Sample records for comparacao entre genetic

  1. Comparison between genetic fuzzy system and neuro fuzzy system to select oil wells for hydraulic fracturing; Comparacao entre genetic fuzzy system e neuro fuzzy system para selecao de pocos de petroleo para fraturamento hidraulico

    Castro, Antonio Orestes de Salvo [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Ferreira Filho, Virgilio Jose Martins [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil)


    The hydraulic fracture operation is wide used to increase the oil wells production and to reduce formation damage. Reservoir studies and engineer analysis are made to select the wells for this kind of operation. As the reservoir parameters have some diffuses characteristics, Fuzzy Inference Systems (SIF) have been tested for this selection processes in the last few years. This paper compares the performance of a neuro fuzzy system and a genetic fuzzy system used for hydraulic Fracture well selection, with knowledge acquisition from an operational data base to set the SIF membership functions. The training data and the validation data used were the same for both systems. We concluded that, in despite of the genetic fuzzy system would be a younger process, it got better results than the neuro fuzzy system. Another conclusion was that, as the genetic fuzzy system can work with constraints, the membership functions setting kept the consistency of variables linguistic values. (author)

  2. Acidentes com motociclistas: comparacao entre os anos 1998 e 2010. Londrina, PR, Brasil

    Flavia Lopes Sant'Anna


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Comparar características de acidentes de motocicleta e de vítimas atendidas por serviços de atenção pré-hospitalar. MÉTODOS: Pesquisa transversal com dados de registros de atendimentos pré-hospitalares de motociclistas, vítimas de acidente de trânsito em Londrina, PR, em 2010, e dos resultados comparados com estudo similar de 1998. A fonte de dados foi o Registro de Atendimento do Socorrista (RAS. As frotas de motocicletas e as populações dos respectivos anos foram usadas para estimativas do risco de ocorrência de vítimas. O teste do Qui-quadrado foi usado para comparação dos perfis de acidentes e vítimas. RESULTADOS: Foram atendidos 1.576 e 3.968 motociclistas em 1998 e 2010, respectivamente (aumento de 151,8%. A taxa de motociclistas acidentados por mil habitantes passou de 396,4 para 783,1, e a de vítimas para cada mil motos de 53,1 para 61,1. Observaram-se mudanças (p < 0,05 nos perfis dos acidentes, com maiores proporções de quedas isoladas de moto, de acidentes entre motociclistas, no período da manhã, com diminuição dos ocorridos em final de semana. Em relação às vítimas, observaram-se maiores proporções de mulheres, condutores, com 35 anos ou mais. Foi menor a frequência relativa de percepção de hálito etílico e maior a prevalência do uso do capacete. Houve menor proporção de vítimas classificadas com escalas de coma e trauma moderado/grave e de encaminhamentos hospitalares. O coeficiente de letalidade imediato reduziu-se de 1,2% para 0,6%. CONCLUSÕES: Foram observadas mudanças nos perfis de acidentes e de vítimas no período. Apesar do aumento absoluto e relativo de vítimas de acidentes de motocicleta, observou-se menor gravidade proporcional desses acidentes.

  3. Optimum energy re-establishment in distribution systems: a comparison between the search performance using fuzzy heuristics and genetic algorithms; Restabelecimento otimo de energia em sistemas de distribuicao: uma comparacao entre o desempenho de busca com heuristica fuzzy e algoritmos geneticos

    Delbem, Alexandre C.B.; Bretas, Newton G. [Sao Paulo Univ., Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Eletrica; Carvalho, Andre C.P.L.F. [Sao Paulo Univ., Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Ciencias de Computacao e Estatistica


    A search approach using fuzzy heuristics and a neural network parameter was developed for service restoration of a distribution system. The goal was to restore energy for an un-faulted zone after a fault had been identified and isolated. The restoration plan must be carried out in a very short period. However, the combinatorial feature of the problem constrained the application of automatic energy restoration planners. To overcome this problem, an heuristic search approach using fuzzy heuristics was proposed. As a result, a genetic algorithm approach was developed to achieve the optimal energy restoration plan. The effectiveness of these approaches were tested in a simplified distribution system based on the complex distribution system of Sao Carlos city, Sao Paulo State - southeast Brazil. It was noticed that the genetic algorithm provided better performance than the fuzzy heuristic search in this problem. 11 refs., 10 figs.

  4. Genetic homogeneity between two populations of the parthenogenetic lizard Aspidoscelis cozumela Homogeneidad genética entre dos poblaciones de la lagartija partenogenética Aspidoscelis cozumela

    Norma L. Manríquez-Morán


    Full Text Available We used skin-grafting to assess the genetic variability between 2 populations of the parthenogenetic lizard Aspidoscelis cozumela. We transplanted 238 skin fragments among individuals of 2 coastal populations at Cozumel Island. Grafts belonging to individuals that survive more than 60 days suggested genetic homogeneity between both populations, consistent with the existence of only 1 clone within this unisexual species.Se utilizó el método de transplantes de piel para evaluar la variabilidad genética entre 2 poblaciones de la lagartija partenogenética Aspidoscelis cozumela. Se transplantaron 238 fragmentos de piel entre individuos de 2 poblaciones costeras de Isla Cozumel. Los transplantes pertenecientes a individuos que vivieron más de 60 días, mostraron homogeneidad genética entre ambas poblaciones, lo cual sugiere la existencia de 1 sólo clon dentro de esta especie unisexual.

  5. A comparison between two global optimization algorithms (genetic and differential evolution) to calculate the reflection coefficients in fractured media; Uma comparacao entre dois algoritmos de otimizacao global (algoritmo genetico e evolucao diferencial) para inversao de coeficientes de reflexao em meios fraturados

    Vanzeler, Francisco Joclean Alves


    In this work, we extract the elastic stiffness and mass density from an multi azimuthal qP-wave reflection coefficients at an interface separating two anisotropic media with monoclinic symmetry with at least one of its planes of symmetry parallel to the interface. This objective was reach by forward and inverse modeling. We calculate the q-P-wave reflection for three models (I, II, III) of anisotropic equivalent medium: isotropic medium above a TIH medium; TIV medium above a TIH medium; and orthorhombic medium above a TIH medium. The TIH medium is equivalent an isotropic fractured medium with equivalent elastic stiffness and mass density calculated by the Hudson formulation. The reflection coefficients used was on its exact form and was generated for models I, II and III in multi-azimuthal/incidence angles and contaminated by gaussian noise. In the inverse modeling we work with GA and with DE algorithms to calculate the inversion parameter (5 elastic stiffness and mass density for bottom media and Vs of upper isotropic media) by minimization of 12 norm of difference between the true and synthetic reflection coefficient. We assume that we know the parameter of the upper media of the three models, except Vs for model one in especial case of inversion of upper media.The parameter to be determined by inverse modeling are parametrized in model space for values that is in according with the value of the observed velocity of propagation of elastic waves in the earth crust, and the resolution of measure, and constraints of elastic stability of the solid media. The GA and DE algorithms reached good inversion to the models with at least three azimuthal angles, (0 deg C, 45 deg C and 90 deg C) and incidence angles of 34 deg C for model I, and 50 deg C inverted only by GA for models II and III; and the especial case take by DE that need at least 44 deg C to invert the model I with the Vs of the upper media. From this results we can see the potential to determine from qP-wave the elastic parameter of fractured media and contribute to improve the use of azimuthal AVO analyses. (author)

  6. Comparison of methods for prioritizing risk in radiation oncology; Comparacao entre metodos de priorizacao de riscos em radioterapia

    Biazoto, Bruna; Tokarski, Marcio, E-mail: [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Centro de Engenharia Biomedica


    Proactive risk management tools, such as Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FEMA), were imported from engineering and have been widely used in Radiation Oncology. An important step in this process is the risk prioritization and there are many methods to do that. This paper compares the risk prioritization of computerized planning phase in interstitial implants with high dose rate brachytherapy performed with Health Care Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (HFMEA) and FMEA with guidelines given by the Task Group 100 (TG 100) of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine. Out of the 33 possible failure modes of this process, 21 require more attention when evaluated by HFMEA and 22, when evaluated by FMEA TG 100. Despite the high coincidence between the methods, the execution of HFMEA was simpler. (author)

  7. Divergência genética entre cultivares de gérbera utilizando marcadores RAPD Genetic divergence among cultivars of gerbera using RAPD markers

    Rodrigo Kelson Silva Rezende


    Full Text Available No processo de produção comercial de mudas de gérbera, a cor da flor é uma das principais características morfológicas de interesse agronômico, sendo uma característica importante em programas de melhoramento genético. A utilização de marcadores moleculares pode servir para direcionar cruzamentos, confirmar novos híbridos ou genótipos mutantes e identificar novos genótipos para fins comerciais. Nesse contexto, o objetivo deste trabalho foi analisar a divergência genética entre seis cultivares de Gerbera jamesonii ('Jaguar Yellow', 'Jaguar Cream', 'Jaguar Lemon', 'Jaguar Salmon Pastel', 'Jaguar Red', 'Jaguar Deep Rose'. A análise de divergência genética entre as cultivares de gérbera foi realizada utilizando-se 21 primers, os quais amplificaram 37 fragmentos polimórficos de DNA, que foram usados para estimar o coeficiente de Jaccard, o qual apresentou uma média de 0,38, variando de 0,28 a 0,56. A estrutura genética entre as cultivares foi estimada pelo UPGMA, revelando dois grupos distintos, a 38% de similaridade genética. A maior similaridade genética encontrada (56% foi entre as cultivares 'Jaguar Yellow' e 'Jaguar Lemon'. Os resultados demonstram que a técnica RAPD oferece uma maneira rápida, relativamente barata e útil para a caracterização da divergência genética entre as diferentes cultivares de Gerbera jamesonii com relação à cor da flor.During the commercial production of gerbera seedlings, flower color is one of the main morphological aspects that have an agronomic interest and becoming an important feature in genetic breeding programs. The use of molecular markers may serve to direct crossings, new hybrids and mutants, besides confirm and identify new genotypes for commercial purposes. In that context, this work aimed to analyze the genetic divergence among six cultivars of Gerbera jamesonii ('Jaguar Yellow', 'Jaguar Cream', 'Jaguar Lemon', 'Jaguar Salmon Pastel', 'Jaguar Red', 'Jaguar Deep Rose'. The

  8. Genetic similarity between coriander genotypes using ISSR markers Similaridade genética entre genótipos de coentro por marcadores ISSR

    Roberto de A Melo


    Full Text Available With the development of new cultivars, a precise genetic characterization is essential for improvement programs or for cultivar registration and protection. Molecular markers have been complementing the traditional morphological and agronomic characterization techniques because they are virtually unlimited, cover the whole genome and are not environmentally influenced. Genetic characterization constitutes the basis for studies involving estimates of genetic similarity. Therefore, the objective of the present study was to evaluate the genetic similarity between ten coriander genotypes (nine cultivars and one line using ISSR markers. The cultivars used were: Americano, Asteca, Palmeira, Português, Santo, Supéria, Tabocas, Tapacurá, Verdão and the experimental line HTV-9299. The genetic similarity between the cultivars was estimated using 227 banded regions of ISSR molecular markers. The UBC 897 oligonucleotide generated the highest number of fragments (16, resulting in a higher polymorphism. The results indicate that the twenty-nine oligonucleotides chosen were satisfactory for detecting polymorphism. Based on the grouping analysis determined from the similarity data, there were two groups and two sub-groups. The calculated similarity for the genotypes varied from 52 to 75%. The lowest similarity was observed between Português and Verdão, at 52%. The highest similarity was found between Português and Palmeira, at 75%. The ISSR is efficient for identifying DNA polymorphism in coriander.Com o surgimento de novas cultivares, uma caracterização genética precisa é essencial, visando à utilização em programas de melhoramento ou para fins de registros e ou proteção de cultivares. Marcadores moleculares vêm complementando a caracterização morfológica e agronômica tradicional, uma vez que são virtualmente ilimitados, cobrem todo o genoma e não são influenciados pelo ambiente. A caracterização genética constitui a base para

  9. Genetic dissimilarity among jabuticaba trees native to southwestern Paraná, Brazil Dissimilaridade genética entre jabuticabeiras nativas do sudoeste do Paraná

    Moeses Andrigo Danner


    Full Text Available Knowledge on the genetic diversity within and between genotype groups is of great importance for breeding programs. The purpose of this study was to estimate the genetic dissimilarity among 36 native jabuticaba trees (Plinia cauliflora from five sites in the southwestern region of Paraná, Brazil. Sixteen fruit traits were analyzed, based on multivariate techniques (canonical variables, Tocher and UPGMA, using Mahalanobis' distance as dissimilarity measure. By the techniques of clustering and graphic dispersion, together with the comparison of means, the genetic diversity among native jabuticaba trees was efficiently identified, indicating a high potential of these genotypes for breeding programs. The traits of greatest importance for dissimilarity were percentage of pulp and of skin, which are easily measured. The clustering structure is related to the collection sites and for breeding programs, genotypes from different sites should be crossed to generate progenies to be tested. Genotypes 'CV5' and 'VT3' should be conserved in genebanks, due to its important agronomic traits.O conhecimento da variabilidade genética dentro e entre grupos de genótipos é de grande importância para programas de melhoramento. O objetivo deste trabalho foi estimar a dissimilaridade genética entre 36 plantas nativas de jabuticabeira (Plinia cauliflora, de cinco locais da região sudoeste do Paraná. Foram avaliados 16 caracteres de frutos e aplicadas técnicas de análise multivariada (variáveis canônicas, Tocher e UPGMA, utilizando a distância generalizada de Mahalanobis como medida de dissimilaridade. As técnicas de agrupamento e dispersão gráfica utilizadas, juntamente com a comparação de médias, permitiram identificar de modo eficiente a variabilidade genética entre as jabuticabeiras nativas, indicando elevado potencial para programas de melhoramento genético. Os caracteres de maior importância para a dissimilaridade foram o percentual de polpa e

  10. Variabilidade genética entre populações de Pistia stratiotes Genetic diversity of Pistia stratiotes populations

    L.R. Cardoso


    study of population genetics of aquatic weed supplies data for its control and management. The waterlettuce is a floating aquatic weed widely distributed throughout Brazil; however, in eutrophic freshwater ecosystems, this and other fast-developing species cause social and economic problems due to their large production of vegetable mass. This study characterized the genetic variability of waterlettuce populations collected in 15 hydroelectric reservoirs (Barra Bonita-BAB, Bariri-BAR, Ibitinga-IBI, Chavantes-CHA, Salto Grande-SAG, Jurumirim-JUR, Promissão-PRO Jaguari-JAG, Nova Avanhandava-NAV, Mogí-Guaçú-MOG, Limoeiro-LIM, Três Irmãos-TRI, Ilha Solteira-ILS, Jupiá-JUP, and Porto Primavera-PPR in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The analyses were carried out in NUPAM (Nucleus of Advanced Research in Weed Science FCA/UNESP, Campus of Botucatu-SP. RAPD markers was the technique applied to study genetic diversity. Most of the accesses sampled were very similar. The populations NAV, MOG, IBI, JUR, PRO, and CHA were genetically identical. BAB and SAG, and LIM and TRI were also similar presenting genetic distance of 0.0093 and 0.0178, respectively. The majority of the reservoirs (93% presented genetic distance lower than 0.30, forming a specific group. However, Jupiá population, on average, presented the highest genetic diversity (0.45.

  11. Divergência genética entre cinco genótipos de melão rendilhado Genetic divergence among five muskmelon cultivars

    Adriana Antonieta do Nascimento Rizzo


    Full Text Available Estimou-se a divergência genética entre cinco genótipos de melão rendilhado (Cucumis melo var. reticulatus Naud. (JAB-20, JAB-21, JAB-22, JAB-23 e 'Bônus nº 2' e determinou-se qual a contribuição relativa das 16 características avaliadas [nº médio de flores masculinas, hermafroditas/planta; produção total de frutos/m², peso médio dos frutos comerciáveis; diâmetro médio transversal e longitudinal do fruto (DMTF e DMLF; diâmetro médio transversal da inserção do pedúculo (DMTP; espessura média do mesocarpo e epicarpo (EMM e EME; diâmetro médio longitudinal e transversal do lóculo (DMTL e DMLL; proporção da cavidade (PC; desprendimento de sementes (DS; teor de sólidos solúveis totais (SST, pH e acidez titulável (AT] na divergência gen��tica. Obtiveram-se dois grupos de similaridade: I- JAB-20, JAB-21 e 'Bônus nº2' e II- JAB-22 e JAB-23. As características DMLF, DMTP, DMLL, DS e SST foram as que mais contribuíram para a divergência genética entre os genótipos.The genetic divergence of five cultivars of muskmelon was estimated (Cucumis melo var. reticulatus Naud (JAB-20, JAB-21, JAB-22, JAB-23 and 'Bônus nº2' and the relative contribution of each 16 characteristics were determined (number of male flowers per plant; total production of fruit, weight of fruits; longitudinal and transversal diameters of fruits; thickness and color of flesh and skin; longitudinal and transversal loculos diameter of fruits; seed loosing; netting thickness; and % total solvers solids, pH and total acidity in genetic divergence. Two groups of similarity were formed between the genitors by the values of D², one of then was constituted of the JAB-20 and JAB-21 and 'Bônus nº 2' genotypes, and another of the JAB-22 and JAB-23. The characteristics of longitudinal loculos diameters, longitudinal diameter of fruits, transversal diameter of peduncle insertion, % total solvers solids and seed loosing contributed to for genetic

  12. Variabilidade genética entre isolados de Colletotrichum gossypii do algodoeiro Genetic variability among the isolates of Colletotrichum gossypii of cotton

    Yeshwant R. Mehta


    Full Text Available O algodoeiro é atacado por Colletotrichum gossypii (CG e C. gossypii var. cephalosporioides (CGC. Ambos os patógenos são transmitidos pela semente e sua distinção morfológica é extremamente difícil e inconsistente. Tentativas foram feitas no presente trabalho para verificar a variabilidade genética entre CG e CGC através de RAPD-PCR, ERIC- e REP-PCR e PCR-RFLP da região ITS rDNA. Foram utilizados 53 isolados coletados de sementes e folhas de plantas de diferentes cultivares nos estados do Paraná, São Paulo, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, e Paraiba, entre 1999 e 2003. Baseado em testes de patogenicidade, vinte e um isolados foram classificados como CG e 32 como CGC. Os resultados obtidos por RAPD-PCR, utilizando-se oito primers, revelaram dois grupos distintos sendo que o primeiro foi formado por 94% dos isolados de sementes e o segundo por 95% dos isolados de folhas. Na análise de ERIC- e REP-PCR, resultados semelhantes a RAPD foram obtidos, sendo que o primeiro grupo foi formado por 93% dos isolados provenientes das sementes e o segundo por 78% dos isolados provenientes das folhas. Quando o produto de amplificação da região ITS rDNA foi digerido com oito enzimas de restrição, um perfil de bandas semelhante para todos os isolados foi obtido. Resultados de RAPD, ERIC- e REP-PCR demonstraram que existem diferenças genéticas entre os isolados provenientes das sementes e aqueles provenientes de parte aérea, e esses dois grupos foram claramente distintos. Estudos futuros devem ser realizados utilizando outras técnicas moleculares para a obtenção de marcadores capazes de distinguir entre isolados de CG e CGC.Cotton is attacked by Colletotrichum gossypii (CG and C. gossypii var. cephalosporioides (CGC. Both the pathogens are transmitted by seed and their morphological distinction is extremely difficult and inconsistent. In the present study, attempts were made to verify the genetic variability among 53 isolates of CG and CGC using

  13. Relationship among the repair mechanisms and the genetic recombination; Relacion entre los mecanismos de reparacion y la recombinacion genetica

    Alcantara D, D [ININ, 52045 Ocoyoacac, Estado de Mexico (Mexico)


    In accordance with the previous reports of the Project BZ87 of the Department of Radiobiology, a dependent stimulation of the system exists in E.coli SOS, of the recombination of the bacteriophage Lambda whose genetic material has not been damaged. This stimulation is not due to the increase of the cellular concentration of the protein RecA and the mechanism but probable for which we find that it is carried out, it is through a cooperation among the product of the gene rec N of E. coli and the system Net of recombination of Lambda. The gene recN belongs to the group of genes SOS and its expression is induced when damaging the bacterial DNA where it intervenes in the repair of breaks of the double helix of the molecule (Picksley et, 1984). If the repair of breaks of this type is a factor that limits the speed with which it happens the recombination among viral chromosomes, then the biggest readiness in the protein RecN, due to the induction of the functions SOS, would facilitate the repair of such ruptures. In this new project it is to enlarge the knowledge about this phenomenon, it was, on one hand of corroborating in a way but he/she specifies the relationship between the recombinogenic response of Lambda and the System SOS of E. coli and for the other one to determine the effect that has the inhibition of the duplication of the DNA on the stimulation of the viral recombination. Everything it with the idea of making it but evident and to be able to use it as a system of genotoxic agents detection in E. coli. (Author)

  14. Divergência genética entre genótipos de alface por meio de marcadores AFLP Genetics divergence among lettuce genotypes by AFLP markers

    Cristina Soares de Sousa


    Full Text Available Considerando a restrita diversidade de espécies disponíveis para nutrir a carência de vitaminas no Brasil, Kerr e colaboradores, desde 1981, vêm desenvolvendo pesquisas para melhoramento genético de hortaliças ricas em vitamina A. Dentre elas, obtiveram uma cultivar de alface, denominada Uberlândia 10.000 com 10.200 UI de vitamina A em 100 gramas de folha fresca. Este trabalho objetivou comparar o grau de divergência genética entre a cultivar Uberlândia 10.000 e seus parentais para avaliar a eficiência da seleção utilizada, por meio da técnica AFLP. Foram utilizados os seguintes genótipos de alface: Maioba, Salad Bowl-Mimosa, Moreninha-de-Uberlândia, Vitória de Santo Antão, Uberlândia 10.000 lisa 8.ª e 9.ª geração e Uberlândia 10.000 crespa 8.ª e 9.ª geração. A técnica AFLP foi eficiente para identificar genótipos muito próximos e para estudos de progênies em alface. O primer PR15 permitiu a separação da forma lisa e crespa com 1,8% de divergência genética e a oitava da nona geração com apenas 0,71%. Com o estudo da filogenia da cultivar pode-se observar que o programa de melhoramento foi desenvolvido com sucesso, pois a cultivar obtida Uberlândia 10.000 possui alto teor de vitamina A e 92% de similaridade com o parental Vitória de Santo Antão. O primer PR11 conseguiu identificar polimorfismo entre cultivares de alta e baixa resistência à septoriose, sugerindo a possibilidade destas bandas estarem relacionadas à resistência.Considering the restricted diversity of species available to counteract vitamin deficiencies in Brazil, Kerr and coworkers have been engaged since 1981, in developing genetic improved garden vegetables rich in vitamin A. One of these vegetables is the lettuce cultivar Uberlândia 10,000, which contains 10,200 UI of vitamin A per 100 grams of fresh leaves. This study compares the genetic diversity between Uberlândia 10,000 and its parental, evaluating selection efficiency through

  15. Similaridade genética entre clones de seringueira (Hevea brasiliensis, por meio de marcadores RAPD Genetic similarity among rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis clones using RAPD markers

    Karine Cristina Bicalho


    Full Text Available A seringueira [Hevea brasiliensis (Willd. ex. Adr. de Juss Muell.-Arg.] é uma espécie nativa da região amazônica e compreende a maior fonte produtora de borracha natural do mundo. Na busca de condições mais favoráveis ao cultivo, além da busca pela auto-suficiência na produção de borracha natural, o cultivo da seringueira migrou para outras regiões do país. Objetivou-se, com o presente trabalho, estimar a similaridade genética de genótipos de seringueira, provenientes de regiões distintas do país, Lavras-MG (UFLA e Campinas-SP (IAC, por meio de marcadores moleculares RAPD. A análise foi efetuada em 41 indivíduos, representados por 17 genótipos diferentes, com base em 19 primers, que geraram 121 fragmentos polimórficos. Os dados foram analisados utilizando o software NTSYS-pc - 2.1, por meio do coeficiente de Dice e pelo método das médias (UPGMA. A similaridade genética entre o material analisado variou de 0,56 a 1,00. Na análise do dendrograma, foram observados 18 grupos. Os clones (RRIM600, GT1, PB235, PL PIM e FX2261, utilizados em diferentes repetições, foram idênticos, quando comparados entre si, entretanto o mesmo não foi observado para os clones identificados como RRIM 701. Os resultados obtidos sugerem que o material avaliado na UFLA é o mesmo implantado no IAC, exceto o RRIM 701, mostrando uma ampla variabilidade genética, disponível para estudos e propagação da cultura.The rubber tree [Hevea brasiliensis (Willd. ex. Adr. de Juss Muell.-Arg.] is a native species from Amazon region, and represents the biggest source of natural rubber in the world.. However, the rubber tree culture has had an expansion to other brazilian regions, in search of more favorable conditions for its cultivation and self-sufficiency in natural rubber. The aim of this work was to estimate genetic similarity among rubber tree clones, from different Brazilian regions, Lavras (UFLA and Campinas (IAC, by using RAPD molecular markers

  16. Genetic divergence among Dimorphandra spp. accessions using RAPD markers Divergência genética entre acessos de Dimorphandra spp. usando marcadores RAPD

    Cláudia Pombo Sudré


    Full Text Available The genus Dimorphandra has distinguish relevance considering either medicinal or biodiversity aspects because it includes two species that are economically important flavonoids sources for pharmachemical industry (D. mollis Benth. and D. gardneriana Tul., and species endemic to Brazil, such as D. jorgei Silva and D. wilsonii Rizz., threatened by extinction. In order to evaluate variability among accessions of D. mollis (fava-d'anta, D. gardneriana and D. wilsonii, it was collected fruit from individual plants from three Brazilian states in a total of 57 accessions, which were analyzed with RAPD markers. It was used 20 seeds per progeny; the DNA was extracted from fully-formed young leaves, which were collected in bulk. The data were analyzed using a binary matrix, in which the score one represented presence of a band and zero, absence. The similarity matrix was developed by using the arithmetic complement of the Jaccard index, later grouped based on the Neighbor Joining algorithm. It was found considerable intra and inter specific variability in Dimorphandra spp., which were separated into four groups. Though genetic variability was found, the collecting trips showed that most of these areas are subject to loss of genetic resources of fava-d'anta due to the following factors: continuous anthropic activity, propensity for natural fires, and loss of natural seed dispersers (large fruit-eating mammals. Therefore, protections of these areas and ex situ conservation are essentials for the maintenance of genetic variability of these species.O gênero Dimorphandra tem grande relevância, sobretudo nos aspectos medicinais e de biodiversidade, por incluir duas espécies que são importantes economicamente como fontes de flavonoides para indústria farmacoquímica (D. mollis Benth. e D. gardneriana Tull., e espécies endêmicas do Brasil, como a D. jorgei Silva e D. wilsonii Rizz., sendo esta ameaçada de extinção. Objetivando avaliar a variabilidade

  17. Divergência genética entre progênies de café robusta Genetic divergence among robusta coffe progenies

    Milana Gonçalves Ivoglo


    Full Text Available Estudou-se a divergência genética de 21 progênies de meios-irmãos - 19 do grupo Congolês e duas do grupo Guineano - de introduções do germoplasma de café robusta (Coffea canephora do IAC. O estudo baseou-se em análises multivariadas de 14 características morfo-agronômicas, com o propósito de selecionar as progênies mais divergentes, visando à definição de população-base para posterior seleção e produção de híbridos. Avaliou-se também a importância das características discriminantes para análises de divergência, visando ao descarte das variáveis, segundo suas contribuições relativas. O experimento foi plantado e desenvolvido em campo experimental localizado no Pólo Regional do Nordeste Paulista, Mococa (SP, em blocos casualizados, com 21 tratamentos e 24 repetições. O agrupamento dos genótipos foi realizado com base nos métodos de Tocher e UPGMA. A matriz de dissimilaridade genética foi obtida por meio da distância generalizada de Mahalanobis, que serviu de base para a formação dos grupos. Os métodos empregados foram eficientes em detectar ampla variabilidade genética entre as progênies avaliadas. Vários grupos dissimilares foram identificados. As progênies IAC 2262, IAC 2290, IAC 2286, IAC 2292 e IAC 2291 são indicadas para compor programas de intercruzamentos, por terem sido consideradas as mais promissoras na obtenção de populações segregantes ou híbridos heteróticos. As características que menos contribuíram para a divergência genética foram, hierarquicamente: diâmetro da copa antes da poda, altura da planta antes da poda e área foliar.It was studied genetic divergence of 21 half-sib progenies, being 19 of the Congolês group and two of the Guineano group, introductions of germoplasma robust (Coffea canephora, based in 14 morpho-agronomic traits and multivariate procedures. It's aims to select the lineages most divergent for definition of population-base for posterior reciprocal

  18. Comparison of neutron parameters between a CANDU and ACR reactors; Comparacao de parametros neutronicos entre um reator CANDU e um ACR

    Dias, Gabriel H.P.; Silva, Clarysson A.M. da; Pereira, Claubia, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Departamento de Engenharia Nuclear


    CANDU (Canadian Deuterium Uranium) is a type of reactor that uses heavy water (D{sub 2}O) as a moderator and as a refrigerant. Despite having chemical characteristics similar to light water (H{sub 2}O), heavy water has a high moderation ratio for neutrons. This feature enables CANDU to use natural uranium as fuel. However, research has evaluated the possibility of using H{sub 2}O as a refrigerant and D{sub 2}O as a moderator aiming at reducing the volume of heavy water. Such changes would imply the use of lightly enriched uranium due to the presence of H{sub 2}O. In this context, the concept of ACR (Advanced CANDU Reactor) has been developed. This reactor has an innovative design which combines of the current CANDU with the characteristics of PWR (Pressurized Water Reactor) type reactors. Studies by AECL (Atomic Energy Canada Limited) show that compared to CANDU, the ACR presents a cost reduction in construction, improved firing performance, improved operation safety and longer life. The present work aims to evaluate, in steady state, some of the main neutron parameters of CANDU-6 and ACR-1000. The MCNPX 2.6.0 code (Monte Carlo N-Particle eXtended -version 2.6.0) was used to simulate such types of reactors. The results show that the models configured in the MCNPX adequately reproduce the neutron behavior of the studied reactors. These models may be used in future work for analysis of fuel burn and evolution.

  19. Comparison between subjective and quantitative methods for assessing the resolution limit of radiographic systems; Comparacao entre metodos subjetivos e quantitativos na medida da resolucao limite de sistemas radiograficos

    Alvarez, Matheus; Oliveira, Marcela de; Miranda, Jose R.A. [Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Inst. de Biociencias de Botucatu; Pina, Diana R., E-mail: [UNESP, Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Medicina. Dept. de Doencas Tropicais e Diagnostico por Imagem


    The aim of this study was to compare two ways of measuring the resolution limit of radiographic systems, one subjective and one quantitative. To this end, nine images were acquired with different radiographic techniques using a pattern of bars and aluminum plates. With these images were acquired modulation transfer function (MTF) through the edge image obtained by the aluminum plate - the MTF 10% was measured on all images - and the variation of these points, which was faced with the evaluation obtained by the resolution limit of the standard bar. Although we have observed a greater variation between measurements obtained using the bar-pattern, the simplicity of this measuring technique favors the common use of the same. We concluded that, to optimize the quality control of radiographic equipment, it is suggested to measure the MTF at least in periods of time while the annual pattern of bars to be used in shorter time periods to measure changes in resolution of the system. (author)

  20. Cost comparison of individual and mini grid photovoltaic systems for rural electrification; Comparacao de custos entre sistemas fotovoltaicos individuais e minicentrais fotovoltaicas para eletrificacao rural

    Soares, Guilherme Fleury Wanderley; Vieira, Leonardo dos Santos Reis; Galdino, Marco Antonio Esteves [Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica (CEPEL), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)], Emails:,,; Olivieri, Marta Maria de Almeida; Borges, Eduardo Luis de Paula; Carvalho, Claudio Monteiro de; Lima, Alex Artigiani Neves [Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras S.A. (ELETROBRAS), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)], Emails:,,,


    A cost comparison for individual and mini grid photovoltaic systems is made regarding the use of these systems for rural electrification in Northern Brazil. The estimates for maintenance costs were based on existing experience for individual systems already operating in the region. A comparison was also made between modified automotive lead acid batteries commonly used in photovoltaic systems in Brazil and the much more expensive OPzS tubular types. The results of these evaluations show that the maintenance costs are expected to be lower in the case of the mini grids than in individual systems. This is because for a given number of houses to be supplied with electrical energy, they use a smaller number of components subject to failures, like inverters and charge controllers. OPzS batteries are expected to compensate for their higher prices if their predicted operating lifetime can be confirmed under the practical conditions envisaged. (author)

  1. Arboreal biomass estimation: a comparison between neural networks and statistical methods; Estimativa de biomassa arborea: uma comparacao entre metodos estatisticos e redes neurais

    Almeida, Arthur C.; Barros, Paulo L.C.; Monteiro, Jose H.A.; Rocha, Brigida R.P. [Universidade Federal do Para (DEEC/UFPA), Belem, PA (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Eletrica e Computacao. Grupo de Pesquisa ENERBIO], e-mails:,,,


    The current methodologies for calculating the volume of biomass and the consequent potential energy widely used in forest inventories, based primarily in statistical methodology to obtain their results. However, more recent techniques, based on the ability of nonlinear mappings, offered by artificial neural networks, have been used successfully in several areas of technology, with superior performance. This work shows a comparison between the statistical model to estimate the volume of trees and a model based on neural networks, which can be used with advantage for this activity related with biomass energy planning.

  2. Comparison of performance among three systems of Clinical PET by computerized simulation; Comparacao de desempenho entre tres sistemas de PET clinico por simulacao computacional

    Franze, Daniel L.; Bertolo, Antonio C.N.; Gama, Andressa F.; Moraes, Eder R. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (GIMN/USP), Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil). Grupo de Imagens em Medicina Nuclear


    Whereas sensitivity and spatial resolution of PET images formed in coincidence systems may exhibit improvements with reduction of the distance between the detectors. Furthermore, since the human cross section not be a circle three different detection geometries of a PET system have been simulated; a circular and two ellipticals. The performance comparison was performed by the sensitivity, resolution and the Noise Equivalent Count Rate curve. The results show that elliptical systems may experience 25% lower cost detectors, increased sensitivity to 63%. The resolution improvements introduced in X direction, large loss in the Y direction, although the use of iterative reconstruction can reduce the loss in resolution. The reduction of peak NEC curve indicates the image with better quality is achieved with lower activity of the source. (author)

  3. Comparison of the half-value layer: ionization chambers vs solid-state meters; Comparacao entre medidas de camada semirredutora: camara de ionizacao vs medidores de estado solido

    Pereira, L.C.S.; Navarro, V.C.C.; Navarro, M.V.T.; Macedo, E.M., E-mail: [Instituto Federal da Bahia (LABPROSAUD/IFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil). Laboratorio de Produtos para a Saude


    Generally, the half value layer (HVL) is determined by using ionization chambers and aluminum filters. However, some solid-state dosimeters allow simultaneous measurements of X-ray's parameters, among which the HVL. The main objective of this study was to compare the HVL's values indicated by four different solid-state dosimeters, whose values were measured by ionization chambers. The maximum difference found between the two methods was 11.42%, one the solid-state dosimeters, showing that the use these instruments to determine CSR in industrial X-ray should be subject to a more thorough evaluation. (author)

  4. Comparison between two calibration models of a measurement system for thyroid monitoring; Comparacao entre dois modelos para calibracao de um sistema de medidas dedicado ao monitoramento de tireoide

    Venturini, Luzia [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeicas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, Sp (Brazil). Dept. de Metrologia das Radiacoes]. E-mail:


    This paper shows a comparison between two theoretical calibration that use two mathematical models to represent the neck region. In the first model thyroid is considered to be just a region limited by two concentric cylinders whose dimensions are those of trachea and neck. The second model uses functional functions to get a better representation of the thyroid geometry. Efficiency values are obtained using Monte Carlo simulation. (author)


    Salvador Darío Bergel


    Full Text Available La evolución operada en genética humana a partir de la década de los cincuenta, actuó como disparador en múltiples campos, en especial en los referidos a la bioética y al derecho. Muchos de los avances realizados pueden rozar la dignidad del hombre, a la par que impulsan la creación de nuevos derechos humanos. En base a ello se analizan los impactos más significativos de la nueva genética sobre la sociedad: el peligro de una nueva eugenesia, la discriminación por razones genéticas, el manejo de la información genética, los problemas derivados de la investigación sobre el genoma, la apropiación del material genético humano; marcando algunos senderos a recorrer, a modo de conclusiónA evolução ocorrida em genética humana a partir da década dos cinqüenta atuou como efeito gatilho emmuitos campos do conhecimento, em especial, na bioética e no direito. Muitos dos avanços realizados podem atingir adignidade do homem, ao mesmo tempo em que incrementam a criação de novos direitos humanos.Tomando como base esses elementos, analisamse os impactos mais significativos da nova genética sobre a sociedade: o perigo de nova eugenia, discriminação por razões genéticas, manuseio da informação genética, problemas derivados da investigação genômica, apropriação de material genético humano. Em forma de conclusão, são propostos alguns caminhos a percorrerThe evolution of human genetics, from the fifties onwards, acted as a trigger for multiple fields, especially for those dealing with bioethics and law. Many of the advances accomplished may touch human dignity and, at the same time, they impel the creation of new human rights. On the basis of these premises the author analyses the most significant impacts of the new genetics upon society: the danger of a new eugenism, genetic discrimination, manipulation of genetic information, problems derived from the investigation on the genome, the appropriation of human genetic material

  6. Morphological and genetic differentiation among Chilean populations of Bufo spinulosus (Anura: Bufonidae Diferenciación morfológica y genética entre poblaciones chilenas de Bufo spinulosus (Anura: Bufonidae

    Marco A. Méndez


    Full Text Available Bufo spinulosus has a wide and fragmented range distribution in Chile (18° to 33° S along altitudinal and latitudinal gradients. Genetic variation was estimated using RAPD (Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA markers in 10 populations from northern and central Chile. Morphometric and genetic information was analyzed as a function of geographical origin. The correlation between genetic and morphometric differentiation was analyzed by the Mantel test. An increase in body size as a function of latitude was observed. Specimens from El Tatio had the smallest body size and the greatest morphometric divergence. The AMOVA applied to genetic data indicated that 57.85 % of the variance is explained by interregional differences and that 30.12 % of the variance is found within populations. Low levels of within-regions genetic differentiation was observed in northern populations while higher levels of genetic differentiation was found in populations from central Chile. Mantel tests revealed a significant, positive correlation between genetic variation and geographic distance. When we excluded El Tatio population, Mantel test analyses showed significant correlations between morphological distance and genetic and geographic distances. We discuss whether water temperature could explain the morphological divergence observed in individuals from El TatioBufo spinulosus presenta una amplia y fragmentada distribución en Chile (18º a 33º S a lo largo de gradientes altitudinales y latitudinales. La variación genética fue estimada utilizando marcadores RAPD ("Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA" en diez poblaciones del norte y centro de Chile. La información morfométrica y genética fue analizada en función de la procedencia geográfica. La correlación entre diferenciación genética y morfométrica fue analizada utilizando la prueba de Mantel. Se observó un incremento en el tamaño corporal en función de la latitud. Los individuos de El Tatio mostraron el tama

  7. Capacidade combinatória, divergência genética entre linhagens de milho e correlação com heterose Combining ability, genetic divergence among maize lines and correlation with heterosis

    Maria Elisa Ayres Guidetti Zagatto Paterniani


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se avaliar o desempenho de híbridos simples de milho (Zea mays L., obtidos de cruzamentos dialélicos entre linhagens divergentes, estimar a capacidade de combinação das linhagens e verificar se a divergência genética entre as linhagens, obtida por marcadores moleculares, é correlacionada com a heterose dos híbridos simples no campo. Trinta e seis híbridos resultantes de um dialelo parcial foram avaliados em Campinas e em Mococa e as 12 linhagens parentais somente em Campinas, a fim de se calcular a heterose dos híbridos. O delineamento experimental empregado foi o de blocos ao acaso, com três repetições e 2 testemunhas comerciais. Avaliaram-se os caracteres: altura da planta (AP, altura da espiga (AE e massa de grãos (MG. Análises de variância foram efetuadas, sendo as médias comparadas entre si pelo teste de Tukey a 5%. A capacidade de combinação das linhagens foi obtida de acordo com o método de Geraldi e Miranda Filho. Estimaram-se as correlações entre heterose, produtividade e capacidade específica de combinação com divergência genética obtida por AFLP e SSR. Destacou-se o híbrido PM624 x IP398, e as linhagens VER266 e L105 revelaram efeitos positivos da capacidade de combinação para produtividade. As estimativas de heterose variaram de -559 a 6.320 kg ha-1. Não houve correlação entre heterose, capacidade específica de combinação e produtividade dos híbridos com a distância genética por AFLP e SSR, indicando que não é possível fazer inferências sobre o comportamento dos híbridos de milho a partir da divergência genética entre as linhagens parentais.The objectives of this research were to evaluate single cross hybrids of maize (Zea mays L. obtained from partial diallel crosses among contrasting inbred lines, to estimate the combining ability of the lines and to verify whether the genetic diversity among those lines assessed by moleculars markers is correlated with single cross hybrid

  8. Genetics

    Hubitschek, H.E.


    Progress is reported on the following research projects: genetic effects of high LET radiations; genetic regulation, alteration, and repair; chromosome replication and the division cycle of Escherichia coli; effects of radioisotope decay in the DNA of microorganisms; initiation and termination of DNA replication in Bacillus subtilis; mutagenesis in mouse myeloma cells; lethal and mutagenic effects of near-uv radiation; effect of 8-methoxypsoralen on photodynamic lethality and mutagenicity in Escherichia coli; DNA repair of the lethal effects of far-uv; and near uv irradiation of bacterial cells

  9. Genetic divergence among hybrids of 'Cravo' mandarin with 'Pêra' sweet orange Divergência genética entre híbridos de tangerina 'Cravo' com laranja 'Pêra'

    Roberto Pedroso de Oliveira


    Full Text Available Molecular markers have been used as tools in breading programs of sexual hybridation, allowing the genetic characterization of a large number of genotypes. The RADP markers are the most used since the employed techniques are simple and of low cost. To evaluate the genetic divergence among F1 hybrids of 'Cravo' mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco and 'Pêra' sweet orange (C. sinensis (L. Osbeck, this study analyses the variability and similarity of the hybrids among themselves and with their parents. Random Amplified Polimorfic DNA marker analysis, with 102 primers, were applied to a population composed of 94 hybrids and their parents. Multivariate genetic divergence analysis of the principal components and Tocher grouping were carried out only considering the polymorphic fragments. Genetic distances were calculated by the arithmetic complement of the Jaccard index. Bidimensional dispersion graphs among hybrid and parent distances and of the divergence analysis by principal components were constructed. High genetic similarity among Cravo and Pêra varieties and their hybrids was verified, showing a casual distribution from the hybrids in relation to the parents, but in intermediary positions. The principal component analysis showed little applicability in the study of hybrid genetic divergence. The hybrids and parents were classified in groups based on the genetic similarity, using the Tocher optimization method.Os marcadores moleculares têm sido utilizados como ferramentas em programas de melhoramento por hibridação sexual, permitindo a caracterização genética de grande número de genótipos. Os marcadores moleculares RAPD são os mais utilizados pois as técnicas empregadas são simples e de baixo custo. Avaliou-se a divergência genética entre híbridos F1 de tangerina 'Cravo' (Citrus reticulata Blanco com laranja 'Pêra' (C. sinensis (L. Osbeck e estudou-se a variabilidade e a similaridade desses materiais entre si e em relação aos

  10. Genetics

    Christensen, Kaare; McGue, Matt


    The sequenced genomes of individuals aged ≥80 years, who were highly educated, self-referred volunteers and with no self-reported chronic diseases were compared to young controls. In these data, healthy ageing is a distinct phenotype from exceptional longevity and genetic factors that protect...

  11. Estudo da divergência genética entre seis linhas de aves Legorne utilizando técnicas de análise multivariada Genetic divergence study among six Leghorn lines by multivariate analysis

    A.V. Pires


    Full Text Available A divergência genética entre seis linhas de aves Legorne (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5 e L6, desenvolvidas pela UFV, foi avaliada utilizando análise de variáveis canônicas e o método de agrupamento de Tocher. Foram incluídas no estudo oito características: peso corporal na 40ª semana (PC40, na 48ª semana (PC48, na 56ª semana (PC56; peso do ovo na 40ª semana (PO40, na 44ª semana (PO44, na 52ª semana (PO52, na 60ª semana (PO60 e taxa de postura da 40ª a 62ª semana (TP. Foi observada diferença entre as linhas quanto às características estudadas. A linha L4 mostrou-se divergente das demais, apresentando a menor média canônica, e foi alocada em grupo distinto das outras pelo teste de Tocher. O desempenho das diferentes linhas foi também avaliado por meio da análise de variância multivariada, usando o teste do maior autovalor de Roy, e por meio do teste de Roy para comparações múltiplas. Verificou-se divergência genética entre as linhas da UFV, sendo PC40 a característica que mais contribuiu para a divergência.Genetic divergence among six Leghorn lines (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5 e L6, developed by Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil, was evaluated using canonical variate analysis and grouping method of Tocher. Eight traits were used: body weight at 40 weeks, at 48 weeks, at 56 weeks; egg weight at 40 weeks, at 44 weeks, at 52 weeks, at 60 weeks and laying ratio from 40 to 62 weeks of age. Significant differences were observed among lines for the studied traits. The line L4 was divergent in comparison with the other ones, showed the smallest canonical mean and was allocated in a different group. The performance of different genetic groups was also evaluated by multivariate analysis of variance, using Roy test of the largest eigenvalue and the Roy principle for multiple comparisons. Genetic divergence among UFV's lines was observed and body weight at 40 weeks was the trait that more contributed for this divergence.

  12. Diversidade genética entre acessos de pimentas e pimentões da Embrapa Clima Temperado Genetic diversity in peppers and sweet peppers of Embrapa Clima Temperado genebank

    Miriam Valli Büttow


    Full Text Available Os acessos de pimentas e pimentões (Capsicum annuum L. da Embrapa Clima Temperado constituem parte dos recursos genéticos de Capsicum. Contudo, é necessário conhecer o quanto esses genótipos são divergentes para que possam ser utilizados em programas de melhoramento. Os objetivos deste trabalho foram avaliar e caracterizar a divergência genética entre os acessos de C. annuum do banco ativo de germoplasma de Capsicum da Embrapa Clima Temperado. Foram caracterizados 20 acessos com base em 36 descritores morfológicos multicategóricos. A diversidade genética foi avaliada por meio do método de agrupamento de Tocher e UPGMA. O método de Tocher formou três grupos de acessos. Pelos critérios utilizados, os dois métodos foram concordantes em agrupar isoladamente o acesso P77, que apresenta caracteres morfológicos particulares em relação aos demais. O estudo realizado evidencia a existência de variabilidade genética moderada entre os 20 acessos de C. annuum estudados e apresenta acessos com características ornamentais, os quais podem ser incorporados em programas de melhoramento.Accessions of peppers and sweet peppers (Capsicum annuum of Embrapa Clima Temperado genebank (Pelotas - RS integrate Capsicum genetic resources. However, it is necessary to know how much these genotypes are different, so they can be harnessed and used in breeding programs. The aim of this study was to evaluate and characterize genetic diversity among C. annuum accessions which belongs to Capsicum Embrapa Clima Temperado genebank. Twenty accessions were characterized through 36 multicategorical morphologic descriptors. Genetic diversity was assessed using Tocher grouping method and UPGMA. Three groups of accessions were formed by Tocher. Both methods were in agreement with the isolation of P77, due to its exclusive morphological traits. The study shows moderate genetic variability among 20 accessions of C. annuum studied and introduced accession with

  13. Divergência genética entre populações de cebola com base em marcadores morfológicos Genetic divergence in onion populations based on morphological markers

    Rosa Lía Barbieri


    Full Text Available Bulbos de 16 acessos do Banco Ativo de Germoplasma de Cebola (Allium cepa da Embrapa Clima Temperado foram avaliados quanto a peso, diâmetro, altura, coloração das túnicas externas, formato, uniformidade e conservação pós-colheita nas condições ambientais de Pelotas - RS, com o objetivo de estimar a divergência genética entre populações de cebola. Os dados obtidos foram submetidos a análises de agrupamento e de componentes principais. Foi evidenciada a presença de variabilidade genética para os caracteres considerados. Os acessos foram divididos em três grupos: o primeiro reuniu 13 acessos incluindo todas as variedades locais e as variedades comerciais com bulbos de coloração marrom; o segundo formado por uma variedade local de bulbos roxos; e o terceiro grupo reunindo as duas variedades comerciais de bulbos brancos. Os caracteres que mais contribuíram para a divergência entre os acessos foram a cor, o peso e a conservação pós-colheita.Bulbs of 16 acessions from Onion Gene Bank of Embrapa Clima Temperado were evaluated for weight, diameter, length, skin color, shape, uniformity, and post harvest conservation in Pelotas, RS, Brazil. The objective of this work was to estimate genetic divergence in onion populations. The obtained data were submitted to principal component and cluster analysis. There was genetic variability for evaluated traits. Acessions were separated in three clusters. One cluster had 13 populations including all landraces and cultivars with brown skin color; the second cluster had the landrace with violet bulbs; and the third cluster had the two cultivars with white bulbs. Skin color, weight and post harvest of bulbs showed the highest contribution to divergence among acessions.

  14. Genetic diversity among proso millet (Panicum miliaceum biotypes assessed by AFLP technique Diversidade genética entre biótipos de proso millet (Panicum miliaceum revelada pela técnica de AFLP

    D. Karam


    Full Text Available The Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP technique was used to access genetic diversity between three domestic and nine wild proso millet biotypes from the United States and Canada. Eight primer combinations detected 39 polymorphic DNA fragments, with the genetic distance estimates among biotypes ranging from 0.02 to 0.04. Colorado-Weld County black seeded and Wyoming-Platte County were the most distinct biotypes according to the dissimilarity level. A UPGMA cluster analysis revealed two distinct groups of proso millet without any geographic association. Six weed biotypes exhibiting some characters of cultivated plants were grouped together with domesticated biotypes of proso millet while the three typical wild phenotypes were clearly clustered into another group according to AFLP markers.A técnica de AFLP (Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism foi empregada para acessar a diversidade genética entre três biótipos domesticados e nove biótipos selvagens de proso millet dos Estados Unidos e do Canadá. Oito combinações de primers detectaram 39 fragmentos polimórficos de DNA, e a estimativa da distância genética entre os biótipos variou de 0,02 a 0,04. Colorado-Weld County de sementes pretas e Wyoming-Platte County foram os biótipos mais distintos de acordo com o índice de dissimilaridade. A análise de cluster por UPGMA revelou dois grupos distintos de proso millet mas sem nenhuma relação geográfica. Seis biótipos selvagens que exibiam algumas características de plantas cultivadas foram agrupados juntamente com os biótipos domesticados de proso millet, enquanto os três fenótipos tipicamente selvagens formaram outro grupo distinto por marcadores AFLP.

  15. Similaridade genética entre cultivares de cebola de diferentes tipos e origens, baseada em marcadores AFLP Genetic similarity among onion cultivars of different types and origins, based on AFLP markers

    CAF Santos


    Full Text Available Foi estimada a similaridade genética entre cultivares de cebola de diferentes tipos e regiões geográficas, de forma a orientar programas de recursos genéticos e melhoramento da espécie no Nordeste brasileiro. Foram analisadas 41 cultivares, adotando-se para a visualização da similaridade genética o fenograma UPGMA gerado da matriz de distâncias genéticas estimadas pelo coeficiente de Jaccard e baseadas em 146 bandas polimórficas de Pst1 e Mse1 de AFLP. A correlação cofenética foi de 0,91, indicando boa confiabilidade da representação gráfica para a interpretação dos resultados. Foram observados dois grupos principais no fenograma, no ponto de corte de 0,55 de similaridade: 1 grupo formado por cultivares predominantemente brasileiras, com algumas inclusões de cultivares estrangeiras; e 2 grupo formado por três cultivares estrangeiras (Mercedes, Perfect e TEG 502 PRR. Rijnsburger Jumbo e IPA 8 apresentaram a maior similaridade (85%, enquanto Madrugada foi a mais divergente em relação às demais cultivares. As cultivares da série IPA se dividiram em subgrupos no grupo das cultivares brasileiras (IPA 8, IPA 10 e IPA 11; IPA 12, IPA 7, IPA 2 e IPA 6; IPA 3, IPA 4 e IPA 9, indicando haver variabilidade genética a ser explorada entre aquelas situadas em subgrupos distintos. Bola Precoce e BRS Cascata apresentaram a maior similaridade entre as cultivares de origem brasileira. Foi observada similaridade superior a 39%, refletindo a alta variabilidade genética da coleção de cebola estudada. A introdução de novos acessos deve considerar procedências outras que não norte americanas, para aumentar a variabilidade de germoplasma de cebola disponível no Nordeste do Brasil.The genetic similarity among onion cultivars of different origins was evaluated, in order to carry out genetic resources and breeding programs for this species on the Brazilian Northeast. Forty-one onion cultivars were analyzed for 146 polymorphic Pst1/Mse1

  16. Low Genetic Diversity Among Garlic (Allium sativum L. Accessions Detected Using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD Escasa Diversidad Genética entre Accesiones de Ajo (Allium sativum L. Detectada Mediante ADN Polimórfico Amplificado al Azar (RAPD

    Mario Paredes C


    Full Text Available Garlic (Allium sativum L. is a species of vegetative propagation, showing high morphological diversity. Besides, its clones have specific adaptations to different agroclimatic regions. The objective of this study was to determine the genetic diversity of 65 garlic clones collected in Chile and introduced from different countries, by using RAPD (Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA. Fourty random primers of 10 mers generated a total of 398 bands with an 87% of polymorphism. Each primer amplified between two and 20 bands. The size of the fragments obtained fluctuated between 3200 and 369 bp. The results showed that the clones analyzed had a genetic similarity rate of 94%. In addition, 70% of them were clustered in one major group. However, in spite of that situation several clones have different agronomic characteristicsEl ajo (Allium sativum L. es una especie de propagación vegetativa, que presenta una amplia variabilidad morfológica. Los clones de esta especie tienen una adaptación específica a diferentes regiones agroclimáticas. El objetivo de este estudio fue determinar la diversidad genética existente en 65 clones de ajos colectados en Chile e introducidos desde diferentes países, utilizando RAPD (ADN Polimórfico Amplificado al Azar. Para esta evaluación se utilizaron 40 partidores de 10-mers. Los partidores generaron entre dos y 20 bandas, observándose un alto número de patrones con bandas múltiples. Los fragmentos generados difieren en su tamaño entre 3.200 y 369 pb. Los partidores generaron 398 bandas, de las cuales un 87% fueron polimórficas. El análisis estadístico realizado detectó una similitud genética alta, de un 94% entre las accesiones evaluadas, donde aproximadamente un 70% de los clones formaron un grupo homogéneo. Sin embargo, este grupo incluye clones que presentan diferentes características agronómicas

  17. Genetic variations among passion fruit species using rapd markers Variação genética entre espécies de maracujá utilizando marcadores rapd

    Ana Paula de Andrade Aukar


    Full Text Available It has been evaluated the genetic variability through the use of RAPD molecular markers on the following passionflower species: Passiflora amethystina, P. caerulea, P. cincinnata, P. coccinea, P. serrato digitata, P. foetida, P. maliformis, P. alata, P. giberti, P. laurifolia, P. macrocarpa, P. nitida, P. setacea, P. suberosa, P. ligularis, P. capsularis, P. edulis Sims and its botanical variety P. edulis Sims f. flavicarpa Deg. In this research work, the analyses of the random amplified polymorphic DNA products (RAPD were employed to estimate the genetic diversity and the taxonomic linkage within the species above. The total of 21 primers were used in this study which generated 270 different polymorphic products. It was possible to detect that the Passiflora species had shown a similarity of 17,3%, and between Passiflora edulis Sims and Passiflora edulis Sims f. flavicarpa a similarity of 34,35% has been found. The rate of similarity within edulis specie is low, making it clear that a large variability between the yellow and the purple forms exists.Foram avaliadas as variações genéticas através de marcadores moleculares RAPD, as seguintes espécies de maracujá: Passiflora amethystina, P. caerulea, P. cincinnata, P. coccinea, P. serrato digitata, P. foetida, P. maliformis, P. alata, P. giberti, P. laurifolia, P. macrocarpa, P. nitida, P. setacea, P. suberosa, P. ligularis, P. capsularis, P. edulis Sims e sua variedade botânica P. edulis Sims f. flavicarpa Deg. Neste estudo, a análise dos produtos da amplificação ao acaso do DNA polimórfico (RAPD foi usada para estimar a diversidade genética e as relações taxonômicas entre as espécies. Foram utilizados 21 "primers", que produziram um total de 270 bandas polimórficas. Verificou-se que as espécies de Passiflora apresentaram uma média de similaridade de 17,3%, e entre Passiflora edulis Sims e Passiflora edulis Sims f. flavicarpa, de 34,35%. Pode-se perceber que o valor de

  18. Divergência genética entre acessos de feijão-de-vagem de hábito de crescimento indeterminado Genetic divergence among climbing snap bean accessions

    Flávia B. Abreu


    Full Text Available Devido à importância da cultura do feijão-de-vagem no contexto da agricultura do RJ, a busca por cultivares com maior produção e melhor qualidade é de elevada importância. A determinação da divergência genética, com o uso da análise multivariada, em que diversos caracteres podem ser dimensionados simultaneamente, apresenta-se bastante vantajosa, podendo-se identificar fontes de variabilidade genética, avaliar a importância dos caracteres para a divergência genética, além de permitir aos melhoristas identificar combinações genéticas com maiores chances de sucesso, antes de se realizarem os cruzamentos. Através de técnicas de análise multivariada, verificou-se que acessos de feijão-de-vagem de hábito de crescimento indeterminado, do banco de germoplasma da UENF, apresentaram variabilidade em relação às características avaliadas. O método de otimização de Tocher permitiu a formação de dois grupos, todavia o subagrupamento pelo mesmo método confirmou a presença de variabilidade entre os acessos do grupo 1, pela formação de seis subgrupos. Por este método, verificou-se que não houve relação entre a diversidade genética e a origem geográfica dos acessos. A divergência genética observada entre os acessos de feijão-de-vagem foi quantificada pelas três primeiras variáveis canônicas, que explicaram cerca de 79% da variação total disponível. O descarte das variáveis de menor importância relativa permitiu identificar as características que realmente contribuíram para a determinação da divergência genética: peso de cem sementes, dias para florescimento, diâmetro de vagem, comprimento de vagem, número total de vagens e número médio de vagens. Os acessos UENF-1429, UENF-1432, UENF-1442, UENF-1445 e UENF-1448 apresentaram bom desempenho para as características avaliadas e boa divergência genética entre si, sendo indicadas para o uso do programa de melhoramento genético do feij


    Delia Outomuro


    Full Text Available Este ensayo forma parte del proyecto de investigación "La representación social de la investigación genética entre la comunidad científica y la población urbana de Buenos Aires. Su influencia en el diálogo bioético", enmarcado en la Programación Científica 2004-2008 de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, que tiene como objetivo indagar sobre la construcción del imaginario social en relación con los avances científico-tecnológicos en torno a la genética -considerando la selección de los medios de comunicación que transmiten la información a la población general y a la comunidad médica- y analizar cómo esa construcción determina políticas sociales de salud y otrasEste artigo é parte de o projeto de pesquisa "A representação social da pesquisa genética entre a comunidade científica e a população urbana de Buenos Aires. Sua influência no diálogo bioético", situado na Programação Científica 2004-2008 da Universidade de Buenos Aires. Esta projeto tem como objetivo indagar sobre a construção do imaginário social na relação com os avanços científico-tencológicos em torno da genética, considerando a seleção dos meios de comunicação que transmitem a informação à população geral e a comunidade médica, bem como analisar como esta construção determina políticas sociais de saúde e outrasThis paper forms part of the research project: "Social representation of genetic research among the scientific community and the urban population in Buenos Aires. Its influence in the bioethics dialogue," framed in the scientific program of the University of Buenos Aires for 2004-2008. Its objective is to inquire about the social imagery construct connected to technological and scientific achievements in genetics -considering the selection done by the media when informing the general population and the medical community- and to analyze how this construct determines health care social policies and other policies as well

  20. Aggressiveness between genetic groups I and II of isolates of Cercospora zeae-maydis Agressividade entre isolados dos grupos genéticos I e II de Cercospora zeae-maydis

    Sandra Marisa Mathioni


    Full Text Available For many years, the gray leaf spot disease (GLS caused by the fungus Cercospora zeae-maydis Tehon & Daniels, was not considered an important pathogen of maize (Zea mays, L. in Brazil. However, the recent adoption of agronomical practices such as no-tillage and cultivation under central pivot irrigation systems increased the incidence and severity to the extent that GLS is now one of the most important diseases of maize. Isolates of C. zeae-maydis can be distinguished by two genetic groups (I and II based on AFLP markers and on polymorphisms of the ITS and 5.8S rDNA regions. Until now, however, the biological implications of this distinction remain unclear. This study investigated whether isolates from the two genetic groups differ in aggressiveness towards maize. For this, symptoms of a susceptible hybrid were evaluated under greenhouse conditions with 9 and 11 isolates of C. zeae-maydis from groups I and II, respectively. Plants in the V3 growth stage were inoculated by placing sorghum seeds colonized with the pathogen in the leaf whorl and symptoms were evaluated with a visual rating scale 30 days later. On average, isolates of genetic group II were more aggressive than those of group I, with mean disease scores of 3.1 and 2.3, respectively. Differences were also observed between experiments, which suggested that group I and II might also differ in their fitness under different environments. This is the first report on differences in aggressiveness between the two genetic groups of C. zeae-maydis.Durante muitos anos, a cercosporiose, causada pelo fungo Cercospora zeae-maydis Tehon & Daniels, não foi considerada importante para a cultura do milho (Zea mays, L. no Brasil. Entretanto, a recente utilização de práticas culturais como o plantio direto e o cultivo sob pivôs centrais favoreceram o aumento de sua severidade e incidência, de forma que a doença é hoje considerada uma das mais importantes da cultura. Isolados de C. zeae

  1. Divergência genética entre acessos de batata-doce utilizando caracteres fenotípicos de raiz Genetic divergence among sweet potato accessions based on root traits

    Giovani O da Silva


    Full Text Available Estudos de quantificação da divergência genética entre acessos e caracterização dos recursos genéticos têm sido de grande importância em programas de melhoramento, auxiliando na identificação de genitores e no conhecimento do material genético disponível. Os objetivos do presente trabalho foram: (1 avaliar os acessos de batata-doce pertencentes ao banco de germoplasma da Embrapa com base em caracteres de raiz; (2 calcular a importância relativa dos caracteres morfo-agronômicos quantitativos na discriminação dos acessos e, (3 obter indicações das combinações híbridas mais promissoras para cruzamentos. Foi avaliada uma coleção de 11 clones pertencentes ao Banco Ativo de Germoplasma da Embrapa por meio de um experimento conduzido na Embrapa SPM/EN, em Canoinhas-SC. Os acessos foram cultivados em condições de campo no delineamento em blocos ao acaso com quatro repetições, onde a parcela experimental foi composta por 10 plantas. As plantas de cada parcela foram colhidas e avaliadas para 12 caracteres fenotípicos de raiz. O estudo indicou que os caracteres número e massa total de raízes e peso específico foram os que mais contribuíram para a divergência genética. A maioria dos acessos é bastante similar quanto aos caracteres quantitativos avaliados. Porém, há a possibilidade de ganhos com a heterose, geração de variabilidade genética e de progênies superiores cruzando-se os acessos dos diferentes grupamentos formados; pois os genótipos mais contrastantes '1228', '051-1' e '1270' foram agrupados entre os melhores para várias características como massa e número total de raízes, massa comercial de raízes; os dois primeiros apresentaram elevado peso específico e o '1270' apresentou coloração alaranjada intensa, indicativo de alto teor de β-caroteno.The estimation of the genetic divergence among accessions of a germplasm bank, as well as their characterization are very important in breeding programs in

  2. Genetic variability in natural populations of Zeyheria montana mart. from the Brazilian Cerrado Variabilidade genética entre e dentro de populações naturais de Zeyheria montana mart. do Cerrado brasileiro

    Bianca Waléria Bertoni


    Full Text Available Zeyheria montana, an endemic species of the Bignoniaceae family from the Brazilian Cerrado's known for its anti-cancer properties, is widely used as imuno stimulant in the popular medicine and its therapeutic activity must be validated by scientific data. The objective of this work was to evaluate the genetic variability of eight plant populations collected within the state of São Paulo, Brazil, via Random Amplification of Polymorphic DNA (RAPD used as molecular markers. After an optimized protocol for the amplification reaction, nine selected primers generated 105 reproducible bands, indicating up to 60% polymorphism. Analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA revealed higher genetic variation within populations (84.03% than among populations (15.97%. The variation values estimated by phiST (0.160 indicated moderate to high inter population structuration. Levels of similarity inter plants with genetic and geographical distances, estimated by the unweighted pair-group method analysis (UPGMA clustering and non-metric multidimensional scaling (NMDS ordination methods and by the Mantel test (-0.2345 p = 0.118 denoted that the structure found follows the island model, which assumes that a single population of infinite size may have initiated the existing populations of Zeyheria montana, with no spatial position correlation. Based on the obtained data, a germplasm bank from individuals representing the species variability was established. Furthermore the information here reported can be of importance to develop strategies for the conservation of Z. montana.Zeyheria montana, planta arbustiva da família Bignoniaceae, é uma espécie endêmica do Cerrado e possui atividade anti-câncer, sendo utilizada como estimulante na medicina popular. O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a variabilidade genética de oito populações localizadas no estado de São Paulo, utilizando marcadores moleculares de Polimorfismo de DNA Amplificado ao Acaso (RAPD. Após a otimiza

  3. Pathogenic and Genetic Diversity among Iranian Isolates of Macrophomina phaseolina Diversidad Patogénica y Genética entre Aislamientos Iraníes de Macrophomina phaseolina

    Siavosh Rayatpanah


    Full Text Available Charcoal rot, caused by Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi Goid., is an economically important disease of oilseed plants in Northern Iran. Seventy isolates of M. phaseolina were obtained from different hosts, including soybean (Glycine max L., and sunflower (Helianthus annuus L. in the northern oilseed planting regions of Iran. RAPD-PCR amplification profiles, by using of six random OPA primers (kit A showed polymorphisms among the isolates. The primer OPA-13 (5'_ CAGCACCCAC_3' amplified the genomic DNA of all isolates of M.phaseolina producing 4-12 bands of sizes between 0.25 and 2.3 kb. Unweighted pair-group method with arithmetic mean (UPGMA analysis classified the isolates into the nine major groups with 64% similarity. Pathogenicity of isolates was evaluated at seedling stage of soybean, sunflower, and maize (Zea mays L. plants under in vitro conditions. None of the isolates were pathogenic on corn, while all of the isolates infected soybean and sunflower seedlings. Isolates were more virulent on soybean than sunflower. The disease index on sunflower and soybean varied between 19-24 and 27-30 respectively. These results indicated a significant pathogenic and genetic variability within the Iranian isolates of M. phaseolina. Cultivation with crop rotation was probably tended to induce less diversity of the pathogen isolates.Pudrición carbonosa, causada por Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi Goid., es una enfermedad de importancia económica de las plantas de semillas oleaginosas en el norte de Irán. Setenta aislamientos de M. phaseolina se obtuvieron de diferentes hospederos, incluyendo soya (Glycine max L. y girasol (Helianthus annuus L. en las regiones de plantación de semillas oleaginosas del norte de Irán. Perfiles RAPD-PCR de amplificación, utilizando primers aleatorios de seis OPA (kit A mostraron polimorfismos entre los aislamientos. El primer OPA-13 (5'-CAGCACCCAC-3' amplificó el ADN genómico de todos los aislamientos de M. phaseolina

  4. Entre/Plantas

    Montoro Coso, Ricardo; Sonntag, Franca Alexandra


    La palabra Inter-és proviene etimológicamente de las palabras latinas inter y esse; y significa “lo que está-entre dos o más personas, o sea lo que las une pero también las separa”. Los prefijos inter- y entre-, en la mayor parte de los casos, describen estados o acciones ambiguas de los términos que preceden. De esta operación aditiva surgen maclas de vocablos; el inter-sticio como la “hendidura o espacio que media entre dos cuerpos o entre dos partes de un mismo cuerpo”; y así sucesivamente...

  5. Divergência genética entre progênies de maracujazeiro- amarelo com base em características das plântulas Genetic divergence among yellow passion fruit progenies based on seed traits

    Jacson Rondinelli da Silva Negreiros


    Full Text Available O objetivo do presente trabalho foi avaliar a diversidade genética entre 24 populações de maracujazeiro-amarelo, discriminando os caracteres mais importantes na avaliação da divergência genética, com base em características das plântulas. Foram coletadas sementes de frutos obtidos a partir de polinização natural de vinte e quatro populações segregantes de meios-irmãos de maracujazeiro-amarelo. Utilizou-se delineamento experimental inteiramente casualizado, em vinte e quatro tratamentos (populações segregantes, com quatro repetições, considerando-se como unidade experimental cada grupo de 50 sementes. Aos 28 dias, avaliaram-se a porcentagem de germinação e o índice de velocidade de emergência (IVE. Aos 45 dias, avaliaram-se porcentagem de sobrevivência, altura das plântulas, comprimento de raiz, número de folhas e massa da matéria seca total das plântulas. Os dados obtidos foram submetidos à análise de variância, e as médias foram agrupadas pelo método de Scott & Knott. A diversidade genética foi estudada de acordo com o método de agrupamento de Tocher, baseado na distância de Mahalanobis (D² e variáveis canônicas. As características que mais contribuíram para a divergência genética foram porcentagem de germinação, número de folhas e IVE. A população 20 pode ser recomendada para hibridação com as outras populações devido à sua alta divergência e também altas taxas de germinação e vigor de sementes.The genetic diversity was studied among passion fruit (Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa progenies, discriminating the characters most important of seed traits for genetic divergence evaluation. Seeds were extracted of fruits gotten by natural pollination of twenty four half-sib segregant populations. The experiment was outlined as an entirely randomized design with twenty four treatments (segregant populations, four replications and 50 seeds per experimental unit. The germination percentage and the

  6. Caracterização morfológica e dissimilaridade genética entre variedades crioulas de melão Morphological characterization and genetic dissimilarity in melon landraces

    Raquel Silviana Neitzke


    Full Text Available Variedades crioulas de melão (Cucumis melo são cultivadas no Sul do Brasil para consumo familiar e também para comercialização dos frutos. No entanto, existe uma carência de trabalhos relativos a sua caracterização. Este trabalho teve por objetivo caracterizar e avaliar a variabilidade genética de variedades crioulas de melão do Sul do Brasil mantidos no Banco Ativo de Germoplasma de Cucurbitáceas da Embrapa Clima Temperado. Foram caracterizados 14 acessos utilizando 26 descritores morfológicos de fruto. Os dados foram analisados pelos métodos de agrupamento de Tocher e hierárquico UPGMA. Os métodos de agrupamento foram parcialmente concordantes. O acesso C88 possui características distintas, ficando isolado dos demais, pois é o único entre todos os avaliados que apresenta formato piriforme e sem gomos, cor de epicarpo creme, cor de polpa branca e ruptura profunda no fruto. Existe grande variabilidade genética, para caracteres de frutos, nas variedades crioulas de melão conservadas nesse Banco Ativo de Germoplasma, com potencial para uso no melhoramento genético, destacando-se o acesso C71 por possuir sabor adocicado e polpa de cor laranja e o C72, por apresentar elevados valores de peso de fruto e espessura de polpa.Melon landraces (Cucumis melo are cultivated in South of Brazil for family consumption and also for marketing fruits. However, there is a lack of works related to characterization of these landraces. The objective of this work was to characterize and evaluate genetic variability of melon landraces from South of Brazil which are maintained in the Cucurbitaceae Genebank at Embrapa Clima Temperado, trough morphological characterization. Fourteen accessions were characterized in 26 morphological fruit descriptors. Data were analyzed by Tocher grouping method and UPGMA hierarchical. The two methods agreed partially. The accession C88 has unique characteristics, being isolated when compared to the other accessions, it

  7. Comparacao dos criterios RIFLE, AKIN e KDIGO quanto a capacidade de predicao de mortalidade em pacientes graves

    Talita Machado Levi


    Full Text Available Objetivo: A lesão renal aguda é uma complicação comum em pacientes gravemente enfermos, sendo os critérios RIFLE, AKIN e KDIGO utilizados para sua classificação. Esse trabalho teve como objetivo a comparação dos critérios citados quanto à capacidade de predição de mortalidade em pacientes gravemente enfermos. Métodos: Estudo de coorte prospectiva, utilizando como fonte de dados prontuários médicos. Foram incluídos todos os pacientes admitidos na unidade de terapia intensiva. Os critérios de exclusão foram tempo de internamento menor que 24 horas e doença renal crônica dialítica. Os pacientes foram acompanhados até a alta ou óbito Para análise dos dados, foram utilizados os testes t de Student, qui-quadrado, regressão logística multivariada e curva ROC. Resultados: A média de idade foi de 64 anos, com mulheres e afrodescendentes representando maioria. Segundo o RIFLE, a taxa de mortalidade foi de 17,74%, 22,58%, 24,19% e 35,48% para pacientes sem lesão renal aguda e em estágios Risk, Injury e Failure, respectivamente. Quanto ao AKIN, a taxa de mortalidade foi de 17,74%, 29,03%, 12,90% e 40,32% para pacientes sem lesão renal aguda, estágio I, estágio II e estágio III, respectivamente. Considerando o KDIGO 2012, a taxa de mortalidade foi de 17,74%, 29,03%, 11,29% e 41,94% para pacientes sem lesão renal aguda, estágio I, estágio II e estágio III, respectivamente. As três classificações apresentaram resultados de curvas ROC para mortalidade semelhantes. Conclusão: Os critérios RIFLE, AKIN e KDIGO apresentaram-se como boas ferramentas para predição de mortalidade em pacientes graves, não havendo diferença relevante entre os mesmos.

  8. Divergência genética entre acessos e cultivares de mamoneira por meio de estatística multivariada Genetic divergence on castor bean accesses and cultivars through multivariate analysis

    Mauro Nóbrega da Costa


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a divergência genética entre acessos e cultivares de mamoneira (Ricinus communis L. e utilizá-la como critério na escolha de genitores que viabilizem, a partir de hibridações, a formação de populações segregantes. Os tratamentos foram representados pelos acessos BRA 4871, BRA 2968, BRA 5550 e BRA 7722 Papo-de-gia, e as cultivares BRS 188 Paraguaçu, BRS 149 Nordestina, IAC-80, Mirante-10 e Pernambucana Melhorada. As características analisadas foram: início do florescimento (FR, número de racemos por planta (NRP, comprimento efetivo do racemo primário (CR, altura de planta (AP, potencial produtivo (PP e teor de óleo nas sementes (TO. A divergência genética foi estimada por meio de estatística multivariada, com base em variáveis canônicas e análise de agrupamento, tendo-se empregado a distância euclidiana média. Houve a formação de dois grupos: o grupo I formado por oito genótipos e o grupo II por apenas um genótipo, a cultivar Mirante-10. Apesar de a cultivar Mirante-10 ter sido a mais divergente, não deve ser recomendada para hibridação, por sua baixa média de desempenho. As demais cultivares também apresentam restrições para hibridação, por serem bastante similares. As variáveis que mais contribuíram para a divergência genética foram FR, AP, TO e CR.This work aimed to evaluate genetic divergence among castor bean (Ricinus communis L. cultivars, in order to enable the choice of parents which make the formation of segregating populations possible. Accesses BRA 4871, BRA 2968, BRA 5550 and BRA 7722 Papo-de-gia, and cultivars BRS 188 Paraguaçu, BRS 149 Nordestina, IAC-80, Mirante-10 and Pernambucana Melhorada were evaluated. Characteristics analyzed were: days to flowering, number of racemes per plant, length of pistillate region of main raceme, plant height, potential yield, and seed oil content. The genetic divergence among accesses and cultivars was studied by

  9. Cash balance management: A comparison between genetic algorithms and particle swarm optimization=Gerenciamento do saldo de caixa: uma comparação entre algoritmos genéticos e particle swarm optimization

    Marcelo Seido Nagano


    Full Text Available This work aimed to apply genetic algorithms (GA and particle swarm optimization (PSO in cash balance management using Miller-Orr model, which consists in a stochastic model that does not define a single ideal point for cash balance, but an oscillation range between a lower bound, an ideal balance and an upper bound. Thus, this paper proposes the application of GA and PSO to minimize the Total Cost of cash maintenance, obtaining the parameter of the lower bound of the Miller-Orr model, using for this the assumptions presented in literature. Computational experiments were applied in the development and validation of the models. The results indicated that both the GA and PSO are applicable in determining the cash level from the lower limit, with best results of PSO model, which had not yet been applied in this type of problem.O presente trabalho tem por objetivo a aplicação de algoritmos genéticos (AG e particle swarm optimization (PSO no gerenciamento do saldo de caixa, a partir do modelo Miller-Orr, que consiste em um modelo estocástico que não define um único ponto ideal para o saldo de caixa, mas uma faixa de oscilação entre um limite inferior, um saldo ideal e um limite superior. Assim, este trabalho propõe a aplicação de AG e PSO, para minimizar o Custo Total de manutenção do saldo de caixa, obtendo o parâmetro de limite inferior do modelo Miller-Orr, utilizando para isso premissas apresentadas na literatura. São aplicados experimentos computacionais no desenvolvimento e validação dos modelos. Os resultados indicam que tanto AG quanto PSO são aplicáveis na determinação do nível de caixa a partir do limite inferior, com melhores resultados do modelo PSO, que até então não havia sido aplicado neste tipo de problema.

  10. Uso do algoritmo de Gower na determinação da divergência genética entre acessos de tomateiro do grupo cereja = Using Gower’s algorithm on the genetic divergence determination among cherry tomato accessions

    Mariella Camargo Rocha


    Full Text Available A análise conjunta de variáveis qualitativas e quantitativas tem sido apontada como ferramenta útil na estimativa da divergência genética entre os acessos de uma coleção de germoplasma. O presente trabalho teve como objetivos caracterizar uma coleção de germoplasma de tomateiro do grupo cereja, com base em descritores qualitativos e quantitativos e utilizar o algoritmo de Gower na quantificação da divergência genética. Estudaram-se 40 acessos de tomateiro cereja, cultivados em manejo orgânico nas condições de Seropédica, Estado do Rio de Janeiro. Foram utilizados quatro descritores qualitativos relacionados aos frutos e nove descritores quantitativos. Os dados foram analisados de forma conjunta pelo algoritmo de Gower. Detectou-se variabilidade para coloração, formato e número de lóculos do fruto. A coloração vermelha foi observada em 25 acessos testados, registrando-se também a produção de frutos amarelos, laranjas e marrons. Para número de lóculos, foi registrada a ocorrência de frutosbi, tri, tetra e pluriloculares (com até sete lóculos. O método UPGMA foi o que obteve o maior coeficiente de correlação cofenética (0,80, observando-se a formação de sete grupos. Os grupos formados permitiram a distinção de frutos classificados como cereja e outros que não se adequaram a esta definição, por estarem acima do diâmetro equatorial proposto para esta classe. The joint analysis of qualitative and quantitative variables has been considered a useful tool to estimate the genetic divergence among accessions of a gene bank. The purpose of this research was: (i to characterize a collection of cherry tomatoes, using quantitative and qualitative descriptors, and (ii to use Gower’s algorithm to quantify genetic divergence among genotypes, employing a joint descriptors analysis. Forty accessions of organically grown cherry tomato were studied in Seropedica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fourqualitative fruit descriptors

  11. Diferenciação genética entre populações de Pseudoplatystoma corruscans (Agassiz, 1829 (Osteichthyes, Pimelodidae isoladas pelos saltos de Guaíra do rio Paraná Genetic differentiation among populations of Pseudoplatystoma corruscans (Agassiz, 1829 (Osteichthyes, Pimelodidae isolated by the Guaíra Falls in the Paraná River

    Sônia Maria Alves Pinto Prioli


    Full Text Available Os saltos de Guaíra, também denominados Sete Quedas, constituíam até 1982 uma barreira para a dispersão de peixes migradores. Este trabalho teve por objetivo verificar se populações de Pseudoplatystoma corruscans (Osteichthyes, Pimelodidae eram isoladas pelos saltos de Guaíra. Amostras provenientes da planície de inundação do alto rio Paraná (PL, do reservatório Itaipu (IT e de jusante de Yacyretá (YA, foram comparadas por RAPD. O FST de Lynch foi significativo entre PL e IT (0,090 e PL e YA (0,112. O fluxo gênico estimado (Nm variou de 2,0 entre PL e YA a 8,1 entre IT e YA, e a distância genética de Nei de D = 0,0638 entre PL e YA a D = 0,0174 entre IT e YA. Estes resultados indicam existência de diferenciação genética e que, possivelmente, Sete Quedas isolavam reprodutivamente as populações. Sugerem, também, a possibilidade de áreas diferentes de desova, impedindo parcialmente a homogeneização genética das populações IT e PL.Until 1982, the Guaíra Falls, also named the Seven Falls, constituted a barrier to the dispersion of migratory fish in the Paraná River. The objective of this work was to verify if populations of Pseudoplatystoma corruscans (Osteichthyes, Pimelodidae were isolated by the Guaíra Falls. Samples from the Upper Paraná River floodplain (PL, the Itaipu reservoir (IT, and downstream Yacyretá reservoir (YA were compared by RAPD markers. Lynch's FST was significant between PL and IT (0.090, and PL and YA (0.112. Estimated gene flow (Nm varied from 2.0 between PL and YA to 8.1 between IT and YA. Nei's genetic distance varied from D = 0.0638 between PL and YA to D = 0.0174 between IT and YA. These results indicate the existence of genetic differentiation and that, possibly, the Guaíra Falls isolated the populations reproductively. They also suggest the possibility of different spawning areas, partially avoiding the genetic homogenization of the IT and PL populations.

  12. Divergência genética entre acessos de taro utilizando caracteres morfo-qualitativos de inflorescência Genetic divergence in taro accesses based on the morphological characteristics of inflorescence

    Francisco Hevilásio F. Pereira


    Full Text Available Avaliou-se a divergência genética de acessos de taro pertencentes ao Banco de Germoplasma de Hortaliças da UFV por meio dos caracteres morfo-qualitativos de inflorescências. O experimento foi conduzido a campo em Viçosa, de setembro/2000 a julho/2001. Utilizou-se o delineamento experimental de blocos casualizados, com cinco repetições e 36 tratamentos (clones, dos quais apenas 11 acessos (BGH 5920, BGH 5926, BGH 5927, BGH 6087, BGH 6089, BGH 6091, BGH 6093, BGH 6094, BGH 6136, BGH 6306 e BGH 6606 apresentaram florescimento espontâneo, passíveis de serem avaliados. A proporção entre o apêndice estéril e porção masculina foi em média de 1,02, variando de 0,4 (BGH 6136 a 1,4 (BGH 6087. A inflorescência é circundada por uma espata cuja coloração da parte superior (CL varia do amarelo claro, com ou sem a presença de manchas vermelhas, ao amarelo alaranjado. A cor da porção inferior da espata, contendo as flores femininas (tubo da inflorescência, varia do verde, com ou sem raias ou manchas escuras a púrpura. A espata, na antese, apresenta-se na forma aplanada (BGH 5920, BGH 5926, BGH 6091, BGH 6093, BGH 6094 e BGH 6306 ou encapuchada (BGH 5927, BGH 6087, BGH 6089, BGH 6136 e BGH 6606, com a porção masculina exposta ou envolta, respectivamente. A cor da haste das inflorescências (pedúnculo variou do verde claro ao púrpuro, com proporção entre comprimentos do pedúnculo e da inflorescência (PCPI média de 1,8, variando de 1,1 (BGH 5927 a 2,3 (BGH 6089. As inflorescências saem em número de 1 a 5 por axila foliar (NIAF e apresentam de 1 a 2 ramalhetes florais por planta (NRFP. Os acessos de taro, agrupados pelo método de Tocher, formaram quatro grupos: I (BGH 5920, BGH 6091, BGH 6093, BGH 6094, BGH 5926, BGH 6606 e BGH 6087, II (BGH 6089 e BGH 6306, III (BGH 6136 e IV (BGH 5927. Com base na dispersão dos últimos componentes principais, as variáveis NRFP, CL, PCPI e NIAF, demonstraram ser de pouca importância para a

  13. Comparison between different methodologies of environmental sensitivity classification for lagoons; Comparacao entre diferentes metodologias de classificacao do indice de sensibilidade do litoral a derramamentos de oleo para ambientes lagunares

    Lacerda, Carine; Cabral, Alexandre; Griep, Gilberto Henrique [Fundacao Universidade do Rio Grande (FURG), Rio Grande, RS (Brazil)


    This paper aims to show a brief presentation about the variation of Environmental Sensibility Index (ISL) to west coast of Patos Lagoon, in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil, between the seasons winter and summer. Furthermore, it compares two different methodologies for Sensibility Classification: the first one, for fluvial environments, which was suggested by PETROBRAS, 2006 and other one for either coastal and tidal environments, suggested by Environmental Ministry, 2002. (author)

  14. Comparison between 3D dynamics filter technique, field-in-field, electronic compensator in breast cancer; Comparacao entre tecnica 3D com filtro dinamico, field-in-field e compensacao eletronica para cancer de mama

    Trindade, Cassia; Silva, Leonardo P.; Martins, Lais P.; Garcia, Paulo L.; Santos, Maira R.; Bastista, Delano V.S.; Vieira, Anna Myrian M.T.L.; Rocha, Igor M., E-mail: [Instituto Nacional de Cancer (INCA), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The radiotherapy has been used in a wild scale in breast cancer treatment. With this high demand, new technologies have been developed to improve the dose distribution in the target while reducing the dose delivered in critical organs. In this study, performed with one clinical case, three planning were done for comparison: 3D technique with dynamic filter, 3D with field-in-field technique (forward-planned IMRT) and 3D technique using electronic compensator (ECOMP). The planning were done with a 6MV photon beam using the Eclipse software, version 8.6 (Varian Medical Systems). The PTV was drawn covering the whole breast and the critical organs were: the lung on the irradiated side, the heart, the contralateral breast and the anterior descending coronary artery (LAD). The planning using the compensator technique permitted more homogeneous dose distribution in the target volume. The V20 value of the lung on the irradiated side was 8,3% for the electronic compensator technique, 8,9% for the field-in-field technique and 8,2% for the dynamic filter technique. For the heart the dose range was 15.7 - 139.9 cGy, 16.3 - 148.4 cGy for the dynamic filter technique and 19.6 - 157.0 cGy for the field-in-field technique. The dose gradient was 11% with compensator electronic, 15% dynamic filter technique and 13% with field-in-field. The application of electronic technique in breast cancer treatment allows better dose distribution while reduces dose in critical organs, but in the same time requires a quality assurance. (author)

  15. Adsorption of phosphate in hydrocalumite-like layered double hydroxides: a comparison between memory effect and ion exchange processes; Adsorcao de fosfato em [Ca-Al]-HDL: comparacao entre o efeito de memoria e troca ionica

    Bernardo, M.P., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos (UFSCar), SP (Brazil); Moreira, F.K.V.; Ribeiro, C. [Embrapa Instrumentacao (LNNA), Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil). Laboratorio Nacional de Nanotecnologia para o Agronegocio


    Phosphorus is an essential element for agriculture, but the excessive use of this element has caused severe damages to the environment. Layered double hydroxide (LDHs) are excellent candidates to remove PO{sub 4}{sup 3-} anions through adsorption process. In this work, the phosphate adsorption on hydrocalumite-like (Ca-Al) LDHs was evaluated over the ion exchange and memory effect processes. X-ray diffraction measurements revealed formation of analogous crystalline phases from both process as the phosphate concentration was increased. However, the phosphate quantity adsorbed varied according to the process used. The ion exchange route is the most efficient process to remove phosphate from aqueous medium. (author)

  16. Skyshine method for photons:comparison between theoretical approach and numerical simulation by Monte Carlo method; Skyshine para fotons: comparacao entre abordagem teorica e simulacao numerica pelo metodo de Monte Carlo

    Falcao, R.C.; Facure, A.; Santini, E.S. [Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear (CNEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)]. E-mail:;;; Silva, A.X. [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia. Programa de Engenharia Nuclear]. E-mail:


    The skyshine method is commonly used to compute the dose around radiotherapy facilities, when the roof shielding is projected considering that there will be no occupancy upstairs. In these cases, there will be no need to have the usual 1,5-2,0 m thick ceiling, and the construction costs can be considerably reduced. The semi-empirical expression commonly used to compute these doses show a poor agreement with the experimental dose measurements found in the literature. In this paper the MCNP code was used to simulate the transport of photons in some radiotherapy rooms, with shielding projects approved by the Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN), and whose roof shielding were designed according to the above-mentioned method. These simulations are then compared with the calculations presented in the shielding projects and a clear discrepancy is observed between both results. (author)

  17. Neutron Skyshine in shielding projects of radiotherapy: comparison between theoretical approach and simulation by Monte Carlo method; 'Skyshine' de neutrons em projetos de blindagens de radioterapia: comparacao entre abordagem teorica e simulacao por metodo de Monte Carlo

    Falcao, R.C.; Facure, A. [Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear (CNEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Santini, E.S. [Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear (CNEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas (CBPF), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Silva, A.X. [Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-Graduacao de Engenharia (PEN/COPPE/UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Programa de Engenharia Nuclear


    In this work, the MCNP code is used to simulate the transport of neutrons in a room of radiotherapy, whose shieldings are designed according to the method of skyshine (scattering in the atmosphere). The simulations are compared with the results obtained from empirically established expressions, which are normally used for designing the ceilings of the rooms facilities, ensuring that dose rates (neutrons + photons) around them do not exceed the maximum limits allowed by the standards of the CNEN. Good agreement is observed between the doses calculated according to these expressions and those obtained through simulation by Monte Carlo in the case of rooms without ceiling, and an overestimate of the calculations by a factor 2 or 3 in relation to the simulations, in the case of rooms with ceiling.

  18. Comparison between different methods for inspection of wooden poles in service in electricity distribution networks; Comparacao entre diferentes metodos de inspecao de postes de madeira em servico em redes de distribuicao de energia

    Cruz, M.A.O.; Pires, M.; Dedavid, B.A.; Vidor, F.L.R.; Oliveira, W.S.; Abruzzi, R.C. [Pontificia Univ. Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia e Tecnologia de Materiais (PGETEMA)], Email:


    The pole is the main support structure of the electric network and should be inspected regularly to ensure system security. The aim of this study is to compare traditional and instrumental inspection methods of the wooden poles in service in AES Sul power distribution network (Montenegro, RS). The inspections were conducted in about 180 poles in two measurement campaigns (2001 and 2010). The procedure was based on the traditional inspection (visual inspection, percussion and effort lateral) and instrumental method based on Polux equipment that measures the penetration resistance and moisture content of wood. The results were compared in search of assertiveness of the methods used to subsidize the standardization of inspection procedures. (author)

  19. Comparison between the Brazilian regulation of radioprotection and the recommendation of International Commission on Radiological Protection published in 2007; Comparacao entre a norma brasileira de radioprotecao e a recomendacao da International Commission on Radiological Protection publicadas em 2007

    Pereira, Wagner S.; Py Junior, Delcy A.; Dantas, Marcelino V.A.; Oliveira, Sergio Q. de, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Industrias Nucleares do Brasil (UTM/INB), Pocos de Caldas, MG (Brazil). Unidade de Tratamento de Minerios; Kelecom, Alphonse [Universidade Federal Fluminense (LARARA/UFF), Niteroi, RJ (Brazil). Lab. de Radiobiologia e Radiometria; Mortagua, Valter Jose, E-mail: [Industrias Nucleares do Brasil (USIN/INB), SP (Brazil). Usina de Interlagos


    This paper intends to compare the Brasilian basic regulation on radiological protection with the new recommendations of ICRP through existent differences. The main difference between the publication 60 and the publication 103 of the ICRP is the changing of concept of protection based on the process by use of practice and intervention concepts, to the protection based on the exposure situation, through the concepts of planned exposure, emergency and existent situation. For adequacy to the Brazilian regulation it is necessary to change its concept of protection and the values of radiation weighing and tissues, up dating of radiation detriments, besides to make clear the concept of environmental radioprotection

  20. Comparison among therapy planning in volumetric modulated arc for prostate treatments using one or two arches; Comparacao entre planejamentos de terapia em arco volumetrico modulado para tratamentos de prostata utilizando um ou dois arcos

    Silva, Diego C.S.A.; Pavan, Guilherme A.; Nardi, Stela P.; Fairbanks, Leandro R.; Anderson, Ernani; Junior, Juraci P.R.; Junior, Helio A.S., E-mail: [Clinicas Oncologicas Integradas/Grupo COI, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The study aims to evaluate and compare retrospective planning for prostate cancer using the volumetric modulated arc therapy technique (RapidArc™ - Varian) with one or two arcs. Ten cases of patients with prostate cancer present were replanning with the volume of PTV's between 296.4 cm{sup 3} and 149.6 cm{sup 3} with prescribed dose of 78 Gy. A planning default was created for each case seeking the best result of the distribution dose in the PTV and to minimize the dose to organs at risk, and from this, creates two copies for optimization of one and two arcs. Comparisons of maximum and minimum dose, index of conformity, homogeneity and gradient dose were evaluated in the PTV, the time of the radiation beam and the number of monitor units. The organ at risk were evaluated according to the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group RTOG 0415 and compared in both optimizations. In terms of dosimetric values to organs at risk and PTV were similar, but there was an increase in the number of monitors units and the time of the radiation beam when using the technique with two arcs. Finally the results have showed that use a volumetric modulated arc therapy optimization for prostate cancer it is reaches similar dosimetric goals can be an effective option for radiotherapy department of developing countries with large number of patients. (author)

  1. Comparison between Brazilian and Portuguese energy sceneries considering the importance of small hydroelectric power plants; Comparacao entre os cenarios energeticos brasileiros e portugueses considerando-se a implantacao de PCH's - Pequenas Centrais Hidreletricas

    Mariotoni, Carlos Alberto [Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia Mecanica]. E-mail:; Mauad, Frederico Fabio [Sao Paulo Univ., Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil). Escola de Engenharia. Dept. de Hidraulica e Saneamento


    Both the Brazilian and the Portuguese energy systems have been subject of several transformations along the last years. That happened mainly because the re-definition of the electric sectors what makes possible the flexibility of the energy commercialization. There is another important point to be mentioned what is related to the end of the market monopoly before established by ELETROBRAS - Brazilian Electricity Generation Board and by EDP - Electricity of Portugal, determining a new relationship among the energy produces and consumers. A free market law to the energy sellers and buyers has been introduced. Therefore the businessman have been stimulated to invest in new energy sources and new energy power plants to get bigger profits as well as the consumers have been pushed to fight for lower prices and better qualities. Both the Brazilian and Portuguese Governments must keep the decision power to establish the national energy plans to get the country economic targets and to avoid the economic abuses and cartelization. The discussion presented aims to analyze the importance of the small hydroelectric power plants in both the Brazilian and the Portuguese electric systems considering the economic aspects and the social and environmental impacts. The recent modifications established by both national agencies of energy regulations: ANEEL (Brazil) - National Agency of Electric Power Companies and INAG (Portugal) - National Institute of Water, have been discussed in this paper. (author)

  2. Bioethanol production by cashew apple bagasse (Anacardium occidentale L.): comparison of acid diluted and alkali pre-treatments; Producao de bioetanol a partir da fibra do caju (Anacardium occidentale L.): comparacao entre o pre-tratamento acido e alcalino

    Rodrigues, Tigressa H.S.; Pinheiro, Alvaro D.T.; Goncalves, Luciana R.B. [Universidade Federal do Ceara (UFC), Fortaleza, CE (Brazil); Rocha, Maria V.P.; Macedo, Gorete R. de [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil)


    Due to the growing environmental awareness on the negative impact resulting from utilization of fossil fuels, and in the search for renewable energy sources, biofuels' interest as Bioethanol has rapidly expanded recently. In this context, lignocellulosic compounds have become center of attention as an abundant and economic alternative source of carbohydrates for ethanol production. In this study, cashew's bagasse acid hydrolysis was initially studied for glucose synthesis and its fermentation towards ethanol production. Sulfuric acid concentration, solids concentration and time were some of the factors evaluated. The highest glucose productivity value (162,9 mg.g de bagaco{sup -1}) , was obtained for 0,6 mol.L{sup -1} of sulfuric acid in an autoclave at 121 deg C for 15 min. For the fermentation of the hydrolyzed material by S. cerevisiae containing 16 {+-} 2,0 g.L{sup -1} of glucose metabolic, the yield and productivity obtained were 0,63 g-g glucose{sup -1} and 1,43 g.L{sup -1}h{sup -1} respectively. Ethanol concentration after 6 h of fermentation of this hydrolyzed was 11 g.L{sup -1}. In the best conditions of acid hydrolysis, a second pre-treatment with diluted sulfuric acid was performed to evaluate availability of hemicelluloses at 160 deg C and 180 deg C. For comparative purposes, alkali pre-treatment was evaluated under the conditions of 0,6 mol.L{sup -1}, 30% p/v of bagasse thermically treated at 121 deg C for 15 minutes. However, concentration of sugars was not sufficient for fermentation. Also, nitrogen supplementation of the hydrolyzed fraction did not influence significantly ethanol production. The results demonstrate that the hydrolyzed fraction from the acid pre-treatment of cashew's bagasse could be utilized for ethanol production. (author)

  3. Comparison between Brazilian radiation protection standard and the recommendation of the International Commission on Radiological Protection published in 2007; Comparacao entre a norma brasileira de radioprotecao e a recomendacao da International Commission on Radiological Protection - ICRP, publicadas em 2007

    Pereira, W.S. [Industrias Nucleares do Brasil (INB), Itatiaia, RJ (Brazil). Fabrica do Combustivel Nuclear. Servico de Radioprotecao; Kelecom, A. [Universidade Federal Fluminense (LARARA-PLS/GETA/UFF), Niteroi, RJ (Brazil). Grupo de Estudos em Temas Ambientais. Lab. de Radiobiologia e Radiometria Pedro Lopes dos Santos; Pereira, J.R.S. [Universidade Veiga de Almeida (UVA), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Curso de Graduacao em Direito


    This study aims to evaluate the differences between the CNEN's standard and the publication of ICRP-103, analyzing the philosophy for radiation protection, dose limits and other relevant aspects of radiation protection.

  4. Fuel demand projections and comparison of CO2 mitigation scenarios for Brazil until 2035; Projecoes de demanda de combustiveis e comparacao entre cenarios de mitigacao das emissoes de CO2 para o Brasil ate 2035

    Ribas, Rodrigo Pacheco; Araujo, Maria Silvia Muylaert de; Freitas, Marcos Aurelio Vasconcelo de; Rosa, Luiz Pinguelli; Silva, Neilton Fidelis da; Campos, Antonio F. [Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-Graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE/UFRJ), RJ (Brazil); Campos, Christiano Pires de; Gutierres, Ricardo [Petroleo Brasileiro S.A (CENPES/PETROBRAS), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento; Lampreia, Joao [Agencia Internacional de Energia (IEA), Paris (France)


    This article results from work undertaken by the technical cooperation between the Leopoldo Americo Miguez de Mello Research and Development Center of PETROBRAS (CENPES/PETROBRAS) and the International Virtual Institute of Global Change (IVIG/Coppe/UFRJ), evaluates how the Oil Sector and the fuels demand (petroleum and natural gas) from Brazil will be impacted in the short, medium and long term for current climate change mitigation policies, as for possible proposals to the second period of the Kyoto Protocol (post-2012). Thus, emission scenarios were developed by 2035 as among the main greenhouse gases (GHG), carbon dioxide (CO{sub 2}), considering data from the World Energy Outlook 2010 / International Energy Agency (IEA), the Second National Inventory of Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions, from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and the Ten Year Plan for Energy Expansion (PDE), from the Energy Research Company (EPE) / Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME). (author)

  5. Comparison between two different supporting media at the manipueira anaerobic treatment: bamboo and polyurethane; Comparacao entre dois diferentes meios de suportes no tratamento anaerobico da manipueira: bambu e poliuretano

    Torres, Douglas Guedes Batista; Citolin, Antonio Carlos; Gomes, Simone Damasceno; Alcantara, Michael Steinhorst; Mendonca, Elisabete Ferro [Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Parana (UNIOESTE), PR (Brazil). Curso de Engenharia Agricola], E-mail:


    It was compared the anaerobic bio digestion for the processing starch waste water in natura at horizontal reactors with continuous flux, 15 cm diameter and 90 cm, using two supporting media: bamboo and polyurethane, varying the load rate. The organic load evaluated were 0.548, 1.156, 1.471, 3.049 gCOD.L{sub reactorday}{sup -1} and it was shown that there wasn't supporting media influence on the total and volatile solid removals, with greatest reductions 85 % and 93 %, significantly equals by the Tukey test, for the 1.156 and 1.471 gDQO.L{sub reactorday}{sup -1} loads. The biogas production was greatest at the bio digestion with bamboo acting as supporting media, resulting in 1.696 L{sub biogas}.gSV{sub consumida}{sup -1} for the organic load value of 3.049 gDQO.L{sub reactorday}{sup -1}. (author)

  6. Comparison between Electronic Portal Imaging Devices and ion chamber matrix for intensity-modulated radiotherapy quality assurance; Comparacao entre Dispositivos Eletronicos de Imagens Portais e matriz de camaras de ionizacao para garantia da qualidade de radioterapia de intensidade modulada

    Silveira, Thiago B.; Rosa, Luiz A.R., E-mail: [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD/CNEN-RJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Lima, Marilia B., E-mail: [Instituto Nacional do Cancer (INCA), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Departamento de Fisica Medica


    The treatment with intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) demands an individual and specific quality assurance procedure. The use of ion chamber matrix is a well establish method to dose distribution verifications, despite the lower spatial resolution. An alternative method arising is the use of the Electronic Portal Imaging Devices (EPIDs). The aim of this paper is to validate the EPID use for quality assurance of IMRT comparing it to the previous method employing an ion chamber matrix. We analyzed 10 treatment planning for different tumor sites and photons energies of the linac Trilogy (Varian Medical Systems). We used Sliding-window IMRT and the measurements were acquired in EPID and in Physikalisch-Technische Werkstaetten (PTW) 2D Array seven29. Two different software were used to analyze the data: Verisoft version 4.0, for Array data; and Eclipse 8.6 with Portal Dosimetry for EPID data. The evaluation of concordance levels between measured and predicted images used the Gamma Index tool with 3% of dose difference and 3 mm of distance to agreement. The EPID showed worse results for approval percentiles, in average 2.17%, and bigger values of average gamma index, although its analysis confirmed the approvals of all planning. This happens because of the better sensitivity generated by the higher spatial resolution of the EPID, 0,784 mm against 1,0 cm of the Array, so it has bigger capacity to identify small dose variations. The EPID, jointly with the Portal Dosimetry, proved to be excellent tools to perform pre-treatment IMRT verifications, providing significant gain in dose distribution analysis. Also, the EPID is easier for positioning, for images manipulation, for data acquisition and analysis and has detection area 60% bigger. (author)

  7. Comparison between 3D conventional techniques, field-in-field and electronic tissue compensation for mantle fields planning; Comparacao entre tecnica 3D convencional, field-in-field e compensacao eletronica para planejamento de manto

    Martins, Lais P.; Silva, Leonardo P.; Trindade, Cassia; Garcia, Paulo L.; Santos, Maira R.; Batista, Delano V.S., E-mail: [Instituto Nacional de Cancer (INCA), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    External radiotherapy treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma over diaphragm region requires large radiation fields with protections applied to larynx, humerus head and lungs. The size and shape of the field, which covers different depths, make it difficult to distribute a homogeneous dose. Techniques such as field-in-field and electronic tissue compensation may be used to make dose homogeneous and compensate the obliquity from the tissue. Three types of planning were performed for diagnose of nodular sclerosis Hodgkin's lymphoma: one plan with two fields, AP-PA (AP plan), another with four fields field-in- field (FF plan), and a third one with two fields and electronic tissue compensation (ETC plan). Results showed better gradient, cover of PTV and dose distribution for the ETC plan, besides the advantage from this technique of does not require protection blocks. In the meanwhile, AP and FF plans require simpler dosimetry and fewer MU. Related to the uniformity of dose distribution, AP plan showed hot areas in the neck region, FF plan showed hot areas in the shoulder region and ETC plan showed most uniform distribution without hot areas. The electronic tissue compensation is a useful tool for large and shaped fields as the mantle field, however higher MU and complex dosimetry should be taken in account. (author)

  8. Endostatin (EntreMed).

    Grosios, K


    EntreMed has licensed the worldwide rights to the angiogenesis inhibitor Endostatin, a 20 kDa C-terminal fragment of collagen XVIII, from the Children's Hospital of Boston, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. It is being developed as a potential cancer treatment and may also be useful in certain types of blindness and arthritis [227427]. EntreMed filed an IND for Endostatin in June 1999 [334125] and as of September 1999, phase I trials were underway [341462]. As of April 2000, the company had initiated plans for testing low doses of Endostatin in cancer patients using continuous infusion and sc administration in a further phase I study to be conducted in Europe [361594]. A phase I trial of Endostatin which will evaluate the safety and efficacy of Endostatin at a range of doses in no more than 100 cancer patients has been initiated. The trial will take place at the University of Texas MD Anderson Medical Center and the University of Wisconsin Cancer Center in Madison. The National Cancer Center will be sponsoring the trial, which is expected to be completed in late 2000. As of March 2000, there had been no serious adverse events attributable to Endostatin administration. The first report from this trial is expected in autumn 2000 [341462], [366312]. The mechanism of action for Endostatin remains unclear, although reports from the 91st AACR Meeting in April 2000 showed that recombinant human endostatin bound to a number of tropomyosin cDNAs in a library screen [362039]. In preclinical studies, repeated administration of Endostatin consistently shrank primary tumors and did not produce any drug resistance. In mice, a variety of tumors which had progressed to 1 to 2% of total body weight, regressed to microscopic, dormant lesions following Endostatin treatment [231418], [231470], [270673]. Types of cancers which respond to Endostatin include lung, skin, vascular and fibrosarcomas. Toxicology studies in cynomolgus monkeys showed that bolus injections of

  9. Diversidade genética entre híbridos de laranja-doce e tangor 'Murcott' avaliada por fAFLP e RAPD Genetic diversity among hybrids of sweet orange and 'Murcott' tangor evaluated by fAFLP and RAPD markers

    Marinês Bastianel


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a diversidade genética em uma população de 148 híbridos de tangor 'Murcott' (Citrus reticulata Blanco x C. sinensis L. Osbeck e laranja 'Pêra' (C. sinensis L. Osbeck obtidos por polinização controlada, pelo uso de marcadores fAFLP e RAPD. Marcadores polimórficos (416 marcadores fAFLP e 33 RAPD foram utilizados para avaliar a similaridade genética entre os híbridos, calculada com o coeficiente Jaccard pelo método UPGMA. A consistência de cada agrupamento foi determinada pelo programa BOOD. Houve alta similaridade genética entre os parentais. A laranja 'Pêra' apresentou maior número (132 de loci em heterozigose em relação ao tangor 'Murcott' (105, corroborando a teoria de origem híbrida para a laranja-doce. Observaram-se dois grupos distintos de plantas, e um deles abrangeu 80% dos híbridos com maior similaridade com a laranja 'Pêra'. A análise bootstrap não revelou consistência estatística entre esses grupos. Marcadores fAFLP são mais eficientes na avaliação do polimorfismo, sendo indicados para seleção de indivíduos híbridos mais próximos a um dos parentais.The objective of this work was to evaluate the genetic diversity in a population of 148 hybrids of 'Murcott' tangor (Citrus reticulata Blanco x C. sinensis L. Osbeck and 'Pêra' sweet orange (C. sinensis L. Osbeck, obtained by controlled polination, using fAFLP and RAPD markers. Polymorphic markers (416 fAFLP and 33 RAPD markers were used to evaluate genetic similarity among the hybrids, calculated by the coefficient of Jaccard, using the UPGMA method. The consistency of each group was determined by software BOOD. There was high genetic similarity within the parents. 'Pêra' sweet orange had a higher number of loci in heterozygosis (132 compared to 'Murcott' tangor (105, supporting the theory of hybrid origin for sweet oranges. Two distinct groups of plants were observed: one group had 80% of the hybrids that displayed

  10. Caracterização da diversidade genética entre acessos crioulos de feijão (Phaseolus vulgaris L. coletados em Santa Catarina por marcadores RAPD Characterization of the genetic diversity of landraces of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. collected in Santa Catarina State by RAPD markers

    Márcio Fonseca de Carvalho


    Full Text Available O conhecimento da diversidade genética, por meio da dissimilaridade entre os genótipos, permite a organização, a amostragem e a utilização eficiente do germoplasma em programas de melhoramento genético. O objetivo deste trabalho foi estimar a dissimilaridade entre acessos crioulos de feijão coletados no Estado de Santa Catarina, integrantes do banco ativo de germoplasma de feijão da UDESC e de três cultivares comerciais ("Pérola", "SCS 202-Guará" e "BRS Valente", por meio de marcadores moleculares RAPD. Foram utilizados 21 iniciadores decâmeros que permitiram a visualização de 96 bandas, sendo que 41 (42,7% apresentaram polimorfismo entre os acessos estudados, resultando em bandas entre 650 e 2000pb. A dissimilaridade foi calculada utilizando-se o coeficiente de Sorensen-Dice e o agrupamento foi realizado pelo método UPGMA. Os acessos foram separados em dois grupos principais, com dissimilaridade relativamente alta, quando comparada com a dissimilaridade observada dentro de cada grupo. Os dois grupos formados indicam os centros de domesticação, Mesoamericano ou Andino, dos acessos analisados. A dissimilaridade entre as cultivares avaliadas ("SCS 202-Guará", "BRS Valente" e "Pérola" é baixa (0,15, se comparada com a dissimilaridade entre os demais acessos do banco de germoplasma (0,65. A menor dissimilaridade entre os acessos estudados (BAF63 e BAF04 foi de 0,02. A inexistência de acessos repetidos reforça a necessidade de novas coletas de germoplasma, o que resultará em um banco de germoplasma de feijão mais representativo da variabilidade genética remanescente em Santa Catarina.The knowledge of the genetic diversity through the divergence among the genotypes allows the organization of the germplasm, sampling and efficient utilization in breeding programs. The objective of this study was to analyze the dissimilarity among germplasm collected in Santa Catarina State, stored in UDESC germplasm active bank of common bean

  11. Correlações genéticas e fenotípicas entre características de conformação e produção de leite em bovinos da raça Pardo-Suíça no Brasil Genetic and phenotypic correlations among type traits and milk yield of Brown Swiss Cattle in Brazil

    Francisco Palma Rennó


    Full Text Available Foram avaliados dados de classificação para tipo fornecidos pela Associação Brasileira de Criadores de Gado Pardo-Suíço com o objetivo de avaliar os efeitos de fatores não-genéticos, estimar a herdabilidade e as correlações genéticas e fenotípicas das características lineares de tipo, características de classificação e a classificação final, bem como avaliar as correlações das características de tipo com a produção de leite. Para o estudo dos fatores não-genéticos foi utilizado o método dos quadrados mínimos, utilizando-se o procedimento GLM do SAS, e, para a estimativa da herdabilidade e correlações genéticas e fenotípicas, foi utilizado um modelo animal. Os componentes de variância e (covariância foram obtidos com o programa MTDFREML (Multiple Trait Derivative Free Restricted Maximum Likelihood, utilizando a metodologia de máxima verossimilhança restrita livre de derivadas. Os efeitos não-genéticos influenciaram a avaliação da maioria das características de tipo, devendo ser considerados nas avaliações de conformação de bovinos desta raça. As estimativas de herdabilidade obtidas sugerem a possibilidade de ganhos genéticos moderados advindos da seleção para características de tipo. Devido às altas correlações genéticas entre as características lineares de tipo, programas de melhoramento para características de conformação podem ser implementados sem a necessidade de inclusão de todas as características. As correlações genéticas observadas entre algumas características de tipo e a produção de leite sugerem a participação destas na formação de índices de seleção para animais desta raça.Data of type classification from Brown Swiss Cattle Breeder`s Association of Brazil were used to evaluate non-genetic factors, heritability and genetic and phenotypic correlations of the linear type traits, classification traits and final score, as well as to evaluate correlations of type

  12. Entre monos y centauros

    Serge Gruzinski


    Full Text Available    ¿Qué relación puede existir entre Ovidio, Tiziano y unos tlacuilo indios de la sierra otomí ? ¿Qué tienen en comun  el pintor mas famoso del siglo XVI , el veneciano Tiziano (+ 1576,  un poeta latino del primer siglo despues de Cristo, Publio Ovidio Nasón (-43/17 ,  y unos artistas indígenas anónimos del pueblo otomi de Ixmiquilpan?   Aunque la reunión de estos tres nombres parezca extraña y sorprendente, los hilos que los unen no son nada anecdóticos.  Permiten entender mejor la manera...

  13. Entre formigas e estrelas

    Vinicius Prates


    Full Text Available Esta resenha apresenta o livro Reagregando o social: uma introdução à teoria do ator-rede, última obra do filósofo francês Bruno Latour publicada no Brasil. Nele, o autor se propõe a elaborar uma suma da crítica que faz aos conceitos usualmente aceitos de “social”, o que vem desenvolvendo ao longo dos últimos anos de produção intelectual. Neste processo ele criou a “Teoria-ator-rede”, que busca reestabelecer teoricamente as relações entre o que chama de mediadores “humanos” e “não-humanos”.

  14. A comparison between genetic algorithms and neural networks for optimizing fuel recharges in BWR; Una comparacion entre algoritmos geneticos y redes neuronales para optimizar recargas de combustible en BWR's

    Ortiz J, J. [Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, Depto. Sistemas Nucleares, A.P. 18-1027, 11801 Mexico D.F. (Mexico); Requena, I. [Universidad de Granada (Spain)


    In this work the results of a genetic algorithm (AG) and a neural recurrent multi state network (RNRME) for optimizing the fuel reload of 5 cycles of the Laguna Verde nuclear power plant (CNLV) are presented. The fuel reload obtained by both methods are compared and it was observed that the RNRME creates better fuel distributions that the AG. Moreover a comparison of the utility for using one or another one techniques is make. (Author)

  15. Genetic correlation between traits in the ESALQ-PB1 maize population divergently selected for tassel size and ear height Correlação genética entre caracteres na população de milho ESALQ-PB1 após seleção divergente para tamanho do pendão e altura da espiga

    Austeclínio Lopes Farias Neto


    Full Text Available Full-sib and selfed (S1 progenies were obtained from sub-populations of ESALQ-PB1, divergently selected for tassel size (T+ and T- and ear height (E+ and E-, and used for estimating genetic and phenotypic correlation coefficients between traits. The analyzed traits were: EW- total ear weight (g/plant, PH- plant height (cm, EH- ear height (cm, TB- tassel branch number and TL- tassel length. The highest genetic (rG and phenotypic (rF correlation was observed for the combination PH x EH, as expected, with average of 0.800 and 0.778, respectively over sub-populations and locations. It is apparent that divergent selection for tassel size did not affect greatly the correlation between PH and EH in the full sib progenies, but in the inbred progenies the correlation was smaller in the sub-population selected for larger tassels. Genetic correlation between PH and EH with tassel traits was always positive but ranged from 0.020 to 0.668 in Piracicaba and from 0.06 to 0.309 in Rio Verde. Genetic correlation between PH and EH with yield (EW also was positive in the range of 0.087 to 0.503. EH showed higher correlation with EW in relation to PH x EW and differences were larger in the sub-populations divergently selected for ear height. Correlation between tassel traits with other traits was positive in most of instances and a lack of consistency was observed among sub-populations. Generally the coefficients of genetic and phenotypic correlation differed substantially from the estimates in the base population ESALQ-PB1 before divergent selection for tassel size and ear placement. Divergent selection affected the correlation between traits under unpredicted and varying magnitudes.Progênies de irmãos germanos e de autofecundação (S1 foram obtidas de sub-populações de ESALQ-PB1 após seleção divergente para tamanho do pendão (T+ e T- e altura da espiga (E+ e E- e utilizadas para estimar os coeficientes de correlação genética e fenotípica entre

  16. Aggressiveness between genetic groups I and II of isolates of Cercospora zeae-maydis Agressividade entre isolados dos grupos genéticos I e II de Cercospora zeae-maydis

    Sandra Marisa Mathioni; Carvalho; Kátia Regiane Brunelli; André Beló; Luis Eduardo Aranha Camargo


    For many years, the gray leaf spot disease (GLS) caused by the fungus Cercospora zeae-maydis Tehon & Daniels, was not considered an important pathogen of maize (Zea mays, L.) in Brazil. However, the recent adoption of agronomical practices such as no-tillage and cultivation under central pivot irrigation systems increased the incidence and severity to the extent that GLS is now one of the most important diseases of maize. Isolates of C. zeae-maydis can be distinguished by two genetic groups (...

  17. Entre grafos y bits

    Carla Boserman


    Full Text Available Este texto se propone ahondar en las intersecciones de lo analógico y lo digital, en el encuentro de la baja y la alta tecnología. Tomando consciencia de la materialidad de ambas esferas para pensar desde ahí en objetos, prácticas de dibujo y documentación que puedan aportar otras formulaciones aplicables a métodos de investigación. Entre grafos y bits, diseccionaremos un objeto, el #relatograma, analizaremos su ecología y propondremos una reflexión acerca de su condición digital que genera paisajes por agregación #coreograma, explorando así su capacidad de ser reporte y aporte cognitivo. Between graphs and bits  Abstract This paper delves into the intersections of analogue and digital cultures, at the points at which low and high technology converge. While acknowledging the materiality of these two spheres, I aim to produce an enquiry into objects, drawings and documentation practices that can contribute to developing new research methods. Among graphs and bits, I will dissect one object: the #relatograma, in order to analyze its ecology and propose a critical reflection on its digital condition and its ability to produce aggregated landscapes, or what I define as #coreograma. I will thereby explore its ability to be share information and produce knowledge. Keywords: Material culture; research methods; digital objects; drawing; #relatograma.

  18. Genetic variability among Commelina weed species from the states of Paraná and São Paulo, Brazil Variabilidade genética entre espécies de plantas daninhas do gênero Commelina provenientes dos estados do Paraná e São Paulo, Brasil

    D.C. Rocha


    Full Text Available This work aims to carry out a comparative analysis using RAPD molecular markers in four Commelina weed species from the state of Paraná and C. benghalensis populations from the states of Paraná and São Paulo, Brazil. The genomic plant DNA sample was extracted from the leaves, separated, randomly fragmented and amplified by PCR. Random amplified polymorphic DNA fragments (RAPD markers were analyzed by using POPGENE statistical program. Eighty-five primer sequences were tested but only three were suitable as molecular markers producing 37 DNA polymorphic fragments for comparisons among four Commelina species and 22 polymorphic fragments for comparisons among C. benghalensis populations. The results showed that there were inter-specific and intra-specific genetic variabilities among Commelina plant genera. Genetic diversity analysis between species indicated four mono-specific clusters and it was suggested to keep C. villosa as one species. Regarding the intra-specific genetic variability of C. benghalensis alone, three groups were verified, although there were 13 populations from two geographical areas. However, these clusters do not correspond to the distinct characteristics verified.O presente trabalho procurou analisar a variabilidade genética, utilizando-se de marcadores RAPD, comparando quatro espécies de Commelina procedentes do Estado do Paraná e entre populações de C. benghalensis procedentes dos Estados do Paraná e São Paulo. Foi amostrado o DNA genômico extraído das folhas, o qual foi separado, fragmentado aleatoriamente e amplificado por PCR. Os fragmentos polimórficos de DNA (marcadores RAPD foram analisados pelo programa estatístico POPGENE. Oitenta e cinco primers foram testados, mas somente três sequências foram consideradas marcadores moleculares, produzindo 37 bandas de DNA polimórfico para comparação entre as quatro espécies de Commelina e outras 22 para comparação entre as populações de C. benghalensis

  19. Study of association between genetic polymorphisms of phospholipase A2 enzymes and Alzheimer's disease Associação entre polimorfismos das enzimas fosfolipases A2 e doença de Alzheimer

    Quirino Cordeiro


    Full Text Available Several genes have been related to late-onset Alzheimer's disease (LOAD. Phospholipases A2 (PLA2 influence the processing and secretion of the amyloid precursor protein, which gives rise to the beta-amyloid peptide, the major component of the amyloid plaque in AD. Hence, in the present study, polymorphisms of three genes encoding PLA2 enzymes group (cytosolic PLA2: BanI cPLA2 polymorphism; calcium-independent PLA2: AvrII iPLA2 polymorphism; PAFAH: Val279Phe PAFAH polymorphism were analysed in a case-control sample using 58 patients with LOAD and 107 matched healthy controls. There was a genotypic association between the BanI cPLA2 polymorphism and LOAD (χ2=6.25, 2df, p=0.04, however there was no allelic association. There were no associations between AvrII iPLA2 and Val279Phe PAFAH polymorphisms and LOAD. These data suggest that the BanI cPLA2 polymorphism may play a role in the susceptibility for LOAD in our Brazilian sample.Vários genes têm sido investigados como fatores de risco para o desenvolvimento da doença de Alzheimer (DA de início tardio. As fosfolipases A2 (PLA2 influenciam o processamento e secreção da proteína precursora do amilóide, que dá origem ao peptídeo meta-amilóide, o principal componente da placa amilóide na DA. Assim, no presente estudo, foram analisados três polimorfismos genéticos que codificam enzimas do grupo das PLA2 (PLA2 citosólica: polimorfismo BanI cPLA2; PLA2 cálcio-independente: polimorfismo AvrII iPLA2; PAFAH: polimorfismo Val279Phe PAFAH em 58 pacientes com DA de início tardio e 107 controles saudáveis pareados. Houve associação genotípica entre o polimorfismo BanI cPLA2 e DA de início tardio (χ2=6,25, 2df, p=0,04; no entanto não foi observada associação alélica. Não houve associação entre os polimorfismos AvrII iPLA2 e Val279Phe PAFAH com a doença. Tais dados sugerem que o polimorfismo BanI cPLA2 pode estar envolvido como fator de susceptibilidade para DA de início tardio em

  20. Divergência genética entre linhagens de matrizes de corte por meio de análise de agrupamento Genetic divergence in meat-type hens using cluster analysis

    Marcos Yamaki


    Full Text Available Este trabalho foi realizado com o objetivo de avaliar a divergência genética de três linhagens de matrizes de corte do Programa de Melhoramento Genético da UFV. Foram avaliados dados de 270 aves, 90 de cada linhagem, para estudo das características dias para o primeiro ovo (DPPO, taxa de postura da 22ª à 56ª semana (TP, peso médio individual na 32ª (PMI1, 40ª (PMI2, 48ª (PMI3, 56ª (PMI4 e 64ª semanas de idade (PMI5; e peso médio do ovo, obtido pela média da pesagem de três ovos na 32ª (PMO1, 40ª (PMO2, 48ª (PMO3, 56ª (PMO4 e 64ª semanas de idade (PMO5. Para avaliar a divergência, foram utilizados dois métodos: hierárquico do vizinho mais próximo e otimização de Tocher. Pelo método hierárquico do vizinho mais próximo, utilizando-se a distância de Mahalanobis ao quadrado (D² como medida de dissimilaridade, formou-se um único grupo. Pelo método de otimização de Tocher, foram formados dois grupos, comprovando que os dois métodos foram discordantes na avaliação da divergência genética de linhas de aves de corte. As características que apresentaram as contribuições relativas mais expressivas para a divergência foram, respectivamente, PMO1 (25,71%, DDPO (21,76%, PMI4 (17,65% e PMI2 (13,04%.Genetic divergence among three lineages of meat-type hens from the Genetic Breeding Program of the Universidade Federal de Viçosa was evaluated for the following traits: days at first egg (DPPO, egg production rate (TP from 22nd to 56th week, body weight on the 32nd (PMI1, on 40th (PMI2, at 48th (PMI3, at 56th (PMI4 and at the 64th week (PMI5, egg weight on the 32nd (PMO1, on 40th (PMO2, at 48th (PMO3, at 56th (PMO4 and at the 64th week (PMO5. Traits were measured on 270 hens (90 of each lineage and two different methods were used to evaluate genetic divergence. For the single linkage hierarchical method, using the squared Mahalanobis distance (D² as the dissimilarity measure, only one single group was formed. When

  1. Descritores quantitativos na determinação da divergência genética entre acessos de tomateiro do grupo cereja Quantitative descriptors on determining genetic divergence among cherry tomatoes accessions

    Mariella Camargo Rocha


    Full Text Available O cultivo de tomate do grupo cereja vem adquirindo grande importância econômica, sobretudo para os produtores familiares que se utilizam do cultivo orgânico para agregar valor ao seu produto. A introdução de novos genótipos nesse mercado deve ser respaldada por estudos de caracterização e avaliação do germoplasma, os quais, posteriormente, poderão fornecer dados que serão utilizados diretamente pelos produtores ou serão recomendados para programas de melhoramento. O objetivo deste trabalho foi testar 40 genótipos de tomateiro do grupo cereja, de procedências variadas, sendo 36 acessos da coleção de germoplasma do Departamento de Fitotecnia da UFRRJ e quatro cultivares: 'Joanna', 'Perinha Água Branca (PAB', 'Samambaia' e o híbrido Super Sweet. As plantas foram cultivadas em condições de campo, sob manejo orgânico, no delineamento de blocos ao acaso com quatro repetições e cinco plantas por parcela no período de junho a dezembro de 2004. As variáveis estudadas foram: produção total de frutos, produção de frutos comerciais e não-comerciais, diâmetro longitudinal e equatorial dos frutos, espessura da polpa, massa mínima, média e máxima de frutos por planta. Os dados foram analisados considerando a distância de Mahalanobis e o agrupamento dos acessos foi realizado com base em UPGMA e pela análise de variáveis canônicas. Para a verificação do ajuste entre a matriz de similaridade e o dendrograma obtido, foi calculado o coeficiente de correlação cofenética (CCC. A importância relativa das características foi determinada pelo método de Singh. Os acessos foram separados em dois grupos, um deles contendo apenas o acesso ENAS 1021, enquanto o outro grupo, com 39 acessos, foi subdividido, gerando a formação de sete subgrupos. O coeficiente de correlação cofenética foi de 0,9, demonstrando que houve um ajuste muito bom entre a matriz de distância e o dendrograma. As três primeiras variáveis can

  2. Potencial agronômico e divergência genética entre genótipos de berinjela nas condições do Caribe Colombiano Agronomic potential and genetic divergence among eggplant genotypes in the Colombian Caribbean region

    Hermes Aramendiz-Tatis


    Full Text Available Foram avaliados 24 genótipos (híbridos, cultivares e variedades locais de berinjela quanto às características produtivas no Caribe Colombiano para quantificar a divergência genética entre estes e indicar possíveis cruzamentos. Visa-se dar início a um programa de melhoramento genético da cultura na região, considerando a divergência genética e as características agronômicas desses genótipos. Utilizou-se delineamento em blocos casualizados, com três repetições. As variáveis estudadas foram comprimento do fruto, número de frutos por planta, massa média do fruto, rendimento, firmeza do fruto e altura da planta. Os dados foram submetidos à análise de variância univariada e estatísticas multivariadas utilizando-se diferentes métodos de agrupamento hierárquico e as variáveis canônicas. As médias foram agrupadas pelo teste de Scott-Knott. Verificou-se elevada divergência entre os genótipos estudados. Quando se considerou isoladamente os híbridos, as cultivares e as variedades locais, observou-se maior variabilidade entre os híbridos seguido das cultivares e, por fim, das variedades locais. O método UPGMA foi mais fidedigno no agrupamento que os métodos Ward e Vizinho Mais Próximo, pois obteve maior valor de Coeficiente de Correlação Cofenética. Pelos critérios pseudo-F e pseudo-t² verificou-se que o ponto de máximo foi atingido quando da forma��ão de quatro grupos, sendo este considerado o número ideal de grupos para o UPGMA. Houve concordância entre os grupos formados pelo UPGMA e pelas variáveis canônicas. Com os resultados pode-se inferir que os cruzamentos CC08 x CC02; CC08 x EU01 e CC08 x C016 têm grande potencial visando à produção e a firmeza do fruto.We evaluated 24 genotypes (hybrids, cultivars and landraces of eggplant related to yield traits in the Colombian Caribbean region, to quantify the genetic divergence among these genotypes and to indicate possible crosses. With the results of

  3. Correlações genéticas entre medidas de perímetro escrotal e características produtivas e reprodutivas de fêmeas da raça Nelore Genetic correlations between male scrotal circumference and female productive and reproductive traits in Nellore cattle

    Arione Augusti Boligon


    Full Text Available Com objetivo de estimar parâmetros genéticos para perímetro escrotal medido aos 12 (PE12 e aos 18 meses de idade (PE18 de machos e peso a um ano de idade (P365, peso ao primeiro parto (PPP, idade ao primeiro parto (IPP, dias para o primeiro parto (DP e duração da primeira gestação (DG medidos em fêmeas, além de correlações entre perímetro escrotal e as demais características, foram analisadas medidas de 9.932 fêmeas e medidas de perímetro escrotal de 14.521 machos Nelore provenientes de 28 rebanhos das regiões Sul e Sudeste do País. Os componentes de (covariância foram estimados utilizando-se o método da máxima verossimilhança restrita, sob modelo animal, em análises bi-características. As herdabilidades estimadas foram altas para PE12 (0,25 a 0,26, PE18 (0,35 a 0,37, P365 (0,35 e 0,38, PPP (0,40 e 0,41 e DG (0,19 e 0,20 e de menor magnitude para IPP (0,14 e 0,15 e DP (0,05 e 0,06. As correlações genéticas estimadas entre PE12 e P365, PPP, IPP, DP e DG foram de 0,28; 0,30; -0,15; -0,04 e 0,10, respectivamente. As correlações genéticas entre PE18 e P365, PPP, IPP, DP e DG, no entanto, foram de 0,29; 0,32; -0,21; -0,08 e 0,14, respectivamente. Esses resultados sugerem melhorias na eficiência reprodutiva de fêmeas, principalmente quando os rebanhos são selecionados para PE18.Genetic parameters for scrotal circumference at 12 (SC12 and at 18 months of age (SC18 of males, and yearling weight (W365, weight at first calving (WFC, age at first calving (AFC, days to first calving (DC and length of first gestation (GL of females were estimated using records from 9,932 females and 14,521 males from 28 Nellore herds, located in the South and Southeast regions of Brazil. Covariance components were estimated by REML, fitting bivariate animal models. Heritability estimates were high for SC12 (0.25 to 0.26, SC18 (0.35 to 0.37, W365 (0.35 and 0.38, WFC (0.40 and 0.41 and GL (0.19 and 0.20, but low for AFC (0.14 and 0.15 and DC (0

  4. Tratamento da artrite reumatoide no Sistema Unico de Saude, Brasil: gastos com infliximabe em comparacao com medicamentos modificadores do curso da doenca sinteticos, 2003 a 2006

    Juliana de Oliveira Costa


    Full Text Available Neste trabalho buscou-se caracterizar o perfil dos usuários e os gastos relacionados com infliximabe e medicamentos modificadores do curso da doença (MMCD sintéticos para tratamento da artrite reumatoide no Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS, Brasil. Uma coorte de 2003-2006 foi construída com base nos dados do Sistema de Informação Ambulatorial do SUS, e as análises foram estratificadas por características clínicas e sociodemográficas. Calculou-se o gasto médio mensal per capita para cada ano de seguimento e fatores que o influenciaram. Foram incluídos 26.228 pacientes, a maioria mulheres entre 40-59 anos, residentes na macrorregião Sudeste e com diagnóstico de síndrome de Felty. Medicamentos para artrite reumatoide somaram R$ 74.306.087,18. A mediana de gasto mensal per capita foi de R$ 3.466,03 para pacientes que usaram infliximabe versus R$ 143,85 para os que usaram MMCD sintéticos. O tratamento medicamentoso para artrite reumatoide constituiu a principal despesa no SUS, com elevado impacto econômico devido ao infliximabe. Sexo, diagnóstico, idade e região de residência foram fatores que influenciaram os gastos.

  5. Influência da interação touro x rebanho na estimação da correlação entre efeitos genéticos direto e materno em bovinos da raça Nelore Influence of sire x herd interaction on the estimation of correlation between direct and maternal genetic effects in Nellore cattle

    Joanir Pereira Eler


    Full Text Available A interação touro x rebanho foi avaliada em uma população com 30.789 registros de animais da raça Nelore nascidos entre 1984 e 1994 em doze fazendas localizadas em três Estados do Sudeste e Centro-Oeste brasileiro, com um total de 48.495 animais no pedigree. As características consideradas foram os pesos ao nascer (PESNAS e à desmama (PESDES e o ganho de peso da desmama ao sobreano (GP345. O efeito da interação touro x rebanho foi considerado aleatório em modelos animais uni e bicaraterística, usando MTDFREML. Esse efeito foi importante para PESNAS (6% da variância fenotípica e influenciou os componentes de variância e covariância e, conseqüentemente, os parâmetros genéticos. O efeito foi menor (cerca de 1% da variância fenotípica para PESDES, mas alterou as estimativas dos componentes de variância e covariância. Para GP345, o efeito foi pequeno, embora significativo pelos verossimilhança. As correlações genéticas entre efeitos direto e materno são próximas de zero, ou até mesmo positivas, se a interação touro x rebanho for incluída no modelo, e sempre negativas se ela for omitida.Sire x herd interactions were studied in 30,789 records of birth (BW and weaning weight (WW and weight gain from weaning to 18 months of age (G345 of Nellore cattle born from 1984 to 1994 in twelve farms located in three states of central and southeastern Brazil, with a total of 48.495 animals in pedigree. Sire x herd interaction was considered as a random effect in single trait and two traits animal models using MTDFREML. This effect was important for BW (6% of the phenotypic variance and it both affected variance and covariance components and, consequently, genetic parameters. The effect was smaller for WW (around 1% of the phenotypic variance, but influenced the estimates of (co variance components. For G345, Sire x Herd effect was small. Likelihood tests showed that this effect was significant for all traits. This study showed that

  6. Analysis of genetic relatedness between populations of Aedes aegypti from different geographic regions of São Paulo state, Brazil Análise de relacionamento genético entre populações de Aedes aegypti de diferentes regiões geográficas do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil

    Veruska Marques dos Santos


    Full Text Available RAPD markers have been used for the analysis of genetic differentiation of Aedes aegypti, because they allow the study of genetic relationships among populations. The aim of this study was to identify populations in different geographic regions of the São Paulo State in order to understand the infestation pattern of A. aegypti. The dendrogram constructed with the combined data set of the RAPD patterns showed that the mosquitoes were segregated into two major clusters. Mosquitoes from the Western region of the São Paulo State constituted one cluster and the other was composed of mosquitoes from a laboratory strain and from a coastal city, where the largest Latin American port is located. These data are in agreement with the report on the infestation in the São Paulo State. The genetic proximity was greater between mosquitoes whose geographic origin was closer. However, mosquitoes from the coastal city were genetically closer to laboratory-reared mosquitoes than to field-collected mosquitoes from the São Paulo State. The origin of the infestation in this place remains unclear, but certainly it is related to mosquitoes of origins different from those that infested the West and North region of the State in the 80's.Marcadores de RAPD são utilizados para a análise de diferenciação genética de Aedes aegypti, pois permitem o estudo do relacionamento genético entre populações. Este estudo procurou identificar populações em diferentes regiões geográficas do Estado de São Paulo visando entender o padrão de infestação do A. aegypti. O dendrograma construído com os dados combinados dos padrões de RAPD mostrou que os mosquitos foram separados em dois grupos principais. Mosquitos da região oeste do Estado de São Paulo constituíram um grupo e o outro grupo foi composto de mosquitos de uma cepa de laboratório juntamente com mosquitos de uma cidade litorânea onde se localiza o maior porto da América Latina. Estes dados concordam com o

  7. Genetic parameter and correlation estimates of processing traits in half-sib progenies of tropical-adapted carrot germplasm Parâmetros genéticos e correlações entre características para processamento em progênies de meios-irmãos de germoplasma de cenoura tropical

    Jairo V Vieira


    Full Text Available The estimate of the genetic parameters associated with processing (fresh-cut traits, including root length (RL, is crucial for carrot breeding programs in tropical areas. The cultivar Alvorada is an important germplasm due to its resistance to nematodes, leaf blight, heat-tolerance, and high carotenoid content. Seventy-four 'Alvorada' half-sib progenies were evaluated during the summer of 2005 in the Federal District, Brazil, in a randomized complete block design with three replications. Thirteen competitive plants in each block were randomly selected and evaluated and/or classified for RL and for number of leaves (NL, leaf length (LL, root tip type (RT, root mass (RW, crown shape (CS, root diameter (RD, and xylem diameter (XD. The Pearson's correlation coefficients and the heritability values were estimated for all traits. The path analysis was also used considering the RL trait as dependent variable. The heritability for RL ranged from 12 to 44%. For the other traits, the values ranged from 3% (RD to 79% (LL. Phenotypic and genotypic correlations among all traits were low to intermediate. Path analysis indicated positive direct relationship between RL and RW, whereas RD and XD displayed negative direct effect on RL. Longer roots had narrow diameter and narrow XD. Recurrent selection based upon either half-sib or S1 families would be more effective than mass phenotypic recurrent selection in increasing RL and to develop populations expressing multiple desirable processing traits in tropical-adapted carrot germplasm.A estimativa de parâmetros genéticos associados com caracteres de processamento industrial, incluindo comprimento de raiz (RL, é crucial para programas de melhoramento de cenoura para áreas tropicais. A cultivar Alvorada é um importante germoplasma devido à sua resistência a nematóides e queima-das-folhas, tolerância ao calor e alto conteúdo de carotenóides. Setenta e quatro progênies meio-irmãs derivadas de 'Alvorada

  8. Variação, divergência e correlações genéticas entre caracteres silviculturais e densidade básica da madeira em progênies de Myracrodruon urundeuva (Engler Fr. Allem. Genetic variation, divergence and correlations among silvicultural traits and wood density in progenies of Myracrodruon urundeuva (Engler Fr. Allem.

    Eduardo Luiz LONGUI


    Full Text Available Myracrodruon urundeuva foi muito explorada no passado devido às qualidades de sua madeira e tornou-se escassa em todas as áreas naturais de ocorrência, sendo atualmente considerada como ameaçada de extinção (categoria vulnerável. Isso torna a espécie importante para estudos relacionados à estrutura genética de populações para fins de conservação e melhoramento genético. Assim, a partir de um teste de progênies, instalado em 1987, em Selvíria–MS, foram estimados parâmetros genéticos para a densidade básica da madeira em três posições radiais (medula, intermediária e casca, a distância genética de Mahalanobis e correlações genéticas e fenotípicas entre caracteres de crescimento (altura total, altura do fuste e diâmetro à altura do peito – DAP e densidade básica da madeira. A população apresentou alta densidade básica da madeira (0,75 e alta herdabilidade (0,64 para este carácter na posição intermediária e na medula, indicando forte controle genético e a possibilidade de melhoramento por seleção. Os resultados também mostraram que para essa população de M. urundeuva deve-se utilizar as progênies 1 e 14 para obtenção de híbridos mais heteróticos por apresentarem maior distância de Mahalanobis; as progênies 14 e 20 por outro lado possuem distâncias muito próxima constituindo pares de progênies semelhantes, o que é interessante para se buscar melhoramento por retrocruzamento. Tais informações são importantes para escolha de métodos adequados de conservação e melhoramento genético.In the past, Myracrodruon urundeuva was intensively exploited due the quality of its wood and became scarce in all natural areas of occurrence, being actually considered in extinction (vulnerable category. This makes the species important for studies of population genetic structure for conservation and breeding purposes. Thus, from a progeny test established in 1987 in Selvíria, Mato Grosso do Sul

  9. Estimativas de correlações genéticas entre escores visuais e características de carcaça medidas por ultrassonografia em bovinos Nelore utilizando modelos bayesianos linear-limiar Genetic correlation estimates between visual scores and carcass traits measured by ultrasound in Nelore cattle using linear-threshold bayesian models

    Carina Ubirajara de Faria


    Full Text Available O objetivo neste estudo foi estimar as correlações genéticas entre escores visuais e características de carcaça medidas por ultrassonografia em bovinos da raça Nelore utilizando a estatística bayesiana por meio da Amostragem de Gibbs, sob modelo animal linear-limiar. Foram estudadas as características categóricas morfológicas de musculosidade, estrutura física, conformação e sacro, avaliadas aos 15 e 22 meses de idade. Para as características de carcaça, foram avaliadas as características área de olho-de-lombo, espessura de gordura subcutânea, espessura de gordura subcutânea na garupa e altura na garupa. Os escores visuais devem ser empregados como critérios de seleção para aumentar o progresso genético para a característica área de olhode-lombo e, consequentemente, melhorar o rendimento de carcaça. As estimativas de correlação genética obtidas para musculosidade com espessura de gordura subcutânea e espessura de gordura subcutânea na garupa indicaram que a seleção para musculosidade pode levar a animais com melhor acabamento de carcaça. A seleção para a estrutura física e conformação aos 15 e 22 meses de idade pode promover resposta correlacionada para o aumento da altura na garupa.The objective of this study was to estimate the genetic correlations between visual scores and the carcass traits measured by ultrasound, in Nellore breed cattle, using the bayesian statistics by Gibbs Sampling, in the linear-threshold model. The morphological categorical traits of musculature, physical structure, conformation and sacrum were studied, evaluated at 15 and 22 months. The carcass traits of the longissimus muscle area, backfat thickness, rump fat thickness and hip height were evaluated. Visual scores should be used as selection criterion to increase genetic progress for the longissumus muscle area. The estimates of genetic correlations obtained between musculature and backfat thickness and rump fat thickness

  10. Efeitos da Heterogeneidade de Variância Residual entre Grupos de Contemporâneos na Avaliação Genética de Bovinos de Corte Effects of Heterogeneity of Residual Variance among Contemporary Groups on Genetic Evaluation of Beef Cattle

    Roberto Carvalheiro


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi investigar, por meio de dados simulados, o efeito da heterogeneidade de variância residual entre grupos de contemporâneos (GC sobre as avaliações genéticas de bovinos de corte, e comparar o uso de uma avaliação genética ponderada (R¹Isigmae² em relação à avaliação que pressupõe homogeneidade de variância (R=Isigmae². A característica estudada foi ganho de peso pós-desmame corrigido para 345 dias, sendo esta simulada com variância fenotípica de 300 kg² e herdabilidade igual a 0,4. A estrutura de um conjunto real de dados foi utilizada para fornecer os GC e os pais referentes às observações de cada animal. Cinco níveis de heterogeneidade de variância residual foram considerados de forma que os componentes de variância fossem, na média, iguais aos da situação de homogeneidade de variância. Na medida em que níveis mais acentuados de heterogeneidade de variância residual foram considerados, os animais foram selecionados dos GC com maior variabilidade, especialmente com pressão de seleção intensa. Em relação à consistência de predição, os produtos e as vacas tiveram seus valores genéticos preditos mais afetados pela heterogeneidade de variância residual do que os touros. O fator de ponderação utilizado reduziu, mas não eliminou o efeito da heterogeneidade de variância. As avaliações genéticas ponderadas apresentaram resultados iguais ou superiores àqueles obtidos pelas avaliações que assumiram homogeneidade de variância. Mesmo quando não necessário, o uso de avaliações ponderadas produziu resultados não inferiores às avaliações que assumiram homogeneidade de variância.The objective of this study was to investigate, via simulated data, the effect of heterogeneity of residual variance among contemporary groups (CG on genetic evaluation of beef cattle, and to compare a weighted genetic evaluation procedure (R¹Isigmae² with one that assumes homogeneity of

  11. El periodista, entre el Poder

    JL Dader


    Full Text Available El periodismo se debate, desde sus orígenes, entre la reproducción servil de versiones interesadas o la distorsión de propio cuño, por conocimiento insuficiente de una realidad que sólo puede entrever. Los poderes que amenazan la independencia periodística no han hecho más que crecer o aumentar su habilidad con el paso del tiempo. Surgido como ‘oficio de esclavos’ en la época romana, muchos indicadores actuales parecen retornarle al punto de partida: relaciones públicas estratégicas a gran escala, auge de los ‘spin doctors’, extorsión descarnada en las democracias más débiles y populismo de las redes sociales, entre otros. Todo ello, unido o alentado por la degradación interna y el desaliento de la propia institución periodística incapaz de distanciarse de todas esas fuerzas. Su respuesta no puede ser de alianza o competencia con los poderes que la circundan, sino de hábil distanciamiento para moverse entre todos ellos sin dejar de ejercer la vigilancia que los ciudadanos siguen necesitando de su ejercicio profesional.

  12. Effets Josephson generalises entre antiferroaimants et entre supraconducteurs antiferromagnetiques

    Chasse, Dominique

    L'effet Josephson est generalement presente comme le resultat de l'effet tunnel coherent de paires de Cooper a travers une jonction tunnel entre deux supraconducteurs, mais il est possible de l'expliquer dans un contexte plus general. Par exemple, Esposito & al. ont recemment demontre que l'effet Josephson DC peut etre decrit a l'aide du boson pseudo-Goldstone de deux systemes couples brisant chacun la symetrie abelienne U(1). Puisque cette description se generalise de facon naturelle a des brisures de symetries continues non-abeliennes, l'equivalent de l'effet Josephson devrait donc exister pour des types d'ordre a longue portee differents de la supraconductivite. Le cas de deux ferroaimants itinerants (brisure de symetrie 0(3)) couples a travers une jonction tunnel a deja ete traite dans la litterature Afin de mettre en evidence la generalite du phenomene et dans le but de faire des predictions a partir d'un modele realiste, nous etudions le cas d'une jonction tunnel entre deux antiferroaimants itinerants. En adoptant une approche Similaire a celle d'Ambegaokar & Baratoff pour une jonction Josephson, nous trouvons un courant d'aimantation alternee a travers la jonction qui est proportionnel a sG x sD ou fG et sD sont les vecteurs de Neel de part et d'autre de la jonction. La fonction sinus caracteristique du courant Josephson standard est donc remplacee.ici par un produit vectoriel. Nous montrons que, d'un point de vue microscopique, ce phenomene resulte de l'effet tunnel coherent de paires particule-trou de spin 1 et de vecteur d'onde net egal au vecteur d'onde antiferromagnetique Q. Nous trouvons egalement la dependance en temperature de l'analogue du courant critique. En presence d'un champ magnetique externe, nous obtenons l'analogue de l'effet Josephson AC et la description complete que nous en donnons s'applique aussi au cas d'une jonction tunnel entre ferroaimants (dans ce dernier cas, les traitements anterieurs de cet effet AC s'averent incomplets). Nous

  13. Genetic algorithms

    Wang, Lui; Bayer, Steven E.


    Genetic algorithms are mathematical, highly parallel, adaptive search procedures (i.e., problem solving methods) based loosely on the processes of natural genetics and Darwinian survival of the fittest. Basic genetic algorithms concepts are introduced, genetic algorithm applications are introduced, and results are presented from a project to develop a software tool that will enable the widespread use of genetic algorithm technology.

  14. Genetic Mapping

    ... greatly advanced genetics research. The improved quality of genetic data has reduced the time required to identify a ... cases, a matter of months or even weeks. Genetic mapping data generated by the HGP's laboratories is freely accessible ...

  15. Genetic privacy.

    Sankar, Pamela


    During the past 10 years, the number of genetic tests performed more than tripled, and public concern about genetic privacy emerged. The majority of states and the U.S. government have passed regulations protecting genetic information. However, research has shown that concerns about genetic privacy are disproportionate to known instances of information misuse. Beliefs in genetic determinacy explain some of the heightened concern about genetic privacy. Discussion of the debate over genetic testing within families illustrates the most recent response to genetic privacy concerns.

  16. Entre palabra, escritura e imagen

    José Sánchez Parga


    Full Text Available Plantea el autor que, hace quinientos años, cuando se produjo el encuentro entre la cultura europea y las americanas junto con la conquista y la dominación colonial se instauró un régimen de comunicación en el que se reprodujo una situación de incomunicación y transcomunicaciones hasta ahora existentes. Se refiere el autor también a la violencia verbal y la ley del silencio, a lo que se entiende por mundo andino, a la comunicación como intercambio, la tradición oral-galaxia radial, la dominación gráfica, la Biblia-Gramática- leyes de Indias, Otavalo, quema de papeles, Guamán Poma, el imperialismo de la imagen, destrucción de ídolos, imagen cristiana colonizadora, imperialismo de la imagen, resistencia cultural, importancia de la virgen y el neocolonialismo electrónico.

  17. Razões entre componentes da variabilidade de características quantitativas simuladas com efeitos genéticos de dominância e sobredominância Ratios between variability components of simulated quantitative traits with genetic effects of dominance and overdominance

    Elizângela Emídio Cunha


    Full Text Available Foram avaliadas as razões entre componentes da variabilidade de características quantitativas simuladas a partir de genoma incorporando efeitos genéticos não-aditivos em populações de acasalamento ao acaso e de seleção fenotípica a curto prazo. Estudaram-se uma característica de baixa (h² = 0,10 e outra de alta herdabilidade (h² = 0,60 influenciadas por 600 locos bialélicos. Cinco modelos de ação gênica foram simulados, dos quais quatro incluíram dominância completa e positiva para 25, 50, 75 e 100% dos locos (D25, D50, D75 e D100, respectivamente; e um modelo incluiu sobredominância positiva para 50% dos locos. Todos os modelos incluíram efeitos aditivos dos alelos para 100% dos locos. As principais razões quantificadas foram d² (variância de dominância/variância fenotípica e d²a (variância de dominância/variância aditiva. Para as duas características, d² e d²a aumentaram de acordo com o acréscimo na variância de dominância, decorrente da inclusão crescente de locos com desvio da dominância e sob sobredominância. No mesmo modelo, ambas as razões, sobretudo d², são mais elevadas sob alta herdabilidade, o que indica que os efeitos da dominância explicam a maior parte da variabilidade total dessa característica sob seleção.Ratios were assessed between variability components of quantitative traits simulated from the genome incorporating non-additive genetic effects in random mating populations and short-term phenotypic selection. A trait of low (h² = 0.10 heritability and another of high (h² = 0.60 heritability were studied, both influenced by 600 bi-allelic loci. Five gene action models were simulated, of which four included complete and positive dominance for 25, 50, 75 and 100% of the loci (D25, D50, D75 and D100, respectively; and one model included positive overdominance for 50% of the loci. Every model included additive effects of the alleles for 100% of the loci. The main quantified ratios were

  18. Hypercitizenship and the Management of Genetic Diversity/Hyper-citoyenneté et gestion de la diversité génétique. La sociologie du droit et la bifurcation systemique principale entre la singularité du RING et l'âge néoféodale

    Pitasi Andrea


    Full Text Available Cet essai se focalise sur la fonction allocative des systèmes judiciaires exercée pour attirer/rejeter des capitauxdifférents sur la base de leur propres procédures de création de règles juridiques et de lois. Cette fonction estaujourd’hui d’une importance fondamentale. En effet, le genre humain est avant tout une bifurcation évolutionniste etsystémique entre le concept heideggérien de Gegnet d’une convergence stratégique et extrêmement rapide (parexemple, la Singularité parmi la robotique, l’informatique, les nanotechnologies et la génétique (RINGs – qui est entrain de redessiner la vie humaine par rapport à ses styles et ses standards qualitatifs de vie et tout particulièrement auxdomaines de la santé et de l’environnement - et ce qu’on appelle le Scenario Néo-féodal (NS proposé par ceux quipensent que le Modèle Industriel a échoué et que le seul moyen de sauver le genre humain et son environnement seraitune espèce de voyage en arrière dans le temps pour proposer de nouveau le style de vie du Moyen-âge caractérisé par lalenteur et l’austérité. Cet essai examine la littérature internationale la plus récente et la plus influente concernante lesdeux alternatives de bifurcation et avance une modification potentielle de paradigme dans l’approche systémique afin dereformuler la carte conceptuelle du changement global à travers une épistémologie systémique de la sociologie du droit.AbstractThis essay is essentially theoretical and is focused on the allocative function of the legal systems to attract/rejectdifferent capitals according to their procedures to shape norms and laws. This function of the legal systems is pivotal inour times as humankind is before a systemic and evolutionary bifurcation between the heideggerian Gegnet of astrategic, high speed convergence (i.e. Singularity among robotics, informatics, nanotechonologies and genetics(RINGs - which is going to reshape the human life

  19. Entre contener y ser contenido

    Jorge Morales Meneses


    Full Text Available El presente artículo propone una nueva manera de entender los elementos comunes en la formación y el hacer del diseño y de la arquitectura, posibilitando un pensar común y un coactuar en diversas escalas de intervención, necesarias para el manejo de la complejidad del paisaje contemporáneo. La convicción de un pensar común entre ambas disciplinas permite explorar un marco filosófico que incluye a pensadores tan trascendentales como Aristóteles, Kant y Heidegger, estableciendo un orden de pensamiento que los relaciona y sitúa. En momentos en que el territorio está siendo visible y negativamente afectado por elementos no pensados o que fueron imaginados separadamente, este artículo propone una mirada que le dé sentido de totalidad a las acciones del diseño y de la arquitectura, como elementos que permanentemente se contienen en otros de diferente escala, pero que siempre están vinculados. Reconocer el paisaje físico y mental, tangible e intangible que contiene al diseño y a la arquitectura contribuirá a establecer un marco de acción donde todos los elementos construidos por el ser humano puedan tener un rol específico y una escala asumida, e intercomprenderse para mejor utilización de los recursos, disminuir el impacto ambiental y contribuir a un orden social mejor interpretado por los objetos, espacios y sus representaciones.

  20. Genetic modification and genetic determinism

    Resnik, David B; Vorhaus, Daniel B


    In this article we examine four objections to the genetic modification of human beings: the freedom argument, the giftedness argument, the authenticity argument, and the uniqueness argument. We then demonstrate that each of these arguments against genetic modification assumes a strong version of genetic determinism. Since these strong deterministic assumptions are false, the arguments against genetic modification, which assume and depend upon these assumptions, are therefore unsound. Serious discussion of the morality of genetic modification, and the development of sound science policy, should be driven by arguments that address the actual consequences of genetic modification for individuals and society, not by ones propped up by false or misleading biological assumptions. PMID:16800884

  1. Patpong, entre sexe et commerce.

    Sébastien Roux


    Full Text Available Le tourisme dit « sexuel » est aujourd’hui décrié comme une forme de tourisme international immoral, un dysfonctionnement grave de la mondialisation appelant une réaction politique contre « l’exploitation sexuelle » dont seraient victimes des millions de femmes et d’enfants. Pourtant, derrière l’apparente évidence du « tourisme sexuel » comme expression de sens commun, rares sont les enquêtes qui explicitent la réalité concrète des échanges prostitutionnels. En adoptant une démarche ethnographique, l’article décrit le fonctionnement de Patpong, un quartier rouge de Bangkok dédié à une clientèle internationale. Par la description des offres disponibles, des revenus générés, des codes et des pratiques, la complexité de l’espace réapparaît. Il s’agit de donner à voir la réalité des échanges pour interroger l’articulation entre commerce et sexualité. L’analyse ethnographique du tourisme sexuel permet ainsi de souligner la diversité des pratiques et de rappeler que les formes les plus visibles — et les plus commentées — d’échanges prostitutionnels éclipsent trop souvent une pluralité d’expériences qui participe pourtant au succès de ces ruelles mondialement connues. So-called sex tourism is condemned as an immoral form of international tourism, a serious failure of globalization requiring political action against the “sexual exploitation” suffered by millions of women and children. Yet behind the common and seemingly evident understanding of “sexual tourism,” few studies have focused on the actual reality of such relations. Based on an ethnographic study, this article presents the structure of Patpong, a red-light district of Bangkok dedicated to international tourism. First, the article aims to briefly present the historical development of Patpong. This peculiar space is intrinsically linked to sex tourism, as these world-renowned streets expanded since the mid-60s to

  2. From Genetics to Genetic Algorithms

    Genetic algorithms (GAs) are computational optimisation schemes with an ... The algorithms solve optimisation problems ..... Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimisation and Machine. Learning, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc. 1989.

  3. From Genetics to Genetic Algorithms

    artificial genetic system) string feature or ... called the genotype whereas it is called a structure in artificial genetic ... assigned a fitness value based on the cost function. Better ..... way it has produced complex, intelligent living organisms capable of ...

  4. About Genetic Counselors

    ... clinical care in many areas of medicine. Assisted Reproductive Technology/Infertility Genetics Cancer Genetics Cardiovascular Genetics Cystic Fibrosis Genetics Fetal Intervention and Therapy Genetics Hematology Genetics Metabolic Genetics ...

  5. Comparison between dose calculation in XiO Registered-Sign and dosimetric measurements in virtual wedge photon beams; Comparacao entre o calculo da dose no XiO Registered-Sign e medidas dosimetricas em feixes de fotons com filtro virtual

    Almeida, Laila G.; Amaral, Leonardo L.; Oliveira, Harley F., E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (HCFMRP/USP), Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil). Hospital das Clinicas. Servico de Radioterapia; Maia, Ana F. [Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS), Sao Cristovao (Sweden), (Brasil) Departamento de Fisica


    The virtual wedge is useful tool in the radiation treatment planning since it has series of advantages over the hard wedge. Quality control tests ensure correct performance of the planning done in treatment planning systems (TPS). This study aimed to compare doses calculated by TPS and doses measured by ionization chamber (CI) and an ionization chambers array in virtual wedge photon beams of 6 MV. Measures carried out in Primus linear accelerator with a solid water phantom and dosimeter positioned at 10 cm depth with gantry at 0 Degree-Sign in many fields sizes and angles in the virtual wedge. Measurements on the central axis used as dosimeter an IC and on off-axis used an IC array. The simulation in CMS-XiO used the CT images of the phantom in the same configuration of the irradiation. Maximum and minimum values of the percentage differences between the doses provided by TPS and measurements with ionization chamber on the central axis were 1.43 and -0.10%, respectively, with average percentage difference of 0.08% and confidence limit of {Delta}=1.72%. In the region off-axis, the average percentage difference was 0.04%, with a maximum of 1.9%, minimum of 0% and confidence limit of {Delta}=1.91%. All values for dose percentage differences were below 2% and lower confidence limit of 3% are thus, according to the recommendations of the Technical Report Series - TRS-430. (author)

  6. Real-time three-dimensional echocardiographic left ventricular ejection fraction and volumes assessment: comparison with cardiac computed tomography; Comparacao entre a afericao da fracao de ejecao e dos volumes do ventriculo esquerdo, medidos com ecocardiografia tridimensional em tempo real e com tomografia computadorizada ultra-rapida

    Vieira, Marcelo L.C.; Nomura, Cesar H.; Tranchesi Junior, Bernardino; Oliveira, Wercules A. de; Naccarato, Gustavo; Serpa, Bruna S.; Cury, Alexandre; Passos, Rodrigo B.D.; Nobrega, Marcel V. da; Funari, Marcelo B.G.; Pfefermam, Abhaham; Makdisse, Marcia; Fischer, Claudio H.; Morhy, Samira S., E-mail: [Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Background and objective: Few studies addressed the comparison between real-time 3D echocardiography (RT3DE) and cardiac computed tomography (CCT) concerning left ventricular ejection fraction and volumes assessment. We sought to compare both techniques regarding left ventricle (LV) ejection fraction function and volumes analysis. Methods: we studied by RT3DE (Philips IE 33, And, MA, USA) and by CCT (Toshiba, 64-slice, Otawara, Japan) 41 consecutive patients (29 males, 58 ± 11 yrs). We analysed by both techniques LVEF, LVEDV, LVESV. RT3DE and CCT data were compared by coefficients of determination (r: Pearson), Bland and Altman test and linear regression, 95% CI. Results: RT3DE data: LVEF ranged from 56.7 to 78.9 % (65.3 + 5.7 ); LVEDV ranged from 49.6 to 178.2 (88 + 27.5) mL; LVESV from 11.4 to 78 ( 33.9 + 13.7) mL. CCT data: LVEF ranged from 53 to 86 % (67.3 + 7.9 ); LVEDV ranged from 51 to 186 (106.4 + 30.7) mL; LVESV from 7 to 72 ( 35.1 + 13.8) mL. Correlations relative to RT3DE and CCT were: LVEF (r: 0. 7877, p<0.0001, 95 % CI 0.6327 to 0.8853 ); LVEDV (r:0.7671, p<0.0001, 95 % CI 0.5974 to 0.8745); LVESV (r: 0.8121, p<0.0001, 95 % CI 0.6659 to 0.8957). Conclusions: it was observed adequate correlation between real-time 3D echocardiography and cardiac computed tomography concerning ejection fraction and volumes assessment. (author)

  7. Comparison in processing routes by copper mold casting injection and suction in the Cu{sub 46}Zr{sub 42}Al{sub 7}Y{sub 5} vitreous alloy; Comparacao entre as rotas de processamento por fundicao com injecao e com succao da liga vitrea Cu{sub 46}Zr{sub 42}Al{sub 7}Y{sub 5}

    Batalha, W.; Aliaga, L.C.R.; Bolfarini, C.; Botta, W.J.; Kiminami, C.S. [Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos (UFSCar), SP (Brazil). Departamento de Engenharia de Materiais


    To expand the application of glassy metals, the development of processing routes and compositions that allow the production of parts with dimensions of millimeters or even centimeters, is very important. The present work aims the contribution to the technological development of processing routes for the production of Cu-based bulk metallic glasses. Wedge-shaped samples of Cu{sub 46}Zr{sub 42}Al{sub 7}Y{sub 5} (atom percent) chemical composition were processed using copper mold casting by suction and injection. Characterization was made combining scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction and differential scanning calorimetry. The critical amorphous thickness obtained by those two different routes was carefully observed. The suction route allow obtaining the best results with critical amorphous thickness about 8 mm. This result was analyzed considering the different extrinsic parameters to the glass forming ability of the alloy. (author)

  8. Whole-body magnetic resonance imaging for staging and follow-up of pediatric patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma: comparison of different sequences; Aplicacao da ressonancia magnetica de corpo inteiro para o estadiamento e acompanhamento de pacientes com linfoma de Hodgkin na faixa etaria infanto-juvenil: comparacao entre diferentes sequencias

    Nava, Daniel; Oliveira, Heverton Cesar de, E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/EPM), SP (Brazil). Dept. de Diagnostico por Imagem; Luisi, Flavio Augusto; Lederman, Henrique Manoel [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/IOP/GRAACC), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Oncologia Pediatrica. Grupo de Apoio ao Adolescente e a Crianca com Cancer; Ximenes, Andrea Regina da Silveira [Clinica Centrus, Campinas, SP (Brazil)


    Objective: to compare the performance of the T1, T2, STIR and DWIBS (diffusion-weighted whole-body imaging with background body signal suppression) sequences in the staging and follow-up of pediatric patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma in lymph node chains, parenchymal organs and bone marrow, and to evaluate interobserver agreement. Materials and methods: the authors studied 12 patients with confirmed diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma. The patients were referred for whole body magnetic resonance imaging with T1-weighted, T2-weighted, STIR and DWIBS sequences. Results: the number of lymph node sites characterized as affected by the disease on T1- and T2-weighted sequences showed similar results (8 sites for both sequences), but lower than DWIBS and STIR sequences (11 and 12 sites, respectively). The bone marrow involvement by lymphoma showed the same values for the T1-, T2-weighted and DWIBS sequences (17 lesions), higher than the value found on STIR (13 lesions). A high rate of interobserver agreement was observed as the four sequences were analyzed. Conclusion: STIR and DWIBS sequences detected the highest number of lymph node sites characterized as affected by the disease. Similar results were demonstrated by all the sequences in the evaluation of parenchymal organs and bone marrow. A high interobserver agreement was observed as the four sequences were analyzed. (author)

  9. Potency determination of follitropin, lutropin And thyrotropin: a comparison between the quantification by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography and in vivo bioassay; Determinacao de potencia de diferentes preparacoes de foliculotrofina, luteotrofina e tireotrofina: comparacao entre a quantificacao por cromatografia liquida em fase reversa e por bioensaio in vivo

    Almeida, Beatriz Elane de


    With the intention of setting up physico-chemical methods as an alternative to in vivo bioassay for determining biological activity, the hFSH, hTSH and hLH content of native and recombinant preparations was determined by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) and compared with the data obtained by the classical mouse or rat in vivo bioassays (BA). A linear relationship between the two methods was found for these hormones: hFSH BA{sub U=} 0.9925 RP-HPLC{sub U–} 1.3165, r = 0.9371, p < 0.001, n = 24; hTSH BAμg = 0.9790 RP-HPLCμg - 0.052, r = 0.8725, p < 0.001, n = 14; hLH BA{sub IU} = 0.8771 RP-HPLC{sub IU} + 12.41, r = 0.9786, p < 0.01, n = 5. For nine other hFSH and eleven hTSH preparations, the mean difference ( ) between the bioactivity predicted from RP-HPLC data via these equations and the mean of the bioactivities obtained with the two methods was as follows. For hLH this difference could not be estimated due to lack of different samples. In the case of hFSH, ± SD = -2.11 ± 3.49% with a precision of 1.16% and in the case of hTSH, ± SD = -2.01 ± 5.56 %, with precision of 1.68%. Partly-degraded hFSH, hTSH and hLH samples presented different activity degrees that could be predicted by RP-HPLC, with an acceptable agreement with the in vivo bioassays. These results demonstrate that the employment of a non-animal physico-chemical assay, such as RP-HPLC, is a viable alternative to the use of an in vivo bioassay for hFSH and hTSH potency determination, thus reducing the number of animals currently used for assuring quality and efficacy of a pharmaceutical product. (author)

  10. Comparison among physical and mathematical simulation methods to calibrate the scintillating detector to determine the high energy radionuclides in human body; Comparacao entre metodos de simulacao fisica e matematica para calibracao de detetor de cintilacao, visando a determinacao de radionuclideos de alta energia no corpo humano

    Mello, J.Q.; Dantas, A.L.A.; Almeida, A.P.F.; Hunt, J.G.; Dantas, B.M., E-mail: [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD/CNEN-RJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    In vivo monitoring of photon emitters requires prior calibration of the detectors in order to obtain factors relate the count rate obtained in measuring the individual with this activity in the body. In this work were compared two calibration methods of a Nal scintillation detector (Tl) 3 x 3 for determination in vivo of {sup 40}K: (1) Experimental method using a physical-anthropomorphic simulator called BOMAB and (2) mathematical method using the VMC software (Visual Monte Carlo). Both methods aim at simulation of radionuclide distribution in the human body geometry and interaction of photons with the detector. The obtained results show the similarities and limitations of the evaluated methods for the measurement conditions used.

  11. Comparison among structural characteristics of Ce{sub 1-x}Cu{sub x}O{sub 2} nanocatalysts obtained by two methods of distinct synthesis; Comparacao entre as caracteristicas estruturais dos nanocatalisadores Ce{sub 1-x}Cu{sub x}O{sub 2} obtidos por dois metodos de sintese distintos

    Neiva, L.S.; Bispo, A.; Santos, P.T.A.; Costa, A.C.F.M.; Gama, L., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UFCG), PB (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Materiais; Mascarenhas, A.J.S. [Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica


    The objective this work is to synthesize nano catalysts Ce{sub 1-x}Cu{sub x}O{sub 2} type by the synthesis methods of the combustion reaction and Pechini. The value of the concentration (x) of the element dope (Cu) varies between 0,1 and 0,5 mols. It intends evaluate that form the synthesis method influences in the physical structural characteristics of this material. nano catalysts were characterized by ray- X diffraction. The results showed nano catalysts formation with a formed structure for the most part by the phase CeO{sub 2}, as it was expected, since this is the hostess matrix of the element dope (Cu). Nano catalysts obtained by the method Pechini presents crystallinity larger deg, according with patterns of ray-X. Thus, it was concluded that synthesis employee method the kind in the methodology, as well as the value of the concentration of the element dope has influence on the final structural characteristics of the developed material. (author)

  12. Comparison among the rice bark in the raw and active forms in the removal of {sup 241}Am and {sup 137}Cs from liquid radioactive wastes; Comparacao entre a casca de arroz nas formas brutas e ativada na remocao de {sup 241}Am e {sup 137}Cs de rejeitos radioativos liquidos

    Ferreira, Rafael V.P.; Lima, Josenilson B. de; Bellini, Maria Helena; Sakata, Solange Kazumi; Marumo, Julio Takehiro, E-mail: rpadua@ipen.b, E-mail: sksakata@ipen.b, E-mail: jblima@ipen.b, E-mail: mbmarumo@ipen.b, E-mail: jtmarumo@ipen.b [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    New techniques involving treatment of radioactive wastes which associate simplicity and low cost have been directed the attention for the bio sorption, which is a process were solid vegetable or micro-organism for the retention, removing, or recovering of heavy metals from a liquid environment. This study evaluated the capacity of a bio sorbent to remove Am-241 and Cs-137 from liquid radioactive waste. The chosen material was the rice bark employed in the raw or activated forms. The obtained results suggest that the bio sorption, with the activated rice bark, can be a viable technique for the treatment of liquid radioactive wastes containing Am-241 and Cs-137 present in liquid radioactive wastes

  13. Comparison between IAEA/TRS-277 and IAEA/TRS-398 protocols for electron beam dosimetry with cylindrical ionization chambers; Comparacao entre os protocolos IAEA/TRS-277 e IAEA/TRS-398 para dosimetria em feixes de eletrons com camaras de ionizacao cilindricas

    Souza, Roberto Salomon de


    With the purpose to guarantee an uncertainty in the dosimetry in radiation therapy, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) published in 1987 the Technical Reports Series (TRS) number 277 - Absorbed Dose Determination in Photon and Electron Beams - An International Code of Practice -, updated in 1997, when was published its second edition. In 2000 was published the TRS number 398 - Absorbed Dose Determination in External Beam Radiotherapy - An International Code of Practice for Dosimetry Based on Standards of Absorbed Dose to Water. The TRS number 398 brings a great conceptual change in relation to the basis of the formalism, before based on calibration factor in terms of air kerma, and now based on calibration factor in terms of absorbed dose in water. Since the TRS number 398 was published, the Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratories are calibrating the user's ionization chambers in terms of absorbed dose to water. However, nor all the clinics in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil have its ionization chambers calibrated in terms of absorbed dose to water. The National Cancer Institute, where the measurements were taken, was the first institution in the Rio de Janeiro to have its ionization chambers calibrated in terms of a new formalism. This work describes a comparison between dosimetry done with a cylindrical ionization chamber under electron beams utilizing the TRS number 277 formalism, based on air kerma, and the TRS number 398 formalism, based on absorbed dose to water, reporting the uncertainties variation of the dosimetry associated to each protocol. (author)

  14. Genetic variation between susceptible and non-susceptible snails to Schistosoma infection using random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis (RAPDs Variação genética entre moluscos susceptíveis e não susceptíveis à infecção pelo Schistosoma através da análise do DNA polimórfico amplificado aleatóriamente (RAPDs

    Abdel-Hamid Zaki ABDEL-HAMID


    Full Text Available Susceptibility of snails to infection by certain trematodes and their suitability as hosts for continued development has been a bewildering problem in host-parasite relationships. The present work emphasizes our interest in snail genetics to determine what genes or gene products are specifically responsible for susceptibility of snails to infection. High molecular weight DNA was extracted from both susceptible and non-susceptible snails within the same species Biomphalaria tenagophila. RAPD was undertaken to distinguish between the two types of snails. Random primers (10 mers were used to amplify the extracted DNA by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR followed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE and silver staining. The results suggest that RAPD represents an efficient means of genome comparison, since many molecular markers were detected as genetic variations between susceptible and non-susceptible snails.A susceptibilidade de moluscos à infecção por certos trematódeos e a sua capacidade como hospedeiro para o contínuo desenvolvimento é o problema mais deslumbrante nas relações parasita hospedeiro. O presente trabalho, focaliza nosso interesse na genética dos moluscos para determinar quais genes ou produtos gênicos são especificamente responsáveis pela susceptibilidade do molusco à infecção. DNA de alto peso molecular, foi extraído de ambos moluscos susceptíveis e não susceptíveis da espécie Biomphalaria tenagophila. Iniciadores aleatórios com 10 pares de bases foram usados na amplificação aleatória (RAPD de ambos os DNAs e análise por eletroforese em gel de poliacrilamida e coloração com prata. Os resultados mostram que a amplificação aleatória do DNA representa um eficiente caminho para a comparação dos genomas desde que marcadores moleculares foram detectados como variantes genéticos entre os moluscos susceptíveis e não susceptíveis.

  15. Floridablanca entre la modernidad y la posmodernidad

    Senatore, María Ximena


    Este artículo se centra en los diálogos entre el pasado y el presente creados en el marco de la modernidad y de la posmodernidad. La arqueología como práctica social puede ser entendida como un diálogo pasado-presente. Floridablanca es una historia, un sitio, una experiencia, una idea, una utopía. Es también un punto de encuentro entre modernidad y posmodernidad. El objetivo de este trabajo es presentar ciertas reflexiones sobre los diálogos pasado-presente que crean, transforman y reproducen...

  16. Genetic modification and genetic determinism

    Vorhaus Daniel B


    Full Text Available Abstract In this article we examine four objections to the genetic modification of human beings: the freedom argument, the giftedness argument, the authenticity argument, and the uniqueness argument. We then demonstrate that each of these arguments against genetic modification assumes a strong version of genetic determinism. Since these strong deterministic assumptions are false, the arguments against genetic modification, which assume and depend upon these assumptions, are therefore unsound. Serious discussion of the morality of genetic modification, and the development of sound science policy, should be driven by arguments that address the actual consequences of genetic modification for individuals and society, not by ones propped up by false or misleading biological assumptions.

  17. Responsabilidad extracontractual y contractual: barrera entre ambas

    González Hernández, Rut


    Full Text Available La finalidad que persigue el sistema de responsabilidad civiles el resarcimiento del daño causado con independencia de que proceda la responsabilidad contractual o la extracontractual, coexistiendo ambas en nuestro ordenamiento jurídico y resultando en ocasiones complicado discernir la frontera entre una y otra.

  18. Genetic Engineering

    Phillips, John


    Presents a review of genetic engineering, in which the genotypes of plants and animals (including human genotypes) may be manipulated for the benefit of the human species. Discusses associated problems and solutions and provides an extensive bibliography of literature relating to genetic engineering. (JR)

  19. Genetic Romanticism

    Tupasela, Aaro


    inheritance as a way to unify populations within politically and geographically bounded areas. Thus, new genetics have contributed to the development of genetic romanticisms, whereby populations (human, plant, and animal) can be delineated and mobilized through scientific and medical practices to represent...

  20. Sinergias entre Luxemburgo, ACNUR y Skype

    Bertout, Antoine; Bourcy, Marc de; Faisal, Mohammad


    Una reciente asociación estratégica entre ACNUR, el Gobierno de Luxemburgo y el proveedor de software para comunicaciones Skype permite al personal de ACNUR en zonas de condiciones de vida difíciles mantenerse en contacto con sus familiares y amigos. Los socios evalúan de qué forma podría adaptarse la tecnología para otras organizaciones humanitarias.

  1. A desnecessidade do trabalho entre pescadores artesanais

    Cristiano Wellington Norberto Ramalho


    Full Text Available As relações socioculturais e econômicas, entre alguns grupos de pescadores artesanais, não colocam como entes antagônicos trabalho e tempo livre. Do contrário, tais relações celebram aproximações entre saber-fazer pesqueiro, lazer e vida, formando e conformando um todo societário. Inseridos nesse quadro, estão os pescadores artesanais do mar-de-fora da praia de Suape, no município do Cabo de Santo Agostinho, litoral sul de Pernambuco, distante 50 km de Recife. Este artigo busca desvelar a mencionada moral do trabalho e do tempo livre no fazer cotidiano de pescadores dessa Praia, com base na pesquisa etnográfica e na história de vida de 13 pescadores. No geral, identificou-se que há uma moral do trabalho que se confunde à moral do tempo livre, pois o cerceamento de uma delas representa limites à outra. Assim, para esses homens, definir o que é um ser liberto ou cativo liga-se ao encontro indissociável, em termos práticos e simbólicos, entre as referidas morais, o que é essencial para classificar o fazer-se pescador artesanal em seu sentido pleno fundamentado na desnecessidade do trabalho.

  2. Evolutionary genetics

    Maynard Smith, John


    .... It differs from other textbooks of population genetics in applying the basic theory to topics, such as social behaviour, molecular evolution, reiterated DNA, and sex, which are the main subjects...

  3. Genetic Discrimination

    ... Care Genomic Medicine Working Group New Horizons and Research Patient Management Policy and Ethics Issues Quick Links for Patient Care Education All About the Human Genome Project Fact Sheets Genetic Education Resources for ...

  4. Arthropod Genetics.

    Zumwalde, Sharon


    Introduces an activity on arthropod genetics that involves phenotype and genotype identification of the creature and the construction process. Includes a list of required materials and directions to build a model arthropod. (YDS)

  5. Desktop Genetics

    Hough, Soren H; Ajetunmobi, Ayokunmi; Brody, Leigh; Humphryes-Kirilov, Neil; Perello, Edward


    Desktop Genetics is a bioinformatics company building a gene-editing platform for personalized medicine. The company works with scientists around the world to design and execute state-of-the-art clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) experiments. Desktop Genetics feeds the lessons learned about experimental intent, single-guide RNA design and data from international genomics projects into a novel CRISPR artificial intelligence system. We believe that machine learni...

  6. J. Genet. classic 101

    Journal of Genetics, Vol. 85, No. 2, August 2006. 101. Page 2. J. Genet. classic. 102. Journal of Genetics, Vol. 85, No. 2, August 2006. Page 3. J. Genet. classic. Journal of Genetics, Vol. 85, No. 2, August 2006. 103. Page 4. J. Genet. classic. 104. Journal of Genetics, Vol. 85, No. 2, August 2006. Page 5. J. Genet. classic.

  7. J. Genet. classic 37


    Journal of Genetics, Vol. 84, No. 1, April 2005. 37. Page 2. J. Genet. classic. Journal of Genetics, Vol. 84, No. 1, April 2005. 38. Page 3. J. Genet. classic. Journal of Genetics, Vol. 84, No. 1, April 2005. 39. Page 4. J. Genet. classic. Journal of Genetics, Vol. 84, No. 1, April 2005. 40. Page 5. J. Genet. classic. Journal of ...

  8. Para tener entre manos una revista

    Gabriel Giannone


    Consideramos importante rescatar el trabajo colectivo y acumulado que precede y sucede a la labor de intermediación académica que realiza una revista. Para ello recordamos una clásica frase prologal: el texto que usted tiene en sus manos. Con cierta ironía, porque quizás muy pocos de los lectores puedan tener entre manos y oler el papel impreso de Chasqui. Desde sus pantallas, sus tablets o sus teléfonos la intención es que se comprenda este número como un solo cuerpo. Y al mismo tiempo, como...

  9. Genetic GIScience

    Jacquez, Geoffrey; Sabel, Clive E; Shi, Chen


    The exposome, defined as the totality of an individual's exposures over the life course, is a seminal concept in the environmental health sciences. Although inherently geographic, the exposome as yet is unfamiliar to many geographers. This article proposes a place-based synthesis, genetic...... geographic information science (genetic GIScience), that is founded on the exposome, genome+, and behavome. It provides an improved understanding of human health in relation to biology (the genome+), environmental exposures (the exposome), and their social, societal, and behavioral determinants (the behavome......). Genetic GIScience poses three key needs: first, a mathematical foundation for emergent theory; second, process-based models that bridge biological and geographic scales; third, biologically plausible estimates of space?time disease lags. Compartmental models are a possible solution; this article develops...

  10. Desktop Genetics.

    Hough, Soren H; Ajetunmobi, Ayokunmi; Brody, Leigh; Humphryes-Kirilov, Neil; Perello, Edward


    Desktop Genetics is a bioinformatics company building a gene-editing platform for personalized medicine. The company works with scientists around the world to design and execute state-of-the-art clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) experiments. Desktop Genetics feeds the lessons learned about experimental intent, single-guide RNA design and data from international genomics projects into a novel CRISPR artificial intelligence system. We believe that machine learning techniques can transform this information into a cognitive therapeutic development tool that will revolutionize medicine.

  11. Isolamento reprodutivo entre Australorbis glabratus e A. nigricans Reproductive isolation between Australorbis glabratus and A. nigricans

    W. Lobato Paraense


    Full Text Available Foram feitas provas de cruzamento entre espécimes de uma população de A. glabratus e de outra de A. nigricans, utilizando o fator de albinismo como mercador genético. O resultado dessas provas revelou completo isolamento reprodutivo entre ambas, permitindo separá-las como boas espécies de acôrdo com o critério biológico.Crossing experiments were made between specimens from one population of A. glabratus and another of A. nigricans, the factor of albinism having been used as genetic marker. The results of those experiments revealed a complete reproductive isolation between both population, thus indicating their specific distinctness according to the biological criterion.

  12. Entre la Venadita y la Medusa

    Valcárcel, Amelia


    Full Text Available Feminism has made in the last decades relevant advances towards equity between men and women in western societies. However, both mysogyny and gynophobia are still at work, giving as a result a «deflation of expectations» among women who enter the worlds of politics, information, corporations, economic power, knowledge, religion or art, and find a glass ceiling in full operation. The paper focuses on women artists, examines the anger expressed in feminist art as an answer to exclusion, and argues for feminist strategies of analysis and correction of inequalities.

    El feminismo ha conseguido en los últimos años importantes avances hacia la igualdad entre hombres y mujeres en las sociedades occidentales. Y, sin embargo, tanto la misoginia como la ginofobia siguen vigentes, provocando una «deflación de expectativas » entre las mujeres que se incorporan a los mundos de la política, la información, las organizaciones empresariales, el poder económico, el saber, la religión o la creatividad, y se topan con el techo de cristal a pleno funcionamiento. El artículo se centra en las mujeres creadoras para examinar la cólera expresada en el arte feminista como respuesta a la exclusión y defender estrategias feministas de análisis y corrección de desigualdades.

  13. Diferencias en comportamientos prosociales entre adolescentes colombianos

    Jesús Redondo Pacheco


    Full Text Available Actualmente, se evidencia la influencia de variables socio-ambientales, como la cultura, el sexo, la edad o la nacionalidad, en la adquisición, desarrollo y mantenimiento de las conductas prosociales. El objetivo de este estudio fue analizar las diferencias en conductas prosociales entre estudiantes de educación secundaria de las ciudades de Pasto y Bucaramanga (Colombia, a quienes se administró la escala de Conducta Prosocial del TeenageInventory of Social Skills (TISS.Participaron 2.694 estudiantes con edades comprendidas entre 11 y 17 años (1878 de Pasto y 816 de Bucaramanga. De acuerdo con los resultados,los adolescentes de la ciudad de Pasto presentaron niveles significativamente más altos de conducta prosocial que los adolescentes de Bucaramanga. Este patrón de resultados fue similar por género y edad. Abstract This paper focuses on the analysis of pro-social behavior in high school students from Pasto and Bucaramanga (Colombia. 2,694 students between 11 and 17 years old (1878 from Pasto y 816 from Bucaramanga were sampled and a Pro-social Behavior Scale of Teenage Inventory of Social Skills (TISS was administered. As a result, this research shows teenagers from Pasto showed higher levels of pro-social behavior than those from Bucaramanga. Socio-environmental variables, such as culture, sex, age or nationality influence students´ pro-social behavior development and maintenance.

  14. New Genetics

    ... of the booklet. » more Chapter 1: How Genes Work Covers DNA, RNA, transcription, RNA splicing, translation, ribosomes, antibiotics, genetic diseases, gene chips. » more Chapter 2: RNA and DNA Revealed: New Roles, New Rules Covers microRNAs, RNAi, epigenetics, telomeres, mtDNA, recombinant DNA. » ...

  15. Genetic effects

    Kato, Hiroo


    In 1948-1953 a large scale field survey was conducted to investigate the possible genetic effects of A-bomb radiation on over 70,000 pregnancy terminations in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The indices of possible genetic effect including sex ratio, birth weight, frequency of malformation, stillbirth, neonatal death, deaths within 9 months and anthropometric measurements at 9 months of age for these children were investigated in relation to their parent's exposure status to the A-bomb. There were no detectable genetic effects in this sample, except for a slight change in sex ratio which was in the direction to be expected if exposure had induced sex-linked lethal mutations. However, continued study of the sex ratio, based upon birth certificates in Hiroshima and Nagasaki for 1954-1962, did not confirm the earlier trend. Mortality in these children of A-bomb survivors is being followed using a cohort of 54,000 subjects. No clearly significant effect of parental exposure on survival of the children has been demonstrated up to 1972 (age 17 on the average). On the basis of the regression data, the minimal genetic doubling dose of this type of radiation for mutations resulting in death is estimated at 46 rem for the father and 125 rem for the mother. (auth.)

  16. Melanoma genetics

    Read, Jazlyn; Wadt, Karin A W; Hayward, Nicholas K


    Approximately 10% of melanoma cases report a relative affected with melanoma, and a positive family history is associated with an increased risk of developing melanoma. Although the majority of genetic alterations associated with melanoma development are somatic, the underlying presence of herita......Approximately 10% of melanoma cases report a relative affected with melanoma, and a positive family history is associated with an increased risk of developing melanoma. Although the majority of genetic alterations associated with melanoma development are somatic, the underlying presence...... in a combined total of approximately 50% of familial melanoma cases, the underlying genetic basis is unexplained for the remainder of high-density melanoma families. Aside from the possibility of extremely rare mutations in a few additional high penetrance genes yet to be discovered, this suggests a likely...... polygenic component to susceptibility, and a unique level of personal melanoma risk influenced by multiple low-risk alleles and genetic modifiers. In addition to conferring a risk of cutaneous melanoma, some 'melanoma' predisposition genes have been linked to other cancers, with cancer clustering observed...

  17. Genetic Recombination

    Whitehouse, H. L. K.


    Discusses the mechanisms of genetic recombination with particular emphasis on the study of the fungus Sordaria brevicollis. The study of recombination is facilitated by the use of mutants of this fungus in which the color of the ascospores is affected. (JR)

  18. Genetic analysis

    Koornneef, M.; Alonso-Blanco, C.; Stam, P.


    The Mendelian analysis of genetic variation, available as induced mutants or as natural variation, requires a number of steps that are described in this chapter. These include the determination of the number of genes involved in the observed trait's variation, the determination of dominance

  19. Molecular genetics

    Parkinson, D.R.; Krontiris, T.G.


    In this chapter the authors review new findings concerning the molecular genetics of malignant melanoma in the context of other information obtained from clinical, epidemiologic, and cytogenetic studies in this malignancy. These new molecular approaches promise to provide a more complete understanding of the mechanisms involved in the development of melanoma, thereby suggesting new methods for its treatment and prevention

  20. J. Genet. classic 235


    Journal of Genetics, Vol. 83, No. 3, December 2004. 235. Page 2. J. Genet. classic. Journal of Genetics, Vol. 83, No. 3, December 2004. 236. Page 3. J. Genet. classic. Journal of Genetics, Vol. 83, No. 3, December 2004. 237. Page 4. J. Genet. classic. Journal of Genetics, Vol. 83, No. 3, December 2004. 238. Page 5 ...

  1. Genetic effects

    Bender, M.A.; Abrahamson, S.; Denniston, C.; Schull, W.J.


    In this chapter, we present a comprehensive analysis of the major classes of genetic diseases that would be increased as a result of an increased gonadal radiation exposure to a human population. The risk analysis takes on two major forms: the increase in genetic disease that would be observed in the immediate offspring of the exposed population, and the subsequent transmission of the newly induced mutations through future generations. The major classes of genetic disease will be induced at different frequencies, and will also impact differentially in terms of survivability and fertility on the affected individuals and their descendants. Some classes of disease will be expected to persist for only a few generations at most. Other types of genetic disease will persist through a longer period. The classes of genetic diseases studied are: dominant gene mutation, X-linked gene mutation, chromosome disorders and multifactorial disorders which involve the interaction of many mutant genes and environmental factors. For each of these classes we have derived the general equations of mutation induction for the male and female germ cells of critical importance in the mutation process. The frequency of induced mutations will be determined initially by the dose received, the type of radiation and, to some extent at high dose, by the manner in which the dose is received. We have used the modeling analyses to predict the outcomes for two nuclear power plant accident scenarios, the first in which the population receives a chronic dose of 0.1 Gy (10 rad) over a 50-year period, the second in which an equivalent population receives an acute dose of 2 Gy. In both cases the analyses are projected over a period of five generations

  2. La resistenza, entre memoria y revisionismo

    Massimiliano Vellini


    Full Text Available La Resistenza es sin duda un momento clave de la historia italiana del siglo XX. Pero, a pesar de haber sido narrada en muchas obras tanto literarias como en ensayos, aún hay detalles e historias que quizás no sean conocidas por el público no especializado. Además, sobre todo en los últimos años, ha habido cada vez un mayor número de obras de periodistas o historiadores que han dado del movimiento una visión bastante alejada de la tradicionalmente dominante. En este artículo queremos dar una idea de estos episodios menos conocidos de la Resistenza partigiana y de la diatriba entre diferentes visiones de la misma.

  3. Para tener entre manos una revista

    Gabriel Giannone


    Full Text Available Consideramos importante rescatar el trabajo colectivo y acumulado que precede y sucede a la labor de intermediación académica que realiza una revista. Para ello recordamos una clásica frase prologal: el texto que usted tiene en sus manos. Con cierta ironía, porque quizás muy pocos de los lectores puedan tener entre manos y oler el papel impreso de Chasqui. Desde sus pantallas, sus tablets o sus teléfonos la intención es que se comprenda este número como un solo cuerpo. Y al mismo tiempo, como un esfuerzo colectivo. Alrededor de él están las propuestas, lecturas y análisis de cientos de autores, revisores externos y lectores.

  4. Las relaciones compositivas entre cine y arquitectura

    Luis Villareal Ugarte


    Full Text Available El presente texto presenta la cinematografía y, en particular, sus técnicas de creación (construcción como un referente para la proyección de la obra arquitectónica. Se hace una lectura sobre las posibilidades que surgen en el encuentro entre estas dos disciplinas, siempre desde una perspectiva del proyecto arquitectónico, es decir, desde su concepción-composición. El texto se construyó a partir de las técnicas propias del lenguaje cinematográfico, más relacionadas con la proyección espacial arquitectónica, para ir encontrando paralelos entre ambas expresiones artísticas. Con esta intención, se ha echado mano de bibliografía que, desde una perspectiva compositiva, ayude a comprender las posibilidades que representa esta relación. Igualmente, el texto hace referencia a reconocidas obras arquitectónicas que por su misma composición (y experiencia son muestra de esta actitud creadora. Estas obras ayudan a demostrar la propuesta del autor, y el texto trata de ser una invitación para releer su arquitectura desde otra perspectiva que pueda dar pie para la creación de nuevas obras arquitectónicas. Más que expositiva, la intención principal del texto es propositiva para el lector-compositor de los nuevos espacios.

  5. Genetic effects

    Abrahamson, S.; Bender, M.; Denniston, C.; Schull, W.


    Modeling analyses are used to predict the outcomes for two nuclear power plant accident scenarios, the first in which the population received a chronic dose of 0.1 Gy (10 rad) over a 50 year period, the second in which an equivalent population receives acute dose of 2 Gy. In both cases the analyses are projected over a period of five generations. The risk analysis takes on two major forms: the increase in genetic disease that would be observed in the immediate offspring of the exposed population, and the subsequent transmission of the newly induced mutations through future generations. The classes of genetic diseases studied are: dominant gene mutation, X-linked gene mutation, chromosome disorders and multifactorial disorders which involve the interaction of many mutant genes and environmental factors. 28 references, 3 figures, 5 tables

  6. Cancer Genetics Services Directory

    ... Services Directory Cancer Prevention Overview Research NCI Cancer Genetics Services Directory This directory lists professionals who provide services related to cancer genetics (cancer risk assessment, genetic counseling, genetic susceptibility testing, ...


    Miriel Bilhalva Herrmann


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho busca estabelecer uma analise em relação a questão do artesanato, de como sofre modificações e interferências . Na qual no seu inicio tinha apenas valor utilitário, pois era produzido para suprir necessidades humanas. E com a revolução industrial foi relegada a marginalização, assim perdeu seu espaço para as máquinas. Mas logo com o intuito de criar identidades nacionais, começam as discussões em relação ao patrimônio. Dessa forma as concepções e ampliação sobre o seu conceito, propiciou grande valorização das diversidades culturais, assim como as técnicas artesanais. E a partir disso o artesanato passa a ser percebido como patrimônio, sendo visto e utilizado pelo turismo como fator de desenvolvimento econômico, dessa forma ocasionando um dilema entre estas técnicas artesanais de como se manter tradicionais, referência para a cultura e a identidade cultural. Ao mesmo tempo atender as necessidades do consumidor que se apresenta como turista, pois necessitam se adaptar para continuar sobrevivendo as mudanças do mercado

  8. Entre la Historia y el Cine

    Luisa Fernanda Acosta


    Full Text Available Este trabajo se propone aplicar al cine el concepto de «fuente histórica». El uso de medios de comunicación como el cine está íntimamente relacionado con las necesidades y posibilidades de una sociedad, lo que implica una relación muy cercana entre el desarrollo social y económico de una comunidad, y los mecanismos que ella genera como canales de expresión y comunicación. El cine, conjugación de imagen, sonido y movimiento se convierte para la sociedades contemporáneas en una gran alternativa como fuente histórica, que provee al investigador ópticas diferentes de una realidad ya explorada. Un gesto, una mirada, un plano, una secuencia, se traducen en frases y párrafos, que generan una versión diferente de la historia, una redacción que se lee en imágenes y que narra otro punto de vista, un relato oculto que tiene todo por contar.

  9. Acidentes de trabalho ocorridos entre adolescentes

    Aline Alcântara Pimenta


    Full Text Available Este estudio tuvo como objetivo identificar los accidentes de trabajo producidos entre los adolescentes en una fundación de educación para el trabajo. Estudio descriptivo, cuantitativo que investigó 117 adolescentes trabajadores a través de un cuestionario multidimensional. De los encuestados, el 72,6% eran mujeres, el 80,3% tenían 15 años, el 60% eran pardos y el 62,4% no trabajaba anteriormente. Las actividades más populares realizadas fueron las siguientes: Recepcionista (46,2% y auxiliar administrativo (37,6%. Sufrieron accidentes en el trabajo o antes de llegar a este el 11% de los encuestados, de los cuales 76,9% eran típicos y se produjeron en la tarde (61,5%. Las piernas y los pies fueron los miembros mas heridos (46,2%, seguido por abrasiones y lesiones graves (30,8%. El trabajo de niños y adolescentes pueden presentar agravios, que se clasifican como accidentes. El enfrentamiento de este problema no puede ser pensado sólo en términos de vigilancia de los lugares de trabajo y de las políticas dirigidas a la salud del trabajador; hay una necesidad de una mayor transformación en la estructura de la sociedad, de modo que el trabajo perjudique la salud.

  10. Max Weber entre liberalismo y republicanismo

    Villacañas Berlanga, José Luis


    Full Text Available This article attempts to analyze the differences between social democracy and political democracy as modern processes, as these were understood by Max Weber. The archetype of modernity resides, from this point of view, in a convergence of both processes, as occurred in countries like the USA and Great Britain. Weber's diagnosis is that, whereas social democracy can be organized around liberal arguments, political democracy cannot advance without republican concepts like those of virtue, rigour, responsability and representation. For Weber, these values could only become present in Germany thanks to an adequate and democratic reception of Nietzsche, and in some way this reception could make sense of the former's work.

    Este artículo pretende analizar las diferencias entre democracia social y democracia política como procesos modernos, tal y como fueron comprendidos por Max Weber. Lo arquetípico de la modernidad reside, desde este punto de vista, en una convergencia de ambos procesos, tal y como se dio en países como USA y Gran Bretaña. El diagnóstico de Weber es que, mientras la democracia social puede organizarse sobre argumentos liberales, la democracia política no puede avanzar sin conceptos republicanos como el de virtud, rigor, responsabilidad y representación. Para Weber, estos valores sólo podrían hacerse presentes en Alemania a partir de una recepción adecuada y democrática de Nietzsche y en cierto modo esta recepción daría sentido a su obra.

  11. Molecular genetics

    Kubitschek, H.E.


    Progress is reported on studies on the nature and action of lethal and mutagenic lesions in DNA and the mechanisms by which these are produced in bacteria by ionizing radiation or by decay of radioisotopes incorporated in DNA. Studies of radioisotope decay provide the advantages that the original lesion is localized in the genetic material and the immediate physical and chemical changes that occur at decay are known. Specific types of DNA damage were related to characteristic decay properties of several radioisotopes. Incorporated 125 I, for example, induces a double-stranded break in DNA with almost every decay, but causes remarkably little damage of any other kind to the DNA. (U.S.)

  12. La sociologie clinique entre psychanalyse et socioanalyse

    Vincent de Gaulejac


    Full Text Available L'introduction de la démarche clinique en sociologie conduit à réinterroger les différences et les complémentarités entre la psychanalyse et la sociologie sur trois points : leur façon d'appréhender la question de l'inconscient; le poids respectif des déterminations psychiques et sociales, le travail qu'un sujet peut effectuer sur son histoire pour en modifier le cours. Ces questions ont été l'objet de nombreux débats. Le présent article met en perspective les positions de Sigmund Freud et de Pierre Bourdieu. L'un et l'autre incarnent et défendent des points de vue théoriques qui articulent une théorie de l'homme en société étayée sur une pratique de changement. Confrontation intéressante dans la mesure où les postulats de départ de ces deux auteurs sont très éloignés. Sigmund Freud cherche la clé explicative des comportements humains du côté du registre intra psychique, alors que Pierre Bourdieu la pose du côté de l'intériorisation des structures sociales. Pourtant à partir de prémisses différents ils se rejoignent sur bien des points. Ces convergences permettent de s'appuyer sur leurs approches pour définir les contours d'une méthodologie qui s'inspire tout à la fois de la psychanalyse et de la socioanalyse.Clinical sociology between psychoanalysis and socioanalysisThe introduction of the clinical approach in sociology lead us to reconsider the differencies and complementarities between psychoanalysis and sociology on three aspects: their way of taking into account the unconscious; the relative weight of social and psychic predeterminations; the work that can be done by somebody on his/her own history in order to modify its course. Those questions have been largely debated. The purpose of this article is to compare on those topics the positions of Sigmund Freud and Pierre Bourdieu. Both develop theories which include a conception of man in society supported by a change practice. The interest of this

  13. Genetics and Rheumatic Disease

    ... Well with Rheumatic Disease Genetics and Rheumatic Disease Genetics and Rheumatic Disease Fast Facts Studying twins has ... 70%, and for non-identical pairs, even lower. Genetics and ankylosing spondylitis Each rheumatic disease has its ...

  14. Genetic programming in microorganisms

    Hopwood, D A


    Formerly, when microbiologists had only existing organisms at their disposal whose characteristics could only be changed randomly by genetic experiments, they used to dream of programmed genetic changes. This dream has come true with modern genetic engineering.


    Amanda Márcia dos Santos Reinaldo; Camila Cesar Goecking; Jennifer Perucci de Almeida; Yasmin Narciso Goulart


    Revisión sistemática de la literatura sobre el uso de tabaco entre adolescentes. La utilización del tabaco entre adolescentes, en general, puede estar asociada al éxito, a la necesidad de aceptación, a cuestiones familiares, entre otros factores que incentivan de cierta forma a su uso. Las políticas de salud para el área trabajan para prevenir y reducir el consumo, alertando en relación al riesgo al que tal población se expone cuando utiliza tabaco. Conocer el perfil de los adolescentes que u...

  16. Inspirations in medical genetics.

    Asadollahi, Reza


    There are abundant instances in the history of genetics and medical genetics to illustrate how curiosity, charisma of mentors, nature, art, the saving of lives and many other matters have inspired great discoveries. These achievements from deciphering genetic concepts to characterizing genetic disorders have been crucial for management of the patients. There remains, however, a long pathway ahead. © The Author(s) 2014.

  17. What Is Genetic Ancestry Testing?

    ... What is genetic ancestry testing? What is genetic ancestry testing? Genetic ancestry testing, or genetic genealogy, is ... with other groups. For more information about genetic ancestry testing: The University of Utah provides video tutorials ...


    Marcos Fabris


    Full Text Available Este artigo pretende discutir alguns dos aspectos que marcam o estabelecimento e a dissolução das fronteiras entre dois pólos convencionalmente descritos como arte culta e arte popular, tecendo paralelos entre o teatro de variedades, forma de expressão popular por excelência, e a fotografia, expressão artística que desde seus primórdios circula entre os dois extremos deste contínuo. Nestes termos, ambiciona-se verificar como determinadas condições sócio-históricas favorecem a criação de recursos formais que minimizam, ou suprimem, tais distinções consagradas pela crítica de arte.

  19. Determinantes de la precarización laboral en Argentina entre 2003-2013: entre los cambios y las continuidades

    Marcelo Delfini


    Full Text Available El crecimiento económico experimentado por Argentina desde 2003 ha tenido su correlato en la mejora de los indicadores laborales. No obstante, la precarización laboral se ha mantenido, luego de una baja importante hasta el año 2007, en valores muy elevados. Partiendo de la idea central que la precarización constituye para el capital, una reducción de costos, el objetivo de este artículo es dar cuenta de los determinantes de la informalidad entre los trabajadores asalariados, estableciendo continuidades y cambios entre los años 2003 y 2013. Para ello utilizamos una metodología cuantitativa con fuentes secundarias de información, a partir de las cuales realizamos dos tipo de análisis, el primero de carácter descriptivo a partir del cual se busca dar cuenta de las características del mercado de trabajo argentino entre 1990 y 2013 y el segundo se realiza por medio de una regresión logística binomial, que permite acercarnos a los determinantes de la precarización de las condiciones de trabajo. En este sentido, se pudo observar que entre los años 2003 y 2013, se consolidó una precarización laboral, cuyos determinantes no lograron modificarse sustancialmente entre los años de referencia.

  20. Risco nutricional entre gestantes adolescentes Riesgo nutricional entre gestantes adolescentes Nutritional risks among pregnant teenagers

    Glayriann Oliveira Belarmino


    Full Text Available OBJETIVOS: Identificar o acometimento de risco nutricional em gestantes adolescentes; averiguar hábitos alimentares; e verificar percepções destes quanto à importância de nutrição adequada na gravidez. MÉTODOS: Estudo de campo realizado no Centro de Desenvolvimento Familiar, em Fortaleza-CE, com 40 gestantes adolescentes. A avaliação nutricional foi efetuada com o auxílio do "Gráfico de acompanhamento nutricional da gestante" e os hábitos alimentares foram conferidos pela "Técnica de alimentação diária habitual". RESULTADOS: Vinte (50% adolescentes apresentaram peso adequado, 11(27,5% baixo peso e 9 (22,5% sobrepeso. Prevaleceram massas, carnes, gorduras, doces e baixo consumo de frutas e verduras; 33 (82,5% tinham a percepção de que a alimentação deve ser "diferente" na gravidez e 28 (70% afirmaram ter feito mudanças nos hábitos alimentares no pré-natal. CONCLUSÃO: O acometimento de risco nutricional entre adolescentes gestantes se revelou em situações de sobrepeso, baixo peso, dietas pouco diversificadas e desinformação.OBJETIVOS: Identificar el riesgo nutricional en gestantes adolescentes; averiguar hábitos alimenticios; y verificar percepciones de éstos en cuanto a la importancia de una nutrición adecuada en el embarazo. MÉTODO: Se trata de un estudio de campo realizado en el Centro de Desarrollo Familiar, en Fortaleza-CE, con 40 gestantes adolescentes. La evaluación nutricional se llevó a cabo con el auxilio del "Gráfico de acompañamiento nutricional de la gestante" y los hábitos alimenticios fueron conferidos por la "Técnica de alimentación diaria habitual". RESULTADOS: Veinte (50% adolescentes presentaron peso adecuado, 11(27,5% bajo peso y 9 (22,5% sobre peso. Prevalecieron pastas, carnes, grasas, dulces y bajo consumo de frutas y verduras; 33 (82,5% tenían la percepción de que la alimentación debe ser "diferente" durante el embarazo y 28 (70% afirmaron haber realizado cambios en los h

  1. Relaciones entre los salarios y la productividad en Colombia

    Méndez Sayago, Jhon Alexander


    Esta tesis de doctorado está compuesta de cuatro artículos que tienen como propósito estudiar las relaciones entre los salarios y la productividad laboral en Colombia. Los dos primeros artículos denominados “Salario real y eficiencia del trabajo en el sector manufacturero en Colombia” y “Análisis de causalidad y sensibilidad entre los salarios reales y la productividad laboral en el sector manufacturero a partir de cifras de los departamentos en Colombia” aportan evidencia empírica sobre la d...

  2. Arquitectura de comunicación entre frameworks jadesymfony



    La inclusión del uso de Agentes dentro del campo del desarrollo de software es una de las principales áreas de estudio en la actualidad. Específicamente, el desarrollo de aplicaciones Web que aprovechen las ventajas que ofrece la tecnología de agentes y en especial las distintas propuestas de comunicación entre frameworks son esfuerzos importantes dentro de este campo. En este sentido, este artículo describe una arquitectura de comunicación entre dos de los principales frameworks de desarroll...

  3. Entre ritmo e poesia: rap e literatura oral urbana

    Marcus Rogerio Salgado


    Full Text Available O objetivo do presente artigo é um estudo do rap enquanto manifestação de literatura oral urbana e forma de oralidade tecnológica. Para tanto, o artigo passará em revista as relações entre literatura e palavra falada/cantada, assim como as possibilidades de interface estética entre a literatura e a música que estão em questão quando tratamos do rap.

  4. Factores de riesgo que condicionan la conducta machista entre adolescentes.

    Sánchez Alonso, Isabel


    Este trabajo sobre los factores de riesgo que condicionan la violencia machista entre adolescentes, recoge las principales argumentaciones que explican el origen de la desigualdad entre hombres y mujeres y de cómo la diferencia biológica ha incidido en la división del trabajo según el sexo y en las funciones y roles que debe desempeñar cada uno. A continuación señala los principales factores de riesgo que condicionan la violencia machista en las primeras relaciones am...

  5. Encuentros improbables: Cervantes y Shakespeare entre Borges y Burgess

    Martínez, Zenón Luis


    En sus biografías sobre Cervantes y Shakespeare, Luis Astrana Marín especuló con un encuentro entre ambos con ocasión de la ratificación en 1605 en Valladolid del Tratado de Londres. Este improbable encuentro ha seguido alimentando ficciones históricas y fantasías literarias. El cruce de caminos entre Cervantes y Shakespeare tiene lugar en torno a la perdida tragicomedia The History of Cardenio (1612?), atribuida a John Fletcher y William Shakespeare. La recon...

  6. Entre Madres: Talleres de Comunicación

    Cardoso Moreno, María Jesús; Aragonés, Lucía Tomás


    En el presente artículo se expone el trabajo de investigación cuyo objetivo fue conocer el grado de satisfacción de las madres con un taller de formación denominado "Entremadres". Las 150 mujeres madres que participaron en el taller en la ciudad de Zaragoza, España, se conformaron en un grupo de 7 u 8 madres y estuvo compuesto por seis sesiones de dos horas cada una, entre los años 2008 y 2013. Este taller fue dirigido a madres con hijos de edades comprendidas entre 2 y 16 años. La frecuencia...

  7. Genetics Home Reference: SADDAN

    ... view the expand/collapse boxes. Description SADDAN (severe achondroplasia with developmental delay and acanthosis nigricans) is a ... Genetic Testing (1 link) Genetic Testing Registry: Severe achondroplasia with developmental delay and acanthosis nigricans Other Diagnosis ...

  8. Genetic Brain Disorders

    A genetic brain disorder is caused by a variation or a mutation in a gene. A variation is a different form ... mutation is a change in a gene. Genetic brain disorders affect the development and function of the ...

  9. Genetic Testing for ALS

    ... genetic counselor can help you work through the pros and cons of genetic testing based on your ... showing symptoms or what their progression will be. Technology is changing rapidly and costs of testing are ...

  10. Genetically engineered foods

    Bioengineered foods; GMOs; Genetically modified foods ... helps speed up the process of creating new foods with desired traits. The possible benefits of genetic engineering include: More nutritious food Tastier food Disease- and ...

  11. Prenatal screening and genetics

    Alderson, P; Aro, A R; Dragonas, T


    Although the term 'genetic screening' has been used for decades, this paper discusses how, in its most precise meaning, genetic screening has not yet been widely introduced. 'Prenatal screening' is often confused with 'genetic screening'. As we show, these terms have different meanings, and we...... examine definitions of the relevant concepts in order to illustrate this point. The concepts are i) prenatal, ii) genetic screening, iii) screening, scanning and testing, iv) maternal and foetal tests, v) test techniques and vi) genetic conditions. So far, prenatal screening has little connection...... with precisely defined genetics. There are benefits but also disadvantages in overstating current links between them in the term genetic screening. Policy making and professional and public understandings about screening could be clarified if the distinct meanings of prenatal screening and genetic screening were...

  12. Evaluating human genetic diversity

    This book assesses the scientific value and merit of research on human genetic differences--including a collection of DNA samples that represents the whole of human genetic diversity--and the ethical...

  13. Genetics Home Reference: osteopetrosis

    ... A characteristic of X-linked inheritance is that fathers cannot pass X-linked traits to their sons. ... infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy Genetic Testing Registry: Osteopetrosis autosomal dominant type 1 Genetic Testing Registry: Osteopetrosis autosomal dominant ...

  14. Genetics and Man

    Carter, C. O.


    Can genetic evolution be controlled by man in a manner which does not violate a civilized, humane, and democratic ethos? The genetics of health and illhealth and of normal variation are discussed with respect to this question. (PEB)

  15. Genetic Science Learning Center

    Genetic Science Learning Center Making science and health easy for everyone to understand Home News Our Team What We Do ... Collaboration Conferences Current Projects Publications Contact The Genetic Science Learning Center at The University of Utah is a ...

  16. Genetics Home Reference: homocystinuria

    ... an increased risk of abnormal blood clotting, and brittle bones that are prone to fracture ( osteoporosis ) or other ... information about a genetic condition can statistics provide? Why are some genetic conditions more common in particular ...

  17. Protecting genetic privacy.

    Roche, P A; Annas, G J


    This article outlines the arguments for and against new rules to protect genetic privacy. We explain why genetic information is different to other sensitive medical information, why researchers and biotechnology companies have opposed new rules to protect genetic privacy (and favour anti-discrimination laws instead), and discuss what can be done to protect privacy in relation to genetic-sequence information and to DNA samples themselves.

  18. Genetic Pathways to Insomnia

    Mackenzie J. Lind; Philip R. Gehrman


    This review summarizes current research on the genetics of insomnia, as genetic contributions are thought to be important for insomnia etiology. We begin by providing an overview of genetic methods (both quantitative and measured gene), followed by a discussion of the insomnia genetics literature with regard to each of the following common methodologies: twin and family studies, candidate gene studies, and genome-wide association studies (GWAS). Next, we summarize the most recent gene identif...

  19. The genetic difference principle.

    Farrelly, Colin


    In the newly emerging debates about genetics and justice three distinct principles have begun to emerge concerning what the distributive aim of genetic interventions should be. These principles are: genetic equality, a genetic decent minimum, and the genetic difference principle. In this paper, I examine the rationale of each of these principles and argue that genetic equality and a genetic decent minimum are ill-equipped to tackle what I call the currency problem and the problem of weight. The genetic difference principle is the most promising of the three principles and I develop this principle so that it takes seriously the concerns of just health care and distributive justice in general. Given the strains on public funds for other important social programmes, the costs of pursuing genetic interventions and the nature of genetic interventions, I conclude that a more lax interpretation of the genetic difference principle is appropriate. This interpretation stipulates that genetic inequalities should be arranged so that they are to the greatest reasonable benefit of the least advantaged. Such a proposal is consistent with prioritarianism and provides some practical guidance for non-ideal societies--that is, societies that do not have the endless amount of resources needed to satisfy every requirement of justice.

  20. Phenylketonuria Genetic Screening Simulation

    Erickson, Patti


    After agreeing to host over 200 students on a daylong genetics field trip, the author needed an easy-to-prepare genetics experiment to accompany the DNA-necklace and gel-electrophoresis activities already planned. One of the student's mothers is a pediatric physician at the local hospital, and she suggested exploring genetic-disease screening…

  1. Genetics Home Reference

    ... Page Search Home Health Conditions Genes Chromosomes & mtDNA Resources Help Me Understand Genetics Share: Email Facebook Twitter Genetics Home Reference provides consumer-friendly information about the effects of genetic variation on human health. Health Conditions More than 1,200 health ...

  2. Feline genetics: clinical applications and genetic testing.

    Lyons, Leslie A


    DNA testing for domestic cat diseases and appearance traits is a rapidly growing asset for veterinary medicine. Approximately 33 genes contain 50 mutations that cause feline health problems or alterations in the cat's appearance. A variety of commercial laboratories can now perform cat genetic diagnostics, allowing both the veterinary clinician and the private owner to obtain DNA test results. DNA is easily obtained from a cat via a buccal swab with a standard cotton bud or cytological brush, allowing DNA samples to be easily sent to any laboratory in the world. The DNA test results identify carriers of the traits, predict the incidence of traits from breeding programs, and influence medical prognoses and treatments. An overall goal of identifying these genetic mutations is the correction of the defect via gene therapies and designer drug therapies. Thus, genetic testing is an effective preventative medicine and a potential ultimate cure. However, genetic diagnostic tests may still be novel for many veterinary practitioners and their application in the clinical setting needs to have the same scrutiny as any other diagnostic procedure. This article will review the genetic tests for the domestic cat, potential sources of error for genetic testing, and the pros and cons of DNA results in veterinary medicine. Highlighted are genetic tests specific to the individual cat, which are a part of the cat's internal genome. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  3. La discapacidad entre poblaciones refugiadas y afectadas por conflictos

    Reilly, Rachael


    La Comisión de Mujeres Refugiadas lanzó en el año 2007 un importante proyecto de investigación para evaluar la situación de las personas con discapacidad entre las poblaciones desplazadas o afectadas por conflictos.

  4. Preimplantation Genetic Screening and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis.

    Sullivan-Pyke, Chantae; Dokras, Anuja


    Preimplantation genetic testing encompasses preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). PGS improves success rates of in vitro fertilization by ensuring the transfer of euploid embryos that have a higher chance of implantation and resulting in a live birth. PGD enables the identification of embryos with specific disease-causing mutations and transfer of unaffected embryos. The development of whole genome amplification and genomic tools, including single nucleotide polymorphism microarrays, comparative genomic hybridization microarrays, and next-generation sequencing, has led to faster, more accurate diagnoses that translate to improved pregnancy and live birth rates. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. What Is Genetic Ancestry Testing?

    ... consumer genetic testing? What kinds of direct-to-consumer genetic tests are available? What is genetic ancestry testing? What are the benefits and risks of direct-to-consumer genetic testing? ...

  6. Prenatal Genetic Counseling (For Parents)

    ... Videos for Educators Search English Español Prenatal Genetic Counseling KidsHealth / For Parents / Prenatal Genetic Counseling What's in ... can they help your family? What Is Genetic Counseling? Genetic counseling is the process of: evaluating family ...

  7. All about Genetics (For Parents)

    ... Videos for Educators Search English Español All About Genetics KidsHealth / For Parents / All About Genetics What's in ... the way they pick up special laboratory dyes. Genetic Problems Errors in the genetic code or "gene ...

  8. Molecular genetics made simple

    Heba Sh. Kassem


    Full Text Available Genetics have undoubtedly become an integral part of biomedical science and clinical practice, with important implications in deciphering disease pathogenesis and progression, identifying diagnostic and prognostic markers, as well as designing better targeted treatments. The exponential growth of our understanding of different genetic concepts is paralleled by a growing list of genetic terminology that can easily intimidate the unfamiliar reader. Rendering genetics incomprehensible to the clinician however, defeats the very essence of genetic research: its utilization for combating disease and improving quality of life. Herein we attempt to correct this notion by presenting the basic genetic concepts along with their usefulness in the cardiology clinic. Bringing genetics closer to the clinician will enable its harmonious incorporation into clinical care, thus not only restoring our perception of its simple and elegant nature, but importantly ensuring the maximal benefit for our patients.

  9. Molecular genetics made simple

    Kassem, Heba Sh.; Girolami, Francesca; Sanoudou, Despina


    Abstract Genetics have undoubtedly become an integral part of biomedical science and clinical practice, with important implications in deciphering disease pathogenesis and progression, identifying diagnostic and prognostic markers, as well as designing better targeted treatments. The exponential growth of our understanding of different genetic concepts is paralleled by a growing list of genetic terminology that can easily intimidate the unfamiliar reader. Rendering genetics incomprehensible to the clinician however, defeats the very essence of genetic research: its utilization for combating disease and improving quality of life. Herein we attempt to correct this notion by presenting the basic genetic concepts along with their usefulness in the cardiology clinic. Bringing genetics closer to the clinician will enable its harmonious incorporation into clinical care, thus not only restoring our perception of its simple and elegant nature, but importantly ensuring the maximal benefit for our patients. PMID:25610837

  10. BPA genetic monitoring - BPA Genetic Monitoring Project

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Initiated in 1989, this study monitors genetic changes associated with hatchery propagation in multiple Snake River sub-basins for Chinook salmon and steelhead. We...

  11. Molecular Population Genetics.

    Casillas, Sònia; Barbadilla, Antonio


    Molecular population genetics aims to explain genetic variation and molecular evolution from population genetics principles. The field was born 50 years ago with the first measures of genetic variation in allozyme loci, continued with the nucleotide sequencing era, and is currently in the era of population genomics. During this period, molecular population genetics has been revolutionized by progress in data acquisition and theoretical developments. The conceptual elegance of the neutral theory of molecular evolution or the footprint carved by natural selection on the patterns of genetic variation are two examples of the vast number of inspiring findings of population genetics research. Since the inception of the field, Drosophila has been the prominent model species: molecular variation in populations was first described in Drosophila and most of the population genetics hypotheses were tested in Drosophila species. In this review, we describe the main concepts, methods, and landmarks of molecular population genetics, using the Drosophila model as a reference. We describe the different genetic data sets made available by advances in molecular technologies, and the theoretical developments fostered by these data. Finally, we review the results and new insights provided by the population genomics approach, and conclude by enumerating challenges and new lines of inquiry posed by increasingly large population scale sequence data. Copyright © 2017 Casillas and Barbadilla.


    José Moisés Nunes da Silva


    Full Text Available Este artigo tem por objetivo apresentar uma distinção clara e objetiva entre os processos de ensinar e aprender. Nessa perspectiva, primeiramente destaca a educação no contexto e como parte integrante dos processos de transformações do mundo contemporâneo. Em seguida, sustentado por diversos autores, discute-se a distinção entre ensinar e aprender. Espera-se contribuir para uma reflexão sobre a prática pedagógica docente e da necessidade de melhoria do processo de ensino e aprendizagem a fim de possibilitar uma educação em consonância com a concepção de formação integral do cidadão, à medida que tal distinção seja introjetada pelos professores. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Ensinar. Aprender. Aprendizagem do jovem e do adulto.

  13. Afetividade entre professor e aluno no processo ensino-aprendizagem

    Jéssica Simone Galdino Schaefer


    Full Text Available Este artigo tem como objetivo analisar as relações de afetividade entre professor e aluno no processo ensino-aprendizagem. Utiliza de metodologia com abordagem qualitativa, observação participante, e entrevistas semi-estruturadas. O lócus da pesquisa foi a Escola Municipal de Educação Básica Lizamara Aparecida Oliva de Almeida em Sinop, entre Fevereiro e Maio de 2014. Enquanto sujeitos, contou-se com professores e alunos do 3º ano do Ensino Fundamental. Dos resultados parciais, verificou-se que mesmo que a afetividade e a aprendizagem sejam reconhecidas teoricamente por Henri Wallon como elos fundamentais para o processo ensino-aprendizagem, ainda não é bem compreendido pelos sujeitos professores. Palavras-chave: psicologia educacional; afetividade; professores e alunos. 

  14. Relações entre geografia e natureza

    Jérome FOURNIER


    Full Text Available Este artigo aborda as relações entre geografia e natureza a partir dos seguintes tópicos: A geografia - uma ciência dos lugares e dos homens? Como definir a geografia física? A biogeografia e as relações com as disciplinas conexas. As contribuições da teoria da ecologia da paisagem. A paisagem deve ser estudada a partir de uma perspectiva sistêmica - geosistêmica, portanto interdisciplinar.

  15. Entre el erotismo y la pornografía

    Edmundo Ribadeneira


    Full Text Available ¿Dónde termina el erotismo y comienza la pornografía? ¿Cuál el lugar de la obscenidad? Son algunas de las inquietudes que el autor aborda al tratar sobre estas tres expresiones de la sexualidad humana, que se ubican entre la indecencia más crasa y la imaginación artística, bastante atravesadas por la obscenidad de la política y el mercantilismo

  16. Association entre les hormones sexuelles, les marqueurs de ...

    Introduction: Le présent travail se propose d'étudier la relation entre les hormones sexuelles, notamment l'oestradiol et l'indice de l'oestradiol libre, le sulfate de déhydroépiandrosterone et la sex hormone binding globulin, les marqueurs de remodelage osseux et la densité minérale osseuse chez une population de ...

  17. Factores socioculturales y consumo de drogas entre estudiantes universitarios costarricenses

    Jaime Alonso Caravaca Morera


    Full Text Available Investigación cuantitativa de tipo descriptiva-exploratoria, con diseño transversal que examinó el efecto moderador de ciertos factores socio-culturales en el consumo de drogas entre estudiantes universitarios en San José, Costa Rica. La muestra fue conformada por 126 mujeres y 124 hombres de una universidad pública de forma no probabilística. Fue elaborado un cuestionario con cinco escalas ya validadas, que interrogaba sobre la influencia del grupo de pares, las relaciones familiares, el entretenimiento, la espiritualidad y el consumo de drogas. Se utilizó el programa SPSS versión 18 para el análisis estadístico. Se estableció que el 98,4% de los estudiantes reportaron tener por lo menos un amigo que consumía drogas, las drogas más consumidas fueron alcohol, tabaco y marihuana. Se estableció asociación significativa entre algunos factores académicos y culturales con el consumo de drogas legales e ilegales. Se concluye que deben ser implementadas estrategias preventivas considerando la influencia de los factores culturales entre los estudiantes universitarios.

  18. Diálogo entre el islamismo y occidente

    Ana María MARTÍN GÓMEZ


    Full Text Available Este artículo analiza uno de los fenómenos más actuales de nuestras sociedades pluralistas y multiculturales: el encuentro entre la civilización occidental y la islámica. La elaboración de esta nota crítica se ha llevado a cabo tras la lectura de tres libros fundamentales acerca de esta temática: Un paseo por el laberinto. Sobre política y religión en el diálogo entre civilizaciones, de José María García Gómez-Heras, Laicismo, agnosticismo y fundamentalismo de Antonio García-Santesmases, y El islamismo contra el Islam. Las claves para entender el terrorismo yihadista, de Gustavo de Arístegui. A partir de estos tres ensayos, se ha emprendido un estudio filosófico de la situación actual entre el islamismo y Occidente.

  19. Proyectos educativos: estudio comparativo entre Venezuela y Colombia

    Mineira Finol


    Full Text Available El Proyecto Educativo Integral Comunitario (PEIC y el Proyecto Educativo Institucional constituyen la categoría de comparación entre Venezuela y Colombia; a tal fin, este estudio de tipo comparativo-documental se centró en determinar congruencias y discrepancias entre PEIC y PEI, utilizando el método comparativo estructurado en cuatro fases: descripción, interpretación, yuxtaposición y comparación, propuesto por Hilker y Bereday (1972 Entre los resultados se tienen: congruencias en cuanto surgen sobre las bases de diagnóstico externos efectuados por organismos internacionales UNESCO, CEPAL ante la inefectividad y baja productividad de ambos países; a nivel interno responden a políticas educativas reformadoras de currículum y leyes,. Discrepancias referidas al tiempo de implementación; en Venezuela a partir de 1996; Colombia en 1992; este último, consolidó las bases para la participación a través del gobierno escolar y de un sistema de evaluación institucional, muy incipiente en Venezuela.

  20. La Vocación entre los Aspirantes a Maestro

    Encarnación Sánchez Lissen


    Full Text Available El contenido que ofrecemos en este artículo hace referencia a la dimensión vocacional de los aspirantes a maestro. Tradicionalmente, la enseñanza se ha considerado como una profesión genuinamente vocacional; una circunstancia que, sin embargo, no siempre le ha favorecido. En estos momentos, a pesar de las dificultades que rodean la tarea docente, existe un alto número de estudian-tes que optan por la enseñanza y acceden a las Escuelas de Magisterio. Real-mente, nos podríamos preguntar si el docente -nace o se hace- vocacional hacia esta actividad profesional. Aportamos para ello, los datos de una investigación realizada entre estu-diantes de la Universidad de Sevilla, donde se viene a demostrar por un lado que, muchos eligieron la carrera sin tener un verdadero interés por ella; y por otro, que las Escuelas de Magisterio son en muchos casos, un motor esencial para llegar a despertar o, a descubrir entre los estudiantes, su verdadero interés e inclinación por la enseñanza. Posiblemente, desarrollar actitudes vocaciona-les entre tos aspirantes a maestro es, también, una labor implícita de la Forma-ción Inicial de Maestros

  1. Causalidade entre as principais bolsas de valores do mundo

    Hiron Pereira Farias


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi analisar os mercados dos países emergentes que fazem parte do Bric, com exceção da Índia, buscando mostrar como os mercados do Brasil, da Rússia e China se comportam entre si e em relação ao mercado dos Estados Unidos. Analisou-se também como alguns países desenvolvidos do grupo G8, Estados Unidos, Reino Unido e Japão, se comportam. Em cada análise, ajustou-se um modelo VAR e buscou-se verificar o grau de dependência dentro e entre cada grupo, utilizando teste de causalidade de Granger, critérios de seleção de modelos, função resposta a impulso e decomposição da variância do erro de previsão. Nas análises realizadas, os mercados brasileiro e americano mostraram forte influência sobre os demais mercados, e, na análise entre os grupos, consideraram-se o mercado dos Estados Unidos do grupo ERJ e todos os mercados emergentes do grupo BRC. O mercado americano mostrou forte influência sobre os outros mercados.

  2. Genetics of nonsyndromic obesity.

    Lee, Yung Seng


    Common obesity is widely regarded as a complex, multifactorial trait influenced by the 'obesogenic' environment, sedentary behavior, and genetic susceptibility contributed by common and rare genetic variants. This review describes the recent advances in understanding the role of genetics in obesity. New susceptibility loci and genetic variants are being uncovered, but the collective effect is relatively small and could not explain most of the BMI heritability. Yet-to-be identified common and rare variants, epistasis, and heritable epigenetic changes may account for part of the 'missing heritability'. Evidence is emerging about the role of epigenetics in determining obesity susceptibility, mediating developmental plasticity, which confers obesity risk from early life experiences. Genetic prediction scores derived from selected genetic variants, and also differential DNA methylation levels and methylation scores, have been shown to correlate with measures of obesity and response to weight loss intervention. Genetic variants, which confer susceptibility to obesity-related morbidities like nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, were also discovered recently. We can expect discovery of more rare genetic variants with the advent of whole exome and genome sequencing, and also greater understanding of epigenetic mechanisms by which environment influences genetic expression and which mediate the gene-environment interaction.

  3. Preimplantation genetic screening.

    Harper, Joyce C


    Preimplantation genetic diagnosis was first successfully performed in 1989 as an alternative to prenatal diagnosis for couples at risk of transmitting a genetic or chromosomal abnormality, such as cystic fibrosis, to their child. From embryos generated in vitro, biopsied cells are genetically tested. From the mid-1990s, this technology has been employed as an embryo selection tool for patients undergoing in vitro fertilisation, screening as many chromosomes as possible, in the hope that selecting chromosomally normal embryos will lead to higher implantation and decreased miscarriage rates. This procedure, preimplantation genetic screening, was initially performed using fluorescent in situ hybridisation, but 11 randomised controlled trials of screening using this technique showed no improvement in in vitro fertilisation delivery rates. Progress in genetic testing has led to the introduction of array comparative genomic hybridisation, quantitative polymerase chain reaction, and next generation sequencing for preimplantation genetic screening, and three small randomised controlled trials of preimplantation genetic screening using these new techniques indicate a modest benefit. Other trials are still in progress but, regardless of their results, preimplantation genetic screening is now being offered globally. In the near future, it is likely that sequencing will be used to screen the full genetic code of the embryo.

  4. PAPEL DE LA CONFIANZA en las relaciones entre organizaciones

    Irene Juana Guillén Mondragón


    Full Text Available El objetivo del presente documento es analizar las definiciones y la importancia de la confianza para crear relaciones de cooperación entre organizaciones de naturaleza distinta. Se hace referencia a los modelos de organización dominantes para acercarnos a los nuevos mecanismos de regulación social propuestos por la sociología para tratar la organización, debido a que en el contexto actual las nuevas concepciones de la organización del trabajo han promovido en las organizaciones formas distintas de competir en el mercado. Procesos de cambio que obligan a las organizaciones a construir una nueva identidad y a renovar los contratos psicológicos con sus integrantes. La noción de confianza ha sido llevada del ámbito social al organizacional con la finalidad de lograr acuerdos entre organizaciones y al mismo tiempo lograr el compromiso de los integrantes de tales entidades. Para que estas puedan funcionar bajo este marco de transformaciones requieren de relaciones de colaboración regidas por la  confianza; relaciones que se dan en los niveles individual, dentro de la organización, entre organizaciones e institucionalmente. Los diferentes niveles de confianza están presentes en las relaciones que entablan los individuos, tanto dentro de la organización como en su entorno. Algunas de las reflexiones en torno a esta problemática nos llevan a pensar que el papel de la confianza es dinámico e incide en la transferencia y el intercambio de conocimientos, técnicas y procedimientos científicos, tecnologías, productos, capitales, entre otros. Además, las relaciones fundadas en la confianza requieren de la suspensión del propio interés, en beneficio de unaorientación colectiva (Mangematin y Thuderoz, 2003. Sin embargo, también se reconoce que con todo y la posibilidad que el hombre tiene de deliberar y de generar confianza, es evidente que entre los hombres prevalecen tanto la confianza calculada como los deseos de altruismo para entrar

  5. Towards a genetic architecture of cryptic genetic variation

    Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics; Volume 84; Issue 3. Towards a genetic architecture of cryptic genetic variation and genetic assimilation: the contribution of K. G. Bateman. Ian Dworkin. Commentary on J. Genet. Classic Volume 84 Issue 3 December 2005 pp 223-226 ...

  6. Relación entre el consumo de drogas y maltrato infantil entre estudiantes universitarios de la universidad en Colombia

    Monica Rosaura Garcia Baquero


    Full Text Available Esta investigación examina la relación entre el uso de drogas en estudiantes de una Universidad Pública en Villavicencio, Colombia, y su relación con el maltrato durante la niñez, utilizando como referente teórico la perspectiva bioecológica. Estudio exploratorio retrospectivo, con una muestra de 313 estudiantes de pregrado. El 10.2% de los encuestados refiere haber sido maltratado en la Infancia y la violencia de mayor uso fue la violencia física seguida de la violencia psicológica. El 56.9% de las estudiantes encuestados han consumido sustancias psicoactivas en algún momento de la vida, y su inicio entre los 13 y los 18 años. Se evidencia maltrato en la infancia con manifestaciones de agresiones físicas, al igual que el consumo de sustancias psicoactivas, pero no se observa una relación estadísticamente significativa entre maltrato durante la infancia y el consumo de sustancias psicoactivas en la muestra estudiada.

  7. Entre propietarios y migrantes: los encuentros y desencuentros entre Colonos y Aguarunas en el alto mayo”

    Kenneth E. Garces Montes


    Full Text Available La dinámica de conflictos entre colonos y nativos en el Alto Mayo, ha dado como producto continuosenfrentamientos entre caseríos de colonos y comunidades nativas colindantes, así como una seriede procesos judiciales por “usurpación de tierras”, en los cuales no se logra una ejecución efectiva dela sentencia a pesar que esta sea favorable a los nativos, debido a la distancia social que existe entrelos operadores estatales y el conflicto real. Por su parte los mecanismos de convivencia entre colonosy nativos se inician mediante el alquiler de tierras, diseñada como una fórmula temporal para quelos colonos se retiren una vez vencido el plazo del alquiler, sin embargo la ampliación de los plazosprovoca que los mismos adquieran vocación de permanencia.Una serie de actores, de primer, segundo y tercer orden interactúan alrededor de las dos dinámicasde relacionamiento mencionadas; tales como las ONGs, el Estado, organizaciones indígenas, einclusive mafias de traficantes de tierras. Ante esta realidad tan compleja conviene hacer el ejerciciode plantear propuestas de adaptabilidad (o subsistencia de las comunidades nativas, en las quese visualice la supervivencia de lo local frente a lo global en lo que a demarcación de tierras de lascomunidades nativas se refiere.

  8. Entre-sons, entre-mundos, entre-idades: ações dialógicas, cultura adolescente e educação musical

    Vertamatti, Leila Rosa Gonçalves [UNESP


    O presente trabalho tem como ponto central a reflexão a respeito da prática da Educação Musical de jovens entre 11 e 14 anos, do Colégio São José de São Bernardo do Campo, a partir de uma proposta que dialogue com o universo do adolescente, a invenção, a percepção do ambiente acústico, visual, social e cultural e o contexto escolar. A principal questão da investigação é a discussão de processos de elaboração de ações musicais com base em um conceito de prática que leve em conta a distância ex...

  9. Genetic Testing Registry

    ... RefSeqGene UniGene All Genes & Expression Resources... Genetics & Medicine Bookshelf Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP) Genetic Testing ... ProtMap HomoloGene Protein Clusters All Homology Resources... Literature Bookshelf E-Utilities Journals in NCBI Databases MeSH Database ...

  10. Genetics in the courts

    Coyle, Heather; Drell, Dan


    Various: (1)TriState 2000 Genetics in the Courts (2) Growing impact of the new genetics on the courts (3)Human testing (4) Legal analysis - in re G.C. (5) Legal analysis - GM ''peanots'', and (6) Legal analysis for State vs Miller

  11. Quo Vadis, Medical Genetics?

    Czeizel, Andrew E.

    The beginning of human genetics and its medical part: medical genetics was promising in the early decades of this century. Many genetic diseases and defects with Mendelian origin were identified and it helped families with significant genetic burden to limit their child number. Unfortunately this good start was shadowed by two tragic events. On the one hand, in the 1930s and early 1940s the German fascism brought about the dominance of an unscientific eugenics to mask vile political crimes. People with genetic diseases-defects were forced to sterilisation and several of them were killed. On the other hand, in the 1950s lysenkoism inhibitied the evolution of genetics in the Soviet Union and their satelite countries. Lysenko's doctrine declared genetics as a product of imperialism and a guilty science, therefore leading geneticists were ousted form their posts and some of them were executed or put in prison. Past decades genetics has resulted fantastic new results and achieved a leading position within the natural sciences. To my mind, however, the expected wider use of new eugenics indicates a new tragedy and this Cassandra's prediction is the topic of this presentation.

  12. Formal genetic maps

    Mohammad Saad Zaghloul Salem


    Dec 24, 2014 ... ome/transcriptome/proteome, experimental induced maps that are intentionally designed and con- ... genetic maps imposed their application in nearly all fields of medical genetics including ..... or genes located adjacent to, or near, them. ...... types of markers, e.g., clinical markers (eye color), genomic.

  13. Cryptic Genetic Variation in Evolutionary Developmental Genetics

    Annalise B. Paaby


    Full Text Available Evolutionary developmental genetics has traditionally been conducted by two groups: Molecular evolutionists who emphasize divergence between species or higher taxa, and quantitative geneticists who study variation within species. Neither approach really comes to grips with the complexities of evolutionary transitions, particularly in light of the realization from genome-wide association studies that most complex traits fit an infinitesimal architecture, being influenced by thousands of loci. This paper discusses robustness, plasticity and lability, phenomena that we argue potentiate major evolutionary changes and provide a bridge between the conceptual treatments of macro- and micro-evolution. We offer cryptic genetic variation and conditional neutrality as mechanisms by which standing genetic variation can lead to developmental system drift and, sheltered within canalized processes, may facilitate developmental transitions and the evolution of novelty. Synthesis of the two dominant perspectives will require recognition that adaptation, divergence, drift and stability all depend on similar underlying quantitative genetic processes—processes that cannot be fully observed in continuously varying visible traits.

  14. Genetics of aggression.

    Anholt, Robert R H; Mackay, Trudy F C


    Aggression mediates competition for food, mating partners, and habitats and, among social animals, establishes stable dominance hierarchies. In humans, abnormal aggression is a hallmark of neuropsychiatric disorders and can be elicited by environmental factors acting on an underlying genetic susceptibility. Identifying the genetic architecture that predisposes to aggressive behavior in people is challenging because of difficulties in quantifying the phenotype, genetic heterogeneity, and uncontrolled environmental conditions. Studies on mice have identified single-gene mutations that result in hyperaggression, contingent on genetic background. These studies can be complemented by systems genetics approaches in Drosophila melanogaster, in which mutational analyses together with genome-wide transcript analyses, artificial selection studies, and genome-wide analysis of epistasis have revealed that a large segment of the genome contributes to the manifestation of aggressive behavior with widespread epistatic interactions. Comparative genomic analyses based on the principle of evolutionary conservation are needed to enable a complete dissection of the neurogenetic underpinnings of this universal fitness trait.

  15. Genetic improvement of vegetables

    Jaramillo Vasquez, J.G.


    Some genetic bases of the improvement of vegetables are given. The objectives of the genetic improvement and the fundamental stages of this process are done. The sources of genetic variation are indicated and they are related the reproduction systems of the main horticultural species. It is analyzed the concept of genetic inheritance like base to determine the procedures more appropriate of improvement. The approaches are discussed, has more than enough phenotypic value, genetic action and genotypic variance; Equally the heredability concepts and value of improvement. The conventional methods of improvement are described, like they are: the introduction of species or varieties, the selection, the pure line, the pedigree method, the selection for families, the recurrent selection, the selection for unique seed, the haploids method, the selection for heterosis and the synthetic varieties

  16. PCR in forensic genetics

    Morling, Niels


    Since the introduction in the mid-1980s of analyses of minisatellites for DNA analyses, a revolution has taken place in forensic genetics. The subsequent invention of the PCR made it possible to develop forensic genetics tools that allow both very informative routine investigations and still more...... and more advanced, special investigations in cases concerning crime, paternity, relationship, disaster victim identification etc. The present review gives an update on the use of DNA investigations in forensic genetics.......Since the introduction in the mid-1980s of analyses of minisatellites for DNA analyses, a revolution has taken place in forensic genetics. The subsequent invention of the PCR made it possible to develop forensic genetics tools that allow both very informative routine investigations and still more...

  17. La disciplina entre las disposiciones legales y los actores escolares

    Nancy Palacios Mena


    Full Text Available Este artículo presenta una descripción del funcionamiento de la disciplina escolar en una institución educativa de secundaria en Colombia. Tiene como objetivo explicar el origen del conflicto disciplinario, las situaciones que lo generan, la forma como la institución trata de lograr y mantener la disciplina, las explicaciones que cada uno de los actores da a las situaciones conflictivas y la manera como son vividas por ellos. El diseño metodológico de la investigación combinó una encuesta, entrevistas y el análisis de documentos de la institución educativa. El análisis de los datos se hace a la luz de planteamientos sociológicos que reconocen la enorme importancia que ejercen las estructuras sociales sobre la forma de pensar y actuar de los individuos, pero también resaltan la gran capacidad de los actores sociales para amoldarse a dichas estructuras y a través de sus ideas y acciones darle una dinámica propia al tipo de relaciones que establecen entre individuos en sus entornos de vida más inmediatos. Se pudo concluir que sobre la disciplina escolar no hay unidad de criterio entre los docentes, los directivos y los estudiantes, ni en su definición, ni en su importancia, ni en los medios para conseguirla; dichas diferencias producen tensiones y desacuerdos entre los miembros de la comunidad educativa.

  18. L’approche sociopsychologique de Horkheimer, entre Fromm et Adorno

    Katia Genel


    Full Text Available Le cadre du programme interdisciplinaire de recherche défini par Max Horkheimer dans les années 1930 doit beaucoup à Erich Fromm, qui a introduit la psychologie sociale dans la Théorie critique de la société. Or, une décennie plus tard, Fromm est la cible privilégiée des attaques et sa théorie apparaît désormais comme incompatible avec les positions défendues par Horkheimer et Adorno. Partant de ces tensions qui ont marqué l’histoire de l’École de Francfort, le présent article vise à éclaircir le déplacement qu’elles traduisent sur le plan épistémologique. Si Horkheimer et Fromm partagent des prémisses communes, le premier, dans son travail avec Adorno, se rapproche de manière croissante de la doctrine freudienne alors que le second s’en éloigne. Nous voudrions montrer que l’accord entre Fromm et Horkheimer fut surtout négatif puisqu’il portait sur la critique de Freud : les divergences entre les deux penseurs apparaissent clairement, dès lors qu’on pose en profondeur la question de l’usage de la psychanalyse pour analyser l’un des problèmes centraux de la théorie de la société, l’antagonisme entre individu et société.

  19. Consumo de alcohol entre estudiantes Mexicanos de medicina

    Puig-Nolasco,Angel; Cortaza-Ramirez,Leticia; Cristina Pillon,Sandra


    Este estudio tiene por objetivo identificar el patrón de consumo de alcohol entre los estudiantes mexicanos de medicina. Se trata de un estudio transversal realizado en la Universidad Veracruzana, en México, con 263 estudiantes (84,4%). El cuestionario contiene la Prueba de Identificación de Trastornos por el Uso del Alcohol y el Cuestionario de Estudiantes 2006. Los sujetos eran 60% mujeres, jóvenes. El uso en la vida fue de 71,9% y la edad de inicio 12,5 años. La frecuencia del consumo fue ...

  20. Relaciones entre matutinidad-vespertinidad y estilos de personalidad

    Díaz Morales, Juan Francisco; Aparicio García, Marta Evelia


    El propósito de este estudio es analizar los perfiles diferenciales de personalidad según la tipología circadiana en un grupo de 189 personas, a los que se aplicó la Escala Compuesta de Matutinidad (Smith, Reilly y Midkniff, 1989), traducida y adaptada a la población española por Díaz Ramiro (2000) y el Inventario Millon de Estilos de Personalidad (Millon, 1994), traducido y adaptado a la población española (Millon, 2001). Se han estudiado las relaciones entre ...

  1. Fronteiras entre meios e formas em Cabra marcado para morrer

    Hamburger,Esther Império


    Resumo O documentário Cabra marcado para morrer (1964-1984) apresenta uma combinação original de elementos oriundos da prática do Centro Popular de Cultura da União Nacional dos Estudantes (CPC da UNE) que produziu o filme, da experiência televisiva do diretor na equipe do Globo Repórter e da prática dos cinemas diretos. Identificar nos fragmentos de materiais filmados pelo CPC entre 1962 e 1964 em diversos locais do Nordeste e compilados com materiais filmados no início dos anos 1980 de mane...

  2. Procedimientos para detectar y medir el sesgo entre observadores

    Benavente, Ana; Alto, Manuel; López, Juan José


    En este trabajo se realiza un análisis de los distintos métodos para detectar y medir el sesgo entre observadores desde dos perspectivas básicas: el enfoque clásico, fundamentado en índices descriptivos y el enfoque del modelado, fundamentado en modelos loglineales. Se demuestra que estas medidas no son satisfactorias para detectar y medir el sesgo de forma unívoca porque presentan resultados contradictorios y se proponen nuevas alternativas a desarrollar que permitan descomponer correctament...

  3. Estudio comparativo entre SIG propietario y SIG libre

    Mesa Díaz, Juan Ramón


    Estudio comparativo entre SIG propietario y SIG libre, focalizado en los casos particulares de Geomedia Pro (SIG Propietario) y gvSIG (SIG Libre). En el estudio se procede a determinar cuáles son los aspectos destacables de un SIG, para poder evaluarlos, posteriormente, en los dos SIG objeto del estudio y obtener una ponderación definitoria de cada SIG. A continuación, algunos de los aspectos evaluados en cada SIG: interoperabilidad, conexión a bases de datos espaciales, aspectos económ...

  4. De embajadas y regalos entre califas y emperadores

    Valdés Fernández, Fernando


    Este artículo se centra en las relaciones que mantuvo el Califato de Córdoba con las principales potencias políticas de la Europa medieval en el siglo x. Estos contactos, que se establecían a través de embajadas sometidas a un rígido protocolo, se interpretarán analizando las misiones diplomáticas de Juan de Gorze, de Recemundo, de Liutprando de Cremona y el papel jugado, también, por Hasday Ibn Shaprut. Igualmente, se analizará el prolijo intercambio entre embajadas en su vert...

  5. Entre el desarrollo y el ambiente: incertidumbres de los agrocombustibles

    León Sicard, Tomás Enrique


    El artículo plantea una discusión sobre la manera en que la dimensión ambiental puede ser concebida en relación con el actual concepto de desarrollo, a partir de una visión que entiende lo ambiental como relaciones complejas entre los ecosistemas y las culturas humanas y a partir de este punto, examina el modelo agrario dominante en Colombia versus los modelos de agricultura alternativa y la aparición de los biocombustibles, como una consecuencia ineludible del modelo domi...

  6. Revisión entre pares como instrumento de aprendizaje

    Crespo García, Raquel; Villena Román, Julio


    Proyecto de Innovación Docente en las asignaturas de Organización de Contenidos Audiovisuales y e Inteligencia en Redes de Comunicaciones Este artículo describe la experiencia de innovación docente llevada a cabo este último curso basada en la aplicación de la metodología de revisión entre iguales como instrumento para el aprendizaje, desarrollada en las asignaturas Organización de Contenidos Audiovisuales (Ingeniería Técnica de Telecomunicación, especialidad Sonido e Imagen) durante el cu...

  7. A Europa no Mundo Entre as Guerras 1919-1939

    Rollo, Maria Fernanda; Ribeiro, Maria Manuela Tavares; Pires, Ana Paula; Cunha, Alice; Valente, Isabel Maria Freitas


    O II Encontro A Europa no Mundo é dedicado ao estudo, análise, debate e interpretação das transformações políticas, económicas, sociais e culturais ocorridas na Europa durante o período entre guerras. Os textos compilados neste e-book correspondem a uma parte das comunicações apresentadas no Encontro, reflectem a investigação realizada e procuram constituir um ponto de partida para novas e mais aprofundadas reflexões.

  8. Interfaces entre funções executivas, linguagem e intencionalidade

    Tonietto,Lauren; Wagner,Gabriela Peretti; Trentini,Clarissa Marceli; Sperb,Tania Mara; Parente,Maria Alice de Mattos Pimenta


    A relação entre linguagem e funções executivas, também conhecidas como funções cognitivas complexas, já foi estabelecida no passado por Luria e Vygotsky. Este artigo tem por objetivo revisar o conceito de funções executivas sob as perspectivas neuropsicológica e cognitiva. Alguns dos reconhecidos modelos sobre processamento das funções executivas são apresentados, assim como estudos recentes sobre funções executivas em crianças. O desenvolvimento das funções executivas é discutido sob o ponto...

  9. Sintomas e fatores de risco para asma entre escolares piauienses

    Castro, Gessianne Carvalho; Sousa, Lívia Kênia de Carvalho; Vera, Paula Valentina de Sousa; Lima, Luisa Helena de Oliveira; Oliveira, Edina Araújo Rodrigues; Lima, Rúbia Fernanda Santos; Magalhães, Luis Fernando Beserra; Araújo, Nileide Lima; Lopes, Marcos Venícios de Oliveira


    OBJETIVOS: Analisar a prevalência de sintomas de asma entre escolares de seis a sete anos do município de Picos-PI; e identificar fatores de risco associados à doença. MÉTODOS: Estudo transversal realizado com crianças de 6 e 7 anos de Picos em novembro de 2010 a maio de 2011. Para coletar os dados, foi utilizado um formulário adaptado do Internacional Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood. Os dados foram analisados com base na estatística descritiva e analítica. RESULTADOS: Dentre as 23...

  10. Relaciones entre estilos de amor y violencia en adolescentes

    Iris Xóchitl Galicia Moyeda; Alejandra Sánchez Velasco; Francisco Javier Robles Ojeda


    De acuerdo a diversas evidencias, la manera en que los y las ado- lescentes establecen sus relaciones amorosas podría estar asociada con la violencia producida y recibida en el noviazgo. Para esclarecer cómo se manifiesta esta relación en una muestra de 105 mujeres y 93 hombres, con una edad entre los 13 y los 15 años, en el Estado de México, se aplicaron dos herramientas: la Escala de Actitudes Amo- rosas (EAA) (Hendrick & Hendrick, 1986) y el Cuestionario sobre Violencia en el Noviazgo (CVN...

  11. Transa: Arquitectura brasileira entre o Modernismo e o Tropicalismo

    Maria João Trigo Moutinho Rito


    Brasil do "terceiro mundo", déspota, paternalista mas tropical. Assim seria o Brasil,dos anos 60, percepcionado por aqueles que, conscientes da realidade politica e social dopaís, não aceitavam a sua desvalorização, condenando os estereótipos e criando uma posiçãoanti-colonialista. Por entre as palavras imagéticas de Oswald de Andrade, fixavam-se registosreferenciais geradores de um caminho ao encontro da felicidade do Brasil anterior à chegada dosportugueses. A necessidade de fugir ao provin...

  12. Genetics Home Reference: isolated growth hormone deficiency

    ... can be inherited? More about Inheriting Genetic Conditions Diagnosis & Management Resources Genetic Testing (4 links) Genetic Testing Registry: Ateleiotic dwarfism Genetic Testing Registry: Autosomal dominant isolated somatotropin deficiency ...

  13. Genetic variation and its maintenance

    Roberts, D.F.; De Stefano, G.F.


    This book contains several papers divided among three sections. The section titles are: Genetic Diversity--Its Dimensions; Genetic Diversity--Its Origin and Maintenance; and Genetic Diversity--Applications and Problems of Complex Characters

  14. Genetics Home Reference: Farber lipogranulomatosis

    ... features. Type 1 is the most common, or classical, form of this condition and is associated with ... be inherited? More about Inheriting Genetic Conditions Diagnosis & Management Resources Genetic Testing (1 link) Genetic Testing Registry: ...

  15. El (los Sur buscando al Sur. Una construcción entre estereotipos y realidad.

    Mabel Franzone


    Full Text Available Todas las lecturas que podamos hacer del Sur, de sus propias representaciones, de aquellas vehiculizadas por el Norte, de sus creaciones, de sus reacciones, de su búsqueda constante de identidad, son lecturas de múltiples situaciones, que llaman a cruces insoslayables entre pueblos, entre distintas etnias, entre disciplinas, entre sentimientos que van desde el rechazo hasta la atracción casi magnética entre los dos hemisferios. Nuestra intención primera era la de reunir de manera aproximativa las problemáticas actuales de los Sur, ligadas a lo imaginario.

  16. Genetic heterogeneity of retinitis pigmentosa

    Hartono, Hartono


    Genetic heterogeneity is a phenomenon in which a genetic disease can be transmitted by several modes of inheritance. The understanding of genetic heterogeneity is important in giving genetic counselling.The presence of genetic heterogeneity can be explained by the existence of:1.different mutant alleles at a single locus, and2.mutant alleles at different loci affecting the same enzyme or protein, or affecting different enzymes or proteins.To have an overall understanding of genetic heterogene...

  17. Genetic effects of radiation

    Selby, P.B.


    Many of the most important findings concerning the genetic effects of radiation have been obtained in the Biology Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The paper focuses on some of the major discoveries made in the Biology Division and on a new method of research that assesses damage to the skeletons of mice whose fathers were irradiated. The results discussed have considerable influence upon estimates of genetic risk in humans from radiation, and an attempt is made to put the estimated amount of genetic damage caused by projected nuclear power development into its proper perspective

  18. Genetically Engineered Cyanobacteria

    Zhou, Ruanbao (Inventor); Gibbons, William (Inventor)


    The disclosed embodiments provide cyanobacteria spp. that have been genetically engineered to have increased production of carbon-based products of interest. These genetically engineered hosts efficiently convert carbon dioxide and light into carbon-based products of interest such as long chained hydrocarbons. Several constructs containing polynucleotides encoding enzymes active in the metabolic pathways of cyanobacteria are disclosed. In many instances, the cyanobacteria strains have been further genetically modified to optimize production of the carbon-based products of interest. The optimization includes both up-regulation and down-regulation of particular genes.

  19. Statistics for Learning Genetics

    Charles, Abigail Sheena

    This study investigated the knowledge and skills that biology students may need to help them understand statistics/mathematics as it applies to genetics. The data are based on analyses of current representative genetics texts, practicing genetics professors' perspectives, and more directly, students' perceptions of, and performance in, doing statistically-based genetics problems. This issue is at the emerging edge of modern college-level genetics instruction, and this study attempts to identify key theoretical components for creating a specialized biological statistics curriculum. The goal of this curriculum will be to prepare biology students with the skills for assimilating quantitatively-based genetic processes, increasingly at the forefront of modern genetics. To fulfill this, two college level classes at two universities were surveyed. One university was located in the northeastern US and the other in the West Indies. There was a sample size of 42 students and a supplementary interview was administered to a select 9 students. Interviews were also administered to professors in the field in order to gain insight into the teaching of statistics in genetics. Key findings indicated that students had very little to no background in statistics (55%). Although students did perform well on exams with 60% of the population receiving an A or B grade, 77% of them did not offer good explanations on a probability question associated with the normal distribution provided in the survey. The scope and presentation of the applicable statistics/mathematics in some of the most used textbooks in genetics teaching, as well as genetics syllabi used by instructors do not help the issue. It was found that the text books, often times, either did not give effective explanations for students, or completely left out certain topics. The omission of certain statistical/mathematical oriented topics was seen to be also true with the genetics syllabi reviewed for this study. Nonetheless

  20. Prazer e sofrimento entre os trabalhadores de Call Center

    Carolina Scolari


    Full Text Available Os conceitos de Taylor foram fundamentais para o desenvolvimento industrial no século XX. Ainda hoje, seus ensinamentos estão presentes em diversos ramos da economia, inclusive, no setor de call center. Call center é uma estrutura que visa ao atendimento de clientes com a utilização de um terminal de computador e de um aparelho telefônico. Esse setor sofreu grande expansão e, em 2006, foi responsável pela geração de 60 mil empregos diretos, tornando-se uma forma de contato e negócios atrativa para empresas do ramo público e privado. O objetivo deste artigo foi analisar as vivências de prazer e sofrimento no trabalho entre os operadores de call centers. Foi realizada uma pesquisa qualitativa, estratégia de estudo de caso e método de análise dos dados, análise de conteúdo. Como resultados, foram elaboradas algumas categorias finais, entre elas as mediações no trabalho, analisada no presente artigo sob o referencial teórico da psicodinâmica do trabalho.

  1. Metamorfoses nas vanguardas: entre o homem e o animal

    Kelvin Falcão Klein


    Full Text Available Este trabalho investiga a relação que se estabeleceu entre o homem e o animal no pensamento das vanguardas européias no início do século XX, principalmente o surrealismo, além de considerar uma parte de suas bases históricas e de suas sobrevivências na contemporaneidade. Partindo do caso de Édipo e da Esfinge, e das diferentes percepções críticas que gerou (desde Freud até Jacques Lacan e Giorgio Agamben, este trabalho reflete sobre as estratégias de afirmação do discurso da razão e da verdade na cultura ocidental, alcançando, com isso, o projeto de revistas de vanguarda como Acéphale e Minotaure. A categoria de metamorfose, na articulação com outros casos, é utilizada para considerar as implicações críticas do questionamento das fronteiras entre o homem e sua animalidade.

  2. Conflictos entre derechos constitucionales y maneras de resolverlos

    Moreso, José Juan


    Full Text Available This paper deals with the question of the conflict of constitutional rights which acknowledge basic rights. It is shown that there are two extreme accounts: the subsumptive approach and the particularist approach that embody two main conceptions of practical rationality. Between both approaches there is room for a range of options. Two of them are taken into account: the proportionalist approach, which conserves the scope of rights restricting their stringency, and it is argued in favour of the specificationist approach, which preserve the stringency of rights restricting their scope.

    En este trabajo se analiza la cuestión de la colisión entre principios constitucionales que reconocen derechos básicos. Se muestra que hay dos posiciones extremas: el enfoque subsuntivo y el enfoque particularista, que encarnan dos grandes concepciones de la racionalidad práctica. Entre ambos enfoques hay lugar para un amplio espectro de opciones. Se toman dos en cuenta: el enfoque proporcionalista, que conserva el alcance de los derechos restringiendo su fuerza y el enfoque especificacionista, a favor del cual se argumenta, que conserva la fuerza de los derechos restringiendo su alcance.

  3. Relações lineares entre caracteres de linho

    Alberto Cargnelutti Filho


    Full Text Available RESUMO Os objetivos deste trabalho foram avaliar as relações lineares entre caracteres de linho (Linum usitatissimum L. e identificar caracteres para a seleção indireta. Em área experimental de 15 × 15 m (225 m2, aos 134 dias após a semeadura, foram selecionadas, aleatoriamente, 300 plantas. Em cada planta, foram mensurados os caracteres altura de planta, número de ramos, número de cápsulas, massa verde de cápsulas, massa verde de parte aérea sem cápsulas, massa verde de parte aérea, massa seca de cápsulas, massa seca de parte aérea sem cápsulas e massa seca de parte aérea. Para cada caractere, foi calculada a média e o coeficiente de variação. Foi investigada a relação linear entre os caracteres por meio de análises de correlação e de trilha. Na cultura de linho, o número de cápsulas tem relação linear positiva com as massas verde e seca de cápsulas e de parte aérea e pode ser utilizado para seleção indireta.

  4. Desarrollo convergente municipal entre estados contiguos a Nayarit y Sinaloa

    Eduardo Meza-Ramos


    Full Text Available El análisis del crecimiento económico registra disparidades sectoriales que se manifiestan en el interior de los países, entre las áreas urbanas y las rurales; entre las regiones prósperas y las rezagadas. En México la política de liberalización comercial no se ha visto reflejada de manera generalizada en la riqueza de la población. Se evaluó la hipótesis de convergencia en el ámbito municipal de los estados de Chihuahua, Durango, Jalisco, Nayarit, Sinaloa, Sonora y Zacatecas; por los datos considerados en el estudio se puede argumentar la existencia de convergencia ¿ y ¿, pues en promedio, la desviación estándar en el año 1989 fue de 1.73 y disminuyó a 1.31 en 2006. La convergencia ¿ describe una relación negativa con un valor absoluto de su estadístico mayor a 2; con 95% de confianza. Cabe señalar que se cuenta con políticas sociales y sectoriales pero se carece de políticas públicas que promuevan el desarrollo regional.


    Josiane Fátima Wambier


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho é refletir a liberdade em Sartre, tendo como base os textos: O existencialismo é um humanismo (1945 e Questão de método, a célebre introdução de Crítica da razão dialética (1960. A liberdade em Sartre é um tema filosófico e literário. No início do processo de sua trajetória intelectual, ela é encerrada dentro do cogito cartesiano: “penso, logo existo”. Apesar de ser concebida como uma pura subjetividade, ela também é entendida como projeto que se realiza na ação através do engajamento do homem no mundo. Posteriormente, ela é remetida para o plano histórico e relacionada com a necessidade no interior de uma tensão dialética entre objetividade e subjetividade. Mesmo nesta fase, o núcleo central do conceito sartreano de liberdade é conservado: a unidade entre projeto e engajamento.

  6. entre la pirámide y el axolotl

    Paula Andrea Marín Colorado


    Full Text Available En este artículo se presenta un acercamiento a la novela Materia dispuesta, del escritor mexicano Juan Villoro. En esta aproximación analítica se pretende dilucidar la conexión entre la obra literaria y el medio en el que se gesta, así como con el momento histórico recreado en la anécdota de la novela (el terremoto ocurrido en Ciudad de México en 1985; lo anterior con el objetivo de establecer la propuesta estética del autor en esta obra y su relación con la visión que construye Materia dispuesta sobre los procesos de Modernidad y Postmodernidad en Latinoamérica. Para tal propósito se recurrirá a las investigaciones literarias y sociológicas de Mijail Bajtín, Zigmunt Bauman, Carlos Monsiváis y Octavio Paz, entre otros.


    Vanessa Machado Arraes


    Full Text Available Este estudo tem por objetivo investigar a relação entre a modernidade organizacional e o comprometimento organizacional em empregados públicos das Sociedades de Economia Mista do Ceará. O trabalho foi baseado na abordagem de padrões de modernidade organizacional, propostos por Eboli (1996 nos moldes validados por Sant’Anna (2002 e na abordagem tridimensional de comprometimento organizacional proposta por Meyer, Allen e Smith (1993. Recorreu-se a análise fatorial exploratória e confirmatória para a validação das escalas e ao modelo de equações estruturais para a confirmação das hipóteses. A população da pesquisa foi composta por 479 empregados, tendo como amostra 339 respondentes. Numa avaliação geral, a modernidade das organizações foi classificada como moderada. O comprometimento afetivo e o normativo foram avaliados como altos, e o instrumental como moderado. Foi possível constatar, ainda, por meio da modelagem de equações estruturais uma relação positiva e significativa entre a modernidade organizacional e o comprometimento afetivo e normativo.

  8. Apoio social e saúde entre idosos

    Ramos Marília P.


    Full Text Available O presente artigo trata da relação entre a saúde dos idosos e relacionamentos sociais, bem como na interpretação e entendimento desta problemática sob a luz de dois enfoques teóricos: um macro, centrado na Teoria da Integração Social de Emile Durkheim e outro micro, centrado na Teoria das Trocas, de Peter Blau, com ênfase na Teoria da Eqüidade. A integração social (freqüência de contatos pode ter efeitos negativos na saúde, mas isto tem de ser medido pela qualidade dos contatos. Algumas conclusões apresentadas indicam que as relações sociais têm um efeito na saúde, no sentido de que as pessoas, nas sociedades modernas, esperam a reciprocidade, e, quando isto não é possível, principalmente na fase do envelhecimento, as pessoas sentem-se dependentes, e isso pode afetar a saúde de diferentes maneiras. Por outro lado, quando as pessoas têm problemas de saúde, elas experienciam uma falta de relações sociais balanceadas devido à incapacidade para trocar em bases iguais. Sendo assim, conclui-se que a relação entre relações sociais e saúde na população idosa pode ser uma relação recíproca.

  9. Relación entre el consumo de drogas y maltrato infantil entre estudiantes universitarios de la universidad en Colombia

    Monica Rosaura Garcia Baquero; Robert Mann; Hayley Hamilton; Pat Erickson; Bruna Brands; Norman Giesbrecht; Maria da Glória Miotto Wright; Francisco Cumsille; Jaime Sapag; Akwatu Khenti


    Esta investigación examina la relación entre el uso de drogas en estudiantes de una Universidad Pública en Villavicencio, Colombia, y su relación con el maltrato durante la niñez, utilizando como referente teórico la perspectiva bioecológica. Estudio exploratorio retrospectivo, con una muestra de 313 estudiantes de pregrado. El 10.2% de los encuestados refiere haber sido maltratado en la Infancia y la violencia de mayor uso fue la violencia física seguida de la violencia psicológica. El 56.9%...

  10. Relación entre el consumo de drogas y maltrato infantil entre estudiantes universitarios de la universidad en Colombia

    Baquero,Monica Rosaura Garcia; Mann,Robert; Hamilton,Hayley; Erickson,Pat; Brands,Bruna; Giesbrecht,Norman; Wright,Maria da Glória Miotto; Cumsille,Francisco; Sapag,Jaime; Khenti,Akwatu


    Esta investigación examina la relación entre el uso de drogas en estudiantes de una Universidad Pública en Villavicencio, Colombia, y su relación con el maltrato durante la niñez, utilizando como referente teórico la perspectiva bioecológica. Estudio exploratorio retrospectivo, con una muestra de 313 estudiantes de pregrado. El 10.2% de los encuestados refiere haber sido maltratado en la Infancia y la violencia de mayor uso fue la violencia física segui...

  11. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

    Bay, Bjorn; Ingerslev, Hans Jakob; Lemmen, Josephine Gabriela


    OBJECTIVE: To study whether women conceiving after preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and their children have greater risks of adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes compared with children conceived spontaneously or after IVF with or without intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). DESIGN...

  12. Genetics and Neuromuscular Diseases

    ... Testing that reveals a young child’s genet- ic destiny may affect relationships within the family or may ... linked inheritance don’t apply at all. An embryo receives its mitochondria from the mother’s egg cell, ...

  13. LSD and Genetic Damage

    Dishotsky, Norman I.; And Others


    Reviews studies of the effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) on man and other organisms. Concludes that pure LSD injected in moderate doses does not cause chromosome or detectable genetic damage and is not a teratogen or carcinogen. (JM)

  14. Genetics Home Reference: piebaldism

    ... be a feature of other conditions, such as Waardenburg syndrome ; these conditions have other genetic causes and additional ... 140S. Review. Citation on PubMed Spritz RA. Piebaldism, Waardenburg syndrome, and related disorders of melanocyte development. Semin Cutan ...

  15. Genetics Home Reference: sialuria

    ... inheritance of sialuria, an inborn error of feedback inhibition. Am J Hum Genet. 2001 Jun;68(6): ... Links Data Files & API Site Map Subscribe Customer Support Copyright Privacy Accessibility FOIA Viewers & Players ...

  16. Genetics of complex diseases

    Mellerup, Erling; Møller, Gert Lykke; Koefoed, Pernille


    A complex disease with an inheritable component is polygenic, meaning that several different changes in DNA are the genetic basis for the disease. Such a disease may also be genetically heterogeneous, meaning that independent changes in DNA, i.e. various genotypes, can be the genetic basis...... for the disease. Each of these genotypes may be characterized by specific combinations of key genetic changes. It is suggested that even if all key changes are found in genes related to the biology of a certain disease, the number of combinations may be so large that the number of different genotypes may be close...... to the number of patients suffering from the disease. This hypothesis is based on a study of bipolar disorder....

  17. Genetics of Diabetes

    ... A A A Listen En Español Genetics of Diabetes You've probably wondered how you developed diabetes. ... to develop diabetes than others. What Leads to Diabetes? Type 1 and type 2 diabetes have different ...

  18. [The genetics of addictions].

    Ibañez Cuadrado, Angela


    The addictions are common chronic psychiatric diseases which represent a serious worldwide public-health problem. They have a high prevalence and negative effects at individual, family and societal level, with a high sanitary cost. Epidemiological genetic research has revealed that addictions are moderately to highly heritable. Also the investigation has evidenced that environmental and genetic factors contribute to individual differences in vulnerability to addictions. Advances in the neurobiology of addiction joined to the development of new molecular genetic technologies, have led to the identification of a variety of underlying genes and pathways in addiction process, leading to the description of common molecular mechanisms in substance and behaviour dependencies. Identifying gene-environment interactions is a crucial issue in future research. Other major goal in genetic research is the identification of new therapeutic targets for treatment and prevention.

  19. Genetics for the ophthalmologist

    Karthikeyan A Sadagopan


    Full Text Available The eye has played a major role in human genomics including gene therapy. It is the fourth most common organ system after integument (skin, hair and nails, nervous system, and musculoskeletal system to be involved in genetic disorders. The eye is involved in single gene disorders and those caused by multifactorial etiology. Retinoblastoma was the first human cancer gene to be cloned. Leber hereditary optic neuropathy was the first mitochondrial disorder described. X-Linked red-green color deficiency was the first X-linked disorder described. The eye, unlike any other body organ, allows directly visualization of genetic phenomena such as skewed X-inactivation in the fundus of a female carrier of ocular albinism. Basic concepts of genetics and their application to clinical ophthalmological practice are important not only in making a precise diagnosis and appropriate referral, but also in management and genetic counseling.

  20. Genetics Home Reference: sitosterolemia

    ... also helps regulate cholesterol levels in a similar fashion; normally about 50 percent of cholesterol in the ... 10 All Bulletins Features What is direct-to-consumer genetic testing? What are genome editing and CRISPR- ...

  1. Review of genetic concepts

    Robinson, A.


    In recent years, practitioners of medicine have become increasingly aware of the importance of genetics in the understanding of physical and mental health and in the management of disease. The last decades have witnessed unprecedented developments in genetics that have increased our understanding of the basic processes of heredity enormously. New techniques and understanding have provided insights directly applicable to medicine. The fundamental fact of heredity may be considered the ability of living organisms to produce offspring that resemble their parents more than others. One of the basic characteristics of the human condition is the uniqueness and diversity of all individuals. This results from their genetic individuality (with the exception of identical twins) and the interaction of the genetic constitution (the genome) with the environment, which is generally unique to the individual as well. In short, the interaction of genes with the environment is what confers biologic uniqueness to all humans

  2. Genetic Sample Inventory

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This database archives genetic tissue samples from marine mammals collected primarily from the U.S. east coast. The collection includes samples from field programs,...

  3. Specific Genetic Disorders

    ... Care Genomic Medicine Working Group New Horizons and Research Patient Management Policy and Ethics Issues Quick Links for Patient Care Education All About the Human Genome Project Fact Sheets Genetic Education Resources for ...

  4. Genetic Mutations in Cancer

    Many different types of genetic mutations are found in cancer cells. This infographic outlines certain types of alterations that are present in cancer, such as missense, nonsense, frameshift, and chromosome rearrangements.

  5. Genetic Sample Inventory - NRDA

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This database archives genetic tissue samples from marine mammals collected in the North-Central Gulf of Mexico from 2010-2015. The collection includes samples from...

  6. Regulation of Genetic Tests

    ... for Genomics Research Intellectual Property Issues in Genetics Archive Online Bioethics Resources Privacy in Genomics Regulation of ... are not regulated, meaning that they go to market without any independent analysis to verify the claims ...

  7. Genetics of osteoarthritis.

    Rodriguez-Fontenla, Cristina; Gonzalez, Antonio


    Osteoarthritis (OA) is a complex disease caused by the interaction of multiple genetic and environmental factors. This review focuses on the studies that have contributed to the discovery of genetic susceptibility factors in OA. The most relevant associations discovered until now are discussed in detail: GDF-5, 7q22 locus, MCF2L, DOT1L, NCOA3 and also some important findings from the arcOGEN study. Moreover, the different approaches that can be used to minimize the specific problems of the study of OA genetics are discussed. These include the study of microsatellites, phenotype standardization and other methods such as meta-analysis of GWAS and gene-based analysis. It is expected that these new approaches contribute to finding new susceptibility genetic factors for OA. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier España, S.L.U. All rights reserved.

  8. Evaluating human genetic diversity

    ... into human evolution and origins and serving as a springboard for important medical research. It also addresses issues of confidentiality and individual privacy for participants in genetic diversity research studies.

  9. Genetics Home Reference: hypercholesterolemia

    ... Encyclopedia: Familial hypercholesterolemia Encyclopedia: High blood cholesterol and triglycerides Encyclopedia: Xanthoma Health Topic: Cholesterol Health Topic: High Cholesterol in Children and Teens Health Topic: Lipid Metabolism Disorders Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (1 ...

  10. Genetics of bipolar disorder

    Kerner B


    Full Text Available Berit Kerner Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA Abstract: Bipolar disorder is a common, complex genetic disorder, but the mode of transmission remains to be discovered. Many researchers assume that common genomic variants carry some risk for manifesting the disease. The research community has celebrated the first genome-wide significant associations between common single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs and bipolar disorder. Currently, attempts are under way to translate these findings into clinical practice, genetic counseling, and predictive testing. However, some experts remain cautious. After all, common variants explain only a very small percentage of the genetic risk, and functional consequences of the discovered SNPs are inconclusive. Furthermore, the associated SNPs are not disease specific, and the majority of individuals with a “risk” allele are healthy. On the other hand, population-based genome-wide studies in psychiatric disorders have rediscovered rare structural variants and mutations in genes, which were previously known to cause genetic syndromes and monogenic Mendelian disorders. In many Mendelian syndromes, psychiatric symptoms are prevalent. Although these conditions do not fit the classic description of any specific psychiatric disorder, they often show nonspecific psychiatric symptoms that cross diagnostic boundaries, including intellectual disability, behavioral abnormalities, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, attention deficit, impulse control deficit, and psychosis. Although testing for chromosomal disorders and monogenic Mendelian disorders is well established, testing for common variants is still controversial. The standard concept of genetic testing includes at least three broad criteria that need to be fulfilled before new genetic tests should be introduced: analytical validity, clinical validity, and clinical utility. These criteria are

  11. Applications of Genetic Programming

    Gaunholt, Hans; Toma, Laura


    In this report a study of genetic programming (GP) has been performed with respect to a number of applications such as Symbolic function regression, Solving Symbolic Differential Equations, Image encoding, the ant problem etc.......In this report a study of genetic programming (GP) has been performed with respect to a number of applications such as Symbolic function regression, Solving Symbolic Differential Equations, Image encoding, the ant problem etc....

  12. Genetics and developmental biology

    Barnett, W.E.


    Progress is reported on research activities in the fields of mutagenesis in Haemophilus influenzae and Escherichia coli; radioinduced chromosomal aberrations in mammalian germ cells; effects of uv radiation on xeroderma pigmentosum skin cells; mutations in Chinese hamster ovary cells; radioinduced hemoglobin variants in the mouse; analysis of mutants in yeast; Drosophila genetics; biochemical genetics of Neurospora; DNA polymerase activity in Xenopus laevis oocytes; uv-induced damage in Bacillus subtilis; and others

  13. Christianity, health, and genetics.

    Smith, David H


    Health is an intrinsic value that Christians should respect, but it is not the highest value. Christians should be willing to jeopardize their own health for the health of others, and should repudiate any idea that genetic problems are the result of sin. Rather, sin leads us to make genetic problems harder to live with than they should be. (c) 2009 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

  14. Somatic and genetic effects

    Broerse, J.J.; Barendsen, G.W.; Kal, H.B.; Kogel, A.J. van der


    This book contains the extended abstracts of the contributions of the poster workshop sessions on somatic and genetic effects of the 7th international congress of radiation research. They cover the following main topics: haematopoietic and immune systems, mechanisms of late effects in various tissues, endogenous and exogenous factors in radiation carcinogenesis, teratogenic effects, genetic effects, in vitro transformation, tumour induction in different tissues, carcinogenesis in incorporated tissues, cancer epidemology and risk assessment. refs.; figs.; tabs

  15. Contemporary Genetics for Gender Researchers: Not Your Grandma's Genetics Anymore

    Salk, Rachel H.; Hyde, Janet S.


    Over the past century, much of genetics was deterministic, and feminist researchers framed justified criticisms of genetics research. However, over the past two decades, genetics research has evolved remarkably and has moved far from earlier deterministic approaches. Our article provides a brief primer on modern genetics, emphasizing contemporary…

  16. 50. Brazilian congress on genetics. 50 years developing genetics. Abstracts


    Use of radioisotopes and ionizing radiations in genetics is presented. Several aspects related to men, animals,plants and microorganisms are reported highlighting biological radiation effects, evolution, mutagenesis and genetic engineering. Genetic mapping, gene mutations, genetic diversity, DNA damages, plant cultivation and plant grow are studied as well

  17. Genetics & sport: bioethical concerns.

    Miah, Andy


    This paper provides an overview of the ethical issues pertaining to the use of genetic insights and techniques in sport. Initially, it considers a range of scientific findings that have stimulated debate about the ethical issues associated with genetics applied to sport. It also outlines some of the early policy responses to these discoveries from world leading sports organizations, along with knowledge about actual use of gene technologies in sport. Subsequently, it considers the challenges with distinguishing between therapeutic use and human enhancement within genetic science, which is a particularly important issue for the world of sport. Next, particular attention is given to the use of genetic information, which raises questions about the legitimacy and reliability of genetic tests, along with the potential public value of having DNA databanks to economize in health care. Finally, the ethics of gene transfer are considered, inviting questions into the values of sport and humanity. It argues that, while gene modification may seem conceptually similar to other forms of doping, the requirements upon athletes are such that new forms of enhancement become increasingly necessary to discover. Insofar as genetic science is able to create safer, more effective techniques of human modification, then it may be an appealing route through which to modify athletes to safeguard the future of elite sports as enterprises of human excellence.

  18. Genetic and environmental interactions

    Strong, L.C.


    Cancer may result from a multistage process occurring over a long period of time. Presumably, initial and progressive stages of carcinogenesis may be modified by both genetic and environmental factors. Theoretically, genetic factors may alter susceptibility to the carcinogenic effects of an environmental agent at the initial exposure due to variation in metabolism of the carcinogen or variation in specific target cell response to the active carcinogen, or during the latent phase due to numerous factors that might increase the probability of tumor expression, including growth-promoting factors or immunodeficiency states. Observed genetic and environmental interactions in carcinogenesis include an association between genetically determined inducibility of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase and smoking-related cancers, familial susceptibility to certain environmental carcinogens, an association between hereditary disorders of mutagenesis and carcinogenesis, and enhancement of tissue-specific, dominantly inherited tumor predisposition by radiation. Multiple primary tumors occur frequently in genetically predisposed individuals. Specific markers for susceptibility must be sought in order that high-risk individuals be identified and appropriate measures taken for early cancer detection or prevention. Study of the nature of the genetically determined susceptibility and interactions with environmental agents may be revealing in the understanding of carcinogenesis in general

  19. Dos años entre los indios

    Ardila Ardila Olga Felisa


    Full Text Available

    La obra constituye la traducción del alemán publicada originalmente en dos volúmenes por E. Wasmuth en Berlín en 1909. En 1967 la Akademische Druck-u Verlagsanstalt en Graz (Austria publicó la segunda edición de la obra original, sobre la cual se trabajó la presente versión en español. La traducción estuvo a cargo de la antropóloga María Mercedes Ortiz. Koch-Grünberg se dedicó al estudio de la filología clásica pero con el tiempo se fue interesando cada vez más por el estudio de los pueblos autóctonos de Suramérica. En 1903 realizó su primera expedición a partir del noroeste brasilero hasta Colombia, en la región comprendida entre el alto río Negro y el Yapurá, área muy poco explorada hasta el momento. La obra Dos años entre los indios resume los resultados básicos de esta expedición. El autor alemán presenta el relato de sus cuatro viajes e ilustra con un mapa la ruta de su expedición a partir del Amazonas. Además del noroeste brasilero, el autor recorre un área importante del territorio colombiano, especialmente la zona del actual departamento del Vaupés. El libro está escrito en forma de un diario de viaje en el que se destacan sus observaciones etnográficas y lingüísticas, especialmente en lo que respecta a la cultura material, el ritual, el arte, las diferentes lenguas nativas habladas en la región y las relaciones de afinidad existentes entre dichas lenguas.

  20. Peter Shepheard Espacios intermedios entre la arquitectura y el paisaje

    Juan J. Tuset


    Full Text Available ResumenAcabada la Segunda Guerra Mundial, el Movimiento Moderno se debatió entre su continuidad o crisis, lo que llevó a numerosos arquitectos y críticos a formular teorías y adoptar actitudes disciplinares trasgresoras con el momento. Una de ellas fue la del arquitecto, urbanista y paisajista inglés Peter Shepheard quien desarrolló una actividad profesional, teórica y docente de la que se trasluce la relevancia del concepto in between como una de las claves defi nitorias del diseño arquitectónico en la segunda mitad del siglo XX. Para Shepheard el diseño moderno debía ser el encuentro entre la arquitectura, el urbanismo y el paisaje. Aseveración que vino precedida por diferentes tipos de obras arquitectónicas, proyectos urbanos, artículos y publicaciones sobre el diseño del paisaje y del jardínque le convirtieron en una voz de referencia en el contexto británico. Shepheard alentó a los paisajistas a convencerse de que las tres disciplinas anteriores convergen en un sola y que la responsabilidad de la joven profesión de arquitecto del paisaje es asumir el reto del diseño arquitectónico, urbano y paisajístico como un todo en la búsqueda y defi nición de espacios intermedios entre la arquitectura y el paisaje. AbstractAfter the Second World War, Modernism started to debate his continuity or crisis. This led many architects and critics to formulate theories and take up breaking disciplinary attitudes against that time. One of them was the English architect, urban planner and landscape designer Peter Shepheard who developed a professional, theoretical and academic career where the concept in between got relevance as one of the defi ning keys of the architectural design in the second half of the twentieth century. To Shepheard modern design should be the encounter between architecture, urbanism and landscape. This claim was preceded by different types of architectural works, urban projects, articles and publications on

  1. La retractación arbitraria, entre principios y remedios

    Matteo Dellacasa


    Full Text Available En la jurisprudencia italiana se ha consolidado el enfoque según la cual el juez está legitimado para controlar el ejercicio del derecho de retractación discrecional. Ante una solicitud expresa de la parte, el juez, incluso, está obligado a verificar la conformidad de la conducta de quien ejerce el derecho con el canon de la buena fe contractual. La reflexión de la doctrina italiana se concentra prevalentemente en la dialéctica entre autonomía privada y control judicial, mientras es menos frecuentado el terreno de los remedios que siguen a la retractación arbitraria. En este segundo perfil se concentra el presente escrito. En primer lugar, se afirma que el control jurisdiccional de la retractación ad nutum es oportuno en relación con todos los contratos, y no solo en aquellos caracterizados por la asimetría de poderes entre las partes. El remedio generalmente aplicable a favor de la parte que sufre la retractación arbitraria se identifica con el resarcimiento del interés negativo: el contratante desilusionado puede obtener el reembolso de los gastos asumidos y el resarcimiento de las oportunidades de ganancias perdidas como consecuencia de la confianza depositada en la realización del negocio. En segundo lugar, se delinean los criterios que permiten identificar la retractación arbitraria. En fin, se analiza si la existencia de una relación de dependencia económica entre la empresa que se retracta arbitrariamente y su contraparte contractual puede justificar la aplicación de un remedio diferente del resarcimiento del interés negativo. El autor está orientado a responder afirmativamente. Si la empresa que sufre la retractación ilegítima ha realizado inversiones específicas –centradas en las exigencias de la contraparte y, por esto, difícilmente recuperables–, el resarcimiento del interés negativo ofrece una tutela parcial e inadecuada. Los remedios aplicables, en cambio, deben salvaguardar el interés positivo de la

  2. Cultura organizacional: sinergias e alergias entre Hofstede e Trompenaars

    Daniel Pacheco Lacerda


    Full Text Available Entre os diferentes elementos a serem considerados na gestão atualmente, os aspectos culturais têm se colocado na centralidade das discussões organizacionais. Essa posição deriva do fato de que a vantagem competitiva sustentável se origina da compreensão, respeito e utilização das diferenças de hábitos, práticas, pontos de vistas e competências. Empresas com atuação local ou global precisam atentar para as características oriundas de seu capital humano. O presente trabalho busca apresentar algumas evidências das implicações culturais a partir do prisma das dimensões culturais. Para isso é realizada uma breve revisão sobre o tema, em seguida são discutidas algumas repercussões para as organizações.

  3. Resiliencia en estudiantes universitarios. Un estudio comparado entre carreras

    Caldera Montes, Juan Francisco; Aceves Lupercio, Brenda Isabel; Reynoso González, Óscar Ulises


    Resumen El presente trabajo tuvo como propósito conocer el nivel de resiliencia en una muestra de estudiantes universitarios de una institución de educación superior pública del estado de Jalisco, México. Además de ello, se analizó la relación y diferencia entre la resiliencia y las variables de sexo, edad y nivel socioeconómico. Para medir la variable de interés se utilizó la Escala de Resiliencia desarrollada por Wagnild y Young (1993) en su versión traducida y adaptada al español por Heile...

  4. Resiliencia en estudiantes universitarios. Un estudio comparado entre carreras

    Juan Francisco Caldera Montes; Brenda Isabel Aceves Lupercio; Óscar Ulises Reynoso González


    El presente trabajo tuvo como propósito conocer el nivel de resiliencia en una muestra de estudiantes universitarios de una institución de educación superior pública del estado de Jalisco, México. Además de ello, se analizó la relación y diferencia entre la resiliencia y las variables de sexo, edad y nivel socioeconómico. Para medir la variable de interés se utilizó la Escala de Resiliencia desarrollada por Wagnild y Young (1993) en su versión traducida y adaptada al español por Heilemann, Le...

  5. Aprendiendo de mi salud entre contextos y cuentos

    Moreno Cadavid, Erika; Piedrahita Velásquez, Ana María; Hernández Enríquez, Colombia


    Se presenta el informe de una investigación cuyo propósito fue sistematizar y analizar un proceso de implementación de dos estrategias de intervención pedagógica, orientadas a promover la resiliencia y la adaptación al contexto hospitalario de un grupo de niños y niñas entre 4 y 12 años de edad, hospitalizados en las Salas de Hemato-Oncología y Nefrología del Hospital Universitario San Vicente de Paúl (HUSVP), de Medellín, durante el año 2006. This article presents the report of an invest...

  6. O humor entre os povos Jê: cotidiano e ritual

    Dias, Lucília da Glória Alves


    O objetivo do presente trabalho é refletir sobre o riso e o humor na experiência das sociedades indígenas jê, Brasil Central. Com base na análise da etnografia sobre povos jê produzida entre as décadas de 1970 e 2010, a presença do humor é tratada aqui em dois contextos específicos: as relações interpessoais chamadas pela antropologia clássica de “relações jocosas” e a presença em rituais de figuras cômicas ou “palhaços”. O primeiro conjunto é abordado principalmente da perspectiva da “conviv...

  7. O diálogo entre poesia e outras artes

    Luiz Henrique Barbosa


    Full Text Available O objetivo com este artigo foi identificar os possíveis diálogos entre a poesia e as outras artes. Apoiados na afirmação de Solange Ribeiro de Oliveira de que é possível comparar a ordem literária com outra ordem estética, tentou-se aqui aproximar a poesia de outra estética artística. Para isso, foram selecionados dois poetas do Modernismo brasileiro: João Cabral de Melo Neto e Manoel de Barros. Chegou-se à conclusão de que o fazer poético desses autores apresenta semelhanças com as técnicas utilizadas pela estética surrealista.

  8. Os Usos do Tempo Livre entre Jovens de Classes Populares

    Manoela Pagotto Martins Nodari

    Full Text Available RESUMO O presente estudo, de caráter quantitativo, pretendeu investigar aspectos relacionados ao tempo livre de jovens de classes populares. Participaram da pesquisa 291 jovens (53,3% meninas, de 15 a 19 anos (M = 16,3; DP = 1,09, estudantes de ensino médio em escolas públicas da Grande Vitória, ES. Os dados foram coletados através de questionário e analisados através do software SPSS. Os resultados apontaram, principalmente, para os diferentes fatores envolvidos nas formas de apropriação do tempo livre entre esses jovens, não relacionados estritamente à renda, mas também a aspectos como gênero, meio em que vivem, estilos de vida e grupos de que participam.

  9. Entre normas e fatos: desafios e dilemas da ordem internacional

    Cruz Sebastião C. Velasco e


    Full Text Available Examinam-se os limites e o significado da controvérsia entre "realistas" que invocam fatos e "cosmopolitas" que invocam normas, com referência às perspectivas da ordem internacional após 11 de setembro de 2001. Contra a idéia da retomada pelos EUA do multilateralismo, ou do seu oposto, a idéia dos EUA como sede de um verdadeiro império mundial, propõe-se um "cenário de transição", marcado por turbulências inter- e intra-estatais, sem prejuízo da possibilidade real de uma configuração mais equilibrada no futuro.

  10. La Cooperación Internacional entre Servicios

    Pulido Gragera, Julia


    Full Text Available Los nuevos requerimientos en materia de seguridad que la comunidad internacional tiene que asumir como consecuencia de las nuevas amenazas y riesgos, obligan a que los Servicios de Inteligencia y de Información, objeto de análisis de este artículo, incrementen y mejoren la colaboración y cooperación entre ellos. En este sentido la aspiración de los Estados por poseer el máximo nivel de seguridad cediendo el mínimo de soberanía, se constituye como uno de los objetivos principales de los mismos, dificultad que se presenta, en la actualidad, para poder lograr una efectiva coordinación multilateral.…

  11. Entre el poder y el saber: Recuento del pensamiento latinoamericano

    Luis Ramiro Beltrán Salmón


    Full Text Available Refiere el texto un resumen y análisis del libro "Entre el Saber y el Poder: Pensamiento comunicacional Latinoamericano". Libro de notable ejercicio de reflexión, de visión holística y totalizadora que recupera y sistematiza lo que se ha pensado sobre la comunicación y sus correspondientes dilemas en la América hispano-lusitana. La primera parte "la comunicación en las tramas del poder": con dos secciones, la una dedicada a la coyuntura de la Guerra Fría y la segunda dedicada a la coyuntura de la Globalización. La segunda "La comunicación en el umbral del saber" con dos secciones: la primera recoge materiales de la Educación para la comunicación y la otra la investigación de la comunicación.

  12. Armaduras de cosido entre hormigones prefabricados y ejecutados in situ

    Solas, Andrés


    Full Text Available This article deals with the study of seam reinforcements between two concretes of different types which make up a compound element prefabricated and made in situ. The advantage of this type of construction is that the individual units can be made, transported and erected more easily, although some problems may arise. These facts receive special reference throughout the article.

    Este artículo trata sobre el estudio de las armaduras de cosido entre dos hormigones, de distinta naturaleza, que componen un elemento compuesto prefabricado y ejecutado in situ. La ventaja de este tipo de construcciones es que unidades individuales pueden ser hechas, transportadas y erigidas con mayor facilidad, pudiéndose derivar también algún problema. De todo ello se hace especial referencia a lo largo del artículo.

  13. [Genetic aspects of genealogy].

    Tetushkin, E Iu


    The supplementary historical discipline genealogy is also a supplementary genetic discipline. In its formation, genetics borrowed from genealogy some methods of pedigree analysis. In the 21th century, it started receiving contribution from computer-aided genealogy and genetic (molecular) genealogy. The former provides novel tools for genetics, while the latter, which employing genetic methods, enriches genetics with new evidence. Genealogists formulated three main laws ofgenealogy: the law of three generations, the law of doubling the ancestry number, and the law of declining ancestry. The significance and meaning of these laws can be fully understood only in light of genetics. For instance, a controversy between the exponential growth of the number of ancestors of an individual, i.e., the law of doubling the ancestry number, and the limited number of the humankind is explained by the presence of weak inbreeding because of sibs' interference; the latter causes the pedigrees' collapse, i.e., explains also the law of diminishing ancestry number. Mathematic modeling of pedigrees' collapse presented in a number of studies showed that the number of ancestors of each individual attains maximum in a particular generation termed ancestry saturated generation. All representatives of this and preceding generation that left progeny are common ancestors of all current members of the population. In subdivided populations, these generations are more ancient than in panmictic ones, whereas in small isolates and social strata with limited numbers of partners, they are younger. The genealogical law of three generations, according to which each hundred years contain on average three generation intervals, holds for generation lengths for Y-chromosomal DNA, typically equal to 31-32 years; for autosomal and mtDNA, this time is somewhat shorter. Moving along ascending lineas, the number of genetically effective ancestors transmitting their DNA fragment to descendants increases far

  14. Comportamento alimentar e imagem corporal entre estudantes de medicina

    Maria Lúcia Magalhães Bosi

    Full Text Available Transtornos do comportamento alimentar (TCA tendem a ocorrer entre mulheres jovens, colocando universitárias como grupo de risco. Este estudo visa identificar comportamentos alimentares e imagem corporal como fatores de risco para TCA em estudantes de Medicina. É um estudo transversal com amostra aleatória representativa,que utilizou o índice de massa corporal (IMC autorreferido; o BodyShapeQuestionnaire (BSQ ; o BulimicInvestigatory Test Edinburgh (Bite ;e o EatingAttitudes Test (EAT-26 . A estatística foi descritiva,com teste do qui-quadrado e Anova,e nível de significância p<0,05. Asmédias(DP de idade e IMC foram20,8 (2,2 anos e 21,5 (2,6 kg/m². As prevalências foram: 27,7% apresentaram distorção da imagem corporal pelo BSQ; 31,7% expressaram comportamento alimentar anormal e 6,3% com risco para bulimia pelo Bite, sendo que 7,9% apresentaram sintomas com gravidade moderada/intensa; 19% tiveram risco de desenvolver distúrbios alimentares pelo EAT-26. Houve associação significativa entre IMC, imagem corporal e risco para TCA. Alunas de Medicina apresentaram risco subclínico ou estágio inicial de TCA e precisam de atenção para que estes distúrbios não prejudiquem sua saúde e prática profissionais.

  15. Uma atualidade in extremis: Foucault entre Marx e o neoliberalismo

    Nilton Ken Ota


    Full Text Available A participação de Foucault no GIP marcou o momento de constituição de sua teoria estratégica das lutas no contexto de uma interlocução com militantes marxistas. O enfraquecimento dessa interlocução foi acompanhado pelo início das pesquisas genealógicas e por uma reformulação conceitual que dispersou o problema da racionalidade estratégica em benefício da construção de uma discursividade propriamente teórica. As controvérsias atuais ao redor dos sentidos do legado foucaultiano, cujo movimento pendular tem variado entre Marx e o neoliberalismo, revelam os efeitos de uma trajetória intelectual que se dividiu entre a reflexão crítica do combate concreto e a elaboração conceitual de um experimentalismo radical. Este artigo pretende reconstruir os principais pontos e conformações teóricas dessa trajetória. The participation of Foucault in GIP marked the moment of creation of strategic theory about the struggles in the context of a dialogue with Marxist militants. The weakening of that dialogue was accompanied by the start of genealogical research and, consequently, a conceptual reformulation which, among other changes, dispersed the problem of strategic rationality for the construction of a properly theoretical discursiveness. The current controversy surrounding the way the Foucault's legacy, whose pendulum has varied between Marx and neo-liberalism, reveal the effects of an intellectual journey that was divided between the critical reflection of the actual combat and the conceptual formulation of a radical experimentalism. The article An Actuality in extremis: Foucault Between Marx and Neoliberalism aims to reconstruct the main points and theoretical conformations that trajectory.Keywords: Marxism, strategy, neoliberalism, engagement, intellectuals

  16. Encuentros entre la India y Occidente en el mundo antiguo

    María Teresa Román López


    Full Text Available Hay diversos testimonios sobre relaciones comerciales y culturales que, mucho antes de la caída de Babilonia y hasta el siglo vi de nuestra Era, tenían lugar entre el Próximo Oriente y Occidente, por un lado, y la India por otro. La expedición de Alejandro Magno en la India dio lugar no sólo a contactos militares, sino a debates filosófico-religiosos. Se halla una descripción casi completa de la flora en los autores griegos, y no es posible ignorar el arte grecobúdico que floreció después de la muerte de Alejandro en los reinos helénicos de la frontera. Está demostrado que misioneros budistas fueron enviados por el emperador Ashoka a Siria, Egipto, IVIacedonia, etc. En la época del Imperio romano las relaciones entre la India y el mundo occidental fueron muy frecuentes.There are several testimonies about comercial and cultural relationships that, after the falling of Babilonia and unta the VI century of our edge, were made between next Orient and Occident in one side, and India on the other side. The expedition of Alexander the Great to India made, note only military relations but philosophie and religious debates. It has been found a mostly complete description of the Flora on the greek authors, and it's not posible to ignore the grecobudie art that bloomed after Alexander death at the Helenio Kingdoms on the border. It's preved that budist missioners were send by the Ashoka emperor to Siria, Egipt, Macedonie, etc. On the Román Empire edge the relationships between India and the Occident worid were so frecuent.

  17. From observational to dynamic genetics

    Claire M. A. Haworth


    Full Text Available Twin and family studies have shown that most traits are at least moderately heritable. But what are the implications of finding genetic influence for the design of intervention and prevention programs? For complex traits, heritability does not mean immutability, and research has shown that genetic influences can change with age, context and in response to behavioural and drug interventions. The most significant implications for intervention will come when we move from observational genetics to investigating dynamic genetics, including genetically sensitive interventions. Future interventions should be designed to overcome genetic risk and draw upon genetic strengths by changing the environment.

  18. Genetics of human hydrocephalus

    Williams, Michael A.; Rigamonti, Daniele


    Human hydrocephalus is a common medical condition that is characterized by abnormalities in the flow or resorption of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), resulting in ventricular dilatation. Human hydrocephalus can be classified into two clinical forms, congenital and acquired. Hydrocephalus is one of the complex and multifactorial neurological disorders. A growing body of evidence indicates that genetic factors play a major role in the pathogenesis of hydrocephalus. An understanding of the genetic components and mechanism of this complex disorder may offer us significant insights into the molecular etiology of impaired brain development and an accumulation of the cerebrospinal fluid in cerebral compartments during the pathogenesis of hydrocephalus. Genetic studies in animal models have started to open the way for understanding the underlying pathology of hydrocephalus. At least 43 mutants/loci linked to hereditary hydrocephalus have been identified in animal models and humans. Up to date, 9 genes associated with hydrocephalus have been identified in animal models. In contrast, only one such gene has been identified in humans. Most of known hydrocephalus gene products are the important cytokines, growth factors or related molecules in the cellular signal pathways during early brain development. The current molecular genetic evidence from animal models indicate that in the early development stage, impaired and abnormal brain development caused by abnormal cellular signaling and functioning, all these cellular and developmental events would eventually lead to the congenital hydrocephalus. Owing to our very primitive knowledge of the genetics and molecular pathogenesis of human hydrocephalus, it is difficult to evaluate whether data gained from animal models can be extrapolated to humans. Initiation of a large population genetics study in humans will certainly provide invaluable information about the molecular and cellular etiology and the developmental mechanisms of human

  19. How Are Genetic Conditions Treated or Managed?

    ... mtDNA Resources Help Me Understand Genetics Share: Email Facebook Twitter Home Help Me Understand Genetics Genetic Consultation How are genetic conditions treated or managed? How are genetic conditions treated or managed? Many ...

  20. Integrated genetic analysis microsystems

    Lagally, Eric T; Mathies, Richard A


    With the completion of the Human Genome Project and the ongoing DNA sequencing of the genomes of other animals, bacteria, plants and others, a wealth of new information about the genetic composition of organisms has become available. However, as the demand for sequence information grows, so does the workload required both to generate this sequence and to use it for targeted genetic analysis. Microfabricated genetic analysis systems are well poised to assist in the collection and use of these data through increased analysis speed, lower analysis cost and higher parallelism leading to increased assay throughput. In addition, such integrated microsystems may point the way to targeted genetic experiments on single cells and in other areas that are otherwise very difficult. Concomitant with these advantages, such systems, when fully integrated, should be capable of forming portable systems for high-speed in situ analyses, enabling a new standard in disciplines such as clinical chemistry, forensics, biowarfare detection and epidemiology. This review will discuss the various technologies available for genetic analysis on the microscale, and efforts to integrate them to form fully functional robust analysis devices. (topical review)

  1. Genetics of gallstone disease.

    Mittal B


    Full Text Available Gallstone disease is a complex disorder where both environmental and genetic factors contribute towards susceptibility to the disease. Epidemiological and family studies suggest a strong genetic component in the causation of this disease. Several genetically derived phenotypes in the population are responsible for variations in lipoprotein types, which in turn affect the amount of cholesterol available in the gall bladder. The genetic polymorphisms in various genes for apo E, apo B, apo A1, LDL receptor, cholesteryl ester transfer and LDL receptor-associated protein have been implicated in gallstone formation. However, presently available information on genetic differences is not able to account for a large number of gallstone patients. The molecular studies in the animal models have not only confirmed the present paradigm of gallstone formation but also helped in identification of novel genes in humans, which might play an important role in pathogenesis of the disease. Precise understanding of such genes and their molecular mechanisms may provide the basis of new targets for rational drug designs and dietary interventions.

  2. Genetic classes and genetic categories : Protecting genetic groups through data protection law

    Hallinan, Dara; de Hert, Paul; Taylor, L.; Floridi, L.; van der Sloot, B.


    Each person shares genetic code with others. Thus, one individual’s genome can reveal information about other individuals. When multiple individuals share aspects of genetic architecture, they form a ‘genetic group’. From a social and legal perspective, two types of genetic group exist: Those which

  3. Genetics of eosinophilic esophagitis.

    Kottyan, L C; Rothenberg, M E


    Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is a chronic, allergic disease associated with marked mucosal eosinophil accumulation. EoE disease risk is multifactorial and includes environmental and genetic factors. This review will focus on the contribution of genetic variation to EoE risk, as well as the experimental tools and statistical methodology used to identify EoE risk loci. Specific disease-risk loci that are shared between EoE and other allergic diseases (TSLP, LRRC32) or unique to EoE (CAPN14), as well as Mendellian Disorders associated with EoE, will be reviewed in the context of the insight that they provide into the molecular pathoetiology of EoE. We will also discuss the clinical opportunities that genetic analyses provide in the form of decision support tools, molecular diagnostics, and novel therapeutic approaches.

  4. Archaeal extrachromosomal genetic elements

    Wang, Haina; Peng, Nan; Shah, Shiraz Ali


    SUMMARY: Research on archaeal extrachromosomal genetic elements (ECEs) has progressed rapidly in the past decade. To date, over 60 archaeal viruses and 60 plasmids have been isolated. These archaeal viruses exhibit an exceptional diversity in morphology, with a wide array of shapes, such as spind......SUMMARY: Research on archaeal extrachromosomal genetic elements (ECEs) has progressed rapidly in the past decade. To date, over 60 archaeal viruses and 60 plasmids have been isolated. These archaeal viruses exhibit an exceptional diversity in morphology, with a wide array of shapes...... on archaeal ECEs has just started to unravel the molecular biology of these genetic entities and their interactions with archaeal hosts, it is expected to accelerate in the next decade....

  5. Crystal Genetics, Inc.

    Kermani, Bahram G


    Crystal Genetics, Inc. is an early-stage genetic test company, focused on achieving the highest possible clinical-grade accuracy and comprehensiveness for detecting germline (e.g., in hereditary cancer) and somatic (e.g., in early cancer detection) mutations. Crystal's mission is to significantly improve the health status of the population, by providing high accuracy, comprehensive, flexible and affordable genetic tests, primarily in cancer. Crystal's philosophy is that when it comes to detecting mutations that are strongly correlated with life-threatening diseases, the detection accuracy of every single mutation counts: a single false-positive error could cause severe anxiety for the patient. And, more importantly, a single false-negative error could potentially cost the patient's life. Crystal's objective is to eliminate both of these error types.

  6. Whakapapa, genealogy and genetics.

    Evans, Donald


    This paper provides part of an analysis of the use of the Maori term whakapapa in a study designed to test the compatibility and commensurability of views of members of the indigenous culture of New Zealand with other views of genetic technologies extant in the country. It is concerned with the narrow sense of whakapapa as denoting biological ancestry, leaving the wider sense of whakapapa as denoting cultural identity for discussion elsewhere. The phenomenon of genetic curiosity is employed to facilitate this comparison. Four levels of curiosity are identified, in the Maori data, which penetrate more or less deeply into the psyche of individuals, affecting their health and wellbeing. These phenomena are compared with non-Maori experiences and considerable commonalities are discovered together with a point of marked difference. The results raise important questions for the ethical application of genetic technologies. © 2010 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

  7. Genetic autonomic disorders.

    Axelrod, Felicia B


    Genetic disorders affecting the autonomic nervous system can result in abnormal development of the nervous system or they can be caused by neurotransmitter imbalance, an ion-channel disturbance or by storage of deleterious material. The symptoms indicating autonomic dysfunction, however, will depend upon whether the genetic lesion has disrupted peripheral or central autonomic centers or both. Because the autonomic nervous system is pervasive and affects every organ system in the body, autonomic dysfunction will result in impaired homeostasis and symptoms will vary. The possibility of genetic confirmation by molecular testing for specific diagnosis is increasing but treatments tend to remain only supportive and directed toward particular symptoms. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  8. Genetics and caries: prospects

    Alexandre Rezende Vieira


    Full Text Available Caries remains the most prevalent non-contagious infectious disease in humans. It is clear that the current approaches to decrease the prevalence of caries in human populations, including water fluoridation and school-based programs, are not enough to protect everyone. The scientific community has suggested the need for innovative work in a number of areas in cariology, encompassing disease etiology, epidemiology, definition, prevention, and treatment. We have pioneered the work on genetic studies to identify genes and genetic markers of diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic value. This paper summarizes a presentation that elaborated on these initial findings.

  9. Burkholderia thailandensis: Genetic Manipulation.

    Garcia, Erin C


    Burkholderia thailandensis is a Gram-negative bacterium endemic to Southeast Asian and northern Australian soils. It is non-pathogenic; therefore, it is commonly used as a model organism for the related human pathogens Burkholderia mallei and Burkholderia pseudomallei. B. thailandensis is relatively easily genetically manipulated and a variety of robust genetic tools can be used in this organism. This unit describes protocols for conjugation, natural transformation, mini-Tn7 insertion, and allelic exchange in B. thailandensis. © 2017 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Copyright © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

  10. Bullying: comportamento agressivo entre estudantes Bullying: aggressive behavior among students

    Aramis A Lopes Neto


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Alertar os pediatras sobre a alta prevalência da prática de bullying entre estudantes, conscientizando-os da importância de sua atuação na prevenção, diagnóstico e tratamento dos possíveis danos à saúde e ao desenvolvimento de crianças e adolescentes, além da necessidade em orientar as famílias e a sociedade para o enfrentamento da forma mais freqüente de violência juvenil. FONTE DE DADOS: Foram acessados bancos de dados bibliográficos e páginas de relevância na Internet, identificando-se artigos e textos recentes sobre o tema. SÍNTESE DOS DADOS: O comportamento agressivo entre estudantes é um problema universal, tradicionalmente admitido como natural e freqüentemente ignorado ou não valorizado pelos adultos. Estudos realizados nas 2 últimas décadas demonstraram que a sua prática pode ter conseqüências negativas imediatas e tardias para todas as crianças e adolescentes direta ou indiretamente envolvidos. A adoção de programas preventivos continuados em escolas de educação infantil e de ensino fundamental tem demonstrado ser uma das medidas mais efetivas na prevenção do consumo de álcool e drogas e na redução da violência social. CONCLUSÃO: A prevenção do bullying entre estudantes constitui-se em uma necessária medida de saúde pública, capaz de possibilitar o pleno desenvolvimento de crianças e adolescentes, habilitando-os a uma convivência social sadia e segura.OBJECTIVE: To warn pediatricians about the high prevalence of bullying among students, to raise their awareness about the importance of their action in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of possible damage to children's health and development, and about the necessity to instruct families and society on how to face the most frequent form of youth violence. SOURCE OF DATA: Bibliographic databases and relevant Internet sites were searched for recent articles and texts about the theme. SUMMARY OF THE FINDINGS: Aggressive behavior

  11. Interesse e conhecimento em cirurgia refrativa entre estudantes de medicina

    Kara José Flávio Cotait


    Full Text Available Objetivo: Realizou-se um estudo em estudantes da Faculdade de Medicina do ABC a fim de analisar e relacionar a freqüência de usuários de correção óptica, o tipo de vícios de refração, o número de pessoas submetidas à cirurgia refrativa e o conhecimento e interesse por essa operação. Métodos: realizou-se um levantamento entre estudantes de medicina da Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, no período de 19 a 21 de junho de 2000. Foi utilizado um questionário auto-aplicável como instrumento de coleta de dados. Resultados: foi relatado que 62,7% dos estudantes usavam correção óptica, sendo que 53,3% desses apresentavam, como erro de refração, miopia simples ou associada ao astigmatismo. 92,8% do total dos entrevistados já tinham ouvido falar em cirurgia refrativa, contendo apenas 34,2% conhecedores dessa técnica cirúrgica e 17,6% conhecedores dos riscos e complicações pós-operatórios. Entre os 200 estudantes amétropes, 50,5% gostariam de ser submetidos à operação, sendo que 69,0% deles esperavam, através da cirurgia, a cura definitiva. Foi coletado, também, que 51,7% dos entrevistados tiveram a última consulta oftalmológica há menos de 1 ano; 32,0% entre 1 e 3 anos e 15,7% há mais de três anos. Apenas 5 estudantes já tinham sido submetidos à cirurgia refrativa. Conclusão: A maioria dos estudantes de Medicina (62,7% é portador de vício de refração corrigido, sendo os mais freqüentes a miopia simples e a miopia associada a astigmatismo. Há pouco conhecimento e falsa expectativa em relação à cirurgia, sendo que apenas 34,2% entrevistados conhecem o procedimento cirúrgico, 17,6% sabem dos riscos e das complicações e 69,0% esperam cura total. Diante das condições desse estudo, foi constatado que apesar de muitos se interessarem pela cirurgia refrativa, poucos se submeteram a ela, devido, principalmente, em ordem decrescente, a: contra-indicação médica, falta de oportunidade, falta de conhecimento e

  12. Marketing de relacionamento entre fabricantes e vendedores do varejo

    Edson Crescitelli


    A influência dos vendedores de varejo no processo de decisão de compra do consumidor afeta diretamente as vendas. Por essa razão, manter bom relacionamento com esse público é essencial para os fabricantes de produtos, especialmente no varejo multimarca. O objetivo neste artigo é analisar como as ações de relacionamento são aplicadas pelos fabricantes e percebidas pelos vendedores varejistas da perspectiva do marketing de relacionamento. Para isso, foi feita pesquisa bibliográfica, além de pesquisa de campo envolvendo entrevistas em profundidade com fabricantes e vendedores de redes varejistas do setor de eletrodomésticos. Muito embora sejam rotuladas de ações de relacionamento, a maior parte das ações praticadas pelos fabricantes junto aos vendedores do varejo consiste em campanhas promocionais de vendas. Essas ações apresentam efeito efêmero e são aplicadas para resolução de problemas pontuais de vendas pontuais, o que não contribui para a formação de relacionamento mais consistente entre fabricantes e vendedores. Os resultados a que se chegou neste estudo indicaram que o relacionamento entre fabricantes e vendedores não é ruim, mas está distante do conceito de marketing de relacionamento. Na conclusão são apresentadas possibilidades para se estabelecer um programa de relacionamento junto aos vendedores varejistas. Palavras-chave: Marketing de relacionamento, varejo e venda pessoal Abstract Sales are directly affected by the influence of retailing sellers in the process of consumer purchase decision. For this reason, a good relationship with them is essential to manufacturers mainly in the retailing. The objective of this work is to analyze how relationship activities are developed by manufacturers and how they are perceived by sellers from the perspective of relationship marketing. Therefore, a bibliographic research was made complemented by a field research where in depth interviews were taken with electronic appliances

  13. Resiliencia en estudiantes universitarios. Un estudio comparado entre carreras

    Juan Francisco Caldera Montes


    Full Text Available El presente trabajo tuvo como propósito conocer el nivel de resiliencia en una muestra de estudiantes universitarios de una institución de educación superior pública del estado de Jalisco, México. Además de ello, se analizó la relación y diferencia entre la resiliencia y las variables de sexo, edad y nivel socioeconómico. Para medir la variable de interés se utilizó la Escala de Resiliencia desarrollada por Wagnild y Young (1993 en su versión traducida y adaptada al español por Heilemann, Lee y Kury (2003, la cual está constituida por 25 reactivos en escalamiento tipo Likert. Los resultados muestran niveles altos de resiliencia en los estudiantes universitarios, no encontrándose diferencias significativas entre las variables carrera, sexo y edad de los estudiantes. Se concluye que la resiliencia alta es una característica muy generalizada en la mayoría de los estudiantes universitarios. Finalmente, se sugiere la ampliación de la línea de investigación con otros tamaños muestrales y otro tipo de carreras, así como la ejecución de trabajos que relacionen a la resiliencia con otras variables psicosociales no contempladas en el estudio. Abstract This paper aimed to know the level of resilience from a sample of university students in a public institution of education in the state of Jalisco, México. In addition to that, the relationship and difference between resilience and the variables of gender, age and socioeconomic status were analyzed. For this research, it was used the Resilience Scale developed by Wagnild and Young (1993 in the version translated and adapted to Spanish by Heilemann, Kury and Lee (2003, which consists of 25 reagents in the Likert scaling. This was used to measure the variable of interest. The results show high levels of resilience in university students and there were no significant differences between the career, sex and age variables. It was concluded that high resilience is a very generalized

  14. Figuratividade: o complexo elo entre as palavras e as coisas

    Ada Lima Ferreira de Sousa


    Full Text Available Este artigo trata do conceito de figuratividade no âmbito dos estudos cognitivos da linguagem. Apresenta a polarização, herdada dos gregos antigos, entre o que se convencionou como figurativo e literal, o que resultou no entendimento de que pensamento e linguagem são inerentemente literais. Nessa concepção, o figurativo seria um recurso não natural, propositadamente utilizado como estratégia estilística. Assim, o uso da figuratividade passou a ser associado a prejuízos à suposta transparência da linguagem e dos significados a ela inerentes. Embora essa concepção não tenha sido suplantada, as perspectivas cognitivas contemporâneas que tratam do fenômeno linguístico como sendo intrínseco à cognição oferecem-nos uma outra visão acerca da figuratividade. A Teoria Neural da Linguagem, em particular, tem reforçado, teórica e empiricamente, a compreensão acerca dos mecanismos cognitivos envolvidos na construção de sentidos. De igual relevância, esse arcabouço teórico tem apresentado evidências de que as experiências corpóreas estão na raiz da construção de parte das estruturas mentais evidenciadas no uso da linguagem, de modo que a natureza peculiar de nosso corpo contribui para as peculiaridades de nosso sistema conceptual. A integração entre corpo e mente, de modo que emoções e abstrações devem ser conceptualizadas a partir de elementos mais concretos, de base corpórea, oferece novos contornos à explicação para o fenômeno linguístico da figuratividade. Palavras-chave: Figuratividade. Cognição. Teoria Neural da Linguagem.

  15. Bases del intercambio entre las sociedades norperuanas y surecuatorianas: una zona de transición entre 1500 A.C. y 600 D.C


    Full Text Available BASES DE L'ECHANGE ENTRE LES SOCIETES NORD-PERUVIENNES ET SUD-EQUATORIENNES : UNE ZONE DE TRANSITION ENTRE 1500 AV. J.C. ET 600 AP. J.C. Cet article est le fruit d’une tentative de coopération entre des chercheurs qui travaillent en Équateur et au Pérou, pour relier les deux aires culturelles nettement différenciées, nord-andine et centre-andine, à partir de la définition et de l’étude d’une zone de transition, localisée entre le Río Jubones dans le sud de l'Équateur et le Río Olmos dans le nord du Pérou, entre environ 1500 av. J.C. et 600 ap. J.C. El artículo es resultado de un intento de cooperación entre investigadores que trabajan el Ecuador y el Perú para vincular las dos áreas culturales marcadamente diferenciadas, norandina y centroandina, a partir de la definición y estudio de una zona de transición, localizada entre el río Jubones, al sur de Ecuador y el Río Olmos, al norte de Perú, entre aproximadamente 1500 AC y 600 DC. BASIS OF THE EXCHANGE BETWEEN NORTH PERUVIAN AND SOUTH ECUATORIAN SOCIETIES: A TRANSITIONAL ZONE BETWEEN 1500 B.C. AND 600 A.C. This paper is a collaborative effort by researchers working in Ecuador and Peru, to explore the relationship between two clearly differentiated cultural areas (North and Central Andes on the basis of a definition and study of the prehistory transitional zone located between Río Jubones in Southern Ecuador and Río Olmos in Northern Peru between 1500 B.C. and 600 A.C.

  16. Basic concepts of medical genetics, formal genetics, Part 1

    Mohammad Saad Zaghloul Salem


    Nov 15, 2013 ... maps of gene loci based on information gathered, formerly, ... represented as figure or text interface data. Relevant ... The Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics ... prophylactic management and genetic counseling. 17.

  17. Genetic Causes of Rickets

    Acar, Sezer; Demir, Korcan; Shi, Yufei


    Rickets is a metabolic bone disease that develops as a result of inadequate mineralization of growing bone due to disruption of calcium, phosphorus and/or vitamin D metabolism. Nutritional rickets remains a significant child health problem in developing countries. In addition, several rare genetic causes of rickets have also been described, which can be divided into two groups. The first group consists of genetic disorders of vitamin D biosynthesis and action, such as vitamin D-dependent rickets type 1A (VDDR1A), vitamin D-dependent rickets type 1B (VDDR1B), vitamin D-dependent rickets type 2A (VDDR2A), and vitamin D-dependent rickets type 2B (VDDR2B). The second group involves genetic disorders of excessive renal phosphate loss (hereditary hypophosphatemic rickets) due to impairment in renal tubular phosphate reabsorption as a result of FGF23-related or FGF23-independent causes. In this review, we focus on clinical, laboratory and genetic characteristics of various types of hereditary rickets as well as differential diagnosis and treatment approaches. PMID:29280738

  18. Genetics Home Reference: citrullinemia

    ... belongs to a class of genetic diseases called urea cycle disorders. Learn more about the genes associated with citrullinemia ... GeneReview: Citrin Deficiency GeneReview: Citrullinemia Type I GeneReview: Urea Cycle Disorders Overview MedlinePlus Encyclopedia: Hereditary Urea Cycle Abnormality National ...

  19. Genetic risks from radiation

    Selby, P.B.

    Two widely-recognized committees, UNSCEAR and BEIR, have reevaluated their estimates of genetic risks from radiation. Their estimates for gene mutations are based on two different approaches, one being the doubling-dose approach and the other being a new direct approach based on an empirical determination of the amount of dominant induced damage in the skeletons of mice in the first generation following irradiation. The estimates made by these committees are in reasonably good agreement and suggest that the genetic risks from present exposures resultng from nuclear power production are small. There is room for much improvement in the reliability of the risk estimates. The relatively new approach of measuring the amount of induced damage to the mouse skeleton shows great promise of improving knowledge about how changes in the mutation frequency affect the incidence of genetic disorders. Such findings may have considerable influence on genetic risk estimates for radiation and on the development of risk estimates for other less-well-understood environmental mutagens. (author)

  20. Genetics and acronyms

    Giovanni Corsello


    Full Text Available In a global society as the present, the nomenclature and terminology of diseases must be universally accepted among the specialists. This sentence is particularly true in some fields of medicine, as genetics, in which the progress of knowledge has been particularly rapid in last years.Many genetic disorders were termed using the names of the doctor (or the doctors who discovered and described them.The name of doctors and specialist were also frequently used to term sign and symptoms of diseases, including genetic syndromes.More rarely, a new disease received the name of the first patients described.In some cases the authors clearly proposed acronyms, that rapidly diffused as a good method to term genetic diseases and syndromes.Acronyms can be originated from the initial of main signs and symptoms; in some instances the acronym reproduces a word with other kind of semantic suggestions; some acronyms in their list of initials show also numbers, while others show also the initial of the words related to the physiopathology of disease.In more recent years acronyms were proposed to mark multicentric studies. Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Neonatology · Cagliari (Italy · October 22nd-25th, 2014 · The last ten years, the next ten years in Neonatology Guest Editors: Vassilios Fanos, Michele Mussap, Gavino Faa, Apostolos Papageorgiou

  1. Genetic pathways to Neurodegeneration


    The extensive resource on ataxia has led to the development of a clinico-genetic ... Keywords: Cerebellar ataxias, SCAs, ARCAs, NGS, Gene network, iPSCs, .... Besides, mutations in different regions of the same gene result in different ..... integration with population data can also allow focussed testing/screening in specific.

  2. Genetics and variation

    John R. Jones; Norbert V. DeByle


    The broad genotypic variability in quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.), that results in equally broad phenotypic variability among clones is important to the ecology and management of this species. This chapter considers principles of aspen genetics and variation, variation in aspen over its range, and local variation among clones. For a more...

  3. Genetically Engineering Entomopathogenic Fungi.

    Zhao, H; Lovett, B; Fang, W


    Entomopathogenic fungi have been developed as environmentally friendly alternatives to chemical insecticides in biocontrol programs for agricultural pests and vectors of disease. However, mycoinsecticides currently have a small market share due to low virulence and inconsistencies in their performance. Genetic engineering has made it possible to significantly improve the virulence of fungi and their tolerance to adverse conditions. Virulence enhancement has been achieved by engineering fungi to express insect proteins and insecticidal proteins/peptides from insect predators and other insect pathogens, or by overexpressing the pathogen's own genes. Importantly, protein engineering can be used to mix and match functional domains from diverse genes sourced from entomopathogenic fungi and other organisms, producing insecticidal proteins with novel characteristics. Fungal tolerance to abiotic stresses, especially UV radiation, has been greatly improved by introducing into entomopathogens a photoreactivation system from an archaean and pigment synthesis pathways from nonentomopathogenic fungi. Conversely, gene knockout strategies have produced strains with reduced ecological fitness as recipients for genetic engineering to improve virulence; the resulting strains are hypervirulent, but will not persist in the environment. Coupled with their natural insect specificity, safety concerns can also be mitigated by using safe effector proteins with selection marker genes removed after transformation. With the increasing public concern over the continued use of synthetic chemical insecticides and growing public acceptance of genetically modified organisms, new types of biological insecticides produced by genetic engineering offer a range of environmentally friendly options for cost-effective control of insect pests. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  4. Genetics of celiac disease

    Ricano-Ponce, Isis; Wijmenga, Cisca; Gutierrez-Achury, Javier

    New insights into the underlying molecular pathophysiology of celiac disease (CeD) over the last few years have been guided by major advances in the fields of genetics and genomics. The development and use of the Immunochip genotyping platform paved the way for the discovery of 39 non-HLA loci

  5. Paper Genetic Engineering.

    MacClintic, Scott D.; Nelson, Genevieve M.

    Bacterial transformation is a commonly used technique in genetic engineering that involves transferring a gene of interest into a bacterial host so that the bacteria can be used to produce large quantities of the gene product. Although several kits are available for performing bacterial transformation in the classroom, students do not always…

  6. The genetics of obesity.

    All definitions of the metabolic syndrome include some form of obesity as one of the possible features. Body mass index (BMI) has a known genetic component, currently estimated to account for about 70% of the population variance in weight status for non-syndromal obesity. Much research effort has be...

  7. The genetics of Tamarix

    Genetic studies have helped us gain basic knowledge of the Tamarix invasion. We now have a better understanding of the species identities involved in the invasion, their evolutionary relationships, and the contribution of hybridization to the invasion. This information can be used to enhance the eff...

  8. Intelligence, Race, and Genetics

    Sternberg, Robert J.; Grigorenko, Elena L.; Kidd, Kenneth K.


    In this article, the authors argue that the overwhelming portion of the literature on intelligence, race, and genetics is based on folk taxonomies rather than scientific analysis. They suggest that because theorists of intelligence disagree as to what it is, any consideration of its relationships to other constructs must be tentative at best. They…

  9. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

    Karin Writzl


    Conclusions: Over the last two decades, PGD has been shown to be a reliable and safe genetic test for couples who are at risk of a specific inher - ited disorder. For PGS, the results from several ongoing randomized controlled trials performed at different cell biopsy stage, using array-CGH and SNP array will provide the data needed to evaluate the clinical efficacy.

  10. Punnett and duck genetics

    25, 191–194; reprinted in this issue as a J. Genet. classic, pages 3–7) ... 1932, starts with Punnett explaining that he started his work on ducks as he was asked ... text of Punnett's later comments on genes and human mental disease. Punnett's ...

  11. Genetic hazards of radiation

    Searle, A.G.


    The difficulties of quantifying genetic radiation effects are discussed, with reference to studies of atomic bomb survivors, and mouse germ-cells. Doubling dose methods of extrapolation and the problems of quantifying risks of diseases of irregular inheritance are also considered. (U.K.)

  12. Genetic technologies and ethics.

    Ardekani, Ali M


    In the past decade, the human genome has been completely sequenced and the knowledge from it has begun to influence the fields of biological and social sciences in fundamental ways. Identification of about 25000 genes in the human genome is expected to create great benefits in diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the coming years. However, Genetic technologies have also created many interesting and difficult ethical issues which can affect the human societies now and in the future. Application of genetic technologies in the areas of stem cells, cloning, gene therapy, genetic manipulation, gene selection, sex selection and preimplantation diagnosis has created a great potential for the human race to influence and change human life on earth as we know it today. Therefore, it is important for leaders of societies in the modern world to pay attention to the advances in genetic technologies and prepare themselves and those institutions under their command to face the challenges which these new technologies induce in the areas of ethics, law and social policies.


    Anastas LAKOSKI


    Full Text Available In the first paper on the syndrome of autism, Kanner described it as innate and inborn. He drew attention to the abnormalities in infancy without evidence of prior normal development and the intellectual, non emotional qualities shown by many of the parents and grandparents. Subsequently, the supposed lack of parental warmth led many clinicians to abandon the notions of constitutional deficit in the child and instead to postulate a psychogenic origin etiology was likely, genetic factors probably did not play a major role. Attention was draw to the low rate of autism in siblings, the lack of chromosome anomalies, and the similarities with syndromes associated with known brain trauma. Although the rate of autism in siblings was indeed low, it was much higher than in the general population rate providing a strong pointer to the genetic factors. The recognition that this was so, associated with the parallel finding of apparently high familiar loading for language delay, stimulated the first, systematic, twin study of autism, which suggested a strong genetic component. Subsequent research has produced findings in the same direction, although many questions remain unanswered. In this paper the evidence that has accumulated on genetic influences on autism is summarized and the remained dilemmas on this field are discussed.

  14. Safe genetically engineered plants

    Rosellini, D; Veronesi, F [Dipartimento di Biologia Vegetale e Biotecnologie Agroambientali e Zootecniche, Universita degli Studi di Perugia, Borgo XX giugno 74, 06121 Perugia (Italy)


    The application of genetic engineering to plants has provided genetically modified plants (GMPs, or transgenic plants) that are cultivated worldwide on increasing areas. The most widespread GMPs are herbicide-resistant soybean and canola and insect-resistant corn and cotton. New GMPs that produce vaccines, pharmaceutical or industrial proteins, and fortified food are approaching the market. The techniques employed to introduce foreign genes into plants allow a quite good degree of predictability of the results, and their genome is minimally modified. However, some aspects of GMPs have raised concern: (a) control of the insertion site of the introduced DNA sequences into the plant genome and of its mutagenic effect; (b) presence of selectable marker genes conferring resistance to an antibiotic or an herbicide, linked to the useful gene; (c) insertion of undesired bacterial plasmid sequences; and (d) gene flow from transgenic plants to non-transgenic crops or wild plants. In response to public concerns, genetic engineering techniques are continuously being improved. Techniques to direct foreign gene integration into chosen genomic sites, to avoid the use of selectable genes or to remove them from the cultivated plants, to reduce the transfer of undesired bacterial sequences, and make use of alternative, safer selectable genes, are all fields of active research. In our laboratory, some of these new techniques are applied to alfalfa, an important forage plant. These emerging methods for plant genetic engineering are briefly reviewed in this work.

  15. Linear genetic programming

    Brameier, Markus


    Presents a variant of Genetic Programming that evolves imperative computer programs as linear sequences of instructions, in contrast to the more traditional functional expressions or syntax trees. This book serves as a reference for researchers, but also contains sufficient introduction for students and those who are new to the field

  16. Safe genetically engineered plants

    Rosellini, D; Veronesi, F


    The application of genetic engineering to plants has provided genetically modified plants (GMPs, or transgenic plants) that are cultivated worldwide on increasing areas. The most widespread GMPs are herbicide-resistant soybean and canola and insect-resistant corn and cotton. New GMPs that produce vaccines, pharmaceutical or industrial proteins, and fortified food are approaching the market. The techniques employed to introduce foreign genes into plants allow a quite good degree of predictability of the results, and their genome is minimally modified. However, some aspects of GMPs have raised concern: (a) control of the insertion site of the introduced DNA sequences into the plant genome and of its mutagenic effect; (b) presence of selectable marker genes conferring resistance to an antibiotic or an herbicide, linked to the useful gene; (c) insertion of undesired bacterial plasmid sequences; and (d) gene flow from transgenic plants to non-transgenic crops or wild plants. In response to public concerns, genetic engineering techniques are continuously being improved. Techniques to direct foreign gene integration into chosen genomic sites, to avoid the use of selectable genes or to remove them from the cultivated plants, to reduce the transfer of undesired bacterial sequences, and make use of alternative, safer selectable genes, are all fields of active research. In our laboratory, some of these new techniques are applied to alfalfa, an important forage plant. These emerging methods for plant genetic engineering are briefly reviewed in this work

  17. Genetic Resources of Watermelon

    As a result of many years of domestication and selection for desirable fruit quality, watermelon cultivars (Citrullus lanatus) share a narrow genetic base. Africa is the center of origin and diversity of watermelon and is considered to be the central continent for collecting and conserving useful ge...

  18. Genetic Dominance & Cellular Processes

    Seager, Robert D.


    In learning genetics, many students misunderstand and misinterpret what "dominance" means. Understanding is easier if students realize that dominance is not a mechanism, but rather a consequence of underlying cellular processes. For example, metabolic pathways are often little affected by changes in enzyme concentration. This means that…

  19. Genetics Home Reference: retinoblastoma

    ... Some studies suggest that additional genetic changes can influence the development of retinoblastoma ; these changes may help explain variations ... usually occurs in childhood, typically leading to the development of ... and there is no family history of the disease. Affected individuals are born ...

  20. Genetic susceptibility of periodontitis

    Laine, M.L.; Crielaard, W.; Loos, B.G.


    In this systematic review, we explore and summarize the peer-reviewed literature on putative genetic risk factors for susceptibility to aggressive and chronic periodontitis. A comprehensive literature search on the PubMed database was performed using the keywords ‘periodontitis’ or ‘periodontal

  1. Pitfalls in genetic testing

    Djémié, Tania; Weckhuysen, Sarah; von Spiczak, Sarah


    BACKGROUND: Sanger sequencing, still the standard technique for genetic testing in most diagnostic laboratories and until recently widely used in research, is gradually being complemented by next-generation sequencing (NGS). No single mutation detection technique is however perfect in identifying...

  2. Distributed genetic process mining

    Bratosin, C.C.; Sidorova, N.; Aalst, van der W.M.P.


    Process mining aims at discovering process models from data logs in order to offer insight into the real use of information systems. Most of the existing process mining algorithms fail to discover complex constructs or have problems dealing with noise and infrequent behavior. The genetic process


    Jochen Plötz


    Full Text Available El artículo busca contribuir a la investigación de los papeles atribuidos al mediador lingüístico y, por extensión, transcultural, como son los de traidor, el que no dice todo lo que sabe persiguiendo intereses propios, y otros más. Se establecen unas pautas que caracterizan las situaciones comunicativas conflictivas a lo largo de la historia. Asimismo, se propone una línea de investigación traductológica, interesada en la realización de la mediación lingüística misma y sus circunstancias, como aporte a la historia de la traducción. El caso al que se aplica este programa en el presente artículo es el enfrentamiento entre los incas y los conquistadores europeos en el Perú, en el cual actuaron unos intérpretes indígenas sobre los que se ha producido y se sigue produciendo toda una gama de proyecciones y atribuciones.

  4. Incrementando Las Relaciones Comerciales Entre Colombia Y China

    Jaime Rafael Ahcar Olmos


    Full Text Available Después de las reformas de finales de los años setenta, China consiguió su despegue económico a tal punto que, en la actualidad, se consolida como uno de los mercados más importantes del mundo, recibiendo la atención de investigadores y hombres de negocios a lo largo del planeta. En Colombia existen pocos estudios que hayan explorado las relaciones comerciales con China; en tal sentido, el presente artículo ofrece una amplia revisión de fuentes estadísticas y referencias bibliográficas, dando luces sobre las características y los factores que afectan las relaciones comerciales bilaterales. Los resultados muestran que, si bien China es un valioso proveedor de mercancías para Colombia, las exportaciones hacia ese país aún se encuentran por debajo de su potencial, y se genera un déficit comercial enorme. También muestra que las exportaciones colombianas hacia China se hallan concentradas en unos pocos productos y que dado el tamaño y potencialidad de esta economía, se deberían comenzar negociaciones comerciales que busquen la firma de un acuerdo de libre comercio que permita incrementar el comercio entre ambos países.

  5. Caminhos entre a literatura e a história

    Bosi Alfredo


    Full Text Available O ARTIGO resume o itinerário do autor como historiador da Literatura Brasileira, teórico de poesia e estudioso de nossa formação cultural. Os momentos iniciais desse percurso recebem particular atenção: o estudo da Estética de Croce, o conhecimento da filosofia marxista de Gramsci, a influência do existencialismo cristão no final dos anos de 1950 e o engajamento na política de esquerda no Brasil dos anos de 1960 e 1970. Como docente de Literatura Italiana, o autor escreveu teses sobre Pirandello e Leopardi, ambas inéditas. Trabalhando no campo da história literária, na esteira da obra de Otto Maria Carpeaux, examinou as relações dialéticas entre ideologia e poesia e ideologia e narrativa, o que lhe abriu caminho para o seu conceito de literatura como resistência. Ao elaborar a Dialética da Colonização, dedicou-se ao estudo das tensões que marcam a história das ideologias no Brasil.

  6. Las parroquias rurales de Buenos Aires entre 1730 y 1820

    Mar\\u00EDa Elena Barral


    Full Text Available Este artículo estudia el proceso de construcción de las parroquias rurales de Buenos Aires a lo largo de casi un siglo. Analiza esta gradual extensión de la red parroquial desde 1730 –la creación de los primeros curatos– hasta la década de 1820 cuando la Iglesia experimentaría cambios decisivos en su configuración como consecuencia de las reformas rivadavianas. El trabajo apunta a dar cuenta de los ritmos diferenciales con que se organizó la red parroquial en distintas zonas de la campaña bonaerense y a identificar los momentos más relevantes de los cambios en la misma. Asimismo examina el clero rural: su peso cuantitativo según áreas y períodos, su composición interna y algunos rasgos de las gestiones parroquiales. En especial considera aquellas acciones que los eclesiásticos exhibían entre sus mayores méritos y servicios, como modo de reconocer lo que –en la época– se esperaba de su actividad pastoral en la cura de almas

  7. Consecuencias del aprendizaje organizativo en las relaciones comerciales entre empresas

    José A. López Sánchez


    Full Text Available El objetivo principal de este estudio es analizar la influencia del aprendizaje organizativo (AO sobre la satisfacción y la lealtad en las relaciones comerciales entre empresas. Para ello se plantea un marco teórico donde se adopta como unidad de análisis la relación diádica que mantienen las empresas fabricantes con su principal distribuidor. En el análisis de los datos se emplean sistemas de ecuaciones estructurales con una muestra de empresas españolas. Los resultados empíricos obtenidos aportan evidencias acerca de que el AO del fabricante es un antecedente de los resultados alcanzados en los intercambios relacionales. Así, el mayor grado de AO de la empresa fabricante incide de modo directo en el grado de satisfacción del distribuidor principal y también actúa de modo indirecto sobre su grado de lealtad. Se corrobora además que dicho AO potencia de un modo directo los resultados empresariales del fabricante. Las limitaciones del estudio son las típicas asociadas al uso de la investigación basada en encuesta. Por último, la varianza del método común no fue un problema en este estudio.

  8. Impulso a la igualdad de oportunidades entre hombres y mujeres

    Eliza Muñoz Catalán


    Full Text Available El necesario impulso que se le debe dar a la anhelada igualdad de género entre hombres y mujeres en nuestra sociedad actual, resulta objeto de análisis en la presente obra, a través de la cual, la profesora Iglesias Crespo nos adentra en la contextualización de las políticas de igualdad desde su fundamentación normativa a nivel internacional, comunitario, estatal y autonómico hasta una legislación como la presente que se encuentra marcada por la profunda crisis social, económica e incluso de valores que estamos sufriendo desde hace ya varios años; así como la misma analiza cuál es el alcance jurídico de las diferentes estrategias de promoción para la igualdad efectiva de mujeres y hombres, ya sea a través de medidas de acción positiva, estrategias como la “mainstreaming”, o planes de igualdad de oportunidades.

  9. espacial de los flujos entre 1988 y 2006

    Daniela Vono


    Full Text Available El objetivo de este artículo es el de describir y analizar las características demográficas y territoriales del retorno durante el período entre 1988 y 2006 de aquellos inmigrantes nacidos en España que se han dirigido a algún país de América Latina y de sus descendientes, así como las características de los españoles residentes en países latinoamericanos a partir de los últimos censos de población. Se trabaja con los datos disponibles de las Estadísticas de Variaciones Residenciales (EVR, elaboradas por el INE, para analizar las características de los movimientos de retorno en todo el territorio español y a nivel municipal, por un lado, y, para el estudio de los españoles residentes en América Latina se ha explorado los datos censales disponibles a través del proyecto Investigación de la Migración Internacional en América Latina y el Caribe (IMILA del Centro Latinoamericano y Caribeño de Demografía (CELADE.

  10. Relaciones entre estilos de amor y violencia en adolescentes

    Iris Xóchitl Galicia Moyeda


    Full Text Available De acuerdo a diversas evidencias, la manera en que los y las ado- lescentes establecen sus relaciones amorosas podría estar asociada con la violencia producida y recibida en el noviazgo. Para esclarecer cómo se manifiesta esta relación en una muestra de 105 mujeres y 93 hombres, con una edad entre los 13 y los 15 años, en el Estado de México, se aplicaron dos herramientas: la Escala de Actitudes Amo- rosas (EAA (Hendrick & Hendrick, 1986 y el Cuestionario sobre Violencia en el Noviazgo (CVN. La evidencia indica que los estilos amorosos predominantes fueron el Storge y el Eros. Los hombres cuyo estilo es Ludus tienen más posibilidades de recibir violencia,en tanto que las mujeres cuyo estilo predominante es el Ágape reciben y ejercen más violencia en sus relaciones amorosas. Dado que este estilo es poco frecuente, se sugiere que en las instituciones educativas se promuevan relaciones de noviazgo más igualitarias.


    Kathya Araujo


    Full Text Available Sobre la base del análisis de una historia personal de desplazamiento entre academias (peruana y chilena, y la reinvención y el contrabando que toda migración supone, este artículo argumenta de qué manera frente a las nuevas modalidades de evaluación (los rankings, la búsqueda de isomorfismo de las estructuras argumentativas y las formas lingüísticas o incluso la ficción de sociologías globales, se mantienen vivas culturas académicas particulares. En este marco, la reflexión se organiza mostrando que detrás de la singularidad de los estilos intelectuales, formas de sociabilidad profesionales e incluso formas lingüísticas de cada una de ellas, lo que se revela es la manera en la que cada cultura académica local responde desde tradiciones diversas a desafíos político sociales distintos y con ello su rol de compromiso público y crítico.

  12. Diferencias cualitativas entre experiencias tutoriales para opciones de aprendizaje universitario



    Full Text Available Se analiza la tutoría como elemento básico de la excelencia educativa, resaltando su carácter nuclear en todo proceso formativo institucionalizado. Se constata la relación entre los procesos educativos, la orientación y la tutoría, desde el nuevo enfoque de la auténtica orientación. En el contexto universitario se debaten sus competencias, destacando que, desde sus orígenes, la tutoría ha constituido el sentido de la función y el quehacer de la finalidad y optimización de la formación universitaria, tanto en la búsqueda del saber como en la pretensión de aplicación social. Esta situación aboca en el análisis de las opciones de la acción tutorial en la Universidad, sus modalidades y sus posibilidades de intervención, y se plantean, de forma más concreta, recogiendo las experiencias destacables en el ámbito universitario, las estrategias organizativas y de desarrollo en aulas y situaciones individualizadas.

  13. O consumo de drogas entre os estudantes adolescentes

    Denis da Silva Moreira


    Full Text Available Este trabalho de pesquisa aborda os aspectos relacionados ao consumo de drogas entre os estudantes de 7º e 8º séries, na faixa etária de 12 a 15 anos, das escolas públicas e particulares da cidade de Alfenas, no ano de 1993. As drogas mais oferecidas e mais usadas foram os solventes voláteis ou inalantes, seguidos da maconha. O local onde a oferta é mais freqüente são os lugares públicos ( ginásios de show, bares, casa de jogos, parques e outros. Constatou-se que 5,5% dos entrevistados já fizeram uso de drogas, sendo motivados pela curiosidade e influência dos amigos. Praticamente todos os estudantes já receberam, através da família e/ou escola, orientação sobre drogas. A escola é a instituição que possui a maior clientela de risco às drogas, ou seja, crianças, adolescentes e jovens e por ser uma das responsáveis na educação e em passar Cultura é a que possui maioras condições de executar um programa de prevenção às drogas.

  14. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    pp 223-226 Commentary on J. Genet. Classic. Towards a genetic architecture of cryptic genetic variation and genetic assimilation: the contribution of K. G. Bateman · Ian Dworkin · More Details Fulltext PDF. pp 227-257 J. Genet. Classic. The Genetic Assimilation of Four Venation Phenocopies (Published on 1959 J. Genet.

  15. [The role of the genetics history in genetics teaching].

    Li, Ming-Hui


    The research of the scientific history and development status reflect the science and technology level of a nation. The genetic history is one of the branches of the life science and the 21st century is life science century. The genetics history in the teaching of genetics not only can help students get familiar with the birth and development of genetics, but also enhance their thinking ability and scientific qualities. The roles and approaches of teaching are discussed in this paper.

  16. The genetics of diabetes

    Barjaktarović Nada


    Full Text Available Pathogenesis of diabetes is still a mystery for medicine, the real challenge currently being the identification of genetic factors and specific mutations that cause the disease. Heterogeneity of diabetes hampers research, only a few loci inside the human genome being correlated with predisposition for disease till now. Insulin-dependent diabetes - IDDM (T1DM develops through autoimmune destruction of pancreatic beta cells. HLA complex on the short arm of chromosome 6 (6p21, where very important genes responsible for immunological condition of the person are located, plays a very important role in genetic predisposition for T1DM. Beside this region, there are also other loci in the human genome (on chromosomes 1, 2 and 11 where a correlation with T1DM has been shown. Correlation between HLA systems and T1DM was first described for class I alleles, but recently attention has been drawn to class II loci which seem to be the cause of primary predisposition for T1DM. In the case of non-insulin-dependent diabetes - NIDDM (T2DM, the situation proved to be even more complex. Only a few genetic loci on chromosomes 11, 13 and 20 and MODY variant on chromosomes 7 and 12 have been identified by now. There are two theories about genetic basis of T2DM: the first stipulates that the genetic predisposition is determined through numerous loci, each individually responsible for a small part of predisposition; the second claims that there are a limited number of "major" genes probably functioning on a polygenic basis. Further research in this area is definitely needed to enable an accurate calculation of the risks of the disease and possible consequences during a lifetime of a person.

  17. Genetic conservation and paddlefish propagation

    Sloss, Brian L.; Klumb, Robert A.; Heist, Edward J.


    The conservation of genetic diversity of our natural resources is overwhelmingly one of the central foci of 21st century management practices. Three recommendations related to the conservation of paddlefish Polyodon spathula genetic diversity are to (1) identify genetic diversity at both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA loci using a suggested list of 20 sampling locations, (2) use genetic diversity estimates to develop genetic management units, and (3) identify broodstock sources to minimize effects of supplemental stocking on the genetic integrity of native paddlefish populations. We review previous genetic work on paddlefish and described key principles and concepts associated with maintaining genetic diversity within and among paddlefish populations and also present a genetic case study of current paddlefish propagation at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Gavins Point National Fish Hatchery. This study confirmed that three potential sources of broodfish were genetically indistinguishable at the loci examined, allowing the management agencies cooperating on this program flexibility in sampling gametes. This study also showed significant bias in the hatchery occurred in terms of male reproductive contribution, which resulted in a shift in the genetic diversity of progeny compared to the broodfish. This shift was shown to result from differential male contributions, partially attributed to the mode of egg fertilization. Genetic insights enable implementation of a paddlefish propagation program within an adaptive management strategy that conserves inherent genetic diversity while achieving demographic goals.

  18. Um estudo sobre as relações entre os conflitos interpessoais e o bullying entre escolares

    Loriane Trombini Frick


    Full Text Available A pesquisa que deu origem a este estudo teve por objetivo analisar as relações entre os estilos de resolução de conflitos adotados pelos professores e os modos de agir dos alunos perante conflitos entre pares e a possível incidência de bullying, em duas classes dos anos iniciais do Ensino Fundamental de duas escolas públicas de um município do interior de São Paulo. A metodologia utilizada caracterizou-se por uma abordagem quantitativa e qualitativa, aproximando-se de um estudo de caso. Para a coleta de dados, realizaram-se observações nas duas classes, preencheu-se uma ficha para caracterização dos ambientes sociomorais e aplicou-se dois questionários aos alunos: um com histórias hipotéticas de conflitos, baseado em Vicentin; outro sobre bullying, inspirado nos instrumentos de Olweus e de Ortega, Mora-Merchán e Mora. Evidenciou-se que as relações interpessoais estabelecidas na escola, em especial na sala de aula, formam um determinado ambiente sociomoral e influenciam no modo como os alunos interagem e resolvem conflitos, bem como, na possível prática do bullying.Abstract The research aimed to analyzing the relationship between the styles of conflict resolution adopted by the teachers and the students' ways of acting facing conflicts between peers and the possible incidence of bullying in two classes of the early years of two elementary public schools in a city in the interior of São Paulo state. The methodology is quantitative and qualitative approach, which approximates a case study. For data collection, observations were conducted in two classrooms, a form was filled up for characterization of socio moral environments and two questionnaires were applied to students: one with stories of hypothetical conflicts based on Vicentin; another on bullying, inspired in Olweus and Ortega-Mora and Mora Merchán’s instruments. It became evident that interpersonal relationships established in school, especially in the classroom

  19. Genetic Engineering and the Amelioration of Genetic Defect

    Lederberg, Joshua


    Discusses the claims for a brave new world of genetic manipulation" and concludes that if we could agree upon applying genetic (or any other effective) remedies to global problems we probably would need no rescourse to them. Suggests that effective methods of preventing genetic disease are prevention of mutations and detection and…

  20. NCI Dictionary of Genetics Terms

    A dictionary of more than 150 genetics-related terms written for healthcare professionals. This resource was developed to support the comprehensive, evidence-based, peer-reviewed PDQ cancer genetics information summaries.

  1. Genetics Home Reference: Kleefstra syndrome

    ... 5 links) Diagnostic Tests Drug Therapy Genetic Counseling Palliative Care Surgery and Rehabilitation Related Information How are genetic ... G, Tzioumi D, Sillence DO, Mowat D. Three patients with terminal deletions within the subtelomeric region of chromosome 9q. ...

  2. Genetics Home Reference: diastrophic dysplasia

    ... my area? Other Names for This Condition Diastrophic dwarfism DTD Related Information How are genetic conditions and ... 2 links) Health Topic: Bone Diseases Health Topic: Dwarfism Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (1 link) ...

  3. Clinical Cancer Genetics and Prevention

    Olufunmilayo F. Olopade MD, FACP, Professor of Medicine and Human Genetics and Director of the Cancer Risk Clinic Department of Medicine, BSD Section of Hematology/Oncology University of Chicago, presented "Clinical Cancer Genetics and Prevention".

  4. Genetics Home Reference: lactose intolerance

    ... Thomas MG, Swallow DM. Lactose digestion and the evolutionary genetics of lactase persistence. Hum Genet. 2009 Jan; ... genome editing and CRISPR-Cas9? What is precision medicine? What is newborn screening? New Pages Alopecia areata ...

  5. The Genetics of Pork Quality

    Wijk, van H.J.


    This thesis describes the genetics of carcass composition and pork quality traits. A large population of commercial finishers was extensively phenotyped for growth, carcass composition and meat quality traits. Genetic parameters were estimated based on those measurements. The population was

  6. [Public health, genetics and ethics].

    Kottow, Miguel H


    Genetics research has shown enormous developments in recent decades, although as yet with only limited clinical application. Bioethical analysis has been unable to deal with the vast problems of genetics because emphasis has been put on the principlism applied to both clinical and research bioethics. Genetics nevertheless poses its most complex moral dilemmas at the public level, where a social brand of ethics ought to supersede the essentially interpersonal perspective of principlism. A more social understanding of ethics in genetics is required to unravel issues such as research and clinical explorations, ownership and patents, genetic manipulation, and allocation of resources. All these issues require reflection based on the requirements of citizenry, consideration of common assets, and definition of public policies in regulating genetic endeavors and protecting the society as a whole Bioethics has privileged the approach to individual ethical issues derived from genetic intervention, thereby neglecting the more salient aspects of genetics and social ethics.

  7. Selected Readings in Genetic Engineering

    Mertens, Thomas R.; Robinson, Sandra K.


    Describes different sources of readings for understanding issues and concepts of genetic engineering. Broad categories of reading materials are: concerns about genetic engineering; its background; procedures; and social, ethical and legal issues. References are listed. (PS)

  8. Genetics Home Reference: CLPB deficiency

    ... of CLPB is associated with congenital microcephaly, severe encephalopathy and 3-methylglutaconic aciduria. J Med Genet. 2015 ... genetic testing? What is precision medicine? What is newborn screening? New Pages LMNA-related congenital muscular dystrophy ...

  9. Genetics Home Reference: PURA syndrome

    ... TJ, Vreeburg M, Rouhl RPW, Stevens SJC, Stegmann APA, Schieving J, Pfundt R, van Dijk K, Smeets ... article on PubMed Central More from Genetics Home Reference Bulletins Genetics Home Reference Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary ...

  10. Genetics Home Reference: Kniest dysplasia

    ... may include a rounded upper back that also curves to the side ( kyphoscoliosis ), severely flattened bones of ... Information What information about a genetic condition can statistics provide? Why are some genetic conditions more common ...

  11. Genetics Home Reference: Carpenter syndrome

    ... deformed hips, a rounded upper back that also curves to the side ( kyphoscoliosis ), and knees that are ... Information What information about a genetic condition can statistics provide? Why are some genetic conditions more common ...

  12. Genetics Home Reference: Czech dysplasia

    ... such as a rounded upper back that also curves to the side ( kyphoscoliosis ). Some people with Czech ... Information What information about a genetic condition can statistics provide? Why are some genetic conditions more common ...

  13. Genetics Home Reference: Winchester syndrome

    ... bones ( osteoporosis ) throughout the skeleton. These abnormalities make bones brittle and more prone to fracture. The bone abnormalities ... information about a genetic condition can statistics provide? Why are some genetic conditions more common in particular ...

  14. [Genetic information and future medicine].

    Sakurai, Akihiro


    Rapid technological advances in genetic analysis have revealed the genetic background of various diseases. Elucidation of the genes responsible for a disease enables better clinical management of the disease and helps to develop targeted drugs. Also, early diagnosis and management of at-risk family members can be made by identification of a genetic disease in the proband. On the other hand, genetic issues often cause psychological distress to the family. To perform genetic testing appropriately and to protect patients and family members from any harm, guidelines for genetic testing were released from the alliance of Japanese genetics-related academic societies in 2003. As genetic testing is becoming incorporated into clinical practice more broadly, the guideline was revised and released by the Japanese Society of Medical Sciences in 2011. All medical professionals in Japan are expected to follow this guideline.

  15. O sarampo entre sociedades indígenas brasileiras e algumas considerações sobre a prática da saúde pública entre estas populações

    Carlos E. A. Coimbra Jr.


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho reve os principais aspectos ligados à epidemiologia do sarampo entre sociedades indígenas brasileiras. São discutidos os fatores de ordem genética, nutricional e sócio-cultural implicados na dinâmica de transmissão da doença, enfatizando-se o papel da provisão de serviços básicos de saúde na prevenção da elevada prevalência e mortalidade observada durante epidemias. O autor aborda também aspectos referentes à prática da saúde pública entre estas populações, salientando a relevância da constituição de grupos multidisciplinares para atuação tanto a nível de planejamento como prestação de serviços básicos assim como um maior envolvimento das escolas de saúde pública no atendimento destes grupos.The present paper reviews the main aspects related to ¡he epidemiology of measles among Brazilian Indian societies. The role of the genetic, nutritional, and socio-cultural factors in the transmission of the disease are discussed, emphasizing the importance of the provision of basic health services in the prevention of the high prevalence and mortality usually observerd among these populations. The author calls attention to the need of organizing multidisciplinary teams both in the planning and delivering of health services, as well as of a larger involvement of the public health schools in the health care of those groups.

  16. O cinema do futuro: Entre novas e tradicionais tecnologias, entre a morte e a reinvenção

    Julio Bezerra


    Full Text Available O cinema não é mais a experiência audiovisual matriz em nossa “sociedade das imagens”. Essa enorme rede heterogênea que vai se constituindo no terreno da produção e circulação de imagens-sons tem nos mostrado que é preciso mudar a nossa percepção do lugar do cinema entre os demais dispositivos. O objetivo deste texto é pensar o cinema em suas relações com o que vem sendo chamado de novas mídias. Nossa posição se aproxima de certa maneira de Phillipe Dubois: afirmando o cinema como uma espécie de referência fundante para todo o audiovisual sem ressentimentos e/ou opiniões fechadas com relação às novas tecnologias. Neste caminho, passamos invariavelmente por algumas falsas questões, pela melancólica idéia da “morte do cinema”, pelo surgimento de uma novíssima cinefilia digital e rizomática, por um cinema contemporâneo pra lá de impuro.

  17. Determinantes de la precarización laboral en Argentina entre 2003-2013. Entre los cambios y las continuidades

    Marcelo Delfini


    Full Text Available El crecimiento económico experimentado por Argentina desde 2003 ha tenido su correlato en la mejora de los indicadores laborales. No obstante, la precarización laboral se ha mantenido, luego de una baja importante, hasta 2007, en valores muy elevados. Partiendo de la idea central que la precarización constituye para el capital una reducción de costos, el objetivo de este artículo es dar cuenta de los determinantes de la informalidad entre los trabajadores asalariados y establecer continuidades y cambios durante 2003 y 2013. Para ello, utilizamos una metodología cuantitativa con fuentes secundarias de información, dde acuerdo con las cuales realizamos dos tipo de análisis: el primero de carácter descriptivo, a partir del cual se busca dar cuenta de las características del mercado de trabajo argentino durante 1990 y 2013, y el segundo se realiza por medio de una regresión logística binomial, que permite acercarnos a los determinantes de la precarización de las condiciones de trabajo. En este sentido, se pudo observar que durante 2003 y 2013 se consolidó una precarización laboral, cuyos determinantes no lograron modificarse sustancialmente durante los años de referencia

  18. Foundations of genetic algorithms 1991


    Foundations of Genetic Algorithms 1991 (FOGA 1) discusses the theoretical foundations of genetic algorithms (GA) and classifier systems.This book compiles research papers on selection and convergence, coding and representation, problem hardness, deception, classifier system design, variation and recombination, parallelization, and population divergence. Other topics include the non-uniform Walsh-schema transform; spurious correlations and premature convergence in genetic algorithms; and variable default hierarchy separation in a classifier system. The grammar-based genetic algorithm; condition

  19. Genetics and epigenetics of obesity

    Herrera, Blanca M.; Keildson, Sarah; Lindgren, Cecilia M.


    Obesity results from interactions between environmental and genetic factors. Despite a relatively high heritability of common, non-syndromic obesity (40?70%), the search for genetic variants contributing to susceptibility has been a challenging task. Genome wide association (GWA) studies have dramatically changed the pace of detection of common genetic susceptibility variants. To date, more than 40 genetic variants have been associated with obesity and fat distribution. However, since these v...

  20. Os diferentes contratos de trabalho entre trabalhadores qualificados brasileiros.

    Marcia Carvalho de Azevedo


    Full Text Available Ao longo das últimas décadas, as relações de trabalho têm se modificado de forma contínua na direção de contratos mais flexíveis vis-à-vis relações de trabalho mais estáveis e de longo prazo. Essas transformações também têm atingido o mercado de trabalho brasileiro, ainda que este tenha características distintas das economias mais desenvolvidas. No Brasil, as relações de trabalho sempre tiveram um forte componente de flexibilidade, uma vez que o emprego formal e o informal são igualmente importantes na economia do país. Apesar da informalidade presente no cenário brasileiro, trabalhadores qualificados brasileiros mantiveram vínculos de trabalho estáveis, com contratos CLT, ao longo da segunda metade do século passado. Entretanto, esse panorama tem sido modificado nas últimas décadas. Apesar da constatação dessas mudanças no mercado de trabalho, pesquisas que investigam a disseminação de diferentes tipos de contrato de trabalho no mercado brasileiro são escassas. Dados referentes a profissionais qualificados são ainda mais raros. Tendo esse cenário como pano de fundo, esta pesquisa tem como objetivo identificar os diferentes tipos de contrato de trabalho existentes entre trabalhadores qualificados no Brasil. Para isso, discute os resultados de uma pesquisa empírica e apresenta, com base na literatura e nos dados de 47 entrevistas com trabalhadores, 15 tipos de contrato de trabalho que se distinguem do padrão CLT. Os resultados mostram que, dada essa diversidade, as relações flexíveis de trabalho não podem ser tratadas como um processo homogêneo. Os dados também retratam uma realidade preocupante. Podemos dizer que existe um descompasso dentro do contexto brasileiro entre as relações de trabalho atuais e o ambiente no qual elas estão inseridas. A sociedade brasileira e a legislação trabalhista estão estruturadas com base nas relações de trabalho formais. As organizações muitas vezes não sabem

  1. Compatibilidad sexual entre dos tipos de Hylocerus (Cactaceae

    Roberta Castillo M


    Full Text Available Dos de los tipos de pitahaya mas cultivados en la Península de Yucatán, México, difieren principalmente por el color de su cáscara, el primero es de color rojo (Uqroo1, perteneciente a Hylocereus undatus, mientras que en el segundo es color amarillo claro (Uqroo2, hasta el momento también identificado como H. undatus; este último es mas dulce. En ambos tipos de pitahayas, se realizaron autopolinizaciones y polinizaciones cruzadas directas y recíprocas, con el propósito de evaluar el efecto en la cantidad de frutos que lograron su desarrollo. Se midieron algunas variables para detectar la influencia del progenitor paterno en algunas características del fruto. Los testigos se obtuvieron de flores polinizadas libremente. El diseño experimental utilizado fue completamente al azar, con 15 repeticiones por tratamiento. Se encontró que Uqroo1 es autocompatible, mientras que Uqroo2 es autoincompatible. Los testigos de ambos tipos alcanzaron el mismo peso, y los frutos de Uqroo2 logrados por polinización cruzada tuvieron un peso similar al de los testigos o fueron significativamente mas pesados. Algunas variables resultaron positivamente correlacionados; el coeficiente entre el número de semillas y el peso total del fruto fue de r = 0.84. La correlación mas alta (r = 0.97 resultó entre el peso total y el peso de la pulpa. En los frutos obtenidos por polinización cruzada prevalecieron las características del progenitor materno. Se recomienda cultivar la Pitahaya blanca con otro tipo de pitahaya, además de Uqroo1There are two types of pitahaya that are cultivated in Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. They differ mainly in the skin color of the fruit, one of them has a red skin (Uqroo1, while the other has a light yellow skin (Uqroo2 both belong to Hylocereus undatus (Haworth Britt. & Rose. The yellow skin pitahaya is the sweetest. The studies were conducted using the methods of self pollination and cross pollination, with direct crosses and

  2. Conservation genetics of an endangered Catalonian cattle breed ("Alberes"

    J. Jordana


    Full Text Available We biochemically analyzed and characterized the genetic structure of a population in danger of extinction ,"Alberes", a local cattle breed of the Catalonian Pyrenees (Spain and France. Ninety-two individuals were analyzed for five polymorphic genetic loci (Hb, Alb, Tf, Gc and Ptf2. The animals were grouped according to coat color: Fagina Alberes variety (N = 39 and Black Alberes variety (N = 53. The genetic structures and relationships between these subpopulations and one "outgroup" breed ("Bruna dels Pirineus" were analyzed and compared by using F-statistics. We determined that inbreeding in the Alberes breed is not significant, since negative and nonsignificant FIT and FIS values were obtained. The average genetic differentiation between subpopulations within the Alberes breed was 1.5% (FST = 0.015; P A estrutura génetica de uma população de Alberes, uma raça de gado dos Pirineus catalônicos (Espanha e França em risco de extinção, foi analisada e caracterizada bioquimicamente. Noventa e dois indivíduos foram analisados para 5 loci genéticos polimórficos (Hb, Alb, Tf, Gc e Ptf2. Os animais foram agrupados de acordo com a cor do pêlo: variedade Fagina Alberes (N = 39 e Black Alberes (N = 53. As estruturas genéticas e as relações entre estas subpopulações e uma raça extra ("Bruna dels Pirineus" foram analisadas e comparadas pela estatística F. A endogamia na raça Alberes não foi significante, pois foram obtidos valores FIT e FIS negativos e não significantes. A diferenciação genética média entre as subpopulações dentro da raça Alberes foi 1,5% (FST = 0,015; P < 0,05, com um número efetivo de 4,1 indivíduos trocados entre as subpopulações por geração (fluxo de gene. Os resultados obtidos neste estudo confirmaram o perigo potencial de extinção da raça. A variedade Black Alberes é sugerida como o principal núcleo de conservação genética para esta raça, pois parece mostrar maior grau de isolamento gen

  3. Condicoes dentarias entre adultos brasileiros de 1986 a 2010

    Sergio do Nascimento


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Identificar tendências do padrão da cárie dentária em adultos brasileiros. MÉTODOS: Foram utilizados dados provenientes de levantamentos epidemiológicos realizados pelo Ministério da Saúde nos anos de 1986, 2003 e 2010. A experiência de cárie, expressa pelo índice CPOD (dentes permanentes cariados, perdidos e obturados, e a saúde dentária, expressa pelo índice OH-D (dentes hígidos + obturados relativo ao número de dentes funcionais, foram comparadas em amostras aleatórias de residentes de 35 a 44 anos de idade em cada região brasileira. As diferenças nas condições dentárias entre os anos foram estimadas por meio da razão dos valores dos índices, empregando-se análise de regressão de Poisson ajustada pela idade. RESULTADOS: Houve reduções no índice CPOD e aumento no índice OH-D em todas as regiões no período de 1986 a 2010. A região Norte, que tinha o pior padrão em 1986, apresentou o maior ganho em termos de dentição funcional. CONCLUSÕES: Tem ocorrido uma transição da saúde bucal para melhor nos adultos brasileiros. É plausível que a adição de flúor à água e ao creme dental, maior incorporação de serviços restauradores e a melhoria nos indicadores de desenvolvimento humano decorrentes de políticas públicas estejam relacionados a essa melhora.

  4. Locos entre cuerdos, cuerdos en ambientes patológicos

    Rodríguez-Arias Palomo, José Luis


    Full Text Available Mental Health moves within a territory of uncertain boundaries: weather a behavior is considered healthy or sick depends on factors such as the historical moment, the culture and society in which the diagnosis is made or simply the professional’s ideology on the matter. In this paper, the borders between madness and sanity will be explored from the point of view of Radical Constructivism (Watzlawick, 1988. The classification criteria currently used in Mental Health units will be questioned through a series of examples which reveal their instability and fuzziness. The thesis behind this debate is that the autonomy of the patient should be considered precisely in this context of relativity. Though “mad”, they have equal rights to sane people to decide over their own existence and their own ways of leading their lives.La Salud Mental se mueve en un territorio con límites imprecisos: la consideración de un comportamiento como sano o enfermo depende del momento histórico, de la sociedad y la cultura en la que se produce o, sencillamente, de la ideología del profesional que califica ese comportamiento. Desde la perspectiva del Constructivismo Radical se exploran estos límites entre la locura y la cordura y se cuestionan los criterios de clasificación al uso en los Servicios de Salud Mental a través de una serie de ejemplos, que ponen de relieve la inestabilidad de estos y la oscuridad de los mismos. La idea que atraviesa este debate es que la autonomía de los pacientes cobra protagonismo, precisamente, en la relatividad del diagnóstico en Salud Mental, ya que, aunque “locos”, tienen igual derecho que los cuerdos a decidir sobre su propia existencia y su propio estilo de vivir.

  5. La photographie industrielle entre image documentaire et image publicitaire

    Régis Huguenin


    Full Text Available La chocolaterie Suchard à Neuchâtel (Suisse réalise des photographies de natures très diverses qu’elle diffuse dans des cercles plus ou moins restreints. En 1967, elle inaugure un entrepôt automatique, point d’orgue d’une restructuration quasi complète de la production et dont des clichés réalisés avant et pendant les journées « portes ouvertes » témoignent. En nous intéressant aux documents iconographiques relatant l’inauguration d’un bâtiment industriel chez Suchard, nous montrons comment l’image produit une réalité qu’elle n’incarne pas automatiquement. On montre ou on cache, on accentue ou on atténue en fonction des objectifs recherchés. C’est le cas aussi des légendes qui accompagnent les clichés, toutes axées sur la rationalisation mais n’évoquant jamais les conséquences sociales de la nouvelle stratégie productive. L’oscillation entre document et publicité est en prise directe avec le temps : celui du travail du photographe, celui de la sélection par l’entreprise, celui de la perception par les employés ou par le public, le temps du classement et de l’oubli avant celui de l’exhumation et de la réutilisation  des documents par l’entreprise pour une commémoration.

  6. Entre mitos y realidades: ciudades mexicanas que concentran clase creativa

    Jaime Sobrino


    Full Text Available El propósito del presente documento consiste en realizar un estudio exploratorio sobre los atributos demográficos y económicos de las ciudades de México en donde se concentra la clase creativa, es decir, aquel segmento de la oferta ocupacional en el mercado urbano de trabajo que se compone por profesionistas, profesores universitarios, investigadores, trabajadores del arte, espectáculos y deportes. El término clase creativa fue propuesto por Richard Florida (2002, y a este segmento de la población ocupada se le ha dado una connotación de ventaja competitiva para la ciudad en donde reside, de tal manera que se ha tratado de comprobar la relación entre el desempeño económico local y la presencia de dicha clase. Aquí no se utiliza a la clase creativa como variable explicativa del comportamiento económico local. Más bien se busca aportar elementos sobre las características de las ciudades con mayor intensidad de clase creativa en su estructura ocupacional. Para alcanzar el propósito se realiza un modelo de regresión logística multivariada. Los resultados permiten concluir que las ciudades donde se concentraba la clase creativa en 2010 eran preferentemente capitales estatales y/o con baja participación de la producción manufacturera en su estructura económica. Asimismo, los ocupados en la clase creativa tuvieron mayor tasa de migración interna con respecto a la población ocupada total. Los lugares de origen y destino de la migración creativa fueron ciudades especializadas, ambas en este tipo de ocupados.


    Lígia Duque Platero


    Full Text Available O livro Missões, Militância Indigenista e Protagonismo Indígena é uma coletânea de artigos que orbitam ao redor das temáticas Missões religiosas e conversão religiosa, educação, terras e reterritorialização, sempre associados à questão do protagonismo indígena. Os artigos escolhidos para esta coletânea foram trabalhos apresentados nas XIII Jornadas Internacionais sobre as Missões Jesuíticas, realizada em Dourados, no Mato Grosso do Sul, de 30 de agosto a 03 de setembro de 2010. Os organizadores são a doutora em Antropologia e Teologia Graciela Chamorro e o doutor em História Protasio Paulo Langer. Esta coletânea contém dezessete artigos e uma entrevista. Os artigos são provenientes de diversas disciplinas e alguns deles são interdisciplinares. Do campo científico, há artigos da História, Etno-história, Etno-musicologia, Antropologia, Sociologia e Geografia. O livro também contém artigos da área de Teologia. A proposta da coletânea é a reunião de artigos que expressam as intrincadas relações interculturais e interpolíticas estabelecidas entre missionários, indigenistas e os povos indígenas na América do Sul.


    Valéria Paula Rodrigues Minim


    Full Text Available Métodos sensoriais descritivos são de grande importância na indústria de alimentos para definir a qualidade sensorial de um produto. A análise descritiva quantitativa (ADQ é um método muito usado para identificar e quantficar os atributos sensoriais de alimentos. As etapas para realização da ADQ são: recrutamento e pré-seleção dos candidatos à julgadores, levantamento e descrição dos atributos, treinamento e seleção final dos julgadores e avaliação dos produtos. Visto que a ADQ requer treinamento longo dos julgadores, uma nova metodologia descritiva por ordenação (ADO foi desenvolvida recentemente , na qual algumas etapas são semelhantes à ADQ, porém o treinamento e a seleção final dos julgadores não acontecem e a avaliação dos produtos é realizada por ordenação da intensidade dos atributos, sendo a ADO um método mais econômico e rápido. O presente trabalho comparou a nova metodologia descritiva (ADO com o método tradicionalmente utilizado, a ADQ, por meio da descrição sensorial de quatro marcas de requeijão cremoso. Os atributos que caracterizaram os produtos foram: cor, aroma e sabor característicos, gosto doce, gosto salgado, sabor de ranço, consistência e viscosidade. Observou-se correlação significativa (p<0,05 entre as metodologias para 62,5% dos atributos avaliados. Assim, quando o objetivo é identificar diferenças sensoriais mais acentuadas a ADO pode ser usada em substituição a ADQ.

  9. Relaciones entre autoestima y estresores percibidos en estudiantes universitarios

    Ramón G. Cabanach


    Full Text Available Siguiendo la línea de los trabajos que inciden en el papel de los recursos personales como factores de protección frente al estrés, la presente investigación pretende analizar la relación entre la autoestima y la percepción de estresores académicos en el contexto universitario. En concreto, analizamos en qué medida los niveles de autoestima (alto, medio y bajo influyen diferencialmente en el grado en que el estudiante valora como amenazantes diversas circunstancias propias del día a día académico. Se evalúan también qué factores de este contexto son los que el estudiante percibe como más estresantes. Participaron en el estudio 465 estudiantes de Fisioterapia de diversas universidades españolas. Para la medida de la autoestima, se empleó la Escala de Autoestima de Rosenberg. Los estresores académicos percibidos se evaluaron mediante la Escala de Estresores Académicos (E-CEA, que forma parte del Cuestionario de Estrés Académico (CEA. Nuestros resultados indican que las intervenciones en público, los exámenes y las deficiencias metodológicas del profesorado constituyen, por este orden, los principales sucesos que el estudiante percibe como amenazantes. Asimismo, se constata que cuanto mayor es la autovalía del estudiante, menor es la percepción del contexto académico como estresante

  10. Las descargas de contenidos audiovisuales en Internet entre estudiantes universitarios


    Full Text Available El presente trabajo analiza el fenómeno de las descargas de contenidos audiovisuales –películas y series de televisión– que habitualmente practican los universitarios a través de Internet; sus actitudes ante las descargas ilegales y la formación que tienen en relación a la situación legal de las mismas. Estas cuestiones conforman una realidad que aunque a priori parece ser demasiado frecuente, se encuentra todavía muy poco explorada y es escasamente tratada desde una perspectiva científica en nuestro contexto. Los datos se obtuvieron a partir de un cuestionario diseñado ad hoc, administrado a estudiantes de tres Grados universitarios (Comunicación Audiovisual, Educación Primaria y Educación Social, por considerar que se trata de titulaciones en las que un conocimiento de base ético y legal ante las descargas de contenidos en la red es urgente y necesario para unos jóvenes que se están preparando con el propósito de dedicarse a la formación e información de los futuros ciudadanos del siglo XXI. Los resultados del estudio muestran cómo el consumo de contenidos procedentes de la industria audiovisual (televisiva y cinematográfica, es una práctica asentada entre los universitarios, que tienen actitudes claramente favorables hacia ella pero que prestan escasa importancia a cuestiones éticas y legales ante las descargas no legales, además de tener muy baja formación en estas cuestiones. Los resultados sugieren la necesidad de poner en marcha acciones educomunicativas para mejorar sus competencias informacionales y digitales.

  11. Transferencia de conocimiento entre comunidades científicas

    Echeverría Ezponda, Javier


    Full Text Available Several epistemic innovations (Knowledge’s advances may be considered to be a result of processes of knowledge transfer among different scientific scientific communities. In addition to generate knowledge in their different specialization’s fields, scientists use knowledge produced in diverse scientific fields. By reinterpreting von Hippel’s (2005 proposals, we analyze different sources of epistemic innovation and apply that model to concrete examples; suppliers (ISI, distributors (Nature, Science and transdisciplinary users of the scientific knowledge. We conclude that transfer’ processes can generate innovation if they are produced between knowledge’ networks with different innovation’s nodes. This kind of proposals can be applied to different types of knowledge (science, technology, arts, culture and even so to knowledge’s transmission to society.Algunas innovaciones epistémicas (avances del conocimiento pueden ser analizadas como resultado de procesos de transferencia de conocimiento entre diferentes comunidades científicas. Los científicos no sólo producen conocimiento en su ámbito de especialización, además son usuarios del conocimiento que otros han producido en campos distintos. Reinterpretando las propuestas de von Hippel (2005, se analizan otras fuentes de innovación epistémica, mencionando ejemplos concretos: los suministradores (ISI, distribuidores (Nature, Science y el uso transdisciplinario del conocimiento científico. Se concluye que los procesos de transferencia que pueden generar innovaciones se producen en redes de conocimiento con diferentes nodos de innovación. Estas propuestas pueden aplicarse a otras modalidades de conocimiento (ciencia, tecnología, arte, cultura, e incluso a la transmisión del conocimiento a la sociedad.

  12. Genetics Home Reference: ulcerative colitis

    ... are some genetic conditions more common in particular ethnic groups? Genetic Changes A variety of genetic and environmental factors are likely involved in the development of ulcerative colitis . Recent studies have identified variations in dozens of genes that may be linked ...

  13. Genetic variation in California oaks

    Constance I. Millar; Diane L. Delany; Lawrence A. Riggs


    In forestry the importance of genetic variation for successful reproduction, survival and growth has been widely documented for commercial conifers; until recently, little genetic work has been done on the California oaks. Even before the nature of genetic variation was scientifically investigated, its importance was suspected in operational forestry. Many failures of...

  14. Genetics in Relation to Biology.

    Stewart, J. Bird


    Claims that most instruction dealing with genetics is limited to sex education and personal hygiene. Suggests that the biology curriculum should begin to deal with other issues related to genetics, including genetic normality, prenatal diagnoses, race, and intelligence. Predicts these topics will begin to appear in British examination programs.…

  15. Moral Fantasy in Genetic Engineering.

    Boone, C. Keith


    Discusses the main ethical issues generated by the new genetics and suggests ways to think about them. Concerns include "playing God," violation of the natural order of the universe, and abuse of genetic technology. Critical distinctions for making difficult decisions about genetic engineering issues are noted. (DH)

  16. Genetic Counseling in Mental Retardation.

    Bowen, Peter

    The task of the genetic counselor who identifies genetic causes of mental retardation and assists families to understand risk of recurrence is described. Considered are chromosomal genetic disorders such as Down's syndrome, inherited disorders such as Tay-Sachs disease, identification by testing the amniotic fluid cells (amniocentresis) in time…

  17. Genetical Genomics for Evolutionary Studies

    Prins, J.C.P.; Smant, G.; Jansen, R.C.


    Genetical genomics combines acquired high-throughput genomic data with genetic analysis. In this chapter, we discuss the application of genetical genomics for evolutionary studies, where new high-throughput molecular technologies are combined with mapping quantitative trait loci (QTL) on the genome

  18. Genetic effects of ionising radiation

    Saunders, P.


    The mutagenic effects of ionising radiation on germ cells with resulting genetic abnormalities in subsequent generations, are considered. Having examined a simple model to explain the interaction of ionising radiation with genetic material and discussed its limitations, the methods whereby mutations are transmitted are discussed. Methods of estimating genetic risks and the results of such studies are examined. (U.K.)

  19. Genetic transformation of forest trees


    In this review, the recent progress on genetic transformation of forest trees were discussed. Its described also, different applications of genetic engineering for improving forest trees or understanding the mechanisms governing genes expression in woody plants. Key words: Genetic transformation, transgenic forest trees, ...

  20. Adults' perceptions of genetic counseling and genetic testing.

    Houfek, Julia Fisco; Soltis-Vaughan, Brigette S; Atwood, Jan R; Reiser, Gwendolyn M; Schaefer, G Bradley


    This study described the perceptions of genetic counseling and testing of adults (N = 116) attending a genetic education program. Understanding perceptions of genetic counseling, including the importance of counseling topics, will contribute to patient-focused care as clinical genetic applications for common, complex disorders evolve. Participants completed a survey addressing: the importance of genetic counseling topics, benefits and negative effects of genetic testing, and sharing test results. Topics addressing practical information about genetic conditions were rated most important; topics involving conceptual genetic/genomic principles were rated least important. The most frequently identified benefit and negative effect of testing were prevention/early detection/treatment and psychological distress. Participants perceived that they were more likely to share test results with first-degree than other relatives. Findings suggest providing patients with practical information about genetic testing and genetic contributions to disease, while also determining whether their self-care abilities would be enhanced by teaching genetic/genomic principles. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  1. Genetic secrets: Protecting privacy and confidentiality in the genetic era

    Rothstein, M.A. [ed.


    Few developments are likely to affect human beings more profoundly in the long run than the discoveries resulting from advances in modern genetics. Although the developments in genetic technology promise to provide many additional benefits, their application to genetic screening poses ethical, social, and legal questions, many of which are rooted in issues of privacy and confidentiality. The ethical, practical, and legal ramifications of these and related questions are explored in depth. The broad range of topics includes: the privacy and confidentiality of genetic information; the challenges to privacy and confidentiality that may be projected to result from the emerging genetic technologies; the role of informed consent in protecting the confidentiality of genetic information in the clinical setting; the potential uses of genetic information by third parties; the implications of changes in the health care delivery system for privacy and confidentiality; relevant national and international developments in public policies, professional standards, and laws; recommendations; and the identification of research needs.

  2. Eugenics and genetic testing.

    Holtzman, N A


    Pressures to lower health-care costs remain an important stimulus to eugenic approaches. Prenatal diagnosis followed by abortion of affected fetuses has replaced sterilization as the major eugenic technique. Voluntary acceptance has replaced coercion, but subtle pressures undermine personal autonomy. The failure of the old eugenics to accurately predict who will have affected offspring virtually disappears when prenatal diagnosis is used to predict Mendelian disorders. However, when prenatal diagnosis is used to detect inherited susceptibilities to adult-onset, common, complex disorders, considerable uncertainty is inherent in the prediction. Intolerance and the resurgence of genetic determinism are current pressures for a eugenic approach. The increasing use of carrier screening (to identify those at risk of having affected offspring) and of prenatal diagnosis could itself generate intolerance for those who refuse the procedures. Genetic determinism deflects society from social action that would reduce the burden of disease far more than even the maximum use of eugenics.

  3. Advances in human genetics

    Harris, H.; Hirschhorn, K. (eds.)


    This book has five chapters covering peroxisomal diseases, X-linked immunodeficiencies, genetic mutations affecting human lipoproteins and their receptors and enzymes, genetic aspects of cancer, and Gaucher disease. The chapter on peroxisomes covers their discovery, structure, functions, disorders, etc. The chapter on X-linked immunodeficiencies discusses such diseases as agammaglobulinemia, severe combined immunodeficiency, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, animal models, linkage analysis, etc. Apolipoprotein formation, synthesis, gene regulation, proteins, etc. are the main focus of chapter 3. The chapter on cancer covers such topics as oncogene mapping and the molecular characterization of some recessive oncogenes. Gaucher disease is covered from its diagnosis, classification, and prevention, to its organ system involvement and molecular biology.

  4. Genetics of Alcoholism.

    Zhu, Ena C; Soundy, Timothy J; Hu, Yueshan


    Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol has the potential to modify an individual's brain and lead to alcohol dependence. Alcohol use leads to 88,000 deaths every year in the U.S. alone and can lead to other health issues including cancers, such as colorectal cancer, and mental health problems. While drinking behavior varies due to environmental factors, genetic factors also contribute to the risk of alcoholism. Certain genes affecting alcohol metabolism and neurotransmitters have been found to contribute to or inhibit the risk. Geneenvironment interactions may also play a role in the susceptibility of alcoholism. With a better understanding of the different components that can contribute to alcoholism, more personalized treatment could cater to the individual. This review discusses the major genetic factors and some small variants in other genes that contribute to alcoholism, as well as considers the gene-environmental interactions. Copyright© South Dakota State Medical Association.


    Vladimir TRAJKOVSKI


    Full Text Available Fast development of medical genetics and it’s subdisciplines is noticed in last thirty years. Modern diagnostic methods made possible to establish human genome and its impairment. In human genetics, ethic is main principle in working. Ethic is science about biggest goodness for human or society, and its aim pro­tecting human health.Today's conditions for leaving and science development open a wide way for ethical approaches, but also for non-ethical manipulations with human even before his conception. We must keep to attitude that without law, with our behavior will must conduct our conscience. It is best to have neutral eugenetic attitude, which allows free ethical choice of each individual, in any case, for the well being of man.

  6. Genetic engineering in biotechnology

    Bedate, C.A.; Morales, J.C.; Lopez, E.H.


    The objective of this book is to encourage the use of genetic engineering for economic development. The report covers: (1) Precedents of genetic engineering; (2) a brief description of the technology, including the transfer of DNA in bacteria (vectors, E. coli and B. subtilis hosts, stages, and technical problems), practical examples of techniques used and their products (interferon; growth hormone; insulin; treatment of blood cells, Talasemia, and Lesch-Nyhan syndrome; and more nutritious soya), transfer to higher organisms, and cellular fusion; (3) biological risks and precautions; (4) possible applications (production of hydrogen, hydrocarbons, alcohol, chemicals, enzymes, peptides, viral antigens, monoclonal antibodies, genes, proteins, and insecticides; metal extraction; nitrogen fixation; biodegradation; and new varieties of plants and animals; and (5) international activities.

  7. Genetic discrimination: international perspectives.

    Otlowski, M; Taylor, S; Bombard, Y


    Genetic discrimination (GD) is a complex, multifaceted ethical, psychosocial, and legal phenomenon. It is defined as the differential treatment of asymptomatic individuals or their relatives on the basis of their real or assumed genetic characteristics. This article presents an overview of GD within the contemporary international context. It describes the concept of GD and its contextual features, reviews research evidence regarding people's experiences of GD and the impact of GD within a range of domains, and provides an overview of legal and policy responses to GD that have emerged globally. We argue that GD is a significant and internationally established phenomenon that requires multilevel responses to ensure social justice and equitable outcomes for all citizens. Future research should monitor GD and its impacts within the community as well as institutions and should evaluate the effectiveness of legislative, policy, community education, and systemic responses.

  8. Genetically engineered yeast


    A genetically modified Saccharomyces cerevisiae comprising an active fermentation pathway producing 3-HP expresses an exogenous gene expressing the aminotransferase YhxA from Bacillus cereus AH1272 catalysing a transamination reaction between beta-alanine and pyruvate to produce malonate semialde......A genetically modified Saccharomyces cerevisiae comprising an active fermentation pathway producing 3-HP expresses an exogenous gene expressing the aminotransferase YhxA from Bacillus cereus AH1272 catalysing a transamination reaction between beta-alanine and pyruvate to produce malonate...... semialdehyde. The yeast may also express a 3-hydroxyisobutyrate dehydrogenase (HIBADH) and a 3-hydroxypropanoate dehydrogenase (3-HPDH) and aspartate 1-decarboxylase. Additionally the yeast may express pyruvate carboxylase and aspartate aminotransferase....

  9. Genetics of asthma

    Thomsen, Simon F


    Asthma runs in families, and children of asthmatic parents are at increased risk of asthma. Prediction of disease risk is pivotal for the clinician when counselling atopic families. However, this is not always an easy task bearing in mind the vast and ever-increasing knowledge about asthma genetics....... The advent of new genotyping technologies has made it possible to sequence in great detail the human genome for asthma-associated variants, and accordingly, recent decades have witnessed an explosion in the number of rare and common variants associated with disease risk. This review presents an overview...... of methods and advances in asthma genetics in an attempt to help the clinician keep track of the most important knowledge in the field....

  10. Where genetic algorithms excel.

    Baum, E B; Boneh, D; Garrett, C


    We analyze the performance of a genetic algorithm (GA) we call Culling, and a variety of other algorithms, on a problem we refer to as the Additive Search Problem (ASP). We show that the problem of learning the Ising perceptron is reducible to a noisy version of ASP. Noisy ASP is the first problem we are aware of where a genetic-type algorithm bests all known competitors. We generalize ASP to k-ASP to study whether GAs will achieve "implicit parallelism" in a problem with many more schemata. GAs fail to achieve this implicit parallelism, but we describe an algorithm we call Explicitly Parallel Search that succeeds. We also compute the optimal culling point for selective breeding, which turns out to be independent of the fitness function or the population distribution. We also analyze a mean field theoretic algorithm performing similarly to Culling on many problems. These results provide insight into when and how GAs can beat competing methods.

  11. Genetics of Diabetes Insipidus.

    Schernthaner-Reiter, Marie Helene; Stratakis, Constantine A; Luger, Anton


    Diabetes insipidus is a disease characterized by polyuria and polydipsia due to inadequate release of arginine vasopressin from the posterior pituitary gland (neurohypophyseal diabetes insipidus) or due to arginine vasopressin insensitivity by the renal distal tubule, leading to a deficiency in tubular water reabsorption (nephrogenic diabetes insipidus). This article reviews the genetics of diabetes insipidus in the context of its diagnosis, clinical presentation, and therapy. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. [Genetics of ischemic stroke].

    Gschwendtner, A; Dichgans, M


    Stroke is one of the most widespread causes of mortality und disability worldwide. Around 80 % of strokes are ischemic and different forms of intracranial bleeding account for the remaining cases. Monogenic stroke disorders are rare but the diagnosis may lead to specific therapeutic consequences for the affected patients who are predominantly young. In common sporadic stroke, genetic factors play a role in the form of susceptibility genes. Their discovery may give rise to new therapeutic options in the future.

  13. Genetic monitoring of agrocoenosis

    Lukin, V.D.


    Mutants with high frequency of revertants appearance can be used as biological indicator of genetic monitoring of agrocoenosis. It differs from the initial form in dwarf-size of the shrub, the changed plate of leaf and sterility. The low limit of the mutant sensitiveness on the test of visible reverse mutations to the doses of gamma-irradiation is 0,2 Gy and to the rate of soil contamination by lead is 50 mg per 1 kg of soil. (authors)

  14. Mammalian genetics and biostatistics

    Grahn, D.; Carnes, B.A.; Farrington, B.H.; Lee, C.H.


    This program seeks to assess genetic hazards of single, weekly, and continuous doses of 60 Co gamma rays and single and weekly doses of fission neutrons to provide a basis for estimating relative biological effectiveness (RBE) of fission neutrons, to develop detailed dose-response data at low doses as a basis for studying relationships between linear energy transfer (LET) and the sensitivity of various cell stages, and to develop improved statistical approaches to analytical issues in chemical and radiation toxicology. 3 refs

  15. Experiencing the genetic body: parents' encounters with pediatric clinical genetics.

    Raspberry, Kelly; Skinner, Debra


    Because of advancements in genetic research and technologies, the clinical practice of genetics is becoming a prevalent component of biomedicine. As the genetic basis for more and more diseases are found, it is possible that ways of experiencing health, illness, identity, kin relations, and the body are becoming geneticized, or understood within a genetic model of disease. Yet, other models and relations that go beyond genetic explanations also shape interpretations of health and disease. This article explores how one group of individuals for whom genetic disorder is highly relevant formulates their views of the body in light of genetic knowledge. Using data from an ethnographic study of 106 parents or potential parents of children with known or suspected genetic disorders who were referred to a pediatric genetic counseling and evaluation clinic in the southeastern United States, we find that these parents do, to some degree, perceive of their children's disorders in terms of a genetic body that encompasses two principal qualities: a sense of predetermined health and illness and an awareness of a profound historicity that reaches into the past and extends into the present and future. They experience this genetic body as both fixed and historical, but they also express ideas of a genetic body made less deterministic by their own efforts and future possibilities. This account of parents' experiences with genetics and clinical practice contributes to a growing body of work on the ways in which genetic information and technologies are transforming popular and medical notions of the body, and with it, health, illness, kinship relations, and personal and social identities.

  16. Algebras in genetics

    Wörz-Busekros, Angelika


    The purpose of these notes is to give a rather complete presentation of the mathematical theory of algebras in genetics and to discuss in detail many applications to concrete genetic situations. Historically, the subject has its origin in several papers of Etherington in 1939- 1941. Fundamental contributions have been given by Schafer, Gonshor, Holgate, Reiers¢l, Heuch, and Abraham. At the moment there exist about forty papers in this field, one survey article by Monique Bertrand from 1966 based on four papers of Etherington, a paper by Schafer and Gonshor's first paper. Furthermore Ballonoff in the third section of his book "Genetics and Social Structure" has included four papers by Etherington and Reiers¢l's paper. Apparently a complete review, in par­ ticular one comprising more recent results was lacking, and it was difficult for students to enter this field of research. I started to write these notes in spring 1978. A first german version was finished at the end of that year. Further revision and tran...

  17. Genetic Alterations in Glioma

    Bralten, Linda B. C.; French, Pim J.


    Gliomas are the most common type of primary brain tumor and have a dismal prognosis. Understanding the genetic alterations that drive glioma formation and progression may help improve patient prognosis by identification of novel treatment targets. Recently, two major studies have performed in-depth mutation analysis of glioblastomas (the most common and aggressive subtype of glioma). This systematic approach revealed three major pathways that are affected in glioblastomas: The receptor tyrosine kinase signaling pathway, the TP53 pathway and the pRB pathway. Apart from frequent mutations in the IDH1/2 gene, much less is known about the causal genetic changes of grade II and III (anaplastic) gliomas. Exceptions include TP53 mutations and fusion genes involving the BRAF gene in astrocytic and pilocytic glioma subtypes, respectively. In this review, we provide an update on all common events involved in the initiation and/or progression across the different subtypes of glioma and provide future directions for research into the genetic changes

  18. Genetics of osteoporosis

    Urano, Tomohiko [Department of Geriatric Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113-8655 (Japan); Inoue, Satoshi, E-mail: [Department of Geriatric Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113-8655 (Japan); Department of Anti-Aging Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113-8655 (Japan); Division of Gene Regulation and Signal Transduction, Research Center for Genomic Medicine, Saitama Medical University, Saitama (Japan)


    Highlights: • Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) associated with osteoporosis were identified. • SNPs mapped close to or within VDR and ESR1 are associated with bone mineral density. • WNT signaling pathway plays a pivotal role in regulating bone mineral density. • Genetic studies will be useful for identification of new therapeutic targets. - Abstract: Osteoporosis is a skeletal disease characterized by low bone mineral density (BMD) and microarchitectural deterioration of bone tissue, which increases susceptibility to fractures. BMD is a complex quantitative trait with normal distribution and seems to be genetically controlled (in 50–90% of the cases), according to studies on twins and families. Over the last 20 years, candidate gene approach and genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that are associated with low BMD, osteoporosis, and osteoporotic fractures. These SNPs have been mapped close to or within genes including those encoding nuclear receptors and WNT-β-catenin signaling proteins. Understanding the genetics of osteoporosis will help identify novel candidates for diagnostic and therapeutic targets.

  19. Genetically Modified Organisms

    Claro Llaguno


    Full Text Available Recent reports have brought to public attention concerns about Bt corn and genetically modified organisms (GMO in general. The timing, it seems, is most appropriate considering two related developments early this year: the final approval of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety in Montreal on January 29, 2001, and the OECD Edinburgh Conference on GM food safety last February 28- March 1, 2001. The protocol makes clear that GMOs include all living modified organisms (LMO defined as "any living organism that possesses a novel combination of genetic material obtained through the use of modern biotechnology". This includes seeds, live fish, and other organisms intentionally obtained for release to the environment. It would seem that the common understanding about GMOs as referring to farm-to-table products is perforce expanded to embrace genetically modified farm animals and aquatic resources. Being a trade agreement, the Montreal accord primarily deals with the safety issues related to the transboundary movement of LMOs around the globe. The OECD conference on the other hand, called for an international body "to address all sides of the GM debate" in response to the public outcry, particularly in Western Europe, regarding the risks the new products pose to human health and the environment. Some points of contention, which remain unresolved, include issues such as whether countries should be allowed to develop their own GM food based on their needs, and whether a global moratorium on GMOs and mandatory labeling should be enforced worldwide.

  20. Genetics of Vitiligo

    Spritz, Richard; Andersen, Genevieve


    Synopsis Vitiligo is “complex disorder” (also termed polygenic and multifactorial), reflecting simultaneous contributions of multiple genetic risk factors and environmental triggers. Large-scale genome-wide association studies, principally in European-derived whites and in Chinese, have discovered approximately 50 different genetic loci that contribute to vitiligo risk, some of which also contribute to other autoimmune diseases that are epidemiologically associated with vitiligo. At many of these vitiligo susceptibility loci the corresponding relevant genes have now been identified, and for some of these genes the specific DNA sequence variants that contribute to vitiligo risk are also now known. A large fraction of these genes encode proteins involved in immune regulation, a number of others play roles in cellular apoptosis, and still others are involved in regulating functions of melanocytes. For this last group, there appears to be an opposite relationship between susceptibility to vitiligo and susceptibility to melanoma, suggesting that vitiligo may engage a normal mechanism of immune surveillance for melanoma. While many of the specific biologic mechanisms through which these genetic factors operate to cause vitiligo remain to be elucidated, it is now clear that vitiligo is an autoimmune disease involving a complex relationship between programming and function of the immune system, aspects of the melanocyte autoimmune target, and dysregulation of the immune response. PMID:28317533

  1. Genetic study of Andalusia's ovine and caprine breeds.

    Rodero, E; Haba, M R; Rodero, A


    Two different breeds of Andalusian sheep, 'Grazalema Merino' and 'Lebrijan Churro', and two different breeds of Andalusian goats, 'Andalusian White' and 'Andalusian Black', chosen by previous studies (Rodero et al. 1992a) as priority breeds for conservation, were studied. The systems used corresponded to ethnozootechnic characteristics, as well as the different biochemical-polymorphism variables. Farms were differentiated within breeds, or between themselves, and different tests were used of genetic and genotypic frequencies: Wright's indices, medium heterozygosities, Whalund's variances, G test of probability of reason, etc. Also Cavalli-Sforza's genetic distance was obtained. In the Andalusian Black and Grazalema Merino breeds, the Whalund's variances obtained were a result of selection, that has divided the breeds into distinct populations differentiated spatially. Medium heterozygosities of each breed do not differ much within themselves, but when each system is considered alone, discrepancies between ethnic groups are relevant. Wright's F indices demonstrated in the Andalusian White and Grazalema Merino breeds, genetic heterozygosities between populations or studied herds can be deduced, but this is not possible in the Andalusian Black. The F(IS) values indicated, despite the small size of the populations, that inbreeding has been avoided, probably because of the entry of foreign sires. In none of the breeds is there a significant excess of heterozygosis. The genetic distances between flocks within breeds do not differ from those found between breeds. RÉSUMÉ: On a travallé avec, differents troupeau des races de montons de l'Andalusie, Grazalema Merino et Lebrija Churro, et avec les races caprines Andalusian White et Andalusian Black, choisie entre les races Andaluciennes comme prioritaires pour la conservation, dans un etudie avant (Rodero et col. 1992a). Les sistémes utilicés dans cette travaille correspondent á charactérés etnozootechniques et

  2. The synthesis paradigm in genetics.

    Rice, William R


    Experimental genetics with model organisms and mathematically explicit genetic theory are generally considered to be the major paradigms by which progress in genetics is achieved. Here I argue that this view is incomplete and that pivotal advances in genetics--and other fields of biology--are also made by synthesizing disparate threads of extant information rather than generating new information from experiments or formal theory. Because of the explosive expansion of information in numerous "-omics" data banks, and the fragmentation of genetics into numerous subdisciplines, the importance of the synthesis paradigm will likely expand with time.

  3. Correlações entre caracteres quantitativos em milho pipoca Correlation among quantitative traits in popcorn maize

    Valéria Carpentieri-Pípolo


    Full Text Available Em um programa de melhoramento, o conhecimento da grandeza das associações entre caracteres de interesse, é de fundamental importância na obtenção de populações melhoradas. O presente trabalho teve como objetivo determinar as correlações genotípicas, fenotípicas e ambientais entre caracteres quantitativos em milho pipoca. Foram avaliados nove genótipos de milho pipoca dispostos no campo em delineamento em blocos casualizados com oito repetições. Os genótipos UEL ZP, UEL SI e UEL PAP revelaram maiores capacidades de expansão (27,50; 27,15 e 24,40 respectivamente e número de grãos por volume (244,75; 248,50 e 248,75 respectivamente. A capacidade de expansão revelou correlação fenotípica positiva com o tamanho da pipoca e com o número de grãos por volume, e correlação negativa com massa de grãos por planta. Os caracteres massa de grãos por planta e peso total da espiga revelaram correlações fenotípicas e genotípicas positivas entre si, o que possibilita a utilização de um ou outro na seleção, optando-se pelo que melhor convier aos propósitos do programa de melhoramento.Knowledge of the size of the association among traits of interest is of fundamental importance in a breeding program to allow genetic progress. The genotypic, phenotypic and environment correlation were studied among quantitative traits of popcorn maize. Nine popcorn maize genotypes were assessed. A randomized complete block design with eight replications was used. The UEL ZP, UEL SI and UEL PAP. genotypes which had greatest expansion capacity (27.50; 27.15 and 24.20, respectively, also had the greatest values for the number of grains per volume (244.75; 248.50 and 248.75, respectively. The expansion capacity correlated positively with the popcorn size and with number of grains per volume and negatively with plant yield. The traits plant yield, and total ear weight showed positive phenotypic and genotypic correlation that permits the choice of

  4. Cognitive and behavioral heterogeneity in genetic syndromes

    Luiz F.L. Pegoraro


    Full Text Available Objective: this study aimed to investigate the cognitive and behavioral profiles, as well as the psychiatric symptoms and disorders in children with three different genetic syndromes with similar sociocultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Methods: thirty-four children aged 6 to 16 years, with Williams-Beuren syndrome (n = 10, Prader-Willi syndrome (n = 11, and Fragile X syndrome (n = 13 from the outpatient clinics of Child Psychiatry and Medical Genetics Department were cognitively assessed through the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-III. Afterwards, a full-scale intelligence quotient (IQ, verbal IQ, performance IQ, standard subtest scores, as well as frequency of psychiatric symptoms and disorders were compared among the three syndromes. Results: significant differences were found among the syndromes concerning verbal IQ and verbal and performance subtests. Post-hoc analysis demonstrated that vocabulary and comprehension subtest scores were significantly higher in Williams-Beuren syndrome in comparison with Prader-Willi and Fragile X syndromes, and block design and object assembly scores were significantly higher in Prader-Willi syndrome compared with Williams-Beuren and Fragile X syndromes. Additionally, there were significant differences between the syndromes concerning behavioral features and psychiatric symptoms. The Prader-Willi syndrome group presented a higher frequency of hyperphagia and self-injurious behaviors. The Fragile X syndrome group showed a higher frequency of social interaction deficits; such difference nearly reached statistical significance. Conclusion: the three genetic syndromes exhibited distinctive cognitive, behavioral, and psychiatric patterns. Resumo: Objetivo: investigar o perfil cognitivo e comportamental, sintomas e transtornos psiquiátricos em crianças com três diferentes síndromes genéticas, com antecedentes socioculturais e socioeconômicos semelhantes. Métodos: trinta e quatro

  5. Nexos estratégicos entre la retórica y la publicidad

    Luis Gallardo Vera


    Full Text Available El presente artículo contribuye a establecer nexos estratégicos entre la retórica y la publicidad. La adopción del prisma estratégico en los estudios retóricos de la publicidad no es común, sin embargo, la relación entre retórica y publicidad a un nivel estratégico es evidente, teniendo presente los estudios que han investigado la simbiosis entre las dos actividades.Del universo compuesto por las investigaciones sobre retórica y publicidad se seleccionó una muestra de las obras susceptibles de responder a la pregunta de cuáles son los nexos estratégicos entre la retórica y la publicidad. Con este criterio se conformó una muestra teóricamente conducida del universo. La hipótesis de partida ha sido que, si existen documentos que indaguen en la relación entre la retórica y la publicidad, es posible construir un documento que muestre de un modo amplio cuáles son los nexos estratégicos entre ambas actividades. Finalmente, se contrastó que, efectivamente, este documento es único al mostrar ampliamente cuáles son los nexos estratégicos existentes entre la retórica y la publicidad.

  6. Democracia Liberal: uma novidade já desbotada entre jovens

    Renata Florentino


    Full Text Available Este artigo busca mostrar a relação da juventude brasiliense com a política institucional, revelando o que está por trás da rejeição aos políticos profissionais e às instituições que ocupam. Em vez de estereotipar a postura crítica destes e destas jovens, sem antes analisar serenamente o contexto em que essa crítica surge, procurou-se mostrar o lugar de fala, a arena política em que surge essa crítica. Nessa arena, encontra-se uma democracia institucionalizada, com eleições estáveis, mas que não corresponde às expectativas que foram geradas com a sua implementação, junto com uma população bem informada e impactada por ações governamentais ou a ausência destas. Sem louvores ou reprovações, há que se perguntar se esta descrença da política institucional revela apenas uma desconexão de mundos ou a abertura de espaço para o surgimento de novas formas de organização política. O artigo trabalha com dados da PNAD 2005 e o Índice de Desenvolvimento Juvenil da UNESCO sobre a caracterização da juventude de Brasília e dados do TSE, sobre o alistamento eleitoral facultativo entre jovens.This article intends to analize the relationship between the city of Brasília´s youth and the institutional politics. We show what is behind the rejection to professional politicians and to the institutions they control. Instead of stereotipyze the critical behavior of the youth, we first analyze the context where this refusal takes place. We find an established democracy, with stable elections, but not corresponding to the expectations created during its implementation, added to a population that is well informed about the youth, it is necessary to ask if this lack of trust on institutional politics shows disconected worlds or a opened space to the emergence of new forms of political organization. This article is based on 2005 PNAD (National Research by Housing sample data and the Youth Development Index of UNESCO, to describe the

  7. Enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva: diferencias entre hombres y mujeres

    María Soledad Rodríguez-Pecci


    Full Text Available La enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva crónica (EPOC ha aumentado su prevalencia en el sexo femenino. Los casos de mujeres se describen como más sintomáticas. A pesar de que la EPOC se ha vinculado a elevado riesgo cardiovascular, hay pocos estudios sobre diferencias por sexo. El objetivo de nuestro estudio fue determinar la influencia del sexo sobre calidad de vida y síntomas, tratamiento, factores de riesgo y enfermedad cardiovascular (ECV en una población de pacientes con EPOC. En este estudio prospectivo observacional de corte transversal, se incluyeron pacientes con EPOC ingresados consecutivamente entre el 1 de septiembre de 2008 al 1 de marzo de 2010. Se registraron edad, sexo, habito tabáquico, factores de riesgo y enfermedad cardiovascular, tratamiento y gravedad de la EPOC. Se midió índice tobillo-brazo (ITB y se realizó Euroqol-5D. Se incluyeron 246 pacientes (195 hombres. Los hombres fueron más ex fumadores (68.7% vs. 15.7%, p < 0.001, tuvieron un VEF1 menor (48.7% ± 15.7 vs. 58.2% ± 10.9 de teórico, p < 0.001 y mayor frecuencia de cardiopatía isquémica (16.4% vs. 5.9%, p = 0.04. Las mujeres presentaron más prevalencia de EPOC sin exposición al tabaco (64.7% vs. 7.2%, p < 0.001, más síntomas de ansiedad y depresión (p = 0.004 e ITB alterado en menor frecuencia (20% vs. 41.6%, p = 0.01. Concluimos que hubo diferencias en la EPOC en relación al sexo, con compromiso pulmonar y cardiovascular más grave en hombres y más síntomas de ansiedad y depresión en mujeres.

  8. Selenium determination in biological materials by neutron activation analysis - statistical comparison between the use of {sup 77m} Se (t{sub 1/2} 17.45 s) and {sup 75} Se (t{sub 1/2} = 119,8 d); Determinacao de selenio em materiais biologicos por analise por ativacao com neutrons - comparacao estatistica entre o uso do {sup 77m} Se (t{sub 1/2} 17.45s) e {sup 75} Se (t{sub 1/2} = 119,8d)

    Catharino, Marilia G.M.; Vasconcelos, Marina B.A. [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Selenium is nowadays considered to be an essential trace element in human diet. The most extensively studied biochemical role of this element is related to its participation in the composition of glutathione peroxidase. This enzyme acts as an antioxidant for the free radicals formed in the human body. In the present work, selenium was determined by INAA in reference materials ('Human hair' IAEA-085, 'Human hair' IAEA-086, 'Dogfish Liver' DOLT-1 e 'Dogfish Muscle' DORM-1) and in toenails and vitamin supplement, using the short-lived radioisotope {sup 77m} Se. The usual method, which utilizes long- lived {sup 75} Se, was also employed, in order to make a comparative study. A statistical test was applied for this comparison. It was verified that the average concentrations of selenium, in the reference materials and in the samples analyzed, do not differ statistically at a significance level of 0.05, which indicates the applicability of the short-lived {sup 77m} Se for INAA of the matrixes studied. (author)

  9. Soporte social, familiar y autoconcepto: relación entre los constructos

    Makilim Nunes Baptista


    Full Text Available El objetivo del estudio fue verificar las asociaciones entre el soporte social, el soporte familiar y el autoconcepto en un grupo de hombres y mujeres. En el caso de los hombres hubo correlaciones negativas entre el soporte familiar y los factores negligencia, agresividad e indiferencia del instrumento de autoconcepto. En el grupo de mujeres el soporte familiar total fue correlacionado positivamente con sensualidad y responsabilidad, y negativamente con inseguridad, siendo las tres medidas del instrumento de autoconcepto. Al considerar las relaciones entre el soporte familiar y el soporte social, todas fueron positivas, tanto en los hombres como en las mujeres.

  10. Las relaciones de comercio e inversión entre Colombia y Venezuela

    Eglé Iturbe de Blanco


    Venezuela y Colombia cuentan con una larga trayectoria histórica en sus relaciones económicas. Comercian entre ellas y sus nacionales a lo largo de la frontera desde su nacimiento como naciones e interactúan entre ambos países como si fuera uno solo. Al norte, en la península de la Guajira, viven poblaciones indígenas comunes cuyo sustento es el comercio entre ambos lados de la frontera; y al sur, en los estados andinos venezolanos limítrofes con los llanos colombianos, tradicionalmente se ha...

  11. Violencia sexual entre compañeros y violencia en parejas adolescentes

    Ortega Ruiz, Rosario; Ortega Rivera, Francisco Javier; Sánchez Jiménez, Virginia


    El presente estudio ha analizado la presencia de violencia sexual entre compañeros y en las parejas adolescentes y jóvenes. Específicamente se han estudiado las diferencias por sexo, edad y estadio de la relación sentimental tanto en violencia sexual entre iguales como en las parejas, en una muestra de 490 adolescentes (55,7% chicos, 44,3% chicas, edad media 16.08 años). Los resultados descriptivos mostraron la misma incidencia de violencia sexual entre iguales y en las pa...

  12. "Cy Twombly: Intérprete de dos mundos" [Un artista entre Estados Unidos y Europa, entre lo clásico y lo contemporáneo

    Gras Cruz, Irene


    Esta tesis “Cy Twombly: Intérprete de dos mundos” [Un artista entre Estados Unidos y Europa, entre lo clásico y lo contemporáneo] pretende dar a conocer al artista norteamericano Cy Twombly (1928-2011) en nuestro país y destacar la importancia que tiene dentro del panorama artístico como figura clave en un momento de efervescencia —artística y creativa— americana en el que a diferencia de sus coetáneos prefirió emigrar a Europa, concretamente a Italia. Mientras todos se trasladaban a la nueva...

  13. Ethics in reproductive genetics.

    Fletcher, J C; Evans, M I


    Ethics in reproductive genetics comprise descriptive ethics and normative ethics. Ethical problems before prenatal diagnosis involve genetic counseling and informed consent for the choice patients must make. Prenatal diagnosis using amniocentesis is controversial. An international survey of geneticists showed that 25% would do prenatal diagnosis for sex selection, and 17% would refer the couple elsewhere. Hungary (60%), India (37%), the US (34%), Canada (30%), Greece (29%), and Sweden (28%) would do prenatal diagnosis. The statistical incidence of positive findings after prenatal diagnosis does not exceed 4% of all cases when most couples choose abortion. Respect for parental choice and for nondirective counseling was supported in responses to 3 cases in the international survey that also had disclosure dilemmas included with abortion choices. 84% of respondents would be nondirective for XYY and 88% for XO. In India, Hungary, Turkey, and Norway, 46%, 40%, 40%, and 33%, respectively, would advise aborting an XO (Turner) fetus. A survey of 737 genetics and obstetricians and ethicists and clergy showed acceptability of abortion in singleton pregnancies and in twins associated strongly with the trimester of pregnancy, indication for selective termination, and fetal number. Prior group review of risks and benefits of experimental fetal therapy, case selection for experimental fetal therapy, the optimal informed-consent process for fetal therapy, twin pregnancies, refusal of proven fetal therapy, the lack of federal support for research in fetal diagnosis (preimplantation embryo diagnosis) and therapy, and sources of a moral obligation are also addressed. The Belmont Report on the ethics of biomedical research in the US proposed ethical principles to guide research with human subjects including the fetus: respect for parsons, beneficence, and justice.

  14. Inevitability of Genetic Parasites

    Iranzo, Jaime; Puigbò, Pere; Lobkovsky, Alexander E.; Wolf, Yuri I.


    Abstract Almost all cellular life forms are hosts to diverse genetic parasites with various levels of autonomy including plasmids, transposons and viruses. Theoretical modeling of the evolution of primordial replicators indicates that parasites (cheaters) necessarily evolve in such systems and can be kept at bay primarily via compartmentalization. Given the (near) ubiquity, abundance and diversity of genetic parasites, the question becomes pertinent: are such parasites intrinsic to life? At least in prokaryotes, the persistence of parasites is linked to the rate of horizontal gene transfer (HGT). We mathematically derive the threshold value of the minimal transfer rate required for selfish element persistence, depending on the element duplication and loss rates as well as the cost to the host. Estimation of the characteristic gene duplication, loss and transfer rates for transposons, plasmids and virus-related elements in multiple groups of diverse bacteria and archaea indicates that most of these rates are compatible with the long term persistence of parasites. Notably, a small but non-zero rate of HGT is also required for the persistence of non-parasitic genes. We hypothesize that cells cannot tune their horizontal transfer rates to be below the threshold required for parasite persistence without experiencing highly detrimental side-effects. As a lower boundary to the minimum DNA transfer rate that a cell can withstand, we consider the process of genome degradation and mutational meltdown of populations through Muller’s ratchet. A numerical assessment of this hypothesis suggests that microbial populations cannot purge parasites while escaping Muller’s ratchet. Thus, genetic parasites appear to be virtually inevitable in cellular organisms. PMID:27503291

  15. Coalgebraic structure of genetic inheritance.

    Tian, Jianjun; Li, Bai-Lian


    Although in the broadly defined genetic algebra, multiplication suggests a forward direction of from parents to progeny, when looking from the reverse direction, it also suggests to us a new algebraic structure-coalge- braic structure, which we call genetic coalgebras. It is not the dual coalgebraic structure and can be used in the construction of phylogenetic trees. Math- ematically, to construct phylogenetic trees means we need to solve equations x([n]) = a, or x([n]) = b. It is generally impossible to solve these equations inalgebras. However, we can solve them in coalgebras in the sense of tracing back for their ancestors. A thorough exploration of coalgebraic structure in genetics is apparently necessary. Here, we develop a theoretical framework of the coalgebraic structure of genetics. From biological viewpoint, we defined various fundamental concepts and examined their elementary properties that contain genetic significance. Mathematically, by genetic coalgebra, we mean any coalgebra that occurs in genetics. They are generally noncoassociative and without counit; and in the case of non-sex-linked inheritance, they are cocommutative. Each coalgebra with genetic realization has a baric property. We have also discussed the methods to construct new genetic coalgebras, including cocommutative duplication, the tensor product, linear combinations and the skew linear map, which allow us to describe complex genetic traits. We also put forward certain theorems that state the relationship between gametic coalgebra and gametic algebra. By Brower's theorem in topology, we prove the existence of equilibrium state for the in-evolution operator.

  16. Understanding genetics in neuroimaging.

    Vasquez, Marina Lipkin; Renault, Ilana Zalcberg


    Gene expression is a process of DNA sequence reading into protein synthesis. In cases of problems in DNA repair/apoptosis mechanisms, cells accumulate genomic abnormalities and pass them through generations of cells. The accumulation of mutations causes diseases and even tumors. In addition to cancer, many other neurologic conditions have been associated with genetic mutations. Some trials are testing patients with epigenetic treatments. Epigenetic therapy must be used with caution because epigenetic processes and changes happen constantly in normal cells, giving rise to drug off-target effects. Scientists are making progress in specifically targeting abnormal cells with minimal damage to normal ones. Copyright © 2015. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  17. Demography, genetic diversity, and population relationships among Argentinean Mapuche Indians

    Alicia S. Goicoechea


    Full Text Available Fertility, mortality and migration data from four Mapuche Indian communities located along a 215-km NE-SW linear area in the Province of Río Negro, Argentina, were collated with genetic information furnished by nine blood group systems and by mtDNA haplogroups. The demographic and genetic data indicated a clear dichotomy, which split the four populations into two groups of two. Differing degrees of non-Indian exchanges was probably the main determining factor for this separation. Total genetic variability was very similar in all groups, and the interpopulational variability accounted for only 10% of the total variability. A low prevalence of the Diego(a antigen among the Mapuche was confirmed. The fact that significant genetic heterogeneity and population clusters were found in such a small territorial region attests to the sensitivity of demographic and genetic approaches in unraveling human history.Dados relativos a fertilidade, mortalidade e migração de quatro comunidades de índios Mapuche localizadas em uma área linear na direção nordeste-sudoeste com 215 km de extensão na Província de Rio Negro, Argentina, foram associados com a informação genética fornecida por nove sistemas de grupos sangüíneos e os haplogrupos do DNA mitocondrial. Ambos os tipos de informação apontam claramente para uma dicotomia, as quatro populações sendo divididas em grupos de duas. O principal fator responsável por esta separação é provavelmente graus diferentes de mistura com não-índios. A variabilidade genética total foi muito similar em todos os grupos, aquela entre populações sendo de apenas 10% deste valor. Foi confirmada a baixa prevalência do antígeno Diego(a entre os Mapuche. O fato de que heterogeneidade genética significativa e conjuntos populacionais diversos foram observados em uma região territorial tão pequena demonstra a sensibilidade dos enfoques demográfico e genético no esclarecimento da história humana.

  18. [Current options of preimplantion genetic screening and preimplantation genetic diagnostics].

    Šimečková, V

    The aim of this work is to summarize the current knowledge about preimplantation genetic screening and diagnostics. A review article. Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, District Hospital Šternberk, IVF Clinic, Olomouc. Preimplantation genetic testing is a complex of genetic and molecular cytogenetic examinations, which can help to detect abnormalities in embryos before transfer into the uterus of the mother. These specialized examinations are based on the latest findings in genetics and assisted reproduction. The preimplantation genetic testing is necessarily associated with a method of in vitro fertilization. It is performed on isolated blastomeres on the third day of embryo cultivation. Nowadays, it is preferred trophectoderm examination of cells from the five-day blastocysts. Generally speaking, after preimplantation genetic testing, we can select only embryos without genetic load to transfer into uterus. Preimplantation genetic testing is an important part of treatment of infertility. Complex diagnostics and treatment of infertile couples are increasingly influenced by the development and use of advanced genomic technologies. Further development and application of these modern methods require close cooperation between the field of assisted reproduction and clinical genetics.

  19. Entre cooperação reflexiva e democracia procedimental

    Maria Eugenia Bunchaft


    Full Text Available A filosofia de Axel Honneth sobrereconhecimento procura analisar a relaçãoentre a teoria do desenvolvimento psíquicoe a evolução moral da sociedade, de forma aalcançar novos parâmetros capazes de renovara Teoria Crítica. O elemento fundamental doseu arcabouço teórico constitui a concepçãode identidade como uma luta intersubjetivapor reconhecimento mútuo. Por sua vez,Jürgen Habermas desenvolveu uma concepçãoprocedimentalista de direito e democracia,cujos influxos teóricos são fundamentais para afilosofia política do reconhecimento. Nas obrasA Inclusão do Outro e Direito e Democracia,o autor sublinha ser o sistema de direitossensível às demandas por reconhecimentode sociedades multiculturais, de forma quegrupos culturais devem articular em processosdeliberativos aquelas tradições que desejamperpetuar. Inobstante, para Honneth, ainstitucionalização de procedimentos capazesde alicerçar as expectativas normativas dasdemandas identitárias seria insuficiente paragarantir efetiva justiça social e, portanto,incapaz de abarcar o substrato moral inerenteàs lutas intersubjetivas por reconhecimento: aexperiência do desrespeito. Com efeito, pretendemos apresentar uma contraposição teórica entre o modelo procedimental habermasianoe o modelo de cooperação reflexiva desenvolvidopor Axel Honneth, a fim de aprofundara compreensão acerca da filosofia política doreconhecimento. The philosophy of Axel Honneth onrecognition analyzes the relationship betweenthe theory of psychological development and themoral development of society in order to reachnew parameters to renew Critical Theory. Thekey element of his theoretical framework is theconcept of identity as an intersubjective strugglefor mutual recognition. In turn, Jürgen Habermashas developed a procedural conception of lawand democracy, whose theoretical inflows arecritical to the political philosophy of recognition.In the works Inclusion of the Other and Lawand Democracy

  20. Desfasajes: entre la historieta y la política.

    Palacios, Cristian


    Full Text Available [es] El concepto de desfase acuñado por la Teoría de los discursos sociales de Eliseo Verón en los años setenta quiere dar cuenta de un aspecto esencial de dicha teoría, es decir, la diferencia que se produce en la circulación del sentido entre la producción y el reconocimiento; viene aquí a ilustrar un caso particular de indeterminación constitutiva de un discurso conflictivo: la segunda versión de la historieta El Eternauta de Hector Germán Oesterheld, con dibujos de Alberto Breccia. Publicado en el semanario Gente en 1969, este experimento de historieta política en un medio que le era naturalmente adverso, inserta en el argumento de la primera versión una serie de lecciones de política aleccionadora, extrañas no sólo a la revista sino también al arte de Breccia que llegará a ser cuestionado por el mismo editor y que derivará en la suspensión de la publicación. Nos proponemos analizar este episodio de “fracaso” en la búsqueda de hacer conducir un mensaje político determinado en un medio de comunicación de masas – reconocido además por su frivolidad - y extraer algunas conclusiones sobre las formas de circulación del sentido en los discursos políticos de los años 60 y 70. [en] The notion of gap coined by the Social Discourses Theory of Eliseo Veron in the seventies wants to show an essential aspect of this theory: the difference between production and recognition in the spread of meaning; illustrated here a particular case of constitutive indeterminacy of a controversial discourse: the second version of El Eternauta by Hector German Oesterheld and Alberto Breccia. This comic published in the weekly popular magazine Gente in 1969 is a rare experiment of political graphic novel in a media that was hostile to its convictions. It inserts in the plot of the original version a series of politics instructive lessons, stranges not only to the magazine but to the art of Breccia, who will be questioned by the editor

  1. Entre a figura e o abstrato: instâncias do pensamento

    Eduardo Augusto Alves Almeida


    Full Text Available Por meio de texto e pintura, este artigo visa discutir a possibilidade de habitar certo intervalo entre polos extremistas, e, a partir da estética, rever paradigmas dos pensamentos moderno e contemporâneo.

  2. Mass médias et figures du religieux islamique au Mali: entre ...

    Mass médias et figures du religieux islamique au Mali: entre négociation et appropriation de l'espace public. ... (development of means of transportation and communications technologies) and the extension of democratic rights and freedoms.

  3. Morphoagronomic genetic diversity in american wild rice species

    Elizabeth Ann Veasey


    Full Text Available To characterize the genetic variability among species and populations of South American wild rice, eleven populations of Oryza glumaepatula, seven of O. grandiglumis, four of O. latifolia and one of O. alta, from Brazil and Argentina, were evaluated. A greenhouse experiment was conducted in completely randomized blocks with 23 treatments. Twenty morphoagronomic traits were assessed. Univariate analyses were performed with 16 quantitative traits with the partitioning of populations within species. Significant differences (pVisando caracterizar a diversidade genética entre espécies e populações de arroz selvagem da América do Sul, foram avaliadas 11 populações de Oryza glumaepatula, sete de O. grandiglumis, quatro de O. latifolia e uma população de O. alta, originárias do Brasil e Argentina. Foi conduzido um experimento em casa-de-vegetação em blocos ao acaso com 23 tratamentos. Vinte caracteres agro-morfológicos foram avaliados. Análises univariadas foram realizadas para 16 caracteres quantitativos, desdobrando-se o efeito de populações dentro de espécies. Diferenças significativas (p<0,001 entre espécies foram observadas para todos os caracteres bem como entre populações dentro de espécies. A mais variável foi O. glumaepatula seguida de O. latifolia. Análises de agrupamento e discriminante canônica confirmaram a separação das populações de O. glumaepatula das espécies tetraplóides, e a grande variação genética entre populações de O. latifolia. Diferenças morfológicas entre as três espécies tetraplóides parecem suficientes para classificá-las como espécies pelo menos na condição statu nascendi.

  4. Genetics of COPD

    Hidetoshi Nakamura


    Full Text Available Previous family studies suggested that genetic variation contributes to COPD susceptibility. The only gene proven to influence COPD susceptibility is SERPINA1, encoding α1-antitrypsin. Most studies on COPD candidate genes except SERPINA1, have not been consistently replicated. However, longitudinal studies of decline in lung function, meta-analyses of candidate gene studies, and family-based linkage analyses suggested that variants in EPHX1, GST, MMP12, TGFB1, and SERPINE2 were associated with susceptibility to COPD. A genome-wide association (GWA study has recently demonstrated that CHRNA3/5 in 15q25 was associated with COPD compared with control smokers. It was of interest that the CHRNA3/5 locus was associated with nicotine dependence and lung cancer as well. The associations of HHIP on 4q31 and FAM13A on 4q22 with COPD were also suggested in GWA studies. Another GWA study has shown that BICD1 in 12p11 was associated with the presence or absence of emphysema. Although every genetic study on COPD has some limitations including heterogeneity in smoking behaviors and comorbidities, it has contributed to the progress in elucidating the pathogenesis of COPD. Future studies will make us understand the mechanisms underlying the polygenic disease, leading to the development of a specific treatment for each phenotype.

  5. Biology, Genetics, and Environment

    Wall, Tamara L.; Luczak, Susan E.; Hiller-Sturmhöfel, Susanne


    Gene variants encoding several of the alcohol-metabolizing enzymes, alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), are among the largest genetic associations with risk for alcohol dependence. Certain genetic variants (i.e., alleles)—particularly the ADH1B*2, ADH1B*3, ADH1C*1, and ALDH2*2 alleles—have been associated with lower rates of alcohol dependence. These alleles may lead to an accumulation of acetaldehyde during alcohol metabolism, which can result in heightened subjective and objective effects. The prevalence of these alleles differs among ethnic groups; ADH1B*2 is found frequently in northeast Asians and occasionally Caucasians, ADH1B*3 is found predominantly in people of African ancestry, ADH1C*1 varies substantially across populations, and ALDH2*2 is found almost exclusively in northeast Asians. Differences in the prevalence of these alleles may account at least in part for ethnic differences in alcohol consumption and alcohol use disorder (AUD). However, these alleles do not act in isolation to influence the risk of AUD. For example, the gene effects of ALDH2*2 and ADH1B*2 seem to interact. Moreover, other factors have been found to influence the extent to which these alleles affect a person’s alcohol involvement, including developmental stage, individual characteristics (e.g., ethnicity, antisocial behavior, and behavioral undercontrol), and environmental factors (e.g., culture, religion, family environment, and childhood adversity). PMID:27163368

  6. Carcinogenesis. Genetics and circumstances

    Hino, Okio


    Described are the author's study and aspect concerning carcinogenesis and radiation carcinogenesis, where he thinks cancer is not automatic, has a process and takes time. For radiation carcinogenic studies, he has used a model of the rat with genetically determined kidney cancer which is highly radiosensitive. That is, mutation by the so-called 2nd-hit of the causal gene (tumor suppressing gene Tsc2) is studied in the animal where the 1st-hit has been done by retrotransposon insertion, with and without exposure to radiations (X-ray, heavy particle beam and cosmic ray) for elucidating the mutation spectrum of the causal gene, the carcinogenic target, for the ultimate aim to prevent human cancer. He discusses the drama-type molecular mechanisms leading to cancer, gene abnormality and disease crisis, discontinuity in continuity in cancer formation, and importance of the timely diagnosis and appropriate therapy, and concludes the present age is becoming such one as that the nature of cancer even if genetic can be controlled by circumstances like timely and appropriate intervention. (S.I.)

  7. Genetics and plant development.

    Prunet, Nathanaël; Meyerowitz, Elliot M


    There are only three grand theories in biology: the theory of the cell, the theory of the gene, and the theory of evolution. Two of these, the cell and gene theories, originated in the study of plants, with the third resulting in part from botanical considerations as well. Mendel's elucidation of the rules of inheritance was a result of his experiments on peas. The rediscovery of Mendel's work in 1900 was by the botanists de Vries, Correns, and Tschermak. It was only in subsequent years that animals were also shown to have segregation of genetic elements in the exact same manner as had been shown in plants. The story of developmental biology is different - while the development of plants has long been studied, the experimental and genetic approaches to developmental mechanism were developed via experiments on animals, and the importance of genes in development (e.g., Waddington, 1940) and their use for understanding developmental mechanisms came to botanical science much later - as late as the 1980s. Copyright © 2016 Académie des sciences. Published by Elsevier SAS. All rights reserved.

  8. Genetics of SCID

    Cossu Fausto


    Full Text Available Abstract Human SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency is a prenatal disorder of T lymphocyte development, that depends on the expression of numerous genes. The knowledge of the genetic basis of SCID is essential for diagnosis (e.g., clinical phenotype, lymphocyte profile and treatment (e.g., use and type of pre-hematopoietic stem cell transplant conditioning. Over the last years novel genetic defects causing SCID have been discovered, and the molecular and immunological mechanisms of SCID have been better characterized. Distinct forms of SCID show both common and peculiar (e.g., absence or presence of nonimmunological features aspects, and they are currently classified into six groups according to prevalent pathophysiological mechanisms: impaired cytokine-mediated signaling; pre-T cell receptor defects; increased lymphocyte apoptosis; defects in thymus embryogenesis; impaired calcium flux; other mechanisms. This review is the updated, extended and largely modified translation of the article "Cossu F: Le basi genetiche delle SCID", originally published in Italian language in the journal "Prospettive in Pediatria" 2009, 156:228-238.

  9. What Use Is Population Genetics?

    Charlesworth, Brian


    The Genetic Society of America's Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal is awarded to an individual GSA member for lifetime achievement in the field of genetics. For over 40 years, 2015 recipient Brian Charlesworth has been a leader in both theoretical and empirical evolutionary genetics, making substantial contributions to our understanding of how evolution acts on genetic variation. Some of the areas in which Charlesworth's research has been most influential are the evolution of sex chromosomes, transposable elements, deleterious mutations, sexual reproduction, and life history. He also developed the influential theory of background selection, whereby the recurrent elimination of deleterious mutations reduces variation at linked sites, providing a general explanation for the correlation between recombination rate and genetic variation. Copyright © 2015 by the Genetics Society of America.

  10. Genetic doping and health damages.

    Fallahi, Aa; Ravasi, Aa; Farhud, Dd


    Use of genetic doping or gene transfer technology will be the newest and the lethal method of doping in future and have some unpleasant consequences for sports, athletes, and outcomes of competitions. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) defines genetic doping as "the non-therapeutic use of genes, genetic elements, and/or cells that have the capacity to enhance athletic performance ". The purpose of this review is to consider genetic doping, health damages and risks of new genes if delivered in athletes. This review, which is carried out by reviewing relevant publications, is primarily based on the journals available in GOOGLE, ELSEVIER, PUBMED in fields of genetic technology, and health using a combination of keywords (e.g., genetic doping, genes, exercise, performance, athletes) until July 2010. There are several genes related to sport performance and if they are used, they will have health risks and sever damages such as cancer, autoimmunization, and heart attack.

  11. Genetic manipulation of Francisella tularensis

    Xhavit eZogaj


    Full Text Available Francisella tularensis is a facultative intracellular pathogen that causes the disease tularemia. F. tularensis subsp. tularensis causes the most severe disease in humans and has been classified as a select A agent and potential bioweapon. There is currently no vaccine approved for human use, making genetic manipulation of this organism critical to unraveling the genetic basis of pathogenesis and developing countermeasures against tularemia. The development of genetic techniques applicable to F. tularensis have lagged behind those routinely used for other bacteria, primarily due to lack of research and the restricted nature of the biocontainment required for studying this pathogen. However, in recent years, genetic techniques, such as transposon mutagenesis and targeted gene disruption, have been developed, that have had a dramatic impact on our understanding of the genetic basis of F. tularensis virulence. In this review, we describe some of the methods developed for genetic manipulation of F. tularensis.

  12. Genetic specificity of face recognition.

    Shakeshaft, Nicholas G; Plomin, Robert


    Specific cognitive abilities in diverse domains are typically found to be highly heritable and substantially correlated with general cognitive ability (g), both phenotypically and genetically. Recent twin studies have found the ability to memorize and recognize faces to be an exception, being similarly heritable but phenotypically substantially uncorrelated both with g and with general object recognition. However, the genetic relationships between face recognition and other abilities (the extent to which they share a common genetic etiology) cannot be determined from phenotypic associations. In this, to our knowledge, first study of the genetic associations between face recognition and other domains, 2,000 18- and 19-year-old United Kingdom twins completed tests assessing their face recognition, object recognition, and general cognitive abilities. Results confirmed the substantial heritability of face recognition (61%), and multivariate genetic analyses found that most of this genetic influence is unique and not shared with other cognitive abilities.

  13. Convergencias y divergencias entre los sistemas interamericano y el europeo de derechos humanos

    Gasparoto, Ana Lucía


    Este trabajo tiene la finalidad de puntear las convergencias y las divergencias existentes entre la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos y el Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos, encima con la adopción del Protocolo 11 del Convenio Europeo para la Protección de los Derechos Humanos y las Libertades Fundamentales y su impacto en el Sistema Europeo de Derechos Humanos. Igualmente se analisa las relaciones entre las dos Cortes.

  14. Soutien aux collaborations entre pairs de l'Initiative Think tank et du ...

    L'Initiative Think tank (ITT) et le Think Tank Fund (TTF) s'associent pour soutenir des collaborations entre pairs entre les think tanks établis dans les régions où oeuvrent l'ITT (Afrique, Amérique latine et Asie du Sud) et le TTF (Europe centrale, Europe de l'Est et ancienne Union soviétique). Ce soutien a pour objectif de ...

  15. relaPro : Base de datos para encontrar relaciones entre proyectos

    Fortis Urbano, Julio


    Desarrollo de una base de datos para almacenar proyectos y una aplicación web de ejemplo que permite encontrar elementos comunes entre los proyectos almacenados en el sistema. Desenvolupament d'una base de dades per emmagatzemar projectes i una aplicació web d'exemple que permet trobar elements comuns entre els projectes emmagatzemats en el sistema. Bachelor thesis for the Computer Science program on Databases.

  16. Somatically acquired structural genetic differences

    Magaard Koldby, Kristina; Nygaard, Marianne; Christensen, Kaare


    Structural genetic variants like copy number variants (CNVs) comprise a large part of human genetic variation and may be inherited as well as somatically acquired. Recent studies have reported the presence of somatically acquired structural variants in the human genome and it has been suggested t...... with age.European Journal of Human Genetics advance online publication, 20 April 2016; doi:10.1038/ejhg.2016.34....

  17. Graphical models for genetic analyses

    Lauritzen, Steffen Lilholt; Sheehan, Nuala A.


    This paper introduces graphical models as a natural environment in which to formulate and solve problems in genetics and related areas. Particular emphasis is given to the relationships among various local computation algorithms which have been developed within the hitherto mostly separate areas...... of graphical models and genetics. The potential of graphical models is explored and illustrated through a number of example applications where the genetic element is substantial or dominating....

  18. Statistical methods in spatial genetics

    Guillot, Gilles; Leblois, Raphael; Coulon, Aurelie


    The joint analysis of spatial and genetic data is rapidly becoming the norm in population genetics. More and more studies explicitly describe and quantify the spatial organization of genetic variation and try to relate it to underlying ecological processes. As it has become increasingly difficult...... to keep abreast with the latest methodological developments, we review the statistical toolbox available to analyse population genetic data in a spatially explicit framework. We mostly focus on statistical concepts but also discuss practical aspects of the analytical methods, highlighting not only...

  19. Genetics Home Reference: osteoglophonic dysplasia

    ... 1 link) Genetic Testing Registry: Osteoglophonic dysplasia Other Diagnosis and Management Resources (1 link) Seattle Children's Hospital: Dwarfism and Bone Dysplasias General Information from MedlinePlus (5 ...

  20. Genetic effects of ionizing radiation

    Myers, D.K.; Childs, J.D.


    The genetic material in living organisms is susceptible to damage from a wide variety of causes including radiation exposure. Most of this damage is repaired by the organism; the residual damage and damage which is not correctly repaired can lead to genetic changes such as mutations. In lower organisms, most offspring carry an unaltered copy of the genetic information that was present in the parental organism, most of the genetic changes which do occur are not caused by natural background radiation, and the increase in frequency of genetic changes after irradiation at low-dose rates is directly proportional to total radiation dose. The same principles appear to be valid in mammals and other higher organisms. About 105 out of every 1000 humans born suffer from some genetic or partly-genetic condition requiring medical attention at some time. It has been estimated that approximately 1 person in every 2000 born carry a deleterious genetic mutation that was caused by the continued exposure of many generations of our ancestors to natural background radiation. On the same basis, it is predicted that the incidence of genetic diseases would be increased to 106 per 1000 in the children and grandchildren of radiation workers who were exposed to 1 rem per year commencing at age 18. However, there was no detectable change in the health and fitness of mice whose male ancestors were repeatedly exposed to high radiation doses up to 900 rem per generation. (auth)

  1. On Gene Concepts and Teaching Genetics: Episodes from Classical Genetics

    Burian, Richard M.


    This paper addresses the teaching of advanced high school courses or undergraduate courses for non-biology majors about genetics or history of genetics. It will probably be difficult to take the approach described here in a high school science course, although the general approach could help improve such courses. It would be ideal for a college…

  2. Analysis of genetic polymorphism and genetic distance among four ...



    Nov 21, 2011 ... The genomes of 4 sheep populations {Yuanqu white Tan sheep (YWT), Baozhongchang white Tan sheep. (BWT), black Tan sheep (BT) and small-tailed Han sheep (Han)} were screened using 10 microsatellite. DNA markers to estimate the genetic diversities and genetic distances among these ...

  3. Towards a genetic architecture of cryptic genetic variation and ...


    reprinted in this issue as a J. Genet. classic, pages 227–257). IAN DWORKIN* ... In this commentary, I will discuss the context of this work examining the genetic ... mental buffering where development was channelled in one of several ...

  4. An analysis of the genetic diversity and genetic structure of ...

    Scientific approaches to conservation of threatened species depend on a good understanding of the genetic information of wild and artificial population. The genetic diversity and structure analysis of 10 Eucommia ulmoides population was analyzed using inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers in this paper.

  5. Estimates of genetic parameters and genetic gains for growth traits ...

    Estimates of genetic parameters and genetic gains for growth traits of two Eucalyptus ... In South Africa, Eucalyptus urophylla is an important species due to its ... as hybrid parents to cross with E. grandis was 59.8% over the population mean.

  6. Genetics in the art and art in genetics.

    Bukvic, Nenad; Elling, John W


    "Healing is best accomplished when art and science are conjoined, when body and spirit are probed together", says Bernard Lown, in his book "The Lost Art of Healing". Art has long been a witness to disease either through diseases which affected artists or diseases afflicting objects of their art. In particular, artists have often portrayed genetic disorders and malformations in their work. Sometimes genetic disorders have mystical significance; other times simply have intrinsic interest. Recognizing genetic disorders is also an art form. From the very beginning of my work as a Medical Geneticist I have composed personal "algorithms" to piece together evidence of genetics syndromes and diseases from the observable signs and symptoms. In this paper we apply some 'gestalt' Genetic Syndrome Diagnostic algorithms to virtual patients found in some art masterpieces. In some the diagnosis is clear and in others the artists' depiction only supports a speculative differential diagnosis. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  7. Genetics of Childhood Obesity

    Jianhua Zhao


    Full Text Available Obesity is a major health problem and an immense economic burden on the health care systems both in the United States and the rest of the world. The prevalence of obesity in children and adults in the United States has increased dramatically over the past decade. Besides environmental factors, genetic factors are known to play an important role in the pathogenesis of obesity. Genome-wide association studies (GWAS have revealed strongly associated genomic variants associated with most common disorders; indeed there is general consensus on these findings from generally positive replication outcomes by independent groups. To date, there have been only a few GWAS-related reports for childhood obesity specifically, with studies primarily uncovering loci in the adult setting instead. It is clear that a number of loci previously reported from GWAS analyses of adult BMI and/or obesity also play a role in childhood obesity.

  8. Genetics of diabetic nephropathy

    Parving, H H; Tarnow, L; Rossing, P


    factor for cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients. However, a meta-analysis does not support the suggestion that this factor plays any role for the initiation of diabetic nephropathy. Similar negative results have been obtained in relation to polymorphisms of the genes encoding for angiotensinogen......Diabetic nephropathy is a clinical syndrome characterized by persistent albuminuria, a relentless decline in GFR, raised arterial blood pressure, and increased relative mortality for cardiovascular diseases. Diabetic nephropathy is a leading cause of end-stage renal failure. The pathogenesis...... of diabetic nephropathy is multifactorial, with contributions from metabolic abnormalities, hemodynamic alterations, and various growth factors and genetic factors. Epidemiologic and family studies have demonstrated that only a subset of the patients develop this complication that family clustering...

  9. Amplifying genetic logic gates.

    Bonnet, Jerome; Yin, Peter; Ortiz, Monica E; Subsoontorn, Pakpoom; Endy, Drew


    Organisms must process information encoded via developmental and environmental signals to survive and reproduce. Researchers have also engineered synthetic genetic logic to realize simpler, independent control of biological processes. We developed a three-terminal device architecture, termed the transcriptor, that uses bacteriophage serine integrases to control the flow of RNA polymerase along DNA. Integrase-mediated inversion or deletion of DNA encoding transcription terminators or a promoter modulates transcription rates. We realized permanent amplifying AND, NAND, OR, XOR, NOR, and XNOR gates actuated across common control signal ranges and sequential logic supporting autonomous cell-cell communication of DNA encoding distinct logic-gate states. The single-layer digital logic architecture developed here enables engineering of amplifying logic gates to control transcription rates within and across diverse organisms.

  10. Genetic study on yeast

    Mortimer, R.K.


    Research during the past year has moved ahead on several fronts. A major compilation of all the genetic mapping data for the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been completed. The map describes the location of over 300 genes on 17 chromosomes. A report on this work will appear in Microbiological Reviews in December 1980. Recombinant DNA procedures have been introduced into the experiments and RAD52 (one of the genes involved in recombination and repair damage), has been successfully cloned. This clone will be used to determine the gene product. Diploid cells homozygous for RAD52 have exceptionally high frequencies of mitotic loss of chromosomes. This loss is stimulated by ionizing radiation. This effect is a very significant finding. The effect has also been seen with certain other RAD mutants

  11. Genetic algorithm essentials

    Kramer, Oliver


    This book introduces readers to genetic algorithms (GAs) with an emphasis on making the concepts, algorithms, and applications discussed as easy to understand as possible. Further, it avoids a great deal of formalisms and thus opens the subject to a broader audience in comparison to manuscripts overloaded by notations and equations. The book is divided into three parts, the first of which provides an introduction to GAs, starting with basic concepts like evolutionary operators and continuing with an overview of strategies for tuning and controlling parameters. In turn, the second part focuses on solution space variants like multimodal, constrained, and multi-objective solution spaces. Lastly, the third part briefly introduces theoretical tools for GAs, the intersections and hybridizations with machine learning, and highlights selected promising applications.

  12. Genetics of pediatric obesity.

    Manco, Melania; Dallapiccola, Bruno


    Onset of obesity has been anticipated at earlier ages, and prevalence has dramatically increased worldwide over the past decades. Epidemic obesity is mainly attributable to modern lifestyle, but family studies prove the significant role of genes in the individual's predisposition to obesity. Advances in genotyping technologies have raised great hope and expectations that genetic testing will pave the way to personalized medicine and that complex traits such as obesity will be prevented even before birth. In the presence of the pressing offer of direct-to-consumer genetic testing services from private companies to estimate the individual's risk for complex phenotypes including obesity, the present review offers pediatricians an update of the state of the art on genomics obesity in childhood. Discrepancies with respect to genomics of adult obesity are discussed. After an appraisal of findings from genome-wide association studies in pediatric populations, the rare variant-common disease hypothesis, the theoretical soil for next-generation sequencing techniques, is discussed as opposite to the common disease-common variant hypothesis. Next-generation sequencing techniques are expected to fill the gap of "missing heritability" of obesity, identifying rare variants associated with the trait and clarifying the role of epigenetics in its heritability. Pediatric obesity emerges as a complex phenotype, modulated by unique gene-environment interactions that occur in periods of life and are "permissive" for the programming of adult obesity. With the advent of next-generation sequencing techniques and advances in the field of exposomics, sensitive and specific tools to predict the obesity risk as early as possible are the challenge for the next decade.

  13. Agrobacterium: nature's genetic engineer.

    Nester, Eugene W


    Agrobacterium was identified as the agent causing the plant tumor, crown gall over 100 years ago. Since then, studies have resulted in many surprising observations. Armin Braun demonstrated that Agrobacterium infected cells had unusual nutritional properties, and that the bacterium was necessary to start the infection but not for continued tumor development. He developed the concept of a tumor inducing principle (TIP), the factor that actually caused the disease. Thirty years later the TIP was shown to be a piece of a tumor inducing (Ti) plasmid excised by an endonuclease. In the next 20 years, most of the key features of the disease were described. The single-strand DNA (T-DNA) with the endonuclease attached is transferred through a type IV secretion system into the host cell where it is likely coated and protected from nucleases by a bacterial secreted protein to form the T-complex. A nuclear localization signal in the endonuclease guides the transferred strand (T-strand), into the nucleus where it is integrated randomly into the host chromosome. Other secreted proteins likely aid in uncoating the T-complex. The T-DNA encodes enzymes of auxin, cytokinin, and opine synthesis, the latter a food source for Agrobacterium. The genes associated with T-strand formation and transfer (vir) map to the Ti plasmid and are only expressed when the bacteria are in close association with a plant. Plant signals are recognized by a two-component regulatory system which activates vir genes. Chromosomal genes with pleiotropic functions also play important roles in plant transformation. The data now explain Braun's old observations and also explain why Agrobacterium is nature's genetic engineer. Any DNA inserted between the border sequences which define the T-DNA will be transferred and integrated into host cells. Thus, Agrobacterium has become the major vector in plant genetic engineering.

  14. Genetic aspects of polydactyly.

    Zguricas, J; Heutink, P; Heredero, L; Deurloo, J; Oostra, B A; Snijders, P J; Lindhout, D; Hovius, S E


    The early limb development follows the similar pattern in all vertebrates since different species develop using the same regulatory genes in the formation of the body plan. Some of these genes remained well conserved during evolution and can be traced back as far as Drosophila--while some others changed their structure or developed new functions. This is why the limbs from different animals still look different from one another. However, all existing tetrapods have, like Homo Sapiens, limbs with five, or fewer digits. It has been argued that the interplay of the factors controlling the patterning and differentiation during the embryonal limb development can provide five distinct "genotypes" allowing development of only five different digits. This would imply that the Greek definition of polydactyly, namely "duplication of the finger or a part of it", is correct, not only in morphological but also in a genetical sense. Genes involved in the determination of the outline of the limb are candidates for disorders like polydactyly and syndactyly. Recently, we have localised the gene for triphalangeal thumb (TPT) on chromosome 7q. As almost 50% of our patient population also had rudimentary postaxial polydactyly and/or syndactyly, the interesting question arose whether the TPT gene also was responsible for isolated post-axial polydactyly. Our preliminary evidence suggests, however, that different gene(s) are involved in the pathomorphogenesis of postaxial polydactyly. Studies of human congenital hand malformations--combined with genetic studies in lower vertebrates--will help us to understand not only the molecular basis of these disorders, but also to get insight into the fascinating mechanisms involved in the normal development of the human hand.

  15. Plant Genetic Resources: Selected Issues from Genetic Erosion to Genetic Engineering

    Karl Hammer


    Full Text Available Plant Genetic Resources (PGR continue to play an important role in the development of agriculture. The following aspects receive a special consideration:1. Definition. The term was coined in 1970. The genepool concept served as an important tool in the further development. Different approaches are discussed.2. Values of Genetic Resources. A short introduction is highlighting this problem and stressing the economic usfulness of PGR.3. Genetic Erosion. Already observed by E. Baur in 1914, this is now a key issue within PGR. The case studies cited include Ethiopia, Italy, China, S Korea, Greece and S. Africa. Modern approaches concentrate on allelic changes in varieties over time but neglect the landraces. The causes and consequences of genetic erosion are discussed.4. Genetic Resources Conservation. Because of genetic erosion there is a need for conservation. PGR should be consigned to the appropriate method of conservation (ex situ, in situ, on-farm according to the scientific basis of biodiversity (genetic diversity, species diversity, ecosystem diversity and the evolutionary status of plants (cultivated plants, weeds, related wild plants (crop wild relatives.5. GMO. The impact of genetically engineered plants on genetic diversity is discussed.6. The Conclusions and Recommendations stress the importance of PGR. Their conservation and use are urgent necessities for the present development and future survival of mankind.

  16. Analyse de régression quantile de la relation entre la langue et l’intervalle entre les grossesses au Québec (Canada

    Nathalie Auger


    Full Text Available Introduction. On sait que les intervalles courts comme les intervalles longs entre les grossesses sont associés à des issues périnatales défavorables, comme des fausses couches et des accouchements prématurés, mais les différences culturelles à ce sujet sont mal connues. Repérer les inégalités culturelles dans les intervalles entre les grossesses est nécessaire afin d'améliorer les résultats relatifs à la santé de la mère et de l’enfant. Nous avons ainsi évalué les intervalles entre les grossesses chez les anglophones et les francophones du Québec. Méthodologie. Nous avons obtenu les dossiers de naissance de tous les enfants nés au Québec entre 1989 et 2011. Nous avons recensé 571 461 femmes ayant eu au moins deux naissances et déterminé l’intervalle entre leurs grossesses. Les intervalles courts entre les grossesses (moins de 18 mois ont été définis comme étant le 20e percentile de la distribution, et les intervalles longs (60 mois ou plus, comme le 80e percentile. À l’aide de régressions quantiles, nous avons évalué l’association entre la langue et les intervalles courts et longs, ajustés en fonction des caractéristiques de la mère. Nous avons évalué les différences au fil du temps et selon l’âge de la mère pour les groupes défavorisés, qui ont été définis par l’absence de diplôme d’études secondaires, la résidence en milieu rural et le fait de vivre dans un quartier défavorisé matériellement. Résultats. Dans les modèles de régression ajustés, les anglophones sans diplôme d’études secondaires avaient des intervalles plus courts de 1,0 mois (intervalle de confiance [IC] à 95 % : −1,5 à −0,4 par rapport à leurs homologues francophones au 20e percentile de la distribution et plus longs de 1,9 mois (−0,5 à 4,3 au 80e percentile. Les résultats étaient similaires pour les anglophones des régions rurales et des quartiers matériellement défavorisés. Les

  17. Genetics Home Reference: ADNP syndrome

    ... if a disorder seems to run in my family? What is the prognosis of a genetic condition? Genetic and ... It is estimated to account for 0.17 percent of all cases of autism spectrum disorder, making it one of the most common ...

  18. Basic Genetics: A Human Approach.

    Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, Colorado Springs, CO. Center for Education in Human and Medical Genetics.

    This document (which has the form of a magazine) provides a variety of articles, stories, editorials, letters, interviews, and other types of magazine features (such as book reviews) which focus on human genetics. In addition to providing information about the principles of genetics, nearly all of the sections in the "magazine" address moral,…

  19. Difficulties in Genetics Problem Solving.

    Tolman, Richard R.


    Examined problem-solving strategies of 30 high school students as they solved genetics problems. Proposes a new sequence of teaching genetics based on results: meiosis, sex chromosomes, sex determination, sex-linked traits, monohybrid and dihybrid crosses (humans), codominance (humans), and Mendel's pea experiments. (JN)

  20. Genetic engineering of microbial pesticides

    Bruce C. Carlton


    Recent advances in genetics and molecular biology make possible the cloning and genetic manipulation of genes for insecticidal activities from natural insect pathogens. Using recombinant DNA methods and site-directed mutagenesis of specific gene regions, production of new and improved biorationals should be possible.

  1. Genetic basis of chronic pancreatitis

    Jansen, JBMJ; Morsche, RT; van Goor, Harry; Drenth, JPH


    Background: Pancreatitis has a proven genetic basis in a minority of patients. Methods: Review of the literature on genetics of pancreatitis. Results: Ever since the discovery that in most patients with hereditary pancreatitis a mutation in the gene encoding for cationic trypsinogen (R122H) was

  2. Protocols in human molecular genetics

    Mathew, Christopher G


    ... sequences has led to the development of DNA fingerprinting. The application of these techniques to the study of the human genome has culminated in major advances such as the cloning of the cystic fibrosis gene, the construction of genetic linkage maps of each human chromosome, the mapping of many genes responsible for human inherited disorders, genet...

  3. Medical Genetics Is Not Eugenics

    Cowan, Ruth Schwartz


    The connection that critics make between medical genetics and eugenics is historically fallacious. Activists on the political right are as mistaken as activists on the political left: Genetic screening was not eugenics in the past, is not eugenics in the present, and, unless its technological systems become radically transformed, will not be…

  4. Mapping public policy on genetics.

    Weisfeld, N E


    The mapping of the human genome and related advances in genetics are stimulating the development of public policies on genetics. Certain notions that currently prevail in public policy development overall--including the importance of protecting privacy of information, an interest in cost-effectiveness, and the power of the anecdote--will help determine the future of public policy on genetics. Information areas affected include discrimination by insurers and employers, confidentiality, genetic databanks, genetic testing in law enforcement, and court-ordered genetic testing in civil cases. Service issues address clinical standards, insurance benefits, allocation of resources, and screening of populations at risk. Supply issues encompass funding of research and clinical positions. Likely government actions include, among others: (1) Requiring individual consent for the disclosure of personal information, except when such consent would impose inordinate costs; (2) licensing genetic databases; (3) allowing courts to use personal information in cases where a refusal to use such information would offend the public; (4) mandating health insurers to pay for cost-effective genetic services; (5) funding pharmaceutical research to develop tailored products to prevent or treat diseases; and (6) funding training programs.

  5. Genetic disorders as collective phenomena

    Chela-Flores, J.


    Genetic disorders due to human chromosome aberrations in number are discussed from the point of view of Molecular Genetics. The etiology of trisomy is discussed in the light of the collective variables recently introduced and an age-dependent metabolic disorder is suggested as a possible etiological factor. (author). 11 refs

  6. Genetically modified foods and allergy.

    Lee, T H; Ho, H K; Leung, T F


    2015 marked the 25th anniversary of the commercial use and availability of genetically modified crops. The area of planted biotech crops cultivated globally occupies a cumulative two billion hectares, equivalent to twice the land size of China or the United States. Foods derived from genetically modified plants are widely consumed in many countries and genetically modified soybean protein is extensively used in processed foods throughout the industrialised countries. Genetically modified food technology offers a possible solution to meet current and future challenges in food and medicine. Yet there is a strong undercurrent of anxiety that genetically modified foods are unsafe for human consumption, sometimes fuelled by criticisms based on little or no firm evidence. This has resulted in some countries turning away food destined for famine relief because of the perceived health risks of genetically modified foods. The major concerns include their possible allergenicity and toxicity despite the vigorous testing of genetically modified foods prior to marketing approval. It is imperative that scientists engage the public in a constructive evidence-based dialogue to address these concerns. At the same time, improved validated ways to test the safety of new foods should be developed. A post-launch strategy should be established routinely to allay concerns. Mandatory labelling of genetically modified ingredients should be adopted for the sake of transparency. Such ingredient listing and information facilitate tracing and recall if required.

  7. Genetic determinants of facial clefting

    Jugessur, Astanand; Shi, Min; Gjessing, Håkon Kristian


    BACKGROUND: Facial clefts are common birth defects with a strong genetic component. To identify fetal genetic risk factors for clefting, 1536 SNPs in 357 candidate genes were genotyped in two population-based samples from Scandinavia (Norway: 562 case-parent and 592 control-parent triads; Denmark...

  8. Landscape genetics and limiting factors

    Samuel A. Cushman; Andrew J. Shirk; Erin L. Landguth


    Population connectivity is mediated by the movement of organisms or propagules through landscapes. However, little is known about how variation in the pattern of landscape mosaics affects the detectability of landscape genetic relationships. The goal of this paper is to explore the impacts of limiting factors on landscape genetic processes using simulation...

  9. Defining asthma in genetic studies

    Koppelman, GH; Postma, DS; Meijer, G.


    Genetic studies have been hampered by the lack of a gold standard to diagnose asthma. The complex nature of asthma makes it more difficult to identify asthma genes. Therefore, approaches to define phenotypes, which have been successful in other genetically complex diseases, may be applied to define

  10. Genetic risks of ionizing radiation

    Sankaranarayanan, K.


    Quantitative genetic risk estimation is made using two methods: the direct method, and the doubling dose (DD) method. The doubling dose currently used is 1 Gy for low LET, low dose, low dose rate irradiation, and is based on mouse data. Tables present the 1988 UNSCEAR estimates of genetic risk using both methods. (L.L.) (Tab.)

  11. Genetic effects of ionising radiation

    Saunders, P.A.H.


    Ionizing radiation effects on the gem cells, which can result in genetic abnormalities, are described. The basic mechanisms of radiation interactions with chromosomes, or specifically DNA, which can result in radiation induced mutation are discussed. Methods of estimating genetic risks, and some values for quantitative risk estimates are given. (U.K.). 13 refs., 2 figs., 1 tab

  12. Reverse genetics of avian metapneumoviruses

    An overview of avian metapneumovirus (aMPV) infection in turkeys and development of a reverse genetics system for aMPV subgroup C (aMPV-C) virus will be presented. By using reverse genetics technology, we generated recombinant aMPV-C viruses containing a different length of glycoprotein (G) gene or...

  13. Genetics Home Reference: Gaucher disease

    ... 500 to 1,000 people of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage. The other forms of Gaucher disease are uncommon and do not occur more frequently in people of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. Related Information What information about a genetic condition can statistics provide? Why are some genetic ...


    Jessenia Hernández Elizondo


    Full Text Available Esta investigación tuvo como propósito principal el encontrar por medio de pruebas en las variables de fuerza, potencia y velocidad, la relación matemática existente entre estos tres constructos. Participaron 56 sujetos varones con edades entre 18 y 25 años. Con el fin de responder al objetivo del estudio, se les aplicaron pruebas de campo de fuerza (1RM de sentadilla completa y repeticiones máximas al 80% 60% 40% y 20%, de velocidad (30 metros lanzados y 30 metros sin impulso, y de potencia (salto vertical con contra-movimiento SVCM, salto vertical sin impulso SVSI y salto vertical con caída SVCC, para correlacionar las diferentes pruebas entre sí. Los datos fueron analizados por medio de la correlación de Pearson (r, para correlacionar parejas de pruebas y correlación canónica (Rc para correlacionar grupos de variables. A partir de cada correlación se obtuvo la varianza explicada (r2 la cual indica el porcentaje de relación compartida en escala de 0-100 que existe entre las pruebas. Según los datos obtenidos, no existe relación significativa (2.1% entre las pruebas de salto-sentadilla, ni relación significativa (5.1% entre las pruebas de velocidad- sentadilla, mientras que la relación salto- velocidad (62%, fue estadísticamente significativa (p < 0.05. La implicación de estos resultados podrían respaldar la idea de que la relación teórica que existe entre estos constructos, no es completamente cierta cuando éstos son medidos por medio de pruebas de campo.

  15. Quantitative genetics of disease traits.

    Wray, N R; Visscher, P M


    John James authored two key papers on the theory of risk to relatives for binary disease traits and the relationship between parameters on the observed binary scale and an unobserved scale of liability (James Annals of Human Genetics, 1971; 35: 47; Reich, James and Morris Annals of Human Genetics, 1972; 36: 163). These two papers are John James' most cited papers (198 and 328 citations, November 2014). They have been influential in human genetics and have recently gained renewed popularity because of their relevance to the estimation of quantitative genetics parameters for disease traits using SNP data. In this review, we summarize the two early papers and put them into context. We show recent extensions of the theory for ascertained case-control data and review recent applications in human genetics. © 2015 Blackwell Verlag GmbH.

  16. Future possibilities in migraine genetics

    Rudkjøbing, Laura Aviaja; Esserlind, Ann-Louise; Olesen, Jes


    Migraine with and without aura (MA and MO, respectively) have a strong genetic basis. Different approaches using linkage-, candidate gene- and genome-wide association studies have been explored, yielding limited results. This may indicate that the genetic component in migraine is due to rare...... variants; capturing these will require more detailed sequencing in order to be discovered. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) techniques such as whole exome and whole genome sequencing have been successful in finding genes in especially monogenic disorders. As the molecular genetics research progresses......, the technology will follow, rendering these approaches more applicable in the search for causative migraine genes in MO and MA. To date, no studies using NGS in migraine genetics have been published. In order to gain insight into the future possibilities of migraine genetics, we have looked at NGS studies...

  17. Genetic View To Stroke Occurrence

    Sadegh Yoosefee


    Full Text Available Stroke is the third leading cause of death. The role of genetics in the etiology and development of this disease is undeniable. As a result of inadequate previous research, more and more studies in the field of genetics are necessary to identify pathways involved in the pathogenesis of stroke, which in turn, may lead to new therapeutic approaches. However, due to the multifactorial nature of stroke and the few studies conducted in this field, genetic diversity is able to predict only a small fraction of the risk of disease. On the other hand, studies have shown genetically different architecture for different types of stroke, and finally pharmacogenomics as an important part of personalized medicine approach, is influenced by genetic studies, all of which confirm the need of addressing the topic by researchers.

  18. Recent advances in epilepsy genetics.

    Orsini, Alessandro; Zara, Federico; Striano, Pasquale


    In last few years there has been rapid increase in the knowledge of epilepsy genetics. Nowadays, it is estimated that genetic epilepsies include over than 30% of all epilepsy syndromes. Several genetic tests are now available for diagnostic purposes in clinical practice. In particular, next-generation sequencing has proven to be effective in revealing gene mutations causing epilepsies in up to a third of the patients. This has lead also to functional studies that have given insight into disease pathophysiology and consequently to the identification of potential therapeutic targets opening the way of precision medicine for epilepsy patients. This minireview is focused on the most recent advances in genetics of epilepsies. We will also overview the modern genomic technologies and illustrate the diagnostic pathways in patients with genetic epilepsies. Finally, the potential implications for a personalized treatment (precision medicine) are also discussed. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  19. Behavior genetics: Bees as model

    Nates Parra, Guiomar


    The honeybee Apis mellifera (Apidae) is a model widely used in behavior because of its elaborate social life requiring coordinate actions among the members of the society. Within a colony, division of labor, the performance of tasks by different individuals, follows genetically determined physiological changes that go along with aging. Modern advances in tools of molecular biology and genomics, as well as the sequentiation of A. mellifera genome, have enabled a better understanding of honeybee behavior, in particular social behavior. Numerous studies show that aspects of worker behavior are genetically determined, including defensive, hygienic, reproductive and foraging behavior. For example, genetic diversity is associated with specialization to collect water, nectar and pollen. Also, control of worker reproduction is associated with genetic differences. In this paper, I review the methods and the main results from the study of the genetic and genomic basis of some behaviors in bees.

  20. Genetic diversity in Trichomonas vaginalis.

    Meade, John C; Carlton, Jane M


    Recent advances in genetic characterisation of Trichomonas vaginalis isolates show that the extensive clinical variability in trichomoniasis and its disease sequelae are matched by significant genetic diversity in the organism itself, suggesting a connection between the genetic identity of isolates and their clinical manifestations. Indeed, a high degree of genetic heterogeneity in T vaginalis isolates has been observed using multiple genotyping techniques. A unique two-type population structure that is both local and global in distribution has been identified, and there is evidence of recombination within each group, although sexual recombination between the groups appears to be constrained. There is conflicting evidence in these studies for correlations between T vaginalis genetic identity and clinical presentation, metronidazole susceptibility, and the presence of T vaginalis virus, underscoring the need for adoption of a common standard for genotyping the parasite. Moving forward, microsatellite genotyping and multilocus sequence typing are the most robust techniques for future investigations of T vaginalis genotype-phenotype associations.