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  1. Annual Research Progress Report, Fiscal Year 1988. Volume 2. (Brooke Army Medical Center) (United States)


    Effects of the Palmaz Stent in the Aorta and 314 Coronary Arteries of the Adult Dog. (T) A-7-87 Urodynamic Profile of Three Types of Urinary Reservoir...Hemodynamic Effects of the Palmaz Stent in the Aorta and Coronary Arteries of the Adult Dog (Collaborative Study with the University of Texas Health Sciencp...Device). (0) A-7-88 Evaluation of Chemexfoliation on Surgical Skin Flaps. (0) 333 (PR) A-8-88 Magnesium and Calcium Interaction in the Rat

  2. The therapeutic value of glycolic acid peels in dermatology

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    Grover C


    Full Text Available Chemical peeling or chemexfoliation has become increasingly popular in recent years for treatment of a number of cosmetic skin problems. Topical glycolic acid in the concentration of 10-30% for 3-5 minutes at fortnightly intervals was investigated as a therapeutic peeling agent in 41 patients having acne (39%, melasma (36.5%, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (12% and superficial scarring of varied etiology (12%. A final evaluation done at 16 weeks revealed that this modality is useful especially in superficial scarring and melasma, moderately successful in acne patients with no response in dermal pigmentation. No significant untoward effects were seen.