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  1. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. Noorduyn


    Full Text Available - C. van Dijk, M.C. Ricklefs, A history of modern Indonesia. C. 1300 to the present, London and Basingstoke, The MacMillan Press Ltd., 1981. xii + 335 pp. MacMillan Asian Histories Series. - L.A. Hoedemaker, S.C. Graaf van Randwijck, Handelen en denken in dienst der zending (Oestgeest 1897-1942, 2 delen, Den Haag Boekencentrum, 1981. - G.J. Knaap, Hubert Jacobs SJ, Documenta Malucensia II (1577-1606, annotated by Hubert Jacobs SJ, Monumenta Missionum Societatis Iesu volumen XXXIX, Missiones Orientalis, Rome, Jesuit Historical Institute; 1980, XXXI + 65* + 794 blz. - David S. Moyer, H. Sutherland, The making of a bureaucratic elite; The colonial transformation of the Javanese Priyayi, Asian studies association of Australia, Southeast Asia publication series no. 2, Heinemann educational books (Asia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, 1979, xx + 182 pp. - S.A. Niessen, Garrett Solyom, The world of the Javanese Keris, 1978, East-West Centre, Honolulu, Hawaii., Bronwen Solyom (eds. - S.A. Niessen, Anne Leonard, Patterns of Paradise; The styles and significance of bark cloth around the world, 1980, Field museum of natural history., John Terrell (eds. - S.A. Niessen, Kirk Endicott, Batek Negrito Religion, 1979, Oxford Clarendon Press. - J. Noorduyn, Olivier Carré, L’Islam et l’état dans le monde d’aujourd’hui, Paris, Presses Universitaires de France, 1982. 270 p. - H.A. Poeze, Joop Morriën, Indonesië los van Holland. De CPN en de PKI in hun strijd tegen het Nederlands kolonialisme, Pegasus Amsterdam, 1982, 272 pp.

  2. Cross-border Transfer and Change of Lex Societatis After Polbud, C-106/16: Old Companies Do Not Die .... They Simply Fade Away to Another Country

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Anne Birgitte Søgaard; Werlauff, Erik


    and clarifies well-known principles attached to the concept of freedom of establishment in EU-law. It must be concluded, that a brass plate in the host member state is still enough in some respects, and so in the Polbud case, but not in others. The case clearly gives some seal of approval to the concept...... of forum shopping. Trans-ferring a registered office, and thereby obtaining the nationality and legal identity of that host member state, in order to benefit from a more favourable legal regime, is an activity worthy of protection within the EU freedom of establishment. However, only companies within......The article analyses the Polbud-case C-106/16 and shows how this case adds an important new piece to the jigsaw puzzle of understanding the concept of freedom of establishment in EU-law. Polbud introduces new answers to questions about the cross-border conversion of companies, but it also reaffirms...

  3. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Göran Aijmer


    Full Text Available - Peter Boomgaard, Denys Lombard, Marchands et hommes d’affaires asiatiques dans l’Ocean Indien et la Mer de Chine 13e - 20e siècles, Paris: Éditions de l’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. 1988. 375 pp., Jean Aubin (eds. - Gary Brana-Shute, David I. Kertzer, Ritual, politics and power, New Haven: Yale University Press, 1988. xi, 235 pp. - G.W.J. Drewes, Chantal Vuldy, Pekalongan; Batik et Islam dans une ville du Nord de Java. Paris: École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, 1987, Études insulindiennes/Archipel 8. 311 pp. - Ch.F. van Fraassen, Hubert Jacobs, The Jesuit Makasar documents (1615-1682, edited and annotated by Hubert Jacobs SJ, Monumenta Historica Societatis Iesu volume 134, Rome: Jesuit Historical Institute, 1988, xxiv + 36* + 285 pp. - M. Hekker, Penelope Graham, Iban shamanism: An analysis of the ethnographic literature, Canberra: Occasional paper of the department of Anthropology, The Australian National University, 1987. x + 174 pp. - Huub de Jonge, Jennifer Alexander, Trade, traders, and trading in rural Java, Asian studies association of Australia, Southeast Asia publications series, No. 15. Singapore: Oxford University Press, 1987, 223 and xvi pp., plates, tables, figs and maps. - Peter J. M. Nas, Ben F. van Leerdam, Henri Maclaine Pont: Architect tussen twee werelden; Over de perikelen rond het ontstaan van de gebouwen van een hogeschool, het ‘Instituut Teknologi Bandung’, Delft: Delftse Universitaire Pers, 1988, 90 pp. - P.J.M. Nas, B. Hauser-Schäublin, Bauen und Wohnen, 1987. Basel: Birkhauser Verlag. Mensch, Kultur, Umwelt 2.84 pages, - Peter Pels, Göran Aijmer, Symbolic textures; Studies in cultural meaning, Göteborg: Gothenburg studies in social Anthropology 10, 1987. - Robert Ross, Ido H. Enklaar, Life and work of Dr. J.Th. van der Kemp, 1747-1811: Missionary pioneer and protagonist of racial equality in South Africa, Cape Town/Rotterdam: A.A. Balkema, 1988, xi + 234 pp. - A. Teeuw

  4. Rozjímání iuxta morem Societatis v české provincii Tovaryšstva Ježíšova aneb Lanciciovo století (1636-1739)

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Linka, Jan


    Roč. 26, č. 1 (2011), s. 57-75 ISSN 0231-7494 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z90560517 Keywords : early modern literature * Jesuits * early modern spirituality * meditation * Bohemian-Polish cultural relations * Lancicius, Nicolaus * St. Philip of Neri * Kadlinský, Felix Subject RIV: AJ - Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision

  5. Conflicts Lawyers I Have Read and Met

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lando, Ole


    are subject to party autonomy at all differs according to the nature of the authority: Authority bestowed by law is governed by the law which applies to the source of the authority (e.g. the lex societatis for directors of a company) and not open to party choice. Concerning authority granted by a principal...

  6. Low energy building with novel cooling unit using PCM

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jaber, Samar


    This thesis aims to reduce the energy consumption as well as greenhouse gases to the environment without negatively affecting the thermal comfort. In the present work, thermal, energetic and economic impacts of employing passive solar systems combined with energy conservation systems have been investigated. These energy systems have been integrated with a typical residential building located in three different climate zones in Europe and Middle East regions.Hour-by-hour energy computer simulations have been carried out using TRNSYS and INSEL programs to analyze the performance of integrated energy systems. Furthermore, IESU software module has been developed to simulate a novel cooling unit using Phase Change Material (PCM). This unit is named as Indirect Evaporative and Storage Unit (IESU). Thereafter, complete economic equations for the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) criterion have been formulated. Furthermore this criterion has been optimized for different variables as a function of thermal parameters and economic figures from local markets. An optimum design of both residential buildings and energy systems has great impact on energy consumption. In fact, results showed that the energy consumption is reduced by 85.62%, 86.33% and 74.05% in Berlin, Amman and Aqaba, respectively. Moreover, the LCC criterion is reduced by 41.85% in Berlin, 19.21% in Amman and 15.22% in Aqaba.The macro economic analysis shows that once this research is applied in one million typical residential buildings in the selected climate zones, the annual avoided CO{sub 2} emissions are estimated to be about 5.7 million Tons in Berlin. In Aqaba, around 2.96 million Tons CO{sub 2} emissions will be saved annually and in Amman about 2.98 million Tons will be reduced. The payback period from the achieved saving is 18 years, 11 years and 8.6 years in Amman, Aqaba and Berlin, respectively.

  7. The Seizure of Shares Due to Shareholder’s Personal Debt: a Historical Study of the Evolution of the Legal Treatment and Case Law Towards The Institute

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandre Ferreira de Assumpção Alves


    Full Text Available Historical analysis of the legal treatment of the seizure of shares due to shareholder’s personal debt and the impacts of such measure on the affectio societatis. In order to do so, with the usage of the deductive method of research, hereby it will be presenting two different views on the issue: a first one based solemnly on the rules and principles the are commonly accepted and a second based on logical arguments. Afterwards, the two premises are going to be confronted in order achieve the best answers. Moreover, with the usage of bibliographical and documental research, this work intends to demonstrate how the seizure of shares has evolved from an impossibility, under the terms of the article 292 of the Commercial Code, to a reality, whereas the seizure is now possible even on those cases where the article of association lacks the regulation on the issue.

  8. Elementos fundamentais da pedagogia jesuítica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Palmira Bittencourt Santos Casimiro


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho apresenta o panorama do mundo ocidental cristão em torno do século XV, algumas das controvérsias que contribuíram para a cisão religiosa da modernidade, as tendências pedagógicas tomadas, a partir de então, pela Igreja Católica, com destaque especial para a participação da Companhia de Jesus no Concílio de Trento. Discorre, a seguir, sobre a vida de Inácio de Loyola, principalmente sobre as motivações que o levaram a fundar a Companhia de Jesus em l534. Finalmente, considera sobre os principais escritos de Inácio: os Exercícios Espirituais, as Constituições da Companhia de Jesus e a Ratio atque lnstitutio Studiorum Societatis lesu, correlacionando estes documentos com os caminhos que a Companhia seguiu, desde Inácio de Loyola até a supressão da Ordem em 1773, e a influência desses documentos na proposta educacional dos Jesuítas.

  9. Various origins of clinopyroxene megacrysts from basanites from the eastern part of Central European Volcanic Province (United States)

    Lipa, Danuta; Puziewicz, Jacek; Ntaflos, Theodoros; Matusiak-Małek, Magdalena; Kukuła, Anna


    apatite at the early stages of solidification. The Lutynia megacrysts also crystalized at significant depth (probably below the Moho discontinuity). Their relatively low Ca content suggests that in the magma source orthopyroxene was present. The study of megacryst compositions from various sites is a potential tool to understand the emplacement mechanisms of alkaline melts at or beneath Moho as well as the occurring crystal growing conditions. Funding. This study is a part of MSc thesis of the first author and was possible thanks to the project NCN 2011/03/ST10/06248 of Polish National Centre for Science. References: Birkenmajer, K., Pécskay, Z., Zagożdżon, P. (2002): Radiometric dating of the Tertiary volcanics in Lower Silesia, Poland. II. K-Ar and paleomagnetic data from Neogene basanites near Lądek Zdrój, Sudetes Mts. - Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae 72: 119-121.

  10. Graikiško Odarion’o (1604 šv. Kazimiero garbei autorystės problema | The problem of the authorship of the Greek Odarion to Saint Casimirus (1604

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tomas Veteikis


    Full Text Available The present article focuses on the question of the authorship of the Greek Odarion to St. Casimirus, one of the most outstanding pieces of Greek poetry in Early Modern Lithuania, recently famed for its dual versification. This amusing piece of work, located in the collection of the panegyrical texts to the same saint, carrying the title THEATRVM S. CASIMIRI, IN QVO IPSIVS PROSAPIA, VITA, MIRACVLA, & illustris pompa in solemni eiusdem apotheoseos instauratione, Vilnae Lithuaniae Metropoli V. Id. Maij, Anno D[omi]ni M. DC. IV. instituta graphice proponuntur. […] Editum ibidem [sc. Vilnae], eodem anno [sc. 1604], operis Typographicis Academiae SOCIETATIS IESV, was performed orally during the solemnities that took place 10–12 May in 1604 in Vilnius due to the recent canonization of this saint. The true author of this collection is actually unknown and the same is applicable to the Odarion. Gregorius Swięcicki, the member of Vilnius chapter, whose name appears in several parts of the convolute (especially, under the short introductory letter Author Lectori, is generally being taken as an author’s name for the whole printed collection (including Odarion. This position was recently questioned due to the detection of one more important part of the convolute, the so-called Pompa Casimiriana written by certain Quirinus Cnoglerus Austrius. The main idea of this article is to reveal the complicated cultural, educational and confessional surroundings of such a litterary composition as Odarion and give several suggestions concerning the personalities who might be called its authors. First of them is Austrian “philhelenic” humanist and probably convertite Quirinus Cnogler, the author of the panegyrical oration (sermo panegyricus Pompa Casimiriana (s. l., s. a. [=Vilnae 1604?] and a number of occasional, publicistical, polemical writings of different scope. Another “candidate” is Swedish poet Laurentius Boierus (1561–1619, the author of

  11. [Lysenkoism in Polish botany]. (United States)

    Köhler, Piotr


    Lysenkoist study was published in Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae, the scientific journal of the Polish Botanical Society (out of the total of 359 articles published in the years 1948-1958). The attitudes of Polish botanists towards Lysenkoism varied. A great majority, i.e. ca. 96% of all botanists, dealt with research topics that did not require direct references to Lysenkoism and did not publish any Lysenkoist studies. A few botanists did publish studies based on the tenets of Lysenkoism. Some did so in a sincere belief in the validity of the theory (e.g. Aniela Makarewicz (1905-1990) or Szczepan Pieniazek). A number of botanists, who did not want to be exposed to harassment, avoided explicit endorsements of the theory or, whenever possible, used the "shield" of Soviet science. This consisted in using quotations from the classics of Marxism and Lysenkoism , both in papers delivered at conferences and in written publications. These references were a kind of levy paid in order to put vigilance of the censorship to sleep or to avoid non-substantive criticism. Other botanists (very few in number) took a hostile stand on Lysenkoism, which was a thing that required courage. The consequences for a university professor included being deprived of one's chair and being banned from publishing (this was, for instance, the case Prof. Wacław Gajewski (1911-1997)). The role of censorship should not be underestimated--it may be due to its activities that only isolated studies engaging in polemic with Lysenkoism, or trying to show the fallaciousness of its tenets, appeared in the first half of the 1950s. The content of publications was also affected by editors and editorial boards: as a result of their intervention, authors were forced to include obligatory quotations from the classics of Marxism and Lysenkoism in their articles. Since the current paper is based predominantly on publications, the strength of the opposition to Lysenkoism may be undervalued. It is well-known, not only