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    Full Text Available This experiment has as purpose an evaluation of cicatrix stimulation and healing capacity of some accidental wounds produced by different body regions to a livestock of 20 horses, young stock and adult animals, during the year 2007, by local treatment with hydrogel ointment prepared from 8 medicinal plants, namely Echinaceea palida, Calendula officinalis, Populus nigra, Symphytum officinalis, Arnica montana, Thuja occidentalis, Veronica officinalis and Salvia officinalis. To the end of experiment, the best results, in epithelium making and wound contraction, were obtained with Calendule officinalis ointment, which has shortened this stage with 6 days, comparatively to witness wounds and those treated with Veronica officinalis, with 5 days facing to Thuja occidentalis and Salvia officinalis, with 4 days facing to Symphytum officinalis and Arnica montana , with 2 days facing Populus nigra and one day facing to Echinaceea palida.

  2. 重度颈部瘢痕畸形的序贯修复治疗策略%Serial reconstruction strategy for severe cervical cicatrix deformity

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    罗旭松; 汪希; 杨群; 刘菲; 王守宝; 周显玉; 钱云良; 杨军


    Objective To explore serial reconstruction strategy for severe cervical cicatrix deformity.Methods A total of 24 cases,Ⅲ or Ⅳ degree cervical contracture deformity,were treated in Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital from January 2006 to December 2011.There were 18 males and 6 females with an average age of 35.4 years.The etiologies included bums,chemical injuries and scalding.Three evaluation indices of mental cervical angle (MCA) including soft tissue MCA,osseous MCA and dynamic MCA were measured before treatment and during follow-ups.The first-stage treatment was comprised of cervical cicatrix resection,contracture release,lift of dual direction platysma flap,reconstruction of MCA and skin grafting.At Months 3-6,second-stage treatment was performed,including lower mandible scar resection,correction of lower lip eversion,lower mandible region reconstruction with free (para-) scapular skin flap.After two-stage treatment,the patients underwent periodical re-evaluations for gross appearance,function and measurement of MCA.Results Twenty-two patients completing two-stage reconstruction were followed up.Notable improvement of cervical mobilization and contour were achieved.Soft tissue MCA decreased from 130° + 34° to 110° ±24°,osseous MCA increased from 71° ± 23° to 95° ± 19° and dynamic MCA increased from 25° ± 18° to 80° ± 26°.Conclusions The serial treatment strategy is effective.In comparisons with reconstruction with skin graft only or skin flap only,the strategy possesses many advantages.%目的 探讨重度颈部瘢痕畸形的序贯修复治疗策略.方法 从2006年1月至2011年12月上海交通大学医学院附属第九人民医院共治疗24例颈部严重瘢痕畸形患者,其中男18例,女6例,平均年龄35.4岁,致病原因包括火焰烧伤,化学品灼伤及热液烫伤,均属于Ⅲ度或Ⅳ度颈部瘢痕挛缩畸形.患者术前和术后测量3种颏颈角的数值,包括软组织颏颈角,骨性颏颈角和动态颏颈角,作

  3. [Cutaneous cicatrix: natural course, anomalies and prevention]. (United States)

    Bardot, J


    Improving scar quality has become a major concern for surgeons. Although good skin suturing is of primordial important, the healing process varies greatly from one patient to another and the risk of hypertrophic or keloid scar evolution is currently unpredictable. Local massage and above all post-operative compression using compressive garments and sheets of silicon are an efficient methods of counteracting the proliferative phase which occurs during the first few months. In severe cases, particularly in burn patients, high-pressure springwater hydrotherapy to reduce scar contracture has proved to be effective. The current trend is to decrease the risk of bad scars in the immediate post-traumatic, post-operative stage in order to obtain the best possible scar initially and thus avoid revision surgery.

  4. Systematics of Australian Thrasorinae (Hymenoptera: Cynipoidea: Figitidae) with a description of Mikeiinae, new subfamily, and two new genera and three new species (United States)

    A new systematics of Australian Thrasorinae is proposed herein. The genus Mikeius is transferred from Thrasorinae to Mikeiinae Paretas-Martínez & Pujade-Villar n. subf and M. clavata Pujade-Villar & Restrepo-Ortiz n. sp. is described. Two new genera of Thrasorinae are erected: Cicatrix Paretas-Martí...

  5. Surgical Removal of lipoma from an area with tattooed skin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesco Inchingolo, Marco Tatullo, Fabio M. Abenavoli, Massimo Marrelli, Alessio D. Inchingolo, Roberto Corelli, Andrea Servili, Angelo M. Inchingolo, Gianna Dipalma


    Full Text Available The presence of tattoos on the skin of people of all ages is on the rise. On occasion, the tattoo is in close proximity to an area which has to undergo a surgical operation, therefore why not using the tattoo itself to cover the cicatrix?The case we treated was that of a 39 year old female who, for a couple of years, had a large lipoma on her right shoulder which she never treated because it was beneath a large tattoo. During the surgical treatment of the lipoma, we followed the exact lines of the tattoo itself thus obtaining precise access for lipoma removal which minimized visible post operative cicatrix while maintaining the original tattoo design.No similar case was found in literature.

  6. Study on the Healing Effect of Syringaresinol -D-Monoglucoside


    Аrkadiy А. Semenov; Andrey G. Enikeev; Valentina B. Khobrakova; Yanina G. Razuvayeva; Sergey М. Nikolayev


    The present study focused on the impact of lignane syringaresinol beta-D-monoglucoside (substance 1) on the healing process of the linear and planar wounds in white male Wistar rats, with a body mass ranging between 180 and 200g. This substance was found to contribute towards quicker healing of the wound damage, when compared with solcoseryl. Thus, the solidity of the cicatrix with the substance 1 injection exceeded that which resulted from the solcoseryl injection. Substance 1 was also found...

  7. Scar prevention and remodeling: a review of the medical, surgical, topical and light treatment approaches. (United States)

    Kerwin, Leonard Y; El Tal, Abdel Kader; Stiff, Mark A; Fakhouri, Tarek M


    Cosmetic, functional, and structural sequelae of scarring are innumerable, and measures exist to optimize and ultimately minimize these sequelae. To evaluate the innumerable methods available to decrease the cosmetic, functional, and structural repercussions of scarring, pubMed search of the English literature with key words scar, scar revision, scar prevention, scar treatment, scar remodeling, cicatrix, cicatrix treatment, and cicatrix remodeling was done. Original articles and reviews were examined and included. Seventy-nine manuscripts were reviewed. Techniques, comparisons, and results were reviewed and tabulated. Overall, though topical modalities are easier to use and are usually more attractive to the patient, the surgical approaches still prove to be superior and more reliable. However, advances in topical medications for scar modification are on the rise and a change towards medical treatment of scars may emerge as the next best approach. Comparison studies of the innumerable specific modalities for scar revision and prevention are impossible. Standardization of techniques is lacking. Scarring, the body's natural response to a wound, can create many adverse effects. At this point, the practice of sound, surgical fundamentals still trump the most advanced preventative methods and revision techniques. Advances in medical approaches are available, however, to assist the scarring process, which even the most advanced surgical fundamentals will ultimately lead to. Whether through newer topical therapies, light treatment, or classical surgical intervention, our treatment armamentarium of scars has expanded and will allow us to maximize scar prevention and to minimize scar morbidity.

  8. Study on the Healing Effect of Syringaresinol -D-Monoglucoside

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Аrkadiy А. Semenov


    Full Text Available The present study focused on the impact of lignane syringaresinol beta-D-monoglucoside (substance 1 on the healing process of the linear and planar wounds in white male Wistar rats, with a body mass ranging between 180 and 200g. This substance was found to contribute towards quicker healing of the wound damage, when compared with solcoseryl. Thus, the solidity of the cicatrix with the substance 1 injection exceeded that which resulted from the solcoseryl injection. Substance 1 was also found to exert an anti-inflammatory effect. However, in the intensity and timing of inflammatory stage changes it was analogous to the solcoseryl impact.

  9. Laser in the management of stenosing oropharyngeal scleroma.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Albuquerque K


    Full Text Available We present here our experience of laser for the management of stenosed oropharyngeal scleroma. The diagnosis of scleroma was made 14 years ago and the patient underwent repeated procedures like dilatation, diathermy excision of adhesions and cryosurgery during this period. He attended our out-patient department with complaints of dysphagia and difficulty in breathing, progressing to stridor. On examination, severe oropharyngeal stenosis due to cicatrization extending between the base of the tongue and the post-pharyngeal wall was seen. Using CO2 laser, cicatrix was released by making radial cuts and the oropharyngeal opening was widened. No tracheostomy was needed; no blood loss occurred and the patient was discharged on the next day.

  10. 浅表脂肪瘤样痣1例%A Case of Nevus Lipomatosus Superficialis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李俊峰; 徐佳; 李鑫; 姜秋霞; 刘杰; 马俊平


    A 10-year-old girl had presented with papulae and plaque on the sacrococcygeal region for 9 years. Physical examination showed clustered soft papulae on die aacrococcygeal region with amber color,and anastomosis inequality of size. Two cicatrix were appearanced on center of erylhra with 1.0cm × 1.5cm. Histopathological examination showed hyperkeratinizalion, stratum spinosum hyperplasia, abnormal position adipocytes distributed in lamina superficialis and intercellular layer of dermis. A diagnosis of nevus lipomatosus superfi-cialis was established.%患者女,10岁.骶尾部丘疹、融合性斑块9年余.皮肤科情况:骶尾部可见簇集分布的米粒大淡黄色丘疹,质地柔软,融合成多处大小不等斑块或斑片,皮疹中央可见2处1.0cm×1.5cm大瘢痕增生.皮损组织病理示:表皮轻度角化过度,棘细胞层增生,真皮浅中层胶原束间可见成群分布异位脂肪细胞.诊断:浅表脂肪瘤样痣.

  11. Isolated Unilateral Tongue Atrophy: A Possible Late Complication of Juxta Cephalic Radiation Therapy. (United States)

    Alqahtani, Saeed A; Agha, Caroline; Rothstein, Ted


    BACKGROUND Isolated unilateral hypoglossal nerve injury is extremely rare. It may be caused by radiation therapy targeting neoplasms of the cephalic region. CASE REPORT A 51-year-old man with synovial sarcoma of the left upper arm status post extensive radiation therapy in 1980 presented in late 2014 with gradual onset of speech difficulty and difficulty moving his tongue for a couple of weeks. Neurological examination revealed isolated left-sided unilateral tongue atrophy. Postradiation residual extensive cicatrix with erythema over the whole left upper extremity extending to the neck on the affected side was noticed. On head magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) before and after administration of gadolinium, he was found to have asymmetrically fatty striations, atrophy, and fibrosis in the left tongue consistent with radiation toxicity. The patient's tongue weakness persisted without improvement. CONCLUSIONS The diagnosis of unilateral hypoglossal nerve injury is usually difficult. Detailed neurological examinations and thorough investigations including head MRI are very helpful. Previous exposure to radiation therapy is a potential cause of hypoglossal nerve injury. To our knowledge, this is the first case report that presents isolated unilateral tongue atrophy as a late complication of juxta cephalic radiation therapy.

  12. Evaluation of Histological Changes in Back Muscle Injuries in Rats over Time (United States)

    Inage, Kazuhide; Sakuma, Yoshihiro; Orita, Sumihisa; Yamauchi, Kazuyo; Suzuki, Miyako; Kubota, Go; Oikawa, Yasuhiro; Sainoh, Takeshi; Sato, Jun; Fujimoto, Kazuki; Shiga, Yasuhiro; Kanamoto, Hirohito; Takahashi, Kazuhisa; Ohtori, Seiji


    Study Design Animal model study. Purpose The purpose of this study was to evaluate the histological variation in the injured muscle and production of calcitonin gene-related peptide in rats over time. Overview of Literature Vertebral surgery has been reported to cause atrophy of the back muscles, which may result in pain. However, few reports have described the time series histological variation in the injured muscle and changes in the dominant nerve. Methods We used 30 male, 8-week-old Sprague-Dawley rats. The right and left sides of the paravertebral muscle were considered as the injured and uninjured sides, respectively. A 115 g weight was dropped from a height of 1 m on the right paravertebral muscle. Hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining of the muscle was performed 1–3 weeks after injury for histological evaluation. Fluoro-Gold (FG) was injected into the paravertebral muscle. The L2 dorsal root ganglia on both sides were resected 1, 2, and 3 weeks after injury, and immunohistochemical staining for calcitonin gene-related peptide was performed. Results H&E staining of the paravertebral muscle showed infiltration of inflammatory cells and the presence of granulation tissue in the injured part on the ipsilateral side 1 week after injury. Muscle atrophy occurred 3 weeks after injury, but was repaired via spontaneous replacement of muscle cells/fibers. In contrast, compared with the uninjured side, the percentage of cells double-labeled with FG and calcitonin gene-related peptide in FG-positive cells in the dorsal root ganglia of the injured side was significantly increased at each time point throughout the study period. Conclusions These results suggest that sensitization of the dominant nerve in the dorsal root ganglia, which may be caused by cicatrix formation, can protract injured muscle pain. This information may be helpful in elucidating the underlying mechanism of persistent pain after back muscle injury.

  13. Region-oriented and staged treatment strategy in reconstruction of severe cervical contracture.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xusong Luo

    Full Text Available Severe cervical contracture after burns causes obvious impairment of neck movement and the aesthetic silhouette. Although various surgical techniques for treatment have been described, there is not a definitive strategy to guide treatment. Over the past 6 years, we have been utilizing a region-oriented and staged treatment strategy to guide reconstruction of severe cervical contracture. Satisfactory results have been achieved with this strategy.The first stage of treatment focuses on the anterior cervical region and submental region. Procedures include cicatrix resection, contracture release, division and elevation of the platysma to form two platysma flaps, and skin grafting. Three to six months later, the second stage treatment is performed, which localize to the mental region. This includes scar resection, correction of the lower lip eversion, and reconstruction with free (parascapular skin flap. Three subtypes of cervicomental angle that we proposed were measured as quantitative tool for evaluation of the reconstruction.24 patients who completed the treatment were reviewed. By the 3rd postoperative month, their CM angles changed significantly: the soft tissue CM angle was reduced from 135.0° ± 17.3° to 111.1° ± 11.3°, the osseous CM angle increased from 67.1° ± 9.0° to 90.5° ± 11.6° and the dynamic CM angle increased from 21.9° ± 8.7° to 67.4° ± 13.1°. 22 in 24 (91.7% of these patients gained notable improvement of cervical motion and aesthetic contour.Our results suggest that the region-oriented and staged treatment strategy can achieve satisfactory functional and aesthetic results, combining usage of both skin graft and skin flap while minimizing the donor site morbidity.

  14. 颈阔肌瓣双向翻转在颈部严重瘢痕增生挛缩整复中的应用%Application of Two Directions Folding of Platysma Flap in Reconstruction for Contracture Deformity of Severe Cervical Scar

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    纪赓; 王守宝; 罗旭松; 李罗珠; 杨军


    Objective To introduce a surgical technique of two directions folding of platysma flap in reconstruction for cervical cicatrix contracture. Methods Fifteen patients with cervical scar contracture were treated with split to full thickness skin grafts, combined with platysma flap double directions folding that deepen cervico-mandibular angle and cover scar section. Results AH skin grafts survived and natural cervical appearance with smooth transition and improved activity were achieved. Conclusion The new technique of two directions folding of platysma flap was proved to be effective in the treatment of cervical scar contracture.%目的 介绍颈阔肌瓣双向翻转技术在修复颈部瘢痕挛缩中的应用.方法 针对15例烧伤后颈部瘢痕挛缩患者,利用颈阔肌瓣双向翻转技术加深颏颈角并形成缓和自然的颈胸部过渡,颈部创面移植厚中厚皮片或全厚皮片.结果 15例患者皮片均成活良好,颏颈角明显,颈部自然曲线和活动度基本恢复,效果满意.结论 颈阔肌瓣双向翻转技术能有效解决颈部瘢痕挛缩,具有进一步深入探讨和推广应用的价值.

  15. Development of a Best Evidence Statement for the Use of Pressure Therapy for Management of Hypertrophic Scarring. (United States)

    Sharp, Patricia A; Pan, Brian; Yakuboff, Kevin P; Rothchild, Dawn


    Pressure therapy has been considered standard, first-line intervention for the treatment of hypertrophic scars since its introduction in the 1960s. Although widely used, this scar management technique has historically been based on a wide array of anecdotal evidence as opposed to strong scientific support. Evidence has become more prevalent in recent years, necessitating a synthesis to develop an evidence-based clinical guideline. The clinical question was asked, "Among individuals with or at risk to develop active hypertrophic scars, does treatment with pressure therapy improve aesthetic and functional outcomes?" An evidence-based practice project was completed with aims to synthesize relevant literature to determine recommendations for the use of pressure therapy in individuals at risk for hypertrophic scars. A systematic search of the literature was conducted for the dates January 1950 to February 2014 of the following databases: MEDLINE, CINAHL, Cochrane Database for Systematic Reviews,, Cochrane Libraries, Ebsco, Google Scholar, OT Seeker, Ovid, MedLine,,, Pubmed Clinical Queries, and hand search of relevant articles through use of reference lists. Search terms included scar, hypertroph*, pressure therapy, compression therapy, pressure garment, burn, scald, trauma as well as MeSH terms cicatrix and hypertrophic. Articles were reviewed in terms of ability to answer the clinical question as well as strength of conclusions. A total of 45 articles were found and critiqued, 28 of which were relevant to the clinical question. Evidence strength ranged from level 1 to level 5. Results from the studies were synthesized to create clinical recommendations to guide treatment. Based on best available evidence, it is recommended that pressure therapy is utilized to decrease scar height and erythema that it is used for grafts and wounds requiring 14 to 21 days to heal, for 23 hours/day for 12 months, fit to achieve 20 to 30 mm Hg of

  16. 经阴道彩超诊断及鉴别诊断子宫疤痕妊娠的价值%Value of color Doppler transvaginal ultrasonography in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy in previous cesarean section scar

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘静华; 范义; 刘滨月; 鄂占森; 陈金华; 刘宇清; 李玉芳


    Objective: To evaluate the value of color Doppler transvaginal ultrasonography in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy in previous cesarean section scar. Methods: From 2004 to 2009, 32 cases of cesarean scar pregnancy who underwent ultrasonic examination and treat in our hospital were retrospectively studied; the accuracy of color Doppler transvaginal ultrasound and B - scan or color Doppler transabdominal ultrasound in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy in previous cesarean section scar were compared. Results: The ultrasonic images of cesarean cicatrix pregnancy were summarized, all images were divided into two types; gestation cyst type (14 cases) and mass type (18 cases) ; the accuracy of color Doppler transvaginal ultrasound was higher than that of B - scan or color Doppler transabdominal ultrasound in the diagnosis of gestation cyst type ( P < 0. 05 ) . Conclusion: The color Doppler transvaginal ultrasound is highly valuable in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy in previous cesarean section scar.%目的:评价经阴道彩超对于剖宫产术后瘢痕处妊娠的诊断与鉴别诊断价值.方法:回顾性分析32例剖宫产术后疤痕部位妊娠患者的超声检查结果及疤痕妊娠的图像特点,比较经阴道彩超与B超或经腹彩超对疤痕妊娠诊断的准确率.结果:根据声像图特征将疤痕妊娠分为孕囊型和包块型;经阴道彩超对孕囊型妊娠的诊断准确率明显高于B超或经腹彩超(P<0.05).结论:经阴道彩超对剖宫产术后子宫切口瘢痕妊娠的诊断及鉴别诊断有重要价值.

  17. Dacryocystorhinostomy ostium: parameters to evaluate and DCR ostium scoring

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ali MJ


    Full Text Available Mohammad Javed Ali,1 Alkis James Psaltis,2 Peter John Wormald2 1Dacryology Service, L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, Telangana, India; 2Department of Surgery–Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA, Australia Aim: This study aims to provide a systematic protocol for the evaluation of a dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR ostium and to propose a scoring system to standardize the assessment.Methods: Retrospective evaluation of 125 consecutive lacrimal ostia post-DCR was performed. Medical records were screened, and photographs and videos were assessed to note the details of various ostial parameters. The major time points in evaluation were 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months post-DCR. The ostia were defined and parameters like shape, size, location, and evolution of ostium were noted. Evaluation parameters were defined for internal common opening (ICO, ostium stents, and ostium granulomas. Ostium cicatrix and synechiae were graded based on their significance. Surgical success rates were computed and ostium characteristics in failed cases were studied.Results: A total of 125 ostia were evaluated on the aforementioned ostium parameters. Because five ostia showed a complete cicatricial closure with no recognizable features, the remaining 120 ostia were studied. The ostium location was anterior to the axilla of middle turbinate in 85.8% (103/120 of the cases. Moreover, 76.6% (92/120 of the ostia were circular to oval in shape, with a shallow base. The ostium size was >8×5 mm in 78.3% (94/120 of the cases. The ICO was found to be located in the central or paracentral basal area in 75.8% (91/120. The anatomical and functional success rates achieved were 96% and 93.6%, respectively. All the five cases with anatomical failures showed a complete cicatrization and the ICO movements were poor in all the three cases of functional failure.Conclusion: The article attempts to standardize the postoperative

  18. The effects of lateral umbilical augmentation surgery on rabbit inguinal region intensity%脐侧襞加强术对兔腹股沟区强度的影响

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张达; 刘东博; 谭云鹤; 杨喜光; 向国安


    statistically analyzed .Results :All animal survived during experiment .Group B had superior mean tensile strength than group A on 7d ,15d ,30d ,60d ,with statistical significance (P<0 .05) .Pathology observation spot post surgery :massive inflammation cells and low secretion of collagen fiber ,vascular proliferation and granuloma , reduction of inflammatory ,massive collagen fiber ,tissue cicatrix and significant reduction of inflammatory cells . Conclusion :The results of tensile strength of laparoscopic high ligation of hernia sac with median umbilical fold en‐hancement is guaranteed ,make the theoretical basis to cure the hernia for children .

  19. The experimental study of anti-inflammatory cytokine TSG-6 inhibits hypertrophic scar formation in rabbit ears model%抗炎因子TSG-6抑制兔耳瘢痕增生的实验研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王晖; 李小静; 陈钊


    Objective To observe the effect of tumor necrosis factorαstimulated gene-6 ( TSG-6 ) on hypertrophic scarring by using a rabbit ear model. Methods TSG-6 and PBS were injected intradermally in the right and left ear wounds, respectively. Collagen I and III expression detected by immunohistochemistry and scar elevation index ( SEI) was used to evaluate the extent of scarring. The expression of inflammatory factors interleukin-1β( IL-1β) , interleukin-6 ( IL-6 ) and tumor necrosis factor-α( TNF-α) was detected by immunohistochemistry and reverse tran-scription polymerase chain reaction. Transmission electron microscope ( TEM) and TUNEL analyses were used to detect fibroblast apoptosis. Results Compared with control scars, TSG-6-treated wounds exhibited decreased in-flammation significantly as evidenced by the lower levels of IL-1β, IL-6 , TNF-α. The apoptosis rate was higher and the SEI and the synthesis of collagens I and III were significantly decreased in the TSG-6-treated scars ( P<0. 05 ) . Conclusion Immediate topical injection of TSG-6 during the wound healing process can reduce the severity of hy-pertrophic scarring in a rabbit model. The anti-cicatrix effect of TSG-6 may result from controlling inflammation, in-ducing fibroblast apoptosis and promoting collagen degradation.%目的:通过建立兔耳增生性瘢痕模型,研究肿瘤坏死因子α刺激基因-6( TSG-6)在增生性瘢痕形成过程中的作用及机制。方法建立兔耳增生性瘢痕模型,右侧耳创面为实验组,注射TSG-6,左侧均注射等量PBS作为对照组,通过比较各组瘢痕指数( SEI)及Ⅰ、Ⅲ型胶原表达的不同来评价瘢痕增生程度的差异。采用免疫组化法及逆转录聚合酶链反应( RT-PCR)法检测炎症因子白细胞介素-1β( IL-1β)、白细胞介素-6(IL-6)及肿瘤坏死因子-α(TNF-α)在各组中的表达;以透射电镜观察及TUNEL法检测瘢痕组织成纤维细胞凋亡的变化。结果与PBS对照组比较,TSG-6

  20. Expression and significance of P57kip2 and Maspin in pathological scar%P57kip2和Maspin在病理性瘢痕组织中的表达

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    蔡玉梅; 朱世泽; 郑志芳; 杨维群; 吴文艺


    Objective To study the expression of P57kip2 and Maspin in the pathological scar and their possible role in the pathogenesis of abnormal scars.Methods Immunohistochemistry integrated image analysis and reverse transcriptionpolymerase chain reaction (RT-RCR) were performed to detect the expression of P57kip2 and Maspin in hypertrophic scar,keloid,mature scar and normal skin.Statistics was used to analyze the datas.Results The expression of P57kip2 protein was fixed to fibroblast intranuclear in abnormal scar,and the expression of P57kip2 protein and P57kip2 mRNA decreased ( P < 0.05 ).The expression of Maspin protein was fixed to fibroblast cytoplasm and intranuclear in abnormal scar,and the expression of Maspin protein and Maspin mRNA decrease,compared with that in normal group ( P <0.05).There was positive correlation between P57kip2 protein and Maspin protein expression( P < 0.01 ).Conclusions The decreased expression of P57kip2 and Maspin in abnormal scar shows that they are cicatrix-related genes.There is a positive relationship between the two genes.It may be one of the mechanisms of pathogenesis of abnormal scar.It makes effect through fibroblasts.%目的 研究P57kip2和Maspin在病理性瘢痕组织中的表达情况及相互关系,探讨它们在病理性瘢痕形成中的作用及机制.方法 应用免疫组化SP法结合计算机病理图像分析和逆转录聚合酶链反应( RT-PCR)检测正常皮肤、成熟瘢痕、增生性瘢痕和瘢痕疙瘩组织中P57kip2和Maspin的表达并对其表达进行统计学分析.结果 病理性瘢痕组织中P57kip2蛋白的表达定位于成纤维细胞的细胞核内,且P57kip2蛋白及mRNA的表达减少,与正常皮肤、成熟瘢痕对照组比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).病理性瘢痕组织中Maspin蛋白的表达定位于成纤维细胞的细胞质和细胞核内,且Maspin蛋白及mRNA的表达减少,与正常皮肤、成熟瘢痕对照组比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).P57kip2