de mais estudos.

  10. Procedimento de Rives/Stoppa modificado robô-assistido para correção de hernias ventrais da linha média Modified robot assisted Rives/Stoppa videosurgery for midline ventral hernia repair

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ricardo Zugaib Abdalla


    Full Text Available RACIONAL: Os defeitos da linha média podem ser congênitos ou adquiridos. Os procedimentos convencionais para correção desse defeito geralmente envolvem grandes incisões, com grandes descolamentos de pele e tecido celular subcutâneo. O uso da videocirurgia para a correção desses defeitos, ainda é controverso. OBJETIVOS: Realizar descrição inédita na literatura, mostrando a experiência inicial do uso da robótica nas reconstruções de linha média, associando a cirurgia minimamente invasiva à técnicas consagradas como Rives/Stoppa e separação de componentes. MÉTODOS: Foram operados cinco pacientes no mesmo hospital, pela mesma equipe, usando o sistema robótico da Vinci S. RESULTADOS: Foram três mulheres e dois homens, sem mortalidade na amostra. Duas pacientes foram reoperadas com hérnia pelo tunel entre os músculos retos do abdomen e aponeurose posterior, com fechamento dos mesmos na reoperação. CONCLUSÕES: O procedimento robótico para reconstrução da linha média mostrou-se factível e esteticamente aceitável. Tem a vantagem de seguir os princípios tradicionais aventados para a parede abdominal através de via minimamente invasiva.BACKGROUND:The weakness of the linea alba can be caused by congenital and aquired factors. The conventional procedure to correct these imperfections generally involve large incisions with big detachments of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The use of videosurgery for the repair of these weaknesses is still controversy. AIM: To describe a new procedure using robotics in the repair of the linea alba, associating minimally invasive tecniques by Rives/Stoppa and component separation tecniques. METHODS: Five patients undergone surgery in the same hospital, the same operating team and using the Da Vinci S. robotics equipment. RESULTS: Three women and two men undergone surgery, with no mortality. Two of these patients were re-operated due a recurrent hernia between muscle and posterior sheath

  11. Reading American Fat in France : Obesity and Food Culture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura Knowlton – Le Roux


    Full Text Available One of the least flattering images that America is now associated with in France and in other European countries is a ballooning stomach. Pictures of overweight American children and adults are regularly used in French TV news, shows and in the print media. Every campaign against obesity in the land of gourmandise cites the latest statistics on the overweight population in the United States. “Obésité: la France sur la voie des Etats-Unis,” warned Le Monde in the headline of its two-page sprea...

  12. Reading American Fat in France : Obesity and Food Culture


    Roux, Laura Knowlton – Le


    One of the least flattering images that America is now associated with in France and in other European countries is a ballooning stomach. Pictures of overweight American children and adults are regularly used in French TV news, shows and in the print media. Every campaign against obesity in the land of gourmandise cites the latest statistics on the overweight population in the United States. “Obésité: la France sur la voie des Etats-Unis,” warned Le Monde in the headline of its two-page sprea...

  13. Culturalism and existentialist thought—a reading of Julien Kilanga ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Published in 2008, the novel Retour de manivelle (“Backlash”) by Julien Kilanga Musinde revives the unfinished debate related to the search of identity in African writing. The universe depicted represents the modern society and Musinde's main character is changing as fast as he relocates to a different society. The author ...

  14. Cultural entrepreneurship

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    A. Klamer (Arjo)


    textabstractCultural entrepreneurship is a new character in the cultural sector. This paper characterizes the cultural entrepreneur paying homage to the hermeneutic approach of Don Lavoie and others. The challenge is to render the "cultural" meaningful. An invention is the highlighting of the

  15. Industrial cultures

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Lauge Baungaard


    The chapter deals with different paradigms andtheories of cultural development. The problem toexplain change and methods to analyse developmentin different cultures are presented and discussed.......The chapter deals with different paradigms andtheories of cultural development. The problem toexplain change and methods to analyse developmentin different cultures are presented and discussed....

  16. Reading Processes and Parenting Styles. (United States)

    Carreteiro, Rui Manuel; Justo, João Manuel; Figueira, Ana Paula


    Home literacy environment explains between 12 and 18.5 % of the variance of children's language skills. Although most authors agree that children whose parents encourage them to read tend to develop better and earlier reading skills, some authors consider that the impact of family environment in reading skills is overvalued. Probably, other variables of parent-child relationship, like parenting styles, might be relevant for this field. Nevertheless, no previous studies on the effect of parenting styles in literacy have been found. To analyze the role of parenting styles in the reading processes of children. Children's perceptions of parenting styles contribute significantly to the explanation of statistical variance of children's reading processes. 110 children (67 boys and 43 girls), aged between 7 and 11 years (M [Formula: see text] 9.22 and SD [Formula: see text] 1.14) from Portuguese schools answered to a socio-demographic questionnaire. To assess reading processes it was administered the Portuguese adaptation (Figueira et al. in press) of Bateria de Avaliação dos Processos Leitores-Revista (PROLEC-R). To assess the parenting styles Egna Minnen av Barndoms Uppfostran-parents (EMBU-P) and EMBU-C (children version) were administered. According to multiple hierarchical linear regressions, individual factors contribute to explain all reading tests of PROLEC-R, while family factors contribute to explain most of these tests. Regarding parenting styles, results evidence the explanatory power about grammatical structures, sentence comprehension and listening. Parenting styles have an important role in the explanation of higher reading processes (syntactic and semantic) but not in lexical processes, focused by main theories concerning dyslexia.

  17. Should We Use a Capital Framework to Understand Culture? Applying Cultural Capital to Communities of Color (United States)

    Hinton, Kip Austin


    Social science research on communities of color has long been shaped by theories of social and cultural capital. This article is a hermeneutic reading of metaphorical capital frameworks, including community cultural wealth and funds of knowledge. Financial capital, the basis of these frameworks, is premised on unequal exchange. Money only becomes…

  18. Neuropsychological and cognitive processes in reading

    CERN Document Server

    Pirozzolo, Francis J


    Neuropsychological and Cognitive Processes in Reading explores reading and reading disabilities within the context of cognitive psychology and neuropsychology. Emphasis is on the roles of brain mechanisms in reading and reading disturbances. In the areas of perception and cognition, theoretical models of the reading process are used to highlight the various psychological processes involved in the act of skilled reading. Comprised of 12 chapters, this volume begins with an introduction to the fundamental processes of reading, giving particular attention to a psychological theory that builds on two concepts: that the basic processes of reading are few in number, and that they are separable from one another. A useful and testable information-processing model of reading that consists of three separable, fundamental processes - decoding, word meaning, and sentence comprehension - is described. Subsequent chapters deal with some of the external and internal factors involved in reading; a model of disorders of readi...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Holly Warzecha, M.A. TESOL


    Full Text Available The purpose of the following paper is to take a closer look at the benefits of incidental learning through reading, with a specific focus on vocabulary acquisition. The teaching of vocabulary has traditionally been an explicit process where the target vocabulary is taken out of context and taught separately. However, this kind of explicit teaching and learning may only take into account a form-meaning connection. Therefore, this paper explores research on incidental learning and specifically looks at what it takes to acquire new vocabulary incidentally through reading while considering the coverage rates of texts, how many words must be known already from the text, how many repetitions it takes to learn a word, types of texts that promote learning, and the effects of pairing students‘ reading with learner tasks. After reviewing many studies, it can be concluded that more reading is better. More specifically, extensive reading of chosen novels at an appropriate level and interest to the students showed important gains in vocabulary. In addition, readings that were supplemented with additional activities that focused on both form and meaning showed an even higher increase in word retention.

  20. Facilitating text reading in posterior cortical atrophy. (United States)

    Yong, Keir X X; Rajdev, Kishan; Shakespeare, Timothy J; Leff, Alexander P; Crutch, Sebastian J


    We report (1) the quantitative investigation of text reading in posterior cortical atrophy (PCA), and (2) the effects of 2 novel software-based reading aids that result in dramatic improvements in the reading ability of patients with PCA. Reading performance, eye movements, and fixations were assessed in patients with PCA and typical Alzheimer disease and in healthy controls (experiment 1). Two reading aids (single- and double-word) were evaluated based on the notion that reducing the spatial and oculomotor demands of text reading might support reading in PCA (experiment 2). Mean reading accuracy in patients with PCA was significantly worse (57%) compared with both patients with typical Alzheimer disease (98%) and healthy controls (99%); spatial aspects of passages were the primary determinants of text reading ability in PCA. Both aids led to considerable gains in reading accuracy (PCA mean reading accuracy: single-word reading aid = 96%; individual patient improvement range: 6%-270%) and self-rated measures of reading. Data suggest a greater efficiency of fixations and eye movements under the single-word reading aid in patients with PCA. These findings demonstrate how neurologic characterization of a neurodegenerative syndrome (PCA) and detailed cognitive analysis of an important everyday skill (reading) can combine to yield aids capable of supporting important everyday functional abilities. This study provides Class III evidence that for patients with PCA, 2 software-based reading aids (single-word and double-word) improve reading accuracy. © 2015 American Academy of Neurology.

  1. Reading motivation in elementary school students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sonja Pečjak


    Full Text Available Reading motivation is one of the crucial factors of reading and consequently also learning efficiency of students. The purpose of the contribution is to establish the connection between dimensions of reading motivation and reading achievement in elementary school students. Participating in the study were 1073 third-grade and 1282 seventh-grade students. We used the questionnaire of reading motivation which consists of two factors: the reading competence factor and the interest and perceived reading importance factor. The findings of the study are the following: third-graders are more competent and more interested in reading compared to seventh-graders. The same is true for girls in both educational levels. Reading competence , interest and perceived reading importance reflect also in the actual reading behaviour of students – students who are more competent and more interested in reading read more frequently, for longer periods and more often autonomously decide to read compared to their less motivated peers. Higher reading motivation has implications also for higher reading efficiency. Namely, good readers are more competent, show higher interest and perceive reading as more important compared to average and bad readers.

  2. Facilitating text reading in posterior cortical atrophy (United States)

    Rajdev, Kishan; Shakespeare, Timothy J.; Leff, Alexander P.; Crutch, Sebastian J.


    Objective: We report (1) the quantitative investigation of text reading in posterior cortical atrophy (PCA), and (2) the effects of 2 novel software-based reading aids that result in dramatic improvements in the reading ability of patients with PCA. Methods: Reading performance, eye movements, and fixations were assessed in patients with PCA and typical Alzheimer disease and in healthy controls (experiment 1). Two reading aids (single- and double-word) were evaluated based on the notion that reducing the spatial and oculomotor demands of text reading might support reading in PCA (experiment 2). Results: Mean reading accuracy in patients with PCA was significantly worse (57%) compared with both patients with typical Alzheimer disease (98%) and healthy controls (99%); spatial aspects of passages were the primary determinants of text reading ability in PCA. Both aids led to considerable gains in reading accuracy (PCA mean reading accuracy: single-word reading aid = 96%; individual patient improvement range: 6%–270%) and self-rated measures of reading. Data suggest a greater efficiency of fixations and eye movements under the single-word reading aid in patients with PCA. Conclusions: These findings demonstrate how neurologic characterization of a neurodegenerative syndrome (PCA) and detailed cognitive analysis of an important everyday skill (reading) can combine to yield aids capable of supporting important everyday functional abilities. Classification of evidence: This study provides Class III evidence that for patients with PCA, 2 software-based reading aids (single-word and double-word) improve reading accuracy. PMID:26138948

  3. Nissan Showcases the Results of an Energy-Wise Corporate Culture

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The corporate leadership at Nissan cultivates a culture of energy efficiency, encouraging employees to practice good energy management at work and in every part of their lives. Read about Nissan's energy-conscience culture.

  4. Disposition of overcoming students for critical reading

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosangela Miola Galvão


    Full Text Available This article aims to present the possibilities of an educational practice that focuses on the formation of Basic Education students in critical readers. For this, understand the concepts of alienation and language from the point of view of Historical and Dialectical Materialism and Historical-Cultural Theory was essential to understand how the students of the 7th year are able to overcome this paradigm that contributes to the naive reading of texts worked in the classroom. It was a qualitative study of bibliographic revision in union with the dialectical practice with students in a public school located in the north of the State of Paraná. As methodology, was developed twelve classes with diversified material in which the teacher's mediation sought to contemplate form and content in the way that occurred the deconstruction of the fictitious hero concept represented at the end by the art of the haicai poem. The use of the cell phone instrument and Whatsapp were important for the development of the poetic sense. It seeks, therefore, to demonstrate the contributions of historical and dialectical materialism to teaching practice and human development. The theorists considerations allow us to note that language contributes to the development of higher psychic functions in man and the alienation of subjects in today's society considerably affects the students interpretation and, consequently, formation for critical reading, which can be overcome with the use of a conscious theoretical current.

  5. An investigation of Chinese university EFL learner’s foreign language reading anxiety, reading strategy use and reading comprehension performance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhongshe Lu


    Full Text Available The present study explored the interrelations between foreign language (FL reading anxiety, FL reading strategy use and their interactive effect on FL reading comprehension performance at the tertiary level in China. Analyses of the survey data collected from 1702 university students yielded the following results: (a Both Foreign Language Reading Anxiety Scale (FLRAS and Foreign Language Reading Strategy Use Scale (FLRSUS had important subcomponents, (b more than half of the students generally did not feel anxious when reading English, and were confident in and satisfied with their English reading proficiency. Meanwhile, (c more than half of them moderately used different types of reading strategies such as planning, checking and confirming, predicting and assessing, when reading English, (d compared with their female peers, male students felt significantly more anxious when facing reading activities, less satisfied with their English reading proficiency, and used specific analyzing and planning strategies significantly less often during a reading activity, (e FLRAS was significantly inversely related to FLRSUS, and both were significantly correlated with the students’ FL reading comprehension performance, and (f FLRAS (overall FL reading anxiety, FLRAS1 (general anxiety about FL reading, and FLRSUS2 (predicting strategies were good predictors of FL reading comprehension performance. Based on the findings, some implications are discussed.

  6. The Relationship between Strategic Reading Instruction, Student Learning of L2-Based Reading Strategies and L2 Reading Achievement (United States)

    Akkakoson, Songyut


    This study investigates the relationship between strategic reading instruction, the process of learning second language-based reading strategies and English reading achievement for Thai university students of science and technology. In a course in reading general English texts for 16?weeks, 82 students were taught using a strategies-based approach…

  7. Reading the Surface: Body Language and Surveillance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mark Andrejevic


    Full Text Available This article explores the role played by body language in recent examples of popular culture and political news coverage as a means of highlighting the poten-tially deceptive haracter of speech and promising to bypass it altogether. It situ-ates the promise of "visceral literacy" - the alleged ability to read inner emotions and dispositions - within emerging surveillance practices and the landscapes of risk they navigate. At the same time, it describes portrayals of body language analysis as characteristic of an emerging genre of "securitainment" that instructs viewers in monitoring techniques as it entertains and informs them. Body lan-guage ends up caught in the symbolic impasse it sought to avoid: as soon as it is portrayed as a language that can be learned and consciously "spoken" it falls prey to the potential for deceit. The article's conclusion considers the way in which emerging technologies attempt to address this impasse, bypassing the attempt to infer underlying signification altogether.

  8. Factors Contributing to Learners’ Autonomy in EFL Reading


    Sri Endah Tabiati


    Abstract: This study aims to discover factors that assist learners develop their autonomy in EFL reading. The approach employed is qualitative involving EFL learners in an English Department of the Faculty of Cultural Studies, Brawijaya University Malang. There are two stages in the study: the subject selection stage intended to gain potential subjects and the main study intended to find the answer of the research questions. The findings of the study show that the autonomy of EFL learners in ...

  9. Development of a Case-based Reading Curriculum and Its Effect on Resident Reading. (United States)

    Messman, Anne M; Walker, Ian


    Textbook reading plays a foundational role in a resident's knowledge base. Many residency programs place residents on identical reading schedules, regardless of the clinical work or rotation the resident is doing. We sought to develop a reading curriculum that takes into account the clinical work a resident is doing so their reading curriculum corresponds with their clinical work. Preliminary data suggests an increased amount of resident reading and an increased interest in reading as a result of this change to their reading curriculum.



    Tudor Hobeanu; Loredana Vacarescu Hobeanu


    Communication reveals the importance of organizational culture and management culture supported by the remarkable results in economic and social level of organization. Their functions are presented and specific ways of expression levels of organizational culture and ways of adapting to the requirements of the organization's management culture.

  11. The Rhetorical Making of the Asian/Asian American Face: Reading and Writing Asian Eyelids


    Sano-Franchini, Jennifer


    In The Rhetorical Making of the Asian/Asian American Face: Reading and Writing Asian Eyelids, I examine representations of East Asian blepharoplasty in online video in order to gain a sense of how cultural values change over time. Drawing on scholarship in and around rhetorical theory, cultural rhetorics, Asian American rhetoric, cultural studies, Asian American studies, and postcolonial theory alongside qualitative data analysis of approximately fifty videos and the numerous viewer comments ...

  12. Text-Selection for Teaching Reading to ESL Tertiary Students: A Study on Genre and Content Preferences (United States)

    Nordin, Razanawati; Eng, Lin Siew


    Most learners studying English language feel that their educators use irrelevant, uninteresting, and culturally unfamiliar reading materials for teaching reading. As a result, most of them struggle to comprehend the English language texts used by the teachers. Therefore, the aim of this research is to investigate the genre and content preferences…

  13. "Este Libro Es Mi Historia": Mother-Child Interactions during Storybook Reading in a Mexican-American Household. (United States)

    Manyak, Patrick

    A study explored the storybook reading experiences between Ms. Garza and her children. A broad conception of the zone of proximal development, involving use, adaptation, and transformation of culturally shaped tools in the process of shared activity, provides the framework for examining this particular Mexican-American family's reading behavior.…

  14. One Step Forward and Two Steps Back in Teaching an Endangered Language? Revisiting L2 Reading in Irish (United States)

    Hickey, Tina M.; Stenson, Nancy


    Hickey's (1991) article ["Leisure reading in a second language: An experiment with audio tapes." "Language, Culture and Curriculum," 4(2), 119-131. Retrieved from] reported the benefits of audio-support for L2 reading of real books, showing gains in fluency and motivation among…

  15. An investigation of Chinese university EFL learner’s foreign language reading anxiety, reading strategy use and reading comprehension performance


    Zhongshe Lu; Meihua Liu


    The present study explored the interrelations between foreign language (FL) reading anxiety, FL reading strategy use and their interactive effect on FL reading comprehension performance at the tertiary level in China. Analyses of the survey data collected from 1702 university students yielded the following results: (a) Both Foreign Language Reading Anxiety Scale (FLRAS) and Foreign Language Reading Strategy Use Scale (FLRSUS) had important subcomponents, (b) more than half of the stu...

  16. Reading by Children with Low Vision (United States)

    Gompel, Marjolein; van Bon, Wim H. J.; Schreuder, Robert


    This study of the reading of text found that despite their lower reading speed on a reading-comprehension task, the children with low vision comprehended texts at least as well as did the sighted children. Children with low vision need more time to read and comprehend a text, but they seem to use this time with enough efficiency to process the…

  17. Waging a Battle to Promote Reading (United States)

    Dix, Suzanne Liacos


    As advocates for reading, librarians cannot help but love a reading program. In this article, the author talks about the Battle of the Books, a reading enrichment program that had been in place since 1996. Battle of the Books promotes reading among middle school students by offering interesting books and a trivia-type competition. The author…

  18. The Politics of the Teaching of Reading (United States)

    Soler, Janet


    Historically, political debates have broken out over how to teach reading in primary schools and infant classrooms. These debates and "reading wars" have often resulted from public concerns and media reportage of a fall in reading standards. They also reflect the importance placed on learning to read by parents, teachers, employers, and…

  19. Speaking My Mind: Stop Reading Shakespeare! (United States)

    Spangler, Susan


    Reading skills are vital to student success, and those skills could be practiced with Shakespeare "if students are taught reading skills in the classroom." The problem is that many teachers of English do not consider themselves reading specialists and do not teach reading skills to their students. Fred L. Hamel notes that teachers in a recent…

  20. Reading Habits of Undergraduates and their Academic ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Reading is an indispensable tool of learning. Every course of study is accomplished partly through reading. Lecturers in the University usually have high expectations of a students‟ ability to cope with the demands of reading. However, reading as a practice and an art has tended to diminish. The general expectations of ...

  1. Learning to Read and the Preschool Years (United States)

    Wilson, Lorraine


    You have young preschool children. You think ahead to when they will begin school, and wonder what you might do to make it easy for your children to learn to read. This article offers some hints for parents and caregivers about learning to read: (1) Reading can begin at birth; (2) When reading aloud to an infant, make the experience a warm, loving…

  2. A reading intervention programme for mathematics students ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Based on the results of Phase I of a reading skills project in 2000 (SAJHE 16(3) 2002), Phase II was undertaken to set up a reading intervention programme on a voluntary basis for students enrolled in a mathematics access module, to determine whether explicit attention given to reading would improve their reading skills ...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ila Amalia


    Full Text Available This research takes an action research aimed at promoting critical reading (“thinking” while reading skills using authentic materials among the students. This research also aims to reveal the students perception on using critical reading skills in reading activities. Nineteen English Education Department students who took Reading IV class, participated in this project. There were three cycles with three different critical reading strategies were applied. Meanwhile, the authentic materials were taken from newspaper and internet articles. The result revealed that the use of critical reading strategies along with the use of authentic materials has improved students’ critical reading skills as seen from the improvement of each cycle - the students critical reading skill was 54% (fair in the cycle 1 improved to 68% (average in cycle 2, and 82% (good in cycle 3.. In addition, based on the critical reading skill criteria, the students’ critical reading skill has improved from 40% (nearly meet to 80% (exceed. Meanwhile, from the students’ perception questionnaire, it was shown that 63% students agreed the critical reading activity using authentic text could improve critical thinking and 58% students agreed that doing critical reading activity could improve reading comprehension. The result had the implication that the use of authentic texts could improve students’ critical reading skills if it was taught by performing not lecturing them. Selectively choosing various strategies and materials can trigger students’ activeness in responding to a text, that eventually shape their critical reading skills.

  4. Sharing a Reading Technique with Families (United States)

    Irish, Christy K.; Parsons, Seth A.


    Sharing reading techniques with families is an important responsibility of teachers. Dialogic reading is one way to improve young students' expressive vocabulary skills, which are important for later reading success. Dialogic reading also supports students' understanding of story structure and content. This well researched technique has not been…

  5. Man's Best Friend as a Reading Facilitator (United States)

    Shaw, Donita Massengill


    The purpose of this manuscript was to describe information about an animal-assisted therapy, specifically the Reading Education Assistance Dog (R.E.A.D.) program. In this manuscript I provide information about R.E.A.D. programs in general. Next, I share perspectives solicited from R.E.A.D. participants, specifically teachers, parents, students and…

  6. A Review of Reading Motivation Scales (United States)

    Davis, Marcia H.; Tonks, Stephen M.; Hock, Michael; Wang, Wenhao; Rodriguez, Aldo


    Reading motivation is a critical contributor to reading achievement and has the potential to influence its development. Educators, researchers, and evaluators need to select the best reading motivation scales for their research and classroom. The goals of this review were to identify a set of reading motivation student self-report scales used in…

  7. Investigating students' motivations and attitudes towards reading ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This paper reports on an investigation into students' attitudes to and motivations for reading. These socio-affective factors relating to students' reading abilities have been largely ignored in L1 and L2 reading research, especially in L2 contexts. Yet, L2 students tend to display differing motivations and attitudes for L2 reading ...

  8. Introducing Newspapers in Developmental Reading Classes (United States)

    Karstadt, Roberta; Rey, Victoria M.


    Newspapers are an effective educational and motivational tool in developmental reading classes. However, many students are unfamiliar with newspapers and read them infrequently. In order to foster newspaper reading and familiarize the college freshmen enrolled in their developmental reading classes with newspapers, the writers of this article…

  9. Early Identification of Reading Comprehension Difficulties (United States)

    Catts, Hugh W.; Nielsen, Diane Corcoran; Bridges, Mindy Sittner; Liu, Yi-Syuan


    Most research on early identification of reading disabilities has focused on word reading problems and little attention has been given to reading comprehension difficulties. In this study, we investigated whether measures of language ability and/or response to language intervention in kindergarten uniquely predicted reading comprehension…

  10. Re-reading Riegl

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matthew Rampley


    Full Text Available Review of: Peter Noever, Artur Rosenauer and Georg Vasold, eds, Alois Riegl Revisited. Beiträge zu Werk und Rezeption. Contributions to the Opus and its Reception. Vienna: Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2010. Michael S. Falser, Wilfried Lipp, Andrzek Tomaszewski, eds, Conservation and Preservation. Interactions between Theory and Practice. In Memoriam Alois Riegl (1858-1905. Proceedings of the International Conference of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee for the Theory and the Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration, 23-27 April 2008, Vienna. Florence: Polistampa, 2010. This review examines two recent publications concerned with the legacy of Alois Riegl. It considers these books as examples of the changing landscape of Riegl scholarship, in which the traditional concern with issues of methodology (notably the meaning and function of Riegl’s concept of the Kunstwollen has given way to an engagement with his place in the wider cultural and academic politics of the Habsburg Empire. The review examines Riegl’s engagement with disciplines such as national economy, ethnology, Islamic studies and archaeology.

  11. O papel do toque como estratégia técnico-pedagógica de correção na aula de Técnica de Dança Clássica : 3º ano da Academia de Dança do Vale do Sousa


    Rodrigues, Joana Cristina Fernandes


    Relatório Final de Estágio apresentado à Escola Superior de Dança, com vista à obtenção do grau de Mestre em Ensino de Dança. Elaborado no âmbito do Mestrado em Ensino de Dança, este relatório refere-se ao estágio realizado na Academia de Dança do Vale do Sousa e tem como principal objetivo desmistificar o uso do toque técnico na correção dos alunos de Técnica de Dança Clássica pretendendo ainda salientar a sua importância como eficaz ferramenta pedagógica de correção. A amostr...

  12. The York-Mason technique for recto-urethral fistulas Correção de fistula reto-uretral pela técnica de York-Mason

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandre Crippa


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: Recto-urethral fistula formation following radical prostatectomy is an uncommon but potentially devastating event. There is no consensus in the literature regarding the treatment of these fistulas. We present here our experiences treating recto-urethral fistulas. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We analyzed 8 cases of rectourethral fistula treated at our institution in the last seven years. Seven of the patients underwent repair of the fistula using the modified York-Mason procedure. RESULTS: The causes of the fistula were radical retropubic prostatectomy in five patients, perineal debridement of Fournier's gangrene in one, transvesical prostatectomy in one and transurethral resection of the prostate in the other patient. The most common clinical manifestation was fecaluria, present in 87.5% of the cases. The mean time elapsed between diagnosis and correction of the fistula was 29.6 (7-63 months. One spontaneous closure occurred after five months of delayed catheterization. Urinary and retrograde urethrocystography indicated the site of the fistula in 71.4% of the cases. No patient presented recurrence of the fistula after its correction with the modified York-Mason procedure. CONCLUSION: The performance of routine colostomy and cystostomy is unnecessary. The technique described by York-Mason permits easy access, reduces surgical and hospitalization times and presents low complication and morbidity rates when surgically correcting recto-urethral fistulas.OBJETIVO: As fístulas reto-uretrais são de acesso difícil e por vezes complexo, sendo seu fechamento espontâneo raro. Com o diagnóstico precoce e aumento do número de intervenções, principalmente a cirurgia por adenocarcinoma da próstata localizado, sua incidência apesar de rara vem crescendo. Nós demonstramos a nossa experiência dos casos de fístulas reto-uretrais entre 2000 a 2006 com uma serie de oito pacientes, sendo que sete realizaram correção da fístula pela Técnica de

  13. Tradição e modernidade em diálogo na correspondência de Pio Lourenço Corrêa & Mário de Andrade

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Denise Landi Corrales Guaranha


    Full Text Available Este trabalho tem como objetivo apresentar e discutir alguns aspectos sentimentais e literários do diálogo epistolar entre Mário de Andrade (1893-1945 e Pio Lourenço Corrêa (1875-1957, um interlocutor privilegiado do autor de Macunaíma (1928, que, embora tenha sido associado a tradição, " não me cabe na mioleira um verso sem metro, sem rima, sem leis ", como confessou em uma carta a Mário após a Semana de Arte Moderna (1922, teve uma influência importante sobre a obras do escritor modernista e foi corresponsável pela autodescoberta de Mário como um poeta, bem como, em parte, pelo amadurecimento de seu estilo. A correspondência prolongada, trocada entre 1917 e 1945 e interrompida apenas pela morte de Mario, também revela outros aspectos humanos como a figura do pai que, em certos momentos Pio representou, e as funções de amigo e confidente do escritor modernista. Intelectualmente, foi a ampla gama de conhecimentos gerais de Pio Lourenço, incluindo linguística e conhecimentos literários, elementos importantes na construção e maturação do estilo Mário de Andrade.

  14. Influence of patient race on the outcome of photorefractive keratectomy for myopia correction Influência racial sobre os resultados da ceratectomia fotorrefrativa para a correção da miopia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando Betty Cresta


    longer-term studies are needed to definitely determine whether racial differences exist.Objetivo: Avaliar o efeito do fator racial nos resultados clínicos após cirurgia de excimer laser para correção da miopia e astigmatismo miópico. Métodos: Um total de 116 olhos de pacientes caucasianos, 16 olhos de pacientes asiáticos e 16 olhos de pacientes hispânicos submetidos a PRK foram avaliados retrospectivamente. Os procedimentos foram realizados pelo mesmo cirurgião usando um excimer laser (VISX de 193 nm com 160 mJ/cm² de fluência e 6,5 Hz de taxa de repetição no Doheny Eye Institute. Durante 6 meses de pós-operatório, mudanças na acuidade visual sem correção (AVSC, refração e acuidade visual com correção (AVCC foram avaliadas. Comparações pareadas entre as raças foram realizadas segundo a idade, grau esférico e cilíndrico usando testes t (amostras independentes, ao passo que AVSC e AVCC foram comparadas usando o teste exato de Fisher. O nível aceitável de significância para todos os testes foi de alfa= 0,05/3 = 0,0167. Resultados: As únicas diferenças encontradas foram no grupo asiático versus caucasiano com relação a acuidade visual corrigida de 20/15 (p=0,01 e no grupo asiático versus hispânico com relação a média do cilindro (p=0,04 no 3º mês pós-operatório. A comparação da média dos cilindros mostrou diferença estatisticamente significante no grupo asiático versus hispânico no 6º mês de pós-operatório (p=0,04. Após 6 meses do procedimento, 72,7% dos olhos dos pacientes asiáticos, 85,7% dos olhos dos pacientes hispânicos e 87,1% dos olhos dos pacientes caucasianos apresentaram acuidade visual sem correção de 20/40 ou melhor e a média do grau esférico e cilíndrico foi de (± SD: -- 0,55 (± 0,88 e 0,97 (± 0,79; --0,75 (± 1,24 e 0,40 (± 0,45; -- 1.21 (± 2,55 e 0,75 (± 0,89, respectivamente. Conclusão: Neste estudo não houve diferenças estatisticamente significantes entre os 3 grupos raciais relacionadas

  15. Cultural commons and cultural evolution


    Bravo, Giangiacomo


    Culture evolves following a process that is akin to biological evolution, although with some significant differences. At the same time culture has often a collective good value for human groups. This paper studies culture in an evolutionary perspective, with a focus on the implications of group definition for the coexistence of different cultures. A model of cultural evolution is presented where agents interacts in an artificial environment. The belonging to a specific memetic group is a majo...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniela Blagoj Dimitrova-Radojichikj


    Full Text Available A comparison reading performance was done between 8 students who are using Braille and 14 students who are using enlarged print to read. Reading performance was determined using reading rate (words per minute, wpm. Reading rate results showed no significant difference (p>0.05 between those using the Braille (16.62±11.61 wpm and those using the enlarged print (27.21±24.89 wpm. This study has shown that Braille reader students read at lower reading rate compared to print reader students with visual impairment.

  17. Russian Culture and Theatrical Performance in America 1891-1933


    Pagani, Maria Pia


    Maria Pia Pagani invites you to read Valleri J. Hohman, Russian Culture and Theatrical Performance in America 1891-1933, Palgrave MacMillan, Palgrave Studies in Theatre and Performance History, New York 2011, pp. 230.

  18. The parent/child/teacher reading relation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Myrna Machet


    Full Text Available Becoming a reader involves gaining the meaning of the activities involved which includes the purposes, values and roles that are part of the activity. At home literacy is contextualised and a child becomes aware of the uses and practises of reading in his or her culture. This home based literacy is a more natural form of literacy and must be distinguishedfrom school based literacy which is a more organised, systematic literacy. Teachers need to be aware of the important role that preliteracy experience plays in a child's ability to learn to read successfully. They can then provide experiences that will help those children who come to school without the prerequisite emergent literacy skills to become good readers. Teachers will benefit from being aware of family literacy practices and encouraging parents to become involved in their children's reading, because this will help children to make reading and general literacy activities more meaningful. Children who become successful readers associate books with enjoyment and are therefore willing to make the effort to become readers. This is more likely to happen with the support from the family. Research indicates that a key predictor of student success is family involvement in children's education (Ginsburg, 1999:3. Om 'n leser te word, hou in dat betekenis gevorm moet word van die aktiwiteite wat by lees betrokke is, nl die doel, waardes en rolle wat deel van die aktiwiteite. Geletterdheid word by die huis gekontekstualiseer en 'n kind word bewus van die gebruike van en praktyke vir lees in sy of haar kultuur. Hierdie huisgebaseerde geletterdheid is die natuurlikste vorm van geletterdheid en moet onderskei word van skoolgebaseerde geletterdheid wat 'n meer georganiseerde sistematiese soort geletterdheid is. Onderwysers moet bewus wees van die belangrike rol wat voor-geletterdheidervaring speel in In kind se vermoe om suksesvol te leer lees. Hulle kan dan geleenthede organiseer wat daardie kinders

  19. Can verbal working memory training improve reading? (United States)

    Banales, Erin; Kohnen, Saskia; McArthur, Genevieve


    The aim of the current study was to determine whether poor verbal working memory is associated with poor word reading accuracy because the former causes the latter, or the latter causes the former. To this end, we tested whether (a) verbal working memory training improves poor verbal working memory or poor word reading accuracy, and whether (b) reading training improves poor reading accuracy or verbal working memory in a case series of four children with poor word reading accuracy and verbal working memory. Each child completed 8 weeks of verbal working memory training and 8 weeks of reading training. Verbal working memory training improved verbal working memory in two of the four children, but did not improve their reading accuracy. Similarly, reading training improved word reading accuracy in all children, but did not improve their verbal working memory. These results suggest that the causal links between verbal working memory and reading accuracy may not be as direct as has been assumed.

  20. Ceratectomia fotorrefrativa (PRK com mitomicina C a 0,02% para correção de grau acentuado de astigmatismo hipermetrópico composto secundário a cirurgia de ceratotomia radial (RK Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK with mitomicyn C 0,02% for the management of high degree of hyperopic astigmatism following radial keratectomy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adamo Lui Netto


    Full Text Available Descrever o efeito da cirurgia fotorrefrativa (PRK associada ao uso de mitomicina C a 0,02% para correção de grau acentuado de astigmatismo hipermetrópico composto apresentado após cirurgia de ceratotomia radial (RK realizada há 12 anos.To describe PRK with mitomicyn C effects for the management of high-degree hyperopic astigmatism following Radial Keratectomy performed 12 years ago.

  1. Processing changes across reading encounters. (United States)

    Levy, B A; Newell, S; Snyder, J; Timmins, K


    Five experiments examined changes in the processing of a text across reading encounters. Experiment 1 showed that reading speed increased systematically across encounters, with no loss in the extensiveness of analyses of the printed text, as indicated by the ability to detect nonword errors embedded within that passage. Experiment 2 replicated this improved reading fluency with experience and showed that it occurred even with typescript changes across trials, thus indicating that a primed visual operations explanation cannot account for the effect. The third and fourth experiments then extended the study of the familiarity effect to higher level processing, as indicated by the detection of word errors. Familiarity facilitated the detection of these violations at the syntactic-semantic levels. Finally, Experiment 5 showed that these higher level violations continued to be well detected over a series of reading encounters with the same text. The results indicate that prior experience improves reading speed, with no attenuation of analysis of the printed words or of the passage's message.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ani Purjayanti


    Full Text Available Reading Comprehension has been determined (by the Director of First Common Year Program to be one of the core subjects for the first year IPB students, either in semester one or two. With the objective of being able to read English texts effectively and efficiently, the teaching of reading for these undergraduate programs are basically confined to skills that can develop reading speed and improve students‘ comprehension and reasoning abilities. Thus, skills like finding both general and specific ideas, guessing unknown words, finding meanings from English-English dictionary, predicting, ad nfinding inferences are those need to be covered. Such kind of teaching, however, can sometimes become a demanding task when dealing with certain classroom conditions and with certain targets. It is, therefore, a challenge for all English teachers in my university to be able to carry out the task well so as to achieve the above teaching objectives. Meanwhile, students‘ evaluation reveals that 3 semesters ago, teachers obtained various scores in their teaching evaluation, ranging from 2 to 3.7 out of the 1-4 scale. This paper, accordingly, is written to find out the teaching method and strategies used by those obtaining relatively good scores (3.2 and above in order to disseminate them as better insights for the teaching of reading not only in my university but also other schools or colleges.

  3. Smart Strategy to Boost Students' Reading Comprehension


    Sfafi'i, Muhammad Lukman


    Reading as one of language skills plays significant roles in the teaching English as a foreign language. Since the teacher still uses the conventional way to teach reading, students‘ ability in reading comprehension seems still unsatisfactory yet. So, teacher should explore and develop new strategies. One of strategies in reading comprehension that can trigger our students to attain that purpose is SMART (Self Monitoring Approach for Reading and Thinking) strategy. ...

  4. The Relationship between Reading Proficiency and Reading Strategy Use: A Study of Adult ESL Learners (United States)

    Huang, Jiuhan; Nisbet, Deanna


    This article explores the relationship between reading strategy use and reading proficiency among 121 adult ESL learners. Reading strategy use was measured by the SORS, and reading proficiency was determined by the CASAS Reading Test and BEST Literacy Test. Findings of the study reveal that (a) adult ESL learners are active strategies users; (b)…

  5. Engaging Struggling Early Readers to Promote Reading Success: A Pilot Study of Reading by Design (United States)

    Mendez, Linda M. Raffaele; Pelzmann, Catherine A.; Frank, Michael J.


    In this study, we piloted a Tier 2 intervention designed to improve reading skills among struggling early readers using an intervention that included SRA Reading Mastery, listening-while-reading activities, strategies to increase motivation and engagement in reading, and parent involvement in reading homework. The study included 6 students in…

  6. Enhancing the Reading Fluency and Comprehension of Children with Reading Disabilities in an Orthographically Transparent Language (United States)

    Snellings, Patrick; van der Leij, Aryan; de Jong, Peter F.; Blok, Henk


    Breznitz (2006) demonstrated that Hebrew-speaking adults with reading disabilities benefited from a training in which reading rate was experimentally manipulated. In the present study, the authors examine whether silent reading training enhances the sentence reading rate and comprehension of children with reading disabilities and whether results…

  7. The Impact of Reading for Pleasure on Georgian University EFL Students' Reading Comprehension (IBSU Case) (United States)

    Goctu, Ramazan


    Reading is one of the most significant skills, particularly for EFL students. Many students today do not have the reading skills needed to do effective work in their courses. This paper explores reading for pleasure, its importance and impact on reading comprehension. Pleasure reading helps students to communicate, listen and, most importantly, to…

  8. ELL High School Students' Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategy Use and Reading Proficiency (United States)

    Hong-Nam, Kay


    This study investigated the metacognitive awareness and reading strategies use of high school-­aged English language learners (ELLs) and the relationship between ELL reading strategy use and reading proficiency as measured by a standardized reading test and self-­rated reading proficiency. Results reveal that participants reported moderate use of…

  9. Reading Incentives that Work: No-Cost Strategies to Motivate Kids to Read and Love It! (United States)

    Small, Ruth V.


    In education, it is possible to find dozens of examples of "forced" reading incentive programs that categorize student reading levels, provide limited reading lists coordinated with those reading levels, assess student reading through computer-based tests, and award tangible prizes when they pass the test. Those who perform best get the most…

  10. E-Readers and the Effects on Students' Reading Motivation, Attitude and Comprehension during Guided Reading (United States)

    Long, Deanna; Szabo, Susan


    This quasi-experimental mixed methods study examined the use of e-readers during guided reading instruction and its impact on 5th grade students' reading motivation, attitude toward reading, and reading comprehension. For 10 weeks, 19 students received guided reading instruction by means of the traditional paper/text format, while 16 students…

  11. The Impact of a Therapy Dog Program on Children's Reading Skills and Attitudes toward Reading (United States)

    Kirnan, Jean; Siminerio, Steven; Wong, Zachary


    An existing school program in which therapy dogs are integrated into the reading curriculum was analyzed to determine the effect on student reading. Previous literature suggests an improvement in both reading skills and attitudes towards reading when students read in the presence of a therapy dog. Using a mixed method model, the researchers…

  12. Using Reading Guides and On-Line Quizzes to Improve Reading Compliance and Quiz Scores (United States)

    Maurer, Trent W.; Longfield, Judith


    This study compared students' daily in-class reading quiz scores in an introductory Child Development course across five conditions: control, reading guide only, reading guide and on-line practice quiz, reading guide and on-line graded quiz, and reading guide and both types of on-line quizzes. At the beginning of class, students completed a 5-item…

  13. Examining Associations between Reading Motivation and Inference Generation beyond Reading Comprehension Skill (United States)

    Clinton, Virginia


    The purpose of this study was to examine the associations between reading motivation and inference generation while reading. Undergraduate participants (N = 69) read two science articles while thinking aloud, completed a standardized reading comprehension assessment, and self reported their habitual reading motivation. Findings indicate that…

  14. The role of speech prosody and text reading prosody in children's reading comprehension. (United States)

    Veenendaal, Nathalie J; Groen, Margriet A; Verhoeven, Ludo


    Text reading prosody has been associated with reading comprehension. However, text reading prosody is a reading-dependent measure that relies heavily on decoding skills. Investigation of the contribution of speech prosody - which is independent from reading skills - in addition to text reading prosody, to reading comprehension could provide more insight into the general role of prosody in reading comprehension. The current study investigates how much variance in reading comprehension scores is explained by speech prosody and text reading prosody, after controlling for decoding, vocabulary, and syntactic awareness. A battery of reading and language assessments was performed by 106 Dutch fourth-grade primary school children. Speech prosody was assessed using a storytelling task and text reading prosody by oral text reading performance. Decoding skills, vocabulary, syntactic awareness, and reading comprehension were assessed using standardized tests. Hierarchical regression analyses showed that text reading prosody explained 6% of variance and that speech prosody explained 8% of variance in reading comprehension scores, after controlling for decoding, vocabulary, and syntactic awareness. Phrasing was the significant factor in both speech and text reading. When added in consecutive order, phrasing in speech added 5% variance to phrasing in reading. In contrast, phrasing in reading added only 3% variance to phrasing in speech. The variance that speech prosody explained in reading comprehension scores should not be neglected. Speech prosody seems to facilitate the construction of meaning in written language. © 2014 The British Psychological Society.

  15. "Passageless" Administration of the Nelson-Denny Reading Comprehension Test: Associations with IQ and Reading Skills (United States)

    Ready, Rebecca E.; Chaudhry, Maheen F.; Schatz, Kelly C.; Strazzullo, Sarah


    There are few tests that assess reading comprehension in adults, but these tests are needed for a comprehensive assessment of reading disorders (RD). "The Nelson-Denny Reading Test" (NDRT) has a long-passage reading comprehension component that can be used with adolescents and adults. A problem with the NDRT is that reading comprehension…

  16. Comparison of reading speed with 3 different log-scaled reading charts. (United States)

    Buari, Noor Halilah; Chen, Ai-Hong; Musa, Nuraini


    A reading chart that resembles real reading conditions is important to evaluate the quality of life in terms of reading performance. The purpose of this study was to compare the reading speed of UiTM Malay related words (UiTM-Mrw) reading chart with MNread Acuity Chart and Colenbrander Reading Chart. Fifty subjects with normal sight were randomly recruited through randomized sampling in this study (mean age=22.98±1.65 years). Subjects were asked to read three different near charts aloud and as quickly as possible at random sequence. The charts were the UiTM-Mrw Reading Chart, MNread Acuity Chart and Colenbrander Reading Chart, respectively. The time taken to read each chart was recorded and any errors while reading were noted. Reading performance was quantified in terms of reading speed as words per minute (wpm). The mean reading speed for UiTM-Mrw Reading Chart, MNread Acuity Chart and Colenbrander Reading Chart was 200±30wpm, 196±28wpm and 194±31wpm, respectively. Comparison of reading speed between UiTM-Mrw Reading Chart and MNread Acuity Chart showed no significant difference (t=-0.73, p=0.72). The same happened with the reading speed between UiTM-Mrw Reading Chart and Colenbrander Reading Chart (t=-0.97, p=0.55). Bland and Altman plot showed good agreement between reading speed of UiTM-Mrw Reading Chart with MNread Acuity Chart with the Colenbrander Reading Chart. UiTM-Mrw Reading Chart in Malay language is highly comparable with standardized charts and can be used for evaluating reading speed. Copyright © 2013 Spanish General Council of Optometry. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.

  17. The Same but Different: Making Meaning from Modified Texts with Cross-Cultural Themes (United States)

    Leung, Cynthia B.; Bennett, Susan V.; Gunn, AnnMarie Alberton


    Reader response theory provides the framework for the present study that explored literary elements and cultural responses of fifth-grade students to two modified versions of a cross-cultural text, "Homesick: My Own Story" by Jean Fritz. One group of students read the first chapter of the book and another group read a modified basal…

  18. Culturing Protozoa. (United States)

    Stevenson, Paul


    Compares various nutrient media, growth conditions, and stock solutions used in culturing protozoa. A hay infusion in Chalkey's solution maintained at a stable temperature is recommended for producing the most dense and diverse cultures. (WB)

  19. Unveiling the dynamics of reading

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Posner, M.; Abdullaev, Y.


    What happens in our brain when we read isolated words? Are some particular areas of cortex stimulated when these words make sense? Does the reading practice induce others areas? And what about the new senses research? Some studies carried out for a century show that two regions of the left cerebral hemisphere: the Broca and the Wernicke areas are involved. By visualizing in vivo an elementary thought as what is for instance the function of a hammer, the functional cerebral imagery (positron computed tomography, NMR imaging, electro-encephalography) allows to deepen and to explain the analysis. It reveals an areas network called semantic, in the right hemisphere too. Their activation would take place according to a very fast sequence in order to direct the eye movements during the reading. (O.M.)

  20. Reading Makes Cents Resource Review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lacie Ashby


    Full Text Available In today’s economy, it is more crucial than ever to focus our educational efforts on increasing financial literacy. Many young people are unskilled in managing their personal finances, yet this critical life skill will greatly affect their future economic well-being. Reading Makes Cents, developed by Penn State University, is an excellent resource to address this need. A reviewed and recommended curriculum by National 4-H, this complete, easy to use curriculum targets youth in grades 3-5 with a combination of financial literacy and reading. The curriculum explores basic money concepts such as spending, saving, and sharing money. Lessons incorporate hands-on activities and children’s literature to reinforce lesson objectives. With evaluation questions and family activities included, Reading Makes Cents is a perfect guide for educators to easily pick up and teach.

  1. Gender affects body language reading

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arseny A Sokolov


    Full Text Available Body motion is a rich source of information for social cognition. However, gender effects in body language reading are largely unknown. Here we investigated whether, and, if so, how recognition of emotional expressions revealed by body motion is gender dependent. To this end, females and males were presented with point-light displays portraying knocking at a door performed with different emotional expressions. The findings show that gender affects accuracy rather than speed of body language reading. This effect, however, is modulated by emotional content of actions: males surpass in recognition accuracy of happy actions, whereas females tend to excel in recognition of hostile angry knocking. Advantage of women in recognition accuracy of neutral actions suggests that females are better tuned to the lack of emotional content in body actions. The study provides novel insights into understanding of gender effects in body language reading, and helps to shed light on gender vulnerability to neuropsychiatric impairments in visual social cognition.

  2. Literary, Memory, Reading and Teaching

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guaraciaba Micheletti


    Full Text Available The teaching of literature even when focused on reading is often overlooked in the face of other classroom needs. The teaching of reading, without well-defined object, is emphasized by performing as a concern of all areas and not only in mother-tongue classes. However, a closer look reveals that this is exactly the reading of literary texts that provides answers to questions from other spheres (LAJOLO, 1982; 1993; COSSON, 2006. In this article, taking as a basis, the intertextuality, one of the constituent elements of literary texts (MAINGUENEAU, 2004, we propose some reflections on the role of literary literacy by presenting suggestions for activities, based on the concept of teacher as mediator of the dialogues constituted in the literary text and other derivatives of these dialogues in the classroom.

  3. Safety culture

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Keen, L.J.


    Safety culture has become a topic of increasing interest for industry and regulators as issues are raised on safety problems around the world. The keys to safety culture are organizational effectiveness, effective communications, organizational learning, and a culture that encourages the identification and resolution of safety issues. The necessity of a strong safety culture places an onus on all of us to continually question whether the safety measures already in place are sufficient, and are being applied. (author)

  4. Mobile app reading speed test. (United States)

    Kingsnorth, Alec; Wolffsohn, James S


    To validate the accuracy and repeatability of a mobile app reading speed test compared with the traditional paper version. Twenty-one subjects wearing their full refractive correction glasses read 14 sentences of decreasing print size between 1.0 and -0.1 logMAR, each consisting of 14 words (Radner reading speed test) at 40 cm with a paper-based chart and twice on iPad charts. Time duration was recorded with a stop watch for the paper chart and on the App itself for the mobile chart allowing critical print size (CPS) and optimal reading speed (ORS) to be derived objectively. The ORS was higher for the mobile app charts (194±29 wpm; 195±25 wpm) compared with the paper chart (166±20 wpm; F=57.000, pmobile app charts (0.17±0.20 logMAR; 0.18±0.17 logMAR) compared with the paper chart (0.25±0.17 logMAR; F=5.406, p=0.009). The mobile app test had a mean difference repeatability of 0.30±22.5 wpm, r=0.917 for ORS, and a CPS of 0.0±0.2 logMAR, r=0.769. Repeatability of the app reading speed test is as good (ORS) or better (CPS) than previous studies on the paper test. While the results are not interchangeable with paper-based charts, mobile app tablet-based tests of reading speed are reliable and rapid to perform, with the potential to capture functional visual ability in research studies and clinical practice. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  5. Beyond Culture. (United States)

    Barron, Daniel D.


    Discusses the lack of literature relating to cultural differences and school library media programs and reviews the book "Beyond Culture" by Edward T. Hall. Highlights include the population/environment crisis, cultural literacy, the use of technology, and Marshall McLuhan's idea of the global village. (LRW)

  6. Bile culture (United States)

    Culture - bile ... is placed in a special dish called a culture medium to see if bacteria, viruses, or fungi ... Chernecky CC, Berger BJ. Body fluid - anaerobic culture. In: ... . 6th ed. St Louis, MO: Elsevier Saunders; 2013:225-226. Kim AY, ...

  7. Handling Culture

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pieter van Nispen tot Pannerden


    The article indicates how companies may prepare for and deal with cultural differences. Because the research base is still rather limited an overall perspective may not be realised. After discussing definitions and concepts of culture, as well as values, cultural differences between states are

  8. Reading Maxwell in Conceptual Physics (United States)

    Bonham, Scott W.


    An important aspect of science education involves helping students learn to read and communicate scientific information and arguments. In this note, I would like to share a resource that I have come across which I have found to be a useful tool for helping students improve those skills, learn content material, and acquaint them with a great scientist. Specifically, this is having non-science college students in my course Light, Color and Vision read and discuss a letter by James Clerk Maxwell entitled "On the Theory of Colours in Relation to Colour-Blindness" (see Fig. 1).

  9. "Vidas secas": a (hyperintertextual reading

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giselda Maria Dutra Bandoli


    Full Text Available This work conducts a reflection on the notions of hypertext from a few updated views of Vidas Secas by Graciliano Ramos. Our purpose is to carry out the reading of an art object, dissociating hypertext from the idea of a device enabled only by electronic media. Thus, we show that hypertext is also manifested in printed texts, and postulate that literary language can be a manifestation of hypertextuality. Finally, we perform an intertextual reading of the book, seeking to highlight the dialogue between this and other works by representative Brazilian authors.

  10. Social Reading: Promoting Reading in the Millennial Learner (United States)

    Preddy, Leslie


    Students' minds today are attracted to entertainment and all things social. To engage the reading attitudes of this generation, educators need to adapt some old tricks and add new tricks to their bag to meet these Digital Natives where they live--the world of social interaction and social technology. This article discusses the three R's necessary…

  11. Lessons from the Reading Brain for Reading Development and Dyslexia (United States)

    Wolf, Maryanne; Ullman-Shade, Catherine; Gottwald, Stephanie


    This essay is about the improbable emergence of written language six millennia ago that gave rise to the even more improbable, highly sophisticated reading brain of the twenty-first century. How it emerged and what it comprises--both in its most basic iteration in the very young reader and in its most elaborated iteration in the expert reader--is…

  12. Grist and mills: on the cultural origins of cultural learning (United States)

    Heyes, Cecilia


    Cumulative cultural evolution is what ‘makes us odd’; our capacity to learn facts and techniques from others, and to refine them over generations, plays a major role in making human minds and lives radically different from those of other animals. In this article, I discuss cognitive processes that are known collectively as ‘cultural learning’ because they enable cumulative cultural evolution. These cognitive processes include reading, social learning, imitation, teaching, social motivation and theory of mind. Taking the first of these three types of cultural learning as examples, I ask whether and to what extent these cognitive processes have been adapted genetically or culturally to enable cumulative cultural evolution. I find that recent empirical work in comparative psychology, developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience provides surprisingly little evidence of genetic adaptation, and ample evidence of cultural adaptation. This raises the possibility that it is not only ‘grist’ but also ‘mills’ that are culturally inherited; through social interaction in the course of development, we not only acquire facts about the world and how to deal with it (grist), we also build the cognitive processes that make ‘fact inheritance’ possible (mills). PMID:22734061

  13. Reading Self-Efficacy Predicts Word Reading But Not Comprehension in Both Girls and Boys. (United States)

    Carroll, Julia M; Fox, Amy C


    The relationship between cognitive skills and reading has been well-established. However, the role of motivational factors such as self-efficacy in reading progress is less clear. In particular, it is not clear how self-efficacy relates to word level reading versus comprehension, and whether this differs in boys and girls. This study examines the relationship between self-efficacy, word reading and reading comprehension across the range of reading abilities after controlling for reading-related cognitive factors. One hundred and seventy nine children (86 males and 93 females) between 8 and 11 years old completed a self-report measure of reading self-efficacy together with measures of reading comprehension and word reading, working memory, auditory short-term memory, phonological awareness, and vocabulary. Boys and girls showed similar levels of attainment and reading self-efficacy. Reading self-efficacy was associated with word reading, but not with reading comprehension in either boys or girls. It is argued that this may reflect important differences between reading self-efficacy and more general measures of reading motivation and engagement. Reading self-efficacy is an element of reading motivation that is closely associated with a child's perceived attainments in reading and is less susceptible to the gender differences seen in broader measures.

  14. Reading Self-Efficacy Predicts Word Reading But Not Comprehension in Both Girls and Boys (United States)

    Carroll, Julia M.; Fox, Amy C.


    The relationship between cognitive skills and reading has been well-established. However, the role of motivational factors such as self-efficacy in reading progress is less clear. In particular, it is not clear how self-efficacy relates to word level reading versus comprehension, and whether this differs in boys and girls. This study examines the relationship between self-efficacy, word reading and reading comprehension across the range of reading abilities after controlling for reading-related cognitive factors. One hundred and seventy nine children (86 males and 93 females) between 8 and 11 years old completed a self-report measure of reading self-efficacy together with measures of reading comprehension and word reading, working memory, auditory short-term memory, phonological awareness, and vocabulary. Boys and girls showed similar levels of attainment and reading self-efficacy. Reading self-efficacy was associated with word reading, but not with reading comprehension in either boys or girls. It is argued that this may reflect important differences between reading self-efficacy and more general measures of reading motivation and engagement. Reading self-efficacy is an element of reading motivation that is closely associated with a child’s perceived attainments in reading and is less susceptible to the gender differences seen in broader measures. PMID:28144223

  15. Mutation du gène NOD2 chez les patients marocains atteints de la maladie de Crohn: prévalence, étude génotypique et corrélation au phénotype de la maladie (United States)

    Tamzaourte, Mouna; Errabih, Ikram; Krami, Hayat; Maha, Fadlouallah; Maria, Lahmiri; Benzzoubeir, Nadia; Ouazzani, Laaziza; Sefiani, Ahmed; Ouazzani, Houria


    L'objectif était de déterminer la prévalence des mutations du gène NOD2/CARD15 dans un groupe de patients Marocains atteint de Maladie de Crohn et étudier sa corrélation génotype-expression phénotypique. Etude transversale cas témoin menée sur une durée de 16 mois. Ont été inclus 101 patients atteints de la maladie de Crohn, entre Janvier 2012 et Avril 2013 ainsi qu'un groupe contrôle de 107 patients. L'analyse génétique a consisté à rechercher 3 variants du gène NOD2: p.Arg702Trp, p.Gly908Arg et p.Leu1007fsins. Puis une étude de corrélation génotype-expression phénotypique a été menée. L'analyse génétique des patients atteint de maladie de crohn a mis en évidence la présence de la mutation NOD2 chez 14 patients (13,77%) contre 7 patients (6,53%) du groupe témoin. L'étude de la fréquence des différents allèles a retrouvé la mutation de p.Gly908Arg dans 6,43%, p.Leu1007fsins dans 0,99% et p.Arg702Trp dans 0,49% contre respectivement 2,80%, 0% et 0,46% dans le groupe témoin. L'étude de la corrélation génotype, expression phénotypique a démontré que la mutation CARD15 est corrélée à une localisation iléo-caecale de la maladie, à une présentation fistulisante et sténosante ainsi qu'à une évolution sévère avec recours fréquent à la chirurgie et aux immunosuppresseurs. La prévalence de la mutation NOD2/ CARD15 dans notre série est faible. Cette mutation est corrélée à une forme grave de la maladie. PMID:28819537


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dhinuk Puspita Kirana


    Full Text Available It is widely believed that English Foreign Language (EFL learners need to develop their language proficiency by getting so much input. Moreover, students need to be familiarized with the real English us­age where real forms of communication and cultural knowledge are crucially exposed. Teaching through authentic materials will make the learners feel that they are learning a real language which is used by the real native speakers for real communication. incorporating au­thentic materials helps students acquire an effective communicative competence in the language focus. The research intended to describe the implementation of authentic materials in extensive reading class, the problems arise and the students’ responses toward the authen­tic materials in extensive reading class. The design of the research was Descriptive Qualitative method and the research subject was the lecturer of Extensive Reading class and 33 students in B class of the fourth semester of STAIN Ponorogo who took Extensive Read­ing subject. The instruments used were in the form of observation sheet, interview guideline and questionnaire. The implementation of authentic materials in extensive reading class covered some procedures into three main phases namely (1 Pre­ Activity, (2 Main­ Activity and (3 Post­Activity. The activities in main activity are as follows: (a Pre­ Activity; (b Whilst ­Activity; and (3 The language focus stage. There were problems arose during the implementation in terms of complicated planning, more time allocation and some disinterested students. Finally, the students showed significantly positive attitude toward the implementation of authentic materials in extensive reading class.

  17. Teaching of reading to school beginners : a study of reading programmes in primary one in Uganda


    Kemizano, Rosert


    Abstract The study examines reading programmes with the reference to the teaching/learning of reading to school beginners. The teaching of reading at the early stages is important because it is the quality of the experiences that children get that affect or lay the foundation for reading development (Chall, 1996).Therefore, the phenomenon, “teaching of reading to school beginners” studied is of great importance. The theoretical background used includes reading and its importance, Languag...

  18. Learning Through Reading Scientific Papers. (United States)

    Valderrama, Jose O.


    Describes an activity in which undergraduate students read an international publication to help them have a broader vision of the subject being studied, encourage constructive criticism, promote discussion, and stimulate efforts toward better oral and written communication in the students' native language. (JN)

  19. Processing Determinants of Reading Speed. (United States)

    Jackson, Mark D.; McClelland, James L.


    Two groups of undergraduates differing in reading ability were tested on a number of reaction-time tasks designed to determine the speed of encoding visual information at several different levels, tests of sensory functions, verbal and quantitative reasoning ability, short-term auditory memory span, and ability to comprehend spoken text.…

  20. Urban Pest Management. Selected Readings. (United States)

    Cowles, Kathleen Letcher, Comp.; And Others

    These readings provide basic background information on urban integrated pest management and the development of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs for the control of rodents, cockroaches, and head lice. IPM is a decision-making process for deciding if pest supprssion treatments are needed, when they should be initiated, where they should be…