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  1. What Works for Doctoral Students in Completing Their Thesis? (United States)

    Lindsay, Siân


    Writing a thesis is one of the most challenging activities that a doctoral student must undertake and can represent a barrier to timely completion. This is relevant in light of current and widespread concerns regarding doctoral completion rates. This study explored thesis writing approaches of students post or near Ph.D. completion through…

  2. An Investigation of Generic Structures of Pakistani Doctoral Thesis Acknowledgements (United States)

    Rofess, Sakander; Mahmood, Muhammad Asim


    This paper investigates Pakistani doctoral thesis acknowledgements from genre analysis perspective. A corpus of 235 PhD thesis acknowledgements written in English was taken from Pakistani doctoral theses collected from eight different disciplines. HEC Research Repository of Pakistan was used as a data sources. The theses written by Pakistani…

  3. Importance and benefits of the doctoral thesis for medical graduates

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giesler, Marianne


    Full Text Available Introduction: The majority of medical graduates in Germany complete a doctorate, even though a doctoral degree is not necessary for the practice of medicine. So far, little is known about doctoral candidates’ view on the individual benefit a doctoral thesis has for them. Consequently, this is the subject of the present investigation.Method: Data from surveys with graduates of the five medical faculties of Baden-Württemberg from the graduation years 2007/2008 (N=514 and 2010/2011 (N=598 were analysed.Results: One and a half years after graduating 53% of those interviewed had completed their doctorate. When asked about their motivation for writing a doctoral thesis, participants answered most frequently “a doctorate is usual” (85% and “improvement of job opportunities” (75%, 36% said that an academic career has been their primary motive. Less than 10% responded that they used their doctoral thesis as a means to apply for a job. The proportion of graduates working in health care is equally large among those who have completed a thesis and those who have not. Graduates who pursued a thesis due to scientific interest are also currently more interested in an academic career and recognise more opportunities for research. An implicit benefit of a medical thesis emerged with regard to the self-assessment of scientific competences as those who completed a doctorate rated their scientific competencies higher than those who have not.Discussion: Although for the majority of physicians research interest is not the primary motivation for completing a doctorate, they might nevertheless achieve some academic competencies. For graduates pursuing an academic career the benefit of completing a medical thesis is more obvious.

  4. [The effect of public defense of a doctoral thesis on the heart rate of the doctoral candidate]. (United States)

    Kiljander, Toni; Toikka, Jyri; Koskenvuo, Juha; Jaakkola, Ilkka


    The effect of public defense of a doctoral thesis on the heart rate of the doctoral candidate Most doctoral candidates find the public defense of a doctoral thesis an exciting and stressful experience. In this study, Holter recording during the defense was made for four doctoral candidates of the Faculty of Medicine. Maximum heart rate among the subjects was on the average 172 beats/min with a median heart rate of 116 beats/min. Sympathicotonia and release of stress hormones associated with the defense raise the heart rate to levels that may be very high for several hours. This is a risk factor for a coronary event and should be considered, if the doctoral candidate has coronary heart disease, carries risk factors for coronary heart disease, or is an elderly person.

  5. Focusing on Doctoral Students' Experiences of Engagement in Thesis Work (United States)

    Vekkaila, Jenna; Pyhältö, Kirsi; Lonka, Kirsti


    Little is known about what inspires students to be involved in their doctoral process and stay persistent when facing challenges. This study explored the nature of students' engagement in the doctoral work. Altogether, 21 behavioural sciences doctoral students from one top-level research community were interviewed. The interview data were…

  6. Marie Curie's Doctoral Thesis: Prelude to a Nobel Prize. (United States)

    Wolke, Robert L.


    Traces the life and research techniques of Marie Curie's doctoral dissertation leading to the discovery and purification of radium from ore. Reexamines the discoveries of other scientists that helped lead to this separation. (ML)

  7. Research Survival Skills: Preparing a Master's Thesis, Field Project or Doctoral Dissertation. (United States)

    Pedron, Nadine A.; Evans, Susan B.

    This paper is intended to give graduate level special education students (and others) a structure to facilitate completion of a field study/thesis for a master's degree or a dissertation for the doctorate. First, a format for a dissertation/thesis proposal is suggested and guidelines are offered for development of the proposal. The importance of a…

  8. Doctorate as Genre: Supporting Thesis Writing across Campus (United States)

    Carter, Susan


    Increasingly learning advisors provide generic support for doctoral students. The terms "genre" (a category, type or family) and "generic" (ambiguously both "of a category" and "non-specific") are interrogated here in relation to such support. Literary studies scholars divide texts by genre for the purpose of analysis. It is helpful to see the…

  9. Doctorate as Genre: Supporting Thesis Writing across Campus (United States)

    Carter, Susan


    Increasingly learning advisors provide generic support for doctoral students. The terms "genre" (a category, type or family) and "generic" (ambiguously both "of a category" and "non-specific") are interrogated here in relation to such support. Literary studies scholars divide texts by genre for the purpose…

  10. Assessing the Doctoral Thesis When It Includes Published Work (United States)

    Sharmini, Sharon; Spronken-Smith, Rachel; Golding, Clinton; Harland, Tony


    In this article we explore how examiners assess a thesis that includes published work. An online survey was used to gather data on approaches to assessing publication-based theses (PBTs). The respondents were 62 supervisors who had experience examining PBTs across a range of disciplines at a research-intensive university in New Zealand. Nearly…

  11. The "Write" Skills and More: A Thesis Writing Group for Doctoral Students (United States)

    Ferguson, Therese


    Writing groups facilitate the development of research students' written communication skills, which are critical for the competent preparation of theses and publications. This paper describes a Thesis Writing Group for social science doctoral students. Participants indicated that the group not only served a practical role, providing an impetus for…

  12. A Juggling Act: Supervisor/Candidate Partnership in a Doctoral Thesis by Publication

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    rohan nethsinghe


    Full Text Available Increasingly doctoral candidates are attempting to complete a thesis by publication. This format varies between universities but there are common issues particularly in terms of progression, planning and timing. There are both advantages and difficulties involved in undertaking a thesis in this format. Our discussion of the supervisor/candidate partnership is framed within the requirements of a tight journal publishing agenda. Different universities have different requirements about the number of published papers to be included, the extent of candidate’s contribution as sole or joint author, the framing of the research as a unified thesis, presentation, and examination. The decision to attempt a thesis by publication must be taken early and data collection may need to be completed early. Articles then need to be written, polished, submitted, reviewed, revised and, hopefully, accepted. The thesis by publication is a juggling act between maintaining coherence and focusing on publishable segments. It is also a dialogue between supervisor and candidate involving the resolution of sometimes conflicting demands. Employing Cognitive Apprenticeship theory we present a shared autophenomenography that chronicles our doctoral journey that led to a successful thesis by publication. The findings are discussed under thematic headings: Logistics, Cognitive Apprenticeship in Action, and Building Trust.

  13. [Doctor's degree thesis of Tomasz Adolf Wołkowiński "Carditidis rheumaticae historia"]. (United States)

    Stembrowicz, W


    In 1817 on the University of Vilnius Faculty of Medicine, T. A. Wołkowiński, a student of the eminent clinician Józef Frank, defended his doctor's degree thesis about a direct relation between rheumatic disease and cardiomegaly. It was probably the first paper in Poland describing with details the rheumatic heart disease. Unfortunately we don't know much about T. A. Wołkowiński's life.

  14. A survey of doctorates by thesis among general practitioners in the British Isles from 1973 to 1988. (United States)

    Williams, W O


    Doctors who were general practitioners in the period 1973-88 and had written a successful MD or PhD thesis were identified. Of 96 doctorates, 64 were MDs and 32 PhDs. Fourteen doctors had obtained their MD before becoming general practitioners and the remaining 50 after becoming general practitioners. Twenty of the 64 doctors were full time or part time members of a university department of general practice; six of these were professors. In this 16 year study the mean annual number of MDs written by doctors while in general practice was three, compared with five in the previous 15 years. Of the PhDs, 11 were obtained before starting a medical course, six during the pre-clinical period, three after qualifying but before entry into general practice and 12 after entry into general practice. Ninety two per cent of the 50 doctors who obtained their MDs while in general practice and 84% of all the doctors with MDs continued to do research afterwards. Further research was carried out by 81% of doctors with a PhD. The best way of producing good researchers in general practice is to encourage doctors to accept the challenge of writing a PhD or an MD thesis. This study has shown that writing such a thesis encourages rather than discourages a doctor to undertake further research.

  15. A doctoral thesis about Carol Davila written in Paris in 1936. (United States)

    Rogozea, Liliana; Dumitrascu, Dinu I; Triff, Dorin; Leasu, Florin; Dumitraşcu, Dan L


    Carol Davila, the father of the Romanian modern medicine, made decisive contributions to the development of health sciences in the Romanian Principalities in the last decades of the nineteenth century. The merit of his scientific work was recognized beyond the borders of his country. His life (not devoid of anecdotic instances and unknown episodes) and especially his work have aroused considerable interest among numerous medical historians. This paper presents a historical study elaborated in France, but until recently ignored, dedicated to the biography of Carol Davila. It concerns the medical doctoral thesis (State Diploma) elaborated by Joseph Adler (born 1910 in Botoşani, Romania) under the supervision of professor Maxime Laignel-Lavastine, whose interest in Romania is well-known. Professor Laignel-Lavastine held the office of Secretary General of the International Society of History of Medicine (ISHM), founded in 1921, (replaced in this position by another French professor with links to Romania: Jules Guiart). The thesis comprises 48 pages and an exhaustive bibliography. It represents a token of the appreciation given to Davila's achievements by Europe's medical community.

  16. How Doctoral Students and Graduates Describe Facilitating Experiences and Strategies for Their Thesis Writing Learning Process: A Qualitative Approach (United States)

    Odena, Oscar; Burgess, Hilary


    This study considered the sources of facilitating experiences and strategies for thesis writing from doctoral students and graduates (N = 30). The sample was balanced between science and social science knowledge areas, with equal numbers of English as Second Language (ESL) participants in both groups. Semi-structured in-depth interviews were used…

  17. Finding the right doctoral thesis – an innovative research fair for medical students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Steffen, Julius


    Full Text Available Introduction: The importance of research, as promoted by the framework, is widely acknowledged. Many medical students in Germany work on a research project as part of their doctoral thesis whilst still going to medical school. However, a significant amount of projects are abandoned unfinished, which leads to substantial wastage of resources. One reason for this is an information deficit concerning undergraduate research projects.Project description: To counteract this, we introduced an annual event at LMU Munich called with more than 600 visitors each year. It combines medical convention and research fair including keynote lectures, workshops and poster sessions as well as an exhibition of research groups and institutes. is a peer-to-peer event organized by a team of 40 students. Results: A needs analysis before its implementation underlined the information deficit as a possible cause for the high rate of abandoned projects. In the annual evaluation, visitors of rate the event with an average grade of 2.1 on a six-level Likert scale (n=558, SD=1.06, with "1=very good", "6=poor". They stated to now feel better informed about the topic and regarded visiting as a worthwhile investment of time.Discussion: Students are generally satisfied with the event and feel better informed after visiting . However, many students never visit DoktaMed for various reasons. A possible improvement would be to present a greater number of clinical studies in addition to the laboratory work that focuses on now.Conclusion: Evaluation after six years of is very promising. Visitors seem to be better informed. Nevertheless there is space for improvement in order to get more students and more faculty members involved. More studies are needed to assess long-term effects.

  18. Architecture with landscape methods: Doctoral thesis proposal and SANAA Rolex Learning Center Lausanne Sample Field Trip

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jauslin, D.


    Contemporary architecture has been strongly influenced by the concept of landscape in recent times. A new mindset evolves that changes the core of the architectural discipline: the organization and composition of architectural space as a landscape. The scope of this thesis is to investigate and unde

  19. Brain Gain or Brain Circulation? U.S. Doctoral Recipients Returning to South Korea (United States)

    Lee, Jenny J.; Kim, Dongbin


    This study explored the reasons for current reverse mobility patterns in South Korea and how the country benefits from returning U.S. doctoral recipients in the forms of brain gain and brain circulation. Based on interviews of Korean faculty who studied in the U.S., this study found that while the political economy might help to explain why Korean…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. D. Gutgarts


    Full Text Available The aim of the article is to consider the most typical defectswhich can be found in PhD and doctoral dissertations on economic sciences. The research is based on a work experience of the author as the member of dissertation council, the reviewer and the opponent of dissertation works.Methods. The methods of the analysis, comparison, and generalization are used while researching the problem.Results and scientific novelty. The miscalculations and errors in master’s and doctoral dissertations on economics which have methodical nature and not depend on a specific subject of work are disclosed and systematized. In particular, the following questions concerning the process of work are studied out on specific examples: work with information sources, Internet resources; options of correct and incorrect use o tools of information technologies; applied problems of results of scientific research, etc.Practical significance of the publication consists, firstly, in recommendations of the author concerning leveling and elimination of common defects of dissertation works and scientific articles; secondly, in the proposal of the general and methodical plan for introduction of training standards in a postgraduate study.

  1. Contribution to the Nonparametric Estimation of the Density of the Regression Errors (Doctoral Thesis)

    CERN Document Server

    LSTA, Rawane Samb


    This thesis deals with the nonparametric estimation of density f of the regression error term E of the model Y=m(X)+E, assuming its independence with the covariate X. The difficulty linked to this study is the fact that the regression error E is not observed. In a such setup, it would be unwise, for estimating f, to use a conditional approach based upon the probability distribution function of Y given X. Indeed, this approach is affected by the curse of dimensionality, so that the resulting estimator of the residual term E would have considerably a slow rate of convergence if the dimension of X is very high. Two approaches are proposed in this thesis to avoid the curse of dimensionality. The first approach uses the estimated residuals, while the second integrates a nonparametric conditional density estimator of Y given X. If proceeding so can circumvent the curse of dimensionality, a challenging issue is to evaluate the impact of the estimated residuals on the final estimator of the density f. We will also at...

  2. An Analysis on the Application of Rescale Range and Fractals in the Characterisation of English Alphabets in a Doctoral Thesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tajudeen Abiola


    Full Text Available This contribution presents an analysis on two key approaches to studying the characterization of English alphabets in doctoral thesis. The approaches (rescale range analysis (RSA and fractal characterization (FC are discussed from the simulation point of view. For RSA, Hurst exponent value was used for the string of English alphabets in composing doctoral abstracts of engineering-based research work. FC involves the combined application of Cantor dust knowledge and fractal box dimension estimate by box counting and probability. For the two approaches, four engineering-based doctoral abstracts were studied with the total length of 512 alphabets in each case. The average computerized rescale range value was found to increase with the increase in data length for all cases. The Hurst exponent values for all cases distinctively range between 0.4146 and 0.4873 (i.e. negative correlation. The relative percentage error computed for the estimated fractal box dimension of Cantor Dust when compared with the literature result was 15.7% (i.e. the algorithm used in this study for the estimate will tolerate maximum of 15.7% error for any study case: Comparisons of sorted alphabets by frequency and estimated fractal box dimension for four abstract cases range between 37% to 77% agreement. The average percentage agreement among the four cases sorted by frequency was 31.5% and the average was 43% for sorting done by estimated fractal box dimension (due to recognition of placement and timing of usage of the English language alphabets in the studied cases. The graphs of estimated probability and fractal box dimension distribution for the studied cases follows trend.

  3. Study of mid-latitude 5577A CI dayglow emissions. Doctoral thesis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hume, E.E.


    Summary of thesis: The green line (5577angstroms) is a bright, persistent component of the visible airglow. It is produced by an electric quadruple transition from the metastable second excited state (1So) to the first excited state (1D2) of atomic oxygen. These two excited states all lie in the same electron shell of the atom and have the same electron configuration as the ground state of 1s22s22p4, which is the 3P2,1,0. This emission is present in both the daytime and night airglow and in the aurora, and despite a long history of study it is still not fully understood. The emission in the dayglow and the nightglow is relatively homogeneous spatially and global in coverage. In the aurora, the emission is much brighter than the airglow, high structured and very localized being restricted to higher latitudes. The structure of the 5577angstroms emission with altitude and the chemistry responsible for the production of the emission are complex. The vertical structure for the emission has two distinct layers in the airglow each with its own set of production and loss mechanisms. the chemistry for either of these layers is not completely known. The auroral emission is not understood either since it overlaps the upper and lower layer altitudes and it tends to contain some parts of the chemistry of both layers as sources and losses.

  4. Reflections on the doctoral thesis Race in Antioquia is unique and is not degenerated = Reflexiones sobre la tesis doctoral “La raza antioqueña es única y no está degenerada”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jaime Carrizosa Moog


    Full Text Available In several countries, totalitarianism, fascism and national-socialism had racial topics as core policies. Other countries did not necessarily have a liberal thinking on this specific matter, and also approved discriminatory laws. In Latin America, eugenics had a great impact on public health policies during the first half of the 20th century, and gave rise to stigmatization of ill persons and of different races. Ninety years after its publication, a doctoral thesis on the race in Antioquia, Colombia, may still have validity.

  5. Surveys of Ph.D. Thesis: Review of Doctoral Research in Language Assessment in Canada (2006-2011) (United States)

    Cheng, Liying; Fox, Janna


    This paper reviews a selected sample of 24 doctoral dissertations in language assessment (broadly defined), completed between 2006 and 2011 in Canadian universities. These dissertations fall into five thematic categories: 1) reliability, validity and factors affecting test performance; 2) washback (impact) and ethics; 3) raters, rating and rating…

  6. The Radical Plasticity Thesis: How the brain learns to be conscious

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Axel eCleeremans


    Full Text Available In this paper, I explore the idea that consciousness is something that the brain learns to do rather than an intrinsic property of certain neural states and not others. Starting from the idea that neural activity is inherently unconscious, the question thus becomes: How does the brain learn to be conscious? I suggest that consciousness arises as a result of the brain's continuous attempts at predicting not only the consequences of its actions on the world and on other agents, but also the consequences of activity in one cerebral region on activity in other regions. By this account, the brain continuously and unconsciously learns to redescribe its own activity to itself, so developing systems of meta-representations that characterise and qualify the target first-order representations. Such learned redescriptions, enriched by the emotional value associated with them, form the basis of conscious experience. Learning and plasticity are thus central to consciousness, to the extent that experiences only occur in experiencers that have learned to know they possess certain first-order states and that have learned to care more about certain states than about others. This is what I call the Radical Plasticity Thesis. In a sense thus, this is the enactive perspective, but turned both inwards and (further outwards. Consciousness involves signal detection on the mind; the mind is the brain's (non-conceptual, implicit theory about itself. I illustrate these ideas through neural network models that simulate the relationships between performance and awareness in different tasks.

  7. Should Research Thesis be a Prerequisite for Doctor of Medicine Degree? A Cross-sectional Study at Jordan University of Science and Technology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aisha Gharaibeh


    Full Text Available Background: University based research is an integral part of many prestigious medical schools worldwide. The benefits of student-conducted research have long been highlighted in the literature. This article aims to identify the insights of medical students concerning research training, including perceived hurdles in the way of conducting research, and the utility of a research thesis in acquiring a Doctor of Medicine degree.Methods: A total of 808 medical students at Jordan University of Science and Technology were selected by random sampling with a confidence level of 95%. A survey was constructed by a group of students through literature review and group discussions. The survey utilized polar and Likert scale questions to collect data from the students. Statistical inferences were then obtained through analysis of means and one sample t-test of the hypothesis.Results: A total of 687 students filled out the survey (85%. Analysis shows that respondents have a strong and positive attitude towards research. The respondents with past research experience constituted 14.3% of those surveyed. Those respondents identified the barriers faced by them during their experience. The students showed high degree of agreement that a research thesis should be a prerequisite for graduation with statistical significance of p-value ≤0.05.Conclusion: Modifying the curriculum to include research methodology is recommended, and developing it to incorporate a thesis as a requirement for graduation may be advised upon further review.

  8. The Radical Plasticity Thesis: How the Brain Learns to be Conscious (United States)

    Cleeremans, Axel


    In this paper, I explore the idea that consciousness is something that the brain learns to do rather than an intrinsic property of certain neural states and not others. Starting from the idea that neural activity is inherently unconscious, the question thus becomes: How does the brain learn to be conscious? I suggest that consciousness arises as a result of the brain's continuous attempts at predicting not only the consequences of its actions on the world and on other agents, but also the consequences of activity in one cerebral region on activity in other regions. By this account, the brain continuously and unconsciously learns to redescribe its own activity to itself, so developing systems of meta-representations that characterize and qualify the target first-order representations. Such learned redescriptions, enriched by the emotional value associated with them, form the basis of conscious experience. Learning and plasticity are thus central to consciousness, to the extent that experiences only occur in experiencers that have learned to know they possess certain first-order states and that have learned to care more about certain states than about others. This is what I call the “Radical Plasticity Thesis.” In a sense thus, this is the enactive perspective, but turned both inwards and (further) outwards. Consciousness involves “signal detection on the mind”; the conscious mind is the brain's (non-conceptual, implicit) theory about itself. I illustrate these ideas through neural network models that simulate the relationships between performance and awareness in different tasks. PMID:21687455

  9. On the bifurcation of blood vessels--Wilhelm Roux's doctoral thesis (Jena 1878)--a seminal work for biophysical modelling in developmental biology. (United States)

    Kurz, H; Sandau, K; Christ, B


    Wilhelm Roux's doctoral thesis described the relationship between the angle and diameter of bifurcating blood vessels. We have re-read this work in the light of biophysics and developmental biology and found two remarkable aspects hidden among a multitude of observations, rules and exceptions to these rules. First, the author identified the major determinants involved in vascular development; genetics, cybernetics, and mechanics; moreover, he knew that he could not deal with the genetic and regulatory aspects, and could hardly treat the mechanical part adequately. Second, he was deeply convinced that the laws of physics determine the design of organisms, and that a necessity for optimality was inherent in development. We combined the analysis of diameter relationships with the requirement for optimality in a stochastic biophysical model, and concluded that a constant wall-stress condition could define a minimum wall-tissue optimum during arterial development. Hence, almost 120 years after Wilhelm Roux's pioneering work, our model indicates one possible way in which physical laws have determined the evolution of regulatory and structural properties in vessel wall development.

  10. To redeem what could be redeemed. A vitalistic interpretation of Hannah Arendt’s doctoral thesis ‚On the concept of love in Augustine’.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rafał Zawisza


    Full Text Available This article is a presentation of Hannah Arendt’s doctoral thesis publishedin 1929 and devoted to the notion of love in Augustine (Der Liebesbegriff beiAugustin. Its aim is to demonstrate the originality of Arendt’s work towards hermajor influence and object of criticism – the philosophy of Martin Heidegger. Herconcept of natality, derived from Augustinian thought, opposes to being-towards--death. This movement makes a different conception of subjectivity possible: Heideggerianegocentrism can be substituted by a plurality. Vitalism (as proposed by AgataBielik-Robson is noticeable in the interpretational efforts of Arendt and defendsa particular subjectivity against dissolution of any kind into Wholeness. Simultaneously,a vision of a community is formed – the community of equals constructedthanks to the recognition of contingency in conditio humana. In other words, herargument overcomes claims to absolute freedom. Reflections from the “pretheologicalsphere” (Arendt take the form of philosophical anthropology, crucial to subsequentArendtian thought. Speculations concerning a notion of God are linkedwith the dissimilar approaches to a neighbor’s love. This is reflected in the problemof the constitution of dependent subjectivity, the main feature of which is a dialecticallyunderstood gratitude: the recognition of one’s dependence is a first step toovercoming it. It corresponds with a complicated attitude towards modernity farfrom simple resolutions: a sense of historicity builds a strategic position as a conditionof successful emancipation.

  11. "Brain Death" and dead donor rule. Discussion and proposals on the thesis of Truog. (United States)

    Bruzzone, Paolo


    The introduction in 1968 by the "ad hoc" Harvard committee of the concept of "Brain Death" gave birth to the worldwide diffusion of organ transplantation. Recently "Total Brain Failure" has been proposed as preferred term, instead of "Brain Death", by the President's Council on Bioethics. The concepts of "brain death" and of "dead donor rule" remain the ethical and moral support of organ transplantation. However both criteria has been questioned , either separately or all together , by many authors and particularly by Dr. Robert D. Truog.

  12. Doctorateness as a Threshold Concept (United States)

    Trafford, Vernon; Leshem, Shosh


    Achieving a doctorate presents candidates with certain challenges--undertaking the research, writing the thesis and defending both at their viva. Throughout that doctoral journey, candidates are expected to display doctorateness in their thesis via the characteristics of high-quality scholarly research. The blockages that occur and prevent…

  13. Development of rubber forming as a rapid thermoforming technique for continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites. Quality control by process control. Doctoral thesis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Robroek, L.M.J.


    The principal goal of the thesis is twofold: the understanding of the fundamental deformation processes of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics during a manufacturing cycle of two- or three-dimensional products made from flat laminates; and the development of an efficient thermoforming technique for manufacturing high quality thermoplastic composite products. (Copyright (c) 1994 by L.M.J. Robroek, Structures and Materials Laboratory.)

  14. Writing a Thesis Differently (United States)

    Honan, Eileen; Bright, David


    In this paper we explore the contributions that Deleuze and Guattari have made to thinking/writing language and how these ideas can be put to work in producing a doctoral thesis. We contribute to the field of work within what Patti Lather and Elizabeth St Pierre have called the "post-qualitative" movement, where researchers attempt to…

  15. The Tractable Cognition thesis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rooij, I.J.E.I. van


    The recognition that human minds/brains are finite systems with limited resources for computation has led some researchers to advance the Tractable Cognition thesis: Human cognitive capacities are constrained by computational tractability. This thesis, if true, serves cognitive psychology by constra

  16. The Tractable Cognition Thesis (United States)

    van Rooij, Iris


    The recognition that human minds/brains are finite systems with limited resources for computation has led some researchers to advance the "Tractable Cognition thesis": Human cognitive capacities are constrained by computational tractability. This thesis, if true, serves cognitive psychology by constraining the space of computational-level theories…

  17. A high-definition fiber tracking report for patients with traumatic brain injury and their doctors. (United States)

    Chmura, Jon; Presson, Nora; Benso, Steven; Puccio, Ava M; Fissel, Katherine; Hachey, Rebecca; Braun, Emily; Okonkwo, David O; Schneider, Walter


    We have developed a tablet-based application, the High-Definition Fiber Tracking Report App, to enable clinicians and patients in research studies to see and understand damage from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) by viewing 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional images of their brain, with a focus on white matter tracts with quantitative metrics. The goal is to visualize white matter fiber tract injury like bone fractures; that is, to make the "invisible wounds of TBI" understandable for patients. Using mobile computing technology (iPad), imaging data for individual patients can be downloaded remotely within hours of a magnetic resonance imaging brain scan. Clinicians and patients can view the data in the form of images of each tract, rotating animations of the tracts, 3-dimensional models, and graphics. A growing number of tracts can be examined for asymmetry, gaps in streamline coverage, reduced arborization (branching), streamline volume, and standard quantitative metrics (e.g., Fractional Anisotropy (FA)). Novice users can learn to effectively navigate and interact with the application (explain the figures and graphs representing normal and injured brain tracts) within 15 minutes of simple orientation with high accuracy (96%). The architecture supports extensive graphics, configurable reports, provides an easy-to-use, attractive interface with a smooth user experience, and allows for securely serving cases from a database. Patients and clinicians have described the application as providing dramatic benefits in understanding their TBI and improving their lives.

  18. Thesis Proposal

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sloth, Erik


    Strukturen i Thesis proposal er følgende: Først præsenteres mine konkrete empiriske forskningsprojekter som skal munde ud i afhandlingens artikler. Jeg præsenterer herefter de teoretiske overvejelser omkring oplevelsesbegrebet og forbrugerkulturteori som danner baggrund for at jeg er nået frem ti...

  19. Friedman's thesis (United States)

    Samaroo, Ryan


    This essay examines Friedman's recent approach to the analysis of physical theories. Friedman argues against Quine that the identification of certain principles as 'constitutive' is essential to a satisfactory methodological analysis of physics. I explicate Friedman's characterization of a constitutive principle, and I evaluate his account of the constitutive principles that Newtonian and Einsteinian gravitation presuppose for their formulation. I argue that something close to Friedman's thesis is defensible.

  20. Teaching the Thesis (United States)

    Carroll, Joyce Armstrong


    Writing a good thesis provides a successful foundation for composing an essay. Teaching how to do that, however, is quite another matter. Teachers often say to students, "Find a thesis," or "Get a thesis," or "Bring in a thesis statement tomorrow," as if students could order one like a pizza, command it like a pet pooch, or grasp one out of thin…

  1. Thesis Preparation Manual



    "This Thesis Preparation Manual has been written to provide you with format and procedure guidance for preparing and processing your thesis at the Naval Postgraduate School. It covers both unclassified and classified theses. All theses and thesis technical reports must be prepared in accordance with these guidelines. Please note that this manual is not written in the thesis format." form the Foreword

  2. Constructing Your Thesis


    Ryan, Anne; Walsh, Tony


    This chapter explores a number of questions most commonly asked by students as they embark on writing a thesis: •What is a thesis? •How is a thesis structured? •How do I select a thesis topic? •How do I formulate a research question or hypothesis? •How can I be sure I take an objective angle in writing my thesis? •How do I start my thesis? •What is theory? •What can I expect from my supervisor? •What will I learn from writing a thesis?

  3. Fourth Doctoral Student Assembly

    CERN Multimedia

    Ingrid Haug


    On 10 May, over 130 PhD students and their supervisors, from both CERN and partner universities, gathered for the 4th Doctoral Student Assembly in the Council Chamber.   The assembly was followed by a poster session, at which eighteen doctoral students presented the outcome of their scientific work. The CERN Doctoral Student Programme currently hosts just over 200 students in applied physics, engineering, computing and science communication/education. The programme has been in place since 1985. It enables students to do their research at CERN for a maximum of three years and to work on a PhD thesis, which they defend at their University. The programme is steered by the TSC committee, which holds two selection committees per year, in June and December. The Doctoral Student Assembly was opened by the Director-General, Fabiola Gianotti, who stressed the importance of the programme in the scientific environment at CERN, emphasising that there is no more rewarding activity than lear...

  4. Doctors Today

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Murphy, JFA


    Doctors’ relationship with patients and their role in society is changing. Until the 1960s doctors concentrated on the welfare of patients with less emphasis placed on patients’ rights1. Over recent decades there has been increasing empowerment of the individual across all facets of society including health care. Doctors continue to be perceived as having expertise and authority over medical science. Patients, however, now hold sway over questions of values or preferences. We all must be aware of this change in the doctor- patient interaction. We need to be more aware of the outcomes that patients view as important. The concept of shared decision-making with the patient is now widely appreciated. The process involves a change in mind set particularly for doctors who trained in an earlier era.

  5. Going to the Doctor (United States)

    ... Happens in the Operating Room? Going to the Doctor KidsHealth > For Kids > Going to the Doctor A ... it's time to meet the doctor. continue Hello, Doctor The doctor will come in and say hello, ...

  6. Quantitative Analysis of Doctoral Thesis on" Curriculum and Teaching" Since 2000: The Sample Data from CNKI%2000年以来“课程与教学论”博士学位论文量化分析——以CNKI数据为样本

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    本研究基于对439篇“课程与教学论”博士学位论文中的学校分布、作者以及选题等要素进行统计,结果表明:篇数上各个博士点差别明显;研究内容上多少不均,在“课程与教学论”四大主题中教学是选题最多的领域,然后是课程和学习,最少的是教师论,还有一些文章是对教育学原理的阐述;各个学校侧重点不相同;各学科研究差别较大;研究主题上呈现了“重理论,少实践;重宏观,轻微观;重国内,轻国际;重借鉴,轻创新”的特点。%This study is based on statistics on the distribution of schools,anthors and topics from 439 courses and teaching and on the doctoral thesis on the topics. The results show that. the number of articles is different between the various doctoral programs; the study contents are uneven ;the four major themes have the most topics;followed by curriculum and learning, are the topics on the teachers ;there are some articles on the elaboration of education theory. Different schools have different emphasis. The largest difference lies in course research presents the features of" paying attention to theory but not being practical; paying attention to macro, bu not on concept; paying attention to the domestic but not the international ;and paying attenting to relearning, but not the innovation".

  7. Talking to Your Doctor (United States)

    ... Doctor Research Underway Plain Language Talking to Your Doctor Preparing for Your Medical Appointment (4:37) Understanding ... sources of information. How to Talk to your Doctor Talking With Your Doctor , NIH News in Health ...

  8. The Thesis Journey: Travelling with Charley

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ardra L. Cole


    Full Text Available I chose the title of my talk for two reasons. The first part connects with the book, The Doctoral Thesis Journey, which I co-edited with David Hunt in 1994. The journey metaphor still works for me as a way to talk about the thesis process. The sub-title, Travelling with Charley, is borrowed from an account of a particular kind of journey John Steinbecks’s road trip across the United States with his standard poodle, Charley, chronicled in his classic novel, Travels with Charley. The sub-title connects with a new book that I am working on now, with the working title, Of Dogs and Dissertations: Notes on Thesis Writing and Life.

  9. ALICE gives its first thesis awards

    CERN Multimedia


    For the first time the ALICE collaboration has given two of its doctoral students awards for their outstanding theses. Winners Christian Holm Christensen and Zaida Conesa del Valle holding their awards.On 29 October the ALICE collaboration honoured two students for their outstanding theses at a ceremony held at CERN. The two awards, one of which was given for a physics thesis and the other for a technical thesis, went to Zaida Conesa Del Valle (Laboratoire de physique subatomique et des technologies associées) and Christian Holm Christensen (Niels Bohr Institute) respectively. "It is very gratifying to see that the collaboration appreciates our work," said Zaida Conesa del Valle, winner of the physics award for her thesis: Performance of the ALICE Muon Spectrometer. Weak Boson Production and Measurement in Heavy Ion Collisions at the LHC. "I also feel specially thankful to all the people who worked with me," she added. "It was pl...

  10. Prenatal lead exposure and bone growth. Doctoral thesis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hamilton, J.D.; O' Flaherty, E.J.


    An experimental system of lead (7439921) related prenatal and postnatal growth retardation in rats was developed. Sprague-Dawley-rats and Long-Evans-rats were used in these studies. Rats were exposed to lead in their drinking water at up to 1000 parts per million. A significant effect on fetal bone mineralization could not be excluded and there was a definite effect on fetal body weight following maternal lead exposure. Reduced food intake during the first week of lead exposure was the primary determinant of reduced body and skeletal growth in the lead exposed weanling female rats. When maternal lead exposure was continued during lactation a greater degree of lead related growth retardation in rat offspring occurred than when maternal lead exposure was terminated at parturition. Combined prenatal and postnatal lead exposure impaired bone resorption and increased growth plate widths. In studies using matrix induced endochondral bone plaques, locally applied lead enhanced plaque mineralization through comineralization of lead with calcium. When lead was administered in drinking water, plaque mineralization was also enhanced through the comineralization of lead with calcium.

  11. Modelling giant radio halos. Doctoral Thesis Award Lecture 2012 (United States)

    Donnert, J. M. F.


    We review models for giant radio halos in clusters of galaxies, with a focus on numerical and theoretical work. After summarising the most important observations of these objects, we present an introduction to the theoretical aspects of hadronic models. We compare these models with observations using simulations and find severe problems for hadronic models. We give a short introduction to reacceleration models and show results from the first simulation of CRe reacceleration in cluster mergers. We find that in-line with previous theoretical work, reacceleration models are able to elegantly explain main observables of giant radio halos.

  12. Importance and benefits of the doctoral thesis for medical graduates. (United States)

    Giesler, Marianne; Boeker, Martin; Fabry, Götz; Biller, Silke


    Einleitung: Die Mehrheit der medizinischen AbsolventInnen in Deutschland promoviert, obwohl der Titel nicht zur ärztlichen Berufsausübung notwendig ist. Zur Frage, welchen individuellen Nutzen die Doktorarbeit aus Sicht der Promovenden hat, ist bislang nur wenig bekannt. Sie ist daher Gegenstand dieser Untersuchung.Methode: Analysiert wurden Daten aus Absolventenstudien der Abschlussjahrgänge 2007/2008 (N=514) und 2010/2011 (N=598) der Medizinischen Fakultäten Baden-Württembergs.Ergebnisse: 53% der Befragten haben 1,5 Jahre nach Studienabschluss ihre Promotion abgeschlossen. Die stärkste Zustimmung zu Beweggründen, eine Doktorarbeit anzufertigen, erfahren die Motive „Promotion ist üblich“ (85%) und „Verbesserung der Berufschancen“ (75%). Dem Motiv, eine akademische Karriere anzustreben, stimmten 36% zu. Weniger als 10% der Befragten setzen ihre Promotionsarbeit als Strategie bei der Stellensuche ein. Der Anteil der AbsolventInnen, die in der Krankenversorgung arbeiten ist unter den Promovierten praktisch genauso groß wie unter den Nicht-Promovierten. Diejenigen, die für die Promotion stärker wissenschaftliche Motive angeben, sind auch aktuell stärker an einer akademischen Karriere interessiert und sehen für sich mehr Möglichkeiten wissenschaftlich zu arbeiten. Als impliziter Nutzen zeigte sich, dass die promovierten AbsolventInnen ihre wissenschaftlichen Kompetenzen signifikant höher einschätzen, als ihre nicht promovierten KollegInnen.Diskussion: Obwohl die meisten MedizinerInnen eine Promotion nicht in erster Linie aus originärem Forschungsinteresse anstreben, erweitern sie dadurch dennoch ihre wissenschaftlichen Kompetenzen. Einen offensichtlicheren Nutzen hat die Promotion für diejenigen, die eine wissenschaftliche Karriere anstreben.

  13. THESIS9, Version Oct85


    Frazier, Larry; Carlsen, David D.


    This example of a thesis explains how to effectively use the THESIS9 thesis preparation package. This example includes an index to improve its usefulness as documentation. However, an index is not part of accepted thesis format. It is intended that the THESIS9 commands produce all requirements of the NPS Thesis Manual dated 5/85. In addition they provide some features that simplify thesis preparation. All headings, the table of contents, figures, tables and references ...

  14. Degree by Thesis (United States)

    Courtis, Barbara


    Discusses a student's experience with a research project on the synthesis and reactions of an organo-platinum complex with an organo-Group IV linkage, including the advantages and disadvantages of such a degree by thesis course. (CC)

  15. Original Knowledge, Gender and the Word's Mythology: Voicing the Doctorate (United States)

    Carter, Susan


    Using mythology as a generative matrix, this article investigates the relationship between knowledge, words, embodiment and gender as they play out in academic writing's voice and, in particular, in doctoral voice. The doctoral thesis is defensive, a performance seeking admittance into discipline scholarship. Yet in finding its scholarly voice,…

  16. Learning Networks and the Journey of "Becoming Doctor" (United States)

    Barnacle, Robyn; Mewburn, Inger


    Scholars such as Kamler and Thompson argue that identity formation has a key role to play in doctoral learning, particularly the process of thesis writing. This article builds on these insights to address other sites in which scholarly identity is performed within doctoral candidature. Drawing on actor-network theory, the authors examine the role…

  17. Labour of love: emotions and identities in doctoral supervision



    Nature and scope of enquiry\\ud \\ud This thesis explores how emotional dimensions of supervising doctoral students are accommodated in supervisory identities. It aims to answer two key questions: What is the nature of the emotional labour involved in doctoral supervision?\\ud \\ud To what extent does an acknowledgement of emotional labour in the supervisory process have implications for the academic development of doctoral supervisors?\\ud \\ud The conceptual framework for the study is developed f...

  18. CMS Thesis Award

    CERN Multimedia


    The 2003 CMS thesis award was presented to Riccardo Ranieri on 15 March for his Ph.D. thesis "Trigger Selection of WH → μ ν b bbar with CMS" where 'WH → μ ν b bbar' represents the associated production of the W boson and the Higgs boson and their subsequent decays. Riccardo received his Ph.D. from the University of Florence and was supervised by Carlo Civinini. In total nine thesis were nominated for the award, which was judged on originality, impact within the field of high energy physics, impact within CMS and clarity of writing. Gregory Snow, secretary of the awarding committee, explains why Riccardo's thesis was chosen, ‘‘The search for the Higgs boson is one of the main physics goals of CMS. Riccardo's thesis helps the experiment to formulate the strategy which will be used in that search.'' Lorenzo Foà, Chairperson of the CMS Collaboration Board, presented Riccardo with an commemorative engraved plaque. He will also receive the opportunity to...

  19. ATLAS Thesis Awards 2015

    CERN Multimedia

    Biondi, Silvia


    Winners of the ATLAS Thesis Award were presented with certificates and glass cubes during a ceremony on Thursday 25 February. The winners also presented their work in front of members of the ATLAS Collaboration. Winners: Javier Montejo Berlingen, Barcelona (Spain), Ruth Pöttgen, Mainz (Germany), Nils Ruthmann, Freiburg (Germany), and Steven Schramm, Toronto (Canada).

  20. The Las Vegas Thesis (United States)

    Sughrua, William


    Following "reflexive ethnography" and utilizing an approach of "performative narrative" and "layered text", this article explores how Bachelor of Arts students in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language program at a public university in Mexico successfully manage the writing of an inductive-oriented thesis in English by resisting…

  1. The Las Vegas Thesis (United States)

    Sughrua, William


    Following "reflexive ethnography" and utilizing an approach of "performative narrative" and "layered text", this article explores how Bachelor of Arts students in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language program at a public university in Mexico successfully manage the writing of an inductive-oriented thesis in…

  2. Going beyond the Thesis (United States)

    Smith, Andrew C.


    Most every writing teacher can relate to the curse of reading yet another incoherent essay, the contents of which resemble an unorganized junk drawer of thoughts. Such essays cry out for a main idea. The remedy is a thesis, and teachers rightly take pains to help students discover this. Yet in spite of this, writing teachers ought to bear in mind…

  3. Doctors' involvement in torture

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sonntag, Jesper


    Doctors from both non-democratic and democratic countries are involved in torture. The majority of doctors involved in torture are doctors at risk. Doctors at risk might compromise their ethical duty towards patients for the following possible reasons: individual factors (such as career, economic...

  4. Reading in Preparation for Writing a PhD Thesis: Case Studies of Experiences (United States)

    Kwan, Becky S. C.


    The paper presents stories of how a group of doctoral students chose the key disciplinary literature that they read in preparation for their thesis-undertaking (RT). The stories were analyzed in light of current understanding of literature reviewing as a situated practice and theory of doctoral education as socio-cognitive apprenticeship. As the…

  5. Rainbow of Chaos: A study into the Theory and Practice of Integrated Primary Care: Pim P. Valentijn, [S.l.: s.n.], 2015 (Print Service Ede), pp. 195, Doctoral Thesis Tilburg University, The Netherlands, ISBN: 978-94-91602-40-5. (United States)

    Valentijn, Pim P


    This thesis aimed to contribute to a better understanding of what integrated primary care is, and how it can be achieved by focussing on the collaboration processes that underlie the development of integrated primary care. The first part of this thesis operationalized the concept of integrated care from a primary care perspective. The second part of this thesis described the collaboration mechanisms among integrated care projects that were part of a national integrated primary care study in The Netherlands.

  6. Strategies for Finding and Selecting an Ideal Thesis or Dissertation Topic: A Review of Literature (United States)

    Lei, Simon A.


    Choosing an ideal master's thesis or doctoral dissertation topic is probably one of the most important decisions students will make while in graduate school. Some graduate students may spend a year or even longer looking for potential topics before finally selecting one for their thesis or dissertation. There are a number of successful strategies…

  7. Thesis by Publication in Education: An Autoethnographic Perspective for Educational Researchers (United States)

    Merga, Margaret K.


    Despite its growing popularity, the thesis by publication is a less conventional format for doctoral dissertations in the field of education. The author successfully undertook a thesis by publication in education from 2012, to submission in 2014. This paper draws on both the literature in the field and the experiences of the author through an…

  8. "Breaking the Mold" in the Dissertation: Implementing a Problem-Based, Decision-Oriented Thesis Project (United States)

    Archbald, Doug


    This article offers lessons from an initiative refashioning the doctoral thesis in an education leadership program. The program serves a practitioner clientele; most are teachers and administrators. The new model for the thesis emphasizes leadership, problem solving, decision making, and organizational improvement. The former model was a…

  9. Coaching doctoral students

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Godskesen, Mirjam Irene; Kobayashi, Sofie


    of a project on coaching doctoral students. We explore how coaching can contribute to the doctoral students’ development of a broad set of personal competences and suggest that coaching could work as a means to engender self-management and improve relational competences. The analysis of the participants’ self......In this paper we focus on individual coaching carried out by an external coach as a new pedagogical element that can impact doctoral students’ sense of progress in doctoral education. The study used a mixed methods approach in that we draw on quantitative and qualitative data from the evaluation......-reported gains from coaching show that doctoral students experience coaching as an effective method to support the doctoral study process. This study also provides preliminary empirical evidence that coaching of doctoral students can facilitate the doctoral study process so that the doctoral students experience...

  10. Cost incentives for doctors

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schottmüller, Christoph


    If doctors take the costs of treatment into account when prescribing medication, their objectives differ from their patients' objectives because the patients are insured. This misalignment of interests hampers communication between patient and doctor. Giving cost incentives to doctors increases...... welfare if (i) the doctor's examination technology is sufficiently good or (ii) (marginal) costs of treatment are high enough. If the planner can costlessly choose the extent to which doctors take costs into account, he will opt for less than 100%. Optimal health care systems should implement different...... degrees of cost incentives depending on type of disease and/or doctor....

  11. The Nexus of Reading, Writing and Researching in the Doctoral Undertaking of Humanities and Social Sciences: Implications for Literature Reviewing (United States)

    Kwan, Becky S.C.


    One indispensable task in the doctoral undertaking in the humanities and social sciences is that of reviewing the literature. To many graduate students, finding the "right" direction of reviewing is a particularly grueling experience, a practical concern seldom addressed in thesis manuals and studies of the doctoral thesis. This paper is an…

  12. Find a Cancer Doctor (United States)

    ... Home > Find a Cancer Doctor Find a Cancer Doctor Status message Locating you... The Find an Oncologist ... and caregivers. The database includes the names of physicians and other health professionals from certain ASCO membership ...

  13. Talking to Your Child's Doctor (United States)

    ... to 2-Year-Old Talking to Your Child's Doctor KidsHealth > For Parents > Talking to Your Child's Doctor ... an important role in your child's health? The Doctor-Patient Relationship Today, doctors are pressured to see ...

  14. Working with doctors and nurses (United States)

    ... doctor Working with doctors and nurses Working with doctors and nurses Answering questions, filling out papers, getting ... my ability to pay? What questions will the doctor or nurse ask? top It’s a good idea ...

  15. Doctors in Balzac's work. (United States)

    Moulin, Thierry


    Balzac wrote his novels during a time of great literary and scientific change. Romanticism gave way to the school of realism, of which Balzac could be considered the founder. It was via realism, where both the positive and negative aspects of life were depicted, that doctors naturally gained a much more active role in novels. In conjunction with this was the development of science and medicine, which fascinated Balzac, also leading to the significant and prevalent role of doctors in his works. His fascination with the sciences led to him to gain many acquaintances and much knowledge in the medical domain, especially in neuropsychiatry and physiology. His fictional doctors, such as Desplein and Bianchon, thus demonstrate considerable knowledge of pathology, physiology, and neuropsychiatry. The doctors in Balzac's novels can be grouped into four categories: provincial doctors, Parisian doctors, country doctors, and military doctors. They were most often fictitious representations of real individuals (e.g. Guillaume Dupuytren), and often symbolize schools of thought which were in vogue at the time. In addition to the accurate scientific depiction of doctors, it must be noted that his doctors not only played an active role in clinically assessing their patients, but also had a sociological role in assessing society; it is through his doctors that Balzac gave his opinion of the world in which he lived.

  16. How does a doctor study other doctors being doctors?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Risør, Torsten

    The intension of this presentation is to encourage debate on auto-ethnography in medical systems. The empirical starting point will be my present study of how young doctors learn to make decisions about diagnosis and treatment of the individual patient. The study is an ethnographic field study...... that is a part of me? How can I represent the experience and learning of my informants without simply reproducing my own experience? This makes the project both anthropology-at-home and auto-ethnography. I will present an example from the field work to illustrate the many ways in which the auto- part...... involving participant observation and individual interviews with nine newly graduated doctors for a period of 18 months. The background of the ethnographer who is also the author of the present abstract poses a few interesting challenges to the study. I am a doctor doing fieldwork in my own medical culture...

  17. Doctors and pharmaceutical industry. (United States)

    Beran, Roy G


    The pharmaceutical industry is seen as seducing doctors by providing expensive gifts, subsidising travel and underwriting practice expenses in return for those doctors prescribing products that otherwise they would not use. This paints doctors in a very negative light; suggests doctors are available to the highest bidder; implies doctors do not adequately act as independent agents; and that doctors are driven more by self-interest than by patient needs. Similar practices, in other industries, are accepted as normal business behaviour but it is automatically assumed to be improper if the pharmaceutical industry supports doctors. Should the pharmaceutical industry withdraw educational grants then there would be: fewer scientific meetings; reduced attendance at conferences; limited post graduate education; and a depreciated level of maintenance of professional standards. To suggest that doctors prescribe inappropriately in return for largesse maligns their integrity but where there is no scientific reason to choose between different treatments then there can be little argument against selecting the product manufactured by a company that has invested in the doctor and the question arises as to whether this represents bad medicine? This paper will examine what constitutes non-professional conduct in response to inducements by the pharmaceutical industry. It will review: conflict of interest; relationships between doctors and pharma and the consequences for patients; and the need for critical appraisal before automatically decrying this relationship while accepting that there remain those who do not practice ethical medicine.

  18. Number of objectives and conclusions in dissertations and thesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liebano Richard Eloin


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: To analyze the number of objectives and conclusions presented in dissertations and thesis defended at Federal University of São Paulo - Paulista School of Medicine (UNIFESP - EPM. METHODS: It was realized a search in the master degree dissertations and doctor degree thesis defended at Federal University of São Paulo - Paulista School of Medicine in the years 2002 and 2003 that were found available in the central library of this university. RESULTS: From 723 master dissertations analyzed, 62 (8,57% presented only one objective and one conclusion, 134 (18,53% presented one objective and more than one conclusion and 527 (72,89% had more than one objective and more than one conclusion. From 502 doctor thesis analyzed, 23 (4,58% presented only one objective and one conclusion, 123 (24,50% presented one objective and more than one conclusion and 376 (74,90% had more than one objective and more than one conclusion.. CONCLUSIONS: It wasn't found in researched literature the number of objectives and conclusions a scientific work must have. A highest number of thesis and dissertations presented more than one objective and more than one conclusion.

  19. Arbejdspapir til Thesis-seminar

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Damkjaer, Maja Sonne


    Arbejdspapir til Thesis-seminar afholdt ved Forskningsseminar i Forskningsprogrammet: Medier, Kommunikation og Samfund, Institut for Æstetik og Kommunikation, Aarhus Universitet. Afhandlingens teoretiske afsnit.......Arbejdspapir til Thesis-seminar afholdt ved Forskningsseminar i Forskningsprogrammet: Medier, Kommunikation og Samfund, Institut for Æstetik og Kommunikation, Aarhus Universitet. Afhandlingens teoretiske afsnit....

  20. The Gown and the Korowai: Maori Doctoral Students and the Spatial Organisation of Academic Knowledge (United States)

    Middleton, Sue; McKinley, Elizabeth


    This paper draws on 38 student interviews carried out in the course of the team research project "Teaching and Learning in the Supervision of Maori Doctoral Students". Maori doctoral thesis work takes place in the intersections between the Maori (tribal) world of identifications and obligations, the organisational and epistemological…

  1. Doctoral Writing in the Visual and Performing Arts: Issues and Debates (United States)

    Paltridge, Brian; Starfield, Sue; Ravelli, Louise; Nicholson, Sarah


    Drawing from a larger study of doctorates in the visual and performing arts, we examine here the diversity of relations which can exist between the creative and written components of a doctoral thesis in these fields in terms of diversity of naming practices for these relations, institutional variation in guidelines and expectations, and…

  2. Developing Doctoral Authors: Engaging with Theoretical Perspectives through the Literature Review (United States)

    Wisker, Gina


    The literature review is arguably the place in a thesis where doctoral authors convincingly engage with theory and theoretical perspectives underlying their research, situating their own contribution to knowledge in established and ongoing dialogues in the field. One difficulty doctoral candidates encounter in their learning to be researchers is…

  3. Evaluating Perry's Structured Approach for Professional Doctorate Theses (United States)

    Charles, Michael; Farr-Wharton, Ben; von der Heidt, Tania; Sheldon, Neroli


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to investigate examiner reactions to doctorate of business administration (DBA) theses at an Australian university applying Perry's structured approach to thesis presentation, which had its origin in the marketing discipline, but is now widely applied to other business disciplines. Design/methodology/approach:…

  4. Talking to Your Doctor

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... your appointment. Consider bringing a close friend or family member with you. Take notes about what the doctor says, or ask a friend or family member to take notes for you. Learn how ...

  5. Doctor of osteopathic medicine (United States)

    ... and Wilkins; 2010. Gevitz N. The "doctor of osteopathy": expanding the scope of practice. J Am Osteopath ... 6):ES28-S38. Moore WJ. The eccentricities of osteopathy. BMJ . 2012;345:e5890. Stark J. A degree ...

  6. Finding the Right Doctor (United States)

    ... you meet someone that doesn’t match your communication style, you should switch,” Dr. Krumholz said. Another part ... for looking around: When you feel that the communication style is not matching your own If your doctor ...

  7. Talking to Your Doctor

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Simple Clear Health from NIH Cultural Respect Language Access Talking to Your Doctor Research Underway Plain Language ... to take notes for you. Learn how to access your medical records, so you can keep track ...

  8. University strategy for doctoral training: the Ghent University Doctoral Schools. (United States)

    Bracke, N; Moens, L


    The Doctoral Schools at Ghent University have a three-fold mission: (1) to provide support to doctoral students during their doctoral research, (2) to foster a quality culture in (doctoral) research, (3) to promote the international and social stature and prestige of the doctorate vis-a-vis potential researchers and the potential labour market. The Doctoral Schools offer top-level specialized courses and transferable skills training to doctoral students as part of their doctoral training programme. They establish mechanisms of quality assurance in doctoral research. The Doctoral Schools initialize and support initiatives of internationalization. They also organize information sessions, promotional events and interaction with the labour market, and as such keep a finger on the pulse of external stakeholders.

  9. Diversity in Collaborative Research Communities: A Multicultural, Multidisciplinary Thesis Writing Group in Public Health (United States)

    Guerin, Cally; Xafis, Vicki; Doda, Diana V.; Gillam, Marianne H.; Larg, Allison J.; Luckner, Helene; Jahan, Nasreen; Widayati, Aris; Xu, Chuangzhou


    Writing groups for doctoral students are generally agreed to provide valuable learning spaces for Ph.D. candidates. Here an academic developer and the eight members of a writing group formed in a Discipline of Public Health provide an account of their experiences of collaborating in a multicultural, multidisciplinary thesis writing group. We…

  10. The Experienced Meaning of Working with a PhD Thesis (United States)

    Stubb, Jenni; Pyhalto, Kirsi; Lonka, Kirsti


    There is a variation in terms of how researchers perceive the nature of research work. Previous research has mainly looked at the members of academia who already have established themselves in the scholarly community. We aimed at exploring the ways in which doctoral students perceived their thesis project and further, the relations of such…

  11. Thesis Handling in University Libraries (United States)

    Patterson, Kelly; And Others


    Libraries of ninety universities granting doctorates were surveyed regarding binding, cataloging, classification, storage and checking of format practices for theses and dissertations. Recommended processing practice involves full descriptive and subject cataloging with author input on the latter point, and the elimination of all but the most…

  12. Are doctors altruistic? (United States)

    Glannon, W; Ross, L F


    There is a growing belief in the US that medicine is an altruistic profession, and that physicians display altruism in their daily work. We argue that one of the most fundamental features of medical professionalism is a fiduciary responsibility to patients, which implies a duty or obligation to act in patients' best medical interests. The term that best captures this sense of obligation is "beneficence", which contrasts with "altruism" because the latter act is supererogatory and is beyond obligation. On the other hand, we offer several examples in which patients act altruistically. If it is patients and not the doctors who are altruistic, then the patients are the gift-bearers and to that extent doctors owe them gratitude and respect for their many contributions to medicine. Recognising this might help us better understand the moral significance of the doctor-patient relationship in modern medicine.

  13. Scientometric Study of Doctoral Theses of the Physical Research Laboratory (United States)

    Anilkumar, N.


    This paper presents the results of a study of bibliographies compiled from theses submitted in the period 2001-2005. The bibliographies have been studied to find out how research carried out at PRL is being used by the doctoral students. Resources are categorized by type of resource — book, journal article, proceedings, doctoral thesis, etc., to understand the usage of content procured by the library. The period of the study, 2001-2005, has been chosen because technology is changing so fast and so are the formats of scholarly communications. For the sake of convenience, only the "e-journals period" is considered for the sample.

  14. How to write a thesis. (United States)

    Cunningham, S J


    The prospect of writing a thesis can be intimidating. However, there are certain formats that the writer should follow in order to make life much easier. This article covers a logical approach to presenting research findings. Also included are suggestions for a last minute checklist.

  15. Surviving the Doctoral Years

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Scott P. Kerlin


    Full Text Available This article probes the implications of neo-conservative public education policies for the future of the academic profession through a detailed examination of critical issues shaping contemporary doctoral education in U.S. and Canadian universities. Institutional and social factors such as financial retrenchment, declining support for affirmative action, downward economic mobility, a weak academic labor market for tenure-track faculty, professional ethics in graduate education, and backlash against women's progress form the backdrop for analysis of the author's survey of current doctoral students' opinions about funding, support, the job market, and quality of learning experiences.

  16. Women Doctors in 1914

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    THE five women shown here are doctors. Eighty-four years ago, they sat for this photographic portrait. The photo depicts the tasteful combination of East and West. While the photographic studio was decorated in the European style, the women doctors were dressed in traditional Chinese fashion with their hair coiled in Japanese style. We can also see that though the ladies were in vogue for their time, they still displayed shyness facing a male photographer, as most can be observed shifting their eyesight away from the lens.

  17. Mandatory notification of impaired doctors. (United States)

    Beran, R G


    Mandatory reporting of impaired doctors is compulsory in Australasia. Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency guidelines for notification claim high benchmark though the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians suggest they still obstruct doctors seeking help. Western Australia excludes mandatory reporting of practitioner-patients. This study examines reporting, consequences and international experiences with notification. Depressed doctors avoid diagnosis and treatment, fearing consequences, yet are more prone to marital problems, substance dependence and needing psychotherapy. South African research confirms isolation of impaired doctors and delayed seeking help with definable characteristics of those at risk. New Zealand data acknowledge: errors occur; questionable contribution from mandatory reporting; issues concerning competence assessment; favouring reporting to senior colleagues or self-intervention to compliance with mandatory reporting. UK found an anaesthetist guilty of professional misconduct for not reporting and sanctioned doctors regarding Harold Shipman. Australians are reluctant to report, fearing legalistic intrusion into care. Australian research confirmed definable characteristics for doctors with psychiatric illness or alcohol abuse. Exposure to legal medicine evokes personal disenchantment for doctors involved. Medicine poses barriers for impaired doctors. Spanish and UK doctors do not use general practitioners and may have suboptimal care. US and European doctors self-medicate using samples. US drug-dependent doctors also prescribe for spouses. Junior doctors are losing empathy with the profession. UK doctors favour private care, avoiding public scrutiny. NZ and Brazil created specific services for doctors, which appear effective. Mandatory reporting may be counterproductive requiring reappraisal.

  18. How doctors search

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lykke, Marianne; Price, Susan; Delcambre, Lois


    to context-specific aspects of the main topic of the documents. We have tested the model in an interactive searching study with family doctors with the purpose to explore doctors’ querying behaviour, how they applied the means for specifying a search, and how these features contributed to the search outcome...

  19. Working with Your Doctor (United States)

    ... Concussion Toolkit Support Organizations Activities and Events Neuro Film Festival Brain Health Fair Buy a Brain About ... includes an undergraduate degree, four years of medical school, a one-year internship, and at least three ...

  20. Masters and doctorate theses issued as laboratory reports

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Howard, E. B.


    This is a compilation of the masters theses and doctoral dissertations that have been issued as reports by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The Laboratory has long encouraged the attainment of higher degrees by providing time, space, equipment, technical guidance, and/or financial assistance. Many employees and students with fellowships or grants have completed, within the Laboratory, the work preceding the writing of a thesis. Some of the resultant master and doctorate theses have subsequently been issued as regular laboratory reports and thus have been made available to a wide audience. The report covers the period from 1950 through 1975 and includes indexes for authors, subject classification, and the school accepting the thesis. (auth)

  1. Entrepreneurship and UK Doctoral Graduates (United States)

    Hooley, Tristram; Bentley, Kieran; Marriott, John


    This paper discusses the experience of UK doctoral graduates in pursuing entrepreneurial careers: there is evidence that this applies to a substantial number--about 10%--of doctoral graduates. The nature of their experience was explored using 37 interviews with doctoral entrepreneurs. The research was funded by Vitae (, an…

  2. Changing doctor prescribing behaviour

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gill, P.S.; Mäkelä, M.; Vermeulen, K.M.;


    The aim of this overview was to identify interventions that change doctor prescribing behaviour and to derive conclusions for practice and further research. Relevant studies (indicating prescribing as a behaviour change) were located from a database of studies maintained by the Cochrane Collabora......The aim of this overview was to identify interventions that change doctor prescribing behaviour and to derive conclusions for practice and further research. Relevant studies (indicating prescribing as a behaviour change) were located from a database of studies maintained by the Cochrane...... Collaboration on Effective Professional Practice. This register is kept up to date by searching the following databases for reports of relevant research: DHSS-DATA; EMBASE; MEDLINE; SIGLE; Resource Database in Continuing Medical Education (1975-1994), along with bibliographies of related topics, hand searching...

  3. Find a Doctor - American Optometric Association (United States)

    ... Doctor Login Join Find a Doctor Find a Doctor Search our database of 28,417 Optometrists. 1 ... Guidelines Evidence-based Optometry Marketplace Home > Find a Doctor Basic Search Advanced Search Fine Tune Your Results ...

  4. Rethinking neuroethics in the light of the extended mind thesis. (United States)

    Levy, Neil


    The extended mind thesis is the claim that mental states extend beyond the skulls of the agents whose states they are. This seemingly obscure and bizarre claim has far-reaching implications for neuroethics, I argue. In the first half of this article, I sketch the extended mind thesis and defend it against criticisms. In the second half, I turn to its neuroethical implications. I argue that the extended mind thesis entails the falsity of the claim that interventions into the brain are especially problematic just because they are internal interventions, but that many objections to such interventions rely, at least in part, on this claim. Further, I argue that the thesis alters the focus of neuroethics, away from the question of whether we ought to allow interventions into the mind, and toward the question of which interventions we ought to allow and under what conditions. The extended mind thesis dramatically expands the scope of neuroethics: because interventions into the environment of agents can count as interventions into their minds, decisions concerning such interventions become questions for neuroethics.

  5. Doctoral education from a distance. (United States)

    Effken, Judith A


    This article describes the environmental factors that have contributed to the recent rapid growth of nursing doctoral education at a distance. Early and recent efforts to deliver distance doctoral education are discussed, using The University of Arizona College of Nursing experience as the key exemplar. The Community of Inquiry model is introduced as an appropriate model for doctoral education and then used as a framework to evaluate the current state of the art in distance doctoral nursing education. Successes and challenges in delivering doctoral education from a distance are described.

  6. The Price of a Thesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pad+ma skyabs


    Full Text Available "Ring…ring…" bleated a mobile phone, waking Lha mo, a student in the Tibetan Department at a well-known nationalities university. She raised her head languidly and looked around the dorm room. Her roommates were applying various cosmetics and lotions to their faces, getting ready for class. The warm sun heated her bed. She slowly turned her head to the right and gazed at a small picture of a young Chinese movie star pasted on the wall by her bed. He was wearing a shirt that exposed his skin, which seemed as white as flour smeared on a cutting board beneath a ball of dough. Nearby was a panda doll wearing a suit of red clothes that made it resemble a sleeping guard. She was suddenly overwhelmed by nostalgia. Lha mo came from an area where Tibetan was rarely taught. Sometimes she hated herself for being Tibetan. Lha mo would soon leave school and was required to write a thesis. Because her written Tibetan was very poor, she resolved to use Chinese, and spent two weeks writing a few lines in her notebook. What she wrote had many grammar mistakes and she quickly and angrily ripped the pages into pieces. She agonized about her situation and didn't know what to do. Then she heard the good news that a thesis could be purchased in Room 304, East Second Street. The problem was that it cost 2,000 yuan, which was far too expensive for her. She only received 1,000 yuan a month from her family, half of which was for food and the other half went to meet the cost of clothes and other expenses. She just didn't have the money to buy the thesis. ...

  7. Doctor Alberto Zabaleta Lombana



    El Doctor Alberto Zabaleta Lombana nació en la población de Turbaco, Bolívar, el nueve de Abril de 1923. Toda su formación intelectual transcurrió en los claustros de la Universidad de Cartagena. En 1936 ingresó a la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras (Bachillerato), luego pasó a la Facultad de Medicina hasta obtener su grado de Médico en 1953. Posteriormente en 1959 inició la Jefatura de Clínica Obstetricia (Residencia como se denominan en el presente) en la Universidad de Cartagena y en la Clín...

  8. [Analysis of the anesthesiology doctoral theses in Cadiz during the Six-Year Revolution]. (United States)

    Márquez Espinós, C; Herrera Rodríguez, F


    Manuel Ruiz Zorrilla, after the 1868 Revolution, made possible in Spain the decentralization of doctorate's studies, which traditionally were done in Madrid. It was because of that fact that the Doctor degree could be obtained at the Faculty of Medicine in Cadiz during the Sexenio Revolucionario. The intention of this work is to analyse the anaesthesiologist doctorate thesis defended at the Faculty of Medicine in Cadiz during that period. We give unpublished news about the evolution of the obstetrics anaesthesia in Spain and different opinions about the use of anaesthetics in labours at that time.

  9. Choosing to write the paper format thesis. (United States)

    Morris, H M; Tipples, G


    Graduate students today may be faced with the option of writing either a traditional format thesis or a paper format thesis. In contrast to the traditional format in which the text body consists of four or five chapters, the body of the paper format thesis can be comprised of an introductory chapter, two or more papers written as publishable manuscripts, and a conclusion. In this article, an overview of the paper format thesis is presented and contrasted with the traditional format thesis. The description of the paper format thesis is followed by its advantages and disadvantages for writers and readers. It is by weighing all possible pros and cons, as well as considering one's individual situation, that the graduate student will be able to decide which format of thesis to write.

  10. Re-Imagining Doctoral Education: Professional Doctorates and beyond (United States)

    Lee, Alison; Brennan, Marie; Green, Bill


    Portents of the demise of the Professional Doctorate have emerged in some recent policy and institutional circles in Australia, raising questions about the meaning and relevance of the Professional Doctorate in an era of "league tables" and research assessment in Australia. This article argues that such portents, based largely on narrow…

  11. Doctors Describe First U.S. Case of Locally Acquired Zika in Pregnancy (United States)

    ... Doctors Describe First U.S. Case of Locally Acquired Zika in Pregnancy Baby shows no signs of brain ... HealthDay News) -- The first case of locally acquired Zika virus in a pregnant woman in the United ...

  12. Social Work Science and Identity Formation for Doctoral Scholars within Intellectual Communities (United States)

    Mor Barak, Michàlle E.; Brekke, John S.


    Three themes are central to preparing doctoral students for the professoriate: identity formation, scientific integration, and intellectual communities. In this article, we argue that these three themes are not separate pillars but interlocking circles. Our main thesis is that (1) social work must develop into a distinct integrative scientific…

  13. Overcoming Problems in Doctoral Writing through the Use of Visualisations: Telling Our Stories (United States)

    Barrett, Terry; Hussey, Jennie


    Doctoral students experience many challenges on the long journey towards completion. Common problems include: synthesising data, working at a conceptual level, clarifying the relationship of the parts of the thesis to the whole, finding a voice and completing a viva successfully. Few authors have addressed the use of visualisations to meet these…

  14. "Tell Me What to Do" vs. "Guide Me through It": Feedback Experiences of International Doctoral Students (United States)

    Wang, Ting; Li, Linda Y.


    Despite increasing attention to the challenges of supervising international doctoral students, little research has been conducted to examine supervisory feedback practice with international students and its impact on the thesis writing process. This exploratory qualitative study seeks to fill the gap and contribute to understanding the feedback…

  15. "Ignoring Me Is Part of Learning": Supervisory Feedback on Doctoral Writing (United States)

    Carter, Susan; Kumar, Vijay


    Doctoral supervisors aim for two goals. One is a strong thesis, timely in submission. The other is the fully fledged independent researcher who is able to write about research clearly within an epistemologically accepted framework. Feedback and feedforward on writing should address both goals. However, in many institutions, supervisors are under…

  16. The Social Work Practice Doctorate (United States)

    Hartocollis, Lina; Cnaan, Ram A.; Ledwith, Kate


    This article provides a systematic review of the emerging practice doctorate in social work. Based on the experience of the first such Doctor of Social Work (DSW) program, we provide information regarding the program origins and rationale, development, current structure, and future direction. Such information will enrich the discussion on the role…

  17. Will Medical Technology Deskill Doctors? (United States)

    Lu, Jingyan


    This paper discusses the impact of medical technology on health care in light of the fact that doctors are becoming more reliant on technology for obtaining patient information, making diagnoses and in carrying out treatments. Evidence has shown that technology can negatively affect doctor-patient communications, physical examination skills, and…

  18. Talking to Your Child's Doctor (United States)

    ... a Better Relationship en español Cómo conversar con el médico de su hijo Your child's doctor can ... don't be afraid to give the doctor feedback about your office visit experience, such as whether ...

  19. Teaching English Thesis Writing to Japanese Undergraduates


    Lambacher, Stephen G.


    This paper presents an overview of a course in thesis writing specifically designed for Japanese undergraduates studying English within a foreign language (EFL) context. The course provides students with the basic writing knowledge and skills necessary for documenting their research activities. All of the basic and relevant writing concepts, methods, and documentation formats necessary for completion of a thesis in English are incorporated into the course, which consists of lectures, thesis s...

  20. 2010 Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research in Biological Physics Talk: How the Genome Folds (United States)

    Lieberman-Aiden, Erez


    I describe Hi-C, a novel technology for probing the three-dimensional architecture of whole genomes by coupling proximity-based ligation with massively parallel sequencing. Working with collaborators at the Broad Institute and UMass Medical School, we used Hi-C to construct spatial proximity maps of the human genome at a resolution of 1Mb. These maps confirm the presence of chromosome territories and the spatial proximity of small, gene-rich chromosomes. We identified an additional level of genome organization that is characterized by the spatial segregation of open and closed chromatin to form two genome-wide compartments. At the megabase scale, the chromatin conformation is consistent with a fractal globule, a knot-free conformation that enables maximally dense packing while preserving the ability to easily fold and unfold any genomic locus. The fractal globule is distinct from the more commonly used globular equilibrium model. Our results demonstrate the power of Hi-C to map the dynamic conformations of whole genomes.

  1. AGN jets under the microscope: A divide? Doctoral Thesis Award Lecture 2011 (United States)

    Karouzos, M.; Britzen, S.; Witzel, A.; Zensus, A. J.; Eckart, A.


    A new paradigm for active galactic jet kinematics has emerged through detailed investigations of BL Lac objects using very long baseline radio interferometry. In this new scheme, most, if not all, jet components appear to remain stationary with respect to the core but show significant non-radial motions. This paper presents results from our kinematic investigation of the jets of a statistically complete sample of radio-loud flat-spectrum active galaxies, focusing on the comparison between the jet kinematic properties of BL Lacs and flat-spectrum radio-quasars. It is shown that there is a statistically significant difference between the kinematics of the two AGN classes, with BL Lacs showing more bent jets, that are wider and show slower movement along the jet axis, compared to flat-spectrum radio-quasars. This is interpreted as evidence for helically structured jets.

  2. Finding the right doctoral thesis - an innovative research fair for medical students. (United States)

    Steffen, Julius; Grabbert, Markus; Pander, Tanja; Gradel, Maximilian; Köhler, Lisa-Maria; Fischer, Martin R; von der Borch, Philip; Dimitriadis, Konstantinos


    Einleitung: Die Forschung in der Medizin, wie sie auch im Rahmen des CanMEDS Modell beschrieben wird, genießt einen hohen Stellenwert. Viele Medizinstudierende in Deutschland beginnen schon während des Studiums mit der Arbeit an einem Promotionsprojekt. Eine große Anzahl dieser Projekte wird allerdings oft unvollendet abgebrochen, wodurch unnötig Ressourcen verschwendet werden. Ein Hauptgrund hierfür ist ein Mangel an Informationen über studentische Forschungsprojekte. Projektbeschreibung: Um diesem Mangel entgegenzuwirken, haben wir an der LMU München die jährlich stattfindende Veranstaltung DoktaMed ins Leben gerufen. Die Kombination von medizinischem Fachkongress und Forschungsmesse mit Vorträgen, Poster-Präsentationen und Workshops sowie einer großen Ausstellung der verschiedenen Arbeitsgruppen und Institute der LMU zieht jedes Jahr mehr als 500 Besucher an. Organisiert wird die DoktaMed als Peer-to-Peer-Veranstaltung von einem Team aus etwa 40 Studierenden.Ergebnisse: Eine Bedarfsanalyse vor der Einführung der DoktaMed identifizierte ein Informationsdefizit als eine wichtige Ursache für die hohe Rate abgebrochener Doktorarbeiten. In den jährlichen Evaluationen durch die Besucher der DoktaMed wird die Veranstaltung durchschnittlich mit der Note 2,1 auf einer sechsstufigen Likert-Skala bewertet (n=558, SD=1,06, 1=sehr gut, 6=sehr schlecht). Die Studierenden empfinden ihren Besuch auf der DoktaMed als sinnvoll investierte Zeit und fühlen sich anschließend besser zum Thema Doktorarbeit informiert. Diskussion: Insgesamt sind die Studierenden mit der Veranstaltung zufrieden und fühlen sich besser auf die Doktorarbeitssuche vorbereitet. Dennoch besuchen viele Studierende die Messe aus unterschiedlichen Gründen nicht. Eine Möglichkeit zur weiteren Verbesserung besteht darin, zusätzlich zu den experimentellen Arbeiten, auf die sich die DoktaMed momentan konzentriert, ein breiteres Angebot an klinischen Projekten zu präsentieren..Schlussfolgerung: Die Evaluation nach fünf Jahren DoktaMed sieht vielversprechend aus. Die Besucher scheinen tatsächlich besser zum Thema Doktorarbeit informiert zu sein. Trotzdem existieren Möglichkeiten zur weiteren Verbesserung, um die DoktaMed für Studierende und Fakultätsmitglieder attraktiver zu gestalten. Zur Beurteilung von Langzeiteffekten sind weitere Untersuchungen notwendig.

  3. Natalia Ermakov defended a doctoral thesis on erza lamentations / Ingrid Rüütel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Rüütel, Ingrid, 1935-


    15. oktoobril 2014. a. kaitses Tallinna Ülikooli Eesti Humanitaarinstituudi doktorant Natalia Ermakov doktoritööd "Ersa itkud: traditsioonid ja tänapäev" ("Эрзянские причитания: традиции бытования и современное состояние")

  4. Congenital malformations in experimental diabetic pregnancy: aetiology and antioxidative treatment. Minireview based on a doctoral thesis. (United States)

    Simán, M


    Diabetes mellitus in pregnancy causes congenital malformations in the offspring. The aim of this work was to characterize biochemical and morphologic anomalies in the conceptus of an animal model of diabetic pregnancy. In addition, a preventive treatment against diabetes-induced dysmorphogenesis was developed. Congenital cataract was often found in the offspring of diabetic rats. The fetal lenses had increased water accumulation, sorbitol concentration and aldose reductase activity compared to control lenses. The results suggest that the cataracts form via osmotic attraction of water due to sorbitol accumulation in the fetal lens. Another set of malformations, with possible neural crest cell origin, occurred frequently in offspring of diabetic rats. These included low set ears, micrognathia, hypoplasia of the thymus, thyroid and parathyroid glands, as well as anomalies of the heart and great vessels. Furthermore, diabetes caused intrauterine death and resorptions more frequently in the late part of gestation. When the pregnant diabetic rats were treated with the antioxidants butylated hydroxytoluene, vitamin E or vitamin C, the occurrence of gross malformations was reduced from approximately 25% to less than 8%, and late resorptions from 17% to 7%. This suggests that an abnormal handling of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is involved in diabetes-induced dysmorphogenesis in vivo. Indeed, an increased concentration of lipid peroxides, indicating damage caused by ROS, was found in fetuses of diabetes rats. In addition, embryos of diabetic rats had low concentrations of the antioxidant vitamin E compared to control embryos. These biochemical alterations were normalized by vitamin E treatment of the pregnant diabetic rats. The antioxidants are likely to have prevented ROS injury in the embryos of the diabetic rats, in particular in the neural crest cells, thereby normalizing embryonic development. These results provide a rationale for developing new anti-teratogenic treatments for pregnant women with diabetes mellitus.

  5. Numerical studies of gravitational accretion from x-ray heated stellar winds. Doctoral thesis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lupo, J.A.


    We present three numerical models of accretion from radiation driven stellar winds onto compact objects in massive X-ray binary systems. The wind is given a velocity profile consistent with a radiatively driven wind, and a 'negative mass' gravitational potential is derived from this profile to represent the wind driving force in the hydrodynamic equations. An X-ray heating model is used which determines the X-ray heating time from the Compton heating time and the known steady state energies for optically thin gas illuminated by X-rays. This allows X-ray heating to be included in the hydrodynamic equations. The X-ray luminosity is held proportional to the accretion rate, assuming that the gravitational potential energy released is equivalent to 10% of the infalling rest-mass energy. A two-dimensional Eulerian computer code is used to solve the equations of motion. Model estimates of the ionization structure, accretion rates and flow characteristics, and the effects of thermal instabilities are discussed. The impact of the X-ray radiation on the wind driving force is demonstrated. Results indicate a possible mechanism for slow X-ray flares, such as observed in 4U1700-37.

  6. Forest machine contractors in Swedish industrial forestry: Significance and conditions during 1986-1993. Doctoral thesis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Liden, E.


    The aim of this review was to come to a general understanding of the phenomenon of contracting in forestry as an occupation and a life-style. This has been accomplished by studies on machine ownership, working conditions, and attrition from forestry, using quantitative methods in combination with qualitative ones, during the period 1986 to 1993. The studies pertained to industrial forestry in Sweden. In 1992/93 70% of all machines used in industrial forestry in Sweden were owned by contractors. Together these machines harvested 59% of the total quantity during the 1992/93 harvesting season. Three categories of contractors were recognized; the single contractor, the partner contractor, and the contractor with employees. It was concluded that being a contractor is more a life-style than an occupation. Very often the whole family is involved in the business. The contractors` willingness to work hard and to do a good job is an asset for forestry.

  7. Modeling of Accounting Doctoral Thesis with Emphasis on Solution for Financial Problems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F. Mansoori


    Full Text Available By passing the instruction period and increase of graduate students and also research budget, knowledge of accounting in Iran entered to the field of research in a way that number of accounting projects has been implemented in the real world. Because of that different experience in implementing the accounting standards were achieved. So, it was expected the mentioned experiences help to solve the financial problems in country, in spite of lots of efforts which were done for researching; we still have many financial and accounting problems in our country. PHD projects could be considered as one of the important solutions to improve the University subjects including accounting. PHD projects are considered as team work job and it will be legitimate by supervisor teams in universities.It is obvious that applied projects should solve part of the problems in accounting field but unfortunately it is not working in the real world. The question which came in to our mind is how come that the out put of the applied and knowledge base projects could not make the darkness of the mentioned problems clear and also why politicians in difficult situations prefer to use their own previous experiences in important decision makings instead of using the consultant’s knowledge base suggestions.In this research I’m going to study, the reasons behind that prevent the applied PHD projects from success in real world which relates to the point of view that consider the political suggestions which are out put of knowledge base projects are not qualified enough for implementation. For this purpose, the indicators of an applied PHD project were considered and 110 vise people were categorized the mentioned indicators and then in a comprehensive study other applied PHD accounting projects were compared to each other.As result, in this study problems of the studied researches were identified and a proper and applied model for creating applied research was developed.

  8. Competitiveness and trade policy problems in agricultural exports: The case of Colombia. Doctoral thesis project.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jahir Enrique Lombana Coy


    Full Text Available Este estudio explora el estado actual y el potencial competitivo de las exportaciones agrícolas colombianas a los mercados de Estados Unidos y la Unión Eurpea. Los mercados de estos paises industrializados se constituyen en los más importantes para Colombia, pero al mismo tiempo tienen varias restricciones en el sector agrícola. Este estudio mostrará que la competitividad no es solamente una función de los impedimentos locales o internacionales tales como la pobreza institucional, la baja capacidad tecnológica, la disponibilidad de capital, capital humano y mano de obra, sino también de impedimentos externos como el acceso a los mercados. Por lo tanto, éste es un importante objetivo del presente estudio con el objeto de proyectar posibles escenarios para el comercio colombiano, a fin de investigar la eliminación de estas restricciones. En la parte empírica se enfatizará en los impactos de las restricciones externas en el sentido de un estudio econométrico, sin embargo, la influencia de las restricciones internas será discutida como tal.   La hipótesis central del trabajo sostiene que la eliminación de las restricciones de mercado en Estados Unidos y en la Unión Europea puede tener un importante impacto para la competitividad colombiana aunque esto no puede garantizar el crecimiento de las exportaciones nacionales sino se solucionan algunos problemas internos. Solamente la parte de las políticas comerciales de esta hipótesis puede ser evaluada en un estudio econométrico. El papel de los factores internos puede ser evaluado en el marco de un análisis del ambiente en el cual las exportaciones tienen lugar (informes macroeconómicos, estudios del Banco de la República. exportaciones corporativas, instituciones de crédito, segmentos de mercado. programas de asistencia técnica y otros.   Una importante contribución de este estudio consiste en la incorporación más comprensiva e interdisciplinaria de las teorías para explicar el comercio internacional. La teoría de la competitividad tiene un punto de vista multidimensional que analiza desde los niveles microeconómicos a los macroeconómicos. Esto comprende factores internos y externos para explicar los cambios en los flujos comerciales.   Para el desarrollo de los países, y especialmente para Colombia, las políticas del sector agrícola tienen implicaciones en aspectos económicos, políticos y sociales. Este estudio se propone desarrollar fundamentos empíricos y teóricos de la competitividad como soporte de las decisiones de políticas de mercado en los sectores público y privado.

  9. Dementia - what to ask your doctor (United States)

    What to ask your doctor about dementia; Alzheimer disease - what to ask your doctor; Cognitive impairment - what to ask your doctor ... who is losing or has lost their memory? What type of words should I use? What is ...

  10. Epilepsy - what to ask your doctor - adult (United States)

    What to ask your doctor about epilepsy - adult; Seizures - what to ask your doctor - adult; Seizure - what to ask your doctor ... call to find more information about driving and epilepsy? What should I discuss with my boss at ...

  11. Digital Curation and Doctoral Research

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daisy Abbott


    Full Text Available This article considers digital curation in doctoral study and the role of the doctoral supervisor and institution in facilitating students’ acquisition of digital curation skills, including some of the potentially problematic expectations of the supervisory relationship with regards to digital curation. Research took the form of an analysis of the current digital curation training landscape, focussing on doctoral study and supervision. This was followed by a survey (n=116 investigating attitudes towards importance, expertise, and responsibilities regarding digital curation. This research confirms that digital curation is considered to be very important within doctoral study but that doctoral supervisors and particularly students consider themselves to be largely unskilled at curation tasks. It provides a detailed picture of curation activity within doctoral study and identifies the areas of most concern. A detailed analysis demonstrates that most of the responsibility for curation is thought to lie with students and that institutions are perceived to have very low responsibility and that individuals tend to over-assign responsibility to themselves. Finally, the research identifies which types of support system for curation are most used and makes suggestions for ways in which students, supervisors, institutions, and others can effectively and efficiently address problematic areas and improve digital curation within doctoral study.

  12. The Master's Thesis in Applied Psychology Training. (United States)

    Shultz, Kenneth S.; Kottke, Janet L.


    Recommends the inclusion of a master's thesis in industrial and organizational psychology programs. Argues that the thesis serves several critical educational purposes and is relevant to applied psychology. Offers suggestions for increasing the relationship between the educational requirement and the professional tasks. (MJP)

  13. Turning Doctors Into Employees

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matthew Anderson


    Full Text Available Background: Much of the contentious debate surrounding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare” concerned its financing and its attempt to guarantee (near universal access to healthcare through the private insurance market.  Aside from sensationalist stories of “death panels,” much less attention went to implications of the bill for the actual provision of healthcare. Methodology: This paper examines the "patient-centered medical home" (PCMH model which has been widely promoted as a means of reviving and improving primary care (i.e. general internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics. Argument: The PCMH and many of its components (e.g pay-for-performance, electronic medical records were interventions that were implemented on a massive basis without any evidence of benefit. Recent research has not generally supported clinical benefits with the PCMH model. Instead it seems to designed to de-professionalize (make proletarians of health care workers and enforce corporate models of health. The core values of professional work are undermined while the PCMH does nothing to address the structural marginalization of primary care within US health care. Conclusions: The development of alternative models will require political changes. Both doctors and teachers are in a position of advocate for more progressive systems of care and education.

  14. Developing doctoral scientists for drug discovery: pluridimensional education required. (United States)

    Janero, David R


    Research universities continue to produce new scientists capable of generating knowledge with the potential to inform disease etiology and treatment. Mounting interest of doctoral-level experimental science students in therapeutics-related research careers is discordant with the widespread lack of direct drug-discovery and development experience, let alone commercialization success, among university faculty and administrators. Likewise, the archetypical publication- and grant-fueled, principal investigator (PI)-focused academic system ("PI-stan") risks commoditization of science students pursuing their doctorates as a labor source, rendering them ill-prepared for career options related to therapeutics innovation by marginalizing their development of "beyond-the-bench" professional skills foundational to modern drug-discovery campaigns and career fluency. To militate against professionalization deficits in doctoral drug-discovery researchers, the author--a scientist-administrator-consultant with decades of discovery research and development (R&D), business, and educator experience in commercial and university settings--posits a critical need for pluridimensionality in graduate education and mentorship that extends well beyond thesis-related scientific domains/laboratory techniques to instill transferable operational-intelligence, project/people-management, and communication competencies. Specific initiatives are advocated to help enhance the doctoral science student's market competitiveness, adaptability, and navigation of the significant research, commercial, and occupational challenges associated with contemporary preclinical drug-discovery R&D.

  15. Professionalism for future humanistic doctors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Dear editor Clinical environments encounter is an important part of studying medicine (1. Patient contact as an integral part of medical education occurs in various formats in the clinical settings (2, 3. During clinical training, medical students may experience high levels of stress, and some may not deal with it well. The abruptness of students’ transition to the clinical setting generated positive and negative emotions. Due to being a novice, they did not receive adequate training on how to get emotionally prepared for meeting seriously ill people. In such circumstances, the shortage of training will have predictably crucial consequences. Early clinical contact has been suggested to reduce these stresses and help the students adapt effectively to changes in the hospital climate (2. Patient contact creates an environment where each student appreciates cultural diversity and reinforces the development of clinical professional interpersonal skills through social, emotional and cognitive experiences (4, 5. It encourages validating of the relationship between patients and doctors and allows students to experience a more personal relationship with patients and nurture the ability to empathize with them, providing considerable benefits for trainees and patients. In this way, the social emotions that students experience when empathizing with a patient represent a uniquely human achievement. By internalizing their subjective interpretations of patient’s beliefs and feelings, the student’s body, brain and mind come together to produce cognition and emotion . They construct culturally relevant knowledge and make decisions about how to act and think about the patient’s problems as if they were their own. On the other hand, patient interaction in undergraduate education offers students a valuable early insight into the day-to-day role of a doctor and the patients’ perspective on specific conditions. Early experience provides a greater knowledge

  16. Doctor, Clinic, and Dental Visits (United States)

    ... Viral Suppression Doctor, Clinical & Dental Visits Treatment Adherence Mental Health Substance Abuse Issues Sexual Health Nutrition & Food Safety Exercise Immunizations Aging with HIV/AIDS Women’s Health Housing ...

  17. APPENDIX:A Doctor's Confession

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Not long ago, Xinhua News Agency reported on a confession by Xiao Qiwei regarding corruption in medicine purchases at a hospital in Sichuan. Excerpts follow: I have been working as a doctor for 35 years. As far as I know, corruption in medicine purchases dates from the 1990s. After 1998, all kinds of medicine salespersons surged into hospitals and talked to doctors face to face, stating clearly that they

  18. Integrated management of thesis using clustering method (United States)

    Astuti, Indah Fitri; Cahyadi, Dedy


    Thesis is one of major requirements for student in pursuing their bachelor degree. In fact, finishing the thesis involves a long process including consultation, writing manuscript, conducting the chosen method, seminar scheduling, searching for references, and appraisal process by the board of mentors and examiners. Unfortunately, most of students find it hard to match all the lecturers' free time to sit together in a seminar room in order to examine the thesis. Therefore, seminar scheduling process should be on the top of priority to be solved. Manual mechanism for this task no longer fulfills the need. People in campus including students, staffs, and lecturers demand a system in which all the stakeholders can interact each other and manage the thesis process without conflicting their timetable. A branch of computer science named Management Information System (MIS) could be a breakthrough in dealing with thesis management. This research conduct a method called clustering to distinguish certain categories using mathematics formulas. A system then be developed along with the method to create a well-managed tool in providing some main facilities such as seminar scheduling, consultation and review process, thesis approval, assessment process, and also a reliable database of thesis. The database plays an important role in present and future purposes.

  19. E-Thesis Repositories: The Asian Scenario

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shantashree Sengupta


    Full Text Available Across the globe, people are trying to find out ways to make the findings of research freely available to the public through open access institutional repositories. Theses and dissertations are considered to be one of the most important sources of scholarly communication. Due to various benefits of electronic theses and dissertations over the print format, various institutions are developing their own e-thesis repositories. Various Asian countries have contributed to the development of e-thesis repositories. The present study gives an overview of the growth and development of e-thesis repositories in Asia with the data from the OpenDOAR database.

  20. Brain networks in aging and dementia

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hafkemeijer, A.


    This thesis describes neuroimaging techniques to investigate brain networks in healthy aging and dementia. Functional and structural brain networks change with healthy and pathological aging, with differences in network degeneration between different types of dementia. These disease-specific network

  1. Inspirational Catalogue of Master Thesis Proposals 2015

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thorndahl, Søren


    This catalog presents different topics for master thesis projects. It is important to emphasize that the project descriptions only serves as an inspiration and that you always can discuss with the potential supervisors the specific contents of a project.......This catalog presents different topics for master thesis projects. It is important to emphasize that the project descriptions only serves as an inspiration and that you always can discuss with the potential supervisors the specific contents of a project....

  2. [Jageillonian University medical students' relationship to awarding of the doctorate degree in all medical sciences in the period between wars]. (United States)

    Zwolski, S


    The Academic Schools Act of 1920 and the Ordinance of 1924 pertaining to doctorates provided that one could earn the degree only having submitted a disseration. The Austrian Act which was in force up to that moment had allowed to receive the degree without writing a thesis. Protests voiced by medical students extended validity of the Act. The Jagiellonian University medicals played an important role in delaying the Ordinance coming into force. Protesting against the newest regulations they organized public meetings, wrote memorials and filled petitions. The Jagiellonian University Faculty of Medicine granted doctorates without dissertation up to the end of December 1932. However some doctorates were granted even after that term.


    CERN Multimedia

    Medical Service


    IN URGENT NEED OF A DOCTOR GENEVA EMERGENCY SERVICES GENEVA AND VAUD 144 FIRE BRIGAD 118 POLICE 117 CERN FIREMEN 767-44-44 ANTI-POISONS CENTRE Open 24h/24h 01-251-51-51 Patient not fit to be moved, call family doctor, or: GP AT HOME, open 24h/24h 748-49-50 Association Of Geneva Doctors Emergency Doctors at home 07h-23h 322 20 20 Patient fit to be moved: HOPITAL CANTONAL CENTRAL 24 Micheli-du-Crest 372-33-11 ou 382-33-11 EMERGENCIES 382-33-11 ou 372-33-11 CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL 6 rue Willy-Donzé 372-33-11 MATERNITY 32 la Cluse 382-68-16 ou 382-33-11 OPHTHALMOLOGY 22 Alcide Jentzer 382-33-11 ou 372-33-11 MEDICAL CENTRE CORNAVIN 1-3 rue du Jura 345 45 50 HOPITAL DE LA TOUR Meyrin EMERGENCIES 719-61-11 URGENCES PEDIATRIQUES 719-61-00 LA TOUR MEDICAL CENTRE 719-74-00 European EmergencyCall 112 FRANCE EMERGENCY SERVICES 15 FIRE BRIGADE 18 POLICE 17 CERN FIREMEN AT HOME 00-41-22-767-44-44 ANTI-POISONS CENTRE Open 24h/24h 04-72-11-69-11 All doctors will...

  4. Learning Dynamics in Doctoral Supervision

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kobayashi, Sofie

    This doctoral research explores doctoral supervision within life science research in a Danish university. From one angle it investigates doctoral students’ experiences with strengthening the relationship with their supervisors through a structured meeting with the supervisor, prepared as part...... investigates learning opportunities in supervision with multiple supervisors. This was investigated through observations and recording of supervision, and subsequent analysis of transcripts. The analyses used different perspectives on learning; learning as participation, positioning theory and variation theory....... The research illuminates how learning opportunities are created in the interaction through the scientific discussions. It also shows how multiple supervisors can contribute to supervision by providing new perspectives and opinions that have a potential for creating new understandings. The combination...

  5. [The clown doctor: an introduction]. (United States)

    Rösner, M


    In the literature, increasing numbers of practitioners have reported their experience using clown doctors in geriatric settings. The reports agree on the positive effects on persons with dementia and also on their caregivers. However, empirical studies on its effectiveness are rare. This article presents the field of activity of a clown doctor in geriatric settings as well as an overview of current scientific research on the topic and the effects on persons with dementia and nursing staff. It will be become clear that the clown doctor is a supporting therapeutic intervention. Through the clown representation, it is possible to obtain access to and interact with a person with dementia, thus, maintaining social contact of the patient with his/her environment. This effect leads to an increase of well-being and contributes to a reduction of problematic behavior. In addition to reduced workload and relief for the nursing staff, it has a positive effect on the working atmosphere.

  6. Doctoral research on cadastral development

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cagdas, Volkan; Stubkjær, Erik


    . The article focuses on the methodological aspect of doctoral research by analyzing ten doctoral dissertations. Our analysis is based on a taxonomy of methodological elements and aims at identifying commonalities and differences among the dissertations in the use of concepts and methods. Having completed......The multitude of rights in land and the recording of these rights are addressed by a number of studies, yet a recognized paradigm for such studies seems missing. Rights in land are recorded and managed through either cadastral systems or land administration systems depending on the legal system...... of cadastral development. This research is multi-disciplinary and draws on elements of theories and methodologies from the natural, the social, the behavioral, and the formal sciences. During the last decade or so, doctoral dissertations have come to constitute a substantial part of this research effort...

  7. Solo doctors and ethical isolation. (United States)

    Cooper, R J


    This paper uses the case of solo doctors to explore whether working in relative isolation from one's peers may be detrimental to ethical decision-making. Drawing upon the relevance of communication and interaction for ethical decision-making in the ethical theories of Habermas, Mead and Gadamer, it is argued that doctors benefit from ethical discussion with their peers and that solo practice may make this more difficult. The paper identifies a paucity of empirical research related to solo practice and ethics but draws upon more general medical ethics research and a study that identified ethical isolation among community pharmacists to support the theoretical claims made. The paper concludes by using the literary analogy of Soderberg's Doctor Glas to illustrate the issues raised and how ethical decision-making in relative isolation may be problematical.

  8. Doctoral Dissertation Supervision: Identification and Evaluation of Models

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ngozi Agu


    Full Text Available Doctoral research supervision is one of the major avenues for sustaining students’ satisfaction with the programme, preparing students to be independent researchers and effectively initiating students into the academic community. This work reports doctoral students’ evaluation of their various supervision models, their satisfaction with these supervision models, and development of research-related skills. The study used a descriptive research design and was guided by three research questions and two hypotheses. A sample of 310 Ph.D. candidates drawn from a federal university in Eastern part of Nigeria was used for this study. The data generated through the questionnaire was analyzed using descriptive statistics and t-tests. Results show that face-to-face interactive model was not only the most frequently used, but also the most widely adopted in doctoral thesis supervision while ICT-based models were rarely used. Students supervised under face-to-face interactive model reported being more satisfied with dissertation supervision than those operating under face-to-face noninteractive model. However, students supervised under these two models did not differ significantly in their perceived development in research-related skills.

  9. The Elements of an Effective Dissertation and Thesis: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting it Right the First Time (United States)

    Calabrese, Raymond L.


    This is a student guide to writing an effective doctoral dissertation or a master's thesis. This book disaggregates the elements of the dissertation and provides the student with a description, definition, and example of each dissertation element. The author presents multiple viewpoints that include both quantitative and qualitative approaches.…

  10. Award for the best CMS thesis

    CERN Multimedia


    The 2002 CMS PhD Thesis Award for has been presented to Giacomo Luca Bruno for his thesis defended at the University of Pavia in Italy and entitled "The RPC detectors and the muon system for the CMS experiment at the LHC". His work was supervised by Sergio P. Ratti from the University of Pavia. Since April 2002, Giacomo has been employed as a research fellow by CERN's EP Division. He continues to work on CMS in the areas of data acquisition and physics reconstruction and selection. Last Monday he received a commemorative engraved plaque from Lorenzo Foà, chairman of the CMS Collaboration Board. He will also receive expenses paid to an international physics conference to present his thesis results. Giacomo Luca Bruno with Lorenzo Foà

  11. Robert Paine Doctor Honoris Causa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Per Mathiesen


    Full Text Available Professor Emeritus Dr. Robert Paine was conferred the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa at the University of Tromsø on August 27 1998 as a recognition of his long lasting and continuing influence on the anthropological study of modern society, and in particular his many contributions to the understanding of Sami reindeer husbandry and the Sami culture in general.

  12. Critical Reflection as Doctoral Education (United States)

    Brookfield, Stephen D.


    This chapter considers how doctoral education, particularly in applied settings such as education, social work, counseling, and health care, could be reimagined if it was organized around the idea and process of critical reflection: of helping students to better understand how power operates in educational environments and how students' sense of…

  13. Literature Reviews: Advising Doctoral Students (United States)

    Muirhead, Brent


    The rapid expansion of available information has created new opportunities and challenges for today's research students. Academic and public libraries have developed sophisticated electronic databases to better manage knowledge to make it more accessible to researchers. Literature reviews are a major challenge for doctoral students. The focus of…

  14. Doctoral Students' Conceptions of Research (United States)

    Pitcher, Rod


    In this paper I report a study of the conceptions of research held by a sample of doctoral students at an Australian research-intensive university. I take a unique approach by using metaphor analysis to study the students' conceptions. The students in this study were recruited for an on-line survey in which they answered questions relating to…

  15. Industry-Oriented Doctorate Established. (United States)

    Chemical and Engineering News, 1982


    Describes an industry-related program at the University of Texas (Arlington) leading to a Doctorate of Science in Applied Chemistry. The program requires an industrial internship and a dissertation based on research involving both the university's chemistry faculty and chemists in industry. (SK)

  16. Cholesterol - what to ask your doctor (United States)

    ... your doctor; What to ask your doctor about cholesterol ... What is my cholesterol level? What should my cholesterol level be? What are HDL ("good") cholesterol and LDL ("bad") cholesterol? Does my cholesterol ...

  17. Lyme disease - what to ask your doctor (United States)

    What to ask your doctor about Lyme disease; Lyme borreliosis - questions; Bannwarth syndrome - questions ... I am treated with antibiotics? How can my doctor diagnose me with Lyme disease? Can I be ...

  18. Enlarged prostate - what to ask your doctor (United States)

    What to ask your doctor about enlarged prostate; Benign prostatic hypertrophy - what to ask your doctor; BPH - what to ... . Roehrborn CG. Benign prostatic hyperplasia: Etiology, pathophysiology, epidemiology, and natural history. In: Wein ...

  19. Writing a Structured Abstract for the Thesis (United States)

    Hartley, James


    This article presents the author's suggestions on how to improve thesis abstracts. The author describes two books on writing abstracts: (1) "Creating Effective Conference Abstracts and Posters in Biomedicine: 500 tips for Success" (Fraser, Fuller & Hutber, 2009), a compendium of clear advice--a must book to have in one's hand as one prepares a…

  20. Dancing the Thesis, Writing on the Body (United States)

    Mills, Dana


    This article explores the connection between dance and politics through reflection on the process of writing a thesis about those two fields. Similarities and differences in the educational and disciplinary processes of academic practice and dance training are brought out, while focusing on the technique developed by Martha Graham: in particular…

  1. The Thesis, the Pendulum and the Battlefield (United States)

    Ameri, Amir


    The debate over the design thesis is often entangled in the dialectics of the practical and the theoretical. Whether the argument is waged and weighted in favour of a practical emphasis or a theoretical emphasis, or more insidious, a judicious balance between the two, what is inevitably assumed in the debate is the possibility of drawing and/or…

  2. Inspirational catalogue of Master Thesis proposals 2014

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    This catalog presents different topics for master thesis projects. It is important to emphasize that the project descriptions only serves as an inspiration and that you always can discuss with the potential supervisors the specific contents of a project. If you have an idea for a project which...

  3. The Extended Mind Thesis and Mechanistic Explanations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fazekas, Peter


    The Extended Mind Thesis (EMT) is traditionally formulated against the bedrock of functionalism, and ongoing debates are typically bogged down with questions concerning the exact relationship between EMT and different versions of functionalism. In this paper, I offer a novel ally for EMT: the new...

  4. Finding the Genesis for a Thesis (United States)

    Caroll, Joyce Armstrong


    This article describes a prewriting heuristics strategy that can help students find the genesis of their thesis. The 3 functions of the heuristic procedure are that it aids in retrieving relevant information stored in the mind; draws attention to important information that can be further researched or accessed; and prepares the mind for the…

  5. How I Chose My Thesis Advisor (United States)

    Karimabadi, Homa


    Professor K. Papadopoulos, or Dennis, who we have all come to him as, has had a profound influence over my career as a scientist as well as my private life. Here I provide a brief account of the events that led me to Dennis as my PhD thesis advisor at University of Maryland and what that has meant to me.

  6. Peer Assessment in Thesis Oral Presentation (United States)

    Liow, Jong-Leng


    Peer assessment has been studied in various situations and actively pursued as a means by which students are given more control over their learning and assessment achievement. This study investigated the reliability of staff and student assessments in two oral presentations with limited feedback for a school-based thesis course in engineering…

  7. The Learning Alliance: Ethics in Doctoral Supervision (United States)

    Halse, Christine; Bansel, Peter


    This paper is concerned with the ethics of relationships in doctoral supervision. We give an overview of four paradigms of doctoral supervision that have endured over the past 25 years and elucidate some of their strengths and limitations, contextualise them historically and consider their implications for doctoral supervision in the contemporary…

  8. Politeness in Doctor-Potient Diolog

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In our everyday communication, we often use Euphemism to express our thought indirectly, for example, doctors usually do not tell the patients the truth when treating serious patients. This paper aims at exploring the nature of euphemism in doctor-patient interactions and how do doctors use euphemism to attain the goal of politeness on the basis of the Face Theory and Politeness theory.

  9. Hybrid Doctoral Program: Innovative Practices and Partnerships (United States)

    Alvich, Dori; Manning, JoAnn; McCormick, Kathy; Campbell, Robert


    This paper reflects on how one mid-Atlantic University innovatively incorporated technology into the development of a hybrid doctoral program in educational leadership. The paper describes a hybrid doctoral degree program using a rigorous design; challenges of reworking a traditional syllabus of record to a hybrid doctoral program; the perceptions…

  10. [Clinical psychophysiological markers of maladaptive neuropsychic conditions in polyclinic doctors of old and middle age with professional burnout syndrome]. (United States)

    Parfenov, Iu A


    The article presents the actual in modern medicine problem of professional burnout of polyclinic doctors of middle and elderly age. It is shown that the specificity of the polyclinic doctors' activity provokes the formation of professional burnout syndrome, paired with maladaptive neuro-psychic conditions. We studied the prevalence of this syndrome in polyclinic doctors of middle age and older; its specific versions among the middle-aged doctors were defined, where the level of burnout is associated with aggressive tendencies, and the elderly doctors, where professional burnout is associated with the instability of affective response. Pathogenic markers of compensatory redistribution of information saturation of indicators of electroencephalography to the occipital cortex at professional burnout in polyclinic doctors of the elderly age, reflecting the involution processes in prefrontal areas of the cerebral cortex of the brain were identified.

  11. Doctoral specialization in nursing informatics.


    Gassert, C. A.; Mills, M. E.; Heller, B R


    A prototype program of doctoral study has been developed at the University of Maryland School of Nursing to prepare students with nursing expertise in the conceptualization and research of computer based information systems in hospitals, industry and other health care organizations. The graduate will be prepared to design effective nursing information systems; create innovative information technology; conduct research regarding integration of technology with nursing practice, administration, ...

  12. Another successful Doctoral Student Assembly

    CERN Multimedia

    Katarina Anthony


    On Wednesday 2 April, CERN hosted its third Doctoral Student Assembly in the Council Chamber.   CERN PhD students show off their posters in CERN's Main Building. Speaking to a packed house, Director-General Rolf Heuer gave the assembly's opening speech and introduced the poster session that followed. Seventeen CERN PhD students presented posters on their work, and were greeted by their CERN and University supervisors. It was a very successful event!

  13. Mastectomy and breast reconstruction - what to ask your doctor (United States)

    Mastectomy - what to ask your doctor; Breast reconstruction - what to ask your doctor; TRAM flap - what to ... your doctor; What to ask your doctor about mastectomy and breast reconstruction; Breast cancer - mastectomy - what to ...

  14. Jarrow, Electronic Thesis, and Dissertation Software

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    James MacDonald


    Full Text Available Collecting and disseminating theses and dissertations electronically is not a new concept. Tools and platforms have emerged to handle various components of the submission and distribution process. However, there is not a tool that handles the entirety of the process from the moment the student begins work on their thesis to the dissemination of the final thesis. The authors have created such a tool which they have called Jarrow. After reviewing available open-source software for theses submission and open-source institutional repository software this paper discusses why and how Jarrow was created and how it works. Jarrow can be downloaded and the project followed at

  15. Genetics and culture: the geneticization thesis. (United States)

    ten Have, H A


    The concept of 'geneticization' has been introduced in the scholarly literature to describe the various interlocking and imperceptible mechanisms of interaction between medicine, genetics, society and culture. It is argued that Western culture currently is deeply involved in a process of geneticization. This process implies a redefinition of individuals in terms of DNA codes, a new language to describe and interpret human life and behavior in a genomic vocabulary of codes, blueprints, traits, dispositions, genetic mapping, and a gentechnological approach to disease, health and the body. This article analyses the thesis of 'geneticization'. Explaining the implications of the thesis, and discussing the critical refutations, it is argued that 'geneticization' primarily is a heuristic tool that can help to re-focus the moral debate on the implications of new genetic knowledge towards interpersonal relations, the power of medicine, the cultural context and social constraints, rather than emphasizing issues as personal autonomy and individual rights.

  16. Methodological Innovation in Practice-Based Design Doctorates

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joyce S. R. Yee


    Full Text Available This article presents a selective review of recent design PhDs that identify and analyse the methodological innovation that is occurring in the field, in order to inform future provision of research training. Six recently completed design PhDs are used to highlight possible philosophical and practical models that can be adopted by future PhD students in design. Four characteristics were found in design PhD methodology: innovations in the format and structure of the thesis, a pick-and-mix approach to research design, situating practice in the inquiry, and the validation of visual analysis. The article concludes by offering suggestions on how research training can be improved. By being aware of recent methodological innovations in the field, design educators will be better informed when developing resources for future design doctoral candidates and assisting supervision teams in developing a more informed and flexible approach to practice-based research.



    Revista Ciencias Biomedicas


    El doctor Jaime Antonio Barrios Amaya, nació en Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, el 4 de noviembre de 1935. Realizó estudios de primaria en el colegio Fernández Baena y de secundaria en el Liceo de Bolívar, donde se graduó de Bachiller superior en 1956. Inmediatamente ingresó a la Universidad de Cartagena, adelantando estudios médicos y egresó en 1963 con el título de Médico Cirujano. Poco tiempo después regresó a la Universidad de Cartagena e ...

  18. What Makes a Good Doctor?

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    C. Richard Coati


    @@ Introduction In the United States and I suspect in all parts of the world, a good doctor is an individual who, in addition to training in their area of interest, i.e., family practice, internal medicine, or a subspecialty area, has participated actively in the educational programs relating to their training which make them eligible to take examinations in those areas (if they are available) and pass them.All physicians generally like to have some procedural skills,but the most important part of their skills relate to their cognitive knowledge which in the long term insures optimal patient care.

  19. Publishing Time-Frame Evaluation for Doctoral Students in United Kingdom

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrada Elena URDA-CÎMPEAN


    Full Text Available The first objective of the study was to compute the time to completion and publication of original scientific publications for medical doctoral students in the UK. A second objective was to evaluate if PhD theses format (monograph or publication-based can influence the time to completion and publication of original scientific publications. We assessed a small sample of free full text medical doctoral theses from universities in the United Kingdom (mostly from the University of Manchester, which have produced at least 2 original scientific publications by the end of the doctoral studies. The time elapsed between 2 consecutive publications from the same thesis was considered an approximation of the time to completion and publication of the second publication. In the case of prospective theses, the median time to completion and publication of original scientific publications from medical doctoral theses was 10.17 months. We found that there was a statistically significant difference between the time (to completion and publication medians of the publications from traditional theses format and of the publications from publication-based theses format. Time to completion and publication of original scientific publications for medical doctoral students needs to be further evaluated on a larger scale, based on more theses from several medical faculties in the UK.

  20. Doctoral education in a successful ecological niche

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christensen, Mette Krogh; Lund, Ole


    explore the microclimate in an ecological niche of doctoral education. Based on a theoretical definition of microclimate as the emotional atmosphere that ties group members together and affects their actions, we conducted a case study that aimed to describe the key features of the microclimate...... in a successful ecological niche of doctoral education, and the ways in which the microclimate support the doctoral students’ learning. The methods we applied in the case study were based on short-term ethnographic fieldwork. The results reveal four key features of the emotional atmosphere in the microclimate...... successful doctoral education because it: 1) fleshes out the professional attitude that is necessary for becoming a successful researcher in the department, 2) shapes and adapts the doctoral students’ desires to grasp and identify with the department’s practices, and 3) provides the doctoral students...

  1. Women who doctor shop for prescription drugs. (United States)

    Worley, Julie; Thomas, Sandra P


    Doctor shopping is a term used to describe a form of diversion of prescription drugs when patients visit numerous prescribers to obtain controlled drugs for illicit use. Gender differences exist in regard to prescription drug abuse and methods of diversion. The purpose of this phenomenological study guided by the existential philosophy of Merleau-Ponty was to understand the lived experience of female doctor shoppers. Interviews were conducted with 14 women, which were recorded, transcribed, and analyzed. Included in the findings are figural aspects of the participants' experience of doctor shopping related to the existential grounds of world, time, body, and others. Four themes emerged from the data: (a) feeding the addiction, (b) networking with addicts, (c) playing the system, and (d) baiting the doctors. The findings suggest several measures that nurses can take to reduce the incidence of doctor shopping and to provide better care for female doctor shoppers.


    CERN Multimedia


    GENEVA PATIENT NOT FIT TO BE MOVED: Call your family doctor  Or SOS MEDECINS (24H/24H) Or ASSOC. MEDECINS DE GENEVE (7H-23H) 022 748-49-50 022 322-20-20 PATIENT CAN BE MOVED: HOPITAL CANTONAL 24 Micheli du Crest  022 372-33-11 / 022 382-33-11 URGENCES PEDIATRIQUES  30 Bd de la Cluse  022 382-45-55  MATERNITY 24 Micheli du Crest  022 382-68-16 / 022 382-33-11 CLINIQUE OPHTALMOLOGIQUE 22 Alcide Jentzer  022 382-84-00 HOPITAL DE LA TOUR  Meyrin  022 719-61-11 URGENCES ADULTES  Meyrin  022 719-66-80  URGENCES : AMBULANCE (GENEVE ET VAUD) : 144 FIRE BRIGADE CERN 767-44-44  FIRE BRIGADE 118 POLICE 117 CENTRE ANTI-POISON 24H/24H  01-251-51-510 APPEL D'URGENCE EUROPEEN 112 FRANCE PATIENT NOT FIT TO BE MOVED: Call your family doctor (ou­or 15) PATIENT CAN BE MOVED: HOPITAL DE ST. JULIEN  Rue Amédée VIII de Savoie&a...

  3. Urgent Need of a Doctor

    CERN Multimedia


    GENEVE PATIENT NOT FIT TO BE MOVED: Call your family doctor Or: SOS MEDECINS (24H/24H) 022 748-49-50 Or: ASSOC. MEDECINS DE GENEVE (07H-23H) 022 322-20-20 PATIENT CAN BE MOVED: • HOPITAL CANTONAL 24 Micheli du Crest 022 372-33-11 / 022 382-33-11 PAEDIATRIC EMERGENCIES 30 Bd de la Cluse 022 382-45-55 MATERNITY 24 Micheli du Crest 022 382-68-16 / 022 382-33-11 CLINIQUE OPHTALMOLOGY 22 Alcide Jentzer 022 382-84-00 • HOPITAL DE LA TOUR Meyrin 022 719-61-11 EMERGENCIES ADULTS Meyrin 022 719-66-80 EMERGENCIES: AMBULANCE (GENEVE AND VAUD) 144 FIRE BRIGADE 118 FIRE BRIGADE CERN 022 767-44-44 POLICE 117 ANTI POISON CENTRE (24H/24H) 01-251-51-51 EUROPEAN EMERGENCY CALL  112 FRANCE PATIENT NOT FIT TO BE MOVED: Call your family doctor (or 15) PATIENT CAN BE MOVED: • HOPITAL DE ST. JULIEN Rue Amédée VIII de Savoie 04-50-49-65-65 EMERGENCIES Rue Amédée VIII de Savoie 04.50-49-65-83 MATERNITY Rue Am&...

  4. Urgent need of a doctor

    CERN Multimedia


    GENEVE PATIENT NOT FIT TO BE MOVED: Call your family doctor Or: SOS MEDECINS (24H/24H) 022 748-49-50 Or: ASSOC. MEDECINS DE GENEVE (07H-23H) 022 322-20-20 PATIENT CAN BE MOVED: • HOPITAL CANTONAL 24 Micheli du Crest 022 372-33-11 / 022 382-33-11 URGENCES PEDIATRIQUES 30 Bd de la Cluse 022 382-45-55 MATERNITY 24 Micheli du Crest 022 382-68-16 / 022 382-33-11 CLINIQUE OPHTALMOLOGIQUE 22 Alcide Jentzer 022 382-84-00 • HOPITAL DE LA TOUR Meyrin 022 719-61-11 EMERGENCIES ADULTES Meyrin 022 719-66-80 EMERGENCIES: AMBULANCES (GENEVE AND VAUD) 144 FIRE BRIGADE CERN 022 767-44-44 FIRE BRIGADE 118 POLICE 117 CENTRE ANTI-POISON (24H/24H): 01-251-51-51 EUROPEAN EMERGENCY CALL: 112 FRANCE PATIENT NOT FIT TO BE MOVED: Call your family doctor (or 15) PATIENT CAN BE MOVED: • HOPITAL DE ST. JULIEN rue Amédée VIII de Savoie 04-50-49-65-65 EMERGENCIES rue Amédée VIII de Savoie 04-50-49-65-83 MATERNITY r...

  5. Urgent Need of a Doctor

    CERN Multimedia


    GENEVE PATIENT NOT FIT TO BE MOVED: Call your family doctor Or: SOS MEDECINS (24H/24H) 022 748-49-50 Or: ASSOC. MEDECINS DE GENEVE (07H-23H) 022 322-20-20 PATIENT CAN BE MOVED: • HOPITAL CANTONAL 24 Micheli du Crest 022 372-33-11 / 022 382-33-11 PAEDIATRIC EMERGENCIES 30 Bd de la Cluse 022 382-45-55 MATERNITY 24 Micheli du Crest 022 382-68-16 / 022 382-33-11 CLINIQUE OPHTALMOLOGY 22 Alcide Jentzer 022 382-84-00 • HOPITAL DE LA TOUR Meyrin 022 719-61-11 EMERGENCIES ADULTS Meyrin 022 719-66-80 EMERGENCIES: AMBULANCE (GENEVE AND VAUD) 144 FIRE BRIGADE 118 FIRE BRIGADE CERN 022 767-44-44 POLICE 117 ANTI POISON CENTRE (24H/24H) 01-251-51-51 EUROPEAN EMERGENCY CALL  112 FRANCE PATIENT NOT FIT TO BE MOVED: Call your family doctor (or 15) PATIENT CAN BE MOVED: • HOPITAL DE ST. JULIEN Rue Amédée VIII de Savoie 04-50-49-65-65 EMERGENCIES Rue Amédée VIII de Savoie 04.50-49-65-83 MATERNITY Rue Am...


    CERN Multimedia


    GENEVE PATIENT NOT FIT TO BE MOVED: Call your family doctor Or: SOS MEDECINS (24H/24H) 022 748-49-50 Or: ASSOC. MEDECINS DE GENEVE (07H-23H) 022 322-20-20 PATIENT CAN BE MOVED: HOPITAL CANTONAL 24 Micheli du Crest 022 372-33-11 / 022 382-33-11 EMERGENCIES PEDIATRIQUES 30 Bd de la Cluse 022 382-45-55 MATERNITY 24 Micheli du Crest 022 382-68-16 / 022 382-33-11 CLINIQUE OPHTALMOLOGIQUE 22 Alcide Jentzer 022 382-84-00 HOPITAL DE LA TOUR Meyrin 022 719-61-11 EMERGENCIES ADULTES Meyrin 022 719-66-80 EMERGENCIES: AMBULANCES (GENEVE ET VAUD) 144 FIRE BRIGADE CERN 022 767-44-44 FIRE BRIGADE 118 POLICE 117 CENTRE ANTI-POISON: 24H/24H 01-251-51-51 EUROPEAN EMERGENCY CALL: 112 FRANCE PATIENT NOT FIT TO BE MOVED: Call your family doctor (or 15) PATIENT CAN BE MOVED: HOPITAL DE ST. JULIEN rue Amédée VIII de Savoie 04-50-49-65-65 EMERGENCIES rue Amédée VIII de Savoie 04-50-49-65-83 MATERNITY rue Amédée VIII de Savoie 04-50-49-66-07 HOPITAL D'ANNEMASSE 17 r...


    CERN Multimedia


    GENEVE PATIENT NOT FIT TO BE MOVED: Call your family doctor Or : SOS MEDECINS (24H/24H) 022 748-49-50 Or : ASSOC. MEDECINS DE GENEVE (07H-23H) 022 322-20-20 PATIENT CAN BE MOVED: HOPITAL CANTONAL 24 Micheli du Crest 022 372-33-11 / 022 382-33-11 EMERGENCIES PEDIATRIQUES 30 Bd de la Cluse 022 382-45-55 MATERNITY 24 Micheli du Crest 022 382-68-16 / 022 382-33-11 CLINIQUE OPHTALMOLOGIQUE 22 Alcide Jentzer 022 382-84-00 HOPITAL DE LA TOUR Meyrin 022 719-61-11 EMERGENCIES ADULTES Meyrin 022 719-66-80 EMERGENCIES: AMBULANCES (GENEVE ET VAUD) 144 FIRE BRIGADE CERN 022 767-44-44 FIRE BRIGADE 118 POLICE 117 CENTRE ANTI-POISON: 24H/24H 01-251-51-51 EUROPEAN EMERGENCY CALL: 112 FRANCE PATIENT NOT FIT TO BE MOVED: Call your family doctor (or 15) PATIENT CAN BE MOVED: HOPITAL DE ST. JULIEN rue Amédée VIII de Savoie 04-50-49-65-65 EMERGENCIES rue Amédée VIII de Savoie 04-50-49-65-83 MATERNITY rue Amédée VIII de Savoie 04-50-49-66-07 HOPITAL D'ANNEMASSE 17 rue du Jura, Ambilly 04-50-87-47-47 EMERGENCIES 17 rue...

  8. Urgent need of a doctor

    CERN Multimedia


    GENEVE PATIENT NOT FIT TO BE MOVED: Call your family doctor Or : SOS MEDECINS (24H/24H) 022 748-49-50 Or : ASSOC. MEDECINS DE GENEVE (07H-23H) 022 322-20-20 PATIENT CAN BE MOVED: HOPITAL CANTONAL 24 Micheli du Crest 022 372-33-11 / 022 382-33-11 EMERGENCIES PEDIATRIQUES 30 Bd de la Cluse 022 382-45-55 MATERNITY 24 Micheli du Crest 022 382-68-16 / 022 382-33-11 CLINIQUE OPHTALMOLOGIQUE 22 Alcide Jentzer 022 382-84-00 HOPITAL DE LA TOUR Meyrin 022 719-61-11 EMERGENCIES ADULTS Meyrin 022 719-66-80 EMERGENCIES: AMBULANCES (GENEVE ET VAUD) 144 FIRE BRIGADE CERN 022 767-44-44 FIRE BRIGADE 118 POLICE 117 CENTRE ANTI-POISON 24H/24H: 01-251-51-51 EUROPEAN EMERGENCY CALL : 112 FRANCE PATIENT NOT FIT TO BE MOVED: Call your family doctor (or 15) PATIENT CAN BE MOVED: HOPITAL DE ST. JULIEN rue Amédée VIII de Savoie 04-50-49-65-65 EMERGENCIES rue Amédée VIII de Savoie 04-50-49-65-83 MATERNITY rue Amédée VIII de Savoie 04-50-49-66-07 HOPITAL D'ANNEMASSE 1...

  9. Do junior doctors take sick leave? (United States)

    Perkin, M R; Higton, A; Witcomb, M


    Nosocomial infections place a heavy burden on overstretched health services. An audit of junior doctors' sick leave behaviour was undertaken in 1993 and again in 2001. The object was to ascertain the level of common infectious illness and to investigate whether junior doctors were remaining at work inappropriately. The doctors were asked if any factors had influenced their decision to take sick leave or not. Between the two audits several initiatives have been introduced to improve the working conditions of junior doctors, including the New Deal to reduce hours of work. Eighty one junior doctors in a large teaching hospital participated in 1993 and 110 in 2001. The number reporting an infectious illness in the previous six months was similar (61.7% in 1993, 68.2% in 2001). There had been a significant increase in the percentage of infectious illness episodes for which the doctors took sick leave (15.1% in 1993, 36.8% in 2001, p work (72% in 1993, 68% in 2001). Consultant pressure was cited by 26% (1993) and 20% (2001). Use of the staff occupational health unit was minimal, with none of the ill doctors contacting the department in 1993 and only three in 2001. Overall, despite the reduction in the number of infectious doctors not taking sick leave, the majority remained at work. Fundamental changes are needed if potentially infected doctors are not to present a risk of iatrogenic infection.

  10. Psychiatric Prescribers' Experiences With Doctor Shoppers. (United States)

    Worley, Julie; Johnson, Mary; Karnik, Niranjan


    Doctor shopping is a primary method of prescription medication diversion. After opioids, benzodiazepines and stimulants are the next most common prescription medications used nonmedically. Studies have shown that patients who engage in doctor shopping find it fun, exciting, and easy to do. There is a lack of research on the prescriber's perspective on the phenomenon of doctor shopping. This study investigates the experiences of prescribers in psychiatry with patients who engage in doctor shopping. Fifteen prescribers including psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners working in outpatient psychiatry were interviewed to elicit detailed information about their experiences with patients who engage in doctor shopping. Themes found throughout the interview were that psychiatric prescribers' experience with patients who engage in doctor shopping includes (a) detecting red flags, (b) negative emotional responding, (c) addressing the patient and the problem, and (d) inconsistently implementing precautions. When red flags were detected when prescribing controlled drugs, prescribers in psychiatry experienced both their own negative emotional responses such as disappointment and resentment as well as the negative emotions of the patients such as anger and other extreme emotional responses. Psychiatric prescribers responded to patient's doctor shopping in a variety of ways such as changing their practice, discharging the patients or taking steps to not accept certain patients identified as being at risk for doctor shopping, as well as by talking to the patient and trying to offer them help. Despite experiencing doctor shopping, the prescribers inconsistently implemented precautionary measures such as checking prescription drug monitoring programs.

  11. Teaching medical English to foreign-language doctors. (United States)

    Fox, C H; Meijer, F


    Acquisition of an advanced medical degree beyond licensure and specialization is advantageous and encouraged in Swedish medical education. Since a thesis and a number of published works, usually in English are required, there is considerable interest in medical writing by doctors and medical scientists. A voluntary course in 'Biomedical Authorship' which included presentation of oral reports was offered by the Karolinska Institutes' Medical Faculty. This course was intended to prepare participants for their thesis work and for presentations at scientific congresses. The course revealed that the principle difficulty was not in English skills which were rather good, but in the students' inexperience in critically rereading what they had written and making suitable revisions. A case study method was used so that students acquired experience in critically reading and correcting their own work and that of others. An instructor who understood the evolution of academic Swedish was of considerable help in explaining some of the 'Swenglishisms' that arose during the course. The oral presentation portion, which used videotapes of students, showed the students as lacking experience in basic public speaking and as frequently being apprehensive. This was much improved by taped poetry readings, scientific reports and slide shows. This Swedish experience should apply to teaching biomedical writing in the other Scandinavian countries and in Northern Europe.

  12. What Examiners Do: What Thesis Students Should Know (United States)

    Golding, Clinton; Sharmini, Sharon; Lazarovitch, Ayelet


    Although many articles have been written about thesis assessment, none provide a comprehensive, general picture of what examiners do as they assess a thesis. To synthesise this diverse literature, we reviewed 30 articles, triangulated their conclusions and identified 11 examiner practices. Thesis examiners tend to be broadly consistent in their…

  13. On Doctoral Student Development: Exploring Faculty Mentoring in the Shaping of African American Doctoral Student Success (United States)

    Felder, Pamela


    This study examines the influence of faculty mentorship in the shaping of African American doctoral student success. A case analysis framework is used to investigate the belief systems that doctoral students held about their doctoral experience. Data collection involved a one-phase semi-structured interview protocol used to gather information…

  14. Challenges to the Doctoral Journey: A Case of Female Doctoral Students from Ethiopia (United States)

    Bireda, Asamenew Demessie


    This study aimed to investigate some challenges female doctoral students experience in their doctoral journey. The study used a qualitative design and structured interviews. The theoretical framework that guided the study was that of Urie Bronfenbrenner's ecosystemic theory. A purposely selected sample of five female doctoral students from the…

  15. What Disengages Doctoral Students in the Biological and Environmental Sciences from Their Doctoral Studies? (United States)

    Virtanen, V.; Taina, J.; Pyhältö, K.


    This study explored the causes of student disengagement from their doctoral studies in the biological and environmental sciences. The data came from interviews of 40 doctoral students (male = 15, female = 25) and underwent qualitative analysis for content. Our results showed that doctoral studies provide multiple contexts for disengagement, such…

  16. A Qualitative Examination of Challenges Influencing Doctoral Students in an Online Doctoral Program (United States)

    Deshpande, Anant


    The main purpose of the study was to investigate the challenges faced by students in completion of an online doctoral program at the University of Liverpool, Online Doctoral Business Administration program. We analyse the responses of 91 doctoral students in an online DBA program. Based on the exploratory qualitative study themes were developed…

  17. Doctoral Studies in Romania: Admission Procedures, Social, and Legal Aspects of Doctoral Training (United States)

    Miclea, Mircea


    This contribution presents a concise and up-to-date report of doctoral studies in Romania, with a special emphasis on legal and social aspects. The author also argues that in order to be sustainable, the reform of doctoral studies should be substantiated by the differentiation of universities, reliable post-doctoral programmes, and a substantive…

  18. The Doctor and the Charlatan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isabelle Stengers


    Full Text Available We all know, in fact we are sure, that our medical practices are very different from those in the times of Molière or of Louis XVI. In one way or another medicine has today become ‘modern’ in the same way as the whole set of knowledges and practices that call themselves rational. This is obvious, but I would like to interrogate this obviousness. Not to debunk it so as to show that beyond these appearances nothing has changed, but in order to focus in a slightly clearer way on ‘what’ has changed. To be even more precise, I would like to focus on ‘what’ has changed for the doctor, the one who practises medicine.

  19. [Patients' rights--doctors' duties]. (United States)

    Jaeger, L; Bertram, E; Grate, S; Mischkowsky, T; Paul, D; Probst, J; Scala, E; Wbllenweber, H D


    On 26 February 2013 the new "Law on Patients' Rights" (hereinafter also the "Law") became effective. This Law strengthens patients' rights vis-à-vis the insurdnce company and also regulates patients' rights regarding their relation to the doctor. This has consequences for the laws on medical liability all doctors must consider. The doctor's performance is and remains a service and such service does not hold any guarantee of success. Nevertheless, this Law primarily reads as a "law on the duties of physicians". To duly take into account these duties and to avoid mistakes and misinterpretation of the Law, the Ethics Committee of the Consortium of Osteosynthesis Trauma Germany (AOTRAUMA-D) has drafted comments on the Law. Brief summaries of its effects are to be found at the end of the respective comment under the heading "Consequences for Practice". The text of the law was influenced particularly by case law, as continuously developed by the German Federal Court of Justice ("BGH"). The implementation of the Law on Patients' Rights was effected by the newly inserted sections 630a to 630h of the German Civil Code (the "BGB"), which are analysed below. The following comments are addressed to physicians only and do not deal with the specific requirements and particularities of the other medical professions such as physiotherapy, midwifery and others so on. Special attention should be paid to the comments on the newly inserted Duty to inform, which has to be fullfilled prior to any diagnostic or therapeutic procedure (sec. 630c para 2 sentence 1 BGB). Under certain conditions the doctor also has to inform the patient about the circumstances that lead to the presumed occurance of a therapeutic or diagnostic malpractice (sec. 630c para. 2 sentence 2 BGB), based on the manifestation of an undesired event or an undesired outcome. As before, the patient's valid consent to any procedure (sec. 630d BGB) is directly linked to the comprehensive and timely provision of information

  20. [Priest-doctors in Russia]. (United States)

    Berlan, Hélène; Triaire, Dominique


    Jean Pierre Frank offers in the early nineteenth century a revolution in medical Russian Empire. Indeed, Russia is in an emergency situation where the lack of practitioners is obvious. The imperial project is inspired by past practices in some European countries. Frank fits these transfers and implements a unique model where the priest-doctor stands out as the solution to overcome the lack of medicalization of the Empire. Even if the attempt was a failure, it remains that the proposals were part of Frank in both an ancient tradition that priests and physicians providing care for souls and bodies, but also showed that called his wishes the advent of "public health" in this country disinherited.

  1. Current Issues in Social Work Doctoral Education (United States)

    Goodman, Harriet


    The purpose of doctoral programs in social work is to prepare research-scientists who contribute to knowledge that guides professional practice and educators competent to teach new cohorts of social work practitioners. In grooming stewards of the profession, doctoral programs also must prepare their graduates to support the larger contemporary…

  2. Passionate Scholars: Transformative Learning in Doctoral Education (United States)

    Stevens-Long, Judith; Schapiro, Steven A.; McClintock, Charles


    This article explores the relationships among student-centered doctoral study for scholar-practitioners, adult development, and transformative learning. In this research study, the authors describe a project that explores an expanded conceptualization of doctoral education that is grounded in an integrative perspective on adult development and on…

  3. Baccalaureate Origins of Doctorate Recipients in Chemistry. (United States)

    Hall, Alfred E.


    Franklin and Marshall College has ranked 867 private undergraduate institutions according to the number of students who received their doctorates between 1920 and 1980. A study of institutions ranked in the top 101 in terms of the number of students who subsequently received a doctorate in chemistry is reported. (MLW)

  4. European Industrial Doctorates: Marie Curie Actions (United States)

    European Commission, 2012


    European industrial doctorates are joint doctoral training projects funded by the European Union (EU) and open to all research fields. The project brings together an academic participant (university, research institution, etc.) and a company. They have to be established in two different EU Member States or associated countries. Associated partners…

  5. Addressing the Curriculum Problem in Doctoral Education (United States)

    Green, Bill


    How best to understand the curriculum problem in doctoral research education: that is the question that this paper engages. It begins by noting that curriculum as such is little referenced and inadequately theorised in higher education and certainly in doctoral education, and indeed has been described as a "missing term". The paper then reviews a…

  6. Richard W. Ziolkowski Receives Honorary Doctorate

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Breinbjerg, Olav


    At the annual Commemoration of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) on April 27, 2012, Prof. Richard W. Ziolkowski, University of Arizona (UoA), received DTU's highest academic degree, the Honorary Doctor degree: Doctor Technices Honoris Causa (Figure 1). Prof. Ziolkowski has been a close...

  7. Doctor of Professional Counseling: The Next Step (United States)

    Southern, Stephen; Cade, Rochelle; Locke, Don W.


    Professional doctorates have been established in the allied health professions by clinicians seeking the highest levels of independent practice. Allied health professional doctorates include nursing practice (DNP), occupational therapy (OTD), psychology (PsyD), social work (DSW), and marriage and family therapy (DMFT). Lessons learned from the…

  8. Diarrhea - what to ask your doctor - child (United States)

    What to ask your doctor about diarrhea - child; Loose stools - what to ask your doctor - child ... FOODS What foods can make my child's diarrhea worse? How should I prepare the foods for my child? If my child is still breastfeeding or bottle feeding, do I ...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Avtar Singh


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND : Disruptive behavior in a medical setting is defined as objectionable or offensive interpersonal behavior that leads to disruption of professional activities in the workplace. 1 It has been observed that majority of doctors do not show disruptive behavior in their day today conduct and only few doctors are identified for their disruptive behavior . Special commi ttee on professional conduct and ethics defines disruptive behavior in physicians as aberrant behavior manifested through personal interaction with physicians , hospital personnel , health care professionals , patients , family members or others which interferes with patient care or could reasonably be expected to interfere with the process of delivering quality care. 2 Common forms of disruptive behaviors generally seen amongst young doctors are use of abusive language , yelling or shouting at patients , colleagues and subordinate staff , showing in disciplined behavior and at times indulging in physical abuse. 3 - 4 STUDY DESIGN : Study was conducted at a tertiary care hospital where 614 health care professionals participated which included 108 doctors 432 nurs ing staff and 74 paramedical staff METHOD : Data collection was done by semi structured pretested questionnaire and was entered in Microsoft Excel and analyzed for frequency and percentages . RESULTS : 64 % doctor , 66% nursing staff and 50% of the paramedicals answered that they have seen doctors showing disruptive behavior at one time or the other . Not all the doctors show disruptive behavior but this type of aberrant behavior is seen mainly in2 - 3 percent of doctors only. While answering to the que stion as to the type of disruptive behavior , 57% health care professionals reported that commonest form of disruptive behavior noticed by them amongst doctors was yelling or shouting on junior staff , patients and colleagues . 47% answered that doctors with disruptive behavior do not follow laid down orders or

  10. Burnout and Doctors: Prevalence, Prevention and Intervention

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shailesh Kumar


    Full Text Available Doctors are exposed to high levels of stress in the course of their profession and are particularly susceptible to experiencing burnout. Burnout has far-reaching implications on doctors; patients and the healthcare system. Doctors experiencing burnout are reported to be at a higher risk of making poor decisions; display hostile attitude toward patients; make more medical errors; and have difficult relationships with co-workers. Burnout among doctors also increases risk of depression; anxiety; sleep disturbances; fatigue; alcohol and drug misuse; marital dysfunction; premature retirement and perhaps most seriously suicide. Sources of stress in medical practice may range from the emotions arising in the context of patient care to the environment in which doctors practice. The extent of burnout may vary depending on the practice setting; speciality and changing work environment. Understanding dynamic risk factors associated with burnout may help us develop strategies for preventing and treating burnout. Some of these strategies will be reviewed in this paper.

  11. Burnout and Doctors: Prevalence, Prevention and Intervention. (United States)

    Kumar, Shailesh


    Doctors are exposed to high levels of stress in the course of their profession and are particularly susceptible to experiencing burnout. Burnout has far-reaching implications on doctors; patients and the healthcare system. Doctors experiencing burnout are reported to be at a higher risk of making poor decisions; display hostile attitude toward patients; make more medical errors; and have difficult relationships with co-workers. Burnout among doctors also increases risk of depression; anxiety; sleep disturbances; fatigue; alcohol and drug misuse; marital dysfunction; premature retirement and perhaps most seriously suicide. Sources of stress in medical practice may range from the emotions arising in the context of patient care to the environment in which doctors practice. The extent of burnout may vary depending on the practice setting; speciality and changing work environment. Understanding dynamic risk factors associated with burnout may help us develop strategies for preventing and treating burnout. Some of these strategies will be reviewed in this paper.

  12. The Lenoir thesis revisited: Blumenbach and Kant. (United States)

    Zammito, John H


    Timothy Lenoir launched the historical study of German life science at the end of the 18th century with the claim that J. F. Blumenbach's approach was shaped by his reception of the philosophy of Immanuel Kant: a 'teleomechanism' that adopted a strictly 'regulative' approach to the character of organisms. It now appears that Lenoir was wrong about Blumenbach's understanding of Kant, for Blumenbach's Bildungstrieb entailed an actual empirical claim. Moreover, he had worked out the decisive contours of his theory and he had exerted his maximal influence on the so-called 'Göttingen School' before 1795, when Lenoir posits the main influence of Kant's thought took hold. This has crucial significance for the historical reconstruction of the German life sciences in the period. The Lenoir thesis can no longer serve as the point of departure for that reconstruction.

  13. Thermal Signature Identification System (TheSIS) (United States)

    Merritt, Scott; Bean, Brian


    We characterize both nonlinear and high order linear responses of fiber-optic and optoelectronic components using spread spectrum temperature cycling methods. This Thermal Signature Identification System (TheSIS) provides much more detail than conventional narrowband or quasi-static temperature profiling methods. This detail allows us to match components more thoroughly, detect subtle reversible shifts in performance, and investigate the cause of instabilities or irreversible changes. In particular, we create parameterized models of athermal fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs), delay line interferometers (DLIs), and distributed feedback (DFB) lasers, then subject the alternative models to selection via the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC). Detailed pairing of components, e.g. FBGs, is accomplished by means of weighted distance metrics or norms, rather than on the basis of a single parameter, such as center wavelength.

  14. [Doctoral theses production of the more productive Spanish psychology professors in the Web of Science]. (United States)

    Olivas-Ávila, José A; Musi-Lechuga, Bertha


    The purpose of the present study is to analyze the scientific production of the more productive Psychology faculty member of Spain through advised doctoral theses in the data base TESEO. The sample consisted of the 100 more productive professors of each one of the areas of Spanish Psychology. We reviewed a total of 4036 records of which 2339 belong to the 610 professors who conformed the sample. The results reveal that the percentage of professors who have not directed any thesis accounts for 24%. On the other hand, the proportion of thesis by professor by areas oscillates in a range of between 5.25 and 2.50, being Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment the highest of this rank and Behavioral Sciences Methodology the last. In the last 7 years, the most productive professors have duplicated their theses direction. Finally, there is a rising trend in terms of theses read in every area, reaching the greater frequency in the years of 2003 and 2005. We discuss the considerations that represent the doctoral thesis direction for professors as criterion in their evaluation.

  15. Questions to Ask Your Doctor (United States)

    ... Research Funding Treatments & Trials Standard Treatments for Metastatic Breast Cancer Drug Reference Card Bone METS Brain METS: Some Frequently Asked Questions Lung METS Liver Mets Management of Pain & Other Side Effects Clinical Trials Q & A Phases of Clinical Trials Clinical Trials Finder ...

  16. Preparing Your Child for Visits to the Doctor (United States)

    ... Old Preparing Your Child for Visits to the Doctor KidsHealth > For Parents > Preparing Your Child for Visits ... vital to making an informed diagnosis. Choose a Doctor Who Relates Well to Kids Because your doctor ...

  17. Weight-loss surgery - before - what to ask your doctor (United States)

    Gastric bypass - before - what to ask your doctor; Roux-en-Y gastric bypass - before - what to ask your doctor; Gastric banding - before - what to ask your doctor; Vertical sleeve surgery - before - ...

  18. Doctors Try Brain-Training to Curb 'Phantom Limb Pain' (United States)

    ... with the study. "The problem with having a prosthetic limb is that when you try to control that hand, it does not translate. You use other parts ... needed for a patient to move their "phantom" hand, and linked those signals to a robot prosthetic limb. Patients experienced an increase in phantom pain ...

  19. Using Doctoral Experience Survey Data to Support Developments in Postgraduate Supervision and Support

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucy Johnston


    Full Text Available Provision of both high standards of thesis supervision and high quality research environments are required for doctoral candidates to flourish. An important component of ensuring quality provision of research resources is the soliciting of feedback from research students and the provision from research supervisors and institutions of timely and constructive responses to such feedback. In this manuscript we describe the use of locally developed survey instruments to elicit student feedback. We then demonstrate how actions taken in response to this student feedback can help establish a virtuous circle that enhances doctoral students’ research experiences. We provide examples of changes to supervisory practice and resource allocation based on feedback and show the positive impact on subsequent student evaluations. While the examples included here are local, the issues considered and the methods and interventions developed are applicable to all institutions offering research degrees.

  20. [Modern esophageal surgery and late functional results as equations with several unknowns--Hungarian Academy of Sciences Doctoral Thesis]. (United States)

    Altorjay, Aron


    Using the same surgical method and anatomically ideal primary healing, the functional results could even be different later. Trying to identify various factors being responsible for the above differences, 637 patient's data, who underwent previous oesophago-gastric surgery between 1985-2005, were analyzed. Biochemical, histological and electrophysiological examinations had been evaluated. Developing hypertrophy-like metabolic changes and enteric ganglionitis as morphological alternations of LES muscles induced by GERD may be reasons for complaints after antireflux surgery. The marking of Z-line with endoscopic clips followed by an immediately upright contrast study and substractional evaluation is appropriate for detecting true short esophagus. Open surgical procedures are justified even in the new millennium in cases when the patient already underwent previous upper abdominal operations - due to an increased risk of injury because of adhesions - in cases of primarily recurrent paraesophageal hernias after an unsuccessful open and/or laparoscopic reconstruction, as well as in cases of reflux with complications. When adenocarcinomas of the gastro-oesophageal junction are examined preoperatively, the ratio of the performed catabolic - AMAN, CB, and DPP I - enzymatic activity of the tissue sample from the tumour and adjacent intact mucosa within 2 cm of the tumour may have a prognostic value even in the preoperative examination period, and neo-adjuvant treatment should be considered in these group of patients. The patients' post-operative complaints and symptoms change during the post-operative period and correlate with the parameters of the myoelectric and contractile activities of the "Akiyama stomach". Tachygastria seems to be the major pathogenetic factor involved in the contractile dysfunction. Gastro-jejuno-duodenal interposition represents an adequate 'second-best' method of choice if technical difficulties emerge with jejunal or colon interposition following limited resection of the oesophagus performed due to early Barrett's carcinoma or non-dilatable peptic stricture.

  1. Nicholas Metropolis Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Work in Computational Physics Talk: Equation of State of the Dilute Fermi Gases (United States)

    Chang, Soon Yong


    In the recent years, dilute Fermi gases have played the center stage role in the many-body physics. The gas of neutral alkali atoms such as Lithium-6 and Potassium-40 can be trapped at temperatures below the Fermi degeneracy. The most relevant feature of these gases is that the interaction is tunable and strongly interacting superfluid can be artificially created. I will discuss the recent progress in understanding the ground state properties of the dilute Fermi gases at different interaction regimes. First, I will present the case of the spin symmetric systems where the Fermi gas can smoothly crossover from the BCS regime to the BEC regime. Then, I will discuss the case of the spin polarized systems, where different quantum phases can occur as a function of the polarization. In the laboratory, the trapped Fermi gas shows spatial dependence of the different quantum phases. This can be understood in the context of the local variation of the chemical potential. I will present the most accurate quantum ab initio results and the relevant experiments.

  2. Marshall N. Rosenbluth Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award Talk: Control of Non-Axisymmetric Fields With Static and Dynamic Boundary Conditions (United States)

    Paz-Soldan, C.


    Small deformations of the otherwise axisymmetric field, known as ``error fields'' (EFs), lead to large changes in global MHD stability. This talk will compare results from both 1) a line-tied screw-pinch with rotating conducting walls and 2) the DIII-D tokamak to illustrate that in both devices the EF has greatest effect where it overlaps with the spatial structure of its global kink mode. In both configurations the kink structure in the symmetry direction is well described by a single mode number (azimuthal m = 1 , toroidal n = 1 , respectively) and EF ordering is clear. In the asymmetric direction (axial and poloidal, respectively) the harmonics of the kink are coupled (by line-tying and toroidicity, respectively) and thus EF ordering is not straightforward. In the pinch, the kink is axially localized to the anode region and consequently the anode EF dominates the MHD stability. In DIII-D, the poloidal harmonics of the n = 1 EF whose pitch is smaller than the local field-line pitch are empirically shown to be dominant across a wide breadth of EF optimization experiments. In analogy with the pinch, these harmonics are also where overlap with the kink is greatest and thus where the largest plasma kink response is found. The robustness of the kink structure further enables vacuum-field cost-function minimization techniques to accurately predict optimal EF correction coil currents by strongly weighting the kink-like poloidal harmonics in the minimization. To test the limits of this paradigm recent experiments in DIII-D imposed field structures that lack kink-overlapping harmonics, yielding ~10X less sensitivity. The very different plasmas of the pinch and tokamak thus both demonstrate the dominance of the kink mode in determining optimal EF correction. Supported by US DOE under DE-AC05-06OR23100, DE-FG02-00ER54603, DE-FC02-04ER54698, and NSF 0903900.

  3. Double Field Theory on Group Manifolds (Thesis)

    CERN Document Server

    Hassler, Falk


    This thesis deals with Double Field Theory (DFT), an effective field theory capturing the low energy dynamics of closed strings on a torus. It renders T-duality on a torus manifest by adding $D$ winding coordinates in addition to the $D$ space time coordinates. An essential consistency constraint of the theory, the strong constraint, only allows for field configurations which depend on half of the coordinates of the arising doubled space. I derive DFT${}_\\mathrm{WZW}$, a generalization of the current formalism. It captures the low energy dynamics of a closed bosonic string propagating on a compact group manifold. Its classical action and the corresponding gauge transformations arise from Closed String Field Theory up to cubic order in the massless fields. These results are rewritten in terms of a generalized metric and extended to all orders in the fields. There is an explicit distinction between background and fluctuations. For the gauge algebra to close, the latter have to fulfill a modified strong constrai...

  4. The doctor(s) in house: an analysis of the evolution of the television doctor-hero. (United States)

    Strauman, Elena C; Goodier, Bethany C


    The medical drama and its central character, the doctor-hero have been a mainstay of popular television. House M.D. offers a new (and problematic) iteration of the doctor-hero. House eschews the generic conventions of the "television doctor" by being neither the idealized television doctor of the past, nor the more recent competent but often fallible physicians in entertainment texts. Instead, his character is a fragmented text which privileges the biomedical over the personal or emotional with the ultimate goal of scientifically uncovering and resolving instances of disease. This article examines the implicit and explicit messages in House M.D. and critically analyzes both the show and its lead character in relation to the traditional medical drama genre that highlights the "doctor-hero" as the central character. While at first House seems to completely violate narrative and generic norms, ultimately the program provides a new form that reinforces the presence of the doctor-hero, but highlights House's character as the central figure who is personally and interpersonally problematic but biomedically effective.

  5. Catholic Educator Perceptions about Brain Compatible Instruction (United States)

    Koenen, Amie


    This document reports the findings of a doctoral project regarding the perceptions held by administrators and teachers of comprehensive Catholic schools in one Midwestern diocese. With the recent explosion of research in the area of the brain and brain compatible instruction it is valuable to know and understand the perceptions held by current…

  6. The Clash of Civilizations Thesis and Religious Responses

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul Weller


    Full Text Available The article describes key aspects of Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" thesis. It acknowledges the way in which that thesis has picked up on some key changes in relation to the role of religion in public life and, especially, in international relations. But it also critiques the thesis for its "essentializing" and "bloc" approach to cultures and societies, arguing that such an approach does not take sufficient account of the differences and sometimes fault-lines and conflicts within societies and cultural groups. For what might characterise appropriate religiously informed responses to Huntington's thesis, the article proposes an approach based on four "keynotes" of "modesty", "integrity", "realism" and "distinctiveness".

  7. The Web site your doctor prescribes (United States)

    ... Navigation Bar Home Current Issue Past Issues The Web site your doctor prescribes Past Issues / Summer 2008 ... gov® is a free, comprehensive, up-to-date Web site with health information from the world's largest ...

  8. Advancing the profession through doctoral education. (United States)

    Gurenlian, JoAnn R; Spolarich, Ann Eshenaur


    Doctoral education in dental hygiene is necessary to create a cadre of dental hygiene researchers and scholars, and to develop educators who will expand the body of knowledge for the profession. Dental hygienists with advanced degrees will require skill sets that parallel those of other professionals if they are to function productively as credible, equal members of interprofessional teams. Doctorally-prepared dental hygienists will be working as leaders, administrators and researchers, and will be influential in creating models that increase access to care, developing collaborative health care teams and improving health outcomes. The doctorate of philosophy is the terminal graduate degree for any discipline, and is the pinnacle for the profession. This paper explores the development of doctoral degrees for dental hygiene, and encourages educators to develop models for graduate programs based upon considerations presented here.

  9. Back pain - when you see the doctor (United States)

    ... this page: // Back pain - when you see the doctor To use the ... you first see your health care provider for back pain, you will be asked about your back pain, ...

  10. Epilepsy - what to ask your doctor - child (United States)

    ... this page: // Epilepsy - what to ask your doctor - child To use ... this page, please enable JavaScript. Your child has epilepsy. Children with epilepsy have seizures. A seizure is ...

  11. AMA Physician Select: Online Doctor Finder (United States)

    ... Membership | JAMA Network | AMA Store DoctorFinder This online physician Locator helps you find a perfect match for ... with basic professional information on virtually every licensed physician in the United States. This includes more than ...

  12. Finding a Doctor for Your New Baby (United States)

    ... Your 1- to 2-Year-Old Finding a Doctor for Your New Baby KidsHealth > For Parents > Finding ... to be board certified in their subspecialty. Family Physicians Family physicians must complete 3 years of residency ...

  13. Doctors, patients and the social media



    A recent article in Ann Intern Med highlights issues relating to the possible dangers of doctor-patient interaction through emails, Facebook and other electronic means. Some of the advice given is worth highlighting.

  14. Make the most of your doctor visit (United States)

    ... Make the most of your doctor visit To use the sharing ... for your appointment can help you get the most from your time together. When you see your ...

  15. Constipation - what to ask your doctor (United States)

    ... this page: // Constipation - what to ask your doctor To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. Constipation is when you are passing stools less often ...

  16. The impact of puberty on adolescent brain development


    Goddings, A. M.


    Research has demonstrated that the human brain undergoes significant change in both structure and function during adolescence, but little is known about the role of puberty in this developmental process. The aim of this thesis is to investigate the relationship between puberty and brain development during adolescence. The first two chapters of this thesis summarise the current understanding of the behavioural and brain changes associated with both adolescence and puberty, and review the metho...

  17. Doctor-Patient Relationship in Psychiatry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paresh D Lakdawala


    Full Text Available The paper discusses the issue of doctor-patient relationship in view of a changing world with special emphasis on mental health professionals. It takes into account transference and counter-transference issues in doctor-patient relationships. It deals with issues pertaining to consent and liabilities, confidentiality and patient protection. Role of a psychiatrist as a leader in the art of communication is touched upon. In the end issues about professional fees and ethics too is dealt with.

  18. Mortality among Norwegian doctors 1960-2000

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hem Erlend


    Full Text Available Abstract Background To study the mortality pattern of Norwegian doctors, people in human service occupations, other graduates and the general population during the period 1960-2000 by decade, gender and age. The total number of deaths in the study population was 1 583 559. Methods Census data from 1960, 1970, 1980 and 1990 relating to education were linked to data on 14 main causes of death from Statistics Norway, followed up for two five-year periods after census, and analyzed as stratified incidence-rate data. Mortality rate ratios were computed as combined Mantel-Haenzel estimates for each sex, adjusting for both age and period when appropriate. Results The doctors had a lower mortality rate than the general population for all causes of death except suicide. The mortality rate ratios for other graduates and human service occupations were 0.7-0.8 compared with the general population. However, doctors have a higher mortality than other graduates. The lowest estimates of mortality for doctors were for endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases, diseases in the urogenital tract or genitalia, digestive diseases and sudden death, for which the numbers were nearly half of those for the general population. The differences in mortality between doctors and the general population increased during the periods. Conclusions Between 1960 and 2000 mortality for doctors converged towards the mortality for other university graduates and for people in human service occupations. However, there was a parallel increase in the gap between these groups and the rest of the population. The slightly higher mortality for doctors compared with mortality for other university graduates may be explained by the higher suicide rate for doctors.

  19. Second generation professional doctorates in nursing. (United States)

    Rolfe, Gary; Davies, Ruth


    This paper traces the increase in number and diversity of professional doctorates over the last two decades and discusses the evolution from first to second generation doctorates as a response to the rise of the knowledge economy and new understandings of knowledge-production. Distinctions between first and second generation doctorates are interpreted in the light of Gibbons et al. [Gibbons, M., Limoges, C., Nowotny, H., Schwartzman, S., Scott, P., Trow, M., 1994. The New Production of Knowledge: The Dynamics of Science and Research in Contemporary Societies. Sage, London] taxonomy of knowledge-production, and it is argued that second generation doctorates, based on Mode 2 knowledge-production, are not only relevant to the economy but also have the potential to transform practice. However, as this paper highlights, this reconceptualisation of the professional doctorate presents particular challenges to academia and the discipline of nursing, which centre upon the threats posed to the power and authority of the University by the radical nature of Mode 2 knowledge generation and application in the workplace. Implications of these threats are discussed in relation to the current debate about the rigour of professional doctorates and the call by some for a return to the traditional doctorate or PhD. We conclude that the discipline of nursing has much to gain from embracing, rather than retreating from, the challenges posed by second generation professional doctorates, and that these offer an alternative but no less academically sound education in preparing nurses to pay a full and active role at the theory-practice interface.



    Avtar Singh


    BACKGROUND : Disruptive behavior in a medical setting is defined as objectionable or offensive interpersonal behavior that leads to disruption of professional activities in the workplace. 1 It has been observed that majority of doctors do not show disruptive behavior in their day today conduct and only few doctors are identified for their disruptive behavior . Special commi ttee on professional conduct and ethics defines disruptive behavio...

  1. SAS doctors career progression survey 2013. (United States)

    Oroz, Carlos; Sands, Lorna R; Lee, John


    We conducted a national survey of Staff, Associate Specialists and Specialty (SAS) doctors working in sexual health clinics in the UK in 2013 in order to explore their career progression. The aim of the survey was to assess SAS doctors' experience in passing through the thresholds and to gather information about the adherence by SAS doctors and employers to the terms and conditions of service laid out by the new 2008 contract. Out of 185 responders, whom the authors estimate comprise 34% of the total workforce, 159 were on the new contract. Of those, most SAS doctors were women (84%), the majority (67%) worked less than nine programmed activities per week; only a few had intentions to join the consultant grade (15%), and a considerable minority (26%) were older than 54 years of age and likely to retire in the next ten years. The survey showed that most participating SAS doctors had undergone appraisal in the previous 15 months (90%), most had a job planning discussion (83%) with their employer and most had some allocated time for supporting professional activities (86%). However, a significant minority had no appraisal (10%), no job planning discussion (17%) and had no allocated supporting professional activities (14%), which allows time for career development in the specialty. Most SAS doctors, who had the opportunity, had progressed through the thresholds automatically (88%); some experienced difficulties in passing (8%) and only a few did not pass (4%). SAS doctors must ensure that they work together with their employer in order to improve adherence to the terms and conditions of service of the contract, which allow for career progression and benefit both the individual doctors and ultimately service provision.

  2. Doctoral education in the nuclear sector; La formacion de doctores en el sector nuclear

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Minguez, E.


    Doctoral aducation is a major priority for European universities. In the context of the Bologna Process the importance of doctoral education as the third cycle of higher education and the first stage of a young researchers career, and thus in linking the European Higher Education and Research Areas, was first highlighted in the 2003 Berlin Report. The core component of doctoral training is the advancement of knowledge through original research. considering the need for structured doctoral programs and the need for transparent supervision and assessment, we note that the normal workload of the third cycle in most countries would correspond 3-4 years full time. This is spirit of the new Spanish Doctoral Law. Then, universities should ensure that their doctoral programmes promote interdisciplinary training and the development of transferable skills, thus meeting the needs of the wider employment market. We need to achieve and overall increase in the numbers of doctoral candidates taking up research careers as early stage researchers and also increase the employability as a normal way as it is the case of other advance countries. In Spain, universities with doctoral nuclear programmes and the CIEMAT, with the sponsorship of the nuclear sector, a doctoral school in nuclear science and engineering should be created to enhance the research careers of Young students for the future of nuclear activities in Spain. (Author)

  3. Critical and Creative Thinking Nexus: Learning Experiences of Doctoral Students (United States)

    Brodin, Eva M.


    Critical and creative thinking constitute important learning outcomes at doctoral level across the world. While the literature on doctoral education illuminates this matter through the lens of experienced senior researchers, the doctoral students' own perspective is missing. Based upon interviews with 14 doctoral students from four disciplines at…

  4. Reflections on how to write and organise a research thesis. (United States)

    Hardy, Sally; Ramjeet, Janet


    Writing up research projects and presenting a thesis are among the most challenging and time-consuming elements of the research process. The authors provide a structured guideline to help students, particularly those undertaking Master's degrees while still practising in clinical areas, to overcome the challenges of writing their thesis and produce a cogent, logical and reflective piece of work.

  5. Collaborating for Success: Team Teaching the Engineering Technical Thesis (United States)

    Keating, Terrence; Long, Mike


    This paper will examine the collaborative teaching process undertaken at College of the North Atlantic-Qatar (CNA-Q) by Engineering and the Communication faculties to improve the overall quality of engineering students' capstone projects known as the Technical Thesis. The Technical Thesis is divided into two separate components: a proposal stage…

  6. Thesis and Dissertation Writing: Preparing ESL Students for Research. (United States)

    Paltridge, Brian


    Describes a program created to assist students of English as a Second Language in their preparation for thesis and dissertation writing by focusing on the thesis proposal as an important part of that process. Notes that they often experience difficulty meeting the demands of the kind of writing required at this level and often are unaware of the…

  7. Master’s Thesis Supervision: Feedback, interpersonal relationships, and adaptivity

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Kleijn, R.A.M.


    In most academic master’s programmes the final component is conducting a piece of research, a master’s thesis. In this dissertation master’s thesis supervision is investigated from a feedback and interpersonal perspective, in order to provide more insight into its quality. The quality of master’s th

  8. Instructable autonomous agents. Ph.D. Thesis (United States)

    Huffman, Scott Bradley


    In contrast to current intelligent systems, which must be laboriously programmed for each task they are meant to perform, instructable agents can be taught new tasks and associated knowledge. This thesis presents a general theory of learning from tutorial instruction and its use to produce an instructable agent. Tutorial instruction is a particularly powerful form of instruction, because it allows the instructor to communicate whatever kind of knowledge a student needs at whatever point it is needed. To exploit this broad flexibility, however, a tutorable agent must support a full range of interaction with its instructor to learn a full range of knowledge. Thus, unlike most machine learning tasks, which target deep learning of a single kind of knowledge from a single kind of input, tutorability requires a breadth of learning from a broad range of instructional interactions. The theory of learning from tutorial instruction presented here has two parts. First, a computational model of an intelligent agent, the problem space computational model, indicates the types of knowledge that determine an agent's performance, and thus, that should be acquirable via instruction. Second, a learning technique, called situated explanation specifies how the agent learns general knowledge from instruction. The theory is embodied by an implemented agent, Instructo-Soar, built within the Soar architecture. Instructo-Soar is able to learn hierarchies of completely new tasks, to extend task knowledge to apply in new situations, and in fact to acquire every type of knowledge it uses during task performance - control knowledge, knowledge of operators' effects, state inferences, etc. - from interactive natural language instructions. This variety of learning occurs by applying the situated explanation technique to a variety of instructional interactions involving a variety of types of instructions (commands, statements, conditionals, etc.). By taking seriously the requirements of flexible

  9. Thesis: A Combined-light Mission For Exoplanet Molecular Spectroscopy (United States)

    Deroo, Pieter; Swain, M. R.; Tinetti, G.; Griffith, C.; Vasisht, G.; Deming, D.; Henning, T.; Beaulieu, J.


    THESIS, the Transiting Habitable-zone Exoplanet Spectroscopy Infrared Spacecraft, is a concept for a MIDEX/Discovery class exoplanet mission. Building on the recent Spitzer and Hubble successes in exoplanet characterization and molecular spectroscopy, THESIS would extend these types of measurements to a large population of planets including non-transiting planets and super-Earths. The ability to acquire high-stability, spectroscopic data from the near-visible to the mid-infrared is a unique aspect of THESIS. A strength of the THESIS concept is simplicity low technical risk, and modest cost. By enabling molecular spectroscopy of exoplanet atmospheres, THESIS mission has the potential to dramatically advance our understanding of conditions on extrasolar worlds while serving as a stepping stone to more ambitious future missions.

  10. The Rise of Professional Doctorates: Case Studies of the Doctorate in Education in China, Iceland and Australia (United States)

    Wildy, Helen; Peden, Sanna; Chan, Karyn


    Doctoral education is going through a period of transition. This transition is evident in the many varieties of doctoral degrees currently offered in higher education institutions worldwide, from the traditional research-based Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) to the Professional Doctorate and the New Route PhD. This article reports on a study which…

  11. [On the way to becoming an MD (Dr. med.): What kind of support do doctoral students need? Part 1: Survey and development of a program]. (United States)

    Sennekamp, Monika; Paulitsch, Michael A; Broermann, Marischa; Klingebiel, Thomas; Gerlach, Ferdinand M


    In Germany, medical doctorates are regularly criticized for their insufficient quality. In order to improve the quality of doctorates and to support doctoral candidates, a department-wide doctoral research program was established at the Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main in 2011 taking into account the practical needs of doctoral students at the School of Medicine. The program development proceeded in several steps: in the first step (2009/2010), a pilot study with eleven doctoral candidates was carried out at the Institute of General Practice. Their ratings of the perceived relevance and their own knowledge of 15 topics of scientific work were used to identify a provisional need for support. Subsequently an interdisciplinary panel of experts established the program throughout the faculty. Since its implementation, a requirements analysis in the form of questionnaires has been continuously carried out in order to assess the doctoral students' prior knowledge and their preferences expressed. At the same time, systematic searches for support programs in other medical fields have been conducted throughout Germany on several occasions. On the basis of the pilot study, the research results and the expert panel discussions the following topics were found to be particularly relevant: principles of good scientific practice, literature search, reference management, organization and structure of a doctoral thesis, formatting of Word documents, clinical epidemiology and data management. A specific, stepwise development process was used to design a concept for the faculty of medicine that pays close attention to the knowledge and interests of doctoral candidates. The establishment of the doctoral research program in Frankfurt and the results of its evaluation are presented in a second article (Paulitsch et al., 2016).

  12. Reexamining the Structure of Hemingway's "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife." (United States)

    Mulvey, James


    Considers how Hemingway's "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife" is a model of Edgar Allan Poe's aesthetic of the short story. Examines this work on many levels. Concludes that great writers, such as Ernest Hemingway, challenge readers to find the clues, to connect the dots, to pay attention to the "little details." (SG)

  13. Ten Doctors Awarded 2015 Most Beautiful Doctors of China’s Overseas Medical-Aid Missions

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Our; Staff; Reporter


    A commonweal activity to commend Chinese doctors and medical teams on overseas medical-aid missions that have made prominent contributions to global medical and health services,especially those battling the Ebola epidemic,was launched in January.Dubbed the 2015"Boundless Love—Finding Most Beautiful Doctors of China’s Overseas Medical-Aid Missions",it was

  14. The Criminal Justice Doctorate: A Study of Doctoral Programs in the United States. (United States)

    Felkenes, George T.

    Graduates of six institutions were surveyed in an effort to develop a profile of doctoral graduates from institutions that have traditionally offered doctoral programs oriented specifically toward the field of criminal justice. A second research objective was to develop an understanding of the attitudes, frustrations, and utilization patterns of…

  15. Non-EEA-doctors in EEA-countries: doctors or cleaners?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Herfs, Paul; Kater, L.; Haalboom, J.R.E.


    Background: Migration of non-EEA doctors to EEA-countries has become a common phenomenon. As coordination within the EEA has not yet been established, every EEA-country is re-inventing the wheel of assessment of foreign medical degrees and developing additional programmes for non-EEA doctors. There

  16. Child Development and the Coworking of Doctor and Teacher: A Waldorf School Doctor's Perspective. (United States)

    Karnow, Gerald F.

    This paper draws on the nearly 20 years' experiences of a school doctor working with teachers at the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City to describe general principles of assessing child development in relation to educational progress. The paper contrasts the customary role of school doctors (related to conducting physical examinations for…

  17. Distinction in Doctoral Education: Using Bourdieu's Tools to Assess the Socialization of Doctoral Students (United States)

    Gopaul, Bryan


    This conceptual article uses the tools of Pierre Bourdieu (1977, 1986, 1990) to examine the socialization of doctoral students by suggesting that the processes of doctoral study highlight inequities among students. Using Young's (1990) social justice approach as a framework to complement the ideas of Bourdieu, I demonstrate how aspects of academic…

  18. [Doctors and jurists who objected to the separation of drug dispensaries from the medical practice in the Taisho Era]. (United States)

    Amano, Hiroshi


    Doctors were very nervous about the movements of pharmacists toward achievement of the separation of drug dispensaries in the medical practices and drug dispensation in 1914 and 1915. They specifically blamed one person, Professor Tokichiro Niwa of Tokyo Imperial University who strongly advocated the separation of dispensaries in the medical practices. Furthermore, they were also very anxious that the Japan Pharmacists Association had supported legislators who had stood by the separation of dispensaries from medical practice at the twelfth general election held on March 25, 1915. They were concerned that the domain of doctors' activities would be narrowed by such a separation. Professor Kunika Katayama of the Tokyo Imperial University School of Medicine published a thesis at his own cost advocating a modification of the doctor's law to prohibit the separation of dispensaries be legislation and insisting that the right prescribe a drug to a patient must remain with the doctor. Moreover, Professor Mitsue Ichimura of Kyoto Imperial University also insisted that a doctor has the right to give drugs to patients, and that as a jurist he disagreed with the separation of dispensaries from medical practice.

  19. Politeness in Doctors' Discourse in Clinical Interviews%门诊会话中的礼貌策略研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘兴兵; 刘琴


    在Brown和Levinson面子理论的框架下考察了医患门诊会话中医生言语中的礼貌现象.发现了医生的一些不礼貌现象以及礼貌策略的特点,分析了导致这些不礼貌现象和礼貌策略特点的深层次原因,并总结了适应新型门诊医患会话特点的礼貌策略,以规范和指导实际的医患互动.%This thesis investigates politeness in doctors' discourse under the theoretical framework of Brown and Levinso n's face theory. First, impolite phenomena in doctors' discourse are summed up, followed by a discussion of doctors' politeness strategies. Secondly, the profound reasons for such impolite phenomena and politeness strategies are probed into.Lastly, suggestions concerning doctors' politeness strategies are given to enhance the establishment of a new doctor-patient relationship.


    CERN Multimedia

    Medical Service


    IN URGENT NEED OF A DOCTOR GENEVA EMERGENCY SERVICES GENEVA AND VAUD 144 FIRE BRIGADE 118 POLICE 117 CERN FIREMEN 767-44-44 ANTI-POISONS CENTRE Open 24h/24h 01-251-51-51 Patient not fit to be moved, call family doctor, or: GP AT HOME, open 24h/24h 748-49-50 Association Of Geneva Doctors Emergency Doctors at home 07h-23h 322 20 20 Patient fit to be moved: HOPITAL CANTONAL CENTRAL 24 Micheli-du-Crest 372-33-11 ou 382-33-11 EMERGENCIES 382-33-11 ou 372-33-11 CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL 6 rue Willy-Donzé 372-33-11 MATERNITY 32 la Cluse 382-68-16 ou 382-33-11 OPHTHALMOLOGY 22 Alcide Jentzer 382-33-11 ou 372-33-11 MEDICAL CENTRE CORNAVIN 1-3 rue du Jura 345 45 50 HOPITAL DE LA TOUR Meyrin EMERGENCIES 719-61-11 URGENCES PEDIATRIQUES 719-61-00 LA TOUR MEDICAL CENTRE 719-74-00 European Emergency Call 112 FRANCE EMERGENCY SERVICES 15 FIRE BRIGADE 18 POLICE 17 CERN FIREMEN AT HOME 00-41-22-767-44-44 ANTI-POISONS CENTRE Open 24h/24h 04-72-11-69-11 All doctors ...

  1. Stem cells to regenerate the newborn brain

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Velthoven, C.T.J.


    Perinatal hypoxia-ischemia (HI) is a frequent cause of perinatal morbidity and mortality with limited therapeutic options. In this thesis we investigate whether mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) regenerate the neonatal brain after HI injury. We show that transplantation of MSC after neonatal brain injury

  2. Brain plasticity and aerobic fitness



    Regular aerobic exercise has a wide range of positive effects on health and cognition. Exercise has been demonstrated to provide a particularly powerful and replicable method of triggering a wide range of structural changes within both human and animal brains. However, the details and mechanisms of these changes remain poorly understood. This thesis undertakes a comprehensive examination of the relationship between brain plasticity and aerobic exercise. A large, longitudinal experiment ...

  3. [Publication rates of Turkish medical specialty and doctorate theses on Medical Microbiology, Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases disciplines in international journals]. (United States)

    Sipahi, Oğuz Reşat; Caglayan Serin, Derya; Pullukcu, Hüsnü; Tasbakan, Meltem; Köseli Ulu, Demet; Yamazhan, Tansu; Arda, Bilgin; Sipahi, Hilal; Ulusoy, Sercan


    Writing a thesis is mandatory for getting a postgraduate medical degree in Turkey. Publication of the results of the thesis in an indexed journal makes the results available to researchers, however publication rate is usually low. The aim of this retrospective observational study was to investigate the publication rate of Turkish Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, Medical Microbiology specialty theses and Microbiology doctorate theses in international peer-review journals. On August 17th 2007, the thesis database of the Council of Higher Education of the Republic of Turkey (YOK) where all specialization and doctorate theses are recorded obligatorily, was searched for Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology and Medical Microbiology specialty and Microbiology doctorate theses. Assuming that publication of a thesis would last at least six months, theses dated to February 2007 and after were excluded. The publication rate of those theses was found out by searching Science Citation Index-Expanded database for thesis author and supervisor between August 17-September 12, 2007. Chi-square test was used for statistical analysis. Our search yielded a total of 834 theses dated from 1997 to 2007, however 10 of them were excluded, since they were dated to February 2007 or after. It was found that the overall publication rate was 11.4% (94/824). The publication rates for Microbiology doctorate, Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology specialty theses were 13.7% (34/249), 10.7% (33/309) and 10.2% (27/266), respectively, with no statistical significance (p> 0.05). It was determined that nine (9.6%) of the 94 published theses belonged to 1997-2001 period, whereas 85 (80.4%) were in 2002-2007 period (p< 0.05). The probable reason for this increase was thought to be related with the updated criteria of YOK carried out in 2000 for academic promotions, nevertheless the publication rate of the investigated theses in international peer

  4. Profesor Doctor Fernando Sonnet: In Memoriam

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alberto José Figueras


    Full Text Available Recuerdo del Profesor Doctor Fernando Sonnet, destacado docente e investigador, en las áreas de economía agraria, economía de empresas y microeconomía, en el Instituto de Economía y Finanzas de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.Palabras Clave: Fernando H. Sonnet; Recuerdo; Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.Código JEL: B32. Professor Doctor Fernando Sonnet: In MemoriamAbstractRemembrance of Professor Doctor Fernando Sonnet, a senior lecturer and researcher in the areas of agricultural economics, business economics and microeconomics at the Institute of Economics and Finance at the Faculty of Economics, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.Keywords: Fernando H. Sonnet; Memory; Universidad Nacional de CórdobaJEL Classification: B32.

  5. Brain iron homeostasis. (United States)

    Moos, Torben


    Iron is essential for virtually all types of cells and organisms. The significance of the iron for brain function is reflected by the presence of receptors for transferrin on brain capillary endothelial cells. The transport of iron into the brain from the circulation is regulated so that the extraction of iron by brain capillary endothelial cells is low in iron-replete conditions and the reverse when the iron need of the brain is high as in conditions with iron deficiency and during development of the brain. Whereas there is good agreement that iron is taken up by means of receptor-mediated uptake of iron-transferrin at the brain barriers, there are contradictory views on how iron is transported further on from the brain barriers and into the brain extracellular space. The prevailing hypothesis for transport of iron across the BBB suggests a mechanism that involves detachment of iron from transferrin within barrier cells followed by recycling of apo-transferrin to blood plasma and release of iron as non-transferrin-bound iron into the brain interstitium from where the iron is taken up by neurons and glial cells. Another hypothesis claims that iron-transferrin is transported into the brain by means of transcytosis through the BBB. This thesis deals with the topic "brain iron homeostasis" defined as the attempts to maintain constant concentrations of iron in the brain internal environment via regulation of iron transport through brain barriers, cellular iron uptake by neurons and glia, and export of iron from brain to blood. The first part deals with transport of iron-transferrin complexes from blood to brain either by transport across the brain barriers or by uptake and retrograde axonal transport in motor neurons projecting beyond the blood-brain barrier. The transport of iron and transport into the brain was examined using radiolabeled iron-transferrin. Intravenous injection of [59Fe-125]transferrin led to an almost two-fold higher accumulation of 59Fe than of

  6. THESIS: the terrestrial habitable-zone exoplanet spectroscopy infrared spacecraft (United States)

    Swain, Mark R.; Vasisht, Gautam; Henning, Thomas; Tinetti, Giovanna; Beaulieu, Jean-Phillippe


    THESIS, the Transiting Habitable-zone Exoplanet Spectroscopy Infrared Spacecraft, is a concept for a medium/Probe class exoplanet mission. Building on the recent Spitzer successes in exoplanet characterization, THESIS would extend these types of measurements to super-Earth-like planets. A strength of the THESIS concept is simplicity, low technical risk, and modest cost. The mission concept has the potential to dramatically advance our understanding of conditions on extrasolar worlds and could serve as a stepping stone to more ambitious future missions. We envision this mission as a joint US-European effort with science objectives that resonate with both the traditional astronomy and planetary science communities.

  7. THESIS: terrestrial and habitable zone infrared spectroscopy spacecraft (United States)

    Vasisht, G.; Swain, M. R.; Akeson, R. L.; Burrows, A.; Deming, D.; Grillmair, C. J.; Greene, T. P.


    THESIS is a concept for a medium class mission designed for spectroscopic characterization of extrasolar planets between 2-14 microns. The concept leverages off the recent first-steps made by Spitzer and Hubble in characterizing the atmospheres of alien gas giants. Under favourable circumstances, THESIS is capable of identifying biogenic molecules in habitable-zone planets, thereby determining conditions on worlds where life might exist. By systematically characterizing many worlds, from rocky planets to gas-giants, THESIS would deliver transformational science of profound interest to astronomers and the general public.

  8. Brain connectivity and sensory stimulation in disorders of consciousness


    Heine, Lizette


    This thesis explores brain connectivity and sensory stimulation in patients with disorders of consciousness (DOC). These are serious conditions where massive brain damage can lead to a dissociation between arousal and awareness (e.g., UWS and MCS). Part I explores brain connectivity. We highlight that brain function and structure are intimately related to each other, and to consciousness. The decrease in brain function can be used to distinguish between the clinically indicated states of ...

  9. Interpersonal Functions of Doctor-Patient Conversations

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    As an indispensable part of medical practice. doctor-patient conversation is drawing more and more attention in the field of sociology, psychology and linguistics. Little attention, however, has been paid to the interpersonal aspect of the conversa⁃tion between doctors and patients, which is regarded as one of the most complex interpersonal relationships. Being dominant in the interaction, doctors’words, mainly in the form of questions, deserve more studies, especially for the interpersonal functions delivered. This study mainly focuses on this aspect.

  10. The Doctor's Dilemma: Oranges or Apples?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Norman L Jones


    Full Text Available George Bernard Shaw's famous play, Doctor's Dilemma (1, is one of the attractions at the Shaw Festival this year, and recently we went to see it on a beautiful Niagara summer day, followed by a picnic beside Ball's Falls. Several weeks earlier, I had decided to read the play, with its 80-page "Preface on Doctors", and was prepared for an anticlimactic experience on the day. However, the production was a delight and I gained additional insights from the live performance.

  11. Microglia priming in the aging brain : Implications for neurodegeneration

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Darwin Arulseeli, Divya; Biber, Knut


    The primary aim of the thesis “Microglia priming in the aging brain: Implications for neurodegeneration” was to understand microglia phenotypes associated with brain aging and the potential mechanisms for this age-associated change. Microglia in the aging brain assume a hypersensitive proinflammator

  12. The dynamic human brain : Genetic aspects in schizophrenia and health

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Brans, R.G.H.


    The general aim of this thesis is to explore the possible mechanisms underlying the individual differences in brain structure and brain structure change in healthy adults and schizophrenia patients. For this purpose, Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans of the brain were acquired in schizophrenia patien

  13. Brain Plasticity, Intelligence and Schizophrenia: influence of genes and environment

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hedman, A.M.


    This thesis shows that the adult human brain has plastic properties. These plastic properties are at least in part heritable and have functional significance. Identifying genes and environmental factors implicated in brain plasticity is an important next step to optimize brain development in health

  14. The Clash of Civilizations Thesis and Religious Responses

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul Weller


    Full Text Available The article describes key aspects of Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” thesis. It acknowledges the way in which that thesis has picked up on some key changes in relation to the role of religion in public life and, especially, in international relations. But it also critiques the thesis for its “essentializing” and “bloc” approach to cultures and societies, arguing that such an approach does not take sufficient account of the differences and sometimes fault-lines and conflicts within societies and cultural groups. For what might characterise appropriate religiously informed responses to Huntington’s thesis, the article proposes an approach based on four “keynotes” of “modesty”, “integrity”, “realism” and “distinctiveness”.

  15. MSc Thesis: Presentation of Certain New Trends in Noncommutative Geometry

    CERN Document Server

    Buachalla, Réamonn Ó


    MSc thesis of the author offering an introduction to the operator algebraic approach to noncommutative geometry, with a treatment of some more advanced elements such as the noncommutative geometry of quantum groups, fuzzy physics, and compact quantum metric spaces.

  16. On M. Mueter's Ph.D. Thesis on Cheeger deformations

    CERN Document Server

    Ziller, Wolfgang


    These are notes of a talk I gave in a seminar at the University of Pennsylvania summarizing results in the Ph.D. thesis of Michael Mueter obtained under the direction of Wolfgang Meyer at the University of Muenster. His thesis on "Kruemmungserhoehende Deformationen mittels Gruppenaktionen" examines in detail curvature properties of so called Cheeger deformations. Such deformations have been a crucial ingredient in non-negative and positive curvature constructions. His thesis contains a wealth of interesting properties of such deformations, but since it was never published, is only known to a few experts. I have no intention to publish these notes, but post them as a service to the public. A scanned version of his thesis (written in German) is available on my homepage.

  17. Understanding doctors' ethical challenges as role virtue conflicts. (United States)

    McDougall, Rosalind


    This paper argues that doctors' ethical challenges can be usefully conceptualised as role virtue conflicts. The hospital environment requires doctors to be simultaneously good doctors, good team members, good learners and good employees. I articulate a possible set of role virtues for each of these four roles, as a basis for a virtue ethics approach to analysing doctors' ethical challenges. Using one junior doctor's story, I argue that understanding doctors' ethical challenges as role virtue conflicts enables recognition of important moral considerations that are overlooked by other approaches to ethical analysis.

  18. [The importance of thesis in specialization courses in Medicine]. (United States)

    Ramiro-H, Manuel; Cruz-A, Enrique


    The development of a thesis goes far beyond a mere compliance with the methodological requirements and evidence that students have sufficient knowledge that the profession demands. A thesis is usually the first academic and research work that students publish, it is also the result of commitment and dedication to the field of medicine in which they will be developing, which reflects motivations and interests, as well as their reflection to a specific problem.


    CERN Multimedia

    Medical Service


    GENEVA EMERGENCY SERVICES GENEVA AND VAUD 144 FIRE BRIGADE 118 POLICE 117 CERN FIREMEN 767-44-44 ANTI-POISONS CENTRE Open 24h/24h 01-251-51-51 Patient not fit to be moved, call family doctor, or: GP AT HOME, open 24h/24h 748-49-50 Association Of Geneva Doctors Emergency Doctors at home 07h-23h 322 20 20 Patient fit to be moved: HOPITAL CANTONAL CENTRAL 24 Micheli-du-Crest 372-33-11 ou 382-33-11 EMERGENCIES 382-33-11 ou 372-33-11 CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL 6 rue Willy-Donzé 372-33-11 MATERNITY 32 la Cluse 382-68-16 ou 382-33-11 OPHTHALMOLOGY 22 Alcide Jentzer 382-33-11 ou 372-33-11 MEDICAL CENTRE CORNAVIN 1-3 rue du Jura 345 45 50 HOPITAL DE LA TOUR Meyrin EMERGENCIES 719-61-11 URGENCES PEDIATRIQUES 719-61-00 LA TOUR MEDICAL CENTRE 719-74-00 European Emergency Call 112 FRANCE EMERGENCY SERVICES 15 FIRE BRIGADE 18 POLICE 17 CERN FIREMEN AT HOME 00-41-22-767-44-44 ANTI-POISONS CENTRE Open 24h/24h 04-72-11-69-11 All doctors will come to your home. Cal...

  20. Doctoral Students' Experience of Information Technology Research (United States)

    Bruce, Christine; Stoodley, Ian; Pham, Binh


    As part of their journey of learning to research, doctoral candidates need to become members of their research community. In part, this involves coming to be aware of their field in ways that are shared amongst longer-term members of the research community. One aspect of candidates' experience we need to understand, therefore, involves how they…

  1. Research Methodologies and the Doctoral Process. (United States)

    Creswell, John W.; Miller, Gary A.


    Doctoral students often select one of four common research methodologies that are popular in the social sciences and education today: positivist; interpretive; ideological; and pragmatic. But choice of methodology also influences the student's choice of course work, membership of dissertation committee, and the form and structure of the…

  2. How Six Sigma Methodology Improved Doctors' Performance (United States)

    Zafiropoulos, George


    Six Sigma methodology was used in a District General Hospital to assess the effect of the introduction of an educational programme to limit unnecessary admissions. The performance of the doctors involved in the programme was assessed. Ishikawa Fishbone and 5 S's were initially used and Pareto analysis of their findings was performed. The results…

  3. Completion Mindsets and Contexts in Doctoral Supervision (United States)

    Green, Pam; Bowden, John


    Purpose: Doctoral candidates are now located within a research context of performativity where the push to successfully complete in a timely manner is central. The purpose of this paper is to develop a model of completion mindset within a completion context to assist research students and supervisors. Design/methodology/approach: The research was…

  4. How doctor involvement in management affects innovation.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wijngaarden, J.D.H. van; Botje, D.; Ilinca, S.; Waa, N.; Veloso Mendes, R.; Plochg, T.


    Much is expected from the (re) involvement of doctors in health care management to boost innovation. As clinicians may better understand how health services are organized and function, they may be in a better position to identify innovations. However, a key question is: Whose innovation agenda (i.e.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yazid Basthomi


    Full Text Available Abstract: Genre analyses and contrastive rhetoric studies have dealt with quite a number of genres of writing. However, genre analysts and contrastive rhetoric researchers have not carried out adequate analyses of doctoral prospectuses. This paper will, subsequently, address this issue by analyzing a genre of texts of doctoral prospectuses. The analysis will be focused on the sub-genre of “Background of the Study” of the prospectuses. Limitations of accessibility, however, have led this study to only focus on analyzing fourteen doctoral prospectuses written in English by Indonesian students of EFL accessible from the Graduate Program, State University of Malang, Indonesia. This situation suggests that the present study is preliminary. Preliminary, notwithstanding, the study will contribute to filling the gap of the under-researched issue of doctoral studies in Indonesia, particularly, those pertinent to the area of ELT. The analysis shows a tendency that the texts of Background of the Study do not show research spaces. Relevant to this, the article provides an interpretive explanation of the possible factors attributable to this issue.

  6. Response: Training Doctoral Students to Be Scientists (United States)

    Pollio, David E.


    The purpose of this article is to begin framing doctoral training for a science of social work. This process starts by examining two seemingly simple questions: "What is a social work scientist?" and "How do we train social work scientists?" In answering the first question, some basic assumptions and concepts about what constitutes a "social work…

  7. Doctoral Dissertations Recently Completed or in Progress. (United States)

    Miller, Louise


    Reviews six doctoral dissertations currently in progress or completed during 1993 that may be of interest to those in the school library media field. Topics include technology; information seeking; literacy; the portrayal of African American males in realistic fiction picture books; and the role of youth services librarians. (KRN)

  8. Appraisal of family doctors: an evaluation study.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lewis, M.I.; Elwyn, G.; Wood, F.


    BACKGROUND: Appraisal has evolved to become a key component of workforce management. However, it is not clear from existing proposals for appraisal of doctors whether employers, health authorities or primary care organisations should take responsibility for appraisal processes. AIMS: To evaluate the

  9. Doctoral Education and Transformative Consumer Research (United States)

    Mari, Carlo


    This article examines why and how transformative consumer research (TCR) can become a relevant perspective in doctoral programs. The article draws selectively from studies published in consumer behavior, marketing, and marketing education that theoretically or empirically address this topic. It discusses the meaning and background of TCR together…

  10. Heart Failure Questions to Ask Your Doctor (United States)

    ... Peripheral Artery Disease Venous Thromboembolism Aortic Aneurysm More Heart Failure Questions to Ask Your Doctor Updated:Oct 4, ... content was last reviewed on 04/06/2015. Heart Failure • Home • About Heart Failure • Causes and Risks for ...

  11. Retrenchment at Doctorate-Granting Institutions. (United States)

    Journal of the College and University Personnel Association, 1980


    Data on current retrenchment policies and practices of doctorate-granting institutions are reported and analyzed, including information on the existence of a retrenchment policy, retrenchment between 1974-75 and 1977-78, the retrenchment process, and the impact of retrenchment on affirmative action and employment rights and benefits. (MLW)

  12. Doctor Pan Cures the Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    THE Pan Danian Clinic. located in the Puhui Residential Area in western Beijing, is small but attracts countless patients. It is specific for those suffering from hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Doctor Pan is gentle and refined, and often smiles with closed lips.

  13. Identity Development and Mentoring in Doctoral Education (United States)

    Hall, Leigh A.; Burns, Leslie D.


    In this essay, Leigh Hall and Leslie Burns use theories of identity to understand mentoring relationships between faculty members and doctoral students who are being prepared as educational researchers. They suggest that becoming a professional researcher requires students to negotiate new identities and reconceptualize themselves both as people…

  14. Junior doctors' knowledge of applied clinical anatomy. (United States)

    Gupta, Yuri; Morgan, Mia; Singh, Annika; Ellis, Harold


    This study examines the level of knowledge of applied clinical anatomy among junior doctors. A multiple-choice questionnaire was designed, which covered 15 areas of anatomical knowledge essential to clinical practice, for example, important surface landmarks and interpretation of radiographs. The questionnaire was completed by 128 individuals. They comprised anatomy demonstrators, preregistration house officers (PRHOs), senior house officers (SHOs) and specialist registrars (SpRs) across the range of medical and surgical specialities. Answers were scored and analyzed by group, allowing comparison not only between newly qualified PRHOs and more senior doctors, but also with anatomy demonstrators who had undergone more traditional anatomical training. The results reveal a wide variation of knowledge among junior doctors, with PRHOs scoring an average of 72.1%, SHOs 77.1%, SpRs 82.4%, and demonstrators 82.9%. This progression in knowledge up the clinical hierarchy may reflect clinical experience building upon the foundations laid in medical school, although with demonstrators topping the league table, it seems that intensive academic training is the most beneficial. With junior doctors' training in the UK currently in flux, these results highlight the need for training in clinical anatomy to hold an important place in the development of tomorrow's clinicians.

  15. Research Advice for Today's Online Doctoral Students. (United States)

    Muirhead, Brent


    Highlights ways for doctoral students to conduct an effective literature review. Discusses the problem formulation stage; conducting an effective literature review and the benefits of a literature review; an example of literature review material; and tips for writing a literature review. (AEF)

  16. Becoming Academic: A Reflection on Doctoral Candidacy (United States)

    Bansel, Peter


    Higher education policy studies over the last decade have addressed the detrimental effects of neoliberalism, new public managerialism and audit cultures on the nature, organisation, form and meanings of higher education at a macro level. This article addresses the micro-practices through which the author, as doctoral candidate and knowledge…

  17. Is friendship relevant to doctoral pedagogy?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bengtsen, Søren Smedegaard


    Today, increased attention is given to how activities and events happening outside the institutional context shape the learning processes of doctoral students. Extra-curricular activities are acknowledged to play a central role in learning outcomes, the quality of the research undertaken, and com...

  18. Promoting Team Leadership Skills in Doctoral Candidates (United States)

    Suleiman, Mahmoud; Whetton, Danny


    Doctoral programs can serve as an optimal opportunity for candidates to engage in tasks and activities to transform them and their schools. The paradigm shifts in such preparation involve moving from sitting and getting to making and taking. Most importantly, it requires building leadership skills and styles necessary to bring about desired change…

  19. Hombres: Doctor Luis Ángel Arango

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Boletín Cultural y Bibliográfico Banco de la República


    Full Text Available En el documento se realiza la nota de conmemoración  del fallecimiento del Doctor Luis Ángel Arango  Esta nota tiene como fin realizar un homenaje a tan reputado ciudadano colombiano y mienbro de la comunidad de funcionarios del Banco de la República.

  20. How can Doctors Improve their Communication Skills? (United States)

    Ranjan, Piyush; Kumari, Archana; Chakrawarty, Avinash


    The process of curing a patient requires a holistic approach which involves considerations beyond treating a disease. It warrants several skills in a doctor along with technical expertise. Studies have shown that good communication skill in a doctor improve patient's compliance and overall satisfaction. There are certain basic principles of practicing good communication. Patient listening, empathy, and paying attention to the paraverbal and non verbal components of the communication are the important ones that are frequently neglected. Proper information about the nature, course and prognosis of the disease is important. Besides, patients and attendants should always be explained about the necessity and yield of expensive investigations and risks/benefits involved in invasive procedures. One should be extremely cautious while managing difficult encounters and breaking bad news. Formal training of the doctors in improving communication skills is necessary and has proven to improve overall outcome. The authors recommend inclusion of formal training in communication skills in medical curriculum and training of practising doctors in the form of CMEs and CPEs.

  1. Adapting and Merging Methodologies in Doctoral Research (United States)

    Levy, Ronit Ben-Bassat; Ben-Ari, Mordechai


    This article describes how research methodologies were modified and integrated during the doctoral research conducted by the first author under the supervision of the second author. The research project concerned trying to understand why teachers do or don't use "Jeliot", a program animation system designed to facilitate teaching and learning of…

  2. Educating Scholars: Doctoral Education in the Humanities (United States)

    Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Zuckerman, Harriet; Groen, Jeffrey A.; Brucker, Sharon M.


    Despite the worldwide prestige of America's doctoral programs in the humanities, all is not well in this area of higher education and hasn't been for some time. The content of graduate programs has undergone major changes, while high rates of student attrition, long times to degree, and financial burdens prevail. In response, the Andrew W. Mellon…

  3. The Evolution of Doctoral Social Work Education (United States)

    Kurzman, Paul A.


    Doctoral education in social work is evolving as a major enterprise in American higher education, with more than 80 programs now in place. Committed to providing stewards of the profession, these PhD and DSW programs also are a major impetus for research and are the primary faculty pipeline for the 735 CSWE-accredited professional social work…

  4. Strains in the nurse-doctor relationship. (United States)

    Selmanoff, E D


    Many problems and conflicts between nurses and doctors in the hospital stem from the organizational structure of the hospital rather than from the personalities of the individuals involved. Nurses often assert the latter. Understanding these conflicts requires that they be examined in terms of the organizational context within which they occur. To understand the modern American hospital it is useful to view its development. Private practitioners who at one time had cared for patients in their homes shifted the locus of care to the hospital as medical care became more complex in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Three selected aspects of hospital structure that are seen as sources of strain for nurses in their relationship with doctors are: (1) Doctors do not see themselves as full-fledged members of the hospital organization. While nurses, who do, feel bound by the operating rules of the hospital, doctors tend to operate as free agents. There is probably little that nurses can do to reduce this source of strain. (2) The hospital has two lines of authority, administrative and medical, unlike most large-scale organizations which have only one. Nurses are in the former while doctors are in the latter hierarchy. The "influence relationship" between nurses and doctors is largely unarticulated; informally "negotiated" patterns prevail. Nurses can be more aggressive in attempting to develop institutional patterns that are mutually satisfactory to themselves and to doctors and that meet the needs of the hospital as a whole. (3) In the absence of a functioning health team nurses have assumed responsibility, without the requisite authority, for the coordination of patient care. Although this action is for the immediate benefit of patients nurses should realize that it also tends to retard the development of needed organizational changes in the hospital. Nurses generally accept the possibility of changing the personality structure of an individual. They should be

  5. Medical Doctors Perceptions of Genetically Modified Foods

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hasan Savas


    Full Text Available Aim: Recombinant DNA and with similar technical changes made on genes or transferred isolated gene the living organisms have been named genetically modified organisms (GMOs. Thanks to advances in genetic technology, the advancement of enzyme and fermentation techniques result obtained by the use of GMOs in food industry products of genetically modified (GM foods are named. In this study, GM foods about the possible harmful effects have information and community advice on this matter to be medical doctors on this issue perceptions, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors aimed to measure.Material and Method: The study was made on including 200 medical doctors aged 23-65, 118 men (59%, 82 women (41%. In the statistical analysis based on the responses of medical doctors, against GM food risk perception, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors were assessed. Results: 80.5% of the participants’ think that GM foods are harmful. 22% of the participants were expressed that their knowledge are ‘’good’’ and ‘’very good’’ about GM food. While 38% of the participants use internet and 23.5% of the participants  use media, only 4.5% of the participants use medical schools as a source of sufficient information about GM foods. Discussion: While the risk perception of medical doctors about GM foods is high, the knowledge on this issue is observed low. Though the consumption and the prevelance of GM foods are increasing, medical doctors should have more information about this issue to enlighten and guide the community.

  6. Private medical education--the doctor's perspective. (United States)

    Abdul Hamid, A K


    The Government's decision to drastically and speedily increase the number of doctors in the country needs to be reviewed. The standard and quality of health care does not depend on the number of doctors, but on the improvement of the health care infrastructure. Increasing the number of government medical schools and increasing the intake of students should be done on a need-to basis, with the above perspective in mind. The selection criteria of candidates must not be compromised and the teaching staff must be adequate and experienced. The number of doctors should be gradually increased over the years in tandem with the development of the health care infrastructure and the deployment of doctors must be directed at providing equitable care to the people at all economic levels and geographic locations. The strength of academic staff in existing government medical schools must be upgraded to provide high level of teaching and research, perhaps reinforced with the recruitment of suitably qualified and experienced foreign teachers. The infrastructure of existing government medical schools must be upgraded to cater for the gradual increasing demand for more doctors as the country develops. The selection of candidates for the government medical schools must be based on merit and without undue emphasis on ethnic considerations, for it is only in the arena of fair competitiveness that excellence can be born. The considerations of merit in selection must include assessment of attitude, self-development, moral ethics and reasoning. If the above perspectives are fully appreciated, then there is really no requirement for private medical colleges in Malaysia.

  7. Refractive eye surgery - what to ask your doctor (United States)

    ... Keratomileusis - what to ask your doctor; Laser vision correction - what to ask your doctor; PRK - what to ... team. Related MedlinePlus Health Topics Laser Eye Surgery Refractive Errors Browse the Encyclopedia A.D.A.M., Inc. ...

  8. A Doctor's Words Key to Whether Child Gets HPV Vaccine (United States)

    ... A Doctor's Words Key to Whether Child Gets HPV Vaccine Parents most receptive to messages about the shot's ... language doctors use when recommending the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine can influence whether parents will have their children ...

  9. High blood pressure - what to ask your doctor (United States)

    What to ask your doctor about high blood pressure; Hypertension - what to ask your doctor ... problems? What medicines am I taking to treat high blood pressure? Do they have any side effects? What should ...

  10. What Should You Ask Your Doctor about Kaposi Sarcoma? (United States)

    ... What Should You Ask Your Doctor About Kaposi Sarcoma? Kaposi Sarcoma Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Staging What Should You Ask Your Doctor About Kaposi Sarcoma? As you cope with Kaposi sarcoma (KS) and ...

  11. Communication with Your Family and Your Doctor about Your Wishes (United States)

    ... SUBSCRIBE Be Prepared Share this! Home » Be Prepared Communication With Your Family And Your Doctor About Your ... and address these difficult questions: 1. Why is communication with your family and doctor so important? Talking ...

  12. What Should You Ask Your Doctor about Thymus Cancer? (United States)

    ... Staging What Should You Ask Your Doctor About Thymus Cancer? It’s important to have frank, open discussions ... Ask Your Doctor About Thymus Cancer? More In Thymus Cancer About Thymus Cancer Causes, Risk Factors, and ...

  13. What Should You Ask Your Doctor about Stomach Cancer? (United States)

    ... Staging What Should You Ask Your Doctor About Stomach Cancer? As you cope with cancer and cancer treatment, ... Ask Your Doctor About Stomach Cancer? More In Stomach Cancer About Stomach Cancer Causes, Risk Factors, and Prevention ...

  14. Doctors' Decision-Making Tool Could Cut Unnecessary Antibiotic Use (United States)

    ... html Doctors' Decision-Making Tool Could Cut Unnecessary Antibiotic Use A drop of about 10 percent is ... for doctors may help reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics in children with respiratory tract infections and cough, ...

  15. What Should You Ask Your Doctor about Ovarian Cancer? (United States)

    ... Staging What Should You Ask Your Doctor About Ovarian Cancer? It is important for you to have honest, ... Ask Your Doctor About Ovarian Cancer? More In Ovarian Cancer About Ovarian Cancer Causes, Risk Factors, and Prevention ...

  16. Weight-loss surgery - after - what to ask your doctor (United States)

    Gastric bypass - after - what to ask your doctor; Roux-en-Y gastric bypass - after - what to ask your doctor; Gastric banding - ... stomach? If I am throwing up? What extra vitamins or minerals I will need to take? Will ...

  17. Brain Basics

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... News About Us Home > Health & Education > Educational Resources Brain Basics Introduction The Growing Brain The Working Brain ... to mental disorders, such as depression. The Growing Brain Inside the Brain: Neurons & Neural Circuits Neurons are ...

  18. Brain Basics (United States)

    ... News About Us Home > Health & Education > Educational Resources Brain Basics Introduction The Growing Brain The Working Brain ... to mental disorders, such as depression. The Growing Brain Inside the Brain: Neurons & Neural Circuits Neurons are ...

  19. Through doctors' eyes: A qualitative study of hospital doctor perspectives on their working conditions.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    McGowan, Yvonne


    BACKGROUND: Hospital doctors face significant challenges in the current health care environment, working with staff shortages and cutbacks to health care expenditure, alongside increased demand for health care and increased public expectations. OBJECTIVE: This article analyses challenges faced by junior hospital doctors, providing insight into the experiences of these frontline staff in delivering health services in recessionary times. DESIGN: A qualitative methodology was chosen. METHODS: Semi-structured in-depth interviews were conducted with 20 doctors from urban Irish hospitals. Interviews were recorded via note taking. Full transcripts were analysed thematically using NVivo software. RESULTS: Dominant themes included the following: (1) unrealistic workloads: characterised by staff shortages, extended working hours, irregular and frequently interrupted breaks; (2) fatigue and its impact: the quality of care provided to patients while doctors were sleep-deprived was questioned; however, little reflection was given to any impact this may have had on junior doctors own health; (3) undervalued and disillusioned: insufficient training, intensive workloads and a perceived lack of power to influence change resulted in a sense of detachment among junior doctors. They appeared immune to their surroundings. CONCLUSION: Respondents ascribed little importance to the impact of current working conditions on their own health. They felt their roles were underappreciated and undervalued by policy makers and hospital management. Respondents were concerned with the lack of time and opportunity for training. This study highlighted several \\'red flags\\

  20. Arab doctors, evolving society and corruption: a medical student's perspective. (United States)

    Alamri, Yassar


    Doctors, especially junior doctors, face immense pressure in their day-to-day work. As a result, the rates of depression and anxiety are particularly high in this demanding profession. The pressure, which is compounded by constantly being under societal scrutiny, can unfortunately drive the doctor to breaking point. However, we can help doctors deal with these pressures in a more meaningful way if we make them aware of their wider environment (within a social paradigm) and the implications of their actions.

  1. [Placebo and the relationship between doctors and patients. Overview]. (United States)

    Scriba, P C


    placebos should be provided during medical education and continuing medical education (CME). The use of placebo in clinical studies is ethically justified and lawful in consenting patients if there is no other effective treatment available with which the test substance could be compared. For daily practical therapeutic purposes, placebos may be ethically acceptable and lawful if there is no effective therapy available, if the complaints are minor, if the patient expressly wishes treatment, and if there is a reasonable likelihood of success. However, an explanation of the expected benefits and risks must be provided to the patients. At present, there are two explanatory theories for the mechanism of action of placebo, namely, the associative and the mentalistic explanation (Büchel et al., Placebo in der Medizin, 2011). Interestingly, effects of placebo and of verum can be localized in the brain by physiological and anatomical techniques. With many open questions remaining, research on placebo is currently very active. These aspect and neurobiological findings in particular may facilitate for "scientifically" educated doctors to accept that ineffective materials, i.e., placebos, are in fact effective.

  2. Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder through Brain Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (United States)


    Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder through Brain Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging THESIS MARCH 2016 Kyle A. Palko, Second Lieutenant, USAF AFIT...DISORDER THROUGH BRAIN FUNCTIONAL MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING THESIS Presented to the Faculty Department of Operational Sciences Graduate School of...available data includes raw fMRI as well as processed MP RAGE1 images . All data within the ABIDE database was compiled through studies on autism. All

  3. Brain death: the Asian perspective. (United States)

    Chua, Hoe Chin; Kwek, Tong Kiat; Morihara, Hirofumi; Gao, Daiquan


    Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world with people from many diverse ethnic groups, religions and government systems. The authors surveyed 14 countries accounting for the majority of Asia's population and found that, although the concept of brain death is widely accepted, there is wide variability in the criteria for certification. Although most Asian countries have adopted the "whole-brain" concept of brain death, most countries with past colonial links to the United Kingdom follow the UK "brainstem" concept of brain death. Despite this difference, most countries require only neurologic testing of irreversible coma and absent brainstem reflexes as criteria for certification of brain death. Variability exists in the number of personnel required, qualifications of certifying doctors, need for repeat examination, minimum time interval between examinations, and requirement for and choice of confirmatory tests.

  4. One University's Approach to Defining and Supporting Professional Doctorates (United States)

    Salter, Daniel W.


    The changing market for doctorally prepared workers led one institution to examine its overall approach to defining and supporting professional doctorates. After a review of existing scholarship and internal practices, a white paper was created to capture the various ways that these degrees can be distinguished from the academic doctorate (PhD) at…

  5. Opinion of doctors about unmet needs of rural diabetics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rohit Dixit


    Results: All the doctors who were involved in the study had different opinion. MBBS doctors are more aware than BHMS/BAMS/BUMS doctors about the minimum degree required doing a diabetic practice legally in India. Both the group of doctors believed that the needs of diabetic population in rural India are not properly addressed; the reason behind this was lack of qualified doctors (according to majority of BHMS/BAMS/BUMS doctors and lack of awareness among the rural patients (according to MBBS doctors. Both the doctors believe that MBBS doctors with some fellowship courses in diabetes can manage diabetes effectively (except serious complications. Conclusions: Both the doctors believe that MBBS doctors with some fellowship courses in diabetes can manage diabetes effectively (except serious complications. In India only MD (general medicine and endocrinologists are technically qualified to treat diabetes. MCI should come forward and recognize the fellowship courses by regularizing them with proper guidelines and protocol set up for the institution providing such courses and allow those doctors to practice in rural areas, so that diabetics' needs are addressed properly. [Int J Basic Clin Pharmacol 2016; 5(1.000: 116-120

  6. Barefoot-Doctors. Occasional Paper No. 77-4. (United States)

    Perez, Joel

    A description of "barefoot doctors" in the People's Republic of China is presented. These peasant doctors are commune workers who have taken basic courses in medical treatment. Because 80% of the population lives in a rural agricultural setting, and because most doctors and medical services are located in cities, there is a serious need…

  7. Studying Doctoral Education: Using Activity Theory to Shape Methodological Tools (United States)

    Beauchamp, Catherine; Jazvac-Martek, Marian; McAlpine, Lynn


    The study reported here, one part of a larger study on doctoral education, describes a pilot study that used Activity Theory to shape a methodological tool for better understanding the tensions inherent in the doctoral experience. As doctoral students may function within a range of activity systems, we designed data collection protocols based on…

  8. Doctoral Dissertation Defences: Performing Ambiguity between Ceremony and Assessment

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Heide, Arjen; Rufas, Alix; Supper, Alexandra


    Dissertation defenses are ambiguous affairs, which mark both the end of a long process of doctoral education and the inauguration of a doctoral candidate into a body of experts. At Maastricht University (and other Dutch universities), the decision to award a doctoral degree is made on the basis of t

  9. Going for the Gold Tassel: Getting a Doctoral Degree (United States)

    Burton, Clark A.


    The purpose of this article was to explain the constructs of doctrine and doctorate to the fire service. The methodology applied the Carnegie Foundation review of the doctorate as the basics for explaining what stewards of the fire service discipline will do with a doctoral degree. Although the fire service is an interdisciplinary occupation, the…

  10. Brain Network Modelling

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Kasper Winther

    Three main topics are presented in this thesis. The first and largest topic concerns network modelling of functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI). In particular nonparametric Bayesian methods are used to model brain networks derived from resting state f...... for their ability to reproduce node clustering and predict unseen data. Comparing the models on whole brain networks, BCD and IRM showed better reproducibility and predictability than IDM, suggesting that resting state networks exhibit community structure. This also points to the importance of using models, which...... allow for complex interactions between all pairs of clusters. In addition, it is demonstrated how the IRM can be used for segmenting brain structures into functionally coherent clusters. A new nonparametric Bayesian network model is presented. The model builds upon the IRM and can be used to infer...

  11. Coaching Doctoral Students--A Means to Enhance Progress and Support Self-Organisation in Doctoral Education (United States)

    Godskesen, Mirjam; Kobayashi, Sofie


    In this paper we focus on individual coaching carried out by an external coach as a new pedagogical element that can impact doctoral students' sense of progress in doctoral education. The study used a mixed-methods approach in that we draw on quantitative and qualitative data from the evaluation of a project on coaching doctoral students. We…

  12. Woman Doctor Declares War Against Hemophilia

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    DANGERS of hereditary diseases are hidden in the complicated process by which life is formed. There are many who work hard to save lives and fight against such misfortune. And Doctor Zhao Cuilan is one such soldier who has chosen hemophilia as her battlefield. Hemophilia is a hereditary disease characterized by the inability of the patient’s blood to clot. When a person lacks the substance that causes blood clotting, he can bleed to death. In the

  13. Family doctors' involvement with families in Estonia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lember Margus


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Family doctors should care for individuals in the context of their family. Family has a powerful influence on health and illness and family interventions have been shown to improve health outcomes for a variety of health problems. The aim of the study was to investigate the Estonian family doctors' (FD attitudes to the patients' family-related issues in their work: to explore the degree of FDs involvement in family matters, their preparedness for management of family-related issues and their self-assessment of the ability to manage different family-related problems. Methods A random sample (n = 236 of all FDs in Estonia was investigated using a postal questionnaire. Altogether 151 FDs responded to the questionnaire (response rate 64%, while five of them were excluded as they did not actually work as FDs. Results Of the respondents, 90% thought that in managing the health problems of patients FDs should communicate and cooperate with family members. Although most of the family doctors agreed that modifying of the health damaging risk factors (smoking, alcohol and drug abuse of their patients and families is their task, one third of them felt that dealing with these problems is ineffective, or perceived themselves as poorly prepared or having too little time for such activities. Of the respondents, 58% (n = 83 were of the opinion that they could modify also relationship problems. Conclusions Estonian family doctors are favourably disposed to involvement in family-related problems, however, they need some additional training, especially in the field of relationship management.

  14. The role of the infection control doctor. (United States)

    Daschner, F D


    The ideal infection control doctor would be a combination of an infectious disease specialist, microbiologist, epidemiologist, social worker, psychologist, teacher, researcher, antibiotic therapy specialist, policeman, priest, supervisor for housekeeping, architect, partner for the infection control nurse, and who should combine the qualities of Mary Poppins, Sherlock Holmes, Francis von Assisi and Margaret Thatcher. A new role is that of a specialist in environmental pollution by detergents, disinfectants and certain disposables.

  15. Are Danish doctors comfortable teaching in English?


    Nilas, L; Løkkegaard, E. C.; Laursen, J. B.; Kling, J.; Cortes, D.


    Background From 2012–2015, the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology and of Pediatrics at the University of Copenhagen conducted a project, “Internationalization at Home ”, offering clinical teaching in English. The project allowed international students to work with Danish speaking students in a clinical setting. Using semi-quantitative questionnaires to 89 clinicians about use of English and need for training, this paper considers if Danish clinical doctors are prepared to teach in Engli...

  16. Doctors and torture: the police surgeon. (United States)

    Burges, S H


    Much has been written by many distinguished persons about the philosophical, religious and ethical considerations of doctors and their involvement with torture. What follows will not have the erudition or authority of the likes of St Augustine, Mahatma Gandi, Schopenhauer or Thomas Paine. It represents the views of a very ordinary person; a presumption defended by the submission that many very ordinary persons have been, and will be, instruments for effecting, assisting or condoning the physical or mental anguish of others. As practitioners of medicine, we are particularly vulnerable, since our particular knowledge and our privileged position may be so easily abused--to the detriment of others. Those of us who practice clinical forensic medicine have even greater responsibility by virtue of our daily contact with the enforcement of law, criminal procedure, and the machinations of the judiciary. We are thus particularly well placed to monitor, encourage or discourage the occurrence of evil practices within the community. It is imperative, therefore, that the ordinary doctor should be cognisant of, and be party to, a code of conduct formulated by his peers and having reference to his obligations as a citizen, and doctor, and to his ability to manipulate human activity. Forensic physicians have further discretionary powers as arbiters in the marriage of the art and ethics of healing with the principles and practice of justice.

  17. Training Doctors for Person-Centered Care. (United States)

    English, Jeannine


    Person-centered care, in which an individual patient's goals and preferences are treated as paramount, should be the standard throughout the nation. Achieving this ideal will require a change in the culture of health care, and medical schools can play a vital role in helping achieve it. Lack of communication, uncoordinated services, and dealings with sometimes-aloof clinicians and staff all can increase stress and undermine a person's sense of well-being. In a person-centered system, such experiences would be much less common. The cultural shift starts with the idea of "engaging the consumer" rather than "treating the patient." Such engagement requires honoring individuality. The doctor may have a certain way of doing things. But people vary enormously in their values and priorities. They have different goals, different thresholds of pain, different anxieties, different needs for support, different backgrounds, and different resources to draw on. Individuals should feel empowered, aware of their choices, and connected to their health care providers through meaningful communication and understanding. They deserve to feel that their personal dignity and their wishes are a top priority. They should be made to feel that they, along with their caregivers, are members of the care team. This change will benefit not only patients and families but doctors as well. Doctors will benefit from more insight into the individuals they serve, their interactions with consumers and caregivers will be more positive, and the quality of care will improve.

  18. Why are junior doctors reluctant to consult attending physicians? (United States)

    Swank, Otto H


    A physician performs two tasks: making diagnoses and determining treatments. To reduce medical error, junior doctors are supposed to consult their supervisors when they face uncommon circumstances. However, recent research shows that junior doctors are reluctant to do so. This paper presents a model that explains (i) which junior doctors shy away from consulting; (ii) when junior doctors are reluctant; (iii) the importance of protocols in the medical sector; and (iv) when consulting is a sign of strength or a sign of weakness. Furthermore, I show that encouraging junior doctors to consult by investigating mishaps leads to another distortion: they will give too much weight to own assessments.

  19. Factors associated with doctors' knowledge on antibiotic use in China. (United States)

    Bai, Yu; Wang, Sijie; Yin, Xiaoxv; Bai, Jigeng; Gong, Yanhong; Lu, Zuxun


    Misuse of antibiotics by the medical profession is a global concern. Examining doctors' knowledge about antimicrobials will be important in developing strategies to improve antibiotic use. The aim of the study was to survey Chinese doctors' knowledge on antibiotics and reveal the factors associated with their level of knowledge. A cross-sectional survey was conducted in Shanxi in central China. A total of 761 physicians were surveyed using a structured self-administered questionnaire. A generalized linear regression model was used to identify the factors associated with doctors' knowledge on antibiotic. Based on a full score of 10, the average score for doctors' knowledge on antibiotics was 6.29 (SD = 1.79). Generalized linear regression analysis indicated that doctors who either worked in the internal medicine department, who were chief doctors or who received continuing education on antibiotic, had better knowledge of antibiotics. Compared with doctors working in tertiary hospitals, doctors working in secondary hospitals or primary healthcare facilities had poorer knowledge about antibiotics. Chinese doctors have suboptimal knowledge about antimicrobials. Ongoing education is effective to enhance doctors' knowledge, but the effect remains to be further improved. More targeted interventions and education programs should improve knowledge about antimicrobials, especially for doctors working in primary healthcare institutions.

  20. Brain herniation (United States)

    ... herniation; Uncal herniation; Subfalcine herniation; Tonsillar herniation; Herniation - brain ... Brain herniation occurs when something inside the skull produces pressure that moves brain tissues. This is most ...

  1. The Application of Conversational Implicature in Doctor-Patient Conversation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    GAO Chong


    The doctor-patient conversation is the major way of communication between doctors and patients. A good conversa-tion helps to construct a harmonious doctor-patient relationship. This paper attempts to analyze the doctor-patient conversation by applying the Theory of Conversational Implicature. The theory is accepted as the cooperative principle consisting of four max-ims:quantity, quality, relation, manner. This paper will analyse how the four maxims work and the violating of the maxims in the doctor-patient conversation. Through linguistic study of the conversation, we try to find out the problems in the doctor-patient conversation and to provide some directive linguistic suggestions to doctors and patients.

  2. Physicians' perceptions of doctor shopping in West Virginia. (United States)

    Shaffer, E Gail; Moss, Alvin H


    Prescription drug abuse and diversion continue to be serious problems in West Virginia and nationwide. Doctor shopping (visiting multiple doctors in a short time frame with the intent to deceive them to obtain controlled substances) is illegal and one way that patients gain access to prescription drugs. We surveyed West Virginia physicians in emergency medicine, family medicine, and internal medicine to determine their experience with and attitudes toward doctor shopping, and to assess attitudes toward proposed legislation to protect physicians who report doctor shoppers to law enforcement officials. Of 452 physicians surveyed, 258 responded (57%). Emergency medicine physicians had the highest response rate (61%) and most frequent encounters (once a week or more often) with doctor shoppers compared to family medicine and internal medicine physicians (88% vs 25% vs 14%, P doctor shoppers. If the law protected them, 85 percent of all physicians reported they would be likely to report doctor shoppers.

  3. How To Talk to Your Doctor (and Get Your Doctor To Talk to You!). An Educational Workshop on Doctor Patient Communication = Como Hablarle a su Doctor (iY que su doctor le hable a usted!). Un seminario educativo sobre la comunicacion entre el doctor y el paciente. (United States)

    Baylor Coll. of Medicine, Houston, TX.

    This workshop, written in both English and Spanish, focuses on improving communication between physician and patient. In the workshop, the trainers will talk about "building bridges" between patient and doctor by understanding the doctor's role and his/her duty to the patient. According to the workshop, a person's doctor should…

  4. Rural doctor recruitment: does medical education in rural districts recruit doctors to rural areas? (United States)

    Magnus, J H; Tollan, A


    The impact of the University of Tromsø Medical School on the distribution of doctors in rural areas in northern Norway was evaluated by a postal questionnaire. The survey covered 11 graduation years (417 doctors), and the response rate was 84.2%. The establishment of a new medical school in northern Norway has clearly had beneficial effects: a total of 56.1% of the graduates stay in these remote areas. Of those who also spent their youth in northern Norway the proportion is 82.0%, compared to graduates who lived in the southern parts of the country while growing up (37.7%). The results clearly demonstrate that one of the main goals for the Medical School at the University in Tromsø, to educate doctors who prefer to work in these rural areas, has been accomplished.

  5. Support for Different Roles in Software Engineering Master's Thesis Projects (United States)

    Host, M.; Feldt, R.; Luders, F.


    Like many engineering programs in Europe, the final part of most Swedish software engineering programs is a longer project in which the students write a Master's thesis. These projects are often conducted in cooperation between a university and industry, and the students often have two supervisors, one at the university and one in industry. In…

  6. A Path Model for Students' Attitudes to Writing a Thesis. (United States)

    Sachs, John


    Using responses of 90 undergraduate and graduate students, developed a model in which action-control belief variables have only an indirect effect on students' attitudes to writing a thesis mediated through two academic orientation variables. The model accounted for a large proportion of the repeatable variance in the two academic orientation…

  7. Motivation in medical students: a PhD thesis report. (United States)

    Kusurkar, Rashmi


    The aims of this thesis were to gather insights and investigate the factors influencing, outcomes and applications of medical students' motivation. This thesis consists of three literature reviews, four research papers and two application papers. Two research studies investigated the relationships of student motivation with study strategy, effort and academic performance through structural equation modelling and cluster analysis. The relationships of age, maturity, gender and educational background with motivation were investigated through multiple regression analysis. The results of this thesis were 1. Developments in medical education appear to have undervalued student motivation. 2. Motivation is an independent variable in medical education; intrinsic motivation is significantly associated with deep study strategy, high study effort and good academic performance. 3. Motivation is a dependent variable in medical education and is significantly affected by age, maturity, gender, educational background; intrinsic motivation is enhanced by providing students with autonomy, feedback and emotional support. 4. Strength of motivation for medical school can be reliably measured by Strength of Motivation for Medical School questionnaire. The conclusion of this thesis was that it is important to give consideration to motivation in medical education because intrinsic motivation leads to better learning and performance and it can be enhanced through giving students autonomy in learning, feedback about competence and emotional support.

  8. A Supervisor's Roles for Successful Thesis and Dissertation (United States)

    Mhunpiew, Nathara


    The success of a thesis or a dissertation for a graduate student relies upon the roles of their supervisor. The student not only needs to be equipped with the knowledge, but also be able to manage others and external factors at the same time. The journey during the period of conducting research is mixed with various tasks. Five supportive roles of…

  9. Intergroup Contact and Ingroup Reappraisal: Examining the Deprovincialization Thesis (United States)

    Verkuyten, Maykel; Thijs, Jochem; Bekhuis, Hidde


    According to the deprovincialization thesis, interethnic contact involves a reappraisal and distancing from the ingroup. Contact can broaden one's horizon by acknowledging and recognizing the value of other cultures and thereby putting the taken-for-granted own cultural standards into perspective. The current research uses data from three surveys…

  10. Master's Thesis Projects: Student Perceptions of Supervisor Feedback (United States)

    de Kleijn, Renske A. M.; Mainhard, M. Tim; Meijer, Paulien C.; Brekelmans, Mieke; Pilot, Albert


    A growing body of research has investigated student perceptions of written feedback in higher education coursework, but few studies have considered feedback perceptions in one-on-one and face-to-face contexts such as master's thesis projects. In this article, student perceptions of feedback are explored in the context of the supervision of…

  11. Thesis Writing Challenges for Non-Native MA Students (United States)

    Sadeghi, Karim; Shirzad Khajepasha, Arash


    Writing in a second (L2)/foreign language is generally a challenging activity, and writing an MA thesis, as an example of academic enterprise, can be daunting when done in a language in which the writer is not fully competent. The challenge such a genre of writing poses for L2 writers has not been properly addressed. To fill in the gap in this…

  12. Seminar for Master's Thesis Projects: Promoting Students' Self-Regulation (United States)

    Miedijensky, Shirley; Lichtinger, Einat


    This study presents a thesis seminar model aimed at promoting students' self-regulation. Students' perceptions regarding the contribution of the seminar to their learning process were characterized and the seminar's effect upon their self-regulation expressions was examined. Data was collected using questionnaires and analyzed thematically. The…

  13. Turning Points: Improving Honors Student Preparation for Thesis Completion (United States)

    Patino, Cynthia


    This dissertation is an action research study that had as its primary goal to increase retention of honors college students at Arizona State University by implementing an additional advising session during the fifth semester of their academic career. Introducing additional, strategically-timed support for the honors thesis and demystifying the…

  14. Action Research within Organisations and University Thesis Writing. (United States)

    Zuber-Skerritt, Ortrun; Perry, Chad


    Clarifies differences between core collaborative action research in the field and independent action research for theses. Explains how core action research may be incorporated into thesis research in the social sciences, resulting in more useful outcomes for improving practice. (Contains 21 references.) (SK)

  15. Problem Definition and Thesis Writing. Workshops for the Postgraduate Student. (United States)

    Zuber-Skerritt, Ortrun; Knight, Nick


    Some innovative solutions to two key graduate research problems, definition of the research problem and planning and writing the thesis first draft, are outlined. Workshops are recommended as an effective format for assisting students in developing research skills through practical guidance, group support, and discussion. (MSE)

  16. Characteristics of undergraduate medical thesis of a Peruvian public university

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Betty Castro Maldonado


    Full Text Available Introduction: The undergraduate thesis rather than a requirement to graduate, are a way of doing research. Previous studies show a thesis published between 2.7% to 17.6% in indexed journals. Objective: Describe the characteristics of the undergraduate thesis of the Faculty of a medical school. Bibliometric study. 221 theses were reviewed, collecting: Year, number of authors, advisers, and references, study population, and national priorities for health research. A search was performed on Google Scholar to assess publication. Descriptive statistics were used. Results: Being lower production in the years 2008-2010 was observed. 91.6% had one advisor, 76% descriptive, 82.8% in hospital population, and 62.4% of adults. Theses displayed between 2010-2014 72.9% did not correspond to any national health research priority. Only 6.8% was based on literature of the last five years. Only 9 (4.1% were published in a scientific journal indexed. Conclusions: The undergraduate thesis were characterized as descriptive, hospital, adults, literature based on outdated and not in line with the national priorities for health research. The publication is low.

  17. Perceived need and barriers to continuing professional development among doctors. (United States)

    Ikenwilo, Divine; Skåtun, Diane


    There is growing need for continuing professional development (CPD) among doctors, especially following the recent introduction of compulsory revalidation for all doctors in the United Kingdom (UK). We use unique datasets from two national surveys of non-training grade doctors working in the National Health Service in Scotland to evaluate doctors' perceptions of need and barriers to CPD. We test for differences over time and also examine differences between doctor grades and for other characteristics such as gender, age, contract type and specialty. Doctors expressed the greatest need for CPD in clinical training, management, and information technology. In terms of perceived barriers to CPD, lack of time was expressed as a barrier by the largest proportion of doctors, as was insufficient clinical cover, lack of funding, and remoteness from main education centres. The strength of perceived need for particular CPD activities and the perceived barriers to CPD varied significantly by doctors' job and personal characteristics. An understanding of the perceived needs and barriers to CPD among doctors is an important precursor to developing effective educational and training programmes that cover their professional practice and also in supporting doctors towards successful revalidation.

  18. Recordando al doctor Alberto Pradilla Ferreira


    Mercedes de Onís; Beatriz Gracia


    Brillante, sencillo, reservado, amigo solidario, colega entusiasta, trabajador incansable, maestro. Adjetivos que abrigan el recuerdo de quien dejó un legado importante para la salud pública, la pediatría y la docencia en salud pública, centrado principalmente en la nutrición.Médico y Cirujano de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia (1956), el doctor Alberto Pradilla fue uno de los pocos médicos colombianos que además de su especialidad médica como pediatra, se formó en el área de nutrición.Se...

  19. Philosophical Issues in Doctoral Education in Social Work: A Survey of Doctoral Program Directors. (United States)

    Anastas, Jeane W.; Congress, Elaine P.


    Surveyed 48 social-work doctoral-program directors about the inclusion of philosophical issues in the curriculum. The survey asked about traditional and emergent epistemologies, including heuristics, social constructivism, and other forms of postmodernism. Results suggest that while such content is included in research courses, directors face…

  20. Pathways to the Doctorate Degree: A Phenomenological Study of African American Women in Doctorate Degree Programs (United States)

    Starks, Luciana Janee'


    Increasing the number of advanced degree recipients is more than an educational issue; it is also a key social issue. "A college-educated population results in pivotal benefits to society" (The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, 2004, p. 1). Although African Americans have made steady and notable progress in doctorate degree…

  1. Doctors' strikes and mortality: a review. (United States)

    Cunningham, Solveig Argeseanu; Mitchell, Kristina; Narayan, K M; Yusuf, Salim


    A paradoxical pattern has been suggested in the literature on doctors' strikes: when health workers go on strike, mortality stays level or decreases. We performed a review of the literature during the past forty years to assess this paradox. We used PubMed, EconLit and Jstor to locate all peer-reviewed English-language articles presenting data analysis on mortality associated with doctors' strikes. We identified 156 articles, seven of which met our search criteria. The articles analyzed five strikes around the world, all between 1976 and 2003. The strikes lasted between nine days and seventeen weeks. All reported that mortality either stayed the same or decreased during, and in some cases, after the strike. None found that mortality increased during the weeks of the strikes compared to other time periods. The paradoxical finding that physician strikes are associated with reduced mortality may be explained by several factors. Most importantly, elective surgeries are curtailed during strikes. Further, hospitals often re-assign scarce staff and emergency care was available during all of the strikes. Finally, none of the strikes may have lasted long enough to assess the effects of long-term reduced access to a physician. Nonetheless, the literature suggests that reductions in mortality may result from these strikes.

  2. Exploring the impact of workplace cyberbullying on trainee doctors


    Farley, S; Coyne, I; Sprigg, C.; Axtell, C.; Subramanian, G.


    Objectives: Workplace bullying is an occupational hazard for trainee doctors. However, little is known about their experiences of cyberbullying at work. This study examines the impact of cyberbullying among trainee doctors, and how attributions of blame for cyberbullying influence individual and work-related outcomes.\\ud \\ud Methods: Doctors at over 6 months into training were asked to complete an online survey that included measures of cyberbullying, blame attribution, negative emotion, job ...

  3. Radiation therapy - what to ask your doctor (United States)

    ... tumor - children Brain tumor - primary - adults Breast cancer Colon cancer Hodgkin ... by: Christine Zhang, MD, Medical Oncologist, Fresno, CA. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network. Also reviewed ...

  4. Automated morphometry of transgenic mouse brains in MR images

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Scheenstra, Alize Elske Hiltje


    Quantitative and local morphometry of mouse brain MRI is a relatively new field of research, where automated methods can be exploited to rapidly provide accurate and repeatable results. In this thesis we reviewed several existing methods and applications of quantitative morphometry to brain MR image

  5. Brain damage in patients with manifest arterial disease

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Raamt, Anne Fleur van


    In this thesis we assessed whether the risk factors known to affect markers of brain damage in the general population, also effectuate brain damage in patients who already have symptomatic arterial disease. We found that elevated levels of homocysteine were related to slightly lower global cogniti

  6. Quantitative assessment of brain perfusion with magnetic resonance imaging

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bleeker, Egbert Jan Willem


    This thesis focuses on assessing blood supply to brain tissue using MRI. For Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast-MRI a series of images is acquired during the passage of a bolus contrast agent through the brain up to the point that the contrast agent is equally mixed within the total blood pool. The tis

  7. Measuring and modulating the brain with non-invasive stimulation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Munneke, M.A.M


    The overall goal of the studies in this thesis was the use of non-invasive brain stimulation for measuring and modulating corticospinal excitability and to study the possibility of therapeutic modulation of excitability in some neurological disorders. Brain modulation to reduce the over-excitability

  8. Functional MRI of food-induced brain responses

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Smeets, P.A.M.


    The ultimate goal of this research was to find central biomarkers of satiety, i.e., physiological measures in the brain that relate to subjectively rated appetite, actual food intake, or both. This thesis describes the changes in brain activity in response to food stimuli as measured by functional M

  9. Ph.D. Thesis: Topics on topology and superstring theory

    CERN Document Server

    Ruffino, Fabio Ferrari


    In this thesis we discuss some topics about topology and superstring backgrounds with D-branes. We start with a mathematical review about generalized homology and cohomology theories and the Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence, in order to provide an explicit link between such a spectral sequence and the Gysin map. Then we review the basic facts about line bundles and gerbes with connection. In the second part of the thesis we apply the previous material to study the geometry of type II superstring backgrounds. We first present the cohomological discussion about D-brane charges in analogy with classical electromagnetism, then we use the geometry of gerbes to discuss the nature of A-field and B-field as follows from Freed-Witten anomaly, finally we discuss the K-theoretical approaches to classify D-brane charges. In the last part we discuss some topics about spinors and pinors with particular attention to non-orientable manifolds.

  10. The Paradox of Question and Answer Episode of Thesis Examination

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suprihadi Suprihadi


    Full Text Available The main concern of this research is the exploration of tendencies made by the participants of a thesis examination in enacting their roles through their speech function choices. Interpretation of the data is based on the principle of critical discourse analysis within the systemic functional linguistic. The results show us the paradox of a Question – and – Answer episode of a thesis examination. It lies in the fact that it must operate in an academic atmosphere, be brief and frightening, and the examiners initiate the interaction by demanding information from the student, and yet it is a joint production of conversation in which, while enacting their supportive roles, the examiners contribute to sustaining the interaction, making it half-way between casual and pragmatic conversation. Based on the findings: some suggestions addressed to examiners are made.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    点评:THESIS HV VENTI产品刚刚上市几个月,就斩获2004-2005届欧洲汽车移动音响的最高大奖——EISA奖。拥有双重立体功放,含有超强电流、超强功率两种功放模式,在经过AUDISON“欧迪臣”工程师们对汽车音响功放理念的最深刻的研究,导入了一流散热技术和再加上超级审美艺术,最终造就了这款有王者风范的汽车立体音响功放——THESIS HV VENTI。

  12. A case for weakening the Church-Turing Thesis

    CERN Document Server

    Anand, Bhupinder Singh


    We conclude from Goedel's Theorem VII of his seminal 1931 paper that every recursive function f(x_{1}, x_{2}) is representable in the first-order Peano Arithmetic PA by a formula [F(x_{1}, x_{2}, x_{3})] which is algorithmically verifiable, but not algorithmically computable, if we assume that the negation of a universally quantified formula of the first-order predicate calculus is always indicative of the existence of a counter-example under the standard interpretation of PA. We conclude that the standard postulation of the Church-Turing Thesis does not hold if we define a number-theoretic formula as effectively computable if, and only if, it is algorithmically verifiable; and needs to be replaced by a weaker postulation of the Thesis as an equivalence.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Corina Anamaria IOAN


    Full Text Available More than ever doctors are beginning to recognize that beyond impeccable professionalism shown to the patient, equally imports became part of communication, and in one century of the Internet, the most effective communication process moves online, in the social networks. It is important for doctors to develop a personal brand because a reputation, passed with internet speed can only have a positive effect. In a century in which patients make the decision to see a particular doctor, largely based on recommendations and research the forums online discussions, doctors are beginning realize the importance of a strong presence, constant and reliable environment through online networks social priority.

  14. Preparing Your Child for Visits to the Doctor (United States)

    ... its embarrassing or uncomfortable procedures, is not a punishment for any misbehavior or disobedience. previous continue Involve Your Child in the Process Gathering information for the doctor. ...

  15. [The virtuous doctor in cinema: the final examination]. (United States)

    Figueroa, Gustavo


    The virtuous doctor has subscribed an oath and by subscribing to this solemn promise, he is committed to live in accordance with the purposes, obligations and virtues established in the medical profession. Cinematic art has shown only a superficial interest in complex aspects of medical profession. An exception is Ingmar Bergman's film "Wild Strawberries", where Professor Isak Borg, a widowed 76-year-old physician, is to be awarded the Doctor Jubilaris degree, 50 years after he received his doctorate at Lund University. During the trip, Isak is forced by a nightmare to reevaluate his professional life as not being a virtuous doctor.

  16. Thesis Report: Resource Utilization Provisioning in MapReduce


    Barati, Hamidreza; Jaberi, Nasrin


    In this thesis report, we have a survey on state-of-the-art methods for modelling resource utilization of MapReduce applications regard to its configuration parameters. After implementation of one of the algorithms in literature, we tried to find that if CPU usage modelling of a MapReduce application can be used to predict CPU usage of another MapReduce application.

  17. Bounded symbols and reproducing kernel thesis for truncated Toeplitz operators

    CERN Document Server

    Baranov, A; Fricain, Emmanuel; Mashreghi, Javad; Timotin, Dan


    Compressions of Toeplitz operators to coinvariant subspaces of $H^2$ are called \\emph{truncated Toeplitz operators}. We study two questions related to these operators. The first, raised by Sarason, is whether boundedness of the operator implies the existence of a bounded symbol; the second is the reproducing kernel thesis. We show that in general the answer to the first question is negative, and we exhibit some classes of spaces for which the answers to both questions are positive.

  18. Practical issues in 'writing up' a research thesis. (United States)

    Roberts, P


    Beginning to 'write up' your research thesis can seem a daunting prospect. While the experience can be stressful, with careful planning, the process can be managed effectively, and prove both rewarding and pleasurable. Paula Roberts offers a practical guide to managing the process of writing-up. Three distinct phases are discussed: the input phase of planning the write-up; the process phase of writing-up; and the output phase ofpreparing the finished document for submission.

  19. A Thesis on the English Problematic Sounds of English Learners

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Dialect pronunciation influences English pronunciation of the learners in many aspects. The thesis study English Problematic Sounds of English Learners. Analyzing and studying the influence of the dialect to the English pronunciation learning can help the teachers and the learners to correct the bad habits in the pronunciation of the first language and the barrier of the dialect to the learning of the English pronunciation; It can be good for the learners to grasp the correct English pronunciation.

  20. Some Problems of Alasdair MacIntyre’s "Emotivism Thesis"



    In this article Alasdair MacIntyre’s thesis concerning emotivist use of moral utterances in contemporary liberal societies is analysed. One tries to show that it needs further clarification since at least three elements of MacIntyre’s argument seem to pose certain problems; these are: ‘discussion halt’ as the source of emotivism, comprehensive doctrines as premises of respective arguments in liberal debates and the problem of incommensurability. These three problematic eleme...

  1. Beyond Armageddon: Deterrence with less. Master's thesis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kolbas, P.J.


    This thesis examines the implications for nuclear deterrence between the United States and the Soviet Union brought about by the dramatic changes in the strategic environment during the 1980s. Specifically, it examines the potential for a new criteria of deterrence at significantly lower levels of strategic weapons. The analysis indicates that a targeting strategy which emphasizes economic and industrial facilities will deter the Soviet Union. This targeting strategy allows for a reduction to 1500 strategic weapons while maintaining the robustness of nuclear deterrence between the United States and the Soviet Union. Using as its criteria arms race stability, breakout stability, crisis stability, verification, predictability, consequences of war, and the security of friends and allies, this thesis concludes that a force structure comprised of the Trident D-5 Submarine-launched ballistic missile and the B-2 bomber best ensures deterrence both against the Soviet Union and any other nuclear power regardless of changes in their political or ideological orientation. To provide maximum flexibility while negotiating the agreement and to hedge against a breakdown in U.S/Soviet relations prior to implementation, the thesis recommends a modernization program for U.S. strategic forces including funding for the restructured Strategic Defense Initiative which is now named Global Protection Against Limited Strikes.

  2. An Examination of the Neural Unreliability Thesis of Autism. (United States)

    Butler, John S; Molholm, Sophie; Andrade, Gizely N; Foxe, John J


    An emerging neuropathological theory of Autism, referred to here as "the neural unreliability thesis," proposes greater variability in moment-to-moment cortical representation of environmental events, such that the system shows general instability in its impulse response function. Leading evidence for this thesis derives from functional neuroimaging, a methodology ill-suited for detailed assessment of sensory transmission dynamics occurring at the millisecond scale. Electrophysiological assessments of this thesis, however, are sparse and unconvincing. We conducted detailed examination of visual and somatosensory evoked activity using high-density electrical mapping in individuals with autism (N = 20) and precisely matched neurotypical controls (N = 20), recording large numbers of trials that allowed for exhaustive time-frequency analyses at the single-trial level. Measures of intertrial coherence and event-related spectral perturbation revealed no convincing evidence for an unreliability account of sensory responsivity in autism. Indeed, results point to robust, highly reproducible response functions marked for their exceedingly close correspondence to those in neurotypical controls.

  3. Don Juan Huarte de San Juan: El doctor que anticipó la melancolía de Don Quijote Don Juan Huarte de San Juan: The doctor who antocipated Don Quixote´s Melancholy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pedro García Martín


    Full Text Available El estado de enajenación del ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote lo había aprendido Cervantes a través del doctor Juan Huarte San Juan, autor del famoso ensayo Examen de ingenios, donde formula la teoría de los humores para explicar el cuerpo y el carácter del hombre. En este artículo, pues, repasaremos la biografía de este personaje, analizaremos la formación de los médicos en las universidades de la España del Siglo de Oro, la influencia del Examen en la Europa de su tiempo y en la obra cervantina a través de la melancolía de don Quijote y de la locura del Licenciado Vidriera. Para terminar con la aplicación literaria de las tesis sobre ingenios que definiera nuestro dilecto médico de resonancia mundial.Cervantes learned about Don Quixote's derangement through Juan Huarte de San Juan's famous treatise Examen de ingenios, where he deployed the humoral theory to explain human body and character. In this article Huarte's biography will be summarized, analyzing the academic background of golden age Spanish doctors, and the impact of Examen in Early Modern Europe and in Cervante's work by examining Don Quixote's melancholy and Licenciado Vidriera's madness. Finally, I will show how the internationally famous Spanish doctor's thesis was used in literature.

  4. Cardiovascular and hemodynamic contribution to brain aging

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sabayan, Behnam


    In summary, chapter 1 of this thesis provides a background on the demographic, biologic and cardiovascular aspects of brain aging. Chapter 2 shows that higher blood pressure is associated with lower cognitive decline in very old age. Findings of Chapter 3 indicate that higher blood pressure is assoc

  5. Insulin sensitivity : modulation by the brain

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Coomans, Claudia Pascalle


    The studies in this thesis contribute to the understanding of the role of the brain in insulin sensitivity. We demonstrate that disturbances in circadian rhythm resulting in alterations in SCN output, can contribute to the development of insulin resistance. We also shown that insulin-stimulated gluc

  6. "Cooking Together Disparate Things": The Role of Metaphor in Thesis Writing (United States)

    Kelly, Frances


    The article contributes to the discussion of writing at doctoral level, which has lately been of interest in higher education literature, by approaching doctoral theses "as texts" and by highlighting textuality and rhetoric in doctoral writing, issues which have been marginalised in the discourse to date. In this paper I analyse the use of…

  7. Brain Basics

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Basics will introduce you to some of this science, such as: How the brain develops How genes and the environment affect the brain The basic structure of the brain How different parts of the brain communicate and work with each other How changes in the brain ...

  8. Brain Fingerprinting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ravi Kumar


    Full Text Available Brain Fingerprinting is a scientific technique to determine whether or not specific information is stored in an individual's brain by measuring a electrical brain wave response to Word, phrases, or picture that are presented on computer screen. Brain Fingerprinting is a controversial forensic science technique that uses electroencephalography (EEG to determine whether specific information is stored in a subject's brain.

  9. Brain Fingerprinting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    ravi kumar


    Full Text Available Brain Fingerprinting is a scientific technique to determine whether or not specific information is stored in an individual's brain by measuring a electrical brain wave response to Word, phrases, or picture that are presented on computer screen. Brain Fingerprinting is a controversial forensic science technique that uses electroencephalograph y (EEG to determine whether specific information is stored in a subject's brain

  10. Brain Tumors (United States)

    A brain tumor is a growth of abnormal cells in the tissues of the brain. Brain tumors can be benign, with no cancer cells, ... cancer cells that grow quickly. Some are primary brain tumors, which start in the brain. Others are ...

  11. Are patients' and doctors' accounts of the first specialist consultation for chronic back pain in agreement?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    White KB


    Full Text Available Kathy B White,1 John Lee,2 Amanda C de C Williams3 1Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, 2School of Life and Medical Sciences, University College London, 3Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, Faculty of Brain Sciences, University College London, London, UK Introduction: The first consultation at a specialist pain clinic is potentially a pivotal event in a patient’s pain history, affecting treatment adherence and engagement with longer term self-management. What doctors communicate to patients about their chronic pain and how patients interpret doctors’ messages and explanations in pain consultations are under-investigated, particularly in specialist care. Yet, patients value personalized information about their pain problem.Patients and methods: Sixteen patients in their first specialist pain clinic consultation and the doctors they consulted were interviewed shortly after the consultation. Framework analysis, using patient themes, was used to identify full match, partial match, or mismatch of patient–doctor dyads’ understandings of the consultation messages.Results: Patients and doctors agreed, mainly implicitly, that medical treatment aiming at pain relief was primary and little time was devoted to discussion of self-management. Clinically relevant areas of mismatch included the explanation of pain, the likelihood of medical treatments providing relief, the long-term treatment plan, and the extent to which patients were expected to be active in achieving treatment goals.Discussion: Overall, there appears to be reasonable concordance between doctors and patients, and patients were generally satisfied with their first consultation with a specialist. Two topics showed substantial mismatch, the estimated likely outcome of the next planned intervention and, assuming (as doctors but not patients did that this was unsuccessful, the long-term treatment plan. It appeared that more complex issues

  12. What nervous systems do : Early evolution, input-output, and the skin brain thesis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Keijzer, Fred; van Duijn, Marc; Lyon, Pamela


    Nervous systems are standardly interpreted as information processing input-output devices. They receive environmental information from their sensors as input, subsequently process or adjust this information, and use the result to control effectors, providing output. Through-conducting activity is he

  13. Health services research doctoral core competencies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Holve Erin


    Full Text Available Abstract This manuscript presents an initial description of doctoral level core competencies for health services research (HSR. The competencies were developed by a review of the literature, text analysis of institutional accreditation self-studies submitted to the Council on Education for Public Health, and a consensus conference of HSR educators from US educational institutions. The competencies are described in broad terms which reflect the unique expertise, interests, and preferred learning methods of academic HSR programs. This initial set of core competencies is published to generate further dialogue within and outside of the US about the most important learning objectives and methods for HSR training and to clarify the unique skills of HSR training program graduates.

  14. Clown doctors: shaman healers of Western medicine. (United States)

    Van Blerkom, L M


    The Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit, which entertains children in New York City hospitals, is compared with non-Western healers, especially shamans. There is not only superficial resemblance--weird costumes, music, sleight of hand, puppet/spirit helpers, and ventriloquism--but also similarity in the meanings and functions of their performances. Both clown and shaman violate natural and cultural rules in their performances. Both help patient and family deal with illness. Both use suggestion and manipulation of medical symbols in attempting to alleviate their patients' distress. Just as traditional ethnomedical systems have been integrated with Western medicine in other societies, clown doctors can provide complementary therapy that may enhance the efficacy of medical treatment in developed nations, particularly for children.

  15. Are Danish doctors comfortable teaching in English?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nilas, L; Løkkegaard, E C; Laursen, J B


    BACKGROUND: From 2012-2015, the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology and of Pediatrics at the University of Copenhagen conducted a project, "Internationalization at Home ", offering clinical teaching in English. The project allowed international students to work with Danish speaking students...... in a clinical setting. Using semi-quantitative questionnaires to 89 clinicians about use of English and need for training, this paper considers if Danish clinical doctors are prepared to teach in English. RESULTS: The majority self-assessed their English proficiency between seven and eight on a 10 unit visual...... analogue scale, with 10 equivalent to working in Danish, while 15 % rated five or less. However, one-fourth found teaching and writing in English to be twice as difficult than in Danish, and 12 % rated all teaching tasks in English at four or less compared to Danish. The self-assessed need for additional...

  16. Edinburgh doctors and their physic gardens. (United States)

    Doyle, D


    Edinburgh has had eight physic gardens on different sites since its first one was created by the Incorporation of Barbers and Surgeons in 1656. As the gardens grew in size, they evolved from herb gardens to botanic gardens with small herbaria for the supply of medical herbs. They were intended for the instruction of medical, surgical and apothecary students and, in the case of the physicians, to demonstrate the need for a physicians' college and a pharmacopoeia. Some of the doctors in charge of them were equally famous and influential in botany as in medicine, and while Edinburgh Town Council enjoyed the fame the gardens brought to the city it was parsimonious and slow to support its botanical pioneers. The gardens are celebrated today in the Sibbald Garden within the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.

  17. Thomas Bowdler: censor, philanthropist, and doctor. (United States)

    Jellineck, E H


    A recent biography of the physician William Osler credits him with having generated a verb, to "oslerize", as a synonym for euthanasia. Actually, Osler had been mocking his own impending senescent uselessness at the time of his move from Baltimore to Oxford. That neologism did not last. Two earlier doctors who did make it to the dictionaries in a verbally eponymous way were F A Mesmer and Thomas Bowdler, and Bowdler, at least, would not have liked the recognition. The first use of the verb to "bowdlerise" seems to have been in 1836, with a reference to "names in the writings of the apostles which modern ultrachristians would probably have Bowdlerized". However, Bowdler is better remembered for his cleaning up of the plays of Shakespeare.

  18. Doctor and pharmacist - back to the apothecary! (United States)

    Liaw, Siaw-Teng; Peterson, Gregory


    The Australian National Medicines Policy embodies four tenets: availability, quality, safety and efficacy of medicines; timely access to affordable medicines; quality use of medicines (QUM); and a responsible and viable medicines industry. The promotion of QUM requires a multidisciplinary approach, including contributions from government, the pharmaceutical industry, health professionals, consumers and academia. However, there are significant tensions and unintended effects associated with the multidisciplinary approach, especially with the relationships between prescribers and dispensers of medicines. The general practitioner and the pharmacist share a common ancestor - the apothecary. The separation of dispensing from prescribing, which began in medieval Europe and 19th century England, reframed and confined the patient-doctor relationship to one of diagnosis, prescription and non-drug management. The role of pharmacists was limited to dispensing, though the present trend is for their responsibilities to be widened. Historical antecedents, the contribution of an increasing number of actors to the costs of health care, universal health insurance and an evolving regulatory framework, are among the factors influencing doctor-pharmacist relations. The prescribing and dispensing of medicines must be guided by an ethical clinical governance structure encompassing health professionals, regulators, the pharmaceutical industry and consumers. There must be close monitoring of safety and effectiveness, and promotion of quality use of medicines and improved patient outcomes. Ongoing training and professional development, within and across professional boundaries, is essential to support harmonious and cost-effective inter-professional practice. The approach must be "apothecarial" with complementary roles and responsibilities for the prescriber and dispenser within the patient-clinician therapeutic relationship, and not adversarial.

  19. Diagnosing the doctors' departure: survey on sources of dissatisfaction among Irish junior doctors.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Bruce-Brand, R


    There has been a significant decline in the number of applications for non-consultant hospital doctor (NCHD) posts in Ireland over the last 18 months. We conducted an online, anonymous survey of Irish NCHDs to establish levels of satisfaction, sources of dissatisfaction and the major reasons for junior doctors seeking work abroad. 522 NCHDs took the survey, including 64 (12.3%) currently working outside of the Republic. 219 (45.8%) were slightly dissatisfied and 142 (29.7%) were extremely dissatisfied with practising medicine in Ireland. Major sources of dissatisfaction included the state of the health care system, staffing cover for leave and illness, the dearth of consultant posts and the need to move around Ireland. The most important reason for NCHDs wishing to leave was to seek better training and career opportunities abroad.

  20. Brain components (United States)

    ... can make complex movements without thinking. The brain stem connects the brain with the spinal cord and is composed of ... structures: the midbrain, pons, and medulla oblongata. The brain stem provides us with automatic functions that are necessary ...

  1. Brain surgery (United States)

    Craniotomy; Surgery - brain; Neurosurgery; Craniectomy; Stereotactic craniotomy; Stereotactic brain biopsy; Endoscopic craniotomy ... cut depends on where the problem in the brain is located. The surgeon creates a hole in ...

  2. Brain Malformations (United States)

    Most brain malformations begin long before a baby is born. Something damages the developing nervous system or causes it ... medicines, infections, or radiation during pregnancy interferes with brain development. Parts of the brain may be missing, ...

  3. Brain Basics

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... science, such as: How the brain develops How genes and the environment affect the brain The basic ... that with brain development in people mental disorders. Genes and environmental cues both help to direct this ...

  4. Brain Basics

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... can lead to mental disorders, such as depression. The Growing Brain Inside the Brain: Neurons & Neural Circuits ... tailored treatments, and possibly prevention of such illnesses. The Working Brain Neurotransmitters Everything we do relies on ...

  5. Professional Identity Development of Counselor Education Doctoral Students (United States)

    Dollarhide, Colette T.; Gibson, Donna M.; Moss, Julie M.


    The authors used grounded theory to explore professional identity transitions for 23 counselor education doctoral students in a cross-section sample based on nodal points in their programs. The transformational tasks that doctoral students face involve integration of multiple identities, evolution of confidence and legitimacy, and acceptance of…

  6. Students' Research Self-Efficacy during Online Doctoral Research Courses (United States)

    Baltes, Beate; Hoffman-Kipp, Peter; Lynn, Laura; Weltzer-Ward, Lisa


    This study will explore student skill development and research self-efficacy as related to online doctoral students' first core research course experience. Findings from this study will be used to inform instructors in effective ways to support doctoral students during their early research experiences. This support will ensure that online graduate…

  7. Opportunities to Learn Scientific Thinking in Joint Doctoral Supervision (United States)

    Kobayashi, Sofie; Grout, Brian W.; Rump, Camilla Østerberg


    Research into doctoral supervision has increased rapidly over the last decades, yet our understanding of how doctoral students learn scientific thinking from supervision is limited. Most studies are based on interviews with little work being reported that is based on observation of actual supervision. While joint supervision has become widely…

  8. Doctoral Advising or Mentoring? Effects on Student Outcomes (United States)

    Lunsford, Laura


    This study investigated the extent to which doctoral advisors provided mentoring to their students and if mentor support influenced doctoral student outcomes. Survey results from 477 respondents, across disciplines at two universities, indicated that most students believed mentoring was important and over half of them received mentoring support…

  9. Part-Time Doctoral Student Socialization through Peer Mentorship (United States)

    Bircher, Lisa S.


    The purpose of this phenomenological study was to understand the socialization (Weidman, Twale, & Stein, 2001) experiences of part-time doctoral students as a result of peer mentorship in one college. Part-time doctoral students are identified as students who are maintaining full-time employment or obligations outside of the university. The…

  10. Peer mentoring in doctor performance assessment: strategies, obstacles and benefits.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Overeem, K.; Driessen, E.W.; Arah, O.A.; Lombarts, K.M.; Wollersheim, H.C.H.; Grol, R.P.T.M.


    CONTEXT: Mentors are increasingly involved in doctor performance assessments. Mentoring seems to be a key determinant in achieving the ultimate goal of those assessments, namely, improving doctor performance. Little is known, however, about how mentors perceive and fulfil this role. OBJECTIVE: The a

  11. THE DOCTORATE IN ADULT EDUCATION, 1935-1965. (United States)



  12. Doctoral Seminar on Research and Career Development (SIG ED). (United States)

    Wildemuth, Barbara; Su, Louise; Hsieh-Yee, Ingrid


    Doctoral candidates, selected from those competing for the ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) and UMI (University Microfilms International) doctoral awards, were invited to informally discuss their current research and future research plans with established researchers in information science. (Author/LRW)

  13. Assessment of Examinations in Computer Science Doctoral Education (United States)

    Straub, Jeremy


    This article surveys the examination requirements for attaining degree candidate (candidacy) status in computer science doctoral programs at all of the computer science doctoral granting institutions in the United States. It presents a framework for program examination requirement categorization, and categorizes these programs by the type or types…

  14. Peer mentoring in doctor performance assessment: strategies, obstacles and benefits

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    K. Overeem; E.W. Driessen; O.A. Arah; K.M.J.M.H. Lombarts; H.C. Wollersheim; R.P.T.M. Grol


    CONTEXT: Mentors are increasingly involved in doctor performance assessments. Mentoring seems to be a key determinant in achieving the ultimate goal of those assessments, namely, improving doctor performance. Little is known, however, about how mentors perceive and fulfil this role. OBJECTIVE: The a

  15. Doctor-patient communication in Southeast Asia: a different culture?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Claramita, M.; Nugraheni, M.D.; Dalen, J. Van; Vleuten, C.P.M. van der


    Studies of doctor-patient communication generally advocate a partnership communication style. However, in Southeast Asian settings, we often see a more one-way style with little input from the patient. We investigated factors underlying the use of a one-way consultation style by doctors in a Southea

  16. Nutrition communication styles of family doctors: results of quantitative research

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dillen, van S.M.E.; Hiddink, G.J.; Koelen, M.A.; Woerkum, van C.M.J.


    Objective: To assess the nutrition communication styles of Dutch family doctors and in particular to assess its psychosocial and sociodemographic correlates. Design: A cross-sectional study in which a representative sample of 600 Dutch family doctors completed a questionnaire. Setting: The survey wa

  17. Factors influencing intercultural doctor-patient communication: A realist review

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Paternotte, E.; Dulmen, S. van; Lee, N. van der; Scherpbier, A.J.; Scheele, F.


    OBJECTIVE: Due to migration, doctors see patients from different ethnic backgrounds. This causes challenges for the communication. To develop training programs for doctors in intercultural communication (ICC), it is important to know which barriers and facilitators determine the quality of ICC. This

  18. Signature Pedagogy in California State University Educational Doctorates (United States)

    Slater, Charles; Brown-Welty, Sharon; Cohn, Kathleen; Rodriguez, Jesus


    The purpose of this paper is to examine signature pedagogies for the education doctorate. Three California State University campuses that have started new Ed.D. programs examine practices that distinguish the education doctoral experience from other professions. Embedded field work, the professional seminar, and the research and writing support…

  19. Doctoral Accounting Candidates: A Profile of Demographics and Perceptions. (United States)

    Backmon, Ida Robinson


    Presents information on minority doctoral students in accounting, drawing on surveys completed by 47 such students. Outlines demographic characteristics, and identifies respondents' rankings of costs and benefits of pursuing a doctorate in accounting. Most respondents were professionally certified and were interested in academic careers. (SLD)

  20. Personal Study Planning in Doctoral Education in Industrial Engineering (United States)

    Lahenius, K.; Martinsuo, M.


    The duration of doctoral studies has increased in Europe. Personal study planning has been considered as one possible solution to help students in achieving shorter study times. This study investigates how doctoral students experience and use personal study plans in one university department of industrial engineering. The research material…

  1. Doctor-Patient Communication in Southeast Asia: A Different Culture? (United States)

    Claramita, Mora; Nugraheni, Mubarika D. F.; van Dalen, Jan; van der Vleuten, Cees


    Studies of doctor-patient communication generally advocate a partnership communication style. However, in Southeast Asian settings, we often see a more one-way style with little input from the patient. We investigated factors underlying the use of a one-way consultation style by doctors in a Southeast Asian setting. We conducted a qualitative…

  2. Few Military Doctors Well-Trained in Transgender Care (United States)

    ... Few Military Doctors Well-Trained in Transgender Care: Study Many ... HealthDay News) -- Transgender people serving in the U.S. military may be hard-pressed to find a doctor ...

  3. Conceptual Frameworks in the Doctoral Research Process: A Pedagogical Model (United States)

    Berman, Jeanette; Smyth, Robyn


    This paper contributes to consideration of the role of conceptual frameworks in the doctoral research process. Through reflection on the two authors' own conceptual frameworks for their doctoral studies, a pedagogical model has been developed. The model posits the development of a conceptual framework as a core element of the doctoral…

  4. Colorectal (Colon) Cancer: Questions to Ask Your Doctor (United States)

    ... risk, ask your doctor if you should begin screening earlier than age 50. If You’re Having Symptoms Tell your doctor if you have any of these symptoms— Blood in or on your stool (bowel movement). Stomach pain, aches, or cramps that do not go ...

  5. Professional and Personal Development in Contemporary Gerontology Doctoral Education (United States)

    Ewen, Heidi H.; Rowles, Graham D.; Watkins, John F.


    This article reports on the Gerontology Doctoral Student Assessment Model (GDSAM), a comprehensive web-based system premised on developing an evaluation mechanism attuned to the special requirements of advanced graduate education at the doctoral level. The system focuses on longitudinal tracking of selected dimensions of intellectual,…

  6. From medical doctor to medical director: leadership style matters. (United States)

    Williams, Geraint; Wood, Edward V; Ibram, Ferda


    Leadership is a skill to be developed by all doctors from the foundation trainee to the director of the board. This article explores the impact of leadership style on performance and considers techniques to develop doctors' leadership skills and personal effectiveness.

  7. Talk to Your Doctor about Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (United States)

    ... Topic En español Talk to Your Doctor about Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Browse Sections The Basics Overview What is AAA? ... ask your doctor about getting screened (tested) for abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). If AAA isn't found and treated ...

  8. A Model for the Supervisor-Doctoral Student Relationship (United States)

    Mainhard, Tim; van der Rijst, Roeland; van Tartwijk, Jan; Wubbels, Theo


    The supervisor-doctoral student interpersonal relationship is important for the success of a PhD-project. Therefore, information about doctoral students' perceptions of their relationship with their supervisor can be useful for providing detailed feedback to supervisors aiming at improving the quality of their supervision. This paper describes the…

  9. Financing and Restructuring Doctoral Education in the Future (United States)

    Ehrenberg, Ronald G.


    In this paper, the author argues that a combination of short- and longer-run economic and political forces pose a threat to the well-being of the nation's doctoral programs. After briefly touching on the impact of current economic problems on doctoral education at private universities, he then discusses the growing pressure on academia to expand…

  10. Doctor-Shopping Behavior among Patients with Eye Floaters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gow-Lieng Tseng


    Full Text Available Patients suffering from eye floaters often resort to consulting more than one ophthalmologist. The purpose of this study, using the Health Belief Model (HBM, was to identify the factors that influence doctor-shopping behavior among patients with eye floaters. In this cross-sectional survey, 175 outpatients who presented floaters symptoms were enrolled. Data from 143 patients (77 first time visitors and 66 doctor-shoppers who completed the questionnaire were analyzed. Descriptive and logistic regression analyses were performed. We found that women and non-myopia patients were significantly related with frequent attendance and doctor switching. Though the HBM has performed well in a number of health behaviors studies, but most of the conceptual constructors of HBM did not show significant differences between the first time visitors and true doctor-shoppers in this study. Motivation was the only significant category affecting doctor-shopping behavior of patients with eye floaters.

  11. Unity and Detachment: A Discourse Analysis of Doctoral Supervision

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Caroline Bradbury-Jones


    Full Text Available In this article the authors report on an approach that they used to enhance their understanding of the complex nature of doctoral supervision by analyzing e-mail communication within a supervisory relationship. Although some scholars have discussed research supervision, empirical research on the subject is limited, and the authors found no published attempts to explore doctoral supervision through the analysis of e-mail communication. The authors analyze correspondence between one doctoral student and two supervisors using discourse analysis influenced by the Foucauldian notion of disciplinary power. The findings revealed the discourses of unity and detachment operating throughout the course of the doctoral relationship. The authors suggest that research students might be no less detached from their supervisors on completion of their studies than at the beginning of their relationship and argue that understanding the discourses of doctoral supervision can enhance the quality and successful outcome of the experience.

  12. Doctor-Shopping Behavior among Patients with Eye Floaters. (United States)

    Tseng, Gow-Lieng; Chen, Cheng-Yu


    Patients suffering from eye floaters often resort to consulting more than one ophthalmologist. The purpose of this study, using the Health Belief Model (HBM), was to identify the factors that influence doctor-shopping behavior among patients with eye floaters. In this cross-sectional survey, 175 outpatients who presented floaters symptoms were enrolled. Data from 143 patients (77 first time visitors and 66 doctor-shoppers) who completed the questionnaire were analyzed. Descriptive and logistic regression analyses were performed. We found that women and non-myopia patients were significantly related with frequent attendance and doctor switching. Though the HBM has performed well in a number of health behaviors studies, but most of the conceptual constructors of HBM did not show significant differences between the first time visitors and true doctor-shoppers in this study. Motivation was the only significant category affecting doctor-shopping behavior of patients with eye floaters.

  13. Skills and Competences of a Doctor of Engineering

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael H. W. Hoffmann


    Full Text Available Not only in Europe but also on other continents, it is felt that a reform of the doctoral phase in tertiary education is necessary. To make this reform a success, it is necessary to first define the skills and competences of a doctor in general and of a doctor of engineering in particular to dispose of measurable criteria for the outcomes of the reform. These criteria are intended to foster not only an academic career but also careers in industry and administration, i.e. to support the careers of future chief executives. It is also presented how these skills and competences are seen by industrial companies as well as by the young Doctors of Engineering. Finally, it is discussed how existing methods might be reformed to further improve the doctoral phase at and in cooperation with universities.

  14. Dangerous liaisons: doctors-in-training and the pharmaceutical industry. (United States)

    Pokorny, A M J; Gittins, C B


    Interaction between doctors and the pharmaceutical industry is long-standing and ingrained in modern practice. Doctors-in-training are at a vulnerable stage of their careers, both in requiring knowledge and forming lasting relationships. There is evidence that limiting contact between industry and junior doctors has a positive effect on subsequent clinical behaviour. Currently in Australia, there is no limitation on pharmaceutical representatives approaching doctors-in-training, and the majority of education sessions are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. This purposefully creates a sense of reciprocity, which may have adverse long-term consequences on attitudes, behaviours and patient care. Several guidelines exist that may assist junior doctors in navigating these potential interactions, most notably the Royal Australasian College of Physicians' own Guidelines for Ethical Relationships between Physicians and Industry. Despite this, there is no reflection of its importance or necessity within subspecialty curricula. This should be rectified, to the benefit of both the profession and public.

  15. Drivers and Interpretations of Doctoral Education Today: National Comparisons

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andres, Lesley; Bengtsen, Søren Smedegaard; Castano, Liliana Del Pilar Gallego


    In the last decade, doctoral education has undergone a sea change with several global trends increasingly apparent. Drivers of change include massification and professionalization of doctoral education and the introduction of quality assurance systems. The impact of these drivers, and the forms...... that they take, however, are dependent on doctoral education within a given national context. This paper is frontline in that it contributes to the literature on doctoral education by examining the ways in which these global trends and drivers are being taken up in policies and practices by various countries. We...... do so by comparing recent changes in each of the following countries: Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, the UK, and the USA. Each country case is based on national education policies, policy reports on doctoral education (e.g., OECD and EU policy texts), and related materials. We use the same...

  16. The dynamic human brain : Genetic aspects in schizophrenia and health


    Brans, R.G.H.


    The general aim of this thesis is to explore the possible mechanisms underlying the individual differences in brain structure and brain structure change in healthy adults and schizophrenia patients. For this purpose, Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans of the brain were acquired in schizophrenia patients, their relatives and healthy comparison subjects. Since all studies are conducted in relatives, we were able to disentangle genetic and environmental influences on the studied phenotypes. Taken ...

  17. Classification of Medical Brain Images

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Pan Haiwei(潘海为); Li Jianzhong; Zhang Wei


    Since brain tumors endanger people's living quality and even their lives, the accuracy of classification becomes more important. Conventional classifying techniques are used to deal with those datasets with characters and numbers. It is difficult, however, to apply them to datasets that include brain images and medical history (alphanumeric data), especially to guarantee the accuracy. For these datasets, this paper combines the knowledge of medical field and improves the traditional decision tree. The new classification algorithm with the direction of the medical knowledge not only adds the interaction with the doctors, but also enhances the quality of classification. The algorithm has been used on real brain CT images and a precious rule has been gained from the experiments. This paper shows that the algorithm works well for real CT data.

  18. Effects of hunger state on food-related brain responses across the lifespan

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Charbonnier, L.


    Thesis aims The studies conducted in this thesis were part of the Full4Health project. The aims of the Full4Health project were to assess the differences in the brain responses to food presentation and food choice and how these responses are modulated by hunger and gut signals in lean and obese subj

  19. Affine Patches on Positroid Varieties and Affine Pipe Dreams (Thesis)

    CERN Document Server

    Snider, Michelle


    The objects of interest in this thesis are positroid varieties in the Grassmannian, which are indexed by juggling patterns. In particular, we study affine patches on these positroid varieties. Our main result corresponds these affine patches to Kazhdan-Lusztig varieties in the affine Grassmannian. We develop a new term order and study how these spaces are related to subword complexes and Stanley-Reisner ideals. We define an extension of pipe dreams to the affine case and conclude by showing how our affine pipe dreams are generalizations of Cauchon and Le diagrams.

  20. Software used for diploma thesis at Geoinformatics VSB-TUO


    Jan Růžička


    The paper describes software usage for diploma thesis presented by VSB-TUO students during students conference GISáček. A prepared statistics was build from papers available at web pages of the conference. The prepared statistics is not complete clear view on this area, but I do not have any other simple way how to prepare such statistics.The statistics was build just from the text of the papers. If a student mentioned any software than it is included in the statistics. Summarized results are...

  1. Evolution of Brain Tumor and Stability of Geometric Invariants

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. Tawbe


    Full Text Available This paper presents a method to reconstruct and to calculate geometric invariants on brain tumors. The geometric invariants considered in the paper are the volume, the area, the discrete Gauss curvature, and the discrete mean curvature. The volume of a tumor is an important aspect that helps doctors to make a medical diagnosis. And as doctors seek a stable calculation, we propose to prove the stability of some invariants. Finally, we study the evolution of brain tumor as a function of time in two or three years depending on patients with MR images every three or six months.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hector Pedraza M.


    Full Text Available

    Palabras del Profesor Héctor Pedraza M., en el Cementerio Central de Bogotá.

    Señores Académicos, colegas, señoras, señores:

    El doctor Hernando Groot, Presidente de la Academia Nacional de Medicina, nos encomienda que pronunciemos algunas palabras frente al féretro que contiene los despojos mortales del Académico Alfonso Agusti Pastor, Miembro Numerario de nuestra ilustre corporación, Médico ejemplar en el ejercicio profesional y Profesor Agregado por concurso en la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Nacional, para que hagamos breve elogio de quien fue sobresaliente en aquel plantel por su caballerosidad y consagración al estudio,
    por lo cual obtuvo, desde entonces, merecidas distinciones.

    Su temperamento observador y analítico lo condujo a ejercer la medicina en el dificil campo de la siquiatría, la cual exige cualidades especiales de sabiduría, templanza y equilibrio en el razonamiento y el concepto. Poseedor de estas cualidades pudo cuidar con éxito y humanidad a sus pacientes que estaban sumergidos en la tinieblas de la demencia
    y de otras afecciones menores, que en este tiempo alteran cada vez con mayor frecuencia el siquismo, y que estorban o impiden vivir en paz consigo y con sus semejantes. El doctor Alfonso Agusti Pastor fue de los primeros en nuestro medio con el Profesor Maximiliano Rueda, en aplicar el shock, para ciertas enfermedades mentales; por tal motivo obtuvo merecido renombre.

    En la Academia de Medicina nos deleitó con magníficas semblanzas de sus ilustres maestros profesores: Edmundo Rico, Julio Manrique, Maximiliano Rueda y Alfonso Esguerra Gómez, dando así prueba de su generosidad y agradecimiento y de su compromiso con Hipócrates.

    Felizmente tales escritos quedaron consignados en la Revista "Medicina", órgano de publicidad de la Academia...

  3. Doctors being up there and we being down here: a metaphorical analysis of talk about student/doctor-patient relationships. (United States)

    Rees, Charlotte E; Knight, Lynn V; Wilkinson, Clare E


    This paper describes the metaphorical conceptualisations of student/doctor-patient relationships, as articulated by multiple stakeholders in healthcare. Eight focus group discussions with 19 patients, 13 medical students and 15 medical educators (comprising doctors, other healthcare professionals and non-clinical academics) were conducted in England and we subjected our transcribed and audiotaped data to a secondary level of data analysis i.e. systematic metaphor analysis. The analysis revealed six over-arching metaphors associated with the target domain of student/doctor-patient relationships i.e. STUDENT/DOCTOR-PATIENT RELATIONSHIPS AS WAR, HIERARCHY, DOCTOR-CENTREDNESS, MARKET, MACHINE and THEATRE. All of the metaphors (except theatre) emphasised the oppositional quality of student/doctor-patient relationships. Three of the source domains emerging from our empirical data (i.e. hierarchy, doctor-centredness, and market) relate to metaphors already employed in the non-empirical literature to discuss doctor-patient relationships (e.g. paternalism, patient-centredness, and consumerism). The three remaining source domains (i.e. war, machine and theatre) were novel in their conceptualisation of student/doctor-patient relationships, albeit that they have been reported in previous empirical literature to describe other target domains. In this paper, we discuss each of these metaphors and their associated entailments, including those found in our data and those absent from our data. We also differentiate between the unconscious use of metaphorical linguistic expressions by our participants and those serving a rhetorical function. Although analysing metaphoric talk is not without its difficulties, the construction of metaphoric models can help social researchers better understand how individuals conceptualise and construct student/doctor-patient relationships.

  4. The Virtual Observatory Powered PhD Thesis (United States)

    Zolotukhin, I. Yu.


    The Virtual Observatory has reached sufficient maturity for its routine scientific exploitation by astronomers. To prove this statement, here I present a brief description of the complete VO-powered PhD thesis entitled “Galactic and extragalactic research with modern surveys and the Virtual Observatory” comprising 4 science cases covering various aspects of astrophysical research. These comprize: (1) homogeneous search and measurement of main physical parameters of Galactic open star clusters in huge multi-band photometric surveys; (2) study of optical-to-NIR galaxy colors using a large homogeneous dataset including spectroscopy and photometry from SDSS and UKIDSS; (3) study of faint low-mass X-ray binary population in modern observational archives; (4) search for optical counterparts of unidentified X-ray objects with large positional uncertainties in the Galactic Plane. All these projects make heavy use of the VO technologies and tools and would not be achievable without them. So refereed papers published in the frame of this thesis can undoubtedly be added to the growing list of VO-based research works.

  5. TCP Packet Trace Analysis. M.S. Thesis (United States)

    Shepard, Timothy J.


    Examination of a trace of packets collected from the network is often the only method available for diagnosing protocol performance problems in computer networks. This thesis explores the use of packet traces to diagnose performance problems of the transport protocol TCP. Unfortunately, manual examination of these traces can be so tedious that effective analysis is not possible. The primary contribution of this thesis is a graphical method of displaying the packet trace which greatly reduce, the tediousness of examining a packet trace. The graphical method is demonstrated by the examination of some packet traces of typical TCP connections. The performance of two different implementations of TCP sending data across a particular network path is compared. Traces many thousands of packets long are used to demonstrate how effectively the graphical method simplifies examination of long complicated traces. In the comparison of the two TCP implementations, the burstiness of the TCP transmitter appeared to be related to the achieved throughput. A method of quantifying this burstiness is presented and its possible relevance to understanding the performance of TCP is discussed.

  6. Anatomy of the Brain (United States)

    ... Menu Brain Tumor Information Brain Anatomy Brain Structure Neuron Anatomy Brain Tumor Symptoms Diagnosis Types of Tumors Risk Factors ... form Brain Tumor Information Brain Anatomy Brain Structure Neuron Anatomy Brain Tumor Symptoms Diagnosis Types of Tumors Risk Factors ...

  7. Can doctors and administrators work together? (United States)

    Gill, S L


    The working relationship between physicians and health care organizations has dramatically changed since the introduction of competitive factors. Fifer suggests that future doctors may have as many as five or six economic relationships with their associated health care system, in contrast to the singular role as admitting physician of the past. The physician will continue to admit patients, but may also belong to an HMO or some other joint venture (freestanding ambulatory care center, outpatient laboratory, etc.), be salaried part time for leadership roles, be a leader in some other parallel economic venture, etc. Physicians are already assuming multiple roles as health care providers, private entrepreneurs, and joint venture partners with hospitals. Hospitals and health care systems also continue to change through vertical and horizontal integration. Traditional clinical departments are becoming blended into product line entities, and a sophisticated executive team of market-oriented specialists now augments the traditional administrative leadership. So, from a tradition of predictable roles, relationships, and authority structures, we are now attempting to thrive and prosper with many new partners in an integrated, complex, and conflict-ridden set of interrelationships.

  8. Drugs for the doctor's bag: 2--children. (United States)


    In September 2005, we published Drugs for the doctor's bag: 1--Adults, recognising the fact that there is still a need for most GPs to carry well-equipped bags, even though many have given up responsibility for out-of-hours services. Here we suggest medicines that a GP might want to have available for use in an emergency or for the acute treatment of children and adolescents, updatingour previous advice. As with adults, it is not our intention to imply that every GP must carry every drug mentioned. Some of the drugs will probably only be used by rural GPs who do not have access to immediate emergency care. Whenever a medicine is first mentioned, our suggested formulation is included in brackets. Unless otherwise stated, the doses given are all from the BNF for Children. We enclose with this issue a card summarising parenteral doses (for adults and children) of drugs for medical emergencies; this card includes the BNF table of ideal weight for age.

  9. Ways of Knowing and Power Discourse in Doctoral Examination (United States)

    Lovat, T.; Monfries, M.; Morrison, K.


    As illustrated in an earlier iteration of this study, the 'Ways of Knowing' thesis of Jurgen Habermas suggests that there is a consistent pattern across discipline areas by which knowledge is revealed and further negotiated, and that this is an important thesis for a project attempting to identify and define patterns of research higher degree…

  10. Glasgow patients' attitude to doctors' dress and appearance. (United States)

    Dover, S


    Three hundred out patients were surveyed by questionnaire to determine their views of doctors' dress and appearance. The majority felt that this was important. Most patients did not mind a male doctor with an earring, a women in trousers or a man without a tie. A majority preferred their doctors to wear a white coat, be free of political badges and for men to have conventional length hair. Older patients are stricter than young patients. Most strict patients would accept more relaxed standards at night and during the weekend.

  11. Opportunities to learn scientific thinking in joint doctoral supervision

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kobayashi, Sofie; Grout, Brian William Wilson; Rump, Camilla Østerberg


    Research into doctoral supervision has increased rapidly over the last decades, yet our understanding of how doctoral students learn scientific thinking from supervision is limited. Most studies are based on interviews with little work being reported that is based on observation of actual...... supervision. While joint supervision has become widely used, its learning dynamics remains under-researched and this paper aims to address these gaps in research by exploring learning opportunities in doctoral supervision with two supervisors. The study explores how the tensions in scientific discussion...... suggest that multiple supervisors can add value to supervision through authentic practice of scientific argumentation....

  12. Skills and Competences of a Doctor of Engineering


    Michael H. W. Hoffmann; Manfred Nagl


    Not only in Europe but also on other continents, it is felt that a reform of the doctoral phase in tertiary education is necessary. To make this reform a success, it is necessary to first define the skills and competences of a doctor in general and of a doctor of engineering in particular to dispose of measurable criteria for the outcomes of the reform. These criteria are intended to foster not only an academic career but also careers in industry and administration, i.e. to support the career...

  13. [Information retrieval and reading routines of young doctors]. (United States)

    Renko, Marjo; Soini, Hannu; Halila, Hannu; Rantala, Heikki; Tapiainen, Terhi; Pokka, Tytti; Uhari, Matti


    We performed a survey on information management and reading routines in a random sample of Finnish doctors graduated during the last 2-10 years. The mean time spent on reading medical data sources and literature was three hours per week. The most appreciated sources of information were Current Care and other guidelines written in Finnish, especially among female doctors. The most important problem the doctors encountered was lack of time. Even though a physician who works as an expert needs continuous following of scientific literature the present medical education does not give sufficient expertise to use electronic data sources and international medical literature to solve problems faced with the patients.

  14. Poor interpretation of chest X-rays by junior doctors

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christiansen, Janus Mølgaard; Gerke, Oke; Karstoft, Jens;


    INTRODUCTION: Studies targeting medical students and junior doctors have shown that their radiological skills are insufficient. Despite the widespread use of chest X-ray; however, a study of Danish junior doctors' skills has not previously been performed. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A total of 22...... diagnosis, the participant's confidence in the diagnosis was assessed on a five-point Likert scale. The diagnoses were divided into four groups: normal findings, chronic diseases, acute diseases and hyperacute diseases or conditions. RESULTS: A total of 22 doctors receiving basic clinical education (BCE...

  15. Writing your thesis Paul Oliver Writing your thesis Publisher: Sage No. of pages: 208 £16.99 0761942998 0761942998 [Formula: see text]. (United States)


    So you need to write a thesis and want some succinct, practical guidance. You don't want to plough through hundreds of pages or follow up a list of references to other material. Both of these activities use up your precious study time and divert your attention from the subject material of the thesis.

  16. [Medical degree earned with a thesis in medical schools of Lima, 2011: characteristics, motivations and perceptions]. (United States)

    Mejia, Christian R; Inga-Berrospi, Fiorella; Mayta-Tristán, Percy


    We surveyed physicians who obtained their medical degree with a thesis in 2011 from the seven medical schools in Lima to know the characteristics of the degree by thesis process, as well as participants’ motivations and perceptions of that process. We included 98 students who did a thesis (87% of total); 99% conducted observational thesis, 30% did so in groups of three. The main motivation was that it was good for their curriculum vitae (94%). At the university where the thesis is compulsory, the process began with the choice of topic and adviser. Perceived “greatest” and “least” difficulty in the process was the completion of administrative procedures (53%) and selection of their advisor (11%), respectively. Administrative timeliness and processes should be reviewed so as not to impede the completion of thesis, since the new University Act requires the completion of a thesis to graduate.

  17. A Doctoral Dissertation by Undesirable Learning Style——On Liu Fang's Song Dynasty Double Capital of Urban Culture and Literary Production

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Tan Qingyang


    Recently,I saw a doctoral dissertation online.It is Liu Fang' s Song Dynasty Double Capital of Urban Culture and Literary Production which passed Ph.D.thesis defense in a university in 2008.At the first glance at the subject,it is very attractive.While I read the afterword and knew the topic had won three funds given by his university,his province and the Ministry of Education respectively,it seemed even better.But after carefully reading the text,I was disappointed.We can say that it is not only filled with faults everywhere,but also by undesirable learning style.

  18. Topics in vacuum decay (Ph.D Thesis)

    CERN Document Server

    Masoumi, Ali


    If a theory has more than one classically stable vacuum, quantum tunneling and thermal jumps make the transition between the vacua possible. The transition happens through a first order phase transition started by nucleation of a bubble of the new vacuum. The outward pressure of the truer vacuum makes the bubble expand and consequently eat away more of the old phase. In the presence of gravity this phenomenon gets more complicated and meanwhile more interesting. It can potentially have important cosmological consequences. Some aspects of this decay are studied in this thesis. Solutions with different symmetry than the generically used O(4) symmetry are studied and their actions calculated. Vacuum decay in a spatial vector field is studied and novel features like kinky domain walls are presented. The question of stability of vacua in a landscape of potentials is studied and the possible instability in large dimension of fields is shown. Finally a compactification of the Einstein-Maxwell theory is studied which...

  19. Endeavours in Discrete Lorentzian Geometry; A thesis in five papers

    CERN Document Server

    Glaser, Lisa


    To solve the path integral for quantum gravity, one needs to regularise the space-times that are summed over. This regularisation usually is a discretisation, which makes it necessary to give up some paradigms or symmetries of continuum physics. Causal dynamical triangulations regularises the path integral through a simplicial discretisation that introduces a preferred time foliation. The first part of this thesis presents three articles on causal dynamical triangulations. The first article shows how to obtain a multicritical 2d model by coupling the theory to hard dimers. The second explores the connection to Ho\\v{r}ava-Lifshitz gravity that is suggested by the time foliation and establishes that in 2d the theories are equivalent. The last article does not directly concern causal dynamical triangulations but Euclidian dynamical triangulations with an additional measure term, which are examined to understand whether they contain an extended phase without the need for a preferred time foliation. Causal set the...

  20. Generalized Chung-Feller Theorems for Lattice Paths (Thesis)

    CERN Document Server

    Huq, Aminul


    In this thesis we develop generalized versions of the Chung-Feller theorem for lattice paths constrained in the half plane. The beautiful cycle method which was developed by Devoretzky and Motzkin as a means to prove the ballot problem is modified and applied to generalize the classical Chung-Feller theorem. We use Lagrange inversion to derive the generalized formulas. For the generating function proof we study various ways of decomposing lattice paths. We also show some results related to equidistribution properties in terms of Narayana and Catalan generating functions. We then develop generalized Chung-Feller theorems for Motzkin and Schroeder paths. Finally we study generalized paths and the analogue of the Chung-Feller theorem for them.

  1. PhD Thesis: String theory in the early universe

    CERN Document Server

    Gwyn, Rhiannon


    The intersection of string theory with cosmology is unavoidable in the early universe, and its exploration may shine light on both fields. In this thesis, three papers at this intersection are presented and reviewed, with the aim of providing a thorough and pedagogical guide to their results. First, we address the longstanding problem of finding a string theory realisation of the axion. Using warped compactifications in heterotic string theory, we show that the axion decay constant can be lowered to acceptable values by the warp factor. Next, we move to the subject of cosmic strings, whose network evolution could have important consequences for astrophysics and cosmology. In particular, there are quantitative differences between cosmic superstring networks and GUT cosmic string networks. We investigate the properties of cosmic superstring networks in warped backgrounds, giving the tension and properties of three-string junctions in these backgrounds. Finally, we examine the possibility that cosmic strings in ...

  2. Mentors or Directors of Thesis, is he author?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María das Graças TARGINO


    Full Text Available Over time, with the profound changes in the learning and in research provided by technological advances, and especially because of the extreme value of higher education and scientific research, there is an intense discussion around the old and worn slogan "publish or perish". Increasingly, mentors or directors of thesis and university papers, en general, put themselves as first author or coauthor of work performed by their students, by the argument that the author, as activity and process, suffers herself social, cultural, economic and political mutations. This is a topic that arouses controversy and leads to conceptual changes, which require the deconstruction of its foundations, which, however, must respect the ethic behaviour

  3. The challenge of giving written thesis feedback to nursing students. (United States)

    Tuvesson, Hanna; Borglin, Gunilla


    Providing effective written feedback on nursing student's assignments can be a challenging task for any assessor. Additionally, as the student groups tend to become larger, written feedback is likely to gain an overall more prominent position than verbal feedback. Lack of formal training or regular discussion in the teaching faculty about the skill set needed to provide written feedback could negatively affect the students' learning abilities. In this brief paper, we discuss written feedback practices, whilst using the Bachelor of Science in Nursing thesis as an example. Our aim is to highlight the importance of an informed understanding of the impact written feedback can have on students. Creating awareness about this can facilitate the development of more strategic and successful written feedback strategies. We end by offering examples of some relatively simple strategies for improving this practice.

  4. The Virtual Observatory Powered PhD Thesis

    CERN Document Server

    Zolotukhin, Ivan


    The Virtual Observatory has reached sufficient maturity for its routine scientific exploitation by astronomers. To prove this statement, here I present a brief description of the complete VO-powered PhD thesis entitled "Galactic and extragalactic research with modern surveys and the Virtual Observatory" comprising 4 science cases covering various aspects of astrophysical research. These comprize: (1) homogeneous search and measurement of main physical parameters of Galactic open star clusters in huge multi-band photometric surveys; (2) study of optical-to-NIR galaxy colors using a large homogeneous dataset including spectroscopy and photometry from SDSS and UKIDSS; (3) study of faint low-mass X-ray binary population in modern observational archives; (4) search for optical counterparts of unidentified X-ray objects with large positional uncertainties in the Galactic Plane. All these projects make heavy use of the VO technologies and tools and would not be achievable without them. So refereed papers published i...

  5. The Duhem-Quine thesis and the dark matter problem

    CERN Document Server

    Reynolds, M A


    There are few opportunities in introductory physics for a genuine discussion of the philosophy of science, especially in cases where the physical principles are straightforward and the mathematics is simple. Terrestrial classical mechanics satisfies these requirements, but students new to physics usually carry too many incorrect or misleading preconceptions about the subject for it to be analyzed epistemologically. The problem of dark matter, and especially the physics of spiral galaxy velocity rotation curves, is a straightforward application of Newton's laws of motion and gravitation, and is just enough removed from everyday experience to be analyzed from a fresh perspective. It is proposed to teach students about important issues in the philosophy of physics, including Bacon's induction, Popper's falsifiability, and the Duhem-Quine thesis, all in light of the dark matter problem. These issues can be discussed in an advanced classical mechanics course, or, with limited simplification, at the end of a first ...

  6. Evaluation of an international doctoral educational program in space life sciences: The Helmholtz Space Life Sciences Research School (SpaceLife) in Germany (United States)

    Hellweg, C. E.; Spitta, L. F.; Kopp, K.; Schmitz, C.; Reitz, G.; Gerzer, R.


    documented. The applicants' statistics revealed that personal contacts and the DLR website were most important the recruitment of doctoral candidates. The evaluation of the application and selection procedure revealed that prediction of thesis success based on master thesis mark or evaluation by the selection committee is difficult. SpaceLife Doctoral Students greatly contributed to the scientific output in terms of peer-reviewed publications of the Institute of Aerospace Medicine with a peak in the fourth year after start of the thesis and they continuously received awards for their scientific work.

  7. Doctor-patient relationships (DPR) in China. (United States)

    Ma, Shaozhuang; Xu, Xuehu; Trigo, Virginia; Ramalho, Nelson J C


    Purpose The purpose of this paper is twofold: first, to develop and test theory on how commitment human resource (HR) practices affect hospital professionals' job satisfaction that motivates them to generate desirable patient care and subsequently improve doctor-patient relationships (DPR) and second, to examine how commitment HR practices influence hospital managers and clinicians in different ways. Design/methodology/approach Using a cross-sectional survey, the authors collected data from 508 clinicians and hospital managers from 33 tertiary public hospitals in China. Structural equation model was employed to test the relationships of the variables in the study. Findings Commitment HR practices positively affect the job satisfaction of the healthcare professionals surveyed and a positive relationship is perceived between job satisfaction and DPR. Overall, the model shows a reversal on the strongest path linking job satisfaction and DPR whereby managers' main association operates through extrinsic job satisfaction while for clinicians it occurs through intrinsic satisfaction only. Practical implications DPR might be improved by applying commitment HR practices to increase healthcare professional's intrinsic and extrinsic satisfaction. In addition, while recognizing the importance of compensation and benefits to address the underpayment issue of Chinese healthcare professionals, empowerment and autonomy in work, and the use of subjects' expertise and skills may serve as stronger motivators for clinicians rather than hard economic incentives in achieving DPR improvements. Originality/value This study contributes to the small but growing body of research on human resource management (HRM) in the healthcare sector with new evidence supporting the link between commitment HR practice and work attitudes, as well as work attitudes and patient care from the perspective of clinicians and hospital managers. This study represents an initial attempt to examine the associations

  8. First Doctoral student assembly and poster session at CERN

    CERN Multimedia


    Presently, 130 doctoral students at CERN do their research on “technical” subjects such as magnets and cryogenics, beam and detector physics, computing and vacuum, among others.   Student present  their scientific achievements at the first doctoral student assembly. To present their scientific achievements and to bring together the students with CERN supervisors and CERN’s management was the main objective of the first doctoral student assembly and poster session, held June 30. The photograph shows about half of those who presented posters, all in their second year of assignment, and ready to attach their work to the panels. Another aim of the assembly was to discuss the outcome of the anonymous questionnaire and to gain feedback for the improvement of the doctoral student program. While there is vast overall satisfaction, improvements should aim at strengthening the links between students, CERN supervisors, and university professors. With 24 posters prese...

  9. Using oxygen at home - what to ask your doctor (United States)

    ... page: // Using oxygen at home - what to ask your doctor To ... lungs or heart, you will need to use oxygen in your home. Below are questions you may ...

  10. Perseverance Pays Off: Albert Bowie, Doctor of Pharmacy. (United States)

    Wakshul, Barbra


    Describes the experiences of Albert Bowie of San Juan Pueblo, who became the first Native American to graduate from the University of New Mexico's Doctor of Pharmacy program. A sidebar discusses academic opportunities in the field of pharmacy. (TD)

  11. Delay in Clamping Umbilical Cord Benefits Babies, Doctors Say (United States)

    ... doctors' group said. Although delayed clamping increases the newborn's risk of jaundice that will require treatment, ACOG said there's no evidence that waiting increases the mother's risk of hemorrhage. The guidelines are to be published in the ...

  12. Too Many Americans Have High Blood Pressure, Doctors Warn (United States)

    ... news/fullstory_163468.html Too Many Americans Have High Blood Pressure, Doctors Warn With February designated National Heart Month, ... physicians warns that too many Americans struggle with high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a major risk factor ...

  13. Doctoral education for WOC nurses considering advanced practice nursing. (United States)

    Pieper, Barbara; Colwell, Janice


    Advanced practice nursing education is at a crossroads. Societal changes, increased health care demands, and leadership nursing organizations have identified the need of a doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degree as the advanced practice degree. WOC nurses need to examine DNP programs when considering returning for an advanced practice degree. This article explores nursing education at the doctorate level and areas the WOC nurse should consider when making a decision about attending a program. The WOC nurse needs to understand the similarities and differences of the doctor of philosophy and the DNP, issues about each program and its completion, personal factors, and the application process. Although selecting a doctoral program is a daunting experience, the education will provide opportunities for the WOC nurse to excel as a scholar, thus influencing the profession and the practice.

  14. Study IDs Effective Rx for Burned-Out Doctors (United States)

    ... out don't have to suffer, researchers report. Burnout affects more than half of U.S. doctors, according ... the effectiveness of interventions across a range of burnout outcomes," review lead author Dr. Colin West said ...

  15. [Corruption risks in relations between doctor and patient ]. (United States)

    Kolwitz, Marcin; Gąsiorowski, Jakub


    The article describes the problem of corruption occurring in the relationship between doctor and patient. The doctor-patient relationship, including the provision of health services, is one of several potential areas of corruption in the health care system. Among the reasons for the existence of corruption in these relationships are the need to obtain better healthcare for the patient, and higher earnings in the case of a doctor. Indications of corruption are utilitarian (action for personal advantage without ethical aspects), but may also be (actually or in the patient's opinion) the only way to obtain services and save health and even life. Corruption between the doctor and the patient can be limited by better organization of the health care system, including the financing of benefits and education of medical personnel and patients, as well as traditional legal measures, such as prevention or the application of criminal sanctions.

  16. Knowledge, attitude, and practice of medical doctors towards periodontal disease. (United States)

    Nagarakanti, Sreenivas; Epari, Venkatarao; Athuluru, Deepthi


    The study aimed to assess the knowledge of medical doctors on the association between periodontal disease and general health and their willingness to advise their patients to seek dental treatment. In a cross-sectional survey, randomly selected medical doctors (n = 267) practicing in Nellore District were interviewed through a questionnaire survey about their knowledge of periodontal diseases and the bidirectional relationship between general health and periodontal diseases. Data were analyzed through percentages. All the medical doctors (100%) were aware that there existed a relation between oral health and general health. But only 10% of respondents refer their patients to dentists without patients asking for referral. Very few respondents (21.3%) knew about different branches of dentistry. Screening and referral by healthcare professionals may benefit their patients by improving access to dental care. Therefore, there is a need to educate doctors about oral health and general health.

  17. Hepatitis C: Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Your Diagnosis (United States)

    ... to Ask Your Doctor about Your Diagnosis Viral Hepatitis Menu Menu Viral Hepatitis Viral Hepatitis Home For ... me? Other questions you want to ask: ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Search Hepatitis Search this website Submit Share this page Related ...

  18. Hepatitis C: Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Treatment (United States)

    ... Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Treatment Viral Hepatitis Menu Menu Viral Hepatitis Viral Hepatitis Home For ... treatment? Other questions you want to ask: _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Search Hepatitis Search this website Submit Share this page Related ...

  19. [Patient - doctor relationship from perspective of the Karpman drama triangle]. (United States)

    Samborska-Sablik, Anna; Sablik, Zbigniew


    Patients' confidence in doctors has been decreased for last years despite successes of Polish medicine. It seems to be related to particular conditions of patient - doctor relationship and patient's negative emotions may frequently burden it from the beginning. They may allow an interpersonal game, the Drama Triangle, to appear in the relationship. 3 persons are typically involved in the game: a victim, a persecutor and a rescuer. All of them neither feel guilty about the situation nor their activities are aimed at solving the crucial problem. It maintains continuation of the game. Both patient and doctor are capable to attend the game as any of the person mentioned above. Authors of the article think frameworks of organization of the health care system should permit doctors not only to tackle main disease but also to devote time individually tailored to patient's emotional problems.

  20. LU Yongxiang receives honorary doctoral degree from HKU

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ Together with 1998 Nobel Prize winner in physics Daniel Chee Tsui from Princeton University, CAS President LU Yongxiang was conferred Doctor of Science honoris causa by the University of Hong Kong (HKU) at the congregation held on 24 April.

  1. Doctor Offices, Clinic Location, Published in unknown, Trempealeau County. (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — This Doctor Offices dataset, was produced all or in part from Orthoimagery information as of unknown. It is described as 'Clinic Location'. Data by this publisher...

  2. The Impact of Information on Doctors' Attitudes Toward Generic Drugs. (United States)

    Tsaprantzi, Aggeliki V; Kostagiolas, Petros; Platis, Charalampos; Aggelidis, Vassilios P; Niakas, Dimitris


    The objective of this study is to assess the impact of information on doctors' attitudes and perceptions toward generics. A cross-sectional survey based on a specially designed 21-item questionnaire was conducted. The survey involved doctors of different specialties working in a public hospital in Greece. The analysis includes descriptive and inferential statistics, reliability and validity tests, as well as structural equation modeling to evaluate the causal model. Statistical analysis was accomplished by using SPSS 20 and Amos 20. A total of 134 questionnaires out of 162 were received, providing a response rate of 82.71%. A number of significant associations were found between information and perceptions about generic medicines with demographic characteristics. It seems that the provision of quality information on generic drugs influences doctors' attitudes and prescription practices toward generic drugs. This is not a static process but a rather dynamic issue involving information provision policies for strengthening the proper doctors' attitudes toward generic drugs.

  3. Doctors Divided on Safety, Use of Electronic Cigarettes (United States)

    ... Cigarettes When patients ask about safety and using e-cigarettes to stop smoking, doctors' advice differs To use ... of the devices -- specifically, about the safety of e-cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes, according to the Stanford ...

  4. Doctoral Curriculum Studies in an Age of Shifting Boundaries. (United States)

    Ansaldo, Jim; Goodman, Jesse


    Describes faculty and student experiences involving efforts to restructure the curriculum-studies doctoral program at Indiana University in light of shifting and ambiguous field boundaries. (Contains 26 references.) ((PKP)

  5. Talk with Your Doctor about Taking Aspirin Every Day (United States)

    ... En español Talk with Your Doctor about Taking Aspirin Every Day Browse Sections The Basics Overview Benefits ... and Risks What are the benefits of taking aspirin daily? Aspirin can reduce your risk of heart ...

  6. Disaster Doctor From 9/11 to Katrina (United States)

    ... Home Current Issue Past Issues Feature: The Investigator Disaster Doctor From 9/11 to Katrina Past Issues / ... Sherry National Library of Medicine Scientist Helps Identify Disaster Victims, Eases Grieving Dr. Stephen Sherry will never ...

  7. For People with Osteoporosis: How to Find a Doctor (United States)

    ... browser. Home Osteoporosis Osteoporosis Basics For People With Osteoporosis: How to Find a Doctor Publication available in: ... and your special needs. Medical Specialists Who Treat Osteoporosis After an initial assessment, it may be necessary ...

  8. E-Records a Grind for Many Doctors (United States)

    ... page: E-Records a Grind for Many Doctors And this ... direct contact with patients and 37 percent on E-health records and other clerical work, the study ...

  9. Doctors Seeing More HIV Patients with Multidrug Resistance (United States)

    ... html Doctors Seeing More HIV Patients With Multidrug Resistance People resistant to older medication also have problems ... to modern drugs had HIV mutations linked with resistance to older drugs called thymidine analogues. Among patients ...

  10. Trainee doctors with learning difficulties: recognizing need and providing support. (United States)

    Shrewsbury, Duncan


    Specific learning difficulties affect medical students and trainee doctors. These conditions impact on processing and learning skills, and are associated with positive attributes. Having an awareness of these is key for successful and effective medical educators.

  11. Recordando al doctor Alberto Pradilla Ferreira

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mercedes de Onís


    Full Text Available Brillante, sencillo, reservado, amigo solidario, colega entusiasta, trabajador incansable, maestro. Adjetivos que abrigan el recuerdo de quien dejó un legado importante para la salud pública, la pediatría y la docencia en salud pública, centrado principalmente en la nutrición.Médico y Cirujano de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia (1956, el doctor Alberto Pradilla fue uno de los pocos médicos colombianos que además de su especialidad médica como pediatra, se formó en el área de nutrición.Se vincula con la Universidad del Valle como profesor en 1964, en el Departamento de Pediatría, del cual también fue jefe. Junto con su labor docente, lideró una gran época de investigación en nutrición en la Facultad de Salud, desarrollada desde la Unidad Metabólica en el Hospital Universitario del Valle, unidad a la cual se vincularon profesores y residentes de medicina interna y de pediatría en los que creó y estimuló el interés por los problemas nutricionales predominantes en el país y el mundo.Trabajó en el Instituto de Nutrición de Centro América y Panamá (INCAP en Guatemala y luego en la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS en Bangladesh, y finalmente en Ginebra como Director de la Unidad de Nutrición, donde se pensionó. Regresó a Cali a continuar el trabajo iniciado años atrás.Entre sus valiosos aportes a la salud de los niños del mundo, cabe destacar que en la OMS lideró equipos de trabajo que realizaron el Estudio Multicéntrico sobre el Patrón de Crecimiento de la OMS, cuyos datos recolectados se utilizaron para construir los estándares internacionales de crecimiento infantil para niños de hasta cinco años, que han sido adoptados por más de 125 países. Asimismo fueron significativos sus aportes a ministerios de salud en mundo, para el fortalecimiento del componente nutricional en sus planes nacionales.A su regreso a Cali se vinculó nuevamente con la Facultad de Salud de la Universidad del Valle como

  12. Doctoral student receives grant to analyze housing choice voucher


    Chadwick, Heather Riley


    Kimberly Mitchell, of Blacksburg, Va., a second-year doctoral student in Virginia Tech's College of Architecture and Urban Studies Environmental Design and Planning Program, has been awarded an Early Doctoral Student Research Grant by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Mitchell's research, "Whose Choice Is It Really? An Analysis of Property Owner and Manager Characteristics and Their Impact on Housing Choice Voucher Acceptance," will investigate the impact of individu...

  13. Nursing Doctorates in Brazil: research formation and theses production


    Carmen Gracinda Silvan Scochi; Francine Lima Gelbcke; Márcia de Assunção Ferreira; Maria Alice Dias da Silva Lima; Katia Grillo Padilha; Nátali Artal Padovani; Denize Bouttelet Munari


    OBJECTIVE: to analyze the formation of nursing doctorates in Brazil, from theses production, disciplines and other strategies focusing on research offered by courses. METHOD: a descriptive and analytical study of the performance of 18 doctoral courses in nursing, running from 1982 to 2010, and defended their theses between 2010-2012. RESULTS: 502 theses were defended in this period, most linked to the online research process of health and nursing care. There are gaps in the knowledge of theor...

  14. Assessing the Fitness of an Academic Library for Doctoral Research


    Susan Edwards; Lynn Jones


    Objective – At the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), researchers compared how well the library collections supported doctoral research in the three related disciplines of education, psychology, and social welfare. The goal of this project was to gather empirical data to answer questions about materials cited in dissertations, including ownership, age of materials and disciplinary usage. Methods – Researchers analyzed the bibliographies of doctoral dissertations from three aca...

  15. Efficiently, Effectively Detecting Mobile App Bugs with AppDoctor (United States)


    most FPs with a new algorithm that selectively switches between approxi- mate and faithful executions. By coupling these two modes of executions...this problem, AppDoctor again embraces approximation, and employs a novel algorithm and action dependency definition to effec- tively slice out many...devices that do not have AppDoctor installed, providing the same level of diagnosis help to developers as Monkey . FP example. Another approach to test

  16. Counselling for burnout in Norwegian doctors: one year cohort study


    Rø, Karin E Isaksson; Gude, Tore; Tyssen, Reidar; Aasland, Olaf G


    Objective To investigate levels and predictors of change in dimensions of burnout after an intervention for stressed doctors. Design Cohort study followed by self reported assessment at one year. Setting Norwegian resource centre. Participants 227 doctors participating in counselling intervention, 2003-5. Interventions Counselling (lasting one day (individual) or one week (group based)) aimed at motivating reflection on and acknowledgement of the doctors’ situation and personal needs. Main ou...

  17. Doctors and nurses benefit from interprofessional online education in dermatology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Flytkjær Vibeke


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Benefits of online learning in the health sector have been demonstrated in previous studies. We examined the potential benefits of a joint web-based curriculum on atopic eczema for health personnel. Methods Enrolled doctors and nurses had access to the curriculum for 8 weeks. After the course learners completed a questionnaire. Two dermatologists rated the quality of the submitted homework assignments. Based on data from the project's budget and the Norwegian Medical Association, we estimated the saved travel expenses. Results Eighty-eight learners (46 doctors registered for the course. We received 55 questionnaires (response rate 63%. Twenty-seven learners (31%; 16 doctors, 11 nurses; χ2 = 0.03; P = 0.87 used the discussion forum. We found no significant differences in the total questionnaire scores between doctors and nurses. The homework assignments were given an average score of 3.6 for doctors and 3.5 for nurses (P = 0.8 by rater 1. Rater 2 scored 3.9 and 3.6 for doctors and nurses respectively (P = 0.2. The break-even between travel/hotel expenses and course development costs occurred at 135 saved travel refund applications. Conclusions Doctors and nurses were equally satisfied with a joint web-based course on atopic eczema. The use of an online discussion forum was limited but similar between doctors and nurses. There were no significant differences in the quality of submitted homework assignments. The cost of developing the course was 716 841 NOK and the first 86 learners saved 455 198 NOK in travel expenses.

  18. Black doctors and discrimination under South Africa's apartheid regime. (United States)

    Digby, Anne


    This article discusses an under-researched group and provides an analytical overview of the comparative experiences of African, Indian and Coloured doctors at South African universities during the apartheid era. It probes diversity of experience in training and practice as well as gendered differentiation amongst black students before going on to discuss the careers and political activism of black doctors as well as the impact of recent transformational change on their position. It briefly assesses how singular this South African experience was.

  19. [Civil, criminal and ethical liability of medical doctors]. (United States)

    Udelsmann, Artur


    In the last years doctors have been the target of a growing number of civil, criminal law suits, as well as ethical procedures. Medicine is a widely targeted career, not only owing to its inherent risks, but also owing to a mistaken approach of the Judiciary Power about the obligations of medical doctors. Decisions of the Medical Board in ethical procedures have an impact in civil and criminal justice and therefore should be followed closely. The purpose of this review is to provide a wide view from a doctor-lawyer perspective of cases involving civil, criminal liability of anesthesiologists as well as ethical procedures against them, in an effort to make them comprehensible to doctors. After a brief historical introduction civil liability foundations and legal articles are examined. Responsibilities of doctors, hospitals and health insurance providers are discussed separately, as well as reparation mechanisms. Crimes possible to occur during medical practice and respective penalties are described; the direct relationship between crime and civil reparation is demonstrated. The administrative nature of ethical procedure is described, emphasizing that the legal character of its penalties often serve as grounds for civil and criminal justice decisions. Prevention is still the best medicine. Good medical practice and a good medical-patient relationship are still the best ways to minimize lawsuits and their repercussions. Doctors should have some knowledge of juridical mechanisms in lawsuits and ethical procedures, but should not take defense initiatives without prior consultation of an attorney. Civil, criminal and ethical liability of physicians.

  20. Bullying among trainee doctors in Southern India: A questionnaire study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bairy K


    Full Text Available Background: Workplace bullying is an important and serious issue in a healthcare setting because of its potential impact on the welfare of care-providers as well as the consumers. Aims: To gauge the extent of bullying among the medical community in India; as a subsidiary objective, to assess the personality trait of the bullying victims. Settings and Design: A cross-sectional, anonymous, self-reported questionnaire survey was undertaken among a convenient sample of all the trainee doctors at a Government Medical College in Tamil Nadu, India. Materials and Methods: A questionnaire, in English with standard written explanation of bullying was used. Basic information like age, sex, job grade and the specialty in case of Postgraduates (PGs were also collected. Statistical Analysis: The results were subjected to descriptive statistical analysis and Chi-square test for comparison of frequencies. Results: A total of 174 doctors (115 PGs and 59 junior doctors, took part in the study with a cent percent response. Nearly half of the surveyed population reported being subjected to bullying. Nearly 54 (53% of the men and 35 (48% of women were subjected to bullying. Significant proportions ( P < 0.0001 of medical personnel and paramedical staff bullied the PGs and junior doctors, respectively. More than 85 (90% of bullying incidents went unreported. A significant ( P < 0.0001 percentage of PGs and junior doctors revealed a personality trait towards bully. Conclusions: Workplace bullying is common among trainee doctors and usually goes unreported.