Sample records for carboloy

  1. Carboloy grade 370 (sintered cemented carbide)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Carboloy Grade 370 containing 72.0 WC, 8.0 TiC, 11.5 TaC, 8.5 Co is a tough, wear-resistant grade of cemented carbide for heavy duty roughing cuts of steels, ferrous castings, stainless steels, and some high-temperature alloys. It successfully withstands those high temperatures encountered in heavy duty machining. It is used as the as-sintered condition, without further heat treatment. It cannot be machined, but can be ground to final size by use of SiC and diamonds as abrasives. Carbology 370 is rarely applied where corrosive environments exist. Safety note is given to ensure protection for personnel and equipment from flying fragments and sharp edges when working with these materials, and an adequate ventilation in grinding operation to avoid pulmonary problems. Microstructure and hardness vs. temperature curves for Carboloy 370 are presented and its physical and mechanical properties are tabulated