Sample records for carboloy

  1. Electrical resistance, superconductivity and phase transformations of Rb and Cs under high pressure

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ullrich, K.


    Four lead electrical resistance measurements were performed on Rb under pressures up to 210 kbar for temperatures in the range 0.05 K to 300 K. Pressure was applied using a Bridgman-anvil-configuration with dense sintered diamond in the highly stressed tip regions of the Carboloy pistons. The sample cell was pressurized at room temperature by a mechanical press connected to the mixing chamber of a 3 He- 4 He-cryostat. The pressure remained essentially constant during cooling. Discontinuous changes in resistance at pressures of 70 and 140 kbar indicate two phase transitions and confirm the results of other authors. The resistance of Rb increases after a minimum at 20 kbar by about two orders of magnitude. (orig.) [de