Sample records for cavum septi pellucidi

  1. Spontaneous regression of a cyst of the cavum septi pellucidi

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kocer, N.; Kantarci, F.; Mihmalli, I.; Islak, C.; Cokyueksel, O. [Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Department of Radiology, Istanbul (Turkey)


    A 20-year-old woman with secondary amenorrhoea and an empty sella turcica was found to have a cyst of the cavum septi pellucidi (CSP) on MRI. The cyst had regressed spontaneously on follow-up MRI. (orig.)

  2. CT findings and clinical significance of the cavum septi pellucidi and cavum vergae

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wako, Tadashi; Imai, Yutaka; Kodno, Yoshiaki; Okazaki, Yoichi; Maruyama, Kiyoshi (Shinshu Univ., Matsumoto, Nagano (Japan). Faculty of Medicine)


    Cavum septi pellucidi (CSP) and cavum Vergae (CV) were seen in 132 cases, corresponding to 2.8% of all patients examined by CT scan from September 1977 to February 1982. We s tudied the incidence of CSP and CV, and the transverse diameter of the cavum. The incidence of CSP and CV gradually decreased with age, being highest (10.7%) in patients under 15 years old with mental and/or developmental retardation. In cases over 16 years, CSP and CV were seen in 4.6% of patients with epilepsy and convulsion, and 2.5% of patients with headache. In cases under one year old, no particular correlation between the neurological disorder and the transverse diameter of the cavum was recognized. In cases over one year old, the mean transverse diameter of the cavum was about 10 mm in patients with neurological disorders, but less than 5 mm in patients without neurological disorder.

  3. Cavum Septi Pellucidi in Symptomatic Former Professional Football Players. (United States)

    Koerte, Inga K; Hufschmidt, Jakob; Muehlmann, Marc; Tripodis, Yorghos; Stamm, Julie M; Pasternak, Ofer; Giwerc, Michelle Y; Coleman, Michael J; Baugh, Christine M; Fritts, Nathan G; Heinen, Florian; Lin, Alexander; Stern, Robert A; Shenton, Martha E


    Post-mortem studies reveal a high rate of cavum septi pellucidi (CSP) in chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). It remains, however, to be determined whether or not the presence of CSP may be a potential in vivo imaging marker in populations at high risk to develop CTE. The aim of this study was to evaluate CSP in former professional American football players presenting with cognitive and behavioral symptoms compared with noncontact sports athletes. Seventy-two symptomatic former professional football players (mean age 54.53 years, standard deviation [SD] 7.97) as well as 14 former professional noncontact sports athletes (mean age 57.14 years, SD 7.35) underwent high-resolution structural 3T magnetic resonance imaging. Two raters independently evaluated the CSP, and interrater reliability was calculated. Within National Football League players, an association of CSP measures with cognitive and behavioral functioning was evaluated using a multivariate mixed effects model. The measurements of the two raters were highly correlated (CSP length: rho = 0.98; Intraclass Correlation Coefficient [ICC] 0.99; p football players compared with athlete controls. In addition, a greater length of CSP was associated with decreased performance on a list learning task (Neuropsychological Assessment Battery List A Immediate Recall, p = 0.04) and decreased test scores on a measure of estimate verbal intelligence (Wide Range Achievement Test Fourth Edition Reading Test, p = 0.02). Given the high prevalence of CSP in neuropathologically confirmed CTE in addition to the results of this study, CSP may serve as a potential early in vivo imaging marker to identify those at high risk for CTE. Future research is needed to investigate the pathomechanism underlying the development of CSP after repetitive head impacts, and its potential association with neuropathologically confirmed CTE.

  4. Cavum septi pellucidi and cavum vergae. Incidence on CT scan and clinical significance

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nakano, S.; Hojo, H.; Kataoka, K.; Yamasaki, S. (Shizuoka Children' s Hospital, Shizuoka (Japan))


    1050 CT scans of patients under 15 years were reviewed. We also investigated the clinical features of these cases and made an attempt to disclose the incidence of cavum septi pellucidi (CSP) and cavum Vergae (CV) on the CT scan and to clarify their clinical significance. As a whole, CSP was demonstrated in 23 patients (2.2%), CV in 4 (0.4%), and both CSP and CV at the same time in 31 (3.0%). The incidence of CSP and CV in each age bracket decreased with an advance in age. No sexual differences were found. The incidences of CSP and CV in the patients with convulsive disorders, developmental delay, and other disorders were 6.4%, 5.1%, and 5.2% respectively. Of 64 patients with febrile convulsion, 4 had both CSP and CV at the same time, while one had only CSP. The four patients with both CSP and CV had convulsions three or more times, while the patient with only CSP had only one. These results suggested that those patients with febrile convulsions who had both CSP and CV at the same time were liable to have recurrent convulsions. Of 32 patients with benign infantile convulsions, only one had both CSP and CV. On the other hand, of 29 patients with infantile spasms, 2 had only CSP, and another 2 had both CSP and CV. Some patients with infantile spasms had CT scans demonstrating cerebral atrophy, porencephaly, cerebral angioma, and calcification in the brain, suggesting various types of etiology. Of 187 patients with other convulsive disorders, 4 had only CSP and 6 had both CSP and CV. Of 468 patients with developmental delay, 13 had only CSP (2.8%), one had only CV (0.2%), and 10 had both (2.1%). Of these 24 patients with developmental delay who had CSP and/or CV, 14 had cerebral atrophy besides, suggesting other etiological factors. Of 270 patients with other disorders, 3 had only CSP (1.1%), other 3 had only CV (1.1%), and 8 had both (3.0%).

  5. Diagnóstico prenatal de quiste de Cavum Velum Interpositum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yolimar Navarro Briceño


    Full Text Available Anterior midline intracranial cysts may be found in three forms: cavum septum pellucidum, cavum vergae, and cavum velum interpositum. The cavum velum interpositum cyst represents a cerebrospinal fluid filled space formed by the corpus callosum and fornix above, the roof of the third ventricle and thalamus below and of the fornix on each side laterally. We report the case of a 28-year-old pregnant woman who attended to prenatal consult at 30 weeks. During ultrasound evaluation it was found a 25 milimeters of diameter, intracranial, interhemispheric and, anechoic cystic lesion inferior of corpus callosum, accompanied by a slight enlarged third ventricle without evidence of compressive hydrocephalus. Karyotype was normal. Diagnosis of cavum velum interpositum cyst was considered. A normal newborn was obtained after spontaneous vaginal birth. Magnetic resonance after birth confirmed diagnosis

  6. SeptiFast real-time PCR for detection of bloodborne pathogens in patients with severe sepsis or septic shock. (United States)

    Markota, Andrej; Seme, Katja; Golle, Andrej; Poljak, Mario; Sinkovič, Andreja


    Several studies have been performed investigating the role of a real-time multiplex polymerase chain reaction assay LightCycler SeptiFast with inconsistent results. In prospective evaluation of adult patients with severe sepsis or septic shock SeptiFast assay and blood culture results were compared regarding concordance, the impact of SeptiFast assay on antimicrobial therapy adjustment, time to results and the role of SeptiFast assay as a marker of disease severity. 63 blood sample sets were collected from 57 patients. 51 (80.9%) results were concordant negative and 7 (11.1%) concordant posi- tive. In one (1.6%) sample set blood culture was positive and SeptiFast assay negative, in three (4.8%) sample sets with negative blood cultures pathogens were detected by SeptiFast assay and in one (1.6%)patient an additional pathogen was detected by SeptiFast assay. If blood culture is considered as "gold standard", 1 (1.6%) SeptiFast false negative and 4 (6.3%) false positive results were identified (sensitivity 87.5%, specificity 92.6%, negative predictive value 97.8%). Antibiotic treatment was adjusted according to SeptiFast assay in 4 (6.3%) cases. Time to final results was significantly shorter with SeptiFast assay (32 +/- 23 h vs. 97 +/- 28 h, p sepsis and septic shock but it cannot replace the blood culture.

  7. Rapid qualitative urinary tract infection pathogen identification by SeptiFast real-time PCR.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lutz E Lehmann

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Urinary tract infections (UTI are frequent in outpatients. Fast pathogen identification is mandatory for shortening the time of discomfort and preventing serious complications. Urine culture needs up to 48 hours until pathogen identification. Consequently, the initial antibiotic regimen is empirical. AIM: To evaluate the feasibility of qualitative urine pathogen identification by a commercially available real-time PCR blood pathogen test (SeptiFast® and to compare the results with dipslide and microbiological culture. DESIGN OF STUDY: Pilot study with prospectively collected urine samples. SETTING: University hospital. METHODS: 82 prospectively collected urine samples from 81 patients with suspected UTI were included. Dipslide urine culture was followed by microbiological pathogen identification in dipslide positive samples. In parallel, qualitative DNA based pathogen identification (SeptiFast® was performed in all samples. RESULTS: 61 samples were SeptiFast® positive, whereas 67 samples were dipslide culture positive. The inter-methodological concordance of positive and negative findings in the gram+, gram- and fungi sector was 371/410 (90%, 477/492 (97% and 238/246 (97%, respectively. Sensitivity and specificity of the SeptiFast® test for the detection of an infection was 0.82 and 0.60, respectively. SeptiFast® pathogen identifications were available at least 43 hours prior to culture results. CONCLUSION: The SeptiFast® platform identified bacterial DNA in urine specimens considerably faster compared to conventional culture. For UTI diagnosis sensitivity and specificity is limited by its present qualitative setup which does not allow pathogen quantification. Future quantitative assays may hold promise for PCR based UTI pathogen identification as a supplementation of conventional culture methods.

  8. Cavum Septum Pellucidum in Retired American Pro-Football Players. (United States)

    Gardner, Raquel C; Hess, Christopher P; Brus-Ramer, Marcel; Possin, Katherine L; Cohn-Sheehy, Brendan I; Kramer, Joel H; Berger, Mitchel S; Yaffe, Kristine; Miller, Bruce; Rabinovici, Gil D


    Previous studies report that cavum septum pellucidum (CSP) is frequent among athletes with a history of repeated traumatic brain injury (TBI), such as boxers. Few studies of CSP in athletes, however, have assessed detailed features of the septum pellucidum in a case-control fashion. This is important because prevalence of CSP in the general population varies widely (2% to 85%) between studies. Further, rates of CSP among American pro-football players have not been described previously. We sought to characterize MRI features of the septum pellucidum in a series of retired pro-football players with a history of repeated concussive/subconcussive head traumas compared with controls. We retrospectively assessed retired American pro-football players presenting to our memory clinic with cognitive/behavioral symptoms in whom structural MRI was available with slice thickness ≤2 mm (n=17). Each player was matched to a memory clinic control patient with no history of TBI. Scans were interpreted by raters blinded to clinical information and TBI/football history, who measured CSP grade (0-absent, 1-equivocal, 2-mild, 3-moderate, 4-severe) and length according to a standard protocol. Sixteen of 17 (94%) players had a CSP graded ≥2 compared with 3 of 17 (18%) controls. CSP was significantly higher grade (pfootball players compared with patients without a history of TBI.

  9. Cavum septum pellucidum in a case of schizophrenia presenting with self-mutilating behavior. (United States)

    Umesh, Shreekantiah; Bose, Swarnali; Khanra, Sourav; Das, Basudeb; Nizamie, S Haque


    Cavum septum pellucidum (CSP) is a neurodevelopmental anomaly, which is commonly reported in schizophrenia patients. Various symptoms of schizophrenia, including thought disturbances have been associated with CSP. We present a rare case of undifferentiated schizophrenia with CSP who presented with self-mutilating behaviors.

  10. First-trimester septated cystic hygroma and cavum velum interpositum cyst. (United States)

    Sherer, David M; Dalloul, Mudar; Miller, Michelle J; Kheyman, Mila; Zinn, Harry L; Abulafia, Ovadia


    First-trimester septated cystic hygroma, frequently noted during general obstetric first-trimester screening, is strongly associated with fetal aneuploidy and structural anomalies and is considered an ominous finding. We present the case of a fetus with a first-trimester septated cystic hygroma and cavum velum interpositum cyst.

  11. Innervation of the Human Cavum Conchae and Auditory Canal: Anatomical Basis for Transcutaneous Auricular Nerve Stimulation (United States)

    Bermejo, P.; López, M.; Larraya, I.; Chamorro, J.; Cobo, J. L.; Ordóñez, S.


    The innocuous transcutaneous stimulation of nerves supplying the outer ear has been demonstrated to be as effective as the invasive direct stimulation of the vagus nerve for the treatment of some neurological and nonneurological disturbances. Thus, the precise knowledge of external ear innervation is of maximal interest for the design of transcutaneous auricular nerve stimulation devices. We analyzed eleven outer ears, and the innervation was assessed by Masson's trichrome staining, immunohistochemistry, or immunofluorescence (neurofilaments, S100 protein, and myelin-basic protein). In both the cavum conchae and the auditory canal, nerve profiles were identified between the cartilage and the skin and out of the cartilage. The density of nerves and of myelinated nerve fibers was higher out of the cartilage and in the auditory canal with respect to the cavum conchae. Moreover, the nerves were more numerous in the superior and posterior-inferior than in the anterior-inferior segments of the auditory canal. The present study established a precise nerve map of the human cavum conchae and the cartilaginous segment of the auditory canal demonstrating regional differences in the pattern of innervation of the human outer ear. These results may provide additional neuroanatomical basis for the accurate design of auricular transcutaneous nerve stimulation devices.

  12. A case report on the relationship between treatment-resistant childhood-onset schizophrenia and an abnormally enlarged cavum septum pellucidum combined with cavum vergae

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIAO Zheng-luan; HU Shao-hua; XU Yi


    The treatment of refractory schizophrenia has been a clinical challenge for most psychiatrists; the possible reasons include diagnostic errors,medical conditions and brain dysgenesis.Here,we described a patient with childhood-onset schizophrenia who had severe psychiatric symptoms such as auditory hallucinations and persecutory delusions,and etc.We reexamined all his possible medical conditions and found that the patient had an abnormally enlarged cavus septum pellucidum (CSP) combined with cavum vergae (CV) (maximum length >30 mm).Some reports suggested that abnormal CSP (length >6 mm) has a significant association with schizophrenia.However,abnormally large CSP or CSP/CV and related prognosis were reported rarely.This case suggested that abnormally enlarged CSP or CSP/CV may worsen the prognosis.

  13. Arachnoid cyst of the cavum velum interpositum in a septuagenarian: radiological features and differential diagnosis. (United States)

    Rajesh, S; Bhatnagar, Shorav; Chauhan, Udit; Gupta, Shailesh; Agarwal, Nitesh; Kasana, Vivek


    The cavum velum interpositum (CVI) is a thin, triangular-shaped cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)-filled space between the lateral ventricles that lies below the fornices and above the third ventricle. It is a normal variant seen in premature and newborn infants and usually disappears with brain maturation. CVI is rarely seen in adults as a persistent primitive structure. Although moderate cystic dilatation of the CVI may sometimes be observed, a true large cyst is extremely rare with only a handful of reported cases, mostly in children and adolescents. We describe the case of CVI arachnoid cyst diagnosed on imaging in a septuagenarian with the complaint of occasional headaches.

  14. Absent cavum septum pellucidum: a review with emphasis on associated commissural abnormalities

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sundarakumar, Dinesh K.; Farley, Sarah A.; Nixon, Jason N. [Seattle Children' s Hospital, Department of Radiology, Seattle, WA (United States); Smith, Crysela M. [The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Department of Radiology, San Antonio, TX (United States); Maravilla, Kenneth R.; Dighe, Manjiri K. [University of Washington, Department of Radiology, Seattle, WA (United States)


    The cavum septum pellucidum (CSP) is an important fetal midline forebrain landmark, and its absence often signifies additional underlying malformations. Frequently detected by prenatal sonography, absence of the CSP requires further imaging with pre- or postnatal MRI to characterize the accompanying abnormalities. This article reviews the developmental anatomy of the CSP and the pivotal role of commissurization in normal development. An understanding of the patterns of commissural abnormalities associated with absence of the CSP can lead to improved characterization of the underlying spectrum of pathology. (orig.)

  15. Prevalence and characteristics of cavum septum pellucidum in schizophrenia: A 16 slice computed tomography study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sourav Khanra


    Full Text Available Objective: Several significant midline abnormalities including cavum septum pellucidum (CSP have been reported in schizophrenia. However, not all studies were able to replicate similar findings. Furthermore, very few of them were conducted with large samples. Methods: CSP was identified and graded with 16 slice computed tomography (CT machine in 138 patients of schizophrenia and 64 controls. Results: We found 21.0% of patients in schizophrenia group had abnormal CSP compared to only 9.4% in control group (P = 0.047. Grade III was most frequent type (19.6% in schizophrenia group. Conclusions: Our study adds to the existing literature suggesting abnormal CSP may reflect neurodevelopmental process in schizophrenia. The strength of our study was larger sample size. Limitations were use of CT, male predominance in schizophrenia group, the inclusion of nonpsychiatric patients in control group.

  16. Demonstration of the SeptiStrand benthic microbial fuel cell powering a magnetometer for ship detection (United States)

    Arias-Thode, Y. Meriah; Hsu, Lewis; Anderson, Greg; Babauta, Jerome; Fransham, Roy; Obraztsova, Anna; Tukeman, Gabriel; Chadwick, D. Bart


    The Navy has a need for monitoring conditions and gathering information in marine environments. Sensors can monitor and report environmental parameters and potential activities such as animal movements, ships, or personnel. However, there has to be a means to power these sensors. One promising enabling technology that has been shown to provide long-term power production in underwater environments is the benthic microbial fuel cells (BMFC). BMFCs are devices that generate energy by coupling bioanodes and biocathodes through an external energy harvester. Recent studies have demonstrated success for usage of BMFCs in powering small instruments and other devices on the seafloor over limited periods of time. In this effort, a seven-stranded BMFC linear array of 30 m was designed to power a seafloor magnetometer to detect passing ship movements through Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The BMFC system was connected to a flyback energy harvesting circuit that charged the battery powering the magnetometer. The deployment was demonstrated the BMFC supplied power to the battery for approximately 38 days. This is the first large-scale demonstration system for usage of the SeptiStrand BMFC technology to power a relevant sensor.

  17. The pursuit of the genome instability by comet assay (single cell gel electrophoresis) in patients with cancer of the cavum in western Algerian; La recherche de l'instabilite genomique par le test des cometes (single cell gel electrophoresis) chez les malades atteints d'un cancer du cavum dans l'Ouest algerien

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Boukerche, A.; Dali-Youcef, A.F. [Service de Radiotherapie, Oran (Algeria); Bouali-Youcef, Y. [Laboratoire d' Immunologie, Oran (Algeria); Mehadji, M. [Service d' ORL, Oran (Algeria); Chenal, C. [Rennes-1 Univ., UMR CNRS 6853, 35 (France)


    The analysis of results has shown a constitutional genome instability among the patients with a cavum cancer with a defect in DNA repair where some exogenous factors ( Epstein-Barr virus, EBV) seem play an important part. (N.C.)

  18. Relationship between Hyperactivity of Depressor Septi Nasi Muscle and Changes of Alar Base and Flaring during Smile. (United States)

    Beiraghi-Toosi, Arash; Rezaei, Ezatollah; Zanjani, Elham


    Hyperactivity of depressor septi nasi muscle leads to smiling deformity and nasal tip depression. Lateral fascicles of this muscle help in widening the nostrils. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationship between the nasal length changes and the alar base and the alar flaring changes during smile. Standard photographs are performed in the face and lateral views with forward gaze in the repose and maximum smile. Nasal length, alar base, and alar flaring were measured on the prints of the photographs. To decrease possible errors in the size of the printed photographs, middle face height from glabella to ANS was measured in the lateral view and the interpupil distance in the face view to standardize the measurements. Fifty cases were enrolled in this study. In 39 cases (78%), the nasal length was increased during smile. Forty-six cases (92%) had an increase in alar base diameter during smile. Alar flaring during smile increased in 48 cases (96%). Nasal length and alar base changes during smiling were not significantly correlated. Nasal length and alar flaring changes during smiling were not significantly related too. On the other hand, alar base and alar flaring changes during smile showed correlation. Alar base and alar flaring changes during smile were not significantly different in hyperactive and non-hyperactive cases. Nasal length change during smiling and hypertrophy of the medial fascicles of depressor septi nasi were not related to alar base or alar flaring change during smile.

  19. Unilateral nystagmus in an infant with acrocallosal syndrome. (United States)

    Erbagci, Ibrahim; Erbagci, Hulya; Erbagci, Zulal; Sivasli, Ercan; Bekir, Necdet


    Acrocallosal syndrome (ACS), is an extremely rare disorder characterized by the absence of corpus callosum (CC), macrocephaly, hypertelorism, pre- and postaxial polydactyly and severe motor and mental retardation. There are only 3 reports of ACS associated with ocular findings, including optic atrophy, esotropia and anophthalmus. We report on the first known Turkish case of ACS associated with unilateral nystagmus in addition to several neurologic abnormalities such as absence of the adhesio interthalamica and many others. A physically and mentally underdeveloped one year-old girl was evaluated for macrocephaly, polydactyly and left-sided nystagmus, which was not recognized until the fourth month. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed external hydrocephaly, triventricular hydrocephaly, midline brain abnormalities including partial agenesis of the CC, cavum septi pellucidi, cavum vergae, and absence of the adhesio interthalamica. The following anomalies were also noted; high arched palate, short nose with broad nasal bridge and anteverted nostrils, macrocephaly, frontal bossing, open and down turned angles of the mouth, hypertelorism, postaxial polydactyly of the left foot, hypertrichiasis, and hypertrichosis. On the basis of these findings, a diagnosis of ACS was made. In addition to neuroimaging, systemic research is needed in all patients presenting with asymmetric nystagmus as such a nystagmus may be associated with various external developmental abnormalities in addition to central nervous system involvement. Our case indicates that asymmetric nystagmus and midline brain abnormalities may also be included in the diagnostic criteria of ACS.

  20. Clinical comparison of isolator, Septi-Chek, nonvented tryptic soy broth, and direct agar plating combined with thioglycolate broth for diagnosing spontaneous bacterial peritonitis. (United States)

    Hay, J E; Cockerill, F R; Kaese, D; Vetter, E A; Wollan, P C; Rakela, J; Wilhelm, M P


    Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis is a life-threatening complication of cirrhotic ascites. Optimal patient management depends on the isolation of the causal organism from ascitic fluid. To evaluate culture techniques for the diagnosis of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, we prospectively compared three blood culture system, the Isolator system, a lysis-centrifugation system, the Septi-Chek system, a biphasic culture system, and a nonvented tryptic soy broth system, all inoculated at the bedside, and our standard method of direct inoculation of specimens after transport to the laboratory onto agar plates and into thioglycolate broth. The results showed that the Septi-Chek and nonvented tryptic soy broth systems each recovered statistically significantly more pathogens than either the Isolator system (P = 0.0084) or the standard method (P = 0.00098). The Isolator system recovered more pathogens than the standard plate method, but this difference was not statistically significant. Both the Isolator system and the standard plate method recovered more contaminating microorganisms than the Septi-Chek or nonvented tryptic soy broth system. The Isolator system required the most processing time compared with the processing times required by any other method. PMID:8748267

  1. Accuracy of LightCycler(®) SeptiFast for the detection and identification of pathogens in the blood of patients with suspected sepsis: a systematic review and meta-analysis. (United States)

    Dark, Paul; Blackwood, Bronagh; Gates, Simon; McAuley, Danny; Perkins, Gavin D; McMullan, Ronan; Wilson, Claire; Graham, Daniel; Timms, Kate; Warhurst, Geoffrey


    There is an urgent need to develop diagnostic tests to improve the detection of pathogens causing life-threatening infection (sepsis). SeptiFast is a CE-marked multi-pathogen real-time PCR system capable of detecting DNA sequences of bacteria and fungi present in blood samples within a few hours. We report here a systematic review and meta-analysis of diagnostic accuracy studies of SeptiFast in the setting of suspected sepsis. A comprehensive search strategy was developed to identify studies that compared SeptiFast with blood culture in suspected sepsis. Methodological quality was assessed using QUADAS. Heterogeneity of studies was investigated using a coupled forest plot of sensitivity and specificity and a scatter plot in receiver operator characteristic space. Bivariate model method was used to estimate summary sensitivity and specificity. From 41 phase III diagnostic accuracy studies, summary sensitivity and specificity for SeptiFast compared with blood culture were 0.68 (95 % CI 0.63-0.73) and 0.86 (95 % CI 0.84-0.89) respectively. Study quality was judged to be variable with important deficiencies overall in design and reporting that could impact on derived diagnostic accuracy metrics. SeptiFast appears to have higher specificity than sensitivity, but deficiencies in study quality are likely to render this body of work unreliable. Based on the evidence presented here, it remains difficult to make firm recommendations about the likely clinical utility of SeptiFast in the setting of suspected sepsis.

  2. Stalni nadzor srčanog izbačaja metodama Picco i Lidco prema Pak-u u septičnih bolesnika: kalibrirati ili ne ?



    U ovom radu uspoređivala se točnost mjerenja srčanog izbačaja pomoću dviju najčešće upotrebljavanih metoda manje invazivnog hemodinamskog nadzora i standardnom tehnikom termodilucije plućnim kateterom. Mjerenje je provedeno kod septičnih kirurških bolesnika u razdoblju neposredno nakon i između kalibracija sustava. Rezultati su pokazali zadovoljavajuću podudarnost mjerenja u obje faze primjenom obiju metoda i pomoću plućnog katetera, pa se kalibriranje sustava preporuča u hemodinamski nestabi...

  3. Analyzing the chronic pain causes of 138 cases cavum pelvis%138例慢性盆腔疼痛原因分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    谢希强; 陈伟


    目的:探讨分析慢性盆腔疼痛的原因,以利作出疾病诊断。方法:通过药物治疗及手术后回顾性诊断,对138例慢性盆腔疼痛作出列表分析。结果与结论:慢性盆腔疼痛首发因素是慢性盆腔炎,其次是子宫内膜异位症与盆腔静脉瘀血症等。%Objective :To research the chronic pain causes of cavum pelvis .Method:We reviewed.138 cases which trented.with drug and operation,then compared them through grid.Result and Conclusion:The first cause of chronic pain of cavum pelvis is chronic pelvic in flammationThe second is endometriosis and pelvic varicosis

  4. Comparação entre a radiografia de cavum e a cefalométrica de perfil na avaliação da nasofaringe e das adenoides por otorrinolaringologistas Comparison between cavum and lateral cephalometric radiographs for the evaluation of the nasopharynx and adenoids by otorhinolaryngologists

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rhita Cristina Cunha Almeida


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: tanto a radiografia cefalométrica de perfil quanto a de cavum permitem a avaliação do espaço aéreo nasofaríngeo (EAN. Não é rara a solicitação dos otorrinolaringologistas de radiografia de cavum, mesmo o paciente possuindo uma cefalométrica. OBJETIVOS: objetivou-se (a conhecer quais exames os otorrinolaringologistas solicitam para avaliar o EAN; (b verificar o conhecimento da cefalométrica por otorrinolaringologistas; (c comparar a avaliação de otorrinolaringologistas nas duas técnicas radiográficas para a medição e a visualização do EAN e da adenoide; (d correlacionar os resultados do método de inspeção visual com os da medição de Schulhof. MÉTODOS: foram obtidas, no mesmo dia, radiografias cefalométricas e de cavum de 15 pacientes respiradores bucais. Essas foram cobertas com papel cartão, deixando visível apenas o EAN e adenoides e foram avaliadas por 12 otorrinolaringologistas. Estes respondiam sobre sua familiaridade com a cefalométrica, quais exames solicitam para visualizar EAN e adenoides e se utilizam algum método de medição do grau de obstrução. Avaliavam qual das radiografias apresentava a melhor visualização da adenoide e do EAN, e classificavam o tamanho dos mesmos em pequeno, médio ou grande, através de método visual. RESULTADOS: os resultados demonstraram que todos os otorrinolaringologistas costumam solicitar a radiografia de cavum. Apenas um solicita a cefalométrica, dois estão familiarizados com essa técnica e um utiliza algum método de medição do EAN. A cefalométrica foi preferida por 49,4% dos otorrinolaringologistas, a de cavum por 22,8%, enquanto 27,8% não observaram diferença entre ambas. Foi encontrada baixa correlação entre o método de medição visual e o de Schulhof.INTRODUCTION: The lateral cephalometric as well as the cavum radiograph allow the evaluation of the nasopharyngeal airway (NAW. Otorhinolaryngologists routinely use the cavum radiograph, even

  5. Dementia Pugilistica with clinical features of Alzheimer's disease Dementia pugilistica com características clínicas de doença de Alzheimer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Renata Areza-Fegyveres


    Full Text Available A 61-year-old ex-boxer presented with a three-year history of progressive memory decline. During a seven-year follow-up period, there was a continuous cognitive decline, very similar to that usually observed in Alzheimer's disease. Parkinsonian, pyramidal or cerebellar signs were conspicuously absent. Neuropathological examination revealed the typical features of dementia pugilistica: cavum septi pellucidi with multiple fenestrations, numerous neurofibrillary tangles in the cerebral isocortex and hippocampus (and rare senile plaques. Immunohistochemistry disclosed a high number of tau protein deposits and scarce beta-amyloid staining. This case shows that dementia pugilistica may present with clinical features practically undistinguishable from Alzheimer's disease.Um ex-boxeador de 61 anos apresentou-se com história de três anos de perda progressiva de memória e evoluiu com declínio cognitivo lentamente progressivo, sugestivo de doença de Alzheimer, durante seguimento de sete anos. Sinais parkinsonianos, piramidais ou cerebelares estiveram ausentes durante toda a evolução. Exame neuropatológico evidenciou características típicas de dementia pugilistica: cavum do septo pelúcido com múltiplas fenestrações, numerosos emaranhados neurofibrilares no isocórtex cerebral e hipocampo (e raras placas senis. Imuno-histoquímica confirmou número elevado de depósitos de proteína tau e raros de beta-amilóide. Este caso demonstra que dementia pugilistica pode apresentar quadro clínico indistinguível daquele da doença de Alzheimer.

  6. No difference in the prevalence of cavum septum pellucidum (CSP) between first-episode schizophrenia patients, offspring of schizophrenia patients and healthy controls. (United States)

    Rajarethinam, Rajaprabhakaran; Sohi, Jasdeep; Arfken, Cynthia; Keshavan, Matcheri S


    The reported prevalence of cavum septum pellucidum (CSP), is extremely variable (from 0.1% to 85%) depending upon the measurement method or imaging resolution. Higher prevalence of CSP has been found in schizophrenia. In this study, we examined the prevalence of CSP in a large number of first-episode schizophrenia patients, young relatives of schizophrenia patients and healthy controls. We manually measured CSP using 1.5 mm T1 MRI scans from ongoing studies at University of Pittsburgh in 89 first-episode patients with schizophrenia (age=23.8+/-7.4, M/F=61/28), 64 genetically at-risk individuals (offspring and siblings of schizophrenia patients, age 15.2+/-3.7, M/F=29/32) and 120 comparison subjects (n=120, age=22.1+/-7.9, M/F62/50). CSP was present in 64% of the first-episode patients (mean length 1.87+/-2.3 mm), 64.6% of the at-risk individuals (1.64+/-1.96 mm) and 64.2% of the normal controls (1.88+/-2.0 mm). There was no difference in the prevalence of CSP exceeding 4 mm. We also did not find any influence of the sex or age in the presence or size of CSP. Our data cast doubt on the significance of CSP as markers of neurodevelopmental pathology in schizophrenia.

  7. Comparison of nested, multiplex, qPCR; FISH; SeptiFast and blood culture methods in detection and identification of bacteria and fungi in blood of patients with sepsis. (United States)

    Gosiewski, Tomasz; Flis, Agnieszka; Sroka, Agnieszka; Kędzierska, Anna; Pietrzyk, Agata; Kędzierska, Jolanta; Drwiła, Rafał; Bulanda, Małgorzata


    Microbiological diagnosis of sepsis relies primarily on blood culture data. This study compares four diagnostic methods, i.e. those developed by us: nested, multiplex, qPCR (qPCR) and FISH with commercial methods: SeptiFast (Roche) (SF) and BacT/ALERT® 3D blood culture system (bioMérieux). Blood samples were derived from adult patients with clinical symptoms of sepsis, according to SIRS criteria, hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit. Using qPCR, FISH, SF, and culture, microbial presence was found in 71.8%, 29.6%, 25.3%, and 36.6% of samples, respectively. It was demonstrated that qPCR was significantly more likely to detect microorganisms than the remaining methods; qPCR confirmed the results obtained with the SF kit in all cases wherein bacteria were detected with simultaneous confirmation of Gram-typing. All data collected through the FISH method were corroborated by qPCR. The qPCR and FISH methods described in this study may constitute alternatives to blood culture and to the few existing commercial molecular assays since they enable the detection of the majority of microbial species, and the qPCR method allows their identification in a higher number of samples than the SF test. FISH made it possible to show the presence of microbes in a blood sample even before its culture.

  8. Prospective evaluation of the SeptiFAST multiplex real-time PCR assay for surveillance and diagnosis of infections in haematological patients after allogeneic stem cell transplantation compared to routine microbiological assays and an in-house real-time PCR method. (United States)

    Elges, Sandra; Arnold, Renate; Liesenfeld, Oliver; Kofla, Grzegorz; Mikolajewska, Agata; Schwartz, Stefan; Uharek, Lutz; Ruhnke, Markus


    We prospectively evaluated a multiplex real-time PCR assay (SeptiFast, SF) in a cohort of patients undergoing allo-BMT in comparison to an in-house PCR method (IH-PCR). Overall 847 blood samples (mean 8 samples/patient) from 104 patients with haematological malignancies were analysed. The majority of patients had acute leukaemia (62%) with a mean age of 52 years (54% female). Pathogens could be detected in 91 of 847 (11%) samples by SF compared to 38 of 205 (18.5%) samples by BC, and 57 of 847 (6.7%) samples by IH-PCR. Coagulase-negative staphylococci (n=41 in SF, n=29 in BC) were the most frequently detected bacteria followed by Escherichia coli (n=9 in SF, n=6 in BC). Candida albicans (n=17 in SF, n=0 in BC, n=24 in IH-PCR) was the most frequently detected fungal pathogen. SF gave positive results in 5% of samples during surveillance vs in 26% of samples during fever episodes. Overall, the majority of blood samples gave negative results in both PCR methods resulting in 93% overall agreement resulting in a negative predictive value of 0.96 (95% CI: 0.95-0.97), and a positive predictive value of 0.10 (95% CI: -0.01 to 0.21). SeptiFast appeared to be superior over BC and the IH-PCR method. © 2017 Blackwell Verlag GmbH.

  9. Estudio anatómico y clínico del músculo depresor de la punta nasal Anatomic and clinical study of the depressor septi nasi muscle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J.H. Soria


    Full Text Available Investigamos la relación entre el síndrome rino-gingivo-labial y el músculo depresor de la punta nasal. Realizamos identificación y disección del músculo a través de una incisión intersepto-columelar ampliada sobre el piso nasal en un grupo de 62 pacientes a los cuales se les practicó rinoplastia, divididos en 3 grupos, teniendo en cuenta la presencia o ausencia, durante la gesticulación facial, de: 1-curvatura del dorso nasal. 2-descenso de la punta nasal. 3-acortamiento de la columela. 4-movilidad notoria de la punta nasal al hablar. 5-labio superior corto. 6-aparición de un surco horizontal en el labio superior. 7-sobrexposición gingival. Observamos que en el 20 % de los casos, el músculo tenía un mayor desarrollo con una inserción distal más próxima a la punta nasal. La conducta quirúrgica indicada es su miotomía o miectomía o bien el tratamiento con toxina botulínica, logrando resultados estéticos buenos o muy buenos, con una gran aceptación de parte de los pacientes.The relationship between the rhino-gingivolabial syndrome and the hypertrophy of the depressor septi nasi muscle was investigated. We identified and dissected this muscle through a transfixion interseptum-collumelar incision extended laterally along the vestibular floor in 62 patients submitted to rhynoplasty and divided in 3 groups according to the appearance or absence during facial mimic of: 1-curvature of nasal dorsum; 2-descending nasal tip; 3-shortened columella; 4-inferior displacement of the nasal tip when speech; 5-shortened upper lip; 6-transverse crease in the mid-philtral area. 7-increased maxillary gingival show during the facial animation. We found a 20 % of hypertrophic muscle, with a more anterior distal insertion. Furthermore of muscle division or resection as surgical indication, botulism toxin, can be used to treat this condition with patient´s satisfaction.

  10. The application of the transesophageal echocardiography in the circular monitoring of the perioperative period infants with septis shock%经食管超声心动图在婴幼儿感染性休克围手术期循环监测中的应用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王怀贞; 宋兴荣; 彭亮明; 陈柳妹; 雷东旭


    目的:探讨经食管超声心动图(TEE)在婴幼儿围术期发生感染性休克时进行循环监测并指导治疗的临床应用效果。方法回顾性分析2013年3月至2014年5月间,收治的发生感染性休克的围术期患儿48例,随机将其分为观察组和对照组各24例。两组患儿均采用动脉穿刺置管监测血压,经颈内静脉穿刺监测中心静脉压,行血气分析、监测患儿的周围循环及记录尿量,根据实时数据,采用早期目标导向性治疗( EGDT);观察组在此基础上行经食管超声心动图以连续观察心脏收缩舒张功能及前、后负荷,并根据上述辅助检查结果及时调整补液及用药方案。观察并比较两组围术期患儿经治疗3 h 后的心率、中心静脉压、动脉血压、血乳酸水平、血气分析及尿量,评估两组患儿的复苏情况。结果两组患儿经过治疗,心率、平均动脉压、中心静脉压、血气分析、血乳酸水平及尿量均较治疗前有明显改善( P <0.05);观察组的治疗效果显著优于对照组( P <0.05)。结论经食管超声心动图可连续、准确地监测心脏的收缩、舒张功能,评估外周循环阻力,指导围术期婴幼儿感染性休克的治疗,具有创伤小、操作性强、准确性高等优点,对感染性休克的治疗重要的临床意义。%Objective To investigate the clinical effect of the transesophageal echocardiography in the circular monitoring of the periopera-tive period infants with septic shock. Methods 48 cases of patients(≤3 years old)who had a septis shock during the perioperative period from March 2013 to May 2014 in our hospital were selected as the study objects,they were randomly divided into the observation group and the control group(24 cases in each group). The blood pressure was monitored by arterial puncture and the central venous pressure by jugularis interna vein puncture in two groups. The blood gas

  11. A neurologist's reflections on boxing. V. Conclude remarks. (United States)

    Unterharnscheidt, F


    reparation or restitution of the destroyed neural tissue of the brain. What is destroyed remains so, a restitution ad integrum does not occur. As the result of the diffuse loss of neurons in the brain a cerebral atrophy exists. The septum pellucidum, which consists of two thin lamellae, and is small or very small in a normal brain, forms a Cavum septi pellucidi, which is considerably enlarged. The walls of this structure, especially in its dorsal parts are considerably thinned; they show fenestrations and are, in dorsal parts no longer detectable, so that a direct connection between the two lateral ventricles exists. The clinically and morphologically existing permanent brain damage is the result of the boxing activity. Diagnostically, processes of another origin, such as alcoholism, luetic processes, other forms of dementia, etc. can undoubtedly be excluded. A permanent brain damage develops in professional and amateur boxers. The objection, which are voiced by members of the different Amateur Boxing Association, that such permanent brain damage in amateur boxers today no longer exists, after stricter protective measurements were introduced, is not tenable. Individuals who represent today the opinion, that a permanent brain damage or punch drunkenness in boxers does not occur, are not familiar with the pertinent medical literature. The argument, the injury quotient in boxing is lower than in all other athletic activities is not sound, since the statistics show only the inconsequential injuries of boxers, as lesions of the skin of the face, injuries of the hand, fractures, etc. but not the much more important and severe permanent brain damage, which is not taken into consideration in these so-called statistics. Besides of the permanent brain damage of former boxers as the result of the repeated and numerous blows against their head, severe permanent damage of the eyes and the hearing organ exists.

  12. De ce septième numéro

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raphaël Bruchet


    Full Text Available La situation du français en Espagne aujourd’hui repose sur trois grands courants forcément reliés et recoupés qui ne vont pas toujours exactement dans la même direction mais qui envisagent de plus en plus de synergies possibles, entre la force de la Coopération linguistique, éducative, universitaire, culturelle et scientifique de l’Ambassade de France en Espagne, une présence de la langue française dans le système éducatif espagnol paradoxalement insuffisante mais toujours déterminante pour l’avenir du pays, et un dynamisme inébranlable de la part de toute une communauté éducative, scientifique et humaine assurant, avec le cœur et l’esprit, en francophonie, non seulement une progression constante de la qualité de l’enseignement-apprentissage du français, mais aussi le développement d’études et de recherches pour le plurilinguisme et le français langue-culture vivante en Espagne et dans le monde.

  13. Incidence of common variant and disease in young adult brain by using magnetic resonance imaging%正常青年人群脑磁共振检查中常见变异及病变发生率

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    吴站蓉; 平昭; 董大伟


    目的 观察对正常青年志愿者脑组织行MRI平扫检查检出常见变异及病变的发生率.方法 使用SIEMENS Trio Tim 3.0T MRI扫描仪对60例正常青年人行MRI平扫,T1WI、T2WI序列,必要时加扫FLAIR或DWI.结果 在男女各30例志愿者中发现蛛网膜下腔囊肿4例(男3例,女1例),发生部位分别为中颅凹2例,枕大池2例;透明隔囊肿1例;脱髓鞘改变4例(男3例,女1例).结论 蛛网膜下腔囊肿在正常人群中有一定发生率,通常男性多于女性,透明隔囊肿也有少量发生率,缺血性脱髓鞘改变在无神经系统临床表现正常青年人群中并不罕见.%Objective To study incidence of common variant and disease in normal young adult volunteer brain by MRI. Methods 60 normal young adults were examined by magnetic resonance general scan at SIEMENS Trio Tim 3.0T MRI (T1WI, T2WI). To scan FLAIR or DWI in needing. Results Among 60 normal young adults (male 30 cases, female 30 cases), intracranial arachnoid cysts was 4 cases, male 3 cases and female 1 case, location middle cranial fossa was 2 cases and posterior fossa was 2 cases; septi pellucidi was 1 case; demyelinating disease was 4 cases, male 3 cases and female 1 case. Conclusion Intracranial arachnoid cysts has any incidence; incidence of intracranial arachnoid cysts is male finding more than female; septi pellucidi has a little incidence; demyelinating disease is not rare in normal young adult volunteer brain.

  14. Neurotransmitter Mechanisms in the Nucleus Accumbens Septi and Related Regions in the Rat Brain. (United States)


    al o.. SAWA . YANAt & KiKUYAMA. 1974). Also, application of 1979: .s ’N AS. 1980h). non-toxic doses of glutamate or glutamate-analogs to the mediobasal...rieitivritr"rre. I id, mvo/tw 9’’ 83 561 23 Kobayashi. H.. Matsui, T. and Ishii , S., Functional electron microscopy of the hypothalamic me- dian

  15. La Septième Porte. Réalités et représentations des conflits familiaux dans l’Athènes classique.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aurélie Damet


    Full Text Available En étudiant la violence familiale dans l’Athènes classique des Ve et IVe siècles avant J.‑C, j’ai souhaité réconcilier des sources et des approches méthodologiques trop souvent cloisonnées. La dramaturgie, tragique et comique, les réflexions philosophiques platoniciennes et aristotéliciennes et les plaidoiries judiciaires méritent en effet d’être confrontées, afin de proposer une chronique intégrale de la parenté déchirée athénienne. Aux realia transmis par les traces juridiques du IVe siècle...

  16. Le septième art et les quatre savoir-faire. Utilisation des images fixes comme support de présentations


    Péchou, Anne; Stenton, Anthony


    Comment aider les étudiants à maîtriser les techniques de présentation, et fournir au groupe une motivation pour interagir, tout en intégrant les quatre compétences ? Cet article présente un cocktail très simple à base d’images fixes de films et de présentations de style PowerPoint, avec un détour par Internet, un crochet par la messagerie électronique et quelques conseils personnalisés. The challenge is to help students master oral presentation techniques while stimulating group interacti...

  17. [Multi-infarct dementia clinically simulating dementia of Alzheimer type. A comparison with angular gyrus syndrome]. (United States)

    Nitta, E; Ohkawa, Y; Kuzuhara, S; Yamanouchi, H; Toyokura, Y


    A 74-year-old right-handed man with multiple cerebral infarction who presented with dementia simulating dementia of Alzheimer type (DAT) is reported. He had been well until April 20, 1987 when he developed transient right hand palsy lasting overnight. Eleven days later, he became confused, disorientated, and amnestic. He was admitted to this hospital on June 8. Physical examination revealed hypertension (170/90mmHg). On neurological examination, his consciousness was clear but he was demented. He showed disorientation, amnesia, and urinary incontinence. His most prominent symptom was disturbance of speech, including fluent aphasia and alexia with agraphia. Additionally, he showed ideomotor apraxia, construction apraxia, right-left agnosia, finger agnosia, and acalculia. On July 9, he had a transient attack of right hemiplegia with confusion. The brain CT scan performed on admission was unremarkable except for cavum septi pellucidum and a small low density area in the right basal ganglia. However, single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) by 123I-labeled N-isopropyl-p-iodoamphetamine disclosed hypoperfusion of the cerebral blood flow in the border zones of the temporoparietal and frontal lobes on the left. A follow-up brain CT scan taken one month later demonstrated low density in the new areas corresponding to hypoperfusion shown by SPECT. Although the clinical features of the present case resembled those of DAT, dementia in this case was regarded as the result of multiple cerebral infarction since it occurred acutely with mild motor deficits, and brain CT scans and SPECT showed lesions indicating focal cerebral ischemia.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  18. Intracranial structures of meningomyelocels studied by computed tomography

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Asada, M.; Tamaki, N.; Matsumoto, S. (Kobe Univ. (Japan). School of Medicine)


    We have had experience with forty-two patients with meningomyeloceles; their intracranial structures have been studied and analysed by CT. Six patients (16%) revealed no abnormalities, while thirty-six (82%) had hydrocephalus. All the cases have undergone repair of the meningomyelocele, and thirty-five parties, a shunt operation for hydrocephalus. The CT analysis of the intracranial structures of the meningomyelocele revealed that scaphocephalus was present in 40%, posteriorly dominant ventricular dilatation in the lateral ventricle in 73%, and enlarged massa intermedia in 54%. The following postoperative changes were found: sharp edges of the anterior and posterior horns were found in 81%, prominent dilatation of quadrigeminal and retrothalamic cisterns in 76%, and the interdigitation of the medial cerebral cortex in 69%. In the posterior fossa, a hypoplastic cerebellar tentorium was found in 70% of the cases and a pear-shaped deformity of the upper cerebellum in 62%. The brain stem was enclosed laterally by the anteriorly situated ventral portion of the cerebellum in 74%, and the fourth ventricle was collapsed or narrowed in 76%. An absence of the septum pellucidum was associated in six cases; a quadrigeminal cyst, in two, and a cavum septi pellucidum, in one. CT is a useful and safe apparatus for evaluating the intracranial structures of Arnold-Chiari malformations. Trivial morphological changes, such as the ectopic gray matter, beaking tectum, enlarged accessory commissure, and aqueduct stenosis observed in autopsy cases, are still impossible to demonstrate on CT. It is, however, hoped that with the improvement of the CT image, the sagittal image will become more precise for evaluating the downward displacement of the brain stem and the fourth ventricle.

  19. Case report

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    16 oct. 2015 ... work is properly cited. Pan African Medical Journal ... L'incidence des lymphomes non hodgkinien est en augmentation depuis plusieurs .... Figure 1: Image endoscopique de la tumeur du cavum. Figure 2: IRM du cavum: ...

  20. Pediatric nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Anatomo-clinic aspects, therapeutic results and progressive particularities;Le cancer du cavum de l'enfant et l'adulte jeune: aspects anatomocliniques, therapeutiques et particularites evolutives

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Frikha, M.; Toumi, N. [Service de carcinologie medicale, CHU Habib-Bourguiba, Sfax (Tunisia); Ghorbel, L.; Ben Salah, H.; Daoud, J. [Service de carcinologie radiotherapie, CHU Habib-Bourguiba, Sfax, (Tunisia); Khabir, A.; Boudawara, T. [Service d' anatomopathologie, CHU Habib-Bourguiba, Sfax (Tunisia); Karray, H. [Service de virologie, CHU Habib-Bourguiba, Sfax (Tunisia); Gargouri, R. [Centre de biotechnologie, Sfax (Tunisia); Ghorbel, A. [Service d' ORL, CHU Habib-Bourguiba, Sfax (Tunisia)


    Purpose We retrospectively analyzed anatomo-clinic, therapeutic and progressive particularities of 74 young patients (= 20 years) with nasopharyngeal carcinoma treated between 1993 and 2005. Patients and methods Initial work-up included a fiberoptic naso-fiberscopy with biopsy, computed tomography and/or MRI of nasopharynx and neck, chest X-ray, abdominal ultrasonography and bone scan. Patients were treated with either primary chemotherapy (epirubicin and cisplatin) followed by radiotherapy or concomitant radio chemotherapy (five fluorouracil and cisplatin). Radiotherapy was delivered to a total dose of 70 to 75 Gy to nasopharynx and involved cervical lymph nodes and 50 Gy to the remainder cervical areas. Results The median age was 16 years. Sixty-three percent of patients had undifferentiated tumors. Sixty-six percent had locally advanced tumor. With a median follow-up of 107 months, one patient presented a local relapse, 24 patients developed distant metastases with a median delay of 7 months. The 5 years overall survival and disease-free survival were 66 and 65 %. Late complications were dominated by dry mouth and endocrine disorders. Comments Pediatric nasopharyngeal carcinoma is characterized by an early metastatic diffusion. Local control is excellent but with severe late toxicities. New techniques of radiotherapy and new molecules of chemotherapy could improve these results. (authors)

  1. Application of Image Intensification Fluoroscopy in Thoracocentesis of Hydrops of Cavum Thoracis%影像增强透视下行胸腔积液抽吸治疗的临床意义

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)




  2. The anaplastic cancer of the child and adolescent cavum in East Algeria. About 284 cases treated at the Benbadis university hospital center of Constantine. Results at long term; Le cancer indifferencie du cavum chez l'enfant et l'adolescent de l'est algerien. A propos de 284 cas traites au centre hospitalier universitaire Benbadis de Constantine. Resultats a long terme

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sahli, B.; Bali, M.S.; Meziane, A.; Merikhi, T.; Djemaa, A. [CHU Benbadis, Service d' Oncologie-Radiotherapie, Constantine (Algeria)


    The naso-pharynx cancer in child and adolescent is often diagnosed when it is locally evolved, a multimodal treatment allows a to get a better local control rate with an acceptable early toxicity comparable to the adult's one but with more late toxicity. The introduction of of new chemotherapy drugs and the use of new radiotherapy techniques will certainly allow to improve the results and to reduce the complications. (N.C.)

  3. Variantes anatómicas del septum pellucidum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Sartori


    Durante la vida embrionaria existen variantes anatómicas del septum pellucidum que se disponen en sentido rostro-dorsal. Estas son el cavum del septum pellucidum, el cavum vergae y el cavum velum interpositum. Su presencia o ausencia puede estar relacionada con alteraciones del desarrollo del sistema nervioso y trastornos cognitivo-psiquiátricos, por lo que deben conocerse bien para evitar diagnósticos erróneos.

  4. Multiplex real-time PCR and blood culture for identification of bloodstream pathogens in patients with suspected sepsis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Westh, H; Lisby, G; Breysse, F


    Severe sepsis is increasingly a cause of death. Rapid and correct initial antimicrobial treatment reduces mortality. The aetiological agent(s) cannot always be found in blood cultures (BCs). A novel multiplex PCR test (SeptiFast (alpha version)) that allows identification of 20 bacterial and fungal...... species directly from blood was used, comparatively with BC, in a multicentre trial of patients with suspected bacterial or fungal sepsis. Five hundred and fifty-eight paired samples from 359 patients were evaluated. The rate of positivity was 17% for BC and 26% for SeptiFast. Ninety-six microorganisms...... with SeptiFast, 50 were identified as a species identical to the species identified with SeptiFast in the paired sample. Of the remaining 24 BC isolates for which the species, identified in the BC, could not be detected in the paired SeptiFast sample, 18 BC isolates were identified as a species included...

  5. Functional morphology and patterns of blood flow in the heart of Python regius. (United States)

    Starck, J Matthias


    Brightness-modulated ultrasonography, continuous-wave Doppler, and pulsed-wave Doppler-echocardiography were used to analyze the functional morphology of the undisturbed heart of ball pythons. In particular, the action of the muscular ridge and the atrio-ventricular valves are key features to understand how patterns of blood flow emerge from structures directing blood into the various chambers of the heart. A step-by-step image analysis of echocardiographs shows that during ventricular diastole, the atrio-ventricular valves block the interventricular canals so that blood from the right atrium first fills the cavum venosum, and blood from the left atrium fills the cavum arteriosum. During diastole, blood from the cavum venosum crosses the muscular ridge into the cavum pulmonale. During middle to late systole the muscular ridge closes, thus prohibiting further blood flow into the cavum pulmonale. At the same time, the atrio-ventricular valves open the interventricular canal and allow blood from the cavum arteriosum to flow into the cavum venosum. In the late phase of ventricular systole, all blood from the cavum pulmonale is pressed into the pulmonary trunk; all blood from the cavum venosum is pressed into both aortas. Quantitative measures of blood flow volume showed that resting snakes bypass the pulmonary circulation and shunt about twice the blood volume into the systemic circulation as into the pulmonary circulation. When digesting, the oxygen demand of snakes increased tremendously. This is associated with shunting more blood into the pulmonary circulation. The results of this study allow the presentation of a detailed functional model of the python heart. They are also the basis for a functional hypothesis of how shunting is achieved. Further, it was shown that shunting is an active regulation process in response to changing demands of the organism (here, oxygen demand). Finally, the results of this study support earlier reports about a dual pressure

  6. Anatomy of the python heart. (United States)

    Jensen, Bjarke; Nyengaard, Jens R; Pedersen, Michael; Wang, Tobias


    The hearts of all snakes and lizards consist of two atria and a single incompletely divided ventricle. In general, the squamate ventricle is subdivided into three chambers: cavum arteriosum (left), cavum venosum (medial) and cavum pulmonale (right). Although a similar division also applies to the heart of pythons, this family of snakes is unique amongst snakes in having intracardiac pressure separation. Here we provide a detailed anatomical description of the cardiac structures that confer this functional division. We measured the masses and volumes of the ventricular chambers, and we describe the gross morphology based on dissections of the heart from 13 ball pythons (Python regius) and one Burmese python (P. molurus). The cavum venosum is much reduced in pythons and constitutes approximately 10% of the cavum arteriosum. We suggest that shunts will always be less than 20%, while other studies conclude up to 50%. The high-pressure cavum arteriosum accounted for approximately 75% of the total ventricular mass, and was twice as dense as the low-pressure cavum pulmonale. The reptile ventricle has a core of spongious myocardium, but the three ventricular septa that separate the pulmonary and systemic chambers--the muscular ridge, the bulbuslamelle and the vertical septum--all had layers of compact myocardium. Pythons, however, have unique pads of connective tissue on the site of pressure separation. Because the hearts of varanid lizards, which also are endowed with pressure separation, share many of these morphological specializations, we propose that intraventricular compact myocardium is an indicator of high-pressure systems and possibly pressure separation.

  7. Evaluating health visitor parenting support: validating outcome measures for parental self-efficacy. (United States)

    Whittaker, Karen A; Cowley, Sarah


    Parenting support has become an increasing feature of child health services within the United Kingdom but typically, outcome measures available for testing the effectiveness of parenting interventions have been developed and validated elsewhere. This article reports the results of a feasibility study testing the Parenting Self-Agency Measure (PSAM) and subscales from the Self-Efficacy for Parenting Tasks Index (SEPTI) as outcome measures for UK-based parenting support programmes. Forty-six mothers and 10 fathers accessing routine health visitor and school nurse services participated in the test-re-test of the scales and commented separately on the acceptability of scale questions. Very large intra-class correlation results indicated good repeatability but alpha coefficient scores and factor analysis results suggest that UK respondents may not recognize SEPTI subscales items as measuring single dimensions. The PSAM was a more stable measure of parenting self-beliefs than the SEPTI subscales when tested with a UK sample of parents.

  8. Nasopharynx carcinomas. about 1342 cases treated at Oran, Algeria; Carcinomes du nasopharynx. A propos de 1342 cas traites a Oran, Algerie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Khaldi, H.; Aid, M.; Lahmer, K.; Dali-Youcef, A.F. [Radiotherapie, Oran (Algeria)


    The purpose was to describe the epidemiology, clinical and therapy characteristics of the cavum cancer and the different post therapy results. The cavum cancer is frequent in west Algeria. It is the first cancer of superior aero digestive tracts, the fifth one fro man and the seventh for woman. It represents 8% of the whole of cancers treated at the radiotherapy service in Oran. It is chemosensitive and can be cured by radiotherapy but the frequency of locoregional recurrences and metastases remains high, despite all therapeutic methods used. (N.C.)

  9. [The orbitotemporal region in the cranium of Chelydra serpentina Linnaeus (Chelonia) and Lacerta sicula Rafinesque (Lacertilia)]. (United States)

    Rieppel, O


    An analysis of the ontogenesis of the chondrocranium gives the following homologies in the skull of Lacerta and Chelydra: (see article). It is shown that the extracranial position of the cavum epiptericum in Lacerta corresponds to the stage of maximal development of the chondrocranium in Chelydra. But further development brings about a dermal sidewall in the orbitotemporal region, b,ilt up by descending parietal flanges which incorporate the epipterygoid. This not only allows the pila antotica to degenerate but also incorporates the cavum in the cranial cavity.

  10. Survival and function of phagocytes in blood culture media

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fischer, T K; Prag, J; Kharazmi, A


    The survival and function of human phagocytes in sterile aerobic and anaerobic blood culture media were investigated using neutrophil morphology, white blood cell count in a haemoanalyser, flow cytometry, oxidative burst response, and bactericidal effect in Colorbact and Septi-Chek blood culture...

  11. Aneurysmal bone cyst: revision of different techniques in imaging diagnostic. Quiste oseo aneurismatico: revision de diferentes tecnicas de diagnostico por la imagen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Parra Blanco, J.A.; Fernandez Echevarria, M.A.; Pagola Serrano, M.A.; Vara Vara, A.; Gonzalez Tutor, A. (Hospital Universitario ' ' Marques de Valdecilla' ' . Servicio de Radiodiagnostico. Santander (Spain))


    We study simple radiology, conventional tomography, computed tomography and angiography in 8 cases of aneurysmal bone cyst for the purpose of assessing the utility of these diagnostic techniques. Our results, in agreement with those in the literature, indicate that the presence of a generally well-defined lytic, insufflated lesion containing septi should suggest this disorder. (Author)

  12. Survival over ten years after chemotherapy by paclitaxel and carboplatin, followed by a concomitant chemo-radiotherapy in nasopharyngeal undifferentiated carcinomas; Survie a dix ans apres chimiotherapie par paclitaxel et carboplatine, suivie d'une chimioradiotherapie concomitante dans les carcinomes indifferencies du nasopharynx

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Djekkoun, R.; Ferdi, N.; Bouzid, K. [CHU de Constantine, Constantine (Algeria)


    Based on 28 patients suffering from a cavum carcinoma and having been treated by neo-adjuvant chemotherapy (with paclitaxel and carboplatin) followed by a concomitant chemo-radiotherapy and an adjuvant chemotherapy, the authors analyse the response over time and identify the main causes of death. They also conclude that randomized studies are necessary to better asses the treatment efficiency. Short communication

  13. Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics Brain-Mapping Project (United States)


    commisuralis - commisstri.ob 129 Commisural Nucleus of Stria Terminalis N. septi medialis pars ventralis -medseptal.ob 130 Medial Septal Nucleus N. taenia ...tecta -taentecta.ob 131 Taenia Tecta N. olfactorius anteriorus -olftrigone.ob 132 Olfactory Trigone Cortex insularis -insularcor.ob 135 Insular Cortex...septalvein.ob 143 great emmissary vein gremmisvn.ob 144 124 Brain 118 3 Yakolev Study stria terminals striaterm.ob 145 taenia tecta taentecta.ob 146 131

  14. Eléments de mathématique algèbre commutative

    CERN Document Server

    Bourbaki, Nicolas

    Les élements de mathématique de Nicolas Bourbaki ont pour objet une présentation rigoureuse, systématique et sans prérequis des mathématiques depuis leurs fondements. Ce premier volume du Livre d'Algèbre commutative, septième Livre du traité, est consacré aux concepts fondamentaux de l'algèbre commutative.

  15. Kingella kingae Causing Septic Arthritis of the Knee in an Immunocompetent Adult


    Ricketts, J.; N. N. T. Rehmatullah; Sutton, P


    The bacterium Kingella kingae is a species of Gram-negative coccobacillus usually found in the oropharynx. This is an emerging pathogen reported to cause bacteraemia, endocarditis, and osteoarticular infections in children and endocarditis in the immunocompromised adult. However, there are few cases of isolated joint infections reported in the immunocompetent adult. Due to specific isolation techniques required, delay in diagnosis can compromise patient outcome. We report a rare case of septi...

  16. Automated extraction improves multiplex molecular detection of infection in septic patients.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Benito J Regueiro

    Full Text Available Sepsis is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in hospitalized patients worldwide. Molecular technologies for rapid detection of microorganisms in patients with sepsis have only recently become available. LightCycler SeptiFast test M(grade (Roche Diagnostics GmbH is a multiplex PCR analysis able to detect DNA of the 25 most frequent pathogens in bloodstream infections. The time and labor saved while avoiding excessive laboratory manipulation is the rationale for selecting the automated MagNA Pure compact nucleic acid isolation kit-I (Roche Applied Science, GmbH as an alternative to conventional SeptiFast extraction. For the purposes of this study, we evaluate extraction in order to demonstrate the feasibility of automation. Finally, a prospective observational study was done using 106 clinical samples obtained from 76 patients in our ICU. Both extraction methods were used in parallel to test the samples. When molecular detection test results using both manual and automated extraction were compared with the data from blood cultures obtained at the same time, the results show that SeptiFast with the alternative MagNA Pure compact extraction not only shortens the complete workflow to 3.57 hrs., but also increases sensitivity of the molecular assay for detecting infection as defined by positive blood culture confirmation.

  17. Devil's claw (Harpagophytum procumbens in a Brahman's preputial sheath : a case report from Botswana : case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J.F.W. Isa


    Full Text Available Failure of penile protrusion during attempted service of a cow on heat was investigated in a 3-year-old Brahman bull at Kwakwadi cattle-post in the Kgalahadi sandveld, Kweneng District, Botswana. The investigation revealed that penile protrusion was obstructed by a devil's claw (grapple thorn, a dry fruit of the plant Harpagophytum procumbens, which had lodged in the cavum preputiale. The thorn, which was removed almost completely manually with minimal tissue dissection, had also caused minor lacerations and puncture wounds on the lamina interna pars parietalis. The wounds healed well following treatment with antiseptics and antibiotics and subsequently the bull regained full penile protrusion and served the cows well. This report describes the first case of lodgement of a devil's claw fruit in, and its extraction from, the cavum preputiale of a Brahman.

  18. Abdominal Wall Endometrioma after Laparoscopic Operation of Uterine Endometriosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tihomir Vukšić


    Full Text Available Endometriosis is presence of functional endometrium outside of uterine cavum. As a pluripotent tissue, endometrium has the possibility of implanting itself almost everywhere; even implantation in abdominal wall was described, but it is not common site. This case report presents implantation of functional endometrium in abdominal wall, inside scar tissue, and after insertion of a laparoscopic trocar port. Final diagnosis was confirmed by pathohistological examination.

  19. How the python heart separates pulmonary and systemic blood pressures and blood flows. (United States)

    Jensen, Bjarke; Nielsen, Jan M; Axelsson, Michael; Pedersen, Michael; Löfman, Carl; Wang, Tobias


    The multiple convergent evolution of high systemic blood pressure among terrestrial vertebrates has always been accompanied by lowered pulmonary pressure. In mammals, birds and crocodilians, this cardiac separation of pressures relies on the complete division of the right and left ventricles by a complete ventricular septum. However, the anatomy of the ventricle of most reptiles does not allow for complete anatomical division, but the hearts of pythons and varanid lizards can produce high systemic blood pressure while keeping the pulmonary blood pressure low. It is also known that these two groups of reptiles are characterised by low magnitudes of cardiac shunts. Little, however, is known about the mechanisms that allow for this pressure separation. Here we provide a description of cardiac structures and intracardiac events that have been revealed by ultrasonic measurements and angioscopy. Echocardiography revealed that the atrioventricular valves descend deep into the ventricle during ventricular filling and thereby greatly reduce the communication between the systemic (cavum arteriosum) and pulmonary (cavum pulmonale) ventricular chambers during diastole. Angioscopy and echocardiography showed how the two incomplete septa, the muscular ridge and the bulbuslamelle - ventricular structures common to all squamates - contract against each other in systole and provide functional division of the anatomically subdivided ventricle. Washout shunts are inevitable in the subdivided snake ventricle, but we show that the site of shunting, the cavum venosum, is very small throughout the cardiac cycle. It is concluded that the python ventricle is incapable of the pronounced and variable shunts of other snakes, because of its architecture and valvular mechanics.

  20. Comparison of three different commercial PCR assays for the detection of pathogens in critically ill sepsis patients. (United States)

    Schreiber, J; Nierhaus, A; Braune, S A; de Heer, G; Kluge, S


    The high mortality rate associated with sepsis necessitates a timely identification of the causative organism in order to optimize antimicrobial therapy. PCR assays are increasingly being used for this purpose. The aim of this study was to compare three commercially available PCR systems for the diagnosis of systemic infections. In a prospective observational study, a broad-range (SepsiTest®; Molzym, Bremen, Germany) and two multiplex PCR assays (VYOO®; SIRS-Lab, Jena, Germany and LightCycler® SeptiFast; Roche, Mannheim, Germany) were compared to blood cultures with respect to the clinical course of 50 critically ill patients with sepsis, severe sepsis or septic shock. Pathogens were detected by PCR in 12 % (SepsiTest®), 10 % (VYOO®) and 14 % (LightCycler® SeptiFast) of samples and in 26 % by blood culture. Negative results were obtained using all four methods in 32 samples (64 %) and 3 (6 %) samples were positive in all tests. Upon consideration of additional diagnostic findings and the clinical course, eight (16 %) of the positive blood culture results were deemed clinically relevant. All three PCR assays could also identify the causative organism (or a specific gene thereof) in three of these eight positive blood cultures, whereas for five of the eight, all three PCR assays were negative. In one patient with a negative blood culture, the SepsiTest®, VYOO® and LightCycler® SeptiFast assays were positive for Streptococcus species. The PCR assays appeared to be less susceptible than blood cultures to false-positive results arising from contamination with coagulase-negative staphylococcal organisms. There was some variability between the three PCR assays tested and the corresponding blood cultures with regards to the type of pathogen detected. The three PCR assays appeared to be less susceptible to false-positive results than blood cultures.

  1. Federación Ecuatoriana de Exportadores - FEDEXPOR, en la implementación del sistema digital para la emisión de Certificados de Origen


    Martínez López, Katy; Villagómez Dávalos, Carina


    La Federación Ecuatoriana de Exportadores - FEDEXPOR se encuentra habilitada para certificar el origen de las mercancías que se exportan a los países miembros de la ALADI, CAN y países de Centroamérica. Para la solicitud de este certificado FEDEXPOR dispone del sistema digital de certificados de origen denominado CERTORIG. El proyecto de digitalización de Certificados de Origen empezó por iniciativa de FEDEXPOR y con apoyo de ALADI en el 2008. En la ciudad de Cuenca se lo utiliza desde septie...

  2. La trace de l’infini dans l’oeuvre d’Emmanuel Lévinas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Léonard Rosmarin


    Full Text Available Emmanuel Lévinas n’a jamais fait mystère de la dette qu’il avait contractée vis-à-vis du philosophe français du dix-septième siècle, René Descartes. L’inspiration de ce dernier est évidente surtout dans la conception de l’Infini qui commande toute l’oeuvre du penseur juif rédigée trois cents ans plus tard.

  3. Factores biomecánicos en la rehabilitación por prótesis parcial fija sobre implantes Microdent



    Fundamento: la comprensión y aplicación de los factores biomecánicos garantizan una rehabilitación protésica funcional, biocompatible y estética. Objetivo: identificar los factores biomecánicos que están en relación con el resultado de la rehabilitación por prótesis parcial fija sobre implantes del sistema Microdent. Métodos: estudio comparativo representativo realizado en el período comprendido entre septi...

  4. The Contradictory Living State of the Main Characters in Mrs. Dalloway

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Virginia Woolf is one of the most prominent novelists of the“stream of conscious”school in English literature. She made many experiments in her novel writing. Among all her novels, Mrs. Dalloway is one of her completely successful experiments in a new form. In this novel, Woolf explored with subtlety the problems of personal identity and their living state. This article will analyze the contradictory living state of the main characters in Mrs. Dalloway, such as Clarrisa Dalloway and Warren Smith Septi-mus.

  5. Publications 2011

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Fabio AcerbiDiofanto, “De polygonis numeris”. Introduzione, testo critico, traduzione italiana e commento di F. Acerbi», Pisa, Roma, Fabrizio Serra Editore, 2011. 252 p. Dany Amiot- [avec Dejan Stosic], « Sautiller, voleter, dansoter : évaluation, pluriactionnalité, aspect », Temps, aspect et classes de mots : études théoriques et didactiques. Actes du septième colloque international de linguistique française et roumaine, E. Arjoca-Ieremia, C. Avezard-Roger, J. Goes, E. Moline & A. Tihu (...

  6. Evaluation of pathogen detection from clinical samples by real-time polymerase chain reaction using a sepsis pathogen DNA detection kit. (United States)

    Yanagihara, Katsunori; Kitagawa, Yuko; Tomonaga, Masao; Tsukasaki, Kunihiro; Kohno, Shigeru; Seki, Masafumi; Sugimoto, Hisashi; Shimazu, Takeshi; Tasaki, Osamu; Matsushima, Asako; Ikeda, Yasuo; Okamoto, Shinichiro; Aikawa, Naoki; Hori, Shingo; Obara, Hideaki; Ishizaka, Akitoshi; Hasegawa, Naoki; Takeda, Junzo; Kamihira, Shimeru; Sugahara, Kazuyuki; Asari, Seishi; Murata, Mitsuru; Kobayashi, Yoshio; Ginba, Hiroyuki; Sumiyama, Yoshinobu; Kitajima, Masaki


    Sepsis is a serious medical condition that requires rapidly administered, appropriate antibiotic treatment. Conventional methods take three or more days for final pathogen identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing. We organized a prospective observational multicenter study in three study sites to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy and potential clinical utility of the SeptiFast system, a multiplex pathogen detection system used in the clinical setting to support early diagnosis of bloodstream infections. A total of 212 patients, suspected of having systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) caused by bacterial or fungal infection, were enrolled in the study. From these patients, 407 blood samples were taken and blood culture analysis was performed to identify pathogens. Whole blood was also collected for DNA Detection Kit analysis immediately after its collection for blood culture. The results of the DNA Detection Kit, blood culture and other culture tests were compared. The chosen antimicrobial treatment in patients whose samples tested positive in the DNA Detection Kit and/or blood culture analysis was examined to evaluate the effect of concomitant antibiotic exposure on the results of these analyses. SeptiFast analysis gave a positive result for 55 samples, while 43 samples were positive in blood culture analysis. The DNA Detection Kit identified a pathogen in 11.3% (45/400) of the samples, compared to 8.0% (32/400) by blood culture analysis. Twenty-three pathogens were detected by SeptiFast only; conversely, this system missed five episodes of clinically significant bacteremia (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), 2; Pseudomonas aeruginosa, 1; Klebsiella spp, 1; Enterococcus faecium, 1). The number of samples that tested positive was significantly increased by combining the result of the blood culture analysis with those of the DNA Detection Kit analysis (P = 0.01). Among antibiotic pre-treated patients (prevalence, 72%), Septi

  7. Comparação de duas técnicas radiográficas extrabucais utilizadas para avaliação do espaço aéreo nasofaringeano Comparison of two extraoral radiographic techniques used for nasopharyngeal airway space evaluation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariana de Aguiar Bulhões Galvão


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: esta pesquisa teve por objetivo comparar a utilização da radiografia cefalométrica de perfil e da radiografia de cavum na avaliação do espaço aéreo nasofaringeano. MÉTODOS: o estudo foi realizado em 2005 na cidade de Recife/PE, com um grupo de 36 crianças portadoras de respiração bucal, com idades variando de 5 a 12 anos. As crianças selecionadas foram divididas em 6 grupos e, em cada grupo, as tomadas radiográficas foram realizadas em um mesmo dia. A amostra constou de 72 radiografias, 36 cefalométricas de perfil e 36 de cavum. O laudo radiográfico foi baseado no método de Schulhof e, no final do laudo, foi emitido um Índice que representava uma síntese de todas as medidas avaliadas. RESULTADOS: os resultados foram comparados estatisticamente através do teste t de Student pareado, do teste qui-quadrado (X², do coeficiente de correlação linear de Pearson e do índice Kappa. Apenas na porcentagem da via aérea foi encontrada diferença estatisticamente significativa (p = 0,006. Um alto grau de correlação foi verificado em todas as medidas avaliadas e o grau de concordância dos valores obtidos no Índice foi considerado bom. CONCLUSÃO: concluiu-se que a radiografia cefalométrica de perfil e a radiografia de cavum podem ser utilizadas para a análise do espaço aéreo nasofaringeano.OBJECTIVES: The goal of this research was to compare lateral cephalometric radiography and cavum radiography in nasopharyngeal airway space evaluation. METHODS: The sample of this study consisted of 36 Brazilian mouth breathing children, no racial distinction, with ages ranging from 5 to 12. These children were selected in Recife/PE, Brazil (2005 and divided into 6 groups. In each group, the radiographs were taken on the same day. The sample was composed of 72 radiographs, 36 lateral cephalometric and 36 cavum. RESULTS: The results were based on the Schulhof method and, at the end, an Index representing a summary of all measurements

  8. Dosimetric evaluation of X-ray examinations of paranasal sinuses in pediatric patients

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cantalupo, Beatriz de Lucena Villa-Chan; Andrade, Marcos Ely Almeida; Barros, Vinicius Saito Monteiro de; Khoury, Helen Jamil [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil); Xavier, Aline Carvalho da Silva [Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago (Chile); Silva, Clemanzy Mariano Leandro da, E-mail: [Faculdade Integrada de Pernambuco (FACUPE), Recife, PE (Brazil)


    Objective: to estimate the entrance surface air kerma (K{sub a,e}) and air kerma in the region of radiosensitive organs in radiographs of pediatric paranasal sinuses. Materials and methods: patient data and irradiation parameters were collected in examinations of the paranasal sinuses in children from 0 to 15 years of age at two children's hospitals in the city of Recife, PE, Brazil. We estimated the K{sub a,e} using the X-ray tube outputs and selected parameters. To estimate the air kerma values in the regions of the eyes and thyroid, we used thermoluminescent dosimeters. Results: the K{sub a,e} values ranged from 0.065 to 1.446 mGy in cavum radiographs, from 0.104 to 7.298 mGy in Caldwell views, and from 0.113 to 7.824 mGy in Waters views. Air kerma values in the region of the eyes ranged from 0.001 to 0.968 mGy in cavum radiographs and from 0.011 to 0.422 mGy in Caldwell and Waters views . In the thyroid region, air kerma values ranged from 0.005 to 0.932 mGy in cavum radiographs and from 0.002 to 0.972 mGy in Caldwell and Waters views. Conclusion: the radiation levels used at the institutions under study were higher than those recommended in international protocols. We recommend that interventions be initiated in order to reduce patient exposure to radiation and therefore the risks associated with radiological examination of the paranasal sinuses. (author)

  9. Dosimetric evaluation of X-ray examinations of paranasal sinuses in pediatric patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beatriz de Lucena Villa-Chan Cantalupo


    Full Text Available Abstract Objective: To estimate the entrance surface air kerma (Ka,e and air kerma in the region of radiosensitive organs in radiographs of pediatric paranasal sinuses. Materials and Methods: Patient data and irradiation parameters were collected in examinations of the paranasal sinuses in children from 0 to 15 years of age at two children's hospitals in the city of Recife, PE, Brazil. We estimated the Ka,e using the X-ray tube outputs and selected parameters. To estimate the air kerma values in the regions of the eyes and thyroid, we used thermoluminescent dosimeters. Results: The Ka,e values ranged from 0.065 to 1.446 mGy in cavum radiographs, from 0.104 to 7.298 mGy in Caldwell views, and from 0.113 to 7.824 mGy in Waters views. Air kerma values in the region of the eyes ranged from 0.001 to 0.968 mGy in cavum radiographs and from 0.011 to 0.422 mGy in Caldwell and Waters views . In the thyroid region, air kerma values ranged from 0.005 to 0.932 mGy in cavum radiographs and from 0.002 to 0.972 mGy in Caldwell and Waters views. Conclusion: The radiation levels used at the institutions under study were higher than those recommended in international protocols. We recommend that interventions be initiated in order to reduce patient exposure to radiation and therefore the risks associated with radiological examination of the paranasal sinuses.

  10. Dosimetric evaluation of X-ray examinations of paranasal sinuses in pediatric patients* (United States)

    Cantalupo, Beatriz de Lucena Villa-Chan; Xavier, Aline Carvalho da Silva; da Silva, Clemanzy Mariano Leandro; Andrade, Marcos Ely Almeida; de Barros, Vinícius Saito Monteiro; Khoury, Helen Jamil


    Objective To estimate the entrance surface air kerma (Ka,e) and air kerma in the region of radiosensitive organs in radiographs of pediatric paranasal sinuses. Materials and Methods Patient data and irradiation parameters were collected in examinations of the paranasal sinuses in children from 0 to 15 years of age at two children's hospitals in the city of Recife, PE, Brazil. We estimated the Ka,e using the X-ray tube outputs and selected parameters. To estimate the air kerma values in the regions of the eyes and thyroid, we used thermoluminescent dosimeters. Results The Ka,e values ranged from 0.065 to 1.446 mGy in cavum radiographs, from 0.104 to 7.298 mGy in Caldwell views, and from 0.113 to 7.824 mGy in Waters views. Air kerma values in the region of the eyes ranged from 0.001 to 0.968 mGy in cavum radiographs and from 0.011 to 0.422 mGy in Caldwell and Waters views . In the thyroid region, air kerma values ranged from 0.005 to 0.932 mGy in cavum radiographs and from 0.002 to 0.972 mGy in Caldwell and Waters views. Conclusion The radiation levels used at the institutions under study were higher than those recommended in international protocols. We recommend that interventions be initiated in order to reduce patient exposure to radiation and therefore the risks associated with radiological examination of the paranasal sinuses. PMID:27141129

  11. Manufacturing hollow obturator with resilient denture liner on post hemimaxillectomy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Josef Kridanto Kamadjaja


    Full Text Available A resilient denture liner is placed in the part of the hollow obturator base that contacts to post hemimaxillectomy mucosa. Replacing the resilient denture liner can makes the hollow obturator has an intimate contact with the mucosa, so it can prevents the mouth liquid enter to the cavum nasi and sinus, also eliminates painful because of using the hollow obturator. Resilient denture liner is a soft and resilient material that applied to the fitting surface of a denture in order to allow a more distribution of load. A case was reported about using the hollow obturator with resilient denture liner on post hemimaxillectomy to overcome these problems.

  12. Giant cell tumor of the distal ifbula combined with ipsilateral angiolipoma in the tibia:1 case report%腓骨远端巨细胞瘤合并同侧胫骨血管脂肪瘤一例报告

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张增亮; 陈秉耀; 李南; 宋光泽; 韦兴


    Objective To report a case of giant cell tumor of the distal fibula combined with ipsilateral angiolipoma in the tibia.Methods A male patient ( 15 years old ) complained with the intermittent pain in the right ankle for 2 years which was aggravated in one week. Physical examination: swelling of 6cm to the right lateral superior condyle, normal local temperature, no mass, no local tenderness, no limitations of the ankle function. Tibiofibula X-ray of right side: distal metaphysis of the fibula was destroyed expansively, bone mineral density ( BMD ) was decreased, cortex of the bone was thinner, compartment could be seen in the focus of infection, no periosteal reaction or soft tissues. MRI of the right ankle: abnormal nonuniform signals were showed in cavum medullare of the distal ifbula ( 4.5 cm×2.0 cm, equal T1, short T2 ) with clear border, compartment in the focus of infection, and thinner bone cortex; uniform signals were showed in cavum medullare of the distal tibia ( 3.7 cm×1.7 cm, long oval T1, T2 ) with clear border, compartment in the focus of infection, and continuous bone cortex. Curettage of foci in the right distal fibula and tibia, allograft bone transplant and internal fixation were conducted under epidural anesthesia.Results Pathological results: ( 1 ) 5.0 cm×4.5 cm×1.3 cm mass in the cavum medullare of the distal ifbula. Extensive spindle cells with big multinucleated giant cell, local newborn bone trabecular structure were showed in microscope, which were considered to be giant cell tumors. ( 2 ) 3.5 cm×3.0 cm×1.0 cm drab yellow nodule mass in the cavum medullare of the distal tibia. Mature fat cells and minute vessels in microscope were considered to be angiolipoma. Tibioifbula X-ray 10 months postoperatively: ifbular bone graft fusion, no obvious bone damage and bone repair in the operating zone of the tibia.Conclusions Giant cell tumor of the distal ifbula combined with ipsilateral angiolipoma in the tibia was rare in adolescent patients

  13. Frequency of Y-chromatin bearing spermatozoa in intracervical and intrauterine postcoital tests. (United States)

    Broer, K H; Winkhaus, I; Sombroek, H; Kaiser, R


    By means of the intracervical Sims-Huhner-test and supplementary to this, the intrauterine postcoital test, the percentages of Y-chromatin-positive spermatozoa was determined after penetration into the cervix and the cavum uteri. A significant rise of the Y-positive sperms after penetration could be observed. There was no influence of certain parameters of the spermiogram upon the relationship of X- to Y-sperms after the PCT. Statistical calculations show the dependences of the positive and negative postcoital tests upon the individual parameters of the cervical factors and the spermiogram.

  14. Multifactorial Approaches for Correction of the Drooping Tip of a Long Nose in East Asians

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seong Geun Park


    Full Text Available A long nose with a drooping tip is a major aesthetic problem. It creates a negative and aged appearance and looks worse when smiling. In order to rectify this problem, the underlying anatomical causes should be understood and corrected simultaneously to optimize surgical outcomes. The causes of a drooping tip of a long nose are generally classified into two mechanisms. Static causes usually result from malposition and incorrect innate shape of the nasal structure: the nasal septum, upper and lower lateral cartilages, and the ligaments in between. The dynamic causes result from the facial expression muscles, the depressor septi nasi muscle, and the levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle. The depressor septi nasi depresses the nasal tip and the levator labii superioris alaeque nasi pulls the alar base upwards. Many surgical methods have been introduced, but partial approaches to correct such deformities generally do not satisfy East Asians, making the problem more challenging to surgeons. Typically, East Asians have thick nasal tip soft tissue and skin, and a depressed columella and alar bases. The authors suggest that multifactorial approaches to static and dynamic factors along with ancillary causes should be considered for correcting the drooping tip of the long noses of East Asians.

  15. Post irradiation eardrum: a rare complication of the radiotherapy of naso-pharynx carcinomas; Necrose tympanique postradique: une complication rare de la radiotherapie des carcinomes nasopharynges

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Siala, W.; Mnejja, W.; Daoud, J. [CHU Habib-Bourguiba, Service de Radiotherapie Oncologique, Sfax (Tunisia); Khabir, A. [CHU Habib-Bourguiba, Service d' Anatomopathologie, Sfax (Tunisia); Ghorbel, A. [CHU Habib-Bourguiba, Service d' ORL, Sfax (Tunisia); Frikha, M. [CHU Habib-Bourguiba, Service d' Oncologie Medicale, Sfax (Tunisia)


    The eardrum necrosis is a serious and dreadful complication but rarely described after irradiation of cavum cancers. We report in this work five cases of eardrum necrosis after radiotherapy of nasopharynx carcinomas. Patients and methods: between february 1993 and december 2004 239 patients suffering of anon metastatic nasopharynx cancer have been treated by classical irradiation associated or not to a chemotherapy. The radiotherapy was delivered at the dose of 70 to 75 Gy in the cavum and the ganglions initially reached according a classical modality of hyperfractionated one. We analysed retrospectively the delayed complications occurred six months or more after the radiotherapy beginning. Results: Five cases of eardrum necrosis were reported sixty five months after the end of radiotherapy. these patients suffered of hypoacusia and buzzing. The clinical examination allowed to bring out the eardrum perforation that did not exist before radiotherapy. The total dose of irradiation was 75 Gy for a patient and 71.5 Gy according a hyperfractionated modality for four patients. Three patients had an hearing prosthesis in order to improve their quality of life. Conclusion: the eardrum necrosis after radiotherapy for nasopharynx cancer is a rare and unusual complication, very few reported in the literature. The total dose of irradiation is considered as the principal factor of occurrence risk in such complication. (N.C.)

  16. Unusual case of extradural choroid plexus papilloma of the sacral canal. Case report. (United States)

    Kurtkaya-Yapicier, Ozlem; Scheithauer, Bernd W; Van Peteghem, Karl Peter; Sawicki, John E


    An unusual case of a sacral, extradural choroid plexus papilloma involving the S1-3 level is described. This 50-year-old woman presented with a 4-month history of pain involving her right buttock, perineum, and leg. Contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of the spine revealed a well-defined, mildly enhancing sacral canal mass at the S1-3 level; its appearance was consistent with that of a benign tumor. Intraoperatively, the lesion was found to be extradural in location and was entwined among nerve roots in the sacral canal. Microscopic examination of the gross totally resected tumor revealed typical features of a choroid plexus papilloma. Despite performing a thorough neuroimaging workup (craniospinal contrast-enhanced MR imaging) for an intracranial or spinal primary mass, none was found. The choroid plexus appeared entirely normal; however, both a cavum septum pellucidum and a cavum vergae were noted. Extraneural choroid plexus papilloma, specifically intrasacral, extradural choroid plexus papilloma has not been previously reported. The present example is thought to have arisen either from ectopic choroid plexus tissue or perhaps by metaplasia from ependymal rests.

  17. Prenatal Diagnosis of WAGR Syndrome

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Berrin Tezcan


    Full Text Available Wilm’s tumour, aniridia, genitourinary abnormalities, and mental retardation (WAGR syndrome is a rare genetic disorder with an estimated prevalence of 1 in 500,000 to 1 million. It is a contiguous gene syndrome due to deletion at chromosome 11p13 in a region containing WT1 and PAX6 genes. Children with WAGR syndrome mostly present in the newborn/infancy period with sporadic aniridia. The genotypic defects in WAGR syndrome have been well established. However, antenatal ultrasonographic presentation of this syndrome has never been reported. Prenatal diagnosis of this condition is possible in some cases with careful ultrasound examination of classical and nonclassical manifestations of this syndrome. The key point for this rare diagnosis was the decision to perform chromosomal microarray analysis after antenatal diagnosis of absent corpus callosum and absent cavum septum pellucidum, as this finding mandates search for potentially associated genetic disorders. We report a case of WAGR syndrome diagnosed prenatally at 29-week gestation. The diagnosis of the anomaly was based on two- and three-dimensional ultrasound as well as fetal MRI scan and microarray analysis. The ultrasonographic findings included borderline ventriculomegaly, absent corpus callosum, and absent cavum septum pellucidum. Cytogenetic results from the amniotic fluid confirmed WAGR syndrome. Parental karyotype was normal, with no evidence of copy number change, deletion, or rearrangement of this region of chromosome 11.

  18. Au Centenaire Immortel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean Marie Théodat


    Full Text Available Le septième cahier est d’abord l’occasion de rendre hommage, Sur le Métier, à Claude Lévi-Strauss dont c’est le centième anniversaire aujourd’hui. Il arrive que l’oeuvre d’un seul homme soit le symbole de toute une culture, et que son prestige rejaillisse sur tout un pays, jusqu’à instituer celui-ci en modèle aux yeux du reste du monde. La France est heureuse de rendre hommage au plus prestigieux de ses penseurs, véritable trésor vivant, dont les travaux continuent d’irriguer une pensée fécon...

  19. Repeated stressful experiences differently affect brain dopamine receptor subtypes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Puglisi-Allegra, S.; Cabib, S. (Istituto di Psicobiologia e Psicofarmacologia (CNR), Roma (Italy)); Kempf, E.; Schleef, C. (Centre de Neurochimi, Strasbourg (Italy))


    The binding of tritiated spiperone (D2 antagonist) and tritiated SCH 23390 (D1 antagonist), in vivo, was investigated in the caudatus putamen (CP) and nucleus accumbens septi (NAS) of mice submitted to ten daily restraint stress sessions. Mice sacrificed 24 hr after the last stressful experience presented a 64% decrease of D2 receptor density (Bmax) but no changes in D1 receptor density in the NAS. In the CP a much smaller (11%) reduction of D2 receptor density was accompanied by a 10% increase of D1 receptors. These results show that the two types of dopamine (DA) receptors adapt in different or even opposite ways to environmental pressure, leading to imbalance between them.

  20. Rainer Knab, Platons Siebter Brief. Einleitung, Text, Übersetzung, Kommentar


    Brisson, Luc


    Cette traduction commentée de la septième Lettre attribuée à Platon est un objet étrange. On y trouve imprimé le texte édité par Burnet en 1905, mais on ne trouve rien sur l’édition de Souilhé aux Belles Lettres en 1926 ni celle de J. Moore-Blunt chez Teubner en 1985. De surcroît, la bibliographie qui clôt le volume fait montre d’incroyables faiblesses en ce qui concerne les traductions et les commentaires utilisés. Dans l’introduction, R. Knab admet, mais sans apporter d’arguments nouveaux,...

  1. Simon Icard, Port-Royal et saint Bernard de Clairvaux (1608-1709). Saint-Cyran, Jansénius, Arnaud, Pascal, Nicole, Angélique de Saint-Jean


    Trémolières, François


    L’ouvrage de Simon Icard, issu de sa thèse dirigée par Gérard Ferreyrolles et soutenue en Sorbonne (2009), offre une contribution remarquable à l’histoire religieuse du xviie siècle, dans les domaines principaux de la théologie, de la patristique, de la controverse et de la spiritualité, autour de la figure majeure de Port-Royal, improprement confondu avec un « jansénisme » problématique, au détriment de la notion plus juste d’« augustinisme » qui domine les études dix-septiémistes depuis une...

  2. Sir Balthazar Gerbier et la machine à calculer de Pascal


    Greengrass, Mark


    Parmi les manuscrits de l’encyclopédiste et « agenceur » du dix-septième siècle Samuel Hartlib, maintenant conservés à la bibliothèque universitaire de Sheffield, se remarque un ensemble de lettres de 1648-1649 provenant de Sir Balthazar Gerbier et le concernant en 1648-49. Gerbier était à Paris jusqu’au début de l’été 1649 où il revint en Angleterre. Dans une de ses lettres, datée du 4 octobre 1648, il fournit une description intéressante de la machine à calculer de Blaise Pascal accompagné ...

  3. Patrimoine, tourisme, environnement et développement durable

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Franck Michel


    Full Text Available Ce septième volume de la série « Îles et pays d’Outre-Mer », dirigé comme les précédents par Jean-Marie Breton, et consacré cette fois-ci au thème « Patrimoine, tourisme, environnement et développement durable », traite du patrimoine tant culturel que naturel lorsque celui-ci se voit confronté aux questions environnementales et notamment de développement touristique. À travers diverses études de cas empruntées aux quatre coins du globe, cet ouvrage fait le pari de la multidisciplinarité convo...

  4. Cook book : l’art et le processus culinaire


    Lemoult, Marion


    Cook Book, catalogue de l’exposition L’Art et le processus culinaire présentée au Palais des Beaux-arts de Paris (18 octobre 2013 - 9 Janvier 2014), a été réalisé avec l’objectif de combler un manque dans le champ de l’histoire. Dans son introduction intitulée « La Diététique des auteurs » (p. 14-25), Nicolas Bourriaud tisse un parallèle entre cinéma et création culinaire, identifiés comme les « enfants reniés de l’art ». Si le cinéma a réussi à s’imposer en devenant le Septième art, Nicolas ...

  5. L’Angleterre de la Restauration au miroir de la “vraie liberté” (1660-1672. La rencontre entre républicanismes anglais et hollandais à travers les écrits de Pieter de la Court

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Charles-Édouard LEVILLAIN


    Full Text Available L’idée de ce sujet part d’une double constatation : d’une part la présence, dans la bibliothèque de John Locke, d’une première édition de L’intérêt de la Hollande de Pieter de la Court (Harrison et Laslett 167 l’un des principaux traités républicains hollandais de la seconde moitié du dix-septième siècle ; d’autre part, l’existence d’une traduction manuscrite anglaise de ce même texte, ou du moins de sa version remaniée qui, après sa publication en 1669, fut condamnée par les États de Hollan...

  6. [Disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex infections in AIDS. Apropos of 100 cases. Groupe d'Epidémiologie clinique du SIDA en Aquitaine]. (United States)

    Lasseur, C; Maugein, J; Pellegrin, J L; Dupon, M; Ragnaud, J M; Morlat, P; Pellegrin, I; Constans, J; Monlun, E; Chene, G


    The improvement of survival of AIDS patients allowed the emergence of disseminated Mycobacterium avium Complex infections (D.MAC). Here we report the experience of the group of "Epidémiologie clinique du sida en Aquitaine (GECSA)" about 100 patients. There were no differences according to sex, age and route of acquisition of HIV. Clinical and biological characteristics of the infections were not specific. The mean TCD4+ lymphocytes count was 18/mm3. The diagnostic was generally established by systematic blood culture on Septi-Chek in patients with TCD4+ lymphocytes count below 75/mm3. The recommendations on therapy for D.MAC are to use regimen containing azithromycin or clarithromycin, ethambutol and one of the following drugs, rifabutin, clofazimine, amikacin, or ciprofloxacin. Rifabutin is recommended for prophylaxis in patients with lymphocytes TCD4+ count below 100/mm3.

  7. Club de pétanque

    CERN Document Server

    Club de pétanque


    Dans le cadre des concours inter-nations pour la trente-septième Coupe de Noël qui a réuni 16 doublettes et qui se déroulait le vendredi 22 novembre au boulodrome de la Queue d'Arve au Verney, le club CERN représenté par André Domeniconi et Claude Cerruti s'adjugeait la victoire avec quatre parties gagnées sur quatre devant l'équipe OMC / CCI / ONU et OMPI. Pour une première année au sein des rencontres Inter-Nations le club Cern remporte trois victoires sur quatre.Bravo et bonne continuation pour les rencontres prochaines.

  8. Ultrasound and MRI findings in appendicular and truncal fat necrosis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Robinson, Philip [Leeds Teaching Hospitals, Department of Radiology, Leeds (United Kingdom); Leeds Teaching Hospitals, Musculoskeletal Centre, X-Ray Department, Chapel Allerton Hospital, Leeds (United Kingdom); Farrant, Joanna M.; McKie, Scott [Leeds Teaching Hospitals, Department of Radiology, Leeds (United Kingdom); Bourke, Grainne [Leeds Teaching Hospitals, Department of Plastic Surgery, Leeds (United Kingdom); Merchant, William [Leeds Teaching Hospitals, Department of Pathology, Leeds (United Kingdom); Horgan, Kieran J. [Leeds Teaching Hospitals, Department of Surgery, Leeds (United Kingdom)


    The objective was to evaluate ultrasound and MRI in clinical appendicular and truncal fat necrosis. Thirty-three patients (14 men, 19 women, median age 55, range 29-95) were retrospectively evaluated. Histologically, three groups were seen: Group 1 (n = 18) consisted of patients with subcutaneous masses with septal and extrinsic oedema; in Group 2 (n = 11) necrosis occurred within lipomatous tumours and little oedema; and in Group 3 (n = 4) there were large complex masses consistent with Morel-Lavallee lesions. Two experienced radiologists reviewed MR (n = 30) and ultrasound (n = 32) images with consensus agreement. MRI was performed on a 1.5T system with T1-weighted, T2-weighted fat-suppressed and T1-weighted fat-suppressed post-intravenous gadolinium sequences obtained in two orthogonal planes. Ultrasound (linear 5- to 13.5-MHz probe) was performed in the longitudinal and short axis. Anatomical position, size, shape (oval, linear, ill-defined), internal architecture (lobules, septi or stranding), intrinsic signal characteristics, presence of surrounding pseudocapsule, extrinsic linear stranding and vascularity (gadolinium enhancement or power Doppler) were recorded. Anatomical locations were buttock/thigh (n = 17), leg (n = 6), upper limb (n = 5) and thoracic/abdominal wall (n = 5) with the majority of lesions (30 out of 33) oval/linear in shape. On ultrasound and MRI most lesions showed internal fat lobules, intervening septi and a surrounding pseudocapsule. Fat necrosis can usually be identified as containing multiple fat lobules on ultrasound and MRI despite a varying degree of inflammatory change surrounding and within the mass. (orig.)

  9. Comparison of blood culture and multiplex real-time PCR for the diagnosis of nosocomial sepsis. (United States)

    Dinç, Fatih; Akalin, Halis; Özakin, Cüneyt; Sinirtaş, Melda; Kebabçi, Nesrin; Işçimen, Remzi; Kelebek Girgin, Nermin; Kahveci, Ferda


    In many cases of suspected sepsis, causative microorganisms cannot be isolated. Multiplex real-time PCR generates results more rapidly than conventional blood culture systems. In this study, we evaluated the diagnostic performance of multiplex real-time PCR (LightCycler® SeptiFast, Roche, Mannheim, Germany), and compared with blood cultures and cultures from focus of infection in nosocomial sepsis. Seventy-eight nosocomial sepsis episodes in 67 adult patients were included in this study. The rates of microorganism detection by blood culture and PCR were 34.2% and 47.9%, respectively. Sixty-five microorganisms were detected by both methods from 78 sepsis episodes. Nineteen of these microorganisms were detected by both blood culture and PCR analysis from the same sepsis episode. There was statistically moderate concordance between the two methods (κ=0.445, Pdetected (κ=0.160, P=0.07). Comparison of the results of PCR and cultures from focus of infection revealed no significant agreement (κ=0.110, P=0.176). However, comparison of the results of PCR and blood cultures plus cultures from focus of infection (positive blood culture and/or positive culture from focus of infection) showed poor agreement (κ=0.17, P=0.026). When the blood culture was used as the gold standard, the sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive value of PCR in patients with bacteremia was 80%, 69%, 57% and 87%, respectively. SeptiFast may be useful when added to blood culture in the diagnosis and management of sepsis.

  10. [Sinonasal cystic adenoid carcinoma with epiphora and orbital involvement. Report of a case and review of the literature]. (United States)

    Pino Rivero, V; González Palomino, A; Pantoja Hernández, C G; Marcos García, M; Trinidad Ruiz, G; Pardo Romero, G; Blasco Huelva, A


    We report the clinical case of a 41 years old male with nasal obstruction of 1 year, epistaxis and epiphora. The ENT exam showed a bleeding red mass in left nasal fossa and CT joint to IRM revealed a tumoral process on that level and informed about its extension to adyacents structures (cavum, ethmoides, sphenoids and maxillary sinus). The biopsy was positive for cystic adenoid carcinoma. Our patient was operated by paralateronasal rhinotomy with removal of the tumor. One year later we found recurrence on the left orbital floor and maxilar sinus. The Oncology Department informed that it was not possible a treatment with radiotherapy or chemotherapy because the low sensitivity of that lesion those treatment.

  11. Seizures and electroencephalography findings in 61 patients with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. (United States)

    Boronat, S; Vicente, M; Lainez, E; Sánchez-Montañez, A; Vázquez, E; Mangado, L; Martínez-Ribot, L; Del Campo, M


    Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) cause neurodevelopmental abnormalities. However, publications about epilepsy and electroencephalographic features are scarce. In this study, we prospectively performed electroencephalography (EEG) and brain magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in 61 patients with diagnosis of FASD. One patient had multiple febrile seizures with normal EEGs. Fourteen children showed EEG anomalies, including slow background activity and interictal epileptiform discharges, focal and/or generalized, and 3 of them had epilepsy. In one patient, seizures were first detected during the EEG recording and one case had an encephalopathy with electrical status epilepticus during slow sleep (ESES). Focal interictal discharges in our patients did not imply the presence of underlying visible focal brain lesions in the neuroimaging studies, such as cortical dysplasia or polymicrogyria. However, they had nonspecific brain MR abnormalities, including corpus callosum hypoplasia, vermis hypoplasia or cavum septum pellucidum. The latter was significantly more frequent in the group with EEG abnormal findings (p < 0.01).

  12. Comparação de duas técnicas radiográficas extrabucais utilizadas para avaliação do espaço aéreo nasofaringeano Comparison of two extraoral radiographic techniques used for nasopharyngeal airway space evaluation



    OBJETIVO: esta pesquisa teve por objetivo comparar a utilização da radiografia cefalométrica de perfil e da radiografia de cavum na avaliação do espaço aéreo nasofaringeano. MÉTODOS: o estudo foi realizado em 2005 na cidade de Recife/PE, com um grupo de 36 crianças portadoras de respiração bucal, com idades variando de 5 a 12 anos. As crianças selecionadas foram divididas em 6 grupos e, em cada grupo, as tomadas radiográficas foram realizadas em um mesmo dia. A amostra constou de 72 radiograf...

  13. Bubble counter based on photoelectric technique for leakage detection of cryogenic valves

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    In order to overcome the inconvenience of manual bubble counting, a bubble counter based on photoelectric technique aiming for automatically detecting and measuring minute gas leakage of cryogenic valves is proposed. Experiments have been conducted on a self-built apparatus, testing the performance with different gas inlet strategies (bottom gas-inlet strategy and side gas-inlet strategy) and the influence of gas pipe length (0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 m) and leakage rate (around 10, 20, 30, 40 bubbles/min) on first bubble time and bubble rate. A buffer of 110 cm3 is inserted between leakage source and gas pipe to simulate the downstream cavum adjacent to the valve clack. Based on analyzing the experimental data, experiential parameters have also been summarized to guide leakage detection and measurement for engineering applications. A practical system has already been successfully applied in a cryogenic testing apparatus for cryogenic valves.

  14. [Gastro-intestinal involvement in non Hodgkin's lymphomas, 31 cases (author's transl)]. (United States)

    Najman, A; Gorin, N C; Barranger, C; Duhamel, G


    Gastro-intestinal involvement is a distinctive feature of non-Hodgkin's lymphomas. 31 cases are reported among 200 cases on NHL observed between 1960 and 1976. Multiple involvement appeared in 61%; a diffuse histological pattern is frequent (67%). The relapse of primary isolated gastro-intestinal localization (always) affected extra-digestive tissues (nodes, cavum). Chemotherapy is the mainstay of treatment COP, COAP and MOCA. Surgery is associated in localized involvement or in case of obstruction. High energy radiation therapy is indicated only in lymphosarcomas: -- to residual tumor after chemotherapy--in localized involvement diffuse on all the abdomen at 25 grays after surgery and a brief course of chemotherapy versus surgery and long course of chemotherapy alone.

  15. 大弹涂鱼松果体形态结构研究%Observation on Morphological Structure of Pineal Organ of Mudskipper(Boleophthalmus pectinirostris

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    连惠波; 洪万树; 朱文博; 陈原; 洪鹭燕; 张其永


    鱼类松果体是传达外界信息到体内的主要传感器之一,其分泌的褪黑激素与鱼类生殖活动密切相关.为了阐明大弹涂鱼松果体形态结构与其功能的关系,运用组织细胞学方法研究了大弹涂鱼松果体的形态结构.结果表明,大弹涂鱼松果体位于端脑和中脑之间,由松果体柄和终囊两部分组成,具有背囊结构.松果体柄细长,细胞排列紧密,柄中有空腔,开口与第三脑室相通;松果体终囊膨大成梨形,且有空腔,腔内有皱褶,终囊顶部表面有黑色素细胞;背囊位于终囊下方,形状不规则,其囊壁向囊腔内反复折叠,形成许多复杂、盘旋曲折的内褶,背囊内部可见血细胞.研究结果为将来揭示大弹涂鱼半月周期产卵的机制提供了基础资料.%Pineal gland is a transducer that transmits environmental message to the brain in fishes. It produces melatonin to regulate fish spawning behaviors. In order to elucidate the relationship between the structure and functions of the pineal gland in the mudskip-per (Boleophlhalmus pectinirostris) ,the morphological structure of pineal organ of the mudskipper was studied using histocytology. Results showed that pineal organ of the mudskipper located between telencephalon and midbrain,was composed of pineal stalk and pineal vesicle,and had a dorsal sac. The pineal stalk was long and thin in shape.the cells arrangement was tight,and there was a ca-vum in the middle of the stalk. The opening of pineal organ was connected with the ventriculus tertius. Pineal vesicle was expanded as a pear in shape and had a cavum with rugas inside. The top surface of the vesicle was covered by melanophore. The dorsal sac lied under the pineal vesicle and was irregular in shape with a cavum. The inner wall of the sac cavum had many complicated,spiral and tortuous emboles. The blood cells were visible inside the dorsal sac. The data from the present study will be useful to future research on the

  16. A comparative study of SPECT/CT fusion imaging and CT in infiltrated mandible by gingival carcinoma%牙龈癌侵犯下颌骨SPECT/CT融合显像和CT影像的对照研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Hongwei Liu; Guichang Li; Ningyi Li; Jie Wang; Baomei Fang


    Objective: The aim of the study was to evaluate the clinical value of99mTc-methylene diphosphonic acid (MDP) SPECT/CT fusion imaging and CT scanning in diagnosis of infiltrated mandible by gingival carcinoma. Methods: 18 cases of gingival carcinoma were processed infiltrated mandible by99mTc-MDP SPECT/CT fusion image and CT, and their scanning results compared with pathology findings. Results: Eleven of 13 cases with well-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma showed positive images, one of 11 cases was false positive images by pathology findings, and 10 cases were exhibited infil-trated mandibles; 5 cases with moderately differentiated and poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma showed positive images, pathology showed carcinoma cell had infiltrated cavum ossis of mandible. Five of 18 cases were positive images by CT. Conclusion: 99mTc-MDP SPECT/CT fusion imaging is a useful method in diagnosis of infiltrated mandible by gingival carcinoma.

  17. Mozart ear: diagnosis, treatment, and literature review. (United States)

    Yamashita, Ken; Yotsuyanagi, Takatoshi; Saito, Tamotsu; Isogai, Noritaka; Mori, Hiromasa; Itani, Yoshihito


    Mozart ear is a congenital auricular deformity, which is mainly characterized by a bulging appearance of the anterosuperior portion of the auricle, a convexly protruded cavum conchae, and a slit-like narrowing of the orifice of the external auditory meatus. It is said to be uncommon, and because no one has yet fully described neither the disease nor the treatment, the concept of Mozart ear has not been unified. This report describes a case of a 13-year-old girl presented with an unusual congenital deformity which showed the features of Mozart ear. It is an extremely rare deformity that only about 4 clinical cases have been reported in medical literature thereby a treatment method has not been fully discussed. For surgical correction of our cases, we excised deformed conchal cartilage, turned it over, regrafted, and maintained a cosmetically positive result. We also reviewed and described the origin, current concept, and treatment method of Mozart ear.

  18. Mozart Ear Deformity: a Rare Diagnosis in the Ear Reconstruction Clinic. (United States)

    Telich-Tarriba, Jose E; Victor-Baldin, Andre; Apellaniz-Campo, Armando


    Mozart ear is a rare auricular deformity; clinically the auricle is characterized by the bulging appearance of the anterosuperior portion of the auricle due to fusion of the crura of the antihelix, an inversion in the normal form of the cavum conchae resulting in its convexity and a slit-like narrowing of the orifice of the external auditory meatus.A retrospective review of clinical and photographic records of patients attended at the ear reconstruction clinic of our hospital between June of 2010 and May 2016 was performed; out of 576 consecutive patients only 3 fulfilled the inclusion criteria, with a prevalence of 0.5%. The authors present these patients.Surgical interventions mainly focus on the correction of the convex concha; however, the procedure should be tailored to the severity of the deformity and the wishes of the patient.

  19. Reprodutibilidade dos métodos radiográficos para avaliação da adenoide Reliability of radiographic parameters in adenoid evaluation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Murilo Fernando Neuppmann Feres


    Full Text Available Embora a avaliação radiográfica da hipertrofia de tonsila faríngea tenha sido constantemente debatida, há ainda carência de estudos que testem a confiabilidade da maioria dos parâmetros radiográficos existentes. OBJETIVO: Verificar a reprodutibilidade intra e interexaminadores de vários métodos destinados à avaliação da tonsila faríngea. Forma de estudo: Estudo de série, metodológico e transversal. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: Quarenta crianças de ambos os sexos, de 4 a 14 anos, foram selecionadas mediante apresentação de queixas de obstrução nasal ou respiração oral, com suspeita de diagnóstico de hipertrofia de tonsila faríngea. Radiografias do cavum faríngeo e telerradiografias ortodônticas foram obtidas e, posteriormente, avaliadas por dois examinadores por meio de instrumentos de avaliação quantitativos e categóricos. RESULTADOS: Todos os parâmetros quantitativos de ambas as modalidades radiográficas apresentaram excelente reprodutibilidade intra e interexaminadores. Dentre os parâmetros categóricos de avaliação da radiografia de cavum, observou-se desempenho relativamente melhor de C-Kurien, C-Wang, C-Fujioka e C-Elwany sobre C-Cohen e C-Ysunza. Em relação aos sistemas destinados à classificação da telerradiografia, C-McNamara apresentou maior reprodutibilidade que C-Holmberg. CONCLUSÃO: A maioria dos instrumentos apresentou reprodutibilidade adequada. No entanto, novas investigações ainda devem ser realizadas com o intuito de determinar a capacidade de cada parâmetro em relação sua acurácia e viabilidade.The assessment of adenoids by x-ray imaging has been the topic of heated debate, but few studies have looked into the reliability of most existing radiographic parameters. OBJECTIVE: This study aims to verify the intra-examiner and inter-examiner reproducibility of the adenoid radiographic assessment methods. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This is a cross-sectional case series study. Forty children of both

  20. [Comparative anatomical studies on the Jacobson organs of Nycticebus coucang Boddaert, 1785 (Prosimiae, Lorisidae) and Galago crassicaudatus E. Geoffroy, 1812 (Prosimiae, Lorisidae). I. Nycticebus coucang]. (United States)

    Hedgewig, R


    The goal of this research was to study the macroscopic and microscopic anatomy of the vomeronasal organ in Nycticebus coucang. Based on numerous measurements in cross-sections of all parts of the organ, three-dimensional graphs of the vomeronasal cartilage, the organ and the system of blood-vessels, situated around the organ, were drawn. Nycticebus has a well developed vomeronasal organ exhibiting a well developed sensory epithelium. The oral end of the organ opens into the middle part of the nasopalatine duct, which has an open connection with the cavum nasi and the cavum oris. The cartilago paraseptalis is connected with the cartilago ductus nasopalatini by the sickle-shaped part of the cartilago paraseptalis. An "outer bar", which is present in the vomeronasal cartilage of Tupaia, is absent in Nycticebus. The oral part of the organ contains nonciliated, pseudostratified epithelium with secretory crypts and goblet cells. In the main part of the organ the dorso-lateral wall consists of nonsensory, nonciliated, pseudostratified epithelium, while the sensory epithelium is situated in the dorsolateral wall. Serous glands, which are situated dorsal to the organ, open into the organ at its dorsal margin. Caudal to this part there is a long part of the organ without sensory epithelium. At its caudal end the organ is branched. The sensory epithelium of the vomeronasal organ is thicker than the sensory epithelium of the nose. It contains a nucleus-free space between the nuclei of supporting cells and the nuclei of sensory cells. The sensory epithelium contains about 92 000 receptor cells/mm2. Capillaries could not be seen in the epithelia of the organ. The vessels, which accompany the organ, are veins and capillaries. The dorsal veins exhibit thicker walls and a wider lumen than the ventral ones and are therefore better suited for the pumping-mechanism, as suggested by BROMAN (1920). Connective tissue, surrounding the organ, aids the pumping-mechanism of the veins.

  1. Myxomycetes occurring on Cecropia adenopus (Cecropiaceae in fragments of Atlantic Rainforest Myxomycetes ocorrentes em Cecropia adenopus (Cecropiaceae em fragmentos de Floresta Atlântica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea Carla Caldas Bezerra


    Full Text Available Cecropia adenopus (Ambay pumpwood is a frequent native species on the edges of woods and clearings and is considered a pioneer species in re-colonized areas. Despite its distribution from Mexico to Argentina, this substrate has never been examined in detail regarding the presence of Myxomycetes. In the present study, the myxobiota associated with leaf debris of C. adenopus was investigated in two Atlantic Rainforest conservation units located in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte. Five specimens and one plasmodium were obtained directly from the field and 87 were developed in 43.7% of 200 moist-chamber cultures set up separately with blades and petioles. Fifteen species were identified and illustrated. The two predominant groups were representatives of Trichiales and Physarales. Didymium columella-cavum was recorded for the second time in Brazil and in the world.Cecropia adenopus (embaúba é uma espécie nativa, frequente em bordas de matas e clareiras e tida como espécie pioneira em áreas recolonizadas. Apesar de ocorrer desde o México até a Argentina este substrato nunca tinha sido examinado com detalhe quanto à presença de Myxomycetes. No presente estudo, a mixobiota associada a folhas mortas de C. adenopus foi investigada em duas Unidades de Conservação da Floresta Atlântica, situadas no estado do Rio Grande do Norte. Cinco espécimes e um plasmódio foram obtidos diretamente no campo e 87 desenvolveram-se em 43,7% de 200 câmaras-úmidas, montadas com lâminas foliares e pecíolos separadamente. Quinze espécies de Myxomycetes foram identificadas e ilustradas. Os dois grupos predominantes pertencem às ordens Trichiales e Physarales. Didymium columella-cavum foi encontrado pela segunda vez no Brasil e no mundo.

  2. Osteomas of the middle ear

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sente Marko


    Full Text Available INTRODUCTION Osteomas of the middle ear are small, single, usually unilateral, peduncular growths, off-white in color, with smooth or multilobular surface, asymptomatic or causing functional disorders (progressive hearing loss, pathological appearance of the eardrum, vertigo and otorrhea, of unclear or unknown etiology. Fleury described three types of osteomas: massive, diffuse atticoantral and localized type. The therapy is surgical. Small and asymptomatic ones are followed-up. Cremers suggests surgical intervention in cases of progressive growth and increased hearing loss. Case description Discharge and pain in the left ear started twelve years ago, accompanied by impaired hearing and tinnitus. Four months ago the symptoms aggravated and discharge and pain increased. Otomicroscopic findings revealed: perforation in the posterior attic and a prominent polypous, clustered bright red formation. Schüller X-ray showed total absence of pneumocyte cells, with distinct sclerotic changes. Retroauricular access showed a biventricular bony formation in the cavum and partly in the antrum. A cholesteatoma extended from the cavum into the antrum, above the osteatoma. The bony formation was separated transmeatally from the grip in the posterior attic using a chisel, partially removing the bone wall of the exterior aural tube, removing it completely through the mastoid antrum. The removed bony mass, sized 5 x 8 x 8 mm, included also the incus. DISCUSSION Osteoma was discovered accidentally. Regarding clinical features, it belonged to the second group, due to progressive hearing loss, recurrent episodes of otorrhea, pain, biventricular shape and association with cholesteatoma. It was removed using a combined method. It was not possible to establish when the osteoma exactly started generating. It is possible that the initial complaints twelve years ago were the first signs of illness, and chronic otitis may have occurred as a consequence of the tumor.

  3. 家庭任务干预对提升恶性肿瘤患儿家庭功能及父母自我效能感的效果%Effects of Family Mission Intervention on Family Function and Parental Self-efficacy in Children with Malignant Tumor

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘世怡; 孙秉赋; 孙玉倩


    Objective To explore the effect of family mission intervention on family function and parental self-efficacy in children with malignant tumor. Methods 58 children with malignant tumor from 4 tertiary general hospitals in Tangshan city were included. Their parents were divided into control group (n=28) and intervention group (n=30). Both groups received routine treatment and nursing, while the inter-vention group received family mission intervention in addition. They were evaluated with Feetham Family Functioning Survey (FFFS) and the Self-Efficacy for Parenting Tasks Index-Toddler Scale (SEPTI) before and after intervention. Results After intervention, the total FFFS score (1.01±0.55), family and individual relationship score (0.79±0.64), and family and social relations score (1.21±0.92) were lower in the intervention group than in the control group (P<0.05). The scores of limit/constraint (4.19 ± 0.55), game (4.09 ± 0.32), and education (4.17 ± 0.78) of SEPTI were higher in the intervention group than in the control group (P<0.05). Conclusion Family mission intervention can im-prove the family function of children with malignant tumor, and improve the parents' self-efficacy.%目的:探讨家庭任务干预对恶性肿瘤患儿家庭功能及父母自我效能感的效果。方法选取2012年8~12月在唐山市4家三级综合性医院内就诊的白血病等恶性肿瘤患儿的母亲或父亲58名为研究对象,分为对照组(n=28)和干预组(n=30),两组患儿均进行常规治疗和护理,干预组同时进行家庭任务干预,时间为1个月。在干预前后分别采用家庭功能量表(FFFS)和家长自我效能量表(SEPTI)进行评测。结果干预后,干预组的FFFS总均分(1.01±0.55)、家庭与个体的关系(0.79±0.64)、家庭与社会的关系(1.21±0.92)得分均低于对照组(P<0.05);干预组父母在SEPTI约束/限制(4.19±0.55)、游戏(4.09±0.32)和教育(4.17±0.78)方面的得分均高于对照组(P<0.05)

  4. Comparison of BACTEC MYCO/F LYTIC and WAMPOLE ISOLATOR 10 (lysis-centrifugation) systems for detection of bacteremia, mycobacteremia, and fungemia in a developing country. (United States)

    Archibald, L K; McDonald, L C; Addison, R M; McKnight, C; Byrne, T; Dobbie, H; Nwanyanwu, O; Kazembe, P; Reller, L B; Jarvis, W R


    In less-developed countries, studies of bloodstream infections (BSI) have been hindered because of the difficulty and costs of culturing blood for bacteria, mycobacteria, and fungi. During two study periods (study period I [1997] and study period II [1998]), we cultured blood from patients in Malawi by using the BACTEC MYCO/F LYTIC (MFL), ISOLATOR 10 (Isolator), Septi-Chek AFB (SC-AFB), and Septi-Chek bacterial (SC-B) systems. During study period I, blood was inoculated at 5 ml into an MFL bottle, 10 ml into an Isolator tube for lysis and centrifugation, and 10 ml into an SC-B bottle. Next, 0.5-ml aliquots of Isolator concentrate were inoculated into an SC-AFB bottle and onto Middlebrook 7H11 agar slants, chocolate agar slants, and Inhibitory Mold Agar (IMA) slants. During study period II, the SC-B and chocolate agar cultures were discontinued. MFL growth was detected by fluorescence caused by shining UV light (lambda = 365 nm) onto the indicator on the bottom of the bottle. During study period I, 251 blood cultures yielded 44 bacterial isolates. For bacteremia, the MFL was similar to the Isolator concentrate on chocolate agar (34 of 44 versus 27 of 44; P, not significant [NS]), but more sensitive than the SC-B bottle (34 of 44 versus 24 of 44; P = 0.05). For both study periods combined, 486 blood cultures yielded 37 mycobacterial and 13 fungal isolates. For mycobacteremia, the sensitivities of the MFL and Isolator concentrate in the SC-AFB bottle were similar (30 of 37 versus 29 of 37; P, NS); the MFL bottle was more sensitive than the concentrate on Middlebrook agar (30 of 37 versus 15 of 37; P = 0.002). For fungemia, the MFL bottle was as sensitive as the SC-B bottle or Isolator concentrate on chocolate agar or IMA slants. We conclude that the MFL bottle, inoculated with just 5 ml of blood and examined under UV light, provides a sensitive and uncomplicated method for comprehensive detection of BSI in less-developed countries.

  5. Clinical Relevance of Pathogens Detected by Multiplex PCR in Blood of Very-Low-Birth Weight Infants with Suspected Sepsis - Multicentre Study of the German Neonatal Network. (United States)

    Tröger, Birte; Härtel, Christoph; Buer, Jan; Dördelmann, Michael; Felderhoff-Müser, Ursula; Höhn, Thomas; Hepping, Nico; Hillebrand, Georg; Kribs, Angela; Marissen, Janina; Olbertz, Dirk; Rath, Peter-Michael; Schmidtke, Susanne; Siegel, Jens; Herting, Egbert; Göpel, Wolfgang; Steinmann, Joerg; Stein, Anja


    In the German Neonatal Network (GNN) 10% of very-low-birth weight infants (VLBWI) suffer from blood-culture confirmed sepsis, while 30% of VLBWI develop clinical sepsis. Diagnosis of sepsis is a difficult task leading to potential over-treatment with antibiotics. This study aims to investigate whether the results of blood multiplex-PCR (SeptiFast®) for common sepsis pathogens are relevant for clinical decision making when sepsis is suspected in VLBWI. We performed a prospective, multi-centre study within the GNN including 133 VLBWI with 214 episodes of suspected late onset sepsis (LOS). In patients with suspected sepsis a multiplex-PCR (LightCycler SeptiFast MGRADE-test®) was performed from 100 μl EDTA blood in addition to center-specific laboratory biomarkers. The attending neonatologist documented whether the PCR-result, which was available after 24 to 48 hrs, had an impact on the choice of antibiotic drugs and duration of therapy. PCR was positive in 110/214 episodes (51%) and blood culture (BC) was positive in 55 episodes (26%). Both methods yielded predominantly coagulase-negative staphylococci (CoNS) followed by Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. In 214 BC-PCR paired samples concordant results were documented in 126 episodes (59%; n = 32 were concordant pathogen positive results, n = 94 were negative in both methods). In 65 episodes (30%) we found positive PCR results but negative BCs, with CoNS being identified in 43 (66%) of these samples. Multiplex-PCR results influenced clinical decision making in 30% of episodes, specifically in 18% for the choice of antimicrobial therapy and in 22% for the duration of antimicrobial therapy. Multiplex-PCR results had a moderate impact on clinical management in about one third of LOS-episodes. The main advantage of multiplex-PCR was the rapid detection of pathogens from micro-volume blood samples. In VLBWI limitations include risk of contamination, lack of resistance testing and high costs. The high rate of

  6. Cocaine-Induced Reinstatement of a Conditioned Place Preference in Developing Rats: Involvement of the D2 Receptor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kimberly A. Badanich


    Full Text Available Reinstatement of conditioned place preferences have been used to investigate physiological mechanisms mediating drug-seeking behavior in adolescent and adult rodents; however, it is still unclear how psychostimulant exposure during adolescence affects neuron communication and whether these changes would elicit enhanced drug-seeking behavior later in adulthood. The present study determined whether the effects of intra-ventral tegmental area (VTA or intra-nucleus accumbens septi (NAcc dopamine (DA D2 receptor antagonist infusions would block (or potentiate cocaine-induced reinstatement of conditioned place preferences. Adolescent rats (postnatal day (PND 28–39 were trained to express a cocaine place preference. The involvement of D2 receptors on cocaine-induced reinstatement was determined by intra-VTA or intra-NAcc infusion of the DA D2 receptor antagonist sulpiride (100 μM during a cocaine-primed reinstatement test (10 mg/kg cocaine, i.p.. Infusion of sulpiride into the VTA but not the NAcc blocked reinstatement of conditioned place preference. These data suggest intrinsic compensatory mechanisms in the mesolimbic DA pathway mediate responsivity to cocaine-induced reinstatement of a conditioned place preference during development.

  7. Petanque club

    CERN Multimedia

    Petanque club


    Pour la  dix-septième année consécutive se déroulait le challenge de notre ami Jean-Claude Frot. Vingt-trois pétanqueurs étaient présents sous la houlette de notre juge arbitre Claude Jouve. Après trois parties parfois très disputées les trois premiers devaient être départagés par le goal avé-rage. L'habitué des podiums et il faut le dire aussi champion suisse en triplette 2014 en la personne de Claude Macari fini premier. Le président Claude Cerruti qui n'avait pas fait d'aussi bons résultats depuis quelques années  prend la 2ème place. Cathia Baigue (fille d'Alain Philipona) prend la 3ème place et cumule aussi en étant première féminine. Roland Dunand coiffé sur le poteau fini 4ème et ...

  8. Ecology and Diversity of Urban Pine Forest Soil Invertebrates in Rīga, Latvia / Augsnes Bezmugurkaulnieku Bioloģiskā Daudzveidība Urbānajos Priežu Mežos Rīgā, Latvijā

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Telnov Dmitry


    Full Text Available Rīgas pilsētā septiņos priežu vai priežu-jaukto mežu parauglaukumos veikts augsnes bezmugurkaulnieku bioloģiskās daudzveidības pētījums. Kopumā ievākti 98 augsnes paraugi, kuros konstatēti 40 426 īpatņi, no kuriem 25 237 noteikti līdz sugai, bet pārējie - līdz kārtas vai dzimtas līmenim. Pētījumā apskatīta dažādu augsnes bezmugurkaulnieku sabiedrības raksturojošo lielumu, kā piemēram, īpatņu skaita, sugu skaita, sabiedrību līdzību u.c. rādītāju saistība ar Rīgas pilsētas urbāno mežu biotopiem.

  9. Regional cerebral blood flow during the auditory oddball task measured by positron emission tomography

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mochida, Masahiko [Kyorin Univ., Mitaka, Tokyo (Japan). Graduate School of Medicine


    Regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) was measured by employing PET in nine healthy right-handed male subjects, while they simultaneously performed the auditory oddball task using tone bursts. Results showed that the rCBF value was highest in the transverse gyrus of Heschl in both right and left hemispheres. When comparing the rCBF values between right and left hemispheres, four areas had higher rCBF values in the left hemisphere and eight areas had higher rCBF values in the right hemisphere. Of these, the anterior and posterior parts of the superior temporal gyrus, especially, showed significant differences. The hemispheric differences in the rCBF values of the auditory areas can be attributed to the performance of the oddball task which requires higher processing of non verbal auditory input. The P300 amplitude which reflects the amount of the allocated information processing resources correlated positively with rCBF in the following areas: left piriform cortex, the transverse gyrus of Heschl in both left and right hemispheres. Mean-while, P300 amplitude correlated negatively with rCBF in the nucleus accumbens septi in both right and left hemispheres. The N100 amplitude evoked by frequent stimulus did not correlate with rCBF in almost all ROIs. (K.H.)

  10. [Culture based diagnostic methods for tuberculosis]. (United States)

    Baylan, Orhan


    Culture methods providing isolates for identification and drug susceptibility testing, still represent the gold standard for the definitive diagnosis of tuberculosis, although the delay in obtaining results still remains a problem. Traditional solid media are recommended for use along with liquid media in primary isolation of mycobacteria. At present, a number of elaborate culture systems are available commercially. They range from simple bottles and tubes such as MGIT (BD Diagnostic Systems, USA), Septi-Chek AFB (BD, USA) and MB Redox (Biotest Diagnostics, USA) to semiautomated system (BACTEC 460TB, BD, USA) and fully automated systems (BACTEC 9000 MB [BD, USA], BACTEC MGIT 960 [BD, USA], ESP Culture System II [Trek Diagnostics, USA], MB/BacT ALERT 3D System [BioMérieux, NC], TK Culture System [Salubris Inc, Turkey]). Culture methods available today are sufficient to permit laboratories to develop an algoritm that is optimal for patients and administrative needs. In this review article, the culture systems used for the diagnosis of tuberculosis, their mechanisms, advantages and disadvantages have been discussed under the light of recent literature.

  11. Cellulite orbitaire compliquant une pansinusite aigue: à propos d'un cas (United States)

    Serghini, Issam; El Moqqadem, Amine; Bellasri, Salah; Laayoune, Jaouad; Hamama, Jalal; Boughalem, Mohamed


    Les cellulites orbitaires sont des affections peu fréquentes. Ces infections peuvent être secondaire à une infection oculaire, péri oculaire ou à une septicémie. L'origine sinusienne reste la plus fréquente. Le risque de graves complications mettant en jeu le pronostic fonctionnel et vital nécessite un diagnostic rapide et une prise en charge précoce. Nous rapportons le cas clinique d'une femme de 70 ans connue diabétique, qui a présenté une cellulite orbitaire secondaire à une pansinusite négligée. Le traitement était à la fois médical et chirurgical: antibiothérapie et drainage. L’évolution a été favorable au bout du septième jour. Nous essayons à travers ce cas clinique de souligner la gravité des infections orbitaires et leurs conséquences dramatiques en cas de retard de prise en charge. PMID:26977230

  12. Direct molecular detection of pathogens in blood as specific rule-in diagnostic biomarker in patients with presumed sepsis: our experience on a heterogeneous cohort of patients with signs of infective systemic inflammatory response syndrome. (United States)

    Avolio, Manuela; Diamante, Paola; Modolo, Maria Luisa; De Rosa, Rita; Stano, Paola; Camporese, Alessandro


    The practical value of blood cultures in the diagnosis of sepsis is impaired by a delay in the turnaround time to result and by the fact that blood culture positive can be found for only about 30% of these patients. Conventional laboratory signs of sepsis and acute phase protein biomarkers are sensitive and easy to use, but often also very nonspecific. Molecular diagnostic reflects currently the most promising avenue to decrease time to result and to influence decision making for antibiotic therapy in the septic host. In this study, we wish to highlight the impact of the LightCycler SeptiFast, a multipathogen probe-based real-time polymerase chain reaction, in the rapid etiological diagnosis of sepsis in patients with clinical and laboratory signs of bloodstream infections. We have evaluated prospectively 830 adult patients with suspected bloodstream infection and at least two criteria of systemic inflammatory response syndrome. In more than 50% of critically ill patients strongly suspected of having sepsis, we arrived to an etiological diagnosis only by the molecular method in a median time of 15 h, with specificity and predictive positive values of 96% and 94%, respectively. We highlight the role of DNAemia as time-critical, high-specificity, etiological, non-culture-based rule-in diagnostic biomarker in patients with presumed sepsis.

  13. Clinical impact of a commercially available multiplex PCR system for rapid detection of pathogens in patients with presumed sepsis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Linde Hans-Jörg


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Timely identification of pathogens is crucial to minimize mortality in patients with severe infections. Detection of bacterial and fungal pathogens in blood by nucleic acid amplification promises to yield results faster than blood cultures (BC. We analyzed the clinical impact of a commercially available multiplex PCR system in patients with suspected sepsis. Methods Blood samples from patients with presumed sepsis were cultured with the Bactec 9240™ system (Becton Dickinson, Heidelberg, Germany and aliquots subjected to analysis with the LightCycler® SeptiFast® (SF Test (Roche Diagnostics, Mannheim, Germany at a tertiary care centre. For samples with PCR-detected pathogens, the actual impact on clinical management was determined by chart review. Furthermore a comparison between the time to a positive blood culture result and the SF result, based on a fictive assumption that it was done either on a once or twice daily basis, was made. Results Of 101 blood samples from 77 patients, 63 (62% yielded concordant negative results, 14 (13% concordant positive and 9 (9% were BC positive only. In 14 (13% samples pathogens were detected by SF only, resulting in adjustment of antibiotic therapy in 5 patients (7,7% of patients. In 3 samples a treatment adjustment would have been made earlier resulting in a total of 8 adjustments in all 101 samples (8%. Conclusion The addition of multiplex PCR to conventional blood cultures had a relevant impact on clinical management for a subset of patients with presumed sepsis.

  14. Medially based de-epithelialized lfap for nasal base narrowing and nostril sill augmentation in a cleft lip nasal deformity

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Kun Hwang; Jong Hwan Choi; Hun Kim; Dae Joong Kim


    Aim:The authors observed the nostril lfoor in a gross cadaver specimen histologically and innovated a medially based de-epithelialized lfap for nasal base narrowing and nostril sill augmentation. Methods:In cadaver, fully thick section was taken from the nostril sill at the midpoint of the columella base and ala base, and stained with Masson-Trichrome. In eight patients, circumferential incision along the nostril sill and alar base freed the alar base from the upper lip. At the columellar base, fresh epithelium was shaved on the medial side of the incision line. The widened scar on the upper lip was excised. The de-epithelialized tip of the columellar base was pulled under the medial tip of the alar base lfap and sutured tightly. Four anthropometric distances were measured preoperatively and postoperatively. Results:Histologically the nostril sill was composed of thickened dermis. Just below the dermis, the depressor septi nasi muscle ran obliquely, augmenting the nostril sill. The nostril lfoor width, alar distance, and alar curvature distance decreased on the cleft side after the operation. Conclusion:A medially based de-epithelialized lfap narrows the alar base and augments the nostril sill simultaneously, since the de-epithelialized part of the excess skin augments the depressed nostril sill.

  15. 雌性羊驼子宫的B超检测%The Ultrasonic Monitor of Uterus in Female Alpacas(Lama Pacos)

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    谢建山; 贺俊平; 程志学; 董常生


    To establish and optimize the ultrasonotomography assay for the inspection of the alpaca uterus and explore the reproductive characters of alpaca, 3 non-pregnant mature alpaca were used for studying through trans-rectum palpation, trans-rectum ultrasonic inspection and dissection. There were the same result using the three inspection methods. The results showed that the uterine horn curled slightly, the uterine wall was echotexture, there was no cavum in the uterus. The alpaca cervix had 3 annular folds.%为建立优化B超对羊驼子宫的系统检测技术,探索羊驼繁殖特性,选用3只未妊娠成年羊驼对子宫进行直肠检测、超声检测和解剖观察研究,结果显示,超声检测下,子宫角略弯,可见子宫壁回声,内无空腔,中间夹杂有点状回声,子宫颈可见3道环形皱褶.超声结果与直肠检测和解剖结果一致.

  16. Mechanisms of PDGF siRNA-mediated inhibition of bone cancer pain in the spinal cord (United States)

    Xu, Yang; Liu, Jia; He, Mu; Liu, Ran; Belegu, Visar; Dai, Ping; Liu, Wei; Wang, Wei; Xia, Qing-Jie; Shang, Fei-Fei; Luo, Chao-Zhi; Zhou, Xue; Liu, Su; McDonald, JohnW.; Liu, Jin; Zuo, Yun-Xia; Liu, Fei; Wang, Ting-Hua


    Patients with tumors that metastasize to bone frequently suffer from debilitating pain, and effective therapies for treating bone cancer are lacking. This study employed a novel strategy in which herpes simplex virus (HSV) carrying a small interfering RNA (siRNA) targeting platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) was used to alleviate bone cancer pain. HSV carrying PDGF siRNA was established and intrathecally injected into the cavum subarachnoidale of animals suffering from bone cancer pain and animals in the negative group. Sensory function was assessed by measuring thermal and mechanical hyperalgesia. The mechanism by which PDGF regulates pain was also investigated by comparing the differential expression of pPDGFRα/β and phosphorylated ERK and AKT. Thermal and mechanical hyperalgesia developed in the rats with bone cancer pain, and these effects were accompanied by bone destruction in the tibia. Intrathecal injection of PDGF siRNA and morphine reversed thermal and mechanical hyperalgesia in rats with bone cancer pain. In addition, we observed attenuated astrocyte hypertrophy, down-regulated pPDGFRα/β levels, reduced levels of the neurochemical SP, a reduction in CGRP fibers and changes in pERK/ERK and pAKT/AKT ratios. These results demonstrate that PDGF siRNA can effectively treat pain induced by bone cancer by blocking the AKT-ERK signaling pathway. PMID:27282805

  17. Visual tracing of diffusion and biodistribution for amphiphilic cationic nanoparticles using photoacoustic imaging after ex vivo intravitreal injections

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xu X


    Full Text Available Xu Xu,* Zhaokang Xu,* Junyi Liu, Zhaoliang Zhang, Hao Chen, Xingyi Li, Shuai Shi Institute of Biomedical Engineering, School of Ophthalmology & Optometry and Eye Hospital, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: To visually trace the diffusion and biodistribution of amphiphilic cation micelles after vitreous injection, various triblock copolymers of monomethoxy poly(ethylene glycol–poly(ε-caprolactone–polyethylenimine were synthesized with different structures of hydrophilic and hydrophobic segments, followed by labeling with near-infrared fluorescent dye Cyanine5 or Cyanine7. The micellar size, polydispersity index, and surface charge were measured by dynamic light scattering. The diffusion was monitored using photoacoustic imaging in real time after intravitreal injections. Moreover, the labeled nanoparticle distribution in the posterior segment of the eye was imaged histologically by confocal microscopy. The results showed that the hydrophilic segment increased vitreous diffusion, while a positive charge on the particle surface hindered diffusion. In addition, the particles diffused through the retinal layers and were enriched in the retinal pigment epithelial layer. This work tried to study the diffusion rate via a simple method by using visible images, and then provided basic data for the development of intraocular drug carriers. Keywords: visible tracing, cavum vitreum, biodistribution, diffusion rate

  18. TiO2纳米管阵列阳极氧化制备的研究进展%Research Progress on Anodic Oxidation for Fabricating Titania Nanotube Arrays

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    田甜; 王凡; 袁永健; 孙远东


    The research progress on titania nanotube arrays prepared by anodic oxidation under static voltage is reviewed, especially that the mechanism of fabrication, the effect of the work-voltage and electrolyte on its figuration. The potential researches of titania nanotube arrays are predicted. The research of industrialized production technology and using the cavum nanotube arrays configuration of titania nanotube arrays for amendment are put forward.%综述了TiO2纳米管阵列的阳极氧化制备研究进展,尤其是制备机理、阳极氧化电压、电解液组成对其形貌的影响.此外,展望了TiO2纳米管阵列的研究前景,提出了其工业化生产工艺的研究方向和充分利用其空腔管阵结构进行改性的研究思路.

  19. MRI in children with mental retardation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Soto-Ares, Gustavo; Joyes, Beatrice; Pruvo, Jean-Pierre [Department of Neuroradiology, Hopital Roger Salengro, CHRU Lille, 59037 Lille (France); Lemaitre, Marie-Pierre; Vallee, Louis [Department of Paediatric Neurology, Hopital Roger Salengro, CHRU Lille, Lille (France)


    In mental retardation (MR) an aetiological diagnosis is not always obtained despite a detailed history, physical examination and metabolic or genetic investigations. In some of these patients, MRI is recommended and may identify subtle abnormal brain findings. We reviewed the cerebral MRI of children with non-specific mental retardation in an attempt to establish a neuroanatomical picture of this disorder. Thirty children with non-specific MR were selected to undergo cerebral MRI. The examination included supratentorial axial slices, mid-sagittal images and posterior fossa coronal images. Brain malformations, midline and cerebellar abnormalities were studied. In 27 of 30 patients, the neuroimaging evaluation revealed a relatively high incidence of cerebral and posterior fossa abnormalities. The most frequent were: dysplasia of the corpus callosum (46%; hypoplasia, short corpus callosum and vertical splenium), partially opened septum pellucidum and/or cavum vergae (33%), ventriculomegaly (33%), cerebral cortical dysplasia (23%), subarachnoid space enlargement (16.6%), vermian hypoplasia (33%), cerebellar and/or vermian disorganised folia (20%), and subarachnoid spaces enlargement in the posterior fossa (20%). Other anomalies were: enlarged Virchow-Robin spaces (10%), white matter anomalies (10%) and cerebellar or vermian atrophy. MRI has shown a high incidence of subtle cerebral abnormalities and unexpected minor forms of cerebellar cortical dysplasia. Even if most of these abnormalities are considered as subtle markers of brain dysgenesis, their role in the pathogenesis of mental retardation needs further investigation. (orig.)

  20. 细胞移植治疗的兴起及实现途径——细胞移植治疗连载之一%The Origin and Implementation of Cell Transplantation Therapy

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Cell transplantation therapy that includes general somatic cell transplantation,immune cell transplantation and stem cell transplantation has passed through a lengthy development history.The principle of cell transplantation therapy is by so far not completely clear.Cell transplantation therapy mainly contains organ specificity,cell homing,trans-differentiation,immune mediation and self-renewing,etc.The ways of cell transplantation therapy include minimally invasive transplant,local injection transplant,intra-arterial injection transplant,intra-venous injection transplant,and cavum subarachnoidale transplant,etc.%细胞移植治疗经过了漫长的发展历程,分为普通体细胞移植、免疫细胞移植和干细胞移植三种.细胞移植治疗的原理目前尚不完全清楚,主要包括器官特异性、归巢、转分化、免疫调节作用、自我更新能力等.细胞移植治疗的实现途径有微创介入移植、局部注射移植、动脉内注射移植、静脉内注射移植、蛛网膜下腔途径等.

  1. Petrosal anatomy and inner ear structures of the Late Jurassic Henkelotherium (Mammalia, Cladotheria, Dryolestoidea): insight into the early evolution of the ear region in cladotherian mammals (United States)

    Ruf, Irina; Luo, Zhe-Xi; Wible, John R; Martin, Thomas


    The petrosal anatomy and inner ear structure of Jurassic cladotherian mammals represent the ancestral morphological conditions (groundplan) from which modern therian mammals (marsupials and placentals) have evolved. We present the reconstruction of the petrosal and inner ear features of the Late Jurassic dryolestoid mammal Henkelotherium guimarotae from high-resolution computed tomography and three-dimensional imaging analysis. This study of Henkelotherium revealed a combination of derived and primitive features, including: cladotherian apomorphies, such as the promontorial sulcus for the internal carotid artery and reduced lateral trough; trechnotherian characters, such as an enclosed cochlear canaliculus for the perilymphatic duct, post-promontorial tympanic sinus and caudal tympanic process; in addition to plesiomorphic mammalian features, such as the cavum supracochleare and prootic canal. The inner ear of Henkelotherium shows a division between the utricle and saccule, a cochlear canal coiled through at least 270°, a distinctive primary bony lamina for the basilar membrane, and a secondary bony lamina. The development of the primary and secondary bony laminae in the cochlear canal is suggested here to be correlated with the concurrent coiling of the bony canal and membranous duct of the inner ear cochlea, apomorphies of the more inclusive cladotherian clade that also represent the ancestral morphotype of modern therian mammals. Because these features are crucial for high-frequency hearing in extant therian mammals, their early appearance in Late Jurassic cladotherians suggests a more ancient origination for high-frequency hearing in mammalian history than previously thought. PMID:19438763

  2. The protection effect of β-CD on DNA damage induced by ultrafine TiO2

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Under the photocatalysis of 365 nm ultraviolet radiation,ultrafine TiO2 caused the oxidative damage of Teasy plasmid DNA. The damage was determined by gel-electrophoresis. Then,a different dose of β-CD was added to the reaction,and the damage was restrained. The rate of damage restraining reached 97% when the mass of β-CD was 4 times as that of TiO2. Through UV scan and IR spectroscopy,it was found that the Ti-O of ultrafine TiO2 was bound with -OH of β-CD cavum and the -OH on the surface of ultrafine TiO2 disappeared,so the formation of ?OH was controlled. The ultrafine TiO2 has been widely used,but it was determined to be carcinogenic by some research. The protection effect of β-CD to DNA in the molecular level takes a new look on the surface modification of nano particles to decrease the toxic effect.

  3. La tuberculose extra-ganglionnaire primitive de la sphère ORL: à propos de 15 cas (United States)

    Touati, Mohamed Mliha; Darouassi, Youssef; Chihani, Mehdi; Lakouichmi, Mohammed; Tourabi, Khalid; Ammar, Haddou; Bouaity, Brahim


    Les localisations ORL extra ganglionnaires de la tuberculose sont rares. La symptomatologie clinique ainsi que les examens paracliniques sont souvent trompeurs,posant ainsi le problème de diagnostic différentiel avec la pathologie tumorale. Nous rapportons 15 cas de localisations extra ganglionnaires de tuberculose, colligés au service ORL et CCF de l'Hopital Militaire Avicenne de Marrakech colligés entre 2009 et 2013. L’âge moyen de nos patients est de 33 ans. L’étude topographique a montré 6 cas au niveau du cavum, un cas de miliaire tuberculeuse pharyngée, 4 cas laryngés; 2 localisations auriculaires; 1 parotidienne et 1 localisation sous maxillaire. Le diagnostic était anatomopathologiquedans tous les cas. Tous nos patients ont reçu un traitement antituberculeux avec une bonne évolution. Mots-clés: Tuberculose, amygdale, rhinopharynx, larynx, glandes salivaires,Oreille moyenne. PMID:25815100

  4. [Central nervous system abnormalities related to congenital fibrosis of extraocular muscles]. (United States)

    Moguel-Ancheita, Silvia; Rodríguez-Garcidueñas, Wendolyn


    We undertook this study to describe central nervous system (CNS) abnormalities associated with congenital cranial dysinnervation disorders (CCDD). This was a retrospective, observational, transversal and descriptive study including patients with congenital fibrotic strabismus. We analyzed clinical files of patients from 2001 to 2006. Neurological lesions were reported. Restrictive strabismus was demonstrated in all cases. Sixteen patients were included: nine males and seven females. Different neurological lesions were reported: corpus callosum anomalies, severe cortipathy, epilepsy, cavum vergae, nystagmus, occipital subarachnoid cyst, and hydrocephalus. Mental retardation was reported in 56% of patients. Different malformations were reported: genital malformations, trigonocephalus, camptodactyly, mild facial hypoplasia, low set ears, and agenesis of left ear. Blepharoptosis was present in 81% of patients. The most frequent form of strabismus was exotropia (56%), hypotropia in 37.5%, hypertropia 18.7%, "A" pattern 18.7%, and esotropia in 6.25%. Affection was cranial nerve III, 93.75%; cranial nerve VI, 6.25%; cranial nerve VII, 6.25%; and lesion to cranial nerve II in eight cases (50%). We have suggested that failure in early stages of embryology of the CNS can lead to the development of paralytic strabismus and generate secondary fibrotic changes, not only in muscle structures but also in other orbital tissues. That is the reason why we have used the term "congenital fibrotic strabismus" to report cases included in CCDD. We have demonstrated the strong association of mental retardation and neurological alterations. Multidisciplinary rehabilitation is relevant for these patients.

  5. Transoral robotic-assisted skull base surgery to approach the sella turcica: cadaveric study. (United States)

    Chauvet, Dorian; Missistrano, Antoine; Hivelin, Mikaël; Carpentier, Alexandre; Cornu, Philippe; Hans, Stéphane


    Transoral robotic surgery (TORS) offers new possibilities that have not been experimented in the field of minimally invasive skull base neurosurgery. We propose to evaluate the feasibility of transoral approach to the sella turcica with the da Vinci system on cadavers. We performed four robot-assisted dissections on human fresh cadavers in order to reach the pituitary fossa by the oral cavity. Cavum mucosa dissection was performed by the head and neck surgeon at the console and then the sphenoid was drilled by the neurosurgeon at the bedside, with intraoperative fluoroscopy and a "double surgeon" control. Mucosa closure was attempted with robotic arms. We succeeded in performing a sellar opening in all cadavers with a minimally invasive approach, as the hard palate was never drilled. The video endoscope offered a large view inside the sphenoidal sinus, as observed in transnasal endoscopy, but with 3D visualization. The camera arm could be inserted into the sphenoidal sinus, and instrument arms in the pituitary fossa. Operative time to reach the pituitary fossa was approximately 60 min in all procedures: 20 min of initial setup, 10 min of mucosal dissection, and 30 min of sphenoid surgery. New anatomical landmarks were defined. Advantages and pitfalls of such an unpublished technique were discussed. This is the first cadaveric study reported da Vinci robotic transoral approach to the sella turcica with a minimally invasive procedure. This innovative technique may modify the usual pituitary adenoma removal as the sella is approached infero-superiorly.

  6. Petrosal anatomy and inner ear structures of the Late Jurassic Henkelotherium (Mammalia, Cladotheria, Dryolestoidea): insight into the early evolution of the ear region in cladotherian mammals. (United States)

    Ruf, Irina; Luo, Zhe-Xi; Wible, John R; Martin, Thomas


    The petrosal anatomy and inner ear structure of Jurassic cladotherian mammals represent the ancestral morphological conditions (groundplan) from which modern therian mammals (marsupials and placentals) have evolved. We present the reconstruction of the petrosal and inner ear features of the Late Jurassic dryolestoid mammal Henkelotherium guimarotae from high-resolution computed tomography and three-dimensional imaging analysis. This study of Henkelotherium revealed a combination of derived and primitive features, including: cladotherian apomorphies, such as the promontorial sulcus for the internal carotid artery and reduced lateral trough; trechnotherian characters, such as an enclosed cochlear canaliculus for the perilymphatic duct, post-promontorial tympanic sinus and caudal tympanic process; in addition to plesiomorphic mammalian features, such as the cavum supracochleare and prootic canal. The inner ear of Henkelotherium shows a division between the utricle and saccule, a cochlear canal coiled through at least 270 degrees, a distinctive primary bony lamina for the basilar membrane, and a secondary bony lamina. The development of the primary and secondary bony laminae in the cochlear canal is suggested here to be correlated with the concurrent coiling of the bony canal and membranous duct of the inner ear cochlea, apomorphies of the more inclusive cladotherian clade that also represent the ancestral morphotype of modern therian mammals. Because these features are crucial for high-frequency hearing in extant therian mammals, their early appearance in Late Jurassic cladotherians suggests a more ancient origination for high-frequency hearing in mammalian history than previously thought.

  7. The protection effect of β-CD on DNA damage induced by ultrafine TiO2

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHU RongRong; WANG ShiLong; SUN XiaoYu; ZHANG Rui; YAO SiDe


    Under the photocatalysis of 365 nm ultraviolet radiation, ultrafine TiO2 caused the oxidative damage of Teasy plasmid DNA. The damage was determined by gel-electrophoresis. Then, a different dose of β-CD was added to the reaction, and the damage was restrained. The rate of damage restraining reached 97% when the mass of β-CD was 4 times as that of TiO2. Through UV scan and IR spectroscopy, it was found that the Ti-O of ultrafine TiO2 was bound with -OH of β-CD cavum and the -OH on the surface of ultrafine TiO2 disappeared, so the formation of · OH was controlled. The ultrafine TiO2 has been widely used, but it was determined to be carcinogenic by some research. The protection effect of β-CD to DNA in the molecular level takes a new look on the surface modification of nano particles to decrease the toxic effect.

  8. Neuroimaging findings of Zika virus infection: a review article. (United States)

    Zare Mehrjardi, Mohammad; Keshavarz, Elham; Poretti, Andrea; Hazin, Adriano N


    Zika virus (ZIKV) is an arbovirus from the Flaviviridae family. It is usually transmitted by mosquito bite. There have been no reports of severe symptoms caused by ZIKV infection up until the last few years. In October 2013 an outbreak was reported in French Polynesia with severe neurological complications in some affected cases. In November 2015, the Ministry of Health of Brazil attributed the increased number of neonatal microcephaly cases in northeastern Brazil to congenital ZIKV infection. The rapid spread of the virus convinced the World Health Organization to announce ZIKV infection as a "Public Health Emergency of International Concern" in February 2016. The main neuroimaging findings in congenital ZIKV infection include microcephaly which is the hallmark of the disease, other malformations of cortical development (e.g., lissencephaly, heterotopia, etc.), parenchymal calcifications, unilateral or bilateral ventriculomegaly, enlarged extra-axial CSF spaces, dysgenesis of the corpus callosum, agenesis of the cavum septum pellucidum, cerebellar and brainstem hypoplasia, and ocular abnormalities. ZIKV infection may also cause Guillain-Barré syndrome and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis in adults. Familiarity with neuroimaging findings of congenital and acquired ZIKV infection is crucial to suspect this disease in residents of endemic regions and travelers to these areas.

  9. Radiographic adenoid evaluation - suggestion of referral parameters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Murilo F.N. Feres


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: this study aimed to evaluate the usefulness of current radiographic measurements, which were originally conceived to evaluate adenoid hypertrophy, as potential referral parameters. METHODS: children aged from 4 to 14 years, of both genders, who presented nasal obstruction complaints, were subjected to cavum radiography. Radiographic examinations (n = 120 were evaluated according to categorical and quantitative parameters, and data were compared to gold-standard videonasopharyngoscopic examination, regarding accuracy (sensitivity, negative predictive value, specificity, and positive predictive value. RESULTS: radiographic grading systems presented low sensitivity for the identification of patients with two-thirds choanal space obstruction. However, some of these parameters presented relatively high specificity rates when three-quarters adenoid obstruction was the threshold of interest. Amongst the quantitative variables, a mathematical model was found to be more suitable for identifying patients with more than two-thirds obstruction. CONCLUSION: this model was shown to be potentially useful as a screening tool to include patients with, at least, two-thirds adenoid obstruction. Moreover, one of the categorical parameters was demonstrated to be relatively more useful, as well as a potentially safer assessment tool to exclude patients with less than three-quarters obstruction, to be indicated for adenoidectomy.

  10. Radiographic adenoid evaluation: proposal of an objective parameter

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Murilo Fernando Neuppmann Feres


    Full Text Available Objective The objective of the present study was to evaluate current radiographic parameters designed to investigate adenoid hypertrophy and nasopharyngeal obstruction, and to present an alternative radiographic assessment method. Materials and Methods In order to do so, children (4 to14 years old who presented with nasal obstruction or oral breathing complaints were submitted to cavum radiographic examination. One hundred and twenty records were evaluated according to quantitative radiographic parameters, and data were correlated with a gold-standard videonasopharyngoscopic study, in relation to the percentage of choanal obstruction. Subsequently, a regression analysis was performed in order to create an original model so the percentage of the choanal obstruction could be predicted. Results The quantitative parameters demonstrated moderate, if not weak correlation with the real percentage of choanal obstruction. The regression model (110.119*A/N demonstrated a satisfactory ability to “predict” the actual percentage of choanal obstruction. Conclusion Since current adenoid quantitative radiographic parameters present limitations, the model presented by the present study might be considered as an alternative assessment method in cases where videonasopharyngoscopic evaluation is unavailable.

  11. The Activity of Oxidative Stress Markers in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome / Oksidativa Stresa Marķieru Aktivitate Akuta Respiratora Distresa Sindroma Gadījuma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Šarkele Marina


    Full Text Available Akūts respirators distresa sindroms (ARDS ir viena no biežākajām komplikācijām, kas saistīta ar smagu hipoksēmiju un augstu mirstību intensīvās terapijas un reanimācijas nodaļas pacientu vidū. Līdzsvara traucējumi starp oksidantiem un antioksidantiem var nopietni ietekmēt ARDS patofizioloģiju. Dinamikā tika novēroti 17 pacienti ar ARDS septiņu dienu laikā kopš iekļaušanas pētījumā ar mērķi sekot izmaiņām oksidantu un antioksidantu aktivitātē. Saskaņā ar iegūtajiem rezultātiem tika secināts, ka pacientiem ar ARDS dinamiski izmainās tādu oksidantu aktivitāte kā malondialdehīds un slāpekļa oksīds. Mirušo pacientu grupā oksidantu un antioksidantu līmenis bija atšķirīgs salīdzinājumā ar izdzīvojušiem pacientiem. Paaugstināta tiobarbitūrskābes atvasinājumu un glutationperoksidāzes aktivitāte pirmajā dienā kopš iekļaušanas pētījumā pozitīvi korelē ar nelabvēlīgu slimības iznākumu pacientiem ar akūtu respiratoru distresa sindromu.

  12. Rconstruction of the Tension Balanced for Secondary Unilateral Cleft Lip Inferior Nasal Deformities.%单侧唇裂继发鼻下端畸形张力平衡的重建

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    胡黎萍; 胡勤刚; 唐恩溢; 卢明星; 杨家平


    目的:探讨单侧唇裂继发鼻下端畸形两侧张力平衡重建的手术方法及临床意义.方法:通过健侧降鼻中隔肌的处理及"C"形鼻中隔的纠正,重建鼻小柱两侧的肌张力及软骨弹性张力平衡;将鼻翼软骨外侧脚充分游离,解除鼻翼软骨周边组织的病理影响;用三点缝合二点高位悬吊法重塑外鼻下端软骨支架结构;最后施鼻翼外侧脚软组织的移位.结果:32例患者鼻下端形态恢复满意、持久.结论:用重建鼻下端两侧组织张力平衡的手术方法整复单侧唇裂继发鼻下端畸形,可获得可靠的治疗效果.%Objective: To reconstruct the tension balanced for secondary unilateral cleft lip inferior nasal deformities with a new procedure. Methods: Firstly, we remodeled the musculus depressor septi nasi (MDSN) and Cshaped nasal septum to reconstruct the muscular and cartilaginous tension equilibrium in the columella region. Secondly we dissociated lateral cartilages to eliminate the adverse effect from the surrounding structures. Thirdly the cartilage framework of the inferior of nose was reconstructed after freeing the lateral crus. Finally, the soft tissue of lateral crura was dislocated. Results: 32 patients were satisfied with the stable correction of the inferior nasal deformities. Conclusion: The method is useful to correct the secondary unilateral cleft lip inferior nasal deformities.

  13. Use of Permcath (Quinton) catheter in uraemic patients in whom the creation of conventional vascular access for haemodialysis is difficult. (United States)

    Pourchez, T; Morinière, P; Fournier, A; Pietri, J


    During the last 4 years, the Permcath Quinton double-lumen silicone catheter was inserted into the internal jugular vein of 57 uraemic patients with difficulty for creating conventional vascular access for haemodialysis. In 4 patients, with definitive contraindication of conventional vascular access, this catheter still permits haemodialysis after a duration of 8-25 months. In 25 further patients with terminal uraemia, but poor vein system, it allowed the maturation of an arteriovenous fistula after 2-14 months of use. In 17 patients already on chronic haemodialysis, but who lost abruptly their vascular access (15 grafts and 2 arteriovenous fistulae), it allowed a new arteriovenous fistula to mature in 16 cases after a mean duration of 7.3 +/- months. In 5 patients with short life expectancy because of neoplasia, it allowed to dialyse them until their death which occurred after 6.5 +/- 2.2 months. In 6 patients with acute renal failure and haemostasis problems, it allowed to perform not only dialysis, but also plasmapheresis in 3 and parenteral nutrition in 3 other cases. The complications were the following: sepsis (n = 3); episodes of hypocoagulability due to inadvertent injection of heparin stored in the lumen (n = 2), thrombosis of the lumen (n = 3), and insufficient flow (n = 6). In no case these complications prevented continuation of haemodialysis. The catheter had to be removed in 2 cases because of septis and in 1 case because of insufficient flow. In 3 cases the catheter had to be replaced because of thrombosis and in 1 case because of laceration. These complication rates are, however, fewer than those reported in the literature for arteriovenous shunts or rigid subclavian and femoral catheters. The Permcath catheter seems, therefore to be the method of choice for immediated vascular access in patients in whom the creation of conventional vascular access is difficult.

  14. Surgical anatomy of the first extensor compartment: A systematic review and comparison of normal cadavers vs. De Quervain syndrome patients. (United States)

    Lee, Z-Hye; Stranix, J T; Anzai, Lavinia; Sharma, Sheel


    De Quervain syndrome or tenosynovitis is a common wrist pathology caused by stenosing tenosynovitis of the first dorsal compartment. Multiple studies have demonstrated significant anatomic variation within the first extensor compartment. The terms "De Quervain's tenosynovitis" and "first extensor compartment anatomy" were comprehensively searched using the PubMed, MEDLINE, and Cochrane database. The presence of a septum within the first dorsal compartment, the number of APL (abductor pollicis longus), and EPB (extensor pollicis brevis) tendon slips were identified. A total of 574 articles were identified on initial search, of which 21 met inclusion criteria. There were 1901 normal cadaver specimens and 470 surgically treated De Quervain disease patients, whose data were available. A septum was present in 43.7% of normal cadavers versus 62.2% De Quervain patients with 58.5% (327 of 559) of the septi characterized as incomplete. There was a difference in the number of APL tendons with a single APL tendon slip noted in 18.3% of normal cadavers (200/1096) versus 27.2% of De Quervain patients (87/230). There was a difference in the number of EPB tendons between the normal cadavers and De Quervain's wrists with 2 or more EPB tendinous slips observed in 5.9% of normal cadavers compared with 2.9% of De Quervain patients. Significant anatomic variability exists within the first extensor compartment. Patients with De Quervain disease were more likely to have a septum dividing the compartment and a single slip of APL. These variations are clinically relevant in the pathophysiology and treatment of De Quervain's tenosynovitis. Prognostic studies. Level III. Copyright © 2016 British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  15. Impacts of Nitrogen Removal and Re-Application on N2O fluxes from Narragansett Bay: Contrasting Turfgrasses, Salt Marshes, and Wastewater Treatment Systems (United States)

    Brannon, E.; Moseman-Valtierra, S.; Quinn, R. K.; Amador, J.; Brown, R.; Lancellotti, B.; Glennon, K.; Celeste, G.; Craver, V.


    Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island is characterized by a substantial, historic bay-wide nitrogen (N) gradient. Centralized wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are a major anthropogenic N source. Onsite wastewater treatments systems (OWTS), which serve 1/3 of all households in the state, are another anthropogenic N source. Recent state regulation has prompted upgrades to both WWTPs and OWTS to increase N removal capacities. Although this should lower N loads to Narragansett Bay, it has the potential to increase the flux of nitrous oxide (N2O), a potent greenhouse gas. We measured summer-time (2016) N2O fluxes of a major WWTP (biological N removal system at Field's Point in Providence) and three of the most common advanced OWTS in the Narragansett Bay watershed (Orenco Advantex AX20, BioMicrobics FAST, SeptiTech D Series). We also tested impacts of application of recovered N (biosolids from wastewater sludge) on N2O fluxes from a turfgrass (Schedonerus arundinaceus) and dominant native coastal cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) in mesocosm experiments. Preliminary results indicate that the largest N2O fluxes (245 ± 72 µmol N2O m-2 h-1) were from the Field's Point WWTP. Significant, but smaller N2O fluxes (6 ± 3 µmol N2O m-2 h-1 were also measured from the OWTS. In contrast, N2O fluxes from the N-enriched native coastal cordgrass and turfgrass mesocosms were often non-detectable. However, fluxes from a few mesocosms (max. of 25 µmol N2O m-2 h-1) were on the same order of magnitude as fluxes from the OWTS. A state-wide budget of N2O emissions from turfgrasses, intertidal marshes, and OWTS will be estimated to determine their significance as sources relative to the Field's Point WWTP. This data will be used to identify areas where N2O fluxes can be minimized in the state of RI.

  16. Nose muscular dynamics: the tip trigonum. (United States)

    Figallo, E E; Acosta, J A


    In 1995, the senior author (E.E.F.) published an article in which he described the musculus digastricus septi nasi labialis. In the article presented here, work carried out by anatomists and other researchers who, over the last two centuries, studied nose muscular dynamics is described. The present study is based on Gray's Anatomy, which, in 1858, first described the nasal tip muscles, along with the other nasal muscles. Later works not only used different terminology for these muscles but also ignored some, creating tremendous confusion. The study presented here provides an update of the exact terms, location, insertions, and muscle functions of the muscles of the nose. Each nose muscle is described with regard to the two portions able to produce separate contractions. In this study, the term "dual function" is used and characterizes the nasal mimetic muscles that do not have well-defined fascia. Therefore, there is doubt about the existence of a real nasal superficial muscle aponeurotic system. The musculus myrtiformis seems to have a dual function, inserting in the canine fosse and in the periosteum of the central incisors, forming two portions-one to the septum and the other to the nostril-each of which has specific functions. This study has been based on research in physiognomy, the science of expression. With regard to the basis for nose expressions, common anatomical research is excluded because it provides a different view of the dynamics studied to date. The term trigonum musculare apicis nasi defines the interaction of the musculi compressor narium minor and dilator naris anterior, connecting with the columellar bundle of the musculus digastricus and levering the nasal spine. This muscular trigone creates circular concentric and eccentric movements of the nasal tip.

  17. Multiplex PCR system for rapid detection of pathogens in patients with presumed sepsis - a systemic review and meta-analysis.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shy-Shin Chang

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Blood culture is viewed as the golden standard for the diagnosis of sepsis but suffers from low sensitivity and long turnaround time. LightCycler SeptiFast (LC-SF is a real-time multiplex polymerase chain reaction test able to detect 25 common pathogens responsible for bloodstream infections within hours. We aim to assess the accuracy of LC-SF by systematically reviewing the published studies. METHOD: Related literature on Medline, Embase, and Cochrane databases was searched up to October 2012 for studies utilizing LC-SF to diagnose suspected sepsis and that provided sufficient data to construct two-by-two tables. RESULTS: A total of 34 studies enrolling 6012 patients of suspected sepsis were included. The overall sensitivity and specificity for LC-SF to detect bacteremia or fungemia was 0·75 (95% CI: 0·65-0·83 and 0·92 (95%CI:0·90-0·95, respectively. LC-SF had a high positive likelihood ratio (10·10 and a moderate negative likelihood ratio (0·27. Specifically, LC-SF had a sensitivity of 0·80 (95%CI: 0·70-0·88 and a specificity of 0·95(95%CI: 0·93-0·97 for the bacteremia outcome, and a sensitivity of 0·61 (95%CI: 0·48-0·72 and a specificity of 0·99 (95%CI: 0·99-0·99 for the fungemia outcome. High heterogeneity was found in the bacteremia outcome subgroup but not in the fungemia outcome subgroup. CONCLUSION: LC-SF is of high rule-in value for early detection of septic patients. In a population with low pretest probability, LC-SF test can still provide valuable information for ruling out bacteremia or fungemia.

  18. Molecular detection of late-onset neonatal sepsis in premature infants using small blood volumes: proof-of-concept. (United States)

    Kasper, David C; Altiok, Ipek; Mechtler, Thomas P; Böhm, Judith; Straub, Julia; Langgartner, Michaela; Pollak, Arnold; Herkner, Kurt R; Berger, Angelika


    Conventional blood culture is still the gold standard for sepsis diagnosis but results are not immediately available and pathogens are only detected in approximately 25% of cases. New molecular assays for the detection of blood stream pathogens are promising diagnostic tools. The aim of the study was to adapt and evaluate a multiplex PCR system using 100 µl blood. - 46 blood specimens of very low birth weight infants (818 ± 242 g) with suspected sepsis were analyzed using the Roche SeptiFast MGRADE PCR with a modified DNA extraction protocol and software handling tool for decreased blood volume requirements. In the non-infected group, 5/21 infants had a positive PCR result with coagulase-negative staphylococci. All pathogens detected in the blood culture positive group (n = 15) were also detected by PCR. In addition, 4/6 patients had a positive PCR result in the clinical sepsis group (clinical and laboratory signs of sepsis but negative blood culture). Overall, the PCR was demonstrated to have a higher sensitivity (90.5%; 95%CI 68.2-98.3%) in comparison to blood culture (71.4%; 95%CI 47.7-87.8%) including clinical sepsis cases, even though it had a lower specificity (80.0%; 95%CI 58.7-92.4% versus 100.0%; 95%CI 83.4-100.0%). These first data demonstrate the usability and potential benefit of this multiplex PCR using a modified DNA extraction for the rapid detection of nosocomial sepsis in preterm infants in addition to blood culture. Copyright © 2013 S. Karger AG, Basel.

  19. PCR-based rapid sepsis diagnosis effectively guides clinical treatment in patients with new onset of SIRS. (United States)

    Lodes, Uwe; Bohmeier, Beate; Lippert, Hans; König, Brigitte; Meyer, Frank


    Early detection of the causing microorganism and timely therapeutic intervention are crucial for improved outcome of patients with sepsis. Quite recently, we evaluated the technical and diagnostic feasibility of a commercial multiplex real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) (LightCycler SeptiFast® assay) for detection of blood stream infections in a cohort of intensive care unit (ICU) patients with the risk of abdominal sepsis. The PCR positivity rate showed a high coincidence with systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS; 75.8%). In this study, we focussed on patients from the same surgical ICU with upcoming SIRS and addressed the utility on therapeutic decision making following diagnostic application of PCR in addition and comparison to conventional microbiological and laboratory tests. In total, 104 patients on the ICU fulfilling the American College of Chest Physicians/Society of Critical Care Medicine SIRS criteria were enrolled. Blood samples were taken within 24 h of upcoming SIRS. Some 39.9% (n = 59) of the blood samples (n (Total) = 148) were positive using multiplex-PCR and 20.3% (n = 30) using conventional culture. In 11.4% of all samples, multiplex-PCR detected more than one microorganism. Among the 77 microorganisms identified by multiplex-PCR, only 25 (32.5%) could be confirmed by blood culture; an additional 17 could be confirmed by microbiological test results from other significant patient specimen. Positive blood samples independent of the detection method were characterised by significant elevated levels of procalcitonin (p SIRS. Thus, we showed for the first time that PCR test results guide clinical treatment successfully.

  20. Le cinéma identitaire franco-ontarien : un cas de figure de la fatigue culturelle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Serge Miville


    Full Text Available Les études sur le cinéma franco-ontarien sont peu nombreuses ; outre les articles parus dans la revue Liaison et au tour d’horizon de la cinématographie francophone hors Québec que propose Jean-Claude Jaubert dans le collectif Toutes les photos finissent-elles par se ressembler ? (1999, les chercheurs se sont peu intéressés à ce chantier. En effet, un seul texte savant est paru sous la plume de Lucie Hotte, qui propose une lecture comparée du recueil Le Dernier des Franco-Ontariens de Pierre Albert et du film éponyme de Jean Marc Larivière et Marie Cadieux. Pourtant, le cinéma professionnel existe en Ontario français depuis plus de quarante ans. Les productions cinématographiques sont variées et relativement nombreuses. Afin de pallier l’absence d’analyse savante, ce texte analyse quatre œuvres documentaires du septième art traitant de la problématique identitaire franco-ontarienne, soit une par décennie depuis les années soixante-dix. Les films retenus sont J’ai besoin d’un nom de Paul Lapointe (1978, Deux voix, comme en écho de Claudette Jaiko (1987, Le Dernier des Franco-Ontariens de Jean Marc Larivière (1996 et Pis nous autres dans tout ça ? d’Andréanne Germain (2007.

  1. Application of tenioid myo-perichondrium flap neoplasty of the larynx for vertical fron-tolateral partial laryngectomy in treating la-ryngocarcinoma%垂直侧前位喉部分切除带状肌软骨膜瓣修补术在喉癌治疗中的应用探讨

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    朱吉萍; 高智; 张文强


    目的:探讨垂直侧前位喉部分切除带状肌软骨膜瓣修补术在喉癌治疗中的应用.方法:选取2013-01/2015-05黑龙江省七台河市人民医院收治的行直侧前位喉部分切除带状肌软骨膜瓣修补术的喉癌患者30例作为研究对象,回顾性分析其临床资料.结果:全部病例均为一期愈合.经电子喉镜检查(术后1月),出现1例喉腔太过于狭窄,从而导致患者未实施拔管操作,剩余患者一次性拔管,有效拔管率96.67%;喉腔表面湿润、光滑、无肉芽组织行成;患者均未出现语言交流问题;随访2~2.2年,5例(16.67%)喉癌复发,其余患者均存活,并生活健康.结论:声门型喉癌患者采用垂直侧前位喉部分切除带状肌软骨膜瓣修补术治疗,对患者的治疗效果比较好,是一种有效的治疗方式.%AIM: To discuss the application of tenioid myo -perichondrium flap neoplasty of the larynx for vertical frontolateral partial laryngectomy in treating laryngocarcinoma. METHODS:30 cases with laryngocarcinoma given tenioid myo⁃perichondrium flap neoplasty of the larynx for vertical frontolateral partial laryn⁃gectomy, admitted into Peoples Hospital of Qitaihe City, were chosen as study objects. RESULTS: All patients recovered after the first phrase of treatment. According to the laryngoscopy results one month after treatment, almost all patients had their tube drawn successfully except one patient, failed because of narrow cavum laryngis, and the effective decannulation rate was 96.67%. The surfaces of cavum laryngis in patients were smooth and moist, without granulation tissues. No patients showed communication problems. 2~2.2 years fellow⁃up study showed that, except for 5 cases of laryngeal cancer recurrence, patients all survived and kept a healthy living. CONCLUSION: Tenioid myo⁃perichondri⁃um flap neoplasty of the larynx for vertical frontolateral partial lar

  2. Ocorrência da síndrome da apneia obstrutiva do sono (SAOS em crianças respiradoras orais Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS in mouth breathing children

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suemy Cioffi Izu


    Full Text Available É bem estabelecido que a respiração oral em crianças está relacionada à hipertrofia adenoamigdaliana, que é a principal causa de apneia do sono nesta população. Apesar da importância deste tema, há poucos estudos que comprovam a relação entre SAOS e respiração oral. OBJETIVO: Determinar a prevalência de distúrbios respiratórios do sono em crianças respiradoras orais e sua correlação com achados otorrinolaringológicos. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: Foram avaliados retrospectivamente 248 prontuários de crianças respiradoras orais do serviço de Otorrinolaringologia Pediátrica de uma grande instituição entre 2000 e 2006, analisando os achados otorrinolaringológicos, polissonografia, nasofibroscopia e/ou radiografia em perfil do Cavum. O principal dado polissonográfico utilizado foi o índice de apneia (IA. Classificou-se como ronco primário aqueles com IA1. Desenho Científico: Coorte retrospectivo. RESULTADOS: Dos 248 pacientes incluídos, 144 (58% apresentavam ronco primário e 104 (42% apresentavam SAOS. Os achados otorrinolaringológicos mais frequentes foram Hipertrofia adenoamigdaliana (n=152; 61,2%, Hipertrofia de tonsila palatina (n=17; 6,8% Hipertrofia da tonsila faríngea (n=37; 14,9%, Rinite Alérgica (n=155; 62,5% e Otite Secretora (36; 14,5%. CONCLUSÕES: Ronco Primário e SAOS são frequentes em crianças respiradoras orais. A afecção otorrinolaringológica mais encontrada em crianças com SAOS é a hipertrofia adenoamigdaliana acompanhada ou não de rinite alérgica.It is well known that mouth breathing is associated with adenotonsillar hypertrophy - which is the main cause of obstructive sleep apnea among children. Despite the importance of this matter, there are only a handful of studies showing the relationship between OSAS and mouth breathing. AIM: to determine the prevalence of obstructive sleep disorders in mouth breathing children and study its correlation with otorhinolaryngological findings. STUDY

  3. Pediatras e os distúrbios respiratórios do sono na criança Pediatricians and sleep-disordered breathing in the child

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aracy Pereira Silveira Balbani


    Full Text Available OBJETIVOS: pesquisar as opiniões e condutas de pediatras frente aos distúrbios respiratórios do sono (DRS em crianças. MÉTODOS: Foram selecionados aleatoriamente 516 pediatras do Estado de São Paulo. Foi enviado aos pediatras, por correio, um formulário de questões sobre: perfil profissional, seu conhecimento do DRS na criança, opiniões e condutas para diagnóstico e tratamento dessa doença. RESULTADOS: Retornaram preenchidos 112 questionários anônimos (21,7%. O ensino de DRS na infância durante a graduação e a residência médica em Pediatria foi considerado insatisfatório, respectivamente, por 65,2% e 34,8% dos pediatras. Quarenta e nove pediatras (43,8% avaliaram seu conhecimento de DRS na criança como regular, 39 (34,8% como bom e 17 (15,2% como insatisfatório. As questões de anamnese do sono consideradas mais importantes foram: respiração bucal, pausas respiratórias, número de horas de sono, sonolência diurna excessiva e chiado noturno. Os dados clínicos considerados mais importantes para a suspeita de síndrome da apnéia obstrutiva do sono (SAOS foram: pausas respiratórias, hipertrofia da adenóide, respiração bucal, presença de anomalia craniofacial e ronco. As principais condutas citadas para diagnóstico de SAOS na criança foram: radiografia do cavum e avaliação com otorrinolaringologista (25% e oximetria de pulso noturna (14,2%. Somente 11,6% dos pediatras indicaram a polissonografia de noite inteira e 4,5%, a polissonografia breve diurna. As condutas consideradas mais eficazes para tratamento de DRS foram: cirurgias de adenoidectomia e adenotonsilectomia, orientação aos pais, perda de peso e higiene do sono. CONCLUSÕES: Há um descompasso entre as pesquisas sobre DRS na infância e sua abordagem na prática pediátrica.OBJECTIVES: assessment of opinions and practices of pediatricians concerning sleep-disordered breathing (SDB in children. METHODS: randomly 516 pediatricians were selected in the

  4. Ontogeny of the Middle-Ear Air-Sinus System in Alligator mississippiensis (Archosauria: Crocodylia.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David L Dufeau

    Full Text Available Modern crocodylians, including Alligator mississippiensis, have a greatly elaborated system of pneumatic sinuses invading the cranium. These sinuses invade nearly all the bones of the chondrocranium and several bony elements of the splanchnocranium, but patterns of postnatal paratympanic sinus development are poorly understood and documented. Much of crocodylomorph--indeed archosaurian--evolution is characterized by the evolution of various paratympanic air sinuses, the homologies of which are poorly understood due in large part to the fact that individual sinuses tend to become confluent in adults, obscuring underlying patterns. This study seeks to explore the ontogeny of these sinuses primarily to clarify the anatomical relations of the individual sinuses before they become confluent and thus to provide the foundation for later studies testing hypotheses of homology across extant and extinct Archosauria. Ontogeny was assessed using computed tomography in a sample of 13 specimens covering an almost 19-fold increase in head size. The paratympanic sinus system comprises two major inflations of evaginated pharyngeal epithelium: the pharyngotympanic sinus, which communicates with the pharynx via the lateral (true Eustachian tubes and forms the cavum tympanicum proprium, and the median pharyngeal sinus, which communicates with the pharynx via the median pharyngeal tube. Each of these primary inflations gives rise to a number of secondary inflations that further invade the bones of the skull. The primary sinuses and secondary diverticula are well developed in perinatal individuals of Alligator, but during ontogeny the number and relative volumes of the secondary diverticula are reduced. In addition to describing the morphological ontogeny of this sinus system, we provide some preliminary exploratory analyses of sinus function and allometry, rejecting the hypothesis that changes in the volume of the paratympanic sinuses are simply an allometric

  5. Ontogeny of the Middle-Ear Air-Sinus System in Alligator mississippiensis (Archosauria: Crocodylia). (United States)

    Dufeau, David L; Witmer, Lawrence M


    Modern crocodylians, including Alligator mississippiensis, have a greatly elaborated system of pneumatic sinuses invading the cranium. These sinuses invade nearly all the bones of the chondrocranium and several bony elements of the splanchnocranium, but patterns of postnatal paratympanic sinus development are poorly understood and documented. Much of crocodylomorph--indeed archosaurian--evolution is characterized by the evolution of various paratympanic air sinuses, the homologies of which are poorly understood due in large part to the fact that individual sinuses tend to become confluent in adults, obscuring underlying patterns. This study seeks to explore the ontogeny of these sinuses primarily to clarify the anatomical relations of the individual sinuses before they become confluent and thus to provide the foundation for later studies testing hypotheses of homology across extant and extinct Archosauria. Ontogeny was assessed using computed tomography in a sample of 13 specimens covering an almost 19-fold increase in head size. The paratympanic sinus system comprises two major inflations of evaginated pharyngeal epithelium: the pharyngotympanic sinus, which communicates with the pharynx via the lateral (true) Eustachian tubes and forms the cavum tympanicum proprium, and the median pharyngeal sinus, which communicates with the pharynx via the median pharyngeal tube. Each of these primary inflations gives rise to a number of secondary inflations that further invade the bones of the skull. The primary sinuses and secondary diverticula are well developed in perinatal individuals of Alligator, but during ontogeny the number and relative volumes of the secondary diverticula are reduced. In addition to describing the morphological ontogeny of this sinus system, we provide some preliminary exploratory analyses of sinus function and allometry, rejecting the hypothesis that changes in the volume of the paratympanic sinuses are simply an allometric function of braincase

  6. Morfometria do coração e dos vasos da base e sua implicação no mergulho em Chelonia mydas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janine K.F.S. Braz


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se caracterizar a morfologia das câmaras cardíacas e das artérias aortas e pulmonares da espécie Chelonia mydas. Foram avaliados 11 espécimes de C. mydas mortas coletadas no litoral do estado do Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil. Os animais foram necropsiados para a obtenção do coração, fragmentos das artérias aorta e pulmonares direita e esquerda. Os vasos adquiridos foram fixados em formol e submetidos ao processamento histológico de rotina e coloração com Técnica de Verhoff modificada. Enquanto, do coração, os parâmetros largura, altura base-ápice e a circunferência ventricular foram mensurados por meio do paquímetro. Nessa espécie a microscopia das artérias pulmonares e artérias aortas variaram de acordo com o antímero. A maior espessura relativa do Cavum Venosum (CV auxilia no bombeamento cardíaco durante o mergulho e sua menor espessura direita é uma vantagem para a dilatação ventricular durante a imersão profunda enquanto que a quantificação das lâminas elásticas e fibras musculares da túnica média das artérias aortas e pulmonares direita e esquerda comprovaram que a túnica média das aortas predomina o componente elástico vs. muscular, entretanto, nas artérias pulmonares o componente elástico não-predomina. Essa angioarquitetura pode estar relacionada com a capacidade de mergulho, favorecendo um maior aproveitamento do sangue oxigenado armazenado previamente durante o período de apneia.

  7. Osteology and Cartilaginous Elements of Trilepida salgueiroi (Amaral, 1954) (Scolecophidia: Leptotyphlopidae). (United States)

    Pinto, Roberta R; Martins, Angele R; Curcio, Felipe; Ramos, Luciana de O


    Morphological and anatomical studies on the Leptotyphlopidae have increased in the past 10 years, providing important data on the systematics of this group, mainly focused on the skull and lower jaw morphology. However, most studies are based on a single specimen, rarely combining more than one single method of assessing morphological information. Therefore, several data on postcranial morphology, sexual dimorphism, and ontogenetic and intraspecific variation of leptotyphlopids remain poorly understood. Herein, we provide a detailed description of the cranial and postcranial skeleton of Trilepida salgueiroi based on more than 20 specimens (including males, females and juveniles), as well as a description of osteology and cartilaginous elements through the use of combined methodologies such as X-ray scanning, high resolution CT-scanning, and clearing and staining of articulated and disarticulated specimens. We also provide data on the presence/absence of dimorphic and intraspecific variation of the observed characters. The presence of a statolithic mass in the cavum vestibuli differs from the pattern found in other scolecophidians. A correlation of dorsal vertebrae with ventral and subcaudal scales was found (1:1), as well as total number of vertebrae with middorsal scales (1:1), thoracolumbar vertebrae and ventral scales (1:1), and a higher number of caudal vertebra with subcaudal scales (1.23:1). Intraspecific variation was found in several elements of the skull, lower jaw, pelvic girdle and vertebral number, but no evidence of sexual dimorphism was found in any of the species characters analysed. The homologies of several elements are discussed, although still remaining poorly understood and unknown.

  8. Thirty years since foundation of the department of gynaecology at the Institute of Clinical Oncology in Bratislava

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Manka, I. (Komenskeho Univerzita, Bratislava (Czechoslovakia). Gynaecological Dept.)


    In 1949, the department of gynaecology was set up. After a brief historical draft describing the development of the oncological center, we draw attention to the advantages of its multidisciplinary structure demonstrated in our cooperation with that of radiotherapy. The kinds of treatment and their results are reported with regard to the carcinomas of the cervix, corpus and vulva. Radiotherapy of the carcinoma of the cervix using a modified Stockholm method covers two sessions, with an interval of two to three weeks during which 60 mg radium (= 1600 mgh) intrauterine and twice 30 mg radium (= 1600 mgh) intravaginal are applied for 26.5 hours combined with a percutaneous irradiation of the parametries with 3500 to 4000 rad (gammatron, /sup 60/Co; betatron, 42 MeV). We prefer surgical therapy for the carcinoma of the cervix in the Ia, Ib and IIa stages up to the age of 65. We operated on 604 patients between 1957 and 1978, all of them receiving additional radiotherapy, a third preoperative irradiation. Carcinoma of the corpus has rarely been treated surgically in account of the negative selection of our patients. The radiotherapeutic procedure mostly applied is the tamponade of the uterine cavum whereby twelfe 10-mg radium tubes are applied in two sessions for 25 hours, 6000 mgh in all, plus a vaginal implant of 1500 mgh in stage-I cases, and in stage-II cases 3000 mgh intravaginally and a percutaneous telecobalt-dose of 3000 to 4000 rad. Carcinoma of the vulva is, if possible, primarily to be treated surgically by radical vulvectomy and lymphadenectomy of the inguinal and subinguinal lymphodes. Postoperative radiotherapy is carried out, when the lymphodes are positive.

  9. Acesso endoscópico transepto-interforniceal para cistos colóides: relato de caso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available A abordagem endoscópica de cistos colóides ainda é matéria controversa. As opções de tratamento são variadas: observação com exames seriados, tratamento da hidrocefalia, aspiração por estereotaxia, microcirurgia e endoscopia. O autor relata o caso de um paciente com cisto colóide do terceiro ventrículo, localizado em posição retroforaminal, no teto diencefálico, dissecando os dois fornices projetando-se supero-posteriormente em direção ao assoalho do ventrículo lateral, por dentro do cavum do septo pelúcido. A lesão foi alcançada com neuroendoscópio rígido, através de um orifício de trépano pré-coronal situado a 2,5 cm da linha média (ponto de Kocher. Seguindo por via transventricular, a lâmina direita do septo pelúcido foi aberta, posterior à veia septal. A lesão, muito endurecida, situada entre os dois fórnices, foi parcialmente ressecada através da via endoscópica transventricular transepto-interforniceal. Realizamos também septostomia e terceiro ventriculostomia endoscópicas neste paciente. Os diferentes tipos de procedimentos cirúrgicos das patologias situadas no terceiro ventrículo são discutidos com ênfase no papel da endoscopia.

  10. La forme pseudo tumorale de la tuberculose primitive du nasopharynx: à propos de deux nouvelles observations et revue de la littérature (United States)

    Touati, Mohammed; Aljalil, Abdelfettah; Chihani, Mehdi; Bouchentouf, Rachid; Bouaity, Brahim; Ammar, Haddou


    La tuberculose primitive du nasopharynx est rare, nous présentons deux observations révélées par un aspect pseudo tumoral et à travers lesquelles nous soulevons le problème de diagnostic différentiel avec les lésions malignes du nasopharynx. La première observation concerne un jeune patient de 22 ans hospitalisé pour obstruction nasale bilatérale évoluant dans un contexte d'apyrexie et de conservation de l’état général. La nasofibrosopie et le scanner ont monté un processus tumoral évoquant une hypertrophie des végétations adénoïdes. Le deuxième cas est celui d'un homme de 45 ans tabagique chronique qui a présenté une adénopathie latérocervicale droite, une obstruction nasale et une otite séromuqueuse homolatérale. La nasophibroscopie et le scanner on montré un bourgeon tumoral postéro latéral droit du nasopharynx évoquant un carcinome nasopharyngé. Les biopsies du nasopharynx et les études histologiques, chez les deux patients, ont confirmé le diagnostic de tuberculose. La recherche d'autres localisations était négative. Le pronostic était favorable après 6 mois de traitement antibacillaire. La tuberculose primitive du cavum est rare, elle revêt le plus souvent des formes pseudotumorales et pose des problèmes de diagnostic différentiel avec les tumeurs nasopharyngées, son pronostic sous traitement antibacillaire est. PMID:23565310

  11. [Improved diagnosis of extrauterine pregnancy by endosonography]. (United States)

    Funk, A; Fendel, H


    Between July 1987 and January 1988, 44 patients with a tentative diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy underwent sonographic examination by means of vaginal probe at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the RWTH Aachen. The sonographic findings, all of which were confirmed by subsequent clinical and or surgical clarification, were as follows: an ectopic pregnancy was diganosed in 16 cases, an early intrauterine pregnancy in seven, an intrauterine abortion in seven, and in one case a uterine malformation-a dermoid cyst and a functional cyst. In 11 cases sonographic examination showed the interior genital region to be normal, with no sign of pregnancy. In the 16 ectopic pregnancies diagnosed, it was possible in 13 cases to visualize the pregnancy directly by sonography, including the amniotic sac, and to make measurements. In one case a normally developed ectopic pregnancy with living embryo was seen at the end of the seventh week of gestation post menstruationem. In the remaining three cases the diagnosis was established on the basis of an empty cavum uteri associated with a slightly enlarged uterus and demonstration of fluid in the pouch of Douglas. In two cases the ectopic pregnancy was correctly localized by "feeling" with the intravaginal probe to establish the cause of circumscribed pain. In three case the tentative diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy made on the basis of sonographic findings was not confirmed by subsequent clarification procedures. The results described show that in most cases ectopic pregnancies can be demonstrated directly by sonography using an intravaginal probe.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  12. Parameters of phoniatric examinations for solo singers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mitrović Slobodan


    Full Text Available Introduction A phoniatrist analyzes the professional's voice at the beginning of his vocal studies or career but also later, in cases of voice disorder. Phoniatric examination of professional singers must be done according to "all inclusive" protocols of examination. Such protocols must establish the status of basic elements of phonatory system: activator generator and resonator of voice and articulatory space. Anamnesis All patients requiring phoniatric examination no matter if they are candidates for professional singers, need to provide anamnestic data about their previous problems regarding voice or singing. Clinical examination This examination is necessary and it must include: examination of nose, cavum oris, pharynx, ears and larynx. Subjective acoustic analysis This analysis is based on evaluation of physiological and pathophysiological manifestations of voice. Musical voice range Determination of musical voice range during phoniatric examination does not intend to make any classification of voice, nor to suggest to vocal teacher what he should count upon from future singers. Musical range can be determined only by a phoniatrist skilled in music or with musical training, but first of all vocal teacher. Objective acoustic analysis These methods are used for examination of phonatory function, or laryngeal pathology. They are not invasive and give objective and quantitative information. They include laryngostroboscopy, spectral analysis of voice (sonography and fundamental parameters of voice signal (computer program. Speech examination Articulation is very important for solo singers, because good articulation contributes to qualitative emission of sound and expression of emotions. Hearing tests Tonal-threshold audiometry is performed as a hearing test. Additional tests They include rhinomanometry, vital capacity measurements maximal phonation time and phonation quotient. Conclusion Phoniatric examination is a necessary proceeding which

  13. 耳甲腔软骨皮瓣旋转联合耳后舌形皮瓣矫正杯状耳%Correction of cup ear by rotation of auricular concha cartilage skin flap and postauricular tongue-shaped flap

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘闪; 谭谦; 吴杰; 郑东风; 周宏礽; 许澎; 王淑琴; 葛华强


    Objective To discuss a new method to correct the moderate and severe congenital cup ear deformities. Methods From May 2005 to August 2009, totally 13 patients ( moderate in 10 cases and severe in 3 cases) with congenital cup ear deformity were corrected by rotation of auricular concha cartilage flap and postauricular tongue-shaped skin flap. Results After 3 to 24 months follow-up, 10 patients were all satisfied with expanded helix , enlarged cavum conchae and nearly normal auricle. Conclusion The application of rotation of auricular concha cartilage flap and postauricular tongue-shaped skin flap can obtain the satisfactory results in correcting moderate and severe congenital cup ear deformities.%目的 探讨一种简明有效的手术方法,矫正中重度杯状耳畸形.方法 自2005年5月至2009年8月,应用耳甲腔软骨皮瓣旋转联合耳后舌形皮瓣,修复中重度杯状耳畸形13例,其中中度者10例,重度者3例.结果 对10例患者术后随访3~24个月,术后耳轮舒展,耳甲腔扩大,耳郭接近正常大小,效果满意.结论 采用耳甲腔软骨皮瓣旋转加耳后舌形皮瓣矫正中重度杯状耳畸形,可取得较满意的效果.

  14. Efficacy of guided ovarian hyperstimulation in patients with mild type endometriosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jašović-Siveska Emilija


    Full Text Available Background/Aim. Endometriosis befalls in one of the most frequent gynecologic diseases. It manifests itself by the presence and growth of focus of endometrium out of the uterus cavum that reacts to hormonal stimulations as the normal uterus endometrium does. Hyperstimulation and induction of ovulation together with intrauterine insemination (IUI are the most frequently used treatments of unexplained infertility in patients with mild type endometriosis. The aim of this study was to compare the effects of stimulation using human menopausal gonadotrophine (hMG in the patients with mild type endometriosis to the patients with infertility of unknown ethiology. Methods. The study included 50 patients with unexplained infertility (group N, as well as 50 patients with mild type endometriosis (group E confirmed by laparoscopy. Within the same therapeutic protocole hMG stimulation and horionic gonadotrophine induction (hCG were used. Results. In the group E ovulation occurred in 74% of the patients during the first stimulation, in 77.78% during the second cycle, and in 75% of the patients during the third one. Regarding the group N, ovulation appeared in 82% of the patients during the first stimulation. Stimulation was performed two times more in 38 patients with unknown couse of infertility, and ovulation appeared in 84.21% of them. In the group N stimulation was performed three times in 28 women resulting in ovulation in 85.71% of them. Conclusion. Considering the obtained results it can be concluded that hMG stimulation and hCG induction are efficient in the treatment of infertility, particularly in mild type endometriosis.

  15. Respiração bucal em crianças com dificuldade de aprendizado

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giovana Serrão Fensterseifer


    Full Text Available Devido à importância do estudo das causas de dificuldade de aprendizado, delineou-se estudo caso controle, para avaliar o volume das cavidades nasais, tonsilas faríngeas e tonsilas palatinas em crianças com e sem dificuldade de aprendizado. MÉTODO: Foram estudadas 48 crianças, 24 oriundas do Centro de Avaliação e Estimulação Precoce (CADEP, no qual o critério é a repetência escolar de no mínimo dois anos consecutivos, e 24 escolares com aprendizado dentro dos padrões de normalidade, que constituíram o grupo controle. As crianças foram submetidas a exame otorrinolaringológico (anamnese, exame físico e exames específicos (rinometria acústica, Rx de cavum. RESULTADOS: Os resultados mostraram que os escolares com deficiência de aprendizado possuem prevalência maior de hipertrofia de tonsila faríngea, p < 0,001, e palatina, p < 0,001. A média do volume das cavidades nasais não mostrou associação estatisticamente significativa com dificuldade de aprendizado (p = 0,75. CONCLUSÃO: Com base neste estudo, conclui-se que crianças com hipertrofia adenotonsilar possuem mais dificuldade no aprendizado quando comparadas com crianças sem hipertrofia. Palavras-chave: obstrução nasal; respiração bucal; tonsila faríngea; transtornos de aprendizagem.

  16. Effectiveness of peritonaeal dialysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jovanović Nataša


    Full Text Available Introduction. In the last few years, an increasing number of patients suffering from terminal renal disease of various leading causes was treated with renal replacement therapy. Peritonaeal dialysis involves an exchange of water and solutes between blood in the peritonaeal capillaries and dialysate in the peritonaeal cavum throughout the peritonaeum. Effective dialysis treatment should provide good quality of life, decrease the number of physical complaints, and bring the incidence of morbidity and mortality closer to the incidence of morbidity and mortality in the healthy population. Aim. The aim of this study was the evaluation of peritonaeal transport characteristics and dialysis effectiveness in 58 patients affected by terminal renal disease who underwent peritonaeal dialysis treatment during August 2003 at the Clinic of Nephrology of the Clinical Centre of Serbia. Method. We examined 30 male and 28 female patients, with an average age of 52 years (range 26 to 78 years. The average duration of peritoneal dialysis treatment was 20 months (ranging from 2 to 66 months, and the end-stage renal failure was caused by different leading disease in our patients. We applied different dialysis modalities: continuous ambulatory peritonaeal dialysis (CAPD with three to five 2- or 3-litre exchanges daily, cyclic peritonaeal dialysis (CCPD, intermittent peritonaeal dialysis (IPD, or automatic peritonaeal dialysis (APD, according to the transport characteristics of the peritonaeal membrane, the residual renal function (RRF, and the clinical status of the patients, in order to perform adequate depuration as suggested by the new international criteria. A peritonaeal equilibrium test (PET was performed according to the new international advice; urea and creatinine clearances (Kt/V and Ccr as well as RRF were calculated using the internationally suggested formulas. Results. Most of our patients received effective dialysis treatment, thanks to the modulation of

  17. [A quantitative evaluation of brain computerized tomography in children using color image analyzer]. (United States)

    Yamatani, M; Naganuma, Y; Hongoh, K; Murakami, M; Konishi, T; Okada, T


    We attempted the quantitative analysis of brain computerized tomographic scans in children using Color Image Analyzer. A consecutive series of 167 computerized tomographic scans were reviewed. Areas of subarachnoid spaces, cavums, ventricles and cerebellums were measured on three slices: A slice is at the level of head of caudate nucleus, anterior horn of lateral ventricle and third ventricle. B slice is at the level of body of lateral ventricle. C slice is at the level of sella turcica and pons. We investigated these values compared with Evans ratio, Cella Media Index, cerebellar atrophy score and visually evaluations. Serial brain CT scans of eight patient with infantile spasms were also evaluated for the assessment of the brain shrinkage after ACTH therapy. 1) The ratios of the subarachnoid space/the intracranial area on A and B slices (SAS A%, SAS B%) were significantly higher in the patients of severe brain atrophy. 2) There were linear relationship between Evans ratio and SAS A% (r = 0.405, p less than 0.001), Cella Media Index and the ratio of the lateral ventricles/the intracranial areas on B slice (r = -0.501, p less than 0.001), and the cerebellar atrophy score by Une and SAS C% (r = 0.369, p less than 0.001). 3) In the normal patients, the values of SAS A% and SAS B% were much greater in less than 1.5 years old children. These results suggest that the trend of CT findings related to age may reflect physiological changes of the space between the skull and the brain with age. 4) Brain shrinkage after ACTH therapy was more pronounced in the subarachnoid space than the ventricle.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  18. A quantitative evaluation of brain computerized tomography in children using color image analyzer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yamatani, Miwa; Naganuma, Yoshihiro; Hongoh, Kazuhisa; Murakami, Miyako; Konishi, Tohru; Okada, Toshio (Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutifal Univ. (Japan))


    We attempted the quantitative analysis of brain computerized tomographic (CT) scans in children using color image analyzer. A consecutive series of 167 CT scans were reviewed. Areas of subarachnoid space, cavum, ventricle and cerebellum were measured on three slices: A slice is at the level of head of caudate nucleus, anterior horn of lateral ventricle and third ventricle. B slice is at the level of body of lateral ventricle. B slice is at the level of body of lateral ventricle. C slice is at the level of sella turcica and pons. We investigated these values compared with Evans ratio, Cella Media Index, cerebellar atrophy score and visual evaluation. Serial brain CT scans of 8 patients with infantile spasm were evaluated for the assessment of the brain shrinkage after ACTH therapy. The ratios of subarachnoid space/intracranial area on A and B slices (SAS A%, SAS B%) were significantly higher in the patients with severe brain atrophy. There were linear relationships between Evans ratio and SAS A%(r=0.405, p<0.001), Cella Media Index and the ratio of the lateral ventricle/intracranial area on B slice (r=-0.501, p<0.001), and the cerebellar atrophy score by Une and SAS C% (r=0.369, p<0.001). In the normal patients, the values of SAS A% and SAS B% were much greater in less than 1.5 years old children. These results suggest that the trend of CT findings related to age may reflect physiological changes of the space between the skull and the brain with age. Brain shrinkage after ACTH therapy was more pronounced in the subarachnoid space than the ventricle. The prognosis of infantile spasm concerning convulsive attacks was relatively good in patients with severely brain shrinkage after ACTH therapy. Quantitative analysis of brain CT scans seemed to be available to clinical and objective evaluations. (author).

  19. [Prenatal diagnosis of Meckel-Gruber syndrome. Case report and literature review]. (United States)

    Audifred-Salomón, J; Barrita-Domínguez I J; Ortiz, de Zárate-Alarcón; Sánchez-Hernández, H; Camacho-Cervantes, A


    Meckel-Gruber syndrome is a ciliopathy, a lethal autosomal recessive disorder that occurs in all races and ethnicities; it is characterized by central nervous system abnormalities, resulting in mental retardation, bilateral renal cystic dysplasia and malformations of hands and feet. To date there have been only about 200 cases reported worldwide. It is a disease with a recurrence rate of 25% whose most reliable method for diagnosis is prenatal ultrasound. The mortality rate is 100% and in view of the high index of recurrence, subsequent pregnancies should be investigated appropriately with genetic counseling. We present the case of a 15 years-old mother with 30.2 weeks pregnancy resulting from rape by consanguinity (grandfather), without prenatal care. On admission HD ultrasound study is performed finding fetus fetometria average 26.2 weeks (for discordant fetometria head circumference 187.5 mm to 21.0 weeks gestation -3DE-) lost in the skull shape of the shell line is observed winding mean; not cut down, cavum septum pellucidum or herniated sac cerebellum and occipital level (encephalocele) are evident. It starts cervical ripening with prostaglandins for 24 hours to conduct further labor with oxytocic and delivery care where a fetus death, female, 1516 g is obtained. Fetal autopsy family is authorized; however, it not has done because it is legal and only medical geneticist obtains medical case assessment. The Meckel-Gruber syndrome is a very rare condition that occurs in cases of consanguinity occasions. Mortality occurs in 100% of cases, so you should talk to parents and explain the best maternal prognosis, with abortion in the early stages and subsequent genetic counseling.

  20. 人工股骨头置换治疗高龄股骨粗隆间粉碎骨折安装假体前倾角的实验研究%Experimental study of anteversion of femoral prosthesis in hemiarthroplasty for treating femoral in-tertrochanteric fracture in the elderly

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杨子来; 袁景亮; 吴振海; 陈允震


    目的:探讨人工股骨头置换治疗高龄股骨粗隆间粉碎骨折不同方法安装股骨柄假体前倾角的准确性。方法测量20具成人股骨标本股骨颈前倾角作为对照组( A组),然后制成股骨粗隆间骨折模型,分别测量小粗隆复位参考法(B组)、辨认髓腔最大直径法(C组)、目测股骨髁连线法(D组)、辨认髓腔最大直径结合目测股骨髁连线法安装股骨柄假体的前倾角(E组)。结果各组前倾角分别:A组(8.98±4.31)°、B组(9.12±4.87)°、C组(9.57±6.49)°、D组(13.18±5.83)°、E组(10.37±4.56)°,组间随机区组设计方差分析差异有统计学意义( F =2.981, P =0.024),D组与A组比较差异有统计学意义( P <0.05),B、C、E组与A组比较差异无统计学意义( P >0.05)。结论人工股骨头置换术治疗股骨粗隆间骨折,安装假体时首选根据小粗隆确定,术中尽可能将大小粗隆复位原处,通过复位和固定的大小粗隆判断假体前倾角,如小粗隆粉碎严重无法复位,采用辨认髓腔最大长轴线与目测股骨髁连线相结合安放股骨柄假体,可以明显提高假体前倾角安装的准确性。%Objective To study the accuracy of the anteversion of femoral prosthesis in hemiarthro-plasty for treating femoral intertrochanteric fracture in the elderly.Methods Twenty femoral neck antever-sions of specimens were measured, which were control group(A).The femoral specimens were made into the model of femoral intertrochanteric fracture, which were installed femoral prosthesis according to minor trochanter(B),identifying the max diameter of cavum medulla(C),ocular estimating femoral condylar line ( D) ,combination of identifying the max diameter of cavum medulla and ocular estimating femoral condylar line( E) respectively.All the anteversion of femoral prosthesis were measured.Results The anteversion were

  1. 人工股骨头置换治疗高龄股骨粗隆间粉碎骨折安装假体前倾角的实验研究%Experimental study of anteversion of femoral prosthesis in hemiarthroplasty for treating femoral intertrochanteric fracture in the elderly

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杨子来; 袁景亮; 吴振海; 武敏; 胡明涛


    目的:探讨人工股骨头置换治疗高龄股骨粗隆间粉碎骨折不同方法安装股骨柄假体前倾角的准确性。方法测量20具成人股骨标本股骨颈前倾角作为对照组(A组),然后制成股骨粗隆间骨折模型,分别测量小粗隆复位参考法(B组)、辨认髓腔最大直径法(C组)、目测股骨髁连线法(D组)、辨认髓腔最大直径结合目测股骨髁连线法(E组)安装股骨柄假体的前倾角。结果各组前倾角A组8.98°±4.31°、B组9.12°±4.87°、C组9.57°±6.49°、D组13.18°±5.83°、E组10.37°±4.56°,各组间随机区组设计方差分析,差异有统计学意义(F=2.981,P=0.024),各处理组与A组(对照组) Dunnet-t检验(P分别为1.000、0.980、0.014、0.719), D组与A组(对照组)比较,两者差异有统计学意义(P<0.05),B、C、E组与A组(对照组)比较,差异没有统计学意义(P>0.05)。结论人工股骨头置换术治疗股骨粗隆间骨折,安装假体时首选根据小粗隆确定,手术中尽可能将大小粗隆复位原处,通过复位和固定的大小粗隆判断假体前倾角,如小粗隆粉碎严重无法复位,采用辨认髓腔最大长轴线与目测股骨髁连线相结合安放股骨柄假体,可以明显提高假体前倾角安装的准确性。%ObjectiveTo study the accuracy of the anteversion of femoral prosthesis in hemiarthroplasty for treating femoral intertrochanteric fracture in the elderly.Methods Twenty femoral neck anteversion of specimens were measured, which were control group (A). The femoral specimens were made into the model of femoral intertrochanteric fracture, which were installed femoral prosthesis according to minor trochanter (B), identifying the max diameter of cavum medulla (C), ocular estimating femoral condylar line (D), combination of identifying the max diameter of cavum medulla and ocular estimating femoral condylar line (E) respectively

  2. Seguimiento radiológico en paciente con fibroma condromixoide del seno frontal: Diagnóstico diferencial, alternativas terapéuticas y revisión de la literatura Radiological follow-up of a patient with chondromyxoid fibroma of the frontal sinus: Differential diagnosis, therapeutic alternatives and a revision of the literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. Zubillaga Rodriguez


    intralesional septi. Treatment includes curettage or monoblock resection with immediate bone graft reconstruction. Radiation therapy alone must not be considered as the first therapeutic possibility. Conclusions. The benign nature of the tumor does not justify radical, unnecessary treatment. The subcranial approach is appropriate for lesions located in the frontal sinus. A clinical and radiological follow-up is needed to identify tumor relapse.

  3. On the origin, homologies and evolution of primate facial muscles, with a particular focus on hominoids and a suggested unifying nomenclature for the facial muscles of the Mammalia. (United States)

    Diogo, R; Wood, B A; Aziz, M A; Burrows, A


    The mammalian facial muscles are a subgroup of hyoid muscles (i.e. muscles innervated by cranial nerve VII). They are usually attached to freely movable skin and are responsible for facial expressions. In this study we provide an account of the origin, homologies and evolution of the primate facial muscles, based on dissections of various primate and non-primate taxa and a review of the literature. We provide data not previously reported, including photographs showing in detail the facial muscles of primates such as gibbons and orangutans. We show that the facial muscles usually present in strepsirhines are basically the same muscles that are present in non-primate mammals such as tree-shrews. The exceptions are that strepsirhines often have a muscle that is usually not differentiated in tree-shrews, the depressor supercilii, and lack two muscles that are usually differentiated in these mammals, the zygomatico-orbicularis and sphincter colli superficialis. Monkeys such as macaques usually lack two muscles that are often present in strepsirhines, the sphincter colli profundus and mandibulo-auricularis, but have some muscles that are usually absent as distinct structures in non-anthropoid primates, e.g. the levator labii superioris alaeque nasi, levator labii superioris, nasalis, depressor septi nasi, depressor anguli oris and depressor labii inferioris. In turn, macaques typically lack a risorius, auricularis anterior and temporoparietalis, which are found in hominoids such as humans, but have muscles that are usually not differentiated in members of some hominoid taxa, e.g. the platysma cervicale (usually not differentiated in orangutans, panins and humans) and auricularis posterior (usually not differentiated in orangutans). Based on our observations, comparisons and review of the literature, we propose a unifying, coherent nomenclature for the facial muscles of the Mammalia as a whole and provide a list of more than 300 synonyms that have been used in the

  4. Pèlerins français en route pour Rome en 1600 French pilgrims to Rome in 1600

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stéphane Gomis


    Full Text Available En 1600, le jubilé universel voit converger vers Rome d’importantes foules pèlerines, au sein desquelles les sujets du roi de France sont assez largement représentés. Dans ce contexte, le journal tenu lors du pèlerinage effectué cette année là par seize prêtres de la région de Dreux dans le diocèse français de Chartres est un document riche d’informations. L’auteur de ce petit livret n’est pas un membre du clergé. En effet, il s’agit du dix-septième pèlerin, parent de l’un des clercs, Laurent Barbereau, notaire de son état. Cette originalité conduit, tout d’abord, à s’interroger sur ce type d’écrit issu du “for privé”; puis, sur les acteurs mis en scène par notre scripteur ainsi que sur la nature de leur quête spirituelle. Enfin, il importe de poser la question de l’organisation et du déroulement d’un tel périple. Au total, guide, aide-mémoire, livre de comptes, le principal objet de ces feuillets est, avant tout, d’être utile.In 1600, the universal jubilee in Rome sees large crowds of pilgrims, in which the subjects of the King of France are fairly well represented. In this context, the diary kept during the pilgrimage that year by sixteen priests from the region of Dreux in the French diocese of Chartres, is a document rich in information. The author of this booklet is not a member of the clergy. Indeed, he is the seventeenth pilgrim, parent of one of the clerics, Laurent Barbereau, a notary by trade. This originality leads to question this kind of writing produced from the first-person writing, the actors directed by our writer as well as the nature of their spiritual quest. Finally, it is important to question the organization and conduct of such a journey. In total, guide, fact sheets, account book, the main purpose of these sheets is, above all, to be useful.

  5. Le Cosmos d'Alexandre von Humboldt et La Tentation de saint Antoine de Gustave Flaubert : deux œuvres de toute une vie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mary Orr


    Full Text Available Dans le septième et dernier tableau de La Tentation de saint Antoine de 1874, la fin célèbre est mise en contexte par une description longue et détaillée qui n’a jamais attiré l’attention critique qu’elle mérite. Cet article analyse l’importance de ce panorama du monde naturel sous la forme d’une exploration intertextuelle des passages du Cosmos d’Alexandre de Humboldt. Que Flaubert signale ses lectures de l’œuvre de Humboldt dans sa Correspondance de 1860 suggère des liens très riches entre Le Cosmos – que Humboldt désigne comme « l’œuvre de ma vie » – et la Tentation de saint Antoine définitive que Flaubert retravaillait au même moment. Cette relecture de La Tentation à travers la perspective de Humboldt souligne la place importante du Cosmos parmi les découvertes et les textes scientifiques contemporains de Flaubert, et la manière dont ceux-ci informent la vision de la vie scientifique et religieuse de son protagoniste, Antoine.In the seventh and final tableau of the Tentation de Saint Antoine of 1874, the famous finale is set in the context of a long, detailed description which has not attracted the critical attention it deserves. This article focuses on the importance of this panorama of the natural world as an intertextual exploration of passages from Kosmos by Alexander von Humboldt. The fact that Flaubert’s Correspondance of 1860 mentions his reading of Humboldt’s works suggests rich lines of investigation between Kosmos – which Humboldt calls the « work of all of life » and the final Tentation de Saint Antoine,which Flaubert was reworking at the same moment. This re-reading of the Tentation through the optic of Humboldt underscores the pivotal position of Kosmos amid the scientific discoveries and texts contemporary to Flaubert, and how these inform the vision of life of his protagonist, Antoine, as scientific and religious.

  6. Perbedaan Pola Spektrum Frekuensi Suara Pengucapan Daftar Tutur Kata Bahasa Indonesia pada Anak dengan Geligi Protrusif (Kajian pada Anak Laki-Laki Umur 9 dan 12 Tahun

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rinaldi Budi Utomo


    persamaan grafik pola spektrum frekuensi suara. Anak laki-laki umur 9 tahun memiliki pola spektrum frekuensi suara lebih rendah dan datar daripada anak laki-laki umur 12 tahun Difference of Sound Frequency Spectrum Pattern of Pronunciation of Indonesian Speech List in Children with Protrusive Teeth (In 9-12 Year Old Male Children. Clarity of pronouncations for early detection of oral disorders in children has been standardized into an Indonesian speech list that is popularly spoken by primary school children, but it requires a clinical application to be used as a speech test tool lists. The purpose of this study is that the standardized Indonesian speech list can be applied clinically in the case of Angle Class I malocclusion with protrusive anterior teeth in male children aged 9 and 12 years. The list is expected to be used as a test tool for speech disorders by looking at the spectrum patterns of speech sound frequency using Readability Meter tool. The arrangement of Indonesian speech list that is popular at children in school age is a contribution to the development of early detection of cavum oris abnormalities that occur in children to ease and accelerate the determination of diagnosis. This study was conducted using analytical epidemiological method with cross sectional design; the subjects were observed one time. The subjects were 24 male children from Javanese ethnic; 12 of there were 9 years old and the other 12 were 12 years old with protrusive anterior teeth and overjet 3-4 mm. Both of the groups pronounced the Indonesian speech list containing the dominant sound frequency in malocclusion Angle class I protrusive variation in the form of words /bakteri/, /demokrasi/, /formulir/, /konveksi/, /limbah/, /nasional/, /ringkas/, /samudera/, /takjub/, /ventilasi/. The recording was directly conducted in a soundproof room through sound recorder program using flat microphones and sound processing mixer. Then, the dominant sound frequency (Hz and the display of

  7. The use of total ossicular replacement prosthesis after radical tympanomastoidectomy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rančić Dejan


    Full Text Available Background/Aim. This paper presents our operative method for hearing recovery after the previous radical tympanomastoidectomy, radical trepanation of the temporal bone (trepanatio radicalis ossis temporalis - TROT in eight patients submitted to operations for giant cholesteatotoma. Methods. All the patients were admitted to our clinic after TROT. There were no signs of cholesteatoma or infection. The patients refused any stent implantations or any hearing aids due to possible aesthetic problems. The described procedure developed in two steps. The first one was to restore the destroyed cavum tympany and to covert with chondroperichondral new membrane with a pin-like “guide” as collumela. The second step was to insert a TORP (total ossicular replacement prosthesis after guide excision. Results. After the first operation (stage one there were no infections in the operated area nor chondroperichondral graft rejection. Postoperative audiometry (6 to 8 weeks was done to demonstrate the improvement of air conduction. Three months following the first, the second (stage two operation was performed and 2.5 to 3 months after this operation even greater audiometry revealed hearing improvement in air- and bone-conduction. The patients were dismissed from the hospital 2 days after each procedure without any complications. They did not experience any dizziness, vomiting nor a severe pain. Three months after the second operative stage, otoscopic findings were very good. The audiometry findings after a 3-months period (after stage one and 3 months after final TORP insertion was done for each of the patients. After one year, the audiometric curve was the same. Clinical and audiometry follow up demonstrated a hearing recovery and closure of air bone gap (ABG to values of 5 to 15 dB. Conclusion. The use of TORP after radical tympanomastoidectomy is feasible. The first step of the procedure is the fixation of a neomembrane. A stabilized neomembrane is essential

  8. Hipertensão pulmonar em pacientes com hipertrofia adenoamigdaliana Pulmonary hipertension in patients with adenotonsillar hypertrophy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruno Bartolomei Sebusiani


    Full Text Available Apesar de a hipertrofia adenoamigdaliana ser uma moléstia reconhecida desde os primórdios, foi somente descrita como causadora de hipertensão pulmonar e cor pulmonale em 1965 por Menashe e Farrehi. Ainda são poucos os casos apresentados na literatura analisando a existência de hipertensão pulmonar em crianças com aumento do tecido adenoamigdaliano. OBJETIVO: Avaliar a prevalência de hipertensão pulmonar em crianças com hipertrofia adenoamigdaliana. FORMA DE ESTUDO: Coorte transversal. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: Foram avaliados 14 pacientes, com idade inferior a 15 anos, de ambos os sexos, com indicação formal para adenoamigdalectomia por hipertrofia adenoamigdaliana. Todos os pacientes foram submetidos à avaliação pré-operatória contendo: questionário, avaliação clínica otorrinolaringológica, Rx simples de cavum, vídeo-nasofibroscopia e ecocardiograma. RESULTADOS: Dos 14 pacientes analisados, um (7,14% apresentou hipertensão pulmonar. CONCLUSÃO: Com base em nosso estudo, concluímos que a hipertrofia adenoamigdaliana está relacionada com o desenvolvimento de hipertensão pulmonar, sendo o ecocardiograma um exame bastante útil na determinação desta condição clínica. A remoção cirúrgica do tecido adenoamigdaliano pode reverter o quadro de hipertensão pulmonar decorrente do processo obstrutivo crônico.Although adenotonsillar hypertrophy is a well-recognized disease since the beginning, it was not described to be cause of pulmonary hypertension until 1965 by Menashe and Ferrehi. There are only few records in the literature, analyzing the existence of pulmonary hypertension in children with obstructive adenotonsillar hypertrophy. AIM: The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of pulmonary hypertension in children with obstructive adenotonsillar hypertrophy. STUDY DESIGN: Transversal cohorte. MATERIAL AND METHOD: Fourteen patients with indication for adenotonsillectomy, from both sexs, with age ranging from O

  9. Conflicting Discourses on Female Dissent in the Early Modern Period: The Case of Antoinette Bourignon (1616-1680

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mirjam de Baar


    Full Text Available Quelles sont donc les bases de l'identification plus ou moins évidente d'un certain type – considéré comme acceptable et reconnu au début des Temps modernes – de religiosité au fanatisme, voire à l'hystérie, qui semble d'autant plus évidente lorsqu'il s'agit d'un prophète féminin ? La prophétesse du dix-septième siècle Antoinette Bourignon est à cet égard un cas très intéressant, parce que, immédiatement après sa mort en 1680, une lutte acharnée éclata entre deux intellectuels de premier plan, Pierre Poiret et Pierre Bayle, tous les deux théologiens, sur la question de la signification qu'il fallait attribuer à sa vie et à son œuvre. Poiret faisait partie des disciples les plus fidèles de Bourignon et il se battit, après la mort de celle-ci, pour publier un recueil de ses œuvres et inscrire son ancien guide spirituel dans une tradition mystico-théologique. L'accent était mis chez lui sur la femme pieuse qui était si réceptive à l'illumination divine et qui pouvait apporter un soutien spirituel aux âmes craignant Dieu grâce à sa connaissance et à son amour de Dieu. Bayle par contre ne pouvait voir en Bourignon qu'un charlatan et la traiter qu'avec défiance et suspicion. En fait, il s'agissait ici de deux discours diamétralement opposés sur la « dissidence féminine ». L'un (la vision de Poiret finit à terme par avoir le dessous au profit de l'autre (le jugement de Bayle. Le fait que Bayle a pu explicitement marquer de son empreinte la perception historique de Bourignon, peut être attribué à l'autorité qui fut accordée à son Dictionnaire au sein de l'histoire intellectuelle. Mais ce fut justement aussi l'identification d'auteurs éclairés ultérieurs avec l'aversion de Bayle pour ce qu'il qualifiait d'« enthousiasme » et avec ses normes implicites de la féminité, qui fit que son jugement ou plus exactement son préjugé contre Bourignon continua à se répercuter également à long

  10. 石蒜科植物叶片解剖及显微结构的比较%Comparison of Amaryllidaceae Leaf Anatomical Structure and Microstructure

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    周存宇; 刘阳; 杨朝东


    bundle; and the bundle sheath was buildup with parenchyma cells. For the stomatal apparatus, it was composed with 2 guard cells in the shape of lune without subsidiary cell; the length to width ratio was small (1.03-1.44). About the profile of transverse section of leaves, the Z. Candida was reniform; the other 3 species was shallow "W" or "V". Z. Candida had unconspicuous borderline between upper and lower epidermis and was without leaf margin. The leaf margin shape of L. radiate, N. tazetta var. chinensis and H. rutilum was cu-niform, papillary and circular-arc, respectively. The leaf of Z, Candida, N. tazetta var. chinensis and H. rutilum was isobi-lateral; while of L. radiate was bifacial, which had spiny mastoid on its lower epidermis. There were big and visible parenchyma cells between the vascular bundles in sponge tissue of L. radiate, N. tazetta var. chinensis and H, rutilum, which formed cavum after fracture; while little cavum was enclosed by garland-arrayed parenchyma cells. The epidermal cells could be divided lo long cells and short cells; most of the epidermal cells in Z. Candida, L. radiate and N. tazetta var. chi-nensis were long rectangle; while of H. rutilum were ellipse or subcircular. The density of stomatal apparatus in upper and lower epidermis was almost the same in Z. Candida and N. tazetta var. chinensis; while obviously different in the other two species. The 4 Amaryllidaceae species shared some characteristic in leaf anatomical structure and microstructure while with differences, which could be the reference of definition and development of Amaryllidaceae plants.

  11. Clinical Analysis Of Neonatal Hypoglycemia%新生儿低血糖临床分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    目的 探讨新生儿低血糖症发生的病因与防治措施.方法 对2008年住院的480例新生儿于入院时进行足跟微量血糖常规检查.结果 查出低血糖121例,其中早产儿低出生体质量儿小于胎龄儿32例(26.4%),围产期窒息儿24例(19.8%),糖尿病母亲巨大儿14例(11.5%),感染败血症19例(15.7%),喂养困难22例(18.2%).早产儿低出生体质量儿小于胎龄儿、围产期窒息儿、糖尿病母亲巨大儿、感染败血症、喂养困难等易引起低血糖,是低血糖的常见病因.结论对存在早产、低出生体重、巨大、窒息、感染、喂养困难等有低血糖危险因素的新生儿,均应常规监测血糖,尽早诊治,早哺乳、早喂糖水、补液、防治新生儿糖代谢紊乱,避免低血糖引起脑损伤.%Objective The neonatal of the study hypoglyceia cause of disease of the occurrence and prevention and cure measure. Methods To 2008 hospitalization of 480 case new born carry on heel little blood sugar normal regulations check while hospitalize. Results Look up low blood sugar 121 case,among them pre-mature infant low birth weight son's being small be 32 case(26.4% )at the foetus age son,round to produce a period asphyxiation son 24 case(19.8%) ,the mother of diabetes huge son be 14 case(11.5%) ,infection septi-cemia 19 case(15.7%) ,feed to keep difficulty 22 case(18.2%). Premature infant low birth weight the son be small at the foetus age son and round to produce a period asphyxiation son, diabetes of mother huge son, infection septicemia ,feed to keep difficulty etc. easy cause low blood sugar, It is the familiar cause of disease of low blood sugar. Conclusion To the existence premature,low birth weight,huge,suffocate,infection,feed to keep difficul-ty etc. have low blood sugar dangerous factor of new born, All should normal regulations monitor blood sugar, As early as possible make a diagnosis and give treatment, Early breast feed, early feed sugar water, repair a liquid

  12. La double-page chez Hirohiko Araki : l’ubris faite norme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aurélien Pigeat


    Full Text Available Le style d’Araki se caractérise par un usage massif de la double-page, loin de l’usage ponctuel que l’on trouve habituellement dans les shonen. Elle témoigne d’une forme d’ubris qui se fait norme de composition c’est-à-dire qu’elle érige le principe de débordement en règle de structuration de l’action et des planches Elle est ainsi la marque de la démesure d’un auteur qui, sous l’apparence du manga populaire, et à travers les codes de ce dernier, élabore une œuvre d’une puissance et d’une sophistication rares..

    Pour appréhender ce phénomène, il nous faut d’abord observer concrètement l’usage que fait Hirohiko Araki de la double-page, les lieux du récit que celle-ci investit, la fréquence de ses manifestations, et la manière dont elle caractérise les différentes parties de la saga Jojo’s bizarre Adventure. L’ubris de la double-page met alors particulièrement en relief deux éléments centraux de la poétique d’Hirohiko Araki : le corps et le temps.  La double-page apparaît comme la réponse matérielle à ces corps qui débordent de la page classique, qui éclatent ou se dispersent de telle sorte que l’auteur doit étendre les limites de ce cadre pour les représenter. Le temps entre lui en scène à travers le détail : la double-page devient le règne d’un détail sur lequel le lecteur passe trop vite et auquel le héros accorde toute son attention. Enfin, la double-page possède chez Hirohiko Araki une dimension proprement esthétique que révèle clairement l’usage presque absolu qui en est fait dans la septième partie de Jojo’s bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run, et dans le volume Rohan au Louvre, même si l’on peut la deviner déjà auparavant. La double-page est un moment où l’énigme se présente au héros, se met en mouvement ou se trouve élucidée. Le règne de l’ubris s’affirme là, dans ces doubles-pages qui n’en sont finalement plus, dans cette

  13. Stereotactic surgery on patients with affective on recurrent mania%复发性躁狂症患者立体定向靶点毁损术治疗疗效观察

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    周彬; 黄红星; 匡卫平; 蔡溢


    目的 探讨立体定向靶点毁损术治疗复发性躁狂症的疗效及安全性.方法 对40例复发性躁狂症患者行立体定向杏仁核、扣带回、伏隔核靶点毁损术,分别在术前2天与术后2周、6个月、1年由精神科医师进行临床疗效总评量表(clinical global impression,CGI)、躁狂量表(bech-rafaelsen mania rating scale,BRMS)、阳性和阴性症状量表(positive and negative symptom scale,PANSS)及精神症状简明量表(brief psychiatric rating scale,BPRS)对疗效进行评定,采用日常能力量表(activies of daily living,ADL)、社会功能缺陷量表(social disability screening schedule,SDSS)评估手术安全性.结果 术后2周、6个月、1年与术前相比,临床疗效总评量表(CGI)、躁狂量表(BRMS)、阳性和阴性症状量表(PANSS)、精神症状简明量表(BPRS)、日常能力量表(ADL)及社会功能缺陷量表(SDSS)评分有明显差异(P<0.05或P<0.01),且无严重并发症和后遗症.结论 立体定向杏仁核、扣带回、伏隔核靶点毁损术可以有效缓解患者躁狂状态,提高药物敏感性,明显改善患者生存质量.%Objective To analyze the therapeutic effect and Security of affective on mania in cure of stereotactic surgery. Methods 40 patients who suffered affective on Recurrent Mania were treated by stereotactic technique combined with bilateral amygdaloid nuclei, callosal gyrus, nucleus accumbens septi lesion by radio-frequency thermocoagulation. The therapeutic effects were estimated with CGI, BRMS, PANSS,BPRS, ADL, SDSS at the second week, sixth month and the first year after surgery. Results The score of the CGI,BRMS,PANSS,BPRS, ADL and SDSS before surgery showed more score decrease compare with the second week and the sixth month and the first year after surgery (P<0.05 or P<0.01). Conclusion The stereotactic technique with multiple locations was an effective and safe method to treat mania . It might be significant to relieve the mania, raise the

  14. Is There Chronic Brain Damage in Retired NFL Players? Neuroradiology, Neuropsychology, and Neurology Examinations of 45 Retired Players. (United States)

    Casson, Ira R; Viano, David C; Haacke, E Mark; Kou, Zhifeng; LeStrange, Danielle G


    nervous system (CNS) neurological examinations. Four players (9%) had microbleeds in brain parenchyma identified in SWI, and 3 (7%) had a large cavum septum pellucidum with brain atrophy. The number of concussions/dings was associated with abnormal results in SWI and DTI. Neuropsychological testing revealed isolated impairments in 11 players (24%), but none had dementia. Nine players (20%) endorsed symptoms of moderate or severe depression on the BDI and/or met criteria for depression on PHQ; however, none had dementia, dysarthria, parkinsonism, or cerebellar dysfunction. The number of football-related concussions was associated with isolated abnormalities on the clinical neurological examination, suggesting CNS dysfunction. The APOE4 allele was present in 38% of the players, a larger number than would be expected in the general male population (23%-26%). MRI lesions and neuropsychological impairments were found in some players; however, the majority of retired NFL players had no clinical signs of chronic brain damage. These results need to be reconciled with the prevailing view that a career in football frequently results in chronic brain damage.

  15. The Clinical Observation of Air Current Signs in Endotracheal Intubation through Mouth%经口明视气管内插管气流征象临床观察

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    胡彬; 吴仲烨; 任斐; 薛鹏; 高慧; 陈彬; 刘磊; 张兆伟


    Objective:To observe the practicability and dependability of air current signs in check the result of endotracheal intubation. Method:100 cases of ASA I-II who underwent endotracheal anesthesia were chosen,and the patients with too tall,too small,too fat,acromegaly and hard to intubation were excluded.Rapid sequence induction, endotracheal intubation by common bending laryngoscope. Looking steadily at the tuba,continue enter 1-2 cm and stop when the airbag posterior border get into glottis,gasing,quickly press the sternum,check the signs of air current in tube by our ears,connect to anesthetic machine,check the tidal volume by anaeshetic machine,manual control,observe etCO2,auscultation with stethoscope two lungs and stomach to make sure the tube was get into the trachea.Result:91 cases(91%)were positive,73 cases(73%)were strong positive and the tidal volume was 61-64 mL;18 cases(18%) were weak positive and the tidal volume was about 19-22 mL,some cases only hear the signs of air current and no tidal volume;9(9%)cases were negative.Conclusion:The signs of air current in tube can be one of standard to make sure the success endotracheal intubation,shortcut,easy to do,no tissue damage on cavum oropharyngeum and respiratory tract, can operate repeatedly,has certainly practicability and dependability.%目的:观察气流征象检测气管内插管成功与否的实用性和可靠性。方法:选择较为标准的国人,剔除特别高大、矮小、肥胖、肢端肥大症、困难插管患者,100例ASA Ⅰ~Ⅱ级气管内麻醉患者,选择合适的导管,静脉快速诱导,普通弯喉镜片明视气管内插管。插管时看到导管插入声门,导管气囊后缘进入声门再进约1~2 cm停止进管,导管气囊充气,快速按压胸骨,耳听导管内是否有气流声及强弱,接麻醉机,检测潮气量大小,手控呼吸,观察呼末二氧化碳,听诊器听诊双肺和剑突下,确定导管在气管内。结果:100例插


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The placental maturity is associated with advancing gestational age. Factors such as chronic hypertension, pre - eclampsia, intra - uterine growth retardation and maternal smoking are associated with accelerated placental maturation, whereas diabetes and fetom aternal immunization are associated with delayed placental maturation. Ultra sonographical placental grading is a safe, non - invasive method of assessment of fetal gestational age. AIM : To determine the placental grading in all the patients presenting to th e department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology after 32 weeks of pregnancy. To note the amniotic fluid index in all these patients and to analyse factors associated in all cases, show a grade III placenta. To compare the perinatal outcome in patient with grade II and III placenta. MATERIAL AND METHOD : A Prospective Study to 149 Antenatal case in whose pregnancy 32 weeks or more in N.S.C.B. Medical College, Jabalpur during June 2011 to September 2012. INCLUSION CRITERIA: Antenatal case whose pregnancy 32 weeks o r more and in whom USG was done within 1 wk prior to delivery. EXCLUSION CRITERIA: Antenatal case whose pregnancy less than 32 weeks. All ANC patient came to the OPD at or after 32 weeks were thoroughly examined after taking detail history date of last men strual period was correctly known in all cases and gestational age were calculated by naegles formula. On abdominal examination height of the uterus was noted and compared with weeks of gestation. Routine investigation, such as hemoglobin, blood group and Rh factor and qualitative examination for albumin in urine, microscopic examination of urine were carried out in every patient. Technique for scanning the biparietal diameter - biparietal diameter was calculated in trans thalamic plane. Central echogenic fal x with two short parallel lines representing cavum septum pellucid and bilateral hypoechoic thalami were seen on either side of mid line falx. After delivery baby was

  17. 内镜下经气管入路甲状腺切除术的应用解剖及临床意义%Applied anatomy and clinical significance of transtracheal endoscopic thyroidectomy

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    姜恒; 刘鸿; 谢拥军; 徐义全


    Objective To investigate the feasibility and safety of totally thyroidectomy through transtracheal endoscopy by studying the anatomical approach and adjacent structures. Methods A total of 5 embalmed adult cadavers were dissected layer by layer in the cervical region, pharyngeal region and mandible region according to transtracheal assisted sublingual approach that was verified from the anatomical approach and planes. Another 15 fresh adult cadavers were dissected by blood vascular casting technique, imaging scanning technique and thin layer cryotomy. The anatomical structures of the thyroid gland surgical region were analyzed and studied qualitatively and quantitatively. Results The transtracheal operational access was placed from the cavitas oris propria, isthmus faucium, subepiglottic region, laryngeal pharynx, and intermediate laryngeal cavity, and then passed from the top down in order to reach pars cervicalis tracheae where a sagittal incision was observed in the anterior wall of cartilagines tracheales to reach ascertained surgical region. CT scanning showed abduction vocal cords were in trapezoidal shape with a sagittal height (length) of 20. 12 ±3. 25 mm for male and 15. 68 ±2. 56 for female, a frontal width of 2. 10 ±0. 50 mm, a back width of 9. 00 ±0. 80 mm, and a middle thickness of 5. 00 ± 0. 85 mm. The transverse diameter of abduction true glottis was 5. 50 ± 1. 45 mm, which was the narrowest part in cavum laryngis. Conclusion As natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery, totally endoscopic thyroidectomy through transtracheal approach is feasible and safe anatomically%目的 通过研究经气管的解剖通路及毗邻的解剖结构,探讨经此路径行甲状腺切除术的安全可行性.方法 在5具固定标本上参照气管入路对口腔、咽部及颈前部逐层解剖,并确定其解剖路径及层次.15具(未经防腐固定的)标本上运用动脉预灌注血管铸型,计算机X线断层扫描,薄层冰冻

  18. Etiologia, manifestações clínicas e alterações presentes nas crianças respiradoras orais Etiology, clinical manifestations and concurrent findings in mouth-breathing children

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rubens Rafael Abreu


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Investigar a etiologia, as principais manifestações clínicas e as alterações presentes em crianças de 3 a 9 anos, respiradoras orais, residentes na região urbana de Abaeté (MG. MÉTODOS: Estudo com amostra aleatória representativa da população do município de 23.596 habitantes. Clinicamente, foram consideradas respiradoras orais as crianças que roncavam, dormiam com a boca aberta, babavam no travesseiro e apresentavam queixas de obstrução nasal freqüente ou intermitente. As crianças com diagnóstico clínico de respirador oral foram submetidas a endoscopia nasal, teste alérgico cutâneo e raio X do cavum, hemograma, contagem de eosinófilos, dosagem de IgE total e parasitológico de fezes. Os dados foram analisados utilizando o programa SPSS® versão 10.5. RESULTADOS: As principais causas da respiração oral foram: rinite alérgica (81,4%, hipertrofia de adenóides (79,2%, hipertrofia de amígdalas (12,6% e desvio obstrutivo do septo nasal (1,0%. As principais manifestações clínicas do respirador oral foram: dormir com a boca aberta (86%, roncar (79%, coçar o nariz (77%, babar no travesseiro (62%, dificuldade respiratória noturna ou sono agitado (62%, obstrução nasal (49% e irritabilidade durante o dia (43%. CONCLUSÃO: Algumas manifestações clínicas são muito freqüentes na criança respiradora oral. Essas manifestações devem ser reconhecidas e consideradas no diagnóstico clínico da respiração oral.OBJECTIVE: To investigate the etiology, main clinical manifestations and other concurrent findings in mouth-breathing children aged 3 to 9 years and resident in the urban area of Abaeté (MG, Brazil. METHODS: This study was based on a representative random sample of the town population, of 23,596 inhabitants. Clinical diagnosis of mouth-breathing was defined as a combination of snoring, sleeping with mouth open, drooling on the pillow and frequent or intermittent nasal obstruction. Children with a

  19. 围产期孕母感染与新生儿感染相关因素分析%Analysis the correlation factor between perinatal pregnancy infection and neonatal infection

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    ) and 120 neonates without those items. CRP level in peripheral blood was measured and the clinical information about neonates and their mothers were recorded and analyzed. Results The incidences of CRP anomalies ( 16. 7% ) and early-onset septicaemia( 9. 3% ) in disease group were higher than those in control group ( 6. 7% ,1. 7% ) .and the differences were statistically significant (x2 = 6. 060 , P < 0. 05 ;x2 = 5. 962 , P < 0. 05 ) . The neonates whose mother was infected with CRP anomalies during perinatal stage, the incidence of CRP anomalies and early-onset septi caemia was 30. 2% and 15. 9%,respectively. Maternal antepartum fever was the highest risk ( 86. 7% ) which could lead to the CRP anomalies in neonates , and also the morbidity of septicaemia was the highest ( 73. 3% ) . Conclusions Perinatal infection highly suggests the possibility of neonatal infection and the detection of infectious indexes should be enhanced durinS perinatal stage. Peripheral blood CRP can reflect the possibility of neonatal infection. It is very important to dynamic monitoring CRP in prevention the early neonatal infection. tion ,in order to prevention and cure neonatal perinatal infection and decrease the death rate. Methods A case-control clinical study of 238 neonates ( gestational age 32 ~42 weeks) was conducted including 118 newboms with a variety of matemal peri natal infection items ( with at least one item of:premature rapture of membrane last for the same as or more than 24 h,chorio amnionitis,maternal antepartum fever more than 37. 5 ℃ , peripheral white blood cell and neutrophil count or the peripheral hlood CRP level increased,positive blood culture) and 120 neonates without those items. CRP level in peripheral blood was measured and the clinical information about neonates and their mothers were recorded and analyzed. Results The incidences of CRP anomalies ( 16. 7% ) and early-onset septicaemia( 9. 3% ) in disease group were higher than those

  20. Domestication de Vitex doniana Sweet. (Verbenaceae: influence du type de substrat, de la stimulation hormonale, de la surface foliaire et de la position du nœud sur l’enracinement des boutures uninodales.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mapongmetsem Pierre Marie


    Full Text Available  Résumé: La zone des hautes savanes guinéennes du Cameroun regorge de nombreux produits forestiers non ligneux de haute valeur ajoutée au rang desquels Vitex doniana Sweet. est une essence fruitière très valorisés par les populations locales. Malgré son importance dans le milieu paysan, elle vit encore à l’état sauvage et rares sont les travaux scientifiques qui se sont intéressés à sa domestication et sa culture. Afin de contribuer à sa domestication, une série de trois essais en pépinière ont été conduits pour évaluer l’effet du substrat (mélange terre noire/Sciure, terre noire/sable et sable sciure, de l’auxine (Contrôles, les boutures traitées à l’AIB, de la surface foliaire(0, 183, 214, 234 et 642 cm2 et de la position du nœud (N1,N2, N3, N4 et N5 sur l’enracinement des boutures juvéniles de V. doniana. Les résultats montrent que les substrats terre noire/sable et terre noire/sciure sont les plus performants pour l’enracinement à la sixième (0,0204<0,05, septième (0,0066<0,01 et huitième semaines (0,0248<0,05. La surface foliaire ainsi que la position du nœud influencent significativement (0,000 < 0,001 l’aptitude d’enracinement des boutures. L’enracinement le plus élevé (65,57% est enregistré chez les boutures ayant une surface foliaire égale à 234 cm2. S’agissant des boutures prélevées aux positions 2 et 3, le taux d’enracinement est de 68,31 % et 61,32% respectivement. Le plus important nombre de racines (5 par bouture est obtenu avec la même surface foliaire et du nœud de la position 2 (7 racines tandis que la plus longue racine est enregistrée chez les boutures ayant 182 cm2 (5,7cm et à la position 2 (4,58 cm. Ces résultats suggèrent qu’il est possible de développer les clones génétiquement supérieurs de Vitex doniana pour une utilisation en agroforesterie comme source potentiel de produits forestiers non ligneux. Mots clés: Domestication, Fruitier local

  1. Aux origines du « baroque littéraire » en France : 1935-1950. Aperçus historiographiques

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guy Catusse


    Full Text Available La recherche universitaire française a toujours montré une grande réticence à se référer à la notion de baroque pour rendre compte des traits caractéristiques de la production littéraire entre la fin de la renaissance et les débuts du classicisme louis-quatorzien. Il faut attendre le début des années 1950 et le retentissement de l’ouvrage de Jean Rousset La littérature de l’âge baroque en France. Circé et le paon, pour que se multiplient études et polémiques qui rendront familière, sinon incontestable la notion de baroque appliquée à la littérature. La notoriété des publications parues dans ces année de « mirage baroque » (Pierre Charpentrat ne doit cependant pas faire oublier les travaux importants qui les ont précédées. Entre 1935 et 1950 quelques historiens francophones spécialistes de la littérature française des seizième et dix-septième siècle avaient ouvert la voie. Ce sont ces travaux érudits, les premiers à s’être explicitement référés à cette notion de baroque, qui font l’objet de cet article, moins pour en exposer en détail le contenu que pour en présenter une approche historiographique : qui étaient ces chercheurs ? où et dans quel cadre institutionnel sont-ils intervenus ? quels ont été les supports et les réseaux par lesquels se sont diffusés leurs travaux ? sous quel angle ont-ils abordé cette question du baroque, nouvelle chez les historiens francophones de la littérature française. L’examen de ces questions montre qu’en quinze ans, des problèmes ont été posés, des thématiques explorées, des polémiques ouvertes, qui resteront au centre des écrits sur le baroque durant les deux décennies suivantes : doit-on réserver la qualification de baroque à la production littéraire d’un moment historique déterminé ou au contraire doit-on l’envisager comme un ensemble de traits formels intemporels et récurrents ? Comment penser l’articulation entre les

  2. Preface (United States)

    Aspect, Alain


    COLOQ est une conférence regroupant, tous les deux ans, la communauté scientifique et industrielle nationale travaillant dans les domaines des lasers, de l'optique non-linéaire et de l'optique quantique. Elle s'est tenue pour sa septième édition à Rennes, du 5 au 7 septembre 2001, sur le campus de Beaulieu de l'Université de Rennes I. Cette réunion a pour but de favoriser les rencontres entre les membres des différents laboratoires nationaux publics ou privés travaillant sur ces sujets. C'est donc un moyen privilégié de resserrer les liens de cette communauté et d'y intégrer les jeunes chercheurs. Une dimension importante de COLOQ est de permettre aux jeunes chercheurs de se connaître, de se faire connaître, de découvrir la communauté à laquelle ils appartiennent et d'élargir leurs connaissances des thèmes qui la structurent. La participation de 200 chercheurs et de 18 exposants de matériels spécialisés dans les lasers et l'optoélectronique témoigne de la vitalité de COLOQ. Le programme de COLOQ 7 a comporté des conférences générales données par des chercheurs de renom international et des séances de communications par voie d'affiches. Les exposés ont porté sur des sujets d'optique particulièrement actifs au niveau national et international : les télécoms, thème cher à la région Bretagne en particulier, les phénomènes fondamentaux, les nouvelles percées de l'optique en métrologie et mesures ultra-sensibles, sujets privilégiés du laboratoire organisateur, les sources de l'extrême (incluant X et V-UV). Parallèlement à 20 conférences invitées, 130 communications par affiches ont présenté, tout au long du colloque, les plus récents résultats concernant les atomes froids et la métrologie, les télécoms optiques, l'optique non-linéaire et les nouveaux matériaux, les nanostructures et l'optique de champ proche, la physique des lasers, etc. Ce volume spécial du Journal de Physique IV regroupe la presque totalit

  3. Foule et public Crowd and audience. Reflections about the French theory of reception studies in the silent period

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emmanuel Plasseraud


    Full Text Available La conception de la réception filmique de la théorie française, lors de la période muette, repose sur la notion de foule. Apparue au cours du xixe siècle, cette notion a donné lieu à de nombreuses appréciations, que l’on retrouve dans les textes sur le cinéma. Reprenant la conception dominante, héritée de la psychologie des foules vulgarisée par Gustave Le Bon, les cinéphobes considèrent le cinéma comme un lieu où les foules réunies soulagent ou excitent leurs bas-instincts. Les cinéphiles, en revanche, voient dans le cinéma la possibilité d’une refondation communautaire moderne où les foules retrouvent une spiritualité perdue. Pour eux, dans les salles obscures propices à une expérience hypnotique, les foules communient. C’est cette dernière conception qui est à la base de l’idée, inventée par Canudo et reprise, avec des nuances, par Delluc, Gance, Epstein ou L’Herbier, de « septième art ». Mais correspond-elle à la réalité des pratiques spectatorielles de l’époque ? Peut-on considérer le public de cinéma comme un ensemble uniforme, tel qu’il semble apparaître à travers l’idée de foule ? On peut penser que non, et que cet écart entre théorie et réalité de la réception filmique est une des raisons des difficultés du cinéma français face au cinéma américain. L’impasse théorique dans laquelle la notion de foule a entraîné la conception française de la réception filmique apparaît avec évidence à travers l’exemple de Germaine Dulac. La première parmi ses confrères français, elle exprima des réserves sur la capacité du cinéma à faire communier les foules. Elle reconnut que c’était le public dans sa diversité qui imposerait ses goûts aux fabricants de films, ce que les producteurs hollywoodiens avaient déjà assimilé.The film reception idea of French theory, in the silent period, is basically linked to the notion of crowd. This notion appeared during the19

  4. Conceptual Model of the Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research Platform of Engure Ecoregion, Latvia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Melecis Viesturs


    Full Text Available Rakstā apskatīti nacionālā pētījumu projekta rezultāti, kuru mērķis - izstrādāt Latvijas LT(SER (Ilgtermiņa socioekoloģisko pētījumu platformas - Engures ekoreģiona integrēto konceptuālo modeli. Engures ekoreģionu veido piekrastes ezera sateces baseins (644 km2 ar Rīgas līča krasta un jūras piekrastes zonu. Ekoreģiona centrālo daļu veido Engures ezera dabas parks (EEDP - Ramsāres vieta. Konceptuālā modeļa pamatā ir DPSIR (virzošie spēki-slodzes-stāvokļi-ietekmes-rīcības koncepcija. Socioekoloģiskā sistēma tika telpiski strukturēta un virzošie spēki iedalīti divās grupās - ārējos un lokālos. Engures ekoreģions sadalīts septiņās zonās vai apakšreģionos ar izteiktām ģeoloģiskām un ģeogrāfiskām robežām. Katrai zonai raksturīgi specifiski virzošie spēki un slodzes kā arī specifiska ekosistēmu struktūra un biodaudzveidības elementi. Analizēti katra apakšreģiona galvenie virzošie spēki un slodzes trijos laika periodos: 19. gs. - 20 gs. sākums, padomju okupācijas periods (1940.-1991. g., periods pēc Latvijas neatkarības atgūšanas. Sniegti ekosistēmu stāvokļa un biodaudzveidības raksturojumi. Socioekonomiskās sistēmas aktīvā komponenta - cilvēka rīcības veido galvenokārt ekoreģionam ārējie faktori, tai skaitā vides likumdošana un finansu plūsmas zinātniskajiem pētījumiem un ekosistēmu apsaimniekošanai. Apskatīti divi alternatīvi Engures ekoreģiona attīstības scenāriji: 1 iedzīvotāju skaita samazināšanās un lauksaimniecības zemju aizaugšana; 2 lauksaimniecības, vietējās ražošanas uzņēmumu un būvniecības intensifikācija. Abos gadījumos ekosistēmu pašreizējais stāvoklis un sugu daudzveidības struktūra tiktu būtiski izmainīti. Reģiona ilgtspējīgu attīstību, saglabājot cilvēkam vēlamo ekosistēmu struktūru, iespējams nodrošināt, vienīgi ieviešot ekosistēmu apsaimniekošanas pasākumus, kas bāzēti uz

  5. Comparison of pedicle fascial flap and absorbable biomembrane in constructing tissue engineering bone to repair rabbit bone defects%生物膜与带蒂筋膜瓣体内构建组织工程复合体修复兔骨缺损的比较

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    孟宪勇; 杨新明; 齐志民; 王耀一; 白瑞


    BACKGROUND:Tissue engineering bone constructed using both pedicle fascial flap and absorbable biomembrane can effectively promote the bone defect repair, but there is not enough study about the comparison between them.OBJECTIVE:To observe the bone reparative effect of tissue engineering bone wrapped by pedicle fascial flap and by simple biomembrane.METHODS:A 1-cm bone defect model was produced in rabbit bilateral ulna middle segment and periosteum. Autologous red bone marrow was implanted in the osteoinductive absorbing material containing bone morphogenetic protein to prepare uncellular tissue engineering bone, which was then implanted into the bilateral bone defect areas. The left side was wrapped by pedicle fascial flap as the experiment group, while the right side was wrapped by simple absorbable biomembrane as the control group. At 4, 8, 12, 16 weeks after the operation, each group was examined by X-ray radiograph, gross morphology and histological examination, bone shape measurement analysis in the reparative area was performed, the biomechanical detection was done at 12 weeks to compare the repair of bond defect in two groups.RESULTS AND CONCLUSION:The experiment group was superior to the control group regarding the X-ray radiograph, gross morphology and histological inspection, the quantity and the forming speed of bone trabecula and cartilaginous tissues, the formation of mature bone structure, the remodeling of diaphysis structure, the recanalization of cavum ossis, the absorption and degradation of the implant, the ratio of new bone trabecula area to total reparative area and the final biomechanical strength (P <0.05). The outcomes indicated that the technology of membrane guided bone regeneration using pedical fascial flap to repair large-segment bone defect can restrict the growth of fibrous connective tissue in the reparative process, and promote the effective and fast vascularization, accordingly accelerate the process and the effect of

  6. 比较带蒂筋膜瓣与生物膜包绕组织工程骨修复兔超临界骨缺损的实验研究%Comparision of pedical fascial flap with biomembrane wrapping tissue engineering bone repairs rabbit supercritical bone defect

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵御森; 杨新明; 王海波


    Objective To compare the effect of pedical fascial flap and biomembrane in repairing the exceed critical size bone defect by membrane guided bone regeneration techniques( MGBR ). Methods 30 New Zealand white rabbits( male or female )were 5 months old and used to make the experimental model of bilateral 1 cm defect in the middle of the ulna with the periosteum. The uncellular tissue engineered bone, which was implanted into the bilateral bone defect areas, was prepared by seeding the autologous red bone marrow( ARBM ) obtained from the rabbits on the osteoinductive absorbing material containing bone morphogenetic protein( BMP ). The left side of bone defect area was wrapped by biomembrane as control group, while the right side was wrapped by pedical fascial flap as experimental group. The two groups were performed with internal fixation of mini titanium plate. On 4 week, 8 week, 12 week, and 16 week after the operation, each group was examined by X-ray radiograph, gross morphology and histological examination, bone shape measurement analysis in the reparative area, and the biomechanical detection was conducted on 12 week and 16 week. Results Experimental group was superior to control group in the gross morphological inspection; by the observation of X-ray radiograph at the 16 th week after the operation, cavum ossis was recanalization completely, while control group still blocking, and bone density of experimental group was higher than control group, the level of the degradation and absorption of the implant was better, the quantity and the forming speed of external callus was superior, and bone trabecula, cartilaginous tissues and mature bone structure in the histological examination, the remodeling of diaphysis structure were all superior to control group. By the analysis of the bone shape measurement, the differences at the ratio of new bone trabecula area to total reparative area among three groups and the differences at the different time points on 12 week and

  7. 以带蒂筋膜瓣为MGBR屏障膜的促成骨作用及作用方式%Studies on Curative Effect and Osteogenesis in the Process of Bone Defect Repair by Pedicle Fasciai Flap as Membrane Material and GBR Technique

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    胡振顺; 杨新明; 王耀一; 孟宪勇; 张瑛; 阴彦林


    compound was implanted in bone defect area and those whose defects were not wrapped by anything were divided into Group A while those whose defects were wrapped by pedical fascial flap with blood supply were divided into Group B. In weeks 4, 8, 12, and 16 after operation, rabbits in each group were examined by the radiograph (X-ray), light density measurement, gross morphology and histological inspection, bone shape measurement was analyzed in junctional zone. In weeks 8, 12, 16 they were examined by biomechanics determination. The data were analyzed Statistically to check the difference of bone defect repair. Results The indexes in gross morphology and histological inspection, radiograph, bone shape measurement analysis, quantity and forming speed of bone trabecula and cartilagi nous tissue, formation of mature bone structure, remodeling of diaphysis, recanalization of cavum ossis and absorption and degradation of implant group of pedical fascial flap with blood supply, Group B was superior to that of Group A obviously. By comparision of light density measurement and biomechanics determination, the difference between two groups in weeks 12, 16 after operation and the difference of the same group at each time point all bad statistical significance (P d0.05). In weeks 4, 8, 12, 16 after the operation the ratio between new bone trabecular area and total area had significant difference ( P〈 0.05). Conclusion The pedical fascial flap with vessels can be used in guided bone regeneration technique. And it has obvious effect in promoting the process of bone defect repair.

  8. Indirect ultrasonic signs of the callosal partial agenesis and hypoplasia in the fetus%胎儿胼胝体部分性缺失及发育不良横切面特征声像分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    蔡丹蕾; 李丽娟; 汪南; 吴丽红; 杜柳; 谢红宁


    agenesis or with hypoplasia, incidence of the absent cavum septum pellucidum was 20%, the ‘Tear-drop’ lateral ventricles was 40%, the upward displacement of the third ventricle was 80%. Pregnancy was terminated electively in 8 of the cases with partial agenesis or with hypoplasia. Among the 2 surviving infants, apparent normal development was observed in only one case, but we lost the follow-up of this case at two-year-old. Six fetuses received the chromosome identification, almost all of them were normal. Conclusion The basic ultrasonic examination is feasible for the antenatal diagnosis of isolated callosal underdevelopment the. The indirect classical signs of callosal partial agenesis and hypoplasia are different with those of complete agenesis of the corpus callosum. The incidences of the‘Tear-drop’ lateral ventricles and the upward displacement of the third ventricle are higher than the absence of CSP. The chromosome of isolated callosal partial agenesis or hypoplasia is normal, however, the prognosis is uncertain.

  9. 血管化与膜引导在带蒂筋膜瓣促组织工程复合体修复骨缺损中的作用比较%Comparison of effect on repair of bone defect using pedicle fascial flap promoting tissue engineering complex guided by membrane and vascularization

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    孟宪勇; 杨新明; 彭阿钦; 苏峰


    morphology and histological inspection showed the growth of vessels in the implant area, the quantity and the forming speed of the bone trabecula and, the cartilaginous tissue, the formation of the mature bone structure,remodeling of the diaphysis, recanalization of the cavum ossis and the absorption and the degradation of the implant of the group of pedical fascial flap with blood supply was superior to that of the group of the simple absorbable biomembrane. At the fourth, eighth, twelfth and sixteenth week after the operation the bone trabecula area were( 20. 35 ± 2. 41 ) %, ( 40. 21 ± 1.97 ) %, (66. 67 ± 3.44 ) % and ( 86. 47 ± 3.99) % respectively in the group of pedical fascial flap with blood supply, and were ( 7. 46 ± 2.64 ) %, ( 20. 66 ± 2. 28 ) % , ( 40. 22 ±1.84)% and(58. 18 ± 1.79) respectively in the group of the simple absorbable biomembrane. At the same time point after the operation the light density were 0. 636 ± 0. 012,0. 596 ± 0. 062,0. 552 ± 0. 009 and 0. 451 ±0. 008 respectively in the group of pedical fascial flap with blood supply, and 0. 742 ± 0. 032,0. 713 ± 0. 022,0. 655 ±0. 018 and 0. 606 ±0. 015 respectively in the group of the simple absorbable biomembrane. The units of blood vessel reproductive area in the bone repair junctional zone were ( 18.75 ± 2. 09 ) %, ( 37.41 ± 3.22 ) %,(53. 06 ±2. 18)% and (36.72 ±4. 73)% respectively in the group of pedical fascial flap with blood supply,and (5. 34 ± 1.17 ) %, (9. 48 ± 2.96) %, ( 22.43 ± 2. 21 ) % and ( 26. 27 ± 3. 14 ) % respectively in the group of the simple absorbable biomembrane. The biomechanics intension was 26.62 ± 3.96 in the group of pedical fascial flap with blood supply and 18. 38 ±0. 71 in the group of the simple absorbable biomembrane at the twelfth week after the operation. All of the differences were significant( P <0. 05 ). Conclusion The pedical fascial flap with blood supply has significant effect in promoting the tissue engineering bone to vascularize and

  10. Los grupos étnicos en la cuenca del Chuquimayo, siglos 15 y 16

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available 1. Dans les provinces actuelles de San Ignacio et Jaén (département de Cajamarca, Pérou, ont vécu de nombreux groupes ethniques dont il n'existe plus aucun représentant, ce qui empêche d'en faire une étude ethnologique. Le seul moyen qui nous reste pour connaître quelque chose d'eux est constitué par les sources écrites des seizième et dix-septième siècles. 2. On a cru a tort que l'un des groupes ethniques les plus représentatifs de la province de Jaén était celui appelé Pacamuros ou Bracamoros, groupe que l'on situait dans l'angle formé par les rios Chinchipe et Marañon. Les documents historiques montrent que ce groupe était installé dans le bassin du rio Zamora, dans la partie centrale de la nouvelle province équatorienne de Santiago-Zamora. 3. Les groupes ethniques des provinces de San Ignacio et Jaén étaient concentrés préférentiellement dans les bassins de rios Chuquimayo ou Chinchipe, Chirinos, Tabaconas et à l'Ouest du Marañon. Ils travaillaient des terres de cordillère froides et d'autres situées en forêt chaude ou l'humidité est constante et la flore très développée. 4. Les groupes ethniques furent les suivants: I Nehipe ou Chuquimayo ou Chinchipe, 2 Chirinos, 3 Perico, 4 Pacaraes, 5 Mandinga, 6 Tabancaras, 7 Joroca, 8 Jo-lluca, 9 Llanqueconi, 10} Tomependa, 11 Chamaya, 12 Bagua, 13 Copallin, 14 Canas de Cacahuari o Lomas del Viento, 15 Comechingon, 16 Huambucos, 17 Maracacona, 18 Moqui, 19 Girapaconi, 20 Tamborapa et quatre autres qui ont vécu a proximité des sources du Chinchipe et le long du Marañón mais dont nous ignorons les noms. Les espagnols ont appelé chaque groupe provincia. 5. Les Tabaconas et les Huambos furent deux curacazgos ou royaumes andins de langue rurashimi qui se situaient respectivement a l'Ouest et au Sud des groupes humains déjà cités. Ils ont fait partie de l'Empire des Incas. 6. Les groupes de Jaén ont pratiqué une agriculture de subsistance la base de l

  11. 氯胺酮对N-甲基-D-天冬氨酸诱导大鼠脊髓背角星形胶质细胞损伤的作用%Influence of ketamine on astrocyte damage in spinal dorsal horn of rats induced by N-methyl-D-aspartic acid

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李清; 刘菊英; 周青山; 朱涛; 秦成名


    组,差异显著[分别为(25.26±6.13)%,(5.66±2.24)%,P<0.01],100μmol/LN-甲基-D-天冬氨酸+1 mmol/L氯胺酮组低于100 μmol/L N-甲基-D-天冬氨酸组,差异显著[分别为(24.41±4.82)%,(25.26±6.13)%,P<0.01].③丙二醛含量和超氧化物歧化酶活性变化:100 μmol/L N-甲基-D-天冬氨酸使星形胶质细胞内丙二醛含量显著升高,而超氧化物歧化酶活性明显降低;1 mmol/L氯胺酮明显降低丙二醛含量,显著增强超氧化物歧化酶活性,该效应在临床镇痛剂量以内有明显量效关系,与N-甲基-D-天冬氨酸组相比差异显著(P<0.01).1 mmol/L氯胺酮组与对照组相比、100μmol/L N-甲基-D-天冬氨酸+0.1 mmol/L氯胺酮组与N-甲基-D-天冬氨酸组相比差异均无显著性.结论:N-甲基-D-天冬氨酸受体过度激活可诱导大鼠脊髓背角星形胶质细胞大量凋亡,适量氯胺酮显著抑制细胞凋亡,其机制可能增强星形胶质细胞Bcl-2蛋白表达,同时抑制自由基的产生和增强超氧化物歧化酶活性.%BACKGROUND: Ketamine is a kind of frequently used general venous anesthesia drug in clinic, and the medication in vein or epidural cavum has analgesic effect. It is N-methyl-D-aspartic acid (NMDA) receptor noncompetitive antagonist, which can inhibit toxic effect of excitatory amino acids.OBJECTIVE: To observe effect of ketamine on apoptosis of dorsal horn astrocytes of spinal cord of rats induced by NMDA receptor over activation and explore its possible mechanism of action.DESIGN: Randomized controlled observation.SETTING: Department of Anesthesiology, Taihe Hospital Affiliated to Yunyang Medical College.MATERIALS: The experiment was conducted at Cell Biology Laboratory,Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Yunyang Medical College between September 2003 and January 2005. Neonatal Wistar rats of two or three days were provided by Animal Experimental Center of Wuhan University. METHODS: Primary astrocytes in dorsal horn of T11-L6 spinal cord of Wistar rats were purified and