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  1. Reproduction of the San Joaquin kit fox (Vulpes velox macrotis) on Camp Roberts Army National Guard Training Site, California

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Spencer, K A; Berry, W H; Standley, W G; O`Farrell, T P


    The reproduction of a San Joaquin kit fox population (Vulpes velox macrotis) was investigated at Camp Roberts Army National Guard Training Site, California, from November 1988 through September 1991. Of 38 vixens radiocollared prior to parturition, 12 (32%) were successful in raising pups from conception to the point where pups were observed above ground. No yearling vixens were known tb be reproductively active. The mean litter size during 1989 - 1991 was 3.0 (n = 21, SE = 0.28) and ranged from one to six pups. Both the proportion of vixens successfully raising pups and the mean litter size observed at Camp Roberts during this study were lower than those reported at other locations. Sex ratios of kit fox pups were male biased two of the three years, but did not differ statistically from 1:1 throughout the study. Whelping was estimated to occur between February 15 and March 5. Results of this study support previous reports that kit foxes are primarily monogamous, although one case of polygamy may have occurred. Both the proportion of dispersing radiocollared juveniles (26%) and the mean dispersal distance (5.9 km) of juveniles at Camp Roberts appeared low compared to other locations.

  2. Population trends of San Joaquin kit fox (Vulpes velox macrotis) at Camp Roberts Army National Guard Training Site, California

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Berry, W.H.; Standley, W.G.


    Population trends of a San Joaquin kit fox population (Vulpes velox macrotis) were investigated at Camp Roberts Army National Guard Training Site, California, from November 1989 through August 1991. Six semiannual livetrapping sessions and eight scent-station survey sessions were conducted. Livetrapping results and radiotelemetry data were used to calculate minimum population size, density, and distribution. A total of 175 individual foxes were trapped 463 times. The number of individuals trapped and minimum population size calculations showed a decline over time. The highest minimum population (109) was observed in winter 1988. Summer 1991 had the lowest minimum population size (45). No evidence was found to indicate that the apparent population decline was a result of military-authorized activities.

  3. Blood characteristics of San Joaquin kit fox (Vulpes velox macrotis) at Camp Roberts Army National Guard Training Site, California

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Standley, W.G.; McCue, P.M.


    Hematology, serum chemistry, and prevalence of antibodies against selected, pathogens in a San Joaquin kit fox population (Vulpes velox macrotis) were investigated at Camp Roberts Army National Guard Training Site, California, in 1989 and 1990. Samples from 18 (10 female, 8 male) adult kit foxes were used to establish normal hematology and serum chemistry values for this population. Average values were all within the normal ranges reported for kit foxes in other locations. Three hematology parameters had significant differences between male and female values; males had higher total white blood cell and neutrophil counts, and lower lymphocyte counts. There were no significant differences between serum chemistry values from male and female foxes. Prevalence of antibodies was determined from serum samples from 47 (26 female, 21 male) adult kit foxes and eight (4 female, 4 male) juveniles. Antibodies were detected against five of the eight pathogens tested: canine parvovirus, Toxoplasma gondii Leptospira interrogans, canine distemper virus, and canine hepatitis virus. Antibodies were not detected against Brucella, canis, Coccidioides immitis, or Yersinia pestis.

  4. Multisensor interoperability for persistent surveillance and FOB protection with multiple technologies during the TNT exercise at Camp Roberts, California (United States)

    Murarka, Naveen; Chambers, Jon


    Multiple sensors, providing actionable intelligence to the war fighter, often have difficulty interoperating with each other. Northrop Grumman (NG) is dedicated to solving these problems and providing complete solutions for persistent surveillance. In August, 2011, NG was invited to participate in the Tactical Network Topology (TNT) Capabilities Based Experimentation at Camp Roberts, CA to demonstrate integrated system capabilities providing Forward Operating Base (FOB) protection. This experiment was an opportunity to leverage previous efforts from NG's Rotorcraft Avionics Innovation Laboratory (RAIL) to integrate five prime systems with widely different capabilities. The five systems included a Hostile Fire and Missile Warning Sensor System, SCORPION II Unattended Ground Sensor system, Smart Integrated Vehicle Area Network (SiVAN), STARLite Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)/Ground Moving Target Indications (GMTI) radar system, and a vehicle with Target Location Module (TLM) and Laser Designation Module (LDM). These systems were integrated with each other and a Tactical Operations Center (TOC) equipped with RaptorX and Falconview providing a Common Operational Picture (COP) via Cursor on Target (CoT) messages. This paper will discuss this exercise, and the lessons learned, by integrating these five prime systems for persistent surveillance and FOB protection.

  5. Tidal Marsh Vegetation of China Camp, San Pablo Bay, California


    Baye, Peter R.


    China Camp (Marin County, California) preserves extensive relict stands of salt marsh vegetation developed on a prehistoric salt marsh platform with a complex sinuous tidal creek network. The low salt marsh along tidal creeks supports extensive native stands of Pacific cordgrass (Spartina foliosa). The outer salt marsh accreted following hydraulic gold mining sedimentation. It consists of a wave-scarped pickleweed-dominated (Sarcocornia pacifica) high salt marsh terrace with a broad fringing ...

  6. 78 FR 40958 - Amendment of Restricted Areas R-2504A & R-2504B; Camp Roberts, CA, and Restricted Area R-2530... (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR Part 73 RIN 2120-AA66 Amendment of Restricted Areas R-2504A & R-2504B; Camp Roberts, CA, and Restricted Area R-2530; Sierra Army Depot, CA AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT. ACTION: Final rule. SUMMARY: This action amends the descriptions of restricted areas R...

  7. Biodiversity and Landscape Planning: Alternative Futures for the Region of Camp Pendleton, California (United States)


    be used by ied Marine IEh vegetation by development through hydrologic and stakeholders, including MCB Camp Pendleton, to d Mariene ~fire influences...the )e; •fields of landscape ecology, conservation biology , forestry, and others suggest that spatial pattern is an :ends into integral factor in...Urbana, Illinois, Vireo. Sacramento, California: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1989. 1967. Friedmann, H. The Cowbirds: A Study in the Biology of Social

  8. Race in California's prison fire camps for men: prison politics, space, and the racialization of everyday life. (United States)

    Goodman, Philip


    The vast majority of social scientists agree that race is "socially constructed." Yet many scholars of punishment and prisons still treat race as static, self-evident categories. One result is that not enough is known about the production, meanings, and consequences of race as experienced by prisoners and those who guard and manage them. The author's research on California's prison fire camps uncovers the micro-level ways in which race is performed and imbued with meaning; he reveals how racial understandings color people and settings. One puzzle is that prisoners in California's fire camps will fight natural disasters side by side, sharing water and provisions, but separate into racial groups when in the camp itself. In part to answer this (and in part to develop better understandings of race and prisons more generally), the author unpacks the variegated nature of punishment and the spatialization of race and advocates for research that is faithful to the constructivist framework.

  9. Environmental Factors Affecting Mercury in Camp Far West Reservoir, California, 2001-03 (United States)

    Alpers, Charles N.; Stewart, A. Robin; Saiki, Michael K.; Marvin-DiPasquale, Mark C.; Topping, Brent R.; Rider, Kelly M.; Gallanthine, Steven K.; Kester, Cynthia A.; Rye, Robert O.; Antweiler, Ronald C.; De Wild, John F.


    This report documents water quality in Camp Far West Reservoir from October 2001 through August 2003. The reservoir, located at approximately 300 feet above sea level in the foothills of the northwestern Sierra Nevada, California, is a monomictic lake characterized by extreme drawdown in the late summer and fall. Thermal stratification in summer and fall is coupled with anoxic conditions in the hypolimnion. Water-quality sampling was done at approximately 3-month intervals on eight occasions at several stations in the reservoir, including a group of three stations along a flow path in the reservoir: an upstream station in the Bear River arm (principal tributary), a mid-reservoir station in the thalweg (prereservoir river channel), and a station in the deepest part of the reservoir, in the thalweg near Camp Far West Dam. Stations in other tributary arms of the reservoir included those in the Rock Creek arm of the reservoir, a relatively low-flow tributary, and the Dairy Farm arm, a small tributary that receives acidic, metal-rich drainage seasonally from the inactive Dairy Farm Mine, which produced copper, zinc, and gold from underground workings and a surface pit. Several water-quality constituents varied significantly by season at all sampling stations, including major cations and anions, total mercury (filtered and unfiltered samples), nitrogen (ammonia plus organic), and total phosphorus. A strong seasonal signal also was observed for the sulfurisotope composition of aqueous sulfate from filtered water. Although there were some spatial differences in water quality, the seasonal variations were more profound. Concentrations of total mercury (filtered and unfiltered water) were highest during fall and winter; these concentrations decreased at most stations during spring and summer. Anoxic conditions developed in deep parts of the reservoir during summer and fall in association with thermal stratification. The highest concentrations of methylmercury in unfiltered

  10. Robert Koch. (United States)

    Münch, Ragnhild


    This article traces the origins of bacteriological research, with particular attention to the role of Robert Koch, and his postulates, on infectious agents. By chronologically following Koch's work on anthrax, germ photography and tuberculosis, it shows how the visual representation of germs transformed laboratory research in medical science.

  11. Final Report Recommended Actions to Reduce Electrical Peak Loads at the Marine Corps Air Station at Camp Pendleton, California

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hail, John C.; Brown, Daryl R.; McCullough, Jeffrey J.; Underhill, Ronald M.


    PNNL conducted a walk-through audit of Marine Corps Air Station at Camp Pendleton. The audit inspected a significant portion of the site and identified a large number of similar energy saving opportunities across all building types.

  12. Robert Schumann. (United States)

    Lederman, R J


    Robert Schumann, one of the giants of early romantic music, was born in Saxony in 1810 and died in an asylum shortly after his 46th birthday. Early in life, he demonstrated extraordinary skills in both music and journalism; he remained active in both areas until his final illness. His marriage to the remarkable pianist, Clara Wieck, provided him with both much-needed emotional support and a highly effective champion of his music throughout her lengthy career. Schumann's plans to be a concert pianist were thwarted at least partially by an injury to his right hand, the nature of which has been the subject of much speculation. After considering what few facts are available, the author concludes that this may have represented focal dystonia. His compositional output waxed and waned dramatically over his professional life, reflecting to some degree his emotional state. It is considered most likely that he suffered from a major affective disorder, bipolar type. This ultimately led to a suicide attempt in February 1854, and to his eventual death in July 1856. Despite wide-spread and reasonable suspicion that he may have died from neurosyphilis, severe malnutrition from self-starvation seems more likely.

  13. Camp Sea Lab Visit



    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited On Wednesday July 8th, CAVR hosted 32 eight to thirteen year olds from California State Monterey Bay’s summer Camp SEA Lab. The students had the opportunity to interact with robotic dogs, an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), remotely operated vehicle (ROV), and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

  14. Demonstration of Helicopter Multi-sensor Towed Array Detection System (MTADS) Magnetometry at Former Camp Beale, California (United States)


    located in northern California immediately east of Beale Air Force Base, straddling both Yuba and Nevada counties (Figure 1). The site is located...located in northern California immediately east of Beale Air Force Base, straddling both Yuba and Nevada counties. The site is located...during previous deployments. A base of field operations was established at the Yuba County Airport, providing fuel and temporary hanger/storage space

  15. Developmental Math Programs in California Community College: An Analysis of Math Boot Camp at Cosumnes River College (United States)

    Powell, Torence J.


    The California Community College system, as an open access institution, is tasked with helping students who possess math skills far below college-level complete math course requirements for obtaining an associate degree or transfer to a university. Colleges have created various developmental math programs to achieve this mission; this paper…

  16. Millikan, Prof. Robert Andrews

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 1935 Honorary. Millikan, Prof. Robert Andrews Nobel Laureate (Physics) - 1923. Date of birth: 22 March 1868. Date of death: 19 December 1953. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog. Academy News. IAS Logo. Theory Of Evolution. Posted on 23 January 2018. Joint Statement by the ...

  17. Leiper, Prof. Robert Thomson

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 1938 Honorary. Leiper, Prof. Robert Thomson. Date of birth: 17 April 1881. Date of death: 21 May 1969. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog. Academy News. IAS Logo. Theory Of Evolution. Posted on 23 January 2018. Joint Statement by the Three Science Academies of India on the ...

  18. Mulliken, Prof. Robert Sanderson

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 1969 Honorary. Mulliken, Prof. Robert Sanderson Nobel Laureate (Chemistry) - 1966. Date of birth: 7 June 1896. Date of death: 31 October 1986. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog. Academy News. IAS Logo. Theory Of Evolution. Posted on 23 January 2018. Joint Statement by the ...

  19. Consulting to summer camps. (United States)

    Ditter, Bob


    There has been an increased need for consultation to summer camps from the allied health/mental health fields because camps are available to children with medical and psychological illnesses. Factors in camp programs that are necessary for effective consultation and the various roles a consultant may serve within the camp community are discussed in this article.

  20. Victory Junction Gang Camp (United States)

    Shell, Ryan


    This article describes the Victory Junction Gang Camp, a not-for-profit, NASCAR-themed camp for children with chronic medical conditions that serves 24 different disease groups. The mission of the camp is to give children life-changing camping experiences that are exciting, fun, and empowering in a safe and medically sound environment. While doing…

  1. Robert Owen empresario


    Santos-Redondo, M. (Manuel)


    El empresario y reformador británico Robert Owen (1771-1858) es conocido como "socialista utópico" y fundador de cooperativas que fracasaron. Esto hace que identifiquemos su muy rentable empresa en New Lanark con las comunidades utópicas que fundó después. Pero se trata de dos experiencias muy diferentes. New Lanark fue la culminación del éxito de Owen como empresario en los tiempos de la Revolución Industrial, y fue también un hito en la gestión y la organización deltrabajo, que podemos ente...

  2. Remembering Robert Seydel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lauren van Haaften­-Schick


    Full Text Available This January, while preparing a new course, Robert Seydel was struck and killed by an unexpected heart attack. He was a critically under-appreciated artist and one of the most beloved and admired professors at Hampshire College.At the time of his passing, Seydel was on the brink of a major artistic and career milestone. His Book of Ruth was being prepared for publication by Siglio Press. His publisher describes the book as: “an alchemical assemblage that composes the life of his alter ego, Ruth Greisman— spinster, Sunday painter, and friend to Joseph Cornell and Marcel Duchamp. Through collages, drawings, and journal entries from Ruth’s imagined life, Seydel invokes her interior world in novelistic rhythms.”This convergence of his professional triumph with the tragedy of his death makes now a particularly appropriate time to think about Robert Seydel and his work. This feature contains a selection of excerpts from Book of Ruth (courtesy of Siglio Press alongside a pair of texts remembering him and giving critical and biographical insights into his art and his person. These texts, from a former student and a colleague respectively, were originally prepared for Seydel's memorial at Hampshire College and have since been revised for publication in continent.

  3. Camp and Human Behavior. (United States)

    Henderson, Karla A.


    Addresses the potential of camp to promote self-esteem and nurture a sense of community. Summarizes articles in this journal issue that focus on individual and group behavior including homesickness, how camps can promote positive attitudes toward disabled campers, and a camp program that provides respite care for families of children with AIDS.…

  4. Robert Cailliau honoured by Belgium

    CERN Multimedia


    On 15 November, Robert Cailliau received the distinction of Commandeur de l'Ordre de Léopold from Belgium, his home country, for his pioneering work in developing the World Wide Web. Robert Cailliau worked closely with Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web.

  5. Robert O. Reid honored (United States)

    Robert O. Reid, professor and head of the Department of Oceanography at Texas A&M University, was honored by about 80 of his former students with a two-day symposium on the practice of physical oceanography, held April 14 and 15 on the College Station campus. Some 30 papers were presented by Reid's present and former students, who came to Texas A&M from many parts of the country to honor their former professor. A festschrift o f selected proceedings will be published by the Texas A&M University Press.The symposium, planned by Feenan D. Jennings, director of the Texas A&M Office of University Research Services; A. D. Kirwan, Jr., University of South Florida; and William J . Merrell and Worth D. Nowlin, Jr., of the Texas A&M Department of Oceanography, was kept a secret from Reid until a reception the evening of April 13. Speaking on behalf of the symposium's organizers, Merrell noted that Reid has been on the graduate committee for 60 master's and Ph.D. students and committee chairman for 30 master's students and 55 doctoral students.

  6. Recreation Summer Camps (United States)

    Montgomery County of Maryland — List of all Camps (Register here: to include Aquatics, Basketball, Soccer, Special Interest, General Sports,...

  7. Registration Summer Camp 2016

    CERN Multimedia


    Reminder: registration for the CERN Staff Association Summer Camp is now open for children from 4 to 6 years old.   More information on the website: The summer camp is open to all children. The proposed cost is 480.-CHF/week, lunch included. The camp will be open weeks 27, 28, 29 and 30, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For further questions, you are welcome to contact us by email at CERN Staff Association

  8. Robert Lepiksoni maailm / Eha Komissarov

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Komissarov, Eha, 1947-


    Näitus "Minu maailm. Robert Lepikson fotograafina ja kollektsionäärina" galeriis "Vaal". Väljas on loodusfotod, fotod autodest, kunstikogust Eduard Steinbergi (1937) ja Vladimir Nemuhhini (1925) maalid, paar Salvador Dali värvilist litograafiat

  9. Robert Smithsoni ülevaade

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Ameerika maakunstniku Robert Smithsoni (1938-1973) retrospektiivnäitus 12. sept.-ni Stockholmi Moodsa Kunsti Muuseumis. Kunstnikule maailmakuulsuse toonud tööst, 1970. a. Utah' osariigi Suurde Soolajärve ehitatud spiraalmuulist "Spiral Jetty".

  10. Scrum Code Camps

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pries-Heje, Jan; Pries-Heje, Lene; Dahlgaard, Bente


    is required. In this paper we present the design of such a new approach, the Scrum Code Camp, which can be used to assess agile team capability in a transparent and consistent way. A design science research approach is used to analyze properties of two instances of the Scrum Code Camp where seven agile teams...

  11. Friends' Discovery Camp (United States)

    Seymour, Seth


    This article features Friends' Discovery Camp, a program that allows children with and without autism spectrum disorder to learn and play together. In Friends' Discovery Camp, campers take part in sensory-rich experiences, ranging from hands-on activities and performing arts to science experiments and stories teaching social skills. Now in its 7th…

  12. Test Review: Roberts, G. E., & Gruber, C. (2005). "Roberts-2." Los Angeles: Western Psychological Services (United States)

    Flanagan, Rosemary


    This article provides a review of Roberts-2, an individually administered narrative measure published by Western Psychological Services. Roberts-2 is a substantial revision of the earlier version of this measure, the Roberts Apperception Test for Children (RATC; McArthur & Roberts, 1982). Roberts-2 is composed of 16 stimulus cards that direct…

  13. PsychoNeuroImmunology Research Society's Robert Ader New Investigator Award. (United States)


    Dr. Aric A. Prather, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), is the recipient of the 2015 Robert Ader New Investigator Award and will present on his research at the PsychoNeuroImmunology Research Society (PNIRS) meeting, June 3–6, Seattle, WA. The Robert Ader New Investigator Award is presented to an outstanding new research scientist who has made exciting basic science or clinical contributions to the field of psychoneuroimmunology.

  14. Robert Abbe: early American brachytherapist. (United States)

    Aronowitz, Jesse N


    To assess Robert Abbe's career and contributions to brachytherapy, in the context of the work of contemporary European and American investigators. Examination of his lectures and journal articles, as well as contemporaneous newspaper accounts, textbooks, and archival material. Although not the first American to apply radium therapeutically, Robert Abbe was among the earliest to acquire and systematically use a clinically significant quantity. He replicated early European experimental and clinical work, and published a large series of cases treated with generally favorable results. Abbe was the first American to emphasize the role of radiobiology in optimizing therapeutic ratio. His eloquence and stature helped legitimize the new therapeutic modality. Robert Abbe was probably the nation's most influential early brachytherapist. Copyright © 2012 American Brachytherapy Society. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  15. Robert Zajonc: The Complete Psychologist (United States)

    Berridge, Kent C.


    This article joins with others in the same issue to celebrate the career of Robert B. Zajonc who was a broad, as well as deeply talented, psychologist. Beyond his well-known focus in social psychology, the work of Zajonc also involved, at one time or another, forays into nearly every other subfield of psychology. This article focuses specifically on his studies that extended into biopsychology, which deserve special highlighting in order to be recognized alongside his many major achievements in emotion and related social topics. The biopsychological focus is offered here in the hope that all his diverse contributions be savored together when celebrating the complete psychology of Robert Zajonc. PMID:22473376

  16. Summer camp nurtures student


    Earl Anderson


    Summer camp is a coordinated program for youths or teenagers driven in the midst of the late spring months in a couple of countries. Adolescents and young people who go to summer camp are known as campers. It is each parent's stress: What is the perfect way for your adolescent to contribute his or her free vitality in the midst of summer and school breaks? Research Paper Help. To a couple, it is a period for youths to play and have an incredible time. By joining the late spring camp, yout...

  17. Hitler's Death Camps. (United States)

    Wieser, Paul


    Presents a high school lesson on Hitler's death camps and the widespread policy of brutality and oppression against European Jews. Includes student objectives, instructional procedures, and a chart listing the value of used clothing taken from the Jews. (CFR)

  18. Robert Paine Doctor Honoris Causa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Per Mathiesen


    Full Text Available Professor Emeritus Dr. Robert Paine was conferred the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa at the University of Tromsø on August 27 1998 as a recognition of his long lasting and continuing influence on the anthropological study of modern society, and in particular his many contributions to the understanding of Sami reindeer husbandry and the Sami culture in general.

  19. The Way Robert Sees It (United States)

    Freado, Mark D.; Wille, A. Katherine


    Robert, a fifteen-year-old resident in a residential treatment program, was diagnosed with significant hearing impairment. He communicates primarily through American Sign Language, although he speaks relatively well and has some hearing ability. Katie, a youth worker who has participated in Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) training, worked…

  20. Max Weber and Robert Michels. (United States)

    Scaff, Lawrence A.


    This paper investigates the unique intellectual partnership of Max Weber and Robert Michels, with particular emphasis on Weber's influence on Michel's inquiry into the sociology of parties and organization. Concludes with an evaluation of the import of Weber's critique of Michels' work. (DB)

  1. Robert Dicke and Atomic Physics

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 16; Issue 4. Robert Dicke and Atomic Physics. Vasant Natarajan. General Article Volume 16 Issue 4 April 2011 pp 322-332. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link: Keywords.

  2. Steven Hawking with Robert Aymar

    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    Steven Hawking is seen meeting with CERN's Director-General, Robert Aymar. Hawking visited CERN between 24 September and 1 October 2006. During his stay he gave two lectures and toured the LHC, which may provide insights into Hawking's most famous area of study, black holes.

  3. CDC Disease Detective Camp

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    The CDC Disease Detective Camp gives rising high school juniors and seniors exposure to key aspects of the CDC, including basic epidemiology, infectious and chronic disease tracking, public health law, and outbreak investigations. The camp also helps students explore careers in public health.  Created: 8/2/2010 by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).   Date Released: 8/2/2010.

  4. Munitions Classification With Portable Advanced Electromagnetic Sensors, Demonstration at the former Camp Beale, CA, Summer 2011 (United States)


    Report. (Ref. 14) More details can be obtained in the report. The former Camp Beale is an approximately 60,000-acre site located in Yuba and Nevada...Report 13. IDA Report 14. “Site Inspection (SI) Report Former Camp Beale Yuba and Nevada Counties, California,” Earth Tech, July 2007, https

  5. J. Robert Oppenheimer - A Life (United States)

    Pais, Abraham; Crease, Robert P.


    The late Abraham Pais, author of the award winning biography of Albert Einstein, Subtle is the Lord , here offers an illuminating portrait of another of his eminent colleagues, J. Robert Oppenheimer, one of the most charismatic and enigmatic figures of modern physics. Pais introduces us to a precocious youth who sped through Harvard in three years, made signal contributions to quantum mechanics while in his twenties, and was instrumental in the growth of American physics in the decade before the Second World War, almost single-handedly bringing it to a state of prominence. He paints a revealing portrait of Oppenheimer's life in Los Alamos, where in twenty remarkable, feverish months, and under his inspired guidance, the first atomic bomb was designed and built, a success that made Oppenheimer America's most famous scientist. Pais describes Oppenheimer's long tenure as Director of the Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton, where the two men worked together closely. He shows not only Oppenheimer's brilliance and leadership, but also how his displays of intensity and arrogance won him powerful enemies, ones who would ultimately make him one of the principal victims of the Red Scare of the 1950s. J. Robert Oppenheimer is Abraham Pais's final work, completed after his death by Robert P. Crease, an acclaimed historian of science in his own right. Told with compassion and deep insight, it is the most comprehensive biography of the great physicist available. Anyone seeking an insider's portrait of this enigmatic man will find it indispensable.

  6. The camp model for entrepreneurship teaching

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bager, Torben


    Artiklen omhandler brugen af camps i entrepreneurship undervising - illustreret med danske camp eksempler Udgivelsesdato: online 31.03.2010......Artiklen omhandler brugen af camps i entrepreneurship undervising - illustreret med danske camp eksempler Udgivelsesdato: online 31.03.2010...

  7. Obituary: Ralph Robert Robbins, Jr., 1938-2005 (United States)

    Hemenway, Mary Kay; Jefferys, William H.; Lambert, David L.


    Ralph Robert Robbins, Jr., died on 2 December 2005, in Kyle, Texas. His wife, Maria Elena Robbins, his daughters Julia Robbins Kelso and Stephanie Juarez Balles, his son Matthew Juarez, and five grandchildren survive him. Bob was on the faculty at the University of Texas from 1968 until his retirement in 2003. Bob was born in Wichita, Kansas, on 2 September 1938, the only son of Mildred and Ralph Robert Robbins, Sr. Guided by his high school's policy to provide a practical education to children of working-class parents, Bob began high school with a heavy dose of vocational courses until the results of a test indicated his special talent in mathematics. He was awarded a full scholarship to Yale University, graduating magna cum laude in mathematics in 1960. He won the Warner Prize in Mathematics at Yale that year. He received his Ph.D. in 1966 with a dissertation entitled "The Triplet Spectrum of Neutral Helium in Expanding Nebulae" from the University of California at Berkeley. His interest in college teaching was ignited at this time through summer teaching positions at San Mateo California Junior College and the Ohio State University. Following a year at Texas as a McDonald Observatory Post-doctoral Fellow, Bob taught for a year in the physics department of the University of Houston before returning to the University of Texas at Austin as an Assistant Professor of Astronomy in 1968. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1972. Bob's research in the early 1970s on theoretical studies of helium was of vital importance to astronomers for over three decades. These pioneering calculations became vital to observational astronomers in the mid-1990s as interest grew in the primordial helium produced by the Big Bang. Bob's interest and influence in education was international in scope. In the summers 1968-1970, he was a government consultant in Mathematics in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). He consulted with the government that was preparing a master plan for technical

  8. Geographies of the camp

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Minca, C.


    Facing the current growing global archipelago of encampments – including concentration, detention, transit, identification, refugee, military and training camps, this article is a geographical reflection on ‘the camp’, as a modern institution and as a spatial bio-political technology. In particular,


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luiz Felipe Netto de Andrade e Silva Sahd


    Full Text Available the present article aims at reconstructing Robert Nozick’s cen-tral arguments about the extreme positions held by North American li-bertarians who do not distinguish between Welfare state and totalitarian state. Despite divergences on a pivotal question, that of the state, there are some affinities between Nozick and this current of thought. Contrary to the anarchist theory, the Minimal state is preferable to the state of nature as described by John locke.O presente artigo tem como objetivo reconstruir argumentos cen-trais, desenvolvidos por Robert Nozick, acerca das posições extremas que não diferenciam Estado-providência e Estado totalitário na política dos libertarianos norte-americanos, isto é, sobre as afinidades percebidas por Nozick com as teses desta corrente de pensamento, embora se afastando num ponto essencial: a questão do Estado. Ao contrário da teoria anar-quista, o Estado mínimo é preferível ao estado de natureza, tal como John locke o descreve.

  10. Robert Owen, pionero del management


    Santos Redondo, Luis Manuel


    Robert Owen es estudiado hoy como por los historiadores del socialismo bajo la etiqueta de “socialista utópico”. Esto hace que identifiquemos las fábricas de New Lannark con los experimentos que llevó a cabo en su intento de establecer una nueva sociedad basada en el ideal cooperativo, como New Harmony. En este trabajo se defiende que se trata de dos experiencias muy diferentes. New Harmony fue un fracaso cuya explicación interesa a los historiadores del socialismo. En cambio, New Lannark fue...

  11. Running Boot Camp

    CERN Document Server

    Toporek, Chuck


    When Steve Jobs jumped on stage at Macworld San Francisco 2006 and announced the new Intel-based Macs, the question wasn't if, but when someone would figure out a hack to get Windows XP running on these new "Mactels." Enter Boot Camp, a new system utility that helps you partition and install Windows XP on your Intel Mac. Boot Camp does all the heavy lifting for you. You won't need to open the Terminal and hack on system files or wave a chicken bone over your iMac to get XP running. This free program makes it easy for anyone to turn their Mac into a dual-boot Windows/OS X machine. Running Bo

  12. Robert Antropov, KEKKi isa / Inge Pitsner

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pitsner, Inge


    Politseiameti peadirektor Robert Antropov ehitas aastatel 1993-2003 Eestis üles Kohtuekspertiisi ja Kriminalistika Keskuse, mis oma tasemelt on Euroopa parimaid. Las Vegase kriminalistide tööd kujutavat telesarja "C.S.I" peab Robert Antropov professionaalselt tehtud filmiks

  13. Registration Day-Camp 2016

    CERN Multimedia

    Nursery School


    Reminder Registration for the CERN Staff Association Day-camp are open for children from 4 to 6 years old More information on the website: The day-camp is open to all children. An inscription per week is proposed, cost 480.-CHF/week, lunch included The camp will be open weeks 27, 28, 29 and 30, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. For further questions, thanks you for contacting us by email at

  14. No ordinary boot camp. (United States)

    Tichy, N M


    Many companies now run boot camps--comprehensive orientation programs designed to help new hires hit the ground running. They're intense and intimidating, and new employees emerge from them with strong bonds to other recruits and to the organization. But at Trilogy, organizational consultant Noel Tichy discovered one program that's a breed apart. In this article, Tichy gives us a detailed tour of Trilogy's boot camp, Trilogy University, to demonstrate why it's so different--and so effective. Like the best boot camps, it serves as an immersion in both the technical skills new recruits will need for their jobs and Trilogy's corporate culture, which emphasizes risk-taking, teamwork, humility, and a strong customer focus. But this is a new-employee orientation session that's so fundamental to the company as a whole that it's presided over by the CEO and top corporate executives for fully six months of the year. Why? In two three-month sessions, these top executives hone their own strategic thinking about the company as they decide what to teach the new recruits each session. They also find the company's next generation of new products as they judge the innovative ideas the recruits are tasked with developing--making the program Trilogy's main R&D engine. And they pull the company's rising technical stars into mentoring roles for the new recruits, helping to build the next generation of top leadership. After spending months on-site studying Trilogy University, Tichy came away highly impressed by the power of the virtuous teaching cycle the program has set in motion. Leaders of the organization are learning from recruits at the same time that the recruits are learning from the leaders. It's a model, he argues, that other companies would do well to emulate.

  15. Robert Musil: Literature as Experience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Burton Pike


    Full Text Available Trained as a scientist and empirical psychologist, Robert Musil offers an illuminating instance of a post-Nietzschean modernist writer whose endeavor was to develop an experimental literary language that would more adequately represent experience as psychology and philosophy were coming to understand it. Musil's enterprise, based on regarding literature as experience rather than as a formal construct of language only, is not best examined by structurally-based language or discourse analysis and criticism. Like Mach and William James coming along at the end of the idealistic tradition in European thought, Musil wanted to fashion a language that would permit objective communication of the whole complex flow of experience from person to person and within society as a whole, and thus make true communication possible. Musil's fiction grew out of the phenomenological enterprise, but the focus here is on his interest in shaping this philosophical mode of thinking into a precise fictional vehicle—an approach often overlooked in comparing the practice of writers' and philosophers' ideas.

  16. Summer Camp, July 2016

    CERN Multimedia

    Staff Association


    During the month of July, the Staff Association’s Children’s Day-Care Centre and School EVEE held a summer camp for 4- to 6-year-olds. 24 children altogether joined in on the adventures. On the summer camp, the children got to “travel” to a different continent of the world every week. Day after day, they would pass through make-believe Customs upon arrival and get their passports stamped by a “customs officer”. For the first week, we went on a trip to Africa. In the spirit of the theme, the children got to do plenty of crafts and coloring, make their own little bindles and play various games. They even had the chance to visit the Museum of Ethnography in Geneva (MEG), learn to play the balafon and make musical instruments with Sterrenlab. For the second week, we set off to discover the Americas, exploring both the South and the North. Alongside different workshops (singing, dancing, storytelling, crafts), the children could enjoy several special ac...

  17. Deposition and Accumulation of Emerging Contaminants in the Sediments of the Palos Verde Shelf, California (United States)

    Deposition and Accumulation of Emerging Contaminants in the Sediments of the Palos Verde Shelf, California Mark G. Cantwell, David R. Katz, Julia Sullivan, Robert P. Eganhouse, Monique M. Perron, Robert M. Burgess The Palos Verdes shelf is located off the Southern California coa...

  18. Robert Cailliau en zijn Wereldwijd Web

    CERN Multimedia

    De Zitter, Aart


    Everyone among us knows the World Wide Web and "surfe" perhaps often. But who realizes that it is a Flemish invention? Robert Cailliau is his name, and it has made already for 23 years scientific research in the famous CERN

  19. Official portrait of astronaut Robert C. Springer (United States)


    Official portrait of astronaut Robert C. Springer, United Stated Marine Corps (USMC) Colonel, member of Astronaut Class 9 (1980), and mission specialist. Springer wears launch and entry suit (LES) while holding helmet.

  20. Dudley Knox Library Welcomes Robert Darwin


    Sanders, John


    A slide show featuring Robert Darwin, Hollywood scriptwriter, Actor and Producer and an Electronics Technician's Mate 3rd Class at the Naval Training School, Del Monte, to accompany his Knox Talk at the Dudley Knox Library.

  1. Kirjavahetus Kaarel Robert Pustaga / Karl Ast Rumor

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Rumor, Karl, pseud., 1886-1971


    Kirjavahetus Rio de Janeiros elava Karl Ast Rumori ja New Yorgis elava Kaarel Robert Pusta vahel Eesti kongressi kokkukutsumise vajalikkuse, väliseesti ühingute ja nõukogude, ajakirjanduse ning üldise poliitilise olukorra teemadel

  2. Live Site Demonstrations: Former Camp Beale Demonstration of MetalMapper Static Data Acquisition and Data Analysis (United States)


    location recorded by the intrusive team. 4.0 SITE DESCRIPTION The former Camp Beale is approximately 10 miles east of Marysville, California, in Yuba ... Yuba County, California Legend I I Combined Grids - Combined Area I I MM Grids - Metal Mapper Area I I Portable Grids - Portable Areas c

  3. Slave Labor Camps of the Third Reich. (United States)

    Stone, Adolf


    Describes the ground rules used by Nazi architects in choosing the sites for slave labor camps. While some, like Auschwitz, became extermination camps, others also produced armaments. One camp, Theresienstadt, became a "model" camp to show to reporters and Red Cross representatives. (CS)

  4. An Inaugural Girl Scout Destinations Astronomy Camp (United States)

    Lebofsky, Larry A.; McCarthy, Donald W.; Wright, Joe; Wright, Rita; Mace, Mikayla; Floyd, Charmayne


    The University of Arizona (UA) conducted its first teenage Girl Scout Destinations Astronomy Camp. This program was preceded by 24 Leadership Workshops for Adult Girl Scout Leaders, initially supported by EPO funding from NIRCam for JWST. For five days in late June, 24 girls (ages 13-17 years) attended from 16 states. The Camp was led by UA astronomers and long-term educators. Representing Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) were a husband/wife amateur astronomer team who are SOFIA Airborne Astronomy and NASA Solar System Ambassadors. Other leaders included a Stanford undergraduate engineering student who is a lifelong Girl Scout and Gold Award recipient and a recent UA Master’s degree science journalist. The Camp is a residential, hands-on “immersion” adventure in scientific exploration using telescopes in southern Arizona’s Catalina Mountains near Tucson. Under uniquely dark skies girls become real astronomers, operating telescopes (small and large) and associated technologies, interacting with scientists, obtaining images and quantitative data, investigating their own questions, and most importantly having fun actually doing science and building observing equipment. Girls achieve a basic understanding of celestial objects, how and why they move, and their historical significance, leading to an authentic understanding of science, research, and engineering. Girls can lead these activities back home in their own troops and councils, encouraging others to consider STEM field careers. These programs are supported by a 5-year NASA Collaborative Agreement, Reaching for the Stars: NASA Science for Girl Scouts (, through the SETI Institute in collaboration with the UA, GSUSA, Girl Scouts of Northern California, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and Aries Scientific, Inc. The Girl Scout Destinations Astronomy Camp aligns with the GSUSA Journey: It’s Your Planet-Love It! and introduces the girls to some of the activities being


    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library



    ... & Controls, sponsored the Rocket Rampagel summer camp at the YMCA in Eklton MD. On day 1, campers took Rockets 101, constructing balloon rockets and straw rockets, followed by racket manufacturing, where campers made rocket "propellant" on day 2...

  6. Registration Day-Camp 2016

    CERN Document Server

    Nursery School


    Registration for the CERN SA Day-camp are open for children from 4 to 6 years old From March 14 to 25 for children already enrolled in CERN SA EVE and School From April 4 to 15 for the children of CERN members of the personnel (MP) From April 18 for other children More information on the website: The day-camp is open to all children. An inscription per week is proposed, cost 480.-CHF/week, lunch included The camp will be open weeks 27, 28, 29 and 30, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. For further questions, thanks you for contacting us by email at

  7. Base Camp Architecture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Warebi Gabriel Brisibe


    Full Text Available Longitudinal or time line studies of change in the architecture of a particular culture are common, but an area still open to further research is change across space or place. In particular, there is need for studies on architectural change of cultures stemming from the same ethnic source split between their homeland and other Diasporas. This change may range from minor deviations to drastic shifts away from an architectural norm and the accumulation of these shifts within a time frame constitutes variations. This article focuses on identifying variations in the architecture of the Ijo fishing group that migrates along the coastline of West Africa. It examines the causes of cross-cultural variation between base camp dwellings of Ijo migrant fishermen in the Bakassi Peninsula in Cameroon and Bayelsa State in Nigeria. The study draws on the idea of the inevitability of cultural and social change over time as proposed in the theories of cultural dynamism and evolution. It tests aspects of cultural transmission theory using the principal coordinates analysis to ascertain the possible causes of variation. From the findings, this research argues that migration has enhanced the forces of cultural dynamism, which have resulted in significant variations in the architecture of this fishing group.

  8. Phun Physics 4 Phemales: Physics Camp for High School Girls (United States)

    Kwon, Chuhee; Gu, Jiyeong; Henriquez, Laura


    The department of Physics and Astronomy with the department of Science Education at California State University, Long Beach hosted summer program of ``Phun Physics 4 Phemales (PP4P)'' during summer 2012 and summer 2013 with the support from APS public outreach program. PP4P summer camp was hosted along with a two-week summer science camp, Young Scientists Camp, which has been institutionalized for the last 14 years since 1999. More than 2,500 3rd -8th grade students and 250 teachers have participated in the program. PP4P program provided the tools and support that female high school students need to pursue careers in physics and/or science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) field. This girls-only camp created connections among the girls and built confidence. In addition PP4P program introduced students to key principles in physics by a hands-on lab environment and demonstrated the real-world social impact of physics. In summer 2012, high school girls worked on physics experimental project on electronics and in summer 2013 they worked on the mechanics. I would share our experience in this program and the impact on the female high school students. This work was supported by 2012 Public Outreach and Informing the Public Grants from American Physical Society.

  9. Robert Bellah, religion og menneskelig evolution

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Hans Jørgen Lundager


    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Introduction to and discussion of Robert Bellah's major book, Religion in Human Evolution (2011). which defines and describes tribal religion (religion in pre-state societies), archaic religion (religion in early states) and religious currents in the axial age, the period...... to engage in historical and comparative studies. DANSK RESUMÉ: Introduktion til og diskussion af Robert Bellahs hovedværk fra 2011, Religion in Human Evolution, der definerer og beskriver tribal religion, dvs. religion i før-statslige samfund, arkaisk religion, dvs. religion i tidlig-statslige kulturer samt...

  10. Robert Aumann

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Pelle Guldborg


    In this interview Nobel Prize Winner Robert Aumann talks about how he was initially drawn into game theory, when he came to think of formalizing the folk-theorem, the proper role of game theory in relation to other disciplines and why behavioral game theory probably won't last long.......In this interview Nobel Prize Winner Robert Aumann talks about how he was initially drawn into game theory, when he came to think of formalizing the folk-theorem, the proper role of game theory in relation to other disciplines and why behavioral game theory probably won't last long....

  11. Camp for Youth With Type 1 Diabetes. (United States)

    Fegan-Bohm, Kelly; Weissberg-Benchell, Jill; DeSalvo, Daniel; Gunn, Sheila; Hilliard, Marisa


    Camps for youth with type 1 diabetes (T1D) have grown in size and scope since they first emerged in the 1920s. Anecdotal evidence suggests that attending camp with other youth with T1D is beneficial, largely attributed to sharing fun, active experiences and removing the isolation of living with diabetes. However, few studies have evaluated the psychosocial and medical impacts of T1D camp attendance during and after camp sessions. In addition, T1D camps have been a setting for numerous studies on a variety of T1D-related research questions not related to camp itself, such as testing novel diabetes management technologies in an active, non-laboratory setting. This paper reviews the evidence of psychosocial and medical outcomes associated with T1D camp attendance across the globe, provides an overview of other research conducted at camp, and offers recommendations for future research conducted at T1D camp.

  12. Residential summer camp intervention improves camp food environment. (United States)

    Di Noia, Jennifer; Orr, Lynne; Byrd-Bredbenner, Carol


    To evaluate the effects on fruit and vegetable (FV) intake of a camp-based intervention to improve the food environment. The intervention was evaluated in a variant of the recurrent institutional cycle design in a sample of 311 youth aged 7 to 13 years. FV intake and targeted environmental variables were assessed among youth who received the intervention relative to those who attended the camp before the program was implemented. Improvements occurred in the frequency and variety of FVs served, counselor informational and instrumental support for FV consumption, and in older youth who received nutrition education lessons, perceived peer attitudes towards eating FVs and FV intake. Improving the camp food environment can improve FV intake among youth in this setting.

  13. Obituary: Thomas Robert Metcalf, 1961-2007 (United States)

    Leka, K. D.


    The astronomy community lost a good friend when Tom Metcalf was killed in a skiing accident on Saturday, 7 July 2007, in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado. Tom was widely known for prolific work on solar magnetic fields, hard-X-ray imaging of solar flares, and spectral line diagnostics. He was often characterized as "one of the nicest guys in science." Born October 5, 1961 in Cheverly, Maryland, to Fred and Marilyn, Thomas R. Metcalf joined his sister, Karen, two years his elder, in a close family that loved sailing, inquisitiveness, and the natural world. Sibling rivalry (usually a Tonka truck intruding on Barbie's sub-table "castle") melted when Tom and Karen collaborated on elaborately engineered room-sized blanket-forts. Tom confidently signed up at age of three to crew for his family's sailboat; when the family moved to California in 1966, as Tom's father took a Professor of Mathematics position at the University of California Riverside, Tom's love for sailing was well-established. Week-long cruises or short trips in the harbor were all fun; when school friends came aboard, it was even better--if "only slightly too crowded" from the adults' points of view. Tom's introduction to astronomy began one cold, very clear, December night in the early 1970s, on a family camping trip to Death Valley. The "Sidewalk Astronomers of San Francisco" had lined the sidewalk near the visitors' center with all sorts of telescopes for public viewing. Soon after, Tom and his boyhood friend Jim O'Linger were building their own scopes, attending "Amateur Telescope Makers" conferences, and Tom was setting up his scope on a sidewalk for public viewing. In 1986, Tom set up his telescope on the bluffs above Dana Point Harbor, and gave numerous strangers a stunning view of Halley's Comet. His interest in physics and mathematics became evident during Tom's last years in high school (Poly High in Riverside), and as a senior he qualified to take freshman Physics at the University of

  14. Obituary: Peter Robert Wilson, 1929-2007 (United States)

    Snodgrass, Herschel B.


    It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Peter Robert Wilson, a well-known and well-loved figure in the solar physics community. Peter was on the faculty of the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Sydney for 39 years, and Chair of the department for 24 of these years. He was the author or co-author of more than 80 scientific research papers and a book, Solar and Stellar Activity Cycles (1994), published by Cambridge University Press. He died suddenly of a heart attack, at his home in Glebe, Australia, in the early morning of 11 November 2007. Peter was an organizer of, and participant in, many international conferences and workshops. He traveled extensively, holding visiting appointments at the University of Colorado (JILA), at Cambridge University, at the College de France (Paris), and at the California Institute of Technology [CalTech]. Most of his work was in the field of solar physics, but he also did some work on the philosophy of science and on tides. Peter came from a line of mathematicians. His father, Robert Wilson, immigrated to Australia from Glasgow in 1911, and became a mathematics teacher at Scotch College, a private school in Melbourne. There his name was changed to 'Bill' because 'Bob' was already taken." Peter's enjoyment of this story as characteristic of Australian academia (as any fan of Monty Python would understand) is indicative of his infectious sense of humor. In a similar vein, he claimed ancestry traced back to the eighteenth-century Scottish mathematician Alexander Wilson, Professor of Astronomy at the University of Glasgow. That Wilson is famous in the solar physics community for his discovery, known as the "Wilson Effect," of the photospheric depressions associated with sunspots. Peter himself could not resist writing a paper on this subject, and was delighted when the bait was taken by some less-informed colleagues who chided him for "naming an effect after himself." "Bill" Wilson married Naomi

  15. Management of diabetes at summer camps. (United States)

    Ciambra, Roberta; Locatelli, Chiara; Suprani, Tosca; Pocecco, Mauro


    We report our experience in the organization of diabetic children summer-camps since 1973. Guidelines for organization have been recently reported by the SIEDP (Società Italiana di Endocrinologia e Diabetologia Pediatrica). Our attention is focused on diabetes management at camp, organization and planning, medical staff composition and staff training, treatment of diabetes-related emergencies, written camp management plan, diabetes education and psychological issues at camp, prevention of possible risks, assessment of effectiveness of education in summer camps and research at camp.

  16. The Timeless Legacy of Robert Koch

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    GENERAL I ARTICLE. The Timeless Legacy of Robert Koch. Founder of Medical Microbiology. Jaya Sivaswami Tyagi is a. Professor at the Depart- ment of Biotechnology, All. India Institute of Medical. Sciences, New Delhi. Microbes have held her fascination since her mid- teens. Her doctoral work on aflatoxin biosynthesis.

  17. Enthusiastic Collaboration: A Conversation with Robert Gable (United States)

    Kaff, Marilyn; Teagarden, James; Zabel, Robert H.


    Robert A. Gable is the Constance and Colgate Darden Professor of Special Education and Eminent Scholar at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia. He earned his PhD from George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University and was on the faculty at Peabody--Vanderbilt and the University of Pittsburgh prior to his appointment at Old Dominion…

  18. Robert Burns Woodward (1917-1979)

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 1; Issue 3. Robert Burns Woodward (1917-1979). Featured Scientist Volume 1 Issue 3 March 1996 pp 130-130. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link: Resonance – Journal of ...

  19. Roberts, Dennis C. & Komives, Susan R.

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Enhancing Student Learning and Development in Cross-Border Higher Education, edited by. Dennis C. Roberts and Susan R. Komives, is a book that resulted from a short-term study-abroad experience between the Universities of Maryland and San Diego with the Qatar Foundation's Education City in Doha in 2010.

  20. Jazzkaar toob Musafiri ja Robert Frippi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    India mustlasansambli Musafir kontsertidest 16. aug. Viljandi Kaevumäel, 17. aug. Tallinnas Kadrioru lossi lilleaias ja 18. aug. Pärnu Ammende villa aias. Briti kitarristi Robert Frippi kontsertidest 22. aug. Tallinna Pühavaimu kirikus, 23. aug. Pärnu Eliisabeti kirikus, 24. aug. Haapsalu Lossikirikus, 25. aug. Viljandi Jaani kirikus ja 26. aug. Tartu Jaani kirikus

  1. Robert Aymar, Director-General of CERN

    CERN Multimedia

    Patrice Loïez


    Robert Aymar, photographed in 2003 before taking his position as Director-General at CERN, succeeding Luciano Maiani in 2004. At this time, Aymar was director of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) although he had already been involved with developments at CERN, chairing the External Review Committee, set up in 2001 in response to the increased cost of the LHC.

  2. Cell scientist to watch - Robert Ernst. (United States)


    After obtaining his diploma in human biology at the Philipps-University Marburg, Germany, Robert Ernst joined the laboratory of Lutz Schmitt and obtained his PhD (summa cum laude) at Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf in 2007. For his postdoctoral work, Robert worked with Hidde Ploegh at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, USA, supported by an EMBO long-term fellowship. Afterwards, he returned to Germany, to the laboratory of Kai Simons at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden. In 2012, Robert became an Emmy Noether fellow of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and joined the Institute of Biochemistry, Goethe-University Frankfurt as a Junior Professor. Robert moved to the University of Saarland in 2017 as a full professor of molecular biology. His laboratory is interested in sense-and-control elements underlying the homeostasis of cellular membrane properties and their active role in cellular signalling. © 2017. Published by The Company of Biologists Ltd.

  3. 2296-IJBCS-Article-Prof Robert Byamukama

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    hp Bioactive compounds in the stem bark of Albizia coriaria (Welw. ex Oliver). Robert BYAMUKAMA1*, Ganza BARBARA2, Jane NAMUKOBE1, ... procera (Zheng et al., 2006; Pal et al., 1995;. Yoshikawa et al., 1998; Krief et al., 2005). This paper reports bioactive compounds isolated from the ...

  4. The Timeless Legacy of Robert Koch

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 11; Issue 9. The Timeless Legacy of Robert Koch - Founder of Medical Microbiology. Jaya S Tyagi. General Article Volume 11 Issue 9 September 2006 pp 20-28. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link:

  5. How Robert Jenson's theology addresses some postmodern ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Modernity's belief that we live in a narratable world (a world with a story) and its confidence in progress (a world with a promise), are terminated by postmodernism's insights. This is how the American Lutheran theologian Robert Jenson understands the impact of postmodernism. If this is true, it poses great challenges for the ...

  6. From Refugee Camp to Resilient City: Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nada Maani


    Full Text Available This project is about how architecture can transform a refugee camp into a child friendly city designed around existing social networks. The vision is to respond to the refugee crisis with long-term resilient solutions rather than reactionary ones. 

  7. Music in Concentration Camps 1933-1945

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Fackler, Guido


    The author addresses the topic of musical activities in the German concentration camps from 1933 to 1945, focusing on those camps that the Nazi regime started to erect just a few weeks after Hitler's assumption of power...

  8. Extension Sustainability Camp: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation (United States)

    Brain, Roslynn; Upton, Sally; Tingey, Brett


    Sustainability Camps provide an opportunity for Extension educators to be in the forefront of sustainability outreach and to meet the growing demand for sustainability education. This article shares development, implementation, and evaluation of an Extension Sustainability Camp for youth, grades 4-6. Camp impact was measured via daily pre-and…

  9. Growth potential of the family camping market (United States)

    W.F. LaPage; W.F. LaPage


    A study of the camping market's short-term growth potential, based upon interviews with the heads of 2,003 representative American households. The study estimates the size of the potential camping market and divides it into three segments: those families with a high, medium and low propensity to become campers. The developed camping market is also divided into an...

  10. CAMP/PKA-mediated regulation of erythropoiesis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Boer, AK; Drayer, AL; Vellenga, E

    The role of cyclic AMP (cAMP) as second messenger in erythropoiesis has been suggested in the early 1980s. However, careful analysis showed that cAMP is not generated in direct response to the main erythropoiesis-controlling cytokines such as erythropoietin (Epo). As a result, cAMP disappeared from

  11. A Look at Humane Education Summer Camps. (United States)

    Finch, Patty


    Reviews comments of humane education summer camp directors (N=6) who answered the following questions: What is a humane education? Who attends? What do the campers do? Who offers these camps? Why? What are the special challenges of running a camp? What do the campers get out of the experience? (BC)

  12. The NAO goes to camp

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wigdor, N.; Fraaije, A.; Solms, L.; Greeff, J. de; Janssen, J.; Blanson Henkemans, O.A.


    ALIZ-E is a Europe-wide project focusing on long-term child-robot interaction, specifically as a means of educating diabetic children on their condition. This video showcases a recent field study at "SugarKidsClub", a camp devoted to helping 7-12 year-olds handle type-1 diabetes. A wide range of CRI

  13. Sleep At Camp: A Survey. (United States)

    Pravda, Myra


    Among 40 camp directors surveyed, the majority believed that campers get enough sleep, but that staff members and directors do not get enough sleep. Addresses how sleep deprivation can affect job performance and offers strategies for helping staff understand the importance of sleep to keep them alert and functioning in their job. Includes…

  14. Lyme Disease Comes to Camp. (United States)

    Peterson, Michael


    Describes one summer camp's plan for dealing with Lyme disease. Describes the disease and the deer tick. Recommends avoiding tick exposure through clothing, frequent examination, showers, and avoiding high grass and brushy areas, and using chemical insect repellents and chemicals to kill ticks in deer mouse nests. (DHP)

  15. Surgical camps: the Ugandan experience

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    of Surgeons of Uganda (ASOU) organised a pilot project in which surgical teams travelled to three hospitals in the Lira and Apac districts of Norhern. Uganda. The objectives of this project or 'Surgical Camp' were the following: 1 to offer free specialised surgical services in three hospitals which had no specialists or regular.

  16. Impact of incarceration in Nazi concentration camps on multimorbidity of former prisoners

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jablonski RK


    Full Text Available Robert K Jablonski,1 Jerzy Leszek,2 Joanna Rosińczuk,3 Izabella Uchmanowicz,4 Bernard Panaszek11Department and Clinic of Internal Diseases, Geriatry and Allergology, 2Department of Psychiatry, 3Department of Nervous System Diseases, Department of Clinical Nursing, 4Division of Nursing in Internal Medicine Procedures, Department of Clinical Nursing, Wroclaw Medical University, Wroclaw, PolandObjective: To show the extent to which the health of former prisoners was affected by incarceration in extermination camps after 5 and 30 years of leaving the camp, and to determine the etiological factors underlying particular dysfunctions.Methods: Medical records of former prisoners developed in 1950 (n=250 and 1975 (n=120 were then, after several decades, retrospectively analyzed and compared with the control group, randomized and matched according to age, sex, occupation, and environment. None of the subjects in the control group was a prisoner either at a concentration camp or at any other prison or detention facility.Results: Multimorbidity affected mainly the central nervous system (CNS. Five years after leaving a camp, CNS dysfunctions were observed in 66% of former prisoners. Skeletal (42.4% and cardiovascular system (34.4% dysfunctions were the second and third most frequent dysfunctions. Thirty years after leaving a camp, the most prevalent coexisting conditions were also found within the CNS (80%, cardiovascular system (58.33%, and skeletal system (55%. Five and 30 years after leaving a camp, multiorgan lesions were found in 21.6% and 60% of survivors, respectively. Multimorbidity was more frequent in a group of prisoners who underwent the state of apathy and depression or who had been incarcerated longer than 24 months. The rate of CNS diseases was four times higher, and the rate of cardiovascular diseases or skeletal system dysfunctions was two times higher, in the study group after 30 years of leaving a camp compared with the control group

  17. Robert oerley and Tuzla mineral springs


    Ateş Can, Sevim


    In the Tuzla borough of İstanbul are located mineral springs of great importance which have been known and used since ancient times. Although the therapeutic value of Tuzla Mineral Springs has always been recognized, this value in terms of the history of architecture has not been very well understood. The current facilities in the springs were built in the Republican Period. The most important among them is the Spa Hotel, whose project was initiated by Robert Oerley. The oth...

  18. Introduction : The scope of Robert Buijtenhuis' work

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Binsbergen, van W.M.J.; Konings, P.J.J.; Hesseling, G.S.C.M.; Konings, P.J.J.; Binsbergen, van W.M.J.; Hesseling, G.S.C.M.


    Cet ouvrage présente onze contributions rédigées par des africanistes qui ont collaboré étroitement avec l'anthropologue politique néerlandais Robert Buijtenhuijs et ont été influencés par ses travaux et sa personnalité. Le livre est un hommage à un auteur qui a été productif dans beaucoup de

  19. Aitab hädaldamisest / Robert Antropov

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Antropov, Robert, 1965-


    Endine politseijuht on seisukohal, et politseinike ja päästjate nappuses ei saa süüdistada ainult väikseid palku, küsimus on valikutes: kuidas ja millesse ressursse paigutada. Kalle Laanet ja Raivo Aeg vastavad küsimusele, mis on nende haldusalas konkreetselt kavas, et politsei saaks täita oma tegevusprioriteeti 100% ja tagada sisejulgeoleku. Vt. ka Robert Antropovi kommentaari 7. aug. Eesti Päevaleht lk. 2

  20. Architecture of (impossibilities: Robert Smithson's expositive spaces

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bráulio Romeiro


    Full Text Available This work investigates the North American artist Robert Smithson’s considerations on traditional expositive spaces: the museum and art gallery, as well as unusual and unexplored spaces by art up to that time. Looking through his texts we notice some enhanced perspectives and reset others, increasing limitation set on White Cube’s abstract and neutral quality and the substantiation on ideologies behind of these spaces manifestation.

  1. Transformative Leadership: The Camp Counselor Experience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephanie Femrite


    Full Text Available A study, utilizing focus groups, was conducted with teens serving as camp counselors at the North Central 4-H camp in Missouri.  High school students, 14-18 years old, served as camp counselors during a four-day residential camp the summer of 2014. Each counselor was a current 4-H member and had served as a 4-H camp counselor in Missouri for at least one year, some serving as many as five years. Comparing two training models, evidence was found that intentional training sessions are crucial for the empowerment that leads to transformation.

  2. Suicide in the Soviet Gulag camps. (United States)

    Krysinska, Karolina; Lester, David


    About 18 million Soviet citizens passed through the Gulag system of labor and concentration camps between 1929 and 1953. Based upon literary evidence from camp survivors and published documents, the authors present reports of attempted suicide and completed suicide, along with a discussion of whether suicide in Gulag camps was a frequent or rare behavior. Similar to reports from the Nazi concentration camps during WWII the existence of Muselmänner or dokhodyagi, the dying prisoners emaciated by hunger, sometimes considered as suicides, has been identified among the Gulag inmates. Also, the incidence and methods of self-mutilation among the camp inmates are discussed.

  3. Fumigation success for California facility. (United States)

    Hacker, Robert


    As Robert Hacker, at the time director of facilities management at the St John's Regional Medical Center in Oxnard, California, explains, the hospital, one of the area's largest, recently successfully utilised a new technology to eliminate mould, selecting a cost and time-saving fumigation process in place of the traditional "rip and tear" method. Although hospital managers knew the technology had been used extremely effectively in other US buildings, this was reportedly among the first ever healthcare applications.

  4. Summer Camp July 2017 - Registration

    CERN Multimedia

    EVE et École


    The CERN Staff Association’s Summer Camp will be open for children from 4 to 6 years old during four weeks, from 3 to 28 July. Registration is offered on a weekly basis for 450 CHF, lunch included. This year, the various activities will revolve around the theme of the Four Elements. Registration opened on 20 March 2017 for children currently attending the EVE and School of the Association. It will be open from 3 April for children of CERN Members of Personnel, and starting from 24 April for all other children. The general conditions are available on the website of the EVE and School of CERN Staff Association: For further questions, please contact us by email at

  5. A lead user of instruments in science: John D. Roberts and the adaptation of nuclear magnetic resonance to organic chemistry, 1955-1975. (United States)

    Reinhardt, Carsten


    During the 1960s organic chemistry underwent a spectacular transformation as a result of the introduction of high-tech instruments. In this process, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) became an important analytical technique in organic chemistry. The theme of this essay is the relationship of Varian Associates of Palo Alto, California, the major manufacturer of NMR spectrometers up to the 1970s, with one early and crucial user, the organic chemist John D. Roberts, who was based at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. Roberts's research and teaching contributed to the fast and smooth acceptance of NMR in organic chemistry. He embraced the role of mediator between the instrument manufacturer, which had expertise mainly in physics and electrical engineering, and the customers, who were mostly organic chemists. This essay focuses on the tactics used by Roberts and James N. Shoolery at Varian Associates to implement novel types of instrumentation and on the modes of cooperation between instrument manufacturer and academic scientist.

  6. Robert Adrian X / Robert Adrian X ; interv. Tilman Baumgärtel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Adrian X, Robert


    1997. a. Ljubljanas tehtud intervjuu 1972. aastast Viinis elava kanada kunstniku Robert Adrian X-ga (sünd. 1935), kes töötas 1970-ndate lõpul ja 1980-ndate alguses telefoni, faksi ja varaste kirjakstisüsteemidega kunstiprojektide kallal, osales 1970-ndate ja 1980-ndate multimeediaprojektides

  7. The meanings of J. Robert Oppenheimer

    CERN Document Server

    Banco, Lindsey Michael


    He called the first atomic bomb “technically sweet,” yet as he watched its brilliant light explode over the New Mexico desert in 1945 in advance of the black horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he also thought of the line from the Hindu epic The Bhagavad Gita: “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” Physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific director of the Manhattan Project, the single most recognizable face of the atomic bomb, and a man whose name has become almost synonymous with Cold War American nuclear science, was and still is a conflicted, controversial figure who has come to represent an equally ambivalent technology. The Meanings of J. Robert Oppenheimer examines how he has been represented over the past seven decades in biographies, histories, fiction, comics, photographs, film, television, documentaries, theater, and museums. Lindsey Michael Banco gathers an unprecedented group of cultural texts and seeks to understand the multiple meanings Oppenheimer has held in American popul...

  8. The Camp Setting for Promoting Youth Physical Activity: Systematic Observations of Summer Day Camps

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicole Zarrett


    Full Text Available The risk for youth obesity is higher during the summer than any other time of year. Summer day camps can be ideal settings for preventing obesity through reducing youth summer sedentary behaviors. However, little-to-no research has examined the role of camps for promoting youth physical activity (PA and other healthy behaviors. This study begins to address the gap in research by conducting systematic observations of 4 summer day camps (2 highly- resourced and 2 low-resourced to determine: 1 the degree to which camps engage youth in moderate-to-vigorous PA, and; 2 to what extent camps provide important physical and social-motivational features for promoting PA. Results indicate camps provide opportunities for youth to meet national recommendations of daily MVPA. However, there were differences in PA and motivational features by level of camp resources. This study helps inform practice and policy through identifying strengths and needs of camps for promoting PA.

  9. Healthy Lifestyle Fitness Camp: A Summer Approach to Prevent Obesity in Low-Income Youth. (United States)

    George, Gretchen Lynn; Schneider, Constance; Kaiser, Lucia


    To examine the effect of participation in a summer camp focused on nutrition and fitness among low-income youth. In 2011-2012, overweight and obese youth (n = 126) from Fresno, CA participated in a free 6-week summer program, Healthy Lifestyle Fitness Camp (HLFC), which included 3 h/wk of nutrition education provided by University of California CalFresh and 3 hours of daily physical activity through Fresno Parks and Recreation. The researchers used repeated-measures ANOVA to examine changes in weight, waist circumference, and waist-to-height ratio (WHtR) between HLFC and the comparison group (n = 29). Significant pre-post WHtR reductions were observed in HLFC: 0.64 to 0.61 (P summer camps during unstructured months of summer is integral to obesity prevention among low-income youth. Copyright © 2016 Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  10. Introduction to special issue: Robert Jay Kastenbaum (1932-2013). (United States)

    Fulton, Robert; Klass, Dennis; Doka, Kenneth J; Kastenbaum, Beatrice

    The three pieces in this section introduce the Festschrift celebrating the works and influence of Omega: Journal of Death and Dying's founding editor, Robert Kastenbaum. Robert Fulton, an early Associate Editor of the Journal begins with some personal reflections on Kastenbaum. Klass and Doka then describe the nature of the Festschrift. A closing coda by Robert Kastenbaum's wife, Beatrice Kastenbaum, reminds us of the person behind the work.

  11. Research summer camp in photonics (United States)

    Buyanovskaya, Elizaveta; Melnik, Maksim; Egorov, Vladimir; Gleim, Artur; Lukishova, Svetlana; Kozlov, Sergei; Zhang, Xi-Cheng


    ITMO University and the University of Rochester became close partners several years ago. One of the first outcomes of this mutually beneficial partnership was the creation of International Institute of Photonics and Optical Information Technologies led by Prof. Sergei Kozlov and Prof. Xi-Cheng Zhang. Universities have created a double Masters-degree program in optics in 2014, and several ITMO students have been awarded degrees from Rochester. At the same time ITMO University organizes Summer Research camp in Photonics for University of Rochester students. Students spent two weeks in the Northern Capital of Russia learning about the emerging practical applications of femtosecond optics, terahertz biomedicine and quantum information technologies.

  12. Summary of Meteorological Observations, Surface (SMOS) Camp Pendleton, California (United States)


    8217 )0 0 0 x 3’ 8 ,1 . o.o00’,Da.0,r-w . 000’’’’󈧄 XI -f r-- 1:1 af C’’: r r l01a -f 0 ’ D ’J Lf fDf .~-4) DD0 ; 0N O C3P~ fID 0 0 0,01 , 00 D 0~ - 0t...8217 . -. 0 rl OD if a.- 𔃺 0 - w~ 0, D r- aD 0, CA .) 0 if 0 >j cpG aL 4Il 1 A 1 cr -i0 z- AND f’�~f 000goO N , .0 0 ,ay y,0 ,C01 O0 0 u.) N a

  13. Le poète Robert Creeley

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Barbara Montefalcone


    Full Text Available R. Creeley, lecture au « Rose Art Museum » (Brandeis University, Boston, 17 novembre 2004. Cette lecture avait été organisée pour célébrer la dernière collaboration entre Creeley et Clemente, Tandori Satori and Commonplace (les tableaux en arrière‑plan sont de Clemente. ©Barbara Montefalcone, 2005Air’s way,fire’s home,water’swon again.Ma belle,heart’speacepassesinto earth.THE ENDLe 30 mars à l’aube, Robert Creeley, une des voix majeures de la poésie américaine depuis les années 1950, s’est ...

  14. Color and Contingency in Robert Boyle's Works. (United States)

    Baker, Tawrin


    This essay investigates the relationship between color and contingency in Robert Boyle's Experiments and Considerations Touching Colours (1664) and his essays on the unsuccessfulness of experiments in Certain Physiological Essays (1661). In these two works Boyle wrestles with a difficult practical and philosophical problem with experiments, which he calls the problem of contingency. In Touching Colours, the problem of contingency is magnified by the much-debated issue of whether color had any deep epistemic importance. His limited theoretical principle guiding him in Touching Colours, that color is but modified light, further exacerbated the problem. Rather than theory, Boyle often relied on craftsmen, whose mastery of color phenomena was, Boyle mentions, brought about by economic forces, to determine when colors were indicators of important 'inward' properties of substances, and thus to secure a solid foundation for his experimental history of color.

  15. Teenagers and Risk-Taking at Camp. (United States)

    Woods, Ann


    Teen risk-taking is normal, healthy developmental behavior. Teens act out their fantasies--good and bad--at camp because it is a safe place away from parents. Signs of unhealthy risk-taking, camp staff responses, and how the September 11 tragedy might affect risk-taking are discussed. Sidebars describe tips for understanding adolescent behavior…

  16. Measuring Mindfulness in Summer Camp Staff (United States)

    Gillard, Ann; Roark, Mark F.; Nyaga, Lewis Ramsey Kanyiba; Bialeschki, M. Deborah


    Examining mindfulness in a non-clinical and non-therapeutic setting such as a summer camp is an area of growing interest. Our study tested three mindfulness scales with staff in a summer camp setting, and we conducted preliminary reliability and validity analyses for any modifications needed in the scales. Results indicated two major findings: (a)…

  17. Sustainable Design Principles for Refugee Camps

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rooij, de L.L.; Wascher, D.M.; Paulissen, M.P.C.P.


    This report’s main focus is on the phenomenon of refugee camps as one of the most visible and spatially explicit results of refuge and migration movements at the global scale. Given the steadily growing numbers of people on the move and staying in temporary homes and settlements, refugee camps must

  18. Summer Camp of Mathematical Modeling in China (United States)

    Tian, Xiaoxi; Xie, Jinxing


    The Summer Camp of Mathematical Modeling in China is a recently created experience designed to further Chinese students' academic pursuits in mathematical modeling. Students are given more than three months to research on a mathematical modeling project. Researchers and teams with outstanding projects are invited to the Summer Camp to present…

  19. Dealing with World Issues in Camp. (United States)

    Kujawa, Charles


    Discusses dealing with global issues in the camp setting in a way that broadens young people's world views. Topics include the educational advantages of the camp setting, desired outcomes for campers, guidelines for staff, and program ideas for dealing with issues such as environmental awareness, racism, and economic justice. (JHZ)

  20. Suicides in the Nazi Concentration Camps. (United States)

    Ryn, Zdzislaw


    On the basis of psychiatric interviews with 69 former prisoners of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, this paper describes the circumstances, motives, and ways of committing suicide in the camp. The interviews made it clear that thousands of prisoners perished by suicide. The number of committed suicides was larger than that of attempted…

  1. Magnifying perspectives : contributions to history : a festschrift for Robert Ross

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pesa, I.; Gewald, J.B.


    Magnifying Perspectives is a festschrift for Robert Ross, Emeritus Professor of African History at Leiden University. The contributions have been written by the students and colleagues of Robert Ross, reflecting his broad-ranging thematic and geographical research interests. Individual chapters

  2. Delivering Higher Education to Adults: An Interview with Robert Mendenhall (United States)

    Finney, Joni E.


    This article presents an interview with Robert Mendenhall, president of Western Governors University, who is the 2012 recipient of the Virginia B. Smith (VBS) Innovative Leadership Award. The annual award recognizes his leadership in redesigning higher education delivery for adult students. In the interview, Robert Mendenhall talks about his work…

  3. Cytogenetic diagnosis of Roberts SC phocomelia syndrome: First ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Tahir M. Malla


    Jul 14, 2015 ... comelia [2]. These two syndromes had varying phenotypic expression and were later concluded as the same entity because of resemblance of thalidomide embryopathy with Robert's syndrome and were therefore termed as Roberts SC pho- comelia syndrome [3]. The gene responsible for the syndrome.

  4. Remembering Robert Kwami A compassionate man with a vision ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Remembering Robert Kwami A compassionate man with a vision: Robert Mawuena Kwami (1954–2004). Cynthia Tse Kimberlin. Abstract. No Abstract. Full Text: EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT · AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers ...

  5. Opening of a summer camp at CERN

    CERN Multimedia

    Nursery School


    The Staff Association has the pleasure to announce the opening of a summer camp in l’EVE et Ecole de l’AP du CERN. With a capacity of 40 children, aged 4 to 6 years, it will be open from July 6 to 30. Registration Summer camp 2015 Registration for the CERN SA Summer camp for children aged 4 to 6 is open 16 to 30 April 2015 More information on the website: The Summer camp is open to all children of CERN Staff. An inscription per week is proposed, cost 480.-CHF/week, lunch included. The camp will be open weeks 28, 29, 30 and 31, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

  6. California Bioregions (United States)

    California Department of Resources — California regions developed by the Inter-agency Natural Areas Coordinating Committee (INACC) were digitized from a 1:1,200,000 California Department of Fish and...

  7. Examining Youth Camping Outcomes Across Multiple States: the National 4-H Camping Research Consortium (NCRC

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Barry Garst


    Full Text Available The impact of residential camp participation is needed for camps focused on a variety of outcomes including education, summer fun, prevention, and youth development. One system, the Cooperative Extension Service, conducts 4-H residential camps in most states nationwide every year. These camps, though offering educational enhancement and fun activities, are focused on youth development, incorporating a framework called the essential elements of positive youth development. The National 4-H Camping Research Consortium (NCRC, a group of Extension specialists and county-level educators, designed and piloted assessment tools for 4-H camps that can be used at any camp that focuses on youth development. The camp context questionnaire measures three essential elements of youth development: relationship with a caring adult, self-determination and mastery, and safe and inclusive environments. The life skill questionnaire measures three life skills: accepting self and others, accomplishing goals, and taking responsibility. Logic models and evaluation guidelines help camp directors plan camps that work for youth.

  8. cAMP signaling in subcellular compartments. (United States)

    Lefkimmiatis, Konstantinos; Zaccolo, Manuela


    In the complex microcosm of a cell, information security and its faithful transmission are critical for maintaining internal stability. To achieve a coordinated response of all its parts to any stimulus the cell must protect the information received from potentially confounding signals. Physical segregation of the information transmission chain ensures that only the entities able to perform the encoded task have access to the relevant information. The cAMP intracellular signaling pathway is an important system for signal transmission responsible for the ancestral 'flight or fight' response and involved in the control of critical functions including frequency and strength of heart contraction, energy metabolism and gene transcription. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the cAMP signaling pathway uses compartmentalization as a strategy for coordinating the large number of key cellular functions under its control. Spatial confinement allows the formation of cAMP signaling "hot spots" at discrete subcellular domains in response to specific stimuli, bringing the information in proximity to the relevant effectors and their recipients, thus achieving specificity of action. In this report we discuss how the different constituents of the cAMP pathway are targeted and participate in the formation of cAMP compartmentalized signaling events. We illustrate a few examples of localized cAMP signaling, with a particular focus on the nucleus, the sarcoplasmic reticulum and the mitochondria. Finally, we discuss the therapeutic potential of interventions designed to perturb specific cAMP cascades locally. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. The death system according to Robert Kastenbaum. (United States)

    Corr, Charles A

    This article focuses on Robert Kastenbaum's seminal concept of the societal death system. Beginning with conflicting claims that America is a death-denying society versus a death-accepting society, the article reports Kastenbaum's definition and description of the death system in American society and sets forth the seven functions and five elements or components of that death system. Next, the article notes Kastenbaum's further claim that "All cultures, past and present, have had death systems." Finally, two basic lessons are drawn from the foregoing: (1) Kastenbaum's concept of the death system provides a robust framework to explain the networks societies interpose between their members and death, focusing in particular on a more or less integrated and dynamic network within American society whose functions and components are not difficult to recognize in the ways in which they organize many aspects of the lives of individuals who live within that society; and (2) It is preposterous to assert without qualification that America is a death-denying society when there are so many activities and components within that society that are in whole or in part related to death, i.e., although it may be true that many aspects of the contemporary American death system appear to seek to remove death from the mainstream of life, there is ample evidence to indicate that American society as a whole and individuals within that society both accept and deny death simultaneously.

  10. Robert Knox and the anatomy of beauty. (United States)

    Neher, Allister


    Robert Knox (1791-1862) is typically remembered as the Edinburgh anatomist to whom the murderers Burke and Hare sold the bodies of their victims. This association brought Knox infamy and damaged his life and career. Before the Burke and Hare scandal, Knox was one of the most famous, original and influential anatomists in Britain. He was also something of a dandy with a sophisticated appreciation of the visual arts. His most significant writings on artistic subjects were his books A Manual of Artistic Anatomy and Great Artists and Great Anatomists: A Biographical and Philosophical Study. Knox's interesting and independently minded opinions on the central artistic questions of his day were taken seriously by his contemporaries. His demotion in the official history of anatomy following his involvement with Burke and Hare, however, also removed him from the history of art theory in 19th century Britain. Knox was such a magnetic and impressive figure, though, that he has to be brought back to his era and his era is not complete without him. This paper discusses how Knox's writings on anatomy and biology shaped his contributions to art theory. It is a first step towards returning Knox, the art theorist, to the cultural life of 19th century Britain.

  11. Robert Aymar awarded Global Energy prize

    CERN Multimedia


    CERN Director-General Robert Aymar was recently named one of three laureates of the 2006 Global Energy International Prize for 'the development of scientific and engineering foundation for the ITER project.' ITER is an experiment planned to be built in Europe at Cadarache (South of France) and designed to show the scientific and technological feasibility of a full-scale fusion power reactor. The other two laureates, who worked with Aymar on the project, are former President of the ITER Council, Russian Academician Evgeny Velikhov, and Japan's Dr Masaji Yoshikawa, ITER's former Vice President. Aymar headed ITER from 1994 to 2003. 'This prize is not only a great honour for me and my friends and colleagues of many years at ITER, Evgeny Velikhov and Masaji Yoshikawa,' Aymar said. 'It is above all a recognition of the effort of all those who have been involved with the ITER project and worked over the years to ensure the first step in proving that fusion will provide a new sustainable energy source for the plane...

  12. Modeling and Prediction of Wildfire Hazard in Southern California, Integration of Models with Imaging Spectrometry (United States)

    Roberts, Dar A.; Church, Richard; Ustin, Susan L.; Brass, James A. (Technical Monitor)


    Large urban wildfires throughout southern California have caused billions of dollars of damage and significant loss of life over the last few decades. Rapid urban growth along the wildland interface, high fuel loads and a potential increase in the frequency of large fires due to climatic change suggest that the problem will worsen in the future. Improved fire spread prediction and reduced uncertainty in assessing fire hazard would be significant, both economically and socially. Current problems in the modeling of fire spread include the role of plant community differences, spatial heterogeneity in fuels and spatio-temporal changes in fuels. In this research, we evaluated the potential of Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) and Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (AIRSAR) data for providing improved maps of wildfire fuel properties. Analysis concentrated in two areas of Southern California, the Santa Monica Mountains and Santa Barbara Front Range. Wildfire fuel information can be divided into four basic categories: fuel type, fuel load (live green and woody biomass), fuel moisture and fuel condition (live vs senesced fuels). To map fuel type, AVIRIS data were used to map vegetation species using Multiple Endmember Spectral Mixture Analysis (MESMA) and Binary Decision Trees. Green live biomass and canopy moisture were mapped using AVIRIS through analysis of the 980 nm liquid water absorption feature and compared to alternate measures of moisture and field measurements. Woody biomass was mapped using L and P band cross polarimetric data acquired in 1998 and 1999. Fuel condition was mapped using spectral mixture analysis to map green vegetation (green leaves), nonphotosynthetic vegetation (NPV; stems, wood and litter), shade and soil. Summaries describing the potential of hyperspectral and SAR data for fuel mapping are provided by Roberts et al. and Dennison et al. To utilize remotely sensed data to assess fire hazard, fuel-type maps were translated

  13. Body and Gender in Nazi Concentration Camps

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bożena Karwowska


    Full Text Available The article Body and Gender in Nazi Concentration Camps is an attempt to discuss difficult issues of human sexuality and sexually marked behaviors in the context of the concentration camps, and their descriptions in the memoirs of the survivors. Using notions and concepts of the so called "black American feminism" the author (referring extensively to books by Stanisław Grzesiuk and Zofia Romanowiczowa shows how in the concentration camp the human body became the only space of a relative privacy of the prisoner. At the same time the body becomes a territory on which all - both biological and socially constructed - human fates cross.

  14. Magnetohydrodynamics and the earth's core selected works by Paul Roberts

    CERN Document Server

    Soward, Andrew M


    Paul Roberts'' research contributions are remarkable in their diversity, depth and international appeal. Papers from the Paul Roberts'' Anniversary meeting at the University of Exeter are presented in this volume. Topics include geomagnetism and dynamos, fluid mechanics and MHD, superfluidity, mixed phase regions, mean field electrodynamics and the Earth''s inner core. An incisive commentary of the papers puts the work of Paul Roberts into historical context. Magnetohydrodynamics and the Earth''s Core provides a valuable source of reference for graduates and researchers working in this area of geoscience.

  15. Design and Development Issues for Educational Robotics Training Camps (United States)

    Ucgul, Memet; Cagiltay, Kursat


    The aim of this study is to explore critical design issues for educational robotics training camps and to describe how these factors should be implemented in the development of such camps. For this purpose, two robotics training camps were organized for elementary school students. The first camp had 30 children attendees, and the second had 22. As…

  16. Summer Camps: A Fun Way to Reinforce Math Skills (United States)

    Tichenor, Mercedes; Plavchan, Joan


    Faculty members from a university teacher education department partnered with a local school district to develop a summer camp program for children at-risk. This four week summer camp for elementary students provides reading and math intervention to rising first graders. This article discusses the math aspects of the camp, including camp lessons,…

  17. Institutionalized Adolescents' Perceptions of a Summer Camp Program (United States)

    Herr, David E.


    Describes the use of the facilities of Camp Easter Seal, Virginia, for institutionalized adolescents from different hospitals in Virginia. Also includes the attitudes of the patients toward their camping experience, their camp counselors, and what they learned from their camping experience. (Author/RK)

  18. The Camp Setting for Promoting Youth Physical Activity: Systematic Observations of Summer Day Camps


    Nicole Zarrett; Brittany Skiles; Carl Sorensen


    The risk for youth obesity is higher during the summer than any other time of year. Summer day camps can be ideal settings for preventing obesity through reducing youth summer sedentary behaviors. However, little-to-no research has examined the role of camps for promoting youth physical activity (PA) and other healthy behaviors. This study begins to address the gap in research by conducting systematic observations of 4 summer day camps (2 highly- resourced and 2 low-resourced) to determine: 1...

  19. 2012 USGS Lidar: Brooks Camp (AK) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) had a requirement for high resolution Lidar needed for mapping the Brooks Camp region of Katmai National Park in Alaska....

  20. Food Safety While Hiking, Camping and Boating (United States)

    ... Standard Forms FSIS United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service About FSIS District Offices ... Web Content Viewer (JSR 286) Actions ${title} Loading... Food Safety While Hiking, Camping & Boating Outdoor activities are ...

  1. Obituary: Robert H. Koch (1929-2010) (United States)

    Koch, Joanne; Corcoran, Michael; Holenstein, Bruce; Sion, Edward


    Robert H. Koch, emeritus professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Pennsylvania, passed away at his home in Ardmore, Pennsylvania on 11 October 2010 after a brief illness. Bob was 80 years old and remained sharp and intellectually engaged with the astronomical community up until the onset of complications from a brain tumor. Bob was born in York, Pennsylvania on 19 December 1929, and graduated from York Catholic High School in 1947. He attended the University of Pennsylvania on a senatorial scholarship, graduating in 1951. After two years in the United States Army, he enrolled in graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, doing his doctoral research on the photoelectric photometry of R CMa, AO Cas, AS Eri, and XY Leo at the Steward Observatory, University of Arizona in Tucson. Bob would continue this exploration of close binary stars, their atmospheres and interactions, for the rest of his career. Bob met his future spouse, Joanne C. Underwood, while in graduate school in 1957 and they were married in 1959. Bob received his PhD in astronomy in 1959 and moved to Amherst, Massachusetts, where he taught as a member of the Four College Astronomy Department until 1966. Following a year at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, Bob joined the Astronomy Department at Penn, teaching and doing research there until his retirement in 1996. Bob's main interests were the study of close and eclipsing binary stars, stellar envelopes and winds, intrinsic variables, transits and occultations, and the Milky Way Galaxy, producing well over 100 refereed publications. Bob was partial to photoelectric photometry and polarimetry, conducting most of his observational research at the University of Pennsylvania Flower and Cook Observatory, and at other ground- and space-based observatories. As an international figure in the area of binary stars, Bob had widespread collaborations with scientists at other institutions, in the US and throughout the world, and

  2. Roberts Victor eclogites: ancient oceanic crust

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    MacGregor, I.D.


    New data on the oxygen isotopic chemistry of the oceanic crust and ophiolites illustrate the role of circulating seawater in changing the chemistry of aging oceanic crust. A similar range of oxygen isotope ratios in the eclogites suggests a comparable origin. The interpretation is consistent with the following observations: Whole rocks values of S /sup 18/O are negatively correlated with both the /sup 87///sup 86/Sr and K content. The internal whole rock correlations may be explained as a series of rocks that have undergone varying degrees of alteration on an ancient sea floor. Whole rock chemistry when recalculated to 1 atm. norms and compared with 1 atm. liquidus diagrams indicate two different groups of eclogites. One group has trends that are comparable to a series of liquids formed by the fractional crystallization of olivine followed by plagioclase and clinopyroxene while the other group correlate with cumulate assemblages of gabbroic composition. The REE chemistry of separated garnets and clinopyroxenes and whole rocks allow recalculation of the chemistry of the intergranular material which is significantly LREE enriched. K, Rb, Li and Ti are similarly enriched. The intergranular chemistry compares favorably with that of hypothesized mantle metasomatising fluids and is interpreted to evolve during the metamorphic transition to eclogite assemblages during subduction. The data allow for the interpretation that the Roberts Victor eclogite are relicts of at least 3.2 b.y. old oceanic crust and that the two different groups separately represent the volcanic and gabbroic rocks of the upper part of the ancient oceanic lithosphere.

  3. Robert M. Guion (1924-2012). (United States)

    Hakel, Milton D; Highhouse, Scott; Zickar, Michael


    Presents an obituary for Robert M. Guion (1924-2012). Bob received his bachelor's degree from the University of Iowa in 1948 and his master's degree (1950) and doctorate (1952) from Purdue University, the latter in I-O psychology. His doctoral mentor, about whom he always spoke with gratitude, was C. H. Lawshe. Although Bob found employment opportunities limited on graduation, he knew that he wanted the freedom and independence of an academic position. He joined the faculty at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in 1952. Bob served as chair of the department from 1966 to 1971 and edited the Journal of Applied Psychology from 1983 to 1988. He continued to rise through the professorial ranks and was ultimately named a Distinguished University Professor. In 1965, Bob won the James McKeen Cattell Award for research design from Division 14 (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology; SIOP) of the American Psychological Association (APA). He won it again in 1981. His landmark text Personnel Testing (1965, McGraw-Hill) was required reading for almost every I-O graduate student. In 1998 he published another classic, Assessment, Measurement, and Prediction for Personnel Decisions (Erlbaum). As an educator, Bob led the development of the master's and doctoral programs at BGSU and served as mentor for many of today's leaders in the field. As a contributor to professional psychology, he served as the president of two APA divisions, 14 and 5 (Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics), and also chaired APA's Board of Scientific Affairs. His career is a model of the blend of theory, research, and application. Bob was a model of integrity and deeply believed that the waste of human resources should pain the professional conscience of I-O psychologists. Bob worked tirelessly toward the development of a fundamental science that promotes human welfare at work. © 2013 APA, all rights reserved.

  4. Caruso St John y Robert Smithson: Interferencias

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emilia Hernández Pezzi


    Full Text Available Resumen Los discursos cruzados son el soporte común del presente número de Cuadernos. El cruce que planteamos tiene como protagonistas al artista Robert Smithson y a los arquitectos Adam Caruso y Peter St John. Estos últimos hacen mención del trabajo del artista norteamericano para explicar su proyecto de remodelación de Stortorget, la plaza de la catedral en el centro de Kalmar, Suecia. A partir de aquí, comenzamos una exploración del trabajo y las preocupaciones de ambos que nos permite dibujar convergencias y sintonías procesuales por encima de las diferencias temáticas, ideológicas y estilísticas. Al disponer en paralelo la obra de Smithson y Caruso St John descubrimos vibraciones y resonancias que muestran una interacción productiva de sus preocupaciones. La materia se convierte en sus propuestas en un objeto activo y sensible, un depósito energético con el que operar. El traslado de piedras en Stortorget convoca la memoria de la ciudad del mismo modo que el basalto y la sal del Spiral Jetty, erosionados por el tiempo, nos hablan de procesos abiertos. El tiempo y la memoria pasan a ser soportes estratégicos con los que construyen sus miradas. Los objetos se disuelven en las relaciones que establecen con su entorno produciendo equilibrios frágiles e instantáneos. De esta manera el artículo pretende generar un vórtice de reflexión, una espiral en cuyo recorrido se manifiesten las tensiones parciales del cruce propuesto, sus fijezas momentáneas.

  5. 33 CFR 334.910 - Pacific Ocean, Camp Pendleton Boat Basin, U.S. Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, Calif... (United States)


    ... Boat Basin, U.S. Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, Calif.; restricted area. 334.910 Section 334.910... AND RESTRICTED AREA REGULATIONS § 334.910 Pacific Ocean, Camp Pendleton Boat Basin, U.S. Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, Calif.; restricted area. (a) The area. All of the waters of Camp Pendleton Boat...

  6. Obituary: Robert Mowbray Walker, 1929-2004 (United States)

    Schoenherr, Neil T.


    Robert M. Walker, PhD, Professor of Physics in Arts & Sciences and a faculty fellow of the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences, died of stomach cancer Thursday, 12 February 2004, in Brussels, Belgium. He was 75. Walker worked on the frontiers of space research for more than four decades. Robert Walker was born in Philadelphia on 6 February 1929. His mother was Dorothy Potter and he considered Roger Potter his father though he was not his biological father. His early years were spent in New York City and in upstate New York. He attended the Bronx High School of Science, earned his BS in physics from Union College and in 1954, he received his PhD in particle physics from Yale University. He subsequently joined the General Electric Laboratory in Schenectady, New York where he studied the radiation effects in solids. His work on defects in irradiated copper is still regarded as the definitive work on the topic. In the early 1960s, Walker's discovery of fossil nuclear particle tracks in minerals was instrumental to new developments in geo-chronology and cosmic ray physics. In particular, his discovery of tracks from nuclei heavier than iron opened a new frontier of cosmic ray physics. He subsequently pioneered the use of plastics to detect and count such nuclei in cosmic ray balloon flights. Beginning in 1966, when he moved to Washington University and became the first McDonnell Professor of Physics, his research interests turned more toward space physics. He was the inaugural director of the McDonnell Center, which was established in 1975 by a gift from aerospace pioneer James S. McDonnell. Walker was a member of the NASA committee that allocated samples of the first returned lunar materials, and his laboratory led the way in deciphering their record of lunar, solar system and galactic evolution. Together with Ghislaine Crozaz and other colleagues, Walker made path breaking laboratory studies of the first moon rocks revealing the history of solar radiation and

  7. Robert Rodrigueze verejugadega õudusfilm tuleb Igavuse planeedilt / Mihkel Raud

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Raud, Mihkel, 1969-


    Filmiprojekt "Grindhouse" koosneb Robert Rodrigueze retroõudukast "Grindhouse : Õuduste planeet" ("Planet Terror") ja Quentin Tarantino 70-ndatest inspireeritud õudusfilmist "Surmakindel" ("Death Proof") : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2007. R. Rodrigueze filmist

  8. Robert Recorde tudor polymath, expositor and practitioner of computation

    CERN Document Server

    Williams, Jack


    The 16th-Century intellectual Robert Recorde is chiefly remembered for introducing the equals sign into algebra, yet the greater significance of his work is often overlooked. This book details the man, his achievements and his historical importance.

  9. Book Review Roberts Geographic Variation of Southern African Birds

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Book Review Roberts Geographic Variation of Southern African Birds: a Guide to the Plumage Variation of 613 Bird Races in Southern Africa By Hugh Chittenden, David Allen and illustrated by Ingrid Weiersbye (2012)

  10. Meet EPA Scientist Robert Devlin, Ph.D. (United States)

    EPA scientist Dr. Robert Devlin's main research interest is understanding the health effects of air pollution. His research characterizes the effects that inhaled substances, such as air pollutants, have on human pulmonary and cardiovascular health

  11. Narva-Jõesuu puitpitsiga villad - Robert Kolbe ja Pantelejevi villad

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Narva-Jõesuu mauri stiilis Robert Kolbe villa ja selle ehitusdetailid - puitpitsimustrites imiteeriti Hispaanias asuva Alhambra lossi kiviraidkunsti - põles maha 2006. aastal. Pantelejevi villa puitpitsid olid Karjala-Vene rahvuslikus stiilis

  12. TBT recommends : Vera Bila. The No Smoking Orchestra. Robert Plant

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Mustlasansambli Kale ja Vera Bila kontserdist 8. apr Tallinnas. Bosnia filmirežissööri Emir Kusturica ja tema ansambli No Smoking Orchestra kontserdist 12. apr. Riias. Inglise rocklaulja Robert Planti kontserdist 10. apr. Vilniuses

  13. Research Ship Robert Gordon Sproul Underway Meteorological Data, Quality Controlled (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Research Ship Robert Gordon Sproul Underway Meteorological Data (delayed ~10 days for quality control) are from the Shipboard Automated Meteorological and...

  14. Ethnology in the metropole: Robert Knox, Robert Gordon Latham and local sites of observational training. (United States)

    Sera-Shriar, Efram


    Anthropologists have traditionally separated the history of their discipline into two main diverging methodological paradigms: nineteenth-century armchair theorizing, and twentieth-century field-based research. But this tradition obscures both the complexity of the observational practices of early nineteenth-century researchers and the high degree of continuity between these practices and the techniques that came later. While historians have long since abandoned the notion that nineteenth-century ethnologists and anthropologists were merely 'armchair' theorists, this paper shows that there is still much to learn once one asks more insistently what the observational practices of early researchers were actually like. By way of bringing out this complexity and continuity, this essay re-examines the work of two well-known British ethnologists, Robert Knox, and Robert Gordon Latham; looking in particular at their methods of observing, analysing and representing different racial groups. In the work of each figure, early training in natural history, anatomy and physiology can be seen to have influenced their observational practices when it came to identifying and classifying human varieties. Moreover, in both cases, Knox and Latham developed locally-based observational training sites. Crown Copyright © 2011. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  15. Pioneer camps in post-Yugoslav context

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jankov Sonja


    Full Text Available The paper is revalorisation and architectural analysis of pioneer cities/camps in Zagreb and Belgrade and of the children's camp Mitrovac at Tara. It is divided into an introductory analysis of the context within which pioneer camps were built and four study cases written from contemporary perspective. Artek, one of the best known pioneer camps in world, protected by UNESCO, is analysed in the paper as a paradigm for wider contextualisation of pioneer camps in former Yugoslavia. Chapter Pioneer City in Belgrade and Mitrovac at Tara emphasizes these complexes as important architectural heritage, were Mitrovac at Tara is one of the best preserved and active resorts for children. High Modernism of Vitić's Pioneer City Today summarises the process of protecting this heritage form 1951 in 2015. The paper proposes that these Yugoslav pioneer camps can be used in contemporary art production and graduate education, by opening to resident artists and students who come to Serbia via Erasmus + exchange programme.

  16. Aristoteles, Augustin og Robert Grosseteste om videnskabens grundprincipper

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bloch, David Kristian


    Artiklen undersøger tre filosoffers (Aristoteles', Augustins og Robert Grossetestes) syn på videnskabens grundprincipper. Der argumenteres for, at de modstridende teorier, som Aristoteles og Augustin fremsætter, forenes i Grossetestes teori.......Artiklen undersøger tre filosoffers (Aristoteles', Augustins og Robert Grossetestes) syn på videnskabens grundprincipper. Der argumenteres for, at de modstridende teorier, som Aristoteles og Augustin fremsætter, forenes i Grossetestes teori....

  17. Robert Lowell’s Culturally Coded Lexis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lidija Davidovska


    Full Text Available In this paper, I will examine how a vital ele­ment of Robert Lowell’s descriptive and narrative struc­tures, i.e., the lexis, promise to unfold the “layers” of the culture that served as context for Life Studies. This in­volves exploring both the denotations and connotations of his culturally encoded lexis, that is, the external mean­ings of certain words and phrases before they “en­ter” the poem and the internal meanings they acquire after entering the poem. This process of “verbal osmo­sis”, when words absorb meaning from these different contexts, is, what I believe, critic and linguist Winifred Nowottny describes as “give and take between those patterns” (Fowler, 2009: 31. My analysis will focus on the sociolinguistic patina accrued on certain units of Lowell’s poetic lexis, such as names of historical people, events and concepts belonging to American and Euro­pean spiritual cultures and traditions, as well as brand names from popular material culture of the first half of the twentieth century. The analysis will also dwell on the use of idioms, catch phrases and other verbal clichés which reflect the culture that generated them. They func­tion as verbal “ready-mades” that additionally rein­force Lowell’s well-known anecdotal, colloquial and infor­mal poetic language. The choice of these particular lexical items is significant as they reflect the categoriza­tion of the world and the experience of the poetic voice or the “language user” in broader linguistic terms. At the same time, the categorization of the experience reflects the ideational position, the worldview of the language user. In the context of his poetics of immanence and experi­ence, this culturally coded poetic diction is ana­lyzed as another authentic and documented presenta­tion of immanent narrator’s “lived experience”.

  18. American Prometheus. The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Biography; J. Robert Oppenheimer. Die Biographie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bird, Kai; Sherwin, Martin J.


    A definitive portrait of legendary scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the ''father'' of the atomic bomb, discusses his seminal role in the twentieth-century scientific world, as well as his lesser-known roles as family man, supposed communist, and head of Princeton's Institute for Advanced Studies. ''American Prometheus'' is a rich evocation of America in mid-century and a compelling portrait of scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, a man shaped by its major events--the Depression, World War II, and the Cold War. (orig.) [German] J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967), der ''Vater der Atombombe'', zaehlt zu den schillerndsten Figuren der juengeren Zeitgeschichte. Fuer ihre glaenzende Biographie des ''amerikanischen Prometheus'' erhielten der Journalist Kai Bird und der Historiker Martin J. Sherwin den Pulitzer-Preis. Exemplarisch lassen sie das Drama eines Forschers lebendig werden, der sich zwischen Erkenntnisdrang und ethischer Verantwortung entscheiden muss. Oppenheimer leitete das streng geheime Manhattan-Projekt in der Wueste von New Mexico, wo am 16. Juli 1945 die erste Atombombe gezuendet wurde. Kurz darauf starben in Hiroshima und Nagasaki mehr als 200 000 Menschen durch die neue ''Wunderwaffe'' - die Menschheit war ins Atomzeitalter eingetreten. Erschuettert von der Zerstoerungskraft seiner Schoepfung, engagierte sich Oppenheimer fortan gegen den Einsatz nuklearer Waffen. Das machte ihn im Amerika der McCarthy-Aera verdaechtig. Er geriet ins Visier des FBI, wurde als Spion der Sowjetunion verleumdet und musste den Staatsdienst quittieren. Sein Privatleben wurde an die Oeffentlichkeit gezerrt, seine Wohnung verwanzt, sein Telefon abgehoert. Erst 1963 rehabilitierte ihn Praesident Kennedy. Ueber dreissig Jahre hinweg haben die Autoren Interviews mit Oppenheimers Angehoerigen, Freunden und Kollegen gefuehrt, FBI-Akten gesichtet, Tonbaender von Reden und Verhoeren

  19. Carbon monoxide poisoning during camping in Korea. (United States)

    Kim, Youn-Jung; Sohn, Chang Hwan; Oh, Bum Jin; Lim, Kyoung Soo; Kim, Won Young


    The aim of this study was to evaluate the epidemiology and characteristics of unintentional carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning during camping in Korea. We performed a retrospective observational study on patients with unintentional camping-related CO poisoning who were admitted to the emergency department (ED) from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2014. News reports about incidents of camping-related CO poisoning were collected using news search engines. A total of 72 patients (29 patients involved in 12 incidents, who were admitted to our ED, and 43 victims involved in 17 incidents reported in the media) were identified. Accidental camping-related CO poisoning occurred most frequently in May, late spring in Korea. Gas stove use and the burning of charcoal for tent heating were responsible for camping-related CO exposure. Seventeen victims (39.5%) were found dead when an ambulance arrived at the scene, in the cases reported in the media. In contrast, all the victims at our hospital were alive on hospital discharge. Twelve of the 17 incidents (70.6%) reported in the media were accidental fatalities. The majority of our patients (83.4%) were not aware of the potential danger of charcoal as a source of CO. Accidental camping-related CO poisoning occurred because of an ongoing lack of awareness about the potential danger of charcoal grills and stoves, and this caused prehospital mortality. Such accidents could be prevented by increasing the awareness of the potential danger of using charcoal grills and stoves during camping, as well as by establishing appropriate safety regulations.

  20. 34 CFR 654.1 - What is the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program? (United States)


    ... 34 Education 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false What is the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program...) OFFICE OF POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION ROBERT C. BYRD HONORS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM General § 654.1 What is the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program? Under the Robert C. Byrd Honors...

  1. Summer camps for children and adolescents with kidney disease. (United States)

    Klee, K; Greenleaf, K; Watkins, S


    Summer camps, sports camps, and residential camps are readily available to children and adolescents across the country. However, children and adolescents with end stage renal disease (ESRD) may not be able to participate in summer camp experiences because of specialized medical needs (e.g., dialysis or immunosuppressive medications) and concerns about abilities to keep up with camp activities. With enhancements in pediatric nephrology care in the past 10 years, patients can be expected to attend school full time and participate in peer activities. In addition, attendance at summer camps becomes a possibility for these children, particularly camps aimed at children with ESRD. Twenty pediatric nephrology centers in North America were surveyed about their participation in summer camp programs. This article reviews these and attempts to elucidate the values of summer camp programs for pediatric ESRD patients.

  2. Ladders to Leadership: What Camp Counselor Positions Do for Youth

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Darcy Tessman


    Full Text Available The 4-H youth development organization understands and has recognized residential camping as one of the major modes of program delivery. Primary benefactors of the residential camping program are those youth who serve as camp counselors. Not only are they recipients of the educational program, but also supervise and teach younger campers (Garst & Johnson, 2005; McNeely, 2004. As a result of their experience, camp counselors learn about and develop leadership and life skills (Thomas, 1996; Purcell, 1996. The residential camping experience allows youth to serve as volunteers through their role as camp counselors. In addition to the benefits earned from their volunteer role, residential camping provides youth camp counselors the opportunity to gain leadership skills (Arnold, 2003 as well as add to the camp structure, planning, and implementation (Hines & Riley, 2005.

  3. The strange trial of Robert Oppenheimer; L'etrange proces de Robert Oppenheimer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kevles, D.J. [Yale Univ., New Haven, CT (United States); Institut de Technologie de Californie (United States)


    Robert Oppenheimer has become the symbol of the scientist tormented and anguished by the consequences of his discoveries. R.Oppenheimer took a major part in the Manhattan project for the designing of the first atomic bomb. During this period he considered the thermonuclear bomb as the next step to reach but after Japan's surrender he reconsidered his position and favoured a more moderate atomic policy. R.Oppenheimer began to militate in favour of an international control of nuclear energy and wanted that Usa relinquish to design the hydrogen bomb. In 1953 in full Mac-Carthysm era, he was accused of being a communist and of spying for Ussr and as a consequence he was deprived of his office in AEC (atomic energy committee) but in 1963 president Lyndon Johnson rehabilitated him and R.Oppenheimer was awarded the highest reward of AEC: the Enrico Fermi prize. (A.C.)

  4. The Never Ending Gale: its Role in Captain Robert F. Scott and his Companions' Deaths

    CERN Document Server

    Sienicki, Krzysztof


    Polar historians and enthusiasts are aware that toward the end of March 1912, Captain Robert F. Scott reported in his journal a meteorological event, which was extraordinary as far as its length and strength was concerned. This event was the gale which according to Captain Scott, lasted nine/ten days. Were the laws of physics suspended at the end of March 1912 in the Antarctic? I have shown that the near surface winds in the Antarctic are self-organized critically and that the winds over the continent form an ergodic system. I have presented an analysis of wind events in the proximity of Captain Scott's camp and at Ross Island. By comparing wind events at these locations, and performing an analysis of a gale's wind duration and strength at One Ton Dep\\^ot, I concluded that Captain Scott's wind record was highly inaccurate. I concluded that the nine/ten day gale described by Captain Scott, that lasted from March 21 to 29, did not take place. This result combined with my previous analysis of Captain Scott's tem...

  5. Requiem for a CAMP: the life and death of a domestic U.S. drug war institution. (United States)

    Corva, Dominic


    The life and death of California's Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP, 1983-2012) offers a unique analytical window into the time and space of the U.S. war on drugs in a global context. This paper draws on CAMP report archives, ethnographic interviews, and secondary data sources to locate the significance of CAMP, its demise, and enduring legacy for the political economy of domestic illicit cannabis production in southern Humboldt County, where it was initially focused. I first introduce the economic geography of cannabis production in southern Humboldt County and California. In the first part of the paper, using theoretical frameworks from Critical Geopolitics and International Relations, I examine the geo-politics of CAMP's emergence. In the second part of the paper, I examine industrial reterritorialization associated with its geographies of enforcement over time. I conclude by discussing the eclipse of its foundational logic-and-practice (policing the "Emerald Triangle") by new political and economic geographies of power. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  6. A specialized program for children with developmental disabilities within a "typical" overnight summer camp: Camp Ramah's Tikvah Program. (United States)

    Blas, Howard I


    The Tikvah Program is an overnight camping program at Camp Ramah in New England that serves campers with a range of developmental disabilities. The program has evolved over its 37-year history and includes a camping program, vocational training program, and inclusion program. Select graduates are hired by the camp for summer employment. The Tikvah Program offers a model for serving campers with special needs within a larger "typical" summer camp. Although serving the needs of such campers offers unique challenges, the presence of such a program in a regular summer camp offers tremendous opportunities and benefits for campers with special needs and more typically developing campers.

  7. Winter camp for pre-school children


    Golc, Mateja


    This thesis details the importance of physical activity for a healthy development of pre-school children in all areas of their development. The focus is placed mainly on outdoor physical activity, in all seasons of the year and in all types of weather. Also highlighted is the importance of outdoor physical activity, stretching over several days, in the form of a winter camp for pre-school children. Pre-school teachers, who take over the organisation of a winter camp, face a challenging task, ...

  8. Flaubert et Du Camp : quelques remarques

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michel Brix


    Full Text Available The Flaubert scholars accuse Maxime Du Camp of several instances of dishonesty and don’t pay attention to what Du Camp has said or written. This regrettable situation deprives the readers of numerous pieces of information which are likely to shed light on the stakes but also on the contradictions of the flaubertian poetics. This article takes a look at a few revealing cases and especially looks into the similitaries between a passage of the Du Camp’s book Le Nil (1854 and the episode where Marie Arnoux makes her appearance, in L’Éducation sentimentale (1869.

  9. John Bowlby and ethology: an annotated interview with Robert Hinde. (United States)

    Bowlby, John


    From the 1950s, John Bowlby, one of the founders of attachment theory, was in personal and scientific contact with leading European scientists in the field of ethology (e.g., Niko Tinbergen, Konrad Lorenz, and especially Robert Hinde). In constructing his new theory on the nature of the bond between children and their caregivers, Bowlby profited highly from their new approach to (animal) behavior. Hinde and Tinbergen in their turn were influenced and inspired by Bowlby's new thinking. On the basis of extensive interviews with bowlby's colleague and lifelong friend Robert Hinde and on the basis of archival materials, both the relationship between John Bowlby and Robert Hinde and the cross-fertilization of ethology and attachment theory are described.

  10. Obituary: Robert C. Bless (1927 - 2015) (United States)

    Surrounded by his loving family, Robert Charles Bless died at home on November 29th, three days before his 88th birthday. He was born in Ithaca, NY on Dec. 3, 1927 to a Russian father, Arthur Aaron Bless, and a French mother, Eva Chantrell Bless. Bob spent many summers on the family farm in the South of France, where he gained a great pride and joy in his French heritage, large extended family, and mother tongue. As a child growing up in Gainesville, FL, Bob's first job was snake wrangling, earning 10 cents per foot, with an added bonus for the more venomous species. Young Robbie took daily adventures in the Florida woods and swamps, armed only with pockets full of pecans and oranges. He enjoyed spending time at the family's lake cabin, where he learned to sail and helped his father plant acres of trees to grow their timber plantation. As a first generation immigrant, Bob's father received a PhD in physics, which inspired Bob to pursue an extensive educational route in astrophysics. Bob excelled in academics, graduating high school at the age of 16 and the University of Florida (B.Sc.) at 19. His path to graduate school was interrupted by a diagnosis of tuberculosis that forced him into a Florida sanitorium for one year. During this time, Bob made the most of what he described as the most dismal part of life by advocating for patient rights, initiating an inter-sanitorium newsletter, and gaining skills and experience in community organization and leadership - qualities that would later inform his leadership in academe. After being one of the first successfully treated tuberculosis patients in the US, Bob went on to earn a M.Sc. from Cornell University, and received his PhD degree in Astronomy from the University of Michigan in 1958. That same year, Bob joined the staff of the Astronomy Department of the University of Wisconsin (UW), Madison. It was there that Bob met Diane McQueen. Despite Bob's Dodge Dart and what has been described as the worst first date in

  11. Obituary: Robert Fleischer, 1918-2001 (United States)

    Boyce, Peter Bradford; Saffell, Mary E.


    Robert Fleischer was born 20 August 1918 to Leon and Rose Fleischer in Flushing, NY. He was educated at Harvard, receiving his BS in 1940, MA in 1947, and PhD in 1949. He specialized in geophysics and solar-terrestrial relations. Fleischer joined the faculty at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute advancing from Assistant to Full professor in 1958. As Director of the RPI Observatory, Fleischer attempted to bring modern astronomy to the institutions in the Albany area by procuring the funds to build a radio telescope. He left for the National Science Foundation (NSF) before the observatory was completed. It is a testament to his character that without his enormous energy, organizational, and fundraising abilities, the radio telescope project languished after he left. Fleischer joined the NSF in 1962 as the Program Director for Solar-Terrestrial Research. He was the government-wide Coordinator for the International Quiet Sun Years, and coordinated the 1966 South American Eclipse expeditions. Thereafter, he was appointed Deputy Head of the Office of International Science Activities. Fleischer is most notably remembered as the head of the Astronomy Section at the National Science Foundation. He brought astronomy into its own at NSF and involved the community in a major way through use of advisory committees. He was dedicated to helping the astronomical community understand the funding system, the political environment, and the various factors in how money is allocated. Fleischer truly believed in the concept that scientists should be making the important decisions about their field. He was instrumental in injecting science into the oversight of the National Observatories. Relations with the community say a lot about the man, the complexities of his character, and the forces that drove him. Fleischer was passionate in his beliefs and in his devotion to doing the best for astronomy. His strong approach and belief in himself served him well in many ways, but caused him grief

  12. Double trisomy (48,XXX,+18) with features of Roberts syndrome

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Descartes, M.; Longshore, J.W.; Crawford, E. [Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham, AL (United States)] [and others


    We report an infant with double trisomy 48,XXX,+18, who also displayed features of Roberts syndrome. All previously published cases with similar double trisomy have presented with features of trisomy 18 syndrome. The chromosome analysis done at birth revealed the double trisomy; parental chromosomes were normal. The proband presented with microbrachycephaly, unilateral cleft lip and palate, choanal atresia, midfacial capillary hemanioma, thin nares, shallow orbits, malformed ears, sparse hair, hypomelia of the upper limbs, rocker-bottom feet, auricular septal defect and agenesis of the corpus callosum. Characteristic features of Roberts syndrome included hypomelia, midfacial defects, and severe growth deficiency. Among the many different features reported in the literature for patients with trisomy 18 syndrome, the most consistent were growth deficiency, clenched fingers and congenital heart defects (e.g. VSD, ASD, PDA). Although some of our patient`s features such as cleft lip and cleft palate, low-set malformed ears, ASD, defects of the corpus callosum, choanal atresia, radial aplasia could also be seen in trisomy 18 syndrome (in 10-50% of the cases), her phenotype was more typical of Roberts syndrome because of symmetrical hypomelia and midfacial defects. Our patient`s chromosomes did not show premature separation of centromeric heterochromatin, a feature reported to occur in approximately one-half of individuals with Roberts syndrome. Sporadic aneuploidy involving different chromosomes has been found in lymphocyte cultures from some Roberts syndrome patients and is considered by some authors as a mitotic mutant. This aneuploidy is most likely to be chromosome gain. The simultaneous occurrence of trisomy X and 18 is extremely rare with only 11 cases having been reported in the literature. Our patient is unique since she has the double trisomy in addition to the characteristic features of Roberts syndrome.

  13. Teens Learn Leadership At Virginia Tech Summer Camps


    Ho, Sookhan


    Summer camps are in full swing around the country. At Virginia Tech, rising 10th graders from all over the state are learning leadership skills at a series of unusual summer camps sponsored by the Virginia Police Chiefs Foundation.

  14. CPSC Warns of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning with Camping Equipment (United States)

    ... Warns of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazard with Camping Equipment The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warns ... about the carbon monoxide (CO) hazard with camping equipment. CO can kill you! From 2002–2006, CPSC ...

  15. Medical Record Keeping in the Summer Camp Setting. (United States)

    Kaufman, Laura; Holland, Jaycelyn; Weinberg, Stuart; Rosenbloom, S Trent


    Approximately one fifth of school-aged children spend a significant portion of their year at residential summer camp, and a growing number have chronic medical conditions. Camp health records are essential for safe, efficient care and for transitions between camp and home providers, yet little research exists regarding these systems. To survey residential summer camps for children to determine how camps create, store, and use camper health records. To raise awareness in the informatics community of the issues experienced by health providers working in a special pediatric care setting. We designed a web-based electronic survey concerning medical recordkeeping and healthcare practices at summer camps. 953 camps accredited by the American Camp Association received the survey. Responses were consolidated and evaluated for trends and conclusions. Of 953 camps contacted, 298 (31%) responded to the survey. Among respondents, 49.3% stated that there was no computer available at the health center, and 14.8% of camps stated that there was not any computer available to health staff at all. 41.1% of camps stated that internet access was not available. The most common complaints concerning recordkeeping practices were time burden, adequate completion, and consistency. Summer camps in the United States make efforts to appropriately document healthcare given to campers, but inconsistency and inefficiency may be barriers to staff productivity, staff satisfaction, and quality of care. Survey responses suggest that the current methods used by camps to document healthcare cause limitations in consistency, efficiency, and communications between providers, camp staff, and parents. As of 2012, survey respondents articulated need for a standard software to document summer camp healthcare practices that accounts for camp-specific needs. Improvement may be achieved if documentation software offers the networking capability, simplicity, pediatrics-specific features, and avoidance of

  16. Medical Record Keeping in the Summer Camp Setting (United States)

    Holland, Jaycelyn; Weinberg, Stuart; Rosenbloom, S. Trent


    Summary Background Approximately one fifth of school-aged children spend a significant portion of their year at residential summer camp, and a growing number have chronic medical conditions. Camp health records are essential for safe, efficient care and for transitions between camp and home providers, yet little research exists regarding these systems. Objective To survey residential summer camps for children to determine how camps create, store, and use camper health records. To raise awareness in the informatics community of the issues experienced by health providers working in a special pediatric care setting. Methods We designed a web-based electronic survey concerning medical recordkeeping and healthcare practices at summer camps. 953 camps accredited by the American Camp Association received the survey. Responses were consolidated and evaluated for trends and conclusions. Results Of 953 camps contacted, 298 (31%) responded to the survey. Among respondents, 49.3% stated that there was no computer available at the health center, and 14.8% of camps stated that there was not any computer available to health staff at all. 41.1% of camps stated that internet access was not available. The most common complaints concerning recordkeeping practices were time burden, adequate completion, and consistency. Conclusions Summer camps in the United States make efforts to appropriately document health-care given to campers, but inconsistency and inefficiency may be barriers to staff productivity, staff satisfaction, and quality of care. Survey responses suggest that the current methods used by camps to document healthcare cause limitations in consistency, efficiency, and communications between providers, camp staff, and parents. As of 2012, survey respondents articulated need for a standard software to document summer camp healthcare practices that accounts for camp-specific needs. Improvement may be achieved if documentation software offers the networking capability

  17. Camp Health Aide Manual = Manual para trabajadores de salud. (United States)

    Robinson, June Grube; And Others

    This bilingual manual serves as a textbook for migrant Camp Health Aides. Camp Health Aides are members of migrant labor camps enlisted to provide information about health and social services to migrant workers and their families. The manual is divided into 12 tabbed sections representing lessons. Teaching notes printed on contrasting paper…

  18. Summer Camp and Positive Youth Development: Program with Romanian Youth (United States)

    Feenstra, Jennifer S.


    A variety of activities are used in camps to help promote positive youth development, improving social skills and self-esteem in campers. I expanded on previous camp research in this study to address the influence camps have on trust, belief in the honesty of others, empowerment, and care for others in youth in Eastern Europe. Since 1999, New…

  19. Summer camps for diabetic children: an experience in Antalya, Turkey. (United States)

    Semiz, S; Bilgin, U O; Bundak, R; Bircan, I


    To evaluate the effectiveness of diabetic summer camps with objective parameters, we examined the data relative to summer camps organized by our department in Antalya in the last two years. The duration of the camps was 10 days. Twenty-eight diabetic children with an average age of 13.6 +/- 2.9 years (range 8-20) participated in the first camp, fourteen of whom participated in both camps. The medical personnel consisted of three pediatric endocrinologists, one psychologist, two diabetes nurses and two dietitians. Despite a mean 10% reduction in insulin dosage and 10% increment in daily calorie intake at the beginning of the camp, hypoglycemia was common (mean, 2.4 hypoglycemic episodes per subject). Ketoacidosis was not encountered in any of the subjects during and after camps. An increment in weight in children whose weights, with respect to heights, were under the ideal weight and a decrement in weight of overweight children were observed at the end of the first camp. A significant improvement in knowledge and self-management of the disease was noted at the end of the camps. Improvement in nutrition and diabetic knowledge level of the children who participated in these consecutive camps was more obvious in the second compared with that in the first camp. No significant change in HbA1c level was observed at follow-up. In conclusion, summer camps are an invaluable way for diabetic children to gain skills in managing their disease.

  20. 7 CFR 502.6 - Hunting, fishing, camping, horseback riding. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 6 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Hunting, fishing, camping, horseback riding. 502.6..., MARYLAND § 502.6 Hunting, fishing, camping, horseback riding. The use of BARC grounds for any form of hunting, fishing, camping, or horseback riding is prohibited. Further, the use of these grounds for...

  1. Nutritional Status of Children in Displacement Camps in Sierra Leone

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    In this study, stunting, under nutrition, and wasting were measured among 454 children under the age of 10 years in four internally displaced persons (IDP) camps. Stunting was found to be the most common nutritional abnormality in all four IDP camps with the highest prevalence rate (29.3%) in the Trade Center Camp and ...

  2. Engaging in the Community: Zoo Camp Goes to School (United States)

    Martell, Emma


    Museum camps are a popular option over school vacation, but they are not always accessible to families who lack transportation and live far from the institution. This article presents an alternative format for camp: running a museum camp from within a neighborhood public school. Collaboration with school staff and community members is a key to…

  3. Three-Dimensional Learning at Camp Mind's Eye. (United States)

    Bryant, Rita


    Camp Mind's Eye is a one-week residential summer program for intellectually and creatively gifted children provided by Camp Tyler (Texas), one of the oldest outdoor education facilities. The camp program stresses right brain thinking, a flexible curriculum, and autonomous instructors. (DB)

  4. Chemotactic antagonists of cAMP inhibit Dictyostelium phospholipase C

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bominaar, Anthony A.; Haastert, Peter J.M. van

    In Dictyostelium discoideum extracellular cAMP induces chemotaxis via a transmembrane signal transduction cascade consisting of surface cAMP receptors, G-proteins and effector enzymes including adenylyl cyclase, guanylyl cyclase and phospholipase C. Previously it was demonstrated that some cAMP

  5. Sexual Harassment at Camp: Reducing Liability. (United States)

    Oakleaf, Linda; Grube, Angela Johnson


    Employers are responsible for sexual harassment perpetrated by a supervisor. Camps may be responsible for sexual harassment between campers. Steps to reduce liability include providing multiple channels for reporting sexual harassment; having written policies prohibiting sexual harassment and procedures for reporting it; posting these policies and…

  6. Healthy Campers: The Physical Benefits of Camp. (United States)

    McSwegin, Patricia; And Others


    Discusses the importance of planning, implementing, and evaluating camp physical activity programs. Appropriate physical activity programing should consider frequency, intensity, time, and type of activity. Also important are following the principles critical to physical training: specificity, overload, and progression. Two examples of physical…

  7. British scorched earth and concentration camp policies.

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    THE BRITISH SCORCHED EARTH AND. CONCENTRATION CAMP POLICIES IN THE. POTCHEFSTROOM REGION, 1899–1902. 1. Prof GN van den Bergh. Research Associate, North-West University. Abstract. The continued military resistance of the Republics after the occupation of. Bloemfontein and Pretoria and ...

  8. Camp Minden Fact Sheet April 2014 (United States)

    Two groups of PRPs which include GD/ATK and Hercules Inc. signed Administrative Orders on Consent with the EPA that will remove and dispose approximately 3.7 million pounds of explosive material at the Explo Systems, Inc Camp Minden, Louisiana site.

  9. E. Coli: Preventing Outbreaks at Camp. (United States)

    McKinney, Mary D.


    One strain of E. coli is not usually found in foods, but has been related to consumption of undercooked ground beef. Symptoms are stomach cramps and diarrhea, and 2-7% of infections lead to hemolytic uremic syndrome, which is life threatening. Camps can prevent outbreaks by avoiding uncooked meat on overnight campouts and requiring appropriate…

  10. PDE4-Mediated cAMP Signalling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bracy A. Fertig


    Full Text Available cAMP is the archetypal and ubiquitous second messenger utilised for the fine control of many cardiovascular cell signalling systems. The ability of cAMP to elicit cell surface receptor-specific responses relies on its compartmentalisation by cAMP hydrolysing enzymes known as phosphodiesterases. One family of these enzymes, PDE4, is particularly important in the cardiovascular system, where it has been extensively studied and shown to orchestrate complex, localised signalling that underpins many crucial functions of the heart. In the cardiac myocyte, cAMP activates PKA, which phosphorylates a small subset of mostly sarcoplasmic substrate proteins that drive β-adrenergic enhancement of cardiac function. The phosphorylation of these substrates, many of which are involved in cardiac excitation-contraction coupling, has been shown to be tightly regulated by highly localised pools of individual PDE4 isoforms. The spatial and temporal regulation of cardiac signalling is made possible by the formation of macromolecular “signalosomes”, which often include a cAMP effector, such as PKA, its substrate, PDE4 and an anchoring protein such as an AKAP. Studies described in the present review highlight the importance of this relationship for individual cardiac PKA substrates and we provide an overview of how this signalling paradigm is coordinated to promote efficient adrenergic enhancement of cardiac function. The role of PDE4 also extends to the vascular endothelium, where it regulates vascular permeability and barrier function. In this distinct location, PDE4 interacts with adherens junctions to regulate their stability. These highly specific, non-redundant roles for PDE4 isoforms have far reaching therapeutic potential. PDE inhibitors in the clinic have been plagued with problems due to the active site-directed nature of the compounds which concomitantly attenuate PDE activity in all highly localised “signalosomes”.

  11. Dissolved inorganic carbon, total alkalinity, nutrients, and other variables collected from profile and discrete observations using CTD, Niskin bottle, and other instruments from R/V New Horizon and R/V Robert Gordon Sproul in the U.S. West Coast for calibration and validation of California Current Ecosystem (CCE) Moorings from 2009-12-15 to 2015-04-29 (NCEI Accession 0146024) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This archive accession contains inorganic carbon, total alkalinity, nutrients, and other data collected from ships during servicing cruises to the California Current...

  12. Doctor Julius Robert Mayer and Energy Processes in Living Systems (United States)

    Erlichson, Herman


    The overwhelming majority of important papers in physics are written by physicists. But the physician Julius Robert Mayer (1814-1878, see photo) did a valid theoretical calculation of the mechanical equivalent of heat just before Joule reported on his results from his well-known paddle-wheel experiments. Joule is well-known to physics people and…

  13. Zombilood / Robert Kirkman ; intervjueerinud Margit Tõnson, Peeter Helme

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kirkman, Robert


    Režissöör George A. Romero kultusfilmid zombidest "Elavate surnute öö", "Surnute koidik", "Surnute päev" jpt. on inspiratsiooniks koomiksikirjutaja Robert Kirklandile. Režissöör Frank Darabont on teinud tema tuntuimast koomiksiseeriast "The Walking Dead" teleseriaali "Kõndivad surnud". Zombiteema kasvavast populaarsusest ning intervjuu koomiksikirjutajaga

  14. De 'wraak van de geografie' volgens Robert D. Kaplan

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mamadouh, V.


    De Amerikaanse publicist Robert D. Kaplan heeft een nieuwe bestseller, De wraak van de geografie, waarin hij het belang van geografie voor de internationale politiek uit de doeken doet. Zijn roep om meer aandacht voor geografie is echter erg eenzijdig en een miskenning van alles waar ons vak voor

  15. Wikinews interviews World Wide Web co-inventor Robert Cailliau

    CERN Multimedia


    "The name Robert Caillau may not ring a bell to the general pbulic, but his invention is the reason why you are reading this: Dr. Cailliau together with his colleague Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, making the internet accessible so it could grow from an academic tool to a mass communication medium." (9 pages)

  16. 75 FR 11112 - Action Affecting Export Privileges; Robert Kraaipoel (United States)


    ... Iranian Transactions Regulations, 31 CFR Part 560 (``ITR''), could be exported from the United States to... behalf of Iranian customers and give U.S. manufacturers false information regarding the ultimate... authorization and avoid detection by law enforcement. By engaging in this activity, Robert Kraaipoel committed...

  17. Robert Aymar seals the last interconnect in the LHC

    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    The LHC completes the circle. On 7 November, in a brief ceremony in the LHC tunnel, CERN Director General Robert Aymar (Photo 1) sealed the last interconnect between the main magnets of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Jean-Philippe Tock, leader of the Interconnections team, tightens the last bolt (Photos 4-8).

  18. Cytogenetic diagnosis of Roberts SC phocomelia syndrome: First ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Tahir M. Malla


    Jul 14, 2015 ... of diagnoses in dysmorphology by approximately 15%. However, metaphase anomalies like PCS/HR and PSCS can- not be detected by techniques like array studies and therefore milder forms of syndromes like those of Roberts SC pho- comelia may remain undetected. We therefore conclude from.

  19. Antropov : politseil tuleb juhtunust õppida / Robert Antropov ; interv. Risto Berendson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Antropov, Robert, 1965-


    Politseiameti peadirektori Robert Antropovi sõnul oli 2004. aasta politseile hea, lähiajal peab end kõige rohkem kokku võtma unarusse jäetud kriminaalpolitsei. Vt. samas: Õismäe plahvatust ei saanud vältida

  20. Stylistic Analysis of Robert Browning's Poem "Patriot into Traitor (United States)

    Ahmed, Mumtaz; Irshad, Ayesha


    The stylistic analysis of Robert Browning's poem "Patriot into Traitor" is done by using graphological, phonological, morphological and lexico-syntactic patterns. This analysis is helpful in decoding the underlying meanings of the poem. It clearly brings to surface what the poet really wants to impart.

  1. Robert Koch and the 'golden age' of bacteriology. (United States)

    Blevins, Steve M; Bronze, Michael S


    Robert Koch's discovery of the anthrax bacillus in 1876 launched the field of medical bacteriology. A 'golden age' of scientific discovery ensued. A century after Koch's death, we remember his life and work. Copyright © 2010 International Society for Infectious Diseases. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  2. Education and Utopia: Robert Owen and Charles Fourier (United States)

    Leopold, David


    The aims of education, and the appropriate means of realising them, are a recurring preoccupation of utopian authors. The utopian socialists Robert Owen (1771-1858) and Charles Fourier (1772-1837) both place human nature at the core of their educational views, and both see education as central to their wider objective of social and political…

  3. Robert Burns Woodward (1917–1979): A Personal Profile

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 19; Issue 7. Robert Burns Woodward (1917–1979): A Personal Profile. S Ranganathan. Article-in-a-Box Volume 19 Issue 7 July 2014 pp 586-589. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link:

  4. Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart: A Cut Above (United States)

    Patton, Jessica Rae


    No one could argue the appeal for kids and adults alike of pop-up books. This article features two pop-up book author-artists, Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart, whose books are in a league apart, with their stunning production values, well-written narratives, informative content and the sheer sophistication of the movable art. The two pioneered…

  5. Robert Sternberg's mental self-government theory and its ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Robert Sternberg's mental self-government theory and its contribution to our understanding of first-year distance learners' multiple thinking style preferences. ... This intelligence (the perception we have of information systems and the way we manage them) will influence the way we think and learn. This also applies to ...

  6. Education, Despair and Morality: A Reply to Roberts (United States)

    Cowley, Christopher


    In a recent thought-provoking piece, Peter Roberts argues against the central role of happiness as a guiding concept in education, and argues for more attention to be paid to despair. This does not mean cultivating despair in young people, but allowing them to make sense of their own natural occasional despair, as well as the despair of others. I…

  7. Een oneindig boek (de man zonder eigenschappen van Robert Musil)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schreurs, M.


    In een van de Norton Lectures die de Italiaanse schrijver Italo Calvino in het jaar 1985-1986 op de Harvard University zou gaan houden, worden Robert Musil, Carlo Emilio Gadda, Marcel Proust en James Joyce genoemd als auteurs die romans hebben geschreven die onvoltooid zijn gebleven, omdat deze

  8. Robert Schuman, principal architect of the European Union

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Margriet Krijtenburg


    A tangible proof of the meaning and scope of human flourishing that can change not only organizations but also entire societies, is given by Robert Schuman, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs who launched the Schuman Declaration (1950) that gave birth to the EU. His leitmotiv was to be a

  9. Encounter with death: The thought of Robert Jay Lifton. (United States)

    Lageman, A G


    Robert Jay Lifton begins his work in the psychosocial framework that he takes over from Erik Erikson. Lifton's thought is based upon a central paradigm-"death and the continuity of life." Lifton makes important contributions with his five modes of symbolic immortality and with his investigation of the psychological themes in survivors. The origins and limits of Lifton's thought are critically examined.

  10. Robert Sabatier's Novels and the Teaching of French Culture. (United States)

    Lapeyre, Elisabeth


    One teacher uses Robert Sabatier's novels in combination with Laurence Wylie's account of life in a French village to help students gain an awareness of French cultural values and mentality that surpasses an inventory of cultural traits, and to help the students reconsider their own cultural biases. (MSE)

  11. Body Art Comes to Camp: Tattooing and Piercing Are Becoming Mainstream; Does Your Camp Have a Policy? (United States)

    Cameron, Sandy


    Tattooing and body piercing are becoming mainstream, especially among the college population that comprises camp staff. Campers often idolize their counselors and want to be like them. Piercings may present a safety hazard. Camps should develop a policy and communicate it to prospective counselors and campers as early as possible. Several camps'…

  12. Summer camps for children with burn injuries: a literature review. (United States)

    Maslow, Gary R; Lobato, Debra


    The first summer camps for children with burn injuries started over 25 years ago, and as of 2008, there were 60 camps worldwide. This review examines the literature on summer pediatric burn camps. The authors describe common characteristics of burn camp structure, activities, and staffing and then examine the scientific evidence regarding the effect of burn camp programs on campers and camp staff volunteers. A search of Pubmed and Psychinfo databases from 1970 to 2008 for articles related to pediatric burn summer camps identified 17 articles, of which 13 fit the inclusion criteria. Existing literature consists primarily of qualitative studies, suggesting that burn camp can decrease camper isolation, improve self-esteem, and promote coping and social skills. Studies examining volunteer staff at burn camp have consistently found that there are both personal and professional benefits. Quantitative studies of self-esteem have yielded equivocal results. No studies have examined safety or the effect of burn camp on medical or rehabilitation outcomes. For the past 25 years, pediatric summer camps for children with burn injuries have played an important rehabilitation role and provided a strong community that benefits both campers and staff. Future research using more rigorous research methods and examining a broader range of outcomes (eg, safety and medical/rehabilitation outcomes) is recommended.

  13. Robert Putnam : miks peaksime naabritega rohkem rääkima? / Robert Putnam ; interv. Külli-Riin Tigasson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Putnam, Robert


    26. mail Tallinnas toimuva Avatud Ühiskonna Foorumi peaesineja, Harvardi Ülikooli professor väidab, et mida paremini tuntakse oma naabreid, mida aktiivsemalt osaletakse kohalikus elus ning mida rohkem inimesed omavahel suhtlevad, seda paremaks ja turvalisemaks muutub nende elukeskkond. Lisad: Robert Putnam (sünd 1941); Kuidas kasvatada sotsiaalset kapitali?

  14. Communication Boot Camp: Discover the Speaker in You!

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zuraidah Binti Ali


    Full Text Available Learning can take place almost anywhere, and this is especially true for our undergraduates who wish to become public speakers. Besides university course and public speaking workshops on campus grounds, undergraduates are now looking for a different learning environment – communication boot camps!! This study presents a compilation of learners’ experience, fun-filled activities, insightful feedback and memorable boot camp moments as captured in camp photos and feedback surveys. It involves a total of thirty seven undergraduates who enrolled in a Communication Boot Camp at Janda Baik, Pahang. Results show that Communication Boot Camp is a successful strategy to groom public speakers with a positive correlation between camp success and camp objectives, particularly in reducing shyness, motivating participants to become public speakers and discovering their talent and skills. In short, the study adds to the promise of zest and delight in public speaking.

  15. Components of Camp Experiences for Positive Youth Development

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karla A. Henderson


    Full Text Available Youth development specialists advocate that well designed, implemented, and staffed youth centered programs result in positive outcomes for young people. Youth organizations have provided opportunities for young people to participate in camping experiences for over a century. The purpose of this paper is to describe what program components were related to camp environments and positive youth development. We describe these program components related to positive youth development based on a large scale national study of ACA (American Camp Association accredited camps that included independent, religiously affiliated, government, and not-for-profit organizations. Based on the responses given by camp directors, contact and leadership from trained staff and the supportive relationships they provided were essential elements of camp. Other aspects leading to positive youth development in camps were program mission and structure along with elements of accountability, assessment of outcomes, and opportunities for skill building.

  16. Children's cancer camps: a way to understand grief differently. (United States)

    Laing, Catherine M; Moules, Nancy J


    A philosophical hermeneutic study was conducted as part of the first author's doctoral research to understand the meaning of children's cancer camps for the child with cancer and the family. Twenty family members from six families were interviewed in order to bring understanding to this topic. This article will detail the finding related to the experience of grief that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis, and how camp seems to allow children and families to understand their grief differently. The interesting thing about this particular cancer camp is that families of children who have died continue to attend the camp yearly, and there are events to memorialize the many children known to all the campers who no longer attend camp. This is not a grief camp but a cancer camp where grief is allowed presence as it necessarily has to in the world of childhood cancer.

  17. Suicide in Nazi concentration camps, 1933-9. (United States)

    Goeschel, Christian


    Too often histories of the concentration camps tend to be ignorant of the wider political context of nazi repression and control. This article tries to overcome this problem. Combining legal, social and political history, it contributes to a more thorough understanding of the changing relationship between the camps as places of extra-legal terror and the judiciary, between nazi terror and the law. It argues that the conflict between the judiciary and the SS was not a conflict between "good" and "evil," as existing accounts claim. Rather, it was a power struggle for jurisdiction over the camps. Concentration camp authorities covered up the murders of prisoners as suicides to prevent judicial investigations. This article also looks at actual suicides in the pre-war camps, to highlight individual inmates' reactions to life within the camps. The article concludes that the history of the concentration camps needs to be firmly integrated into the history of nazi terror and the Third Reich.

  18. California Air Basins (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Air ResourcesCalifornia Air Resources BoardThe following datasets are from the California Air Resources Board: * arb_california_airbasins - California Air BasinsThe...

  19. Pandemic influenza a in residential summer camps--Maine, 2009. (United States)

    Robinson, Sara; Averhoff, Francisco; Kiel, John; Blaisdell, Laura; Haber, Michael; Sites, Anne; Copeland, Daphne


    The aim of this study was to evaluate the preparedness for and response of Maine summer camps to the 2009 pandemic influenza H1N1 (pH1N1). We conducted a retrospective web-based survey of the Maine Youth Camping Foundation members at the end of the 2009 camping season. The outcome measures were responses to the pandemic including educational efforts, isolation practices and antiviral usages as well as percentage of influenza-like illness (ILI) and laboratory-confirmed influenza outbreaks among Maine residential summer camps. Of 107 residential camps queried, 91 (85%) responded. Although 43 (47%) of 91 camps reported cases of ILI, and 19 (21%) had outbreaks (ie, 3 or more confirmed cases of pH1N1), no respondents reported closing camps or canceling sessions. Most camps reported that they communicated with campers' families about pH1N1 and implemented control measures, including educating campers and staff about symptoms, isolating ill campers and staff, encouraging increased hand washing and hygiene practices and increasing the availability of hand sanitizers. Of the 43 camps with cases of ILI or laboratory-confirmed pH1N1, 25 (58%) used antiviral medication for treatment, and 18 (42%) used antiviral medications for prophylaxis; antiviral practices varied among camps. Summer camps in Maine were in general well prepared for pH1N1. Most camps followed public health guidance and implemented preventive measures. Many camps experienced ILI and outbreaks during the season, but did not report major disruptions. Camps should review their preparedness and disease control plans annually and public health authorities should keep guidance and recommendations simple and consistent.

  20. Yoga camp in Ayurvedgrams of Chhattisgarh

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raghavendra Madhu


    Full Text Available The clinical and empirical health benefits of yoga and pranayam have been reiterated through research. Yoga is being adopted as a system to alleviate the burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs across the globe. The Directorate of AYUSH, Government of Chhattisgarh (DoA, GoCG conducts annual 5-day-yoga camp across 146 Ayurvedgrams in the State. The present article brings out the AYUSH initiatives the State is taking toward active ageing. A total of 71,096 people participated in the 5-day-yoga camp across the State. A mean participation of 5079 people over 5 days was reported across districts. Such statewide practices need to be promoted and appraised.

  1. Lahkunud maailmaparandaja Robert Lepikson jäi igavesti otsijaks / Kai Kalamees

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kalamees, Kai


    Ülevaade riigikogu liikme, endise siseministri, Tallinna linnapea ja Võru maavanema Robert Lepiksoni elukäigust, meenutused tuntud ühiskonnategelastelt. Lisad: Robert Lepikson; Kõva sõnaga mees. Vt. samas: Turvavaatleja vastutusrikas töö viimasel rallil; Ivar Raidam: Lepiksoni panus autosporti oli tohutu; Hans H. Luik: Respect, Robert!

  2. 76 FR 48898 - Robert Leigh Kale, M.D., Decision and Order (United States)


    ... Enforcement Administration Robert Leigh Kale, M.D., Decision and Order On September 9, 2010, the Deputy... Show Cause to Robert Leigh Kale, M.D. (Registrant), of Fort Smith, Arkansas. ] The Show Cause Order....100(b) and 0.104, I order that DEA Certificate of Registration, BK9514375, issued to Robert Leigh Kale...

  3. 76 FR 20033 - Robert Charles Ley, D.O. ; Dismissal of Proceeding (United States)


    ... Enforcement Administration Robert Charles Ley, D.O. ; Dismissal of Proceeding On September 28, 2009, I, the... Immediate Suspension of Registration (``Order'') to Robert Charles Ley, D.O. (Respondent), of Kihei, Hawaii... Order to Show Cause and Immediate Suspension of Registration issued to Robert Charles Ley, D.O, be, and...

  4. Primary health care in Somalian refugee camps. (United States)

    Johnston, B


    The convergence of thousands in Somalia's refugee camps has created an emergency in health care provision. To tackle this problem, the Ministry of Health, in conjunction with UNICEF, recruited a small group of Somali professionals to draw up a plan for the training of community health workers to serve in the camps. A 2nd objective was to make an assessment of the nutritional status of the refugees, and provision of maternal and child health care. At the end of a 2 week workshop a plan was drawn up which emphasized the teaching of preventive medicine, particularly in the control of communicable diseases. It was decided that students in the postbasic training program in administration and teaching in the health service would serve as teachers. Teaching was kept basic and simple, mostly concentrating on topics related to hygiene and food preparation, for example. During program implementation inspection visits were carried out at intervals by a health educator and tutor from the nursing school. At the same time further briefing was given to as many concerned people in the camps as possible. Preliminary feedback suggested that the program was proceeding successfully. After 3 months an evaluation was carried out by teachers in the program. The evaluation showed a great deal to have been accomplished in spite of the disinterest of some parts of the population. The success was attributed to the involvement of Somalis in the camp communities. As of September 1981, the pace of the programs has increased, with the inclusion of health services from expatriate sources within Ministry of Health guidelines.

  5. S'Cool LAB Summer CAMP 2017

    CERN Document Server

    Woithe, Julia


    The S’Cool LAB Summer CAMP is an opportunity for high-school students (aged 16-19) from all around the world to spend 2 weeks exploring the fascinating world of particle physics. The 24 selected participants spend their summer at S’Cool LAB, CERN’s hands-on particle physics learning laboratory, for an epic programme of lectures and tutorials, team research projects, visits of CERN’s research installations, and social activities.

  6. Injury patterns at US and Canadian overnight summer camps: first year of the Healthy Camp study. (United States)

    Goldlust, E; Walton, E; Stanley, R; Yard, E; Garst, B; Comstock, R D; Erceg, L E; Cunningham, R


    To describe injury patterns at overnight summer camps in 2006, and identify risk factors for more significant injury. Surveillance data obtained from Healthy Camp Study from 2006 were analyzed from 71 overnight camps, representing 437,541 camper-days and 206,031 staff-days. Injuries were reported in 218 campers and 81 staff. 51.8% of injured campers were male versus 34.6% of staff. Among campers, 60.1% were evaluated off-site; 2.3% required hospital admission. 43.9% of injuries required >24 h activity restriction (deemed "significant injury"). Among campers, significant injury was associated with camp sessions > or =14 days (RR 1.48); among staff, with male sex (RR 1.85) and camper-to-staff ratio (RR 0.67). There were no associations with age, time of day, setting, or level of supervision. Significant injuries are uncommon at overnight summer camps. Rates appear similar to those in comparable activities. Targeted interventions may further reduce injury risk.

  7. Mealtimes at residential summer camps: What are camp staff doing to promote campers' healthy eating behaviors? (United States)

    Ventura, Alison K; Anzman-Frasca, Stephanie; Garst, Barry A


    To explore camp staff's reports of their interactions with campers during mealtimes at residential summer camps. Thirty-minute semistructured, face-to-face interviews with staff. Two residential summer camps in northeastern Pennsylvania. Fifty-two adult (>18 years of age) staff. Staff's perceived responsibilities, problems encountered, and feeding practices used during camp mealtimes. Qualitative interviews were analyzed using a hybrid analysis approach that combined deductive directed content analysis with inductive thematic analysis to identify themes and subthemes. The majority of staff indicated their responsibility during mealtimes was to ensure that campers eat. Common problems mentioned were campers' tendencies toward picky eating and overeating. Staff reported a number of strategies to deal with common mealtime problems including reasoning, modeling, limits or rules, punishment/contingencies, and responding to campers' needs/preferences. Most staff expressed concern about promoting campers' healthy eating behaviors. Although staff discussed several mealtime strategies that can be interpreted as adaptive in authoritative contexts, they need more guidance related to what they should and should not do during mealtimes. Avenues for future research to inform the promotion of healthier mealtime behaviors in camps are discussed. Copyright © 2014 Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  8. Summer Camp of the CERN Staff Association

    CERN Document Server

    Staff Association


    A Journey to Discover the Four Elements Over the past few years, the Children’s Day-Care Centre and School (EVEE) of the CERN Staff Association has transformed into a summer camp for the four weeks of July. Every year, this summer camp welcomes up to 40 children from 4 to 6 years old. The camp offers a rich and varied program. This year, the theme was the four elements of life, and the children set out on a journey to discover a different element every week: WATER was the theme of the first week. What is water? What purpose does it serve? Where can we find it? With these questions and many others in mind, the children set out on a cruise, sailing across Lake Geneva to visit the Lake Geneva Museum in Nyon. All through the week, the children were able to discover the different properties of water by carrying out various scientific experiments. For instance, getting soaked can certainly help observe a simple property of water: it’s wet! Giggles guaranteed. The children made fancy hats and e...

  9. Transitioning Natures: Robert Schuller’s Garden Grove Experiment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Petrov


    Full Text Available Through the lens of Evangelist Reverend Robert H. Schuller’s Garden Grove drive-in walk-in church, this paper aims to exemplify how his architecture has transcended existing geographies that have long been anchored by the epistemology of what can be referred to as traditional “religious” architecture. This paper examines how Schuller instrumentalized broader imbrications of political contexts to change or manipulate the traditional religious subject. It also presents how Robert Schuller’s Garden Grove experiment reconceptualized “territory” as an evolving ideological dimension; not as a trajectory, or as transitory space, but as inhabitable third nature. My analysis challenges established readings of religious architecture as being interiorized manifestations. To do so, it poses the following questions: how does this meta-geographical dimension shed new light on questions of (traditional architectural aesthetics in Protestant architecture? What spaces and politics does it produce? Does the third nature have a history of its own?

  10. Quality of life research: interview with Professor Robert Cummins

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert Cummins


    Full Text Available Health-related quality of life (HRQOL is a fundamental concept in the field of clinical medicine and has been studied during the last years by psychologists, sociologists, economists and managers. The concept of HRQOL includes those aspects of overall QOL that can be indicated to have an impact on patients’ health, either physical or psychological. Concerning the individuals, this incorporates physical and mental health cognitions, including sociodemographic factors, sexual functioning, fatigue, sleep disorders and functional status. One of the most eminent experts in the world in the field of QOL is Prof. Robert Cummins [Professor of Psychology at Deakin University in Australia (School of Psychology, Deakin University, 221 Burwood Highway, Victoria 3125 Melbourne, Australia. E-mail:] who kindly accepted to answer our questions in the con- text of this special edition.

  11. Antes de los Estudios Culturales. Robert Warshow y la experiencia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Lastra


    Full Text Available Este artículo estudia la influencia del concepto de experiencia que desarrolla Robert Warshow. Warshow ha supuesto el contrapunto americano a las teorías desarrolladas por Walter Benjamien en Europa. Si bien ambos insistieron en la pobreza de la experiencia, como resultado de la tecnificación de la sociedad, Warshow supo introducir matizaciones que influyeron en todo el círculo de intelectuales concentrados en Nueva York durante la etapa de consolidación de los Estudios Culturales. This paper studies the influence of the experience concept by Robert Warshow. Warshow is the American counterpoint to theories developed by Walter Benjamin in Europe. Although both insisted in the poverty of experience, as a result of technique, Warshow knew how to introduce nuances that influenced intellectuals in New York as Cultural Studies emerged.

  12. Robert Aymar receives one of the highest Finnish distinctions

    CERN Multimedia


    On 9 December 2008 Robert Aymar, CERN Director-General, was awarded the decoration of Commander, first class, of the Order of the Lion of Finland by the President of the Republic of Finland. This decoration, one of the highest of Finland, was presented in a ceremony by the Ambassador Hannu Himanen, Permanent Representative of Finland to the UN and other international organisations in Geneva. Robert Aymar was honoured for his service to CERN, the LHC, his role in the cooperation between Finland and CERN, as well as his contribution to science in general. In his speech the ambassador underlined CERN’s efforts in the field of education, mentioning the High school teachers programme.

  13. Dr Robert Proust: a gynaecologist's contribution to world literature. (United States)

    de Costa, Caroline


    Dr Robert Proust, though overshadowed in history by his more famous brother, the novelist Marcel Proust, was an eminent and innovative French surgeon who achieved recognition largely as a gynaecologist, but also was an accomplished urologist and general surgeon. He was the author of a textbook, The surgery of the female genital tract, that was very successful in his lifetime and ran to six editions. He was always very supportive of his brother's writing, and after Marcel's premature death Robert edited and arranged for publication of the final three volumes of his novel À la recherche du temps perdu, which has been called the greatest novel of the twentieth century. Copyright © 2013. Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd.

  14. Introduction : L'étendue des travaux de Robert Buijtenhuis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Binsbergen, van W.M.J.; Konings, P.J.J.; Binsbergen, van W.M.J.; Hesseling, G.S.C.M.


    Cet ouvrage présente onze contributions rédigées par des africanistes qui ont collaboré étroitement avec l'anthropologue politique néerlandais Robert Buijtenhuijs et ont été influencés par ses travaux et sa personnalité. Le livre est un hommage à un auteur qui a été productif dans beaucoup de

  15. Il formalismo estetico da Johann Friedrich Herbart a Robert Zimmermann


    Moro, Nadia


    Concrete and abstract. Aesthetic formalism from Johann Friedrich Herbart to Robert Zimmermann. Zimmermann (1824–1898) contributes an important Ästhetik to the history of aesthetic formalism and he is a major representative of Herbartianism in Vienna. In my analysis I show, on the one hand, that he aims to delivering a systematic work, based on the insights which Herbart (1776–1841) had already provided, without treating them exhaustively. On the other hand, I argue that it is not unproblemati...

  16. Robert Taft in Beaumont Newhall’s Shadow


    Brunet, François


    This paper examines the historical coincidence, conceptual difference, and generative dialogue linking the two accounts of photography's first century, created simultaneously by the American historians Beaumont Newhall and Robert Taft. Whereas Newhall's catalogue to the 1937 MoMA exhibition and subsequent History of Photography have long been considered foundational documents for the aesthetic interpretation of photography, Taft's 1938 Photography and the American Scene has been given very li...

  17. Perfil académico del profesor Robert A. Mundell

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ciencias de Suecia Academia Real de


    Full Text Available Robert A. Mundell es Profesor de Economía de la Universidad de Culumbia en Nueva York de 1974. Despues de estudiar en el MIT y en la Escuela de Economía de Londres, recibio su Ph.D en el MIT en 1956. Obtuvo la Beca Postdoctoral en Economía Politica en la Universidad de Chicago en 1956-1957.

  18. Robert J. Aumann - matemaatikust Nobeli preemia laureaat / Peeter Puusemp

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Puusemp, Peeter, 1947-


    2005. a. Nobeli preemia majanduse alal silmapaistva panuse eest mänguteooria ülesannete lahendamisse saanud Robert J. Aumannist ja D. Saari loetelu matemaatikutest - Nobeli preemia laureaatidest: John Nash'ist, Herbert Hauptman'ist, John Pople'ist, Bertrand Arthur William Russell'ist, Kenneth Joseph Arrow'ist, Gerard Debreu'ist, Leonid Vitaljevitš Kantorovitš'ist, Reinhard Selten'ist, Jan Tinbergen'ist

  19. Expanding the mutation and clinical spectrum of Roberts syndrome. (United States)

    Afifi, Hanan H; Abdel-Salam, Ghada M H; Eid, Maha M; Tosson, Angie M S; Shousha, Wafaa Gh; Abdel Azeem, Amira A; Farag, Mona K; Mehrez, Mennat I; Gaber, Khaled R


    Roberts syndrome and SC phocomelia syndrome are rare autosomal recessive genetic disorders representing the extremes of the spectrum of severity of the same condition, caused by mutations in ESCO2 gene. We report three new patients with Roberts syndrome from three unrelated consanguineous Egyptian families. All patients presented with growth retardation, mesomelic shortening of the limbs more in the upper than in the lower limbs and microcephaly. Patients were subjected to clinical, cytogenetic and radiologic examinations. Cytogenetic analysis showed the characteristic premature separation of centromeres and puffing of heterochromatic regions. Further, sequencing of the ESCO2 gene identified a novel mutation c.244_245dupCT (p.T83Pfs*20) in one family besides two previously reported mutations c.760_761insA (p.T254Nfs*27) and c.764_765delTT (p.F255Cfs*25). All mutations were in homozygous state, in exon 3. The severity of the mesomelic shortening of the limbs and craniofacial anomalies showed variability among patients. Interestingly, patient 1 had abnormal skin hypopigmentation. Serial fetal ultrasound examinations and measurements of long bones diagnosed two affected fetuses in two of the studied families. A literature review and case comparison was performed. In conclusion, we report a novel ESCO2 mutation and expand the clinical spectrum of Roberts syndrome. © 2015 Japanese Teratology Society.

  20. Camp Sports Injuries: Analysis of Causes, Modes and Frequencies


    Panagiota Papageorgiou; George Mavrommatis; George Costa


    The purpose of this study was the description of sports injuries sustained by campers at summer camps, aged 7-15 years. A sample of 8 camps from the Greek camp population participated in this sport injury surveillance study. Doctors and camp directors completed reports detailing the number of sports injuries events sustained and provided specific information about each event. During the period of the study, 337 sport injury reports were completed. A total of 237 (70.3%) boys and 100 (29.7%) g...

  1. Adventure Code Camp: Library Mobile Design in the Backcountry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Ward


    Full Text Available This article presents a case study exploring the use of a student Coding Camp as a bottom-up mobile design process to generate library mobile apps. A code camp sources student programmer talent and ideas for designing software services and features.  This case study reviews process, outcomes, and next steps in mobile web app coding camps. It concludes by offering implications for services design beyond the local camp presented in this study. By understanding how patrons expect to integrate library services and resources into their use of mobile devices, librarians can better design the user experience for this environment.

  2. Installation Restoration Program. Phase 2. Confirmation McClellan AFB, California. Volume 1 (United States)


    Professors Citizens Advisory Ccimittee - 208 Planning, Southern California Association of Governments Environmental Management Institute, University of...U.S. Geological Survey to identify groundwater and surface water resources of Pierce o183# ES SNGINENING - CIENCE Robert E. Brogden (Continued) County...Performed engineering study of nonstructural and ecologically sound methods of runoff reduction and flood control. Identified management practices which

  3. Conferencias a la Memoria de la Dra. Lydia J. Roberts 1967, 1969-1973 (Conferences in Memory of Dr. Lydia J. Roberts 1967, 1969-1973). (United States)

    Puerto Rico Univ., Rio Piedras.

    This publication includes eleven lectures presented as part of a conference given honoring Dr. Lydia J. Roberts. Seven of the papers are written in the English language and four in Spanish. Most of the papers relate to the topic of nutrition, but a few pay tribute to Dr. Roberts in recognition of her distinguished leadership and teacher of human…

  4. Contingency Base Camp Solid Waste Generation (United States)


    0.8% Grass clippings 39 0.107 18 0.049 0.7% Glass 40 0.110 18 0.049 0.7% Textiles 25 0.068 11 0.068 0.4% Medical waste 13 0.036...waste and 80 pounds of liquid waste per day.” 2. Paragraph 3-21 ( Composting ): “A base camp population of 2,500 can pro- duce approximately 5,500...cubic meters, or 1,500 tons, of compostable sol- id waste (SW) (including sewage sludge) per year. 3. Paragraph 3-63 (Develop Preliminary Waste

  5. Organisation for the relief of concentration camps. (United States)

    Engel, H O


    To review the essential principles involved in rescue missions for natural and man-made disasters. A description of the relief of a concentration camp in 1945 as an example of the logistics required in any major disaster or rescue. The arrival of trained Army rescue teams on the first day and dealing systematically with priorities in salvage, treatment and nursing saved many lives, even of desperately ill patients. A centralised administration and organisation of supplies is the first priority. Suitable intravenous and very light nutrients, and the prevention and combating of infections are more urgent than the provision of shelter and clothing.

  6. Robert Aymar awarded the Légion d’honneur

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN Bulletin


      On 24 May, Robert Aymar, CERN Director-General from 2004 to 2008, was awarded the Légion d’honneur by the French authorities in recognition of his outstanding scientific career. A renowned French physicist, he was Director of the superconducting tokamak Tore Supra from 1977 to 1988, Director of Material Sciences at the CEA in 1990 and Director of the ITER project in 1994. His term of office as CERN Director-General was marked in particular by the commissioning and start-up of the LHC machine, which he inaugurated on 21 October 2008.        

  7. Gay theatre, AIDS, and taboo: reconsidering Robert Chesley. (United States)

    Gavrila, Rebecca


    Theatre was among the first popular culture forms to address HIV/AIDS and did so memorably in such works as The Normal Heart, As Is, Love! Valor! Compassion!, and March of the Falsettos. As a response to criticisms of stage dramas focusing on HIV/AIDS in the main as undifferentiated and melodramatic, the author suggests critical consideration of two works by playwright Robert Chesley. In her analysis of Night Sweats and Jerker, the author argues Chesley offers an alternative perspective that is both liberatory and sex-positive.

  8. Summary Robert Noyce and the invention of Silicon Valley

    CERN Document Server


    This work offers a summary of the book "THE MAN BEHIND THE MICROCHIP: Robert Noyce and the Invention of Silicon Valley""by Leslie Berlin.The Man behind the Microchip is Leslie Berlin's first book. This author is project historian for the Silicon Valley Archives, a division of the Stanford University Department of Special Collections. This book tells the story of a giant of the high-tech industry: the multimillionaire Bob Noyce. This co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel co-invented the integrated circuit which became the electronic heart of every modern computer, automobile, advance

  9. Camping under Western Stars: Joan Crawford in "Johnny Guitar." (United States)

    Robertson, Pamela


    Examines the dissonant and "camp" effect inherent in describing "Johnny Guitar" as a Joan Crawford western. Argues that the film's camp effect depends on its crossing of a female star vehicle with the western, a stereotypically masculine genre. Summarizes Crawford's childhood and rise to fame. Concludes by exploring the lesbian…

  10. EduCamp Colombia: Social Networked Learning for Teacher Training (United States)

    Fonseca, Diego Ernesto Leal


    This paper describes a learning experience called EduCamp, which was launched by the Ministry of Education of Colombia in 2007, based on emerging concepts such as e-Learning 2.0, connectivism, and personal learning environments. An EduCamp proposes an unstructured collective learning experience, which intends to make palpable the possibilities of…

  11. Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World): Handbook for Volunteers. (United States)

    Peace Corps, Washington, DC. Information Collection and Exchange Div.

    Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) began in Romania in 1995 as a weeklong leadership camp with the purpose of encouraging young women to become active citizens by building their self-esteem and confidence, increasing their self-awareness, and developing their skills in goal-setting, assertiveness, and career and life planning. Since that first…

  12. Architecture of Stalin’s Prison Camps in Yakutia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikolai Kradin


    Full Text Available Based on archive and field studies, the article considers architecture of prison camp facilities built on the territory of Yakutia during Stalin’s terror. With the help of field studies, measurements and photofixation we have revealed compositional, planning and design features of bridges and prison camp facilities and analyzed their location.

  13. Inclusion Coordinators at Jewish Summer Camps: Roles and Challenges (United States)

    Shefter, Laura; Uhrman, Abigail L.; Tobin, Lisa; Kress, Jeffrey S.


    As appreciation of the impact of Jewish camping has grown, so have efforts to increase the number of campers able to participate in these settings. Inclusion of campers with disabilities, though not a new phenomenon, has likewise expanded. As more services are provided to campers with disabilities, more camps are hiring an Inclusion Coordinator to…

  14. Teaching Ugandan Traditional Dances and Drumming in Summer Camps (United States)

    Mabingo, Alfdaniels


    Dances and drum rhythms from African traditions have been integrated into summer camp activities in the United States as a response to the ever-globalized environments in which these camps are located and the diversity of the campers and teachers that they attract. This reflective article draws on critical reflections, observations and experiences…

  15. Specialized Summer Camps: Provide Benefits for Children and Families Alike (United States)

    Neff, John M.


    The arrival of summer signals a season of endless days of swimming, fishing, summer camps, and other outdoor activities. For children with chronic or terminal illnesses, it can be difficult to participate in many of these activities as well as challenging for parents to find summer camps that not only engage their children, but also offer the…

  16. Socialization of Adolescents: Cultural Practices in Children's Summer Camp (United States)

    Demakova, Irina D.; Valeeva, Roza A.; Shipova, Alina V.


    The article describes the relevant aspects of the adolescents' cultural practices in children's summer camp, taking into account their specific characteristics. The summer camp is considered as an educational formation and holistic socio-pedagogical body, designed to create conditions for the development of the person. The criteria for inclusion…

  17. Residential Grief Camps: An Initial Phenomenological Study of Staff Perspectives (United States)

    Brown, Tiffany B.; Kimball, Thomas G.


    Research has focused primarily on the impact of death on family functioning and the stages and tasks of grief, though little attention has been given to grief camps or the experiences of those who work there. This study explored the experiences of staff at a four-day overnight children's grief camp. Eight participants reported their experience of…

  18. Students Become Scientists at Science Skills Boot Camp | Poster (United States)

    At the 2016 Science Skills Boot Camp (SSBC), a one-day training program designed for NIH summer interns with little or no prior research experience, students gathered to learn about basic research and laboratory skills. The boot camp provided a unique opportunity for interns to expand their knowledge of simple bench techniques, scientific papers, and ways to communicate their research.

  19. Crisis Management: How to Handle a Salmonella Outbreak at Camp. (United States)

    Becker, William A.; Popkin, Rodger


    Details events of six days during Salmonella outbreak at camp in North Carolina. Explains how camp handled 280 sick campers and staff, well campers, news media, and parents. Based on an epidemiologic survey of food eaten, it was suspected that the culprit of the outbreak was a meat item. Offers suggestions for crisis management in the camp…

  20. 36 CFR 1002.10 - Camping and food storage. (United States)


    ... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Camping and food storage... USE AND RECREATION § 1002.10 Camping and food storage. (a) The Board may require permits, designate... result in the suspension or revocation of the permit. (d) Food storage. The Board may designate all or a...

  1. 36 CFR 2.10 - Camping and food storage. (United States)


    ... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Camping and food storage. 2... RESOURCE PROTECTION, PUBLIC USE AND RECREATION § 2.10 Camping and food storage. (a) The superintendent may... revocation of the permit. (d) Food storage. The superintendent may designate all or a portion of a park area...

  2. Short Communication: Vegetation response to wagon wheel camp ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Wagon wheel camp layouts have been favoured, in some quarters, for rotational grazing due to the economy and convenience of having the camps radially arranged around central facilities. A possible disadvantage of such layouts is the tendency for over-grazing near the hub and under-grazing at the extremities.

  3. Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) for Migrant Camp Operations (United States)


    include soap, towel, shower shoes, sheet, blanket, a wash bucket, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb/brush, razor, feminine hygiene products, and a...the camp. This may mean leasing of a hotel , other building, or open land for use as a camp. Also, consultation with the Army Corps of Engineers may

  4. Volunteer Surgical Camp at Gombe Hospital in Uganda | Alimoglu ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Background: The Islamic University Habib Medical School in Uganda (IUIU), in collaboration with Doctors Worldwide (DWW) from Turkey, organized a surgical camp in April 2014. In this camp, different types of hernia repair, among other general surgical procedures were conducted. The target population was the ...

  5. Outdoor adventure camps for people with mental illness. (United States)

    Cotton, Sue; Butselaar, Felicity


    The aim of the study was to evaluate a novel outdoor adventure camping program for individuals with mental illness. The program was developed by YMCA Victoria in partnership with Sport and Recreation Victoria, and mental health service agencies. Orygen Youth Health Research Centre conducted the program evaluation. One hundred and eight individuals from mental health services across Victoria participated in 12 camps. Five camps targeted young people between the ages of 18 and 25 years. Seven camps were run for adults 26 years and older. Participants were assessed at baseline, end of camp, and four weeks following the camp in terms of self-esteem, mastery, and social connectedness. Quality of life was assessed at baseline and four weeks post-camp. Participants demonstrated significant improvements in mastery, self-esteem and social connectedness from baseline to end of the camp; however, these improvements were not sustained by the four-week follow-up. We have demonstrated that utilizing the expertise of mental health services and a community recreation provider can benefit individuals experiencing mental illness. More research is required with respect to how to sustain these benefits over the longer term.

  6. Camp Verde Adult Reading Program. Final Performance Report. (United States)

    Maynard, David A.

    This document begins with a four-page performance report describing how the Camp Verde Adult Reading Program site was relocated to the Community Center Complex, and the Town Council contracted directly with the Friends of the Camp Verde Library to provide for the requirements of the program. The U.S. Department of Education grant allowed the…

  7. Making STEM Fun: How to Organize a STEM Camp (United States)

    Davis, Kimberly E. Bryant; Hardin, Stacey E.


    The work from the University of Central Florida's STEM summer camp (sponsored by Workforce Central Florida) is shared. The camps targeted low-SES schools with a high percentage of students on free and reduced lunch as well as high percentages of students with. Students were given preassessments and postassessments to gauge their knowledge of and…

  8. Música e vozes em Pickpocket (1959, de Robert Bresson

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luíza Alvim


    Full Text Available Music and voices in Pickpocket (1951, by Robert Bresson – The French director Robert Bresson was known for his creative use of sound elements and the scanty insertion of music in his films. In films produced during the intermediary phase of his career, such as A man escaped (1956, Pickpocket (1959 and Au hasard Balthazar (1966, preexisting classical music pieces, which contain formal aspects that are analogous to their distribution in the respective films, were used as non-diegetic music. Moreover, in Pickpocket, the preexisting music by Lully also relates to the voice-in and voice-over. The voice-in at the end of the dialogues usually triggers musical excerpts, which are inserted in situations of movement and whose function resembles that of divertissements in baroque opera. We also consider the relations between voice-in and voice-over and the lag between the latter and the action and the image of the main character’s diary as it is being written.

  9. Robert Galisson : l’utopie et l’engagement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maddalena De Carlo


    Full Text Available Toute action éducative doit nécessairement se déployer sur des niveaux d’intervention multiples : un niveau individuel, avec la prise de responsabilité de chaque participant ; un niveau institutionnel concernant les différents rapports aux pouvoir qui s’y instaurent ; un niveau socio-politique qui affecte le type de citoyen que l’on désire former, ses capacités et ses valeurs, ainsi que le type de société que l’on souhaite construire. Au cours de sa longue carrière de formateur et de penseur, Robert Galisson s’est engagé passionnément à chacun de ces niveaux, suivant le fil rouge de sa réflexion éthique. Ce souci s’est exprimé par une problématisation et un questionnement constants, par le refus des formules toutes faites, par ses positionnements courageux, par une recherche incessante d’autonomie et de transparence, par le respect de tous les acteurs du domaine éducatif, notamment de ceux qui œuvrent quotidiennement sur le terrain. Dans cette contribution, nous nous proposons de parcourir cet itinéraire réflexif que Robert Galisson a entamé à partir des années 80 et que depuis n’a plus jamais abandonné.

  10. Improvement on The Ellis and Roberts Viability Model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guoyan Zhou


    Full Text Available With data sets of germination percent and storage time of seed lot of wheat and sorghum stored at three different storage temperature(t, °C with three different water content (m, % of seeds, together with data set of buckwheat and lettuce reported in literatures, the possibility that seed survival curve were transformed into line by survival proportion and the relationship that logarithm of average viability period (logp50 and standard deviation of seed death distribution in time (δwith t, m and interaction between t and m were analysed. Result indicated that survival proportion transformed seed survival curve to line were much easier than the probability adopted by Ellis and Roberts, and the most important factor affecting logp50 and δ of seed lot was interaction between t and m. Thus, Ellis and Roberts viability model were suggested to be improved as Ki=Vi-p/10K-CWT (t×m to predict longevity of seed lot with initial germination percent unknown, a new model of Gi/G0=A-P/10K-CWT(t×m was constructed to predict longevity of seed lot with initial germination percent already known.

  11. Camp Counseling and the Development and Transfer of Workforce Skills: The Perspective of Ohio 4-H Camp Counselor Alumni

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janel K. Digby


    Full Text Available Recent research shows that camp counselors, including those in 4-H, benefit from the experience by developing important life skills. However, because research regarding the perception of workforce skill development in this context has yielded inconsistent findings, the present study used focus groups to examine 4-H camp counselor alumni perceptions about the skills gained and transfer of these skills to other settings. Overall, 4-H camp counselor alumni thought their experience was fun and enjoyable, yet challenging. They believed they developed important life and workforce skills. Not only did alumni learn these skills, but the skills transferred beyond the camp setting. Leadership was noted as the skill most frequently applied to other contexts. Alumni believed that their counseling experiences had both indirect and direct impacts on their career choice. This study suggests many practical applications for those who work with camp programs.

  12. Rocket experiments and payloads for Super CAMP. [Cold Arctic Mesopause Project (CAMP) (United States)

    Kopp, E.; Goldberg, R. A.


    The super Cold Arctic Mesopause Project (CAMP) follow-up project in the summer of 1990 is outlined. In situ measurements of appropriate height resolution are needed in the summer mesosphere at high latitudes to investigate structures and formation processes of polar mesospheric clouds. The rocket measurements from the high latitude site Thule AB in Greenland (76.6 N) are decisive for the understanding of the cold Arctic mesopause. Similar rocket measurements from the European ranges Andenes and Esrange (68 to 69 N) are needed to investigate the latitudinal variability of the parameters relevant for the formation, transport, and loss of mesospheric ice particles. An important aspect of Super CAMP is the study of the heterogeneous chemistry, the loss of electrons on aggregates, and the build-up of horizontal and vertical electric fields in the presence of charged ice particles. Instruments, measurements, and purpose are listed.

  13. The platypus in Edinburgh: Robert Jameson, Robert Knox and the place of the Ornithorhynchus in nature, 1821-24. (United States)

    Jenkins, Bill


    The duck-billed platypus, or Ornithorhynchus, was the subject of an intense debate among natural historians in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Its paradoxical mixture of mammalian, avian and reptilian characteristics made it something of a taxonomic conundrum. In the early 1820s Robert Jameson (1774-1854), the professor of natural history at the University of Edinburgh and the curator of the University's natural history museum, was able to acquire three valuable specimens of this species. He passed one of these on to the anatomist Robert Knox (1791-1862), who dissected the animal and presented his results in a series of papers to the Wernerian Natural History Society, which later published them in its Memoirs. This paper takes Jameson's platypus as a case study on how natural history specimens were used to create and contest knowledge of the natural world in the early nineteenth century, at a time when interpretations of the relationships between animal taxa were in a state of flux. It shows how Jameson used his possession of this interesting specimen to provide a valuable opportunity for his protégé Knox while also helping to consolidate his own position as a key figure in early nineteenth-century natural history.

  14. Wildfires Rage in Southern California (United States)


    Large plumes of smoke rising from devastating wildfires burning near Los Angeles and San Diego on Sunday, October 26, 2003, are highlighted in this set of images from the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR). These images include a natural color view from MISR's nadir camera (left) and an automated stereo height retrieval (right). The tops of the smoke plumes range in altitude from 500 - 3000 meters, and the stereo retrieval clearly differentiates the smoke from patches of high-altitude cirrus. Plumes are apparent from fires burning near the California-Mexico border, San Diego, Camp Pendleton, the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, and in and around Simi Valley. The majority of the smoke is coming from the fires near San Diego and the San Bernardino Mountains.The Multiangle Imaging Spectro Radiometer observes the daylit Earth continuously and every 9 days views the entire globe between 82o north and 82o south latitude. These data products were generated from a portion of the imagery acquired during Terra orbit 20510. The panels cover an area of 329 kilometers x 543 kilometers, and utilize data from blocks 62 to 66 within World Reference System-2 path 40.MISR was built and is managed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, for NASA's Office of Earth Science, Washington, DC. The Terra satellite is managed by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD. JPL is a division of the California Institute of Technology.

  15. Summer camps for diabetic children: an experience in Campania, Italy. (United States)

    Misuraca, A; Di Gennaro, M; Lioniello, M; Duval, M; Aloi, G


    To evaluate the effectiveness of summer camps with objective parameters, the authors examined data relative to nine summer camps organized by the Young Diabetics Association in Campania, Italy. The mean duration of camps was 10 days (range, 8-15) and a total of 256 diabetic children with an average age of 10 (range 8-16) participated in them. The medical personnel consisted of three pediatric endocrinologists, one psychologist, two male nurses and two parents who were directors of the Association. A significant improvement in knowledge and self-management of the disease was noted at the end of the camps. A beneficial effect on mean HbA1c level was also observed in the diabetic children who attended the monthly meetings and follow-up checks with their parents after the camp. On the other hand, a worsening of these values was noted in diabetic children who did not participate in them. No increased incidence of hypoglycaemia or ketoacidosis was found during or after camps, in contrast with previous studies. From a psychological viewpoint, the results suggest that summer camps have an important bearing on achieving acceptance of the disease. Sharing personal experiences with actively involved parents who participated in self-management training together with their children, has favourably influenced the results of this experience in Campania.

  16. Food Allergy Trends and Epinephrine Autoinjector Presence in Summer Camps. (United States)

    Schellpfeffer, Natalie R; Leo, Harvey L; Ambrose, Michael; Hashikawa, Andrew N

    Pediatric campers with food allergies are at greater risk for exposure and anaphylaxis. A diagnosis of asthma increases risk for anaphylaxis. Epidemiological investigations of food-allergic children at high risk for allergic reactions requiring intervention in camp settings are lacking. The objectives of this study were to estimate the prevalence of food allergies among otherwise healthy campers in summer camps throughout the United States and Canada, and to assess asthma comorbidity and determine rates of epinephrine autoinjector prescriptions present in this population. We partnered with, a web-based camp electronic health record system. Deidentified data were abstracted from 170 camps representing 122,424 campers. Only food allergies with a parental report of symptoms requiring intervention or with a camp prescription for an epinephrine autoinjector were included, whereas gluten, lactose intolerance, and food dyes were excluded. Asthma status and epinephrine presence on the camp medication list were assessed. Overall, 2.5% of campers (n = 3055) had documented food allergies. Of these campers, 22% had multiple food allergies. Median age was 11 years; 52% were female. Nuts (81%), seafood (17.4%), egg (8.5%), fruit (8.1%), and seeds (7.2%) were the top 5 food allergies reported. Of food-allergic campers, 44.3% had concurrent asthma and 34.7% of those campers were taking multiple asthma medications. Less than half (39.7%) of food-allergic children brought an epinephrine autoinjector to the camp. Life-saving epinephrine is not necessarily available for food-allergic children in camp settings. A substantial proportion of food-allergic campers are at higher risk for anaphylaxis based on concurrent asthma status. Copyright © 2016 American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  17. Between genres and styles in the films of Robert Bresson

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luíza Beatriz Alvim


    Full Text Available The films of French director Robert Bresson are considered sober and transcendental. However, in A gentle woman (1969 and in Four nights of a dreamer (1972, he included extracts of quite different genres, like a libertine comedy (the extract of film Benjamim by Michel Deville, 1968, a Shakespearean tragedy (a performance of Shakespeare´s Hamlet and a gangster film (When love possesses us, produced by Bresson himself. In a way, those excerpts represent exactly the opposite of Bresson´s cinema. On the other hand, they still have some familiarity with it. We analyze the approach of those genres in the sequences in Bresson´s films, as well of the styles present in them by the use of music and images of paintings.

  18. Robert Schumann and translation: poetic creativity, simultaneity and movement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    João Azenha Junior


    Full Text Available In diesem Aufsatz werden die Gesammelten Schriften über Musik und Musiker von Robert Schumann untersucht, insbesondere die Rezensionen, die der Komponist zwischen 1834 und 1836 verfasst hat. Es soll festgestellt werden, inwiefern sich darin die wichtigsten Auffassungen über Sprache und Übersetzung, die Ende des 18. und Beginn des 19. Jahrhunderts in Deutschland entstanden, wiederfinden. Im Vordergrund der Untersuchung steht die Dimension der Bewegung, die sich sowohl im Individuum als auch in der Zeit festmachen lässt. Im Individuum manifestiert sich die Bewegung als ein sehr persönlicher Vorgang, da es sich innerhalb verschiedener Zeichensysteme bewegt, die seine Gedanken ausdrücken; oder aber es bewegt sich innerhalb verschiedener Sprachen. Die Zeitdimension wiederum bedeutet, in ein Umfeld einzutauchen, das die Zeitbarrieren überwindet und die Vergangenheit auf einen Schlag mit der Gegenwart und der Zukunft verbindet.

  19. Robert K. Crane - Na+-Glucose Cotransporter to Cure?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kirk L Hamilton


    Full Text Available Dr. Robert K. Crane made major contributions to our understanding of carbohydrate metabolism and transport of the intestine over a very long and productive career. This Perspective examines, briefly, his early life and academic positions, but more importantly, this Perspective highlights his contributions to the understanding of coupled Na+-glucose absorption by the small intestine. I discuss how his early hypothesis of a ‘cotransport’ of sodium and glucose ushered in and provided the physiological explanation for the clinical treatment of acute diarrhea and cholera when using oral rehydration therapy (ORT. ORT saves millions of lives each year. Certainly, humankind is better off because of Crane’s hypothesis of the Na+-glucose cotransporter which he put forth over 50 years ago?

  20. In memoriam: Robert Earl Stewart, Sr., 1913-1993 (United States)

    Robbins, Chandler S.; Meanley, M.B.


    Robert Earl Stewart, Sr., our colleague, close friend, and mentor, was born on 16 April 1913 in Kansas City, Missouri. He graduated from high school in Grimes, Iowa, received his B.S. in Biology from the University of Iowa in 1936, and his M.S. in Zoology from the University of Michigan in 1937. His post-graduate work on the life history of the Common Yellow throat was published in the Wilson Bulletin in 1953. Bob joined the AOU in 1938, was made an Elective Member in 1949, and a Fellow in 1974. During World War II, he served with the U.S. Navy Medical Corps in the Pacific Theater.

  1. Marihuana: A Conversation with NIDA's Robert L. DuPont. (United States)

    Maugh, T H


    Robert L. DuPont, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), made headlines recently when he became one of the first Administration officials publicly to recommend a liberalization of marihuana laws. The occasion was a press conference accompanying the release of Marihuana and Health, NIDA's fifth annual report to the Congress on marihuana research. Recently, Science talked with DuPont and asked him to elaborate on those views. DuPont, a 40-year-old Harvard M.D., served as Director of the District of Columbia's Narcotics Treatment Administration from 1970 to 1973, where he conducted a comprehensive program for treatment of heroin addiction. In June 1973, Richard Nixon appointed him director of the White House Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention. He held that position until the office was terminated on 30 June 1975. He has been director of NIDA since September 1973.

  2. Caruso St.John and Robert Smithson: Interferences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emilia Hernández Pezzi


    Full Text Available Intersecting points of view are the common theme of this issue of Cuadernos. The protagonists of our proposed point of intersection are the artist Robert  Smithson and the architects Adam Caruso and Peter St. John. Caruso and St. John refer to the North American artist’s work in order to explain their  remodeling project of Stortorget, the town square around the baroque  cathedral in the center of Kalmar, Sweden. With this idea as a starting point, we explore the work and the concerns of both the artist and the architects which allows us to describe convergences and harmonies of processes despite their thematic, ideological, and stylistic differences.

  3. Robert Heath Lock and his textbook of genetics, 1906. (United States)

    Edwards, A W F


    Robert Heath Lock (1879-1915), a Cambridge botanist associated with William Bateson and R. C. Punnett, published his book Recent Progress in the Study of Variation, Heredity, and Evolution in 1906. This was a remarkable textbook of genetics for one appearing so early in the Mendelian era. It covered not only Mendelism but evolution, natural selection, biometry, mutation, and cytology. It ran to five editions but was, despite its success, largely forgotten following Lock's early death in 1915. Nevertheless it was the book that inspired H. J. Muller to do genetics and was remembered by A. H. Sturtevant as the source of the earliest suggestion that linkage might be related to the exchange of parts between homologous chromosomes. Here we also put forward evidence that it had a major influence on the statistician and geneticist R. A. Fisher at the time he was a mathematics student at Cambridge.

  4. Robert Hooke: early respiratory physiologist, polymath, and mechanical genius. (United States)

    West, John B


    Robert Hooke (1635-1703) was a polymath who made important contributions to respiratory physiology and many other scientific areas. With Robert Boyle, he constructed the first air pump that allowed measurements on small animals at a reduced atmospheric pressure, and this started the discipline of high-altitude physiology. He also built the first human low-pressure chamber and described his experiences when the pressure was reduced to the equivalent of an altitude of ∼2,400 m. Using artificial ventilation in an animal preparation, he demonstrated that movement of the lung was not essential for life. His book Micrographia describing early studies with a microscope remains a classic. He produced an exquisite drawing of the head of a fly, showing the elaborate compound eye. There is also a detailed drawing of a flea, and Hooke noted how the long, many-jointed legs enable the insect to jump so high. For 40 years, he was the curator of experiments for the newly founded Royal Society in London and contributed greatly to its intellectual ferment. His mechanical inventions covered an enormous range, including the watch spring, the wheel barometer, and the universal joint. Following the Great Fire of London in 1666, he designed many of the new buildings in conjunction with Christopher Wren. Unfortunately, Hooke had an abrasive personality, which was partly responsible for a lack of recognition of his work for many years. However, during the last 25 years, there has been renewed interest, and he is now recognized as a brilliant scientist and innovator. ©2014 Int. Union Physiol. Sci./Am. Physiol. Soc.

  5. Robert Musil y los Estados desunificados de Europa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bayón, Fernando


    Full Text Available This article is a study of Robert Musil´s work “The Man Without Qualities” from philosophical sources. It is a novel that has produced so many overriding metaphors through which we can better understand the crises of the social identity on the horizont of the last modernity in Europe. Much of the key-concepts that helped in creating the so called “Leyend of Modernity” start to vanish in an irremediable way: not only did Musil trace the disappearance of the support for national aspirations and social cohesion, he also showed us how culture is a mad carrousel of collapsed expectations, and how the prevailing idea of “subjectivity” lacks today any solid or essential nucleus. In the middle of this disenchanted landscape of Europe, where all the modern and clasical illusions became nothing, appears however “a new human being”, since the man “without qualities” is the man with endless possibilities too.El presente ensayo es una interpretación de la novela de Robert Musil “El hombre sin atributos” a partir de fuentes filosóficas. Se trata de una obra que ha producido algunas metáforas decisivas para comprender las crisis de la identidad social en el horizonte de la última modernidad europea. Muchos de los conceptos clave que ayudaron a crear la leyenda de la modernidad empiezan a erosionarse de modo irreversible: se descomponen las aspiraciones nacionales, el sujeto pierde su núcleo sustancial y la cultura es un carrusel de esperanzas abortadas incapaces de responder a ninguna idea rectora. Y, sin embargo, en el paisaje de esta Europa tardomoderna en que se han agotado las pasadas ilusiones surge la idea de que el “hombre sin atributos” es también el “hombre de las posibilidades”.

  6. Summer Camp for Children And Adolescents with Chronic Conditions. (United States)

    McCarthy, Alicia


    Children with chronic conditions experience physical, social, emotional, and developmental challenges that include physical differences, negative body image, social isolation, decreased emotional functioning, and developmental concerns. Summer camps are a way to help these children overcome their difficulties. They provide an enjoyable experience, encourage goal achievement, give children a sense of community and friendship, improve children's self-concept, increase children's disease knowledge and management, and contribute to campers' positive development. Nurses can encourage families to use these camps as a therapeutic intervention and help families evaluate individual camps to find a good fit for their child.

  7. Imaging alterations of cardiomyocyte cAMP microdomains in disease

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander eFroese


    Full Text Available 3’,5’-cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP is an important second messenger which regulates heart function by acting in distinct subcellular microdomains. Recent years have provided deeper mechanistic insights into compartmentalized cAMP signaling and its link to cardiac disease. In this mini review, we summarize newest developments in this field achieved by cutting-edge biochemical and biophysical techniques. We further compile the data from different studies into a bigger picture of so far uncovered alterations in cardiomyocyte cAMP microdomains which occur in compensated cardiac hypertrophy and chronic heart failure. Finally, future research directions and translational perspectives are briefly discussed.

  8. Deactivation of the SR-71 Program at Beale Air Force Base, California (United States)


    240 Annual 80 - - 1 hcur 188 470 - Annual 41 - 100 1 houar 11 23,000 40,000 8 hOUZ 8 10,000 10,000 s02 1 hour 26 655 - 3 hor 24 - 1,300 24 hour 21 131...addition, Mr. Robert Holland of California Depart- ment of Fish and Game (CDFG) was contacted to determine if there were any records of State-listed plants...Assessment: Beale Air Force Base Robert Woodson, Beale AFB Engineering Group John Thomson, Beale AFB Engineering Group Tracy Kissler, Beale AFB Engineering

  9. Clinical laboratory evaluation of a reverse CAMP test for presumptive identification of Clostridium perfringens.


    Buchanan, A G


    Ninety-six percent of Clostridium perfringens isolates from clinical specimens were reverse CAMP test positive, whereas several other Clostridium species tested were reverse CAMP test negative. C. perfringens was detected by direct inoculation of clinical specimens to reverse CAMP plates, and the reverse CAMP procedure provided reliable presumptive identification of this organism.

  10. A second look at the heavy half of the camping market (United States)

    Wilbur R. LaPage; Dale P. Ragain; Dale P. Ragain


    A 1968 survey of campers revealed that one-half of the campers did more than three-fourths of all the reported camping. Campers in this heavy half of the camping market were found to differ significantly from light-half campers in their camping motivations, past experience, and investments in camping equipment (LdPage 1969). However, the 1968 survey identified heavy-...

  11. 75 FR 42773 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology, Phillips Academy... (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology, Phillips... Archaeology, Phillips Academy, Andover, MA. The associated funerary objects were removed from the Tecolote... detailed assessment of the associated funerary objects was made by Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology...

  12. 77 FR 48533 - Notice of Inventory Completion: The Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology, Phillips Academy... (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: The Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology, Phillips.... Peabody Museum of Archaeology has completed an inventory of human remains, in consultation with the... culturally affiliated with the human remains may contact the Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology...

  13. Kuidas kirjutatakse ajalugu? / Robert Darton ; interv. Marek Tamm ; tlk. Triinu Pakk-Allmann

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Darton, Robert


    Valgustusaegsest Prantsusmaast, 18. saj. prantsuse keelatud kirjandusest, ajaloo ja antropoloogia koostöövõimalustest ja raamatute tulevikust Princentoni Ülikooli Euroopa ajaloo professori R. Darnton'i teostes. Varem ilm.: Raamatud, sulesepad ja sümbolid : intervjuu Robert Darntoniga // Darnton, Robert. George Washingtoni valehambad : tavatu teejuht 18. sajandisse. - Tallinn, 2004. - Lk. 209-222

  14. Keeglist, joogiautomaatidest ja sotsiaalsest kapitalist / Robert Putnam ; interv. Airi-Alina Allaste

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Putnam, Robert


    Tänapäeva üks mõjukam sotsiaaltedlane Robert Putnam, kes hiljuti esines Avatud Ühiskonna Foorumil "Sotsiaalne kapital muutuvas maailmas", sotsiaalse kapitali mõistest, siduva ja ühendava sotsiaalse kapitali omavahelistest suhtest. Lisa: Robert Putnam

  15. Cardiac cAMP: production, hydrolysis, modulation and detection

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cédric eBOULARAN


    Full Text Available Cyclic adenosine 3’,5’-monophosphate (cAMP modulates a broad range of biological processes including the regulation of cardiac myocyte contractile function where it constitutes the main second messenger for β-adrenergic receptors’ signaling to fulfill positive chronotropic, inotropic and lusitropic effects. A growing number of studies pinpoint the role of spatial organization of the cAMP signaling as an essential mechanism to regulate cAMP outcomes in cardiac physiology. Here, we will briefly discuss the complexity of cAMP synthesis and degradation in the cardiac context, describe the way to detect it and review the main pharmacological arsenal to modulate its availability.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sri Saraswati


    Penerapan strategi Camp tersebut ditujukan sebagai upaya untuk meraih kebertahanan transgender. Selanjutnya, kebertahanan transgender dapat dicerminkan melalui visibilitas sosial, terbentuknya wacana normalitas alternatif dan pemberdayaan transgender

  17. Psychiatric Morbidity in a Leprosy Camp in Northern Nigeria ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    . Most of the previous studies have focused on leprosy patients in clinical settings while studies on isolated people with leprosy remain scanty. Aims : To determine the prevalence of psychiatric morbidity in a leprosy camp and its associated ...

  18. The Physics of Quidditch Summer Camp: An Interdisciplinary Approach (United States)

    Hammer, Donna; Uher, Tim

    The University of Maryland Physics Department has developed an innovative summer camp program that takes an interdisciplinary approach to engaging and teaching physics. The Physics of Quidditch Camp uniquely sits at the intersection of physics, sports, and literature, utilizing the real-life sport of quidditch adapted from the Harry Potter novels to stimulate critical thinking about real laws of physics and leaps of imagination, while actively engaging students in learning the sport and discussing the literature. Throughout the camp, middle school participants become immersed in fun physics experiments and exciting physical activities, which aim to build and enhance skills in problem-solving, analytical thinking, and teamwork. This camp has pioneered new ways of teaching physics to pre-college students, successfully engaged middle school students in learning physics, and grown a large demand for such activities.

  19. Supporting Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth at Summer Camp

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Ann Gillard; Erin E Buzuvis; M Deborah Bialeschki


    .... Given that transgender and gender nonconforming youth tend to experience profound difficulties during the school year, camp can be a potential setting for positive youth development for these youth...

  20. Nationalsozialistische Konzentrations- und Vernichtungslager National Socialist Concentration and Extermination Camps

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Max Plassmann


    Full Text Available Das Buch stellt Organisationsformen, Zuständigkeiten und Politik hinter dem nationalsozialistischen Konzentrationslagersystem dar.This book presents organization, competences and policies underlying the system of National Socialist concentration camps.

  1. California Political Districts (United States)

    California Department of Resources — This is a series of district layers pertaining to California'spolitical districts, that are derived from the California State Senateand State Assembly information....

  2. Thinking Big for 25 Years: Astronomy Camp Research Projects (United States)

    Hooper, Eric Jon; McCarthy, D. W.; Benecchi, S. D.; Henry, T. J.; Kirkpatrick, J. D.; Kulesa, C.; Oey, M. S.; Regester, J.; Schlingman, W. M.; Camp Staff, Astronomy


    Astronomy Camp is a deep immersion educational adventure for teenagers and adults in southern Arizona that is entering its 25th year of existence. The Camp Director (McCarthy) is the winner of the 2012 AAS Education Prize. A general overview of the program is given in an accompanying contribution (McCarthy et al.). In this presentation we describe some of the research projects conducted by Astronomy Camp participants over the years. Many of the Camps contain a strong project-oriented emphasis, which reaches its pinnacle in the Advanced Camps for teenagers. High school students from around the world participate in a microcosm of the full arc of astronomy research. They plan their own projects before the start of Camp, and the staff provide a series of "key projects." Early in the Camp the students submit observing proposals to utilize time on telescopes. (The block of observing time is secured in advance by the staff.) The participants collect, reduce and analyze astronomical data with the help of staff, and they present the results to their peers on the last night of Camp, all in a span of eight days. The Camps provide research grade telescopes and instruments, in addition to amateur telescopes. Some of the Camps occur on Kitt Peak, where we use an ensemble of telescopes: the 2.3-meter (University of Arizona) with a spectrograph; the WIYN 0.9-meter; the McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope; and the 12-meter millimeter wave telescope. Additionally the Camp has one night on the 10-meter Submillimeter Telescope on Mt. Graham. Campers use these resources to study stars, galaxies, AGN, transiting planets, molecular clouds, etc. Some of the camper-initiated projects have led to very high level performances in prestigious international competitions, such as the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. The key projects often contribute to published astronomical research (e.g., Benecchi et al. 2010, Icarus, 207, 978). Many former Campers have received Ph.D. degrees in

  3. EduCamp Colombia: Social Networked Learning for Teacher Training


    Diego Ernesto Leal Fonseca


    This paper describes a learning experience called EduCamp, which was launched by the Ministry of Education of Colombia in 2007, based on emerging concepts such as e-Learning 2.0, connectivism, and personal learning environments. An EduCamp proposes an unstructured collective learning experience, which intends to make palpable the possibilities of social software tools in learning and interaction processes while demonstrating face-to-face organizational forms that reflect social networked lear...

  4. Science and technology camp for girls. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This document reports on the success of Pacific University`s camp held during the summers of 1992 and 1993; ultimate goal of this summer day camp was to increase the number of women in technical and scientific fields. Some experimentation was done with the age groups (7th and 8th grade girls). The curriculum was biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics/computer science. Laboratory work and field trips were emphasized, along with socialization.

  5. Camp Upshur, Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA Architectural Survey (United States)


    mon occurrence during and post World War II construction. The building type was a quick fix to the growing needs of the Marine Corps. In 1950, the...of Skinner Street East of Mitchell Street South of Bonnyman Street West of Bailey Street at Camp Upshur, which is located in the northwest corner...of Skinner Street, east of Mitchell Street, south of Bonnyman Street, and west of Bailey Ave- nue at Camp Upshur, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia

  6. Camp Sherman, Ohio: History of a World War I Training Camp (United States)


    t.t.’T !tC.AL.t: O r MILl:, " · t CO ... TRUCTION OIVI.ION WA R OEJOT. WASH INGTON. D. C CAMP jHE12.MAN , OHIO KEY ~1AP OF PROPERTY .10e No 6...the rear of the bunker. It was an all-day assignment and at noon a cook’s truck arrived with some unsavory victuals with cold coffee slopped for training purposes, but the OHARNG took full control of the land in 1971. 114 The rifle range was likely used for troop training in

  7. Targeted antiviral prophylaxis with oseltamivir in a summer camp setting. (United States)

    Kimberlin, David W; Escude, Janell; Gantner, Janel; Ott, Jeanne; Dronet, Melissa; Stewart, Timothy A; Jester, Penelope; Redden, David T; Chapman, Whitney; Hammond, Rob


    To describe the effectiveness of containment of novel influenza A(H1N1) infection at a summer camp. Targeted use of oseltamivir phosphate by individuals in close contact with influenza-confirmed cases. Boys' camp in Alabama in July 2009. A total of 171 campers, 48 camp counselors, and 27 camp staff. Campers with confirmed influenza received oseltamivir and were immediately isolated and sent home. All boys and counselors in the infected child's adjoining cabins received prophylactic oseltamivir for 10 days, including 8 campers at higher risk for influenza infection (eg, those with asthma, seizure disorder, or diabetes). Alcohol-based hand sanitizer was provided at each of the daily activities, in the boys' cabins, and in the dining hall, and counselors were educated by the medical staff on the spread of influenza and its prevention through good hand hygiene. All cabins, bathrooms, and community sports equipment were sprayed or wiped down with disinfectant each day. Main Outcome Measure Virologic confirmation of influenza. Three of the 171 campers tested positive for influenza A during the course of the 2-week fourth session, for an attack rate of 1.8%. The probability of observing 3 or fewer infected campers if the attack rate was 12% is less than 1 in 10,000,000 (P camp session. In conjunction with comprehensive hand sanitization and surface decontamination, a targeted approach to antiviral prophylaxis contained the spread of influenza in a summer camp setting.

  8. Core Concepts: Orthopedic Intern Curriculum Boot Camp. (United States)

    Seeley, Mark A; Kazarian, Erick; King, Brandon; Biermann, Janet S; Carpenter, James E; Caird, Michelle S; Irwin, Todd A


    Orthopedic surgical interns must gain a broad array of clinical skills in a short time. However, recent changes in health care have limited resident-patient exposures. With the reported success of simulation training in the surgical literature, the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) and Residency Review Committee for Orthopaedic Surgery have required that surgical simulation training be a component of the intern curricula in orthopedic surgical residencies. This study examined the short-term effectiveness of an orthopedic "intern boot camp" covering 7 of 17 simulation training concept modules published by the ABOS. Eight orthopedic post-graduate year 1 (PGY-1) residents (study group) completed a structured 3-month curriculum and were compared with 7 post-graduate year 2 (PGY-2) residents (comparison group) who had just completed their orthopedic surgical internship. Seven core skills were assessed using both task-specific and global rating scales. The PGY-1 residents demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in all 7 modules with respect to their task-specific pre-test scores: sterile technique (P=.001), wound closure (Porthopedic internship elevated a variety of clinical skills to levels exhibited by PGY-2 residents. Copyright 2016, SLACK Incorporated.

  9. The South Pacific in the works of Robert Dean Frisbie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nataša Potočnik


    In Tahiti he had ambitious writing plans but after four years of living in Tahiti, he left his plantation and sailed to the Cook Islands. He spent the rest of his life in the Cook Islands and married a local girl Ngatokorua. His new happiness gave him the inspiration to write. 29 sketches appeared in the United States in 1929, collected by The Century Company under the title of The Book of Puka-Puka. His second book My Tahiti, a book of memories, was published in 1937. After the death of Ropati 's beloved wife his goals were to bring up his children. But by this time Frisbie was seriously ill. The family left Puka-Puka and settled down on the uninhabited atoll of Suwarrow. Later on they lived on Rarotonga and Samoa where Frisbie was medically treated. Robert Dean Frisbie died of tetanus in Rarotonga on November 18, 1948. Frisbie wrote in a vivid, graceful style. His characters and particularly the atoll of Puka-Puka are memorably depicted. Gifted with a feeling for language and a sense of humor, he was able to capture on paper the charm, beauty, and serenity of life of the small islands in the South Pacific without exaggerating the stereotypical idyllic context and as such Frisbie's contribution to South Pacific literature went far deeper than that of many writers who have passed through the Pacific and wrote about their experiences. Frisbie's first book The Book of Puka-Puka was published in New York in 1929. It is the most endearing and the most original of his works. It was written during his lifetime on the atoll Puka-Puka in the Cook Islands. It is a collection of 29 short stories, episodic and expressively narrative in style. This is an account of life on Puka-Puka that criticizes European and American commercialism and aggressiveness, and presents the themes of the praise of isolation, the castigation of missionaries, and the commendation of Polynesian economic collectivism and sexual freedom. At the same time, the book presents a portrait of Frisbie himself

  10. Abstract – IT Robert Lepage: anatomia di un regista

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giulio Boato


    Full Text Available Abstract – ITRobert Lepage è uno dei registi più rilevanti del panorama teatrale internazionale contemporaneo. L’articolo cerca di fornire una sintetica analisi della poetica del regista soffermandosi in particolar modo sulle nozioni di “montaggio” e di “immagine” al fine di definire il rapporto tra tecnologia e linguaggio in teatro. L’analisi di due spettacoli di Lepage presentati in occasione del Napoli Teatro Festival Italia(edizioni 2010 e 2011 alimenta la riflessione teorica che si snoda seguendo una metafora anatomica:analizzare separatamente (sezionando come il chirurgo le varie componenti narrative e formali del modus operandi lepagiano permette di comprendere più agevolmente l’architettura organica dell’insieme Abstract – FR Robert Lepage est un des metteurs en scène les plus remarqués de la scène théâtrale internationale contemporaine. L’article cherche à fournir une analyse synthétique de l’art poétique du metteur en scèneen se concentrant en particulier sur les notions de « montage » et « image » afin d’en définir le rapportentre technologie et langage au théâtre. L’analyse de deux spectacles de Lepage présentés pendant leNapoli Teatro Festival Italia (éditions 2010 et 2011 alimente la réflexion théorique qui se développeselon une métaphore anatomique : à la manière d'un chirurgien disséquant un corps, on analyseraséparément les différentes composantes narratives et formelles utilisées par Lepage afin de comprendreplus facilement l’architecture organique de l’ensemble. Abstract – EN Robert Lepage is one of the most significant directors on the international and contemporary theatrescene. The article tries to provide a synthetic analysis of the director’s work: focusing on the notions of “editing” and “image”, it defines the relation between technology and language in theatre. The analysis oftwo pieces of theatre presented at the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia

  11. The Psychological Impact of First Burn Camp in Nicaragua. (United States)

    Tropez-Arceneaux, Lisa L; Castillo Alaniz, Arlen Tatiana; Lucia Icaza, Ivette; Alejandra Murillo, Evelyn

    Asociacion Pro-Ninos Quemados de Nicaragua (APROQUEN) is a comprehensive burn center that provides a holistic and integrated approach to treating burns. APROQUEN has set the standards internationally with acute treatment for burns, intensive care, reconstructive surgeries, nutritional care, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and psychological treatment. APROQUEN is excelling within Central and South America with life-saving techniques and quality of care. It is imperative that burn centers in Central America recognize that the treatment of a child with a burn injury surpasses physical care to include psychological treatment for the complete well-being of the child. It is necessary to provide the tools necessary to reintegrate the child back into their environment. APROQUEN developed and implemented the first burn camp in Latin America, "Confio en Mi" (I trust myself). The camp theme focused on self-esteem. The camp program included theory (educational) and practice (applied) components where the campers through "classroom type" activities had the opportunity to reflect and share with other campers and camp staff on self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. Participants were children who survived major burns (N = 33; 58% women; ages 12-25; 61% <18) and were shown to have difficulty socializing. Comprehensive interviews were conducted to ensure fit for camp. Forty-two percent of the campers had not slept away from home since the burn injury. Mean TBSA = 20% and mean age at time of burn injury was 13. The majority of campers (46%) endured flame burn injuries, with 24% having scald injuries. Mean years postburn = 4.8 + 3.2. Most campers (40%) were enrolled in secondary school, 30% in elementary school, and 21% in college. Standardized measures (CDI-2 Parent Form and Child Form, Rosenberg Scale, APROQUEN Burn Camp Measure Parent and Child Form, Beck Anxiety Inventory, and Beck Depression Inventory) were given to all campers prior to attending camp. The same measures

  12. Camp Golden Treasures: a multidisciplinary weight-loss and a healthy lifestyle camp for adolescent girls. (United States)

    Pratt, Keeley J; Lamson, Angela L; Collier, David N; Harris, Nancy; Ballard, Sharon; Saporito, Maria; Sarvey, Sharon; Gross, Kevin; Crawford, Yancey S


    Camp Golden Treasures, (CGT) the first non-profit weight loss camp for overweight adolescent girls in the nation, was held for six weeks from June 24 to August 3, 2007 at the East Carolina University campus in Greenville, NC. The primary goal was to support campers to lose weight, raise self esteem, and to learn the tools necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle while reducing risks for developing chronic disease or mitigating the effects of existing obesity-related conditions (sleep apnea, insulin resistance, hypertension, lower extremity dysfunction, etc.). While at CGT, campers learned about the importance of physical activity and proper nutrition through workshops, discussion groups and hands-on activities. Additionally campers were taught the necessary tools and strategies needed to make concrete, positive lifestyle changes so they can achieve a healthy weight. Due to the nature of a chronic disease such as obesity, multidisciplinary collaborators including physical therapy, nutrition, health education, management, family therapy, risk management, fundraising, public relations, medical, nursing, and physician coverage were involved in designing, planning, and implementing CGT.

  13. Robert J. Shiller: Nobel prize for 2013: Capital market efficiency

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pantelić Svetlana


    Full Text Available In 2013 the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences was awarded to the American economists, Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller. The monetarists, Fama and Hansen, from the University of Chicago, and the Neo- Keynesian, Shiller, from the Yale University, according to the Swedish Royal Academy, won this prestigious prize for their research providing mathematical and economic models to determine (irregularities in the stock value trends at the stock exchanges. With his colleagues, in the 1960s Fama established that, in the short term, it is extremely difficult to forecast stock prices, given that new information gets embedded in the prices rather quickly. Shiller, however, determined that, although it is almost impossible to predict the stock prices for a period of few days, this is not true for a period of several years. He discovered that the stock prices fluctuate much more substantially than corporation dividents, and that the relationship between prices and dividends tends to decline when high, and to grow when low. This pattern does not apply only to stocks, but also to bonds and other forms of capital.

  14. Trinity, time and ecumenism in Robert Jenson’s theology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anné H. Verhoef


    Full Text Available Robert Jenson, an American Lutheran theologian, is well known as a Trinitarian and
    ecumenical theologian. In his Trinitarian theology he makes specific choices regarding
    the relationship between God and time as an attempt to overcome the Hellenistic
    influences on the early church’s theology, especially about the timelessness of God.
    Jenson proposes a temporal infinity or timefullness of God, which is central to the
    relationships within the Trinity. Jenson temporally defines the unity of the Trinity
    in relation to the claim that God is in fact the mutual life and action of the three
    persons, Father, Son and Spirit as they move toward the future. In the Trinity’s
    relationship to time the person Jesus fulfils a very specific role, namely the “specious
    present”, and this temporal location of Him leads in Jenson’s theology to a very
    strong ecclesiology and eventually to specific proposals regarding ecumenism. In this
    article I will investigate this link between Trinity, time and ecumenism in Jenson’s

  15. Robert Lévy-Mandel (1923-2010)

    CERN Document Server


    Former CERN Director Robert Lévy-Mandel passed away on 3 July at the age of 87.   After obtaining a diploma from the Institut polytechnique in Grenoble, in 1948 he started work at the CEA, and was involved in the development and construction of the Saclay institute's first particle accelerator, a Van de Graaff machine. From 1954 to 1957 he was responsible for the coordination, development and construction of the CEA’s Saturne synchrotron, which entered service in 1958. In 1963 he was appointed head of the Saturne Synchrotron Department. The team led the construction of the Gargamelle bubble chamber, which was installed at CERN, and made contributions to other major facilities, including the Big European Bubble Chamber (BEBC). In 1971 he was invited to come to Geneva by John Adams, who was in charge of the SPS accelerator project. With the start of the SPS project, CERN had two laboratories, one at Meyrin and one at Prévessin, each with its own Director General: ...

  16. Robert Apfel's contribution to clinical diagnostic ultrasound: The mechanical index (United States)

    Holland, Christy K.


    The mechanical index, MI, resulted from theoretical considerations of the short-pulse acoustic threshold for inertial cavitation in water populated with microbubbles of all sizes [R. E. Apfel and C. K. Holland, Ultrasound Med Biol. 17, 179-185 (1991)]. In this review, the onset of cavitation will be discussed with reference to Robert Apfel's legacy of theoretical and experimental data. The questions arise: Can the utility of the MI be extended to situations in which the threshold MI is exceeded, thereby allowing for some estimate of the quantification of a potential bioeffect due to microcavitation? Also, can the MI be extended to situations in which pulses are, unlike the original formulation, not short? Is there a theoretical or semi-empirical basis for the MI threshold below which cavitation is unlikely? Can the MI be used to predict gas contrast agent destruction? The possible consequences of gas body activation associated with aerated lung tissue, intestinal gas pockets or encapsulated gas contrast agents represent specific instances of cavitation considerations relevant to clinical practice. Monitoring the real-time display of the MI (mandated by the FDA) helps clinicians evaluate and minimize the potential risks in the use of diagnostic ultrasound instrumentation. [Research supported by National Institutes of Health Grant R29 HL58761.

  17. Automatic program development a tribute to Robert Paige

    CERN Document Server

    Danvy, Olivier; Mairson, Harry; Pettorossi, Alberto


    This work, a tribute to renowned researcher Robert Paige, is a collection of revised papers published in his honor in the Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation Journal in 2003 and 2005.Among them there are two key papers: a retrospective view of his research lines, and a proposal for future studies in the area of the automatic program derivation.The book also includes some papers by members of the IFIP Working Group 2.1 of which Bob was an active member.All of the papers are related to the research interests of Dr Paige, who died in 1999, and, in particular, to the transformational development of programs and their algorithmic derivation from formal specifications.His colleagues, who include Olivier Danvy of the University of Aarhus in Denmark, and Alberto Pettorossi of the University of Rome 'Tor Vergata' in Italy, believe the book provides a renewed stimulus for continuing and deepening Dr Paige's research vision.Prof. Olivier Danvy is editor in chief of the Higher Order for Symbolic Computation journal.

  18. On "Telepathic dreams?": an unpublished paper by Robert J. Stoller. (United States)

    Mayer, E L


    In 1973 Robert Stoller wrote a paper on a series of dreams-his own and his patients'--that he reluctantly found himself calling "telepathic." He never submitted the paper for publication, though he returned to the topic of unconscious communication and telepathy with increasing fascination in the years before his death. Publication of Stoller's paper seems particularly opportune just now. In it he pleads for open-minded examination of data, however alien to current scientific belief those data seem. In the past, despite numerous published reports of possibly telepathic experiences in analysis, their investigation remained relatively one-sided, since a technical posture of anonymity with patients constrained analysts from revealing that a communication struck them as telepathic. This has limited what analysts have been able to learn about the information actually exchanged, how it was exchanged, and whether the communication was experienced as uncanny by the patient. Recent attention to the intersubjective nature of the analytic situation has led to a deemphasis of anonymity, opening freer dialogue that may facilitate the rigorous investigation Stoller calls for. Such investigation may further analytic understanding of unconscious mental function and communication in the clinical setting, and lend perspective to the growing body of carefully controlled experimental research on anomalous mental phenomena.

  19. Robert Dicke and the Naissance of Experimental Gravity Physics

    CERN Document Server

    Peebles, P J E


    The experimental study of gravity became much more active in the late 1950s, a change pronounced enough be termed the naissance of empirical gravity physics. A review of the developments since 1915, and up to the transition to what might be termed a normal and accepted part of physical science in the late 1960s, shows the importance of advances in technologies, here as in all branches of science. The role of contingency is illustrated by Robert Dicke's decision to change directions in mid-career, to lead a research group dedicated to the experimental study of gravity. One sees the power of nonempirical evidence, which led some in the 1950s to feel that general relativity theory is so logically sound as to be scarcely worth the testing, while Dicke and others argued that a poorly tested theory is only that, and that other nonempirical arguments, based on Mach's Principle and Dirac's Large Numbers, suggested it was worth looking for a better theory of gravity. I conclude by offering lessons from this history, s...

  20. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars program leadership training. (United States)

    Campbell, Jacquelyn C; McBride, Angela Barron; Etcher, LuAnn; Deming, Katie

    The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars program was created to address the nursing shortage via development of the next generation of national leaders in academic nursing. The leadership training combined development at the scholar's home institution with in-person didactic and interactive sessions with notable leaders in nursing and other disciplines. A curriculum matrix, organized by six domains, was evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively. What set this program apart is that it immersed junior faculty in concerted leadership development with regard to all aspects of the faculty role so that teaching interactively, making use of the latest in information technology, giving testimony before a policy-making group, participating in strategic planning, and figuring out how to reduce the budget without jeopardizing quality were all envisioned as part of the faculty role. The domains covered by this program could easily be used as the framework to plan other leadership-development programs for the next generation of academic leaders. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  1. Anthony (Tony) ROBERTS 5 March 1948 – 16 January 2008

    CERN Document Server


    Tony came from Netherton, a small town near Birmingham in the English West Midlands, where he grew up with his parents, who ran the local grocery store, "T.W. Roberts & Son". This is where he regularly liked to return, firstly to help his parents and later simply to spend time with them. Here undoubtedly lie the roots of his organizational skills and his ability to get on so well with others. He soon became interested in the rapidly-developing field of computing and this was how he first came to CERN, during the summer of 1973, at the age of 25. He joined the DD Division as an operator responsible for the "calculators" of that time, where he stayed until 1979 when he joined the Fellows and Associates Section of Personnel Division. He participated in the general computerisation of the Administration and continued his career in the Records Office of HR Department, a post he held until the end. Though still very British – ob...

  2. Robert Koch and the white death: from tuberculosis to tuberculin. (United States)

    Gradmann, Christoph


    The German medical bacteriologist Robert Koch is commonly considered one of the founding fathers of medical bacteriology. His investigations into the aetiology of tuberculosis uncovered the pathogen of this condition, the tubercle bacillus today known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, in 1882. This work can be seen as a cornerstone of contemporary medical bacteriology, its technologies and methods. It has often been asked how such successful research connected to the tuberculin episode of 1890/91, when Koch produced a medicine for that disease, which spectacularly failed when applied in practice. The analysis concentrates on the path of mostly experimental investigations which Koch followed between 1882 and 1890. From Koch's laboratory notes it becomes clear that tuberculin therapy did in fact work in Koch's laboratory, even though it failed to do so almost anywhere else. The clue to this contradictory picture lies in the peculiar nature of Koch's understanding of tuberculosis as a disease e.g. his reliance an animal experiments, which essentially differed from what many of his contemporaries held as essentials of that condition.

  3. Understanding Robert Lucas (1967-1981: his influence and influences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandre F.S. Andrada


    Full Text Available This paper analyzes Robert Lucas's contribution to economic theory between 1967 (year of his first solo publication and 1981 (the year before the emergence of Real Business Cycle approach, and it has two parts. The first one, using citation data from three different sources, we try to answer two questions: (i What are Lucas's most influential papers currently? (ii How has this influence changed through time? We show, for instance, that according to two of those three sources, Lucas's most influential paper today is not from his business cycle research agenda, which gave him his Nobel Prize in 1995. Moreover, it is clear the loss of influence of Lucas's macroeconomic theory since the early 1980s. In the second part, by cataloging all the works that Lucas had used as bibliographical references in his papers and separating them in two categories (positive and negative, we try to understand who exerted influence on him. We show that the author that Lucas most cited in a positive context were John Muth, Milton Friedman and Edmund Phelps. The authors more often cited in a negative context were John M. Keynes and A. W. Phillips. We discuss the reasons behind this data.

  4. Role of clinical tutors in volunteering work camps. (United States)

    Alloni, Rossana; D'Elia, Annunziata; Navajas, Francisca; De Gara, Laura


    The Università Campus Bio-Medico (Italy) promotes a summer volunteering work camp (Workcamp Perù) as a social activity for medical and non-medical students. Some junior doctors participate as 'clinical tutors', together with tutors from other professions; all clinical tutors have some teaching experience in our teaching hospital. The campsite is located in the South of Peru in the Cañete Valley, an area characterised by extreme poverty and a severe lack of infrastructure. During the five Workcamp Perù trips that have been organised so far, health science students have carried out many activities for disease prevention and health education, and bio-medical engineering students have organised sessions on the safety of electrical installations, for accident prevention. We observed that in this setting tutorial activity is fundamental, because it not only offers students an opportunity to learn but also encourages them to react in a more personal and reflective manner to various stressful situations, which often occur in the work camp. The professional competence of the tutor plays an important role before the work camp, in defining the learning objectives for the students and involving them in training sessions held prior to the work camp. Also, during the camp, tutors work with students and also direct the daily briefing and debriefing sessions that are the most important learning activity. For medical tutors involved in the work camp the volunteering experience is a challenge for developing their specific professional and teaching skills, but it also provides an enriching experience in both professional and personal terms. We consider these work camps to be a useful experience in the training of our clinical tutors. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  5. Children's Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity Attending Summer Day Camps. (United States)

    Brazendale, Keith; Beets, Michael W; Weaver, R Glenn; Chandler, Jessica L; Randel, Allison B; Turner-McGrievy, Gabrielle M; Moore, Justin B; Huberty, Jennifer L; Ward, Dianne S


    National physical activity standards call for all children to accumulate 60 minutes/day of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA). The contribution of summer day camps toward meeting this benchmark is largely unknown. The purpose of this study was to provide estimates of children's MVPA during summer day camps. Children (n=1,061, 78% enrollment; mean age, 7.8 years; 46% female; 65% African American; 48% normal weight) from 20 summer day camps wore ActiGraph GT3x+ accelerometers on the wrist during camp hours for up to 4 non-consecutive days over the summer of 2015 (July). Accumulated MVPA at the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentile of the distribution was estimated using random-effects quantile regression. All models were estimated separately for boys and girls and controlled for wear time. Minutes of MVPA were dichotomized to ≥60 minutes/day of MVPA or summer day camps, boys (n=569) and girls (n=492) accumulated a median of 96 and 82 minutes/day of MVPA, respectively. The percentage of children meeting 60 minutes/day of MVPA was 80% (range, 41%-94%) for boys and 73% (range, 30%-97%) for girls. Summer day camps are a setting where a large portion of boys and girls meet daily physical activity guidelines. Public health practitioners should focus efforts on making summer day camps accessible for children in the U.S. Copyright © 2017 American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. Emergency Medicine Residency Boot Camp Curriculum: A Pilot Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ataya, Ramsey


    Full Text Available Introduction: Establishing a boot camp curriculum is pertinent for emergency medicine (EM residents in order to develop proficiency in a large scope of procedures and leadership skills.  In this article, we describe our program’s EM boot camp curriculum as well as measure the confidence levels of resident physicians through a pre- and post-boot camp survey. Methods: We designed a one-month boot camp curriculum with the intention of improving the confidence, procedural performance, leadership, communication and resource management of EM interns. Our curriculum consisted of 12 hours of initial training and culminated in a two-day boot camp. The initial day consisted of clinical skill training and the second day included code drill scenarios followed by interprofessional debriefing.   Results: Twelve EM interns entered residency with an overall confidence score of 3.2 (1-5 scale across all surveyed skills. Interns reported the highest pre-survey confidence scores in suturing (4.3 and genitourinary exams (3.9. The lowest pre-survey confidence score was in thoracostomy (2.4. Following the capstone experience, overall confidence scores increased to 4.0. Confidence increased the most in defibrillation and thoracostomy. Additionally, all interns reported post-survey confidence scores of at least 3.0 in all skills, representing an internal anchor of “moderately confident/need guidance at times to perform procedure.” Conclusion: At the completion of the boot camp curriculum, EM interns had improvement in self-reported confidence across all surveyed skills and procedures. The described EM boot camp curriculum was effective, feasible and provided a foundation to our trainees during their first month of residency. [West J Emerg Med. 2015;16(2:356–361.

  7. Students' Perceptions of the Long-Term Impact of Attending a "CSI Science Camp" (United States)

    Yanowitz, Karen L.


    A science summer camp is a popular type of informal science experience for youth. While there is no one model of a science camp, these experiences typically allow for more focused and in-depth exploration of different science domains and are usually hands-on and participatory. The goal of this research was to examine the impact of a short science camp program approximately 1 year after students attended the camp. Overall, the results revealed that attending a 2-day forensic science camp had a positive and continuing influence on the participants. Students' science self-efficacy increased immediately after attending the camp and remained higher than pre-camp levels approximately 1 year later. Students were able to articulate why they believed the camp had a long-term impact on their lives. Furthermore, participants attributed a higher level of engaging in additional informal STEM-related activities during the academic year as a result of attending the camp.

  8. A multisite evaluation of summer camps for children with cancer and their siblings. (United States)

    Wu, Yelena P; McPhail, Jessica; Mooney, Ryan; Martiniuk, Alexandra; Amylon, Michael D


    Summer camps for pediatric cancer patients and their families are ubiquitous. However, there is relatively little research, particularly studies including more than one camp, documenting outcomes associated with children's participation in summer camp. The current cross-sectional study used a standardized measure to examine the role of demographic, illness, and camp factors in predicting children's oncology camp-related outcomes. In total, 2,114 children at 19 camps participated. Campers were asked to complete the pediatric camp outcome measure, which assesses camp-specific self-esteem, emotional, physical, and social functioning. Campers reported high levels of emotional, physical, social, and self-esteem functioning. There were differences in functioning based on demographic and illness characteristics, including gender, whether campers/siblings were on or off active cancer treatment, age, and number of prior years attending camp. Results indicated that summer camps can be beneficial for pediatric oncology patients and their siblings, regardless of demographic factors (e.g., gender, treatment status) and camp factors (e.g., whether camp sessions included patients only, siblings only, or both). Future work could advance the oncology summer camp literature by examining other outcomes linked to summer camp attendance, using longitudinal designs, and including comparison groups.

  9. A multisite evaluation of summer camps for children with cancer and their siblings (United States)

    Wu, Yelena P.; McPhail, Jessica; Mooney, Ryan; Martiniuk, Alexandra; Amylon, Michael D.


    Summer camps for pediatric cancer patients and their families are ubiquitous. However, there is relatively little research, particularly studies including more than one camp, documenting outcomes associated with children’s participation in summer camp. The current cross-sectional study used a standardized measure to examine the role of demographic, illness, and camp factors in predicting children’s oncology camp-related outcomes. In total, 2,114 children at 19 camps participated. Campers were asked to complete the pediatric camp outcome measure, which assesses camp-specific self-esteem, emotional, physical, and social functioning. Campers reported high levels of emotional, physical, social, and self-esteem functioning. There were differences in functioning based on demographic and illness characteristics, including gender, whether campers/siblings were on or off active cancer treatment, age, and number of prior years attending camp. Results indicated that summer camps can be beneficial for pediatric oncology patients and their siblings, regardless of demographic factors (e.g., gender, treatment status) and camp factors (e.g., whether camp sessions included patients only, siblings only, or both). Future work could advance the oncology summer camp literature by examining other outcomes linked to summer camp attendance, using longitudinal designs, and including comparison groups. PMID:27491385

  10. Intervjuu American Wind Symphony Orchestra dirigendi Robert Austin Boudreau'ga = Interview with Mr. Robert Austin Boudreau, director of the American Wind Symphony Orchestra / Robert Austin Boudreau ; interv. Heli Ojamaa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Boudreau, Robert Austin


    11. IV 2007. a. tehtud telefoniintervjuu Robert A. Boudreau'ga, kellele arhitekt Louis I. Kahn disainis kontserdilaevad Point Counterpoint I (valmis 1961) ja Point Counterppoint II (kavandamist alustati 1966, valmis 1975). Louis I. Kahnist, koostööst arhitektiga ja laevadest. Selgitav kaaskiri arhitekt Heli Ojamaalt. Ill.: I laeva makett, II laeva joonised ja 4 värv. fotot

  11. Bufo canorus Camp 1916, Yosemite Toad. (United States)

    Davidson, Carlos; Fellers, Gary M.; Lannoo, Michael


    Yosemite toads (Bufo canorus) are endemic to the Sierra Nevada, California, from Ebbetts Pass, Alpine County to the Spanish Mountain area, Fresno County (Karlstrom 1962, 1973; Stebbins 1966; unpublished Sierra National Forest survey data, 1995, 2002). Sites occur from 1,950–3,444 m elevation, with the majority of sites between 2,590–3,048 m (Karlstrom, 1962). Jennings and Hayes (1994a) estimate that populations have disappeared from 50% of historically reported sites, although the overall range of the species may have only contracted in the far north and in western Fresno County. Disappearances have been concentrated at lower elevation sites on the western edge of the range, with greater persistence at higher elevation sites (Davidson et al., 2002).

  12. Evaluating the Effectiveness of the General Surgery Intern Boot Camp. (United States)

    Schoolfield, Clint S; Samra, Navdeep; Kim, Roger H; Shi, Runhua; Zhang, Wayne W; Tan, Tze-Woei


    The aim of our study is to evaluate the effectiveness of newly implemented general surgery intern boot camp. A 2-day didactic and skills-based intern boot camp was implemented before the start of clinical duties. Participants who did not attend all boot camp activities and had prior postgraduate training were excluded. A survey utilizing a 5-point Likert scale scoring system was used to assess the participants' confidence to perform intern-level tasks before and after the boot camp. Subgroup analyses were performed comparing changes in confidence among graduates from home institution versus others and general surgery versus other subspecialties. In the analysis, 21 participants over two years were included. Among them, 7 were graduates from home institution (4 general surgery, 3 subspecialty) and 14 were from other institutions (6 general surgery and 8 subspecialty). There were significant increases in overall confidence levels (pre = 2.79 vs post = 3.43, P surgery (2.78 vs 3.46, P = 0.001) and other specialties (2.74 vs 3.34, P surgery intern boot camp before the start of official rotation is effective in improving confidence level in performing level-appropriate tasks of the incoming new interns.

  13. The Popeye Domain Containing Genes and cAMP Signaling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas Brand


    Full Text Available 3'-5'-cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP is a second messenger, which plays an important role in the heart. It is generated in response to activation of G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs. Initially, it was thought that protein kinase A (PKA exclusively mediates cAMP-induced cellular responses such as an increase in cardiac contractility, relaxation, and heart rate. With the identification of the exchange factor directly activated by cAMP (EPAC and hyperpolarizing cyclic nucleotide-gated (HCN channels as cAMP effector proteins it became clear that a protein network is involved in cAMP signaling. The Popeye domain containing (Popdc genes encode yet another family of cAMP-binding proteins, which are prominently expressed in the heart. Loss-of-function mutations in mice are associated with cardiac arrhythmia and impaired skeletal muscle regeneration. Interestingly, the cardiac phenotype, which is present in both, Popdc1 and Popdc2 null mutants, is characterized by a stress-induced sinus bradycardia, suggesting that Popdc proteins participate in cAMP signaling in the sinuatrial node. The identification of the two-pore channel TREK-1 and Caveolin 3 as Popdc-interacting proteins represents a first step into understanding the mechanisms of heart rate modulation triggered by Popdc proteins.

  14. Direct Light-up of cAMP Derivatives in Living Cells by Click Reactions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yan Xu


    Full Text Available 8-Azidoadenosine 3′,5′-cyclic monophosphate (8-azido cAMP was directly detected in living cells, by applying Cu-free azide-alkyne cycloaddition to probe cAMP derivatives by fluorescence light-up. Fluorescence emission was generated by two non-fluorescent molecules, 8-azido cAMP as a model target and difluorinated cyclooctyne (DIFO reagent as a probe. The azide-alkyne cycloaddition reaction between 8-azido cAMP and DIFO induces fluorescence in 8-azido cAMP. The fluorescence emission serves as a way to probe 8-azido cAMP in cells.

  15. Robert Knox, transcendentální anatomie a imaginace rasové války / Robert Knox, transcendental anatomy and imagination of racial war

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ivo Budil


    Full Text Available The main aim of the study is to emphasize the role and contribution of the Scottish physician and surgeon Robert Knox to the emergence and expansion of modern racial thinking and the concept of a racial war which became later influential as a result of the works of representatives of Social Darwinism. The main ideas outlined in the book The Races of Men: A Philosophical Enquiry into the Influence of Race over the Destinies of Nations, published by Robert Knox in 1850, will be analyzed in the historical and intellectual context of transcendental anatomy and Eurasian revolution.

  16. Kventin Tarantino + Robert Rodriges = Grainhaus, ili Kinonostalgija po-amerikanski / Andrei Sozinov

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Sozinov, Andrei


    Filmiprojekt "Grindhouse" koosneb Robert Rodrigueze retroõudukast "Grindhouse : Õuduste planeet" ("Planet Terror") ja Quentin Tarantino 70-ndatest inspireeritud õudusfilmist "Surmakindel" ("Death Proof") : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2007

  17. Kollaaž ja kontekst. Robert Rumase liiklusmärgid Tallinnas / Hanno Soans

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Soans, Hanno, 1974-


    Sekkuv kunst. Poola kunstniku Robert Rumase (1966) rahvusvahelisest kunstiprojektist "Linnamanöövrid", Kai Kaljo videost "One way to see America", Krzysztof Wodicko "Kodutute projektsioonist" ja New York City Unioni väljaku ümberkorraldamisest

  18. Marian Roberts, Developing the Craft of Mediation: Reflections on Theory and Practice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ghislaine M. Lanteigne


    Full Text Available In Developing the Craft of Mediation, Marian Roberts proposes that mediation is akin to a craft with its focus on learning from experience and from others working in the field to develop and master knowledge and skills.

  19. Must, valge + hall : Sam Wagstaffi ja Robert Mapplethorpe'i portree / Madis Palm

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Palm, Madis


    Dokumentaalfilm "Black, White & Gray: Sam Wagstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe" : autor ja režissöör James Crump : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2007. Filmi näidati filminädala "Art in America" raames Tallinnas

  20. Professor Robert D. Putnam : sotsiaalse kapitali suurendamiseks tuleb luua sildu / Dagmar Lamp

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lamp, Dagmar


    26. mail 2006. a. Tallinnas Avatud Ühiskonna XI Foorumil esines Harvardi ülikooli professor Robert D. Putnam ettekandega sotsiaalsest, füüsilisest ja inimkapitalist ning sotsiaalsete võrgustike väärtusest

  1. Kust tuleb huvi looduse vastu? / Fred Jüssi, Robert Oetjen, Toomas Jüriado... [jt.

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Küsimusele vastasid loodusfotograaf ja publitsist Fred Jüssi, Tartu keskkonnahariduse keskuse juhataja Robert Oetjen, zooloog ja publitsist Aleksei Turovski, Nõo põhikooli bioloogia- ja geograafiaõpetaja Evi Piirsalu, ning loodusajakirjanik Toomas Jüriado

  2. Cokie Roberts Cares about Kids! | NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine (United States)

    ... 40 year marriage and other marriages in American history. The book immediately went onto The New York Times bestseller list, following Roberts’ number one bestseller, We Are Our Mothers’ Daughters, ... American history. Roberts holds more than 20 honorary degrees, serves ...

  3. The History of American Settlement at Camp Atterbury (United States)


    traditional “first” honor being given to explorer Robert Cavelier de La Salle in 1608 who was looking for the gateway to the Mississippi River (Madison...Town- ship [Johnson County]” (Otto 1987:4). Durbin was followed that same year by Ohioan Robert Worl, who “erected a pole cabin on the [Nineveh] creek... Emmons , which was the only business. By 1904 it had a wagon maker, blacksmith, and painter and perhaps reached its developmental peak. The 2003 history

  4. Modelling of tuning of an ultra low frequency Roberts Linkage vibration isolator

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dumas, Jean-Charles, E-mail: [School of Physics, University of Western Australia, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley, WA 6009 (Australia); Ju Li; Blair, David G. [School of Physics, University of Western Australia, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley, WA 6009 (Australia)


    We present an analytical model for a Roberts Linkage used as an ultra low frequency vibration isolator. The Roberts Linkage is a structure that simulates a very long radius conical pendulum, at a relatively small height. We show through an analytical solution that it is possible to independently tune the centre of percussion and the resonant frequency for arbitrary geometrical configurations. The result is shown to provide a practical tuning solution, which achieves near ideal vibration isolation.

  5. Modelling of tuning of an ultra low frequency Roberts Linkage vibration isolator (United States)

    Dumas, Jean-Charles; Ju, Li; Blair, David G.


    We present an analytical model for a Roberts Linkage used as an ultra low frequency vibration isolator. The Roberts Linkage is a structure that simulates a very long radius conical pendulum, at a relatively small height. We show through an analytical solution that it is possible to independently tune the centre of percussion and the resonant frequency for arbitrary geometrical configurations. The result is shown to provide a practical tuning solution, which achieves near ideal vibration isolation.

  6. Camp as a Teaching Method in Health Education

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ringby, Betina

    Background Camp as a learning activity was introduced in entrepreneurship teaching. Students were engaged to get experiences on how to cope with uncertainty, complexity and to take action in collaboration with external partners. Relevance Society calls for creative and innovative health professio......Background Camp as a learning activity was introduced in entrepreneurship teaching. Students were engaged to get experiences on how to cope with uncertainty, complexity and to take action in collaboration with external partners. Relevance Society calls for creative and innovative health...... and concentration. Responsibility of own and others' learning process in combination with a professional focus seemed to ensure and maintain students’ motivation. Furthermore, CAMP was experienced as a self-governing and dialogue-based way of learning. Conclusions The result comprises important issues of interest...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maxime Rwaka


    Full Text Available Since 2007, Esri is supporting GIS education in Secondary Schools. From 2009 until today, 2000 pupils have learned GIS but they do not have time and means to link what they learn at school to the reality on the ground. It is therefore difficult for them to plan for a career in the GIS field. It is in that perspective that Esri has organized Summer Camps each year since 2008 with the objective of connecting pupils with GIS professionals by doing a real GIS project and achieve results that are beneficial for both students and professionals from partner institutions. The Summer Camp last for one week, during which pupils collect geographic and attribute data with GPS and questionnaires, prepare, edit, analyse and visualize collected data using GIS. They finally learn how to present and publish the result. This presentation will give an overview of topics, results and benefit of Summer Camps carried out for the last 6 years.

  8. Investigation of Sylvatic Typhus at a Wilderness Camp

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    In this podcast, Dr. Greg Dasch discusses an outbreak of four cases of sylvatic typhus that occurred at a wilderness camp in Pennsylvania. Sylvatic typhus is very rare in the United States, with only 41 cases since it was discovered in the United States in 1975. Lab work at CDC and the discovery that all four camp counselors who became ill had slept in the same bunk at the camp between 2004 and 2006 ultimately led to confirmation that flying squirrels living in the wall of the cabin were to blame for the illnesses.  Created: 6/30/2009 by Emerging Infectious Diseases.   Date Released: 6/30/2009.

  9. Camp jump start: effects of a residential summer weight-loss camp for older children and adolescents. (United States)

    Huelsing, Jean; Kanafani, Nadim; Mao, Jingnan; White, Neil H


    Residential weight-loss camps offer an opportunity for overweight and obese children to lose weight in a medically safe, supervised, supportive environment. The purpose of this report is to describe short-term outcomes in 76 children participating in a 4- or 8-week residential weight-loss camp for children and adolescents. The camp program enrolled obese 10- to 18-year-old adolescents. The program consisted of structured and nonstructured physical activities and group educational sessions covering nutrition, physical fitness, and self-esteem. A diet plan of 3 balanced meals and 2 snacks per day was prepared under the supervision of a registered dietitian. Participants had height, weight, and blood pressure measured and performed a 1-mile run at maximum effort on an outdoor track. For all campers, statistically significant (P camps are highly effective in improving measures of health and fitness among overweight and obese children and adolescents. Additional study is needed on the long-term effects of such camps in terms of weight maintenance, behavior change, and metabolic and health outcomes.

  10. Advances in Pediatric Cardiology Boot Camp: Boot Camp Training Promotes Fellowship Readiness and Enables Retention of Knowledge. (United States)

    Ceresnak, Scott R; Axelrod, David M; Sacks, Loren D; Motonaga, Kara S; Johnson, Emily R; Krawczeski, Catherine D


    We previously demonstrated that a pediatric cardiology boot camp can improve knowledge acquisition and decrease anxiety for trainees. We sought to determine if boot camp participants entered fellowship with a knowledge advantage over fellows who did not attend and if there was moderate-term retention of that knowledge. A 2-day training program was provided for incoming pediatric cardiology fellows from eight fellowship programs in April 2016. Hands-on, immersive experiences and simulations were provided in all major areas of pediatric cardiology. Knowledge-based examinations were completed by each participant prior to boot camp (PRE), immediately post-training (POST), and prior to the start of fellowship in June 2016 (F/U). A control group of fellows who did not attend boot camp also completed an examination prior to fellowship (CTRL). Comparisons of scores were made for individual participants and between participants and controls. A total of 16 participants and 16 control subjects were included. Baseline exam scores were similar between participants and controls (PRE 47 ± 11% vs. CTRL 52 ± 10%; p = 0.22). Participants' knowledge improved with boot camp training (PRE 47 ± 11% vs. POST 70 ± 8%; p cardiology knowledge after the training program and had excellent moderate-term retention of that knowledge. Participants began fellowship with a larger fund of knowledge than those fellows who did not attend.

  11. The role of concentration camps in the policies of the independent state of Croatia (NDH) in 1941

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Koljanin Milan


    .... After the outbreak of a mass Serb uprising and the dissolution of the Gospić camp, a new and much larger system of camps centred at Jasenovac operated as an extermination and concentration camp from the end of August...

  12. Healthcare needs of displaced women: Osire refugee camp, Namibia. (United States)

    Pinehas, Lusia N; van Wyk, Neltjie C; Leech, Ronell


    The aim of this study was to explore and describe the experiences of healthcare needs of displaced women in the Osire refugee camp in Namibia. Namibia is a country where displaced people from other African countries seek refuge as a result of their own country's political instability. All displaced people are hosted in the Osire camp, which is a highly protected area. There are more women than men in the camp and their health is often compromised. In this descriptive phenomenological study, the natural dimension of the experiences of the participants of their healthcare needs were explored through in-depth interviews and reflected upon through transcendental processes to formulate the phenomenological dimension thereof. The essence of displaced women's healthcare needs was "the need for the restoration of hope and human dignity". Their needs refer to measures to enhance their autonomy and freedom; skills training; certainty about their future; security with aid distribution; protection against stigmatization due to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection; protection against abuse; and participation in reproductive health care. When displaced women are admitted in a camp they lose their freedom to make decisions about everyday functioning and future. They thus develop feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. The participants referred to several factors that were detrimental for their well-being. The essence of their needs was "the need for the restoration of hope and human dignity" that could only be achieved when their needs are addressed. As nurses are in close contact with displaced women in refugee camps they should negotiate opportunities for the women to discuss their concerns with the camp officials. Policies should make provision for the involvement of displaced people in all aspects that relate to their everyday and future living arrangements. © 2016 International Council of Nurses.

  13. Preserving the Non-Instrumentality of Summer Camp. (United States)

    Baumann, Steven L


    After a brief consideration of the types of camps, this introduction questions what is the most beneficial aspect of a two week summer day camp for children living in disadvantaged circumstances or struggling in school? Is it a formal educational program or professional-lead therapeutic activities or the provision of an opportunity for children to play with peers in a relaxed, scenic and supportive place? The introduction suggests that being with peers living with similar circumstances or challenges while being in a scenic place with supportive staff and having the opportunity to play may provide such children with a greater good. © The Author(s) 2015.

  14. EduCamp Colombia: Social Networked Learning for Teacher Training

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diego Ernesto Leal Fonseca


    Full Text Available This paper describes a learning experience called EduCamp, which was launched by the Ministry of Education of Colombia in 2007, based on emerging concepts such as e-Learning 2.0, connectivism, and personal learning environments. An EduCamp proposes an unstructured collective learning experience, which intends to make palpable the possibilities of social software tools in learning and interaction processes while demonstrating face-to-face organizational forms that reflect social networked learning ideas. The experience opens new perspectives for the design of technology training workshops and for the development of lifelong learning experiences.

  15. Science Skills Boot Camp Gets Interns Ready for Research | Poster (United States)

    By Ashley DeVine, Staff Writer Summer interns learned how to read a scientific paper, present a poster, maintain a laboratory notebook, and much more, at the Science Skills Boot Camp in June. “It was a great experience, and it was a great opportunity to meet some of the other interns also working on the campus,” said Alyssa Klein, a Werner H. Kirsten student intern in the Cellular Immunology Group, Laboratory of Molecular Immunoregulation. “The boot camp covered many topics essential to being a good scientist and science researcher.”

  16. The Operation of Franco’s concentration camps in Catalonia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aram Monfort I Coll


    Full Text Available For Franco’s army, concentration camps represented a tool for the socio-political classification of prisoners of war. In Catalonia, this process began in the spring of 1938, with the stabilization of Franco’s Catalan front. An analysis of the operation of Catalonia’s concentration camps leads to an explanation of how the ‘Nuevo Estado’ adapted an extrajudicial system that had been developed in the context of the Civil War to meet its needs to maintain the separation of different sectors of Spanish society at the end of the war and the beginning of the postwar period.

  17. The Robert E. Hopkins Center for Optical Design and Engineering (United States)

    Zavislan, James M.; Brown, Thomas G.


    preparation for these students. While this extracurricular experience is truly world-class, an integrated design experience defined within our academic program is increasingly necessary for those going on to professional careers in engineering. This paper describes the philosophy behind a revision to our undergraduate curriculum that integrates a design experience and describes the engineering laboratory that has been established to make it a reality. The laboratory and design center has been named in honor of Robert E. Hopkins, former director and professor, co-founder of Tropel corporation, and a lifelong devotee to engineering innovation.

  18. The Noncommutative Doplicher-Fredenhagen-Roberts-Amorim Space

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Everton M.C. Abreu


    Full Text Available This work is an effort in order to compose a pedestrian review of the recently elaborated Doplicher, Fredenhagen, Roberts and Amorim (DFRA noncommutative (NC space which is a minimal extension of the DFR space. In this DRFA space, the object of noncommutativity (θ^{μν} is a variable of the NC system and has a canonical conjugate momentum. Namely, for instance, in NC quantum mechanics we will show that θ^{ij} (i,j=1,2,3 is an operator in Hilbert space and we will explore the consequences of this so-called ''operationalization''. The DFRA formalism is constructed in an extended space-time with independent degrees of freedom associated with the object of noncommutativity θμν. We will study the symmetry properties of an extended x+θ space-time, given by the group P', which has the Poincaré group P as a subgroup. The Noether formalism adapted to such extended x+θ (D=4+6 space-time is depicted. A consistent algebra involving the enlarged set of canonical operators is described, which permits one to construct theories that are dynamically invariant under the action of the rotation group. In this framework it is also possible to give dynamics to the NC operator sector, resulting in new features. A consistent classical mechanics formulation is analyzed in such a way that, under quantization, it furnishes a NC quantum theory with interesting results. The Dirac formalism for constrained Hamiltonian systems is considered and the object of noncommutativity θ^{ij} plays a fundamental role as an independent quantity. Next, we explain the dynamical spacetime symmetries in NC relativistic theories by using the DFRA algebra. It is also explained about the generalized Dirac equation issue, that the fermionic field depends not only on the ordinary coordinates but on θ^{μν} as well. The dynamical symmetry content of such fermionic theory is discussed, and we show that its action is invariant under P'. In the last part of this work we analyze the

  19. Science Possibilities Enabled by the Mars Base Camp Human Exploration Architecture (United States)

    Cichan, T.; Murrow, D. W.; Jolly, S. D.; Bierhaus, E. B.; Clark, B.


    The Mars Base Camp architecture study reveals scientific possibilities enabled by a crewed orbital base camp, and that collaborative human and robotic missions should be part of the vision for Mars exploration by 2050.

  20. Measuring the Influences of Youth Participation in Ohio 4-H Camps

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Greg Homan


    Full Text Available Findings from a multi-component 4-H camp marketing and enrollment study of Ohio 4-H camps are highlighted. Significant influencers on the camp enrollment decision (parents, other adults, peers, siblings, and the respective camper are evaluated as well as the effectiveness of various marketing techniques. The data found in this study indicates that the decision to enroll in camp is most influenced by the respective 4-H camper; however parents are also a strong factor in the choice to participate in 4-H camps. Alumni parents report significantly higher influence in the camp enrollment decision than those parents who are not alumni of 4-H. Personal methods of promoting camps were rated the most effective in reaching potential camp audiences.

  1. Seafloor Science and Remotely Operated Vehicle (SSROV) Day Camp: A Week-Long, Hands-On STEM Summer Camp (United States)

    Wheat, C. G.; Fournier, T.; Monahan, K.; Paul, C.


    RETINA (Robotic Exploration Technologies IN Astrobiology) has developed a program geared towards stimulating our youth with innovative and relevant hands-on learning modules under a STEM umbrella. Given the breadth of potential science and engineering topics that excite children, the RETINA Program focuses on interactive participation in the design and development of simple robotic and sensor systems, providing a range of challenges to engage students through project-based learning (PBL). Thus, young students experience scientific discovery through the use and understanding of technology. This groundwork serves as the foundation for SSROV Camp, a week-long, summer day camp for 6th-8th grade students. The camp is centered on the sensors and platforms that guide seafloor exploration and discovery and builds upon the notion that transformative discoveries in the deep sea result from either sampling new environments or making new measurements with sensors adapted to this extreme environment. These technical and scientific needs are folded into the curriculum. Each of the first four days of the camp includes four team-based, hands-on technical challenges, communication among peer groups, and competition. The fifth day includes additional activities, culminating in camper-led presentations to describe a planned mission based on a given geologic setting. Presentations include hypotheses, operational requirements and expected data products. SSROV Camp was initiated last summer for three sessions, two in Monterey, CA and one in Oxford, MS. Campers from both regions grasped key elements of the program, based on written responses to questions before and after the camp. On average, 32% of the pre-test questions were answered correctly compared with 80% of the post-test questions. Additional confirmation of gains in campers' knowledge, skills, and critical thinking on environmental issues and engineering problems were apparent during the "jeopardy" competition, nightly homework

  2. Suicide in Inmates in Nazis and Soviet Concentration Camps: Historical Overview and Critique


    López-Muñoz, Francisco; Cuerda-Galindo, Esther


    Living conditions in concentration camps were harsh and often inhumane, leading many prisoners to commit suicide. We have reviewed this topic in Nazi concentration camps (KL), Soviet special camps, and gulags, providing some preliminary data for our research. Data show that the incidence of suicide in Nazi KL could be up to 30 times higher than the general population and was also much higher than in Soviet special camps (maybe due to more favorable conditions for prisoners and the abolishment...

  3. The suicide rate in the concentration camps was extraordinarily high: a comment on Bronisch and Lester. (United States)

    Lester, David


    Previous reports, based on limited reports from inmates who survived the Nazi concentration camps, have claimed that suicide was rare in the concentration camps. Using slightly more detailed, but nonetheless still limited, data from survivors of the camps, it is estimated that the suicide rates in the camp were most likely 25,000 per 100,000 per year or higher and, therefore, enormous!

  4. Analysis of Camp Pendleton California Medical Treatment Facility Budget and Execution Process (United States)


    for the formal internship, residency, fellowship and graduate training in medicine and dentistry . Graduate Medical Education involves costs of in...Medical Information Management Center, and veterinary services. Excludes activities that provide support to the unique health care mission required and services to authorized beneficiaries through the operation of hospital departments of dentistry and dental clinics and operation of

  5. An Evaluation of the Navy Family Advocacy Program at Naval Regional Medical Center, Camp Pendleton, California. (United States)


    level of citizen awareness of services for child welfare and evaluating client satisfaction with ser- vices. Sundel and Homan address the significant...8217 I LWRISIOIINWYWC(U) AKOWN OF HEALTH CIENCS UMN C 7(113SWI F I T KIPA N I USTOn TX HEALTH C. A J F/ 50 LE A A ~ ~ .. -~ - -, ~ .- - - - - - ... - II1

  6. 75 FR 48927 - Sierra National Forest, Bass Lake Ranger District, California, Fish Camp Project (United States)


    ... INFORMATION CONTACT: Mark Lemon, Interdisciplinary Team Leader, at Sierra National Forest, Bass Lake Ranger... sustain a fire) wildland urban intermix area, (3) increase the vigor and health of mixed conifer stands...

  7. Culture Camp, Ethnic Identity, and Adoption Socialization for Korean Adoptees: A Pretest and Posttest Study (United States)

    Baden, Amanda L.


    This study explores the impact of racial-ethnic socialization on adopted South Korean children and adolescents who attended a sleepaway Korean culture camp for one week. This camp provided racial-ethnic socialization experiences via exposure to camp counselors, staff, and teachers who were Korean Americans, Korean nationals, and Korean adult…

  8. Hack City Summer: Computer Camps Can Bring a Vacation of Keyboard Delights. (United States)

    Shell, Ellen Ruppel


    Activities at a summer computer camp (Camp Atari held at East Stroudsburg State College PA) are described. The curriculum, using logic, systematic analysis, and other fundamental programing skills, teaches students to interact effectively and creatively with computers. Sources for finding a computer camp are included. (JN)

  9. [Experience gained in organizing outpatient care in summer camps for children and adolescents]. (United States)

    Grebniak, N P; Churilina, A K; Churilina, A A


    Relative risk of gastrointestinal diseases, tonsillitis, and injuries is notably increased at summer camps for children; epidemic hazards are high there too. Central outpatient clinic for these camps, functioning on the base of processual and structural standards and the final result standard, plays an important role in improving the quality of medical care rendered at summer camps.

  10. The Accidental City: Urbanisation in an East-African refugee camp

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jansen, B.J.


    Refugee camps are regarded as temporary settlements,organised according to the functionality of humanitarian operations. According to this political view, refugees are passive recipients of aid and the dynamics of life in the camps remain hidden. Instead, refugee camps can be seen as emerging urban

  11. Impact of Attending Jump Start Literacy Camp on Reading Achievement among Third and Fourth Grade Students (United States)

    Padgett, Carrie B.


    The Jump Start Literacy Camp was developed as a means to combat summer learning loss. The camp utilized high-energy activities to target phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. This study examined the effects of the Jump Start Literacy Camp on reading achievement for rising third and fourth grade students in an urban…

  12. The accidental city : violence, economy and humanitarianism in Kakuma refugee camp Kenya

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jansen, B.J.


    In this research I examine social ordering processes in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. I view the camp as an accidental city, by which I challenge the image of the camp as a temporary and artificial waiting space or a protracted refugee crisis per se. The reference to the city is both

  13. 76 FR 64 - Safety and Health Requirements Related to Camp Cars (United States)


    ... each camp car be kept as clean as is practicable given the type of work performed by the occupants of... Camp Cars AGENCY: Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Department of Transportation (DOT). ACTION... is proposing to create regulations prescribing minimum safety and health requirements for camp cars...

  14. A Multidisciplinary Science Summer Camp for Students with Emphasis on Environmental and Analytical Chemistry (United States)

    Schwarz, Gunnar; Frenzel, Wolfgang; Richter, Wolfgang M.; Ta¨uscher, Lothar; Kubsch, Georg


    This paper presents the course of events of a five-day summer camp on environmental chemistry with high emphasis on chemical analysis. The annual camp was optional and open for students of all disciplines and levels. The duration of the summer camp was five and a half days in the Feldberg Lake District in northeast Germany (federal state of…

  15. The Impact of Learning Styles on Learning Outcomes at FFA Camp: What Campers Retain over Time (United States)

    Brown, Nicholas R.; Terry, Robert, Jr.; Kelsey, Kathleen D.


    Twenty-four states host FFA summer camps to support adolescent maturation along with indoctrination into the culture and values of the FFA. Camps typically include a variety of activities designed to engage members in social activities and non-formal academic content. More than 1500 campers attend the Oklahoma FFA Alumni Leadership Camp annually…

  16. Reflections on Refugee Students' Major Perceptions of Education in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya (United States)

    Mareng, Chuei D.


    This reflective study explores refugee students' perceptions of the educational approach used in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. The study focuses on my personal reflections as a teacher and a student in this camp, and as a refugee. My goal of writing this narrative is to reflect fully on the refugee students' life in a camp and then contribute to…

  17. Antagonists of chemoattractants reveal separate receptors for cAMP, folic acid and pterin in Dictyostelium

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Haastert, Peter J.M. van; Wit, René J.W. de; Konijn, Theo M.


    Adenosine 3’,5’-monophosphate (cAMP), folic acid and pterin are chemoattractants in the cellular slime molds. The cAMP analog, 3’-amino-cAMP, inhibits a chemotactic reaction to cAMP at a concentration at which the analog is chemotactically inactive. The antagonistic effect of 3’-amino-cAMP on the

  18. Academic Boot Camp for the Writing of Psychology Research Reports (United States)

    Skues, Jason L.; Wise, Lisa


    Herein, we describe the implementation of, and responses to, a structured writing workshop in the form of an academic boot camp. Participants were 42 undergraduate psychology students from a medium-sized Australian university who were completing their major assignment for the semester. A majority of the students expressed satisfaction with the…

  19. Summer Science Camp for Middle School Students: A Turkish Experience (United States)

    Sezen Vekli, Gulsah


    The present study aims to identify the effectiveness of summer science camp experience on middle school students' content knowledge and interest towards biology. For this purpose, two instruments including reflective journal and pre-post questionnaire were developed by four researchers who are expert in science education. Besides, the instruction…

  20. Using psychological science to improve summer camp staff training. (United States)

    Schafer, Ethan D


    Preseason staff training is an exciting and stressful time for all camping professionals. By using principles of developmental psychology, learning theory, and self-monitoring, however, we can maximize the usefulness of training sessions. This article also discusses educating staff about children's mental health issues and managing challenging situations with adolescents.

  1. Educating for a Culture of Peace in Refugee Camps. (United States)

    Tillman, Diane G.


    Describes the "Living Values Activities for Refugees and Children Affected by War" program and its use in two refugee camps in Thailand. Details how the program provides children an opportunity to relate their experiences in an accepting environment and offers some tools for dealing with emotional pain, while helping them develop…

  2. Camp stability predicts patterns of hunter-gatherer cooperation. (United States)

    Smith, Daniel; Dyble, Mark; Thompson, James; Major, Katie; Page, Abigail E; Chaudhary, Nikhil; Salali, Gul Deniz; Vinicius, Lucio; Migliano, Andrea Bamberg; Mace, Ruth


    Humans regularly cooperate with non-kin, which has been theorized to require reciprocity between repeatedly interacting and trusting individuals. However, the role of repeated interactions has not previously been demonstrated in explaining real-world patterns of hunter-gatherer cooperation. Here we explore cooperation among the Agta, a population of Filipino hunter-gatherers, using data from both actual resource transfers and two experimental games across multiple camps. Patterns of cooperation vary greatly between camps and depend on socio-ecological context. Stable camps (with fewer changes in membership over time) were associated with greater reciprocal sharing, indicating that an increased likelihood of future interactions facilitates reciprocity. This is the first study reporting an association between reciprocal cooperation and hunter-gatherer band stability. Under conditions of low camp stability individuals still acquire resources from others, but do so via demand sharing (taking from others), rather than based on reciprocal considerations. Hunter-gatherer cooperation may either be characterized as reciprocity or demand sharing depending on socio-ecological conditions.

  3. Summer Camp for Girls Sparks Interest in Welding and Electronics (United States)

    Peckham, Susanne


    Even in the face of a recession, great careers are currently available in many technical fields, and throughout the nation efforts are under way to grow the workforce in those jobs through greater diversity. In this article, the author describes a weeklong, free summer camp offered by Calhoun Community College, Decatur, Alabama, which gets high…

  4. First urology simulation boot camp in the United Kingdom

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C.S. Biyani


    Conclusion: This first UK Urology Simulation Boot Camp has demonstrated feasibility and effectiveness in enhancing trainee’s experience. Given these positive feedbacks there is a good reason to expect that future courses will improve the overall skills of a new urology trainee.

  5. Can an Immersion in Wellness Camp Influence Youth Health Behaviors? (United States)

    Mabary-Olsen, Elizabeth A.; Litchfield, Ruth E.; Foster, Randal; Lanningham-Foster, Lorraine; Campbell, Christina


    Summer 4-H camps present an untapped opportunity for advancement of mission mandates. The project reported here immersed campers in healthy living experiential learning. The goal was to improve self-efficacy and health behaviors related to nutrition and physical activity. Data was collected from enrolled campers through multiple survey tools. A…

  6. Post‑Operative Complications and Visual Outcome in Eye Camp ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    2015 Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology | Published by Wolters Kluwer - Medknow. 16. Post‑Operative Complications and Visual. Outcome in Eye Camp Patients Undergoing. Sutureless Cataract Surgery at a Base Hospital in Vijayapura District, South India. Sushma Hosamani, Vallabha K1, Vijaykumar Warad2.

  7. Criticality for Global Citizenship in Korean English Immersion Camps (United States)

    Ahn, So-Yeon


    Given a heavy social, ideological pressure for parents to pursue better English education for their children in the globalized world, short-term English immersion camp programs have emerged as an educational option in South Korea, promoted as environments for intercultural communication between native English-speaking teachers and local Korean…

  8. Post traumatic stress disorder among Mau Mau concentration camp ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Background: A decade before Kenya's independence in 1963 thousands of 'Mau Mau' fighters were arrested and incarcerated in concentration camps where many underwent torture and inhuman treatment. No studies have been done to establish the presence of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other psychiatric ...

  9. Group-Integrated Reality Therapy in a Wilderness Camp. (United States)

    Clagett, Arthur F.


    Abridges Glasser's (1975) theory of United States as identity society to explicate causative characteristics of "identity achievers" versus "failures" in U.S. society. Discusses Reality Therapy and therapeutic treatment programs developed by Hope Center Wilderness Camp. Presents evidence to suggest that group-integrated reality…

  10. Camp as a Teaching Method in Health Education

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ringby, Betina

    methodology and theories/methods put INTO action. The camp method encourages a student-participatory and an inter-professionally approach required to think out-of-the-box. Teachers were offered the possibility to be mentor/coach for students. ‘Effectuation’, the ‘PUSH model’ and the ‘Entrepreneurial...

  11. 14 CFR 91.1427 - CAMP: Manual requirements. (United States)


    ... to the Administrator, that is retrievable in the English language. ... (CONTINUED) AIR TRAFFIC AND GENERAL OPERATING RULES GENERAL OPERATING AND FLIGHT RULES Fractional Ownership... program aircraft under a CAMP must put in the operating manual the chart or description of the program...

  12. English Camp: A Language Immersion Program in Thailand (United States)

    Rugasken, Kris; Harris, Jacqueline A.


    A summer English camp language immersion program, which began in 2003, provided instruction by native English speakers to Thai college students via collaboration between Prince of Songkla University in Thailand and Ball State University in Indiana, USA. During this program, Thai students were exposed to English formally through classroom…

  13. Outdoor education camp and group cohesion: an investigation in the ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The study seeks to investigate the effect of outdoor education camp toward group cohesion among second year undergraduate teacher trainees from selected Teacher Education Institutes of Malaysia. A pre-test and post-test approach with non-equivalent control group was utilised among 350 second year undergraduate ...

  14. Expert Review of Pedagogical Activities at Therapeutic Recreation Camps (United States)

    Kiselev, N. N.; Kiseleva, E. V.


    An analysis of pedagogical expert reviews at children's therapeutic recreation camps in Novosibirsk Region shows that it is necessary to implement an expert review system that plays a supporting and developmental role. Such a system should allow teams of teachers to submit their work to expert review and to move forward by reflecting on their…

  15. Trainer Guide: Food Service Managerial. Camp Administration Series. (United States)

    Farley, Elizabeth, Ed.

    Designed for a food service managerial workshop, the trainer's guide is organized into four separate units: personnel management, menu planning, food purchasing, and food service operations. Performance objectives to be met on completion of the workshop include: improving personnel operations for a camp's food service; demonstrating knowledge of…

  16. Optimal Experience among Campers in a Resident Camp Setting. (United States)

    Bialeschki, M. Deborah; Henderson, Karla A.

    The purpose of this study was to assess optimal experience, also known as "flow" and "quality of experience" in a private, coeducational resident camp program for children. Flow refers to those times in work and leisure when people report feelings of enjoyment, concentration, and deep involvement. Flow theory predicts that an…

  17. Camping Burner-Based Flame Emission Spectrometer for Classroom Demonstrations (United States)

    Ne´el, Bastien; Crespo, Gasto´n A.; Perret, Didier; Cherubini, Thomas; Bakker, Eric


    A flame emission spectrometer was built in-house for the purpose of introducing this analytical technique to students at the high school level. The aqueous sample is sprayed through a homemade nebulizer into the air inlet of a consumer-grade propane camping burner. The resulting flame is analyzed by a commercial array spectrometer for the visible…

  18. Snakes Have Feelings, Too: Elements of a Camp Snake Program. (United States)

    Allen, Robert Ross


    A camp snake program can help campers overcome their fear of snakes, and people cannot truly enjoy nature when they carry a phobia about any one part of it. It can also help overcome prejudice by teaching truth and respect, instilling compassion, and helping campers develop empathy. Advice on catching, handling, identifying, keeping, and feeding…

  19. International Physics Summer Camp for High School Students (United States)

    Pope, Damian T.; Korsunsky, B.


    Each year for the past three years, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, has staged an annual physics summer camp for high school students worldwide. Known as the International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP), it attracts students from all corners of the globe and this year had attendees from 15 countries and 5 continents. The camp is aimed at motivated students around the age of 16 and is a two-week immersion into the exciting world of cutting-edge physics today. It covers topics such as dark matter, superstring theory and quantum computers, and exposes attendees to some of the very latest research results. It includes lectures, tutorials, laboratory visits and small-group projects and, in addition to teaching new material, strives to give students a deeper appreciation of the true nature of science. Throughout, attendees have a great deal of interaction with the institute's scientists. This presentation will give an overview of the camp including the material taught within it, its impact on students and the goals of the program. More information about the camp can be found at:

  20. Teale California shoreline (United States)

    California Department of Resources — California Spatial Information System (CaSIL) is a project designed to improve access to geo-spatial and geo-spatial related data information throughout the state of...

  1. Mediterranean California, Chapter 13 (United States)

    M.E. Fenn; E.B. Allen; L.H. Geiser


    The Mediterranean California ecoregion (CEC 1997; Fig 2.2) encompasses the greater Central Valley, Sierra foothills, and central coast ranges of California south to Mexico and is bounded by the Pacific Ocean, Sierra Nevada Mountains and Mojave Desert.

  2. California Condor Critical Habitat (United States)

    California Department of Resources — These Data identify (in general) the areas where critical habitat for the California Condor occur. Critical habitat for the species consists of the following 10...

  3. Announcement: New Editor-in-Chief Robert C. Kennicutt (United States)

    Abt, Helmut A.


    Effective 1999 July 1, all new manuscripts for Part 1 of The Astrophysical Journal and The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series should be sent to Dr. Robert C. Kennicutt, Editor-in-Chief The Astrophysical Journal Steward Observatory University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 85721-0065 The other means of contact are telephone, (520) 621-5145 FAX, (520) 621-5153 and e-mail, For express packages please use the street address of 933 North Cherry Avenue. Dr. Kennicutt will be assisted by several of my loyal coworkers, who will move across the street. Manuscripts received before July 1 will be handled by the current editor until most of their problems have been resolved, at which point the remainder will be sent to Dr. Kennicutt's office. Manuscripts for the Letters should, as before, be sent directly to Dr. Alex Dalgarno at the Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA. We are fortunate that a person with as much experience in research and proven good judgment as Dr. Kennicutt is willing to accept this difficult and time-consuming responsibility. He will be only the seventh Managing Editor or Editor-in-Chief that this Journal has had in its 104 years. Please give him the cooperation and help that you have given the current editor. It has been my privilege to work for 28 years with many of the best astrophysicists in the world and to publish their papers. This was done with the help of the AAS Publications Board and AAS officers, the efforts of Peter Boyce and Evan Owens who made the on-line edition of the Journal possible, three Associate Editors, a score of Scientific Editors, a hardworking staff of six in Tucson, up to 25 production controllers and manuscript editors at the University of Chicago Press, and the thousands of astronomers throughout the world who served as referees. The original masthead called this journal ``An International Review of Spectroscopy and Astronomical Physics.'' That subtitle is no longer appropriate because we do not publish

  4. Announcement: New Editor-In Robert C. Kennicutt (United States)

    Abt, Helmut A.


    Effective 1999 July 1, all new manuscripts for Part 1 of The Astrophysical Journal and The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series should be sent to Dr. Robert C. Kennicutt, Editor-in-Chief The Astrophysical Journal Steward Observatory University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 85721-0065 The other means of contact are telephone, (520) 621-5145 FAX, (520) 621-5153 and e-mail, For express packages please use the street address of 933 North Cherry Avenue. Dr. Kennicutt will be assisted by several of my loyal coworkers, who will move across the street. Manuscripts received before July 1 will be handled by the current editor until most of their problems have been resolved, at which point the remainder will be sent to Dr. Kennicutt's office. Manuscripts for the Letters should, as before, be sent directly to Dr. Alex Dalgarno at the Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA. We are fortunate that a person with as much experience in research and proven good judgment as Dr. Kennicutt is willing to accept this difficult and time-consuming responsibility. He will be only the seventh Managing Editor or Editor-in-Chief that this Journal has had in its 104 years. Please give him the cooperation and help that you have given the current editor. It has been my privilege to work for 28 years with many of the best astrophysicists in the world and to publish their papers. This was done with the help of the AAS Publications Board and AAS officers, the efforts of Peter Boyce and Evan Owens who made the on-line edition of the Journal possible, three Associate Editors, a score of Scientific Editors, a hardworking staff of six in Tucson, up to 25 production controllers and manuscript editors at the University of Chicago Press, and the thousands of astronomers throughout the world who served as referees. The original masthead called this journal ``An International Review of Spectroscopy and Astronomical Physics.'' That subtitle is no longer appropriate because we do not publish

  5. Announcement: New Editor-In-Chief, Robert C. Kennicutt, Jr. (United States)

    Abt, Helmut A.


    Effective 1999 July 1, all new manuscripts for Part 1 of The Astrophysical Journal and The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series should be sent to Dr. Robert C. Kennicutt, Jr., Editor-in-Chief The Astrophysical Journal Steward Observatory University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 85721-0065 The other means of contact are telephone, (520) 621-5145 FAX, (520) 621-5153 and e-mail, For express packages please use the street address of 933 North Cherry Avenue. Dr. Kennicutt will be assisted by several of my loyal coworkers, who will move across the street. Manuscripts received before July 1 will be handled by the current editor until most of their problems have been resolved, at which point the remainder will be sent to Dr. Kennicutt's office. Manuscripts for the Letters should, as before, be sent directly to Dr. Alex Dalgarno at the Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA. We are fortunate that a person with as much experience in research and proven good judgment as Dr. Kennicutt is willing to accept this difficult and time-consuming responsibility. He will be only the seventh Managing Editor or Editor-in-Chief that this Journal has had in its 104 years. Please give him the cooperation and help that you have given the current editor. It has been my privilege to work for 28 years with many of the best astrophysicists in the world and to publish their papers. This was done with the help of the AAS Publications Board and AAS officers, the efforts of Peter Boyce and Evan Owens who made the on-line edition of the Journal possible, three Associate Editors, a score of Scientific Editors, a hardworking staff of six in Tucson, up to 25 production controllers and manuscript editors at the University of Chicago Press, and the thousands of astronomers throughout the world who served as referees. The original masthead called this journal ``An International Review of Spectroscopy and Astronomical Physics.'' That subtitle is no longer appropriate because we do not

  6. How Come the Best Job I Ever Had Was When I Worked at a Summer Camp?: Understanding Retention Among Camp Counselors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jay Whitacre


    Full Text Available When attempting to discover a manner in which to maintain employment during the summer, many individuals have realized the job of camp counselor. What begins as a seasonal position may transform into a lifelong commitment to both person and place. For years, individuals have come to appreciate and understand the experiences that occur when approaching particular places. Data, for this study, was collected via in-depth interviews from twenty-four camp counselors from three separate, but similar camps. Phenomenological analysis on the qualitative data was performed to explore the staff retention amongst counselors. This study links sense of place as a salient component of employee retention among camp counselors. By developing a strong sense of community amongst staff, camp administrators may be promoting a deeper, more long-term, commitment among the staff and towards the camp.

  7. Effectiveness of previous mumps vaccination during a summer camp outbreak. (United States)

    Schaffzin, Joshua K; Pollock, Lynn; Schulte, Cynthia; Henry, Kyle; Dayan, Gustavo; Blog, Debra; Smith, Perry


    Mumps is a vaccine-preventable disease that may cause outbreaks. In July 2005, an outbreak of mumps occurred during a children's summer camp in upstate New York. An investigation was initiated to describe the cases and evaluate vaccine effectiveness. A retrospective cohort study was conducted among 541 children from the United States and abroad who attended a 1- or 2-month overnight summer camp. Patients with mumps were interviewed; serologic analysis was conducted for 6 case patients. Vaccine effectiveness was calculated by retrospective review of immunization records for 507 attendees who were eligible for vaccination and had verified immunization history. Thirty-one camp attendees were identified as having mumps (attack rate: 5.7%); 5 (83%) of 6 patients tested had positivity for mumps immunoglobulin M. Of the 507 participants (including 29 patients) with available immunization history, 440 (including 16 [87%] patients) were 2-dose recipients of mumps vaccine (attack rate: 3.6%); 46 participants (including 4 [9%] patients) were 1-dose recipients (attack rate: 8.7%); and 21 (including 9 [4%] patients) were unvaccinated (attack rate: 42.9%). Vaccine effectiveness was 92% for 2 doses and 80% for 1 dose. Outbreaks of mumps in settings such as summer camps can occur despite high vaccination rates. Vaccine effectiveness for 2 mumps vaccinations was greater than vaccine effectiveness for 1 mumps vaccination. Therefore, recommendation of 2 mumps vaccinations for summer camp participants continues to be appropriate. Control of mumps disease relies on broad vaccination coupled with correct clinical diagnosis and strict control measures.

  8. Using Science Camps to Develop Understandings about Scientific Inquiry--Taiwanese Students in a U.S. Summer Science Camp (United States)

    Antink-Meyer, Allison; Bartos, Stephen; Lederman, Judith S.; Lederman, Norman G.


    Recent years have witnessed a dramatic rise in the number of middle and high school students from Asian countries participating in U.S.-based summer experiences (Perlez & Gao, 2013). Although summer science camps have been shown to improve students' attitudes and interests related to science and science learning (Bhattacharyya, Mead &…

  9. Pilot Study Evaluating Physical Activity and Fatigue in Adolescent Oncology Patients and Survivors During Summer Camp. (United States)

    Withycombe, Janice S; Baek, Min Joo; Jordan, Dorothy H; Thomas, Nimmy J; Hale, Sally


    Summer camps for adolescent cancer patients and survivors are popular. Little is known about the impact of camp attendance on physical activity (PA) and fatigue. This pilot study was conducted in 24 adolescents, 13-17 years of age, to measure objective PA (steps/day) along with self-reported PA and fatigue during camp. Findings demonstrate adolescents are willing to complete a PA research study during camp. On average, campers demonstrated 18,198 steps/day. Self-reported PA significantly increased with no significant change in self-reported fatigue. Summer camps offer a unique setting, in which to encourage and explore PA in adolescent oncology patients and survivors.

  10. EDITORIAL: Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2010 Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2010 (United States)

    Webb, Steve; Harris, Simon


    The publishers of Physics in Medicine and Biology (PMB), IOP Publishing, in association with the journal owners, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), jointly award an annual prize for the best paper published in PMB during the previous year. The procedure for deciding the winner has been made as thorough as possible, to try to ensure that an outstanding paper wins the prize. We started off with a shortlist of the 10 research papers published in 2010 which were rated the best based on the referees' quality assessments. Following the submission of a short 'case for winning' document by each of the shortlisted authors, an IPEM college of jurors of the status of FIPEM assessed and rated these 10 papers in order to choose a winner, which was then endorsed by the Editorial Board. We have much pleasure in advising readers that the Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2010 is awarded to M M Paulides et al from Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, for their paper on hyperthermia treatment: The clinical feasibility of deep hyperthermia treatment in the head and neck: new challenges for positioning and temperature measurement M M Paulides, J F Bakker, M Linthorst, J van der Zee, Z Rijnen, E Neufeld, P M T Pattynama, P P Jansen, P C Levendag and G C van Rhoon 2010 Phys. Med. Biol. 55 2465 Our congratulations go to these authors. Of course all of the shortlisted papers were of great merit, and the full top-10 is listed below (in alphabetical order). Steve Webb Editor-in-Chief Simon Harris Publisher References Alonzo-Proulx O, Packard N, Boone J M, Al-Mayah A, Brock K K, Shen S Z and Yaffe M J 2010 Validation of a method for measuring the volumetric breast density from digital mammograms Phys. Med. Biol. 55 3027 Bian J, Siewerdsen J H, Han X, Sidky E Y, Prince J L, Pelizzari C A and Pan X 2010 Evaluation of sparse-view reconstruction from flat-panel-detector cone-beam CT Phys. Med. Biol. 55 6575 Brun M-A, Formanek F, Yasuda A, Sekine M, Ando N

  11. EDITORIAL: Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2009 Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2009 (United States)

    Webb, Steve; Harris, Simon


    The publishers of Physics in Medicine and Biology (PMB), IOP Publishing, in association with the journal owners, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), jointly award an annual prize for the best paper published in PMB during the previous year. The procedure for deciding the winner has been made as thorough as possible, to try to ensure that an outstanding paper wins the prize. We started off with a shortlist of the 10 research papers published in 2009 which were rated the best based on the referees' quality assessments. Following the submission of a short 'case for winning' document by each of the shortlisted authors, an IPEM college of jurors of the status of FIPEM assessed and rated these 10 papers in order to choose a winner, which was then endorsed by the Editorial Board. We have a clear, and very worthy, winner this year. We have much pleasure in advising readers that the 2009 Roberts Prize is awarded to E Z Zhang et al from University College London for their paper on photoacoustic tomography. In vivo high resolution 3D photoacoustic imaging of superficial vascular anatomy E Z Zhang, J G Laufer, R B Pedley and P C Beard 2009 Phys. Med. Biol. 54 1035-46 Our congratulations go to these authors. Of course all of the shortlisted papers were of great merit, and the full top-10 is listed below (in alphabetical order). Steve Webb Editor-in-Chief Simon Harris Publisher References Cheng Y-C N , Neelavalli J and Haacke E M 2009 Limitations of calculating field distributions and magnetic susceptibilities in MRI using a Fourier based method Phys. Med. Biol. 54 1169-89 Cho S, Ahn S, Li Q and Leahy R M 2009 Exact and approximate Fourier rebinning of PET data from time-of-flight to non time-of-flight 2009 Phys. Med. Biol. 54 467-84 Davidson S R H, Weersink R A, Haider M A, Gertner M R, Bogaards A, Giewercer D, Scherz A, Sherar M D, Elhilali M, Chin J L, Trachtenberg J and Wilson B C 2009 Treatment planning and dose analysis for interstitial

  12. Musik in Konzentrationslagern The Role of Music in Concentration Camps

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gabriele Knapp


    Full Text Available Die Holocaust-Forschung hat sich jahrzehntelang vorwiegend mit den Verbrechen in den Konzentrationslagern beschäftigt, während Fragen nach dem „Alltag“ der Häftlinge und ihren Strategien des Überlebens nebensächlich erschienen. Untersuchungen zum (ÜberLeben im KZ können aber gerade die Brutalität des Systems deutlich machen. So war Musik ein integraler Bestandteil des Lageralltags und diente keineswegs nur der Erbauung der Häftlinge, sondern bedeutete für sie häufig eine zusätzliche Tortur, wie Forschungsarbeiten für die Zeit von 1939 bis 1945 bereits belegt haben. Inwieweit dies für die frühen Lager von 1933 bis 1936 zutraf, untersucht Guido Fackler in seiner Studie. Darüber hinaus versucht er, musikalische Kontinuitätslinien von den frühen Lagern bis in die späte Phase (1937–1945 zu zeichnen. Eine Gesamtdarstellung zu KZ-Musik von 1933 bis 1945 konnte dem Autor indes nicht gelingen, wenn er auch einzelne Zusammenhänge zwischen musikalischen Phänomenen in unterschiedlichen Lagern aufzeigt. Facklers Buch lässt sich eher als Quellensammlung für Musik in unterschiedlichsten Konzentrationslagern verstehen und gebrauchen – wenn auch fast ausschließlich begrenzt auf Männerlager.In the past decades, Holocaust studies have focused on researching the annihilating structures of concentration camps, while the study of the inmates’ everyday lives and their strategies for survival was not included in this field of work. However, studying aspects of daily life and survival in the concentration camps can serve to truly bring out the brutality of the Holocaust. Music, for example, was an integral part of everyday life in the camps and did not solely serve to entertain the inmates, but also represented an additional form of torture for them, as previous studies for the time period between 1939 and 1945 have documented. Fackler’s study investigates the extent to which this was the case in the early concentration camps between

  13. [Medicine in the concentration camps of the Third Reich]. (United States)

    Shasha, Shaul M


    Between 1942 and 1944 millions of prisoners were subjected to forced labor in concentration camps throughout the Third Reich, all the while being the victims of a systematic and "scientific" extermination policy. Though the policy was directed mainly against Jews, it was implemented against other "inferior races" as well. The prisoners, stripped of all rights, experienced constant humiliation, uncertain survival and terror. The harsh living condition, characterized by crowding, absent sanitation and poor personal hygiene led to considerable morbidity, mainly due to injuries, infectious diseases and famine, and to high mortality rates. Medical care in the camps was the responsibility of the S.S. Each camp had a chief S.S. physician accompanied by a number of assistants and orderlies. There was also a parallel system of "prisoner-physicians." There was a chief prisoner-physician in every camp, and each block was assigned a "block doctor" who was responsible for sanitation, the removal of corpses, setting up the sick- call and authorizing sick leave. Work teams were accompanied by "mobile doctors" (Streckenpfleger), who dispensed first aid for work injuries. Prisoner-physicians were also charged with disinfecting the blocks and maintaining hygienic conditions in the camp. Every camp had one or more blocks, called "Reviers", that were used for treatment and hospitalization. In the larger camps a number of blocks were designated to function as a sort of hospital (Krankenbau). At times one camp out of a group of camps would be set aside as quarantine, primarily for patients with infectious diseases. Officially, the "Revier" was the responsibility of an S.S. physicians', assisted by a chief prisoner-physician, his assistants and, at times, nurses. But in actuality the Reviers were managed by prisoners (Capos) who did not have medical training but were authorized to make decisions in medical matters such as operations and, on occasion, even performed them. The Reviers

  14. Benefits of attending a summer camp for children with inflammatory bowel disease. (United States)

    Salazar, Guadalupe; Heyman, Melvin B


    The aim of the present study was to investigate knowledge of pediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and perceptions of Camp Gut Busters, an IBD summer camp. The present ethnographic study uses traditional anthropological methods to investigate participants' knowledge and perceptions of Camp Gut Busters. Data were gathered using in-depth qualitative interviews, participant observation during 4 Camp Gut Busters summer sessions, and attendance records for the summer camp. Participants either attended Camp Gut Busters (campers) or did not attend (noncampers). Campers' knowledge and perceptions were based on their actual experience at Camp Gut Busters, whereas those of noncampers were based on their expectations of camp. Participant responses reference their illness experience with IBD, their struggles of learning to live with a chronic condition, and the benefits of attending a disease-specific camp. Campers addressed notions of identity, the isolation associated with having a potentially stigmatizing chronic condition, therapeutic routines, and awareness of IBD. Noncampers focused on discomfort with IBD and their identity as an individual and child with the disease. Pediatric patients with IBD who attended a disease-specific summer camp benefited from the experience. Exposure to peers with similar therapeutic routines and to the range of IBD helped campers build an empathetic social network and introduced a new perspective on their disease. Attending a disease-specific camp helps pediatric patients with IBD in psychosocial adjustment and acquisition of knowledge about their disease. Ultimately, it helps them learn to live with their chronic condition.

  15. Streptococcus pyogenes CAMP factor attenuates phagocytic activity of RAW 264.7 cells. (United States)

    Kurosawa, Mie; Oda, Masataka; Domon, Hisanori; Saitoh, Issei; Hayasaki, Haruaki; Terao, Yutaka


    Streptococcus pyogenes produces molecules that inhibit the function of human immune system, thus allowing the pathogen to grow and spread in tissues. It is known that S. pyogenes CAMP factor increases erythrocytosis induced by Staphylococcus aureus β-hemolysin. However, the effects of CAMP factor for immune cells are unclear. In this study, we investigated the effects of CAMP factor to macrophages. Western blotting analysis demonstrated that all examined strains expressed CAMP factor protein. In the presence of calcium or magnesium ion, CAMP factor was significantly released in the supernatant. In addition, both culture supernatant from S. pyogenes strain SSI-9 and recombinant CAMP factor dose-dependently induced vacuolation in RAW 264.7 cells, but the culture supernatant from Δcfa isogenic mutant strain did not. CAMP factor formed oligomers in RAW 264.7 cells in a time-dependent manner. CAMP factor suppressed cell proliferation via G2 phase cell cycle arrest without inducing cell death. Furthermore, CAMP factor reduced the uptake of S. pyogenes and phagocytic activity indicator by RAW 264.7 cells. These results suggest that CAMP factor works as a macrophage dysfunction factor. Therefore, we conclude that CAMP factor allows S. pyogenes to escape the host immune system, and contribute to the spread of streptococcal infection. Copyright © 2015 Institut Pasteur. Published by Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  16. Cytogenetic diagnosis of Roberts SC phocomelia syndrome: First report from Kashmir

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tahir M. Malla


    Full Text Available There are several syndromes in which specific mitotic chromosomal abnormalities can be seen, like premature centromere separation, premature (sister chromatid separation, and somatic aneuploidies. Identifications of such specific cytogenetic findings can be the key factor that leads towards the diagnosis of syndromes like Roberts SC phocomelia. The case presented here as Roberts SC phocomelia syndrome was identified as a child with multiple congenital anomalies and dysmorphic features. Conventional cytogenetic analysis of the case revealed premature sister chromatid separation. The premature centromeric separation was also confirmed by C banding analysis of the child. It is the first and the only case of Roberts SC phocomelia diagnosed from this part of the world. The present case report emphasizes the importance of conventional cytogenetics in the diagnosis of such syndromes.

  17. Assessing Disaster Preparedness Among Select Children's Summer Camps in the United States and Canada. (United States)

    Chang, Megan; Sielaff, Alan; Bradin, Stuart; Walker, Kevin; Ambrose, Michael; Hashikawa, Andrew


    Children's summer camps are at risk for multiple pediatric casualties during a disaster. The degree to which summer camps have instituted disaster preparedness is unknown. We assessed disaster preparedness among selected camps nationally for a range of disasters. We partnered with a national, web-based electronic health records system to send camp leadership of 315 camp organizations a 14-question online survey of disaster preparedness. One response from each camp was selected in the following order of importance: owner, director, physician, nurse, medical technician, office staff, and other. The results were analyzed using descriptive statistics. A total of 181 camps responses were received, 169 of which were complete. Camp types were overnight (60%), day (21%), special/medical needs (14%), and other (5%). Survey respondents were directors (52%), nurses (14%), office staff (10%), physicians (5%), owners (5%), emergency medical technicians (2%), and other (12%). Almost 18% of camps were located >20 mi from a major medical center, and 36% were >5 mi from police/fire departments. Many camps were missing emergency supplies: car/booster seats for evacuation (68%), shelter (35%), vehicles for evacuation (26%), quarantine isolation areas (21%), or emergency supplies of extra water (20%) or food (17%). Plans were unavailable for the following: power outages (23%); lockdowns (15%); illness outbreaks (15%); tornadoes (11%); evacuation for fire, flood, or chemical spill (9%); and other severe weather (8%). Many camps did not have online emergency plans (53%), plans for children with special/medical needs (38%), methods to rapidly communicate information to parents (25%), or methods to identify children for evacuation/reunification with parents (40%). Respondents reported that staff participation in disaster drills varied for weather (58%), evacuations (46%), and lockdowns (36%). The majority (75%) of respondents had not collaborated with medical organizations for planning. A

  18. Residential summer camp: a new venue for nutrition education and physical activity promotion. (United States)

    Ventura, Alison K; Garst, Barry A


    Millions of children attend residential summer camps each year. However, few studies have examined the potential of camps for obesity prevention efforts. Research in the domain of positive youth development has shown that camp programs as short as one week have both short- and long-term positive effects on self-esteem, self-efficacy and other youth outcomes. The objective of the present study was to highlight the potential of resident camps as promising venues for the promotion of healthy eating and physical activity behaviors in the children who attend. Data for this study came from the American Camp Association 2007 Emerging Issues Survey. This survey assessed camp professionals' perspectives on a diverse array of issues, including the healthy eating and physical activity of children. Data analysis focused on responses from 247 camp professionals whose camps offered resident camp programs. Descriptive and Chi-square statistics were calculated. Ninety-two percent of camp professionals reported that the healthy eating and physical activity of campers was an "important" or "very important" issue for camps. The majority of camps reported offering vegetarian options, healthy snacks and salad bars, and allergen-free options. Additionally, 86% of camp professionals indicated that they had implemented one or more strategies to address concerns related to the unhealthy eating behaviors of children, with top strategies including increasing the availability of fruits and vegetables, increasing the availability of healthy drink options, and improving the nutritional quality of menus. Fewer camp professionals (50%) indicated they had implemented strategies to increase children's physical activity levels, but many professionals indicated that their camp programs were inherently active and additional strategies to promote physical activity were not necessary. Associations were found between camp affiliation and food options available to campers. The majority of camp

  19. Robert Lacoste's the darker side practical applications for electronic design concepts from circuit cellar

    CERN Document Server

    Lacoste, Robert


    Robert Lacoste's The Darker Side column has quickly become a must read among Circuit Cellar devotees. His column provides readers with succinct theoretical concepts and practical applications on topics as far reaching as digital modulation to antenna basics. Difficult concepts are demystified as Robert shines a light on complex topics within electronic design.This book collects sixteen Darker Side articles that have been enriched with new, exclusive content from the author. An intro into The Darker Side will give examples of material that can enhance and optimize the way you design. A

  20. James George Frazer’s Anthropologic Heritage in the Work of Robert Graves


    Tomislav M. Pavlović


    The works of Sir James George Frazer had an outstanding influence on the literature of modernism. Among those who benefited from Frazer’s ritualism were W. B. Yeats, T. S. Eliot. James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, D. H. Lawrence, Ezra Pound, Mary Renault, Joseph Campbell, Robert Graves and many others. Robert Graves was known for his famous adaptation of Frazer’s concept of the sacred king who is sacrificed for the benefit of his subjects thus forming the narrative frame for the one of his most c...

  1. Das Fortbildungsangebot der Bibliothek des Robert Koch-Instituts: Dienstleistung im Publikationsprozess

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Senst, Henriette


    Full Text Available [english] Robert Koch-Institute’s scientists are supported during the publishing process in different ways. Relating to frequently asked questions the library offers trainings, which are integrated in the training program of the institute.How does a good literature research work? How do I manage my literature and how do I cite correctly? What do I have to consider during the publishing process? These and other questions are answered in trainings on literature research, managing bibliographies with EndNote and “Scientific Publishing in the Robert Koch-Institute” which take place regularly.

  2. La Corte Roberts e la questione della “preghiera municipale”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adelaide Madera


     The Roberts Court and the “municipal prayer” Abstract: In the USA, few topics are more divisive than the government’s use of religious expressions and symbols. The Supreme Court has tried to find a balance between the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution and the inclusion of religious expressions in government activities. In Town of Greece v. Galloway, the Roberts Court upheld a town’s practice of opening board meetings with prayers from invited speakers. The essay critically examines the various opinions in the case, and looks at where this decision suggests the Establishment Clause doctrine is moving award.

  3. From camp to kitsch: A queer eye on console fandom

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rob Gallagher


    Full Text Available Offering a queer perspective on video game fandom, this article considers the factors that fostered a subculture of Western devotees of Japanese video games in the 1990s. Focused on readers of the English publication Sega Saturn Magazine, it shows how, for these players, Japanese games became the basis of a collective identity founded on precisely the kinds of perverse over-attachment, projective identification and hermeneutic ingenuity that Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick identifies with camp. Citing this subculture as an example of how fans transform the texts they put to use, the article also addresses its implications for our understanding of fandom today, at a time when the proliferation of quantitative analysis techniques is transforming the production and consumption of games. Such techniques, I argue, threaten to compromise the contingency and ambiguity on which camp thrives, instead fostering the kinds of cynical calculation Sedgwick associates with kitsch.

  4. Yoga cAMP in ayurvedgrams of chhattisgarh. (United States)

    Madhu, Raghavendra; Jain, Nilesh


    The clinical and empirical health benefits of yoga and pranayam have been reiterated through research. Yoga is being adopted as a system to alleviate the burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) across the globe. The Directorate of AYUSH, Government of Chhattisgarh (DoA, GoCG) conducts annual 5-day-yoga camp across 146 Ayurvedgrams in the State. The present article brings out the AYUSH initiatives the State is taking toward active ageing. A total of 71,096 people participated in the 5-day-yoga camp across the State. A mean participation of 5079 people over 5 days was reported across districts. Such statewide practices need to be promoted and appraised.

  5. EDITORIAL: Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2011 Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2011 (United States)

    Cherry, Simon; Ruffle, Jon


    The publishers of Physics in Medicine and Biology (PMB), IOP Publishing, in association with the journal owners, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), jointly award an annual prize for the best paper published in PMB during the previous year. The procedure for deciding the winner is a two-stage process. First, a shortlist of contenders is drawn up based on those papers that had the best referees' quality assessments, with a further quality check and endorsement by the Editorial Board. The papers on the shortlist are then reviewed by a specially convened IPEM committee consisting of members with fellow status. This committee reads the shortlisted papers and selects the winner. We have much pleasure in advising readers that the Roberts Prize for the best paper published in 2011 is awarded to Matthew Hough et al from the University of Florida, the Francis Marion University and the National Cancer Institute, USA for their paper on a comprehensive electron dosimetry model of skeletal tissues in the adult male: An image-based skeletal dosimetry model for the ICRP reference adult male—internal electron sources 2011 Phys. Med. Biol. 56 2309 Matthew Hough1, Perry Johnson1, Didier Rajon2, Derek Jokisch3, Choonsik Lee4 and Wesley Bolch1,5 1Department of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA 2Department of Neurosurgery, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA 3Department of Physics and Astronomy, Francis Marion University, Florence, SC, USA 4Radiation Epidemiology Branch, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD, USA 5Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA Bone marrow is one of the more radiosensitive tissues in the human body and is housed within a complex structure of bone. This paper describes a comprehensive model of energy deposition by internal electron or beta particle emitters for the ICRP reference adult male based upon ex vivo CT and microCT images of

  6. Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters -- Camp Lejeune (United States)


    appointments at both Camp Lejeune and the DVA . He said that although he didn’t know what the Medical Evaluation Board counselor did, the battalion command...Composite Health Care System CONUS Continental United States CTP Comprehensive Transition Plan DES Disability Evaluation System DVA ...Summary of Prior Coverage During the last 6 years, there has been a multitude of prior coverage on DOD and Department of Veterans Affairs ( DVA ) health

  7. Smart and Green Energy (SAGE) for Base Camps Final Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Engels, Matthias; Boyd, Paul A.; Koehler, Theresa M.; Goel, Supriya; Sisk, Daniel R.; Hatley, Darrel D.; Mendon, Vrushali V.; Hail, John C.


    The U.S. Army Logistics Innovation Agency’s (LIA’s) Smart and Green Energy (SAGE) for Base Camps project was to investigate how base camps’ fuel consumption can be reduced by 30% to 60% using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies for power generation, renewables, and energy efficient building systems. Field tests and calibrated energy models successfully demonstrated that the fuel reductions are achievable.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antony R.


    Full Text Available The study was intended to assess the results of soft tissue release and bony corrective surgery in patients of moderate to severe deformed rigid club foot (CTEV and neglected clubfoot (CTEV at free disabled surgical camps at Chhattisgarh state . MATERIAL AND METHODS : In our study 50 patients were included with 70% male and 30% female with 4 - 16 years of age grou p and 70% unilateral and 30% bilateral foot involvement. Patients were admitted and operated in different free disabled surgical camps at Chhattisgarh state over the period of 36 months (1 may 2004 to 30 th April 2007. Improvement in functional ability and locomotion of all operated patients were assessed by physical and clinical examination. RESULTS : All patients who were operated in our study showed significant improvement in functional ability and locomotion after surgery. All patients were maintaining f unctional ability at follow up duration of 12 months (1 year. 75% patients were walking normally, 10% cases were walking with internal rotation of leg and 5% cases were walking with midtarsal varus foot with AFO with medial bar support. CONCLUSION : Our st udy showed and established that excellent results can be obtained in congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV patients by soft tissue release with bony corrective surgery. The team work of devoted surgeons, paramedical and rehabilitation staff in whole durati on of camps to achieve the goal. With an aim to help more number of CTEV cases by surgery, our team has started doing surgeries in small institutions, and organize charity camps to help poor patients and mankind even in small clinics

  9. Camp Pendleton Saves 91% in Parking Lot Lighting

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Case study describes how Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base replaced high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures in one parking lot with high-efficiency induction fixtures for 91% savings in energy use and $5,700 in cost savings annually. This parking lot is estimated to have a simple payback of 2.9 years. Sitewide up-grades yielded annual savings of 1 million kWh.

  10. Building Energy Audit Report for Camp Smith, HI

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chvala, William D.; De La Rosa, Marcus I.; Brown, Daryl R.; Dixon, Douglas R.


    A detailed energy assessment was performed by a team of engineers from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) under contract to the Department of Energy/Federal Energy Management program (FEMP). The effort used the Facility Energy Decision System (FEDS) model to determine how energy is consumed at Camp Smith, identify the most cost-effective energy retrofit measures, and calculate the potential energy and cost savings. This report documents the results of that assessment.

  11. The Promotion of HAMK Winter and Summer Camps: Case China


    Lin, Yulu


    The main purpose of this thesis is to promote HAMK winter and summer camps in China and maintain its competitive advantages by figuring out more effective marketing activities to attract students. The theories used to support and give references to this thesis were based on the research and studies from Philip Kotler, Kevin Keller and Armstrong. Some marketing related books such as Principles of Marketing or Marketing Management proved to be professional sources and explanations for conce...

  12. S'Cool LAB Summer CAMP 2017 at CERN

    CERN Multimedia


    The S’Cool LAB Summer CAMP is an opportunity for high-school students (aged 16-19) from all around the world to spend 2 weeks exploring the fascinating world of particle physics. The 24 selected participants spend their summer at S’Cool LAB, CERN’s hands-on particle physics learning laboratory, for an epic programme of lectures and tutorials, team research projects, visits of CERN’s research installations, and social activities.

  13. A Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Boot Camp improves trainee confidence. (United States)

    Allan, Catherine K; Tannous, Paul; DeWitt, Elizabeth; Farias, Michael; Mansfield, Laura; Ronai, Christina; Schidlow, David; Sanders, Stephen P; Lock, James E; Newburger, Jane W; Brown, David W


    Introduction New paediatric cardiology trainees are required to rapidly assimilate knowledge and gain clinical skills to which they have limited or no exposure during residency. The Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Boot Camp (PCBC) at Boston Children's Hospital was designed to provide incoming fellows with an intensive exposure to congenital cardiac pathology and a broad overview of major areas of paediatric cardiology practice. The PCBC curriculum was designed by core faculty in cardiac pathology, echocardiography, electrophysiology, interventional cardiology, exercise physiology, and cardiac intensive care. Individual faculty contributed learning objectives, which were refined by fellowship directors and used to build a programme of didactics, hands-on/simulation-based activities, and self-guided learning opportunities. A total of 16 incoming fellows participated in the 4-week boot camp, with no concurrent clinical responsibilities, over 2 years. On the basis of pre- and post-PCBC surveys, 80% of trainees strongly agreed that they felt more prepared for clinical responsibilities, and a similar percentage felt that PCBC should be offered to future incoming fellows. Fellows showed significant increase in their confidence in all specific knowledge and skills related to the learning objectives. Fellows rated hands-on learning experiences and simulation-based exercises most highly. We describe a novel 4-week-long boot camp designed to expose incoming paediatric cardiology fellows to the broad spectrum of knowledge and skills required for the practice of paediatric cardiology. The experience increased trainee confidence and sense of preparedness to begin fellowship-related responsibilities. Given that highly interactive activities were rated most highly, boot camps in paediatric cardiology should strongly emphasise these elements.

  14. From camp to kitsch: A queer eye on console fandom


    Rob Gallagher


    Offering a queer perspective on video game fandom, this article considers the factors that fostered a subculture of Western devotees of Japanese video games in the 1990s. Focused on readers of the English publication Sega Saturn Magazine, it shows how, for these players, Japanese games became the basis of a collective identity founded on precisely the kinds of perverse over-attachment, projective identification and hermeneutic ingenuity that Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick identifies with camp. Citing ...

  15. Planning and Executing the Neurosurgery Boot Camp: The Bolivia Experience. (United States)

    Ament, Jared D; Kim, Timothy; Gold-Markel, Judah; Germano, Isabelle M; Dempsey, Robert; Weaver, John P; DiPatri, Arthur J; Andrews, Russell J; Sanchez, Mary; Hinojosa, Juan; Moser, Richard P; Glick, Roberta


    The neurosurgical boot camp has been fully incorporated into U.S. postgraduate education. This is the first implementation of the neurosurgical boot in a developing country. To advance neurosurgical education, we developed a similar boot camp program, in collaboration with Bolivian neurosurgeons, to determine its feasibility and effectiveness in an international setting. In a collective effort, the Bolivian Society for Neurosurgery, Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery, Solidarity Bridge, and University of Massachusetts organized and executed the first South American neurosurgical boot camp in Bolivia in 2015. Both U.S. and Bolivian faculty led didactic lectures followed by a practicum day using mannequins and simulators. South American residents and faculty were surveyed after the course to determine levels of enthusiasm and their perceived improvement in fund of knowledge and course effectiveness. Twenty-four neurosurgery residents from 5 South American countries participated. Average survey scores ranged between 4.2 and 4.9 out of 5. Five Bolivian neurosurgeons completed the survey with average scores of 4.5-5. This event allowed for Bolivian leaders in the field to unify around education, resulting in the formation of an institute to continue similar initiatives. Total cost was estimated at $40 000 USD; however, significant faculty, industry, and donor support helped offset this amount. The first South American neurosurgical boot camp had significant value and was well received in Bolivia. This humanitarian model provides a sustainable solution to education needs and should be expanded to other regions as a means for standardizing the core competencies in neurosurgery. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. The Effect of a Disability Camp Program on Attitudes towards the Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in a Summer Sport and Leisure Activity Camp (United States)

    Papaioannou, Christina; Evaggelinou, Christina


    The aim of the present study was to examine the impact of a specific Disability Camp Program (DCP) in the attitudes of children without disabilities toward the inclusion of children with disabilities in a summer sport and leisure activity camp. Three hundred eighty-seven campers without disabilities participated in the study and were divided into…

  17. Developing Social Skills of Summer Campers with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Case Study of Camps on TRACKS Implementation in an Inclusive Day-Camp Setting (United States)

    Maich, Kimberly; Hall, Carmen L.; van Rhijn, Tricia Marie; Quinlan, Laurie


    This research provides preliminary results of an exploratory case study conducted of the Camps on TRACKS program in an inclusive, municipal day-camp program in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Positive changes are demonstrated in the social skills of nine day campers with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who participated in the program. In this…

  18. The progressive nature of concentration camp syndrome in former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps--Not just history, but the important issue of contemporary medicine. (United States)

    Jabłoński, Robert; Rosińczuk, Joanna; Leszek, Jerzy; Uchmanowicz, Izabella; Panaszek, Bernard


    Constant stress, slave labor, tortures, and starvation all affected the health of concentration camp prisoners, contributing to multimorbidities, increased mortality and accelerated development of chronic illnesses, what we have shown in an earlier publication. The interrelated somatic and psychological symptoms gave rise to concentration camp syndrome (KZ-syndrome), which has many features of PTSD, occurring frequently nowadays. The paper attempts at assessing the influence of concentration camp conditions on functional disorders in each system of the human body, occurring in KZ-syndrome, and at demonstrating the progressive nature of the syndrome. A retrospective assessment of the former prisoners' health after 5 and 30 years following their leaving camps was performed based on medical records and surveys. The materials included 250 former prisoners who underwent medical examination in 1950, i.e. 5 years after leaving the camp, of whom 120 former prisoners survived and were examined and surveyed in 1975, i.e. 30 years after leaving the camp. KZ-syndrome was shown to occur in 58.8% of former prisoners 5 years after leaving the camp, and in 77.5% after 30 years (p concentration camps, in the form of KZ-syndrome, were observed in most former prisoners. Over time, the number of morbidities and the intensity of symptoms increased, which indicates that the syndrome has a chronic and progressive nature. KZ-syndrome is a multi-organ disorder, with numerous chronic comorbidities exacerbating the progression. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  19. Exchange Protein Directly Activated by cAMP (epac) : A Multidomain cAMP Mediator in the Regulation of Diverse Biological Functions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schmidt, Martina; Dekker, Frank J.; Maarsingh, Harm

    Since the discovery nearly 60 years ago, cAMP is envisioned as one of the most universal and versatile second messengers. The tremendous feature of cAMP to tightly control highly diverse physiologic processes, including calcium homeostasis, metabolism, secretion, muscle contraction, cell fate, and

  20. Eye diseases and blindness in Adjumani refugee settlement camps, Uganda. (United States)

    Kawuma, M


    To determine the prevalence and causes of the blindness and ocular morbidity amongst Sudanese refugees; to prioritise and provide eye care services to the refugees and; to device administrative strategies and logistics of prevention and control of blinding diseases among the refugees. A mobile outreach clinic study for six weeks. Adjumani settlement camps for Sudanese refugees in Uganda. Seven hundred patients in eighteen settlement camps. Medical treatment and surgical correction offered. Cataract, trachoma and xerophthalmia are the major causes of blindness. One hundred and forty six patients (21%) were bilaterally blind, and 77 patients (11%) were unilaterally blind. The three leading causes of blindness are cataract (42%), xerophthalmia (28%) and trachoma (21%). Glaucoma and other non-specified causes were responsible for the remaining blindness (9%). The crude prevalence of blindness among the 700 patients was 20. This is an extremely high prevalence, nearly ten times higher than for Ugandans living in Uganda. In refugee settlement camps setting, residents may have a much higher prevalence of eye diseases and blindness than non-refugees.

  1. Outbreak of chickenpox in a refugee camp of northern Thailand

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Camélique Olivier


    Full Text Available Abstract Although chickenpox is a generally mild, self-limited illness of children, it can cause fatal disease in adults. Accumulating reports from tropical countries showed a high prevalence of seronegativity among the adults, implying that varicella diseases could become a heavy burden in tropical countries. However, in the situation of humanitarian emergencies in tropical areas, chickenpox has largely been ignored as a serious communicable disease, due to lack of data regarding varicella mortality and hospital admissions in such a context. This is the first report describing an outbreak of chickenpox in a refugee camp of tropical region. In 2008, we experienced a varicella outbreak in ethnic Lao Hmong refugee camp in Phetchabun Province, northern Thailand. The attack rate was 4.0% (309/7,815 and this caused 3 hospitalizations including one who developed severe varicella pneumonia with respiratory failure. All hospitalizations were exclusively seen in adults, and the proportion of patients ≥15 years old was 13.6% (42/309. Because less exposure to varicella-zoster virus due to low population density has previously been suggested to be one of the reasons behind higher prevalence of susceptible adults in tropics, the influx of displaced people from rural areas to a densely populated asylum might result in many severe adult cases once a varicella outbreak occurs. Control interventions such as vaccination should be considered even in refugee camp, if the confluence of the risk factors present in this situation.

  2. Effectiveness of mammography boot camp for radiology residents

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Keum Won; Kim, Young Joong; Seo, Jae Young [Dept. of Radiology, Konyang University Hospital, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of); and others


    To evaluate an educational effect of the mammography boot camp (MBC) for radiology residents and analyze affecting factors. Between December 2014 and February 2015, radiology residents in 16 institutions performed the MBC program. We compared the educational effect (score difference between pre- and post-camp test) using 25 case series and analyzed the affecting factors including institution, grades of residents, training periods, presence of sub-specialized breast staff, breast density, and types of cases. The mean scores of 92 residents were 52.80 ± 18.10 and 72.50 ± 12.91 in the pre- and post-camp test, respectively (p = 0.001). There was no significant difference of educational effect according to institution (19.70 ± 16.31), grade, or training period. Although the educational effect of non-trainees was superior to that of trainees (28.10 ± 17.55 vs. 15.90 ± 14.22; p = 0.001), the scores of trainees were higher than those of non-trainees. The diagnostic accuracy showed more improvement in a fatty breast and cases with microcalcifications than compared with others. The MBC showed an effective educational result for radiology residents when interpretating a mammography. It was helpful even for non-trainees. The institution, grades training period, and presence of sub-specialized breast staff did not affect the educational effect.

  3. Transformative Learning and the 4-H Camp Counselor Experience in Minnesota

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Donna M. Leff


    Full Text Available While many studies about the 4-H camping experience focus on youth who are campers, few studies examine the outcomes of the experience for counselors. This study examines the extent to which 4-H camp results in transformative learning for 4-H members who serve as camp counselors, examines the perceived changes that occur within counselors, and describes the factors and characteristics of camp that result in personal transformation. The population for this study was 2012 Minnesota 4-H camp counselors. Using the Transformative Learning and the Camp Experience Staff Member Survey, the results indicated that camp counselors experienced transformative learning. Major personal changes involved developing skills for working with children and exposure to new people, activities, and experiences. Factors leading to personal transformation included the opportunity to be role models and positively impact children, opportunities for leadership and challenge, and camp traditions. This study provides support for strong and intentional camp counseling experiences that can positively impact the individual, 4-H campers, and later, the communities in which these camp counselors reside.

  4. Opportunities for promoting youth physical activity: an examination of youth summer camps. (United States)

    Hickerson, Benjamin D; Henderson, Karla A


    Youth summer camp programs have the potential to provide opportunities for physical activity, but little to no research has been conducted to determine activity levels of campers. This study aimed to examine physical activity occurring in day and resident summer camps and how activity levels differed in these camps based upon demographic characteristics. Pedometer data were collected during hours of camp operation from 150 day campers and 114 resident campers between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. Independent t tests were used to compare physical activity by sex, race, and Body Mass Index. Campers at day camps averaged 11,916 steps per camp day, while resident campers averaged 19,699 steps per camp day. Day campers averaged 1586 steps per hour over 7.5 hour days and resident campers averaged 1515 steps per hour over 13 hour days. Male sex, Caucasian race, and normal Body Mass Index were significant correlates of more physical activity. Youth summer camps demonstrate the potential to provide ample opportunities for physical activity during the summer months. Traditional demographic disparities persisted in camps, but the structure of camp programs should allow for changes to increase physical activity for all participants.

  5. Impact of pediatric burn camps on participants' self esteem and body image: an empirical study. (United States)

    Bakker, Anne; Van der Heijden, Peter G M; Van Son, Maarten J M; Van de Schoot, Rens; Van Loey, Nancy E E


    This study focuses on possible effects of specialized summer camps on young burn survivors' self esteem and body image. Quantitative as well as qualitative measures was used. To study possible effects, a pretest-posttest comparison group design with a follow-up was employed. Self-report questionnaires were used to measure self esteem and body image in a burn camp group (n=83, 8-18 years) and in a comparison group of children with burns who did not attend a burn camp during the course of the study (n=90, 8-18 years). Additionally, burn camp participants and parents completed an evaluation form about benefits derived from burn camp. A small positive short-term effect of burn camp participation was found on the 'satisfaction with appearance' component of body image. Overall, participants and parents showed high appreciation of the burn camps and reported several benefits, particularly concerning meeting other young burn survivors. Albeit statistically modest, this is the first quantitative study to document on a significant short-term impact of burn camp on young burn survivors' body image. Implications of this result for future research and burn camp organization were discussed, including the strengths of residential camps for young burn survivors. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Ltd and ISBI. All rights reserved.

  6. A ski and adventure camp for young patients with severe forms of epidermolysis bullosa. (United States)

    Nading, Mary Alice; Lahmar, Julien J; Frew, John W; Ghionis, Nicholas; Hanley, Martin; Welch, Anna Kemble; Murrell, Dedee F


    The Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Research Association (DebRA) of New Zealand has run 3 adventure camps specifically geared to the unique and specific needs of teenagers and young adults with EB. We sought to describe how the 2007 winter camp was organized, funded, and run for teenagers and young adults with a range of EB severities. Planning and fundraising by DebRA of New Zealand began 1 year before the camp. Nurses and international medical personnel volunteered as camp staff. Instructors qualified to assist persons with disabilities were hired to provide camp activities. The 5-day adventure camp was held at a national park on the North Island of New Zealand. The 2007 camp included 5 campers (aged 21-35 years) with recessive dystrophic EB, 3 of whom used wheelchairs, and two teenagers with EB simplex. All campers were male. Twelve international volunteers assisted with daily dressing changes and camp activities, which included skiing, whitewater rafting, and fly-fishing. Challenges included difficulty in recruiting new campers each year, particularly female campers. The camp allowed campers to challenge themselves both physically and mentally, while developing lifelong friendships. It was immensely rewarding for all the volunteers. This camp demonstrated that it is possible to provide such activities safely to severely affected patients.

  7. Preparing for the primary care clinic: an ambulatory boot camp for internal medicine interns. (United States)

    Esch, Lindsay M; Bird, Amber-Nicole; Oyler, Julie L; Lee, Wei Wei; Shah, Sachin D; Pincavage, Amber T


    Internal medicine (IM) interns start continuity clinic with variable ambulatory training. Multiple other specialties have utilized a boot camp style curriculum to improve surgical and procedural skills, but boot camps have not been used to improve interns' ambulatory knowledge and confidence. The authors implemented and assessed the impact of an intern ambulatory boot camp pilot on primary care knowledge, confidence, and curricular satisfaction. During July 2014, IM interns attended ambulatory boot camp. It included clinically focused case-based didactic sessions on common ambulatory topics as well as orientation to the clinic and electronic medical records. Interns anonymously completed a 15-question pre-test on topics covered in the boot camp as well as an identical post-test after the boot camp. The interns were surveyed regarding their confidence and satisfaction. Thirty-eight interns participated in the boot camp. Prior to the boot camp, few interns reported confidence managing common outpatient conditions. The average pre-test knowledge score was 46.3%. The average post-test knowledge score significantly improved to 76.1% (pambulatory boot camp pilot improved primary care knowledge, and interns thought it was good preparation for clinic. The ambulatory boot camp was well received and may be an effective way to improve the preparation of interns for primary care clinic. Further assessment of clinical performance and expansion to other programs and specialties should be considered.

  8. A Computational Modeling and Simulation Approach to Investigate Mechanisms of Subcellular cAMP Compartmentation.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pei-Chi Yang


    Full Text Available Subcellular compartmentation of the ubiquitous second messenger cAMP has been widely proposed as a mechanism to explain unique receptor-dependent functional responses. How exactly compartmentation is achieved, however, has remained a mystery for more than 40 years. In this study, we developed computational and mathematical models to represent a subcellular sarcomeric space in a cardiac myocyte with varying detail. We then used these models to predict the contributions of various mechanisms that establish subcellular cAMP microdomains. We used the models to test the hypothesis that phosphodiesterases act as functional barriers to diffusion, creating discrete cAMP signaling domains. We also used the models to predict the effect of a range of experimentally measured diffusion rates on cAMP compartmentation. Finally, we modeled the anatomical structures in a cardiac myocyte diad, to predict the effects of anatomical diffusion barriers on cAMP compartmentation. When we incorporated experimentally informed model parameters to reconstruct an in silico subcellular sarcomeric space with spatially distinct cAMP production sites linked to caveloar domains, the models predict that under realistic conditions phosphodiesterases alone were insufficient to generate significant cAMP gradients. This prediction persisted even when combined with slow cAMP diffusion. When we additionally considered the effects of anatomic barriers to diffusion that are expected in the cardiac myocyte dyadic space, cAMP compartmentation did occur, but only when diffusion was slow. Our model simulations suggest that additional mechanisms likely contribute to cAMP gradients occurring in submicroscopic domains. The difference between the physiological and pathological effects resulting from the production of cAMP may be a function of appropriate compartmentation of cAMP signaling. Therefore, understanding the contribution of factors that are responsible for coordinating the spatial and

  9. Chlorella intake attenuates reduced salivary SIgA secretion in kendo training camp participants

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Otsuki Takeshi


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The green alga Chlorella contains high levels of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. We previously reported that a chlorella-derived multicomponent supplement increased the secretion rate of salivary secretory immunoglobulin A (SIgA in humans. Here, we investigated whether intake of this chlorella-derived supplement attenuated the reduced salivary SIgA secretion rate during a kendo training camp. Methods Ten female kendo athletes participated in inter-university 6-day spring and 4-day summer camps. They were randomized into two groups; one took placebo tablets during the spring camp and chlorella tablets during the summer camp, while the other took chlorella tablets during the spring camp and placebo tablets during the summer camp. Subjects took these tablets starting 4 weeks before the camp until post-camp saliva sampling. Salivary SIgA concentrations were measured by ELISA. Results All subjects participated in nearly all training programs, and body-mass changes and subjective physical well-being scores during the camps were comparable between the groups. However, salivary SIgA secretion rate changes were different between these groups. Salivary SIgA secretion rates decreased during the camp in the placebo group (before vs. second, middle, and final day of camp, and after the camp: 146 ± 89 vs. 87 ± 56, 70 ± 45, 94 ± 58, and 116 ± 71 μg/min, whereas no such decreases were observed in the chlorella group (121 ± 53 vs. 113 ± 68, 98 ± 69,115 ± 80, and 128 ± 59 μg/min. Conclusion Our results suggest that a use of a chlorella-derived dietary supplement attenuates reduced salivary SIgA secretion during a training camp for a competitive sport.

  10. Chlorella intake attenuates reduced salivary SIgA secretion in kendo training camp participants (United States)


    Background The green alga Chlorella contains high levels of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. We previously reported that a chlorella-derived multicomponent supplement increased the secretion rate of salivary secretory immunoglobulin A (SIgA) in humans. Here, we investigated whether intake of this chlorella-derived supplement attenuated the reduced salivary SIgA secretion rate during a kendo training camp. Methods Ten female kendo athletes participated in inter-university 6-day spring and 4-day summer camps. They were randomized into two groups; one took placebo tablets during the spring camp and chlorella tablets during the summer camp, while the other took chlorella tablets during the spring camp and placebo tablets during the summer camp. Subjects took these tablets starting 4 weeks before the camp until post-camp saliva sampling. Salivary SIgA concentrations were measured by ELISA. Results All subjects participated in nearly all training programs, and body-mass changes and subjective physical well-being scores during the camps were comparable between the groups. However, salivary SIgA secretion rate changes were different between these groups. Salivary SIgA secretion rates decreased during the camp in the placebo group (before vs. second, middle, and final day of camp, and after the camp: 146 ± 89 vs. 87 ± 56, 70 ± 45, 94 ± 58, and 116 ± 71 μg/min), whereas no such decreases were observed in the chlorella group (121 ± 53 vs. 113 ± 68, 98 ± 69,115 ± 80, and 128 ± 59 μg/min). Conclusion Our results suggest that a use of a chlorella-derived dietary supplement attenuates reduced salivary SIgA secretion during a training camp for a competitive sport. PMID:23227811

  11. 5D imaging approaches reveal the formation of distinct intracellular cAMP spatial gradients (United States)

    Rich, Thomas C.; Annamdevula, Naga; Trinh, Kenny; Britain, Andrea L.; Mayes, Samuel A.; Griswold, John R.; Deal, Joshua; Hoffman, Chase; West, Savannah; Leavesley, Silas J.


    Cyclic AMP (cAMP) is a ubiquitous second messenger known to differentially regulate many cellular functions. Several lines of evidence suggest that the distribution of cAMP within cells is not uniform. However, to date, no studies have measured the kinetics of 3D cAMP distributions within cells. This is largely due to the low signal-tonoise ratio of FRET-based probes. We previously reported that hyperspectral imaging improves the signal-to-noise ratio of FRET measurements. Here we utilized hyperspectral imaging approaches to measure FRET signals in five dimensions (5D) - three spatial (x, y, z), wavelength (λ), and time (t) - allowing us to visualize cAMP gradients in pulmonary endothelial cells. cAMP levels were measured using a FRET-based sensor (H188) comprised of a cAMP binding domain sandwiched between FRET donor and acceptor - Turquoise and Venus fluorescent proteins. We observed cAMP gradients in response to 0.1 or 1 μM isoproterenol, 0.1 or 1 μM PGE1, or 50 μM forskolin. Forskolin- and isoproterenol-induced cAMP gradients formed from the apical (high cAMP) to basolateral (low cAMP) face of cells. In contrast, PGE1-induced cAMP gradients originated from both the basolateral and apical faces of cells. Data suggest that 2D (x,y) studies of cAMP compartmentalization may lead to erroneous conclusions about the existence of cAMP gradients, and that 3D (x,y,z) studies are required to assess mechanisms of signaling specificity. Results demonstrate that 5D imaging technologies are powerful tools for measuring biochemical processes in discrete subcellular domains.

  12. 78 FR 27996 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate Cultural Items: The Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology... (United States)


    ... Archaeology, Phillips Academy, Andover, MA AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology, Phillips Academy, Andover, MA, in consultation with the... these cultural items should submit a written request to the Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology. If...

  13. Water use in California (United States)

    Brandt, Justin; Sneed, Michelle; Rogers, Laurel Lynn; Metzger, Loren F.; Rewis, Diane; House, Sally F.


    As part of the USGS National Water Use Compilation, the California Water Science Center works in cooperation with local, State, and Federal agencies as well as academic and private organizations to collect and report total water withdrawals for California. The 2010 California water use data are aggregated here, in this website, for the first time. The California Water Science Center released these data ahead of the online USGS National Water Use Compilation circular report, in response to increased interest associated with current drought conditions. The national report is expected to be released late in 2014. The data on this website represents the most current California water use data available in the USGS National Water Use Compilation. It contains a section on water use in California for 2010. Water-use estimates are compiled by withdrawal source type, use category, and county. Withdrawal source types include groundwater, both fresh and saline,

  14. Robert Grisso named Fellow of American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers


    Greiner, Lori A.


    Robert "Bobby" Grisso, professor of biological systems engineering in Virginia Tech's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and farm equipment and safety specialist for Virginia Cooperative Extension, was elected into the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers' (ASABE) 2009 Class of Fellows.

  15. Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions to Psychology: Robert E. Ployhart (United States)

    American Psychologist, 2009


    Robert E. Ployhart, recipient of the Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions to Psychology, is cited for innovative work in examining reactions to staffing practices and efforts to enhance the acceptability of recruitment and staffing practices; for exemplary use of applied statistical models in examining multilevel effects…

  16. Uudised : Tüüri Tshellokontsert Tokios. Robert Fripp tuleb Eestisse

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Erkki-Sven Tüüri "Tshellokontserdi" esitusest 28. juunil Tokio Suntory Hallis ja 29. juunil Tokio Opera Hallis. Inglise rockkitarristi Robert Frippi kontsertidest 22. aug. Tallinna Pühavaimu kirikus, 23. aug. Pärnu Eliisabeti kirikus, 24. aug. Haapsalu Lossikirikus, 25. aug. Viljandi Jaani kirikus ja 26. aug. Tartu Jaani kirikus

  17. Robert G. Ingersoll: Spokesman for Individual Freedom of Thought and Expression. (United States)

    Chandler, Daniel Ross

    Robert G. Ingersoll exerted considerable social impact on American culture, employing rhetorical persuasion to champion the free thought movement of the late 1880's. Primarily concerned with advocating the principle of individual freedom of thought and expression in religious life, he enraged his contemporary churchmen who were devoted to group…

  18. Man, Nature, and Art in Robert Frost's Poetry | Elimimian | Lwati: A ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Although Robert Frost's poetic output is prodigious,1 three things or ideas predominate in his verse, namely: the love of man (or his fellow human beings); the love of nature and the physical world order; and the love of art, especially poetic art. These three areas are what this paper sets out to discuss, and it is along these ...

  19. Robert Schuman's commitment to European unification : the inspiring role of his Roman Catholic faith

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Margriet Krijtenburg


    With the EU struggling to maintain itself, it is highly relevant to look into the drive for and original vision on European unification of its principal architect, Robert Schuman, then French Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Schuman Declaration (1950) gave birth to the EU and procured the longest

  20. The man behind the microchip Robert Noyce and the invention of Silicon Valley

    CERN Document Server

    Berlin, Leslie


    Robert Noyce was a brilliant inventor, a leading entrepreneur and a daring risk taker, who piloted his own jets and skied mountains accessible only by helicopter. This book captures not only this colorful individual, but also the vibrant interplay of technology, business, money, politics and culture that defines the Silicon Valley.

  1. Robert Frazure mälestuspuu Sõpruse pargis sai graniitpotil tähistuse / Raivo Feldmann

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Feldmann, Raivo


    Esimese USA suursaadiku sõjajärgses Eestis, Robert Frazure' mälestuspuu sai Sõpruse pargis tähise, vajaliku raha ettevõtmise heaks annetasid Ameerika Suursaatkonna töötajad, nende delegatsioon viibis Põltsamaal Sõpruse pargis toimunud üritusel

  2. Great Mentors: Robert Jervis, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, and Peter Katzenstein (United States)

    McDermott, Rose


    I have been extremely blessed in my life to have benefitted from some amazing mentors and friends in both psychology (most notably, Amos Tversky, Phil Zimbardo, and Leda Cosmides) and political science. Inspired by the occasion of Robert Jervis' festschrift, which importantly does not signal his imminent retirement, I was prompted to take…

  3. Saksa filmilootusega tänavaelust ja hullusest / Robert Stadlober ; interv. Janno Zõbin

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Stadlober, Robert


    Pimedate Ööde Filmifestivalil näidatud saksa mängufilmis "Engel & Joe" (režissöör Vanessa Jopp) ühes peaosas esines festivali külastanud saksa näitleja Robert Stadlober (1982). Näitleja Engeli rollist ja oma elukogemusest, mis aitas seda rolli kehastada

  4. Interpretive Issues with the Roberts Apperception Test for Children: Limitations of the Standardization Group. (United States)

    Bell, Nancy L.; Nagle, Richard J.


    Investigates the validity of the Roberts Apperception Test for Children (RATC) by examining the appropriateness of the standardization norms with other nonclinical samples. Findings suggest that the children in this study form a separate and distinct group from the well-adjusted children upon which the RATC scales were normed and supports previous…

  5. The Roberts Apperception Test for Children: An Exploratory Study of Its Use with Sexually Abused Children. (United States)

    Friedrich, William N.; Share, Michael C.


    Examines the relationship between sexual-abuse history and sexual responses to Card 15 of the Roberts Apperception Test for Children. Results, based on 93 children, ages 4-13 years, show that sexual content was reported significantly more often in children with actual or suspected abuse histories when compared to their nonabused…

  6. The scientific careers of Robert Sinclair and Nestor Zaluzec - A brief sketch

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fraser, Hamish L. [The Ohio State University (United States); Smith, David J., E-mail: [Arizona State University (United States); Wittig, James E. [Vanderbilt University (United States)


    Robert (Bob) Sinclair and Nestor Zaluzec have been working for many years at the leading edge of developments in electron microscopy techniques and applications. Their distinguished careers and some of their notable scientific achievements are briefly highlighted. - Highlights: • Biographical sketch of Bob Sinclair • Biographical Sketch of Nestor Zaluzec • Scientific career highlights.

  7. Acid-Base Chemistry According to Robert Boyle: Chemical Reactions in Words as well as Symbols (United States)

    Goodney, David E.


    Examples of acid-base reactions from Robert Boyle's "The Sceptical Chemist" are used to illustrate the rich information content of chemical equations. Boyle required lengthy passages of florid language to describe the same reaction that can be done quite simply with a chemical equation. Reading or hearing the words, however, enriches the student's…

  8. Robert Owen: A Historiographic Study of a Pioneer of Human Resource Development (United States)

    Hatcher, Tim


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the ideals and activities of the nineteenth century Welsh industrialist and reformer Robert Owen (1771-1858), and how they informed modern human resource development (HRD) concepts and practices and provided evidence of Owen as a HRD pioneer. Design/methodology/approach: Historiography provided…

  9. Tüli Robert Smithsoni "Spiraalse muuli" taastamise ümber / Rael Artel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Artel, Rael, 1980-


    Ameerika maakunstniku Robert Smithsoni (1938-1973) töö "Spiral Jetty" / "Spiraalne muul", mis on ligi 30 aastat seisnud nähtamatult Utah' osariigis Suure Soolajärve põhjas, on praegu kogu ulatuses näha. Teose omanik Dia kunstikeskus on dilemma ees, kas muul restaureerida või mitte

  10. Kolm vaadet Tallinna vanalinnale / Villem Tomiste, Martin Aunin, Robert Treufeldt ; intervjueerinud Ingrid Ruudi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tomiste, Villem, 1975-


    Tallinna vanalinna ja kesklinna piiril asuv kvartal 57B, mis piirneb Aia, Vana-Viru, Inseneri tänava ja Mere Puiesteega, ajendas vanalinna hoonestuspõhimõtete ja tulevikulahenduste üle arutama arhitekte Villem Tomistet, Martin Auninit ning arhitektuuriajaloolast, ICOMOSi Eesti komitee esimeest Robert Treufeldti. Pikemalt korterelamust Aia 4/Vana-Viru 13, Aia 6 ja 8 detailplaneeringu eskiisist

  11. The Education of Nations: An Analysis of Robert B. Reich's Economic Theory. (United States)

    Lockwood, John H.

    This essay critiques the book "The Work of Nations: Preparing Ourselves for 21st Century Capitalism" (1991), by Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration. Reich described the development of the symbolic-analyst as the new citizen in the economic order, utilizing the basic skills of abstraction, system thinking,…

  12. Lost in Form, Found in Line: An Exhibition of Works by Robert Motherwell (United States)

    Johnson, Mark M.


    In this article, the author profiles Robert Motherwell (1915-1991) who is universally regarded as one of the most important painters and printmakers of the mid-20th century, and was a prominent figure in the movement known as Abstract Expressionism. The author also discusses the exhibition, "Lost in Form, Found in Line: An Exhibition of Works by…

  13. Robert Newton Peck and Shaker Beliefs: A Day the Truth Would Die. (United States)

    Sullivan, Michael


    Raises issues about the obligation of an author to depict ethnic or religious groups such as the Shakers in accurate terms. Takes issues with Robert Newton Peck's "A Day No Pigs Would Die," charging that it presents an almost libelous picture of the Shakers. Reviews Shaker history and culture. (TB)

  14. Robert Sabuda on the Art of the Pop-up; Creating Pop-ups. (United States)

    Ball, Sherry


    These two articles discuss the design and production of pop-up books, focusing on the work of Robert Sabuda. Discusses books as an art form, producing prototypes, factory production, pop-up projects for children, Web sites, and a history of pop-ups, and includes a bibliography of relevant materials. (LRW)

  15. USA kaitseminister Robert Gates süüdistas liitlasvägesid oskamatuses / Evelyn Kaldoja

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kaldoja, Evelyn, 1980-


    USA kaitseminister Robert Gates väitis ajalehes The Los Angeles Times avaldatud intervjuus, et Lõuna-Afganistani olukord on halvenenud seal võitlevate USA liitlasvägede puuduliku väljaõppe tõttu. Liitlasriikide reageeringuid. Arvamust avaldavad Jaak Aaviksoo, Kaarel Kaas

  16. USA mõtleja : vaid rikkus riiki koos ei hoia / Robert Putnam ; interv. Erkki Bahovski

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Putnam, Robert


    USA Harvardi ülikooli politoloogiaprofessori Robert Putnami arvates on etniliselt mitmekesistes riikides ühtsustunde loomine raske, selle saavutamisele aitaksid kaasa ühiskonna pingevabam enesemääratlus ning paindlikumad töögraafikud naistele ühendamaks pere tööga. Lisa: Üksi või koos?

  17. Kyra Robert 100 : meenutades Kyra Robertit (1916-1997) / Aija Sakova, Kaja Tiisel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Sakova, Aija, 1980-


    Tallinna Ülikooli Akadeemiline Raamatukogu ja Eesti Teaduste Akadeemia Underi ja Tuglase Kirjanduskeskus tähistasid Tallinna raamatukogude ajaloo uurija Kyra Roberti 100. sünniaastapäeva ettekandepäevaga "Õpetajast õpetlaseks - Kyra Robert 100. Uurija töö kultuuriloolises Baltika kogus". Kyra Robertist ja toimunud mälestusüritusest

  18. 76 FR 16823 - Robert L. Dougherty, M.D.; Denial of Application (United States)


    ... Enforcement Administration Robert L. Dougherty, M.D.; Denial of Application On March 16, 2009, the Deputy... Order proposed the denial of Respondent's pending application for a DEA Certificate of Registration as a... Respondent's ``mis-judgments were well intentioned.'' Id. at 22-24. Next, the ALJ reasoned that ``there was...

  19. Book review: Robert Leckey (ed. After Legal Equality: Family, Sex, Kinship

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pawel Drągowski


    Full Text Available Book review: Robert Leckey (ed. After Legal Equality: Family, Sex, Kinship. Abingdon: Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge, 2015, pp. 224, ISBN 978-0-415-72161-5 £85DOWNLOAD THIS PAPER FROM SSRN:

  20. Hodorkovski advokaat : Venemaa ei ole õigusriik / Robert R. Amsterdam ; interv. Aleksei Günter

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Amsterdam, Robert R.


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke 24. juuli lk. 10. Naftamagnaadi Mihhail Hodorkovski advokaat vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad ärimehe olukorda ja elamistingimusi vanglas ning tema võimalust ennetähtaegselt vabaneda. Lisa: Robert R. Amsterdam

  1. The scientific careers of Robert Sinclair and Nestor Zaluzec - A brief sketch. (United States)

    Fraser, Hamish L; Smith, David J; Wittig, James E


    Robert (Bob) Sinclair and Nestor Zaluzec have been working for many years at the leading edge of developments in electron microscopy techniques and applications. Their distinguished careers and some of their notable scientific achievements are briefly highlighted. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  2. Of Postulates and Peccadillos: Robert Koch and Vaccine (Tuberculin) Therapy for Tuberculosis (United States)


    E The Founders of Modern Medicine Walden 5 Koch. P, Weitere Mittheilungen uber emn Heftmittel gegen Publications. New York. 1939. p 73 Tuberculose ...uber emn Heilnitel gegen 45 Brock, T D Robert Koch. A Life in Medicine and Bacteriology ’ Tuberculose [Continuation of the announcement concerning a

  3. Robert Beichner joins university as American Council of Education Fellow and visiting professor of physics


    Owczarski, Mark


    Robert Beichner, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Physics and director of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Initiative at North Carolina State University, will spend the fall semester as the American Council of Education Fellow and visiting professor of physics in the College of Science.

  4. Evaluation Policy in a Nonprofit Foundation: A Case Study Exploration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (United States)

    Dillman, Lisa M.; Christie, Christina A.


    This study explores the relationship between evaluation policies and evaluation practice. Through document analysis, interviews, and a multiple case study, the research examined the explicit and implicit policies overarching the evaluation work commissioned by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and explored how these policies are…

  5. Robert Antropov saab tagasi politseitööle / Tuuli Koch

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Koch, Tuuli


    25. augustil politseiameti peadirektori kohalt vabastatud Robert Antropov jätkab teenistust politseiameti politseidirektori ametikohal. Antropovi tööülesandeks uues ametis on tõhustada politsei ja siseministeeriumi koostööd. Vt. samas: Ansip toetab politseiameti kaotamise ideed

  6. Akuginow and Haines-Stiles Receive 2013 Robert C. Cowen Journalism Award: Citation (United States)

    Alley, Richard


    From Cosmos to Mars and Pluto and back home, Geoffrey Haines-Stiles and Erna Akuginow have invested their careers reporting the best modern science in novel, compelling, and accessible ways through documentaries, live events, print, and new media. They are outstanding recipients of the AGU Robert C. Cowen Award for Sustained Achievement in Science Journalism.

  7. [Robert Schweitzer. Finnland, das Zarenreich und die Deutschen] / Karsten Bgüggemann

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Brüggemann, Karsten, 1965-


    Arvustus: Robert Schweitzer. Finnland, das Zarenreich und die Deutschen : gesammelte Studien zum europäischen Nordosten. Festgabe zum 60. Geburtstag des Verfassers. Hrsg. von Uta-Maria Liertz. (Veröffentlichungen der Aue-Stiftung. Bd. 20) Verlag Schmidt-Römhild

  8. Changements à la tête du CERN - Robert Aymar aux commandes pour 5 ans.

    CERN Multimedia


    "Une nouvelle équipe prendra les rênes du CERN à partir du 1er janvier. Le Francais Robert Aymar, anciennement directeur du Projet de reacteur thermonucleaire experimental international (ITER), dirigera le centre de recherche pour la periode 2004-2008" (1 page).

  9. 75 FR 32740 - Action Affecting Export Privileges; Aaron Robert Henderson and Valhalla Tactical Supply (United States)


    ... Tactical Supply In the Matter of: Aaron Robert Henderson, 740 Jessie St., North Liberty, IA 52317. Respondent and Valhalla Tactical Supply, 740 Jessie Street, North Liberty, IA 52317. Related Person; Order... is the owner, operator and president of Valhalla Tactical Supply (``Valhalla''), Valhalla is related...

  10. More Misbehavior of Organisms: A Psi Chi Lecture by Marian and Robert Bailey (United States)

    Bihm, Elson M.; Gillaspy, J. Arthur, Jr.; Abbott, Hannah J.; Lammers, William J.


    In 1992, Dr. Marian Breland Bailey, assisted by her husband Robert E. Bailey, gave the following presentation at the Psi Chi Banquet of the University of Central Arkansas. She and her first husband, Keller Breland, were students of B. F. Skinner and established Animal Behavior Enterprises (ABE) in 1947 and the IQ Zoo in 1955. Unknown to many…

  11. Cosmic Thing: Astrology, Space Science, and Personal Cartography in Robert Rauschenberg's Autobiography (United States)

    Carey, C. L.


    The following paper undertakes an iconographic analysis of Robert Rauschenberg's large scale print, Autobiography (1967). The artist's interest in astronomy and astrology, visual metaphors aligning the body with the cosmos, and the cartographic representation of self are discussed. Autobiography is placed in cultural and historical context with other works by the artist, elaborated as a personal narrative-an alternative to traditional self portraiture.

  12. Folding Digital Mapping into a Traditional Field Camp Program (United States)

    Kelley, D. F.


    Louisiana State University runs a field camp with a permanent fixed-base which has continually operated since 1928 in the Front Range just to the south of Colorado Springs, CO. The field camp program which offers a 6-credit hour course in Field Geology follows a very traditional structure. The first week is spent collecting data for the construction of a detailed stratigraphic column of the local geology. The second week is spent learning the skills of geologic mapping, while the third applies these skills to a more geologically complicated mapping area. The final three weeks of the field camp program are spent studying and mapping igneous and metamorphic rocks as well as conducting a regional stratigraphic correlation exercise. Historically there has been a lack of technology involved in this program. All mapping has been done in the field without the use of any digital equipment and all products have been made in the office without the use of computers. In the summer of 2011 the use of GPS units, and GIS software were introduced to the program. The exercise that was chosen for this incorporation of technology was one in which metamorphic rocks are mapped within Golden Gate Canyon State Park in Colorado. This same mapping exercise was carried out during the 2010 field camp session with no GPS or GIS use. The students in both groups had the similar geologic backgrounds, similar grade point averages, and similar overall performances at field camp. However, the group that used digital mapping techniques mapped the field area more quickly and reportedly with greater ease. Additionally, the students who used GPS and GIS included more detailed rock descriptions with their final maps indicating that they spent less time in the field focusing on mapping contacts between units. The outcome was a better overall product. The use of GPS units also indirectly caused the students to produce better field maps. In addition to greater ease in mapping, the use of GIS software to

  13. Southern California Particle Center (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — At the Southern California Particle Center, center researchers will investigate the underlying mechanisms that produce the health effects associated with exposure to...

  14. Transhumant Ranchers in California (United States)

    Sulak, A.; Forero, L.; Huntsinger, L.


    There is a strong link between some of the richest, most productive lands of the western United States, including California's oak woodlands, and the traditional "transhumance" of ranchers using public ranges. Oak woodland ranchers with government grazing leases report that about half of their income stems from using government -owned montane ranges. For many, loss of these leases reduces their ranch productive capacity to a level insufficient for sustainability, augmenting the sale of ranch lands for development. Many thousands of hectares of oak woodlands are linked to the fate of government leases in this way, and this linkage limits the opportunities for conservation of oak woodlands as "working landscapes" via conservation easements. This type of conservation is the fastest growing type in California today. The first case study shows that over the past 100 years there has been a reduction in access to the natural resources needed for transhumance from three sources: competition from use of the pastures for recreation and nature preservation, management practices that have brought about change in the character of the natural resources themselves, and urban sprawl. Ranchers are leasing other properties, purchasing feed, and transporting animals to other regions to compensate. Most had increased their privately leased land over the previous five years. Though they desire to stay on their ranches, transhumant ranching is becoming increasingly difficult because of land use changes on both public and private lands and a third of ranchers believe that they may need to sell the property for development if they lose their summer permits. There are many "line camps" on Forest Service range—cabins that families or workers would stay in during the summer to tend the cattle. However, the need to support the ranch with work in town limits the ability of the household to participate in transhumance or even travel into the mountains to check on the animals. For ranching to

  15. cAMP biosensors applied in molecular pharmacological studies of G protein-coupled receptors

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mathiesen, Jesper Mosolff; Vedel, Line; Bräuner-Osborne, Hans


    end-point assays for quantifying GPCR-mediated changes in intracellular cAMP levels exist. More recently, fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)-based cAMP biosensors that can quantify intracellular cAMP levels in real time have been developed. These FRET-based cAMP biosensors have been used...... primarily in single cell FRET microscopy to monitor and visualize changes in cAMP upon GPCR activation. Here, a similar cAMP biosensor with a more efficient mCerulean/mCitrine FRET pair is described for use in the 384-well plate format. After cloning and expression in HEK293 cells, the biosensor...... is characterized in the 384-well plate format and used for measuring the signaling of the G(s)-coupled ß(2)-adrenergic receptor. The procedures described may be applied for other FRET-based biosensors in terms of characterization and conversion to the 384-well plate format....

  16. cAMP signalling in the normal and tumorigenic pituitary gland. (United States)

    Formosa, R; Vassallo, J


    cAMP signalling plays a key role in the normal physiology of the pituitary gland, regulating cellular growth and proliferation, hormone production and release. Deregulation of the cAMP signalling pathway has been reported to be a common occurrence in pituitary tumorigenesis. Several mechanisms have been implicated including somatic mutations, gene-gene interactions and gene-environmental interactions. Somatic mutations in G-proteins and protein kinases directly alter cAMP signalling, while malfunctioning of other signalling pathways such as the Raf/MAPK/ERK, PI3K/Akt/mTOR and Wnt pathways which normally interact with the cAMP pathway may mediate indirect effects on cAMP and varying downstream effectors. The aryl hydrocarbon receptor signalling pathway has been implicated in pituitary tumorigenesis and we review its role in general and specifically in relation to cAMP de-regulation. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  17. Insulin requirements and metabolic control in children with diabetes mellitus attending a summer camp. (United States)

    Braatvedt, G D; Mildenhall, L; Patten, C; Harris, G


    The metabolic control of 33 children aged 7-12 (mean 9.8 years), 19M:14F, with diabetes attending a 7-day physically active summer camp was evaluated. Insulin dose was reduced by 20% on arrival at camp, and adjusted daily to maintain preprandial capillary glucose between 4 and 11 mmol l-1 and overnight glucose above 7 mmol l-1. Despite a mean reduction in insulin dose of 33%, hypoglycaemia was common especially in the first few days of camp. This suggests that on day 1 of a physically active camp an empiric reduction of 30% in insulin dose would be more appropriate. However, it is also essential to increase daily carbohydrate intake and New Zealand's national guidelines for the management of diabetes mellitus in summer camps are being rewritten to include this advice. In addition, extra carbohydrate portions must be given simultaneously with insulin dose reduction, especially in physically active camps.

  18. Barriers and Facilitators for Generalizing Cycling Skills Learned at Camp to Home. (United States)

    Temple, Viviene A; Purves, P Lynn; Misovic, Robyn; Lewis, Coral J; DeBoer, Carrie


    Many children with disabling conditions do not acquire the skills to successfully ride a 2-wheeled bicycle. The aim was to describe cycling patterns before and after an innovative learn-to-ride bike camp and factors that facilitate or hinder the generalization of skills developed at camp to home. Parents and children participated in semistructured interviews 3-4 mo postcamp. Transcripts were examined deductively for participation and contextual influences using a template of codes approach. None of the children were successfully riding a 2-wheeled bicycle before camp. Two patterns of participation were evident from narrative descriptions of postcamp riding: "riders" and "not there yet." Major facilitating factors were the camp itself, the interaction between the camp and the health service, and continued parent involvement. The program transferred well to home for children who were riding independently on the last day of camp. Ongoing support is needed for children "not there yet."

  19. How Women Work: The Symbolic and Material Reproduction of Migrant Labor Camps in United States Agribusiness

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert CARLEY


    Full Text Available This article analyzes gender exploitation in Mexican and Central American migrant farm worker camps in the U.S through small group interactions. We describe how gender exploitation and oppression is transmitted through the social fabric of the camp. We argue that the camp produces an endogenous system of social interaction, which maintains uneven gender relationships. Our data is based on observations of twenty-five women and girls in three labor camps in North Carolina. Research was conducted over a period of six weeks. We found that women who served as the primary bearers of patrimonial authority best maintained the camp community. We conclude that women who successfully reproduce the authority structure gain social status in the camps and are more likely to stay.

  20. A diabetes camp as the service-learning capstone experience in a diabetes concentration. (United States)

    Johnson, June Felice


    To assess the effectiveness of a service-learning advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) in a diabetes camp to improve student confidence in diabetes knowledge and related skills Pharmacy students assisted medical staff during a week-long diabetes camp for children. Students participated in all aspects of diabetes care, as well as wrote pre- and post-camp reflection papers, completed online quizzes, presented an educational training session, and completed pre- and post-camp survey instruments. Students' confidence in their diabetes knowledge and patient care skills increased as a result of participating in the camp. A diabetes camp APPE improved students' confidence in their knowledge and ability to manage diabetes, and allowed them to gain experience working with an interdisciplinary team in a unique real-world environment.