Sample records for closed field unbalanced

  1. Unbalanced field RF electron gun

    Hofler, Alicia


    A design for an RF electron gun having a gun cavity utilizing an unbalanced electric field arrangement. Essentially, the electric field in the first (partial) cell has higher field strength than the electric field in the second (full) cell of the electron gun. The accompanying method discloses the use of the unbalanced field arrangement in the operation of an RF electron gun in order to accelerate an electron beam.


    A. Vyas; K.Y. Li; Z.F. Zhou; Y.G. Shen


    Carbon nitride (CNx) thin films have been deposited onto Si(100) (for structural and mechanical analyses) and M42 high-speed-steel (for tribological measurements) substrates at room temperature by closed-field unbalanced magnetron sputtering. The mechanical and tribological properties of these films were highly dependent on the N/C concentration ratio that was adjusted by the F(N2)/F(Ar) flow-rate ratio at fixed substrate biasing of -60V during deposition. The films were characterized by employing scanning electron microscopy (SEM), atomic force microscopy(AFM), nano-indentation measurements, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), Raman scattering and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, pin-on-disc tribometer, scratch tester, and Rockwell-C tester. The results showed that the N content in the films increased with the N2 pressure. However, the maximum N/C ratio obtained was 0.25. The nanohardness was measured to be in the range of 11.7-20.8GPa depending on the N/C ratios. The XPS N 1s spectra showed the existence of both N-C sp2 and N-C sp3 bonds in films. Raman and FTIR spectra exhibited that N-C bonds were fewer when compared to other N-C bonds. The friction coefficient of the film deposited onto steel substrate with N/C=0.26 was measured to be ~0.08and for film with N/C=0.22 a high critical load of 70N was obtained. The tribological data also showed that the wear rates of these films were in the range of~10-16m3/Nm, indicating excellent wear resistance for CNxfilms.

  3. Surface free energy of non-stick coatings deposited using closed field unbalanced magnetron sputter ion plating

    Sun, C.-C. [Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan (China); Lee, S.-C. [Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan (China); Dai, S.-B. [Center of General Studies, National Kaohsiung Marine University, Nan-Tzu, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (China); Nano-Win Technology Co. Ltd., Tainan, Taiwan (China); Tien, S.-L. [Department of Physics, National Cheng Kung University, 701 Tainan, Taiwan (China); Chang, C.-C. [Department of Physics, R.O.C. Military Academy, 830 Kaohsiung, Taiwan (China); Fu, Y.-S. [Department of Environment and Energy, National University of Tainan, Tainan, Taiwan (China)]. E-mail:


    Semiconductor IC packaging molding dies require wear resistance, corrosion resistance and non-sticking (with a low surface free energy). The molding releasing capability and performance are directly associated with the surface free energy between the coating and product material. The serious sticking problem reduces productivity and reliability. Depositing TiN, TiMoS, ZrN, CrC, CrN, NiCr, NiCrN, CrTiAlN and CrNiTiAlN coatings using closed field unbalanced magnetron sputter ion plating, and characterizing their surface free energy are the main object in developing a non-stick coating system for semiconductor IC molding tools. The contact angle of water, diiodomethane and ethylene glycol on the coated surfaces were measured at temperature in 20 deg. C using a Dataphysics OCA-20 contact angle analyzer. The surface free energy of the coatings and their components (dispersion and polar) were calculated using the Owens-Wendt geometric mean approach. The surface roughness was investigated by atomic force microscopy (AFM). The adhesion force of these coatings was measured using direct tensile pull-off test apparatus. The experimental results showed that NiCrN, CrN and NiCrTiAlN coatings outperformed TiN, ZrN, NiCr, CiTiAlN, CrC and TiMoS coatings in terms of non-sticking, and thus have the potential as working layers for injection molding industrial equipment, especially in semiconductor IC packaging molding applications.

  4. Studies of the composition, tribology and wetting behavior of silicon nitride films formed by pulsed reactive closed-field unbalanced magnetron sputtering

    Yao, Zh. Q.; Yang, P.; Huang, N.; Wang, J.; Wen, F.; Leng, Y. X.


    Silicon nitride films were formed by pulsed reactive closed-field unbalanced magnetron sputtering of high purity Si targets in an Ar-N2 mixture. The effects of N2 fraction on the chemical composition, and tribological and wetting behaviors were investigated. The films deposited at a high N2 fraction were consistently N-rich. The surface microstructure changed from continuous granular surrounded by tiny void regions to a homogeneous and dense microstructure, and densitied as the N2 fraction is increased. The as-deposited films have a relatively low friction coefficient and better wear resistance than 316L stainless steel under dry sliding friction and experienced only abrasive wear. The decreased surface roughness and increased nitrogen incorporation in the film give rise to increased contact angle with double-stilled water from 24° to 49.6°. To some extent, the silicon nitride films deposited are hydrophilic in nature.

  5. Multilayered TiAlN films on Ti6Al4V alloy for biomedical applications by closed field unbalanced magnetron sputter ion plating process

    Yi, Peiyun [State Key Laboratory of Mechanical System and Vibration, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240 (China); Shanghai Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacture for Thin-walled Structures, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240 (China); Peng, Linfa, E-mail: [State Key Laboratory of Mechanical System and Vibration, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240 (China); Shanghai Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacture for Thin-walled Structures, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240 (China); Huang, Jiaqiang [State Key Laboratory of Mechanical System and Vibration, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240 (China)


    Ti6Al4V alloy has been widely used as a suitable material for surgical implants such as artificial hip joints. In this study, a series of multilayered gradient TiAlN coatings were deposited on Ti6Al4V substrate using closed field unbalanced magnetron sputter ion plating (CFUBMSIP) process. Taguchi design of experiment approach was used to reveal the influence of depositing parameters to the film composition and performance of TiAlN coatings. The phase structure and chemical composition of the TiAlN films were characterized by X-ray diffractometry (XRD) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). Mechanical properties, including hardness, Young's modulus, friction coefficient, wear rate and adhesion strength were systematically evaluated. Potentiodynamic tests were conducted to evaluate the corrosion resistance of the coated samples in Ringer's solution at 37 °C to simulate human body environment. Comprehensive performance of TiAlN films was evaluated by assigning different weight according to the application environment. S8, deposited by Ti target current of 8 A, Al target current of 6 A, bias voltage of − 60 V and nitrogen content with OEM (optical emission monitor) value of 45%, was found to achieve best performance in orthogonal experiments. Depositing parameters of S8 might be practically applied for commercialization of surgical implants. - Highlights: • Multilayered TiAlN coatings were deposited on Ti6Al4V for biomedical applications. • The deposition method was closed field unbalanced magnetron sputter ion plating. • Influence of depositing parameters to film composition and performance was revealed. • Optimum process conditions was selected by orthogonal experiments.

  6. Multilayered TiAlN films on Ti6Al4V alloy for biomedical applications by closed field unbalanced magnetron sputter ion plating process.

    Yi, Peiyun; Peng, Linfa; Huang, Jiaqiang


    Ti6Al4V alloy has been widely used as a suitable material for surgical implants such as artificial hip joints. In this study, a series of multilayered gradient TiAlN coatings were deposited on Ti6Al4V substrate using closed field unbalanced magnetron sputter ion plating (CFUBMSIP) process. Taguchi design of experiment approach was used to reveal the influence of depositing parameters to the film composition and performance of TiAlN coatings. The phase structure and chemical composition of the TiAlN films were characterized by X-ray diffractometry (XRD) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). Mechanical properties, including hardness, Young's modulus, friction coefficient, wear rate and adhesion strength were systematically evaluated. Potentiodynamic tests were conducted to evaluate the corrosion resistance of the coated samples in Ringer's solution at 37°C to simulate human body environment. Comprehensive performance of TiAlN films was evaluated by assigning different weight according to the application environment. S8, deposited by Ti target current of 8A, Al target current of 6A, bias voltage of -60V and nitrogen content with OEM (optical emission monitor) value of 45%, was found to achieve best performance in orthogonal experiments. Depositing parameters of S8 might be practically applied for commercialization of surgical implants.


    P.W. Shum; M. Escursell; T.H. Wong; K.Y. Li; Z.F. Zhou; Y.G. Shen


    Titanium-aluminium-nitride (Ti1-xAlxN) coatings were deposited by close-field unbalanced magnetron sputtering on M42 steel substrates and WC-6wt%Co inserts at 450℃. The tribological behavior was analyzed by sliding against steel and WC-6wt%Co balls, while the turning performance was evaluated by a conventional turning machine at high cutting speeds without using coolants. In the tribological tests, the formation of transfer layer and the variations of hardness of the coatings played an important role for sliding against steel balls. For the coatings sliding against WC-6wt%Co balls, the Ti-A1-N coatings showed a similar friction coefficient, but the TiN coating exhibited a lower value. The difference could be explained by the tri-oxidation wear mechanism. In the turning tests, a superior cutting performance of the coating was found at x=0.45, which endured 38 minutes before the tool flank wear reached the maximum value of 0.3mm, whereas only 20 minutes were endured for the TiN coating. The excellent performance of the coatings in the turning tests could be explained by the enhanced mechanical properties and oxidation/diffusion resistance of the coatings.

  8. The development of a nanostructured, graded multilayer Cr-CrxNy-Cr1-xAlxN coating produced by pulsed closed field unbalanced magnetron sputtering (P-CFUBMS) for use in aluminum pressure die casting dies.

    Lin, Jianliang; Mishra, Brajendra; Myers, Sterling; Ried, Peter; Moore, John J


    The main objective of this research is to design an optimized 'coating system' that extends die life by minimizing premature die failure. The concept of the multilayer coating system with desired combinations of different kinds of single-layer coatings was introduced. A pulsed closed field unbalanced magnetron sputtering (P-CFUBMS) deposition system has been used to deposit Cr-CrxNy-Cr1-xAlxN compositionally graded multilayer coating structures. In this study, three power law scenarios have been adopted to vary the aluminum concentration in the graded Cr1-xAlxN layer: (i) p = 1, the aluminum concentration was increased linearly in the Cr1-xAlxN layer. (ii) p = 0.2, the Cr1-xAlxN layer is an aluminum-rich graded layer, and (iii) p = 2, the Cr1-xAlxN layer is a chromium-rich graded layer. It was found that all the graded coatings exhibit lower residual stress and higher adhesion strength than the homogeneous Cr1-xAlxN (x = 0.585) film. However, different power law grading architectures have significant influence on the hardness and wear resistance of the films. When p = 2 and p = 1, the graded films exhibited relatively low hardness values (24 and 26 GPa respectively) and high COF (0.55 to 0.60). When p = 0.2 the graded film exhibited both high hardness (34 GPa) and good wear resistance (COF = 0.45) due to the structural consistency in the graded zone. The paper discusses the correlation between the pulsing parameters and coating architecture with the resulting nanostructure and tribological properties of this Cr-CrxNy-Cr1-xAlxN coating system.


    郑思孝; 孙官清; 等


    A small unbalanced magnetron atom source with multipole cusp magnetic field anode is described.The co-axial magnetron rpinciple is extended to the circular planar magnetron atom source,which raises the efficiency of sputtering target area up to 60%.The multipole magnetic field is put in the anode.which makes the unbalanced magnetron atom source run in a higher discharge current at a lower arc voltage condition.Meanwhile.the sputtering atoms through out the anode can be ionized partially,because the electron reaching the anode have to suffer multiple collisons in order to advance across the multipole magnetic field lines in the anode,which enhances the chemical reactivity of the ejecting atoms in film growth and improve the property of film depositing.

  10. Analysis of PM Magnetization Field Effects on the Unbalanced Magnetic Forces due to Rotor Eccentricity in BLDC Motors

    S. Mahdiuon-Rad


    Full Text Available This paper investigates both static and dynamic eccentricities in single phase brushless DC (BLDC motors and analyzes the effect of the PM magnetization field on unbalanced magnetic forces acting on the rotor. Three common types of PM magnetization field patterns including radial, parallel and sinusoidal magnetizations are considered. In both static and dynamic eccentricities, harmonic components of the unbalanced magnetic forces on the rotor are extracted and analyzed. Based on simulation results, the magnetization fields that produce the lowest and highest unbalanced magnetic forces are determined in rotor eccentricity conditions.

  11. Cu Films Deposited by Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering Enhanced by ICP and External Magnetic Field Confinement

    QI Xuelian; REN Chunsheng; MA Tengcai; WANG Younian


    Metallic copper(Cu) films were deposited on a Si (100) substrate by unbalanced magnetron sputtering enhanced by radio-frequency plasma and external magnetic field confine-ment. The morphology and structure of the films were examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), atomic force microscope (AFM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). The surface average rough-ness of the deposited Cu films was characterized by AFM data and resistivity was measured by a four-point probe. The results show that the Cu films deposited with radio-frequency discharge enhanced ionization and external magnetic field confinement have a smooth surface, low surface roughness and low resistivity. The reasons may be that the radio-frequency discharge and external magnetic field enhance the plasma density, which further improves the ion bombardment effect under the same bias voltage conditions. Ion bombardment can obviously influence the growth features and characteristics of the deposited Cu films.


    V. I. Milykh


    Full Text Available Purpose. Assessing the impact of load asymmetry of turbogenerator (TG on the magnetic field distribution, on the electrical and energy processes in it based on the numerical-field analysis within the constraints regulated by the standards. Methodology. The calculation model of TG has been constructed on the method of symmetrical components of the three-phase current system. The formed asymmetric system of the currents is used for multi-position numerical calculations of rotating magnetic fields. The temporal functions of the electromagnetic quantities which are subjected to the harmonic analysis are obtained on this basis. Results. Test calculations are conducted on a three-phase 35 MW TG during his work under autonomous unbalanced loading. The analysis of the temporal functions of the magnetic induction at different points of the TG stator and also similar functions of the magnetic flux linkage, EMF phase stator windings and other variables have been executed. Originality. Problems of exploitation of turbo-generators under unbalanced loading are detected by the consideration of their electromagnetic system on the whole, but not their simplified local parts, as usual. It has been shown that the temporal functions of EMF of the phase stator windings under unbalanced loading significantly differ in shape from sine waves and from each other and contain a number of significant upper harmonics. It has been detected that the phase currents would contain not only the first but also significant upper harmonics under unbalanced loading. Practical value. Analysis of the work of TG under unbalanced loading showed the «top» level of problems of electromagnetic character. It has been established that the function of the magnetic induction at the fixed points of the magnetic system on the whole have been changed but not in principle. The temporal functions of EMF, and, hence, the voltage of the stator phase windings significantly differ in shape from sine

  13. Unbalanced holographic superconductors and spintronics

    Bigazzi, F.; Cotrone, A.L.; Musso, D.; Pinzani Fokeeva, N.; Seminara, D.


    We present a minimal holographic model for s-wave superconductivity with unbalanced Fermi mixtures, in 2 + 1 dimensions at strong coupling. The breaking of a U(1)A “charge” symmetry is driven by a non-trivial profile for a charged scalar field in a charged asymptotically AdS4 black hole. The chemica

  14. Quantum fields on closed timelike curves

    Pienaar, J. L.; Myers, C. R.; Ralph, T. C. [School of Mathematics and Physics, The University of Queensland, Brisbane 4072, Queensland (Australia)


    Recently, there has been much interest in the evolution of quantum particles on closed timelike curves (CTCs). However, such models typically assume pointlike particles with only two degrees of freedom; a very questionable assumption given the relativistic setting of the problem. We show that it is possible to generalize the Deutsch model of CTCs to fields using the equivalent circuit formalism. We give examples for coherent, squeezed, and single-photon states interacting with the CTC via a beamsplitter. The model is then generalized further to account for the smooth transition to normal quantum mechanics as the CTC becomes much smaller than the size of the modes interacting on it. In this limit, we find that the system behaves like a standard quantum-mechanical feedback loop.

  15. Closed String Amplitudes from Gauge Fixed String Field Theory

    Drukker, Nadav


    Closed string diagrams are derived from cubic open string field theory using a gauge fixed kinetic operator. The basic idea is to use a string propagator that does not generate a boundary to the world sheet. Using this propagator and the closed string vertex, the moduli space of closed string surfaces is covered, so closed string scattering amplitudes should be reproduced. This kinetic operator could be a gauge fixed form of the string field theory action around the closed string vacuum.

  16. Closed String Amplitudes from Gauge Fixed String Field Theory

    Drukker, Nadav


    Closed string diagrams are derived from cubic open string field theory using a gauge fixed kinetic operator. The basic idea is to use a string propagator that does not generate a boundary to the world sheet. Using this propagator and the closed string vertex, the moduli space of closed string surfaces is covered, so closed string scattering amplitudes should be reproduced. This kinetic operator could be a gauge fixed form of the string field theory action around the closed string vacuum.

  17. Fast Calculation Model and Theoretical Analysis of Rotor Unbalanced Magnetic Pull for Inter-Turn Short Circuit of Field Windings of Non-Salient Pole Generators

    Guangtao Zhang


    Full Text Available Inter-turn short circuit of field windings (ISCFW may cause the field current of a generator to increase, output reactive power to decrease, and unit vibration to intensify, seriously affecting its safe and stable operation. Full integration of mechanical and electrical characteristics can improve the sensitivity of online monitoring, and detect the early embryonic period fault of small turns. This paper studies the calculations and variations of unbalanced magnetic pull (UMP, of which the excitation source of rotor vibration is the basis and key to online fault monitoring. In grid load operation, ISCFW are first calculated with the multi-loop method, so as to obtain the numerical solutions of the stator and the rotor currents during the fault. Next, the air-gap magnetic field of the ISCFW is analyzed according to the actual composition modes of the motor loops in the fault, so as to obtain the analytic expressions of the air-gap magnetic motive force (MMF and magnetic density. The UMP of the rotor is obtained by solving the integral of the Maxwell stress. The correctness of the electric quantity calculation is verified by the ISCFW experiment, conducted in a one pair-pole non-salient pole model machine. On this basis, comparing the simulation analysis with the calculation results of the model in this paper not only verifies the accuracy of the electromagnetic force calculation, but also proves that the latter has the advantages of a short time consumption and high efficiency. Finally, the influencing factors and variation law of UMP are analyzed by means of an analytic model. This develops a base for the online monitoring of ISCFW with the integration of mechanical and electrical information.

  18. Close Air Support for the Field Army


    90. 76 of the 12th Air Support C omand , for consideration.4 From D plus 4 to D plus 7, requests for attacks on tar,:ets of’ opportunity were not...ibid. 3 8 Ibid. 9o evolved into the "Rover Joe" svstem of close air suooort. Rover Joe was based to an extent on the "Rover David " orinciple used in...tentacles (air sunport oart-4, air sunoort control, and rear links (liaison officer at iir force airfields). Rover David vas intended to be located

  19. Magnetic field perturbartions in closed-field-line systems with zero toroidal magnetic field

    Mauel, M; Ryutov, D; Kesner, J


    In some plasma confinement systems (e.g., field-reversed configurations and levitated dipoles) the confinement is provided by a closed-field-line poloidal magnetic field. We consider the influence of the magnetic field perturbations on the structure of the magnetic field in such systems and find that the effect of perturbations is quite different from that in the systems with a substantial toroidal field. In particular, even infinitesimal perturbations can, in principle, lead to large radial excursions of the field lines in FRCs and levitated dipoles. Under such circumstances, particle drifts and particle collisions may give rise to significant neoclassical transport. Introduction of a weak regular toroidal magnetic field reduces radial excursions of the field lines and neoclassical transport.

  20. Unbalanced Holographic Superconductors and Spintronics

    Bigazzi, Francesco; Musso, Daniele; Fokeeva, Natalia Pinzani; Seminara, Domenico


    We present a minimal holographic model for s-wave superconductivity with unbalanced Fermi mixtures, in 2+1 dimensions at strong coupling. The breaking of a U(1)_A "charge" symmetry is driven by a non-trivial profile for a charged scalar field in a charged asymptotically AdS_4 black hole. The chemical potential imbalance is implemented by turning on the temporal component of a U(1)_B "spin" field under which the scalar field is uncharged. We study the phase diagram of the model and comment on the eventual (non) occurrence of LOFF-like inhomogeneous superconducting phases. Moreover, we study "charge" and "spin" transport, implementing a holographic realization (and a generalization thereof to superconducting setups) of Mott's two-current model which provides the theoretical basis of modern spintronics. Finally we comment on possible string or M-theory embeddings of our model and its higher dimensional generalizations, within consistent Kaluza-Klein truncations and brane-anti brane setups.

  1. NS-NS Sector of Closed Superstring Field Theory

    Erler, Theodore; Sachs, Ivo


    We give a construction for a general class of vertices in superstring field theory which include integration over bosonic moduli as well as the required picture changing insertions. We apply this procedure to find a covariant action for the NS-NS sector of Type II closed superstring field theory.

  2. Ghost Structure and Closed Strings in Vacuum String Field Theory

    Gaiotto, D; Sen, A; Zwiebach, B; Gaiotto, Davide; Rastelli, Leonardo; Sen, Ashoke; Zwiebach, Barton


    We complete the construction of vacuum string field theory by proposing a canonical choice of ghost kinetic term -- a local insertion of the ghost field at the string midpoint with an infinite normalization. This choice, supported by level expansion studies in the Siegel gauge, allows a simple analytic treatment of the ghost sector of the string field equations. As a result, solutions are just projectors, such as the sliver, of an auxiliary CFT built by combining the matter part with a twisted version of the ghost conformal theory. Level expansion experiments lead to surprising new projectors -- butterfly surface states, whose analytical expressions are obtained. With the help of a suitable open-closed string vertex we define open-string gauge invariant operators parametrized by on-shell closed string states. We use regulated vacuum string field theory to sketch how pure closed string amplitudes on surfaces without boundaries arise as correlators of such gauge invariant operators.

  3. Unbalanced Cylindrical Magnetron for Accelerating Cavities Coating

    Rosaz, Guillaume; Calatroni, Sergio; Sublet, Alban; Tobarelli, Mauro


    We report in this paper the design and qualification of a cylindrical unbalanced magnetron source. The dedicated magnetic assemblies were simulated using a finite element model. A hall-effect magnetic probe was then used to characterize those assemblies and compared to the theoretical magnet profiles. These show a good agreement between the expected and actual values. the qualification of the different magnetic assemblies was then performed by measuring the ion flux density reaching the surface of the sample to be coated using a commercial retarding field energy analyzer. The strongest unbalanced configuration shows an increase from^-2 to^-2 of the ion flux density reaching the sample surface compared to the standard balanced configuration for a pressure 5.10^-3 mbar and a plasma source power of 300W.

  4. Magnetic field, closed orbit, and energy measurement in the Bevatron

    Crebbin, K.C.


    This report provides the information necessary for a better evaluation of particle energy in the Bevatron. Previously, the nominal magnetic field value and radius were used to calculate the value for the kinetic energy of the particle. This value was good to a few percent. Today, more and more experimenters would like to know the energy to a more precise value. To this end, corrections to the measured magnetic field values and the radial closed orbit are provided.

  5. Slow mode shocks propagating in open and closed magnetic fields

    吕建永; 魏奉思


    A 2-D MHD model is used to investigate the propagation of slow mode shocks in the open and closed magnetic fields of the meridional plane near the sun. The solutions demonstrate that a forward slow shock could retain its slow shock characteristics into interplanetary space in the magnetically open region; however, it can evolve into an intermediate shock through the helmet-type current sheet to the open magnetic field.

  6. On Closely Coupled Dipoles in a Random Field

    Andersen, Jørgen Bach; Vincent, L.


    Reception of partially correlated fields by two closely coupled electrical dipoles is discussed as a function of load impedances and open-circuit correlations. Two local maxima of the power may be achieved for two different load impedances, but in those cases the output correlations are high...

  7. Closed-orbit theory for molecules in fields

    Matzkin, A.; Dando, P. A.; Monteiro, T. S.


    Closed-orbit theory was initially developed as a qualitative and quantitative tool to interpret the dynamics of excited hydrogen in static external fields: the modulations in the photoabsorption spectrum were explained in terms of classical orbits closed at the nucleus. We consider the closed-orbit theory formalism appropriate for molecules in fields. The theoretical extensions are described, and semiclassical calculations based on this formalism are undertaken and compared to quantum R-matrix calculations for model molecules in a static magnetic field. We find that the spectral modulations can be analyzed simply in terms of the scattering of the excited electron on the molecular core. In addition to elastic scattering, modulations produced by inelastic scattering are essential to account for the photoabsorption spectrum. Through this process, an electron along a closed orbit in the classically chaotic regime exchanges energy with the core and comes out along an orbit in the near integrable regime. The relative importance of elastic and inelastic scattering depends on the molecular quantum defects.

  8. Hamiltonian description of closed configurations of the vacuum magnetic field

    Skovoroda, A. A., E-mail: [National Research Centre Kurchatov Institute (Russian Federation)


    Methods of obtaining and using the Hamiltonians of closed vacuum magnetic configurations of fusion research systems are reviewed. Various approaches to calculate the flux functions determining the Hamiltonian are discussed. It is shown that the Hamiltonian description allows one not only to reproduce all traditional results, but also to study the behavior of magnetic field lines by using the theory of dynamic systems. The potentialities of the Hamiltonian formalism and its close relation to traditional methods are demonstrated using a large number of classical examples adopted from the fundamental works by A.I. Morozov, L.S. Solov’ev, and V.D. Shafranov.

  9. Closed Bosonic String Field Theory At Quartic Order

    Moeller, Nicolas


    We give a complete numerical description of the geometry of the four-point contact interaction of closed bosonic string field theory. Namely, we compute the boundary of the relevant region of the moduli space of the four-punctured spheres, and everywhere in this region we give the local coordinates around each punctures in terms of a Strebel quadratic differential and mapping radii. The numerical methods are explained in details. And the results are translated into fits, which can in principl...

  10. The Effect of Unbalanced Coefficient of Magnetron on the Structure and Properties of CNx Coatings

    WEN Xiaobin; LI Xian; WANG Tao; JIANG Bailing


    The effect of unbalanced coefficient of magnetron (UCM) on the structure and tribological properties of CrNx hard coatings was studied. The CrNx coatings were deposited on both Si wafer and hardened tool steel substrates using a closed-field unbalanced magnetron sputtering ion plating technique in a gas mixture of Ar+N2 under different unbalanced magnetron conditions. The coatings were characterized by means of XRD, XPS, SEM, microhardness tester and pin-on-disc tribometer to study respectively their structure, chemical bonding state, microstructure, hardness and tribological properties. The experimental results show that the UCM has a profound effect on the structure, hardness and tribological properties of the CrNx coatings. With increasing the values of UCM, the dominant phases in the deposited coatings evolved from Cr+Cr2N to Cr2N+CrN, the microstructure became denser and the hardness increased; in addition, reduced coefficient of friction and improved wear resistance of CrNx coatings were also observed under a larger UCM.

  11. Electrons on closed field lines of lunar crustal fields in the solar wind wake

    Nishino, Masaki N.; Saito, Yoshifumi; Tsunakawa, Hideo; Takahashi, Futoshi; Fujimoto, Masaki; Harada, Yuki; Yokota, Shoichiro; Matsushima, Masaki; Shibuya, Hidetoshi; Shimizu, Hisayoshi


    Plasma signature around crustal magnetic fields is one of the most important topics of the lunar plasma sciences. Although recent spacecraft measurements are revealing solar-wind interaction with the lunar crustal fields on the dayside, plasma signatures around crustal fields on the night side have not been fully studied yet. Here we show evidence of plasma trapping on the closed field lines of the lunar crustal fields in the solar-wind wake, using SELENE (Kaguya) plasma and magnetic field data obtained at 14-15 km altitude from the lunar surface. In contrast to expectation on plasma cavity formation at the strong crustal fields, electron flux is enhanced above Crisium Antipode (CA) anomaly which is one of the strongest lunar crustal fields. The enhanced electron fluxes above CA are characterised by (1) occasional bi-directional field-aligned beams in the lower energy range (<150 eV) and (2) a medium energy component (150-300 eV) that has a double loss-cone distribution representing bounce motion between the two footprints of the crustal magnetic fields. The low-energy electrons on the closed field lines may come from the lunar night side surface, while supply mechanism of medium-energy electrons on the closed field line remains to be solved. We also report that a density cavity in the wake is observed not above the strongest magnetic field but in its vicinity.

  12. Modeling and Verification of Distributed Generation and Voltage Regulation Equipment for Unbalanced Distribution Power Systems; Annual Subcontract Report, June 2007

    Davis, M. W.; Broadwater, R.; Hambrick, J.


    This report summarizes the development of models for distributed generation and distribution circuit voltage regulation equipment for unbalanced power systems and their verification through actual field measurements.

  13. Coronal Flux Rope Equilibria in Closed Magnetic Fields

    Zhen Wang; You-Qiu Hu


    Using a 2.5-dimensional ideal MHD model in Cartesian coordinates, weinvestigate the equilibrium properties of coronal magnetic flux ropes in backgroundmagnetic fields that are completely closed. The background fields are produced by adipole, a quadrupole, and an octapole, respectively, located below the photosphereat the same depth. A magnetic flux rope is then launched from below the photo-sphere, and its magnetic properties, i.e., the annular magnetic flux φp and the axialmagnetic flux φz, are controlled by a single emergence parameter. The whole sys-tem eventually evolves into equilibrium, and the resultant flux rope is characterizedby three geometrical parameters: the height of the rope axis, the half-width of therope, and the length of the vertical current sheet below the rope. It is found thatthe geometrical parameters increase monotonically and continuously with increasingφ p and φz: no catastrophe occurs. Moreover, there exists a steep segment in theprofiles of the geometrical parameters versus either φp or φz, and the faster thebackground field decays with height, the larger both the gradient and the growthamplitude within the steep segment will be.

  14. Gravitational Scattering Amplitudes and Closed String Field Theory in the Proper-Time Gauge

    Lee, Taejin


    We construct a covariant closed string field theory by extending recent works on the covariant open string field theory in the proper-time gauge. Rewriting the string scattering amplitudes generated by the closed string field theory in terms of the Polyakov string path integrals, we identify the Fock space representations of the closed string vertices. We show that the Fock space representations of the closed string field theory may be completely factorized into those of the open string field...

  15. A vector-free ECG interpretation with P, QRS & T waves as unbalanced transitions between stable configurations of the heart electric field during P-R, S-T & T-P segments


    Since cell membranes are weak sources of electrostatic fields, this ECG interpretation relies on the analogy between cells and electrets. It is here assumed that cell-bound electric fields unite, reach the body surface and the surrounding space and form the thoracic electric field that consists from two concentric structures: the thoracic wall and the heart. If ECG leads measure differences in electric potentials between skin electrodes, they give scalar values that define position of the electric field center along each lead. Repolarised heart muscle acts as a stable positive electric source, while depolarized heart muscle produces much weaker negative electric field. During T-P, P-R and S-T segments electric field is stable, only subtle changes are detectable by skin electrodes. Diastolic electric field forms after ventricular depolarization (T-P segments in the ECG recording). Telediastolic electric field forms after the atria have been depolarized (P-Q segments in the ECG recording). Systolic electric field forms after the ventricular depolarization (S-T segments in the ECG recording). The three ECG waves (P, QRS and T) can then be described as unbalanced transitions of the heart electric field from one stable configuration to the next and in that process the electric field center is temporarily displaced. In the initial phase of QRS, the rapidly diminishing septal electric field makes measured potentials dependent only on positive charges of the corresponding parts of the left and the right heart that lie within the lead axes. If more positive charges are near the "DOWN" electrode than near the "UP" electrode, a Q wave will be seen, otherwise an R wave is expected. Repolarization of the ventricular muscle is dampened by the early septal muscle repolarization that reduces deflection of T waves. Since the "UP" electrode of most leads is near the usually larger left ventricle muscle, T waves are in these leads positive, although of smaller amplitude and longer

  16. Closed superstrings in magnetic field instabilities and supersymmetry breaking

    Tseytlin, Arkady A


    We consider a 2-parameter class of solvable closed superstring models which `interpolate' between Kaluza-Klein and dilatonic Melvin magnetic flux tube backgrounds. The spectrum of string states has similarities with Landau spectrum for a charged particle in a uniform magnetic field. The presence of spin-dependent `gyromagnetic' interaction implies breaking of supersymmetry and possible existence (for certain values of magnetic parameters) of tachyonic instabilities. We study in detail the simplest example of the Kaluza-Klein Melvin model describing a superstring moving in flat but non-trivial 10-d space containing a 3-d factor which is a `twisted' product of a 2-plane and an internal circle. We also discuss the compact version of this model constructed by `twisting' the product of the two groups in SU(2) x U(1) WZNW theory without changing the local geometry (and thus the central charge). We explain how the supersymmetry is broken by continuous `magnetic' twist parameters and comment on possible implications ...

  17. Closed-Field Coronal Heating Driven by Wave Turbulence

    Downs, Cooper; Mikić, Zoran; Linker, Jon A; Velli, Marco


    To simulate the energy balance of coronal plasmas on macroscopic scales, we often require the specification of the coronal heating mechanism in some functional form. To go beyond empirical formulations and to build a more physically motivated heating function, we investigate the wave-turbulence-driven (WTD) phenomenology for the heating of closed coronal loops. Our implementation is designed to capture the large-scale propagation, reflection, and dissipation of wave turbulence along a loop. The parameter space of this model is explored by solving the coupled WTD and hydrodynamic evolution in 1D for an idealized loop. The relevance to a range of solar conditions is also established by computing solutions for over one hundred loops extracted from a realistic 3D coronal field. Due to the implicit dependence of the WTD heating model on loop geometry and plasma properties along the loop and at the footpoints, we find that this model can significantly reduce the number of free parameters when compared to traditiona...


    Frisch, P. C. [Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 60637 (United States); Andersson, B-G [SOFIA Science Center, Universities Space Research Association, NASA Ames Research Center, M.S. N232-12 Moffett Field, CA 94035 (United States); Berdyugin, A.; Piirola, V. [Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO, University of Turku (Finland); DeMajistre, R. [The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD (United States); Funsten, H. O. [Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM (United States); Magalhaes, A. M.; Seriacopi, D. B. [Inst. de Astronomia, Geofisica e Ciencias Atmosfericas, Universidade de Sao Paulo (Brazil); McComas, D. J. [Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX (United States); Schwadron, N. A. [Space Science Center, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH (United States); Slavin, J. D. [Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, MA (United States); Wiktorowicz, S. J. [Department of Astronomy, University of California at Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA (United States)


    The magnetic field in the local interstellar medium (ISM) provides a key indicator of the galactic environment of the Sun and influences the shape of the heliosphere. We have studied the interstellar magnetic field (ISMF) in the solar vicinity using polarized starlight for stars within 40 pc of the Sun and 90 Degree-Sign of the heliosphere nose. In Frisch et al. (Paper I), we developed a method for determining the local ISMF direction by finding the best match to a group of interstellar polarization position angles obtained toward nearby stars, based on the assumption that the polarization is parallel to the ISMF. In this paper, we extend the analysis by utilizing weighted fits to the position angles and by including new observations acquired for this study. We find that the local ISMF is pointed toward the galactic coordinates l, b =47 Degree-Sign {+-} 20 Degree-Sign , 25 Degree-Sign {+-} 20 Degree-Sign . This direction is close to the direction of the ISMF that shapes the heliosphere, l, b =33 Degree-Sign {+-} 4 Degree-Sign , 55 Degree-Sign {+-} 4 Degree-Sign , as traced by the center of the 'Ribbon' of energetic neutral atoms discovered by the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) mission. Both the magnetic field direction and the kinematics of the local ISM are consistent with a scenario where the local ISM is a fragment of the Loop I superbubble. A nearby ordered component of the local ISMF has been identified in the region l Almost-Equal-To 0 Degree-Sign {yields} 80 Degree-Sign and b Almost-Equal-To 0 Degree-Sign {yields} 30 Degree-Sign , where PlanetPol data show a distance-dependent increase of polarization strength. The ordered component extends to within 8 pc of the Sun and implies a weak curvature in the nearby ISMF of {approx}0.{sup 0}25 pc{sup -1}. This conclusion is conditioned on the small sample of stars available for defining this rotation. Variations from the ordered component suggest a turbulent component of {approx}23 Degree-Sign . The

  19. Monitoring of Field Winding Inter-turn Short Circuit Based on Unbalanced Current Effective Value in Main Protection%基于主保护不平衡电流有效值的转子匝间短路故障监测

    郝亮亮; 孙宇光; 邱阿瑞; 王祥珩


    In order to use current transformer installed for the generator main protection to monitor inter-turn short circuits of field winding, taking Three Gorges VGS generator as an example the after-fault unbalanced current entering into various main protections is calculated and analyzed with multi-loop method. Then the defects of fault monitoring using single harmonic in unbalanced current are pointed out and a monitoring principle of field winding inter-turn short circuit based on unbalanced current effective value for the main protection is proposed. Through the calculation and theoretical analysis of faults with different short circuit turn ratios of field winding, it is pointed out that unbalanced current flowing between two neutral points is not suitable for reflecting inter-turn short circuits fault of field winding, and the monitoring method reflecting the internal unbalanced current of each phase winding should be adopted instead. Finally the coordination between the inter-turn short circuits monitoring of field windings and other conventional protections is illustrated, laying a theoretical foundation for the field windings inter-turn short circuit fault on-line monitoring.%为利用发电机主保护所配电流互感器来监测励磁绕组匝间短路故障,以三峡VGS发电机为例,采用多回路方法对故障后进入各主保护的不平衡电流进行了计算与分析;在此基础上,指出利用不平衡电流中的单次谐波进行故障监测的不足,由此提出基于主保护不平衡电流有效值的励磁绕组匝间短路故障监测原理;通过对不同短路匝比故障的计算与理论分析,指出流过中性点间的不平衡电流不适合用来反应于励磁绕组匝间短路故障,而应采用反应于每相绕组内部不平衡电流的监测方法;最后阐述了励磁绕组匝间短路监测与其他常规保护之间的配合,为发电机转子匝间短路故障的在线监测奠定了基础.

  20. Influence and determinative factors of ion-to-atom arrival ratio in unbalanced magnetron sputtering systems


    Low pressure sputtering with a controlled ratio of ion flux to deposited atom flux at the condensing surface is one of the main directions of development of magnetron sputtering methods.Unbalanced magnetron sputtering,by producing dense secondary plasma around the substrate,provides a high ion current density.The closed-field unbalanced magnetron sputtering system (CFUBMS) has been established as a versatile technique for high-rate deposition high-quality metal,alloy,and ceramic thin films.The key factor in the CFUBMS system is the ability to transport high ion currents to the substrate,which can enhance the formation of full dense coatings at relatively low value homologous temperature.The investigation shows that the energy of ions incidenced at the substrate and the ratio of the flux of these ions to the flux of condensing atoms are the fundamental parameters in determining the structure and properties of films produced by ion-assisted deposition processes.Increasing ion bombardment during deposition combined with increasing mobility of the condensing atoms favors the formation of a dense microstructure and a smooth surface.

  1. Chaotic Vibrations of Closed Cylindrical Shells in a Temperature Field

    A.V. Krysko


    Full Text Available Complex vibrations of cylindrical shells embedded in a temperature field are studied, and the Bubnov-Galerkin method in higher approximations and in the Fourier representation is applied. Both lack and influence of temperature field on the shell dynamics are analyzed.

  2. Open and Closed String field theory interpreted in classical Algebraic Topology

    Sullivan, Dennis


    There is an interpretation of open string field theory in algebraic topology. An interpretation of closed string field theory can be deduced from this open string theory to obtain as well the interpretation of open and closed string field theory combined.

  3. Open and Closed String field theory interpreted in classical Algebraic Topology

    Sullivan, Dennis


    There is an interpretation of open string field theory in algebraic topology. An interpretation of closed string field theory can be deduced from this open string theory to obtain as well the interpretation of open and closed string field theory combined.

  4. Closed form maximum likelihood estimator of conditional random fields

    Zhu, Zhemin; Hiemstra, Djoerd; Apers, Peter M.G.; Wombacher, Andreas


    Training Conditional Random Fields (CRFs) can be very slow for big data. In this paper, we present a new training method for CRFs called {\\em Empirical Training} which is motivated by the concept of co-occurrence rate. We show that the standard training (unregularized) can have many maximum likeliho

  5. Nucleation of bulk superconductivity close to critical magnetic fields

    Fournais, Søren; Kachmar, Ayman


    threshold value of the applied magnetic field for which bulk superconductivity contributes to the leading order of the energy. Furthermore, the energy of the bulk is related to that of the Abrikosov problem in a periodic lattice. A key ingredient of the proof is a novel L∞ -bound which is of independent...

  6. Method to calculate interior sound field of arbitrary-shaped closed thin shell

    WU Jiuhui; CHEN Hualing; HU Xuanli


    The concept of covering-domain means that an arbitrary-shaped closed shell can be approached by a series of closed spherical shells. Based on it, the interior scattering sound field of the arbitrary-shaped closed shell is given. According to the reciprocity theory, the radiating sound field of the elastic surface due to the action of external force is presented. The method presented can also be used to calculate the interior sound fields of arbitraryshaped closed thin shells of which the thickness are either equal or unequal. It is verified to be correct by corresponding test.

  7. Quantum physics, fields and closed timelike curves: The D-CTC condition in quantum field theory

    Tolksdorf, Juergen


    The D-CTC condition is a condition originally proposed by David Deutsch as a condition on states of a quantum communication network that contains "backward time-steps" in some of its branches. It has been argued that this is an analogue for quantum processes in the presence of closed timelike curves (CTCs). The unusual properties of states of quantum communication networks that fulfill the D-CTC condition have been discussed extensively in recent literature. In this work, the D-CTC condition is investigated in the framework of quantum field theory in the local, operator-algebraic approach due to Haag and Kastler. It is shown that the D-CTC condition cannot be fulfilled in states which are analytic for the energy, or satisfy the Reeh-Schlieder property, for a certain class of processes and initial conditions. On the other hand, if a quantum field theory admits sufficiently many uncorrelated states across acausally related spacetime regions (as implied by the split property), then the D-CTC condition can always...

  8. Quantum Spectra of Hydrogen Atoms in Various Magnetic Fields with the Closed Orbit Theory

    彭良友; 张现周; 饶建国


    The quantum spectra of hydrogen atoms in various magnetic fields have been calculated with the closed orbit theory. The magnitude of the magnetic field decreases from 5.96 T to 0.56 T with a step of 0. 6 T. We demonstrate schematically that the closed orbits disappear with the decrease of the magnitude of the magnetic field when the corresponding finite resolution of experiment is fixed. This may give us a good way to control the shape and the number of the closed orbits in the system, and thus to control where a peak should exist in the Fourier transformation of the quantum spectra.

  9. Transmittal of field data regarding wetlands : Closed Basin Division, San Luis Valley Project, Colorado

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Copies of 1980 field information involving auger hole surveys, soil sample moisture analyses, infiltration tests, and evaporation pan readings from the Closed Basin...

  10. The closed-orbit and the photoabsorption spectra of lithium atom in varyingmagnetic fields

    Wang De-Hua; Ding Shi-Liang


    @@ Using a simple analytic formula from closed orbit theory, we have calculated the photoabsorption spectra of Li atom in different magnetic fields. Closed orbits in the corresponding classical system have also been obtained for B=5.96T. We demonstrate schematically that the closed orbits disappear gradually with the decrease of the magnitude of the magnetic field. This gives us a good method to control the closed orbits in the corresponding system by changing the magnetic field, and thus changing the peaks in the photoabaorption spectra. By comparing the photoabsorption spectra of Li atom with those of hydrogen case, we find the core-scattered effects play an important role in multi-electron Rydberg atoms.

  11. Closed-orbit theory for photodetachment in a time-dependent electric field

    Yang, B C


    The standard closed-orbit theory is extended for the photodetachment of negative ions in a time-dependent electric field. The time-dependent photodetachment rate is specifically studied in the presence of a single-cycle terahertz pulse, based on exact quantum simulations and semiclassical analysis. We find that the photodetachment rate is unaffected by a weak terahertz field, but oscillates complicatedly when the terahertz pulse gets strong enough. Three types of closed classical orbits are identified for the photoelectron motion in a strong single-cycle terahertz pulse, and their connections with the oscillatory photodetachment rate are established quantitatively by generalizing the standard closed-orbit theory to a time-dependent form. By comparing the negative hydrogen and fluorine ions, both the in-phase and antiphase oscillations can be observed, depending on a simple geometry of the contributed closed classical orbits. On account of its generality, the presented theory provides an intuitive understandin...

  12. On the effects of channel tortuosity on the close electromagnetic fields associated with lightning return strokes

    Peer, J


    The electromagnetic fields associated with tortuous lightning channels are usually characterised by a pronounced fine structure. This work investigates and quantifies the effects of channel tortuosity on the return stroke electromagnetic field shapes in the close lightning environment (the range up to 100m from the lightning striking point). General equations for lightning return stroke electromagnetic fields for arbitrarily located observation points are derived from Maxwell's equations. In order to include arbitrary channel shapes, the channel is described by a parametric representation in Cartesian coordinates with the channel length as the free parameter. The return stroke current required for the evaluation of the derived equations is calculated from a current generation type model. The field computations show that amplitudes and waveforms of the electromagnetic fields in the close lightning environment are considerably influenced by the channel shape. In particular, the induction component of the electr...

  13. Closed String S-matrix Elements in Open String Field Theory

    Garousi, M R; Garousi, Mohammad R


    Using the gauge invariant operators corresponding to on-shell closed string states in open string field theory, we study the tree level S-matrix element of two arbitrary closed string states, and the S-matrix element of one closed string and two open string states. By mapping the world-sheet of the amplitudes to the upper half z-plane, and by evaluating the correlators in the ghost parts, we show that the S-matrix elements are exactly identical to the corresponding disk level S-matrix elements in bosonic string theory.

  14. Closed String S-matrix Elements in Open String Field Theory

    Garousi, Mohammad R.; Maktabdaran, G. R.


    We study the S-matrix elements of the gauge invariant operators corresponding to on-shell closed strings, in open string field theory. In particular, we calculate the tree level S-matrix element of two arbitrary closed strings, and the S-matrix element of one closed string and two open strings. By mapping the world-sheet of these amplitudes to the upper half z-plane, and by evaluating explicitly the correlators in the ghost part, we show that these S-matrix elements are exactly identical to the corresponding disk level S-matrix elements in perturbative string theory.

  15. Tongues, bottles, and disconnected loops: The opening and closing of the interplanetary magnetic field

    McComas, D.J. [Los Alamos National Lab., NM (United States). Space and Atmospheric Sciences Group


    For years the field of Space Physics has had a problem, a really big problem for it occurs on the largest spatial scales in Space physics -- across the entire region under the Sun`s influence, the heliosphere. The problem is that the Sun appears to keep opening new magnetic flux into interplanetary space with no obvious way for this flux to close back off again. This state of affairs, without some previously unknown method for closing the open interplanetary magnetic field (IMF), leads to an ever growing amount of magnetic flux in interplanetary space: the magnetic flux catastrophe. Recently, considerable progress has been made in understanding why this catastrophic state is not the observed state of the heliosphere. This brief article paints the newly emerging picture of the opening and closing of the IMF and how these processes may account for the observed variation in the amount of magnetic flux in interplanetary space over the solar cycle.

  16. Relation between non uniform magnetic field and close binary systems period

    M Zahedi


    Full Text Available  Magnetic activity of one or both components of close binary systems can cause orbital period variation of the systems.Variation in gravitational quadropole moment will change the orbital period of the systems. In this article, we suppose that magnetic field is poloidal-troidal according to dynamo theory, and finds its relation with period change in the systems.

  17. Dynamic effects of restoring footpoint symmetry on closed magnetic field lines

    Reistad, J P; Tenfjord, P; Laundal, K M; Snekvik, K; Haaland, S; Milan, S E; Oksavik, K; Frey, H U; Grocott, A


    Here we present an event where simultaneous global imaging of the aurora from both hemispheres reveals a large longitudinal shift of the nightside aurora of about 3 h, being the largest relative shift reported on from conjugate auroral imaging. This is interpreted as evidence of closed field lines having very asymmetric footpoints associated with the persistent positive $\\textit{y}$ component of the interplanetary magnetic field before and during the event. At the same time, the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network observes the ionospheric nightside convection throat region in both hemispheres. The radar data indicate faster convection toward the dayside in the dusk cell in the Southern Hemisphere compared to its conjugate region. We interpret this as a signature of a process acting to restore symmetry of the displaced closed magnetic field lines resulting in flux tubes moving faster along the banana cell than the conjugate orange cell. The event is analyzed with emphasis on Birkeland currents (BC) associated wit...


    V.S. Grinchenko


    Full Text Available Purpose. To analyze the shielding factors for a circular passive loop and conductive closed shells placed in a homogeneous low-frequency magnetic field. Methodology. We have obtained simplified expressions for the shielding factors for a circular passive loop and a thin spherical shell. In addition, we have developed the numerical model of a thin cubical shell in a magnetic field, which allows exploring its shielding characteristics. Results. We have obtained dependences of the shielding factors for passive loops and shells on the frequency of the external field. Analytically determined frequency of the external magnetic field, below which field shielding of a passive loop is expedient to use, above which it is advisable to use a shielding shell.

  19. Control of DFIG-WT under unbalanced grid voltage conditions

    Luna, Alvaro; Lina, Kleber; Corcoles, Felipe


    under balanced conditions its behaviour is not good enough when the voltage of the mains is unbalanced, unless an independent control for the positive and the negative sequence is implemented. This paper proposes a new control system able to control the DFIG-WT under unbalanced conditions using a simple...

  20. Power Analysis in Two-Level Unbalanced Designs

    Konstantopoulos, Spyros


    Previous work on statistical power has discussed mainly single-level designs or 2-level balanced designs with random effects. Although balanced experiments are common, in practice balance cannot always be achieved. Work on class size is one example of unbalanced designs. This study provides methods for power analysis in 2-level unbalanced designs…

  1. Field flatness tuning of TM110 mode cavities with closely spaced modes

    Leo Bellantoni et al.


    Superconducting cavities for the CKM RF separated kaon beamline at Fermilab have modes that are closely spaced compared to the resonance bandwidths when warm, and this complicates the field flatness (warm) tuning process. Additionally, it is necessary to maintain the azimuthal orientation of the mode during the tuning deformations. the authors present two analytic techniques to warm-tune cavities with overlapping modes, a finite-element analysis of the tuning process, the design of a warm tuner which maintains mode polarization, and the results of tuning a cavity in which initial manufacturing variations caused the desired {pi} and nearby {pi}-1 modes to be indistinguishable before field flatness tuning.

  2. Fundamental Behavior of Electric Field Enhancements in the Gaps Between Closely Spaced Nanostructures

    McMahon, Jeffrey M.; Gray, Stephen K.; Schatz, George C.


    We demonstrate that the electric field enhancement that occurs in a gap between two closely spaced nanostructures, such as metallic nanoparticles, is the result of a transverse electromagnetic waveguide mode. We derive an explicit semianalytic equation for the enhancement as a function of gap size, which we show has a universal qualitative behavior in that it applies irrespective of the material or geometry of the nanostructures and even in the presence of surface plasmons. Examples of perfec...

  3. Future missions for observing Earth's changing gravity field: a closed-loop simulation tool

    Visser, P. N.


    The GRACE mission has successfully demonstrated the observation from space of the changing Earth's gravity field at length and time scales of typically 1000 km and 10-30 days, respectively. Many scientific communities strongly advertise the need for continuity of observing Earth's gravity field from space. Moreover, a strong interest is being expressed to have gravity missions that allow a more detailed sampling of the Earth's gravity field both in time and in space. Designing a gravity field mission for the future is a complicated process that involves making many trade-offs, such as trade-offs between spatial, temporal resolution and financial budget. Moreover, it involves the optimization of many parameters, such as orbital parameters (height, inclination), distinction between which gravity sources to observe or correct for (for example are gravity changes due to ocean currents a nuisance or a signal to be retrieved?), observation techniques (low-low satellite-to-satellite tracking, satellite gravity gradiometry, accelerometers), and satellite control systems (drag-free?). A comprehensive tool has been developed and implemented that allows the closed-loop simulation of gravity field retrievals for different satellite mission scenarios. This paper provides a description of this tool. Moreover, its capabilities are demonstrated by a few case studies. Acknowledgments. The research that is being done with the closed-loop simulation tool is partially funded by the European Space Agency (ESA). An important component of the tool is the GEODYN software, kindly provided by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

  4. Aphidophagous guilds on nettle (Urtica dioica) strips close to fields of green pea, rape and wheat



    The common nettle (Urtica dioica L.) is a perennial and cosmopolitan plant species and is known to be the source of food for a great diversity of insects. To understand the importance of the nettle in agro-ecosystems, a field experiment was carried out in an experimental farm at Gembloux (Belgium) to study the effect of nettle margin strips on aphid and aphidophagous populations in close field crops, namely wheat (Triticum aestivum L.),green pea (Pisum sativum L.) and rape (Brassicae napus L.). The aphids and related beneficial populations were weekly assessed, from March to August 2005, by visual observations in two plots per field crop. A higher abundance of aphidophagous beneficials was collected in nettle strips when compared to the field crops. Particularly, the presence of predatory anthocorids, mirids and green lacewings was observed on nettle only. Nevertheless,the most abundant aphid predatory family, the Coccinellidae, was distributed in both environments, in nettle strips and in crop fields. The field margin supported a significantly higher density of Harmonia axyridis than the field crops. In contrast, the field crops, green pea particularly, supported a higher density of Coccinella septempunctata. The distribution of the aphidophagous species, mainly the ladybirds, was discussed in relation to the host plant and related aphid species and their potential effect on integrated pest management.

  5. The Unbalanced Linguistic Aggregation Operator in Group Decision Making

    Li Zou


    Full Text Available Many linguistic aggregation methods have been proposed and applied in the linguistic decision-making problems. In practice, experts need to assess a number of values in a side of reference domain higher than in the other one; that is, experts use unbalanced linguistic values to express their evaluation for problems. In this paper, we propose a new linguistic aggregation operator to deal with unbalanced linguistic values in group decision making, we adopt 2-tuple representation model of linguistic values and linguistic hierarchies to express unbalanced linguistic values, and moreover, we present the unbalanced linguistic ordered weighted geometric operator to aggregate unbalanced linguistic evaluation values; a comparison example is given to show the advantage of our method.

  6. Unbalanced estrogen metabolism in thyroid cancer.

    Zahid, Muhammad; Goldner, Whitney; Beseler, Cheryl L; Rogan, Eleanor G; Cavalieri, Ercole L


    Well-differentiated thyroid cancer most frequently occurs in premenopausal women. Greater exposure to estrogens may be a risk factor for thyroid cancer. To investigate the role of estrogens in thyroid cancer, a spot urine sample was obtained from 40 women with thyroid cancer and 40 age-matched controls. Thirty-eight estrogen metabolites, conjugates and DNA adducts were analyzed by using ultraperformance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry and the ratio of adducts to metabolites and conjugates was calculated for each sample. The ratio of depurinating estrogen-DNA adducts to estrogen metabolites and conjugates significantly differed between cases and controls (p estrogen metabolism is unbalanced in thyroid cancer and suggest that formation of estrogen-DNA adducts might play a role in the initiation of thyroid cancer. Copyright © 2013 UICC.

  7. Double-Pulse Spectra and Closed-Orbits: Photodetachment of H-in Parallel Electric and Magnetic Fields

    DU Meng-Li


    We derive a formula for double-pulse spectra from closed-orbit theory. We then calculate the double-pulsephotodetachment spectra of H- in the presence of parallel electric and magnetic fields. We analyze the spectra in termsof closed-orbits of the system. We suggest a method for the measurement of a phase associated with each closed-orbit.

  8. Understanding the unbalanced-voltage problem in wind turbine generation

    Muljadi, E.; Butterfield, C.P.; Batan, T.; Yildirim, D.


    Most wind turbines are equipped with line-connected induction generators. Induction generators are very attractive as wind turbine generators due to their low cost, ruggedness and the need for little or no maintenance. At constant frequency, the induction generator operates in a small range of speeds and, therefore, it operated with a small range of slips with respect to synchronous speed. Compared to a synchronous generator, an induction generator provides lower stiffness, thus alleviating the mechanical stress. In a weak power system network, an unbalanced load at the distribution lines can cause unbalanced voltage conditions. If an induction generator is connected to an unbalanced voltage, the resulting stator current will be unbalanced. The unbalanced current creates unequal heating (hot spots) on the stator winding. The heat may increase the winding temperature, which degrades the insulation of the winding, i.e., the life expectancy of the winding. Unbalanced currents also create torque pulsation on the shaft resulting in audible noise and extra mechanical stress. This paper explores the unbalanced voltage problem in induction generators. The levels of unbalance and the loads are varied. Experimental and predicted results are presented in this paper.

  9. On closed-string twist-field correlators and their open-string descendants

    Anastasopoulos, Pascal; Richter, Robert


    In a recent paper we have proposed the possibility that the lightest massive string states could be identified with open strings living at intersections of D-branes forming small angles. In this note, we reconsider the relevant twist-field correlation functions and perform the analysis of the sub-dominant physical poles in the various channels. Our derivation is new in that it is based on the algebraic procedure for the construction of open string models starting from their closed-string `parents' rather than on the stress-tensor method. We also indicate possible generalizations and diverse applications of our approach.

  10. Studies of Dynamic, Radiative Macroscopic Magnetized HED Plasmas with Closed B-Field Lines

    Frese, Michael H. [NumerEx, LLC, Albuquerque, NM (United States); Frese, Sherry D. [NumerEx, LLC, Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    The purpose of this research has been to study the physics of macroscopic magnetized high-energy-density laboratory plasmas (HEDLPs) created through the compression of a high-beta compact toroid (CT) plasma having closed magnetic field lines. The high-beta CT chosen for this work is a field-reversed configuration (FRC). The basic approach is to investigate CT plasmas as they are compressed to a HED state by the electromagnetic implosion of a surrounding metallic shell or solid liner (Figure 1). The shell provides an axisymmetric, electrically-conducting boundary around the plasma and its supporting magnetic field and is imploded by means of the magnetic pressure force arising from axial current flow in the liner interacting with its associated azimuthal magnetic field. Compression of the CT will bring the plasma to fusion temperatures at higher densities and magnetic fields (multi-MegaGauss [MG]) than have previously been present in conventional magnetic fusion approaches. The resulting energy densities will be ~1 Mbar or greater and thus will place the plasma in a parameter space intermediate to MFE and IFE. This work has been a collaboration between the Air Force Research Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and NumerEx, LLC.

  11. The retest distribution of the visual field summary index mean deviation is close to normal.

    Anderson, Andrew J; Cheng, Allan C Y; Lau, Samantha; Le-Pham, Anne; Liu, Victor; Rahman, Farahnaz


    When modelling optimum strategies for how best to determine visual field progression in glaucoma, it is commonly assumed that the summary index mean deviation (MD) is normally distributed on repeated testing. Here we tested whether this assumption is correct. We obtained 42 reliable 24-2 Humphrey Field Analyzer SITA standard visual fields from one eye of each of five healthy young observers, with the first two fields excluded from analysis. Previous work has shown that although MD variability is higher in glaucoma, the shape of the MD distribution is similar to that found in normal visual fields. A Shapiro-Wilks test determined any deviation from normality. Kurtosis values for the distributions were also calculated. Data from each observer passed the Shapiro-Wilks normality test. Bootstrapped 95% confidence intervals for kurtosis encompassed the value for a normal distribution in four of five observers. When examined with quantile-quantile plots, distributions were close to normal and showed no consistent deviations across observers. The retest distribution of MD is not significantly different from normal in healthy observers, and so is likely also normally distributed - or nearly so - in those with glaucoma. Our results increase our confidence in the results of influential modelling studies where a normal distribution for MD was assumed. © 2016 The Authors Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics © 2016 The College of Optometrists.


    A. Stryzhniou


    Full Text Available The paper considers a structural flowchart of a typical digital servo system and its operational principle. A method for determination of the unbalanced load effect on the accuracy of the system operation is described in the paper. The paper proposes a method for compensation of the  unbalanced load influence on the system operation. The experimental verification of the unbalanced load effect on the operational accuracy of the servo system and compensation of these influences have been executed in the paper.

  13. Modelling and closed loop control of near-field acoustically levitated objects

    Ilssar, Dotan; Flashner, Henryk


    The present paper introduces a novel approach for modelling the governing, slow dynamics of near-field acoustically levitated objects. This model is sufficiently simple and concise to enable designing a closed-loop controller, capable of accurate vertical positioning of a carried object. The near-field acoustic levitation phenomenon exploits the compressibility, the nonlinearity and the viscosity of the gas trapped between a rapidly oscillating surface and a freely suspended planar object, to elevate its time averaged pressure above the ambient pressure. By these means, the vertical position of loads weighing up to several kilograms can be varied between dozens and hundreds of micrometers. The simplified model developed in this paper is a second order ordinary differential equation where the height-dependent stiffness and damping terms of the gas layer are derived explicitly. This simplified model replaces a traditional model consisting of the equation of motion of the levitated object, coupled to a nonlinear...

  14. Close-field electroporation gene delivery using the cochlear implant electrode array enhances the bionic ear.

    Pinyon, Jeremy L; Tadros, Sherif F; Froud, Kristina E; Y Wong, Ann C; Tompson, Isabella T; Crawford, Edward N; Ko, Myungseo; Morris, Renée; Klugmann, Matthias; Housley, Gary D


    The cochlear implant is the most successful bionic prosthesis and has transformed the lives of people with profound hearing loss. However, the performance of the "bionic ear" is still largely constrained by the neural interface itself. Current spread inherent to broad monopolar stimulation of the spiral ganglion neuron somata obviates the intrinsic tonotopic mapping of the cochlear nerve. We show in the guinea pig that neurotrophin gene therapy integrated into the cochlear implant improves its performance by stimulating spiral ganglion neurite regeneration. We used the cochlear implant electrode array for novel "close-field" electroporation to transduce mesenchymal cells lining the cochlear perilymphatic canals with a naked complementary DNA gene construct driving expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and a green fluorescent protein (GFP) reporter. The focusing of electric fields by particular cochlear implant electrode configurations led to surprisingly efficient gene delivery to adjacent mesenchymal cells. The resulting BDNF expression stimulated regeneration of spiral ganglion neurites, which had atrophied 2 weeks after ototoxic treatment, in a bilateral sensorineural deafness model. In this model, delivery of a control GFP-only vector failed to restore neuron structure, with atrophied neurons indistinguishable from unimplanted cochleae. With BDNF therapy, the regenerated spiral ganglion neurites extended close to the cochlear implant electrodes, with localized ectopic branching. This neural remodeling enabled bipolar stimulation via the cochlear implant array, with low stimulus thresholds and expanded dynamic range of the cochlear nerve, determined via electrically evoked auditory brainstem responses. This development may broadly improve neural interfaces and extend molecular medicine applications.

  15. Massive and massless neutrinos on unbalanced seesaws

    XING Zhi-Zhong


    The observation of neutrino oscillations requires new physics beyond the standard model (SM).A SM-like gauge theory with p lepton families can be extended by introducing q heavy right-handed Majorana neutrinos but preserving its SU(2)L x U(1)y gauge symmetry.The overall neutrino mass matrix M turns out to be a symmetric (p+q) x (p+q) matrix.Given p>q,the rank of M is in general equal to 2q,corresponding to 2q non-zero mass eigenvalues.The existence of (p-q) massless left-handed Majorana neutrinos is an exact consequence of the model,independent of the usual approximation made in deriving the Type-I seesaw relation between the effective p x p light Majorana neutrino mass matrix M,and the q x q heavy Majorana neutrino mass matrix MR.In other words,the numbers of massive left- and right-handed neutrinos are fairly matched.A good example to illustrate this "seesaw fair play rule"is the minimal seesaw model with p = 3 and q = 2,in which one masslese neutrino sits on the unbalanced seesaw.

  16. Lithium-Ion Batteries: Thermal Behaviour Investigation of Unbalanced Modules

    Odile Capron; Ahmadou Samba; Noshin Omar; Thierry Coosemans; Peter Vanden Bossche; Joeri VanMierlo


      In this paper, the thermal behaviour of an unbalanced battery module made of large lithium iron phosphate cylindrical cells of 18 Ah nominal capacity is investigated during its discharge with 18...


    Bittner, B.J.; Opperman, R.H.


    An improved transformer is invented for joining an unbalanced transmission means to a balanced transmission means and is useful, for example, in transmitting an electromagnetic signal from a coaxial cable to a balanced dipole antenna.

  18. Superconducting niobium nitride films deposited by unbalanced magnetron sputtering

    Olaya, J.J. [Departamento de Ingenieria Mecanica y Mecatronica, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Ciudad Universitaria, Carrera 30 Numero 45-03, Bogota (Colombia); Huerta, L. [Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Circuito exterior s/n, CU Coyoacan, Mexico D.F. 04510 (Mexico); Rodil, S.E. [Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Circuito exterior s/n, CU Coyoacan, Mexico D.F. 04510 (Mexico)], E-mail:; Escamilla, R. [Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Circuito exterior s/n, CU Coyoacan, Mexico D.F. 04510 (Mexico)


    Niobium nitride (NbN) thin films were deposited under different configurations of the magnetic field using a magnetron sputtering system. The magnetic field configuration varied from balanced to unbalanced leading to different growth conditions and film properties. The aim of the paper was to identify correlations between deposition conditions, film properties and the electrical properties, specially the superconductive critical temperature (T{sub C}). The results suggested that there is a critical deposition condition, having an optimum ion-atom arrival ratio that promotes a well ordered and textured nanocrystalline structure (cubic phase) with the minimum residual stress and only under this condition a high critical temperature (16K) was obtained. Lower T{sub C} values around 12K were obtained for the NbN samples having a lower degree of structural perfection and texture, and a larger fraction of intergranular voids. On the other hand, analysis of valence-band spectra showed that the contribution of the Nb 4d states remained essentially constant while the higher T{sub C} was correlated to a higher contribution of the N 2p states.

  19. Existence and uniqueness theorems for massless fields on a class of spacetimes with closed timelike curves

    Friedman, J L


    We study the massless scalar field on asymptotically flat spacetimes with closed timelike curves (CTC's), in which all future-directed CTC's traverse one end of a handle (wormhole) and emerge from the other end at an earlier time. For a class of static geometries of this type, and for smooth initial data with all derivatives in L_2 on {\\cI}^{-}, we prove existence of smooth solutions which are regular at null and spatial infinity (have finite energy and finite L_2-norm) and have the given initial data on \\cI^-. A restricted uniqueness theorem is obtained, applying to solutions that fall off in time at any fixed spatial position. For a complementary class of spacetimes in which CTC's are confined to a compact region, we show that when solutions exist they are unique in regions exterior to the CTC's. (We believe that more stringent uniqueness theorems hold, and that the present limitations are our own.) An extension of these results to Maxwell fields and massless spinor fields is sketched. Finally, we discuss a...

  20. Application of closed-form solutions to a mesh point field in silicon solar cells

    Lamorte, M. F.


    A computer simulation method is discussed that provides for equivalent simulation accuracy, but that exhibits significantly lower CPU running time per bias point compared to other techniques. This new method is applied to a mesh point field as is customary in numerical integration (NI) techniques. The assumption of a linear approximation for the dependent variable, which is typically used in the finite difference and finite element NI methods, is not required. Instead, the set of device transport equations is applied to, and the closed-form solutions obtained for, each mesh point. The mesh point field is generated so that the coefficients in the set of transport equations exhibit small changes between adjacent mesh points. Application of this method to high-efficiency silicon solar cells is described; and the method by which Auger recombination, ambipolar considerations, built-in and induced electric fields, bandgap narrowing, carrier confinement, and carrier diffusivities are treated. Bandgap narrowing has been investigated using Fermi-Dirac statistics, and these results show that bandgap narrowing is more pronounced and that it is temperature-dependent in contrast to the results based on Boltzmann statistics.

  1. The Influence of Magnetic Field Geometry on the Formation of Close-in Exoplanets

    Simon, Jacob B.


    Approximately half of Sun-like stars harbor exoplanets packed within a radius of ˜0.3 au, but the formation of these planets and why they form in only half of known systems are still not well understood. We employ a one-dimensional steady-state model to gain physical insight into the origin of these close-in exoplanets. We use Shakura & Sunyaev α values extracted from recent numerical simulations of protoplanetary disk accretion processes in which the magnitude of α, and thus the steady-state gas surface density, depend on the orientation of large-scale magnetic fields with respect to the disk’s rotation axis. Solving for the metallicity as a function of radius, we find that for fields anti-aligned with the rotation axis, the inner regions of our model disk often fall within a region of parameter space that is not suitable for planetesimal formation, whereas in the aligned case, the inner disk regions are likely to produce planetesimals through some combination of streaming instability and gravitational collapse, though the degree to which this is true depends on the assumed parameters of our model. More robustly, the aligned field case always produces higher concentrations of solids at small radii compared to the anti-aligned case. In the in situ formation model, this bimodal distribution of solid enhancement leads directly to the observed dichotomy in exoplanet orbital distances.

  2. Investigations of solutions of Einstein's field equations close to {lambda}-Taub-NUT

    Beyer, Florian [KTH Matematik, 10044 Stockholm (Sweden)], E-mail:


    We present investigations of a class of solutions of Einstein's field equations close to the family of {lambda}-Taub-NUT spacetimes. The studies are done using a numerical code introduced by the author elsewhere. One of the main technical complications is due to the paragraph -topology of the Cauchy surfaces. Complementing these numerical results with heuristic arguments, we are able to yield some first insights into the strong cosmic censorship issue and the conjectures by Belinskii, Khalatnikov and Lifschitz in this class of spacetimes. In particular, the current investigations suggest that strong cosmic censorship holds in this class. We further identify open issues in our current approach and point to future research projects.

  3. Open and closed loop manipulation of charged microchiplets in an electric field

    Lu, J. P., E-mail:; Thompson, J. D.; Whiting, G. L.; Biegelsen, D. K.; Raychaudhuri, S.; Lujan, R.; Veres, J.; Lavery, L. L.; Völkel, A. R.; Chow, E. M. [Palo Alto Research Center, Inc., 3333 Coyote Hill Rd., Palo Alto, California 94304 (United States)


    We demonstrate the ability to orient, position, and transport microchips (“chiplets”) with electric fields. In an open-loop approach, modified four phase traveling wave potential patterns manipulate chiplets in a dielectric solution using dynamic template agitation techniques. Repeatable parallel assembly of chiplets is demonstrated to a positional accuracy of 6.5 μm using electrodes of 200 μm pitch. Chiplets with dipole surface charge patterns are used to show that orientation can be controlled by adding unique charge patterns on the chiplets. Chip path routing is also demonstrated. With a closed-loop control system approach using video feedback, dielectric, and electrophoretic forces are used to achieve positioning accuracy of better than 1 μm with 1 mm pitch driving electrodes. These chip assembly techniques have the potential to enable future printer systems where inputs are electronic chiplets and the output is a functional electronic system.

  4. Substrate Heating Effect on c-Axis Texture and Piezoelectric Properties of AlN Thin Films Deposited by Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering

    Hasheminiasari, Masood; Lin, Jianliang


    Aluminum nitride (AlN) thin films with highly preferred (002) orientations have been reactively deposited by a pulsed-closed field unbalanced magnetron sputtering system using TiN/Ti as the seed/adhesion layer with various substrate temperatures. The texture, orientation and piezoelectric properties of AlN films were characterized by means of x-ray diffraction, rocking curves and laser interferometry. A Michelson laser interferometer was designed and built to obtain the converse piezoelectric response of the deposited AlN thin films. It was found that a slight substrate temperature increase would significantly affect the (002) orientation and the piezoelectric coefficient of AlN thin films compared to the coating obtained with no intentional substrate heating, while higher temperature applications on substrate deteriorated the c-axis texture of the coatings without significant improvement in the piezoelectric response of AlN films.

  5. Extracting Closed Classical Orbits from Quantum Recurrence Spectra of a Non-Hydrogenic Atom in Parallel Electric and Magnetic Fields

    WANG De-Hua; LIN Sheng-Lu


    @@ We show how to extract the closed orbits from the quantum spectra data. According to the closed orbit theory,each closed orbit produces a sharp peak in the recurrence spectra of a non-hydrogenic atom in parallel electric and magnetic fields. For a given initial state, closed-orbit theory gives the dependence of this recurrence amplitude on the initial angle of an orbit. By comparing the recurrence amplitude for different initial states, we can determine the initial angles of the closed classical orbits from the quantum recurrence spectra. Therefore, by integrating the Hamiltonian motion equations, we can obtain the closed orbits directly. This method can also be used to extract the closed orbits from the experimental data.

  6. Methods of Using a Magnetic Field Response Sensor Within Closed, Electrically Conductive Containers

    Woodward, Stanley E.; Taylor, Bryant D.


    Magnetic field response sensors are a class of sensors that are powered via oscillating magnetic fields, and when electrically active, respond with their own magnetic fields with attributes dependent upon the magnitude of the physical quantity being measured. A magnetic field response recorder powers and interrogates the magnetic sensors [see Magnetic-Field-Response Measurement- Acquisition System, NASA Tech Briefs Vol. 30, No, 6 (June 2006, page 28)]. Electrically conductive containers have low transmissivity for radio frequency (RF) energy and thus present problems for magnetic field response sensors. It is necessary in some applications to have a magnetic field response sensor s capacitor placed in these containers. Proximity to conductive surfaces alters the inductance and capacitance of the sensors. As the sensor gets closer to a conductive surface, the electric field and magnetic field energy of the sensor is reduced due to eddy currents being induced in the conductive surface. Therefore, the capacitors and inductors cannot be affixed to a conductive surface or embedded in a conductive material. It is necessary to have a fixed separation away from the conductive material. The minimum distance for separation is determined by the desired sensor response signal to noise ratio. Although the inductance is less than what it would be if it were not in proximity to the conductive surface, the inductance is fixed. As long as the inductance is fixed, all variations of the magnetic field response are due to capacitance changes. Numerous variations of inductor mounting can be utilized, such as providing a housing that provides separation from the conductive material as well as protection from impact damage. The sensor can be on the same flexible substrate with a narrow throat portion of the sensor between the inductor and the capacitor, Figure 1. The throat is of sufficient length to allow the capacitor to be appropriately placed within the container and the inductor

  7. The Influence of Magnetic Field Geometry on the Formation of Close-in Exoplanets

    Simon, Jacob B


    Approximately half of Sun-like stars harbor exoplanets packed within a radius of ~0.3 AU, but the formation of these planets and why they form in only half of known systems are still not well understood. We employ a one-dimensional steady state model to gain physical insight into the origin of these close-in exoplanets. We use Shakura & Sunyaev alpha values extracted from recent numerical simulations of protoplanetary disk accretion processes in which the magnitude of alpha, and thus the steady-state gas surface density, depends on the orientation of large scale magnetic fields with respect to the disk's rotation axis. Solving for the metallicity as a function of radius, we find that for fields anti-aligned with the rotation axis, the inner regions of our model disk often falls within a region of parameter space not suitable for planetesimal formation, whereas in the aligned case, the inner disk regions are likely to produce planetesimals through some combination of streaming instability and gravitational...

  8. Determination of magnetic-field components from inner-corona closed-loop propagation and IPS analysis

    Jackson, Bernard; Tokumaru, Munetoshi; Gonzalez-Esparza, Americo; Hick, P.; Buffington, Andrew; Hong, Sunhak; Bisi, Mario M.; Kim, Jaehun; Yu, Hsiu-Shan


    We find that a portion of the interplanetary magnetic field measured in situ near Earth is present from a direct outward mapping of closed fields from the low solar corona. The Current-Sheet Source Surface (CSSS) model (Zhao & Hoeksema, 1995 JGR 100, 19), extrapolate magnetogram-derived fields upward from near the solar surface. Global velocities and densities inferred from a combination of observations of interplanetary scintillation (IPS), matched to in-situ velocities and densities measured by spacecraft instrumentation, then provide an accurate outward timing to 1 AU using the UCSD tomography model that assumes conservation of mass and mass flux. All three field components at 1 AU are present including the north-south (or Bn) component field, and are compared with the appropriate ACE magnetometer in-situ (RTN) field coordinate. A significant positive daily correlation variation sometimes as high as 0.8 exists between these closed loop components and those determined by in-situ measurement over the last ten years for individual Carrington rotations. We determine that a consistent small fraction of the static low-coronal component flux (˜2%), that includes the Bn component, regularly escapes from closed-field regions. However, this percentage of closed projected fields relative to those measured in situ at Earth varies somewhat, indicating that a more efficient process for this flux propagation exists at the peak of the solar cycle than at its minimum. Since the Bn field provides the major portion of the Geocentric Solar Magnetospheric (GSM) Bz field component that couples most closely to the Earth's geomagnetic field, the prospects of using this technique for space weather predictions are being actively developed.

  9. Eclipse Timing Variation Analyses of Eccentric Binaries with Close Tertiaries in the Kepler field

    Borkovits, Tamas; Hajdu, Tamas; Sztakovics, Janos


    We report eclipse timing variation analyses of 26 compact hierarchical triple stars comprised of an eccentric eclipsing ('inner') binary and a relatively close tertiary component found in the {\\em Kepler} field. We simultaneously fit the primary and secondary $O-C$ curves of each system for the light-travel time effect (LTTE), as well as dynamical perturbations caused by the tertiary on different timescales. For the first time, we include those contributions of three-body interactions which originate from the eccentric nature of the inner binary. These effects manifest themselves both on the period of the triple system, $P_2$, and on the longer "apse-node" timescale. We demonstrate that consideration of the dynamically forced rapid apsidal motion yields an efficient and independent tool for the determination of the binary orbit's eccentricity and orientation, as well as the 3D configuration of the triple. Modeling the forced apsidal motion also helps to resolve the degeneracy between the shapes of the LTTE an...

  10. Spatial kinematics of Brightest Cluster Galaxies and their close companions from Integral Field Unit spectroscopy

    Brough, S; Sharp, R G; von der Linden, A; Couch, Warrick J


    We present Integral Field Unit (IFU) spectroscopy of four brightest cluster galaxies (BCGs) at z~0.1. Three of the BCGs have close companions within a projected radius of 20 kpc and one has no companion within that radius. We calculate the dynamical masses of the BCGs and their companions to be 1.4x10^11

  11. The real-time measurement of welding temperature field and closed-loop control of isotherm width

    张华; 潘际銮; 廖宝剑


    The real-time measurement of welding temperature field by colorimetric method is described, and with the data acquired from it closed-loop control system of the parameters of temperature field is developed and tested. Experimental results prove that it has high measurement speed (time of a field within 0.5s) and good dynamic response quality. Weld penetration can be controlled satisfactorily under unstable welding condition.

  12. The close environment of 24 micron galaxies at 0.6field

    Caputi, K I; Bolzonella, M; Lilly, S J; Zamorani, G; Aussel, H; Sanders, D; Bardelli, S; Bongiorno, A; Contini, T; Coppa, G; Cucciati, O; De la Torre, S; de Ravel, L; Franzetti, P; Frayer, D; Garilli, B; Iovino, A; Kampczyk, P; Kneib, J -P; Knobel, C; Lamareille, F; Le Borgne, J F; Le Brun, V; Le Fèvre, O; Le Floc'h, E; Leauthaud, A; Maier, C; Mainieri, V; Mignoli, M; Pellò, R; Peng, Y; Pérez-Montero, E; Ricciardelli, E; Salvato, M; Scodeggio, M; Scoville, N; Silverman, Joseph; Surace, J; Tanaka, M; Tasca, L; Tresse, L; Vergani, D; Zucca, E; Abbas, U; Bottini, D; Capak, P; Cappi, A; Carollo, C M; Cassata, P; Cimatti, A; Fumana, M; Ilbert, O; Kartaltepe, J; MacCagni, D; Marinoni, C; McCracken, H; Memeo, P; Meneux, B; Oesch, P; Porciani, C; Pozzetti, L; Renzini, A; Scaramella, R; Scarlata, C


    We investigate the close environment of 203 Spitzer 24 micron-selected sources at 0.61.4. We find that LIRGs at 0.61.4 within 1 Mpc and +/- 500 km/s). The contrast between the activities of the close environments of LIRGs and ULIRGs appears especially enhanced in the COSMOS field density peak at z~0.67, because LIRGs on this peak have a larger fraction of passive neighbours, while ULIRGs have as active close environments as those outside the large-scale structure. The differential environmental activity is related to the differences in the distributions of stellar mass ratios between LIRGs/ULIRGs and their close neighbours, as well as in the general local density fields. At 0.8

  13. Inherited unbalanced structural chromosome abnormalities at prenatal chromosome analysis are rarely ascertained through recurrent miscarriage

    Franssen, M. T. M.; Korevaar, J. C.; Tjoa, W. M.; Leschot, N. J.; Bossuyt, P. M. M.; Knegt, A. C.; Suykerbuyk, R. F.; Hochstenbach, R.; van der Veen, F.; Goddijn, M.


    Objective To determine the mode of ascertainment of inherited unbalanced structural chromosome abnormalities detected at prenatal chromosome analysis. Methods From the databases of three centres for clinical genetics in the Netherlands, all cases of inherited unbalanced structural chromosome abnorma

  14. Inherited unbalanced structural chromosome abnormalities at prenatal chromosome analysis are rarely ascertained through recurrent miscarriage

    Franssen, M. T. M.; Korevaar, J. C.; Tjoa, W. M.; Leschot, N. J.; Bossuyt, P. M. M.; Knegt, A. C.; Suykerbuyk, R. F.; Hochstenbach, R.; van der Veen, F.; Goddijn, M.


    Objective To determine the mode of ascertainment of inherited unbalanced structural chromosome abnormalities detected at prenatal chromosome analysis. Methods From the databases of three centres for clinical genetics in the Netherlands, all cases of inherited unbalanced structural chromosome abnorma

  15. Investigation of Unbalanced Magnetic Force in Magnetic Geared Machine Using Analytical Methods

    Zhang, Xiaoxu; Liu, Xiao; Chen, Zhe


    The electromagnetic structure of the magnetic geared machine (MGM) may induce a significant unbalanced magnetic force (UMF). However, few methods have been developed to theoretically reveal the essential reasons for this issue in the MGM. In this paper, an analytical method based on an air-gap...... relative permeance theory is first developed to qualitatively study the origins of the UMF in the MGM. By means of formula derivations, three kinds of magnetic field behaviors in the air gaps are found to be the potential sources of UMF. It is also proved that the UMF is possible to avoid by design choices...... the results achieved by the developed analytical methods....

  16. Robust estimation of unbalanced mixture models on samples with outliers.

    Galimzianova, Alfiia; Pernuš, Franjo; Likar, Boštjan; Špiclin, Žiga


    Mixture models are often used to compactly represent samples from heterogeneous sources. However, in real world, the samples generally contain an unknown fraction of outliers and the sources generate different or unbalanced numbers of observations. Such unbalanced and contaminated samples may, for instance, be obtained by high density data sensors such as imaging devices. Estimation of unbalanced mixture models from samples with outliers requires robust estimation methods. In this paper, we propose a novel robust mixture estimator incorporating trimming of the outliers based on component-wise confidence level ordering of observations. The proposed method is validated and compared to the state-of-the-art FAST-TLE method on two data sets, one consisting of synthetic samples with a varying fraction of outliers and a varying balance between mixture weights, while the other data set contained structural magnetic resonance images of the brain with tumors of varying volumes. The results on both data sets clearly indicate that the proposed method is capable to robustly estimate unbalanced mixtures over a broad range of outlier fractions. As such, it is applicable to real-world samples, in which the outlier fraction cannot be estimated in advance.

  17. Visualization in Mechanics: The Dynamics of an Unbalanced Roller

    Cumber, Peter S.


    It is well known that mechanical engineering students often find mechanics a difficult area to grasp. This article describes a system of equations describing the motion of a balanced and an unbalanced roller constrained by a pivot arm. A wide range of dynamics can be simulated with the model. The equations of motion are embedded in a graphical…

  18. Clinical Expression of an Inherited Unbalanced Translocation in Chromosome 6

    Bani Bandana Ganguly


    Full Text Available Unbalanced chromosomal rearrangements are not common; however, they have a significant clinical expression. The parental balanced translocation produces unbalanced chromosome, which is transmitted to next generation through fertilization of gametes carrying the derivative chromosome. The carriers of balanced rearrangements mostly do not have recognizable phenotypic expression. We report a family comprising of healthy and non-consanguineous young parents and their preemie newborn severely affected with congenital anomalies and systemic disorders. Conventional Gbanding analysis of somatic chromosomes identified a balanced translocation, t(6;10(p23;q24, in mother and an unbalanced rearrangement, der(6t(6:10(p23;q24mat, in the child. The child has inherited a derivative chromosome 6 with partial deletion of 6(p23-pter and partial trisomy 10(q24-qter, which has resulted in fusion of genes of two different chromosomes. The prominent phenotypic features of del(6p, including high forehead, flat nasal bridge, agenesis of left ear, atrial septal defect (ASD, craniosynostosis, and growth retardation, are overlapping with specific Axenfeld-Reiger-, Larsen-, and Ritscher-Sinzel/3-C syndromes, however, lacking in ocular anomalies, skeletal laxity, or cerebellar malformation. Therefore, this paper rules out the isolated effect of del(6p23 or trisomy 10(q24 on distinct previously reported syndromes and proposes the combined effect of unbalanced chromosomal alteration.

  19. Visualization in Mechanics: The Dynamics of an Unbalanced Roller

    Cumber, Peter S.


    It is well known that mechanical engineering students often find mechanics a difficult area to grasp. This article describes a system of equations describing the motion of a balanced and an unbalanced roller constrained by a pivot arm. A wide range of dynamics can be simulated with the model. The equations of motion are embedded in a graphical…

  20. Transfer-matrix simulations of field emission from bundles of open and closed (5,5) carbon nanotubes

    Mayer, A.; Miskovsky, N. M.; Cutler, P. H.; Lambin, Ph.


    We present simulations of field emission from bundles of metallic (5,5) carbon nanotubes, which are either ideally open or closed. The scattering calculations are achieved using a transfer-matrix methodology for consideration of three-dimensional aspects of both the emitting structure and the surface barrier. Band-structure effects are reproduced by using pseudopotentials and enforcing the incident states to first travel through a periodic repetition of the tubes’ basic cell before entering the region containing the fields. The bundles consist of three and six identical structures, which are placed at the corners of equilateral triangles. In all cases, the closed emitters are found to emit less current than the open ones and to be more sensitive to the electric field in their response to neighboring tubes. Due to the enhanced screening of the electric field, the bundles’ emission rates are reduced compared to those of the isolated tubes. It turns out that the rates characterizing bundle and isolated emitters are related by a simple formula, whose dependence on the electric field suggests deviations from the Fowler-Nordheim equation at high fields. Finally, the position of peaks associated with quasilocalized states on top of the closed emitters appears to be a strong indicator of the tubes’ environment.

  1. Coal Fields - MO 2015 Closed Non-coal Mine Shafts (SHP)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — This data set contains the locations and descriptions of abandoned non-coal mine shafts in Missouri closed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR),...

  2. Open and Closed String Vertices for branes with magnetic field and T-duality

    Pesando, I


    We discuss carefully the vertices which describe the dipole open strings and closed strings on a D-brane with magnetic flux on a torus. Translation invariance along closed cycles forces surprisingly closed string vertices written in open string formalism to acquire Chan-Paton like matrices. Moreover the one loop amplitudes have a single trace for the part of gauge group with the magnetic flux. These peculiarities are also required by consistency of the action of T-duality in the open string sector. In this way we can show to all orders in perturbation theory the equivalence of the T-dual open string theories, gravitational interactions included. We provide also a new and direct derivation of the bosonic boundary state in presence of constant magnetic and Kalb-Ramond background based on Sciuto-Della Selva-Saito vertex formalism.

  3. Open and closed string vertices for branes with magnetic field and T-duality

    Pesando, Igor


    We discuss carefully the vertices which describe the dipole open strings and closed strings on a D-brane with magnetic flux on a torus. Translation invariance along closed cycles forces surprisingly closed string vertices written in open string formalism to acquire Chan-Paton like matrices. Moreover the one loop amplitudes have a single trace for the part of gauge group with the magnetic flux. These peculiarities are also required by consistency of the action of T-duality in the open string sector. In this way we can show to all orders in perturbation theory the equivalence of the T-dual open string theories, gravitational interactions included. We provide also a new and direct derivation of the bosonic boundary state in presence of constant magnetic and Kalb-Ramond background based on Sciuto-Della Selva-Saito vertex formalism.

  4. Comparative study of niobium nitride coatings deposited by unbalanced and balanced magnetron sputtering

    Olaya, J.J. [Departamento de Ingenieria Mecanica y Mecatronica, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota Colombia (Colombia); Rodil, S.E. [Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico D. F. 04510 (Mexico); Muhl, S. [Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico D. F. 04510 (Mexico)], E-mail:


    Niobium nitride (NbN) coatings have many interesting properties such as chemical inertness, excellent mechanical properties, high electrical conductivity, high melting point, and a superconducting transition temperature between 16 and 17 K. For this reason, these compounds have many potential thin film applications. In this work we compare the properties of NbN{sub x} films deposited using well-characterized balanced and unbalanced magnetron sputtering systems. Samples of NbN were deposited in the two systems under almost identical deposition conditions, that is, the same substrate temperature, plasma power, gas pressure, substrate to target distance and Ar/N{sub 2} ratio. Prior to the film preparation both the magnetic field geometry and the characteristics of the plasma were determined. The microstructure and composition of the deposits were analyzed by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The corrosion resistance and the micro-abrasion wear resistance were measured by anodic polarization potentiodynamic studies and by ball cratering, respectively. The NbN films grown using the highly unbalanced magnetron configuration had a preferential (111) crystal orientation and a composite hardness of up to 2400 HV{sub 0.025}. While the films deposited using the balanced magnetron had a mixed crystalline orientation and a hardness of 2000 HV{sub 0.025}. The results demonstrate the strong effect of magnetic field configuration on the ion bombardment, and the resultant coating characteristics.

  5. Unbalanced Load Simulation of Electronic Power Transformer in Distribution System

    Wang Dan; Mao Chengxiong; Lu Jiming; Fan Shu; Cao Jiewei; Wang Ben


    A control scheme of electronic power transformer (EPT) in a three-phase four-wire distribution system, which included an input section, an isolating section and an output section, was researched under unbalanced loads. The simple and appropriate control scheme was developed through analyzing the system requirements of the primary side and the load requirements of the secondary side. In the input section, a dual-loop control in synchronous rotating d-q coordinates was introduced, and in the output section, a dual-loop control based on instantaneous output voltage wasused. Load characteristics of EPT were investigated by using Matlab/Simulink software. Simulation results showed that, with the proposed control scheme, the EPT has good performances and the sinusoidal input current and constant output voltage can be realized under both balanced and unbalanced loads.

  6. Design and simulation of a sensor for heliostat field closed loop control

    Collins, Mike; Potter, Daniel; Burton, Alex


    Significant research has been completed in pursuit of capital cost reductions for heliostats [1],[2]. The camera array closed loop control concept has potential to radically alter the way heliostats are controlled and installed by replacing high quality open loop targeting systems with low quality targeting devices that rely on measurement of image position to remove tracking errors during operation. Although the system could be used for any heliostat size, the system significantly benefits small heliostats by reducing actuation costs, enabling large numbers of heliostats to be calibrated simultaneously, and enabling calibration of heliostats that produce low irradiance (similar or less than ambient light images) on Lambertian calibration targets, such as small heliostats that are far from the tower. A simulation method for the camera array has been designed and verified experimentally. The simulation tool demonstrates that closed loop calibration or control is possible using this device.

  7. Using MLPA method for determining unbalanced changes in genome

    KŘÍHOVÁ, Miroslava


    Unbalanced chromosomal structural changes are connected with the presence of supernumerary particular part of chromosome, or the chromosome is absenting. MLPA is a method based on PCR principal, which amplifies MLPA probes, not the target sequences. MLPA probes hybridize to target sequences and then ligate them. Only one pair of primers is used. In the theoretical part the MLPA method is presented. Additionally, other diagnostics method of clinical genetic are mentioned (for example PCR, FISH...

  8. Dynamics of a probe null string in the gravitational field of a closed null string radially collapsing in the plane

    Lelyakov, A. P.; Karpenko, A. S.


    We consider the dynamics of a probe null string in the gravitational field of a closed ( "thick") null string radially collapsing in a plane. Analysis of the obtained solutions suggests that there might exist several properties of a null-string gas interesting from the cosmological standpoint, such as acceleration of expansion or contraction, a granular structure of the gas, the emergence of stable polarized states, and a domain structure.

  9. The mathematical models of electromagnetic field dynamics and heat transfer in closed electrical contacts including Thomson effect

    Kharin, Stanislav; Sarsengeldin, Merey; Kassabek, Samat


    We represent mathematical models of electromagnetic field dynamics and heat transfer in closed symmetric and asymmetric electrical contacts including Thomson effect, which are essentially nonlinear due to the dependence of thermal and electrical conductivities on temperature. Suggested solutions are based on the assumption of identity of equipotentials and isothermal surfaces, which agrees with experimental data and valid for both linear and nonlinear cases. Well known Kohlrausch temperature-potential relation is analytically justified.

  10. Three-Phase Load Flow for Unbalanced Systems.

    Chang, Yih-Ping

    Traditionally, transmission systems are assumed to be balanced in power system analysis. A single phase positive sequence circuit is used in transmission system load flow analysis to simplify the study. However, when untransposed transmission lines are used in a power system due to economic considerations, space limitation; or when large unbalanced load is on the system; or when an unbalance contingency occurs on the system, this assumption may not hold true. The unbalance condition in some isolated systems are so precarious that disaster can result. One such incident occurred on a generator unit of the third nuclear power plant of Taipower in 1985. In that particular case, the turbine blades were broken and a spark ignited the liquid hydrogen when the blade vibration resonated with the 120.5 Hz rotor current. One cause of this rotor current generation is system unbalance. The unbalanced three-phase load flow program is needed in today's power system analysis. An advanced three-phase unbalanced transmission load flow program, capable of locating the unbalanced problem of large electric network systems, was proposed to be developed and tested in this research. Features of this program include simultaneous power flow of multiple voltage levels on an individual phase basis; PV bus generator, cogenerator, transformer simulation, and load modeling. It is found that delta-grounded wye step-up transformer reduces the convergence speed greatly. When too many delta-grounded wye step-up transformers exist in a large scale system and a quick approximate result of the unbalance conditions is needed, these step-up transformers can be substituted by grounded-wye to grounded-wye type transformers. This is tested on a Taipower system case which included 345KV, 161KV and 69KV feeders, network transformers, 34 PV bus generators and 188 three-phase buses. Impending unbalance problems in Taipower system were located. When not too many delta-grounded wye type transformers are in the

  11. Transport coefficients of O(N) scalar field theories close to the critical point

    Nakano, Eiji; Friman, Bengt


    We investigate the critical dynamics of O(N)-symmetric scalar field theories to determine the critical exponents of transport coefficients as a second-order phase transition is approached from the symmetric phase. A set of stochastic equations of motion for the slow modes is formulated, and the long wavelength dynamics is examined for an arbitrary number of field components, $N$, in the framework of the dynamical renormalization group within the $\\epsilon$ expansion. We find that for a single component scalar field theory, N=1, the system reduces to the model C of critical dynamics, whereas for $N>1$ the model G is effectively restored owing to dominance of O(N)-symmetric charge fluctuations. In both cases, the shear viscosity remains finite in the critical region. On the other hand, we find that the bulk viscosity diverges as the correlation length squared, for N=1, whereas it remains finite for $N>1$.

  12. Relationships between Unbalanced Diets of Students Training to be National Registered Dietitians and Their Views on Food Education

    江田, 節子


    About 90% of the students thought unbalanced diets are undesirable whether they took balanced or unbalanced diets. However, although the students were willing to participate in general food education as a nutritional counselor in the future, those who took unbalanced diets were less enthusiastic in guidance for correcting unbalanced diets than those who took balanced diets. The data confirmed that the students had received a limited amount of guidance for correcting unbalanced diets at school...

  13. Closed-loop torque feedback for a universal field-oriented controller

    De Doncker, Rik W. A. A.; King, Robert D.; Sanza, Peter C.; Haefner, Kenneth B.


    A torque feedback system is employed in a universal field-oriented (UFO) controller to tune a torque-producing current command and a slip frequency command in order to achieve robust torque control of an induction machine even in the event of current regulator errors and during transitions between pulse width modulated (PWM) and square wave modes of operation.

  14. 78 FR 24765 - Notice of Intent To Close 16 Field Offices


    ... innovative approaches to space management and alternative workplace arrangements. Agencies are also directed... will result from the reorganization; (3) a study of the impact on the local economy; and (4) an... reduction in the number of field offices helps will save money while still ensuring that HUD can...

  15. Frequency Shift and Sub-band Effect in Pair-Production Process Under Adiabatic Closing the External Field

    Song, Xinfang; Wang, Wenyuan; Fu, Libin


    Oscillating electric field is chosen to investigate the electron-positron pair production process by using a quantum kinetic theory and the effective mass model [Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 050402 (2014)]. The particle yield exhibits a characteristic oscillatory structure which is related to the multi-photon thresholds. The true peak positions are typically slightly above the naive threshold estimate, which is defined as frequency shift. During the numerical calculations, we find the frequency shift can be affected by the system parameters under adiabatic closing the external field, it is worthwhile to study in detail. In this paper, we investigate the frequency shift and the sub-band effect in electron-positron pair production with oscillating electric field. First, a quantum kinetic theory and the effective mass are presented to obtain the frequency shift, the results are fitted very well. And we find the frequency shift and the sub-band effect can be influenced by pulse duration, photon number, and strength of the external field. The frequency shift becomes evident as increases of photon number and the external field strength. The sub-band width is relatively lower at longer pulse duration, higher photon number region, and weaker external field. The results shown in the paper are helpful for understanding multi-photon pair production process in the strong field.

  16. Electric Mars: A Large Trans-Terminator Electric Potential Drop on Closed Magnetic Field Lines Above Utopia Planitia

    Collinson, Glyn; Mitchell, David; Xu, Shaosui; Glocer, Alex; Grebowsky, Joseph; Hara, Takuya; Lillis, Robert; Espley, Jared; Mazelle, Christian; Sauvaud, Jean-Andre


    Abstract Parallel electric fields and their associated electric potential structures play a crucial role inionospheric-magnetospheric interactions at any planet. Although there is abundant evidence that parallel electric fields play key roles in Martian ionospheric outflow and auroral electron acceleration, the fields themselves are challenging to directly measure due to their relatively weak nature. Using measurements by the Solar Wind Electron Analyzer instrument aboard the NASA Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN(MAVEN) Mars Scout, we present the discovery and measurement of a substantial (Phi) Mars 7.7 +/-0.6 V) parallel electric potential drop on closed magnetic field lines spanning the terminator from day to night above the great impact basin of Utopia Planitia, a region largely free of crustal magnetic fields. A survey of the previous 26 orbits passing over a range of longitudes revealed similar signatures on seven orbits, with a mean potential drop (Phi) Mars of 10.9 +/- 0.8 V, suggestive that although trans-terminator electric fields of comparable strength are not ubiquitous, they may be common, at least at these northerly latitudes.

  17. Corrigendum: "Extracting Closed Classical Orbits from Quantum Recurrence Spectra of a Non-Hydrogenic Atom in Parallel Electric and Magnetic Fields"

    WANG De-Hua


    @@ In a paper published by us,[1] we studied how to extract the closed orbit of the non-hydrogenic atom in parallel electric and magnetic fields. However, there was another paper published in 1996 by Courtney,[2] which studied the initial conditions of closed classical orbits from quantum spectra of hydrogen atom in magnetic field.

  18. Confining a closed configuration of a liquid with an electromagnetic field

    Getselev, Z.N.; Martynov, G.I.


    The authors consider an arrangement for electromagnetic ingot shaping. A liquid metal mass is contained by electromagnetic forces excited in its surface layer, where the field intensity is adjusted by a shield. The mass forces which maintain the configuration of the ingot during cooling are broken down into potential and vortex forces. Surface tension forces are not considered in the analysis since the meniscus surface curvature is small and the energy of the mass forces exceeds that of the surface forces by several times. An analytical procedure for computing the potential and vortex fields of force is developed for two special cases of the liquid phase surface shape. Formulas are derived for the acting electromagnetic force, the potential of the mass forces, the vortex mass force and the maximum mechanical energy of the vortex forces at any point in the liquid phase, where the liquid phase is limited to the following cases: (a) a rectangular meniscus; (b) a meniscus of constant slope; (c) a hardened flat wall, at the surface of which the electromagnetic force is constant. The distribution and relationship of the mass potential and vortex forces acting in the melt are shown graphically.

  19. Active Control for Multinode Unbalanced Vibration of Flexible Spindle Rotor System with Active Magnetic Bearing

    Xiaoli Qiao; Guojun Hu


    The unbalanced vibration of the spindle rotor system in high-speed cutting processes not only seriously affects the surface quality of the machined products, but also greatly reduces the service life of the electric spindle. However, since the unbalanced vibration is often distributed on different node positions, the multinode unbalanced vibration greatly exacerbates the difficulty of vibration control. Based on the traditional influence coefficient method for controlling the vibration of a f...

  20. A closely-spaced magnetotelluric study of the Ahuachapan-Chipilapa geothermal field, El Salvador

    Romo, Jose Manuel; Flores, Carlos; Vega, Raymundo; Vazquez, Rogelio; Flores, Marco A. Perez; Trevino, Enrique Gomez; Esparza, Francisco J.; Garcia, Victor H. [Centro de Investigacion Cientifica y de Educacion Superior de Ensenada, Baja California (Mexico); Quijano, Julio E. [Comision Ejecutiva Hidroelectrica del Rio Lempa (CEL), Santa Tecla (El Salvador)


    The distribution of electrical conductivity beneath the Ahuachapan-Chipilapa geothermal area was simulated using 2-D models based on 126 closely-spaced magnetotelluric (MT) measurements. The observed MT response was interpreted as being produced by the superposition of two orthogonal geological structural systems: an approximately E-W regional trend associated with the Central Graben structure, which affects the loner period response, and a local and younger N-S fault system that is responsible for the short-to-intermediate period data. The MT response in the 0.02-10 s range period was used to simulate the conductivity structure within the first 2 km depth. By correlating the low-resistivity zones between twelve 2-D models, maps of the spatial distribution of conductors at three different depth levels were constructed. Three deep conductors were identified, one of the associated with the Ahuachapan reservoir, another apparently related to the Laguna Verde volcano, and a third one controlled by El Tortuguero Graben. The subsurface geometry of these conductivity anomalies suggests that the the Chipilapa and La Labor hot springs are supplied by two separate sources of hot fluids, one coming from the east and the other from the south or southwest. The distribution of the shallow high-conductivity zones agrees with the hydrothermal alteration zones mapped at the surface, suggesting that at shallow levels the argillitization process contributes significantly to the low resistivity. The large number of drillholes and the dense MT site coverage allowed the definition of important correlations between high temperatures and high conductivity, as well as between deep conductivity anomalies and productive wells. On this basis two years for future drilling are proposed. (Author)

  1. Contact-free measurement of the flow field of a liquid metal inside a closed container

    Heinicke Christiane


    Full Text Available The measurement of flow velocities inside metal melts is particularly challenging. Due to the high temperatures of the melts it is impossible to employ measurement techniques that require either mechanical contact with the melt or are only adaptable to translucent fluids. In the past years a number of electromagnetic techniques have been developed that allows a contact-free measurement of volume flows. One of these techniques is the so-called Lorentz Force Velocimetry (LFV in which the metal flow is exposed to an external, permanent magnetic field. The interaction between the metal and the magnet not only leads to a force on the fluid, but also on the magnet. The force can be measured and is proportional to the velocity of the melt. Moreover, by using a small permanent magnet it is possible to resolve spatial structures inside the flow.We will demonstrate this using a model experiment that has been investigated with different reference techniques previously. The experimental setup is a cylindrical vessel filled with a eutectic alloy which is liquid at room temperature. The liquid metal can be set into motion by means of a propeller at the top of the liquid. Depending on the direction of rotation of the propeller, the flow inside the vessel takes on different states. Beside the vessel, we place a Lorentz Force Flowmeter (LFF equipped with a small permanent magnet. By measuring the force on the magnet at different positions and different rotation speeds, we demonstrate that we can qualitatively and quantitatively reconstruct the flow field inside the vessel.

  2. Unbalanced Magnetic Force Calculation in Brushless DC Motors

    Z. Valipoor


    Full Text Available In this paper, an analytical method to calculate the unbalance magnetic pull forces (UMP due to the eccentricity of the rotor with considering the slots impact, is presented. Unbalanced magnetic pull is important because it affects the wear on the bearings as well as noise and vibration. The results of the analytical method, using finite element analysis for a prototype motor, were valid. Some force harmonics have the potential to produce noise and vibration. In order to detect harmonics of unbalance magnet forces, Depending on the fault frequency, the stator currents and spectrum of the vibrations have been analyzed

  3. Successive projection method for solving the unbalanced Procrustes problem

    ZHANG Zhenyue; DU Keqin


    We present a successive projection method for solving the unbalanced Procrustes problem: given matrix A ∈ Rn×n and B ∈ Rn×κ, n >κ, minimize the residual ‖AQ - B‖F with the orthonormal constraint QTQ = Iκ on the variant Q ∈ Rn×κ. The presented algorithm consists of solving k least squares problems with quadratic constraints and an expanded balance problem at each sweep. We give a detailed convergence analysis. Numerical experiments reported in this paper show that our new algorithm is superior to other existing methods.

  4. Control Strategy for Microgrid Inverter under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Conditions

    Guo, Xiaoqiang; Liu, Wenzhao; Zhang, X.


    This paper presents the theoretical analysis of the inherent reason of current harmonic and power oscillation phenomena in case of operating the microgrid inverter under unbalanced grid voltage conditions. In order to flexibly control the current harmonic and power oscillation, a new stationary...... frame control strategy is proposed. It has a simple control structure due to no need of a phase-locked loop and voltage/current positive/negative sequence extraction calculation. The coordinate control of power and current quality is achieved, which enhances the operation performance of microgrid...

  5. Identification of Unbalanced Aberrations in the Genome of Equine Sarcoid Cells Using CGH Technique

    Monika Bugno-Poniewierska; Beata Staroń; Leszek Potocki; Artur Gurgul; Maciej Wnuk


    ...) technique identifying the unbalanced chromosome aberrations was used to analyze the genome of equine sarcoid cells and to diagnose the chromosome rearrangements involving large deletions or amplification...

  6. An unbalanced spectra classification method based on entropy

    Liu, Zhong-bao; Zhao, Wen-juan


    How to solve the problem of distinguishing the minority spectra from the majority of the spectra is quite important in astronomy. In view of this, an unbalanced spectra classification method based on entropy (USCM) is proposed in this paper to deal with the unbalanced spectra classification problem. USCM greatly improves the performances of the traditional classifiers on distinguishing the minority spectra as it takes the data distribution into consideration in the process of classification. However, its time complexity is exponential with the training size, and therefore, it can only deal with the problem of small- and medium-scale classification. How to solve the large-scale classification problem is quite important to USCM. It can be easily obtained by mathematical computation that the dual form of USCM is equivalent to the minimum enclosing ball (MEB), and core vector machine (CVM) is introduced, USCM based on CVM is proposed to deal with the large-scale classification problem. Several comparative experiments on the 4 subclasses of K-type spectra, 3 subclasses of F-type spectra and 3 subclasses of G-type spectra from Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) verify USCM and USCM based on CVM perform better than kNN (k nearest neighbor) and SVM (support vector machine) in dealing with the problem of rare spectra mining respectively on the small- and medium-scale datasets and the large-scale datasets.

  7. Lithium-Ion Batteries: Thermal Behaviour Investigation of Unbalanced Modules

    Odile Capron


    Full Text Available In this paper, the thermal behaviour of an unbalanced battery module made of large lithium iron phosphate cylindrical cells of 18 Ah nominal capacity is investigated during its discharge with 18 A, 54 A and 90 A currents. For this study, several cells were assigned in the module to 5%, 10% and 20% initial depth of discharge (DoD. The thermal management of the cells in the module is achieved based on a forced air cooling. The computations of the temperature distribution inside the cells and the module are performed with a two-dimensional modelling approach. During the discharges, the cells with a non-zero initial DoD show a more pronounced temperature increase up to 5% compared to the reference cells. In the end of the three discharges, the highest temperatures 26.5 °C (18 A, 29.6 °C  (54 A and 32.3 °C  (90 A, respectively, are reached for the cells with the highest initial DoD. For these cells, with the increase in the current rate, the highest amount of total heat exceeds 25 W. The reactive and the active heats are found to be the main contributors to the total heat generated by the cells. This study provides the effect of the initial DoD of the cells on the temperature development occurring in an unbalanced battery module during its discharge.

  8. Rank-Based Analysis of Unbalanced Repeated Measures Data

    M. Mushfiqur Rashid


    Full Text Available Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman","serif";} In this article, we have developed a rank (intra-subject based analysis of clinical trials with unbalanced repeated measures data. We assume that the errors within each patient are exchangeable and continuous random variables. This rank-based inference is valid when the unbalanced data are missing either completely at random or by design. A drop in dispersion test is developed for general linear hypotheses. A numerical example is given to illustrate the procedure.

  9. Monte Carlo simulations of the electric field close to the body in realistic environments for application in personal radiofrequency dosimetry.

    Iskra, S; McKenzie, R; Cosic, I


    Personal dosemeters can play an important role in epidemiological studies and in radiofrequency safety programmes. In this study, a Monte Carlo approach is used in conjunction with the finite difference time domain method to obtain distributions of the electric field strength close to a human body model in simulated realistic environments. The field is a proxy for the response of an ideal body-worn electric field dosemeter. A set of eight environments were modelled based on the statistics of Rayleigh, Rice and log-normal fading to simulate outdoor and indoor multipath exposures at 450, 900 and 2100 MHz. Results indicate that a dosemeter mounted randomly within 10-50 mm of the adult or child body model (torso region) will on average underestimate the spatially averaged value of the incident electric field strength by a factor of 0.52 to 0.74 over the frequencies of 450, 900 and 2100 MHz. The uncertainty in results, assessed at the 95 % confidence level (between the 2.5th and 97.5th percentiles) was largest at 2100 MHz and smallest at 450 MHz.

  10. Excitation of plasma waves by unstable photoelectron and thermal electron populations on closed magnetic field lines in the Martian ionosphere

    N. Borisov


    Full Text Available It is argued that anisotropic electron pitch angle distributions in the closed magnetic field regions of the Martian ionosphere gives rise to excitation of plasma instabilities. We discuss two types of instabilities that are excited by two different populations of electrons. First, the generation of Langmuir waves by photoelectrons with energies of the order of 10eV is investigated. It is predicted that the measured anisotropy of their pitch angle distribution at the heights z≈400km causes excitation of waves with frequencies f~30kHz and wavelengths λ~30m. Near the terminators the instability of the electrostatic waves with frequencies of the order of or less than the electron gyrofrequency exited by thermal electrons is predicted. The typical frequencies of these waves depend on the local magnitude of the magnetic field and can achieve values f~3-5kHz above strong crustal magnetic fields.

  11. Up-scaled Teer-UDP850/4 Unbalanced Magnetron Deposition System Used for Mass-Production of CrTiAlN Hard Coatings

    ZHANGGuo-jun; YANGShi-cai; JIANGBai-ling; BAILi-jing; CHENDi-chum; WENXiao-bin; TEERD.G.


    Up-sca]ed deposition process of Teer-UDP850/4 has been established and used for massive production of CrTiAlN hard coatings in applications of anti-wear, cutting and forming tools. This deposition system uses four magnetrons that are arranged by unbalanced magnets to fomt closed magnetic field enabling the system running in high current density. Elemental metals of Cr, Ti and Al are used as the target materials which are co-deposited with nitrogen forming nlultialloy nitride, nanoscale multi-layer or superlattice hard coatings. The stthstrate turntable is designed as planet rotation mechanism with three folds so that components or tools with complicate geometry can be uniformly coated onto all their surfaces and cutting edges. The pawer units for the magnetrons are straight dc whilst the substrate is biased by pulsed de. Two solid heaters are installed in the system to enable running a wide range of deposition temperature from 200℃ to 500℃. The pumping system is powerful that incorporated with a polycold to pump the system to a good vacuum in a very shori time. A front door and a movable substrate table are available to benefit easily loading and unloading. Deposition procedure. properties and performance of the coatings is also presented in this paper.

  12. Up-scaled Teer-UDP850/4 Unbalanced Magnetron Deposition System Used for Mass-Production of CrTiAlN Hard Coatings

    ZHANG Guo-jun; YANG Shi-cai; JIANG Bai-ling; BAI Li-jing; CHEN Di-chun; WEN Xiao-bin; TEER D.G.


    Up-scaled deposition process of Teer-UDP850/4 has been established and used for massive production of CrTiAlN hard coatings in applications of anti-wear, cutting and forming tools. This deposition system uses four magnetrons that are arranged by unbalanced magnets to form closed magnetic field enabling the system running in high current density.Elemental metals of Cr, Ti and Al are used as the target materials which are co-deposited with nitrogen forming multialloy nitride, nanoscale multi-layer or superlattice hard coatings. The substrate turntable is designed as planet rotation mechanism with three folds so that components or tools with complicate geometry can be uniformly coated onto all their surfaces and cutting edges. The power units for the magnetrons are straight dc whilst the substrate is biased by pulsed dc. Two solid heaters are installed in the system to enable running a wide range of deposition temperature from 200℃ to 500℃. The pumping system is powerful that incorporated with a polycold to pump the system to a good vacuum in a very short time. A front door and a movable substrate table are available to benefit easily loading and unloading. Deposition procedure,properties and performance of the coatings is also presented in this paper.

  13. On the exact open-closed vertex in plane-wave light-cone string field theory

    Lucietti, J; Sinha, A K; Lucietti, James; Schafer-Nameki, Sakura; Sinha, Aninda


    The open-closed vertex in the maximally supersymmetric type IIB plane-wave light-cone string field theory is considered and an explicit solution for the bosonic part of the vertex is derived, valid for all values of the mass parameter, \\mu. This vertex is of relevance to IIB plane-wave orientifolds, as well as IIB plane-wave strings in the presence of D-branes, and their gauge theory duals. Methods of complex analysis are used to develop a systematic procedure for obtaining the solution. This procedure is first applied to the vertex in flat space, and then extended to the plane-wave case. The plane-wave solution for the vertex requires introducing certain ``\\mu-deformed Gamma functions'', which are generalizations of the ordinary Gamma function. The behaviour of the Neumann matrices is graphically illustrated and their large-\\mu asymptotics are analysed.

  14. Transient analysis of unbalanced short circuits of the ERDA-NASA 100 kW wind turbine alternator

    Hwang, H. H.; Gilbert, L. J.


    Unbalanced short-circuit faults on the alternator of the ERDA-NASA Mod-O100-kW experimental wind turbine are studied. For each case, complete solutions for armature, field, and damper-circuit currents; short-circuit torque; and open-phase voltage are derived directly by a mathematical analysis. Formulated results are tabulated. For the Mod-O wind turbine alternator, numerical calculations are given, and results are presented by graphs. Comparisons for significant points among the more important cases are summarized. For these cases the transients are found to be potentially severe. The effect of the alternator neutral-to-ground impedance is evaluated.

  15. Large unbalanced credit scoring using Lasso-logistic regression ensemble.

    Hong Wang

    Full Text Available Recently, various ensemble learning methods with different base classifiers have been proposed for credit scoring problems. However, for various reasons, there has been little research using logistic regression as the base classifier. In this paper, given large unbalanced data, we consider the plausibility of ensemble learning using regularized logistic regression as the base classifier to deal with credit scoring problems. In this research, the data is first balanced and diversified by clustering and bagging algorithms. Then we apply a Lasso-logistic regression learning ensemble to evaluate the credit risks. We show that the proposed algorithm outperforms popular credit scoring models such as decision tree, Lasso-logistic regression and random forests in terms of AUC and F-measure. We also provide two importance measures for the proposed model to identify important variables in the data.

  16. Accurate parameter estimation for unbalanced three-phase system.

    Chen, Yuan; So, Hing Cheung


    Smart grid is an intelligent power generation and control console in modern electricity networks, where the unbalanced three-phase power system is the commonly used model. Here, parameter estimation for this system is addressed. After converting the three-phase waveforms into a pair of orthogonal signals via the α β-transformation, the nonlinear least squares (NLS) estimator is developed for accurately finding the frequency, phase, and voltage parameters. The estimator is realized by the Newton-Raphson scheme, whose global convergence is studied in this paper. Computer simulations show that the mean square error performance of NLS method can attain the Cramér-Rao lower bound. Moreover, our proposal provides more accurate frequency estimation when compared with the complex least mean square (CLMS) and augmented CLMS.

  17. Research on three-phase unbalanced distribution network reconfiguration strategy

    Hu, Shuang; Li, Ke-Jun; Xu, Yanshun; Liu, Zhijie; Guo, Jing; Wang, Zhuodi


    With the development of social economy, the loads installed in the distribution network become more and more complex which may cause the three-phase unbalance problems. This paper proposes an optimal reconfiguration approach based on mixed integer quadric programming (MIQP) method to address the three-phase unbalance problem. It aims to minimize the total network losses of the system. By using several square constraints to substitute the circular constraint, the original optimization problem is linearized and converted into a mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) model. Then this MILP problem is solved in general algebraic model system (GAMS) software using CPLEX solver. The additional losses caused by three-phase unbalanced are also considered. An IEEE 34 nodes test system is used to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method. The results show that the losses and the voltage violation mitigation in the network can be reduced significantly.

  18. A method for unbalanced transportation problems in fuzzy environment

    Deepika Rani; T R Gulati; Amit Kumar


    In this paper, we consider the fully fuzzy unbalanced transportation problem in which the total availability/production is more than the total demand and propose a method to solve it. Such problems are usually solved by adding a dummy destination. Since the dummy destination has no existence in reality, the excess availability is not transported at all and is held back at one or more origins. The method proposed in this paper gives the additional information that to which of the destination(s) the excess availability be transported for future demand at minimum cost. The advantage of the proposed method over the existing method is that the fuzzy optimal solution obtained does not involve the dummy destination. The method has been illustrated with the help of an example.

  19. Classification approach based on association rules mining for unbalanced data

    Ndour, Cheikh


    This paper deals with the supervised classification when the response variable is binary and its class distribution is unbalanced. In such situation, it is not possible to build a powerful classifier by using standard methods such as logistic regression, classification tree, discriminant analysis, etc. To overcome this short-coming of these methods that provide classifiers with low sensibility, we tackled the classification problem here through an approach based on the association rules learning because this approach has the advantage of allowing the identification of the patterns that are well correlated with the target class. Association rules learning is a well known method in the area of data-mining. It is used when dealing with large database for unsupervised discovery of local patterns that expresses hidden relationships between variables. In considering association rules from a supervised learning point of view, a relevant set of weak classifiers is obtained from which one derives a classification rule...

  20. Three-Phase Unbalanced Load Flow Tool for Distribution Networks

    Demirok, Erhan; Kjær, Søren Bækhøj; Sera, Dezso;


    This work develops a three-phase unbalanced load flow tool tailored for radial distribution networks based on Matlab®. The tool can be used to assess steady-state voltage variations, thermal limits of grid components and power losses in radial MV-LV networks with photovoltaic (PV) generators where...... most of the systems are single phase. New ancillary service such as static reactive power support by PV inverters can be also merged together with the load flow solution tool and thus, the impact of the various reactive power control strategies on the steady-state grid operation can be simply...... investigated. Performance of the load flow solution tool in the sense of resulting bus voltage magnitudes is compared and validated with IEEE 13-bus test feeder....

  1. Large unbalanced credit scoring using Lasso-logistic regression ensemble.

    Wang, Hong; Xu, Qingsong; Zhou, Lifeng


    Recently, various ensemble learning methods with different base classifiers have been proposed for credit scoring problems. However, for various reasons, there has been little research using logistic regression as the base classifier. In this paper, given large unbalanced data, we consider the plausibility of ensemble learning using regularized logistic regression as the base classifier to deal with credit scoring problems. In this research, the data is first balanced and diversified by clustering and bagging algorithms. Then we apply a Lasso-logistic regression learning ensemble to evaluate the credit risks. We show that the proposed algorithm outperforms popular credit scoring models such as decision tree, Lasso-logistic regression and random forests in terms of AUC and F-measure. We also provide two importance measures for the proposed model to identify important variables in the data.

  2. A Quantities Method of Induction Motor Under Unbalanced Voltage Conditions

    Ayong Hiendro


    Full Text Available The most complete definition for the voltage unbalance is using complex voltage unbalance factor (CVUF that consists of its magnitude and angle. Unfortunately, the definition did not distinguish between undervoltage and overvoltage unbalance conditions. In this paper, the analysis of the motor is performed using the method of symmetrical component and MATLAB software is used to investigate the performance of induction motor. The simulation results show that the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC definition of the voltage unbalance can be applied to evaluate total copper losses precisely. However, the phase angle of unbalance factor must be included for accurate predicting of peak currents and peak copper losses of the phase windings of the motor.The unbalanced conditions which distinguish between under and over voltage unbalance must also be taken into consideration for assessing all the quantities.

  3. Nuclear volume differences between balanced and unbalanced spermatozoa in chromosomal translocation carriers.

    Rouen, Alexandre; Lavillaureix, Alinoë; Hyon, Capucine; Heide, Solveig; Clède, Sylvain; Balet, Richard; Kott, Esther; Cassuto, Nino Guy; Siffroi, Jean-Pierre


    While chromosomal translocations are usually associated with a normal phenotype, they can still cause male infertility as well as recurrent miscarriages and fetal malformations related to their transmission in an unbalanced state. The distinction between balanced and unbalanced spermatozoa on morphological criteria is still unfeasible. However, we previously showed that: i) spermatozoa with an unbalanced content have a higher rate of DNA fragmentation; and ii) that density gradient centrifugation partially separates balanced from unbalanced sperm cells. We hypothesized that a chromosomal imbalance could alter the fine spermatic nuclear architecture and consequently the condensation of DNA, thus modifying normal sperm density. Spermatic nuclear volumes in four translocation carriers were analyzed using confocal microscopy. Secondarily, FISH analysis was used to establish the segregation mode of each spermatozoon. We found the average spermatic nuclei size to be higher among unbalanced spermatozoa in all patients but one. All the unbalanced modes were associated with larger nuclei in two patients, while this was the case for the 3:1 mode only in the other two, suggesting an abnormal condensation. This could be the first step in elaborating a procedure to completely eliminate unbalanced spermatozoa from semen prior to in vitro fertilization. Copyright © 2014 Reproductive Healthcare Ltd. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  4. Ultracompact Planar Positioner Driven by Unbalanced Frictional Forces

    Mikio Muraoka


    Full Text Available This paper proposes a new ultracompact planar positioner driven by unbalanced frictional forces. The prototype of the designed positioner is 17 mm × 17 mm × 9 mm in size, and is simply constructed using lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric elements, neodymium magnetic feet, and junction pieces. Alternating static and kinetic frictional forces are utilized to control the motion of the positioner. The working principle is illustrated, and the performance of the positioner is evaluated under atmospheric and vacuum conditions. Under atmospheric conditions, the positioner had a minimum step size of approximately 17 nm at 55 V, a maximum step size of approximately 1.6 μm, and a moving speed of approximately 4 μm/s at 138 V. However, the step size significantly decreased in vacuum. The step size can be controlled by adjusting the frictional forces on the magnetic feet. In addition, the positioner showed instability caused by the wear of the stainless plate. This problem was resolved by using a borosilicate glass that was fixed on the stainless plate, and the position accuracy was obviously improved.

  5. A New Linearization Method of Unbalanced Electrical Distribution Networks

    Liu, Guodong [ORNL; Xu, Yan [ORNL; Ceylan, Oguzhan [ORNL; Tomsovic, Kevin [University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK)


    Abstract--- With increasing penetration of distributed generation in the distribution networks (DN), the secure and optimal operation of DN has become an important concern. As DN control and operation strategies are mostly based on the linearized sensitivity coefficients between controlled variables (e.g., node voltages, line currents, power loss) and control variables (e.g., power injections, transformer tap positions), efficient and precise calculation of these sensitivity coefficients, i.e. linearization of DN, is of fundamental importance. In this paper, the derivation of the node voltages and power loss as functions of the nodal power injections and transformers' tap-changers positions is presented, and then solved by a Gauss-Seidel method. Compared to other approaches presented in the literature, the proposed method takes into account different load characteristics (e.g., constant PQ, constant impedance, constant current and any combination of above) of a generic multi-phase unbalanced DN and improves the accuracy of linearization. Numerical simulations on both IEEE 13 and 34 nodes test feeders show the efficiency and accuracy of the proposed method.

  6. Load mitigation of unbalanced wind turbines using PI-R individual pitch control

    Zhang, Yunqian; Cheng, Ming; Chen, Zhe


    This study discusses the load mitigation of unbalanced wind turbines, including balanced and unbalanced loads. Regarding the wind turbine load reduction, it has been shown that individual pitch control (IPC) is more promising in comparison with collective pitch control. However, wind turbine...... unbalance will cause extra loads and fatigue on the wind turbine rotor, which has not been taken into consideration by the traditional IPC method. This study presents a new control strategy to mitigate the loads of the unbalance wind turbines. An IPC scheme consisting of a proportional-integral (PI....... The simulations are conducted on the NREL upwind 1.5 MW wind turbine model. Elimination of both the balanced and unbalanced loads of the wind turbine has been achieved, so that PI-R IPC is demonstrated as an effective means for load mitigation of unbalanced wind turbines....

  7. Dynamics of an unbalanced ring spinning on a rough horizontal surface

    Budiman, Benny S.


    An interesting stability property, as fascinating as that of spinning tops and gyroscopes, is observable in the motion of an unbalanced ring spinning on a rough horizontal surface. An analytical and numerical study is performed to investigate the general motion of an unbalanced ring modeled as a thin ring with a particle attached to its rim. The translational motion is represented by the rectangular coordinates of the ring geometric center. The rotational motion is represented by a 1-2-3 set ...

  8. A Parallel Biological Optimization Algorithm to Solve the Unbalanced Assignment Problem Based on DNA Molecular Computing.

    Wang, Zhaocai; Pu, Jun; Cao, Liling; Tan, Jian


    The unbalanced assignment problem (UAP) is to optimally resolve the problem of assigning n jobs to m individuals (m parallel DNA algorithm for solving the unbalanced assignment problem using DNA molecular operations. We reasonably design flexible-length DNA strands representing different jobs and individuals, take appropriate steps, and get the solutions of the UAP in the proper length range and O(mn) time. We extend the application of DNA molecular operations and simultaneity to simplify the complexity of the computation.

  9. A global wave-driven magnetohydrodynamic solar model with a unified treatment of open and closed magnetic field topologies

    Oran, R.; Van der Holst, B.; Landi, E.; Jin, M.; Sokolov, I. V.; Gombosi, T. I., E-mail: [Atmospheric, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Michigan, 2455 Hayward, Ann Arbor, MI, 48105 (United States)


    We describe, analyze, and validate the recently developed Alfvén Wave Solar Model, a three-dimensional global model starting from the top of the chromosphere and extending into interplanetary space (out to 1-2 AU). This model solves the extended, two-temperature magnetohydrodynamics equations coupled to a wave kinetic equation for low-frequency Alfvén waves. In this picture, heating and acceleration of the plasma are due to wave dissipation and to wave pressure gradients, respectively. The dissipation process is described by a fully developed turbulent cascade of counterpropagating waves. We adopt a unified approach for calculating the wave dissipation in both open and closed magnetic field lines, allowing for a self-consistent treatment in any magnetic topology. Wave dissipation is the only heating mechanism assumed in the model; no geometric heating functions are invoked. Electron heat conduction and radiative cooling are also included. We demonstrate that the large-scale, steady state (in the corotating frame) properties of the solar environment are reproduced, using three adjustable parameters: the Poynting flux of chromospheric Alfvén waves, the perpendicular correlation length of the turbulence, and a pseudoreflection coefficient. We compare model results for Carrington rotation 2063 (2007 November-December) with remote observations in the extreme-ultraviolet and X-ray ranges from the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, and Hinode spacecraft and with in situ measurements by Ulysses. The results are in good agreement with observations. This is the first global simulation that is simultaneously consistent with observations of both the thermal structure of the lower corona and the wind structure beyond Earth's orbit.

  10. Co-ordinated Control Strategy for Hybrid Wind Farms with PMSG and FSIG under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Condition

    Zeng, Xin; Yao, Jun; Chen, Zhiqian


    This paper investigates a control strategy for a wind farm with the direct-driven permanent-magnet synchronous generators (PMSG)-based wind turbines and the fixed speed induction generators (FSIG)-based wind turbines under unbalanced grid voltage condition. By controlling the PMSG-based wind farm...... of the negative-sequence current provided by the PMSG-based wind farm under different average active power output and different VUF conditions is deduced, and the impacts of its phase angle on the VUF mitigation control effect are further studied. The improved control strategy of injecting negative......-sequence current from the PMSG-based wind farm by the modified negative-sequence voltage and current double closed-loop control system is then developed. Finally, the correctness of theoretical analysis and the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy are validated by the experimental results....

  11. Calculation of the Dielectric Constant as a Function of Temperature Close to the Smectic A-Smectic B Transition in B5 Using the Mean Field Model

    Hamit Yurtseven


    Full Text Available The temperature dependence of the static dielectric constant ( is calculated close to the smectic A-smectic B ( transition ( = 71.3°C for the liquid crystal compound B5. By expanding the free energy in terms of the order parameter in the mean field theory, the expression for the dielectric susceptibility (dielectric constant is derived and is fitted to the experimental data for which was obtained at the field strengths of 0 and 67 kV/cm from literature. Coefficients in the free energy expansion are determined from our fit for the transition of B5. Our results show that the observed behaviour of the dielectric constant close to the transition in B5 can be described satisfactorily by our mean field model.

  12. A mechanism for the dynamo terms to sustain closed-flux current, including helicity balance, by driving current which crosses the magnetic field

    Jarboe, T. R.; Nelson, B. A.; Sutherland, D. A. [University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195 (United States)


    An analysis of imposed dynamo current drive (IDCD) [T.R. Jarboe et al., Nucl. Fusion 52 083017 (2012)] reveals: (a) current drive on closed flux surfaces seems possible without relaxation, reconnection, or other flux-surface-breaking large events; (b) the scale size of the key physics may be smaller than is often computationally resolved; (c) helicity can be sustained across closed flux; and (d) IDCD current drive is parallel to the current which crosses the magnetic field to produce the current driving force. In addition to agreeing with spheromak data, IDCD agrees with selected tokamak data.

  13. Closing the Performance Gap in a 4th Wave and Post-Modern Society: Lessons from the Field

    Adams, J. Q.


    The USA is undergoing tremendous cultural changes as we open the first decade of the 21st century. In this paper the author discusses the need to close the performance gap that exists between White, African American, and Latino/a students. To do so, educators must carefully consider several important cultural forces. The author examines the shift…

  14. Angular dependence of direct current decay in a closed YBCO double-pancake coil under external AC magnetic field and reduction by magnetic shielding

    Geng, J.; Zhang, H.; Li, C.; Zhang, X.; Shen, B.; Coombs, T. A.


    High T c superconducting (HTS) coils are ideal candidates in the use of high field magnets. HTS coils carrying a direct current, however, suffer a non-negligible loss when they are exposed to an external AC magnetic field. Although this phenomenon is well known, no study concerning AC magnetic field angular dependence of direct current decay has ever been shown. In this work, we experimentally investigate the direct current decay characteristics in a closed double pancake coil made of a YBCO coated conductor under external AC field. AC field of different angles with respect to the coil plane is applied. Results show that the current decay rate presents a strong angular dependence. The fastest decay occurs when the field is parallel to the coil plane, in which case the surface of the tape in the outermost layer experiences most flux variation. To reduce the decay rate, we propose wrapping superconducting tapes around the outermost layer of the coil to shield external AC field. This method significantly reduces direct current decay rate under parallel field, without affecting the perpendicular self-field of the coil.

  15. Empirical Statistical Power for Testing Multilocus Genotypic Effects under Unbalanced Designs Using a Gibbs Sampler

    Chaeyoung Lee


    Full Text Available Epistasis that may explain a large portion of the phenotypic variation for complex economic traits of animals has been ignored in many genetic association studies. A Baysian method was introduced to draw inferences about multilocus genotypic effects based on their marginal posterior distributions by a Gibbs sampler. A simulation study was conducted to provide statistical powers under various unbalanced designs by using this method. Data were simulated by combined designs of number of loci, within genotype variance, and sample size in unbalanced designs with or without null combined genotype cells. Mean empirical statistical power was estimated for testing posterior mean estimate of combined genotype effect. A practical example for obtaining empirical statistical power estimates with a given sample size was provided under unbalanced designs. The empirical statistical powers would be useful for determining an optimal design when interactive associations of multiple loci with complex phenotypes were examined.

  16. Unbalanced and Minimal Point Equivalent Estimation Second-Order Split-Plot Designs

    Parker, Peter A.; Kowalski, Scott M.; Vining, G. Geoffrey


    Restricting the randomization of hard-to-change factors in industrial experiments is often performed by employing a split-plot design structure. From an economic perspective, these designs minimize the experimental cost by reducing the number of resets of the hard-to- change factors. In this paper, unbalanced designs are considered for cases where the subplots are relatively expensive and the experimental apparatus accommodates an unequal number of runs per whole-plot. We provide construction methods for unbalanced second-order split- plot designs that possess the equivalence estimation optimality property, providing best linear unbiased estimates of the parameters; independent of the variance components. Unbalanced versions of the central composite and Box-Behnken designs are developed. For cases where the subplot cost approaches the whole-plot cost, minimal point designs are proposed and illustrated with a split-plot Notz design.

  17. A parametric study on unbalanced three phase islanded microgrids with inverter interfaced units

    Sanseverino, Eleonora Riva; Quang, Ninh Nguyen; Zizzo, Gaetano;


    In this paper, the solution of the power flow for unbalanced three phase microgrids systems is proposed. The study aims at the integration of inverter interfaced units using the control law used for primary voltage and frequency regulation, so as to take into account possible small variations...... of these parameters to account for sudden load changes. The proposed study deals with unbalanced systems which is the typical case of small distribution systems and shows how the power losses term varies as the regulators parameters vary as well, thus showing that these are sensitive parameters that could have...... an important role in optimal management of such systems....

  18. Enhanced Decoupled Double Synchronous Reference Frame Current Controller for Unbalanced Grid-Voltage Conditions

    Reyes, M.; Rodriguez, Pedro; Vazquez, S.;


    . In these codes, the injection of positive- and negative-sequence current components becomes necessary for fulfilling, among others, the low-voltage ride-through requirements during balanced and unbalanced grid faults. However, the performance of classical dq current controllers, applied to power converters......, under unbalanced grid-voltage conditions is highly deficient, due to the unavoidable appearance of current oscillations. This paper analyzes the performance of the double synchronous reference frame controller and improves its structure by adding a decoupling network for estimating and compensating...

  19. Frequency noise suppression of a single mode laser with an unbalanced fiber interferometer for subnanometer interferometry.

    Šmíd, Radek; Čížek, Martin; Mikel, Břetislav; Číp, Ondřej


    We present a method of noise suppression of laser diodes by an unbalanced Michelson fiber interferometer. The unstabilized laser source is represented by compact planar waveguide external cavity laser module, ORIONTM (Redfern Integrated Optics, Inc.), working at 1540.57 nm with a 1.5-kHz linewidth. We built up the unbalanced Michelson interferometer with a 2.09 km-long arm based on the standard telecommunication single-mode fiber (SMF-28) spool to suppress the frequency noise by the servo-loop control by 20 dB to 40 dB within the Fourier frequency range, remaining the tuning range of the laser frequency.

  20. Frequency Noise Suppression of a Single Mode Laser with an Unbalanced Fiber Interferometer for Subnanometer Interferometry

    Radek Šmíd; Martin Čížek; Břetislav Mikel; Ondřej Číp


    We present a method of noise suppression of laser diodes by an unbalanced Michelson fiber interferometer. The unstabilized laser source is represented by compact planar waveguide external cavity laser module, ORIONTM (Redfern Integrated Optics, Inc.), working at 1540.57 nm with a 1.5-kHz linewidth. We built up the unbalanced Michelson interferometer with a 2.09 km-long arm based on the standard telecommunication single-mode fiber (SMF-28) spool to suppress the frequency noise by the servo-loo...

  1. Optimal reconfiguration and DG allocation in balanced and unbalanced distribution systems

    Seyed Abbas Taher


    Full Text Available This paper investigates feeder reconfiguration in balanced and unbalanced networks and presents an efficient method to optimize practical distribution systems by means of simultaneous reconfiguration and distributed generation (DG allocation. A precise and robust load flow algorithm is applied and a composite multi-objective function is formulated to solve the problem which includes: 1. power loss saving, 2. voltage profile, 3. voltage unbalance, and 4. current unbalance of the system. The genetic algorithm (GA is utilized to search for optimal solution. Results show significant reduction in power loss and number of voltage violations. Moreover, in unbalanced cases, ability of proposed method in three-phase balancing is demonstrated.

  2. Summary report on close-coupled subsurface barrier technology: Initial field trials to full-scale demonstration

    Heiser, J.H. [Brookhaven National Lab., Upton, NY (United States). Environmental and Waste Technology Center; Dwyer, B. [Sandia National Lab., Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    The primary objective of this project was to develop and demonstrate the installation and measure the performance of a close-coupled barrier for the containment of subsurface waste or contaminant migration. A close-coupled barrier is produced by first installing a conventional, low-cost, cement-grout containment barrier followed by a thin lining of a polymer grout. The resultant barrier is a cement-polymer composite that has economic benefits derived from the cement and performance benefits from the durable and resistant polymer layer. The technology has matured from a regulatory investigation of the issues concerning the use of polymers to laboratory compatibility and performance measurements of various polymer systems to a pilot-scale, single column injection at Sandia to full-scale demonstration. The feasibility of the close-coupled barrier concept was proven in a full-scale cold demonstration at Hanford, Washington and then moved to the final stage with a full-scale demonstration at an actual remediation site at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). At the Hanford demonstration the composite barrier was emplaced around and beneath a 20,000 liter tank. The secondary cement layer was constructed using conventional jet grouting techniques. Drilling was completed at a 45{degree} angle to the ground, forming a cone-shaped barrier. The primary barrier was placed by panel jet-grouting with a dual-wall drill stem using a two part polymer grout. The polymer chosen was a high molecular weight acrylic. At the BNL demonstration a V-trough barrier was installed using a conventional cement grout for the secondary layer and an acrylic-gel polymer for the primary layer. Construction techniques were identical to the Hanford installation. This report summarizes the technology development from pilot- to full-scale demonstrations and presents some of the performance and quality achievements attained.

  3. Characterization of human PGD blastocysts with unbalanced chromosomal translocations and human embryonic stem cell line derivation?

    Frydman, N; Féraud, O; Bas, C; Amit, M; Frydman, R; Bennaceur-Griscelli, A; Tachdjian, G


    Novel embryonic stem cell lines derived from embryos carrying structural chromosomal abnormalities obtained after preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) are of interest to study in terms of the influence of abnormalities on further development. A total of 22 unbalanced blastocysts obtained after PGD were analysed for structural chromosomal defects. Morphological description and chromosomal status of these blastocysts was established and they were used to derive human embryonic stem cell (ESC) lines. An outgrowth of cells was observed for six blastocysts (6/22; 27%). For two blastocysts, the exact morphology was unknown since they were at early stage, and for four blastocysts, the inner cell mass was clearly visible. Fifteen blastocysts carried an unbalanced chromosomal defect linked to a reciprocal translocation, resulting in a positive outgrowth of cells for five blastocysts. One human ESC line was obtained from a blastocyst carrying a partial chromosome-21 monosomy and a partial chromosome-1 trisomy. Six blastocysts carried an unbalanced chromosomal defect linked to a Robertsonian translocation, and one showed a positive outgrowth of cells. One blastocyst carried an unbalanced chromosomal defect linked to an insertion and no outgrowth was observed. The efficiency of deriving human ESC lines with constitutional chromosomal disorders was low and probably depends on the initial morphological aspect of the blastocysts and/or the type of the chromosomal disorders.

  4. Flexible Control Strategy for Grid-Connected Inverter under Unbalanced Grid Faults without PLL

    Guo, Xiaoqiang; Liu, W.; Zhang, X.


    Power oscillation and current quality are the important performance targets for the grid-connected inverter under unbalanced grid faults. Firstly, the inherent reason for the current harmonic and power oscillation of the inverter is discussed with a quantitative analysis. Secondly, a new control ...

  5. Revised sequence components power system models for unbalanced power system studies

    Abdel-Akher, M. [Tunku Abdul Rahman Univ., Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Nor, K.-M. [Univ. of Technology Malaysia, Johor (Malaysia); Rashid, A.H.A. [Univ. of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)


    The principle method of analysis using positive, negative, and zero-sequence networks has been used to examine the balanced power system under both balanced and unbalanced loading conditions. The significant advantage of the sequence networks is that the sequence networks become entirely uncoupled in the case of balanced three-phase power systems. The uncoupled sequence networks then can be solved in independent way such as in fault calculation programs. However, the hypothesis of balanced power systems cannot be considered in many cases due to untransposed transmission lines; multiphase line segments in a distribution power system; or transformer phase shifts which cannot be incorporated in the existing models. A revised sequence decoupled power system models for analyzing unbalanced power systems based on symmetrical networks was presented in this paper. These models included synchronous machines, transformers, transmission lines, and voltage regulators. The models were derived from their counterpart's models in phase coordinates frame of reference. In these models, the three sequence networks were fully decoupled with a three-phase coordinates features such as transformer phase shifts and transmission line coupling. The proposed models were used to develop an unbalanced power-flow program for analyzing both balanced and unbalanced networks. The power flow solution was identical to results obtained from a full phase coordinate three-phase power-flow program. 11 refs., 3 tabs.

  6. Some features of immune status of animals infected with bovine leukosis background unbalanced on feeding



    The features of protein metabolism and immunity in cows with leukemia by unbalanced feeding of animals. The peculiarities of the dynamics of total protein, protein fractions, immunoglobulins, Tand B-lymphocytes in cows under violation of the sugar-protein ratio of diet and infection with a virus leukemia.

  7. Factor analysis using mixed models of multi-environment trials with different levels of unbalancing.

    Nuvunga, J J; Oliveira, L A; Pamplona, A K A; Silva, C P; Lima, R R; Balestre, M


    This study aimed to analyze the robustness of mixed models for the study of genotype-environment interactions (G x E). Simulated unbalancing of real data was used to determine if the method could predict missing genotypes and select stable genotypes. Data from multi-environment trials containing 55 maize hybrids, collected during the 2005-2006 harvest season, were used in this study. Analyses were performed in two steps: the variance components were estimated by restricted maximum likelihood, using the expectation-maximization (EM) algorithm, and factor analysis (FA) was used to calculate the factor scores and relative position of each genotype in the biplot. Random unbalancing of the data was performed by removing 10, 30, and 50% of the plots; the scores were then re-estimated using the FA model. It was observed that 10, 30, and 50% unbalancing exhibited mean correlation values of 0.7, 0.6, and 0.56, respectively. Overall, the genotypes classified as stable in the biplot had smaller prediction error sum of squares (PRESS) value and prediction amplitude of ellipses. Therefore, our results revealed the applicability of the PRESS statistic to evaluate the performance of stable genotypes in the biplot. This result was confirmed by the sizes of the prediction ellipses, which were smaller for the stable genotypes. Therefore, mixed models can confidently be used to evaluate stability in plant breeding programs, even with highly unbalanced data.

  8. Detection of unbalanced chromosome segregations in preimplantation genetic diagnosis of translocations by short comparative genomic hibridization.

    Rius, Mariona; Obradors, Albert; Daina, Gemma; Ramos, Laia; Pujol, Aïda; Martínez-Passarell, Olga; Marquès, Laura; Oliver-Bonet, Maria; Benet, Jordi; Navarro, Joaquima


    To apply a comprehensive chromosomal screening through short comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) in the preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) of translocations. Clinical research study. A PGD laboratory and two IVF clinics. Three Robertsonian translocation carriers, two reciprocal translocation carriers, and a double-translocation carrier. After using the short-CGH approach in the reanalysis of two unbalanced embryos, discarded from a PGD for a reciprocal translocation carrier, the same method was applied in the PGD of day-3 embryos of translocation carriers. Ability of short CGH to detect partial chromosomal abnormalities in unbalanced embryos, translocation segregation proportions, and proportion of embryos carrying chromosomal abnormalities not related to the translocations. The short-CGH technique detected errors resulting from the meiotic segregation of the chromosomes involved in the translocations and other abnormalities affecting the remaining chromosomes. Alternate segregation was detected most frequently among Robertsonian translocation cases, whereas unbalanced chromosome segregations were found predominantly in reciprocal ones. Aneuploidy and structural chromosome errors were found more frequently in Robertsonian than in reciprocal translocation carriers. Application of short-CGH PGD achieved pregnancy in two cases. Short CGH is a reliable approach for PGD of translocations, as it is capable of detecting partial chromosome errors caused by unbalanced segregations simultaneously to the screening of all chromosomes, and it may improve the results after PGD for translocation carriers. Copyright © 2011 American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. Unbalanced 2 x 2 factorial designs and the interaction effect : A troublesome combination

    Landsheer, Johannes A.; Van Wittenboer, Godfried Den


    In this power study, ANOVAs of unbalanced and balanced 2 x 2 datasets are compared (N = 120). Datasets are created under the assumption that H1 of the effects is true. The effects are constructed in two ways, assuming: 1. contributions to the effects solely in the treatment groups; 2. contrasting co

  10. Control strategy for permanent magnet synchronous motor with contra-rotating rotors under unbalanced loads condition

    Cheng, Shuangyin; Luo, Derong; Huang, Shoudao;


    is developed and the instability of the system with unbalanced loads is analysed. Based on the analysis, a control strategy which can keep synchronism of the two rotors under varying load is implemented. In addition, a method for starting the motor reliably is proposed, which is applicable to ship or under...

  11. Endotoxin deposits on the inner surfaces of closed-face cassettes during bioaerosol sampling: a field investigation at composting facilities.

    Duquenne, Philippe; Simon, Xavier; Demange, Valérie; Harper, Martin; Wild, Pascal


    A set of 270 bioaerosol samples was taken from 15 composting facilities using polystyrene closed-face filter cassettes (CFCs). The objective was to measure the quantity of endotoxin deposits on the inner surfaces of the cassettes (sometimes referred to as 'wall deposits'). The results show that endotoxins are deposited on the inner surfaces of the CFCs through sampling and/or handling of samples. The quantity of endotoxins measured on inner surfaces range between 0.05 (the limit of detection of the method) and 3100 endotoxin units per cassette. The deposits can represent a large and variable percentage of the endotoxins sampled. More than a third of the samples presented a percentage of inner surface deposits >40% of the total quantity of endotoxins collected (filter + inner surfaces). Omitting these inner surface deposits in the analytical process lead to measurement errors relative to sampling all particles entering the CFC sampler, corresponding to a developing consensus on matching the inhalable particulate sampling convention. The result would be underestimated exposures and could affect the decision as to whether or not a result is acceptable in comparison to airborne concentration limits defined in terms of the inhalability convention. The results of this study suggest including the endotoxins deposited on the inner surfaces of CFCs during analysis. Further researches are necessary to investigate endotoxin deposits on the inner cassette surfaces in other working sectors.

  12. Prenatal Diagnosis of Rare Familial Unbalanced Translocation of Chromosomes 7 and 12

    Berrin Tezcan


    Full Text Available Case Details. We report rare familial unbalanced translocation of chromosomes 7 and 12, which was diagnosed prenatally at 20+3 weeks of gestation. Woman’s partner had been tested in the past and was found to be a carrier of a balanced translocation; his karyotype showed a balanced reciprocal translocation of 46, XY, t(7;12(q34;q24,32. Partner’s brother had an unbalanced form of the translocation with severe learning disability. The diagnosis of the anomaly was based on two- and three-dimensional ultrasound and microarray analysis. Ultrasonography findings included fetal microcephaly and alobar holoprosencephaly, dysmorphic face (flat occiput, absent nasal bone, microphthalmia, hypotelorism, and single nostril, and hyperechogenic bowel. Genome-wide array analysis and cytogenetic results from the amniotic fluid showed unbalanced translocation in chromosomes 7 and 12 with deletion of an approximately 16.5 Mb and a duplication of 6.1 Mb, respectively, Arr 7q34q36.3(142,668,576-159,161,648x1,12q24.32q24.33(127,708,720-133,777,560x3, karyotype (der (7 t(7;12 (q34;q24pat. This unbalanced translocation was due to the segregation of the father’s balanced translocation. In this particular case, the recurrence of an unbalanced translocation in the subsequent pregnancies is estimated to be 20%. Understanding the individuals’ phenotype in association with the gain and loss of copy number is important and can further provide us with information on that particular region of the named chromosomes.

  13. Analysis of a Stochastic Chemical System Close to a SNIPER Bifurcation of Its Mean-Field Model

    Erban, Radek


    A framework for the analysis of stochastic models of chemical systems for which the deterministic mean-field description is undergoing a saddle-node infinite period (SNIPER) bifurcation is presented. Such a bifurcation occurs, for example, in the modeling of cell-cycle regulation. It is shown that the stochastic system possesses oscillatory solutions even for parameter values for which the mean-field model does not oscillate. The dependence of the mean period of these oscillations on the parameters of the model (kinetic rate constants) and the size of the system (number of molecules present) are studied. Our approach is based on the chemical Fokker-Planck equation. To gain some insight into the advantages and disadvantages of the method, a simple one-dimensional chemical switch is first analyzed, and then the chemical SNIPER problem is studied in detail. First, results obtained by solving the Fokker-Planck equation numerically are presented. Then an asymptotic analysis of the Fokker-Planck equation is used to derive explicit formulae for the period of oscillation as a function of the rate constants and as a function of the system size. © 2009 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

  14. Simulation model of fatigue crack opening/closing phenomena for predicting RPG load under arbitrary stress distribution field

    Toyosada, M.; Niwa, T. [Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka (Japan)


    In this paper, Newman`s calculation model is modified to solve his neglected effect of the change of stress distribution ahead of a crack, and to leave elastic plastic materials along the crack surface because of the compatibility of Dugdale model. In addition to above treatment, the authors introduce plastic shrinkage at an immediate generation of new crack surfaces due to emancipation of internal force with the magnitude of yield stress level during unloading process in the model. Moreover, the model is expanded to arbitrary stress distribution field. By using the model, RPG load is simulated for a center notched specimen under constant amplitude loading with various stress ratios and decreased maximum load while keeping minimum load.

  15. A close-up view of Jupiter's magnetic field from Juno: New insights into the planet's deep interior

    Jones, Chris A.; Holme, Richard


    The first results from the Juno mission magnetometer have recently become available. Juno provides us with the closest view of any planetary dynamo, flying to within 1.25 of the radius of the dynamo region, whereas for the Earth, we cannot get closer than 1.83 of the core-mantle boundary radius. We compare the Juno results with those from first principles dynamo simulations of Jupiter's magnetic field. Intense flux patches at Jupiter's surface are found in both the data and the simulations, though the simulations have them mainly at slightly higher latitudes than the observations. We consider the prospects for determining more accurately the location of the top of the metallic hydrogen region and the implications of possible weak flux patches at the poles.

  16. A close look on the lithosphere of Central North Africa with the new global gravity and gravity-gradient fields

    Braitenberg, C. F.; Pivetta, T.; Mariani, P.


    The gravity satellite missions GRACE and GOCE have boosted the resolution of the global Earth gravity models (EGM), opening new possibilities of investigation. The EGMs must be distinguished in models based on pure satellite or mixed satellite-terrestrial observations. Satellite-only models are truly global, whereas satellite-terrestrial models have inhomogeneous quality, depending on availability and accuracy of the terrestrial data set. The advantage of the mixed models (e.g. EGM2008 by Pavlis et al. 2008) is their greater spatial resolution, reaching nominally 9 km, against the 80 km of the pure satellite models of satellite GOCE. The disadvantage is the geographically varying reliability due to problems in the terrestrial data, compiled from different measuring campaigns, using various acquisition methods, and different national geodetic reference systems. We present a method for quality assessment of the higher-resolution fields through the lower-resolution GOCE-field and apply it to northern Africa. We find that the errors locally are as great as 40 mGal, but can be flagged as "bad areas" by our method, leaving the "good areas" for reliable geophysical modeling and investigation. We analyze gravity and gravity gradients and their invariants over North-Central Africa derived from the EGM2008 and GOCE (e.g. Migliaccio et al., 2010) and quantify the resolution in terms of density variations associated to crustal thickness variations, rifts and magmatic underplating. We focus on the Benue rift and the Chad lineament, a 1300 km arcuate feature which links the Benue to the Tibesti Volcanic province. The existing seismological investigations are integrated to constrain the lithosphere structure in terms of seismic velocities, crustal thickness and top asthenosphere boundary, together with physical constraints based on thermal and isostatic considerations (McKenzie stretching model). Our modeling shows that the gravity signal can only be explained if the Benue rift

  17. Low-frequency RF Coupling To Unconventional (Fat Unbalanced) Dipoles

    Ong, M M; Brown, C G; Perkins, M P; Speer, R D; Javedani, J B


    The report explains radio frequency (RF) coupling to unconventional dipole antennas. Normal dipoles have thin equal length arms that operate at maximum efficiency around resonance frequencies. In some applications like high-explosive (HE) safety analysis, structures similar to dipoles with ''fat'' unequal length arms must be evaluated for indirect-lightning effects. An example is shown where a metal drum-shaped container with HE forms one arm and the detonator cable acts as the other. Even if the HE is in a facility converted into a ''Faraday cage'', a lightning strike to the facility could still produce electric fields inside. The detonator cable concentrates the electric field and carries the energy into the detonator, potentially creating a hazard. This electromagnetic (EM) field coupling of lightning energy is the indirect effect of a lightning strike. In practice, ''Faraday cages'' are formed by the rebar of the concrete facilities. The individual rebar rods in the roof, walls and floor are normally electrically connected because of the construction technique of using metal wire to tie the pieces together. There are two additional requirements for a good cage. (1) The roof-wall joint and the wall-floor joint must be electrically attached. (2) All metallic penetrations into the facility must also be electrically connected to the rebar. In this report, it is assumed that these conditions have been met, and there is no arcing in the facility structure. Many types of detonators have metal ''cups'' that contain the explosives and thin electrical initiating wires, called bridge wires mounted between two pins. The pins are connected to the detonator cable. The area of concern is between the pins supporting the bridge wire and the metal cup forming the outside of the detonator. Detonator cables usually have two wires, and in this example, both wires generated the same voltage at the

  18. Paleomagnetic Study of a Miocene Deformation in a Region Close to the Camargo Volcanic Field, Chihuahua, Mexico

    Wogau-Chong, K.; Bohnel, H.; Aranda Gomez, J.


    The Sierra the Aguachile is a Miocene volcanic sequence located in the SE of Chihuahua State NW of the Camargo volcanic field and belongs to the Agua Mayo Group, which unconformably overlays Mesozoic calcareous units. The Sierra de Aguachile sequence defines a structure that may be interpreted as a plunging fold, which could be the result of a reactivation of the San Marcos Fault. This major fault is well known more to the east but may extend into the study area where it would be covered by the younger volcanic sequences; its main activity has been reported to be during the the Neocomian with reactivation phases in the Paleogene and Miocene. To test if the observed structure is the result of a tectonic deformation that happened after the emplacement of the volcanic sequence, a paleomagnetic study was carried out. A total of 14 sites were sampled from different parts of the structure, all in the capping ignimbrite layers. Site mean directions were determined using AF demagnetization. The fold test was applied to analyze if the remanence was acquired in situ or before the proposed folding. Precision parameters k before and after application of the tectonic corrections are 25.38 and 31.43, respectively. This indicates that the Sierra de Aguachile indeed was folded after emplacement of the ignimbrites, which restricts the age of the corresponding tectonic event to be younger than 31.3 +/- 0.7 Ma. Due to the gentle folding though, the difference in precision parameters is not significant at the 95% probability level.

  19. Influence of induced magnetic field and heat transfer on the peristaltic motion of a Jeffrey fluid in an asymmetric channel: Closed form solutions

    Akram, Safia, E-mail: [Department of Humanities and Basic Sciences, Military College of Signals, National University of Sciences and Technology, Rawalpindi 46000 (Pakistan); Department of Mathematics, Quaid-i-Azam University 45320, Islamabad 44000 (Pakistan); Nadeem, S. [Department of Mathematics, Quaid-i-Azam University 45320, Islamabad 44000 (Pakistan)


    We discuss the peristaltic motion of a two dimensional Jeffrey fluid in an asymmetric channel under the effects of induced magnetic field and heat transfer. The problem is simplified by using long wave length and low Reynolds approximations. Exact and closed form Adomian solutions are presented. Expressions for the velocity, stream function, magnetic force function, temperature, pressure gradient and pressure rise are computed. The results of pertinent parameters are discussed. Finally, the trapping phenomena for different wave shapes are discussed. It is observed that the pressure rise for sinusoidal wave is less than trapezoidal wave and greater than triangular in a Jeffrey fluid. - Highlights: Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer The effects of induced magnetic field and heat transfer in peristaltic motion of a two dimensional Jeffrey fluid are discussed. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer In this paper exact and closed form Adomian solutions are presented. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Different wave shapes are considered to observe the behavior of pressure rise and trapping phenomena.

  20. Unbalanced Voltage Compensation in Low Voltage Residential AC Grids

    Trintis, Ionut; Douglass, Philip; Munk-Nielsen, Stig


    This paper describes the design and test of a control algorithm for active front-end rectifiers that draw power from a residential AC grid to feed heat pump loads. The control algorithm is able to control the phase to neutral or phase to phase RMS voltages at the point of common coupling....... The voltage control was evaluated with either active or reactive independent phase load current control. The control performance in field operation in a residential grid situated in Bornholm, Denmark was investigated for different use cases....

  1. Integral Sliding Mode Control Strategy of D-STATCOM for Unbalanced Load Compensation under Various Disturbances

    Mingchao Xia


    Full Text Available Control strategies of D-STATCOM for unbalanced load compensation under internal and external disturbances were discussed. Linear control strategies do not have a satisfactory dynamic performance and become invalid under internal or external disturbances. To guarantee a good precision and robustness, a control strategy combining input-output feedback linearization technique with integral sliding mode control (ISMC method was applied to D-STATCOM for unbalanced load compensation. The strategy has features of simple structure and is easy to implement. A 10 MVar/10 kV D-STATCOM simulation system was built in PSCAD/EMTDC to verify the effectiveness and robustness of the control strategy proposed. Simulation results show that the control strategy can compensate reactive power and eliminate unbalance simultaneously under various disturbances.

  2. Statistical analysis of efficient unbalanced factorial designs for two-color microarray experiments.

    Tempelman, Robert J


    Experimental designs that efficiently embed a fixed effects treatment structure within a random effects design structure typically require a mixed-model approach to data analyses. Although mixed model software tailored for the analysis of two-color microarray data is increasingly available, much of this software is generally not capable of correctly analyzing the elaborate incomplete block designs that are being increasingly proposed and used for factorial treatment structures. That is, optimized designs are generally unbalanced as it pertains to various treatment comparisons, with different specifications of experimental variability often required for different treatment factors. This paper uses a publicly available microarray dataset, as based upon an efficient experimental design, to demonstrate a proper mixed model analysis of a typical unbalanced factorial design characterized by incomplete blocks and hierarchical levels of variability.

  3. Frequency Noise Suppression of a Single Mode Laser with an Unbalanced Fiber Interferometer for Subnanometer Interferometry

    Radek Šmíd


    Full Text Available We present a method of noise suppression of laser diodes by an unbalanced Michelson fiber interferometer. The unstabilized laser source is represented by compact planar waveguide external cavity laser module, ORIONTM (Redfern Integrated Optics, Inc., working at 1540.57 nm with a 1.5-kHz linewidth. We built up the unbalanced Michelson interferometer with a 2.09 km-long arm based on the standard telecommunication single-mode fiber (SMF-28 spool to suppress the frequency noise by the servo-loop control by 20 dB to 40 dB within the Fourier frequency range, remaining the tuning range of the laser frequency.

  4. Power Controllability of Three-phase Converter with Unbalanced AC Source

    Ma, Ke; Chen, Wenjie; Liserre, Marco


    Three-phase DC-AC power converters suffer from power oscillation and overcurrent problems in case of unbalanced AC source voltage that can be caused by grid/generator faults. Existing solutions to handle these problems are properly selecting and controlling the positive and negative sequence...... currents. In this work a new series of control strategies which utilize the zerosequence components are proposed to enhance the power control ability under this adverse condition. It is concluded that by introducing proper zero sequence current controls and corresponding circuit configurations, the power...... converter can enable more flexible control targets, achieving better performances in the delivered power and load current when suffering from unbalanced AC voltage....

  5. Power Controllability of Three-phase Converter with Unbalanced AC Source

    Ma, Ke; Liserre, Marco; Blaabjerg, Frede


    Three-phase DC-AC power converters suffer from power oscillation and overcurrentt problems in case of unbalanced AC source voltage that can be caused by grid/generator faults. Existing solutions to handle these problems are properly selecting and controlling the positive and negative sequence...... converter can enable more flexible control targets, achieving better performances in the delivered power and load current when suffering from unbalanced AC sources....... currents. In this work a new series of control strategies which utilize the zero-sequence components are proposed to enhance the power control ability under this adverse conditions. It is concluded that by introducing proper zero sequence current controls and corresponding circuit configurations, the power...

  6. Induced Unbalanced Linguistic Ordered Weighted Average and Its Application in Multiperson Decision Making

    Lucas Marin


    Full Text Available Linguistic variables are very useful to evaluate alternatives in decision making problems because they provide a vocabulary in natural language rather than numbers. Some aggregation operators for linguistic variables force the use of a symmetric and uniformly distributed set of terms. The need to relax these conditions has recently been posited. This paper presents the induced unbalanced linguistic ordered weighted average (IULOWA operator. This operator can deal with a set of unbalanced linguistic terms that are represented using fuzzy sets. We propose a new order-inducing criterion based on the specificity and fuzziness of the linguistic terms. Different relevancies are given to the fuzzy values according to their uncertainty degree. To illustrate the behaviour of the precision-based IULOWA operator, we present an environmental assessment case study in which a multiperson multicriteria decision making model is applied.

  7. Predictions of Unbalanced Response of Turbo Compressor Equipped with Active Magnetic Bearings through System Identification

    Baek, SeongKi; NOh, Myounggyu; Park, Young Woo [Chungnam National Univ., Daejeon (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Kiwook; Lee, Nam Soo; Jeog, Jinhee [LG Electronics, Gumi (Korea, Republic of)


    Since vibrations in rotating machinery is a direct cause of performance degradation and failures, it is very important to predict the level of vibrations as well as have a method to lower the vibrations to an acceptable level. However, the changes in balancing during installation and the vibrational modes of the support structure are difficult to predict. This paper presents a method for predicting the unbalanced response of a turbo-compressor supported by active magnetic bearings (AMBs). Transfer functions of the rotor are obtained through system identification using AMBs. These transfer functions contain not only the dynamics of the rotor but also the vibrational modes of the support structure. Using these transfer functions, the unbalanced response is calculated and compared with the run-up data obtained from a compressor prototype. The predictions revealed the effects of the support structure, validating the efficacy of the method.

  8. Dynamic modeling and direct power control of wind turbine driven DFIG under unbalanced network voltage conditions

    Jia-bing HU; Yi-kang HE; Lie XU


    This paper proposes an analysis and a direct power control (DPC) design of a wind turbine driven doubly-fed in-duction generator (DFIG) under unbalanced network voltage conditions. A DFIG model described in the positive and negative synchronous reference frames is presented. Variations of the stator output active and reactive powers are fully deduced in the presence of negative sequence supply voltage and rotor flux. An enhanced DPC scheme is proposed to eliminate stator active power oscillation during network unbalance. The proposed control scheme removes rotor current regulators and the decomposition processing of positive and negative sequence rotor currents. Simulation results using PSCAD/EMTDC are presented on a 2-MW DFIG wind power generation system to validate the feasibility of the proposed control scheme under balanced and unbalanced network conditions.

  9. Reduction of the unbalanced magnetic force of a transverse flux machine by using symmetric multipair cores

    Jang, G. H.; Park, N. K.; Lee, C. I.; Chang, J. H.; Jeong, S. W.; Kang, D. H.


    This paper investigates the characteristics of the magnetic force and the torque in the conventional rotatory two-phase transverse flux machine (TFM) by using the three-dimensional finite element method. This research shows that the unbalanced magnetic force is one of the dominant excitation forces in this machine, and it proposes a TFM with symmetric multipair cores in which each stator core of phases A and B is divided into two and the divided cores are disposed symmetrically to cancel the unbalanced magnetic force of each phase of a TFM. However, symmetric multipair cores of a TFM may reduce the winding space of coil which results in the reduction of torque and power. This research performs the optimization of teeth-slot configuration of the stator to overcome this shortcoming. It shows that the unbalance magnetic force of a TFM can be effectively eliminated without sacrificing torque or power by introducing symmetric multipair cores.

  10. A Parallel Biological Optimization Algorithm to Solve the Unbalanced Assignment Problem Based on DNA Molecular Computing

    Zhaocai Wang


    Full Text Available The unbalanced assignment problem (UAP is to optimally resolve the problem of assigning n jobs to m individuals (m < n, such that minimum cost or maximum profit obtained. It is a vitally important Non-deterministic Polynomial (NP complete problem in operation management and applied mathematics, having numerous real life applications. In this paper, we present a new parallel DNA algorithm for solving the unbalanced assignment problem using DNA molecular operations. We reasonably design flexible-length DNA strands representing different jobs and individuals, take appropriate steps, and get the solutions of the UAP in the proper length range and O(mn time. We extend the application of DNA molecular operations and simultaneity to simplify the complexity of the computation.

  11. What drives health care expenditure?--Baumol's model of 'unbalanced growth' revisited.

    Hartwig, Jochen


    The share of health care expenditure in GDP rises rapidly in virtually all OECD countries, causing increasing concern among politicians and the general public. Yet, economists have to date failed to reach an agreement on what the main determinants of this development are. This paper revisits Baumol's [Baumol, W.J., 1967. Macroeconomics of unbalanced growth: the anatomy of urban crisis. American Economic Review 57 (3), 415-426] model of 'unbalanced growth', showing that the latter offers a ready explanation for the observed inexorable rise in health care expenditure. The main implication of Baumol's model in this context is that health care expenditure is driven by wage increases in excess of productivity growth. This hypothesis is tested empirically using data from a panel of 19 OECD countries. Our tests yield robust evidence in favor of Baumol's theory.

  12. Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Controller Experimental Design for DC Motor Connected to Unbalanced Load

    Reza Nejati


    Full Text Available In two recent decades, fuzzy controllers have been used in controlling different systems successfully. In this article, a new method is given for controlling of permanent magnetic DC motor connected to unbalanced load. Imbalance of load leads to machine vibrations, fluctuation of power, making exhaustion in machine shaft, and equipment depreciation. In this article neuro-fuzzy controllers are used for controlling unbalanced load. Because of non-linear nature of load and machine, machine fluctuations are different in various speeds. For making controller adaptive with machine, using an artificial neural network, the input-output coefficients are be updated in any speed. Optimized coefficients obtained by using of direct search method, and with these coefficients, artificial neural network trained with Lauvenberg-Marcoardet method. Operational results obtained from developed system, shows the efficiency of given method.

  13. Synchronization of grid-connected renewable energy sources under highly distorted voltages and unbalanced grid faults

    Hadjidemetriou, Lenos; Kyriakides, Elias; Blaabjerg, Frede


    renewable energy systems. Therefore, the performance of the new PLL can increase the quality of the injected power under abnormal conditions and in addition enable the renewable energy systems to provide the appropriate support to the grid under balanced and unbalanced grid faults.......Renewable energy sources require accurate and appropriate performance not only under normal grid operation but also under abnormal and faulty grid conditions according to the modern grid codes. This paper proposes a novel phase-locked loop algorithm (MSHDC-PLL), which can enable the fast...... and dynamic synchronization of the interconnected renewable energy system under unbalanced grid faults and under highly harmonic distorted voltage. The outstanding performance of the suggested PLL is achieved by implementing an innovative multi-sequence/harmonic decoupling cell in order to dynamically cancel...

  14. Investigation of Grid-connected Voltage Source Converter Performance under Unbalanced Faults

    Jia, Jundi; Yang, Guangya; Nielsen, Arne Hejde


    Renewable energy sources (RES) and HVDC links are typically interfaced with the grid by power converters, whose performance during grid faults is significantly different from that of traditional synchronous generators. This paper investigates the performance of grid-connected voltage source...... that the performance of VSCs varies with their control strategies. Negative-sequence current control is necessary to restrict converter current in each phase under unbalanced faults. Among presented control strategies, the balanced current control strategy complies with the present voltage support requirement best...... converters (VSCs) under unbalanced faults. Conventional positive-sequence synchronous reference frame (SRF) control is presented first, followed by three different negative-sequence current control strategies considering reactive power injection and converter current limit. The simulation results indicate...

  15. Influence of the representation of the distribution transformer core configuration on voltages developed during unbalanced operations

    Vernieri, Julieta Z.; Barbieri, María Beatriz; Arnera, Patricia L.


    The object of this paper is to emphasize the importance of the representation of the core configuration when seeking transients developed in a distribution transformer under an unbalanced situation. Digital time-domain simulations are performed with the Alternative Transients Program (ATP) for the case of a distribution three-phase transformer using the following two core configuration representations available in the ATP: three-legged core form and fivelegged core. Severe overvoltages ...

  16. Mitigation of Unbalanced Voltage Sags and Voltage Unbalance in CIGRE Low Voltage Distribution Network

    Mustafa, Ghullam; Bak-Jensen, Birgitte; Mahat, Pukar; Cecati, Carlo


    Any problem with voltage in a power network is undesirable as it aggravates the quality of the power. Power electronic devices such as Voltage Source Converter (VSC) based Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) etc. can be used to mitigate the voltage problems in the distribution system. The voltage problems dealt with in this paper are to show how to mitigate unbalanced voltage sags and voltage unbalance in the CIGRE Low Voltage (LV) test network and net-works like this. The voltage unbala...

  17. Multi-frequency proportional-resonant (MFPR) current controller for PWM VSC under unbalanced supply conditions


    This letter presents a multi-frequency proportional-resonant (MFPR) current controller developed for PWM voltage source converter (VSC) under the unbalanced supply voltage conditions. The delta operator is used in place of the shift operator for the implementation of MFPR by using a low-cost fixed-point DSP. The experimental results with an alternative control strategy validated the feasibility of the proposed MFPR current controller for the PWM VSC during voltage unbalance.

  18. Named-Entity Tagging a Very Large Unbalanced Corpus. Training and Evaluating NE classifiers

    Bingel, Joachim; Haider, Thomas


    of contemporary German (Kupietz et al., 2010). DeReKo 's strong dispersion wrt. genre, register and time forces us to base our decision for a specific NERC system on an evaluation performed on a representative sample of DeReKo instead of performance figures that have been reported for the individual NERC systems...... applicable method for sampling evaluation data from an unbalanced target corpus for any sort of natural language processing....

  19. DC-Voltage Fluctuation Elimination Through a DC-Capacitor Current Control for DFIG Converters Under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Conditions

    Liu, Changjin; Xu, Dehong; Zhu, Nan;


    Unbalanced grid voltage causes a large second-order harmonic current in the dc-link capacitors as well as dc-voltage fluctuation, which potentially will degrade the lifespan and reliability of the capacitors in voltage source converters. This paper proposes a novel dc-capacitor current control...... method for a grid-side converter (GSC) to eliminate the negative impact of unbalanced grid voltage on the dc-capacitors. In this method, a dc-capacitor current control loop, where a negative-sequence resonant controller is used to increase the loop gain, is added to the conventional GSC current control...... loop. The rejection capability to the unbalanced grid voltage and the stability of the proposed control system are discussed. The second-order harmonic current in the dc capacitor as well as dc-voltage fluctuation is very well eliminated. Hence, the dc capacitors will be more reliable under unbalanced...

  20. A prescription and fast code for the long-term evolution of star clusters II: unbalanced and core evolution

    Gieles, Mark; Lamers, Henny; Baumgardt, Holger


    We introduce version two of the fast star cluster evolution code Evolve Me A Cluster of StarS (EMACSS). The first version (Alexander & Gieles) assumed that cluster evolution is balanced for the majority of the life-cycle, meaning that the rate of energy generation in the core of the cluster equals the diffusion rate of energy by two-body relaxation, which makes the code suitable for modelling clusters in weak tidal fields. In this new version we extend the model to include an unbalanced phase of evolution to describe the pre-collapse evolution and the accompanying escape rate such that clusters in strong tidal fields can also be modelled. We also add a prescription for the evolution of the core radius and density and a related cluster concentration parameter. The model simultaneously solves a series of first-order ordinary differential equations for the rate of change of the core radius, half-mass radius and the number of member stars N. About two thousand integration steps in time are required to solve f...

  1. Unbalanced Bilinguals’ Asymmetric Associations Between L2 Words for Taxonomic Categories of Basic and Superordinate Levels

    Bohua Chen


    Full Text Available The revised hierarchical model seems different from the distributed conceptual feature model in predicting how unbalanced bilinguals would be aware of semantic relations between words for taxonomic categories of basic level (exemplar words and words for those of superordinate level (category names in L2. We did a series of four experiments to compare unbalanced bilinguals’ awareness of conceptual relations between exemplar words and between exemplar words and category names in their first (L1 and second language (L2. A priming task of semantic categorization was adopted, and the participants were 72 college students, who began to learn L2 in classroom settings at a late age and achieved an L2 proficiency between intermediate and advanced levels. The reaction times indicated that the participants could automatically process not only the exemplar-word but also the category-name primes in L2. Activations of semantic representations for the category names in L2 seemed to spread to those for the exemplar words in L1 and L2, but activations of semantic presentations for the exemplar words in L2 spread only to those for the example words in L1 for the participants. It was concluded that unbalanced bilinguals appear to have developed asymmetric associations between category names and exemplar words in L2. The implication is that L2 learners should learn L2 words mainly by means of using the language and not taking rote memory of isolated words.

  2. A novel control strategy for load converter of DC isolated distribution system under unbalanced loading conditions



    A novel control strategy for the load converter supplying the unbalanced AC load in a DC isolated distribution system is presented. The control algorithm results in balanced and sinusoidal load voltages under unbalanced AC loading. The unbalanced load is characterized in the d-q-0 rotating coordinate based on symmetrical sequence components. Also, the mathematical model of the load converter in both a-b-c and d-q-0 coordinates is derived by using the average large signal model. Then, two control strategies for the load converter are presented. The first one uses the conventional d-q-0 controller to ensure the voltage and current regulation. The second one is a newly proposed control strategy based on the decomposition of the voltage and current into instantaneous positive, negative, and zero sequences. These three sequences are controlled independently in their own reference frames as DC signals. The performance of the load converter using these two control strategies is compared. Simulation results show the validity and capability of the newly proposed control strategy.

  3. Software for computation of power losses in unbalanced and harmonic polluted industrial electric networks

    Chindris, Mircea; Cziker, Andrei; Miron, Anca [Technical Univ. of Cluj, Napoca (Romania). Power Systems Dept.


    The electromagnetic phenomena in the industrial electric power networks have reached a level of complexity so high that their accurate knowledge has imposed the developing of complex software products, including expert systems, which can satisfy these expectations. Particularly, the unbalanced and non-sinusoidal working conditions have a negative impact on both individual components of the electrical system and the whole system. The knowledge of distribution losses, which depend on the technical and operation characteristics of the electric network and on the distortion and unbalance degree of the current and/or voltage waveforms, is necessary in order to establish the network parameters and working state. Power losses calculus allows setting the electrical energy distribution cost, estimating the efficiency of the losses reduction solutions, etc. Looking for computation of power losses in the industrial electric networks, taking into account the necessity of making complex mathematic calculations and considering the number of parameters that influence these power losses during an unbalanced and non-sinusoidal state, the authors have developed an original software tool which satisfies this goal, and quickly provides accurate results. The paper presents this software, by describing its methodology and the mathematic equations that have been used to determine the electric power losses for radial electric networks working in unbalanced and harmonic polluted conditions.

  4. Three-Phase Unbalanced Transient Dynamics and Powerflow for Modeling Distribution Systems With Synchronous Machines

    Elizondo, Marcelo A.; Tuffner, Francis K.; Schneider, Kevin P.


    Unlike transmission systems, distribution feeders in North America operate under unbalanced conditions at all times, and generally have a single strong voltage source. When a distribution feeder is connected to a strong substation source, the system is dynamically very stable, even for large transients. However if a distribution feeder, or part of the feeder, is separated from the substation and begins to operate as an islanded microgrid, transient dynamics become more of an issue. To assess the impact of transient dynamics at the distribution level, it is not appropriate to use traditional transmission solvers, which generally assume transposed lines and balanced loads. Full electromagnetic solvers capture a high level of detail, but it is difficult to model large systems because of the required detail. This paper proposes an electromechanical transient model of synchronous machine for distribution-level modeling and microgrids. This approach includes not only the machine model, but also its interface with an unbalanced network solver, and a powerflow method to solve unbalanced conditions without a strong reference bus. The presented method is validated against a full electromagnetic transient simulation.

  5. ANN-based system for a discrimination between unbalanced supply voltage and phase loss in induction motors

    Refaat, Shady S.; Abu-Rub, Haitham; Iqbal, Atif


    It is documented that almost 98% of all voltage generated by electric utilities has up to 3% unbalance. Single phasing fault deserves special attention since phase loss is considered the worst case of unbalanced supply voltage. This paper focuses on unbalanced supply condition diagnosis and discrimination between an unbalance in the supply and phase loss fault. The discrimination will be based on the ratio of third harmonic to fundamental Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) magnitude components (RTH...

  6. A Serially-Connected Compensator for Eliminating the Unbalanced Three-Phase Voltage Impact on Wind Turbine Generators

    Wu, Ziping; Hsu, Ping; Muljadi, Eduard; Gao, Wenzhong


    Untransposed transmission lines, unbalanced tap changer operations, and unbalanced loading in weak distribution lines can cause unbalanced-voltage conditions. The resulting unbalanced voltage at the point of interconnection affects proper gird integration and reduces the lifetime of wind turbines due to power oscillations, torque pulsations, mechanical stresses, energy losses, and uneven and overheating of the generator stator winding. This work investigates the dynamic impact of unbalanced voltage on the mechanical and electrical components of integrated Fatigue, Aerodynamics, Structures, and Turbulence (FAST) wind turbine generation systems (WTGs) of Type 1 (squirrel-cage induction generator) and Type 3 (doubly-fed induction generator). To alleviate this impact, a serially-connected compensator for a three-phase power line is proposed to balance the wind turbine-side voltage. Dynamic simulation studies are conducted in MATLAB/Simulink to compare the responses of these two types of wind turbine models under normal and unbalanced-voltage operation conditions and demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed compensator.

  7. Serially-Connected Compensator for Eliminating the Unbalanced Three-Phase Voltage Impact on Wind Turbine Generators: Preprint

    Wu, Z.; Hsu, P.; Muljadi, E.; Gao, W.


    Untransposed transmission lines, unbalanced tap changer operations, and unbalanced loading in weak distribution lines can cause unbalanced-voltage conditions. The resulting unbalanced voltage at the point of interconnection affects proper gird integration and reduces the lifetime of wind turbines due to power oscillations, torque pulsations, mechanical stresses, energy losses, and uneven and overheating of the generator stator winding. This work investigates the dynamic impact of unbalanced voltage on the mechanical and electrical components of integrated Fatigue, Aerodynamics, Structures, and Turbulence (FAST) wind turbine generation systems (WTGs) of Type 1 (squirrel-cage induction generator) and Type 3 (doubly-fed induction generator). To alleviate this impact, a serially-connected compensator for a three-phase power line is proposed to balance the wind turbine-side voltage. Dynamic simulation studies are conducted in MATLAB/Simulink to compare the responses of these two types of wind turbine models under normal and unbalanced-voltage operation conditions and demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed compensator.

  8. Measurement of magnetic field fluctuations within last closed flux surface with movable magnetic probe array in the JIPP T-IIU tokamak

    Kitachi, K.; Oike, T. [Nagoya Univ. (Japan). Dept. of Energy Eng. Sci.; Ohdachi, S.; Toi, K.; Akiyama, R.; Ejiri, A.; Hamada, Y.; Narihara, K.; Seki, T. [National Institute for Fusion Science, Nagoya 464-01 (Japan); Kuramoto, H. [Kyushu Institute of Technology, Iizuka 820 (Japan); 2; JIPP T-IIU Group


    Poloidal and radial magnetic field fluctuations less than 100 kHz are measured with a newly developed movable magnetic probe array in the JIPP T-IIU tokamak. The probe array protected by a carbon-carbon composite with 20% boron is inserted beyond the last closed flux surface (LFCS) up to r/a{approx}0.77 without deleterious effect on ohmically and neutral beam heated plasmas. From the radial variation in the fluctuation amplitude just outside the LCFS the poloidal mode number m is estimated to be 4 or less for the low frequency coherent part (f<30 kHz) and about 10 for the relatively high frequency incoherent part (f>50 kHz). (orig.) 8 refs.

  9. Synchronization of the four identical unbalanced rotors in a vibrating system of plane motion


    A new mechanism is proposed to implement the synchronization of the four unbalanced rotors in a vibrating system, which consists of a main rigid frame (MRF) and two accessorial rigid frames (ARF). An analytical approach is developed to study the coupling dynamic characteristics of the four unbalanced rotors, which converts the problem of synchronization of the four unbalanced rotors into the existence and the stability of zero solutions for the non-dimensional differential equations of the angular velocity disturbance parameters (NDDEDP). The stability of zero solutions of the NDDEDP is decomposed into that of its generalized system and a system of the three first order differential equations for the disturbance parameters of the phase differences. The coupling dynamic characteristic of the four unbalanced rotors includes the inertia coupling, the stiffness coupling of angular velocity and the load torque coupling. The non-dimensional inertia coupling matrix is symmetric, the non dimensional matrix of the stiffness coupling of angular velocity is antisymmetric and its diagonal elements are all negative. Hence, the general system of the NDDEDP automatically satisfies the generalized Lyapunov equations when the non-dimensional inertia coupling matrix is positive definite and its elements are all positive. Using Routh-Hurwitz criterion the condition of stability of differential equations for the disturbance parameters of the phase differences is obtained. The load torque coupling makes the vibrating system have the dynamic characteristic of selecting motions and self-synchronization of the four unbalanced rotors arises from the dynamic characteristic of selecting motion of the vibrating system. When the two coefficients of coupling cosine effect of phase angles are all greater than 0 and the three indexes of synchronization are all far greater than 1, the vibrating system can implement an elliptical motion of the main rigid frame required in engineering. Numeric

  10. A Method of Unbalanced Current Off-line Test for High-voltage Capacitors in Converter Station%换流站高压电容器不平衡电流离线测试方法

    吴鹏; 摆亲; 刘志远; 张振宇


    对换流站高压电容器不平衡电流理论计算进行简单推导,并以不同工频电压作用下不平衡电流的线性关系为基本原理,介绍了低工频电压下离线试验测试不平衡电流大小与理论计算值之间的差别,并通过对误差由浅入深地分析,从而得出现场运行维护人员提高不平衡电流测试值准确性的关键方法,即合理优化现场试验接线以减少电磁干扰,并适当对比理论计算值与离线试验测试值的方法,从而确保桥臂不平衡电流离线测试值的准确性。通过电容器调整或更换,满足了离线测试不平衡电流大小要求,能保障设备投入电网后的稳定运行。%This paper describes the unbalanced current theoretical formula of the high-voltage capacitors in a converter station, and with the linear relationship of unbalanced current under the action of different power frequency voltages as the basic principle,the difference between the unbalanced current theoretical value and off-line testing value under low power frequency voltage is accounted for.Through analysis of the cause of the difference from shallow to deep,the conclusion is reached that the key method by which the field maintenance personnel can improve the accuracy of unbalanced current test is through rational and optimized test wiring to reduce electromagnetic interference and appropriately compare theoretical value with off-line test value to ensure the accuracy of the bridge arm unbalanced current off-line test value.Through the capacitor adj ustment or replacement,the off-line test values of the unbalanced current are up to requirement for ensuring stable equipment work in operation.

  11. Nonlinear Dynamic Response of an Unbalanced Flexible Rotor Supported by Elastic Bearings Lubricated with Piezo-Viscous Polar Fluids

    Mustapha Lahmar


    Full Text Available On the basis of the V. K. Stokes micro-continuum theory, the effects of couple stresses on the nonlinear dynamic response of the unbalanced Jeffcott’s flexible rotor supported by layered hydrodynamic journal bearings is presented in this paper. A nonlinear transient modified Reynolds’ equation is derived and discretized by the finite element method to obtain the fluid-film pressure field as well as the film thickness by means of the implicit Euler method. The nonlinear orbits of the rotor center are determined by solving the nonlinear differential equations of motion with the explicit Euler’s scheme taking into account the flexibility of rotor. According to the obtained results, the combined effects of couple stresses due to the presence of polymer additives in lubricant and the pressure dependent viscosity on the nonlinear dynamic response of the rotor-bearing system are significant and cannot be ignored or overlooked. As expected, these effects are more noticeable for polymers characterized by higher length molecular chains.

  12. Analysis of frequency noise properties of 729nm extended cavity diode laser with unbalanced Mach-Zehnder interferometer

    Pham, Tuan M.; Čížek, Martin; Hucl, Václav; Lazar, Josef; Hrabina, Jan; Řeřucha, Šimon; Lešundák, Adam; Obšil, Petr; Filip, Radim; Slodička, Lukáš; Číp, Ondřej


    We report on the frequency noise investigation of a linewidth-suppressed Extended Cavity Diode Laser (ECDL), working at 729 nm. Since the ECDL is intended as an excitation laser for the forbidden transition in a trapped and laser cooled 40Ca+ ion, an Hz-level linewidth is required. We present the experimental design that comprises a two-stage linewidth narrowing and a facility for frequency and noise analysis. The linewidth is first narrowed with a phase lock loop of the ECDL onto a selected component of an optical frequency comb where the frequency noise was suppressed with a fast electronic servo-loop controller that drives the laser injection current with a high bandwidth. The second stage comprises locking the laser onto a selected mode of a high-finesse passive optical cavity. The frequency analysis used an unbalanced Mach-Zehnder interferometer with a fiber spool inserted in the reference arm in order to give a general insight into the signal properties by mixing two separated beams, one of them delayed by the spool, and processing it with a spectral analyzer. Such a frequency noise analysis reveals what are the most significant noises contributions to the laser linewidth, which is a crucial information in field of ion trapping and cooling. The presented experimental results show the effect of the linewidth narrowing with the first stage, where the linewidth of ECDL was narrowed down to a kHz level.

  13. [Closing diastemas].

    Vieira, L C; Pereira, J C; Coradazzi, J L; Francischone, C E


    The authors describe a clinical case of closing upper central incisives diastema, reconstructiva of a conoid upper lateral and the rechaping of an upper canine to a lateral incisive. The material used was composite resin.

  14. High Order Sliding Mode Control of Doubly-fed Induction Generator under Unbalanced Grid Faults

    Zhu, Rongwu; Chen, Zhe; Wu, Xiaojie


    This paper deals with a doubly-fed induction generator-based (DFIG) wind turbine system under grid fault conditions such as: unbalanced grid voltage, three-phase grid fault, using a high order sliding mode control (SMC). A second order sliding mode controller, which is robust with respect......) control. In order to improve control performance of the overall system, electromagnetic power and active power oscillations elimination strategies are proposed respectively. Lastly, the effective of the proposed control strategy is verified by the simulation results of a 2 MW DFIG system....

  15. Secondary wavelength stabilization of unbalanced Michelson interferometers for the generation of low-jitter pulse trains.

    Shalloo, R J; Corner, L


    We present a double unbalanced Michelson interferometer producing up to four output pulses from a single input pulse. The interferometer is stabilized with the Hänsch-Couillaud method using an auxiliary low power continuous wave laser injected into the interferometer, allowing the stabilization of the temporal jitter of the output pulses to 0.02 fs. Such stabilized pulse trains would be suitable for driving multi-pulse laser wakefield accelerators, and the technique could be extended to include amplification in the arms of the interferometer.

  16. Suppression of frequency noise of single mode laser with unbalanced fiber interferometer for subnanometer interferometry

    Šmíd, Radek; Čížek, Martin; Mikel, Břetislav; Lazar, Josef; Číp, Ondrej


    We present a method of noise suppression of laser diodes by unbalanced Michelson fiber interferometer. The unstabilized laser source is represented by compact planar waveguide external cavity laser module ORION (Redfern Integrated Optics, Inc.) working at 1040.57 nm with Michelson interferometer with 1 km long arm based on SMF-28 fiber spool to suppress the frequency noise by fast PI servo-loop up to 33 kHz of laser injection current modulation. We were able to decrease the noise level by -60 dBc/Hz up to 1.5 kHz noise frequency of the laser.

  17. Unbalanced Michelson's interferometer as a fiber optic distributed sensor of external signals

    Chojnacki, M.; Szustakowski, Mieczyslaw; Zyczkowski, Marek


    The subject of this work is a novel fiber optic distributed sensor system. The system uses a technique called multiplexed reflectometric interferometry to measure dynamic strain in a network of single mode optical fiber sensors. The sensor is constructed on unbalanced fiber optic Michelson's interferometer is activated by series of double pulse. The time interval between those pulses depends on the length of the section of sensor. Acousto-optical modulator acts as an optical frequency shifter. A change in a frequency of electrical pulses exciting the modulator result in a frequency shift in each generated wave packet.

  18. Optimal contrast function in the unbalanced fiber optic Michelson interferometer for dislocation sensor

    Szustakowski, Mieczyslaw; Palka, Norbert; Ciurapinski, Wieslaw M.


    Theoretical description of a contrast in an unbalanced fiber optic Michelson's interferometer with a multimode laser was shown. Periodic contrast oscillations, which depend on a laser spectrum, occur if a measuring arm of the interferometer is elongated. Required characteristic features of the contrast for an elongation sensor were determined. Influences of laser spectrum parameters (wavelength, halfwidth and mode spacing) as well as laser mode amplitudes on the contrast were simulated. Optimal spectrum for the dislocation sensor was determined theoretically. A laser which parameters fulfilled the requirements was found and its spectrum was measured. The measured contrast function was very similar to the optimal theoretical plot what proves correctness of the calculations.

  19. Tx-Rx Isolation Exploiting Tunable Balanced-Unbalanced Antennas Architecture

    Tatomirescu, Alexandru; Alrabadi, Osama; Pedersen, Gert Frølund


    The duplex filter is probably still the most expensive component in mobile handsets for the significant Transmitter (Tx) — Receiver (Rx) isolation required. This paper suggests to relax or even replace the duplex filter by equipping the Tx and the Rx with two separate antennas. The two antennas...... are different in the sense that one is balanced and the other is unbalanced. By properly controlling the two arms of the balanced antenna, impressive Tx-Rx isolation is obtained by canceling the coupling trans-impedance between the two antennas....

  20. Robust Current Control of Doubly Fed Wind Turbine Generator under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Conditions

    Wang, Yun; Gong, Wenming; Wu, Qiuwei


    This paper presents the design of a H ∞ current controller for doubly fed induction generators (DFIGs) in order to maintain stable operation under unbalanced voltage conditions. The H ∞ current controller has a multi-input and multi-output (MIMO) structure and is designed using the loop shaping...... method. Case studies have been carried out in order to verify the efficacy of the proposed H ∞ current controller for DFIGs. The case study results show that the proposed H ∞ current controller can realize different control objectives, i.e. stable stator current, stable stator active power and stable...

  1. Rabi oscillation induced $\\pi$-phase flip in an unbalanced Ramsey atom interferometer

    Li, R B; Wang, K; Lu, S B; Cao, L; Wang, J; Zhan, M S


    We present an observation of zero to $\\pi$ phase flips induced by Rabi oscillation in an unbalanced Ramsey atom interferometer. The phase shift and visibility are experimentally investigated by modulating either the polarization or the pulse duration of Raman lasers, and they are well explained by a theoretical model. In an atom interferometer, the $\\pi$-phase flips are caused not only by the sign of Rabi frequency but also by the amplitude of Rabi oscillation. Considering these $\\pi$-phase flips, we propose a composite-light-pulse sequence for realizing cold atom interferometers, which has advantages of the large momentum transfer and the better noise immunity.

  2. The Calculation of Unbalanced Voltage on the tertiary bus of a single phase auto transformer in case of Parallel Operation with Different Manufacturer

    Shim, E.B.; Woo, J.W.; Kwak, J.S. [Korea Electric Power Research Institute (Korea); Joe, S.H.; Hur, Y.H. [KEPCO (Korea); Han, S.O. [Chungnam University (Korea)


    This paper described the unbalanced voltage on the tertiary bus of a single phase auto transformer in the case of parallel operation with different manufacturer at each phase. The unbalanced capacitances between primary to secondary winding, secondary to tertiary winding and primary to tertiary winding makes unbalanced bus voltage in the tertiary bus side. The unbalanced voltage let the surge arrester to operate in the power frequency range, and it causes the arrester to burn out. The failure of the arrester at one phase makes line to ground fault, which lead to the surge arrester failure of the other two phase on the tertiary bus. (author). 3 refs., 10 figs., 2 tabs.

  3. Data Normalization of (1)H NMR Metabolite Fingerprinting Data Sets in the Presence of Unbalanced Metabolite Regulation.

    Hochrein, Jochen; Zacharias, Helena U; Taruttis, Franziska; Samol, Claudia; Engelmann, Julia C; Spang, Rainer; Oefner, Peter J; Gronwald, Wolfram


    Data normalization is an essential step in NMR-based metabolomics. Conducted properly, it improves data quality and removes unwanted biases. The choice of the appropriate normalization method is critical and depends on the inherent properties of the data set in question. In particular, the presence of unbalanced metabolic regulation, where the different specimens and cohorts under investigation do not contain approximately equal shares of up- and down-regulated features, may strongly influence data normalization. Here, we demonstrate the suitability of the Shapiro-Wilk test to detect such unbalanced regulation. Next, employing a Latin-square design consisting of eight metabolites spiked into a urine specimen at eight different known concentrations, we show that commonly used normalization and scaling methods fail to retrieve true metabolite concentrations in the presence of increasing amounts of glucose added to simulate unbalanced regulation. However, by learning the normalization parameters on a subset of nonregulated features only, Linear Baseline Normalization, Probabilistic Quotient Normalization, and Variance Stabilization Normalization were found to account well for different dilutions of the samples without distorting the true spike-in levels even in the presence of marked unbalanced metabolic regulation. Finally, the methods described were applied successfully to a real world example of unbalanced regulation, namely, a set of plasma specimens collected from patients with and without acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass use.

  4. Gray mold populations in german strawberry fields are resistant to multiple fungicides and dominated by a novel clade closely related to Botrytis cinerea.

    Leroch, Michaela; Plesken, Cecilia; Weber, Roland W S; Kauff, Frank; Scalliet, Gabriel; Hahn, Matthias


    The gray mold fungus Botrytis cinerea is a major threat to fruit and vegetable production. Strawberry fields usually receive several fungicide treatments against Botrytis per season. Gray mold isolates from several German strawberry-growing regions were analyzed to determine their sensitivity against botryticides. Fungicide resistance was commonly observed, with many isolates possessing resistance to multiple (up to six) fungicides. A stronger variant of the previously described multidrug resistance (MDR) phenotype MDR1, called MDR1h, was found to be widely distributed, conferring increased partial resistance to two important botryticides, cyprodinil and fludioxonil. A 3-bp deletion mutation in a transcription factor-encoding gene, mrr1, was found to be correlated with MDR1h. All MDR1h isolates and the majority of isolates with resistance to multiple fungicides were found to be genetically distinct. Multiple-gene sequencing confirmed that they belong to a novel clade, called Botrytis group S, which is closely related to B. cinerea and the host-specific species B. fabae. Isolates of Botrytis group S genotypes were found to be widespread in all German strawberry-growing regions but almost absent from vineyards. Our data indicate a clear subdivision of gray mold populations, which are differentially distributed according to their host preference and adaptation to chemical treatments.

  5. The use of non-invasive field techniques in the study of small topographically closed lakes: two case studies in Sicily (Italy

    Paolo Madonia


    Full Text Available Small endhoreic (topografically closed lakes represent a little percentage of continental waters but, in arid or sub-arid regions, they develop special ecosystems potentially prone to ecological involution due to climatic changes. The mandatory use of light, non-invasive field techniques is often required, especially in protected areas. In the present work the use of non-invasive techniques like GPS−based bathymetric and photographic surveys have been applied to the study of two lakes, Specchio di Venere and Sfondato (Sicily, southern Italy, both natural reserves. The comparison between historical surveys and modern GPS−based bathymetries highlighted the difficulty of using the former for the reconstruction of climatic-induced variations due to the low number of measurements (spatial aliasing. In particular, at the intracaldera Lake Specchio di Venere, a high resolution survey gave new insights into a peculiar geo-ecosystem whose evolution is driven by both volcanic phenomena and biomineralization processes. On the contrary, the morphology of Lake Sfondato floor is much more simple and driven only by the superimposition of a detrital sedimentation on the initial collapse that generated the lake. The comparison betweem direct measurements and estimated changes of lake level, carried out between February 2008 and October 2009 variations, allowed us to test different hypotheses of hydrological balances, leading to opposite conclusions with respect to previous studies and remarking the fundamental importance of direct measurements in the validation of theoretical hydrological models.

  6. Simultaneous Unbalanced Shared Local Oscillator Heterodyne Interferometry (SUSHI) for high SNR, minimally destructive dispersive detection of time-dependent atomic spins

    Locke, Mary


    We demonstrate "Simultaneous Unbalanced Shared Local Oscillator Heterodyne Interferometry (SUSHI)," a new method for minimally destructive, high SNR dispersive detection of atomic spins. In SUSHI a dual-frequency probe laser interacts with atoms in one arm of a Mach-Zehnder interferometer, then beats against a bright local oscillator beam traversing the other arm, resulting in two simultaneous, independent heterodyne measurements of the atom-induced phase shift. Measurement noise due to mechanical disturbances of beam paths is strongly rejected by the technique of \\emph{active subtraction} in which anti-noise is actively written onto the local oscillator beam via an optical phase-locked-loop. In SUSHI, technical noise due to phase, amplitude, and frequency fluctuations of the various laser fields is strongly rejected (i) for any mean phase bias between the interferometer arms, (ii) without the use of piezo actuated mirrors, and (iii) without signal balancing. We experimentally demonstrate an ultra-low technic...

  7. Crash Frequency Modeling Using Real-Time Environmental and Traffic Data and Unbalanced Panel Data Models.

    Chen, Feng; Chen, Suren; Ma, Xiaoxiang


    Traffic and environmental conditions (e.g., weather conditions), which frequently change with time, have a significant impact on crash occurrence. Traditional crash frequency models with large temporal scales and aggregated variables are not sufficient to capture the time-varying nature of driving environmental factors, causing significant loss of critical information on crash frequency modeling. This paper aims at developing crash frequency models with refined temporal scales for complex driving environments, with such an effort providing more detailed and accurate crash risk information which can allow for more effective and proactive traffic management and law enforcement intervention. Zero-inflated, negative binomial (ZINB) models with site-specific random effects are developed with unbalanced panel data to analyze hourly crash frequency on highway segments. The real-time driving environment information, including traffic, weather and road surface condition data, sourced primarily from the Road Weather Information System, is incorporated into the models along with site-specific road characteristics. The estimation results of unbalanced panel data ZINB models suggest there are a number of factors influencing crash frequency, including time-varying factors (e.g., visibility and hourly traffic volume) and site-varying factors (e.g., speed limit). The study confirms the unique significance of the real-time weather, road surface condition and traffic data to crash frequency modeling.

  8. Nonlinear model of a distribution transformer appropriate for evaluating the effects of unbalanced loads

    Toman, Matej; Štumberger, Gorazd; Štumberger, Bojan; Dolinar, Drago

    Power packages for calculation of power system transients are often used when studying and designing electromagnetic power systems. An accurate model of a distribution transformer is needed in order to obtain realistic values from these calculations. This transformer model must be derived in such a way that it is applicable when calculating those operating conditions appearing in practice. Operation conditions where transformers are loaded with nonlinear and unbalanced loads are especially challenging. The purpose of this work is to derive a three-phase transformer model that is appropriate for evaluating the effects of nonlinear and unbalanced loads. A lumped parameter model instead of a finite element (FE) model is considered in order to ensure that the model can be used in power packages for the calculation of power system transients. The transformer model is obtained by coupling electric and magnetic equivalent circuits. The magnetic equivalent circuit contains only three nonlinear reluctances, which represent nonlinear behaviour of the transformer. They are calculated by the inverse Jiles-Atherton (J-A) hysteresis model, while parameters of hysteresis are identified using differential evolution (DE). This considerably improves the accuracy of the derived transformer model. Although the obtained transformer model is simple, the simulation results show good agreement between measured and calculated results.

  9. Object-oriented Bayesian networks for evaluating DIP-STR profiling results from unbalanced DNA mixtures.

    Cereda, G; Biedermann, A; Hall, D; Taroni, F


    The genetic characterization of unbalanced mixed stains remains an important area where improvement is imperative. In fact, with current methods for DNA analysis (Polymerase Chain Reaction with the SGM Plus multiplex kit), it is generally not possible to obtain a conventional autosomal DNA profile of the minor contributor if the ratio between the two contributors in a mixture is smaller than 1:10. This is a consequence of the fact that the major contributor's profile 'masks' that of the minor contributor. Besides known remedies to this problem, such as Y-STR analysis, a new compound genetic marker that consists of a Deletion/Insertion Polymorphism (DIP), linked to a Short Tandem Repeat (STR) polymorphism, has recently been developed and proposed elsewhere in literature. The present paper reports on the derivation of an approach for the probabilistic evaluation of DIP-STR profiling results obtained from unbalanced DNA mixtures. The procedure is based on object-oriented Bayesian networks (OOBNs) and uses the likelihood ratio as an expression of the probative value. OOBNs are retained in this paper because they allow one to provide a clear description of the genotypic configuration observed for the mixed stain as well as for the various potential contributors (e.g., victim and suspect). These models also allow one to depict the assumed relevance relationships and perform the necessary probabilistic computations.

  10. Double-Frame Current Control with a Multivariable PI Controller and Power Compensation for Weak Unbalanced Networks

    Siemaszko, D


    The handling of weak networks with asymmetric loads and disturbances im- plies the accurate handling of the second-harmonic component that appears in an unbalanced network. This paper proposes a classic vector control approach using a PI-based controller with superior decoupling capabilities for operation in weak networks with unbalanced phase voltages. A synchronization method for weak unbalanced networks is detailed, with dedicated dimensioning rules. The use of a double-frame controller allows a current symmetry or controlled imbalance to be forced for compensation of power oscillations by controlling the negative current sequence. This paper also serves as a useful reminder of the proper way to cancel the inherent coupling effect due to the transformation to the synchronous rotating reference frame, and of basic considerations of the relationship between switching frequency and control bandwidth.

  11. Multiple target implementation for a doubly fed induction generator based on direct power control under unbalanced and distorted grid voltage

    Heng NIAN; Yi-peng SONG


    This paper presents a multiple target implementation technique for a doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) under unbalanced and distorted grid voltage based on direct power control (DPC). Based on the mathematical model of DFIG under unbalanced and distorted voltage, the proportional and integral (PI) regulator is adopted to regulate the DFIG average active and reactive powers, while the vector PI (VPI) resonant regulator is used to achieve three alternative control targets: (1) balanced and sinusoidal stator current; (2) smooth instantaneous stator active and reactive powers; (3) smooth electromagnetic torque and instantaneous stator reactive power. The major advantage of the proposed control strategy over the conventional method is that neither negative and harmonic sequence decomposition of grid voltage nor complicated control reference calculation is required. The insensitivity of the proposed control strategy to DFIG parameter deviation is analyzed. Finally, the DFIG experimental system is developed to validate the availability of the proposed DPC strategy under unbalanced and distorted grid voltage.

  12. Stable optical spring in the Advanced LIGO detector with unbalanced arms and in the Michelson-Sagnac interferometer

    Vostrosablin, Nikita; Vyatchanin, Sergey P.


    Optical rigidity in the Advanced LIGO gravitational-wave detector, operated on the dark port regime, is unstable. We show that the same interferometer with excluded symmetric mechanical mode but with unbalanced arms allows us to get stable optical spring for the antisymmetric mechanical mode. The arm detuning necessary to get stability is shown to be a small one—it corresponds to small power in the signal port. We show that stable optical spring may be also obtained in the Michelson-Sagnac interferometer with both power and signal recycling mirrors and unbalanced arms.

  13. Analysis of Unbalanced Magnetic Pull in Wound Rotor Induction Machines using Finite Element Analysis – Transient, Motoring and Generating Modes

    Dorrell, David G.; Hermann, Alexander Niels August; Jensen, Bogi Bech


    There has been much literature on unbalanced magnetic pull in various types of electrical machine. This can lead to bearing wear and additional vibrations in the machine. In this paper a wound rotor induction is studied. Finite element analysis studies are conducted when the rotor has 10 % rotor...... eccentricity. The operating conditions are varied so that transient, motoring and doubly-fed induction generator modes are studied. This allows greater understanding of the radial forces involved. Wound rotor induction machines exhibit higher unbalanced magnetic pull than cage induction machines so...

  14. Distortion of magnetic field and magnetic force of a brushless dc motor due to deformed rubber magnet

    Lee, C. J.; Jang, G. H.


    This paper investigates the distortion of magnetic field of a brushless dc (BLDC) motor due to deformed rubber magnet. Global or local deformation of rubber magnet in the BLDC motor is mathematically modeled by using the Fourier series. Distorted magnetic field is calculated by using the finite element method, and unbalanced magnetic force is calculated by using the Maxwell stress tensor. When the rubber magnet is globally or locally deformed, the unbalanced magnetic force has the frequencies with the first harmonic and the harmonics of slot number ±1. However, the harmonic deformation with multiple of common divisor of pole and slot does not generate unbalanced magnetic force due to the rotational symmetry.

  15. Computing the External Magnetic Scalar Potential due to an Unbalanced Six-Pole Permanent Magnet Motor

    Selvaggi J, Salon S, Kwon O, Chari MVK


    The accurate computation of the external magnetic field from a permanent magnet motor is accomplished by first computing its magnetic scalar potential. In order to find a solution which is valid for any arbitrary point external to the motor, a number of proven methods have been employed. Firstly, A finite element model is developed which helps generate magnetic scalar potential values valid for points close to and outside the motor. Secondly, charge simulation is employed which generates an equivalent magnetic charge matrix. Finally, an equivalent multipole expansion is developed through the application of a toroidal harmonic expansion. This expansion yields the harmonic components of the external magnetic scalar potential which can be used to compute the magnetic field at any point outside the motor.

  16. Characterization of ZrO2 Films Deposited by Reactive Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering

    ZHAO Sha; XU Ke-wei; WANG Yuan


    ZrO2 thin films were deposited by r.f. reactive unbalanced magnetron sputtering. The influence of electromagnetic coil current on microstructure and optical properties of the films was investigated. At low coil current of 0.2A, small grains are produced. With the increase of coil current, the deposition rate and surface roughness are decreased and the packing density in proportion to the refractive index is increased remarkably. The refractive index is as high as 2.236 (at λ=600nm) at 0.4A. At the high coil current of 0.6A, grains appear to grow up due to thermal effects and therefore optical properties of the films are deteriorated a little.

  17. A Capacitive Displacement Sensing Technique for Early Detection of Unbalanced Loads in a Washing Machine

    Karthik Tiruthani


    Full Text Available Horizontal axis washing machines are water and energy efficient and becoming popular in the USA. Unlike a vertical axis washer, these do not have an agitator and depend solely on tumbling for the agitation of laundry during the wash cycle. However, due to the constant shifting of laundry during washing, the load distribution is often unbalanced during the high speed spin cycle. We present a displacement-based sensing method to detect unbalance early while the spin rate (rpm is well below the resonance frequency so that corrective actions may be taken prior to the high speed spin cycle. Experimental and analytical characterizations of the sensor configuration are presented. Results show that the displacement sensor is more appropriate than an accelerometer for this application and offer the potential for a simple, reliable, low cost detection of unbalance.

  18. Power quality improvement of unbalanced power system with distributed generation units

    Hu, Y.; Chen, Zhe; Excell, P.


    This paper presents a power electronic system for improving the power quality of the unbalanced distributed generation units in three-phase four-wire system. In the system, small renewable power generation units, such as small PV generator, small wind turbines may be configured as single phase...... generation units. The random nature of renewable power sources may result in significant unbalance in the power network and affect the power quality. An electronic converter system is proposed to correct the system unbalance and harmonics so as to deal with the power quality problems. The operation...... and control of the converter are described. Simulation results have demonstrated that the system can effectively correct the unbalance and enhance the system power quality....

  19. Speed Sensorless Vector Control of Unbalanced Three-Phase Induction Motor with Adaptive Sliding Mode Control

    Mohammad Jannati


    Full Text Available This paper presents a technique for speed sensorless Rotor Flux Oriented Control (RFOC of 3-phase Induction Motor (IM under open-phase fault (unbalanced or faulty IM. The presented RFOC strategy is based on rotational transformation. An adaptive sliding mode control system with an adaptive switching gain is proposed instead of the speed PI controller. Using an adaptive sliding mode control causes the proposed speed sensorless RFOC drive system to become insensitive to uncertainties such as load disturbances and parameter variations. Moreover, with adaptation of the sliding switching gain, calculation of the system uncertainties upper bound is not needed. Finally, simulation results have been presented to confirm the good performance of the proposed method.

  20. Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Films Synthesized by Dual-Target Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering

    LIU Cui; LI Guo-Qing; GOU Wei; MU Zong-Xin; ZHANG Cheng-Wu


    @@ Smooth, dense and uniform diamond-like carbon films (DLC films) for industrial applications have successfully been prepared by dual-target unbalanced magnetron sputtering and the DLC characteristics of the films are confirmed by Raman spectra. It is found that the sputtering current of target plays an important role in the DLC film deposition. Deposition rate of 3.5μm/h is obtained by using the sputtering current of 30 A. The friction coefficient of the films is 0.2-0.225 measured by using a pin-on-disc microtribometer. The structure of the films tends to have a growth of sp3 bonds content at high sputtering current. The compressive residual stress in the films increases with the increasing sputtering current of the target.

  1. Fabrication of Diamond-like Carbon Films by Ion Assisted Middle Frequency Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering

    ZHANG Yi-chen; SUN Shao-ni; ZHOU Yi; MA Sheng-ge; BA De-chun


    Diamond-like carbon (DLC) films are deposited by the Hall ion source assisted by the mid-frequency unbalanced magnetron sputtering technique. The effects of the substrate voltage bias, the substrate temperature, the Hall discharging current and the argon/nitrogen ratio on the DLC film's performance were studied. The experimental results show that the film's surface roughness, the hardness and the Young's modulus increase firstly and then decrease with the bias voltage incrementally increases. Also when the substrate temperature rises, the surface roughness of the film varies slightly, but its hardness and Young's modulus firstly increase followed by a sharp decrease when the temperature surpassing 120 ℃. With the Hall discharging current incrementally rising, the hardness and Young's modulus of the film decrease and the surface roughness of the film on 316L stainless steel firstly decreased and then remains constant.

  2. Vortex array laser beam generation from a Dove prism-embedded unbalanced Mach-Zehnder interferometer.

    Chu, Shu-Chun; Yang, Chao-Shun; Otsuka, Kenju


    This paper proposes a new scheme for generating vortex laser beams from a laser. The proposed system consists of a Dove prism embedded in an unbalanced Mach-Zehnder interferometer configuration. This configuration allows controlled construction of p x p vortex array beams from Ince-Gaussian modes, IG(e) (p,p) modes. An incident IG(e)(p,p) laser beam of variety order p can easily be generated from an end-pumped solid-state laser system with an off-axis pumping mechanism. This study simulates this type of vortex array laser beam generation, analytically derives the vortex positions of the resulting vortex array laser beams, and discusses beam propagation effects. The resulting vortex array laser beam can be applied to optical tweezers and atom traps in the form of two-dimensional arrays, or used to study the transfer of angular momentum to micro particles or atoms (Bose-Einstein condensate).

  3. Characteristics of W Doped Nanocrystalline Carbon Films Prepared by Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering.

    Park, Yong Seob; Park, Chul Min; Kim, Nam-Hoon; Kim, Jae-Moon


    Nanocrystalline tungsten doped carbon (WC) films were prepared by unbalanced magnetron sputtering. Tungsten was used as the doping material in carbon thin films with the aim of application as a contact strip in an electric railway. The structural, physical, and electrical properties of the fabricated WC films with various DC bias voltages were investigated. The films had a uniform and smooth surface. Hardness and frication characteristics of the films were improved, and the resistivity and sheet resistance decreased with increasing negative DC bias voltage. These results are associated with the nanocrystalline WC phase and sp(2) clusters in carbon networks increased by ion bombardment enhanced with increasing DC bias voltage. Consequently, the increase of sp(2) clusters containing WC nanocrystalline in the carbon films is attributed to the improvement in the physical and electrical properties.

  4. Estimating survival rates in ecological studies with small unbalanced sample sizes: an alternative Bayesian point estimator

    Christian Damgaard


    Full Text Available Increasingly, the survival rates in experimental ecology are presented using odds ratios or log response ratios, but the use of ratio metrics has a problem when all the individuals have either died or survived in only one replicate. In the empirical ecological literature, the problem often has been ignored or circumvented by different, more or less ad hoc approaches. Here, it is argued that the best summary statistic for communicating ecological results of frequency data in studies with small unbalanced samples may be the mean of the posterior distribution of the survival rate. The developed approach may be particularly useful when effect size indexes, such as odds ratios, are needed to compare frequency data between treatments, sites or studies.

  5. A cautionary note on generalized linear models for covariance of unbalanced longitudinal data

    Huang, Jianhua Z.


    Missing data in longitudinal studies can create enormous challenges in data analysis when coupled with the positive-definiteness constraint on a covariance matrix. For complete balanced data, the Cholesky decomposition of a covariance matrix makes it possible to remove the positive-definiteness constraint and use a generalized linear model setup to jointly model the mean and covariance using covariates (Pourahmadi, 2000). However, this approach may not be directly applicable when the longitudinal data are unbalanced, as coherent regression models for the dependence across all times and subjects may not exist. Within the existing generalized linear model framework, we show how to overcome this and other challenges by embedding the covariance matrix of the observed data for each subject in a larger covariance matrix and employing the familiar EM algorithm to compute the maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters and their standard errors. We illustrate and assess the methodology using real data sets and simulations. © 2011 Elsevier B.V.

  6. Performance analysis of active damped small DC-link capacitor based drive for unbalanced input voltage supply

    Maheshwari, Ram Krishan; Munk-Nielsen, Stig


    A small DC-link capacitor based drive is presented in this paper. The drive shows negative impedance instability at operating points with high power load. A phase portrait is presented for input filter states which exhibit a limit cycle. When the drive is operated with unbalanced input supply...

  7. Balanced Current Control Strategy for Current Source Rectifier Stage of Indirect Matrix Converter under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Conditions

    Yeongsu Bak


    Full Text Available This paper proposes a balanced current control strategy for the current source rectifier (CSR stage of an indirect matrix converter (IMC under unbalanced grid voltage conditions. If the three-phase grid connected to the voltage source inverter (VSI of the IMC has unbalanced voltage conditions, it affects the currents of the CSR stage and VSI stage, and the currents are distorted. Above all, the distorted currents of the CSR stage cause instability in the overall system, which can affect the life span of the system. Therefore, in this paper, a control strategy for balanced currents in the CSR stage is proposed. To achieve balanced currents in the CSR stage, the VSI stage should receive DC power without ripple components from the CSR stage. This is implemented by controlling the currents in the VSI stage. Therefore, the proposed control strategy decouples the positive and negative phase-sequence components existing in the unbalanced voltages and currents of the VSI stage. Using the proposed control strategy under unbalanced grid voltage conditions, the stability and life span of the overall system can be improved. The effectiveness of the proposed control strategy is verified by simulation and experimental results.

  8. Assumption or Fact? Line-to-Neutral Voltage Expression in an Unbalanced 3-Phase Circuit during Inverter Switching

    Masrur, M. A.


    This paper discusses the situation in a 3-phase motor or any other 3-phase system operating under unbalanced operating conditions caused by an open fault in an inverter switch. A dc voltage source is assumed as the input to the inverter, and under faulty conditions of the inverter switch, the actual voltage applied between the line to neutral…

  9. Effect of Doubly Fed Induction GeneratorTidal Current Turbines on Stability of a Distribution Grid under Unbalanced Voltage Conditions

    Dahai Zhang


    Full Text Available This paper analyses the effects of doubly fed induction generator (DFIG tidal current turbines on a distribution grid under unbalanced voltage conditions of the grid. A dynamic model of an electrical power system under the unbalanced network is described in the paper, aiming to compare the system performance when connected with and without DFIG at the same location in a distribution grid. Extensive simulations of investigating the effect of DFIG tidal current turbine on stability of the distribution grid are performed, taking into account factors such as the power rating, the connection distance of the turbine and the grid voltage dip. The dynamic responses of the distribution system are examined, especially its ability to ride through fault events under unbalanced grid voltage conditions. The research has shown that DFIG tidal current turbines can provide a good damping performance and that modern DFIG tidal current power plants, equipped with power electronics and low-voltage ride-through capability, can stay connected to weak electrical grids even under the unbalanced voltage conditions, whilst not reducing system stability.

  10. Assembly of an unbalanced charged polyampholyte onto Nafion® to produce high-performance composite membranes.

    Li, Shenghai; Zhang, Suobo; Zhang, Qifeng; Qin, Guorui


    A novel SPES-NH(2)-GA-Nafion® composite membrane with higher proton conductivity and lower methanol permeability was fabricated by covalent crosslinking layer-by-layer self-assembly of an unbalanced charged polyampholyte (SPES-NH(2)) and glutaraldehyde (GA) with controllable free sulfonic acid content.

  11. Unbalanced 2 x 2 factorial designs and the interaction effect: a troublesome combination.

    Johannes A Landsheer

    Full Text Available In this power study, ANOVAs of unbalanced and balanced 2 x 2 datasets are compared (N = 120. Datasets are created under the assumption that H1 of the effects is true. The effects are constructed in two ways, assuming: 1. contributions to the effects solely in the treatment groups; 2. contrasting contributions in treatment and control groups. The main question is whether the two ANOVA correction methods for imbalance (applying Sums of Squares Type II or III; SS II or SS III offer satisfactory power in the presence of an interaction. Overall, SS II showed higher power, but results varied strongly. When compared to a balanced dataset, for some unbalanced datasets the rejection rate of H0 of main effects was undesirably higher. SS III showed consistently somewhat lower power. When the effects were constructed with equal contributions from control and treatment groups, the interaction could be re-estimated satisfactorily. When an interaction was present, SS III led consistently to somewhat lower rejection rates of H0 of main effects, compared to the rejection rates found in equivalent balanced datasets, while SS II produced strongly varying results. In data constructed with only effects in the treatment groups and no effects in the control groups, the H0 of moderate and strong interaction effects was often not rejected and SS II seemed applicable. Even then, SS III provided slightly better results when a true interaction was present. ANOVA allowed not always for a satisfactory re-estimation of the unique interaction effect. Yet, SS II worked better only when an interaction effect could be excluded, whereas SS III results were just marginally worse in that case. Overall, SS III provided consistently 1 to 5% lower rejection rates of H0 in comparison with analyses of balanced datasets, while results of SS II varied too widely for general application.

  12. Effects of magnetic field configuration on rf sputtering for CdS/CdTe solar cells

    Compaan, A.; Shao, M.; Fischer, A.; Grecu, D.; Jayamaha, U.; Contreras-Puente, G.; Bohn, R.G. [Univ. of Toledo, OH (United States)


    The authors report studies of solar cells prepared by rf planar magnetron sputtering in which the films were deposited using magnetic field structures ranging from approximately balanced to strongly unbalanced in the type II configuration. For films grown with the unbalanced configurations, they find much stronger photoluminescence and much better cell performance than for the balanced configuration. The CdTe films show differences in electrical performance depending on magnetic field as well. These effects are interpreted as arising from the enhanced electron and ion bombardment of the film growth interface for the unbalanced magnetrons. Using two unbalanced magnetrons the authors have fabricated an all-rf-sputtered cell with NREL-verified efficiency of 11.6% at air mass 1.5 illumination.

  13. Sensitive DIP-STR markers for the analysis of unbalanced mixtures from "touch" DNA samples.

    Oldoni, Fabio; Castella, Vincent; Grosjean, Frederic; Hall, Diana


    Casework samples collected for forensic DNA analysis can produce genomic mixtures in which the DNA of the alleged offender is masked by high quantities of DNA coming from the victim. DIP-STRs are novel genetic markers specifically developed to enable the target analysis of a DNA of interest in the presence of exceeding quantities of a second DNA (up to 1000-fold). The genotyping system, which is based on allele-specific amplifications of haplotypes formed by a deletion/insertion polymorphism (DIP) and a short tandem repeat (STR), combines the capacity of targeting the DNA of an individual with a strong identification power. Finally, DIP-STRs are autosomal markers therefore they can be applied to any combination of major and minor DNA. In this study we aimed to assess the ability of DIP-STRs to detect the minor contributor on challenging "touch" DNA samples simulated with representative crime-associated substrates and to compare their performance to commonly used male-specific markers (Y-STRs). As part of a comprehensive study on the relative DNA contribution of two persons handling the same object, we selected 71 unbalanced contact traces of which 14 comprised a male minor DNA contributor mixed to a female major DNA contributor. Using a set of six DIP-STRs, one to four markers were found to be informative for the minor DNA detection across traces. When compared to Y-STRs (14 traces), the DIP-STRs showed similar sensitivity in detecting the minor DNA across substrate materials with a similar occurrence of allele drop-out. Conversely, because of the sex combination of the two users of the object, 57 remaining traces could only be investigated by DIP-STRs. Of these, 30 minor DNA contributors could be detected by all informative markers while 12 traces showed events of allele drop-out. Finally, 15 traces showed no amplification of the minor DNA. These last 15 samples were mostly characterized by a combination of short handling time of the object, low DNA recovery and

  14. Partial trisomy of 11q23.3-q25 inherited from a maternal low-level mosaic unbalanced translocation.

    Choi, Jungyoon; Lee, Hojung; Lee, Cha Gon


    Partial trisomy of 11q is characterized by pre/postnatal growth retardation, microcephaly, dysmorphic craniofacial features, cognitive disability, abnormal muscle tone, inguinal hernia, and possible congenital heart defects. Here, we describe a 17-year-old male with a 17.77 Mb-sized [arr 11q23.3-q25 (116,667,559 -134,434,130) ×3] partial trisomy resulting from the unbalanced translocation between chromosomes 11 and 22. The terminal translocation was detected using oligonucleotide array comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) with fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) confirmation. The partial trisomy was inherited from his mother who had the low-level (22.7%) mosaic unbalanced translocation and a normal phenotype. The patient showed most of the common features of partial trisomy 11q syndrome, with additional findings, including mesenteric fibromatosis.

  15. Sociological aspects of medicine and population unbalanced relationships in contemporary Russia

    T V Semina


    Full Text Available The article considers sociological aspects of one of the most complex and urgent problems of the contemporary Russian society - the growing imbalance of social relationships between patients and doctors. Undoubtedly, in medicine each group - doctors and patients - is an element of poorly structured social network and an integral part of all types of interaction in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. This system of relationships is institutionalized and complex in itself, but social and economic processes can complicate or facilitate its functioning. Unfortunately, the growth of social differentiation in the Russian society in the last decades had a negative impact on all spheres of life including healthcare. Under given conditions and social stratification trends each group - doctors and patients - has developed specific value orientations as a kind of professional and personal quintessence of the current fundamental values. In particular, dissatisfaction with the financial situation in the light of work efforts and high level of education explains why doctors consider their social status inadequate and are forced to satisfy their material needs with the help of illegal means. The author proposes some measures to reduce the imbalance of medicine and society relationships in the contemporary Russian society, which suggest changing traditional models of healthcare and conflict management through the purposeful influence on the subject and object of the unbalanced relationships.

  16. Surface treatment effect on Si (111) substrate for carbon deposition using DC unbalanced magnetron sputtering

    Aji, A. S., E-mail:; Sahdan, M. F.; Hendra, I. B.; Dinari, P.; Darma, Y. [Quantum Semiconductor and Devices Lab., Physics of Material Electronics Research Division, Department of Physics, Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia)


    In this work, we studied the effect of HF treatment in silicon (111) substrate surface for depositing thin layer carbon. We performed the deposition of carbon by using DC Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering with carbon pallet (5% Fe) as target. From SEM characterization results it can be concluded that the carbon layer on HF treated substrate is more uniform than on substrate without treated. Carbon deposition rate is higher as confirmed by AFM results if the silicon substrate is treated by HF solution. EDAX characterization results tell that silicon (111) substrate with HF treatment have more carbon fraction than substrate without treatment. These results confirmed that HF treatment on silicon Si (111) substrates could enhance the carbon deposition by using DC sputtering. Afterward, the carbon atomic arrangement on silicon (111) surface is studied by performing thermal annealing process to 900 °C. From Raman spectroscopy results, thin film carbon is not changing until 600 °C thermal budged. But, when temperature increase to 900 °C, thin film carbon is starting to diffuse to silicon (111) substrates.

  17. The structure of Cu-Al films prepared by unbalanced DC magnetron sputtering

    Musil, J.; Bell, A.J. [Czech Acad. of Sci., Prague (Czech Republic). Inst. of Phys.; Chepera, M.; Zeman, J. [Military Technical Institute, PO Box 574, 602 00 (Czech Republic)


    Recently, the formation of nanostructured and amorphous materials has been the focus of intense research owing to interest from a basic scientific point of view and their potential technological value. This paper reports on the variation in, and control of, the structure of Cu-Al films prepared in a state-of-the-art unbalanced DC magnetron sputtering system. The structure is shown to be considerably influenced by ion bombardment during growth with both the energy and ratio of impinging ions: arriving atoms playing dominant roles. In addition, the addition of different quantities of Al to the thin film is shown to have a dramatic impact on the structure. The conditions under which nanocrystalline Cu-Al films can be prepared are given. The films were deposited by the magnetron sputter ion plating (MSIP) process using negative substrate biases up to 1000 V and at different argon pressures down to 0.04 Pa. The structure of the films were determined from XRD analyses. An attempt to correlate obtained XRD spectra with the structure of the film is suggested. The resistivities of the films were measured using the four-point probe method, whilst the content of Al was determined from EDX measurements. (orig.) 15 refs.

  18. Nonlinear dynamic behaviors of permanent magnet synchronous motors in electric vehicles caused by unbalanced magnetic pull

    Xiang, Changle; Liu, Feng; Liu, Hui; Han, Lijin; Zhang, Xun


    Unbalanced magnetic pull (UMP) plays a key role in nonlinear dynamic behaviors of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) in electric vehicles. Based on Jeffcott rotor model, the stiffness characteristics of the rotor system of the PMSM are analyzed and the nonlinear dynamic behaviors influenced by UMP are investigated. In free vibration study, eigenvalue-based stability analysis for multiple equilibrium points is performed which offers an insight in system stiffness. Amplitude modulation effects are discovered of which the mechanism is explained and the period of modulating signal is carried out by phase analysis and averaging method. The analysis indicates that the effects are caused by the interaction of the initial phases of forward and backward whirling motions. In forced vibration study, considering dynamic eccentricity, frequency characteristics revealing softening type are obtained by harmonic balance method, and the stability of periodic solution is investigated by Routh-Hurwitz criterion. The frequency characteristics analysis indicates that the response amplitude is limited in the range between the amplitudes of the two kinds of equilibrium points. In the vicinity of the continuum of equilibrium points, the system hardly provides resistance to bending, and hence external disturbances easily cause loss of stability. It is useful for the design of the PMSM with high stability and low vibration and acoustic noise.

  19. Growth characteristics of MoS2 coatings prepared by unbalanced bipolar DC magnetron sputtering

    WANG Ji-hui; XIA Yang; E.Wieers; L.M.Stals; J.P.Celis


    MoS2 coatings were prepared by unbalanced bipolar DC magnetron sputtering under different argon pressures and for different deposition times, and the structure and morphology of MoS2 coatings were determined and observed respectively by X-ray diffractometry and scanning electron microscopy. The results show that at lower argon pressures of 0.15Pa and 0.40Pa, MoS2 coatings are formed with the (002) basal plane parallel to the surface, whereas the coating deposited at the argon pressure above 0.60Pa has the (002) basal plane perpendicular to the surface. Two stages can be classified for the formation of MoS2 coating. At the initial stage of coating formation, the (002) basal plane with S-Mo-S layer structure grows on the substrate whatever the argon pressure is. And then the coating under 0.40Pa argon pressure still grows with (002) laminate structure, but the coatings under 0.88Pa and 1.60Pa argon pressures turn to grow with the mixed basal and edge orientations. The morphology and structure of MoS2 coatings are highly related to their growth rate and the energy of sputtered particles.

  20. Severe encephalopathy associated to pyruvate dehydrogenase mutations and unbalanced coenzyme Q10 content.

    Asencio, Claudio; Rodríguez-Hernandez, María A; Briones, Paz; Montoya, Julio; Cortés, Ana; Emperador, Sonia; Gavilán, Angela; Ruiz-Pesini, Eduardo; Yubero, Dèlia; Montero, Raquel; Pineda, Mercedes; O'Callaghan, María M; Alcázar-Fabra, María; Salviati, Leonardo; Artuch, Rafael; Navas, Plácido


    Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) deficiency is associated to a variety of clinical phenotypes including neuromuscular and nephrotic disorders. We report two unrelated boys presenting encephalopathy, ataxia, and lactic acidosis, who died with necrotic lesions in different areas of brain. Levels of CoQ10 and complex II+III activity were increased in both skeletal muscle and fibroblasts, but it was a consequence of higher mitochondria mass measured as citrate synthase. In fibroblasts, oxygen consumption was also increased, whereas steady state ATP levels were decreased. Antioxidant enzymes such as NQO1 and MnSOD and mitochondrial marker VDAC were overexpressed. Mitochondria recycling markers Fis1 and mitofusin, and mtDNA regulatory Tfam were reduced. Exome sequencing showed mutations in PDHA1 in the first patient and in PDHB in the second. These genes encode subunits of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (PDH) that could explain the compensatory increase of CoQ10 and a defect of mitochondrial homeostasis. These two cases describe, for the first time, a mitochondrial disease caused by PDH defects associated with unbalanced of both CoQ10 content and mitochondria homeostasis, which severely affects the brain. Both CoQ10 and mitochondria homeostasis appears as new markers for PDH associated mitochondrial disorders.

  1. Analysis of variance with unbalanced data: an update for ecology & evolution.

    Hector, Andy; von Felten, Stefanie; Schmid, Bernhard


    1. Factorial analysis of variance (anova) with unbalanced (non-orthogonal) data is a commonplace but controversial and poorly understood topic in applied statistics. 2. We explain that anova calculates the sum of squares for each term in the model formula sequentially (type I sums of squares) and show how anova tables of adjusted sums of squares are composite tables assembled from multiple sequential analyses. A different anova is performed for each explanatory variable or interaction so that each term is placed last in the model formula in turn and adjusted for the others. 3. The sum of squares for each term in the analysis can be calculated after adjusting only for the main effects of other explanatory variables (type II sums of squares) or, controversially, for both main effects and interactions (type III sums of squares). 4. We summarize the main recent developments and emphasize the shift away from the search for the 'right'anova table in favour of presenting one or more models that best suit the objectives of the analysis.

  2. SPEEDY babies: A putative new behavioral syndrome of unbalanced motor-speech development

    Marja-Leena Haapanen


    Full Text Available Marja-Leena Haapanen1, Tuomo Aro1, Elina Isotalo21Deparment of Otorhinolaryngology, Phoniatric Division, Helsinki University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland; 2Department of Neurology, Peijas Hospital, Helsinki University Central Hospital, Helsinki, FinlandAbstract: Even though difficulties in motor development in children with speech and language disorders are widely known, hardly any attention is paid to the association between atypically rapidly occurring unassisted walking and delayed speech development. The four children described here presented with a developmental behavioral triad: 1 atypically speedy motor development, 2 impaired expressive speech, and 3 tongue carriage dysfunction resulting in related misarticulations. Those characteristics might be phenotypically or genetically clustered. These children didn’t have impaired cognition, neurological or mental disease, defective sense organs, craniofacial dysmorphology or susceptibility to upper respiratory infections, particularly recurrent otitis media. Attention should be paid on discordant and unbalanced achievement of developmental milestones. Present children are termed SPEEDY babies, where SPEEDY refers to rapid independent walking, SPEE and DY to dyspractic or dysfunctional speech development and lingual dysfunction resulting in linguoalveolar misarticulations. SPEEDY babies require health care that recognizes and respects their motor skills and supports their needs for motor activities and on the other hand include treatment for impaired speech. The parents may need advice and support with these children.Keywords: speedy walking, speech disorder, misarticulations

  3. A robust procedure for comparing multiple means under heteroscedasticity in unbalanced designs.

    Esther Herberich

    Full Text Available Investigating differences between means of more than two groups or experimental conditions is a routine research question addressed in biology. In order to assess differences statistically, multiple comparison procedures are applied. The most prominent procedures of this type, the Dunnett and Tukey-Kramer test, control the probability of reporting at least one false positive result when the data are normally distributed and when the sample sizes and variances do not differ between groups. All three assumptions are non-realistic in biological research and any violation leads to an increased number of reported false positive results. Based on a general statistical framework for simultaneous inference and robust covariance estimators we propose a new statistical multiple comparison procedure for assessing multiple means. In contrast to the Dunnett or Tukey-Kramer tests, no assumptions regarding the distribution, sample sizes or variance homogeneity are necessary. The performance of the new procedure is assessed by means of its familywise error rate and power under different distributions. The practical merits are demonstrated by a reanalysis of fatty acid phenotypes of the bacterium Bacillus simplex from the "Evolution Canyons" I and II in Israel. The simulation results show that even under severely varying variances, the procedure controls the number of false positive findings very well. Thus, the here presented procedure works well under biologically realistic scenarios of unbalanced group sizes, non-normality and heteroscedasticity.

  4. Echocardiographic features defining right dominant unbalanced atrioventricular septal defect: a multi-institutional Congenital Heart Surgeons' Society study.

    Cohen, Meryl S; Jegatheeswaran, Anusha; Baffa, Jeanne M; Gremmels, David B; Overman, David M; Caldarone, Christopher A; McCrindle, Brian W; Mertens, Luc


    Definition and management of right dominant unbalanced atrioventricular septal defect (AVSD) remains challenging because unbalance entails a spectrum of left heart hypoplasia. Previous work has highlighted atrioventricular valve (AVV) index as a reasonable defining echocardiographic measure. We sought to assess which additional echocardiographic features might provide further characterization. From a multi-institutional cohort of complete AVSD, 52 preoperative echocardiograms of patients with presumed right dominant unbalanced AVSD (based on AVV index) and 60 randomly selected preoperative echocardiograms from patients with presumed balanced AVSD were reviewed. Cluster analysis of echocardiographic variables was used to group patients with similar features. Discriminant function analysis was used to explore which variables differentiated these groups. Three groups were identified from the cluster analysis. Echocardiographic variables that differentiated these groups were right ventricle:left ventricle inflow angle, LV width/LV length, left AVV color diameter at smallest inflow, left AVV color diameter at annulus, right AVV overriding left atrium, and LV width. Based on procedures and outcomes, 1 group likely represented balanced patients, whereas 2 groups with similar outcomes likely represented unbalanced patients. The dominant differentiating echocardiographic variable between the 3 cluster groups was the right ventricle:LV inflow angle (partial R²=0.86), defined as the angle between the base of the right ventricle and LV free wall, using the crest of the ventricular septum as apex of the angle. The angle of right ventricle/LV inflow and other surrogates of inflow may be important defining echocardiographic measures of right dominant unbalanced AVSD, although confirmation is needed.

  5. Closed-form solutions of the Wheeler-DeWitt equation in a scalar-vector field cosmological model by Lie symmetries

    Paliathanasis, Andronikos; Vakili, Babak


    We apply as selection rule to determine the unknown functions of a cosmological model the existence of Lie point symmetries for the Wheeler-DeWitt equation of quantum gravity. Our cosmological setting consists of a flat Friedmann-Robertson-Walker metric having the scale factor a( t), a scalar field with potential function V(φ ) minimally coupled to gravity and a vector field of its kinetic energy is coupled with the scalar field by a coupling function f(φ ). Then, the Lie symmetries of this dynamical system are investigated by utilizing the behavior of the corresponding minisuperspace under the infinitesimal generator of the desired symmetries. It is shown that by applying the Lie symmetry condition the form of the coupling function and also the scalar field potential function may be explicitly determined so that we are able to solve the Wheeler-DeWitt equation. Finally, we show how we can use the Lie symmetries in order to construct conservation laws and exact solutions for the field equations.

  6. Closed-form solutions of the Wheeler-DeWitt equation in a scalar-vector field cosmological model by Lie symmetries

    Paliathanasis, Andronikos


    We apply as selection rule to determine the unknown functions of a cosmological model the existence of Lie point symmetries for the Wheeler-DeWitt equation of quantum gravity. Our cosmological setting consists of a flat Friedmann-Robertson-Walker metric having the scale factor $a(t)$, a scalar field with potential function $V(\\phi)$ minimally coupled to gravity and a vector field of its kinetic energy is coupled with the scalar field by a coupling function $f(\\phi)$. Then, the Lie symmetries of this dynamical system are investigated by utilizing the behavior of the corresponding minisuperspace under the infinitesimal generator of the desired symmetries. It is shown that by applying the Lie symmetry condition the form of the coupling function and also the scalar field potential function may be explicitly determined so that we are able to solve the Wheeler-DeWitt equation. Finally, we show how we can use the Lie symmetries in order to construct conservation laws and exact solutions for the field equations.

  7. Primary TKA Patients with Quantifiably Balanced Soft-Tissue Achieve Significant Clinical Gains Sooner than Unbalanced Patients

    Kenneth A. Gustke


    Full Text Available Although total knee arthroplasty has a high success rate, poor outcomes and early revision are associated with ligament imbalance. This multicenter evaluation was performed in order to provide 1-year followup of a previously reported group of patients who had sensor-assisted TKA, comparing the clinical outcomes of quantitatively balanced versus unbalanced patients. At 1 year, the balanced cohort scored 179.3 and 10.4 in KSS and WOMAC, respectively; the unbalanced cohort scored 156.1 and 17.9 in KSS and WOMAC (P<0.001; P=0.085. The average activity level scores of quantitatively balanced patients were 68.6 (corresponding to tennis, light jogging, and heavy yard work, while the average activity level of unbalanced patients was 46.7 (corresponding to light housework, and limited walking distances (P=0.015. Out of all confounding variables, a balanced articulation was the most significant contributing factor to improved postoperative outcomes (P<0.001.

  8. Unbalanced Baseline in School-Based Interventions to Prevent Obesity: Adjustment Can Lead to Bias - a Systematic Review

    Rosely Sichieri


    Full Text Available Background/Aims: Cluster designs favor unbalanced baseline measures. The aim of the present study was to determine the frequency of unbalanced baseline BMI on school-based randomized controlled trials (RCT aimed at obesity reduction and to evaluate the analysis strategies. We hypothesized that the adjustment of unbalanced baseline measures may explain the great discrepancy among studies. Methods: The source of data was the Medline database content from January 1995 until May 2012. Our search strategy combined key words related to school-based interventions with such related to weight and was not limited by language. The participants' ages were restricted to 6-18 years. Results: We identified 146 school-based studies on obesity prevention (or overweight or excessive weight change. Of the 146 studies, 36 were retained for the analysis after excluding reviews, feasibility studies, other outcomes, and repeated publications. 13 (35% of the reviewed studies had statistically significant (p Conclusion: Adjustment for the baseline BMI is frequently done in cluster randomized studies, and there is no standardization for this procedure. Thus, procedures that disentangle the effects of group, time and changes in time, such as mixed effects models, should be used as standard methods in school-based studies on the prevention of weight gain.

  9. Enhanced control of DFIG-used back-to-back PWM VSC under unbalanced grid voltage conditions


    This paper presents a unified positive- and negative-sequence dual-dq dynamic model of wind-turbine driven doublyfed induction generator (DFIG) under unbalanced grid voltage conditions. Strategies for enhanced control and operation of a DFIG-used back-to-back (BTB) PWM voltage source converter (VSC) are proposed. The modified control design for the grid-side converter in the stationary αβ frames diminishes the amplitude of DC-link voltage ripples of twice the grid frequency, and the two proposed control targets for the rotor-side converter are alternatively achieved, which, as a result, improve the fault-ride through (FRT) capability of the DFIG based wind power generation systems during unbalanced network supply. A complete unbalanced control scheme with both grid- and rotor-side converters included is designed. Finally, simulation was carried out on a 1.5 MW wind-turbine driven DFIG system and the validity of the developed unified model and the feasibility of the proposed control strategies are all confirmed by the simulated results.

  10. Role of Wind Filtering and Unbalanced Flow Generation in Middle Atmosphere Gravity Wave Activity at Chatanika Alaska

    Colin C. Triplett


    Full Text Available The meteorological control of gravity wave activity through filtering by winds and generation by spontaneous adjustment of unbalanced flows is investigated. This investigation is based on a new analysis of Rayleigh LiDAR measurements of gravity wave activity in the upper stratosphere-lower mesosphere (USLM,40–50kmon 152 nights at Poker Flat Research Range (PFRR, Chatanika, Alaska (65◦ N, 147◦ W, over 13 years between 1998 and 2014. The LiDAR measurements resolve inertia-gravity waves with observed periods between 1 h and 4 h and vertical wavelengths between 2 km and 10 km. The meteorological conditions are defined by reanalysis data from the Modern-Era Retrospective Analysis for Research and Applications (MERRA. The gravity wave activity shows large night-to-night variability, but a clear annual cycle with a maximum in winter,and systematic interannual variability associated with stratospheric sudden warming events. The USLM gravity wave activity is correlated with the MERRA winds and is controlled by the winds in the lower stratosphere through filtering by critical layer filtering. The USLM gravity wave activity is also correlated with MERRA unbalanced flow as characterized by the residual of the nonlinear balance equation. This correlation with unbalanced flow only appears when the wind conditions are taken into account, indicating that wind filtering is the primary control of the gravity wave activity.

  11. Real-Time Control of Shunt Active Power Filter under Distorted Grid Voltage and Unbalanced Load Condition Using Self Tuning Filter


    In this paper, an alternative control method is proposed to improve the harmonic suppression efficiency of the active power filter in a distorted and an unbalanced power system to compensate for the perturbations caused by the unbalanced non-linear loads. The proposed method uses a self-tuning filter (STF) to process the grid voltage in order to provide a uniform reference voltage to obtain the correct angular position of the phase locked loop. Moreover, the required compensation currents are...

  12. EDITORIAL: Close contact Close contact

    Demming, Anna


    means to produce nanoscale device elements, such as carbon nanotube transistors [5] and high-density memory crossbar circuits [6]. Recently, the use of scanning tunnelling microscopes has broached a new field of research, which is currently attracting enormous interest—single molecule detection. In issue 25 of Nanotechnology researchers in Houston reported unprecedented sensitivities using localized surface plasmon resonance shifts of gold bipyramids to detect concentrations of substances down to the single molecule level [7]. In issue 26 a collaboration of researchers from the US and Czech Republic describe a different approach, namely tunnelling recognition. In their topical review they describe hydrogen-bond mediated tunnelling and the associated experimental methods that facilitate the detection of single molecules in a tunnel junction using chemically functionalized electrodes [8]. The nanoworld depicted by scanning probe microgaphs over 20 years ago may have looked as extraterrestrial as any science fiction generated alien terrain, but though study and analysis these nano-landscapes have become significantly less alien territory. The work so far to unveil the intricacies of electronic contact has been a story of progress in investigating this new territory and manipulating the mechanisms that govern it to formulate new devices and delve deeper into phenomena at the nanoscale. References [1] Binning G, Rohrer H, Gerber Ch and Weibel E 1982 Phys. Rev. Lett. 49 57-61 [2] X D Cui, X Zarate, J Tomfohr, O F Sankey, A Primak, A L Moore, T A Moore, D Gust, G~Harris and S M Lindsay 2002 Nanotechnology 13 5-14 [3] Martin C A, van Ruitenbeek J M and van der Zant S J H 2010 Nanotechnology 21 265201 [4] Davis J J and Hanyu Y 2010 Nanotechnology 21 265302 [5] Tans S J, Verschueren A R M and Dekker C 1998 Nature 393 49-52 [6] Chen Y, Jung G-Y, Ohlberg D A A, Li X, Stewart D R, Jeppesen J O, Nielsen K A, Stoddart J F and Williams R S 2003 Nanotechnology 14 462-8 [7] Mayer K M

  13. Temporomandibular Joint, Closed

    ... Gallery > Oral Health > The Temporomandibular Joint, Closed The Temporomandibular Joint, Closed Main Content Title: The Temporomandibular Joint, Closed Description: The temporomandibular joint connects the lower ...

  14. Dependence of the open-closed field line boundary in Saturn's ionosphere on both the IMF and solar wind dynamic pressure: comparison with the UV auroral oval observed by the HST

    E. S. Belenkaya


    Full Text Available We model the open magnetic field region in Saturn's southern polar ionosphere during two compression regions observed by the Cassini spacecraft upstream of Saturn in January 2004, and compare these with the auroral ovals observed simultaneously in ultraviolet images obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope. The modelling employs the paraboloid model of Saturn's magnetospheric magnetic field, whose parameters are varied according to the observed values of both the solar wind dynamic pressure and the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF vector. It is shown that the open field area responds strongly to the IMF vector for both expanded and compressed magnetic models, corresponding to low and high dynamic pressure, respectively. It is also shown that the computed open field region agrees with the poleward boundary of the auroras as well as or better than those derived previously from a model in which only the variation of the IMF vector was taken into account. The results again support the hypothesis that the auroral oval at Saturn is associated with the open-closed field line boundary and hence with the solar wind interaction.

  15. Phase-field simulation of peritectic solidification closely coupled with directional solidification experiments in an Al-36 wt% Ni alloy.

    Siquieri, R; Doernberg, E; Emmerich, H; Schmid-Fetzer, R


    In this work we present experimental and theoretical investigations of the directional solidification of Al-36 wt% Ni alloy. A phase-field approach (Folch and Plapp 2005 Phys. Rev. E 72 011602) is coupled with the CALPHAD (calculation of phase diagrams) method to be able to simulate directional solidification of Al-Ni alloy including the peritectic phase Al(3)Ni. The model approach is calibrated by systematic comparison to microstructures grown under controlled conditions in directional solidification experiments. To illustrate the efficiency of the model it is employed to investigate the effect of temperature gradient on the microstructure evolution of Al-36 wt% Ni during solidification.

  16. 基于Lagrange方法封闭的两相湍流场方程模型%A Field-Equation Turbulence Model Closed By Lagrange Method

    王路; 徐江荣; 刘保银


    First⁃order moment equations of hybrid second⁃order moment model are obtained by Euler method, while second⁃order moment equations are deduced by Lagrange equations. Equations for particle fraction and momentum are provided firstly. A Lagrange model with mean Langevin equations is obtained and Reynold stress equation is deduced, so that hybrid second⁃order moment model is closed without additional approximate assumptions. Wall⁃jet⁃flow loaded with solid particles is simulated. It shows that the model is effective.%两相湍流场方程模型采用基于Euler方法的一阶矩方程,而二阶矩方程由Lagrange方法得到,新模型的封闭不需要附加其它假设。首先基于概率密度函数给出颗粒运动的连续方程和动量方程,其次由基于平均Langevin方程的Lagrange模型推导得到颗粒二阶矩方程,最终获得封闭的二阶矩模型。将新模型用于气固两相壁面射流的数值模拟,结果表明新模型合理有效。

  17. Can mixed-species groups reduce individual parasite load? A field test with two closely related poeciliid fishes (Poecilia reticulata and Poecilia picta.

    Felipe Dargent

    Full Text Available Predation and parasitism are two of the most important sources of mortality in nature. By forming groups, individuals can gain protection against predators but may increase their risk of being infected with contagious parasites. Animals might resolve this conflict by forming mixed-species groups thereby reducing the costs associated with parasites through a relative decrease in available hosts. We tested this hypothesis in a system with two closely related poeciliid fishes (Poecilia reticulata and Poecilia picta and their host-specific monogenean ectoparasites (Gyrodactylus spp. in Trinidad. Fish from three different rivers were sampled from single and mixed-species groups, measured and scanned for Gyrodactylus. The presence and abundance of Gyrodactylus were lower when fish of both species were part of mixed-species groups relative to single-species groups. This is consistent with the hypothesis that mixed-species groups provide a level of protection against contagious parasites. We discuss the importance of potentially confounding factors such as salinity and individual fish size.

  18. Can mixed-species groups reduce individual parasite load? A field test with two closely related poeciliid fishes (Poecilia reticulata and Poecilia picta).

    Dargent, Felipe; Torres-Dowdall, Julián; Scott, Marilyn E; Ramnarine, Indar; Fussmann, Gregor F


    Predation and parasitism are two of the most important sources of mortality in nature. By forming groups, individuals can gain protection against predators but may increase their risk of being infected with contagious parasites. Animals might resolve this conflict by forming mixed-species groups thereby reducing the costs associated with parasites through a relative decrease in available hosts. We tested this hypothesis in a system with two closely related poeciliid fishes (Poecilia reticulata and Poecilia picta) and their host-specific monogenean ectoparasites (Gyrodactylus spp.) in Trinidad. Fish from three different rivers were sampled from single and mixed-species groups, measured and scanned for Gyrodactylus. The presence and abundance of Gyrodactylus were lower when fish of both species were part of mixed-species groups relative to single-species groups. This is consistent with the hypothesis that mixed-species groups provide a level of protection against contagious parasites. We discuss the importance of potentially confounding factors such as salinity and individual fish size.

  19. Three dimensional equilibrium solutions for a current-carrying reversed-field pinch plasma with a close-fitting conducting shell

    Koliner, J. J.; Boguski, J., E-mail:; Anderson, J. K.; Chapman, B. E.; Den Hartog, D. J.; Duff, J. R.; Goetz, J. A.; McGarry, M.; Morton, L. A.; Parke, E. [Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin 53706 (United States); Cianciosa, M. R. [Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831 (United States); Hanson, J. D. [Department of Physics, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama 36849 (United States); Brower, D. L.; Ding, W. X. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of California, Los Angeles, California 90095 (United States)


    In order to characterize the Madison Symmetric Torus (MST) reversed-field pinch (RFP) plasmas that bifurcate to a helical equilibrium, the V3FIT equilibrium reconstruction code was modified to include a conducting boundary. RFP plasmas become helical at a high plasma current, which induces large eddy currents in MST's thick aluminum shell. The V3FIT conducting boundary accounts for the contribution from these eddy currents to external magnetic diagnostic coil signals. This implementation of V3FIT was benchmarked against MSTFit, a 2D Grad-Shafranov solver, for axisymmetric plasmas. The two codes both fit B{sub θ} measurement loops around the plasma minor diameter with qualitative agreement between each other and the measured field. Fits in the 3D case converge well, with q-profile and plasma shape agreement between two distinct toroidal locking phases. Greater than 60% of the measured n = 5 component of B{sub θ} at r = a is due to eddy currents in the shell, as calculated by the conducting boundary model.

  20. Three dimensional equilibrium solutions for a current-carrying reversed-field pinch plasma with a close-fitting conducting shell

    Koliner, J. J.; Cianciosa, M. R.; Boguski, J.; Anderson, J. K.; Hanson, J. D.; Chapman, B. E.; Brower, D. L.; Den Hartog, D. J.; Ding, W. X.; Duff, J. R.; Goetz, J. A.; McGarry, M.; Morton, L. A.; Parke, E.


    In order to characterize the Madison Symmetric Torus (MST) reversed-field pinch (RFP) plasmas that bifurcate to a helical equilibrium, the V3FIT equilibrium reconstruction code was modified to include a conducting boundary. RFP plasmas become helical at a high plasma current, which induces large eddy currents in MST's thick aluminum shell. The V3FIT conducting boundary accounts for the contribution from these eddy currents to external magnetic diagnostic coil signals. This implementation of V3FIT was benchmarked against MSTFit, a 2D Grad-Shafranov solver, for axisymmetric plasmas. The two codes both fit Bθ measurement loops around the plasma minor diameter with qualitative agreement between each other and the measured field. Fits in the 3D case converge well, with q-profile and plasma shape agreement between two distinct toroidal locking phases. Greater than 60% of the measured n = 5 component of Bθ at r = a is due to eddy currents in the shell, as calculated by the conducting boundary model.

  1. Spectral-Domain-Based Scattering Analysis of Fields Radiated by Distributed Sources in Planar-Stratified Environments with Arbitrarily Anisotropic Layers

    Sainath, Kamalesh


    We discuss the numerically stable computation and extraction of the scattered electromagnetic field excited by distributed sources embedded in planar-layered environments where each layer may exhibit arbitrary and independent electrical and magnetic anisotropic response and loss profiles. Although the scattered field computation appears analytically relatively straightforward, different procedures within the computation chain, if not treated carefully, are inherently susceptible to numerical instabilities and (or) accuracy limitations due to the potential manifestation of numerically overflown and (or) numerically unbalanced terms entering the chain. Therefore, primary emphasis is given to effecting these tasks in a numerically stable and robust manner for all ranges of physical parameters. We validate the results against closed-form solutions and provide a computational efficiency study demonstrating a drastic reduction in computation time realized via the spectral domain (i.e., $k$-space or, equivalently, m...

  2. Field campaigns of the autonomous, closed-path, airborne TDLAS Hygrometer SEALDH-II and traceability to the German Primary Humidity Standards.

    Buchholz, Bernhard; Ebert, Volker


    Airborne hygrometry is often demanded in scientific flight campaigns to provide datasets for environmental modeling or to correct for water vapor dilution or cross sensitivity effects in other gas analytical techniques. Water vapor measurements, however, are quite challenging due to the large dynamic range in the atmosphere (between 2 and 40000 ppmv) and the high spatio-temporal variability. Airborne hygrometers therefore need to combine a large measurement range with high temporal resolution to resolve - at typical airspeeds of 500 to 900 km/h - atmospheric gradients of several 1000 ppmv/s. Especially during the ascent into the upper troposphere, hygrometers need to work at high gas exchange rates to minimize water vapor adsorption effects. On the other hand, water vapor sensors are difficult to calibrate due to the strong water adsorption and the lack of bottled reference gas standards, which requires pre- or/and post-flight field calibrations. Recently in-flight calibration using an airborne H2O generator was demonstrated, which minimizes calibration drift but still imposes a lot of additional work and hardware to the experiments, since these kind of calibrations just transfer the accuracy level issues to the in-flight calibration-source. To make things worse, the low gas flow (1-5 std l/min, compared with up to 100 std l/min in flight for fast response instruments) adheres critical questions of wall absorption/desorption of the source and instrument even during the calibration process. The national metrological institutes (NMIs) maintain a global metrological water vapor scale which is defined via national primary humidity generators. These provide for calibration purposes well-defined, accurate water vapor samples of excellent comparability and stability traced back to the SI-units. The humidity calibration chain is maintained via high accuracy (but rather slow) Dew-Point-Mirror-Hygrometers as transfer standards. These provide a traceable performance and

  3. Predictor-based multivariable closed-loop system identification of the EXTRAP T2R reversed field pinch external plasma response

    Olofsson, K. Erik J.; Brunsell, Per R.; Rojas, Cristian R.; Drake, James R.; Hjalmarsson, Håkan


    The usage of computationally feasible overparametrized and nonregularized system identification signal processing methods is assessed for automated determination of the full reversed-field pinch external plasma response spectrum for the experiment EXTRAP T2R. No assumptions on the geometry of eigenmodes are imposed. The attempted approach consists of high-order autoregressive exogenous estimation followed by Markov block coefficient construction and Hankel matrix singular value decomposition. It is seen that the obtained 'black-box' state-space models indeed can be compared with the commonplace ideal magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) resistive thin-shell model in cylindrical geometry. It is possible to directly map the most unstable autodetected empirical system pole to the corresponding theoretical resistive shell MHD eigenmode.

  4. Predictor-based multivariable closed-loop system identification of the EXTRAP T2R reversed field pinch external plasma response

    Olofsson, K Erik J; Brunsell, Per R; Drake, James R [Fusion Plasma Physics, School of Electrical Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH Stockholm), Sweden (Association EURATOM-VR) (Sweden); Rojas, Cristian R; Hjalmarsson, Haakan, E-mail: [Automatic Control, School of Electrical Engineering, KTH Stockholm (Sweden)


    The usage of computationally feasible overparametrized and nonregularized system identification signal processing methods is assessed for automated determination of the full reversed-field pinch external plasma response spectrum for the experiment EXTRAP T2R. No assumptions on the geometry of eigenmodes are imposed. The attempted approach consists of high-order autoregressive exogenous estimation followed by Markov block coefficient construction and Hankel matrix singular value decomposition. It is seen that the obtained 'black-box' state-space models indeed can be compared with the commonplace ideal magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) resistive thin-shell model in cylindrical geometry. It is possible to directly map the most unstable autodetected empirical system pole to the corresponding theoretical resistive shell MHD eigenmode.

  5. IMF dependence of the open-closed field line boundary in Saturn's ionosphere, and its relation to the UV auroral oval observed by the Hubble Space Telescope

    E. S. Belenkaya


    Full Text Available We study the dependence of Saturn's magnetospheric magnetic field structure on the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF, together with the corresponding variations of the open-closed field line boundary in the ionosphere. Specifically we investigate the interval from 8 to 30 January 2004, when UV images of Saturn's southern aurora were obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST, and simultaneous interplanetary measurements were provided by the Cassini spacecraft located near the ecliptic ~0.2 AU upstream of Saturn and ~0.5 AU off the planet-Sun line towards dawn. Using the paraboloid model of Saturn's magnetosphere, we calculate the magnetospheric magnetic field structure for several values of the IMF vector representative of interplanetary compression regions. Variations in the magnetic structure lead to different shapes and areas of the open field line region in the ionosphere. Comparison with the HST auroral images shows that the area of the computed open flux region is generally comparable to that enclosed by the auroral oval, and sometimes agrees in detail with its poleward boundary, though more typically being displaced by a few degrees in the tailward direction.

  6. Lidar Sensor Performance in Closed-Loop Flight Testing of the Morpheus Rocket-Propelled Lander to a Lunar-Like Hazard Field

    Roback, V. Eric; Pierrottet, Diego F.; Amzajerdian, Farzin; Barnes, Bruce W.; Bulyshev, Alexander E.; Hines, Glenn D.; Petway, Larry B.; Brewster, Paul F.; Kempton, Kevin S.


    For the first time, a suite of three lidar sensors have been used in flight to scan a lunar-like hazard field, identify a safe landing site, and, in concert with an experimental Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) system, help to guide the Morpheus autonomous, rocket-propelled, free-flying lander to that safe site on the hazard field. The lidar sensors and GN&C system are part of the Autonomous Precision Landing and Hazard Detection and Avoidance Technology (ALHAT) project which has been seeking to develop a system capable of enabling safe, precise crewed or robotic landings in challenging terrain on planetary bodies under any ambient lighting conditions. The 3-D imaging Flash Lidar is a second generation, compact, real-time, aircooled instrument developed from a number of components from industry and NASA and is used as part of the ALHAT Hazard Detection System (HDS) to scan the hazard field and build a 3-D Digital Elevation Map (DEM) in near-real time for identifying safe sites. The Flash Lidar is capable of identifying a 30 cm hazard from a slant range of 1 km with its 8 cm range precision (1-s). The Flash Lidar is also used in Hazard Relative Navigation (HRN) to provide position updates down to a 250m slant range to the ALHAT navigation filter as it guides Morpheus to the safe site. The Navigation Doppler Lidar (NDL) system has been developed within NASA to provide velocity measurements with an accuracy of 0.2 cm/sec and range measurements with an accuracy of 17 cm both from a maximum range of 2,200 m to a minimum range of several meters above the ground. The NDLâ€"TM"s measurements are fed into the ALHAT navigation filter to provide lander guidance to the safe site. The Laser Altimeter (LA), also developed within NASA, provides range measurements with an accuracy of 5 cm from a maximum operational range of 30 km down to 1 m and, being a separate sensor from the Flash Lidar, can provide range along a separate vector. The LA measurements are also fed

  7. Accounting for minor storage terms in an attempt to close the measured surface energy balance over a winter wheat field in Southwest Germany

    Eshonkulov, Ravshan; Poyda, Arne; Ingwersen, Joachim; Streck, Thilo


    Studies of energy and water exchange between the land surface and the atmospheric boundary layer are important to understand weather dynamics and climate change. Energy and water fluxes were measured on a winter wheat field in Kraichgau, Southern Germany, using the eddy covariance (EC) method. It is well known that EC measurements suffer from incomplete closure of the energy budget. In addition to the common ground heat flux measurements we measured heat storage in soil and the wheat canopy using high-precision temperature loggers within the EC footprint. Ground heat flux was re-calculated by calorimetric and harmonic analysis. First results obtained by the two methods will be compared. Based on measured data we calculated the contribution of photosynthesis, the air heat storage inside the canopy as well as the atmospheric moisture change to the energy budget. Our results show that accounting for minor storage terms improves the closure of the energy budget, but only to a limited extent. Further investigations will be necessary to identify additional sources of the energy gap typical for EC measurements.

  8. Steady-State Analysis of Parallel-Operated Self-Excited Induction Generators Supplying an Unbalanced Load

    Radosavljević, Jordan; Klimenta, Dardan; Jevtić, Miroljub


    This paper proposed a multi-objective genetic algorithm (MOGA) based approach for determining the steady-state performance characteristics of three-phase self-excited induction generators (SEIGs) operating in parallel and supplying an unbalanced load. The symmetrical component theory is used for the transformation of a complex three-phase generators-capacitances-load system to a simple equivalent circuit. The MOGA has been employed for the determination of unknown variables by minimizing the impedance module of the equivalent circuit. Using this approach, effects of various parameters on the terminal voltage control characteristics are examined for two parallel SEIGs with C2C connection under a single phase load.

  9. Improving Output Performance of a Z-Source Sparse Matrix Converter Under Unbalanced Input-Voltage Conditions

    Park, Kiwoo; Lee, Kyo Beum; Blaabjerg, Frede


    In this paper, we present a novel Z-source sparse matrix converter (ZSMC) and a compensation method based on a fuzzy logic controller to compensate unbalanced input voltages. The ZSMC is developed based on the structure of an SMC to reduce the number of unipolar power semiconductor switches...... and employs a Z-source network to overcome the inherent limitation of the low voltage transfer ratio of conventional matrix converters. Although the ZSMC is a two-stage converter, it directly connects between a source and a load through a Z-source network, which is designed to have smaller passive components...

  10. Fault Ride Though Control of Photovoltaic Grid-connected Inverter with Current-limited Capability under Offshore Unbalanced Voltage Conditions

    Liu, Wenzhao; Guo, Xiaoqiang; Savaghebi, Mehdi;


    of the excessive current phenomenon with the conventional fault ride through control is discussed. The quantitative analysis of the current peak value is conducted and a new current-limiting control strategy is proposed to achieve the flexible power control and successful fault ride through in a safe current......The photovoltaic (PV) inverter installed on board experiences the excessive current stress in case of the offshore unbalanced voltage fault ride through (FRT), which significantly affects the operation reliability of the power supply system. In order to solve the problem, the inherent mechanism...

  11. Flexible Power Regulation and Current-limited Control of Grid-connected Inverter under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Faults

    Guo, Xiaoqiang; Liu, Wenzhao; Lu, Zhigang


    The grid-connected inverters may experience excessive current stress in case of unbalanced grid voltage Fault Ride Through (FRT), which significantly affects the reliability of the power supply system. In order to solve the problem, the inherent mechanisms of the excessive current phenomenon...... with the conventional FRT solutions are discussed. The quantitative analysis of three phase current peak values are conducted and a novel current-limited control strategy is proposed to achieve the flexible active and reactive power regulation and successful FRT in a safe current operation area with the aim...

  12. Harmonic Injection-Based Power Fluctuation Control of Three-Phase PV Systems under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Conditions

    Nian-Cheng Zhou


    Full Text Available Unbalanced voltage will inevitably cause power and DC voltage fluctuations in a three-phase PV system. The deterioration of power quality will do great harm to the PV panels and the loads, so it is necessary to suppress the power fluctuations. This paper further explores the coefficients control strategy of PV converters under unbalanced voltage conditions, aiming to suppress power fluctuations by controlling the injection of some specific orders of current harmonics into the grid. In order to achieve this, the current reference of the PV inverter has been changed by bringing in two control coefficients, and the expression of each order of the current harmonics has been deduced. Based on the standards of PV systems, the regions from which the coefficients can be selected are determined. Then, by tuning these coefficients in the feasible regions, the output parameters (power fluctuation, current THD and odd harmonics can be controlled precisely. The model of this method is built and simulated in PSCAD/EMTDC, and as a result, it is shown that the power fluctuations can be restricted according to different power quality requirements.

  13. An Improved Control Strategy for a Four-Leg Grid-Forming Power Converter under Unbalanced Load Conditions

    Mohammad Reza Miveh


    Full Text Available This paper proposes an improved multiloop control strategy for a three-phase four-leg voltage source inverter (VSI operating with highly unbalanced loads in an autonomous distribution network. The main objective is to balance the output voltages of the four-leg inverter under unbalanced load conditions. The proposed control strategy consists of a proportional-integral (PI voltage controller and a proportional current loop in each phase. The voltage controller and the current control loop are, respectively, used to regulate the instantaneous output voltage and generate the pulse width modulation (PWM voltage command with zero steady-state tracking error and fast transient response. A voltage decoupling feedforward path is also used to enhance the system robustness. Since the outer voltage loop operates in the synchronous reference frame, tuning and stability analysis of the PI controller is far from being straightforward. In order to cope with this challenge, the stationary reference frame equivalent of the voltage controller in the rotating frame is derived. Subsequently, a systematic design based on a frequency response approach is provided. Simulation results are also carried out using the DIgSILENT PowerFactory software to verify the effectiveness of the suggested control strategy.

  14. Cytogenetic, molecular and testicular tissue studies in an infertile 45,X male carrying an unbalanced (Y;22) translocation: case report.

    Brisset, S; Izard, V; Misrahi, M; Aboura, A; Madoux, S; Ferlicot, S; Schoevaert, D; Soufir, J C; Frydman, R; Tachdjian, G


    (Y;autosome) translocations have been reported in association with male infertility. Different mechanisms have been suggested to explain the male infertility, such as deletion of the azoospermic factor (AZF) on the long arm of the Y chromosome, or meiosis impairment. We describe a new case with a de novo unbalanced translocation t(Y;22) and discuss the genotype-phenotype correlation. A 36 year old male with azoospermia was found to have a mosaic 45,X/46,X, + mar karyotype. Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) showed the presence of a derivative Y chromosome containing the short arm, the centromere and a small proximal part of the long-arm euchromatin of the Y chromosome and the long arm of chromosome 22. The unstable small marker chromosome included the short arm and the centromere of chromosome 22. This unbalanced translocation t(Y;22)(q11.2;q11.1) generated the loss of the long arm of the Y chromosome involving a large part of AZFb, AZFc and Yq heterochromatin regions. Testicular tissue analyses showed sperm in the wet preparation. Our case shows the importance of documenting (Y;autosome) translocations with molecular and testicular tissue analyses.

  15. Speed Control of Matrix Converter-Fed Five-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors under Unbalanced Voltages

    Borzou Yousefi


    Full Text Available Five-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM have special applications in which highly accurate speed and torque control of the motor are a strong requirement. Direct Torque Control (DTC is a suitable method for the driver structure of these motors. If in this method, instead of using a common five-phase voltage source inverter, a three-phase to five-phase matrix converter is used, the low-frequency current harmonics and the high torque ripple are limited, and an improved input power factor is obtained. Because the input voltages of such converters are directly supplied by input three-phase supply voltages, an imbalance in the voltages will cause problems such as unbalanced stator currents and electromagnetic torque fluctuations. In this paper, a new method is introduced to remove speed and torque oscillator factors. For this purpose, motor torque equations were developed and the oscillation components created by the unbalanced source voltage, determined. Then, using the active and reactive power reference generator, the controller power reference was adjusted in such a way that the electromagnetic torque of the motor did not change. By this means, a number of features including speed, torque, and flux of the motor were improved in terms of the above-mentioned conditions. Simulations were analyzed using Matlab/Simulink software.

  16. Integral Plus Resonant Sliding Mode Direct Power Control for VSC-HVDC Systems under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Conditions

    Weipeng Yang


    Full Text Available An integral plus resonant sliding mode direct power control (IRSMC DPC strategy for voltage source converter high voltage direct current (VSC-HVDC systems under unbalanced grid voltage conditions is proposed in this paper. Through detailed instantaneous power flow analysis, a generalized power compensation method, by which the ratio between the amplitude of active and reactive power ripples can be controlled continuously, is obtained. This enables the system to provide flexible power control, so that the desired performance of the system on both the ac and dc sides can be attained under different operating conditions. When the grid voltage is unbalanced, one or both of the active and reactive power terms contain ripples, oscillating at twice the grid frequency, to obtain non-distorted ac current. A power controller consisting of the proportional, integral and resonant control laws is designed using the sliding mode control approach, to achieve accurate power control objective. Simulation studies on a two-terminal VSC-HVDC system using MATLAB/SIMULINK (R2013b, Mathworks, Natick, MA, USA are conducted to verify the effectiveness of the IRSMC DPC strategy. The results show that this strategy ensures satisfactory performance of the system over a wide range of operating conditions.

  17. 基于钴基非晶带GMI效应的闭环磁场传感器设计%Design of closed-loop magnetic field sensor based on GMI effect of Co-based amorphous ribbon



    A magnetic field sensor based on GMI effect was developed by using Co-based amorphous ribbon, and its operation principle analyzed. The signal processing and negative feedback circuits were designed. The measurement range and linearity of the sensor are improved by designing negative feedback forming closed loop system. A sensor was developed with linearity of 0.57%, sensitivity of 3.23mV/A·m-1, full-scale output of 1.68V, and magnetic field test range from-260 to+260A/m. The sensor can be used for weak magnetic field measurement including earth and environmental magnetic field.%利用钴基非晶带作为敏感元件,研制出一种基于非晶带GMI效应的磁场传感器。分析了传感器的工作原理,设计了该传感器的信号处理以及负反馈电路。通过负反馈方法组成闭环系统,提高了传感器的测量范围、线性度等性能。对传感器性能进行了测试,实验结果表明:在-260~+260 A/m磁场范围内,传感器线性度为0.57%,灵敏度为3.23mV/A·m-1,满量程输出1.68V。本传感器可应用于地球磁场、环境磁场等微弱磁场检测领域。

  18. Impact of unbalanced charge transport on the efficiency of normal and inverted solar cells

    Kotlarki, J. D.; Blom, P. W. M.; Kotlarski, J.D.


    In a normal solar cell, most charge carriers are generated close to the anode, such that electrons have to travel a longer distance as compared to the holes. In an inverted solar cell, holes have to travel a longer distance. We use a combined optical and electronic model to simulate the effect of

  19. The study of the action of self-friction field on the atom and molecular structures by using combined Hartree-Fock-Roothaan theory for closed and open shells of any symmetry

    Mamedov, B. A.; Çopuroğlu, E.


    In this work, we study the effects of self-friction field on the states of a single configuration of closed and open shells by using the Combined Hartree-Fock-Roothaan equations for atomic-molecular and nuclear systems. Here, we present a program that implements the evaluation of the various properties of atoms and molecular systems with respect to the various values of self-friction quantum numbers. An especially fast and accurate algorithm for the calculation of the self-friction multicenter molecular integrals is obtained by using one-range addition theorems. To demonstrate the action of self-friction field on the atomic and molecular systems we have performed the calculations of H2O, CH3, CH2 and NH3 molecules. For the derivations of the orbital, kinetic and total energies and linear combination coefficients, the results are given for various values of self-friction quantum numbers. For various values of self-friction quantum numbers the obtained results of the orbital, kinetic and total energies and linear combination coefficients have been analyzed.

  20. Origin of unbalanced reaction of vacancies and interstitials during irradiation with cascades and influence on microstructural evolution

    Kiritani, M. (Dept. of Nuclear Engineering, School of Engineering, Nagoya Univ. (Japan)); Yoshiie, T. (Dept. of Precision Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido Univ., Sapporo (Japan)); Kojima, S. (Dept. of Nuclear Engineering, School of Engineering, Nagoya Univ. (Japan)); Satoh, Y. (Dept. of Nuclear Engineering, School of Engineering, Nagoya Univ. (Japan))


    Based upon the underlying premise that all the microstructure evolution during irradiation results from the asymetrical reaction between vacancies and interstitials, the origin of the asymetry is sought and categorized, and the mechanism of defect structure evolution for each source of asymetry is investigated. The role of neutral sinks and the influence of dislocations are examined for the cases of irradiation with and without cascade damage. Vacancy cluster formation directly from cascades is found to favor the generation of freely migrating interstitials. Stochastic fluctuations of the point defect reactions under the balanced condition of vacancy and interstitial is experimentally detected, and the important role of the fluctuations is found in the determination of the fate of small interstitial cluster embryos produced by cascade damage. The influence of the unbalanced point defect reaction starting from difference in spacial distribution between vacancies and interstitials formed by cascade collisions is discussed as one of the important origins of vacancy dominant reactions. (orig.)

  1. Detecting mode hopping in single-longitudinal-mode fiber ring lasers based on an unbalanced fiber Michelson interferometer.

    Ma, Mingxiang; Hu, Zhengliang; Xu, Pan; Wang, Wei; Hu, Yongming


    A method of detecting mode hopping for single-longitudinal-mode (SLM) fiber ring lasers has been proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The method that is based on an unbalanced Michelson interferometer (MI) utilizing phase generated carrier modulation instantly transforms mode-hopping dynamics into steep phase changes of the interferometer. Multiform mode hops in an SLM erbium-doped fiber ring laser with an 18.6 MHz mode spacing have been detected exactly in real-time domain and discussed in detail. Numerical results show that the MI-based method has a high testing sensitivity for identifying mode hopping, which will play a significant role in evaluating the output stability of SLM fiber lasers.

  2. Improved Power Control Using Optimal Adjustable Coefficients for Three-Phase Photovoltaic Inverter under Unbalanced Grid Voltage

    Wang, Qianggang; Zhou, Niancheng; Lou, Xiaoxuan; Chen, Xu


    Unbalanced grid faults will lead to several drawbacks in the output power quality of photovoltaic generation (PV) converters, such as power fluctuation, current amplitude swell, and a large quantity of harmonics. The aim of this paper is to propose a flexible AC current generation method by selecting coefficients to overcome these problems in an optimal way. Three coefficients are brought in to tune the output current reference within the required limits of the power quality (the current harmonic distortion, the AC current peak, the power fluctuation, and the DC voltage fluctuation). Through the optimization algorithm, the coefficients can be determined aiming to generate the minimum integrated amplitudes of the active and reactive power references with the constraints of the inverter current and DC voltage fluctuation. Dead-beat controller is utilized to track the optimal current reference in a short period. The method has been verified in PSCAD/EMTDC software. PMID:25243215

  3. A New Modulation Strategy for Unbalanced Two Phase Induction Motor Drives Using a Three-Leg Voltage Source Inverter

    Sinthusonthishat, S.; Kinnares, V.

    This paper proposes a new modulation scheme providing unbalanced output terminal voltages of a standard three-leg voltage source inverter (VSI) for unsymmetrical type two-phase induction motors. This strategy allows a control method of the output voltages with typically constant V/Hz for a main winding and with voltage boost to compensate magnitude of current for an auxiliary winding. Harmonic voltage characteristics and the motor performance are investigated under a wide range of operating conditions. Practical verification is presented to confirm correctness and capabilities of the proposed technique. All results are compared to those of a conventional two-leg half bridge topology. The results show that the simulation results well agree with the experimental ones, and also the proposed scheme is superior to the conventional drive.

  4. Unbalanced 15;22 translocation in a patient with manifestations of DiGeorge and velocardiofacial syndrome.

    Jaquez, M; Driscoll, D A; Li, M; Emanuel, B S; Hernandez, I; Jaquez, F; Lembert, N; Ramirez, J; Matalon, R


    We report on an 8-year-old girl with an unbalanced 15;22 translocation and manifestations of DiGeorge syndrome (DGS), velocardiofacial syndrome (VCFS), and other abnormalities. The main manifestations of our patient were feeding difficulties, respiratory infections, short stature, peculiar face with hypertelorism, prominent nose, abnormal ears, microstomia and crowded teeth, short broad neck and shield chest with pectus deformity and widely spaced nipples with abnormal fat distribution, heart defect, scoliosis, asymmetric limb development, abnormal hands and feet, and hyperchromic skin patches. Cytogenetic studies demonstrated a 45,XX,der(15)t(15;22)(p11.2;q11.2), -22 karyotype. Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) studies confirmed loss of the proximal DiGeorge chromosomal region (DGCR). This case adds to the diversity of clinical abnormalities caused by deletions within 22q11.2.

  5. Origin of unbalanced reaction of vacancies and interstitials during irradiation with cascades and influence on microstructural evolution

    Kiritani, M.; Yoshiie, T.; Kojima, S.; Satoh, Y.


    Based upon the underlying premise that all the microstructure evolution during irradiation results from the assymetrical reaction between vacancies and interstitials, the origin of the assymetry is sought and categorized, and the mechanism of defect structure evolution for each source of assymetry is investigated. The role of neutral sinks and the influence of dislocations are examined for the cases of irradiation with and without cascade damage. Vacancy cluster formation directly from cascades is found to favor the generation of freely migrating interstitials. Stochastic fluctuations of the point defect reactions under the balanced condition of vacancy and interstitial is experimentally detected, and the important role of the fluctuations is found in the determination of the fate of small interstitial cluster embryos produced by cascade damage. The influence of the unbalanced point defect reaction starting from difference in spacial distribution between vacancies and interstitials formed by cascade collisions is discussed as one of the important origins of vacancy dominant reactions.

  6. Effect of ion bombardment on the surface morphology of Zn-films sputtered in an unbalanced magnetron

    Musil, J.; Matous, J.; Valvoda, V. [Academy of Sciences, Prague (Czech Republic). Inst. of Physics


    It is well known that magnetron sputtered films of low melting point T{sub m} materials have (due to their crystallisation at low substrate temperatures, T < 100{sup o}C) rough and diffusely reflecting surfaces, even when thin, for instance about 20 nm for In films. Only extremely thin films have a smooth and specular reflecting surface. This paper reports on the possibility of sputtering thick films of low T{sub m} materials with a smooth, optically specular reflecting surface using an unbalanced magnetron. To demonstrate this possibility, Zn films were studied and it was shown that a surface roughness of the film can be effectively controlled by ion bombardment of the film during growth. The smoothing of the Zn film does not depend on film thickness but on ion bombardment of the growing film. (author).


    Aslan İNAN


    Full Text Available The losses in the power systems should be low as possible as. Saving energy instead of loses (kWh in power utilities can supply much more energy to the consumers. The lower losses the more energy is saved and thus the power system becomes more economical. In recent years, the increasing number of applications and power ratings of the devices which have nonlinear voltage-current characteristics cause voltage waveform distortion and additional losses. While evaluating losses considering harmonics will provide more contribution to obtain more accurate results. In this study, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN method has been presented to predict the harmonic losses in unbalanced power systems by using the data from balanced power system with nonlinear loads.

  8. Characteristics of Nitrogen Doped Diamond-Like Carbon Films Prepared by Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering for Electronic Devices.

    Lee, Jaehyeong; Choi, Byung Hui; Yun, Jung-Hyun; Park, Yong Seob


    Synthetic diamond-like carbon (DLC) is a carbon-based material used mainly in cutting tool coatings and as an abrasive material. The market for DLC has expanded into electronics, optics, and acoustics because of its distinct electrical and optical properties. In this work, n-doped DLC (N:DLC) films were deposited on p-type silicon substrates using an unbalanced magnetron sputtering (UBMS) method. We investigated the effect of the working pressure on the microstructure and electrical properties of n-doped DLC films. The structural properties of N:DLC films were investigated by Raman spectroscopy and SEM-EDX, and the electrical properties of films were investigated by observing the changes in the resistivity and current-voltage (I-V) properties. The N:DLC films prepared by UBMS in this study demonstrated good conducting and physical properties with n-doping.

  9. Unbalanced chromosome 1 abnormalities leading to partial trisomy 1q in four infants with Down syndrome and acute megakaryocytic leukemia

    Garcia Daniela


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Children with Down syndrome (DS have an increased risk of childhood acute leukemia, especially acute megakaryoblastic leukemia (AMKL also called acute myeloid leukemia (AML type M7. Here four yet unreported infants with such malignancies are reported. Results An unbalanced translocation involving chromosome 1 was identified by GTG banding in all cases. These were characterized in more detail by molecular cytogenetic approaches. Additional molecular analysis revealed in three of the four cases mutations in exon 2 of the GATA binding protein 1 (globin transcription factor 1, located in Xp11.23. Conclusion Our results corroborate that abnormalities of chromosome 1 are common in DS-associated AMKL. Whether this chromosomal region contains gene(s involved in hematopoietic malignant transformation remains to be determined.

  10. The Tragedy of Unbalanced Personality-The Common Personality Psy-chological Reasons of the Destruction of Emily and Usher



    A Rose for Emily is the masterpiece of William Faulkner, who is regarded as the founder of Southern literature. The Fall of the House of Usher is one of the most popular short stories written by the great American writer Edgar Allan Poe. They have common ends that the main characters of the two novels-Emily and Usher are all destruction of their unbalanced personality. This thesis will set a new point from a branch view of psychology-personality psychology to analyze the two characters Emily and Usher, how they change from pathological personality to abnormal personality, and finally destruct from flesh to soul. The deep meaning is to announce the human inner world will distract by the outside world.

  11. Improved Power Control Using Optimal Adjustable Coefficients for Three-Phase Photovoltaic Inverter under Unbalanced Grid Voltage

    Qianggang Wang


    Full Text Available Unbalanced grid faults will lead to several drawbacks in the output power quality of photovoltaic generation (PV converters, such as power fluctuation, current amplitude swell, and a large quantity of harmonics. The aim of this paper is to propose a flexible AC current generation method by selecting coefficients to overcome these problems in an optimal way. Three coefficients are brought in to tune the output current reference within the required limits of the power quality (the current harmonic distortion, the AC current peak, the power fluctuation, and the DC voltage fluctuation. Through the optimization algorithm, the coefficients can be determined aiming to generate the minimum integrated amplitudes of the active and reactive power references with the constraints of the inverter current and DC voltage fluctuation. Dead-beat controller is utilized to track the optimal current reference in a short period. The method has been verified in PSCAD/EMTDC software.

  12. Improved power control using optimal adjustable coefficients for three-phase photovoltaic inverter under unbalanced grid voltage.

    Wang, Qianggang; Zhou, Niancheng; Lou, Xiaoxuan; Chen, Xu


    Unbalanced grid faults will lead to several drawbacks in the output power quality of photovoltaic generation (PV) converters, such as power fluctuation, current amplitude swell, and a large quantity of harmonics. The aim of this paper is to propose a flexible AC current generation method by selecting coefficients to overcome these problems in an optimal way. Three coefficients are brought in to tune the output current reference within the required limits of the power quality (the current harmonic distortion, the AC current peak, the power fluctuation, and the DC voltage fluctuation). Through the optimization algorithm, the coefficients can be determined aiming to generate the minimum integrated amplitudes of the active and reactive power references with the constraints of the inverter current and DC voltage fluctuation. Dead-beat controller is utilized to track the optimal current reference in a short period. The method has been verified in PSCAD/EMTDC software.

  13. Effect of unbalanced diets on the long-term metabolism of a toxicant. 1. Lead in rats: preliminary note.

    Baldini, M; Coni, E; Mantovani, A; Stacchini, A; Zanasi, F


    The aim of this study was the evaluation of the effect of dietary imbalances on absorption and distribution of lead in the female Sprague-Dawley rat. In this note preliminary results on the relationship between blood concentrations of lead and unbalanced diets are presented. Hyperproteic, hyperglycidic, hyperlipidic and balanced diets were prepared, and most of them included 15 mg/kg lead. Blood samples were collected at day 0, 21, 36, and 95 of the diets and analyzed by anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV). Lead uptake as a function of feed consumption was found to decrease in the order: balanced, hyperproteic and hyperglycidic, hyperlipidic diet. On the other hand lead blood levels were as follows (decreasing order): hyperlipidic, hyperproteic, hyperglycidic, balanced. Further research is being carried out on the influences of dietary imbalances on whole-body distribution of lead.

  14. Unique unbalanced X;X translocation (Xq22;p11.2) in a woman with primary amenorrhea but without Ullrich-Turner syndrome

    Letterie, G.S. [Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA (United States)


    This is a report of a patient with delayed puberty and a previously unreported translocation 46,X,-X,+der(X),t(X;X) (q22;p11.2) without any manifestations of Ullrich-Turner syndrome. The relationship of this unbalanced translocation to the critical region hypothesis is discussed. 6 refs., 3 figs.

  15. An improved synchronous reference frame current control strategy for a photovoltaic grid-connected inverter under unbalanced and nonlinear load conditions

    Naderipour, Amirreza; Asuhaimi Mohd Zin, Abdullah; Bin Habibuddin, Mohd Hafiz


    In recent years, renewable energy sources have been considered the most encouraging resources for grid and off-grid power generation. This paper presents an improved current control strategy for a three-phase photovoltaic grid-connected inverter (GCI) under unbalanced and nonlinear load conditions...

  16. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells as a source to detect markers of homeostatic alterations caused by the intake of diets with an unbalanced macronutrient composition

    Diaz-Rua, R.; Keijer, J.; Caimari, A.; Schothorst, van E.M.; Oliver, P.; Palou, A.


    Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) are accessible in humans and their gene expression pattern was shown to reflect overall physiological response of the body to a specific stimulus, such as diet. We aimed to study the impact of sustained intake (4 months) of diets with an unbalanced

  17. Closing the loop.

    Dassau, E; Atlas, E; Phillip, M


    Closed-loop algorithms can be found in every aspect of everyday modern life. Automation and control are used constantly to provide safety and to improve quality of life. Closed-loop systems and algorithms can be found in home appliances, automobiles, aviation and more. Can one imagine nowadays driving a car without ABS, cruise control or even anti-sliding control? Similar principles of automation and control can be used in the management of diabetes mellitus (DM). The idea of an algorithmic/technological way to control glycaemia is not new and has been researched for more than four decades. However, recent improvements in both glucose-sensing technology and insulin delivery together with advanced control and systems engineering made this dream of an artificial pancreas possible. The artificial pancreas may be the next big step in the treatment of DM since the use of insulin analogues. An artificial pancreas can be described as internal or external devices that use continuous glucose measurements to automatically manage exogenous insulin delivery with or without other hormones in an attempt to restore glucose regulation in individuals with DM using a control algorithm. This device as described can be internal or external; can use different types of control algorithms with bi-hormonal or uni-hormonal design; and can utilise different ways to administer them. The different designs and implementations have transitioned recently from in silico simulations to clinical evaluation stage with practical applications in mind. This may mark the beginning of a new era in diabetes management with the introduction of semi-closed-loop systems that can prevent or minimise nocturnal hypoglycaemia, to hybrid systems that will manage blood glucose (BG) levels with minimal user intervention to finally fully automated systems that will take the user out of the loop. More and more clinical trials will be needed for the artificial pancreas to become a reality but initial encouraging

  18. Variable breakpoints target PAX5 in patients with dicentric chromosomes: a model for the basis of unbalanced translocations in cancer.

    An, Qian; Wright, Sarah L; Konn, Zoë J; Matheson, Elizabeth; Minto, Lynne; Moorman, Anthony V; Parker, Helen; Griffiths, Mike; Ross, Fiona M; Davies, Teresa; Hall, Andy G; Harrison, Christine J; Irving, Julie A; Strefford, Jon C


    The search for target genes involved in unbalanced acquired chromosomal abnormalities has been largely unsuccessful, because the breakpoints of these rearrangements are too variable. Here, we use the example of dicentric chromosomes in B cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia to show that, despite this heterogeneity, single genes are targeted through a variety of mechanisms. FISH showed that, although they were heterogeneous, breakpoints on 9p resulted in the partial or complete deletion of PAX5. Molecular copy number counting further delineated the breakpoints and facilitated cloning with long-distance inverse PCR. This approach identified 5 fusion gene partners with PAX5: LOC392027 (7p12.1), SLCO1B3 (12p12), ASXL1 (20q11.1), KIF3B (20q11.21), and C20orf112 (20q11.1). In each predicted fusion protein, the DNA-binding paired domain of PAX5 was present. Using quantitative PCR, we demonstrated that both the deletion and gene fusion events resulted in the same underexpression of PAX5, which extended to the differential expression of the PAX5 target genes, EBF1, ALDH1A1, ATP9A, and FLT3. Further molecular analysis showed deletion and mutation of the homologous PAX5 allele, providing further support for the key role of PAX5. Here, we show that specific gene loci may be the target of heterogeneous translocation breakpoints in human cancer, acting through a variety of mechanisms. This approach indicates an application for the identification of cancer genes in solid tumours, where unbalanced chromosomal rearrangements are particularly prevalent and few genes have been identified. It can be extrapolated that this strategy will reveal that the same mechanisms operate in cancer pathogenesis in general.

  19. Neutron activation analysis in the central nervous system tissues of neurological diseases and rats maintained on minerally unbalanced diets

    Yasui, Masayuki; Ota, Kiichiro [Wakayama Medical Coll. (Japan); Sasajima, Kazuhisa


    Epidemiological surveys on Guam have suggested that low calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and high Al and Mn in river, soil and drinking water may be implicated in the pathogenesis of PD. Experimentally, low Ca-Mg diets with or without added Al have been found to accelerate Al deposition in the CNS of rats and monkeys. Although excessive deposition of Mn produces neurotoxic action similar to Al in CNS tissues, the mechanism of Mn deposition coupled with Al loading in the presence of low Ca-Mg intake is not yet known. In this animal study, the deposition and metal-metal interaction of both Al and Mn in the CNS, visceral organs and bones of rats fed unbalanced mineral diets were analyzed. Male Wistar rats, weighing 200 g, were maintained for 90 days on the following diets: (A) standard diet, (B) low Ca diet, (C) low Ca-Mg diet, (D) low Ca-Mg diet with high Al. Al and Mn content were determined in the frontal cortex, spinal cord, kidney, muscle, abdominal aorta, femur and lumbar spine using neutron activation analysis (NAA). Intake of low Ca and Mg with added Al in rats led to the high concentrations of Mn and Al in bones and in the frontal cortex. It is likely that unbalanced mineral diets and metal-metal interactions may lead to the unequal distribution of Al and Mn in bones and ultimately in the CNS inducing CNS degeneration. On the other hand, concentrations of copper (Cu), calcium (Ca) and aluminum (Al) for 26 subanatomical regions of the CNS were measured by neutron activation analysis (NAA) in two cases of Wilson`s disease, two of portal systemic encephalopathy, six pathologically verified cases of ALS, four of Parkinson`s disease and five neurologically normal controls. Also zinc (Zn) and iron (Fe) concentrations were measured by NAA for frontal and occipital lobes of parkinsonism-dementia. (author).

  20. Cold atoms close to surfaces

    Krüger, Peter; Wildermuth, Stephan; Hofferberth, Sebastian


    Microscopic atom optical devices integrated on atom chips allow to precisely control and manipulate ultra-cold (T atoms and Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) close to surfaces. The relevant energy scale of a BEC is extremely small (down to ... be utilized as a sensor for variations of the potential energy of the atoms close to the surface. Here we describe how to use trapped atoms as a measurement device and analyze the performance and flexibility of the field sensor. We demonstrate microscopic magnetic imaging with simultaneous high spatial...

  1. Magnetic field dependence of zero-sound attenuation close to the pair-breaking edge in /sup 3/He-B due to J = 1/sup -/, J/sub z/ = +- 1 collective modes

    Schopohl, N.; Tewordt, L.


    Our previous theory yielded for the Zeeman splitting of the imaginary J = 1 collective mode in /sup 3/He-B the result = ..cap omega..J/sub z/ (..cap omega.. is the effective Larmor frequency). In this paper we take into account the downward shift of the pair-breaking edge from to 2/-..cap omega.. ( 2/ and 1/ are the longitudinal and transverse gap parameters). This leads to a complex Lande factor: the frequencies of the J/sub z/ = +- 1 components become = ..cap omega..J/sub z/, and the linewidths GAMMA of these resonances become finite: GAMMA = 0.18 ..cap omega... The coupling amplitudes of the J/sub z/ = +- 1 components to density are found to be proportional to gap distortion, ( 1/ 2/)/ omega../ 2/. Our results for the ultrasonic attenuation due to the J/sub z/ = +- 1 modes are capable of explaining the field dependence of the attenuation close to the pair-breaking edge as observed by Dobbs, Saunders, et al. The observed peak is caused by the J/sub z/ = -1 component: its height increases due to gap distortion as the field is increased, and the peak shifts downward in temperature and its width increases with the field due to the complex Lande factor. The J/sub z/ = +1 component gives rise to a corresponding dip relative to the continuum attenuation.

  2. Control of grid integrated voltage source converters under unbalanced conditions: development of an on-line frequency-adaptive virtual flux-based approach

    Suul, Jon Are


    Three-Phase Voltage Source Converters (VSCs) are finding widespread applications in grid integrated power conversion systems. The control systems of such VSCs are in an increasing number of these applications required to operate during voltage disturbances and unbalanced conditions. Control systems designed for grid side voltagesensor-less operation are at the same time becoming attractive due to the continuous drive for cost reduction and increased reliability of VSCs, but are not commonly applied for operation during unbalanced conditions. Methods for voltage-sensor-less grid synchronization and control of VSCs under unbalanced grid voltage conditions will therefore be the main focus of this Thesis. Estimation methods based on the concept of Virtual Flux, considering the integral of the converter voltage in analogy to the flux of an electric machine, are among the simplest and most well known techniques for achieving voltage-sensor-less grid synchronization. Most of the established techniques for Virtual Flux estimation are, however, either sensitive to grid frequency variations or they are not easily adaptable for operation under unbalanced grid voltage conditions. This Thesis addresses both these issues by proposing a simple approach for Virtual Flux estimation by utilizing a frequency-adaptive filter based on a Second Order Generalized Integrator (SOGI). The proposed approach can be used to achieve on-line frequency-adaptive varieties of conventional strategies for Virtual Flux estimation. The main advantage is, however, that the SOGI-based Virtual Flux estimation can be arranged in a structure that achieves inherent symmetrical component sequence separation under unbalanced conditions. The proposed method for Virtual Flux estimation can be used as a general basis for voltage-sensor-less grid synchronization and control during unbalanced conditions. In this Thesis, the estimated Virtual Flux signals are used to develop a flexible strategy for control of active

  3. Human embryonic stem cells carrying an unbalanced translocation demonstrate impaired differentiation into trophoblasts: an in vitro model of human implantation failure.

    Shpiz, A; Kalma, Y; Frumkin, T; Telias, M; Carmon, A; Amit, A; Ben-Yosef, D


    Carriers of the balanced translocation t(11;22), the most common reciprocal translocation in humans, are at high risk of creating gametes with unbalanced translocation, leading to repeated miscarriages. Current research models for studying translocated embryos and the biological basis for their implantation failure are limited. The aim of this study was to elucidate whether human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) carrying the unbalanced chromosomal translocation t(11;22) can provide an explanation for repeated miscarriages of unbalanced translocated embryos. Fluorescent in situ hybridization and karyotype analysis were performed to analyze the t(11;22) in embryos during PGD and in the derived hESC line. The hESC line was characterized by RT-PCR and FACS analysis for pluripotent markers. Directed differentiation to trophoblasts was carried out by bone morphogenetic protein 4 (BMP4). Trophoblast development was analyzed by measuring β-hCG secretion, by β-hCG immunostaining and by gene expression of trophoblastic markers. We derived the first hESC line carrying unbalanced t(11;22), which showed the typical morphological and molecular characteristics of a hESC line. Control hESCs differentiated into trophoblasts secreted increasing levels of β-hCG and concomitantly expressed the trophoblast genes, CDX2, TP63, KRT7, ERVW1, CGA, GCM1, KLF4 and PPARG. In contrast, differentiated translocated hESCs displayed reduced and delayed secretion of β-hCG concomitant with impaired expression of the trophoblastic genes. The reduced activation of trophoblastic genes may be responsible for the impaired trophoblastic differentiation in t(11;22)-hESCs, associated with implantation failure in unbalanced t(11;22) embryos. Our t(11;22) hESCs are presented as a valuable human model for studying the mechanisms underlying implantation failure.

  4. First-Trimester Combined Screening Is Effective for the Detection of Unbalanced Chromosomal Translocations at 11 to 12 Weeks of Gestation

    Huang, ShangYu; Chang, ChiaLin; Hsiao, ChingHua; Soong, YungKuei; Duan, Tao


    The first trimester combined screening, which analyzes fetal nuchal translucency and levels of free β-human chorionic gonadotropin (β-hCG) and pregnancy-associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A) in maternal serum, is routinely used to detect abnormal pregnancies associated with Down syndrome and other trisomy aneuploidies. Based on the hypothesis that major chromosomal translocations could lead to similar biochemical and developmental outcomes during early embryo development, we compared these markers among pregnancies with normal, balanced, or unbalanced fetal karyotypes. Among the parents, 71 (73%) carry balanced reciprocal translocation and 26 (27%) have Robertsonian translocation. Of the 97 pregnancies tested, 39 (40%), 37 (37%), and 22 (23%) fetuses had normal karyotype, balanced chromosomal translocations, and unbalanced chromosomal translocations, respectively. Importantly, we found that pregnancies with an unbalanced translocation had significantly higher free β-hCG multiple of the median (MoM) and larger nuchal translucency thickness than those with normal karyotype or balanced translocations. Analysis showed that the area under a receiver operating characteristic curve (AUC) is 0.716, 0.820, and 0.936 for free β-hCG MoM, PAPP-A MoM, and fetal nuchal translucency, respectively. When these 3 independent factors were combined, the AUC reached 0.976. In addition, logistic regression showed that the most optimal model for predicting an unbalanced chromosomal translocation is a combination of PAPP-A and nuchal translucency with an AUC of 0.980. Therefore, the first trimester combined screening is not only effective in the screening of Down syndrome and other trisomy abnormalities but also has high sensitivity for the detection of unbalanced chromosomal translocations in fetuses. PMID:24177714

  5. Electric Field Micro-sensor with a Closed-loop Autonomous Driving Circuit%一种闭环自激式驱动的硅微机械电场传感器

    熊幼芽; 彭春荣; 夏善红


    A new micromechanical electric field sensor system with a closed-loop autonomous driving circuit is designed and simulated. The closed-loop autonomous driving circuit, which uses the principle of auto-gain-control, keeps the micro sensor working in the resonance state, and keeps the stable resonance amplitude. The simulation result shows, compared with the open-loop driving mode, the sensor can catch the new resonance frequency, the attenuation of libration amplitude is reduced from 30% to 0.1%, and the attenuation of the sensitivity of the sensor is reduced from 50% to 0.1%, when the resonance frequency changes 0.5%.%该文提出了一种闭环自激式驱动的微型电场传感器方案.利用自动增益控制的原理实现闭环自激驱动,使得微传感器能够始终工作在谐振状态,且振动幅度保持稳定.用matlab-simulink工具对系统进行了仿真,结果表明,当传感器的谐振频率发生0.5%的漂移时,系统可以重新捕捉并锁定到新的谐振频率,和开环驱动方案相比,传感器振幅的衰减度从30%降低到0.1%之内,灵敏度从缩减50%改进到缩减0.1%之内.

  6. Closing photoconductive semiconductor switches

    Loubriel, G.M.; Zutavern, F.J.; Hjalmarson, H.P.; O' Malley, M.W.


    One of the most important limitations of Photoconductive Semiconductor Switches (PCSS) for pulsed power applications is the high laser powers required to activate the switches. In this paper, we discuss recent developments on two different aspects of GaAs PCSS that result in reductions in laser power by a factor of nearly 1000. The advantages of using GaAs over Si are many. First of all, the resistivity of GaAs can be orders of magnitude higher than that of the highest resistivity Si material, thus allowing GaAs switches to withstand dc voltages without thermal runaway. Secondly, GaAs has a higher carrier mobility than Si and, thus, is more efficient (per carrier). Finally, GaAs switches can have naturally fast (ns) opening times at room temperature and low fields, microsecond opening times at liquid nitrogen temperature of 77 K, or, on demand, closing and opening at high fields and room temperature by a mechanism called lock-on (see Ref. 1). By contrast, Si switches typically opening times of milliseconds. The amount of laser light required to trigger GaAs for lock-on, or at 77 K, is about three orders of magnitude lower than at room temperature. In this paper we describe the study of lock-on in GaAs and InP, as well as switching of GaAs at 77 K. We shall show that when GaAs is switched at 77 K, the carrier lifetime is about three orders of magnitude longer than it is at room temperature. We shall explain the change in lifetime in terms of the change in electron capture cross section of the deep levels in GaAs (these are defect or impurity levels in the band gap). In the second section, we describe the lock-on effect, now seen in GaAs and InP, and at fields as high as 70 kV/cm. We show how lock-on can be tailored by changing the GaAs temperature or by neutron bombardment. In the third section, we discuss possible lock-on mechanisms. 5 refs., 5 figs.

  7. Closed Orbits in Phase Space

    Murphy, Andrew; Haestad, Jace; Morgan, Thomas


    We report characteristics of closed classical orbits in an electric field in phase space produced in photoabsorption. Rydberg states of atomic and molecular hydrogen and helium are considered. The core potential used for the hydrogen molecule is an effective one electron one center core potential evaluated at the internuclear equilibrium distance. Poincare surfaces of section in phase space are generated by integrating the equations of motion in semiparabolic coordinates u = (r + z) 1 / 2 and v = (r - z) 1 / 2, and plotting the location in phase space (pv versus v) whenever u = 0, with the electric field in the z direction. Combination orbits produced by Rydberg electron core scattering are studied and the evolution in phase space of these combination orbits due to scattering from one closed orbit into another is investigated. Connections are made to measured laser photoabsorption experiments that excite Rydberg states (20 recurrence spectra. The phase space structures responsible for the spectra are identified.

  8. Calculation of Internal Flow Field in Different Nozzle Orifices of Diesel Engine at Needle Value Close Timing%针阀关闭时刻柴油机不同喷孔内流场的计算

    文华; 李潜; 徐颖韬


    A new algorithm consisting of two kinds of continuous mesh‐moving was proposed to make the needle close com‐pletely based on the open source software Open FOAM and the transient internal flow field in nozzles was numerically simulated by three steps .The simulation results coincided with the experimental results of S .Jollet .The effects of nozzle structure pa‐rameters on the flow field inside the hole were further studied .The results show that the bubble in residual fuel of nozzle occurs with the increase of nozzle diameter .The shorter nozzle orifice length leads to larger bubble volume inside residual fuel and closer distance of bubble with pressure chamber .Besides ,the decrease of K‐factor is beneficial to the formation of bubbles .%基于开源软件OpenFOAM定义两种连续的网格运动使针阀完全关闭,分三步数值模拟针阀关闭时刻喷孔内的瞬态流场,模拟结果与S .Jollet试验结果基本吻合。在此基础上研究喷孔结构参数对孔内流场的影响,计算结果表明,随着孔径的增大,喷孔内残余燃油内部有气泡形成;喷孔长度越短,喷孔内残余燃油内部的空气体积越大,形成的气泡越靠近压力室;K系数的减小有利于喷孔内气泡的产生。

  9. Use of geostatistic techniques to describe a reservoir to be submitted into a secondary recovery process field case: {open_quotes}Eocene B-Inferior/VLG-3659, Ceuta, Venezuela{close_quotes}

    Hernandez, T.; Poquioma, W. [Maraven, S.A., Caracas (Venezuela)


    This study presents the results of an integrated reservoir study of the Eocene B-Inferior/VLG-3659, Area 7, Ceuta filed. This field located in the Maracaibo Lake in the western side of Venezuela. The objective was to evaluating the feasibility to implement a secondary recovery project by means of water flooding. Core information was used for this study (194 ft), PVT analysis, RFI, build-up and statistic`s pressure analysis, modem logs and production history data. Using geostatistical techniques (Kriging) it was defined a low uncertainty geological model that was validated by means of a black oil simulator (Eclipse). The results showed a good comparison of historical pressure of the reservoir against those obtained from the model, without the need of {open_quotes}history matching{close_quotes}. It means without modifying neither the initial rock properties nor reservoir fluids. The results of this study recommended drilling in two new locations, also the reactivation of four producing wells and water flooding under peripherical array by means of four injection wells, with the recovery of an additional 30.2 MMSTB. The economical evaluation shows an internal return rate of 31.4%.

  10. The accuracy of using the spectral width boundary measured in off-meridional SuperDARN HF radar beams as a proxy for the open-closed field line boundary

    Chisham, G.; Freeman, M. P.; Sotirelis, T.; Greenwald, R. A.


    Determining reliable proxies for the ionospheric signature of the open-closed field line boundary (OCB) is crucial for making accurate measurements of magnetic reconnection. This study compares the latitudes of spectral width boundaries (SWBs) measured by different beams of the Goose Bay radar of the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN), with the latitudes of OCBs determined using the low-altitude Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) spacecraft, in order to determine whether the accuracy of the SWB as a proxy for the ionospheric projection of the OCB depends on the line-of-sight direction of the radar beam. The latitudes of SWBs and OCBs were identified using automated algorithms applied to 5 years (1997 2001) of data measured in the 1000 1400 magnetic local time (MLT) range. Six different Goose Bay radar beams were used, ranging from those aligned in the geomagnetic meridional direction to those aligned in an almost zonal direction. The results show that the SWB is a good proxy for the OCB in near-meridionally-aligned beams but becomes progressively more unreliable for beams greater than 4 beams away from the meridional direction. We propose that SWBs are identified at latitudes lower than the OCB in the off-meridional beams due to the presence of high spectral width values that result from changes in the orientation of the beams with respect to the gradient in the large-scale ionospheric convection pattern. Keywords. Ionosphere (Instruments and techniques; Plasma convection) Magnetospheric physics (Magnetopause, cusp and boundary layers)

  11. Space charge, plasma potential and electric field distributions in HiPIMS discharges of varying configuration

    Liebig, B.; Bradley, J. W.


    An electron-emitting (emissive) probe has been used to study the temporal and spatial distribution of the plasma potential during high-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) discharges with various substrate and magnetic field configurations. The average power was 700 W, with a repetition frequency of 100 Hz and pulse duration of 100 µs. Strongly negative plasma potentials exceeding -300 V and electric fields up to 10 kV m-1, caused by strong separation of charges with net charge carrier densities Δn of about 1014 m-3, were observed during the ignition of the discharge. The spatial distribution of the plasma potential in the stable stage of the discharge showed values consistently 5 V more negative for a floating substrate compared with a grounded one, so enhancing electron transport around the insulated substrate to grounded walls. However, this change in the electrical configuration of the plasma does not alter significantly the fraction of ionized sputtered particles (of about 30%) that can potentially reach the substrate. By changing the degree of unbalance of the sputtering source, we find a strong correlation between the electric field strength in the magnetic trap (created through charge separation) and the absolute value (and shape) of the magnetic field. For the more unbalanced magnetron, a flattening of the plasma potential structure (decrease in the axial electric field) was observed close to the target. Our findings show in principle that manipulation of the potential barrier close to the target through changing the magnetic field can regulate the proportion of sputtered and ionized species reaching the substrate.

  12. Unbalanced interchromosomal insertion diagnosed prenatally by FISH, with carrier mother, previously misdiagnosed as having a balanced reciprocal translocation

    Yu, M.T.; Leiber, E.; Qazi, Q. [and others


    Insertion translocations are rare. A carrier with a balanced insertion translocation is most likely to be detected through offspring with an unbalanced translocation. We with to report a case where a correct diagnosis, made prenatally with FISH, corrected the initial misdiagnosis of the mother in another institute. PDL received an amniotic fluid sample from a 28 y.o. woman (G5P2Sab1TOP1) at 19 wks gestation. The indications were a reported balanced translocation, t(6;13), in the mother and a previous daughter with an unbalanced translocation. Chromosome analysis of the amniocytes showed a female karyotype with an abnormal chr. 13. Since the mother was diagnosed as having t(6;13)(q21;q34), the der(13) in the amniocytes was initially assumed to result from an adjacent segregation of the t(6;13). However, the banding patterns of this abnormal chr. 13 did not fit into the above defined translocation. With FISH and a chr. 13 painting probe, this der(13) was painted in the proximal and the distal thirds, but NOT in the middle region. This indicates that the middle section of the der(13) must have originated from 6q. The banding pattern is compatible with a direct insertion of 6q15 to 6q23.3 into 13q21.2. Thus, the fetus has partial trisomy 6q. After counseling, the mother elected to terminate the pregnancy but later changed her mind. An 8 lb 12 oz baby girl was born at 36 wks. (mother diabetic). Chromosome analysis of the newborn blood confirmed the dx. The mother was studied, using multicolor painting probes for chromosomes 13 and 6, a balanced direct insertion of 6q15 to 6q23.3 into chr. 13q21.2 was clearly shown. The previous affected daughter with a 13q+ is now 4 y.o. (a restudy is planned). She has microcephaly, severe developmental delay and other dysmorphic features. This case illustrates the advantage of using FISH to arrive at a definitive diagnosis of an insertion translocation.

  13. Close-ups

    Fausing, Bent


    Investigations in the close-up and its meaning regarding nearness, abstraction and transparency. Face, facelike and animism are also major key-words in thsi article... . I have always been fascinated with the close-up, not as an end, but a filter of opportunities to open up for and nearness of tr...

  14. Surviving a School Closing

    De Witt, Peter M.; Moccia, Josephine


    When a beloved school closes, community emotions run high. De Witt and Moccia, administrators in the Averill Park School District in upstate New York, describe how their district navigated through parents' anger and practical matters in closing a small neighborhood elementary school and transferring all its students to another school. With a group…

  15. DC-bus voltage control of grid-connected voltage source converter by using space vector modulated direct power control under unbalanced network conditions

    Xiao, Lei; Huang, Shoudao; Lu, Kaiyuan


    Unbalanced grid voltage will cause large dc-bus voltage ripple and introduce high harmonic current components on the grid side. This will severely threaten the safety of the grid-connected voltage source converter (VSC) and consequently, affect the healthy operation condition of the load. In this......Unbalanced grid voltage will cause large dc-bus voltage ripple and introduce high harmonic current components on the grid side. This will severely threaten the safety of the grid-connected voltage source converter (VSC) and consequently, affect the healthy operation condition of the load....... In this study, a new proportional-integral-resonant (PI-RES) controller-based, space vector modulated direct power control topology is proposed to suppress the dc-bus voltage ripple and in the same time, controlling effectively the instantaneous power of the VSC. A special ac reactive power reference component...

  16. Compensation of negative sequence stator flux of doubly-fed induction generator using polar voltage control-based direct torque control under unbalanced grid voltage condition

    Badrinarayan Bansilal Pimple


    Full Text Available This study proposes a polar voltage control-based direct torque control method to reduce the effects of unbalanced grid voltage on doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG-based wind turbine system. Under unbalanced grid voltage, the stator flux has a negative sequence component which leads to second harmonic pulsation in torque, stator active power, stator reactive power, stator current and rotor current. In the control scheme, the negative sequence rotor voltage vector is controlled to compensate the negative sequence stator flux by negative sequence rotor flux. Simulation study is carried out on a 2 MW DFIG system using MATLAB/SIMULINK. Feasibility of the proposed control strategy is experimentally verified on a 1.5 kW DFIG system.

  17. Thickness Effects of TiC Interlayer on Tribological Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Prepared by Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering Method.

    Park, Chulmin; Lee, Jaehyeong; Park, Yong Seob


    We investigated the tribological properties of diamond-like carbon (DLC) films prepared with TiC interlayer of various thicknesses as the adhesive layer. DLC and TiC thin films were prepared using unbalanced magnetron (UBM) sputtering method using graphite and titanium as targets. TiC films as the interlayer were deposited under DLC films and various physical, tribological, and structural properties of the films fabricated with various TiC interlayer thicknesses were investigated. With various TiC interlayer thicknesses under DLC films, the tribological properties of films were improved with increasing thickness and the DLC/TiC layer fabricated by unbalanced magnetron sputtering method are exhibited maximum high hardness over 27 GPa and high elastic modulus over 242 GPa, and a smooth surface below 0.09 nm.

  18. 铂电阻非平衡电桥温度计的设计%Design of the Unbalanced Bridge Thermometer Using Platinum Resistance

    冯叶; 蒋方为; 张宇鹍; 王吉有


    利用Matlab和Origin软件,从理论上分析了电压型非平衡电桥铂金属温度计设计中,各种参数对温度线性度的影响。设计了0~100℃范围的温度计,获得电桥的输出电压和测量温度具有很好的线性关系。%The influence of a variety of parameters on the linear of the thermometer in the design of the unbal-anced bridge are theoretically analyzed using Matlab software and Origin software. The thermometer was de-signed to obtain 0~100℃range.It was found that it has a good linear relationship between the output voltage of unbalanced bridge and temperature.

  19. Association of Affect with Vertical Position in L1 but not in L2 in Unbalanced Bilinguals

    Degao eLi


    Full Text Available After judging the valence of the positive (e.g., happy and the negative words (e.g., sad, the participants’ response to the letter (q or p was faster and slower, respectively, when the letter appeared at the upper end than at the lower end of the screen in Meier & Robinson’ (2004 second experiment. To compare this metaphorical association of affect with vertical position in Chinese-English bilinguals’ first language (L1 and second language (L2 (language, we conducted four experiments in an affective priming task. The targets were one set of positive or negative words (valence, which were shown vertically above or below the centre of the screen (position. The primes, presented at the centre of the screen, were affective words that were semantically related to the targets, affective words that were not semantically related to the targets, affective icon-pictures, and neutral strings in experiment 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively. In judging the targets’ valence, the participants showed different patterns of interactions between language, valence, and position in reaction times across the experiments. We concluded that metaphorical association between affect and vertical position works in L1 but not in L2 for unbalanced bilinguals.

  20. Allocation of Capacitors and Voltage Regulators in Unbalanced Distribution Systems: A Multi-objective Problem in Probabilistic Frameworks

    Carpinelli, Guido; Noce, Christian; Russo, Angela; Varilone, Pietro


    Capacitors and series voltage regulators are used extensively in distribution systems to reduce power losses and improve the voltage profile along the feeders. This paper deals with the problem of contemporaneously choosing optimal locations and sizes for both capacitors and series voltage regulators in three-phase, unbalanced distribution systems. This is a mixed, non-linear, constrained, multi-objective optimization problem that usually is solved in deterministic scenarios. However, distribution systems are stochastic in nature, which can lead to inaccurate deterministic solutions. To take into account the unavoidable uncertainties that affect the input data related to the problem, in this paper, we have formulated and solved the multi-objective optimization problem in probabilistic scenarios. To address the multi-objective optimization problem, algorithms were used in which all the objective functions were combined to form a single function. These algorithms allow us to transform the original multi-objective optimization problem into an equivalent, single-objective, optimization problem, an approach that appeared to be particularly suitable since computational time was an important issue. To further reduce the computational efforts, a linearized form of the equality constraints of the optimization model was used, and a micro-genetic algorithm-based procedure was applied in the solution method.

  1. Al-doped ZnO films deposited on a slightly reduced buffer layer by reactive dc unbalanced magnetron sputtering

    Kusayanagi, Minehide; Uchida, Azusa; Oka, Nobuto; Jia, Junjun [Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Aoyama Gakuin University, 5-10-1 Fuchinobe, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 252-5258 (Japan); Nakamura, Shin-ichi [Center for Instrumental Analysis, Aoyama Gakuin University, 5-10-1 Fuchinobe, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 252-5258 (Japan); Shigesato, Yuzo, E-mail: [Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Aoyama Gakuin University, 5-10-1 Fuchinobe, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 252-5258 (Japan)


    Al-doped ZnO (AZO) films were deposited on a fused silica glass substrate by reactive dc unbalanced magnetron sputtering using a Zn–Al (Al: 3.6 at.%) alloy target with an impedance control system. A very thin slightly reduced AZO buffer layer was inserted between the glass substrate and AZO films. For the AZO films deposited at 200 °C, the lowest resistivity in the absence of the buffer layer was 8.0 × 10{sup −4} Ω cm, whereas this was reduced to 5.9 × 10{sup −4} Ω cm after introducing a 5-nm-thick buffer layer. The transmittance for all the films was above 80% in the visible region. The effects of the buffer layer were analysed and discussed in detail. It is found that the insertion of the buffer layer can improve the crystallinity of the AZO film. - Highlights: • Al-doped ZnO (AZO) films with AZO buffer layers were deposited. • Reactive dc unbalance magnetron sputtering with impedance control was used. • Insertion of a buffer layer can lead to a lower resistivity. • Insertion of a buffer layer improved the crystallinity of AZO films.

  2. Fault ride-through capability of wind turbine connected to the grid in case of unbalanced voltages

    Ivanović Zoran R.


    Full Text Available This paper deals with control of wind turbine connected to the grid through the back-to-back converter in case of unbalanced grid voltages. The motivation for this research has been found in recent transmission and distribution grid code, which demand modern wind turbines to stay connected to the grid and supply the highest possible apparent power during the grid disturbances. In order to comply with these requirements we proposed improved dual vector current controller to deal with the unbalance imposed by the electrical grid. Controller provides injection of active and reactive power to the grid, even if the voltages are lower than the nominal one. The results are validated using low power prototype and contemporary hardware-in-the-loop emulation platform. In both cases the controller is based on TMS320F2812 DSP. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. III 042004 and by the Provincial Secretariat for Science and Technological Development of AP Vojvodina under contract No. 114-451-3508/2013-04

  3. Control strategy for a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator feeding an unbalanced grid or stand-alone load

    Pena, Ruben [University of Concepcion, Electrical Engineering Department, P.O. Box 160-C, Concepcion (Chile); Cardenas, Roberto; Escobar, Enrique [University of Magallanes, Electrical Engineering Department, P.O. Box 113-D, Punta Arenas (Chile); Clare, Jon; Wheeler, Pat [University of Nottingham, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nottingham NG7 2RD (United Kingdom)


    In this paper, the control systems for the operation of a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (DFIG), feeding an unbalanced grid/stand-alone load, are presented. The scheme uses two back-to-back PWM inverters connected between the stator and the rotor, namely the rotor side and stator side converters respectively. The stator current and voltage unbalances are reduced or eliminated by injecting compensation currents into the grid/load using the stator side converter. The proposed control strategy is based on two revolving axes rotating synchronously at {+-}{omega}{sub e}. From these axes, the d-q components of the negative and positive-sequence currents, in the stator and grid/load, are obtained. The scheme compensates the negative-sequence currents in the grid/load by supplying negative-sequence currents via the stator side converter. Experimental results obtained from a 2-kW experimental prototype are presented and discussed in this work. The proposed control methodology is experimentally validated for stand-alone and weak grid-connected conditions and the results show the excellent performance of the strategy used. (author)

  4. Use of Three-Level Power Converters in Wind-Driven Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Generators with Unbalanced Loads

    Ming-Hung Chen


    Full Text Available This paper describes the design and implementation of three-level power converters for wind-driven permanent-magnet synchronous generators with unbalanced loads. To increase voltage stress and reduce current harmonics in the electrical power generated by a wind generator, a three-phase, three-level rectifier is used. Because a synchronous rotating frame is used on the AC-input side, the use of a neutral-point-clamped controller is proposed to increase the power factor to unity and reduce current harmonics. Furthermore, a novel six-leg inverter is proposed for transferring energy from the DC voltage to a three-phase, four-wire AC source with a constant voltage and a constant frequency. The power converters also contain output transformers and filters for power buffering and filtering, respectively. All three output phase voltages are fed back to control the inverter output during load variations. A digital signal processor is used as the core control device for implementing a 1.5 kV, 75 kW drive system. Experimental data show that the power factor is successfully increased to unity and the total current harmonic distortion is 3.2% on the AC-input side. The entire system can attain an efficiency of 91%, and the voltage error between the upper and lower capacitors is approximately zero. Experimental results that confirm the high performance of the proposed system are presented.

  5. Lack of myotubularin (MTM1) leads to muscle hypotrophy through unbalanced regulation of the autophagy and ubiquitin-proteasome pathways.

    Al-Qusairi, Lama; Prokic, Ivana; Amoasii, Leonela; Kretz, Christine; Messaddeq, Nadia; Mandel, Jean-Louis; Laporte, Jocelyn


    Mutations in the phosphoinositide phosphatase myotubularin (MTM1) results in X-linked myotubular/centronuclear myopathy (XLMTM), characterized by a severe decrease in muscle mass and strength in patients and murine models. However, the molecular mechanism involved in the muscle hypotrophy is unclear. Here we show that the IGF1R/Akt pathway is affected in Mtm1-deficient murine muscles, characterized by an increase in IGF1 receptor and Akt levels in both the presymptomatic and symptomatic phases. Moreover, up-regulation of atrogenes was observed in the presymptomatic phase of the myopathy, supporting overactivation of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway. In parallel, the autophagy machinery was affected as indicated by the increase in the number of autophagosomes and of autophagy markers, such as LC3 and P62. However, phosphorylation of FOXO3a and mTOR were abnormal at late but not at early stages of the disease, suggesting that myotubularin acts both upstream in the IGF1R/Akt pathway and downstream on the balance between the autophagy and ubiquitin-proteasome pathways in vivo. Adeno-associated virus-mediated delivery of Mtm1 into Mtm1-null muscles rescued muscle mass and normalized the expression levels of IGF1 receptor, the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway, and autophagy markers. These data support the hypothesis that the unbalanced regulation of the ubiquitin proteasome pathway and the autophagy machinery is a primary cause of the XLMTM pathogenesis.

  6. The dynamic behavior of a cantilever beam coupled to a non-ideal unbalanced motor through numerical and experimental analysis

    Gonçalves, P. J. P.; Silveira, M.; Pontes Junior, B. R.; Balthazar, J. M.


    An excitation force that is not influenced by the system state is said to be an ideal energy source. In real situations, a direct and feedback coupling between the excitation source and the system must always exist at a certain level. This manifestation of the law of conservation of energy is known as the Sommerfeld effect. In the case of obtaining a mathematical model for such a system, additional equations are usually necessary to describe the vibration sources with limited power and its coupling with the mechanical system. In this work, a cantilever beam and a non-ideal DC motor fixed to its free end are analyzed. The motor has an unbalanced mass that provides excitation to the system which is proportional to the current applied to the motor. During the coast up operation of the motor, if the drive power is increased slowly, making the excitation frequency pass through the first natural frequency of the beam, the DC motor speed will remain the same until it suddenly jumps to a much higher value (simultaneously its amplitude jumps to a much lower value) upon exceeding a critical input power. It was found that the Sommerfeld effect depends on some system parameters and the motor operational procedures. These parameters are explored to avoid the resonance capture in the Sommerfeld effect. Numerical simulations and experimental tests are used to help gather insight of this dynamic behavior.

  7. Average Fade Duration of Dual Selection Diversity over Correlated Unbalanced Nakagami-m Fading Channels in the Presence of Cochannel Interference

    Panajotović, Aleksandra; Sekulović, Nikola; Drača, Dragan; Stefanović, Mihajlo; Stefanović, Časlav


    A dual selection combining (SC) receiver with correlated and unbalanced diversity branches operating in interference-limited Nakagami-m fading environment is considered in this paper. Actually, average fade duration (AFD) of SC system applying desired signal decision algorithm is obtained. Numerical results can be used to examine the effects of fading severity, input signal-to-interference ratio (SIR) unbalance and level of branch correlation on the AFD, as well as the correctness of proposed analytical formulation.

  8. West syndrome associated with a novel chromosomal anomaly; partial trisomy 8P together with partial monosomy 9P, resulting from a familial unbalanced reciprocal translocation

    Ilknur Erol; Semra Saygi; Senay Demir; Fusun Alehan; Feride Iffet Sahin


    West syndrome is classified according to the underlying etiology into an acquired West syndrome, a congenital/developmental West syndrome, and West syndrome of unknown etiology. Causes of a congenital/developmental West syndrome are extensive and include chromosomal anomalies. We report on a patient carrying a derivative chromosome originating from the reciprocal unbalanced translocation t (8;9) (p11.2;p22) and presenting with macrocephaly, West syndrome, severe mental motor retardation and h...

  9. Skew-closed categories

    Street, Ross


    Spurred by the new examples found by Kornel Szlach\\'anyi of a form of lax monoidal category, the author felt the time ripe to publish a reworking of Eilenberg-Kelly's original paper on closed categories appropriate to the laxer context. The new examples are connected with bialgebroids. With Stephen Lack, we have also used the concept to give an alternative definition of quantum category and quantum groupoid. Szlach\\'anyi has called the lax notion {\\em skew monoidal}. This paper defines {\\em skew closed category}, proves Yoneda lemmas for categories enriched over such, and looks at closed cocompletion.

  10. Design and Experimental Implementation of a Beam-Type Twin Dynamic Vibration Absorber for a Cantilevered Flexible Structure Carrying an Unbalanced Rotor: Numerical and Experimental Observations

    Abdullah Özer


    Full Text Available This paper presents experimental and numerical results about the effectiveness of a beam-type twin dynamic vibration absorber for a cantilevered flexible structure carrying an unbalanced rotor. An experimental laboratory prototype setup has been built and implemented in our laboratory and numerical investigations have been performed through finite element analysis. The proposed system design consists of a primary cantilevered flexible structure with an attached dual-mass cantilevered secondary dynamic vibration absorber arrangement. In addition, an unbalanced rotor system is attached to the tip of the flexible cantilevered structure to inspect the system response under harmonic excitations. Numerical findings and experimental observations have revealed that significant vibration reductions are possible with the proposed dual-mass, cantilevered dynamic vibration absorber on a flexible cantilevered platform carrying an unbalanced rotor system at its tip. The proposed system is efficient and it can be practically tuned for variety of design and operating conditions. The designed setup and the results in this paper can serve for practicing engineers, researchers and can be used for educational purposes.

  11. An improved synchronous reference frame current control strategy for a photovoltaic grid-connected inverter under unbalanced and nonlinear load conditions

    Naderipour, Amirreza; Asuhaimi Mohd Zin, Abdullah; Bin Habibuddin, Mohd Hafiz; Miveh, Mohammad Reza; Guerrero, Josep M.


    In recent years, renewable energy sources have been considered the most encouraging resources for grid and off-grid power generation. This paper presents an improved current control strategy for a three-phase photovoltaic grid-connected inverter (GCI) under unbalanced and nonlinear load conditions. It is challenging to suppress the harmonic content in the output current below a pre-set value in the GCI. It is also difficult to compensate for unbalanced loads even when the grid is under disruption due to total harmonic distortion (THD) and unbalanced loads. The primary advantage and objective of this method is to effectively compensate for the harmonic current content of the grid current and microgrid without the use of any compensation devices, such as active and passive filters. This method leads to a very low THD in both the GCI currents and the current exchanged with the grid. The control approach is designed to control the active and reactive power and harmonic current compensation, and it also corrects the system unbalance. The proposed control method features the synchronous reference frame (SRF) method. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate the effective performance of the proposed method. PMID:28192436

  12. Enhanced Control of a DFIG-Based Wind-Power Generation System With Series Grid-Side Converter Under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Conditions

    Yao, Jun; Li, Hui; Chen, Zhe


    This paper presents an enhanced control method for a doubly fed induction generator (DFIG)-based wind-power generation system with series grid-side converter (SGSC) under unbalanced grid voltage conditions. The behaviors of the DFIG system with SGSC during network unbalance are described. By inje......This paper presents an enhanced control method for a doubly fed induction generator (DFIG)-based wind-power generation system with series grid-side converter (SGSC) under unbalanced grid voltage conditions. The behaviors of the DFIG system with SGSC during network unbalance are described....... By injecting a series control voltage generated from the SGSC to balance the stator voltage, the adverse effects of voltage unbalance upon the DFIG, such as stator and rotor current unbalances, electromagnetic torque, and power pulsations, can be removed, and then the conventional vector control strategy...... for the rotor-side converter remains in full force under unbalanced conditions. Meanwhile, three control targets for the parallel grid-side converter (PGSC) are identified, including eliminating the oscillations in the total active power or reactive power, or eliminating negative-sequence current injected...

  13. An improved synchronous reference frame current control strategy for a photovoltaic grid-connected inverter under unbalanced and nonlinear load conditions.

    Naderipour, Amirreza; Asuhaimi Mohd Zin, Abdullah; Bin Habibuddin, Mohd Hafiz; Miveh, Mohammad Reza; Guerrero, Josep M


    In recent years, renewable energy sources have been considered the most encouraging resources for grid and off-grid power generation. This paper presents an improved current control strategy for a three-phase photovoltaic grid-connected inverter (GCI) under unbalanced and nonlinear load conditions. It is challenging to suppress the harmonic content in the output current below a pre-set value in the GCI. It is also difficult to compensate for unbalanced loads even when the grid is under disruption due to total harmonic distortion (THD) and unbalanced loads. The primary advantage and objective of this method is to effectively compensate for the harmonic current content of the grid current and microgrid without the use of any compensation devices, such as active and passive filters. This method leads to a very low THD in both the GCI currents and the current exchanged with the grid. The control approach is designed to control the active and reactive power and harmonic current compensation, and it also corrects the system unbalance. The proposed control method features the synchronous reference frame (SRF) method. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate the effective performance of the proposed method.

  14. Uncritical and unbalanced coverage of synthetic biology in the Nordic press.

    Ancillotti, Mirko; Holmberg, Niklas; Lindfelt, Mikael; Eriksson, Stefan


    Synthetic biology will probably have a high impact on a variety of fields, such as healthcare, environment, biofuels, agriculture, and so on. A driving theme in European research policy is the importance of maintaining public legitimacy and support. Media can influence public attitudes and are therefore an important object of study. Through qualitative content analysis, this study investigates the press coverage of synthetic biology in the major Nordic countries between 2009 and 2014. The press coverage was found to be event-driven and there were striking similarities between countries when it comes to framing, language use, and treated themes. Reporters showed a marked dependence on their sources, mainly scientists and stakeholders, who thus drives the media agenda. The media portrayal was very positive, with an optimistic look at future benefits and very little discussion of possible risks.

  15. Closed Claim Query File

    Social Security Administration — This file is used to hold information about disability claims that have been closed and have been selected for sampling.Sampling is the process whereby OQR reviews...

  16. Mitigation : Closed Basin Project

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The upcoming meeting on waterfowl mitigation for the Closed Basin Project will have several people talk about possible changes to the waterfowl mitigation program. A...

  17. Unbalanced Biding Model Based on Anticipated Variation%基于预期变更的不平衡报价模型研究

    杜永杰; 任宏; 叶堃辉


    The principle of"quantity and price separation"is adopted in China’s current engineering quantity list quotation. In the unit price contract,the employer is to assume the risk of quantity adjustment,and the contractor has to bear the risk of price variation. Moreover,China's relevant laws and regulations on unbalanced bids have not yet offered clear and effective restrictions and adjustment provisions,which provides possibility for the generation of unbalanced bids. It is because of this situation,using the unbalanced bidding,which is based on anticipated changes,offers a very important way of improving the contractors’ economic benefit. Seek-evaluation-design-analyze(SEDA)model is used to solve the technical problems of adopting unbalanced bidding to achieve contractors’ income. The model offers four steps:opportunity point identifying-opportunity point evaluating-bidding scheme design-implementation mechanism analysis to determine the realization of unbalanced bids.%我国现行的清单报价采用“量价分离”原则,在单价合同中,发包商承担工程量调整的风险,承包商承受价格变动的风险,并且我国现行的相关法律、法规并未对不平衡报价行为有针对性地限制以及约束条款,这就为不平衡报价策略的实现提供了可能。因此,承包商基于预期变更利用不平衡报价创收是个很重要的方法。Seek-Evaluation-Design-Analyze(SEDA)模型用以解决承包商采用不平衡报价方式实现创收的技术问题,该模型通过机会点识别、机会点评价、报价方案设计、实现机理分析4个步骤确定不平衡报价的实现途径,为承包商实现创收提供了有效的工具和手段。

  18. Regulation of unbalanced electromagnetic moment in mutual loading systems of electric machines of traction rolling stock and multiple unit of mainline and industrial transport

    A. M. Afanasov


    Full Text Available Purpose. The research data are aimed to identify the regulatory principles of unbalanced electromagnetic moment of mutually loaded electric machines of traction rolling stock and multiple unit of main and industrial transport. The purpose of this study is energy efficiency increase of the testing of traction electric machines of direct and pulse current using the improvement methods of their mutual loading, including the principles of automatic regulation of mutual loading system. Methodology. The general theoretical provisions and principles of system approach to the theoretical electric engineering, the theory of electric machines and theoretical mechanics are the methodological basis of this research. The known methods of analysis of electromagnetic and electromechanical processes in electrical machines of direct and pulse current are used in the study. Methods analysis of loading modes regulation of traction electric machines was conducted using the generalized scheme of mutual loading. It is universal for all known methods to cover the losses of idling using the electric power. Findings. The general management principles of mutual loading modes of the traction electric machines of direct and pulse current by regulating their unbalanced electric magnetic moment were developed. Regulatory options of unbalanced electromagnetic moment are examined by changing the difference of the magnetic fluxes of mutually loaded electric machines, the current difference of electric machines anchors, the difference of the angular velocities of electric machines shafts. Originality. It was obtained the scientific basis development to improve the energy efficiency test methods of traction electric machines of direct and pulse current. The management principles of mutual loading modes of traction electric machines were formulated. For the first time it is introduced the concept and developed the principles of regulation of unbalanced electromagnetic moment in

  19. Closed inductively coupled plasma cell

    Manning, Thomas J.; Palmer, Byron A.; Hof, Douglas E.


    A closed inductively coupled plasma cell generates a relatively high power, low noise plasma for use in spectroscopic studies. A variety of gases can be selected to form the plasma to minimize spectroscopic interference and to provide a electron density and temperature range for the sample to be analyzed. Grounded conductors are placed at the tube ends and axially displaced from the inductive coil, whereby the resulting electromagnetic field acts to elongate the plasma in the tube. Sample materials can be injected in the plasma to be excited for spectroscopy.

  20. Molecular marker-based prediction of hybrid performance in maize using unbalanced data from multiple experiments with factorial crosses.

    Schrag, Tobias A; Möhring, Jens; Maurer, Hans Peter; Dhillon, Baldev S; Melchinger, Albrecht E; Piepho, Hans-Peter; Sørensen, Anker P; Frisch, Matthias


    In hybrid breeding, the prediction of hybrid performance (HP) is extremely important as it is difficult to evaluate inbred lines in numerous cross combinations. Recent developments such as doubled haploid production and molecular marker technologies have enhanced the prospects of marker-based HP prediction to accelerate the breeding process. Our objectives were to (1) predict HP using a combined analysis of hybrids and parental lines from a breeding program, (2) evaluate the use of molecular markers in addition to phenotypic and pedigree data, (3) evaluate the combination of line per se data with marker-based estimates, (4) study the effect of the number of tested parents, and (5) assess the advantage of haplotype blocks. An unbalanced dataset of 400 hybrids from 9 factorial crosses tested in different experiments and data of 79 inbred parents were subjected to combined analyses with a mixed linear model. Marker data of the inbreds were obtained with 20 AFLP primer-enzyme combinations. Cross-validation was used to assess the performance prediction of hybrids of which no or only one parental line was testcross evaluated. For HP prediction, the highest proportion of explained variance (R (2)), 46% for grain yield (GY) and 70% for grain dry matter content (GDMC), was obtained from line per se best linear unbiased prediction (BLUP) estimates plus marker effects associated with mid-parent heterosis (TEAM-LM). Our study demonstrated that HP was efficiently predicted using molecular markers even for GY when testcross data of both parents are not available. This can help in improving greatly the efficiency of commercial hybrid breeding programs.

  1. Equivalence of open/closed strings

    Wang, Peng; Yang, Haitang


    In this paper, we prove that the open and closed strings are $O(D,D)$ equivalent. The equivalence requires an AdS geometry near the boundaries. The $O(D,D)$ invariance is introduced into the Polyakov action by the Tseytlin's action. Traditionally, there exist disconnected open-open or closed-closed configurations in the solution space of the Tseytlin's action. The open-closed configuration is ruled out by the mixed terms of the dual fields. We show that, under some very general guidances, the dual fields are consistently decoupled if and only if the near horizon geometry is $AdS_5$. We then have open-closed and closed-open configurations in different limits of the distances of the $D3$-brane pairs. Inherited from the definition of the theory, these four configurations are of course related to each other by $O(D,D)$ transformations. We therefore conclude that both the open/closed relation and open/closed duality can be derived from $O(D,D)$ symmetries. By analyzing the couplings of the configurations, the low ...

  2. Closed Loop Subspace Identification

    Geir W. Nilsen


    Full Text Available A new three step closed loop subspace identifications algorithm based on an already existing algorithm and the Kalman filter properties is presented. The Kalman filter contains noise free states which implies that the states and innovation are uneorre lated. The idea is that a Kalman filter found by a good subspace identification algorithm will give an output which is sufficiently uncorrelated with the noise on the output of the actual process. Using feedback from the output of the estimated Kalman filter in the closed loop system a subspace identification algorithm can be used to estimate an unbiased model.

  3. Pd Close Coupled Catalyst

    Zhong Hua SHI; Mao Chu GONG; Yao Qiang CHEN


    A catalyst comprised novel high surface area alumina support was prepared to control emission of automobiles. The results showed that prepared catalyst could satisfy the requirements of a high performance close coupled catalyst for its good catalytic activity at low temperature and good stability at high temperature.

  4. On closed weak supplemented modules

    ZENG Qing-yi; SHI Mei-hua


    A module M is called closed weak supplemented if for any closed submodule N of M, there is a submodule K of M such that M=K+N and K(c)N<<M. Any direct summand of closed weak supplemented module is also closed weak supplemented.Any nonsingular image of closed weak supplemented module is closed weak supplemented. Nonsingular V-rings in which all nonsingular modules are closed weak supplemented are characterized in Section 4.

  5. Simple Genetic Distance-Optimized Field Deployments for Clonal Seed Orchards Based on Microsatellite Markers: As a Case of Chinese Pine Seed Orchard.

    Huwei Yuan

    Full Text Available Chinese pine seed orchards are in a period of transition from first-generation to advanced-generations. How to effectively select populations for second-generation seed orchards and significantly increase genetic gain through rational deployment have become major issues. In this study, we examined open- and control-pollinated progeny of the first-generation Chinese pine seed orchards in Zhengning (Gansu Province, China and Xixian (Shanxi Province, China to address issues related to phenotypic selection for high volume growth, genetic diversity analysis and genetic distance-based phylogenetic analysis of the selections by simple sequence repeats (SSRs, and phylogenetic relationship-based field deployment for advanced-generation orchards. In total, 40, 28, 20, and 13 superior individuals were selected from the large-scale no-pedigree open-pollinated progeny of Zhengning (ZN-NP, open-pollinated families of Zhengning (ZN-OP, open-pollinated families of Xixian (XX-OP, and control-pollinated families of Xixian, with mean volume dominance ratios of 0.83, 0.15, 0.25, and 0.20, respectively. Phylogenetic relationship analysis of the ZN-NP and XX-OP populations showed that the 40 superior individuals in the ZN-NP selected population belonged to 23 families and could be further divided into five phylogenetic groups, and that families in the same group were closely related. Similarly, 20 families in the XX-OP population were related to varying degrees. Based on these results, we found that second-generation Chinese pine seed orchards in Zhengning and Xixian should adopt a grouped, unbalanced, complete, fixed block design and an unbalanced, incomplete, fixed block design, respectively. This study will provide practical references for applying molecular markers to establishing advanced-generation seed orchards.

  6. Closing global material loops

    Prosman, Ernst-Jan; Wæhrens, Brian Vejrum; Liotta, Giacomo


    Replacing virgin materials with waste materials, a practice known as Industrial Symbiosis (IS), has been identified as a key strategy for closing material loops. This article adopts a critical view on geographic proximity and external coordinators – two key enablers of IS. By ‘uncovering’ a case...... where both enablers are absent, this study seeks to explore firm-level challenges of IS. We adopt an exploratory case study approach at a cement manufacturer who engages in cross-border IS without the support of external coordinators. Our research presents insights into two key areas of IS: 1) setting...... for geographic proximity and external coordinators. In doing so, our insights into firm-level challenges of long-distance IS exchanges contribute to closing global material loops by increasing the number of potential circular pathways....

  7. Incorporation of 5-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine (EdU) as a novel strategy for identification of the skewed X inactivation pattern in balanced and unbalanced X-rearrangements.

    Sisdelli, Luiza; Vidi, Angela Cristina; Moysés-Oliveira, Mariana; Di Battista, Adriana; Bortolai, Adriana; Moretti-Ferreira, Danilo; da Silva, Magnus R Dias; Melaragno, Maria Isabel; Carvalheira, Gianna


    X-chromosome inactivation occurs randomly in normal female cells. However, the inactivation can be skewed in patients with alterations in X-chromosome. In balanced X-autosome translocations, normal X is preferentially inactivated, while in unbalanced X alterations, the aberrant X is usually inactivated. Here, we present a novel strategy to verify the skewed X inactivation pattern through the incorporation of 5-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine (EdU) into cells, in 11 patients: five carriers of balanced X-autosome translocations and six of unbalanced X-chromosome alterations. Since EdU is a labeled nucleoside analog of thymidine, its incorporation during DNA synthesis can reveal late replication regions and the inactive X-chromosome. All EdU findings were validated by the human androgen receptor gene (HUMARA) assay. The late replication regions were easily and quickly visualized in all cells, where inactive Xs are marked with strong green fluorescence. It was observed that the normal X-chromosome was preferentially inactivated in patients with balanced X-autosome translocations; while the aberrant X-chromosome was inactivated in most cells from patients with unbalanced alterations. By performing the fluorescence-based EdU assay, the differences between the active and inactive X-chromosomes are more easily recognizable than by classic cytogenetic methods. Furthermore, EdU incorporation allows the observation of the late replication regions in autosomal segments present in X derivatives from X-autosome translocations. Therefore, EdU assay permits an accurate and efficient cytogenetic evaluation of the X inactivation pattern with a low-cost, easy to perform and highly reproducible technique.

  8. An unbalanced portfolio.

    Federsel, Hans-Jurgen


    An excellent demonstration of how meaningful and valuable conferences devoted to the topic of project and portfolio management in the pharmaceutical industry can be, was given at an event organized in Barcelona, September 2008. Thus, over this 2-day meeting the delegates were updated on the state of the art in this wide-reaching area from speakers representing an array of companies; from small, relatively new players, via mid-sized, to established large and big pharmas. One common theme that emerged was the importance of assessing the value of drug projects as correctly as possible, especially under the current financial climate and the many challenges facing the industry. Furthermore, experiences from constructing portfolios with the aim to minimize risk and maximize return on investment were shared alongside mathematical approaches to obtain the data required for this purpose and accounts of the pleasures and hardships working in a global context and in partnership constellations.

  9. An Unbalanced Crucible

    Deneen, Patrick J.


    Long regarded by the vanguard of America's universities as antiquated and even dangerous, civic education is suddenly fashionable again. With the publication of "A Crucible Moment," a long battle in the culture wars appears to be winding down. It appears that everyone supports civic education today. For the past three decades, the ideal of civic…

  10. Close partner relationships

    Stefanović-Stanojević Tatjana Z.


    Full Text Available According to the theory of emotional attachment, specific emotional relationships are being established at an early age between a child and its parents. On the basis of the quality of these relationships the child creates the so-called internal working model ie the image of itself as well as others. The working model persists throughout one's lifetime, shaping in part the quality of adult relationships. Thus, a dominant adult relationship is a close, partner or love one. Within the indicated theoretical context, we were interested in finding out whether there is a statistically significant link between the emotional ties of parents and their children formed in early childhood. The investigation included 180 grown-ups of the same sex and age. For investigating close partner relationships the test Experience in Close Relationship by the American authors (Brenan K.A., Clark C.L., & Shaver P.R. 1998. was used, while the early emotional relationships were investigated using a test which has been the only one so far to measure this quality in adults - Adult Attachment Interview, (Main M., Casidy J., & Kaplan N., 1985. The results show there is a statistically significant link between the observed variables.

  11. Corrosion resistance of zirconium oxynitride coatings deposited via DC unbalanced magnetron sputtering and spray pyrolysis-nitriding

    Cubillos, G.I., E-mail: [Department of Chemistry, Group of Materials and Chemical Processes, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Av. Cra. 30 No 45-03, Bogotá (Colombia); Bethencourt, M., E-mail: [Department of Materials Science, Metallurgy Engineering and Inorganic Chemistry, International Campus of Excellence of the Sea - CEI-MAR, University of Cadiz, Avda. República Saharaui s/n, 11510 Puerto Real, Cádiz (Spain); Olaya, J.J., E-mail: [Faculty of Engineering, Group of Materials and Chemical Processes, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Av. Cra. 30 No 45-03, Bogotá (Colombia)


    Highlights: • New ZrO{sub x}N{sub y} films were deposited on stainless steel 316L using PSY-N and UBMS. • ZrO{sub x}N{sub y} rhombohedral polycrystalline film grew with PSY-N. • Zr{sub 2}ON{sub 2} crystalline structures, mostly oriented along the (2 2 2) plane, grew with UBMS. • Layers improved corrosion behavior in NaCl media, especially those deposited by UBMS. - Abstract: ZrO{sub x}N{sub y}/ZrO{sub 2} thin films were deposited on stainless steel using two different methods: ultrasonic spray pyrolysis-nitriding (SPY-N) and the DC unbalanced magnetron sputtering technique (UBMS). Using the first method, ZrO{sub 2} was initially deposited and subsequently nitrided in an anhydrous ammonia atmosphere at 1023 K at atmospheric pressure. For UBMS, the film was deposited in an atmosphere of air/argon with a Φair/ΦAr flow ratio of 3.0. Structural analysis was carried out through X-ray diffraction (XRD), and morphological analysis was done through scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM). Chemical analysis was carried out using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). ZrO{sub x}N{sub y} rhombohedral polycrystalline film was produced with spray pyrolysis-nitriding, whereas using the UBMS technique, the oxynitride films grew with cubic Zr{sub 2}ON{sub 2} crystalline structures preferentially oriented along the (2 2 2) plane. Upon chemical analysis of the surface, the coatings exhibited spectral lines of Zr3d, O1s, and N1s, characteristic of zirconium oxynitride/zirconia. SEM analysis showed the homogeneity of the films, and AFM showed morphological differences according to the deposition technique of the coatings. Zirconium oxynitride films enhanced the stainless steel's resistance to corrosion using both techniques. The protective efficacy was evaluated using electrochemical techniques based on linear polarization (LP). The results indicated that the layers provide good resistance to corrosion when exposed to chloride

  12. Composite cavity based fiber optic Fabry Perot strain sensors demodulated by an unbalanced fiber optic Michelson interferometer with an electrical scanning mirror

    Zhang, Jianzhong; Yang, Jun; Sun, Weimin; Jin, Wencai; Yuan, Libo; Peng, G. D.


    A composite cavity based fiber optic Fabry-Perot strain sensor system, interrogated by a white light source and demodulated by an unbalanced fiber optic Michelson interferometer with an electrical scanning mirror, is proposed and demonstrated. Comparing with the traditional extrinsic fiber optic Fabry-Perot strain sensor, the potential multiplexing capability and the dynamic measurement range are improved simultaneously. At the same time, the measurement stability of the electrical scanning mirror system is improved by the self-referenced signal of the sensor structure.

  13. West syndrome associated with a novel chromosomal anomaly; partial trisomy 8P together with partial monosomy 9P, resulting from a familial unbalanced reciprocal translocation.

    Erol, Ilknur; Saygı, Semra; Demir, Şenay; Alehan, Fusun; Sahin, Feride Iffet


    West syndrome is classified according to the underlying etiology into an acquired West syndrome, a congenital/developmental West syndrome, and West syndrome of unknown etiology. Causes of a congenital/developmental West syndrome are extensive and include chromosomal anomalies. We report on a patient carrying a derivative chromosome originating from the reciprocal unbalanced translocation t (8;9) (p11.2;p22) and presenting with macrocephaly, West syndrome, severe mental motor retardation and hypotonia. As far as we know, this is a new chromosomal anomaly associated with West syndrome.

  14. Rings from Close Encounters

    Kohler, Susanna


    Weve recently discovered narrow sets of rings around two minor planets orbiting in our solar system. How did these rings form? A new study shows that they could be a result of close encounters between the minor planets and giants like Jupiter or Neptune.Unexpected Ring SystemsPositions of the centaurs in our solar system (green). Giant planets (red), Jupiter trojans (grey), scattered disk objects (tan) and Kuiper belt objects (blue) are also shown. [WilyD]Centaurs are minor planets in our solar system that orbit between Jupiter and Neptune. These bodies of which there are roughly 44,000 with diameters larger than 1 km have dynamically unstable orbits that cross paths with those of one or more giant planets.Recent occultation observations of two centaurs, 10199 Chariklo and 2060 Chiron, revealed that these bodies both host narrow ring systems. Besides our four giant planets, Chariklo and Chiron are the only other bodies in the solar system known to have rings. But how did these rings form?Scientists have proposed several models, implicating collisions, disruption of a primordial satellite, or dusty outgassing. But a team of scientists led by Ryuki Hyodo (Paris Institute of Earth Physics, Kobe University) has recently proposed an alternative scenario: what if the rings were formed from partial disruption of the centaur itself, after it crossed just a little too close to a giant planet?Tidal Forces from a GiantHyodo and collaborators first used past studies of centaur orbits to estimate that roughly 10% of centaurs experience close encounters (passing within a distance of ~2x the planetary radius) with a giant planet during their million-year lifetime. The team then performed a series of simulations of close encounters between a giant planet and a differentiated centaur a body in which the rocky material has sunk to form a dense silicate core, surrounded by an icy mantle.Some snapshots of simulation outcomes (click for a closer look!) for different initial states of

  15. Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

    Rebecca Vogel


    Full Text Available The current consensus is that there is a worldwide gap in skills needed for a competent cybersecurity workforce. This skills gap has implications for the national security sector, both public and private. Although the view is that this will take a concerted effort to rectify, it presents an opportunity for IT professionals, university students, and aspirants to take-up jobs in national security national intelligence as well military and law enforcement intelligence. This paper examines context of the issue, the nature of the cybersecurity skills gap, and some key responses by governments to address the problem. The paper also examines the emerging employment trends, some of the employment challenges, and what these might mean for practice. The paper argues that the imperative is to close the cyber skills gap by taking advantage of the window of opportunity, allowing individuals interested in moving into the cybersecurity field to do so via education and training.

  16. Closed lung trauma.

    Feden, Jeffrey P


    Pulmonary injuries from blunt thoracic trauma are seen regularly with high-energy mechanisms but described less frequently in association with sports. Pneumothorax, hemothorax, pneumomediastinum, and pulmonary contusion are uncommon with athletic participation and often follow a benign clinical course. Life-threatening complications may arise, and athletes with chest trauma deserve close attention. Appropriate diagnosis is suggested by history and physical examination; conventional chest radiography is preferred as the initial imaging study but has limitations. Use of CT for trauma has improved diagnostic sensitivity for occult injury, although this may not alter management or outcomes. Return to play is guided by resolution of symptoms and radiographic findings.

  17. Continuous quantum mechanics of single particles in closed and quasi-closed systems: Pt. 1 and 2

    Brieger, M. [DLR Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V., Stuttgart (Germany). Inst. fuer Technische Physik


    The established statistical interpretation of quantum mechanics never envisioned our today's ability to handle and investigate single particles in trap devices. After scrutinizing the development of quantum mechanics, we point out that Schroedinger's equation establishes an energy representation, which obtains the energy eigenvalues as extrema of the energy curve or on the energy hypersurface, respectively. We also strongly emphasize its never exhausted capability of accounting in classical terms and full detail for the dynamics of single particles in closed systems. This is demonstrated for several familiar examples. They show that the eigensolutions to Schroedinger's equation must not blindly be identified with physically stationary states. The gained insight into the true dynamics allows to describe, without involving QED, the time evolution of a complete spontaneous transition as being driven by unbalanced internal dynamics. This mechanism relies on the fact that perfect balances are only possible in the exact extrema of the total energy and that any deviation, which is characterized by nonstationary states, makes multipole moments oscillate and emit electromagnetic radiation. (orig.)

  18. Close encounters with DNA

    Maffeo, C.; Yoo, J.; Comer, J.; Wells, D. B.; Luan, B.; Aksimentiev, A.


    Over the past ten years, the all-atom molecular dynamics method has grown in the scale of both systems and processes amenable to it and in its ability to make quantitative predictions about the behavior of experimental systems. The field of computational DNA research is no exception, witnessing a dramatic increase in the size of systems simulated with atomic resolution, the duration of individual simulations and the realism of the simulation outcomes. In this topical review, we describe the hallmark physical properties of DNA from the perspective of all-atom simulations. We demonstrate the amazing ability of such simulations to reveal the microscopic physical origins of experimentally observed phenomena and we review the frustrating limitations associated with imperfections of present atomic force fields and inadequate sampling. The review is focused on the following four physical properties of DNA: effective electric charge, response to an external mechanical force, interaction with other DNA molecules and behavior in an external electric field. PMID:25238560

  19. Analysis of voltage unbalance effects on induction motors with open and closed slots

    Donolo, Pablo, E-mail: [Grupo de Electronica Aplicada, Fac. de Ingenieria, Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto, Ruta Nac. 36 Km 601 (X5804BYA), Rio Cuarto, Cordoba (Argentina); Bossio, Guillermo, E-mail: gbossio@ieee.or [Grupo de Electronica Aplicada, Fac. de Ingenieria, Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto, Ruta Nac. 36 Km 601 (X5804BYA), Rio Cuarto, Cordoba (Argentina); De Angelo, Cristian, E-mail: cdeangelo@ieee.or [Grupo de Electronica Aplicada, Fac. de Ingenieria, Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto, Ruta Nac. 36 Km 601 (X5804BYA), Rio Cuarto, Cordoba (Argentina)


    Research highlights: {yields} We study the increase of losses in the induction motor (IM) with voltage unbalance. {yields} We take into account the variations in the negative-sequence impedance of the rotor. {yields} We analyze the performance in IM with open and closed rotor slots. {yields} For both type of rotors, we get the derating factor for different levels of unbalance. {yields} IM with closed-slot are less affected by voltage unbalance than open-slot ones. -- Abstract: This paper aims to complement studies concerning the influence of voltage unbalance on the performance of induction motors. We use sequence equivalent circuits to determine the increase of losses in the induction motor. We take into account the dependence of the rotor negative-sequence reactance with the load state and the increase in rotor resistance with the negative-sequence currents. Variations in the negative-sequence impedance are related with the structural characteristics of the rotor. We analyze motors with open and closed rotor slots, because the impedance of rotors with closed slots grows considerably when the load is less than rated, producing lower negative-sequence currents and lower losses. Increased rotor impedance in closed slot motors protects these motors against problems due to unbalanced supply voltage. For both type of rotors, we analyze motor derating factor based on voltage unbalance and increases in total losses and rotor losses.

  20. Nanatsu-no-kata, Endō-no-kata, and Jōge-no-kata ―A pedagogical and qualitative biomechanical evaluation of Hirano Tokio’s kuzushi (unbalancing concept as part of skill acquisition for throwing techniques in Kōdōkan jūdō

    Carl De Crée


    Full Text Available Hirano Tokio (1922-1993 was a talented jūdō champion who developed his own pedagogical approach towards teaching and practicing kuzushi (unbalancing and tsukuri (preparation, two critical skills for successfully applying jūdō throws. In his approach, Hirano emphasizes the use of rotational unbalancing preceded by strategic movements that mimic water waves. No biomechanical analysis of Hirano’s wave system has previously been attempted. The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed survey of Hirano’s didactic system comparing it with traditional Kōdōkan teachings, and to assess its biomechanical foundations. The fluid dynamic modeling of the several kinds of waves proposed by Hirano is mathematically complicated and heavily relies on Boussinesq differential equations. Given the involvement of numerous parameters in determining the hydrodynamic behavior of water (depth, period of waves, saliency, temperatures, currents, shape of the coastal line, water density, wind which are absent in the surroundings of a pair of two jūdōka moving indoors on a tatami, Hirano’s system appears limited to a mere visualization and metaphysical interpretation of jūdō. The lack of empirical and experimental data available obtained in large groups of students taught according to Hirano’s approach make it so far impossible to conclude whether it facilitates kuzushi and tsukuri skill acquisition. Ultimately Hirano’s wave-based kuzushi/tsukuri does not alter the biomechanical analysis previously proposed by Sacripanti, as it still is all about general action invariants aimed to close the distance between both opponents, to break the opponent’s symmetry, and to apply one of the infinite options to achieve this.

  1. 差动保护不平衡电流的产生机理及措施%Mechanism and Countermeasure of Unbalanced Current for Differential Protection



    差动保护是变压器的主保护,具有选择性好、灵敏度高等一系列优点。从差动保护的基本原理入手,深入分析了几类差动保护不平衡电流的产生的原因,结合差动保护在实际案例中的应用,探讨避免不平衡电流的技术措施及对策,具有一定的理论和实用价值。%Differential protection is the main protection of the main transformer, has the good selectivity, high sensitivity and a series of advantages. Starting from the basic principle of differential protection, the article analyzed reasons of several classes of unbalanced current for differential protection, combined with the application in the actual case, and discussed how to avoid unbalanced current. It has a certain theoretical and practical value.


    Héctor Torres-Silva


    Full Text Available In the present article we propose a simple equality involving the Dirac operator and the Maxwell operators from a chiral approach. This equality establishes a direct connection between solutions of the two systems. Moreover, we show that the connection is valid when a fairly natural relationship between the frequency of the electromagnetic wave and the energy of the Dirac particle is fulfilled, if the electric field is parallel to the magnetic field . Our analysis is based on the quaternionic form of the Dirac equation and on the quaternionic form of the Maxwell equations. In both cases the quaternionic reformulations are completely equivalent to the traditional form of the Dirac and Maxwell systems. This theory is a new quantum mechanics (QM interpretation. The research below shows that the QM represents the electrodynamics of the curvilinear closed chiral waves. This concords entirely with the modern interpretation and results of the quantum field theory.En el presente artículo se propone un simple igualdad que considera el operador de Dirac y los operadores de Maxwell bajo un enfoque quiral. Esta igualdad establece una conexión directa entre las soluciones de los dos sistemas. Además, se muestra que es válida cuando una relación muy natural se cumple entre la frecuencia de la onda electromagnética y la energía de la partícula Dirac, si el campo eléctrico es paralelo al campo magnético . Este análisis se basa en la forma cuaterniónica de la ecuación de Dirac y la forma cuaterniónica de las ecuaciones de Maxwell. En ambos casos las reformulaciones con cuaterniones son completamente equivalentes a la forma tradicional de los sistemas de Dirac y Maxwell. Esta teoría es una nueva interpretación de la mecánica cuántica. Este trabajo prueba que la mecánica cuántica representa la electrodinámica de ondas quirales curvilíneas cerradas. Esto está enteramente de acuerdo con la moderna interpretación y resultados de la teoría cu

  3. Closing Photoconductive Semiconductor Switches


    impedance voltage source. Recently, we tested the dependance of the lock-on field on the amount of neutron bombardment of the GaAs. This treatment...for about 30 minutes. Conclusions In this paper have demonstrated a large temperature dependance of the characteristics of GaAs PCSS. The most

  4. Closed-loop control of magnetotactic bacteria

    Khalil, I.S.M.; Pichel, M.P.; Abelmann, L.; Misra, S.


    Realization of point-to-point positioning of a magnetotactic bacterium (MTB) necessitates the application of a relatively large magnetic field gradients to decrease its velocity in the vicinity of a reference position. We investigate an alternative closed-loop control approach to position the MTB. T

  5. Closed-loop control of magnetotactic bacteria

    Khalil, I.S.M.; Pichel, Marc Philippe; Pichel, M.P.; Abelmann, Leon; Misra, Sarthak

    Realization of point-to-point positioning of a magnetotactic bacterium (MTB) necessitates the application of a relatively large magnetic field gradients to decrease its velocity in the vicinity of a reference position. We investigate an alternative closed-loop control approach to position the MTB.

  6. Do closed universes recollapse?

    Tipler, Frank J.

    The conditions for recollapse in universes with compact maximal hypersurfaces are investigated theoretically, reviewing the results of recent investigations. The importance of recollapse for observational astrophysics is briefly discussed, and particular attention is given to the implications of maximal hypersurfaces and to recollapse in S3 Friedmann universes. It is conjectured that all globally hyperbolic C2 maximally extended spatially homogeneous closed universes with S3 or S2 x S1 topology and with stress-energy tensors obeying the strong-energy, positive-pressure, dominant-energy, and matter-regularity conditions do expand from an all-encompassing initial singularity to a maximal hypersurface and then recollapse to an all-encompassing final singularity.

  7. Science policy up close

    Marburger, John H


    In a career that included tenures as president of Stony Brook University, director of Brookhaven National Laboratory, and science advisor to President George W. Bush, John Marburger (1941 2011) found himself on the front line of battles that pulled science ever deeper into the political arena. From nuclear power to global warming and stem cell research, science controversies, he discovered, are never just about science. Science Policy Up Close" presents Marburger s reflections on the challenges science administrators face in the twenty-first century. In each phase of public service Marburger came into contact with a new dimension of science policy. The Shoreham Commission exposed him to the problem of handling a volatile public controversy over nuclear power. The Superconducting Super Collider episode gave him insights into the collision between government requirements and scientists expectations and feelings of entitlement. The Directorship of Brookhaven taught him how to talk to the public about the risks ...

  8. Jealousy and Relationship Closeness

    Mark Attridge


    Full Text Available This study confirmed a hypothesis from the Emotion-in-Relationships conceptual model, which predicts that greater interdependence between relationship partners—or closeness—creates the potential for jealousy. The study also sought to better define the positive side of romantic jealousy in addition to its more negative attributes. College students in premarital relationships (N = 229 completed a questionnaire, including 27 different measures and the Multidimensional Jealousy Scale. Select data were obtained from 122 cases at 3-month follow-up. Each jealousy scale was tested for associations with demographic (age, sex, and race, person (life satisfaction, loneliness, romantic attachment styles, love styles, and romantic beliefs, and relationship (affective, closeness, and social exchange theory constructs. Results clearly distinguished emotional/reactive jealousy as mostly “good” and cognitive/suspicious jealousy as “bad.” Behavioral jealousy was associated with few measures. Implications are discussed for the interdependence model of relationships and the transactional model of jealousy.

  9. Field induced domain switching as the origin of anomalous lattice strain along non-polar direction in rhombohedral BiScO{sub 3}-PbTiO{sub 3} close to the morphotropic phase boundary

    Lalitha, K. V.; Ranjan, Rajeev, E-mail: [Department of Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012 (India); Fancher, Chris M.; Jones, Jacob L. [Department of Materials Science and Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina 27695 (United States)


    The lattice strain and domain switching behavior of xBiScO{sub 3}–(1-x)PbTiO{sub 3} (x = 0.40) was investigated as a function of cyclic field and grain orientation by in situ X-ray diffraction during application of electric fields. The electric field induced 200 lattice strain was measured to be five times larger than the 111 lattice strain in pseudorhombohedral xBiScO{sub 3}–(1-x)PbTiO{sub 3} (x = 0.40). It is shown that the anomalous 200 lattice strain is not an intrinsic phenomenon, but arises primarily due to stress associated with the reorientation of the 111 domains in dense polycrystalline ceramic.

  10. 智能配电台区三相负荷不平衡治理方案%The governance scheme of three-phase unbalanced load management for intelligent distribution transformer

    张征凯; 章元德; 史亮; 陆巍; 徐学均; 徐艳军


    This paper analyzes the cause and inflection of the three⁃phase unbalanced, then it proposes the governance program of three⁃phase unbalanced,by the treatment effect of intelligent analy⁃sis,to validate of control measures.%分析智能台区三相负荷不平衡产生原因及造成的影响,提出了三相负荷不平衡治理方案,通过对智能台区治理前后效果分析,验证治理措施的可行性。

  11. Analysis on Steady-state Power Quality of Power Distribution Network Load Testing Device Using Three-phase Unbalanced Adj usting and Mending Strategy%采用三相不平衡调补策略的配电网负荷试验装置稳态电能质量分析

    佟忠正; 孙旸子


    Aiming at problems of theoretical deduction and computer simulation verification of various three-phase unbal-anced adjusting and mending strategies and advanced algorithms,a static var compensation testing platform which was able to simulate various load changes was constructed for providing convenience for field test and solving production reality. Cal-culation on three-phase unbalance degree was made by using symmetrical component method. Meanwhile,voltage and cur-rent unbalance degrees were analyzed on this testing platform for the three-phase unbalanced load adjusting and mending control system when three-phase balanced load,three-phase unbalanced load,static var compensator and nonlinear load was input. Application effects indicated that the static var compensation testing platform was able to complete real-time simula-tion on various load changes and SVC was effectively able to reduce current unbalance degree. The referred compensation control algorithm was feasible.%针对目前诸多三相不平衡调补控制策略和先进算法仅停留于理论推导和计算机仿真验证的问题,搭建了可以模拟各种负荷变化现象的静态无功补偿试验平台,为实地试验和解决生产实际问题提供方便。采用对称分量法进行三相不平衡度的计算,并在该试验平台上对三相不平衡负荷调补控制系统投入三相平衡负荷、三相不平衡负荷、静态无功补偿装置(static var compensator,SVC)和非线性负荷时的电压、电流不平衡度进行分析。应用效果表明:静态无功补偿试验平台能够完成各种负荷变化现象的实时模拟,SVC能有效降低电流不平衡度,所提补偿控制算法可行。

  12. Close to the Sky


    Today, a new ALMA outreach and educational book was publicly presented to city officials of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, as part of the celebrations of the anniversary of the Andean village. ESO PR Photo 50a/07 ESO PR Photo 50a/07 A Useful Tool for Schools Entitled "Close to the sky: Biological heritage in the ALMA area", and edited in English and Spanish by ESO in Chile, the book collects unique on-site observations of the flora and fauna of the ALMA region performed by experts commissioned to investigate it and to provide key initiatives to protect it. "I thank the ALMA project for providing us a book that will surely be a good support for the education of children and youngsters of San Pedro de Atacama. Thanks to this publication, we expect our rich flora and fauna to be better known. I invite teachers and students to take advantage of this educational resource, which will be available in our schools", commented Ms. Sandra Berna, the Mayor of San Pedro de Atacama, who was given the book by representatives of the ALMA global collaboration project. Copies of the book 'Close to the sky' will be donated to all schools in the area, as a contribution to the education of students and young people in northern Chile. "From the very beginning of the project, ALMA construction has had a firm commitment to environment and local culture, protecting unique flora and fauna species and preserving old estancias belonging to the Likan Antai culture," said Jacques Lassalle, who represented ALMA at the hand-over. "Animals like the llama, the fox or the condor do not only live in the region where ALMA is now being built, but they are also key elements of the ancient Andean constellations. In this sense they are part of the same sky that will be explored by ALMA in the near future." ESO PR Photo 50c/07 ESO PR Photo 50c/07 Presentation of the ALMA book The ALMA Project is a giant, international observatory currently under construction on the high-altitude Chajnantor site in Chile

  13. Closed suction drain with bulb

    ... page: // Closed suction drain with bulb To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. A closed suction drain is used to remove fluids that build ...

  14. Impact of unbalanced charge transport on the efficiency of normal and inverted solar cells (Applied Physics Letters 100 (013306))

    Kotlarski, J.D.; Blom, P.W.M.


    In a normal solar cell, most charge carriers are generated close to the anode, such that electrons have to travel a longer distance as compared to the holes. In an inverted solar cell, holes have to travel a longer distance. We use a combined optical and electronic model to simulate the effect of un

  15. Impact of unbalanced charge transport on the efficiency of normal and inverted solar cells (Applied Physics Letters 100 (013306))

    Kotlarski, J.D.; Blom, P.W.M.


    In a normal solar cell, most charge carriers are generated close to the anode, such that electrons have to travel a longer distance as compared to the holes. In an inverted solar cell, holes have to travel a longer distance. We use a combined optical and electronic model to simulate the effect of un

  16. Enhanced Control for a Direct-driven Permanent Synchronous Generator Wind-power Generation System with Flywheel Energy Storage Unit Under Unbalanced Grid Fault

    Yao, Jun; Zhou, Te; Hu, Weihao;


    This article presents an enhanced control strategy for a direct-driven permanent synchronous generator based wind-power generation system with a flywheel energy storage unit. The behaviors of the direct-driven permanent magnet synchronous generator system with a flywheel energy storage unit under......, the DC-link voltage oscillations can be effectively suppressed during the unbalanced grid fault by controlling the flywheel energy storage unit. Furthermore, a proportional–integral-resonant controller is designed for the flywheel motor to eliminate the oscillations in the DC-link voltage. Finally......, the proposed coordinated control strategy for the direct-driven permanent magnet synchronous generator system with a flywheel energy storage unit has been validated by the simulation results of a 1-MW direct-driven permanent magnet synchronous generator wind power generation system with a flywheel energy...

  17. Coordinated voltage control of a decoupled three-phase on load tap changer transformer and photovoltaic inverters for managing unbalanced networks

    Hu, Junjie; Marinelli, Mattia; Coppo, Massimiliano;


    phases. To address this problem, distribution transformers with single-phase tapping capability, together with reactive power provision of PV systems, are under investigation. This paper presents modeling and analysis of the benefits of coordinated voltage control of a decoupled three-phase on-load tap...... profiles on a real Danish distribution grid, as well as the developed dynamic photovoltaic generation and load models. The simulations show that the joint action of the power distribution transformer with OLTC control on each phase, and the reactive power provision of photovoltaic inverters, significantly...... improves the PV hosting capacity in the analyzed unbalanced scenarios without side effects, such as additional power losses, or significant neutral voltage rises...

  18. Simulative and experimental investigation on stator winding turn and unbalanced supply voltage fault diagnosis in induction motors using Artificial Neural Networks.

    Lashkari, Negin; Poshtan, Javad; Azgomi, Hamid Fekri


    The three-phase shift between line current and phase voltage of induction motors can be used as an efficient fault indicator to detect and locate inter-turn stator short-circuit (ITSC) fault. However, unbalanced supply voltage is one of the contributing factors that inevitably affect stator currents and therefore the three-phase shift. Thus, it is necessary to propose a method that is able to identify whether the unbalance of three currents is caused by ITSC or supply voltage fault. This paper presents a feedforward multilayer-perceptron Neural Network (NN) trained by back propagation, based on monitoring negative sequence voltage and the three-phase shift. The data which are required for training and test NN are generated using simulated model of stator. The experimental results are presented to verify the superior accuracy of the proposed method.

  19. 农村电网不对称负荷补偿方法研究%Study on compensation method of unbalanced load in rural power grid

    房俊龙; 于洪涛; 马文川; 蔡银哿; 杨庆忠; 杨国良


    The paper proposed TCR type static var compensator based on Steinmetz theory which it could be used in the rural power grid, it could compensate unbalanced load and improve power factor in the meantime. The results showed that method could effectively make three-phase load balance, while increasing the power factor, had a certain theoretical and application value.%文章提出在农村电网中采用基于Steinmetz电路理论的TCR型静止无功补偿器,平衡三相不对称负荷,提高系统功率因数。仿真验证结果表明,该方法能使三相负荷平衡,提高功率因数,具有一定理论意义及应用价值。

  20. A Modular Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Based Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter for Selective Harmonic and Reactive Power Compensation Under Distorted/Unbalanced Grid Voltage Conditions

    T. Demirdelen


    Full Text Available In recent years, shunt hybrid active power filters are being increasingly considered as a viable alternative to both passive filters and active power filters for compensating harmonics. In literature, their applications are restricted to balanced systems and low voltage applications and therefore not for industrial applications. This paper investigates the performance of a modular cascaded multilevel inverter based Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter (SHAPF for reactive power compensation and selective harmonics elimination under distorted/unbalanced grid voltage conditions in medium voltage levels. In the proposed control method, reactive power compensation is achieved successfully with a perceptible amount and the performance results of harmonic compensation are satisfactory. Theoretical analysis and simulation results are obtained from an actual industrial network model in PSCAD. The simulation results are presented for a proposed system in order to demonstrate that the harmonic compensation performance meets the IEEE-519 standard.

  1. Unbalanced fermentation of glycerol in Escherichia coli via heterologous production of an electron transport chain and electrode interaction in microbial electrochemical cells.

    Sturm-Richter, Katrin; Golitsch, Frederik; Sturm, Gunnar; Kipf, Elena; Dittrich, André; Beblawy, Sebastian; Kerzenmacher, Sven; Gescher, Johannes


    Microbial electrochemical cells are an emerging technology for achieving unbalanced fermentations. However, organisms that can serve as potential biocatalysts for this application are limited by their narrow substrate spectrum. This study describes the reprogramming of Escherichia coli for the efficient use of anodes as electron acceptors. Electron transfer into the periplasm was accelerated by 183% via heterologous expression of the c-type cytochromes CymA, MtrA and STC from Shewanella oneidensis. STC was identified as a target for heterologous expression via a two-stage screening approach. First, mass spectroscopic analysis revealed natively expressed cytochromes in S. oneidensis. Thereafter, the corresponding genes were cloned and expressed in E. coli to quantify periplasmic electron transfer activity using methylene blue. This redox dye was further used to expand electron transfer to carbon electrode surfaces. The results demonstrate that E. coli can be reprogrammed from glycerol fermentation to respiration upon production of the new electron transport chain.

  2. Unbalanced Magnetic Pull Effect on Stiffness Models of Active Magnetic Bearing due to Rotor Eccentricity in Brushless DC Motor Using Finite Element Method

    Bangcheng Han


    Full Text Available We firstly report on an investigation into the unbalanced magnetic pull (UMP effect on the static stiffness models of radial active magnetic bearing (RAMB in brushless DC motor (BDCM in no-loaded and loaded conditions using the finite element method (FEM. The influences of the UMP on the force-control current, force-position, current stiffness, and position stiffness of RAMB are clarified in BDCM with 100 kW rated power. We found the position stiffness to be more susceptible to UMP. The primary source of UMP is the permanent magnets of BDCM. In addition, the performance of RAMB is affected by the UMP ripples during motor commutation and also periodically affected by the angular position of rotor. The characteristic curves of RAMB force versus control current (or rotor position and angular position of rotor affected by the UMP are given. The method is useful in design and optimization of RAMB in magnetically suspended BDCMs.

  3. Exploration of Priority Strategies for Harmonious Development between Urbanization and the Construction of New Countryside in China Based on the Theory of Unbalanced Growth


    Based on the theory of unbalanced growth,we analyze priority strategy of different regions in China.It is prior to enhance the quality of urbanization in the East,make a long-term planning for construction of small towns,focus on harmony between human and nature,so as to realize its development to integrate with international urbanization level.For the middle areas,urbanization and construction of new countryside should be developed simultaneously,take a road of interactive development of urban and rural areas,finally to raise the level of urbanization.As to the western areas,it is required to firstly build new countryside,focus on construction of infrastructural facilities,adjust and optimize structure of agricultural production,and push forward the agricultural industrialization.

  4. Prenatal diagnosis of a fetus with unbalanced translocation (4;13)(p16;q32) with overlapping features of Patau and Wolf-Hirschhorn syndromes.

    Tapper, Jill K; Zhang, Shuliu; Harirah, Hassan M; Panova, Neli I; Merryman, Linda S; Hawkins, Judy C; Lockhart, Lillian H; Gei, Alfredo B; Velagaleti, Gopalrao V N


    Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome (WHS) and Patau syndrome are two of the most severe conditions resulting from chromosome abnormalities. WHS is caused by a deletion of 4p16, while Patau syndrome is caused by trisomy for some or all regions of chromosome 13. Though the etiologies of these syndromes differ, they share several features including pre- and postnatal growth retardation, microcephaly, cleft lip and palate, and cardiac anomalies. We present here a female fetus with deletion of 4p16 --> pter and duplication of 13q32 --> qter due to unbalanced segregation of t(4;13)(p16;q32) in the father. She displayed overlapping features of both of these syndromes on ultrasound. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of a fetus with both partial trisomy 13 and deletion of 4p16, the critical region for WHS.

  5. 浅谈三相负载不平衡运行对变压器的危害%Discussion on the harm of the three-phase load unbalanced operation for the transformer



      the state of three-phase load unbalanced operation was discussed, the harm which caused the transformer was analyzed.%  论述三相负载不平衡运行的状态,分析对压器造成的危害。

  6. 配电变压器三相不平衡技术分析与管理措施研究%Analysis of Three Phase Unbalanced Technology of Distribution Transformer and Management Measures

    李超英; 李宝贤; 王瑞琪


    配电变压器的三相不平衡运行是不可避免的,防止配电变压器三相不平衡运行是节能、提高电能质量的手段之一.本文分析造成配电变压器三相不平衡运行的原因,对配电变压器三相不平衡产生的影响进行了技术分析,并在此基础上,提出了相应的防止变压器三相不平衡的管理措施.%Three phase unbalanced operation of distribution transformer is unavoidable.Preventing Three phase unbalanced operation of distribution transformer is an important method of energy saving and improving power quality.The reason and effect of Three phase unbalanced operation of distribution transformer is analyzed.And practices of preventing three phase unbalanced operation of distribution transformer is proposed.

  7. Experimental Simulation of Closed Timelike Curves

    Ringbauer, Martin; Myers, Casey R; White, Andrew G; Ralph, Timothy C


    Closed timelike curves are among the most controversial features of modern physics. As legitimate solutions to Einstein's field equations, they allow for time travel, which instinctively seems paradoxical. However, in the quantum regime these paradoxes can be resolved leaving closed timelike curves consistent with relativity. The study of these systems therefore provides valuable insight into non-linearities and the emergence of causal structures in quantum mechanics-essential for any formulation of a quantum theory of gravity. Here we experimentally simulate the non-linear behaviour of a qubit interacting unitarily with an older version of itself, addressing some of the fascinating effects that arise in systems traversing a closed timelike curve. These include perfect discrimination of non-orthogonal states and, most intriguingly, the ability to distinguish nominally equivalent ways of preparing pure quantum states. Finally, we examine the dependence of these effects on the initial qubit state, the form of t...

  8. Experimental simulation of closed timelike curves.

    Ringbauer, Martin; Broome, Matthew A; Myers, Casey R; White, Andrew G; Ralph, Timothy C


    Closed timelike curves are among the most controversial features of modern physics. As legitimate solutions to Einstein's field equations, they allow for time travel, which instinctively seems paradoxical. However, in the quantum regime these paradoxes can be resolved, leaving closed timelike curves consistent with relativity. The study of these systems therefore provides valuable insight into nonlinearities and the emergence of causal structures in quantum mechanics--essential for any formulation of a quantum theory of gravity. Here we experimentally simulate the nonlinear behaviour of a qubit interacting unitarily with an older version of itself, addressing some of the fascinating effects that arise in systems traversing a closed timelike curve. These include perfect discrimination of non-orthogonal states and, most intriguingly, the ability to distinguish nominally equivalent ways of preparing pure quantum states. Finally, we examine the dependence of these effects on the initial qubit state, the form of the unitary interaction and the influence of decoherence.

  9. A New Local Support Vector Machine for Unbalanced Data Treatment%适用于不平衡数据集的局部支持向量机

    王秀美; 牟少敏; 浩庆波


    Unbalanced data sets are widely exists in areas such as intrusion detection, medical diagnosis. The research about unbalanced data sets classification is of great practical value.To solve the problem of positive class in Unbalanced data sets having big cassification error, this paper combine clustering algorithm with local support vector machine and proposes a new solution to the classification problem of unbalanced data sets . In order to verify the validity of the method, this paper did tests on UCI datasets. The experimental results show that the algorithm of this paper can improve the classification accuracy of unbalanced data sets.%不平衡数据集广泛存在于入侵检测、医疗诊断等领域,研究不平衡数据集的分类问题具有极其重要的应用价值。不平衡数据集分类中,具有重要价值的正类分类存在误差较大的问题。为解决这个问题,本文将聚类算法与局部支持向量机进行融合,提出了一种解决不平衡数据集分类的思路。为验证本文提出算法的有效性,本文使用UCI国际标准数据库进行实验验证,实验结果表明,本文算法能够有效提高不平衡数据集的分类精度。

  10. Panorama of the Opening-Closing Tectonics Theory in China

    YANG Weiran; ZHENG Jiandong


    The opening-closing tectonics theory, a theory about opening-closing tectonics, is a viewpoint regarding geotectonics suggested by a group of Chinese scientists. Opening and closing are two basic geological movements, which may result in a series of structures. The highest level of opening is the appearance of oceans and the highest level of closing is the consolidation of continents. Based on field investigations, the authors consider that identifying the marks of openingclosing tectonics is the basis of the issue and classifying the types of opening-closing tectonics is the key of the issue. This paper briefly discusses the substance and the future of the study on the opening-closing tectonics in China. The authors hope to share relevant information with geoscientists in the world in this field.

  11. Field Campaign Guidelines

    Voyles, J. W. [DOE ARM Climate Research Facility, Washington, DC (United States); Chapman, L. A. [DOE ARM Climate Research Facility, Washington, DC (United States)


    This document establishes a common set of guidelines for the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Climate Research Facility for planning, executing, and closing out field campaigns. The steps that guide individual field campaigns are described in the Field Campaign Tracking System and are specifically tailored to meet the scope of each field campaign.

  12. Closed timelike geodesics in a gas of cosmic strings

    Grøn, Ø; Gron, Oyvind; Johannesen, Steinar


    We find a class of solutions of Einstein's field equations representing spacetime outside a spinning cosmic string surrounded by a gas of non-spinning cosmic strings, and show that there exist closed timelike geodesics in this spacetime.

  13. On some Closed Magnetic Curves on a 3-torus

    Munteanu, Marian Ioan, E-mail: [Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi, Faculty of Mathematics (Romania); Nistor, Ana Irina, E-mail: [Gh. Asachi Technical University of Iaşi, Department of Mathematics and Informatics (Romania)


    We consider two magnetic fields on the 3-torus obtained from two different contact forms on the Euclidean 3-space and we study when their corresponding normal magnetic curves are closed. We obtain periodicity conditions analogues to those for the closed geodesics on the torus.

  14. University Language Policies and Language Choice among Ph.D. Graduates in Estonia: The (Unbalanced) Interplay between English and Estonian

    Soler-Carbonell, Josep


    The role of English as a global language and its consequences for the internationalization of higher education are matters that have increasingly drawn the attention of researchers from different fields of language and communication. In this paper, an overview of the situation in Estonia is presented. The Estonian context has not previously been…

  15. Use of a Microprocessor to Implement an ADCCP Protocol (Federal Std-1003) Operating in the Unbalanced Normal Mode.


    DISC while LINK up. 0 0 1 0 0 DISC sent, sent SARM sent N2 tinm without UA. 0 0 0 1 0 DISC sent REC IDLE for T1xN2. CHAIN STATUS 0 1 0 E ROO -GNCS ER01...CMDR) Is received, the I-field will have been placed In appropriate memory by DMA, and a link reset SARM will be transmitted. The Nis is not 2. Def

  16. Three-phase anti-interference unbalanced electronic load simulator%三相抗干扰性不平衡电子负载模拟装置

    田铭兴; 刘芳


    A three-phase unbalanced load electronic simulator is designed,which applies an AC/DC/AC bidirectional PWM inverter as its main circuit and the decoupled active and reactive power controls to simulate the three-phase unbalanced load and realize the bidirectional power flow. Based on the three-phase instantaneous reactive power theory,the command current is deduced by the real-time detection of single -phase current harmonies and reactive current to eliminate the impact of grid voltage initial phase for improving its anti-interference performance. Simulation with Matlab demonstrates the feasibility and rationality of its design and the simulative waveforms show that,with excellent anti-interference performance,the simulator eliminates the disturbances from power grid.%设计了一种三相不平衡电子负载模拟装置.该装置采用AC/DC/AC双PWM变流器为主电路结构,通过有功功率和无功功率的解耦控制来模拟三相不平衡电子负载特性,同时能实现能量的双向流动.提出以三相电路瞬时无功功率理论为基础的单相电路谐波和无功电流实时检测方法来推导指令电流,使指令电流不受电网电压初始相位的影响,从而提高装置的抗干扰性.通过Matlab仿真来验证该装置设计方案的可行性和合理性,仿真波形说明该电子负载模拟装置能够消除电网扰动所带来的干扰,具有较强的抗干扰作用.

  17. Modeling and optimization of unbalanced multi-stage logistic system%非平衡多阶段物流系统建模与优化方法

    徐杭; 徐榕; 叶庆泰


    To decompose an unbalanced multi-stage logistic system to multiple independent single-stage logistic systems,a new notion of parameterized interface distribution is presented.For encoding the logistic pattern on each stage,the Prüfer number is used.With the improved decoding procedure,any Prüfer number produced stochastically can be decoded to a feasible logistic pattern,which can match with the capacities of the nodes of the logistic system.With these two innovations,a new modeling method based on parameterized interface distribution and the Prüfer number coding is put forward.The corresponding genetic algorithm,named as PIP-GA,can find better solutions and require less computational time than st-GA.Although requiring a little more consumption of memory,PIP-GA is still an efficient and robust method in the modeling and optimization of unbalanced multi-stage logistic systems.%首先提出了参数化界面分布的新概念,将一个非平衡多阶段物流系统转化为多个相互独立的单一阶段物流系统,然后采用Prüfer数对每个阶段上的物流模式进行编码.通过一种改进的解码方法,任何一个随机产生的Prüfer数都能够被解码为一个与物流系统的节点容量相匹配的可行的物流模式.基于这2点创新,建立了一种新的基于参数化界面分布和Prüfer数编码的系统建模方法,相应的遗传算法称为PIP-GA方法.与st-GA方法相比,PIP-GA不但具有更好的优化结果,而且需要的计算时间更少;虽然所需的存储空间有所增加,PIP-GA仍然是一种有效而稳健的非平衡多阶段物流系统建模与优化方法.

  18. A novel unbalanced de novo translocation der(5t(4;5(q26;q21.1 in adult T-cell precursor lymphoblastic leukemia

    Kjeldsen Eigil


    Full Text Available Abstract We here describe a novel unbalanced de novo translocation der(5t(4;5(q26;q21.1 in a 39-year-old male diagnosed with acute T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia. Bone marrow (BM was massively infiltrated with 85 % highly proliferative polymorphic T-cell precursors. Immunologically, the malignant cells stained positive for CD7, CD34, intracytoplasmic CD3+, TdT + and negative for CD3 and CD5. G-banded chromosome analysis of BM cells showed the normal karyotype 46,XY[25] whereas BAC-based aCGH analysis revealed partial gain of 4q and partial loss of 5q. Multicolor karyotyping confirmed the presence of an unbalanced der(5t(4;5 as the sole structural abnormality. Subsequent high-resolution oligonucleotide-based aCGH analysis showed that the der(5t(4;5(q26;q21.1 resulted in partial trisomy of 4q26qter (117,719,015-190,613,014 and partial monosomy of 5q21.1qter (100,425,442-180,857,866 and that there was no indication of any gene disruptions resulting from the breakages. Interphase FISH analysis using BAC-based specific probes for 4q26 and 5q21.1 confirmed the breakpoints and revealed approximately 80 % abnormal cells accordingly. At 4q26 the MIR1973 gene is located centromeric to the breakpoint in the copy number neutral region and the TRAM1L1 gene is located within the gained region. At 5q21.1 the genes ST8SIA4 and MIR548p are located centromeric to the breakpoint and no known genes up to approximately 1 Mb telomeric to the breakpoint in the copy number loss region. Interestingly, only the gene ST8SIA4 at 5q21.1 have been implicated in T-cell regulation as it encodes one of the key enzymes for polysialysation of surface proteins on dendritic cells which are important regulators for T-cell proliferation. The der(5t(4;5 is thought to play a crucial role in the pathogenesis of acute T-ALL due to either gain of 4q, the loss of 5q, or deregulation of genes in proximity to the breakpoints.

  19. Parental age and unbalanced Robertsonian translocations associated with Down syndrome and Patau syndrome: comparison with maternal and paternal age effects for 47, +21 and 47, +13.

    Hook, E B


    Data are analysed on livebirths with trisomic syndromes associated with unbalanced Robertsonian translocations born from 1968 to 1981 and reported to the New York State Chromosome Registry. The maternal ages of reported cases were compared with those of the livebirths in the general population who were born in the same year. The number of translocations studied, the mean case-control differences in years in maternal age (and the standard errors of the mean) were respectively, as follows: D/21 mutants, n = 36, -0.1 (+/- 0.9); G/21 mutants, n = 46, +1.5 (+/-0.8); D/13 mutants, n = 16, +0.6 (+/-1.5); D/21 inherited, n = 12, -1.0 (+/-1.4); G/21 inherited, n = 3, -0.3 (+/-4.4); and D/13 inherited, n = 6, +2.1 (+/-2.4). There was little change in any category if the few cases diagnosed prenatally were included. Only the value for the G/21 mutants is significantly different from zero at the 0.05 level. (The results on G/21 mutants in maternal age are consistent with an earlier Japanese report of an increase of about 2 years over the control values.) The distribution of maternal ages suggests that G/21 mutants may be produced both by maternal age-independent and maternal age-dependent components. The data on D/21 mutants, however, do not indicate the negative association with maternal age reported in Japan. Differences between this study and the Japanese study in analyses of controls may explain this slight variation. But in any event both studies reveal no evidence for an increase in maternal age for unbalanced D/21 mutant or D/21 inherited translocations associated with Down syndrome. This is evidence against the hypothesis that relaxed selection during gestation, after recognition of pregnancy, accounts for the maternal age effects of 47, +21. In comparison with the results on Robertsonian translocations, the case-control differences in maternal age in years (and the standard errors of the mean) for 47, +21 for 2148 livebirths was +4.6 (+/-0.2), and for 2354 cases

  20. On fuzzy weakly-closed sets

    Mahanta, J.; P. K. Das


    A new class of fuzzy closed sets, namely fuzzy weakly closed set in a fuzzy topological space is introduced and it is established that this class of fuzzy closed sets lies between fuzzy closed sets and fuzzy generalized closed sets. Alongwith the study of fundamental results of such closed sets, we define and characterize fuzzy weakly compact space and fuzzy weakly closed space.

  1. Rotational mixing in close binaries

    de Mink, S E; Langer, N; Yoon, S -Ch; Brott, I; Glebbeek, E; Verkoulen, M; Pols, O R


    Rotational mixing is a very important but uncertain process in the evolution of massive stars. We propose to use close binaries to test its efficiency. Based on rotating single stellar models we predict nitrogen surface enhancements for tidally locked binaries. Furthermore we demonstrate the possibility of a new evolutionary scenario for very massive (M > 40 solar mass) close (P < 3 days) binaries: Case M, in which mixing is so efficient that the stars evolve quasi-chemically homogeneously, stay compact and avoid any Roche-lobe overflow, leading to very close (double) WR binaries.

  2. Closed planar curves without inflections

    Ohno, Shuntaro; Umehara, Masaaki


    We define a computable topological invariant $\\mu(\\gamma)$ for generic closed planar regular curves $\\gamma$, which gives an effective lower bound for the number of inflection points on a given generic closed planar curve. Using it, we classify the topological types of locally convex curves (i.e. closed planar regular curves without inflections) whose numbers of crossings are less than or equal to five. Moreover, we discuss the relationship between the number of double tangents and the invariant $\\mu(\\gamma)$ on a given $\\gamma$.

  3. Discussion on unbalanced bid and coping strategy under bill pricing mode%清单计价模式下不平衡报价及应对策略探讨

    王新杰; 侯庆德


    从建设单位角度,介绍了不平衡报价的常见做法,分析了存在的原因及后果,结合实践提出了几点实用的不平衡报价应对策略,以维护建设方正常利益和市场秩序,促进建筑业健康发展。%From the perspective of construction unit, this paper introduced the common method of unbalanced bid, analysed the existed reasons and consequences, combining with the practice put forward a few practical unbalanced bid coping strategies, so as to maintenance the normal profit of construction party and market order, promoted the healthy development of construction industry.

  4. Proposed Closing Order : St. Vincent

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The attached letter directed to Secretary Morton from the Florida Chapter of The Nature Conservancy recommends the establishment of a Secretarial closing order on...

  5. Pollution hazard closes neutrino lab

    Jones, Nicola


    "A leading astrophysics laboratory in Italy has closed down all but one of its experiments over concerns that toxic polluants could leak form the underground lab into the local water supply" (0.5 page)

  6. 全局非均匀积性语言评估标度%The Overall Unbalanced Multiplicative Linguistic Evaluation Scales

    汤剑; 徐泽水; 刘守生; 许旭东


    In this paper, two overall unbalanced multiplicative linguistic evaluation scales are proposed.In the process of decision making, the decision maker can adjust the deviations of adjacent linguistic terms in each linguistic evaluation scale according to practical situations, which indicates that the developed linguistic evaluation scales are of desirable flexibility. Finally,we establish some transformation relationships between the multiplicative linguistic evaluation scale and the additive linguistic evaluation scale.%提出了两种全局非均匀积性语言评估标度, 在决策过程中, 决策者可以根据实际需要调节这两种标度中相邻语言术语之间的偏差, 从而表明它们具有较好的灵活性. 最后给出了积性语言评估标度和加性语言评估标度之间的转换关系.

  7. Structural, chemical and nanomechanical investigations of SiC/polymeric a-C:H films deposited by reactive RF unbalanced magnetron sputtering

    Tomastik, C.; Lackner, J. M.; Pauschitz, A.; Roy, M.


    Amorphous carbon (or diamond-like carbon, DLC) films have shown a number of important properties usable for a wide range of applications for very thin coatings with low friction and good wear resistance. DLC films alloyed with (semi-)metals show some improved properties and can be deposited by various methods. Among those, the widely used magnetron sputtering of carbon targets is known to increase the number of defects in the films. Therefore, in this paper an alternative approach of depositing silicon-carbide-containing polymeric hydrogenated DLC films using unbalanced magnetron sputtering was investigated. The influence of the C2H2 precursor concentration in the deposition chamber on the chemical and structural properties of the deposited films was investigated by Raman spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and elastic recoil detection analysis. Roughness, mechanical properties and scratch response of the films were evaluated with the help of atomic force microscopy and nanoindentation. The Raman spectra revealed a strong correlation of the film structure with the C2H2 concentration during deposition. A higher C2H2 flow rate results in an increase in SiC content and decrease in hydrogen content in the film. This in turn increases hardness and elastic modulus and decreases the ratio H/E and H3/E2. The highest scratch resistance is exhibited by the film with the highest hardness, and the film having the highest overall sp3 bond content shows the highest elastic recovery during scratching.

  8. Performance evaluation of reactive direct current unbalanced magnetron sputter deposited nanostructured TiN coated high-speed steel drill bits

    Harish C Barshilia; K S Rajam


    The stainless steels, in general, are considered to be difficult-to-machine materials. In order to machine these materials the surface of the tool is generally coated with physical vapour deposition (PVD) hard coatings such as titanium nitride (TiN), titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN), etc. The adhesion is of vital importance for the performance of tools coated with PVD coatings. Proper surface treatments (in situ and ex situ) are required to achieve highly adherent PVD coatings on tools. We have deposited nanostructured TiN coatings on high-speed steel (HSS) drill bits and mild steel substrates using an indigenously built semi-industrial fourcathode reactive direct current (d.c.) unbalanced magnetron sputtering system. Various treatments have been given to the substrates for improved adhesion of the TiN coatings. The process parameters have been optimized to achieve highly adherent thick good quality TiN coatings. These coatings have been characterized using X-ray diffraction, nanoindentation and atomic force microscopy techniques. The performance of the coated HSS drill bits is evaluated by drilling a 13 mm thick 304 stainless steel plate under wet conditions. The results show significant improvement in the performance of the TiN coated HSS drill bits.

  9. Influence of unbalanced voltages on the movement of metallic particle in a three phase common enclosure gas insulated busduct

    G V Nagesh Kumar; J Amarnath; B P Singh; D Deepak Chowdary


    Sulphur Hexafluoride $(SF_6)$ is generally found to be very sensitive to field perturbations such as those caused by conductor surface imperfections and by conducting particle contaminants. A study of CIGRE group suggests that 20% of failures in Gas Insulated Substations (GIS) is due to the existence of various metallic contaminations in the form of loose particles. The presence of contamination can therefore be a problem with gas-insulated substations operating at high fields. If the effects of these particles could be eliminated, then this would improve the reliability of compressed gas insulated substation. It would also offer the possibility of operating at higher fields to affect a potential reduction in the GIS size with subsequent savings in the cost of manufacture and installation. The purpose of this paper is to develop techniques, which will formulate the basic equations that will govern the movement of metallic particles like aluminum, silver and copper in a bus duct. Simulation is carried out on particle movement with balanced and unbalanced voltages and the results have been presented and analysed.

  10. Towards a general method for estimating the unbalanced magnetic pull in mixed eccentricities motion including sufficiently large eccentricities in a hydropower generator and their validation against EM simulations

    Calleecharan, Yogeshwarsing; Jauregui, Ricardo; Aidanpää, Jan-Olov


    Electromagnetic (EM) analysis of hydropower generators is common practice but rotor whirling is little studied. This paper suggests a novel semi-analytical method for estimating the steady state unbalanced magnetic pull (UMP) when the rotor centre is undergoing mixed eccentricities motion. The ability to estimate the UMP for mixed eccentricities motion in finite element method (FEM)-based modelling software packages is rare. The proposed methodology in its formulation takes advantage of the fact that a purely dynamic eccentricity motion including non-synchronous whirling and a purely static eccentricity motion can be more amenable to implement in existing FEM-based EM modelling software products for UMP estimation. After these initial separate UMP results are obtained, the proposed method can be applied for virtually any mixed eccentricities motion cases up to sufficiently large eccentricities for quick analysis instead of running the mixed eccentricities simulations directly in a FEM-based software package. Good agreement between the UMP from the actual EM mixed eccentricities motion simulations in a commercial FEM-based software package and the UMP estimations by the novel method is made for a wide range of eccentricities that may commonly occur in practice. A modified feature selective validation (FSV) method, the FSV-UPC, is applied to assess the similarities and the differences in the UMP computations.

  11. Effect of Si addition on the structure and corrosion behavior of NbN thin films deposited by unbalanced magnetron sputtering

    Velasco, L. [Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Departamento de Ingenieria Mecanica y Mecatronica, Facultad de Ingenieria, Bogota (Colombia); University of Southern California, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Los Angeles, CA (United States); Olaya, J.J. [Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Departamento de Ingenieria Mecanica y Mecatronica, Facultad de Ingenieria, Bogota (Colombia); Rodil, S.E. [Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, Mexico, D. F. (Mexico)


    In this work, nanostructured Nb{sub x}Si{sub y}N{sub z} thin films were deposited onto stainless steel AISI 304 substrates by co-sputtering a Nb target with Si additions while using unbalanced magnetron sputtering. The microstructure was analyzed by X-ray diffraction, and the chemical composition was identified by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The hardness was measured by nanoindentation, and the corrosion resistance was studied by potentiodynamic polarization curves and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy using a 3 wt% NaCl solution. The addition of Si in the NbN thin films changed the microstructure from a crystalline to an amorphous phase. The chemical analysis showed the presence of both Si{sub 3}N{sub 4} and NbN phases. The hardness decreased from 20 GPa (NbN) to 15 GPa for the film with the highest Si concentration (28.6 at.%). Nevertheless, the corrosion properties were significantly improved as the Si concentration increased; the polarization resistance after 168 h of immersion was two orders of magnitude larger in comparison with the substrate. (orig.)

  12. Analysis of simultaneous unbalanced short circuit and open conductor faults in power systems with untransposed lines and six-phase sections

    Karim Hassan Youssef


    Full Text Available The paper introduces a generalized method for analysis of multiple, simultaneous short circuit, open circuit, and open circuit falling conductor faults in mixed three-phase and six-phase power systems with untransposed lines. The method is systematic and suitable for all types of faults, any number of simultaneous faults, and any number of phases. Calculation of all network unbalanced voltages and currents during faults is done in one straightforward step. Coupling among sequence networks in untransposed transmission lines is accounted for. Coupling between the three-sequence networks of the three-phase part and the six-sequence networks of six-phase part is also derived. The method is applied also for transient stability study of mixed three-phase and six-phase power systems during any type of faults. Detailed derivation of the governing equations in each part is presented. Simulation results on the IEEE 300-bus system and the IEEE 30-bus system are given to validate the proposed method.

  13. 变电站电容器组不平衡电压值的探讨%Discussion on Magnitude of Unbalanced Voltage of Capacitor Bank in Substations

    黄志华; 唐明; 沈竹; 刘莹


    针对一次电容器组差压保护带负荷试验的异常情况,从电容器不平衡电压保护的基本原理入手,通过对比分析整定计算工程应用公式和一次系统设备参数的对应关系,对可能造成电容器差压保护误动、误整定的异常情况进行了详细分析,结合工作实际提出了加强电容器组不平衡电压保护运维管理工作的建议。%Aiming at the abnormal circumstance of load test on differential protection of capacitor bank, the paper starts from the basic principle of unbalance voltage protection and conducts a detailed analysis on ab-normalities that potentially cause maloperation and missetting of differential pressure protection of the capaci-tor by comparing and analyzing the coincidence relation between setting and calculation of technical applica-tion formula and parameters of primary system equipment. The paper finally suggests strengthening the opera-tion and maintenance of unbalanced voltage protection of capacitor bank combining the work practice.

  14. The effect of environmental performance and preference disclosure on financial performance: Empirical evidence from unbalanced panel data of heavy-pollution industries in China

    Kai Chang


    Full Text Available Purpose: Environmental performance and propensity disclosure is important for stakeholders to estimate firms’ incentives in environmental management practices. The purpose of this article is to explore the impacts of environmental performance and propensity disclosure on financial performance using unbalanced panel data of eight heavy-pollution industries in China. Design/methodology/approach: Environmental performance and propensity exhibits mutual causality relationship with Tobin’s Q value using unit root and co-integration test of panel data. Using panel data analysis, we take the impacts of environmental performance and propensity disclosure on financial performance from 2008 to 2012. Findings: Environmental performance has a significantly negative impact on Tobin’s Q value at the significance levels of 1%, while environmental propensity has a significantly positive effect on Tobin’s Q value at the significance levels of 5%. Firm size, financial leverage and return of assets have significantly positive impacts on financial performance at the significance levels of 1%. Meanwhile the effect of corporate environmental performance and propensity on financial performance has a significantly periodic difference from 2008 to 2012. Research limitations/implications: Those results are helpful for environmental regulators to evaluate the implementing effect of voluntary environmental policy and for firms’ managers to increase market expectation and improve financial performance. Originality/value: Environmental performance is estimated by 30 environmental indicators in eight heavy-pollution industries in China. Environmental performance and propensity disclosure has a U-typed relationship with financial performance.

  15. The Direct Support Field Artillery Battalion Counterfire or Close Support?


    suppressed. This is only possible if all three avilable friendly elements are employed. SUMMARY Physicall ’ portraying the doctrinal templates 1-or Soviet...Fanner Associates, (Washington, D.C:, US Army Foreign Science and Technology Center. 17,). P. 2:6. P. 22 Bartlett, 1-.I 23. Dupuy, p. 27. See also Harold...Always With the Tnk :. Translated by Leo kanner Associates. Washington, D.C.: US Army Foreign Science and Technology Center, 1977. Lebedev. Valentin Y

  16. An Analysis and Control of the Unbalanced Bidding Based on the Game Theory%基于博弈论的不平衡报价分析及控制

    闫晶; 刘星宇


    在建设工程招投标过程中,不平衡报价是投标人获取超额利润的一种常见报价策略。招标人可以基于不平衡报价产生原因、超额利润模型和不平衡报价中的博弈分析,将风险适度转移给博弈的隐性参与主体——设计公司及咨询公司;通过细化评标方法中对不平衡报价的评审规则、采用招投标新模式等可减小不平衡报价给招标人带来的利益损失,降低风险。%The unbalanced bidding is a strategy of getting excess profits for a bidder in the process of the construc⁃tion project bidding. Based on the analysis of the reason, the profits model of the unbalanced bidding and the game theory, the tenderee could transform the risk to the designing or consulting company. At the same time the tender⁃ee can refine the evaluation methods of the unbalanced bidding, adopt a new mode of bidding to reduce the loss of interest and risk.

  17. Assessing Occupational Exposure Via the Unbalanced One-Way Random Models%不平衡单因素随机模型在职业接触评价中的应用



    A unbalanced one-way random model is considered for assessing the proportion of workers whose mean exposure exceed the occupational exposure limit (OEL) based on exposure measurements to the worker. Hypothesis testing for the relevant parameter of interest is proposed when the exposure data are unbalanced. The method is based on the generalize inference. A simulation study is conducted to compare it with that of Krishnamoorthy and Guo (2005). Simulation results suggest that the proposed method appears to be better, especially in very unbalanced design.%在职业接触评价中,单因素随机模型可用于评价工人接触均值超过职业接触限值的概率.当数据不平衡时,本文利用广义推断研究了关于此概率的假设检验,并对此方法与已有方法进行了模拟对比研究.模拟结果表明,本文所给方法优于已有方法,特别是在数据极不平衡时效果更优.

  18. Radiation damping in closed expanding universes

    Bernui, Armando

    The dynamics of a coupled model (harmonic oscillator-relativistic scalar field) in Conformal Robertson-Walker (k = +1) spacetimes is investigated. The exact radiation-reaction equation of the source-including the retarded radiation terms due to the closed space geometry - is obtained and analyzed. A suitable family of Lyapunov functions is constructed to show that, if the spacetime expands monotonely, then the source's energy damps. A numerical simulation of this equation for expanding Universes, with and without Future Event Horizon, is performed.

  19. Closed and quasi-closed yoke configurations for travelling wave induction heaters

    Ali K. Al-shaikhli


    Full Text Available The salient features of the travelling wave induction heating (TWIH make them very important technique in the field of heating flat metals. This study proposed two novel configurations, closed and quasi-closed, of the heater yoke. The proposed yokes designed to reduce the problems of slot effects and reduce the leakage flux, in order to focus the magnetic field within the heating region, which lead to improve the performance of the TWIH system. A finite-element simulation and analysis is represented in this study by using ANSYS^® programme code. A comparison analysis between the proposed configurations and the traditional one shows a superior performance of the proposed types for workpiece thickness >2 mm. The proposed methods give progress in produced power, efficiency and temperature about; 7–23, 15–40 and 10–25%, respectively, for thickness >2 mm. Moreover, wider and uniformed heat distributions are achieved with conjunction of typical yoke.

  20. Crafting Creative Nonfiction: From Close Reading to Close Writing

    Dollins, Cynthia A.


    A process writing project in a third-grade classroom explored the idea of using nonfiction mentor texts to assist students in writing their own creative informational texts about animals. By looking at author craft and structure during close reading activities with nonfiction Twin Texts, students were taught how to emulate these techniques in…

  1. Closed-loop, open-source electrophysiology

    John D Rolston


    Full Text Available Multiple extracellular microelectrodes (multi-electrode arrays, or MEAs effectively record rapidly varying neural signals, and can also be used for electrical stimulation. Multi-electrode recording can serve as artificial output (efferents from a neural system, while complex spatially and temporally targeted stimulation can serve as artificial input (afferents to the neuronal network. Multi-unit or local field potential recordings can not only be used to control real world artifacts, such as prostheses, computers or robots, but can also trigger or alter subsequent stimulation. Real-time feedback stimulation may serve to modulate or normalize aberrant neural activity, to induce plasticity, or to serve as artificial sensory input. Despite promising closed-loop applications, commercial electrophysiology systems do not yet take advantage of the bidirectional capabilities of multi-electrodes, especially for use in freely moving animals. We addressed this lack of tools for closing the loop with NeuroRighter, an open-source system including recording hardware, stimulation hardware, and control software with a graphical user interface. The integrated system is capable of multi-electrode recording and simultaneous patterned microstimulation triggered by recordings with minimal stimulation artifact. The potential applications of closed-loop systems as research tools and clinical treatments are broad; we provide one example where epileptic activity recorded by a multi-electrode probe is used to trigger targeted stimulation, via that probe, to freely moving rodents.

  2. An introduction to field quantization

    Takahashi, Yasushi


    An Introduction to Field Quantization is an introductory discussion of field quantization and problems closely related to it. Field quantization establishes a commutation relation of the field and finds an operator in such a manner that the Heisenberg equation of motion is satisfied. This book contains eight chapters and begins with a review of the quantization of the Schroedinger field and the close relation between quantized field theory and the many-body theory in quantum mechanics. These topics are followed by discussions of the quantization of the radiation field and the field of lattice

  3. Evolution of Close Binary Systems

    Yakut, K; Eggleton, P


    We collected data on the masses, radii, etc. of three classes of close binary stars: low-temperature contact binaries (LTCBs), near-contact binaries (NCBs), and detached close binaries (DCBs). They restrict themselves to systems where (1) both components are, at least arguably, near the Main Sequence, (2) the periods are less than a day, and (3) there is both spectroscopic and photometric analysis leading to reasonably reliable data. They discuss the possible evolutionary connections between these three classes, emphasizing the roles played by mass loss and angular momentum loss in rapidly-rotating cool stars.

  4. Closed String Tachyon: Inflation and Cosmological Collapse

    Escamilla-Rivera, Celia; Loaiza-Brito, Oscar; Obregon, Octavio


    By compactifying a critical bosonic string theory on an internal non-flat space with a constant volume, we study the role played by the closed string tachyon in the cosmology of the effective four-dimensional space-time. The effective tachyon potential consists on a negative constant related to the internal curvature space and a polynomial with only quadratic and quartic terms of the tachyon field. Based on it, we present a solution for the tachyon field and the scale factor, which describes an accelerated universe which expands to a maximum value before collapsing. At early times, the closed string tachyon potential behaves as a cosmological constant driving the Universe to an expansion. The value of the cosmological constant is determined by the curvature of the internal space which also fixes the value of the vacuum energy. As time evolves, inflation is present in our models, and it finishes long before the collapsing. At late times, we show that the collapse of the Universe starts as soon as the tachyon f...

  5. Generalized modal analysis for closed-loop piezoelectric devices

    Giraud-Audine, Christophe; Giraud, Frédéric; Amberg, Michel; Lemaire-Semail, Betty


    Stress in a piezoelectric material can be controlled by imposing an electrical field. Thanks to feedback, this electrical field can be a function of some strain-related measurement so as to confer on the piezoelectric device a closed-loop macroscopic behaviour. In this paper we address the modelling of such a system by extending the modal decomposition methods to account for the closed loop. To do so, the boundary conditions are modified to include the electrical feedback circuit, hence allowing a closed-loop modal analysis. A case study is used to illustrate the theory and to validate it. The main advantage of the method is that design issues such as the coupling factor of the device and closed-loop stability are simultaneously captured.

  6. Balance Component Decomposition and Compensation Method for Unbalanced Load%不平衡负载的平衡分量法分解及补偿方法

    胡应宏; 王建赜; 任佳佳; 纪延超


    In order to make a better compensation for the three-phase unbalanced load, the unbalanced load was analyzed and a method of reactive compensation admittance calculation based on balance component method was proposed. Any neutral non-grounded three-phase load can be decomposed into a group of balanced load and single line load, and the load compensation admittance can be obtained by the decomposition of the three-phase unbalance load. The load compensation admittance calculation can be divided into three parts, the power factor compensation for the balanced load and the single line load together with the balanced compensation for the single line resistive load. Then, the ideal Steinmetz compensation network algorithm was amended under the condition of asymmetric voltage. A freedom degree existed in this case, and the asymmetry voltage compensation admittance can be accurately calculated according to the control objectives and the revised ideal compensation network calculation method. The rationality and validity of the method was verified using example and simulation. Compared with existing methods, the proposed method has easy calculation and convenient realization.%为了更好地对三相不平衡负荷进行平衡化补偿,对不平衡负载进行详细分析,提出一种新的基于平衡分量法的无功补偿导纳计算方法.首先,将任何中性点不接地的三相负载分解为平衡负载和一个线间负载之和,通过将三相负载进行分解,可以得到负载所需要补偿的导纳值.补偿导纳的计算可分为平衡负载功率因数补偿、线间负载功率因数补偿以及线间线阻性负载平衡化补偿3部分.然后,对系统电压不对称时的Steinmetz.理想补偿网络算法进行修正,根据控制目标和修正后的理想补偿网络算法,计算出系统电压不对称时所需的补偿导纳值.通过算例、仿真分析及实验验证,证明了所提无功补偿导纳计算方法的合理性和正确性,该方

  7. 码头工程不平衡报价的应对措施%Measure of Unbalanced Quotes on the Wharf Project



    With the way the preparation of the bill of quantities in the project budget,preparation of bidding control price, construction cost,billing,auditing the growing popularity and use,the pricing has replaced the traditional fixed budget way to become construction projects the main valuation methods used in.In the actual process of applying“unbalanced quote”it has gradually been widely used in the construction unit of the bill of quantities,as the control costs,increase profits,as a means of cash flow,but often“unbalanced quote”precisely to construction management units (owner)brought schedule,manage stress on capital controls.Currently the use of government financial fund investment waterway projects are enforceable bill of quantities,as a waterway terminal project engineering is no exception.This article author participated Terminal Project management experience, and a brief discussion of the construction of the terminal project management units“not offer balanced ”response.%随着工程量清单计价方式在工程项目编制概预算、编制招投标控制价、施工造价、结算、审计中的不断普及和运用,该计价方式已替代传统的定额预算方式,成为工程项目建设中所采用的最主要计价方式。而在实际运用过程中,“不平衡报价”也逐渐被施工单位在工程量清单计价中广泛运用,作为控制成本、提高利润、资金周转的一种手段,而往往“不平衡报价”恰恰给建设管理单位(业主方)带来工期、资金控制上的管理压力。目前采用政府财政性资金投资的水运工程均强制执行工程量清单计价,码头工程作为水运工程的一种也不例外,文中就作者参与管理码头工程的体会,简要讨论建设管理单位对码头工程“不平衡报价”的应对措施。

  8. Works close to gate B

    GS Department


    In connection to the TRAM project, drainage works will be carried out close to gate B until the end of next week. In order to avoid access problems, if arriving by car, please use gates A and E. Department of General Infrastructure Services (GS) GS-SE Group

  9. Changing closed agricultural policy communities

    Termeer, C.J.A.M.; Werkman, R.A.


    Agricultural policy networks have served as classic examples of closed policy communities facing pressure to open up. However, attempts to change them are slowly moving forward. The dialogues on Common Agricultural Policy reforms in which the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture is engaged with a range of

  10. Ecological Challenges for Closed Systems

    Nelson, Mark; Dempster, William; Allen, John P.


    Closed ecological systems are desirable for a number of purposes. In space life support systems, material closure allows precious life-supporting resources to be kept inside and recycled. Closure in small biospheric systems facilitates detailed measurement of global ecological processes and biogeochemical cycles. Closed testbeds facilitate research topics which require isolation from the outside (e.g. genetically modified organisms; radioisotopes) so their ecological interactions and fluxes can be studied separate from interactions with the outside environment. But to achieve and maintain closure entails solving complex ecological challenges. These challenges include being able to handle faster cycling rates and accentuated daily and seasonal fluxes of critical life elements such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, macro- and mico-nutrients. The problems of achieving sustainability in closed systems for life support include how to handle atmospheric dynamics including trace gases, producing a complete human diet and recycling nutrients and maintaining soil fertility, the sustaining of healthy air and water and preventing the loss of crucial elements from active circulation. In biospheric facilities the challenge is also to produce analogues to natural biomes and ecosystems, studying processes of self-organization and adaptation in systems that allow specification or determination of state variables and cycles which may be followed through all interactions from atmosphere to soils. Other challenges include the dynamics and genetics of small populations, the psychological challenges for small isolated human groups and measures and options which may be necessary to ensure long-term operation of closed ecological systems.

  11. Closed surfaces and character varieties

    Chesebro, Eric


    The powerful character variety techniques of Culler and Shalen can be used to find essential surfaces in knot manifolds. We show that module structures on the coordinate ring of the character variety can be used to identify detected boundary slopes as well as when closed surfaces are detected. This approach also yields new number theoretic invariants for the character varieties of knot manifolds.

  12. Chuck Close: "Off the Wall."

    Gardner, Michael


    Describes the planning and design process of "Off the Wall," a student-developed CD-ROM multimedia project about the life and work of artist Chuck Close-the product of a studio-based course in Learning Experiments Design at the University of Georgia. The design includes an element of gaming; text is kept sparse; navigational elements are rendered…

  13. Brookhaven leak reactor to close

    MacIlwain, C


    The DOE has announced that the High Flux Beam Reactor at Brookhaven is to close for good. Though the news was not unexpected researchers were angry the decision had been taken before the review to assess the impact of reopening the reactor had been concluded (1 page).

  14. Structure and Properties of Nanocrystalline (TiZrxN1−x Thin Films Deposited by DC Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering

    Yu-Wei Lin


    Full Text Available This study aims to investigate the effects of nitrogen flow rate (0–2.5 sccm on the structure and properties of TiZrN films. Nanocrystalline TiZrN thin films were deposited on Si (001 substrates by unbalanced magnetron sputtering. The major effects of the nitrogen flow rate were on the phase, texture, N/(Ti + Zr ratio, thickness, hardness, residual stress, and resistivity of the TiZrN films. The nitrogen content played an important role in the phase transition. With increasing nitrogen flow rate, the phase changed from mixed TiZr and TiZrN phases to a single TiZrN phase. The X-ray diffraction results indicated that (111 was the preferred orientation for all TiZrN specimens. The N/(Ti + Zr ratio of the TiZrN films first increased with increasing nitrogen flow rate and then stabilized when the flow rate further increased. When the nitrogen flow rate increased from 0.4 to 1.0 sccm, the hardness and residual stress of the TiZrN thin film increased, whereas the electrical resistivity decreased. None of the properties of the TiZrN thin films changed with nitrogen flow rate above 1.0 sccm because the films contained a stable single phase (TiZrN. At high nitrogen flow rates (1.0–2.5 sccm, the average hardness and resistivity of the TiZrN thin films were approximately 36 GPa and 36.5 μΩ·cm, respectively.

  15. De novo unbalanced translocations in Prader-Willi and Angelman syndrome might be the reciprocal product of inv dup(15s.

    Elena Rossi

    Full Text Available The 15q11-q13 region is characterized by high instability, caused by the presence of several paralogous segmental duplications. Although most mechanisms dealing with cryptic deletions and amplifications have been at least partly characterized, little is known about the rare translocations involving this region. We characterized at the molecular level five unbalanced translocations, including a jumping one, having most of 15q transposed to the end of another chromosome, whereas the der(15(pter->q11-q13 was missing. Imbalances were associated either with Prader-Willi or Angelman syndrome. Array-CGH demonstrated the absence of any copy number changes in the recipient chromosome in three cases, while one carried a cryptic terminal deletion and another a large terminal deletion, already diagnosed by classical cytogenetics. We cloned the breakpoint junctions in two cases, whereas cloning was impaired by complex regional genomic architecture and mosaicism in the others. Our results strongly indicate that some of our translocations originated through a prezygotic/postzygotic two-hit mechanism starting with the formation of an acentric 15qter->q1::q1->qter representing the reciprocal product of the inv dup(15 supernumerary marker chromosome. An embryo with such an acentric chromosome plus a normal chromosome 15 inherited from the other parent could survive only if partial trisomy 15 rescue would occur through elimination of part of the acentric chromosome, stabilization of the remaining portion with telomere capture, and formation of a derivative chromosome. All these events likely do not happen concurrently in a single cell but are rather the result of successive stabilization attempts occurring in different cells of which only the fittest will finally survive. Accordingly, jumping translocations might represent successful rescue attempts in different cells rather than transfer of the same 15q portion to different chromosomes. We also hypothesize that

  16. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells as a source to detect markers of homeostatic alterations caused by the intake of diets with an unbalanced macronutrient composition.

    Díaz-Rúa, Rubén; Keijer, Jaap; Caimari, Antoni; van Schothorst, Evert M; Palou, Andreu; Oliver, Paula


    Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) are accessible in humans, and their gene expression pattern was shown to reflect overall physiological response of the body to a specific stimulus, such as diet. We aimed to study the impact of sustained intake (4months) of diets with an unbalanced macronutrient proportion (rich in fat or protein) administered isocalorically to a balanced control diet, as physiological stressors on PBMC whole-genome gene expression in rats, to better understand the effects of these diets on metabolism and health and to identify biomarkers of nutritional imbalance. Dietary macronutrient composition (mainly increased protein content) altered PBMC gene expression, with genes involved in immune response being the most affected. Intake of a high-fat (HF) diet decreased the expression of genes related to antigen recognition/presentation, whereas the high-protein (HP) diet increased the expression of these genes and of genes involved in cytokine signaling and immune system maturation/activation. Key energy homeostasis genes (mainly related to lipid metabolism) were also affected, reflecting an adaptive response to the diets. Moreover, HF diet feeding impaired expression of genes involved in redox balance regulation. Finally, we identified a common gene expression signature of 7 genes whose expression changed in the same direction in response to the intake of both diets. These genes, individually or together, constitute a potential risk marker of diet macronutrient imbalance. In conclusion, we newly show that gene expression analysis in PBMCs allows for detection of diet-induced physiological deviations that distinguish from a diet with a proper and equilibrated macronutrient composition. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  17. 光伏发电系统不对称故障功率控制%Power Control of Photovoltaic Generation system under Unbalanced Grid Faults

    夏刚; 杜跃明; 楼晓轩; 华赟; 李芳; 沈琦; 王强钢; 周念成


    The the characteristics of instance output power of photovoltaic inverters is analyzed under unbalanced grid faults and the power control algorithm of photovoltaic generation is put forward based on the derivation of total harmonic distortion of instruction current. The optimal parameters model of photovoltaic generation is then established with minimum integrated fluctuation amplitude of the active and reactive power as a goal when the restriction of output current harmonic distortion of photovoltaic inverters is taken into account. Finally, the overall model of photovoltaic generation system based on deadbeat current tracking is realized and the feasibility of proposed control strategy is verified with PSCAD/EMTDC simulation software.%研究电网不对称故障下光伏逆变器的瞬时输出功率特性,结合指令电流的总谐波畸变率的解析推导,提出光伏发电的功率控制算法。考虑光伏逆变器输出电流谐波畸变率限值约束,以有功和无功功率波动的综合幅值最小为目标,建立光伏发电功率控制参数的优化模型。基于无差拍电流跟踪建立光伏发电系统整体模型,利用PSCAD/EMTDC仿真平台验证了该控制策略的可行性。

  18. Evolution from increased cardiac mechanical function towards cardiomyopathy in the obese rat due to unbalanced high fat and abundant equilibrated diets

    Mourmoura Evangelia


    Full Text Available The aim of our study was to know whether high dietary energy intake (HDEI with equilibrated and unbalanced diets in term of lipid composition modify the fatty acid profile of cardiac phospholipids and function of various cardiac cells and to know if the changes in membrane lipid composition can explain the modifications of cellular activity. Wistar rats were fed either a control or high-fat (HF diet for 12 weeks and Zucker diabetic fatty (ZDF rats as well as their lean littermate (ZL a control diet between week 7 to 11 of their life. Energy intake and abdominal obesity was increased in HF-fed and ZDF rats. Circulating lipids were also augmented in both strains although hyperglycemia was noticed only in ZDF rats. HDEI induced a decrease in linoleate and increase in arachidonate in membrane phospholipids which was more pronounced in the ZDF rats compared to the HF-fed rats. In vivo cardiac function (CF was improved in HF-fed rats whereas ex vivo cardiac function was unchanged, suggesting that environmental factors such as catecholamines stimulated the in vivo CF. The unchanged ex vivo CF was associated with an increased cardiac mass which indicated development of fibrosis and/or hypertrophy. The increased in vivo CF was sustained by an augmented coronary reserve which was related to the cyclooxygenase pathway and accumulation of arachidonate in membrane phospholipids. In conclusion, before triggering a diabetic cardiomyopathy, HDEI stimulated the CF. The development of cardiomyopathy seems to result from fibrosis and/or hypertrophy which augments myocardial stiffness and decreases contractility.

  19. Duplication of the Miller-Dieker Critical Region in a Patient with a Subtelomeric Unbalanced Translocation t(10;17)(p15.3;p13.3)

    Ruiz Esparza-Garrido, R.; Velázquez-Wong, A.C.; Araujo-Solís, M.A.; Huicochea-Montiel, J.C.; Velázquez-Flores, M.Á.; Salamanca-Gómez, F.; Arenas-Aranda, D.J.


    Submicroscopic duplications in the Miller-Dieker critical region have been recently described as new genomic disorders. To date, only a few cases have been reported with overlapping 17p13.3 duplications in this region. Also, small deletions that affect chromosome region 10p14→pter are rarely described in the literature. In this study, we describe, to our knowledge for the first time, a 5-year-old female patient with intellectual disability who has an unbalanced 10;17 translocation inherited from the father. The girl was diagnosed by subtelomeric FISH and array-CGH, showing a 4.43-Mb heterozygous deletion on chromosome 10p that involved 14 genes and a 3.22-Mb single-copy gain on chromosome 17p, which includes the critical region of the Miller-Dieker syndrome and 61 genes. The patient's karyotype was established as 46,XX.arr 10p15.3p15.1(138,206–4,574,436)x1,17p13.3(87,009–3,312,600)x3. Because our patient exhibits a combination of 2 imbalances, she has phenotypic features of both chromosome abnormalities, which have been reported separately. Interestingly, the majority of patients who carry the deletion 10p have visual and auditory deficiencies that are attributed to loss of the GATA3 gene. However, our patient also presents severe hearing and visual problems even though GATA3 is present, suggesting the involvement of different genes that affect the development of the visual and auditory systems. PMID:23326253

  20. Electric-field-induced assembly and propulsion of chiral colloidal clusters.

    Ma, Fuduo; Wang, Sijia; Wu, David T; Wu, Ning


    Chiral molecules with opposite handedness exhibit distinct physical, chemical, or biological properties. They pose challenges as well as opportunities in understanding the phase behavior of soft matter, designing enantioselective catalysts, and manufacturing single-handed pharmaceuticals. Microscopic particles, arranged in a chiral configuration, could also exhibit unusual optical, electric, or magnetic responses. Here we report a simple method to assemble achiral building blocks, i.e., the asymmetric colloidal dimers, into a family of chiral clusters. Under alternating current electric fields, two to four lying dimers associate closely with a central standing dimer and form both right- and left-handed clusters on a conducting substrate. The cluster configuration is primarily determined by the induced dipolar interactions between constituent dimers. Our theoretical model reveals that in-plane dipolar repulsion between petals in the cluster favors the achiral configuration, whereas out-of-plane attraction between the central dimer and surrounding petals favors a chiral arrangement. It is the competition between these two interactions that dictates the final configuration. The theoretical chirality phase diagram is found to be in excellent agreement with experimental observations. We further demonstrate that the broken symmetry in chiral clusters induces an unbalanced electrohydrodynamic flow surrounding them. As a result, they rotate in opposite directions according to their handedness. Both the assembly and propulsion mechanisms revealed here can be potentially applied to other types of asymmetric particles. Such kinds of chiral colloids will be useful for fabricating metamaterials, making model systems for both chiral molecules and active matter, or building propellers for microscale transport.

  1. Book review: the closing of the net by Monica Horten

    O’Connor, Courteney J.


    In The Closing of the Net, Monica Horten confronts the issue of how corporate structural power has shaped the online world, transforming the ideal of the open internet into an increasingly closed, market-driven space with negative consequences for individual freedoms. Courteney J. O’Connor recommends this well-researched book as an extremely relevant addition to cyber-related literature that will also be of use to those working in the fields of politics, law and media.

  2. Close supermassive binary black holes

    Gaskell, C. Martin


    It has been proposed that when the peaks of the broad emission lines in active galactic nuclei (AGNs) are significantly blueshifted or redshifted from the systemic velocity of the host galaxy, this could be a consequence of orbital motion of a supermassive blackhole binary (SMB). The AGN J1536+0441 (=SDSS J153636.22+044127.0) has recently been proposed as an example of this phenomenon. It is proposed here instead that 1536+044 is an example of line emission from a disc. If this is correct, the lack of clear optical spectral evidence for close SMBs is significant and argues either that the merging of close SMBs is much faster than has generally been hitherto thought, or if the approach is slow, that when the separation of the binary is comparable to the size of the torus and broad-line region, the feeding of the black holes is disrupted.

  3. Morphological sampling of closed sets:

    Christian Ronse; Mohamed Tajine


    We briefiy survey the standard morphological approach (Heijmans, 1994) to the sampling (or discretization) of sets. Then we summarize the main results of our metric theory of sampling (Ronse and Tajine, 2000; 2001; 2002; Tajine and Ronse, 2002), which can be used to analyse several sampling schemes, in particular the morphological one. We extend it to the sampling of closed sets (instead of compact ones), and to the case where the sampling subspace is boundedly compact (instead of boundedly f...

  4. Rolling Closed String Tachyons and the Big Crunch

    Yang, H; Yang, Haitang; Zwiebach, Barton


    We study the low-energy effective field equations that couple gravity, the dilaton, and the bulk closed string tachyon of bosonic closed string theory. We establish that whenever the tachyon induces the rolling process, the string metric remains fixed while the dilaton rolls to strong coupling. For negative definite potentials we show that this results in an Einstein metric that crunches the universe in finite time. This behavior is shown to be rather generic even if the potentials are not negative definite. The solutions are reminiscent of those in the collapse stage of a cyclic universe cosmology where scalar field potentials with negative energies play a central role.

  5. The effects of close binaries on the magnetic activity of M dwarfs as probed using close white dwarf companions

    Morgan, D. P.


    I present a study of close white dwarf (WD) and M dwarf (dM) binary systems (WD+dM) to examine the effects that close companions have on magnetic field generation in dMs. Using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Data Release 8 spectroscopic database, I constructed a sample of 1756 WD+dM high-quality pairs. I show that early-type dMs (M4), where stars become fully convective, the activity fraction and activity lifetimes of WD+dM binary systems become more comparable to those of the field dMs. The implications of having a close binary companion may include: increased stellar rotation through disk disruption, tidal effects, and/or angular momentum exchange. Thus, the similarity in activity between late-type field dMs and late-type dMs with close companions is likely due to the mechanism generating magnetic fields being less sensitive to the effects caused by a close companion; namely, increased stellar rotation. Using a subset of 181 close WD+dM pairs, matched to the time-domain SDSS Stripe 82 catalog, I show that enhanced magnetic activity extends to the flaring behavior of dMs in close binaries. Specifically, early spectral type dMs (M0-M4), in close WD+dM pairs, are two orders of magnitude more likely to flare than field dMs, whereas late-type dMs (M4-M6) in close WD+dM pairs flare as frequently or less than the late-type field dM sample. To test whether the presence of a close companion leads to star-star interactions, I searched for correlations between the WD occultations and flares from the dM member in KOI-256, an eclipsing WD+dM system. I find no correlations between the flaring activity of the dM and the WD occultations, indicating the there are no obvious signs of star-star interactions at work. In addition, the dM member of KOI-256 flares more than any other dM observed by Kepler and shows evidence for solar-like magnetic activity cycles, a feature not seen in many dMs to date.

  6. Backgrounds in Boundary String Field Theory

    Baumgartl, M


    We study the role of closed string backgrounds in boundary string field theory. Background independence requires the introduction of dual boundary fields, which are reminiscent of the doubled field formalism. We find a correspondence between closed string backgrounds and collective excitations of open strings described by vertex operators involving dual fields. Renormalization group flow, solutions and stability are discussed in an example.

  7. 含负荷不平衡补偿的SVC复合控制方法研究%The Composite Control Method Research of the SVC with Unbalanced Load Compensation



    该文提出了一种通过加装带滤波器的静止无功补偿器(SVC),使负序引起的不平衡功率和谐波功率流入SVC,最终达到平衡系统目的的方法;提出基于前馈-反馈复合控制的SVC不平衡负荷补偿方法,将电压闭环控制与三相不平衡控制相结合、功率因数闭环控制与三相不平衡控制相结合,以达到适应各种工况的需求。最后,该文在SVC相关理论研究的基础上搭建了仿真模型,仿真结果表明该文提出控制方法的正确性和可行性。%Based on the analysis of three-phase unbalanced system's instantaneous power,this paper proposes a method that by installing SVC compensator with a filter to make the imbalance power caused by negative sequence and harmonic power flowing into the SVC and achieve the ultimate objective of a balanced system.A feedforward-feedback composite control method on the unbalanced load compensation of SVC is also given in this paper,which take the voltage loop control and three-phase unbalance control integrated as well as make power factor loop combining with the three-phase unbalanced control.It is proved that this method can meet the needs of various working conditions.The simulation model is built based on the SVC theory,simulation results show that this control method is correct and feasible.

  8. H型接线高压滤波电容器组不平衡电流保护判据及定值%Criterion and settings of unbalanced current protection for filter capacitor bank of H configuration

    肖遥; 张晋寅; 黎建平; 楚金伟; 杨晓峰


    着重介绍H接线方式下高压滤波电容器组不平衡保护的定值的整定原则.提出滤波器组的失谐度,完好电容器单元的过电压水平及其允许值是滤波电容器组不平衡保护整定的基本原则.对H型电容器组的元件失效或者短路故障分别结合失谐度和过电压进行数理分析.结合内熔丝型电容器单元和无熔丝型电容器单元的不同故障性质,给出了电容器组不平衡保护的整定值计算分析方法和最终的整定计算公式.形成H型电容器组不平衡电流保护计算的理论基础.%The paper mainly introduces the principles to calculate the settings of unbalanced current protection for H-configured capacitor banks. The basic principles of the permitted detuning of the filter banks and the withstand voltages on remaining perfect capacitor units after some units' failures are proposed. Mathematical analysis of elements failures or short circuit of H capacitor banks is made together with detuning and overvoltage respectively. Combining with different fault property of both the internal fused and fuseless capacitors, the setting calculation analysis method of capacitor bank unbalanced protection and final formulations of setting calculation are given. The paper constitutes the basis for the unbalanced protection of H-configured capacitor banks.

  9. Unbalanced Bidding in Government Contracts


    Id. at 71213 167. Id. 168. Id. at 71218 169. Nager Electric Co., Inc. v. United States, 194 Ct. Cl. 835 (1971) 170. J. W. Bateson Co. v. United...BCA 13402 (1978) 176. Gregory & Reilley Associates, Inc., FAACAP No. 65-30, 65-2 BCA 4918 (1965) 177. ASBCA no. 18348, 74-2 BCA 10781 (1974) 178. Id. at

  10. 陕西义务教育失衡发展的症结所在%The Crux of the Unbalanced Development of Compulsory Education in Shaanxi



    随着社会经济的快速发展,陕西省九年义务教育已基本普及,全省已基本扫除了青壮年文盲,实现了适龄儿童入学接受义务教育等等。但在义务教育的发展过程中也表现出众多的失衡现象,如城乡之间义务教育经费投入不均等;城乡之间义务教育教学设施配套不均衡;城乡之间义务教育师资配置不均衡;城乡之间学科设置不均衡;城乡之间义务教育升学率不均衡。解决这些失衡发展现象的策略和建议是:强化政府职责,加强义务教育投入;建立统一的标准化学校,合理配置城乡教育资源;加大力度发展乡村经济,缩小城乡社会经济发展差距;加强信息化建设,建立资源共享机制;加强乡村地区师资队伍建设。%Abstracts:With the rapid development of social economy ,the nine‐year compulsory education has been basically popularized in Shaanxi province ,basically eliminating the illiteracy of the young ,with school‐age children receiving compulsory education ,and so on .However ,in the development of compulsory education , there are many unbalanced phenomena between urban and rural compulsory education ,in terms of financial support ,teaching equipment ,teacher allocation ,curriculum ,enrollment rates ,and so on .Strategies and suggestions to solve these imbalances include :strengthening governmental responsibility ,financial investment and information construction ,promoting teacher professionalism ,establishing unified standardized schools , establishing the mechanism of resources sharing ,developing the rural economy ,and reducing the gap between urban and rural economy development .

  11. A more economical compensation method for unbalanced load%不平衡负载的一种更加经济的补偿方法

    傅军栋; 喻勇; 黄来福


    For low-voltage distribution network unbalanced load loss reduction, we think of the capacitance compensation, which can improve the power factor of power grid and reduce the loss of power transformers and transmission lines, as well as improve the efficiency of power supply improvement and environment in the power supply system. Traditional methods simply calculate the admittance compensation value required by the load, then configure the appropriate capacitor;a relatively new kind of admittance calculation method is the balance component method. This paper puts forward a "Line Adjustment Act" drop loss compensation method to perform three phase load line regulation, which only adjusts the access phase of users’ meter box. A commutation strategy based on intelligent optimization algorithm is proposed, which does not require additional investment, and through a numerical example, the validity and effectiveness of this method are verified. Therefore, the"Line Adjustment Act"is a more simple and more economical method of reducing loss.%针对低压配电网不平衡负载降损的问题,会联想到电容补偿器,其在供电系统中起到提高电网的功率因数与降低供电变压器及输送线路的损耗,提高供电效率以及改善供电环境的作用。传统方法只需计算出负载所需要补偿的导纳值,然后配置相应的电容器,比较新的一种导纳值计算方法如平衡分量法。提出一种“线路调整法”的降损补偿方法,进行负荷三相平衡线路调整,仅需对用户集表箱的接入相做调整。提出一种基于优化算法的智能换相策略,不需要增加额外投资,通过算例分析验证了此方法的正确性和有效性。因此,“线路调整法”是一种更简单、更经济的降损方法。

  12. Control strategy for PWM rectifier without PLL under unbalanced grid voltage%PWM整流器无锁相环不平衡控制策略研究

    吴琼; 张雪; 李珊珊; 高翔; 耿乙文


    电网电压不平衡时,基于同步旋转坐标系的传统控制策略从六个功率分量中选取四个分量计算指令电流,导致剩余两个功率分量不受控.针对此问题,在两相静止坐标系下建立了基于扩展无功功率理论的瞬时功率模型,该模型利用四个功率分量计算四个静止坐标系下的指令电流,同时控制有功和无功功率的平均值及二次波动量.该方法省去了Park变换和锁相环,降低了系统的复杂程度,提高了系统的动态响应速度.以三相电压型PWM整流器为控制对象,进行了仿真和实验验证,结果表明所提出的方法能够抑制直流侧电压的二次波动并实现单位功率因数运行.%Traditional control strategy chooses four power components from six ones to calculate the reference current signals in synchronous rotating frame when the grid voltage is unbalanced , and it leads to the rest of the power compo-nents uncontrolled .The instantaneous power model based on generalized reactive power in two-phase stationary frame is built to solve the above problem .The four reference current signals are derived through four power components in stationary frame , so the average value and the secondary fluctuations of active and reactive power are controlled simul-taneously .Park transformation and phase-locked-loop ( PLL) are omitted and complexity is reduced with the proposed method.Therefore, the dynamic response speed is improved as well .Taking three-phase PWM rectifier as research object , simulation and experiment are carried out to verify the validity .The results show that the secondary fluctua-tions of dc-side voltage are suppressed and the system can operate at unity power factor .

  13. 不平衡电网条件下建模与仿真研究%Research on Modeling and Simulation of DFIG under Unbalanced Grid Conditions

    郑飘飘; 梁俊宇; 赵明; 李传斌


    For analyzing the weakening control ability of DFIG which use the traditional vector control strategy under unbalanced grid conditions and improve the fault ride-through capability, the mathematical model are established for the rotor side and the grid side converter of DFIG. The dynamic behaviors of DFIG during asymmetrical grid fault are firstly analyzed. The rotor side and the grid side converter are modeled based on double d-q positive and negative sequence decomposition in Simulink and the simulation results are compared with the traditional one. The results show that the oscillation of power output could be effectively restrained with this improved control strategy. The over current and voltage of the rotor winding are also reduced. Moreover, the endurance ability and operating stability are enhanced.%为了准确分析不平衡电网条件下, DFIG机组使用传统矢量控制策略而引发控制能力下降的原因,并改善DFIG机组的故障穿越能力,建立了DFIG机组转子侧变换器和网侧变换器的数学模型。首先分析了故障下DFIG机组的动态变化过程。针对电网电压不对称故障,在Simulink环境下搭建了基于双d-q正、负序分解的转子侧及网侧变换器模型,并将传统的控制策略与改进控制策略进行仿真对比。仿真结果表明,改进的控制策略可以有效地抑制有功、无功的二倍频波动,减小过电压和过电流,增强机组对电网故障冲击承受能力,提高DFIG机组运行的稳定性。

  14. A control strategy of DFIG under unbalanced voltage dips%电网电压不对称跌落时DFIG的控制策略研究

    朱晓荣; 刘世鹏


    相比于对称故障,不对称故障时双馈风力发电机(Doubly Fed Induction Generators, DFIG)的电磁暂态过程更为复杂,对DFIG造成的危害也越大。从电网电压不对称跌落时DFIG的电磁暂态过程入手,分析了DFIG各电磁量产生二倍频波动和过电流的直接原因。在此基础上,提出了一种电网电压不对称跌落时转子侧变换器(Rotor Side Converter, RSC)的转子电压补偿控制策略,通过控制RSC交流侧的输出电压,对转子暂态电动势和负序电动势进行补偿。该控制策略可在电网轻度不对称故障时有效消除转子电流二倍频波动;在电网严重不对称故障时最大限度地减小转子电流冲击,增强DFIG的低电压穿越能力。此外,根据转子侧变换器的电压容量,对补偿控制策略的完全补偿范围进行了分析。仿真结果验证了所提出控制策略的有效性。%Compared with symmetrical voltage fault, the electromagnetic transient process of the doubly fed wind generator (DFIG) under asymmetrical fault is more complex, which causes much harm to the DFIG. The immediate cause of the appearance of pulsation second order component in the rotor current and other variables of the DFIG is analyzed by analyzing the electromagnetic transient process in DFIG during unbalanced grid dips. According to this analysis, a rotor voltage compensation control strategy is proposed to eliminate the rotor current pulsation under slight voltage dip and to reduce the over-current in the rotor circuit under serious voltage dips. Under the proposed control strategy, the AC terminal voltage of the rotor side converter (RSC) is controlled to compensate the DC and negative sequence components of the electromotive force. The complete compensation range is analyzed according to the limited AC terminal voltage of the RSC. Simulation results validate the proposed control strategy.

  15. Microstructure, mechanical properties and wetting behavior of F: Si–C–N films as bio-mechanical coating grown by DC unbalanced magnetron sputtering

    Shi, Zhifeng, E-mail: [School of Materials Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510641 (China); Wang, Yingjun, E-mail: [School of Materials Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510641 (China); Huang, Nan [Key Lab. for Advanced Technologies of Materials, Ministry of Education, Southwest Jiaotong University, 610031 Chengdu (China); Ning, Chengyun; Wang, Lin [School of Materials Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510641 (China)


    Highlights: ► The F: Si–C–N film coating on Co–Cr alloy as bio-mechanical coating was put forward. ► Significant role of F and C doped on structure and properties in the film was observed. ► The as-deposited F: Si–C–N films are amphipathic nature. ► F: Si–C–N coatings show improvement in the tribological behavior over the uncoated Co–Cr–Mo. ► Compared with Co–Cr alloy, F: Si–C–N films could improve hardness enhances 1.7 times. -- Abstract: A systematic structure and properties investigation on the deposition of fluorinated silicon–carbon–nitride (Si–C–N) films under varying CF{sub 4} flows was carried out by direct current unbalanced magnetron sputtering techniques. Significant role of fluorine and carbon-doped on growth characteristics and mechanical properties in the film was observed. The chemical bonding configurations, surface topography and mechanical properties were characterized by means of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), Raman and infrared spectroscopies, atomic force microscopy (AFM) and nano-indentation technique and CSM pin-on-disk tribometer. It was found that the as-deposited F: Si–C–N films are amphipathic nature, and large variations took place these films’ deposition rate, composition, microstructure and mechanical properties when CF{sub 4} flows varied from 0 to 9 sccm. At CF{sub 4} gas flow rate 9 sccm, the F: Si–C–N coatings demonstrated a fluorine content of 5.95 at.% and a moderate friction coefficient of 0.03. It is obvious from the hardness results that the F: Si–C–N coating enhances the hardness of the Co–Cr–Mo alloy to approximately 16.3 GPa on a smoother surface. The tribological characterization of Co–Cr–Mo alloy with F: Si–C–N coating sliding against ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) counter-surface in fetal bovine serum, shows that the wear resistance of the F: Si–C–N coated Co–Cr–Mo alloy/UHMWPE sliding pair show much obviously

  16. 不平衡推力迭代法的改进%Improvement of Iterative Method to Calculate Unbalanced Thrust Force

    李博; 蔺宗宗; 杨柳


    In the calculation of unbalanced thrust force using iterative algorithm, the inter-slice force direction is assumed to be parallel to the sliding surface of the upper slice bottom, which results in excessive calculation value and leads to unsafty of projects. The authors improved the method through correcting the angle between the directions of inter-slice forces in the slope. What' s more, we derived the formulas respectively in the presence of and in the absence of seismic force. On the basis of Visual Basic programming, we applied the improved formula to the calculation of an example and compared the result with that of the previous unimproved formula. The result indicates that the improved method is practicable, and presents a more reasonable physical process.%不平衡推力迭代法假定条块作用力方向平行于上一条块底滑面,这样可能导致计算结果偏大,使工程偏于不安全,通过对坡体滑块间作用力方向角度的修正,对不平衡推力迭代法做了改进,并在不考虑地震力和考虑地震力的情况下分别进行了公式的推导.针对具体算例,利用改进后的计算公式,在Visual Basic编程的基础上,对具体算例进行了计算,并和改进前的方法做了比较.结果表明:改进后的方法对改进前的方法具有一定程度的修正作用,且改进方法的物理过程更加合理,在具体应用上具有一定的实用性.

  17. Microorganism billiards in closed plane curves

    Krieger, Madison S


    Recent experiments have shown that many species of microorganisms leave a solid surface at a fixed angle determined by steric interactions and near-field hydrodynamics. This angle is completely independent of the incoming angle. For several collisions in a closed body this determines a unique type of billiard system, an aspecular billiard in which the outgoing angle is fixed for all collisions. We analyze such a system using numerical simulation of this billiard for varying tables and outgoing angles, and also utilize the theory of one-dimensional maps and wavefront dynamics. When applicable we cite results from and compare our system to similar billiard systems in the literature. We focus on examples from three broad classes: the ellipse, the Bunimovich billiards, and the Sinai billiards. The effect of a noisy outgoing angle is also discussed.

  18. Inflationary perturbations in a closed FLRW universe

    Yokomizo, Nelson; Bonga, Beatrice; Gupt, Brajesh


    We investigate the evolution of gauge invariant quantum perturbations in the closed FLRW model in the presence of an inflationary potential. We first find out initial conditions for the background geometry which lead to a desired slow-roll phase that is compatible with observation. Providing the initial conditions for the quantum field at the onset of slow-roll we study the influence of the spatial curvature on the scalar and tensor power spectra at the end of inflation. By comparing our results with the recent Planck data we discuss the role of spatial curvature on the estimation of various cosmological parameters. We highlight the main differences from the standard inflationary scenario in a flat FLRW model and potential implications for future observations. Finally, we comment on the quantum gravitational extension of this scenario to the Planck scale. Supported by CNPq-Brazil and NSF.

  19. AA, closed orbit observation pickup

    CERN PhotoLab


    Electrostatic pickups around the circumference of the AA served for the measurement of the closed orbits across the wide momentum range of +- 3% to either side of central orbit. The pickups were of the "shoebox" type, with diagonal cuts, a horizontal and a vertical one mechanically coupled together. They were located where they would not require extra space. The wide ones (very wide indeed: 70 cm), like the one we see here, were placed inside the vacuum chamber of the wide quadrupoles QFW, at maximum dispersion. See also 8001372, 8001383, 8010045

  20. AA, closed orbit observation pickup

    CERN PhotoLab


    Electrostatic pickups around the circumference of the AA served for the measurement of the closed orbits across the wide momentum range of +- 3% to either side of central orbit. The pickups were of the "shoebox" type, with diagonal cuts, a horizontal and a vertical one mechanically coupled together. They were located where they would not require extra space. The wide ones (very wide indeed: 70 cm), like the one we see here, were placed inside the vacuum chamber of the wide quadrupoles, QFW, at maximum dispersion. See also 8001372,8001383, 8010042

  1. AA, closed orbit observation pickup


    Electrostatic pickups around the circumference of the AA served for the measurement of the closed orbits across the wide momentum range of +- 3% to either side of central orbit. The pickups were of the "shoebox" type, with diagonal cuts, a horizontal and a vertical one mechanically coupled together. They were located where they would not require extra space. The small ones, like the one we see here, were inserted into the vacuum chamber of the BLG (long and narrow) bending magnets. See also 8001372, 8010042, 8010045

  2. AA, closed orbit observation pickup

    CERN PhotoLab


    Electrostatic pickups around the circumference of the AA served for the measurement of the closed orbits across the wide momentum range of +- 3% to either side of central orbit. The pickups were of the "shoebox" type, with diagonal cuts, a horizontal and a vertical one mechanically coupled together. They were located where they would not require extra space. The small ones, like the one we see here, were inserted into the vacuum chamber of the BLG (long and narrow) bending magnets. Werner Sax contemplates his achievement. See also 8001383, 8010042, 8010045.

  3. Singularities and Closed String Tachyons

    Silverstein, E


    A basic problem in gravitational physics is the resolution of spacetime singularities where general relativity breaks down. The simplest such singularities are conical singularities arising from orbifold identifications of flat space, and the most challenging are spacelike singularities inside black holes (and in cosmology). Topology changing processes also require evolution through classically singular spacetimes. I briefly review how a phase of closed string tachyon condensate replaces, and helps to resolve, basic singularities of each of these types. Finally I discuss some interesting features of singularities arising in the small volume limit of compact negatively curved spaces and the emerging zoology of spacelike singularities.

  4. Existentially closed locally finite groups

    Shelah, Saharon


    We investigate this class of groups originally called ulf (universal locally finite groups) of cardinality lambda . We prove that for every locally finite group G there is a canonical existentially closed extention of the same cardinality, unique up to isomorphism and increasing with G . Also we get, e.g. existence of complete members (i.e. with no non-inner automorphisms) in many cardinals (provably in ZFC). We also get a parallel to stability theory in the sense of investigating definable types.

  5. Closed-loop neuromorphic benchmarks



    Full Text Available Benchmarks   Terrence C. Stewart 1* , Travis DeWolf 1 , Ashley Kleinhans 2 , Chris Eliasmith 1   1 University of Waterloo, Canada, 2 Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa   Submitted to Journal:   Frontiers in Neuroscience   Specialty... the study was exempt from ethical approval procedures.) Did the study presented in the manuscript involve human or animal subjects: No I v i w 1Closed-loop Neuromorphic Benchmarks Terrence C. Stewart 1,∗, Travis DeWolf 1, Ashley Kleinhans 2 and Chris...

  6. Interpersonal mechanisms linking close relationships to health.

    Pietromonaco, Paula R; Collins, Nancy L


    Close relationships play a vital role in human health, but much remains to be learned about specific mechanisms of action and potential avenues for intervention. This article provides an evaluation of research on close relationships processes relevant to health, drawing on themes from major relationship science theories to present a broad conceptual framework for understanding the interpersonal processes and intrapersonal pathways linking relationships to health and disease outcomes. The analysis reveals that both social connection and social disconnection broadly shape biological responses and behaviors that are consequential for health. Furthermore, emerging work offers insights into the types of social dynamics that are most consequential for health, and the potential pathways through which they operate. Following from this analysis, the authors suggest several research priorities to facilitate the translation of discoveries from relationship science into relationship-based interventions and public health initiatives. These priorities include developing finer grained theoretical models to guide research, the systematic investigation of potential mediating pathways such as dyadic influences on health behavior and physiological coregulation, and taking into account individual differences and contextual factors such as attachment style, gender, socioeconomic status, and culture. In addition, a pressing need exists for laboratory and field research to determine which types of interventions are both practical and effective. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved).

  7. 基于Prony算法的小电流接地系统不平衡电流分析%Analysis of unbalanced current for non-solidly grounded system based on Prony algorithm

    刘奇; 任建文


    阐释了小电流接地系统中不平衡电流产生的原因及危害,从理论上对电流互感器、三相负荷、电源以及对地电容引起的不平衡电流做出分析,明确了不对称负荷、电源产生不平衡电流的条件.运用Prony分析方法,提取故障前后零序电流的基波分量和自由震荡分量,分析其在暂态过程和稳态过程中幅值和相位的差别.阐明了不平衡电流对选线装置的影响,提出故障前后零序电流对应相减方法的适用范围以及利用零序电流的高频分量提高选线可靠性的方法.仿真实验表明了理论分析的正确性,验证了所提解决方法的有效性.%The reason and damage of producing unbalanced current for non-solidly grounded system are studied. This paper theoretically analyses unbalanced current caused by current transformer, three-phase load, power source and capacitance to earth, and confirms the producing condition of unbalanced current caused by unbalance load and power source. Prony algorithm is used to extract the fundamental component and free shaking component of zero-sequence current before and after fault, discuss the difference of amplitude and phase between steady process and transient process, and illustrate the influence of unbalanced current on selection device. The applicable range of corresponding subtraction of zero-sequence current before and after fault and the method of using high-frequency component of zero-sequence current to raise the selection reliability are proposed. Simulations show the correctness and effectiveness of the theoretical analysis and the proposed method.

  8. 转子绕组短路故障时发电机转子不平衡电磁力分析%Analysis on Rotor Unbalanced Electromagnetic Force of Generator under Rotor Interturn Short Circuit Fault

    周国伟; 李永刚; 万书亭; 张玉; 李和明


    转子绕组短路是发电机常见的电气故障之一,将导致转子振动,危及电机和系统的安全。为了深入分析转子绕组短路故障引起转子振动的成因,提出了一种转子绕组短路故障时转子不平衡电磁力的磁动势叠加计算方法,同时改进了现有的等效磁通计算方法。然后以某火力发电厂QFR—400—2—20型发电机转子绕组短路故障为工程背景,分别利用等效磁通计算方法和磁动势叠加计算方法分析计算了不平衡电磁力,指出由于等效磁通计算方法没有考虑短路位置对不平衡电磁力的影响,当靠近转子横轴的槽绕组短路时,计算得到的不平衡电磁力大于利用磁动势叠加计算方法计算得到的不平衡电磁力。%The rotor winding turn-to-turn short circuit fault is one of the main electrical faults of turbo-generators,which can cause the rotor vibration,and greatly affect the security of the generator and the power system.In this paper,firstly,the magnetomotive force superposition method of the unbalanced electromagnetic force acting on the rotor is proposed,and the equivalent magnetic flux method is improved.Then the rotor interturn short circuit fault of a QFR—400—2—20 type generator in a power plant is investigated,and the value of the unbalanced electromagnetic force is respectively calculated by the equivalent magnetic flux method and the magnetomotive force superposition method.The result shows that when the interturn short circuit turns are near the Q-axis,the unbalanced electromagnetic force that obtained by the equivalent magnetic flux method is larger than the value that calculated by the magnetomotive force superposition method because the former method doesnot consider the effect of the interturn short circuit position on the unbalanced electromagnetic force.

  9. A Note on Soft Factors for Closed String Scattering

    Schwab, Burkhard U W


    In this note, it is shown that closed string graviton scattering amplitudes obey the same subleading soft limit as field theory graviton scattering amplitudes. The result is derived using a combination of recent results and methods including the subleading soft expansion for type I open string gluon disk scattering amplitudes, the single value projection for multiple $\\zeta$ values, and the KLT relations in field and string theory.

  10. Factorization Conjecture and the Open/Closed String Correspondence

    Baumgartl, M; Shatashvili, S L; Baumgartl, Marcus; Sachs, Ivo; Shatashvili, Samson L.


    We present evidence for the factorization of the world-sheet path integrals for 2d conformal field theories on the disk into bulk and boundary contributions. This factorization is then used to reinterpret a shift in closed string backgrounds in terms of boundary deformations in background independent open string field theory. We give a proof of the factorization conjecture in the cases where the background is represented by WZW and related models.

  11. Closed strings in Misner space

    Berkooz, M; Rozali, M


    Misner space, also known as the Lorentzian orbifold $R^{1,1}/boost$, is one of the simplest examples of a cosmological singularity in string theory. In this work, the study of weakly coupled closed strings on this space is pursued in several directions: (i) physical states in the twisted sectors are found to come in two kinds: short strings, which wind along the compact space-like direction in the cosmological (Milne) region, and long strings, which wind along the compact time direction in the (Rindler) whiskers. The latter can be viewed as infinitely long static open strings, stretching from Rindler infinity to a finite radius and folding back onto themselves. (ii) As in the Schwinger effect, tunneling between these states corresponds to local pair production of winding strings. The tunneling rate approaches unity as the winding number $w$ gets large, as a consequence of the singular geometry. (iii) The one-loop string amplitude has singularities on the moduli space, associated to periodic closed string traj...

  12. A Closed Universe Expanding Forever

    Silva N. P.


    Full Text Available In a recent paper, the expression a ( t = e H 0 T 0 [ ( t T 0 where = 0 : 5804, was proposed for the expansion factor of our Universe. According to it, gravity dominates the expan- sion ( matter era until the age of T ⋆ = 3 : 214 Gyr and, after that, dark energy dominates ( dark energy era leading to an eternal expansion, no matter if the Universe is closed, flat or open. In this paper we consider only the closed version and show that there is an upper limit for the size of the radial comoving coordinate, beyond which nothing is observed by our fundamental observer, on Earth. Our observable Universe may be only a tiny portion of a much bigger Universe most of it unobservable to us. This leads to the idea that an endless number of other fundamental observers may live on equal number of Universes similar to ours. Either we talk about many Universes — Multiverse — or about an unique Universe, only part of it observable to us.

  13. Emprego do modelo superparametrizado em experiemento fatorial desbalanceado com dois fatores Overparameterized model for an unbalanced factorial experiment with two factors

    Eliana Mara Manso


    ça de efeitos médios do fator B e da interação.In agricultural research it is common to study simultaneously various factors and natural loss of observations frequently leads to unbalanced experiments. Thus it is necessary to know which hypothesis can be tested in the statistical systems. In a missing cells scenario the interpretation is even more complex. In general, the hypothesis on main effects of one of these factors contains the main effects of other factors and of effects of interactions. The aim of this work is to develop ANOVA schemes for the overparameterized model to unbalanced data and, or with situations with missing cells. Additionally we call attention to correct identification and interpretation of the hypothesis associated with the four types of sum of squares given by SAS-GLM procedure. Two distinct cases were analyzed, namely: using data referring to commercial weight of carrots, arising from a completely randomized experiment and, using a factorial design with two planting factors (cultivation and the phasis of the moon. We conclude that the estimable functions of a factor involves a linear combination of both main effects and interaction parameters for both Type III and Type IV Sum of Squares. The order of the main effects changes type I Sum of Squares. Thus, when there are missing cells in the two-factor model, the four types of sum of square for main effects are different and the order is fundamental to obtain the correct type I hypothesis. When missing cells happens, the identification of the estimable functions is more complex and the hypotheses are difficult to interpret. In the estimable functions for interaction, interaction parameters appears as expected. In this case, differences between levels of one main effect factor can only be estimated in the presence of average effects due to the other factor B and the interaction.

  14. Influence of Closed Stator Slots on Cogging Torque

    Ion, Trifu; Leban, Krisztina Monika; Ritchie, Ewen


    Cogging torque results due interaction of magnetic field of magnets and stator slots, and have negative effects on permanent magnet machines such as vibrations, noise, torque ripples and problems during turbine start-up and cut-in. In order to reduce cogging torque this paper presents a study...... of influence of closed stator slots on cogging torque using magnetic slot wedges....

  15. Noncommutative-geometry model for closed bosonic strings

    Sen, Siddhartha; Holman, R.


    It is shown how Witten's (1986) noncommutative geometry may be extended to describe the closed bosonic string. For closed strings, an explicit representation is provided of the integral operator needed to construct an action and of an associative product on string fields. The proper choice of the action of the integral operator and the associative product in order to give rise to a reasonable theory is explained, and the consequences of such a choice are discussed. It is shown that the ghost numbers of the operator and associative product can be chosen arbitrarily for both open and closed strings, and that this construct can be used as an action for interacting closed bosonic strings.

  16. 50 CFR 648.73 - Closed areas.


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 8 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Closed areas. 648.73 Section 648.73... Clam and Ocean Quahog Fisheries § 648.73 Closed areas. (a) Areas closed because of environmental degradation. Certain areas are closed to all surf clam and ocean quahog fishing because of...

  17. Closed-universe recollapse conjecture

    Barrow, J.D.; Galloway, G.J.; Tipler, F.J.


    It is widely believed that all expanding S/sup 3/ closed universes that satisfy the standard energy conditions recollapse to a second singularity. It is shown that this is false even for Friedmann universes: an ever-expanding S/sup 3/ Friedmann universe is constructed in which the matter tensor satisfies the strong, weak and dominant energy conditions and the generic condition. A general recollapse theorem for Friedmann universes is proved if the positive pressure criterion, dominant enery condition and matter regularity condition hold, then an S/sup 3/ Friedmann universe must recollapse. It is shown that all known vacuum solutions with Cauchy surface topology S/sup 3/ or S/sup 2/XS/sup 1/ recollapse, and we conjecture that this is a property of all vacuum solutions of Einstein's equations with such Cauchy surfaces.

  18. Close monitoring as a contextual stimulator : How need for structure affects the relation between close monitoring and work outcomes

    Rietzschel, Eric F.; Slijkhuis, Marjette; Van Yperen, Nico W.


    In this article, we argue and demonstrate that employees' Personal Need for Structure (PNS) moderates the negative effects of close monitoring on job satisfaction, intrinsic work motivation, and innovative job performance (as rated by their supervisors). In a field study (N=295), we found that emplo

  19. Estimación de la demanda en sistemas eléctricos de baja tensión en condiciones de desbalance; Demand Estimate in Electric System of Low Tension in Unbalanced Conditions

    Davel Borges Vasconcellos


    Full Text Available En el trabajo se presentan las consideraciones generales de las asimetrías en los sistemas eléctricos debaja tensión, las causas que la provocan, así como los efectos indeseables que ocasionan. A partir de lasinvestigaciones actuales es posible modelar la asimetría como una componente de potencia no activa.Este concepto aplicado a un método propuesto por los autores para la estimación de la demanda durantela etapa de proyecto de los sistemas, posibilita una mayor exactitud en la determinación de la misma, locual es presentado a manera de ejemplo en una aplicación práctica. In the paper the general considerations of the unbalanced are presented in the electric systems of lowtension, the causes that provoke it, as well as the undesirable effects that cause. Starting from the currentinvestigations it is possible to model the unbalanced like a component of power doesn't activate. Thisconcept applied to a method proposed by the authors for the estimate of the demand during the stage ofproject of the systems, facilitates a bigger accuracy in the determination of the same one, that which ispresented by way of example in a practical application. 

  20. Partial monosomy 7q34-qter and 21pter-q22.13 due to cryptic unbalanced translocation t(7;21 but not monosomy of the whole chromosome 21: a case report plus review of the literature

    Kolotii Alexei D


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Autosomal monosomies in human are generally suggested to be incompatible with life; however, there is quite a number of cytogenetic reports describing full monosomy of one chromosome 21 in live born children. Here, we report a cytogenetically similar case associated with congenital malformation including mental retardation, motor development delay, craniofacial dysmorphism and skeletal abnormalities. Results Initially, a full monosomy of chromosome 21 was suspected as only 45 chromosomes were present. However, molecular cytogenetics revealed a de novo unbalanced translocation with a der(7t(7;21. It turned out that the translocated part of chromosome 21 produced GTG-banding patterns similar to original ones of chromosome 7. The final karyotype was described as 45,XX,der(7t(7;21(q34;q22.13,-21. As a meta analysis revealed that clusters of the olfactory receptor gene family (ORF are located in these breakpoint regions, an involvement of OFR in the rearrangement formation is discussed here. Conclusion The described clinical phenotype is comparable to previously described cases with ring chromosome 21, and a number of cases with del(7(q34. Thus, at least a certain percentage, if not all full monosomy of chromosome 21 in live-borns are cases of unbalanced translocations involving chromosome 21.