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  1. Crescimento da base craniana nos diferentes tipos faciais nos relacionamentos maxilomandibulares ortopédicos de Classe I, II e III: Parte 2 (Crescimento médio de Ba-Na, CC-Na e CC-Ba Cranial base growth in different facial types in Class I, II and III orthopedic maxillomandibular relationship: Part 2 (Mean growth of Ba-Na, CC-Na and CC-Ba

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucelma Vilela Pieri


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: este estudo retrospectivo avaliou o crescimento médio da base craniana nos diferentes tipos faciais e de relacionamentos maxilomandibulares ortopédicos.METODOLOGIA: uma amostra aleatória de 300 pacientes brasileiros leucodermas (131 do gênero masculino, 169 do gênero feminino, com idade média inicial de 10 anos e 2 meses (dentadura mista e final de 14 anos e 8 meses (segundos molares em oclusão e tempo médio de observação de 4 anos e 5 meses, foi selecionada em uma clínica particular, em São Paulo, Brasil. Havia 118 Classe I, 151 Classe II e 31 Classe III. Todas as 600 radiografias cefalométricas laterais foram obtidas no mesmo aparelho de raios-x. As análises de Ricketts e Schwarz modificadas por Faltin foram usadas. As medidas lineares (Ba-Na, CC-Na e CC-Ba foram feitas manualmente pelo mesmo examinador em T1 e T2. Os relacionamentos foram estudados juntos e separadamente, considerando tipo facial e gênero. O teste t-pareado e ANOVA foram aplicados. RESULTADOS E CONCLUSÕES: o tipo facial retrovertido cresceu significantemente mais em CC-Na na Classe II, sendo a sua correção desfavorável no gênero feminino; com tendência favorável na Classe III e crescimento dentro do esperado na Classe I. O neutrovertido cresceu significantemente mais em CC-Na nas Classes I e II, sendo desfavorável na Classe II; com crescimento eqüitativo de CC-Na e CC-Ba na Classe III e levemente acima do esperado na Classe I. O provertido teve crescimento eqüitativo em todas as Classes, sendo significantemente favorável na Classe II mandibular; com tendência favorável na Classe III e crescimento médio acima do esperado na Classe I.AIM: This retrospective study evaluated the cranial base mean growth in different facial types and orthopedic maxillomandibular relationship. METHODS: A random sample of 300 Brazilian Caucasian patients (131 males, 169 females, initial and final mean age (10 years 2 months-mixed dentition; 14 years 8 months

  2. Crescimento da base craniana nos diferentes tipos faciais nos relacionamentos maxilomandibulares ortopédicos de Classe I, II e III: Parte 2 (Crescimento médio de Ba-Na, CC-Na e CC-Ba) Cranial base growth in different facial types in Class I, II and III orthopedic maxillomandibular relationship: Part 2 (Mean growth of Ba-Na, CC-Na and CC-Ba)


    Lucelma Vilela Pieri; Kurt Faltin Junior; Cristina Lúcia Feijó Ortolani; Rolf Marçon Faltin; Márcia Aparecida Alves de Almeida


    OBJETIVO: este estudo retrospectivo avaliou o crescimento médio da base craniana nos diferentes tipos faciais e de relacionamentos maxilomandibulares ortopédicos.METODOLOGIA: uma amostra aleatória de 300 pacientes brasileiros leucodermas (131 do gênero masculino, 169 do gênero feminino), com idade média inicial de 10 anos e 2 meses (dentadura mista) e final de 14 anos e 8 meses (segundos molares em oclusão) e tempo médio de observação de 4 anos e 5 meses, foi selecionada em uma clínica partic...

  3. Accuracy of the Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting Assay for the Aquaporin-4 Antibody (AQP4-Ab): Comparison with the Commercial AQP4-Ab Assay Kit (United States)

    Kim, Yoo-Jin; Cheon, So Young; Kim, Boram; Jung, Kyeong Cheon; Park, Kyung Seok


    Background The aquaporin-4 antibody (AQP4-Ab) is a disease-specific autoantibody to neuromyelitis optica (NMO). We aimed to evaluate the accuracy of the FACS assay in detecting the AQP4-Ab compared with the commercial cell-based assay (C-CBA) kit. Methods Human embryonic kidney-293 cells were transfected with human aquaporin-4 (M23) cDNA. The optimal cut off values of FACS assay was tested using 1123 serum samples from patients with clinically definite NMO, those at high risk for NMO, patients with multiple sclerosis, patients with other idiopathic inflammatory demyelinating diseases, and negative controls. The accuracy of FACS assay and C-CBA were compared in consecutive 225 samples that were collected between January 2014 and June 2014. Results With a cut-off value of MFIi of 3.5 and MFIr of 2.0, the receiver operating characteristic curve for the FACS assay showed an area under the curve of 0.876. Among 225 consecutive sera, the FACS assay and C-CBA had a sensitivity of 77.3% and 69.7%, respectively, in differentiating the sera of definite NMO patients from sera of controls without IDD or of MS. Both assay had a good specificity of 100% in it. The overall positivity of the C-CBA among FACS-positive sera was 81.5%; moreover, its positivity was low as 50% among FACS-positive sera with relatively low MFIis. Conclusions Both the FACS assay and C-CBA are sensitive and highly specific assays in detecting AQP4-Ab. However, in some sera with relatively low antibody titer, FACS-assay can be a more sensitive assay option. In real practice, complementary use of FACS assay and C-CBA will benefit the diagnosis of NMO patients, because the former can be more sensitive among low titer sera and the latter are easier to use therefore can be widely used. PMID:27658059

  4. The Legitimacy of Certification Standards in Climate Change Governance

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Plaza Esteban, de la C.; Visseren-Hamakers, I.J.; Jong, de W.


    This article explores the role of two private steering mechanisms, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA), in REDD+, the climate change mitigation policy that aims to avoid deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries. It does

  5. Dicty_cDB: Contig-U01389-1 [Dicty_cDB

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available rum asaccharolyticum... 175 4e-42 AM182129_1( AM182129 |pid:none) Sinorhizobium arboris partial recA... 175 ... CCBA... 174 5e-42 AM182130_1( AM182130 |pid:none) Sinorhizobium arboris partial recA... 174 5e-42 EU290599_

  6. Beyond a Box of Documents: The Collaborative Partnership Behind the Oregon Chinese Disinterment Documents Collection

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natalia M. Fernández


    Full Text Available This article is a case study of a collaboration between the Oregon Multicultural Archives of Oregon State University, Portland State University Library's Special Collections, the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA, and the Northwest News Network to preserve and make accessible a recovered box of Oregon Chinese disinterment documents. By examining what influenced and engaged each partner, this case study offers an opportunity to better understand the motivations of diverse stakeholders in a "post-custodial era" project that challenges traditional practices of custody, control, and access.

  7. Options for REDD+ Voluntary Certification to Ensure Net GHG Benefits, Poverty Alleviation, Sustainable Management of Forests and Biodiversity Conservation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Dutschke


    Full Text Available Our objective was to compare and evaluate the practical applicability to REDD+ of ten forest management, social, environmental and carbon standards that are currently active worldwide: Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB, CCB REDD+ Social and Environmental Standards (CCBA REDD+ S&E, CarbonFix Standard (CFS, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC, Global Conservation Standard (GCS, ISO 14064:2006, Plan Vivo Standard, Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC, SOCIALCARBON Standard and the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS. We developed a framework for evaluation of these standards relative to each other using four substantive criteria: (1 poverty alleviation, (2 sustainable management of forests (SMF, (3 biodiversity protection, (4 quantification and assessment of net greenhouse gas (GHG benefits; and two procedural criteria: (5 monitoring and reporting, and (6 certification procedures. REDD programs require assessment of GHG benefits, monitoring, reporting and certification. Our analysis shows that only the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS treats these three criteria comprehensively. No standard provides comprehensive coverage of the social and other environmental criteria. FSC, PEFC and CarbonFix provide comprehensive assessments of the sustainable forest management criterion. CCBA REDD+ S&E, CCB, and GCS provide comprehensive coverage of the biodiversity and poverty alleviation criteria. Experience in using these standards in pilot projects shows that projects are currently combining several standards as part of their strategy to improve their ability to attract investment, but costs of implementing several certification schemes is a concern. We conclude that voluntary certification provides useful practical experience that should feed into the design of the international REDD+ regime.

  8. Logistic regression analysis of Stroop effect in elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment%老年轻度认知障碍患者Stroop效应的Logistic回归分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    马晨欢; 赵和丹; 朱建军; 沈猛; 黄倩; 扬翼; 翟冬慧; 王凤华; 石统昆


    目的:探索老年轻度认知障碍患者的认知功能及Stroop效应临床应用的理论依据。方法:随机选取老年轻度认知障碍(MCI)患者46例,按1∶1匹配对照组,应用Stroop色字干扰测验评定两组的认知功能损害程度,采用Logistic回归分析Stroop效应指标与MCI的数量依存关系。结果:MCI组的Stroop效应耗时A卡、B卡、C卡、(C-B)/A和错误数 A 卡、B 卡、C 卡、(B-C)/A 差异均有统计学意义(P<0.05或 P<0.01);Stroop 效应的 logistic 回归分析,耗时 C卡、(C-B)/A 和错误数 B 卡、C 卡、(B-C)/A 与 MCI 存在回归关系(P<0.05或P<0.01,均 OR>1.0)。结论:MCI 患者存在不同程度的认知功能损害,Stroop效应的测验工具应用起来客观、快速,有较好的筛检MCI的应用前景。%Objective:To explore the cognitive function of elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment and the theoretical basis for the clinical application of Stroop effect.Methods:46 patients with mild cognitive impairment(MCI)were randomly selected, and 1:1 matched control group.By Stroop Color word interference test evaluate cognitive impairment in the two groups.Logistic regression analysis was applied to evaluate the dependent relationship of Stroop effect index and the prevalence of MCI.Results:There were statistical significances between Stroop effect time-consuming of card A,card B,card C,(C-B)/A and error number of card A,card B,card C,(C-B)/A in the MCI case group(P<0.05 or P<0.01).Logistic regression analysis indicate that there were regression relationship among time-consuming of card C,(C-B)/A and error number of card B,card C,(B-C)/A exist(P<0.05 or P<0.01).Conclusion:MCI patients have different degrees of cognitive impairment,and the Stroop effect test implement is objective and quick.It has a good prospect for the application of MCI diagnosis and screening.

  9. CTA analysis of the correlation between the carotid bifurcation angle and the thickness of the internal carotid atherosclerotic plaque%颈动脉分叉角与颈内动脉粥样硬化斑块厚度相关性的 CTA 分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    周仕恩; 邱传亚; 何汇忱; 许钧杰


    Objective To evaluate the correlation between the carotid bifurcation angle and the thickness of the internal carotid atherosclerotic plaque on multi-slice spiral CT angiography (MSCTA).Methods MSCTA images of ninety-nine subjects from 2012 to 2013 were collected and analyzed retrospectively,in which images were processed and analysed with the GE AW4.4 workstation. The common carotid bifurcation angle (CCBA),the internal carotid bifurcation angle (ICBA),the thickness of plaque at the initial region of the internal carotid artery(ICA),and the average diameter of the internal carotid opening were determined.Thickness of atherosclerosis plaque at bilateral carotid bifurcations was grouped based on the CCBA,ICBA and normalized ICBA indexes.The paired T-test (normal distribution)or Wilcoxon sign-ranked test (non-normal distribution)were performed with SPSS version 1 6.0. Association between the CBA and the plaque thickness at the initial region of the ICA were analysed with partial correlation.Statisti-cal significance was set at P 0.05)。偏相关分析示:颈总动脉分叉角分组中,颈总动脉分叉角与颈内动脉斑块厚度间相关系数 r 值为-0.020(P =0.849);颈内动脉分叉角分组中,颈内动脉分叉角与颈内动脉斑块厚度间相关系数 r 值为0.018(P =0.864);颈内动脉分叉角标准化指数分组中,颈内动脉分叉角标准化指数与颈内动脉斑块厚度间相关系数 r 值为0.005(P =0.962)。结论双侧颈动脉分叉角变化不会导致双侧颈内动脉起始部斑块厚度的差异。

  10. High-spin positive-parity states in 179Hf studied by the 180Hf(τ, α) 179Hf reaction AT 32 MeV (United States)

    Thorsteinsen, T. F.; Løvhøiden, G.; Vaagen, J. S.; Bjørnberg, A.; Burke, D. G.


    Full angular distributions are presented for states populated in the reaction 180Hf(τ, α) 179Hf at 32 MeV beam energy. Positive-parity states associated with the i {13}/{2} unique parity intruder orbital are given special attention. Thus, angular distributions for the five first members of the [624 {9}/{2}] groundstate sequence are given, as well as for a number of more highly excited states, some being new assignments. The distribution of l = 6 transfer strength is quite characteristic, two {13}/{2}+ states being substantially more populated than the rest. The characteristic features of the data are explained by a quasiparticle-rotor calculation employing deformed Woods-Saxon orbitals, but only if the hexadecapole shape parameter of the nuclear potential is β 4 ˜ -0.08. The often anomalous differential cross sections for I π ≠ {13}/{2}+ band members are well accounted for by a rotor model CCBA calculation employing transfer form factors extracted from the orbitals of the deformed Woods-Saxon field, and including non-adiabatic Coriolis mixing effects.

  11. Probing surface distribution of $\\alpha$-cluster in $^{20}$Ne via $\\alpha$-transfer reaction

    CERN Document Server

    Fukui, Tokuro; Suhara, Tadahiro; Kanada-En'yo, Yoshiko; Ogata, Kazuyuki


    Direct evidence of the $\\alpha$-cluster development in bound states has not been obtained yet although a number of experimental studies were carried out to extract the information of the clustering. In particular in conventional analyses of $\\alpha$-transfer reactions, there exist a few significant problems on reaction models, which are insufficient to qualitatively discuss the cluster structure. We aim to verify the development of the $\\alpha$-cluster structure from observables. As the first application, it is argued to extract the spatial information of the cluster structure of the $^{20}$Ne nucleus in its ground state through the cross section of the $\\alpha$-transfer reaction $^{16}$O($^6$Li,~$d$)$^{20}$Ne. For the analysis of the transfer reaction, we work with the coupled-channels Born approximation (CCBA) approach, in which the breakup effect of $^6$Li is explicitly taken into account by means of the continuum-discretized coupled-channels method (CDCC) based on the three-body $\\alpha + d + {}^{16}$O mo...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eni Kusrini


    Full Text Available Big size betta (Giant have a high economic value compared to normal size betta, and over expression of growth hormone gene can produce giant fish.  As an initial step of giant transgenic betta productions, this study was conducted in order to obtain DNA plasmid concentration which provide higher hatching and survival rate of betta larvae.  Construction of PhGH pCcBA gene contains growth hormone gene of Siamese catfish (PhGH and it is controlled by the CCBA promoter. Betta imbellis broodstocks were spawned naturally, and embryos were collected 1-2 minutes after spawning time. One hundred embryos were dipped in 2 mL of transfectan X-treme gene which containp CcBA-PhGH construction genes (50 µg/mL, on room temperature for about 30 minutes. Treatments on this study were different transfectant : DNA plasmid ratiosnamely:A (0,75 µL: 0,25 µL; B (0,75 µL : 0,50 µL; C (0,75 µL: 0,75 µL, D as Control 1(without transfectant, 0,25 µL DNA; Control 2(0,75 µL transfectant, without DNA, and Fas control 3 (without transfectant and without DNA. Every treatments was repeated three times.  Transfection embryos were hatched on a container (1L Volume. Study results showed that hatching rate and larvae survival rate  (4 days after hatching on treatment A were the same with the control, but slightly higher than B and C treatments. PCR analysis with DNA template showing that PhGH gene were found on embryos and larvae (pooled sample of treatment A, B and C. Furthermore, RT-PCR analysis showing the existence of mRNA PhGH expression on embryos and larvae (pooled sample. Therefore, embryo transfection with transfectant ratio 0,75 µL and  DNA 0,25 µLshowing the best results.

  13. Studies of One-Nucleon Transfer Reactions on Boron -11 and CARBON-12. (United States)

    Foot, Penelope Bernadette

    This thesis describes a study of the ^{11}B(d,n)^{12 }C and ^{12}C(t, alpha)^{11} B reactions. The Indiana University Cyclotron Facility produced the 79 MeV deuterons for the ^{11} B(d,n)^{12}C experiment. Time of flight measurements were performed to obtain neutron energy spectra. The energy resolution was typically 300 keV (~{1over 2} nsec). Cross sections were extracted for five well-resolved bound states in ^{12}C at 0.00, 4.44, 9.64, 12.71 and 15.11 MeV. The experimental cross sections were compared with the results of theoretical predictions. The effect of including, in these calculations, the breakup of the deuteron into low energy relative S states during the course of the reaction was investigated. Spectroscopic factors were then determined for the above five states in ^{12}C and compared with theoretical values. A subsequent experiment was performed at the same energy with vector polarized deuterons in order to study the effects of deuteron breakup on the corresponding analysing powers. This was the first time that analysing powers had been measured for this reaction. The effects on the cross section and analysing power calculations of exact finite range and the D state of the deuteron were investigated using the Reid soft-core potential for the proton-neutron interaction. The possible role of a two step process in the population of the 2 ^{+} state at 4.44 MeV in ^{12}C was examined. The effects on the analysing power for this state, of contributions from the 2p-1f shell in the 4.44 MeV wavefunction, were also discussed. Differential cross sections for the ^ {12}C(t,alpha) ^{11}B reaction, using 33 MeV tritons from the Daresbury Nuclear Structure Facility, were extracted for transitions to the 0.00, 2.125, 4.445, 5.021, 6.743, 7.286, 7.978 and 8.559 MeV states in ^{11 }B. The results of CRC calculations were compared with DWBA and CCBA calculation for the single step and two step transitions respectively. The spin of the 8.559 MeV state in ^{11}B, which