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  1. New library buildings: Creighton University Bio-Information Center.



    In May 1977 the newly constructed Creighton University Bio-Information Center, costing over $4 million and containing more than 57,000 square feet of space, officially began to provide services. This facility houses three educational support programs--the Health Sciences Library, the Learning Resources Center, and the Biomedical Communications Center--that primarily serve the University's health sciences schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and allied health, and the University'...

  2. The Briscoe Library, University of Texas Health Science Center. (United States)

    Bowden, V M


    The Briscoe Library at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio opened in 1983, to replace and expand space for the growing campus. Work on the design phase began in 1979, once the legislature allocated $9.5 million for the new building. Of the 23 design objectives specified in the building program, flexibility to accommodate changing services and technology was given first priority. Details cover layout and technology, as well as changes to the environment and the building since it opened.

  3. The Federal Collection Center and its contribution in building the library collection of the National and University Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eva Kodrič-Dačič


    Full Text Available The transfer of library collections from the disbanded Austrian monasteries to lyceum and university libraries at the end of 18th century stimulated the development of these libraries and also the development of the Ljubljana Lyceum Library similar phenomena happened shortly after World War II, when some 400.000 books, mostly from con fiscated private libraries, ended up in state libraries - a number of them in The National and University Library. The preserved documents prove that The Book Office of the Federal Collection Center, which was executing the transfer and distribution of library material, tried to put some sense of order into the elemental forces of the post war period and its endeavours contributed to the preservation of this library material.

  4. A Management Review and Analysis of Purdue University Libraries and Audio-Visual Center. (United States)

    Baaske, Jan; And Others

    A management review and analysis was conducted by the staff of the libraries and audio-visual center of Purdue University. Not only were the study team and the eight task forces drawn from all levels of the libraries and audio-visual center staff, but a systematic effort was sustained through inquiries, draft reports and open meetings to involve…

  5. The new library building at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. (United States)

    Kronick, D A; Bowden, V M; Olivier, E R


    The new University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Library opened in June 1983, replacing the 1968 library building. Planning a new library building provides an opportunity for the staff to rethink their philosophy of service. Of paramount concern and importance is the need to convey this philosophy to the architects. This paper describes the planning process and the building's external features, interior layouts, and accommodations for technology. Details of the move to the building are considered and various aspects of the building are reviewed. Images PMID:3995205

  6. When the library is located in prime real estate: a case study on the loss of space from the Duke University Medical Center Library and Archives. (United States)

    Thibodeau, Patricia L


    The Duke University Medical Center Library and Archives is located in the heart of the Duke Medicine campus, surrounded by Duke Hospital, ambulatory clinics, and numerous research facilities. Its location is considered prime real estate, given its adjacency to patient care, research, and educational activities. In 2005, the Duke University Library Space Planning Committee had recommended creating a learning center in the library that would support a variety of educational activities. However, the health system needed to convert the library's top floor into office space to make way for expansion of the hospital and cancer center. The library had only five months to plan the storage and consolidation of its journal and book collections, while working with the facilities design office and architect on the replacement of key user spaces on the top floor. Library staff worked together to develop plans for storing, weeding, and consolidating the collections and provided input into renovation plans for users spaces on its mezzanine level. The library lost 15,238 square feet (29%) of its net assignable square footage and a total of 16,897 (30%) gross square feet. This included 50% of the total space allotted to collections and over 15% of user spaces. The top-floor space now houses offices for Duke Medicine oncology faculty and staff. By storing a large portion of its collection off-site, the library was able to remove more stacks on the remaining stack level and convert them to user spaces, a long-term goal for the library. Additional space on the mezzanine level had to be converted to replace lost study and conference room spaces. While this project did not match the recommended space plans for the library, it underscored the need for the library to think creatively about the future of its facility and to work toward a more cohesive master plan.

  7. Making lemonade from lemons: a case study on loss of space at the Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Library, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. (United States)

    Tobia, Rajia C; Feldman, Jonquil D


    The setting for this case study is the Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Library, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, a health sciences campus with medical, dental, nursing, health professions, and graduate schools. During 2008-2009, major renovations to the library building were completed including office space for a faculty development department, multipurpose classrooms, a 24/7 study area, study rooms, library staff office space, and an information commons. The impetus for changes to the library building was the decreasing need to house collections in an increasingly electronic environment, the need for office space for other departments, and growth of the student body. About 40% of the library building was remodeled or repurposed, with a loss of approximately 25% of the library's original space. Campus administration proposed changes to the library building, and librarians worked with administration, architects, and construction managers to seek renovation solutions that meshed with the library's educational mission.

  8. Archives Library Information Center (United States)

    National Archives and Records Administration — ALIC is an online library catalog of books, periodicals, and other materials contained in Archives I and II and book collections located in other facilities.

  9. The library of the Veterinary University Vienna



    The Library of Austria's only veterinary school serves as a specialized referral center for applied veterinary science and in several areas of basic medical research. Established in 1765, the Veterinary University Vienna is one of the oldest veterinary universities in the world and the library collection dates back to 1777. This paper provides you with a brief overview of the facilities, the services and support that are available to our users. With the influx of electronic resources the lib...

  10. Information Sciences: Information Centers and Special Libraries. (United States)


  11. Welcome to the National Wetlands Research Center Library: Not Just Another Library-A Special Library (United States)

    Broussard, Linda


    Libraries are grouped into four major types: public, school, academic, and special. The U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) National Wetlands Research Center (NWRC) library is classified as a special library because it is sponsored by the Federal government, and the collections focus on a specific subject. The NWRC library is the only USGS library dedicated to wetland science. Library personnel offer expert research services to meet the informational needs of NWRC scientists, managers, and support personnel. The NWRC library participates in international cataloging and resource sharing, which allows libraries from throughout the world to borrow from its collections. This sharing facilitates the research of other governmental agencies, universities, and those interested in the study of wetlands.

  12. Weeding the Library Media Center Collections. (United States)

    Buckingham, Betty Jo

    These guidelines for weeding library media collections are addressed to elementary and secondary school library media centers and to community college and vocational school library resource centers in Iowa. The publication includes some philosophy about weeding, and specific guidelines are summarized in bold-faced type for ease of use. The…

  13. Thesis Handling in University Libraries (United States)

    Patterson, Kelly; And Others


    Libraries of ninety universities granting doctorates were surveyed regarding binding, cataloging, classification, storage and checking of format practices for theses and dissertations. Recommended processing practice involves full descriptive and subject cataloging with author input on the latter point, and the elimination of all but the most…

  14. Factors Affecting University Library Website Design


    Kim, Yongi-Mi; University of Oklahoma


    Existing studies have extensively explored factors that affect users’ intentions to use university library website resources (ULWR); yet little attention has been given to factors affecting university library website design. This paper investigates factors that affect university library website design and assesses the success of the university library website from both designers’ and users’ perspectives. The findings show that when planning a website, university web designers consider univers...

  15. Technical Concept Command Center Library Document (CARDS) (United States)


    have concentrated on the reuse of software code. This type of reuse has limited impact. The reuser ofter, has to struggle to insert components into a...lost to the reuser . To achieve broad spectrum reuse, CARDS advocates library-centered domain-specific reuse. A domain-specific library is built around...mathematical calculations. reuse library - A library specifically designed, built, and maintained to house reusable components. reuser - One who implements a

  16. Casting an ergonomic eye on university libraries. (United States)

    Ferrer, Nicole; Villarouco, Vilma


    Research in the field of Ergonomics of the Built Environment has been developed with a view to consolidating studies in this area, the objective of which is to provide evidence that the joint participation of users and designers on drawing up projects is important. In this context, the theme of this study is to investigate the interactions between users and the environment in a university library. To do so, well-established techniques from Ergonomics, Architecture and Environmental Psychology were used to make a functional and behavioral evaluation to identify the level of user satisfaction in six libraries in the various study centers of the Federal University of Pernambuco in Recife, northeast Brazil, so as to identify the strengths and also weaknesses in these spatial structures.

  17. Smartphone use at a university health science center. (United States)

    Bushhousen, Ellie; Norton, Hannah F; Butson, Linda C; Auten, Beth; Jesano, Rae; David, Don; Tennant, Michele R


    This article describes the results of a survey of library patrons conducted by librarians and information technology specialists at the Health Science Center Libraries at the University of Florida. The purpose of the survey was to learn if and how library patrons were using smartphones to perform their work-related tasks and how patrons felt the library could support smartphone use at the Health Science Center.

  18. Building the Sustainable Library at Macquarie University (United States)

    Brodie, Maxine


    This article explores a number of current issues and challenges in sustainability, both of and in academic libraries of the future, using as a case study the new library opened at Macquarie University, Sydney in 2011. Issues covered include sustainable design and operation of library buildings, sustainability in relation to library collections,…

  19. Cost Accounting and Analysis for University Libraries. (United States)

    Leimkuhler, Ferdinand F.; Cooper, Michael D.

    The approach to library planning studied in this report is the use of accounting models to measure library costs and implement program budgets. A cost-flow model for a university library is developed and listed with historical data from the Berkeley General Library. Various comparisons of an exploratory nature are made of the unit costs for…

  20. 以用户体验为中心的高校数字图书馆门户网站设计%User Experience-Centered Design for the University Digital Library Portal Website

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    一个拥有优质用户体验的数字图书馆门户网站,能使图书馆真正成为高校教学科研的源动力并保持一个重要的、可持续的竞争优势。对于高校图书馆而言,设计一个拥有优质用户体验的门户网站显得尤为重要。本文从用户体验的角度对影响高校数字图书馆门户网站用户体验诸如用户需求和网站目标、功能规格和内容需求、交互设计和信息架构、界面设计与视觉设计等方面予以分析,探讨以用户体验为中心的高校数字图书馆门户网站的设计思路与方法。%The library will truly become the motive force of teaching and scientific research in university and make the library maintain a significant and sustainable competitive advantage for the university digital library portal website with high quality user experience.It's very important to design a university digital library portal website with high quality user experience for the university library.This paper analyses user need and site objective,functional specification and content requirement,interaction design and information architecture,interface design and visual design of the university digital library portal website from user experience,discuss the ideas and method of user experience-centered design for the university digital library portal website.

  1. Distance Learning Library Services in Ugandan Universities (United States)

    Mayende, Jackline Estomihi Kiwelu; Obura, Constant Okello


    The study carried out at Makerere University and Uganda Martyrs University in 2010 aimed at providing strategies for enhanced distance learning library services in terms of convenience and adequacy. The study adopted a cross sectional descriptive survey design. The study revealed services provided in branch libraries in Ugandan universities were…

  2. Welcome to the National Wetlands Research Center Library: Successful Research Begins @ Your Library (United States)

    Broussard, Linda


    The National Wetlands Research Center (NWRC) library is part of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and is the only USGS library dedicated to wetland science. The mission of the NWRC library is to support the research and information needs of scientists, managers, and support personnel by providing a specialized, scientific collection of library materials and related information services that are responsive to and reflect internal and external customer needs and work processes. The NWRC library participates in international cataloging and resource sharing that allows libraries from throughout the world to borrow from its collections and lend to NWRC. This sharing of materials facilitates the research of other governmental agencies, universities, and those interested in the study of wetlands.

  3. Factors Affecting University Library Website Design

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yongi-Mi Kim


    Full Text Available Existing studies have extensively explored factors that affect users’ intentions to use university library website resources (ULWR; yet little attention has been given to factors affecting university library website design. This paper investigates factors that affect university library website design and assesses the success of the university library website from both designers’ and users’ perspectives. The findings show that when planning a website, university web designers consider university guidelines, review other websites, and consult with experts and other divisions within the library; however, resources and training for the design process are lacking. While website designers assess their websites as highly successful, user evaluations are somewhat lower. Accordingly, use is low, and users rely heavily on commercial websites. Suggestions for enhancing the usage of ULWR are provided.

  4. Understanding University Library Users' Mistreatment of Books (United States)

    Perez, Carmen; Cuadrado, Manuel; Cervera, Amparo


    This paper analyses university library users' attitudes towards book vandalism in order to develop a basis for intervention. Using a customer oriented approach data was collected from users who attended an academic library exhibition on vandalized books at a University campus. Respondents were asked both for their reactions to the vandalism as…

  5. The Privatization of Public University Research Libraries (United States)

    Franklin, Brinley


    Are we witnessing the privatization of public university research libraries? There is convincing evidence that, in an era of decreasing state support for public higher education, public universities have begun to resemble private universities, particularly in their sources of revenue. A number of indicators demonstrate that public universities,…

  6. Merging a Library and a Computing Center. (United States)

    Plane, Robert A.


    Details are provided of the development of a new library at Clarkson College. It was seen from the start that the new center needed to be viewed as the hub of a campus-wide system to provide integrated informational support for instructional, research, and administrative activities of the entire college. (MP)

  7. Library Roles in University Research Assessment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John MacColl


    Full Text Available This article summarises the findings of two OCLC research reports which recently documented how university research is assessed in five countries and the role research libraries play in the various schemes. Libraries’ administrative role in supplying bibliometrics is the most obvious. However, the author advocates a much more strategic role for libraries: to focus on the scholarly activity all around the library, to curate, advise on and preserve the manifold outputs of research activity.

  8. Isaac Asimov's library of the universe. Index. (United States)

    Asimov, Isaac

    A comprehensive index to the complete set of Isaac Asimov's thirty-two volume Library of the Universe, a series of space science books that introduce young readers to the facts and mysteries of the cosmos.

  9. The Northwest Indiana Center for Data and Analysis: A Case Study of Academic Library Community Engagement (United States)

    Sandberg, Scott; Morris, Cele; Sutherland, Timothy


    This paper details community engagement activity of an academic library coordinated within a broader university strategic plan. The Anderson Library at Indiana University Northwest (IU-Northwest) supports a service called the Northwest Indiana Center for Data and Analysis. Created in 1996 with funding made available from the Indiana University…

  10. Function of a University Library in the Construction of the Experimental and Training Center for Arts%发挥高校图书馆在文科实验教学中心建设中的作用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    高校图书馆是学校的文献信息中心,是为教学和科学研究服务的学术性机构,是高校办学的三大支撑条件之一,在高校人才培养的使命中担任着重要的角色.图书馆应根据学校的发展目标和教学、科学研究的需要,体现图书馆的性质、地位和作用,履行图书馆教育与服务职能.以应用文科综合实验教学示范中心建设为契机,从课程建设、实践活动方面,深入探讨如何发挥高校图书馆信息素质教育优势、独特资源和服务优势,为教学和人才培养提供强有力的支持.%Abstract:A library is the literature information center in a university.As an academic organization that provides service for the teaching and research in a university,a library is considered one of the three supporting conditions in running a university.To meet the demands of university development and its teaching and research goals,a university library must bring its function into full play.Taking the construction of the National Experimental and Exemplary Center for Comprehensive Arts in Beijing Union University as an example,this paper attempts to discuss,from the perspectives of course construction and experimental practice,how to make best use of the advantages of information quality education and unique resource and service in libraries of higher institutes,thus providing strong support for the teaching and talent cultivation in colleges and universities.

  11. The Medical Branch Library at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz


    Geisel, Heike; Schweizer, Stefanus


    The Medical Library (Fachbibliothek Medizin (FBM)) was founded in 1969 as a Department of the Central University Library (Zentralbibliothek), and is located within the grounds of the University Medical Center in Mainz. The purpose of the library is to provide all services for students and staff of clinical and clinical-theoretical medicine. Traditional library services focus on media lending, including the textbook collection. In the digital domain, emphasis is on electronic journals and book...

  12. An Evaluation of the El Centro de la Causa Library and Information Center: August 1973 through July 1974. Final Report. (United States)

    Michael, Mary Ellen; Encarnacion, Leticia

    An evaluation of Chicago's El Centro de la Causa Library and Information Center was undertaken by the University of Illinois Library Research Center in 1974. Evaluation methods included: (1) a survey of user and nonuser characteristics and attitudes concerning library services; (2) a survey of the needs and information-seeking behavior of people…

  13. Library Statistics of College and Universities. Trends 1968-1977, Summary Data 1977. (United States)

    Beazley, Richard M.

    The National Center for Education Statistics has tabulated common library data elements and then related them to relevant institutional variables to provide the first analysis of college and university library trends in over a decade, and to supplement annual biennial reports of academic library statistics. Seven surveys provided the information…

  14. Customer-Centered Structuring in University Libraries and Personnel Satisfaction Üniversite Kütüphanelerinde Müşteri Merkezli Yapılanma ve Personel Memnuniyeti

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erol Yılmaz


    Full Text Available Total Quality Management (TQM aims at creating a client-centered organization and providing customer satisfaction. This study reviews TQM and its applications in university libraries and examines employees' satisfaction with their work respectively. It was hypothesized that library personnel is not satisfied because university libraries lack customer-centered (users and personnel structuring. Survey method was used to gather data. The questionnaire was administered to the 66 employees of Hacettepe University (HU libraries. High-level administrators of HU libraries were also interviewed. Data were analyzed using "t test" and "one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA". Toplam Kalite Yönetimi (TKY, müşteri merkezli organizasyon yapısı kurmayı ve müşteri memnuniyeti sağlamayı amaç edinen bir yönetim sistemidir. Bu çalışmada, TKY ve üniversite kütüphanelerindeki uygulamaları incelenmiş; ve ayrıca kütüphane personelinin çalışma yaşamından duydukları memnuniyet düzeyi araştırılmıştır. Ülkemizdeki üniversite kütüphanelerinde müşteri merkezli (kullanıcı ve personel hizmet yapılanması olmadığı için, kütüphane personelinin çalışma yaşamından memnun olmadıkları şeklindeki hipotez bağlamında yapılan çalışmada, betimleme yöntemi kullanılmıştır. Araştırmada Hacettepe Üniversitesi (HÜ kütüphanelerinde çalışan 66 kişiye anket uygulanmış, ayrıca, üst düzey yöneticilerle görüşmeler yapılmıştır. Verilerin değerlendirilmesinde, "t testi" ve "tek yönlü varyans analizi (ANOVA" yöntemleri kullanılmıştır.

  15. Ergonomics: case study in a university library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniela Capri


    Full Text Available This final paper aimed to analyze the real ergonomics of a university library from Florianópolis and compare it with the ergonomics perceived by the user to perform an ergonomic diagnosis. In order to meet this goal two specific goals were established such as: describe the physical and environmental aspects of the library related to the real ergonomics and verify the actual perception of users about the library. As a theoretical approach, aspects of ergonomics and environmental ergonomics were contextualized and linked to the library and the university library. Referring to the methodology, the Ergonomical Assessment of the Built Environment was used as a reference. The study subjects comprised a sample of 15, among students and library staff. In the results obtained, when related to the physical-environmental analysis of the library, it was found that there are some aspects that differ from the regulatory standards and that also fall short in relation to feedback from users. Aspects such as lighting and noise were cited as unsatisfactory, but the temperature factor was analyzed as satisfactory.

  16. Nigerian University Libraries and the World Bank Loan. (United States)

    Balarabe, Ahmed Abdu


    Discusses the development of Nigerian federal universities and their libraries. Topics include library funding; the Nigerian economic crisis and the university library system; rationale for the World Bank Federal Universities Adjustment Loan Project that was used for library materials, staff development, and equipment; and problems with the…

  17. The design of the theory of modern university library

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Entering the 21st century, with the integration and deepening reform of higher education, there has been a new architectural design concept of university library. This article first interpretation of modern university library, and then focuses on the modern library construction design features, hope that through this article to the modern architectural design of university library has a more intuitive and thorough understanding.

  18. Weeding the Library Media Center Collections. Second Edition. (United States)

    Buckingham, Betty Jo; And Others

    This second edition of guidelines for weeding school library media collections is addressed especially to elementary and secondary school library media centers and to community college and vocational school library resource centers in Iowa. This publication is designed for those who want weeding of all formats of materials and equipment (not just…

  19. Alternative metrics at Dutch university libraries

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Princic, A.


    The role of a librarian at many universities and research institutions has changed and is still changing. For most libraries a common thread is the knowledge flow and technological innovations in order to support the researchers in augmenting their academic output, academic visibility and impact. A

  20. The Nashville University Center: Report of the Executive Director, 1972-73. (United States)

    Nashville Univ. Center, TN.

    This document presents the report of the Executive Director of the Nashville University Center (NUC) for the academic year 1972-1973. Following an overview of the Nashville University Center in 1972-73, emphasis is placed on fine arts in the Center, the fine arts festival, library cooperation in the Center, cross-registration, departmental…

  1. Universal Digital Library-Future research directions

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This paper starts with a description of the present status of the Digital Library of India Initiative. As part of this initiative large corpus of scanned text is available in many Indian languages and has stimulated a vast amount of research in Indian language technology briefly described in this paper. Other than the Digital Library of India Initiative which is part of the Million Books to the Web Project initiated by Prof Raj Reddy of Carnegie Mellon University, there are a few more initiatives in India towards taking the heritage of the country to the Web. This paper presents the future directions for the Digital Library of India Initiative both in terms of growing collection and the technical challenges in managing such large collection poses.

  2. Library Media Centers: Playgrounds for the Gifted. (United States)

    Kessig, Moya; Zsiray, Stephen W., Jr.


    Use of the library media collection can enhance gifted programing as students learn information-retrieval skills while completing student projects. Especially important areas of the library media collection include current events, literature, and biographical information. (PB)

  3. University Libraries and Social Media. The Case of the Postmodern Library, Kenyatta University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    George Gitau Njoroge


    Full Text Available Die Post Modern Library (PML ist die Universitätsbibliothek der Kenyatta University in Nairobi. Die Bibliothek bietet uneingeschränkten drahtlosen Internetzugang sowie weitere Dienstleistungen an, die die üblichen Möglichkeiten kenianischer Bibliotheken bei Weitem übersteigen. Insbesondere die Möglichkeiten des Web 2.0 werden eingehend genutzt. Der Facebook-Auftritt der Bibliothek bietet sich als sehr nützlicher Kommunikationskanal zwischen Nutzern und der Bibliothek an. In Kenia ist Bibliothek 2.0 ein entscheidender Mehrwert.The Post Modern Library (PML is an academic library at Kenyatta University in Nairobi. The library provides its users with unlimited wireless internet access and various other services which are far beyond the usual possibilities of other libraries in the country. Especially the possibilities of Web 2.0 are emphasized. The library’s facebook page is a very useful platform for communication between the library and the users. In Kenya, library 2.0 can make a big difference.

  4. Innovation factors in Belgrade University library system

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Biljana Stosic


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to present research shedding some light on innovation factors identification and measurement in the University of Belgrade’s library system by means of innovation questionnaire, since one of the main innovation management elements is to recognize and measure innovation factors of influence. In that sense, the key innovation factors important for this domain have been identified, based on selected research in the broader area of innovation management. Survey results give one of the rare insights in innovativeness level and characteristics in this important part of the nonprofit sector of a transition economy. In this specific case, that should be the prior investigation with the intention of helping managers to improve organization propensity to innovate and to define/reexamine innovation strategy. Research findings revealed that innovation factors measurement should be considered very important for ICT innovation management in the library system, and that further research would be necessary.

  5. Data Protection Management in University Libraries in the UK. (United States)

    Davies, J. Eric


    Examines a range of issues relating to data protection management in UK (United Kingdom) university library and information services. Highlights include data protection legislation, personal data in libraries, and results of an impact survey of UK university libraries. A copy of the survey questionnaire is appended. (Author/LRW)

  6. Grantsmanship for Small Libraries and School Library Media Centers

    CERN Document Server

    Hall-Ellis, Sylvia D; Hoffmann, Frank W


    Need extra funding for your library or for another educational project? Check this handy guide. Designed for educators and administrators in school and small public libraries, this book is filled with the practical information you need to prepare and execute a successful grant proposal. Learn what types of grants are available and which ones are most suitable to your needs, then follow the step-by-step guidelines for locating sources and securing grants. A wealth of examples, anecdotes, and suggestions will help you through the process. Also included are an annotated bibliography of resources

  7. From Laboratory to Library: The History of Wayne State University's Education Library (United States)

    Alteri, Suzan A.


    The Education Library at Wayne State University has a long and storied history. From its beginning at the Detroit Normal School to its final merger with the general library, the Education Library has been at the heart of not only Wayne State University, but also in the development of the College of Education. This paper chronicles the history of…

  8. University Rankings: How Well Do They Measure Library Service Quality? (United States)

    Jackson, Brian


    University rankings play an increasingly large role in shaping the goals of academic institutions and departments, while removing universities themselves from the evaluation process. This study compares the library-related results of two university ranking publications with scores on the LibQUAL+™ survey to identify if library service quality--as…

  9. Usability Studies and User-Centered Design in Digital Libraries (United States)

    Comeaux, David J.


    Digital libraries continue to flourish. At the same time, the principles of user-centered design and the practice of usability testing have been growing in popularity, spreading their influence into the library sphere. This article explores the confluence of these two trends by surveying the current literature on usability studies of digital…

  10. Toward a User-Centered Academic Library Home Page (United States)

    McHale, Nina


    In the past decade, academic libraries have struggled with the design of an effective library home page. Since librarians' mental models of information architecture differ from those of their patrons, usability assessments are necessary in designing a user-centered home page. This study details a usability sequence of card sort and paper and…

  11. Teen Center: Schaumburg Township District Library, Schaumburg, Illinois. (United States)

    Alessio, Amy


    Describes the Teen Center at the Schaumburg Township District Library (Illinois) that was built with a sports theme. Highlights include the physical environment; the library collection, mainly recreational, that includes music CDs; the young adult population and community; hours of operation; staffing; youth participation and programs; and the…

  12. General Maister's Library in the University of Maribor Library: Gaining and Preservation of the General Maister's Private Library in the University of Maribor Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vlasta Stavbar


    Full Text Available Rudolf Maister’s book legacy, which is kept in the University of Maribor Library, is the complete legacy of the Maister’s private book collection– the “maistirana”. The Maister’s Library is in the University of Maribor Library possession since 1998, when General Maister’s heirs and the Library signed the deed of donation. 5.945 units of library materials present a special collection, which is divided from the regular library holdings and is kept in a specially designed room. General Maister’s Library is an exception in the University of Maribor Library, since the general practice of libraries is not an exclusive maintenance of the provenience principle and of the original organisation. Because the Maister’s Library consists of materials that are important when researching the Slovene literary and cultural past, it only seems reasonably to strive for the authentic organisation and preserving the library as one integral whole.In order to understand the meaning and the importance of this special library collection for the Slovene cultural heritage, we have to highlight Rudolf Maister as a passionate book lover and as the owner of one of the greatest and the most beautiful private libraries in Slovenia. General Maister started collecting books and organising his collection back in 1912 in Ljubljana; the collection was rearranged thoroughly during the time he was in Maribor; it survived the moves during World War II and after it and it finally found its place in the General Maister’s Library under the patronage of the University of Maribor Library. The rearranging of the shelving system and sorting of the materials patterned after the authentic shelving system in the General’s Maribor apartment took place in 2013. Until then the books were not arranged according to the authentic shelving system. The estimated shelving system reconstruction has reconstructed Maister’s shelving system as authentically as possible, for it is not

  13. Implementing PDA technology in a medical library: experiences in a hospital library and an academic medical center library. (United States)

    Morgen, Evelyn Breck


    Personal digital assistants (PDAs) have grown from being a novelty in the late 1990s to an essential tool for healthcare professionals in the 2000s. This paper describes the experiences of a librarian who implemented PDA technology first in a hospital library, and then at an academic medical center library. It focuses on the role of the library in supporting PDA technology and resources. Included are programmatic issues such as training for library staff and clinicians, and technical issues such as Palm and Windows operating systems. This model could be used in either a hospital or academic health sciences library.

  14. Telecommuting for Original Cataloging at the Michigan State University Libraries. (United States)

    Black, Leah; Hyslop, Colleen


    Working conditions in library technical services departments can be a problem for catalogers in need of a quiet work environment. Based on a successful program for indexers at the National Agriculture Library, a proposal for an experimental telecommuting program for original cataloging at the Michigan State University Libraries was developed and…

  15. Academic Utilization of Government Publications in Three Nigerian University Libraries (United States)

    Okwor, Roseline Ngozi; Mole, Austin J. C.; Ihekwoaba, Emmanuel Chukwudi


    This paper seeks to examine the current state of academic utilization of government publications in Nigerian university libraries. Using a descriptive survey, the study focused on three academic libraries in Southeastern Nigeria serving a population of 11,996 undergraduate and postgraduate student library users, 592 of whom answered a…

  16. Shared Geospatial Metadata Repository for Ontario University Libraries: Collaborative Approaches (United States)

    Forward, Erin; Leahey, Amber; Trimble, Leanne


    Successfully providing access to special collections of digital geospatial data in academic libraries relies upon complete and accurate metadata. Creating and maintaining metadata using specialized standards is a formidable challenge for libraries. The Ontario Council of University Libraries' Scholars GeoPortal project, which created a shared…

  17. Towards an information provision strategy for university libraries in Ghana

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edwin Ellis Badu


    Full Text Available This article describes on-going research on the development of a library strategy for universities in Ghana. The research focuses on the factors affecting the development of a strategic planning process aimed at improving the libraries' capacity to deliver information services effectively and efficiently. Since the structure of universities in Ghana is, to a great extent, derived from or modelled on that of universities in the United Kingdom the project of necessity also includes some consideration of current attitudes to the strategic planning process in a number of university libraries in the United Kingdom. It is hoped that the study and evaluation of this aspect of the management of United Kingdom university libraries may provide pertinent guidelines for university library management in Ghana.

  18. International Federation of Library Associations Annual Conference Papers. General Research Libraries Division: University Libraries Section (47th, Leipzig, East Germany, August 17-22, 1981). (United States)

    Loveday, Anthony J.; And Others

    This set of papers presented to the General Research Libraries Division, University Libraries Section, of the International Federation of Library Associations during its 47th annual conference (1981) includes: "SCONUL (Standing Conference of National and University Libraries) and British University Library Standards: Some Observations on the…

  19. Graduate Students Library Satisfaction Survey: Miller F. Whittaker Library, South Carolina State University. (United States)

    Agingu, Beatrice O.; Johnson, Minnie M.

    This article reports the findings of a library user satisfaction survey of graduate students conducted by the library staff at South Carolina State University. The survey evaluated the effectiveness of the library's programs, resources, and services in meeting the informational needs of graduate students at this institution. The objectives of the…

  20. Present status of information centers (libraries) (United States)

    Suzuki, Keigo; Adachi, Takashi; Kusumi, Yoshihisa; Nishiyama, Mieko; Hirata, Toshiichiro

    Documentation Kondan-Kai (gathering for discussing issues) has conducted the questionnaire which asks present status of information centers of companies. The purpose of this questionnaire was to obtain some tips which would be useful for companies to consider what their information centers should be in a highly informationalized society, and how they should be changing. The results were grouped into the following five sections and analyzed; (1) management system of information center, (2) use condition of information center, (3) management of books and journals, (4) external online information retrieval and (5) management of technical materials generated inside company.

  1. 75 FR 10199 - Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism (United States)


    ... No. 02-6; FCC 10-33] Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism AGENCY: Federal... the E-rate program (more formally, the schools and libraries universal service support program) to..., for purposes such as job searches and applications, digital literacy programs, and online access...

  2. Quality Assessment of Library Website of Iranian State Universities:

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Farideh Osareh


    Full Text Available The present study carries out a quality assessment of the library websites in Iranian State Universities in order to rank them accordingly. The evaluation tool used is the normalized Web Quality Evaluation Tools (WQET. 41 Active library websites were studied and assessed qualitatively over two time periods (Feb 2006 and May 2006 using WQET. Data were collected by direct observation of the website. The evaluation was based on user characteristics, website purpose, upload speed, structural stability, ease of searching, graphic design, availability of authors’ c.v., clear objectivity, update and internal links. Website ranking showed that the website libraries for the Iran University of Science and Technology and Mazandaran University ranked first by obtaining 82 points out of 82 points. These were followed by the library websites of University of Tehran, Imam Sadegh University, Gilan University and Tarbiyat Moddaress University.

  3. Open University Center of the Pontifical Javeriana University, Colombia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Omayra Parra de Marroquin


    Full Text Available According to Garcia Canclini (1990 there is the assumption that Colombia is a hybrid society. Upon this standpoint, and within a traditional higher education structure characterized by being fundamentally conventional or campus based, the Open University Center of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana was created as an education program that breaks with every traditional scheme, which in turn, encourages a new learning pattern. The Open University Center emerges as a "social response" focused on the "here and now" of today's society in Colombia.The Javeriana University (a hybrid university can be placed in this context as well as the Open University Center, as a part of it. Since its creation, through its programs this center offers education to the most vulnerable of Colombia's population, contributing to raise their quality of life.In this article, the authors outline the Open University Center's place in the University's context: its historical development and its structure concerning students, programs, regulations, infrastructure and technological equipment. They also identify the implications and relationships of the traditional education proper of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, as well as the projection and contributions of the Open University Center to the University's future in the pedagogical order of distance education towards virtual education.

  4. Library Public Relations: Recent Articles on Marketing and Branding in University Libraries (United States)

    Matuozzi, Robert N.


    Though the core mission of a university library--to provide essential support for teaching and research remains unchanged--the library cannot escape budgetary constraints. It has to compete for resources with other departments and programs in the university. Times are hard, with some states currently reporting unprecedented budget deficits with…

  5. With Scripps library closure, university tries to minimize impact (United States)

    Showstack, Randy


    The Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) Library at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) closed on 29 June, succumbing to budget cuts and a change in library usage that has included a shift toward electronic media and fewer people using the library's physical facilities. The SIO library's book and journal collections—which include more than 227,000 volumes and more than 700 print periodicals—will be transferred to UCSD's Geisel Library about 1 mile away; the Scripps archives and special collections will remain in their current location in the Eckart Building at SIO, according to a UCSD announcement. A note posted on the UCSD library Web site states, "Though Scripps Institution of Oceanography loses a library facility on campus, the UC San Diego Library remains committed to supporting Scripps faculty, staff and students, and continues to develop electronic and print collections to support the Institution's academic mission. Research and curriculum support services also continue to be available, by appointment."

  6. Does Apple Showroom Belong in a University Library?

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Recently,students quietly studying in the library of Peking University (PKU) found that a new Apple showroom was under construction.The 40-square-meter showroom will be an exhibition hall for the latest products of Apple Inc.As soon as the news was released,people,including PKU teachers and students,discussed heatedly whether it is appropriate to open an Apple showroom in a university's library and,moreover,whether universities should welcome commercial behavior on campuses.

  7. Area health education centers and health science library services. (United States)

    West, R T; Howard, F H


    A study to determine the impact that the Area Health Education Center type of programs may have on health science libraries was conducted by the Extramural Programs, National Library of Medicine, in conjunction with a contract awarded by the Bureau of Health Manpower, Health Resources Administration, to develop an inventory of the AHEC type of projects in the United States. Specific study tasks included a review of these programs as they relate to library and information activities, on-site surveys on the programs to define their needs for library services and information, and a categorization of library activities. A major finding was that health science libraries and information services are generally not included in AHEC program planning and development, although information and information exchange is a fundamental part of the AHEC type of programs. This study suggests that library inadequacies are basically the result of this planning failure and of a lack of financial resources; however, many other factors may be contributory. The design and value of library activities for these programs needs explication.

  8. Digital Library of Expert System Based at Indonesia Technology University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dewa Gede Hendra Divayana


    Full Text Available Digital library is a very interesting phenomenon in the world of libraries. In this era of globalization, the digital library is needed by students, faculty, and the community in the search for quick reference through internet access, so that students, faculty, and the community does not have to come directly to the library. Accessing collections of digital libraries can also be done anytime and anywhere. Digital Library development also occurred at Indonesia Technology University. That University offers a digital library based of expert system. The concept of digital library is utilizing science expert system in the process of cataloging and searching digital collections. By using this digital library based of expert system, users can search the collection, reading collection, and download the desired collection by online system. The digital library based of expert system at Indonesia Technology University is built using the PHP programming language, MySQL database as a data base management system, and developed the method of forward chaining and backward chaining as inference engine.

  9. University libraries and social media policies



    Nowadays changing technology and changing user profile have impelled libraries to resort to different methods in order to communicate with the people they serve. The libraries which are the meeting place of people who investigate, question, want to have a good time, and who want to socialize need a good promotion regardless of types. Libraries use second-generation internet services to take constructive and developer steps in the field of services marketing, presenting and public relations. U...

  10. From One Library to Another: the New Robert de Sorbon Library of the University of Reims

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carine El Bekri-Dinoird


    Full Text Available The new Robert de Sorbon library opened its doors in September 2006. The county of Champagne Ardenne managed the planning of the new building. The project focused on a totally new way of running this library and affirmed its structural role on the campus. The ambition was to make the future library the reference centre of the university and a real support to education and research. This library is also one of the first libraries in France to adopt high environmental quality as a global approach.

  11. The National Center Test for University Admissions (United States)

    Watanabe, Yoshinori


    This article describes the National Center Test for University Admissions, a unified national test in Japan, which is taken by 500,000 students every year. It states that implementation of the Center Test began in 1990, with the English component consisting only of the written section until 2005, when the listening section was first implemented…

  12. The Library of Babel: The Universe of Jorge Luis Borges


    Montanaro Meza, Oscar


    How timely is the fact discuss basic aspects and specific literary production of Jorge Luis Borges (Buenos Aires, 1899-Geneva, 1986) with students and staff of the School of Library, Documentation and Information of the National University.I intend to highlight all of the great Argentine writer their life experience and working with texts, books and libraries. Borges played his work as a librarian, first in the Public Library, Miguel Cane, Assistant position he held from 1937 to 1946, because...

  13. Library Statistics of Colleges and Universities, Fall 1975. Institutional Data. (United States)

    Smith, Stanley V.

    This report is part of the National Center for Education Statistics' Tenth Annual Higher Education General Information Survey (HEGIS), and also part of the first Library General Information Survey (LIBGIS). Extensive statistical data are presented in seven lengthy tables as follows: (1) Number of Units Held at End of Year in Library Collection,…

  14. Ohio College Library Center Annual Report 1974/1975. (United States)

    OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc., Dublin, OH.

    The 1974-75 annual report of the Ohio College Library Center (OCLC) provides statistics, tables, and narrative information about OCLC's operation, particularly its on-line cataloging services. A detailed financial statement is included. Members as of June 1975 are listed, as are the OCLC trustees. (LS)

  15. Automated Library of the Future: Estrella Mountain Community College Center. (United States)

    Community & Junior College Libraries, 1991


    Describes plans for the Integrated High Technology Library (IHTL) at the Maricopa County Community College District's new Estrella Mountain campus, covering collaborative planning, the IHTL's design, and guidelines for the new center and campus (e.g., establishing computing/information-access across the curriculum; developing lifelong learners;…

  16. Transforming the Hidden Curriculum: Gender and the Library Media Center. (United States)

    Crew, Hilary S.


    Library media specialists are critically positioned to make a significant contribution to instituting gender-fair practices within a school. This article discusses instructional materials, curriculum, and collection development; gender culture and the media center; sports, gender, and different ways of knowing; and science, gender, and different…

  17. Internet Clubs in Cultural Centers and Public Libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kamal Batouch


    Full Text Available A Study about the internet clubs in Cultural Centers and Public Libraries in Algeria, it defines the concept of culture and its relation to internet, then deals the internet clubs and its cultural role and its negatives. Finally, talks about the electronic space and culture in Algeria.

  18. The Library Blend: One Media Center's Alluring Brew. (United States)

    Stewart, Ken W.


    Describes the library media center programs at Blue Valley High School (Kansas), the proactive stance it takes in the curriculum, and how it maintains an active role in the school community. Topics include developing a comfortable atmosphere for teachers and students, financial and moral administrative support, and the use of technology. (LRW)

  19. Use of the Technological University Library by International Students. (United States)

    Marama, Ishaya D.


    Describes the use of questionnaires and interviews for a study on the use of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Library (Nigeria) by international students. Problems faced by students are highlighted, including the language barrier, new services, and unfamiliar library terminology. (Author/LRW)

  20. Recommended Procedures for the Internal Financial Auditing of University Libraries. (United States)

    Kurth, William H.; Zubatsky, David S.

    This study develops a generalized procedure for the internal financial auditing of university libraries. It identifies critical internal control points in library operations, and develops questions to measure and evaluate fiscal operations effectiveness. Auditing data and advice were gathered from a survey of 87 members of the Association of…

  1. Consortium Building and Licensing by University Libraries in the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Klugkist, Alex C.


    There are 13 university libraries in the Netherlands. Together with the Royal Library in The Hague and the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences in Amsterdam they form an association, the Association UKB. The UKB is a voluntary association with no formal legal basis. It is a platform for discussing and de

  2. Case Study: Pepperdine University Libraries' Migration to OCLC's Worldshare (United States)

    Dula, Michael W.; Ye, Gan


    In this case study the authors describe Pepperdine University Libraries' migration to OCLC's WorldShare Management Services. They elaborate on the rationale for the decision, review some of the challenges and lessons encountered along the way, and briefly discuss some effects of the new system on our libraries. The focus is on technical services…

  3. Managing Chinese Catalogingat The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Library

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This paper describes the experience and the observation of the author as a cataloger of Chinese publications at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Library. The trends in collection development of Chinese language materials in the Library have a crucial impact on Chinese cataloging. The way that Chinese cataloging has been haudled in this rapidly changing environment is reported here.

  4. Influence of the Academic Library on US University Reputation: A Webometric Approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Enrique Orduña-Malea


    Full Text Available A previous study conducted through a survey of academic libraries at 100 US universities with the highest total expenditures on academic libraries according to data presented by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES. The results pointed out an unexpectedly weak correlation among web variables, concluding that the complex online structure of US academic libraries was the main driver of this effect. The present study replicates this research applying the same web indicators but at the university level, to check whether the weak compactness among web indicators persists. Additionally, the percentage (in terms of web data of academic libraries at universities is analyzed. Finally, the correlation among web and economic indicators (research expenditures, student population, and reputational rank position for universities is calculated to check for a possible relationship. Results confirm a strong correlation among university web indicators. Otherwise, the strength of academic libraries at universities is moderate in terms of page count, but weak in terms of visits. Finally, the correlation among university web indicators and research expenditures depends on student population.

  5. Universal Library for Building Radar Operator Interface

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. A. Karankevich


    Full Text Available The article contains the results of the development of a software library, used for building software interfaces for radars being developed in BMSTU Radioelectronic Technics Scientific and Research Institute. The library is a software application library written in C++ using Qt and OpenGL libraries.The article describes the requirements, that the library is supposed to meet, in particular — cross-platform capabilities and versatility of the solution. The data types, that library uses, are described. The description of theinterface elements developed is shown, and some pictures of their operation are given.The article shows the main interface elements used. They are: «Matrix» that shows twodimensional data, «Waterfall», that is used for time scanning of the parameter specified, and «Plan Position Indicator» that shows circular scan from surveillance radar without geometric distortions.The part «Library implementation» shows the example of radiolocation station interface, that was based on this library, used in the working model of ultrashortpulse radar. Some results of the operation of this interface are also shown. The experiment shows the system working with two people in the field. As people start to move, the system becomes capable of distinguishing moving targets and stationary surface. The article shows the system operation the same way as the system operator can see it through his interface.The conclusion contains brief results of the development, the sphere of application of the software, and the prospects of the further development of the library.

  6. Software Migration in Selected University and Special Libraries in Nigeria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Benson Oghenevwogaga Adogbeji


    Full Text Available The work has surveyed migration in selected University and Special Libraries in Nigeria, which was based on the experience of seven automated libraries in which four have changed from one library software to another. The objective of the study is to ascertain the major consideration in the choice of software by the selected library, to examine the problems encountered and reasons for the change of software. Questionnaire was used in data collection; a total of (70% of the questionnaire were used for analysis. Simple percentage was used to compute statistics of the findings. The study revealed that among the seven libraries, four have changed from one library application software to another while some are still in search of the library software to adopt. This was attributed to factors such as lack of systems analysis before and after embarking on the purchase of the software, lack of maintenance or technical support, limitation of software, absolute nature of the operating systems on which the software run. Recommendations made in the study include systems analysis study of library operations before embarking on automation, providing electricity, setting aside some fund for maintenance among others while it is recommended for the library software developers to endeavor to always develop upgrade that will not wipe not away old data, software that will be compatible with other library software sponsor users group conference among as this will help in automation process in Nigeria libraries.

  7. The ebook in university and research library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julio Alonso Arévalo


    Full Text Available The integration of the ebook in academic libraries is an opportunity to adapt them to new learning environments where digital technology is gaining greater importance. This incorporation involves a number of issues affecting both the publishers, who are being compelled to rethink their business models, and the libraries, where the ebook is forcing to vary the procurement system, access to contents, management, promotion and dissemination as well as the use that can make the users of its funds.

  8. Transitioning from Curriculum Materials Center to School Library Media Center in Pre-Service Teacher Education (United States)

    Dickinson, Gail; Cogdell, Edna A.; Gavigan, Karin


    Pre-service teachers use Curriculum Materials Centers (CMCs) to find resources to use in assignments for college-level pre-service coursework and to use in practice teaching with PK-12 students. CMCs that visually and environmentally resemble school library media centers can transition pre-service CMC users into classroom teachers who use school…

  9. Building the interspace: Digital library infrastructure for a University Engineering Community

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schatz, B.


    A large-scale digital library is being constructed and evaluated at the University of Illinois, with the goal of bringing professional search and display to Internet information services. A testbed planned to grow to 10K documents and 100K users is being constructed in the Grainger Engineering Library Information Center, as a joint effort of the University Library and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), with evaluation and research by the Graduate School of Library and Information Science and the Department of Computer Science. The electronic collection will be articles from engineering and science journals and magazines, obtained directly from publishers in SGML format and displayed containing all text, figures, tables, and equations. The publisher partners include IEEE Computer Society, AIAA (Aerospace Engineering), American Physical Society, and Wiley & Sons. The software will be based upon NCSA Mosaic as a network engine connected to commercial SGML displayers and full-text searchers. The users will include faculty/students across the midwestern universities in the Big Ten, with evaluations via interviews, surveys, and transaction logs. Concurrently, research into scaling the testbed is being conducted. This includes efforts in computer science, information science, library science, and information systems. These efforts will evaluate different semantic retrieval technologies, including automatic thesaurus and subject classification graphs. New architectures will be designed and implemented for a next generation digital library infrastructure, the Interspace, which supports interaction with information spread across information spaces within the Net.

  10. University of Vermont Center for Biomedical Imaging

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bernstein, Dr. Ira [University of Vermont and State Agricultural College


    This grant was awarded in support of Phase 2 of the University of Vermont Center for Biomedical Imaging. Phase 2 outlined several specific aims including: The development of expertise in MRI and fMRI imaging and their applications The acquisition of peer reviewed extramural funding in support of the Center The development of a Core Imaging Advisory Board, fee structure and protocol review and approval process.

  11. The Future Role of Publishing Services in University Libraries (United States)

    Walters, Tyler


    This study explores possible futures for university-based library publishing services (LPS) and uses scenario planning as its research method. The study posits that the major force in developing LPS is the level of funding from the host university, with the most uncertain factor being whether faculty will adopt LPS. The study participants…

  12. University Library Virtual Reference Services: Best Practices and Continuous Improvement (United States)

    Shaw, Kate; Spink, Amanda


    The inclusion or not of chat services within Virtual Reference (VR) is an important topic for university libraries. Increasingly, email supported by a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database is suggested in the scholarly literature as the preferred, cost-effective means for providing university VR services. This paper examines these issues and…

  13. Libraries, information centers and communications in the information society

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dr. Jorge Cortés Montalvo


    Full Text Available The goal of this proposal is to channel technological convergence and to find imaginative outlets in order to provide access to information and knowledge to the growing sectors of society. The combination of libraries, information centers, and communication media as a dissemination tool could be the key element to reduce digital gaps and knowledge inequalities in countries with less affluent economies. Traditionally, libraries have been a place to serve community as sources of specialized information and they are also an essential element in academic development processes. Libraries serve communities based on the principle of equality; thus, people can have access to them regardless their age, ethnic background, religion, nationality, language, or social condition. Libraries should also offer specific services for those who for some reason can not make use of ordinary services or materials. It is reasonable to consider the role of the media as a guide to develop patterns of behavior and ways to understand social, cultural, economic, and politic reality. Educomunicación (educational program designed to provide knowledge and skills in communication as a broad discipline can then be of utmost importance to foster both the use of libraries and the development of informative skills

  14. Evaluation Methodologies for Information Management Systems; Building Digital Tobacco Industry Document Libraries at the University of California, San Francisco Library/Center for Knowledge Management; Experiments with the IFLA Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR); Coming to Term: Designing the Texas Email Repository Model. (United States)

    Morse, Emile L.; Schmidt, Heidi; Butter, Karen; Rider, Cynthia; Hickey, Thomas B.; O'Neill, Edward T.; Toves, Jenny; Green, Marlan; Soy, Sue; Gunn, Stan; Galloway, Patricia


    Includes four articles that discuss evaluation methods for information management systems under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; building digital libraries at the University of California San Francisco's Tobacco Control Archives; IFLA's Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records; and designing the Texas email repository model…

  15. Increasing Counseling Center Utilization: Yeshiva University's Experience (United States)

    Schwartz, Victor; Nissel, Chaim; Eisenberg, Daniel; Kay, Jerald; Brown, Joshua T.


    Yeshiva University established a counseling center during the 2004-2005 academic year. As a religiously based institution, the administration recognized that there would likely be significant impediments to utilization of on-campus mental health services as a result of negative attitudes about mental illness and its treatment--stigma. To combat…

  16. The University of Canterbury Library (Christchurch, New Zealand

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mojca Jevnikar-Zajc


    Full Text Available Successful performance of study and research programs of individual academic institutions depends on the quality of its support services, including library services. An example of such a service is the University of Canterbury Library in New Zealand,which fulfills its mission and set goals on the basis of international library standards.Adequately furnished areas, well organized work and professional staff enable the library to function successfully. Its work is mainly aimed at user education and information technology development. This is achieved by bringing information closer to the user by means of a well organized communication process, user education for active use of library services, by offering reference and information aid and by enabling different access to information resources and library services. The majority of library services can be processed by users themselves - eg. retrieval, ordering and browsing through materials, the use of electronic resources, information printing, learning how to use library services and resources. The library is an essential part of an information centre of a wider area of the Christchurch and Canterbury region and as such does not serve the students’ needs alone but follows globalisation trends in the field of acquisition, accessibility and information exchange.

  17. Quality Assessment of Library Website of Iranian State Universities:


    Farideh Osareh; Zeinab Papi


    The present study carries out a quality assessment of the library websites in Iranian State Universities in order to rank them accordingly. The evaluation tool used is the normalized Web Quality Evaluation Tools (WQET). 41 Active library websites were studied and assessed qualitatively over two time periods (Feb 2006 and May 2006) using WQET. Data were collected by direct observation of the website. The evaluation was based on user characteristics, website purpose, upload speed, structural st...

  18. Data Sets, Ensemble Cloud Computing, and the University Library (Invited) (United States)

    Plale, B. A.


    The environmental researcher at the public university has new resources at their disposal to aid in research and publishing. Cloud computing provides compute cycles on demand for analysis and modeling scenarios. Cloud computing is attractive for e-Science because of the ease with which cores can be accessed on demand, and because the virtual machine implementation that underlies cloud computing reduces the cost of porting a numeric or analysis code to a new platform. At the university, many libraries at larger universities are developing the e-Science skills to serve as repositories of record for publishable data sets. But these are confusing times for the publication of data sets from environmental research. The large publishers of scientific literature are advocating a process whereby data sets are tightly tied to a publication. In other words, a paper published in the scientific literature that gives results based on data, must have an associated data set accessible that backs up the results. This approach supports reproducibility of results in that publishers maintain a repository for the papers they publish, and the data sets that the papers used. Does such a solution that maps one data set (or subset) to one paper fit the needs of the environmental researcher who among other things uses complex models, mines longitudinal data bases, and generates observational results? The second school of thought has emerged out of NSF, NOAA, and NASA funded efforts over time: data sets exist coherent at a location, such as occurs at National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). But when a collection is coherent, reproducibility of individual results is more challenging. We argue for a third complementary option: the university repository as a location for data sets produced as a result of university-based research. This location for a repository relies on the expertise developing in the university libraries across the country, and leverages tools, such as are being developed

  19. Challenger Center's Window on the Universe (United States)

    Livengood, T. A.; Goldstein, J. J.; Smith, S.; Bobrowsky, M.; Radnofsky, M.; Perelmuter, J.-M.; Jaggar, L.


    Challenger Center for Space Science Education's Window on the Universe program aims to create a network of under-served communities across the nation dedicated to sustained science, math, and technology education. Window communities presently include Broken Arrow, OK; Muncie, IN; Moscow, ID; Nogales, AZ; Tuskegee, AL; Marquette, MI; Altamont, KS; Washington, D.C.; and other emerging sites. Window uses themes of human space flight and the space sciences as interdisciplinary means to inspire entire communities. Practicing scientists and engineers engaged in these disciplines are invited to volunteer to become a part of these communities for a week, each visitor reaching roughly 2000 K-12 students through individual classroom visits and Family Science Night events during an intense Window on the Universe Week. In the same Window Week, Challenger Center scientists and educators present a workshop for local educators to provide training in the use of a K-12 educational module built around a particular space science and exploration theme. Window communities follow a 3-year development: Year 1, join the network, experience Window Week presented by Challenger Center and visiting researchers; Year 2, same as Year 1 plus workshop on partnering with local organizations to develop sources of visiting researchers and to enhance connections with local resources; Year 3 and subsequent, the community stages its own Window Week, with Challenger Center providing new education modules and training workshops for "master educators" from the Window community, after which the master educators return home to conduct training workshops of their own. Challenger Center remains a resource and clearinghouse for Window communities to acquire experience, technical information, and opportunities for distance collaboration with other Window communities. Window on the Universe is dedicated to assessing degree of success vs. failure in each program component and as a whole, using pre- and post

  20. Solutions to challenges facing a university digital library and press. (United States)

    D'Alessandro, M P; Galvin, J R; Colbert, S I; D'Alessandro, D M; Choi, T A; Aker, B D; Carlson, W S; Pelzer, G D


    During the creation of a university digital library and press intended to serve as a medical reference and education tool for health care providers and their patients, six distinct and complex digital publishing challenges were encountered. Over nine years, through a multidisciplinary approach, solutions were devised to the challenges of digital content ownership, management, mirroring, translation, interactions with users, and archiving. The result is a unique, author-owned, internationally mirrored, university digital library and press that serves as an authoritative medical reference and education tool for users around the world. The purpose of this paper is to share the valuable digital publishing lessons learned and outline the challenges facing university digital libraries and presses.

  1. A Library Response to the Massification of Higher Education: The Case of the University of Zambia Library (United States)

    Kanyengo, Christine Wamunyima


    This paper looks at the challenges that libraries in Africa face in responding to massification of higher education by discussing the University of Zambia library's response in library and information resources provision. As a result of massification of higher education, libraries have been forced not only to employ new and different strategies to…

  2. The organizational climate in university libraries: a study of sectoral libraries of the Federal University of Pernambuco

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andréa Maria da Silva


    Full Text Available Objective. This study investigates the perceptions of organizational climate of the employees working in the sector libraries at the Federal University of Pernambuco, in relation to leadership, communication, motivation and teamwork. Method. To achieve the proposed objective a survey was conducted with a questionnaire being answered by forty employees, viewing information on the organizational climate experienced in the sector libraries. Results. The main results of the survey indicated a predominantly satisfactory organizational climate in the analyzed libraries, considering that the organizational atmosphere proved to be sound, mingled with leaders and their teams, open to dialogue with professionals conducive to exercise a job competently. Conclusions. It is understood that the study of organizational climate in academic libraries is of paramount importência in order libraries are living, social and active organizations composed of human, technological, material, financial, which together need to perform with excellence the organizational climate

  3. Lib-Value: Values, Outcomes, and Return on Investment of Academic Libraries, Phase III: ROI of the Syracuse University Library (United States)

    Kingma, Bruce; McClure, Kathleen


    This study measures the return on investment (ROI) of the Syracuse University library. Faculty and students at Syracuse University were surveyed using contingent valuation methodology to measure their willingness to pay in time and money for the services of the academic library. Their travel time and use of the online library was measured to…

  4. Microbiological Quality of Indoor Air in University Libraries

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Samuel Fekadu Hayleeyesus; Abayneh Melaku Manaye


    Objective: To evaluate the concentration of bacteria and fungi in the indoor environment of Jimma University libraries, so as to estimate the health hazard and to create standards for indoor air quality control.Methods:determined. The settle plate method using open Petri-dishes containing different culture media was employed to collect sample twice daily. Isolates were identified according to standard methods.Results:The concentrations of bacteria and fungi aerosols in the indoor environment of the The microbial quality of indoor air of eight libraries of Jimma University was university libraries ranged between 367-2595 CFU/m3. According to the sanitary standards classification of European Commission, almost all the libraries indoor air of Jimma University was heavily contaminated with bacteria and fungi. In spite of their major source difference, the average fungi density found in the indoor air of libraries did appear to follow the same trend with bacterial density (P=0.001). The bacteria isolates included Micrococcus sp., Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, Bacillus sp. and Neisseria sp. while Cladosporium sp., Alternaria sp.,Penicillium sp. and Aspergillus sp. were the most isolated fungi. Conclusions: The indoor air of all libraries were in the range above highly contaminated according to European Commission classification and the most isolates are considered as potential candidates involved in the establishment of sick building syndromes and often associated with clinical manifestations like allergy, rhinitis, asthma and conjunctivitis. Thus, attention must be given to control those environmental factors which favor the growth and multiplication of microbes in indoor environment of libraries to safeguard the health of users and workers.

  5. Library Cooperation at the NOVA University--the Nordic University in Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine. (United States)

    Myllys, Heli

    The Nordic University in Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine--the NOVA University-was established in 1995 to increase the cooperation between the Nordic agricultural universities. The NOVA libraries of the seven institutions and facilities involved wanted to show that they are a very useful partner in launching new ideas. They have the…

  6. Open and Accessible: The Relationship between Closures and Circulation in School Library Media Centers (United States)

    Dickinson, Gail; Gavigan, Karen; Pribesh, Shana


    A hallmark of school library media best practice is for the library media center to be open and accessible to patron use before, during, and after the school day and throughout the entire school year. Anecdotal evidence and informal discussion among school library media specialists indicate that library media facilities are sometimes used for…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marija Prokopčik


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTPurpose: The main objective of this article is to ascertain some most significant fields of the academic library activities, which have (or could have an impact on strengthening the library’s role as a partner in academic community, as well as to perform assessment of Vilnius University Library (thereinafter VUL capacities in order to see what kind of current or future activities performed by the library may contribute to the building-up of such role in Vilnius University (thereinafter VU community.Methodology/approach: Analysis of LIS professional literature of the latter five years reveals the key trends in development of academic libraries, their innovative change and challenges – partnerships of open access, managing of research data; research support; research assessment, Library scientific research, as well as allows to perform situation analysis of one particular library in order to see if and at what scale these identified trends can be traced in VUL.Results: It was established that VUL contributes to the idea and practical implementation of open access, collaborates with VU and Lithuania’s academic community in the projects of research data management, takes an active part in carrying out bibliometric research, helps to form a range of research support services, promotes the Library’s scholarly research and contributes to formation of the institution’s research potential.Research limitation: This article focuses on analysis of one academic library (VUL and its activities. Such issues like studies support, library as a space for communication, professional assistance in research events organization, improvement of information and media literacy were deliberately not covered.Originality/practical implications: Identification of common trends and measures of their practical implementation in one particular institution may be useful for other libraries planning the strategy of change and (or implementing selected solutions.

  8. Implementation of RFID Technology in University of Pune Library (United States)

    Bansode, Sadanand Y.; Desale, Sanjay K.


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to describe the implementation of a radio frequency identification (RFID) system in Pune University Library. Design/methodology/approach: The paper provides a brief overview of background of the project, barriers faced and changes that have been experienced after the implementation of the technology. Findings:…

  9. Capturing Qualitative Data: Northwestern University Special Libraries' Acknowledgments Database (United States)

    Stigberg, Sara; Guittar, Michelle; Morse, Geoffrey


    Assessment and supporting data have become of increasing interest in librarianship. In this paper, we describe the development and implementation of the Northwestern University Library Acknowledgments Database tool, which gathers and documents qualitative data, as well as its component reporting function. This collaborative project and resulting…

  10. Organizational Commitment in Estonian University Libraries: A Review and Survey (United States)

    Kont, Kate-Riin; Jantson, Signe


    The data used in this article is based on the reviewing of relevant literature to provide an overview of the concepts of organizational commitment, job security, and interpersonal relations, as well as on the results of the original online survey, conducted by the article's authors, held in 2012 in Estonian university libraries governed by public…

  11. Student Satisfaction with Electronic Library Resources at Wayne State University (United States)

    Holley, Robert P.; Powell, Ronald R.


    This paper reports the results of a survey of student satisfaction with electronic library resources other than the online catalog at Wayne State University. Undertaken in Fall Term 2000 as a class project for a marketing course, a student team designed, administered, and analyzed a survey of a random sample of students. Almost 40% of the…

  12. Positioning the University Library in the New Learning Environment (United States)

    Jamieson, Peter


    Universities worldwide are reconfiguring their campus environments to respond to the emerging pedagogy within higher education with its emphasis on self-directed, collaborative, and problem-solving approaches to learning. In particular, there is an emphasis on forming "learning communities." In this context libraries are increasingly required to…

  13. The university library in social networks: planning a quality presence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Estela Carmen Andrade Andrade


    Full Text Available Talks about the feasibility of participation of university libraries in social networking. We present the benefits and opportunities of Web 2.0 and online communities. Poses a set of guidelines aimed at developing a work plan that enables the implementation of site information in a social network. It highlights the capabilities of librarians to optimize this type of service.

  14. An Analysis of Direct Reciprocal Borrowing among Quebec University Libraries (United States)

    Duy, Joanna C.; Lariviere, Vincent


    An analysis of Quebec academic libraries' direct reciprocal borrowing statistics from 2005 to 2010 reveals that the physical distance separating universities plays an important role in determining the amount of direct reciprocal borrowing activity conducted between institutions. Significant statistical correlations were also seen between the…

  15. Developing a Science Cafe Program for Your University Library (United States)

    Scaramozzino, Jeanine Marie; Trujillo, Catherine


    The Science Cafe is a national movement that attempts to foster community dialog and inquiry on scientific topics in informal venues such as coffee houses, bookstores, restaurants and bars. The California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Robert E. Kennedy Library staff have taken the Science Cafe model out of bars and cafes and into…

  16. Library & information science research in pakistani universities


    Fatima, Nasim; Mahmood, Khalid


    It presents bibliographic information on the master and doctoral theses submitted to six universities in Pakistan up to 2003. Although the compilers feel that this list is still not as comprehensive as it should have been, but it is first work of its kind in Pakistan and serves the purpose to a great extent. A total of 855 entries of theses are arranged under 16 subject categories. Web Designing by Naveed ul Haq Hashmi

  17. Perceptions of Library Staff Regarding Challenges of Developing Digital Libraries: The Case of an Iranian University (United States)

    Mohsenzadeh, Faranak; Isfandyari-Moghaddam, Alireza


    Purpose: The present research aims to identify the difficulties and obstacles for developing digital libraries in the seven regional branches of Islamic Azad University (IAU), Iran, and to study the status of librarians' skills and education programmes at these institutions. Design/methodology/approach: The 40 individuals working in the regional…

  18. Liverpool's Discovery: A University Library Applies a New Search Tool to Improve the User Experience (United States)

    Kenney, Brian


    This article features the University of Liverpool's arts and humanities library, which applies a new search tool to improve the user experience. In nearly every way imaginable, the Sydney Jones Library and the Harold Cohen Library--the university's two libraries that serve science, engineering, and medical students--support the lives of their…

  19. - A Digital Library for Astronomy 101 (United States)

    Gagne, M.; Monahan, P.; Deustua, S.; Mason, B.


    The AAS is sponsoring the development of a digital collection of online resources for teaching introductory astronomy: Astronomy Center is part of the ComPADRE project with the AIP and its member organizations (see Deustua et al. at this meeting). The goal of Astronomy Center is to build a portal that will be a broad collection of high-quality digital resources, a useful and inviting interface to search and browse the collection, and an online meeting place for faculty at a variety of institutions to gather and share information. The collection will be launched in early 2005 and will initially contain a few hundred resources, selected primarily by Astronomy Center staff. The collection will grow through user and author submissions. Meanwhile, resources will be peer-reviewed and featured on the site as the collection grows. We will present the site, the user interface, some resources in the collection, the peer review process, and how members of the community can get involved with Astronomy Center. This work was made possible by a NSF National Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Digital Library (NSDL) grant to the AAPT, AIP, and AAS.

  20. Development of Higher Education in Albania: The Case of the Public University Libraries in Efforts to Build Digital and Electronic Services for the Academic Community

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erena Haska


    Full Text Available Between the obligation of carrying out their mission to ensure the quality development of higher education and the right to function as important centers where knowledge is taken, developed and transmitted, this paper will examine the technological developments of university libraries as an important part of higher education. Digital and electronic experiences applied in Albanian universities libraries will be brought to the attention of the public. This paper is based on the questionnaire survey conducted at public university libraries in Albania. Opinions of librarians regarding ICT application were elicited using a structured questionnaire, followed up with interviews. In the case of non-response by libraries is consulted their official web sites to have a more complete information. In addition, secondary sources were consulted as domestic and foreign literature in this field. Results show that: 1 the level of application information technology in public university libraries in Albania is acceptable. The most important and serious problem is the lack of the unique University Library ICT Policy; 2 serious handicap is the lack of educated librarians in using information technology; 3 the proportion of university library activity goes more digital, so the digital collection becomes reality in the public university libraries. This paper brings conclusions that contribute to: a national information communication technology policy for university libraries and b the creation of an integrated system for management and transmission of knowledge at the national level for all Albanian university libraries.

  1. University libraries and the indispensable changes in Medical Sciences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Elinor Dulzaides Iglesias


    Full Text Available This work deals with some aspects related with university libraries as an ideal environment to articulate science, knowledge and culture and the need of reorganization of structures and functions within these institutions. We make reference to the changes in the Higher Educational System, which have an impact in other teaching levels. We discuss the new challenges in information and knowledge management and conditions in Medical Science field to adapt traditional methods to the new environment. We discuss how to support the required transformations to turn libraries into research and educational centres.

  2. Colleges and Universities Highway Traffic and Safety Centers. (United States)

    Aaron, James E., Ed.; Ritzel, Dale O., Ed.

    After consideration of the organizing of university safety centers and the growth and role of such centers in the future, descriptions are presented of the activities and practices in each of 16 existing college and university highway traffic and safety centers. Information is presented regarding center objectives, programs, staff composition,…

  3. "The Brain" - The Philological Library, Free University of Berlin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Klaus U. Werner


    Full Text Available In 1997 Lord Norman Foster was commissioned to design a new library building to house the 10 previously separate departmental librariesof the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities. The new library had to be integrated into the existing Free University building of 1971, which would simultaneously undergo a comprehensive refurbishment. The 'Rostlaube' ('rusty shack' is a typical example of late sixties architecture. It was designed by Candilis, JosicandWoods in a modular griddling system influenced by Le Corbusier. The entire structure now has to be stripped of asbestos, the worn-out façade needs a facelift and the technical infrastructure must be updated to meet present standards. As far as the reconstruction is concerned, Foster has opted to preserve the original state where possible and keep alterations to a minimum. The library is a completely new component, though, for which parts of the existing building had to be removed. The erection of a new library building was necessitated by the intention of bringing together within the 'Rostlaube' 10 separate departments, currently spread all over campus, together with their staff and administrative offices as well as lecture-rooms. At the same time, the departmental libraries are to be integrated into one, which is a completely new departure for the Free University. The collections of the Philological Library cover classical and modern languages and literatures as well as comparative literature and linguistics. The new building will have a capacity of 800,000 volumes on open shelves and desk space for 650 readers. A state-of-the-art energy-saving heating system is included in the overall budget of 18 million Euros, while the cost of shelves and computer equipment is excluded.

  4. 75 FR 39943 - Notice of Debarment; Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism (United States)


    ... COMMISSION Notice of Debarment; Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism AGENCY: Federal...'') debars Mr. Soled from the schools and libraries universal service support mechanism for a period of three... schools and libraries universal service support mechanism for a period of three years pursuant to 47...

  5. 75 FR 39940 - Notice of Debarment; Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism (United States)


    ... COMMISSION Notice of Debarment; Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism AGENCY: Federal...'') debars Mr. Rowner from the schools and libraries universal service support mechanism for a period of.... Rowner from the schools and libraries universal service support mechanism for a period of three...

  6. 75 FR 20596 - Notice of Debarment; Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism (United States)


    ... COMMISSION Notice of Debarment; Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism AGENCY: Federal... Mr. LaDuron from the schools and libraries universal service support mechanism for a period of three.... LaDuron from the schools and libraries universal service support mechanism for a period of...

  7. The Relationship between University Libraries' Collection for Sports and Their Students' Sports Performances (United States)

    Nagami, Soichiro; Tsuji, Keita


    To demonstrate the effectiveness of university libraries, we investigated the relationship between university students' sports performances and their libraries collections of sports. By examining approximately 20 university libraries' collections and their sports ranks, as indicated by Waseda Sports 2008, we demonstrated their positive…

  8. Quality assurance practices in university libraries in South Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luyanda Dube


    Full Text Available Key to the transformation of the South African higher education landscape has been the introduction and enhancement of quality assurance practices. The implementation of quality assurance mechanisms in the sector has also affected academic libraries, as they are not static, free-standing entities but are part of universities and their academic culture. Evidently, quality assurance is no longer an option, but a critical reality as libraries in general are under immense pressure to prove their worth in competition with other information enterprises, and are also facing budget cuts (Kinnell, Usherwood, & Jones 1999; Tam 2000. Academic libraries, in particular, are facing the extra challenge of striving to align quality initiatives and practices not only with the overall mission and goals of the university, but also with the “fitness for purpose” quality principle by which universities are judged by the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC. The study utilised questionnaires and document analysis to collect data and targeted officers in academic libraries who deal with quality assurance matters or issues as well as policy or other related documents. The results showed that quality assurance practices in academic libraries vary. They range from active and integrative processes for maintaining and improving quality to those that are feeble and not well developed. However, there is general commitment towards instilling a quality culture, encouraging a best practice, participative approach, continuous improvement and satisfying the needs of the customer. As one of its recommendations, the study highlights the need to enhance the depth and breadth of quality assurance initiatives and to create more avenues for sharing best practices.

  9. Consortium Building and Licensing by University Libraries in the Netherlands

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alex C. Klugkist


    Full Text Available There are 13 university libraries in the Netherlands. Together with the Royal Library in The Hague and the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences in Amsterdam they form an association, the Association UKB. The UKB is a voluntary association with no formal legal basis. It is a platform for discussing and developing joint policy in the area of scientific information provision and services in the Netherlands. Her main interests include designing a national information infrastructure, organising loans between libraries, developing digital information services, granting consortium-related licenses, agreeing on pricing policies with respect to publishers, co-ordinating collection development and shared cataloguing and indexing. The UKB co-operates closely with PICA, a Dutch corporation for library automation and information, which was founded by a number of Dutch libraries and is now merged with OCLC. Especially in the field of licensing, the UKB has taken a number of important actions over the last few years: For example, it was on the UKB’s initiative that various licensing deals with information providers were concluded. This paper deals with the results achieved so far and reviews some of the experienced successes and problems.

  10. University library and the new challenges of the XXI century.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marta Liduvina Medina del Sol


    Full Text Available University libraries face the new challenges and kind of work of this century and turn into centres for the research and learning. This bibliographic review is focused on the changes that have marked the transition to the new paradigm of scientific-informative activity, with the arrival of information and communication technologies and the transformation of higher education which have an impact on other kinds of teaching and learning process in the information and knowledge society of the XXI century. We discuss the necessity of developing skills and knowledge among the librarians as part of a process of informational alphabetization. Some styles of work in these institutions are described, which help strengthen the information and knowledge management and the learning process. The main objective is to inform about the work the university library and its transformation into a knowledge industry facing the challenges of this century.

  11. Historical Air Photo Digitization Project University of Waterloo Map Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eva Dodsworth


    Full Text Available The University Map Library (UML at the University of Waterloo developed an onlinecollection of digitized and georeferenced aerial photography of the Kitchener-Waterlooarea from the 1930s and 1940s. Using GIS technology, the air photos were digitizedwith geographical coordinate tags for use in GIS software programs including onlinemapping applications such as Google Earth (GE. By creating and offeringdownloadable georeferenced images compatible with popular mapping tools, the airphotos have gained significant popularity and utilization by not only regular library usersbut by community groups, organizations and corporations who have never used libraryresources before. The integration of modern technology with traditional paper mappinghas proven to be both a method of preservation and a means of increasing and varyingutilization of the collection.

  12. 35. konference IATUL (The International Association of University Libraries)


    Dvořáková, Drahomíra


    Ve dnech 2. - 5. 6. 2014 v Helsinkách (Finsko) proběhla 35. výroční konference asociace IATUL (The International Association of University Libraries). Pořadatelem konference byla Aalto University. Za Národní technickou knihovnu se zúčastnila Mgr. Drahomíra Dvořáková. Téma letošní konference bylo zvolené s podtitulem “Measures for Success: Library Resources and Effectiveness under Scrutiny”. Klíčovými pojmy byly přidaná hodnota a měření efektivity vynaložených prostředků (ROI), související v o...

  13. The University Library and the development of higher education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Luisa Figueredo Figueredo


    Full Text Available The article refers to the importance of the university library for Higher Education as a greater source of knowledge. It also deals with the tasks that have been carried out in this institution since its foundation in the XII century up to now. It also states the different technologies for communication. Besides, its relevance is shown not only to support the academic and research process but also to contribute in the users´ cultural development.

  14. Challenges and Opportunities of Knowledge Management in University Library: A Case Study of Dhaka University Library in Bangladesh

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mostofa, Sk. Mamun


    Full Text Available Knowledge Management (KM has become a fundamental process for all types of institutions in society. Academic libraries are also an integral part of the knowledge system, these institutions being one of the forms that contribute to knowledge development. This study aims to find out the challenges and opportunities associated with KM practices in Dhaka University Library (DUL. The specific objectives were to ascertain the understanding of KM concepts among library professionals of DUL, to explore an overview of KM and its role, and to identify the rationale behind not practicing KM properly at DUL. Appropriate methods were employed. The findings indicate that limited expertise and lack of clear guidelines are the major challenges for the implementation of KM in DUL.

  15. Together with Research Centers and Universities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nuno Domingos Garrido


    Full Text Available The Journal Motricidade has always been walking in parallel with the scientific communities. We found that the affiliation of most authors has, nearly always, a University (Uni or a Research Center (RC. In fact it is almost impossible to conduct research outside these two universes. In this sense, Uni and RC feed the most, if not all, of scientific journals worldwide. By this I mean that is in the interest of Motricidade to be associated with high-quality RC and Uni equally recognized. With regard to RC, Motricidade will publish this year a supplement of the International Congress of Research Centre in Sports Sciences, Health Sciences and Human Development (CIDESD. This RC has conducted research in a variety of areas within the Sport Sciences and Health and always with high recognition and associated publications. It was not by chance that this RC was evaluated with ‘very good’ by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT panel and has been granted funding. This Congress, which takes place every two years, targets to converge research and high level practices within these three areas: Sports, Health and Human Development. The 2016 CIDESD edition is dedicated to "Exercise and Health, Sports and Human Development" and will be held at the University of Évora, between 11 and 12 November of 2016. The readers can check the program in the following link and get more information in the Congress Site available at With regard to Uni, Motricidade signed a cooperation protocol with the University of Beira Interior (UBI in May of 2016, involving the development and dissemination of scientific knowledge in Sports Sciences, Psychology, Human Development and Health. At the present, UBI hosts more than 6,000 students spread across five faculties - Arts & Letters, Sciences, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences and Engineering. When looking at the rankings, for instance


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The East Asia Library(EAZ), following the leadership of the University of Washington(UW) Libraries and the trends of the library world, has made great progress in library automation. Yet the presence of non-roman scripts, or CJK characters, in the library's electronic resources in an environment dominated by phonetic languages makes automation of East Asian Libraries more challenging than libraries which use only roman scripts. This paper first provides a general overview of current information technology. It then offers a brief introduction to the UW Library automation and how the East Asia Library handles automation Finally, it presents the experience of the information technology in Chinese studies at EAL.

  17. The Online Mineral Library at the University of Minnesota (United States)

    Feinberg, J. M.; Burdette, E.; Clayton, M.


    The University of Minnesota maintains a world-class mineral collection comprising over 7000 specimens, many of which are museum quality. Prof. Newton H. Winchell started the collection in the 1850s shortly after the founding of the University itself. Many of the specimens come from pioneering mineralogists such as Winchell, George F. Kunz, and Tibor Zoltai. A small fraction of the most eye-catching samples are on public display within the Department of Earth Sciences, but until recently the vast majority of the collection was housed in locked metal cabinets, which meant that the collection received very little use by students and researchers. To improve the visibility and accessibility of our mineral collection we created an elegant, database-driven website ( This dynamic website is one of the more extensive of its kind and allows the collection to be used as a tool for teaching and research. The searchable, online database contains high-resolution photographs of the University's mineral collection and provides access to the complete collection. Administrators can link numerous specimens to create online "collections" that emphasize particular themes, e.g., economic mineralogy, common mineral donors, or common geographic origin. The online database has already been interwoven into courses for Earth Science majors and non-majors. Researchers are able to explore the library for mineral standards for instrument calibration or more involved experimental research. Further, the online library allows graduate students and faculty to "check out" certain mineral specimens for research, which for the first time allows us to accurately track the use of the collection. The electronic framework for the Online Mineral Library was constructed using the Drupal open source content management system. Undergraduate interns are in the process of systematically photographing each of the mineral specimens for inclusion in the Online Library. Additionally

  18. The impact of the economic crisis on Spanish university libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simón-Martín, José


    Full Text Available The scope of this study is to examine the impact of the financial crisis on the libraries of Spanish public universities. For this purpose, data from staff, finances, and services provided by the 47 public university libraries during 2008-2014 have been analyzed. Overall, the analysis of the data leads us to assert the following observations: these libraries have experienced a reduction in staff and expenditures for the purchase of information resources, whereas the volume of library lending has matched the evolution of student enrollment. Both interlibrary lending and the number of days that libraries were open during this period have decreased. Expenditures on electronic resources made by libraries and library consortia have increased in the period under study to the detriment of expenditures on monographs and printed journals. In this new economic environment, we consider that library managers should design actions for establishing strategies to ensure efficient and high-quality services to users.El presente trabajo tiene como objetivo examinar el impacto de la crisis financiera en las bibliotecas de las universidades públicas españolas. Para alcanzar este propósito se han analizado los datos de personal, los datos económicos, y los referidos a los servicios prestados por las 47 bibliotecas universitarias públicas durante el periodo 2008 a 2014. El análisis de los datos nos lleva a aseverar, a nivel global, las siguientes consideraciones: estas bibliotecas han experimentado una reducción en los efectivos de personal y en los gastos de adquisiciones de recursos de información, mientras que el volumen del préstamo domiciliario ha seguido una evolución similar al del número de estudiantes matriculados. Tanto el préstamo interbibliotecario como el número de días que permanecieron abiertas las bibliotecas durante estos años también han disminuido. El gasto en recursos electrónicos, realizado por las bibliotecas y los consorcios

  19. Influencing Public Education: A "Window of Opportunity" through School Library Media Centers. (United States)

    Schiffman, Shirl S.


    Suggests that instructional technology theory and practice can be introduced into public schools through the school library media center. The changing role of the school library media specialist resulting from computerized library systems is reviewed, the media specialist as change agent is described, and information literacy is discussed. (15…

  20. The Role and Responsibility of the University Library in Publishing in a University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bas Savenije


    Full Text Available As a consequence of developments in information technology, the traditional information chain is subject to change: the separate functions in this chain become more and more integrated and the roles played by the traditional parties are most uncertain. Several new models in scholarly publishing and communication are emerging, in which the scientific community and the scientists themselves play a central role. It is more than natural for universities to support these developments in order to realise new models of scientific communication that are more in tune with the needs of the academic community than the traditional model, which has led to a serious serials crisis. An important step in this direction is that each university encourages scientists to make more use of ICT in their research publications. However, it is also necessary to give serious attention to organisational matters: in this respect every university should take responsibility for collecting, archiving and disclosing the scientific output of its own scientists. The provision of scientific information is the traditional core business of university libraries and it is a natural extension of this role for university libraries to support this development and to organise the processes needed. The paper describes the role that universities and their libraries have to play. It also gives some examples of library initiatives in this field, including an evaluation of their impact on the innovation of scientific communication.

  1. Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers in Texas, 1985. (United States)

    Gidseg, Mitchell, Ed.

    Based on 403 responses to a survey of the 980 libraries on the Texas State Library Mailing List, this directory is designed to describe the variety and depth of special information resources in Texas and to provide a tool for identifying special information not readily obtainable through other means. A listing of special libraries includes…

  2. "The Open Library at AU" (Athabasca University): Supporting Open Access and Open Educational Resources (United States)

    Elliott, Colin; Fabbro, Elaine


    To address challenges that learners, course creators, librarians and academics involved with OER and MOOCs are facing when looking for scholarly materials, Athabasca University Library has initiated the development of "the Open Library at AU." This open library is a full library website that provides easy access to open and free…

  3. Metrics and Science Monograph Collections at the Marston Science Library, University of Florida

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephanie C. Haas


    Full Text Available As academic libraries are increasingly supported by a matrix of database functions, the use of data mining and visualization techniques offer significant potential for future collection development and service initiatives based on quantifiable data. While data collection techniques are still not standardized and results may be skewed because of granularity problems, faulty algorithms, and a host of other factors, useful baseline data is extractable and broad trends can be identified.The purpose of the current study is to provide an initial assessment of data associated with science monograph collection at the Marston Science Library (MSL, University of Florida. These sciences fall within the major Library of Congress Classification schedules of Q, S, and T, excluding TR, TT, and TX. The Rs are also excluded as these subjects are the responsibility of the Health Science Center Library which is connected with the medical school and the teaching hospital. The overall strategy of this project is to look at the potential science audiences within the university community and analyze data related to purchasing and circulation patterns, e-book usage, and interlibrary loan (ILL statistics. This paper presents the results from the academic year July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009, because all data reservoirs needed were available for the circulation and ILL data. The Springer e-book study is based on 2009 data. The research team consisted of both librarians and technical support staff from MSL, the Acquisitions Department, the Cataloging Department, and the IT Department.

  4. Die Bibliothek der Veterinärmedizinischen Universität Wien / The library of the Veterinary University Vienna

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Reinitzer, Doris


    Full Text Available The Library of Austria's only veterinary school serves as a specialized referral center for applied veterinary science and in several areas of basic medical research. Established in 1765, the Veterinary University Vienna is one of the oldest veterinary universities in the world and the library collection dates back to 1777. This paper provides you with a brief overview of the facilities, the services and support that are available to our users. With the influx of electronic resources the library is rapidly changing and we move our collection to an electronic environment. The library recently implemented Primo to combine various electronic resources in one system. We included not only our traditional catalog, but our databases and other electronic resources.

  5. History of Microfilms in Helsinki University Library / National Library of Finland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Sorjonnen


    Full Text Available The Helsinki University Library started the microfilming of Finnish newspapers in 1951 on 35 mm safety film which was cellulose acetate based until the last half of the 1980’s. After some preliminary projects a private service bureau called Rekolid both filmed and copied the films. Because of many kinds of problems the filming was given to Helsinki University Photographic Institute, later known as Helsinki University Audio-Visual Centre, where they also had more interest in the theoretical aspects of photography. The Institute had some scientific research activities too. The technical quality of the microfilms rose when the existing standards were introduced and taken seriously, test targets were utilized, the densities were checked with a properly calibrated densitometer, and so on. The next change took place in 1990 when Helsinki University established the Centre for Microfilming and Conservation in Mikkeli some 230 kilometres northeast of Helsinki. Finally in 1999 The Audio-Visual Centre was closed down and the Microfilming Unit was integrated into the library. When everybody else was outsourcing activities newspaper microfilming was taken up in-house and this was a good decision. We can concentrate more on quality matters than before, and take into account the needs of digitisation and OCR. Economy is not the fundamental basis for actions even though it is still an important aspect.

  6. Die Fachbibliothek Medizin an der Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz / The Medical Branch Library at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Geisel, Heike


    Full Text Available The Medical Library (Fachbibliothek Medizin (FBM was founded in 1969 as a Department of the Central University Library (Zentralbibliothek, and is located within the grounds of the University Medical Center in Mainz. The purpose of the library is to provide all services for students and staff of clinical and clinical-theoretical medicine. Traditional library services focus on media lending, including the textbook collection. In the digital domain, emphasis is on electronic journals and books. The well-established courses and lectures are enhanced through group-specific orientated websites and online tutorials.

  7. University of Washington Center for Child Environmental Health Risks Research (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The theme of the University of Washington based Center for Child Environmental Health Risks Research (CHC) is understanding the biochemical, molecular and exposure...

  8. Banned prints in the National and University Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rozina Švent


    Full Text Available The article deals with the formation and operation of the D-collection (a special collection of banned prints in the National and University Library (NUL. The functioning of the collection was constantly faced with different complications caused either by legislation or by librarians themselves, due to a too strict adherence to some unwritten rules ("better one more then one less". In the 50-years period, a unique collection of at that tirne banned prints was formed,complemented by over 17000 articles indexed from different periodicals.

  9. Technology Transfer from University-Based Research Centers: The University of New Mexico Experience. (United States)

    Rogers, Everett M.; Hall, Brad; Hashimoto, Michio; Steffensen, Morten; Speakman, Kristen L.; Timko, Molly K.


    A study of 55 research centers at the University of New Mexico investigated the nature of the typical center, why funding has risen during the 1990s, reasons for founding the centers, the director's role, how university-based research centers transfer technology to private companies and other organizations, and what determines program…

  10. Libraries in Texas: MedlinePlus (United States)

    ... this page: Libraries in Texas To use the sharing features on ... Amarillo Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Harrington Library of the Health Sciences 1400 Wallace Boulevard Amarillo, ...

  11. Developing E-science and Research Services and Support at the University of Minnesota Health Sciences Libraries. (United States)

    Johnson, Layne M; Butler, John T; Johnston, Lisa R


    This paper describes the development and implementation of e-science and research support services in the Health Sciences Libraries (HSL) within the Academic Health Center (AHC) at the University of Minnesota (UMN). A review of the broader e-science initiatives within the UMN demonstrates the needs and opportunities that the University Libraries face while building knowledge, skills, and capacity to support e-research. These experiences are being used by the University Libraries administration and HSL to apply support for the growing needs of researchers in the health sciences. Several research areas that would benefit from enhanced e-science support are described. Plans to address the growing e-research needs of health sciences researchers are also discussed.

  12. Design and Development of a University E-Library System in Turkey: A Case from Dicle University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Murat YALMAN


    Full Text Available Services provided for students in traditional libraries at universities have been renovated in line with the development of technology. Therefore, today libraries are not evaluated with their sizes of places but with the variety and abundance of sources found in libraries. In terms of current educational activities, it is fairly important for universities to structure and renovate their libraries. The reason is that learning is now independent of place and time. The spread of the Internet and of Internet technologies and the increase in the number of Internet users make e-library obligatory and unavoidable. Therefore, universities should internalize the concept of e-library and take electronic library into consideration while restructuring their library services. The present study tried to determine how to carry out an e-library design in accordance with the library services of universities. In this process, the overall purpose was to determine the needs by examining the user interface of the webpage designed, its interface features, its differences, ease of its use, its clarity for users to understand and the pros and cons of the system. In this way, universities using e-library are believed to provide their students with better services by increasing their quality of education.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silvia GHINCULOV


    Full Text Available This paper reviews the importance and the role of a well-equipped library in the university and academic environment. In order to explore the data and to have an academic research we need to understand the role of the library for a university that why the scientific development concept of ASEM library is based on the idea that the library should become a real support for the teaching, research and continuing education system. Editorial and publishing activity of the Scientific Library ASEM focuses on continuous updating of information on the library's website, publications publishing process integration ASEM their digital collection, editing materials for organizing cultural and scientific activities.

  14. Indoor air quality in the university libraries of Modena (Italy)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fantuzzi, Guglielmina; Aggazzotti, Gabriella; Righi, Elena; Cavazzuti, Lucia; Predieri, Guerrino [Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche, Sezione di Igiene e Microbiologia, Universitadi Modena, Modena (Italy); Franceschelli, Armando [Servizio di Igiene Pubblica Azienda, USL Modena, Modena (Italy)


    We carried out a survey in 16 libraries of the University of Modena, Northern Italy, to assess the indoor exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including formaldehyde, and total dusts. Data were collected on the main structural characteristics of the buildings; indoor microclimate parameters, such as temperature, relative humidity and ventilation rate were measured and air samples taken inside and outside the libraries. The mean value of total dusts was 190{+-}130 {mu}g/m{sup 3} with a wide range of values. Formaldehyde was found in only ten out of 16 libraries and the indoor concentrations ranged from 1.70 to 67.8 {mu}g/m{sup 3} with an average value of 32.7{+-}23.9 {mu}g/m{sup 3}. On the whole, VOCs were present in all the libraries investigated with an average value of 433{+-}267 {mu}g/m{sup 3} (range 102-936 {mu}g/m{sup 3}). No correlation was found among VOCs, formaldehyde and total dusts nor was a significant association observed with microclimatic parameters or the structural characteristics of the buildings. The general situation found in this study suggests no major problems related to indoor pollution. However, some of the pollutants investigated such as total dust and total VOCs deserve further investigation. It is important to identify the possible sources of contaminants and to define the relationship between indoor and outdoor levels of pollutants more accurately, taking into account the effects of air recycling due to natural ventilation systems

  15. Circulation Training in an Integrated Library System: A Case Study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library (United States)

    Atkins, Stephanie S.


    The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Library participated in the statewide conversion to a new integrated library system in the summer of 2002. Prior to the system's implementation, various local and statewide committees coordinated efforts to train their staffs so as to ensure a seamless transition. This case study analyzes, in…

  16. Strategic Alignment at the University of Manchester Library: Ambitions, Transitions, and New Values (United States)

    Jeal, Yvette


    The University of Manchester Library (UML) is embarking on an ambitious new strategy that aims to align the library more closely to the work of the University--to contribute to the University's strategic success. This article describes elements of the strategy development and content, focusing on methods used; how the service has worked…

  17. Research on the Service Mode of Primary Level Libraries Through the Co-Construction of University Libraries and Public Libraries%中小城市校地共建基层图书馆服务模式探讨

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Presently the construction of primary level libraries is still in the infant stage, primary level libraries have many problems such as the imbalanced regional development, lack of resources, the single fund source, inadequate layout, the unstable team, and so on. The mode of primary level libraries of the co-construction of university libraries and public libraries is an innovative mode. In the construction of primary level libraries, university libraries and public libraries should promote the application and the development of network information resources, build the training base for librarians of primary level libraries, carry out volunteer activities, expand fund source channels, and construct the uniform acquisition center, in order to promote the development of primary level libraries continuously and stably.%目前,基层图书馆的建设仍处于起步阶段,存在区域发展不均衡、资源不足、资金来源单一、布局规划不合理、从业队伍不稳定等问题。高校图书馆和公共图书馆共建基层图书馆是图书馆服务模式的一种创新。在基层图书馆建设过程中,高校图书馆和公共图书馆应推进网络信息资源的开发和应用,创建基层图书馆管理员培训基地,开展大学生志愿者服务基层图书馆活动,拓展资金来源渠道,构建统一采购中心,以推进基层图书馆持续、稳定的发展。

  18. The Social Work Research Center at Colorado State University (United States)

    Winokur, Marc A.; Valentine, Deborah P.; Drendel, James M.


    The Social Work Research Center is an innovative university-community partnership within the School of Social Work in the College of Applied Human Sciences at Colorado State University. The center is focused on working with county and state child welfare agencies to generate applied research that translates into evidence-based practice for serving…

  19. 13 CFR 306.7 - Performance evaluations of University Centers. (United States)


    ... 13 Business Credit and Assistance 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Performance evaluations of... Development Program § 306.7 Performance evaluations of University Centers. (a) EDA will: (1) Evaluate each... evaluation period. (b) The performance evaluation will determine in part whether a University Center...

  20. How can university and national libraries achieve deeper collaboration?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brian K. Follett


    Full Text Available Governments are placing great store in "the knowledge economy" as a key engine for economic and social development in a post-manufacturing world. One result is an acceptance for much increased expenditure on research and advanced teaching and there is much debate, at least in the UK, about how these matters should be organised. Since much of the research (excluding defence and virtually all the graduate teaching will be undertaken in the universities it follows that one key question in the UK is just what proportion and number of the 100 UK universities should be truly "research-intensive"? The trend, although it can be exaggerated, is towards greater concentration and last year I estimated (Follett, 2002 that the faculty in about 12 of the universities will spend on average 50% of their working year on research and graduate teaching, and 50% on undergraduate teaching. In another 30 universities faculty will spend about 25% of their annual working year on research and 75% on undergraduate teaching. In the remaining 60 universities the time available for research will be much smaller. A second key question relates to the "research infrastructure" needed to support the researchers. It is my contention that access to world-class "research information resources" - at a reasonable cost - is a pre-requisite for any nation's research base. In parallel, of course, the actual means of providing those "research information resources" is changing rapidly and the existing provision through "local" research libraries in individual universities or research institutes, often set alongside other services from the "national" library, is under both financial and technological strain: · Electronic provision of delivering research information "direct to the desk-top" has inverted the means of delivery. This has been developed most strongly in the natural sciences but is likely to develop in all areas of research. · The generation of primary research data on a

  1. The project "The written-offs" and the deacquisition of library materials at the University Library of Maribor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nina Lončar


    Full Text Available The process of de-acquisition and weeding is based on the same selection criteria as acquisition of library materials and requires profound knowledge and understanding of a library collection. The author presents the methodology and the process of weeding and de-acquisition at the University Library of Maribor. The case study is the project "The Written-Offs". The lights and art works made out of damaged books exhibited in this project attracted a lot of media and public attention. The results and experiences drawn from the project "The Written-Offs" show a possible way to promote libraries.

  2. Center for Space Power and Advanced Electronics, Auburn University (United States)

    Deis, Dan W.; Hopkins, Richard H.


    The union of Auburn University's Center for Space Power and Advanced Electronics and the Westinghouse Science and Technology Center to form a Center for the Commercial Development of Space (CCDS) is discussed. An area of focus for the CCDS will be the development of silicon carbide electronics technology, in terms of semiconductors and crystal growth. The discussion is presented in viewgraph form.

  3. Information Literacy What Does It Look Like in the School Library Media Center?

    CERN Document Server

    Riedling, Ann Marlow


    This book is designed for courses that prepare college and university students for undergraduate or graduate degrees in school library media. It is also written as a helpful instructional manual or guidebook for practicing school library media specialists. The overall goal of this textbook is to teach library media specialists what information literacy looks like—in general, in the school, in the classroom, in your mind, in life, and in motion. Helpful scenarios and extensive annotated resources are included

  4. Pop-up Library at the University of Birmingham: Extending the Reach of an Academic Library by Taking "The Library" to the Students (United States)

    Barnett, James; Bull, Stephen; Cooper, Helen


    Aligning with student engagement and promotional strategies, a Pop-Up Library project was initiated at the University of Birmingham. This involved setting up temporary, staffed stalls in different locations across campus in order to informally communicate with students and effectively take "the Library" to them. This article discusses…

  5. Re-Designing a School Library Media Center for the 21st Century (United States)

    Moyer, Mary; Baker, Rosalie M.


    The School Library Media Center at Delsea Regional High School was not meeting the needs of the students, staff and community of the 21st century and hence a re-design of the library space was needed. The re-design project included planning objectives, providing a scale drawing and involving key players as stakeholders.

  6. Automating the School Library Media Center. A Select ERIC Bibliography. Mini-Bib. (United States)

    Preston, Nancy R., Comp.

    This 13-item annotated bibliography was compiled through a search of the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) database using the following descriptors: Library Automation, Bibliographic Databases, Bibliographic Utilities, Online Catalogs, Machine Readable Cataloging, and Integrated Library Systems. Among the issues addressed are the…

  7. Technostress in Libraries and Media Centers: Case Studies and Coping Strategies. (United States)

    Hickey, Kate D., Ed.


    Discusses technostress--i.e., stress brought on by changes in technology--in libraries and media centers. Case studies are presented that show stress in community college libraries caused by the rapid implementation of new technologies; coping strategies for librarians and media specialists are discussed; and strategies for managers are suggested.…

  8. The AIME Statewide Survey of School Library Media Centers: Expenditures & Collections. (United States)

    Callison, Daniel; Knuth, Rebecca


    This report is based on an Indiana statewide survey of school library media center collections, budgets, and services which was sponsored by the Association for Indiana Media Educators (AIME). Completed and usable surveys were received from 823 public and private school library media programs representing 44% of the total possible school library…

  9. Development of the self-service library : the case of the Central technological library at the University of Ljubljana

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matjaž Žaucer


    Full Text Available The article describes the importance of self-service in libraries. Individual phases of library services and probability for self-service are analysed. The author gives the ex¬ample of the Central Technological Library at the University of Ljubljana, which made some improvements based on diagnostic evaluation and detection of poor performance of some services. Advantages, disadvantages, and economical aspect of self-service loan unit are given. The application of self-renewals and information on loan transactions by phone, with interactive voice response, is described. The library also plans to enable the self-pick up of books ordered by phone. Some ideas for further develop¬ment of self-service in the library and its impact on the new library building plans are mentioned.

  10. The University of New Mexico Center for Molecular Discovery. (United States)

    Edwards, Bruce S; Gouveia, Kristine; Oprea, Tudor I; Sklar, Larry A


    The University of New Mexico Center for Molecular Discovery (UNMCMD) is an academic research center that specializes in discovery using high throughput flow cytometry (HTFC) integrated with virtual screening, as well as knowledge mining and drug informatics. With a primary focus on identifying small molecules that can be used as chemical probes and as leads for drug discovery, it is a central core resource for research and translational activities at UNM that supports implementation and management of funded screening projects as well as "up-front" services such as consulting for project design and implementation, assistance in assay development and generation of preliminary data for pilot projects in support of competitive grant applications. The HTFC platform in current use represents advanced, proprietary technology developed at UNM that is now routinely capable of processing bioassays arrayed in 96-, 384- and 1536-well formats at throughputs of 60,000 or more wells per day. Key programs at UNMCMD include screening of research targets submitted by the international community through NIH's Molecular Libraries Program; a multi-year effort involving translational partnerships at UNM directed towards drug repurposing - identifying new uses for clinically approved drugs; and a recently established personalized medicine initiative for advancing cancer therapy by the application of "smart" oncology drugs in selected patients based on response patterns of their cancer cells in vitro. UNMCMD discoveries, innovation, and translation have contributed to a wealth of inventions, patents, licenses and publications, as well as startup companies, clinical trials and a multiplicity of domestic and international collaborative partnerships to further the research enterprise.

  11. Assessment of academic libraries in Mazandran, Goleston and Babol Medical Universities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ehteram Sadat Ilali


    Full Text Available (Received 3 August, 2009; Accepted 13 Jan, 2010AbstractBackground and purpose: Libraries have a specific place in universities and have also an important role in students' education and research. The aim of this study was to evaluate the situation of academic libraries in Mazandaran, Babol and Golestan Universities of Medical Sciences.Materials and methods: This study is a descriptive survey in 25 academic libraries in Mazandaran, Golestan and Babol medical Universities. The tool of the survey was a standard questionnaire (ACRL, and the libraries were assessed using of checklist and interview.Results: Thirteen librarians (53% hold a BSc degree, one (4% with an MSc degree and two (8% had an AA degree. Regarding to prediction and design of the libraries structure, only 40% (10 libraries had prior programs. Related to budget, 40% relied on resources from the deputy for research, 12% on faculty current budget and 8% on hospital current budget, (40% of others libraries did not have a planned budget. 12 libraries (45% were open 6 days a week, 10 libraries (40% 5 days a week and 3 libraries (12% provided services every day. 39665 references were held at central library of Babol Medical Sciences University and less than 1016 at 5 Azar Hospital in Golestan Medical Sciences University. Fifteen libraries (60% had access to Medline and Elsevier databases and 10 Libraries (40% did not have any access.Conclusion: University libraries must be standardized to meet the need of the students and staff.Key words: School libraries, therapeutic and teaching hospitals, standards, ACRL, IranJ Mazand Univ Med Sci 2009; 20(74: 85-89 (Persian

  12. Impact of Using Information Technology in Central University Libraries in India: Results of a Survey (United States)

    Peyala, Venkataramana


    Purpose: The purpose of this article is to present the results of a research study conducted to assess the perceptions and opinions of 100 staff working in libraries on the impact of using IT on library housekeeping operations and information services, in eight central university libraries in India. Design/methodology/approach: Data gathering…

  13. Experiences of the Student Population at an Urban University: How Do They Use a Joint Library? (United States)

    Molteni, Valeria E.; Goldman, Crystal; Oulc'hen, Enora


    The King Library in San José, California, is a unique combination of academic and public library. It serves the diverse populations of the City of San José and San José State University (SJSU). This article provides analysis of data collected in a study on the concept of "library as place" and SJSU students' sense of belonging…

  14. 75 FR 3732 - Notice of Suspension and Initiation of Debarment Proceedings; Schools and Libraries Universal... (United States)


    ... COMMISSION Notice of Suspension and Initiation of Debarment Proceedings; Schools and Libraries Universal... arising out of activities associated with or related to the schools and libraries support, may respond by... party to be suspended cannot continue to benefit from the schools and libraries mechanism...

  15. Library Automation in Sub Saharan Africa: Case Study of the University of Botswana (United States)

    Mutula, Stephen Mudogo


    Purpose: This article aims to present experiences and the lessons learned from the University of Botswana (UB) library automation project. The implications of the project for similar libraries planning automation in sub Saharan Africa and beyond are adduced. Design/methodology/approach: The article is a case study of library automation at the…

  16. Web archiving in the National and University Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alenka Kavčič-Čolić


    Full Text Available The National and University Library (NUK of Slovenia has been investigating web archiving methods and techniques since 2001. Under the new Legal Deposit Law adopted in 2006, NUK is the responsible institution for harvesting and archiving the Slovenian web. In 2008 NUK started archiving the Slovenian web by making use of the web harvesting and access tools developed by the IIPC International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC. The paper presents the complexity of web harvesting and gives an overview of the international practice and NUK’s cooperation in the IIPC consortium. Special attention is given to the analysis of public sector web content,harvested since 2008. Main goals of future developement of the web archive are an increase of harvested Slovenian web sites, the development of a user interface for public access and development of improved methods for harvesting technically problematic content.

  17. A text to speech interface for Universal Digital Library

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    PRAHALLAD Kishore; BLACK Alan


    The objective of Universal Digital Library (UDL) is to capture all books in digital format. A text to speech (TTS)interface for UDL portal would enable access to the digital content in voice mode, and also provide access to the digital content for illiterate and vision-impaired people. Our work focuses on design and implementation of text to speech interface for UDL portal primarily for Indian languages. This paper is aimed at identifying the issues involved in integrating text to speech system into UDL portal and describes the development process of Hindi, Telugu and Tamil voices under Festvox framework using unit selection techniques. We demonstrate the quality of the Tamil and Telugu voices and lay out the plan for integrating the TTS into the UDL portal.

  18. Center for Catalysis at Iowa State University

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kraus, George A.


    The overall objective of this proposal is to enable Iowa State University to establish a Center that enjoys world-class stature and eventually enhances the economy through the transfer of innovation from the laboratory to the marketplace. The funds have been used to support experimental proposals from interdisciplinary research teams in areas related to catalysis and green chemistry. Specific focus areas included: • Catalytic conversion of renewable natural resources to industrial materials • Development of new catalysts for the oxidation or reduction of commodity chemicals • Use of enzymes and microorganisms in biocatalysis • Development of new, environmentally friendly reactions of industrial importance These focus areas intersect with barriers from the MYTP draft document. Specifically, section Processing and Conversion has a list of bulleted items under Improved Chemical Conversions that includes new hydrogenation catalysts, milder oxidation catalysts, new catalysts for dehydration and selective bond cleavage catalysts. Specifically, the four sections are: 1. Catalyst development (7.4.12.A) 2. Conversion of glycerol (7.4.12.B) 3. Conversion of biodiesel (7.4.12.C) 4. Glucose from starch (7.4.12.D) All funded projects are part of a soybean or corn biorefinery. Two funded projects that have made significant progress toward goals of the MYTP draft document are: Catalysts to convert feedstocks with high fatty acid content to biodiesel (Kraus, Lin, Verkade) and Conversion of Glycerol into 1,3-Propanediol (Lin, Kraus). Currently, biodiesel is prepared using homogeneous base catalysis. However, as producers look for feedstocks other than soybean oil, such as waste restaurant oils and rendered animal fats, they have observed a large amount of free fatty acids contained in the feedstocks. Free fatty acids cannot be converted into biodiesel using homogeneous base-mediated processes. The CCAT catalyst system offers an integrated and cooperative catalytic

  19. Marketing & Libraries Do Mix: A Handbook for Libraries and Information Centers. (United States)

    Tenney, H. Baird; And Others

    This handbook offers a practical set of ideas to help all types of libraries in the task of marketing their services in an increasingly competitive economy and provides a model program as urged by the White House Conference on Library and Information Services. It is aimed at adult information services in particular, with passing references to…

  20. Library Collection Assessment: A Case Study of Two Universities in the Region of Punjab, India


    Har Singh; Preeti Mahajan


    Collection development is one of the important activities in academic libraries. The purpose of this study is to investigate the perception and the needs of users’ from library collections of print and electronic resources, including users’ awareness of library collection development policy and procedure. The study highlighted various library resources used by the respondents and their degrees of satisfaction. The scope of the study was limited to two universities in the region of Punjab, Ind...

  1. Academic Libraries and Social and Learning Space: A Case Study of Loughborough University Library, UK (United States)

    Bryant, Joanna; Matthews, Graham; Walton, Graham


    A key area of debate within the public and academic library sectors across the world is use of physical space. Changing ideas about what a library should be, coupled with the growth of digital collections, has raised fundamental questions about how library buildings are used and the role of space in library services. Alongside these drivers is the…

  2. The Contribution of the Library to the Reputation of a University (United States)

    Weiner, Sharon


    This paper explores the relationship between a peer-assessed reputation rating for each of the 247 doctoral universities and cross-institutional performance indicators for universities and their libraries. Using multiple regression, the variable of library expenditures, was the only consistently significant one using combinations of variables.…

  3. Budgeting and Funding of the Library at the University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria (United States)

    Osagie, Roseline O.; Orheruata, Matilda U.


    This paper presents the findings of a study on funding of the library at the University of Benin in relation to the recurrent budget implementation during the 1992/93 to 1996/97 academic sessions. The findings indicated that the library depended on the central administrations's allocation for its funding. It also showed that the University of…

  4. Special Librarianship in Yugoslavia: The Central Technical Library at University of Ljubljana. (United States)

    Cveljo, Katherine


    Discusses the development and present status of special librarianship in Yugoslavia and uses the Central Technical Library at the University of Ljubljana to exemplify a central technical university library because of its historical perspective, present status, and its current role in the exchange of scientific and technical information in…

  5. E-Resources, Services and User Surveys in Tsinghua University Library (United States)

    Min, Shao; Yi, Yang


    Purpose: The paper aims to provide an overview of the e-resources and services in Tsinghua University Library, Beijing, and describe five campus-wide user surveys. It states how these user surveys play an important role in service quality enhancement. Design/methodology/approach: Following a brief history of Tsinghua University Library, a summary…

  6. The Undergraduate Library at United States and Canadian Universities: A Bibliographic Review. (United States)

    Person, Roland C.

    This bibliographic review of the literature on American and Canadian university undergraduate libraries was adapted from a PhD dissertation completed at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1982. Included are books, dissertations, and journal articles which treat the undergraduate library as a whole, rather than looking at only one aspect…

  7. Acceptance and Adoption of Open Access Publication (OAP) in University Libraries in South East Nigeria (United States)

    Sambe, Manasseh Tyungu; Raphael, Gabriel Okplogidi


    This study examines the kinds of open access scholarly publication or information resources accepted and adopted by federal university libraries in South East Nigeria. The purpose was to determine the factors that affect open access scholarly publication or information resources acceptance and adoption in university libraries. The study adopted…

  8. A Model for Assessing the Service Quality of University Library Websites

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chung-Min Wu


    Full Text Available Evaluating the e-service quality is essential to organizations. The future of e-libraries has a vital place in universities. Libraries need to use websites as means to provide access to information resources, news and events. The importance of assessing e-service quality of libraries is significant. Previous researchers have developed many methods for assessing e-service quality. However, most of them only focus on the independent hierarchical structure. In this paper, we would like to figure out the criteria for assessing the service quality of library websites from university students’ viewpoints. According to interdependent criteria, the analytic network process (ANP approach is employed to (i generate the priority weights of each criterion; (ii measure the service quality of university library websites. 12 web-based service criteria are identified according to 3144 university students’ viewpoints based on fuzzy Delphi method. On the basis of past studies, we divide 12 criteria into 3 perspectives, namely, system, efficiency, and information quality to measure the service quality of university library websites. On the basis of 3 perspectives and 12 important criteria, service quality of university library websites could be measured more effectively. Moreover, the practical application to measure the service quality of the old and new versions of one university library website presented in Section 5 is generic and also suitable to be exploited for Taiwanese universities.

  9. Library Media Centers. Mini-Bibs 1-13. (United States)

    Buckingham, Betty Jo

    Prepared for the Instruction and Curriculum Division of the Iowa Department of Public Instruction, these 13 brief annotated bibliographies are part of a series designed to remind library media specialists and administrators of a handful of desirable selection tools. The titles in these "mini-bibs" are broad in scope and evaluative in…

  10. Science and Math in the Library Media Center Using GLOBE. (United States)

    Aquino, Teresa L.; Levine, Elissa R.


    Describes the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) program which helps school library media specialists and science and math teachers bring earth science, math, information literacy, information technology, and student inquiry into the classroom. Discusses use of the Internet to create a global network to study the…

  11. Hail Columbia: Fairchild Center, Columbia University, New York (United States)

    Progressive Architecture, 1978


    The design of the Sherman Fairchild Center for the Life Sciences at Columbia University emphasizes the lightness necessitated by the building's placement on an existing five-story podium structure. (Author/MLF)

  12. Use of a Cataloging Center's Bibliographic Records as a Means to Check and Balance Acquisitions Activities at an Academic Health Sciences Library. Report No. 63. (United States)

    Bristor, Patricia R.

    The acquisitions staff at Wayne State University's Shiffman Medical Library has developed a validation system based on the requests for cataloging from the five teaching hospitals which are members of the Detroit Cooperative Cataloging Center (DC3). Located at Shiffman, DC3 provides data on members' acquisition activities which have assisted in…

  13. Data Center Consolidation at the University at Albany

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rebecca L. Mugridge


    Full Text Available This paper describes the experience of the University at Albany (UAlbany Libraries’ migration to a centralized University data center. Following an introduction to the environment at UAlbany, the authors discuss the advantages of data center consolidation. Lessons learned from the project include the need to participate in the planning process, review migration schedules carefully, clarify costs of centralization, agree on a service level agreement, communicate plans to customers, and leverage economies of scale.

  14. Business Students' Perception of University Library Service Quality and Satisfaction (United States)

    Hsu, Maxwell K.; Cummings, Richard G.; Wang, Stephen W.


    The main purpose of this study is to examine the college students' perception of library services, and to what extent the quality of library services influences students' satisfaction. The findings depict the relationship between academic libraries and their users in today's digital world and identify critical factors that may sustain a viable…

  15. International Students, University Health Centers, and Memorable Messages about Health (United States)

    Carmack, Heather J.; Bedi, Shireen; Heiss, Sarah N.


    International students entering US universities often experience a variety of important socialization messages. One important message is learning about and using the US health system. International students often first encounter the US health system through their experiences with university health centers. The authors explore the memorable…

  16. University of Utah, Energy Commercialization Center

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Thompson, James [Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT (United States)


    During the Energy Commercialization Center’s (ECC) three years in operation, the only thing constant was change. The world of commercialization and cleantech evolved significantly during the time the ECC was formed and operating, including: the availability of cleantech funding lessoned, the growth of incubators and accelerators skyrocketed, the State of Utah created an office dedicated to energy development, the University of Utah was both praised and criticized for its success in commercialization, and the Federal government temporarily shut down. During the three-year grant there were three principle investigators on the grant, as well as three directors for the University’s Commercialization Office. Change can be hard for an organization,but as we instruct the companies we support, “Fail fast and fail often, because it is the fastest path to success.” Although there were some unanticipated challenges along the way, the local ecosystem is stronger because of the ECC’s efforts. Perhaps the greatest lesson learned was the importance of aligned incentives between key stakeholders in the commercialization process and the need for resources at the company and individual entrepreneur levels. The universities have systems and incentives to commercialize technologies, but creating value and companies generally rest with the individuals and entrepreneurs. Unfortunately the ECC was unable to create a viable mechanism to transfer the commercialization process that successfully aligned incentives and achieve a more effective ecosystem within the Rocky Mountain West. However, the ECC was successful in adding value to the individual ecosystems, and connecting national resources to regional and local needs. Regarding the ECC’s effectiveness in developing a cleantech commercialization ecosystem, initial inroads and relationships were established with key stakeholders. However, incentives, perceived or real competition, differences in commercialization processes, and

  17. Deviant Behaviors in Library Use: A Case Study of Three Universities in Nigeria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ikuomola Adediran Daniel


    Full Text Available Research on library deviance in Nigeria has largely relied on librarians’ accounts, which often portray students as “deviants” and libraries as “victims”. However, a holistic account should incorporate narratives from both students and librarians in the analysis of deviant behaviors in library utilization. Some common trends of deviance and the implication on library utility in selected universities were discovered through observations and interviews. The study reveals a gap in the security of students’ personal belongings, inadequate electricity supply, and a wide range of deviant behaviors associated with the use of information and communication technologies (ICT in the library. The impact of these lapses thus put much pressure on both librarians and student users. The study recommends proper funding of libraries to enable the adoption of a 21st Century Library Model, which guarantees a variety of spatial and safety arrangements in curbing the menace of deviants in library utilization.

  18. University of Utah, Energy Commercialization Center

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Thompson, James [Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT (United States)


    During the Energy Commercialization Center’s (ECC) three years in operation, the only thing constant was change. The world of commercialization and cleantech evolved significantly during the time the ECC was formed and operating, including: the availability of cleantech funding lessoned, the growth of incubators and accelerators skyrocketed, the State of Utah created an office dedicated to energy development, the University of Utah was both praised and criticized for its success in commercialization, and the Federal government temporarily shut down. During the three-year grant there were three principle investigators on the grant, as well as three directors for the University’s Commercialization Office. Change can be hard for an organization,but as we instruct the companies we support, “Fail fast and fail often, because it is the fastest path to success.” Although there were some unanticipated challenges along the way, the local ecosystem is stronger because of the ECC’s efforts. Perhaps the greatest lesson learned was the importance of aligned incentives between key stakeholders in the commercialization process and the need for resources at the company and individual entrepreneur levels. The universities have systems and incentives to commercialize technologies, but creating value and companies generally rest with the individuals and entrepreneurs. Unfortunately the ECC was unable to create a viable mechanism to transfer the commercialization process that successfully aligned incentives and achieve a more effective ecosystem within the Rocky Mountain West. However, the ECC was successful in adding value to the individual ecosystems, and connecting national resources to regional and local needs. Regarding the ECC’s effectiveness in developing a cleantech commercialization ecosystem, initial inroads and relationships were established with key stakeholders. However, incentives, perceived or real competition, differences in commercialization processes, and

  19. Starting a research data management program based in a university library. (United States)

    Henderson, Margaret E; Knott, Teresa L


    As the need for research data management grows, many libraries are considering adding data services to help with the research mission of their institution. The Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Libraries created a position and hired a director of research data management in September 2013. The position was new to the libraries and the university. With the backing of the library administration, a plan for building relationships with VCU faculty, researchers, students, service and resource providers, including grant administrators, was developed to educate and engage the community in data management plan writing and research data management training.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert C. JOHNS


    Full Text Available This paper discusses the importance of knowledge in the global economy and reviews the process in which knowledge is applied to develop innovations. It confirms the importance of innovation as a key factor for success in today's competitive environment. The paper discusses the contributions a university can make to the innovation process in the field of transportation, and offers a vision of how a university center can enhance and facilitate these contributions. It then describes the efforts of one center, including three examples of innovations facilitated by the center in traffic detection, regional planning, and pavement management. The paper concludes with suggestions that would strengthen the societal contributions of university transportation centers.

  1. The New Law Library of the University of Zurich

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    René Strehler


    Full Text Available The article presents the new Law Library that was opened to the public in 2004. It was integrated in the courtyard of an existing building; its creator was the engineer and architect Santiago Calatrava. The article touches first on the historical background of the building, then gives an outline of the project development. It goes on to explain some of the ecological and energy-saving measures and finally demonstrates the building itself; as the building cannot be 'explained' the demonstration comes in the form of a running commentary on the slides that were shown at the presentation during the LIBER Architecture seminar in Utrecht. The presentation itself is on the web: href="" René Strehler was project manager for the Building Department of the Canton of Zurich, during the construction activities. The Building Department of the Canton of Zurich acted on behalf of the Law Faculty of the University of Zurich.

  2. Thüringer Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Jena – Teilbibliothek Medizin / Thuringian State und University Library (ThULB Jena – Branch Library of Medicine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Troitzsch, Ute


    Full Text Available The article presents the Thuringian State und University Library (ThULB in Jena as an integrated single-tier library system and shows how its medicine section in particular was turned into a genuine multimedia library. Fully supplied with premium equipment, the medicine library is now host to more than 1000 scientists and about 2000 students of the university's medicine department.

  3. From red to green: building and managing the scientific electronic collections for a new Sci-Tech University Library

    KAUST Repository

    Al Zahrani, Rashed


    Electronic resources have evolved to become one of the most important resources within the library’s collection. The growths of these resources and the players involved within this area have provided library users with another alternative to obtain information. When implemented correctly with library assistance (library trainings, reference consultations and so forth), library users can access these electronic resources anywhere in the world with relative ease as long as there is an internet connection. Geographic barriers are no longer an issue and information can be obtained in a just-in-time manner. This paper describes how KAUST library built its electronic resources and how they grew into what it is today. Issues such as manpower, expertise level, budget, ERM tools, library-vendor relations and library-user communication will also be elaborated in the paper. Despite its drawbacks, KAUST library has managed to overcome most of them and strived to improve certain areas of concern. The paper will also describe the library’s ERM future directions and strategic planning. KAUST University was opened in September 2009 and it started out with its first cohort of 800 graduate students (25% female) taught by 100 faculties. The main areas of study focus on science and engineering divisions consisting mainly of: Mathematics and Computer Science, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences. From a demographic snapshot taken in 2010, 36% of the student body came from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, 34% from Asia, 21% from Americas, 5% from Europe and 4% from Africa (alZahrani, R. , Branin, J. and Yi , 2012). The university library, when first started, had about 10 staff. The library is known to have a “state-of-the-art learning and information resource center supporting graduate education and advanced scientific research” (KAUST, 2010). The library subscribed to major science databases, electronic journals and books. It also offers a myriad of services from document

  4. 78 FR 23877 - Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism and A National Broadband Plan for Our... (United States)


    ... COMMISSION 47 CFR Part 54 Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism and A National Broadband... schools and libraries universal service support program (E-rate program) requirements for bundling devices... (Bureau) seeks comment on a proposal to clarify the schools and libraries universal service...

  5. Sharing of information and knowledge among staff in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) library

    KAUST Repository

    Ramli, Rindra M.


    This paper describes strategies and initiatives undertaken by the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) library in sharing information and knowledge among its staff. KAUST Library adopted several IT platforms to enable staff to contribute, share, collaborate, extract and act upon knowledge in order to serve our users better. They include: Sharepoint and Google Docs. As Duffy (2000) stated, that “success depends on capitalizing on every available resource including what a company knows and how it uses what it knows”. Therefore, to provide value-added services to our community of researchers and academicians, library staff needs to be equipped with the right skills and tools to be able to act upon users’ inquiries and information needs. KAUST library which was opened in Aug 2009 aims to support education and advanced scientific research. With its state of the art learning and information resource center, the library provides instructional assistance and reference services to its research and academic community. With the influx of information coupled the pervasive use of information technology and Web2.0, the library has to grapple with the issue of information overload. It is important to be able to sieve through the rubbles of information to apply the relevant ones during the point of transaction. Based on our experience in using various IT platforms, this paper will share the impacts of such tools. Lessons learnt and future directions in this area will also be discussed.

  6. A Remarkable Collection of Rare Scriptures in a Small University Library Setting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teresa Cardin Ellis


    Full Text Available Hardin-Simmons University was given two remarkable collections of rare Bibles and a Sefer Torah with the expressed desire of the donors for the collections to be shared with students, faculty and other constituencies of the university's Richardson Library. The library has tried to fulfill this request while attempting to preserve these treasures for future generations. As small university, without a trained archivist or preservationist, we have utilized resources outside our library and contiue to pursue sources to assist us in the maintenance of these special collections while still engaging them in the educational process.

  7. An introduction to the 3-dimensional virtual library sites-navigation system at Capital Normal University Library

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Shuo; WANG; Xiaoli; HU


    Capital Normal University Library(CNU Library)initiated the first practical application of a 3D virtual library sites-navigation system(an electronic kiosk version)among Chinese academic and research libraries in 2010.It was primarily based on the technologies of 3DsMax and Virtools.This paper concentrates on the discussion of the methods in creating the 3D model and in realizing the interaction among the data usage of the system.As a result,several important service functions of the system have been developed successfully so far for convenient public access.They include the functions of virtual-book searching,path navigation online,real-time message exchanges,and multi-media sharing,etc.

  8. Services and Collections Gathered Near the User: Helsinki University Library and its Present Building Projects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dorrit Gustafsson


    Full Text Available As the National Library of Finland, founded 1640, the Helsinki University Library requires adequate space and this is something we have lacked for the last 60 years. Our main effort over the last decades has been to concentrate our services and collections in one area to form a Library complex. The only way to do it is to renovate old above ground and to build new underground and then try to join them.

  9. Brick and Click Libraries: Proceedings of an Academic Library Symposium (Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, Missouri, October 14, 2005) (United States)

    Ury, Connie Jo., Ed.; Baudino, Frank, Ed.


    These proceedings document the fifth year of the "Brick and Click Libraries Symposium", held annually at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri. Thirty five peer-reviewed papers and abstracts, written by academic librarians, and presented at the symposium are included in this volume. Many of the entries have…

  10. Brick and Click Libraries: Proceedings of a Regional Academic Library Symposium (Missouri State University, Maryville, Missouri, October 10, 2003) (United States)

    Ury, Connie Jo, Ed.; Baudino, Frank, Ed.


    The 2003 Brick and Click is a one-day conference that focuses on providing library resources and services for students who are either on-campus learners or off-campus learners. The conference theme was "The Shape of Tomorrow". It is sponsored by the Northwest Missouri State University in order to offer academic librarians a forum for…

  11. Redesigning the University Library in the Digital Age. (United States)

    Wilson, T. D.


    Business process reengineering (or redesign) has achieved mixed results in business and industry, but it offers a futuristic approach to academic libraries in the digital age. This article outlines factors affecting academic libraries in the United Kingdom and proposes a strategy effecting a change from handling artifacts to handling electronic…

  12. Two decades of change in Dutch university art libraries

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Versteeg, M.


    In 1987 Chris Smeenk wrote in this journal about the libraries of the Dutch art historical institutes. In the 22 years that have since passed many changes have occurred, perhaps most notably the merging of the many autonomous institute libraries into larger ones. Has this led to a more professional

  13. Changes in Academic Library Space: A Case Study at the University of New South Wales (United States)

    Bailin, Kylie


    As the digital environment continues to become more pervasive in our lives, academic libraries have had to adapt to ensure that services remain relevant to users' needs. Research was conducted to examine the 2009-2011 refurbishment at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Library and evaluate its success in meeting users' needs in terms of…

  14. Planning an Authority Control Project at a Medium-Sized University Library. (United States)

    Zhang, Sha Li


    Authority control is a vital part of providing students and faculty with adequate access to collections in university libraries. Small and medium-sized libraries find it challenging to meet rising user expectations and provide adequate access in an online environment through appropriate authority work. A planning process is offered on an authority…

  15. LC Card Order Experiment Conducted at University of Utah Marriott Library (United States)

    Cluff, E. Dale; Anderson, Karen


    Between the months of October 1971 and March 1972 the University of Utah Marriott Library conducted an experiment to test the turn-around time of card orders sent to the Library of Congress. This article is a brief report of that experiment. (1 reference) (Author)

  16. Finding a Way: Library Master Agreements at the University of Tennessee (United States)

    Halaychik, Corey S.


    The contract-review and approval process for purchasing and renewing electronic resources at the University of Tennessee had become cumbersome to campus libraries. To streamline existing procedures, the campus libraries, the Office of Contracts Administration, and the Purchasing Department collaborated to find a solution that restored a measure of…

  17. Take a Paws: Fostering Student Wellness with a Therapy Dog Program at Your University Library (United States)

    Lannon, Amber; Harrison, Pamela


    Therapy dogs are trained and socialized to provide comfort to individuals who are ill or experiencing stress. The following article explores therapy dog outreach programs in academic libraries by describing a successful venture at McGill University Library. Background, planning advice, assessment results, and recommendations are presented with an…

  18. The Implementation of Web 2.0 Technology for Information Literacy Instruction in Thai University Libraries (United States)

    Sawetrattanasatian, Oranuch


    Web 2.0 technology has drawn much attention recently as a fascinating tool for Information Literacy Instruction (ILI), especially in academic libraries. This research was aimed to investigate the implementation of Web 2.0 technology for ILI in Thai university libraries, in terms of information literacy skills being taught, types of Web 2.0…

  19. Online Job Tutorials @ the Public Library: Best Practices from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Job & Career Education Center

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rhea M. Hebert


    Full Text Available This article describes the Job & Career Education Center (JCEC tutorial project completed in September of 2012. The article also addresses the website redesign implemented to highlight the tutorials and improve user engagement with JCEC online resources. Grant monies made it possible for a Digital Outreach Librarian to create a series of tutorials with the purpose of providing job-related assistance beyond the JCEC in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh—Main location. Benchmarking, planning, implementation, and assessment are addressed. A set of best practices for all libraries (public, academic, school, special are presented. Best practices are applicable to tutorials created with software other than Camtasia, the software used by the JCEC project.

  20. Setting Up a Special Collection on Water Pollution in a University Library (United States)

    Friedlander, Janet


    The establishment of a special collection within the university library, the complexities of identifying and collecting reports in the environmental area, locating agencies concerned with water pollution, and recording the location of other local collections of data are described. (Author)

  1. Heidelberg University Library and its Special Subject Collection in Art History



    The article provides a short survey of the history and the services of the Special Subject Collection "Medieval and Modern Art History (up to 1945)" / "Art Studies" at the Heidelberg University Library funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation).

  2. Doctoral Theses in Library and Information Science Completed in Indian Universities, 2001-2007 (United States)

    Mestri, D. D.


    Provides a complete listing and analysis of 219 doctoral theses submitted to the departments of library and information science (DLIS) in 45 Indian universities between January 2001 and December 2007. (Contains 10 tables.)

  3. Library Collection Assessment: A Case Study of Two Universities in the Region of Punjab, India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Har Singh


    Full Text Available Collection development is one of the important activities in academic libraries. The purpose of this study is to investigate the perception and the needs of users’ from library collections of print and electronic resources, including users’ awareness of library collection development policy and procedure. The study highlighted various library resources used by the respondents and their degrees of satisfaction. The scope of the study was limited to two universities in the region of Punjab, India, i.e., Panjab University, Chandigarh and Punjabi University, Patiala. The respondents were postgraduate students from all disciplines of these two universities. A stratified random sampling technique was used. The data was collected through a questionnaire and personal discussions with the respondents about their opinions in collection development of university libraries. The major findings of the study are: the majority of the respondents are not aware of library collection development policy and procedures. Hence, it is recommended that libraries should involve users in collection development, seeking users’ feedback and suggestions and evaluating collections on a regular basis.

  4. The Phoenix syndrome: the National and University Library of Slovenia in 1941-1950

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eva Kodrič-Dačić


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTPurpose: The period from 1941 to 1950 was a turning point in the history of the present National and university library. At the beginning of the II World War the library (at that time known as the University Library moved to the new palace, constructed by the architect Jožef Plečnik, to be in 1944 severely damaged by fire. However, it was reconstructed by the end of the decade and its library collections grew from 335.000 to 500.000 volumes. The number of library employees increased from 10 to 58 and the formal recognition of its national functions made it one of the most important national institutions.Methodology/approach: The article is based on archival documents and records of the National and university library from the period of 1941-1950.Results: During and after the war the library had a privileged status which was manifested in furnishing and reconstruction of the building, in the growth of library collections through numerous gifts which were received during and after the war to substitute the burnt collections, as well as in acquisition of library materials from the Federal Collection Centre. Its storages remained intact in spite of the war and the rigid censorship and the library was even allowed to collect and to store forbidden publications.Research limitation: The comparison with other national libraries and a socio-historical theoretical interpretation could be a fruitful continuation of this kind of study.Originality/practical implications: The case study explores the position of national library in the specific socio-political circumstances.

  5. Users' Satisfaction with Library Information Resources and Services: A Case Study College of Health Sciences Library Niger Delta University, Amassoma, Nigeria (United States)

    Tiemo, Pereware Aghwotu; Ateboh, Benedict Alaowei


    This study investigated users' satisfaction with library information resources and services at the College of Health Sciences (CHS) library Niger Delta University, Nigeria. The objective was to determine the level of users satisfaction with library information resources and services. 2 (two) research questions were formulated to guide the study.…

  6. Counting the Costs of Acquisitions: Using Cost-Benefit Analysis in a Seminary and University Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Verena Getahun


    Full Text Available This essay considers how cost-benefit analysis may be used in a small to mid-sized library to identify cost-savings in the acquisitions of monographs. The essay highlights parallel studies conducted at Luther Seminary Library and Bethel University Library which compared prices, discounts, and time costs across a range of vendor types to identify whether searching for the best price per item is cost-effective, and how much this strategy could save yearly in acquisitions. Both libraries found that substantial potential savings were identified through this study.

  7. Microbiological Quality of Indoor Air in University Libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samuel Fekadu Hayleeyesus


    Conclusions: The indoor air of all libraries were in the range above highly contaminated according to European Commission classification and the most isolates are considered as potential candidates involved in the establishment of sick building syndromes and often associated with clinical manifestations like allergy, rhinitis, asthma and conjunctivitis. Thus, attention must be given to control those environmental factors which favor the growth and multiplication of microbes in indoor environment of libraries to safeguard the health of users and workers.

  8. Techniques for Increasing the Efficiency of Automation Systems in School Library Media Centers. (United States)

    Caffarella, Edward P.


    Discusses methods of managing queues (waiting lines) to optimize the use of student computer stations in school library media centers and to make searches more efficient and effective. The three major factors in queue management are arrival interval of the patrons, service time, and number of stations. (Author/LRW)

  9. Pima Community College Facilities Specification for a Library/Student Center Prototype. Final [Report]. (United States)

    Paulien, Daniel K.; Thibodeau, Yvonne

    This document is a description of a prototype Library/Student Center designed to serve approximately 10,000 students at a comprehensive campus. Prepared by the firm Paulien & Associates, Inc., of Denver, Colorado, this prototype will serve a design basis for facilities at all Pima Community College (PCC) campuses. The prototype will not be…

  10. Getting Lead-Bottomed Administrators Excited about School Library Media Centers. Building Partnerships Series. (United States)

    Snyder, Timothy

    The purpose of this book is to help professional librarians gain administrator support for the library media center. The book is divided into three sections. Part 1, "Setting the Stage," explores the challenge and aspects of accountability that can be lost in the pressures of daily accomplishment. It details the personality characteristics found…

  11. Some Problems Involved in the Shared Cataloging Subsystem of the Ohio College Library Center. (United States)

    Sacco, Margaret T.

    This report outlines the development of the Ohio College Library Center (OCLC) and considers some basic problems in OCLC shared cataloging--e.g., the uneven quality of input cataloging and increasing number of duplicate records. Summaries of findings from an OCLC evaluative study and two surveys of shared cataloging are presented. The report…

  12. HF RFID versus UHF RFID--Technology for Library Service Transformation at City University of Hong Kong (United States)

    Ching, Steve H.; Tai, Alice


    Since libraries first used RFID systems in the late 1990s, more and more libraries have identified the advantages of the technology. With advances in HF and UHF RFID, both alternatives are now viable in library applications. While some librarians are still skeptical towards UHF RFID as unproven in the library arena, the City University of Hong…

  13. The Use of Family Therapy within a University Counseling Center (United States)

    Jackson, Kathryn


    As a counterpoint to the oftentimes adversarial way that parents are viewed when they appear to be overinvolved in the lives of their college-aged students, this article advocates for the use of a family therapy perspective in university counseling centers. Benefits of this perspective include a broadening of the lens through which individual…

  14. Group Treatment of Eating Disorders in a University Counseling Center. (United States)

    Snodgrass, Gregory; And Others

    Sociocultural pressures to pursue an unrealistic ideal of thinness have contributed to an increasing number of students seeking help at a university counseling center for the eating disorders of anorexia nervosa and bulimia. To help these students, a group treatment technique was developed using a cognitive-behavioral approach. Treatment…

  15. Electronic Commerce Resource Centers. An Industry--University Partnership. (United States)

    Gulledge, Thomas R.; Sommer, Rainer; Tarimcilar, M. Murat


    Electronic Commerce Resource Centers focus on transferring emerging technologies to small businesses through university/industry partnerships. Successful implementation hinges on a strategic operating plan, creation of measurable value for customers, investment in customer-targeted training, and measurement of performance outputs. (SK)

  16. Rice University: Building an Academic Center for Nonprofit Education (United States)

    Seaworth, Angela


    According to the author, the setting for their nonprofit education center was close to ideal: Support from a dean who cares deeply about nonprofit organizations; encouragement from the university and its renewed focus on reaching beyond its walls on the eve of its centennial; and a generous gift from alumni who have been affiliated with the…

  17. Walk-In Triage Systems in University Counseling Centers (United States)

    Shaffer, Katharine S.; Love, Michael M.; Chapman, Kelsey M.; Horn, Angela J.; Haak, Patricia P.; Shen, Claire Y. W.


    To meet the complex mental health needs of students, some university counseling centers (UCCs) have implemented walk-in triage intake systems, which have not yet been empirically investigated. This study compared client and clinician differences (N = 5564) between a traditional scheduled intake system (Year 1) and a walk-in triage system (Year 2)…

  18. Establishing a Teaching Support Center at a Land Grant University. (United States)

    Jackman, Diane H.; Swan, Michael K.

    The Teaching Support Center (TSC) at the University of North Dakota was established in 1992 to provide faculty and graduate assistants with a wide range of pedagogical, professional, and technological assistance in order to improve the quality of instruction. A 3-year plan was developed to implement 13 goals, which are: (1) determining the needs…

  19. User-Centered Design of a Web Site for Library and Information Science Students: Heuristic Evaluation and Usability Testing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura Manzari


    Full Text Available This study describes the life cycle of a library Web site created with a user-centered design process to serve a graduate school of library and information science (LIS. Findings based on a heuristic evaluation and usability study were applied in an iterative redesign of the site to better serve the needs of this special academic library population. Recommendations for design of Web-based services for library patrons from LIS programs are discussed, as well as implications for Web sites for special libraries within larger academic library settings.

  20. 50(th) Anniversary of the Central Dental Library of School of Dental Medicine University of Zagreb. (United States)

    Borić, Vesna


    Libraries have an exceptional place in the history, culture, education and scientific life of a nation. They collect all aspects of our linguistics and literacy, all out theoretical assumptions as well as all the results of experience and practice. The importance of a library is not mirrored only in the national and historical role and heritage, but in a more permanent, informational role, since a modern library must, above all, be an effective information system. Since a library of a university operates as a part of its matrix, it is easily shadowed by other forms of educational and scientific infrastructure. 50(th) anniversary of the Central Dental Library of the School of Dental Medicine University of Zagreb is an excellent opportunity to make a call to the institution and public to its unique and irreplaceable role.

  1. Are Libraries Worth Investing in?: Finnish University Libraries and their Effect on the National Economy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vesa Kiviniemi


    Full Text Available The paper discusses the correlation between the growth of the gross national product (GNP of Finland and the library materials costs of the academic libraries during thirty years (1977–2006. Statistical data were used in the analysis and it was found that there is some correlation between the trends of these two. The paper discusses different possibilities for interpretation of this outcome, but the authors draw the conclusion that it is clearly worth investing in libraries as one tool to improve the knowledge economy.

  2. "Hack" Is Not A Dirty Word--The Tenth Anniversary of Patron Access Microcomputer Centers in Libraries. (United States)

    Dewey, Patrick R.


    The history of patron access microcomputers in libraries is described as carrying on a tradition that information and computer power should be shared. Questions that all types of libraries need to ask in planning microcomputer centers are considered and several model centers are described. (EM)

  3. User-Centered Digital Library Project Phase 2: User Testing with Teachers and Students with Disabilities. Evaluation Report (United States)

    Moeller, Babette


    The goal of the User-Centered Digital Library Project, conducted by the National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM) at WGBH, was to adapt the Teachers' Domain online digital library to enable teachers and students with disabilities to more readily use the resources in science classrooms. NCAM added accessibility features such as captions and audio…

  4. The Identification and Role of School Libraries that Function as Instructional Materials Centers and Implications for Library Education in the United States. (United States)

    Lohrer, Alice

    In 1961, the American Association of School Librarians requested a status study to identify elementary, junior and senior high school library programs which serve as instructional materials centers (IMC). An IMC library provides all types of instructional materials and services for teachers and pupils. Initial findings, which were tabulated after…

  5. Libraries in Iowa: MedlinePlus (United States)

    ... levitt-medical-library Iowa City University of Iowa Hardin Library for the Health Sciences 600 Newton Road ... 319-335-9874 Sioux City Mercy Medical Center Sioux City Health ...

  6. 数字时代大学图书馆空间功能的建构策略%Construction Strategies for Space Function of University Library in Digital Era

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    孙羽佳; 李馨; 所玛; 张艳秋


    分析了数字图书馆的特征及图书馆空间功能需求的变化.提出了数字时代大学图书馆空间功能的建构策略,即建成数字化、智能化信息共享中心,人性化的多元学习中心,符合人文精神的文化艺术中心,从而最大限度拓展大学图书馆空间功能.%The paper analyzes characteristics of digital library and changes of library space function demand. It puts forward con-struction strategies for university library's space function, which is to build the library into a digitized intelligent information sharing center, a humanized diversified learning center, and a humanistic culture and art center, so as to maximize university library's space function.

  7. 77 FR 59660 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Stanford University Archaeology Center, Stanford, CA (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Stanford University Archaeology Center, Stanford, CA AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Stanford University Archaeology... Stanford University Archaeology Center. Repatriation of the human remains to the Indian tribes stated...

  8. [Activities of Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center, Maryland University (United States)


    The Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) is recognized as a world leader in the application of remote sensing and modeling aimed at improving knowledge of the Earth system. The Goddard Earth Sciences Directorate plays a central role in NASA's Earth Observing System and the U.S. Global Change Research Program. Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology (GEST) is organized as a cooperative agreement with the GSFC to promote excellence in the Earth sciences, and is a consortium of universities and corporations (University of Maryland Baltimore County, Howard University, Hampton University, Caelum Research Corporation and Northrop Grumman Corporation). The aim of this new program is to attract and introduce promising students in their first or second year of graduate studies to Oceanography and Earth system science career options through hands-on instrumentation research experiences on coastal processes at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

  9. Social Media Use by Librarians for Information Dissemination in Three Federal University Libraries in Southwest Nigeria (United States)

    Quadri, Ganiyu Oluwaseyi; Adebayo Idowu, Oluwafemi


    This study investigated social media use for information dissemination by librarians in federal university libraries in Southwest Nigeria. A descriptive survey method was adopted for the study, while the sample consisted of all 82 librarians in the selected universities. A questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection, while the data…

  10. Telling Our Story: A Case Study of a Collaborative Departmental Blog at Syracuse University Libraries (United States)

    Rauh, Anne E.; McReynolds, Stephanie J. H.


    This case study will take readers through the planning and publication process of a collaborative departmental library blog at Syracuse University, which is a large private, non-profit research intensive university located in central New York State. It will provide an overview of the history of the project and the mission of the blog. It will…

  11. Partnerships in Medical Education: An Exploration of Library Service Models for Postgraduate Medicine at Macquarie University (United States)

    Simons, Mary


    Macquarie University's new medical school, The Australian School of Advanced Medicine (ASAM), is developing a postgraduate program that incorporates a partnership with Macquarie University Library. The curriculum encompasses contemporary models of competency-based assessment, teamwork and lifelong learning that are integrated with research and…

  12. Research on the information literacy skills of college freshmen and evaluation of the library literacy program at Hiroshima University Library


    庄, ゆかり; 長登, 康; 稲垣, 知宏; 隅谷, 孝洋


    Hiroshima University Library offers an information literacy program to freshmen in their first semester which is a one-shot sixty minute session on how to search for and use bibliographic information. Student knowledge and sessions are evaluated through the use of questionnaires about their experiences using computers and pre-and post-tests using e-learning resources. While neither a strong correlation between computer use and information literacy knowledge nor direct effects of their learnin...

  13. 75 FR 32692 - Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism (United States)


    ... Commission via e-mail to and to Nicholas A. Fraser, Office of Management and Budget, via e-mail...-profit elementary and secondary school classrooms and libraries. 3. Since the initial implementation of... disabilities (braille, large print, electronic files, audio format), send an e-mail to or...

  14. E-books: dilemmas, challenges and reality in libraries of the University of Ljubljana

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matjaž Eržen


    Full Text Available Purpose: To research the situation in the field of electronic books (e-books offered by the libraries of the University of Ljubljana, and the problems they are facing up to the collection management of these materials.Methodology/approach: An analysis based on data accessible through the web sites of some libraries and the DiKUL portal (Digital Library of the University of Ljubljana,completed by the data provided by some libraries, is presented.Results: The results and above all the findings about dilemmas the librarians at the University of Ljubljana are dealing with confirm similar problems as stated in the foreign professional literature. There are different kinds of business models, problems with the usage statistics, bibliographic record’s quality and access to library materials.Research limitation: A disrupted organizational structure of the University of Ljubljana library network and consequently a disunited approach to the acquisition and management of e-books as well as a large number of administrators aggravate the gathering of research data and represent obstacles to a more comprehensive collection planning and development.Originality/practical implications: The findings enable a better overview of e-books and initialize a more unified system and activities to provide better access to e-books.

  15. On University Library Morality%高校图书馆道德探微

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Library morality is an important part of the library construction .University library must hold high the banner of li-brary morality in the market economy .The library leadership ,library staff ,readers and other aspects of the library itself must regard consciously the library moral as action guide in order to strengthen the cohesion of the library and motivate the work en-thusiasm of the staff .%图书馆道德是图书馆建设的重要组成部分,在市场经济体制下,高校图书馆更要高举图书馆道德这面大旗,在图书馆自身建设中,馆领导、图书馆员工、读者等,都要自觉以图书馆道德为行动指南,藉以增强图书馆的凝聚力,激励员工的工作积极性。

  16. College Students and University Library%大学生与大学图书馆

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    大学图书馆是高等学校的三大支柱之一.图书馆在大学生的学习生活中扮演着十分重要的作用.为了满足广大读者的需要,高校图书馆需采取多种服务方式,并找准大学生与大学图书馆的结合点,充分发挥其作用.%The college library is one the three pillars of higher learning. There is no doubt that the library plays an important role in students' study and life. In order to meet the needs of readers, university libraries need to adopt a variety of service, and identify the combination of college and university libraries to play its role fully.

  17. Working to define data curated geospatial services on a Research Campus, a Purdue University Libraries Example (United States)

    Branch, B. D.; Kong, N.; Fosmire, M.; Rousi, A. M.


    As Data Curation is becoming a necessity of data science and library science, Purdue University Libraries has been a leader in data curation profiles research. Such research can be defined as a data stewardship protocol similar to a multiple use case analysis. In this this example, The Purdue University Libraries Geographical Information Systems (GIS) department has engaged in a data curation profiles assessment of the campus to baseline and qualify sustainable geospatial data services. It is the intent that other libraries will consider this IRB approved approach of grounded theory to assessment the geospatial data service capacity and potential on a parametric scale. Provided is the status of such research and the some highlights or considerations in the establishment of sustainable geospatial data services that include a full data curated lifecycle. Noted here are some of the essential engagement endeavors of the research.

  18. Study of college library appealing information system: A case of Longyan University (United States)

    Liao, Jin-Hui


    The complaints from the readers at university libraries mainly focus on the aspects of service attitude, quality of service, reading environment, the management system, etc. Librarians should realize that reader complaints can actually promote the role of the library service and communicate with readers who complain in a friendly manner. In addition, the Longyan University library should establish an internal management system, improve library hardware facilities, improve the quality of librarians and optimize the knowledge structure of librarians, so as to improve the quality of the service for readers and reduce complaints. Based on this point, we have designed an appealing information system in cryptography machine basis, to provide readers online, remote and anonymous complaint functions.

  19. The Open Library at AU (Athabasca University: Supporting Open Access and Open Educational Resources

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Colin Elliott


    Full Text Available To address challenges that learners, course creators, librarians and academics involved with OER and MOOCs are facing when looking for scholarly materials, Athabasca University Library has initiated the development of the Open Library at AU. This open library is a full library website that provides easy access to open and free resources. Tools and information literacy tutorials are also included to enable learners, researchers, and others to find, evaluate, and use the information they need for their open learning course or research. Many of the challenges that those involved in open learning face are addressed by the open library and the potential impact it can have on open learning and knowledge sharing is tremendous.

  20. Open Access, Open Source and Digital Libraries: A Current Trend in University Libraries around the World (United States)

    Krishnamurthy, M.


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to describe the open access and open source movement in the digital library world. Design/methodology/approach: A review of key developments in the open access and open source movement is provided. Findings: Open source software and open access to research findings are of great use to scholars in developing…

  1. The Road to Responsive: University of Toronto Libraries’ Journey to a New Library Catalogue Interface

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lisa Gayhart


    Full Text Available With the recent surge in the mobile device market and an ever expanding patron base with increasingly divergent levels of technical ability, the University of Toronto Libraries embarked on the development of a new catalogue discovery layer to fit the needs of its diverse users. The result: a mobile-friendly, flexible and intuitive web application that brings the full power of a faceted library catalogue to users without compromising quality or performance, employing Responsive Web Design principles.

  2. The Adoption of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the University Libraries of Bangladesh: An Exploratory Study


    Siddike, Abul Kalam; Munshi, Nasiruddin; Sayeed, Abu


    This study aims to explore the extent of adoption of information and communication technology (ICT) in the university libraries of Bangladesh. The study discusses the present conditions of using ICT by the public and private university libraries in Bangladesh. The study also finds out the systems and services provided by the university libraries. The paper is a basic work so far such study has not been carried out by anyone in Bangladesh and it investigates the original views o...

  3. A "white elephant" in the library: a case study on loss of space from the Arizona Health Sciences Library at the University of Arizona. (United States)

    Freiburger, Gary


    The Arizona Health Sciences Library is housed in a 4-story building that serves 4 University of Arizona colleges in Tucson. In October 2005, the dean of the college of medicine informed the library director that one floor of the library had to be converted to open classroom space by June 2006. Library staff planned and participated in the conversion of the space. Twenty thousand seven hundred square feet of library space (34% of public space in the building) was used briefly for large classes but is now rarely used. The space is now largely open and contains a variety of moveable seating and tables not suited for quiet study.

  4. A “white elephant” in the library: a case study on loss of space from the Arizona Health Sciences Library at the University of Arizona (United States)

    Freiburger, Gary


    The Arizona Health Sciences Library is housed in a 4-story building that serves 4 University of Arizona colleges in Tucson. In October 2005, the dean of the college of medicine informed the library director that one floor of the library had to be converted to open classroom space by June 2006. Library staff planned and participated in the conversion of the space. Twenty thousand seven hundred square feet of library space (34% of public space in the building) was used briefly for large classes but is now rarely used. The space is now largely open and contains a variety of moveable seating and tables not suited for quiet study. PMID:20098650

  5. In search of service innovations by public libraries in Chinese urban centers:A case study of Dongguan Library

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI; Donglai


    This article introduces several of the more significant service delivery innovations and their resulting accomplishments instigated by Dongguan Library(thereafter abbreviated as DGL)in recent years.The textual exposition of this paper is based on a case study of DGL by this author about its user-centered vision,mission,immediate objectives and the exhibited service performance within a contextual environment of collegial support from its professional peers.After a five-year period of intensive efforts on such focused professional development and practice,DGL has completed its information service mapping and information delivery for the entire municipality of Dongguan on a 7-day and twentyfour-hour(7/24)basis.This singular feast of accomplishment seems to suggest the moral that any significant development of scale of a municipal library has to be in keeping pace closely with the progress of the society at large in general and with the changing information demands of its local clientele in particular.

  6. Bibliometrics and academic staff assessment in Polish university libraries - current trends

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Danuta Ryś


    Full Text Available Academic staff assessment in Poland is, to a large extent, based on bibliographic indicators, such as the number of scientific publications produced, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education score pertaining to the journal rank and the publication type, as well as the number of citations and derivatives. Relevant data is retrieved from bibliographic databases developed by libraries, international citation indexes available for Polish scientific institutions under a national licence, and from open-access international and Polish sources, which are briefly presented in the article. The workload entailed, and in consequence, the results of this citation search vary depending on the search method applied. For this reason university staff members and university authorities often seek assistance for this from the university library staff. This in return provides an opportunity for libraries to increase their role within the academic community.In order to investigate the matter further, the authors conducted a survey among the largest academic libraries in Poland. The findings confirm that bibliometric processes (namely, the registration and the formal acceptance of university staff scientific publications, and compilation of citation reports have become a vital part of modern library work. Bibliographies of university staff publications developed by libraries include various bibliometric indicators (those most frequently used being identified in the article, and have become an important source of statistical and bibliometric information. The survey results highlight the most frequently used bibliometric sources and methods. Examples of bibliographic databases created by the libraries and bibliometric indicators used within these databases are also presented.

  7. Collections management plan for the U.S. Geological Survey Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center Data Library (United States)

    List, Kelleen M.; Buczkowski, Brian J.; McCarthy, Linda P.; Orton, Alice M.


    The U.S. Geological Survey Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center has created a Data Library to organize, preserve, and make available the field, laboratory, and modeling data collected and processed by Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center staff. This Data Library supports current research efforts by providing unique, historic datasets with accompanying metadata. The Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center’s Data Library has custody of historic data and records that are still useful for research, and assists with preservation and distribution of marine science records and data in the course of scientific investigation and experimentation by researchers and staff at the science center.

  8. The Digital Library for Earth System Education: A Progress Report from the DLESE Program Center (United States)

    Marlino, M. R.; Sumner, T. R.; Kelly, K. K.; Wright, M.


    DLESE is a community-owned and governed digital library offering easy access to high quality electronic resources about the Earth system at all educational levels. Currently in its third year of development and operation, DLESE resources are designed to support systemic educational reform, and include web-based teaching resources, tools, and services for the inclusion of data in classroom activities, as well as a "virtual community center" that supports community goals and growth. "Community-owned" and "community-governed" embody the singularity of DLESE through its unique participatory approach to both library building and governance. DLESE is guided by policy development vested in the DLESE Steering Committee, and informed by Standing Committees centered on Collections, Services, Technology, and Users, and community working groups covering a wide variety of interest areas. This presentation highlights both current and projected status of the library and opportunities for community engagement. It is specifically structured to engage community members in the design of the next version of the library release. The current Version 1.0 of the library consists of a web-accessible graphical user interface connected to a database of catalogued educational resources (approximately 3000); a metadata framework enabling resource characterization; a cataloging tool allowing community cataloging and indexing of materials; a search and discovery system allowing browsing based on topic, grade level, and resource type, and permitting keyword and controlled vocabulary-based searches; and a portal website supporting library use, community action, and DLESE partnerships. Future stages of library development will focus on enhanced community collaborative support; development of controlled vocabularies; collections building and community review systems; resource discovery integrating the National Science Education Standards and geography standards; Earth system science vocabulary

  9. The Universe Observation Center: an educational center devoted to Astronomy in Catalonia (United States)

    Fernández, D.

    The Universe Observation Center (in Catalan language, Centre d'Observació de l'Univers, COU) is located in close proximity to the Montsec Astronomical Observatory (Observatori Astronòmic del Montsec, OAM), in eastern Catalonia (Spain). Both centers comprise the Montsec Astronomical Park (Parc Astronòmic Montsec, PAM), managed by the Consorci del Montsec. Montsec Mountain remains the finest location for astronomical observation in Catalonia, as demonstrated by a site-testing campaign conducted by the Astronomy and Meteorology Department of the University of Barcelona. The COU consists of a Central Building (including a permanent exhibition and three classrooms possessing broadband Internet access), the Telescope Park (two astronomical domes equipped with medium-size telescopes, a coelostat for solar observation, and a portable telescope park), the Eye of Montsec (a digital planetarium and, at the same time, an extremely innovative platform for sky observation) and the Garden of the Universe (a tour of the land surrounding the COU, visiting several areas within it). The COU will offer to the Spanish academic community a host of fascinating and unique activities in the fields of astronomy and geology. The Center is open not only to students (from primary school through university), but also to amateur astronomers, people interested in science and the general public.

  10. The Arizona Universities Library Consortium patron-driven e-book model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeanne Richardson


    Full Text Available Building on Arizona State University's patron-driven acquisitions (PDA initiative in 2009, the Arizona Universities Library Consortium, in partnership with the Ingram Content Group, created a cooperative patron-driven model to acquire electronic books (e-books. The model provides the opportunity for faculty and students at the universities governed by the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR to access a core of e-books made accessible through resource discovery services and online catalogs. These books are available for significantly less than a single ABOR university would expend for the same materials. The patron-driven model described is one of many evolving models in digital scholarship, and, although the Arizona Universities Library Consortium reports a successful experience, patron-driven models pose questions to stakeholders in the academic publishing industry.

  11. La génesis de las bibliotecas universitarias en España Genesis of university libraries in Spain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Genaro Luis García-López


    Full Text Available Análisis de la institución de la universidad en España en el tránsito entre el Antiguo Régimen y la sociedad liberal en el que se destacan los objetivos que los reformadores pretendían conseguir y los problemas existentes. A partir de caracterizar los centros educativos superiores se analiza la biblioteca universitaria, su desarrollo previo hasta el primer tercio del siglo XIX, su consolidación con la integración de los fondos bibliográficos de las comunidades religiosas suprimidas, su doble caracterización como biblioteca de centro educativo y pública, y sus principales problemas y su posible servicio para el desarrollo cultural y científico del país.An analysis of the university in Spain is made in its transition from the "Ancien Régime" to the liberal society, stressing the aims the reformers sought to obtain and the coexisting problems they encountered. After characterizing the higher education centers, an analysis of the university library is made: its previous development up until the first third of the XIX Century; the consolidation of its holdings after integrating the documents had by the suppressed religious communities (the Jesuits; its double character as library and public education center; and its main problems and the possible service it lent to the cultural and scientific development of the country.

  12. Best Practices for Repositioning, towards Global Competitiveness in Academic Libraries of Privately-Owned Universities (ALPUS) in Nigeria (United States)

    Eghe-Ohenmwen, Aghama


    Information is a bedrock of any developing society and that is the core purpose of university libraries. This enables staff and student to learn and teach students not just in theory but in practice. However, without well-established libraries the above role may not be implemented. Therefore, there is need for globally competitive libraries in…

  13. Service with Style: Micki McIntyre--Health Sciences Library, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (United States)

    Library Journal, 2005


    After a brief career in musical theater, Micki McIntyre entered the graduate library program at Columbia University, where she noticed a poster advertising free tuition to library employees. "There was a vacancy at the health sciences library, and that's how a theater major became a medical librarian." She's a medical librarian with…

  14. 高校图书馆的管理创新%Management Innovation of Universities Library

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    孙林; 李玥賝; 朱秋玲


    As the science and technology developing rapidly,and the human society into a knowledge society,multidisciplinary subject is more and more integrated and knowledge updates cycle is shortened.Library user requirements for library are not only the demand of knowledge library,and show the multiplex tendency.Based on the present situation of university library,it was proposed that university library should change service concept and innovate service model,to make the library play the role of education and service for the teaching and scientific research,to provide high quality service.%由于科技发展日新月异,人类社会进入知识社会,学科的综合整体化越来越强,知识更新周期日渐缩短。图书馆使用者对图书馆的要求已不再仅仅满足于文献借阅,对知识的需求呈现出多元化趋势。基于高校图书馆的现状,提出高校图书馆要转变服务理念和创新服务模式,以期使图书馆更好地发挥其教育和服务职能,为高校的教学科研提供更高质量的服务。

  15. University of Maryland component of the Center for Multiscale Plasma Dynamics: Final Technical Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dorland, William [University of Maryland


    The Center for Multiscale Plasma Dynamics (CMPD) was a five-year Fusion Science Center. The University of Maryland (UMD) and UCLA were the host universities. This final technical report describes the physics results from the UMD CMPD.

  16. Lunar and Meteorite Sample Education Disk Program — Space Rocks for Classrooms, Museums, Science Centers, and Libraries (United States)

    Allen, J.; Luckey, M.; McInturff, B.; Huynh, P.; Tobola, K.; Loftin, L.


    NASA’s Lunar and Meteorite Sample Education Disk Program has Lucite disks containing Apollo lunar samples and meteorite samples that are available for trained educators to borrow for use in classrooms, museums, science center, and libraries.

  17. Online book order request in the University of Tsukuba Library (United States)

    Kumagai, Toshio; Tsukada, Yoshihiko; Hayase, Hitoshi; Yoshida, Akira; Yamamoto, Jun'ichi

    The online book order request, which is an enlarged inquiring subsystem of TULIPS, started its service of accepting order request in online from terminals outside the library and started in October 1987. Its structure consists of four parts; duplicate checking, record making, cancellation and record display. Through duplicate checking, it is possible to retrieve holding and ordering information at the same time, and by record making we can make use of bibliographic data in JAPAN-MARC or LC-MARC. This function corresponds to various types of terminals on campus and fully automates office documents. Integrating information retrieval and electronic mail system, this online service supplies the end users the information about the availability of materials and current status of requests in a rapid, precise and paperless form.

  18. An evaluation on the Web page navigation tools in university library Web sites In Turkey


    Çakmak, Tolga


    Web technologies and web pages are primary tools for dissemination of information all over the world today. Libraries are also using and adopting these technologies to reach their audiences. The effective usage of these technologies can be possible with user centered design. Web pages that have user centered design help users to find information without being lost in the web page. As a part of the web pages, navigation systems have a vital role in this context. Effective usage of navigation s...

  19. Application of Library Management Software in Aligarh Muslim University (United States)

    Ansari, Mehtab Alam


    Sir Syed Ahmad founded the Madrasatul Uloom in a small city named Aligarh in India. The establishment of this institute, which was later known as Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental (MAO) College and has now become Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), marks one of the most important events in the educational and social history of modern India. The Maulana…

  20. Embedded and visible: balancing the university library in the digital age


    Norry, JP


    In the academic library sector we think of ourselves as an essential element of the university operation, woven into the fabric of our institutions, and with large buildings, significant budgets and staff numbers, we’re a very visible part of the university picture. But in the new digital world our main business is now online, our most expensive resources indistinguishable from free online information, and our information skills have transformed into digital literacy, where many others claim ...

  1. Improving Self Service the Six Sigma Way at Newcastle University Library (United States)

    Kumi, Susan; Morrow, John


    Purpose: To report on the collaborative project between Newcastle University Library and 3M which aimed to increase self-issue levels using six sigma methodology. Design/methodology/approach: The six-month long project is outlined and gives an insight into the process improvement methodology called six sigma. An explanation of why we ran the…

  2. Standards for Reference Service at the University of Michigan--Dearborn Library. (United States)

    Galligan, Sara

    Few standards for reference services have appeared in the past, therefore guidelines for reference librarians at the University of Michigan--Dearborn library are offered. The guidelines presented are based upon reference standards prepared by the Reference and Adult Services Division (RASD) Standards Committee for the ALA Centennial Conference in…

  3. Print and Electronic Resources: Usage Statistics at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Library (United States)

    Kapoor, Kanta


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to quantify the use of electronic journals in comparison with the print collections in the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Library. Design/methodology/approach: A detailed analysis was made of the use of lending services, the Xerox facility and usage of electronic journals such as Science Direct,…

  4. Automation of Acquisition Records and Routine in the University Library, Newcastle upon Tyne (United States)

    Line, Maurice B.


    Purpose: Reports on the trial of an automated order routine for the University Library in Newcastle which began in April 1966. Design/methodology/approach: Presents the author's experiences of the manual order processing system, and the impetus for trialling an automated system. The stages of the automated system are described in detail. Findings:…

  5. Training in Support of Leadership Development at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus Library (United States)

    Newman, Dunstan; Newman, Nadine


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to focus on training in support of leadership development at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, main and branch libraries. Design/methodology/approach: The paper is based on an interview with a campus librarian and desk research. Findings: Like any other institution in the world, the Mona Library…

  6. Teaching and Fostering Information Literacy Programmes: A Survey of Five University Libraries in Africa (United States)

    Baro, Emmanuel E.; Keboh, Tarela


    Information Literacy (IL) is recognized around the world as an essential skill for the information society. The aim of the paper is to examine the various information literacy practices in university libraries in Africa, to identify the barriers facing IL programmes in Africa, and to provide suggestions on how best to improve IL practices. A…

  7. Placing the Library at the Heart of Plagiarism Prevention: The University of Bradford Experience (United States)

    George, Sarah; Costigan, Anne; O'hara, Maria


    Plagiarism is a vexing issue for Higher Education, affecting student transition, retention, and attainment. This article reports on two initiatives from the University of Bradford library aimed at reducing student plagiarism. The first initiative is an intensive course for students who have contravened plagiarism regulations. The second course…

  8. An Audit of Skills and Qualifications in Preservation and Conservation Techniques: The Case of the University of Zambia Libraries (United States)

    Shameenda, Kimbo Lemmy; Kanyengo, Christine Wamunyima


    This article establishes the level of skills and experience in preservation and conservation management using a case study methodological approach conducted in the 3 university libraries at the University of Zambia. The findings revealed that 20 (57%) of the library staff had not received formal training in preservation and conservation of library…

  9. Coordination of Two On-Line Information Retrieval Services At the University of Minnesota Bio-Medical Library. (United States)

    Egeland, Jan; Foreman, Gertrude

    The Bio-Medical Library at the University of Minnesota has access to two on-line computer systems: the MEDLINE system (MEDLARS ON-LINE) of the National Library of Medicine and the State University of New York (SUNY) Biomedical Communication Network. MEDLINE consists of two files which provide coverage of the "Index Medicus" from 1970 to the…

  10. A Crucial Dipole Test of the Expansion Center Universe

    CERN Document Server

    Lorenzi, Luciano


    The expansion center Universe gives a dipole anisotropy to the Hubble law, at any Hubble depth D. After a long series of successful dipole tests on the nearby Universe, using historic data sets of about half a century, and that carried out on 53 SCP SNe Ia ranging around the average redshift =0.5 (ECM paper VI: SAIt2004 in Milan), here is a crucial multiple dipole test at z bins centred on the mean =1.0, or Hubble depth D=c/H0, and based on data from SCP Union compilation (SCPU: Kowalski et al. 2008) and SCP Union2 (SCPU2: Amanullah et al. 2010), including those obtained within "The new wedge-shaped Hubble diagram of 398 SCP supernovae..." (ECM paper IX: SAIt2010 in Naples). Table 5abc lists data of two main samples, with 48 SCPU SNe Ia and 58 SCPU2 SNe Ia respectively. The confirmed dipole anisotropy, shown by 6 primary sample tests and by another 27 from 9 encapsulated z bins with D=DL/(1+z), gives a model independent result, in full accordance with the expansion center model. This means a maximum cz range ...

  11. The Universe Observing Center a modern center to teach and communicate astronomy (United States)

    Ribas, Salvador J.


    The Universe Observing Center is one of the parts of the Parc Astronòmic Montsec (PAM). PAM is an initiative of the Catalan government, through the Consorci del Montsec (Montsec Consortium), to take advantage of the capabilities and potential of the Montsec region to develop scientific research, training and outreach activities, particularly in the field of Astronomy. The choice of the Montsec mountains to install the PAM was motivated by the magnificent conditions for observing the sky at night; the sky above Montsec is the best (natural sky free of light pollution) in Catalonia for astronomical observations. The PAM has two main parts: the Observatori Astronòmic del Montsec (OAdM) and the Universe Observing Center (COU). The OAdM is a professional observatory with an 80-cm catadioptric telescope (Joan Oró Telescope). This telescope is a robotic telescope that can be controlled from anywhere in the world via the Internet. The COU is a large multipurpose center which is intended to become an educational benchmark for teaching and communicate astronomy and other sciences in Catalonia. The management of the COU has three main goals: 1) Teach primary and secondary school students in our Educational Training Camp. 2) Teach university students housing the practical astronomy lectures of the universities. 3) Communicate astronomy to the general public. The COU comprises special areas for these purposes: the Telescopes Park with more than 20 telescopes, a coelostat for solar observations and two dome containing full-automated telescopes. The most special equipment is ``The Eye of Montsec'', with its 12m dome containing a multimedia digital planetarium and a platform for direct observation of the sky and the environment. During 2009 we expect around 10000 visitors in Montsec area to enjoy science with Montsec dark skies and an special natural environment.

  12. 77 FR 59661 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Stanford University Archaeology Center, Stanford, CA (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Stanford University Archaeology Center, Stanford, CA AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Stanford University Archaeology... to be culturally affiliated with the human remains may contact the Stanford University...

  13. Library 2.0: University Library Services Upgrade%图书馆2.0:升级大学图书馆服务

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    基于大学图书馆2.0的发展状况,探究了其产生背景、理念服务、技术应用,通过文献和高校图书馆网站调研,将国内外高校图书馆应用图书馆2.0服务的实际情况进行了对比分析,指出了其相互差异。探究了图书馆2.0促使大学图书馆组织变革,职位结构发生变化,从而升级大学图书馆服务。%based on university library 2.0 state of development, explores the background, the concept ot service, tecnnology, literature and library web site through research, application of the library 2.0 library at home and abroad service car- ried out a comparative analysis of the actual pointed out their mutual differences, library 2.0 explores the organiza- tional change to promote university libraries, job changes in the structure, prompting the university to upgrade li- brary services and university libraries at home and abroad as a case study.

  14. Discussion on University Library and Construction of Campus Culture%论高校图书馆与校园文化建设

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    高校图书馆是校园文化的中心,在校园文化建设过程中,图书馆应该处于引领地位,在校园物质文化、精神文化和行为文化各方面发挥重要作用,高校在校园文化建设中要充分重视图书馆文化建设。%Culture is the soul of a university. University library should be the center for the construction of campus culture, playing important role in the leading position of campus material culture, spiritual culture and behavior culture. Colleges and Universities should give full attention to the construction of library culture in the construction of campus culture.

  15. Collaboration between the University of Michigan Taubman Health Sciences library and the University of Michigan Medical School Office of Research. (United States)

    Black, Christine; Harris, Bethany; Mahraj, Katy; Schnitzer, Anna Ercoli; Rosenzweig, Merle


    Librarians have traditionally facilitated research development resulting in grants through performing biomedical literature searches for researchers. The librarians at the Taubman Health Sciences Library of the University of Michigan have taken additional steps forward by instituting a proactive approach to assisting investigators. To accomplish this, the librarians have taken part in a collaborative effort with the University of Michigan Medical School Office of Research. Through this partnership, both units have created and adopted various techniques intended to facilitate the submission of grants, thus allowing researchers more time to conduct their primary activities.

  16. Standards for University Libraries = Normes pour les bibliotheques universitaires = Richtwerte fur Universitatsbibliotheken = Normas de bibliotecas universitarias. IFLA Professional Reports No. 10. (United States)

    Lynch, Beverly P., Ed.

    This statement prepared by the International Federation of Library Associations' Section of University Libraries and Other General Research Libraries presents standards of general principles designed to accomplish the following: (1) provide a means by which the quality of the library serving a university can be assessed; (2) offer guidance for…

  17. An Assessment of New University Library Building in France during the Period 1990-1999

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marie-Francoise Bisbrouck


    Full Text Available Following implementation of two governmental programs a third such plan, referred to as the „ Third Millennium University”(„U3M” was considered, with an initial work phase stretching from 2000 to 2006. In view of implementing the latest plan, and given the objectives outlined just now, the Ministry of Education, as the authority responsible for university libraries, thought fit to undertake an assessment of at least one part of those buildings newly opened to the public. The aim of this assessment was to ensure that future library construction and refurbishment programs would incorporate the changes achieved, both as regards pedagogical methods employed in university teaching, and the development of information technologies. I should now like to describe the methodology of this assessment, then present some data regarding the results obtained. In April 1998 a think-tank was set up under my responsibility, comprising around fifteen project managers, university library managers or document-section heads in charge of the building or restructuring project for their particular libraries.

  18. Macro trends in the development of the university libraries of Latin America:in special focused on innovation in learning and research process



    The paper is about the Macro trends in the development of the university libraries of Latin America:in special focused on innovation in learning and research process. The library as generator of changes. The library is leader in services. The library develop changes in learning. The library support of research.

  19. International outreach for promoting open geoscience content in Finnish university libraries - libraries as the advocates of citizen science awareness on emerging open geospatial data repositories in Finnish society (United States)

    Rousi, A. M.; Branch, B. D.; Kong, N.; Fosmire, M.


    In their Finnish National Spatial Strategy 2010-2015 the Finland's Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry delineated e.g. that spatial data skills should support citizens everyday activities and facilitate decision-making and participation of citizens. Studies also predict that open data, particularly open spatial data, would create, when fully realizing their potential, a 15% increase into the turnovers of Finnish private sector companies. Finnish libraries have a long tradition of serving at the heart of Finnish information society. However, with the emerging possibilities of educating their users on open spatial data a very few initiatives have been made. The National Survey of Finland opened its data in 2012. Finnish technology university libraries, such as Aalto University Library, are open environments for all citizens, and seem suitable of being the first thriving entities in educating citizens on open geospatial data. There are however many obstacles to overcome, such as lack of knowledge about policies, lack of understanding of geospatial data services and insufficient know-how of GIS software among the personnel. This framework examines the benefits derived from an international collaboration between Purdue University Libraries and Aalto University Library to create local strategies in implementing open spatial data education initiatives in Aalto University Library's context. The results of this international collaboration are explicated for the benefit of the field as a whole.

  20. Ephemera publications as legal deposit in National and University library, Slovenia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Veronika Potočnik


    Full Text Available The Slovenian production of all categories of library resources has been considerably increased over the last decade and ephemera comprise a large portion of the national output. The article explores some definitions of ephemera especially those given in the 2006 Legal Deposit Act, and describes ephemera as a special collection of national importance. The development of this special collection at the National and University Library, Slovenia is discussed and some important milestones are presented. Statistical data to illustrate the acquisitions of ephemera are provided. An innovative approach to cataloguing ephemera - the so called "collection cataloguing" is proposed.

  1. The early universe: facts and fiction (astronomy and astrophysics library)

    CERN Document Server

    Börner, Gerhard


    This fourth edition of Börner's "The Early Universe" is practically a new book, not just updated version. In particular, it is now organized so as to make it more useful as a textbook. And problem sections are also added. In the centre are the connections between particle physics and cosmology: The standard model, some basic implications of quantum field theory and the questions of structure formation. Special emphasis is given to the observed anisotropies of the cosmic microwave background and the consequences drawn for cosmology and for the structure formation models. Nuclear and particle physicists and astrophysicists, researchers and teachers as well as graduate students will welcome this new edition of a classic text and reference.

  2. Introduction of socialized service of university library%浅谈地方高校图书馆的社会化服务

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The University Library is the school's Documentation and Information Center. It is not only responsible for the university's mission of teaching and research services, but also has the functions of social service. Currently, the resource utilization of some university libraries is not very high, and the resources of public libraries are relatively insufficient. In this case, how to meet the reading needs of the university readers and the general public is a thought-provoking question to local university libraries. The thesis analyzes the meanings and measures of the social services in the local university libraries in order to promote its career develop better.%高校图书馆是学校的文献信息中心,不仅担负着为本校教学和科研服务的任务,而且还具有社会化服务的职能。目前,有些高校图书馆的资源利用率并不是很高,而公共图书馆资源又相对缺乏。在这种情况下,地方高校图书馆如何做到既满足本校读者的阅读需求,又能满足社会大众的阅读需求,是地方高校图书馆应该深思的问题。本文主要从地方高校图书馆社会化服务的意义和措施进行分析,以此来推动地方高校图书馆事业更好地发展。

  3. Development of Higher Education in Albania: The Case of the Public University Libraries in Efforts to Build Digital and Electronic Services for the Academic Community

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erena Haska


    This paper brings conclusions that contribute to: a national information communication technology policy for university libraries and b the creation of an integrated system for management and transmission of knowledge at the national level for all Albanian university libraries.

  4. NASA Lunar Sample Education Disk Program - Space Rocks for Classrooms, Museums, Science Centers and Libraries (United States)

    Allen, J. S.


    NASA is eager for students and the public to experience lunar Apollo rocks and regolith soils first hand. Lunar samples embedded in plastic are available for educators to use in their classrooms, museums, science centers, and public libraries for education activities and display. The sample education disks are valuable tools for engaging students in the exploration of the Solar System. Scientific research conducted on the Apollo rocks has revealed the early history of our Earth-Moon system. The rocks help educators make the connections to this ancient history of our planet as well as connections to the basic lunar surface processes - impact and volcanism. With these samples educators in museums, science centers, libraries, and classrooms can help students and the public understand the key questions pursued by missions to Moon. The Office of the Curator at Johnson Space Center is in the process of reorganizing and renewing the Lunar and Meteorite Sample Education Disk Program to increase reach, security and accountability. The new program expands the reach of these exciting extraterrestrial rocks through increased access to training and educator borrowing. One of the expanded opportunities is that trained certified educators from science centers, museums, and libraries may now borrow the extraterrestrial rock samples. Previously the loan program was only open to classroom educators so the expansion will increase the public access to the samples and allow educators to make the critical connections of the rocks to the exciting exploration missions taking place in our solar system. Each Lunar Disk contains three lunar rocks and three regolith soils embedded in Lucite. The anorthosite sample is a part of the magma ocean formed on the surface of Moon in the early melting period, the basalt is part of the extensive lunar mare lava flows, and the breccias sample is an important example of the violent impact history of the Moon. The disks also include two regolith soils and

  5. Tianjin Normal University Establishes Women’s Studies Center

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    IN July, 1993, an international seminar titled "Chinese Women and Development—Status, Health and Employment" was sponsored by the Women’s Studies Center at Tianjin Normal University. More than 100 international and domestic specialists and workers who deal with women’s issues attended. At the conference, the Women’s Research Institute of the All-China Women’s Federation disclosed the results of an investigation about the status of women in China, which was launched in the early 1990s on a nationwide scale. The results showed that China’s economic reform has greatly affected women. As a result, many researchers who began their research by considering China’s present economic situation, tried to determine the influences the state’s

  6. New Mexico State University Arrowhead Center PROSPER Project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Peach, James


    This document is the final technical report of the Arrowhead Center Prosper Project at New Mexico State University. The Prosper Project was a research and public policy initiative funded by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The Prosper project (DOE Grant Number DE-NT0004397) began on October 1, 2008 (FY2009, Quarter 1) and ended on December 31, 2012 (FY2013, Quarter 1). All project milestones were completed on time and within the budget. This report contains a summary of ten technical reports resulting from research conducted during the project. This report also contains a detailed description of the research dissemination and outreach activities of the project including a description of the policy impacts of the project. The report also describes project activities that will be maintained after the end of the project.

  7. Joint development utility and university and utility and research center

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pinto, Roberto del Giudice R.; Valgas, Helio Moreira [Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais (CEMIG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    This paper shows the background acquired by CEMIG in dealing with projects associated with R and D (Research and Development), carried out as a result of the establishment of contracts or governants with universities and research center for direct application on the solution of problems related to the operation of the system, within the scope of electrical operation planning. The various aspects of a project of this nature such as legal questions, characterization of a contract or a covenant, main developments and new opportunity areas should be covered. Finally the subject shall be dealt with under the Total Quality approach, involving the proposition of control items associated to the process and goals to be reached. (author) 7 refs., 2 figs.

  8. Die Fachbibliothek Medizin (FBMed am Universitätsklinikum Essen / The Medical Branch Library at the University Hospital Essen

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wibker, Katrin


    Full Text Available The branch library ‘Medizin’ provides the faculty of medicine and the university hospital (about 943 professors and scientific assistants; about 1665 medical students with literature and information and fulfils important tasks regarding research, teaching and patient care.Along with matters of use of the library (lending, advice, interlibrary loan, reserved semester collections, training courses, there is also certain work concerning the processing of literature (for example acquisition and binding of journals that is carried out on the spot. Furthermore the branch library ‘Medizin’ looks after and advises several libraries in various institutes of the university hospital.

  9. Photodynamic research at Baylor University Medical Center Dallas, Texas (United States)

    Gulliya, Kirpal S.; Matthews, James Lester; Sogandares-Bernal, Franklin M.; Aronoff, Billie L.; Judy, Millard M.


    We received our first CO2 laser at Baylor University Medical Center in December 1974, following a trip to Israel in January of that year. Discussion with the customs office of the propriety of charging an 18% import tax lasted for nine months. We lost that argument. Baylor has been using lasers of many types for many procedures since that time. About ten years ago, through the kindness of Tom Dougherty and Roswell Park, we started working with photodynamic therapy, first with hematoporphyrin I and later with dihematoporphyrin ether (II). In February 1984, we were invited to a conference at Los Alamos, New Mexico, U.S.A. on medical applications of the free electron laser as part of the Star Wars Program. A grant application from Baylor was approved that November, but funding did not start for many months. This funding contributed to the development of a new research center as part of Baylor Research Institute. Many of the projects investigated at Baylor dealt with applications of the free electron laser (FEL), after it became available. A staff was assembled and many projects are still ongoing. I would like to outline those which are in some way related to photodynamic therapy.

  10. A Model Job Training Program for Summer Youth: Library Interns at Grambling State University, A.C. Lewis Memorial Library, Grambling, Louisiana. (United States)

    Carroll, Sally; Stokley, Sandra


    A six-week university library intern program sponsored by the Job Training Partnership Act investigated the impact of 12 economically disadvantaged high school students working at Grambling State University (Louisiana). Interns succeeded, learned skills later described on their resumes and job application letters, and gained self-esteem and job…

  11. The Stocker AstroScience Center at Florida International University (United States)

    Webb, James R.


    The new Stocker AstroScience Center located on the MMC campus at Florida International University in Miami Florida represents a unique facility for STEM education that arose from a combination of private, State and university funding. The building, completed in the fall of 2013, contains some unique spaces designed not only to educate, but also to inspire students interested in science and space exploration. The observatory consists of a 4-story building (3 floors) with a 24” ACE automated telescope in an Ash dome, and an observing platform above surrounding buildings. Some of the unique features of the observatory include an entrance/exhibition hall with a 6-ft glass tile floor mural linking the Florida climate to space travel, a state-of-the art telescope control that looks like a starship bridge, and displays such as “Music from the universe”. The observatory will also be the focus of our extensive public outreach program that is entering its 20 year.

  12. Engaging a Wider Community: The Academic Library as a Center for Creativity, Discovery, and Collaboration (United States)

    Shapiro, Steven D.


    Academic libraries have reported long-term declines in circulation, reference transactions, reserves, and in-house library materials usage. Increasingly, libraries are perceived as being less critical to the academic enterprise. Are these trends irreversible? Perhaps public libraries and some innovative academic libraries can provide us with some…

  13. Zweigbibliothek Medizin der Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Münster – vor Ort, online und mobil / Medical Branch Library of the University & Regional Library Münster – local, online, and mobile

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Obst, Oliver


    Full Text Available The Medical Branch Library is a subject library of the University and Regional Library Münster, and was founded in 1993 as the central medical library in the grounds of the University Hospital. Second only to the German National Library in Cologne, it is the largest medical library in North Rhine-Westphalia. The budget of the library derives mainly from the Medical Faculty. The funding from the university and from tuition fees is used to acquire textbooks. The physical library is used almost exclusively as a place of learning (by students, while the online presence mainly by researchers and physicians. The library offers since 1997 e-journals, since 2003 e-books and media for Smart Computers/Phones. It is using innovative ways for supplying journal articles, such as a virtual library budget and serving Subito for free.

  14. Research on Implementation of University Library Value Based on University Library Culture%基于大学图书馆文化的图书馆价值实现研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    论文通过对文化和大学图书馆文化内涵的了解,阐述大学图书馆文化视角下的图书馆价值,以及大学图书馆文化与大学图书馆价值之间的关系,提出大学图书馆通过营造文化氛围,以多种途径实现大学图书馆的文化价值、社会价值和服务价值。图书馆文化与图书馆价值的关系表明,图书馆价值的实现必须立足于图书馆文化建设,图书馆文化是图书馆价值实现的基础与前提。%Through the understanding of culture and the cultural connotation of university library, this paper elaborates the library value from the perspective of the university library culture and the relationship between university library culture and the value of university library, and puts forward to create a cultural atmosphere to achieve university library’s cultural value, social value and service value in a variety of ways. The relationship of library culture and the value of library indicates that the library value is based on the construction of library culture and library culture is the basis and premise to realize the value of library.

  15. Knotworking in Academic Libraries: Two Case Studies from the University of Helsinki

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yrjö Engeström


    Full Text Available Librarians in academic libraries are facing major changes in their work due to, e.g., the internet, digitization, and increasing use of new channels for information retrieval by their most important clients, namely researchers. This creates challenges for librarians: both to deepen their own expertise and to develop innovative service models for their clients. In this paper we present a development project entitled ‘Knotworking in the Library’ from the Helsinki University Library. The project made use of the Change Laboratory method, which is an intensive developmental effort which facilitates improvements in the activities of organizations and changes in the organizational culture. The process started in Viikki Campus Library in 2009–2010 and continued in the City Centre Campus Library in 2010–2011. The aim was to create new kinds of partnership between libraries and research groups in the form of knotworking. By knotworking we mean a boundary-crossing, collective problem-solving way of organizing work. The knotworking model presented in this paper generated practical tools to assist selected research groups in dealing with data management related-issues.

  16. The occupational therapist as a consultant on a university library layout adequacy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iranise Moro Pereira Jorge


    Full Text Available Objective: This article aims to present the diagnosis, development and planning of the Universidade Federal do Paraná library layout – UFPR campus of Rebouças, located in the city of Curitiba. Method: We adopted a methodological approach of qualitative nature and exploratory descriptive character using, initially, the physical-environmental analysis with Ergonomics (NR 17 and Accessibility (NBR 9050 guiding principles. The library diagnosis was then performed using data collected through observations in the library plant, photo camera records and measurements taken with a measuring tape. Results: Based on the results from the library environment analysis, it was verified the need for adjustments as the evaluated environments did not meet the reference guidelines used. Thus, in order to implement the interventions proposed by the researchers, the University Engineering, Maintenance and Joinery department helped to make this environment accessible and appropriate to future users and library workers. Conclusion: The study highlights that the possibility environment adapting before the operation favors a work space adequate to the development of the tasks, a work organization and maintenance of the users’ health, which will contribute to a satisfactory occupational performance when using this environment


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tian Yongmei


    Full Text Available It has been argued for many years that whether the university library should be open to the society or not, not only the university library has the responsibility and ability to be open to the social readers, but also it is the need of making lifelong education and building a Learning Society. Be it whether the experiences from overseas or the development of the university library itself, it is an inevitable trend of keeping sustainable development, thereby enlarging the range of services, maximizing fully our advantages and serving the society in response to actual situation.It is the ultimate solution that government and universities join hands to open the university library service to the community.

  18. 77 FR 59968 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate Cultural Items: Stanford University Archaeology Center, Stanford, CA (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Intent To Repatriate Cultural Items: Stanford University Archaeology Center... Archaeology Center, in consultation with the appropriate Indian tribes, has determined that the cultural items... affiliated with the cultural items may contact the Stanford University Archaeology Center....

  19. Privacy and Online Social Networks: A Proposed Approach for Academic Librarians in University Libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Greg Hutton


    Full Text Available

    This paper analyzes the ways in which academic librarians in university settings can educate the staff, students, and public involved in the library community of both the risks and benefits of involvement in online social network sites such as Facebook. The concerns addressed range from maintaining users’ basic privacy and protecting themselves from physical and mental harm, to making users aware of how the information being shared on these sites may be used in newly emerging marketing practices. The paper recommends that academic librarians utilize social networking sites themselves in order to provide current, relevant information to the relevant parties in the university library community.


  20. Collaboration in electronic resource provision in university libraries: SHEDL, a Scottish case study


    Kidd, T


    This case study examines the growth of collaboration among Scottish higher education institutions. Following a summary of the work of the Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries (SCURL), more detailed information is provided on collaboration in the fields of acquisition, licensing, selection, and purchasing. Some of the UK background is outlined, relating to NESLi2 in particular, in order to illuminate the options within Scotland. The origins of negotiations on electronic ...

  1. Sharing of Information and Cooperation among University Libraries and their Importance in the Networked World

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heloisa Helena Anzolin


    Full Text Available Libraries and information units face daily challenges of making their book collections more visible for use. In addition to visibility, materials should also be easily available, if possible, online. To achieve this goal, catalogues are essential tools for finding the desired information. It is equally important that libraries cooperate with each other and share their catalogues among them. In this context, participation of libraries in information networks is a positive alternative. Libraries should not be bound to their local book collection, but they also need to expand it through networks, so that they are able to borrow books or exchange documents with other libraries. University libraries need to create storage of local documents with open access to theses, dissertations, scientific research papers and their institutional memory. Although Brazilian university libraries have made significant progress in the provision of services using new information and communication technologies as well as by taking part in cooperative networks, it is necessary to see that libraries have reached various stages of development and we still have a long way to go.Bibliotheken setzen sich täglich mit der Frage auseinander, wie sie für ihre Sammlungen eine höhere Sichtbarkeit erreichen können. Zusätzlich sollten ihre Bestände am besten online verfügbar sein. Kataloge sind zur Erreichung dieses Zieles unerlässlich. Dazu müssen Bibliotheken vermehrt kooperieren. In diesem Zusammenhang ist die Bildung von Verbünden eine positive Alternative. Bibliotheken sollten nicht nur auf ihre lokalen Bestände fokussieren, sondern Verbünde bilden um Ausleihen aus anderen Bibliotheken zu ermöglichen. Universitätsbibliotheken sollten Dissertationen, Abschlussarbeiten, Forschungsergebnisse und Dokumente der Institution Open Access zur Verfügung stellen. Obwohl die brasilianischen Universitätsbibliotheken bereits grosse Fortschritte in der Anwendung neuer

  2. An Empirical Study of Leadership Style of Middle Managers in Taiwan’s University Libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chen Su-may Sheih


    Full Text Available Few studies have addressed the topic on leadership within the field of librarianship. With a hope to add to the narrative literature of the leadership, the researcher employed literature review and analysis, questionnaires, and statistics analysis, to explore the leadership style of middle managers in the university libraries in Taiwan area. 343 university librarians and 85 department heads participated in this survey. The survey data indicates that there is a discrepancy between middle managers’ self expressed leadership behavior profiles and those perceived by subordinate librarians. And some subordinate librarians’ demographics may affect their perceptions of leadership behavior demonstrated by department heads. [Article content in Chinese

  3. Innovative Informations- und Kommunikationswege an wissenschaftlichen Bibliotheken: 10 Fragen über Anwendungen und Erfahrungen von Web 2.0 bis Emerging Technologies von Bruno Bauer an Guus van den Brekel, Informationsexperte an der Medizinischen Bibliothek der Universität Groningen / Innovative information and communication systems for scientific libraries: 10 questions about practice and experience covering Web 2.0 to Emerging Technologies. An interview with Guus van den Brekel, information specialist for the medical library at Groningen University (Netherlands by Bruno Bauer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    van den Brekel, Guus


    Full Text Available Guus van den Brekel is information specialist and IT-Coordinator for the Central Medical Library at the University Medical Center Groningen (Netherlands. There he is responsible for innovation and for the development of new library services. The present interview informs about the meaning and benefit of Web 2.0 and Emerging Technologies, about the advantage of Blogs and Twitter and the importance of mobile applications for libraries. Furthermore the interview deals with the future role of library.

  4. Cancer Research Center Indiana University School of Medicine

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The Department of Energy (DOE) proposes to authorize the Indiana School of Medicine to proceed with the detailed design, construction and equipping of the proposed Cancer Research Center (CRC). A grant was executed with the University on April 21, 1992. A four-story building with basement would be constructed on the proposed site over a 24-month period. The proposed project would bring together, in one building, three existing hematology/oncology basic research programs, with improved cost-effectiveness through the sharing of common resources. The proposed site is currently covered with asphaltic pavement and is used as a campus parking lot. The surrounding area is developed campus, characterized by buildings, walkways, with minimal lawns and plantings. The proposed site has no history of prior structures and no evidence of potential sources of prior contamination of the soil. Environmental impacts of construction would be limited to minor increases in traffic, and the typical noises associated with standard building construction. The proposed CRC project operation would involve the use radionuclides and various hazardous materials in conducting clinical studies. Storage, removal and disposal of hazardous wastes would be managed under existing University programs that comply with federal and state requirements. Radiological safety programs would be governed by Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) license and applicable Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. There are no other NEPA reviews currently active which are in relationship to this proposed site. The proposed project is part of a Medical Campus master plan and is consistent with applicable local zoning and land use requirements.

  5. Exploring Best Practices for Research Data Management in Earth Science through Collaborating with University Libraries (United States)

    Wang, T.; Branch, B. D.


    Earth Science research data, its data management, informatics processing and its data curation are valuable in allowing earth scientists to make new discoveries. But how to actively manage these research assets to ensure them safe and secure, accessible and reusable for long term is a big challenge. Nowadays, the data deluge makes this challenge become even more difficult. To address the growing demand for managing earth science data, the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) partners with the Library and Technology Services (LTS) of Lehigh University and Purdue University Libraries (PUL) on hosting postdoctoral fellows in data curation activity. This inter-disciplinary fellowship program funded by the SLOAN Foundation innovatively connects university libraries and earth science departments and provides earth science Ph.D.'s opportunities to use their research experiences in earth science and data curation trainings received during their fellowship to explore best practices for research data management in earth science. In the process of exploring best practices for data curation in earth science, the CLIR Data Curation Fellows have accumulated rich experiences and insights on the data management behaviors and needs of earth scientists. Specifically, Ting Wang, the postdoctoral fellow at Lehigh University has worked together with the LTS support team for the College of Arts and Sciences, Web Specialists and the High Performance Computing Team, to assess and meet the data management needs of researchers at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES). By interviewing the faculty members and graduate students at EES, the fellow has identified a variety of data-related challenges at different research fields of earth science, such as climate, ecology, geochemistry, geomorphology, etc. The investigation findings of the fellow also support the LTS for developing campus infrastructure for long-term data management in the sciences. Likewise

  6. Searching for a New Way to Reach Patrons: A Search Engine Optimization Pilot Project at Binghamton University Libraries (United States)

    Rushton, Erin E.; Kelehan, Martha Daisy; Strong, Marcy A.


    Search engine use is one of the most popular online activities. According to a recent OCLC report, nearly all students start their electronic research using a search engine instead of the library Web site. Instead of viewing search engines as competition, however, librarians at Binghamton University Libraries decided to employ search engine…

  7. Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing for Inter-Library Services: A Case Study in a University (United States)

    Pernot, Eli; Roodhooft, Filip; Van den Abbeele, Alexandra


    Although the true costs of inter-library loans (ILL) are unknown, universities increasingly rely on them to provide better library services at lower costs. Through a case study, we show how to perform a time-driven activity-based costing analysis of ILL and provide evidence of the benefits of such an analysis.

  8. The use of Facebook social network in libraries from research centers and institutions in Argentina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claudia Nora Laudano


    Full Text Available This paper analyzes the adoption and main use of the Facebook platform by libraries from research centers and institutes in Argentina. After a bibliographic review on the subject, the methodological procedures employed are discussed in order to identify, firstly, the institutions that presently has this communication tool, and secondly, the use of it according to a series of variables, among which the following may be mentioned: the initial moment, the links with other communication media managed by the institution (websites and social networks, the number of followers, the use of images, the frequency and type of posts, and finally, the quantity and quality of the comments. In the results, the information gathered is studied to obtain a quantitative and qualitative analysis, in order to construct a global scene. In the conclusions, the little number of libraries that has adopted Facebook prevents the projection of any statement beyond the cases. However, those detected aspects related to the appropriation dynamics can be used to think other circumstances. Among them are, on one hand, the diversity of situations related to the construction of a communication strategy defined by the frequency and quality of the publications; on the other hand, the functionality that usually acquires Facebook as a dissemination media, rather than exploits it as a space for exchange and collective construction.

  9. Martian Analogue Sample Characterization and Spectral Library Development at the Johnson Space Center (United States)

    Morris, Richard V.


    An extensive collection of Martian analogue samples housed at the Johnson Space Center is the focus of ongoing research by the JSC Mars soil genesis group and their collaborators. Because the major element composition of Martian meteorites and in situ analyses of Martian soils and rocks indicate that Mars is predominantly an iron-rich basaltic world, the focus of active sample collection and analysis is basaltic materials and their hydrolytic (both aqueous and hydrothermal) and sulfatetic alteration products. Described below are the scope of the JSC Mars analogue sample collection, the characterization process, and plans to incorporate the data into spectral libraries for the Mars 2003 Mars Exploration Rover (MER) and Mars 2005 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) CRISM missions.

  10. Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Library and Archives: Patron Use of Collections and Services. (United States)

    Grove, Myrna J.

    The Rutherford B. Hayes Library opened in 1916, when the building in Fremont, Ohio was dedicated as the first presidential library and museum. The library's original purpose was to preserve the 12,000 volume personal library of President Hayes along with archival material from his careers in law, the military, and politics. This was a radical idea…

  11. University Library and the Information Literacy Education for University Students%高校图书馆与大学生信息素质教育

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    分析了大学生信息素质教育的现状,指出了高校图书馆在大学生信息素质教育中的优势和作用,探讨了高校图书馆实施信息素质教育的具体措施。%This paper analyzes the present situation of university students' information literacy education, points out the advantages and functions of university library in university students' information literacy education, and probes into some concrete measures for carrying out information literacy education in university library.

  12. Library Outreach: Introducing Campus Childcare Providers to the Academic Library (United States)

    Edwards, Melissa Maxwell; Thornton, Elaine


    This case study describes a library outreach effort to university staff members employed by the campus child care center. Authors planned an instructional session to introduce child care staff members to library resources, focusing on the curriculum collection as a source of supplemental materials for classrooms. Surveys were administered before…

  13. University of Illinois FRIENDS Children’s Environmental Health Center (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The FRIENDS Children's Environmental Health Center at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, was established in 2001 to investigate the interactive effects of...

  14. A Case Study of Construction of Special Database on Urban Agriculture in Library of Beijing University of Agriculture

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Qianning; LIU


    With the development of urban agriculture and digital library, the theoretical research and exploitation of special database on urban agriculture has become an inevitable trend. On the basis of analyzing the advantages of the special database on urban agriculture constructed by the library of Beijing University of Agriculture, the author has analyzed the status and the problems of the special database on urban agriculture developed by Beijing University of Agriculture and proposed the development path of special database on urban agriculture.

  15. A Case Study of Construction of Special Database on Urban Agriculture in Library of Beijing University of Agriculture



    With the development of urban agriculture and digital library, the theoretical research and exploitation of special database on urban agriculture has become an inevitable trend. On the basis of analyzing the advantages of the special database on urban agriculture constructed by the library of Beijing University of Agriculture, the author has analyzed the status and the problems of the special database on urban agriculture developed by Beijing University of Agriculture and proposed the develop...

  16. Medium-sized Universities Connect to Their Libraries: Links on University Home Pages and User Group Pages

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pamela Harpel-Burk


    Full Text Available From major tasks—such as recruitment of new students and staff—to the more mundane but equally important tasks—such as providing directions to campus—college and university Web sites perform a wide range of tasks for a varied assortment of users. Overlapping functions and user needs meld to create the need for a Web site with three major functions: promotion and marketing, access to online services, and providing a means of communication between individuals and groups. In turn, college and university Web sites that provide links to their library home page can be valuable assets for recruitment, public relations, and for helping users locate online services.

  17. Lunar and Meteorite Sample Education Disk Program - Space Rocks for Classrooms, Museums, Science Centers, and Libraries (United States)

    Allen, Jaclyn; Luckey, M.; McInturff, B.; Huynh, P.; Tobola, K.; Loftin, L.


    NASA is eager for students and the public to experience lunar Apollo samples and meteorites first hand. Lunar rocks and soil, embedded in Lucite disks, are available for educators to use in their classrooms, museums, science centers, and public libraries for education activities and display. The sample education disks are valuable tools for engaging students in the exploration of the Solar System. Scientific research conducted on the Apollo rocks reveals the early history of our Earth-Moon system and meteorites reveal much of the history of the early solar system. The rocks help educators make the connections to this ancient history of our planet and solar system and the basic processes accretion, differentiation, impact and volcanism. With these samples, educators in museums, science centers, libraries, and classrooms can help students and the public understand the key questions pursued by many NASA planetary missions. The Office of the Curator at Johnson Space Center is in the process of reorganizing and renewing the Lunar and Meteorite Sample Education Disk Program to increase reach, security and accountability. The new program expands the reach of these exciting extraterrestrial rocks through increased access to training and educator borrowing. One of the expanded opportunities is that trained certified educators from science centers, museums, and libraries may now borrow the extraterrestrial rock samples. Previously the loan program was only open to classroom educators so the expansion will increase the public access to the samples and allow educators to make the critical connections to the exciting exploration missions taking place in our solar system. Each Lunar Disk contains three lunar rocks and three regolith soils embedded in Lucite. The anorthosite sample is a part of the magma ocean formed on the surface of Moon in the early melting period, the basalt is part of the extensive lunar mare lava flows, and the breccias sample is an important example of the

  18. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center: U01 Natural Products Screening | Office of Cancer Genomics (United States)

    The goal of this project was to enlarge the chemical space probed by Project 1 (High-Throughput siRNA Screening of a Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Line Panel) by screening an expanded natural products library (~40,000) in an effort to further define vulnerabilities and therapeutic targets in non-small cell lung cancer. This new library is derived from a diverse collection of marine bacteria (prepared by Dr. John MacMillan, University of Texas Southwestern).

  19. On University Library Resource Sharing in University City%论大学城高校图书馆资源共享

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    大学城高校图书馆的资源共享存在一定的问题,而资源共享是时代发展的必然要求,可通过大学城不同高校图书馆之间资源共享来实现,以扩大不同高校图书馆的读者群,节约办学成本,提高高校办学效率.%In this paper, the present situation of university library resource sharing in university city is discussed. Resource sharing is an inevitable development of the times. It is to be realization by resourcing sharing among different university libraries in the university city and it can expand the readership of different university libraries. Furthermore, resource sharing can reduce the teaching cost and improve teaching efficiency.

  20. Texas A&M University Industrial Assessment Center Final Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Heffington, Warren M.; Eggebrecht, James A.


    This project benefited the public by assisting manufacturing plants in the United States to save costly energy resources and become more profitable. Energy equivalent to over 75,000 barrels of oil was conserved. The Texas A&M University Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) visited 96 manufacturing plants and spent 101 days in those plants during the contract period from August 9, 2002, through November 30, 2006. Recommended annual energy savings for manufacturers were 37,400,000 kWh (127,600 MMBtu—site basis) of electricity and 309,000 MCF (309,000 MMBtu) of natural gas. Each manufacturer subsequently was surveyed, and based on these surveys reportedly implemented 79% of the electricity savings and 36% of the natural gas savings for an overall energy savings of 48% of recommended. Almost 800 (798) projects were recommended to manufacturers, and they accomplished two-thirds of the projects. Cost savings recommended were $12.3 million and implemented savings were $5.7 million or 47%. During the contract period our average time between site visit and report submittal averaged 46 days; and decreased from 48 days in 2003 to 44 days in 2006. Serving clients well and promptly has been a priority. We visited five ESA overflow clients during FY 06. The Texas A&M University IAC pioneered the presentation of air pollution information in reports, and includes NOx and CO2 reductions due to energy savings in all reports. We also experimented with formal PowerPoint BestPractices presentations called Lunchtime/Showtime in each plant and with delivering electronic versions of the report. During the period of the contract, the director served on the Texas Industries of the Future (IOF) Refining and Chemicals Committee, which oversaw the showcases in 2003 and 2006. The assistant director was the Executive Director of the International Energy Technology Conference held annually. The director and assistant director became qualified specialists in the Process Heating Assessment Scoping

  1. Die Medizinische Abteilung der Universitätsbibliothek Kiel / The Medical Department of the Kiel University Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hentschel, Eike


    Full Text Available The Medical Department of the Kiel University Library provides the most comprehensive collection of scientific medical literature in Schleswig-Holstein and serves students, scientists and physicians of the Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein – Campus Kiel. Medical journals – mostly online – are managed by the Kiel University Library in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine. Due to changes in user behaviour and considerable needs for assistance new services are provided, for example a full-service document delivery – easy to use and free of charge – and specialized training courses. Renovation and modernisation of the building and library are scheduled for the next years.

  2. Simulation as a tool to develop guidelines for the design of portable library in the campus of Mansoura university

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ahmed, Ahmed Nabih; Farag, M.A.; Samann Osama, Mina Michael; El Aishy, Alaa Shams [Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Mansoura (Egypt)


    In recent years, due to population growth, the numbers of enrolled students in Mansoura University, Egypt, has significantly increased, leading to a lack of library space. As a solution to this issue, the aim of this paper is to present the design procedures for building a portable library. The process consists of conducting a feasibility study, then identifying the most relevant parameters and using a software to create an energy efficient structure. A case study was conducted in Mansoura University on a portable library measuring 6.60mx9.90mx4.20m; simulations were carried out with the Ecotect simulation software. Results showed that the proposed methodology was successful in designing a portable library and that it allowed a reduction in energy consumption of 40% compared to the baseline case. This paper provided design guidelines for the construction of portable libraries through the use of transient building performance.

  3. Space Monitoring Data Center at Moscow State University (United States)

    Kalegaev, Vladimir; Bobrovnikov, Sergey; Barinova, Vera; Myagkova, Irina; Shugay, Yulia; Barinov, Oleg; Dolenko, Sergey; Mukhametdinova, Ludmila; Shiroky, Vladimir

    Space monitoring data center of Moscow State University provides operational information on radiation state of the near-Earth space. Internet portal gives access to the actual data characterizing the level of solar activity, geomagnetic and radiation conditions in the magnetosphere and heliosphere in the real time mode. Operational data coming from space missions (ACE, GOES, ELECTRO-L1, Meteor-M1) at L1, LEO and GEO and from the Earth’s surface are used to represent geomagnetic and radiation state of near-Earth environment. On-line database of measurements is also maintained to allow quick comparison between current conditions and conditions experienced in the past. The models of space environment working in autonomous mode are used to generalize the information obtained from observations on the whole magnetosphere. Interactive applications and operational forecasting services are created on the base of these models. They automatically generate alerts on particle fluxes enhancements above the threshold values, both for SEP and relativistic electrons using data from LEO orbits. Special forecasting services give short-term forecast of SEP penetration to the Earth magnetosphere at low altitudes, as well as relativistic electron fluxes at GEO. Velocities of recurrent high speed solar wind streams on the Earth orbit are predicted with advance time of 3-4 days on the basis of automatic estimation of the coronal hole areas detected on the images of the Sun received from the SDO satellite. By means of neural network approach, Dst and Kp indices online forecasting 0.5-1.5 hours ahead, depending on solar wind and the interplanetary magnetic field, measured by ACE satellite, is carried out. Visualization system allows representing experimental and modeling data in 2D and 3D.

  4. Usage Statistics in University Libraries Üniversite Kütüphanelerinde İstatistik Kullanımı

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ümit Konya


    Full Text Available Statistics are used in different areas of library work. Library managers have the advantage of use of statistics for the subjects such as library management, planning, comparasion, standardization and etc. This paper examines the use of statistical forms which have been developed at various meetings of the heads of university library and documentation centers. We aim the use of these forms at the unversity libraries in Turkey and give suggestions about this matter. İstatistikler kütüphanelerde farklı alanlarda kullanım ortamı bulmuştur. Kütüphane yöneticileri için istatistiklerin akılcı kullanımı yönetim, planlama, karşılaştırma, standartlaşma, vb. konularda avantajlar sağlamaktadır. Bu makalede Türkiye'de üniversite kütüphanelerinde kullanılmak amacı ile Üniversite Kütüphane ve Dokümantasyon Daire Başkanları toplantılarında geliştirilen istatistik formları kullanımları açısından ele alınmakta ve bazı önerilerde bulunmaktadır.

  5. Accessible by design: Library Search at the University of the Arts London

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karen Carden


    Full Text Available This brief case study, originally presented as a breakout session by Sandra Reed and Sara Osman at the UKSG Annual Conference in April 2016,1 outlines how the University of the Arts London put accessibility at the centre of its new open source library catalogue ‘Library Search’. It discusses how accessibility and inclusive design were prioritized throughout the initial discovery process and during engagement with students and other stakeholders, and how our requirement for accessibility was enhanced by the procurement method chosen. The article also considers how practical elements of good, accessible design are an integral part of the new interface. Our broader service offer and plans for the future are also included.

  6. The Novak Collection in the National and University Library in Zagreb

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mira Miletić Drder


    Full Text Available Dr. Drago Novak (1933–2011 was a prominent doctor of medicine and scientist, world traveller and global citizen, kind host and always a welcome guest, particularly known as a collector, admirer and connoisseur of old maps of Croatia. In addition, he was an admirer of fine art, a passionate seeker of books on cartography, history, art and a wide range of other scientific and popular areas. According to his will, his rich collection of maps, atlases and books in the field of cartography, also known as The Novak Collection, became a part of The Collection of Maps and Atlases of The National and University Library in Zagreb. The main part of The Novak Collection was given to the library at the end of 2012 and the smaller part was purchased in 2013.

  7. Research on the Construction of Subject Branch Library of University Library%高校图书馆学科分馆建设研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    学科分馆建设是高校图书馆创新服务形式、配合学校加强学科建设的重要措施。分析了学科分馆的含义及高校图书馆学科分馆建设现状,重点就学科分馆的信息资源建设和学科服务进行探讨。%The construction of subject branch library is an important measure for library to innovate on service form and strengthen the discipline construction coordinating with university.This paper analyses the meaning and the construction status of subject branch library,emphatically discusses the information resources construction and subject services of subject branch library.

  8. Universitätsbibliothek der Medizinischen Universität Wien – größte Medizinbibliothek Österreichs: Hybridbibliothek als Zukunftskonzept / University Library of the Medical University Vienna – largest Medical Library of Austria: Hybrid Library as a concept for the future

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hartl, Margrit


    Full Text Available The today’s Medical University Library was established as Faculty Library of the Vienna University Library in 1986 and serves till now as the largest Medical Library in Austria. The Main Library is located in the Vienna General Hospital (University hospitals. During 1994 and 2003 it became the Austrian Central Library for Medicine. Since 2004 University Library of the newly founded Medical University of Vienna supplies literature and information for 8500 Students, 1800 scientists and 1600 doctors. The article describes the Library’s participation on projects of the Austrian Library Consortium and the Austrian Cooperation for E-media. It specifies the offers and use of the digital library (professional databases, electronic journals, document delivery, e-books but also the website and the “Van Swieten”-Blog which are the information and communication platforms of the University Library. The next part shows the supply of traditional library which consists of the Clinical Library, the Textbook Collection and the Students Reading Room. We report also on the Library for the History of Medicine, their precious medical historical holdings and their current activities connected with the digitalization of the card index. The library’s activities to the “Medizin Curriculum Wien”, trainings and tours are told in the chapter about the Teaching Library but also the Information Retrieval Service and the activities due to training, placement and projects of librarians. Another part speaks about the special activities in international projects like “subito”, “E-books on demand” and a gateway for PDAs. The Medical University Library was the first Austrian library who used the LinkOut function of PubMed. The library works on a project of “Wiedergutmachung” (NS-Provenienzforschung and a very ambitious Weblog for the remembrance of the displaced professors at the medical faculty of the University of Vienna in 1938. The last chapter

  9. Teachers' Link to Electronic Resources in the Library Media Center: A Local Study of Awareness, Knowledge, and Influence (United States)

    Williams, Teresa D.; Grimble, Bonnie J.; Irwin, Marilyn


    High school students often use online databases and the Internet in the school library media center (SLMC) to complete teachers' assignments. This case study used a survey to assess teachers' awareness of electronic resources, and to determine whether their directions influence student use of these resources in the SLMC. Participants were teachers…

  10. Providing Curriculum Support in the School Library Media Center: Resource Alignment, or How To Eat an Elephant. (United States)

    Lowe, Karen


    Discusses the process of weeding, updating, and building a school library media collection that supports the state curriculum. Explains resource alignment, a process for using the shelf list as a tool to analyze and align media center resources to state curricula, and describes a five-year plan and its usefulness for additional funding. (LRW)


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    苗春葆; 赵鹏; 沈飙; 刘永玲


    The design of parallel programs differs from sequential programs essentially in its conception and approach, and is quite difficult to develop. Therefore in the paper a universal parallel function library based on MPI was designed to reduce the difficulty of the development of parallel programs. The library encapsulates common functions used in the development of parallel programs, and has certain universality. The library can significantly simplify the development of MPI parallel program. In the paper the library was introduced from the aspects of domain decomposition,transform of array indices and loop variables, data exchange and global reduction, and data I/O. An example that solves Laplace's equation on a two-dimensional surface with fixed boundaries was introduced to show the way and the steps of translating sequential programs into parallel programs using the parallel library. The parallel library has been successfully applied in the parallelisation of a storm surge numerical model with fairly good effect.%并行程序的设计在思路和方法上与串行程序有着本质的差别,其开发难度也比较大.为此,设计开发了一个通用的函数库来降低并行程序的开发难度.该函数库以MPI为基础,对并行程序开发中的常用功能进行了封装,具有一定的通用性.该函数库可以大大简化MPI并行程序的开发.并从区域分解、数组下标和循环变量的转换、数据交换和全局规约、输入输出等几个方面对该函数库进行了介绍,然后以数值求解二维拉普拉斯方程为例介绍了使用该函数库将串行程序改为并行程序的方法和步骤.目前已经成功地将其应用到风暴潮数值模式的并行化中,取得了较好的效果.

  12. University digital libraries in Spain and TIC as paradigms of the information needs for teachers and students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Oliva Marañón


    Full Text Available The university digital libraries have experienced an improvement in recent years, allowing easy retrieval of information in different media. The objectives of this research are to verify the suitability of online catalogs to meet the information needs of teachers and students in the area of Library and Information by evaluating a sample of 23 University digital libraries, and raise the necessary improvements. The results verify the suitability of online catalogs to solve the information needs of teachers, researchers and students, being the University libraries of Barcelona, Granada and Sevilla the most relevant in the area of documentation, as well as the professionalism of librarians to heed the needs of users. Among other improvements, raised teacher education and students in using electronic resources and the creation of online help to improve user interfaces-Web in order to retrieve information quickly and efficiently.

  13. Encouraging choice, serendipity and experimentation: experiences from Griffith University library (G11) extension and Gumurrii Centre. (United States)

    Legerton, Graham


    The refurbishment and extension of existing university buildings is a critical consideration for many universities. This article details an architect's perspective of an innovative and collaborative design approach to transforming an existing library into a futuristic and student-centric interactive learning environment. The design is responsive to people, place, the community and the environment, due, in part, to the enhanced physical permeability of the building. Associated user-group forums comprised the end user client, the university's facilities body, the builder, lead architectural consultants, the Centre for Indigenous Students (Gumurrii Centre) and architectural sub-consultants. This article discusses five key design moves--"triangulate", "unique geometries and spaces", "learning aviary", "sky lounge" and "understanding flexibility". It goes on to discuss these elements in relation to designing spaces to enhance interprofessional education and collaboration. In summary, this article identifies how it is possible to maximise the value and characteristics of an existing library whilst creating a series of innovative spaces that offer choice, encourage serendipity and embrace experimentation.

  14. Research on the Strategic Planning of Duke University Library%信息时代杜克大学图书馆的战略规划研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    于凤银; 于目新; 李瑞芹


    The making and implementation of planning has played an important guiding role during Duke University Library becoming a great university library. In the information society, Duke University Library as supporters of the teaching and research, has become facilitators and active participants in academic research. It constructs and transforms library space for a long term, and serves the school teaching and scientific research as the foundation. Taking digital strategy as the center, it plans and constructs library resources, organization structure, team continuously for a long term.%杜克大学图书馆成为世界一流的高校图书馆,战略规划的制定和实施在其发展中起到了重要的指导作用。在应对信息社会的挑战中,杜克大学图书馆实现了从教学科研的支持者、促进者到学术研究的积极参与者的功能拓展,对图书馆空间进行了长期的建设和改造,以服务本校教学和科研为基础,以数字化战略为中心,对图书馆的资源、组织结构、队伍等方面进行长期的持续不断的规划和建设。

  15. In Quest of an Ideal Library Environment: The Case of the Main Library, the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad. (United States)

    Clarke, Reginald


    Explains the need for attention to library environment in terms of conservation, disaster planning, and external environmental factors. Discusses measures adopted at the University of the West Indies Trinidad related to operation and maintenance of buildings and physical plant, describes a workplace evaluation project, and examines factors…

  16. Activity-Based Costing (ABC and Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC: Applicable Methods for University Libraries?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kate-Riin Kont


    Full Text Available Objective – This article provides an overview of how university libraries research and adapt new cost accounting models, such as “activity-based costing” (ABC and “time-driven activity-based costing” (TDABC, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of both methods to determine which of these two is suitable for application in university libraries.Methods – This paper reviews and summarizes the literature on cost accounting and costing practices of university libraries. A brief overview of the history of cost accounting, costing, and time and motion studies in libraries is also provided. The ABC and the TDABC method, designed as a revised and easier version of the ABC by Kaplan and Anderson (Kaplan & Anderson 2004 at the beginning of the 21st century, as well as the adoption and adaptation of these methods by university libraries are described, and their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their suitability for university libraries, are analyzed. Results – Cost accounting and costing studies in libraries have a long history, the first of these dating back to 1877. The development of cost accounting and time and motion studies can be seen as a natural evolution of techniques which were created to solve management problems. The ABC method is the best-known management accounting innovation of the last 20 years, and is already widely used in university libraries around the world. However, setting up an ABC system can be very costly, and the system needs to be regularly updated, which further increases its costs. The TDABC system can not only be implemented more quickly (and thus more cheaply, but also can be updated more easily than the traditional ABC, which makes the TDABC the more suitable method for university libraries.Conclusion – Both methods are suitable for university libraries. However, the ABC method can only be implemented in collaboration with an accounting department. The TDABC method can be tested and implemented by

  17. Utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Resources and Job Effectiveness among Library Staff in the University of Calabar and Cross River University of Technology, Nigeria (United States)

    Ntui, Aniebiet Inyang; Inyang, Comfort Linus


    This study investigated utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources and job effectiveness among library staff in the University of Calabar and Cross River University of Technology, Nigeria. To achieve the purpose of this study, four hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. Ex-post facto research design was adopted…

  18. Stacks of Ideas: Activities for Library Media Center and Classroom K-12. (United States)

    Oklahoma State Dept. of Education, Oklahoma City.

    Developed for library media specialists and teachers, this K-12 guide presents a model for combining library media skills with the regular instructional program. Following a K-12 scope and sequence for library and information skills, 15 elementary and junior high school units and 12 high school units are presented. The elementary and junior high…

  19. An Interactive Computer-Based Circulation System for Northwestern University: The Library Puts It to Work

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Velma Veneziano


    Full Text Available Northwestern University Library's on-line circulation system has resulted in dramatic changes in practices and procedures in the Circulation Services Section. After a hectic period of implementation, the staff soon began to adjust to the system. Over the past year and a half, they have devised ways to use the system to maximum advantage, so that manual and machine systems now mesh in close harmony. Freed from time-consuming clerical chores, the staff have been challenged to use their released time to best advantage, with the result that the "service" in "Circulation Services" is much closer to being a reality.

  20. 2007 University Exemplary Department Award honors industrial and systems engineering; apparel, housing, and resource management; and University Academic Advising Center


    Owczarski, Mark


    The Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering in the College of Engineering; the Department of Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences; and University Academic Advising Center will receive the 2007 University Exemplary Department Awards at ceremonies to be held Tuesday, Nov. 27 at The Inn at Virginia Tech.

  1. Financing Reduction of Information Poverty in Nigerian University Libraries: A Study of the IMF and World Bank Credit Facility. (United States)

    Lawal, Olu Olat


    Examines the financing of 20 Federal University Libraries in Nigeria by the World Bank, which provides for acquisition of books, journals, and equipment based on conditions to be met by the universities. Considers socioeconomic effects and assesses the impact of the loan on selection, acquisition, and staff development. Discusses the inability of…

  2. R&D Characteristics and Organizational Structure: Case Studies of University-Industry Research Centers (United States)

    Hart, Maureen McArthur


    Within the past few decades, university-industry research centers have been developed in large numbers and emphasized as a valuable policy tool for innovation. Yet little is known about the heterogeneity of organizational structure within these centers, which has implications regarding policy for and management of these centers. This dissertation…

  3. The Elizabeth Wisner Social Welfare Research Center for Families and Children at Tulane University (United States)

    Moon, Katie Lauve; Buttell, Frederick


    The Elizabeth Wisner Social Welfare Center for Families and Children is a community-based research center within the School of Social Work at the Tulane University. The Wisner Center primarily supports research projects that examine the causes and consequences of intimate partner violence, promote the development of new frameworks for…

  4. University Counseling Center Use of Prolonged Exposure Therapy: In-Clinic Treatment for Students with PTSD (United States)

    Bonar, Ted C.


    Students utilize university counseling center services to address distress related to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Since counseling centers services such as group work or general psychotherapy may not address specific PTSD-symptom reduction, centers often give community referrals in such cases. Evidence-based therapies (EBTs), including…

  5. Pychometric properties from LibQUAL+ adaptation: A study at mexican universities libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María del Carmen Toledo Sánchez


    Full Text Available Objective. The aim of this study is to develop and validate a specific instrument to assess the service quality of the public university library. Method. The scale was applied to 437users. A self-administered instrument (27 items was designed to measure the service quality perceived by library users. It was submitted for review by a multidisciplinary group of experts who assessed its logical and content validity (Lawshe´s Model. To determine the construct validity, a factor analysis was used with main components and Varimax rotation. Results. Two items were eliminated from the analysis because they showed a low correlation with the total correlation of the scale. The initial main-components analysis revealed four variables with an explained variation of de 63.038%. The scale has good inner validity and consistency. Consequently, final scale was accepted with 25 items. The global rating of the questionnaire had a Cronbach’s alpha of 0.929. Conclusions. It is possible to affirm that the referred instrument is a valid and useful approach to evaluate the service quality of library under this specified context.

  6. Developing an academic medical library core journal collection in the (almost) post-print era: the Florida State University College of Medicine Medical Library experience. (United States)

    Shearer, Barbara S; Nagy, Suzanne P


    The Florida State University (FSU) College of Medicine Medical Library is the first academic medical library to be established since the Web's dramatic appearance during the 1990s. A large customer base for electronic medical information resources is both comfortable with and eager to migrate to the electronic format completely, and vendors are designing radical pricing models that make print journal cancellations economically advantageous. In this (almost) post-print environment, the new FSU Medical Library is being created and will continue to evolve. By analyzing print journal subscription lists of eighteen academic medical libraries with similar missions to the community-based FSU College of Medicine and by entering these and selected quality indicators into a Microsoft Access database, a core list was created. This list serves as a selection guide, as a point for discussion with faculty and curriculum leaders when creating budgets, and for financial negotiations in a broader university environment. After journal titles specific to allied health sciences, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, library science, and nursing were eliminated from the list, 4,225 unique journal titles emerged. Based on a ten-point scale including SERHOLD holdings and DOCLINE borrowing activity, a list of 449 core titles is identified. The core list has been saved in spreadsheet format for easy sorting by a number of parameters.

  7. Living Library对大学图书馆服务创新的启示%Inspiration of the Living Library for the University Library Service Innovation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    对近几年国内外兴起的一种全新的图书馆服务方式与服务理念Livring Library进行了全面介绍与阐述.分析了国内外的发展趋势及其社会效应,以及对我国大学图书馆服务创新的启示,提出了Living Library的服务模式,是我国大学图书馆构建学习与科研、创新与分享、文化与传承、静态与互动的知识文化环境与交流平台的良好发展契机.%The article introduces The Living Library which is a new library service in recent years. Analysis is given to its social effects and development trends both in China and abroad, as well as its inspiration to the university library services innovations. The Living Library is a good service model for China's university library to build its learning and research, innovation and sharing, static and interactive environment and platform for knowledge exchange.

  8. Information Roundup: A Continuing Education Session on Microforms and Data Processing in the Library and Information Center: Costs/Benefits/History/Trends. Proceedings of the ASIS Mid-Year Meeting (4th, Portland, Oregon, May 15-17, 1975). (United States)

    Spigai, Frances G., Ed.; And Others

    Sixteen papers are presented which focus on microforms and data processing in library and information centers. Articles include discussions of cost analysis, decision making and program planning, library automation, information retrieval, indexing, cataloging, and computer services for libraries. (CH)

  9. Research on Cultural Construction in University Libraries%高校图书馆文化建设研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Library culture is a modern management mode of the library in a new stage, is fi'om the traditional system of management, target management to culture management as the center of the strategic transfer. The library culture is the soul of an excellent library, library culture, can create a positive, harmonious, progressive work atmosphere, is generated ever fount power source, to the library cause development plays a huge role in promoting and facilitating. Pay attention to the library culture construction, is helpful for us from new highly promoting the library scientific mangement, promote the reform of management system in library.%图书馆文化是现代图书馆管理模式的一个新阶段,是由传统的制度管理、目标管理向文化管理为中心的战略转移。优良的图书馆文化,能够创造出积极、和谐、上进的工作氛围,是产生源源不断的动力源泉,对图书馆事业的发展起着巨大的推动和促进作用。重视图书馆文化建设,有利于我们从新的高度推进图书馆管理科学化,促进图书馆内部管理体制改革。

  10. Modifying the Marketing Mix of Library Services In Accordance With the Market Mechanism (An Applied Study at Jordanian Universities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Basim Anagreh


    Full Text Available The concept of this research appeals for the library to be a recreational and scientific organization consistent with the local community, and interacts within the framework of the market mechanism qualifying it to face the challenges of the modern era and as well as creating self-funding library. The traditional presentation of the library services is not in line with the requirements of the marketing concepts. So, the concept of library as service organization has to be modified to meet consumers (customers perceptions of the present generations through highlighting the library as an attractive organization. The development of the activity of the university library requires providing further additional services; such as photocopy services, cinema halls, and entertainment facilities for children, cafeteria, as well as providing the library with natural landscaping scenes and scientific atmospheres that encourage the educational process. Enabling the library to play its leading role as a productive organization in accordance with the ‘’supply and demand mechanism’’ requires also reformulation its marketing mix which allows the library to disseminate knowledge, raise the scientific level of the population categories and delivery of information to the largest number of citizens.

  11. Integrating innovative library e-reserves service into teaching and learning at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Xiaohua; SHI; Xiaowei; YU; Wei; PAN


    Purpose:Fully integrating its e-reserves service into the university’s course management system has become the primary design goal of the innovative e-reserves service system at Shanghai Jiao Tong University(SJTU)Library.Design/methodology/approach:Through blending library and information service into the teaching and learning process,SJTU Library has effectively combined its reserves service into the user learning environment.The main metadata model and the design of various interfaces of the e-reserves service system are introduced.Findings:E-reserves has been integrated into the course management system.Users can directly access relevant resources when they browse the customized course page.It is more convenient for teachers to add reserves items,and the added items can be made available simultaneously on SJTU Library’s resource discovery platform automatically.Research limitations:At present,e-reserves items are mainly books,and more other types of reserves materials are needed to be provided.Some relevant copyright issues should be addressed.Practical implications:Using a series of interface interactions,the e-reserves service has been integrated into the university’s course management system.It is convenient for students to access customized e-reserves service during their learning process.Originality/value:We achieved interconnection between the e-reserves and the university’s course management system.Information on the e-reserves Web page is automatically updated.SJTU Library provides customized e-reserves service in the course management system.

  12. On Universal Gate Libraries and Generic Minimal Two-qubit Quantum Circuits

    CERN Document Server

    Shende, V V; Bullock, S S; Shende, Vivek V.; Markov, Igor L.; Bullock, Stephen S.


    We show how to implement exactly an arbitrary two-qubit unitary operation in several universal gate libraries using the smallest possible number of gates. To this end, we prove that n-qubit circuits using CNOT and one-qubit gates require at least ceil((4^n - 3n -1)/4) CNOT gates in the worst case. For two-qubit operators, this yields a lower bound of three gates, which we match with an upper bound of three gates. Using quantum circuit identities, we improve an earlier lower bound of 17 elementary gates by Bullock and Markov to 18, and their upper bound of 23 elementary gates to 18. We also improve upon the generic circuit with six CNOT gates by Zhang et al. (our circuit uses three), and that by Vidal and Dawson with 11 basic gates (we use 10). Given the available results, it appears that some universal gate libraries are at a disadvantage, at least in the sense that no construction is known to produce smallest possible circuits.

  13. Gallaudet University, Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center (United States)

    Subscribe Resources For Families New to Deaf Education Online Networks Odyssey Magazine Publications Shared Reading Project Cochlear Implant Education Center Products Info To Go American Sign Language Assistive Technology ...

  14. University of Illinois at Chicago Health Policy Center - Funding (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — 1991-2014. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (STATE) System. Funding Data, Appropriations...

  15. Website Construction of University Libraries%浅论高校图书馆网站建设

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    从图书馆工作人员的角度,文章就目前高校图书馆网站建设的定位、存在的问题及对策等方面问题,结合本馆网站改版工作情况谈了谈看法。%From the perspective of library workers, combined with the library website rcvision in his own school, the author talks about personal views on the current site location, existing problems and countermeasures and other issues of university library website construction.

  16. Digital Literacy Skills Among Librarians In University Libraries In The 21st Century In Edo And Delta States Nigeria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Abstract Libraries all over the world have been faced with the evolving technological advancement globalization and digitization of information. These have led to library automation digital and virtual libraries. This paper discussed the contemporary digital literacy skills DLS among librarians in university libraries the 21st century in Edo and Delta States of Southern Nigeria. The study was guided by six objectives and research questions and one hypothesis. The design of the study is descriptive survey and the population consists of all librarians from university libraries in the aforementioned states in Nigeria. The instrument used to generate data is the questionnaire and the date generated was analyzed using simple percentages and frequency count for research questions and SPSS version 14.0. The findings show that electronic mailing social networking use of PDAs mobile phones and internet surfing are the major DLS amongst librarians. It was also discovered that librarians acquired DLS through colleagues assistance trial and error IT programmes and formal education while librarians level of use of DLS is low amongst other findings. Researcher recommends that management of university libraries should provide training for librarians so as to help update their knowledge in application of digital skills and digital skill competence should be giving more attention during recruitment of librarians amongst others.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ruxandra Irina POPESCU


    Full Text Available After a prolonged and complex process of reconstruction, extension and modernization, Central University Library "Carol I" in Bucharest has re-opened to public access in November 2001, bringing a new concept on what library services should mean. Under these auspicious circumstances, the library's offer has widened, the quality of services offered has improved, gradually displaying an interest in developing a closer relationship with its customers. The necessity of being more oriented to the marketing tools and techniques has become more apparent. Therefore, the top managers of the Central University Library have included in their three general development strategies produced so far, specific objectives, such as: an increase of the volume of paid serviced provided, promoting the services and work elaborated by its specialists through leaflets, presentations, albums, folders with press extracts. Beyond these actions with positive effects, the efforts of Central University Library for strengthening its position on the market of the providers of information services are diminished by the various malfunctions that characterize the marketing activity of this institution. Therefore, this work intends to contribute to the improvement of the marketing activity of the library by coming up with some solutions that could remove or at least diminish these weak points.

  18. University of Rhode Island Regional Earth Systems Center

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rothstein, Lewis [Univ. of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI (United States); Cornillon, P. [Univ. of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI (United States)


    The primary objective of this program was to establish the URI Regional Earth System Center (“Center”) that would enhance overall societal wellbeing (health, financial, environmental) by utilizing the best scientific information and technology to achieve optimal policy decisions with maximum stakeholder commitment for energy development, coastal environmental management, water resources protection and human health protection, while accelerating regional economic growth. The Center was to serve to integrate existing URI institutional strengths in energy, coastal environmental management, water resources, and human wellbeing. This integrated research, educational and public/private sector outreach Center was to focus on local, state and regional resources. The centerpiece activity of the Center was in the development and implementation of integrated assessment models (IAMs) that both ‘downscaled’ global observations and interpolated/extrapolated regional observations for analyzing the complexity of interactions among humans and the natural climate system to further our understanding and, ultimately, to predict the future state of our regional earth system. The Center was to begin by first ‘downscaling’ existing global earth systems management tools for studying the causes of local, state and regional climate change and potential social and environmental consequences, with a focus on the regional resources identified above. The Center would ultimately need to address the full feedbacks inherent in the nonlinear earth systems by quantifying the “upscaled” impacts of those regional changes on the global earth system. Through an interacting suite of computer simulations that are informed by observations from the nation’s evolving climate observatories, the Center activities integrates climate science, technology, economics, and social policy into forecasts that will inform solutions to pressing issues in regional climate change science,

  19. Growth of a Science Center: The Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CESAME) at Stony Brook University (United States)

    Gafney, Leo; Bynum, R. David; Sheppard, Keith


    This report describes the origin and development of CESAME (The Center for Science and Mathematics Education) at Stony Brook University. The analysis identifies key ingredients in areas of personnel, funding, organizational structures, educational priorities, collaboration, and institutionalization. After a discussion of relevant issues in…

  20. User-Centered Design in Practice: The Brown University Experience (United States)

    Bordac, Sarah; Rainwater, Jean


    This article presents a case study in user-centered design that explores the needs and preferences of undergraduate users. An analysis of LibQual+ and other user surveys, interviews with public service staff, and a formal American with Disabilities Act accessibility review served as the basis for planning a redesign of the Brown University…

  1. Electronic Information Resources (EIR Adoption in Private University Libraries: The Moderating Effect of Productivity and Relative Advantage on Perceived Usefulness

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Izuagbe, Roland


    Full Text Available The study tested a hybrid model with constructs drawn from the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM and Diffusion of Innovation (DOI theory in order to examine the moderating effect of productivity and relative advantage (RA on perceived usefulness (PU vis-à-vis electronic information resources (EIR adoption in private university libraries in Ogun and Osun States of Nigeria. The descriptive research design was adopted in the study. The population consisted of 61 (55.0% librarians and 50 (45.0% library officers (totaling 116—100% in Babcock University, Bells University, Covenant University, Bowen University, Oduduwa University, and Redeemer's University. Purposive sampling procedure was adopted after which total enumeration was used since the total population is small. The questionnaire was used for data collection. Of the 116 copies of the questionnaire administered, 111 (95.7% were found usable. The instrument was structured based on a 4-point Likert agreement scale of Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics like tables of frequency counts and percentage. The findings revealed that productivity and relative advantage are significant moderators of perceived usefulness of EIR adoption in private university libraries in Ogun and Osun States, Nigeria.

  2. Redefining the Facilities of Community College Libraries and Learning Resource Centers in the 21st Century (United States)

    Simon, Matthew J.


    The decision to build a new or renovate an existing community college library has been triggered by one or more of these problems: collection growth, increased student population, or new technologies. Increasingly, the perception of diminished use is triggering reconfiguration of library space. This article discusses implications, case studies,…

  3. Reforming the University: The Role of the Research Center. (United States)

    Sieber, Sam D.; Lazarsfeld, Paul F.

    The authors seek to show the potentiality of research organizations for the achievement of basic university goals, and to isolate the conditions that impede or promote the success of these integrative agencies. In addition, they examine the role of the managerial scholars who are in the positions of leadership since they believe this role is vital…

  4. Measuring and Reporting Physician's Performance in a University Medical Center. (United States)

    Kazan-Fishman, Ana Lucia

    This paper describes a Patient Satisfaction survey and database used to measure and report on physician performance at the Ohio State University Health System (OSUHS). The OSUHS averages 6,000 inpatients in any given month, and more than 7,000 emergency patients and 70,000 outpatient encounters. Data from the Patient Satisfaction measures are…

  5. Collaboration between schools of social work and university medical centers. (United States)

    Bracht, N F; Briar, S


    Although the interface involving social work, medicine, and the other health professions occurs primarily in the day-to-day world of practice in hospitals and other health agencies, an equally important opportunity exists for interaction at the university level between schools of social work and schools for health professionals. This artice analyzes one school's effort to build effective interdisciplinary linkages.

  6. Reform of Books Collection in University Libraries%高校图书馆典藏策略探讨

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    At present, the function of books collection is weakened widely in university libraries, which focuses much more on organization than on management. The reform and innovation of collection institution in university libraries and the reasonable dynamic regulation of books collection should be made in accordance with all kinds of statistical data.%高校图书馆普遍存在典藏功能弱化问题,表现为重组织而轻管理。需要及时调整典藏策略,依据各类文献利用统计数据进行动态调整。

  7. Master's Level Graduate Training in Medical Physics at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. (United States)

    Ibbott, Geoffrey S.; Hendee, William R.


    Describes the master's degree program in medical physics developed at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Required courses for the program, and requirements for admission are included in the appendices. (HM)

  8. The Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) Network National Information and Reporting System (NIRS) (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — A searchable, web-based tool for accessing data on AUCD training programs, projects, activities, and products. Includes data on the University Center for Excellence...

  9. Elektronik Müzik Kütüphanesi: Selçuk Üniversitesi Örneği / Digital Music Library : Selcuk University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fatma Kılıçarslan


    Full Text Available The aim of this article is to give explanatory information concerning the Digital Music Library which is situated at the Selcuk University Central Library. The information provided includes development and future goals of the mentioned library together with gained experience throughout the time. Some condensed user information has been supplied too.

  10. Marketing Activities and Usage in Historically Black College and University Libraries 2000-2008 (United States)

    Walsh, Janet


    The academic library has experienced overall growth and decline based on demographics, technology, and convenience, yet several problems face academic libraries today including: (a) perceived relevance, (b) market share, and (c) competition. The purpose of this study was to explore marketing activities and library usage in HBCU libraries. The…

  11. Library Statistics of Colleges and Universities; Part C, Fall 1971; Analytic Report. (United States)

    Smith, Stanley V.

    The two-volume report (Part A is ED061999 and Part B is ED065136), which included data received by the tabulation deadline from libraries of single-campus institutions and branch-campus libraries of multicampus institutions, presented individual reports for 2,514 libraries and 5 joint libraries. To preserve comparability with previous surveys,…

  12. Final Technical Report for University of Michigan Industrial Assessment Center

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Atreya, Arvind


    The UM Industrial Assessment Center assisted 119 primary metals, automotive parts, metal casting, chemicals, forest products, agricultural, and glass manufacturers in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana to become more productive and profitable by identifying and recommending specific measures to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and increase productivity. This directly benefits the environment by saving a total of 309,194 MMBtu of energy resulting in reduction of 0.004 metric tons of carbon emissions. The $4,618,740 implemented cost savings generated also saves jobs that are evaporating from the manufacturing industries in the US. Most importantly, the UM Industrial Assessment Center provided extremely valuable energy education to forty one UM graduate and undergraduate students. The practical experience complements their classroom education. This also has a large multiplier effect because the students take the knowledge and training with them.

  13. Library Science Talk: "Linked Happily Ever After" - Ruben Verborgh, Ghent University, Belgium

    CERN Document Server

    CERN. Geneva


    Ruben Verborgh will talk about "Linked Happily Ever After". Abstract: Linked Data has become an inevitable reality for many libraries. And that is a good thing, because it enables data integration at a scale that was not possible before. At the same time, it also comes with many challenges. What are the “good” ways of doing Linked Data? How can we do it efficiently, at a reasonable cost? And of course: how can we ensure that the efforts we do today pay off in the future? This last question is the main focus of this talk. I will explain what sustainability means in the context of Linked Data, and on which constants we can rely within an ever changing technological landscape. Expect a mix of vision and concrete advice, but mostly solid, down-to-earth discussions on what Linked Data will mean for libraries now and in the future. The talk will be followed by a panel discussion with: Beat Estermann, deputy head of the research unit Linked & Open Data at the E-Government Institute of the Bern University...

  14. Creating an Engaging Library Orientation: First Year Experience Courses at University of California, San Diego

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Crystal Goldman


    Full Text Available This article focuses on the development of an engaging library orientation module for UC San Diego First Year Experience (FYE courses. The library module included a brief in-class presentation about research concepts and library services, an online interactive library scavenger hunt given as an in-class activity, and a homework assignment where students created public service announcements highlighting their favorite library space or resource. Over 400 FYE students completed the library module, and many indicated a marked increase in comfort using the library by the end of the module. Recommended practices are included for those wishing to create a similar module.

  15. Conception and Development of a Dynamic Web Site: Dedicated to a University Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Safia N. Bahloul


    Full Text Available The world wide web is a group of web pages related between them with hypertext links. That forms a huge and complex web mail. A single click allow us to surf from document to another. From each document we can refer to different types of information: text, sound, video. In most cases, first sites were static, their principal aim were suggesting products and services. In the opposite, the web pages feed actually more opportunities to make dynamic contacts with users, with allowing data exchanges : from and to both sides (server and client.To establish this practices, distinct environment and tools were developed such as: Script languages, Database servers, …etc. A Part of this paper study a practical case, which is: Dynamic conception of university library site, with explaining different tools and environment incorporate

  16. Subject cataloguing of the works of fiction at the National and University Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tatjana Kovač


    Full Text Available The article reviews the principles of construction and policies of application of subject headings to works of fiction at the National and University Library in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The records are created in COMARC format, and the literary type, genre and the language of a document are each assigned a code, whereas literature is also indexed by using UDC class numbers. The principles for constructing and assigning subject headings for fiction are in accordance with the IFLA Principles Underlying Subject Heading Languages, and the rules of the Slovenian General List of Subject Headings (2002. The author presents the general and more specific rules and procedures for the construction of subject headings. Most frequently used subject headings for the works of fiction are name, topical or geographic headings.

  17. Information manager profile in university libraries from the Metropolitan Region of Recife

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anielma Maria Marques Rodrigues


    Full Text Available Objective. It is a literature of descriptive nature in order to define the profile of the manager of information in university libraries of Recife and its metropolitan area. Method. To achieve the proposed objective was based on a literature in the area of information science, in which it was possible to contextualize the attributes skills of information professionals from qualitative and quantitative approaches. Results. Results indicate issues: a activities performed in the routine of professional b skills that have to do their jobs, c professional d workplace e academic. Conclusions. With the responses is possible to discern the different skills of the librarian in accordance with their professional and personal experience.

  18. Beyond the Letter of the Law: Accessibility, Universal Design, and Human-Centered Design in Video Tutorials

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amanda S. Clossen


    Full Text Available This article demonstrates how Universal and Human-Centered Design approaches can be applied to the process of library video tutorial creation in order to enhance accessibility. A series of questions that creators should consider in order to focus their design process is discussed. These questions break down various physical and cognitive limitations that users encounter, providing a framework for future video creation that is not dependent on specific software. By approaching accommodations more holistically, videos are created with accessibility in mind from their conception. Working toward the ideal of a video tutorial that is accessible to every user leads to the creation of more clearly worded, effective learning objects that are much more inclusive, making instructional concepts available to users of all abilities.

  19. Universal strategies for the DNA-encoding of libraries of small molecules using the chemical ligation of oligonucleotide tags. (United States)

    Litovchick, Alexander; Clark, Matthew A; Keefe, Anthony D


    The affinity-mediated selection of large libraries of DNA-encoded small molecules is increasingly being used to initiate drug discovery programs. We present universal methods for the encoding of such libraries using the chemical ligation of oligonucleotides. These methods may be used to record the chemical history of individual library members during combinatorial synthesis processes. We demonstrate three different chemical ligation methods as examples of information recording processes (writing) for such libraries and two different cDNA-generation methods as examples of information retrieval processes (reading) from such libraries. The example writing methods include uncatalyzed and Cu(I)-catalyzed alkyne-azide cycloadditions and a novel photochemical thymidine-psoralen cycloaddition. The first reading method "relay primer-dependent bypass" utilizes a relay primer that hybridizes across a chemical ligation junction embedded in a fixed-sequence and is extended at its 3'-terminus prior to ligation to adjacent oligonucleotides. The second reading method "repeat-dependent bypass" utilizes chemical ligation junctions that are flanked by repeated sequences. The upstream repeat is copied prior to a rearrangement event during which the 3'-terminus of the cDNA hybridizes to the downstream repeat and polymerization continues. In principle these reading methods may be used with any ligation chemistry and offer universal strategies for the encoding (writing) and interpretation (reading) of DNA-encoded chemical libraries.

  20. An Alternative Organizational Structure to Address the Technology Requirements in Health Science Library Information in the '80's



    Virginia Commonwealth University's University Library Services offers through its organizational structure an opportunity for librarians to work directly with media experts. University Library Services envisions the future librarian as an information manager, information specialist, and teacher. In joining together Technical Services, Public Services, Collection Management, Special Collections, Learning Resource Centers, Media Production Center, AV Services, TV Services, Engineering and Telec...

  1. Implementing the Customer Contact Center: An Opportunity to Create a Valid Measurement System for Assessing and Improving a Library's Telephone Services (United States)

    Murphy, Sarah Anne; Cerqua, Judith


    A customer contact center offers academic libraries the ability to consistently improve their telephone, e-mail, and IM services. This paper discusses the establishment of a contact center and the benefits of implementing the contact center model at this institution. It then introduces a practical methodology for developing a valid measurement…

  2. Tsinghua University Sino-Russian R & D Center for Light Alloys

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ Sino-Russian R&D Center for Light Alloys was founded at Tsinghua University in 2001 and aimed at the development of the Chinese-Russian and international cooperation in the area of new competitive light metal-based materials, technologies and equipment for the production and processing of high-quality light alloys. Both Chinese and Russian experts work in the Center.

  3. NASA University Research Centers Technical Advances in Education, Aeronautics, Space, Autonomy, Earth and Environment (United States)

    Jamshidi, M. (Editor); Lumia, R. (Editor); Tunstel, E., Jr. (Editor); White, B. (Editor); Malone, J. (Editor); Sakimoto, P. (Editor)


    This first volume of the Autonomous Control Engineering (ACE) Center Press Series on NASA University Research Center's (URC's) Advanced Technologies on Space Exploration and National Service constitute a report on the research papers and presentations delivered by NASA Installations and industry and Report of the NASA's fourteen URC's held at the First National Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico from February 16-19, 1997.

  4. A Wish List for the Advancement of University and College Counseling Centers (United States)

    Bishop, John B.


    University and college counseling centers continue to meet emerging challenges in higher education. This article addresses three issues: the need for a more unified organizational structure to represent the profession, the potential value for counseling centers in seeking accreditation, and the importance of specialized training for those entering…

  5. Survey of the Knowledge and use of the library\\\\\\'s Information Section among users of the Central Library of Birjand University of Medical Sciences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehri Robiati


    Full Text Available Background and Aim: The assessment of the Central Library members' use and Knowledge is an important step in a comprehensive planning to improve their awareness of the available facilities and services. This Study was performed to determine knowledge, and use of library services and facilities of the information section by the members of the Central Library. Materials and Methods: In This descriptive– analytical study, among 558 participants, 344 students were selected through systematic sampling and the rest (254 by means of census. A self-designed questionnaire considering the aim of the study was used to evaluate some of the facilities offered by the information section. The gathered data was analyzed by means of Mann- Whitney and Kruskal-Wallis Tests using SPSS Software (version 15 and P≤0.05 was taken as the significant level. Results: Among 558 participants, 57%, 18%, 20% and 5% were students, staff, faculty members, and free members, respectively. 93/4% were aware of the library working hours and 16.6% were not satisfied with it. The most and the least familiarity with databases involved Irandoc and Ovid Bank (66/8%, 54%, respectively. Among the Computer Softwares, Microsoft Word was the most applicable one. Mean score (from the total of 116 of using library services and facilities was 21.719.1. There was a Significant relationship between the level of knowledge and library usage of the studied library members (P<0.001. Conclusion: The results showed that there is a relationship between members' Knowledge and their use of, the services and facilities of the central library.

  6. A Place of Her Own: The Case for University-Based Centers for Women Entrepreneurs (United States)

    Riebe, Mary


    The author describes the benefits of university-based women entrepreneur centers as an educational and outreach strategy and argues for their establishment and support by universities interested in educating women entrepreneurs and advancing women-owned businesses. Based on extensive research on women business owners and firsthand experience with…

  7. Schools of Promise: A School District-University Partnership Centered on Inclusive School Reform (United States)

    Causton-Theoharis, Julie; Theoharis, George; Bull, Thomas; Cosier, Meghan; Dempf-Aldrich, Kathy


    A university-school district partnership, Schools of Promise (SOP), was formed to improve elementary schools for all children through whole-school reform. This effort focused on the concepts of belonging and inclusion, positioning the needs of marginalized students at the center of the reform through a university-facilitated restructuring of…

  8. Pressures We Face in Running Counseling Centers on College and University Campuses (United States)

    Meilman, Philip W.


    In this article, Georgetown University Counseling and Psychiatric Service director Philip Meilman discusses two distinct emerging pressures faced by directors of college and university counseling centers. The first of these is the pressure to provide more of, and an increasing range of, counseling and psychiatric services. The second is related:…

  9. University library "information portal" must be established%亟待建立大学图书馆的"信息门户"

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    马姣玲; 沈占云


    The university library homepage is an important window of library information service, change the old way of library service is one of the most important factors of improvement of library homepage, and the library homepage is the library information service "information portal"%大学图书馆主页是图书馆信息服务的重要窗口,变革旧的图书馆服务方式的一个最重要的因素就是图书馆主页的改进,图书馆主页是图书馆信息服务的"信息门户".

  10. 议高校图书馆入馆教育%Discussion on the Access Education in University Library

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Library on students of growth talent played with an important role in universities&colleges, for access edu-cation is played library education functions of important reflected, for college freshmen full using library lay based, is im-proved library management efficiency of effective guarantee, while into entrance access upgrade has library in students and school heart of status, so on students carried out library into access education is college modernization education not missing of part is college library not shirk of responsibility.%高校图书馆对大学生的成长成才发挥着重要的作用,入馆教育是发挥图书馆教育职能的重要体现,为高校新生充分利用图书馆打下基础,是提高图书馆管理效率的有效保证,同时入馆教育提升了图书馆在学生和学校心中的地位,因此对大学生开展图书馆入馆教育是高校现代化教育不可缺少的部分,也是高校图书馆不可推卸的责任。

  11. Designing of a Decision Support System (DSS for resource allocation with genetic algorithm approach (Case Study: Central Library of Tarbiat Modares University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alireza Hasanzadeh


    Full Text Available The allocation of information is one of the main responsibilities of a manager. In case there is a limitation in the available resources, the issue of resources allocation is raised. Universities and post graduate centers have faced limitations in accessing resources such as budget, human resources, physical space, etc. This problem results in inappropriate use of the approved budget in buying and sharing the different types of information resources, lack of easy access to information resources by users, and users’ dissatisfaction. This paper is intended to see whether the model of genetic algorithm can be used in helping library heads of university to develop a support system for the proper allocation of resources. The data of the central library of a university as the main core of DSS through using genetic algorithm in MATLAB was used in order to come up with a better distribution of effective resources. Research methodology used in this paper was field study and survey. The findings indicated that genetic algorithm was successful in achieving this end.

  12. The Influence of Lifestyle on Cardio-metabolic Risk in Students from Timisoara University Center


    Mihaela ORAVIȚAN; Avram, Claudiu; Stela IURCIUC; Petru MERGHEȘ; Bogdan ALMĂJAN-GUȚĂ


    This study is a part of the activities in a cross border cooperation project that has proposed the management of obesity and cardiometabolic risk at students from Timisoara and Szeged university centres. The target group of Timisoara University Center was formed out of 600 students enrolled in the four major universities from Timisoara; target group students were questioned about their lifestyle and were evaluated anthropometric parameters, body composition and arterial stiffness; based on qu...

  13. Supporting Student Wellness: “De-stressing” Initiatives at Memorial University Libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Crystal Rose


    Full Text Available Student mental health and wellness is a critical issue facing institutions of higher education across Canada. Mental illness is predicted to be the leading cause of disability at Canadian universities. This article looks at some of the recent data on how mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression are affecting academic performance. There is growing consensus amongst university administrators that student mental health is a campus-wide responsibility. Providing students with healthy and positive methods of relaxing and coping with stress is just another way that libraries can support learning and academic success and contribute to a campus culture that is supportive of wellness. Two branches of Memorial University Libraries in Newfoundland, the Queen Elizabeth II (QEII and Grenfell Campus library, have undertaken initiatives to attempt to help decrease students’ anxiety levels during the particularly stressful end of semester, including extended-hours, yoga, pet therapy, games, fun “de-stressing stations”, and free hot beverages and snacks. Both branches surveyed students to obtain feedback on these initiatives and determine what impact students’ felt the initiatives had on their stress levels. These events also garnered positive exposure in both social and local media and provided a great promotional opportunity for the libraries. La santé mentale et le bien-être des étudiants est un problème crucial dont les établissements d’enseignement supérieur font face dans tout le Canada. La maladie mentale est prévue pour être la cause première de handicap aux universités canadiennes. Cet article discute les données récentes sur comment les maladies mentales telles que le stress, l’anxiété, et la dépression affectent le rendement scolaire. Un consensus se dégage parmi les administrateurs universitaires disant que la santé mentale des étudiants est une responsabilité de l’ensemble de l

  14. Popular Music: A Selected Bibliography of Materials in the California State University, Sacramento Library. Bibliographic Series No. 22. (United States)

    Smith, Donna Ridley, Comp.

    The bibliography lists over 400 works in the California State University Library, Sacramento, on pop, rock, country, folk, blues, and soul music from 1950 to the present. Books, periodicals, and non-book materials noted in the bibliography are appropriate for history, communication studies, and popular culture studies as well as for music. Items…

  15. Life in the "Real World": A Profile of Queensland University of Technology Library and Information Science Graduates (United States)

    Powell, Tracey; Partridge, Helen


    A graduate destination survey can provide a snap shot in time of a graduate's career progression and outcome. This paper will present the results of a Queensland University of Technology study exploring the employment outcomes of students who had completed a library and information science course from the Faculty of Information Technology between…

  16. Impact of Electronic Resources and Usage in Academic Libraries in Ghana: Evidence from Koforidua Polytechnic & All Nations University College, Ghana (United States)

    Akussah, Maxwell; Asante, Edward; Adu-Sarkodee, Rosemary


    The study investigates the relationship between impact of electronic resources and its usage in academic libraries in Ghana: evidence from Koforidua Polytechnic & All Nations University College, Ghana. The study was a quantitative approach using questionnaire to gather data and information. A valid response rate of 58.5% was assumed. SPSS…

  17. Use of Anthropomorphic Brand Mascots for Student Motivation and Engagement: A Promotional Case Study with Pablo the Penguin at the University of Portsmouth Library (United States)

    Bennett, David E.; Thompson, Paula


    A case study demonstrating how an online narrative featuring the adventures of a cuddly toy penguin, Pablo Penguin (@uoppenguin on Twitter) has been introduced at the University of Portsmouth Library to build trust and engagement between university students and library services and facilities. Evidence for the benefits of anthropomorphic brand…

  18. "Open Relationships, De-Facto Marriages, or Shotgun Weddings?": The Convergence and Integration of Libraries and Computing/Information Technology Services within Australian Universities. (United States)

    Sayers, Richard


    Identifies issues involved with the convergence and/or integration of library, computing, and information technology services in Australian universities. Investigates the impacts of integration of services on university libraries and their clients and recommends strategies for the successful management of convergence and integration involving…

  19. Library Locations (United States)

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh locations including address, coordinates, phone number, square footage, and standard operating hours.

  20. 台湾地区高校图书馆的运行模式及其启示--基于台湾3所高校图书馆的研究%The Running Pattern of University Libraries in Taiwan and its Revelation---The Research into Three Taiwan University Libraries

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邓佩珍; 孙岩


    The higher education in Taiwan is quite powerful. As both the document information center of university and learning resource center on campus, university libraries in Taiwan have rich experience in collection resources construction and the multi ̄aspect information service pattern. The respective advantage of their characteristic collection and special service brings about enlightenment to university libraries in mainland in the work of resources construction, resources sharing, the design of interactive space and individualization extending service.%台湾地区高等教育实力相当雄厚。其高校图书馆作为高校的文献信息中心、校园的学习资源中心,在馆藏资源建设、多方位的信息服务模式等方面均有独特之处。在特色馆藏、特色业务上各有优势,可给大陆地区高校图书馆在资源建设、资源共享、互动空间设计和个性化延伸服务等方面工作的开展提供有益启示。

  1. 基于网络环境的高校图书馆教育模式研究%Research on the Education Model of University Library Based on the Network Environment

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    高校图书馆是高校信息资源的中心,具有教育职能、服务职能等多种功能。现如今网络环境对高校图书馆教育提出了新的时代要求,创新和变革图书馆教育模式势在必行。本文立足高校图书馆教育的内涵和本质,分析其特点和演变模式,进而为高校图书馆教育模式创新提出一些建议。%Library is the center of information resources in higher institutes and has many functions,such as education function,service function and so on.Nowadays,network environment has put forward a new request for the education of university library,and it is imperative to innovate and change the educational mode of the library. Based on the connotation and essence of the education of university library,this paper analyzes its characteristics and evolution mode,and then puts forward some suggestions for the innovation of university library.

  2. The Student/Library Computer Science Collaborative (United States)

    Hahn, Jim


    With funding from an Institute of Museum and Library Services demonstration grant, librarians of the Undergraduate Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign partnered with students in computer science courses to design and build student-centered mobile apps. The grant work called for demonstration of student collaboration…

  3. Risk management and disaster recovery planning for online libraries. (United States)

    Uzwyshyn, Ray


    This article presents an overview of risk management and disaster recovery planning for online libraries. It is suitable for a broad audience interested in online libraries and research centers in universities and colleges. It outlines risk mitigation strategies, and disaster recover planning for online resource-centered information systems.

  4. Campus Partner Collections: Expanding the Boundaries of the Library (United States)

    Elguindi, Anne C.; Kelshian, Robert; Sandler, Alayne Mundt


    At most colleges and universities, there are a number of small, nonlibrary collections across campus, such as those found in student centers or academic departments. Historically, at American University, partnership with these collections was done through absorbing them into the main library collection. Recently, however, the Library has seen…

  5. Erroneous Zones in Human-centered Library Management%图书馆人性化管理的误区

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Human-centered management stresses respect for human nature and fits in with modern library management.However,in practice there are erroneous zones.This paper explores them from the perspectives of readers,librarians and library.%人性化管理强调对人性的尊重,它符合现代图书馆的管理要求,但实践中,一些图书馆在运用人性化管理手段时,存在一些认识误区,给图书馆发展带来障碍。该文从读者、馆员、图书馆三个角度对人性化管理的一些认识误区进行探讨。

  6. The Enlightenment of University Students' Reading Orientation for University Library Collection Construction%大学生阅读取向对高校图书馆馆藏建设的启示

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    University students are the main readers for university tween university students' reading orientation and something about the students' reading orientation, it university library has the important libraries. It is closely linked becollection construction. To know meaning for university library collection construction.%大学生是高校图书馆的主要读者,大学生的阅读取向和高校图书馆馆藏建设息息相关。把握大学生阅读取向的动向,对高校图书馆馆藏建设有重要的意义。

  7. Current status of ACE format libraries for MCNP at nuclear date center of KAERI

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Do Heon; Gil, Choong Sup; Lee, Young Ouk [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    The current status of ACE format MCNP/MCNPX libraries by NDC of KAERI is presented with a short description of each library. Validation calculations with recent nuclear data evaluations ENDF/B-VII.0, ENDF/B-VII.1, JEFF-3.2, and JENDL-4.0 have been carried out by the MCNP5 code for 119 criticality benchmark problems taken from the expanded criticality validation suite supplied by LANL. The overall performances of the ACE format KN-libraries have been analyzed in comparison with the results calculated with the ENDF/B-VII.0-based ENDF70 library of LANL. It was confirmed that the ENDF/B-VII.1-based KNE71 library showed better performances than the others by comparing the RMS errors and χ2 values for five benchmark categories as well as whole benchmark problems. ENDF/B-VII.1 and JEFF-3.2 have a tendency to yield more reliable MCNP calculation results within certain confidence intervals regarding the total uncertainties for the keff values. It is found that the adoption of the latest evaluated nuclear data might ensure better outcomes in various research and development areas.

  8. Marketing information goods and services in medical libraries and information centers. (United States)

    Ashrafi-Rizi, Hasan; Kazempour, Zahra


    Marketing is one of the essential parts of any business corporation in the modern management. One can see the difference between corporations in gaining their goals, considering their marketing methods. Gaining more advantage or acquiring more funds can be of reasons for marketing, but these are not all the reasons. Perhaps the most important reason for marketing is increasing the customer satisfaction. This, in turn, leads to more willingness in payment and using services. Nowadays, due to rapid growth in ICT, changes in budgets, rapid growth in development and use of knowledge, variety of users and their needs, marketing has become an important factor in any library activities. Libraries are now more responsible in this regard, because marketing is now an important tool in improving users' satisfaction in using library services. Hence, marketing is now very important for libraries to survive in the increasing pressures of competitive conditions of the information market. This article is tapping on issues such as information marketing, principles of marketing, marketing techniques, developing markets, and marketing skills. Some recommendations are also presented for marketing in libraries.

  9. Disinfection of indoor air microorganisms in stack room of university library using gaseous chlorine dioxide. (United States)

    Hsu, Ching-Shan; Lu, Ming-Chun; Huang, Da-Ji


    As with all indoor public spaces in Taiwan, the stack rooms in public libraries should meet the air quality guidelines laid down by the Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration. Accordingly, utilizing a university library in Taiwan for experimental purposes, this study investigates the efficiency of gaseous chlorine dioxide (ClO2) as a disinfection agent when applied using three different treatment modes, namely a single-daily disinfection mode (SIM), a twice-daily disinfection mode (TWM), and a triple-daily disinfection mode (TRM). For each treatment mode, the ClO2 is applied using an ultrasonic aerosol device and is performed both under natural lighting conditions and under artificial lighting conditions. The indoor air quality is evaluated before and after each treatment session by measuring the bioaerosol levels of bacteria and fungi. The results show that for all three disinfection modes, the application of ClO2 reduces the indoor bacteria and fungi concentrations to levels lower than those specified by the Taiwan EPA (i.e., bacteria <1500 CFU/m(3), fungi <1000 CFU/m(3)), irrespective of the lighting conditions under which the disinfection process is performed. For each disinfection mode, a better disinfection efficiency is obtained under natural lighting conditions since ClO2 readily decomposes under strong luminance levels. Among the three treatment modes, the disinfection efficiencies of the TWM and TRM modes are very similar under natural lighting conditions and are significantly better than that of the SIM mode. Thus, overall, the results suggest that the TWM treatment protocol represents the most cost-effective and efficient method for meeting the indoor air quality requirements of the Taiwan EPA.

  10. Digital Scholarly Publishing and Archiving Services by Academic Libraries: Case Study of the University of Patras

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Panos Georgiou


    Full Text Available During the last years, dramatic changes in the electronic publishing landscape have created new roles and changed the traditional ones. Presently, some libraries have capitalised on their experience and knowledge in information technology and electronic publishing to undertake such activities, while at the same time they spearhead the campaign for Open Access spreading within academic communities. The Library & Information Centre (LIC of the University of Patras (UoP, Greece, has been playing an active role in promoting Open Access (OA in Greece. Since 2007, LIC has been experimenting with OA publishing practices and tools within the framework of various R&D projects. Two of the major results of these efforts are the ‘Pasithee’ e-publishing platform and the ‘Dexamene’ digital archive for Greek scholarly journals. Both platforms are based on OJS-Open Journal Systems e-publishing software. The two facilities were appropriately modified to meet the LIC’s publishing and archiving requirements respectively. Currently two journals are being hosted on each platform and all four are from the Humanities. The LIC is negotiating with more publishers and editorial teams to host their journals. In this article we focus on: - technical and managerial key issues of the development and operation phases, - services and procedures, - the business model, - technological, procedural and legal issues and problems that were encountered when working together with publishers, editors and authors, and - future plans for improving and upgrading our e-publishing services into an integrated institutional platform to cover all kinds of publications and data types (monographs, conference proceedings, teaching material, bulletins, magazines etc.. The article concludes with a succinct presentation of the Directory of Greek Digital Resources, a pilot infrastructure developed by the LIC which indexes and presents digital publishing initiatives in Greece and aims to

  11. 新疆高校图书馆建设中亚文库的思考%Thoughts on Constructing Central Asia Library by University Libraries in Xinjiang

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    顾燕玲; 刘晖; 张沛黎


    中亚是中国的重要邻邦,也是中国周边合作的重点地区,更是中国提升安全与能源保障的重要地缘战略依托.文章阐述了新疆高校图书馆建设中亚文库的必要性及意义.%Central Asia is an important neighbor of China, as well as the key area for China's cooperation and the more important geopolitical strategy support on enhancing China's security and energy security. The article discussed the significance of constructing Central Asia Library by university libraries in Xinjiang.

  12. Frequency of use of the digital services in the library of the university polyclinic “Central Electronuclear”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María de los Reyes González Ramos


    Full Text Available Background: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT have pushed the evolution of library services and encouraged the development of libraries in the Primary Health Care System in Cuba, with the establishment of digital services. Objective: To determine the frequency of use of the digital services provided by the library of the university polyclinic " Central Electronuclear " in Cienfuegos. Methods: A descriptive study conducted during 2007, including a sample of 141 potential users of the library. The following variables were measured: users categories and use of the different digital services and perception of quality of those services. Results: the category of users who mostly use the digital services proved to be the professionals with 50%. The most commonly used digital services are the health intranet and the e-mail, with 97, 9 and 96%, 5%, in that order. The least used is the online reference, with 85.1%. Conclusions: the digital services of the library of the university polyclinic "Central Electronuclear " reach a high use frequency.

  13. Discussion on Propaganda Work in University Library%高校图书馆宣传工作浅议

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    高校图书馆在师生的学习和研究中占有重要地位,为了让高校师生更好地利用图书馆,加强图书馆的宣传工作尤为重要。分析目前图书馆宣传工作的现状及加强宣传工作的重要性,提出了改进方法,以提高高校图书馆的利用率。%The university library plays an important role in students learning and research. In order to allow teachers and students to make better use of the library, it is very important to strengthen the propaganda work in library. The author analyzed the present situation of the library propaganda work and the importance of strengthening the propaganda work, proposed the improvement methods, in order to improve the utilization rate of university library.

  14. Preservation and Conservation of Information Resources in the University of Zambia Library (United States)

    Kanyengo, Christine Wamunyima


    Preservation and conservation of library materials is an important aspect of library and information management. Their importance and necessity are more paramount in countries where resources are limited and libraries need to balance them with the needs of an ever increasing number of students hoping to use them. This article reports on the…

  15. Library Automation at the University for Development Studies: Challenges and Prospects (United States)

    Thompson, Edwin S.; Pwadura, Joana


    The automation of a library that basically aims at improving the management of the library's resources and increasing access to these same resources by users has caught on so well in the western world that virtually all academic libraries in that part of the world have automated most of their services. In Africa, however, several challenges are…

  16. Community Digital Library Requirements for the Southern California Earthquake Center Community Modeling Environment (SCEC/CME) (United States)

    Moore, R.; Faerman, M.; Minster, J.; Day, S. M.; Ely, G.


    A community digital library provides support for ingestion, organization, description, preservation, and access of digital entities. The technologies that traditionally provide these capabilities are digital libraries (ingestion, organization, description), persistent archives (preservation) and data grids (access). We present a design for the SCEC community digital library that incorporates aspects of all three systems. Multiple groups have created integrated environments that sustain large-scale scientific data collections. By examining these projects, the following stages of implementation can be identified: \\begin{itemize} Definition of semantic terms to associate with relevant information. This includes definition of uniform content descriptors to describe physical quantities relevant to the scientific discipline, and creation of concept spaces to define how the uniform content descriptors are logically related. Organization of digital entities into logical collections that make it simple to browse and manage related material. Definition of services that are used to access and manipulate material in the collection. Creation of a preservation environment for the long-term management of the collection. Each community is faced with heterogeneity that is introduced when data is distributed across multiple sites, or when multiple sets of collection semantics are used, and or when multiple scientific sub-disciplines are federated. We will present the relevant standards that simplify the implementation of the SCEC community library, the resource requirements for different types of data sets that drive the implementation, and the digital library processes that the SCEC community library will support. The SCEC community library can be viewed as the set of processing steps that are required to build the appropriate SCEC reference data sets (SCEC approved encoding format, SCEC approved descriptive metadata, SCEC approved collection organization, and SCEC managed storage

  17. A study of the IC~2 Culture Exploring Project of Shanghai Jiao Tong University(SJTU) Library

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CHEN; Youhua; CHEN; Jin


    The paper analyzes the environments confronted with academic libraries and the evolving characteristics of Shanghai Jiao Tong University that give shape to the conception and implementation of an IC2Culture Exploring Project.This innovative model of SJTU Library operation is not only in concert with the strategic goals of SJTU but also with two other conspicuous developmental trends in the larger academic library circle;namely,1)a trend toward the deepening of library service support in academic arena on the one hand and 2)the trend of diversifying library outreach services on the other hand.Based on our first-hand involvement in all phases and aspects of this project and its subsequent review and analysis undertakings,this paper expatiates upon the IC2Culture Exploring Project of SJTU Library in terms of its vision,its specific mission objectives,its program design,its unique characteristics,its launching process,its salient case studies,its initial results and its strategies for a sustainable development in the future.

  18. Microfiche/Telex Oriented Document Services Center Established in Sylvania Library Through Cooperative Test Program with Defense Documentation Center. (United States)

    Little, Dean K.

    In a cooperative program with Defense Documentation Center Headquarters, Sylvania arranged for procurement of 70,000 unclassified-unlimited documents without DDC Form I cards and 30,000 unclassified-limited and classified documents with Form I's. This was done in order to overcome effects of an in-house documents inventory/selective destruction…

  19. "Carol I" Central University Library Continuous Training Program through Documentary Visits. A Documentary Visit to Cotroceni Museum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emanuela Florea-Paraipan


    Full Text Available In this essay we aim to emphasize the role of documentary visits in continuous training programs of library professionals. As alternative form of continuous training, the "Carol I" Central University Library runs an annual program of documentary visits to Bucharest museums, in order to identify from the historical, biographical, literary, artistic and scientific perspective, the manner in which evolved Romanian spirituality nationally and beyond. As a form of initial training for national inheritance understanding, the professional visits to cultural institutions allows the discovery of the categories of collections, the structure and their pedagogical value in learning, teaching and training.

  20. From Project to Strategic Vision: Taking the Lead in Research Data Management Support at the University of Sydney Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Belinda Norman


    Full Text Available This paper explores three stories, each occurring a year apart, illustrating an evolution toward a strategic vision for Library leadership in supporting research data management at the University of Sydney. The three stories describe activities undertaken throughout the Seeding the Commons project and beyond, as the establishment of ongoing roles and responsibilities transition the Library from project partner to strategic leader in the delivery of research data management support. Each story exposes key ingredients that characterise research data management support: researcher engagement; partnerships; and the complementary roles of policy and practice.

  1. Josephinische Bibliothek und medizinhistorische Bestände der Universitätsbibliothek der Medizinischen Universität Wien [The Josephinian Library and the medical-historic stock of the University Library of the Medical University of Vienna

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Albrecht, Harald


    Full Text Available [english] The University Library of the Medical University of Vienna, founded in 2004, is the most extensive medical library in Austria. It possesses an outstanding medical-historic stock which is basically stored in its Branch Library of Medical History. This unique stock also is a historical source itself because it represents the development of the supply of the Medical Faculty of Vienna, Viennese hospitals and medical societies with scientific literature and information during the last centuries. The brunch library contains several remarkable special-collections such as the Josephinian Library, the Library of Neurology (Obersteiner-Library, the Library of the Society of Physicians in Vienna or the Library of the Austrian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.In order to deal with its own history the University Library runs a provenance-research project to identify expropriated goods transferred to its stock during the Nazi-regime and restores them to their rightful owners. It also runs a weblog-series “Displaced 1938”, which is about displaced members of the Medical Faculty of Vienna during World . Currently it establishes a bio-bibliographical online-portal about exponents of the so called “Vienna Medical School(s” between 1750 and 1950 as well as an online bookplate database.To improve the access to large parts of the stock the ancient card indexes got digitalized (including OCR-reading and have been online since 2010. Supplementary the University Library of the Medical University of Vienna engages in the European cooperation on E-books on Demand (EOD.[german] Die Universitätsbibliothek der 2004 errichteten Medizinischen Universität Wien ist die größte medizinische Fachbibliothek in Österreich. Sie verfügt auch über bedeutende medizinhistorische Bestände, die überwiegend in der Zweigbibliothek für Geschichte der Medizin untergebracht sind und auch eine Quelle für die Entwicklung der Literatur- und

  2. Modeling a Library Web Site Redesign Process: Developing a User-Centered Web Site Through Usability Testing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Danielle A. Becker


    Full Text Available This article presents a model for creating a strong, user-centered web presence by pairing usability testing and the design process. Four rounds of usability testing were conducted throughout the process of building a new academic library web site. Participants were asked to perform tasks using a talk-aloud protocol. Tasks were based on guiding principles of web usability that served as a framework for the new site. Results from this study show that testing throughout the design process is an effective way to build a web site that not only reflects user needs and preferences, but can be easily changed as new resources and technologies emerge.

  3. The Access Gap: Poverty and Characteristics of School Library Media Centers (United States)

    Pribesh, Shana; Gavigan, Karen; Dickinson, Gail


    Stephen Krashen believes that schools can counter the effects of poverty in at least one area: access to books. However, little research has been done to determine whether students living in poverty have access to school library services comparable to those attending schools with low concentrations of students living in poverty. We examined the…

  4. Glaucoma at the Hamilton Glaucoma Center and the University of California, San Diego

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Robert N. Weinreb


    @@ Known for its unique cross-disciplinary investigative programs and clinical excellence, the scientists and clinicians at the Hamilton Glaucoma Center of the University of California, San Diego seek to enhance the discovery and translation of innovative research to clinical glaucoma care to prevent and cure glaucoma blindness.With state of the art laboratory and clinical facilities located on the La Jolla campus (Figure 1), the Center is a home for a worldrenowned team of scientists and staff.More than 100 post-doctoral fellows in Glaucoma, many of whom hold distinguished academic positions throughout the world, have been trained at the Hamilton Glaucoma Center and the University of California, San Diego.At the core of Hamilton Glaucoma Center activities are the outstanding faculty that are described below.

  5. Socialization Services of University Libraries from the Perspective of Library Spirit Discussion with People Who Say "No" to Socialization Services of University Libraries%从图书馆精神谈高校图书馆社会化服务——兼与否定高校图书馆社会化服务者商榷

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Whether university libraries should develop socialization services in our country or not, there are two points of approval and opposition. Most of people approve it, a few opposition reasons are suspectable. At present, a few of university libraries take measures for socialization services, most are waiting and seeing, which due to lack of propagandizing the library spirit. Under the network environment, university libraries should carry forward the library spirit, establish the concept of socialization services, serve the society combined with the local circumstances, and learn from experience of foreign university libraries and our university libraries which develop socialization services, in order to solve problems existing in socialization services of our university libraries.%对于高校图书馆要不要开展社会化服务问题,有正反两方面的观点,持正方观点的占绝大多数,反对方的几个观点是值得商榷的。我国高校图书馆目前开展社会化服务的少、观望的多,主要原因在于我国图书馆人在弘扬图书馆精神方面做得不够。在网络环境下,高校图书馆应弘扬图书馆精神、树立社会化服务理念、因地制宜地服务社会、多借鉴和学习国内外高校图书馆社会化服务的经验,以解决我国高校图书馆社会化服务中存在的问题。

  6. Energy Efficient Industrialized Housing Research Program, Center for Housing Innovation, University of Oregon and the Florida Solar Energy Center

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brown, G.Z.


    This research program addresses the need to increase the energy efficiency of industrialized housing. Two research centers have responsibility for the program: the Center for Housing Innovation at the University of Oregon and the Florida Solar Energy Center, a research institute of the University of Central Florida. The two organizations provide complementary architectural, systems engineering, and industrial engineering capabilities. In 1989 we worked on these tasks: (1) the formation of a steering committee, (2) the development of a multiyear research plan, (3) analysis of the US industrialized housing industry, (4) assessment of foreign technology, (5) assessment of industrial applications, (6) analysis of computerized design and evaluation tools, and (7) assessment of energy performance of baseline and advanced industrialized housing concepts. The current research program, under the guidance of a steering committee composed of industry and government representatives, focuses on three interdependent concerns -- (1) energy, (2) industrial process, and (3) housing design. Building homes in a factory offers the opportunity to increase energy efficiency through the use of new materials and processes, and to increase the value of these homes by improving the quality of their construction. Housing design strives to ensure that these technically advanced homes are marketable and will meet the needs of the people who will live in them.

  7. The University System of Georgia's GALILEO. (United States)

    Penson, Merryll


    The University System of Georgia and the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) built the innovative electronic library GALILEO (GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online system). This article describes the cooperation, leadership, and technology that made GALILEO possible; the proposal; planning and implementation; governance; current status; and future…


    Davidson, Ehud; Sheiner, Eyal


    Soroka University Medical Center is a tertiary hospital, and the sole medical center in the Negev, the southern part of Israel. Soroka has invested in quality, service and research. The region has developed joint programs in order to advance the quality of medical care whilst optimizing the utilization of available resources. In this editorial we describe the path to leadership in quality of medical care, service and research.

  9. Analysis on Education Method of University Library%高校图书馆育人途径探析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    窦剑; 赵新龙


    As a 'second class' for college students, university libraries has both educational responsibilities and obligations. This article analyses the relationship between four areas of work of library, which are resource construction, environment construction, external service, system management, and its educational function, to discuss how to use these four methods to realize the library educational function.%高校图书馆作为大学生的“第二课堂”,它具有育人的职责和义务。文章分析了图书馆的资源建设、环境建设、对外服务和制度管理等四方面的工作与图书馆育人功能之间的关联,论述了如何通过这四个途径,实现图书馆的育人功能。

  10. The college students’ response to customized information services based on Library2.0 technologies at universities in Nanjing

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Lei; LIU; Yinghua; FENG; Yi; JIANG


    Through a questionnaire survey of students’ response from 6 universities in Nanjing, this paper aims to determine their varying degrees of satisfaction about the customized information service based on Library2.0 technologies. In so doing, the authors carefully examined the data collected from the returned questionnaires about such key issues as the students’ perceptions about the customized information service via a Library2.0platform, self-initiated use experience of such a mechanism, their achieved information searching results vis-à-vis their expectations, etc. In addition, the authors also made a comparative study between information providers(i.e. librarians) and information consumers(i.e. students) at Chinese and American academic libraries.

  11. On the Three Geographical Centers of Library Circle During the Academic Transformation of Library Science During the Republican Era%民国图书馆学学术转型中的三大地域中心探析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    在1912-1937年间的中国图书馆学学术转型过程中,逐渐出现了北京(北平)、武汉与南京三大地域中心。北京(北平)从一开始便成为图书馆学界力量联合的中心,引领近代图书馆学学术转型的潮流与方向。武汉则因为以培养图书馆人才为职志的文华图书馆学专科学校的成立,成为图书馆学界的教育中心。首都南移之后,南京则逐渐成为了图书馆学界与官方联络的政治中心。三大地域中心的合作与分歧,对民国图书馆学的学术转型产生了重要影响。%There were three geographical centers such as Beijing (Peking),Wuhan and Nanjing during the process of academic transformation of library science from 1912 to 1937.As the center of library from the outset,Bei-jing (Peking)led the trend and direction of academic transformation of modern library science,and Boone library school placed a large number of cultivate talent to become library education center.After the capital moved south, Nanjing gradually became the political center between the official and the library.The cooperation and difference of three geographical centers had a major impact on the academic transformation of library science during the Republic of China.

  12. [Empowering the family-center health model: the toy library as a health promotion platform]. (United States)

    Huang, Yu-Chu; Tsai, Yen-Chih


    Facing the lowest birth rates in its history, Taiwan is increasingly recognizing the centrality of children's healthcare needs to effective family care. The World Health Organization's goal of health for all emphasizes health promotion. However, little research attention has been given to how families actively promote personal health in everyday life. This article considers 'family-centric' healthcare, with a particular emphasis on children's health and well-being and the mother health promotion model. Authors employ a 'toy library' as the health promotion platform to build community interaction and empower the health enhancement process. Results suggested the following: 1. The fixed-point type toy library may be an effective tool in a health promotion strategy; 2. A model may be developed for rural institution agencies; 3. Cooperation may be facilitated using a medical service vehicle; 4. The love bag program can serve extended purposes. The authors found that the empowerment and growth of tribal mothers is a key element to facilitate the successful development of their children. Based on findings, the implementation of a toy library as the platform to build community-based health promotion model is suggested.

  13. Anatomy of the Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center (BSAC): The NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center on MEMS (United States)


    a larger research organization than most research  consortia   would be able to maintain.   (4) Maintain collaboration with  Industrial  Members to insure...DATES COVERED 00-00-2013 to 00-00-2013 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Anatomy of the Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center (BSAC): The NSF Industry /University...This has been achieved through creative combinations of resources, incentives and shared goals involving Academia, Industry , and Government. The

  14. Evaluation of Courses and Programs Offered Under the Auspices of Wayne State University and the University of Michigan at the University Center for Adult Education, Detroit, Michigan. (United States)

    Dada, Paul O. A.

    By use of interviews, questionnaires, and observation, the courses and programs offered by the University Center for Adult Education, in Detroit, were evaluated. The courses concerned Communication and Language Art, Environment, Practical Economics, Behavioral Science, Technology, Extension Courses, and Special Events. Evaluation findings show…

  15. Rationalization of the investment on information resources in libraries: a case study at the Library of the University of Almeria (Spain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Encarna Fuentes Melero


    Full Text Available The economic situation Europe is currently experiencing, and consequently, the constant economic adjustments set by Public Administrations of European countries, are forcing the university libraries to rethink their acquisitions policies under the criteria of use and cost, in order to achieve a greater efficiency in terms of offered services, available resources and invested budget. The aim of this paper is to describe how the Library of the University of Almeria (Spain is acting in this environment, producing annual assessment reports of its information resources, and using them as the basis for raising its budget. This evaluation includes both the electronic resources (through detailed studies of the number of searches and downloaded documents in all subscribed e-journals and e-books databases and the recommended bibliography for students in printed format (through the analysis of the number of loans and the use in the reading rooms. As a result of this analysis, adaptation of the bibliographic collection to the users’ needs, modification of the staff workloads, and accuracy of the librarians training programs, have been achieved.

  16. The Influence of Lifestyle on Cardio-metabolic Risk in Students from Timisoara University Center

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mihaela ORAVIȚAN


    Full Text Available This study is a part of the activities in a cross border cooperation project that has proposed the management of obesity and cardiometabolic risk at students from Timisoara and Szeged university centres. The target group of Timisoara University Center was formed out of 600 students enrolled in the four major universities from Timisoara; target group students were questioned about their lifestyle and were evaluated anthropometric parameters, body composition and arterial stiffness; based on questionnaires was determine too the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and/or diabetes mellitus type II. Analysis of the results revealed the strong correlations between lifestyle and cardio-metabolic risk in these students.

  17. Using focus groups to investigate service quality determinants for customer satisfaction in selected university libraries in Sri Lanka

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chaminda Jayasundara


    Full Text Available This study aimed at establishing service quality determinants which may affect customer satisfaction in university libraries in Sri Lanka. Using the literature, 113 service quality determinants were identified. These were then reviewed by eight focus groups in four different universities. Forty of the determinants were perceived to be applicable to their context. The participants also added 14 quality requirements which they thought were not provided for in the list. Finally, the content and face validity of the 54 determinants were evaluated by a panel of experts who ultimately reduced them to 50. This study recommends the use of the identified quality determinants by library administrators and policymakers in the higher education sector in Sri Lanka to gauge the levels of customer satisfaction and assure quality of service.

  18. 高校图书馆建立MOOC服务模式的探讨%Discussion on MOOC Service Mode of University Library

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The emergence of MOOC significantly influences the reader service of university library.This paper expounds the features of MOOC,analyzes the impact of MOOC on university library,and puts forward some suggestions for university library to actively establish MOOC service mode.%MOOC的出现深刻地影响着高校图书馆的读者服务.阐述了MOOC的特点,分析了MOOC对图书馆带来的冲击,提出了高校图书馆积极建立MOOC服务模式的建议.

  19. A Survey of Primary School Libraries to Determine the Availability and Adequacy of Services for Universal Basic Education (UBE in Oyo State, Nigeria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Belau Olatunde Gbadamosi


    Full Text Available Objective -- As a first step in gathering evidence, this study surveyed school libraries and examined the services those libraries provide in relation to the Universal Basic Education (UBE program at a primary level. The purpose of this paper is to explore these UBE factors in relation to school libraries in Oyo State, Nigeria.Methods -- A questionnaire was sent to the 33 schools which have a library and information centre staffed by a teacher-librarian, in order to examine library services and the views of those providing them. The questionnaire covers library space, categories of library resources, student activities during library visits, mobile library services, and the teacher-librarians’ perception of the adequacy of the collection and the challenges in the use of library.Results -- Questionnaires were returned by 30 teacher-librarians out of 33, a response rate of 91%. Although pupils across each local government area have the chance to visit school libraries, the system of one short visit per week is inadequate for developing a universal interest in reading and in study skills. Staff responsible for the libraries consider many of the resources to be inadequate or outdated and stock is depleted as pupils borrow books, leaving fewer for those who follow.Conclusions -- As a first step to implementing evidence based practice, this paper describes the primary school library system in Nigeria and provides evidence on how it operates in Oyo State. Teacher-librarians who staff the libraries confirm the inadequacies in the system. They perceive collections to be inadequate and confirm that some pupils in the state have only limited access to library resources. Respondents also believe that they need further training, particularly in computer and information literacy.

  20. Strengthen practicing of university students' personal career based on university China library%高校图书馆给力大学生生涯实践

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Giving strength to practicing of university students’ personal career based on university library is the profound signiifcance and practical effect from the policy of building a strong country of labour resource and current situation of college students' employment. Given that the four years of university is in preparation for their future employment and career development, giving full play to the role of information technology and human resource allocation, university library should explore and summarize diversities of approach to giving strength to practicing of university students’ personal career based on the concept of modern human resources management, through the development of appropriate clusters of core information and supplementary effective resource, to contribute to building a strong country of labour resource and improving the teaching quality of higher education.%高校图书馆应该在现代人力资源管理理念引领下,充分发挥信息技术和人力资源配置的作用,通过开发适宜性的核心信息集群、辅助性有效资源等,努力探索和总结图书馆服务大学生职业生涯发展的多样性途径,为人力资源强国,为提高高校教育教学质量做出贡献。

  1. Critical limits (alert values) for physician notification: universal or medical center specific limits? (United States)

    Lum, G


    The concept of critical limits (alert values), defined as an imminent life threatening laboratory result requiring immediate physician notification, has been widely adopted as a standard of good laboratory practice. Although virtually all laboratories have tests with critical limits, surveys have shown that there is no universal alert value list. Recently, nine VA medical centers in the New England region, which now constitute one consolidated entity, were surveyed with the objective of summarizing critical limits. Universal (100 percent) critical limit tests for clinical chemistry were: Calcium; mean low/high, 6.5/12.4 mg/dL: Glucose 48/432 mg/dL: Potassium 2.8/6.1 mmol/L: Sodium 121/159 mmol/L. Universal hematology tests included: Hematocrit 22.2/59.7 percent: Platelet count 61K/983K: white blood count 1.9K/29K. Although there was universal agreement that abnormal coagulation tests (PT, PTT) should be included on the hematology critical limit list, there was wide variation in the reporting of coagulation tests (seconds and INR) and patient therapeutic status (anticoagulant or no-anticoagulant). Universal alert values for microbiology were: Positive blood culture: Positive cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) culture: Positive CSF Gram stain. There was no universal agreement regarding critically high (potentially toxic) therapeutic drugs, with two medical centers declining to notify physicians of any abnormally high therapeutic drug level. No other qualitative critical limits for other laboratory sections, such as physician notification of an unexpected malignancy (surgical pathology) were universal. Medical center specific critical limits, designed to meet the clinical needs of each facility, are the norm in the nine medical centers. Laboratories do need periodically to review their critical limit lists with appropriate clinical input to avoid including critical limits for laboratory tests not required for urgent physician notification and patient evaluation and treatment.

  2. A new trend in Sabancı University Information Center: QR code application


    Özel, Cem; Ozel, Cem; Akkurt, Mine


    The rapid development of mobile technologies in recent years has facilitated the use of the popular QR code application for various purposes. The new generation’s rapid adaptation to change has allowed this application's widespread usage. QR codes with structural properties can be supported with new ideas. It has developed into a new trend in libraries/information centers, as well as in the other areas. One of the usage areas of the QR code is in the marketing field. In this study, various QR...

  3. University library and the new challenges of the XXI century. La biblioteca universitaria ante los nuevos retos del siglo XXI.



    University libraries face the new challenges and kind of work of this century and turn into centres for the research and learning. This bibliographic review is focused on the changes that have marked the transition to the new paradigm of scientific-informative activity, with the arrival of information and communication technologies and the transformation of higher education which have an impact on other kinds of teaching and learning process in the information and knowledge society of the XXI...

  4. Study of the Information Dissemination Service--Health Sciences Library, State University of New York at Buffalo. (United States)

    Brown, H J; Miller, J K; Pinchoff, D M


    The Information Dissemination Service at the Health Sciences Library, State University of New York at Buffalo, was established June 1970 through a three-year grant from the Lakes Area Regional Medical Program, Inc. Analysis of two samples of user request forms yielded results which significantly substantiate findings in prior biomedical literature utilization studies. The findings demonstrate comparable utilization patterns by user group, age of material, journal titles, language, time to process request, source of reference, and size of institution. PMID:1148441

  5. The changing face of academic health centers: a path forward for the University of Colorado Denver. (United States)

    Wilson, M Roy; Krugman, Richard D


    This article describes a decade of major changes at an academic health center (AHC) and university. The authors describe two major changes undertaken at the University of Colorado and its AHC during the past 10 years and the effects of these changes on the organization as a whole. First, the AHC's four health professional schools and two partner hospitals were completely relocated from a space-limited urban campus to a closed Army base. The impact of that change and the management of its potential disruption of academic programs are discussed in detail. In the middle of this total relocation, the AHC campus was consolidated with a general academic campus within the University of Colorado system, compounding the challenge. The authors describe the strategies employed to implement this major consolidation, including changing the organizational structure and selecting the new name of the university--the University of Colorado Denver.

  6. Career Development Orientation of the Librarians without the Major Background of the Library and Information Science in University Library%高校图书馆非图情专业馆员职业发展定位

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This paper expounds the career development status of the librarians without major background of library and information science in university library, analyzes the causes why the number of the librarians without major background of library and information science is increasing greatly in university library,and probes into some approaches for realizing the career development orientation of the librarians without major background of library and information science.%阐述了高校图书馆非图情专业馆员职业发展现状,分析了高校图书馆非图情专业馆员偏多的原因,探讨了非图情专业馆员职业发展定位的实现途径.

  7. Brief Therapy at a University Counseling Center: Working Alliance, Readiness to Change, and Symptom Severity (United States)

    Mahon, Megan; Laux, John M.; Ritchie, Martin H.; Piazza, Nick J.; Tiamiyu, Mojisola F.


    The authors investigated whether students receiving short-term individual counseling at a university counseling center showed progress as evidenced by perceived client and counselor outcomes and the roles that client readiness to change and working alliance played in this setting. The results indicated that the counselor reports, not the client…

  8. Authority in an Agency-Centered, Inquiry-Based University Calculus Classroom (United States)

    Gerson, Hope; Bateman, Elizabeth


    Authority roles among teachers and students have traditionally been hierarchal and centered with the expertise and power of the teacher limiting opportunities for students to act with autonomy to build and justify mathematics. In this paper we discuss authority roles for teachers and students that have been realized in an inquiry-based university,…

  9. Building "Bob": A Project Exploring the Human Body at Western Illinois University Preschool Center (United States)

    Brouette, Scott


    When the children at Western Illinois University Preschool Center embarked on a study of human bodies, they decided to build a life-size model of a body, organ by organ from the inside out, to represent some of the things they were learning. This article describes the building of "Bob," the human body model, highlighting the children's…

  10. Performance Evaluation of Extension Education Centers in Universities Based on the Balanced Scorecard (United States)

    Wu, Hung-Yi; Lin, Yi-Kuei; Chang, Chi-Hsiang


    This study aims at developing a set of appropriate performance evaluation indices mainly based on balanced scorecard (BSC) for extension education centers in universities by utilizing multiple criteria decision making (MCDM). Through literature reviews and experts who have real practical experiences in extension education, adequate performance…

  11. Impact of 5 years of Lean Six Sigma in a university medical center

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    G.C. Niemeijer; A. Trip; L.J. de Jong; K.W. Wendt; R.J.M.M. Does


    Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is an originally industry-based methodology for cost reduction and quality improvement. In more recent years, LSS was introduced in health care as well. This article describes the experiences of the University Medical Center Groningen, the second largest hospital in the Netherla

  12. History of the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University (United States)

    The Jean Mayer United States Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, while quite a mouthful, is aptly named, since it has contributed substantially to the legacy of Jean Mayer, to the scientific stature of the USDA and, in Atwater’s tradition, to the d...

  13. Nashville University Center. Report of the Executive Director 1973-74. (United States)

    Nashville Univ. Center, TN.

    This report gives a picture of the Nashville University Center (NUC) during the academic year 1973-74. The purpose of the NUC is "to encourage through cooperation operating economies and academic and community programs that cannot be undertaken by individual institutions." To succeed in creating individual programs of cooperation, the NUC must…

  14. Implementing the Training Values Statement Addressing Diversity in University Counseling Center Internships (United States)

    Illfelder-Kaye, Joyce; Lese-Fowler, Karen; Bursley, Kevin; Reyes, Elizabeth; Bieschke, Kathleen J.


    This article examines the potential contribution of the "Counseling Psychology Model Training Values Statement Addressing Diversity" (henceforth the "Values Statement") to predoctoral internship training programs housed in university counseling centers. The purpose of this article is to present recommendations for how to best implement the Values…

  15. Using Electronic Information Resources Centers by Faculty Members at University Education: Competencies, Needs and Challenges (United States)

    Abouelenein, Yousri


    This study aimed at investigating the factual situation of electronic information resources centers to faculty members at university education. Competencies that faculty members should possess regarding this issue were determined. Also their needs for (scientific research skills and teaching) were assessed. In addition, problems that hinder their…

  16. Primary Care Screening of Depression and Treatment Engagement in a University Health Center: A Retrospective Analysis (United States)

    Klein, Michael C.; Ciotoli, Carlo; Chung, Henry


    Objectives: This retrospective study analyzed a primary care depression screening initiative in a large urban university health center. Depression detection, treatment status, and engagement data are presented. Participants: Participants were 3,713 graduate and undergraduate students who presented consecutively for primary care services between…

  17. Serving Generation 1.5 Learners in the University Writing Center. (United States)

    Thonus, Terese


    Explains how a key academic support service--the university writing center, can assist Generation 1.5 students (long-term U.S. residents and English language learners fluent in spoken English) as they develop their writing skills. (Author/VWL)

  18. Working with Clients Who Have Religious/Spiritual Issues: A Survey of University Counseling Center Therapists (United States)

    Kellems, Ian S.; Hill, Clara E.; Crook-Lyon, Rachel E.; Freitas, Gary


    University counseling center therapists (N = 220) completed an Internet survey about religion/spirituality in therapy, with 200 of these therapists describing therapy with a recent client whose issues involved religion/spirituality. Common client religion/spirituality issues were questioning one's childhood religion, exploring…

  19. 高校图书馆学科服务创新实践研究%Study on the Innovative Practice of Subject Services in University Libraries

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    我国高校图书馆一直尝试走出传统服务模式,致力于学科化服务模式的探索,并在构建学科化创新服务体系、在学科服务中应用Web2.0技术、拓展合作等方面初见成效。为了推动学科服务的进一步发展,高校图书馆还应调整以用户和服务为中心的业务布局和结构,突出以用户为中心的服务理念,注重新技术的应用和馆员的培养,建立广泛的平等互利的合作关系。%University libraries in China attempts to get out of the traditional service pattems and explore subject service patterns continuously, and have achieved preliminary results in constructing the subject innovative service system, applying Web 2.0 technologies in subject services, expanding the cooperation, and so on. In order to promote the further development of subject services, university libraries should adjust the business layout and structure of taking users and services as the center, stress on the service concept of taking users as the center, pay attention to applying new technologies and cultivating librarians, and building the broad, equality and mutual benefit cooperative relationship.

  20. Does LibQUAL+[TM] Account for Student Loyalty to a University College Library? (United States)

    Helgesen, Oyvind; Nesset, Erik


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to find out whether LibQUAL+[TM]can account for student loyalty to the library of an institution of higher education. LibQUAL+[TM] is a marketing tool that is used to measure perceived service quality of libraries, and the present analysis aims at validating this service quality instrument within a more…

  1. Value of Collections: A Study of Australia's Group of 8 University Libraries (United States)

    Missingham, Roxanne; Zobec, Helena


    Demonstrating the value of library and information services has been a theme in library discussions in recent years. The application of many different approaches to evaluation has waxed and waned together with the development of theories of evaluation across the humanities and social sciences. Over the past two decades research and activity on…

  2. Developing Social Media to Engage and Connect at the University of Liverpool Library (United States)

    Chatten, Zelda; Roughley, Sarah


    This case study presents the Liverpool experience of using social media as an academic library to enhance audience engagement and create a community of users. It looks at the development of social media in the library, focusing on the concerted effort to grow followers and develop a meaningful use of these tools. It considers the value of taking a…

  3. Envisioning a Literacy Partnership: The University of Nebraska at Omaha's Criss Library and Girls Inc. (United States)

    Neujahr, Joyce; Hillyer, Nora; Cast-Brede, Melissa


    The history of academic library involvement in service learning is varied. This paper provides an overview of service learning and the literature on academic libraries' participation in service-learning activities. A vision of service-learning participation is described, as well as the implementation of service-learning activities in two library…

  4. Futuring, Strategic Planning and Shared Awareness: An Ohio University Libraries' Case Study (United States)

    Staley, David J.; Seaman, Scott; Theodore-Shusta, Eileen


    A critical component of strategic planning is creating a shared-awareness among library staff of the potential societal, political, economic and technological changes that will influence how future users will create and consume scholarly materials, what will be expected of library services, and how facilities will be used. The ACRL Futuring…

  5. Closing the Gap: The Maturing of Quality Assurance in Australian University Libraries (United States)

    Tang, Karen


    A benchmarking review of the quality assurance practices of the libraries of the Australian Technology Network conducted in 2006 revealed exemplars of best practice, but also sector-wide gaps. A follow-up review in 2010 indicated the best practices that remain relevant. While some gaps persist, there has been improvement across the libraries and…

  6. The University of Kentucky Center for Research on Violence Against Women: science inspired by women's stories. (United States)

    Jordan, Carol E


    Research in the violence against women area has been undertaken for more than 30 years, but individual researchers who have made these scholarly contributions have not been advantaged by adequate attention, funding, or organizational structure within the university setting. This article offers a detailed description of a model of an interdisciplinary research center designed to provide an academic architecture within which research on intimate partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, and other forms of violence against women can flourish and advance. The article describes the impetus for creation of the University of Kentucky Center for Research on Violence Against Women, its current mission, organizational structure, financial operations, and initiatives related to research, education, and public service. Practical strategies for establishing and sustaining a center of this type are offered.

  7. 多途径开展高校图书馆精神文化建设——以中国矿业大学图书馆为例%Multiple ways to construct the university library spiritual culture——Taking China mining university library as an example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This paper demonstrates the ways to construct university library spiritual culture of China University of Mining and Technology Library.%以中国矿业大学图书馆为例,阐述了开展图书馆精神文化建设的多种途径。

  8. Obstacles and Solutions of Commercialization of University Research: Case Study of Small Businesses Development Center of University of Tehran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jahangir Yadolahi FARSI


    Full Text Available With the entrepreneurship mission incorporated into the education and research missions of universities, their role in the economic and social development in societies has increased. Thus, subjects revolving around academic entrepreneurship and knowledge commercialization have drawn the attention of many researchers and politicians in different countries in the world. In Iran, too, the knowledge commercialization phenomenon is in its prime and is in its early stages of taking shape and development. Therefore, this paper aims to identify obstacles and solutions in the commercialization of university research in Iran. The qualitative research method has been used in the form of a case study. The research data collection tools consist of semi-structured interviews. As a compliment of data collection tools, some evidence and documents were also studies. The research statistical population includes all the individuals engaged in knowledge commercialization in the University of Tehran. Twenty six interviews were conducted before data saturation reached. The results of the qualitative research indicate that the organizational, environmental/institutional and internal university research commercialization impeding factors are critical obstacles in the Small Business Development Center (SBDC of the University of Tehran and policy makers should devise proper strategies in light of these factors.

  9. Microcomputer Integrated Library System (MILS). The Online Integrated Technical Information Center System at US Army Concepts Analysis Agency (CAA). (United States)


    marketplace. The April 1, 1986 issue of Library Journal (UJ) has a review of the 1985 Automated Library System Marketplace. According to UJ, in 1984P...Sampler, Library Journal , 110, No. 8, pp 124-130, May 1, 1985 Robert M. Mason, Prospects for 1985, Library Journal , 110, No. 1, pp 60- 1, January 1985... Library Journal , 111, No. 6, pp 25-37, April 1, 1986 Systems Reviewed: Sydney Dataproducts Micro Library System Biblioi-Techniques/BLIS Inmagic

  10. 数字时代下高校图书馆"柔性化"信息服务组织的建立研究%Research on the "Flexible"Information Service Organization of University Library in the Digital Age

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The article points out under the influence of global digitization ,the library of University should find the right direction of development,let the university's information service has the further development.The library should set up the flexible information service organization ,establish information alliance and the subject information service center. In this way,the librarians will be self management in the information service.%文章指出在全球数字化影响下,高等院校图书馆应找准发展方向,进一步深化高校的信息服务.图书馆要建立起柔性化的信息服务组织,加强信息联盟的建立,建立学科化信息服务中心,并让馆员能自主信息服务范围内的策略与管理.

  11. A Comparative Analysis of the Availability of Information Resources on Ibibio Culture in the University of Uyo and Akwa Ibom State Public Library (United States)

    Okon, Henry Itohowo; Simon, Jehu S.; Akai, Iniobong


    This study reports the results of a survey of the available holdings of information resources on Ibibio culture in the University of Uyo Library and Akwa Ibom State Library. The specific objectives of the study were to determine the different size of information resources on funeral, fattening (Mbobo), taboos, myths as well as dissemination in the…

  12. The principles for the implementation of information literacy at the universities in Slovenia : the role of libraries in an information literate university

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karmen Stopar


    Full Text Available Over the many years an information literate student has been one of the main goals of the universities’ educational endeavours around the world. Information literacy,being the foundation of lifelong learning, is becoming increasingly important with the Bologna process. Libraries have always played a significant role in the process of more efficient and effective use of information. The Librarianship Act in Slovenia stipulates that libraries support and carry out educational and information literacy tasks. In accordance with their capabilities and the level of development of the information environment, the libraries have performed library-pedagogical tasks and have trained their users for efficient and effective use of information. Nevertheless, there is a greater need for more intensive and more comprehensive information literacy activities. The requirements of the education process through all the years of the university education should lead to better information literacy among students. All subjects, institutions and individuals, who are responsible for the realization of information literacy programmes, should join in order to implement the information literacy programmes.

  13. University Center of Excellence for Photovoltaics Research and Education: Annual report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rohatgi, A.; Crotty, G.; Cai, L.; Sana, P.; Doolittle, A.; Ropp, M.; Krygowski, T.; Narasimha, S. [Georgia Inst. of Tech., Atlanta, GA (United States). School of Electrical and Computer Engineering


    This is a second annual report since the University Center of Excellence for Photovoltaics Research and Education was established at Georgia Tech. The major focus of the center is crystalline silicon, and the mission of the Center is to improve the fundamental understanding of the science and technology of advanced photovoltaic devices and materials, to fabricate high-efficiency cells, and develop low-cost processes, to provide training and enrich the equational experience of students in this field, and to increase US competitiveness by providing guidelines to industry and DOE to achieve cost-effective and high-efficiency photovoltaic devices. This report outlines the work of the Center from July 1993--June 1994.

  14. 河南高校图书馆科研论文统计分析%Analysis on the Scientific Research Theses by Libraries of Henan Universities

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    通过对2007-2010年河南省高校图书馆作者科研论文的统计分析,从科研产出的角度分析河南高校图书馆科研能力及特点。%This paper has analyzed the scientific theses of libraries of Henan Universities and the research capacity and feature of Libraries of Henan Universities.

  15. 地方高校图书馆文化建设的现状分析%Current Situation of Cultural Construction of Local University Library

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杨月; 费晶


    地方高校图书馆文化建设是高校校园文化建设的的重要组成部分。因此,应加强图书馆文化建设。%The cultural construction of local university library is an important part of the construction of university campus culture. So, the cultural construction of library should be strengthened.

  16. Teaching Library: Vermittlung von Informationskompetenz an medizinischen Bibliotheken

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bauer, Bruno


    Full Text Available [english] The focus of the current issue 1-2/2014 of GMS Medizin – Bibliothek – Information is on “Teaching Library: information literacy instruction at medical libraries”. The authors in this issue are Marina Betker & Annette Kustos (Literature research training in health sciences in a new academic library – straight through and strategic planning: the concept of the “hsg Bochum”, Simone Waldboth (Integration of e-learning in the lecture “Information Literacy” at the Provincial College for Health-Care Professions „Claudiana“, Michaele Adam & Jens Mittelbach (Shaping the Future at the SLUB Dresden with Information Literacy in the Research Cycle, Gregor Steinrisser (Sucessfully failing – Fiction and Friction of a teaching library in university and clinical daily routine, Melanie Kintzel & Norbert Sunderbrink (Information literacy classes at the Medical Library of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Markus Schmiel (The teaching and learning concept of the Library of the Hannover Medical School, Jutta Matrisciano & Martina Semmler-Schmetz (Teaching Library – Realization of a concept with many facets at the Library for the Medical Faculty of Mannheim, Karin Cepicka („Teaching Library“ at the Library oft the Medical University Vienna, Helmut Dollfuß (Library user education for the new curriculum at the Medical University Vienna, Manuela Rohrmoser & Irene Schachl (The cooperations of teaching librarians at Vienna University Library und Claudia Hausberger & David Frank (Curriculum reform – a work report from the Library of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna.

  17. The Canadian Dollar versus the Collection: How Canadian University Libraries are Coping

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David R. Scott


    Full Text Available Through 2015 and into 2016, Canadian academic libraries’ collections budgets were severely strained due to the steady decline of the CAD/USD exchange rate. As most subscription fees for electronic resources (e-resources are billed in US dollars, the falling value of the Canadian dollar significantly reduced libraries’ purchasing power. This study is based on a survey of the English-speaking member institutions of the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN, a Canadian collections consortium, carried out to determine the impact of the poor exchange rate on collections development and how libraries are coping with new budgetary pressures. Librarians from 33 universities provided survey responses. Of these, 22 participated in telephone interviews to further discuss concerns and ideas regarding the current crisis. The study finds that all participant libraries have taken actions to address the budgetary shortfall, including cancelling serial and database subscriptions, negotiating lower costs with vendors, purchasing fewer monographs, and soliciting additional funding from their institutions. While the financial strain resulting from exchange rate fluctuations is indeed a significant problem for which solutions should be sought, several respondents stressed that it only exacerbates the ongoing inflation of e-resource subscriptions. This deeper and enduring issue, which is expected to outlast the present exchange rate crisis, is enabled by an inherently flawed scholarly publishing system. Thus, librarians engaged in discussions with their wider academic communities concerning collections budgets should not focus exclusively on the exchange rate but should leverage the opportunity to explore alternatives to the current scholarly communication model. If solutions exist, they will likely only be achieved through the support of faculty and university administrators, as well as cooperation among post-secondary institutions and library consortia. Au

  18. Analysis on the Leading Role of University Libraries in the Regional Library Consortium%高校图书馆在区域图书馆联合体中的引领作用探析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    图书馆行业的"条块"现象一直是不同系统图书馆之间的天然屏障,在区域图书馆联合体建设中,没有图书馆愿意主动牵头,致使区域图书馆联合体建设举步维艰。高校图书馆具有资源、人力、经费、环境等方面的优势,应充分发挥其在区域图书馆联合体中的引领作用,推进区域图书馆联合体建设的进程。%The separation phenomenon in the industry of libraries is always the natural barrier.In the process of constructing regional library consortia,there are few libraries prefer to lead constructing actively,which results in constructing regional library consortia difficulty.University libraries have some obvious advantages in literature resources,human resources,funds and circumstance,and so on.The university library should play the leading role in constructing the regional library consortium actively,in order to advance the progress of constructing the regional library consortium.

  19. 高校图书馆文化建设研究%On Construction of University Library Culture

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邓胤龙; 赵维平


    校园文化建设是高校发展、繁荣的一项重要工作。图书馆要以校园文化建设为契机,加强图书馆精神文化、制度文化、行为文化、馆藏等方面的建设,充分发挥图书馆文化在图书馆建设、发展、服务中的引领作用,不断提高办馆质量,提升馆员素质,完善服务水平。%The construction of campus culture is an important work for the development and prosperity of the university. Li- brary should take the opportunity of the construction of campus culture, strengthen the building of the library spirit culture, system culture, behavior culture, collection and other aspects. The library also should make full use of the leading role in building library culture, development and service, and constantly improve the quality of library, raise librarians quality and im- prove the service level.

  20. Evaluation of Collection, Staff and Space of the Central Library of Tarbiyat Modarress University based on LibQUAL Instrument

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A'zam Najafgholinezhad


    Full Text Available   The present investigation was carried out using LibQual software in order to evaluate the user view on the quality of services offered by the Central Library of Tarbiyat Modarress University. It was conducted at three levels of minimum, maximum and real. The sample was drawn from in-house and outside users, including graduate students and faculty members. Findings indicated that in most cases there is a difference between users’ expectations and the services offered by the library. Users’ demands are somewhat satisfied at minimum level, but there is a significant gap with respect to desired level and users’ maximum expectations. Among different user groups, whether faculty or student, there is a significant difference with respect to the gap between the expectations and the services offered. There had been no significant difference of opinion among in-house and outside users regarding quality measures dealing with staff and the library space. There is however a significant difference regarding the quality of sources helf.   By using the factor analysis method, four factors were identified as contributing factors to the quality of library services. These were “availability and accessibility of sources”, “Availability of qualified and diligent staff”, “Suitability of space for individual or group study and learning” and “Ready Access to Information”.