Sample records for civil defense

  1. Civil Defense, U. S. A.: A Programmed Orientation to Civil Defense. Unit 5. Governmental Responsibilities for Civil Defense. (United States)

    Defense Civil Preparedness Agency (DOD), Battle Creek, MI.

    A description of the laws and orders that provide necessary legal authorization for civil defense activities is provided. In addition, an outline of the responsibilities of all governments and the role of the private sector in civil defense is presented. Topics discussed include: (1) Legal authority for civil defense, (2) Civil defense…

  2. Civil Defense, U. S. A.: A Programmed Orientation to Civil Defense. Unit 1. Civil Defense - Protection Against What? (United States)

    Defense Civil Preparedness Agency (DOD), Battle Creek, MI.

    An explanation of the need for civil defense in nuclear and natural disasters is presented. A brief historical background of civil defense is given. Major topics include: (1) Types of disasters, (2) Probable objectives of a nuclear attack on the United States, (3) The major defensive measures against a nuclear attack, (4) Some reasons for low…

  3. Homeland Defense: DOD Needs to Address Gaps in Homeland Defense and Civil Support Guidance (United States)


    tornado, storm, high water , wind-driven water , tidal wave, tsunami, earthquake, volcanic eruption , landslide, mudslide, snowstorm, or drought), or...Secretary of Defense and the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy on homeland defense and civil support matters, among other things. The...Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs is the principal advisor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and the Secretary

  4. Human biomonitoring in civil defense; Humanbiomonitoring im Bevoelkerungsschutz

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mueller, Michael; Schmiechen, Katharina [Universitaetsmedizin Goettingen (Germany). Arbeits-, Sozial- und Umweltmedizin


    The booklet on human biomonitoring (HBM) in civil defense covers the following issues within two sections: (1) general part: definition and importance of human biomonitoring; application in civil defense; practice in a CBRN (chemical, biological, radiation, nuclear) scenario; sampling following a CBRN assignment; HBM for antidote administration; peculiarities of sampling in case of biological agents; microbiological detection procedure; human biomonitoring of radioactive metal isotopes. (2) Special part: substance profiles; list of HBM laboratories; list of poison information centers; questionnaire for exposure assessment in case of dangerous substance accidents; agreement for human biomonitoring examination.

  5. Support Assistants for Fire Emergencies; Student Manual, Part A. Firefighting for Civil Defense Emergencies. (United States)

    International Association of Fire Chiefs, New York, NY.

    A manual intended to help fire departments and Civil Defense organizations train people to support regular fire forces during a national emergency is presented. It contains 11 chapters: Introduction, Modern Weapons and Radioactive Fallout, Role of Fire Service in Civil Defense, Local Fire Department Organization, Role of Support Assistants in…

  6. 24 CFR 100.308 - Good faith defense against civil money damages. (United States)


    ... 24 Housing and Urban Development 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Good faith defense against civil money damages. 100.308 Section 100.308 Housing and Urban Development Regulations Relating to Housing and... Good faith defense against civil money damages. (a) A person shall not be held personally liable...

  7. Civil Support: DOD Needs to Clarify Its Roles and Responsibilities for Defense Support of Civil Authorities during Cyber Incidents (United States)


    DOD’s DSCA Execute Order directs DSCA operations and identifies force packages and capabilities—such as search and rescue , transportation, and...civil authorities as part of its Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) mission , but DOD’s guidance does not clearly define its roles and...response concept plan states that U.S. Northern Command would be the supported command for a DSCA mission that may include cyber domain incidents and

  8. 76 FR 2246 - Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) (United States)


    ... INFORMATION CONTACT: Colonel Brent Feick, 703-697-5415. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Department of Defense... information needs and other requirements of the Secretary of Defense are met, and developing, coordinating...; and all support to civilian law enforcement authorities in situations where a confrontation...

  9. Bordering the Civic Imaginary: Alienization, Fence Logic, and the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (United States)

    DeChaine, D. Robert


    Current figurations of the "immigration problem" in the United States challenge our understanding of the rhetoricity of contemporary bordering practices. The public discourse of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps serves to chart the alienization of undocumented migrants and the enactment of alien abjection on the U.S.-Mexico border.…

  10. Enhancing Unity of Effort in Homeland Defense, Homeland Security, and Civil Support Through Interdisciplinary Education (United States)


    direct threats to citizens and facilities in the U.S. homeland. Cohesive interagency action is vital to deterring, defending against, and...defense, homeland security, and civil support. In 2004, Disney produced a movie entitled Miracle that portrayed the story of the 1980 hockey team...perspective that the players have finally set aside their differences and internal competitions to form a true team. These quotes from a movie Disney

  11. "A Is for Atom, B Is for Bomb": Civil Defense in American Public Education, 1948-1963. (United States)

    Brown, JoAnne


    Discusses the development of civil defense education following World War II. Examines its effects on the public as atomic bomb drills became commonplace in schools which also served as fallout shelters. Concludes that inadequate portrayal of the horrors of nuclear war produced anger, fear, and disillusionment as the postwar generation matured.…

  12. Defensive medicine in general practice: recent trends and the impact of the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW). (United States)

    Salem, Omar; Forster, Christine


    This article presents the results of a survey conducted among New South Wales medical practitioners to assess the extent to which the enactment of the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW) has reduced the practice of defensive medicine. The new legislation was intended in part to reduce the practice of defensive medicine, both "assurance-type" measures, such as performing additional tests to assure patients they have received all possible care, and "avoidance-type" measures, such as avoiding the treatment of patients who may be at a higher risk for adverse outcomes and therefore at higher risk for filing lawsuits. However, the results of the survey reveal that many medical practitioners in New South Wales remain unaware of the legal reforms and the consequent reduction in their legal liability and continue to practise defensive medicine. This article argues therefore that while the ultimate aim of reducing litigation has been achieved in New South Wales through the introduction of the Civil Liability Act, the underlying and arguably more important aim of providing medical practitioners with a more secure environment in which to practise their profession effectively has not been achieved. The apparent failure to disseminate the legal changes to the medical profession illustrates the limitations of law reform to effectively engender social change without the active use of educative and other implementation initiatives.

  13. 人防地下室楼盖选型%Selection on Civil Air Defense Basement Floor System

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Through the selection and comprehensive analysis of civil air defense basement floor system, it can be found that the occupancy floor height, construction cost, concrete and steel bar cost of beam and slab of Girderless floor are less than those of other floor systems.Girderless floor has huge comprehensive benefits.%进行人防地下室楼盖选型,综合分析比较可以得到:无梁楼盖相对于其他形式楼盖占用层高最少,施工费用最低,梁和板混凝土和钢筋材料费最少,综合效益最好。

  14. Congressionally-Direct Homeland Defense and Civil Support Threat Information Collection (United States)


    PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) St. Mary’s University of San Antonio 1 Camino Santa Maria Street San Antonio, TX 78228-5433 Start/End Dates: 10-12 October 2006 Location: University of Guadalajara at Ocotlan, Mexico Attendees: Jeffrey Addicott, Roberto Rosas ...the Ministry of Defense and the Legal Affairs Office of the French Embassy in Lima , Peru with the diplomatic chancellery as the diplomat’s personal

  15. 地下室人防建筑设计要点探究%Explore the Design Points of Civil Air Defense Architectural of Basement

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    With the rapid development of the construction in-dustry, the function of basement has a strong comprehensiven-ess, in addition to air defense requirements, as wel as the need for normal use, such as parking, and equipment. In this article, the author gives a detailed and in-depth discussion of the rel-evant points of civil air defense architectural design of basem-ent.%  随着建筑行业的快速发展,地下室的功能有着较强的综合性。除了防空要求,还有平时使用的需要,如停车,设备等。本文就地下室人防建筑设计的相关要点进行了细致、深入的探讨。

  16. Assessment of Local, State and Federal Request Processes for Defense Support to Civil Authorities in the United States (United States)


    Emergency Support Function, Military Logistics , Pre-scripted Mission Assignment, Defense Coordination Officer/ Element, USC Title 10/ 32 Forces...Telecommunications Management • Transportation Management It details the logistics functions that will be the focus of the military logistics capabilities

  17. Retention and Promotion of High-Quality Civil Service Workers in the Department of Defense Acquisition Workforce (United States)


    quality, other factors that may deter- mine the performance rating include the methods used to monitor the worker’s output, the frequency with which...P. Sanders, and Constance Horner, Civil Service Reform: Building a Government That Works, Washington, D.C.: The Brookings Institution, 1996

  18. 人防地下室建筑设计风格的演变趋势分析与探讨%Analysis and Discussion on Evolution Trend of Civil Air Defense Basement's Architectural Design Style

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    人防地下室建筑是空袭和战争状态下人员与物资隐蔽、医疗救护的保障建筑。从人防地下室的自然通风设计、抗震设计、采光设计等方面出发,分析人防工程的建筑设计风格的演变趋势,指导未来人防地下室建筑设计面向提高抗力等级、优化建筑通风采光效果和提高安全性能方向发展。%Civil air defense basement construction is a kind of protective construction to guarantee the concealment of per⁃sonnel and supplies and the implementation of medical aid in case of air raid or state of war. From the perspectives of civil air defense basement's natural ventilation design, seismic design, daylighting design, etc., the article makes analysis of the evolution trend of civil air defense basement's architectural design style, so as to guide the future development direc⁃tion of civil air defense basement design by managing to realize the improvement of its resistance level, the optimization of its ventilation and lighting effects, and the enhancement of its safety performance.

  19. 32 CFR 855.13 - Civil fly-ins. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 6 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Civil fly-ins. 855.13 Section 855.13 National Defense Department of Defense (Continued) DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE AIRCRAFT CIVIL AIRCRAFT USE OF UNITED STATES AIR FORCE AIRFIELDS Civil Aircraft Landing Permits § 855.13 Civil fly-ins. (a)...

  20. Trying to Learn Lessons for Response to Extreme Events: Paradigm Shifts Affecting Civil Defense in the Trinational Region of Southwestern Amazonia (United States)

    Santos, G. L. P.


    The last ten years have seen several extreme climate events in southwestern Amazonia with historic impacts. The City of Rio Branco, Capital of Acre, Brazil´s westernmost State, suffered its seventh consecutive annual flooding and its worst in March 2015. The city of Tarauacá, also in Acre, registered 12 flooding events between November 2014 and April 2015. The most recent flood of the trinational Acre River in 2015 set historic records for flood stage and number of displaced persons in Cobija, the Capital of Pando, Bolivia. From February to April 2014, floods of the Madeira River disrupted the one highway between Acre and southern Brazil. Puerto Maldonado, the capital in Madre de Dios Region of Peru had its worst flood in 50 years during 2014. In 2005 and 2010, prolonged droughts combined with ignition sources resulted in tens to hundreds of thousands of hectares of fire-damaged rainforests in the Madre de Dios, Acre and Pando (MAP) Region. The Civil Defenses in these three contiguous political units faced several abrupt paradigm shifts that affected their responses: 1) The drought of 2005 showed dramatically that regional rainforests do burn; 2) The recent flooding history, particularly in 2012 and 2015, demolished the cultural icon of a nine-year recurrence interval; 3) What happens outside your territory can be devastating. The Madeira River flood impeded an estimated 200 million dollars from circulating in Acre; 4) The past can be a terrible guide. For Cobija and Rio Branco, the 2015 flood was on the order of a meter higher than any other. Many home dwellers did not evacuate in time because they used past floods as a guide; 5) A collapse in communication - cell phones, land lines, and Internet - can get worse. In 2012, such a collapse occurred in two border towns for 5 days, yet in 2015 it lasted more than 11 days. Research is needed to address how institutions linked to Civil Defense can shift paradigms in time to be more effective.

  1. On the Mechanical and Electrical Design and Installation of Large-scale Civil Air Defense Project%论大型人防工程中的机电设计与安装

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    在人防工程机电项目的设计与安装过程当中,所包含的施工项目种类十分繁多。同时伴随着我国整体经济水平的快速发展,城市化进程的不断推进,对于人防工程的建设要求与标准也越来越高。因而就人防工程的机电设计与安装工作也提出了更为严苛的要求标准,本文将基于大型人防工程的施工特点,紧紧围绕着实际工程施工情况来展开相关的机电设计与安装工作。%In the mechanical and electrical design and installation of civil air defense engineering, there are many kings of construction project. With the rapid development of China's overall economic level and the constant advance of the urbanization process, the construction requirements and standards for civil air defense projects are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, the more stringent requirements of the standard of mechanical and electrical design and installation work of civil air defense projects are put forward. Based on the construction characteristics of large civil air defense project, this paper will focus on the actual engineering construction to expand the relevant mechanical and electrical design and installation work.

  2. Internet Civil Defense: Feasibility Study (United States)


    performance metrics; adjust Execution accordingly Figure (11-5a) Activity Map to Implement ICD – Potential GHNet Team Role ExecutionPlanning team GHNet Team Role : Figure (11-5b) 113 The ICD approach of creating an “end-to end solution” and a “backbone” for integrated Emergency

  3. 信息安全视角下人防面临的威胁分析%Analysis on the Civil Air Defense Threat under the Perspective of Information Security

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    信息防护是人民防空安全防护的重要组成部分,涉及的内容广泛,是一项系统工程,包括物理层安全、系统层安全、网络层安全和管理层安全等.%Information protection is an important part of the civil air defense. It is a system engineering that involves extensively, generally includes the physical security, system security, network layer, application layer and security management, etc.

  4. Eliminating mental disability as a legal criterion in deprivation of liberty cases: The impact of the Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities on the insanity defense, civil commitment, and competency law. (United States)

    Slobogin, Christopher


    A number of laws that are associated with deprivations of liberty, including the insanity defense, civil commitment, guardianship of the person and numerous competency doctrines in the criminal context, require proof of mental disability as a predicate. The Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities commands signatory states to eliminate that predicate. Summarizing principles set out in my book Minding Justice: Laws That Deprive People With Mental Disability of Life and Liberty, I explain how this seemingly radical stance can be implemented. Specifically, this article proposes adoption of an "integrationist defense" in the criminal context, an "undeterrability requirement" when the state seeks preventive detention outside of the criminal process, and a "basic rationality and self-regard test" for incompetency determinations. None of these proposals requires proof of a mental disorder as a predicate condition.

  5. 人防工程给排水施工质量监控的流程与内容及策略探讨%Study on the process,content and strategy of water supply and drainage quality monitoring about civil air defense project

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


      文章分析了人防工程给排水施工质量监控工作流程、主要部位和要求,并就人防工程给排水施工质量监控要点和措施展开了具体研究。%This paper analyzes the process,main parts and requirements of water supply and drainage quality monitoring for civil air defense project,and studies the key point and measures to monitor quality of civil air defense project in detail.

  6. The Federal Civil Service Workforce: Assessing the Effects on Retention of Pay Freezes, Unpaid Furloughs, and Other Federal-Employee Compensation Changes in the Department of Defense (United States)


    increase federal pension contributions, eliminate the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) annuity supplement, lower the FERS basic plan multiplier...include increasing federal pension contributions, eliminating the FERS annuity supplement, lower- ing the FERS basic plan multiplier, and using the...deduction in their retirement annuities for every year they are under 55” (Peters, 1996). A Stochastic Dynamic Model of Retention for DoD Civil Service

  7. On Civility and Civilizations

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@ At a time when misunderstand-ings between cultures run rampant, when walls of fear, prejudice and hatred divide the members of the human family, it is urgent to intensify the dialogue between civilizations. Under the new leadership of its Director General lrina Bokova, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared 2010 as the "Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures." In this context, the concerted reflections and actions of Europe and China can be highly meaningful.

  8. 第三人过错不应作为环境污染民事责任的抗辩事由%Fault of the Third Party should not Be the Civil Liability Defenses of Environmental Pollution

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    That this article first analyzes the fault of a third person is the defenses of the tort cases of fault liability. Then it comprehensively reviews the evolution of the fault of a third person's position in China's environmental legislation, and for theoretical arguments about whether the fault of a third party is the defenses in civil liability for environmental pollution. It proposed that in any subsequent revision of China "marine environmental protection law" and "water pollution control act," and even the development of specialized environmental tort liability act, we should clearly define the fault of a third person, which are not the defenses in all areas of environmental pollution, while we also need to set up the mechanism of investigating the civil liability for fault of a third party leading to the environmental pollution and set up a social relief mechanism.%本文分析了第三人过错是过错责任侵权案件的抗辩事由,全面梳理了第三人过错在我国环境立法中的地位演变,并就第三人过错是否为环境污染民事责任抗辩事由的理论争议进行了深入的述评。提出在以后修改《海洋环境保护法》及《水污染防治法》,甚至制定专门的环境侵权责任法时,除了明确规定在所有环境污染领域第三人过错都不是抗辩事由外,还需合理地设置第三人过错污染环境民事责任的追究机制和社会化救济机制。

  9. 俄罗斯国防工业军转民介评及启示%Reflections on Russia’s Experience of Diverting National Defense Technology into Civil Industry Use

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杜颖; 章凯业


    With the end of cold war, race for economic development and technology has replaced military competition for weighing the strength of a country. Hence Russia strategically adopts measures to divert the national defense technology partially or wholly into civil industry use. Deifnitely, Russia achieved a lot by taking measures compatible with the situation in Russia and integrating military use with civil use. However, due to absence of a macro level map, sufifcient ifnancial support and corresponding legal regime, Russia has witnessed defeats and failures during the process. China shall learn from Russia while addressing corresponding issues.%冷战结束后,经济发展和科技竞赛取代军事竞争,成为各国实力较量的焦点,俄罗斯也分阶段采取策略,将国防工业转轨生产民用产品或军民两用产品。在立足本国实际、实施军民一体化战略方面,俄罗斯的经验是值得肯定的,也取得了一定的成效。但是,由于没有宏观规划,缺乏充足的资金支持以及配套的体系化法律制度保障,其教训也是惨痛的。这些经验和教训对我国处理相关问题的启示意义很大。

  10. Design Points of New Civil Air Defense Equipment in Subway Sections%地铁区间新型人防设备设计要点

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郭士博; 徐胜


    经济合理地实现城市轨道交通设计中的人防功能是地铁设计的一个重要问题。为解决地铁区间刚性接触网不断开条件下的人防设防问题,设计出新型区间单扇防护密闭隔断门。新型设备同时有效地解决了线路曲线段、大坡段及大盾构区间施工段的人防设防问题。详细介绍了新型设备的机构设计原理、工作性能及既有难题的解决方案,对其与既有设备的改进处进行对比,得出了新型设备的优越性与应用范围。%How to realize the functions of air defense eco-nomically and rationaly is an important issue in subway de-sign.Airtight blast partition door is designed for rigid cate-nary subway system which can be used when the catenaries and rail track are not disconnected.This new equipment al-so effectively solves the problem of air defense fortification line curve segments,steep slopes and large segments in shield zone construction.In this paper,the new equipment design principles, performance and solutions to existing problems are introduced in detail.The improvement and application range of the new equipment are also described.

  11. Civil Identity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Petersen, Lars Axel

    In this paper I will go through a catalogue of examples of contexts in which the term civil identity is currently used, ranging from the formal and technical process of linking a set of administrative and other events to an individual biological person by means of identity cards, fingerprints, iris...... scanning, etc., to discussions of Shari'a law versus common civil law in India; from the study of religious cult in ancient city states to the processes of constitutional reconstruction in former Communist countries; and from attempts at conflict resolution and prevention between Jewish and Arab citizens...... of Israel to Luce Irigaray's Feminist agenda of elaborating gender specific civil identities. My intention is to investigate whether these different employments of 'civil identity' point towards a common, and fairly well defined object field asking questions of contemporary relevance to the philosophy...

  12. Sofrimento psíquico no trabalho e estratégias defensivas dos operários terceirizados da construção civil Psychic suffering at work and defensive strategies of outsourced worker at building constructions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paloma Castro da Rocha Barros


    Full Text Available Este artigo investiga as estratégias defensivas contra o sofrimento utilizadas pelos trabalhadores terceirizados de uma construtora em Brasília, utilizando como referencial teórico-metodológico a Psicodinâmica do Trabalho. Realizam-se entrevistas coletivas semi-estruturadas com 20 trabalhadores, distribuídos em quatro grupos com cinco participantes cada um, submetidas à análise de conteúdo. Os resultados apontam que os trabalhadores encontram-se vulneráveis e inseguros diante do modelo de produção terceirizado, que negligencia seus direitos e exige alta produtividade. O sofrimento torna-se visível por meio de indicadores de mal-estar tais como desgaste físico e mental e falta de reconhecimento, que é enfrentado mediante estratégias de mediação defensivas de negação e controle. O pressuposto inicial de que o modelo de produção baseado nos princípios tayloristas e na acumulação flexível de capital, preponderante no setor da construção civil, potencializa o sofrimento no contexto de produção é, então, confirmado.This paper investigated defensive strategies to confront suffering used by outsourced workers of building constructions builders in Brasília, having as theoretic-methodological reference the Psychodynamics of Work. Semi structured collective interview were undertaken with 20 workers, distributed in four groups with five participants each one. The interview was submitted to content analysis. The results show the workers presenting vulnerability and insecurity to face outsourced production models that would disregard their rights and demand high productivity. The suffering becomes visible by mal-being symptoms indicated as physic and mental stress and lack of recognition, that is copping by negation and control as defensive mediation strategies. The results confirm the initial presuppositions that the production model based on Taylorist principles and flexible accumulation of capital, predominant at the

  13. Civil Defense in Soviet Strategic Perceptions. (United States)


    of the textile industry was 62 percent of 1940, and of the food industry 42 percent. 2 6 Freight turnover on the railroad declined from 95 billion...for aid to Belorussia. The UNRRA aid consisted mainly of shipments of food (53 per- cent of the total value), clothing, textiles and footwear (some...Economy," Bolshevik, No. 6, March 1946, pp. 69-92. 63 Kosyachenko, p. 59. The gross industria -l output in terms of the 1940 level declined from 91 percent

  14. Civil Disobedience. (United States)

    Martz, Carlton


    This theme issue looks at three historical and recent instances of civil disobedience. The first article examines the Free Speech Movement, which arose on the Berkeley campus of the University of California in the 1960s. The second article recounts the struggle of Mahatma Gandhi to free India from the British Empire. The final article explores the…

  15. Responsabilidade civil


    Dalanhol, André


    Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Centro Tecnológico. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia de Produção. 1. INTRODUÇÃO - aborda o tema Responsabilidade Civil - Reparação do Dano Moral Ambiental, de forma sucinta, justificando sua aplicabilidade no direito brasileiro, discorrendo acerca de cada etapa do trabalho; 2. MEIO AMBIENTE - CONCEITO - proposta de um conceito mais amplo de meio ambiente, que melhor se coadune com a realidade atual, uma vez que os con...

  16. 32 CFR 537.17 - Scope for civil works claims of maritime nature. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Scope for civil works claims of maritime nature. 537.17 Section 537.17 National Defense Department of Defense (Continued) DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY CLAIMS... nature. Under the River and Harbors Act (33 U.S.C. 408), the United States has the right to recover...

  17. Civil Society Organizations: Development and Failures


    Abdallah, Ali Saleh


    One has not to be worried about civil society organizations because they have already received an important role to play in social activities, in the development and the defense of human rights. Therefore, they represent a key partner for the state, alongside with which they participate in economic and social development. In fact, nowadays, it is no longer possible for the state alone to vouch for social development and to assume responsibility for all social problems. The relations between t...

  18. 32 CFR 537.15 - Statutory authority for maritime claims and claims involving civil works of a maritime nature. (United States)


    ... claims involving civil works of a maritime nature. 537.15 Section 537.15 National Defense Department of....15 Statutory authority for maritime claims and claims involving civil works of a maritime nature. (a... affirmative claims involving civil works of a maritime nature is set out at 33 U.S.C. 408....

  19. Reform and Development of Shanghai's Civil Affairs

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The work of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau centers on social administration,democratic political construction at grass roots level, social relief and welfare,care and support of servicemen and their families, and national defense construction. It guarantees the people's basic rights, particularly those in difficulty,and maintains social stability. Effective management of civil affairs is crucial to the construction of a weft-off society.

  20. 32 CFR Appendix A to Part 37 - What Is the Civil-Military Integration Policy That Is the Basis for Technology Investment... (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false What Is the Civil-Military Integration Policy That Is the Basis for Technology Investment Agreements? A Appendix A to Part 37 National Defense Department of Defense OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE DoD GRANT AND AGREEMENT REGULATIONS...

  1. Technical Soddi Defenses: The Trojan Horse Defense Revisited

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chad Steel


    Full Text Available In 2004, the Trojan horse defense was at a crossroads, with two child pornography cases where it was successfully employed in the United Kingdom, resulting in acquittals.  The original Trojan horse defense has now become part of the more general “technical SODDI” defense, which includes the possibility of unknown actors using unsecured Wi-Fi connections or having physical access to a computer to perform criminal acts.  In the past ten years, it has failed to be effective in the United States for criminal cases, with no published acquittals in cases where it was the primary defense.  In the criminal cases where it has been used as leverage in plea negotiations, there has been either poor forensics performed by the prosecution or political pressure to resolve a matter.  On the civil side, however, the defense has been wildly successful, effectively shutting down large John Doe copyright infringement litigation against non-commercial violators.  

  2. 32 CFR 700.822 - Delivery of personnel to civil authorities and service of subpoena or other process. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 5 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Delivery of personnel to civil authorities and service of subpoena or other process. 700.822 Section 700.822 National Defense Department of Defense... REGULATIONS AND OFFICIAL RECORDS The Commanding Officer Commanding Officers in General § 700.822 Delivery...

  3. Civil Society and Governance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hulgård, Lars

    An illustration of how important the relationship is between civil society anbd governance. A short historic journey with four snapshots of times and situations that have provided interesting evidence about the connection between civil society and governance. My goal for the short historic journey...... is to make clear and hopefully even verify that providing knowledge about the impact of civil society and citizens’ participation on governance is one of the most urgent research tasks in the current period of time....

  4. Legalisation of Civil Wars

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Buhl, Kenneth Øhlenschlæger


    -international armed conflict' is used here. Civil wars are usually limited to the territory of a state. Considering that international law is generally concerned with the legal relations between states – being a legal system based on the system of states with states as its subjects – the main question is how civil......This article is concerned with the legal challenges of regulating civil wars in international humanitarian law. Civil war is not a term used in international law; it falls however, withing the context of the legal term 'armed conflicts not of an international character', although the shorter 'non...... wars as internal conflicts have become subject to international humanitarian law....

  5. The Impact of the Civil Rights Movement on the Women's Movement. (United States)

    O'Connor, Karen


    States that the civil rights movements served as a catalyst to women in working for their own rights. Points out that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Women's Rights Project, modeled after the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Legal Defense fund, led the litigation battles for women's rights. Lists…

  6. Defense Research Enterprise Assessment (United States)


    MEMORANDUM FOR: SEE DISTRIBUTION SUBJECT: Final Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Defense Research Enterprise Assessment The...attached report contains the findings and recommendations of the Defense Science Board (DSB) Study on Defense Research Enterprise Assessment. The 2015...National Defense Authorization Act directed the Secretary of Defense to task the DSB to conduct an assessment of the organization, missions, authorities

  7. Refractions of Civil Society

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kuzmanovic, Daniella

    The thesis investigates various perceptions of civil society among civic activists in Turkey, and how these perceptions are produced and shaped. The thesis is an anthropological contribution to studies of civil society in general, as well as to studies on political culture in Turkey....

  8. Reconceptualizing Civil Regulation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Galang, Roberto Martin; Castello, Itziar


    This article re-conceptualizes the notion of civil regulation, through an analysis of 775 projects by firms located in 21 Asian countries, wherein we map the state of civil regulation initiatives in the region. We challenge two established assumptions in the Corporate Social Responsibility litera...

  9. Civil Procedure In Denmark

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Werlauff, Erik

    The book contains an up-to-date survey of Danish civil procedure after the profound Danish procedural reforms in 2007. It deals with questions concerning competence and function of Danish courts, commencement and preparation of civil cases, questions of evidence and burden of proof, international...

  10. Civil War and Inoperativity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Flohr, Mikkel


    This article analyses the penultimate publication in Giorgio Agambens Homo Sacer-series Stasis: Civil War as a Political Paradigm. It compares and contrasts the paradigm of civil war with the preceding paradigm of the exception, and identifies a significant displacement in the relationship between...... civil war and the sovereign state, in spite of Agamben’s insistence on their continuity. Agamben’s decoupling of civil war and the sovereign state facilitates novel political possibilities that unfortunately remain underdeveloped in the book. The article proceeds to develop Agamben’s brief intimations...... of inoperativity towards a concept of destituent power drawing on his other writings. It makes the argument for thinking civil war and inoperativity – stasis and stasis – together to derive a concept of destituent power as a form of revolution against the sovereign state, which does not constitute a new sovereign...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandrina Zaharia


    Full Text Available The European Union increases the judiciary cooperation in civil and comercial cases with trans-border incidence, based on the principle of mutual recognition of judiciary rulings. The aim of adopting frame-legislation is to ensure the developement of civil procedures. The Council Regulations no. 44/2001 on the competence, the recognition and the enforcement of judiciary rulings in civil and commercial cases is a “real” Code of civil procedure in this matter, to be applied in the member states, thus ensuring the free circulation of the judiciary rulings according to the principles of mutual recognition, mutual trust and reinforcement of juridical security in the union. The community civil procedural code prevails over the national procedural code. The Regulations ensure the administration of the community justice and through their rules avoid the pronunciation, in the member states, of rulings that are irreconcilable with each other, the direct beneficiaries being legal and natural persons.

  12. Producing Civil Society

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Feldt, Liv Egholm; Hein Jessen, Mathias

    of the century. 2, the laws and strategies of implementing regarding the regulation of civil societal institutions (folkeoplysningsloven) since the 1970’s this paper shows how civil society in 20th century Denmark was produced both conceptually and practically and how this entailed a specific vision and version......Since the beginning of the 1990’s, civil society has attracted both scholarly and political interest as the ‘third sphere’ outside the state and the market not only a normatively privileged site of communication and ‘the public sphere’, but also as a resource for democratization processes......’ and as such dominates our way of thinking about civil society. Yet, this view hinders the understanding of how civil society is not a pre-existing or given sphere, but a sphere which is constantly produced both discursively, conceptually and practically. Through two examples; 1,the case of philanthropy in the beginning...

  13. Climates, Landscapes, and Civilizations (United States)

    Schultz, Colin


    Humans are now the dominant driver of global climate change. From ocean acidification to sea level rise, changes in precipitation patterns, and rising temperatures, global warming is presenting us with an uncertain future. However, this is not the first time human civilizations have faced a changing world. In the AGU monograph Climates, Landscapes, and Civilizations, editors Liviu Giosan, Dorian Q. Fuller, Kathleen Nicoll, Rowan K. Flad, and Peter C. Clift explore how some ancient peoples weathered the shifting storms while some faded away. In this interview, Eos speaks with Liviu Giosan about the decay of civilizations, ancient adaptation, and the surprisingly long history of humanity's effect on the Earth.

  14. Vertical Evacuation Body in Deep Underground Public Space:Taking Qingdao Underground Civil Defense Engineering as an Example%垂直疏散体在超深地下公共空间的应用研究--以青岛某地下人防工程为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    胡望社; 李俊钊; 李自力; 崔远


    abstract The development and utilization of underground spaces are heavily limited by actual conditions and regulations for fire prevention. The depth of underground spaces, which is over 10 meters, cannot be applied to commercial development due to the problem of personnel emergency evacuation. This paper takes Qingdao underground civil air defense engineering as an example, in which the underground space is buried more than 10 meters depth, with contradiction between the need for crowd escape and high level of elevation difference. This example integrates elevator and stair evacuation, forming an evacuation complex, namely "body vertical evacuation". For the safety evacuation design of super deep underground space, it provides a new train of thought, and enriches the theory of safe evacuation design.%由于自然条件、防火规范的限制,深于10m的地下空间的开发利用面临一个技术瓶颈,即受限于人员应急疏散问题而无法进行商业开发。以青岛某地下人防工程为例,为了解决埋深大于10m的地下公共空间中逃生人数多与垂直高差大的矛盾,考虑将疏散电梯与楼梯整合,形成疏散综合体,即“垂直疏散体”,旨在从建筑设计层面为超深地下公共空间的安全疏散设计提供新的思路,丰富其安全疏散设计的理论。

  15. Antioxidative defense

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stevanović Jelka


    Full Text Available Free radicals occur constantly during metabolism and take part in numerous physiological processes, such as: intra-cellular and inter-cellular signalization, gene expression, removal of damaged or senescent cells, and control of the tone of blood vessels. However, there is an increased quantity of free radicals in situations of so-called oxidative stress, when they cause serious damage to cellular membranes (peroxidation of their lipids, damage of membrane proteins, and similar, to interior cellular protein molecules, as well as DNA molecules and carbohydrates. This is precisely why the organism has developed numerous mechanisms for removing free radicals and/or preventing their production. Some of these are enzyme-related and include superoxide-dismutase, catalase, glutathione-peroxidase, and others. Other, non-enzyme mechanisms, imply antioxidative activities of vitamins E and C, provitamin A, coenzyme Q, reduced glutation, and others. Since free radicals can leave the cell that has produced them and become dispersed throughout the body, in addition to antioxidative defense that functions within cellular structures, antioxidant extra-cellular defense has also been developed. This is comprised by: transferrin, lactoferrin, haptoglobin, hemopexin, ceruloplasmin, albumins, extra-cellular isoform SOD, extracellular glutathione-peroxidase, glucose, bilirubin, urates, and many other molecules.

  16. 高密度电阻率法探测地下人防巷道装置类型选择与异常识别%unit type ChoSen for hiGh denSity reSiStivity method uSed in deteCtion of underGround Civil Air defenSe workS And reCoGnition of AnomAly

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郭厚军; 张国鸿


    Based on Wenner arrangement and tri-pole unit test over known underground civil air defense works, and analysis of anomalous features, this paper introduced the use of right unit type of high density resistivity method that tells difference in resistivity of underground media and how to recognize the anomalous marker correctly.%通过在已知在已揭露的地下人防巷道上方高密度电阻率法中温纳装置、三极装置的试验以及异常特征分析,说明利用地下介质的电阻率差异,采用高密度电阻率法探测地下人防巷道工作时,应选择好装置类型,且要正确地识别其异常标志。

  17. Civil & Criminal Penalties (United States)

    US Consumer Product Safety Commission — When CPSC is involved in a civil or criminal investigations into violations of the Consumer Products Safety Act the Commission publishes final determinations and...

  18. Civil Surgeon Info (United States)

    Department of Homeland Security — USCIS designates certain doctors (also known as civil surgeons) to perform the medical exam required for most Green Card applicants. This data set represents the...

  19. Transnationalising Civil Society?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Martin Bak

    The paper takes a transnational perspective on developing an analytical framework for understanding how transnationalism interacts with civil society and how immigrant organisations use transnational strategies to challenge the pre-given positions of immigrants within given integration- and citiz......The paper takes a transnational perspective on developing an analytical framework for understanding how transnationalism interacts with civil society and how immigrant organisations use transnational strategies to challenge the pre-given positions of immigrants within given integration...

  20. Should bioengineering graduates seek employment in the defense industry? (United States)

    Johnson, Arthur T


    They say that the difference between a mechanical engineer and a civil engineer is that the mechanical engineer develops weapons whereas a civil engineer designs targets. The implication is that some engineers are involved with building peaceful infrastructure whereas others contribute to destruction. This brings to mind the question: what is the proper role for engineers in the creation of weapons and defenses against them? In particular, should engineers specializing in biology or medicine be involved in the defense industry? After all, bioengineers are supposed to be builders or healers rather than warriors or destroyers.

  1. [Civil, criminal and ethical liability of medical doctors]. (United States)

    Udelsmann, Artur


    In the last years doctors have been the target of a growing number of civil, criminal law suits, as well as ethical procedures. Medicine is a widely targeted career, not only owing to its inherent risks, but also owing to a mistaken approach of the Judiciary Power about the obligations of medical doctors. Decisions of the Medical Board in ethical procedures have an impact in civil and criminal justice and therefore should be followed closely. The purpose of this review is to provide a wide view from a doctor-lawyer perspective of cases involving civil, criminal liability of anesthesiologists as well as ethical procedures against them, in an effort to make them comprehensible to doctors. After a brief historical introduction civil liability foundations and legal articles are examined. Responsibilities of doctors, hospitals and health insurance providers are discussed separately, as well as reparation mechanisms. Crimes possible to occur during medical practice and respective penalties are described; the direct relationship between crime and civil reparation is demonstrated. The administrative nature of ethical procedure is described, emphasizing that the legal character of its penalties often serve as grounds for civil and criminal justice decisions. Prevention is still the best medicine. Good medical practice and a good medical-patient relationship are still the best ways to minimize lawsuits and their repercussions. Doctors should have some knowledge of juridical mechanisms in lawsuits and ethical procedures, but should not take defense initiatives without prior consultation of an attorney. Civil, criminal and ethical liability of physicians.

  2. Civil Resistance: An Essential Element of a Total Defense Strategy (United States)


    language, and Soviet crimes against humanity in Estonia. Philip Roeder points out those political entrepreneurs could use two strategies: the...politically, and the sports clubs were the perfect venue. Male and female membership increased dramatically after the strike.”302 6. Narrative The two main

  3. Selected Soviet Military Translations (Air Force and Civil Defense Materials), (United States)


    suspension of bombs in an. airplane can bo causes for this negative plionomonon. Cross action of tho controls consists of tho fact -chat under certain...controlled manually. The effect of the place of suspension of bombs is shown when tho machine is put into a turn,, or when it is held in a turn, as...and Sergey Stopanonko have repeatedly won first prizes in city and republic competitions. ’ , A , Twenty-seven sports.drivers of scooters and

  4. Some Ecological Contexts of Attitudes Concerning Issues of Civil Defense. (United States)


    very different from this pattern: high population densities, essentially no farmers, high population growth with an important inmigration component...b) In areas of high inmigration (over 50 percent during the decade), the index has its high value of 60, while the low of 51.3 characterizes...counties in the next highest inmigration category (25 to 50 percent). (2) Several ratio indices exceed the factor value of 2 (hence, the anticipated

  5. Defense Support to Civil Authorities: Surveying Institutional Challenges (United States)


    31 Alane Kochems. Heritage Foundation: Military Support to Civilian Authorities: An Assessment of the Response to Hurricane...catastrophic disasters. 42 BIBLIOGRAPHY Books Brinkley , Douglas. The Great Deluge: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast...Firehouse Magazine Annual Run Survey 2007. (accessed December 11,2008). Kochems, Alane . Heritage Foundation: Military Support to

  6. Military Base Closures and Affected Defense Department Civil Service Employees (United States)


    employees adversely affected by BRAC. Outplacement subsidies could also be offered to other federal agencies to hire displaced DOD employees through...for its civilians, such as outplacement services, priority placement and separation incentives, will be available to employees under NSPS

  7. The fragility of the Brazilian Defense Ministry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jorge Zaverucha


    Full Text Available The present article presents different phases that the Brazilian Defense Ministry has passed through, since its inception during Fernando Henrique Cardoso's second presidential term (1999-2002 until the current administration of Luís Inácio Lula da Silva (2003-2006, under its respective ministers of Defense. It has been seen as one of the important stages in the re-constitutionalization of the country, insofar as it establishes the submission of Armed Forces commanders to a civilian minister, and although some analysts have considered that such submission is actually achieved, we point here to the military resistance and insubordination to civil power that are the result of an authoritarian legacy. To the extent that the Ministry of Defense is unable to implement its own policies in which the military would be required to follow civilian guidance, this article concludes with considerations on the civil Defense Ministry's political and institutional fragility vis-a-vis military command. The latter has been able to retain high levels of decision making autonomy in its relationship to the Ministry and its structure.

  8. Creative Ventures: Ancient Civilizations. (United States)

    Stark, Rebecca

    The open-ended activities in this book are designed to extend the imagination and creativity of students and encourage students to examine their feelings and values about historic eras. Civilizations addressed include ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mayan, Stonehenge, and Mesopotamia. The activities focus upon the cognitive and affective pupil…

  9. History and Undergraduate Civilization. (United States)

    Conroy, Peter


    It is argued that a traditional, historically-oriented course in 17th- and 18th-century French civilization continues to be an appropriate and effective approach for undergraduate French study, in preparation for later, more sophisticated cultural analysis. Four course components are discussed: class lectures; literary text selection; textbook…

  10. Re-thinking civil disobedience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Theresa Züger


    Full Text Available This article points out a struggle of today’s societies with the traditional concepts of civil disobedience and stresses the need for reevaluation of the concept of civil disobedience for policy making and public discourse. Starting with a minimal definition of civil disobedience, the article introduces Hannah Arendt’s approach for a legitimisation of civil disobedience and discusses her ideas for digital actions, which are increasingly framed as digital forms of civil disobedience. Addressing WikiLeaks as an example of digital civil disobedience, the author problematises the internal secrecy of WikiLeaks and the focus on Julian Assange as a single decision-maker. Both aspects challenge Arendt’s understanding of legitimate civil disobedience. Even though traditional criteria of civil disobedience need to be revisited in the digital age, organisations or disobedience actors might themselves in their actions be well-advised to comply with the principles they fight for.

  11. Civility in Classes and Sports (United States)

    Lumpkin, Angela


    Civility is a polite or courteous act, expression, or standard of conduct, including the display of respect and tolerance to everyone. Teaching and modeling civility in classes and with sport teams is essential so students and athletes can learn the importance of and demonstrate civility in their interactions with others. Teachers and coaches…

  12. Exploring Civilizations with 'Seven Wolves'

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yang Jie


    @@ Beijing - A farewell party for the CCTV (China Central Television) crew 'Road to Civilizations-Global Exploration Tour of World Major Civilizations' - the world's first TV series documenting the journey of exploring the 12 civilizations in the human world, was sponsored by Fujian Septwolves Industry Co., Ltd and held at the Beijing Landmark hotel on 16 January.

  13. The Limitation of Western Civilization And the Revival of Oriental Civilization

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Su; Hao


    <正>In the distribution of modem world civilizations,the Oriental civilization and Western civilization are the two major civilization systems.Western civilization is often represented by the Christian civilization in Europe and North America on both sides across the North Atlantic.Oriental civilization appears more diversified,among which the Chinese civilization,India civilization and Islamic civilization are the most influential

  14. Research on Ecological Civilization Evaluation Index System

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Ecological civilization, which refers to the harmonious development of man and the nature, has the connotation of the ecological material civilization, ecological consciousness civilization, ecological institutional civilization and ecological behavior civilization. The research on ecological civilization evaluation index system is important in that it can provide the guidance for the construction of ecological civilization, and besides it can improve public recognition of the importance of ecological civil...

  15. Manifestations of advanced civilizations (United States)

    Bracewell, R. N.

    A list of possible modes of detecting advanced civilizations elsewhere in the universe is provided, including EM Alfven, and gravity waves, matter transfer, and exotica such as tachyons, black hole tunneling, and telepathy. Further study is indicated for low frequency radio wave propagation, which may travel along magnetic fields to reach the earth while laser beams are not favored because of the power needed for transmitting quanta instead of waves. IR, X ray, and UV astronomy are noted to be suitable for detecting signals in those ranges, while Alfven wave communication will be best observed by probes outside the orbit of Jupiter, where local anomalies have less effect. Particle propagation communication is viewed as unlikely, except as a trace of an extinct civilization, but panspermia, which involves interstellar spreading of seeds and/or spores, receives serious attention, as does laser probe or pellet propulsion.

  16. Insolvencias. Civil y societaria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gustavo Bordes Leone


    Full Text Available El deudor civil que, para substraerse al pago de sus obligaciones, ocultara sus bienes, simulara enajenaciones o créditos, se trasladara al extranjero o se ocultare sin dejar persona que lo represente, o bienes a la vista en cantidad suficiente para responder al pago de sus deudas, será castigado con pena de tres meses de prisión a tres años de penitenciaría. La acción penal no podrá ser ejercitada sino a denuncia de parte, y sólo en el caso de que la insolvencia del deudor resulte comprobada por actos infructuosos de ejecución en la vía civil.Antecedentes históricas. La insolvencia fraudulenta. Insolvencia societaria fraudulenta: Análisis crítico.

  17. Civil society sphericules

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tufte, Thomas


    This article explores the communicative practice of a Tanzanian NGO, Femina. Based on a tripartite model of engagement (Madianou, 2012) integrating speech, action and understanding, and drawing on fieldwork on the communication practices of Femina, I critically assess the forms of civic engagement...... movement and a media initiative. In the context of the growing literature on social networking sites and their affordances, dynamics and structures, the case of Femina illustrates how a civil society sphericule emerges within the dynamic co-evolution of new and old media platforms. The study is furthermore...... an example of the difficult shift in civil society practice, from service provision to an agenda of public service monitoring, social accountability and community engagement....

  18. Recognizing plant defense priming

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Martinez-Medina, A.; Flors, V.; Heil, M.; Mauch-Mani, B.; Pieterse, C.M.J.; Pozo, M.J.; Ton, J.; Van Dam, N.M.; Conrath, U.


    Defense priming conditions diverse plant species for the superinduction of defense, often resulting in enhanced pest and disease resistance and abiotic stress tolerance. Here, we propose a guideline that might assist the plant research community in a consistent assessment of defense priming in plant

  19. The Challenges of Defense Support of Civil Authorities and Homeland Defense in the Cyber Domain (United States)


    Min Jiang, a professor at University of North Carolina, suggests that WCIT-12 “openly highlighted the conflict dubbed the “digital cold war” between...Data Acquisition (SCADA) system applications created by the Beijing-based Sunway Force Control Technology Company. 26 The National advisory explaining that these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to perform a remote denial-of-service attack against the Sunway SCADA

  20. 22 CFR 1006.920 - Civil judgment. (United States)


    ... creates a civil liability for the complained of wrongful acts, or a final determination of liability under... 22 Foreign Relations 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 true Civil judgment. 1006.920 Section 1006.920...) Definitions § 1006.920 Civil judgment. Civil judgment means the disposition of a civil action by any court...

  1. 34 CFR 85.920 - Civil judgment. (United States)


    ... creates a civil liability for the complained of wrongful acts, or a final determination of liability under... 34 Education 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Civil judgment. 85.920 Section 85.920 Education Office...) Definitions § 85.920 Civil judgment. Civil judgment means the disposition of a civil action by any court...

  2. 21 CFR 1404.920 - Civil judgment. (United States)


    ... creates a civil liability for the complained of wrongful acts, or a final determination of liability under... 21 Food and Drugs 9 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Civil judgment. 1404.920 Section 1404.920 Food and...) Definitions § 1404.920 Civil judgment. Civil judgment means the disposition of a civil action by any court...

  3. 22 CFR 1508.920 - Civil judgment. (United States)


    ... creates a civil liability for the complained of wrongful acts, or a final determination of liability under... 22 Foreign Relations 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 true Civil judgment. 1508.920 Section 1508.920...) Definitions § 1508.920 Civil judgment. Civil judgment means the disposition of a civil action by any court...

  4. 22 CFR 208.920 - Civil judgment. (United States)


    ... creates a civil liability for the complained of wrongful acts, or a final determination of liability under... 22 Foreign Relations 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Civil judgment. 208.920 Section 208.920 Foreign...) Definitions § 208.920 Civil judgment. Civil judgment means the disposition of a civil action by any court...

  5. 2 CFR 180.915 - Civil judgment. (United States)


    ... creates a civil liability for the complained of wrongful acts, or a final determination of liability under... 2 Grants and Agreements 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Civil judgment. 180.915 Section 180.915... § 180.915 Civil judgment. Civil judgment means the disposition of a civil action by any court...

  6. Boundaries - US Army Corps of Engineers - St. Paul District (MVP) Civil Works (United States)

    Army Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army, Department of Defense — The US Army Corps of Engineers - St. Paul District Civil Works boundary. Boundary is based on 1:24k watershed data and coordination with MVR to determine shared...

  7. Codificación civil


    Verdera Server, Rafael


    Conferencias sobre la codificación civil: aspectos históricos (R. Aznar) y jurídicos (J.M. Badenas)Actividad complementaria de los Departamentos de Historia del Derecho y Derecho Civil.Grado en Derecho

  8. Environmental Ethics and Civil Engineering. (United States)

    Vesilind, P. Aarne


    Traces the development of the civil engineering code of ethics. Points out that the code does have an enforceable provision that addresses the engineer's responsibility toward the environment. Suggests revisions to the code to accommodate the environmental impacts of civil engineering. (TW)

  9. Civil Engineering Technology Needs Assessment. (United States)

    Oakland Community Coll., Farmington, MI. Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis.

    In 1991, a study was conducted by Oakland Community College (OCC) to evaluate the need for a proposed Civil Engineering Technology program. An initial examination of the literature focused on industry needs and the job market for civil engineering technicians. In order to gather information on local area employers' hiring practices and needs, a…

  10. Código civil colombiano


    Secretaria del Senado Colombia


    El Código Civil como lo indica su articulo primero,comprende las disposiciones legales sustantivas que determinan especialmente los derechos de los particulares, por razón del estado de las personas, de sus bienes, obligaciones, contratos y acciones civiles.

  11. Reconstructing Sub-Saharan, Mayan, and Other Prehistoric Civilizations in Mathematical Macro-Theory of Civilizations

    CERN Document Server

    Blaha, S


    A study of the Great Zimbabwe Sub-Saharan civilization, Mayan civilization and other prehistoric civilizations within the framework of a mathematical macro theory of civilizations. We show these isolated and early civilizations conform to the general mathematical theory of civilizations in detail.

  12. Moving Target Defense

    CERN Document Server

    Jajodia, Sushil; Swarup, Vipin; Wang, Cliff; Wang, X Sean


    Moving Target Defense: Creating Asymmetric Uncertainty for Cyber Threats was developed by a group of leading researchers. It describes the fundamental challenges facing the research community and identifies new promising solution paths. Moving Target Defense which is motivated by the asymmetric costs borne by cyber defenders takes an advantage afforded to attackers and reverses it to advantage defenders. Moving Target Defense is enabled by technical trends in recent years, including virtualization and workload migration on commodity systems, widespread and redundant network connectivity, instr

  13. Sustainability issues in civil engineering

    CERN Document Server

    Saride, Sireesh; Basha, B


    This compilation on sustainability issues in civil engineering comprises contributions from international experts who have been working in the area of sustainability in civil engineering. Many of the contributions have been presented as keynote lectures at the International Conference on Sustainable Civil Infrastructure (ICSCI) held in Hyderabad, India. The book has been divided into core themes of Sustainable Transportation Systems, Sustainable Geosystems, Sustainable Environmental and Water Resources and Sustainable Structural Systems. Use of sustainability principles in engineering has become an important component of the process of design and in this context, design and analysis approaches in civil engineering are being reexamined to incorporate the principles of sustainable designs and construction in practice. Developing economies are on the threshold of rapid infrastructure growth and there is a need to compile the developments in various branches of civil engineering and highlight the issues. It is th...

  14. The Ambivalences of Civil Society

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Henrik Kaare Nielsen


    Full Text Available This article discusses the conceptual heterogeneity in the field of ‘civil society’ in the light of a distinction between positions that reflect civil society as a democratic-emancipatory category and positions that consider civil society from the perspective of the state: as an instrumental resource for the technocratic planning of the competitive nation state.The article discusses the implications and perspectives in these two different strategic scenarios for conceptualizing civil society. The argument is made that civil society in relation to democratic citizenship should basically rather be understood as a concept for specific, communicative principles for institutionalizing societal relations and organizing public experience than as an overall concept for third sector organizations.

  15. Dynamic defense workshop :

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Crosby, Sean Michael; Doak, Justin E.; Haas, Jason Juedes.; Helinski, Ryan; Lamb, Christopher C.


    On September 5th and 6th, 2012, the Dynamic Defense Workshop: From Research to Practice brought together researchers from academia, industry, and Sandia with the goals of increasing collaboration between Sandia National Laboratories and external organizations, de ning and un- derstanding dynamic, or moving target, defense concepts and directions, and gaining a greater understanding of the state of the art for dynamic defense. Through the workshop, we broadened and re ned our de nition and understanding, identi ed new approaches to inherent challenges, and de ned principles of dynamic defense. Half of the workshop was devoted to presentations of current state-of-the-art work. Presentation topics included areas such as the failure of current defenses, threats, techniques, goals of dynamic defense, theory, foundations of dynamic defense, future directions and open research questions related to dynamic defense. The remainder of the workshop was discussion, which was broken down into sessions on de ning challenges, applications to host or mobile environments, applications to enterprise network environments, exploring research and operational taxonomies, and determining how to apply scienti c rigor to and investigating the eld of dynamic defense.

  16. Civil Code, 11 December 1987. (United States)


    Article 162 of this Mexican Code provides, among other things, that "Every person has the right freely, responsibly, and in an informed fashion to determine the number and spacing of his or her children." When a marriage is involved, this right is to be observed by the spouses "in agreement with each other." The civil codes of the following states contain the same provisions: 1) Baja California (Art. 159 of the Civil Code of 28 April 1972 as revised in Decree No. 167 of 31 January 1974); 2) Morelos (Art. 255 of the Civil Code of 26 September 1949 as revised in Decree No. 135 of 29 December 1981); 3) Queretaro (Art. 162 of the Civil Code of 29 December 1950 as revised in the Act of 9 January 1981); 4) San Luis Potosi (Art. 147 of the Civil Code of 24 March 1946 as revised in 13 June 1978); Sinaloa (Art. 162 of the Civil Code of 18 June 1940 as revised in Decree No. 28 of 14 October 1975); 5) Tamaulipas (Art. 146 of the Civil Code of 21 November 1960 as revised in Decree No. 20 of 30 April 1975); 6) Veracruz-Llave (Art. 98 of the Civil Code of 1 September 1932 as revised in the Act of 30 December 1975); and 7) Zacatecas (Art. 253 of the Civil Code of 9 February 1965 as revised in Decree No. 104 of 13 August 1975). The Civil Codes of Puebla and Tlaxcala provide for this right only in the context of marriage with the spouses in agreement. See Art. 317 of the Civil Code of Puebla of 15 April 1985 and Article 52 of the Civil Code of Tlaxcala of 31 August 1976 as revised in Decree No. 23 of 2 April 1984. The Family Code of Hidalgo requires as a formality of marriage a certification that the spouses are aware of methods of controlling fertility, responsible parenthood, and family planning. In addition, Article 22 the Civil Code of the Federal District provides that the legal capacity of natural persons is acquired at birth and lost at death; however, from the moment of conception the individual comes under the protection of the law, which is valid with respect to the

  17. Psychopathy, criminal responsibility, and civil commitment as a sexual predator. (United States)

    Schopp, R F; Slain, A J


    Recent judicial decisions regarding commitment under sexual predator statutes and commentary addressing the legal significance of psychopathy provide an interesting opportunity to reflect upon the exculpatory significance of psychopathy and the appropriate relationship between criminal conviction and police power civil commitment. This paper examines the legal significance of psychopathy for the purposes of criminal responsibility and of civil commitment under sexual predator statutes. By examining the significance of psychopathy for each of these legal institutions, it clarifies our understanding of the legal significance of psychopathy and of the relationship between these institutions. This process illuminates the defensible functions and boundaries of each institution and clarifies the nature of the impairment that should qualify an individual for confinement by each. This analysis interprets criminal conviction and police power commitment, including sexual predator commitment, as integrated institutions of social control intended to provide a coherent approach to psychopaths as well as to others who require state intervention under the police power.

  18. Defense Mechanisms: A Bibliography. (United States)

    Pedrini, D. T.; Pedrini, Bonnie C.

    This bibliography includes studies of defense mechanisms, in general, and studies of multiple mechanisms. Defense mechanisms, briefly and simply defined, are the unconscious ego defendants against unpleasure, threat, or anxiety. Sigmund Freud deserves the clinical credit for studying many mechanisms and introducing them in professional literature.…

  19. Avian host defense peptides

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Cuperus, Tryntsje; Coorens, M.; van Dijk, A.; Haagsman, H.P.


    Host defense peptides (HDPs) are important effector molecules of the innate immune system of vertebrates. These antimicrobial peptides are also present in invertebrates, plants and fungi. HDPs display broad-spectrum antimicrobial activities and fulfill an important role in the first line of defense

  20. Unfolding Green Defense

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Kristian Knus


    consumption in military operations, defense expenditure, energy security, and global climate change. The report then proceeds to introduce the NATO Green Defence Framework before exploring specific current uses of green technologies and green strategies for defense. The report concludes that a number...

  1. Honduras Defense Policy. (United States)


    and its Organization .......... 14 Civil -Military Relations ............................17 Impact of the Military on the Government ........... 18 Ill...Discovered by Columbus in his last voyage in August 1502, Honduras was part of the Mayan Empire that flourished throughout Southern Mexico, Guatemala...34 + " ’- " - ’ ] , . i + .°, +,.o .r+ .* -- 7--- -. * - I . .. .. early 1930’s. Civil wars, armed revolts and political struggle for power was the common denominator

  2. Defense Industry Clusters in Turkey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kadir Alpaslan Demir


    Full Text Available All countries strive for a capable national defense supported by a strong national defense industry. Supporting national defense with imported defense systems has many limitations and risks because the terms of arms trade agreements between countries may easily be influenced by the political climate of the signatories. As a result, establishing an independent national defense requires a strong national defense industry. Furthermore, exporting defense systems may be an important source of national income. National defense industries mostly consist of large-scale defense firms that have the resources required for big defense contracts. However, small to medium enterprises (SMEs do not have the necessary resources, therefore they are at a disadvantage. To overcome this handicap and be part of the business, defense industry clusters mostly consisting of SMEs are being established. Provided that there is good national planning and support in this area, defense clusters consisting of SMEs may play a significant role in industry. SMEs have a chance to offer specialized services, special or customized products when needed. As a result, large defense firms subcontract certain portions of defense projects to SMEs. Since 2010, Turkey has shown signs of continuous improvement in defense industry clustering. In parallel with these developments, this study discusses the importance of clustering in the defense industry, briefly presents the state of the Turkish defense industry as highlighted by national statistics, and presents the current status of defense clusters in Turkey. The novelty of this article consists in its assessment of Turkish defense clusters.

  3. How persistent is civilization growth?

    CERN Document Server

    Garrett, Timothy J


    In a recent study (Garrett, 2011), I described theoretical arguments and empirical evidence showing how civilization evolution might be considered from a purely physical basis. One implication is that civilization exhibits the property of persistence in its growth. Here, this argument is elaborated further, and specific near-term forecasts are provided for key economic variables and anthropogenic CO2 emission rates at global scales. Absent some external shock, civilization wealth, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions will continue to grow exponentially at an average rate of about 2.3% per year.

  4. Credit and civilization. (United States)

    Newton, Tim


    This paper analyses financial credit in order to re-examine the work of Norbert Elias, particularly his association of interdependency complexity with social discipline, and his approach to contradiction. Following a discussion of these issues, the paper examines Elias's writing on money and explores the emergence of financial credit networks in early modern England. Attention is paid to credit networks and social discipline, to credit and the state, and to the contradictory images associated with the transition to modern cash economies. From one perspective, early modern credit networks might be read as a confirmation of Elias, particularly his argument that interdependency complexity, changing power balances and self-restraint are interwoven. Yet the development of modern cash money raises questions, not just in relation to Elias's treatment of money, but also with regard to his assumptions about social discipline and his approach to ambivalence and contradiction. Drawing on the foregoing discussion, the paper argues that the relation between interdependency complexity and social discipline is contingent and variable, and that interdependency complexity may simultaneously encourage contradictory processes, such as those of civilizing and barbarity.

  5. Sociedade civil, capital social e democracia no Brasil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emerson Oliveira do Nascimento


    Full Text Available Efforts in Brazil to strengthen its democracy, from the beginning of the democratization process, have generated administrative decentralization and a defense of the expanded participation of citizens in the political decision-making and oversight of government actions and their public managers. Such efforts have been emphasized as a way to reverse the process of pressing social disintegration, reflected in the decrease of state functions irresponsible from the reformism of the 1990s. We argue here that the adoption of such a perspective has fostered creativity associative wanted civil society as some of its advocates, however, has limited the possibilities of articulating a common promotion of popular participation.

  6. European Security and Defense Policy (ESDP) After Ten Years - Current Situation and Perspectives (United States)


    military operations and ten civilian and civil-military missions are currently ongoing.91 As Maria Raquel Freire notes, “Thus, in a short period the...military operations and civilian missions see Appendix C. 92 Maria Raquel Freire , “The European Security and Defense Policy, History, Structures and...Raquel Freire , The European Security and Defense Policy, 20. 98 Xymena Kurowska, The Role of ESDP Operations, 34. 99 Auswärtiges Amt, ESDP, 29. 28

  7. Teaching Mathematics to Civil Engineers (United States)

    Sharp, J. J.; Moore, E.


    This paper outlines a technique for teaching a rigorous course in calculus and differential equations which stresses applicability of the mathematics to problems in civil engineering. The method involves integration of subject matter and team teaching. (SD)

  8. Communication Needs of Thai Civil Engineering Students (United States)

    Kaewpet, Chamnong


    This article reports on an examination of the communication needs of a group of Thai civil engineering students. Twenty-five stakeholders helped identify the communication needs of the students by participating in individual interviews. These included employers, civil engineers, civil engineering lecturers, ex-civil engineering students of the…

  9. Space civil engineering - A new discipline (United States)

    Sadeh, Willy Z.; Criswell, Marvin E.


    Space Civil Engineering is an emerging engineering discipline that focuses on extending and expanding the Civil Engineering know-how and practice to the development and maintenance of infrastructure on celestial bodies. Space Civil Engineering is presently being developed as a new discipline within the Department of Civil Engineering at Colorado State University under a recently established NASA Space Grant College Program. Academic programs geared toward creating Space Civil Engineering Options at both undergraduate and graduate levels are being formulated. Basic ideas and concepts of the curriculum in the Space Civil Engineering Option at both undergraduate and graduate levels are presented. The role of Space Civil Engineering in the Space Program is discussed.

  10. Rethinking Defensive Information Warfare (United States)


    electronic warfare, and special information operations. Defensive information operations ensure timely, accurate, and relevant information access...information and information systems. IA, physical security, OPSEC, counter-deception, counter-psyops, CI, EW, and special information operations. Ensure

  11. Surfing China's National Defense

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Ji Guilin


    @@ Following the start of its first test run on August 20, 2009, the website of the Ministry of National Defense (MOD) of the People's Republic of China has logged more than 2 billion hits,from many countries and regions including China, the United States,the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and Singapore. China National Defense News reporters recently interviewed Ji Guilin, the website's Editor in Chief, on its performance and the feedback of netizens.

  12. 76 FR 28757 - Defense Logistics Agency Revised Regulation 1000.22, Environmental Considerations in Defense... (United States)


    ... of the Secretary Defense Logistics Agency Revised Regulation 1000.22, Environmental Considerations in Defense Logistics Agency Actions AGENCY: Defense Logistics Agency, Department of Defense. ACTION: Notice of Availability (NOA) of Revised Defense Logistics Agency Regulation. SUMMARY: The Defense...

  13. 75 FR 76423 - Defense Intelligence Agency National Defense Intelligence College Board of Visitors Closed Meeting (United States)


    ... of the Secretary Defense Intelligence Agency National Defense Intelligence College Board of Visitors Closed Meeting AGENCY: National Defense Intelligence College, Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of... a closed meeting of the Defense Intelligence Agency National Defense Intelligence College Board...

  14. 76 FR 28960 - Defense Intelligence Agency National Defense Intelligence College Board of Visitors Closed Meeting (United States)


    ... of the Secretary Defense Intelligence Agency National Defense Intelligence College Board of Visitors Closed Meeting AGENCY: National Defense Intelligence College, Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of... a closed meeting of the Defense Intelligence Agency National Defense Intelligence College Board...

  15. Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engineering

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pengzhen Lu


    Full Text Available Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science, involved in the research, design, and application of intelligent computer. Traditional methods for modeling and optimizing complex structure systems require huge amounts of computing resources, and artificial-intelligence-based solutions can often provide valuable alternatives for efficiently solving problems in the civil engineering. This paper summarizes recently developed methods and theories in the developing direction for applications of artificial intelligence in civil engineering, including evolutionary computation, neural networks, fuzzy systems, expert system, reasoning, classification, and learning, as well as others like chaos theory, cuckoo search, firefly algorithm, knowledge-based engineering, and simulated annealing. The main research trends are also pointed out in the end. The paper provides an overview of the advances of artificial intelligence applied in civil engineering.

  16. Global Standards of Market Civilization

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Global Standards of Market Civilization brings together leading scholars, representing a range of political views, to investigate how global 'standards of market civilization' have emerged, their justification, and their political, economic and social impact. Key chapters show how as the modern...... thought, as well as its historical application part II presents original case studies that demonstrate the emergence of such standards and explore the diffusion of liberal capitalist ideas through the global political economy and the consequences for development and governance; the International Monetary...... Fund's capacity to formulate a global standard of civilization in its reform programs; and problems in the development of the global trade, including the issue of intellectual property rights. This book will be of strong interest to students and scholars in wide range of fields relating to the study...

  17. B 150 civil engineering futures

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    theme in twentieth century architecture. Together, civil engineer Peter Rice and architect Ian Ritchie created a paradigm shift with their revolutionary ideas for glass facades supported by cables. Glued and bolted constructions made entirely of glass are now a reality in small-scale projects, yet...... related to sustainability – a Workshop on Traffic. The workshop discussed traffic prognoses and the way they are used in the preparation of urban transport and traffic strategies. Civil engineer Jonas Eliasson spoke about the experience in Sweden of developing a database for traffic prognoses. The main...... to develop a technically advanced form of aesthetics. The Master Class in low energy buildings was led by civil engineer, Svend Svendsen, a Professor at DTU Byg. Together with colleagues and students, he has achieved an extensive knowledge of Integrated Design. In fact, the situation is that our knowledge...

  18. Space Civil Engineering option - A progress report (United States)

    Criswell, Marvin E.; Sadeh, Willy Z.


    Space Civil Engineering is an emerging engineering discipline that focuses on extending and expanding Civil Engineering to the development, operation, and maintenance of infrastructures on celestial bodies. Space Civil Engineering is presently being developed as a new discipline within the Department of Civil Engineering at Colorado State University and with support of the NASA Space Grant College Program. Academic programs geared toward creating Space Civil Engineering Options at both undergraduate and graduate levels are being formulated. Basic ideas and concepts and the current status of the curriculum in the Space Civil Engineering Option primarily at the undergraduate level are presented.

  19. Sources of Hong Kong Civil Legal Proceedings Legal Regulation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena P. Ermakova


    Full Text Available In the present article author gives characteristic of the civil legal proceedings sources of legal regulation in Hong Kong: statute law, delegated legislation, general law, the Chinese common law. System of the Hong Kong law sources completely corresponds to the system of England civil procedural law sources. Till June 30, 1997 Hong Kong was a colony of the Great Britain. Since 1997 Hong Kong became a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China (PRC. Laws of Hong Kong on courts, on proofs, on the legal aid, on administration of justice contain references to the corresponding English legal acts. The feature of the Hong Kong legal system is due to the fact that Hong Kong Basic Law of 1990 sets on the territory of the country a simultaneous action of two systems of the legislation until 2047: legislation of Hong Kong created before 1997 under the influence Great Britain and legislation of People's Republic of China which regulates questions of foreign policy and country’s defense. The list of sources of the civil procedural law of Hong Kong includes: 1 statute law; 2 delegated legislation (rule of courts; 3 general law (precedents. Author gives opinions of jurists and practicians both from China, and from other countries, present own definitions and justifications.

  20. Tendencias del Derecho civil (2002)


    Arellano Gómez, Francisco Javier


    Durante el año 2.002 han dado a luz, en el campo del Derecho Civil, un conjunto de leyes que suponen una importante actualización normativa ante determinadas necesidades presentadas por la dinámica realidad socio-económica de España, en un contexto de acelerada tecnificación, creciente vitalidad y fluidez de tejido social, y de progresiva armonización legislativa con los países de nuestro entorno. Para este informe de Derecho Civil hemos preferido seguir, por razón de mejor carácter sistemáti...

  1. Handbook of cosmic hazards and planetary defense

    CERN Document Server

    Allahdadi, Firooz


    Covers in a comprehensive fashion all aspects of cosmic hazards and possible strategies for contending with these threats through a comprehensive planetary defense strategy. This handbook brings together in a single reference work a rich blend of information about the various types of cosmic threats that are posed to human civilization by asteroids, comets, bolides, meteors, solar flares and coronal mass ejections, cosmic radiation and other types of threats that are only recently beginning to be understood and studied, such as investigation of the “cracks” in the protective shield provided by the Van Allen belts and the geomagnetosphere, of matter-antimatter collisions, orbital debris and radiological or biological contamination. Some areas that are addressed involve areas about which there is a good deal of information that has been collected for many decades by multiple space missions run by many different space agencies, observatories and scientific researchers. Other areas involving research and ...

  2. 32 CFR 720.24 - Interviews and depositions in connection with civil litigation in matters pertaining to official... (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 5 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Interviews and depositions in connection with... Interviews and depositions in connection with civil litigation in matters pertaining to official duties. Requests to interview, depose, or call as witnesses, current or former members or civilian employees of...

  3. Getting the Civil War Right (United States)

    Loewen, James W.


    William Faulkner famously wrote, "The past is never dead. It's not even past." He would not be surprised to learn that Americans, 150 years after the Civil War began, are still getting it wrong. Did America's most divisive war start over slavery or states' rights? The author says that too many people--including educators--get it wrong. The author…

  4. Job Prospects for Civil Engineers. (United States)

    Basta, Nicholas


    Government programs and renewed industrial activity have combined with stable enrollments to create bright job prospects for civil engineers. Areas with good opportunities include highway reconstruction and rehabilitation, water-resource management, and new factory construction. The subspecialty of structural engineering has a growing need in…

  5. Etica civile e beatitudini evangeliche

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicola Colaianni


    Full Text Available Il contributo, sottoposto a valutazione, riproduce il testo dell’intervento nel dibattito a due voci (con il presidente della Corte costituzionale, Gaetano Silvestri a conclusione del convegno “La Bibbia sulle strade dell’uomo” (Messina, 23 novembre 2013, ed è destinato alla pubblicazione negli Atti.SOMMARIO: 1. L’etica civile come etica costituzionale – 2. L’etica evangelica – 3. Irriducibilità? – 4. La promessa e il terzo – 5. La libertà – 6. Il tratto di cammino insieme.  Civil Ethic and Evangelical Beatitudes ABSTRACT The differences between civil ethic and religious ethic, that the Author defines as constitutional principles and evangelic Beatitudes, are well known: it’s common knowledge that the ones are effective in the earthly life while the others are oriented to the eternal life. Nevertheless the Author argues that they both have a common feature before that last analysis: they cross as principles of continuing opposition to unjust society, to “unlawful law”, to spreading apart between the constitutional and evangelic must be and the legislative being of positive law.KEY-WORDS: Civil Ethic – Constitution – Evangelical Beatitudes – Differences - Common Feature.

  6. 1975 Textbooks for French Civilization. (United States)

    Brown, Jack Davis

    Four 1975 textbooks for French civilization courses are cited including price, suggested level, format and a listing of contents. A review of one text follows: Rey and Santoni, "Quand les Francais parlent: Langue en contexte, culture en contraste," Newbury House Publishers. The reviewer states that this book is basically a sociological study of…

  7. Primary Sources Enliven Civil War (United States)

    Robelen, Erik W.


    Today, a growing number of teachers are moving beyond the textbook in teaching about the war, and U.S. history more broadly. Teachers are digging directly into primary sources and harnessing technology, all in an attempt to help students better understand the past and bring it to life. Doing so may be especially important with the Civil War,…

  8. Defense styles of pedophilic offenders. (United States)

    Drapeau, Martin; Beretta, Véronique; de Roten, Yves; Koerner, Annett; Despland, Jean-Nicolas


    This pilot study investigated the defense styles of pedophile sexual offenders. Interviews with 20 pedophiles and 20 controls were scored using the Defense Mechanisms Rating Scales. Results showed that pedophiles had a significantly lower overall defensive functioning score than the controls. Pedophiles used significantly fewer obsessional-level defenses but more major image-distorting and action-level defenses. Results also suggested differences in the prevalence of individual defenses where pedophiles used more dissociation, displacement, denial, autistic fantasy, splitting of object, projective identification, acting out, and passive aggressive behavior but less intellectualization and rationalization.

  9. Climate Change and Civil Violence (United States)

    van der Vink, G.; Plancherel, Y.; Hennet, C.; Jones, K. D.; Abdullah, A.; Bradshaw, J.; Dee, S.; Deprez, A.; Pasenello, M.; Plaza-Jennings, E.; Roseman, D.; Sopher, P.; Sung, E.


    The manifestations of climate change can result in humanitarian impacts that reverse progress in poverty- reduction, create shortages of food and resources, lead to migration, and ultimately result in civil violence and conflict. Within the continent of Africa, we have found that environmentally-related variables are either the cause or the confounding factor for over 80% of the civil violence events during the last 10 years. Using predictive climate models and land-use data, we are able to identify populations in Africa that are likely to experience the most severe climate-related shocks. Through geospatial analysis, we are able to overlay these areas of high risk with assessments of both the local population's resiliency and the region's capacity to respond to climate shocks should they occur. The net result of the analysis is the identification of locations that are becoming particularly vulnerable to future civil violence events (vulnerability hotspots) as a result of the manifestations of climate change. For each population group, over 600 social, economic, political, and environmental indicators are integrated statistically to measures the vulnerability of African populations to environmental change. The indicator time-series are filtered for data availability and redundancy, broadly ordered into four categories (social, political, economic and environmental), standardized and normalized. Within each category, the dominant modes of variability are isolated by principal component analysis and the loadings of each component for each variable are used to devise composite index scores. Comparisons of past vulnerability with known environmentally-related conflicts demonstrates the role that such vulnerability hotspot maps can play in evaluating both the potential for, and the significance of, environmentally-related civil violence events. Furthermore, the analysis reveals the major variables that are responsible for the population's vulnerability and therefore

  10. Robert E. Lee as Operational Artist During the American Civil War (United States)


    USMC AY 09-10 Dr. Paul D. Gelpi, Ph . D. Date: 𔃼 t Klf( 1-01 GO Oral Defense C~tte~Y. Shibuya, Ph . D. Approved: Date: 6l.l f+pRrl.... S.of...cases dming the Civil War, the Confederacy carne to the field of battle sorely outnumbered: Union forces 9 totaled over 75,000 while Confederate

  11. 5 CFR 919.920 - Civil judgment. (United States)


    ..., decision, settlement, stipulation, other disposition which creates a civil liability for the complained of wrongful acts, or a final determination of liability under the Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act of 1988 (31... 5 Administrative Personnel 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Civil judgment. 919.920 Section...

  12. 7 CFR 3017.920 - Civil judgment. (United States)


    ... by verdict, decision, settlement, stipulation, other disposition which creates a civil liability for the complained of wrongful acts, or a final determination of liability under the Program Fraud Civil... 7 Agriculture 15 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Civil judgment. 3017.920 Section 3017.920...

  13. 29 CFR 1471.920 - Civil judgment. (United States)


    ..., stipulation, other disposition which creates a civil liability for the complained of wrongful acts, or a final determination of liability under the Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act of 1988 (31 U.S.C. 3801-3812). ... 29 Labor 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Civil judgment. 1471.920 Section 1471.920 Labor...

  14. 31 CFR 19.920 - Civil judgment. (United States)


    ..., stipulation, other disposition which creates a civil liability for the complained of wrongful acts, or a final determination of liability under the Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act of 1988 (31 U.S.C. 3801-3812). ... 31 Money and Finance: Treasury 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Civil judgment. 19.920 Section...

  15. 14 CFR 1274.924 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... Discrimination Act of 1975 (42 U.S.C. 6101 et seq.), and the NASA implementing regulations (14 CFR parts 1250... 14 Aeronautics and Space 5 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Civil rights. 1274.924 Section 1274.924... FIRMS Other Provisions and Special Conditions § 1274.924 Civil rights. Civil Rights July 2002 Work...

  16. 7 CFR 3560.2 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 15 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Civil rights. 3560.2 Section 3560.2 Agriculture... DIRECT MULTI-FAMILY HOUSING LOANS AND GRANTS General Provisions and Definitions § 3560.2 Civil rights. (a... prohibition under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. 2000d and Title VI regulations...

  17. 7 CFR 761.3 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 7 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Civil rights. 761.3 Section 761.3 Agriculture... SPECIAL PROGRAMS GENERAL PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION General Provisions § 761.3 Civil rights. Part 15d of this title contains applicable regulations pertaining to civil rights and filing of discrimination...

  18. 50 CFR 401.22 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 7 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Civil rights. 401.22 Section 401.22..., DEVELOPMENT AND ENHANCEMENT § 401.22 Civil rights. Each application for Federal assistance, grant-in-aid award... Assisted Programs of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and with the Secretary's regulations...

  19. 30 CFR 881.12 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... Civil Rights Act of 1964” (43 CFR part 17) and shall give assurances of compliance in such forms as may... 30 Mineral Resources 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Civil rights. 881.12 Section 881.12 Mineral... LAND RECLAMATION SUBSIDENCE AND STRIP MINE REHABILITATION, APPALACHIA § 881.12 Civil rights. State...

  20. History of Civil Engineering Modal Analysis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brincker, Rune


    techniques are available for civil engineering modal analysis. The testing of civil structures defers from the traditional modal testing in the sense, that very often it is difficult, or sometimes impossible, to artificially excite a large civil engineering structure. Also, many times, even though...

  1. The Transformed Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) (United States)

    Office for Civil Rights, US Department of Education, 2012


    Since 1968, the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) has collected data on key education and civil rights issues in our nation's public schools for use by the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR), other Department offices, other federal agencies, and by policymakers and researchers outside of the Department. The CRDC has…

  2. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights (United States)

    ... Z Index About Us Filing with OCR Civil Rights Health Information Privacy Newsroom HHS Home > Office for Civil ... Civil Rights Filing with OCR File a civil rights or health information privacy complaint. Newsroom Read the latest OCR ...

  3. AFRL Defensive IO Programs (United States)


    Wireless Information Assurance • Steganography • Air Force Enterprise Defense (AFED) 10 Distributed Agents for Information Warfare Operational...information (images, documents, overlays, audio , links, etc.) •multi-level data release to coalition forces; key-based access •covert communication...maximize throughput of communication channels Data Hiding/Embedding Steganography Watermarking Steganalysis 14 Payoffs • Integrates existing

  4. Defense Business Transformation (United States)


    other. SCM and ERP systems both contribute to the overall distribution and coordination of resources. Just as an ERP enhances information flow...inventory management system (Thureen 2008). It combines the Army’s disparate wholesale and retail inventories, into one combined system (Sparacino 2002...Studies.............................................................................. 73 1. Defense Integrated Military Human Resource System

  5. Ageing in civil engineering materials and structures

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jaeger, Jean-Marc [SETEC TPI, Tour Gamma D 58, quai de la Rapee, 75583 Paris (France)


    SETEC TPI will address the 'Aging' topic of the Dijon Symposium by talking about: aging in civil engineering materials and structures, prevention of aging phenomena, in-operation monitoring of degradations related to aging and compensatory measures required to maintain a good safety level. Works as the Millau viaduct, the EdF skyscraper at La Defense - Paris, the renovation of the Grand Palais of Paris and special structures with Monaco's floating dam as well as the 'number 10' shaped gateway boat at Marseilles are illustrations for the issues discussed. The durability of civil engineering structures has become a major concern for designers. The Millau viaduct is designed for a service life of 120 years, and the Monaco dam for 100 years. Calculation rules have been evolving toward the incorporation of the concept of life cycle, for example, the Eurocodes 2 rules (reinforced concrete). The talk will expose the factors which are being taken into account to delay aging versus structure types. This part will be focused towards materials and corresponding regulations: - Reinforced concrete (coating of reinforcements, opening of cracks, choice of reinforcement types), BAEL and Eurocodes 2 rules; - Frame steel (protection, sacrificial anode), CM66 and Eurocodes 3 rules. New materials will also be mentioned: - Ultra high-performance fiber/concrete, with the example of CERACEM applied at Millau for the covering of the toll area barrier; - Titanium, which is starting to appear in the building trades, as for instance for the Beijing China Opera House shell. The second part of the talk will be devoted to a specific case namely, the 'number 10' shaped gateway bridge, a prestressed concrete structure immersed in the Port of Marseilles, which will be used to illustrate the aging phenomenon in a corrosive environment. We will focus on the types of inspection series performed by the Autonomous Port Authority of Marseilles to check the behavior of

  6. El proceso civil de "civil law": Aspectos fundamentales

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michelle Taruffo


    Full Text Available En este artículo el autor analiza los sistemas procesales civiles de civil law y de common law desmarcándose de las tradicionales contraposiciones que la doctrina ha acostumbrado utilizar para la explicación de las diferencias fundamentales existentes entre uno y otro modelo. En efecto, a partir de la constatación de la insuficiencia y en ocasiones inutilidad de estas explicaciones para describir la situación actual de ambos modelos procesales, ensaya el autor un discurso que termina por dar luz a la evolución experimentada por estos sistemas y que, como bien apunta, se ha traducido en un acercamiento que se manifiesta de diversas formas como se ocupa de explicarIn this article the author analyses the procedural law systems of civil law and common law outlining the traditional objections that the doctrine is accustomed to using to explain the existing fundamental differences between one and the other model. In fact, it is from the constatation of the insufficiency and, in occasion the uselessness of these explanations in describing the actual situation of both procedural models, that the author attempts a discourse that in the end sheds light on the evolution experienced by these systems and, as he clearly indicates, has translated into an approximation that manifests in different forms

  7. 76 FR 53119 - Defense Logistics Agency Revised Regulation 1000.22, Environmental Considerations in Defense... (United States)


    ... Office of the Secretary Defense Logistics Agency Revised Regulation 1000.22, Environmental Considerations in Defense Logistics Agency Actions AGENCY: Defense Logistics Agency, Department of Defense. ACTION: Comment Addressed on Notice of Availability (NOA) of Revised Defense Logistics Agency Regulation...

  8. Practical Guide to Civil Mediation

    CERN Multimedia


    The Permanent Mission of Switzerland has informed CERN that the Département des Institutions of the Republic and Canton of Geneva and the Groupement suisse des Magistrats pour la médiation (GEMME) - Swiss Association of Magistrates for Mediation have published a multilingual Practical Guide to Civil Mediation (including English). In this context, the Swiss Mission has underlined the benefits of resorting to mediation, especially for the personnel of International Organizations, and which the Secretary-General of the GEMME has summarised as follows: it is a private process not requiring the waiver of the parties' immunities; the confidentiality of the mediation process is guaranteed both by the mediator and the parties to it; the search for an amicable settlement does not need to be determined by reference to law (provided that public order is respected); the process is faster (2 to 3 sessions), less costly and more flexible than civil or arbitration procedures; in order to reinforce the agreem...

  9. Practical Guide to Civil Mediation

    CERN Multimedia


    The Permanent Mission of Switzerland has informed CERN that the Département des Institutions of the Republic and Canton of Geneva and the Groupement suisse des Magistrats pour la médiation (GEMME) - Swiss Association of Magistrates for Mediation have published a multilingual Practical Guide to Civil Mediation (including English). In this context, the Swiss Mission has underlined the benefits of resorting to mediation, especially for the personnel of international organizations, and which the Secretary-General of the GEMME has summarised as follows: it is a private process not requiring the waiver of the parties' immunities; the confidentiality of the mediation process is guaranteed both by the mediator and the parties to it; the search for an amicable settlement does not need to be determined by reference to law (provided that public order is respected); the process is faster (2 to 3 sessions), less costly and more flexible than civil or arbitration procedures; in order to reinforce the agreeme...

  10. Geometric procedures for civil engineers

    CERN Document Server

    Tonias, Elias C


    This book provides a multitude of geometric constructions usually encountered in civil engineering and surveying practice.  A detailed geometric solution is provided to each construction as well as a step-by-step set of programming instructions for incorporation into a computing system. The volume is comprised of 12 chapters and appendices that may be grouped in three major parts: the first is intended for those who love geometry for its own sake and its evolution through the ages, in general, and, more specifically, with the introduction of the computer. The second section addresses geometric features used in the book and provides support procedures used by the constructions presented. The remaining chapters and the appendices contain the various constructions. The volume is ideal for engineering practitioners in civil and construction engineering and allied areas.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Volodymyr Kharchenko


    Full Text Available Objective: The risks in unmanned civil aviation are considered as one of the most important. In the article is proved applicability of ensuring the flight safety of aircraft and considered the basic risks of manned civil aviation. Methods: Analyzed statistical data on aviation accidents, organized probabilities distribution of aviation accidents for manned and unmanned civil aviation to identify factors that influence the occurrence of emergency situations in manned and unmanned aviation. Results: We proposed typology of risk components in civil aviation and systematized methods and techniques to reduce risks. Over the analogies defined possible risks, their causes and remedies in civil unmanned aircraft. Weight coefficients distribution was justified between risk types for development of recommendations on risk management in unmanned civil aviation. Discussion: We found that the most probable risk in manned civil aviation is the human factor, organization of air traffic control, design flaws of unmanned aviation system as a whole, as well as maintenance of unmanned aviation system.

  12. [Civil bioethics in pluralistics societies]. (United States)

    Cortina, A


    The author examines how Bioethics should be approached in a pluralist society. She argues that through the gradual discovery of shared ethical values and principles for judging which practices are humanizing and which or not, ever-more dense civil Bioethics helps bring out--in contrast to relativism and subjectivism--an ethical intersubjectiveness, the fundaments of which should be addressed by moral philosophy if it hopes to fulfill one of its main tasks.

  13. The Celestial Basis of Civilization (United States)

    Masse, W. B.

    Scholars have long puzzled over the reasons for the ubiquity of celestial images in the residue of the world's earliest civilizations: in art, myth, religious cosmology, iconography, cosmogony, eschatological beliefs, and as portents for the conduct of royal and chiefly power. The general consensus is that these images represented a need by early societies to use the fixed celestial heavens in order to regulate ritual and agricultural cycles, and to satisfy a psychological need by people to relate themselves to their surrounding Universe. Such explanations are facile and miss an important aspect of the celestial heavens. The fixed celestial heavens served as the back-drop for a large number of often spectacular temporary naked-eye visible celestial events which animated the night and sometimes the daytime sky, and which created an 'otherworld' for virtually all cultural groups. In this paper I present a model derived from the detailed analysis of Hawaiian oral traditions and culture history in relation to historic astronomical records of temporary celestial events, and then apply this model to cultural traditions from Mesoamerica and other geographic regions in order to demonstrate that novae, supernovae, variable stars, comets, great meteor showers, aurorae, solar and lunar eclipses, and impacting Solar System debris, together played a critical role in the artistic, intellectual, and political development of early civilizations. These data not only provide important insights into the development of civilization, but also provide important details and longitudinal records of astronomical events and phenomena which are otherwise not readily available for scientific scrutiny.

  14. Avian host defense peptides. (United States)

    Cuperus, Tryntsje; Coorens, Maarten; van Dijk, Albert; Haagsman, Henk P


    Host defense peptides (HDPs) are important effector molecules of the innate immune system of vertebrates. These antimicrobial peptides are also present in invertebrates, plants and fungi. HDPs display broad-spectrum antimicrobial activities and fulfill an important role in the first line of defense of many organisms. It is becoming increasingly clear that in the animal kingdom the functions of HDPs are not confined to direct antimicrobial actions. Research in mammals has indicated that HDPs have many immunomodulatory functions and are also involved in other physiological processes ranging from development to wound healing. During the past five years our knowledge about avian HDPs has increased considerably. This review addresses our current knowledge on the evolution, regulation and biological functions of HDPs of birds.

  15. Defensive Minefield Planning (United States)


    Minefield Planning by Carlos Vallejo Game Lieutenant, Ecuadorian Navy B. S., Escuela Superior Naval, Ecuador 1980 Submitted in partial fulfillment of...was a superior open-ocean naval force to the North Koreans, defensive minewarfare was able to, at least temporarily, defeat U.S. Navy objectives in...Oswaldo Rosero 1 Unit 8 Coastal Route 1 Monterey, California 93940 77 11. Office of the N’aval Attache 4 Direccion de Educacion 2535 15th. st. N. W

  16. Defense AT and L. (United States)


    investigation. On board is Galactic High Com-missioner Ferris, overseeing the delivery of the medicines to Makus III.” Star Trek fans might recall...these lines from the second episode of the original Star Trek television series that aired in 1966. The show, produced by Gene Roddenberry, challenged...Defense (DoD) supply chain management arena, however, are keenly aware that throughout the Star Trek series, there is never an appearance by the

  17. Plant defense against insect herbivores

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fürstenberg-Hägg, Joel; Zagrobelny, Mika; Bak, Søren


    have adapted to resist plant defenses, and in some cases even sequester the compounds and reuse them in their own defense. Both plant defense and insect adaptation involve metabolic costs, so most plant-insect interactions reach a stand-off, where both host and herbivore survive although......Plants have been interacting with insects for several hundred million years, leading to complex defense approaches against various insect feeding strategies. Some defenses are constitutive while others are induced, although the insecticidal defense compound or protein classes are often similar....... Insect herbivory induce several internal signals from the wounded tissues, including calcium ion fluxes, phosphorylation cascades and systemic- and jasmonate signaling. These are perceived in undamaged tissues, which thereafter reinforce their defense by producing different, mostly low molecular weight...

  18. Plant defense against insect herbivores

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fürstenberg-Hägg, Joel; Zagrobelny, Mika; Bak, Søren


    Plants have been interacting with insects for several hundred million years, leading to complex defense approaches against various insect feeding strategies. Some defenses are constitutive while others are induced, although the insecticidal defense compound or protein classes are often similar....... Insect herbivory induce several internal signals from the wounded tissues, including calcium ion fluxes, phosphorylation cascades and systemic- and jasmonate signaling. These are perceived in undamaged tissues, which thereafter reinforce their defense by producing different, mostly low molecular weight......, defense compounds. These bioactive specialized plant defense compounds may repel or intoxicate insects, while defense proteins often interfere with their digestion. Volatiles are released upon herbivory to repel herbivores, attract predators or for communication between leaves or plants, and to induce...

  19. Which Air Force Civil Engineer Capabilities Can Complement USNORTHCOM’s Role in Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA)? (United States)


    fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft, airfield/landing zone under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules ( IFR ) conditions for multiple...wing aircraft, airfield/landing zone under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules ( IFR ) conditions for multiple aircraft types on small...under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules ( IFR ) conditions for multiple aircraft types on small to large temporary/ permanent

  20. Which Air Force Civil Engineer Capabilities Can Complement USNORTHCOM’s Role in Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA)? (United States)


    BASED AND/OR PORTLAND CEMENT BASED PAVEMENTS WITH SEMI-PERMANENT MATERIALS TO INCLUDE LIMITED JOINT SEALING. KIT CONSIST OF (5) 8’X 20’ ISO CONTAINERS... techniques , and procedures (TTPs). Additionally, the intent of this thesis is not to advocate for additional DSCA mission taskings for the Air Force...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Constantin PREDA


    Full Text Available For the past years defense programs have faced delays in delivering defense capabilities and budget overruns. Stakeholders are looking for ways to improve program management and the decision making process given the very fluid and uncertain economic and political environment. Consequently, they have increasingly resorted to risk management as the main management tool for achieving defense programs objectives and for delivering the defense capabilities strongly needed for the soldiers on the ground on time and within limited defense budgets. Following a risk management based decision-making approach the stakeholders are expected not only to protect program objectives against a wide range of risks but, at the same time, to take advantage of the opportunities to increase the likelihood of program success. The prerequisite for making risk management the main tool for achieving defense programs objectives is the design and implementation of a strong risk management framework as a foundation providing an efficient and effective application of the best risk management practices. The aim of this paper is to examine the risk management framework for defense programs based on the ISO 31000:2009 standard, best risk management practices and the defense programs’ needs and particularities. For the purposes of this article, the term of defense programs refers to joint defense programs.

  2. ATLAS Civil Engineering Point 1

    CERN Multimedia

    Jean-Claude Vialis


    Different phases of realisation to Point 1 : zone of the ATLAS experiment After watching this film you can get the view of the civil engineering work at POINT1 where the ATLAS will be built. 03-11-1998 The video starts with the view of the POINT1 taken from the roof of the building 33. 04-11-1998 View of the installation of the entrance of the SDX1 18/19-11-1998 Installation of the rafters to the building PX15

  3. Report realized on behalf of the Foreign Affairs Commission, of Defense and Armed Forces on the law project allowing the agreement approbation between the French Republic Government and the Russian Federal Government relative to the civil liability concerning the nuclear damages occurring from goods supplying to nuclear facilities in Russian Federation and becoming from the French Republic; Rapport fait au nom de la commission des affaires etrangeres, de la defense et des forces armees sur le projet de loi autorisant l'approbation de l'accord entre le Gouvernement de la Republique francaise et le Gouvernement de la Federation de Russie relatif a la responsabilite civile au titre de dommages nucleaires du fait de fournitures en provenance de la Republique francaise destinees a des installations nucleaires en Federation de Russie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The first part presents the international civil liability system in the nuclear domain and details then the 20 june 2000 agreement. It presents also the main aspects of the french-russian cooperation in the nuclear domain. (A.L.B.)

  4. The orthodontist’s civil responsibility post-orthodontic therapy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mayury Kuramae


    Full Text Available Objective: The aim of this work was to investigate what the orthodontist’s difficulties are, analyzing whether the adopted procedures are able to satisfy the complaints of individuals, who already concluded orthodontic therapy, according to the determinations of the civil code and the Costumer’s Defense Code, as well as the relationship between patient and professional. Methods: A questionnaire was sent by postal service to all the odonthology specialists inrolled in the CRO/RJ amounting to 990 professionals.Results: The percentual analysis of the analysis showed that 96.9% of them adopt some pattern of kind of contract. The majority (65.8%regards the orthodontist’s Civil Responsibility as a result. In case of reincident postrentation, 87.2% of the professionals inform the individual that it’s possible and also propose them orthodontic re-treatment. Concerning the conduct adopted by the orthodontist towards the individual’s dissatisfaction, 76.5%, anyhow, try to avoid a lawsuit. Conclusion: Some professionals may be subject to future court problems, there was wide divergence between professionals in relation to the time of filing of the orthodontic documentation and there was a relative same opinion of professionals in making an oversight of the patient in the period post-restraint.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Malik


    Full Text Available The article outlines the main trends of compulsory insurance of civil liability in Russia : problems, trends and prospectsInsurance of civil liability – one of the popular forms of distribution and security in the world. The essence of compulsory insurance of civil responsibility is to protect the property interests of individuals. The development of liability insurance goes along with technological progress and reinforced by various laws and regulations, it touches almost all areas of life.



    Malik, M.; I. Semenchuk


    The article outlines the main trends of compulsory insurance of civil liability in Russia : problems, trends and prospectsInsurance of civil liability – one of the popular forms of distribution and security in the world. The essence of compulsory insurance of civil responsibility is to protect the property interests of individuals. The development of liability insurance goes along with technological progress and reinforced by various laws and regulations, it touches almost all areas of life.

  7. Gandhi, Civilization, Non-Violence and Obama


    Tamer Söyler


    How should we understand Gandhi’s commitment to nonviolence?After discussing and refuting the idea that Gandhi’s conceptionof non-violence can be treated merely as a method to stand up toaggression, its embedment in a concept of true civilization is examined. It is argued that the important nuances between the definitions of civilization in the Gujarati and the English versions of Gandhi’s seminal work Hind Swaraj (1909) reveal Gandhi’s conception of civilization.

  8. Synthetic Plant Defense Elicitors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yasemin eBektas


    Full Text Available To defend themselves against invading pathogens plants utilize a complex regulatory network that coordinates extensive transcriptional and metabolic reprogramming. Although many of the key players of this immunity-associated network are known, the details of its topology and dynamics are still poorly understood. As an alternative to forward and reverse genetic studies, chemical genetics-related approaches based on bioactive small molecules have gained substantial popularity in the analysis of biological pathways and networks. Use of such molecular probes can allow researchers to access biological space that was previously inaccessible to genetic analyses due to gene redundancy or lethality of mutations. Synthetic elicitors are small drug like molecules that induce plant defense responses, but are distinct from known natural elicitors of plant immunity. While the discovery of the some synthetic elicitors had already been reported in the 1970s, recent breakthroughs in combinatorial chemical synthesis now allow for inexpensive high-throughput screens for bioactive plant defense-inducing compounds. Along with powerful reverse genetics tools and resources available for model plants and crop systems, comprehensive collections of new synthetic elicitors will likely allow plant scientists to study the intricacies of plant defense signaling pathways and networks in an unparalleled fashion. As synthetic elicitors can protect crops from diseases, without the need to be directly toxic for pathogenic organisms, they may also serve as promising alternatives to conventional biocidal pesticides, which often are harmful for the environment, farmers and consumers. Here we are discussing various types of synthetic elicitors that have been used for studies on the plant immune system, their modes-of-action as well as their application in crop protection.

  9. Nanomaterials for Defense Applications (United States)

    Turaga, Uday; Singh, Vinitkumar; Lalagiri, Muralidhar; Kiekens, Paul; Ramkumar, Seshadri S.

    Nanotechnology has found a number of applications in electronics and healthcare. Within the textile field, applications of nanotechnology have been limited to filters, protective liners for chemical and biological clothing and nanocoatings. This chapter presents an overview of the applications of nanomaterials such as nanofibers and nanoparticles that are of use to military and industrial sectors. An effort has been made to categorize nanofibers based on the method of production. This chapter particularly focuses on a few latest developments that have taken place with regard to the application of nanomaterials such as metal oxides in the defense arena.

  10. Phenomenon of Psychological Defense

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena T. Sokolova


    Full Text Available The author discusses the controversial issues of formation and functioning of psy¬chological defense mechanisms in ontogenesis and in personality disorders as they are represented in classical and contemporary psychoanalysis, in cognitivism and communication theory. The paper emphasizes the role of cognitive organi¬zation (style, sign-symbolic mediation, representative system of object relations and attachments in individual typological variability of the level organization of ciency of personal and social adaptation, in maturity and mental health of personality

  11. Radio communications with extra-terrestrial civilizations (United States)

    Kotelnikov, V. A.


    Communications between civilizations within our galaxy at the present level of radio engineering is possible, although civilizations must begin to search for each other to achieve this. If an extra-terrestrial civilization possessing a technology at our level wishes to make itself known and will transmit special radio signals to do this, then it can be picked up by us at a distance of several hundreds of light years using already existing radio telescopes and specially built radio receivers. If it wishes, this civilization can also send us information without awaiting our answer.

  12. Defensive engagement and perceptual enhancement


    Keil, Andreas; Bradley, Margaret M; Ihssen, Niklas; Heim, Sabine; Vila, Jaime; Guerra, Pedro; Lang, Peter J.


    We tested whether visual cortical sensitivity to external cues in the context of an acute defensive reaction is heightened or attenuated. A strong cardiac defense (fear) response was elicited by presenting an abrupt, loud acoustic stimulus following a 10-minute period of quiescence. Electrocortical responses to aversive and neutral pictures following defensive stimulus onset were measured using dense-array EEG. Pictures were flickered at 12.5 Hz to evoke steady-state visual evoked potentials ...

  13. Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) (United States)


    Estimate RDT&E - Research , Development, Test, and Evaluation SAR - Selected Acquisition Report SCP - Service Cost Position TBD - To Be Determined TY - Then...all ranges and in all phases of flight. Following guidance from the President, the Secretary of Defense approved the Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD...based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system to enhance our capability against Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. We are currently sustaining 30

  14. Contemporary Chinese Defense Industry Reforms and Civil–Military Integration in Three Key Organizations


    Francis, Ed; Puska, Susan M


    This brief highlights key points on three Chinese government and military organizations involved in managing defense science, technology, and industry: 1) the State Council’s State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND); 2) the General Armament Department (GAD) of the People’s Liberation Army; and 3) the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s Civil–Military Integration Promotion Department (CMIPD). This brief calls attention to im...

  15. Active Center of Islamic Dialogue Civilizations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ebrahim Moghimi


    Full Text Available It is obvious that an essay have introduced about Dialogue Civilizations, at first must be start with a definition about it. Obviously, this simple definition is almost difficult. Defining of Dialogue Civilizations is complex and difficult as far as it need to a vast range of definitions. In this essay will argue that how ever definition of Dialogue Civilization is different, can only seek as specific of intemporall and special situations that are in real-life. As well as this essay emphasize to practice of environmental (realm in Islamic countries. The philosophy of this essay is that, what is the share of Islamic environments with regard to looking at Civilizations special phenomena. The first attitude is that Islamic civilization includes different spaces around the globe. The second attitude is that Islamic Civilization includes developing of other Civilizations realm. The third is that in the realm of Islamic Civilization live different human life and this is an important starting point for Cultural Dialogue in the Islamic countries together. The fourth is that, there are expanding (space, population, political systems, organs and economic is different, that we will describe them in this essay.

  16. 31 CFR 103.57 - Civil penalty. (United States)


    ... 31 Money and Finance: Treasury 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Civil penalty. 103.57 Section 103.57 Money and Finance: Treasury Regulations Relating to Money and Finance FINANCIAL RECORDKEEPING AND REPORTING OF CURRENCY AND FOREIGN TRANSACTIONS General Provisions § 103.57 Civil penalty. (a) For...

  17. Educating Civil Engineers for Developing Countries (United States)

    Stanley, D.


    Based on engineering teaching experience in Africa and Asia, ideas are presented on educating civil engineers for developing countries, especially those in Africa. Some of the problems facing educational planners, teachers, and students are addressed, including responsibilities of a newly graduated civil engineer, curriculum development, and…

  18. 46 CFR 80.40 - Civil penalty. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Civil penalty. 80.40 Section 80.40 Shipping COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (CONTINUED) PASSENGER VESSELS DISCLOSURE OF SAFETY STANDARDS AND COUNTRY OF REGISTRY § 80.40 Civil penalty. For each violation of the regulations in this part, the owner,...

  19. Civil Society Participation at CONFINTEA VI (United States)

    Haddad, Sergio


    This article analyzes the participation of civil society in the Sixth International Conference on Adult Education held in Belem do Para, Brazil, 1-4 December 2009. As a foundation, the discussion first illuminates the important role that civil society in general plays in democratic issues and the relation between the state and society followed by…

  20. Civil Engineering: Improving the Quality of Life. (United States)

    One Feather, Sandra


    American Indian civil engineers describe the educational paths that led them to their engineering careers, applications of civil engineering in reservation communities, necessary job skills, opportunities afforded by internship programs, continuing education, and the importance of early preparation in math and science. Addresses of 12 resource Web…

  1. Remaking Public Spaces for Civil Society (United States)

    Ranson, Stewart


    The collective action predicaments of the time require citizens to participate in remaking the governance of civil society so that they can become engaged and cooperate together. Can citizens become makers of civil society? This article draws upon Hannah Arendt's "On Revolution" to provide a theory of remaking in which citizens come together to…

  2. 7 CFR 1709.18 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... benefits and on equal employment opportunity including 7 CFR parts 15 and 15b; and 45 CFR part 90, as... 7 Agriculture 11 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Civil rights. 1709.18 Section 1709.18 Agriculture... ASSISTANCE TO HIGH ENERGY COST COMMUNITIES General Requirements § 1709.18 Civil rights. This program will...

  3. 7 CFR 1735.15 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 11 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Civil rights. 1735.15 Section 1735.15 Agriculture Regulations of the Department of Agriculture (Continued) RURAL UTILITIES SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE... Policies § 1735.15 Civil rights. Borrowers are required to comply with certain regulations...

  4. 42 CFR 59.209 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... issued by the Secretary of Health and Human Services with the approval of the President (45 CFR part 80). ... 42 Public Health 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Civil rights. 59.209 Section 59.209 Public Health... Grants for Family Planning Service Training § 59.209 Civil rights. Attention is called to...

  5. 30 CFR 880.16 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... CFR part 17) and shall give assurances of compliance in such form as may be required by the Director. ... 30 Mineral Resources 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Civil rights. 880.16 Section 880.16 Mineral... LAND RECLAMATION MINE FIRE CONTROL § 880.16 Civil rights. State and local authorities shall comply...

  6. 50 CFR 82.20 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... thereunder, 43 CFR part 17. ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 6 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Civil rights. 82.20 Section 82.20 Wildlife... (MARINE MAMMAL PROTECTION ACT OF 1972) Administration § 82.20 Civil rights. Each cooperative...

  7. 28 CFR 65.52 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... CFR part 42, subparts C, D, E, and G. ... 28 Judicial Administration 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Civil rights. 65.52 Section 65.52... Additional Requirements § 65.52 Civil rights. The Act provides that “no person in any state shall on...

  8. 38 CFR 21.7310 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... 38 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Civil rights. 21.7310... Bill-Active Duty) Administrative § 21.7310 Civil rights. (a) Delegation of authority concerning Federal... Rights Act of 1964; (2) Title IX, Education Amendments of 1972, as amended; (3) Section...

  9. 7 CFR 3550.3 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... CFR part 1901, subpart E. ... 7 Agriculture 15 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Civil rights. 3550.3 Section 3550.3 Agriculture... DIRECT SINGLE FAMILY HOUSING LOANS AND GRANTS General § 3550.3 Civil rights. RHS will administer...

  10. 7 CFR 250.21 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... rights. Distributing agencies, subdistributing agencies and recipient agencies shall comply with the Department's nondiscrimination regulations (7 CFR parts 15, 15a, and 15b) and the FNS civil rights... 7 Agriculture 4 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Civil rights. 250.21 Section 250.21...

  11. 49 CFR 221.7 - Civil penalty. (United States)


    ... persons, or has caused death or injury, a penalty not to exceed $100,000 per violation may be assessed... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Civil penalty. 221.7 Section 221.7 Transportation... TRANSPORTATION REAR END MARKING DEVICE-PASSENGER, COMMUTER AND FREIGHT TRAINS General § 221.7 Civil penalty....

  12. 28 CFR 33.52 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... 28 Judicial Administration 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Civil rights. 33.52 Section 33.52 Judicial Administration DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE BUREAU OF JUSTICE ASSISTANCE GRANT PROGRAMS Criminal Justice Block Grants Additional Requirements § 33.52 Civil rights. The Justice Assistance Act provides that...

  13. Public health and the civilizing process. (United States)

    Goudsblom, J


    Since the Middle Ages, European society has passed through two successive stages in the "civilizing process." Each has been attended by profound changes in psychological and social codes. These are examined in relation to a greater concern with health and hygiene in response to four waves of epidemics: leprosy, plague, syphilis, and cholera. Speculations are offered about AIDS and the "civilizing process".

  14. 76 FR 71431 - Civil Penalty Calculation Methodology (United States)


    ... Uniform Fine Assessment (UFA) algorithm, which FMCSA currently uses for calculation of civil penalties. UFA takes into account the statutory penalty factors under 49 U.S.C. 521(b)(2)(D). The evaluation will... will impose a minimum civil penalty that is calculated by UFA. In many cases involving small...

  15. ATLAS Civil Engineering Point 1

    CERN Multimedia

    Jean-Claude Vialis


    ATLAS Civil Engineering - Point 1 In the film you can see various stages of construction in Point 1: that is the experiment zone for ATLAS experimentation. One part of the video is filmed on the surface of Point 1. Therefore you can get the view of the hall SX 1 and the cranes. Cranes are located close to the ridge of the hall roof. The film gives you the view of the hall that covers the caps and the wells to underground cavern where the experiment will be implemented. The machinery for excavation lifts and cranes as well as the stock areas can also be seen. There are iron mounting and concrete works too

  16. Instituciones de Derecho Civil Colombiano

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos H Barrera Martínez


    Full Text Available Dice el autor, que con esta obra culmina su labor de tratadista iniciada hace 40 años, tras la aparición de la primera edición en hojas mimeografiadas en 1970, de las clases de derecho procesal que dictó en la Universidad La Gran Colombia; nos parece un acto más contestatario, que la culminación de su producción científica; y esto por el tratamiento dado al derecho procesal por el legislador, especialmente al Código de Procedimiento Civil de 1970; que en algún momento fue considerado de los más desarrollados en la cultura jurídica “neorománica”.

  17. Civil Liability for Environmental Damages

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniela Ciochină


    Full Text Available We debated in this article the civil liability for environmental damages as stipulated in ourlegislation with reference to Community law. The theory of legal liability in environmental law is basedon the duty of all citizens to respect and protect the environment. Considering the importance ofenvironment in which we live, the liability for environmental damages is treated by the Constitution as aprinciple and a fundamental obligation. Many human activities cause environmental damages and, in linewith the principle of sustainable development, they should be avoided. However, when this is notpossible, they must be regulated (by criminal or administrative law in order to limit their adverse effectsand, according to the polluter pays principle, to internalize in advance their externalities (through taxes,insurances or other forms of financial security products. Communication aims to analyze these issues andlegal regulations dealing with the issue of liability for environmental damage.

  18. Instituciones de Derecho Civil Colombiano


    Carlos H Barrera Martínez


    Dice el autor, que con esta obra culmina su labor de tratadista iniciada hace 40 años, tras la aparición de la primera edición en hojas mimeografiadas en 1970, de las clases de derecho procesal que dictó en la Universidad La Gran Colombia; nos parece un acto más contestatario, que la culminación de su producción científica; y esto por el tratamiento dado al derecho procesal por el legislador, especialmente al Código de Procedimiento Civil de 1970; que en algún momento fue considerado de los m...

  19. Expanding advanced civilizations in the universe

    CERN Document Server

    Gros, C


    The 1950 lunch-table remark by Enrico Fermi `Where is everybody' has started intensive scientific and philosophical discussions about what we call nowadays the `Fermi paradox': If there had been ever a single advanced civilization in the cosmological history of our galaxy, dedicated to expansion, it would have had plenty of time to colonize the entire galaxy via exponential growth. No evidence of present or past alien visits to earth are known to us, leading to the standard conclusion that no advanced expanding civilization has ever existed in the milky-way \\cite{Webb}. This conclusion rest fundamentally on the ad-hoc assumption, that any alien civilizations dedicated to expansion at one time would remain dedicated to expansions forever. Considering our limited knowledge about alien civilizations we need however to relax this basic assumption. Here we show that a substantial and stable population of expanding advanced civilization might consequently exist in our galaxy.

  20. Cyber threats within civil aviation (United States)

    Heitner, Kerri A.

    Existing security policies in civil aviation do not adequately protect against evolving cyber threats. Cybersecurity has been recognized as a top priority among some aviation industry leaders. Heightened concerns regarding cyber threats and vulnerabilities surround components utilized in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Next Generation Air Transportation (NextGen) implementation. Automated Dependent Surveillance-B (ADS-B) and Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) have both been exploited through the research of experienced computer security professionals. Civil aviation is essential to international infrastructure and if its critical assets were compromised, it could pose a great risk to public safety and financial infrastructure. The purpose of this research was to raise awareness of aircraft system vulnerabilities in order to provoke change among current national and international cybersecurity policies, procedures and standards. Although the education of cyber threats is increasing in the aviation industry, there is not enough urgency when creating cybersecurity policies. This project intended to answer the following questions: What are the cyber threats to ADS-B of an aircraft in-flight? What are the cyber threats to EFB? What is the aviation industry's response to the issue of cybersecurity and in-flight safety? ADS-B remains unencrypted while the FAA's mandate to implement this system is rapidly approaching. The cyber threat of both portable and non-portable EFB's have received increased publicity, however, airlines are not responding quick enough (if at all) to create policies for the use of these devices. Collectively, the aviation industry is not being proactive enough to protect its aircraft or airport network systems. That is not to say there are not leaders in cybersecurity advancement. These proactive organizations must set the standard for the future to better protect society and it's most reliable form of transportation.

  1. Civilian Workforce Planning in the Department of Defense. Different Levels, Different Roles (United States)


    6Jump down to document THE ARTS CHILD POLICY CIVIL JUSTICE EDUCATION ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS NATIONAL...Holland, Mike Hurley, Ellen James, Sherry Kabin, Brian Kern, Peter Kolakowski, Sharon Lacey, Michael Laney, Cynthia Lenning, Norma Lloyd, Carol Madonna , Jim...Workforce Planning in the Department of Defense Zellman, Gail L., and Susan M. Gates, Examining the Cost of Military Child Care, Santa Monica, Calif.: RAND Corporation, MR-1415-OSD, 2002.

  2. Risk Assessment and Management for Interconnected and Interactive Critical Flood Defense Systems


    Hamedifar, Hamed


    The current State-of-the-Practice relies heavily in the deterministic characterization and assessment of performance of civil engineering infrastructure. In particular, flood defense systems, such as levees, have been evaluated within the context of Factor of Safety where the capacity of the system is compared with the expected demand. Uncertainty associated with the capacity and demand render deterministic modeling inaccurate. In particular, two structures with the same Factor of Safety can ...

  3. Defense Science Board Task Force Report on Cyber Defense Management (United States)


    initialeffort. Preferably, this system will be associated with an F-35 wing or Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) DSB TASK FORCE ON CYBER DEFENSE CHAPTER 4...Warning and Control SystemBCT brigade combat teamBMD Ballistic Missile DefenseBN battalionC&A certification and accreditationC2 command and controlC4ISR...Richard Hale DoD CIO Ms. Jenine Patterson DoD CIO Members Mr. Christopher W. Day Packet Forensics Ms. Lynn A. Dugle Private Consultant Mr. Page Hoeper

  4. Politicization of Senior Civil Servants in Slovenia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available In the context of the civil service system reform, the new normative framework adopted in 2002 introduced a new management arrangement in public administration, whose consequence was the transition of senior positions within ministries, bodies within ministries, and government offices from political officials to positional civil servants with a limited term of office, who have thus become the most senior civil servants, called administrative managers. Based on extensive empirical research and statistical data, this article provides an in-depth analysis of the status and position of administrative managers, which is intended to serve as a test whether the apex of the Slovenian administrative system is politicized and in what form. In the so-called new democracies, politicization most often is manifested as a violation of the principles of political neutrality characteristic of a professional civil service, through personalized and biased appointments of senior civil servants and in the low degree of protection against lay-offs of civil servants on political grounds. Administrative managers thus often have to decide between political susceptibility and trustworthiness versus professionalism and professional accountability, for their tasks belong to the administrative and political realms. This poses a question about the degree of influence politicians exert on administrative managers and the rate of success with which administrative managers manage to retain their professionalism and independence, which should represent the key characteristics of a senior civil servant.

  5. Competencies Framework for Civil Engineer in Thailand

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Phanudej Kudngaongarm


    Full Text Available The civil engineering industry now faces with many problems such as poorly planned projects, breach of the delivery date, erroneous budget estimation, uncontrolled system functionality changes, and inappropriate documentation that all lead to the dissatisfaction of clients. One of the main concerns of civil engineering industry is to develop the talent of its human resources, since the quality and innovation of its products and services depend to a great extent on the knowledge, the ability and the talent that civil engineers apply in the development process. A competency framework defines a set of knowledge, skills, and behaviors that professionals must have to excel in their careers. A competency framework facilitates the identification of training needs and guides the design of a professional development program. In this paper we propose a competency framework for civil engineers, whose design is based on the activities and interactions that they perform during the civil development process. Thus, competency framework for civil engineers defines a set of knowledge, abilities and key behaviors, with special emphasis in the soft skills. The organization that adopts this framework must define and integrate the specific competencies needed by for civil engineers to allow them to fulfill their goals.

  6. Preparing South Africa for Cyber Crime and Cyber Defense

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marthie Grobler


    Full Text Available The international scope of the Internet, the fast technological advances, the wide reach of technological usage and the increase in cyber-attacks require the South African administrative and legislative system to both intersect largely with the application and implementation of international legislation, take timeous precautionary measures and stay updated on trends and developments. One of the problems associated with the technological revolution is that the cyberspace is full of complex and dynamic technological innovations that are not well suited to any lagging administrative and legal system. A further complication is the lack of comprehensive and enforceable treaties facilitating international cooperation with regard to cyber defense. The result is that many developing countries in particular, are either not properly aware, not well prepared, or adequately protected by both knowledge and legislation, in the event of a cyber-attack on a national level. Even if these countries realize the threats, the time to react is of such a long nature due to consultation and legislative processes, that the legal systems provide little support to ensure timeous and necessary counter-measures. This article will address this problem by looking at the impact of technological revolution on cybercrime and cyber defense in a developing country and will evaluate the relevant South African legislation. It will also look at the influence of cyber defense on the international position of the South African Government. South Africa at present does not have a coordinated approach in dealing with Cybercrime and does not have a comprehensive Cyber defense strategy in place. The structures that have been established to deal with Cyber security issues are inadequate to holistically deal with these issues. The development of interventions to address cybercrime requires a partnership between business, government and civil society. This article will provide an approach to

  7. Tropical Climate Dynamics and Civilizations (United States)

    Haug, G. H.; Yancheva, G.; Peterson, L. C.


    Dr. James P. Kennett has been a leader in the area of rapid climate change. Jim and his son Douglas J. Kennett, a scientific archeologist, were among the first to make a serious effort to combine high-quality climate data with archeological information to study the impact of climate on societies. They argued about the 'strong relationship between climatically induced changes in environmental conditions and social, political, and economic responses' in coastal California during the past 2 millennia. One tropical climate archive with an appropriate memory for the most relevant sub-centennial to sub-decadal scale climate swings is the anoxic Cariaco Basin off northern Venezuela. Millimeter to micrometer-scale geochemical data in the laminated sediments of the Cariaco Basin have been interpreted to reflect variations in the hydrological cycle and the mean annual position of the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) over tropical South America during the past millennia. These data with decadal to (sub)annual resolution show that the Terminal Collapse of the Classic Maya civilization occurred during an extended dry period. In detail, the Cariaco record reveals evidence for three separate droughts during the period of Maya downfall, each lasting a decade or less. These data suggest that climate change was potentially one immediate cause of the demise of Mayan civilization, with a century-scale decline in rainfall putting a general strain on resources and several multi-year events of more intense drought pushing Mayan society over the edge. Here, we present a new data set of comparable quality and resolution from Southern China. In the sediments of lake Huguang Maar in coastal southeast China, the titanium content and redox-sensitive magnetic properties record the strength of winter monsoon winds at subdecadal resolution over the last 16 thousand years. The record indicates a stronger winter monsoon prior to the Boelling-Alleroed warming, during the Younger Dryas, and


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mikhail Epstein


    Full Text Available The article regards poetry as the type of a world view that has profound effect on the social and technical development of civilization. Contrary to popular belief about the decline of poetry in the technological age, poetry, as the desire for imaginative comprehension and transformation of the world, remains the most powerful engine of civilization. There are new, non-linguistic forms of existence of poetry (outside of verses and books that are explored in the article: anthropoeia, biopoeia, kosmopoeia, noopoeia, sociopoeia, technopoeia… For example, the technique is no less metaphorical and symbolic than poetry is, but it embodies the energy of creation not in words, but in the poetically transfigured matter where each element is „playing” with nature, overcomes the force of gravity, the distances of time and space. Tehnopoeia as realized in aviation, rocketry, electronics, Internet, new means of communication, allows to see clearly the invisible, to hear the inaudible, to speak many languages. Technopoeia is the poetic aspect of technology as an activity that implements the creative aspirations of humans and the symbolic vision of the world. The article examines the „physics of poetry,” as it was understood by Surrealists, and shows that the poetic perception of things is not opposed to its utilitarian functions, but both can be harmoniously combined. Contemporatry science and technology aspire to implement a number of fundamental biopoetic and cosmopoetic metaphors: the universe — a computer, a planet — a living organism, the computer — the brain, the Internet — the nervous system, infectious viruses — computer and genes, the language of life — the process of writing… The metaphor becomes an integral part of the scientific outlook and the driving force behind the new discovery. Philology and poetics need to develop new methods of analysis of poetic phenomena as embodied not in verses, but in scientific thinking and

  9. Mechanics, Models and Methods in Civil Engineering

    CERN Document Server

    Maceri, Franco


    „Mechanics, Models and Methods in Civil Engineering” collects leading papers dealing with actual Civil Engineering problems. The approach is in the line of the Italian-French school and therefore deeply couples mechanics and mathematics creating new predictive theories, enhancing clarity in understanding, and improving effectiveness in applications. The authors of the contributions collected here belong to the Lagrange Laboratory, an European Research Network active since many years. This book will be of a major interest for the reader aware of modern Civil Engineering.

  10. Quadrennial Defense Review and Ballistic Missile Defense Review (United States)


    global defense posture 3 BMDR Highlights • Outlines a strategy and policy framework to – Defend the homeland against limited ballistic missile attack...abroad – Collaborate closely with allies and partners – Pursue a cooperative and tailored global defense posture – Strengthen US civilian in 2010 – QDR and BMDR released February 1, 2010 – Nuclear Posture Review to be released this spring – Space Posture Review, with Director of

  11. Molecular strategies of plant defense and insect counter-defense

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The prediction of human population growth worldwide indicates there will be a need to substantially increase food production in order to meet the demand on food supply.This can be achieved in part by the effective management of insect pests. Since plants have co-evolved with herbivorous insects for millions of years, they have developed an array of defense genes to protect themselves against a wide variety of chewing and sucking insects.Using these naturally-occurring genes via genetic engineering represents an environmentally friendly insect pest-control measure. Insects, however, have been actively evolving adaptive mechanisms to evade natural plant defenses. Such evolved adaptability undoubtedly has helped insects during the last century to rapidly overcome a great many humanimposed management practices and agents, including chemical insecticides and genetically engineered plants. Thus, better understanding of the molecular and genetic basis of plant defense and insect counter-defense mechanisms is imperative, not only from a basic science perspective, but also for biotechnology-based pest control practice. In this review, we emphasize the recent advance and understanding of molecular strategies of attack-counterattack and defense-counter-defense between plants and their herbivores.

  12. [The civil liability of obstetricians]. (United States)

    Uphoff, R; Hindemith, J


    The number of maternal and child deaths associated with delivery in Germany has reached a historically low level. Even so, the number of claims for damages arising from birth complications is continuously increasing. The reasons for this apparent paradox are analysed in the present contribution. Basic principles of the present situation concerning legal precedents with regard to birth damages are illustrated. The legal instrumentarium which the courts use to reach their decisions is presented. The interactions of the reasons for liability are demonstrated for the five most frequently occurring critical obstetric situations (intrauterine asphyxia, premature amniorrhexis, danger of premature birth, intrauterine growth retardation, birth of a depressed child).From an analysis of court decisions on liability questions that result from an objective failure of obstetric management in critical situations, four general empirical rules can be derived and observation of these rules could markedly reduce the number of patient claims. The function of civil court rulings as a necessary control instance is positively accepted.

  13. Noviolencia, desobediencia civil y ejemplaridad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alicia María de Mingo Rodríguez


    Full Text Available Este artículo intenta mostrar la íntima conexión entre el espíritu que anima la noviolenciaen Mahatma Gandhi y la modalidad de práctica de dicha noviolencia que representala desobediencia civil. No sólo se aborda aquella noviolencia y esta desobediencia en susrasgos básicos, destacándose la perplejidad que suscita la noviolencia en su asimetría eirreprocidad (respecto al acto agresivo, sino que expresamente se intenta articularlasde cara a pensar la relevancia de ambos conceptos para una educación y filosofía para lapaz. Es por ello por lo que se hace imprescindible traer a primer plano la importanciadel compromiso, la responsabilidad y el sacrificio que comporta la noviolencia, a finde que se los pueda hacer trascender socialmente bajo la modalidad (decisiva en unacultura de paz de ejemplaridad y autoridad, muy relevantes para que la noviolenciagane prestigio social real (y no un prestigio utópico.

  14. La participación de la sociedad civil en los programas culturales

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Margarita Loera Ch. de Esteinou


    Full Text Available Official discurse has accepted multi-culture and the necessity to decentralize cultural labors, as worthy objetives. Nevertheless, the participation of civil society in cultural programs has been hindered and halted by diverse and contradictory ideas as to what is considered a social benefit and the popular history it seeks to promote and recover. The author describes the formation and actuation of the Association of Mexican Correspondents in great detail; their ties to and rupture with the official viewpoint of history, cultural patrimony, its defense and popular recuperation.

  15. Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) satellites collect visible and infrared cloud imagery as well as monitoring the atmospheric, oceanographic,...

  16. A Mathematics Lesson from the Mayan Civilization. (United States)

    Lara-Alecio, Rafael; Irby, Beverly J.; Morales-Aldana, Leonel


    Discusses how teachers can infuse culture into the curriculum and develop students' competence and confidence by using ethnomathematics. Examines the mathematics of the Mayan civilization. Contains 22 references. (ASK)

  17. 10 CFR 1017.29 - Civil penalty. (United States)


    ... paragraph (m)(4) of this section, the Hearing Officer may receive any oral or documentary evidence, but... the civil penalty on the person's ability to do business; (iv) Any history of prior violations;...

  18. Civil Remedies Division Administrative Law Judge Decisions (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — Decisions issued by Administrative Law Judges of the Departmental Appeals Board's Civil Remedies Division concerning fraud and abuse determinations by the Office of...

  19. A Universal Model of Global Civil Unrest

    CERN Document Server

    Braha, Dan


    Civil unrest is a powerful form of collective human dynamics, which has led to major transitions of societies in modern history. The study of collective human dynamics, including collective aggression, has been the focus of much discussion in the context of modeling and identification of universal patterns of behavior. In contrast, the possibility that civil unrest activities, across countries and over long time periods, are governed by universal mechanisms has not been explored. Here, we analyze records of civil unrest of 170 countries during the period 1919-2008. We demonstrate that the distributions of the number of unrest events per year are robustly reproduced by a nonlinear, spatially extended dynamical model, which reflects the spread of civil disorder between geographic regions connected through social and communication networks. The results also expose the similarity between global social instability and the dynamics of natural hazards and epidemics.

  20. Rhetorical Alliances in the Civil Rights Era. (United States)

    Asante, Molefi Kete


    Analyzes the rhetorical mode of the civil rights movement and gives some attention to the problematic convergence of white and Black progressive writers. Focuses on two recurring metaphors used to describe the condition of Blacks: invisibility and Black Power. (KH)

  1. Theater Missile Defense Integration Issues (United States)


    high endoatmospheric defense interceptor (HEDI) proposed t earlier. EADTB. Extended Air Defense Test Bed. A computer-based analysis center for...for attacking deeper elements of an aggressors’s ground forces. Known in NATO as Follow-on Force Attack ( FOFA ). JSTARS. Joint surveillance target...AFIA/INKS ATTN. INKS AFIS/INT ATTN: INT AIR hORCE CTR FOR STUDIES & ANALYSIS ATTN: AFSAA/SAKI 9 Dist-1 w^mmmm mmmm^-mmmemH

  2. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Catalina Mititelu


    Full Text Available According to the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights adopted by the United Nations, in 1966, the human being who enjoy his civil and political rights, enjoy in fact that “humanitas dignitas” (human dignity, since these rights derive from this. That is why this Covenant stipulated that the States parties are obligated to assure both the recognitions of these rights and their exercise and juridical protection.

  3. Civil responsibility of Physical Education professionals



    The aim of this paper is to analyze the civil responsibility of Physical Education professionals which consists of an obligation to repair eventual damages in their professional practice. Firstly, this study presents a historical rescue, the conceptualization of civil responsibility , the differentiation of that criminal responsibility, and also of the assumed ones. Secondly, the conditions for the imputation of a damage and the differentiation between obligation of means and obligation of ...

  4. The Future SSC Pacific Civil Service Workforce (United States)


    TECHNICAL REPORT 1971 August 2008 The Future SSC Pacific Civil Service Workforce P. Shigley G. Pennoyer J. Carreño Approved for... Shigley G. Pennoyer J. Carreño Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. SSC San Diego San Diego, CA 92152-5001 SB...Prescribed by ANSI Std. Z39.18 08–2008 Final THE FUTURE SSC PACIFIC CIVIL SERVICE WORKFORCE P. Shigley G. Pennoyer J

  5. Environmental and ecological citizenship in civil society


    Humphreys, David


    Drawing from the work of Andrew Dobson, two notions of citizenship in civil society can be distinguished: environmental citizenship, which focuses on environmental rights and seeks to redefine the relationship between the state and the citizen; and ecological citizenship, which goes beyond a rights-based notion of citizenship to advocate the fair usage of ecological space across international borders. Using civil society initiatives to conserve forests, this article argues that these two noti...

  6. Galactic civilizations - Population dynamics and interstellar diffusion (United States)

    Newman, W. I.; Sagan, C.


    A model is developed of the interstellar diffusion of galactic civilizations which takes into account the population dynamics of such civilizations. The problem is formulated in terms of potential theory, with a family of nonlinear partial differential and difference equations specifying population growth and diffusion for an organism with advantageous genes that undergoes random dispersal while increasing in population locally, and a population at zero population growth. In the case of nonlinear diffusion with growth and saturation, it is found that the colonization wavefront from the nearest independently arisen galactic civilization can have reached the earth only if its lifetime exceeds 2.6 million years, or 20 million years if discretization can be neglected. For zero population growth, the corresponding lifetime is 13 billion years. It is concluded that the earth is uncolonized not because interstellar spacefaring civilizations are rare, but because there are too many worlds to be colonized in the plausible colonization lifetime of nearby civilizations, and that there exist no very old galactic civilizations with a consistent policy of the conquest of inhabited worlds.

  7. Judicial civil procedure dragging out in Kosovo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rrustem Qehaja


    Full Text Available This article tends to deal with one of the most worrying issues in the judicial system of Kosovo the problem of judicial civil procedure dragging out. The article analyses the reasons of these dragging outs of the judicial civil procedure focusing on the context of one of the basic procedural principles in civil procedure-the principle of economy or efficiency in the courts. Dragging out of civil procedure in Kosovo has put in question not only the basic principles of civil procedure, but it also challenges the general principles related to human rights and freedoms sanctioned not only by the highest legal act of the country, but also with international treaties. The article tends to give a reflection to the most important reasons that effect and influence in these dragging outs of civil procedure, as well as, at the same time aims to give the necessary alternatives to pass through them by identifying dilemmas within the judicial practice. As a result, the motives of this scientific paper are exactly focused at the same time on identifying the dilemmas, as well as presenting ideas, to overstep them, including the judicial practice of the European Court of Human Rights on Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights, by which it is given the possibility to offering people efficient and within a reasonable time legal protection of their rights before national courts. For these reasons, the paper elaborates this issue based on both, the legal theory and judicial practice.

  8. US Home Defense Forces Study (United States)


    authorities. Maine The Home Guard, with all the powers of constables, police officers, and watchmen , except for the serving of civil processes,was to serve...reenforce the efforts of local police, firemen, and watchmen . In 1918, these units, already recognized by the governor as State Militia Reserves, were...offI- oers and watchmen eoept service of civil prooo5ss.oI. A Q -stab~oIsbd by Ciaptor 26 of t-e Coaponsation not rrabter than Aots of 1917. Utato

  9. 76 FR 72391 - Defense Logistics Agency Revised Regulation 1000.22, Environmental Considerations in Defense... (United States)


    ... Logistics Agency Revised Regulation 1000.22, Environmental Considerations in Defense Logistics Agency Actions AGENCY: Defense Logistics Agency, Department of Defense. ACTION: Revised Defense Logistics Agency Regulation (DLAR) 1000.22. SUMMARY: On May 18, 2011, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) published a Notice...

  10. Defense Space Support to Civil Authority: How Can Policy be Improved? (United States)


    inherent authority to protect lives and property, pursuant to precedent set in Cafeteria Workers v. McElroy and Mitchell v. Harmony. This authority to...TerreStar Networks’ satellite will provide voice, messaging and data connections to the North American market . July 15 • NASA space shuttle Endeavour...Political reaction was mixed at the U.N. level. “President Barack Obama and other world leaders called [April 2009’s] launch a provocation that cannot go

  11. Emergency Support Function 15: Communication Synchronization during Defense Support of Civil Authorities Operations (United States)


    bureaucracy gets in the way theme suggests that therer is a lack of communication to ESF 15 leadership during DSCA operation or a lack of understanding...roles and responsibilities and leadership challenges. The Emergency Support Function (ESF) 15 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) incorporates the...relationships, unclear understanding of roles and responsibilities and leadership challenges. The Emergency Support Function (ESF) 15 Standard

  12. U.S. Army Military Police: The Force of Choice for Defense Support to Civil Authorities (United States)


    Kathleen Blanco activated 2,000 ARNG Soldiers as a preventative measure. 70 Later that same day, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour authorized his...73Wombrell, Army Support During the Hurricane Katrina Disaster, 2. 74Axel Graumann, Tamara Houston, Jay Lawrimore, David Levinson, Neal Lott, Sam McCown... (accessed 12 February 2014). Graumann, Axel, Tamara Houston, Jay Lawrimore, David

  13. Secure Information Sharing in a Defense Support to Civil Authorities Environment (United States)


    Controlled Information (CUI), however CUI is not in general usage yet. 4 John Elting , Swords Around a Throne (London, Collier MacMillan Publishers 1988...Research shows Cyber Attack Could cost US 50 times more than Katrina”, Market Wire, July 2007 Available at articles /mi_pwwi... articles /2002/03/03/IT-security-calls-for-collaboration.aspx Accessed on 7 February 2009. 21 organization. This team of 10 – 12 soldiers has the same

  14. Missile Defensive Systems and the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (Maxwell Paper, Number 45) (United States)


    Illinois: Pope AFB, North Carolina; Little Rock AFB, Arkansas; and Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona. Colonel Downing entered the Air Force as a distinguished...electronic warfare officer in the EC-130 and instructor/flight examiner navigator in the C-130. He holds the master of military arts and sciences in...Kosovo SA-7 (r) Kurdistan Workers Party Turkey SA-7 (c), Stinger (c) Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Sri Lanka SA-7 (r), SA-14 (r), HN-5 (c) Oromo

  15. Enhancing Defense Support of Civil Authorities within the National Capital Region (United States)


    research. Most notably Colonel Steven Lynch, Provost Marshal, COlonel Marilyn Brew , Deputy Surgeon, and Major Cory Wright, Exercise Planner...popular methods of travel in the United States, as well other developed nations. However, high passenger volume and relativelylow security...tenorist organizations center of gravity , critical capabilities, critical requirements, and critical vulnerabilities. For example, to execute the

  16. Civil Defense Warning System Research Support. Volume 3: Use of Damage Assessment Information for Warning (Redacted) (United States)


    1966 i TM-L-1960/092/00 (Page 1i blank) FOREWORD Volume III, this Velum ~, and two companion volumes conclusions and recommendations resulting...Table 2. Ground Zero Accuracy From Category II Tents (U) TM-L-1960/092/00 OSD 3 .3(b )(ti),(t) DECLASSIFIED IN PART Authority: EO 13526 Chief

  17. Our Missing Shield: The U.S. Civil Defense Program in Historical Perspective (United States)


    the Congress and advice from Governors and Federal agency officials, like GSA Administrator Joel W. Solomon, indicated that support for such an...classified by subject and annotated. Among these are the following: Altmann, Berthold, and Harry Moskowitz . "Dispersal--A Selected Reading List," Bulletin

  18. The Emergence of Civilization [and] Case Studies in the Emergence of Civilization. (United States)

    Ellison, Jack

    This secondary level anthropology textbook emphasizes the comparison of the patterns of culture change which resulted in complex societies (civilizations) in six different areas around the world. The textbook stresses problem-solving and is centered around three questions: In what manner and through what stages did these civilizations evolve? What…

  19. How Global is Global Civil Society?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Neera Chandhoke


    Full Text Available In recent times the concept of global civil society has made its appearance on national and international intellectual, as well as political agendas, in a major way. It is of some interest that two other concepts, both of which call for transcendence of national boundaries in precisely the same way as global civil society does, have also made their appearance on the scene of intellectual debates at roughly the same time: the concept of cosmopolitanism and that of transnational justice. All three concepts have dramatically expanded the notion of commitment to one’s fellow beings beyond the nation state. And all three concepts have extended critiques of policies that violate the dignity of human beings from national governments to the practices of inter-national institutions such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Forum. In sum the inter-related concepts of global civil society, cosmopolitanism, and transnational justice have greatly enlarged the traditional domain of political theory. And yet for any political theorist who is acutely conscious of the phenomenon of power, these concepts are not unproblematic. For the practices of global civil society may just reinforce the intellectual and the moral power of the West over the postcolonial world. This is particularly true of say global human rights organizations. This paper will attempt to raise some questions of the concept and the practices of global civil society from the perspective of the countries of the South.

  20. The Inflammasome in Host Defense

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gang Chen


    Full Text Available Nod-like receptors have emerged as an important family of sensors in host defense. These receptors are expressed in macrophages, dendritic cells and monocytes and play an important role in microbial immunity. Some Nod-like receptors form the inflammasome, a protein complex that activates caspase-1 in response to several stimuli. Caspase-1 activation leads to processing and secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin (IL-1β and IL-18. Here, we discuss recent advances in the inflammasome field with an emphasis on host defense. We also compare differential requirements for inflammasome activation in dendritic cells, macrophages and monocytes.

  1. Nordic visions of the Civil War

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Morten HEIBERG


    Full Text Available There is a rich body of Scandinavian literature written by surviving volunteers of the International Brigades which concerns the Spanish Civil War. However, when it comes to scientific studies the situation is an altogether different one. Only a small number of academic studies can be found available, often limited in scope and of modest quality. The Civil War seems to be of marginal interest to the Nordic research community, which is generally more interested in national history than in European and world history. There are, however, some exceptions to this, as this article will demonstrate. The most interesting conclusion - from an international historiographical point of view - to be drawn from a number of new studies is that the Spanish Civil War produced political and military repercussions in Scandinavia during the German occupation of Denmark and Norway from 1940-1945.

  2. Global justice and transnational civil disobedience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Temi Ogunye


    Full Text Available Almost all accounts of global justice recognise that the world, as it is, is unjust, and that something ought to be done about this. But what? In this paper, I argue that wealthy individuals have a duty grounded in the natural duty of justice to engage in civil disobedience against the currently unjust global order with the aim of pressuring for institutional reform. In particular, I argue that those who subscribe to the two main views on global justice—cosmopolitanism and statism—can agree that the conditions which give rise to the duty to engage in civil disobedience obtain in global society today. I then explain why I focus on transnational civil disobedience, argue that only the wealthy have the duty to engage in it, and give an example of how this duty has been discharged in the real world.

  3. Biotechnologies and biomimetics for civil engineering

    CERN Document Server

    Labrincha, J; Diamanti, M; Yu, C-P; Lee, H


    Putting forward an innovative approach to solving current technological problems faced by human society, this book encompasses a holistic way of perceiving the potential of natural systems. Nature has developed several materials and processes which both maintain an optimal performance and are also totally biodegradable, properties which can be used in civil engineering. Delivering the latest research findings to building industry professionals and other practitioners, as well as containing information useful to the public, ‘Biotechnologies and Biomimetics for Civil Engineering’ serves as an important tool to tackle the challenges of a more sustainable construction industry and the future of buildings.

  4. La responsabilidad civil medioambiental por productos defectuosos



    La tesis cuestiona por una parte la exhaustividad del marco regulador de la responsabilidad Civil por productos defectuosos y, por la otra, la singularidad de los daños medioambientales. Así, pretende, entre otros objetivos, contribuir en la construcción del Derecho Civil medioambiental, buscando, dentro del ámbito de protección de la legislación sobre productos defectuosos, el posible anclaje de los daños medioambientales. Gira en torno a la cuestión del régimen aplicable a supuesto...

  5. The Civil War in cyberspace today


    Eiroa, Matilde


    The appeal of the Spanish Civil War in the online world is a phenomenon deserving of attention, as an event that took place more than 75 years ago which still arouses debate and the curiosity of many. It is surprising that the media world considers it “newsworthy” and that it has an important presence on the Internet — on blogs, websites, You Tube, and even social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This article examines all mention of the Civil War in online media. We start from th...

  6. Fundamentos del seguro de responsabilidad civil


    Nuñez del Prado Simons, Alfonso; Universidad de Lima


    Luego de una pequeña introducción en que comenta algunos problemas del Seguro Obligatorio de Accidente de Tránsito (SOAT) y de los seguros oncológicos en relación a los médicos, el autor hace una revisión de los fundamentos legales de la responsabilidad civil, especialmente la extracontractual, a partir de la legislación peruana y luego explica los alcances del seguro de responsabilidad civil general.

  7. Disfuncionalidades del servicio civil en Colombia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carolina Isaza E.


    Full Text Available El artículo presenta las características del servicio civil colombiano y argumenta que este existe en un nivel formal, pero sufre de una brecha de implementación que ha conducido a la creación de una serie de disfuncionalidades en el sistema. Esta situación explica la discrepancia entre la imagen positiva que existe fuera del país frente a su servicio civil y la imagen que existe dentro, basada en el mal funcionamiento práctico del mismo.

  8. Newton and the origin of civilization

    CERN Document Server

    Buchwald, Jed Z


    Isaac Newton's Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended, published in 1728, one year after the great man's death, unleashed a storm of controversy. And for good reason. The book presents a drastically revised timeline for ancient civilizations, contracting Greek history by five hundred years and Egypt's by a millennium. Newton and the Origin of Civilization tells the story of how one of the most celebrated figures in the history of mathematics, optics, and mechanics came to apply his unique ways of thinking to problems of history, theology, and mythology, and of how his radical ideas produced an

  9. Preaching in the perspective of civil law

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Piotr Kroczek


    Full Text Available Preaching the word of God is the part of the ministry of the divine word. The activity belongs exclusively to the Church and is regulated by the church law, but it is also under regime of Polish law. The article focuses on the Polish civil law and treats about: copyright law, the protection of secret information in labor law and in educational law, the obligation of silence before election day, and protection of personal interests. The catholic ministers must be aware of the civil liability for the preaching.

  10. Commercial UAV operations in civil airspace (United States)

    Newcome, Laurence R.


    The Federal Aviation Administration is often portrayed as the major impediment to unmanned aerial vehicle expansion into civil government and commercial markets. This paper describes one company's record for successfully negotiating the FAA regulations and obtaining authorizations for several types of UAVs to fly commercial reconnaissance missions in civil airspace. The process and criteria for obtaining such authorizations are described. The mishap records of the Pioneer, Predator and Hunter UAVs are examined in regard to their impact on FAA rule making. The paper concludes with a discussion of the true impediments to UAV penetration of commercial markets to date.

  11. La responsabilidad civil en el delito fiscal



    Se realiza un análisis de la procedencia de pronunciamiento sobre responsabilidad civil en el delito fiscal en referencia a la cuota tributaria defraudada. Se toma como punto de partida la posición del tribunal supremo que admite la configuración de la deuda tributaria defraudada como responsabilidad civil, y se subraya las dificultades técnicas de la misma, tomando en consideración la naturaleza ex lege que en todo caso ostenta la obligación de hacer efectivo el pago de la deuda tributaria,...

  12. Global civil society and its discontents

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Corry, T. Olaf


    According to enthusiasts the concept of global civil society is spreading rapidly and becoming pivotal to the reconfiguring of the statist paradigm. However, critics have recently grown more numerous and outspoken in opposition to the term claiming that it is actually perpetuating statism...... by grafting the idea of civil society onto the global by way of an unhelpful domestic analogy. This paper examines the role the concept is playing in perpetuating/reconfiguring statism. First it summarizes current criticism by identifying three basic accusations: the ambiguity of the term, the "domestic...

  13. Optimal Vibration Control of Civil Engineering Structures

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thesbjerg, Leo

    In designing large civil engineering structures, an important consideration is prospective dynamic loadings which may include earthquake ground motion, wind gusts, severe sea states and moving vehicles, rotating and reciprocating machinery and others. successful design of such structures requires...... providing for the safety and integrity of the structure, and in some cases also providing for a measure of comfort for the occupants during such loading which the structure and its occupants must endure. Due to these uncertainties, the civil engineering community has traditionally adopted a very...

  14. Social Movements, Civil Society and Corporations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    de Bakker, Frank; Hond, Frank den; King, Brayden


    The relationships between social movements and civil society on the one hand, and the corporate world on the other hand, are often shaped by conflict over the domination of economic, cultural and social life. How this conflict plays out, in current as well as in historical times and places......, is the central question that unites the papers in this special issue. In this essay, we review the differences and points of contact between the study of social movements, civil society and corporations, and offer an agenda for future research at this intersection that also frames the papers in the special issue...

  15. Defense Acquisition Policy and Defense Industrial Base Reinforcement Strategy - Enhancing the International Competitiveness of the Korean National Defense Industry (United States)


    Korea Defense Industry Association (KDIA). (2007). Annual management review of Korean Defense Industry. Seoul: Author. Lee, D.O. (2000...COMPETITIVENESS OF THE KOREAN NATIONAL DEFENSE INDUSTRY Published: 23 April 2008 by Dr. Dae Ok Lee 5th Annual Acquisition Research Symposium of the...International Competitiveness of the Korean National Defense Industry 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) 5d

  16. 16 CFR 1.98 - Adjustment of civil monetary penalty amounts. (United States)


    ... monetary penalty amounts. This section makes inflation adjustments in the dollar amounts of civil monetary... OF PRACTICE GENERAL PROCEDURES Civil Penalty Adjustments Under the Federal Civil Penalties...

  17. El derecho civil, los derechos civiles forales o especiales y el derecho civil autonómico


    Plaza Penadés, Javier


    Para poder comprender el concepto y significado del Derecho Civil conviene previamente delimitar su contenido y comprender su consideración como Derecho Privado y como Derecho común, que es fruto de su evolución histórica.

  18. Defense Acquisition Performance Assessment Report (United States)


    Incorporated – “Changing the System” HeLLeR , TRiCiA A., Deputy Director of Congressional Support, Technical and Analytical Support, USAF A-Team...Interview Recorder” HeLLieR, RiCHARD, Director of Air Force Programs, United Technologies – “Joint Stars System” HeRMAN , DR. ROBeRT, Member, Defense

  19. What Happens After the Defense?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Feldtmann, Birgit


    who has attempted to attack the master’s vessel and whose distress is the direct result of lawful self-defense by PCASP? This is the question at the heart of this article, which argues that there are certain post incident obligations and that it is crucial to address these obligations at the flag...

  20. Systemic defense signaling in tomato

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI Changbao; SUN Jiaqiang; JIANG Hongling; WU Xiaoyan; LI Chuanyou


    The wound-inducible expression of proteinase inhibitors (PIs) genes in tomato provides a powerful model system to elucidate the signal transduction pathway of sys- temic defense response. An increasing body of evidence indi- cates that systemin and jasmonic acid (JA) work in the same signaling pathway to activate the expression of PIs and other defense-related genes. However, little is known about how systemin and JA interact to regulate cell to cell communica- tion over long distances. Genetic analysis of the systemin/JA signaling pathway in tomato plants provides a unique opportunity to dissect the mechanism by which peptide and oxylipin signals interact to coordinate systemic expression of defense-related genes. Previously, it has been proposed that systemin is the long-distance mobile signal for systemic expression of defense related genes. However, recent genetic approach provided new evidence that jasmonic acid, rather than systemin, functions as the systemic wound signal, and that the peptide systemin works to regulate the biosynthesis of JA.

  1. Multidimensional Perfectionism and Ego Defenses (United States)

    Dickinson, Wendy L.; Ashby, Jeffrey S.


    This study examined the relationship between multidimensional perfectionism and ego defense style among 130 college students. Cluster analysis results facilitated the identification of groups of adaptive perfectionists, maladaptive perfectionists, and non-perfectionists. The researchers found that identified maladaptive perfectionists used…

  2. In Defense of Darwin's Theory. (United States)

    Naylor, Bruce G.; Handford, Paul


    Examines issues regarding the defensibility and utility of natural selection as a scientific theory, focusing on the process of population change over time. Topics considered include criticisms of Darwinian theory, tautology and the meaning of fitness, the ability of theories to predict and explain, and the sufficiency of natural selection. (DH)

  3. [Patient's aggression aimed at physicians. Legal interpretation of defense possibilities]. (United States)

    Patryn, Rafał


    The aim of the following study is to acquaint medical practitioners with legal possibilities of defense against patients'aggression. The occurrence of the described and discussed issue, namely the appearance of different forms of aggression aimed at physicians and other medical staff is a more and more frequently appearing phenomenon, which is very problematic, and difficult to interpret. The scope of the analysis has been limited to aggression of patients towards physicians only, as they are most often the aim of this aggression, and what should be emphasized, they lack practical and universal solutions and frequently also necessary knowledge to protect themselves against it. The idea behind this study is to present a rational solution to the afore mentioned situation, within legal limits. First, an outline of a conflict situation with a short specification of sources of aggression will be presented, than an appropriate legal taxonomy (including civil and criminal law) allowing for aid in such a situation will be offered and discussed.The authors will also present practical and legally permissible solutions aiming at defense, abandonment, and not allowing for the appearance of this reprehensible phenomenon.

  4. Near-Earth object intercept trajectory design for planetary defense (United States)

    Vardaxis, George; Wie, Bong


    Tracking the orbit of asteroids and planning for asteroid missions have ceased to be a simple exercise, and become more of a necessity, as the number of identified potentially hazardous near-Earth asteroids increases. Several software tools such as Mystic, MALTO, Copernicus, SNAP, OTIS, and GMAT have been developed by NASA for spacecraft trajectory optimization and mission design. However, this paper further expands upon the development and validation of an Asteroid Mission Design Software Tool (AMiDST), through the use of approach and post-encounter orbital variations and analytic keyhole theory. Combining these new capabilities with that of a high-precision orbit propagator, this paper describes fictional mission trajectory design examples of using AMiDST as applied to a fictitious asteroid 2013 PDC-E. During the 2013 IAA Planetary Defense Conference, the asteroid 2013 PDC-E was used for an exercise where participants simulated the decision-making process for developing deflection and civil defense responses to a hypothetical asteroid threat.

  5. Department of Defense PERSEREC (DOD PERSEREC) (United States)

    Social Security Administration — The purpose of this agreement is for SSA to verify SSN information for Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) of the Department of Defense. DMDC will use the SSA data...

  6. Contribution to the improvement of management in defense logistics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Srđan D. Ljubojević


    , every country and every society has approached changes in this domain in different ways, but most of these reforms may include the term New Public Management. The societies that have gone deeply in change seek to improve the New Public Management concept by accepting the principle of Public Value ​​Management.   Management in the defense system   Regarding the public sector width, appropriate management models are different  from segment to segment. One of the most specific segments of public sector is the defense system. Regardless of awareness of management in the defense system of the necessity of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency in management, there are numerous risks that may prevent achievement of these goals. Certain specifics in terms of organizational complexity of military systems, in the sense of freedom and autonomy in decision making, human resource management, way of functioning, etc., make defense management,, in some areas, considerably more complex than this is the case with civil organization systems. If mechanisms established to regulate the system have a demotivating character, the consequences can be very negative. Generally, there are two categories of managers in defense systems: general managers and professional managers. A large problem in the management of defense systems is transparency and measurability of results. Accordingly, management reforms in the defense must be directed to the state (the relevant Ministry which seeks to achieve the set goals in specific areas, and to service users (citizens who also want high quality of this public service. The characteristics and the results of the management in defense system logistics are direct indicators and a prism through which the management of the overall system can be viewed and its performance evaluated.   Improving the management of defense logistics   Given the global economic situation, many states are trying to achieve the desired efficiency and effectiveness by


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andreea Marica


    é un dommage ou un préjudice. Le droit à un environnement écologique, sain et équilibré, est reconnu et garanti par la législation nationale, ainsi que par celle internationale.L’article 35 de la Constitution de la Roumanie, tel qu’il a été modifié par la Loi no. 429/2003, affirme, entre autres droits fondamentaux, le droit à un environnement sain, qui est une partie d’une troisième génération de droits, appelés droits de solidarité, qui peuvent être respectés non seulement par des efforts internes de l’Etat, mais aussi par la coopération entre l’Etat et les citoyens. Par la conclusion d’un accord d’association entre la Roumanie et l’Union Européenne, entré en vigueur en 1995, la Roumanie a assumé l’acquis communautaire de l’environnement, avec ses trois droits fondamentaux (le droit d’être informé au sujet de l’environnement, le droit de participer au processus de prise de décision concernant l’environnement et le droit de solliciter la réparation des dommages écologiques, ou l’annulation d’actes administratifs illégaux a joué un rôle important dans ce processus.Mots-clé: biodiversité, la protection de l’environnement, pollution, la réparation des dommages écologiques, responsabilité civile

  8. 78 FR 672 - Civil Monetary Penalties (United States)


    ... offense; (ii) Any history of prior offenses by the Respondent (including offenses occurring prior to the... proposed civil money penalty, including documentary evidence to support any of Respondent's arguments or... argument in mitigation, the Respondent shall provide documentary evidence as part of its response....

  9. Global Civil Society and International Summits

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Harrebye, Silas


    Research in the field of citizenship, civil society, and social movements in relation to larger democratic summits has either focused on radical confrontational elements of activism, broad public demonstrations, or the professional non-governmental organizations. In this article, I label the type...

  10. Monitoring civil infrastructure using satellite radar interferometry

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Chang, L.


    Satellite radar interferometry (InSAR) is a precise and efficient technique to monitor deformation on Earth with millimeter precision. Most InSAR applications focus on geophysical phenomena, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, or subsidence. Monitoring civil infrastructure with InSAR is relatively new,

  11. Aluminium building and civil engineering structures

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Soetens, F.; Mennink, J.


    The design of aluminium structures in building and civil engineering applications is different from designing in traditional materials. This difference is based on the physical and mechanical properties of the material and the freedom of cross-sectional shape provided by the extrusion manufacturing

  12. The politics of a European civil code

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hesselink, M.W.


    Last year the European Commission published its Action Plan on European contract law. That plan forms an important step towards a European Civil Code. In its Plan, the Commission tries to depoliticise the codification process by asking a group of academic experts to prepare what it calls a 'common f

  13. The language of architecture and civil engineering

    CERN Document Server

    Riejos, Ana Ma Roldan


    This book not only provides unique and in-depth information to understand the language of architecture and civil engineering, it is also helpful for students and professionals who need to improve their linguistic skills. The LACE book includes plenty of

  14. State Education Agency Civil Rights Responsibilities. (United States)

    Siegel, Peter

    This memorandum addresses the responsibility of State Education Agencies (SEAs) for insuring that local educational agencies do not violate students' civil rights. The SEA's duty is said to arise from two sources. First, in most if not all States, State law mandates that State education officials supervise and regulate the conduct of local school…

  15. Ecological Engineering and Civil Engineering works

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Van Bohemen, H.D.


    This thesis provides a survey of the research results of the relationship between on the one hand the construction, management and maintenance of civil engineering works, and on the other hand the environment, nature and landscape, with the main focus on motorways and coastal protection. The growing


    Murata, Teruaki

    Recently, the public interests are becoming high in the way of executing public works and the future direction of infrastructure development, which raises nation-wide discussion on these issues. How should we make our country's growth strategy for sustainable development? How should we realize the grand design of infrastructure needed for the implementation of such a strategy? It is obvious that further discussions are needed for these challenging questions. With an aim to promote such discussions, this paper reviews the history of public works and the professional practices (or accomplishments) of our great civil engineers, and discusses the future of public works and the roles of civil engineers based on their origin. Further, in this paper, the author, as the chairman of the Public Works Committee of Japan Civil Engineering Contractors Association, introduces the Association's proposal of "realization of an attractive construction industry." However, for its realization, sustainable institutional arrangements under social consensus are indispensable. Also, individual engineer must establish his/her own identity based on sense of social ethics. It is the author's hope that, through these journals, the professional practices of civil engineers will be widely known to the public with objective logics and discussed to achieve social consensus.

  17. Civil Rights in the Third Wave. (United States)

    Toffler, Alvin


    Current political and legal institutions must be restructured to accommodate the new, higher levels of social diversity brought about by technological progress. Those who are committed to civil rights should recognize the need to tolerate and even encourage diversity, instead of attempting to recreate the homogeneity of yesterday's mass society.…

  18. Perspectives of civil aircraft avionics development

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    А. В. Наумов


    Full Text Available Considered are main directions for civil avionics development. General requirements for airborne equipment functions. Analysis of airborne avionics selection per architecture and economical effectiveness in made. Proposed is the necessity of new approach to integrated avionics complex design, first of all, on basis of mathematical method for aircraft equipment and technical characteristics definition

  19. Civil War. NBER Working Paper No. 14801 (United States)

    Blattman, Christopher; Miguel, Edward


    Most nations have experienced an internal armed conflict since 1960. The past decade has witnessed an explosion of research into the causes and consequences of civil wars, belatedly bringing the topic into the economics mainstream. This article critically reviews this interdisciplinary literature and charts productive paths forward. Formal theory…

  20. Civil Rights and Japanese-American Internment. (United States)

    Francis, Greg; Hojo, Samantha; Lai, Selena; Mukai, Gary; Yoda, Steven

    Students may not be as familiar with the Asian American struggle for equal rights as they are with the black struggle for equal rights. But Asian Americans' civil rights have also been challenged and/or denied throughout their history in the United States. This curriculum module contains six lessons and can be used as a supplement to history…

  1. Globalization of Constitutional Law and Civil Rights. (United States)

    Weissbrodt, David


    Two issues are discussed: (1) reasons for raising global and international human rights issues in constitutional law, civil rights, and administrative law courses in United States law schools; and (2) barriers to globalization of courses and ways to overcome them. (MSE)

  2. The civilized sacred in contemporary China

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Travagnin, Stefania


    Recent policies set by the Government renewed the urgency of being civilized (wenming): behavior in public parks needs to be wenming, and also rituals in Buddhist and Daoist temples have to be wenming. The next step has been to encourage citizens to avoid burning incense or visiting temples, and to

  3. Civil society responds to protection gap

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vivienne Jackson


    Full Text Available In the absence of mechanisms to protect the populationof the OPT, and the reluctance or impotence of the‘international community’, global civil society activists andhuman rights campaigners – working with Palestinianand Israeli actors – have stepped into the breach.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roxana Cristina RADU


    Full Text Available An ever increasing feature of public office is the way in which the recruitment and training of civil servants are controlled by legislation. Civil servants are a basic component of public administration but they are also important for labor law because civil service relations have the characteristics of an employment relationship and also specific features resulting from the rules of public law. The relevant expression of the interferences between public and private law for civil servants is recruitment and training. The originality of this article lies in the multidisciplinary character, combining elements of labor law, administrative law and human resources management, character reflected in the bibliography used. Another merit of this study is that the authors correlated the provisions of various laws: Constitution, Labor Code, Law no. 161/2003 on the transparency in exercising public dignities and public functions, Government Ordinance no. 137/2000 regarding the prevention and sanction of all discrimination forms, Government Ordinance no. 129/2000 concerning adults’ professional training.

  5. China To Boost Civil Aerospace Industrialization

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) announced on January 30,2008 that it had approved the overall development planning of three national aerospace industrial bases.Building a civil aerospace industry base serves to optimize and integrate aerospace resources to further increase the potential for technological innovation and product R&D in China's aerospace industry.

  6. A Changing Climate for Civil Rights. (United States)

    Keller, Edward B.


    Identifies trends likely to influence civil rights issues in the 1980s: new emphases on entrepreneurial thinking, self-reliance, and meritocracy; a new socioeconomic agenda; and growing expectations that business will fill the gap left by shrinking government budgets and will support efforts to end discrimination against minorities and women. (CMG)

  7. 7 CFR 1738.17 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... 20-15:320-15, “Equal Employment Opportunity in Construction Financed with RUS Loans”; 7 CFR parts 15 and 15b and 45 CFR part 90. ... 7 Agriculture 11 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Civil rights. 1738.17 Section 1738.17...

  8. 49 CFR 228.21 - Civil penalty. (United States)


    ... persons, or has caused death or injury, a penalty not to exceed $100,000 per violation may be assessed... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Civil penalty. 228.21 Section 228.21... penalty. Any person (an entity of any type covered under 1 U.S.C. 1, including but not limited to...

  9. Civil and Military Bureaucracy in Pakistan, (United States)


    Mohammad Ali Jinnah and maintained by his successors until 1958. During the Ayub period (1958-69), the basic framework of adminis- tration was maintained...civil services. * As opposed to the refugees who came from India at Partition . By_ Distribut il/ October 1981 Avallal-ility Codes Avn il and/or Dist special

  10. Aeromedical Evacuation: Validating Civil Reserve Air Fleet (United States)


    Aeromedical Evacuation: Validating Civil Reserve Air Fleet FORMAT : Civilian Research Paper DATE: 25 February 2009 WORDS: 10,172 PAGES: 56 CLASSIFICATION... Barrancas , Florida, in 1910. Unfortunately, on its first test flight, it flew only 500 yards at an altitude of 100 feet before crashing. This flight

  11. Civil Technology. Surveying. Post Secondary Curriculum Guide. (United States)

    Fitzpatrick, Beverley J.; And Others

    This curriculum guide was designed for use in postsecondary civil technology--surveying education programs in Georgia. Its purpose is to provide for development of entry level skills in surveying in the areas of knowledge, theoretical structure, tool usage, diagnostic ability, related supportive skills, and occupational survival skills. The first…

  12. Civil Litigation in China and Europe

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marko Bratković


    Full Text Available Reviewed book: Civil Litigation in China and Europe: Essays on the Role of the Judge and the Parties (= 31 Ius Gentium: Comparative Perspectives on Law and Justice (C.H. (Remco van Rhee & Fu Yulin, eds. (Springer 2014.

  13. Citizenship, Democratic Participation, and Civil Society

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Boje, Thomas P.


    The interaction between organized civil society and the public sector has becoming stronger and more outspoken for several reasons. First, the public sector is increasingly turning to the civic organizations because the general failure of New Public Management strategies and market-driven solutio...... participatory democracy through active involving of all citizens....

  14. 22 CFR 120.6 - Defense article. (United States)


    ... 22 Foreign Relations 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Defense article. 120.6 Section 120.6 Foreign Relations DEPARTMENT OF STATE INTERNATIONAL TRAFFIC IN ARMS REGULATIONS PURPOSE AND DEFINITIONS § 120.6 Defense article. Defense article means any item or technical data designated in § 121.1 of this...

  15. Defense Procurement Strategy for a Globalized Industry (United States)


    QDR,” DefenseNews, 8 November 2004, p. 4. 3 Vago Muradain, “Finalizing Transformation,” DefenseNews, 8 November 2004, p. 34. 4 Hugo Posey and Ben...Interavia, Summer 2004, 34-36. Munton, Bob, and Brinley Salzmann. “U.K.’s Growing Contols.” DefenseNews, 25 October 2004, 96. Muradain, Vago

  16. 22 CFR 120.9 - Defense service. (United States)


    ... Defense service. (a) Defense service means: (1) The furnishing of assistance (including training) to foreign persons, whether in the United States or abroad in the design, development, engineering... 22 Foreign Relations 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Defense service. 120.9 Section 120.9...

  17. Should Bad Civil Servants Be Chosen by Voting?

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    In order to promote good service from civil servants, Anqiu City in Shandong Province recently issued the Appraisal Methods for Best-and Worst-Performing Civil Servants. Based on the regulation, the city government

  18. Portugal’s Laboratorio National de Engenharia Civil, (United States)

    The civil engineering program of Portugal’s Laboratorio National de Engenharia Civil is described, with emphasis on recent trends within the Hydraulics Department’s coastal engineering unit.

  19. ICAO Assistance to Civil Aviation in the Developing World. (United States)

    Vivian, Jack


    Describes the cost advantages of air transportation over road, rail, and river transportation in many circumstances which prevail today in developing countries. Presents accounts of International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO's) efforts supporting civil aviation programs in these countries. (DS)

  20. Civil society and the ‘commanding heights’:

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Spear, Roger; Paton, Rob

    Civil society associations, including voluntary and community groups, trade unions, faithbased organisations, co-operatives and mutuals, have long influenced the economy. Civil society associations can run businesses and they can run organisations that aim to influence businesses. Together...

  1. Civil society response to human trafficking in South Asia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Faisal Yousaf


    Full Text Available In South Asia civil society organisations have led the way in encouraging governments to address the problem of human trafficking. A coordinated regional response by both governments and civil society organisations is urgently required.

  2. The Language of Civil Engineering: Descriptive, Prescriptive, and Persuasive. (United States)

    Machauf, Liora


    Focuses on the language of civil engineering as manifested in the professional journal "Civil Engineering ASCE." Articles are analyzed, both syntactically and lexically, in terms of three major rhetorical functions: description, prescription, and persuasion. (17 references) (GLR)

  3. Personnel of Civil Aviation as a Systematic Formation



    Personnel of civil aviation as a systematic formation is considered in the article. During the research the author presents scientific views on the definition of «system», reveals the essence of the organization of personnel of civil aviation as a systematic formation. Essential characteristics of the integral system of personnel of civil aviation and its systematic qualities are determined.English abstractThe personnel of civil aviation is a system organized formation of trained workers of c...

  4. Civil-Military relations and democratization in Guatemala


    Berrios, Carlos G.


    The purpose of this thesis is to examine civil-military relations in Guatemala and their effect on democratic consolidation. The issue of civil- military relations in Guatemala is one of particular importance as political and military leaders as well as members of civil society attempt to redefine the role of the military after 36 years of civil war. Applying Felipe Aguero's theory of civilian supremacy, this thesis argues that since 1982, the Guatemalan military has evolved into a profession...

  5. ADB Cooperation with Civil Society Annual Report 2010


    Asian Development Bank


    Civil society organizations, including nongovernment organizations (NGOs), are important stakeholders of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The ADB Cooperation with Civil Society Annual Report 2010 presents an overview of the year’s work in cooperating with civil society organizations, including NGOs, in country and regional programming work, project operations, as well as in policy and strategy development. Through ADB’s NGO and Civil Society Center, ADB is strengthening its partnership with ...

  6. Lyndon B. Johnson and the Civil Right Act of 1964

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karatzas Konstantinos D.


    Full Text Available The Civil Rights Movement is deeply intertwined with Lyndon B. Johnson. Throughout his career, Johnson supported the quest of African-Americans for political and civil rights. They found in him an ally whose role was fundamental in fullfilling the goals of Martin Luther King, Jr, and the Civil Rights Movement. This paper will examine the role of the Johnson presidency in the passage of the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1964.

  7. Civil reconnaissance; separating the insurgent from the population


    Burke, Kevin P.


    Civil Information Management is one of the main tools in conducting effective counter insurgency operations, yet there is no definitive doctrine that explains how to collect, analyze, or warehouse Civil Information. This thesis provides a methodology for collecting civil information in a counter insurgency environment. The proposed methodology provides a foundation for the creation of standard operating procedures and tactics to enhance the US Military's capability to conduct Civil Recon...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yermolayev A. A.


    Full Text Available The article examines the theoretical basis of the multiplicity of individual and joint ownership of civil rights and conscientious objection to civilian duties. The author explores the state of development of scientific problems of completely plurality of persons in civil law, proves the necessity to consider the multiplicity not through teaching about the object of civil rights, but through the subject of civil rights

  9. Lyndon B. Johnson and the Civil Right Act of 1964


    Karatzas Konstantinos D.


    The Civil Rights Movement is deeply intertwined with Lyndon B. Johnson. Throughout his career, Johnson supported the quest of African-Americans for political and civil rights. They found in him an ally whose role was fundamental in fullfilling the goals of Martin Luther King, Jr, and the Civil Rights Movement. This paper will examine the role of the Johnson presidency in the passage of the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1964.

  10. Civil Rights for Trafficked Persons: Recommendations for a More Effective Federal Civil Remedy


    Shannon Lack


    In response to increasing public awareness of human trafficking in the United States, the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (TVPA) was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in October of 2000. The TVPA consolidated existing legislation to create a comprehensive civil remedy; this ensures that trafficking victims are no longer forced to seek redress under multiple criminal and civil statutes that target only components of the human trafficking offense. However, despite its...

  11. Friction between the Branches of Government Regarding the Civil Service in Colombia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    German Puentes González


    Full Text Available he civil service is important for managing the affairs of the State and the public administration. According to Ramón Parada Vásquez, the civil service should be understood as the group of people who are vested with powers and competences, and fulfil certain functions in order to provide public services within the legal framework in which they must develop their activities and account for them. The present paper is twofold: first, it presents the evolution of the civil service from the time the Colombian nation-State is consolidated until the Political Constitution of 1991, outlining the criteria, principles and values that have been presided over the treatment being given to the purpose of this study. Second, the present text gives an account of several readings and interpretations that the branches of the government have been giving to the Charter with regard to the civil service and administrative career. Both will be available in two levels of complexity: the first, with the enactment of laws and the second, with the issuance of legislative acts. To demonstrate, in this context, the frictions between the branches of Government, the Constitutional Court’s sentences in defense of the Cherter are presented, with which it takes out of the legal system law provisions intended to violate the Political Constitution; those provisions have been presented under the pretext of solving a problem of temporary character of thousands of public employees circumventing the selection process. For this reason, there has been a permanent friction among the three branches of government. In the end, the Constitutional Court’s decisions have prevailed and with its permanent teaching it has prompted the Executive and the Legislative to work independently but harmoniously as it is established in the 1991 Constitution.

  12. Towards an Africological Pedagogical Approach to African Civilization. (United States)

    Okafor, Victor Oguejiofor


    Presents a case study of controversies related to African studies and makes the case for an Africological pedagogical approach to African Civilization. The title "African Civilization" reflects the African place in the whole of world civilization even though that place is itself a multiple entity. (SLD)

  13. Opportunities in Civil Engineering. [VGM Career Horizons Series]. (United States)

    Hagerty, D. Joseph; Heer, John E., Jr.

    This book presents information on career opportunities in civil engineering. Chapter 1 focuses on the scope of civil engineering, discussing: role of scientist, engineer, and technologists; engineering and engineering technology; civil engineer's role and obligations; and other information. Chapter 2 considers such aspects of the education for…

  14. Quantitative and Econometric Methodologies in the Study of Civil War



    This chapter provides an overview of the quantitative study of civil war, focusing on the development of quantitative conflict studies, the basics of the quantitative method, the prominent sources of civil conflict data, and the strengths and weaknesses of using quantitative methods to analyse civil war.

  15. 77 FR 65100 - Adjustment of Civil Monetary Penalties for Inflation (United States)


    ... inflation. This rule sets forth the maximum, inflation-adjusted dollar amount for civil monetary penalties... COMMISSION 17 CFR Part 143 RIN 3038-AD76 Adjustment of Civil Monetary Penalties for Inflation AGENCY... and orders thereunder. The rule, as amended, implements the Federal Civil Penalties...

  16. 40 CFR 35.925-9 - Civil rights. (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Civil rights. 35.925-9 Section 35.925-9... ASSISTANCE Grants for Construction of Treatment Works-Clean Water Act § 35.925-9 Civil rights. That if the... the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and part 7 of this chapter have been met....

  17. 12 CFR 622.60 - Payment of civil money penalty. (United States)


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 6 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Payment of civil money penalty. 622.60 Section... Rules and Procedures for Assessment and Collection of Civil Money Penalties § 622.60 Payment of civil money penalty. (a) Payment date. Generally, the date designated in the notice of assessment for...

  18. 42 CFR 493.1834 - Civil money penalty. (United States)


    ... 42 Public Health 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Civil money penalty. 493.1834 Section 493.1834... (CONTINUED) STANDARDS AND CERTIFICATION LABORATORY REQUIREMENTS Enforcement Procedures § 493.1834 Civil money... Secretary to impose civil money penalties on laboratories. Section 1846(b)(3) of the Act...

  19. Penalty Inflation Adjustments for Civil Money Penalties. Interim Final Rule. (United States)


    In accordance with the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act of 1990, as amended by the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996, and further amended by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, section 701: Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015, this interim final rule incorporates the penalty inflation adjustments for the civil money penalties contained in the Social Security Act

  20. Application of Defense Technology Commonly Used in Boxing Match

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Zhixiao Li[1; Jianjun Liu[2


    Boxing defense technology is a kind of techniques to prevent the opponent from attacking successfully. Boxing is a kind of sports that needs close cooperation between attack and defense. Attack is used for defense, where there is no attack, there will be no defense, and vice versa. Defense technology is the foundation of attack technology, therefore, defense is of vital importance in boxing match.

  1. The oral trial and the effective judicial protection: Mismatches of the model established in the Law of Civil Procedure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio José Vélez Toro


    Full Text Available Conciliation, mediation and arbitration are traditional means for the resolution of legal conflicts, which are shaped and promoted as alternatives to the judicial process. Nevertheless, the judicial process, which is the only mean for the resolution of legal conflicts expressly recognized in the Spanish Constitution to exercise the right to an effective judicial protection, is not only the last option to solve the conflict but also the ultimate guarantee of defense against possible breaches occurred within the alternative process chosen. The Spanish juicio verbal (mainly oral and simplified civil procedure in court is the most frequently used procedure in the Spanish Civil and Commercial areas. This is why we intend to approach it from the perspective of the Spanish Constitutional Jurisprudence in order to establish the cases where there is or there has been an impossibility or rejection to exercise the right to an effective judicial protection.

  2. Austere Defense: Challenges and Opportunities (United States)


    military advice while acquiescing to divestitures, and effectively executing the austere defense cuts required by current law through 2019 and...Could it be that our assessments of risk have, over time, become too conservative? In- deed, even with the effects of full sequestration the United... crunch . Look- ing at overhead, as Douglas Macgregor of Politico magazine reminds us, during World War II, only four four-star generals commanded a

  3. Western Hemisphere Defense Policy Statement (United States)


    El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras , Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay have contributed to or led multi-national security operations and United Nations (UN...impact on regional and global peace and security and reflect the new realities of defense cooperation in the hemisphere. Working with Canada and...Mexico, DoD remains prepared to deter and defeat direct threats to our homeland. We partner with Canada on regional security issues such as an evolving

  4. Priming of antiherbivore defensive responses in plants

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jinwon Kim; Gary W.Felton


    Defense priming is defined as increased readiness of defense induction.A growing body of literature indicates that plants (or intact parts of a plant) are primed in anticipation of impending environmental stresses,both biotic and abiotic,and upon the following stimulus,induce defenses more quickly and strongly.For instance,some plants previously exposed to herbivore-inducible plant volatiles (HIPVs) from neighboring plants under herbivore attack show faster or stronger defense activation and enhanced insect resistance when challenged with secondary insect feeding.Research on priming of antiherbivore defense has been limited to the HIPV-mediated mechanism until recently,but significant advances were made in the past three years,including non-HIPV-mediated defense priming,epigenetic modifications as the molecular mechanism of priming,and others.It is timely to consider the advances in research on defense priming in the plantinsect interactions.

  5. Nicotine's defensive function in nature.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anke Steppuhn


    Full Text Available Plants produce metabolites that directly decrease herbivore performance, and as a consequence, herbivores are selected for resistance to these metabolites. To determine whether these metabolites actually function as defenses requires measuring the performance of plants that are altered only in the production of a certain metabolite. To date, the defensive value of most plant resistance traits has not been demonstrated in nature. We transformed native tobacco(Nicotiana attenuata with a consensus fragment of its two putrescine N-methyl transferase (pmt genes in either antisense or inverted-repeat (IRpmt orientations. Only the latter reduced (by greater than 95% constitutive and inducible nicotine. With D(4-nicotinic acid (NA, we demonstrate that silencing pmt inhibits nicotine production, while the excess NA dimerizes to form anatabine. Larvae of the nicotine-adapted herbivore Manduca sexta (tobacco hornworm grew faster and, like the beetle Diabrotica undecimpunctata, preferred IRpmt plants in choice tests. When planted in their native habitat, IRpmt plants were attacked more frequently and, compared to wild-type plants, lost 3-fold more leaf area from a variety of native herbivores, of which the beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua, and Trimerotropis spp. grasshoppers caused the most damage. These results provide strong evidence that nicotine functions as an efficient defense in nature and highlights the value of transgenic techniques for ecological research.

  6. CSRF Vulnerabilities and Defensive Techniques

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rupali D. Kombade


    Full Text Available Web applications are now part of day to day life due to their user friendly environment as well as advancement of technology to provide internet facilities, but these web applications brought lot of threats with them and these threats are continuously growing, one of the these threat is Cross Site Request Forgery(CSRF. CSRF attack is immerged as serious threat to web applications which based on the vulnerabilities present in the normal request response pattern of HTTP protocol. It is difficult to detect and hence it is present in most of the existing web applications. CSRF attack occurs when a malicious web site causes a user’s web browser to perform an unwanted action on a trusted site. It is listed in OWASP’s top ten Web Application attacks list. In this survey paper we will study CSRF attack, CSRF vulnerabilities and its defensive measures. We have compared various defense mechanisms to analyse the best defense mechanism. This study will help us to build strong and robust CSRF protection mechanism.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available RESUMOEste artigo tem por finalidade realizar uma análise sobre a evolução da responsabilidade civil e suas teorias, subjetiva e objetiva aplicadas ao meio ambiente. Dentro desta área, deve-se ressaltar que a responsabilidade civil ao meio ambiente, é um assunto de importante relevância para o efetivo controle da depredação ambiental, permitindo que sejam alcançadas as metas propostas como condição de sobrevivência da espécie humana, ou seja, a conservação do meio ambiente e o desenvolvimento econômico social, visando desta maneira, permitir a qualidade e a continuação da vida. Existe o entendimento, que somente com educação ambiental e normas reguladoras fortes, como a penalidade de ter que indenizar quando praticar algum dano ao meio ambiente conseguirá atingir o objetivo maior de preservação. Necessitam-se além de uma mudança na legislação que responsabilize poluidores do meio ambiente, atribuindo-lhes sanções que inibam a prática de tal conduta ilícita e realizando assim, a aplicabilidade da justiça.Palavras-chave:Responsabilidade Civil; Responsabilidade; Meio Ambiente ABSTRACTThis article have objective to realize a analysis about civil responsibility evolution and your theories, subjective and objective apply environment. Inside this area have to stand out that civil responsibility environment, it is a theme very important relevance for environment depredation control effective, permitting have been obtain proposals target like been human survival condition, therefore, environment conservation and social economic development objective permit quality and continuation of life. There is understanding, that only with environment education and strong regulation principle, like penalty has to indemnify when practice some injury of environment, will obtain more preservation. Demand a change on legislation that responsible environment polluter attribute him inhibit sanctions for practice this illicit conduct and

  8. Family Enterprise in Czech Civil Code

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janku Martin


    Full Text Available For more than two decades the family business enterprises of the first generation (generation of founders are more and more dominating in the category of today’s small and medium–sized enterprises in the Czech Republic. The necessary legal background defining the legal relationships and rights of all participating persons was, however, limited to general provisions in the Commercial Code that has not solved many of the problems associated thereto. Only in 2012 the new Czech Civil Code, Act. No 89/2012 Coll., introduced the institute of family enterprise as completely new term in the Czech Civil law. The presented paper aims to analyse the key rules of this new legal regulation, focusing on significant aspects of the institute in the context of commercial law and family law, as well as, to highlight the potential weaknesses and gaps existing in the regulation.

  9. The Civil War in cyberspace today

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matilde EIROA


    Full Text Available The appeal of the Spanish Civil War in the online world is a phenomenon deserving of attention, as an event that took place more than 75 years ago which still arouses debate and the curiosity of many. It is surprising that the media world considers it “newsworthy” and that it has an important presence on the Internet — on blogs, websites, You Tube, and even social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This article examines all mention of the Civil War in online media. We start from the idea that the features of the online world allow for an extensive and multifaceted production of media of content which is more cultural, more social, and more attuned to the passing of time.

  10. Reflexiones sobre el concepto de guerra civil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    González Calleja, Eduardo


    Full Text Available This article shows the phenomenon of war as the highest intensity point in an armed conflict. The work looks over his juridical typification, the special dialectical relation established between situations of war and peace, and the ethiology, characteristics and consequences of civil war as a big scale political conflict whose aim is the preservation or conquest of state power.

    El artículo describe el fenómeno de la guerra como un conflicto armado de máxima intensidad. Estudia su caracterización jurídica, la peculiar relación dialéctica que se establece entre el estado de guerra y el de paz, y la etiología, características y efectos de la guerra civil como conflicto político en gran escala dirigido a la conservación o conquista del poder estatal.

  11. Civil Society as a Network of Communities


    Mendo Castro Henriques


    According to a political philosophy approach, civil society may be defined as the network of institutions of private origin and a public purpose in which communities share goods, meanings and values, significantly contributing to the progress or decline of governance. Its empowering role is growing as cooperation networks spread across the local, national, supranational and global levels, strengthening both the communities they serve and the governance procedures they legitimize. Those instit...

  12. Multiple Paths to Encephalization and Technical Civilizations (United States)

    Schwartzman, David; Middendorf, George


    We propose consideration of at least two possible evolutionary paths for the emergence of intelligent life with the potential for technical civilization. The first is the path via encephalization of homeothermic animals; the second is the path to swarm intelligence of so-called superorganisms, in particular the social insects. The path to each appears to be facilitated by environmental change: homeothermic animals by decreased climatic temperature and for swarm intelligence by increased oxygen levels.

  13. Sustaining the Peace After Civil War (United States)


    GOVERNMENT Fight Quit REBELS Fight Civil War Continues Rebels Win Quit Government Wins Negotiated Settlement Derived from Allan C. Stam III, Win...Approach,” Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol. 23, No. 4, December 1979, pp. 743-763; Allan C. Stam III, Win, Lose, or Draw: Domestic Politics and...Resolution Vol. 39, No. 3, September 1995, p. 388. 135. Steven C. Poe and C. Neal Tate, “Repression of Human Rights to Personal Integrity in the 1980s: A

  14. Civil liability for ecologic damage and repairing


    Basílio, Patrícia Droeber; Faculdades de Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brasil


    This article analyses how civil liability takes position regarding situations connected to damages caused to the environment, defined ways in our legislation reprimanding damages caused and existent ways of prevention and repairing. The text contemplates how law disciplines such issue, looking for efficient and effective solutions and also checking evolution and modification from law which are relevant to the environment, the environmental law, whereas we observe it is a serious issue that ha...

  15. Handbook for Military Justice and Civil Law (United States)


    and normally require more time to develop; therefore, it may be more prudent to utilize black-and-white film . Polaroid prints offer instant review used (e.g., type, settings, film , lighting conditions, time of day, persons depicted, and name and address of photographer). In cases of...8217 and Sailors’ Relief Act of 1940, 50 U.S.C. App. 501-591 [hereinafter SSCRA] which is largely a reenactment of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil

  16. Legal Officer Civil Law Study Guide (United States)


    it may be more pr&udent to utilize black-and-white film . Pnlaroid prints offer instant review to ensure that the desired picture is obtain-ed, hut...dimensions. The investigative report should include the negatives plus complete tichnical rdetails relating to the camera tused (e.g., type, settings, film ...Act or the Act] which is- largely a reenactment of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act of -1918. Except for specific relief provisions deemed

  17. Judicial considerations with regard to civil liability. (United States)

    Pittelli, S D; Muñoz, D R


    This paper addresses the relationship between the doctrinaire position of a judge in terms of the civil liability objective and subjective theories and the results of their decisions in terms of "acquittal/against judgments". A system of classification of matter of fact results is proposed and the influence on the result of the decision of each category is also tested. The material consists of 71 records of judicial procedures from São Paulo State Court of Justice.

  18. Chemistry Progress and Civilization in Ancient China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    JIANG Yu-Qian; RUAN Shu-Xiang; TANG Shan; SHUAI Zhi-Gang


    @@ During the 6,000 years of Chinese civilization, chemistry has played an essential role.The bronzed chime bells of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) unearthed in Hubei Province shows not only the excellence in musical instruments in ancient China, but also the technological advances in metallurgy.Chinese alchemy was not originated from the quest to turn common metals to gold, instead, it was for searching medicines for longevity of human beings, mostly practised by Taoists.

  19. The Civil Side of Irregular Warfare (United States)


    operational environment; identify and mitigate underlying causes of instability within civil society ; or involve the application of functional...Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiyya, the Islamic Resistance Movement, seeks an Islamic state within Palestine . Unique to HAMAS as compared to embodiment of the Muslim Brotherhood’s missionary work in Palestine , established schools and social safety nets within Gaza. This social safety

  20. Understanding civil society before and after 1989

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ferenc Miszlivetz


    Full Text Available Entrapped in the ambiguities of the Realpolitik of the Yalta system, East and Central European societies had to proceed on a long path of learning in order to find the right modes of self-organization and articulation to defend their values and identities vis-à-vis dictatorship and authoritarian rule. These bitter lessons contributed to the emergence of a new «strategy», a new vision which materialized in the emerging political philosophy and the political and social practice of civil society. This development would not have been possible without a gradual and fundamental change in political thinking and goal-setting, expressed in the development of a new concept of civil society.Atrapados en las ambigüedades de la Realpolitik del sistema de Yalta, las sociedades del Centro y Este de Europea han tenido que proceder a un largo camino de aprendizaje a fin de encontrar formas correctas de autoorganización y la articulación de la defensa de sus valores e identidades vis-à- vis con una dictadura y una administración autoritaria. Estas amargas lecciones contribuyeron a la emergencia de una nueva «estrategia», una nueva visión materializada en la emergente filosofía política y la práctica social y política de la sociedad civil. Este desarrollo no hubiera sido posible sin el gradual y fundamental cambio en el pensamiento político y el establecimiento de metas, expresadas en el desarrollo de un nuevo concepto de sociedad civil

  1. Civil Society and Paths to Abolition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seymour DRESCHER


    Full Text Available Abstract Through a comparative analysis, this article aims to present an overview of British, French, Russian, American and Brazilian abolitionist action, between the late eighteenth century and throughout the nineteenth century. Indicating the struggles of pro-abolition civil associations, the paths taken in Britain, France, the US and Brazil are presented in parallel - either to emphasize approaches, either to highlight the undeniable peculiarities - revealing the marks of violence and negotiation present in the emancipation process.

  2. Observational signatures of self-destructive civilizations (United States)

    Stevens, Adam; Forgan, Duncan; James, Jack O'malley


    We address the possibility that intelligent civilizations that destroy themselves could present signatures observable by humanity. Placing limits on the number of self-destroyed civilizations in the Milky Way has strong implications for the final three terms in Drake's Equation, and would allow us to identify which classes of solution to Fermi's Paradox fit with the evidence (or lack thereof). Using the Earth as an example, we consider a variety of scenarios in which humans could extinguish their own technological civilization. Each scenario presents some form of observable signature that could be probed by astronomical campaigns to detect and characterize extrasolar planetary systems. Some observables are unlikely to be detected at interstellar distances, but some scenarios are likely to produce significant changes in atmospheric composition that could be detected serendipitously with next-generation telescopes. In some cases, the timing of the observation would prove crucial to detection, as the decay of signatures is rapid compared with humanity's communication lifetime. In others, the signatures persist on far longer timescales.

  3. Lei natural e lei civil em Locke

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gustavo Hessmann Dalaqua


    Full Text Available Resumo: O artigo aborda a relação entre lei natural e lei civil na filosofia de John Locke. Embora leituras consagradas tenham afirmado que a relação entre ambas é dedutiva, este artigo tentará apresentar uma interpretação diferente, qual seja, a de que a relação entre lei civil e lei natural é de determinação. Longe de ser mera dedução de uma lei natural imutável, a lei civil possui papel determinante com relação à lei natural. Como mostraremos, esta interpretação realça algo que Locke tinha em alta estima: o caráter deliberativo da lei natural. A deliberação dos cidadãos na legislatura cria, em certa medida, a lei natural. Os cidadãos são livres para determinar a lei, e a participação em tal determinação é crucial para a manutenção de sua liberdade política. Nesse sentido, como veremos, a liberdade política lockiana é tributária do republicanismo.

  4. Self powered system for civil structures (United States)

    Shoureshi, Rahmat A.


    Globally, civil infrastructures are deteriorating at an alarming rate caused by overuse, overloading, aging, damage or failure due to natural or man-made hazards. With such a vast network of deteriorating infrastructure, there is a growing interest in continuous monitoring technologies. In order to provide a true distributed sensor and control system for civil structures, we are developing a Structural Nervous System that mimics key attributes of a human nervous system. This nervous system is made up of building blocks that are designed based on mechanoreceptors as a fundamentally new approach for the development of a structural health monitoring and diagnostic system that utilizes the recently developed piezo-fibers capable of sensing and actuation. In particular, our research has been focused on producing a sensory nervous system for civil structures by using piezo-fibers as sensory receptors, nerve fibers, neuronal pools, and spinocervical tract to the nodal and central processing units. This paper presents up to date results of our research, including the design and analysis of the structural nervous system.

  5. Hacia un bosquejo de la sociedad civil global: Un referente para la sociedad civil en el mundo árabe


    Abu-Tarbush, José


    La emergencia de la sociedad civil transnacional o global fue precedida por el desarrollo de las sociedades civiles en sus respectivos ámbitos nacionales o estatales. A su vez, la creciente transnacionalización de las organizaciones de las sociedades civiles nacionales sentó las bases de la sociedad civil global. Por su parte, la emergencia del tejido asociativo de la sociedad civil en el mundo árabe ha transcurrido de manera paralela ―e incluso previamente― a la formación de su s...

  6. Just in time: circadian defense patterns and the optimal defense hypothesis. (United States)

    Baldwin, Ian T; Meldau, Stefan


    The optimal defense hypothesis (ODH) provides a functional explanation for the inhomogeneous distribution of defensive structures and defense metabolites throughout a plant's body: tissues that are most valuable in terms of fitness and have the highest probability of attack are generally the best defended. In a previous review, we argue that ontogenically-controlled accumulations of defense metabolites are likely regulated through an integration of developmental and defense signaling pathways. In this addendum, we extend the discussion of ODH patterns by including the recent discoveries of circadian clock-controlled defenses in plants.

  7. Cyber defense and situational awareness

    CERN Document Server

    Kott, Alexander; Erbacher, Robert F


    This book is the first publication to give a comprehensive, structured treatment to the important topic of situational awareness in cyber defense. It presents the subject in a logical, consistent, continuous discourse, covering key topics such as formation of cyber situational awareness, visualization and human factors, automated learning and inference, use of ontologies and metrics, predicting and assessing impact of cyber attacks, and achieving resilience of cyber and physical mission. Chapters include case studies, recent research results and practical insights described specifically for th

  8. Territorial Defense, Education, and Interculturalism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claudia Patricia Sierra Pardo


    Full Text Available The article carries out a series of reflections regarding the social and economic conditions in which the cultivation of oil palm affected the Bajo Atrato region of the Department of Chocó at the end of the nineteen nineties. It also discusses the actions carried out by communities, companies, and organizations in solidarity with the region’s cause, since these expressions make it possible to understand the role of organization and education in territorial defense processes. Finally, the article examines the different tensions, struggles, challenges, and contradictions inherent to these types of processes.

  9. SQL Injection Attacks and Defense

    CERN Document Server

    Clarke, Justin


    SQL Injection Attacks and Defense, First Edition: Winner of the Best Book Bejtlich Read Award "SQL injection is probably the number one problem for any server-side application, and this book unequaled in its coverage." -Richard Bejtlich, Tao Security blog SQL injection represents one of the most dangerous and well-known, yet misunderstood, security vulnerabilities on the Internet, largely because there is no central repository of information available for penetration testers, IT security consultants and practitioners, and web/software developers to turn to for help. SQL Injection Att

  10. The methodological defense of realism scrutinized. (United States)

    Wray, K Brad


    I revisit an older defense of scientific realism, the methodological defense, a defense developed by both Popper and Feyerabend. The methodological defense of realism concerns the attitude of scientists, not philosophers of science. The methodological defense is as follows: a commitment to realism leads scientists to pursue the truth, which in turn is apt to put them in a better position to get at the truth. In contrast, anti-realists lack the tenacity required to develop a theory to its fullest. As a consequence, they are less likely to get at the truth. My aim is to show that the methodological defense is flawed. I argue that a commitment to realism does not always benefit science, and that there is reason to believe that a research community with both realists and anti-realists in it may be better suited to advancing science. A case study of the Copernican Revolution in astronomy supports this claim.

  11. Information systems for civil engineering; Sistemas de informacion para ingenieria civil

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    De Buen R, Pablo R; Alvarado G, Alonso; Alaniz Q, Felipe de J; Guerrero F, Vicente A. [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico)


    Since its beginnings, in the Gerencia de Ingenieria Civil (GIC) of the Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas (IIE) the interest has existed to take advantage of and to promote the advantages that the appropriate use of the computerizing systems in the different tasks of civil engineering in the power sector represent. Either as a part of its infrastructure or at the request of their clients, at the GIC have been developed calculation systems for the analysis and design of special structures such as turbo-generators foundations, poles for transmission and distribution and transmission towers, in addition the information systems for the consultation and the analysis of diverse information, such as the related to the Manuals of Civil Works of the Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) or the relative to the existing instruments in the large dams of our country. In this article are briefly described some of the computer systems developed by the GIC in recent years. [Spanish] Desde sus inicios, en la Gerencia de Ingenieria Civil (GIC) del Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas (IIE) ha existido el interes por aprovechar y promover las ventajas que representa el uso adecuado de los sistemas de computo en las diferentes tareas de ingenieria civil en el sector energetico. Ya sea como parte de su infraestructura o a solicitud de sus clientes, en la GIC se han desarrollado sistemas de calculo para el analisis y diseno de estructuras especiales como lo son las cimentaciones de turbogeneradores, los postes para transmision y distribucion y las torres de transmision, ademas de sistemas de informacion para la consulta y el analisis de informacion diversa, como es la relacionada con los manuales de obras civiles de la Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) o a la relativa a los instrumentos existentes en las grandes presas de nuestro pais. En este articulo se describen brevemente algunos de los sistemas de computo desarrollos por la GIC en anos recientes.

  12. Korean Defense Industry: Threat or Ally? (United States)


    framework for defense industrial cooperation with Korea . While Senator Dixon eventually dropped his opposition and the Korean Fighter Program is now...US defense firms to transfer technology to Korean firms, the US Government must recognize two realities: first, Korea will develop indigenous...serious Korean competition in the foreseeable future. 8 It does not appear that the Korea defense industry is poised to take away significant market


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laszlo STICZ


    Full Text Available Defense planning in the Alliance is a fundamental element of the arrangements which enable its member countries to enjoy the crucial political, military and resource advantages of collective defense and other common military efforts to enhance security and stability. In this respect, the aim of this paper is to outline the role of the Armed Forces and the specific processes aiming to achieve the ultimate goal of a nation regarding national security, with focus on defense planning and the PDPS.

  14. Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) (United States)


    Base Year DAMIR - Defense Acquisition Management Information Retrieval Dev Est - Development Estimate DoD - Department of Defense DSN - Defense...Schedule Milestones SAR Baseline Dev Est Current APB Development Objective/Threshold Current Estimate MS B DEC 2009 DEC 2009 JUN...2010 DEC 2009 CDR AUG 2011 MAY 2012 MAY 2013 MAY 2012 MS C DEC 2014 JUN 2015 JUN 2016 AUG 2016 1 (Ch-1) IOT &E Start JAN 2016 MAR 2016 MAR 2017 OCT 2017

  15. Implementing an Integrated Network Defense Construct (United States)


    to create an easily defendable avenue for ingress and egress. In medieval times, castles leveraged this principle. If an attacker was brazen enough...defense mirrors that of the physical world, its application has some significant drawbacks. Whereas the medieval castle defenders had the high ground...defenses. Logically an INDS can and should follow the same premise. 3. Integrated Air Defense To model an INDS after an IADS, it is necessary

  16. Offset implementations for Turkey's International Defense Acquisitions



    MBA Professional Report "Offsets" is the umbrella term for a broad range of industrial and commercial "compensatory" practices. Specifically, offset agreements in the defense environment are increasing globally as a percentage of exports. Developed countries with established defense industries use offsets to channel work or technology to their domestic defense companies. Countries with newly industrialized economies are utilizing both military and commercial related offsets that involv...

  17. De la responsabilidad civil de los maestros a la responsabilidad civil del titular del centro docente



    Esta obra analiza los cambios que se han producido en el ámbito de la responsabilidad extracontractual o aquiliana, a través de un caso bien concreto: la responsabilidad civil de los maestros o profesores por los actos de sus alumnos. Este supuesto, regulado originariamente en el párrafo sexto del art. 1903 del Código civil , fue modificado por medio de la Ley 1/1991 de 7 de enero, pasando a ocupar el actual párrafo quinto de ese mismo articulo. En esa modificación influyó la presencia en la ...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Saeed Bagheri


    Full Text Available Use of force is one of the principles of international law which has been banned by the UN Charter and modern constitutions. However, since the enforcement of the UN Charter, self-defense has become the preferred excuse for states to justify their use of force. But applying self-defense requires some conditions. Immediacy is one of the important conditions of self-defense. Immediacy defined as the time span between armed attacks and reaction to it, is the main discourse. This condition requires self defense immediately after the armed conflict or during a rational time span since its occurance.In this respect, the emerging Karabakh Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the 1990s is important. After Armenia’s armed attacks, Azerbaijan has acted within the scope of legitimate self-defense. But in accordance with UN Security Council cease-fire resolution Azerbaijan has suspended its self-defense actions. However, today, still twenty percent of Azerbaijani territory is still under Armenian occupation. Accordingly, after a long time the validity of Azerbaijan’s right to legitimate self-defense is still subject to arguments.In this article, by comparing two different approaches (strict and board interpretation approaches on the temporal link between the measures of self-defense and the armed attacks (immediacy, the temporal link between the self-defense countermeasures of Azerbaijan and armed attacks by Armenia in Karabakh Conflict will be examined.

  19. Defense Science Board Summer Study on Autonomy (United States)


    directed ? Defense Science Board Summer Study on Autonomy 28 Corruption of these aspects can result in bad judgments, missed opportunities...JUNE 2016 ii iii Report of the Defense Science Board Summer Study on Autonomy June 2016     Office of the Under Secretary of...Defense  for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics  Washington, D.C. 20301‐3140  iv This report is a product of the Defense  Science  Board (DSB

  20. An Empirical Investigation of Defense Interpretation Depth, Defensive Functioning, and Alliance Strength in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. (United States)

    Petraglia, Jonathan; Bhatia, Maneet; De Roten, Yves; Despland, Jean-Nicolas; Drapeau, Martin


    The present study examined the relationship between depth of defense interpretations by therapists, and patient defensive functioning, on the therapeutic alliance in a sample of 36 patients undergoing short-term dynamic psychotherapy. Defense interpretation depth was defined as the degree to which therapist interpretations contained information regarding the motivation for patient defenses and historical origins of the defensive processes (Greensen, 1967). Mean depth of interpretation was compared between sessions that were identified beforehand as either high-alliance or low-alliance sessions using the Helping Alliance Questionnaire (HAq-II: Luborsky et al., 1996). Results indicated that defensive functioning was correlated to defense interpretation depth in low-alliance sessions. Moreover, mean depth of interpretation was also higher in low-alliance sessions, pointing to the possible "destabilizing" effects that these interpretations may have on both defensive functioning and the therapeutic alliance. These results are discussed within the context of previous studies of therapeutic technique in dynamic psychotherapy.

  1. The insanity defense: Related issues (United States)

    Asokan, T. V.


    For the past 150 years, there is no change in the understanding and knowledge other than autonomy and capacity to choose the right and wrong for criminal liability. The alternative concept that human behavior is the result of an interaction between biological and environmental factors other than free choice failed to impress the criminal justice system because of a direct threat to a society's deep seated need to blame someone than themselves for criminal harms that occur. The insanity defense has a long history, and is evolved after many tests that have been tried and tested. McNaughton's rules stressed on “understandability of right and wrong” and “intellectual” rather than a moral or affective definition dominated in its formulation. Lack of control and irresistible drives or impulses were neglected Going by the current understanding of neurological evidences of compulsion and lack of impulse control, rationality tests without the inclusion of lack of control, seem to be outdated. Separate “Control determination” than the “Rationality determination” by the jurors may improve the accuracy of Juror's categorizations. There is a suggestion that Relevance ratio is ideal for ‘Evidentiary relevance” and there should be a quality control on expert testimonies. With progress in neuroscience, the law may need to abandon or alter some of its current assumptions about the nature of voluntary conduct, which underlies various defenses PMID:28216769

  2. Nrf2 and cardiovascular defense. (United States)

    Howden, Reuben


    The cardiovascular system is susceptible to a group of diseases that are responsible for a larger proportion of morbidity and mortality than any other disease. Many cardiovascular diseases are associated with a failure of defenses against oxidative stress-induced cellular damage and/or death, leading to organ dysfunction. The pleiotropic transcription factor, nuclear factor-erythroid (NF-E) 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2), regulates the expression of antioxidant enzymes and proteins through the antioxidant response element. Nrf2 is an important component in antioxidant defenses in cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, and heart failure. Nrf2 is also involved in protection against oxidant stress during the processes of ischemia-reperfusion injury and aging. However, evidence suggests that Nrf2 activity does not always lead to a positive outcome and may accelerate the pathogenesis of some cardiovascular diseases (e.g., atherosclerosis). The precise conditions under which Nrf2 acts to attenuate or stimulate cardiovascular disease processes are unclear. Further studies on the cellular environments related to cardiovascular diseases that influence Nrf2 pathways are required before Nrf2 can be considered a therapeutic target for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

  3. Nrf2 and Cardiovascular Defense

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Reuben Howden


    Full Text Available The cardiovascular system is susceptible to a group of diseases that are responsible for a larger proportion of morbidity and mortality than any other disease. Many cardiovascular diseases are associated with a failure of defenses against oxidative stress-induced cellular damage and/or death, leading to organ dysfunction. The pleiotropic transcription factor, nuclear factor-erythroid (NF-E 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2, regulates the expression of antioxidant enzymes and proteins through the antioxidant response element. Nrf2 is an important component in antioxidant defenses in cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, and heart failure. Nrf2 is also involved in protection against oxidant stress during the processes of ischemia-reperfusion injury and aging. However, evidence suggests that Nrf2 activity does not always lead to a positive outcome and may accelerate the pathogenesis of some cardiovascular diseases (e.g., atherosclerosis. The precise conditions under which Nrf2 acts to attenuate or stimulate cardiovascular disease processes are unclear. Further studies on the cellular environments related to cardiovascular diseases that influence Nrf2 pathways are required before Nrf2 can be considered a therapeutic target for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

  4. Defensive anality and anal narcissism. (United States)

    Shengold, L


    This paper aims at demonstrating a currently beleaguered assumption: the central importance, the continuing vitality, and the appropriate complexity of Freud's theory of the drives and of his idea of the primacy of the body ego. It is not enough to consider man a thinking machine or a social being; his animal nature must be given a central place in psychology. The paper postulates that 'anal or sphincter defensiveness' is one of the precursors of the repression barrier. Anality has been comparatively neglected in recent psychoanalytic literature, and so has its explorer, Karl Abraham. The paper's thesis is that there is a special defensive importance to anal erogeneity and libido, and to those aspects of ego and superego that are functionally operative (as the 'sadistic-anal organization' (Freud, 1917)) during the so-called 'sadistic-anal' developmental phase. Any of the psychic danger situations can evoke regression to manifestations of 'anal narcissim'--an attempt to master overwhelming feeling by a kind of emotional sphincter action, narrowing down the world to the controllable and the predictable. The basic assumption here is Fliess's idea that the attainment of anal sphincter control functions--with, as-it-were, 'psychic resonance'--as a means to master primal (murderous, cannibalistic) affect. For optimal psychic development, a proper balance must be attained between anal control of, and anal expression of, instinctual derivatives--especially of affect laden with aggression.

  5. Defense mutualisms enhance plant diversification. (United States)

    Weber, Marjorie G; Agrawal, Anurag A


    The ability of plants to form mutualistic relationships with animal defenders has long been suspected to influence their evolutionary success, both by decreasing extinction risk and by increasing opportunity for speciation through an expanded realized niche. Nonetheless, the hypothesis that defense mutualisms consistently enhance plant diversification across lineages has not been well tested due to a lack of phenotypic and phylogenetic information. Using a global analysis, we show that the >100 vascular plant families in which species have evolved extrafloral nectaries (EFNs), sugar-secreting organs that recruit arthropod mutualists, have twofold higher diversification rates than families that lack species with EFNs. Zooming in on six distantly related plant clades, trait-dependent diversification models confirmed the tendency for lineages with EFNs to display increased rates of diversification. These results were consistent across methodological approaches. Inference using reversible-jump Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) to model the placement and number of rate shifts revealed that high net diversification rates in EFN clades were driven by an increased number of positive rate shifts following EFN evolution compared with sister clades, suggesting that EFNs may be indirect facilitators of diversification. Our replicated analysis indicates that defense mutualisms put lineages on a path toward increased diversification rates within and between clades, and is concordant with the hypothesis that mutualistic interactions with animals can have an impact on deep macroevolutionary patterns and enhance plant diversity.

  6. Missile Defense: Ballistic Missile Defense System Testing Delays Affect Delivery of Capabilities (United States)


    Ballistic Missile Defense System Testing Delays Affect Delivery of Capabilities For over half a century , the Department of Defense (DOD) has been...or bi-annually in support of its goals for the defense of regional allies and U.S. forces deployed to Asia -Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe, known

  7. 75 FR 15695 - Renewal of Department of Defense Federal Advisory Committee; Board of Visitors National Defense... (United States)


    ... Defense gives notice that it is renewing the charter for the Board of Visitors National Defense University (hereafter referred to as the Board). FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Jim Freeman, Deputy Committee... of the Secretary Renewal of Department of Defense Federal Advisory Committee; Board of...

  8. 75 FR 13093 - Renewal of Department of Defense Federal Advisory Committee; Defense Acquisition University Board... (United States)


    ... University Board of Visitors AGENCY: Department of Defense (DoD). ACTION: Renewal of Federal advisory... amended), and 41 CFR 102-3.50(c), the Department of Defense gives notice that it is renewing the charter for the Defense Acquisition University Board of Visitors (hereafter referred to as the Board)....

  9. 75 FR 3210 - Renewal of Department of Defense Federal Advisory Committee; Defense Business Board (United States)


    ... sector corporations or entities and a wealth of top-level, global business experience in the areas of... of the Secretary Renewal of Department of Defense Federal Advisory Committee; Defense Business Board... gives notice that it is renewing the charter for the Defense Business Board (hereafter referred to...

  10. 75 FR 65462 - Renewal of Department of Defense Federal Advisory Committee; Department of Defense Military... (United States)


    ... Military Family Readiness Council AGENCY: Department of Defense (DoD). ACTION: Renewal of Federal advisory... Department of Defense Military Family Readiness Council (hereafter referred to as the ``Council''). FOR... military family readiness by the Department of Defense; and (c) evaluate and assess the effectiveness...

  11. 76 FR 11361 - Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement; Preservation of Tooling for Major Defense... (United States)


    ... contractor to ``have a system to manage (control, use, preserve, protect, repair, and maintain) Government... internal DoD procedural matters. Specifically, this implementation of section 815 of the National Defense... Defense Acquisition Regulations System 48 CFR Part 207 RIN 0750-AG45 Defense Federal...

  12. Strategic Defense Initiative: Splendid Defense or Pipe Dream? Headline Series No. 275. (United States)

    Armstrong, Scott; Grier, Peter

    This pamphlet presents a discussion of the various components of President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) including the problem of pulling together various new technologies into an effective defensive system and the politics of the so-called "star wars" system. An important part of the defense initiative is the "layered" defense…

  13. Perspectives in geography of culture and civilizations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Grčić Мirko


    Full Text Available This paper presents a comparative analysis of relevant methodological essence of "traditional" and "new" cultural geography. In the introduction is given an explanation of philosophic concepts of space, environment, place and the region in cultural geography. In second section is analyzed the meaning of civilization and the genesis of geography of civilization (géographie de civilisation. Special attention is on features of geographical posibilism as methodological paradigm, and the concept of cultural landscape as the essence of classical geography of culture and civilization. After this part are researched specific characteristics of certain academic schools and methodological perspectives in cultural geography. Postmodern paradigm and essence of "new" cultural geography are in the main focus. Postmodernism is changing the meaning of the basic concepts in cultural geography, which are analyzed in the introduction, such as space, culture, cultural region, cultural landscape and others. "New" cultural geography reassessed social and moral issues associated with the characteristics of the postmodern era. In this regard, methodological paradigm must be changed. This ascertainment is based on the interpretation of humanistic geography, where the emphasis is on the interpretation of cultural symbols, causal link and the "spirit of place" (Spiritus Loci. In accordance with modern conceptions of human in psychological notion, there are at least three theoretical directions, which find resonance in the appropriate cultural geography: behaviorism, psychoanalytic concept and cognitive concept - gestaltism and geography of perception. In conclusion is emphasized the need of finding a dialectical unity in "classical" and "new" cultural geography. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 176017

  14. The Evolution and Challenges of the Danish Civil Service System

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Morten Balle


    In this article a descriptive analysis of the evolution and current challenges of the Danish civil service system is given. The focus is on the state administration. Theories of path-dependency and the transnational diffusion of ideas inform the empirical analysis. The broad features of the long...... service is examined. The Danish civil service system has been characterized by long-term gradual evolution and adoption of many of the prevailing institutions in medieval and modern European state administration. This adaptation to prevailing trends has been predominantly characterized by integration......-term history of the Danish civil service system are analyzed. The basic characteristics of the current internal labor market of the civil service are analyzed as well as some recent changes in the system. Issues of politicization of the civil service are discussed and public opinion concerning the civil...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Boris I. Makarenko


    Full Text Available The article is based on research on civil society in Russia conducted for the Committee of Civil Initiatives by the Centre of Political Technologies in June-July 2013. It compares the Western model of civil society with its understanding in non-Western nations. The author analyses historical evolution of the Russian society and provides assessment of its current standing. He concludes that non-governmental organisations and civil activities in Russia develop under conditions of low mutual trust among the population and between society and state. The lack of trust of governmental bodies to civil initiatives is clearly reflected in the latest legislation on “foreign agents”. The remaining unfavourable conditions are likely to continue to hinder progress of Russian civil society for the years to come. The foundation for the research created the data from surveys, in-depth interviews and group discussions.

  16. The New African Civil-Military Relations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    on the African continent to embark upon the New African Civil Military Relations (ACMR). In the last decade and half, the implosion of African states exposed to forces of democratization has escalated, manifest in Algeria, Egypt, Mali, Madagascar, Somalia, South Sudan, Central African Republic and Lesotho...... accorded the responsibility of organizing a Session on ACMR. From amongst some of the exciting Abstracts presented, authors submitted these as full chapters for this book which captures International African Studies Perspectives, managed by the African Public Policy & Research Institute (APPRI...

  17. Arquitectura civil segoviana en el Plateresco


    Rodríguez Antonio, Francisco de Paula


    El tema de tesis es la arquitectura civil segoviana en el Plateresco. El trabajo se estructura en tres partes: una primera, el marco teórico, que, a su vez, se divide en tres capítulos, que se ocupan de aspectos urbanos, formales, tipológicos y constructivos. La segunda, que analiza y caracteriza los edificios platerescos, donde se estudian las viviendas individualmente y, una tercera, dedicada a la conservación patrimonial de los edificios. Como principal conclusión del trabajo, se constata ...

  18. Ley de paternidad responsable y Registro Civil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irene Montarano Lacayo


    Full Text Available Con la promulgación de la Ley de Paternidad Responsable en abril del 2001, los derechos de las madres de hijos extramatrimoniales y de los propios menores han cambiado en lo que a filiación se refiere. El artículo explica ampliamente el procedimiento administrativo que lleva el Registro Civil para la inscripción de nacimientos extramatrimoniales, desde la declaración de paternidad, citatorio, prueba de marcadores genéticos, hasta concluir con la declaración de la paternidad vía administrativa.

  19. Italia civile:Associazionismo, partecipazione e politica



    Una profonda trasformazione politica e sociale ha investito il nostro paese negli ultimi vent’anni. Un cambiamento che non poteva non coinvolgere il mondo dell’associazionismo, la parte più attiva e sensibile della società civile. Impegnate in molteplici attività, le reti associative favoriscono la diffusione della cultura democratica e della solidarietà sociale, rafforzando i legami fra le persone e l’efficacia delle politiche pubbliche. Fino agli anni novanta, la loro azione era strettament...

  20. Tocqueville: la sociedad civil y la democracia


    Saínz Vidal, Lambra


    A lo largo de las últimas décadas, hemos asistido a un renovado interés por la participación asociativa. Son muchos los teóricos, en filosofía política y en ciencias sociales, que han afirmado que la viabilidad y la salud de nuestras democracias dependen de una sociedad civil fuerte y vibrante. En la tesis analizamos las interpretaciones liberales, comunitaristas, republicanas y deliberativas de los cuerpos intermedios en la obra de Alexis de Tocqueville, De la démocratie en Amérique. Estudia...

  1. The Novation - Means of Transformation Civil Obligations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maricica VĂLEANU


    Full Text Available The present work aims at the application, in concreto, of the new provisions on novation, providing a useful working tool for private legal practitioners. It is the result of practical experience and the interpretation approach dedicated to new provisions in the field of civil liabilities. Through the analysis of the multitude of works in this field I have highlighted the legislative evolution as well as the new orientations in the doctrine and jurisprudence concerning the processing of obligations. Far from being exhaustive, the comment wants to offer solutions to the challenges posed by the complexity and the continuous need to adapt to the

  2. Ley de paternidad responsable y Registro Civil


    Irene Montarano Lacayo; Luis Antonio Bolaños Bolaños


    Con la promulgación de la Ley de Paternidad Responsable en abril del 2001, los derechos de las madres de hijos extramatrimoniales y de los propios menores han cambiado en lo que a filiación se refiere. El artículo explica ampliamente el procedimiento administrativo que lleva el Registro Civil para la inscripción de nacimientos extramatrimoniales, desde la declaración de paternidad, citatorio, prueba de marcadores genéticos, hasta concluir con la declaración de la paternidad vía administrativa...

  3. "Doing Business" come scopo della giustizia civile




    Aim of the paper is to shed light on some problems arising from the use of indicators for evaluating and comparing the performance of national judicial systems in a cross-country perspective, taking cue from assessing the impact of indicators on the reforms of the Italian civil justice system in the last ten years. I have written this paper as a sort of by-product in the framework of a wider research project I am carrying out as a Senior Global Research Fellow at NYU School of Law in the acad...

  4. Probability, statistics, and decision for civil engineers

    CERN Document Server

    Benjamin, Jack R


    Designed as a primary text for civil engineering courses, as a supplementary text for courses in other areas, or for self-study by practicing engineers, this text covers the development of decision theory and the applications of probability within the field. Extensive use of examples and illustrations helps readers develop an in-depth appreciation for the theory's applications, which include strength of materials, soil mechanics, construction planning, and water-resource design. A focus on fundamentals includes such subjects as Bayesian statistical decision theory, subjective probability, and

  5. Sociedad Civil y combate a la pobreza


    López Salazar, Ricardo; Ortega, Isabel; Sandoval, Sergio


    Una de las organizaciones de la sociedad civil que ha adquirido gran relevancia en el combate a la pobreza alimentaria en el estado de Sonora es el Banco de Alimentos de Hermosillo (BAH). Su objetivo es combatir el hambre y la desnutrición mediante la distribución de alimentos a zonas marginadas. Pesqueira,  es una de las localidades en situación crítica de pobreza alimentaria y que ha sido beneficiada por los apoyos que otorga el BAH. Sin embargo, a pesar de que esos apoyos son reconocidos c...

  6. A responsabilidade civil no direito ambiental brasileiro


    Henkes,Silviana L.


    O Direito assumiu papel preponderante na gestão dos riscos na sociedade contemporânea definida, por muitos autores, como de Risco; com isso, novos direitos foram instituídos e novos instrumentos e meios de tutela foram criados. A responsabilidade civil ambiental tornou-se um dos principais instrumentos criado para a gestão do risco ambiental e tem-se harmonizado com a nova realidade marcada por incertezas científicas, riscos e danos globais. O objetivo deste trabalho foi analisar a responsabi...

  7. [Risk management in health care systems: the new legislative orientations in medical civil responsibility]. (United States)

    Tomassini, A; Signorelli, C; Colzani, E


    The recent radical change in the relationships between physicians and patients has increased the frequency of malpractice. Consequently, on one hand, many physicians got used to avoiding any possible risk of denunciation by applying the so called "defensive medicine", while on the other hand, the insurance companies raised the prices of their premiums for policies concerning civil responsibility of health operators. In order to avoid this "vicious circle", some health structures created Units for the Risk Management related to malpractice, while others took advantage of the collaboration of Associations for Patients' Rights to create database about the most frequent medical mistakes. The need for a legislative change has been accepted by the Parliament which expects with the proposal n.108 (approved in spring 2002 by the Commission for Hygiene and Health of the Senate) to attribute the civil responsibility of the physicians to the hospitals (both private and public) for which they work, to constitute a Register of experts and to accelerate the legal disputes. The problem is complex and still to be solved, but it seems that time for a strong intervention in order to improve the situation has to come.

  8. Civil Service Reforms in Thailand: Political Control and Corruption.


    Prijono Tjiptoherijanto


    After the 1973 student demonstration marked a changing in Thai political history. The principle of Weberian bureaucracy such as political neutrality becomes the legal framework of the Civil Service under democratic environment. However, given the cultural values and their impact on the bureaucracy, any serious change must came from the top leadership.Another characteristic of the Thai's civil service is corruption practices. The close personal connections between politician, civil service, an...

  9. Charting the Course for Civil Affairs in the New Normal (United States)


    focus on the Navy and Marine Corps in this paper, the U.S. Army maintains the largest cadre of military CA personnel. Its CA reservists are organized...Civil affairs (CA) and civil- military operations (CMO) have been an important area of United States military operations for much of the nation’s history...coordinating integration between military and non- military instruments of power.1 Such activities range from humanitarian assistance operations, to civil

  10. Efficiency of the Current Methods of Stimulating Civil Servants’ Performance


    Vladimir Ladygin


    The article makes an attempt to identify link between the models of public service and some effective methods of stimulating civil servants performance. Making use of the basic elements of the institutional theory helps draw a conclusion that development of the public civil service in accordance with the NPM models does not only take into account any positive externals for modeling informal relations, but ignores their historical, social and cultural role in the country. Key words: civil serv...

  11. The socialization potential of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available This article assesses socialization in the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, an institutionalized civil society cooperation consisting of nongovernmental organizations from the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. The article argues that uniting the literature on socialization and on Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum adds considerably to scholarly knowledge about the role of the institutionalized civil society in the world. The analysis of the activities of the Civil Society Forum shows that the conditions for socialization are largely fulfilled. We conclude that the organisation and functioning of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum not only provides a passive framework for transmitting European values and norms, but also results in a middle degree of socialization between civil society organizations of the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries. There is a large degree of internalization of European Union-sponsored norms and values among the participants of the Civil Society Forum: they fervently promote and defend such norms and values. The little-politicized environment in which discussions take place also allows civil society organisations to make ambitious statements, often more straightforward than political representatives (can make.

  12. Risk Management Programs for Defense Acquisition Systems (United States)


    The audit objective was to evaluate the effectiveness of risk management programs for Defense acquisition systems. Specifically, we determined whether DoD risk management policies and procedures for Defense acquisition systems were effectively implemented and what impact risk management programs bad on reducing program risks and costs. We also reviewed management controls as they applied to the audit objectives.

  13. U.S. Cybersecurity Defense Assessment (United States)


    Computer Network Defense ( CND ) actions to include “protecting, monitoring, analyzing, detecting, and responding to unauthorized activity within...such as computer network defense ( CND ), computer network exploitation (CNE), and computer network attack (CNA).38 In this capacity, the institution

  14. Protecting the Self: Defense Mechanisms in Action (United States)

    Cramer, Phebe


    Integrating theory, research, and practical applications, this book provides a comprehensive examination of defense mechanisms and their role in both normal development and psychopathology. The author describes how children and adults mobilize specific kinds of defenses to maintain their psychological equilibrium and preserve self-esteem,…

  15. Physics of a ballistic missile defense - The chemical laser boost-phase defense (United States)

    Grabbe, Crockett L.


    The basic physics involved in proposals to use a chemical laser based on satellites for a boost-phase defense are investigated. After a brief consideration of simple physical conditions for the defense, a calculation of an equation for the number of satellites needed for the defense is made along with some typical values of this for possible future conditions for the defense. Basic energy and power requirements for the defense are determined. A sumary is made of probable minimum conditions that must be achieved for laser power, targeting accuracy, number of satellites, and total sources for power needed.

  16. Takedown Defenses of Russian Systema

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kevin R. Secours


    Full Text Available The continuing popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA events has motivated many martial artists to cross train in grappling disciplines. While largely beneficial for the arts as a whole, many practitioners have nevertheless integrated grappling strategies without considering whether or not their applications are simply sportive or appropriate for self-defense tactics. In this article, I will examine some historical perspectives on the role of grappling on the battlefield from published literature and consider the evidence left to us through historical texts and artwork. Based on over 20 years experience in the grappling arts, I will attempt to show that ground fighting and grappling are necessary components of a complete tactical arsenal, while carefully illustrating the difference in street tactics. I will place specific emphasis on the role of defending the takedown in a modern survival scenario, giving particular attention to the approach employed by the Russian art of Systema.

  17. Active IR-applications in civil engineering (United States)

    Wiggenhauser, H.


    Applications of IR-thermography in civil engineering are not limited to the identification of heat losses in building envelopes. As it is well known from other areas of non-destructive testing, active IR-thermographic methods such as cooling down or lock-in thermography improves the results in many investigations. In civil engineering these techniques have not been used widely. Mostly thermography is used in a quasi-static manner. The interpretation of moisture measurements with thermography on surfaces can be very difficult due to several overlapping effects: emissivity changes due to composition, heat transfer through wet sections of the specimen, cooling through air flow or reflected spurious radiation sources. These effects can be reduced by selectively measuring the reflection in two wavelength windows, one on an absorption band of water and another in a reference band and then combining the results in a moisture index image. Cooling down thermography can be used to identify subsurface structural deficiencies. For building materials like concrete these measurements are performed on a much longer time scale than in flash lamp experiments. A quantitative analysis of the full cooling down process over several minutes can reliably identify defects at different depths. Experiments at BAM have shown, that active thermography is capabale of identifying structural deficiencies or moist areas in building materials much more reliable than quasi-static thermography.

  18. Nivel operacional de la sociedad civil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zoraida Mendiwelso Bendek


    Full Text Available Michael Walzer (2002 afirma que las organizaciones de la sociedad civil se generan en procesos de auto organización pero que existen algunas organizaciones con mayor capacidad que otras para organizarse y que también es necesario que el estado provea la asistencia que requiere la vida en asociación en donde primero que todo se debe proteger a los más débiles. En este artículo, desde una visión sistémica, se intenta reflexionar sobre las competencias requeridas para un efectivo proceso de auto-organización en la construcción de lo público. Se sostiene que esto hace necesario observar las estructuras que apoyan el aprendizaje y participación ciudadana.Michael Walzer (2002 claims that self-organization underpins the emergence of civil society organizations and that some of these organizations have more opportunities than others to be effective, suggesting that it is necessary for the State to support those associations that operate in weaker contexts. In this paper, from a systemic perspective, the author reflects upon the required competencies to enable effective self-organizing processes in the construction of the public sphere, in particular she advocates the need to observe the emerging organization structures supporting citizens' learning and participation.

  19. Information Practices in Contemporary Cosmopolitan Civil Society

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Olsson


    Full Text Available What is the nature of information?  What is its role in Contemporary Cosmopolitan Civil Society? What is the basis for the widespread current belief that we live in an ‘information society’? The present article will examine these questions through an examination of the historical origins of established ‘scientized’ views of information in the philosophy of the Enlightenment. It describes how postmodern and poststructuralist critique of such positivist approaches led to profound paradigmatic and methodological shifts in the social and information studies fields in recent decades. It consider how the emergence of social constructivist approaches to information research drawing on discourse analysis, practice theory and ethnographic theories and methodologies has led to a have led researchers to a radically different understanding of central concepts such as: the influence of emergent information and communication technologies on contemporary society; the relationship between knowledge and power, the nature of expertise and authoritative information; a re-thinking of community and consensus; a re-interpretation of notions of space and place in information dissemination, sharing and use and a reconsideration of the role of the researcher. The article illustrates this changing research landscape through reference to the work of scholars in the Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre at the University of Technology, Sydney, published in the Centre’s journal.

  20. Mathematical activities in Spain during Civil War

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    González Redondo, Francisco A.


    Full Text Available The process of convergence of Spanish Mathematics with European science had reached its highest moment towards the beginning of the summer of 1936. The civil war consequent to the 18th of July military plot caused a rupture in such a fruitful process. In this paper different remarks are introduced about the mathematical activities that, surprisingly enough, were developed by our scientists during those complicated years.

    El proceso de convergencia con la ciencia europea de la Matemática española había logrado situarla en su momento de mayor esplendor de la historia a las puertas del verano de 1936. La Guerra Civil consecuencia de la rebelión militar del 18 de julio supondrá la brutal ruptura de ese proceso tan fructífero. En este trabajo se presentan diferentes consideraciones en torno a la actividad matemática que, sorprendentemente, consiguieron mantener nuestros científicos durante esos complicados años.

  1. Russian civil society, 20 years later

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samuel A. Greene


    Full Text Available By the time Vladimir Putin began his first term as president of Russian, in early 2000, most analysts were lamenting the demise of Russian civil society. In late 2011, as he prepared to return to the Kremlin for a third term, the same analysts were surprised by the resurgence of grassroots protest. A narrative expressed in terms of success and failure, relying on a normative vocabulary and static analytical concepts, cannot, I argue, make sense of that progression. A more coherent narrative –which this article attempts to present– would look to concepts of interaction, in which citizens and the state are seen as constituting one another through a complex series of social and political engagements. Such a narrative, moreover, must not begin in 2000, but must look further back into history, elucidating the co-evolution of Soviet and then post-Soviet state and society over the past twenty years. In this view, then, the decline of civil society in the 1990s can be seen as accompanying the disintegration of the institutions of state-society interaction, while the reemergence of civic activism in more recent years comes hand in hand with the consolidation of authoritarian governance.

  2. Civil Society and Democratic Governance in Nigeria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ibitoye, M. O.


    Full Text Available It is quite intriguing that fifty-two years after Nigeria attained her nominal independence from her colonial masters and twelve years into her democratic dispensation following a protracted and most challenging struggle against a rapacious military hegemony, the dividends of good governance have largely eluded the majority who wallow in abject poverty in the midst of abundant resources. Thus, the current democratic experiment appears to be fraught with similar imperfections that plagued the past democratic attempts thereby making transformation a myth rather than reality in Nigeria. The dire need to institutionalize the culture of good governance in Nigeria so as to improve the quality of life of the Nigerian people informs the position of this study. Hence, civil society has been adopted as a veritable tool for achieving good governance. This paper, therefore, attempts to carry out a thorough exposition of civil society organization vis- a- vis its transformatory role as an arbiter to redeem the Nigeria society from imminent total collapse as the country is yet to arrive at the ultimate destination of democracy as the government of the people, duly elected by the people, in the service of the people.

  3. A Brief History of Mind and Civilization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Garry Jacobs


    Full Text Available The rational mind is the highest evolved status of human consciousness. The evolution of mind and civilization has proceeded hand in hand for millennia. The development of new capacities of mind made possible the development of tools, language, agriculture, permanent settlements, towns, cities, religion, trade, transportation, communication, government, law, money, literature and the arts, education, nation states, scientific and technological research. So too, each stage in the development of civilization has shaped the evolution of the human mind and its faculties and the way they are applied in life. The limits to our knowledge and accomplishment reflect limits to our rationality and the utilization of our mental potential. Our knowledge consists of fragmented, piecemeal, compartmentalized theories, when the reality we seek to understand is inclusive, complex and integrated. Our conceptions are based on mechanistic, static, inflexible equilibrium models, whereas the world we live in is alive, dynamic, organic, conscious, responsive, creative and continuously evolving. Our science assumes the poise of an impartial observer of objective reality, whereas all knowledge without exception is colored by the subjective perspective of the observer. Our science strives to be neutral and value-free, whereas the knowledge we need should help us realize universal values. We need to evolve ways of thinking that reunite the objective and subjective dimensions of reality and reflect the integrality, dynamism and vibrancy of evolutionary nature. That is the challenge and adventure before us.

  4. The Department of Defense Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and High Yield Explosive Response Enterprise: Have We Learned the Lessons to Ensure an Effective Response? (United States)


    falling unconscious, and muscle spasms (Burke 2007, 126). There were a total of eleven deaths, fifty-four seriously injured, and over three-thousand...these are 27 also limited in number. One exercise called Operation Vibrant Response tested the DoD capability to respond to a radiological device of FEMA and local and state agencies. Vibrant Response is a culminating exercise for Defense Support to Civil Authority operations conducted

  5. Primitive defenses: cognitive aspects and therapeutic handling. (United States)

    Groh, L S

    In this paper the primitive defenses first described by Melanie Klein under the label of "schizoid mechanisms" are examined. The defenses considered are splitting the pathological uses of identification and projective identification, and the psychotic forms of denial. This examination is twofold: (1) the cognitive aspects of these defenses as described in terms of concepts developed by Jean Piaget; (2) concrete examples of the operation of these defenses during the treatment of schizophrenic patients are given and the effects of interventions based on the cognitive analysis are described. It is stressed that at times interventions, such as interpretation and confrontation, based on cognitive analysis, can temporarily and in some instances even permanently stop the operation of these defenses, allowing emotionally meaningful material to emerge which expedites the therapeutic process.

  6. Defensive externality and blame projection following failure. (United States)

    Hochreich, D J


    This study focuses upon the relationship between internal-external control and defensive blame projection. Trust was used as a moderator variable for making differential predictions concerning the behavior of two subgroups of externals: defensive externals, whose externality is presumed to reflect primarily a verbal technique of defense, and congruent externals, whose externality reflects a more genuine belief that most outcomes are determined by forces beyond their personal control. As predicted, defensive externals showed a stronger tendency than did congruent externals and internals to resort to blame projection following failure at an achievement task. There were no group differences in attribution following task success. Defensive externals were found to be more responsive to negative feedback than were congruent externals.

  7. Investment in defense and cost of predator-induced defense along a resource gradient

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Steiner, Uli


    investment in defense along a resource gradient, but competing models predict different patterns of investment. There are currently insufficient empirical data on changes in investment in defensive traits or their costs along resource gradients to differentiate between the competing allocation models......An organism's investment in different traits to reduce predation is determined by the fitness benefit of the defense relative to the fitness costs associated with the allocation of time and resources to the defense. Inherent tradeoffs in time and resource allocation should result in differential....... In this study, I exposed tadpoles to caged predators along a resource gradient in order to estimate investment in defense and costs of defense by assessing predator-induced plasticity. Induced defenses included increased tail depth, reduced feeding, and reduced swimming activity; costs associated...

  8. Optimal defense strategy: storage vs. new production. (United States)

    Shudo, Emi; Iwasa, Yoh


    If hosts produce defense proteins after they are infected by pathogens, it may take hours to days before defense becomes fully active. By producing defense proteins beforehand, and storing them until infection, the host can cope with pathogens with a short time delay. However, producing and storing defense proteins require energy, and the activated defense proteins often cause harm to the host's body as well as to pathogens. Here, we study the optimal strategy for a host who chooses the amount of stored defense proteins, the activation of the stored proteins upon infection, and the new production of the proteins. The optimal strategy is the one that minimizes the sum of the harm by pathogens and the cost of defense. The host chooses the storage size of defense proteins based on the probability distribution of the magnitude of pathogen infection. When the infection size is predictable, all the stored proteins are to be activated upon infection. The optimal strategy is to have no storage and to rely entirely on new production if the expected infection size n(0) is small, but to have a big storage without new production if n(0) is large. The transition from the "new production" phase to "storage" phase occurs at a smaller n(0) when storage cost is small, activation cost is large, pathogen toxicity is large, pathogen growth is fast, the defense is effective, the delay is long, and the infection is more likely. On the other hand, the storage size to produce for a large n(0) decreases with three cost parameters and the defense effectiveness, increases with the likelihood of infection, the toxicity and the growth rate of pathogens, and it is independent of the time delay. When infection size is much smaller than the expected size, some of the stored proteins may stay unused.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available War causes and conduct have fascinated war planners, war executors and scholars for a long time because little attention has been given to how wars are ended. This oversight is apparent not only in historical accounts of warfare but, more importantly, in contemporary analyses and doctrinal formulations of deterrence and overall defense policies. Just as historians have focused on how wars begin and are fought, military analysts and planners have concentrated on influencing the initiation and conduct of warfare rather than on analyzing the process and requirements for terminating warfare on acceptable terms and at acceptable costs. Conflict termination is the formal end of fighting, not the end of conflict. Despite the volumes of research and literature on the subject, belligerents mismanage war termination. The major objective of wartime strategy is defeating enemy arms as quickly as possible with the least cost in friendly casualties. As long as hostilities endure, diplomacy is subordinated to military requirements. War termination planning, as it is currently accomplished, takes the form of civil affair planning on the details of how the vanquished will be managed following the capitulation of the enemy and cessation of hostilities. We argue that Kenya Defence Forces (KDF prudently terminated its war with the terrorists group Al-Shabaab that merged with Al-Qaeda when they agreed to be integrated into the African Union Mission for Somalia (AMISOM which is backed up by the United Nations.

  10. 42 CFR 38.8 - Criminal and civil penalties. (United States)


    ... 42 Public Health 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Criminal and civil penalties. 38.8 Section 38.8 Public Health PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES MEDICAL CARE AND EXAMINATIONS DISASTER ASSISTANCE FOR CRISIS COUNSELING AND TRAINING § 38.8 Criminal and civil...

  11. [Fernand Braudel and the geo-history of civilizations]. (United States)

    Ribeiro, Guilherme


    The article discusses the valuable role of geography in the study of civilizations entitled Grammaire des civilisations (A history of civilizations), by French historian Fernand Braudel. It also focuses on the epistemological role of the concept of geo-history in Braudel's thought. The article's underlying assumption is that geography has been crucial to comprehending history over large spans of time.

  12. The colonial 'civilizing process' in Dutch Formosa 1624-1662

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Chiu, Hsin-hui


    This is a study of the colonial ‘civilizing process’ in Dutch Formosa (Present-day Taiwan) between 1624 and 1662. Drawing inspiration from Norbert Elias, this study stresses on ‘the colonial “civilizing process” ’ which is applied to the inexorable process of retreat from the era of ‘Aboriginal Taiw

  13. Austerity’s Effect on English Civil Justice

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    J. Sorabji (John)


    textabstractThis article considers the effect of austerity-induced public spending cuts on the English civil justice system. In doing so it initially examines two fundamental changes engendered by the effect austerity has had on civil court fees and legal aid: first, a challenge to the traditional c

  14. 47 CFR 97.407 - Radio amateur civil emergency service. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Radio amateur civil emergency service. 97.407... SERVICES AMATEUR RADIO SERVICE Providing Emergency Communications § 97.407 Radio amateur civil emergency service. (a) No station may transmit in RACES unless it is an FCC-licensed primary, club, or...

  15. The Role of Education in Sudan's Civil War (United States)

    Breidlid, Anders


    This article addresses the role that education plays in conflict, with specific reference to the civil war in Sudan. It analyses the ideological basis of the Sudanese government (GoS) during the civil war, with special reference to the role of religion and ethnicity. It shows how the primary education system was based on the Islamist ideology of…

  16. The barbarism of civilization: cultural genocide and the 'stolen generations'. (United States)

    van Krieken, R


    Norbert Elias suggested that 'civilization' involves the transformation of human habitus so that violence of all sorts is gradually subjected to greater and more sophisticated forms of management and control, whereas 'decivilization' encompasses processes which produce an increase in violence and a breakdown in the stability and consistency of on-going social relations. What remains unexplored is the extent to which 'civilizing offensives', the self-conscious attempts to bring about 'civilization', have revolved around essentially violent policies and practices. This paper examines the systematic removal of indigenous Australian children from their families, largely for the social engineering purpose of the gradual and systematic annihilation of Aboriginal cultural identity. At the time, these policies and practices were constructed by most observers as contributing to the 'welfare' of Australian Aborigines, and this intersection of welfare and violence raises the possibility that civilization and decivilization, rather than being different processes which may or may not run alongside each other, interpenetrate each other so that, under certain circumstances, societies are 'barbaric' precisely in their movement towards increasing civilization. It may also be possible to describe the move away from the systematic removal of Aboriginal children since the 1970s as itself part of a civilizing process, an increasing recognition of the human rights of Australian Aborigines and of the inhumanity of those policies and practices. The paper concludes by addressing the implications for theories of civilization and decivilization, as well as more generally for our contemporary understanding of what it means to be a 'civilized' modern citizen.

  17. The Birth of the Citizen in Civil Society

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ossewaarde, M.R.R.


    In this paper, I seek to provide a conceptual framework of civil society. I conceptualize civil society as a distinctive type of social organization that has been described by classical sociologists. In classical sociology, there seems to be a widespread agreement about the elements and boundaries o

  18. Toward an Afrocological Pedagogical Approach to African Civilization. (United States)

    Okafor, Victor Oguejiofor


    The study of controversies about the legitimacy and historical groundedness of assertions about African civilization is used to support an Afrocological teaching approach to African civilization, exploring the content of the American college curriculum. There is a historically factual basis for a holistic pedagogical approach to African…

  19. Corrective justice as a principle of civil liability



    This paper is focused on the principle of corrective justice as one of the basic principles of civil liability in the context of the modern living and increasing risks. The question that is raised with this paper is the influence the modern living and increasing risks have on the established bases of civil liability and tort law in general.

  20. Civil Liberties Attitudes and Personality Measures: Some Exploratory Research (United States)

    Zalkind, Sheldon S.; And Others


    Presents data from the administration of questionnaires containing civil liberties and personality measures in two different years to adults in the metropolitan New York City area, finding that attitudes towards civil liberties issues correlated with flexibility, self-reliance, independence, anomie, and fate control measures. Anxiety scores did…

  1. Esquemas de derecho procesal civil. Bloque 2. Sujetos


    Pérez Daudí, Vicente


    Inclou: I. El órgano jurisdiccional. Tema 6: Límites de la jurisdicción civil. Tema 7: La competencia objetiva y funcional. Tema 8: La competencia territorial. II. Las partes. Tema 9: La condición de parte y el proceso civil con par... Tema 10: Pluralidad de partes. Los terceros.

  2. Capitalizing on emergence: The 'new' civil security market in Europe

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hoijtink, M.


    In recent years, the European Union has supported the development of a new civil security market, capable of providing security technology for new and global security challenges. This article analyses the emerging growth market for civil security in relation to contemporary notions of potential cris

  3. Using Ken Burns's "The Civil War" in the Classroom (United States)

    Levin, Kevin M.


    When it aired in 1989, Ken Burns's epic documentary about America's Civil War garnered the largest audience in PBS history. Viewers who had little interest or knowledge of the Civil War were attracted to the powerful images and sounds as well as the narration by David McCullough and commentary by Shelby Foote--the combination of which served to…

  4. 75 FR 36634 - Civil Nuclear Trade Advisory Committee Public Meeting (United States)


    ... of DOC small modular reactor report 5. Discussion of subcommittees' work and progress on their... International Trade Administration Civil Nuclear Trade Advisory Committee Public Meeting AGENCY: International... sets forth the schedule and proposed agenda of the next meeting of the Civil Nuclear Trade...

  5. 42 CFR 408.44 - Deduction from civil service annuities. (United States)


    ... SERVICES MEDICARE PROGRAM PREMIUMS FOR SUPPLEMENTARY MEDICAL INSURANCE Deduction From Monthly Benefits § 408.44 Deduction from civil service annuities. (a) Responsibility for deductions. If an enrollee is... 42 Public Health 2 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Deduction from civil service annuities....

  6. 7 CFR 400.454 - Disqualification and civil fines. (United States)


    ... disqualification and civil fines will be imposed against: (i) Participants and other persons, except insurance... provision affects the approved insurance provider's responsibilities with respect to the service of existing... 7 Agriculture 6 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Disqualification and civil fines. 400.454 Section...

  7. Sociedad civil y movimientos sociales en El Salvador de postguerra

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alberto Martín Álvarez


    Full Text Available Este trabajo ofrece un acercamiento de carácter descriptivo y preliminar a algunas de las principales transformaciones experimentadas por la sociedad civil salvadoreña en el periodo de postguerra.  Dos rasgos fundamentales sobresalen al analizar la dinámica de la sociedad civil de este país en las últimas dos décadas. De una parte, la emergencia de nuevas identidades políticas que habían sido opacadas por la preminencia del discurso de clase del movimiento revolucionario. De otra, la emergencia de amplias movilizaciones estructuradas en base a coaliciones multisectoriales de organizaciones de la sociedad civil, como respuesta a la implementación de políticas neoliberales.Palabras Clave: Sociedad civil, movimientos sociales, El Salvador, postguerra._____________________Abstract:This paper offers a descriptive and preliminary approach to some of the major changes experienced by Salvadoran civil society in the postwar period. Two main features stand out when analyzing the dynamics of civil society in this country in the last two decades. On one hand, the emergence of new political identities that had been overshadowed by the prominence of the classist discourse of the revolutionary movement. On the other, the emergence of large mobilizations structured around multisectoral coalitions of civil society organizations, in response to the implementation of neoliberal policies.Keywords: Civil society, social movements, El Salvador, postwar

  8. New Civil Rights Act Coverages - Progress or Racism? (United States)

    Martin, Galen


    The growing list of added coverages in state and local civil rights laws is diluting the fight against racial discrimination by weakening enforcement through loading civil rights agencies with many new areas of coverage which are diverting them from their original purpose of ending discrimination against racial and religious minorities. (EH)

  9. Civility: The Right Thing to Teach in Contentious Times (United States)

    Nilsen, Alleen Pace


    Drawing attention to widespread instances of discourteous speech and hate discourse that permeate US and world culture, Alleen Pace Nilsen maintains that our imperative as educators is to teach "students the benefits of being civil to each other." She proposes some avenues for enriching students' understanding of the power of civil language.

  10. Climate changes may lead to the collapse of ancient civilizations

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ Studies of an international research consortium indicate that severe monsoon changes might have simultaneously accelerated the fall of two great ancient civilizations, the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), one of the most prosperous reigns in Chinese history, and the Maya civilization in Meso-America that ended in 830 AD.

  11. Ordinary People, Ordinary Places: The Civil Rights Movement. [Lesson Plan]. (United States)


    Martin Luther King, Jr. framed the goals and strategies of the Civil Rights Movement for a national audience, and with his message of nonviolent protest, he inspired ordinary African Americans to demand equal rights as American citizens. This lesson focuses on the individual men and women who embraced King's message and advanced the Civil Rights…

  12. M.Sc. in Civil and Structural Engineering

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    The catalogue contain a list of project ideas proposed by the scientific staff at the Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, and a number of companies. Most of the project ideas in this catalogue may form the basis for long and short candidate projects as well as regular 3rd semester...... projects at the M.Sc. programme in Civil and Structural Engineering....

  13. M.Sc. in Civil and Structural Engineering

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    The following pages contain a list of project ideas proposed by the scientific staff at the Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, and a number of companies. Most of the project ideas in this catalogue may form the basis for long and short master projects as well as regular 3rd...... semester projects at the M.Sc. programme in Civil and Structural Engineering....

  14. M.Sc. in Civil and Structural Engineering

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    This catalogue contains a list of project ideas proposed by the scientific staff at the Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, and a number of companies. Most of the project ideas in this catalogue may form the basis for long and short candidate projects as well as regular 3rd...... semester projects at the M.Sc. programme in Civil and Structural Engineering....

  15. M.Sc. in Civil and Structural Engineering

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Clausen, Johan

    The report contain a list of project ideas proposed by the scientific staff at the Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, and a number of companies. Most of the project ideas in this catalogue may form the basis for long and short candidate projects as well as regular 3rd semester...... projects at the M.Sc. programme in Civil and Structural Engineering....

  16. 75 FR 1076 - Outer Continental Shelf Civil Penalties (United States)


    ...: 2010-119] DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Minerals Management Service Outer Continental Shelf Civil... maximum daily civil penalty assessment. SUMMARY: The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act requires the MMS to... operations in the Outer Continental Shelf at least once every 3 years. This review ensures that the...

  17. Politicization and the Replacement of Top Civil Servants in Denmark

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christensen, Jørgen Grønnegaard; Klemmensen, Robert; Opstrup, Niels


    This article of top civil servants in Danish central and local government sheds new light on politicization. A survival analysis shows that since 1970, the risk that a top civil servant will be replaced has increased. There is no evidence of politicization in central government while city managers...

  18. Online Palmprint Identification System for Civil Applications

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    David Zhang; Guang-Ming Lu; Adams Wai-Kin Kong; Michael Wong


    In this paper, a novel biontetric identification system is presented to identify a person's identity by his/her palmprint. In contrast to existing palmprint systems for criminal applications, the proposed system targets at the civil applications, which require identifying a person in a large database with high accuracy in real-time. The system is constituted by four major components: User Interface Module, Acquisition Module, Recognition Module and External Module. More than 7,000 palmprint images have been collected to test the performance of the system. The system can identify 400 palms with a low false acceptance rate, 0.02%, and a high genuine acceptance rate, 98.83%. For verification, the system can operate at a false acceptance rate, 0.017% and a false rejection rate, 0.86%. The execution time for the whole process including image collection, preprocessing, feature extraction and matching is less than 1 second.

  19. Ernest Hemingway e a Guerra Civil Espanhola

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tom Burns


    Full Text Available Este artigo discute o romance For Whom the Bell Tolls, 1940 [Por quem os sinos dobram], do escritor e jornalista americano Ernest Hemingway, uma ficção sobre a Guerra Civil Espanhola que o autor escreveu na Espanha enquanto servia como correspondente de guerra. O romance, favorável à causa legalista, parece assumir uma posição mais política que os romances e histórias anteriores de Hemingway, mas, na verdade, desenvolve mais uma variação do típico “herói de Hemingway”, celebrado em quase toda a obra do autor: o indivíduo solitário, corajoso, destinado ao fracasso, mas determinado a extrair algum significado da vida em um mundo absurdo.

  20. Civil engineering applications of ground penetrating radar

    CERN Document Server

    Pajewski, Lara


    This book, based on Transport and Urban Development COST Action TU1208, presents the most advanced applications of ground penetrating radar (GPR) in a civil engineering context, with documentation of instrumentation, methods, and results. It explains clearly how GPR can be employed for the surveying of critical transport infrastructure, such as roads, pavements, bridges, and tunnels, and for the sensing and mapping of underground utilities and voids. Detailed attention is also devoted to use of GPR in the inspection of geological structures and of construction materials and structures, including reinforced concrete, steel reinforcing bars, and pre/post-tensioned stressing ducts. Advanced methods for solution of electromagnetic scattering problems and new data processing techniques are also presented. Readers will come to appreciate that GPR is a safe, advanced, nondestructive, and noninvasive imaging technique that can be effectively used for the inspection of composite structures and the performance of diagn...

  1. Consolidation on civil engineering and technical infrastructure

    CERN Document Server

    Alves, P; Pepinster, P; van Baaren, W; CERN. Geneva. ST Division


    The use and age of the civil engineering structure (office buildings, halls, tunnels) and of tertiary technical equipment (mainly HVAC and electricity) at CERN is such that their renovation must be considered in the near future. Due to the large number of buildings and equipment in these conditions, and the restricted budget available it is extremely important to define priorities. The aim of this paper is to give an overview of the current conditions and the related problems, based on data analysis of CERN database and confronting it with the inventory made at CERN by an external company. After having identified the most frequent problems and repairs to carry out, a planning for intervention is therefore presented optimizing the safety aspects, maintenance costs and comfort for the users. The timescale of this intervention is related to the money that will be available in the coming years.

  2. Human Resources Management within Civil Service

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Victor Teodor Alistar


    Full Text Available The main objective of this article is to examine the notion of management, as an area of study which analyses, regulates and renders the theoretical and technical support in order to provide rationality within the processes that unfold in the civil service. In order to accomplish this task, human resources management will be analyzed as a process which relies in exerting four main functions: ensuring, developing, motivating and maintaining the human resources, which are conditioned by external factors that must be taken into consideration, such as: legislative framework, labor force, unions, cultural context (here one includes management practices and philosophy, and economic circumstances. All these factors are considered to have a significant impact on the management of human resources.

  3. ISIS Technologies for Smart Civil Engineering Infrastructure

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Aftab A. Mufti; Kenneth W. Neale


    For more than a century, important civil engineering structures such as bridges, high-rise buildings, dams and marine platforms have contained iron or steel as the reinforcement for concrete or wood (ISIS Canada Strategic Plan, 2000). The useful lives of such structures have often been severely limited by the corrosion of this ferrous component. Much thought has been given in recent years to constructing structures that are lighter, stronger and non-corrosive. These innovative structures are new and for these to be accepted by the engineering community monitoring is mandatory. ISIS Canada has been developing such structures and monitoring them. In this paper, innovative bridge decks that have been implemented is described.

  4. DAC 22 High Speed Civil Transport Model (United States)


    Between tests, NASA research engineer Dave Hahne inspects a tenth-scale model of a supersonic transport model in the 30- by 60-Foot Tunnel at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia. The model is being used in support of NASA's High-Speed Research (HSR) program. Langley researchers are applying advance aerodynamic design methods to develop a wing leading-edge flap system which significantly improves low-speed fuel efficiency and reduces noise generated during takeoff operation. Langley is NASA's lead center for the agency's HSR program, aimed at developing technology to help U.S. industry compete in the rapidly expanding trans-oceanic transport market. A U.S. high-speed civil transport is expected to fly in about the year 2010. As envisioned, it would fly 300 passengers across the Pacific in about four hours at Mach 2.4 (approximately 1,600 mph/1950 kph) for a modest increase over business class fares.

  5. Metaheuristics and optimization in civil engineering

    CERN Document Server

    Bekdaş, Gebrail; Nigdeli, Sinan


    This timely book deals with a current topic, i.e. the applications of metaheuristic algorithms, with a primary focus on optimization problems in civil engineering. The first chapter offers a concise overview of different kinds of metaheuristic algorithms, explaining their advantages in solving complex engineering problems that cannot be effectively tackled by traditional methods, and citing the most important works for further reading. The remaining chapters report on advanced studies on the applications of certain metaheuristic algorithms to specific engineering problems. Genetic algorithm, bat algorithm, cuckoo search, harmony search and simulated annealing are just some of the methods presented and discussed step by step in real-application contexts, in which they are often used in combination with each other. Thanks to its synthetic yet meticulous and practice-oriented approach, the book is a perfect guide for graduate students, researchers and professionals willing to applying metaheuristic algorithms in...

  6. Structural Control Systems Implemented in Civil Engineering

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristian Pastia


    Full Text Available Over the past three decades, a great interest has been generated by the use of protection systems to mitigate the effects of dynamic environmental hazards on civil engineering structures, such as earthquakes and strong wind. These control systems develop controllable forces to add or dissipate energy in a structure, or both, due to specific devices integrated with sensors, controllers and real – time process to operate. The paper includes the advantages of these technologies consisting of the following sections: 1 represents an introduction, 2 deals with passive control system, 3 regards some control techniques, 4 concerns hybrid control techniques, 5 contains semi – active control techniques, and 6 is dedicated to general conclusions.

  7. Applied statistics for civil and environmental engineers

    CERN Document Server

    Kottegoda, N T


    Civil and environmental engineers need an understanding of mathematical statistics and probability theory to deal with the variability that affects engineers'' structures, soil pressures, river flows and the like. Students, too, need to get to grips with these rather difficult concepts.This book, written by engineers for engineers, tackles the subject in a clear, up-to-date manner using a process-orientated approach. It introduces the subjects of mathematical statistics and probability theory, and then addresses model estimation and testing, regression and multivariate methods, analysis of extreme events, simulation techniques, risk and reliability, and economic decision making.325 examples and case studies from European and American practice are included and each chapter features realistic problems to be solved.For the second edition new sections have been added on Monte Carlo Markov chain modeling with details of practical Gibbs sampling, sensitivity analysis and aleatory and epistemic uncertainties, and co...

  8. Salazar et la guerre civile espagnole

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gonçalves Cécile


    Full Text Available The Spanish Question determined the foreign policy of Salazar’s regime between February 1936 and March 1939. Because of ideological affinity and fear of red contamination, Salazar decides to bring his support to the Franco’s Spain during the Civil War. However, the luso-british alliance, the leader of the Estado Novo knew indispensable to the preservation of the Portuguese colonial empire against the aggressive expansionism of the axis, did not go ahead hinder efforts the Estado Novo in Spain to promote the establishment of an authoritarian and nationalistic like hers and who no longer represent a threat to its survival. 20 000 Portuguese officially volunteers, the Viriatos, would fight alongside Franco against the Republic. After the victory of nationalist forces against loyal forces to the Republic, Salazar exclaimed from São Bento: « We won! ».

  9. Connection Between Civil Service and Personal Development

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zsuzsa Darida


    Full Text Available The public administration of the modern age and the significant changes taking place in the public administration in these days gave rise to the lecture. After a brief review of the historical antecedents a multi-stage process of reforms is mentioned as a result of which the so called closed system of public administration of Hungary became loose in a sense and the stiff margins which hindered the realization of the human resource management functions and presented a parting line between the establishments of the civil service and the competitive sector have been altered in a certain way. The present study deals with the direction towards which the present system proceeds and also with some management functions (e.g. performance evaluation the importance of which is stressed greatly in the past few years. Finally a new field of research is dealt with which examines the efficiency of the personal development trainings as a special segment of these changes.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natalia Distefano


    Full Text Available A practical problem in air transport is how to manage risk and safety. In recent years have been developed special technical and managerial skills to the systematic, forward looking identification and control of hazards throughout the life cycle of a project, program, or activity. Safety Management System (SMS involves identifying, evaluating, and addressing of hazards or risk. Its sole purpose is to prevent accidents. Safety risk assessment is defined as the systematic identification and evaluation of the risk posed by the complete spectrum of possible accident scenarios. Risk assessment is a tool that supports decision making and as such supports risk management. Risk management comprises the safety optimization of the system, the verification process and risk acceptance, which support airport operations. This paper proposed a quantitative methodology for the risk assessment for a civil airport, which is based on historical data of aircraft accidents, contained in the Aviation Safety Network database, from 1 January 1980 to 31 December 2010.

  11. Characteristics of civil aviation atmospheric hazards (United States)

    Marshall, Robert E.; Montoya, J.; Richards, Mark A.; Galliano, J.


    Clear air turbulence, wake vortices, dry hail, and volcanic ash are hazards to civil aviation that have not been brought to the forefront of public attention by a catastrophic accident. However, these four hazards are responsible for major and minor injuries, emotional trauma, significant aircraft damage, and in route and terminal area inefficiency. Most injuries occur during clear air turbulence. There is significant aircraft damage for any volcanic ash encounter. Rolls induced by wake vortices occur near the ground. Dry hail often appears as an area of weak echo on the weather radar. This paper will present the meteorological, electromagnetic, and spatiotemporal characteristics of each hazard. A description of a typical aircraft encounter with each hazard will be given. Analyzed microwave and millimeter wave sensor systems to detect each hazard will be presented.

  12. Vibrational Based Inspection of Civil Engineering Structures

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rytter, Anders

    at the University of Aalborg from 1988 to 1991. Secondly, a research project, In-Field Vibration Based Inspection of Civil Engineering Structures, which has been performed as a pilot project by the Consulting Engineers Rambøll, Hannemann and Højlund in cooperation with the department of Building Technology......The thesis has been written in relation to two different research projects. Firstly, an offshore test programme, Integrated Experimental/Numerical Analysis of the Dynamic behavior of offshore structures, which was performed at the department of Building Technology and Structural Engineering...... and Structural Engineering at the University of Aalborg since the beginning of 1992. Both projects have been supported by the Danish Technical Research Council. Further, the first mentioned project was supported by the Danish Energy Agency. Their financial support is gratefully acknowledged....

  13. 77 FR 53250 - International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Dangerous Goods Panel; Notice of Public Meeting (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Dangerous Goods Panel... meeting. SUMMARY: In preparation for the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Dangerous... International Civil Aviation Organization's Dangerous Goods Panel's (ICAO DGP's) Working Group of the Whole...

  14. 78 FR 16756 - International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Dangerous Goods Panel; Notice of Public Meeting (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Dangerous Goods Panel... meeting. SUMMARY: In preparation for the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Dangerous... prepares for the International Civil Aviation Organization's Dangerous Goods Panel's (ICAO DGP's)...

  15. Defense Innovation and Industrialization in South Korea


    Moon, Chung-in; Paek, Jae-Ok


    South Korea’s defense industrial transformation has been impressive by any standard. It was able to satisfy most of its basic weapons needs within a decade after launching its defense industry. Since the late 1990s, South Korea has been elevated from a third-tier arms producer to the second tier by moving from the stage of imitation and assembly to that of creative imitation and indigenization. It now competes with major arms-supplying countries. In addition, the South Korean defense...

  16. Georadar technique application to the civil engineering; Aplicacion de la tecnica georradar a la ingenieria civil

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jimenez Sanchez, J.; Diaz Medina, F. J.


    The georadar technique or GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) has been gone developing and employing since fifties in superficial investigations of high resolution of the underground or of certain subjects in Geology, Mining and Glaciology. From seventies, this technic begins to appear in the environment of the Civil Engineering. This method, not destructive reproduces in a better way the possible problems to resolve, even the first 40 m-50 m of depth, that any another geophysical technique. (Author)

  17. Civil Support: DOD Is Taking Action to Strengthen Support of Civil Authorities (United States)


    conducted in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards. Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain...detailed to (or assigned as liaisons at) DHS headquarters and 86 DoD personnel to DHS, in general . However, during the audit, DOD documents and officials...planning efforts will include additional branch plans addressing issues such as pandemic influenza and infectious diseases and civil disturbance

  18. Support to Domestic Civil Authorities in Civil Disturbance Operations: Intelligence Requirements and Doctrine (United States)


    based Crips and Bloods Youth Street Gangs ." An unpublished paper of the Intelligence Unit, St. Louis Division, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, July 1991. 58 ...challenges for a military force deployed in civil disturbance operations. Specifically, increased violence by well-armed gangs presents a significant...distirbance envitonmpnt" requires adequate maps, -databases :of key .urban -facilities, -knowledge of gang ’. - " organization and tactics, and

  19. Active Cyber Defense Dynamics Exhibiting Rich Phenomena

    CERN Document Server

    Zheng, Ren; Xu, Shouhuai


    The Internet is a man-made complex system under constant attacks (e.g., Advanced Persistent Threats and malwares). It is therefore important to understand the phenomena that can be induced by the interaction between cyber attacks and cyber defenses. In this paper, we explore the rich phenomena that can be exhibited when the defender employs active defense to combat cyber attacks. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study that shows that {\\em active cyber defense dynamics} (or more generally, {\\em cybersecurity dynamics}) can exhibit the bifurcation and chaos phenomena. This has profound implications for cyber security measurement and prediction: (i) it is infeasible (or even impossible) to accurately measure and predict cyber security under certain circumstances; (ii) the defender must manipulate the dynamics to avoid such {\\em unmanageable situations} in real-life defense operations.

  20. Happiness and Defense Styles in Psychiatrists. (United States)

    Machado, Leonardo; Tavares, Hermano; Petribú, Kátia; Pinto, Tiago; Cantilino, Amaury


    The aim of this study was to measure happiness in a sample of Brazilian psychiatrists and correlate it with the defense styles used by them and sociodemographic data. This study was observational, cross-sectional, and analytical. Data were collected through self-administered questionnaires by Brazilian psychiatrists who participated in the XXXII Brazilian Congress of Psychiatry, 2014. In this sample of psychiatrists, happiness levels were high (scoring 5.69 of a total of 7), and mature defense styles prevailed, especially humor and anticipation. In a multivariate analysis, having children, good sleep quality, increased sexual interest, and use of defense styles such as humor, anticipation, and idealization all showed a positive relationship with happiness; on the other hand, using defense style such as acting out or annulment demonstrated a negative relationship with happiness. Despite the well-known professional burden that they bear, Brazilian psychiatrists surveyed presented, in general, high levels of subjective well-being and happiness.

  1. Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) Public Properties (United States)

    Department of Homeland Security — The FUDS Public GIS dataset contains point location information for the 2,709 Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) properties where the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is...

  2. Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) Film (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The United States Air Force Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) Operational Linescan System (OLS) is a polar orbiting meteorological sensor with two...

  3. The Impact of Declining Defense Budgets on Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (United States)


    structural reform, the GOJ is trying to reduce all expenditures , including defense expenditures . Conversely, Japan and countries in its vicinity face the...reform, the GOJ is trying to reduce all expenditures , including defense expenditures . Conversely, Japan and countries in its vicinity face the threat...reduce expenditures . The alternative was serious financial trouble for Japan in the near future. The impact of these reforms is that defense is no

  4. Guam: U.S. Defense Deployments (United States)


    Gates Views Growth Under Way in Guam,” American Forces Press Service, May 30, 2008. 2 Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, speech at Shangri-La Hotel ...crises; and sea lines of communication (SLOCs), particularly through the Straits of Malacca . Combat aircraft on Guam can reach Taiwan, Japan, Philippines...Remarks by retired Lieutenant General, USMC, George Trautman III, at Heritage Foundation, May 3, 2012. Guam: U.S. Defense Deployments Congressional

  5. Defense Downsizing and Blacks in the Military (United States)


    8217IIa NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL Monterey, California AD-A272 415 THESIS DEFENSE DOWNSIZING AND BLACKS IN THE MILITARY by Roy L. Nixon June 1993 Thesis...include security classification) DEFENSE DOWNSIZING AND BLACKS IN TIE MILITARY 12 Plersonal Author(s) Roy L. Nixon 1 3a Type of Report I13b Time Covered...end of the draft. However. the armed forces are now engaged in the process of downsizing , and there is some speculation that blacks may be

  6. Surfing China’s National Defense

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Following the start of its first test run on August 20, 2009, the website of the Ministry of National Defense (MOD) of the People’s Republic of China has logged more than 2 billion hits, from many countries and regions including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and Singapore. China National Defense News reporters recently interviewed Ji Guilin, the website’s Editor in Chief, on its performance and the feedback of netizens.

  7. The Future of Theater Missile Defense (United States)


    withERINT) 1,500 IVf 74C 1998 3.0 Navy Lower-Tier Defense 1,820 SO4 50* 1999° 3* THAAD(withTMD-GBR) 1,313 80 14 2001e 9.1 AdvaaoedCapabflitylMD Systems...Administration cannot, by itself, provide a sufficient buffer between theater and strategic missile defenses. Other limits must be included. Finally, the

  8. [Medical Service of the Estonian Defense Forces]. (United States)

    Anisimov, A S; Golota, A S; Krassii, A B; Soldatov, E A; Shalakin, R A


    The article is a brief description of the current state of the Estonian Defense Forces medical service and is based on the study of the open access foreign sources. At the beginning, the general information about Estonia, its Defense Forces, and their medical service is presented. Then the medical service particular features are described with more detail, namely, the organization of the inpatient and outpatient treatment, medical supply, scientific research, combat medicine, medical staff education and training, medical service personnel income.

  9. Carp erythrodermatitis: host defense-pathogen interaction.


    Pourreau, C.N.


    The outcome of a bacterial infection depends on the interaction between pathogen and host. The ability of the microbe to survive in the host depends on its invasive potential (i.e. spreading and multiplication), and its ability to obtain essential nutrients and to resist the host's defense system. On the other hand, the host's resistance to a bacterial attack depends on its physiological state, the intensity of the bacterial attack and the efficacy of the defense system to neutralize toxins a...

  10. Quadrennial Defense Review 2014: trends in US defense policy and consequences for NATO


    Overhaus, Marco


    Every four years the Pentagon publishes a report on the central developments and trends in US defense policy. The Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) released in early March 2014 is the first to include in more detail the consequences of the defense budget cuts passed since 2011. Otherwise, the so-called US rebalance to the Asia-Pacific region and the war-weariness of the American people are the principal factors shaping US defense policy. While not representing a watershed for transatlantic def...

  11. Self-Defense in Karabakh Conflict?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Saeed Bagheri


    Full Text Available Use of force is one of the principles of international law that has been banned by the UN Charter and modern constitutions. However, since the enforcement of the UN Charter, self-defense has become the preferred excuse for states to justify their use of force. Applying self-defense, however, requires some conditions. Immediacy is one of the important conditions of self-defense. This is defined as the timeframe between armed attacks and reaction to it. This situation requires self-defense immediately after the armed conflict or during a reasonable timeframe since its occurance.In this respect, emerging Karabakh Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the 1990s is important. In this article, by comparing two different approaches (strict and board interpretation of the temporal link between the measures of self-defense and the armed attacks (immediacy, the temporal link between the self-defense countermeasures of Azerbaijan and attacks by Armenia in Karabakh Conflict will be examined.

  12. The Reconfiguration of Civil Society through Ethnic Communal Development

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Walter Frank Lalich


    Full Text Available Migrant communities participate in the reconfiguration of civil society in places of settlement. Among the consequences of the large-scale culturally diverse postwar migration was in the regeneration, broadening and diversification of Australian civil society. This contribution outlines with unique data generated from ethnic communal organisations in Sydney the process of confluence of migration and civil society out of settlement constraints. Consecutive waves of migrants experienced settlement constraints that impaired the quality of their lives in a welfare state. Migrants, mostly left to themselves, acted collectively to improve the quality of their existence, to enable co-ethnic communication, and to mediate with the rest of society. They established thousands of grassroots organisations through collective mobilization of scarce resources. Many ethnic collectives through collective action appropriated their own communal places to satisfy spiritual, educational, welfare and other secular needs alongside the other forms of institutional development. Ethnic communal places, representatives of the re-territorialized cultures, heritages and elements of civil society, signify migrant inclusion in Australian social structures, including in civil society. Through development of community capital, ethnic collectives impacted on civil society in an environment experiencing limited cross-cultural social exchange. This development is representative of the unique structure of Australian civil society.

  13. 76 FR 22681 - Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Address Directory (United States)


    ... of the Secretary Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Address Directory AGENCY: Department of Defense. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is updating its Address Directory which is.... Jody Sinkler, 703-767-5045. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: DLA Address Directory: Defense Logistics...

  14. 78 FR 25853 - Defense Logistics Agency Privacy Program (United States)


    ... of the Secretary 32 CFR Part 323 RIN 0790-AI86 Defense Logistics Agency Privacy Program AGENCY: Defense Logistics Agency, DoD. ACTION: Final rule. SUMMARY: The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is revising... Defense Logistics Agency's implementation of the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended. In addition, DLA...

  15. Department of Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization (DHMSM) (United States)


    2016 Major Automated Information System Annual Report Department of Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization (DHMSM) Defense...Secretary of Defense PB - President’s Budget RDT&E - Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation SAE - Service Acquisition Executive TBD - To Be...DSN Fax: Date Assigned: November 16, 2015 Program Information Program Name Department of Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization

  16. 78 FR 17176 - Federal Acquisition Regulation; Defense Base Act (United States)


    ... Act as extended by the Defense Base Act. II. Discussion and Analysis The Defense Base Act of 1941...-insurer; to submit a timely, written report to the Department of Labor (DOL) in the event of an employee's... (Defense Base Act), merely clarify the existing requirements set forth in the Defense Base Act of 1941...

  17. Nepal’s Civil War and Its Economic Costs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gyan Pradhan


    Full Text Available This paper estimates the macroeconomic effects of increased spending on defense and internal security necessitated by the decade-long Maoist insurgency in Nepal. An investment equation is specified to examine the relationship between defense spending and investment. The estimation results indicate that there is a significant negative effect of defense spending on investment. A simple Harrod-Domar growth relationship is used to estimate the effect of the increase in defense spending on economic growth. This analysis suggests that between 1996 and 2006, the opportunity cost of the conflict in terms of lost output has been about 3 percent of Nepal’s current GDP.

  18. [Medical civil responsibility in the year 2000]. (United States)

    Rougé-Maillart, C; Pessaux, P; Gosset, D; Penneau, M


    In France, during the last year, important jurisprudence was established by the French Supreme Court of Appeal concerning the physician's civil responsibility. On october 7, 1998, the Court decided that "the physician is not exempted for the obligation to provide information by the simple fact that these risks only materialize exceptionally". This means that from now, the physician must inform the patient of all risks that might influence the patient's decision, particularly information concerning life-threatening or severe consequences, but also, as in the past, concerning frequent even benign consequences. The limits of this jurisprudence and the completeness of the information, as established in 1998, are emergency, patient refusal and impossibility to inform the patient. In the decree of May 23, 2000, the Court gave its definition of impossibility to inform the patient, thus establishing the "therapeutic limits". But the judges recognized that the requirement for information delivery is independent of the necessary or unnecessary nature of the therapeutic act. However, in the decree of June 20, 2000, the Court established the conditions for awarding indemnities for defective information delivery. Defective information delivery is not sufficient in itself to constitute a civil offense. Real damage is also necessary. To be awarded with an indemnity, the patient must prove that the lack of information affected his/her decision to consent. If it appears that even if he/she had been well informed, the patient had consented to the care given, the physician would not be obliged to provide the patient with an indemnity. The judges want to find a compensation and make the proof easier for the patient. They accept the potential fault when an organ was injured in the course of an operation. But, these decisions concern the proof and they don't modify the medical responsibility. The physicians have got a duty to use reasonable skill and care and they don't have any

  19. Direct carbon dioxide emissions from civil aircraft (United States)

    Grote, Matt; Williams, Ian; Preston, John


    Global airlines consume over 5 million barrels of oil per day, and the resulting carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by aircraft engines is of concern. This article provides a contemporary review of the literature associated with the measures available to the civil aviation industry for mitigating CO2 emissions from aircraft. The measures are addressed under two categories - policy and legal-related measures, and technological and operational measures. Results of the review are used to develop several insights into the challenges faced. The analysis shows that forecasts for strong growth in air-traffic will result in civil aviation becoming an increasingly significant contributor to anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Some mitigation-measures can be left to market-forces as the key-driver for implementation because they directly reduce airlines' fuel consumption, and their impact on reducing fuel-costs will be welcomed by the industry. Other mitigation-measures cannot be left to market-forces. Speed of implementation and stringency of these measures will not be satisfactorily resolved unattended, and the current global regulatory-framework does not provide the necessary strength of stewardship. A global regulator with ‘teeth' needs to be established, but investing such a body with the appropriate level of authority requires securing an international agreement which history would suggest is going to be very difficult. If all mitigation-measures are successfully implemented, it is still likely that traffic growth-rates will continue to out-pace emissions reduction-rates. Therefore, to achieve an overall reduction in CO2 emissions, behaviour change will be necessary to reduce demand for air-travel. However, reducing demand will be strongly resisted by all stakeholders in the industry; and the ticket price-increases necessary to induce the required reduction in traffic growth-rates place a monetary-value on CO2 emissions of approximately 7-100 times greater than other common

  20. La Justificación Constitucional De La Desobediencia Civil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oscar Mejía Quintana


    Full Text Available This essay tries to approach the problematic nature of the concept of civil disobedience, as compared to other versions of citizen resistance. It looks for a rich definition, based in authors like Rawls, Dworkin and Habermas, who have proposed an institutional version of civil disobedience. Form that point, the text defends the thesis of a constitutional justification of civil disobedience as a mechanism that is not only necessary but legitimate in contemporary democracies. It tries to guarantee both the permanent update of the constitutional text and the incorporation of alternative ways of life and of dissident political actors.

  1. Once tesis sobre el mercado y la sociedad civil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John Keane


    Full Text Available El presente artículo constituye una reflexión sobre el concepto de sociedad civil, centrado en el debate sobre la idoneidad de integrar los mercados en dicha concepción. Se presenta un total de once tesis, siguiendo el esquema literario, que no político, de las tesis de Marx sobre Feuerbach, con el propósito de fomentar discusiones originales entre losdetractores y defensores de la sociedad civil. A lo largo de estas once tesis se explora el papel que históricamente se le ha atribuido al mercado en la sociedad civil, y se analizanlos motivos por los cuales las visiones actuales de la sociedad civil se basan por lo general en concepciones puristas que excluyen al mercado de dicha esfera. A partir de ahí se argumenta contra estas visiones de sociedad civil que se consideran erróneas por motivos tanto conceptuales como por errores de carácter estratégico. Finalmente, se defiende la necesidad de interpretar el mundo de un nuevo modo y formular nuevas propuestas de cómo los mercados pueden hoy en día ser re-incrustados en la sociedad civil con tal de fomentar la libertad y la igualdad entendidos en términos complejos.This article reflects on the concept of civil society with a focus on the debate over the appropriateness of incorporating markets into its conceptualisation. Eleven theses are presented following the literary, not political, style of Marx’s theses on Feuerbach, aimed to trigger original discussions between the critics and defenders of civil society. Through these eleven theses, the article explores the role historically attributed to the market in civil society, and analyses the reasons why current visions of civil society are generally based on purist conceptions that exclude the market from this sphere. From this point, arguments are made against these visions of civil society, considered to be mistaken for both conceptual motives and strategic-type errors. Finally, the paper defends the need to find a


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Esty Ekawati


    Full Text Available Civil Society is non-government organization or an autonomous group which is faced with state and has a function for check and balance for the government policy. Civil society also has a function to social control. Lary Diamond said that civil society establish on cultural organization such as religion or ethnic or organization which keep the truth and believe. Nahdhatul Ulama is a religion organization in Indonesia which has function to social control for the government. Beside that, the activities of NU in education, democracy development and other social activities made NU still exist in social and political society in Indonesia.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Renan Barros dos Reis


    Full Text Available It is objective and descriptive study about the main forecasts of the New Code of Civil Procedure on the Public Defender Office, as well as their influences and consequences in the work of the Public Defender in the civil lawsuit. Starting from the analysis of the Public Defender Office as essential to justice institution with the task of promoting the rights of the needy, the study is to discuss the importance of the institution as a subject standalone process, its function as a special curator, as well as systematize the prerogatives and responsibilities of Public Defender in the New Code of Civil Procedure

  4. Michel Foucault and the Forces of Civil Society

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Villadsen, Kaspar


    Michel Foucault has been presented as a unequivocal defender of civil society. He was particularly sensitive to diversity and marginality, aligned with local activism and bottom-up politics. This article re-assesses this view by demonstrating that despite his political militancy, Foucault never...... viewed civil society as an inherently progressive force. It traces Foucault’s struggle against his own enthusiasm for anti-institutional and anti-rationalist political movements. Inventing the notion of ‘transactional reality’, Foucault escaped the choice between naturalism and ideology critique...... absorbs the state. Neoliberal notions of civil society promise, on Foucault’s account, a more open-ended milieu of subject formation....

  5. La responsabilidad civil del intermediario en el arrendamiento de inmuebles


    Montoya Palacio, Juan Pablo


    El presente trabajo pretende analizar la estructura y el alcance de la responsabilidad civil contractual* en el ejercicio de la actividad de intermediación inmobiliaria para la celebración de contratos de arrendamiento, entendiendo la responsabilidad civil contractual como uno de los remedios que el acreedor contractual tiene a su disposición ante el incumplimiento del deudor. ¿Por qué resulta útil analizar la responsabilidad civil contractual en la intermediación inmobiliaria? La hipótesi...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicholas D. Newman


    Full Text Available “See, the Conqu’ring Hero Comes” goes the famous chorus from Handel’s Judas Maccabeus, but how does the hero conquer? Achilles defeats his enemies through his extraordinary prowess in battle, Odysseus by using his wit, but some heroes must abandon the trappings of civilization in order to conquer. This paper examines two examples of such heroes from Germanic and Greco-Roman myth: Beowulf and Herakles. In the texts analyzed, these heroes not only set aside their civilized veneer, but must journey into the territory of the monster they wish to destroy and there use savagery to defeat the savage, in order to bring civilization.

  7. Engagement citoyen et société civile

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gautier Pirotte


    Full Text Available Cet article cherche à rapprocher par la réflexion la notion de société civile de celle de l’engagement citoyen à partir de l’expérience postcommuniste roumaine. Si le domaine de la société civile ne concentre pas tous les phénomènes d’engagement citoyen, il demeure néanmoins un espace privilégié d’expression de cet engagement. La question qui anime ce texte est assez simple : comment envisager l’étude de l’engagement du citoyen à l’intérieur des nouvelles sociétés civiles d’Europe Centrale et Orientale, et plus spécifiquement au sein de la nouvelle société civile roumaine ? Cette interrogation, si simple soit-elle, se révèle bien vite plus complexe si l’on tient compte des problèmes que soulèvent à la fois les concepts de société civile et d’engagement mobilisés ici mais aussi l’expérience postcommuniste souvent abordée de manière homogène alors qu’elle se révèle empiriquement très hétéroclite.Citizen commitment and civil society. A reflexion based upon the Romanian project of post-communist civil societyUsing the post-communist experience in Romania, this article reflects upon the way to bring together the concepts of civil society and citizen commitment. Whilst civil society does not concentrate all the phenomena of citizenship, the concept remains nonetheless a privileged expression of citizen commitment. The question underlying this text is relatively simple: how should the study of citizen commitment be approached within the new civil societies of Central and Eastern Europe, and more specifically within the new Romanian civil society ? As simple as it may appear, the question becomes rapidly more complex as soon as the problems deriding from the concepts of civil society and citizen commitment themselves are taken into consideration but also because the post-communist experience is often treated in a homogeneous way whilst it is in fact empirically very heterogeneous

  8. 22 CFR 124.15 - Special Export Controls for Defense Articles and Defense Services Controlled under Category XV... (United States)


    ... 22 Foreign Relations 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Special Export Controls for Defense Articles...-SHORE PROCUREMENT AND OTHER DEFENSE SERVICES § 124.15 Special Export Controls for Defense Articles and Defense Services Controlled under Category XV: Space Systems and Space Launches. (a) The export of...

  9. Application of Nanotechnology in Civil Infrastructure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Syed Sabihuddin


    Full Text Available In this article, use of nanotechnology in building materials on behalf of a range of civil engineering mechanism is discussed. In view of the fact that the use of nanotechnology controls the topic at the minute level, the properties of matter are sincerely affected. Strength, durability and other properties of materials are dramatically affected under a scale of nano meter(10-9m.This article as well reveals how the use of nano technology makes concrete more stronger, durable and more easily placed. Different types of nano materials used are discussed with its wide applications. The properties like self-sensing, self- rehabilitation, self-structural health monitoring, self-vibration damping, self-cleaning and self-healing are studied. Following this the analysis were carried out in ductile structural composites along with its improved properties, low repairs coatings, better properties of cementitious materials, reduction of the thermal transfer rate of fire retardant and insulation, various nanosensors, smart materials, intellectual construction technology.

  10. [Civil and criminal responsibility of epileptics]. (United States)

    Villanueva, F


    Since the new Penal Code has come into force, certain sections have been altered, such as those dealing with exculpatory circumstances, and as specialists treating patients with possible mental changes, we should be aware that section 20 now takes the place of the former section 8. The situation of the epileptic with regard to civil and criminal responsibility, has hardly changed. This is not surprising in view of current clinico-therapeutic knowledge. Epileptic patients are legally able to testify, inherit etc. and also have the obligation to compensate for damage they have caused. An attempt is made to define the immunity from prosecution of epileptics in accordance with non-static criteria, and to use a mixed biological-mental formula, which would make it possible to discover whether there was an alteration or anomaly of mental state at the time of the criminal offence, which would mean that the patient was unable to understand the unlawfulness of his action, or to act in accordance with such understanding. The deed itself is considered, without labelling illnesses or persons, seeking a simple definition of immunity from prosecution. The epileptic is immune from prosecution during a full attack, whilst during the rest of the time each case has to be decided individually. We emphasize the necessity of 'declassifying' epilepsy as a typical endogenous psychosis, which puts these patients into the group of the insane, although this term is no longer included in the new legal code.

  11. Global civil aviation black carbon emissions. (United States)

    Stettler, Marc E J; Boies, Adam M; Petzold, Andreas; Barrett, Steven R H


    Aircraft black carbon (BC) emissions contribute to climate forcing, but few estimates of BC emitted by aircraft at cruise exist. For the majority of aircraft engines the only BC-related measurement available is smoke number (SN)-a filter based optical method designed to measure near-ground plume visibility, not mass. While the first order approximation (FOA3) technique has been developed to estimate BC mass emissions normalized by fuel burn [EI(BC)] from SN, it is shown that it underestimates EI(BC) by >90% in 35% of directly measured cases (R(2) = -0.10). As there are no plans to measure BC emissions from all existing certified engines-which will be in service for several decades-it is necessary to estimate EI(BC) for existing aircraft on the ground and at cruise. An alternative method, called FOX, that is independent of the SN is developed to estimate BC emissions. Estimates of EI(BC) at ground level are significantly improved (R(2) = 0.68), whereas estimates at cruise are within 30% of measurements. Implementing this approach for global civil aviation estimated aircraft BC emissions are revised upward by a factor of ~3. Direct radiative forcing (RF) due to aviation BC emissions is estimated to be ~9.5 mW/m(2), equivalent to ~1/3 of the current RF due to aviation CO2 emissions.

  12. The Legal Basis of the People’s Republic of China’s East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ching Chang


    Full Text Available As the People’s Republic of China defined its East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ on November 23, 2013, there were three legal decrees, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on National Defense established on March 14, 1997, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Civil Aviation established on October 30, 1995, and the Basic Rules on Flight of the People’s Republic of China established on July 27, 2001, which have been quoted as the legal basis to define the airspace within the area enclosed by China’s outer limit of the territorial sea and another six geographical points specified by the statement as the PRC East China Sea ADIZ. Following the government statement, another announcement of the aircraft identification rules for the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone of the People’s Republic of China was immediately issued by the PRC Ministry of National Defense. The purpose of this paper is to explore various key legal issues to ascertain the legal basis of this East China Sea ADIZ. Besides, the paper will further compare the air defense identification zone with airspaces such as aerodrome flight airspace, airway, air route, prohibited area, restricted area and danger area as well as air corridor, fuel dumping area and temporary flight airspace defined by the previously mentioned PRC legal decrees in order to identify their differences and similarities. It may also be assessed by the factual consequences after establishing the air defense identification zone to decide whether treating the measures of defining air defense identification as the attempt of claiming sovereignty, expanding sovereign territory or sphere of influence, enlarging air defense region, increasing the coverage of air military activities or even using it to present national strength and establishing pride or to test the responses of other states around the disputed territories is eventually reasonable judgments or overstated

  13. 75 FR 65437 - Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement; Defense Cargo Riding Gang Members (DFARS Case... (United States)


    ... Acquisition Regulation Supplement; Defense Cargo Riding Gang Members (DFARS Case 2007-D002) AGENCY: Defense... 3504 addresses requirements that apply to riding gang members and DoD- exempted individuals who perform.... 109-364). Section 3504 addresses requirements that apply to riding gang members and...

  14. In Defense of the Defense: The Continuing Political Value of Denial of Enemy Aims (United States)


    Space Power Journal | 84 Kraig In Defense of the Defense Feature leaving all of their logistics, population, industrial, energy, food , com- munications...expenditure of effort consists in the wastage of his forces—our destruction of them” (emphases in original).61 He then refers to this de- fensive form of

  15. Materials for construction and civil engineering science, processing, and design

    CERN Document Server

    Margarido, Fernanda


    This expansive volume presents the essential topics related to construction materials composition and their practical application in structures and civil installations. The book's diverse slate of expert authors assemble invaluable case examples and performance data on the most important groups of materials used in construction, highlighting aspects such as nomenclature, the properties, the manufacturing processes, the selection criteria, the products/applications, the life cycle and recyclability, and the normalization. Civil Engineering Materials: Science, Processing, and Design is ideal for practicing architects; civil, construction, and structural engineers, and serves as a comprehensive reference for students of these disciplines. This book also: ·       Provides a substantial and detailed overview of traditional materials used in structures and civil infrastructure ·       Discusses properties of natural and synthetic materials in construction and materials' manufacturing processes ·  �...

  16. The New Civil Code: Monistic Theory between Intention and Reality

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria DUMITRU


    Full Text Available According to the explanatory memorandum, by adopting a new Civil Code the intention was to introduce the regulatory monistic conception of t he relations in private law in one code. Therefore the legislator declares that it incorporated “all” regulations regarding persons, family relations and trade relations in a single act: the Civil Code. To what extent the above stated intention is reflected in reality we try to analyze below. Both before adopting the new civil Code and also now, the controversy aroused by the unitary/plural character of private law only concerns the area of trade and commerce. Because the monistic theory of regulatory issues, has always bordered on the civil-commercial law relationship, our approach will also only fit in this range.

  17. Ideas in Practice: The Mississippi River: Humanities and Civil Engineering. (United States)

    Vonalt, Larry; And Others


    Describes a course offered for the freshman civil engineering major at the University of Missouri-Rolla. The rationale of developing the course which focuses on the symbolic, social, and technological aspects of the Mississippi River is included. (HM)

  18. Note in materia di scioglimento del matrimonio civile non consumato

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simone Baldetti


    Full Text Available Contributo sottoposto a valutazioneSOMMARIO: 1. Premessa – 2 Genesi parlamentare - 3. Nozione di inconsumazione – 4. Inquadramento dell’istituto nel sistema matrimoniale civile – 5. Aspetti processuali - 6. Giurisprudenza italiana e dispensa pontificia.

  19. 117 Standards Admitted in Civil Administration Standardization Plan

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ The Ministry of Civil Administration has finalized its Standardization Plan 2007. According to this plan, the Ministry will see that 117 standards, including 8 compulsory national standards, 83 recommended national standards, and 26 professional standards, are prepared by June 2008.

  20. Government Districts, Other, Civil Townships, Published in 2002, Freelance. (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — This Government Districts, Other dataset, was produced all or in part from Hardcopy Maps information as of 2002. It is described as 'Civil Townships'. Data by this...