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    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asril Marjohan Marjohan


    Full Text Available This study was aimed at describing Google translations by comparing them with those which were carried out by humans. The human translations used in this study were done by Tim Kunci Cultural Studies Center. This study used qualitative-descriptive method. The sample was purposively selected and consisted of 24 sentences from Chris Barker, Cultural Studies and their two translated versions. The evaluation was done by using Sical’s approach. The results showed that Google translations contained more errors than those made by Tim Kunci Cultural Studies Center. Google made errors that fell into the category of violations of linguistic and sociocultural rules or norms. This was caused by the design of Google Translate that was not based on linguistic and sociocultural analyses.  Meanwhile   Tim Kunci Cultural Studies Center made errors that indicated reasoning by guessing meanings from context, as what humans are doing in communication. Google translations needed revising in  the forms of translating words which had been left untranslated, retranslating words which had been wrongly translated because of not considering context, retranslating phrases which had been wrongly translated because of  not analyzing them into their constituents and propositions, retranslating words which had been wrongly translated because of not considering sociocultural norms. In doing the revisions the editor had to read the original text because the translations tended not to give clues to the original patterns of the sentences for their highly varied forms.   Meanwhile, the translations of Tim Kunci Cultural Studies Center needed minor editing to make them more effective. There was no need for an intensive reading of the original for their   more systematic characteristics.

  2. Comparison of endoscopic stenting for malignant biliaryobstruction: A single-center study

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    AIM: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of single-stependoscopic placement of self-expandable metallic stents(SEMS) for treatment of obstructive jaundice.METHODS: A retrospective study was performedamong 90 patients who underwent transpapillarybiliary metallic stent placement for malignant biliaryobstruction (MBO) between April 2005 and October2012. The diagnosis of primary disease and MBO wasbased on abdominal ultrasound, computed tomography,magnetic resonance imaging, endoscopic ultrasound,endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography withbrush cytology, biopsy, and/or a combination of thesemodalities. The type of SEMS (covered or non-covered,8 mm or 10 mm in diameter) was determined by theendoscopist. Ninety patients were divided into twogroups: group 1 (49 patients) who underwent a singlestepSEMS placement and group 2 (41 patients) whounderwent a two-step SEMS placement. The technicalsuccess rate, complication rate, stent patency, andpatient survival rate were compared between thegroups. In addition, to identify the clinical prognosticfactors associated with patient survival, the followingvariables were evaluated in Cox-regression analysis:gender, age, etiology of MBO (pancreatic cancer or nonpancreaticcancer), clinical stage (Ⅳb; with distant metastases or Ⅳa 〉; without distant metastases),chemotherapy (with or without), patency of the stent,and the use of single-step or two-step SEMS.RESULTS: Immediate technical success was achievedin 93.9% (46/49) in group 1 and in 95.1% (39/41)in group 2, with no significant difference (P = 1.0).Similarly, there was no difference in the complicationrates between the groups (group 1, 4.1% and group 2,4.9%; P = 0.62). Stent failure was observed in 10 casesin group 1 (20.4%) and in 16 cases in group 2 (39.0%).The patency of stent and patient survival revealed nodifference between the two groups with Kaplan-Meieranalysis, with a mean patency of 111 ± 17

  3. Comparison of Head Center Position and Screw Fixation Options Between a Jumbo Cup and an Offset Center of Rotation Cup in Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Computer Simulation Study. (United States)

    Faizan, Ahmad; Black, Brandon J; Fay, Brian D; Heffernan, Christopher D; Ries, Michael D


    Jumbo acetabular cups are commonly used in revision total hip arthroplasty (THA). A straightforward reaming technique is used which is similar to primary THA. However, jumbo cups may also be associated with hip center elevation, limited screw fixation options, and anterior soft tissue impingement. A partially truncated hemispherical shell was designed with an offset center of rotation, thick superior rim, and beveled anterior and superior rims as an alternative to a conventional jumbo cup. A three dimensional computer simulation was used to assess head center position and safe screw trajectories. Results of this in vitro study indicate that a modified hemispherical implant geometry can reduce head center elevation while permitting favorable screw fixation trajectories into the pelvis in comparison to a conventional jumbo cup.

  4. Comparison of immune manifestations between refractory cytopenia of childhood and aplastic anemia in children: A single-center retrospective study. (United States)

    Wu, Jun; Cheng, Yifei; Zhang, Leping


    This retrospective single-center study assessed the incidence and clinical features of immune manifestations of refractory cytopenia of childhood (RCC) and childhood aplastic anemia (AA). We evaluated 72 children with RCC and 123 with AA between February 2008 and March 2013. RCC was associated with autoimmune disease in 4 children, including 1 case each with autoimmune hemolytic anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and anaphylactoid purpura. No children with AA were diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. Immune abnormalities were common in both RCC and AA; the most significant reductions were in the relative numbers of CD3-CD56+ subsets found in RCC. Despite the many similar immunologic abnormalities in AA and RCC, the rate of autoimmune disease was significantly lower in childhood AA than RCC (p=0.008, χ2=6.976). The relative numbers of natural killer cells were significantly lower in RCC patients than AA patients. By month 6, there was no significant difference in autoimmune manifestations between RCC and AA in relation to the response to immunosuppressive therapy (p=0.907, χ2=0.014). The large overlap of analogous immunologic abnormalities indicates that RCC and childhood AA may share the same pathogenesis.

  5. Control Systems Security Center Comparison Study of Industrial Control System Standards against the Control Systems Protection Framework Cyber-Security Requirements

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Robert P. Evans


    Cyber security standards, guidelines, and best practices for control systems are critical requirements that have been delineated and formally recognized by industry and government entities. Cyber security standards provide a common language within the industrial control system community, both national and international, to facilitate understanding of security awareness issues but, ultimately, they are intended to strengthen cyber security for control systems. This study and the preliminary findings outlined in this report are an initial attempt by the Control Systems Security Center (CSSC) Standard Awareness Team to better understand how existing and emerging industry standards, guidelines, and best practices address cyber security for industrial control systems. The Standard Awareness Team comprised subject matter experts in control systems and cyber security technologies and standards from several Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratories, including Argonne National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Sandia National Laboratories. This study was conducted in two parts: a standard identification effort and a comparison analysis effort. During the standard identification effort, the Standard Awareness Team conducted a comprehensive open-source survey of existing control systems security standards, regulations, and guidelines in several of the critical infrastructure (CI) sectors, including the telecommunication, water, chemical, energy (electric power, petroleum and oil, natural gas), and transportation--rail sectors and sub-sectors. During the comparison analysis effort, the team compared the requirements contained in selected, identified, industry standards with the cyber security requirements in ''Cyber Security Protection Framework'', Version 0.9 (hereafter referred to as the ''Framework''). For each of the seven sector/sub-sectors listed above, one standard was


    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The mission of the Center for Cyber Security Studies is to enhance the education of midshipmen in all areas of cyber warfare, to facilitate the sharing of expertise...

  7. Control Systems Security Center Comparison Study of Industrial Control System Standards against the Control Systems Protection Framework Cyber-Security Requirements

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Robert P. Evans


    Cyber security standards, guidelines, and best practices for control systems are critical requirements that have been delineated and formally recognized by industry and government entities. Cyber security standards provide a common language within the industrial control system community, both national and international, to facilitate understanding of security awareness issues but, ultimately, they are intended to strengthen cyber security for control systems. This study and the preliminary findings outlined in this report are an initial attempt by the Control Systems Security Center (CSSC) Standard Awareness Team to better understand how existing and emerging industry standards, guidelines, and best practices address cyber security for industrial control systems. The Standard Awareness Team comprised subject matter experts in control systems and cyber security technologies and standards from several Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratories, including Argonne National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Sandia National Laboratories. This study was conducted in two parts: a standard identification effort and a comparison analysis effort. During the standard identification effort, the Standard Awareness Team conducted a comprehensive open-source survey of existing control systems security standards, regulations, and guidelines in several of the critical infrastructure (CI) sectors, including the telecommunication, water, chemical, energy (electric power, petroleum and oil, natural gas), and transportation--rail sectors and sub-sectors. During the comparison analysis effort, the team compared the requirements contained in selected, identified, industry standards with the cyber security requirements in ''Cyber Security Protection Framework'', Version 0.9 (hereafter referred to as the ''Framework''). For each of the seven sector/sub-sectors listed above, one standard was

  8. Center for Botanical Interaction Studies (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Research Area: Dietary Supplements, Herbs, Antioxidants Program:Centers for Dietary Supplements Research: Botanicals Description:This center will look at safety and...

  9. Center for Creative Studies, Detroit (United States)

    AIA Journal, 1976


    One of the ten buildings chosen to receive 1976 AIA honor awards, the arts center houses the departments of sculpture, painting, graphics, advertising art, photography, and industrial design. (Author/MLF)

  10. Geology orbiter comparison study (United States)

    Cutts, J. A. J.; Blasius, K. R.; Davis, D. R.; Pang, K. D.; Shreve, D. C.


    Instrument requirements of planetary geology orbiters were examined with the objective of determining the feasibility of applying standard instrument designs to a host of terrestrial targets. Within the basic discipline area of geochemistry, gamma-ray, X-ray fluorescence, and atomic spectroscopy remote sensing techniques were considered. Within the discipline area of geophysics, the complementary techniques of gravimetry and radar were studied. Experiments using these techniques were analyzed for comparison at the Moon, Mercury, Mars and the Galilean satellites. On the basis of these comparative assessments, the adaptability of each sensing technique was judged as a basic technique for many targets, as a single instrument applied to many targets, as a single instrument used in different mission modes, and as an instrument capability for nongeoscience objectives.

  11. American Studies Center:An Introduction

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Shu; HONG


    The year 2012 was remarkable in the history of American Studies at Sichuan University.First,it marked the 28thAnniversary of the founding of the American Studies Center,which had its official debut in May,1984,coinciding with the establishment of the US Consulate General in Chengdu.U.S.Vice President George Bush was present at the Inauguration Ceremony of the American Studies Center,and afterwards gave an important talk to the university faculty and students.The past 28years have witnessed the steady development of this Center.In June,2012,the

  12. American Studies Center:An Introduction

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Shu; HONG


    <正>The year 2012 was remarkable in the history of American Studies at Sichuan University.First,it marked the 28thAnniversary of the founding of the American Studies Center,which had its official debut in May,1984,coinciding with the establishment of the US Consulate General in Chengdu.U.S.Vice President George Bush was present at the Inauguration Ceremony of the American Studies Center,and

  13. A multi-center, double-blind, randomised study of the Lavender oil preparation Silexan in comparison to Lorazepam for generalized anxiety disorder. (United States)

    Woelk, H; Schläfke, S


    Generalized and persistent anxiety, accompanied by nervousness and other symptoms (Generalised Anxiety Disorder, GAD) is frequent in the general population and leads to benzodiazepine usage. Unfortunately, these substances induce sedation and have a high potential for drug abuse, and there is thus a need for alternatives. As the anxiolytic properties of lavender have already been demonstrated in pharmacological studies and small-scale clinical trials, it was postulated that lavender has a positive effect in GAD. A controlled clinical study was then performed to evaluate the efficacy of silexan, a new oral lavender oil capsule preparation, versus a benzodiazepine. In this study, the efficacy of a 6-week-intake of silexan compared to lorazepam was investigated in adults with GAD. The primary target variable was the change in the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A-total score) as an objective measurement of the severity of anxiety between baseline and week 6. The results suggest that silexan effectively ameliorates generalized anxiety comparable to a common benzodiazepine (lorazepam). The mean of the HAM-A-total score decreased clearly and to a similar extent in both groups (by 11.3+/-6.7 points (45%) in the silexan group and by 11.6+/-6.6 points (46%) in the lorazepam group, from 25+/-4 points at baseline in both groups). During the active treatment period, the two HAM-A subscores "somatic anxiety" (HAM-A subscore I) and "psychic anxiety" (HAM-A subscore II) also decreased clearly and to a similar extent in both groups. The changes in other subscores measured during the study, such as the SAS (Self-rating Anxiety Scale), PSWQ-PW (Penn State Worry Questionnaire), SF 36 Health survey Questionnaire and Clinical Global Impressions of severity of disorder (CGI item 1, CGI item 2, CGI item 3), and the results of the sleep diary demonstrated comparable positive effects of the two compounds. In conclusion, our results demonstrate that silexan is as effective as lorazepam

  14. Cosmos, an international center for advanced studies (United States)

    Ryzhov, Iurii; Alifanov, Oleg; Sadin, Stanley; Coleman, Paul


    The concept of Cosmos, a Soviet operating center for aerospace activities, is presented. The main Cosmos participants are the Institute for Aerospace Education, the Institute for Research and Commercial Development, and the Department of Space Policy and Socio-Economic Studies. Cosmos sponsors a number of educational programs, basic research, and studies of the social impact of space-related technologies.

  15. The Center for Star Formation Studies (United States)

    Hollenbach, D.; Bell, K. R.; Laughlin, G.


    The Center for Star Formation Studies, a consortium of scientists from the Space Science Division at Ames and the Astronomy Departments of the University of California at Berkeley and Santa Cruz, conducts a coordinated program of theoretical research on star and planet formation. Under the directorship of D. Hollenbach (Ames), the Center supports postdoctoral fellows, senior visitors, and students; meets regularly at Ames to exchange ideas and to present informal seminars on current research; hosts visits of outside scientists; and conducts a week-long workshop on selected aspects of star and planet formation each summer.

  16. Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress (United States)


    problems of those exposed to war, disaster and other traumatic events. Third, we are dedicated to research in translational studies, neuro- science ...and high- ly-productive team functions in a well-coordinated manner and in a unified direction . That combined effort and synergy results in the rapid...Center continued its clinical work in neuro- science and neurobiology by conducting clinical trials to improve the treatment of stress, PTSD and TBI

  17. A Comparison of the impact of family-centered and patient-centered education methods on attitude toward and adherence to diet and fluid restriction in hemodialysis patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asgari P


    Full Text Available Background and Objective: One of the major issues in hemodialysis patients is adherence to diet and fluid restriction. In order to reduce the adverse consequences of the disease and improve quality of life, educating these patients is of great importance. Therefore, the present study was conducted in order to compare the impact of two methods of education (patient-centered and family–centered on attitude toward and adherence to diet and fluid restriction in hemodialysis patients. Materials and Method: This clinical trial was performed on patients referred to the hemodialysis ward of hospitals affiliated with Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran, during May to October 2012. Through purposive sampling method, 60 patients were selected and randomly assigned to two groups patient-centered (n = 30 and family-centered (n = 30. Patients’ attitude toward and adherence to diet regime and fluid restriction were assessed using a researcher-made self-report questionnaire in 3 stages (before the intervention, and 2 and 4 weeks after the intervention. The reliability and validity of the questionnaire were approved. Data analysis was performed using SPSS software version 16 and independent t-test, chi-square, Fisher’s exact test, and repeated measures ANOVA. Results: Before the intervention, the findings showed no significant difference between the 2 groups in terms of adherence to diet and fluid restriction. In the second week after the intervention, mean adherence to diet in the family-centered group was significantly higher than the patient-centered group (P = 0.010. Moreover, at the end of the second (P = 0.001 and fourth weeks (P = 0.002, the attitude toward adherence to diet and fluid restriction was more positive in the family-centered group, in comparison to the patient-centered group. Conclusion: Family-centered education is more effective on patient adherence to the treatment regimen. Thus, it is recommended that family-centered

  18. Assessing Latina/o Undergraduates' Depressive Symptomatology: Comparisons of the Beck Depression Inventory-II, the Center for Epidemiological Studies-Depression Scale, and the Self-Report Depression Scale (United States)

    Gloria, Alberta M.; Castellanos, Jeanett; Kanagui-Munoz, Marlen; Rico, Melissa A.


    The use of depression scales as screening tools at university and college centers is increasing and thus, the question of whether scales are culturally valid for different student groups is increasingly more relevant with increased severity of depression for students and changing student demographics. As such, this study examined the reliability…

  19. Hanford Nuclear Energy Center: a conceptual study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Harty, H. (comp.)


    The objective of the study is to develop an improved understanding of the nuclear energy center (NEC) concept and to identify research and development needed to evaluate the concept fully. A specific context was selected for the study--the Hanford site. Thus, the study primarily addresses the HNEC concept, but the findings are extrapolated to generic NECs where possible. The major emphasis in the HNEC study was to explore potential technical and environmental problems in a specific context and in sufficient detail to evaluate potential problems and propose practical solutions. The areas of concern are typical of those considered in preparing environmental and safety analysis reports, including: topics dealing with engineering choices (e.g., site selection, heat sink management, electrical transmission, and reliability of generation); environmental matters (e.g., terrestrial and radiological effects); socioeconomic factors (e.g., community impacts); and licensing considerations.

  20. Matrixed business support comparison study.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Parsons, Josh D.


    The Matrixed Business Support Comparison Study reviewed the current matrixed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) division staff models at Sandia National Laboratories. There were two primary drivers of this analysis: (1) the increasing number of financial staff matrixed to mission customers and (2) the desire to further understand the matrix process and the opportunities and challenges it creates.

  1. A Comparison of Organization-Centered and Agent-Centered Multi-Agent Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Andreas Schmidt; Villadsen, Jørgen


    Whereas most classical multi-agent systems have the agent in center, there has recently been a development towards focusing more on the organization of the system, thereby allowing the designer to focus on what the system goals are, without considering how the goals should be fulfilled. We have d...... that the agent-oriented approach has a number of advantages when it comes to game-like scenarios with just a few different character types....... developed and evaluated two teams of agents for a variant of the well-known Bomberman computer game. One team is based on the basic Jason system, which is an implementation in Java of an extension of the logic-based agent-oriented programming language AgentSpeak. The other team is based...

  2. The New Center for Advanced Energy Studies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    L.J. Bond; K. Kostelnik; R.A. Wharton; A. Kadak


    A secure and affordable energy supply is essential for achieving U.S. national security, in continuing U.S. prosperity and in laying the foundation to enable future economic growth. The next generation energy workforce in the U.S. is a critical element in meeting both national and global energy needs. The Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) was established in 2005 in response to U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) requirements. CAES, located at the new Idaho National Laboratory (INL), will address critical energy education, research, policy study and training needs. CAES is a unique joint partnership between the Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA), the State of Idaho, an Idaho University Consortium (IUC), and a National University Consortium (NUC). CAES will be based in a new facility that will foster collaborative academic and research efforts among participating institutions.

  3. Center for Advanced Energy Studies Program Plan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kevin Kostelnik


    The world is facing critical energy-related challenges regarding world and national energy demands, advanced science and energy technology delivery, nuclear engineering educational shortfalls, and adequately trained technical staff. Resolution of these issues is important for the United States to ensure a secure and affordable energy supply, which is essential for maintaining U.S. national security, continued economic prosperity, and future sustainable development. One way that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is addressing these challenges is by tasking the Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC (BEA) with developing the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). By 2015, CAES will be a self-sustaining, world-class, academic and research institution where the INL; DOE; Idaho, regional, and other national universities; and the international community will cooperate to conduct critical energy-related research, classroom instruction, technical training, policy conceptualization, public dialogue, and other events.

  4. Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic Worker Cost Comparison (United States)


    their children a right to study painting, poetry , music, architecture, tapestry, and porcelain.” As she was patient with this program and my master’s...displayed and explained when using this method. The attempt to trace indirect and overhead costs is not an absolutely precise process and is subject to

  5. Studying the relationship between the styles of attachment, drug addiction and psychological profile of addicts in comparison with non-addicts (in self-introduced centers of Bushehr Province

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Emphasizing on effective factors in drug dependency and multiple drug relapse, is probably related to formation of personality models. These models are heavily affected by development orientation personality. Various researches show that attachment as a development factor has a decisive role in forming personality models. Hence, in one hand, the present research evaluates the relationship between attachment styles and drug dependency and ,in the other hand, it addresses the relationship between attachment /drug addiction and psychological profile. The statistical community of this research consists of all male referrals to self-introduced centers in Bushehr province in summer 1381. The sample group consists 100 individuals of this community and comparison group cnosists another 100 individuals who had no history of drug abuse. They were controlled by counterpart variables. The tools of this research are MCMI-II and adults’ attachment questionnaire. The satisfaction of validity and reliabilty of research literature are reported. Apllied statistical methods include χ² statistical test and profile analysis. To compare the individual distribution based on attachment style, χ² test is obtained meaningfully in P<0/05 level. Also, the results of profile analysis for evaluating the effect of drug addiction and attachment style on psychological profile is meaningful in P<0/01 level. In summary, the research shows that there is a relationship between attachment style and drug addiction as well as between attachment/addiction and psychological profile.

  6. Environmental Studies. Plano Outdoor Learning Center. (United States)

    Plano Independent School District, TX.

    This curriculum guide for the Plano Intermediate School District (Texas) Outdoor Learning Center is divided into three major sections. Section I provides information on the numbered stations/posts found along the perimeter and inner trails of the center and includes brief comments on the philosophy of environmental education and the history…

  7. Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — As part of the Department of Psychiatry of our federal medical school, the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS), the Center was established...

  8. A comparison of mortality rates in three prospective studies from Copenhagen with mortality rates in the central part of the city, and the entire country. Copenhagen Center for Prospective Population Studies

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Lars Bo; Vestbo, Jørgen; Juel, Knud


    in the Copenhagen City Heart Study, whereas mortality rates in the Glostrup Population Studies were similar to rates for the whole country. The mortality rates among participants were lower than in the whole sample, and differences existed in relation to region and selection criteria of the cohorts. The Copenhagen...... Male Study, where only employed men were included, showed the lowest mortality rates, and higher rates were found in the study from the central part of the City (the Copenhagen City Heart Study) compared to the study from the suburbs (the Glostrup Population Studies). The difference between mortality...... rates in the cohorts and in Copenhagen City decreased with increasing age. The SMR converged towards 1.00 with increasing observation time. In conclusion, high participation rates were found in all three studies, resulting in SMR values for participants only slightly lower than in the source population...

  9. Comparison of Optimal Cardiovascular Risk Factor Management in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Who Attended Urban Medical Health Center with those Attended a Tertiary Care Center: Experiences from Tehran, Iran (United States)

    Moradi, Sedighe; Haji Ghanbari, Mohammad Javad; Ebrahimi, Hedyeh


    Background: Diabetes is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Moreover, CVD accounts for primary cause of death among diabetic patients. Physicians, especially in the primary care setting, have effective role in the management of cardiovascular risk factors. Therefore, we aimed to compare the prevalence of modifiable cardiovascular risk factors in Type 2 diabetic patients attending to an urban health center as a primary care center with Institute of Endocrinology and Metabolism Diabetes Clinic (IEMDC) as a tertiary center. Methods: This cross-sectional study was performed on 200 adult diabetic patients attending urban health center (Abouzar Health Center) and 201 diabetic patients in a tertiary center. The patients’ cardiovascular risk factors including lipid profile, systolic and diastolic blood pressure (BP), and smoking history were recorded. The number of patients who did not achieve the target according to the American Diabetes Association guidelines was determined and compared. Results: The patients in urban health center were older than those who attending IEMDC (P = 0.004). The duration of diabetes was longer among urban center patients (P glycosylated hemoglobin level, high-density lipoprotein level, and systolic BP. Conclusions: Both centers have failure in target achievement in some risk factors; however, the inability of the primary care center in controlling hyperlipidemia in comparison with the tertiary center is a serious warning to provide training about managing dyslipidemia in these centers. PMID:27761215

  10. Finite Element Analysis and Test Results Comparison for the Hybrid Wing Body Center Section Test Article (United States)

    Przekop, Adam; Jegley, Dawn C.; Rouse, Marshall; Lovejoy, Andrew E.


    This report documents the comparison of test measurements and predictive finite element analysis results for a hybrid wing body center section test article. The testing and analysis efforts were part of the Airframe Technology subproject within the NASA Environmentally Responsible Aviation project. Test results include full field displacement measurements obtained from digital image correlation systems and discrete strain measurements obtained using both unidirectional and rosette resistive gauges. Most significant results are presented for the critical five load cases exercised during the test. Final test to failure after inflicting severe damage to the test article is also documented. Overall, good comparison between predicted and actual behavior of the test article is found.

  11. Evaluation Study of Day-Care Centers in Israel. (United States)

    Korazim, Malka; Trachtenberg, Silvia

    In recent years, day-care centers for the elderly have been playing an increasingly important role in the community service system for the elderly in Israel. ESHEL, one of the leading agencies in developing day-care services in Israel initiated a comprehensive evaluation study of day-care centers to identify variations among different types of…

  12. Comparison of quality control for trauma management between Western and Eastern European trauma center

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gambale Giorgio


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Quality control of trauma care is essential to define the effectiveness of trauma center and trauma system. To identify the troublesome issues of the system is the first step for validation of the focused customized solutions. This is a comparative study of two level I trauma centers in Italy and Romania and it has been designed to give an overview of the entire trauma care program adopted in these two countries. This study was aimed to use the results as the basis for recommending and planning changes in the two trauma systems for a better trauma care. Methods We retrospectively reviewed a total of 182 major trauma patients treated in the two hospitals included in the study, between January and June 2002. Every case was analyzed according to the recommended minimal audit filters for trauma quality assurance by The American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma (ACSCOT. Results Satisfactory yields have been reached in both centers for the management of head and abdominal trauma, airway management, Emergency Department length of stay and early diagnosis and treatment. The main significant differences between the two centers were in the patients' transfers, the leadership of trauma team and the patients' outcome. The main concerns have been in the surgical treatment of fractures, the outcome and the lacking of documentation. Conclusion The analyzed hospitals are classified as Level I trauma center and are within the group of the highest quality level centers in their own countries. Nevertheless, both of them experience major lacks and for few audit filters do not reach the mmum standard requirements of ACS Audit Filters. The differences between the western and the eastern European center were slight. The parameters not reaching the minimum requirements are probably occurring even more often in suburban settings.

  13. Autism Center First to Study Minimally Verbal Children (United States)

    ... on. Feature: Taste, Smell, Hearing, Language, Voice, Balance Autism Center First to Study Minimally Verbal Children Past ... research exploring the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a complex developmental disorder that ...

  14. Tri-Service Center for Oral Health Studies (TSCOHS) (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Tri-Service Center for Oral Health Studies (TSCOHS), a service of the Postgraduate Dental College, is chartered by the Department of Defense TRICARE Management...

  15. The Plant Information Center (PIC): A Web-Based Learning Center for Botanical Study. (United States)

    Greenberg, J.; Daniel, E.; Massey, J.; White, P.

    The Plant Information Center (PIC) is a project funded under the Institute of Museum and Library Studies that aims to provide global access to both primary and secondary botanical resources via the World Wide Web. Central to the project is the development and employment of a series of applications that facilitate resource discovery, interactive…

  16. Comparison of optimal cardiovascular risk factor management in patients with Type 2 diabetes who attended urban medical health center with those attended a tertiary care center: Experiences from Tehran, Iran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sedighe Moradi


    Conclusions: Both centers have failure in target achievement in some risk factors; however, the inability of the primary care center in controlling hyperlipidemia in comparison with the tertiary center is a serious warning to provide training about managing dyslipidemia in these centers.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sharadkumar Pralhad Sawant


    Full Text Available The importance of Anatomy in undergraduate medical education cannot be adequately emphasised. For doctors, the human body is the focus of investigation and intervention on a daily basis; for this reason, the study of anatomy in some form, will continue to be essential to safe medical practice. It is necessary for core knowledge of anatomy to be assimilated by all doctors in order to practice medicine safely. It may be true that most doctors do not need to dissect a cadaver or study a prosection in order to practice, but if they do, it can improve their understanding and this surely has to be of benefit both for the safety of the patient and satisfaction of the doctor as a professional. Teacher-centered typically refers to learning situations in which the teacher asserts control over the material that students study. In contrast,to teacher centered learning, student-centered typically refers to forms of instruction that, for example, give students opportunities to lead learning activities, participate more actively in discussions, design their own learning projects, explore topics that interest them, and generally contribute to the design of their own course of study. Additionally, student-centered instruction is often associated with classrooms that feature desks arranged in circles or small groups (rather than rows of desks that face the teacher, with “self-guided” or “self-paced” learning, or with learning experiences that occur outside of traditional classroom settings. Anatomy teaching has undergone major changes due to time constraints and the rapid advances in computer technology. Also there has been a shift a teaching methodologies from a passive didactic teacher- centered approach to an active student - centered approach. Conclusion: We should develop and implement an instructional design that focuses on incorporating active-learning and student-centered pedagogy into what is previously a traditional lecture-based course. These

  18. Eligibility Comparison of Beach Tourism and Non-Beach Tourism Health Centers in Bali Province (Secundery Analysis of Rifaskes 2011

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suharmiati Suharmiati


    Province of Bali service tourists. It should be the responsibility of the government. On the other hand the feasibility of health centers (HC based on the availability of coastal tourism facilities and infrastructure, including human resources available to the health service is not clear. This study compared the feasibility of health centers shore excursions and non touristic beach health centers in Bali Province. Methods:Secondary data Healthcare Research Facility (Rifaskes 2011 all health centers in the Province of Bali. The number of samples are 114 health centers. Variabels consisted of facilities, infrastructure, human resources and health programs. The analysis is done by giving the value (weight of each variabel, then performed the scoring of each variabel both in Beach Tourist and Non Tourist Health Centers. Distribution of of the multiplication of the value with a score used to determine the feasibility of each variabel by calculating the mean (x and standart deviation (SD. Comparison of eligibility of Health Centers by differentiating the mean (x of each health center using different test (t test. Result: There is no difference in viability between Tourist and Non Tourist Beach the shore excursions based on the availability of facilities, infrastructure, human resources and health services (p > 0.05. Recomendation: Suggested health centers increase the completeness and appropriate management to be a Health Centers for Tourist, and cooperation with private clinics, the has to monitor the services and the due to cases HC responsibility.Key words: feasibility, Tourist Health Centers, Health Centers Non Tourist, Bali Province

  19. A feasibility study for a manufacturing technology deployment center

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The Automation & Robotics Research Institute (ARRI) and the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) were funded by the U.S. Department of Energy to determine the feasibility of a regional industrial technology institute to be located at the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) Central Facility in Waxahachie, Texas. In response to this opportunity, ARRI and TEEX teamed with the DOE Kansas City Plant (managed by Allied Signal, Inc.), Los Alamos National Laboratory (managed by the University of California), Vought Aircraft Company, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), SSC Laboratory, KPMG Peat Marwick, Dallas County Community College, Navarro Community College, Texas Department of Commerce (TDOC), Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC), Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology, Arkansas Science and Technology Authority, Louisiana Productivity Center, and the NASA Mid-Continent Technology Transfer Center (MCTTC) to develop a series of options, perform the feasibility analysis and secure industrial reviews of the selected concepts. The final report for this study is presented in three sections: Executive Summary, Business Plan, and Technical Plan. The results from the analysis of the proposed concept support the recommendation of creating a regional technology alliance formed by the states of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana through the conversion of the SSC Central facility into a Manufacturing Technology Deployment Center (MTDC).

  20. Quantitative and qualitative assessment of structural magnetic resonance imaging data in a two-center study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chalavi Sima


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Multi-center magnetic resonance imaging (MRI studies present an opportunity to advance research by pooling data. However, brain measurements derived from MR-images are susceptible to differences in MR-sequence parameters. It is therefore necessary to determine whether there is an interaction between the sequence parameters and the effect of interest, and to minimise any such interaction by careful choice of acquisition parameters. As an exemplar of the issues involved in multi-center studies, we present data from a study in which we aimed to optimize a set of volumetric MRI-protocols to define a protocol giving data that are consistent and reproducible across two centers and over time. Methods Optimization was achieved based on data quality and quantitative measures, in our case using FreeSurfer and Voxel Based Morphometry approaches. Our approach consisted of a series of five comparisons. Firstly, a single-center dataset was collected, using a range of candidate pulse-sequences and parameters chosen on the basis of previous literature. Based on initial results, a number of minor changes were implemented to optimize the pulse-sequences, and a second single-center dataset was collected. FreeSurfer data quality measures were compared between datasets in order to determine the best performing sequence(s, which were taken forward to the next stage of testing. We subsequently acquired short-term and long-term two-center reproducibility data, and quantitative measures were again assessed to determine the protocol with the highest reproducibility across centers. Effects of a scanner software and hardware upgrade on the reproducibility of the protocols at one of the centers were also evaluated. Results Assessing the quality measures from the first two datasets allowed us to define artefact-free protocols, all with high image quality as assessed by FreeSurfer. Comparing the quantitative test and retest measures, we found high within-center

  1. Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) File Partition Study: Final Report. (United States)

    Hull, Cynthia C.; Wanger, Judith

    A study to provide the National Center for Educational Communication (NCE) with information that could be useful in making the ERIC data base more relevant to the needs of educators and more efficiently usable by them is discussed. Specific purposes of this project were to use an empirical field-survey study as an armature around which to: (1)…

  2. Center of Discovery I Study Guide. Education 302. (United States)

    Cain, Robert B.; And Others

    This study guide contains the objectives, design, and evaluation in plan for Center of Discovery I, and lists topics, directives, and basic readings and in-depth references and the self-tests for an 11-week program of independent study within the first of four education courses in a 2-year program. The major part of the guide is devoted to a…

  3. The Center for Coastal Studies: Sustainable Development Education in Mexico (United States)

    Ollervides, F.; Farrell, T.


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to present The School for Field Studies-Center for Coastal Studies (SFS-CCS) as a success story in sustainable development education. This success is based on a unique academic model, which incorporates sustainable development opportunities and challenges faced by the local community into the program…

  4. A study at 10 medical centers of the safety and efficacy of 48 flexible sigmoidoscopies and 8 colonoscopies during pregnancy with follow-up of fetal outcome and with comparison to control groups. (United States)

    Cappell, M S; Colon, V J; Sidhom, O A


    To analyze the risks versus benefits of flexible sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy to the pregnant female and fetus, we conducted a multiyear, retrospective study at 10 hospitals of 46 patients undergoing 48 sigmoidoscopies and 8 patients undergoing 8 colonoscopies during pregnancy. Sigmoidoscopy controls included two study control groups and the average American pregnancy outcomes. Sigmoidoscopy indications included hematochezia in 28, diarrhea in 10, abdominal pain in 4, and other in 3. Thirteen patients were in the first trimester of pregnancy, 18 were in the second trimester, and 15 were in the third trimester. Twenty-seven patients had a lesion diagnosed by sigmoidoscopy, including reactivated or newly diagnosed inflammatory bowel disease, bleeding internal hemorrhoids, and other colitidies. Twenty-two of 29 patients with rectal bleeding had a significant lesion identified by sigmoidoscopy. Sigmoidoscopy was significantly more frequently diagnostic for hematochezia than for other indications (p born infant Apgar scores were 8.2+/-1.5 (SD) at 1 min and 9.0+/-0.2 at 5 min (control mean Apgar scores: 8.1+/-1.7 at 1 min and 8.8+/-1.0 at 5 min; NS, Student's t test). Three high-risk pregnancies ended with fetal demise at 8, 9, or 12 weeks after sigmoidoscopy, from causes unrelated to sigmoidoscopy. No fetal cardiac abnormalities were detected by fetal cardiac monitoring during two sigmoidoscopies. Eight pregnant females underwent colonoscopy, without complications. Pregnancy outcomes included six healthy babies delivered at full term, one voluntary abortion, and one fetal demise in a high-risk pregnancy 4 months after colonoscopy from causes unrelated to colonoscopy. This study suggests that sigmoidoscopy does not induce labor or result in congenital malformations, that sigmoidoscopy is not contraindicated during pregnancy, and that sigmoidoscopy may be beneficial in pregnant patients with significant lower gastrointestinal bleeding. Colonoscopy during pregnancy should

  5. Social Work Information Center 2.0: A Case Study (United States)

    Xu, F. Grace


    The social work library at USC provides a case study of an academic library's transition to an information center service model. Analysis of the collection, user community, Web 2.0 applications, and Web usage data demonstrates how the changes facilitated library services and information literacy instruction. (Contains 6 tables and 3 figures.)

  6. Usability Studies and User-Centered Design in Digital Libraries (United States)

    Comeaux, David J.


    Digital libraries continue to flourish. At the same time, the principles of user-centered design and the practice of usability testing have been growing in popularity, spreading their influence into the library sphere. This article explores the confluence of these two trends by surveying the current literature on usability studies of digital…

  7. Environmental Studies Center Teacher Books. 4th Grade - Mangrove Communities. (United States)

    Martin County Schools, Jensen Beach, FL. Environmental Studies Center.

    This teacher's guide, one of nine teacher packages developed for use in the sequential, hands-on, field-oriented, K-8 environmental education program of the Martin County Schools in Florida, was developed for use with elementary children in grade four prior to and after a visit to an environmental studies center located near an estuarine area. The…

  8. Comparison of baseline data between chronic kidney disease patients starting hemodialysis who live near and far from the dialysis center

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo Roberto Santos


    Full Text Available Introduction: The treatment offered to chronic kidney disease (CKD patients before starting hemodialysis (HD impacts prognosis. Objective: We seek differences among incident HD patients according to the distance between home and the dialysis center. Methods: We included 179 CKD patients undergoing HD. Patients were stratified in two groups: "living near the dialysis center" (patients whose hometown was in cities up to 100 km from the dialysis center or as "living far from the dialysis center" (patients whose hometown was more than 100 km from the dialysis center. Socioeconomic status, laboratory results, awareness of CKD before starting HD, consultation with nephrologist before the first HD session, and type of vascular access when starting HD were compared between the two groups. Comparisons of continuous and categorical variables were performed using Student's t-test and the Chi-square test, respectively. Results: Ninety (50.3% patients were classified as "living near the dialysis center" and 89 (49.7% as "living far from the dialysis center". Patients living near the dialysis center were more likely to know about their condition of CKD than those living far from the dialysis center, respectively 46.6% versus 28.0% (p = 0.015. Although without statistical significance, patients living near the dialysis center had more frequent previous consultation with nephrologists (55.5% versus 42.6%; p = 0.116 and first HD by fistula (30.0% versus 19.1%; p = 0.128 than those living far from the dialysis center. Conclusion: There are potential advantages of CKD awareness, referral to nephrologists and starting HD through fistula among patients living near the dialysis center.

  9. Fire analog: a comparison between fire plumes and energy center cooling tower plumes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Orgill, M.M.


    Thermal plumes or convection columns associated with large fires are compared to thermal plumes from cooling towers and proposed energy centers to evaluate the fire analog concept. Energy release rates of mass fires are generally larger than for single or small groups of cooling towers but are comparable to proposed large energy centers. However, significant physical differences exist between cooling tower plumes and fire plumes. Cooling tower plumes are generally dominated by ambient wind, stability and turbulence conditions. Fire plumes, depending on burning rates and other factors, can transform into convective columns which may cause the fire behavior to become more violent. This transformation can cause strong inflow winds and updrafts, turbulence and concentrated vortices. Intense convective columns may interact with ambient winds to create significant downwind effects such as wakes and Karman vortex streets. These characteristics have not been observed with cooling tower plumes to date. The differences in physical characteristics between cooling tower and fire plumes makes the fire analog concept very questionable even though the approximate energy requirements appear to be satisfied in case of large energy centers. Additional research is suggested in studying the upper-level plume characteristics of small experimental fires so this information can be correlated with similar data from cooling towers. Numerical simulation of fires and proposed multiple cooling tower systems could also provide comparative data.

  10. Using unfolding case studies in a subject-centered classroom. (United States)

    Day, Lisa


    The recently published report of the Carnegie Foundation's National Study of Nursing Education points out significant problems with classroom teaching in schools of nursing. This article suggests Palmer's idea of the subject-centered classroom as a way to transform nursing school classrooms into collaborative learning communities. For Palmer, the subject is the big idea of nursing practice-the nurse-patient/client/family/community relationship-that should take the lead in stimulating inquiry and discussion. The article goes on to describe how teachers can develop and use unfolding case studies to bring the subject to the center of the classroom. By doing so, the classroom becomes a place where students learn a sense of salience, develop their clinical imagination, and begin their formation as professional nurses.

  11. ORAM and shutdown PRA comparison study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    He, W.G.; Hilsmeier, Todd; Carrier, Tom [PSE and G, Salem, NJ (United States)


    A comparison study between results obtained from an Outage Risk Assessment and Management (ORAM) model and a shutdown Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA) model was conducted. The purpose of the study was to provide useful risk information for better outage planning by focusing resources and contingency plans on risk significant configurations. The comparison study used selected configurations from the 8th refueling outage of the Hope Creek Generation Station (HCGS), a Boiling Water Reactor (BWR). A total of Eleven configurations were compared. Three configurations were selected to evaluate the impact of the Service Water System during the early stage of a refueling outage. (There are existing studies suggesting that the designed redundancy of Service Water Systems is needed during the early stage of a shutdown.) Four configurations were selected because they were deemed risk significant by the ORAM analysis. (For configurations deemed risk significant by ORAM results, compensatory actions have been taken and contingency plans have been developed to mitigate potential deviations from the configuration. The shutdown PRA was used to evaluate the necessity and effectiveness of these contingency plans and compensatory actions.) To increase the comparison population, an additional four configurations were randomly selected. Thus, a total of 15 configurations were evaluated by the shutdown PRA, and a total of 11 configurations were studied by the ORAM. (author)

  12. Spin state transition in the active center of the hemoglobin molecule: DFT + DMFT study (United States)

    Novoselov, D.; Korotin, Dm. M.; Anisimov, V. I.


    An ab initio study of electronic and spin configurations of the iron ion in the active center of the human hemoglobin molecule is presented. With a combination of the Density Functional Theory (DFT) method and the Dynamical Mean Field Theory (DMFT) approach, the spin state transition description in the iron ion during the oxidation process is significantly improved in comparison with previous attempts. It was found that the origin of the iron ion local moment behavior both for the high-spin and for the low-spin states in the hemoglobin molecule is caused by the presence of a mixture of several atomic states with comparable statistical probability.

  13. Family-Centered Care in Juvenile Justice Institutions: A Mixed Methods Study Protocol (United States)

    Mulder, Eva; Rigter, Henk; Breuk, René; van der Vaart, Wander; Vermeiren, Robert


    Background Treatment and rehabilitation interventions in juvenile justice institutions aim to prevent criminal reoffending by adolescents and to enhance their prospects of successful social reintegration. There is evidence that these goals are best achieved when the institution adopts a family-centered approach, involving the parents of the adolescents. The Academic Workplace Forensic Care for Youth has developed two programs for family-centered care for youth detained in groups for short-term and long-term stay, respectively. Objective The overall aim of our study is to evaluate the family-centered care program in the first two years after the first steps of its implementation in short-term stay groups of two juvenile justice institutions in the Netherlands. The current paper discusses our study design. Methods Based on a quantitative pilot study, we opted for a study with an explanatory sequential mixed methods design. This pilot is considered the first stage of our study. The second stage of our study includes concurrent quantitative and qualitative approaches. The quantitative part of our study is a pre-post quasi-experimental comparison of family-centered care with usual care in short-term stay groups. The qualitative part of our study involves in-depth interviews with adolescents, parents, and group workers to elaborate on the preceding quantitative pilot study and to help interpret the outcomes of the quasi-experimental quantitative part of the study. Results We believe that our study will result in the following findings. In the quantitative comparison of usual care with family-centered care, we assume that in the latter group, parents will be more involved with their child and with the institution, and that parents and adolescents will be more motivated to take part in therapy. In addition, we expect family-centered care to improve family interactions, to decrease parenting stress, and to reduce problem behavior among the adolescents. Finally, we assume

  14. Comparison of patient satisfaction with services of vision centers in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh, India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kovai Vilas


    Full Text Available Aim: To compare the satisfaction of patients with the services of Vision Center services (primary eye care in large village (s and small village (s in rural settings in Andhra Pradesh state, India. Materials and Methods: We have administered standard questionnaires to randomly selected patients to assess patient satisfaction when assessing Vision Center Services. We used the Chi-square ( P <0.05 to explore differences in satisfaction of patients with Vision Center services located in the large village (s and small village (s rural settings. Results: Vision Center patients at the large village (s expressed higher levels of satisfaction (median 78% than patients treated at the Vision Center at small village (s (median 69%. The difference was statistically significant (Chi square P value ranging from <0.001 to 0.03 for all the items except two - ′easy to identify vision center location′ and ′spectacles dispensing time′ as compared to other (privately run optometry facilities (Chi square P value=0.498 and 0.993 respectively. The location of the Vision Center, convenience of journey, ophthalmic technician′s behavior with patients, are some of the most important factors that determined the patient perception about Vision Center services. Conclusion: The overall satisfaction levels of the Vision Center experience at 78% and 69% were good. However, continual improvement is to be made in service time, staff performance, cost and quality of vision care, especially at more remote primary eye Care Centers.

  15. Vegetation studies, National Training Center, Fort Irwin, California

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brandt, C.A.; Rickard, W.H.; Cadoret, N.A.


    During the spring of 1992, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) conducted surveys of the Avawatz and Granite mountains springs for the National Training Center (NTC) to evaluate the occurrence of sensitive plant species in these areas. PNNL also conducted a survey of the eastern outwash of the Paradise Range for the occurrence of Lane Mountain milk vetch (Astragalus jaegerianus). In spring of 1993, PNNL conducted an additional study of Lane Mountain milk vetch on the NTC to determine habitat characteristics for this plant and to develop a method for predicting its potential occurrence, based on simple habitat attributes. The results of these studies are itemized.

  16. Study of color centers induced by PIXE irradiation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Absil, J.; Garnir, H.-P.; Strivay, D.; Oger, C.; Weber, G. E-mail:


    The particle induced X-ray emission method is perfectly adapted to the study, by external beam, of art objects (like paintings) and allows non-destructive analysis of the atomic composition of the target. However, a strange phenomenon occurs during irradiation on some pigments: dark brownish stains appear, and this could be due to the formation of color centers. In fact, these darkening spots progressively fade out and disappear after a few weeks. Heat and UV light accelerate the decreasing process. The aim of this study is to understand the physical processes of the stain creation and to find a way to make stains disappear, avoiding any damage for the painting.

  17. Hydraulic fracture model comparison study: Complete results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Warpinski, N.R. [Sandia National Labs., Albuquerque, NM (United States); Abou-Sayed, I.S. [Mobil Exploration and Production Services (United States); Moschovidis, Z. [Amoco Production Co. (US); Parker, C. [CONOCO (US)


    Large quantities of natural gas exist in low permeability reservoirs throughout the US. Characteristics of these reservoirs, however, make production difficult and often economic and stimulation is required. Because of the diversity of application, hydraulic fracture design models must be able to account for widely varying rock properties, reservoir properties, in situ stresses, fracturing fluids, and proppant loads. As a result, fracture simulation has emerged as a highly complex endeavor that must be able to describe many different physical processes. The objective of this study was to develop a comparative study of hydraulic-fracture simulators in order to provide stimulation engineers with the necessary information to make rational decisions on the type of models most suited for their needs. This report compares the fracture modeling results of twelve different simulators, some of them run in different modes for eight separate design cases. Comparisons of length, width, height, net pressure, maximum width at the wellbore, average width at the wellbore, and average width in the fracture have been made, both for the final geometry and as a function of time. For the models in this study, differences in fracture length, height and width are often greater than a factor of two. In addition, several comparisons of the same model with different options show a large variability in model output depending upon the options chosen. Two comparisons were made of the same model run by different companies; in both cases the agreement was good. 41 refs., 54 figs., 83 tabs.

  18. Envisioning a Quantitative Studies Center: A Liberal Arts Perspective

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gizem Karaali


    Full Text Available Several academic institutions are searching for ways to help students develop their quantitative reasoning abilities and become more adept at higher-level tasks that involve quantitative skills. In this note we study the particular way Pomona College has framed this issue within its own context and what it plans to do about it. To this end we describe our efforts as members of a campus-wide committee that was assigned the duty of investigating the feasibility of founding a quantitative studies center on our campus. These efforts involved analysis of data collected through a faculty questionnaire, discipline-specific input obtained from each departmental representative, and a survey of what some of our peer institutions are doing to tackle these issues. In our studies, we identified three critical needs where quantitative support would be most useful in our case: tutoring and mentoring for entry-level courses; support for various specialized and analytic software tools for upper-level courses; and a uniform basic training for student tutors and mentors. We surmise that our challenges can be mitigated effectively via the formation of a well-focused and -planned quantitative studies center. We believe our process, findings and final proposal will be helpful to others who are looking to resolve similar issues on their own campuses.

  19. NASA-Langley Research Center's participation in a round-robin comparison between some current crack-propagation prediction methods (United States)

    Hudson, C. M.; Lewis, P. E.


    A round-robin study was conducted which evaluated and compared different methods currently in practice for predicting crack growth in surface-cracked specimens. This report describes the prediction methods used by the Fracture Mechanics Engineering Section, at NASA-Langley Research Center, and presents a comparison between predicted crack growth and crack growth observed in laboratory experiments. For tests at higher stress levels, the correlation between predicted and experimentally determined crack growth was generally quite good. For tests at lower stress levels, the predicted number of cycles to reach a given crack length was consistently higher than the experimentally determined number of cycles. This consistent overestimation of the number of cycles could have resulted from a lack of definition of crack-growth data at low values of the stress intensity range. Generally, the predicted critical flaw sizes were smaller than the experimentally determined critical flaw sizes. This underestimation probably resulted from using plane-strain fracture toughness values to predict failure rather than the more appropriate values based on maximum load.

  20. Comparison of motor and cognitive performance of children attending public and private day care centers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariana M. Santos


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Given that environmental factors, such as the school environment, can influence child development, more attention should be paid to the development of children attending day care centers. OBJECTIVE: Todetermine whether there are differences in the gross motor, fine motor, or cognitive performances of children between 1 and3 years-old of similar socioeconomic status attending public and private day care centers full time. METHOD: Participants were divided into 2 groups, 1 of children attending public day care centers (69 children and another of children attending private day care centers (47 children. All children were healthy and regularly attended day care full time for over 4 months. To assess cognitive, gross and fine motor performance, the Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development III was used. The Mann-Whitney test was used for comparative analyses between groups of children between 13 and 24 months, 25 and 41 months, and 13 and 41 months. RESULTS: Children in public day care centers exhibited lower scores on the cognitive development scale beginning at 13 months old. The fine and gross motor performance scores were lower in children over the age of 25 months attending public centers. Maternal education was not related to the performance of children in either group. CONCLUSION: The scores of cognitive performance as well as fine and gross motor performance of children of similar socioeconomic status who attend public day care centers are lower than children attending private daycare centers.

  1. New Mexico Center for Particle Physics: Studies of fundamental interactions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Matthews, J.A.J.


    The New Mexico Center/UNM group research program includes the CDF experiment at Fermilab and the SDC experiment at the SSC. In both experiments the UNM group research focuses on silicon strip tracking systems. The present research goals are to develop and utilize precision silicon tracking to increase significantly the physics reach of the Tevatron, and to make possible the study of high-P[sub t] physics at the SSC. The search for the t-quark in CDF is the primary goal of the upcoming Tevatron runs. This Progress Report summarizes our research accomplishments from the last year.

  2. Case study: a data warehouse for an academic medical center. (United States)

    Einbinder, J S; Scully, K W; Pates, R D; Schubart, J R; Reynolds, R E


    The clinical data repository (CDR) is a frequently updated relational data warehouse that provides users with direct access to detailed, flexible, and rapid retrospective views of clinical, administrative, and financial patient data for the University of Virginia Health System. This article presents a case study of the CDR, detailing its five-year history and focusing on the unique role of data warehousing in an academic medical center. Specifically, the CDR must support multiple missions, including research and education, in addition to administration and management. Users include not only analysts and administrators but clinicians, researchers, and students.

  3. Study of a conceptual nuclear energy center at Green River, Utah. Power demand, load center assessment and transmission

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Smith, D.R.; Thaik, A.; Pingel, P.


    This document constitutes a segment of a feasibility study investigating the ramification of constructing a nuclear energy center in an arid western region. In this phase of the study. The projected power demands and load center locations were reviewed and assessed. Alternative transmission systems were analysed and a conceptual transmission for bulk power transportation is proposed with potential line routes. Environmental impacts of the proposed transmission were also identified.

  4. The comparison of anxiety and depression rate between medical staff of infertility centers and obstetrics and gynecology centers of Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan and Kerman hospitals


    Zahra Pourmovahed; Seyed Mojtaba Yassini Ardekani; Mohammad Ali Khalili; Iman Halvaei; Ali Nabi; Mojdeh Ghasemi; Farzaneh Fesahat


    Background: Regarding the close and continuous interaction of infertility staff with hopeless infertile couples and in the contrary the atmosphere of happiness especially in obstetric wards make a sense that considering anxiety and depression it would be a difference between these two wards. Objective: The objective of this study is the comparison of the rate of depression and anxiety between the two wards of infertility and obstetrics and gynecology. Materials and Methods: This study is a de...

  5. Life Sciences Division and Center for Human Genome Studies 1994

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cram, L.S.; Stafford, C. [comp.


    This report summarizes the research and development activities of the Los Alamos National Laboratory`s Life Sciences Division and the biological aspects of the Center for Human Genome Studies for the calendar year 1994. The technical portion of the report is divided into two parts, (1) selected research highlights and (2) research projects and accomplishments. The research highlights provide a more detailed description of a select set of projects. A technical description of all projects is presented in sufficient detail so that the informed reader will be able to assess the scope and significance of each project. Summaries useful to the casual reader desiring general information have been prepared by the group leaders and appear in each group overview. Investigators on the staff of the Life Sciences Division will be pleased to provide further information.

  6. Tianjin Normal University Establishes Women’s Studies Center

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    IN July, 1993, an international seminar titled "Chinese Women and Development—Status, Health and Employment" was sponsored by the Women’s Studies Center at Tianjin Normal University. More than 100 international and domestic specialists and workers who deal with women’s issues attended. At the conference, the Women’s Research Institute of the All-China Women’s Federation disclosed the results of an investigation about the status of women in China, which was launched in the early 1990s on a nationwide scale. The results showed that China’s economic reform has greatly affected women. As a result, many researchers who began their research by considering China’s present economic situation, tried to determine the influences the state’s

  7. Life Sciences Division and Center for Human Genome Studies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Spitzmiller, D.; Bradbury, M.; Cram, S. (comps.)


    This report summarizes the research and development activities of Los Alamos National Laboratories Life Sciences Division and biological aspects of the Center for Human Genome Studies for the calendar year 1991. Selected research highlights include: yeast artificial chromosome libraries from flow sorted human chromosomes 16 and 21; distances between the antigen binding sites of three murine antibody subclasses measured using neutron and x-ray scattering; NFCR 10th anniversary highlights; kinase-mediated differences found in the cell cycle regulation of normal and transformed cells; and detecting mutations that cause Gaucher's disease by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis. Project descriptions include: genomic structure and regulation, molecular structure, cytometry, cell growth and differentiation, radiation biology and carcinogenesis, and pulmonary biology.

  8. Hydrogen bonding and spin density distribution in the Qb semiquinone of bacterial reaction centers and comparison with the Qa site. (United States)

    Martin, Erik; Samoilova, Rimma I; Narasimhulu, Kupala V; Lin, Tzu-Jen; O'Malley, Patrick J; Wraight, Colin A; Dikanov, Sergei A


    In the photosynthetic reaction center from Rhodobacter sphaeroides, the primary (Q(A)) and secondary (Q(B)) electron acceptors are both ubiquinone-10, but with very different properties and functions. To investigate the protein environment that imparts these functional differences, we have applied X-band HYSCORE, a 2D pulsed EPR technique, to characterize the exchangeable protons around the semiquinone (SQ) in the Q(A) and Q(B) sites, using samples of (15)N-labeled reaction centers, with the native high spin Fe(2+) exchanged for diamagnetic Zn(2+), prepared in (1)H(2)O and (2)H(2)O solvent. The powder HYSCORE method is first validated against the orientation-selected Q-band ENDOR study of the Q(A) SQ by Flores et al. (Biophys. J.2007, 92, 671-682), with good agreement for two exchangeable protons with anisotropic hyperfine tensor components, T, both in the range 4.6-5.4 MHz. HYSCORE was then applied to the Q(B) SQ where we found proton lines corresponding to T ≈ 5.2, 3.7 MHz and T ≈ 1.9 MHz. Density functional-based quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics (QM/MM) calculations, employing a model of the Q(B) site, were used to assign the observed couplings to specific hydrogen bonding interactions with the Q(B) SQ. These calculations allow us to assign the T = 5.2 MHz proton to the His-L190 N(δ)H···O(4) (carbonyl) hydrogen bonding interaction. The T = 3.7 MHz spectral feature most likely results from hydrogen bonding interactions of O1 (carbonyl) with both Gly-L225 peptide NH and Ser-L223 hydroxyl OH, which possess calculated couplings very close to this value. The smaller 1.9 MHz coupling is assigned to a weakly bound peptide NH proton of Ile-L224. The calculations performed with this structural model of the Q(B) site show less asymmetric distribution of unpaired spin density over the SQ than seen for the Q(A) site, consistent with available experimental data for (13)C and (17)O carbonyl hyperfine couplings. The implications of these interactions for Q

  9. Hydrogen bonding and spin density distribution in the QB semiquinone of bacterial reaction centers and comparison with the QA site (United States)

    Martin, Erik; Samoilova, Rimma I.; Narasimhulu, Kupala V.; Lin, Tzu-Jen; O’Malley, Patrick J.; Wraight, Colin A.; Dikanov, Sergei A.


    In the photosynthetic reaction center from Rhodobacter sphaeroides, the primary (QA) and secondary (QB) electron acceptors are both ubiquinone-10, but with very different properties and functions. To investigate the protein environment that imparts these functional differences, we have applied X-band HYSCORE, a 2D pulsed EPR technique, to characterize the exchangeable protons around the semiquinone (SQ) in the QA and QB sites, using samples of 15N-labeled reaction centers, with the native high spin Fe2+ exchanged for diamagnetic Zn2+, prepared in 1H2O and 2H2O solvent. The powder HYSCORE method is first validated against the orientation-selected Q-band ENDOR study of the QA SQ by Flores et al. (Biophys. J. 2007, 92, 671–682), with good agreement for two exchangeable protons with anisotropic hyperfine tensor components, T, both in the range 4.6–5.4 MHz. HYSCORE was then applied to the QB SQ where we found proton lines corresponding to T~5.2, 3.7 MHz and T~1.9 MHz. Density functional-based quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics (QM/MM) calculations, employing a model of the QB site, were used to assign the observed couplings to specific hydrogen bonding interactions with the QB SQ. These calculations allow us to assign the T=5.2 MHz proton to the His-L190 NδH…O4 (carbonyl) hydrogen bonding interaction. The T =3.7 MHz spectral feature most likely results from hydrogen bonding interactions of O1 (carbonyl) with both Gly-L225 peptide NH and Ser-L223 hydroxyl OH, which possess calculated couplings very close to this value. The smaller 1.9 MHz coupling is assigned to a weakly bound peptide NH proton of Ile-L224. The calculations performed with this structural model of the QB site show less asymmetric distribution of unpaired spin density over the SQ than seen for the QA site, consistent with available experimental data for 13C and 17O carbonyl hyperfine couplings. The implications of these interactions for QB function and comparisons with the QA site are discussed

  10. The BirthPlace collaborative practice model: results from the San Diego Birth Center Study. (United States)

    Swartz; Jackson; Lang; Ecker; Ganiats; Dickinson; Nguyen


    Objective: The search for quality, cost-effective health care programs in the United States is now a major focus in the era of health care reform. New programs need to be evaluated as alternatives are developed in the health care system. The BirthPlace program provides comprehensive perinatal services with certified nurse-midwives and obstetricians working together in an integrated collaborative practice serving a primarily low-income population. Low-risk women are delivered by nurse-midwives in a freestanding birth center (The BirthPlace), which is one component of a larger integrated health network. All others are delivered by team obstetricians at the affiliated tertiary hospital. Wellness, preventive measures, early intervention, and family involvement are emphasized. The San Diego Birth Center Study is a 4-year research project funded by the U.S. Federal Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (#R01-HS07161) to evaluate this program. The National Birth Center Study (NEJM, 1989; 321(26): 1801-11) described the advantages and safety of freestanding birth centers. However, a prospective cohort study with a concurrent comparison group of comparable risk had not been conducted on a collaborative practice-freestanding birth center model to address questions of safety, cost, and patient satisfaction.Methods: The specific aims of this study are to compare this collaborative practice model to the traditional model of perinatal health care (physician providers and hospital delivery). A prospective cohort study comparing these two health care models was conducted with a final expected sample size of approximately 2,000 birth center and 1,350 traditional care subjects. Women were recruited from both the birth center and traditional care programs (private physicians offices and hospital based clinics) at the beginning of prenatal care and followed through the end of the perinatal period. Prenatal, intrapartum, postpartum and infant morbidity and mortality are being

  11. A multi-center comparison of diagnostic methods for the biochemical evaluation of suspected mitochondrial disorders. (United States)

    Rodenburg, R J T; Schoonderwoerd, G C; Tiranti, V; Taylor, R W; Rötig, A; Valente, L; Invernizzi, F; Chretien, D; He, L; Backx, G P B M; Janssen, K J G M; Chinnery, P F; Smeets, H J; de Coo, I F; van den Heuvel, L P


    A multicenter comparison of mitochondrial respiratory chain and complex V enzyme activity tests was performed. The average reproducibility of the enzyme assays is 16% in human muscle samples. In a blinded diagnostic accuracy test in patient fibroblasts and SURF1 knock-out mouse muscle, each lab made the correct diagnosis except for two complex I results. We recommend that enzyme activities be evaluated based on ratios, e.g. with complex IV or citrate synthase activity. In spite of large variations in observed enzyme activities, we show that inter-laboratory comparison of patient sample test results is possible by using normalization against a control sample.

  12. A multi-center comparison of diagnostic methods for the biochemical evaluation of suspected mitochondrial disorders (United States)

    Rodenburg, R.J.T.; Schoonderwoerd, G.C.; Tiranti, V.; Taylor, R.W.; Rötig, A.; Valente, L.; Invernizzi, F.; Chretien, D.; He, L.; Backx, G.P.B.M.; Janssen, K.J.G.M.; Chinnery, P.F.; Smeets, H.J.; de Coo, I.F.; van den Heuvel, L.P.


    A multicenter comparison of mitochondrial respiratory chain and complex V enzyme activity tests was performed. The average reproducibility of the enzyme assays is 16% in human muscle samples. In a blinded diagnostic accuracy test in patient fibroblasts and SURF1 knock-out mouse muscle, each lab made the correct diagnosis except for two complex I results. We recommend that enzyme activities be evaluated based on ratios, e.g. with complex IV or citrate synthase activity. In spite of large variations in observed enzyme activities, we show that inter-laboratory comparison of patient sample test results is possible by using normalization against a control sample. PMID:23164799

  13. Recovering Physical Activity Missing Data Measured by Accelerometers: A Comparison of Individual and Group-Centered Recovery Methods (United States)

    Zhuang, Jie; Chen, Peijie; Wang, Chao; Jin, Jing; Zhu, Zheng; Zhang, Wenjie


    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine which method, individual information-centered (IIC) or group information-centered (GIC), is more efficient in recovering missing physical activity (PA) data. Method: A total of 2,758 Chinese children and youth aged 9 to 17 years old (1,438 boys and 1,320 girls) wore ActiGraph GT3X/GT3X+…

  14. A multi-center comparison of diagnostic methods for the biochemical evaluation of suspected mitochondrial disorders

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rodenburg, R.J.T.; Schoonderwoerd, G.C.; Tiranti, V.; Taylor, R.W.; Rotig, A.; Valente, L.; Invernizzi, F.; Chretien, D.; He, L.; Backx, G.P.; Janssen, K.J.; Chinnery, P.F.; Smeets, H.J.M.; Coo, I.F. de; Heuvel, L.P. van den


    A multicenter comparison of mitochondrial respiratory chain and complex V enzyme activity tests was performed. The average reproducibility of the enzyme assays is 16% in human muscle samples. In a blinded diagnostic accuracy test in patient fibroblasts and SURF1 knock-out mouse muscle, each lab made

  15. Self-centering seismic retrofit scheme for reinforced concrete frame structures: SDOF system study (United States)

    Zhang, Yunfeng; Hu, Xiaobin


    This paper presents the results of a parametric study of self-centering seismic retrofit schemes for reinforced concrete (RC) frame buildings. The self-centering retrofit system features flag-shaped hysteresis and minimal residual deformation. For comparison purpose, an alternate seismic retrofit scheme that uses a bilinear-hysteresis retrofit system such as buckling-restrained braces (BRB) is also considered in this paper. The parametric study was carried out in a single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) system framework since a multi-story building structure may be idealized as an equivalent SDOF system and investigation of the performance of this equivalent SDOF system can provide insight into the seismic response of the multi-story building. A peak-oriented hysteresis model which can consider the strength and stiffness degradation is used to describe the hysteretic behavior of RC structures. The parametric study involves two key parameters — the strength ratio and elastic stiffness ratio between the seismic retrofit system and the original RC frame. An ensemble of 172 earthquake ground motion records scaled to the design basis earthquake in California with a probability of exceedance of 10% in 50 years was constructed for the simulation-based parametric study. The effectiveness of the two seismic retrofit schemes considered in this study is evaluated in terms of peak displacement ratio, peak acceleration ratio, energy dissipation demand ratio and residual displacement ratio between the SDOF systems with and without retrofit. It is found from this parametric study that RC structures retrofitted with the self-centering retrofit scheme (SCRS) can achieve a seismic performance level comparable to the bilinear-hysteresis retrofit scheme (BHRS) in terms of peak displacement and energy dissipation demand ratio while having negligible residual displacement after earthquake.

  16. Logistics Distribution Center Location Optimizatio Model An Example Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Li Lingling


    Full Text Available This paper analyzes and investigates the situation of the today’s site of distribution centers .Then taking SF Express for an example ,In the light of minimize the total expense ,the location models for single distribution centers is established with the corresponding resolutions given .After that ,The location of the single distribution center of SF Express ,the starting point of which is Zhengzhou Railway Station ,can be determined with the help of distance-testing function of 360 map to conclude its coordinate and then determine its exact service spot .This paper will test the feasibility of above models by the chosen cases with the application of LINGO software.

  17. Comparison of the socioeconomic impacts of international fuel service centers versus dispersed nuclear facilities

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Braid, Jr., R. B.


    The paper investigates a variety of community impacts including: public services, fiscal issues, economic matters, land and water use, political and social cohesion, and legal considerations. Comparisons of socioeconomic impacts of colocated versus dispersed sites are made on the basis of the size of the impacted communities, the size and type of nuclear facility, and the facility's construction time frame. The paper concludes that, under similar circumstances, most of the socioeconomic impacts of colocated nuclear facilities would be somewhat less than the sum of the impacts associated with equivalent dispersed sites. While empirical data is non-existent, the paper contends, however, that because the socioeconomic impacts of colocated facilities are so great and readily identifiable to a public unskilled in making comparisons with the dispersed alternative, the facilities will likely generate so much public opposition that IFSCs will probably prove infeasible.

  18. A multi-center comparison of diagnostic methods for the biochemical evaluation of suspected mitochondrial disorders



    A multicenter comparison of mitochondrial respiratory chain and complex V enzyme activity tests was performed. The average reproducibility of the enzyme assays is 16% in human muscle samples. In a blinded diagnostic accuracy test in patient fibroblasts and SURF1 knock-out mouse muscle, each lab made the correct diagnosis except for two complex I results. We recommend that enzyme activities be evaluated based on ratios, e.g. with complex IV or citrate synthase activity. In spite of large varia...

  19. Comparison of particulate verification techniques study (United States)

    Rivera, Rachel


    The efficacy of five particulate verification techniques on four types of materials was studied. Statistical Analysis Software/JMP 6.0 was used to create a statistically valid design of experiments. In doing so, 35 witness coupons consisting of the four types of materials being studied, were intentionally contaminated with particulate fallout. Image Analysis was used to characterize the extent of particulate fallout on the coupons and was used to establish a baseline, or basis of comparison, against the five techniques that were studied. The five particulate verification techniques were the Tapelift, the Particulate Solvent Rinse, the GelPak lift, an in-line vacuum filtration probe, and the Infinity Focusing Microscope (IFM). The four types of materials consisted of magnesium flouride (MgF II) coated mirrors, composite coated silver aluminum (CCAg), Z93 and NS43G coated aluminum, and silicon (si) wafers. The vacuum probe was determined to be most effective for Z93, the tapelift or vacuum probe for MgF2, and the GelPak Lift for CCAg and si substrates. A margin of error for each technique, based on experimental data from two experiments, for si wafer substrates, yielded the following: Tapelift - 67%, Solvent Rinse - 58%, GelPak- 26%, Vacuum Probe - 93%, IFM-to be determined.

  20. Studying the properties of Aerogel at Marshall Space Flight Center (United States)


    NASA scientists at Marshall Space Flight Center are collaborating with scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on an experiment in space with a fascinating material called Aerogel. Aerogel is the lightest solid material known - only three times the density of air - and has tremendous insulating capability. In its current smoky form, Aerogel can be used to insulate the walls of houses and engine compartments of cars. It was also used in the space program as insulating material on the rover, Sojourner, aboard the Mars Pathfinder. Because Aerogel has a smoky appearance, its current usages are limited. However, NASA researchers believe that by taking this research to space, they can resolve the problem of making Aerogel transparent enough to see clearly through. So far, recent space experiments have been encouraging. The samples produced in microgravity indicate a change in the microstructure of the material as compared to ground samples. MSFC scientists continue to study the effects of microgravity on Aerogel as their research in space continues.

  1. Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) Strategic Plan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kevin Kostelnik; Keith Perry


    Twenty-first century energy challenges include demand growth, national energy security, and global climate protection. The Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) is a public/private partnership between the State of Idaho and its academic research institutions, the federal government through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) managed by the Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA). CAES serves to advance energy security for our nation by expanding the educational opportunities at the Idaho universities in energy-related areas, creating new capabilities within its member institutions, and delivering technological innovations leading to technology-based economic development for the intermountain region. CAES has developed this strategic plan based on the Balanced Scorecard approach. A Strategy Map (Section 7) summarizes the CAES vision, mission, customers, and strategic objectives. Identified strategic objectives encompass specific outcomes related to three main areas: Research, Education, and Policy. Technical capabilities and critical enablers needed to support these objectives are also identified. This CAES strategic plan aligns with and supports the strategic objectives of the four CAES institutions. Implementation actions are also presented which will be used to monitor progress towards fulfilling these objectives.

  2. Experimental Comparison of 56 Gbit/s PAM-4 and DMT for Data Center Interconnect Applications

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Eiselt, Nicklas; Dochhan, Annika; Griesser, Helmut;


    Four-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM-4) and discrete multi-tone transmission (DMT) in combination with intensity modulation and direct-detection are two promising approaches for a low-power and low-cost solution for the next generation of data center interconnect applications. We experiment......Four-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM-4) and discrete multi-tone transmission (DMT) in combination with intensity modulation and direct-detection are two promising approaches for a low-power and low-cost solution for the next generation of data center interconnect applications. We...... experimentally investigate and compare both modulation formats at a data rate of 56 Gb/s and a transmission wavelength of 1544 nm using the same experimental setup. We show that PAM-4 outperforms double sideband DMT and also vestigial sideband DMT for the optical back-to-back (b2b) case and also...... for a transmission distance of 80 km SSMF in terms of required OSNR at a FEC-threshold of 3.8e-3. However, it is also pointed out that both versions of DMT do not require any optical dispersion compensation to transmit over 80 km SSMF while this is essential for PAM-4. Thus, implementation effort and cost may...

  3. Cooperative Research Paired Trawl Sweep Comparison Study (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — In the spring of 2009, Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) replaced the previous standard bottom trawl gear (Yankee 36) with a new standard survey trawl...

  4. HMI/ SCADA standards in the design of data center interfaces: A network operations center case study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Said Filali-Yachou


    Full Text Available En este artículo se presenta la evaluación de las interfaces de la sala del Centro de Operaciones NOC (Network Operations Cent er del NAP (Network Access Point de Canarias, siguiendo estándares y normativas HMI, así como la guía ergonómica de supervisión GEDI S. En base a los resultados obtenid os, se presenta un prototipo de mejora de la interfaz actual.El Centro de Operaciones NOC del Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables (ITER se encarga de monit orizar las diversas infraestructuras del Data Center como son l a climatización, suminis tro eléctrico, protec ción contra incendio s, seguridad, centros técnicos, parques eólicos, plantas fotovo ltaicas, así como las distintas infraestructura s desplegadas alrededor del c able submarino perteneciente al consorcio de Cana-Link (el cabl e que une la Península y Canarias, el anillo terrestre y la Red IRIS. Para unificar algunos de estos sistemas y facilitar la tarea diaria de supervisión, se emplea un software SC ADA especializad o en la gestió n de edificios.

  5. Adjusted indirect treatment comparisons of bioequivalence studies

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gwaza, L


    Generic medicines are approved by regulatory authorities based on demonstration of bioequivalence with the innovator, however, current regulatory systems do not require direct comparison between all available generics of the same innovator to ensure interchangeability. As such, interchangeability be

  6. Comparison of LHC collimator beam-based alignment to BPM-Interpolated centers

    CERN Document Server

    Valentino, G; Assmann, R W; Bruce, R; Muller, G J; Redaelli, S; Rossi, A; Lari, L


    The beam centers at the Large Hadron Collider collimators are determined by beam-based alignment, where both jaws of a collimator are moved in separately until a loss spike is detected on a Beam LossMonitor downstream. Orbit drifts of more than a few hundred micrometers cannot be tolerated, as they would compromise the performance of the collimation system. Beam Position Monitors (BPMs) are installed at various locations around the LHC ring, and a linear interpolation of the orbit can be obtained at the collimator positions. In this paper, the results obtained from beam-based alignment are compared with the orbit interpolated from the BPM data throughout the 2011 and 2012 LHC proton runs.

  7. A Comparison of Innovative Training Techniques at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. Research Report 1426. (United States)

    Bush, Brian J.

    A study evaluated the comparative training effectiveness of three language instruction methods: (1) suggestopedia, (2) the standard methodology used at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, a functional skill-building approach, and (3) a flexible-scheduling version of the standard methodology, with pacing based on group…

  8. Language-Centered Social Studies: A Natural Integration. (United States)

    Barrera, Rosalinda B.; Aleman, Magdalena


    Described is a newspaper project in which elementary students report life as it was in the Middle Ages. Students are involved in a variety of language-centered activities. For example, they gather and evaluate information about medieval times and write, edit, and proofread articles for the newspaper. (RM)

  9. Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies Annual Report 2008 (United States)


    reducing system interdiction risks, and educa- tional technology upgrades permeate all learning spaces within the Center, as well as at the condominium ...analy- ses – in some cases reducing cycle- times from days to minutes. EKMS will be comprised of a suite of modern software applications that will

  10. Really Useful Knowledge: A Cultural Studies Agenda for Writing Centers. (United States)

    Cooper, Marilyn M.


    Argues that writing centers have the essential function of critiquing institutions and creating knowledge about writing. Explains how this function has clear implications for what tutors should know and how they should be trained. Enlists Antonio Gramsci's theory of culture to analyze traditional composition teaching and research. (HB)

  11. Centers for Catholic Studies and the Public Voice of Religion (United States)

    Brigham, Erin


    This article explores debates about the public role of religion in a secular context. Drawing on the work of critical theorist, Jurgen Habermas, this article claims that the United States requires a viable public sphere in which religious and secular voices can learn from each other. Highlighting the work of the Lane Center for Catholic Studies…

  12. Famitinib in metastatic renal cell carcinoma: a single center study

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Wen; ZHOU Ai-ping; QIN Qiong; CHANG Chun-xiao; JIANG Hao-yuan; MA Jian-hui; WANG Jin-wan


    Background Famitinib is a novel and potent multitargeting receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor.The phase I clinical study showed that famitinib was well tolerated and had a broad anti-tumor spectrum.The purpose of this study was to examine the efficacy and safety of famitinib for the treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC).Methods The data of famitinib in treating patients with mRCC from the single-center phases Ⅰ and Ⅱ clinical trials were analyzed.Famitinib was administered orally at the dose of 13-30 mg once daily until tumor progression,occurrence of intolerable adverse reactions or withdrawal of the informed consent.Results A total of 24 patients with mRCC were treated including 17 patients at a dose of 25 mg once daily,4 patients at a dose of 27 mg and 1 patient each at a dose of 13 mg,20 mg and 30 mg,respectively.Twelve (50.0%) patients achieved partial response (PR) and 9 patients achieved stable disease (SD).Progressive disease was found in 3 (12.5%) patients.The disease control rate was 87.5%.The median follow-up time was 17.6 months; the median progression free survival (PFS) was 10.7 (95% Cl7.0-14.4) months; and the estimated median overall survival (OS) time was 33.0 (95% Cl8.7-57.3) months.The adverse drug reactions mainly included hypertension (54.1%),hand-foot skin reactions (45.8%),diarrhea (33.3%),mucositis (29.2%),neutropenia (45.8%),thrombocytopenia (29.2%),hyperlipidemia (41.7%) and proteinuria (41.7%).The incidence rate of grades 3 and 4 adverse events was low,mainly including hypertension 12.5%,hand-foot skin reactions 4.2%,neutropenia 4.2%,thrombocytopenia 4.2%,hyperlipidemia 4.2% and proteinuria 12.5%.Conclusions Famitinib has significant anti-tumor activity in mRCC.The common adverse reactions are generally manageable.

  13. A Comparison of Patient-Centered Care in Pharmacy Curricula in the United States and Europe. (United States)

    Nunes-da-Cunha, Ines; Arguello, Blanca; Martinez, Fernando Martinez; Fernandez-Llimos, Fernando


    Objective. To compare United States and European Higher Education Area (EHEA) undergraduate pharmacy curricula in terms of patient-centered care courses. Methods. Websites from all pharmacy colleges or schools in the United States and the 41 countries in the EHEA were retrieved from the FIP Official World List of Pharmacy Schools and investigated. A random sample of schools was selected and, based on analyses of course descriptions from syllabi, each course was classified into the following categories: social/behavioral/administrative pharmacy sciences, clinical sciences, experiential, or other/basic sciences. Results. Of 147 schools of pharmacy, 59 were included (23 in US and 36 in the EHEA). Differences existed in the percentages of credits/hours in all of the four subject area categories. Conclusion. Institutions in EHEA countries maintain a greater focus on basic sciences and a lower load of clinical sciences in pharmacy curricula compared to the United States. These differences may not be in accordance with international recommendations to educate future pharmacists focused on patient care.

  14. Comparison and evaluation of two common methods to measure center of mass displacement in three dimensions during gait. (United States)

    Gutierrez-Farewik, Elena M; Bartonek, Asa; Saraste, Helena


    Center of mass displacement during gait has frequently been used as an indicator of gait efficiency or as a complement to standard gait analysis. With technological advances, measuring the center of mass as the centroid of a multi-segment system is practical and feasible, but must first be compared to the well-established Newtonian computation of double-integrating the ground reaction force. This study aims to verify that the kinematic centroid obtained from a commonly-used model (Vicon Peak Plug-In-Gait) provides at least as reliable measurements of center of mass displacement as those obtained from the ground reaction forces. Gait data was collected for able-bodied children and children with myelomeningocele who use larger lateral center of mass excursions during gait. Reasonable agreement between methods was found in fore-aft and vertical directions, where the methods' excursions differed by an average of less than 10 mm in either direction, and the average RMS differences between methods' computed curves were 6 and 13 mm. Particularly good agreement was observed in the lateral direction, where the calculated excursions differed by an average of less than 2 mm and the RMS difference was 5 mm. Error analyses in computing the center of mass displacement from ground reaction forces were performed. A 5% deviation in mass estimation increased the computed vertical excursion twofold, and a 5% deviation in the integration constant of initial velocity increased the computed fore-aft excursions by 10%. The suitability of calculating center of mass displacement using ground reaction forces in a patient population is questioned. The kinematic centroid is susceptible to errors in segment parameters and marker placement, but results in plausible results that are at least within the range of doubt of the better-established ground reaction force integration, and are more useful when interpreting 3-D gait data.

  15. The Study of Students-centered English Teaching at Colleges

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Xue-zhu


    The lack of communicative efficiency among students is still an important problem in China ’s English teaching circle. Learner-centered language teaching and learning approach proposed by Nunan and Breenin 1980s is the best one to solve the problem. This paper briefly presents the approach and mainly talks about how to apply the approach in the authentic teaching and learning situation. The adoption of this method will definitely promote the English teaching reform in China.

  16. The Study of Students-centered English Teaching at Colleges

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The lack of communicative efficiency among students is still an important problem in China’s English teaching circle.Learner-centered language teaching and learning approach proposed by Nunan and Breenin 1980s is the best one to solve the problem.This paper briefly presents the approach and mainly talks about how to apply the approach in the authentic teaching and learning situation.The adoption of this method will definitely promote the English teaching reform in China.

  17. Energy use baselining study for the National Naval Medical Center

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Parker, G.B.; Halverson, M.A.


    This report provides an energy consumption profile for fourteen buildings at the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) in Bethesda, Maryland. Recommendations are also made for viable energy efficiency projects funded with assistance from the servicing utility (Potomic Electric Power Company) in the form of rebates and incentives available in their Demand Side Management (DSM) program and through Shared Energy Savings (SES) projects. This report also provides estimates of costs and potential energy savings of the recommended projects.

  18. Comparison of CDE data in phacoemulsification between an open hospital-based ambulatory surgical center and a free-standing ambulatory surgical center

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ming Chen


    Full Text Available Ming Chen1, Mindy Chen21University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, USA; 2University of California, Irvine, CA, USAAbstract: Mean CDE (cumulative dissipated energy values were compared for an open hospital-based surgical center and a free-standing surgical center. The same model of phacoemulsifier (Alcon Infiniti Ozil was used. Mean CDE values showed that surgeons (individual private practice at the free-standing surgical center were more efficient than surgeons (individual private practice at the open hospital-based surgical center (mean CDE at the hospital-based surgical center 18.96 seconds [SD = 12.51]; mean CDE at the free-standing surgical center 13.2 seconds [SD = 9.5]. CDE can be used to monitor the efficiency of a cataract surgeon and surgical center in phacoemulsification. The CDE value may be used by institutions as one of the indicators for quality control and audit in phacoemulsification.Keywords: CDE (cumulative dissipated energy, open hospital-based ambulatory surgical center, free-standing surgical center, phacoemulsification 

  19. The Teaching of Afro-Asian Literature: A Comparison between the Nonconventional Learner-Centered and the Conventional Teacher-Centered Approaches (United States)

    Wong Gonzales, Wilkinson Daniel O.


    In the past few decades, nonconventional learner-centered (NLC) trends in ELT have emerged amidst the current and probably dominant conventional teacher-centered (CTC) approaches used by majority of private and public schools in the Philippines. With the implementation of the K-12 curriculum, Afro-Asian literature remained the focus of the eighth…

  20. Spatial and temporal dynamics of visual search tasks distinguish subtypes of unilateral spatial neglect: Comparison of two cases with viewer-centered and stimulus-centered neglect. (United States)

    Mizuno, Katsuhiro; Kato, Kenji; Tsuji, Tetsuya; Shindo, Keiichiro; Kobayashi, Yukiko; Liu, Meigen


    We developed a computerised test to evaluate unilateral spatial neglect (USN) using a touchscreen display, and estimated the spatial and temporal patterns of visual search in USN patients. The results between a viewer-centered USN patient and a stimulus-centered USN patient were compared. Two right-brain-damaged patients with USN, a patient without USN, and 16 healthy subjects performed a simple cancellation test, the circle test, a visuomotor search test, and a visual search test. According to the results of the circle test, one USN patient had stimulus-centered neglect and a one had viewer-centered neglect. The spatial and temporal patterns of these two USN patients were compared. The spatial and temporal patterns of cancellation were different in the stimulus-centered USN patient and the viewer-centered USN patient. The viewer-centered USN patient completed the simple cancellation task, but paused when transferring from the right side to the left side of the display. Unexpectedly, this patient did not exhibit rightward attention bias on the visuomotor and visual search tests, but the stimulus-centered USN patient did. The computer-based assessment system provided information on the dynamic visual search strategy of patients with USN. The spatial and temporal pattern of cancellation and visual search were different across the two patients with different subtypes of neglect.

  1. Cholangiocarcinoma Secondary to Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis in Explanted Livers: A Single-Center Study in the South of Iran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Background Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC is a chronic disease, characterized by chronic inflammation and fibrosis of bile duct epithelial cells. This is a significant contributory factor to the development of malignancy, most commonly cholangiocarcinoma (CCA, which is the second most common malignant liver tumor. Objectives For the first time in Iran, we intend to describe our experience with cases of PSC, with and without CCA, in explanted livers, and compare our results with those found in other areas of the world. Patients and Methods The study population comprised 181 individuals with a diagnosis of PSC who had undergone liver transplantation in the main liver transplant center of Iran, the largest center of hepatobiliary surgery in the south of that country, over a 3-year period between 2012 and 2014. All explanted livers, with and without CCA, were evaluated. Results Of the 181 patients, 16 were found to have CCA, two of whom had been diagnosed after pathologic study of the explanted livers. Therefore it appeared that 8.8% of the patients with PSC in our center had developed CCA before liver transplantation. Conclusions A comparison of our results with those obtained from other centers in both Western and Asian countries (which reported CCA in 3.6% - 36.5% of patients with PSC, shows that the incidence of CCA in the patients we studied is intermediate.

  2. Are Psychotherapeutic Changes Predictable? Comparison of a Chicago Counseling Center Project with a Penn Psychotherapy Project. (United States)

    Luborsky, Lester; And Others


    Compared studies predicting outcomes of psychotherapy. Level of prediction success in both projects was modest. Particularly for the rated benefits score, the profile of variables showed similar levels of success between the projects. Successful predictions were based on adequacy of personality functioning, match on marital status, and length of…

  3. Study of Wireless Authentication Center with Mixed Encryption in WSN

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yiqin Lu


    Full Text Available WSN (wireless sensor network has been used in a wide range of applications nowadays. Sensor networks may often relay critical data; thus, security must be a high priority. However, due to their limited computational, energy, and storage resources, sensor nodes are vulnerable to attack. So how to protect sensor nodes from attacks without raising computational capability and energy consumption is a worthwhile issue. A WAC (wireless authentication center with mixed encryption named “MEWAC” is proposed. MEWAC is based on MCU (Microcontroller Unit and WiFi (Wireless Fidelity module and uses RSA, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard, and SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1 to provide high performance authentication and data encryption services for sensor nodes. The experimental results show that MEWAC has the advantages of low cost, low power consumption, good performance, and stability; moreover, the authentication protocol improves the security of WSN and reduces the overhead in node authentication.

  4. A plea for neutral comparison studies in computational sciences.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anne-Laure Boulesteix

    Full Text Available In computational science literature including, e.g., bioinformatics, computational statistics or machine learning, most published articles are devoted to the development of "new methods", while comparison studies are generally appreciated by readers but surprisingly given poor consideration by many journals. This paper stresses the importance of neutral comparison studies for the objective evaluation of existing methods and the establishment of standards by drawing parallels with clinical research. The goal of the paper is twofold. Firstly, we present a survey of recent computational papers on supervised classification published in seven high-ranking computational science journals. The aim is to provide an up-to-date picture of current scientific practice with respect to the comparison of methods in both articles presenting new methods and articles focusing on the comparison study itself. Secondly, based on the results of our survey we critically discuss the necessity, impact and limitations of neutral comparison studies in computational sciences. We define three reasonable criteria a comparison study has to fulfill in order to be considered as neutral, and explicate general considerations on the individual components of a "tidy neutral comparison study". R codes for completely replicating our statistical analyses and figures are available from the companion website

  5. The Woodlands Metro Center energy study. Case studies of project planning and design for energy conservation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The Woodlands is a HUD Title VII New Town located near Houston, including 22,000 acres; the plan for the new town consists of 6 residential villages, a town center (Metro), and a Trade Center for larger-scale industrial use. Included within the program for each village are schools and commercial activities, as well as employment activities. The Woodlands is planned to be developed over a 26-year period (commenced in 1972) with an ultimate population of 150,000. Following a summary chapter, Chapter II presents background material on The Woodlands and results of the study are summarized. Chapter III describes the project team and its organizational structure. Chapter IV outlines and documents the methodology that was employed in developing, analyzing, and evaluating the case study. The next chapter describes and analyzes the conventional plan, documents the process by which energy-conserving methods were selected, and evaluates the application of these methods to the Metro Center Study area. Chapter VI discusses constraints to implementation and is followed by a final chapter that presents the general conclusions from the case study and suggests directions for further investigation.

  6. Statistical Machines for Trauma Hospital Outcomes Research: Application to the PRospective, Observational, Multi-Center Major Trauma Transfusion (PROMMTT Study.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sara E Moore

    Full Text Available Improving the treatment of trauma, a leading cause of death worldwide, is of great clinical and public health interest. This analysis introduces flexible statistical methods for estimating center-level effects on individual outcomes in the context of highly variable patient populations, such as those of the PRospective, Observational, Multi-center Major Trauma Transfusion study. Ten US level I trauma centers enrolled a total of 1,245 trauma patients who survived at least 30 minutes after admission and received at least one unit of red blood cells. Outcomes included death, multiple organ failure, substantial bleeding, and transfusion of blood products. The centers involved were classified as either large or small-volume based on the number of massive transfusion patients enrolled during the study period. We focused on estimation of parameters inspired by causal inference, specifically estimated impacts on patient outcomes related to the volume of the trauma hospital that treated them. We defined this association as the change in mean outcomes of interest that would be observed if, contrary to fact, subjects from large-volume sites were treated at small-volume sites (the effect of treatment among the treated. We estimated this parameter using three different methods, some of which use data-adaptive machine learning tools to derive the outcome models, minimizing residual confounding by reducing model misspecification. Differences between unadjusted and adjusted estimators sometimes differed dramatically, demonstrating the need to account for differences in patient characteristics in clinic comparisons. In addition, the estimators based on robust adjustment methods showed potential impacts of hospital volume. For instance, we estimated a survival benefit for patients who were treated at large-volume sites, which was not apparent in simpler, unadjusted comparisons. By removing arbitrary modeling decisions from the estimation process and concentrating

  7. Comparison between peritoneal tuberculosis and primary peritoneal carcinoma: a 16-year, single-center experience

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Dan; ZHANG Jun-ji; HUANG Hui-fang; SHEN Keng; CUI Quan-cai; XIANG Yang


    Background Peritoneal tuberculosis and primary peritoneal carcinoma can both present as an abdominal mass and ascites with elevated serum CA125.The purpose of our study was to evaluate the clinical features of peritoneal tuberculosis,compare them with features of primary peritoneal carcinoma,and establish definitive diagnostic procedures.Methods We conducted a retrospective study in patients with peritoneal tuberculosis from January 1995 to October 2010 at Peking Union Medical College Hospital.During this time,the data of 38 patients with primary peritoneal carcinoma were reviewed.Results The median age was 34 years (range,19-80 years).The most common symptoms were abdominal distension (16/30,53.3%) and an abdominal mass (12/30,40.0%).The serum CA125 level was elevated in 25 patients (83.3%).The median level of cancer antigen CA125 was 392.5 U/ml (range,0.64-850.0 U/ml).Abdominal ultrasound revealed a pelvic mass in 25 patients and ascites in 20 patients.Diagnostic laparoscopy was performed in 15 patients (50.0%) and exploratory laparotomy was performed in 12 patients (40.0%),and 3 patients (10.0%) who underwent laparoscopy converted to laparotomy because of severe adhesions.The intraoperative findings were adhesions,multiple white tubercles,and ascites.Frozen tissue sections were obtained in 17 patients,and 14 of whom showed chronic granulomatous reactions.Final pathological examinations confirmed the diagnosis.Conclusions Peritoneal tuberculosis should be considered as a differential diagnosis,especially for young women with an abdominal mass,ascites,and elevated serum CA125 levels.Laparoscopy is a useful diagnostic method for peritoneal tuberculosis,and intraoperative frozen sections are recommended when the diagnosis is in doubt.

  8. A comparison of manual versus hydrostatic reduction in children with intussusception: Single-center experience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Servet Ocal


    Full Text Available Objective: In recent years several techniques have been recommended for intussusception treatment. In this study, an evaluation was made of intussusception cases that presented at our clinic and had reduction applied together with saline under ultrasonography (USG and cases, which were surgically treated. Patients and Methods: A retrospective evaluation was made of the records of 72 cases treated for a diagnosis of intussusception between January 2010 and July 2012. Patients were evaluated demographics, clinical presentation, management strategy, during the hospitalisation and outcome. Results: A total of 72 cases which consists of 44 male and 28 female with age range between 5 and 132 months were treated with a diagnosis of intussusception. USG was applied to all cases on initial presentation. As treatment, hydrostatic reduction (HR together with USG was applied to 47 cases. Of these, the HR was unsuccessful in 13 cases. Surgical treatment was applied to 38 cases. Of these cases, ileocolic intussusception was observed in 30 cases, ileoileal in seven cases and colocolic in one case. Meckel diverticulum was determined in five of these cases, polyps in two cases, lymphoma in two cases, lymph nodule in one case and 28 cases were observed to be idiopathic. There was no mortality in any case. Conclusion: HR together with USG is a safe technique in the treatment of intussusception, which also shortens the duration of hospitalisation and significantly reduces the treatment costs.

  9. Comparison of extramedullary and intramedullary devices for treatment of subtrochanteric femoral fractures at tertiary level center

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Sanjay Yadav; Shivendra Sinha; Edwin Luther; Naresh Chander Arora; Manish Prasad; Rohit Varma


    Objective:The treatment of subtrochanteric fractures is challenging and treatment modalities and implants are constantly evolving.This study attempts to revisit and compare extramedullary vs.intramedullary devices in relatively young population.Methods:Thirty patients with subtrochanteric fractures were enrolled and treated with extramedullary or intramedullary devices and follow-up continued one year for clinico-radiological assessment.Results:The mean age of patients was 37.53 years.Most were males between 21-40 years.The dominant mode of injury was traffic accidents (66%).Fractures were classified according to Russell-Taylor classification.Forty percent were Russell-Taylor type ⅠA,37% type ⅠB and 23% type ⅡA.Average time to surgery was 3.6 days from the time of admission to hospital.Mean duration of surgery was 45 minutes for intramedullary device (group A) and 105 minutes for extramedullary device (group B).Average blood loss was 100 ml in group A and 200ml in group B.Mean duration of radiation exposure was 130 seconds and 140 seconds for groups A and B,while average duration of hospital stay was 12 days and 16 days respectively.Excellent results were seen in 47% of cases in group A and 33% of cases in group B.Conclusion:Intramedullary device is a reliable implant for subtrochanteric fractures.It has high rates of union with minimal soft-tissue damage.Intramedullary fixation has biological and biomechanical advantages,but surgery is technically demanding.Gradual leaming and patience is needed to make this method truly rewarding.

  10. Comparison of extramedullary and intramedullary devices for treatment of subtrochanteric femoral fractures at tertiary level center

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yadav Sanjay


    Full Text Available Objective: The treatment of subtrochanteric fractures is challenging and treatment modalities and implants are constantly evolving. This study attempts to revisit and compare extramedullary vs. intramedullary devices in relatively young population. Methods: Thirty patients with subtrochanteric fractures were enrolled and treated with extramedullary or intramedullary devices and follow-up continued one year for clinico-radiological assessment. Results: The mean age of patients was 37.53 years. Most were males between 21-40 years old. The dominant mode of injury was traffic accidents (66%. Fractures were classifi ed according to Russell-Taylor classifi cation. Forty percent were Russell-Taylor type IA, 37% type IB and 23% type IIA. Average time to surgery was 3.6 days from the time of admission to hospital. Mean duration of surgery was 45 minutes for intramedullary device (group A and 105 minutes for extramedullary device (group B. Average blood loss was 100 ml in group A and 200 ml in group B. Mean duration of radiation exposure was 130 seconds and 140 seconds for groups A and B, while average duration of hospital stay was 12 days and 16 days respectively. Excellent results were seen in 47% of cases in group A and 33% of cases in group B. Conclusion: Intramedullary device is a reliable implant for subtrochanteric fractures. It has high rates of union with minimal soft-tissue damage. Intramedullary fixation has biological and biomechanical advantages, but surgery is technically demanding. Gradual learning and patience is needed to make this method truly rewarding. Key words: Subtrochanteric fractures; Intramedullary; Dynamic hip screw

  11. Study of paramagnetic and luminescence centers of microcline feldspar

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tatumi, S.H. [Faculdade de Tecnologia de Sao Paulo, Praca Cel. Fernando Prestes, 30, 01124-060, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)]. E-mail:; Kinoshita, A. [Universidade do Sagrado Coracao, Rua Irma Arminda, 10-50, 17011-160, Bauru, Sao Paulo (Brazil); FFCLR-USP, Dep. Fisica e Matematica, Av. Bandeirantes, 3900, 14040-901, Ribeirao Preto, SP, Brasil (Brazil); Fukumoto, M.E. [Faculdade de Tecnologia de Sao Paulo, Praca Cel. Fernando Prestes, 30, 01124-060, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Courriol, L.C. [Faculdade de Tecnologia de Sao Paulo, Praca Cel. Fernando Prestes, 30, 01124-060, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Kassab, L.R.P. [Faculdade de Tecnologia de Sao Paulo, Praca Cel. Fernando Prestes, 30, 01124-060, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Baffa, O. [FFCLR-USP, Dep. Fisica e Matematica, Av. Bandeirantes, 3900, 14040-901, Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil); Munita, C.S. [CNEN-IPEN/SP, Divisao de Radioquimica, c.p.11049- cep.05422.970, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Microcline feldspar crystal has been analyzed in order to determine the centers suitable for use in ESR and luminescence dating. ESR measurements at RT showed the Fe{sup 3+} line, and at 77K the Si-O{sup -}..X signal with g=2.0052, 2.0098 and 2.0128. TL glow peak at 157 and 300 deg. C in UV interval were observed and in the VIS range we noted peaks at 150, 280 and 340 deg. C. TL growth curve of the 340 deg. C peak could be fitted by a saturating exponential equation and can be used in TL dating. Emission curves showed band widths 1.95+/-0.09, 2.73+/-0.08 and 4.94+/-0.50eV. Transitions from {sup 4}T{sub 1}->{sup 6}A{sub 1} of Fe{sup 3+} can be associated with the 1.95eV band and the transition from {sup 4}A{sub 1} {sup 4}E(G)->{sup 6}A{sub 1}(S) with 2.73eV band.

  12. Beyond active learning: a case study of teaching practices in an occupation-centered curriculum. (United States)

    Hooper, Barbara


    Although occupation-centered curricula are highly promoted, the teaching processes that convey such designs remain unclear. This case study elucidated occupation-centered teaching practices. Interview and observational data were collected over 8 weeks, and analysis involved coding transcriptions, data matrices, concept maps, journaling, and writing. Participants augmented active learning strategies with strategies that linked course topics to the subject of occupation. The use of linking strategies suggested that: (a) course content was treated as two-tiered; (b) neither content nor instructional processes were inherently occupation-centered; and (c) subject-centered education strengthens social learning theories. Although curricula may appear occupation-centered based on a curriculum description and course content, ultimately "linking opportunities" in the classroom constitute an essential feature that demarcates a program as occupation-centered.

  13. Stockbridge Munsee Community Health and Wellness Center and the Mohican Family Center Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Feasibility Study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    DeRocher, Andy [Stockbridge-Munsee Health and Wellness Center, Bowler, WI (United States); Barrnett, Michael [Stockbridge-Munsee Health and Wellness Center, Bowler, WI (United States)


    The results of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Feasibility Study of Stockbridge Munsee Community’s Health and Wellness Center (HWC) indicate that a variety of renewable energy options and energy conservation measures (ECMs) exist for the facility. A requirement of the Request for Proposal for this study was to assess renewable energy options that could offset 30 to 100 percent of the HWC’s energy use. This study identifies that a geothermal system is the most cost effective renewable energy option available to decrease the HWC’s energy consumption by 30 to 100 percent. Currently the HWC performs in the lowest 8 percent of buildings in its building category, as scored in the EPA portfolio manager benchmarking tool. Multiple ECM opportunities have been identified with paybacks of less than five years to yield an estimated 25-percent decrease in annual energyconsumption. The ECMs within this payback period are estimated to save $26,800 per year with an implementation cost of just $4,650 (0.2 year payback). For the Mohican Family Center document: The results of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Feasibility Study of Stockbridge Munsee Community’s Mohican Family Center (MFC) indicate that a variety of renewable energy options and energy conservation measures (ECMs) exist for the facility. A requirement of the Request for Proposal for this study was to assess renewable energy options that could offset 30 to 100 percent of the MFC’s energy use. This study identifies that a geothermal system is the most cost effective renewable energy option available to decrease the MFC’s energy consumption by 30 to 100 percent. Currently the MFC performs better than 80 percent of buildings in its building category, as scored in the EPA portfolio manager benchmarking tool. Multiple ECM opportunities have been identified with short term paybacks to yield an estimated 13-percent decrease in energy consumption. The ECMs within this payback period are estimated

  14. Survival of living donor renal transplant recipients in Sri Lanka: a single-center study. (United States)

    Galabada, Dinith Prasanna; Nazar, Abdul L M; Ariyaratne, Prasad


    Chronic kidney disease is one of the main public health concerns in Sri Lanka. In comparison with dialysis, successful kidney transplantation improves both patient survival and quality of life, relieves the burden of dialysis in patients suffering from end-stage renal disease and decreases the cost of healthcare to the society and government. The objective of this retrospective cohort study was to evaluate graft and patient survival rates in patients who were transplanted from living donors at the Nephrology Unit of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka from January 2005 to January 2011. Data were collected using an interviewer-administered questionnaire and through a review of past medical records. The Kaplan-Meier method was used to determine the survival rate, the log rank test was used to compare survival curves and the Cox proportional hazard model was used for multivariate analysis. Mean follow-up was 26.44±16.6 months. The five-year death-censored graft survival of kidney transplant recipients from living donors in our center was 93.5% and the five-year patient survival was 82.2%, which is comparable with other transplant programs around the world. The number of acute rejection episodes was an independent risk factor for graft survival. Delayed graft function, younger recipient age and unknown cause of end-stage renal disease were found to be risk factors for graft failure but after adjusting for confounding factors, and the difference was not apparent.

  15. Survival of living donor renal transplant recipients in Sri Lanka: A single-center study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dinith Prasanna Galabada


    Full Text Available Chronic kidney disease is one of the main public health concerns in Sri Lanka. In comparison with dialysis, successful kidney transplantation improves both patient survival and quality of life, relieves the burden of dialysis in patients suffering from end-stage renal disease and decreases the cost of healthcare to the society and government. The objective of this retrospective cohort study was to evaluate graft and patient survival rates in patients who were transplanted from living donors at the Nephrology Unit of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka from January 2005 to January 2011. Data were collected using an interviewer-administered questionnaire and through a review of past medical records. The Kaplan-Meier method was used to determine the survival rate, the log rank test was used to compare survival curves and the Cox proportional hazard model was used for multivariate analysis. Mean follow-up was 26.44 ± 16.6 months. The five-year death-censored graft survival of kidney transplant recipients from living donors in our center was 93.5% and the five-year patient survival was 82.2%, which is comparable with other transplant programs around the world. The number of acute rejection episodes was an independent risk factor for graft survival. Delayed graft function, younger recipient age and unknown cause of end-stage renal disease were found to be risk factors for graft failure but after adjusting for confounding factors, and the difference was not apparent.

  16. Data and spatial studies of the USGS Texas Water Science Center (United States)

    Burley, Thomas E.


    Hydrologists, geographers, geophysicists, and geologists with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Texas Water Science Center (TXWSC) work in the USGS Water Mission Area on a diverse range of projects built on a foundation of spatial data. The TXWSC has developed sophisticated data and spatial-studies-related capabilities that are an integral part of the projects undertaken by the Center.

  17. Consumer Travel Behaviors and Transport Carbon Emissions: A Comparative Study of Commercial Centers in Shenyang, China

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jing Li


    Full Text Available Current literature highlights the role of commercial centers in cities in generating shopping trips and transport carbon emissions. However, the influence of the characteristics of commercial centers on consumer travel behavior and transport carbon emissions is not well understood. This study addresses this knowledge gap by examining shopping trips to eight commercial centers in Shenyang, China, and the CO2 emissions of these trips. We found that the locations and types of commercial centers strongly influence CO2 emissions. CO2 emissions per trip to commercial centers in the suburbs of Shenyang were on average 6.94% and 26.92% higher than those to commercial centers in the urban core and the inner city, respectively. CO2 emissions induced by wholesale centers were nearly three times higher than the lowest CO2 emissions of commercial centers in the inner city. These empirical results enhance our understanding of shopping-related transport carbon emissions and highlight the importance of optimizing urban space structure, in particular, the layout of commercial centers.

  18. Initial thin film penetration studies at the Colorado Center for Lunar Dust and Atmospheric Studies (United States)

    Shu, A. J.; Collette, A.; Drake, K. J.; Gruen, E.; Horanyi, M.; Kempf, S.; Munsat, T.; Northway, P.; Robertson, S. H.; Srama, R.; Sternovsky, Z.; Thomas, E.; Colorado CenterLunar Dust; Atmospheric Studies


    Initial studies of damage caused by hypervelocity impacts of various micrometeorite materials into a range of targets are being performed at the Colorado Center for Lunar Dust and Atmospheric Studies (CCLDAS). Cratering studies are initially focused on polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) films in order to characterize the crater dependencies on impactor mass, size, and speed, and to better understand its capabilities as a dust detector. Additional cratering studies include optical glass, and geological samples as targets. These studies will lead to a better understanding of damage to spacecraft windows and instruments, and space weathering on airless bodies. In parallel, penetration studies will be conducted to determine how hole sizes in thin film materials depend on the properties of the film and the projectile. These thin film penetration studies will be critical to the design of dust detectors similar to that used on NASA's Stardust and New Horizons spacecraft, and in the design of solar sails. Thin film detectors can also be used to characterize beam profiles of laboratory dust accelerators. These studies are being performed at the 3MV hypervelocity dust accelerator at CCLDAS. The facility can accelerate dust particles up to 10's of km/s with user control over the velocity and mass ranges of particles reaching the target chamber. Complementary studies will be conducted at the Johnson Space Center Light Gas Gun using the same target and particle properties. These parallel studies will allow us to cover an extended range of acceleration parameters as well as better understand the similarities and differences between electrostatic accelerators and light gas guns.

  19. Environmental contaminant studies by the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center (United States)

    Heinz, G.H.; Hill, E.F.; Stickel, W.H.; Stickel, L.F.; Kenaga, E.E.


    Evaluation of the effects of environmental contaminants on wildlife is geared to interpreting events in the field, especially population effects, and both field and laboratory studies are planned for this purpose; procedures are adapted to specific problems and therefore do not include strict protocols or routine testing. Field evaluations include measurements of cholinesterase inhibition in brain or blood, search for dead or disabled animals, study of nesting success of birds, and general ecological observations. Residue analyses are used in evaluating organochlorine chemicals; samples may include whole bodies for determining level of exposure, brains for mortality diagnosis, whole blood for certain special studies, and eggs to help in evaluation of possible reproductive effects. Bird counts, singing-male census counts, small mamrnal trapping, and cage-in-field tests have proven to be ineffective or misleading and are not considered suitable for field evaluations under most circumstances. Usefulness of simulated field trials is limited to very special situations. Experimental studies that help predict and interpret field effects include determinations of lethal diagnostic levels, comparative lethal dietary toxicity tests, tests of secondary poisoning measurement of residue loss rates, measurement of blood enzymes, tests of behavioral effects, and studies of reproductive effects.

  20. Comparison of buspirone in two separate studies. (United States)

    Goldberg, H L; Finnerty, R


    Two double-blind studies are described in which buspirone was compared with placebo and diazepam (Study A) or clorazepate (Study B) in outpatients with moderate to severe anxiety. Results, assessed on the Hamilton Rating Scales for Depression and Anxiety, the SCL-56, the Profile of Mood States, and the Covi and Raskin scales, indicated that buspirone consistently relieved both anxiety and associated depression. In Study B, trends in favor of buspirone were seen on several SCL-56 items and the Hamilton somatic factor; significant differences in this direction were found for several POMS items. Sedation was seen less often with buspirone than either diazepam or clorazepate.

  1. Bicycle-related maxillofacial injuries: a double-center study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Boffano, P.; Roccia, F.; Gallesio, C.; Karagozoglu, K.H.; Forouzanfar, T.


    Objective Bicycle-related injuries account for an important proportion of road injuries all over the world. As only few reports have focused on the characteristics of maxillofacial fractures sustained in bicycle accidents, the purpose of this study was to present and compare epidemiological data abo

  2. Bicycle-related maxillofacial injuries : a double-center study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Boffano, Paolo; Roccia, Fabio; Gallesio, Cesare; Karagozoglu, K. Hakki; Forouzanfar, Tymour


    Objective. Bicycle-related injuries account for an important proportion of road injuries all over the world. As only few reports have focused on the characteristics of maxillofacial fractures sustained in bicycle accidents, the purpose of this study was to present and compare epidemiological data ab

  3. Blanket comparison and selection study. Volume II

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This volume contains extensive data for the following chapters: (1) solid breeder tritium recovery, (2) solid breeder blanket designs, (3) alternate blanket concept screening, and (4) safety analysis. The following appendices are also included: (1) blanket design guidelines, (2) power conversion systems, (3) helium-cooled, vanadium alloy structure blanket design, (4) high wall loading study, and (5) molten salt safety studies. (MOW)

  4. Nuclear Monitoring Research at the Center for Seismic Studies (United States)


    Pachelmsky aula -’ . - d approximately 100 km to the south-east of OBN (Belyaevsky,1974). I- ,r,:ssion is traced to t-,e south-ea, 0. approximately 700...contributes to its poor backazimuth estimation. These results, combipred with those described in the section on polarization characteris- tics , confirm...ARCESS, using polarization characteris- tics as predictors. The attributes studied in the section on polarization (with the exception of azimuth) are

  5. Cooperative Research Twin Trawl Sweep Comparison Study (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The "Twin-Trawl Sweep Efficiency Study" was intended to compare the sweep efficiency and selectivity of the NEFSC standardized bottom trawl to that of a standardized...

  6. Comparative study of mental health of people who gratitude toward God, considering forgiveness, among children in center for Rehabilitation and Education and Shahed students of Zahedan in 2014

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mahboobeh Farzad


    Full Text Available Present research’s goal is Comparative study of mental health of people who gratitude toward God, considering forgiveness, among children in center for Rehabilitation and Education and Shahed students of Zahedan. Questionnaires were distributed among 120 people that included 50 boys of rehabilitation center and 10 under 18 year old girls in women prison and also 60 questionnaires also were distributed randomly among Shahed school students. For collecting data mental health questionnaire (Goldenberg, 1972, appreciating God (Krause, 2006 and forgiveness (Rey, 2001 were used. Researchis comparison form and for analyzing data, multi-way Analysis of Variance was used. The obtained results of research show that the mental health of people who appreciates Godin rehabilitation center is less than Shahed students. Also there isn’t significant difference among mental health of people who gratitude toward God and forgiveness and the interaction among these components in rehabilitation center children and Shahed students.

  7. Highlighting High Performance: Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Oberlin College’s Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies is a high-performance building featuring an expansive photovoltaic system and a closed-loop groundwater heat pump system. Designers incorporated energy-efficient components and materials

  8. Nanomaterial Case Study: A Comparison of Multiwalled ... (United States)

    The draft document is intended to be used as part of a process to identify what is known and, more importantly, what is not yet known that could be of value in assessing the broad implications of specific nanomaterials. Like previous case studies (see History/ Chronology below), this draft case study on multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) is based on the comprehensive environmental assessment (CEA) approach, which consists of both a framework and a process. Unlike previous case studies this case study incorporates information about a traditional (i.e., “non-nano-enabled”) product, against which the MWCNT flame-retardant coating applied to upholstery textiles (i.e., the “nano-enabled” product) can be compared. The comparative element serves dual-purposes: 1) to provide a more robust database that facilitates identification of data gaps related to the nano-enabled product and 2) to provide a context for identifying key factors and data gaps for future efforts to evaluate risk-related trade-offs between a nano-enabled and non-nano-enabled product. This draft case study does not represent a completed or even a preliminary assessment of MWCNTs; rather, it uses the CEA framework to structure information from available literature and other resources (e.g., government reports) on the product life cycle, fate and transport processes in various environmental media, exposure-dose characterization, and impacts in human, ecological, and environmental receptors.

  9. A Study of Flood Evacuation Center Using GIS and Remote Sensing Technique (United States)

    Mustaffa, A. A.; Rosli, M. F.; Abustan, M. S.; Adib, R.; Rosli, M. I.; Masiri, K.; Saifullizan, B.


    This research demonstrated the use of Remote Sensing technique and GIS to determine the suitability of an evacuation center. This study was conducted in Batu Pahat areas that always hit by a series of flood. The data of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) was obtained by ASTER database that has been used to delineate extract contour line and elevation. Landsat 8 image was used for classification purposes such as land use map. Remote Sensing incorporate with GIS techniques was used to determined the suitability location of the evacuation center from contour map of flood affected areas in Batu Pahat. GIS will calculate the elevation of the area and information about the country of the area, the road access and percentage of the affected area. The flood affected area map may provide the suitability of the flood evacuation center during the several levels of flood. The suitability of evacuation centers can be determined based on several criteria and the existing data of the evacuation center will be analysed. From the analysis among 16 evacuation center listed, there are only 8 evacuation center suitable for the usage during emergency situation. The suitability analysis was based on the location and the road access of the evacuation center toward the flood affected area. There are 10 new locations with suitable criteria of evacuation center proposed on the study area to facilitate the process of rescue and evacuating flood victims to much safer and suitable locations. The results of this study will help in decision making processes and indirectly will help organization such as fire-fighter and the Department of Social Welfare in their work. Thus, this study can contribute more towards the society.

  10. Mathematics Comparison Study = Etude Comporative Portant Sur les Mathematiques. (United States)

    Alberta Dept. of Education, Edmonton. Curriculum Standards Branch.

    At the request of the Council of Ministries of Education, Canada (CMEC), Alberta Learning conducted this Mathematics Comparison Study. The focus of this study is from Kindergarten to Grade 12. All provinces and territories were invited to participate, and only the Quebec region declined. Participating regions were invited to send a representative…

  11. The first study of patient safety culture in Iranian primary health centers. (United States)

    Tabrizchi, Narges; Sedaghat, Mojtaba


    Although the error in health care has received attention recently, patient safety culture in health centers has been relatively neglected. To measure the patient safety culture in primary health centers. A cross-sectional study, utilizing the modified version of the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture (HSOPSC) developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and a demographic questionnaire. Healthcare staffs from health centers were participated in the survey. The patient safety culture score including subscores on 11 dimensions and 39 items; patient safety grade and number of events reported. The overall positive response rate of patient safety culture was 57 ± 16.8 (CI (95)55%-59%). The dimensions that received higher positive response rate were "Teamwork across units of health center", "Teamwork within units", "Head of center support for patient safety". The lowest percentage of positive responses was "Non punitive response to error". There were no relationship between working years and patients safely culture score. Similarly, no relationship was found between professional, gender and total patients safely culture score. Statistical analysis showed discrepancies between Iranian health centers and the US hospitals in three dimensions. For improving patient safety culture in health centers, it is necessary to have enough staff and establish an environment to be open and fair with staff which helps report errors spontaneously and without any fear. The findings of this study could be used to measure changes in patient safety culture over the time.

  12. The First Study of Patient Safety Culture in Iranian Primary Health Centers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mojtaba Sedaghat


    Full Text Available Although the error in health care has received attention recently, patient safety culture in health centers has been relatively neglected. To measure the patient safety culture in primary health centers. A cross-sectional study, utilizing the modified version of the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture (HSOPSC developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ and a demographic questionnaire. Healthcare staffs from health centers were participated in the survey. The patient safety culture score including subscores on 11 dimensions and 39 items; patient safety grade and number of events reported. The overall positive response rate of patient safety culture was 57 ±16.8 (CI 9555%-59%. The dimensions that received higher positive response rate were "Teamwork across units of health center", "Teamwork within units", "Head of center support for patient safety". The lowest percentage of positive responses was "Non punitive response to error". There were no relationship between working years and patients safely culture score. Similarly, no relationship was found between professional, gender and total patients safely culture score. Statistical analysis showed discrepancies between Iranian health centers and the US hospitals in three dimensions. For improving patient safety culture in health centers, it is necessary to have enough staff and establish an environment to be open and fair with staff which helps report errors spontaneously and without any fear. The findings of this study could be used to measure changes in patient safety culture over the time.

  13. A Comparison of Student-Centered versus Traditional Methods of Teaching Basic Nursing Skills in a Learning Laboratory. (United States)

    Jeffries, Pamela R.; Rew, Sandy; Cramer, Joni M.


    To learn surgical asepsis content, 70 nursing students used a student-centered interactive lab and 50 used textbooks, videotapes, and lecture-demonstrations. There were no differences in cognitive gains or ability to demonstrate the skills learned. The student-centered group was significantly more satisfied with their learning. (SK)

  14. Home hemodialysis and conventional in-center hemodialysis in Japan: a comparison of health-related quality of life. (United States)

    Watanabe, Yusuke; Ohno, Yoichi; Inoue, Tsutomu; Takane, Hiroshi; Okada, Hirokazu; Suzuki, Hiromichi


    Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) is an important measure of how disease affects patients' daily life. Conventional in-center hemodialysis (CHD) patients have been found to have decreased HRQOL. Recent study reported that at-home hemodialysis (HHD) improved the long-term HRQOL compared with CHD; however, there have been no data from Japanese HHD patients. A sample of 80 Japanese hemodialysis patients (46 HHD and 34 CHD) was matched for age, sex, and cause of end-stage renal disease. Patient HRQOL was measured using two health surveys: Medical Outcomes Study 36 Item Short Form Health Survey-Version 2 and Kidney Disease Quality of Life-Short Form. HHD patients reported better scores on seven out of eight domains (all domains except general heath) of the Medical Outcomes Study 36 Item Short Form Health Survey-Version 2, as well as better Kidney Disease Quality of Life-Short Form scores with respect to symptoms and problems, effect of kidney disease, and work status. No significant differences were observed for burden of kidney disease, cognitive function, quality of social interaction, sexual function, or sleep. More than 65% of HHD patients stated that they were not bothered at all by limitations on food and water intake. Japanese HHD patients demonstrate significantly higher HRQOL scores. However, while their HRQOL and employment rate were high and they were able to enjoy fewer dietary restrictions, kidney disease remained a great burden.

  15. 以学生为中心视角下的高职院校的学风建设--对比香港高校为例%On the Construction of Learning Styles in Higher Voca-tional Colleges from the Student-centered Perspective:A Case Study on the Comparison with Hong Kong Universi-ties

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    本文就以高职院校为研究对象,以学生为中心为指导思想,对比香港高校的学风建设经验,探究内地高职院校以学生为中心的学风建设之路。%With higher vocational colleges as the research objec-tive, student-centered idea as the guiding ideology, in contrast to the experience of learning style construction in Hong Kong uni-versities, this paper explored the construction of learning styles in mainland higher vocational colleges from the student-centered perspective.

  16. Patient-Centered Personal Health Record and Portal Implementation Toolkit for Ambulatory Clinics: A Feasibility Study. (United States)

    Nahm, Eun-Shim; Diblasi, Catherine; Gonzales, Eva; Silver, Kristi; Zhu, Shijun; Sagherian, Knar; Kongs, Katherine


    Personal health records and patient portals have been shown to be effective in managing chronic illnesses. Despite recent nationwide implementation efforts, the personal health record and patient portal adoption rates among patients are low, and the lack of support for patients using the programs remains a critical gap in most implementation processes. In this study, we implemented the Patient-Centered Personal Health Record and Patient Portal Implementation Toolkit in a large diabetes/endocrinology center and assessed its preliminary impact on personal health record and patient portal knowledge, self-efficacy, patient-provider communication, and adherence to treatment plans. Patient-Centered Personal Health Record and Patient Portal Implementation Toolkit is composed of Patient-Centered Personal Health Record and Patient Portal Implementation Toolkit-General, clinic-level resources for clinicians, staff, and patients, and Patient-Centered Personal Health Record and Patient Portal Implementation Toolkit Plus, an optional 4-week online resource program for patients ("MyHealthPortal"). First, Patient-Centered Personal Health Record and Patient Portal Implementation Toolkit-General was implemented, and all clinicians and staff were educated about the center's personal health record and patient portal. Then general patient education was initiated, while a randomized controlled trial was conducted to test the preliminary effects of "MyHealthPortal" using a small sample (n = 74) with three observations (baseline and 4 and 12 weeks). The intervention group showed significantly greater improvement than the control group in patient-provider communication at 4 weeks (t56 = 3.00, P = .004). For other variables, the intervention group tended to show greater improvement; however, the differences were not significant. In this preliminary study, Patient-Centered Personal Health Record and Patient Portal Implementation Toolkit showed potential for filling the gap in the current

  17. Competitive service centers location in the cities with aim to reduce traffic (Case study: Health centers location in the city if Isfahan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hamid Moradi


    Full Text Available Abstract   Distribution of goods and services in cities is of utmost importance. Selecting appropriate venues for different service centers in a city not only enables the citizens to access these services much more easily, but also reduces the traffic load caused by trips made to reach them. Unfortunately, the lack of a correct urban planning has led to inappropriate formation of many cities around the world in terms of the locations assumed for different service centers. Since the private sector has been given the responsibility to construct most of these centers, changing their current locations may be restricted due to legal obligations. Therefore, it seems necessary for the government to construct new service centers with high competitive facilities to attract customers and to compete with those built by the private sector. In this paper, the selection of appropriate locations to construct new service centers has been studied. Such locations have been selected in a way to fulfill goals such as rapid and easy accessibility for the customers and reduction of traffic drawbacks caused by the related trips. In this regard, a model for service centers with restricted capacity has been designed and a parallel simulated annealing algorithm has been proposed to solve it. Finally, the proposed algorithm has been utilized to locate the health centers around the city of Isfahan and its efficiency has been investigated. The findings highlight the accuracy and speed of the proposed algorithm in location of the health centers of Isfahan.

  18. Analysis on productivity of clinical studies across -- Asian countries a case comparison. (United States)

    Takahashi, K; Sengoku, S; Kimura, H


    In an era of increasing global competition and an increased interest in global clinical studies Japan has been concerned with the risk of losing its attractiveness due to perceived longer execution times and higher cost structure. In contrast, other Asian countries particularly China and Singapore are widely recognized as potential key centers for fast conduction of global clinical studies. We conducted a case comparison based on two clinical studies performed by a multinational pharmaceutical company in order to measure the productivity of clinical studies by region and country. We focused on the site-related study cost which constituted the largest portion of the cost breakdown and also impacted both time and quality management. For investigation of the productivity we propose a breakdown model with two Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), enrollment efficiency and site-related cost efficiency, for the comparison of the number of enrolled subject per site and cost, respectively. Through the comparative analysis we found that the Asian countries (excluding Japan) on average achieved higher efficiency than Japan in both indicators. In the Asian group, China and Singapore stood out as the most efficient on both speed and site-related cost. However, when the site-related cost efficiency was adjusted for Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) the cost advantage in China disappeared, implying the price level was critical for productivity management. Although quality aspects remain to be investigated we postulate that introducing a comparative approach based on a productivity framework would be useful for an accurate productivity comparison.

  19. Comparison of primary radiation versus robotic surgery plus adjuvant radiation in high-risk prostate cancer: A single center experience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Prabhsimranjot Singh


    Full Text Available Objective: The objective of this study was to compare robotic-prostatectomy plus adjuvant radiation therapy (RPRAT versus primary RT for high-risk prostate cancer (HRPCa. Materials and Methods: A retrospective chart review was performed for the HRPCa patients treated in our institution between 2000 and 2010. One hundred and twenty-three patients with high-risk disease were identified. The Chi-square test and Fisher′s exact test were used to compare local control and distant failure rates between the two treatment modalities. For prostate-specific antigen comparisons between groups, Wilcoxon rank-sum test was used. Results: The median follow-up was 49 months (range: 3-138 months. Local control, biochemical recurrence rate, distant metastasis, toxicity, and disease-free survival were similar in the two groups. Conclusions: Primary RT is an excellent treatment option in patients with HRPCa, is equally effective and less expensive treatment compared with RPRAT. A prospective randomized study is required to guide treatment for patients with HRPCa.

  20. Environmental Modeling Center (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Environmental Modeling Center provides the computational tools to perform geostatistical analysis, to model ground water and atmospheric releases for comparison...

  1. User-centered design improves the usability of drug-drug interaction alerts: Experimental comparison of interfaces. (United States)

    Luna, Daniel R; Rizzato Lede, Daniel A; Otero, Carlos M; Risk, Marcelo R; González Bernaldo de Quirós, Fernán


    Clinical Decision Support Systems can alert health professionals about drug interactions when they prescribe medications. The Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires in Argentina developed an electronic health record with drug-drug interaction alerts, using traditional software engineering techniques and requirements. Despite enhancing the drug-drug interaction knowledge database, the alert override rate of this system was very high. We redesigned the alert system using user-centered design (UCD) and participatory design techniques to enhance the drug-drug interaction alert interface. This paper describes the methodology of our UCD. We used crossover method with realistic, clinical vignettes to compare usability of the standard and new software versions in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and user satisfaction. Our study showed that, compared to the traditional alert system, the UCD alert system was more efficient (alerts faster resolution), more effective (tasks completed with fewer errors), and more satisfying. These results indicate that UCD techniques that follow ISO 9241-210 can generate more usable alerts than traditional design.

  2. Multiple comparisons in drug efficacy studies: scientific or marketing principles? (United States)

    Leo, Jonathan


    When researchers design an experiment to compare a given medication to another medication, a behavioral therapy, or a placebo, the experiment often involves numerous comparisons. For instance, there may be several different evaluation methods, raters, and time points. Although scientifically justified, such comparisons can be abused in the interests of drug marketing. This article provides two recent examples of such questionable practices. The first involves the case of the arthritis drug celecoxib (Celebrex), where the study lasted 12 months but the authors only presented 6 months of data. The second case involves the NIMH Multimodal Treatment Study (MTA) study evaluating the efficacy of stimulant medication for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder where ratings made by several groups are reported in contradictory fashion. The MTA authors have not clarified the confusion, at least in print, suggesting that the actual findings of the study may have played little role in the authors' reported conclusions.

  3. Study of On-Ramp PI Controller Based on Dural Group QPSO with Different Well Centers Algorithm

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tao Wu


    Full Text Available A novel quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization (QPSO algorithm, dual-group QPSO with different well centers (DWC-QPSO algorithm, is proposed by constructing the master-slave subswarms. The new algorithm was applied in the parameter optimization of on-ramp traffic PI controller combining with nonlinear feedback theory. With the critical information contained in the searching space and results of the basic QPSO algorithm, this algorithm avoids the rapid disappearance of swarm diversity and enhances the global searching ability through collaboration between subswarms. Experiment results on an on-ramp traffic control simulation show that DWC-QPSO can be well applied in the study of on-ramp traffic PI controller and the comparison results illustrate that DWC-QPSO outperforms other evolutionary algorithms with enhancement in both adaptability and stability.

  4. Segmentation of age-related white matter changes in a clinical multi-center study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dyrby, Tim B.; Rostrup, E.; Baare, W.F.C.;


    Age-related white matter changes (WMC) are thought to be a marker of vascular pathology, and have been associated with motor and cognitive deficits. In the present study, an optimized artificial neural network was used as an automatic segmentation method to produce probabilistic maps of WMC......) pruning method in the training stage. Six optimized neural networks were produced to investigate the impact of different input information on WMC segmentation. The automatic segmentation method was applied to MR scans of 362 non-demented elderly subjects from 11 centers in the European multi-center study...... Leukoaraiosis And Disability (LADIS). Semi-manually delineated WMC were used for validating the segmentation produced by the neural networks. The neural network segmentation demonstrated high consistency between subjects and centers, making it a promising technique for large studies. For WMC volumes less than...

  5. Usability of patient-centered health IT: mixed-methods usability study of ePill. (United States)

    Schmidt-Kraepelin, Manuel; Dehling, Tobias; Sunyaev, Ali


    To facilitate use of patient-centered health IT applications in everyday life, a high degree of usability is required. Based on the example of a patient-centered web application, we propose a usability study design enabling developers and researchers to assess usability of patient-centered health IT applications and derive implications for their improvement. Our study design integrates tasks that subjects have to process, an associated questionnaire based on Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness, Attitude Toward Using, and Behavioral Intention to Use, a System Usability Scale questionnaire, and focus groups. Application of the usability study design demonstrates its feasibility and provides insights for assessment of usability in related projects in research and practice.

  6. A Qualitative Study of Information Technology Managers' Experiences and Perceptions Regarding Outsourced Data Centers (United States)

    Reid, Eric Justin


    This qualitative study explored the perceptions and experiences of IT Managers in publicly traded companies within the San Antonio, Texas area about outsourced data centers. Narrative data was collected using open-ended questions and face-to-face interviews within semi-structured environments. The research questions guided the study: (1)…

  7. A Case Study: An ACT Stress Management Group in a University Counseling Center (United States)

    Daltry, Rachel M.


    The aim of this study was to examine the effectiveness of an acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) stress management group in a college counseling center setting. This study explored (a) the effectiveness of ACT in increasing participants' ability to tolerate distress, which directly affects their ability to function in a stressful college…

  8. A time-motion study of inpatient rounds using a family-centered rounds model

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bhansali, P.; Birch, S.; Campbell, J.K.; Agrawal, D.; Hoffner, W.; Manicone, P.; Shah, K.; Krieger, E.; Ottolini, M.


    OBJECTIVE: Family-centered rounds (FCR) have become increasingly prevalent in pediatric hospital settings. The objective of our study was to describe time use and discrete events during pediatric inpatient rounds by using a FCR model. METHODS: We conducted a prospective observational study at Childr

  9. A Case Study of Spirituality in Senior Center Education: Qualitative Research in Adult Education (United States)

    Demarse, Laura


    This article presents a case study on the role of spirituality in adult education at a suburban senior center located in the southeast region of the country. The purpose of the case study was to understand the deeply personal role of spirituality in adult education as seen through teaching seniors and examine the personal manifestation of…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Henrique Albernaz


    Full Text Available This study aims to present how distribution centers implementation in organization is able to provide a competitive advantage over its competitors. The qualitative research was based on multiple case studies. Thus, these cases were focused on lubricants segment national distribution company. It was intended to introduce improvements recognizing distribution centers (DCs importance as competitive advantage. DC Macaé-RJ and Piracicaba-SP were chosen to represent this scenario. Therefore, as results it was found increased sales and operating leverage of results within the market in which it operates.

  11. Experimental parametric study of servers cooling management in data centers buildings (United States)

    Nada, S. A.; Elfeky, K. E.; Attia, Ali M. A.; Alshaer, W. G.


    A parametric study of air flow and cooling management of data centers servers is experimentally conducted for different design conditions. A physical scale model of data center accommodating one rack of four servers was designed and constructed for testing purposes. Front and rear rack and server's temperatures distributions and supply/return heat indices (SHI/RHI) are used to evaluate data center thermal performance. Experiments were conducted to parametrically study the effects of perforated tiles opening ratio, servers power load variation and rack power density. The results showed that (1) perforated tile of 25% opening ratio provides the best results among the other opening ratios, (2) optimum benefit of cold air in servers cooling is obtained at uniformly power loading of servers (3) increasing power density decrease air re-circulation but increase air bypass and servers temperature. The present results are compared with previous experimental and CFD results and fair agreement was found.

  12. Varicocele treatment: A 2-centers comparison between non microsurgical open correction, laparoscopic approach and retrograde percutaneous sclerotization on 463 cases

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giangiacomo Ollandini


    Full Text Available Objectives: To determine whether there are differences in sperm parameters improvement after different varicocele correction techniques. To determine the role of age in sperm parameters improvement. Methods: 2 different European centers collected pre- and postoperative sperm parameters of patients undergoing varicocele correction. Among 463 evaluated patients, 367 were included. Patients were divided in procedure-related and age-related groups. Ivanissevich inguinal open surgical procedure (OS, lymphatic-sparing laparoscopic approach (LSL and retrograde percutaneous transfemoral sclerotization (RPS were performed. As outcome measurements sperm count (millions/mL, SC and percentage of mobile sperms were analyzed. Univariate and multivariate regression between the defined groups; bivariate regression analysis between age and sperm count and motility. Results: Number of patients: OS 78; LSL 85; RPS 204. Mean age 30.2 (SD 6.83; postoperative SC increased from 18.2 to 30.1 (CI 95% 27.3-32.9; p < 0,001; motility from 25.6 to 32.56% (30.9-34.2; p < 0.001. OS: SC varied from 16.9 to 18.2 (p < 0.001; sperm motility from 29% to 33% (p < 0.001. LSL: SC from 15.5 to 17.2 (p < 0.001; motility from 27 to 31% (p < 0.001. RPS: SC from 18.9 to 36.2 (p < 0.001; motility from 24% to 32% (p < 0.001. Univariate and multivariate analysis confirmed the significant difference of SC variation in RPS, compared to the other groups (p < 0.001. No significance between LSL and OS (p = 0.826. No significant differences regarding motility (p = 0.8. Conclusions: Varicocele correction is confirmed useful in improving sperm parameters; sclerotization technique leads to a better sperm improvement compared to other studied procedures; improvement in seminal parameters is not affected by age of the patients treated.

  13. Validation for global solar wind prediction using Ulysses comparison: Multiple coronal and heliospheric models installed at the Community Coordinated Modeling Center (United States)

    Jian, L. K.; MacNeice, P. J.; Mays, M. L.; Taktakishvili, A.; Odstrcil, D.; Jackson, B.; Yu, H.-S.; Riley, P.; Sokolov, I. V.


    The prediction of the background global solar wind is a necessary part of space weather forecasting. Several coronal and heliospheric models have been installed and/or recently upgraded at the Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC), including the Wang-Sheely-Arge (WSA)-Enlil model, MHD-Around-a-Sphere (MAS)-Enlil model, Space Weather Modeling Framework (SWMF), and heliospheric tomography using interplanetary scintillation data. Ulysses recorded the last fast latitudinal scan from southern to northern poles in 2007. By comparing the modeling results with Ulysses observations over seven Carrington rotations, we have extended our third-party validation from the previous near-Earth solar wind to middle to high latitudes, in the same late declining phase of solar cycle 23. Besides visual comparison, we have quantitatively assessed the models' capabilities in reproducing the time series, statistics, and latitudinal variations of solar wind parameters for a specific range of model parameter settings, inputs, and grid configurations available at CCMC. The WSA-Enlil model results vary with three different magnetogram inputs. The MAS-Enlil model captures the solar wind parameters well, despite its underestimation of the speed at middle to high latitudes. The new version of SWMF misses many solar wind variations probably because it uses lower grid resolution than other models. The interplanetary scintillation-tomography cannot capture the latitudinal variations of solar wind well yet. Because the model performance varies with parameter settings which are optimized for different epochs or flow states, the performance metric study provided here can serve as a template that researchers can use to validate the models for the time periods and conditions of interest to them.

  14. A comparison of FBP and BPF reconstruction methods for circular X-ray tomography with off-center detector

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schäfer, D.; Grass, M.; Van de Haar, P.


    Circular scanning with an off-center planar detector is an acquisi-tion scheme that allows to save detector area while keeping a largefield of view (FOV). Several filtered back-projection (FBP) algorithmshave been proposed earlier. The purpose of this work is to present twonewly developed back-

  15. Customer Satisfaction: A Comparison of Community College and Employment Security Commission Joblink Career Centers in North Carolina. (United States)

    Deese, Stephanie

    The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 provided states with a great amount of flexibility in the implementation of a system-wide approach to job training and workforce development. The legislation consolidated employment and training services into a one-stop system that is known as JobLink Career Centers in North Carolina. This document presents…

  16. Technology utilization in a non-urban region: Further impact and technique of the Technology Use Studies Center (United States)


    Updated information is given pertaining to Technology Use Studies Center (TUSC) clients who are those that receive/use information as disseminated by the center. The client information is presented as a continuation of client data as set forth in the center's previous annual report.

  17. Connecting teens to caring adults in a school-based health center: a case study. (United States)

    Blacksin, Beth A; Kelly, Patricia J


    The traditional medical care system is generally unable to provide the broad health and wellness services needed by many adolescents, especially those from low-income and racial/ethnic minority communities. Using a theoretical framework adapted from Bronfenbrenner's ecological model of multiple influencers, this case study examined how a school-based health center was able to provide a network of connections for adolescents to caring adults within the school and the local community. Contributors to this network were the creation of a student-centered community with access to adolescent-friendly services, providers acting as connectors, and care of the whole adolescent.

  18. A-centers in silicon studied with hybrid density functional theory

    KAUST Repository

    Wang, Hao


    Density functional theory employing hybrid functional is used to gain fundamental insight into the interaction of vacancies with oxygen interstitials to form defects known as A-centers in silicon. We calculate the formation energy of the defect with respect to the Fermi energy for all possible charge states. It is found that the neutral and doubly negatively charged A-centers dominate. The findings are analyzed in terms of the density of states and discussed in view of previous experimental and theoretical studies.

  19. Comparative study of Treponemal and non-Treponemal test for screening of blood donated at a blood center

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Narinder Kaur Naidu


    Full Text Available The non-Treponemal tests such as Rapid Plasma Reagin test (RPR or the Venereal Disease Reference Laboratory test are the most commonly used test for screening of syphilis in the blood centers in India. Now, with the availability of Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA and Immunochromatographic assays in the market, we decided to evaluate these assays in comparison with Treponema pallidum Haemagglutination Assay (TPHA which was considered as a gold standard for this study. A total of 8 685 samples of voluntary blood donors were tested on Trepolisa 3.0 and then the initially reactive samples were retested in duplicate on the same assay as well as on Omega Pathozyme, RPR, RAPHA (Rapid Anti-Treponema pallidum Assay, and TPHA. Of the 158 initially reactive samples, 104 were repeatedly reactive on the same assay, 85 were reactive with RPR, 77 were reactive with RAPHA, 60 were reactive on Omega, and 53 were confirmed reactive on TPHA. 48 (56.4% of the results on RPR were biological false positive, while 21.9% of results were false negative on RPR. We evaluated that Omega Pathozyme was quite in agreement with TPHA as compared with Trepolisa 3.0, RAPHA, and RPR. We concluded that Omega Pathozyme (ELISA can be considered as a suitable test for screening of syphilis in a blood center.

  20. Factorial and Discriminant Validity of the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression (CES-D) Scale. (United States)

    Orme, John G.; And Others


    Examined the factorial and discriminant validity of the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression (CES-D) scale for 116 parents participating in family support programs. Factorial validity was adequate, and results indicated a moderate correlation between the CES-D and self-esteem and state anxiety. However, a high correlation was obtained…

  1. The Learner-Centered Instructional Design Model: A Modified Delphi Study (United States)

    Melsom, Duane Allan


    The learner-centered instructional design model redefines the standard linear instructional design model to form a circular model where the learner's needs are the first item considered in the development of instruction. The purpose of this modified Delphi study was to have a panel of experts in the instructional design field review the…

  2. A Case Study Using Child-Centered Play Therapy Approach to Treat Enuresis and Encopresis. (United States)

    Cuddy-Casey, Maria


    Demonstrates an alternative method (nondirective child-centered therapy) in treating enuresis and encopresis resulting from emotional disturbances. Examines various etiologies and approaches to treating these conditions. Provides a case study example. Claims that professionals must differentiate between primary and secondary occurrences of these…

  3. Pharmacy Automation in Navy Medicine: A Study of Naval Medical Center San Diego (United States)


    medication, dispensing errors, Navy Medicine, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery , BUMED, Naval Medical Center San Diego, NMCSD 15. NUMBER OF PAGES pharmacist verification. ...............................................................7  Figure 3.  Robotic Delivery System Installed at Naval...processes tend to happen when there is a complication . Only the eight processes outline in Chapter III are specifically relevant to this study

  4. Highlighting High Performance Buildings: Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Oberlin College's Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies is a high-performance building featuring an expansive photovoltaic system and a closed-loop groundwater heat pump system. Designers incorporated energy-efficient components and materials that are local, non-toxic, and durable.

  5. Technostress in Libraries and Media Centers: Case Studies and Coping Strategies. (United States)

    Hickey, Kate D., Ed.


    Discusses technostress--i.e., stress brought on by changes in technology--in libraries and media centers. Case studies are presented that show stress in community college libraries caused by the rapid implementation of new technologies; coping strategies for librarians and media specialists are discussed; and strategies for managers are suggested.…

  6. A longitudinal study of enterobiasis in three day care centers of Havana City. (United States)

    Núñez, F A; Hernández, M; Finlay, C M


    Pinworm infection was prospectively studied during one year in 469 children attending three day care centers. Each child was examined at six months intervals using up to three perianal swabs with adhesive tape. Those found infected were treated with mebendazole. At the beginning of the study we found a prevalence of 28% that dropped to 13% and 12% in the following study periods. The reinfection rate was twice the incidence rate in both study periods. We also found a small percentage (10%) of the children reinfected in most or all study periods. There was a high correlation between reinfection and perianal itching. Our results add further knowledge to the epidemiology of intestinal parasites in day care centers.

  7. The false memory syndrome: experimental studies and comparison to confabulations. (United States)

    Mendez, M F; Fras, I A


    False memories, or recollections that are factually incorrect but strongly believed, remain a source of confusion for both psychiatrists and neurologists. We propose model for false memories based on recent experimental investigations, particularly when analyzed in comparison to confabulations, which are the equivalent of false memories from neurological disease. Studies using the Deese/Roedinger-McDermott experimental paradigm indicate that false memories are associated with the need for complete and integrated memories, self-relevancy, imagination and wish fulfillment, familiarity, emotional facilitation, suggestibility, and sexual content. In comparison, confabulations are associated with the same factors except for emotional facilitation, suggestibility, and sexual content. Both false memories and confabulations have an abnormal sense of certainty for their recollections, and neuroanatomical findings implicate decreased activity in the ventromedial frontal lobe in this certainty. In summary, recent studies of false memories in comparison to confabulations support a model of false memories as internally-generated but suggestible and emotionally-facilitated fantasies or impulses, rather than repressed memories of real events. Furthermore, like confabulations, in order for false memories to occur there must be an attenuation of the normal, nonconscious, right frontal "doubt tag" regarding their certainty.

  8. Comprehensive Study and Comparison of Information Retrieval Indexing Techniques

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zohair Malki


    Full Text Available This research is aimed at comparing techniques of indexing that exist in the current information retrieval processes. The techniques being inverted files, suffix trees, and signature files will be critically described and discussed. The differences that occur in their use will be discussed. The performance and stability of each indexing technique will be critically studied and compared with the rest of the techniques. The paper also aims at showing by the end the role that indexing plays in the process of retrieving information. It is a comparison of the three indexing techniques that will be introduced in this paper. However, the details arising from the detailed comparison will also enhance more understanding of the indexing techniques.

  9. Racial Disparities in Colorectal Carcinoma Incidence, Severity and Survival Times Over 10 Years: A Retrospective Single Center Study (United States)

    Arshad, Hafiz Muhammad Sharjeel; Tetangco, Eula; Shah, Natasha; Kabir, Christopher; Raddawi, Hareth


    Background Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Although studies have been performed on malignancy behavior in African Americans and Caucasians, scant data are present on other minority racial groups. Methods A retrospective single center study was performed where 1,860 patient charts with a diagnosis of CRC from January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2014 were reviewed. Data collected on each patient included age, gender, ethnicity, primary site and histological stage at the time of diagnosis. Survival time over the course of 5 years was documented for patients from January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2009. Comparisons were made amongst different racial groups for the above mentioned factors. Results Study population consisted of 27.09% African Americans, 65.61% Caucasians, 3.86% Hispanics, 0.54% South Asians, 1.03% Arabs, 0.54% Asians and 0.22% American Indians. Mean age of CRC presentation was found to be significantly different (P < 0.05) between the three largest racial groups: 71 years for Caucasians, 69 years for African Americans, and 61 years for Hispanics. African Americans (27.09%) and Hispanics (28.79%) presented predominantly at stage IV in comparison to other racial groups. Caucasians presented predominantly at stage III (24.84%). The rectum was the most common site of CRC across all racial groups with the exception of Asians, where sigmoid colon was the predominant site (30%). Adenocarcinoma remained the predominant cancer type in all groups. Hispanics had relatively higher incidence rate of carcinoid tumor (12.68%). Survival time analysis showed that Caucasians tend to have better survival probability over 5 years after initial diagnosis as compared to African Americans and Hispanic (P < 0.05). Conclusion There is lack of studies performed on minority racial groups in North America. Our study highlighted some important clinical differences of CRC presentation in different racial groups which are not

  10. [Mental health, vulnerability and general practice: a study of non-profit health centers in Grenoble]. (United States)

    Dubois-Fabing, Delphine; Pichon, Philippe; Arnevielhe, Alizée; Suscillon, Marie-Paule; Caron, Bruno; Saillard, Fabienne; François, Patrice


    Very little research has been conducted on the role of general practitioners (GPs) in mental health care among socioeconomically disadvantaged populations in France. The non-profit community health care centers in Grenoble provide populations living in sensitive urban zones with high quality primary health care that includes a medico-social and prevention dimension. The aim of this study was to measure the prevalence of mental health issues diagnosed by GPs in health care centers, to identify the factors associated with these issues and to describe treatment characteristics. This cross-sectional study focused on general practice consultations in the AGECSA Grenoble health care centers over the course of one week. At the end of each consultation, the GP collected information about the patient, including personal data, psychological disorders, vulnerability, and patient health management. Among the 451 patients included in the study, GPs found that 45.2% of patients were in vulnerable situations and 43% of patients suffered from a mental disorder, including 29% of cases of anxiety and 20% of cases of depression. 44% of patients suffered from a psychological disorder (mental disorder and/or psychological suffering). For these patients, 52.8% of the consultations lasted more than 20 minutes. Their treatment generally included a mental health care follow-up (in 76% of cases), including psychological support (59%) and treatment of functional somatic disorders (46%). The study shows the high prevalence of psychological disorders diagnosed in the patients treated by GPs working in health care centers in disadvantaged urban areas. Research shows that GPs play an important and specific role in mental health care and prevention. An analysis of the organizational methods used in health care centers is highly relevant.

  11. Variability of spatial temporal gait parameters and center of pressure displacements during gait in elderly fallers and nonfallers: A 6-month prospective study (United States)

    Bizovska, Lucia; Janura, Miroslav; Kubonova, Eliska; Janurova, Katerina; Vuillerme, Nicolas


    Considering that most of the falls in elderly population arise during walking, tests derived from walking performance would be desirable for comprehensive fall risk assessment. The analysis of spatial temporal parameters and the center of pressure displacement, which represents the interaction between the human body and the ground, would be beneficial. The aim of this study was to compare spatial temporal gait parameters and their variability and the variability of the center of pressure displacement between elderly fallers and nonfallers during gait at self-selected, defined and fast speeds. A prospective study design was used. At the baseline, measurements of ground reaction force during gait at self-selected, defined and fast walking speeds by two force plates were performed. In addition, the Tinetti balance assessment tool, the Falls Efficacy Scale-International and the Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale were used. Mean and coefficient of variation of spatial temporal gait parameters and standard deviations of center of pressure displacement during loading response, midstance, terminal stance and preswing phases were calculated. Comparison of the fallers and nonfallers exhibited no significant difference in clinical tool, scales or spatial temporal parameters. Compared to nonfallers’ increased variability of walking speed at self-selected and defined speed, step width at fast walking speed and center of pressure displacement during preswing phase in medial-lateral directions at defined walking speed was found in fallers. However, application of the Holm-Bonferroni procedure for multiple comparisons exhibited no significant effect of group in any of the gait parameters. In general, our study did not observe an effect of group (fallers vs. nonfallers) on variability of spatial temporal parameters and center of pressure movement during gait. However, walking speed, step width as well as standard deviation of COP displacement in the medial

  12. A real case study on transportation scenario comparison

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tsoukiás A.


    Full Text Available This paper presents a real case study dealing with the comparison of transport scenarios. The study is conducted within a larger project concerning the establishment of the maritime traffic policy in Greece. The paper presents the problem situation and an appropriate problem formulation. Moreover a detailed version of the evaluation model is presented in the paper. The model consists of a complex hierarchy of evaluation models enabling us to take into account the multiple dimensions and points of view of the actors involved in the evaluations.

  13. Mental health status and its predictors among call center employees: A cross-sectional study. (United States)

    Oh, Hyunjin; Park, Heyeon; Boo, Sunjoo


    In this study, we assessed the mental health of Korean call center employees and investigated the potential predictors of their mental health status. A cross-sectional study using self-completing questionnaire was conducted for employees working for a credit card call center. A total of 306 call center employees completed the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale, the Emotion Labor Scale, and the Korean Occupational Stress Scale. The results showed that more than half of the participants reported high levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. A multiple regression analysis indicated that the total scores on the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale were predicted by perceived health, job satisfaction, job demands, organizational injustice, and emotional dissonance suggesting that, in the interest of improving the mental health of call center employees, their job demands and emotional dissonance should be reduced and the work environment be improved. Consideration should be given to providing routine assessments of mental health, including depression, anxiety, and stress, and the corresponding need for the development of an intervention program and other work-related policies that would protect employees from the risk of poor mental health outcomes.



    Mithun N; Pattanashetty; Reshmina; Sharath Babu; Harikrishna; Sreedhar Reddy; Ramakrishna J


    INTRODUCTION : India is considered as the diabetic capital of the world. Diabetic foot osteomyelitis is considered as one of the severe complications of diabetes mellitus. Diabetic foot osteomyelitis tends to complicate around one third of diabetic foot infections. In v iew of this we conducted a prospective study on the bacteriological analysis of diabetic foot osteomyelitis at a tertiary care center. MATERIALS AND METHODS : A prospective study was perform...

  15. Student-Centered Teaching Meets New Media: Concept and Case Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andreas Holzinger


    Full Text Available There exists empirical evidence proving that students who are given the freedom to explore areas based on their personal interests, and who are accompanied in their learning by a supportive, understanding facilitator, not only achieve superior academic results but also develop socially and grow personally. However, pure Student-Centered Teaching is more demanding in terms of communication, organization, as well as the provision of learning material. Thus, the basic idea underlying our paradigm is to combine Student-Centered Teaching with eLearning in order to exploit the advantages of the two approaches. We refer to this combined style as Student-Centered eLearning (SCeL. Strongly simplified, the computer takes over the task of providing information, while presence phases can be used for giving the content more meaning by means of transparent, open, respectful and empathic interactions within the group. Our case study indicates that Student-Centered eLearning has the potential of reducing the increased demands of Student-Centered Teaching in the long run, while fully retaining all its benefits, such as deeper learning processes, personal growth, social skills, and a higher degree of flexibility. Furthermore, the maturity for life-long learning is cultivated. In this paper we introduce our concept and derive first hypotheses on the conditions under which our paradigm appears most effective. While potential continuations of our studies are manifold, we intend to employ SCeL in the course of the new curriculum of the medical faculty of GrazUniversity where a Virtual Medical Campus ( is currently being developed.

  16. The elderly in the shopping centers: the usability study of semipublic spaces as attractiveness generator. (United States)

    Bittencourt, Maria Cristina; do Valle Pereira, Vera Lúcia Duarte; Pacheco, Waldemar


    This article aims to study the importance of the attributes of usability and attractiveness for the semi-public spaces of Shopping Centers considering the elderly users, the psycho-cognitive and bio-physiological changes resulting from the aging process, as well as their expectations of the built space. Through a qualitative study of theoretical review with a multidisciplinary focus in architecture, ergonomics, gerontology, environmental psychology and management, the conditions of the elderly users were identified, and also the attributes related to usability and attractiveness, collected in order to understand and organize their interrelationships, to suggest recommendations about the drafting of Shopping Centers, aiming to generate projects and environments that should promote the efficient and satisfactory use for elderly and may also create a competitive advantage for these enterprises.

  17. Patient Satisfaction with Spanish Pain Centers: Observational Study with More than 3,000 Patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Antonio García García


    Full Text Available Chronic pain is a serious problem in Spain. This multicenter, epidemiological 3-month follow-up study investigates pain management efficacy in Spanish centers using patient satisfaction criteria. 3,414 eligible adult patients (65,6% female with moderate to severe chronic pain from 146 pain centers were included. Patient satisfaction was assessed based onto question 18 of Spanish healthcare barometer-CSI. Pain evolution (Brief Pain Inventory-Short Form (BPI-SF and visual analog scale (VAS, quality of life/EuroQol-5, and pain control expectations fulfillment were also assessed. Mean age was 61.3 years. 64.4% of participating centers employed multidisciplinary pain management approach. After 3 months, mean patient satisfaction was 7.8 (1–10 on the CIS barometer. Medical staff received the highest scores, whereas waiting for tests, appointment request to appointment date time, and waiting times at the center the lowest. Mean pain decreased from 7.4 to 4.0; BPI-SF intensity decreased from 6.5 to 3.8; pain control expectations were met in 78.7% of patients; EuroQoL-5D utility index increased from 0.37 to 0.62, p<0.001, and health status (VAS from 40.6 to 61.9, p<0.001. Chronic pain patients (90% are satisfied with Spanish centers care; 80% had their pain control expectations met. Quality of life improved remarkably: 71% felt moderately to significantly better. However, waiting times need improvement.

  18. Technology Transfer Challenges: A Case Study of User-Centered Design in NASA's Systems Engineering Culture (United States)

    Quick, Jason


    The Upper Stage (US) section of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Ares I rocket will require internal access platforms for maintenance tasks performed by humans inside the vehicle. Tasks will occur during expensive critical path operations at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) including vehicle stacking and launch preparation activities. Platforms must be translated through a small human access hatch, installed in an enclosed worksite environment, support the weight of ground operators and be removed before flight - and their design must minimize additional vehicle mass at attachment points. This paper describes the application of a user-centered conceptual design process and the unique challenges encountered within NASA's systems engineering culture focused on requirements and "heritage hardware". The NASA design team at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) initiated the user-centered design process by studying heritage internal access kits and proposing new design concepts during brainstorming sessions. Simultaneously, they partnered with the Technology Transfer/Innovative Partnerships Program to research inflatable structures and dynamic scaffolding solutions that could enable ground operator access. While this creative, technology-oriented exploration was encouraged by upper management, some design stakeholders consistently opposed ideas utilizing novel, untested equipment. Subsequent collaboration with an engineering consulting firm improved the technical credibility of several options, however, there was continued resistance from team members focused on meeting system requirements with pre-certified hardware. After a six-month idea-generating phase, an intensive six-week effort produced viable design concepts that justified additional vehicle mass while optimizing the human factors of platform installation and use. Although these selected final concepts closely resemble heritage internal access platforms, challenges from the application of the

  19. Evaluating the Impact of the Department of Defense Regional Centers for Security Studies (United States)


    220), Australia (177), Thailand (278), and the Philippines (278). APCSS has expanded the number of invitations sent to nations in the region that...Department of Defense Regional Centers for Security Studies countries like Thailand and the Philippines , one APCSS official said, admitting an...its faculty carve out time for research that is not specifically related to course development, they generally do such work on publications on their

  20. Feminist health care in a hostile environment: a case study of the Womancare Health Center. (United States)

    Hyde, Cheryl A


    This article presents a case study of the Womancare Health Center in order to illustrate the development of and challenges to the feminist health movement in the United States. Specific attention is placed on the legislative, fiscal, and direct actions by the New Right against this organization. Analysis focuses on the means through which Womancare survived. The repercussions of constant intimidation and harassment for women's health programs and for health care policy overall are discussed.

  1. LORIS: A web-based data management system for multi-center studies.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samir eDas


    Full Text Available LORIS (Longitudinal Online Research and Imaging System is a modular and extensible web-based data management system that integrates all aspects of a multi-center study: from heterogeneous data acquisition (imaging, clinical, behavior, genetics to storage, processing and ultimately dissemination. It provides a secure, user-friendly, and streamlined platform to automate the flow of clinical trials and complex multi-center studies. A subject-centric internal organization allows researchers to capture and subsequently extract all information, longitudinal or cross-sectional, from any subset of the study cohort. Extensive error-checking and quality control procedures, security, data management, data querying and administrative functions provide LORIS with a triple capability (i continuous project coordination and monitoring of data acquisition (ii data storage/cleaning/querying, (iii interface with arbitrary external data processing pipelines. LORIS is a complete solution that has been thoroughly tested through the full life cycle of a multi-center longitudinal project# and is now supporting numerous neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration research projects internationally.

  2. Application of the Study Model of \\\\\\"Knowledge Management Infrastructure in Organizations\\\\\\" in Information Centers: The case of the Regional Information Center for Science and Technology (RICeST

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdolhossein Farajpahlou


    Full Text Available Information centers are duly obliged to move in line with their parent organizations’ goals and missions in creating knowledge. In the age of information and communication revolution, and in a knowledge-based economy, organizations that are involved in creation of knowledge have an important role in communication and diffusion of knowledge. In the mean time, libraries and information centers change from being mere depository sources to knowledge institutions. The current research aimed to study the present state of knowledge management infrastructures of the Regional Information Center for Science and Technology (RICeST as a national and regional information center. The statistic population of this study was consisted of 87 staff. Data was collected by means of questionnaires, observation and interviews. The results showed the required infrastructure for KM activities were almost there, among different aspects of which, budgeting had a better situation in the institution under study. In regards with establishment of knowledge management, RICeST was paying more attention to information and communication technology and knowledge network via applications such as the Internet and extranets. Another fact was that in the RICeST, emphasis was on learning and on human resources as the substantial sources in creation of knowledge. Among other aspects, “organizational culture” was in a lower state compared with other aspects in the RICeST.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F.Q. Arrienda II


    Full Text Available The productivity of the carabao subsector is influenced by several constraints such as social,technical, economic and policy factors. The need to enhance the local production of carabaos will helplocal farmers to increase their income. Thus, producing thorough breeds of carabaos and improving itgenetically is the best response to these constraints. This study was conducted to present the feasibilitystudy of establishing an Artificial Insemination (AI Center and its planned area of operation in Brgy.San Juan, Ildefonso, Bulacan. The market, production, organizational and financial viability of operatingthe business would also be evaluated. This particular study will provide insights in establishing an AICenter. Included in this study is the identification of anticipated problems that could affect the businessand recommendation of specific courses of action to counteract these possible problems. Primary datawere obtained through interviews with key informants from the Philippine. Carabao Center (PCC. Togain insights about the present status of an AI Center, interviews with the technicians of PCC and privatefarm were done to get additional information. Secondary data were acquired from various literatures andfrom San Ildefonso Municipal Office. The proposed area would be 1,500 square meters that would beallotted for the laboratory and bullpen. The AI Center will operate six days a week and will be openedfrom 8 AM until 5 PM. However, customers or farmers can call the technicians beyond the office hoursin case of emergency. The total initial investment of Php 3,825,417.39 is needed in establishing the AICenter. The whole amount will be sourced from the owner’s equity. Financial projection showed an IRRof 30% with a computed NPV of Php 2,415,597.00 and a payback period of 3.97 years. Based on all themarket, technical, organizational, financial factors, projections and data analysis, it is said that thisbusiness endeavor is viable and feasible.

  4. Psychiatric morbidity among inmates of center for destitutes: A cross-sectional study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raghavendra B Nayak


    Full Text Available Context: One percent of the population in India is homeless (destitutes which include beggars, commercial sex workers, homeless mentally ill, elderly women with dependent children, street children, and persons with disability. Psychiatric disorders are generally seen to be common among homeless individuals. The data are limited regarding psychiatric morbidity and its prevalence in this populace in Indian context. Aim: The aim was to study the prevalence of psychiatric morbidity among the inmates of a center for destitutes. Settings and Design: Cross-sectional study. Materials and Methods: The study included all the residents (n = 50 of a center of destitutes. Psychiatric evaluation was done by qualified practicing psychiatrist. Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale and Global Assessment of Functioning instruments were used to assess the severity of psychiatric symptoms and general functioning of the individuals with mental disorders. Statistical Analysis Used: SPSS version 13 was used for statistical analysis. Results: All residents (n = 50 of center of destitutes were evaluated for psychiatric co-morbidity. 42 (84% inmates were suffering from psychiatric disorders. Most common psychiatric disorder among them was psychotic disorders in 19 (38%, followed by affective disorders, mainly depression in 16 (32%, somatoform disorders in 5 (10%, and anxiety disorders in 2 (4%. No significant gender differences were noted (P = 0.335. Substance abuse was present in 22 (44% of the inmates. A significant negative correlation between psychiatric symptoms and functioning of the subject was seen, (P < 0.001. Conclusion: Psychiatric disorders and in particular substance abuse, are common among the homeless people who stay in the center of destitutes. Psychiatric disorders are likely to be the cause significant functional impairment.

  5. Lexical Decision with Left, Right and Center Visual Field Presentation: A Comparison between Dyslexic and Regular Readers by Means of Electrophysiological and Behavioral Measures (United States)

    Shaul, Shelley


    This study examined the differences in processing between regular and dyslexic readers in a lexical decision task in different visual field presentations (left, right, and center). The research utilized behavioral measures that provide information on accuracy and reaction time and electro-physiological measures that permit the examination of brain…

  6. Trap and recombination centers study in sprayed Cu₂ZnSnS₄ thin films

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Courel, Maykel, E-mail:; Vigil-Galán, O.; Jiménez-Olarte, D. [Escuela Superior de Física y Matemáticas-Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), C.P. 07738, México DF (Mexico); Espíndola-Rodríguez, M. [Escuela Superior de Física y Matemáticas-Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), C.P. 07738, México DF (Mexico); Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC), Jardins de les Dones de Negre 1, 08930 Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona (Spain); Saucedo, E. [Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC), Jardins de les Dones de Negre 1, 08930 Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona (Spain)


    In this work, a study of trap and recombination center properties in polycrystalline Cu₂ZnSnS₄ thin films is carried out in order to understand the poor performance in Cu₂ZnSnS₄ thin film solar cells. Thermally stimulated current has been studied in Cu₂ZnSnS₄ deposited by pneumatic spray pyrolysis method using various heating rates, in order to gain information about trap centers and/or deep levels present within the band-gap of this material. A set of temperature-dependent current curves revealed three levels with activation energy of 126±10, 476±25, and 1100±100 meV. The possible nature of the three levels found is presented, in which the first one is likely to be related to Cu{sub Zn} antisites, while second and third to Sn vacancies and Sn{sub Cu} antisites, respectively. The values of frequency factor, capture cross section, and trap concentration have been determined for each center.

  7. Trap and recombination centers study in sprayed Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films (United States)

    Courel, Maykel; Vigil-Galán, O.; Jiménez-Olarte, D.; Espíndola-Rodríguez, M.; Saucedo, E.


    In this work, a study of trap and recombination center properties in polycrystalline Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films is carried out in order to understand the poor performance in Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film solar cells. Thermally stimulated current has been studied in Cu2ZnSnS4 deposited by pneumatic spray pyrolysis method using various heating rates, in order to gain information about trap centers and/or deep levels present within the band-gap of this material. A set of temperature-dependent current curves revealed three levels with activation energy of 126 ± 10, 476 ± 25, and 1100 ± 100 meV. The possible nature of the three levels found is presented, in which the first one is likely to be related to CuZn antisites, while second and third to Sn vacancies and SnCu antisites, respectively. The values of frequency factor, capture cross section, and trap concentration have been determined for each center.

  8. Clinical features of Crohn disease concomitant with ankylosing spondylitis: A preliminary single-center study. (United States)

    Liu, Song; Ding, Jie; Wang, Meng; Zhou, Wanqing; Feng, Min; Guan, Wenxian


    Extraintestinal manifestations (EIMs) cause increased morbidity and decreased quality of life in Crohn disease (CD). Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) belongs to EIMs. Very little is known on the clinical features of CD concomitant with AS. This study is to investigate the clinical features of CD patients with AS.We retrospectively collected all CD patients with AS in our hospital, and established a comparison group (CD without AS) with age, sex, and duration of Crohn disease matched. Clinical information was retrieved for comparison.Eight CD + AS patients were identified from 195 CD patients. Sixteen CD patients were randomly selected into comparison group. All CD + AS patients were male, HLA-B27 (+), and rheumatoid factor (-) with an average age of 40.8 ± 4.52 years. Significant correlation between disease activity of CD and AS was revealed (r = 0.857, P = 0.011). Significant correlation between disease activity of CD and functional limitation associated with AS was identified (r = 0.881, P Crohn disease activity index (CDAI), Bath AS disease activity index, and Bath AS functional index(BASFI) scores (r = 0.73-0.93, P Disease activity of CD correlates with disease activity of AS and functional limitation caused by AS. CRP, ESR, and Alb/Glo may serve as biomarkers for disease activity and functional limitation in CD patients concomitant with AS, although future studies are expected.

  9. Study on Multi-objective Location of Distribution Center Based on Covering

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    QU Hui


    Full Text Available Distribution center is an important part of modern logistics system. In the process of designing distribution center, running expense can be greatly reduced by selecting appropriate location of distribution center. In this paper, the covering method was used twice to choose the distribution center and minimize the total cost. At last, a case was given to test the model.

  10. 1993 study of long-billed curlews on the Yakima Training Center

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hand, K.D.; Cadwell, L.L.


    Pacific Northwest Laboratory conducted a study for the US Department of the Army on long-billed curlews (Numenius americanus) on the Yakima Training Center (YTC) in the spring and summer of 1993. Long-billed curlews are a Class IIIc federal candidate species and are listed as a ``species of special concern`` by the Washington Department of Wildlife. The objectives of this study were to (1) locate major nesting areas, (2) locate brood rearing areas, (3) evaluate habitat requirements, (4) determine diet, (5) evaluate response to troop activities, (6) estimate population size, (7) estimate recruitment rates, and (8) establish a relative abundance survey method.

  11. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Manned Spacecraft Center data base requirements study (United States)


    A study was conducted to evaluate the types of data that the Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC) should automate in order to make available essential management and technical information to support MSC's various functions and missions. In addition, the software and hardware capabilities to best handle the storage and retrieval of this data were analyzed. Based on the results of this study, recommendations are presented for a unified data base that provides a cost effective solution to MSC's data automation requirements. The recommendations are projected through a time frame that includes the earth orbit space station.

  12. A VLA H92alpha Study of the Arched Filament Complex Near the Galactic Center

    CERN Document Server

    Lang, C C; Lang, Cornelia C.


    The VLA has been used at 8.3 GHz in the DnC and CnB array configurations to carry out an H92alpha recombination line study (at 8.3 GHz) of the ionized gas in the Arched Filaments H II complex, which defines the western edge of the Galactic center Radio Arc. The H92alpha line properties of the ionized gas are consistent with photoionization from hot stars,and consistent with the physical properties of other Galactic center H II regions. The LTE electron temperatures vary only slightly across the entire extent of the source, and have an average value of 6200 K. The velocity field is very complex, with velocities ranging from +15 to - 70 km/s and the majority of velocities having negative values. Large velocity gradients (2-7 km/s/pc, with gradients in some regions >10 km/s/pc) occur along each of the filaments, with the velocities becoming increasingly negative with decreasing distance from the Galactic center. The magnitudes of the velocity gradient are consistent with the cloud residing on an inner, elongated...

  13. Fractal pattern growth simulation in electrodeposition and study of the shifting of center of mass

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shaikh, Yusuf H. [Shivaji Arts, Commerce and Science College, Kannad 431103 (India)], E-mail:; Khan, A.R. [Dr. Rafiq Zakaria Centre for Higher Learning, Dr. Rafiq Zakaria marg, Rauza Bagh, Aurangabad 431001 (India); Pathan, J.M. [Dr. Rafiq Zakaria Campus, Dr. Rafiq Zakaria marg, Rauza Bagh, Aurangabad 431001 (India); Patil, Aruna [Viveakanand College, Aurangabad 431001 (India); Behere, S.H. [Departments of Physics, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad 431004 (India)


    We presented simulation of fractal pattern in electrodeposition (Diffusion limited aggregation) using concept of off lattice walk. It is seen that the growth patterns are based on a parameter called 'bias'. This parameter 'bias' controls the growth of patterns similar to that of electric field in electrodeposition technique. In present study the fractal patterns are grown for different values of 'bias'. Dendritic patterns grown at lower value of 'bias' comprises open structure and show limited branching. As the bias is increased the growth tends to be dense and show more crowded branching. Box counting was implemented to calculate fractal dimension. The structural and textural complexities and are compared with the experimental observations. It was also noted that in the evolution of DLA patterns, the center of mass of the growth is shifted slightly. We tracked the position of the center of mass of simulated electro deposits under different electric field conditions. The center of mass exhibit random walk like patterns and it wanders around the origin or the starting point of the growth.

  14. Thermal annealing study of F center clusters in LiF single crystals

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Izerrouken, M., E-mail: [Centre de Recherche Nucleaire de Draria (CRND), BP 43, Sebbala, Draria, Alger (Algeria); Guerbous, L. [Centre de Recherche Nucleaire d' Alger (CRNA), 2 Bd Frantz Fanon, BP 399, Alger gare (Algeria); Meftah, A. [LRPCSI, Universite 20 Aout 55 route d' El-Hadaik, BP 26, 21000 Skikda (Algeria)


    The present work is devoted to study the thermal annealing process of F center clusters (F{sub n}) induced in LiF single crystal under high-dose gamma-rays and high reactor neutrons fluence irradiations. With heating under argon atmosphere, the F-type center aggregates and gives rise to a new absorption band at 500 nm attributed to Li colloids. The optical density associated with F{sub 2} center observed in gamma-ray irradiated LiF decreases with increasing annealing temperature and exhibits two distinct annealing processes with activation energies E{sub 1}=0.9+-0.3 eV and E{sub 2}=1.6+-0.5 eV. Also, it is clear from the results that the F{sub 3}{sup +} and F{sub 2} emission bands positions are affected by the irradiated dose. Reactor neutrons irradiation induces large Li colloids. These colloids persist even after annealing at 450 deg. C.

  15. Anatomical study of the radius and center of curvature of the distal femoral condyle

    KAUST Repository

    Kosel, Jürgen


    In this anatomical study, the anteroposterior curvature of the surface of 16 cadaveric distal femurs was examined in terms of radii and center point. Those two parameters attract high interest due to their significance for total knee arthroplasty. Basically, two different conclusions have been drawn in foregoing studies: (1) The curvature shows a constant radius and (2) the curvature shows a variable radius. The investigations were based on a new method combining three-dimensional laser-scanning and planar geometrical analyses. This method is aimed at providing high accuracy and high local resolution. The high-precision laser scanning enables the exact reproduction of the distal femurs - including their cartilage tissue - as a three-dimensional computer model. The surface curvature was investigated on intersection planes that were oriented perpendicularly to the surgical epicondylar line. Three planes were placed at the central part of each condyle. The intersection of either plane with the femur model was approximated with the help of a b-spline, yielding three b-splines on each condyle. The radii and center points of the circles, approximating the local curvature of the b-splines, were then evaluated. The results from all three b-splines were averaged in order to increase the reliability of the method. The results show the variation in the surface curvatures of the investigated samples of condyles. These variations are expressed in the pattern of the center points and the radii of the curvatures. The standard deviations of the radii for a 90 deg arc on the posterior condyle range from 0.6 mm up to 5.1 mm, with an average of 2.4 mm laterally and 2.2 mm medially. No correlation was found between the curvature of the lateral and medial condyles. Within the range of the investigated 16 samples, the conclusion can be drawn that the condyle surface curvature is not constant and different for all specimens when viewed along the surgical epicondylar axis. For the portion

  16. The comparison study of diagnostics of light filaments in air

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    HAO; Zuoqiang; ZHANG; Jie; YU; Jin; ZHENG; Zhiyuan; YUAN; Xiaohui; ZHANG; Zhe; LI; Yutong; WANG; Zhaohua; LING; Weijun; WEI; Zhiyi


    Long plasma channels in air induced by femtosecond laser pulses are investigated using three different methods, including the cross-section imaging, resistivity measuring and acoustic diagnostics. These methods are based on different properties of the light filaments. A comparison of the three diagnostics shows that the imaging method is the most precise one in studying the filaments distribution and evolution, that the sonographic method is the most convenient approach to detecting long plasma channels by detecting the acoustic wave generation, and that the resistivity measurement can only be applied for giving a rough estimate. The diagnostics of filaments allow us to choose appropriate detecting methods and provide further insight into the dynamic evolution of the light filaments in air.

  17. Comparison of two LES codes for wind turbine wake studies

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Chivaee, Hamid Sarlak; Pierella, F.; Mikkelsen, Robert Flemming;


    of this paper is to investigate on two CFD solvers, the DTU's in-house code, EllipSys3D and the open-sourse toolbox, OpenFoam, for a set of actuator line based LES computations. Two types of simulations are performed: the wake behind a signle rotor and the wake behind a cluster of three inline rotors. Results......For the third time a blind test comparison in Norway 2013, was conducted comparing numerical simulations for the rotor Cp and Ct and wake profiles with the experimental results. As the only large eddy simulation study among participants, results of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) using...... are compared in terms of velocity deficit, turbulence kinetic energy and eddy viscosity. It is seen that both codes predict similar near-wake flow structures with the exception of OpenFoam's simulations without the subgrid-scale model. The differences begin to increase with increasing the distance from...

  18. MidIR and LWIR polarimetric sensor comparison study (United States)

    Gurton, Kristan; Felton, Melvin; Mack, Robert; LeMaster, Daniel; Farlow, Craig; Kudenov, Michael; Pezzaniti, Larry


    We present a comparative study involving five distinctly different polarimetric imaging platforms that are designed to record calibrated Stokes images (and associated polarimetric products) in either the MidIR or LWIR spectral regions. The data set used in this study was recorded during April 14-18, 2008, at the Russell Tower Measurement Facility, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL. Four of the five camera systems were designed to operate in the LWIR (approx. 8-12μm), and used either cooled mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) focal-plane-arrays (FPA), or a near-room temperature microbolometer. The lone MidIR polarimetric sensor was based on a liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooled indium antimonide (InSb) FPA, resulting in an approximate wavelength response of 3-5μm. The selection of cameras was comprised of the following optical designs: a LWIR "super-pixel," or division-of-focal plane (DoFP) sensor; two LWIR spinning-achromatic-retarder (SAR) based sensors; one LWIR division-of-amplitude (DoAM) sensor; and one MidIR division-of-aperture (DoA) sensor. Cross-sensor comparisons were conducted by examining calibrated Stokes images (e.g., S0, S1, S2, and degree-of-linear polarization (DOLP)) recorded by each sensor for a given target at approximately the same test periods to ensure that data sets were recorded under similar atmospheric conditions. Target detections are applied to the image set for each polarimetric sensor for further comparison, i.e., conventional receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis and an effective contrast ratio are considered.

  19. Comparison of use and role of adrenaline and amiodarone in cardiac arrest:Case of emergency center in Kosovo

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Basri Lenjani; Nehat Baftiu; Ilaz Bunjaku; Kadir Hyseni; Arianit Jakupi


    Objective: To investigate application of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) measures within the golden minutes in Europe. Methods: The collected data belong to the patients with cardiac arrest that have been recorded in patients’ protocol logbook at the Emergency Clinic. During the 2010-2011 in the Emergency Center of the CUCK in Prishtina have been treated a total of 269 patients with cardiac arrest, of whom 159 or 59.1% have been treated in 2010, and 110 patients or 40.9% in 2011. Cardiac arrest cases were present during all days of the week, but most frequently cases have been reported on Monday with 32.0% of cases, and on Friday with 24.5% of cases. All patients with cardiac arrest have been treated with physiological solution. Results: In 245 or 91.1% patients adrenaline has been applied; in 64 or 23.8% amiodarone has been applied; in 12 or 4.5% cases atropine has been applied, 11 or 4.1% of cases were treated with NaHCO3; 7 or 2.6% of cases were treated with lidocaine; and 6 or 2.2% of cases were treated with dopamine. All survivors from cardiac arrest have received appropriate medical assistance within 10 minutes from attack, which implies that if cardiac arrest occurs near an health care institution (with an opportunity to provide the emergent health care) the rate of survival is higher. Conclusions: Anti-arrhythmic drugs as with vasopressors, the evidence that anti-arrhythmic drugs are of benefit in cardiac is limited. No anti-arrhythmic drug given during human cardiac arrest has been shown to increase survival to hospital discharge, although amiodarone has been shown to increase survival to hospital admission after shock-refractory VF/VT. There are no data on the use of amiodarone for shock-refractory VF/VT when single shocks are used. Despite the lack of human long-term outcome data, the balance of evidence is in favour of the use of some anti-arrhythmic drugs for the management of arrhythmias in cardiac arrest.

  20. Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of Open Clusters in the Direction of the Galactic Center (United States)

    Piatti, Andres E.


    We present results obtained from photometric and spectroscopic CCD observations of 16 previously little-studied objects, cataloged as galactic open cluster candidates. All observations were carried out at the Complejo Astronomico El Leoncito (CASLEO, Argentina) and at Las Campanas Observatory (Chile). A detailed analysis of the observed color-magnitude diagrams [V vs (B-V), V vs V-I)] and density histograms of the 16 objects--mostly located in the direction to the galactic center--demonstrate that they are genuine open clusters. We also present new photometric CCD VI Johnson-Cousins data of 10 template open clusters with well-known fundamental parameters. (SECTION: Dissertation Summaries)

  1. AVTA Federal Fleet PEV Readiness Data Logging and Characterization Study for NASA Glenn Research Center

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schey, Stephen [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States); Francfort, Jim [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States)


    The Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity’s study seeks to collect and evaluate data to validate the utilization of advanced plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) transportation. This report focuses on the NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) fleet to identify daily operational characteristics of select vehicles and report findings on vehicle and mission characterizations to support the successful introduction of PEVs into the agencies’ fleets. Individual observations of these selected vehicles provide the basis for recommendations related to electric vehicle adoption and whether a battery electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (collectively referred to as PEVs) can fulfill the mission requirements.

  2. Report on the feasibility study for improving electric motor service centers in Ghana

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hsu, J.S.; Jallouk, P.A.; Staunton, R.H.


    On March 3 and 4, 1998, a visit was made to Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) by two officials from Ghana: Mr. I.K. Mintah, Acting Executive Director, Technical Wing, Ministry of Mines and Energy (MOME) and Dr. A.K. Ofosu-Ahenkorah, Coordinator, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program, MOME. As a result of this visit, Dr. John S. Hsu of ORNL was invited by MOME to visit the Republic of Ghana in order to study the feasibility of improving electric motor service centers in Ghana.

  3. A study of shame from sexual abuse within the context of a Norwegian incest center. (United States)

    Pettersen, Kaare Torgny


    Working with those who have experienced sexual abuse is a complicated matter because such abuse not only involves the violation of the victim's body, but it often generates shame in those involved. This article is based on empirical data from 26 hours of videotaped focus group interviews with 19 adult men and women in a Norwegian incest center who spoke openly of the shame they experienced from sexual abuse as children, parents, and employees. Findings from this study show that shame from sexual abuse can be grouped into seven major categories: (a) family, (b) emotions, (c) body, (d) food, (e) self-image, (f) sex, and (g) therapy.

  4. Validade da escala de depressão do Center for Epidemiological Studies entre idosos brasileiros Validity of the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale among Brazilian elderly

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samila Sather Tavares Batistoni


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Obter validade interna, de construto e de critério para a escala Center for Epidemiological Studies - Depression, em idosos. MÉTODOS: O instrumento foi aplicado a 903 idosos residentes em Juiz de Fora, Estado de Minas Gerais, entre os anos de 2002-2003. Os resultados foram comparados com a versão brasileira da Geriatric Depression Scale, aplicado a uma subamostra de 446 respondentes. A consistência interna das duas escalas foi aferida pelo coeficiente alfa de Cronbach, calculado para os itens em sua totalidade e para os itens de cada fator obtido para o instrumento avaliado. Para avaliar a validade de construto, seus 20 itens foram submetidos à análise fatorial exploratória a fim de conhecer o padrão de variação conjunta dos itens e a variância explicada por cada fator. RESULTADOS: O instrumento revelou índices satisfatórios de validade interna (alfa=0,860, sensibilidade (74,6% e especificidade (73,6%, para nota de corte >11. Entretanto, apontou freqüência relativamente alta de falsos positivos em comparação à Geriatric Depression Scale: de 33,8% vs. 15%. A análise fatorial exploratória do instrumento gerou estrutura fatorial com três fatores: afetos negativos, dificuldades de iniciar comportamentos e afetos positivos. CONCLUSÕES: O instrumento mostrou-se psicometricamente adequado para uso entre idosos. Entretanto, estudos adicionais de natureza longitudinal e transversal, desenvolvidos em diferentes contextos, poderão esclarecer os efeitos de variáveis somáticas e situacionais sobre os resultados desse instrumento em pessoas idosas.OBJECTIVE: To obtain internal construct and criteria validity for the Center of Epidemiological Studies - Depression scale in elderly people. METHODS: The instrument was applied to 903 elderly living in a city in southeastern Brazil, between 2002 and 2003. Results were compared with the Brazilian version of the CES-D applied to a sub-sample of 446 participants. Internal consistency

  5. An Analysis of Factors that Inhibit Business Use of User-Centered Design Principles: A Delphi Study (United States)

    Hilton, Tod M.


    The use of user-centered design (UCD) principles has a positive impact on the use of web-based interactive systems in customer-centric organizations. User-centered design methodologies are not widely adopted in organizations due to intraorganizational factors. A qualitative study using a modified Delphi technique was used to identify the factors…

  6. Comparison between a pediatric health promotion center and a pediatric obesity clinic in detecting metabolic syndrome and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in children. (United States)

    Yang, Hye Ran; Yi, Dae Yong; Choi, Hyoung Soo


    This study was done to evaluate the efficacy of health check-ups in children in detecting metabolic syndrome and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) by comparing the pediatric health promotion center with the pediatric obesity clinic. Children who visited a pediatric health promotion center (n=218) or a pediatric obesity clinic (n=178) were included. Anthropometric data, blood pressure, laboratory tests, and abdominal ultrasonography were evaluated. Two different criteria were applied to diagnose metabolic syndrome. The prevalence of metabolic syndrome in the 2 units was 3.2%-3.7% in a pediatric health promotion center and 23%-33.2% in a pediatric obesity clinic. Significant differences were observed in the prevalence of each component of metabolic syndrome between the 2 units including abdominal adiposity, blood pressure, serum triglycerides, and fasting blood glucose (Pobesity clinic targeting obese children than that among patients visiting the health promotion center offering routine check-ups. An obesity-oriented approach is required to prevent obesity-related health problems in children.

  7. Triplet state in photosystem II reaction centers as studied by 130 GHz EPR

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pashenko, S.V.; Proskuryakov, I.I.; Germano, M.; Gorkom, H.J. van; Gast, P


    The triplet state in the reaction centers of photosystem II was studied by high-field/high-frequency (130 GHz) EPR in the temperature range 50-90 K. At 50 K, the zero-field splitting parameters of the EPR spectrum correspond well to those of a chlorophyll monomer, in agreement with earlier studies. In the high magnetic field of 4.6 T employed in this study, the g-anisotropy of the triplet state becomes apparent and leads to a shift of the canonical positions of the triplet EPR spectrum. Assuming that triplet g- and zero-field tensors are coaxial, the principal values of the triplet g-tensor are determined to be 2.00324, 2.00306 and 2.00231 with an error of {+-}0.00004. Lifting this assumption results in higher g-anisotropy. At higher temperatures, the shape of the spectra changes significantly. Triplet excitation hopping involving the accessory chlorophyll B{sub A} and P{sub A} or P{sub B} (equivalents of the special pair bacteriochlorophylls of the bacterial reaction centers) can partially explain those changes, but the most prominent features indicate that also the electron acceptor I{sub A} (a pheophytin molecule) must be involved.

  8. Validity of Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression (CES-D scale in a sample of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana R Quiñones


    Full Text Available Objectives: Optimal depression screening necessitates measurement tools that are valid across varied populations and in the presence of comorbidities. Methods: This study assessed the test properties of two versions of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression scale against psychiatric diagnoses established by the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview among a clinical sample of US Veterans deployed during Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and New Dawn. Participants (N = 359 recruited from two Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals completed a clinical interview, structured diagnostic interview, and self-reported measures. Results: Based on diagnostic interview and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 4th Edition criteria, 29.5% of the sample met diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder and 26.5% met diagnostic criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder. Both Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression-20 and Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression-10 scales performed well and almost identically against the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview-major depressive disorder in identifying Veterans with major depressive disorder (Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression-20 area under the Receiver Operating Characteristic curve 91%; Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression-10 area under the ROC curve 90%. Overall, higher cut points for the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression scales performed better in correctly identifying true positives and true negatives for major depressive disorder (Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression-20 cut point 18+ sensitivity 92% specificity 72%; Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression-10 cut point 10+ sensitivity 92% specificity 69%. Conclusions: The specificity of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression scales was poor among Veterans with co-occurring post-traumatic stress disorder (13% and 16%. Veterans with post

  9. Structure and content of radiology reports, a quantitative and qualitative study in eight medical centers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bosmans, Jan M.L. [Department of Radiology, Antwerp University Hospital (Belgium); Faculty of Medicine, Antwerp University (Belgium)], E-mail:; Weyler, Joost J. [Department of Epidemiology and Social Medicine, Antwerp University (Belgium); Parizel, Paul M. [Department of Radiology, Antwerp University Hospital (Belgium); Faculty of Medicine, Antwerp University (Belgium)


    Rationale and objectives: In order to determine how the quality of the radiology report can be improved, the variation in content, form and length of the report needs to be examined. The purpose of the present study was to investigate and compare the length and structure of radiology reports (reports of abdominal CT examinations) in eight hospitals in the Netherlands and Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. Materials and methods: Eight hundred reports - 100 from each collaborating center - were collected. After exclusion of the reports that did not fulfill the criteria for a standard CT examination of the abdomen, 525 were retained for further study. The structure of each report was analyzed and the constituting parts (technical information, description of the findings, conclusion, advice, remark, note) were determined. The character and word count of the report and its constituting parts were measured and the results were grouped according to the country (Netherlands vs. Belgium/Flanders), the qualification of the radiologist (staff members vs. residents.) and the nature of the hospital (university medical centers vs. community hospitals). Results: Statistically significant differences were found between the Netherlands and Flanders, and between staff members and residents. The authors also found a wide variety in the lay-out and the overall content of the radiology report. Conclusion: While most of the differences we found are probably rooted in local tradition, a standard model for the radiology report in centers sharing the same language may be a means to avoid interpretation mistakes by referring physicians, and to promote better care.

  10. X-ray absorption spectroscopic studies of the dinuclear iron center in methane monooxygenase and the sulfure and chlorine centers in photographic materials

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    DeWitt, J.G.


    The dinuclear iron center of the hydroxylase component of soluble methane monooxygenase (MMO) from Methylococcus capsulatus and Methylosinus trichosporiwn has been studied by X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Analysis of the Fe K-edge EXAFS revealed that the first shell coordination of the Fe(HI)Fe(IH) oxidized state of the hydroxylase from M. capsulatus consists of approximately 6 N and 0 atoms at an average distance of 2.04 {Angstrom}. The Fe-Fe distance was determined to be 3.4 {Angstrom}. No evidence for the presence of a short oxo bridge in the iron center of the oxidized hydroxylase was found, suggesting that the active site of MMO is significantly different from the active sites of the dinuclear iron proteins hemery and ribonucleotide reductase. In addition, the results of the first shell fits suggest that there are more oxygen than nitrogen donor ligands.

  11. X-ray absorption spectroscopic studies of the dinuclear iron center in methane monooxygenase and the sulfure and chlorine centers in photographic materials

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    DeWitt, J.G.


    The dinuclear iron center of the hydroxylase component of soluble methane monooxygenase (MMO) from Methylococcus capsulatus and Methylosinus trichosporiwn has been studied by X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Analysis of the Fe K-edge EXAFS revealed that the first shell coordination of the Fe(HI)Fe(IH) oxidized state of the hydroxylase from M. capsulatus consists of approximately 6 N and 0 atoms at an average distance of 2.04 [Angstrom]. The Fe-Fe distance was determined to be 3.4 [Angstrom]. No evidence for the presence of a short oxo bridge in the iron center of the oxidized hydroxylase was found, suggesting that the active site of MMO is significantly different from the active sites of the dinuclear iron proteins hemery and ribonucleotide reductase. In addition, the results of the first shell fits suggest that there are more oxygen than nitrogen donor ligands.

  12. Comparison Study of Thermal Insulation Characteristics from Oil Palm Fibre

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hassan S.


    Full Text Available In this study, investigation was conducted to study the use of solid biomass from palm oil mill as insulation material. The experimental study concentrates on using oil palm fiber to determine the unidirectional thermal conductivity, k. The experiment was conducted at different temperature ranges and packing density. The values of k obtained were found to be 0.2 W/m.K to 0.069 W/m.K for a packing density between 66 kg/m3 to 110 kg/m3, and at a temperature between 40ºC to 70ºC. Comparisons were made with others common insulating materials, and it was found that the experimental k values for oil palm waste insulation was lower by between 4 to 56 times for rockwool and between 7 to 57 times for glass fiber at low temperatures. The value k of oil palm fiber however showed an increase at higher temperatures and was lower at lower packing densities. Although not being able to match the k values of common insulators at higher temperatures, other factors such as cost and environmental benefits of using waste material should be taken into consideration and hence encouraging its use as at least a supplement to existing insulation materials

  13. Characterizing complexity in socio-technical systems: a case study of a SAMU Medical Regulation Center. (United States)

    Righi, Angela Weber; Wachs, Priscila; Saurin, Tarcísio Abreu


    Complexity theory has been adopted by a number of studies as a benchmark to investigate the performance of socio-technical systems, especially those that are characterized by relevant cognitive work. However, there is little guidance on how to assess, systematically, the extent to which a system is complex. The main objective of this study is to carry out a systematic analysis of a SAMU (Mobile Emergency Medical Service) Medical Regulation Center in Brazil, based on the core characteristics of complex systems presented by previous studies. The assessment was based on direct observations and nine interviews: three of them with regulator of emergencies medical doctor, three with radio operators and three with telephone attendants. The results indicated that, to a great extent, the core characteristics of complexity are magnified) due to basic shortcomings in the design of the work system. Thus, some recommendations are put forward with a view to reducing unnecessary complexity that hinders the performance of the socio-technical system.

  14. Electron Spin Resonance and optical absorption spectroscopic studies of manganese centers in aluminium lead borate glasses (United States)

    SivaRamaiah, G.; LakshmanaRao, J.


    Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) and optical absorption studies of 5Al2O3 + 75H3BO3 + (20-x)PbO + xMnSO4 (where x = 0.5, 1,1.5 and 2 mol% of MnSO4) glasses at room temperature have been studied. The ESR spectrum of all the glasses exhibits resonance signals with effective isotropic g values at ≈2.0, 3.3 and 4.3. The ESR resonance signal at isotropic g ≈ 2.0 has been attributed to Mn2+ centers in an octahedral symmetry. The ESR resonance signals at isotropic g ≈ 3.3 and 4.3 have been attributed to the rhombic symmetry of the Mn2+ ions. The zero-field splitting parameter (zfs) has been calculated from the intensities of the allowed hyperfine lines. The optical absorption spectrum exhibits an intense band in the visible region and it has been attributed to 5Eg → 5T2g transition of Mn3+centers in an octahedral environment. The optical band gap and the Urbach energies have been calculated from the ultraviolet absorption edges.

  15. Sex expression and floral diversity in Jatropha curcas: a population study in its center of origin (United States)

    Adriano-Anaya, María de Lourdes; Pérez-Castillo, Edilma; Salvador-Figueroa, Miguel; Ruiz-González, Sonia; Vázquez-Ovando, Alfredo; Grajales-Conesa, Julieta


    Sex expression and floral morphology studies are central to understand breeding behavior and to define the productive potential of plant genotypes. In particular, the new bioenergy crop Jatropha curcas L. has been classified as a monoecious species. Nonetheless, there is no information about its reproductive diversity in the Mesoamerican region, which is considered its center of origin and diversification. Thus, we determined sex expression and floral morphology in J. curcas populations from southern Mexico and Guatemala. Our results showed that most of J. curcas specimens had typical inflorescences with separate sexes (monoecious); meanwhile, the rest were atypical (gynoecious, androecious, andromonoecious, androgynomonoecious). The most important variables to group these populations, based on a discriminant analysis, were: male flower diameter, female petal length and male nectary length. From southern Mexico “Guerrero” was the most diverse population, and “Centro” had the highest variability among the populations from Chiapas. A cluster analysis showed that the accessions from southern Mexico were grouped without showing any correlation with the geographical origin, while those accessions with atypical sexuality were grouped together. To answer the question of how informative are floral morphological traits compared to molecular markers, we perform a Mantel correlation test between the distance matrix generated in this study and the genetic distance matrix (AFLP) previously reported for the same accessions. We found significant correlation between data at the level of accessions. Our results contribute to design genetic improvement programs by using sexually and morphologically contrasting plants from the center of origin. PMID:27257548

  16. Building a Student-Centered Culture in Times of Natural Disaster: A Case Study (United States)

    Hlinka, Karen Ramey


    Increased rates of student success and persistence have been positively linked to community colleges with student-centered cultures. A student-centered culture is one in which policies and practices promote a consistent message of concern and respect while expecting high standards of academic accomplishment. Developing a student-centered culture…

  17. R&D Characteristics and Organizational Structure: Case Studies of University-Industry Research Centers (United States)

    Hart, Maureen McArthur


    Within the past few decades, university-industry research centers have been developed in large numbers and emphasized as a valuable policy tool for innovation. Yet little is known about the heterogeneity of organizational structure within these centers, which has implications regarding policy for and management of these centers. This dissertation…

  18. Renal denervation: Results of a single-center cohort study; Renale Denervation. Ergebnisse einer Single-Center Kohortenstudie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Luetkens, J.A.; Thomas, D.; Doerner, J.; Schild, H.H.; Naehle, C.P. [Bonn Univ. (Germany). Dept. of Radiology; Wilhelm, K. [Johanniter Hospital, Bonn (Germany). Dept. of Radiology; Duesing, R. [Hypertension Center, Bonn (Germany); Woitas, R.P.; Hundt, F. [Bonn Univ. (Germany). Dept. of Internal Medicine I


    To investigate the effect of renal denervation on office-based and 24-h ambulatory blood pressure measurements (ABPM) in a highly selective patient population with drug-resistant hypertension. Patients with drug resistant hypertension eligible for renal denervation were included in the study population. Office blood pressure and ABPM were assessed prior to and after renal denervation. To detect procedure related renal or renal artery damage, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and angiography (MRA) were performed pre-interventional, one day post-interventional, and one month after renal denervation. Mean follow-up time between renal denervation and blood pressure re-assessment was 9.5 ± 3.9 months. Between August 2011 and March 2013, 17 patients prospectively underwent renal denervation. Pre-interventional mean office blood pressure and ABPM were 177.3 ± 20.3/103.8 ± 20.4 mmHg and 155.2 ± 20.5/93.7 ± 14.5 mmHg, respectively. Post-interventional, office blood pressure was significantly reduced to 144.7 ± 14.9/89.5 ± 12.1 (p < 0.05). ABPM values remained unchanged (147.9 ± 20.3/90.3 ± 15.6, p > 0.05). The number of prescribed antihypertensive drugs was unchanged after renal denervation (4.7 ± 2.0 vs. 4.2 ± 1.2, p = 0.18). No renovascular complications were detected in follow-up MRI. After renal denervation, no significant decrease in ABPM was observed. These results may indicate a limited impact of renal denervation for drug resistant hypertension.

  19. Audit of a Scientific Data Center for Certification as a Trustworthy Digital Repository: A Case Study (United States)

    Downs, R. R.; Chen, R. S.


    Services that preserve and enable future access to scientific data are necessary to ensure that the data that are being collected today will be available for use by future generations of scientists. Many data centers, archives, and other digital repositories are working to improve their ability to serve as long-term stewards of scientific data. Trust in sustainable data management and preservation capabilities of digital repositories can influence decisions to use these services to deposit or obtain scientific data. Building on the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Reference Model developed by the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) and adopted by the International Organization for Standardization as ISO 14721:2003, new standards are being developed to improve long-term data management processes and documentation. The Draft Information Standard ISO/DIS 16363, "Space data and information transfer systems - Audit and certification of trustworthy digital repositories" offers the potential to evaluate digital repositories objectively in terms of their trustworthiness as long-term stewards of digital resources. In conjunction with this, the CCSDS and ISO are developing another draft standard for the auditing and certification process, ISO/DIS 16919, "Space data and information transfer systems - Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of candidate trustworthy digital repositories". Six test audits were conducted of scientific data centers and archives in Europe and the United States to test the use of these draft standards and identify potential improvements for the standards and for the participating digital repositories. We present a case study of the test audit conducted on the NASA Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) and describe the preparation, the audit process, recommendations received, and next steps to obtain certification as a trustworthy digital repository, after approval of the ISO/DIS standards.

  20. Comparison of Biodegradable and Titanium Fixation Systems in Maxillofacial Surgery : A Two-year Multi-center Randomized Controlled Trial

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Bakelen, N. B.; Buijs, G. J.; Jansma, J.; de Visscher, J. G. A. M.; Hoppenreijs, Th. J. M.; Bergsma, J. E.; Stegenga, B.; Bos, R. R. M.


    Biodegradable osteosynthesis could reduce/delete the problems associated with titanium plate removal. The aim of the present study was to compare the clinical performance in the first 2 post-operative years between a biodegradable and a titanium system in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The multicen

  1. TU-EF-304-06: A Comparison of CT Number to Relative Linear Stopping Power Conversion Curves Used by Proton Therapy Centers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Taylor, P; Lowenstein, J; Kry, S; Ibbott, G; Followill, D [UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX (United States)


    Purpose: To compare the CT Number (CTN) to Relative Linear Stopping Power (RLSP) conversion curves used by 14 proton institutions in their dose calculations. Methods: The proton institution’s CTN to RLSP conversion curves were collected by the Imaging and Radiation Oncology Core (IROC) Houston QA Center during its on-site dosimetry review audits. The CTN values were converted to scaled CT Numbers. The scaling assigns a CTN of 0 to air and 1000 to water to allow intercomparison. The conversion curves were compared and the mean curve was calculated based on institutions’ predicted RLSP values for air (CTN 0), lung (CTN 250), fat (CTN 950), water (1000), liver (CTN 1050), and bone (CTN 2000) points. Results: One institution’s curve was found to have a unique curve shape between the scaled CTN of 1025 to 1225. This institution modified its curve based on the findings. Another institution had higher RLSP values than expected for both low and high CTNs. This institution recalibrated their two CT scanners and the new data placed their curve closer to the mean of all institutions. After corrections were made to several conversion curves, four institutions still fall outside 2 standard deviations at very low CTNs (100–200), and two institutions fall outside between CTN 850–900. The largest percent difference in RLSP values between institutions for the specific tissues reviewed was 22% for the lung point. Conclusion: The review and comparison of CTN to RLSP conversion curves allows IROC Houston to identify any outliers and make recommendations for improvement. Several institutions improved their clinical dose calculation accuracy as a Result of this review. There is still area for improvement, particularly in the lung area of the curve. The IROC Houston QA Center is supported by NCI grant CA180803.

  2. Comparison of continuing medical education (CME priorities of midwives employed at health facilities and treatment centers of Kashan and Aran & Bidgol - 2010

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S Behrouzifar


    Full Text Available Introduction: In Continuing Medical Education (CME, paying attention to professional empowerment on the basis of community needs and learners’ institutional requirements is necessary. This study was conducted to determine continuing CME priorities of midwifery graduates employed in health and treatment centers of Kashan and Aran & Bidgol cities located in central Iran (2010. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted on 71 midwives. A questionnaire including 87 educational items in 6 subjects was designed. Every item was scored on a Likert scale ranging from zero to ten. Data were extracted, classified and analyzed by SPSS software using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results: Of the six subjects raised, gynecology (7.89±1.54 had the highest score and fundamentals of nursing (6.05±2.35 had the lowest score. Among different disease the topics of abnormal genital tract bleeding (9.32±1.3, diabetes mellitus during pregnancy (9.26±1.27, breast cancer (9±1.97, anemia (8.87±1.71, preventing the birth of premature infants (8.44±2.34 and infection control in special units (7.36±3.06, had the highest means, respectively. There was a statistically significant difference between two groups of midwives employed in health centers and treatment centers regarding the need for learning some subjects. Conclusion: The need for CME priorities varied according to functional domains. This is essential to be considered by decision makers.

  3. Performance of Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Gout in a Multi-Center Study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ogdie, Alexis; Taylor, William J; Neogi, Tuhina


    OBJECTIVES: To examine the performance of ultrasound for the diagnosis of gout using presence of monosodium urate (MSU) crystals as the gold standard. METHODS: We analyzed data from the Study for Updated Gout Classification Criteria (SUGAR), a large, multi-center observational cross-sectional study...... of consecutive subjects with at least one swollen joint who conceivably may have gout. All subjects underwent arthrocentesis; cases were subjects with MSU crystal confirmation. Rheumatologists or radiologists, blinded to the results of the MSU crystal analysis, performed ultrasound on one or more clinically...... with positive ultrasound results among subjects with gout. RESULTS: Ultrasound was performed in 824 subjects (416 cases and 408 controls). The sensitivity, specificity, PPV and NPV for the presence of any one of the features were 76.9%, 84.3%, 83.3% and 78.1% respectively. Sensitivity was higher among subjects...

  4. A valence bond study of three-center four-electron pi bonding: electronegativity vs electroneutrality. (United States)

    DeBlase, Andrew; Licata, Megan; Galbraith, John Morrison


    Three-center four-electron (3c4e) pi bonding systems analogous to that of the ozone molecule have been studied using modern valence bond theory. Molecules studied herein consist of combinations of first row atoms C, N, and O with the addition of H atoms where appropriate in order to preserve the 3c4e pi system. Breathing orbital valence bond (BOVB) calculations were preformed at the B3LYP/6-31G**-optimized geometries in order to determine structural weights, pi charge distributions, resonance energies, and pi bond energies. It is found that the most weighted VB structure depends on atomic electronegativity and charge distribution, with electronegativity as the dominant factor. By nature, these systems are delocalized, and therefore, resonance energy is the main contributor to pi bond energies. Molecules with a single dominant VB structure have low resonance energies and therefore low pi bond energies.

  5. Center for Volcanic and Tectonic Studies: 1992--1993 annual report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The annual report of the Center for Volcanic Studies (CVTS) contains a series of papers, reprints and a Master of Science thesis that review the progress made by the CVTS between October 1, 1992 and February 1, 1994. During this period CVTS staff focused on several topics that have direct relevance to volcanic hazards related to the proposed high-level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. These topics include: (1) polygenetic/polycyclic volcanism in Crater Flat, Nevada; (2) the role of the mantle during crustal extension; (3) the detailed geology of Crater Flat, Nevada; (4) Pliocene volcanoes in the Reveille Range, south-central Nevada; (5) estimating the probability of disruption of the proposed repository by volcanic eruptions. This topic is being studied by Dr. C.H. Ho at UNLV. The report contains copies of these individual papers as they were presented in various conference proceedings.

  6. Student-centered Role-based Case Study Model to Improve Learning in Decision Support Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Farrukh Nadeem


    Full Text Available One of the important learning objectives of our bachelor course on "Techniques in Decision Support Systems" is to develop understanding of core decision making process in real-life business situations. The conventional teaching methods are unable to explain complexities of real-life business. Although the classroom discussions can be effective to understand general factors, such as opportunity cost, return on investment, etc. affecting business decisions, the effects of factors like dynamic business environment, incomplete information, time pressure etc. can not be truly explained through such simple discussions. In this paper, we describe our experience of adopting student-centered, role-based, case study to deal with this situation. The interactive case-based study not only provided students with experiential learning, but also gave them liberty to test their thoughts. As a result, we observed improved students' learning as well as improved grades. In addition, this approach made classes more dynamic and interesting.

  7. Increasing access--a qualitative study of homelessness and palliative care in a major urban center. (United States)

    Krakowsky, Yonah; Gofine, Mirriam; Brown, Pnina; Danziger, Jana; Knowles, Holly


    Rates of morbidity and mortality are significantly higher in homeless populations. Homeless people experience many barriers to receive adequate palliative care. This qualitative study examines how a major urban city's palliative care resources can be improved to increase access and better serve the homeless. Audiotaped interviews were preformed with 7 homeless care providers in Toronto, Canada, and their transcripts were analyzed using thematic analysis. The findings of the study suggest that in order to increase access and to serve the city's terminally ill homeless better, the following 4 areas must be addressed: (1) increasing positive interaction between the health care system and the homeless, (2) training staff to deal with the unique issues confronting the homeless, (3) providing patient-centered care, and (4) diversifying the methods of delivery.

  8. Study on load forecasting to data centers of high power density based on power usage effectiveness (United States)

    Zhou, C. C.; Zhang, F.; Yuan, Z.; Zhou, L. M.; Wang, F. M.; Li, W.; Yang, J. H.


    There is usually considerable energy consumption in data centers. Load forecasting to data centers is in favor of formulating regional load density indexes and of great benefit to getting regional spatial load forecasting more accurately. The building structure and the other influential factors, i.e. equipment, geographic and climatic conditions, are considered for the data centers, and a method to forecast the load of the data centers based on power usage effectiveness is proposed. The cooling capacity of a data center and the index of the power usage effectiveness are used to forecast the power load of the data center in the method. The cooling capacity is obtained by calculating the heat load of the data center. The index is estimated using the group decision-making method of mixed language information. An example is given to prove the applicability and accuracy of this method.

  9. Comparison of canal transportation and centering ability of hand Protaper files and rotary Protaper files by using micro computed tomography


    Amit Gandhi; Taru Gandhi


    Introduction and objective: The aim of the present study was to compare root canal preparation with rotary ProTaper files and hand ProTaper files to find a better instrumentation technique for maintaining root canal geometry with the aid of computed tomography. Material and methods: Twenty curved root canals with at least 10 degree of curvature were divided into 2 groups of 10 teeth each. In group I the canals were prepared with hand ProTaper files and in group II the canals were prepared wit...

  10. Employee health benefit redesign at the academic health center: a case study. (United States)

    Marshall, Julie; Weaver, Deirdre C; Splaine, Kevin; Hefner, David S; Kirch, Darrell G; Paz, Harold L


    The rapidly escalating cost of health care, including the cost of providing health care benefits, is a significant concern for many employers. In this article, the authors examine a case study of an academic health center that undertook a complete redesign of its health benefit structure to control rising costs, encourage use of its own provider network, and support employee wellness. With the implementation in 2006 of a high-deductible health plan combined with health reimbursement arrangements and wellness incentives, the Penn State Hershey Medical Center (PSHMC) was able to realize significant cost savings and increase use of its own network while maintaining a high level of employee satisfaction. By contracting with a single third-party administrator for its self-insured plan, PSHMC reduced its administrative costs and simplified benefit choices for employees. In addition, indexing employee costs to salary ensured that this change was equitable for all employees, and the shift to a consumer-driven health plan led to greater employee awareness of health care costs. The new health benefit plan's strong focus on employee wellness and preventive health has led to significant increases in the use of preventive health services, including health risk assessments, cancer screenings, and flu shots. PSHMC's experience demonstrates the importance of clear and ongoing communication with employees throughout--before, during, and even after--the process of health benefit redesign.

  11. Identifying Elements of Patient-Centered Care in Underserved Populations: A Qualitative Study of Patient Perspectives (United States)

    Raja, Sheela; Hasnain, Memoona; Vadakumchery, Tracy; Hamad, Judy; Shah, Raveena; Hoersch, Michelle


    Patient-centered care is an important goal in the delivery of healthcare. However, many patients do not engage in preventive medical care. In this pilot study, we conducted twenty in depth, semi-structured qualitative interviews at the University of Illinois at Chicago Health Sciences campus in a four month time frame. Many patients were underserved and underinsured, and we wanted to understand their experiences in the healthcare system. Using content analysis, several themes emerged from the interview data. Participants discussed the need for empathy and rapport with their providers. They identified provider behaviors that fostered a positive clinical relationship, including step-by step explanations of procedures, attention to body language and clinic atmosphere, and appropriate time management. Participants identified cost as the most common barrier to engaging in preventive care and discussed children and social support as motivating factors. A long-term relationship with a provider was an important motivator for preventive care, suggesting that the therapeutic alliance was essential to many patients. Conversely, many participants discussed a sense of dehumanization in the healthcare system, reporting that their life circumstances were overlooked, or that they were judged based on insurance status or ethnicity. We discuss implications for provider training and healthcare delivery, including the importance of patient-centered medical homes. PMID:25993110

  12. The proton therapy nozzles at Samsung Medical Center: A Monte Carlo simulation study using TOPAS (United States)

    Chung, Kwangzoo; Kim, Jinsung; Kim, Dae-Hyun; Ahn, Sunghwan; Han, Youngyih


    To expedite the commissioning process of the proton therapy system at Samsung Medical Center (SMC), we have developed a Monte Carlo simulation model of the proton therapy nozzles by using TOol for PArticle Simulation (TOPAS). At SMC proton therapy center, we have two gantry rooms with different types of nozzles: a multi-purpose nozzle and a dedicated scanning nozzle. Each nozzle has been modeled in detail following the geometry information provided by the manufacturer, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. For this purpose, the novel features of TOPAS, such as the time feature or the ridge filter class, have been used, and the appropriate physics models for proton nozzle simulation have been defined. Dosimetric properties, like percent depth dose curve, spreadout Bragg peak (SOBP), and beam spot size, have been simulated and verified against measured beam data. Beyond the Monte Carlo nozzle modeling, we have developed an interface between TOPAS and the treatment planning system (TPS), RayStation. An exported radiotherapy (RT) plan from the TPS is interpreted by using an interface and is then translated into the TOPAS input text. The developed Monte Carlo nozzle model can be used to estimate the non-beam performance, such as the neutron background, of the nozzles. Furthermore, the nozzle model can be used to study the mechanical optimization of the design of the nozzle.

  13. Identifying elements of patient-centered care in underserved populations: a qualitative study of patient perspectives.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sheela Raja

    Full Text Available Patient-centered care is an important goal in the delivery of healthcare. However, many patients do not engage in preventive medical care. In this pilot study, we conducted twenty in depth, semi-structured qualitative interviews at the University of Illinois at Chicago Health Sciences campus in a four month time frame. Many patients were underserved and underinsured, and we wanted to understand their experiences in the healthcare system. Using content analysis, several themes emerged from the interview data. Participants discussed the need for empathy and rapport with their providers. They identified provider behaviors that fostered a positive clinical relationship, including step-by step explanations of procedures, attention to body language and clinic atmosphere, and appropriate time management. Participants identified cost as the most common barrier to engaging in preventive care and discussed children and social support as motivating factors. A long-term relationship with a provider was an important motivator for preventive care, suggesting that the therapeutic alliance was essential to many patients. Conversely, many participants discussed a sense of dehumanization in the healthcare system, reporting that their life circumstances were overlooked, or that they were judged based on insurance status or ethnicity. We discuss implications for provider training and healthcare delivery, including the importance of patient-centered medical homes.

  14. Study on magnetic field mapping within cylindrical center volume of general magnet

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Huang, Li; Lee, Sang Jin [Uiduk University, Gyeongju (Korea, Republic of)


    For the magnetic field analysis or design, it is important to know the behavior of the magnetic field in an interesting space. Magnetic field mapping becomes a useful tool for the study of magnetic field. In this paper, a numerical way for mapping the magnetic field within the cylindrical center volume of magnet is presented, based on the solution of the Laplace's equation in the cylindrical coordinate system. The expression of the magnetic field can be obtained by the magnetic flux density, which measured in the mapped volume. According to the form of the expression, the measurement points are arranged with the parallel cylindrical line (PCL) method. As example, the magnetic flux density generated by an electron cyclotron resonance ion source (ECRIS) magnet and a quadrupole magnet were mapped using the PCL method, respectively. The mapping results show the PCL arrangement method is feasible and convenience to map the magnetic field within a cylindrical center volume generated by the general magnet.

  15. Epidemiological, Clinical and Paraclinical Study of Hydatid Cysts in Three Educational Medical Centers in 10 Years

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simindokht Shoaee


    Full Text Available Background: Echinococcosis or hydatidosis, caused by the larval stage of Echinococcus granulosus (E. granulosus, is an important public health problem in many areas of the world  and  Iran is a country of endemic situation for hydatidosis In the present study, we evaluated epidemiological, complications and clinical characteristics of hydatidosis at three University Medical Centers in Tehran over a 10-year period.Materials and Methods: This is a descriptive cross-sectional study performed in patients with hydatid cysts. Information about age, gender, number of cysts, organ involvement, morbidity and mortality and relapse were collected from medical records of hydatid patients. Paraclinic information such as CT Scan, MRI, ultrasound, complete blood count, pathological diagnosis and complication of disease were collected.Results: Overall, 81 patients, 35 (43.2% male and 46 (56.8% female, who were diagnosed as having hydatid cyst by clinical and radiological findings, with pathologic documentation were studied in three university medical center registries over a 10-year period (2003- 2012 in Tehran. Fourteen patients (17% of cases had complications resulting from this disease. Patients' age ranged from 5 to 86 years, and the peak prevalence of the disease was between 20 and 40 (34% of cases.Conclusion: Iran  is a country of endemic situation for hydatidosis. Prevalence rate of hydatidosis in Iran was reported to be 0.61-2 in 100000 populations. The highest  rate of infection and complications were in patients of 20-40 years age. Clinical examination revealed that abdominal pain was the most common complaint and was present in 51.7% of the cases. Other most common complain were cough, abdominal mass, dyspnea, icterus, chest pain, dyspepsia, back pain and seizure; and it was result of occupying effect of cysts in organs. This is similar with previous studies in Iran

  16. [The utilization of parenteral nutrition at Hospital de Jerez (Cádiz): a description and comparison with other hospital centers]. (United States)

    Gómez Henry, J C; Méndez Martínez, C; Blanco Rodríguez, D; Rodríguez Quirós, M


    This retrospective study aims to analyze, and compare with other Spanish hospitals, the use of parenteral nutrition, its characteristics and complications, in a general hospital with 610 beds, during 1992. To conduct this study, we have used clinical histories and follow up sheets made up by the Department of Pharmacy for each patient, as well as the results of the sample processing in the microbiology laboratory. Between 1992 and 1993 we have seen an increase in the use of parenteral nutrition, with the number of bags increasing from 2134 to 2575. The departments which have used parenteral nutrition most, were Surgery (57.3%), and ICU (24.8%), with the mean duration being 10.4 days 8SD = +/- 9.3 days). The most frequently used access route in the hospital was the drum, but there are significant differences between the departments. Gastroenterological pathology was, with 71.4% the most frequent indication for its use, and within this, the neoplasias stand out with 26.3% of the total of parenteral nutrition. The complications which affected most patients are: increases of the liver enzymes, hypokalemias, hyponatremias, and hyperglycemias.

  17. Comparison of biofilm formation in clinical isolates of Candida species in a tertiary care center, North India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vivek Agwan


    Full Text Available Background and Objectives: Biofilms are colonies of microbial cells encased in a self-produced organic polymeric matrix. The biofilm production is more important for nonalbicans Candida (NAC; as C. albicans possess many other mechanisms to establish infections. Correct identification of Candida species has gained importance due to persistent rise in infections caused by NAC. We sought to isolate, identify Candida species in clinical isolates and study biofilm formation. Materials and Methods: Modified microtiter plate method was performed to study biofilm formation by isolates in Sabouraud's dextrose broth. It was then quantitatively assessed using a spectrophotometer. Biofilm formation was graded as negative, +1, +2, +3 and + 4 on the basis of percentage absorbance. Results: Biofilm formation was observed in 16 of 40 (40.0% isolates of C. albicans as compared to 39 of 78 (50.0% of isolates of NAC. Strong (+4 biofilm production was seen in maximum biofilm producers in C. tropicalis (12 of 27 followed by C. albicans (8 of 16. Total biofilm producers were significantly more among high vaginal swab isolates 63.2% (12 of 19 and urine isolates 59.2% (29 of 49, when compared to blood isolates 34.2% (13 of 38 as well as other isolates 27.5% (11 of 40. Interpretation and Conclusions: NAC species are qualitatively and quantitatively superior biofilm producers than C. albicans. Biofilm production is the most important virulence factor of NAC species and compared to other lesions, it is more significantly associated with luminal infections.

  18. Community outreach and engagement strategies from the Wisconsin Study Center of the National Children's Study. (United States)

    Riesch, Susan K; Ngui, Emmanuel M; Ehlert, Carey; Miller, M Katie; Cronk, Christine A; Leuthner, Steven; Strehlow, Mary; Hewitt, Jeanne B; Durkin, Maureen S


    The purpose of this methods article was to describe and evaluate outreach and engagement strategies designed to initially build county-wide awareness and support for the National Children's Study (NCS or the study) and subsequently to target the segment communities where recruitment for the study occurred. Selected principles from community outreach, social marketing, and health care system and personal referral formed the foundation for the strategies. The strategies included a celebration event, community advisory board, community needs assessment, building relationships with health care providers and systems, eliciting a network of study supporters, newsletters, appearances at local young family-oriented events (health fairs, parades), presentations to local community leaders, community forums, "branding" with assistance from a women-owned local marketing firm, and mailings including an oversized, second-touch postcard. Six months after study launch, approximately 4,600 study-eligible women were asked in a door-to-door survey if and how they became aware of the study. On average, 40% of eligible women reported being aware of the study. The most frequently cited strategy to cultivate their awareness was study-specific mailings. Awareness of the NCS increased by 7.5% among those receiving a second-touch postcard relative to controls (95% CIs [4.9, 10.7] z = 5.347, p strategies, in particular the oversized postcard as a second-touch effort, may be used effectively by researchers for participant recruitment and by public health nurses for delivery of important population-focused messages.

  19. Laser Welding and Syncristallization Techniques Comparison: In Vitro Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. Fornaini


    Full Text Available Background. Laser welding was first reported in 1967 and for many years it has been used in dental laboratories with several advantages versus the conventional technique. Authors described, in previous works, the possibility of using also chair-side Nd : YAG laser device (Fotona Fidelis III, =1064 nm for welding metallic parts of prosthetic appliances directly in the dental office, extra- and also intra-orally. Syncristallisation is a soldering technique based on the creation of an electric arc between two electrodes and used to connect implants to bars intra-orally. Aim. The aim of this study was to compare two different laser welding devices with a soldering machine, all of these used in prosthetic dentistry. Material and Methods. In-lab Nd : YAG laser welding (group A = 12 samples, chair-side Nd : YAG laser welding (group B = 12 samples, and electrowelder (group C = 12 samples were used. The tests were performed on 36 CrCoMo plates and the analysis consisted in evaluation, by microscopic observation, of the number of fissures in welded areas of groups A and B and in measurement of the welding strength in all the groups. The results were statistically analysed by means of one-way ANOVA and Tukey-Kramer multiple comparison tests. Results. The means and standard deviations for the number of fissures in welded areas were 8.12±2.59 for group A and 5.20±1.38 for group B. The difference was statistical significant (=0.0023 at the level 95%. On the other hand, the means and standard deviations for the traction tests were 1185.50±288.56 N for group A, 896.41±120.84 N for group B, and 283.58±84.98 N for group C. The difference was statistical significant (=0.01 at the level 95%. Conclusion. The joint obtained by welding devices had a significant higher strength compared with that obtained by the electrowelder, and the comparison between the two laser devices used demonstrated that the chair-side Nd : YAG, even giving a

  20. Erectile Dysfunction in Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome: Outcomes from a Multi-Center Study and Risk Factor Analysis in a Single Center.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yadong Zhang

    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED in patients with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS and explore the influence of UPOINT domains, National Institutes of Health-CP symptom index (NIH-CPSI and other factors on ED prevalence. This was a prospective study of consecutive patients with CP/CPPS seen at 11 tertiary hospitals during January-July 2014. ED was diagnosed as a score of<21 on the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5. Patients from one center were evaluated by the UPOINT system and NIH-CPSI. Each patient was assessed using clinical examination, asocio-demographic questionnaire, the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ, the Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS, NIH-CPSI and IIEF-5.1406 patients from 11 centers (mean age, 32.18 years; range 18-60 years were enrolled. ED was found in 638/1406 patients (45.4%, and was categorized as mild in 291(45.6%, moderate in 297(46.6% and severe in50(7.7%. 192 patients from one center(mean age,31.3 years; range 18-57 years were further studied.IIEF-5 score correlated negatively with NIH-CPSI(r = 0.251, PHQ (r = 0.355 and PCS (r = 0.322scores (P<0.001.PHQ score correlated positively with NIH-CPSI (r = 0.586 and PCS(r = 0.662 scores (P<0.001.NIH-CPSI, PHQ, PCS and IIEF-5 scores did not differ significantly between class IIIA and IIIB CP/CPPS. Multivariate logistic regression showed that UPOINT psychological (P domain and NIH-CPSI symptom severity were independent risk factors for ED in CP/CPPS. It is concluded that psychological factors and symptom severity are independent risk factors for ED in CP/CPPS.

  1. Tip studies using CFD and comparison with tip loss models

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Martin Otto Laver; Johansen, J.


    The flow past a rotating LM8.2 blade equipped with two different tips are computed using CFD. The different tip flows are analysed and a comparison with two different tip loss models is made. Keywords: tip flow, aerodynamics, CFD......The flow past a rotating LM8.2 blade equipped with two different tips are computed using CFD. The different tip flows are analysed and a comparison with two different tip loss models is made. Keywords: tip flow, aerodynamics, CFD...

  2. Comparison of an SMS text messaging and phone reminder to improve attendance at a health promotion center: A randomized controlled trial

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Zhou-wen CHEN; Li-zheng FANG; Li-ying CHEN; Hong-lei DAI


    Objective: To compare the efficacy of a short messaging service (SMS) text messaging and phone reminder to improve attendance rates at a health promotion center. Methods: A total of 1 859 participants who had scheduled appointments in the health promotion center of our hospital from April 2007 to May 2007 were enrolled in the study and randomly assigned into 3 groups: control (no reminder) group, SMS text messaging reminder group and telephone reminder group. Attendance rates and costs of interventions were collected. Results: A total of 1848 participants were eligible for analysis. Attendance rates of control,SMS and telephone groups were 80.5%, 87.5% and 88.3%, respectively. The attendance rates were significantly higher in SMS and telephone groups than that in the control group, with odds ratio 1.698, 95% confidence interval 1.224 to 2.316, P=0.001 in the SMS group, and odds ratio 1.829, 95% confidence interval 1.333 to 2.509, P<0.001 in the telephone group. However, there was no difference between the SMS group and the telephone group (P=0.670). The cost effectiveness analysis showed that the cost per attendance for the SMS group (0.31 Yuan) was significantly lower than that for the telephone group (0.48 Yuan). Conclusion:SMS and telephone are effective reminders for improving attendance rate at a health promotion center. SMS reminder may be more cost-effective compared with the telephone reminder.

  3. Is the Dark Triad Better Studied Using a Variable- or a Person-Centered Approach? An Exploratory Investigation (United States)

    Kam, Chester Chun Seng; Zhou, Mingming


    Despite Allport’s early call to study personality as a coordinated system of traits within individual rather than separate traits, researchers often assume personality variables are largely distinct, independent characteristics. In the current research, we examined the usual assumption that Dark Triad traits (narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism) are best studied using a variable-centered (dimensional), rather than a person-centered (taxonic), approach. Results showed that a variable-centered approach is appropriate in understanding the Dark Triad, and yet individuals scoring high on one Dark Triad dimension also tend to score high on other dimensions. Based on these results, we concluded that it is appropriate to study individual differences in the Dark Triad (inferences based on persons) by capturing the common variance among the three traits using a variable-centered approach, rather than treating these traits as independent or uncoordinated characteristics. PMID:27580224

  4. AVTA Federal Fleet PEV Readiness Data Logging and Characterization Study for NASA Stennis Space Center

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schey, Stephen [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States); Francfort, Jim [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States)


    Federal agencies are mandated to purchase alternative fuel vehicles, increase consumption of alternative fuels, and reduce petroleum consumption. Available plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) provide an attractive option in the selection of alternative fuel vehicles. PEVs, which consist of both battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), have significant advantages over internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles in terms of energy efficiency, reduced petroleum consumption, and reduced production of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and they provide performance benefits with quieter, smoother operation. This study intended to evaluate the extent to which NASA Stennis Space Center (Stennis) could convert part or all of their fleet of vehicles from petroleum-fueled vehicles to PEVs.

  5. Life Sciences Division and Center for Human Genome Studies. Annual report, 1991

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Spitzmiller, D.; Bradbury, M.; Cram, S. [comps.


    This report summarizes the research and development activities of Los Alamos National Laboratories Life Sciences Division and biological aspects of the Center for Human Genome Studies for the calendar year 1991. Selected research highlights include: yeast artificial chromosome libraries from flow sorted human chromosomes 16 and 21; distances between the antigen binding sites of three murine antibody subclasses measured using neutron and x-ray scattering; NFCR 10th anniversary highlights; kinase-mediated differences found in the cell cycle regulation of normal and transformed cells; and detecting mutations that cause Gaucher`s disease by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis. Project descriptions include: genomic structure and regulation, molecular structure, cytometry, cell growth and differentiation, radiation biology and carcinogenesis, and pulmonary biology.

  6. Gear noise, vibration, and diagnostic studies at NASA Lewis Research Center (United States)

    Zakrajsek, J. J.; Oswald, F. B.; Townsend, D. P.; Coy, J. J.


    The NASA Lewis Research Center and the U.S. Army Aviation Systems Command are involved in a joint research program to advance the technology of rotorcraft transmissions. This program consists of analytical as well as experimental efforts to achieve the overall goals of reducing weight, noise, and vibration, while increasing life and reliability. Recent analytical activities are highlighted in the areas of gear noise, vibration, and diagnostics performed in-house and through NASA and U.S. Army sponsored grants and contracts. These activities include studies of gear tooth profiles to reduce transmission error and vibration as well as gear housing and rotordynamic modeling to reduce structural vibration and transmission and noise radiation, and basic research into current gear failure diagnostic methodologies. Results of these activities are presented along with an overview of near-term research plans in the gear noise, vibration, and diagnostics area.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ramanand Prasad


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVES: To study the clinical profile , course of disease and outcome of peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM. METHODS: A prospective study was conducted at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital , Rajasthan , India from May 2012 to June 2014. 18 cases were included in the study. Data included age distribution , parity , symptoms and risk factors. Medical management and pregnancy outcome were documented. Serial echocardiography was done for a period of one year. RESULTS: In our study 8/18 (44% were primigravidae , 3/18 (16% had pre - eclam p sia and 4/18 (22% had co - existing hypertension , 7 (38.89% patients underwent Caesarean section and no complication happen during delivery in all . The differ ence in Echocardiography parameters observed between recovered and non - recovered patients was significant; Left Ventricular End diastolic dimension (5.0 cm vs 6.0 cm Left ventricular Ejection fraction (28% vs 22% and left ventricular fractional shortenin g (19% vs 12%. 14 out of 18 patients were followed up for a period of one year out of which 64% (9/14 patients recovered completely. There was no mortality and two patients waiting for cardiac transplant due to refractory symptoms. CONCLUSION: Majority w ere young primigravidae presenting postnatally. Pre - eclampsisa and hypertension were risk factors. ECHO parameters were reliable predictors of recovery

  8. Blanket comparison and selection study. Final report. Volume 1

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The study focused on: (1) Development of reference design guidelines, evaluation criteria, and a methodology for evaluating and ranking candidate blanket concepts. (2) Compilation of the required data base and development of a uniform systems analysis for comparison. (3) Development of conceptual designs for the comparative evaluation. (4) Evaluation of leading concepts for engineering feasibility, economic performance, and safety. (5) Identification and prioritization of R and D requirements for the leading blanket concepts. Sixteen concepts (nine TMR and seven tokamak) which were identified as leading candidates in the early phases of the study, were evaluated in detail. The overall evaluation concluded that the following concepts should provide the focus for the blanket R and D program: (Breeder/Coolant/Structure), Lithium/Lithium/Vanadium Alloy, Li/sub 2/O/Helium/Ferritic Steel, LiPb Alloy/LiPb Alloy/Vanadium Alloy, and Lithium/Helium/Ferritic Steel. The primary R and D issues for the Li/Li/V concept are the development of an advanced structural alloy, resolution of MHD and corrosion problems, provision for an inert atmosphere (e.g., N/sub 2/) in the reactor building, and the development of non-water cooled near-plasma components, particularly for the tokamak. The main issues for the LiPb/LiPb/V concept are similar to the Li/Li/V blanket with the addition of resolving the tritium recovery issue. The R and D issues for Li/sub 2/O/He/FS concept include resolution of the tritium recovery/containment issue, achieving adequate tritium breeding and resolving other solid breeder issues such as swelling and fabrication concerns. Major concerns for the Li/He/FS concept are related to its rather poor economic performance. Improvement of its economic performance will be somewhat concept-dependent and will be more of a systems engineering issue.

  9. Blanket comparison and selection study. Final report. Volume 3

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The study focused on: (1) Development of reference design guidelines, evaluation criteria, and a methodology for evaluating and ranking candidate blanket concepts. (2) Compilation of the required data base and development of a uniform systems analysis for comparison. (3) Development of conceptual designs for the comparative evaluation. (4) Evaluation of leading concepts for engineering feasibility, economic performance, and safety. (5) Identification and prioritization of R and D requirements for the leading blanket concepts. Sixteen concepts (nine TMR and seven tokamak) which were identified as leading candidates in the early phases of the study, were evaluated in detail. The overall evaluation concluded that the following concepts should provide the focus for the blanket R and D program: (Breeder/Coolant/Structure), Lithium/Lithium/Vanadium Alloy, Li/sub 2/O/Helium/Ferritic Steel, LiPb Alloy/LiPb Alloy/Vanadium Alloy, and Lithium/Helium/Ferritic Steel. The primary R and D issues for the Li/Li/V concept are the development of an advanced structural alloy, resolution of MHD and corrosion problems, provision for an inert atmosphere (e.g., N/sub 2/) in the reactor building, and the development of non-water cooled near-plasma components, particularly for the tokamak. The main issues for the LiPb/LiPb/V concept are similar to the Li/Li/V blanket with the addition of resolving the tritium recovery issue. The R and D issues for Li/sub 2/O/He/FS concept include resolution of the tritium recovery/containment issue, achieving adequate tritium breeding and resolving other solid breeder issues such as swelling and fabrication concerns. Major concerns for the Li/He/FS concepts are related to its rather poor economic performance. Improvement of its economic performance will be somewhat concept-dependent and will be more of a systems engineering issue.

  10. Blanket comparison and selection study. Final report. Volume 2

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The study focused on: (1) Development of reference design guidelines, evaluation criteria, and a methodology for evaluating and ranking candidate blanket concepts. (2) Compilation of the required data base and development of a uniform systems analysis for comparison. (3) Development of conceptual designs for the comparative evaluation. (4) Evaluation of leading concepts for engineering feasibility, economic performance, and safety. (5) Identification and prioritization of R and D requirements for the leading blanket concepts. Sixteen concepts (nine TMR and seven tokamak) which were identified as leading candidates in the early phases of the study, were evaluated in detail. The overall evaluation concluded that the following concepts should provide the focus for the blanket R and D program: (Breeder/Coolant/Structure), Lithium/Lithium/Vanadium Alloy, Li/sub 2/O/Helium/Ferritic Steel, LiPb Alloy/LiPb Alloy/Vanadium Alloy, and Lithium/Helium/Ferritic Steel. The primary R and D issues for the Li/Li/V concept are the development of an advanced structural alloy, resolution of MHD and corrosion problems, provision for an inert atmosphere (e.g., N/sub 2/) in the reactor building, and the development of non-water cooled near-plasma components, particularly for the tokamak. The main issues for the LiPb/LiPb/V concepts are similar to the Li/Li/V blanket with the addition of resolving the tritium recovery issue. The R and D issues for Li/sub 2/O/He/FS concept include resolution of the tritium recovery/containment issue, achieving adequate tritium breeding and resolving other solid breeder issues such as swelling and fabrication concerns. Major concerns for the Li/He/FS concept are related to its rather poor economic performance. Improvement of its economic performance will be somewhat concept-dependent and will be more of a systems engineering issue.

  11. Designing Excellence and Quality Model for Training Centers of Primary Health Care: A Delphi Method Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jafar-Sadegh TABRIZI


    Full Text Available Background: Excellence and quality models are comprehensive methods for improving the quality of healthcare. The aim of this study was to design excellence and quality model for training centers of primary health care using Delphi method. Methods: In this study, Delphi method was used. First, comprehensive information were collected using literature review. In extracted references, 39 models were identified from 34 countries and related sub-criteria and standards were extracted from 34 models (from primary 39 models. Then primary pattern including 8 criteria, 55 sub-criteria, and 236 standards was developed as a Delphi questionnaire and evaluated in four stages by 9 specialists of health care system in Tabriz and 50 specialists from all around the country.Results: Designed primary model (8 criteria, 55 sub-criteria, and 236 standards were concluded with 8 criteria, 45 sub-criteria, and 192 standards after 4 stages of evaluations by specialists. Major criteria of the model are leadership, strategic and operational planning, resource management, information analysis, human resources management, process management, costumer results, and functional results, where the top score was assigned as 1000 by specialists. Functional results had the maximum score of 195 whereas planning had the minimum score of 60. Furthermore the most and the least sub-criteria was for leadership with 10 sub-criteria and strategic planning with 3 sub-criteria, respectively. Conclusion: The model that introduced in this research has been designed following 34 reference models of the world. This model could provide a proper frame for managers of health system in improving quality. Keywords: Quality model, Excellence model, Training centers, Primary cares, Iran

  12. Benchmark Problems of the Geothermal Technologies Office Code Comparison Study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    White, Mark D. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Podgorney, Robert [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Kelkar, Sharad M. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); McClure, Mark W. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Danko, George [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Ghassemi, Ahmad [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Fu, Pengcheng [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Bahrami, Davood [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Barbier, Charlotte [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Cheng, Qinglu [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Chiu, Kit-Kwan [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Detournay, Christine [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Elsworth, Derek [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Fang, Yi [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Furtney, Jason K. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Gan, Quan [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Gao, Qian [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Guo, Bin [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Hao, Yue [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Horne, Roland N. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Huang, Kai [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Im, Kyungjae [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Norbeck, Jack [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Rutqvist, Jonny [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Safari, M. R. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Sesetty, Varahanaresh [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Sonnenthal, Eric [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Tao, Qingfeng [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); White, Signe K. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Wong, Yang [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Xia, Yidong [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)


    A diverse suite of numerical simulators is currently being applied to predict or understand the performance of enhanced geothermal systems (EGS). To build confidence and identify critical development needs for these analytical tools, the United States Department of Energy, Geothermal Technologies Office has sponsored a Code Comparison Study (GTO-CCS), with participants from universities, industry, and national laboratories. A principal objective for the study was to create a community forum for improvement and verification of numerical simulators for EGS modeling. Teams participating in the study were those representing U.S. national laboratories, universities, and industries, and each team brought unique numerical simulation capabilities to bear on the problems. Two classes of problems were developed during the study, benchmark problems and challenge problems. The benchmark problems were structured to test the ability of the collection of numerical simulators to solve various combinations of coupled thermal, hydrologic, geomechanical, and geochemical processes. This class of problems was strictly defined in terms of properties, driving forces, initial conditions, and boundary conditions. Study participants submitted solutions to problems for which their simulation tools were deemed capable or nearly capable. Some participating codes were originally developed for EGS applications whereas some others were designed for different applications but can simulate processes similar to those in EGS. Solution submissions from both were encouraged. In some cases, participants made small incremental changes to their numerical simulation codes to address specific elements of the problem, and in other cases participants submitted solutions with existing simulation tools, acknowledging the limitations of the code. The challenge problems were based on the enhanced geothermal systems research conducted at Fenton Hill, near Los Alamos, New Mexico, between 1974 and 1995. The problems

  13. Information systems performance evaluation, introducing a two-level technique: Case study call centers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hesham A. Baraka


    The objective of this paper was to introduce a new technique that can support decision makers in the call centers industry to evaluate, and analyze the performance of call centers. The technique presented is derived from the research done on measuring the success or failure of information systems. Two models are mainly adopted namely: the Delone and Mclean model first introduced in 1992 and the Design Reality Gap model introduced by Heeks in 2002. Two indices are defined to calculate the performance of the call center; the success index and the Gap Index. An evaluation tool has been developed to allow call centers managers to evaluate the performance of their call centers in a systematic analytical approach; the tool was applied on 4 call centers from different areas, simple applications such as food ordering, marketing, and sales, technical support systems, to more real time services such as the example of emergency control systems. Results showed the importance of using information systems models to evaluate complex systems as call centers. The models used allow identifying the dimensions for the call centers that are facing challenges, together with an identification of the individual indicators in these dimensions that are causing the poor performance of the call center.

  14. TABADO: "Evaluation of a smoking cessation program among Adolescents in Vocational Training Centers": Study protocol

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martinet Yves


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Most of the efforts to reduce teenagers' tobacco addiction have focused on smoking prevention and little on smoking cessation. A smoking cessation program (TABADO study, associating pharmacologic and cognitive-behavioural strategy, on a particularly vulnerable population (vocational trainees, was developed. This study aims to evaluate the efficacy of the program which was offered to all smokers in a population aged 15 to 20 years in Vocational Training Centers (VTC. This paper presents the TABADO study protocol. Methods The study is quasi-experimental, prospective, evaluative and comparative and takes place during the 2 years of vocational training. The final population will be composed of 2000 trainees entering a VTC in Lorraine, France, during the 2008-2009 period. The intervention group (1000 trainees benefited from the TABADO program while no specific intervention took place in the "control" group (1000 trainees other than the treatment and education services usually available. Our primary outcome will be the tobacco abstinence rate at 12 months. Discussion If the program proves effective, it will be a new tool in the action against smoking in populations that have been seldom targeted until now. In addition, the approach could be expanded to other young subjects from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in the context of a public health policy against smoking among adolescents. Trial registration Clinical trial identification number is NTC00973570.

  15. Factorial validity and invariance of the center for epidemiologic studies depression (CES-D) scale in a sample of black and white adolescent girls. (United States)

    Hales, Derek P; Dishman, Rod K; Motl, Robert W; Addy, Cheryl L; Pfeiffer, Karin A; Pate, Russell R


    Meaningful comparison of depression symptoms requires that the measurement instrument has equivalent measurement properties among racial and ethnic groups. We tested the factorial validity and invariance of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression (CES-D) Scale among Black (n=610) and White (n=452) adolescent girls in the 12th grade. The invariance analyses were conducted by using LISREL 8.70 with maximum likelihood estimation and Satorra-Bentler scaled chi-square statistics and standard errors. The hypothesized second-order model (first-order factors: depressed affect, somatic and retarded activity, interpersonal, and positive affect; second-order factor: depression) demonstrated good overall fit in both groups. Comparison of nested models supported the between-group invariance of the overall factor structure, first- and second-order factor loadings, first-order factor variances, and the second-order factor variance. Item uniquenesses were not invariant. Our results support the hypothesis that a meaningful comparison of composite CES-D scores can be made between Black and White girls in the 12th grade.

  16. Locating of Rural Health Centers Equipped with Telehealth using GIS: A Case Study on Khorramabad City, Iran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Safdari Reza


    Full Text Available Residents of the rural and remote area always having limitations on accessing properly required service providers. In such condition, the establishment of rural health centers equipped with telehealth, and also the use of GIS for optimal site selection to the centers, would play an important role in facilitating the achievement of quality health services in desired time factor. This study intended to find the optimal sites for building the Rural Health Centers Equipped with remote health facilities in, Khorramabad City, using GIS. During the pilot study, we identified few effective locating criteria and sub-criteria for rural health centers equipped with telehealth, the priorities was also determined in that descriptive study. Further, we prepared a special layer for each criterion on the site selection, and by integrating such layers based on specified rules and patterns, about the spatial analysis , (like distance and density analysis were done. For such methods, we used Arc Map, Arc Catalog and Arc toolbox environments of Arc GIS (version 9.3. Finally, a map was prepared that indicated the possibility of appropriateness for establishing the centers in the study area. Considering a large number of areas, the research team selected the areas which were the appropriate location for build rural health centers which could be equipped with Telehealth.

  17. New methods for solving a vertex p-center problem with uncertain demand-weighted distance: A real case study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javad Nematian


    Full Text Available Vertex and p-center problems are two well-known types of the center problem. In this paper, a p-center problem with uncertain demand-weighted distance will be introduced in which the demands are considered as fuzzy random variables (FRVs and the objective of the problem is to minimize the maximum distance between a node and its nearest facility. Then, by introducing new methods, the proposed problem is converted to deterministic integer programming (IP problems where these methods will be obtained through the implementation of the possibility theory and fuzzy random chance-constrained programming (FRCCP. Finally, the proposed methods are applied for locating bicycle stations in the city of Tabriz in Iran as a real case study. The computational results of our study show that these methods can be implemented for the center problem with uncertain frameworks.

  18. A comparison study of commercially-available column flotation technologies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Honaker, R.Q.; Mohanty, M.K.; Paul, B.C. [Southern Illinois Univ., Carbondale, IL (United States). Dept. of Mining Engineering; Ho, K. [Illinois Clean Coal Inst., Carterville, IL (United States)


    A direct comparison of three commercially-available column flotation technologies, i.e., Jameson Cell, Microcel, and Packed-Column, has been conducted using a {minus}100 mesh Illinois No. 5 flotation feed coal sample. The separation performance of each flotation technology was optimized and their performance levels compared on the basis of both ash rejection, sulfur rejection, and throughput capacities. A parametric study using a statistically-designed experimental program was conducted to optimize the critical operating parameter values of each column. The ultimate performance curves for each column were generated by conducting additional tests using the optimized operating parameter values. The throughput capacity of each flotation cell was determined by conducting tests over a range of feed rates at the maximum superficial gas rate while maintaining the other parameters at their optimum values. The separation performance achieved by each of the three flotation cells was found to be comparable to the idealistic flotation performance predicted by release analysis. However, the fraction of wash water reporting to tailings (bias factor) was found to be critical in achieving the near idealistic performance. The bias factor required for the Packed-Column was found to be less than that required by the other two flotation cells. The sulfur rejection achieved by the Microcel and the Packed-Column were found to be greater than that achieved by the Jameson Cell and all three produced sulfur rejections exceeding the values obtained from release analysis. The throughput capacity, on the other hand, differed among the three flotation columns. The Jameson Cell and the Microcel were found to have comparable throughput capacities while the Packed-Column was found to have a lower capacity.

  19. Determinants of adult vaccination at inner-city health centers: A descriptive study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raymund Mahlon


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccination rates among adults 65 years and older or less than 65 years with high risk medical conditions are still below Healthy People 2010 recommended levels of 90%. This study was designed to: 1 assess self-reported pneumococcal vaccination rates following health center level interventions to increase adult vaccination rates; and 2 determine factors associated with vaccination. Methods Tailored interventions to increase immunizations were implemented at two inner-city health centers. We surveyed 375 patients 50 years of age and older. Multivariate logistic regression examines the predictors of 1 self-reported pneumococcal vaccination and 2 combined self-reported influenza and pneumococcal vaccination. Both of these models were stratified by age group (50–64 years and 65 years and older. Results Pneumococcal vaccination rates were 45% by self-report, 55% by medical record review, 69% for patients 65 years old and older, 32% for patients 50–64 years; they did not differ by race. Receipt of the previous season's influenza vaccine was significantly related to pneumococcal vaccination among both younger and older patients. Receiving both the pneumococcal vaccine and the most recent influenza vaccine compared with receiving neither, among younger patients was related to unemployment, more frequent physician visits, and belief that those who do not receive the flu shot are more susceptible to the flu. For older patients, receipt of both vaccines was related to nonsmoking status, believing that friends/family think the patient should be vaccinated, seeing posters advertising flu shot clinics, and belief that those who do not receive the flu shot are more susceptible to the flu. Conclusion Our findings suggest that improving overall pneumococcal vaccination rates among eligible adults, has the potential to eliminate racial disparities. Interventions delivering vaccination messages specific to older

  20. Retrospective study of oral lesions in the population attended at the Dental Specialty Center

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maurício Roth Volkweis


    Full Text Available Objectives: To identify the most prevalent stomatologic lesions in the population attended at the Dental Specialty Center of the Hospital “Nossa Senhora da Conceição”, quantify the distribution by sex and age group, verify the relationship of smoking as a predisposing factor to oral cancer, determine the number of consultations at the service for each patient until discharge and quantify the number of procedures performed. Methods: The sample consisted of 435 medical records of patients who sought the Stomatology Service of the Dental Specialty Center of the Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição. Of these, 249 were women and 186 were men. Therefore, a retrospective study was conducted from the analysis of the clinical records of all patients attended from October 2006 to March 2008. The variables were categorized and analyzed by Pearson’s Chi-square test. Results: Of the 435 patients, who sought the Stomatology service, 249 were women and 186 were men, and no statistically significant association of sex with any group of diseases was observed. The most prevalent diseases were stomatitis with 122 cases. Eighteen patients had malignant diseases (4%, 15 of them being diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. Of the total number of patients attended, 20.7% were referred to other professionals, 79.3% had their problems solved exclusively at the service, and in 173 cases (39.7% biopsies were performed. Conclusion: The most prevalent lesion group was stomatitis, being 28% of the total, and the predominant groups were women and the age group over 60 years. There was a statistically significant relationship between smoking and mouth cancer.

  1. China Patient-centered Evaluative Assessment of Cardiac Events Prospective Study of Acute Myocardial Infarction:Study Design

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jing Li; Rachel P Dreyer; Xi Li; Xue Du; Nicholas S Downing; Li Li; Hai-Bo Zhang


    Background: Despite the rapid growth in the incidence of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in China, there is limited information about patients' experiences after AMI hospitalization, especially on long-term adverse events and patient-reported outcomes (PROs).Methods: The China Patient-centered Evaluative Assessment of Cardiac Events (PEACE)-Prospective AMI Study will enroll 4000 consecutive AMI patients from 53 diverse hospitals across China and follow them longitudinally for 12 months to document their treatment, recovery, and outcomes.Details of patients' medical history, treatment, and in-hospital outcomes are abstracted from medical charts.Comprehensive baseline interviews are being conducted to characterize patient demographics, risk factors, presentation, and healthcare utilization.As part of these interviews, validated instruments are administered to measure PROs, including quality of life, symptoms, mood, cognition, and sexual activity.Follow-up interviews, measuring PROs, medication adherence, risk factor control, and collecting hospitalization events are conducted at 1, 6, and 12 months after discharge.Supporting documents for potential outcomes are collected for adjudication by clinicians at the National Coordinating Center.Blood and urine samples are also obtained at baseline, 1-and 12-month follow-up.In addition, we are conducting a survey of participating hospitals to characterize their organizational characteristics.Conclusion: The China PEACE-Prospective AMI study will be uniquely positioned to generate new information regarding patient's experiences and outcomes after AMI in China and serve as a foundation for quality improvement activities.

  2. Effect of Health Comparisons on Functional Health and Depressive Symptoms - Results of a Population-Based Longitudinal Study of Older Adults in Germany.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    André Hajek

    Full Text Available To investigate the effect of health comparisons on functional health and depressive symptoms in a longitudinal approach. Gender differences were examined.The German Ageing Survey (DEAS is a nationwide, representative longitudinal study of community dwelling individuals living in Germany aged 40 and older. The surveys in 2008 and 2011 were used, with n = 3,983 respondents taking part in both waves. Health comparisons were quantified by the question "How would you rate your health compared with other people your age" (Much better; somewhat better; the same; somewhat worse, much worse. Functional health was assessed by the subscale "physical functioning" of the 36-Item Short Form Health Survey (SF-36 and depressive symptoms were measured by the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D.Adjusting for sociodemographic factors, self-assessed health, social network, self-efficacy and optimism, and morbidity, fixed effects regressions revealed that functional health decreased significantly and considerably with negative health comparisons in the total sample (transitions from 'the same' to 'much worse': β = -11.8, predominantly in men. The effects of negative health comparisons (transitions from 'the same' to 'much worse': β = 4.8 on depressive symptoms were comparable (in terms of significance to the effects on functional health, with stronger effects in women. Positive comparisons did not affect functional health and depressive symptoms.Our findings underline the relevance of negative health comparisons on functional health (men and depressive symptoms (women. Comparison effects are asymmetric and mostly upwards.

  3. Hepatitis C virus infection in Egyptian children with type 1 diabetes mellitus: A single center study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hekma Saad Farghaly


    Full Text Available Background: Only few studies have evaluated the epidemiology and risk factors of hepatitis C virus (HCV infection in Egyptian children with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM. The present study aimed at measurement of the rates of anti-HCV positivity by Enzyme-Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assay (ELISA test and of HCV-Ribonucleic acid (RNA positivity by polymerase chain reaction (PCR among children with T1DM and to study the possible risk factors of infection. Settings and Design: Cross-sectional controlled study. Materials and Methods: The study included 150 children with T1DM (Group 1 (mean age 14. 76 ± 6.4 years. Fifty children age and sex-matched were included as control group (Group 2 (mean age 13.62 ± 2.11 years. They were screened for HCV antibodies using third generation ELISA and HCV-RNA positivity by PCR. Results: The frequency of anti-HCV positivity by ELISA was significantly higher in children with T1DM (n = 150 in comparison wiith control group (n = 50 (12% vs 6%; P<0.001, while the frequency of HCV-RNA positivity by PCR among the cases testing positive by ELISA was 75% for both diabetic group and control group. There were no significant differences in serum levels of liver biochemical profile in diabetic children with anti-HCV positivity (n = 18 in comparison to those with anti-HCV negativity (n = 132. Residence in rural area, low socioeconomic class and prior hospitalization were significant risk factors for anti-HCV positivity by ELISA. Conclusions: The frequency of HCV infection in children with T1DM in Upper Egypt appears to be high and is mainly related to residence in rural area, low socioeconomic class and prior hospitalization. HCV infection in these children is not associated with significant changes in hepatic biochemical parameters. Recommendations: Implementation of strict infection control measures are highly recommended to reduce the frequency of HCV infection. Furthermore, the silent evolution of HCV infection in children

  4. A Correlational Study on Attachment Style and GPA of Students at an Alternative Education Center (United States)

    Burdick, Cindy L.


    Adolescents in America are dropping out of school in alarming rates. In the school year 2009-2010, 514,238 adolescents dropped out of high school. While alternative education centers have been created to meet the needs of these individuals, they are not always successful as evidenced by a graduation rate below 5% in several alternative centers in…

  5. Relation of people-centered public health and person-centered healthcare management: a case study to reduce burn-out. (United States)

    Stoyanov, Drozdstoj S; Cloninger, C Robert


    Healthcare management is one practical tool for mediation and implementation of public health into clinical healthcare outcomes and is taken in our case study as an exemplar arena to demonstrate the vital importance of the person-centered approach. Healthcare personnel are frequently at risk for the 'burn-out' syndrome. However, modern measures of burn-out recognize burn-out only at a late stage when it is fully developed. There are no available methods to assess the risk for vulnerability to burnout in healthcare systems. Our aim was therefore to design a complex person-centered model for detection of high risk for burn-out at an early stage, that has been termed 'flame-out'. We accept the observation that decreased personal performance is one crucial expression of burn-out. Low personal performance and negative emotions are strongly related to low self-directedness as measured by the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI). At the same time, burn-out is characterized by decreased interest and positive emotions from work. Decreased positive emotion is directly related to low self-transcendence as measured by the TCI. Burn-out is also frequently associated with feelings of social alienation or inadequacy of support, which is in turn related to low TCI Cooperativeness. However, high Persistence and Harm Avoidance are predisposing traits for burn-out in healthcare professionals who are often overly perfectionistic and compulsive, predisposing them to anxiety, depression, suicide and burn-out. Hence, people at risk for future burn-out are often highly conscientious over-achievers with intense mixtures of positive and negative emotions. The high demand for perfection comes from both intrinsic characteristics and from features of the social milieu in their psychological climate. Letting go of the unfulfillable desire to be perfect by increasing self-transcendence allows acceptance of the imperfection of the human condition, thereby preventing burn-out and other

  6. Study of a conceptual nuclear energy center at Green River, Utah. Final summary report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Williams, J.T. (ed.)


    This document summarizes a conceptual study on the feasibility and practicality of developing a nuclear energy center (NEC) at a representative Western site. The site selected for this conceptual study, an area of about 50 square miles, is located 15 miles south of Green River, Utah. The conceptual NEC would consist of nine nuclear electric generating units, arranged on the site in three clusters of three reactors each (triads), separated by about 2 1/2 miles. Of the total electric output of 11,250 MWe that the NEC could produce, about 82% is assumed to be transmitted out of Utah to Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California. The technical engineering issues studied included geology and seismology, plant design, low-level radioactive waste disposal, transmission, and construction schedules and costs. Socioeconomic issues included were demographics, land use, community service needs, and fiscal impacts. Environmental considerations included terrestrial and aquatic ecology, visual impact, and secondary population impacts. Radiological issues were concerned with the safety and risks of an NEC and an on-site low-level waste facility. Institutional issues included methods of ownership, taxation, implications of energy export, and water allocation. The basic finding was that an NEC would be technically feasible, but a number of socioeconomic and institutional issues would require resolution before a Western regional NEC could be considered a viable power plant siting option.

  7. Improving Initiation and Tracking of Research Projects at an Academic Health Center: A Case Study. (United States)

    Schmidt, Susanne; Goros, Martin; Parsons, Helen M; Saygin, Can; Wan, Hung-Da; Shireman, Paula K; Gelfond, Jonathan A L


    Research service cores at academic health centers are important in driving translational advancements. Specifically, biostatistics and research design units provide services and training in data analytics, biostatistics, and study design. However, the increasing demand and complexity of assigning appropriate personnel to time-sensitive projects strains existing resources, potentially decreasing productivity and increasing costs. Improving processes for project initiation, assigning appropriate personnel, and tracking time-sensitive projects can eliminate bottlenecks and utilize resources more efficiently. In this case study, we describe our application of lean six sigma principles to our biostatistics unit to establish a systematic continual process improvement cycle for intake, allocation, and tracking of research design and data analysis projects. The define, measure, analyze, improve, and control methodology was used to guide the process improvement. Our goal was to assess and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations by objectively measuring outcomes, automating processes, and reducing bottlenecks. As a result, we developed a web-based dashboard application to capture, track, categorize, streamline, and automate project flow. Our workflow system resulted in improved transparency, efficiency, and workload allocation. Using the dashboard application, we reduced the average study intake time from 18 to 6 days, a 66.7% reduction over 12 months (January to December 2015).

  8. Prevalence and Severity of Anemia in Pediatric Hemodialysis Patients; A Single Center Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alaleh Ghasari


    Full Text Available Objective: To determine the prevalence and severity of anemia in children and adolescents on chronic hemodialysis and to identify independent predictor for anemia in children on hemodialysis. Material & Methods: A cross sectional study was performed between September 2005 and January 2006. The study population consisted of 25 patients aged 7−20 years on chronic hemodialysis from pediatric hemodialysis centers in Isfahan, Iran. Findings: A total of 22 (82% patients had hemoglobin level of 200 pg/ml in 16 patients (66% and >400 pg/ml in 9 patients (37.5%. There was a reverse correlation between PTH level>200 pg/ml and hemoglobin level (r=-0.505, P=0.046. Conclusion: The prevalence of anemia in children on hemodialysis in Isfahan appears to be higher than that reported in the other studies in spite of extensive use of rHuEPO and iron supplementation. We found this to be especially true for patients new on hemodialysis (less than 6 months, low albumin and severe hyperparathyroidism.

  9. Metabolic syndrome and discrepancy between actual and self-identified good weight: Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study. (United States)

    Wirth, Michael D; Blake, Christine E; Hébert, James R; Sui, Xuemei; Blair, Steven N


    This study examined whether the discrepancy between measured and self-identified good weight (weight discrepancy) predicts metabolic syndrome (MetSyn). This study included 6,413 participants enrolled in the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study (mean follow-up: 4.8±3.8 years). Weight discrepancy was defined as measured weight minus self-identified good weight. MetSyn was defined using standard definitions. Hazard ratios (HRs) and 95% confidence intervals (95% CIs) for incident MetSyn, by weight discrepancy category, were estimated using Cox proportional hazards regression. The multivariable-adjusted HR for MetSyn was 3.48 (95% CI=2.48-4.86) for those who maintained higher weight discrepancy over time compared to individuals with lower weight discrepancy. Additional adjustment for body mass index did not change this interpretation (HR=3.44; 95% CI=2.46-4.82). Weight discrepancy may be a useful screening characteristic and target for future interventions to further reduce the risk of chronic weight-related disorders, included MetSyn.

  10. A clinicopathologic study of glomerular disease: A single-center, five-year retrospective study from Northwest India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pankaj Beniwal


    Full Text Available Studies published from centers across India have reported different and contradicting patterns of glomerular disease. In this retrospective study, we report our experience from a Tertiary Care Center in Northwest India. A total of 702 renal biopsies performed between 2008 and 2013 were reviewed of which 80 were excluded from the study because of having insufficient records or if the biopsies were taken from an allograft. The study included 411 males (66.1 % and 211 females (33.9% with an age range of 12-70 years (mean 30.34 ± 7.04 years. Majority of the biopsies (93.9% showed some form of glomerulonephritis (GN, either primary (79.4% or secondary glomerular disease (SGD (14.5%. Minimal change disease (MCD was the most common type of primary GN (26.5% of primary GN, followed by membranous nephropathy (MN; 18.8% and focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS; 13.2%. Lupus nephritis (LN was the most frequent SGD (52.2% of secondary GN. Amyloidosis was found in 41.1% and diabetic glomerulosclerosis in 4.4%. LN was also the second most common diagnosis in females after MCD, seen in 19.4% of females. MCD followed by membranoproliferative GN and diffuse proliferative GN were the most common entities in individuals <20 years of age. In the 20-39 years age group, MN was the most common pathology seen. MN was again the most common pathology seen in patients aged above 40 years followed by amyloidosis and FSGS. In this study, MCD was the most common primary GN observed overall from this part of India. MN was the most common GN in individuals above 20 years of age presenting with the nephrotic syndrome. The geographical and regional differences in the pattern of GNs point to the necessity of having a central biopsy registry.

  11. Tip Studies using CFD and Comparison with Tip Loss Models

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Martin Otto Laver


    of the averaged axial induction factor and the normal and tangential loads are compared with those of a standard blade element momentum code using 2D calibrated airfoil data for a wind speed of 9 m s(-1), where the agreement in computed power is good. Further, a comparison with a new tip loss model proposed...

  12. Comparison studies of ozone precursors in Phoenix, Arizona

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fernandez, C.; Guyton, J.; Lee, C.P. [Arizona Dept. of Environmental Quality, Phoenix, AZ (United States); Parmar, S. [Atmospheric Analysis and Consulting Co., Ventura, CA (United States)


    This paper will present the comparison of the ozone precursors monitoring program for Phoenix, Arizona during 1992 and 1993. Specific details and methodologies will be presented involving collection of air samples and analysis of speciated measurements for reactive VOC and carbonyl precursors responsible for ozone formation. Quality control and quality assurance techniques will also be discussed.

  13. Clinical and experimental studies of multiple sclerosis in Russia: experience of the leading national research centers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zavalishin IA


    Full Text Available Igor A Zavalishin,1 Alexey A Belogurov Jr,2–4 Yakov A Lomakin,2 Natalia A Ponomarenko,2 Sofia N Morozova,1 Zinaida A Suslina,1,† Michael A Piradov,1 Sergey N Illarioshkin,1 Alexander G Gabibov2–5 1Research Center of Neurology, 2Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 3Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, 4Institute of Gene Biology, RAS, 5Chemistry Department, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia †Dr Zinaida A Suslina passed away on June 22, 2014 Abstract: Mechanisms of axonal damage and adaptive capacity in multiple sclerosis (MS, including cortical reorganization, have been actively studied in recent years. The lack of regenerative capabilities and the irreversibility of neurodegeneration in MS are critical factors for the optimization of MS treatment. In this study, we present the results of clinical and basic studies in the field of MS by two leading Russian centers. Clinical and neuroimaging correlations show that spinal damage in MS is accompanied by functional reorganization of the cerebral cortex, which is determined not only by the efferent component but also by the afferent component. Comparative analysis of MS treatment with both interferon β1b (IFN-β1b and IFN-β1a at a dosage of 22 µg for 3 years through subcutaneous administration and glatiramer acetate showed equally high efficiency in reducing the number of exacerbations in relapsing-remitting MS and secondary-progressive MS. We demonstrate a reduced risk of disability in relapsing-remitting MS and secondary-progressive MS patients in all groups treated with IFN-β1 and glatiramer acetate. MS appears to be a disease that would greatly benefit from the development of personalized therapy; thus, adequate molecular predictors of myelin degradation are greatly needed. Therefore, novel ideas related to the viral hypothesis of the etiology of MS and new targets for

  14. Center of Mass Compensation during Gait in Hip Arthroplasty Patients: Comparison between Large Diameter Head Total Hip Arthroplasty and Hip Resurfacing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vicky Bouffard


    Full Text Available Objective. To compare center of mass (COM compensation in the frontal and sagittal plane during gait in patients with large diameter head total hip arthroplasty (LDH-THA and hip resurfacing (HR. Design. Observational study. Setting. Outpatient biomechanical laboratory. Participants. Two groups of 12 patients with LDH-THA and HR recruited from a larger randomized study and 11 healthy controls. Interventions. Not applicable. Main Outcome Measures. To compare the distance between the hip prosthetic joint center (HPJC and the COM. The ratio (RHPJC-COM and the variability (CVHPJC-COM were compared between groups. Hip flexor, abductor, and adductor muscle strength was also correlated between groups while radiographic measurements were correlated with the outcome measures. Results. In the frontal plane, HR shows less variability than healthy controls at push-off and toe-off and RHPJC-COM is correlated with the muscle strength ratios (FRABD at heel contact, maximal weight acceptance, and mid stance. In the sagittal plane, LDH-THA has a higher RHPJC-COM than healthy controls at push-off, and CVHPJC-COM is significantly correlated with FRFLEX. Conclusions. One year after surgery, both groups of patients, LDH-THA and HR, demonstrate minor compensations at some specific instant of the gait cycle, in both frontal and sagittal planes. However, their locomotion pattern is similar to the healthy controls.

  15. Vascular complications following 1500 consecutive living and cadaveric donor renal transplantations: A single center study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Salehipour Mehdi


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to document vascular complications that occurred fol-lowing cadaveric and living donor kidney transplants in order to assess the overall incidence of these complications at our center as well as to identify possible risk factors. In a retrospective cohort study, 1500 consecutive renal transplant recipients who received a living or cadaveric donor kidney between December 1988 and July 2006 were evaluated. The study was performed at the Nemazee Hospital, Shiraz, Iran. The assessment of the anatomy and number of renal arteries as well as the incidence of vascular complications was made by color doppler ultrasonography, angiography, and/or surgical exploration. Clinically apparent vascular complications were seen in 8.86% of all study patients (n = 133 with the most frequent being hemorrhage (n = 91; 6.1% followed by allo-graft renal artery stenosis (n = 26; 1.7%, renal artery thrombosis (n = 9; 0.6%, and renal vein thrombosis (n = 7; 0.5%. Vascular complications were more frequent in recipients of cadaveric organs than recipients of allografts from living donors (12.5% vs. 7.97%; P= 0.017. The occurrence of vascular complications was significantly more frequent among recipients of renal allografts with multiple arteries when compared with recipients of kidneys with single artery (12.3% vs. 8.2%; P= 0.033. The same was true to venous complications as well (25.4% vs. 8.2%; P< 0.001. Our study shows that vascular complications were more frequent in allografts with multiple renal blood vessels. Also, the complications were much less frequent in recipients of living donor transplants.

  16. Sage grouse on the Yakima Training Center: A summary of studies conducted during 1989 and 1990

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Eberhardt, L.E. (Pacific Northwest Lab., Richland, WA (USA)); Hofmann, L.A. (Yakima Training Center, WA (USA). Coe-Truman Technologies)


    A two-year study, sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Army and conducted by Pacific Northwest Laboratory, was initiated in 1989 to study sage grouse on the Yakima Training Center (YTC). The specific objectives of this study were (1) to obtain detailed information on the distribution and relative density of sage grouse on the YTC, (2) to identify movement and habitat use patterns of sage grouse on the YTC, (3) to identify crucial habitat for sage grouse on the YTC, and (4) to provide management recommendations. Sage grouse were selected for study because they are a US Fish and Wildlife Service candidate species for the threatened and endangered list in Washington, and because the YTC probably contains the largest population of sage grouse left on federally owned lands in this state. The locations of 11 sage grouse leks, or breeding grounds, were determined on the YTC during extensive spring helicopter surveys. The maximum number of sage grouse observed during ground surveys of these leks varied from 2 to 55 birds. One lek, located near Range 19, was probably used by 40 to 50% of the YTC sage grouse population. Fifteen years of counts of males on leks indicate that the YTC sage grouse population was most numerous during the early to mid 1980s. Since the mid-1980s, sage grouse numbers appear to have declined on the YTC and in other locations in Washington. Forty-six sage grouse (17 females and 29 males) were captured and fitted with radio transmitters during 1989 and 1990. Movements by these sage grouse were both erratic and large when compared with other studies. We believe that many of the atypical movements were in response to military training activities. Sage grouse appeared to seek out areas on the YTC where human disturbance was low. Recommendations are made for improving the management of grouse habitat.

  17. A Polysomnography Study of Kleine-Levin Syndrome in a Single Center

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yan-Wen Luo; Huan Yu; Lu-Hua Yuan; Guo-Xing Zhu


    Background:Kleine-Levin syndrome (KLS) is a rare sleep disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of hypersomnia.Polysomnographic (PSG) researches of KLS have been reported only in few publications in the past decades.This study aimed to investigate the characteristics of PSG of KLS.Methods:This study,which was conducted from March 2010 to July 2014,included seven patients diagnosed with KLS in the Sleep and Wake Disorder Center of Huashan Hospital,Fudan University (Shanghai,China).PSG and multiple sleep latency tests (MSLT) were performed during their episodes and the results were evaluated.Results:Five of the seven patients were males.The mean age at KLS onset was 15.6 ± 3.6 years.The number of episodes ranged from 2 to 7.The duration of episodes lasted from 4 to 11 days.The sleep architecture and proportion were normal in most of the patients.The average value of mean sleep latency was 6.9 ± 4.1 min.No sleep-onset rapid eye movement (SOREM) was detected in three of the patients,whereas one patient experienced one period of SOREM,and such episodes occurred twice in other two patients.Conclusions:We found that sleep architecture and proportion were normal in most KLS patients.However,the results of PSG and MSLT had no specificity for KLS patients.

  18. User-Centered Design for Interactive Maps: A Case Study in Crime Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert E. Roth


    Full Text Available In this paper, we address the topic of user-centered design (UCD for cartography, GIScience, and visual analytics. Interactive maps are ubiquitous in modern society, yet they often fail to “work” as they could or should. UCD describes the process of ensuring interface success—map-based or otherwise—by gathering input and feedback from target users throughout the design and development of the interface. We contribute to the expanding literature on UCD for interactive maps in two ways. First, we synthesize core concepts on UCD from cartography and related fields, as well as offer new ideas, in order to organize existing frameworks and recommendations regarding the UCD of interactive maps. Second, we report on a case study UCD process for GeoVISTA CrimeViz, an interactive and web-based mapping application supporting visual analytics of criminal activity in space and time. The GeoVISTA CrimeViz concept and interface were improved iteratively by working through a series of user→utility→usability loops in which target users provided input and feedback on needs and designs (user, prompting revisions to the conceptualization and functional requirements of the interface (utility, and ultimately leading to new mockups and prototypes of the interface (usability for additional evaluation by target users (user… and so on. Together, the background review and case study offer guidance for applying UCD to interactive mapping projects, and demonstrate the benefit of including target users throughout design and development.

  19. Implementing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the real world: A case study of two mental health centers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Burns Barbara J


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Behavioral health services for children and adolescents in the U.S. are lacking in accessibility, availability and quality. Evidence-based interventions for emotional and behavioral disorders can improve quality, yet few studies have systematically examined their implementation in routine care settings. Methods Using quantitative and qualitative data, we evaluated a multi-faceted implementation strategy to implement cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT for depressed adolescents into two publicly-funded mental healthcare centers. Extent of implementation during the study's duration and variables influencing implementation were explored. Results Of the 35 clinicians eligible to participate, 25 (71% were randomized into intervention (n = 11 or usual care (n = 14. Nine intervention clinicians completed the CBT training. Sixteen adolescents were enrolled in CBT with six of the intervention clinicians; half of these received at least six CBT manually-based sessions. Multiple barriers to CBT adoption and sustained use were identified by clinicians in qualitative interviews. Conclusion Strategies to implement evidence-based interventions into routine clinical settings should include multi-method, pre-implementation assessments of the clinical environment and address multiple barriers to initial uptake as well as long-term sustainability.

  20. Retrospective Single Center Study of Granulocyte Monocyte Adsorption Apheresis Treatment in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. (United States)

    Edfors, Kajsa; Ståhlberg, Dagny; Söderman, Charlotte


    Patients with active inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have elevated and activated myeloid leukocytes, which infiltrate the intestinal mucosa. A significant proportion of IBD patients do not respond adequately to conventional treatment regimes. Studies have suggested that treatment with granulocyte monocyte apheresis (GMA) could be a safe and efficacious alternative for these patients. We evaluated the efficacy and safety of granulocyte/monocyte apheresis in patients with IBD in a retrospective cohort study, conducted from a single center in Stockholm. Clinical details from consecutive apheresis treated patients were retrospectively reviewed from 2004 to 2012. A total of 37 patients were included, 23 patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) and 14 with Crohn's disease (CD). Clinical response was seen in 11 patients (30%) and complete remission in 11 patients (30%). The remission rate was higher in UC patients compared to CD patients, 39% (N = 9) and 14% (N = 2) respectively. A total of 9 patients experienced adverse events. Most frequently reported was headache (N = 4). GMA seems to be a valuable adjuvant treatment regime in the care of patients with refractory IBD.

  1. Water exchange in plant tissue studied by proton NMR in the presence of paramagnetic centers. (United States)

    Bacić, G; Ratković, S


    The proton NMR relaxation of water in maize roots in the presence of paramagnetic centers, Mn2+, Mn- EDTA2 -, and dextran-magnetite was measured. It was shown that the NMR method of Conlon and Outhred (1972, Biochem. Biophys. Acta. 288:354-361) can be applied to a heterogenous multicellular system, and the water exchange time between cortical cells and the extracellular space can be calculated. The water exchange is presumably controlled by the intracellular unstirred layers. The Mn- EDTA2 - complex is a suitable paramagnetic compound for complex tissue, while the application of dextran-magnetite is probably restricted to studies of water exchange in cell suspensions. The water free space of the root and viscosity of the cells cytoplasm was estimated with the use of Mn- EDTA2 -. The convenience of proton NMR for studying the multiphase uptake of paramagnetic ions by plant root as well as their transport to leaves is demonstrated. A simple and rapid NMR technique (spin-echo recovery) for continuous measurement of the uptake process is presented.

  2. Determinants of intelligence in childhood-onset epilepsy: a single-center study. (United States)

    Park, Jungmee; Yum, Mi-Sun; Choi, Hae-won; Kim, Eun Hee; Kim, Hyo Won; Ko, Tae-Sung


    The purpose of this study was to quantify the intelligence of children with epilepsy and to determine the clinical factors associated with intellectual impairment. The medical records of patients diagnosed with childhood-onset epilepsy at a single tertiary medical center in Korea between 2006 and 2011 were retrospectively reviewed. The Korean Education Development Institute-Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children or Korean Wechsler Intelligence Scale for adults was used to quantify the level of intelligence. Age at seizure onset, etiology, epilepsy duration, number of seizures in the last year, use of antiepileptic drugs, EEG/MRI findings, and epilepsy classification were recorded. The association between clinical factors and the intelligence was determined using logistic regression. Three hundred and twenty-two patients were included in the analysis. One hundred and seventy-six (54.7%) patients had low intelligence (intelligence quotient [IQ]intelligence in multivariate logistic regression (pintelligence in children with idiopathic epilepsy. The most important factors associated with low intelligence in childhood-onset epilepsy are the underlying etiology and, in cryptogenic and symptomatic epilepsy, seizure burden. The results of this study underscore the importance of seizure control to alleviate the harmful impact of epilepsy on cognition.

  3. Alemtuzumab in lung transplantation: an open-label, randomized, prospective single center study. (United States)

    Jaksch, P; Ankersmit, J; Scheed, A; Kocher, A; Muraközy, G; Klepetko, W; Lang, G


    Induction therapy with alemtuzumab followed by lower maintenance immunosuppression (IS) has been associated with reduced morbidity and mortality in abdominal and heart transplantation (TX). In the current study, alemtuzumab, in combination with reduced levels of maintenance IS, was compared to thymoglobulin in combination with standard IS. Sixty consecutive patients who underwent lung transplantation (LUTX) at a single center were prospectively randomized in two groups: group A received alemtuzumab in conjunction with reduced doses of tacrolimus, steroids and mycophenolate mofetil. Group B received thymoglobulin in association with standard dose IS. Patient and graft survival, freedom from acute cellular rejection (ACR), lymphocytic bronchiolitis, bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome, kidney function, infectious complications and posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorder were analyzed. Alemtuzumab induction therapy resulted in complete the absence of ACR episodes ≥ A2 within the first year post-TX. The difference to thymoglobulin was significant (alemtuzumab 0 vs. ATG 0.33; p = 0.019). All other factors studied did not show any differences between the two groups. Alemtuzumab induction therapy after LUTX in combination with reduced maintenance IS significantly reduces higher-grade rejection rates. This novel therapeutic agent had no impact on survival, infections rates, kidney function and incidence of malignancies.

  4. A comparison of traditional vs. Canadian tailored prophylaxis dosing of prophylactic factor infusions in children with haemophilia A and B in a single hemophilia treatment center. (United States)

    Dodd, C; Watts, R G


    Prophylactic infusion of clotting factor concentrates is a developing standard of care for individuals with haemophilia. The ideal schedule and techniques of prophylactic infusions remain incompletely defined. Our aim was to determine the optimal techniques and schedules for factor prophylaxis in paediatric patients. A retrospective electronic medical record review of all children treated with prophylactic factor infusions in a single Haemophilia Treatment Center was conducted. Comparison of traditional vs. Canadian dosing regimens and primary vs. secondary prophylaxis was made. Failure of prophylaxis was defined as the first serious bleed. A total of 58 children were identified for review. Five cases were excluded (four due to high titre inhibitors and one due to repeated non-compliance), thus there were 53 total cases: 46 with severe haemophilia, 2 with moderate haemophilia, 5 with mild haemophilia, 44 with haemophilia A and 9 with haemophilia B; 32 Traditional dosing and 21 Canadian dosing regimens. Patients on primary prophylaxis had a decreased failure rate (25%) compared to children treated with secondary prophylaxis (67%) regardless of technique of prophylaxis. When compared to a 'Traditional' factor prophylaxis schedule, the 'Canadian' tailored prophylaxis protocol was comparable with the exception of a decreased use of implanted venous devices in the 'Canadian' group. Ongoing bleeding (primarily joint bleeds) occurs with all prophylactic regimens. The lowest incidence of treatment failure was noted in children who began primary prophylaxis at a young age and before initial joint bleeds. Primary prophylaxis is superior to secondary prophylaxis regardless of dosing regimen. Traditional and Canadian dosing regimens were equivalent in outcome when measured over several years of follow-up.

  5. Therapy response evaluation of malignant lymphoma in a multicenter study. Comparison of manual and semiautomatic measurements in CT

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wessling, J.; Schuelke, C. [Muenster Univ. (Germany). Dept. of Clinical Radiology; Koch, R. [Muenster Univ. (Germany). Dept. of Medical Informatics and Biomathematics; and others


    Purpose: Comparison of manual one-/bi-dimensional measurements versus semi-automatically derived one-/bi-dimensional and volumetric measurements for therapy response evaluation of malignant lymphoma during CT follow-up examinations in a multicenter setting. Materials and Methods: MSCT data sets of patients with malignant lymphoma were evaluated before (baseline) and after two cycles of chemotherapy (follow-up) at radiological centers of five university hospitals. The long axis diameter (LAD), the short axis diameter (SAD) and the bi-dimensional WHO of 307 target lymph nodes were measured manually and semi-automatically using dedicated software. Lymph node volumetry was performed semi-automatically only. The therapeutic response was evaluated according to lymphoma-adapted RECIST. Results: Based on a single lymph node, semi-automatically derived multidimensional parameters allowed for significantly more accurate therapy response classification than the manual or the semi-automatic unidimensional parameters. Incorrect classifications were reduced by up to 9.6%. Compared to the manual approach, the influence of the study center on correct therapy classification is significantly less relevant when using semi-automatic measurements. Conclusion: Semi-automatic volumetry and bi-dimensional WHO significantly reduce the number of incorrectly classified lymphoma patients by approximately 9.6% in the multicenter setting in comparison to linear parameters. Semi-automatic quantitative software tools may help to significantly reduce wrong classifications that are associated with the manual assessment approach. (orig.)

  6. Bariatric surgery outcomes: a single-center study in the United Arab Emirates

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abusnana S


    Full Text Available Salah Abusnana,1 Sarah Abdi,1 Brigette Tagure,1 Murtada Elbagir,1 Almantas Maleckas2 1Rashid Center for Diabetes and Research, Ministry of Health, Ajman, United Arab Emirates; 2Kaunas University of Medicine, Kaunas, LithuaniaBackground: Bariatric surgery has become an attractive treatment for severe obesity over the last decade, due to its impacts on weight loss and remission of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. In the United Arab Emirates, a country where the rate of obesity is dramatically increasing bariatric surgery has gained popularity in recent years; however, published data on its outcomes in the Emirati population are lacking.Methods: We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 95 patients who underwent bariatric surgery (ie, laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass [RYGB] or laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy at the Rashid Center for Diabetes and Research in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. Weight outcomes and metabolic marker data were abstracted at baseline and at 3, 6, and 12 months postoperatively.Results: Laparoscopic RYGB was the main procedure performed by our bariatric unit. All variables demonstrated postoperative improvement. An average excess weight loss of 68% was observed at 12 months. Fat mass was the body component that decreased the most, with an average reduction of 46%. Additionally, lipid profiles were significantly different (P<0.01 at 12 months, with triglyceride levels improving by 27% and low-density lipoprotein levels improving by 21%. Similarly, glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c levels decreased significantly (P<0.001 in patients with type 2 diabetes, with an average reduction of 73%.Conclusion: Our results show that a substantial short-term reduction in weight and significant improvements in metabolic markers followed bariatric surgery in severely obese Emirati patients. Our results are consistent with the outcomes of other internationally published studies. Additional studies are warranted to determine whether

  7. Prognostic factors of overall survival in renal cancer patients – single oncological center study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kajetan Juszczak


    Full Text Available Introduction. The clinical course of renal cancer remains difficult to predict. Attempts to appoint new independent prognostic factors (IPFs and comparisons of already identified ones among populations are inevitable to develop more effective prognostic instruments. The aim of this study was to evaluate IPFs of overall survival in a given population of patients with renal cancer.Materials and methods. Retrospective analysis of 148 patients with renal cancer treated at the Oncological Institute in Cracow from 2000 to 2007 was performed. Mean follow–up was 51 months. Using the log–rang test, a group of clinicopathological and biochemical features was analyzed in respect to their influence on overall survival. Results were presented as Kaplan–Meier curves. Final identification of IPFs was made by multivariate Cox regression analysis.Results. Overall survival rate at 1, 2, and 5–year follow–up was 58.8%, 38.2%, and 21.4%, respectively. The set of identified IPFs consisted of performance status, smoking history, hemoglobin concentration, anatomical staging, tumor grade, and the presence of microvascular invasion. It was confirmed that only nephrectomy increases significantly overall survival.Conclusions. Apart from smoking history, the role of all other IPFs identified in our study is well documented in the literature. Smoking history seems to be a new IPF with strong negative impact on survival in patients with RCC.

  8. Prevalence estimates for primary brain tumors in China: a multi-center cross-sectional study

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    JIANG Tao; WU Nai-feng; CHEN Xiao-jun; XING Hou-xun; SU Tong-yong; WANG Zhong-cheng; TANG Gen-fu; LIN Yi; PENG Xiao-xia; ZHANG Xiao; ZHAI Xiu-wei; PENG Xiang; YANG Jin-qing; HUANG Hong-er


    Background Although the first leading cause of death in China was malignant neoplasms (mortality,374.1 per 100000 person-years),the full impact of primary brain tumors (PBT) on the healthcare system is not completely described because there are a few well documented reports about the epidemiologic features of brain tumors.This study aimed to report a comprehensive assessment on the prevalence of PBT.Methods A multicenter cross-sectional study on brain tumor (MCSBT) in China was initiated in five regional centers:Daqing (northeast),Puyang (north of China),Shiyan (center of China),Ma'anshan (center of China) and Shanghai (southeast).Prevalence rate was calculated by counting the number of people living with a PBT between October 1,2005 and September 30,2006 and dividing by the total population of the five communities at January 1,2006.Estimates of prevalence were expressed as percentages and grouped according to gender and to age in fifteen-year categories.Within these strata,the rates were estimated with 95% confidence intervals (C/) using the accurate calculation of CI for Poisson distribution.A chi-square test was used to compare the various frequencies with α<0.05.Age-standardized prevalence with the direct method was calculated with the ten-year age-specific prevalence and the age distribution of the Chinese population in 2010,obtained from Worldpopulation prospects:the 2008 revision.Results We estimated that the overall prevalence of PBT was 24.56 per 100 000 (95% CI,14.85 to 34.27),and the overall prevalence of PBT in female population (30.57 per 100 000 and its 95% CI ranged from 19.73 to 41.41 ) was higher than that in male population (18.84 per 100 000 and its 95% CI ranged from 10.33 to 27.35).However,the discrepancy between genders was not statistically significant because the 95% CI overlapped.Of 272 cases of newly diagnosed PBT,the proportion of histological subtypes by age groups,gender was statistically different (χ2=52.6510,P <0.0001).More than

  9. Four years prospective study of the maxillofacial trauma at a tertiary center in Western Nepal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rajib Khadka


    Full Text Available Purpose: This study was conducted to find the epidemiological characteristics of maxillofacial trauma in the Western region of Nepal. Materials and Methods: All the trauma patients attending the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery in 4 years period at a tertiary center in Western Nepal were included in the study. The incidence, prevalence, age and sex distribution, etiologies and types as well as seasonal and daily variation of maxillofacial trauma were studied. Results: Maxillofacial trauma with male (71.55% predominance was seen. Road traffic accidents (RTA, 46.5% were the most common cause, and 41.65% of fracture cases due to RTA were under the influence of alcohol. Accidents were more common on the rural roads (38.9%, and majorities (43.3% were due to motorcycle accidents. They were more common on Friday (36.7% and in winter seasons (51.2%. The mandible fractures (65.85% were more common than midface fractures (53.58% and 19.44% of the fractures were combined fractures. Parasymphysis in mandible (32.16% and zygoma (39.09% in midface were the most common type of fracture. Conclusion: The increased incidence of maxillofacial trauma following RTA under the influence of alcohol noted in this study reveals the need for formulating preventive measures in the Western region of Nepal. Need to aware people to avoid drink and drive proper traffic management, prevention of carrying excessive passengers, especially on the rooftop of vehicles on the highway and disposal of out of date vehicles and timely maintenance of faulty roads is a must.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The organization on responsibility centers has lately become a generalized practice inside small and medium economic enterprises. Thus it made necessary the adaptation of management accounting to the new requirements. Introducing effective management by o

  11. A Study to Determine the Feasibility of Establishing a Wellness Center at Martin Army Community Hospital (United States)


    MTF) establish a Wellness/Health Promotion Center to provide the services needed to support the wellness concepto (Department of the Army, 1984). 2...Directive 1010.10 (Health Promotion). 6. It is recommended that a marketing plan be developed for the wellness center. The plan should include articles for...1981). Wellness programs attract new markets for hospitals. Hospitals, 55(22), 115-116, 119. Manring, S.L. (1985). Evaluating corporate wellness and

  12. Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center (INTEC) (formerly ICPP) ash reutilization study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Langenwalter, T.; Pettet, M.; Ochoa, R.; Jensen, S.


    Since 1984, the coal-fired plant at the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center (INTEC, formerly Idaho Chemical Processing Plant) has been generating fly ash at a rate of approximately 1,000 tons per year. This ash is hydrated and placed in an ash bury pit near the coal-fired plant. The existing ash bury pit will be full in less than 1 year at its present rate of use. A conceptual design to build a new ash bury pit was completed, and the new pit is estimated to cost $1.7 million. This report evaluates ash reutilization alternatives that propose to eliminate this waste stream and save the $1.7 million required to build a new pit. The alternatives include using ash for landfill day cover, concrete admixture, flowable fill, soil stabilization, waste remediation, and carbon recovery technology. Both physical and chemical testing, under the guidance of the American Society for Testing and Materials, have been performed on ash from the existing pit and from different steps within the facility`s processes. The test results have been evaluated, compared to commercial ash, and are discussed as they relate to reutilization alternatives. This study recommends that the ash be used in flowable fill concrete for Deactivation and Demolition work at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory.

  13. The Stability Study of Globe Transportation Center of Beijing Capital International Airport

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    MA Jun; ZHOU Dai; ZHU Zhong-yi; LIU Jie


    The stability of long span steel arch structure of globe transportation center (GTC) in the Beijing Capital International Airport was studied. Different objective models such as single arch model, composite arch model and global structural model were introduced to analyze the structural stability by means of the finite element technique.The eigen buckling factor of the steel arch structure was analyzed. The geometrical nonlinearity, elastic-plastic nonlinearity and initial imperfection were taken into account in the investigation of the structural buckling, and the nonlinearity reduction factors for the steel arch structure were discussed. The effects of geometrical nonlinearity and initial imperfection on the structural buckling are light while the effect of material nonlinearity is quite remarkable. For a single steel arch, the dominant buckling mode occurs in out-of-plane of arch structure. The out-of-plane buckling factor of the composite steel arch is greater than that of the single steel arch while the in-plane buckling factor of the former is somewhat less than that of the latter. Moreover, the webs near the steel arch feet have the lowest local buckling level and the local buckling is more serious than the global buckling for the global structure.

  14. Ecological baseline study of the Yakima Firing Center proposed land acquisition: A status report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rogers, L.E.; Beedlow, P.A.; Eberhardt, L.E.; Dauble, D.D.; Fitzner, R.E.


    This report provides baseline environmental information for the property identified for possible expansion of the Yakima Firing Center. Results from this work provide general descriptions of the animals and major plant communities present. A vegetation map derived from a combination of on-site surveillance and remotely sensed imagery is provided as part of this report. Twenty-seven wildlife species of special interest (protected, sensitive, furbearer, game animal, etc.), and waterfowl, were observed on the proposed expansion area. Bird censuses revealed 13 raptorial species (including four of special interest: bald eagle, golden eagle, osprey, and prairie falcon); five upland game bird species (sage grouse, California quail, chukar, gray partridge, and ring-necked pheasant); common loons (a species proposed for state listing as threatened); and five other species of special interest (sage thrasher, loggerhead shrike, mourning dove, sage sparrow, and long-billed curlew). Estimates of waterfowl abundance are included for the Priest Rapids Pool of the Columbia River. Six small mammal species were captured during this study; one, the sagebrush vole, is a species of special interest. Two large animal species, mule deer and elk, were noted on the site. Five species of furbearing animals were observed (coyote, beaver, raccoon, mink, and striped skunk). Four species of reptiles and one amphibian were noted. Fisheries surveys were conducted to document the presence of gamefish, and sensitive-classified fish and aquatic invertebrates. Rainbow trout were the only fish collected within the boundaries of the proposed northern expansion area. 22 refs., 10 figs., 4 tabs.

  15. A Detailed Observational Study of Molecular Loops 1 and 2 in the Galactic Center

    CERN Document Server

    Torii, Kazufumi; Fujishita, Motosuji; Kawase, Tokuichi; Yamamoto, Hiroaki; Kawamura, Akiko; Mizuno, Norikazu; Onishi, Toshikazu; Mizuno, Akira; Machida, Mami; Takahashi, Kunio; Nozawa, Satoshi; Matsumoto, Ryoji; Fukui, Yasuo


    Fukui et al. (2006) discovered two molecular loops in the Galactic center that are likely created by the magnetic flotation due to the Parker instability. Following the discovery, we present here a detailed study of the two loops based on NANTEN 12CO(J=1-0) and 13CO(J=1-0) datasets. The two loops are located in (l, b) ~ (357, 1) deg. at a velocity range of -20 - -180 km/s with a projected total length of ~ 600 pc and heights of ~250 - 300 pc from the Galactic disk at a distance of 8.5 kpc. They show bright foot points in the 12CO emission in the edges of the loops at b ~ 0.8 - 1.0 deg.. These foot points are characterized by velocity dispersions of 50 - 100 km/s. The loops also show large-scale velocity gradients of ~30 - 50 km/s per ~100 pc. The loops also have counterparts of the HI gas and IRAS emissions. The HI gas with weaker intensity fills the inner part of the loops where there is no significant 12CO and 13CO emission. We estimate total mass and kinetic energy of the loops are ~1.5 - 2.5 x 10^6 Msun a...

  16. A protein dynamics study of photosystem II: the effects of protein conformation on reaction center function. (United States)

    Vasil'ev, Sergej; Bruce, Doug


    Molecular dynamics simulations have been performed to study photosystem II structure and function. Structural information obtained from simulations was combined with ab initio computations of chromophore excited states. In contrast to calculations based on the x-ray structure, the molecular-dynamics-based calculations accurately predicted the experimental absorbance spectrum. In addition, our calculations correctly assigned the energy levels of reaction-center (RC) chromophores, as well as the lowest-energy antenna chlorophyll. The primary and secondary quinone electron acceptors, Q(A) and Q(B), exhibited independent changes in position over the duration of the simulation. Q(B) fluctuated between two binding sites similar to the proximal and distal sites previously observed in light- and dark-adapted RC from purple bacteria. Kinetic models were used to characterize the relative influence of chromophore geometry, site energies, and electron transport rates on RC efficiency. The fluctuating energy levels of antenna chromophores had a larger impact on quantum yield than did their relative positions. Variations in electron transport rates had the most significant effect and were sufficient to explain the experimentally observed multi-component decay of excitation in photosystem II. The implications of our results are discussed in the context of competing evolutionary selection pressures for RC structure and function.

  17. Participatory ergonomics intervention in a sterile processing center: a case study. (United States)

    Boynton, Teresa; Darragh, Amy Rowntree


    The following case study describes an ergonomics intervention program, designed and implemented by an occupational therapist (OT), which included principles of participatory ergonomics, had full support of management and administration, and addressed the work, worker, and environment. The ergonomics program took place in the Sterile Processing Center (SPC) of a 398 bed, mid-western hospital. The SPC was responsible for the collection, sterilization, and reassembling of hospital surgical equipment. The 30 employees of the SPC were vulnerable to injury, having experienced 19 in only two years (of the 19 injuries, 9 were WMSD or ergonomics-related injuries). Over a two and a half year period, the OT and SPC manager conducted ergonomic evaluations, implemented employee training, designed a new SPC department, and modified work processes and equipment. In the year following the training and changes, the SPC staff experienced no injuries. Because of it's success, the program is continuing on a quarterly basis to ensure new problems are addressed quickly, new processes or equipment are evaluated, and new staff are properly trained.

  18. Study of 1 MW PV array at the Kennedy Space Center (United States)

    Dhere, Neelkanth G.; Schneller, Eric; Martin, Wayne R.; Dhere, Ramesh G.


    FP and L has deployed a 1 MW c-Si in a fenced compound at the Kennedy Space Center. Two 500 kW inverters located in an elevated and air-conditioned enclosure convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The generated power, DC and AC voltages and currents are measured and recorded. Charts of variation of PV parameters are generated for analyses. The generated power is also tabulated and reported on periodic basis. Infrared and visual images of the array, sections of the array, and of individual modules from the front and back are recorded periodically. Any interruption of power generation are recorded. The dust and corrosion on screws and frame were observed in a few modules. The temperature of active area of module is higher than that of metallic support and frame probably because of conduction of the heat by the heavy metallic structure. The 1-MW PV array is operating normally without signs of excessive degradation except for collection of dust towards the bottom of a few modules. Since these modules were not washed periodically and any cleaning was by rain. Thus the collection of dust towards the bottom of modules can be understood and does not pose a serious problem. Corrosion on screws and frame were observed in a few modules. This study if continued over a long time, will serve to follow the behavior of this reasonable size PV Plant.

  19. Origins of Massive Field Stars in the Galactic Center: a Spectroscopic Study

    CERN Document Server

    Dong, Hui; Morris, Mark R; Wang, Q Daniel; Cotera, Angela


    Outside of the known star clusters in the Galactic Center, a large number of evolved massive stars have been detected; but their origins remain uncertain. We present a spectroscopic study of eight such stars, based on new Gemini GNIRS and NIFS near-infrared observations. This work has led to the discovery of a new O If+ star. We compare the reddening-corrected J-K vs K diagram for our stars with the massive ones in the Arches cluster and use stellar evolutionary tracks to constrain their ages and masses. The radial velocities of both the stars and their nearby H II regions are also reported. All of the stars are blueshifted relative to the Arches cluster by > 50 km/s. We find that our source P35 has a velocity consistent with that of the surrounding molecular gas. The velocity gradient of nearby ionized gas along the Gemini GNIRS long slit, relative to P35 and the adjacent -30-0 km/s molecular cloud, can best be explained by a pressure-driven flow model. Thus, P35 most likely formed in situ. Three more of our...

  20. HIV infection in dialysis centers in Italy: a nationwide multicenter study. (United States)

    Barbiano di Belgiojoso, G; Trezzi, M; Scorza, D; Barone, M T; Landriani, N; Genderini, A; Bertoli, S


    The prevalence of HIV infection in dialysis populations varies according to different countries and geographic areas. We performed a nationwide epidemiological study by means of a questionnaire in the period from January 1990 to December 1995. Questions were about whether and which HIV tests were performed and which preventive measures were adopted. A separate survey evaluated the data the HIV-positive patients. Only 62% of the centers responded to the questionnaire, corresponding to 21,500 dialysis patients in 1990 and 27,000 in 1995. The prevalence of HIV-positive subjects was 0,13% for 1995. A total of 48 patients with HIV infection were identified: risk factors were drug abuse in 16 cases, homosexuality in 9, heterosexual contact in 8, transfusion in 7, renal transplant in 3 and unknown cause in 5. Forty-five patients were on hemodialysis, and 3 were receiving peritoneal dialysis. At follow-up, 19 patients died: infection and malnutrition were the most frequent causes of death. The death rate of patients who were already HIV positive when dialysis was started (group 1, 29 cases) was 19.36 deaths/1,000 patient/month. The correlations, performed only for group 1, showed a significantly worse prognosis for patients with CD4 HIV infection in the dialysis population is low, and the outcome of HIV-positive patients in dialysis was found to be better than earlier literature reports. The use of chronic dialysis for HIV patients with uremia should not be discouraged.

  1. Disease course and therapeutic approach in dermatomyositis: A four-center retrospective study of 100 patients. (United States)

    Johnson, Nicholas E; Arnold, W David; Hebert, Donald; Gwathmey, Kelly; Dimachkie, Mazen M; Barohn, Richard J; McVey, April L; Pasnoor, Mamatha; Amato, Anthony A; McDermott, Michael P; Kissel, John; Heatwole, Chad R


    Dermatomyositis is a life-altering inflammatory disorder of skin and muscle. Details regarding the natural course of this disorder, the effects of specific therapies on its progression, and the optimal therapeutic dosage and duration of prednisone are limited. We performed a retrospective medical record review of dermatomyositis patients at four medical centers. All patients were over the age of 21 and had a clinical diagnosis of dermatomyositis with pathological confirmation. We reviewed average muscle strength, corticosteroid use, creatine kinase levels, and supplemental immunosuppressant use during the 36-month period following each patient's initial assessment. One hundred patients participated with an average age of 50.1 years. Average muscle strength improved and prednisone requirements lessened six months after initial assessment. There was no difference in the mean change in muscle strength or cumulative corticosteroid use over 36 months among those initially treated with methotrexate, mycophenolate mofetil, pulse IVIG, or azathioprine. There was a 5% mortality rate in dermatomyositis patients due to infections. Treated dermatomyositis patients demonstrate the most significant improvement in strength during the first six-to-twelve months following their initial clinical assessment. Additional prospective studies are needed to determine the relative benefit of select immunosuppressant agents in preserving strength and reducing corticosteroid use in dermatomyositis.

  2. Satisfaction of oncologic patients hospitalized in centers with and without service of palliative cares: multicentric study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando Campaña Castillo


    Full Text Available The aim of this study is to determine the satisfaction regarding care of patients suffering advanced stage cancer admitted in Hospital Sant Jaume de Calella, Sant Rafael de Barcelona and San Lorenzo de Viladecans, subject to the presence or absence of Palliative Care Unit during 2012. An observational, descriptive and transversal study will be conducted.The assessed population are patients admitted to these centers that meet the requirements for inclusion and exclusion.In the Hospital Sant Jaume de Calella, which provides Palliative Care service, patients will be check into the Internal Medicine unit and the Medium-Stay unit. In the other two hospitals, there isn’t any Palliative Care Service and patients will be admitted in the Internal Medicine units of both hospitals. Data will be collected during one year with a sample of 200 patients and non-probably sampling case row.The main variables to consider are the presence or absence of palliative service, satisfaction of care and quality of life of patients to be studied. The secondaries are sex, age, pap score, reason for admission, cancer diagnosis and origin. For the collection of the data we used the questionnaire EORTC IN-PASAT32 modified by the research team and the EORTC QLQ C-15 PAL.The analysis of the quantitative variables will be done through centralization and dispersal parameters. Categorical variables satisfaction of care and quality of life will be analysed using frequencies and joined together by the Chi square. The statistical program SPSS v 16.0 will be used.

  3. Innovation in patient-centered care: lessons from a qualitative study of innovative health care organizations in Washington State

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Reed Peter


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Growing interest in the promise of patient-centered care has led to numerous health care innovations, including the patient-centered medical home, shared decision-making, and payment reforms. How best to vet and adopt innovations is an open question. Washington State has been a leader in health care reform and is a rich laboratory for patient-centered innovations. We sought to understand the process of patient-centered care innovation undertaken by innovative health care organizations – from strategic planning to goal selection to implementation to maintenance. Methods We conducted key-informant interviews with executives at five health plans, five provider organizations, and ten primary care clinics in Washington State. At least two readers of each interview transcript identified themes inductively; final themes were determined by consensus. Results Innovation in patient-centered care was a strategic objective chosen by nearly every organization in this study. However, other goals were paramount: cost containment, quality improvement, and organization survival. Organizations commonly perceived effective chronic disease management and integrated health information technology as key elements for successful patient-centered care innovation. Inertia, resource deficits, fee-for-service payment, and regulatory limits on scope of practice were cited as barriers to innovation, while organization leadership, human capital, and adaptive culture facilitated innovation. Conclusions Patient-centered care innovations reflected organizational perspectives: health plans emphasized cost-effectiveness while providers emphasized health care delivery processes. Health plans and providers shared many objectives, yet the two rarely collaborated to achieve them. The process of innovation is heavily dependent on organizational culture and leadership. Policymakers can improve the pace and quality of patient-centered innovation by setting targets

  4. Study on the Thermal Environment and Indoor Comfort of Half Glass Curtain Buildings – a Case of Kouhu Visitor Center in Yunlin County, Taiwan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liang Ta-Ching


    Full Text Available Located in the subtropics, the high temperature in summer affects indoor living environments in Taiwan. The use of perspective glass material for modern public buildings increases the transparency of landscape views; however, the solar radiation heat also increases the heat in indoor environment. In particular, visitor centers which offer service functions for large quantities of visitors should satisfy the demands for indoor environment comfort and energy saving. “Numerical simulation” and “field data” are therefore utilized in this study for mutual comparison and the analyses of duration of sunshine, temperature distribution, heat balance, and space comfort. The research result reveals that different building envelope materials, with distinct thermal resistance and thermal conductivity coefficients, as well as sunshine direction and duration, affect the heat transmitting indoors, change the indoor temperature and further influence the comfort of the indoor environment. In the future indoor venue comfort will affect visitors’ recreational behaviours.

  5. Custodiol versus blood cardioplegia in pediatric cardiac surgery, two-center study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ebtehal A. Qulisy


    Conclusions: Custodial cardioplegia is associated with less optimal myocardial protection and higher adverse outcomes compared to cold blood cardioplegia in children undergoing cardiac surgery. A randomized comparison is warranted.

  6. Lightcurves of Jovian Trojan Asteroids from the Center for Solar System Studies: L4 Greek Camp and Spies (United States)

    Stephens, Robert D.; Coley, Daniel R.; Warner, Brian D.; French, Linda, M.


    Jovian Trojan asteroids larger than ~ 30 km were studied from the Center for Solar System Studies (CS3, MPC U81). Lightcurves for 30 Trojan asteroids in the L4 (Greek) cloud were between May and June 2016. These were mostly from the L4 "Greek" cloud, but several were L5 "Trojan" cloud lightcurves not previously published.

  7. Longitudinal Invariance of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression Scale among Girls and Boys in Middle School (United States)

    Motl, Robert W.; Dishman, Rod K.; Birnbaum, Amanda S.; Lytle, Leslie A.


    This study tested the longitudinal factorial invariance of a theoretically consistent, higher-order model for Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression (CES-D) scores among adolescent girls and boys in middle school. Data were collected from 2,416 adolescents who completed a survey containing the CES-D in the fall of 1998, spring of 1999, and…

  8. Comparison of radiation doses obtained for radiation monitoring of controlled areas with radiation doses obtained for personnel dosimetry in radiodiagnosis centers; Comparacion de dosis obtenidas por monitoreo en areas controladas con las obtenidas por dosimetria personal en centros de radiodiagnostico

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lescano, Roberto; Caspani, Carlos [Ministerio de Salud y Medio Ambiente, Santa Fe (Argentina). Direccion General de Auditoria Medica. Radiofisica Sanitaria]|[Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe (Argentina). Faculdad de Bioquimica y Ciencias Biologicas. Escuela Superior de Sanidad


    In this paper we propose to search an indicator that shows, at an objective way, the quality of the radioprotection actions. The method is about to determine doses, measured in the work area, connecting them with the workload, and finally get the dose for the center. Them we make a comparison with the personal film dosimetry data. We discuss the final results, evaluating the radioprotection conditions in daily work. (author)

  9. An excellent navigation system and experience in craniomaxillofacial navigation surgery: a double-center study. (United States)

    Dai, Jiewen; Wu, Jinyang; Wang, Xudong; Yang, Xudong; Wu, Yunong; Xu, Bing; Shi, Jun; Yu, Hongbo; Cai, Min; Zhang, Wenbin; Zhang, Lei; Sun, Hao; Shen, Guofang; Zhang, Shilei


    Numerous problems regarding craniomaxillofacial navigation surgery are not well understood. In this study, we performed a double-center clinical study to quantitatively evaluate the characteristics of our navigation system and experience in craniomaxillofacial navigation surgery. Fifty-six patients with craniomaxillofacial disease were included and randomly divided into experimental (using our AccuNavi-A system) and control (using Strker system) groups to compare the surgical effects. The results revealed that the average pre-operative planning time was 32.32 mins vs 29.74 mins between the experimental and control group, respectively (p > 0.05). The average operative time was 295.61 mins vs 233.56 mins (p > 0.05). The point registration orientation accuracy was 0.83 mm vs 0.92 mm. The maximal average preoperative navigation orientation accuracy was 1.03 mm vs 1.17 mm. The maximal average persistent navigation orientation accuracy was 1.15 mm vs 0.09 mm. The maximal average navigation orientation accuracy after registration recovery was 1.15 mm vs 1.39 mm between the experimental and control group. All patients healed, and their function and profile improved. These findings demonstrate that although surgeons should consider the patients' time and monetary costs, our qualified navigation surgery system and experience could offer an accurate guide during a variety of craniomaxillofacial surgeries.

  10. Tumors of the liver; a ten year study in Children Medical Center

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Farahmand F


    Full Text Available Background: The aim of this study was to review the frequency, histopathology and outcome in children with tumors of the liver. Methods: Included in this retrospective/descriptive study were 30 children treated for liver tumors from 1375-1384 (ca. 1996-2005, at Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Tehran, Iran. We included the clinical, radiologic, and pathologic data of our patients, focusing on the frequency, etiology and outcome. Results: Patient ages ranged from three months to 12 years (median 3.8 years, with 18 males (60% and 12 females (40%. Of these, 17 patients had hepatoblastoma (55.66%, including 13 males and four females, with an age range of six months to five years. Four cases (13.33% had neuroblastoma. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC was found in three cases (10%, all of whom were carriers of hepatitis B. Two cases (6.66% were diagnosed with mesenchymal hamartoma, two cases (6.66% with hemangioendothelioma and two cases (6.66% with rhabdomyosarcoma and leiomyosarcoma of the biliary tract. Abdominal swelling and hepatomegaly were seen in all of patients. Jaundice was observed in two cases. Serum alpha-fetoprotein levels greater than 500 ng/ml were seen in 17 cases (56.66%. All patients were receiving specific treatment. The three-year survival rate was 65% for hepatoblastoma and 2% for HCC Conclusion: With the introduction of specific treatment, the survival rate for children with tumors of the liver has significantly increased. Further improvement can be achieved using diagnostic biopsy for hepatoblastoma, although it may result in complications, and preoperative chemotherapy followed by complete surgical excision (per International Society of Pediatric Oncology guidelines, yielding an outstanding survival rate of 80%.

  11. Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Outcomes in Acute Respiratory Distress Treatment: Case Study in a Chinese Referral Center (United States)

    Huang, Lei; Li, Tong; Xu, Lei; Hu, Xiao-min; Duan, Da-wei; Li, Zhi-bo; Gao, Xin-jing; Li, Jun; Wu, Peng; Liu, Ying-Wu


    Background No definitive conclusions have been drawn from the available data about the utilization of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) to treat severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). The aim of this study was to review our center’s experience with ECMO and determine predictors of outcome from our Chinese center. Material/Methods We retrospectively analyzed a total of 23 consecutive candidates who fulfilled the study entry criteria between January 2009 and December 2015. Detailed clinical data, ECMO flow, and respiratory parameters before and after the introduction of ECMO were compared among in-hospital survivors and nonsurvivors; factors associated with mortality were investigated. Results Hemodynamics and oxygenation parameters were significantly improved after ECMO initiation. Thirteen patients survived to hospital discharge. Univariate correlation analysis demonstrated that APACHE II score (r=−0.463, p=0.03), acute kidney injury (r=−0.574, p=0.005), membrane oxygenator replacement (r=−0.516, p=0.014) and total length of hospital stay (r=0.526, p=0.012) were significantly correlated with survival to hospital discharge, and that the evolution of the levels of urea nitrogen, platelet, and fibrinogen may help to determine patient prognosis. Sixteen patients referred for ECMO from an outside hospital were successfully transported to our institution by ambulance, including seven transported under ECMO support. The survival rate of the ECMO-transport group was comparable to the conventional transport or the non-transport group (both p=1.000). Conclusions ECMO is an effective alternative option for severe ARDS. APACHE II score on admission, onset of acute kidney injury, and membrane oxygenator replacement, and the evolution of levels of urea nitrogen, platelet, and fibrinogen during hospitalization may help to determine the in-hospital patient prognosis. By establishing a well-trained mobile ECMO team, a long-distance, inter


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available In this study, it was intended to introduce Social Studies Curriculum of Ontario Province of Canada which was implemented in 2004, then its comparison with The Turkish Social Studies Curriculum which was implemented in 2005 in terms of structures, approaches, contents, purposes, learning-teaching processes and assessment-evaluation approaches. Ontario Social Studies Curriculum was examined from its historical roots until the current status; however Turkish Social Studies Curriculum is not examined in detail but examined in a comparative way. Document analysis, which is one of Qualitative research methods, was conducted in the research. In conclusion, it has been found that there are differences in class levels covered by the curricula, distribution of learning strands and units in grades, purposes, number of expectations and their classifications.

  13. Ecological Study of Lagoons Surrounding the John F. Kennedy Space Center, Brevard County, Florida . Volume 2; Theses and Project Reports (United States)


    Many of the detailed studies done in connection with Ecological Study of the Lagoons surrounding the John F. Kennedy Space Port were performed as Master's Thesis investigations by various graduate students enrolled at F. I. T. during and subsequent to the report. The scope and purpose of what we came to call "the KSC Baseline Study" caught the imagination and interest of our student body. Many who were not financially or otherwise connected with the project found their inspiration in studies that were directly connected with project, and thus added materially to the totality of the knowledge gained. An example of one such study is the first article included in this Volume, A Master's Thesis study performed by Shen Phillip Chen, who chose the site for his investigation so that his results would correlate with and extend the results of others. In addition to the Master's Theses contained in this Volume, six other graduate studies must be acknowledged here as contributing to this Report, although they have not reached the stage of final publication. Ms. Sandra Fettes has completed a study of the amounts of five trace metals in mangrove leaves from plants at various locations around the Kennedy Space Center. Mr. Bernard Cohenour has isolated and identified a number of oil consuming bacteria endemic in the waters of the Indian Rivers. Mr. Charles Waterhouse has analyzed historic data of tidal gauges in the lagoonal area and correlated it with wind field records. Mr. Renkert Meyer has measured the vertical and horizontal currents of the lagoons and is attempting an interpretation of them in terms of the wind field as a driving force. Mr. Richard Campbell has measured the rate of nitrogen fixation in both the water columns and the sediments under them in the lagoons. Mr. Craig Weiderhold has measured thl3 annual variations in the populations of benthic invertebrates in the lagoons. An integral part of the F. I. T. curriculum is a requirement that each undergraduate

  14. Building America Case Study: New Town Builders' Power of Zero Energy Center, Denver, Colorado (Brochure)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    New Town Builders, a builder of energy efficient homes in Denver, Colorado, offers a zero energy option for all the homes it builds. To attract a wide range of potential homebuyers to its energy efficient homes, New Town Builders created a 'Power of Zero Energy Center' linked to its model home in the Stapleton community of Denver. This case study presents New Town Builders' marketing approach, which is targeted to appeal to homebuyers' emotions rather than overwhelming homebuyers with scientific details about the technology. The exhibits in the Power of Zero Energy Center focus on reduced energy expenses for the homeowner, improved occupant comfort, the reputation of the builder, and the lack of sacrificing the homebuyers' desired design features to achieve zero net energy in the home. The case study also contains customer and realtor testimonials related to the effectiveness of the Center in influencing homebuyers to purchase a zero energy home.

  15. New Whole-House Solutions Case Study: New Town Builders' Power of Zero Energy Center - Denver, Colorado

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    New Town Builders, a builder of energy efficient homes in Denver, Colorado, offers a zero energy option for all the homes it builds. To attract a wide range of potential homebuyers to its energy efficient homes, New Town Builders created a "Power of Zero Energy Center" linked to its model home in the Stapleton community. This case study presents New Town Builders' marketing approach, which is targeted to appeal to homebuyers' emotions rather than overwhelming homebuyers with scientific details about the technology. The exhibits in the Power of Zero Energy Center focus on reduced energy expenses for the homeowner, improved occupant comfort, the reputation of the builder, and the lack of sacrificing the homebuyers' desired design features to achieve zero net energy in the home. This case study also contains customer and realtor testimonials related to the effectiveness of the Center in influencing homebuyers to purchase a zero energy home.

  16. Prevalence and severity of anemia in pediatric hemodialysis patients, a single center study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Afshin Azhir


    Full Text Available BACKGROUNDS: This study was conducted to determine the prevalence and severity of anemia in children and adolescents on chronic hemodialysis, and to identify independent predictors of anemia in children on hemodialysis. METHODS: This cross-sectional study was performed between September 2005 and January 2006. The study population consisted of 25 patients aged 7−20 years on chronic hemodialysis from pediatric hemodialysis centers in Isfahan. RESULTS: A total of 22 (88% patients had hemoglobin levels of <11 g/dL (anemic and 12 patients (48% had hemoglobin levels of <8 g/dL (severe anemia. The mean age of these patients was 15.5 ± 3.7 years. Mean time on chronic dialysis was 20.44 ± 15.25 months. Anemia was more common and more severe among children who were on dialysis for less than 6 months. There was an inverse relationship between the severity of anemia and duration of hemodialysis (P = 0.019, r = – 0.465. Nearly all patients were treated with erythropoietin, Children with more severe anemia received slightly higher dose of erythropoietin (P = 0.09, r = 0.202. There was a significant difference between serum albumin values in anemic patients and patients without anemia (P = 0.023. There was a correlation between serum albumin and hemoglobin level (r = 0.511, P = 0.01. Intact PTH levels were >200 pg/ml in 16 patients (66% and >400 pg/ml in 9 patients (37. 5%. There was a reverse correlation between intact PTH level >200 pg/ml and hemoglobin level (r = -0.505, P = 0.046. CONCLUSIONS: The prevalence of anemia in hemodialysis children in Isfahan appears to be higher than that reported in the other studies in spite of extensive use of rHuEPO and iron supplementation. We found this to be especially true for patients new on hemodialysis (less than 6 months and in those with low albumin and severe hyperparathyroidism. KEY WORDS: Hemodialysis, anemia, children.

  17. Prevalence of overweight preschool children in public day care centers: a cross-sectional study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Viviane Gabriela Nascimento

    Full Text Available CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVE: Brazil is undergoing a period of epidemiological transition associated with demographic and nutritional changes. The prevalence of obesity is also increasing in children and is causing numerous health problems that are becoming public health issues. The aim here was to evaluate the prevalence of overweight among children of two and three years of age. DESIGN AND SETTING: Cross-sectional study in municipal day care centers in Taubaté, state of São Paulo, Brazil. METHODS: Weight and height measurements were made on 447 preschool children forming a probabilistic randomized sample. Their body mass index (BMI was calculated. Their nutritional status was classified using the World Health Organization reference cutoff points (2006. Their mean weight, height and BMI were compared according to their age and sex. RESULTS: The mean values for the final sample (n = 447 were as follows: mean age: 38.6 months (± 3.5 and Z scores for: weight/height (W/H: 0.50 (± 1.22; height/age: -0.03 (± 1.07; weight/age (W/A: 0.51 (± 1.23; and BMI: 0.51(± 1.23. The prevalence of overweight children (BMI > 1 z was 28.86%, while the prevalence of underweight children (BMI < -2 z was 0.89%. There were no differences in mean BMI among the two and three-year age groups (P = 0.66. CONCLUSION: A high prevalence of overweight was observed in the sample of two and three-year-old children, with practically no malnutrition, thus showing that a significant nutritional transition may already be occurring, even in medium-sized cities of developing countries.

  18. Radionuclide Emission Estimation for the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bradley J Schrader


    An Radiological Safety Analysis Computer Program (RSAC)-7 model dose assessment was performed to evaluate maximum Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) boundary effective dose equivalent (EDE, in mrem/yr) for potential individual releases of radionuclides from the facility. The CAES is a public/private partnership between the State of Idaho and its academic research institutions, the federal government through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) managed by the Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA). CAES serves to advance energy security for our nation by expanding educational opportunities at Idaho universities in energy-related areas, creating new capabilities within its member institutions, and delivering technological innovations leading to technology-based economic development for the intermountain region. CAES has developed a strategic plan (INL/EXT-07-12950) based on the balanced scorecard approach. At the present time it is unknown exactly what processes will be used in the facility in support of this strategic plan. What is known is that the Idaho State University (ISU) Radioactive Materials License (Nuclear Regulatory Commission [NRC] license 11-27380-01) is the basis for handling radioactive material in the facility. The material in this license is shared between the ISU campus and the CAES facility. There currently are no agreements in place to limit the amount of radioactive material at the CAES facility or what is done to the material in the facility. The scope of this analysis is a summary look at the basis dose for each radionuclide included under the license at a distance of 100, 500, and 1,000 m. Inhalation, ingestion and ground surface dose was evaluated using the NRC design basis guidelines. The results can be used to determine a sum of the fractions approach to facility safety. This sum of the fractions allows a facility threshold value (TV) to be established and potential activities to be evaluated against

  19. A multi-center study to define sarcopenia in patients with end-stage liver disease. (United States)

    Carey, Elizabeth J; Lai, Jennifer C; Wang, Connie W; Dasarathy, Srinivasan; Lobach, Iryna; Montano-Loza, Aldo J; Dunn, Michael A


    Sarcopenia is associated with increased waitlist mortality, but a standard definition is lacking. In this retrospective study, we sought to determine the optimal definition of sarcopenia in end-stage liver disease (ESLD) patients awaiting LT. Included were 396 patients newly listed for LT in 2012 at five North American transplant centers. All CT scans were read by two individuals with inter-observer correlation of 98%. Using image analysis software, the total cross-sectional area (cm(2) ) of abdominal skeletal muscle at L3 was measured. The skeletal muscle index (SMI), which normalizes muscle area to patient height, was then calculated. The primary outcome was waitlist mortality, defined as death on the waitlist or removal from the waitlist for reasons of clinical deterioration. Sex-specific potential cut-off values to define sarcopenia were determined with a grid search guided by log-rank test statistics. Optimal search method identified potential cutoffs to detect survival differences between groups. The overall median SMI was 47.6 cm(2) /m(2) : 50.0 in men and 42.0 in women. At a median of 8.8 months follow-up, mortality was 25% in men and 36% in women. Patients who died had lower SMI than those who survived (45.6 vs 48.5 cm(2) /m(2) , p<0.001) and SMI was associated with waitlist mortality (HR 0.95, p<0.001). Optimal search method yielded SMI cut-offs of 50 cm(2) /m(2) for men and 39 cm(2) /m(2) for women; these cutoff values best combined statistical significance with a sufficient number of events to detect survival differences between groups. In conclusion, we recommend that an SMI < 50 cm(2) /m(2) for men and < 39 cm(2) /m(2) for women be used to define sarcopenia in patients with ESLD awaiting LT. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

  20. Pedestrian Planning in City Centers: a Study of Guimarães and Braga

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Khan Rubayet Rahaman


    Full Text Available People are walking in cities for different reasons. Some walkers walk for going to work, some are walking for shopping and some are for leisure during day and night hours. Medium sized cities like Braga and Guimarães in Portugal are depending on car for even shorter trips up to 2 kilometers. However, the walkways are allowing people to walk in convenient and safe way including late night environment. The pedestrians feel troublesome to walk on the footpaths because of illegal parking and discontinuation of walkways. Municipality transport plans and master plans do not incorporate pedestrians as a major component. But this egress mode of transportation is very important in medium sized city centers like Guimarães and Braga for the people to enjoy city centers’ activities. This paper focuses on the types of walkers who use the walkways on a regular basis. Usually, people are feeling comfortable to walk when they go to clubs and bars in a group in these small cities especially after work. This paper again tries to focus the varieties of problems on walkways and to present policies that can improve the situation. Municipal master plan and transportation plan have been studied carefully to see the provisions of pedestrian planning options. Field surveys have been conducted both in form of questionnaire and observation during the end of 2009 and results show different patterns of pedestrian behavior as well as evidence that people get different experiences with problems while walking on the walkways in both surveyed towns. Considering the issues of sustainable mobility, this paper also tries to suggest policies to motivate more people to walk especially in the medium-sized cities of Portugal.

  1. Aerial Measuring System (AMS)/Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) Joint Comparison Study Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wasiolek, P. [National Security Technologies, LLC. (NSTec), Mercury, NV (United States); Halevy, I. [Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC), Yavne (Israel)


    Under the 13th Bilateral Meeting to Combat Nuclear Terrorism conducted on January 8–9, 2013, the committee approved the development of a cost-effective proposal to conduct a Comparison Study of the Aerial Measuring System (AMS) of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC). The study was to be held at the Remote Sensing Laboratory (RSL), Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada, with measurements at the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS). The goal of the AMS and the IAEC joint survey was to compare the responses of the two agencies’ aerial radiation detection systems to varied radioactive surface contamination levels and isotopic composition experienced at the NNSS, and the differing data processing techniques utilized by the respective teams. Considering that for the comparison both teams were using custom designed and built systems, the main focus of the short campaign was to investigate the impact of the detector size and data analysis techniques used by both teams. The AMS system, SPectral Advanced Radiological Computer System, Model A (SPARCS-A), designed and built by RSL, incorporates four different size sodium iodide (NaI) crystals: 1" × 1", 2" × 4" × 4", 2" × 4" ×16", and an “up-looking” 2" × 4" × 4". The Israel AMS System, Air RAM 2000, was designed by the IAEC Nuclear Research Center – Negev (NRCN) and built commercially by ROTEM Industries (Israel) and incorporates two 2" diameter × 2" long NaI crystals. The operational comparison was conducted at RSL-Nellis in Las Vegas, Nevada, during week of June 24–27, 2013. The Israeli system, Air RAM 2000, was shipped to RSL-Nellis and mounted together with the DOE SPARCS on a DOE Bell-412 helicopter for a series of aerial comparison measurements at local test ranges, including the Desert Rock Airport and Area 3 at the NNSS. A 4-person Israeli team from the IAEC NRCN supported the activity together with 11

  2. A Study to Increase the Quality of Financial and Operational Performances of Call Centers using Speech Technology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Manoharan


    Full Text Available Everyone knows technology and automation are not the solutions to every business problem. But when used for the right reasons-and deployed and maintained wisely-speech based contact center applications can be good for the customers as well as business, if the money and time spent to implement and maintain contact center business. Speech based application is an experimental conversational speech system. Experience with redesigning the system based on user feedback indicates the importance of adhering to conversational conventions when designing speech interfaces, particularly in the face of speech recognition errors. Study results also suggest that speech-only interfaces should be designed from scratch rather than directly translated from their graphical counterparts. This paper examines a set of challenging issues facing speech interface designers and describes approaches to address some of these challenges. Let us highlight some of the specific constrains involved in this process of using speech technology in the main stream of business in general and of a Call Center specific and being resolved through the Industrial process. So the real challenge is “Developing a new Business Process Model for an Industry application, for a Call Center specific. And that paves the way to design and analyze the “Financial and Operational performance of call centers through the business process model using speech technology”.

  3. A Study on the Progress toward Implementation of Learning-Centered Approaches at a Large Urban Community College (United States)

    Walters, Carmen Hawkins


    Faculty facing challenges of teaching students in a post-Katrina environment used learning-centered approaches to restore educational opportunities to its populations of hurricane-displaced students, the growing population of Hispanic students, and the business community. The study sought to determine if the faculty members had made progress…

  4. [Science cultures in the global perspective. Thoughts on content design and operation of the Leopoldina Study Center]. (United States)

    Labisch, Alfons


    The Leopoldina Center for the Study of the History of Science and Science Academies is a place to openly discuss the cooperation between science and society across all of the disciplines represented at the Leopoldina and beyond. This dialogue shall, by all means, also include researchers who are not members of the Leopoldina and people from outside of the academia who are interested in the topic. Like the Leopoldina, its Study Center builds bridges: between various academic disciplines, across generations and in local, national, and international communities. All interested members of the Leopoldina--not just members from the humanities, the social sciences or the behavioral sciences, but also scientists from the areas of the natural sciences, technology, the life sciences and physicians--are kindly invited to incorporate their research interests, with regard to the history and theory of their respective academic disciplines, in the research portfolio of the Leopoldina Study Center. In so doing, the Leopoldina Center for the Study of the History of Science and Science Academies should and will become a source of energy for permanent reflection and innovation when contemplating the issues of science and society.

  5. Teachers' Link to Electronic Resources in the Library Media Center: A Local Study of Awareness, Knowledge, and Influence (United States)

    Williams, Teresa D.; Grimble, Bonnie J.; Irwin, Marilyn


    High school students often use online databases and the Internet in the school library media center (SLMC) to complete teachers' assignments. This case study used a survey to assess teachers' awareness of electronic resources, and to determine whether their directions influence student use of these resources in the SLMC. Participants were teachers…

  6. Tolerability of Shortened Infliximab Infusion Times in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Diseases : A Single-Center Cohort Study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Breynaert, Christine; Ferrante, Marc; Fidder, Herma; Van Steen, Kristel; Noman, Maja; Ballet, Vera; Vermeire, Severine; Rutgeerts, Paul; Van Assche, Gert


    OBJECTIVES: Scheduled maintenance therapy with infliximab decreases the risk of infusion reactions. Many centers have accelerated infusion times to 1 h in selected patients who tolerate 5 mg/kg infliximab infusions. The aim of this study was to compare the tolerability of 1-h and 2-h infliximab infu

  7. Predicting sickness impact profile at six months after stroke: further results from the European multi-center CERISE study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Stummer, C.A.; Verheyden, G.; Putman, K.; Jenni, W.; Schupp, W.; Wit, L. De


    PURPOSE: To develop prognostic models and equations for predicting participation at six months after stroke. METHODS: This European prospective cohort study recruited 532 consecutive patients from four rehabilitation centers. Participation was assessed at six months after stroke with the Sickness Im

  8. The Mental and Physical Health Difficulties of Children Held within a British Immigration Detention Center: A Pilot Study (United States)

    Lorek, Ann; Ehntholt, Kimberly; Nesbitt, Anne; Wey, Emmanuel; Githinji, Chipo; Rossor, Eve; Wickramasinghe, Rush


    Objective: The present study aimed to assess the mental and physical health of children held within a British immigration detention center. Method: A total of 24 detained children (aged 3 months to 17 years) were assessed with their parents or carer after being referred by a registered legal charity. Thirteen were seen by a pediatrician alone, 4…

  9. Comparison between electron and neutron Compton scattering studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moreh Raymond


    Full Text Available We compare two techniques: Electron Compton Scattering (ECS and neutron Compton scattering (NCS and show that using certain incident energies, both can measure the atomic kinetic energy of atoms in molecules and solids. The information obtained is related to the Doppler broadening of nuclear levels and is very useful for deducing the widths of excited levels in many nuclei in self absorption measurements. A comparison between the atomic kinetic energies measured by the two methods on the same samples is made. Some results are also compared with calculated atomic kinetic energies obtained using the harmonic approximation where the vibrational frequencies were taken from IR/Raman optical measurements. The advantages of the ECS method are emphasized.

  10. A Phenomenological Study: Community Mental Health Centers Leaders Influence on Clinician Effectiveness (United States)

    Williams, Beth B.


    Some clinical leaders of community mental health centers are not aware of successful methods for supporting and empowering staff to be more effective, specifically when the staff is experiencing change because of new health information technology. Clinical leaders in community mental health face similar management issues as do other business,…

  11. Lattice study on QCD-like theory with exact center symmetry

    CERN Document Server

    Iritani, Takumi; Misumi, Tatsuhiro


    We investigate QCD-like theory with exact center symmetry, with emphasis on the finite-temperature phase transition concerning center and chiral symmetries. On the lattice, we formulate center symmetric $SU(3)$ gauge theory with three fundamental Wilson quarks by twisting quark boundary conditions in a compact direction ($Z_3$-QCD model). We calculate the expectation value of Polyakov loop and the chiral condensate as a function of temperature on 16^3 x 4 and 20^3 x 4 lattices along the line of constant physics realizing $m_{PS}/m_{V}=0.70$. We find out the first-order center phase transition, where the hysteresis of the magnitude of Polyakov loop exists depending on thermalization processes. We show that chiral condensate decreases around the critical temperature in a similar way to that of the standard three-flavor QCD, as it has the hysteresis in the same range as that of Polyakov loop. We also show that the flavor symmetry breaking due to the twisted boundary condition gets qualitatively manifest in the h...

  12. 75 FR 78212 - Proposed Information Collection; Comment Request; Center for Economic Studies Research Proposal... (United States)


    ... Proposal Process Persons wishing to conduct research at a Research Data Center must submit a research proposal using the CES Web site ( ). Detailed guidelines describe the research proposal submission process. There are two distinct steps to submit a research proposal. The first step...

  13. The Northwest Indiana Center for Data and Analysis: A Case Study of Academic Library Community Engagement (United States)

    Sandberg, Scott; Morris, Cele; Sutherland, Timothy


    This paper details community engagement activity of an academic library coordinated within a broader university strategic plan. The Anderson Library at Indiana University Northwest (IU-Northwest) supports a service called the Northwest Indiana Center for Data and Analysis. Created in 1996 with funding made available from the Indiana University…

  14. A Study in User Centered Design and Evaluation of Mental Tasks for BCI

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Plass-Oude Bos, Danny; Poel, Mannes; Nijholt, Anton; Lee, Kuo-Tien; Tsai, Wen-Hsiang; Liao, Hong-Yuan Mark; Chen, Tsuhan; Hsieh, Jun-Wei; Tseng, Chien-Cheng


    Current brain-computer interfacing (BCI) research focuses on detection performance, speed, and bit rates. However, this is only a small part of what is important to the user. From human-computer interaction (HCI) research, we can apply the paradigms of user-centered design and evaluation, to improve

  15. User-Centered Design and Usability Testing of a Web Site: An Illustrative Case Study. (United States)

    Corry, Michael D.; Frick, Theodore W.; Hansen, Lisa


    Presents an overview of user-centered design and usability testing. Describes a Web site evaluation project at a university, the iterative process of rapid prototyping and usability testing, and how the findings helped to improve the design. Discusses recommendations for university Web site design and reflects on problems faced in usability…

  16. Usability Testing, User-Centered Design, and LibGuides Subject Guides: A Case Study (United States)

    Sonsteby, Alec; DeJonghe, Jennifer


    Usability testing has become a routine way for many libraries to ensure that their Web presence is user-friendly and accessible. At the same time, popular subject guide creation systems, such as LibGuides, decentralize Web content creation and put authorship into the hands of librarians who may not be trained in user-centered design principles. At…

  17. Fighting Obsolescence in the Nuclear Power Industry. Motor Control Centers-solutions and Case Study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Portillo, J.; Torralba Piqueras, A.


    Motor Control Centers (MCCs) are vital to the operation and control of nuclear power plants. A significant and growing problem within the global nuclear industry is the aging of MCC components. Obsolescence of various components within the MCCs such as molded case circuit breakers, starters, relays, heaters, transformers, etc., are impacting the reliability of MCCs to perform their intended safety function. (Author)

  18. Variability in prostate and seminal vesicle delineations defined on magnetic resonance images, a multi-observer, -center and -sequence study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nyholm, Tufve; Jonsson, Joakim; Söderström, Karin;


    was to investigate the intra- and inter-physician delineation variability for prostate and seminal vesicles, and to investigate the influence of different MR sequence settings used clinically at the five centers participating in the study. METHODS: MR series from five centers, each providing five patients, were used....... Two physicians from each center delineated the prostate and the seminal vesicles on each of the 25 image sets. The variability between the delineations was analyzed with respect to overall, intra- and inter-physician variability, and dependence between variability and origin of the MR images, i.......e. the MR sequence used to acquire the data. RESULTS: The intra-physician variability in different directions was between 1.3 - 1.9 mm and 3 -- 4 mm for the prostate and seminal vesicles respectively (1 std). The inter-physician variability for different directions were between 0.7 -- 1.7 mm...

  19. Introducing the Tehran Heart Center's Premature Coronary Atherosclerosis Cohort: THC-PAC Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    SeyedHesameddin Abbasi


    Full Text Available Background: Data on premature coronary artery disease (CAD are scarce. The Tehran Heart Center's Premature Coronary Atherosclerosis Cohort Study (THC-PAC is the first study of its kind in the Middle East to assess major adverse cardiac events (MACE in young CAD patients.Methods: The cohort consists of CAD patients, males ≤ 45 years old and females ≤ 55 years old. The participants are residents of Tehran or its suburbs and underwent coronary angiography between June 2004 and July 2011. A 10-year follow-up, via either clinical visits or telephone calls at least once a year, was commenced in August 2012. The end point is considered MACE, encompassing death, myocardial infarction, stroke, new coronary involvement, percutaneous coronary intervention, and coronary artery bypass grafting.Results: The cohort comprises 1232 eligible patients (613 [49.8%] males at a mean age of 45.1 years (SD = 5.8. High frequencies of conventional risk factors, including hyperlipidemia (884 [71.8%], hypertension (575 [46.7%], positive family history (539 [43.8%], cigarette smoking (479 [38.8%], and diabetes mellitus (390 [31.7%], were seen in the participants. The mean body mass index (BMI of the enrolled patients was high (29.2 ± 4.8 kg/m2, and 532 (43.3% and 440 (35.8% of them were overweight and obese, respectively. The females’ BMI was higher (30.4 ± 5.3 vs. 28.0 ± 3.9 kg/m2; P < 0.001 and they had a greater mean abdominal circumference (99.9 ± 13.5 vs. 98.1 ± 9.3 cm; P = 0.035. Between August 2012 and August 2013, follow-up was successful in 1173 (95.2% patients (median follow-up duration = 55.3 months, 95%CI: 53.5-57.0 months.Conclusion: Our younger patients with CAD had a high frequency of risk factors compared to the same-age general population and all-age CAD patients, which may predispose them to higher incidence of recurrent MACE.

  20. Transplant Nurses' Work Environment: A Cross-Sectional Multi-Center Study. (United States)

    Kugler, Christiane; Akca, Selda; Einhorn, Ina; Rebafka, Anne; Russell, Cynthia L


    BACKGROUND Numerically, nurses represent the largest healthcare profession, thus setting norms for the quality and safety of direct patient care. Evidence of a global shortage of nurses in all clinical practice settings across different healthcare systems and countries has been documented. The aims of the present study were: (1) to assess work environments in a sample of German transplant nurses, and (2) to compare their statements with a US-based sample. MATERIAL AND METHODS In a cross-sectional study, 181 transplant nurses from 16 German transplant centers provided information on their work environments. The translated version of the Job Design (JD) and Job Satisfaction (JS) survey showed satisfactory internal consistency for the JD (0.78) and JS (0.93) subscales. German nurses' work environments were compared with 331 transplant nurses from the US. RESULTS The majority of transplant nurses were female (81.8%), 55.4% were age 21-40 years, and 78.1% were employed full-time. German (versus US) transplant nurses reported their job design to be best for 'skill varieties' (p≤0.0002), and worst for 'autonomy' (p≤0.01). Job satisfaction was best with 'opportunities for autonomy and growth' (p≤0.0001), and 'pay and benefits' (p≤0.0001) was lowest. A higher professional degree (OR 1.57; p≤0.03; 95% CI 1.19-2.86), and longer time in transplant (OR 1.24; p≤0.001; 95% CI 1.11-1.38) showed a positive impact on German transplant nurses' perceptions of 'job satisfaction'. Nurses with time-dependent working contracts perceived more stress negatively affecting job satisfaction (OR 1.13; p≤0.009; 95% CI 1.02-12.82). CONCLUSIONS German specialty nurses working in the field of solid organ transplantation rate their work environments with respect to job design and job satisfaction as satisfactory. Institutions' investment into satisfactory nurse work environments and specializing nurses might increase the quality of care, thus improving patient outcomes.

  1. Personality traits affect teaching performance of attending physicians: results of a multi-center observational study.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Renée A Scheepers

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Worldwide, attending physicians train residents to become competent providers of patient care. To assess adequate training, attending physicians are increasingly evaluated on their teaching performance. Research suggests that personality traits affect teaching performance, consistent with studied effects of personality traits on job performance and academic performance in medicine. However, up till date, research in clinical teaching practice did not use quantitative methods and did not account for specialty differences. We empirically studied the relationship of attending physicians' personality traits with their teaching performance across surgical and non-surgical specialties. METHOD: We conducted a survey across surgical and non-surgical specialties in eighteen medical centers in the Netherlands. Residents evaluated attending physicians' overall teaching performance, as well as the specific domains learning climate, professional attitude, communication, evaluation, and feedback, using the validated 21-item System for Evaluation of Teaching Qualities (SETQ. Attending physicians self-evaluated their personality traits on a 5-point scale using the validated 10-item Big Five Inventory (BFI, yielding the Five Factor model: extraversion, conscientiousness, neuroticism, agreeableness and openness. RESULTS: Overall, 622 (77% attending physicians and 549 (68% residents participated. Extraversion positively related to overall teaching performance (regression coefficient, B: 0.05, 95% CI: 0.01 to 0.10, P = 0.02. Openness was negatively associated with scores on feedback for surgical specialties only (B: -0.10, 95% CI: -0.15 to -0.05, P<0.001 and conscientiousness was positively related to evaluation of residents for non-surgical specialties only (B: 0.13, 95% CI: 0.03 to 0.22, p = 0.01. CONCLUSIONS: Extraverted attending physicians were consistently evaluated as better supervisors. Surgical attending physicians who display high levels of

  2. Targeting the environmental assessment of veterinary drugs with the multi-species-soil system (MS{center_dot}3) agricultural soil microcosms: the ivermectin case study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carbonell-Martin, G.; Pro-Gonzalez, J.; Aragones-Grunert, P.; Babib-Vich, M. M.; Fernandez-Rorija, C.; Tarazona-Lafarga, J. V.


    The environmental risk assessment of the veterinary pharmaceutical ivermectin is receiving significant attention. This paper assesses the capacity of the MS{center_dot}3 soil microcosm as a tool for targeting the environmental impact assessment of veterinary drugs, using ivermectin as model. Two screening MS{center_dot}3 were performed using different European soils; one with a soil collected in an agricultural station near to Madrid, Spain and a second with a soil collected in a farm area close to York, UK. Soils were fortified with ivermectin at the following ranges: 0.01-10 mg kg{sup -}1 and 0.1-100 mg kg{sup -}1 in the Madrid and York studies, respectively. The effects on earthworms, plants and soil microorganisms were assessed in the Madrid soil. Toxicity tests on aquatic organisms (algae, cladocerans and in vitro fish cell line RTLW1) were also conducted with the leachates. No effects were observed in earthworms and plants at any tested concentration; reduction in the respiration rate (< 5%) of soil microorganisms was detected. Earthworm/soil bioconcentration factors decreased with the increase in soil concentrations and were higher for the York soil. Effects on daphnids were observed in tested leachates; based on measured levels of ivermectin in the leachates an EC50 of about 0.5{mu}gL{sup -}1 can be estimated. Comparisons based on toxicity data and equilibrium partitioning confirmed that the main risk is expected to be related to the high sensitivity of cladocerans. The results confirm that MS{center_dot}3 systems are cost-effective tools for assessing the impact of veterinary pharmaceuticals when applied to agricultural land, as previously demonstrated for antimicrobials. (Author) 39 refs.

  3. An Experimental Study of Upward Burning Over Long Solid Fuels: Facility Development and Comparison (United States)

    Kleinhenz, Julie; Yuan, Zeng-Guang


    As NASA's mission evolves, new spacecraft and habitat environments necessitate expanded study of materials flammability. Most of the upward burning tests to date, including the NASA standard material screening method NASA-STD-6001, have been conducted in small chambers where the flame often terminates before a steady state flame is established. In real environments, the same limitations may not be present. The use of long fuel samples would allow the flames to proceed in an unhindered manner. In order to explore sample size and chamber size effects, two large chambers were developed at NASA GRC under the Flame Prevention, Detection and Suppression (FPDS) project. The first was an existing vacuum facility, VF-13, located at NASA John Glenn Research Center. This 6350 liter chamber could accommodate fuels sample lengths up to 2 m. However, operational costs and restricted accessibility limited the test program, so a second laboratory scale facility was developed in parallel. By stacking additional two chambers on top of an existing combustion chamber facility, this 81 liter Stacked-chamber facility could accommodate a 1.5 m sample length. The larger volume, more ideal environment of VF-13 was used to obtain baseline data for comparison with the stacked chamber facility. In this way, the stacked chamber facility was intended for long term testing, with VF-13 as the proving ground. Four different solid fuels (adding machine paper, poster paper, PMMA plates, and Nomex fabric) were tested with fuel sample lengths up to 2 m. For thin samples (papers) with widths up to 5 cm, the flame reached a steady state length, which demonstrates that flame length may be stabilized even when the edge effects are reduced. For the thick PMMA plates, flames reached lengths up to 70 cm but were highly energetic and restricted by oxygen depletion. Tests with the Nomex fabric confirmed that the cyclic flame phenomena, observed in small facility tests, continued over longer sample. New

  4. A Study of Factors Influencing Low Deliveries at Maternity Facility Centers in Kohgilouyeh and Boyerahmad Province in 2007

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A Karimi


    Full Text Available Introduction & Objective: The Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran established maternity facilities in order to provide a safe delivery and reduce deliveries at home in rural areas. However, a few of deliveries in Kohgilouyeh and Boyerahmad province took place in these centers. Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the delivery status and factors influencing the pregnant women’s tendency to choose the place of delivery. Materials & Methods: This descriptive study was carried out on 747 participants in the rural areas that were covered by maternity facilities in the first three months of 1384. Data were collected by a self-structured questionnaire whose validity and reliability had been determined previously. Data of age, education level, parietal status, antenatal cares, decision-maker for the place of delivery, geographical access to maternity facility centers and the cause of avoidance of referring to the centers were determined asking the women. Data were analyzed by SPSS software and using X2 statistical test. Results: The results showed that overall 31% (230 cases of deliveries took place at home and 51% (384 cases at hospital, but only 18% (133 cases of deliveries took place at maternity facility centers. There was a significant difference in antenatal education by midwives between women who delivered at home and those that delivered at maternity facility centers, showing that more educated women have managed to deliver at the maternity facility centers (p < 0.001. 58% of mothers had selected their delivery place by themselves, but in others the delivery place was selected by their mothers, mothers-in-law, their husbands, etc. Almost 79% (181cases of mothers who delivered at home announced that geographical access (long distance to the maternity facility was major problem. In addition, there was a significant association between literacy, living place and the number of previous pregnancies with selection of

  5. Anti-HMGCR antibodies as a biomarker for immune-mediated necrotizing myopathies: A history of statins and experience from a large international multi-center study. (United States)

    Musset, Lucile; Allenbach, Yves; Benveniste, Olivier; Boyer, Olivier; Bossuyt, Xavier; Bentow, Chelsea; Phillips, Joe; Mammen, Andrew; Van Damme, Philip; Westhovens, René; Ghirardello, Anna; Doria, Andrea; Choi, May Y; Fritzler, Marvin J; Schmeling, Heinrike; Muro, Yoshinao; García-De La Torre, Ignacio; Ortiz-Villalvazo, Miguel A; Bizzaro, Nicola; Infantino, Maria; Imbastaro, Tiziana; Peng, Qinglin; Wang, Guochun; Vencovský, Jiří; Klein, Martin; Krystufkova, Olga; Franceschini, Franco; Fredi, Micaela; Hue, Sophie; Belmondo, Thibaut; Danko, Katalin; Mahler, Michael


    In an effort to find naturally occurring substances that reduce cholesterol by inhibiting 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase (HMGCR), statins were first discovered by Endo in 1972. With the widespread prescription and use of statins to decrease morbidity from myocardial infarction and stroke, it was noted that approximately 5% of all statin users experienced muscle pain and weakness during treatment. In a smaller proportion of patients, the myopathy progressed to severe morbidity marked by proximal weakness and severe muscle wasting. Remarkably, Mammen and colleagues were the first to discover that the molecular target of statins, 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase (HMGCR), is an autoantibody target in patients that develop an immune-mediated necrotizing myopathy (IMNM). These observations have been confirmed in a number of studies but, until today, a multi-center, international study of IMNM, related idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (IIM), other auto-inflammatory conditions and controls has not been published. Accordingly, an international, multi-center study investigated the utility of anti-HMGCR antibodies in the diagnosis of statin-associated IMNM in comparison to different forms of IIM and controls. This study included samples from patients with different forms of IIM (n=1250) and patients with other diseases (n=656) that were collected from twelve sites and tested for anti-HMGCR antibodies by ELISA. This study confirmed that anti-HMGCR autoantibodies, when found in conjunction with statin use, characterize a subset of IIM who are older and have necrosis on muscle biopsy. Taken together, the data to date indicates that testing for anti-HMGCR antibodies is important in the differential diagnosis of IIM and might be considered for future classification criteria.

  6. Multi-Attribute Selection of Coal Center Location: A Case Study in Thailand (United States)

    Kuakunrittiwong, T.; Ratanakuakangwan, S.


    Under Power Development Plan 2015, Thailand has to diversify its heavily gas-fired electricity generation. The main owner of electricity transmission grids is responsible to implement several coal-fired power plants with clean coal technology. To environmentally handle and economically transport unprecedented quantities of sub-bituminous and bituminous coal, a coal center is required. The location of such facility is an important strategic decision and a paramount to the success of the energy plan. As site selection involves many criteria, Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process or Fuzzy-AHP is applied to select the most suitable location among three candidates. Having analyzed relevant criteria and the potential alternatives, the result reveals that engineering and socioeconomic are important criteria and Map Ta Phut is the most suitable site for the coal center.

  7. A Proposed Experiment to Study Relaxation Formation of a Spherical Tokamak with a Plasma Center Column

    CERN Document Server

    Hsu, S C


    A spherical tokamak (ST) with a plasma center column (PCC) can be formed via driven magnetic relaxation of a screw pinch plasma. An ST-PCC could in principle eliminate many problems associated with a material center column, a key weakness of the ST reactor concept. This work summarizes the design space for an ST-PCC in terms of flux amplification, aspect ratio, and elongation, based on the zero-beta Taylor-relaxed analysis of Tang & Boozer [Phys. Plasmas 13, 042514 (2006)]. The paper will discuss (1) equilibrium and stability properties of the ST-PCC, (2) issues for an engineering design, and (3) key differences between the proposed ST-PCC and the ongoing Proto-Sphera effort in Italy.

  8. Proposed Experiment to Study Relaxation Formation of a Spherical Tokamak with a Plasma Center Column (United States)

    Hsu, S. C.; Tang, X. Z.


    A spherical tokamak (ST) with a plasma center column (PCC) can be formed via driven magnetic relaxation of a screw pinch plasma. An ST-PCC could in principle eliminate many problems associated with a material center column, a key weakness of the ST reactor concept. This work summarizes the design space for an ST-PCC in terms of flux amplification, aspect ratio, and elongation, based on the zero-β Taylor-relaxed analysis of Tang & Boozer [Phys. Plasmas 13, 042514 (2006)]. The paper will discuss (1) equilibrium and stability properties of the ST-PCC, (2) issues for an engineering design, and (3) key differences between the proposed ST-PCC and the ongoing Proto-Sphera effort in Italy.

  9. Two-color Three-pulse Photon Echo Studies on the Photosynthetic Bacterial Reaction Center


    Lee, Hohjai


    Photosynthesis begins with absorbing the sun light by the light harvesting complexes. The solar energy is then funneled into the reaction center (RC) via the energy transfer between the light harvesting complexes at ultrafast rates (~1/100fs ) with extremely high quantum efficiency (~100 %). Most of the complexes are composed of pigments and protein matrices that tightly bind them. The pigments are responsible for absorbing and transferring the energy. The roles of the protein environment of ...

  10. Study of Construction of Personalized Service Oriented Government Virtual Information Service Center

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    In this paper, we proposed the idea of personalized information service for enterprises and customers through government visual information service center (GVISC). It discusses an extensible, reusable, reconstructive and integrated framework of GVISC with new techniques, such as XML, agent, data mining and information portal. They include the design and analysis of the logical structure, the design of the data layer, and the description of the function application. We show an example of personalized informa...

  11. Two-Center Gaussian Potential Well for Studying Light Nucleus in Cluster Structure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nafiseh Roshanbakht


    Full Text Available The clustering phenomena are very important to determine structure of light nuclei and deformation of spherical shape is inevitable. Hence, we calculated the energy levels of two-center Gaussian potential well including spin-orbit coupling by solving the Schrödinger equation in the cylindrical coordinates. This model can predict the spin and parity of the light nuclei that have two identical cluster structures.

  12. A Study of Civilian Registered Nurse Recruitment at Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, Washington. (United States)


    127 H. A MARKETING MIX FOR CIVILIAN REGISTERED NURSE *RECRUITMENT AT MADIGAN ARMY MEDICAL CENTER ... ... 131 SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY...employement should be promoted to this market. RN Recruitment Marketing Mix for Madigan The major finding in the market analysis of civilian RN...should be targeted; all gain their impetus from MAMC nursing management. A sumimary of the marketing mix is tabulated at Appendix H. This brief listing of

  13. A comparison study of two Tricept units for reconfigurable parallel kinematic machines

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Shi Junshan; Tang Xiaoqiang; Lin Chunshen; Wang Liping


    This paper presents a comparison study of workspace and dexterity of two Tricept units for Reconfigurable Parallel Kinematic Machines (RPKMs). The modular leg of RPKMs is designed and the RPKMs can be built by changing the setting of modules. A compositive kinematic model is developed accordingly. The inverse kinematics and Jacobian of these two Tricept units are analyzed. Considering workspace volume and dexterity, the effects of geometric size of some modules on the two Tricept units are discussed. In the end, comparison results of these two Tricept units are given. The comparison of two kinds of Parallel Kinematic Machines (PKMs) can be of help in the design and configuration planning of the RPKMs.

  14. China collaborative study on dialysis: a multi-centers cohort study on cardiovascular diseases in patients on maintenance dialysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hou Fanfan


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Cardiovascular disease (CVD is the main cause of death in patients on chronic dialysis. The question whether dialysis modality impacts cardiovascular risk remains to be addressed. China Collaborative Study on Dialysis, a multi-centers cohort study, was performed to evaluate cardiovascular morbidity during maintenance hemodialysis (HD and peritoneal dialysis (PD. Method The cohort consisted of chronic dialysis patients from the database of 9 of the largest dialysis facilities around China. The inclusion period was between January 1, 2005, and December 1, 2010. Cardiovascular morbidity was defined as the presence of clinically diagnosed ischemic heart disease, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, and/or stroke. The patients who had cardiovascular morbidity before initiation of dialysis were excluded. Data collection was based on review of medical record. Result A total of 2,388 adult patients (1,775 on HD and 613 on PD were enrolled. Cardiovascular morbidity affected 57% patients and was comparable between HD and PD patients. However, clinically diagnosed ischemic heart disease and stroke was more prevalent in PD than HD patients. When the patients were stratified by age or dialysis vintage, the cardiovascular morbidity was significantly higher in PD than HD among those aged 50 years or older, or those receiving dialysis over 36 months. Multivariate analysis revealed that the risk factors for cardiovascular morbidity had different pattern in PD and HD patients. Hyperglycemia was the strongest risk factor for cardiovascular morbidity in PD, but not in HD patients. Hypertriglyceridemia and hypoalbuminemia were independently associated with CVD only in PD patients. Conclusions Cardiovascular morbidity during chronic dialysis was more prevalent in PD than HD patients among those with old age and long-term dialysis. Metabolic disturbance-related risk factors were independently associated with CVD only in PD patients

  15. Prediction of attendance at fitness center: a comparison between the theory of planned behavior, the social cognitive theory, and the physical activity maintenance theory. (United States)

    Jekauc, Darko; Völkle, Manuel; Wagner, Matthias O; Mess, Filip; Reiner, Miriam; Renner, Britta


    In the processes of physical activity (PA) maintenance specific predictors are effective, which differ from other stages of PA development. Recently, Physical Activity Maintenance Theory (PAMT) was specifically developed for prediction of PA maintenance. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the predictability of the future behavior by the PAMT and compare it with the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) and Social Cognitive Theory (SCT). Participation rate in a fitness center was observed for 101 college students (53 female) aged between 19 and 32 years (M = 23.6; SD = 2.9) over 20 weeks using a magnetic card. In order to predict the pattern of participation TPB, SCT and PAMT were used. A latent class zero-inflated Poisson growth curve analysis identified two participation patterns: regular attenders and intermittent exercisers. SCT showed the highest predictive power followed by PAMT and TPB. Impeding aspects as life stress and barriers were the strongest predictors suggesting that overcoming barriers might be an important aspect for working out on a regular basis. Self-efficacy, perceived behavioral control, and social support could also significantly differentiate between the participation patterns.

  16. The rate of pregnancy in Trinidad and Tobago: A comparison between pregnant teenagers and pregnant adults registered at three health centers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joan M Rawlins


    Full Text Available Aim: This paper aims to determine the difference between the health and social conditions of women who had their first pregnancy as teenagers (13-19 years old and those who had their first pregnancy during post-adolescence (20-41 years old. Materials and Methods : The results were based on a structured, 60-item interview schedule with 132 cases (71 teenagers and 61 women ≥ 20 year old in Trinidad and Tobago. These cases comprised Afro-Trinidadians, Indo-Trinidadians, and Trinidadians of "Mixed" ancestry, who were all recruited by nurses in three health centers in Northern Trinidad, during the period October 2004 to October 2005. The main issues of concern regarding the respondents were history of stillbirths, abortion, contraceptive use, intended family size, marital status, and employment status. Data were analyzed, using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS 12.0. Results : While the study shows similarity between the two groups of respondents, in terms of their breast-feeding practices, there were differences regarding teenage mothers who experienced a higher level of unemployment (35%, single and common law relationships (81%, and lower contraceptive use (11.8%. The older mothers were more likely to be classified as unskilled (34.4% compared to 22.5% for the teen group. Conclusions : The findings reveal that teenage pregnancy is considered a risk factor and has socio-economic implications regarding the lives of the mother and child in terms health, income, employment, and marital status.

  17. Hepatocellular carcinoma in Egypt:A single center study over a decade

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Abdel-Rahman El-Zayadi; Hanaa M Badran; Eman MF Barakat; Mohy El-Deen Attia; Sherine Shawky; Mostafa K Mohamed; Osaima Selim; Ahmed Saeid


    AIM: To identify the trend, possible risk factors and any pattern change of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in Egyptover a decade.METHODS: All HCC patients attending Cairo Liver Center between January 1993 and December 2002, were enrolledin the study. Diagnosis of HCC was based on histopath ological examination and/or detection of hepatic focal lesions by two imaging techniques plus α-fetoprotein level above 200 ng/mL. The duration of the study was divided into two periods of 5 years each; period Ⅰ (1993-1997) and period Ⅱ (1998-2002). Trend, demographic features of patients (age, gender, and residence), risk factors (HBsAg,HCV-Ab, schistosomiasis and others) and pattern of the focal lesions were compared between the two periods.Logistic regression model was fitted to calculate the adjusted odds ratios for the potential risk factors. The population attributable risk percentage was calculated to estimate the proportion of HCC attributed to hepatitis B and C viral infections.RESULTS: Over a decade, 1 328 HCC patients out of 22 450 chronic liver disease (CLD) patients were diagnosed with an overall proportion of 5.9%. The annual proportion of HCC showed a significant rising trend from 4.0% in 1993 to 7.2% in 2002 (P = 0.000). A significant increase in male proportion from 82.5% to 87.6% (P = 0.009); M/F from 5:1 to 7:1 and a slight increase of the predominant age group (40-59 years) from 62.6% to 66.8% (P = 0.387)in periods Ⅰ and Ⅱ respectively, reflecting a shift to younger age group. In the bivariate analysis, HCC was significantly higher in rural residents, patients with history of schistosomiasis and/or blood transfusion. Yet, after adjustment, these variables did not have a significant risk for development of HCC. There was a significant decline of HBsAg from 38.6% to 20.5% (P = 0.000), and a slight increase of HCV-Ab from 85.6% to 87.9% in periods Ⅰ and Ⅱ respectively. HBV conferred a higher risk to develop HCC more than HCV in period Ⅰ (OR 1.9 vs

  18. A multi-center study of hemodynamic characteristics exhibited by children with unexplained syncope

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CHEN Li; TANG Chao-shu; DU Jun-bao; YANG Yuan-yuan; WANG Cheng; WANG Hong-wei; TIAN Hong; ZHANG Qing-you; CHEN Jian-jun; WANG Yu-li; KANG Yi-long


    Background Syncope is common in children and adolescents, with 15% estimated to have had at least one syncopal episode by age 18. In recent years, an increasing number of children, especially girls at their school age,have developed unexplained syncope. The mechanism of an unexplained syncope exhibited by children is incompletely studied; the association between different hemodynamic patterns and clinical features is also not clear. The aim of the study was to investigate the hemodynamic patterns of children with unexplained syncope and to examine the clinical relevance.Methods Two hundred and eight children [87 boys, 121 girls, aged 3-19 years, mean (11.66±2.72) years]were selectively recruited from May 2000 to April 2006 when they presented syncope as their main complaint at the Multi-center Network for Childhood Syncope in Beijing, Hunan Province, Hubei Province, and Shanghai of China. All of the patients underwent head-up tilt tests; data were analyzed using SPSS version 10.0 for Windows.Continuous variables were expressed as the mean±standard deviation. Dichotomous variables were compared through a χ2 test. A value of P<0.05 (two sided) was regarded as statistically significant.Results The age distribution of children with syncope was approximately normal. Head-up tilt tests was positive in 155 children, and the incidence of positive response of the baseline head-up tilt test for diagnosing unexplained syncope was 50.48%. The sensitivity value and diagnostic value of sublingual nitroglycerin head-up tilt test were both 74.52%. The hemodynamic pattern was normal in 53 children. The 155 children, who were positive in head-up tilt tests, showed signs of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (60, 28.8%), the vasoinhibitory pattern (72, 34.6%), the cardioinhibitory pattern (5, 2.4%), and the mixed pattern (18, 8.7%). The gender distribution between the two age groups (age < 12 years vs age ≥ 12 years) was not different (P>0.05).The distribution of

  19. Hotel Classification Systems: A Comparison of International Case Studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberta Minazzi,


    Full Text Available Over the last few decades we have witnessed an increasing interest of scholars andespecially operators in service quality in the lodging business. Firstly, it is important to observe thatthe diverseness of the hospitality industry also affects the classification of hotel quality. We canactually find many programmes, classifications and seals of quality promoted by public authoritiesand private companies that create confusion in the consumer perceptions of hotel quality. Moreover,new electronic distribution channels and their ratings are becoming a new way to gather informationabout a hotel and its quality. Secondly, a point that can cause complications is that different countriesand regions can choose differing approaches depending on the features of the classification (numberof levels, symbols used, etc. and the nature of the programme (public, private. Considering theseassumptions and the recent changes in the Italian hotel classification system, this paper aims toanalyse the situation in Italy, underlining both its positive and negative aspects and comparing it withother European and North American cases. Based on a review of literature and tourism laws as wellas personal interviews with public authorities and exponents of the private sectors, we were able toidentify critical issues and trends in hotel classification systems. The comparison of case studiesshows a heterogeneous situation. Points in common are the scale and the symbol used but, if weanalyse the requirements of each category, we discover very different circumstances, also sometimesin the same country. A future European classification system could be possible only after astandardization of minimum requirements and criteria at a national level. In this situation brands andonline consumers’ feedbacks become even more considered by the customers in the hospitalityindustry.

  20. [Pica: a descriptive study of patients in a speciality medical center]. (United States)

    Haoui, R; Gautie, L; Puisset, F


    According to the DSM IV, pica is a trouble of alimentary behavior, which is characterized by the ingestion of non-nutriment substances during at least on the month. The main objective of this study conducted at the Clermont-de-l'Oise Interdepartmental Medical Center is to evaluate pica's prevalence for hospitalized patients. Secondary objectives are to describe clinical characteristics, complications and outcome upon the different therapeutic approaches. The patients hospitalized in the Adult and/or Pediatric Department of Psychiatry, which fulfilled the 4 criteria of the DSM IV, were considered eligible for the study. In order to better evaluate the severity of behavioral troubles evoked by item D of DSM IV definition, we elaborated specific severity and preoccupation scales. The severity scale reflects the complications due to the ingestion of the non-nutriment substances, the encountered risks in the case of persistence of these troubles as well as the patient's management. The preoccupation scale reflects the medical team's involvement towards the patient in order to prevent life-threatening complications. The two scales are graded from 0 to 5 according to the severity or to the degree of preoccupation, respectively. Only patients with scores 3 were considered as fulfilling the severity criteria. Among the 943 hospitalized patients at a selected time period, 23 adult patients have been considered eligible. According to these data, prevalence of pica was estimated at 2.44%. This value may seem an underestimation when compared to the values reported in the medical literature, which range from 9 to 25%. Additionally, among the 108 hospitalized infant patients, none fulfilled DSM IV criteria, which is surprising, as pica is relatively common in childhood. These results may be explained by the use of the more restrictive criteria of the DSM IV and also by the difficulties encountered in considering pica as an independent medical condition. Indeed, pica is often a

  1. A study of characteristics of intercity transportation systems. Phase 1: Definition of transportation comparison methodology (United States)

    English, J. M.; Smith, J. L.; Lifson, M. W.


    The objectives of this study are: (1) to determine a unified methodological framework for the comparison of intercity passenger and freight transportation systems; (2) to review the attributes of existing and future transportation systems for the purpose of establishing measures of comparison. These objectives were made more specific to include: (1) development of a methodology for comparing long term transportation trends arising from implementation of various R&D programs; (2) definition of value functions and attribute weightings needed for further transportation goals.

  2. A European-wide 222Radon and 222Radon progeny comparison study


    Schmithüsen, Dominik; Chambers, Scott; Fischer, Bernd; Gilge, Stefan; Hatakka, Juha; Kazan, Victor; Neubert, Rolf; Paatero, Jussi; Ramonet, Michel; Schlosser, Clemens; Schmid, Sabine; Vermeulen, Alex; Levin, Ingeborg


    A European-wide 222Radon/222Radon progeny comparison study has been conducted in order to determine correction factors that could be applied to existing atmospheric 222Radon data sets for quantitative use of this tracer in atmospheric transport model validation. Two compact and easy-to-transport Heidelberg Radon Monitors (HRM) were moved around to run for at least one month at each of the nine European measurement stations that were included in the comparison. Linear regressions between paral...

  3. Treatment Outcome of Tuberculosis Patients at Enfraz Health Center, Northwest Ethiopia: A Five-Year Retrospective Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mengistu Endris


    Full Text Available Objectives. The aim of this study was to assess treatment outcome and associated risk factors among TB patients registered for anti-TB treatment at Enfraz health center, northwest Ethiopia. Methods. A five-year retrospective data (2007–2011 of tuberculosis patients (n=417 registered for anti-TB treatment at Enfraz health center, northwest Ethiopia, were reviewed. Tuberculosis outcomes were following the WHO guidelines. Data were entered and analyzed using SPSS version 20. Results. Among 417 study participants, 95 (22.8%, 141 (33.8%, and 181 (43.4% were smear-positive, smear-negative, and extrapulmonary tuberculosis patients, respectively. Of the 417 study participants, 206 (49.4% were tested for HIV. The TB-HIV coinfection was 24/206 (11.7%. Seventeen study participants (4.2% were transferred to other health facilities. Among the 400 study participants, 379 (94.8% had successful treatment outcome (302 treatment completed and 77 cured. The overall death, default, and failure rates were 3.4%, 0.5%, and 1.2%, respectively. There was no significant association between sex, age, residence, type of TB, HIV status, and successful TB treatment outcome. Conclusion. Treatment outcome of patients who attended their anti-TB treatment at Enfraz health center was successful. Therefore, this treatment success rate should be maintained and strengthened to achieve the millennium development goal.

  4. Chronic lymphoproliferative diseases: survival in cohort study of 310 patients (single-center study results and literature data

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. P. Pop


    Full Text Available Introduction. Chronic lymphoproliferative disease (CLPD are common hematologic malignancies, accompanied by highly variable clinical course, different prognosis and understudied survival as one of the main criteria for long-term treatment efficacy, especially outside of clinical trials.Materials and methods. Patients with CLPD (n = 310 treated in hematology center of Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital from June 2003 to September 2014 are included in the study. The diagnosis of specific nosology verified in accordance with national and international recommendations. Analysis of study outcomes was based on overall survival (OS using the Kaplan–Meier method.Results and discussion. Most patients (mainly with non-Hodgkin»s lymphoma (NHL – 75 %, or multiple myeloma (MM – 80.6 % had advanced disease (III–IV, and 20.3 % admitted to the hospital in poor general condition (ECOG somatic status – 3–4. A significant proportion of patients (38.3 % with NHL and Hodgkin lymphoma (HL had a large tumor masses. Median of OS in patients with CLPD was 81.1 months. 5-year survival of total patients from time of diagnosis was 62 %, 10-year survival rate – 37 %. Patients with MM have shortest median of OS – 39 months, while patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL have the longest – 117.8 months. Median OS for NHL patients was 68.1 months, for HL patients – 99.3 months. When comparing survival for two time intervals (2003–2009 and 2009–2014, a tendency to increasethe survival rate for certain groups of patients with CLPD was revealed, that could be due to target therapy and new therapeutic approaches.Conclusion. New drug efficacy for certain diseases has led to renewed interest in the results of CLPD therapy. In our study, most CLPD patients have long-term OS, but the subsequent therapy lines influence on OS requires further study. These results will contribute to new developments in the organization and planning of

  5. Chronic lymphoproliferative diseases: survival in cohort study of 310 patients (single-center study results and literature data

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. P. Pop


    Full Text Available Introduction. Chronic lymphoproliferative disease (CLPD are common hematologic malignancies, accompanied by highly variable clinical course, different prognosis and understudied survival as one of the main criteria for long-term treatment efficacy, especially outside of clinical trials.Materials and methods. Patients with CLPD (n = 310 treated in hematology center of Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital from June 2003 to September 2014 are included in the study. The diagnosis of specific nosology verified in accordance with national and international recommendations. Analysis of study outcomes was based on overall survival (OS using the Kaplan–Meier method.Results and discussion. Most patients (mainly with non-Hodgkin»s lymphoma (NHL – 75 %, or multiple myeloma (MM – 80.6 % had advanced disease (III–IV, and 20.3 % admitted to the hospital in poor general condition (ECOG somatic status – 3–4. A significant proportion of patients (38.3 % with NHL and Hodgkin lymphoma (HL had a large tumor masses. Median of OS in patients with CLPD was 81.1 months. 5-year survival of total patients from time of diagnosis was 62 %, 10-year survival rate – 37 %. Patients with MM have shortest median of OS – 39 months, while patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL have the longest – 117.8 months. Median OS for NHL patients was 68.1 months, for HL patients – 99.3 months. When comparing survival for two time intervals (2003–2009 and 2009–2014, a tendency to increasethe survival rate for certain groups of patients with CLPD was revealed, that could be due to target therapy and new therapeutic approaches.Conclusion. New drug efficacy for certain diseases has led to renewed interest in the results of CLPD therapy. In our study, most CLPD patients have long-term OS, but the subsequent therapy lines influence on OS requires further study. These results will contribute to new developments in the organization and planning of


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The main purpose of this study is to capture the practical point of view, the main issues in examples of best practices in the application for funding for the project "Christian Day Center- Support for young people and adults with disabilities" project benefited the City Council Târgu Jiu, is a project which was realized in the Regional Operational Programme, Priority Axis 3 DMI 3.2 - "Rehabilitation / modernization / development and equipping of social services", the total value of the project was 3,373,722.72 lei, of which non-repayable funding over was worth 2,592,251.08 lei. Through its general objective, the project "Day Center Christian - Support for young people and adults with disabilities" aims to contribute to improving the quality of infrastructure for social services by ensuring equal access of citizens of Tg-Jiu such services. Christian Day Center- support for young people and adults with physical disabilities, musculoskeletal, neuro, somatic and visual has already proposed to the idea of the project, to be a center which will ensure the social inclusion of these vulnerable and contribute to increasing the quality of life, improve communication and information on the rights and benefits of social services to improve the management and organization of the system of providing social services and facilitating the participation of all stakeholders in the development of social services.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gibbs, K; Carol Kestin, C


    digital imaging technology to replace the current method. The purpose of this report is to provide a description of the current method, a description of the equipment for the new digital method and its capabilities, and a direct comparison of the results between the existing and proposed techniques. The advantages of the digital method is the reduced time of exposure (from 24 hours to around 10 minutes), increased sample throughput, reduced rework of samples, and the elimination of chemical processing.

  8. A theoretical study of electronic excited states of photosynthetic reaction center in Rhodopseudomonas viridis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    REN; Yanliang; CHENG; Lin; WAN; Jian; LI; Yongjian; LIU; Junjun; YANG; Guangfu; ZHANG; Lihua; YANG; Song


    The electronic singlet vertical excited states of photosynthetic reaction center (PSRC) in Rhodopseudomonas (Rps.) viridis were investigated by ZINDO and INDO/S methods. The effects of the interactions of pigment-pigment and pigment-protein on the electronic excitations were examined. The calculation results showed that the interactions of pigment-pigment and pigment-protein play an important role in reasonably assigning the experimental absorption and circular dichroism (CD) spectra of PSRC in Rps. virids. By comparing the theoretically computed excited states with the experimental absorption and CD spectra, satisfactory assignments of the experimental spectroscopic peaks were achieved.

  9. Spreading a patient-centered medical home redesign: a case study. (United States)

    Hsu, Clarissa; Coleman, Katie; Ross, Tyler R; Johnson, Eric; Fishman, Paul A; Larson, Eric B; Liss, David; Trescott, Claire; Reid, Robert J


    Health care leaders and policymakers are turning to the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model to contain costs, improve the quality of care, and create a more positive primary care work environment. We describe how Group Health, an integrated delivery system, developed and implemented a PCMH intervention that included standardized structural and practice level changes. This intervention was spread to a diverse set of 26 primary care practices in 14 months using Lean Management principles. Group Health's experience provides valuable insights that can be used to improve the design and implementation of future PCMH models.

  10. Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center Newly Generated Liquid Waste Demonstration Project Feasibility Study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Herbst, A.K.


    A research, development, and demonstration project for the grouting of newly generated liquid waste (NGLW) at the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center is considered feasible. NGLW is expected from process equipment waste, decontamination waste, analytical laboratory waste, fuel storage basin waste water, and high-level liquid waste evaporator condensate. The potential grouted waste would be classed as mixed low-level waste, stabilized and immobilized to meet RCRA LDR disposal in a grouting process in the CPP-604 facility, and then transported to the state.

  11. Phonon-magnon interactions in body centered cubic iron: A combined molecular and spin dynamics study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Perera, Dilina, E-mail:; Landau, David P. [Center for Simulational Physics, The University of Georgia, Georgia 30602 (United States); Nicholson, Don M.; Malcolm Stocks, G.; Eisenbach, Markus; Yin, Junqi [Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831 (United States); Brown, Gregory [Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida 32306 (United States)


    Combining an atomistic many-body potential with a classical spin Hamiltonian parameterized by first principles calculations, molecular-spin dynamics computer simulations were performed to investigate phonon-magnon interactions in body centered cubic iron. Results obtained for spin-spin and density-density dynamic structure factors show that noticeable softening and damping of magnon modes occur due to the presence of lattice vibrations. Furthermore, as a result of the phonon-magnon coupling, additional longitudinal spin wave excitations are observed, with the same frequencies as the longitudinal phonon modes.

  12. Advancing LGBT Health at an Academic Medical Center: A Case Study. (United States)

    Yehia, Baligh R; Calder, Daniel; Flesch, Judd D; Hirsh, Rebecca L; Higginbotham, Eve; Tkacs, Nancy; Crawford, Beverley; Fishman, Neil


    Academic health centers are strategically positioned to impact the health of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) populations by advancing science, educating future generations of providers, and delivering integrated care that addresses the unique health needs of the LGBT community. This report describes the early experiences of the Penn Medicine Program for LGBT Health, highlighting the favorable environment that led to its creation, the mission and structure of the Program, strategic planning process used to set priorities and establish collaborations, and the reception and early successes of the Program.

  13. A Study to Determine the Needs for Standards in Army Day Care Centers. (United States)


    child care centers was formalized. At this time Friedrich Froebel , in his book the Education of Man brought out the importance of the early training of...children. According to Froebel , It is highly pernicious to consider the stages of human development - infant, child, boy or girl, youth or maiden, man...being) is seen but vaguely in the idea and word, and scarcely at all considered in life and for life. (46:99) Ia Froebel is known as the "father of the

  14. Simulation studies of crystal-photodetector assemblies for the Turkish accelerator center particle factory electromagnetic calorimeter

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kocak, F., E-mail:


    The Turkish Accelerator Center Particle Factory detector will be constructed for the detection of the produced particles from the collision of a 1 GeV electron beam against a 3.6 GeV positron beam. PbWO{sub 4} and CsI(Tl) crystals are considered for the construction of the electromagnetic calorimeter part of the detector. The generated optical photons in these crystals are detected by avalanche or PIN photodiodes. Geant4 simulation code has been used to estimate the energy resolution of the calorimeter for these crystal–photodiode assemblies.

  15. Evaluation of the effect of the chiral centers of Taxol on binding to β-tubulin: A docking and molecular dynamics simulation study. (United States)

    Ghadari, Rahim; Alavi, Fatemeh S; Zahedi, Mansour


    Taxol is one of the most important anti-cancer drugs. The interaction between different variants of Taxol, by altering one of its chiral centers at a time, with β-tubulin protein has been investigated. To achieve such goal, docking and molecular dynamics (MD) simulation studies have been performed. In docking studies, the preferred conformers have been selected to further study by MD method based on the binding energies reported by the AutoDock program. The best result of docking study which shows the highest affinity between ligand and protein has been used as the starting point of the MD simulations. All of the complexes have shown acceptable stability during the simulation process, based on the RMSDs of the backbone of the protein structure. Finally, MM-GBSA calculations have been carried out to select the best ligand, considering the binding energy criteria. The results predict that two of the structures have better affinity toward the mentioned protein, in comparison with Taxol. Three of the structures have affinity similar to that of the Taxol toward the β-tubulin.

  16. Abstinence, Social Norms, and Drink Responsibly Messages: A Comparison Study (United States)

    Glassman, Tavis J.; Kruger, Jessica Sloan; Deakins, Bethany A.; Paprzycki, Peter; Blavos, Alexis A.; Hutzelman, Erin N.; Diehr, Aaron


    Objective: The purpose of this study was to determine which type of prevention message (abstinence, social norms, or responsible drinking) was most effective at reducing alcohol consumption. Participants: The subjects from this study included 194 college students from a public university. Methods: Researchers employed a quasi-experimental design,…

  17. A Comparison Study on the Chinese and Western Music Aesthetics

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    <正>Specialty:Literary Theory Music Aesthetics is a basic and theoretical subject,which studies the basic rules of music,and especially regards the study of the particularity of music and aesthetics as its general goal.Belonging to liberal arts,music aesthetics is the same as other

  18. Excel Center

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Citigroup,one of the World top 500 companies,has now settled in Excel Center,Financial Street. The opening ceremony of Excel Center and the entry ceremony of Citigroup in the center were held on March 31.Government leaders of Xicheng District,the Excel CEO and the heads of Asia-Pacific Region leaders of Citibank all participated in the ceremony.

  19. Building research administration applications for the academic health center: a case study. (United States)

    Guard, J Roger; Brueggemann, Ralph F; Highsmith, Robert F; Marine, Stephen A; Riep, Josette R; Schick, Leslie C


    The academic health center information environment is saturated with information of varying quality and overwhelming quantity. The most significant challenge is transforming data and information into knowledge. The University of Cincinnati Medical Center's (UCMC) focus is to develop an information architecture comprising data structures, Web services, and user interfaces that enable individuals to manage the information overload so that they can create new knowledge. UCMC has accomplished much of what is reported in this article with the help of a four-year Integrated Advanced Information Management Systems (IAIMS) operation grant awarded by the National Library of Medicine in 2003. In the UCMC vision for knowledge management, individuals have reliable, secure access to information that is filtered, organized, and highly relevant for specific tasks and personal needs. Current applications and tool sets will evolve to become the next generation knowledge management applications or smart digital services. When smart digital services are implemented, silo applications will disappear. A major focus of UCMC's IAIMS grant is research administration. Testing and building out existing and new research administration applications and digital services is underway. The authors review UCMC's progress and results in developing a software architecture, tools, and services for research administration. Included are sections on the evolution to full integration, the impact of the work at UCMC to date, lessons learned during this research and development process, and future plans and needs.

  20. A computer simulation study of oxygen defect centers in BaFBr and BaFCl

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Islam, M.S.; Baetzold, R.C. (Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY (United States). Corporate Research Labs.)


    Atomistic simulation techniques are used to examine several oxygen trapped-hole centers resulting from X-irradiation of BaFBr and BaFCl crystals. The calculations employ recently derived interatomic potentials for the oxide ion-host anion interactions. Particular attention is focussed on the sites occupied by the oxide impurity and the energetics of ionization. Our results show the defect model involving O{sup -} substitutional at a Br{sup -}/Cl{sup -} site to be a favorable trapped-hole center, in accord with the assignment proposed from electron paramagnetic resonance measurements. The defect simulations find a large energy barrier to oxide interstitial formation from the oxide precursor at a substitutional site, which suggests that conversion from O{sub x}{sup -} to O{sub int}{sup -} is highly unlikely as has been demonstrated in EPR experiments. Ion displacements following lattice relaxation about the defect are also examined. The position of O{sup -} substituted for Br{sup -} in BaFBr is computed to be displaced from the regular lattice site by 0.53 A, along the c axis towards the Ba{sup 2+} ion plane, in agreement with models derived later from ENDOR experiments, while O{sup -} substituted for F{sup -} remains on the lattice site in agreement with experiment. (author).

  1. The Proton Therapy Nozzles at Samsung Medical Center: A Monte Carlo Simulation Study using TOPAS

    CERN Document Server

    Chung, Kwangzoo; Kim, Dae-Hyun; Ahn, Sunghwan; Han, Youngyih


    To expedite the commissioning process of the proton therapy system at Samsung Medical Center (SMC), we have developed a Monte Carlo simulation model of the proton therapy nozzles using TOPAS. At SMC proton therapy center, we have two gantry rooms with different types of nozzles; a multi-purpose nozzle and a dedicated scanning nozzle. Each nozzle has been modeled in detail following the geometry information provided by the manufacturer, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. For this purpose, novel features of TOPAS, such as the time feature or the ridge filter class, have been used. And the appropriate physics models for proton nozzle simulation were defined. Dosimetric properties, like percent depth dose curve, spread-out Bragg peak (SOBP), beam spot size, have been simulated and verified against measured beam data. Beyond the Monte Carlo nozzle modeling, we have developed an interface between TOPAS and the treatment planning system (TPS), RayStation. An exported RT plan data from the TPS has been interpreted by th...

  2. Height, social comparison, and paranoia: an immersive virtual reality experimental study. (United States)

    Freeman, Daniel; Evans, Nicole; Lister, Rachel; Antley, Angus; Dunn, Graham; Slater, Mel


    Mistrust of others may build upon perceptions of the self as vulnerable, consistent with an association of paranoia with perceived lower social rank. Height is a marker of social status and authority. Therefore we tested the effect of manipulating height, as a proxy for social rank, on paranoia. Height was manipulated within an immersive virtual reality simulation. Sixty females who reported paranoia experienced a virtual reality train ride twice: at their normal and reduced height. Paranoia and social comparison were assessed. Reducing a person's height resulted in more negative views of the self in comparison with other people and increased levels of paranoia. The increase in paranoia was fully mediated by changes in social comparison. The study provides the first demonstration that reducing height in a social situation increases the occurrence of paranoia. The findings indicate that negative social comparison is a cause of mistrust.

  3. Family-centered rounds and medical student performance on the NBME pediatrics subject (shelf) examination: a retrospective cohort study


    Kimbrough, Tiffany N.; Heh, Victor; Wijesooriya, N. Romesh; Ryan, Michael S.


    Objective: To determine the association between family-centered rounds (FCR) and medical student knowledge acquisition as assessed by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) pediatric subject (shelf) exam.Methods: A retrospective cohort study was conducted of third-year medical students who graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine between 2009 and 2014. This timeframe represented the transition from ‘traditional’ rounds to FCR on the pediatric inpatient unit. ...

  4. The design of maternal centered life-style modification program for weight gain management during pregnancy — a study protocol


    Farajzadegan, Ziba; Pozveh, Zahra Amini


    Background: Abnormal weight gain during pregnancy increases the adverse health outcomes during the pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period. Most of the pregnant women develop weight gain more than the recommended limits; therefore, interventions to manage such disproportionate weight gain are needed. In this paper, the design of the maternal centered life-style intervention study is described, which focuses on controlling weight gaining during pregnancy for all body mass index (BMI) gr...

  5. Comparison of clinicopathologic variables in coexistence cancers of the endometrium and ovary: A review of 55 cases in an academic center in Iran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hossein Sadidi


    Full Text Available Background: The coexistence primary cancers of the endometrium and ovary are relatively uncommon. The purpose of this study was to characterize patients diagnosed primary synchronous endometrial and ovarian cancer (SEOC, endometrial cancer (EC with ovarian metastasis, and ovarian cancer (OC with endometrial metastasis and compare clinicopathologic variables and prognosis. Materials and Methods: All the patients with diagnosis of both endometrium and OC, who hospitalized between 2002 and 2012 in an academic center affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences, were evaluated with respect to different clinicopathologic variables, follow-up times, and outcomes. Results: Fifty-five patients had been diagnosed with both endometrium and OC. 17, 26, and 12 patients were diagnosed as SEOC, EC, and OC, respectively. The frequency of abnormal uterine bleeding was significantly lower in OC (16.7% compared to others (58.8% in SEOC and 53.8% in EC. However, the abdominal/pelvic pain was significantly higher in OC (50% compared to others (35.3% in SEOC and 34.6% in EC (P < 0.05. Complex atypical hyperplasia (87.5%, endometriosis (88.8%, and endometrioid carcinoma (54.5% was observed most in SEOC group. The duration of follow-up time was between 3 and 171 months with a mean of 16 months. There was no death in SEOC who followed. Survivals of patients between three group were statistically significant (P = 0.032. Conclusion: Our results showed that overall survival (OS and progression-free survival (PFS of SEOC patients is better than those with EC and OC (P = 0.032.

  6. A Qualitative Study of Bottlenecks and Causes of Fractions for Dedicated Incomes of Health Centers and Solutions for their Reduction (United States)

    Tabrizi, Jafar Sadegh; Alidoost, Saeide; Abdolahi, Hossein Mashhadi


    Background: Primary health care is one of effective approaches for improving public health. Providing optimal cares requires supplication of various resources such as financial resources. “Fractions of incomes” in health centers is one of the remarkable problems for the domain of financial resources management in Iran. This study was aimed to identify bottlenecks and causes of fractions for incomes in health centers and solutions for their reduction. Methods: The current study was conducted in a qualitative phenomenology method in East Azerbaijan province of Iran in 2014. Data collection method was focus group discussion and semi-structured interview. Purposive sampling was used for selecting participants. Focus group discussions and interviews were conducted based on pre-prepared guidance and continued till data saturation. Validity of guidance was approved by qualitative studies experts. Data were analyzed using content analysis method. Results: Based on the opinions of participants, two and six themes were respectively extracted for bottlenecks of fractions and causes and solutions for their reduction. Themes for bottlenecks of fractions included cash (monetary) and non-cash (non-monetary) fractions and themes for causes and solutions included causes and solutions for fractions per capita, insurance deductions, fractions related to sending documents, registration fractions, discounts fractions, and incomplete deposit of cash incomes. Conclusion: All cash and non-cash incomes of health centers are subject to fractions. The causes of fractions are related to the whole process of converting services to incomes and insurance requirements. Identified solutions and interventions also focus on these areas.

  7. A comparison of different hydrologic modeling approaches: the case study of Cerfone river (United States)

    Venturi, Sara; Di Francesco, Silvia; Manciola, Piergiorgio


    The increasing occurrence of extreme meteorological events and the strong land exploitation, especially the overbuilding and urbanization of the flood prone areas, has led to a considerable increase of the hydraulic risk associated to these areas and, consequently, to an effort of institutions and researchers to find proper solutions. The analyzed case study deals with the Cerfone river, a tributary of the Tiber River, in the Tuscany region (Italy). The complex morphology of the floodplains and the presence of hydraulic structures (i.e. bridges) that block the river discharge cross section, cause the periodic flooding of the neighbouring small villages during extreme weather events. The flood hazard management and safety plan implementation is strictly connected to the hydrological modeling of river basin.The uncertainty in rain- run off evaluation can lead to different results in terms of discharge peak and hydrographs shape, affecting then all the next risk analysis. The choice of the hydrologic model to apply in the study of Hydraulic Risk delineation is therefore a critical issue. In this work three different approaches to model the basin hydrological response are used and discussed: i) lumped model built in accordance with the standards of methodological model of ALTo (ALluvioni Toscana, Tuscany Region), generally used in the region for hydrologic and hydraulic studies; ii) a semi-distributed model, performed using the hydrological software model HEC - HMS (Hydrologic Engineering Center, US Army Corps of Engineers), which is based on the evaluation of the value of critical duration storm at significant sections of the basin. It is based on models for estimated losses, inflows - outflows transformation method and meteorological model in accordance with the standards of ALTo; iii) lumped model based on the rational equation and the concentration time of Giandotti, in accordance with the methodology of the Tiber River Basin Authority. The critical analysis and

  8. Electron-mediating Cu(A) centers in proteins: a comparative high field (1)H ENDOR study. (United States)

    Epel, Boris; Slutter, Claire S; Neese, Frank; Kroneck, Peter M H; Zumft, Walter G; Pecht, Israel; Farver, Ole; Lu, Yi; Goldfarb, Daniella


    High field (W-band, 95 GHz) pulsed electron-nuclear double resonance (ENDOR) measurements were carried out on a number of proteins that contain the mixed-valence, binuclear electron-mediating Cu(A) center. These include nitrous oxide reductase (N(2)OR), the recombinant water-soluble fragment of subunit II of Thermus thermophilus cytochrome c oxidase (COX) ba(3) (M160T9), its M160QT0 mutant, where the weak axial methionine ligand has been replaced by a glutamine, and the engineered "purple" azurin (purpAz). The three-dimensional (3-D) structures of these proteins, apart from the mutant, are known. The EPR spectra of all samples showed the presence of a mononuclear Cu(II) impurity with EPR characteristics of a type II copper. At W-band, the g( perpendicular) features of this center and of Cu(A) are well resolved, thus allowing us to obtain a clean Cu(A) ENDOR spectrum. The latter consists of two types of ENDOR signals. The first includes the signals of the four strongly coupled cysteine beta-protons, with isotropic hyperfine couplings, A(iso), in the 7-15 MHz range. The second group consists of weakly coupled protons with a primarily anisotropic character with A(zz) < 3 MHz. Orientation selective ENDOR spectra were collected for N(2)OR, M160QT0, and purpAz, and simulations of the cysteine beta-protons signals provided their isotropic and anisotropic hyperfine interactions. A linear correlation with a negative slope was found between the maximum A(iso) value of the beta-protons and the copper hyperfine interaction. Comparison of the best-fit anisotropic hyperfine parameters with those calculated from dipolar interactions extracted from the available 3-D structures sets limit to the sulfur spin densities. Similarly, the small coupling spectral region was simulated on the basis of the 3-D structures and compared with the experimental spectra. It was found that the width of the powder patterns of the weakly coupled protons recorded at g(perpendicular) is mainly

  9. Sensor comparison study for load alleviating wind turbine pitch control

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kragh, Knud Abildgaard; Hansen, Morten Hartvig; Henriksen, Lars Christian


    measurement types yield similar load reductions, but for varying inflow conditions, the LiDAR sensor-based controller yields larger load reductions than the two others. The results also show that the performance of the LiDAR sensor-based controller is very sensitive to uncertainties relating to the inflow......As the size of wind turbines increases, the load alleviating capabilities of the turbine controller are becoming increasingly important. Load alleviating control schemes have traditionally been based on feedback from load sensor; however, recent developments of measurement technologies have enabled...... root loads. In many existing studies, the performance of an advanced controller is compared with the performance of a simpler controller. In this study, the effect of three measurement types on the load alleviating performance of the same cyclic pitch control design is studied. By using a baseline...

  10. Study Strategies Comparison and Self-Regulationin University Students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irma Rosa Alvarado Guerrero


    Full Text Available The main factors associated with academic performance are study strategies and self-regulation in university students, thus the objective of this paper is to compare two sample groups: those in a regular status and others under certain academic lag. The Study Strategies Inventory and Self-Regulation (IEEA BY Castaneda was applied to 41 learners. It was observed that both groups need support to develop strategies for the four scales of the instrument: Information acquisition, memory resource management, information processing and self-regulation in all three dimensions: people, tasks and materials. In conclusion there is a need to develop programs to help the consolidation of study strategies and self-regulation and highlights the importance of analyzing the factors in teacher’s education and development of programs and curricula, to improve academic performance in higher educationinstitutions.

  11. Comparison study of selected geophysical and geotechnical parameters

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nissen, Randi Warncke; Poulsen, Søren Erbs


    Successful foundation of constructions relies on accurate characterization of the geotechnical properties of the subsurface. By implementing data from geophysical surveys, the placement of geotechnical drillings can be significantly improved, potentially reducing the number of required drillings....... This case study is mainly to compare geophysical investigations (MEP/IP) with existing PACES data and information from geotechnical drillings....


    Four methods (light traps, foliage samples, canvas bands, and gypsy moth egg mass surveys) that are used to study the population dynamics of foliage-feeding Lepidoptera were compared for 10 species, including gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar L. Samples were collected weekly at 12 sit...

  13. Soybean allergen detection methods--a comparison study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, M. Højgaard; Holzhauser, T.; Bisson, C.


    Soybean containing products are widely consumed, thus reliable methods for detection of soy in foods are needed in order to make appropriate risk assessment studies to adequately protect soy allergic patients. Six methods were compared using eight food products with a declared content of soy...

  14. Self-Actualizing Men and Women: A Comparison Study. (United States)

    Hall, Eleanor G.; Hansen, Jan B.


    The self-actualization of 167 women who lived in the Martha Cook (MC) dormitory of the University of Michigan (1950-1970) was compared to that of a group of Ivy League men researched in another study. In addition, two groups of MC women were compared to each other to identify differences which might explain why some self-actualized while other did…

  15. Studying Communication Style: Comparison of Three Methods for Gathering Data. (United States)

    Geddes, Doreen

    A study examined the effects of three presentational modes--transcription, audiotape, and videotape--on raters' evaluations of male and female speakers using a powerless, powerful, or mixed speech style. A powerless speech style was characterized by the use of message elements such as qualifiers, tag questions, polite forms, and disclaimers. A…

  16. Comparison of polychlorinated biphenyl levels across studies of human neurodevelopment

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Longnecker, MP; Gladen, BC; Brock, JW; Grandjean, P; Jacobson, JL; Korrick, SA; Rogan, WJ; Weisglas-Kuperus, N; Hertz-Picciotto, [No Value; Ayotte, P; Stewart, P; Winneke, G; Charles, MJ; Jacobson, SW; Dewailly, E; Boersma, ER; Altshul, LM; Heinzow, B; Pagano, JJ; Jensen, AA


    Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are persistent pollutants that are ubiquitous in the food chain, and detectable amounts are in the blood of almost every person in most populations that have been examined. Extensive evidence from animal studies shows that PCBs are neurotoxins, even at low doses. Int

  17. Application of Interactive Classification System in University Study Course Comparison (United States)

    Birzniece, Ilze; Rudzajs, Peteris; Kalibatiene, Diana; Vasilecas, Olegas; Rencis, Edgars


    The growing amount of information in the world has increased the need for computerized classification of different objects. This situation is present in higher education as well where the possibility of effortless detection of similarity between different study courses would give the opportunity to organize student exchange programmes effectively…

  18. Studies on Solid Wood. IV. Comparison of Nordic Pine Trees

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bjørkmann, Anders


    from the sapwood with equal dimensions (7x9x152 mm) were measured "raw", then dried, extracted and (again) dried, In addition, changes of extract-free wood by treatment with alkali and with DMA/LiCl and also by substitution with succinic acid, were studied. Several expected and some unexpected results...

  19. Language Discordance and Patient- Centered Care in Occupational Therapy: A Case Study. (United States)

    Martinez, Jenny; Leland, Natalie


    The accumulative burden of a growing non-English speaking minority population and health disparities in the United States demonstrate the urgency of examining occupational therapy practices and defining care that is timely, effective, safe, and patient-centered. In this context, we investigate an occupational therapy episode of care from the perspectives of patient, caregiver, and primary occupational therapy care provider. Treatment sessions were observed and one-on-one semistructured interviews were conducted with the participants. Several themes describing areas of concern in communication and care delivery emerged, including expectations for care, the therapy relationship, professional identity, and pragmatic constraints. The use of untrained interpreters compromised treatment effectiveness and safety. This case highlights potential areas of concern in therapy when working with a diverse patient population. Abundant opportunities exist for occupational therapy to situate itself as an equitable, responsive, valuable, and essential service.

  20. Comparison of the learning of two notations: A pilot study (United States)



    Introduction: MICAP is a new notation in which the teeth are indicated by letters (I-incisor, C-canine, P-premolar, M-molar) and numbers [1,2,3] which are written superscript and subscript on the relevant letters. FDI tooth notation is a two digit system where one digit shows quadrant and the second one shows the tooth of the quadrant. This study aimed to compare the short term retention of knowledge of two notation systems (FDI two digit system and MICAP notation) by lecture method. Methods: Undergraduate students [N=80] of three schools participated in a cross-over study. Two theory-driven classroom based lectures on MICAP notation and FDI notation were delivered separately. Data were collected using eight randomly selected permanent teeth to be written in MICAP format and FDI format at pretest (before the lecture), post-test I (immediately after lecture) and post-test II (one week after the lecture). Analysis was done by SPSS version 20.0 using repeated measures ANCOVA and independent t-test. Results: The results of pre-test and post-test I were similar for FDI education. Similar results were found between post-test I and post-test II for MICAP and FDI notations. Conclusion: The study findings indicated that the two notations (FDI and MICAP) were equally mind cognitive. However, the sample size used in this study may not reflect the global scenario. Therefore, we suggest more studies to be performed for prospective adaptation of MICAP in dental curriculum. PMID:28367462

  1. Determinants Associated with Pregnancy Complications in Pregnant Women; (Case Study in Abepura, Jayapura City Health Center 2015

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rodinda Sihombing


    Full Text Available According to the World Health Organization (WHO in 2014, about 800 mothers die worldwide each day from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. Each year approximately 20,000 women in Indonesia die from causes related to pregnancy and labor. The purpose of this study was to determine the incidence of pregnancy complications determinant in Abepura, Jayapura City Health Center in 2015. This study was an observational study design with "cross-sectional study", which is one type of the analytic study design. The sample in this study is the third trimester pregnant women who visited antenatal at health centers Abepura totaling 155 people using accidental sampling technique. All data in this study were collected through interviews using questionnaires. Analysis of the data in this study include univariate, bivariate (chi square and multivariate (logistic regression. Chi-square test results demonstrated an association iron tablet intake (p = 0.022; RP = 2, maternal age (p = 0.018; RP = 2.6, parity (p = 0.03; RP = 1.9, a history of pregnancy complications (p = 0.0001; RP = 2.9, and a history of birth complications (p = 0.002; RP = 2.6 and the incidence of pregnancy complications. While the history of infectious disease has no relationship with the incidence of pregnancy complications (p = 0.214; RP = 1.4. Multivariate analysis showed that maternal age and previous pregnancy complications are dominant factors on the incidence of pregnancy complications.

  2. Engaging in Upward and Downward Comparisons as a Determinant of Relative Deprivation at Work: A Longitudinal Study. (United States)

    Buunk, Bram P.; Zurriaga, Rosario; Gonzalez-Roma, Vicente; Subirats, Monserrat


    A longitudinal study of 93 nurses showed that those who initially derived both positive and negative feelings from upward comparisons (with colleagues who perform better) and negative feelings from downward comparisons increased relative deprivation at work after one year. Downward comparison also increased relative deprivation after a year.…

  3. Study on the Key Success Factors of the Operation of a Regional Military Logistic Food Material Center

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fu-Jin Wang


    Full Text Available Problem statement: In order to establish an integrated supply system of the military food material, the study was to discuss the key success factors of operation of the military regional food material logistic center in Taiwan. Approach: The Delphi method, questionnaires and telephone interviews were used to collect and integrate the opinions of experts and scholars. Simultaneously, the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP was applied to confirm the evaluative factors of each level, i.e., one goal (to construct key success factors of the operation of a regional military logistic food material center for the first level, two analytical aspects (the external and internal environments for the second level, six evaluative facets (the safety design, strategic management, administrative effect, policy, service and internal and external integration for the third level and 19 evaluative criteria for the fourth level. Results: The 350 questionnaires from the second phase which were sent out to four kinds of respondents, 319 valid ones were returned. Conclusion: After AHP analysis, the results of this study could suggest an evaluation table for the key success factors of operation of the military regional food material logistic center in Taiwan.

  4. Nutritional status of breastfed infants in rural Zambia : comparison of the National Center for Health Statistics growth reference versus the WHO 12-month breastfed pooled data set

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hautvast, J.L.A.; Pandor, A.; Burema, J.; Tolboom, J.J.M.; Chishimba, N.; Monnens, L.A.H.; Staveren, van W.A.


    Cross-sectional data for breastfed infants in rural Zambia were used to evaluate the effect of applying two different data sets as a reference, i.e. the WHO 12-month breastfed pooled data set and the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) growth reference in terms of prevalence of malnutrition

  5. Common pathways toward informing policy and environmental strategies to promote health: a study of CDC's Prevention Research Centers. (United States)

    Neri, Elizabeth M; Stringer, Kate J; Spadaro, Antonia J; Ballman, Marie R; Grunbaum, Jo Anne


    This study examined the roles academic researchers can play to inform policy and environmental strategies that promote health and prevent disease. Prevention Research Centers (PRCs) engage in academic-community partnerships to conduct applied public health research. Interviews were used to collect data on the roles played by 32 PRCs to inform policy and environmental strategies that were implemented between September 2009 and September 2010. Descriptive statistics were calculated in SAS 9.2. A difference in roles played was observed depending on whether strategies were policy or environmental. Of the policy initiatives, the most common roles were education, research, and partnership. In contrast, the most prevalent roles the PRCs played in environmental approaches were research and providing health promotion resources. Academic research centers play various roles to help inform policy and environmental strategies.

  6. Comparison of three peripherally-inserted central catheters: pilot study. (United States)

    Di Giacomo, Michele

    Peripherally-inserted central catheters (PICCS) are non-tunnelled, central catheters inserted through a peripheral vein of the arm. They are 50-60 cm long and are usually made of either silicone or second-third generation polyurethane. PICCs can be used for prolonged, continuous or intermittent infusion therapies (up to 3 months) both in hospitalized patients and in patients treated as outpatients, in a hospice, or at home. When establishing a vascular service it is key to select a PICC that meets the requirements of safety, cost-effectiveness, high resistance (ability to take increasing fluid volumes with high pressure devices) and durability, and low complications rate. The complications and dwell times of three different PICCs were studied: coated polyurethane, valved silicone and power-injectable. The study was conducted at the chemotherapy suite at the author's hospital with the aim of selecting the right PICC based on low incidence of complications, resistance and enhanced dwell time. Results show a low incidence of complications and long dwell time among patients with the power-injectable PICC. Furthermore, this study demonstrated a reduction on the rate of occlusion and rupture with power-injectable PICCs, which makes them safer to use for administration of chemotherapy and other vesicant agents, as well as for the management of patients in critical care.

  7. Dosimetric measurements and comparison studies in digital imaging system (United States)

    Jung, Ji-Young; Kim, Hee-Joung; Lee, Chang-Lae; Cho, Hyo-Min; Nam, Sora


    Number of radiologic exams using digital imaging systems has rapidly increased with advanced imaging technologies. However, it has not been paid attention to the radiation dose in clinical situations. It was the motivation to study radiation dosimetry in the DR system. The objective of this study was to measure beam quality and patient's dose using DR system and to compare them to both IEC standard and IAEA guidelines. The measured average dose for chest and abdomen was 1.376 mGy and 9.501 mGy, respectively, compared to 0.4 mGy and 10.0 mGy in IAEA guidelines. The results also indicated that the DR system has a lower radiation beam quality than that of the IEC standard. The results showed that the patients may be exposed higher radiation for chest exams and lower radiation for abdomen exams using DR system. IAEA Guidelines were prepared based on western people which may be different weight and height for patients compared them to Korean. In conclusion, a new guideline for acceptable DR dosimetry for Korean patients may need to be developed with further studies for large populations. We believe that this research greatly help to introduce the importance of the dosimetry in diagnostic radiology in Korea. And, a development of database for dosimetry in diagnostic radiology will become an opportunity of making aware of radiation safety of medical examination to patient.

  8. Phantom behavioral assimilation effects: systematic biases in social comparison choice studies. (United States)

    Marsh, Herbert W; Seaton, Marjorie; Kuyper, Hans; Dumas, Florence; Huguet, Pascal; Régner, Isabelle; Buunk, Abraham P; Monteil, Jean-Marc; Gibbons, Frederick X


    Consistent with social comparison theory (SCT), Blanton, Buunk, Gibbons, and Kuyper (1999) and Huguet, Dumas, Monteil, and Genestoux (2001) found that students tended to choose comparison targets who slightly outperformed them (i.e., upward comparison choices), and this had a beneficial effect on subsequent performance--a behavioral assimilation effect (BAE). We show (Studies 1 and 2) that this apparent BAE is due, in part, to uncontrolled measurement error in pretest achievement. However, using simulated data (Study 3), these phantom BAEs were eliminated with latent-variable models with multiple indicators. In Studies 4 and 5, latent-variable models were applied to the Blanton et al. and Huguet et al. data, resulting in substantially smaller but still significantly positive BAEs. More generally in personality research based on correlational data, failure to control measurement error in pretest/background variables will positively bias the apparent effects of personality variables of interest, but widely applicable approaches demonstrated here can correct for these biases.

  9. The KIzSS network, a sentinel surveillance system for infectious diseases in day care centers: study protocol

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Enserink Remko


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Day care-associated infectious diseases are widely recognized as a public health problem but rarely studied. Insights into their dynamics and their association with the day care setting are important for effective decision making in management of infectious disease control. This paper describes the purpose, design and potential of our national multi-center, day care-based sentinel surveillance network for infectious diseases (the KIzSS network. The aim of the KIzSS network is to acquire a long-term insight into the syndromic and microbiological aspects of day care-related infectious diseases and associated disease burden and to model these aspects with day care setting characteristics. Methods/design The KIzSS network applies a prospective cohort design, following day care centers rather than individual children or staff members over time. Data on infectious disease symptoms and related morbidity (children and staff, medical consumption, absenteeism and circulating enteric pathogens (children are collected on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Every two years, a survey is performed to assess the characteristics of participating day care centers. Discussion The KIzSS network offers a unique potential to study infectious disease dynamics in the day care setting over a sustained period of time. The created (biodatabases will help us to assess day care-related disease burden of infectious diseases among attending children and staff and their relation with the day care setting. This will support the much needed development of evidence-based and pragmatic guidelines for infectious disease control in day care centers.

  10. The characteristics of serious suicide attempters in Japanese adolescents- comparison study between adolescents and adults

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kawashima Yoshitaka


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Suicide is the leading cause of death among Japanese adolescents, and they may commit suicide differently from adults. However, there are few studies in medical-based data concerning adolescent patients seriously attempting suicide. We aimed to explore the characteristics of serious suicide attempts in Japanese adolescents, comparing them with those in adults. Methods We investigated adolescents who seriously attempted suicide and were treated at the Critical Care Medical Center (CCMC of Nippon Medical School Hospital between 2000 and 2010, and we compared them with adult suicide attempters treated during 2009. We retrospectively studied medical records and collected clinical data and socio-demographic factors, including age, sex, psychiatric symptoms or diagnosis, methods of suicide attempt, motives for suicide attempt, previous deliberate self-harm, previous psychiatric history, parent loss experience, and previous psychiatric history in the family. Results Adolescent attempters were 15 males and 44 females, 13 to 18 years old (mean 16.39. Adult attempters were 37 males and 65 females, 19 to 79 years old (mean 39.45. In comparison to adult attempters, adolescent attempters were more frequently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD, had more school problems and parent loss experience, but they had less financial problems. Gender differences between adolescents and adults were examined, and male adolescent attempters were found to be more frequently diagnosed with schizophrenia and had less financial problems than their adult counterparts, while female adolescent attempters were more frequently diagnosed with BPD, had more school problems and parent loss, but they had less previous psychiatric history than their adult counterparts. Conclusions Our findings indicated that adolescent attempters were more frequently diagnosed with BPD and had more school problems and parent loss experience but had less financial

  11. Could Education Contribute to Reduce Prevalence of HIV among Injecting Drug Users? A Case Study of IDUs from the Rehabilitation Center for Drugs Users (United States)

    Rajbhandari, Mani Man Singh


    This study primarily focuses on Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) from the Narconon Nepal for drugs rehabilitation and prevention center. The study attempt to explore the changing behavior of IDUs from the education received from the rehabilitation center which contributes to reduce the prevalence of HIV among IDUs. The data were collected through semi…

  12. Comparison of five bacteriophages as models for viral aerosol studies. (United States)

    Turgeon, Nathalie; Toulouse, Marie-Josée; Martel, Bruno; Moineau, Sylvain; Duchaine, Caroline


    Bacteriophages are perceived to be good models for the study of airborne viruses because they are safe to use, some of them display structural features similar to those of human and animal viruses, and they are relatively easy to produce in large quantities. Yet, only a few studies have investigated them as models. It has previously been demonstrated that aerosolization, environmental conditions, and sampling conditions affect viral infectivity, but viral infectivity is virus dependent. Thus, several virus models are likely needed to study their general behavior in aerosols. The aim of this study was to compare the effects of aerosolization and sampling on the infectivity of five tail-less bacteriophages and two pathogenic viruses: MS2 (a single-stranded RNA [ssRNA] phage of the Leviviridae family), Φ6 (a segmented double-stranded RNA [dsRNA] phage of the Cystoviridae family), ΦX174 (a single-stranded DNA [ssDNA] phage of the Microviridae family), PM2 (a double-stranded DNA [dsDNA] phage of the Corticoviridae family), PR772 (a dsDNA phage of the Tectiviridae family), human influenza A virus H1N1 (an ssRNA virus of the Orthomyxoviridae family), and the poultry virus Newcastle disease virus (NDV; an ssRNA virus of the Paramyxoviridae family). Three nebulizers and two nebulization salt buffers (with or without organic fluid) were tested, as were two aerosol sampling devices, a liquid cyclone (SKC BioSampler) and a dry cyclone (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health two-stage cyclone bioaerosol sampler). The presence of viruses in collected air samples was detected by culture and quantitative PCR (qPCR). Our results showed that these selected five phages behave differently when aerosolized and sampled. RNA phage MS2 and ssDNA phage ΦX174 were the most resistant to aerosolization and sampling. The presence of organic fluid in the nebulization buffer protected phages PR772 and Φ6 throughout the aerosolization and sampling with dry cyclones. In this

  13. Studies on retrospective analysis of leading primary cancers and improvement of cancer treatment method in Korea cancer center hospital

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Jong In; Lee, Kang Hyun; Choi, Soo Yong; Kim, Ki Wha; Kang, Sung Mok


    a. Retrospective studies included cancers of the stomach, breast, bladder, salivary gland, thyroid, esophagus, endometrium and ovary. (1) Study cancers were analyzed about clinical characteristics, prognostic factors influenced on survival time, survival rate, etc. (2) Among 5,305 study patients, 1,405(26.5%) were identified with death, 3,485(65.7%) were alive and 415(7.8%) were not identified. b. Prospective studies included 10 subjects such as bladder cancer, retinoblastoma, malignant patients, gastric cancer, uterine cervix cancer and ovary cancer. We are continuing registering eligible study patients. c. Results for 11 papers were published at the journal. d. We established follow-up system in order to identify the survival for study subjects through National Statistical Office, Government Provincial Office and Cancer Registration System at Korea Cancer Center Hospital. e. At present, we are establishing computerized registration system about case report form for study cancers.

  14. GHRH|HaeIII Gene Polymorphism in Dairy and Beef Cattle at National Livestock Breeding Centers


    A.O. Rini; C. Sumantri; A. Anggraeni


    This study was aimed to identify polymorphism of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) gene in 89 heads of Holstein-Friesian (HF) dairy cattle from Lembang Artificial Insemination Center/LAIC (17 bulls), Singosari Artificial Insemination Center/SAIC (32 bulls), and Cipelang Livestock Embryo Center/CLEC (40 cows); as well as in 4 breeds of female beef cattle from CLEC for comparison, providing Simmental (13 cows), Limousin (14 cows), Brahman (5 cows), and Angus (5 cows). This study used PCR-...

  15. A comparison of methods used in root canal sealability studies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Matloff, I.R.; Jensen, J.R.; Singer, L.; Tabibi, A.


    The purpose of the study was to compare several methods that have been used to assess marginal leakage of root canal fillings. Sixty-three extracted, single-rooted teeth were instrumented and filled in a standardized manner. Teeth were randomly divided into groups of twenty and exposed to solutions containing methylene blue dye, calcium-45, carbon-14-labeled urea, and iodine-125-labeled albumin for 48 hours to compare the degree of leakage indicated by each technique. Methylene blue dye was found to penetrate farther up the canal than any of the isotope tracers. Carbon-14-labeled urea penetrated farther than the calcium-45- or iodine-125-labeled albumin. The mean volume of solution penetrating the teeth was exceedingly small (0.0011 ml) and probably unimportant physiologically.

  16. Study and Comparison of Various Techniques of Image Edge Detection

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gurjeet Singh


    Full Text Available An edge may be defined as a set of connected pixels that forms a boundary between two disjoints regions. Image Edge detection reduces the amount of data and filters out useless information, while preserving the important structural properties in an image. Edge detection plays an important role in digital image processing and practical aspects of our daily life. In this paper we studied various edge detection techniques as Prewitt, Robert, Sobel, LoG and Canny operators. On comparing them we conclude that canny edge detector performs better than all other edge detectors on various aspects such as it is adaptive in nature, performs better for noisy image, gives sharp edges, low probability of detecting false edges.

  17. Evaluation of Brazilian Sugarcane Bagasse Characterization: An Interlaboratory Comparison Study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sluiter, Justin B.; Chum, Helena; Gomes, Absai C.; Tavares, Renata P.A.; Azevedo, Vinicius; Pimenta, Maria T.B.; Rabelo, Sarita C.; Marabezi, Karen; Curvelo, Antonio A.S.; Alves, Aparecido R.; Garcia, Wokimar T.; Carvalho, Walter; Esteves, Paula J.; Mendonca, Simone; Oliveira, Patricia A.; Ribeiro, Jose A.A.; Mendes, Thais D.; Vicentin, Marcos P.; Duarte, Celina L.; Mori, Manoel N.


    This paper describes a study of the variability of measured composition for a single bulk sugarcane bagasse conducted across eight laboratories using similar analytical methods, with the purpose of determining the expected variation for compositional analysis performed by different laboratories. The results show good agreement of measured composition within a single laboratory, but greater variability when results are compared among laboratories. These interlaboratory variabilities do not seem to be associated with a specific method or technique or any single piece of instrumentation. The summary censored statistics provide mean values and pooled standard deviations as follows: total extractives 6.7% (0.6%), whole ash 1.5% (0.2%), glucan 42.3% (1.2%), xylan 22.3% (0.5%), total lignin 21.3% (0.4%), and total mass closure 99.4% (2.9%).

  18. Early caries detection: comparison of two procedures. A pilot study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabrizio Guerra


    Full Text Available Caries is one of the most common chronic diseases and the main cause of tooth loss. Early detection provides a better evaluation of the disease and improves the chances to succeed of prevention strategies. This pilot study aims to compare the effectiveness of ICDAS-II system (International Caries Detection and Assessment System and the fluorescence terminal (Proof of VistaCam iX intraoral camera, in the early diagnosis and assessment of caries in permanent teeth. Results shows a fair correlation between ICDAS II and VistaCam iX Proof; intraoral camera proved to be a useful support to the ICDAS II visual / tactile monitoring of carious lesions in occlusal surfaces.

  19. Software development practices in academia: a case study comparison

    CERN Document Server

    Groen, Derek; Grogan, James A; Schiller, Ulf D; Osborne, James M


    Academic software development practices often differ from those of commercial development settings, yet only limited research has been conducted on assessing software development practises in academia. Here we present a case study of software development practices in four open-source scientific codes over a period of nine years, characterizing the evolution of their respective development teams, their scientific productivity, and the adoption (or discontinuation) of specific software engineering practises as the team size changes. We show that the transient nature of the development team results in the adoption of different development strategies. We relate measures of publication output to accumulated numbers of developers and find that for the projects considered the time-scale for returns on expended development effort is approximately three years. We discuss the implications of our findings for evaluating the performance of research software development, and in general any computationally oriented scienti...

  20. The center for epidemiologic studies depression scale: a review with a theoretical and empirical examination of item content and factor structure.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R Nicholas Carleton

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: The Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D; Radloff, 1977 is a commonly used freely available self-report measure of depressive symptoms. Despite its popularity, several recent investigations have called into question the robustness and suitability of the commonly used 4-factor 20-item CES-D model. The goal of the current study was to address these concerns by confirming the factorial validity of the CES-D. METHODS AND FINDINGS: Differential item functioning estimates were used to examine sex biases in item responses, and confirmatory factor analyses were used to assess prior CES-D factor structures and new models heeding current theoretical and empirical considerations. Data used for the analyses included undergraduate (n = 948; 74% women, community (n = 254; 71% women, rehabilitation (n = 522; 53% women, clinical (n =84; 77% women, and National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES; n = 2814; 56% women samples. Differential item functioning identified an item as inflating CES-D scores in women. Comprehensive comparison of the several models supported a novel, psychometrically robust, and unbiased 3-factor 14-item solution, with factors (i.e., negative affect, anhedonia, and somatic symptoms that are more in line with current diagnostic criteria for depression. CONCLUSIONS: Researchers and practitioners may benefit from using the novel factor structure of the CES-D and from being cautious in interpreting results from the originally proposed scale. Comprehensive results, implications, and future research directions are discussed.

  1. A multi-center, comparative, phase 3 study to determine the efficacy of gadofosveset-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography for evaluation of renal artery disease

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McGregor, Robert [St. Boniface General Hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada); Vymazal, Josef [Hospital Na Homolce, Prague (Czech Republic); Martinez-Lopez, Manuel [Hospital Medica Sur, Mexico City (Mexico); Neuwirth, Jiri [Faculty Hospital Motol, Prague (Czech Republic); Salgado, Perla [American British Cowdray Medical Center, Mexico City (Mexico); Beregi, Jean-Paul [Hopital Cardiologique, Lille (France); Peduto, Anthony [Westmead Hospital, Westmead New South Wales (Australia); Pena-Almaguer, Erasmo de la [Christus-Muguerza Medical Center, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon (Mexico); Slater, Greg J. [Greenslopes Private Hospital, Greenslopes, Queensland (Australia); Shamsi, Kohkan [Berlex Laboratories, Montville, NJ (United States); Parsons, Edward C. [EPIX Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Lexington, MA (United States)], E-mail:


    Purpose: To determine prospectively the safety and efficacy of the blood-pool contrast agent gadofosveset trisodium in renal artery magnetic resonance angiography (MRA). Materials and methods: Gadofosveset (0.03 mmol/kg) was administered to adult patients with known or suspected renal arterial disease in a multi-center phase 3 single dose study. The drug binds reversibly to albumin, prolonging the blood residence time, and allowing collection of images in the first-pass and steady-state phases. The combination of these images was compared to non-contrast MRA, using catheter X-ray angiography (XRA) as the standard of reference (SOR). All MRA images were collected at 1.5 T in one imaging session for direct comparison, and XRA within 30 days. Sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy for diagnosing significant disease (stenosis {>=}50%) were calculated for MRA using three independent blinded readers. Patient safety was monitored for 72-96 h. Results: A total of 145 patients at 18 centers were enrolled and received gadofosveset; the 127 with complete efficacy data entered the primary efficacy analysis. Gadofosveset-enhanced MRA led to significant improvement (p < 0.01) in sensitivity (+25%, +26%, +42%), specificity (+23%, +25%, +29%), and accuracy (+23%, +28%, +29%) over non-enhanced MRA for the three readers. The rate of uninterpretable examinations decreased from 30% to less than 2%. There were no serious adverse events, and the most common adverse events were nausea, pruritis, and headache (8% each). No significant trends in clinical chemistry parameters, nor significant changes in serum creatinine, were found following administration of gadofosveset. Conclusion: In patients with known or suspected renal arterial disease, multi-phase gadofosveset-enhanced MRA significantly improves sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy versus non-enhanced MRA. Gadofosveset was safe and well tolerated in this patient population.

  2. Liver transplant recipients with portal vein thrombosis:a single center retrospective study

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yi-Feng Tao; Fei Teng; Zheng-Xin Wang; Wen-Yuan Guo; Xiao-Min Shi; Gui-Hua Wang; Guo-Shan Ding; Zhi-Ren Fu


    BACKGROUND: Portal vein thrombosis (PVT) used to be a contraindication for liver transplantation (LT). This obstacle has been delt with following the improvement of LT-related techniques and therapeutic approaches to thrombosis. But the effect of PVT on LT outcomes is still controversial. We reviewed retrospectively the outcome of LT patients with PVT as well as risk factors and surgical management according to PVT grades. METHODS: A total of 465 adult LTs were performed from December 2002 through December 2006. Operative ifndings and the result of preoperative ultrasonography and imaging were reviewed for PVT grading (Yerdel grading). Comparison of risk factors, variables associated with perioperative period and prognosis between recipients with and without PVT is based on the grades. RESULTS: In the 465 LTs, 42 were operatively conifrmed to have PVT (9.0%) (19 recipients with grade 1, 14 with grade 2, 7 with grade 3, and 2 with grade 4). Increased age and treatment of portal hypertension were associated with PVT. Grade 1 or 2 PVT was treated by direct anastomosis or single thrombectomy. In grade 3 PVT patients, the donor PV was directly anastomosed to the dilated branch of the recipient portal venous system or to the distal open superior mesenteric vein through an interposition vein graft if needed. Grade 4 PVT was managed by our modiifed cavoportal hemitransposition technique. The comparison between PVT patients and controls showed no signiifcant difference in operative duration and blood transfusion (P>0.05). The lfow rate of the PV was lower in the PVT patients (48.881±12.788 cm/s) than in the controls (57.172±21.715 cm/s,P0.05); the 3-year survival rates were 58.8% and 56.4%respectively (P>0.05). CONCLUSIONS: PVT is not contraindicated for LT if it is graded. PVT recipients may have post-transplantation complications like renal failure and PV rethrombosis, and operative dififculty and patient survival are similar to those in recipients without PVT

  3. Consumer drop-in centers: operations, services, and consumer involvement. (United States)

    Mowbray, Carol T; Robinson, Elizabeth A R; Holter, Mark C


    Interest in involvement of consumers in mental health and psychiatric rehabilitation services delivery has expanded in recent years, encompassing self-help approaches, consumers employed as providers in formal agencies, and consumers operating their own services. This study reports results from in-depth phone surveys conducted with 32 consumer drop-in centers in Michigan. Results indicate that centers operate in many ways like other human services businesses, albeit with much smaller budgets. Funding levels, salaries, and services showed great heterogeneity among the centers and in comparison with reports in the literature. Centers autonomously run by consumers and centers with consumer involvement (operated by a non-consumer agency) were found to differ significantly on several variables, including consumer control, funding and service levels, and challenges. Implications for the growth and increased use of consumer drop-in centers are discussed.

  4. Comparison of Mycotic Keratitis with Nonmycotic Keratitis: An Epidemiological Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad M. Khater


    Full Text Available Purpose. This work aims to study the problems encountered with and the different epidemiological features of patients with fungal keratitis. Patients and Methods. All cases with keratitis attending the Outpatient Clinic of Ophthalmology Department at Tanta University Hospital during three years from the first of January 2011 to the end of December 2013 were selected and carefully examined and cases with mycotic keratitis were further examined and investigated. Results. From 66303 attendants during this period with different complaints, there were 361 cases (0.54% with mycotic keratitis and 473 cases (0.71% of nonmycotic origin. Mycotic keratitis is common between 40 and 60 years, more in farmers (64%, families with large number and large crowding index, rural than urban residence, and patients with outdoor water sources and insanitary sewage disposal. Positive fungal cultures were obtained in 84.5% and were negative in 15.5% of cases in spite of their typical clinical findings for diagnosis and their improvement with antifungal therapy. Conclusion. Mycotic keratitis is more frequent in farmers, rural areas, outdoor water supply, insanitary sewage disposal, and patients preceded with organic trauma. Atypical clinical findings were found in some cases and not all cases improved with specific antifungal therapy.

  5. Deep Energy Retrofit Performance Metric Comparison: Eight California Case Studies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Walker, Iain [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Fisher, Jeremy [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Less, Brennan [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)


    In this paper we will present the results of monitored annual energy use data from eight residential Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) case studies using a variety of performance metrics. For each home, the details of the retrofits were analyzed, diagnostic tests to characterize the home were performed and the homes were monitored for total and individual end-use energy consumption for approximately one year. Annual performance in site and source energy, as well as carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions were determined on a per house, per person and per square foot basis to examine the sensitivity to these different metrics. All eight DERs showed consistent success in achieving substantial site energy and CO2e reductions, but some projects achieved very little, if any source energy reduction. This problem emerged in those homes that switched from natural gas to electricity for heating and hot water, resulting in energy consumption dominated by electricity use. This demonstrates the crucial importance of selecting an appropriate metric to be used in guiding retrofit decisions. Also, due to the dynamic nature of DERs, with changes in occupancy, size, layout, and comfort, several performance metrics might be necessary to understand a project’s success.

  6. Comparison of protein A affinity sorbents III. Life time study. (United States)

    Hahn, Rainer; Shimahara, Kazumichi; Steindl, Franz; Jungbauer, Alois


    Protein A affinity chromatography is a popular purification method for immunoglobulins applied at various scales, ranging from micro-tube up to 1000l column format. Three novel high capacity protein A affinity chromatography media have been subjected to a lifetime study using 50 consecutive purification cycles of a cell culture supernatant (CCS) containing a monoclonal antibody. Chromatographic conditions followed protocols used in industrial antibody processing, including stripping and cleaning-in-place of the resins. For all three media, no significant loss of purification performance (measured by sodium dodecylsulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and analytical size-exclusion chromatography (SEC)) could be observed over 50 cycles. Eluate samples were analyzed for leaked protein A and host cell protein (HCP) content. MabSelect SuRe, the first protein A affinity medium compatible with alkaline regeneration conditions, exhibited the lowest leakage levels, in the range of 1-3 ppm. For the media MabSelect Xtra and ProSep-vA Ultra, leakage levels were in the range of 30-40 ppm. Host cell protein content of eluates from MabSelect Xtra and SuRe were between 300 and 700 ppm, whereas for ProSep-vA Ultra 3000-4000 ppm was achieved.

  7. Alabaster and Selenite Gypsum:I-Dehydration-Rehydration Comparison Studies

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Two types of gypsum raw materials, selenite and alabaster, were used to prepare dental stone (α-hemihydrate).Gypsum lumps (0.8~2.5 cm) were hydrothermally treated at 135, 160 and 180°C for 6, 2 and 1 h respectively.The physicochemical properties and composition characteristics of the α-hemihydrates prepared from selenite and alabaster raw gypsum were determined. The results indicated that both the selenite and alabaster raw gypsum show the same chemical and mineralogical composition of calcium sulphate dihydrate. They differs only in their microstructure, selenite raw gypsum exhibits perfect regular crystals while alabaster gypsum, on the other hand,exhibits irregular, large size and interlocked crystals. Selenite is more accessible to dehydration than alabaster raw gypsum. The α-hemihydrate samples prepared from alabaster raw gypsum showed a very short setting time and a lower compressive strength values in relation to that prepared from selenite gypsum. The compressive strength values of the all prepared samples were higher than that specified by A.D.A specification for dental use. To optimize the setting time of both products further studies are needed.

  8. Comparison of two impression techniques for auricular prosthesis: pilot study. (United States)

    Mohamed, Kasim; Mani, U M; Seenivasan, M K; Vaidhyanathan, A K; Veeravalli, P T


    The purpose of this article was to compare the accuracy of a new impression technique, the triple-layer impression technique (TLIT), with the conventional impression technique (CIT) to fabricate an auricular prosthesis. Fifteen male subjects (aged 22-45 yr) were selected. Ten markings were made on the subject's ear (super aurale [sa], sub aurale [sba], pre aurale [pra], post aurale [poa], A, A1, B, B1, C, and C1) and five measurements (sa-sba, pra-poa, A-A1, B-B1, and C-C1) were made. Custom-made trays were used to record impression in CIT and TLIT. Impressions were made using alginate, and models were cast with type IV gypsum product. Markings were transferred on the cast. Measurements were rechecked on the models. Distribution analysis of difference in measurements between the two impression techniques and the subject's actual values was evaluated. Sign test was used to analyze the statistical significance. Statistically significant differences were found in measurements A-A1, B-B1, and C-C1 between the two techniques when compared with the subject's actual dimensions (p < 0.01). TLIT was found to produce accurate models when compared with CIT. The TLIT used in the study was cost effective, less technique sensitive, and tailor made to reduce chairside orientation time during wax try-in appointments for rehabilitating patients, especially those with unilateral auricular defects.

  9. Sonographic Findings of Benign Breast Diseases, A Study of 111 Cases in Iranian Center for Breast Cancer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. sedighi


    Full Text Available Introduction & Background: Benign lesions are very common in breast. The most important consideration for physicians is to differentiate benign processes from malignant ones .Hence the clinicians and radi-ologists both wish to differentiate them even before surgical procedures. The Iranian Center for Breast Cancer linked to Jahad Daneshgahi Center is a referral place for patients with breast complaints. Patients & Methods: Retrospective study of sonographic findings of 111 patients with benign patho-logic diagnosis revealed 72.1% accuracy for sonogra-phy in diagnosing benign masses. In 31 cases (27.9%, the sonographic diagnosis was incorrect. Among the different benign lesions, the most common lesions were cysts, fibradenomas, and fibrocystic changes with respective sonographic accuracy of 100%, 90%, and 62.5%. Results: It shows that sonography has a high sensitiv-ity for diagnosis of benign breast lesions and this sen-sitivity is higher in cysts and fibradenomas which are the most common benign pathologies of breast. Conclusion: As a result, in this center sonography is an imaging modality for evaluating benign breast le-sion especially in young patients with dense breasts and palpable masses. Its unique role in diagnosis of the cysts is valuable especially to avoid repeated biopsies.

  10. Clarifying the role of social comparison in the big-fish-little-pond effect (BFLPE): an integrative study. (United States)

    Huguet, Pascal; Dumas, Florence; Marsh, Herbert; Wheeler, Ladd; Seaton, Marjorie; Nezlek, John; Suls, Jerry; Régner, Isabelle


    It has been speculated that the big-fish-little-pond effect (BFLPE; the negative impact of highly selective academic settings on academic self-concept) is a consequence of invidious social comparisons experienced in higher ability schools. However, the direct role of such comparisons for the BFLPE has not heretofore been documented. The present study comprises the first evidence that the BFLPE (a) is eliminated after controlling for students' invidious comparisons with their class and (b) coexists with the assimilative and contrastive effects of upward social comparison choices on academic self-concept. These results increase understanding of the BFLPE and offer support for integrative approaches of social comparison (selective accessibility and interpretation comparison models) in a natural setting. They also lend support for the distinction between forced and deliberate social comparisons and the usefulness of distinguishing between absolute and relative comparison-level choice in self-assessment.

  11. Model for determining logistic distribution center: case study of Mount Merapi eruption disaster (United States)

    Ai, T. J.; Wigati, S. S.


    As one of the most active volcano in the earth, Mount Merapi is periodically erupted and it is considered as a natural disaster for the surrounding area. Kabupaten Sleman as one of the nearest location to this mount has to be always prepared to this disaster. The local government already set three different groups of region, in which potentially affected by Mount Merapi eruption, called KRB I, KRB II, and KRB III. Region KRB III is the closest area to the mount crater and most often affected by the eruption disaster. Whenever KRB III is affected, people live in that area usually being transfer to the next region set that is KRB II. The case presented in this paper is located at the KRB II region, which is the second closest region to the mount crater. A humanitarian distribution system has to be set in this region, since usually this region is became the location of shelters for KRB III population whenever a ‘big’ eruption is happened. A mathematical model is proposed in this paper, for determining the location of distribution center, vehicle route, and the amount of goods delivered to each customer. Some numerical illustration are presented in order to know the behavior of the proposed model.

  12. Regulation study for the facility control system design at the Facility Operations Center at TA55

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    NMT-8 is proposing to upgrade the existing Facility Control System (FCS) located within the Facility Operations Center (FOC) at the TA-55 Plutonium Processing and Handling Facility (PPHF). The FCS modifications will upgrade the existing electronics to provide better reliability of system functions. Changes include replacement of the FCS computers and field multiplex units which are used for transmitting systems data. Data collected at the FCS include temperature, pressure, contact closures, etc., and are used for monitoring and/or control of key systems at TA-55. Monitoring is provided for the electrical power system status, PF-4 HVAC air balance status (Static Differential pressure), HVAC fan system status, site chill water return temperature, fire system information, and radioactive constant air monitors alarm information, site compressed air pressure and other key systems used at TA-55. Control output signals are provided for PF-4 HVAC systems, and selected alarms for criticality, fire, loss of pressure in confinement systems. A detailed description of the FCS modifications is provided in Section 2.

  13. Corporate culture assessments in integrative oncology: a qualitative case study of two integrative oncology centers. (United States)

    Mittring, Nadine; Pérard, Marion; Witt, Claudia M


    The offer of "integrative oncology" is one option for clinics to provide safe and evidence-based complementary medicine treatments to cancer patients. As known from merger theories, corporate culture and integration models have a strong influence on the success of such integration. To identify relevant corporate culture aspects that might influence the success in two highly visible integrative oncology clinics, we interviewed physicians, nurses, practitioners, and managers. All interviews (11 in a German breast cancer clinic and 9 in an integrative medicine cancer service in the USA) were audio-recorded, transcribed and analyzed with content analysis. According to the theoretical framework of mergers, each clinic selected a different integration type ("best of both worlds" and "linking"). Nonetheless, each developed a similar corporate culture that has a strong focus on research and safe and evidence-based treatments, and fosters a holistic and patient-centered approach. Structured communication within the team and with other departments had high relevance. Research was highlighted as a way to open doors and to facilitate a more general acceptance within the hospital. Conventional physicians felt unburdened by the provision of integrative medicine service but also saw problems in the time required for scheduled treatments, which often resulted in long waiting lists.

  14. Phenomenological description of a three-center insertion reaction: an information-theoretic study. (United States)

    Esquivel, Rodolfo O; Flores-Gallegos, Nelson; Dehesa, Jesús S; Angulo, Juan Carlos; Antolín, Juan; López-Rosa, Sheila; Sen, K D


    Information-theoretic measures are employed to describe the course of a three-center chemical reaction in terms of detecting the transition state and the stationary points unfolding the bond-forming and bond-breaking regions which are not revealed in the energy profile. The information entropy profiles for the selected reactions are generated by following the intrinsic-reaction-coordinate (IRC) path calculated at the MP2 level of theory from which Shannon entropies in position and momentum spaces at the QCISD(T)/6-311++G(3df,2p) level are determined. Several complementary reactivity descriptors are also determined, such as the dipole moment, the molecular electrostatic potential (MEP) obtained through a multipole expansion (DMA), the atomic charges and electric potentials fitted to the MEP, the hardness and softness DFT descriptors, and several geometrical parameters which support the information-theoretic analysis. New density-based structures related to the bond-forming and bond-breaking regions are proposed. Our results support the concept of a continuum of transient of Zewail and Polanyi for the transition state rather than a single state, which is also in agreement with reaction-force analyses.

  15. Organic Contamination Baseline Study in NASA Johnson Space Center Astromaterials Curation Laboratories (United States)

    Calaway, Michael J.; Allen, Carlton C.; Allton, Judith H.


    Future robotic and human spaceflight missions to the Moon, Mars, asteroids, and comets will require curating astromaterial samples with minimal inorganic and organic contamination to preserve the scientific integrity of each sample. 21st century sample return missions will focus on strict protocols for reducing organic contamination that have not been seen since the Apollo manned lunar landing program. To properly curate these materials, the Astromaterials Acquisition and Curation Office under the Astromaterial Research and Exploration Science Directorate at NASA Johnson Space Center houses and protects all extraterrestrial materials brought back to Earth that are controlled by the United States government. During fiscal year 2012, we conducted a year-long project to compile historical documentation and laboratory tests involving organic investigations at these facilities. In addition, we developed a plan to determine the current state of organic cleanliness in curation laboratories housing astromaterials. This was accomplished by focusing on current procedures and protocols for cleaning, sample handling, and storage. While the intention of this report is to give a comprehensive overview of the current state of organic cleanliness in JSC curation laboratories, it also provides a baseline for determining whether our cleaning procedures and sample handling protocols need to be adapted and/or augmented to meet the new requirements for future human spaceflight and robotic sample return missions.

  16. Confirmed adult dengue deaths in Singapore: 5-year multi-center retrospective study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Narayanan Rajmohan L


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Dengue re-emerges in Singapore despite decades of effective vector control; the infection predominantly afflicts adults. Severe dengue not fulfilling dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF criteria according to World Health Organization (WHO 1997 guideline was increasingly reported. A new WHO 2009 guideline emphasized warning signs and a wider range of severe dengue manifestations. We aim to evaluate the utility of these two guidelines in confirmed adult dengue fatalities. Methods We conducted a multi-center retrospective chart review of all confirmed adult dengue deaths in Singapore from 1 January 2004 to 31 December 2008. Results Of 28 adult dengue deaths, median age was 59 years. Male gender comprised 67.9% and co-morbidities existed in 75%. From illness onset, patients presented for admission at a median of 4 days and death occurred at a median of 12 days. Intensive care admission was required in 71.4%. Probable dengue was diagnosed in 32.1% by WHO 1997 criteria and 78.6% by WHO 2009. The earliest warning sign was persistent vomiting at a median of 1.5 days. Hematocrit change ≥20% concurrent with platelet count Conclusions In our adult fatal dengue cohort, WHO 2009 criteria had higher sensitivity in diagnosing probable dengue and severe dengue compared with WHO 1997. As warning signs, persistent vomiting occurred early and hematocrit change ≥20% concurrent with platelet count

  17. User-centered requirements engineering in health information systems: a study in the hemophilia field. (United States)

    Teixeira, Leonor; Ferreira, Carlos; Santos, Beatriz Sousa


    The use of sophisticated information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the health care domain is a way to improve the quality of services. However, there are also hazards associated with the introduction of ICTs in this domain and a great number of projects have failed due to the lack of systematic consideration of human and other non-technology issues throughout the design or implementation process, particularly in the requirements engineering process. This paper presents the methodological approach followed in the design process of a web-based information system (WbIS) for managing the clinical information in hemophilia care, which integrates the values and practices of user-centered design (UCD) activities into the principles of software engineering, particularly in the phase of requirements engineering (RE). This process followed a paradigm that combines a grounded theory for data collection with an evolutionary design based on constant development and refinement of the generic domain model using three well-known methodological approaches: (a) object-oriented system analysis; (b) task analysis; and, (c) prototyping, in a triangulation work. This approach seems to be a good solution for the requirements engineering process in this particular case of the health care domain, since the inherent weaknesses of individual methods are reduced, and emergent requirements are easier to elicit. Moreover, the requirements triangulation matrix gives the opportunity to look across the results of all used methods and decide what requirements are critical for the system success.

  18. Metabolic alkalosis in children: Study of patients admitted to pediatrics center

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sobhani A


    Full Text Available Metabolic alkalosis is characterized by high HCO3- as it is seen in chronic respiratory acidosis, but PH differentiates the two disorders. There is no characteristic symptom or sign. Orthostatic hypotension may be encountered. Weakness and hyporeflexia occur if serum K+ is markerdly low. Tetany and neuromuscular irritability occur rarely. We report the results of retrospective data analysis of metabolic alkalosis in 15463 patients hospitalized Pediatric Medical Center in Tehran during years 1995-1997. We found 50 cases of metabolic alkalosis (rate of 0.32 percent. 64 precent male and 36 percent female. Most of them had growth failure (40% were bellow 3 percentile of height by age, 44% bellow 5 percentile of weight by height. More than 60 percent had hypokalemia, hypocloremia and hyponatremia. The most common cause of Metabolic alkalosis was cystic fibrosis and pyloric stenosis. Fifty percent of cystic fibrosis patients and Bartter cases had metabolic alkalosis. Metabolic alkalosis should be considered in every pediatric patient presented with projectile vomitting.

  19. An Imaging and Spectral Study of Ten X-Ray Filaments around the Galactic Center

    CERN Document Server

    Lu, F J; Lou, Y -Q


    We report the detection of 10 new X-ray filaments using the data from the {\\sl Chandra} X-ray satellite for the inner $6^{\\prime}$ ($\\sim 15$ parsec) around the Galactic center (GC). All these X-ray filaments are characterized by non-thermal energy spectra, and most of them have point-like features at their heads that point inward. Fitted with the simple absorbed power-law model, the measured X-ray flux from an individual filament in the 2-10 keV band is $\\sim 2.8\\times10^{-14}$ to $10^{-13}$ ergs cm$^{-2}$ s$^{-1}$ and the absorption-corrected X-ray luminosity is $\\sim 10^{32}-10^{33}$ ergs s$^{-1}$ at a presumed distance of 8 kpc to the GC. We speculate the origin(s) of these filaments by morphologies and by comparing their X-ray images with the corresponding radio and infrared images. On the basis of combined information available, we suspect that these X-ray filaments might be pulsar wind nebulae (PWNe) associated with pulsars of age $10^3 \\sim 3\\times 10^5$ yr. The fact that most of the filament tails po...

  20. Economic consequences incurred by living kidney donors: a Canadian multi-center prospective study. (United States)

    Klarenbach, S; Gill, J S; Knoll, G; Caulfield, T; Boudville, N; Prasad, G V R; Karpinski, M; Storsley, L; Treleaven, D; Arnold, J; Cuerden, M; Jacobs, P; Garg, A X


    Some living kidney donors incur economic consequences as a result of donation; however, these costs are poorly quantified. We developed a framework to comprehensively assess economic consequences from the donor perspective including out-of-pocket cost, lost wages and home productivity loss. We prospectively enrolled 100 living kidney donors from seven Canadian centers between 2004 and 2008 and collected and valued economic consequences ($CAD 2008) at 3 months and 1 year after donation. Almost all (96%) donors experienced economic consequences, with 94% reporting travel costs and 47% reporting lost pay. The average and median costs of lost pay were $2144 (SD 4167) and $0 (25th-75th percentile 0, 2794), respectively. For other expenses (travel, accommodation, medication and medical), mean and median costs were $1780 (SD 2504) and $821 (25th-75th percentile 242, 2271), respectively. From the donor perspective, mean cost was $3268 (SD 4704); one-third of donors incurred cost >$3000, and 15% >$8000. The majority of donors (83%) reported inability to perform usual household activities for an average duration of 33 days; 8% reported out-of-pocket costs for assistance with these activities. The economic impact of living kidney donation for some individuals is large. We advocate for programs to reimburse living donors for their legitimate costs.

  1. Comparisons of treatment means when factors do not interact in two-factorial studies

    KAUST Repository

    Wei, Jiawei


    Scientists in the fields of nutrition and other biological sciences often design factorial studies to test the hypotheses of interest and importance. In the case of two-factorial studies, it is widely recognized that the analysis of factor effects is generally based on treatment means when the interaction of the factors is statistically significant, and involves multiple comparisons of treatment means. However, when the two factors do not interact, a common understanding among biologists is that comparisons among treatment means cannot or should not be made. Here, we bring this misconception into the attention of researchers. Additionally, we indicate what kind of comparisons among the treatment means can be performed when there is a nonsignificant interaction among two factors. Such information should be useful in analyzing the experimental data and drawing meaningful conclusions.

  2. North-South Partnership in Space Research and Application: Space Research Center at Minufiyia University, Egypt, as Case Study (United States)

    Shaltout, M.

    With the starting the year 2002 the Minufiyia University Council taked an Issue by construction Space Research Center, as a first Center for Space Research in the Egyptian Universities (20 Universities), as a part from the Desert Environment Research Institute for temporal time, then after the growth, it will be independent center. The green area of Egypt (Nile Valley and Delta) are 4% only from the total area of Egypt, the remain 96% is desert area. The most useful thing is to study the desert from space. For that the suggested projects to be performed in this new center are: 1.Monitoring the storage tanks of the underground water in the Egyptian Desert (Sahara) by artificial satellites as GRACE of NASA and DLR. 2.Building 32 meter Radio telescope at Abu-Simbel in the South of Egypt as part of the European VLBI network (EVN) to cover the gab between the radio telescope in the western Europe and the radio telescope at Hartebessthock in South Africa. The cooperation of International interested institutions is being explored for this important project of Egypt. 3.Solar activity and the climatic changes through the 21st century as clarified by global solar radiation data at Khargha Oases at the western desert of Egypt. 4.Testing of the Martian exploration instruments for 2003 and 2005 space trips to Mars in the western desert of Egypt, as it is the driest area in the worl d, where are similarity between the dry atmosphere of Sahara and the atmosphere of Mars, also in the soil, and dry valleys. In collaboration with NASA and ESA. 5.Studding the eastern structure, due to meteoric impact in the western desert of Egypt since 28 Million years. Also, studding the meteors chemistry, for meteors found in the Egyptian desert, and the origin of life as meteor (Nachlet) in collaboration with NASA and ESA. Solar energy and humidity distribution over Sahara from artificial Satellite Meteostat observations.

  3. Radiation Therapy Improves Survival Outcome in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: Comparison of a 15-Year Institutional Experience at the University of Nebraska Medical Center with SEER Data


    Baine, Michael J.; Chi Lin


    Objectives. We examined the role of radiation therapy (RT) in pancreatic adenocarcinoma (PA) treatment through a 15-year retrospective analysis of patients treated at University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) as well as those from the SEER database. Methods. A total of 561 patients diagnosed with PA at UNMC between 1995 and 2011 and 60,587 patients diagnosed between 1995 and 2009 from the SEER were included. Examined prognostic factors for overall survival (OS) were age, gender, race, stag...

  4. Patient and Other Stakeholder Engagement in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Funded Studies of Patients with Kidney Diseases. (United States)

    Cukor, Daniel; Cohen, Lewis M; Cope, Elizabeth L; Ghahramani, Nasrollah; Hedayati, S Susan; Hynes, Denise M; Shah, Vallabh O; Tentori, Francesca; Unruh, Mark; Bobelu, Jeanette; Cohen, Scott; Dember, Laura M; Faber, Thomas; Fischer, Michael J; Gallardo, Rani; Germain, Michael J; Ghahate, Donica; Grote, Nancy; Hartwell, Lori; Heagerty, Patrick; Kimmel, Paul L; Kutner, Nancy; Lawson, Susan; Marr, Lisa; Nelson, Robert G; Porter, Anna C; Sandy, Phillip; Struminger, Bruce B; Subramanian, Lalita; Weisbord, Steve; Young, Bessie; Mehrotra, Rajnish


    Including target populations in the design and implementation of research trials has been one response to the growing health disparities endemic to our health care system, as well as an aid to study generalizability. One type of community-based participatory research is "Patient Centered-Research", in which patient perspectives on the germane research questions and methodologies are incorporated into the study. The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) has mandated that meaningful patient and stakeholder engagement be incorporated into all applications. As of March 2015, PCORI funded seven clinically-focused studies of patients with kidney disease. The goal of this paper is to synthesize the experiences of these studies to gain an understanding of how meaningful patient and stakeholder engagement can occur in clinical research of kidney diseases, and what the key barriers are to its implementation. Our collective experience suggests that successful implementation of a patient- and stakeholder-engaged research paradigm involves: (1) defining the roles and process for the incorporation of input; (2) identifying the particular patients and other stakeholders; (3) engaging patients and other stakeholders so they appreciate the value of their own participation and have personal investment in the research process; and (4) overcoming barriers and challenges that arise and threaten the productivity of the collaboration. It is our hope that the experiences of these studies will further interest and capacity for incorporating patient and stakeholder perspectives in research of kidney diseases.

  5. Transient W-band EPR study of sequential electron transfer in photosynthetic bacterial reaction centers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tang, J.; Utschig, L.M.; Poluektov, O.; Thurnauer, M.C. [Argonne National Lab., IL (United States). Chemistry Div.


    The key reaction of photosynthetic solar energy conversion involves the photoexcitation of a primary donor (P) followed by rapid, sequential electron transfer to a series of acceptors resulting in charge separation. Electron-spin polarized (ESP) EPR spectra at W-band (95 GHz) were obtained for deuterated Fe-removed/Zn-substituted photosynthetic bacterial reaction centers (RCs) to investigate the influence of the rate of charge separation on the observed P{sup +}Q{sub A}{sup {minus}} charge separated state. Temperature dependent ESP EPR spectra for kinetically characterized Zn-substituted RCs from Rb. sphaeroides R-26 having different rates (k{sub Q}) of the electron transfer from the bacteriopheophytin to the quinone acceptor were obtained. The Zn-RCs exhibited either the native fast (200 ps){sup {minus}1} k{sub Q} or a slow (3--6 ns){sup {minus}1} k{sub Q} at 298 K as determined from transient optical measurements. Sequential electron-transfer polarization modeling of the polarized W-band EPR spectra obtained with these samples was used to address the reason for the differences in the electron-transfer rates. Here, the authors report the k{sub Q} rate constant, the temperature dependence of k{sub Q}, and the reorganization energy for the P{sup +}H{sup {minus}}Q{sub A} and P{sup +}HQ{sub A}{sup {minus}} electron-transfer step determined from SETP modeling of the experimental spectra. The reorganization energy for the electron-transfer process between P{sup +}H{sup {minus}}Q{sub A} and P{sup +}HQ{sub A}{sup {minus}}, and not structural changes in the donor or acceptor, was found to be the dominant factor that is altered during Fe-removal procedures.

  6. Intravenous ketamine for the treatment of refractory status epilepticus: a retrospective multi-center study (United States)

    Gaspard, Nicolas; Foreman, Brandon; Judd, Lilith M.; Brenton, James N.; Nathan, Barnett R.; McCoy, Blathnaid M.; Al-Otaibi, Ali; Kilbride, Ronan; Fernández, Ivan Sánchez; Mendoza, Lucy; Samuel, Sophie; Zakaria, Asma; Kalamangalam, Giridhar P.; Legros, Benjamin; Szaflarski, Jerzy P.; Loddenkemper, Tobias; Hahn, Cecil D.; Goodkin, Howard P.; Claassen, Jan; Hirsch, Lawrence J.; LaRoche, Suzette M.


    Summary Purpose To examine patterns of use, efficacy and safety of intravenous ketamine for the treatment of refractory status epilepticus (RSE). Methods Multicenter retrospective review of medical records and EEG reports in ten academic medical centers in North America and Europe, including 58 subjects, representing 60 episodes of RSE were identified between 1999 and 2012. Seven episodes occurred after anoxic brain injury. Key findings Permanent control of RSE was achieved in 57% (34/60) of episodes. Ketamine was felt to have contributed to permanent control (“possible” or “likely” responses) in 32% (19/60) including seven (12%) in which ketamine was the last drug added (likely responses). Four of the seven likely responses, but none of the 12 possible ones, occurred in patients with post-anoxic brain injury. No likely responses were observed when infusion rates were lower than 0.9mg/kg/h; when ketamine was introduced at least eight days after SE onset; or after failure of seven or more drugs. Ketamine was discontinued due to possible adverse events in five patients. Complications were mostly attributed to concurrent drugs, especially other anesthetics. Mortality rate was 43% (26/60), but was lower when SE was controlled within 24h of ketamine initiation (16% vs. 56%, p=0.0047). Significance Ketamine appears to be a relatively effective and safe drug for the treatment of RSE. This retrospective series provides preliminary data on effective dose and appropriate time of intervention to aid in the design of a prospective trial to further define the role of ketamine in the treatment of RSE. PMID:23758557

  7. Characteristics of burn deaths from 2003 to 2009 in a burn center: A retrospective study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jian Chen


    Full Text Available Mortality remains one of the most important end-point quality control parameters to evaluate a burn care system. We retrospectively reviewed the characteristics and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS patterns of burn deaths in our center from January 2003 to December 2009. The mortality rate during this time period was 2.3%. Fifty-six patients died, including 49 males and 7 females. The mean survival time was 28.45 ± 24.60 days. The burn percentage was (76.70 ± 26.86 % total burn surface area (TBSA, with (27.74 ± 24.95 % deep-partial thickness burns and (46.88 ± 33.84 % full-thickness burns. Inhalation injury was diagnosed in 36 (64.29% patients. Patients who had undergone an operation, particularly in the first week post-burn, had a significantly longer survival time. An average of 5.50 ± 1.35 malfunctioning organs per patient and a mean sequential organ failure assessment (SOFA score of 13.91 ± 3.65 were observed. The most frequently malfunctioning organs were involved in the respiratory, hematologic, circulatory, and central nervous systems. Most of the organ damage occurred during the first week post-burn, followed by 4 weeks later, with relatively less organ damage observed in the third week. Among patients with a TBSA over 50%, non-survivors had larger burn sizes (particularly larger full-thickness burns and a higher incidence of inhalation injury compared with survivors; non-survivors were also more likely to have microorganism-positive blood and sputum cultures. In conclusion, burn deaths are related to a higher burn percentage, inhalation injury, MODS, and infection. Early operation may help improve survival duration.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Petr Kučera


    Full Text Available The paper deals with the comparison of results of students in thelessons of Business English e-learning course with face-to-faceteaching at the Faculty of Economics and Management of the CULSin Prague. E-learning as a method of instruction refers to learningusing technology, such as the Internet, CD-ROMs and portabledevices. A current trend in university teaching is a particular focus one-learning method of studies enhancing the quality and effectivenessof studies and self-studies. In the paper we have analysed the currentstate in the area of English for Specific Purposes (ESP e-learningresearch, pointed out the results of a pilot ESP e-learning course intesting a control and an experimental group of students and resultsof questionnaires with views of students on e-learning. The paperfocuses on the experimental verification of e-learning influenceon the results of both groups of students. Online study materialsupports an interactive form of the teaching by means of multimediaapplication. It could be used not only for full-time students but alsofor distance students and centers of lifelong learning.

  9. Risk factors for surgical site infection following nonshunt pediatric neurosurgery: a review of 9296 procedures from a national database and comparison with a single-center experience. (United States)

    Sherrod, Brandon A; Arynchyna, Anastasia A; Johnston, James M; Rozzelle, Curtis J; Blount, Jeffrey P; Oakes, W Jerry; Rocque, Brandon G


    OBJECTIVE Surgical site infection (SSI) following CSF shunt operations has been well studied, yet risk factors for nonshunt pediatric neurosurgery are less well understood. The purpose of this study was to determine SSI rates and risk factors following nonshunt pediatric neurosurgery using a nationwide patient cohort and an institutional data set specifically for better understanding SSI. METHODS The authors reviewed the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program-Pediatric (ACS NSQIP-P) database for the years 2012-2014, including all neurosurgical procedures performed on pediatric patients except CSF shunts and hematoma evacuations. SSI included deep (intracranial abscesses, meningitis, osteomyelitis, and ventriculitis) and superficial wound infections. The authors performed univariate analyses of SSI association with procedure, demographic, comorbidity, operative, and hospital variables, with subsequent multivariate logistic regression analysis to determine independent risk factors for SSI within 30 days of the index procedure. A similar analysis was performed using a detailed institutional infection database from Children's of Alabama (COA). RESULTS A total of 9296 nonshunt procedures were identified in NSQIP-P with an overall 30-day SSI rate of 2.7%. The 30-day SSI rate in the COA institutional database was similar (3.3% of 1103 procedures, p = 0.325). Postoperative time to SSI in NSQIP-P and COA was 14.6 ± 6.8 days and 14.8 ± 7.3 days, respectively (mean ± SD). Myelomeningocele (4.3% in NSQIP-P, 6.3% in COA), spine (3.5%, 4.9%), and epilepsy (3.4%, 3.1%) procedure categories had the highest SSI rates by procedure category in both NSQIP-P and COA. Independent SSI risk factors in NSQIP-P included postoperative pneumonia (OR 4.761, 95% CI 1.269-17.857, p = 0.021), immune disease/immunosuppressant use (OR 3.671, 95% CI 1.371-9.827, p = 0.010), cerebral palsy (OR 2.835, 95% CI 1.463-5.494, p = 0.002), emergency operation (OR 1

  10. Multi-centered Clinical Study on Effects of Nano-Amomi Paste in Treating Children's Anorexia

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WU Min; LI Zhan; YU Jian-er; LU Wei-wei; NI Ju-xiu; XIA Yi-lin


    Objective:To assess the effect and safety of nano-Amoni Paste (nmAP) in the treatment of children's anorexia (AR).Methods:One hundred and eighty patients of AR were assigned accordlng to the randomized,double-blinded,double-simulated and parallel controlled principle to three groups,the treated group (TG),the positive control group (PCG) and the negative control group (NCG),60 in each group.The patients in TG were treated by sticking 1.5 ml of nmAP on the acupoint of Shenque (Ren 8) once a day and orally taking placebo liquid 10 ml twice a day;those in PCG and NGG treated with sticking paste of placebo on Ren 8,and oral taking of Shanmai Jianpi Oral Liquid (山麦健脾口服液) and placebo liquid respectively,10 ml each time twice per day.The course of treatment for all was 10 days,all patients were treated for 2 courses.Results:The total effective rate and the effective rate on cardinal symptom in TG was 85.0% and 95.0% respectively,that in PCG 86.2% and 96.55% and in NCG 45.5% and 65.45%,respectively,showing significant difference between groups (P<0.05).Comparison of the clinical manifestation before and after treatment showed significant improvement in volume of food intake,appetite,complexion and reduction of restlessness symptom (P<0.05) in all three groups,and there was no adverse reaction found in them.Conclusion:nmAP is an effective and safe remedy for treatment of Children's anorexia.

  11. A Study of Alternate Approaches to Utilization Review of Laboratory Services within an Army Medical Center (United States)


    pH Trichomonas vaginalis Reducing Substances Fecal fat (qualitative) Trypsin Knott’s Concentration for Microfilariae Worm Identification Malaria Anti...Parasitology Bone Marrow Studies Trichomonas Vaginalis Special Coagulation Studies Leishmania Trypanosoma Osmotic Fragility Microfileriae Cryogl obul in

  12. Optical coherence tomography accurately identifies patients with penile (pre malignant lesions: A single center prospective study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ronni Wessels


    Conclusion: In this preliminary study, qualitative and quantitative analysis of OCT-images of suspicious penile lesions shows differences between benign lesions and (pre malignant lesions. These results encourage further research in a larger study population.

  13. Distribution center

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Distribution center is a logistics link fulfill physical distribution as its main functionGenerally speaking, it's a large and hiahly automated center destined to receive goods from various plants and suppliers,take orders,fill them efficiently,and deliver goods to customers as quickly as possible.

  14. Technology utilization in a non-urban region: Further impact and technique of the Technology Use Studies Center, 2 (United States)

    Gold, H. C. (Editor); Moore, A. M.; Dodd, B.; Dittmar, V.


    The clientele served by the Technology Use Studies Center (TUSC) is updated. Manufacturing leads the list of client firms. The standard industrial classification (SIC) range of these firms is broad. Substantial numbers of college and university faculties are using TUSC services. Field operations inherent in the functions of dissemination and assistance are reviewed. Increasing emphasis among clientele is on environmental concerns and management. A record is provided of the institutions contacted and the extent of TUSC involvement with them, as well as TUSC's cooperation with agencies and organizations. The impact of TUSC and the NASA-sponsored Technology Utilization Program on other public agencies is discussed.

  15. Study of quark flow in exclusive reactions at 90 degrees in the center of mass (AGS E838) (United States)

    Appel, R.; White, C.; Courant, H.; Fang, G.; Heller, K. J.; Johns, K.; Marshak, M. L.; Shupe, M.; Barton, D. S.; Bunce, G.; Carroll, A. S.; Gushue, S.; Kmit, M.; Lowenstein, D. I.; Makdisi, Y. I.; Heppelmann, S.; Ma, X.; Russell, J. J.


    We report a study of quark flow in 20 exclusive reactions measured at Brookhaven National Laboratory's AGS with a beam momentum of 5.9 GeV/c at 90° in the center of mass. This experiment confirms the strong quark flow reaction mechanism dependence of two-body hadron scattering at large angles seen at 9.9 GeV/c. Large differences in cross sections for different reactions are consistent with the dominance of quark interchange in these 90° reactions, and indicate that pure gluon exchange and quark/antiquark annihilation diagrams are less important.

  16. A pilot study on acoustic regulations for schools – Comparison between selected countries in Europe

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Birgit; Guigou-Carter, Catherine


    Acoustic regulations for schools exist in most countries in Europe, the main reasons being improving learning conditions for pupils and work conditions for teachers. As a pilot study, comparison between requirements in selected countries in Europe has been carried out. The findings show a diversi...

  17. Inter-laboratory comparison study for pyrrolizidine alkaloids in animal feed using spiked and incurred material

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nijs, de W.C.M.; Elbers, I.J.W.; Mulder, P.P.J.


    Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) are hepatotoxic metabolites produced by plants. PAs in animal feed can cause acute or chronic intoxications in animals and can be transferred to milk. An inter-laboratory comparison study among 12 laboratories, using their own methods of analysis, was conducted for the

  18. 76 FR 21383 - Proposed Collection; Comment Request; Food Reporting Comparison Study (FORCS) and Food and Eating... (United States)


    ... Dietary Recall Method Comparison and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Observational Feeding Studies... Automated Self- Administered 24-Hour Recall (ASA24) approach to collecting 24 hour recall (24HR) data with... collection period with a total cost to the respondents of $54,293. There are no Capital costs,...

  19. Are Score Comparisons across Language Proficiency Test Batteries Justified?: An IELTS-TOEFL Comparability Study. (United States)

    Geranpayeh, Ardeshir


    This paper reports on a study conducted to determine if comparisons between scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) are justifiable. The test scores of 216 Iranian graduate students who took the TOEFL and IELTS, as well as the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Higher…

  20. EU Interlaboratory comparison study IX on bacteriological detection of Salmonella spp.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Berk PA; Veenman C; Mooijman KA; MGB


    In 2005 the ninth interlaboratory comparison study on bacteriological detection of Salmonella spp. was organised by the Community Reference Laboratory for Salmonella (CRL-Salmonella, Bilthoven, the Netherlands). National Reference Laboratories for Salmonella (NRLs-Salmonella) of the EU Member State

  1. Ninth CRL-Salmonella interlaboratory comparison study on typing of Salmonella spp

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Korver H; Maas HME; Ward LR; Mevius DJ; Wannet WJB; Mooijman KA; MGB; LIS; HPA (London); CIDC


    The ninth interlaboratory comparison study on the typing of Salmonella was organised by the Community Reference Laboratory for Salmonella (CRL-Salmonella, Bilthoven, the Netherlands) in collaboration with the Health Protection Agency (HPA, London, United Kingdom) and the Central Institute for Animal

  2. EU Interlaboratory comparison study VIII on bacteriological detection of Salmonella spp.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Korver H; Heisterkamp SH; Veenman C; Mooijman KA; MGB


    In 2004 the eighth interlaboratory comparison study on bacteriological detection of Salmonella spp. was organized by the Community Reference Laboratory for Salmonella (CRL-Salmonella, Bilthoven, the Netherlands). National Reference Laboratories for Salmonella (NRLs-Salmonella) of the EU Member Stat

  3. A comparison study on Raman scattering properties of alpha- and beta-MnO2

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gao, Tao; Fjellväg, Helmer; Norby, Poul


    In this comment to a recent paper [Anal. Chim. Acta 585 (2007) 241–245], we report a comparison study on Mn oxide-related compounds with different crystallographic forms, which distinguish between β-MnO2 and α-MnO2 type materials via Raman scattering (RS) spectroscopy. The tetragonal rutile-type β...

  4. A Qualitative Study of the Treatment Improvement Protocols (TIPs): An Assessment of the Use of TIPs by Individuals Affiliated with the Addiction Technology Transfer Centers (ATTCs). (United States)

    Hayashi, Susan W.; Suzuki, Marcia; Hubbard, Susan M.; Huang, Judy Y.; Cobb, Anita M.


    Evaluated the Addiction Technology Transfer Centers (ATTCs) of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) as a means of diffusion of innovations, focusing on use of the Treatment Improvement Protocols (TIPs). Qualitative studies at 6 ATTCs that included 57 interviews show that the CSAT is at the forefront of providing resources to the…

  5. Attitude disentangled: a cross-sectional study into the factors underlying attitudes of nurses in Dutch rehabilitation centers toward patients with comorbid mental illness

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kluit, M.J. van der; Goossens, P.J.J.; Leeuw, J.R.


    In rehabilitation centers, many patients suffer a comorbid mental illness. Nurses have different attitudes toward these patients. A cross-sectional, questionnaire-based study among nurses in Dutch rehabilitation centers was undertaken to clarify the factors that underlie attitudes toward patients wi

  6. A Case Study of Key Stakeholders' Perceptions of the Learning Center's Effectiveness for English Learners at a District in Central California (United States)

    Nava, Norma Leticia


    This qualitative study explored stakeholders' (administrators, teachers, and parents) perspectives of English learners in the learning center, a response to intervention model, at a school district in Central California. Research existed concerning the yearly academic growth of students in a learning center, but there was a lack of knowledge about…

  7. Pilot prevalence evaluation of Chlamydia Trachomatis by PCR in female infertile referred to study center of infertility in Mashhad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lana Goshayeshi


    Full Text Available Background: Chlamydia trachomatis is one of the most common diseases as sexually transferred in world. According to the World Health Organization statistics, approximately 92 million new Chlamydia trachomatis infection occur in the world. Chlamydia trachomatis (CT is the cause of tubal obstruction, ectopic pregnancy and infertility in women. The aim of this study is prevalence evaluation of Chlamydia Trachomatis by PCR in female infertile referred to Montasarieh study center of infertility in Mashhad. Materials and Methods: The cervical swab specimens were collected from 100 infertile (as case and 30 fertile (as control group women attending to the infertility center of Mash-had Medical University. DNA extraction was performed from clinical specimens using DNA extraction kit. In this study, in addition to PCR reaction by commercial kit, PCR test was performed using specific primers and probe for CTCP gene. Results: The results of PCR reaction using the kit was match with PCR test and showed that the prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis is 21% in infertile women and 3.3% in normal fertile women that was statistically significant (p=0.024. Conclusion: Considering the high sensitivity of PCR method for diagnosis of Chlamydia trachomatis infection, this method can be useful for routine screening.

  8. Poorer Prognosis With Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid-dependent Pseudothrombocytopenia: A Single-center Case-control Study.



    Abstract In ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)-dependent pseudothrombocytopenia (PTCP), automated platelet counts are lower than actual counts because of EDTA-induced aggregation. Factors contributing to the incidence of EDTA-PTCP are unknown, and no study has assessed the prognosis of EDTA-PTCP patients. This retrospective study assessed characteristics in EDTA-PTCP patients and matched controls to determine differences in prognosis. A retrospective case–control study was designed. From ...

  9. Evaluation of service quality by using fuzzy MCDM: A case study in Iranian health-care centers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leili Afkham


    Full Text Available Service quality plays an important role in health care systems since hospitals are responsible for people's lives. This study presents an effective approach for evaluating and comparing service qualities of four hospitals. Service quality consists of different attributes and many of them are intangible and difficult to measure. Therefore, we propose a fuzzy method to resolve the ambiguity of the concepts, which are associated with human judgments. SERVQUAL model is used to evaluate the respondents' judgments of service quality and multi attribute decision making approach is implemented for the comparison among hospitals. The paper use analytical hierarchy process (AHP for obtaining criteria weight and TOPSIS for ranking the cases.

  10. Comparing International Student Friendship Networks in Buenos Aires: Direct Enrollment Programs vs. Study Abroad Centers (United States)

    Hendrickson, Blake


    In March of 2011 Unite States president Barack Obama announced the "100,000 strong in the Americas" program during his visit to Chile (U.S. State Department, 2011). The initiative's goal is to reach 100,000 U.S. students studying in Latin America and 100,000 Latin American students studying in the United States. This interchange of…

  11. A study of peripartum cardiomyopathy in a tertiary care center in India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aditi V. Joshi


    Conclusions: There is a need for more multi-centric studies in order to understand the underlying pathogenesis and to determine the possible early interventions to help provide better pregnancy outcome.

  12. Recent microwave research studies of Gazi Biophysics & Gazi Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection Center


    SEYHAN, Nesrin


    Gazi Biophysics is located in Ankara at the Medical Faculty of Gazi University and has been carrying out in vivo and in vitro research studies on the biological impacts of Static, Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Microwave (MW) electromagnetic fields (EMF) since 1989. Our laboratory includes: Physicists, biologists, electrical engineers, all of whom are studying how living systems respond to EMF. Our research team includes physicists, biologists, electrical engineers, physicians, biochemists...

  13. A case-comparison study of automatic document classification utilizing both serial and parallel approaches (United States)

    Wilges, B.; Bastos, R. C.; Mateus, G. P.; Dantas, M. A. R.


    A well-known problem faced by any organization nowadays is the high volume of data that is available and the required process to transform this volume into differential information. In this study, a case-comparison study of automatic document classification (ADC) approach is presented, utilizing both serial and parallel paradigms. The serial approach was implemented by adopting the RapidMiner software tool, which is recognized as the worldleading open-source system for data mining. On the other hand, considering the MapReduce programming model, the Hadoop software environment has been used. The main goal of this case-comparison study is to exploit differences between these two paradigms, especially when large volumes of data such as Web text documents are utilized to build a category database. In the literature, many studies point out that distributed processing in unstructured documents have been yielding efficient results in utilizing Hadoop. Results from our research indicate a threshold to such efficiency.

  14. Retrospective, Single Center Study of Clinical, Paraclinical and Natural Course of Infantile-Onset Pompe Disease

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Noormohammad Noori


    Full Text Available Background: Infantile-onset Pompe disease is a rare genetic and lethal disorder which is caused by the lack of acid alpha-glucosidase activity (GAA. The aim of our study was to identify the demographic and clinical characteristics, and natural history of these patients. Materials and Methods: In this retrospective study, clinical file of 15 patients diagnosed with infantile-onset Pompe disease whose symptoms started before the age of 12 months were studied. Diagnosis was based on clinical history, physical examination and diagnostic parameters in chest X-ray, echocardiogram, electrocardiogram and biochemical tests after rule out the other metabolic and neuromuscular disorders. Results: Sixty percent of the patients were male and 40% were female. The mean age at the onset of symptoms was 78 days (range: 3-150 days. Most frequent clinical and paraclinical symptoms were cardiomegaly, hypotonia, hyporeflexia, macroglossia, failure to thrive, hepatomegaly, and feeding problems, respectively. The mean age at the time of death was 5.96 months (range: 4-8 months, and all patients died before one year of age. Muscle enzymes including AST, ALT, LDH, and CPK were elevated in all patients. Due to the lack of availability, enzyme replacement therapy was not possible for any patient. Conclusion: The study showed that despite the supportive measures and no specific treatment, the clinical course is not significantly different with similar studies and the overall prognosis of this form of disease is very poor and disappointing.

  15. Comparison Study of Two Different Sun-Tracking Methods in Optical Efficiency of Heliostat Field


    K.-K. Chong; Tan, M.H.


    There are two sun-tracking methods widely used for the heliostat, which are conventional Azimuth-Elevation and revolutionary Spinning-Elevation methods. Following the previous study to compare the range of motion, a comparison study in optical efficiency of heliostat field for the two methods is further explored in this paper. A special algorithm using ray-tracing technique has also been developed to simulate the optical efficiency of heliostat field for both sun-tracking methods in different...

  16. Paediatric Early Warning Score - A multi-center randomized controlled intervention study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Claus Sixtus; Aagaard, Hanne; Olesen, Hanne Vebert;

    and implementation of PEWS is expected to contribute to reduce the number of children developing acute critical illness, number of admissions to intensive care. PEWS is also expected to contribute to increase professional skills and competences in health professionals. It is expected that this study will contribute...... is critically ill are related to the child’s symptoms of serious illness often being uncharacteristic. Children can seem relatively unaffected until a short time before circulatory insufficiency and cardiac arrest. Thus, there is a need for developing and investigating if an Paediatric Early Warning System...... (PEWS) model for ill children has a significant influence on children’s development of acute conditions. Objective: The purpose of this study is to investigate if PEWS optimises identification of acute and critically ill children and prevents life-threatening situations. Moreover, the study investigated...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Surekha Narayan


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE : To study the outcome of pregnancy in women with sickle cell trait (SCT and compared with normal hemoglobin. METHODS : This is a comparative study consisted of 75 pregnant women with SCT who were attending the antenatal clinic & admitted in obs tetric ward were followed till 7 th day after delivery. The control group consisted of 150 age and gravidity matched pregnant women with normal hemoglobin recruited from same hospital. RESULTS: Statistically significant complications during pregnancy were p reeclampsia; UTI , eclampsia and severe anemia were observed. Incidence of adverse fetal outcome in terms of stillbirth and intrauterine death were significantly higher in the study group than control group. CONCLUSION: At tertiary level hospital which is a lso a regional centre for sickle cell hemoglobinopathy , still SCT was a important contributor for adverse maternal and fetal outcome. Hence vigilant observation & care is needed for SCT women.

  18. Proton pump inhibitor step-down therapy for GERD: A multi-center study in Japan

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Takao Tsuzuki; Hiroyuki Okada; Yoshiro Kawahara; Ryuta Takenaka; Junichiro Nasu; Hidehiko Ishioka; Akiko Fujiwara; Fumiya Yoshinaga; Kazuhide Yamamoto


    AIM: To investigate the predictors of success in stepdown of proton pump inhibitor and to assess the quality of life (QOL). METHODS: Patients who had heartburn twice a week or more were treated with 20 mg omeprazole (OPZ) once daily for 8 wk as an initial therapy (study 1). Patients whose heartburn decreased to once a week or less at the end of the initial therapy were enrolled in study 2 and treated with 10 mg OPZ as maintenance therapy for an additional 6 mo (study 2). QOL was investigated using the gastrointestinal symptom rating scale (GSRS) before initial therapy, after both 4 and 8 wk of initial therapy, and at 1, 2, 3, and 6 mo after starting maintenance therapy. RESULTS: In study 1, 108 patients were analyzed. Their characteristics were as follows; median age: 63 (range: 20-88) years, sex: 46 women and 62 men. The success rate of the initial therapy was 76%. In the patients with successful initial therapy, abdominal pain, indigestion and reflux GSRS scores were improved. In study 2, 83 patients were analyzed. Seventy of 83 patients completed the study 2 protocol. In the per-protocol analysis, 80% of 70 patients were successful for stepdown. On multivariate analysis of baseline demographic data and clinical information, no previous treatment for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) [odds ratio (OR) 0.255, 95% CI: 0.06-0.98] and a lower indigestion score in GSRS at the beginning of step-down therapy (OR 0.214, 95% CI: 0.06-0.73) were found to be the predictors of successful step-down therapy. The improved GSRS scores by initial therapy were maintained through the step-down therapy. CONCLUSION: OPZ was effective for most GERD patients. However, those who have had previous treatment for GERD and experience dyspepsia before stepdown require particular monitoring for relapse.

  19. Occurrence of the polyomavirus among kidney transplant recipients: A single-center study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nagwa F Abdelsalam


    Full Text Available Polyoma virus-associated nephropathy is an increasingly recognized cause of graft dysfunction among kidney transplant recipients and could be the result of use of potent immunosuppression following transplantation. Because there is no safe and effective anti-viral therapy available presently, screening-based prevention and pre-emptive strategy are recommended. This study, which was conducted at the Nephrology Unit, Internal Medicine Department, Alexandria University, consisted of two phases: Phase 1 was a cross-sectional study and phase 2 was a 6-month follow-up study only for polyoma virus-positive cases. Phase 1 included 75 renal allograft recipients from living donors. Urine cytology for decoy cells and quantitative real-time blood polymerase chain reaction (PCR for the BK virus (BKV were performed on all the study patients. Renal biopsy was performed only in patients with deteriorating renal function associated with positive urine cytology. Patients who showed positive urine cytology for decoy cells and/or positive quantitative BKV PCR assay were followed-up for six months. During follow-up, the serum creatinine level, with or without urine cytology for decoy cells, and BKV PCR viral load assay were performed. Among the 75 kidney transplant recipients studied, eight were positive for decoy cells (11%, three showed viremia by quantitative PCR for BKV (4.1%, while two others showed nephropathy (2.7% in the form of tubulointerstitial nephritis with intra-nuclear inclusions in the tubular cells. Cases with stable renal function and positive decoy cells or viremia cleared the virus spontaneously during follow-up without any intervention. Only one case with biopsyproven nephropathy and deteriorating graft function, with undetectable BKV in blood, lost the graft while another case with viremia died during follow-up due to septicemia. Our study suggests that polyoma virus should be considered as a cause of nephropathy in renal transplant recipients

  20. Connecting Children to Nature: A Multiple Case Study of Nature Center Preschools (United States)

    Bailie, Patti Ensel


    Environmental degradation, childhood obesity, and aggression of youth are societal problems that appear unconnected. However, their cause (and possible solution) may be linked to a common experience--the amount and quality of time spent in the natural world. Environment based education, significant life experience research, and studies involving…

  1. Adiposity and Quality of Life: A Case Study from an Urban Center in Nigeria (United States)

    Akinpelu, Aderonke O.; Akinola, Odunayo T.; Gbiri, Caleb A.


    Objective: To determine relationship between adiposity indices and quality of life (QOL) of residents of a housing estate in Lagos, Nigeria. Design: Cross-sectional survey employing multistep random sampling method. Setting: Urban residential estate. Participants: This study involved 900 randomly selected residents of Abesan Housing Estate, Lagos,…

  2. Feasibility Study and Demonstration Project for Joint Military/Civilian Trauma Institute with a Burn Center (United States)


    Fundraising : NTI will develop and implement plans for private fundraising throughout the US, with a potential target of up to $50 million. 3 Key...a 501(c)(3), embarking on a private fundraising campaign, applying for State of Texas grants, and hosting a 25 site study are a testament to the

  3. Retrovirus Studies in Nonhuman Primates at Four Regional Primate Research Centers. (United States)


    due to loss of lymphocytes was apparent 8 weeks after inoculation. No epithelial damage or loss of Hassall’s corpuscles was observed. Culture was the...from cytomegalovirus and rhesus Epstein- Barr virus, and that had no etiologic agent other than SIV detected in the lung were studied. The following

  4. Tutoring Strategies: A Case Study Comparing Learning Center Tutors and Academic Department Tutors (United States)

    Bailey, Geoffrey K.


    Peer tutoring at the postsecondary level has been studied extensively, particularly over the last twenty years. Peer tutoring programs are common across institutional type and size in the United States (Boylan, Bonham, Bliss, & Saxon, 1995; Maxwell, 2001) given students' preferences for tutors who share age and status similarity (Cohen, 1986;…

  5. Disaster Preparedness Information Needs of Individuals Attending an Adult Literacy Center: An Exploratory Study (United States)

    Friedman, Daniela; Tanwar, Manju; Yoho, Deborah W.; Richter, Jane V. E.


    Being prepared with accurate, credible, and timely information during a disaster can help individuals make informed decisions about taking appropriate actions. Unfortunately, many people have difficulty understanding health and risk-related resources. This exploratory, mixed methods study assessed disaster information seeking behaviors and…

  6. Intestinal fungal and parasitic infections in kidney transplant recipients: A multi-center study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Afsoon Emami Naeini


    Full Text Available Kidney transplant recipients are susceptible to various infections due to the use of immunosuppressive drugs. The present study was performed as studies on the prevalence of intes-tinal fungal and parasitic infections in kidney transplant recipients are limited. A total of 150 kidney transplant recipients and 225 matched immunocompetent outpatients, who were referred to the laboratory of Noor Hospital, Isfahan, were studied. After recording demographic characte-ristics, direct test and specific laboratory cultures were carried out on the stool specimens. Patients were instructed on sanitary rules and, during each medical visit, they were reminded of the same. The overall prevalence of intestinal parasitic and fungal infections was 33.3% and 58.7%, respec-tively, in transplant recipients and 20% and 51%, respectively, in the control group; the difference was not statistically significant. The most prevalent intestinal parasite was Entameba coli, which was seen in 9.3% of the study patients and 6.7% of the controls. The most prevalent fungus was Candida sp., which was seen in 22% of the study patients and 24.4% of the control group. Co-existing infection with two or more fungi was seen in 14.8% and 3.4% in the case and control groups, respectively; P <0.001. Interestingly, there was no significant difference in the prevalence of infection by a single organism between the two groups. However, co-existing infection with two or more species was more prevalent in transplant recipients. We conclude that further investigations are needed to evaluate the pathogenesis of infection with these microorganisms.

  7. Comparison of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-backpack and insectazooka aspirators for sampling Aedes polynesiensis in French Polynesia. (United States)

    Hapairai, Limb K; Sang, Michel A Cheong; Bossin, Hervé C


    The efficiency of the recently developed handheld InsectaZooka (IZ) aspirator was compared to that of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-Backpack (CDC-BP) aspirator by conducting human bait collections on 2 islets (locally called motus) of the atoll of Tetiaroa, French Polynesia. Abundance of mosquitoes was compared between the wind-exposed and wind-protected sides of each motu to measure the effect of wind on mosquito distribution. The number of host-seeking Aedes polynesiensis mosquitoes collected on the 2 motus with either sampling device was not significantly different. Collection of male mosquitoes was low irrespective of the type of aspirator used. Wind had an effect on mosquito distribution, as females were more abundant on the protected sides of both motus. The IZ aspirator is a lighter and equally efficient alternative to the CDC-BP aspirator for collecting Ae. polynesiensis.

  8. The Psychometric Properties of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale in Chinese Primary Care Patients: Factor Structure, Construct Validity, Reliability, Sensitivity and Responsiveness.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Weng Yee Chin

    four-factor and bi-factor structure, the CES-D is supported for cross-cultural comparisons of depression in multi-center studies.

  9. Prevalence of mental disorders, psychosocial distress and need for psychosocial support in cancer patients – study protocol of an epidemiological multi-center study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehnert Anja


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Empirical studies investigating the prevalence of mental disorders and psychological distress in cancer patients have gained increasing importance during recent years, particularly with the objective to develop and implement psychosocial interventions within the cancer care system. Primary purpose of this epidemiological cross-sectional multi-center study is to detect the 4-week-, 12-month-, and lifetime prevalence rates of comorbid mental disorders and to further assess psychological distress and psychosocial support needs in cancer patients across all major tumor entities within the in- and outpatient oncological health care and rehabilitation settings in Germany. Methods/Design In this multicenter, epidemiological cross-sectional study, cancer patients across all major tumor entities will be enrolled from acute care hospitals, outpatient cancer care facilities, and rehabilitation centers in five major study centers in Germany: Freiburg, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Leipzig and Würzburg. A proportional stratified random sample based on the nationwide incidence of all cancer diagnoses in Germany is used. Patients are consecutively recruited in all centers. On the basis of a depression screener (PHQ-9 50% of the participants that score below the cutoff point of 9 and all patients scoring above are assessed using the Composite International Diagnostic Interview for Oncology (CIDI-O. In addition, all patients complete validated questionnaires measuring emotional distress, information and psychosocial support needs as well as quality of life. Discussion Epidemiological data on the prevalence of mental disorders and distress provide detailed and valid information for the estimation of the demands for the type and extent of psychosocial support interventions. The data will provide information about specific demographic, functional, cancer- and treatment-related risk factors for mental comorbidity and psychosocial distress, specific

  10. Study of 163 children with invasive Salmonella infection in pediatric medical center1

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Khotaeei Gh


    Full Text Available Invasive salmonellosis is common in tropical areas. This study examines the performance of a clinical definition for its recognition among children ages 1 to 14 years admitting to a referral pediatric hospital in Tehran. 60 children were enrolled into the study during a period of 51 months. To facilitate analysis, cases were divided into 5 categories according to the likelihood of invasive salmonellosis with category A representing microbiologically confirmed salmonella bacteremia 17 (28.3% and 6 (10% with positive bone marrow cultures. And category D representing those cases in which an alternative diagnosis was firmly established. Salmonella serology supported invasive salmonellosis as the diagnosis in 17 (28% of the nonbacteremic children (category B and C. Salmonella serology suggested that invasive salmonellosis without detectable bacteremia was common. Blood culture proved and serologically diagnosed cases shows that the definition has a specificity of at least 60%.

  11. Gender and smoking-related risk of lung cancer. The Copenhagen Center for Prospective Population Studies

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Prescott, E; Osler, M; Hein, H O;


    smokers with more than 60 pack-years of tobacco exposure. RRs did not differ much between men and women: adjusted for pack-years, age, and study population, the ratio between female and male smokers' RRs of developing lung cancer was 0.8 (95% confidence interval = 0.3-2.1). All histologic types were......Our aim was to compare risk of lung cancer associated with smoking by gender and histologic type. A total of 30,874 subjects, 44% women, from three prospective population-based studies with initial examinations between 1964 and 1992 were followed until 1994 through the National Cancer Registry....... There were 867 cases of lung cancer, 203 among women and 664 among men. Rates among female and male never-smokers were similar, although confidence intervals around rates were wide. Rate ratios (RRs) increased with number of pack-years for both men and women to a maximum of approximately 20 in inhaling...

  12. Centering the voices of international students in family studies and family therapy graduate programs. (United States)

    McDowell, Teresa; Fang, Shi-Ruei; Kosutic, Iva; Griggs, Julie


    In this article, we report the results of a survey that accessed the perceptions of family studies and family therapy international master's and doctoral students across the United States. Our goals included giving collective voice to the experience of international students and gathering their suggestions for improving programs. Themes that emerged from responses to open- and closed-ended questions included feeling (mis)understood and (de)valued; forming personal connections and experiencing marginalization; the importance of including international perspectives in curricula; considering the relevance/transferability of knowledge; and attending to barriers to learning. Based on the results, we share suggestions for improving family studies and family therapy graduate programs relative to program planning, curricula revision, teaching strategies, and faculty development.

  13. 2014 Korean Liver Cancer Study Group-National Cancer Center Korea practice guideline for the management of hepatocellular carcinoma. (United States)


    The guideline for the management of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) was first developed in 2003 and revised in 2009 by the Korean Liver Cancer Study Group and the National Cancer Center, Korea. Since then, many studies on HCC have been carried out in Korea and other countries. In particular, a substantial body of knowledge has been accumulated on diagnosis, staging, and treatment specific to Asian characteristics, especially Koreans, prompting the proposal of new strategies. Accordingly, the new guideline presented herein was developed on the basis of recent evidence and expert opinions. The primary targets of this guideline are patients with suspicious or newly diagnosed HCC. This guideline provides recommendations for the initial treatment of patients with newly diagnosed HCC.

  14. Histopathology of lupus nephritis: A single-center, cross-sectional study from Karnataka, India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vineeta Shobha


    Full Text Available A cross-sectional study of SLE patients over a period of two years is reported. Renal biopsy of 32 selected patients revealed histopathological abnormalities and deposits of immune complexes, and were classified according to the WHO classification of LN (lupus nephritis. The clinical and laboratory parameters assessed were also in line with this classification, indicating the adequacy of these parameters for routine follow-up, and the biopsy was reserved for advanced cases of LN.

  15. Nosocomial Rotavirus Gastroenteritis in pediatric patients: a multi-center prospective cohort study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Festini Filippo


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Few data are available on the incidence of nosocomial Rotavirus infections (NRVI in pediatric hospitals and on their economic impact. The goals of this study were: to evaluate the incidence of NRVI in various Italian pediatric wards during the course of two peak RV seasons; to investigate possible risk factors for NRVI; to estimate the costs caused by NRVI. Methods prospective cohort study. Population: all the children under 30 months of age who were admitted without any symptom or diagnosis of gastroenteritis in the pediatric hospitals of Florence, Naples, Brescia and Ancona, Italy, during the winter-spring periods 2006-2007 and 2007-2008. Serial RV rapid tests and clinical monitoring were carried out on the cohort. Telephone interviews were performed from 3 to 5 days after discharge. Results 520 out of 608 children completed the study (85.6%. The overall incidence of NRVI was 5.3% (CI95% 3.6-7.5, (7.9 per 1,000 days of hospital stay, CI 95% 5.3-11.3. The average duration of hospital stay was significantly longer for children who had NRVI (8.1 days, SD 5.4 than for non-infected children (6.4 days, SD 5.8, difference 1.7 days, p = 0.004. The risk of contracting NRVI increased significantly if the child stayed in hospital more than 5 days, RR = 2.8 (CI95% 1.3-6, p = 0.006. In Italy the costs caused by NRVI can be estimated at 8,019,155.44 Euro per year. 2.7% of the children hospitalized with no gastroenteritis symptoms tested positive for RV. Conclusions Our study showed a relevant incidence of NRVI, which can increase the length of the children's stay in hospital. Limiting the number of nosocomial RV infections is important to improve patients' safety as well as to avoid additional health costs.

  16. System and Mass Storage Study for Defense Mapping Agency Topographic Center (DMATC/HC) (United States)


    extraction, file merging, and file extension (beyond 1x1 blocks) features • Automated transaction log The DIED system was installed at...34 This standard establishes a uniform structure for the content and format of digital terrain elevation data. The file structure is organized into 1x1 ...time they completed their minicomputer evaluation study; a la^ge market for the PDP 11/70 already exists in both the government and commercial

  17. Risk factors for osteoporosis in urban Iranian postmenopausal women (A center based study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Afsane Keramat


    Full Text Available Introduction: Osteoporosis is recognized as a major healthcare problem in elders. Data on prevalence and risk factors of osteoporosis in developing countries is sparse. In this study we aim to define the risk factors of osteoporosis in a selected group of postmenopausal women in Tehran. Methods: This is a case-control, interview based study that was conducted in a popular public hospital (Shariati in Tehran during period 2002-2003. The sample sizes included 272 post menopausal women (136 case and 136 controls in the same age group. The case group were identified as osteoporotic patients based on WHO definition in spine and/or total femoral region interest using DEXA method and Lunar DPX machine. A self made questionnaire was used for data collection. It included some information on demographic, obstetrical and menstrual factors, medical and drug history, nutritional status, physical activity and life style. Risk factors for osteoporosis were calculated by adjusted odds ratios using multiple logistic regressions. Results: The significant (P 5 years (2.4, Parity >3, lactation >3 years, steroid therapy (3.6, Bone and joint disorders (2.34 teeth problems (2.30, education < 12 schooling yrs (2.6 and red meat consumption ≥ 4 times/w (2.1.Regular consumption of milk ≥ 3/w (0.4, cheese ≥ 30g/d (0.5, chicken (0.4, fish (0.3 and honey (0.42 appeared to be significant protective factors. Calcium supplementation (0.3, regular walking (0.4 and sunshine exposure (0.4 also reduced the risk significantly. Conclusion: Osteoporosis, in this study, appears to be associated with several risk factors. The association of environmental factors like diet, exercise and sunshine exposure with osteoporosis indicates need of more studies in this area and also the direction for elders, health strategies for osteoporosis prevention in Iran.

  18. Immunosuppressive therapy in patients with aplastic anemia: a single-center retrospective study.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hasan Jalaeikhoo

    Full Text Available Aplastic anemia (AA is a rare disease in which hematopoietic stem cells are severely diminished resulting in hypocellular bone marrow and pancytopenia. Etiology of AA includes auto immunity, toxins, infection, ionizing radiation, drugs and rare genetic disorders, but in the majority of cases no cause can be identified. In the present study we assessed response rate, survival, relapse and clonal evolution in patients with AA treated with immunosuppressive therapy.Patients with AA who received immunosuppressive therapy between May 1998 and September 2013 were included in this study. Patients with non-severe AA (NSAA were treated with cyclosporine (CsA and danazol while patients with severe AA (SAA as well as patients with NSAA who progressed to SAA after beginning of the treatment, were candidates for receiving antithymocyte globulin in addition to CsA and danazol.Among the 63 studied patients, 29 (46% had NSAA and 34 (54% had SAA. Three months after treatment, overall response was 58.6% in NSAA and 12.9% in patients with SAA. Survival of all patients at 5, 10 and 15 years were 73%, 55% and 49%, respectively. Survival rates were significantly higher in patients with NSAA compared to patients with SAA as well as in patients who responded at 6 months compared to non-responders. The relapse risk was 39.7% at 10 years. Relapse occurred in patients who discontinued the therapy more than those who continued taking CsA (p value<0.01. The risk of clonal evolution was 9.9% at 10 years and 22.8% at 15 years after treatment.This long-term retrospective study indicated that immunosuppressive therapy should be recommended to patients with AA. Also, our experience indicated that immunosuppressive therapy should not be discontinued after response to therapy in patients with both NSAA and SAA due to high risk of relapse. Low dose of CsA should be continued indefinitely.

  19. Gadamer: grounding a proposal for the study of stress in the Surgical Center



    This article makes a reflection on philosophical foundation to support the methodology in order to study the stress of professionals who work in the operating theater. The qualitative research allows a comprehensive access to the world of each subject, revealing the individual perception of whom experiences the phenomenon. Gadamer understands that the language reveals and is suitable to evaluate properly, through hermeneutics, the symbolic dimension of the subject’s speech. Hermeneutics is no...

  20. The Need for Strategic Research and Study Centers (Think Tanks) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (United States)


    AND ABBREVIATIONS AEI American Enterprise Institute CASS Chinese Academy of Social Sciences CEPS Centre for European Policy Studies CSR corporate...establishing a brand new body to select the monarch and his Heir Apparent from among the sons and grandsons of the founder; introducing unprecedented...whole. Moreover, the Majlis has been able to increase awareness of corporate social responsibility ( CSR ) in Saudi Arabia.57 At the same time, Saudi