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  1. Bob Dobinson (1943-2004)

    CERN Multimedia

    Bee, C; Mapelli, L; Wickens, F. J

    It was a great shock to the many friends and colleagues of Bob Dobinson to hear of his sudden and unexpected death in England on Thursday 19th February. Bob came to CERN in April 1968 and his professional interests were always in the area of electronics, instrumentation, networking and computing at the "front-end" of experiments. These interests included Ethernet, right from its very initial use to interconnect computers to his latest work with the Gigabit and 10 Gigabit versions as the basis for data transmission for experiments, both in the DAQ and between computing centres. Bob lived life the way he wanted to, and with great energy. He drove himself hard and generated enthusiasm amongst his collaborators to do the same. Always willing to learn from first principles about topics that interested him, he persisted with questions until he had obtained a full understanding. He was a first-class teacher, and he held positions as Visiting Professor at the Universities of Liverpool and London. He was also an exc...

  2. Bob Dobinson (1943-2004)

    CERN Multimedia


    Bob Dobinson died, very unexpectedly, in England on Thursday 19th February. Bob came to CERN as a NATO Fellow in April 1968, directly after gaining his PhD in London. He joined the CERN-Rome Group, carrying out experiments both at the CERN PS and at Serpukhov. He became a CERN fellow before being appointed as a Staff Member in 1971. His professional interests were always in the area of electronics, instrumentation, networking and computing at the "front-end" of experiments. In that context, mention must be made of his outstanding work in driving the CAMAC standard, and his later work on FASTBUS; of his leadership of the European Muon Collaboration's online team and of his support, as a user, for standard PDP-11 data acquisition software; of his interest in Ethernet at all times from its very initial use to inter-connect computers to his latest work with the Gigabit and 10 Gigabit versions as the basis for data transmission within experiments. Bob lived life the way he wanted to, and wit...

  3. A Memorial Gathering

    CERN Multimedia


    Bob Dobinson (1943-2004) Bob's friends and colleagues are warmly invited to join in a memorial gathering on Thursday 15th April 2004 at 11:00 hours in the CERN Council Chamber/ Salle de Conseil (Bldg 503 1st floor) Some colleagues will pay tribute to Bob's lifetime achievements and his contributions to past and present experiments. The gathering will conclude with refreshments in the Salle des Pas Perdus.

  4. Uudised: dokumentaalfilm Bob Dylanist

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Viinis 14.-26. oktoobril toimuvast filmifestivalist, mille avafilmiks on Woody Alleni "Match Point". Ka Martin Scorsese portreefilm kultusmuusikust "No Direction Home: Bob Dylan" ning eriprogrammist, milleks on sel aastal Andy Warholi retrospektiiv

  5. Bob Dylan and religion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andreas Häger


    Full Text Available This article, which is located within the field of research on religion and popular culture, is a discussion of the relations of one particular rock artist, Bob Dylan, to religion. Religion can be seen as a recurring topic in Dylan’s work—particularly during a period at the end of the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s, often referred to as his ‘Christian era’—and also in the discourses around him. This article explores how the topic of religion appears in discourses around Bob Dylan. In this article one particular aspect of the connection between religion and popular culture is looked at: the construction of certain artists or stars as religious figures, and more specifically Bob Dylan as a case. The author does not try to discover whether Dylan is religious or not; or which religion he possibly adheres to. Rather, the author looks at how rock artists and in this case Bob Dylan are ‘constructed’ as religious figures.

  6. Bob Dylan, the Ordinary Star

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laure Bouquerel


    Full Text Available This article provides a study of Bob Dylan’s public image as a “star” performer and examines what Dylan represented for his audiences with respect to the challenges of 1960s counterculture. This study focuses primarily on the image of Dylan in D. A. Pennebaker’s documentary film Don’t Look Back, which portrays Dylan when the star is only 23. A study of Pennebaker’s film shows how the filmmaker captures the paradox of Dylan’s star popularity in his refusal to portray the star, not only as a personal struggle, but as a cultural contradiction. The author further identifies a formal link between Dylan’s portrayal of the ordinary star and the minimalist aesthetic of cinéma vérité.

  7. Pista de bobs Innsbruck - Austria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Schmidt, W.


    Full Text Available The new artificial bob sleigh ice track was constructed on the occasion of the XII Winter Olympics. It is 1330 m long and consists of: straight stretches, right and left turn curves, supporting zones and a circular element with a 267° opening angle. The average slope between the starting point and the goal is 18%. The section of the dike consists of a 1.45 m wide horizontal part and 0.55 m high flanges except in the curves where the flange extends into a circular security arch which serves as a retaining element. For the construction the track was subdivided into 4 m long sections, each one with its own foundation. On this foundation were placed the prefabricated supporting ribs which sustain steel laths, graders of the profile in each section. The cooling pipes were placed hanging down from the ribs by way of distance plates. The complex forms a rigid unit by means of Design Mix. The track is further completed by; he cabins at the starting point and the goal; the power plant for the technical installations; access roads to the starting points for the competing bob-sleighs; roads for transportation of equipment material.La nueva pista de hielo artificial, construida con motivo de la celebración de los XII Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno, tiene 1.330 m de longitud y está formada por: tramos rectos, curvas a derecha e izquierda, zonas de apoyo y un elemento circular con un ángulo de apertura de 267º. La diferencia de altura entre la salida y la llegada es de 97 m, siendo la pendiente media del 18%. El perfil de la pista se halla constituido por una parte horizontal de 1,45 m de anchura y laterales de 0,55 m de alto, excepto en las curvas, en donde el latera! correspondiente se prolonga en un arco circular de seguridad y en elementos de retención. Para la construcción se subdividió el recorrido en secciones de 4 m, que cuentan con su propia cimentación. Sobre ésta se colocaron las nervaduras de apoyo, prefabricadas, que reciben a

  8. Sir Bob Edwards: Salute to a Giant

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    The Nobel Assembly stated that the vision. Edwards had of discovering a treatment ... culmination of nearly 30 years of past research in reproductive biology. That work had begun in the early ... discussion section in which Bob set out with great clarity and foresight a programme of research in human developmental biology ...

  9. Sir Bob Edwards: Salute to a Giant

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 16; Issue 10. Sir Bob Edwards: Salute to a Giant. Kamal Ahuja ... Clinic, Harley Street, London, W1G 6AP. Chairman and Company Secretary, Reproductive BioMedicine Online (RBMO) Duck End Farm, Park Lane, Dry Drayton, Cambridge, CB23 8DB.

  10. Bob Geldof kutsub üles heategevusele

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Heategevusliku kontserdi "Live8" korraldamise eest sai Saksa muusikaauhinna Echo eripreemia iiri laulja Bob Geldof, Echo parima meeslaulja auhinna sai Robbie Williams, parima naisartisti preemia Madonna, bändi parima auhinna briti ansambel Coldplay, parima DVD auhinna austraalia bänd AC/DC albumi "Family Jewels" eest, parimaks uustulnukaks tunnistati saksa noortebänd Tokyo Hotel

  11. Microstructure Analysis of Synthesized LiBOB

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Etty Marti Wigayati


    Full Text Available Lithium bis (oxalate borate or LiBOB is an active material used as the electrolyte for lithium battery application. LiBOB (LiB(C2O42 powder was prepared from LiOH, H2C2O4 and H3BO3. The employed method was solid state reaction. LiBOB powder produced from the reaction was then observed using SEM and TEM. Surface area was analyzed using Quantachrome Nova 4200e. From the analysis analyzed using XRD to identify the resulting phases, crystal structure, and crystallite size. The functional groups were analyzed using FT-IR. The particle morphology was result, it was seen that the resulted phases were C4LiBO8 and LiB(C2O42.H2O, the crystal structure was orthorhombic with space group Pbca and Pnma. From the particle morphology observation it was shown that micro pores were created irregularly. When the observation was deepened, nanopores with elongated round shape were seen within the micropores. The pore size was approximately 50–100 nm. The surface area, total pore volume, and average pore diameter of LiBOB powder was 88.556 m2/g, 0.4252 cm3/g, and 19.2 nm respectively.

  12. Cohesion Devices On The Lyrics Of Bob Marley's Songs




    Keywords: Cohesion, Cohesion Devices, Lyric, Bob Marley. This study is about cohesion devices found in the lyrics of Bob Marley's songs. The objectives are to reveal the kinds of grammatical and lexical cohesion used in the lyrics of Bob Marley's songs.In conducting this study, the researcher uses descriptive qualitative method, because the data in the form of words, phrases, and sentences. The data of this study is taken form the lyrics of five Bob Marley's songs, they are: Get Up, Stand Up,...

  13. Kus ta siis ometi on - see Bob Dylan? / Immo Mihkelson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Mihkelson, Immo, 1959-


    Todd Haynes'i mängufilm muusik Bob Dylanist "Kus on Bob Dylan?" ("I'm Not There") : laulja alter ego kehastavad Ben Whishaw, Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Cate Blanchett, Richard Gere, Marcus Carl Franklin : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2007. 4. juunil Saku Suurhallis toimuvast kontserdist. Jaak Johanson, Tõnis Mägi, Riho Sibul, Hannes Varblane ameerika lauljast

  14. US Senator Bob Graham tours the SSPF with Jon Cowart (United States)


    United States Senator Bob Graham of Florida visits the Space Station Processing Facility at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and is briefed on hardware processing for the International Space Station by Jon Cowart, Flight 2A Manager, NASA Space Station Hardware Integration Office. In the foreground, from left to right, are Howard DeCastro, Program Manager for the Space Flight Operations Contract, United Space Alliance; Senator Bob Graham; and Jon Cowart.

  15. Obituary: Janet Akyüz Mattei, 1943-2004 (United States)

    Williams, Thomas R.; Willson, Lee Anne


    As director of the American Association of Variable Star Observers for thirty years, Janet Mattei led the organization through a series of major improvements and in the process, helped and influenced amateur and professional astronomers around the world. Having successfully tackled many challenges, however, Janet lost her battle with acute myelogenous leukemia on 22 March 2004. One of five children of Bella and Baruk Akyüz, Janet was born on 2 January 1943 in Bodrum, Turkey and received her pre-collegiate education there. She attended Brandeis University from 1962 until 1965 on a full Wein Scholarship, earning a BA in General Science. After eighteen months of supervising a cardiopulmonary laboratory, in 1967 she returned to Turkey to teach physics and mathematics in a high school, and then entered graduate school at Turkey's Ege University. Janet learned of the summer scholarships available at the Maria Mitchell Observatory on Nantucket, and applied to observatory director Dorrit Hoffleit for the opportunity to come back to the United States and learn about variable stars. That summer (1969) she learned to love variable stars, became acquainted with the AAVSO, and met her future husband, Michael Mattei. In 1970, after she earned her master's degree in astronomy at Ege University, Janet entered the University of Virginia where she earned a second master's degree in 1972 with a thesis on T Tauri stars. After receiving her degree in Virginia, Janet married Mike Mattei and became an assistant to Margaret Mayall at AAVSO headquarters. When Mayall decided to retire in 1973, the AAVSO Council asked Janet to assume the helm as director of the association. With such a sudden advance in her responsibilities, Janet had to rapidly learn the management side of running the organization as well as keep up with the day-to-day scientific activities - responding to requests for data, recording observations as pencil-points on paper charts, and predicting future maxima of long period variables. She accelerated a ten-year project to digitize all of AAVSO's archived as well as current data, without which a century of AAVSO observations would now be nearly inaccessible. In the mid-1970s professional interest in the cataclysmic variables began to ramp up. When she received the first requests for an AAVSO visual observing campaign coordinated with observations by orbiting observatories as well as large ground based telescopes, Janet accepted the invitation as both an opportunity and a challenge. AAVSO observers responded marvelously and, coupled with Janet's astute forecasting of when cataclysmic variables were likely to brighten again, the program emerged as one of the major technical successes of her tenure. Many AAVSO members will never forget their excitement when France Córdova came to our Fall meeting in 1978 to announce to the astronomical world that X-rays from SS Cyg had been detected by HEAO-1 on the first occasion after the satellite reached orbit when AAVSO observers reported that the star was brightening to a maximum. It was a moment of tremendous pride for everyone, most of all for Janet. It was a success that was repeated frequently in over six hundred subsequent coordinated observing runs with various satellites. This success greatly increased the impact of AAVSO on current astronomical research, enhanced its reputation, and also provided a more immediate thrill for the observers than the ongoing commitment to monitor slowly varying stars. The late 1970s and early 1980s were a period of substantial inflation in our nation's economy. Furthermore, staff turnover slowed progress with the data processing work, while observations coming to AAVSO from international variable star organizations and independent observers, especially from behind the iron curtain, were increasing rapidly. Faced with rising costs at the same time additional staff was needed to pursue the data processing problems, Janet reacted characteristically: she began taking night courses in management, data processing, fund raising, and other topics that could help her handle the AAVSO work load more efficiently. Nor was her formal education in astronomy quite complete, for during that difficult period she completed writing her dissertation and earned a PhD in astronomy from Ege University in 1982. AAVSO's headquarters on Concord Avenue was increasingly crowded and also insecure, as the historical data were stored in a building that was vulnerable to fire. In August 1985 long-term AAVSO secretary and benefactor Clinton Banker Ford (BAAS, 1994:1602) solved these problems by donating a new headquarters building at 25 Birch Street in Cambridge. Janet managed the move into the AAVSO's present facilities masterfully, and then led planning for a dedication of the building combined with a celebration of the AAVSO's seventy-fifth anniversary. It is a measure of Janet's growth in stature in the professional community that Ricardo Giacconi, then director of the Space Telescope Science Institute, was the keynote speaker for the celebration and it was attended by the leaders of variable star organizations from a number of countries. The meeting marked a major turning point in the affairs of AAVSO as well as in Janet's own outlook. Substantially more confident in her abilities as a manager and leader of the organization, Janet never looked back. Janet's international contacts, through her active participation in the International Astronomical Union (IAU), led her to participate in 1987 as one of the organizers of an IAU colloquium in Paris on the contribution of amateurs to astronomy, the first of her many later involvements in the field of professional-amateur (Pro-Am) cooperation. During that meeting, the Sociétié Astronomique de France (SAF) honored Janet with their Centennial Award for her leadership in variable star astronomy and within the AAVSO. She received an invitation from the Vereniging voor Sterrenkunde, the variable star observers in Belgium for AAVSO to hold its first European meeting in Brussels in July 1990. The meeting proved a huge success, and was followed in 1997 by a second AAVSO European meeting in Sion, Switzerland and a Pan-Pacific meeting in 2003 in Hawaii. Through Janet's leadership, AAVSO reached out to the observers who were already supporting the association with their observations. One of Janet's strong interests was in education. Using a grant from the National Science Foundation, she led efforts to create Hands-On Astrophysics (HOA) based largely on variable stars and AAVSO data. Though it took several years to develop, HOA became the basis for a number of popular teacher workshops and is sure to lead many high school students into careers in science. Janet also helped many future professionals in astronomy, including Karen Meech and Peter Garnavich, and a few in other areas, by providing opportunities for them to work at headquarters during their studies or during an intermission in their formal schooling. Janet was active in, and honored by, other professional and amateur organizations. A member of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), she received the AAS's George van Biesbroeck award in 1993, served on the AAS Annenberg Award Committee (1994-1997) and served as the first chair of the AAS Professional Amateur Cooperation Committee. Also in 1993, the Astronomical League with their Leslie Peltier Award honored Janet for her leadership of the AAVSO and contributions to variable star astronomy. Janet was elected a director of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) and served six years in that capacity (1994-2000), co-chairing at least one Pro-Am workshop with the ASP. She was a member of three IAU Commissions over her thirty-five years of membership in that organization. In 1995, Janet was honored by the award of the Royal Astronomical Society's Jackson-Gwilt Medal and was the first recipient of the Giovanni Battista Lacchini Award for collaboration with amateur astronomers from Unione Astrofili Italiana. To honor her professional achievements, an asteroid was named for her (11695 Mattei). She always felt that these awards honored not just of her own work, but also the contributions of the members and observers who make up the AAVSO community. Janet Mattei left a very different AAVSO than the one she took over in 1973. From 150,000 observations arriving annually and being handled on paper, now 500,000 arrive each year and are mostly processed and posted automatically. The association has a substantial endowment and owns its headquarters building in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The historical archive has been put into usable form, following two multi-year investments in digitization and validation. The activities of the AAVSO have been extended to include notifying space and ground observatories that particular objects are erupting and to capturing short-lived gamma ray burst afterglows. The organization's ties to those with similar missions around the world have been strengthened and, increasingly, the AAVSO's International Variable Star Database incorporates their data. Janet's final illness was followed, through email bulletins, by hundreds of her friends and colleagues around the world. Characteristically, during a remission-and-recovery time between treatments, Janet reached out by phone and email to many of her AAVSO associates and friends, and resumed her habit of sending appropriate cards for special occasions. The more than 200 email "memoriam" notes posted on the AAVSO web site after her death show that all who knew her, even if only briefly, considered her a friend, a mentor, or a fine example of a scientist and leader.

  16. Synthesis of LiBOB Fine Powder to Increase Solubility

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Etty Marti Wigayati


    Full Text Available Lithium bis (oxalate borate or LiBOB compound has captured interest of researchers, because it is potentially viable to be used as electrolyte salt in lithium-ion battery system. This compound is easy to synthesize and considered to be more environmentally friendly compared to conventional electrolyte salt because LiBOB does not contain halogen element. This research focused on the synthesis of LiBOB fine powder, which main purpose is improving LiBOB salt solubility in liquid electrolyte solution. This will aid the ion transfer between electrodes which in turn will increase the electrolyte performance. Solid state reaction was employed in this experiment. Synthesis of LiBOB compound was performed by reacting oxalic acid dihydrate, lithium hydroxide monohydrate, and boric acid. The resulting powder was then processed into fine powder using ball milling technique with varying milling time (0, 6, 10, and 13 hour. Microstructure of the sample was then analyzed to obtain information regarding phase formation, functional groups, grain surface morphology, surface area, pore volume, solubility, and ionic conductivity. The analysis shown that LiBOB and LiBOB hydrate phase was formed during the reaction, there was no changed in existing phase during milling process, crystallinity index was shifted to lower value but there was no difference in functional groups. Highest value in surface area was found to be 83.11 m2/g, with pore volume of 1.21311e+02 A at 10 hours milling. Smaller powder size resulted in higher solubility, unfortunately the ionic conductivity was found to be decreased.

  17. Highway 61 Revisited: Bob Dilan i francuski poststrukturalizam / Highway 61 Revisited: Bob Dilan and French Poststructuralism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikola Dedić


    Full Text Available The main aim of this text is to show parallels between rock music and poststructuralist philosophy. As a case study one of the most celebrated rock albums of all times – Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited from 1965 is taken. It is one of the crucial albums in the history of popular culture which influenced further development of rock music within American counter culture of the 60s. Dylan’s turn from the politics of American New Left and folk movement, his relation towards the notions of the author and intertextuality, and his connection with experimental usage of language in the manner of avant-garde and neoavant-garde poetry, are juxtaposed with the main philosophical standpoints of Jean-François Lyotard, Jean Baudrillard, Roland Barthes and Julia Kristeva which historically and chronologically coincide with the appearance of Dylan’s album.

  18. Function of head-bobbing behavior in diving little grebes. (United States)

    Gunji, Megu; Fujita, Masaki; Higuchi, Hiroyoshi


    Most birds show a characteristic head movement that consists of head stabilization and quick displacement. In this movement, which is analogous to saccadic eye movement in mammals, head stabilization plays an important role in stabilizing the retinal image. This head movement, called "head bobbing", is particularly pronounced during walking. Previous studies focusing on anatomical and behavioral features have pointed out that visual information is also important for diving birds, indicating its significance in the head movements of diving birds. In the present study, the kinematic and behavioral features of head bobbing in diving little grebes were described by motion analysis to identify the head movement in diving birds. The results showed that head-bobbing stroke (HBS) consisted of a thrust phase and a hold phase as is typical for head bobbing during walking birds. This suggests that HBS is related to visual stabilization under water. In HBS, grebes tended to dive with longer stroke length and smaller stroke frequency than in non-bobbing stroke. This suggests that the behavior, which is related to vision, affects the kinematic stroke parameters. This clarification of underwater head movement will help in our understanding not only of vision, but also of the kinematic strategy of diving birds.

  19. Public lecture | "Science and society" by Bob Jones | 22 May

    CERN Multimedia


    Public lecture: "Science and society: the impact of computing at CERN on society" by Bob Jones 22 May at 7.30 p.m. Globe of Science and Innovation Lecture in English, translated in French. Entrance free. Limited number of seats. Reservation essential: +41 22 767 76 76 or

  20. Essay: Bob Siemann-SLC Days at SLAC

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Raubenheimer, Tor O.


    Bob Siemann was a great experimentalist and an excellent teacher.We will greatly miss him. Bob came to SLAC in early 1991 to work on the Stanford Linear Collider (SLC). The SLC was a challenging accelerator which began operating in the late 1980's but still had numerous obstacles to be overcome years into operation. One of the compounding difficulties was making reproducible measurements, since the stability of the collider was poor and the diagnostics were insufficient. Bob dove into this challenge and helped design experiments and diagnostics that provided further clarity. I first got to know Bob while I was still a graduate student, trying to finish my thesis and performing some experimental studies on the SLC, which, at the time, was proving to be very difficult. Most of my expertise had been in beam theory and simulation. Dealing with the real issues of the accelerator was challenging. Bob helped me understand the difference between systematic and statistical errors, and separate operational issues from the fundamental physics. His way of teaching was not to provide an explanation but to ask enough questions so that I could find the answer on my own - this was the best way to learn. I later asked Bob to be a reader on my thesis. As in all things, he took this role extremely seriously. He read through the draft and marked every page to the point where I was regretting my decision. However, his questions again helped me understand my own work better and greatly improved my thesis. Bob was also the de facto leader of an effort focused on the damping rings and the bunch compressors. He was great to work with. He made people think for themselves and refused to simply provide answers. He also worked hard himself, expressing real interest and curiosity. After the studies of the SLC damping rings identified a sawtooth instability due to the vacuum chamber impedance as a source of many downstream fluctuations, Bob took charge of upgrading the rings. As part of this

  1. Amerindian Roots of Bob Dylan’s Poetry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emmanuel Désveaux


    Full Text Available In an application of both the findings and the methods of structural anthropology as laid out in the works of Claude Lévi-Strauss and pursued in the works of Désveaux, this article seeks to account for traces of Amerindian folklore as source material in the writings of Bob Dylan. These influences are discussed in terms of some thematic and poetic images specific to Amerindian traditions, a conception of relationships between the sexes, and an eschatological design in which paradise is not situated in a differentiated time but in a parallel space—an outlook similar to many Amerindian worldviews. These influences are also interpreted with respect to style, borrowing the notion of cognitive style as defined by Elaine Jahner. As a conclusion, the author poses the question of transmission, considering emanations from learned culture as well as those from popular culture as possible channels of influences on Bob Dylan’s writings.

  2. Alice and Bob: Reconciling Formal Models and Implementation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Almousa, Omar; Mödersheim, Sebastian Alexander; Viganò, Luca


    This paper defines the “ultimate” formal semantics for Alice and Bob notation, i.e., what actions the honest agents have to perform, in the presence of an arbitrary set of cryptographic operators and their algebraic theory. Despite its generality, this semantics is mathematically simpler than any...... previous attempt. For practical applicability, we introduce the language SPS and an automatic translation to robust real-world implementations and corresponding formal models, and we prove this translation correct with respect to the semantics.......This paper defines the “ultimate” formal semantics for Alice and Bob notation, i.e., what actions the honest agents have to perform, in the presence of an arbitrary set of cryptographic operators and their algebraic theory. Despite its generality, this semantics is mathematically simpler than any...

  3. Bob Dewar and turbulence theory: lessons in creativity and courage

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Krommes, John A


    Some of the contributions that Bob Dewar made to plasma turbulence theory are recounted and put into historical perspective. Some remarks are made on the transition to turbulence and bifurcation analysis of models for the low-high confinement transition in tokamaks. However, the focus of the paper is on renormalized oscillation-center theory, to which Dewar made pioneering, creative and courageous contributions. The relationship of that approach to the formalism of Martin, Siggia, and Rose is discussed briefly. (personal reflection)

  4. Fotograaf Bob Sacha näitab vaatajale maailma uue pilgu läbi / Bob Sacha ; interv. Märten Kross

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Sacha, Bob


    Eesti Loova Foto Keskuse pilootprojektina korraldatud National Geographicu fotograafi Bob Sacha seminar toimus Von Krahli teatris. Fotokeskuse asutaja intervjuu Poola päritolu fotoajakirjanikuga tema tööst ja Eesti-muljetest

  5. Kuus näitlejat, üks Bob Dylan / Jaanus Noormets

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Noormets, Jaanus


    Todd Haynes'i mängufilm muusik Bob Dylanist "Kus on Bob Dylan?" ("I'm Not There") : laulja alter ego kehastavad Ben Whishaw, Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Cate Blanchett, Richard Gere, Marcus Carl Franklin : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2007

  6. Living, Breathing Songs: Singing Along with Bob Dylan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Keith Negus


    Full Text Available Taking issue with approaches to Bob Dylan’s art that are preoccupied with his lyrics, this article suggests a route into thinking about his music by focusing on how Dylan’s vocal melodies work at the intersection of speech and singing. Drawing on Gino Stefani’s work on popular melodies, this article explores this issue through a discussion of how people sing along with Dylan’s songs at concerts. The discussion focuses on the song “It Ain’t Me Babe,” and examines more general points about the ways in which Dylan’s melodies connect with the everyday lives of his listeners.

  7. Refining Uranium: Bob Wiseman’s Ecomusicological Puppetry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mark, Andrew


    Full Text Available This paper describes Bob Wiseman’s allegorical piece, Uranium, arguing that it accesses emotion to alter the consciousness of percipients. Audiences respond with unusual intensity to Uranium’s tragic environmental narrative. By using puppet theatre, film, comedy, and song to win their trust, Wiseman is able to shock his spectators. With interviews and consideration of the semiotic content of Uranium, I explore possibilities for activation of ecological consciousness through performing arts. Building on the shared ideas of Heinrich von Kleist, Gregory Bateson, and Thomas Turino, I argue that Wiseman offers one particularly useful mechanism to advance environmental concerns and learning through the arts. This paper seeks to bridge environmental and (ethnomusicological thought, and has specific relevance to the growing field of ecomusicology, presenting a musical ethnographic case-study in singer-song-writer activism.

  8. Tesco's Bob Tessari: launching a drilling revolution

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Budd, G.


    The 'Casing Drilling' technology, patented by Tesco, which allows operators to simultaneously drill, case and evaluate oil and gas wells, is described. The system is claimed to substantially reduce the amount of lost circulation, loss of well control and bore hole instability problems that have been documented to account for about 25 per cent of total rig time on a well, and at least $4 billion (or 10 per cent of the $40 billion annual global drilling tab) spent on 'unscheduled events' associated with tripping drill pipe. With the Casing Drilling process, wells are drilled using standard oilfield casing instead of drill pipe. The host of downhole problems associated with tripping in and out of the hole are avoided, as the casing pipe is never removed. Instead, drill bits and other downhole tools are tripped through the casing with wireline at a rate of about 500 ft per minute, drastically reducing tripping time. Tesco also developed the portable top drive, the manufacture and rental of which constitutes a large part of the company's business, besides helping technologically to make Casing Drilling possible. Much of the company's success is attributed to the tenacity and zest for innovative approaches of the company's CEO, Bob Tessari, who is largely responsible for the company finding itself at the centre of a drilling technology revolution.

  9. Konjungsi Dalam Lirik Lagu-lagu Bob Marley and the Wailers Pada Album Survival




    This research is entitled “Conjunction in the Album Survival by Bob Marley and The Wailers”. Conjunction is a word used to connect words, phrases, and clauses. Conjunction shows the relationship between sentence elements that they connect. The purpose of this research is to describe, identify, and analyze the forms, functions, and meanings of conjunction in the songs of Bob Marley and The Wailers in the Album Survival (1979). The method used in this research is descriptive. The identification...

  10. An Analysis Black People’s Struggle In Bob Marley’s Selected Songs


    Fatimah, Nur


    Bob Marley adalah penyanyi legendaris asal Jamaica yang telah membuat karya-karya hebat dalam bentuk lagu. Lagu-lagu yang diciptakannya telah membuat gebrakan bagi dunia tentang sebuah kebebasan, bahkan beliau telah menjadi ikon untuk kebebasan. Karya-karyanya banyak diciptakan untuk mengkritik ketidakadilan dan diskriminasi ras pada masanya. Berangkat dari permasalahan tersebut skripsi yang berjudul The Analysis of Black’s Struggle in Bob Marley’s Selected Songs ini dihadirkan untuk mengungk...

  11. Education Policy, Globalization, Commercialization: An Interview with Bob Lingard by David Hursh (United States)

    Hursh, David


    In this interview with David Hursh, Bob Lingard comments on his current and/or recently completed research projects in respect to new modes of global governance in schooling and the complementarity between international large scale assessments and national testing. He also looks at a project that, in conjunction with school leaders, teachers,…

  12. Bob Bear: A Strategy for Improving Behaviors of Preschoolers Identified as At Risk or Developmentally Delayed (United States)

    Michael, Meredith; Meese, Ruth L.; Keith, Stephen; Mathews, Rachel


    Social learning theory, sociodramatic play, and the use of puppets and stuffed animals may be beneficial for improving social behaviors of preschoolers with and without disabilities. Therefore, this action research study is developed on the belief that a stuffed animal (Bob Bear) will enhance appropriate behaviors for preschool children when used…

  13. 78 FR 64048 - Noise Exposure Map Notice for Bob Hope Airport, Burbank, California (United States)


    ... Airport under the provisions of 49 U.S.C. 47501 et. seq (Aviation Safety ] and Noise Abatement Act) and 14... October 10, 2013. Under 49 U.S.C. 47503 of the Aviation Safety and Noise Abatement Act (hereinafter... Federal Aviation Administration Noise Exposure Map Notice for Bob Hope Airport, Burbank, California AGENCY...

  14. Recreation management in the Bob Marshall, Great Bear, and Scapegoat Wilderness: 1987 to 1997 (United States)

    Greg A. Warren


    The Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex Recreation Management Direction was approved in April 1987. Monitoring of recreational use has focused on encounters with other parties, the number of campsites impacted, and number of aircraft landings at Schafer Meadows airstrip. The available monitoring information indicates standards are being met for encountering other parties,...

  15. Lucrative Payments to Bob Kerrey by the New School Irk Critics in a Time of Austerity (United States)

    Stripling, Jack


    Bob Kerrey's rocky tenure as president of the New School may seem a fading memory, but the recent disclosure that he earned $3-million from the institution last year could rekindle resentments on campus and raise questions about Mr. Kerrey's continuing and lucrative role at the college. Under fire from New School faculty over turnover in the…

  16. Bobbing of Oxysterols: Molecular Mechanism for Translocation of Tail-Oxidized Sterols through Biological Membranes. (United States)

    Kulig, Waldemar; Mikkolainen, Heikki; Olżyńska, Agnieszka; Jurkiewicz, Piotr; Cwiklik, Lukasz; Hof, Martin; Vattulainen, Ilpo; Jungwirth, Pavel; Rog, Tomasz


    Translocation of sterols between cellular membrane leaflets is of key importance in membrane organization, dynamics, and signaling. We present a novel translocation mechanism that differs in a unique manner from the established ones. The bobbing mechanism identified here is demonstrated for tail-oxidized sterols, but is expected to be viable for any molecule containing two polar centers at the opposite sides of the molecule. The mechanism renders translocation across a lipid membrane possible without a change in molecular orientation. For tail-oxidized sterols, the bobbing mechanism provides an exceptionally facile means to translocate these signaling molecules across membrane structures and may thus represent an important pathway in the course of their biological action.

  17. The meeting of Bill and Bob: Helping the cause of countless alcoholics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nishtha Chawla


    Full Text Available The concept of “Alcoholics Anonymous” (AA is familiar to mental health professionals and the general populace. The premise of the organization lies in individual suffering from problems related to alcohol embarking on a journey to submit before the almighty, taking cognizance of the effects caused by alcohol, making amends in life to people who have been harmed and taking action to prevent relapse to alcohol. The AA was formed after a fortuitous meeting of Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith in Ohio. The duo subsequently embarked on the journey of helping others with alcohol-related problems. Since then, AA has grown gradually and how has more than 2 million members in its fold. This write-up traces the events that led to the meeting of Bill and Bob and the formation of AA, which led to a significant impact on individuals with alcohol use problems.

  18. Barack Obama Blindness (BOB): Absence of Visual Awareness to a Single Object. (United States)

    Persuh, Marjan; Melara, Robert D


    In two experiments, we evaluated whether a perceiver's prior expectations could alone obliterate his or her awareness of a salient visual stimulus. To establish expectancy, observers first made a demanding visual discrimination on each of three baseline trials. Then, on a fourth, critical trial, a single, salient and highly visible object appeared in full view at the center of the visual field and in the absence of any competing visual input. Surprisingly, fully half of the participants were unaware of the solitary object in front of their eyes. Dramatically, observers were blind even when the only stimulus on display was the face of U.S. President Barack Obama. We term this novel, counterintuitive phenomenon, Barack Obama Blindness (BOB). Employing a method that rules out putative memory effects by probing awareness immediately after presentation of the critical stimulus, we demonstrate that the BOB effect is a true failure of conscious vision.

  19. US Senator Bob Graham makes an announcement at LC 46, CCAS (United States)


    United States Senator Bob Graham of Florida announces important new federal legislation designed to support the nation's continued space industry development. The announcement was made at Launch Complex 46 at the Cape Canaveral Air Station, the dual- use Navy facility recently modified for commercial launches by the State of Florida. In the background, from left to right, are Hugh Brown, Chairman, Spaceport Florida Authority; Charles Johnson, Athena Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Astronautics; and Col. Ron Larivee, Vice Commander, 45th Space Wing.

  20. Bob Mash

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Stellenbosch. He is editor of the. Handbook of Family. Medicine and has special interest in the fields of mental health, chronic care, communication skills and distance educa- tion. Motivating behaviour change in the diabetic patient. Diabetes is a chronic, manageable condition which requires major changes in lifestyle to.

  1. Relationships of Ownership: Art and Theft in Bob Dylan’s 1960s Trilogy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Rodgers


    Full Text Available Bob Dylan’s corpus is one continually engaged with appropriation and pilfering. This paper will look, predominantly, at three songs from his 1960s’ trilogy – ‘She Dylan problematizes the interrelationship between art, theft, and ownership. I argue that, similar to the urban artist Banksy, Dylan challenges, toys with, and appropriates cultural images in order to continually question the concept of proprietorship whilst rescuing cultural images from esoterica and attempting to put them back into the public domain.

  2. Designing a warm-up protocol for elite bob-skeleton athletes. (United States)

    Cook, Christian; Holdcroft, Danny; Drawer, Scott; Kilduff, Liam P


    To investigate how different warm-ups influenced subsequent sled-pull sprint performance in Olympic-level bob-skeleton athletes as part of their preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Three female and 3 male athletes performed 5 different randomized warm-ups of differing intensities, durations, and timing relative to subsequent testing, each 2 days apart, all repeated twice. After warm-ups, testing on a sled-pull sprint over 20 m, 3 repeats 3 min apart, took place. Performance testing showed improvement (P 1.2) with both increasing intensity of warm-up and closeness of completion to testing, with 20-m sled sprinting being 0.1-0.25 s faster in higher-intensity protocols performed near testing In addition, supplementing the warm-ups by wearing of a light survival coat resulted in further performance improvement (P = .000, ES 1.8). Changing timing and intensity of warm-up and using an ancillary passive heat-retention device improved sprint performance in Olympic-level bob-skeleton athletes. Subsequent adoption of these on the competitive circuit was associated with a seasonal improvement in push times and was ultimately implemented in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

  3. "Are My Songs Literature?": A Postmodern Appraisal of Bob Dylan's American Popular Music Culture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marwa Essam Eldin Alkhayat


    Full Text Available The current study is a postmodern appraisal of Bob Dylan’s artistic career and vocal gestures to examine the way melody in popular music works in relation to speech and singing, the grand and the ordinary. It historicizes Bob Dylan’s protest music of the 1960s within the paradigm of folk music culture. Dylan’s music is full of riffs, blues sequences, and pentatonic melodies—all heavily part and parcel of blues, folk, gospel, and country music. It is the music that dwells on the pleasures of repetition, of circularity, and of the recurring familiar tune integrated within Dylanesque poetics of rhyme delivered with his idiosyncratic, deep and intense range of voices. Dylan is the official son of the legacies of social, communal, and ritual music-making that mirrors contemporary pop and rock back to folk and blues, street-sung broadsides and work songs, the melodies of medieval troubadours, and the blessed rhythms of Christianity and Judaism. The study is an attempt to illustrate how musicology and ethnomusicology in particular can contribute to understanding Dylan as a ‘performing artist’ within the postmodern paradigm. Thus, the study seeks to establish Dylan as a phenomenal, prolific postmodernist artist, as well as an anarchist. The power and originality of Dylan’s music constitute a prima facie case that his performances should be considered postmodernist art.

  4. Property Analysis of Ethanol--Natural Gasoline--BOB Blends to Make Flex Fuel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alleman, Teresa L. [National Renewable Energy Lab. (NREL), Golden, CO (United States); Yanowitz, Janet [Ecoengineering, Inc., Sharonville, OH (United States)


    Ten natural gasolines were analyzed for a wide range of properties, including Reid vapor pressure (RVP), benzene, sulfur, distillation, stability, metals, and aromatic content, to determine their quality. Benzene and sulfur content were sufficiently low in all but one of the samples that they could be blended without further upgrading. Four of these samples were selected to blend with blendstock for oxygenate blending (BOB) and ethanol to produce E51, E70, and E83 blends, targeting 7.8 and 9.0-psi finished fuels. The volume of each component in the blend was estimated using the Reddy model, with the assumption that the BOB and natural gasoline blend linearly and behave as a single component in the model calculations. Results show that the Reddy model adequately predicts the RVP of the finished blend for E51 and E70, but significantly underpredicts the RVP of E83 blends by nearly 2 psi. It is hypothesized that the underprediction is a function of the very low aromatic content of the E83 blends, even compared to the E51 and E70 blends.

  5. The effects of LiBOB additive for stable SEI formation of PP13TFSI-organic mixed electrolyte in lithium ion batteries

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    An Yongxin; Zuo Pengjian; Cheng Xinqun; Liao Lixia; Yin Geping


    Highlights: → LiBOB as the additive of SEI formation. → LiBOB containing mixed electrolyte shows well thermal stability and safety. → LiBOB improves the electrochemical performance of PP13TFSI-organic mixture. - Abstract: A safe electrolyte system is prepared from N-methyl-N-propylpiperidinium bis (trifluoromethanesulfonyl) imide (PP13TFSI), organic electrolyte (1 mol L -1 LiPF 6 /EC-DEC) and lithium bis (oxalato) borate (LiBOB). The additive of LiBOB enhances the stability of interface between electrolyte and anode. The LiBOB-containing mixed electrolytes show non-flammability and good compatibility with active materials. The performance of anode for lithium ion battery is successfully improved by LiBOB-containing mixed electrolytes, which shows 200 mA h g -1 reversible capacities at 0.3 C rate. The ionic conductivity and the lithium ion transference number in LiBOB-containing mixed electrolytes system also suits to application for lithium ion battery.

  6. Alice and Bob meet Banach the interface of asymptotic geometric analysis and quantum information theory

    CERN Document Server

    Aubrun, Guillaume


    The quest to build a quantum computer is arguably one of the major scientific and technological challenges of the twenty-first century, and quantum information theory (QIT) provides the mathematical framework for that quest. Over the last dozen or so years, it has become clear that quantum information theory is closely linked to geometric functional analysis (Banach space theory, operator spaces, high-dimensional probability), a field also known as asymptotic geometric analysis (AGA). In a nutshell, asymptotic geometric analysis investigates quantitative properties of convex sets, or other geometric structures, and their approximate symmetries as the dimension becomes large. This makes it especially relevant to quantum theory, where systems consisting of just a few particles naturally lead to models whose dimension is in the thousands, or even in the billions. Alice and Bob Meet Banach is aimed at multiple audiences connected through their interest in the interface of QIT and AGA: at quantum information resea...

  7. The Chimes of Freedom: Bob Dylan, Epigrammatic Validity, and Alternative Facts. (United States)

    Harris, John


    This essay brings together work I have done over the past 10 years: on the nature of ethics, on the purpose of ethics, and on its foundations in a way that, I hope, as E.M. Forster put it, connects "the prose and the passion." I deploy lessons learned in this process to identify and face what I believe to be crucial challenges to science and to freedom (as defended by, among others, Cicero, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Thomas Hobbes, John Stuart Mill, and Bertrand Russell). Finally I consider threats to freedom of a different sort, posed by the creation and dissemination of "alternative facts" and by what is sometimes called "super" or "full" artificial intelligence (AI).

  8. Debating Education for Sustainable Development 20 Years after Rio: A Conversation between Bob Jickling and Arjen Wals

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jickling, B.; Wals, A.E.J.


    In this dialogue between two friends and colleagues with different takes on education for sustainability, Canadian environmental education scholar Bob Jickling argues that education for any cause is not true education, which should strive to prepare minds to create new ideas, not follow a doctrine.

  9. Bob Flanagan, quand les performances d’un supermasochist exorcisent la mort

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stéphanie Bouguet


    Full Text Available Since the end of the last century, we’ve noticed in our western society an uneasiness regarding the mention of death. Whereas some mystical dimension allowed man to give death a meaning, the Hegelian-Nietzschean prophecy of the death of God made this impossible. Indeed, knowing that the promise of a Kingdom of Heaven was not assured any more, man prefered to obscure the death that haunted him. Despite the difficulty to face this ontological condition, we can see that the subject of death is more and more present on the contemporary artistic scene. The body which is central in relation to this problematic becomes for the artist the material through which death exorcizes and declines itself. However, from Body Art achievements to the exhibition of corpses, we can see that the experiment of death only seems possible through the treatment of the body as a martyr. If Body Art protagonists seem to find in it their model to experiment the human being in the limits of their own bodies and thus comprehend death, there are others for whom it’s the diagnosed death that is shaping the relationship to their own bodies. That’s the case with Bob Flanagan. Doomed since childhood by cystic fibrosis, we will see how this artist, by the detour of borderline achievements with a masochistic tendency and ritualised on a setting of Christianity, will redefine his relationship to the body experience and through this manage to exorcize the idea of an impending death.

  10. Functional and evolutionary analysis of Korean bob-tailed native dog using whole-genome sequencing data


    Lee, Daehwan; Lim, Dajeong; Kwon, Daehong; Kim, Juyeon; Lee, Jongin; Sim, Mikang; Choi, Bong-Hwan; Choi, Seog-Gyu; Kim, Jaebum


    Rapid and cost effective production of large-scale genome data through next-generation sequencing has enabled population-level studies of various organisms to identify their genotypic differences and phenotypic consequences. This is also used to study indigenous animals with historical and economical values, although they are less studied than model organisms. The objective of this study was to perform functional and evolutionary analysis of Korean bob-tailed native dog Donggyeong with distin...

  11. Compositional effect investigation by addition PEG, PEO plasticiser of LiBOB based solid polymer electrolyte for lithium ion batteries (United States)

    Sabrina, Qolby; Ratri, Christin Rina


    Development polymer electrolyte with high ionic conductivity is main of object in solid state electrolyte will be potential application as electrolyte batteries. Casting method have been used to prepared solid polymer electrolyte. Adding polyethylene(glycol) PEG and Poly(ethylene oxide) PEO as polymer matrix be made of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVdF) and lithium bis(oxalato) borate (LiBOB) to improve structure morphology and impedance characterization of solid electrolyte. The ratio of PEG and PEO is varied to study effect on the conductivity. Electro impedance spectroscopy (EIS) studies are carried out on the prepared samples. The impedance measurement show that the conductivity with composition PVdF- PEG- LiBOB 10% better than the other varieties to applied as solid electrolyte batteries. SEM morphology PVdF- PEG- LiBOB 10% sample showed the low crystallinity was caused by interaction between lithium salt and polymer. With their properties the solid polymer electrolyte are considered as promising candidates of applications for lithium ion batteries.

  12. The effect of Li2CO3 substitution on synthesis of LiBOB compounds as salt of electrolyte battery lithium ion (United States)

    Lestariningsih, Titik; Wigayati, Etty Marty; Sabrina, Qolby; Prihandoko, Bambang; Priyono, Slamet


    Development of the synthesis of LiB(C2O4)2 compounds continues to evolve along with the need for electrolyte salts to support the research of the manufacture of lithium ion batteries. A study had been conducted on the effect of Li2CO3 substitution on the synthesis of LiB(C2O4)2 or LiBOB compounds. LiBOB was a major candidate to replace LiPF6 as a highly toxic lithium battery electrolyte and harmful to human health. Synthesis of Lithium bis(oxalato) borate used powder metallurgy method. The raw materials used are H2C2O4.2H2O, Li2CO3 or LiOH and H2BO3 from Merck Germany products. The materials are mixed with 2: 1: 1 mol ratio until homogeneous. The synthesis of LiBOB refers to previous research, where the heating process was done gradually. The first stage heating is carried out at 120°C for 4 hours, then the next stage heating is carried out at 240°C for 7 hours. The sample variation in this study was to distinguish the lithium source from Li2CO3 and LiOH. Characterization was done by XRD to know the phase formed, FTIR to confirm that functional group of LiB(C2O4)2 compound, SEM to know the morphological structure, and TG/DTA to know the thermal properties. The results of the analysis shows that LiBOB synthesis using Lithium source from Li2CO3 has succeeded to form LiBOB compound with more LiBOB phase composition is 59.1% and 40.9% LiBOB hydrate phase, SEM morphology shows powder consist of elongated round particle porous and similar to LiBOB commercial and show higher thermal stability.

  13. Carl Bernstein og Bob Woodward: All the President´s Men: 30th Anniversary Edition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heiðar Örn Sigurfinnsson


    Full Text Available Þann sautjánda júní árið 1972 voru fimm jakkafataklæddir menn handteknir við innbrot í höfuðstöðvar Demókrataflokksins í Watergate byggingunni í Washington borg. Þeir höfðu meðferðis mikið magn hundrað dollara seðla og hlerunartæki sem þeir hugðust koma þar fyrir. Þetta var upphafið að Watergate málinu. Í minnisbókum sem fundust á innbrotsþjófunum fannst á tveimur stöðum nafn Howards Hunt sem hafði unnið fyrir Hvíta húsið. Eftir að hafa komist á snoðir um tengsl milli innbrotsþjófanna og Hvíta hússins eyddu fjölmiðlamenn næstu misserum í að upplýsa um hver fyrirskipaði hvað í Watergate málinu, hver vissi hvað og hvenær. Fremstir í flokki fjölmiðlamanna fóru Bob Woodward og Carl Bernstein, blaðamenn á Washington Post sem flettu ofan af mörgum einstaklingum og athöfnum sem tengdust Watergate.

  14. Course review: the 4th Bob Huffstadt upper and lower limb flap dissection course. (United States)

    Dunne, Jonathan A


    The Bob Huffstadt course is a 2-day upper and lower limb flap dissection course held in Groningen, the Netherlands. The course is in English, with an international faculty of senior consultants from the Netherlands, Belgium, and United Kingdom. Faculty to participant ratio is 2:1, with 2 participants at each dissection table. The course is aimed at trainees in plastic surgery of all levels, and a comprehensive DVD is provided before the course, which demonstrates dissection of 35 flaps, ensuring those with little experience to have an understanding before dissection.This course offered a comprehensive overview with plenty of practical application. The course can greatly develop operative and theoretical knowledge, while also demonstrating a commitment for those wishing to pursue a career in plastic surgery. Longer courses are available; however, the 2-day course can already provide an excellent introduction for junior trainees. There are few flap courses in the United Kingdom and senior trainees may have difficulty acquiring a place as they book up well in advance. With reductions in operating time, trainees may welcome further experience and development of techniques in the dissection room.Most of both days were spent in the dissection room, raising flaps and receiving teaching from the faculty. Dissections included Foucher, Moberg, Becker, radial forearm, anterolateral thigh, and fibula flaps. Dissection specimens were fresh-frozen preparation, and 9 upper limb flaps were raised on the first day and 5 lower limb flaps on the second day. The faculty provided live demonstrations of perforator dissection, use of the hand-held Doppler, and tips and tricks. The last 2 hours of each day were spent with 2 lectures, including topics from the history of flaps and developments to challenging cases and reconstructive options.The course fee was 1000 euros, including a 5-course dinner, lunch on both days, and a drinks reception on the final evening. I would recommend this

  15. Influence of continental advection on aerosol characteristics over Bay of Bengal (BoB in winter: results from W-ICARB cruise experiment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. K. Kharol


    Full Text Available The transport of aerosols and pollutants from continental India to the adjoining oceanic areas is a major topic of concern and several experimental campaigns have been conducted over the region focusing on aerosol characteristics and their climate implications. The present study analyzes the spectral aerosol optical depth (AOD variations over Bay of Bengal (BoB during Winter-Integrated Campaign for Aerosols, gases and Radiation Budget (W-ICARB from 27 December 2008 to 30 January 2009 and investigates the influence of the adjoining landmass to the marine aerosol field. High AOD500 values (>0.7 occurred over northern BoB due to outflow of aerosols and pollutants from the densely populated Indo-Gangetic Plains (IGP; low AOD500 (0.1–0.2 was observed in central and southern BoB, far away from the mainland. The Angstrom exponent "α" was observed to be high (>1.2 near coastal waters, indicating relative abundance of accumulation-mode continental aerosols. On the other hand, over southern BoB its values dropped below ~0.7. National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP reanalysis data on winds at 850 and 700 hPa, along with air-mass trajectories calculated using Hybrid Single Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory (HYSPLIT model, suggested transport of continental aerosols from central and northern India over the BoB. On the other hand, when the ship was crossing the eastern BoB, the aerosol loading was strongly affected by air-masses originating from Southeast Asia, causing an increase in AOD and α. Biomass-burning episodes over the region played an important role in the observed aerosol properties. Terra/Aqua Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS AOD550 and cruise measured AOD550 showed good agreement (R2 = 0.86 and 0.77, respectively over BoB, exhibiting similar AOD and α spatio-temporal variation.

  16. Never Quite Sung in this Fashion Before: Bob Dylan’s “Man of Constant Sorrow”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Todd Harvey


    Full Text Available Many of Bob Dylan’s early compositions were drawn from pre-existing musical sources. This article traces the song “I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow,” recorded by Dylan on his first LP, from its composition in the 1910s to the point at which the song entered Dylan’s repertoire in 1961. This article proposes detailed transcription and comparison as a way for scholars to address issues of song transmission and dissemination, as well as intellectual property rights.

  17. Nothing’s Been Changed, Except the Words: Some Faithful Attempts at Covering Bob Dylan Songs in French

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicolas Froeliger


    Full Text Available This article deals with the French translation and performed covers of Bob Dylan songs, with a view to setting forth the general rules of adapting songs into another language. Using a large number of examples, this article first explains the difference between covering and translating, which is first and foremost a matter of meter and scansion. The article then explores two approaches to “faithfulness”: one can either be faithful to the sound of the initial *words* or to the *meaning*. What is at stake here is the concept of distance: we need intercessors, but still want them removed from the picture. Rather than creators, the singers covering foreign songs have to be considered as transmitters. That is why most of those efforts, whatever their commercial success, often fail to impress as genuine works of art.

  18. “The Low Hum in Syllables and Meters”: Blues Poetics in Bob Dylan’s Verbal Art

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Catharine Mason


    Full Text Available Applying the linguistic category of style as put forth by Dell Hymes, this article seeks to identify the poetic devices borrowed by Bob Dylan from lyrics of traditional blues masters. The author highlights rhetorical form as it is connected to personal and cultural meaning in Blind Willie McTell’s “Broke Down Engine,” as recorded both by McTell and later by Dylan. Among the stylistic operations examined, we find a description of the phenomenon of songfulness as defined by Lawrence Kramer, metaphoric designs of Southern American English, expressive grammar deviations, and the syntactic formulation the author defines as “binary blues clauses,” commonly used in the AAB blues structure. The study is illustrated with a close analysis of language and genre use in Dylan’s “10,000 Men.”

  19. Rahvusvaheliselt pärjatud õpivara eesti keeles ja kirjanduses / Helin Puksand, Reet Bobõlski, Margit Ross ; intervjueeris Krista Kerge

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Puksand, Helin, 1970-


    Eesti õpivarale antud rahvusvahelised auhinnad: Best European Learning Material Silver Award 2014 Helin Puksandi, Reet Bobõlski ja Margit Rossi eesti keele õpikule "Punkt" (2013) ja Best European Schoolbook Silver Award 2012 samade autorite eesti keele õpikule "Peegel 3" (2011). Best European Schoolbook Bronze Award 2006 Jaanus Vaiksoo, Sirje Toomla ja Kadri Liivese aabitsale "Ilus emakeel" (2005).

  20. Functional and evolutionary analysis of Korean bob-tailed native dog using whole-genome sequencing data. (United States)

    Lee, Daehwan; Lim, Dajeong; Kwon, Daehong; Kim, Juyeon; Lee, Jongin; Sim, Mikang; Choi, Bong-Hwan; Choi, Seog-Gyu; Kim, Jaebum


    Rapid and cost effective production of large-scale genome data through next-generation sequencing has enabled population-level studies of various organisms to identify their genotypic differences and phenotypic consequences. This is also used to study indigenous animals with historical and economical values, although they are less studied than model organisms. The objective of this study was to perform functional and evolutionary analysis of Korean bob-tailed native dog Donggyeong with distinct tail and agility phenotype using whole-genome sequencing data by using population and comparative genomics approaches. Based on the uniqueness of non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms obtained from next-generation sequencing data, Donggyeong dog-specific genes/proteins and their functions were identified by comparison with 12 other dog breeds and six other related species. These proteins were further divided into subpopulation-specific ones with different tail length and protein interaction-level signatures were investigated. Finally, the trajectory of shaping protein interactions of subpopulation-specific proteins during evolution was uncovered. This study expands our knowledge of Korean native dogs. Our results also provide a good example of using whole-genome sequencing data for population-level analysis in closely related species.

  1. Synthesis And Characterization of PVDF-LiBOB Electrolyte Membrane With ZrO2 As Additives

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Etty Wigayati


    Full Text Available The electrolyte membrane serves as ions medium transport and as a separator between the anode and cathode in lithium ion battery. The polymer used for the electrolyte membrane must have sufficiently high mechanical strength to withstand the pressure between the anode and cathode, a thin size and has a chemical and thermal stability. Polymer electrolyte membrane of Lithium bisoxalate Borate(LiBOB salt with PVdF as matrix polymer and the additive is ZrO2 has been fabricated. The method used is a doctor blade. The concentration of the additive is varied. The membranes were characterized using FT-IR, XRD, SEM and EIS. XRD analysis showed that the crystallinity index increases with the addition of ZrO2. The presence of functional groups bewteen Lithium salts and polymer interaction shown by FTIR analysis. The morphology of the membrane surface was shown by SEM analysis. SEM image and mapping show the morphology of the membrane have typical porous layer. The electrical conductivity increases with additions of ZrO2.

  2. Complete Genome Sequences of Cluster A Mycobacteriophages BobSwaget, Fred313, KADY, Lokk, MyraDee, Stagni, and StepMih (United States)

    Butela, Kristen A.; Gurney, Susan M. R.; LeBlanc-Straceski, Janine M.; Zimmerman, Anastasia M.; Conant, Stephanie B.; Freed, Nikki E.; Silander, Olin K.; Thomson, Joshua J.; Berkes, Charlotte A.; Bertolez, Cristina; Davies, Courtney G.; Elinsky, Amber; Hanlon, Alison J.; Nersesyan, Juliette; Patel, Payal; Sherwood, John; Tieu Ngo, Tiffany; Wisniewski, Kathryn A.; Yacoo, Kathrine; Arendse, Paul M.; Bowlen, Nathan W.; Cunmulaj, Jasmina; Downs, Julie L.; Ferrenberg, Charlee A.; Gassman, Alexandra E.; Gilligan, Cody E. R.; Gorkiewicz, Emily; Harness, Christopher; Huffman, Anthony; Jones, Christina; Julien, Anna; Kupic, Alexis E.; Latu, Sayonara F.; Manning, Thomas J.; Maxwell, Danielle; Meyer, Catherine E.; Reardon, Madeleine; Slaughter, Matthew; Swasey, Royce; Tennent, Rebecca I.; Torres, Victoria; Waller, Tamia; Worcester, Rachel M.; Yost, Brooke L.; Garlena, Rebecca A.; Jacobs-Sera, Deborah; Russell, Daniel A.; Hatfull, Graham F.


    ABSTRACT Seven mycobacteriophages from distinct geographical locations were isolated, using Mycobacterium smegmatis mc2155 as the host, and then purified and sequenced. All of the genomes are related to cluster A mycobacteriophages, BobSwaget and Lokk in subcluster A2; Fred313, KADY, Stagni, and StepMih in subcluster A3; and MyraDee in subcluster A18, the first phage to be assigned to that subcluster. PMID:29074662

  3. Identification of Value Proposition and Development of Innovative Business Models for Demand Response Products and Services Enabled by the DR-BOB Solution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mario Sisinni


    Full Text Available The work presented is the result of an ongoing European H2020 project entitled DR-BOB Demand Response in Blocks of Buildings (DR-BOB that seeks to integrate existing technologies to create a scalable solution for Demand Response (DR in blocks of buildings. In most EU countries, DR programs are currently limited to the industrial sector and to direct asset control. The DR-BOB solution extends applicability to the building sector, providing predictive building management in blocks of buildings, enabling facilities managers to respond to implicit and explicit DR schemes, and enabling the aggregation of the DR potential of many blocks of buildings for use in demand response markets. The solution consists of three main components: the Local Energy Manager (LEM, which adds intelligence and provides the capacity for predictive building management in blocks of buildings, a Consumer Portal (CP to enable building managers and building occupants to interact with the system and be engaged in demand response operations, and a Decentralized Energy Management System (DEMS®, Siemens plc, Nottingham, England, UK, which enables the aggregation of the DR potential of many blocks of buildings, thus allowing participation in incentive-based demand response with or without an aggregator. The paper reports the key results around Business Modelling development for demand response products and services enabled by the DR-BOB solution. The scope is threefold: (1 illustrate how the functionality of the demand response solution can provide value proposition to underpin its exploitation by four specific customer segments, namely aggregators and three types of Owners of Blocks of Buildings in different market conditions, (2 explore key aspects of the Business Model from the point of view of a demand response solution provider, in particular around most the suitable revenue stream and key partnership, and (3 assess the importance of key variables such as market maturity, user

  4. and Bob Marley's

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    DR Nneka

    lyrics. The analysis is used to explain the inability of Fela and Marley to ignite mass uprising in Africa through their many protest songs. The conclusion is that song is a weak trigger of protest, but it plays a very big role in sustaining resistance. Key words: Songs, Music, Protest, Actual Protest Value, Politics, Protest Songs.

  5. Shattered Lives / Bob Fisher

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Fisher, Bob


    Eesti rahvusest USA ja Kanada filmioperaator Alar Kivilo töötab edukalt Hollywoodis. USA esinduslik filmiajakiri käsitleb põhjalikult tema tööd uue mängufilmiga "The Glass House", mille režissööriks on Daniel Sackheim

  6. FERMILAB: Bob Wilson 80

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)



    On March 4, an international symposium and tribute was held at Fermilab in honour of the Laboratory's founding director Robert Rathbun Wilson on the occasion of his 80th birthday. The symposium - 'Celebrating an Era of Courage and Creativity' - featured talks and reflections by many of Wilson's colleagues and friends including Fermilab Director John Peoples and Director Emeritus Leon Lederman

  7. From the Bob/Kirk effect to the Benoit/Éric effect: Testing the mechanism of name sound symbolism in two languages. (United States)

    Sidhu, David M; Pexman, Penny M; Saint-Aubin, Jean


    Although it is often assumed that language involves an arbitrary relationship between form and meaning, many studies have demonstrated that nonwords like maluma are associated with round shapes, while nonwords like takete are associated with sharp shapes (i.e., the Maluma/Takete effect, Köhler, 1929/1947). The majority of the research on sound symbolism has used nonwords, but Sidhu and Pexman (2015) recently extended this effect to existing labels: real English first names (i.e., the Bob/Kirk effect). In the present research we tested whether the effects of name sound symbolism generalize to French speakers (Experiment 1) and French names (Experiment 2). In addition, we assessed the underlying mechanism of name sound symbolism, investigating the roles of phonology and orthography in the effect. Results showed that name sound symbolism does generalize to French speakers and French names. Further, this robust effect remained the same when names were presented in a curved vs. angular font (Experiment 3), or when the salience of orthographic information was reduced through auditory presentation (Experiment 4). Together these results suggest that the Bob/Kirk effect is pervasive, and that it is based on fundamental features of name phonemes. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  8. “‘Sólo Soy Un Guitarrista’: Bob Dylan in the Spanish-Speaking World—Influences, Parallels, Reception, and Translation”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christopher Rollason


    Full Text Available This article examines key aspects of the relationship between the work of Bob Dylan and the cultures of Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America, including the Spanish/Latin American presence in Dylan’s songs and prose texts; the reception of Dylan’s work by Spanish-speaking critics and intellectuals; influences and parallels between Dylan and Spanish/Latin American musicians and writers, notably Federico García Lorca; and the translation of Dylan into Spanish. Dylan’s work is seen as a hybrid cultural phenomenon, generating connections between high-cultural and popular elements. Its two-way relationship with Hispanophone culture is seen as an interesting case of bridge-building between cultural systems.

  9. Phospholipase C mediates (±)-1-(2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenyl)-2-aminopropane (DOI)-, but not lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)-elicited head bobs in rabbit medial prefrontal cortex. (United States)

    Schindler, Emmanuelle A D; Harvey, John A; Aloyo, Vincent J


    The phenethylamine and indoleamine classes of hallucinogens demonstrate distinct pharmacological properties, although they share a serotonin(2A) (5-HT(2A)) receptor mechanism of action (MOA). The 5-HT(2A) receptor signals through phosphatidylinositol (PI) hydrolysis, which is initiated upon activation of phospholipase C (PLC). The role of PI hydrolysis in the effects of hallucinogens remains unclear. In order to better understand the role of PI hydrolysis in the MOA of hallucinogens, the PLC inhibitor, 1-[6-((17β-3-methoxyestra-1,3,5(10)-trien-17-yl)amino)hexyl]-1H-pyrrole-2,5-dione (U73122), was used to study the effects of two hallucinogens, the phenethylamine, (±)-1-(2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenyl)-2-aminopropane (DOI), and the indoleamine, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). PI hydrolysis was quantified through release of [3H]inositol-4-phosphate from living rabbit frontocortical tissue prisms. Head bobs were counted after hallucinogens were infused into the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) of rabbits. Both DOI and LSD stimulated PI hydrolysis in frontocortical tissue through activation of PLC. DOI-stimulated PI hydrolysis was blocked by 5-HT(2A/2C) receptor antagonist, ketanserin, whereas the LSD signal was blocked by 5-HT(2B/2C) receptor antagonist, SB206553. When infused into the mPFC, both DOI- and LSD-elicited head bobs. Pretreatment with U73122 blocked DOI-, but not LSD-elicited head bobs. The two hallucinogens investigated were distinct in their activation of the PI hydrolysis signaling pathway. The serotonergic receptors involved with DOI and LSD signals in frontocortical tissue were different. Furthermore, PLC activation in mPFC was necessary for DOI-elicited head bobs, whereas LSD-elicited head bobs were independent of this pathway. These novel findings urge closer investigation into the intracellular mechanism of action of these unique compounds. Published by Elsevier B.V.

  10. A Face like a Mask and a Voice that Croaks: An Integrated Poetics of Bob Dylan’s Voice, Personae, and Lyrics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christophe Lebold


    Full Text Available This article seeks to examine the literary pleasures derived from Bob Dylan’s songs, paying special attention to how Dylan’s poetical texts are performed and rhythmically rewritten by his voice, as well as the ways in which Dylan uses the songs to “write himself” through the creation of numerous and competing *personae*. Close reading of the lyrics, this article argues, must therefore be supplemented by a “poetics of the voice” and a detailed analysis of the theatricality of his “games of masks.” While a stylistic approach to the lyrics reveals a thrust towards *writerly* openness and new poetical idioms that fuse oral traditions with high poetry, the aesthetic and semantic uses Dylan makes of his voice are equally sophisticated. A study of Dylan’s “masks” will show that the artist uses archetypal poetic identities (prophet, trickster, man of sorrow, and so on as fictional figurations of himself offered to the audience.

  11. Ed Watson - 1940-2006

    CERN Multimedia


    Ed Watson passed away suddenly on 1 August in Geneva, he was 66. He leaves his wife and two children. Ed Watson arrived at CERN in March 1973 to work on digital electronics and CAMAC systems under Bob Dobinson, after many years at Rolls Royce in Scotland. He joined the European Muon Collaboration in 1976, where he played a major role in the design, deployment and running of its data acquisition system (DAQ) with David Botterill, Bob Dobinson, and Vicky White. The CAMAC-ROMULUS system was by far the largest and most advanced of its time, and it became a defining standard for DAQ systems for years to come. Ed was deeply involved in the detailed planning of the control rooms and the experiment cabling, as well as sharing the responsibility for the CAMAC readout system. He had a real talent for trouble shooting and played a vital part in supporting the experiment throughout its lifetime. He offered great moral support to the younger members of the collaboration and helped them a great deal with their work. The...

  12. Ed Watson 1940-2006

    CERN Multimedia


    Ed Watson arrived at CERN in March 1973 to work on digital electronics and CAMAC systems under Bob Dobinson, after many years at Rolls Royce in Scotland. He joined the European Muon Collaboration in 1976, where he played a major role in the design, deployment and running of its data acquisition system (DAQ) with David Botterill, Bob Dobinson, and Vicky White. The CAMAC-ROMULUS system was by far the largest and most advanced of its time, and it became a defining standard for DAQ systems for years to come. Ed was deeply involved in the detailed planning of the control rooms and the experiment cabling, as well as sharing the responsibility for the CAMAC readout system. He had a real talent for trouble shooting and played a vital part in supporting the experiment throughout its lifetime. He offered great moral support to the younger members of the collaboration and helped them a great deal with their work. The EMC had a wonderful social life to which Ed was a major contributor - who can forget its barbecues?  In...

  13. The complete mitochondrial genomes of deep-sea squid (Bathyteuthis abyssicola), bob-tail squid (Semirossia patagonica) and four giant cuttlefish (Sepia apama, S. latimanus, S. lycidas and S. pharaonis), and their application to the phylogenetic analysis of Decapodiformes. (United States)

    Kawashima, Yuumi; Nishihara, Hidenori; Akasaki, Tetsuya; Nikaido, Masato; Tsuchiya, Kotaro; Segawa, Susumu; Okada, Norihiro


    We determined the complete mitochondrial (mt) genomes of the deep-sea squid (Bathyteuthis abyssicola; supperfamily Bathyteuthoidea), the bob-tail squid (Semirossia patagonica; order Sepiolida) and four giant cuttlefish (Sepia apama, S. latimanus, S. lycidas and S. pharaonis; order Sepiida). The unique structures of the mt genomes of Bathyteuthis and Semirossia provide new information about the evolution of decapodiform mt genomes. We show that the mt genome of B. abyssicola, like those of other oegopsids studied so far, has two long duplicated regions that include seven genes (COX1-3, ATP6 and ATP8, tRNA(Asn), and either ND2 or ND3) and that one of the duplicated COX3 genes has lost its function. The mt genome of S. patagonica is unlike any other decapodiforms and, like Nautilus, its ATP6 and ATP8 genes are not adjacent to each other. The four giant cuttlefish have identical mt gene order to other cuttlefish determined to date. Molecular phylogenetic analyses using maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods suggest that traditional order Sepioidea (Sepiolida+Sepiida) is paraphyletic and Sepia (cuttlefish) has the sister-relationship with all other decapodiforms. Taking both the phylogenetic analyses and the mt gene order analyses into account, it is likely that the octopus-type mt genome is an ancestral state and that it had maintained from at least the Cephalopoda ancestor to the common ancestor of Oegopsida, Myopsida and Sepiolida. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  14. Interview with Science Education Pioneer Bob Yager


    Stiles, John


    In a recent interview, Dr. Yager spoke about his participation in the changing field of science education, the challenges that still persist in implementing exemplary science teaching, STEM Education and his views on the current science education standards.

  15. Anna Wintour: The Truth behind the Bob (United States)

    Kloeppel, Tara


    While her occupation, and the stereotypes associated with running a fashion magazine, may not initially seem to be worthy of scholastic attention, careful study of Wintour's influence reveals insight into the rhetorical tactics penetrating fashion culture in America, and perhaps more broadly, pop culture in America.

  16. Bob Scott: Tallinn 2011 saab oma preemiaraha kätte / Bob Scott ; intervjueerinud Teele Tammeorg

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Scott, Bob


    Euroopa kultuuripealinnade hindamiskomisjoni esimees räägib oma kohtumisest Tallinna linnapea Edgar Savisaare ja kultuuriministri Laine Jänesega ning sellest, et Tallinnal ja Eestil tuleb lisatoetuse saamiseks saata Euroopa Komisjonile vaid kiri, milles nad kinnitavad, et kultuuripealinna programmi jaoks on raha olemas

  17. 75 FR 16735 - Action Affecting Export Privileges; Bob Rahimzadeh (United States)


    ...\\ maintained by the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (``OFAC''), an export to... 15 CFR 764.2(e)--Acting With Knowledge of a Violation Between on or about July 26, 2004, and on or... with knowledge that a violation of the Regulations was occurring, was about to occur or was intended to...

  18. Portret : dotsh ili mat? / Valeria Bobõleva

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Bobõljova, Valeria, 1945-


    Moskvas Pushkini-nimelises Kujutava Kunsti Muuseumis oleva Henry Francois Viollier (1750-1829) miniatuurmaalist tundmatu autori poolt maalitud koopia atributsioon. Autor jõuab järeldusele, et maalil on Natalja Ivanovna Gontsharova asemel kujutatud Euphrosine Ulrika von Liphart-Posset

  19. The Moving Centre of Mass of a Leaking Bob (United States)

    Arun, P.


    The evaluation of variation in the oscillation time period of a simple pendulum as its mass varies proves a rich source of discussion in a physics classroom, overcoming erroneous notions carried forward by students as to what constitutes the pendulum's length, by picking up only the results of approximations and ignoring the rigorous definition.…

  20. Sir Bob Geldof : "Hepatiit on XXI sajandi epideemia" / Silvia Sosaar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Sosaar, Silvia


    26. septembril korraldas Maailma Terviseorganisatsioon Kopenhaagenis kolmandat korda Ülemaailmset Hepatiiditeadlikkuse Päeva, mille eesmärk on tõsta inimeste teadlikkust viiruslikust B- ja C-hepatiidist

  1. CERN Technology on Display in Nice

    CERN Multimedia


    Bob Dobinson (center) and Brian Martin (right) presenting technology transfer from CERN to indus exhibition in Nice. Nice in November was the scene of the EU sponsored Information Science Technologies, IST2000 exhibition, where CERN was invited to present a stand focussing on the benefits to small companies and start-ups from association with CERN and the IST program. Companies from France, Israel and the UK were featured. Network technology standards that CERN has helped to develop have been adopted by the European Space Agency for use in future space vehicles, and these too were on show. The challenges of data acquisition and data handling for the LHC are not insurmountable, but need to be approached with a combination of advanced technology and close industrial collaboration. One important aspect is that of high speed networking, an important component in both on-line and off-line computing (GRIDs). Real time data acquisition systems for the LHC require networks with high throughput, low latency, high rel...

  2. Bobbing of Oxysterols: Molecular Mechanism for Translocation of Tail-Oxidized Sterols through Biological Membranes

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kulig, W.; Mikkolainen, H.; Olžyńska, Agnieszka; Jurkiewicz, Piotr; Cwiklik, Lukasz; Hof, Martin; Vattulainen, I.; Jungwirth, Pavel; Rog, T.


    Roč. 9, č. 5 (2018), s. 1118-1123 ISSN 1948-7185 R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GBP208/12/G016 Institutional support: RVO:61388955 ; RVO:61388963 Keywords : biological membranes * alcohols * cell membranes Subject RIV: CF - Physical ; Theoretical Chemistry OBOR OECD: Physical chemistry Impact factor: 9.353, year: 2016

  3. Bob and Jane go to Argentina: The Ethics of Cross-Border Care

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Williams-Jones, Bryn


    Full Text Available This case study presents the story of a typical North American couple searching for fertility treatments on the Internet. This search leads to sites of clinics in other countries, which gets them thinking about traveling abroad for medical services – also known as medical tourism.

  4. Carl Bernstein og Bob Woodward: All the President´s Men: 30th Anniversary Edition


    Heiðar Örn Sigurfinnsson


    Þann sautjánda júní árið 1972 voru fimm jakkafataklæddir menn handteknir við innbrot í höfuðstöðvar Demókrataflokksins í Watergate byggingunni í Washington borg. Þeir höfðu meðferðis mikið magn hundrað dollara seðla og hlerunartæki sem þeir hugðust koma þar fyrir. Þetta var upphafið að Watergate málinu. Í minnisbókum sem fundust á innbrotsþjófunum fannst á tveimur stöðum nafn Howards Hunt sem hafði unnið fyrir Hvíta húsið. Eftir að hafa komist á snoðir um tengsl milli innbrotsþjófanna og Hvít...

  5. Prenatal BoBs TM in the cytogenetic analysis of products of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    All were screened for the frequent aneuploidies (chromosomes 13, 18, 21, X and Y) in addition to nine microdeletion/ microduplication syndrome regions by Prenatal BoBsTM. Standard karyotyping was performed on 51 samples, but failed in 38 cases. Results. Prenatal BoBsTM identified one trisomy 21 and one deletion of ...

  6. We shall Overcome? Bob Dylan, Complicity, and the March on Washington 1963


    Mehring, F.


    Contemporary reports had been surprisingly quiet about the sounds and soundtrack of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on 27 August 1963 where Martin Luther King, Jr. held his famous “I have a dream” speech. When journalist Lerone Bennett Jr. from the influential magazine for the African-American market, EBONY, reported on the March on Washington, music was more or less absent. As the most significant effect of the march, LIFE magazine emphasized the “Negroes’s orderly demonstration...

  7. Consumption, Health, and Disposability in "SpongeBob SquarePants" (United States)

    Piatti-Farnell, Lorna


    In recent years, food scholarship has extended its preoccupation with consumption to interrogating the relationship between eating, culture and waste, and their effects on the environment. Simultaneously, food-related concerns have also become a recurrent part of popular culture, where examples from children's television provide fertile ground for…

  8. Bob McEwen Treatment Plant Data (support ECM) and Water Quality Translation Data (support PDL) (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Worksheet titled Data for ECM: Data set used to estimate the error correction model to understand how turbidity and other variables affect drinking water treatment...

  9. M2-F1 fabrication by Grierson Hamilton, Bob Green, and Ed Browne (United States)


    Flight Research Center discretionary funds paid for the M2-F-1's construction. NASA mechanics, sheet-metal smiths, and technicians did much of the work in a curtained-off area of a hangar called the 'Wright Bicycle Shop.' The wingless, lifting body aircraft design was initially conceived as a means of landing an aircraft horizontally after atmospheric reentry. The absence of wings would make the extreme heat of re-entry less damaging to the vehicle. In 1962, Dryden management approved a program to build a lightweight, unpowered lifting body as a prototype to flight test the wingless concept. It would look like a 'flying bathtub,' and was designated the M2-F1, the 'M' referring to 'manned' and 'F' referring to 'flight' version. It featured a plywood shell placed over a tubular steel frame crafted at Dryden. Construction was completed in 1963. The first flight tests of the M2-F1 were over Rogers Dry Lake at the end of a tow rope attached to a hopped-up Pontiac convertible driven at speeds up to about 120 mph. This vehicle needed to be able to tow the M2-F1 on the Rogers Dry Lakebed adjacent to NASA's Flight Research Center (FRC) at a minimum speed of 100 miles per hour. To do that, it had to handle the 400-pound pull of the M2-F1. Walter 'Whitey' Whiteside, who was a retired Air Force maintenance officer working in the FRC's Flight Operations Division, was a dirt-bike rider and hot-rodder. Together with Boyden 'Bud' Bearce in the Procurement and Supply Branch of the FRC, Whitey acquired a Pontiac Catalina convertible with the largest engine available. He took the car to Bill Straup's renowned hot-rod shop near Long Beach for modification. With a special gearbox and racing slicks, the Pontiac could tow the 1,000-pound M2-F1 110 miles per hour in 30 seconds. It proved adequate for the roughly 400 car tows that got the M2-F1 airborne to prove it could fly safely and to train pilots before they were towed behind a C-47 aircraft and released. These initial car-tow tests produced enough flight data about the M2-F1 to proceed with flights behind the C-47 tow plane at greater altitudes. The C-47 took the craft to an altitude of 12,000 where free flights back to Rogers Dry Lake began. Pilot for the first series of flights of the M2-F1 was NASA research pilot Milt Thompson. Typical glide flights with the M2-F1 lasted about two minutes and reached speeds of 110 to l20 mph. A small solid landing rocket, referred to as the 'instant L/D rocket,' was installed in the rear base of the M2-F1. This rocket, which could be ignited by the pilot, provided about 250 pounds of thrust for about 10 seconds. The rocket could be used to extend the flight time near landing if needed. More than 400 ground tows and 77 aircraft tow flights were carried out with the M2-F1. The success of Dryden's M2-F1 program led to NASA's development and construction of two heavyweight lifting bodies based on studies at NASA's Ames and Langley research centers--the M2-F2 and the HL-10, both built by the Northrop Corporation, and the U.S. Air Force's X-24 program, with an X-24A and -B built by Martin. The Lifting Body program also heavily influenced the Space Shuttle program. The M2-F1 program demonstrated the feasibility of the lifting body concept for horizontal landings of atmospheric entry vehicles. It also demonstrated a procurement and management concept for prototype flight test vehicles that produced rapid results at very low cost (approximately $50,000, excluding salaries of government employees assigned to the project).

  10. Ööklubi BonBon = BobBon nightclub / Ville Lausmäe

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lausmäe, Ville, 1981-


    Ööklubi BonBon (Tallinn, Mere pst. 6E) sisekujundusest. Sisearhitektid Peeter Klaas ja Ville Lausmäe (sisearhitektuuribüroo VLS). Sisearhitekti ja ESLi aastapreemiate žürii liikme Tarmo Piirmetsa arvamus

  11. Land-related conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa | Bob | African Journal ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    African Journal on Conflict Resolution. Journal Home · ABOUT THIS JOURNAL · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 10, No 2 (2010) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads.

  12. We shall Overcome? Bob Dylan, Complicity, and the March on Washington 1963

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mehring, F.


    Contemporary reports had been surprisingly quiet about the sounds and soundtrack of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on 27 August 1963 where Martin Luther King, Jr. held his famous “I have a dream” speech. When journalist Lerone Bennett Jr. from the influential magazine for the

  13. Pure Form of LiBOB Salt and the Purification Process Producing Such Form (United States)


    Advantages APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE Method of preparation of these novel additives Coin Cells Industry Cells (8 Ah) Soxhlet Extraction Structural...invention benefits Li ion battery high temperature applications/environments such as those found in hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). The purification method

  14. Vocal Performance and Speech Intonation: Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Daley


    Full Text Available This article proposes a linguistic analysis of a recorded performance of a single verse of one of Dylan’s most popular songs—the originally released studio recording of “Like A Rolling Stone”—and describes more specifically the ways in which intonation relates to lyrics and performance. This analysis is used as source material for a close reading of the semantic, affective, and “playful” meanings of the performance, and is compared with some published accounts of the song’s reception. The author has drawn on the linguistic methodology formulated by Michael Halliday, who has found speech intonation (which includes pitch movement, timbre, syllabic rhythm, and loudness to be an integral part of English grammar and crucial to the transmission of certain kinds of meaning. Speech intonation is a deeply-rooted and powerfully meaningful aspect of human communication. This article argues that is plausible that a system so powerful in speech might have some bearing on the communication of meaning in sung performance.

  15. What Does Batman Think about SpongeBob? Children's Understanding of the Fantasy/Fantasy Distinction (United States)

    Skolnick, Deena; Bloom, Paul


    Young children reliably distinguish reality from fantasy; they know that their friends are real and that Batman is not. But it is an open question whether they appreciate, as adults do, that there are multiple fantasy worlds. We test this by asking children and adults about fictional characters' beliefs about other characters who exist either…

  16. Trends in campsite condition: Eagle Cap Wilderness, Bob Marshall Wilderness, and Grand Canyon National Park (United States)

    David N. Cole; Troy E. Hall


    The overall trend in condition on established campsites was one of slight deterioration, with the most deterioration occurring in campsite area, mineral soil exposure, and tree damage. Impacts to ground cover vegetation were relatively stable. Differences in amount of impact between high-use and low-use sites generally increased over time.

  17. Working to Design: The Self-Perpetuating Ideology of Rock or ... ‘The New Bob Dylan’

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John Scannell


    Full Text Available This premise of this article is that music and the writing process have no inherent kinship, and that the often ill-conceived merger of these activities as the “music writing” process, is generally destined for failure. That is because writing about music subsumes its affective power into a foreign modality; it is captured and rendered into the printed word, made to signify, made to represent something, where that something is generally resolved within the presuppositions of the writers’ often-limited referential framework. At the heart of the matter is that writing about music often does not attempt to capture the affective processes that inspired creation in the first place, and in this respect, the paper argues that it may be more appropriate for the music writer/journalist to respond in kind, or as Deleuze and Guattari might say, that the music writing process should pursue a ‘becoming-music’ itself. For rather than subjecting music to the realm of representation, or subsuming its creative power within the realm of opinion and cliché, the writer should instead be concerned with harnessing and re-channelling those forces of sensation or affect that gave rise to it in the first place, and which might, in turn, inspire a literary creativity that is commensurate to the power of the music at hand.

  18. FERC's pilot project to eliminate the price cap on capacity release: a walk with Bob through 'This Old House'

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Howard, R.


    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) recent attempt to remove the price cap on secondary market products, including released capacity, was described. Unfortunately, lifting the cap was conditional on sound market power analysis and joint filing with an open access local distribution company (LDC). There were few applications, and all but two have been rejected. The two companies whose applications were approved, subsequently decided not to proceed with the project, claiming that the diminished scope of the experiment would prevent the gathering of meaningful data. This author argued that a perfect market power analysis is not necessary; the natural gas market being a secondary market, lifting the price cap at the retail level would provide very good indication of the value of the capacity in the marketplace. From the pipeline's perspective the ultimate goal is to establish market benchmarks to value mainline capacity; this should be the goal of FERC, as well. A variety of arguments in favour of this view were presented; these were supported by illustrative examples based on Canadian experience

  19. Bob Kocher Believes (With Missionary Zeal) That Venture Capital Can Start To Cure What Ails American Health Care. (United States)

    Kelley, Timothy


    This upbeat doctor-policymaker-entrepreneur sees opportunity where others see a federal policy train wreck these days. For instance, he's pleased that both political parties seem to endorse a shift from fee-for-service to value-based care. However, continuing uncertainty about the individual market may chill new investment in that area for a while.

  20. Seismic Imaging and Inversion: Application of Linear Theory (2012), Cambridge University Press, co-authored with Bob Stolt

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Weglein, Arthur B.; Stolt, Bob H.


    Extracting information from seismic data requires knowledge of seismic wave propagation and reflection. The commonly used method involves solving linearly for a reflectivity at every point within the Earth, but this book follows an alternative approach which invokes inverse scattering theory. By developing the theory of seismic imaging from basic principles, the authors relate the different models of seismic propagation, reflection and imaging - thus providing links to reflectivity-based imaging on the one hand and to nonlinear seismic inversion on the other. The comprehensive and physically complete linear imaging foundation developed presents new results at the leading edge of seismic processing for target location and identification. This book serves as a fundamental guide to seismic imaging principles and algorithms and their foundation in inverse scattering theory and is a valuable resource for working geoscientists, scientific programmers and theoretical physicists.

  1. Water Quality Management Studies. Postimpoundment Study of R.E. ’Bob’ Woodruff Lake, Alabama River, Alabama. (United States)


    and Forestiera acuminata in the Alabama River above Jones Bluff Lock and Dam from June through September 1978 . . . . 509 D-45. Distribution of Lippia ...the Alaban:a River above Jones Bluff Lock ind Dam from June through September 1978 .. ......... . 516 D-52. Distribution of Eolipta alba in the... Lippia Zcnceoiata Michaux :-- LAMIACEAE (E) Lycopus rube lius Moench. SCROPHULARIACEAE (E) Racopa rotundif’obia (Nichx.) Wettst. ( E) Lindernia dubia (L

  2. The Powder Magazine: Historical Documentation and Architectural Maintenance, Powder Magazine Park, R.E. Bob Woodruff Lake, Montgomery, Alabama (United States)


    Headquarters Services, Directorate for Information Operations and Reports, 1215 Jefferson Davis Highway, Suite 1204, Arlington, VA 22202-4302, and...m HE»ś sir :-:*■■-& ..?.% ’’tf- yfaf ■w~-~" jjgf u *Jai^BbV^HK. Al , ’\\^H -- ■-:•».•> »*-. ■ 3? ^"^*f-%-" •*iF’" it m...Commission), J.J. Page (CO-SC), Jim Dees (CO-FM), Don Graham (EN-O), Carl Kling (EN-DA), Jerry Nielson (PD-E), Jim Humphries (Contractor Representative

  3. A 20-year reassessment of the health and status of whitebark pine forests in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, Montana (United States)

    Molly L. Retzlaff; Signe B. Leirfallom; Robert E. Keane


    Whitebark pine plays a prominent role in high elevation ecosystems of the northern Rocky Mountains. It is an important food source for many birds and mammals as well as an essential component of watershed stabilization. Whitebark pine is vanishing from the landscape due to three main factors: white pine blister rust, mountain pine beetle outbreaks, and successional...

  4. From Lydia Pinkham to Bob Dole: what the changing face of direct-to-consumer drug advertising reveals about the professionalism of medicine. (United States)

    Pinkus, Rosa Lynn


    From its founding in 1847, the AMA divided drugs into "ethical" and "unethical" preparations. Those that were ethical had a known composition and were advertised only to the profession. Other, patent medicines (technically proprietary drugs, whose trademarks were protected by copyright), were sold directly to the public. In spite of the AMA's efforts to ban the advertising and sale of those nostrums, proprietary drugs flourished during the nineteenth century. Starting in 1900, however, three major societal trends combined to bolster the AMA's campaign, and by 1920 almost all advertising was directed to physicians, who would then prescribe medications to their patients. This ban on advertising pharmaceuticals directly to the public remained virtually unchanged until approximately 1980. Since then, it has slowly eroded and, as recently as 1997, the FDA created guidelines for pharmaceutical companies to advertise on television. What does this change say about the profession of medicine, the role of the physician in society, and the doctor-patient relationship? Using a comparative historical approach, this paper examines these issues.

  5. What Are You Looking at? The Complication of the Male Gaze in "Fin de Siècle" Cancan and Bob Fosse's "Sweet Charity" (United States)

    Calvano, Jenn Ariadne


    "Fin de siècle" cancan dancers Jane Avril and Louise Weber ("La Goulue") examined alongside the musical dance and song number "Big Spender" from Sweet Charity serve as examples of how decontextualization of images leads to essentializing the subject of the image that gives precedence to a male gaze focus. In analyzing…

  6. Scrittura e riscrittura nei 'Basement Tapes' di Bob Dylan: 'Ode to Billie Joe' di Bobbie Gentry e 'Clothesline Saga (Answer to Ode'

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alessandro Bratus


    Full Text Available La grande diffusione di fenomeni riconducibili a pratiche intertestuali nella popular music, siano esse cover, canzoni risposta, citazioni, allusioni di diversa natura (melodica, testuale, timbrica, stilistica, etc., non ha mancato nel corso degli anni di sollevare un grande interesse nel dibattito accademico. Ciò non è dovuto solamente alla consistenza numerica di tali esempi in queste musiche, ma anche alle aperture che un argomento del genere offre per un'analisi di tipo interdisciplinare sugli oggetti della popular culture. Confrontarsi con le dinamiche che pertinenti la reinterpretazione, rielaborazione, scrittura e riscrittura di testi preesistenti, da un lato trova le sue radici in un approccio di tipo comparatistico di matrice sostanzialmente etnomusicologica, dall'altro lato pone una serie di questioni cruciali riguardanti la natura stessa della popular music, il concetto di composizione in quest'ambito, la costruzione identitaria dei suoi artisti.

  7. Improving estimates of the number of `fake' leptons and other mis-reconstructed objects in hadron collider events: BoB's your UNCLE (United States)

    Gillam, Thomas P. S.; Lester, Christopher G.


    We consider current and alternative approaches to setting limits on new physics signals having backgrounds from misidentified objects; for example jets misidentified as leptons, b-jets or photons. Many ATLAS and CMS analyses have used a heuristic "matrix method" for estimating the background contribution from such sources. We demonstrate that the matrix method suffers from statistical shortcomings that can adversely affect its ability to set robust limits. A rigorous alternative method is discussed, and is seen to produce fake rate estimates and limits with better qualities, but is found to be too costly to use. Having investigated the nature of the approximations used to derive the matrix method, we propose a third strategy that is seen to marry the speed of the matrix method to the performance and physicality of the more rigorous approach.

  8. B fields in OB stars (BOB): Detection of a magnetic field in the He-strong star CPD -57° 3509 (United States)

    Przybilla, N.; Fossati, L.; Hubrig, S.; Nieva, M.-F.; Järvinen, S. P.; Castro, N.; Schöller, M.; Ilyin, I.; Butler, K.; Schneider, F. R. N.; Oskinova, L. M.; Morel, T.; Langer, N.; de Koter, A.; BOB Collaboration


    Aims: We report the detection of a magnetic field in the helium-strong star CPD -57° 3509 (B2 IV), a member of the Galactic open cluster NGC 3293, and characterise the star's atmospheric and fundamental parameters. Methods: Spectropolarimetric observations with FORS2 and HARPSpol are analysed using two independent approaches to quantify the magnetic field strength. A high-S/N FLAMES/GIRAFFE spectrum is analysed using a hybrid non-LTE model atmosphere technique. Comparison with stellar evolution models constrains the fundamental parameters of the star. Results: We obtain a firm detection of a surface averaged longitudinal magnetic field with a maximum amplitude of about 1 kG. Assuming a dipolar configuration of the magnetic field, this implies a dipolar field strength larger than 3.3 kG. Moreover, the large amplitude and fast variation (within about 1 day) of the longitudinal magnetic field implies that CPD -57° 3509 is spinning very fast despite its apparently slow projected rotational velocity. The star should be able to support a centrifugal magnetosphere, yet the spectrum shows no sign of magnetically confined material; in particular, emission in Hα is not observed. Apparently, the wind is either not strong enough for enough material to accumulate in the magnetosphere to become observable or, alternatively, some leakage process leads to loss of material from the magnetosphere. The quantitative spectroscopic analysis of the star yields an effective temperature and a logarithmic surface gravity of 23 750 ± 250 K and 4.05 ± 0.10, respectively, and a surface helium fraction of 0.28 ± 0.02 by number. The surface abundances of C, N, O, Ne, S, and Ar are compatible with the cosmic abundance standard, whereas Mg, Al, Si, and Fe are depleted by about a factor of 2. This abundance pattern can be understood as the consequence of a fractionated stellar wind. CPD -57° 3509 is one of the most evolved He-strong stars known with an independent age constraint due to its cluster membership. Based on observations made with ESO Telescopes at the La Silla Paranal Observatory under programme ID 191.D-0255(C, E, F, G) and 171.D-0237(A).

  9. Water Quality Management Studies, Alabama River, R. E. ’Bob’ Woodruff, William ’Bill’ Dannelly and Claiborne Lakes - August-December 1977. (United States)


    249, 264, 277. BOKAGINACEAE (E) Heliotropium sp.: 48. VERBENAU1AE (E) Lippia lanceolata Michaux: 6, 10, 152. LAMIACEAE (E) Lycopus sp.: 54, 55, 57...257. CAMPANULACEAE (E) Sphenoclea zeylanica Caertn.: 9, 69, 92, 93. ASTERACEAE (E) Bidens sp.: 57, 58. (E) Eclipta alba (L.) Hassk.: 132, 142-146, 149

  10. BOB CAT: A Large-Scale Review and Delphi Consensus for Management of Barrett’s Esophagus With No Dysplasia, Indefinite for, or Low-Grade Dysplasia (United States)

    Bennett, Cathy; Moayyedi, Paul; Corley, Douglas A.; DeCaestecker, John; Falck-Ytter, Yngve; Falk, Gary; Vakil, Nimish; Sanders, Scott; Vieth, Michael; Inadomi, John; Aldulaimi, David; Ho, Khek-Yu; Odze, Robert; Meltzer, Stephen J.; Quigley, Eamonn; Gittens, Stuart; Watson, Peter; Zaninotto, Giovanni; Iyer, Prasad G.; Alexandre, Leo; Ang, Yeng; Callaghan, James; Harrison, Rebecca; Singh, Rajvinder; Bhandari, Pradeep; Bisschops, Raf; Geramizadeh, Bita; Kaye, Philip; Krishnadath, Sheila; Fennerty, M. Brian; Manner, Hendrik; Nason, Katie S.; Pech, Oliver; Konda, Vani; Ragunath, Krish; Rahman, Imdadur; Romero, Yvonne; Sampliner, Richard; Siersema, Peter D.; Tack, Jan; Tham, Tony C.K.; Trudgill, Nigel; Weinberg, David S.; Wang, Jean; Wang, Kenneth; Wong, Jennie Y.Y.; Attwood, Stephen; Malfertheiner, Peter; MacDonald, David; Barr, Hugh; Ferguson, Mark K.; Jankowski, Janusz


    OBJECTIVES Barrett’s esophagus (BE) is a common premalignant lesion for which surveillance is recommended. This strategy is limited by considerable variations in clinical practice. We conducted an international, multidisciplinary, systematic search and evidence-based review of BE and provided consensus recommendations for clinical use in patients with nondysplastic, indefinite, and low-grade dysplasia (LGD). METHODS We defined the scope, proposed statements, and searched electronic databases, yielding 20,558 publications that were screened, selected online, and formed the evidence base. We used a Delphi consensus process, with an 80% agreement threshold, using GRADE (Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation) to categorize the quality of evidence and strength of recommendations. RESULTS In total, 80% of respondents agreed with 55 of 127 statements in the final voting rounds. Population endoscopic screening is not recommended and screening should target only very high-risk cases of males aged over 60 years with chronic uncontrolled reflux. A new international definition of BE was agreed upon. For any degree of dysplasia, at least two specialist gastrointestinal (GI) pathologists are required. Risk factors for cancer include male gender, length of BE, and central obesity. Endoscopic resection should be used for visible, nodular areas. Surveillance is not recommended for <5 years of life expectancy. Management strategies for indefinite dysplasia (IND) and LGD were identified, including a de-escalation strategy for lower-risk patients and escalation to intervention with follow-up for higher-risk patients. CONCLUSIONS In this uniquely large consensus process in gastroenterology, we made key clinical recommendations for the escalation/de-escalation of BE in clinical practice. We made strong recommendations for the prioritization of future research. PMID:25869390

  11. BOB CAT: a Large-Scale Review and Delphi Consensus for Management of Barrett's Esophagus With No Dysplasia, Indefinite for, or Low-Grade Dysplasia

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bennett, Cathy; Moayyedi, Paul; Corley, Douglas A.; Decaestecker, John; Falck-Ytter, Yngve; Falk, Gary; Vakil, Nimish; Sanders, Scott; Vieth, Michael; Inadomi, John; Aldulaimi, David; Ho, Khek-Yu; Odze, Robert; Meltzer, Stephen J.; Quigley, Eamonn; Gittens, Stuart; Watson, Peter; Zaninotto, Giovanni; Iyer, Prasad G.; Alexandre, Leo; Ang, Yeng; Callaghan, James; Harrison, Rebecca; Singh, Rajvinder; Bhandari, Pradeep; Bisschops, Raf; Geramizadeh, Bita; Kaye, Philip; Krishnadath, Sheila; Fennerty, M. Brian; Manner, Hendrik; Nason, Katie S.; Pech, Oliver; Konda, Vani; Ragunath, Krish; Rahman, Imdadur; Romero, Yvonne; Sampliner, Richard; Siersema, Peter D.; Tack, Jan; Tham, Tony C. K.; Trudgill, Nigel; Weinberg, David S.; Wang, Jean; Wang, Kenneth; Wong, Jennie Y. Y.; Attwood, Stephen; Malfertheiner, Peter; MacDonald, David; Barr, Hugh; Ferguson, Mark K.; Jankowski, Janusz


    Barrett's esophagus (BE) is a common premalignant lesion for which surveillance is recommended. This strategy is limited by considerable variations in clinical practice. We conducted an international, multidisciplinary, systematic search and evidence-based review of BE and provided consensus

  12. Clonal variation of DNA repair in a human glioma cell line This study was supported by the Cancer Research Campaign and the Bob Champion Cancer Trust

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Powell, Simon; McMillan, T.J.


    Clonal heterogeneity in response to ionizing radiation was found for a human glioma cell line, IN859. The authors have investigated the most sensitive clone, the most resistant clone and the parent line for differences in DNA repair fidelity using the method of plasmid reconstitution. Significant differences in repair fidelity were found between the two clones, and between the sensitive clone and the parent line. The resistant clone and the parent lines showed the greater repair fidelity. A comparison of two different restriction enzymes, which cleave the plasmid with blunt or cohesive-ended double-strand breaks, did not reveal differences in repair fidelity. Equal numbers of plasmids were integrated in each cell line, but the sensitive clone showed a higher frequency of misrepair of cleaved plasmid. Misrepair was characterized by partial or complete loss of sequence at the site of plasmid cleavage. It is concluded that the radiosensitive clone exhibits increased misrepair. (author). 15 refs.; 5 figs.; 2 tabs

  13. Epohhi looja jõuab Eestisse / Mari Hiiemäe

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hiiemäe, Mari


    Ameerika lauljast ja heliloojast Bob Dylanist (kontsert 4. juunil Tallinnas Saku Suurhallis). Kinos Sõprus esilinastuvast Bob Dylani elust ja muusikast inspireeritud mängufilmist "Kus on Bob Dylan?"

  14. PCB-Based Break-Out Box (United States)

    Lee, Jason H.


    Break-out boxes (BOBs) are necessary for all electrical integration/cable checkouts and troubleshooting. Because the price of a BOB is high, and no work can be done without one, often the procedure stops, simply waiting for a BOB. A less expensive BOB would take less time in the integration, testing, and troubleshooting process. The PCB-based BOB works and looks the same as a standard JPL BOB, called Gold Boxes. The only differences between the old BOB and the new PCB-based BOB is that the new one has 80 percent of its circuitry in a printed circuit board. This process reduces the time for fabrication, thus making the BOBs less expensive. Moreover, because of its unique design, the new BOBs can be easily assembled and fixed. About 80 percent of the new PCB-based BOB is in a $22 (at the time of this reporting) custom-designed, yet commercially available PCB. This device has been used successfully to verify that BOB cables were properly made. Also, upon completion, the BOB was beeped out via a multimeter to ensure that all sockets on the connectors were properly connected to the respective banana jack. When compared to the Gold Box BOBs, the new BOB has many advantages. It is much more cost efficient, it delivers equal usability at substantially lower cost of the BOB, and the Gold Box is much heavier when compared to the new BOB. The new BOB is also a bit longer and much more versatile in that connectors are easily changeable and if a banana jack is broken, it can be replaced instead of throwing away an entire BOB.

  15. Nursing interventions for preventing alcohol-related harm. (United States)

    Littlejohn, Christopher; Holloway, Aisha

    Harrington-Dobinson and Blows recently provided a three-part series of articles on alcohol, its consequences for health and wellbeing, and the role of the nurse. Their third article outlined the health education and health promotion role of the nurse. They outlined basic principles for nursing practice in relation to the patient with alcohol dependence in the acute general hospital. The authors of this article believe that much more can, and must, be said in relation to the vital issue of nurses' clinical interventions for alcohol. This article builds on the third article from Harrington-Dobinson and Blows by outlining, in more concrete terms, how nurses in all settings can effectively intervene with patients. It introduces the current evidence-based guidelines in this area and use the 'consensus model' contained within them to describe the process of effective alcohol intervention. Using dialogue examples to illustrate the research, the authors introduce the literature on brief interventions and motivational interviewing to the nursing audience.

  16. Om beatlitteraturens repræsentationer af jazz: Bidrag til en rekonstruktion

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holt, Fabian


    Jazz, rock, litteratur, populærkultur, raceidentitet, kulturteori, beargenerationen, Jack Kerouac, Charlie Parker, Bob Dylan......Jazz, rock, litteratur, populærkultur, raceidentitet, kulturteori, beargenerationen, Jack Kerouac, Charlie Parker, Bob Dylan...

  17. Improvement in Space Food Packaging Methods (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The Space Food Systems Laboratory's (SFSL) current Bulk Overwrap Bag (BOB) package, while simple and effective, leaves room for improvement. Currently, BOBs are...

  18. Strategic Changes for the Fire Service in the Post - 9/11 Era (United States)


    environment. According to CERT Coordinator Bob Jacobsen, of Whatcom County, Washington, “If I 100...105 Bob Jacobsen (CERT Coordinator, Whatcom County, Washington), telephone interview by author, May 17, 2007. 106 Federal

  19. On the Communication Complexity of Secure Function Evaluation with Long Output

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hubacek, Pavel; Wichs, Daniel


    We study the communication complexity of secure function evaluation (SFE). Consider a setting where Alice has a short input χA, Bob has an input χB and we want Bob to learn some function y = f(χA, χB) with large output size. For example, Alice has a small secret decryption key, Bob has a large en...

  20. Verifiable Measurement-Only Blind Quantum Computing with Stabilizer Testing. (United States)

    Hayashi, Masahito; Morimae, Tomoyuki


    We introduce a simple protocol for verifiable measurement-only blind quantum computing. Alice, a client, can perform only single-qubit measurements, whereas Bob, a server, can generate and store entangled many-qubit states. Bob generates copies of a graph state, which is a universal resource state for measurement-based quantum computing, and sends Alice each qubit of them one by one. Alice adaptively measures each qubit according to her program. If Bob is honest, he generates the correct graph state, and, therefore, Alice can obtain the correct computation result. Regarding the security, whatever Bob does, Bob cannot get any information about Alice's computation because of the no-signaling principle. Furthermore, malicious Bob does not necessarily send the copies of the correct graph state, but Alice can check the correctness of Bob's state by directly verifying the stabilizers of some copies.

  1. Air-sea interaction and formation of the Asian summer monsoon onset vortex over the Bay of Bengal

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wu, Guoxiong; Liu, Yimin; Mao, Jiangyu [Chinese Academy of Sciences, State Key Laboratory of Numerical Modeling for Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (LASG), Institute of Atmospheric Physics, P.O. Box 9804, Beijing (China); Guan, Yue [Chinese Academy of Sciences, State Key Laboratory of Numerical Modeling for Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (LASG), Institute of Atmospheric Physics, P.O. Box 9804, Beijing (China); Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing (China); Yan, Jinghui [China Meteorological Administration, National Climate Center, Beijing (China)


    In spring over the southern Bay of Bengal (BOB), a vortex commonly develops, followed by the Asian summer monsoon onset. An analysis of relevant data and a case study reveals that the BOB monsoon onset vortex is formed as a consequence of air-sea interaction over BOB, which is modulated by Tibetan Plateau forcing and the land-sea thermal contrast over the South Asian area during the spring season. Tibetan Plateau forcing in spring generates a prevailing cold northwesterly over India in the lower troposphere. Strong surface sensible heating is then released, forming a prominent surface cyclone with a strong southwesterly along the coastal ocean in northwestern BOB. This southwesterly induces a local offshore current and upwelling, resulting in cold sea surface temperatures (SSTs). The southwesterly, together with the near-equatorial westerly, also results in a surface anticyclone with descending air over most of BOB and a cyclone with ascending air over the southern part of BOB. In the eastern part of central BOB, where sky is clear, surface wind is weak, and ocean mixed layer is shallow, intense solar radiation and low energy loss due to weak surface latent and sensible heat fluxes act onto a thin ocean layer, resulting in the development of a unique BOB warm pool in spring. Near the surface, water vapor is transferred from northern BOB and other regions to southeastern BOB, where surface sensible heating is relatively high. The atmospheric available potential energy is generated and converted to kinetic energy, thereby resulting in vortex formation. The vortex then intensifies and moves northward, where SST is higher and surface sensible heating is stronger. Meanwhile, the zonal-mean kinetic energy is converted to eddy kinetic energy in the area east of the vortex, and the vortex turns eastward. Eventually, southwesterly sweeps over eastern BOB and merges with the subtropical westerly, leading to the onset of the Asian summer monsoon. (orig.)

  2. The "Rae Review:" A Critique (United States)

    Barrett, Ralph V.; Doughty, Howard A.


    The subject of this article is the report, "Ontario: A Leader in Learning" (Rae, 2005), presented to the government of Ontario by its principal author and key public face of the document, Bob Rae. The presentation is divided into four main parts: (1) the authors attempt to summarize the political philosophy of Bob Rae, the former Member…

  3. Teaching a Child with Autism and Severe Language Delays to Reject: Direct and Indirect Effects of Functional Communication Training (United States)

    Martin, Christian A.; Drasgow, Erik; Halle, James W.; Brucker, Jennifer M.


    We used functional communication training to teach Bob, a 10-year-old student with autism and severe language delays, to reject items by touching an icon. Our initial assessment revealed that Bob's behaviours serving a rejecting function consisted of pushing away, yelling, bear hugging-grabbing, and leaving. We used prompting, differential…

  4. A mechanical model of wing and theoretical estimate of taper factor ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    β angle between humerus and body βmin minimum angle between humerus and body βe empirical span ratio (bobs/ bmax) βmin,sr minimum span ratio b wing span. bB body width bmax maximum wing span bobs observed wingspan c wing chord. Cl,max maximum lift coefficient e taper factor g acceleration due to gravity.

  5. United States Air Force Summer Faculty Research Program. 1988 Program Technical Report. Volume 1 (United States)


    Roy Stables and Dr. E. Friday of TEAS, and Messers Bob Erhart, Dennis Goldstein, Dick Mabry, Bob Erdman, Harris Barker, and Dr. Duane Finello of the... Marley , Baltimore Air Coil) Roof Ventilation (Green Heck, in-house) Compressed air (Ingersol Rand, in-house) V-belt Drives (in house) Motors, 50 hp and

  6. Efficient Communication Protocols for Deciding Edit Distance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jowhari, Hossein


    In this paper we present two communication protocols on computing edit distance. In our first result, we give a one-way protocol for the following Document Exchange problem. Namely given x ∈ Σn to Alice and y ∈ Σn to Bob and integer k to both, Alice sends a message to Bob so that he learns x...

  7. A reversible processor architecture and its reversible logic design

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thomsen, Michael Kirkedal; Axelsen, Holger Bock; Glück, Robert


    We describe the design of a purely reversible computing architecture, Bob, and its instruction set, BobISA. The special features of the design include a simple, yet expressive, locally-invertible instruction set, and fully reversible control logic and address calculation. We have designed an arch...

  8. The scientific careers of Robert Sinclair and Nestor Zaluzec - A brief sketch

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Fraser, Hamish L.; Smith, David J.; Wittig, James E.


    Robert (Bob) Sinclair and Nestor Zaluzec have been working for many years at the leading edge of developments in electron microscopy techniques and applications. Their distinguished careers and some of their notable scientific achievements are briefly highlighted. - Highlights: • Biographical sketch of Bob Sinclair • Biographical Sketch of Nestor Zaluzec • Scientific career highlights

  9. Comparison of AMSR-2 wind speed and sea surface temperature ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    The SST–wind relation is analyzed using data both from the buoy and satellite. As a result, the low- SST is associated with low-wind condition (positive slope) in the northern part of the Bay of Bengal (BoB), while low SST values are associated with high wind conditions (negative slope) over the southern BoB. Moreover, the ...

  10. The scientific careers of Robert Sinclair and Nestor Zaluzec - A brief sketch

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fraser, Hamish L. [The Ohio State University (United States); Smith, David J., E-mail: [Arizona State University (United States); Wittig, James E. [Vanderbilt University (United States)


    Robert (Bob) Sinclair and Nestor Zaluzec have been working for many years at the leading edge of developments in electron microscopy techniques and applications. Their distinguished careers and some of their notable scientific achievements are briefly highlighted. - Highlights: • Biographical sketch of Bob Sinclair • Biographical Sketch of Nestor Zaluzec • Scientific career highlights.

  11. Workshop on Roaming and Cold Molecule Dynamics (United States)


    Bob Field 11...Timothy Barnum MIT Melissa Baudhuin University of Minnesota Louis Baum Harvard University Michael Berman AFOSR Joel Bowman Emory University Sean Bresler...Gary Douberly University of Georgia Tomoyuki Endo INRS, Montreal Francesco Evangelista Emory University Bob Field MIT Casey Foley U. of Missouri

  12. Rainfall variations over the Bay of Bengal and southern Tibetan Plateau and their connections with different tropical forcing during the early and middle summer (United States)

    Wang, Z.; Yang, S.


    Strong rainfall always occurs in the South Asia region during the summer monsoon time (May-September), especially over the Bay of Bengal (BOB) and southern Tibetan Plateau (STP). The latent heating associated with such rainfall drives large-scale circulation and further influences weather and climate anomalies over the world. Few studies have focused on the intraseasonal difference of the rainfall interannual variations. Generally, two precipitation centers appear over the BOB and STP respectively, which are corresponding to the southern and northern upward branches of the South Asian summer monsoon. Our results indicate that the interannual variability of precipitation over the BOB is consistent with that over the STP during the early summer (May-June), but it is contrary during the midsummer (July-August). In early summer, precipitation over the BOB and STP is mainly regulated by the sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies in tropical eastern Pacific (corresponding to the ENSO). Warm SST anomalies in the eastern Pacific weaken upward motion and further precipitation over the BOB and STP through the modulation of zonal walker circulation. However, the tropical forcing exists over the western Maritime Continent (WMC) during midsummer, which induces the contrary variations of rainfall over the BOB and STP. Warm WMC SST anomalies lead to an anticyclone over the BOB, which is unfavourable to the BOB rainfall. While the southwesterlies at the northwest of that anticyclone favor moisture transport to the Tibetan Plateau and thus an enhancement in rainfall over the STP.

  13. Influence of circulation parameters on the AOD variations over the ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    over BoB showed with aerosol flux convergence and flux vorticity at upper atmospheric levels. (600–500 hPa). AOD in central and southern BoB away from continental influences displayed an exponential dependence on the QuikSCAT measured ocean surface wind speed. This study shows that particles transported from ...

  14. Quantum mutual information and the one-time pad

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Schumacher, Benjamin; Westmoreland, Michael D.


    Alice and Bob share a correlated composite quantum system AB. If AB is used as the key for a one-time pad cryptographic system, we show that the maximum amount of information that Alice can send securely to Bob is the quantum mutual information of AB

  15. Submarine groundwater discharge derived strontium from the Bengal Basin traced in Bay of Bengal water samples. (United States)

    Chakrabarti, Ramananda; Mondal, Surajit; Acharya, Shiba Shankar; Lekha, J Sree; Sengupta, Debasis


    Evaluating the submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) derived strontium (Sr) flux from the Bengal Basin to the Bay of Bengal (BoB) and determining its isotopic composition is crucial for understanding the marine Sr isotopic evolution over time. Measurements of spatially and temporally distributed water samples collected from the BoB show radiogenic 87 Sr/ 86 Sr, high Sr, calcium (Ca) concentrations and high salinity in samples collected dominantly from 100-120 m depth, which can be explained only by the contribution of saline groundwater from the Bengal Basin. These results provide a direct evidence of the SGD-Sr flux to the BoB. This SGD-Sr flux is however, spatially heterogeneous and using conservative hydrological estimates of the SGD flux to the BoB, we suggest a SGD Sr flux of 13.5-40.5 × 10 5 mol/yr to the BoB. Mass balance calculations using Sr concentrations and 87 Sr/ 86 Sr suggest up to 7% contribution of SGD to the 100-120 m BoB water samples. The identification of SGD at 100-120 m depth also provides an explanation for the anomalous variations in barium (Ba) concentrations and the δ 18 O-salinity relationship in intermediate depths of the BoB.

  16. Sr–Nd isotope composition of the Bay of Bengal sediments: Impact of climate on erosion in the Himalaya

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Tripathy, G.R.; Singh, S.K.; Bhushan, R.; Ramaswamy, V.

    and the sediment delivery to the BoB. Therefore, the variations in the sources of sediments deposited in the BoB hold clues to changes in the monsoon intensity. In earlier studies, temporal variations in the provenance of sediments of the BoB have been tracked... and the Himalaya (Indus basin) and that their provenances and transport pathways remained the same during the late Pleistocene and Holocene. These limited information on the monsoon-erosion relation in the Himalaya and the Peninsular India regions, warrant a...

  17. Surface freshwater from Bay of Bengal runoff and Indonesian throughflow in the tropical Indian Ocean

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Sengupta, D.; Raj, B.; Shenoi, S.S.C.

    haloclines in the BoB. If a shallow halocline resists diapycnal mixing, BoB surface water should continue to stay relatively fresh as it travels to remote regions of the tropical IO. Thus it is likely that most present day models underestimate the true reach...]), to examine BoB freshwater balance. 2. Bay of Bengal Freshwater In addition to several major rivers, numerous smaller streams discharge into the Bay of Bengal. The total an- nual continental runoff into the Bay is 2950 km3, obtained by integrating the Dai...

  18. Upconversion-based receivers for quantum hacking-resistant quantum key distribution (United States)

    Jain, Nitin; Kanter, Gregory S.


    We propose a novel upconversion (sum frequency generation)-based quantum-optical system design that can be employed as a receiver (Bob) in practical quantum key distribution systems. The pump governing the upconversion process is produced and utilized inside the physical receiver, making its access or control unrealistic for an external adversary (Eve). This pump facilitates several properties which permit Bob to define and control the modes that can participate in the quantum measurement. Furthermore, by manipulating and monitoring the characteristics of the pump pulses, Bob can detect a wide range of quantum hacking attacks launched by Eve.

  19. Symmetric autocompensating quantum key distribution (United States)

    Walton, Zachary D.; Sergienko, Alexander V.; Levitin, Lev B.; Saleh, Bahaa E. A.; Teich, Malvin C.


    We present quantum key distribution schemes which are autocompensating (require no alignment) and symmetric (Alice and Bob receive photons from a central source) for both polarization and time-bin qubits. The primary benefit of the symmetric configuration is that both Alice and Bob may have passive setups (neither Alice nor Bob is required to make active changes for each run of the protocol). We show that both the polarization and the time-bin schemes may be implemented with existing technology. The new schemes are related to previously described schemes by the concept of advanced waves.

  20. Obituary: Robert H. Koch (1929-2010) (United States)

    Koch, Joanne; Corcoran, Michael; Holenstein, Bruce; Sion, Edward


    Robert H. Koch, emeritus professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Pennsylvania, passed away at his home in Ardmore, Pennsylvania on 11 October 2010 after a brief illness. Bob was 80 years old and remained sharp and intellectually engaged with the astronomical community up until the onset of complications from a brain tumor. Bob was born in York, Pennsylvania on 19 December 1929, and graduated from York Catholic High School in 1947. He attended the University of Pennsylvania on a senatorial scholarship, graduating in 1951. After two years in the United States Army, he enrolled in graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, doing his doctoral research on the photoelectric photometry of R CMa, AO Cas, AS Eri, and XY Leo at the Steward Observatory, University of Arizona in Tucson. Bob would continue this exploration of close binary stars, their atmospheres and interactions, for the rest of his career. Bob met his future spouse, Joanne C. Underwood, while in graduate school in 1957 and they were married in 1959. Bob received his PhD in astronomy in 1959 and moved to Amherst, Massachusetts, where he taught as a member of the Four College Astronomy Department until 1966. Following a year at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, Bob joined the Astronomy Department at Penn, teaching and doing research there until his retirement in 1996. Bob's main interests were the study of close and eclipsing binary stars, stellar envelopes and winds, intrinsic variables, transits and occultations, and the Milky Way Galaxy, producing well over 100 refereed publications. Bob was partial to photoelectric photometry and polarimetry, conducting most of his observational research at the University of Pennsylvania Flower and Cook Observatory, and at other ground- and space-based observatories. As an international figure in the area of binary stars, Bob had widespread collaborations with scientists at other institutions, in the US and throughout the world, and

  1. in a non-perennial river

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    EWRs) in a non-perennial river (Mokolo River) in South Africa. Maitland Seaman, Marie Watson, Marinda Avenant, Alison Joubert, Jackie King, Charles Barker, Surina Esterhuyse, Douglas Graham, Marthie Kemp, Pieter le Roux, Bob Prucha, Nola ...

  2. Bogi i monstrõ, ili biografija Supermena / Olga Marsheva

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Marsheva, Olga


    Ameerika tuntuimad koomiksikunstnikud Larry Hama, Stan Lee, Jerry Seagel, Bob Kain, Frank Miller ja nende loodud tegelaskujud. Ka briti kirjanik Alan Moore, kellele ei meeldi oma kangelastest tehtud ekraniseeringuid vaadata

  3. Quantum Secure Direct Communication by Using Three-Dimensional Hyperentanglement

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Shi Jin; Gong Yanxiao; Xu Ping; Zhu Shining; Zhan Youbang


    We propose two schemes for realizing quantum secure direct communication (QSDC) by using a set of ordered two-photon three-dimensional hyperentangled states entangled in two degrees of freedom (DOFs) as quantum information channels. In the first scheme, the photons from Bob to Alice are transmitted only once. After insuring the security of the quantum channels, Bob encodes the secret message on his photons. Then Alice performs single-photon two-DOF Bell bases measurements on her photons. This scheme has better security than former QSDC protocols. In the second scheme, Bob transmits photons to Alice twice. After insuring the security of the quantum channels, Bob encodes the secret message on his photons. Then Alice performs two-photon Bell bases measurements on each DOF. The scheme has more information capacity than former QSDC protocols. (general)

  4. Plaadid / Priit Juurmann

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Juurmann, Priit


    Uutest heliplaatidest Alexkid "Caracol", Bob Dylan "Modern Times", Justin Timberlake "Future Sex", Ilves, Pulk ja Rahman "Murõt ei olõ", Audioslave "Revelations", Bill Frisell "Bill Frisell, Ron Carter, Paul Motian", Julie & Khari "Moon Bossa"

  5. Pop / Marek Kallin

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kallin, Marek


    Heliplaatidest: Cardigans "Super Extra Gravity", Earth, Wind & Fire "Illumination", Stevie Wonder "A Time To Love", Shout Out Louds "Howl Howl Gaff Gaff", Goldie Lookin Chain "Safe As Fuck", Ms. Dynamite "Judgement Days", Echosilence "Distorted Horizon", Bob Dylan "No Direction Home"

  6. 75 FR 28684 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Diabetes Mellitus (United States)


    .... McBride, John A. Mohr, William O. Ruiz, Harold D. Russman, Hector Sanchez, Robert L. Staats, Christopher Stargill, Kevin L. Upmann, Bob E. Vacek and Mathew G. Williams, from the ITDM standard in 49 CFR 391.41(b...

  7. Plaadid / Mari Peegel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Peegel, Mari, 1978-


    Uutest heliplaatidest Neil Tennant/Chris Lowe "Battleship Potemkin", Institute "Distort Yourself", Bob Dylan "No Direction Home", Jem "Finally Woken", Machine Men "Elegies", Jamie Cullum "Catching Tales", Bloodhound Gang "Hefty Fine"

  8. Application of Blind Quantum Computation to Two-Party Quantum Computation (United States)

    Sun, Zhiyuan; Li, Qin; Yu, Fang; Chan, Wai Hong


    Blind quantum computation (BQC) allows a client who has only limited quantum power to achieve quantum computation with the help of a remote quantum server and still keep the client's input, output, and algorithm private. Recently, Kashefi and Wallden extended BQC to achieve two-party quantum computation which allows two parties Alice and Bob to perform a joint unitary transform upon their inputs. However, in their protocol Alice has to prepare rotated single qubits and perform Pauli operations, and Bob needs to have a powerful quantum computer. In this work, we also utilize the idea of BQC to put forward an improved two-party quantum computation protocol in which the operations of both Alice and Bob are simplified since Alice only needs to apply Pauli operations and Bob is just required to prepare and encrypt his input qubits.

  9. Multiple 60-Minute Massages per Week Offer Relief for Chronic Neck Pain (United States)

    ... Minute Massages per Week Offer Relief for Chronic Neck Pain Share: © Bob Stockfield Courtesy: National Center for Complementary ... fewer or shorter sessions for people with chronic neck pain, suggesting that several hour-long massages per week ...

  10. Plaadid / Mari Rebane, Heidi Purga, Tiiu Laks...[jt.

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Uutest heliplaatidest Sigur Ros "Heim/Hvart", Jay-Z "American Gangster", Bob Marley and The Wailers "Roots, Rock, Remixed", Ghostface killah "The Big doe Rehab", Backstreet Boys "Unbreakable", Matchbox Twenty "Exile on Mainstream", "Just" Hits 6"

  11. 10. VI avati Tartus Sadamateatris...

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Näitus "The 2D Cowboys and a Man from No Man's Land". New Mexico kunstnikud Larry Bob Phillips, Mathew Williams (Mad Dog), Doug Morris (grupeering 2D Cowboys) ja Eesti juurtega Pat Kikut eksponeerivad maali, joonistusi ja kollaazhe

  12. Hepple B, Le Roux R and Sciarra S (eds Laws against Strikes – The South African Experience in an International and Comparative Perspective (Juta Kenwyn 2016

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Laubscher


    Full Text Available This contribution reviews the book entitled Laws against Strikes – The South African Experience in an International and Comparative Perspective edited by Bob Hepple, Rochelle le Roux and Silvana Sciarra.

  13. Pop / Tõnu Kaalep

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kaalep, Tõnu, 1966-


    Uutest heliplaatidest Charlotte Gainsbourg "5.55", Bob Dylan "Modern Times", Orson "Bright Idea", Adem "Love and Other Planets", Basement Jaxx "Crazy Itch Radio", Audioslave "Revelations", Cassius "15 Again", Nitrous "Dominant Force", the Answer "Rise2

  14. 57 Sustainable Ecotourism Management in Kenya *Roselyne N ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Urmilla Bob. Abstract. The study of ecotourism impacts and their management offers many opportunities to reflect on the importance of sustainability and the possibilities of implementing approaches which move us in a new direction. Sustainability ...

  15. Uudiseid maailmast / Ivo Heinloo

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Heinloo, Ivo


    Lühisõnumeid muusikamaailmast: Pat Metheny Group tuleb taas kokku. Musta muusika auhinnad Suurbritannias. Bob Marley muusika kui õppevahend inglise keele omandamiseks. Ted Curson 1935-2012. In memoriam David S. Ware. In memoriam Terry Callier

  16. Plaadid / Valner Valme

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Valme, Valner, 1970-


    Uutest heliplaatidest Handsome Boy Modelling School "White People", Moron, Julies "Premium Par", Harrison, Joel "So Long 2nd Street", General Electrics "Cliquety Kliqk", Razorlight "Up All Night", Bob Marley & Wailers "127 King Street"

  17. Progerock-passioon / Mari Laaniste

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laaniste, Mari, 1977-


    Briti ansambli Pink Floydi heliplaadi "The Wall" (1979) filmiversioonist. Muusikafilm "Müür" ("Pink Floyd The Wall") : stsenarist Roger Waters : režissöör Alan Parker Pinki rollis Bob Geldof : Suurbritannia 1982

  18. Tappev kuulsus viib Chicago lavale / Andres Laasik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laasik, Andres, 1960-2016


    Muusikafilm "Chicago", mille aluseks John Kanderi - Fred Ebb'i muusikal : režissöör Rob Marshall : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2002. 1975.a. selle muusikali Broadwayl lavale toonud Bob Fosse mõjust filmi stiilile

  19. An assessment of bonding characteristics of a newly introduced bonding agent: "beauty ortho bond"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Padmashree Veeramachineni


    Conclusion: Although Transbond XT had higher bond strength, the BOB and FOLC showed clinically acceptable bond strengths. However, clean-up after debonding would be easier with the two latter materials.

  20. Is the biological productivity in the Bay of Bengal light limited?

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    PrasannaKumar, S.; Narvekar, J.; Nuncio, M.; Kumar, A.; Ramaiah, N.; Sardessai, S.; Gauns, M.; Fernandes, V.; Paul, J.

    Recent measurements of chlorophyll, primary productivity (PP) and nutrients along the central Bay of Bengal (BOB) during summer, fall and spring intermonsoons showed that the northern bay becomes less productive compared to the south in summer...

  1. Lack of seasonality in phytoplankton standing stock (chlorophyll a) and production in the western Bay of Bengal

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Madhu, N.V.; Jyothibabu, R.; Maheswaran, P.A.; Gerson, V.J.; Gopalakrishnan, T.C.; Nair, K.K.C.

    The investigations in the western Bay of Bengal (BoB) during summer, winter and spring intermonsoon periods evidenced lack of pronounced seasonal variation in phytoplankton standing stock (chlorophyll a) and primary production. The supply...

  2. Communication Complexity

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Jaikumar Radhakrishnan

    Alice and Bob are randomized agents. They exchange messages in order to compute a function f(x, y). We allow a small probability of error. Goal: minimize the total number of bits transmitted. Jaikumar Radhakrishnan. Communication Complexity ...

  3. Communication channels analogous to one out of two oblivious transfers based on quantum uncertainty. II. Closing EPR-type loopholes

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Shimizu, Kaoru; Imoto, Nobuyuki


    In a recent proposal for a quantum cryptographic scheme analogous to one out of two oblivious transfers [Phys. Rev. A 66, 052316 (2002)], a sender, Bob, can encode two bits of information (X,Y) in a quantum carrier but a receiver, Alice, can decode only either X or Y dependent on her choice. Although Bob can discover her choice whenever he desires, she can detect this with a 50% probability. This paper clarifies the amount of information that Bob can expect to obtain from Alice without being detected by her by means of an Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) type of attack. We can show that Bob inevitably fails to discover her choice with a 50% probability even though he can always completely escape her detection

  4. Linnud teevad järglastel vahet

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Ajakirjas Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology avaldatud Queensi ülikooli teadlase Bob Montgomerie uuringust, mis tõestas, et isa punarinnad toitsid kaks korda innukamalt oma poegi, kes sündisid säravama sinise varjundiga munadest

  5. Zpívej, kovboji. Sny, představy (a skutečnost) o Divokém západu

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Jareš, Michal


    Roč. 60, č. 6 (2013), s. 455-461 ISSN 0037-6973 Institutional support: RVO:68378068 Keywords : western (genre) * Hurikán, Bob * poetism * Tarantino, Quentin Subject RIV: AJ - Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision

  6. Popmuusika / Mart Juur

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Juur, Mart, 1964-


    Uutest heliplaatidest Kent "Du & Jag", "Lindstom & Prins Thomas", Taj Mahal "The Essential", Wilco "Kicking elevision - Live In Chicago", Yo-Yo Ma "The Essential", Bob marley & The Wailers "Africa Unite: The Singles", Nine Horses "Snow Borne Sorrow"

  7. Surface layer temperature inversion in the Bay of Bengal: Main characteristics and related mechanisms

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Pankajakshan, T.; Suresh, I.; Gautham, S.; PrasannaKumar, S.; Lengaigne, M.; Rao, R.R; Neetu, S.; Hegde, A

    Surface layer temperature inversion (SLTI), a warm layer sandwiched between surface and subsurface colder waters, has been reported to frequently occur in conjunction with barrier layers in the Bay of Bengal (BoB), with potentially commensurable...

  8. High-Rate Field Demonstration of Large-Alphabet Quantum Key Distribution (United States)


    Public Release ∗To whom correspondence should be addressed; E-mail: May 22, 2017 A central goal of quantum information science is to...approximately 100 km for these parameters, the best strategy to maximize the secret-key rate is to reduce the transmitted pho- ton rate by increasing...into shared secret keys through a series of classical postprocessing steps. Bob demodulates the PPM signal, and Alice and Bob sift their data to

  9. Quantum direct communication with authentication

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lee, Hwayean; Lim, Jongin; Yang, HyungJin


    We propose two quantum direct communication (QDC) protocols with user authentication. Users can identify each other by checking the correlation of Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) states. Alice can directly send a secret message to Bob without any previously shared secret using the remaining GHZ states after authentication. Our second QDC protocol can be used even though there is no quantum link between Alice and Bob. The security of the transmitted message is guaranteed by properties of entanglement of GHZ states

  10. Developing the ISCO Technology Practices Manual: The SERDP/ESTCP ISCO Initiative (United States)


    Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was created with experts in the field to advise the projects TAC Members Richard Brown/ERM Michael Marley /Xpert Design...Future Directions Robert Siegrist 5:00 PM Adjourn In Situ Chemical Oxidation: 2. Overview of Principles and Practices Bob Siegrist Robert L. Siegrist...ISCO Protocol Flow In Situ Chemical Oxidation: 6. CDISCO – Conceptual Design of Permanganate Injection Systems Bob Borden Robert C. Borden, Ph.D

  11. Air & Space Power Journal Summer 2006 (United States)


    P. Magyar Montgomery, Alabama Col Edward Mann, USAF, Retired Colorado Springs, Colorado Mr. Brent Marley USAF Air War College Dr. Jerome V...USAF School of Advanced Air and Space Studies Col Robert Owen, USAF, Retired Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Col Bob Potter, USAF USAF Public...capability to develop more effectively to counter future space threats. vocate. —Senator Bob Smith, 2002 If the Air Force cannot or will not step

  12. En alkymist fra Amerika

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Nils Gunder


    Sean Wilentz skriver sig uden om storladne myter og smålig nyfigenhed i sin bog om Bob Dylan. Forfatteren har fantastisk godt fat i manden som kunstner og led i den amerikanske musiks kæde......Sean Wilentz skriver sig uden om storladne myter og smålig nyfigenhed i sin bog om Bob Dylan. Forfatteren har fantastisk godt fat i manden som kunstner og led i den amerikanske musiks kæde...

  13. A Summary of Sociological Concepts Related to Social Network and Its Techniques for Quantifying Social Cohesion, Social Position, Social Distance (United States)


    being connected to others with many connections can increase an actors importance in a positively connected ( contagious ) network and simultaneously...If Sally smiles at Bob, her smile is consumed. Bob can smile at another co-worker but it wont be Sallys smile . In this case, we want to understand...transformation has yet to be achieved. This transition can be thought of as a transition from strong to weak ties. Humans form direct communities online, in

  14. The Fine Art of Voting


    Louise Clarke


    A three page interview with Bob and Roberta Smith including images of his artwork Bewildered by former Minister of State for Schools Michael Gove's inexorable undermining of art education, not to mention his successor MP Nicky Morgans's jaw-dropping pronouncement about 'the arts holding kids back', Patrick Brill, better known as artist Bob and Roberta Smith, has decided to stand for parliament as an independent in Gove's Surrey Heath seat, on an 'all schools should be art schools' ticket. ...

  15. Using Response Surface Methodology as an Approach to Understand and Optimize Operational Air Power (United States)


    ancient Egyptian construction foreman. Command and Control (C2) has been around at least as long as plumb bobs, but using the same tools the ancients used...beyond a direct or proportional linkage. Modern techniques help eliminate this condition. A plumb bob is an ancient tool used to create the Egyptian ... pyramids and, if one digs deep into most plumb- ers or carpenters’ toolboxes, one can find that tool today, modified, but recognizable to any

  16. The Shock and Vibration Digest. Volume 12, Number 7, (United States)


    a bachelor Contact: Bob Kiefer , Spectral Dynamics, P.O. Box of science degree in engineering or equivalent. 671, San Diego, CA 92112 - (714) 268-7100...appropriate. Santa Barbara , CA 93105 - (815) 682-7171. Contact: Graduate Studies and Continuing Educa- tion, Union College, Wells House. 1 Union Ave...materials. Contact: Bob Kiefer , Spectral Dynamics, P.O. Box These tests help to introduce the concepts of simi- 67 1, San Diego, CA 92112 - (714) 268- 7100

  17. The Shock and Vibration Digest. Volume 12, Number 10, (United States)


    reasons for safety rules and regulations. Helps provide blasters and supervisors with a practical understand- Contact .Bob Kiefer , Spectral Dynamics...concepts of simi- laiyadof physical dimensions which are prelimi- Contact: Bob Kiefer , Spectral Dynamics, P.O. Box nary to any model analysis. Formal...Place: Anaheim, California mentation, and thermal pulses on ground, air and Dates: February 2-6, 1981 floating structures. Place: Santa Barbara

  18. Vera C Rubin (1928–2016)

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    After work, Bob picked up my mother and drove her to our house, she carrying dinner for my father and herself. At our house, she got out of the car and I got in, having fed the child (later children) and carrying dinner for. Bob; he ate dinner in the car after I had gone into the Observatory. – Rubin V,. An Interesting Voyage, The ...

  19. Bay of Bengal Surface and Thermocline and the Arabian Sea (United States)


    scale features; and to quantify thermohaline stratification and gradients along isopycnal surfaces and associated mixing, especially within the...features. Both of these attributes complicate the view of regional oceanographic circulation . BoB is an ’oceanic estuary’ exporting freshwater...ANSI Std Z39-18 2 BoB circulation and T/S stratification is investigated using the ASIRI CTD and underway CTD data, along with archive in situ

  20. Abnormalities in Human Brain Creatine Metabolism in Gulf War Illness Probed with MRS (United States)


    and Brain Sciences Board Chair Debbie Francis Board Vice Chair Bob Wilbur Founding Chair Shelia Schlosberg Leadership Council Sallie and...Frederic Asche, Jr. Claud ia and Dennis Berman Toni C. Brinker Jean Ann Brock Dianne Cash Cullum Clark Mary Anne Cree Teresa and David Disiere...Boone Pickens Terry and Bob Rowling Annette and Harold Simmons Jane and Bud Smith Jill Smith Claudia and Gerald Stool Dee and Charles Wyly The

  1. National Strategy for Countering Biological Threats: Diplomacy and International Programs (United States)


    Z39-18 (II) COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN AFFAIRS HOWARD L. BERMAN , California, Chairman GARY L. ACKERMAN, New York ENI F.H. FALEOMAVAEGA, American Samoa...Texas TED POE, Texas BOB INGLIS, South Carolina GUS BILIRAKIS, Florida RICHARD J. KESSLER, Staff Director YLEEM POBLETE, Republican Staff...chairman of our commission, former Senator Bob Graham of Florida, who had a long career in public service, as you know. He felt, and persuaded the

  2. The Chennai extreme rainfall event in 2015: The Bay of Bengal connection (United States)

    Boyaj, Alugula; Ashok, Karumuri; Ghosh, Subimal; Devanand, Anjana; Dandu, Govardhan


    Southeast India experienced a heavy rainfall during 30 Nov-2 Dec 2015. Particularly, the Chennai city, the fourth major metropolitan city in India with a population of 5 million, experienced extreme flooding and causalities. Using various observed/reanalysed datasets, we find that the concurrent southern Bay of Bengal (BoB) sea surface temperatures (SST) were anomalously warm. Our analysis shows that BoB sea surface temperature anomalies (SSTA) are indeed positively, and significantly, correlated with the northeastern Indian monsoonal rainfall during this season. Our sensitivity experiments carried out with the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model at 25 km resolution suggest that, while the strong concurrent El Niño conditions contributed to about 21.5% of the intensity of the extreme Chennai rainfall through its signals in the local SST mentioned above, the warming trend in BoB SST also contributed equally to the extremity of the event. Further, the El Niño southern oscillation (ENSO) impacts on the intensity of the synoptic events in the BoB during the northeast monsoon are manifested largely through the local SST in the BoB as compared through its signature in the atmospheric circulations over the BoB.

  3. The Chennai extreme rainfall event in 2015: The Bay of Bengal connection (United States)

    Boyaj, Alugula; Ashok, Karumuri; Ghosh, Subimal; Devanand, Anjana; Dandu, Govardhan


    Southeast India experienced a heavy rainfall during 30 Nov-2 Dec 2015. Particularly, the Chennai city, the fourth major metropolitan city in India with a population of 5 million, experienced extreme flooding and causalities. Using various observed/reanalysed datasets, we find that the concurrent southern Bay of Bengal (BoB) sea surface temperatures (SST) were anomalously warm. Our analysis shows that BoB sea surface temperature anomalies (SSTA) are indeed positively, and significantly, correlated with the northeastern Indian monsoonal rainfall during this season. Our sensitivity experiments carried out with the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model at 25 km resolution suggest that, while the strong concurrent El Niño conditions contributed to about 21.5% of the intensity of the extreme Chennai rainfall through its signals in the local SST mentioned above, the warming trend in BoB SST also contributed equally to the extremity of the event. Further, the El Niño southern oscillation (ENSO) impacts on the intensity of the synoptic events in the BoB during the northeast monsoon are manifested largely through the local SST in the BoB as compared through its signature in the atmospheric circulations over the BoB.

  4. Blind Quantum Computation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Salvail, Louis; Arrighi, Pablo


    We investigate the possibility of "having someone carry out the work of executing a function for you, but without letting him learn anything about your input". Say Alice wants Bob to compute some known function f upon her input x, but wants to prevent Bob from learning anything about x. The situa......We investigate the possibility of "having someone carry out the work of executing a function for you, but without letting him learn anything about your input". Say Alice wants Bob to compute some known function f upon her input x, but wants to prevent Bob from learning anything about x....... The situation arises for instance if client Alice has limited computational resources in comparison with mistrusted server Bob, or if x is an inherently mobile piece of data. Could there be a protocol whereby Bob is forced to compute f(x) "blindly", i.e. without observing x? We provide such a blind computation...... protocol for the class of functions which admit an efficient procedure to generate random input-output pairs, e.g. factorization. The cheat-sensitive security achieved relies only upon quantum theory being true. The security analysis carried out assumes the eavesdropper performs individual attacks....

  5. Bioassay-guided in vitro study of the antileishmanial and cytotoxic properties of Bixa orellana seed extract

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marley García


    Full Text Available Objective: To investigate the leishmanicidal effect of the Bixa orellana crude seed extract and its fractions against Leishmania amazonensis. Methods: Four main fractions (BO-A, BO-B, BO-C and BO-D were obtained by exhaustion with solvent with increased polarity from the Bixa orellana crude seed extract and 28 sub-fractions. The antileishmanial activity was evaluated in intracellular amastigotes and the cytotoxicity was assessed in murine intraperitoneal macrophages. Results: The BO-A and BO-B fractions showed a good antileishmanial activity with IC50 values of (12.9±4.1 and (12.4±0.3 μg/mL, respectively. The sub-fractions BO-B1 (IC50=(11.8±3.8 μg/mL and BO-B3 [IC50=(13.6±4.7 μg/mL] also proved to have a good leishmanicidal effect. In general, the sub-fractions showed a lower toxicity than the crude extract. A selectivity index of 9 indicated a moderate selectivity of the BO-A, BO-B and BO-C fractions and BO-B1 sub-fraction. Conclusions: Potential of this plant against cutaneous leishmaniasis should be further investigated.

  6. Pacific Northwest regional AGU meeting (United States)

    Bentley, R.; Hinthome, J.

    The 28th Annual Pacific Northwest Regional American Geophysical Union Meeting, September 13-20, 1981, was hosted by the Department of Geology at Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington. A total of 31 papers was presented to the 91 registrants in two general sessions. Topics included seismology, general geophysics, volcanology, hydrology, oceanography, and two special symposia: Tectonics of the Columbia Plateau and Neogene —Quaternary Faults of the Pacific Northwest' and ‘Studies of the Eruption of Mount Saint Helens.’ Before and after the formal meetings, several field conferences were conducted to examine the Neogene tectonics of the Coast Range (Bob Bentley, Al Niem, and Ray Wells, leaders); the Columbia River Gorge (Bob Bentley, Marv Beeson, and Terry Tolan, leaders); the western Columbia Plateau northsouth transect (Bob Bentley and Jim Anderson, leaders); Quaternary structures of the Toppenish Ridge anticline (Don Tahkeal, Newell Campbell, and Bob Bentley, leaders); the Umtanum imbricate fault zone and pre-Saddle Mountains unconformity near Priest Rapids Dam (Ed Price and Bob Bentley, leaders); and the Yakima anticlines in the Cle Elum-Wallula deformed zone between Ellensburg and Yakima (Bob Bentley, leader).

  7. Air Pollution over North-West Bay of Bengal in the Early Post-Monsoon Season Based on NASA MERRAero Data (United States)

    Kishcha, Pavel; DaSilva, Arlindo M.; Starobinets, Boris; Alpert, Pinhas


    The MERRA Aerosol Reanalysis (MERRAero) has been recently developed at NASA's Global Modeling Assimilation Office (GMAO). This reanalysis is based on a version of the GEOS-5 model radiatively coupled with GOCART aerosols, and it includes assimilation of bias-corrected Aerosol Optical Thickness (AOT) from the MODIS sensor on both Terra and Aqua satellites. Our main finding is that, in October, in the absence of aerosol sources in north-west Bay of Bengal (BoB), MERRAero showed increasing AOT trends over north-west BoB exceeding those over the east of the Ganges basin. The Ganges basin is characterized by significant population growth accompanied by developing industry, agriculture, and increasing transportation: this has resulted in declining air quality. MERRAero data for the period 2002-2009 was used to study AOT trends over north-west Bay of Bengal (BoB) in the early post-monsoon season. This season is characterized by aerosol transport from the Ganges basin to north-west BoB by prevailing winds; and still significant rainfall of over 150 mmmonth. Different aerosol components showed strong increasing AOT trends over north-west BoB. The following factors contributed to the increasing AOT trend over the area in question in October: an increasing number of days when prevailing winds blew from land to sea, resulting in a drier environment and an increase in air pollution over north-west BoB; wind convergence was observed over north-west BoB causing the accumulation of aerosol particles over that region, when prevailing winds blew from land to sea. MERRAero aerosol reanalysis can be used on a global scale.

  8. Obituary: Robert C. Bless (1927 - 2015) (United States)

    Surrounded by his loving family, Robert Charles Bless died at home on November 29th, three days before his 88th birthday. He was born in Ithaca, NY on Dec. 3, 1927 to a Russian father, Arthur Aaron Bless, and a French mother, Eva Chantrell Bless. Bob spent many summers on the family farm in the South of France, where he gained a great pride and joy in his French heritage, large extended family, and mother tongue. As a child growing up in Gainesville, FL, Bob's first job was snake wrangling, earning 10 cents per foot, with an added bonus for the more venomous species. Young Robbie took daily adventures in the Florida woods and swamps, armed only with pockets full of pecans and oranges. He enjoyed spending time at the family's lake cabin, where he learned to sail and helped his father plant acres of trees to grow their timber plantation. As a first generation immigrant, Bob's father received a PhD in physics, which inspired Bob to pursue an extensive educational route in astrophysics. Bob excelled in academics, graduating high school at the age of 16 and the University of Florida (B.Sc.) at 19. His path to graduate school was interrupted by a diagnosis of tuberculosis that forced him into a Florida sanitorium for one year. During this time, Bob made the most of what he described as the most dismal part of life by advocating for patient rights, initiating an inter-sanitorium newsletter, and gaining skills and experience in community organization and leadership - qualities that would later inform his leadership in academe. After being one of the first successfully treated tuberculosis patients in the US, Bob went on to earn a M.Sc. from Cornell University, and received his PhD degree in Astronomy from the University of Michigan in 1958. That same year, Bob joined the staff of the Astronomy Department of the University of Wisconsin (UW), Madison. It was there that Bob met Diane McQueen. Despite Bob's Dodge Dart and what has been described as the worst first date in

  9. The role of serotonin-2 (5-HT2) and dopamine receptors in the behavioral actions of the 5-HT2A/2C agonist, DOI, and putative 5-HT2C inverse agonist, SR46349B. (United States)

    Scarlota, Laura C; Harvey, John A; Aloyo, Vincent J


    Atypical antipsychotic efficacy is often attributed to actions at serotonin-2 (5-HT(2)) and dopamine receptors, indicating a potential benefit of understanding the interplay between these systems. Currently, it is known that 5-HT(2) receptors modulate dopamine release, although the role of specific dopamine receptors in 5-HT(2)-mediated behavior is not well understood. We examined the role of 5-HT(2A), 5-HT(2C), and dopamine (D1 and D2) receptors in the behavioral response to a 5-HT(2A/2C) agonist (DOI) and 5-HT(2A/2C) antagonist (SR46349B). Effects were assessed by measuring rabbit head bobs (previously characterized as 5-HT(2A) receptor-mediated) and body shakes (5-HT(2C)-mediated). As expected, DOI produced head bobs and body shakes, and these DOI-elicited behaviors were attenuated by the SR46349B pretreatment. Unexpectedly, SR46349B also induced head bobs when administered alone. However, SR46349B-elicited head bobs are distinguishable from those produced by DOI since the 5-HT(2A) antagonist, ketanserin, only attenuated DOI-elicited head bobs. Conversely, 5-HT(2C) ligands (SB242084 and SB206553) inhibited SR46349B but not DOI-induced head bobs. Furthermore, when administered alone, SB206553 (a 5-HT(2C) inverse agonist) produced head bobs, indicating the behavior can be either 5-HT(2A) or 5-HT(2C) mediated. Next, it was revealed that D1 and D2 receptors play a role in DOI-elicited head bobs, but only D1 receptors are required for SR46349B-elicited head bobs. 5-HT(2A) receptor agonism and 5-HT(2C) inverse agonism produce the same behavior, likely due to similar downstream actions at D1 receptors. Consequently, 5-HT(2C) agonism or D1 agonism may be effective therapies for disorders, such as schizophrenia, currently being treated with 5-HT(2A) antagonists.

  10. Cheat-sensitive commitment of a classical bit coded in a block of m × n round-trip qubits (United States)

    Shimizu, Kaoru; Fukasaka, Hiroyuki; Tamaki, Kiyoshi; Imoto, Nobuyuki


    This paper proposes a quantum protocol for a cheat-sensitive commitment of a classical bit. Alice, the receiver of the bit, can examine dishonest Bob, who changes or postpones his choice. Bob, the sender of the bit, can examine dishonest Alice, who violates concealment. For each round-trip case, Alice sends one of two spin states |S±⟩ by choosing basis S at random from two conjugate bases X and Y. Bob chooses basis C ∈ {X,Y} to perform a measurement and returns a resultant state |C±⟩. Alice then performs a measurement with the other basis R (≠S) and obtains an outcome |R±⟩. In the opening phase, she can discover dishonest Bob, who unveils a wrong basis with a faked spin state, or Bob can discover dishonest Alice, who infers basis C but destroys |C±⟩ by setting R to be identical to S in the commitment phase. If a classical bit is coded in a block of m × n qubit particles, impartial examinations and probabilistic security criteria can be achieved.

  11. Cheat-sensitive commitment of a classical bit coded in a block of mxn round-trip qubits

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Shimizu, Kaoru; Fukasaka, Hiroyuki; Tamaki, Kiyoshi; Imoto, Nobuyuki


    This paper proposes a quantum protocol for a cheat-sensitive commitment of a classical bit. Alice, the receiver of the bit, can examine dishonest Bob, who changes or postpones his choice. Bob, the sender of the bit, can examine dishonest Alice, who violates concealment. For each round-trip case, Alice sends one of two spin states |S±> by choosing basis S at random from two conjugate bases X and Y. Bob chooses basis C is an element of {X,Y} to perform a measurement and returns a resultant state |C±>. Alice then performs a measurement with the other basis R (≠S) and obtains an outcome |R±>. In the opening phase, she can discover dishonest Bob, who unveils a wrong basis with a faked spin state, or Bob can discover dishonest Alice, who infers basis C but destroys |C±> by setting R to be identical to S in the commitment phase. If a classical bit is coded in a block of mxn qubit particles, impartial examinations and probabilistic security criteria can be achieved.

  12. Cheat-sensitive commitment of a classical bit coded in a block of mxn round-trip qubits

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shimizu, Kaoru; Fukasaka, Hiroyuki [NTT Basic Research Laboratories, NTT Corporation, 3-1 Morinosato-Wakamiya, Atsugi, Kanagawa 243-0198 (Japan); Tamaki, Kiyoshi [NTT Basic Research Laboratories, NTT Corporation, 3-1 Morinosato-Wakamiya, Atsugi, Kanagawa 243-0198 (Japan); National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), 4-2-1 Nukui-kitamachi, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8795 (Japan); Imoto, Nobuyuki [Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, 1-3 Machikaneyama-cho, Toyonaka, Osaka 560-8531 (Japan)


    This paper proposes a quantum protocol for a cheat-sensitive commitment of a classical bit. Alice, the receiver of the bit, can examine dishonest Bob, who changes or postpones his choice. Bob, the sender of the bit, can examine dishonest Alice, who violates concealment. For each round-trip case, Alice sends one of two spin states |S{+-}> by choosing basis S at random from two conjugate bases X and Y. Bob chooses basis C is an element of {l_brace}X,Y{r_brace} to perform a measurement and returns a resultant state |C{+-}>. Alice then performs a measurement with the other basis R ({ne}S) and obtains an outcome |R{+-}>. In the opening phase, she can discover dishonest Bob, who unveils a wrong basis with a faked spin state, or Bob can discover dishonest Alice, who infers basis C but destroys |C{+-}> by setting R to be identical to S in the commitment phase. If a classical bit is coded in a block of mxn qubit particles, impartial examinations and probabilistic security criteria can be achieved.

  13. Gel electrolytes with I-/I3- redox mediator based on methylcellulose for dye-sensitized solar cells (United States)

    Yusof, S. Z.; Woo, H. J.; Careem, M. A.; Arof, A. K.


    A new gel electrolyte comprising methylcellulose (MC), LiBOB and succinonitrile (SN) has been prepared with dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) as solvent. The electrolyte with composition 8.73 wt % MC-2.92 wt % LiBOB-1.01 wt % SN-87.34 wt % DMSO exhibits the highest conductivity of 1.18 mS cm-1 at 25 °C. On partially substituting LiBOB with TMAI, the sample designated as TMAI 95 has the highest conducting composition of 8.70 wt % MC-0.14 wt % LiBOB-1.01 wt % SN-2.77 wt % TMAI-0.35 wt % I2-87.03 wt % DMSO. The conductivity is 1.96 mS cm-1. This sample is used to fabricate a dye sensitized photovoltaic cell that converts photons to electricity at an efficiency of 3.46%. The conductivity of this sample has been enhanced to 3.08 mS cm-1 on addition of 1.0 wt % butyl-methyl immidazolium iodide (BMII) ionic liquid and the efficiency of the cell fabricated is 4.63%. Total replacement of LiBOB component in the electrolyte with the same amount of LiI results in a conductivity increase of ∼23.5% and the DSSC exhibits a 5.72% efficiency.

  14. Simple proof of the impossibility of bit commitment in generalized probabilistic theories using cone programming (United States)

    Sikora, Jamie; Selby, John


    Bit commitment is a fundamental cryptographic task, in which Alice commits a bit to Bob such that she cannot later change the value of the bit, while, simultaneously, the bit is hidden from Bob. It is known that ideal bit commitment is impossible within quantum theory. In this work, we show that it is also impossible in generalized probabilistic theories (under a small set of assumptions) by presenting a quantitative trade-off between Alice's and Bob's cheating probabilities. Our proof relies crucially on a formulation of cheating strategies as cone programs, a natural generalization of semidefinite programs. In fact, using the generality of this technique, we prove that this result holds for the more general task of integer commitment.

  15. Semiquantum secure direct communication using EPR pairs (United States)

    Zhang, Ming-Hui; Li, Hui-Fang; Xia, Zhao-Qiang; Feng, Xiao-Yi; Peng, Jin-Ye


    Quantum secure direct communication can transmit a secret message directly through quantum channels without first generating a shared secret key. In the most of the existing protocols, quantum secure direct communication is possible only when both communicating participants have quantum capabilities. So what happens if either party of two participants just has classical capabilities? In this paper, we propose a semiquantum secure direct communication protocol with Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen photon pairs in which the classical sender Bob transmits a secret message to quantum Alice directly. After checking the security of quantum channels, Bob encodes his secret message on Alice's code sequence. Then, quantum Alice extracts Bob's secret message by measuring her home qubits and the received code qubits, respectively. In addition, we demonstrate the security of the proposed protocol against some individual eavesdropping attacks. The efficiency analysis shows that our protocol can provide higher efficiency.

  16. Improving the security of multiparty quantum secret sharing against Trojan horse attack

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Deng Fuguo; Li Xihan; Zhou Hongyu; Zhang Zhanjun


    We analyzed the security of the multiparty quantum secret sharing (MQSS) protocol recently proposed by Zhang, Li, and Man [Phys. Rev. A 71, 044301 (2005)] and found that this protocol is secure for any other eavesdropper except for the agent Bob who prepares the quantum signals as he can attack the quantum communication with a Trojan horse. That is, Bob replaces the single-photon signal with a multiphoton one and the other agent Charlie cannot find this cheating as she does not measure the photons before they run back from the boss Alice, which reveals that this MQSS protocol is not secure for Bob. Finally, we present a possible improvement of the MQSS protocol security with two single-photon measurements and four unitary operations

  17. Securing Communication via Transmission of Artificial Noise by Both Sides: Bipolar-Beamforming Optimization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yongkai Zhou


    Full Text Available The paper considers the secure transmission in a wireless environment in which both the transmitter (Alice and the legitimate receiver (Bob send artificial noise (AN to interfere with the eavesdropper (Eve. Optimal design is analyzed in detail for this AN-by-both-side model to deal with Eve’s stochastic channel condition and random spatial distribution. Bipolar-beamforming is first proposed to jointly design Alice and Bob’s transmitting signals. By optimally assigning the transmitting antenna for Bob and allocating the power ratio between Alice’s information and the AN signal, maximum secrecy capacity can be achieved. Simulation is done to illustrate the process of bipolar-beamforming optimization. Results show that the AN-by-both-side model has good secrecy performance on both average and extreme conditions as Eve approaches Alice or Bob.

  18. Extended non-local games and monogamy-of-entanglement games. (United States)

    Johnston, Nathaniel; Mittal, Rajat; Russo, Vincent; Watrous, John


    We study a generalization of non-local games-which we call extended non-local games -in which the players, Alice and Bob, initially share a tripartite quantum state with the referee. In such games, the winning conditions for Alice and Bob may depend on the outcomes of measurements made by the referee, on its part of the shared quantum state, in addition to Alice and Bob's answers to randomly selected questions. Our study of this class of games was inspired by the monogamy-of-entanglement games introduced by Tomamichel, Fehr, Kaniewski and Wehner, which they also generalize. We prove that a natural extension of the Navascués-Pironio-Acín hierarchy of semidefinite programmes converges to the optimal commuting measurement value of extended non-local games, and we prove two extensions of results of Tomamichel et al.  concerning monogamy-of-entanglement games.

  19. Probabilistic Teleportation of an Unknown One-Particle State by a Three-Particle General W State

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Xiu Xiaoming; Dong Li; Gao Yajun


    Two schemes for teleporting an unknown one-particle state are proposed when a general W state is utilized as quantum channel. In the first scheme, after the sender (Alice) makes a Bell-state measurement on her particles, the recipient (Bob) performs a Von Neumann measurement and introduces an auxiliary particle, and carries out a unitary transformation on his particle and the auxiliary particle, and performs a Von Neumann measurement on the auxiliary particle to confirm whether the teleportation succeeds or not. In the second scheme, the recipient (Bob) does not need to perform the first Von Neumann measurement or introduce the auxiliary particle, which is necessary in the first scheme. It is shown that the maximal probabilities of successful teleportation of the two schemes are identical if the recipient (Bob) performs an appropriate unitary transformation and adopts a proper particle on which he recovers the quantum information of state to be teleported.

  20. One-qubit fingerprinting schemes

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Beaudrap, J. Niel de


    Fingerprinting is a technique in communication complexity in which two parties (Alice and Bob) with large data sets send short messages to a third party (a referee), who attempts to compute some function of the larger data sets. For the equality function, the referee attempts to determine whether Alice's data and Bob's data are the same. In this paper, we consider the extreme scenario of performing fingerprinting where Alice and Bob both send either one bit (classically) or one qubit (in the quantum regime) messages to the referee for the equality problem. Restrictive bounds are demonstrated for the error probability of one-bit fingerprinting schemes, and show that it is easy to construct one-qubit fingerprinting schemes which can outperform any one-bit fingerprinting scheme. The author hopes that this analysis will provide results useful for performing physical experiments, which may help to advance implementations for more general quantum communication protocols

  1. Secret-Key-Aided Scheme for Securing Untrusted DF Relaying Networks

    KAUST Repository

    Shafie, Ahmed El


    This paper proposes a new scheme to secure the transmissions in an untrusted decode-and-forward (DF) relaying network. A legitimate source node, Alice, sends her data to a legitimate destination node, Bob, with the aid of an untrusted DF relay node, Charlie. To secure the transmissions from Charlie during relaying time slots, each data codeword is secured using a secret-key codeword that has been previously shared between Alice and Bob during the perfectly secured time slots (i.e., when the channel secrecy rate is positive). The secret-key bits exchanged between Alice and Bob are stored in a finite-length buffer and are used to secure data transmission whenever needed. We model the secret-key buffer as a queueing system and analyze its Markov chain. Our numerical results show the gains of our proposed scheme relative to benchmarks. Moreover, the proposed scheme achieves an upper bound on the secure throughput.

  2. Common knowledge: Now you have it, now you don`t?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fagin, R.; Halpern, J.Y. [IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA (United States); Moses, Y. [Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot (Israel); Vardi, M.Y. [Rice Univ., Houston, TX (United States)


    The notion of common knowledge, where everyone knows, everyone knows that everyone knows, etc., has proven to be fundamental in various disciplines, including Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, Economics, and Psychology. This key notion was first studied by the philosopher David Lewis in the context of conventions. Lewis pointed out that in order for something to be a convention, it must in fact be common knowledge among the members of a group. (For example, the convention that green means {open_quotes}go{close_quotes} and red means {open_quotes}stop{close_quotes} is presumably common knowledge among the drivers in our society.) Common knowledge also arises in discourse understanding. Suppose Ann asks Bob {open_quotes}What did you think of the movie?{close_quotes} referring to a showing of Monkey Business they have just seen. Not only must Ann and Bob both know that {open_quotes}the movie{close_quotes} refers to Monkey Business, but Ann must know that Bob knows, Bob must know that Ann knows that Bob knows, and so on. In fact, by a closer analysis of this situation, it can be shown that there must be common knowledge of what movie is meant in order for Bob to answer the question appropriately. Finally, common knowledge also turns out to be a prerequisite for agreement and coordinated action in distributed systems. This is precisely what makes it such a crucial notion in the analysis of interacting groups of agents. On the other hand, in practical settings common knowledge is impossible to achieve. This puts us in a somewhat paradoxical situation, in that we claim both that common knowledge is a prerequisite for agreement and coordinated action and that it cannot be attained. We discuss two answers to this paradox: Modeling the world with a coarser granularity, and relaxing the requirements for coordination.

  3. Aiming at Targets: The Autobiography of Robert C. Seamans, Jr. (United States)

    Seamans, Robert C., Jr.


    Bob Seamans originally was inspired to write this book for his family and friends. That is a large audience. By his own count his immediate family numbers twenty-four, not counting brothers and cousins and their families. His friends are uncounted but surely run to hundreds. As one of them and as a colleague at NASA, I am pleased and honored that he asked me to write this foreword. While written in Bob's unique and informal style, this autobiography has significance for many readers beyond his large circles of family and friends. Leaders and students of large, complex technological endeavors should be able to learn much from reading how Bob faced the daunting technical and management challenges in his career. As the title of this book implies, Bob has always set high goals for himself and then kept his eyes focused on both the necessary details and the broader picture. His ability to shift smoothly among jobs that required seemingly disparate abilities and skills speaks volumes about his insight, dedication, and enthusiasm for achievement. The book spans a truly remarkable life story. Bob first takes us through his growing up, education, and early professional and family life. Next he focuses on the crucial years when he was the general manager of NASA. Then he moves on to his career in the top jobs at the Air Force, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Energy Research and Development Administration. Finally, he touches on his later leadership activities in the academic and business worlds. Aiming at Targets is a series of fascinating topical vignettes covering his professional life. Taken together, like broad brushstrokes in an impressionist painting, they give a better picture of Bob Seamans and his work than a detailed recitation of facts and dates could hope to do. This is a cheerful account of an interesting and successful career. The book is full of good stories, with many memorable characters. Like the proverbial sundial, it counts the sunny hours

  4. Controlled Bidirectional Hybrid of Remote State Preparation and Quantum Teleportation via Seven-Qubit Entangled State (United States)

    Wu, Hao; Zha, Xin-Wei; Yang, Yu-Quan


    We propose a new protocol of implementing four-party controlled joint remote state preparation and meanwhile realizing controlled quantum teleportation via a seven-qubit entangled state. That is to say, Alice wants to teleport an arbitrary single-qubit state to Bob and Bob wants to remotely prepare a known state for Alice via the control of supervisors Fred and David. Compared with previous studies for the schemes of solely bidirectional quantum teleportation and remote state preparation, the new protocol is a kind of hybrid approach of information communication which makes the quantum channel multipurpose.

  5. Air-Sea and Lateral Exchange Processes in East Indian Coastal Current off Sri Lanka (United States)


    Coastal Current off Sri Lanka H.J.S. Fernando and I. Lozovatsky University of Notre Dame Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and...from small-scale mixing to the reversal of monsoonal currents, in the Bay of Bengal (BoB) and around Sri Lanka and the role of regional air-sea...conducted CTD and ADCP measurements in the southern BoB onboard R/V Roger Revelle and in Sri Lanka coastal waters using R/V Samuddrika. The data analysis

  6. Air pollution modeling over the Ganges basin and north-west Bay of Bengal in the early post-monsoon season using the NASA GEOS-5 model (United States)

    Kishcha, Pavel; da Silva, Arlindo; Starobinets, Boris; Alpert, Pinhas


    The Ganges basin is characterized by a significant population growth accompanied by developing industry, agriculture, and increasing transportation. This has resulted in increased anthropogenic emissions and declining air quality. The NASA GEOS-5 model was used to extend the MERRA reanalysis with five atmospheric aerosol components (sulfates, organic carbon, black carbon, desert dust, and sea-salt). The model includes assimilation of bias-corrected Aerosol Optical Thickness (AOT) from the MODIS sensor on both Terra and Aqua satellites. The obtained eight-year (2002 - 2009) MERRA-driven aerosol dataset (MERRAero) was applied to study AOT and its trends over the Ganges basin and north-west Bay of Bengal (BoB) in the early post-monsoon season. This season is characterized by aerosol transport from the Ganges basin to north-west BoB by prevailing winds; lower cloud fraction compared to the monsoon season; and still significant rainfall of over 150 mm/month. In the early post-monsoon season (October), modeled data showed that AOT was lower over the east of the Ganges basin than over the north-west of the Ganges basin: this was despite the fact that the east of the Ganges basin should have produced higher anthropogenic aerosol emissions due to higher population density, increased industrial output and transportation. This is evidence that higher aerosol emissions do not always correspond to higher AOT over the areas where the effects of meteorological factors on AOT dominate those of aerosol emissions. MODIS AOT assimilation was essential for correcting modeled AOT mainly over the north-west of the Ganges basin, where AOT increments were maximal. Over the east of the Ganges basin and north-west BoB, AOT increments were low and MODIS AOT assimilation did not contribute significantly to modeled AOT. Our analysis showed that increasing AOT trends over north-west BoB (exceeding those over the east of the Ganges basin) were reproduced by GEOS-5, not because of MODIS AOT

  7. Army Logistician. Volume 38, Issue 5, September-October 2006 (United States)


    photon 3 lost its original state. In a sense, it forgot what state it was in. This does not matter too much to Alice since she succeeded in teleporting...then these two photons are “entangled.” As an example, let’s introduce two characters, Alice and Bob. When photons travel, they vibrate, and the...direction in which they vibrate is called “polarization.” (See figure A above) Now, let’s consider that Alice and Bob share entangled (and

  8. The Music Muse


    Wilson, Leslie


    Ever wonder why two people can sing the same note with the same loudness, but sound completely different? Middle C is middle C no matter who sings it, yet for some reason Lucianno Pavarotti1s middle C sounds richer and more beautiful than Bob Dylan1s middle C, for example. But then again, what is beauty in singing? It is a completely biased and abstract concept. To some, Bob Dylan1s voice may epitomize tonal beauty, while to others his voice may be comparable to fingernails on a chalk board. ...

  9. Nutrient regimes and their effect on distribution of phytoplankton in the Bay of Bengal

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Paul, J.T.; Ramaiah, N.; Sardessai, S.

    waters in the northern BOB suggest that there is no significant riverine input of nitrate and thus, nitrate is consid- ered to be limiting the primary production (De Sousa et al., 1981) in the BOB. Additionally, the runoff may also affect the dis... et al., 2001). Thus, ele- mental ratios (nitrate, phosphate and silicate) from water samples can sometimes be used as indicators of the status of nutri- ent loading or to predict productivity (De-Pauw and Naessens, 1991). When the nutrient levels...

  10. Actively Secure Two-Party Evaluation of Any Quantum Operation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dupuis, Frédéric; Nielsen, Jesper Buus; Salvail, Louis


    We provide the first two-party protocol allowing Alice and Bob to evaluate privately even against active adversaries any completely positive, trace-preserving map , given as a quantum circuit, upon their joint quantum input state . Our protocol leaks no more to any active adversary than an ideal...... functionality for provided Alice and Bob have the cryptographic resources for active secure two-party classical computation. Our protocol is constructed from the protocol for the same task secure against specious adversaries presented in [4]....

  11. Transitioning the Defense Automated Neurobehavioral Assessment (DANA) to Operational Use (United States)


    Berman SR, Kupfer DJ: The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index: a new instrument for psychiatric prac- tice and research. Psychiatry Res 1989; 28(2): 193–213...current depression in the general population. J Affect Disord 2009; 114(1–3): 163–73. 15. Buysse DJ, Reynolds CF III, Monk TH, Berman SR, Kupfer DJ: The...the system’s utility: Alice and Bob both want to be able to collect data with DANA and both have access to the data. However, Alice and Bob are far

  12. Byzantine Broadcast in Point-to-Point Networks using Local Linear Coding (United States)


    Perfectly-secure mpc with linear communication com- plexity. In TCC, 2008. [3] P. Berman , J. A. Garay, and K. J. Perry. Bit optimal distributed...problem: Alice and Bob each is given input x and y, respectively, need to check if x = y by communicating with each other. It has been proved that at...least L bits must be communicated betweenAlice and Bob , in theworst case, to solve 2-party equality for L-bit values. It then follows that even if the

  13. Comparative accounts of biological productivity characteristics and estimates of carbon fluxes in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Gauns, M.; Madhupratap, M.; Ramaiah, N.; Jyothibabu, R.; Fernandes, V.; Paul, J.T.; PrasannaKumar, S.

    Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS-India), Bay of Bengal Process Studies (BOBPS) and Marine Research on Living Resources (MRLR) were used. Data collected under the Indo-German sediment trap programme (AS - May 1986 to May 1987 and BOB - October 1987 to October... differences in physical and chemical fields between the AS and BOB over seasons. SSTs are lower during SWM and NEM in the AS because of upwelling and winter cooling respectively aiding pumping in of nutrients to upper layers thus increasing productivity...

  14. A seismotectonic study of the 21 May 2014 Bay of Bengal intraplate earthquake: Evidence of onshore-offshore tectonic linkage and fracture zone reactivation in the northern Bay of Bengal

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Rao, G.S.; Radhakrishna, M.; Murthy, K.S.R.

    / Accepted: 7 April 2015 / Published online: 21 April 2015 � Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht 2015 Abstract The earthquake of 21 May 2014 (Mw 6.0) in the northern Bay of Bengal (BOB) highlights the importance of studies on intraplate earthquakes... in the north to as much as 1 km toward the south (Curray 1994). Two long and linear (almost N-S oriented) aseismic ridges, such as the 85�E and Ninetyeast ridges, divide the BOB into three major sub-basins Ea st coa st of In dia 21st May 2014...

  15. Sediment pathways and emergence of Himalayan source material in the Bay of Bengal

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Krishna, K.S.; Ismaiel, M.; Srinivas, K.; Gopala Rao, D.; Mishra, J.; Saha, D.

    Basin and ECMI), following the structural architecture of the BoB. The velocities obtained from the present dataset (wide–angle seismic reflections and drill wells A and B) and from pub- lished refraction data31 were largely followed to calculate... with strong supportive evidences – onlap un- conformity, buried channels, fan architecture and apex location – for discharge of sediments through the Ganges–Brahmaputra delta to the BoB. Around this time in the Himalayan foreland basin, a major Oligocene...

  16. Method for measuring two-qubit entanglement of formation by local operations and classical communication

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bai Yankui; Li Shushen; Zheng Houzhi


    We present a parametrically efficient method for measuring the entanglement of formation E f in an arbitrarily given unknown two-qubit state ρ AB by local operations and classical communication. The two observers, Alice and Bob, first perform some local operations on their composite systems separately, by which the desired global quantum states can be prepared. Then they estimate seven functions via two modified local quantum networks supplemented a classical communication. After obtaining these functions, Alice and Bob can determine the concurrence C and the entanglement of formation E f

  17. Role of eddies in the Bay of Bengal circulation and hydrography and in the distribution of nutrients and chlorophyll

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Murukesh, N.

    . J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 16, 1208-1223. Levitus, S., R. Burgett, and T. Boyer, 1994, World Ocean Atlas 1994.Vol 3, Salinity; Vol. 4, Temperature, NOAA Atlas NESDIS 3, 4,U.S. Dept. of Commerce, 117pp & 99pp Lutjeharms, J.R.E., (2006... as well as remote sensing. The in situ data includes temperature and salinity profiles measured using CTD at 1-degree from 7 o N to 20 o N along the central BOB (88 o E) transect and from 11 o N to 20 o N along the western BOB, in the upper 1000 m...

  18. COmmunications and Networking with QUantum Operationally-Secure Technology for Maritime Deployment (CONQUEST) (United States)


    Floodlight QKD • FL-QKD is two-way CVQKD with binary modulation • Alice sends unmodulated, continuous- wave (cw) light to BobBob modulates and amplifies... transmission is between equal-height-above-sea-surface terminals that use 26.5-cm-diameter pupils at 19 m, 30 m, or 50 m above the sea surface. Also distributed... transmission through a fixed atmospheric state then E0(ρ) =  √ 4PT πd2 e−ik|ρ| 2/2L, for |ρ| ≤ d/2, 0, otherwise, (1) where PT is the transmitted power, d

  19. Implement the Rae Report! (United States)

    Lowy, Frederick


    The February 7, 2005 report by the Honorable Bob Rae--"Ontario: A Leader in Learning"--focused national attention, at least fleetingly, on a matter of prime importance to Canada's future: vulnerable state of higher education in this country, a subject that has, unfortunately, largely escaped serious public discussion. Although Mr. Rae, a…

  20. Factors Affecting Navy Working Capital Funding (NWCF) Net Operating Result: A Case Study of Naval Facilities Engineering Command Washington, Washington D.C. (United States)


    Programs Toby Layman BM3 (GCMS00) AOPS Gold IPT - OPG CDR Donovan DAOPS Bob Greco OPG (GCOPG0) PWO CI BLTL Jay Blumenkratz OPG1 (GCOPG1) Am (BD) BLTL...Counsel Cynthia Guill 09C (GC09C0) FEB 2008 Management Services Vacant BM4 (GCMS20/W120) AOPS Blue IPT - OPB Vacant DAOPS Rick Coniglio OPB (GCOPB0

  1. Modeling sources of nutrients in rivers draining into the Bay of Bengal—a scenario analysis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pedde, Simona; Kroeze, Carolien; Mayorga, Emilio; Seitzinger, Sybil Putnam


    We model future trends in river export of nutrients to the Bay of Bengal, and the sources of this pollution. We focus on total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP), and dissolved silica (DSi) inputs to the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem (BOB LME) in the years 2000, 2030, and 2050. In 2000,

  2. Tax Exempt Status of Private Schools. (United States)

    Manville, Phyllis


    Recounts actions of the Internal Revenue Service and the federal government from 1965 to 1982 involving tax exempt status and racially discriminatory schools. Traces federal court decisions on the issue since 1970, including "Green v. Connally" and current Supreme Court cases involving Bob Jones University (South Carolina) and Goldsboro…

  3. Seasonal forecasting of tropical cyclogenesis over the North Indian ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Over the North Indian Ocean (NIO) and particularly over the Bay of Bengal (BoB), the post-monsoon season from October to December (OND) are known to produce tropical cyclones, which cause damage to life and property over India and many neighbouring countries. The variability of frequency of cyclonicdisturbances ...

  4. Touching Ghosts: Observing Free Fall from an Infalling Frame of Reference into a Schwarzschild Black Hole (United States)

    Augousti, A. T.; Gawelczyk, M.; Siwek, A.; Radosz, A.


    The problem of communication between observers in the vicinity of a black hole in a Schwarzschild metric is considered. The classic example of an infalling observer Alice and a static distant mother station (MS) is extended to include a second infalling observer Bob, who follows Alice in falling towards the event horizon. Kruskal coordinates are…

  5. African Journal for Physical Activity and Health Sciences - Vol 18 ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance. ... An indicator framework to assess the legacy impacts of the 2010 FIFA World Cup · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. U Bob, E Kassens-Noor, 12-21 ...

  6. "К Пушкину, господа!" / Ульяна Фалева

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Фалева, Ульяна


    Eesti Puškini Selts korraldas Tallinna Keskraamatukogus konverentsi Puškini lugemised. Esinesid Nelli Abašina-Melts, Valentina Bannikova, Valeria Bobõljova ja Malle Salupere. Kunstnik Vladislav Staniševski oma illustratsioone Puškini poeemile "Vaskratsanik". 38 gravüüri valmisid kolme aasta jooksul

  7. Directory of Manufacturing Research Centers (United States)


    Grimm, Bob 175 Dryden, Robert 113 Groover , Mikell P. 124 Dubow, Joel 48 Gros, Percy J. 83 Dubowski, Steven 106 Gruver, William A. 60 Duffie, Neil A. 167...Mikell P. Groover , Director Technical areas include manufacturing processes, emphasis on machining, standalone automation, material handling and

  8. Phil Ochs: No Place in This World (United States)

    Doughty, Howard A.


    Phil Ochs was a prominent topical songwriter and singer in the 1960s. He was conventionally considered second only to Bob Dylan in terms of popularity, creativity and influence in the specific genre of contemporary folk music commonly known as "protest music." Whereas Dylan successfully reinvented himself many times in terms of his musical style…

  9. Annual Report 1984. (United States)


    substance spills, Corps personnel participate in emergency containment and cleanup measures with Coast Guard and EPA officials and when so designated, act as...John R. Parks SWDED-WR Jim Kosclski ’SWGED-HC * Bob Easley SW AED-PH Bill Isaacs SW LED-H * Clif f Victory SWDED-WR Terry Coomes SW DED-W Tasso

  10. Standby Power Management Architecture for Deep-Submicron Systems (United States)


    student. Thanks also to Bob Brodersen, Paul Wright, and David Culler for serving on my dissertation and/or qualifying exam committees. This work was funded...other odd jobs, Jonathan Tsao for the serial port logic, Jacob Poppe for the inital software, Yuen Hui Chee for the clock oscillator, and Huifang Qin

  11. Device-independent two-party cryptography secure against sequential attacks

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kaniewski, Jędrzej; Wehner, Stephanie


    The goal of two-party cryptography is to enable two parties, Alice and Bob, to solve common tasks without the need for mutual trust. Examples of such tasks are private access to a database, and secure identification. Quantum communication enables security for all of these problems in the noisy-storage model by sending more signals than the adversary can store in a certain time frame. Here, we initiate the study of device-independent (DI) protocols for two-party cryptography in the noisy-storage model. Specifically, we present a relatively easy to implement protocol for a cryptographic building block known as weak string erasure and prove its security even if the devices used in the protocol are prepared by the dishonest party. DI two-party cryptography is made challenging by the fact that Alice and Bob do not trust each other, which requires new techniques to establish security. We fully analyse the case of memoryless devices (for which sequential attacks are optimal) and the case of sequential attacks for arbitrary devices. The key ingredient of the proof, which might be of independent interest, is an explicit (and tight) relation between the violation of the Clauser–Horne–Shimony–Holt inequality observed by Alice and Bob and uncertainty generated by Alice against Bob who is forced to measure his system before finding out Alice’s setting (guessing with postmeasurement information). In particular, we show that security is possible for arbitrarily small violation. (paper)

  12. Building a Culinary Arts Academy (United States)

    Brown, Robert L.


    When Judy Karen Brown (the 2004 Alabama Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher of the Year) arrived at Bob Jones High School (BJHS) in Madison, Alabama, in the summer of 1999, she immediately identified a need to build both student and community interests in family and consumer sciences (FACS). She noticed the student and faculty interest in the…

  13. Political Protest Songs and Actual Protest Values: Analysis of Fela's ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    , Tears and Blood and Bob Marley's Stand up, Get up, using in-depth analysis of the songs' lyrics plus opinion survey of their listeners. Finding is that the actual protest values of the two songs are high in meditation upon protest problem and ...

  14. A Computer Compatible System for the Categorization, Enumeration, and Retrieval of Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Archaeological Material Culture. Part 1. Codebook. (United States)


    great thanks is due to Bill Adam, Marley Brown, Olive Jones, George Miller, Randy Moir and Tef Roddeffer. It should be understood that these colleagues...Of the Tombigbee Historic Townsites staff, special thanks is due to Bob Sonderman and Randy Donahue who devoted many hours beyond their formal

  15. Update of the U.S. Army Research Institute’s Longitudinal Research Data Base of Officers (United States)


    21005 (301) 278-2588 4. FORT BENNING Commander US. Army Infantry School Robert Carter BLDG 4, Room 220 Site Operations ATIN: Bob Carter/AIMS...Army Academy of Health Science Scott L Marley ATTN: HSHA-SPO/Scott Marley Site Operator BLDG 2840 (703) 664-2011 Room 336 Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234

  16. Development of a Computer Program to Calculate Aerodynamic Characteristics of Bodies and Wing-Body Combinations. (United States)


    Arlington, VA 22217 ATTN: Mr. Lawrence E. McCullough Mr. Dave Sei gel Dr. Bob Whitehead Dr. R. J. Lundegard Mr. Mort Cooper Mr. Ralph Cooper...University 8621 Georgia Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910 ATTN: Dr. L. L. Cronvich Mr. Edward T. Marley Dr. Gordon Dugger Library (2) (2) (2) (2) (2

  17. A Computer Compatible System for the Categorization, Enumeration, and Retrieval of Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Archaeological Material Culture. Part 3. Archaeological Information System: Software and Manual for Use. (United States)


    suggestions, great thanks is due to Bill Adams, Marley Brown, Olive Jones, George Miller, Randy Moir and Tef Roddeffer. It should be understood that these...Of the Tombigbee Historic Townsites staff, special thanks is due to Bob Sonderman and Randy Donahue who devoted many hours beyond their formal

  18. The Effect of Mechanical Working on SiC Whisker-Reinforced Aluminum Alloys. (United States)


    FORM .. .RPO T NM ., . GOVT ACCESSION NO. 3- RECIPIENT’S CATALOG NUMBER AMMRC-TPR-80-l1 / 4. ’TI.TC; fd Bob .. - S TYPE OF REPORT & PEmOO COVERED...E., Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 1 ATTN: Military Tech, Mr. Marley Director, Eustis Directorate, U. S. Army Air Mobility Research and Development

  19. The advantage of higher-order theory of mind in the game of limited bidding

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    De Weerd, H.; Verheij, B.; van Eijck, J.; Verbrugge, L. C.


    Higher-order theory of mind is the ability to recursively model mental states of other agents. It is known that adults in general can reason adequately at the second order (covering attributions like "Alice knows that Bob knows that she wrote a novel under pseudonym"), but there are cognitive limits

  20. Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis of a Decoy State Enabled Quantum Key Distribution System (United States)


    Protecting Information, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2006. [6] M. A. Nielsen and I. L. Chuang, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information...configurable to interfere with Bob’s ability to detect a weak coherent pulse. DR D 5 The QKD model shall be accurate, flexible, usable , extensible

  1. Rasta-revolutsioon : ikka ja jälle. White label : Nikns Suns - Imed. Kuula / DJ Pickney Tiger

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    DJ Pickney Tiger, pseud., 1970-


    Heliplaadist "Bob Marley And The Wailers. Exodus". Ansamblist. Heliplaatidest: Taraf De Haidouks "Maskarada", Los Desterrados "Tu", Prince "Planet Earth", Manu Chao "La Radiolinia", Kanye West "Graduation", 50 Cent "Curtis", Vaiko Eplik ja Eliit 2", "Shahrukh. The King Khan. Vol 3", Big &Rich "Between Raising Hell and Amazing Graze", Tiit Kikas"String Theory"

  2. Privacy-Preserving Profile Matching Using the Social Graph

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jeckmans, Arjan; Tang, Qiang; Hartel, Pieter H.


    We present a privacy-preserving protocol for users to test a match with potential new friends in an environment where all users cryptographically encrypt their private information. The following scenario is considered. Suppose that user Alice thinks that Bob might be a good new friend. So, Alice and

  3. Klassitsheski geroi dlja novõhh vremjon / Ilja Svensson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Svensson, Ilja


    Koomiksipõhine seiklusfilm "Batman alustab" ("Batman Begins") : režissöör Christopher Nolan : nimiosas Christian Bale : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2005. Ka Bob Kane'i ja Bill Fingeri loodud koomiksikangelase sünnist ja eelnevatest ekraniseeringutest

  4. Free and Open Source vs. Commercial Off the Shelf vs. Government Off the Shelf [video


    Palmer, Bob


    SAP National Security Services, Senior Director, Solution Marketing, Bob Palmer focuses on the pluses and minuses of the most often used economic constructs for delivering software capability, and how a hybrid solution using one or more can best empower the mission.

  5. 77 FR 50688 - Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applicants (United States)


    ...: August 17, 2012. Karen V. Gregory, Secretary. BILLING CODE 6730-01-P ... 110, Houston, TX 77064. Officers: Carl P. Sorensen, Jr., Vice President (Qualifying Individual... Global, Inc. (NVO), 20695 S. Western Avenue 132, Torrance, CA 90501. Officers: Do Young (a.k.a. Bob) Ban...

  6. Satellite-derived geoid for the estimation of lithospheric cooling and ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ... having erratic geoid decay rates (–0.3 to 0.2 m/Ma) owing to vigorous convective thermal instabilities originated around 290–530 km from the plume remnant in the upper mantle (for the case of the BOB). We discussed that such instabilities had transported sufficient heat energy to accelerate the erstwhile fast movement of ...

  7. Editorial: The times they are A-Changin

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    W. Harcourt (Wendy)


    textabstractThe famous1963 song by Bob Dylan The Times They Are A-Changing rings true in the year 2011. As in the1960s, there are young and old people on the streets demanding change to the economic system, an end of war, climate justice, women’s rights, gender equity and true democracy. The year

  8. Translation of Mr. Tambourine Man at Brazil: from Refraction to Retranslation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maiaty Saraiva Ferraz


    Full Text Available This article starts with an introduction that points out an overview about the most significant issues concerning song translation until the present moment. After that, it presents the concepts of refraction and retranslation which form the basis for a study of the translations of the song Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan recorded in Brazil.

  9. Can discourse properties of metaphor affect metaphor recognition?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Steen, G.J.


    This paper presents an empirical study of metaphor recognition by means of an underlining task in a famous Bob Dylan song, "Hurricane". The paper develops a three-dimensional approach to metaphor processing, in which metaphors are assumed to have linguistic, conceptual, and communicative functions

  10. Karjas on ohutum elada / Toomas Paul

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Paul, Toomas, 1939-


    Vt. ka Paul, Toomas. "Löö esimesena, Freddy!". Eesti Päevaleht, 8. mai 2003. Inimesest kui karjaloomast, inimloomusest ja sallivusest. Ilm. ka: Paul, Toomas. Ole salliv, Bob // Pastishsh & popurrii : ilmavaatlusi / Paul, Toomas. - [Tallinn] : Oomen, 2007. - Lk. 54-58


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    feeding, social behaviour and temperature preferences of A. atra on Gunfire Hill, Grahams- town, in the eastern ... of A. atra in terms of food, social grouping and temperature preferences to provide information on their ..... The bright-red interior of the mouth is also displayed, and bobbing movements of the head and fore ...

  12. Synoptic weather conditions during BOBMEX

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    R. Narasimhan (Krishtel eMaging) 1461 1996 Oct 15 13:05:22

    We document the flow features, which are associated with the important synoptic systems that affected the Bay of Bengal (BoB) and its neighbourhood and controlled the convective activity there during BOBMEX. The monsoon during July and August, 1999 was subdued. It was slightly more active in the initial phase of ...

  13. Unobtrusively Measuring Stress and Workload of Knowledge Workers

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Koldijk, S.J.; Neerincx, M.A.; Kraaij, W.


    Imagine a typical working day of a knowledge worker, i.e. someone who is predominantly concerned with interpreting and generating information. Bob gets into the office at 9, starts up his computer, takes a look at his mails and calendar and plans what things he has to do this day. Then he starts

  14. Research Note: Helping Students Market Themselves with "The Power of Who!" (United States)

    Wysong, Scott; Munoz, Laura


    While learning is still of paramount importance, today, colleges and universities realize that they need to equip their students with the skills and knowledge to get hired after graduation. Using the book "The Power of Who!," written by experienced executive recruiter Bob Beaudine, this research note looks at what kind of impact the…

  15. CANES Contracting Strategies for Full Deployment (United States)


    discussing the Mission Planning Enterprise System with us. Thanks also to Bill Johnson and Bob Nyers for discussing the Acoustic Rapid COTS [commercial off...the shelf] Insertion Program with us. Additionally, Rob Rockwell, Jim Kral, and Dwayne Lloyd helped us understand the role of the In-Service

  16. Internet for Kids. (United States)

    Frazier, Deneen; And Others

    This book seeks to direct children to Internet resources that are educational and fun, that spark ideas for projects, or that connect them to people of similar interests. The foreword is by United States Senator Bob Kerrey. The chapters are: (1) "The World of the Internet," which presents brief explanations of a wide range of services…

  17. Two-way quantum communication

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    The idea of secure quantum information exchange (SQIE) [{\\it J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys.} 44, 115504 (2011)] is introduced for the secure exchange of single qubit information states between two legitimate users, Alice and Bob. In the present paper, we extend this original SQIE protocol by presenting a scheme, which ...

  18. Refining economics of U.S. gasoline: octane ratings and ethanol content. (United States)

    Hirshfeld, David S; Kolb, Jeffrey A; Anderson, James E; Studzinski, William; Frusti, James


    Increasing the octane rating of the U.S. gasoline pool (currently ∼ 93 Research Octane Number (RON)) would enable higher engine efficiency for light-duty vehicles (e.g., through higher compression ratio), facilitating compliance with federal fuel economy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards. The federal Renewable Fuels Standard calls for increased renewable fuel use in U.S. gasoline, primarily ethanol, a high-octane gasoline component. Linear programming modeling of the U.S. refining sector was used to assess the effects on refining economics, CO2 emissions, and crude oil use of increasing average octane rating by increasing (i) the octane rating of refinery-produced hydrocarbon blendstocks for oxygenate blending (BOBs) and (ii) the volume fraction (Exx) of ethanol in finished gasoline. The analysis indicated the refining sector could produce BOBs yielding finished E20 and E30 gasolines with higher octane ratings at modest additional refining cost, for example, ∼ 1¢/gal for 95-RON E20 or 97-RON E30, and 3-5¢/gal for 95-RON E10, 98-RON E20, or 100-RON E30. Reduced BOB volume (from displacement by ethanol) and lower BOB octane could (i) lower refinery CO2 emissions (e.g., ∼ 3% for 98-RON E20, ∼ 10% for 100-RON E30) and (ii) reduce crude oil use (e.g., ∼ 3% for 98-RON E20, ∼ 8% for 100-RON E30).

  19. Putting Big Data to Work: Community Colleges Use Detailed Reports to Design Smarter Workforce Training and Education Programs (United States)

    Woods, Bob


    In this article, Bob Woods reports that "Big data" is all the rage on college campuses, and it makes sense that administrators would use what they know to boost student outcomes. Woods points out that community colleges around the country are using the data: (1) to guide the systematic expansion of its curriculum, providing targeted…

  20. Bio pics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Jakob Isak


    Martin Zandvliets Dirch (2011) har ansporet til at skitsere den biografiske film som genre og knytte nogle kommentarer til dens forskellige udtryksmuligheder. Hovedeksemplerne er Walk the Line (2005) og I’m Not There (2007) om henholdsvis Johnny Cash og Bob Dylan....

  1. Apparatus for Scanning and Measuring the Near-Field Radiation of an Antenna. (United States)

    utilizes the principle of the Foucault pendulum. It uses a bob attached to a long pendulum arm that is free to rotate. Rotation of the earth causes an...mounting the antenna under the Foucault pendulum, the entire antenna aperture can be scanned without moving the antenna. The motion of the probe

  2. Youth subcultures and problem behaviours in Slovakia : Hip-Hop, Techno-scene, Metal, Punk, Skinheads and Roma

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bobakova, Daniela


    Jongeren die deel uitmaken van jeugdsubculturen als hip-hop, techno-scene, metal, punk en skinheads, gebruiken vaker drugs, zijn vaker dronken, spijbelen vaker en beginnen eerder aan seks. Roma-jongeren zijn minder vaak dronken. Dat concludeert Daniela Bobáková op basis van een onderzoek onder deze

  3. EDITORIAL: Stability and nonlinear dynamics of plasmas: A symposium celebrating Professor Robert Dewar's accomplishments in plasma physics Stability and nonlinear dynamics of plasmas: A symposium celebrating Professor Robert Dewar's accomplishments in plasma physics (United States)

    Bhattacharjee, Amitava


    To celebrate Professor Robert Dewar's 65th birthday, a Symposium was held on 31 October 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia, just before the 51st Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics of the American Physical Society. The Symposium was attended by many of Bob's colleagues, friends, postdoctoral colleagues and students (present and former). Boyd Blackwell, Anthony Cooper, Chris Hegna, Stuart Hudson, John Krommes, Alexander Pletzer, Ellen Zweibel, and I gave talks that covered various aspects of Bob's wide-ranging scholarship, and his leadership in the Australian and the US fusion program. At the Symposium, Bob gave an insightful talk, published in this issue as a paper with D Leykam. This paper makes available for the first time unpublished results from Bob's M Sc Thesis on a general method for calculating the potential around a `dressed' test particle in an isotropic and collisionless plasma. The paper is interesting not only because it provides a glimpse of the type of elegant applied mathematics that we have come to associate with Bob, but also because he discusses some leitmotifs in his intellectual evolution since the time he was a graduate student at the University of Melbourne and Princeton University. Through his early encounter with quantum field theory, Bob appreciated the power of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalisms, which he used with great effectiveness in nonlinear dynamics and plasma physics. A question that animates much of his work is one that underlies the `dressed' particle problem: if one is given a Hamiltonian with an unperturbed (or `bare') part and an interaction part, how is one to obtain a canonical transformation to `the oscillation centre' thatwould reduce the interaction part to an irreducible residual part while incorporating the rest in a renormalized zeroth-order Hamiltonian? One summer in Princeton, I worked with Bob on a possible variational formulation for this problem, and failed. I was daunted enough by my failure that I turned

  4. Decadal variation of ocean heat content and tropical cyclone activity ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    made to examine the inter-decadal variations of tropical cyclone (TC) activity and OHC700 over the. Bay of Bengal (BOB) for the .... Decadal variation of OHC and TC activity over the Bay of Bengal. 67 available because of its ..... In: Climate change 2007: The physical science basis (eds). Solomon S, Qin D, Manning M, ...

  5. A generalized Grothendieck inequality and entanglement in XOR games

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    J. Briët (Jop); H. Buhrman (Harry); B.F. Toner (Ben)


    htmlabstractSuppose Alice and Bob make local two-outcome measurements on a shared entangled state. For any d, we show that there are correlations that can only be reproduced if the local dimension is at least d. This resolves a conjecture of Brunner et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 210503 (2008) and

  6. Putting Culture in its Place

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Staricco, Juan Ignacio


    Ngai-Ling Sum and Bob Jessop present Cultural Political Economy (CPE) as a project that seeks to deepen Critical Political Economy (C*PE) through an engagement with the cultural turn. This article critically assesses their success in such an enterprise. It begins by framing CPE within Jessop...

  7. Role of biology in the air–sea carbon flux in the Bay of Bengal and ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    A physical-biological-chemical model (PBCM) is used for investigating the seasonal cycle of air–sea carbon flux and for assessing the effect of the biological processes on seasonal time scale in the Arabian Sea (AS) and Bay of Bengal (BoB), where the surface waters are subjected to contrasting physical conditions.

  8. High performance optical encryption based on computational ghost imaging with QR code and compressive sensing technique (United States)

    Zhao, Shengmei; Wang, Le; Liang, Wenqiang; Cheng, Weiwen; Gong, Longyan


    In this paper, we propose a high performance optical encryption (OE) scheme based on computational ghost imaging (GI) with QR code and compressive sensing (CS) technique, named QR-CGI-OE scheme. N random phase screens, generated by Alice, is a secret key and be shared with its authorized user, Bob. The information is first encoded by Alice with QR code, and the QR-coded image is then encrypted with the aid of computational ghost imaging optical system. Here, measurement results from the GI optical system's bucket detector are the encrypted information and be transmitted to Bob. With the key, Bob decrypts the encrypted information to obtain the QR-coded image with GI and CS techniques, and further recovers the information by QR decoding. The experimental and numerical simulated results show that the authorized users can recover completely the original image, whereas the eavesdroppers can not acquire any information about the image even the eavesdropping ratio (ER) is up to 60% at the given measurement times. For the proposed scheme, the number of bits sent from Alice to Bob are reduced considerably and the robustness is enhanced significantly. Meantime, the measurement times in GI system is reduced and the quality of the reconstructed QR-coded image is improved.

  9. New experiment in the advertising world! / Alina Lisina

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lisina, Alina


    Lätis Siguldas viidi läbi kolme reklaamiagentuuri Y&R Garage 4x4, Balta Communication'i ja Metro Leo Burnett'i nädalane seminar, mille käigus loodi ühiselt reklaam Adazhu cipsi'le. Oma teadmisi jagas reklaaminduse maailmaklassi ekspert Bob Kincey

  10. Synoptic weather conditions during BOBMEX

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Keywords. BOBMEX; monsoon depression; OLR; intraseasonal oscillation. Abstract. We document the flow features, which are associated with the important synoptic systems that affected the Bay of Bengal (BoB) and its neighbourhood and controlled the convective activity there during BOBMEX. The monsoon during July ...

  11. SST Control by Subsurface Mixing during Indian Ocean Monsoons: 1-yr Pilot Project (United States)


    Slocum glider site. IMPACT/APPLICATIONS The Bay of Bengal experiences a strong seasonal input of freshwater from riverine sources and rainfall...aim to 1) deploy turbulence gliders in the southern BoB in a small-scale sampling configuration, 2) cover a 1300 nm transect line (~ 6 days) with

  12. Teachers Unions and the War Within: Making Sense of the Conflict (United States)

    Antonucci, Mike


    In 1983, after the "A Nation at Risk" report came out, National Education Association (NEA) president Mary Hatwood Futrell attempted to mobilize the teachers union to lead the reform movement in American public education. This author states that Futrell failed at that task, as did Bob Chase, as did his successors, as will future NEA…

  13. NoSQL Data Store Technologies (United States)


    Calvin IPO /TD Dave Parker Define-IT Nathan Gould IPO /CTO Phillip Keller DHIMS Shaq Datsur Deloitte Mary Ann Wronko Mitre Ollie Gray TATRC Bob...the AHLTA system that used thick clients with direct database connections, and so the IPO wanted to understand the implications of retaining that

  14. Commission on the National Guard and Reserves: Strengthening America’s Defenses in the New Security Environment (United States)


    Moakler August 21, 2006 Arlington, VA Mr. Mike Naylon August 21, 2006 Arlington, VA Mr. Bob Norton August 21, 2006 Arlington, VA Ms. Molly Ramsdell...Lieutenant Colonel Carol Leighton October 27, 2006 Arlington, VA Major Willis Madden October 27, 2006 Arlington, VA Mr. Michael Naylon October 27

  15. Geology Museum-Based Learning in Soil Science Education (United States)

    Mikhailova, E. A.; Tennant, C. H.; Post, C. J.; Cicimurri, C.; Cicimurri, D.


    Museums provide unique learning opportunities in soil science. The Bob Campbell Geology Museum in Clemson, SC, features an exhibit of minerals and rocks common in the state and in its geologic history. We developed a hands-on laboratory exercise utilizing an exhibit that gives college students an opportunity to visualize regional minerals and…

  16. Validation of a hot water rinse and lactic acid spray in combination with scaling for treating hide-on carcasses to control biotype I strains of Escherichia coli used as surrogates for Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (United States)

    Scalding of hide-on bob veal carcasses with or without standard scalding chemical agents typically used for hogs, followed by an 82.2degreeC hot water wash and lactic acid spray (applied at ambient temperature) prior to chilling, was evaluated to determine its effectiveness in reducing the levels of...

  17. Analysis of Pendulum Period with an iPod Touch/iPhone (United States)

    Briggle, Justin


    We describe the use of Apple's iPod touch/iPhone, acting as the pendulum bob, as a means of measuring pendulum period, making use of the device's three-axis digital accelerometer and the freely available SPARKvue app from PASCO scientific. The method can be readily incorporated into an introductory physics laboratory experiment.…

  18. Variations of trace gases over the Bay of Bengal during the summer monsoon (United States)

    Girach, I. A.; Ojha, Narendra; Nair, Prabha R.; Tiwari, Yogesh K.; Kumar, K. Ravi


    In situ measurements of near-surface ozone (O3), carbon monoxide (CO), and methane (CH4) were carried out over the Bay of Bengal (BoB) as a part of the Continental Tropical Convergence Zone (CTCZ) campaign during the summer monsoon season of 2009. O3, CO and CH4 mixing ratios varied in the ranges of 8-54 ppbv, 50-200 ppbv and 1.57-2.15 ppmv, respectively during 16 July-17 August 2009. The spatial distribution of mean tropospheric O3 from satellite retrievals is found to be similar to that in surface O3 observations, with higher levels over coastal and northern BoB as compared to central BoB. The comparison of in situ measurements with the Monitoring Atmospheric Composition & Climate (MACC) global reanalysis shows that MACC simulations reproduce the observations with small mean biases of 1.6 ppbv, -2.6 ppbv and 0.07 ppmv for O3, CO and CH4, respectively. The analysis of diurnal variation of O3 based on observations and the simulations from Weather Research and Forecasting coupled with Chemistry (WRF-Chem) at a stationary point over the BoB did not show a net photochemical build up during daytime. Satellite retrievals show limitations in capturing CH4 variations as measured by in situ sample analysis highlighting the need of more shipborne in situ measurements of trace gases over this region during monsoon.

  19. Newspaper Photographs and the 1996 Presidential Election: The Question of Bias. (United States)

    Waldman, Paul; Devitt, James


    Contributes to research regarding the impact of news media on presidential elections. Performs a content analysis of photographs of Bill Clinton and Bob Dole in five major newspapers. Rejects the conclusions of "liberal bias" in the press coverage of presidential campaigns, arguing instead for the presence of a strategic bias benefitting…

  20. Investigation of Laser Induced Fluorescence for Concentration Measurements of Diatomic Sulfur. (United States)


    Jimmy Ray for making the sample tubes; and to Bob Brecha from Wright State University for his full-time help and for being such an able-bodied lab...199 digital temperature gauge and Type K thermocouple. The oven has 38 mm diameter circular quartz windows on both ends to allow the laser beam to

  1. Uudised

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Giuseppe Verdi ooperi "Maskiball" uuslavastusest Malmös. Kantrilaulja Willie Nelsoni heliplaadist "Cowboys are Frequently Secretly". Helilooja Gustav Mahleri lapselaps Marina Mahler nõuab Austria Galeriilt tagasi Edvard Munchi maali "Suveöö rannas". Jamaical Kingstonis asuvast reggae-laulja Bob Marley sünnimajast, kus asuvad helistuudio ja muuseum

  2. Freedom Food : op de bres voor het welzijn van landbouwhuisdieren in het Verenigd Koninkrijk

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Waller, B.; Heijden, van der P.G.M.


    Op 11 december 2008 gaf Bob Waller tijdens de NGVA thema-avond een presentatie met als titel "Fork naar Farm; Maatschappelijke visies op aquacultuur". Freedom Food is een organisatie die tot doel heeft het welzijnprogramma van het Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - (RSPCA), de

  3. Muusikauudiseid maailmast / Nele-Eva Steinfeld

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Steinfeld, Nele-Eva


    Lühisõnumeid maailmast: Suri Sir Neville Marriner. Bob Dylan võitis Nobeli kirjanduspreemia. Kirill Petrenko allkirjastas peadirigendilepingu Berliini Filharmoonikutega. Plácido Domingo uuendas lepingut Los Angelese ooperimajaga. George Enescu konkursi võitjatest. Oksjonil Churchilli sigarikarbist valmistatud viiul

  4. Journal of Earth System Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    In situ measurements of near-surface ozone (O₃), carbon monoxide (CO), and methane (CH₄) were carried out over the Bay of Bengal (BoB) as a part of the Continental Tropical Convergence Zone (CTCZ) campaign during the summer monsoon season of 2009. O₃, CO and CH₄ mixing ratios varied in the ranges of ...

  5. Developing Measures and Predictors of Observation and Inference Abilities (United States)


    SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES IS. KEY WORDS ( Continuo on reverse side It necessary and Identify by block number) Observation Multiple Measurement Inference...Discussion SI group observation) to twenty-three out of thirty-nine (Table V-3, Film inference - Bob). The data indicate modest improvement in item charac

  6. Pop / Mart Kalvet

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kalvet, Mart, 1975-


    Heliplaatidest: Queens Of The Stone Age "Era Vulgaris", Bob Marley & The Wailers "Exodus: 30th Anniversary Edition", Sophie Ellis Bextor "Trip The Light Fantastic", The Police "The Police", Armand Van Helden "Ghettoblaster", Rihanna "Good Girl Gone Bad", Tiit Kikas "String Theory", Ryan Adams "Easy Tiger"

  7. Corrigendum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Tracy TL Cheung, Floor M Kroese, Bob M Fennis and Denise TD De Ridder Put a limit on it: The protective effects of scarcity heuristics when self-control is low. 2015; Vol. 2(2 1–11 (DOI: 10.1177/2055102915615046

  8. Revisiting Mathematics Manipulative Materials (United States)

    Swan, Paul; Marshall, Linda


    It is over 12 years since "APMC" published Bob Perry and Peter Howard's research on the use of mathematics manipulative materials in primary mathematics classrooms. Since then the availability of virtual manipulatives and associated access to computers and interactive whiteboards have caused educators to rethink the use of mathematics…

  9. Popmuusika / Valner Valme

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Valme, Valner, 1970-


    Uutest heliplaatidest Beta Band "The Best Of", Nickelback "All The Night Reasons", Alanis Morissette "Jagged Little Pill", Bob Dylan "No Direction", Ricky Martin "Life", KTU "8 Armed Monkey", Alicia Keys "Unplugged", John Cale "Black Acetate", Blockhead "Downtown", David Gray "Life in Slow", Eric Clapton "Back Home"

  10. Motion on Cycloid Paths: A Project (United States)

    Gluck, P.


    This article reports a high school laboratory project whose theme is the motion of a small ball on cycloidal tracks. Models were built both of a brachistochrone and of a Huygens pendulum clock whose bob is constrained to move on a cycloidal path. Photogates and a data acquisition system were employed in order to investigate experimentally the…

  11. Trends in wilderness recreation use characteristics (United States)

    Alan E. Watson; David N. Cole; Joseph W. Roggenbuck


    Recent studies at the Leopold Institute have included analysis of use and user trends at the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Desolation Wilderness, Shining Rock Wilderness, the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Eagle Cap Wilderness. Some sociodemographics, like age, education, and the proportion of female visitors, have...

  12. 78 FR 29766 - Changes in Flood Hazard Determinations (United States)


    ... Board Hill Road, of Commissioners, 230 Mechanicsburg, PA South Sporting Hill 17050. Road, Mechanicsburg... Board of Gettysburg Road, Commissioners, 2233 Camp Hill, PA 17011. Gettysburg Road, Camp Hill, PA 17011... Avenue, Houston, TX 77005. Harris (FEMA Docket No.: B- City of West The Honorable Bob R. Fry, Public...

  13. Teaching Medical Student Psychiatry Through Contemporary Music (United States)

    Egan, William H.


    An audio technique uses contemporary music recordings to illustrate various personality disorders, including: schizoid, paranoid, compulsive, antisocial, and hysterical. The works of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Harry Chapin, the Beatles, Janis Ian, James Taylor, Tammy Wynette, and others are cited. (LBH)

  14. Instructor Revs Up Ailing Motorcycle Program (United States)

    Stevenson, Roy


    Bob Monroig smiles every day on his way to work at Lake Washington Technical College (LWTC), high atop a hill overlooking the affluent Seattle suburb of Kirkland, Washington. He's created his own job within a job, where he's the Harley-Davidson University program coordinator and tenured faculty in the Motorcycle, Marine, & Power Equipment…

  15. Using Design of Experiments and Response Surface Methodology as an Approach to Understand and Optimize Operational Air Power (United States)


    used to create the Egyptian pyramids and, if one digs deep into most plumbers or carpenters’ toolboxes, one can find that tool today, modified, but...recognizable to any ancient Egyptian construction foreman. Command and Control (C2) has been around at least as long as plumb bobs, but using the

  16. У "Бездомного Боба" будет свой "Идиот" / Катрин Кисса и Райнер Сарнет ; интервьюировал Борис Тух

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Кисса, Катрин, 1977-


    Režissöör Rainer Sarnet teeb filmi F. Dostojevski romaani "Idioot" ainetel. Režissöör, produtsent ning filmistuudio Homeless Bob Production juht Katrin Kissa ja näitleja Tiina Tauraite räägivad filmist

  17. Dinoflagellate community structure from the stratified environment of the Bay of Bengal, with special emphasis on harmful algal bloom species

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Naik, R.K.; Hegde, S.; Anil, A.C.

    Harmful algal blooms (HABs) have been documented along the coasts of India and the ill effects felt by society at large. Most of these reports are from the Arabian Sea, west coast of India, whereas its counterpart, the Bay of Bengal (BOB), has...

  18. On the Responsible Use of Communication Media for Learning (United States)

    Yeaman, Andrew R. J.


    Just as Bob Heinich states that technology makes instruction visible (1970, 1971), putting the professional ethics into practice makes technology visible. The window for social insight into teachers' professional field is open to a particular view at the present. There are learner questions surrounding the use of media which need answering and…

  19. Preface

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    boundary' transport at different altitude levels, with specific focus on the Indian mainland and the surrounding ... nucleation mode aerosols at higher levels, above the well-mixed region. Long-range transport and ... BoB, measured the temporal evolution of aerosol properties over distinct environments. A synthe- sis of the ...

  20. Assessing The Potability Of Water At Xhobe Watering Point In The ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The results indicate that there is a possibility of pollution from fecal sources and organic matter because the microbiological content is beyond the BOBS specification for drinking water. The study is a baseline of the assessment of the potability of water used by people in settlements of the Okavango Delta Ramsar site.

  1. Military Review: Airland Battle Future (United States)


    of inc to the exclusion of other factors may be ideal for enemy forces). Since Anglo-American military a bar room brawl, but should it be the pnme...our periods of war, featuring such stars as Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Martha Raye , Marilyn Monroe, and more recently,Lee Greenwood, Steve Martin and Jay

  2. Pilot Susan L. Still chats with white room closeout crew member (United States)


    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. -- STS-83 Pilot Susan L. Still chats with white room closeout crew member Rene Arriens as she prepares to enter the Space Shuttle Columbia at Launch Pad 39A with assistance from closeout crew worker Bob Saulnier (behind Still).

  3. The scientific careers of Robert Sinclair and Nestor Zaluzec - A brief sketch. (United States)

    Fraser, Hamish L; Smith, David J; Wittig, James E


    Robert (Bob) Sinclair and Nestor Zaluzec have been working for many years at the leading edge of developments in electron microscopy techniques and applications. Their distinguished careers and some of their notable scientific achievements are briefly highlighted. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  4. 2005 10th Annual Expeditionary Conference (United States)


    AFSS Mr. Bob Williams GTES Mr. Lindo Bradley CESS LtCol Shawn Reinwald CINS Mr. James Riordan ASST CMDR Technology Transition Office 09 Mr . R ob Le...Networked Naval Command and Control Enterprise Wide The Naval Component of the GIG Presented by: CAPT Rick “Simo” Simon - NNWC Date: 25 Oct 2005 Command

  5. Experimental Limits on Local Realism with Separable and Entangled Photons (United States)


    a photon received by Bob triggers a device which acts questionably on the unsuspecting feline ). There is only a single time slot available for the... feline fate information would not be available to her until after her photon reaches the (very remote) intrusive polarizer, and she had made a

  6. Representing and Acquiring Geographic Knowledge. (United States)


    by analogy with Piaget’s theory of the developement of spatial representations in children [ Piaget 671, that individuals progress from topological...challenges to Al theories . John Black introduced me to cognitive psychology. Bob Abelson taught me more cognitive psychology, and, in particular, pointed out...between Implementation and Theory ......... ... .. .. .. .. ... 18 8.3 The Vision Simulator. .. .. ... .... ... .... .... .... ... 18 8.4 Motion

  7. Milliarder til forskel

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Egelyng, Henrik; Hansen, Henning Otte


    , vil kunne guide egnsmærke-kandidaterne ind på vejen mod en EU Beskyttet Geografisk Oprindelse (BGB), Oprindelses-betegnelse (BOB) eller Garanteret Traditionel Specialitet (GTS). Egnsmærkeundersøgelsen i samvirke med netværksaktiviteter vil kunne bringe virksomhederne længere ad den vej, som...

  8. Training. SHAs take on NHSU role. (United States)

    Harding, Mary-Louise


    Most of the functions of the NHSU, the corporate training body for NHS staff, are expected to be devolved to strategic health authorities, according to a report by a 'transition team' that is due to land on ministers' desks this weeks. Meanwhile, an e-mail to staff from departing NHSU chief executive Professor Bob Fryer claims that 'not everyone wanted NHSU to succeed'.

  9. Tracking, say, SKYPE Locations

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    First page Back Continue Last page Graphics. Tracking, say, SKYPE Locations. Real Time Communication: Peer-to-Peer (P2P). Datagram flows between the two conversing partners; Exposes the IP addresses of all the participants to one another. If A knows B's VoIP ID, she can establish a call with Bob & obtain his current ...

  10. Contrasting Chl-a responses to the tropical cyclones Thane and Phailin in the Bay of Bengal

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Vidya, P.J.; Das, S.; ManiMurali, R.

    cyclone (8-14 October 2013), and both occurred during the post-monsoon season. The present study examined the effect of cyclone intensity difference on the chlorophyll a (Chl-a) production in the BoB. Two and seven times Chl-a enhancement was observed...

  11. Assessment of seasonal and year-to-year surface salinity signals retrieved from SMOS and Aquarius missions in the Bay of Bengal

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Akhil, V.P.; Lengaigne, M.; Durand, F.; Vialard, J.; Chaitanya, A.V.S.; Keerthi, M.G.; Gopalakrishna, V.V.; Boutin, J.; de Boyer, M.C.

    The Bay of Bengal (BoB) exhibits a wide range of sea surface salinity (SSS), with very fresh water induced by heavy monsoonal precipitation and river run-offs to the north, and saltier water to the south. This is a particularly challenging region...

  12. δ18O and salinity variability from the last glacial maximum to recent in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Sijinkumar, A.V.; Clemens, S.; Nath, B.N.; Prella, W.; Benshila, Rachid; Lengaigne, M.

    spanning 20°N to 5°N. Combined with temperature estimates and the observed seawater μ18O-salinity relationship, these data are used to estimate past changes in BoB salinity structure. Compared to modern, mid-Holocene (9–6 cal ka BP) surface...

  13. Comparison of long-term variability of sea surface temperature in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    DineshKumar, P.K.; Paul, Y.S.; Muraleedharan, K.R.; Murty, V.S.N.; Preenu, P.N.

    -annual and annual forcing while the BoB SST is influenced predominantly by annual forcing. The SST responses in both the basins are in phase to the climatic events such as El Nino, La Nina and Indian Ocean Dipole, but a stronger impact is noticed in the AS SST...

  14. ENSO-Modulated Cyclogenesis over the Bay of Bengal

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Felton, C.S.; Subrahmanyam, B.; Murty, V.S.N.

    correlated with the BoB tropical cyclone activity to a statistically significant percentage by a lead time of 5 months. Composites of 10-m zonal winds exhibit greater variance during La Niña events, favoring the development of low-level cyclonic vorticity...

  15. Plaadid / Toomas Puna

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Puna, Toomas, 1975-


    Uutest heliplaatidest Armand Van Helden "Ghettoblaster", Queens of the Stone Age "ERA Vulgaris", Tuberkuloited "Mis sa teed", Zeb "Stop the Earth, I Want to Get Off", Frankie Valentine "The World of What", Ryan Adams "Easy Tiger", Bob Sinclar "Soundz of Freedom"

  16. Come together: African universities collaborate to improve bandwidth

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)


    Feb 2, 2011 ... However, a stumbling block to realizing this vision arose: the cost of access. As Bob Hawkins, a senior education specialist at the WBI, points out, “the average African university pays 50 times more than the amount a North American university pays for Internet access.” Moreover, the bandwidth available to ...

  17. Seasonal forecasting of tropical cyclogenesis over the North Indian ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    over the northwest Pacific having significant and stable relationship with CDs over BoB in subsequent. OND season are used in PCR model for a ..... move in north-eastwards and cross Bangladesh and north-eastern parts of India. As seen from ...... and the South China Sea; Wea. Forecasting 13 997–1004. Chan J C, Shi ...

  18. Book Review: Consuming Race by Ben Pitcher : (Routledge, New York, 2014, (ISBN 978-0-4155-1969-4), 176 pp.)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    T.P. Teekens (Thomas)


    textabstractWhat does it mean when somebody wears a Bob Marley t-shirt? In his book Consuming Race, Ben Pitcher shows that wearing a shirt with a depiction of the reggae musician/counterculture hero can mean many things, but most of those things have to do with race, in one way or the other. This is

  19. Arapahos on the Great Plains. Student Workbook. (United States)

    Spoonhunter, Bob; Woodenlegs, Martha

    The student workbook is derived from "An Ethnological Report on Cheyenne and Arapaho: Aboriginal Occupation," by Zachary Gussow and "Northern Snows to Southern Summers--An Arapaho Odyssey," by Bob Spoonhunter. The first section discusses the Arapaho origins by recounting many different legends that explain how they arrived on…

  20. Download this PDF file

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Apr 1, 2005 ... which were used in measuring the length of the pendulum and the angular displacement, respectively. The simple pendulum was set up by tying one end of a string to the hook of the pendulum bob, while the other end of the string was suspended with the aid of the split cork to the stand. (Fig.2 below).

  1. Energy Consumption Model and Measurement Results for Network Coding-enabled IEEE 802.11 Meshed Wireless Networks

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Paramanathan, Achuthan; Rasmussen, Ulrik Wilken; Hundebøll, Martin


    This paper presents an energy model and energy measurements for network coding enabled wireless meshed networks based on IEEE 802.11 technology. The energy model and the energy measurement testbed is limited to a simple Alice and Bob scenario. For this toy scenario we compare the energy usages...

  2. Ombuds' Corner: A section leader on a limited-duration contract

    CERN Multimedia

    Vincent Vuillemin


    In this series, the Bulletin aims to explain the role of the Ombuds at CERN by presenting practical examples of misunderstandings that could have been resolved by the Ombuds if he had been contacted earlier. Please note that, in all the situations we present, the names are fictitious and used only to improve clarity.   Bob* has been working at CERN for almost four years on a limited-duration contract. Due to the early retirement of one of his colleagues, he was appointed Section Leader very early in his career, as he was the only one who was able to replace this person. As Section Leader, Bob had to provide annual assessments for several staff members, which he did in a very honest and balanced way. When staff members were given their results from the MARS exercise, George – one of Bob’s supervisees – accused Bob of not giving him the promotion he deserved. George had been expecting his MARS appraisal to include work that he claims Bob, being under a limited-durati...

  3. EGEE helping bridge digital divide EGEE'06 Conference preview

    CERN Multimedia


    "In this GRIDtoday Q&A, EGEE project director Bob Jones discusses where EGEEE began and where it is now as the project enters the EGEE II era. In addition, Jones previews the EGEE'06 conference, which kicks off Sept. 25 in Geneva, Switzerland, and features for the first time a prominent businee track." (2 pages)

  4. Filmikurioosumid : Kõige, kõige, kõige filmid : Zorrod läbi aegade / Aare Ermel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ermel, Aare, 1957-2013


    1919. aastal ilmunud Johnston McCulley jutustus "Capistrano needus" pani aluse lugematutele vaeste eest maskis ja pimeduse varjus kättemaksva Zorro lugudele trükisõnas ja kinolinal. Samast tüvest on pärit ka Batmani (looja Bob Kane) ja Supermani lood

  5. Basic Research in Plasma-Enhanced Combustion (United States)


    Discharge Flow Control • Plasma Generation Ignition / Combustion• Enhancement AFOSR PROGRAM MANAGER TEAM Bob Barker Mike Berman Fariba Fahroo Arje...on Robert Mac Cormack/ Stanford Tom McLaughlin/ USAFA 0.2 0.4 MHDRobert Vidmar/Nevada, Reno Noah Herschkowitz Wisconsin Doyle Knight/ Greg Elliott

  6. Effective Defense Support for Public Diplomacy (DSPD) with a Sub-Saharan Africa Target Audience: A Case Study of the African Crisis Response Force Proposal (United States)


    their agreement to participate in 1997. Eric Berman and Katie E. Sams, Peacekeeping in Africa Capabilities and Culpabilities (Geneva; Pretoria: United...Presse – English, July 15, 1996, Lexis Nexis, March 25, 2008, (accessed September 2008). 34 Bob Drogin and Robin Wright...established itself and consolidated its authority, supporting its efforts to achieve democratization, human rights and 63 Robert

  7. Taiwan: Major U.S. Arms Sales Since 1990 (United States)


    approved for sale by President Clinton in 2000. On July 16, 2002, Senators Kyl, Helms, Bob Smith, and Torricelli wrote Secretary of State Colin Powell...2583, the Foreign Relations Authorization Act for FY2012, that included an amendment offered by Representatives Connolly, Burton, and Berman to express

  8. Racism in Interracial Dating: A Case Study in Southern Culture and Fundamentalism (United States)

    Rose, Stephanie Firebaugh; Firmin, Michael W.


    This article presents a case study of Bob Jones University (BJU), a fundamentalist Christian institution located in South Carolina that is known within the context of U.S. higher education for its conservatism on multiple levels. Our analysis traces the beliefs of the institution's founder and subsequent leaders, in addition to particular…

  9. Siim Nestor soovitab : Toimub selliseid asju... / Siim Nestor

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Nestor, Siim, 1974-


    Ameerika ansambel Tha Alkaholiks üritusel "Hip Hop Café" 4. nov. klubis Hollywood, ansambel The Wailers üritusel "The Spirit of Bob Marley" 5. nov. klubis Amigo, hiphopmuusika üritus 9. nov. klubis Privé, üritusel "WHA!?" 5. nov. Rakveres esitlusel uus duubelkogumik "Higha Collection 5"

  10. Journal of Food Technology in Africa - Vol 5, No 2 (2000)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The Effects of pH and Heat Treatment Processing on the Stability of Natural Food Colours used in Dairy Products · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. S. D. Mendi, Bob Peters, Pamela Tiku Kamga, 59-61 ...

  11. Sõltumatud suurused / Märt Milter

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Milter, Märt


    Uute heliuplaatide Beulah "When Your Heartstrings Break", Wisdom Of Harry "Stars Of Super 8", Bardo Pont "Set And Setting", Manatee "Easy", Whispering Bob "Don"t Bring Me Down", Dustball "Like Monkeys Do", Calc "Not Involved", Ronnie Spector "She Talks To Rainbows EP" Everything But The Girl "Five Fathoms", GusGus "This Is Normal", Groove Armada "Vertigo", "DJ-Kicks" tutvustus

  12. Quality of temperature and salinity data from Argo profiling floats in the Bay of Bengal

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Parvathi, V.; Pankajakshan, T.; Rajkumar, M.; Prasannakumar, S.; Muraleedharan, P.M.; Ravichandran, M.; Rao, R.R.; Gopalakrishna, V.V.

    In the present study, temperature and salinity from APEX -Argo floats with reported SPB (Argo-SPB) and salinity from normal floats without any reported SPB (Argo-N) in the BoB have been subjected to quality check (QC) Method used for QC depends...

  13. Why is the Bay of Bengal experiencing a reduced rate of sea surface warming?

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    DeMello, J.R.; PrasannaKumar, S.

    to the increasing influence of the number of depressions, cyclones and severe cyclones in the BoB, the occurrence of which showed an upward trend. Using Price–Weller–Pinkel model we show that cyclonic systems deepen the mixed-layer through enhanced mechanical...

  14. Women, Girls, and Binge Drinking

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Bob Brewer, CDC's Alcohol Program Director, goes on the air to discuss the problem of binge drinking among women and girls.  Created: 8/1/2013 by National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP).   Date Released: 8/1/2013.

  15. Virtual special issue on urban development

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jordan, Declan; Monastiriotis, Vassilis; Elhorst, Paul


    This virtual special issue of Spatial Economic Analysis marks the keynote lecture at the 47th Annual Conference of the Regional Science Association International-British and Irish Section in Harrogate by Professor Bob Stimson of the University of Queensland, Australia. With over half the world's

  16. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ... which may increase SER by 13.35%, and Excalibur_c11045_236-A and BobWhite_c8436_391-T, which may increase the rate of available tillering by 14.78 and 8.47%, respectively. These results should provide valuable information for marker-assisted selection and parental selection in wheat breeding programmes.

  17. Seasonal forecasting of tropical cyclogenesis over the North Indian ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Over the North Indian Ocean (NIO) and particularly over the Bay of Bengal (BoB), the post-monsoon season from October to December (OND) are known to produce tropical cyclones, which cause damage to life and property over India and many neighbouring countries. The variability of frequency of cyclonic disturbances ...

  18. Former Hawaii Restoration Ecologist Now Favors 'Tinkering' Over Rigor. Review of Cabin, Robert J. 2011. Intelligent tinkering: bridging the gap between science and practice. (United States)

    Susan Cordell


    In his new book, Bob Cabin uses his personal involvement in the restoration of Hawai'i dry forests to illustrate the tensions that he feels exists between the science and practice of ecological restoration. It is a journey that starts out among the multidisciplinary, multi-interest perspectives associated with a grass-roots communitybased working group (Part 1,...

  19. Looking for Marx: A Review of "Marx and Education" by Jean Anyon (United States)

    Banfield, Grant


    "Marx and Education" is the second and latest volume in the new "Routledge Key Ideas in Education Series". The series is intended to offer readers concise introductions to specific sub-field developments in the field of educational scholarship. For their "Marx and Education" volume, Greg Dimitriadis and Bob Lingard…

  20. Quantum secure direct communication against the collective noise with polarization-entangled Bell states (United States)

    Dong, Li; Wang, Jun-Xi; Li, Qing-Yang; Shen, Hong-Zhi; Dong, Hai-Kuan; Xiu, Xiao-Ming; Ren, Yuan-Peng; Gao, Ya-Jun


    We propose a quantum secure direct communication protocol via a collective noise channel, exploiting polarization-entangled Bell states and the nondemolition parity analysis based on weak cross-Kerr nonlinearities. The participant Bob, who will receive the secret information, sends one of two photons in a polarization-entangled Bell state exploiting the transmission circuit against the collective noise to the participant Alice, who will send the secret information, by the means of photon block transmission. If the first security check employing the nondemolition parity analysis is passed, the task of securely distributing the quantum channel is fulfilled. Encoding secret information on the photons sent from Bob by performing single-photon unitary transformation operations, Alice resends these photons to Bob through the transmission circuit against the collective noise. Exploiting the nondemolition parity analysis to distinguish Bell states, Bob can obtain the secret information from Alice after the second security check is passed, and the resulting Bell states can be applied to other tasks of quantum information processing. Under the condition of the secure quantum channel being confirmed, the photons that are utilized in the role of the security check can be applied to the function of secure direct communication, thus enhancing the efficiency of transmitting secret information and saving a lot of resources.

  1. Another Perspective: Crowdsourcing Our Ensemble Rehearsals (United States)

    Johnston Turner, Cynthia


    The digital or information age promotes a liberal, more empowering way of learning and interacting or as Bob Stein, founder of the Voyager Company and the Institute for the Future of the Book, says, "If the printing press empowered the individual, the digital world empowers collaboration." Cynthia Johnston Turner, director of wind…

  2. Current Developments in DETER Cybersecurity Testbed Technology (United States)


    1 Current Developments in DETER Cybersecurity Testbed Technology Terry Benzel1*, Bob Braden*, Ted Faber*, Jelena Mirkovic*, Steve Schwab...fundamentally transformational cybersecurity research methodologies. This paper discusses underlying rationale, together with initial design and...implementation, of key technical concepts that drive these transformations. 1. Introduction The DETER cybersecurity testbed [3] is a dedicated

  3. Guns and Violence. Current Controversies. (United States)

    Kim, Henny H., Ed.

    This book focuses on gun violence and gun control, presenting both sides of arguments about firearms ownership and gun control. Each of five chapters poses a question about gun control and provides answers for both sides of the question. The following essays are included: (1) "Gun Violence Is Becoming an Epidemic" (Bob Herbert); (2) "Gun Violence…

  4. Rohkem tolerantsi / Lauri Kärk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kärk, Lauri, 1954-


    Berliini 53. filmifestival avati USA muusikaliga "Chicago", mis valmis Rob Marshalli käe all John Kanderi, Fred Ebbi ja Bob Fosse muusikali järgi. Festivali juht Dieter Kosslick rõhutab loosungit "Towards Tolerance", mis olevatki festivali kava alusmõtteks

  5. Minimal classical communication and measurement complexity for ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    to Charlie via two classical bits. Now, the Bob–Charlie system evolves into a state given by Ux(α|00〉 + β|11〉)23, where Ux is a unitary operator. Hence, the unknown single qubit information is locked between Bob and Charlie in such a way that neither of them can obtain the unknown qubit completely, by local operations on.

  6. The Purpose of Art: Intelligent Dialogue or Mere Decoration?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeannine Belgodere


    Full Text Available This article includes a presentation of the Chiricahua Apache sculptors Allan Houser and his son Bob Haozous, as well as a synthesis of two interviews I conducted with Bob Haozous in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in July 2013 and 2014. In this interview, upon which I will comment when I feel necessary, Bob Haozous voices his opinion of his father’s artwork, which, to his mind, conveys a romanticized view of Native Americans. According to him, Allan Houser’s portrayal of dignified and beautiful Indians cannot be divorced from a specific economic and political context. He also critiques the Indian Market as being the portrait of a romanticized history. Indeed, art that reflects the real plight of Natives is missing from the works exhibited at Indian markets, especially the one that is held in August in Santa Fe, New Mexico. For Bob Haozous, Native artists should use art as both an internal dialogue and as a political statement. His particular view of Indian identity as a philosophy, and not as a genetically-determined identity, is also groundbreaking, as is his artistic critique of Indians who have become ‘cultural zombies.’

  7. Journal of Earth System Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Keywords. BOBMEX; monsoon depression; OLR; intraseasonal oscillation. Abstract. We document the flow features, which are associated with the important synoptic systems that affected the Bay of Bengal (BoB) and its neighbourhood and controlled the convective activity there during BOBMEX. The monsoon during July ...

  8. Controlled dense coding for continuous variables using three-particle entangled states

    CERN Document Server

    Jing Zhang; Kun Chi Peng; 10.1103/PhysRevA.66.032318


    A simple scheme to realize quantum controlled dense coding with a bright tripartite entangled state light generated from nondegenerate optical parametric amplifiers is proposed in this paper. The quantum channel between Alice and Bob is controlled by Claire. As a local oscillator and balanced homodyne detector are not needed, the proposed protocol is easy to be realized experimentally. (15 refs)

  9. Detsibill : D.I.Y. - Do it yourself. White label : DJ Critical. Kuula / DJ Pickney Tiger

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    DJ Pickney Tiger, pseud., 1970-


    Saksa rockansambli The 4 Sivits kontserdituurist Ida-Saksamaal, Slovakkias ja Tšehhis. DJ Criticali heliplaadist "Mixtape". Heliplaatidest: Muse "Black Holes & Revelations", Beck "The Information", Alice Russell "Under The Munka Moon", Scissor Sisters "Ta-Dah", "Biitparaadid", Fergie "The Dutchess", Sabrina Malheiros "Vibrasons", Bob Dylan "Modern Times", Nelja Ruusua "Ensi-Ilta", Marshmobil "Minx", James Morrison "Undiscovered"

  10. Change in the intensity of low-salinity water inflow from the Bay of Bengal into the Eastern Arabian Sea from the Last Glacial Maximum to the Holocene: Implications for monsoon variations

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Mahesh, B.S.; Banakar, V.K.

    A 100–400 km wide region of the coastal Eastern Arabian Sea (EAS), off the west-coast of India, is characterized by a low-salinity tongue formed by the inflow of low-salinity surface water from the Bay of Bengal (BoB). This low-salinity tongue...

  11. Impact of Ganges–Brahmaputra interannual discharge variations on ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    tion (Gadgil et al 1984). The intensity of air– sea coupling over the BoB is supposedly favoured .... 120 m. The vertical physics is based on a prog- nostic equation for the turbulent kinetic energy. (Blanke and Delecluse 1993). Detailed description of the model set-up can be found in D07, including an extensive validation of ...

  12. Upper ocean variability in the Bay of Bengal during the tropical cyclones Nargis and Laila

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Maneesha, K.; Murty, V.S.N.; Ravichandran, M.; Lee, T.; Yu, W.; McPhaden, M.J.

    twice on 27-28 April and 1 May, and eventually made landfall at Myanmar on 2 May 2008. Laila developed over the western BoB in May 2010 and moved westward towards the east coast of India. Data from the Argo Profiling floats, the Research Moored Array...

  13. Proceedings of the Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research Development and Testing (28th) Held at Monterey, California on 20-22 October 1982 (United States)


    matters very little whether levels of confidence are computed from z z/k f f(x) dx or f g(w) dw. Xuo wao In this paper, the form in f(x) will be used. 5...CDEC’ X 16. BURGE, BOB WRAIT C 17. CASTRO, OSCAR J, White Sands X X 601 . .....-- ’,....0.5•.5

  14. Lattice variation and thermal parameters of NixMg1–xSO4⋅7H2O ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Experimentally determined Debye–Waller factor, Bobs for mixed crystal contains a static component which arises due to disorder caused by the presence of atoms of diffe- rent sizes at lattice points which are normally occupied by a given type of atom. This disorder enhances the Debye–. Waller factor and also the amplitude ...

  15. Teaching Intolerance: Anti-Catholic Bias in Voucher-Supported Schools. (United States)

    Paterson, Frances R. A.


    Examination of social studies and English textbooks distributed by A Beka Books, Bob Jones University Press, and School of Tomorrow Inc. revealed evidence of explicit and implicit anti-Catholic bias. Issues were raised concerning the use of tax funds to support schools using these materials and the effects on students of exposure to them. (SK)

  16. Pharmacy profile. New ASCP president Robert J. Miller: entrepreneur who puts the patient first. (United States)

    Meade, Vicki


    Bob Miller, known for his enthusiasm and desire to nurture others' growth, brings to his term as 2005-2006 ASCP president the leadership skills and business acumen he developed over two decades as a long-term care pharmacy owner.

  17. Extremely large anthropogenic-aerosol contribution to total aerosol load over the Bay of Bengal during winter season

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. G. Kaskaoutis


    Full Text Available Ship-borne observations of spectral aerosol optical depth (AOD have been carried out over the entire Bay of Bengal (BoB as part of the W-ICARB cruise campaign during the period 27 December 2008–30 January 2009. The results reveal a pronounced temporal and spatial variability in the optical characteristics of aerosols mainly due to anthropogenic emissions and their dispersion controlled by local meteorology. The highest aerosol amount, with mean AOD500>0.4, being even above 1.0 on specific days, is found close to the coastal regions in the western and northern parts of BoB. In these regions the Ångström exponent is also found to be high (~1.2–1.25 indicating transport of strong anthropogenic emissions from continental regions, while very high AOD500 (0.39±0.07 and α380–870 values (1.27±0.09 are found over the eastern BoB. Except from the large α380–870 values, an indication of strong fine-mode dominance is also observed from the AOD curvature, which is negative in the vast majority of the cases, suggesting dominance of an anthropogenic-pollution aerosol type. On the other hand, clean maritime conditions are rather rare over the region, while the aerosol types are further examined through a classification scheme based on the relationship between α and dα. It was found that even for the same α values the fine-mode dominance is larger for higher AODs showing the strong continental influence over the marine environment of BoB. Furthermore, there is also an evidence of aerosol-size growth under more turbid conditions indicative of coagulation and/or humidification over specific BoB regions. The results obtained using OPAC model show significant fraction of soot aerosols (~6 %–8 % over the eastern and northwestern BoB, while coarse-mode sea salt particles are found to dominate in the southern parts of BoB.

  18. Yttrium and rare earth element partitioning in seawaters from the Bay of Bengal (United States)

    Yu, Zhaojie; Colin, Christophe; Douville, Eric; Meynadier, Laure; Duchamp-Alphonse, Stéphanie; Sepulcre, Sophie; Wan, Shiming; Song, Lina; Wu, Qiong; Xu, Zhaokai; Bassinot, Frank


    The dissolved yttrium (Y) and rare earth element (REE) concentrations of seawater samples collected along a north-south hydrological transect within the Bay of Bengal (BoB) have been analyzed to estimate contributions of the Ganges and Brahmaputra (G-B) river inputs to the dissolved REE distribution of the Northern Indian Ocean. Surface water masses of the BoB are characterized by Y/Ho ratios (84) intermediate between the G-B river suspended sediment (41) and water mass from the South Indian Ocean (93). Covariation of MREE (middle REE, Sm) and LREE (light REE, La) concentrations suggests that the dissolved REEs in surface waters (upper 100 m depth) of the BoB (Sm/La = 0.21) appear to derive mainly from the freshwater discharge of the G-B river system. In contrast, values obtained in the intermediate and deep waters (Sm/La = 0.14) suggest a mixing of dissolved REEs deriving from the release of G-B river suspended particles (Sm/La = 0.16) and the contribution of Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW) (Sm/La = 0.12). Consequently, we propose that MREE/MREE* ratios in the BoB waters could be an accurate proxy to trace lithogenic inputs from the G-B river system. The dissolved and particle remineralization Nd fluxes from G-B river system are calculated to constitute about 9% and 4% of the global dissolved river discharge and "boundary inputs" flux. Our estimation indicates that the massive G-B river system inputs could greatly alter the dissolved REEs distribution in the BoB and contribute to the dissolved REEs budget in the ocean.

  19. Satellites and Human Health: Potential for Tracking Cholera Outbreaks (United States)

    Jutla, A. S.; Akanda, A. S.; Islam, S.


    Cholera continues to be a significant health threat across the globe. The pattern and magnitude of the seven global pandemics suggest that cholera outbreaks primarily originate in coastal regions and spread inland through secondary means. Cholera bacteria show strong association with zooplankton and phytoplankton abundance in coastal ecosystems. Characterization of space-time variability of chlorophyll, a surrogate for phytoplankton abundance, in Northern Bay of Bengal (BoB) is an essential step to develop any methodology for tracking cholera in the Bengal Delta from space. Using ten years of satellite data, this study (a) quantifies the space-time distribution of chlorophyll in BoB region and (b) presents a hypothesis as to how coastal plankton may be related with cholera outbreaks. Preliminary results suggest that variability of chlorophyll at daily scale, irrespective of spatial averaging, resembles white noise. At a monthly scale, chlorophyll shows distinct annual seasonality and chlorophyll values are significantly higher close to the coast than those in the offshore regions. At pixel level (9 km) on monthly scale, on the other hand, chlorophyll does not exhibit much persistence in time. With increased spatial averaging, temporal persistence of monthly chlorophyll increases and lag one autocorrelation stabilizes around 0.60 for 1200 km2 or larger areal averages. Spatial analyses of chlorophyll suggest that coastal region in BoB have a stable sill at 100 km range. Using satellite chlorophyll data, we observe that phytoplankton blooms occur every year in BoB, yet severe cholera outbreaks happen in certain years. This study provides a working hypothesis on how BoB coastal plankton blooms aided by regional hydroclimatic processes may lead to possible cholera outbreaks in Bengal Delta.

  20. Intrahippocampal LSD accelerates learning and desensitizes the 5-HT(2A) receptor in the rabbit, Romano et al. (United States)

    Romano, Anthony G; Quinn, Jennifer L; Li, Luchuan; Dave, Kuldip D; Schindler, Emmanuelle A; Aloyo, Vincent J; Harvey, John A


    Parenteral injections of d-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), a serotonin 5-HT(2A) receptor agonist, enhance eyeblink conditioning. Another hallucinogen, (±)-1(2, 5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenyl)-2-aminopropane hydrochloride (DOI), was shown to elicit a 5-HT(2A)-mediated behavior (head bobs) after injection into the hippocampus, a structure known to mediate trace eyeblink conditioning. This study aims to determine if parenteral injections of the hallucinogens LSD, d,l-2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine, and 5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine elicit the 5-HT(2A)-mediated behavior of head bobs and whether intrahippocampal injections of LSD would produce head bobs and enhance trace eyeblink conditioning. LSD was infused into the dorsal hippocampus just prior to each of eight conditioning sessions. One day after the last infusion of LSD, DOI was infused into the hippocampus to determine whether there had been a desensitization of the 5-HT(2A) receptor as measured by a decrease in DOI-elicited head bobs. Acute parenteral or intrahippocampal LSD elicited a 5-HT(2A) but not a 5-HT(2C)-mediated behavior, and chronic administration enhanced conditioned responding relative to vehicle controls. Rabbits that had been chronically infused with 3 or 10 nmol per side of LSD during Pavlovian conditioning and then infused with DOI demonstrated a smaller increase in head bobs relative to controls. LSD produced its enhancement of Pavlovian conditioning through an effect on 5-HT(2A) receptors located in the dorsal hippocampus. The slight, short-lived enhancement of learning produced by LSD appears to be due to the development of desensitization of the 5-HT(2A) receptor within the hippocampus as a result of repeated administration of its agonist (LSD).

  1. Effect of an electrolyte salt dissolving in polysiloxane-based electrolyte on passive film formation on a graphite electrode (United States)

    Nakahara, Hiroshi; Nutt, Steven

    Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) was performed during the first charge of a graphite/lithium metal test cell to determine the effect of an electrolyte salt on passive film formation in a polysiloxane-based electrolyte. The graphite electrode was separated from the lithium metal electrode by a porous polyethylene membrane immersed in a polysiloxane-based electrolyte with the dissolved lithium bis(oxalato) borate (LiBOB) or lithium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl) imide (LiTFSI). In case of LiTFSI, the conductivity of system decreased at 1.2 V. In contrast, for the case of LiBOB, the conductivity decreased at 1.7 V. The magnitudes of charge transfer resistance and film resistance for LiTFSI were smaller than that for LiBOB. Passive films on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) after charging (lithiating) in polysiloxane-based electrolyte were inspected microscopically. Gel-like film and island-like films were observed for LiBOB [H. Nakahara, A. Masias, S.Y. Yoon, T. Koike, K. Takeya, Proceedings of the 41st Power Sources Conference, vol. 165, Philadelphia, June 14-17, 2004; H. Nakahara, S.Y. Yoon, T. Piao, S. Nutt, F. Mansfeld, J. Power Sources, in press; H. Nakahara, S.Y. Yoon, S. Nutt, J. Power Sources, in press]. However, for LiTFSI, there was sludge accumulation on the HOPG surface. Compositional analysis revealed the presence of silicon on both HOPG specimens with LiBOB and with LiTFSI. The electrolyte salt dissolved in the polysiloxane-based electrolyte changed the electrochemical and morphological nature of passive films on graphite electrode.

  2. Long-term hospitalisation rates among 5-year survivors of Hodgkin lymphoma in adolescence or young adulthood: A nationwide cohort study. (United States)

    Rugbjerg, Kathrine; Maraldo, Maja; Aznar, Marianne C; Cutter, David J; Darby, Sarah C; Specht, Lena; Olsen, Jørgen H


    In the present study, we report on the full range of physical diseases acquired by survivors of Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosed in adolescence or young adulthood. In a Danish nationwide population-based cohort study, 1,768 five-year survivors of Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosed at ages 15-39 years during 1943-2004 and 228,447 comparison subjects matched to survivors on age and year of birth were included. Hospital discharge diagnoses and bed-days during 1977-2010 were obtained from the Danish Patient Register for 145 specific disease categories gathered in 14 main diagnostic groups. The analysis was conducted separately on three subcohorts of survivors, that is, survivors diagnosed 1943-1976 for whom we had no information on rehospitalisation for Hodgkin lymphoma and survivors diagnosed 1977-2004, split into a subcohort with no expected relapses and a subcohort for whom a rehospitalisation for Hodgkin lymphoma indicated a relapse. The overall standardised hospitalisation rate ratios (RRs) were 2.0 [95% confidence interval (CI), 1.9-2.1], 1.5 (1.4-1.6) and 2.9 (2.6-3.1) respectively, and the corresponding RRs for bed-days were 3.5 (3.4-3.5), 1.8 (1.8-1.9) and 10.4 (10.3-10.6). Highest RRs were seen for nonmalignant haematological conditions (RR: 2.6; 3.1 and 9.7), malignant neoplasms (RR: 3.2; 2.5 and 4.7) and all infections combined (RR: 2.5; 2.2 and 5.3). Survivors of Hodgkin lymphoma in adolescence or young adulthood are at increased risk for a wide range of diseases that require hospitalisation. The risk depends on calendar period of treatment and on whether the survivors were rehospitalised for Hodgkin lymphoma, and thus likely had a relapse. © 2017 The Authors International Journal of Cancer published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd on behalf of UICC.

  3. An integrated campaign for investigation of winter-time continental haze over Indo-Gangetic Basin and its radiative effects

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Das, Sanat Kumar; Chatterjee, Abhijit; Ghosh, Sanjay K.; Raha, Sibaji


    An outflow of continental haze occurs from Indo-Gangetic Basin (IGB) in the North to Bay of Bengal (BoB) in the South. An integrated campaign was organized to investigate this continental haze during December 2013–February 2014 at source and remote regions within IGB to quantify its radiative effects. Measurements were carried out at three locations in eastern India; 1) Kalas Island, Sundarban (21.68°N, 88.57°E) — an isolated island along the north-east coast of BoB, 2) Kolkata (22.57°N, 88.42°E) — an urban metropolis and 3) Siliguri (26.70°N, 88.35°E) — an urban region at the foothills of eastern Himalayas. Ground-based AOD (at 0.5 μm) is observed to be maximum (1.25 ± 0.18) over Kolkata followed by Siliguri (0.60 ± 0.17) and minimum over Sundarban (0.53 ± 0.18). Black carbon concentration is found to be maximum at Kolkata (21.6 ± 6.6 μg·m −3 ) with almost equal concentrations at Siliguri (12.6 ± 5.2 μg·m −3 ) and Sundarban (12.3 ± 3.0 μg·m −3 ). Combination of MODIS-AOD and back-trajectories analysis shows an outflow of winter-time continental haze originating from central IGB and venting out through Sundarban towards BoB. This continental haze with high extinction coefficient is identified up to central BoB using CALIPSO observations and is found to contribute ~ 75% to marine AOD over central BoB. This haze produces significantly high aerosol radiative forcing within the atmosphere over Kolkata (75.4 Wm −2 ) as well as over Siliguri and Sundarban (40 Wm −2 ) indicating large forcing over entire IGB, from foothills of the Himalayas to coastal region. This winter-time continental haze also causes about similar radiative heating (1.5 K·day −1 ) from Siliguri to Sundarban which is enhanced over Kolkata (3 K·day −1 ) due to large emission of local urban aerosols. This high aerosol heating over entire IGB and coastal region of BoB can have considerable impact on the monsoonal circulation and more importantly, such haze

  4. Obituary: Ralph Robert Robbins, Jr., 1938-2005 (United States)

    Hemenway, Mary Kay; Jefferys, William H.; Lambert, David L.


    Ralph Robert Robbins, Jr., died on 2 December 2005, in Kyle, Texas. His wife, Maria Elena Robbins, his daughters Julia Robbins Kelso and Stephanie Juarez Balles, his son Matthew Juarez, and five grandchildren survive him. Bob was on the faculty at the University of Texas from 1968 until his retirement in 2003. Bob was born in Wichita, Kansas, on 2 September 1938, the only son of Mildred and Ralph Robert Robbins, Sr. Guided by his high school's policy to provide a practical education to children of working-class parents, Bob began high school with a heavy dose of vocational courses until the results of a test indicated his special talent in mathematics. He was awarded a full scholarship to Yale University, graduating magna cum laude in mathematics in 1960. He won the Warner Prize in Mathematics at Yale that year. He received his Ph.D. in 1966 with a dissertation entitled "The Triplet Spectrum of Neutral Helium in Expanding Nebulae" from the University of California at Berkeley. His interest in college teaching was ignited at this time through summer teaching positions at San Mateo California Junior College and the Ohio State University. Following a year at Texas as a McDonald Observatory Post-doctoral Fellow, Bob taught for a year in the physics department of the University of Houston before returning to the University of Texas at Austin as an Assistant Professor of Astronomy in 1968. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1972. Bob's research in the early 1970s on theoretical studies of helium was of vital importance to astronomers for over three decades. These pioneering calculations became vital to observational astronomers in the mid-1990s as interest grew in the primordial helium produced by the Big Bang. Bob's interest and influence in education was international in scope. In the summers 1968-1970, he was a government consultant in Mathematics in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). He consulted with the government that was preparing a master plan for technical

  5. Bay of Bengal: An Oxygen Minimum Zone at the Tipping Point (United States)

    Bristow, L. A.; Callbeck, C. M.; Larsen, M.; Altabet, M. A.; Dekaezemacker, J.; Forth, M.; Glud, R. N.; Kuypers, M. M. M.; Lavik, G.; Gauns, M.; Milucka, J.; Naqvi, S. W. A.; Pratihary, A.; Thamdrup, B.; Treusch, A.; Canfield, D. E.


    Oxygen minimum zones (OMZs) host N2 producing microbial populations responsible for a major percentage of the fixed nitrogen (N) loss from the oceans. While, the Bay of Bengal (BoB) contains regions with oxygen (O2) concentrations below detection of standard methods, there have been no prior reports of N2 production. We sampled the BoB in January 2014 during the winter monsoon, measuring in situ O2 with a highly sensitive STOX (switchable trace oxygen) sensor. Sampling was carried out for natural abundance NO3- isotopes, molecular characterization of microbial populations and experiments exploring the aerobic and anaerobic microbial turnover of N species. Unlike recognized OMZs, the BoB has minimum O2 concentrations in the 10 to 100 nM range. Despite this measurable O2, the BoB OMZ houses microbial populations similar to other OMZs, capable of N2 production through both anammox and denitrification. Isotope labeling experiments with 15NO2- detected anammox up to 6.2 nM N d-1, but were below detection with 15NH4+ at all stations, indicating the great potential for anammox in the BoB OMZ waters, but the process is limited by NO2- availability. Denitrification was also detected in 15NO2- experiments, up to 0.9 nM N d-1. Active N cycling with very minor N loss was also indicated by NO3- isotopes. The general lack of NO2- accumulation (< 180 nM) and low in situ N2 production rates are likely a result of limited organic matter availability, which in turn limits the drawdown of O2 and allows a close coupling of NO3- reduction and NO2- oxidation. The potential for N2 production, is however high, and the BoB would become an important player in the marine N cycle if these last traces of O2 were removed, for example, by anthropogenic forcing or climate change.

  6. Internal time marker (Q1) of the Cretaceous super chron in the Bay of Bengal - a new age constraint for the oceanic crust evolved between India and Elan Bank (United States)

    Krishna, K. S.; Ismaiel, M.; Karlapati, S.; Saha, D.; Mishra, J.


    Analysis of marine magnetic data of the Bay of Bengal (BOB) led to suggest two different tectonic models for the evolution of lithosphere between India and East Antarctica. The first model explains the presence of M-series (M11 to M0) magnetic anomalies in BOB with a small room leaving for accommodating the crust evolved during the long Cretaceous Magnetic Quiet Period. Second model explains in other way that most part of the crust in BOB was evolved during the quite period together with the possible presence of oldest magnetic chron M1/ M0 in close vicinity of ECMI. It is with this perspective we have reinvestigated the existing and recently acquired magnetic data together with regional magnetic model of BOB for identification of new tectonic constraints, thereby to better understand the evolution of lithosphere. Analysis of magnetic data revealed the presence of spreading anomalies C33 and C34 in the vicinity of 8°N, and internal time marker (Q1) corresponding to the age 92 Ma at 12°N in a corridor between 85°E and Ninetyeast ridges. The new time marker and its location, indeed, become a point of reference and benchmark in BOB for estimating the age of oceanic crust towards ECMI. The magnetic model further reveals the presence of network of fracture zones (FZs) with different orientations. Between 85°E and Ninetyeast ridges, two near N-S FZs, approximately followed 87°E and 89.5°E are found to extend into BOB up to 12°N, from there the FZs reorient in N60°W direction and reach to the continental margin region. Along ECMI two sets of FZs are identified with a northern set oriented in N60°W and southern one in N40°W direction. This suggests that both north and south segments of the ECMI were evolved in two different tectonic settings. The bend in FZs marks the timing (92 Ma) of occurrence of first major plate reorganisation of the Indian Ocean and becomes a very critical constraint for understanding the plate tectonic process in early opening of the

  7. Mysteries of the quantum universe

    CERN Document Server

    Damour, Thibault


    Famous explorer Bob and his dog Rick have been around the world and even to the Moon, but their travels through the quantum universe show them the greatest wonders they've ever seen. As they follow their tour guide, the giddy letter h (also known as the Planck constant), Bob and Rick have crepes with Max Planck, talk to Einstein about atoms, visit Louis de Broglie in his castle, and hang out with Heisenberg on Heligoland. On the way, we find out that a dog - much like a cat - can be both dead and alive, the gaze of a mouse can change the universe, and a comic book can actually make quantum physics fun, easy to understand and downright enchanting.

  8. Device-independent two-party cryptography secure against sequential attacks

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kaniewski, Jedrzej; Wehner, Stephanie


    known as weak string erasure and prove its security even if the devices used in the protocol are prepared by the dishonest party. DI two-party cryptography is made challenging by the fact that Alice and Bob do not trust each other, which requires new techniques to establish security. We fully analyse......The goal of two-party cryptography is to enable two parties, Alice and Bob, to solve common tasks without the need for mutual trust. Examples of such tasks are private access to a database, and secure identification. Quantum communication enables security for all of these problems in the noisy......-storage model by sending more signals than the adversary can store in a certain time frame. Here, we initiate the study of device-independent (DI) protocols for two-party cryptography in the noisy-storage model. Specifically, we present a relatively easy to implement protocol for a cryptographic building block...

  9. Continuous-variable blind quantum computation. (United States)

    Morimae, Tomoyuki


    Blind quantum computation is a secure delegated quantum computing protocol where Alice, who does not have sufficient quantum technology at her disposal, delegates her computation to Bob, who has a fully fledged quantum computer, in such a way that Bob cannot learn anything about Alice's input, output, and algorithm. Protocols of blind quantum computation have been proposed for several qudit measurement-based computation models, such as the graph state model, the Affleck-Kennedy-Lieb-Tasaki model, and the Raussendorf-Harrington-Goyal topological model. Here, we consider blind quantum computation for the continuous-variable measurement-based model. We show that blind quantum computation is possible for the infinite squeezing case. We also show that the finite squeezing causes no additional problem in the blind setup apart from the one inherent to the continuous-variable measurement-based quantum computation.

  10. A Weak Quantum Blind Signature with Entanglement Permutation (United States)

    Lou, Xiaoping; Chen, Zhigang; Guo, Ying


    Motivated by the permutation encryption algorithm, a weak quantum blind signature (QBS) scheme is proposed. It involves three participants, including the sender Alice, the signatory Bob and the trusted entity Charlie, in four phases, i.e., initializing phase, blinding phase, signing phase and verifying phase. In a small-scale quantum computation network, Alice blinds the message based on a quantum entanglement permutation encryption algorithm that embraces the chaotic position string. Bob signs the blinded message with private parameters shared beforehand while Charlie verifies the signature's validity and recovers the original message. Analysis shows that the proposed scheme achieves the secure blindness for the signer and traceability for the message owner with the aid of the authentic arbitrator who plays a crucial role when a dispute arises. In addition, the signature can neither be forged nor disavowed by the malicious attackers. It has a wide application to E-voting and E-payment system, etc.

  11. The Rain Keeps Falling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Deborah Rose


    Full Text Available The force of disaster hit me in the heart when, as a young woman, I heard Bob Dylan sing ‘Hard Rain’. In a voice stunned by violence, the young man reports on a multitude of forces that drag the world into catastrophe. In the 1960s I heard the social justice in the song. In 2004 the environmental issues ambush me. The song starts and ends in the dying world of trees and rivers. The poet’s words in both domains of justice are eerily prophetic. They call across the music, and across the years, saying that a hard rain is coming. The words bear no story at all; they give us a series of compelling images, an account of impending calamity. The artistry of the poet—Bob (Billy Boy Dylan—offers sequences of reports that, like Walter Benjamin’s storm from paradise, pile wreckage upon wreckage.

  12. Flexible Quantum Oblivious Transfer (United States)

    Yang, Yu-Guang; Yang, Rui; Cao, Wei-Feng; Chen, Xiu-Bo; Zhou, Yi-Hua; Shi, Wei-Min


    We propose a flexible protocol for one-out-of- nquantum oblivious transfer (QOT) Compared with existing QOT protocols, our protocol is more flexible. We demonstrate that, by adjusting the value of 𝜃 the flexible one-out-of- nQOT is allowable where n can be located theoretically on any value the communicating parties wanted. Meanwhile, it also meets the rigorous security requirements of the oblivious transfer (OT) definition, which ensures Bob can receive on average one of n messages held by Alice, while Alice cannot know which one Bob has received. Finally, we analyze the security of our protocol and show that it is not based on quantum bit commitment and does not violate Lo's no-go theorem so that its security can be achieved.

  13. Experimental quantum tossing of a single coin

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Nguyen, A T; Frison, J; Massar, S; Huy, K Phan


    The cryptographic protocol of coin tossing consists of two parties, Alice and Bob, who do not trust each other, but want to generate a random bit. If the parties use a classical communication channel and have unlimited computational resources, one of them can always cheat perfectly. If the parties use a quantum communication channel, there exist protocols such that neither party can cheat perfectly, although they may be able to significantly bias the coin. Here, we analyze in detail how the performance of a quantum coin tossing experiment should be compared to classical protocols, taking into account the inevitable experimental imperfections. We then report an all-optical fiber experiment in which a single coin is tossed whose randomness is higher than achievable by any classical protocol and present some easily realizable cheating strategies by Alice and Bob

  14. Experimental bit commitment based on quantum communication and special relativity. (United States)

    Lunghi, T; Kaniewski, J; Bussières, F; Houlmann, R; Tomamichel, M; Kent, A; Gisin, N; Wehner, S; Zbinden, H


    Bit commitment is a fundamental cryptographic primitive in which Bob wishes to commit a secret bit to Alice. Perfectly secure bit commitment between two mistrustful parties is impossible through asynchronous exchange of quantum information. Perfect security is however possible when Alice and Bob split into several agents exchanging classical and quantum information at times and locations suitably chosen to satisfy specific relativistic constraints. Here we report on an implementation of a bit commitment protocol using quantum communication and special relativity. Our protocol is based on [A. Kent, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 130501 (2012)] and has the advantage that it is practically feasible with arbitrary large separations between the agents in order to maximize the commitment time. By positioning agents in Geneva and Singapore, we obtain a commitment time of 15 ms. A security analysis considering experimental imperfections and finite statistics is presented.

  15. Quantum hacking of a continuous-variable quantum-key-distribution system using a wavelength attack (United States)

    Huang, Jing-Zheng; Weedbrook, Christian; Yin, Zhen-Qiang; Wang, Shuang; Li, Hong-Wei; Chen, Wei; Guo, Guang-Can; Han, Zheng-Fu


    The security proofs of continuous-variable quantum key distribution are based on the assumptions that the eavesdropper can neither act on the local oscillator nor control Bob's beam splitter. These assumptions may be invalid in practice due to potential imperfections in the implementations of such protocols. In this paper, we consider the problem of transmitting the local oscillator in a public channel and propose a wavelength attack which allows the eavesdropper to control the intensity transmission of Bob's beam splitter by switching the wavelength of the input light. Specifically we target continuous-variable quantum key distribution systems that use the heterodyne detection protocol using either direct or reverse reconciliation. Our attack is proved to be feasible and renders all of the final keys shared between the legitimate parties insecure, even if they have monitored the intensity of the local oscillator. To prevent our attack on commercial systems, a simple wavelength filter should be randomly added before performing monitoring detection.

  16. Automatic Program Development

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Automatic Program Development is a tribute to Robert Paige (1947-1999), our accomplished and respected colleague, and moreover our good friend, whose untimely passing was a loss to our academic and research community. We have collected the revised, updated versions of the papers published in his ...... a renewed stimulus for continuing and deepening Bob's research visions. A familiar touch is given to the book by some pictures kindly provided to us by his wife Nieba, the personal recollections of his brother Gary and some of his colleagues and friends....... honor in the Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation Journal in the years 2003 and 2005. Among them there are two papers by Bob: (i) a retrospective view of his research lines, and (ii) a proposal for future studies in the area of the automatic program derivation. The book also includes some papers...

  17. Automation and remote control of the heating plant in Feuerbach by the Technical Works AG of the city of Stuttgart; Automatisierung und Fernueberwachung des Heizwerks Feuerbach bei den Technischen Werken der Stadt Stuttgart AG

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mueller, J. [Technische Werke der Stadt Stuttgart AG (Germany); Finkbeiner, S. [Technische Werke der Stadt Stuttgart AG (Germany)


    The heating plant Feuerbach was planned for an operation without supervision (Betrieb ohne Beaufsichtigung BOB) according to TRD 604 (72-hour-operation). A major criteria for the planning of the control technique were the high demands on the availability of the station. The redundancy in the process technology has been continued in the control technique. The internal structure of the control technique system does not only influence the concept of the direct and remote control but also the control technique diagnostic system. (orig.) [Deutsch] Das Heizwerk Feuerbach wurde fuer den Betrieb ohne Beaufsichtigung (BOB) gem. TRD 604 (72-Stunden-Betrieb) konzipiert. Hohe Anforderungen an die Verfuegbarkeit der Anlage waren ein wesentliches Kriterium bei der Planung der Leittechnik. Die verfahrenstechnische Redundanz wurde in der Leittechnik konsequent weitergefuehrt. Sowohl die Durchgaengigkeit des Konzepts der Vorort- und Fernbedienung als auch des Leittechnikdiagnosesystems wird entscheidend durch die interne Struktur des Leittechniksystems beeinflusst. (orig.)

  18. Decoy-state BB84 protocol using space division multiplexing in silicon photonics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bacco, Davide; Ding, Yunhong; Dalgaard, Kjeld


    Quantum key distribution (QKD), a technique based on quantum physics, provides unconditional secure quantum keys to be shared between two or more clients (Alice and Bob) [1]. Most QKD systems are implemented in a point-to-point link using bulky and expensive devices. Consequently a large scale...... the superposition of the quantum state between cores, combined with a positive/negative phase relation. A train of weak coherent pulses (5 kHz repetition and 10 ns wide) are injected into the transmitter chip (Alice), where multiple variable optical attenuators (VOAs) are used to decrease the number of photons per...... pulse (μ technique is implemented. Alice, by using an FPGA board, (Fig. 1(a)) randomly chooses one of the two bases and one of the two states to transmit to Bob. The qubits are matched to two cores of a multi-core fiber, through...

  19. Stress growth and relaxation of dendritically branched macromolecules in shear and uniaxial extension

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Huang, Qian; Costanzo, S.; Das, C.


    stress relaxation, suggesting a strong ‘elastic memory’ of the material. These results are 2 described by BoB semi-quantitatively, both in linear and nonlinear shear and extensional regimes. Given the fact that the segments between branch points are less than 3 entanglements long, this is a very...... of the remarkable properties of these highly branched macromolecules. In particular, we address three questions pertinent to the specific molecular structure: (i) is steady state attainable during uniaxial extension? (ii) what is the respective transient response in simple shear? and (iii) how does stress relax...... the Branch-on-Branch (BoB) algorithm. The data indicates that the extensional viscosity reaches a steady state value, whose dependence on extension rate is identical to that of entangled linear and other branched polymer melts. Nonlinear shear is characterized by transient stress overshoots and the validity...

  20. Security proof of quantum cryptography based entirely on entanglement purification

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Aschauer, Hans; Briegel, Hans J.


    We give a proof that entanglement purification, even with noisy apparatus, is sufficient to disentangle an eavesdropper (Eve) from the communication channel. In the security regime, the purification process factorizes the overall initial state into a tensor-product state of Alice and Bob, on one side, and Eve on the other side, thus establishing a completely private, albeit noisy, quantum communication channel between Alice and Bob. The security regime is found to coincide for all practical purposes with the purification regime of a two-way recurrence protocol. This makes two-way entanglement purification protocols, which constitute an important element in the quantum repeater, an efficient tool for secure long-distance quantum cryptography

  1. Cryptanalysis of the arbitrated quantum signature protocols

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gao Fei; Qin Sujuan; Guo Fenzhuo; Wen Qiaoyan [State Key Laboratory of Networking and Switching Technology, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing 100876 (China)


    As a new model for signing quantum messages, arbitrated quantum signature (AQS) has recently received a lot of attention. In this paper we study the cryptanalysis of previous AQS protocols from the aspects of forgery and disavowal. We show that in these protocols the receiver, Bob, can realize existential forgery of the sender's signature under known message attack. Bob can even achieve universal forgery when the protocols are used to sign a classical message. Furthermore, the sender, Alice, can successfully disavow any of her signatures by simple attack. The attack strategies are described in detail and some discussions about the potential improvements of the protocols are given. Finally we also present several interesting topics on AQS protocols that can be studied in future.

  2. CERT TST December 2015 Visit Summary

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Little, Robert Currier [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Bailey, Teresa S. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States); Gamblin, G. Todd [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States); Olinger, Chad Tracy [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Pautz, Shawn D. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Williams, Alan B. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    The annual PSAAP II TST visit to Texas A&M’s CERT Center was held on December 1-3, 2015. The agenda for the visit is attached. Non-TAMU attendees were: TST Members – Teresa Bailey (LLNL), Todd Gamblin (LLNL), Bob Little (LANL) – Chair, Chad Olinger (LANL), Shawn Pautz (SNL), Alan Williams (SNL);Other Lab staff – Skip Kahler (LANL), Ana Kupresanin (LLNL), and Rob Lowrie (LANL); AST Members – Nelson Hoffman (LANL) and Bob Voigt (Leidos) The TST wishes to express our appreciation to all involved with CERT for the high-quality posters and presentations and for the attention to logistics that enabled a successful visit. We have broken our comments into four sections: (1) Kudos, (2) Recommendations, (3) Feedback on Priorities for April Review, and (4) Follow-Up Activities with Labs.

  3. Notes on teleportation in an expanding space

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Feng, Jun, E-mail: [Beijing National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190 (China); Yang, Wen-Li [Institute of Modern Physics, Northwest University, Xian 710069 (China); Zhang, Yao-Zhong [School of Mathematics and Physics, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD 4072 (Australia); Fan, Heng, E-mail: [Beijing National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190 (China)


    We investigate the quantum teleportation between a conformal detector Alice and an inertial detector Bob in de Sitter space in two schemes, (i) one uses free scalar modes and (ii) one utilizes cavity to store qubit. We show that the fidelity of the teleportation is degraded for Bob in both cases. While the fidelity-loss is due to the Gibbons–Hawking effect associated with his cosmological horizon in the scheme (i), the entanglement decreases in the scheme (ii) because the ability to entangle the cavities is reduced by the spacetime curvature. With a cutoff at Planck-scale, comparing with the standard Bunch–Davies choice, we also show that the possible Planckian physics cause extra modifications to the fidelity of the teleportation protocol in both schemes.

  4. The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Future Air Capabilities (United States)


    strictive polymer artificial muscle actuators (89). • Smaller, cheaper propulsion systems offering order-of-magnitude improvements in performance enable...8217, leading to slow responsiveness. As a result, the potential shortening of the OODA loop provided by advances in technology may not be fully realised...102. R. Feik and S. Oldfield, Air Operations Division, DSTO Brief: Human Factors Technology Forecasting for the ADF, 1997. 103. Bob Dancer , Air


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Since the mass of the cord ~n be neglected, the moment of inertia (I) of the simpie pendulum about axis 0 is due to the mass m of the bob at a distance L from the axis_ That is r. ;2. J = l11L._. Now applying Newton's second law for the angular motion yields. {2). (~). Combining equations 1 and 3 and solving for the anguiar ...

  6. Book Reviews Volume 3



    Book Reviews Denis McQuail Media Performance: Mass Communication and the Public Interest, Reviewed by Farrel Corcoran. James Donald, Sentimental Education: Schooling, Popular Culture and the Regulation of Liberty London, Reviewed by Sheelagh Drudy Robert Chapman Selling The Sixties: The Pirates and Pop Music Radio, Reviewed by Pat Dunne Bob Franklin, ed. Televising Democracies with a foreword by Bernard Weatherhill , Reviewed by Brian Farrell Tim Congdon et al Paying for Broadc...

  7. Friends with Benefits: Optimizing Civil Affairs for Future Engagements (United States)


    Mapley-Brittle, COL Jay Wolff, COL( R ) John Collison, LTC Jay Liddick, LTC Brad Wallace, LTC Mike Chagaris, LTC ( R ) Bob Jones, MAJ Curt Sisk, MAJ...11 Coles and Weinberg, Civil Affairs: Soldiers Become Governors, 10. 12 Ibid., 12. 13 Charles S. Hyneman, “The...Government, 1775–1991, 329. 35 Ibid., 334. 36 C. Darwin Stolzenbach and Henry A. Kissinger, Civil Affairs in Korea 1950–1951 (Chevy Chase, MD: Johns

  8. Envirenmental Baseline Survey, Manch Manor Housing Area, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada (United States)


    Reported to NDEP: 21-Jan-99 Petrolium Fund ID: Nat reponed Emergency Mngmnt Tracking#: 990121-3285 Location of Paper File: NDEP: Las Vegas Type of... Petrolium Fund ID: Not reported Emergency Mngmnt Tracking #: Not reported Location of Paper File: NDEP: Las Vegas Type of Media Impacted: Soil Type...Activity: Date Reported to NDEP: Petrolium Fund ID: Emergency Mngmnt Tracking #: 8-000596 Bob De Ninno Not N>nortP.rl 10220 SW Greenburg Road, Suite

  9. J chain and myocyte enhancer factor 2B are useful in differentiating classical Hodgkin lymphoma from nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin lymphoma and primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma. (United States)

    Moore, Erika M; Swerdlow, Steven H; Gibson, Sarah E


    Although most classical Hodgkin lymphomas (CHLs) are easily distinguished from nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin lymphoma (NLPHL) and primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma (PMBL), cases with significant CD20 expression cause diagnostic confusion. Although the absence of OCT-2 and BOB.1 are useful in these circumstances, a variable proportion of CHLs are positive for these antigens. We investigated the utility of J chain and myocyte enhancer factor 2B (MEF2B) in the diagnosis of CHL; NLPHL; PMBL; T-cell/histiocyte-rich large B-cell lymphoma (TCRLBL); and B-cell lymphoma, unclassifiable, with features intermediate between diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and CHL, compared with OCT-2 and BOB.1. J chain and MEF2B highlighted lymphocyte predominant (LP) cells in 20/20 (100%) NLPHLs and were negative in 43/43 (100%) CHLs. Fourteen of 15 (93%) PMBLs and 4/4 (100%) TCRLBLs were MEF2B positive, whereas 67% of PMBLs and 50% of TCRLBLs were J chain positive. Three of 3 B-cell lymphomas, unclassifiable, with features intermediate between diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and CHL, were negative for J chain and MEF2B. J chain and MEF2B were 100% sensitive and specific for NLPHL versus CHL. MEF2B was 100% sensitive and 98% specific for PMBL versus CHL. Whereas loss of OCT-2 and/or BOB.1 expression had a sensitivity of only 86% and specificity of 100% for CHL versus NLPHL, PMBL, and TCRLBL, lack of both J chain and MEF2B expression was 100% sensitive and 97% specific. J chain and MEF2B are highly sensitive and specific markers of NLPHL versus CHL; are particularly useful in highlighting LP cells; and, with rare exception, are of greater utility than OCT-2 and BOB.1 in differentiating CHL from NLPHL and other large B-cell lymphomas. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  10. 24th Annual National Test and Evaluation Conference (United States)


    Avoidance ~$3M Eliminating Overlap Inventoried East Coast Range Cable given to KPT’s Nanoose Range for Repair Cost Savings $800K Collaboration Assess...Joint USGC: US Coast Guard C2 Convergence Pilot Participants Researchers/FFRDCs INCOSE: International Council on SE MIT: Massachusetts Institute of...Mr. Clif Ericson (EG&G) – Mr. Tom Garrett (Navy) – Mr. Hui-min Huang (NIST) – Mr. Bob Jacob (Navy) – Mr. Mike Logan (NASA) – Mr. Ranjit Mann (APT

  11. Snippets of Physics

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    pension w ire, etc.). A t the equator, on the other hand, the plane of oscillation does not rotate. So the form ula, ! = − cos μ, captures b oth the results correctly. It is trivialto w rite dow n the equations ofm otion for the pendulum bob in the rotating fram e of the Earth and solve them to obtain this result [1,2]at the linear order in − .

  12. Reexamining Ground SOF Command and Control: Does One Size Fit All (United States)


    demands of their operating environments. Today this is the norm for many businesses operating in a competitive global market . By definition, limited...GSN Global Special Operations Forces Network H-Hour the specific hour an attack is to commence HN host nation IGO inter-governmental organization...Camber Warren , George Lober, Bob O’Connell, William Fox, Marcos Berger, Jeff Appleget, Michael Freeman, and Doug Borer. I offer a special thank-you to

  13. Support for the Annual Meeting (30th) of the Cognitive Science Society (United States)


    of Children With Dyslexia : Length and Frequency Effects Evgenia Hristova, Alexander Gerganov, Ekaterina Todorova 1387 103 Probabilistic Learning...Bod Joseph Toscano and Bob McMurray Children ’s grammars grow more abstract with age - Using the distributional statistics of speech Evidence from an...Problem Iris van Rooij, Alissa Schactman, I lelena Kadlec, and I hike Stegc (2006) Perceptual or Analytical Processing? Evidence from Children s and



    Maurice McKinney advocated for legislation and funding (similar to the NG Counterdrug Program) to employ Air National Guard members on orders in a...2015), 27, 103. Ibid., 34. 104. Lt Col Maurice M. McKinney, A National Solution: Rethinking The Employment...Terms. 8 November 2010 (As Amended Through 15 February 2016). Kean, Thomas H., Lee H. Hamilton, Richard Ben-Veniste, Bob Kerrey, Fred F. Fielding

  15. Influences of ENSO on the vertical coupling of atmospheric circulation during the onset of South Asian summer monsoon (United States)

    Liu, Boqi; Wu, Guoxiong; Ren, Roncai


    Based on multiple sources of atmospheric and oceanic data, this study performs a series of composite analysis of the South Asian summer monsoon (SASM) onset against ENSO events, and indicates that warm/cold ENSO events induce later/earlier onset of the SASM by modulating the vertical coupling of the upper- and lower-level circulation over the South Asia. Specifically, during the monsoon onset of Bay of Bengal (BOB), the ENSO-induced convection anomalies over the southern Philippines can modulate the position of South Asian high (SAH) in late April in the upper troposphere, which evolves to affect the monsoon onset convection by changing the upper divergence-pumping effect. In the lower troposphere, ENSO induces an anomalous zonal gradient of sea surface temperature (SST) over the Indian-western Pacific Ocean to alter the barotropic instability which further affects the formation of BOB monsoon onset convection. During the Indian summer monsoon onset, the anomalous convection over northeastern BOB and Indochina Peninsula in late May act to change the SAH position and its relevant upper divergence-pumping over the Arabian Sea (AS). Meanwhile, the Indian monsoon onset convection is also modulated by the ENSO-induced changes in intensity of the inertial instability and the forced convection over the AS, which are related to an ENSO-induced anomalous cross-equatorial SST gradient and zonally asymmetric meridional gradient of sea level pressure, and an anomalous westerly over the central AS in the lower troposphere. Results demonstrate that during the BOB and India monsoon onset, the influences of ENSO on the upper circulation are similar, but are distinctly different on the lower-level circulation.

  16. Dynamic Tracker Test Apparatus (United States)


    failing to comply with a collection of information if it does not display a currently valid OMB control number. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN YOUR FORM TO THE...rotates about one of these other axis. It is further noted that, even though the dynamic forcing function is not accurately controlled , the measurements... Plaga , Mr. Brian J. Grattan, and Mr. Bob J. Flannery for responding to our request concerning head movement data and acting as subjects. 10

  17. La cogestion des

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Cathy Egan

    tous de meilleurs outils pour faire face aux enjeux poli- tiques et pratiques qui accompagnent inévitablement le développement. Cette étude de cas a été rédigée par Bob Stanley, rédacteur établi à Ottawa. Renseignements. M. Touch Tonet. Partenariat du PNUD pour la gouvernance locale. Palais du gouvernement, C.D.C., ...

  18. Rotorcraft Airloads Measurements - Extraordinary Costs, Extraordinary Benefits (United States)


    Barbara Trippe, John Vorvald, John Ward, Bill Warmbrodt, Bob Wood, Gloria Yamauchi, and Hyeonsoo Yeo. This publication is an expanded version of the...had structured their Dryden Lectureship in Research. The AIAA staffer I spoke with was very kind and sent me considerable infor- mation on the award...stimulus for these tests began with the work of John Patterson at the iconic NACA Instrumentation Research Division at Langley Aeronautical Laboratory

  19. Efficient bounds on quantum-communication rates via their reduced variants

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Nowakowski, Marcin L.; Horodecki, Pawel


    We investigate one-way communication scenarios where Bob operating on his component can transfer some subsystem to the environment. We define reduced versions of quantum-communication rates and, further, prove upper bounds on a one-way quantum secret key, distillable entanglement, and quantum-channel capacity by means of their reduced versions. It is shown that in some cases they drastically improve their estimation.

  20. Gaussian operations and privacy

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Navascues, Miguel; Acin, Antonio


    We consider the possibilities offered by Gaussian states and operations for two honest parties, Alice and Bob, to obtain privacy against a third eavesdropping party, Eve. We first extend the security analysis of the protocol proposed in [Navascues et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 010502 (2005)]. Then, we prove that a generalized version of this protocol does not allow one to distill a secret key out of bound entangled Gaussian states

  1. 2001 Industry Studies: Electronics (United States)


    such as Ethernet or fiber-channel. These devices can be connected as a network resource rather than just attached to a particular server. SAN, on the...haul bottlenecks and will soon do the same in regional and metro -area networks. DWDM allows service providers to add capacity without having to install...the foreseeable future. 36 Bob Metcalf, inventor of Ethernet and founder of 3Com stated that while the cost of a network expands linearly with

  2. Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications (16th) Held in Stanford, California on August 17-21, 1987. (United States)


    NY 11226 Dept.of Operations Research USA Stanford University P.O. Box 2252 Luis Bonilla Stanford, CA 94305 - - Facultad de Fisica USA Universidad de...Genji Yamazaki Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology 6-6 Asahigaoka, Hino Tokyo 191 Japan Masami Yasuda College of General Education Chiba...August 16-21, 1987 Stanford University Luis Bonilla "" Facultad de Fisica Universidad de Sevilla Apdo. 1065 Sector Sur Sevilla 41080 Spain Bob Burton ,~R

  3. Reply to Comment on ‘Authenticated quantum secret sharing with quantum dialogue based on Bell states' (United States)

    Abulkasim, Hussein; Hamad, Safwat; Elhadad, Ahmed


    In the Comment made by Gao (2018 Phys. Scr. 93 027002), it has been shown that the multiparty case in our proposed scheme in Abulkasim et al (2016 Phys. Scr. 91 085101) is not secure, where Bob and Charlie can deduce Alice’s unitary operations without being detected. This reply shows a simple modification of the multiparty case to prevent the dishonest agents from performing this kind of attack.

  4. A Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp (United States)


    and J Strother Moore, "Functional Instantiation in First Order Logic," in V. Lifschitz (editor), Artificial Lntelligence and M •athematical Theory...Research Action on Proofs and Types, Nijmcgen, the Netherlands, May 25, 1993. e Bob Boyer, German Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI...provides ’’ wormholes ’" which allow you to write functions that cause interaction with the user but which do not require that you have access to STATE. See

  5. Near-Surface Circulation and Fate of Upper Layer Fresh Water from Rivers Runoff and Rain in the Bay of Bengal near Sri Lanka (United States)


    and variability over the experiment area and to infer the surface freshwater export pathways from direct measurements. The salinity drifters were...GOALS Improve the knowledge of the near-surface circulation in the BoB and of the pathways through which the freshwater fluxes occur. OBJECTIVES...drifters was deployed 2015 when an additional fleet of 36 salinity drifters was used in conjunction of other IOP activities to map the SSS distribution

  6. Bay of Bengal Surface and Thermocline and the Arabian Sea (United States)


    oceanographic processes that exchange low salinity surface and upper thermocline water of the Bay of Bengal with the salty Arabian Sea and tropical Indian Ocean...yet so different, one relatively fresh the other salty. The input of freshwater into BoB must be balanced, in quasi-stationary steady state, by...export of freshwater to the Arabian Sea to offset its net evaporation. Complicating the study of the inter-bay exchange is the vigorous mesoscale field

  7. Bigger Is Bigger (United States)

    Riendeau, Diane


    When you really want to get a point across to your students, you set up explorations or experiments, and do demonstrations. Sometimes I find myself thinking, ``If I only had....'' This month's videos add ``wow'' factor to the experiences you provide for your students in the classroom! Thanks to Jaime Stasiorowski (Deerfield High School), Tony Zito (Dutchess Community College), and Bob Beichner (NC State) and Chris Chiaverina for their contributions to this month's column.

  8. Fabrication Development and Flow Testing of Underwater Superhydrophobic Films for Drag Reduction (United States)


    PM (John Kamp); AOR (Bob Kuklinski); TTO ADPM PI: CJ Kim Grad Students : Muchen Xu Gintare Kerezyte Shashank Gowda Ning Yu Unpaid contributors... student • The window panel has gone through several improvements and modifications. The latest is shown schematically below. Screws + Rubber...up to 100 ft/s with speed control of .01 ft/s entrepreneurship /research-centers- labs/davidson-laboratory/facilities

  9. Report to Congress on Sustainable Ranges (United States)


    Chocolate Mountains Aerial Gunnery Range (CMAGR) which is a part of the Bob Stump Training Complex and is located in southern California. CMAGR is... industry (below 3 GHz) is heavily encumbered with existing users, including many military subscribers. Relocating these users to other portions of the...institutions, and industry to build on current agreements and allow for additional negotiated agreements as appropriate on the placement of sensors and

  10. Quantum-chaotic cryptography (United States)

    de Oliveira, G. L.; Ramos, R. V.


    In this work, it is presented an optical scheme for quantum key distribution employing two synchronized optoelectronic oscillators (OEO) working in the chaotic regime. The produced key depends on the chaotic dynamic, and the synchronization between Alice's and Bob's OEOs uses quantum states. An attack on the synchronization signals will disturb the synchronization of the chaotic systems increasing the error rate in the final key.

  11. Investigation of the Feasibility of Using Laser Induced Fluorescence for Concentration Measurements by Diatomic Sulfur. (United States)


    Don Linder for constructing several essential parts of the experimental set up, Bob Brecha of Wright State University for hour after hour of valuable...199 digital temperature gauge and Type K thermocouple. One and three quarter inch diameter (38mm) Amersil-Supersil circular quartz windowz on each...beam. In addition to the temperature regulator, an Omega Engineering Model 199 K Chromel Alumel provides continuous digital temperature readings

  12. Tuhandetel USA sõduritel pole lootust niipea Iraagist koju pääseda / Heiki Suurkask

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Suurkask, Heiki, 1972-


    Kindral David Petraeus ja USA suursaadik Iraagis Ryan Crocker andsid aru senati sõjandus- ja välisasjade komiteede ühisistungil, kindrali väitel jätkub olude paranemine Iraagis, vägivalda on vähem ja märgata on poliitilist leppimust. USA senaatori Bob Crockeri sõnul tahavad ameeriklased teada, milline on Iraagi konflikti lõpplahendus

  13. Taking the Danish Speech Trainer from CALL to ICALL

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Juel Henrichsen, Peter


    Talebob (Speech Bob) is a newly developed interactive CALL-tool for training Danish speech with special regard to the pronunciation of highly idiomatic phrases. Talebob is currently being tested in primary schools in Nuuk, Hafnarfjörður and Tórshavn (where Danish is taught as a L2). The purpose...... as a point of departure, we wish to invite a discussion of ICALL as a means of modernizing the L2 educational programmes in the Nordic area....

  14. Balance deficits and ADHD symptoms in medication-naïve school-aged boys


    Konicarova, Jana; Bob, Petr; Raboch, Jiri


    Jana Konicarova,1 Petr Bob,1,2 Jiri Raboch11Center for Neuropsychiatric Research of Traumatic Stress, Department of Psychiatry and UHSL, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic; 2Central European Institute of Technology, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech RepublicBackground and objectives: Functional disturbances developed early in life include balance deficits which are linked to dysfunctions of higher levels of cognitive and motor integration. A...

  15. Overview and issues to be solved on emergency response of robots to Fukushima NPP accidents

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kawatsuma, Shinji


    Many Robots have been deployed in emergency response to Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accidents occurred by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the sequent huge Tsunami, like as unmanned heavy construction machines, PackBOT robots, BROKK robots, TALON robot, BobCAT robot, Quince robot, JAEA-3 robot, Quince-2 and 2 robots and survey runner robot. It has been unveiled, that robots' operation organization, systemization, optimization and mobility are important during emergency response by these robots. (author)

  16. The gender wage gap in four countries


    Daly, Anne; Kawaguchi, Akira; Meng, Xin; Mumford, Karen


    In a series of studies written during the 1980s Bob Gregory and his co-authors compared the gender wage gap in Australia with that found in other countries. They found it was not the difference in human capital endowments that explained different gender wage gaps but rather the rewards for these endowments. They concluded that country-specific factors, especially the institutional environment, were important in explaining the gender wage gap. This study updates Gregory's work by comparing the...

  17. Signing of the agreement between CERN and the United States in 1997

    CERN Multimedia


    Signing of the agreement between CERN and the United States for a contribution of $531 million to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project. The agreement was signed by Matha Krebs, Director of the Office of Energy Research, DOE, Bob Eisenstein, Assistant Director of Physical and Mathematical Science, NSF, and Christopher Llewellyn Smith, former Director-General of CERN at the Council session in December 1997. At the same occasion the USA was granted Observer Status at CERN.

  18. Signing of the agreement between CERN and the United States

    CERN Multimedia


    Siging of the agreement between CERN and the United States for a contribution of $531 million to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project. The Agreement was signed by Dr. Matha Krebs, Director of the Office of Energy Research, DOE, Dr Bob Eisenstein, Assistant Director of Physical and Mathematical Science, NSF, and Prof. Christopher Llewellyn Smith, Director General of CERN at the Council session in December 1997. At the same occasion, the USA was granted Observer Status at CERN.

  19. Partial list of bipartite Bell inequalities with four binary settings

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Brunner, Nicolas; Gisin, Nicolas


    We give a partial list of 26 tight Bell inequalities for the case where Alice and Bob choose among four two-outcome measurements. All tight Bell inequalities with less settings are reviewed as well. For each inequality we compute numerically the maximal quantum violation, the resistance to noise and the minimal detection efficiency required for closing the detection loophole. Surprisingly, most of these inequalities are outperformed by the CHSH inequality

  20. AMEDD Clinical Psychology Short Course, 10 - 15 May 1992, Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Augusta, Georgia (United States)


    will be a memorable experience -- another in a long line of successful short courses for Army Psychology. The folks from the Department of Psychology...that, what we do as a consultants, is a unilateral effort: hopefully, I work for and with you! PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM Two Army and...current IMA Clinical Psychology Consultant), Frank Brooks, Rich Rubes, Bob Thomas, Paulette Saffle, Jeff Hansen, Dale Levandowski ( Psychopharmacology

  1. Sacrificing Steve: How I Killed the Crocodile Hunter

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luke Carman


    Full Text Available Bob Hodge and Vijay Mishra argue that the complex issues of illegitimacy at the core of Australian identity are repressed through a continual process of cyclical silencing, where traces of a shameful past are exorcised by a focus on images of a mythologised ‘legend’, embodied in characters such as 'The Man from Snowy River'. This article explores such a 'schizophrenic' cycle in relation to the life, death and resurrection of Steve 'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin.

  2. Proceedings of the Annual Tri-Service Manufacturing Technology Conference (12th) 19-23 October 1980. Sheraton-Bal Harbour, Bal Harbour, Florida. (United States)



  3. Pile-ou-face et mise-en-gage de bit quantique : bornes optimales, constructions pratiques et sécurité calculatoire


    Chailloux , André


    Quantum computing allows us to revisit the study of quantum cryptographic primitives with information theoretic security. In 1984, Bennett and Brassard presented a protocol of quantum key distribution. In this protocol, Alice and Bob cooperate in order to share a common secret key k, which has to be unknown for a third party that has access to the communication channel. They showed how to perform this task quantumly with an information theoretic security; which is impossible classically.In my...

  4. ÉTUDE DE CAS — Ouzbékistan : De meilleurs services grâce à la ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    22 déc. 2010 ... Tous les travailleurs migrants font face au même problème : trouver la meilleure façon d'envoyer une partie de leur salaire durement gagné chez eux, de manière rapide, sûre et au moindre coût possible. Bob Stanley. Des recommandations fondées sur des données probantes permettent aux travailleurs ...

  5. Research on Humpback and Blue Whales off California, Oregon and Washington in 2000 (United States)


    Mammal Laboratory. A number of individuals helped arrange support for this work including Jay Barlow, Ed Bowlby , John Hildebrand, and Bob Gisiner...Prepared by John Calambokidis Todd Chandler Lisa Schlender Kristin Rasmussen Gretchen Steiger Cascadia Research 218½ W Fourth Ave. Olympia, WA...Ogino provided valuable support and assistance in the field. Erin Olesson and John Hildebrand organized the research trips aboard the Sproul. We thank

  6. Distribution of ozone and its precursors over Bay of Bengal during winter 2009: role of meteorology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. M. David


    Full Text Available Measurements of ozone and NO2 were carried out in the marine environment of the Bay of Bengal (BoB during the winter months, December 2008–January 2009, as part of the second Integrated Campaign for Aerosols, gases and Radiation Budget conducted under the Geosphere Biosphere Programme of the Indian Space Research Organization. The ozone mixing ratio was found to be high in the head and the southeast BoB with a mean value of 61 ± 7 ppb and 53 ± 6 ppb, respectively. The mixing ratios of NO2 and CO were also relatively high in these regions. The spatial patterns were examined in the light of airflow patterns, air mass back trajectories and other meteorological conditions and satellite retrieved maps of tropospheric ozone, NO2, CO, and fire count in and around the region. The distribution of these gases was strongly associated with the transport from the adjoining land mass. The anthropogenic activities and forest fires/biomass burning over the Indo Gangetic Plains and other East Asian regions contribute to ozone and its precursors over the BoB. Similarity in the spatial pattern suggests that their source regions could be more or less the same. Most of the diurnal patterns showed decrease of the ozone mixing ratio during noon/afternoon followed by a nighttime increase and a morning high. Over this oceanic region, photochemical production of ozone involving NO2 was not very active. Water vapour played a major role in controlling the variation of ozone. An attempt is made to simulate ozone level over the north and south BoB using the photochemical box model (NCAR-MM. The present observed features were compared with those measured during the earlier cruises conducted in different seasons.

  7. The Army Family Research Program: the Research Plan (United States)


    NJ: General Learning Press. Sprenkle, D. H., & Olson, D. H. (1978). Circumplex model of marital systems. An empirical study of clinic and nonclinic...Family Action Plans (1984-1990) by developing databases, models , program evaluation technologies, and policy options that assist the Army to retain...wrote descriptions of the Annual Survey of Army Families (ASAF), and the Model Spouse Employment Program. Bob Sadacca and Mary Kralj wrote the Project A

  8. Impact of Ganges–Brahmaputra interannual discharge variations on ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    N. These two patterns are not resolved by the observations used by dBM04, and hence are hard to validate. It is also important to validate the surface cir- culation simulated by the model. The East India. Coastal Current (EICC) lies at the western bound- ary of the BoB. It plays a central role in the export of Bay of Bengal fresh ...

  9. An Investigation of Community Attitudes Toward Blast Noise. General Community Survey, Study Site 1 (United States)


    acknowledge Larry Pater, Bob Baumgart- ner, and George Luz for their input, guidance, and support during the planning phase of this project. The team...trigger levels or settings may have led to some inconsistency in reported numbers of events at the lower levels (which might be selectively...catalog.php?record_id=9135#toc ERDC/CERL TR-12-9 41 Nykaza E. T., K. Hodgdon, T. Gaugler, P. Krecker, and G. Luz . 2010a. An Investigation of

  10. Colliding muons

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)



    Is a muon-muon collider really practical? That is the question being asked by Bob Palmer. Well known in particle physics, Palmer, with Nick Samios and Ralph Shutt, recently won the American Physical Society's Panofsky Prize for their 1964 discovery of the omega minus. As well as contributing to other major experiments, both at CERN and in the US, he has contributed ideas to stochastic cooling and novel acceleration schemes

  11. Lincoln Laboratory Journal. Volume 22, Number 1, 2016 (United States)


    three, an all-girls one of which is pictured above, assumed the roles of Alice, Bob, and Eve—common archetypes in the cryptogra- phy literature . The...components to increase the workload on a cyber attacker. Many such techniques have been described in the literature , and the authors review collective classification or semisu- pervised learning in the literature [8–10]. INFORMATION EXTRACTION AND GRAPH CONSTRUCTION The first two steps


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    frontally, the female bobs backwards and upwards at an angle of 25-35 deg. to the hori- zontal. Baerends et al. (I95O) found a similar movement in other cichlids which they termed the "calling-movement", because it induces the fry to return to their mother. In H. philander the fry swarm to the mouth and other dark areas of the ...

  13. Navy Force Structure and Shipbuilding Plans: Background and Issues for Congress (United States)


    industrial base. Detailed coverage of certain individual Navy shipbuilding programs can be found in the following CRS reports:  CRS Report RS20643...Initiative, accessed online on July 21, 2015, at 4 See, for example, Jake Richmond, “Work Explains Strategy...U.S. Offset Strategy and its Implications for Partners and Allies, As Delivered by Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work, Willard Hotel , January 28

  14. Fiscal Performance and U.S. International Influence (United States)


    questioned. See Thomas Herndon, Michael Ash, and Robert Pollin , Does High Public Debt Consistently Stifle Economic Growth? A Critique of Reinhart and...Washington, D.C.: Congressional Research Service, R41965, August 2011. Herndon, Thomas, Michael Ash, and Robert Pollin , Does High Public Debt Consistently... Robert Zoellick, former president of the World Bank, quotes Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr: “The United States is one budget deal away from

  15. Securing Public Safety Vehicles: Reducing Vulnerabilities by Leveraging Smart Technology and Design Strategies (United States)


    and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration PSRC Public Sector Reporting Center RFID radio-frequency identification SDDCTEA Surface Deployment...National Preparedness Goal 2011, 2011, accessed October 28, 2013, library -data/20130726-1828-25045- 9470...Smartphone-to-Vehicle Communication Over Bluetooth,” Embedded Systems Letters, IEEE 5, no. 3 (2005). 40 Bob Violino, “What is RFID ?” RFID Journal (January

  16. A Three Degrees of Freedom Test-Bed for Nanosatellite and CubeSat Attitude Dynamics, Determination, and Control (United States)


    Figure 4. Poly Picosatellite Orbital Deployer(P-POD) (From [19]) Cal Poly’s Professor Jordi Puig -Suari took the initiative to start an annual...University Jordi Puig -Suari San Jose Sate University Dick Desautel Stanford University Bob Twiggs...Marian Vana Spain GADESA, Galicia Manuel Oreiro United States QuakeFinder Tom Bleier tbleier

  17. Detonation Propagation Through Ducts in a Pulsed Detonation Engine (United States)


    Collin, Adam, Mike, Bob , Jared, Josh, you guys are awesome! Jeff Nielsen vi Table of Contents Page Abstract...pp. 375-381. 9. Feivisohn, Robert T. Numerical Investigation of Pre-detonator Geometries for PDE Applications. MS thesis, AFIT/GAE/ENY/10-M09... Berman , M. Hydrogen-Air Detonations, 19th Symposium (Int.) on Combustion, pp. 583-590, 1982. 16. Knystautas, R., Guirao, C., Lee, J.H., and

  18. Object-Oriented Software Model for Battlefield Signal Transmission and Sensing (United States)


    Dr. John M. Boteler was Chief, CEERD-RR-D; Dr. Justin B. Berman was Chief, CEERD-RR; and Dr. Dale R. Hill was the Acting Technical Director for...Geospatial Research and Engineering. The Deputy Director of ERDC-CRREL was Dr. Lance D. Hansen, and the Director was Dr. Robert E. Davis. COL Gary E...the types mentioned above, corresponding ex- ample identities would be Bob , my Chevrolet, and the location of CRREL. In Java, objects of a particular

  19. Elevated Building Lift Systems on Permanent Snowfields: A Report on the Elevated Building Lift Systems in Polar Environments Workshop (United States)


    Regions Research and Engineering Labora- tory (ERDC-CRREL). At the time of publication, Dr. Justin Berman was Chief of the Research and Engineering...Division. The Deputy Director of ERDC-CRREL was Dr. Lance Hansen, and the Director was Dr. Robert Davis. The authors wish to acknowledge those who made...Maggie Knuth CRREL Civil Engineer Renee Melendy CRREL Program Specialist for CRREL EPOLAR Lynette Barna CRREL Civil Engineer Bob Haehnel CRREL

  20. Effects of Near-Term Sea-Level Rise on Coastal Infrastructure (United States)


    Armstrong, Chadwick Avery, Glen Barndollar, Robin Bjorklund, Bruce Hagedorn, Thomas Heffernan, John Hiers, Rip Kirby, Steve Laine, Joe Meyer, Bob ...2005) 14: 131–145. Schneider, P., and Berman , E. (2010). HAZUS-MH MR4. Technical Manual, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency...J.H. Atkinson, C. Dawson, M.D. Powell, J.P. Dunion, H.J. Roberts , E.J. Kubatko, H. Pourtaheri. (2008), "A Basin to Channel Scale Unstructured

  1. Suggested Planting Guidelines - Best Management Practices for Revegetation of Actively Used Training Lands in the Northeastern United States (United States)


    Biogeochemical Sciences Branch; Dr. Justin Berman , Divi- sion Chief; Dr. Lance Hansen, Deputy Director; and Dr. Robert E. Davis, Director, CRREL. Funding was...U.S. Army Engineer District, Philadelphia; Joe Hovis, David McNaughton, Julie Eckenrode, and Cristie Shull, Fort Indiantown Gap, PA; and Bob Jones...provided initial support of the research used in this guide. Technical support was provided by William Severinghaus, Robert Lacey, and Alan Andersen from

  2. Snow Roads at McMurdo Station, Antarctica (United States)


    Goldsberry, Mark Eisinger, Jules Uberuaga, Michael “Wally” Krall, Gerald Crist (supervisor), Paul Thur, Deborah Kunze, Bob Neimer and Jeff Scanniello...the general supervision of Dr. Bradley Guay, Chief, Force Projection and Sustainment Branch; Dr. Justin B. Berman , Division Chief; Dr. Lance D. Hansen...Deputy Director; and Dr. Robert E. Davis, Director, CRREL. COL Gary E. Johnston was Commander and Executive Director of ERDC. Dr. Jeffery P

  3. The Spectrum of Warfare Challenge. Joint Center for Operational Analysis Journal, Volume 11, Issue 2, Spring 2009 (United States)


    munications Specialist John Curtis (US Navy history Detachment) 3 July 2008. 63 Oral history interview with Majors Berman and Bai- ley with MAJ Tom...Routledge. Tomes, Robert R., 2004. ‘Relearning Counterinsur- gency Warfare’. Parameters/04spring/tomes.pdf Trinquier...Science, United States Army Command and General Staff College. Woodward, Bob , 2002, Bush at War. New York: Simon and Schuster. Wylie, Neville (ed

  4. Defense Acquisition Research Journal. Volume 20, Number 3, Issue 67, October 2013 (United States)


    planning in particular—and has proven its value (Barzelay & Campbell, 2003; Berman & West, 1998; Berry & Wechsler, 1995; Boyne & Gould-Williams... Berman , E. M., & West, J. P. (1998). Productivity enhancement efforts in public and nonprofit organizations. Public Productivity and Management...customers and suppliers. Service-Dominant Logic: A New Exchange Framework—And It Looks a Lot Like PBL Scholars Stephen Vargo and Bob Lusch (2004

  5. Strategic Studies Quarterly. Volume 4, Number 1, Spring 2010 (United States)


    0284.html. The United States has spent over $50 bil­ lion in response to the fall 2001 anthrax attacks. See Bob Drogin, “Anthrax hoaxes pile up, as... Berman and Katie E. Sams, African Peacekeepers: Partners or Proxies, Pearson Papers no. 3 (Clemensport, Nova Scotia: Canadian Peacekeeping Press... Berman and Sams, African Peacekeepers, 7. 111. DoS, Congressional Budget Justification for Foreign Operations, Fiscal Year 2002 (Washington, DC

  6. Making Astrology Scientific with Negative Absolute Temperature and Holography


    Bartlett, Rodney


    This article was written after reading Astronomy magazine's column "Strange Universe" by Bob Berman. Toeing the traditional line of his fellow astronomers, he claims astrology is just a bit of fun, and that it has no scientific support. If we only focus on today's science, he's spot on - it has no support. But I refer to some science involving holograms and negative absolute temperatures to show that astrology would have scientific support in a new science based on cosmic unification, it w...

  7. Quantum hacking on a practical continuous-variable quantum cryptosystem by inserting an external light (United States)

    Qin, Hao; Kumar, Rupesh; Alleaume, Romain


    We report here a new side channel attack on a practical continuous-variable (CV) quantum key distribution (QKD) system. Inspired by blinding attack in discrete-variable QKD, we formalize an attack strategy by inserting an external light into a CV QKD system implemented Gaussian-modulated coherent state protocol and show that our attack can compromise its practical security. In this attack, we concern imperfections of a balanced homodyne detector used in CV QKD. According to our analysis, if one inserts an external light into Bob's signal port, due to the imperfect subtraction from the homodyne detector, the leakage of the external light contributes a displacement on the homodyne signal which causes detector electronics saturation. In consequence, Bob's quadrature measurement is not linear with the quadrature sent by Alice. By considering such vulnerability, a potential Eve can launch a full intercept-resend attack meanwhile she inserts an external light into Bob's signal port. By selecting proper properties of the external light, Eve actively controls the induced displacement value from the inserted light which results saturation of homodyne detection. In consequence, Eve can bias the excess noise due to the intercept-resend attack and the external light, such that Alice and Bob believe their excess noise estimation is below the null key threshold and they can still share a secret key. Our attack shows that the detector loopholes also exist in CV QKD, and it seems influence all the CV QKD systems using homodyne detection, since all the practical detectors have finite detection range.

  8. United States Air Force Summary, Fifth Edition (United States)


    clalIIoted Icemel., weed __ r ClI’MIotfNr trotIt. FCII’~ wfftt tJ-SoncfovwClf/tdlftount ofn ~-.tshoul4woWlied. , DoN Gte on a .kNgh • ...,..;,hf, bon ...Whitehurst, G. William (VA) Beard, Robin L. (TN) Republ icons McDonald, Lorry (GA) Stump, Bob (AZ) Ichord, Richard H. (MO) Nichols, Bill (AL) • Spence

  9. Strategic Usefulness of Conventional Force/Special Operations Force Interdependence in Irregular Warfare (United States)


    War : Afghanistan and the Vietnam Template,” Military Review 89, no. 6 (November – December 2009): 7. 99 Ibid., 7. 100 Ty Connett and Bob Cassidy...Refighting the Last War : Afghanistan and the Vietnam Template.” Military Review 89, no. 6 (November – December 2009): 2 – 14. Joint Chiefs of Staff...thesis suggests that SOF may gain the greatest strategic utility in irregular wars when operating independently against irregular threats. 14

  10. You can patent that? Are patents on computer programs and business methods good for the new economy?


    Robert M. Hunt


    In other parts of the economy, firms are increasingly turning to patents to protect not just physical inventions but more abstract ones such as computer programs or ways of doing business. Just two decades ago such patents would have been impossible to obtain, let alone enforce. In "You Can Patent That? Are Patents on Computer Programs and Business Methods Good for the New Economy?" Bob Hunt describes the changes in patent law that have given rise to this phenomenon.

  11. Information flow due to controlled interference in entangled systems

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Let x be some point on Bob's screen, and x the eigenstate cor- responding to detection at x. The transformation from the slit to the screen basis can be formally written as: u Ê x eikux x dx and v Ê x eikvx x dx, where ux (vx) is the distance from slit u (v) to point x. Substituting the above into eq. (1) for the second register, we find.

  12. The Emperor’s New Password Manager: Security Analysis of Web-based Password Managers (United States)


    shot at ensuring the security of password man- agers. Ethics and Responsible Disclosure. We experimen- Alice a legitimate user Bob a legitimate... ethical manner. We reported all the attacks discussed below to the software vendors affected in the last week of August 2013. Four out of the five...a fake dialog . Since users cannot see the URL of an iframe, there is no way for a user to identify whether a particular iframe actually belongs to the

  13. What Do Girls Do When Boys Are Away?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jamal Ali Assadi


    Full Text Available Rand’s triadic model is particularly germane to understanding Fitzgerald’s Bernice Bobs Her Hair. I will discuss Fitzgerald’s characters, their worlds, and beliefs in terms of the conflicts between the three types of people: “Being,” “Having,” and “Doing.” I will also explain why Fitzgerald presents his characters the way he does and examine how Rand’s theory influences his narrative point of view.

  14. Phalanx. Volume 47, Number 2 (United States)


    visibility of calculated risks; • Cost- conscious Course of Action (CoA) and alternative development; • Visualization of affordability value...and Valuation Assessments; Bob Koury, Price Systems On Tuesday and Wednesday, March 11 and 12, each working group col- lected data using LSS VSM...hardly noticed by the younger members of the staff. Liz Marriott, our millennial Direc- tor of Member Services, says, “Tele- commuting is very

  15. Intraseasonal-to-semiannual variability of sea-surface height in the astern, equatorial Indian Ocean and southern Bay of Bengal (United States)

    Cheng, Xuhua; McCreary, Julian P.; Qiu, Bo; Qi, Yiquan; Du, Yan


    Intraseasonal-to-semiannual variability of sea-surface height (SSH) in the eastern, equatorial Indian Ocean (EEIO) and southern Bay of Bengal (BoB) is investigated using altimetric data, and solutions to 1½ layer (first baroclinic mode) and linear, continuously stratified (LCS; multibaroclinic-mode) models. The amplitude and dominant periods of SSH variability differ regionally. Large-amplitude variability is found along the west coast of Sumatra, in a zonal band across the BoB centered along 5°N, east of Sri Lanka, and in the northwestern BoB, respectively. Along the Sumatran west coast, SSH variability peaks at 30-60, 90, and 180 days. Along 5°N and east of Sri Lanka, the 30-60 day variability is dominant. Sensitivity experiments using a nonlinear version of the 1½ layer model forced by realistic winds reproduce the observed patterns of intraseasonal variability in the southern BoB. At 30-60 days, the solutions show that eddies (nonlinear Rossby waves) propagating from the east, rather than local wind forcing, account for most of the variance east of Sri Lanka; furthermore, they demonstrate that the variance is significantly enhanced by the nonlinear transfer of 90-120 day energy into the intraseasonal band of 30-60 days. The LCS solutions show that the first two baroclinic modes explain most of the SSH variance at 90-180 days. The second baroclinic mode dominates the SSH variance at 180 days, a consequence of basin resonance and strong wind forcing.

  16. Understanding Country Planning: A Guide for Air Force Component Planners (United States)


    on an early draft of this report, in particular Gene Moty and Aaron Taliferro. We are deeply grateful to David Thaler and Gen (ret.) Bob Elder for...example, Jefferson P. Marquis, Richard E. Darilek, Jasen J. Castillo, Cathryn Quantic Thurston, Anny Wong, Cynthia Huger, Andrea Mejia, Jennifer D. P...Collaborative Intelligence,” Public Manager, Vol. 39, No. 1, Spring 2010, pp. 20–26. Marquis, Jefferson P., Richard E. Darilek, Jasen J. Castillo, Cathryn

  17. Land Loss and Poverty in North Carolina: A Research Report Review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    George H. Conklin


    Full Text Available Large hog farms in North Carolina tend to be placed where opposition to them will be weakest. The results, however, are quite complex and for the white population farm loss is positively associated with rising incomes, suggesting once again that farming is not a way out of poverty. This is a review of a report by by Bob Edwards and Anthony Ladd from an earlier Sociation Bulletin posting.

  18. Indian summer monsoon and winter hydrographic variations over past millennia resolved by clay sedimentation

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Chauhan, O.S.; Dayal, A.M.; Basavaiah, N.; Kader, U.S.A.

    Ocean. For example, a large hydrological imbalance due to precipitation – evaporation (P-E) and fluvial influx associated with hydrometeorological regimes in two adjacent basins (the Bay of Bengal, P>>E due to higher fluvial runoff and precipitation...; the Arabian Sea, excess evaporation and loss of fresh water; E>>P) leads to an inter-basin transfer. During boreal summer (June though September), Indian Monsoon Current advects high salinity Arabian Sea Waters into BOB [Vinayachandran et al., 1999]. Upon...

  19. A brand new science for the planet

    CERN Document Server

    CERN Bulletin


    “When the problem gets complicated, networking is the solution”. This is nothing new in principle but what Bob Bishop has in mind is one of those novelties that have the potential to change the course of history. He proposes to start networking sciences to create new knowledge. All this for the benefit – and the survival – of the planet.   At the end of the fifteenth and the start of the sixteenth centuries, Leonardo da Vinci was not only an engineer but also a painter, a mathematician and an architect. But in more recent years the sciences have evolved more towards specialization. “We have been treating the sciences as separate stovepipes and silos for over 200 years”, says Bob Bishop, former CEO at Silicon Graphics and a physicist with more than 40 years’ experience in scientific, technical and engineering computing. On 29 January, Bob Bishop visited CERN and gave a seminar on the role of computing in climate science. He is ...

  20. Climate-Adapted Soil Cultivation as an Aspect for Sustainable Farming – Task-Technology-Fit of a Decision Support System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Welf Guenther-Lübbers


    Full Text Available Due to global climate change and its impact on local weather conditions, decision support systems are becoming more important in agriculture. Such systems allow farmers to adapt more effectively to the complex changes affecting their farms. Marginal production sites must apply new tillage strategies adapted to new climatic conditions. Information about proper strategy adjustments is often disseminated through agricultural extension services and journals. A new internet information platform, KlimaBob, which focuses on climate-flexible tillage, was established under the auspices of the Innovation Network of Climate Change Adaptation Brandenburg Berlin. Successful and permanent introduction of such a system requires analysis and verification of its acceptance among individual farmers. This study addresses this need by applying the established task-technology fit approach. A survey was conducted among farmers in the Brandenburg region. The resulting data provided the basis for a structural equation model that explains and evaluates the task-technology fit of the KlimaBob platform. The results indicate that the performance spectrum of the system exerts a strong influence on the task-technology fit when assessed by both the name characteristics of KlimaBob and the individual characteristics of users (for example, time management, technology affinity and risk attitude.

  1. Interactive simulations for quantum key distribution (United States)

    Kohnle, Antje; Rizzoli, Aluna


    Secure communication protocols are becoming increasingly important, e.g. for internet-based communication. Quantum key distribution (QKD) allows two parties, commonly called Alice and Bob, to generate a secret sequence of 0s and 1s called a key that is only known to themselves. Classically, Alice and Bob could never be certain that their communication was not compromised by a malicious eavesdropper. Quantum mechanics however makes secure communication possible. The fundamental principle of quantum mechanics that taking a measurement perturbs the system (unless the measurement is compatible with the quantum state) also applies to an eavesdropper. Using appropriate protocols to create the key, Alice and Bob can detect the presence of an eavesdropper by errors in their measurements. As part of the QuVis Quantum Mechanics Visualisation Project, we have developed a suite of four interactive simulations that demonstrate the basic principles of three different QKD protocols. The simulations use either polarised photons or spin 1/2 particles as physical realisations. The simulations and accompanying activities are freely available for use online or download, and run on a wide range of devices including tablets and PCs. Evaluation with students over three years was used to refine the simulations and activities. Preliminary studies show that the refined simulations and activities help students learn the basic principles of QKD at both the introductory and advanced undergraduate levels.

  2. Classical Information Storage in an n-Level Quantum System (United States)

    Frenkel, Péter E.; Weiner, Mihály


    A game is played by a team of two—say Alice and Bob—in which the value of a random variable x is revealed to Alice only, who cannot freely communicate with Bob. Instead, she is given a quantum n-level system, respectively a classical n-state system, which she can put in possession of Bob in any state she wishes. We evaluate how successfully they managed to store and recover the value of x by requiring Bob to specify a value z and giving a reward of value f ( x, z) to the team. We show that whatever the probability distribution of x and the reward function f are, when using a quantum n-level system, the maximum expected reward obtainable with the best possible team strategy is equal to that obtainable with the use of a classical n-state system. The proof relies on mixed discriminants of positive matrices and—perhaps surprisingly—an application of the Supply-Demand Theorem for bipartite graphs. As a corollary, we get an infinite set of new, dimension dependent inequalities regarding positive operator valued measures and density operators on complex n-space. As a further corollary, we see that the greatest value, with respect to a given distribution of x, of the mutual information I ( x; z) that is obtainable using an n-level quantum system equals the analogous maximum for a classical n-state system.

  3. Communicating through Probabilities: Does Quantum Theory Optimize the Transfer of Information?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    William K. Wootters


    Full Text Available A quantum measurement can be regarded as a communication channel, in which the parameters of the state are expressed only in the probabilities of the outcomes of the measurement. We begin this paper by considering, in a non-quantum-mechanical setting, the problem of communicating through probabilities. For example, a sender, Alice, wants to convey to a receiver, Bob, the value of a continuous variable, θ, but her only means of conveying this value is by sending Bob a coin in which the value of θ is encoded in the probability of heads. We ask what the optimal encoding is when Bob will be allowed to flip the coin only a finite number of times. As the number of tosses goes to infinity, we find that the optimal encoding is the same as what nature would do if we lived in a world governed by real-vector-space quantum theory. We then ask whether the problem might be modified, so that the optimal communication strategy would be consistent with standard, complex-vector-space quantum theory.


    CERN Multimedia



    CERN CINE CLUB Thursday 24 June 2010 at 20:30 / Jeudi 24 Juin 2010 à 20:30 CERN Main Auditorium / Amphithéâtre Principal   The Raggedy Rawney By/de : Bob Hoskins (UK, 1988) - 104 min With/avec: Dexter Fletcher, Bob Hoskins, David Hill, Zoe Nathanson, Zoe Wanamaker Bob Hoskins makes his directorial debut with this lyrical, mystical fable about the strength of family and the transcendence of love. When a young military recruit named Tom goes AWOL after his first taste of battle, he must disguise himself with face paint and women’s clothing to avoid being captured by his vengeful commanding officer. He is instead discovered and taken in by Darky, the leader of an eccentric group of traveling gypsies, who thinks he is a «rawney», a half-mad, half-magical woman who brings good fortune. But when Tom begins a love affair with Darky’s daughter, he sets off a chain reaction of events that will soon put all of their lives in grave ...

  5. Remote impact of North Atlantic sea surface temperature on rainfall in southwestern China during boreal spring (United States)

    Li, Gang; Chen, Jiepeng; Wang, Xin; Luo, Xia; Yang, Daoyong; Zhou, Wen; Tan, Yanke; Yan, Hongming


    As an important oceanic signal, the North Atlantic sea surface temperature (SST) affects not only the climate variability over East China and Northeast China but also can affect climate variability over southwestern China (SWC). Based on station rainfall data and reanalysis datasets, the present study investigates the relationship of North Atlantic SST with SWC rainfall during boreal spring for the period 1979-2016. The results show that there is a significant positive correlation between North Atlantic SST and SWC rainfall during boreal spring. The atmospheric circulation over southern Asia associated with North Atlantic SST is favorable for positive rainfall anomalies. Further analyses show that North Atlantic SST can induce a North Atlantic-western Russia-western Tibetan Plateau-SWC (NRTC) teleconnection wave train from upper level to low level. At low level, two anomalous anticyclones are found over the mid-high latitude of North Atlantic and the western Tibetan Plateau, and two anomalous cyclones are observed over the western Russia and Bay of Bengal (BOB), respectively. The NRTC teleconnection wave train plays a bridging role between the North Atlantic SST and SWC rainfall during boreal spring. Both the observational analysis and two numerical experiments suggest that the North Atlantic SST during boreal spring can induce an anomalous cyclone over BOB by the NRTC teleconnection pattern. The anomalous cyclone over BOB favors moisture transport to SWC, accompanying with significant anomalous ascending motion, and thus results in positive rainfall anomalies in SWC during boreal spring.

  6. Ombuds’ corner: Controlling our own stress

    CERN Multimedia

    Vincent Vuillemin


    In this series, the Bulletin aims to explain the role of the Ombuds at CERN by presenting practical examples of misunderstandings that could have been resolved by the Ombuds if he had been contacted earlier. Please note that, in all the situations we present, the names are fictitious and used only to improve clarity.   Bob* has been working at CERN for years. During his career he developed many skills, being now an expert technician, the kind of person who can handle all urgencies. He is always ready to help and everyone appreciates him a lot. When asked for some kind of immediate help, his answer is most of the time: “I will take care of it”. Of course everyone having a problem loves such an answer! After a reorganization done in his region of CERN, Bob found himself working with new people, not knowing as much as he did their way around. Without noticing it at the beginning, Bob started to respond to more and more requests. What happened? His mobile phone was interrupting hi...

  7. Behavior of Bali Starling at Bali Barat National Park and Nusa Penida Island (PERILAKU JALAK BALI DI TAMAN NASIONAL BALI BARAT DAN PULAU NUSA PENIDA

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sudaryanto .


    Full Text Available Jalak Bali (Leucopsar rothschildi sejak tahun 1966 dimasukan oleh International Union forConservation of Nature (IUCN Red List of Threatened Species dan Convention on International Trade inEndangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES. Jalak Bali dikelompokan sebagai satwa terancampunah dengan kategori kritis (Critically Endangered dan di Indonesia telah dilindungi sejak tahun 1970.Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui perilaku Jalak Bali di Taman Nasional Bali Barat danPulau Nusa Penida untuk konservasi burung tersebut. Metode yang digunakan adalah scan samplingdengan instataneous sampling. Perilaku Jalak Bali di Taman Nasional Bali Barat terdiri dari terbang17%, makan buah 3%, makan serangga 1%, menelisik bulu 15%, menegakkan jambul 6%, bobbing 7%,berkicau 40%, minum 0,5%, dan berjalan 10%. Sementara di Nusa Penida pada musim hujan terdiriterbang 13%, makan buah 19%, makan serangga 4%, menelisik bulu 7%, menegakkan jambul 7%, bobbing8%, berkicau 11%, minum 1%, 1% mandi, berjalan 16% , bersarang 2%, mengeram 9% dan mengasuh anak3%, dan di Nusa Penida pada musim kemarau terdiri terbang 11%, makan buah 9%, makan serangga21%, menelisik bulu 7%, menegakkan jambul 6%, bobbing 7%, berkicau 9%, minum 2%, mandi 1%, berjalan18% , dan bersarang 8%. Jalak Bali berkembang biak di Nusa Penida pada musim hujan dan musimkemarau, tetapi di Taman Nasional Bali Barat pada musim hujan.

  8. Essay: In Memory of Robert Siemann

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chao, Alexander W.; /SLAC


    Bob Siemann came to SLAC from Cornell in 1991. With the support from Burton Richter, then Director of SLAC, he took on a leadership role to formulate an academic program in accelerator physics at SLAC and the development of its accelerator faculty. Throughout his career he championed accelerator physics as an independent academic discipline, a vision that he fought so hard for and never retreated from. He convinced Stanford University and SLAC to create a line of tenured accelerator physics faculty and over the years he also regularly taught classes at Stanford and the U.S. Particle Accelerator School. After the shutdown of the SSC Laboratory, I returned to SLAC in 1993 to join the accelerator faculty he was forming. He had always visualized a need to have a professional academic journal for the accelerator field, and played a pivotal role in creating the journal Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams, now the community standard for accelerator physics after nine years of his editorship. Today, Bob's legacy of accelerator physics as an independent academic discipline continues at SLAC as well as in the community, from which we all benefit. Bob was a great experimentalist. He specialized in experimental techniques and instrumentation, but what he wanted to learn is physics. If he had to learn theory - heaven forbid - to reach that goal, he would not hesitate one second to do so. In fact, he had written several theoretical papers as results of these efforts. Now this is what I call a true experimentalist! Ultimately, however, I think it was experimental instruments that he loved most. His eyes widened when he talked about his instruments. Prompted by a question, he would proceed to a nearby blackboard, with a satisfying grin, and draw his experimental device in a careful thinking manner, then describe his experiment and educate the questioner with some insightful physics. These moments were most enjoyable, to him and the questioner alike. When I

  9. Essay: In Memory of Robert Siemann

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Chao, Alexander W.


    Bob Siemann came to SLAC from Cornell in 1991. With the support from Burton Richter, then Director of SLAC, he took on a leadership role to formulate an academic program in accelerator physics at SLAC and the development of its accelerator faculty. Throughout his career he championed accelerator physics as an independent academic discipline, a vision that he fought so hard for and never retreated from. He convinced Stanford University and SLAC to create a line of tenured accelerator physics faculty and over the years he also regularly taught classes at Stanford and the U.S. Particle Accelerator School. After the shutdown of the SSC Laboratory, I returned to SLAC in 1993 to join the accelerator faculty he was forming. He had always visualized a need to have a professional academic journal for the accelerator field, and played a pivotal role in creating the journal Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams, now the community standard for accelerator physics after nine years of his editorship. Today, Bob's legacy of accelerator physics as an independent academic discipline continues at SLAC as well as in the community, from which we all benefit. Bob was a great experimentalist. He specialized in experimental techniques and instrumentation, but what he wanted to learn is physics. If he had to learn theory - heaven forbid - to reach that goal, he would not hesitate one second to do so. In fact, he had written several theoretical papers as results of these efforts. Now this is what I call a true experimentalist. Ultimately, however, I think it was experimental instruments that he loved most. His eyes widened when he talked about his instruments. Prompted by a question, he would proceed to a nearby blackboard, with a satisfying grin, and draw his experimental device in a careful thinking manner, then describe his experiment and educate the questioner with some insightful physics. These moments were most enjoyable, to him and the questioner alike. When I

  10. Sub-seasonal prediction of significant wave heights over the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans, part II: The impact of ENSO and MJO (United States)

    Shukla, Ravi P.; Kinter, James L.; Shin, Chul-Su


    This study evaluates the effect of El Niño and the Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) events on 14-day mean significant wave height (SWH) at 3 weeks lead time (Wk34) over the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans using the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Climate Forecast System, version 2 (CFSv2). The WAVEWATCH-3 (WW3) model is forced with daily 10m-winds predicted by a modified version of CFSv2 that is initialized with multiple ocean analyses in both January and May for 1979-2008. A significant anomaly correlation of predicted and observed SWH anomalies (SWHA) at Wk34 lead-time is found over portions of the domain, including the central western Pacific, South China Sea (SCS), Bay of Bengal (BOB) and southern Indian Ocean (IO) in January cases, and over BOB, equatorial western Pacific, the Maritime Continent and southern IO in May cases. The model successfully predicts almost all the important features of the observed composite SWHA during El Niño events in January, including negative SWHA in the central IO where westerly wind anomalies act on an easterly mean state, and positive SWHA over the southern Ocean (SO) where westerly wind anomalies act on a westerly mean state. The model successfully predicts the sign and magnitude of SWHA at Wk34 lead-time in May over the BOB and SCS in composites of combined phases-2-3 and phases-6-7 of MJO. The observed leading mode of SWHA in May and the third mode of SWHA in January are influenced by the combined effects of ENSO and MJO. Based on spatial and temporal correlations, the spatial patterns of SWHA in the model at Wk34 in both January and May are in good agreement with the observations over the equatorial western Pacific, equatorial and southern IO, and SO.

  11. Trophic diversity, size and biomass spectrum of Bay of Bengal nematodes: A study case on depth and latitudinal patterns (United States)

    Ansari, Kapuli Gani Mohamed Thameemul; Lyla, Somasundharanair; Khan, Syed Ajmal; Bhadury, Punyasloke


    Depth and latitudinal patterns of nematode functional attributes were investigated from 35 stations of Bay of Bengal (BoB) continental shelf. We aim to address whether depth and latitudinal variations can modify nematode community structure and their functional attributes (trophic diversity, size and biomass spectra). Global trend of depth and latitudinal related variations have also been noticed from BoB shelf in terms of nematode abundance and species richness, albeit heterogeneity patterns were encountered in functional attributes. Index of trophic diversity values revealed higher trophic diversity across the BoB shelf and suggested variety of food resource availability. However, downstream analysis of trophic status showed depth and latitude specific patterns but not reflected in terms of size and biomass spectrum. The peaks at different positions clearly visualized heterogeneity in distribution patterns for both size and biomass spectrum and also there was evidence of availability of diversified food resources. Nematode biomass spectra (NBS) constructed for nematode communities showed shift in peak biomass values towards lower to moderate size classes particularly in shallower depth but did not get reflected in latitudes. However, Chennai and Parangipettai transects demonstrated shift in peak biomass values towards higher biomass classes explaining the representation of higher nematode abundance. Our findings concluded that depth and latitudes are physical variables; they may not directly affect nematode community structure and functional attributes but they might influence the other factors such as food availability, sediment deposition and settlement rate. Our observations suggest that the local factors (seasonal character) of phytodetrital food flux can be very important for shaping the nematode community structure and success of nematode functional heterogeneity patterns across the Bay of Bengal shelf.

  12. Effect of riverine freshwater discharge in salinity simulations over the northern Indian Ocean (United States)

    Kalathupurath Kuttan, Sandeep; Pant, Vimlesh; Devendra Rao, Ambarukhana


    Sea surface salinity (SSS) in the north Indian Ocean (NIO) exhibits contrasting spatial distribution, particularly in the two semi-enclosed basins namely the Arabian sea (AS) and Bay of Bengal (BoB). BoB experiences excess amount of freshwater inflow from rivers as well as from the surplus of precipitation over evaporation (E-P) and thus maintains a fresher surface water throughout the year as compared to AS. Major rivers such as Ganges, Brahmaputra, Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, and Irrawaddy discharge large amount of freshwater volume to the BoB. The input of relatively less saline waters by the Indonesian Throughflow (ITF) makes the eastern equatorial IO fresher. Substantial change in salinity and temperature due to river runoff results in a change in ambient sea-water density near river mouths in coastal regions. In the present study, we simulate the circulation features of the NIO using a free-surface primitive equation ocean general circulation model 'Regional Ocean Modeling System' (ROMS). The model domain extends from 30°S-30°N, 30°E-120°E with 1/4 x 1/4 degree resolution in the horizontal and 40 vertical terrain following sigma levels. The model is initialized with annual mean climatology of temperature and salinity from World Ocean Atlas 2009 (WOA09) and forced with daily climatological winds from Quikscat and ASCAT and other atmospheric forcing fields from TropFlux. Different numerical experiments were carried out to understand the impact of freshwater forcing on the sea surface salinity (SSS) simulations. Model simulations and available in-situ and satellite observations utilized to understand processes, particularly the contribution of freshwater forcing, controlling the SSS spatial and seasonal variations in various sectors of the Indian Ocean.

  13. Wind effect on salt transport variability in the Bay of Bengal (United States)

    Sandeep, K. K.; Pant, V.


    The Bay of Bengal (BoB) exhibits large spatial variability in sea surface salinity (SSS) pattern caused by its unique hydrological, meteorological and oceanographical characteristics. This SSS variability is largely controlled by the seasonally reversing monsoon winds and the associated currents. Further, the BoB receives substantial freshwater inputs through excess precipitation over evaporation and river discharge. Rivers like Ganges, Brahmaputra, Mahanadi, Krishna, Godavari, and Irawwady discharge annually a freshwater volume in range between 1.5 x 1012 and 1.83 x 1013 m3 into the bay. A major volume of this freshwater input to the bay occurs during the southwest monsoon (June-September) period. In the present study, a relative role of winds in the SSS variability in the bay is investigated by using an eddy-resolving three dimensional Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) numerical model. The model is configured with realistic bathymetry, coastline of study region and forced with daily climatology of atmospheric variables. River discharges from the major rivers are distributed in the model grid points representing their respective geographic locations. Salt transport estimate from the model simulation for realistic case are compared with the standard reference datasets. Further, different experiments were carried out with idealized surface wind forcing representing the normal, low, high, and very high wind speed conditions in the bay while retaining the realistic daily varying directions for all the cases. The experimental simulations exhibit distinct dispersal patterns of the freshwater plume and SSS in different experiments in response to the idealized winds. Comparison of the meridional and zonal surface salt transport estimated for each experiment showed strong seasonality with varying magnitude in the bay with a maximum spatial and temporal variability in the western and northern parts of the BoB.

  14. Investigating the role of air-sea forcing on the variability of hydrography, circulation, and mixed layer depth in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Atul Srivastava


    Full Text Available Summary: An effort is made to understand and quantify the influence of near surface zonal and meridional winds, incoming shortwave radiation, and freshwater flux air-sea forcings on the seasonal variability of the hydrography, circulation, and mixed layer depth of the Arabian Sea (AS and Bay of Bengal (BoB. Sensitivity experiments using an ocean general circulation model are carried out for this purpose in the Indian ocean around 65°–95°E, 5°–22°N during 1998–2014 (17 years. In the absence of near surface wind forcing, the sea surface temperature of the region greatly increases in all the seasons, whereas, in the absence of incoming shortwave radiation forcing, exactly opposite is the case. The sea surface salinity of the AS and BoB decreases in the absence of wind and shortwave radiation forcings, whereas, in the northern BoB it increases in the absence of freshwater flux forcing. The sub-surface changes in the stratification of temperature and salinity are also investigated. The influence of the air-sea forcings on the mixed layer depth of the region is found to be highly seasonally dependent. The effect of air-sea forcings on the seasonal variability of the upper ocean vertical stability is studied using the vertical shear of the horizontal velocity, buoyancy frequency, and energy required for mixing as quantifiers. The near surface wind forcing has highest contribution in changing the surface circulation of the region. Keywords: Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal, Air-sea forcing, Ocean general circulation model, Hydrography and circulation, Vertical stability

  15. Exportation of dissolved (inorganic and organic) and particulate carbon from mangroves and its implication to the carbon budget in the Indian Sundarbans. (United States)

    Ray, R; Baum, A; Rixen, T; Gleixner, G; Jana, T K


    Mangroves are known for exchanging organic and inorganic carbon with estuaries and oceans but studies that have estimated their contribution to the global budget are limited to a few mangrove ecosystems which exclude world's largest the Sundarbans. Here, we worked in the Indian Sundarbans and in the Hooghly river/estuary in May (pre-monsoon) and December (post-monsoon), 2014. Aims were, i) to quantify the riverine export of particulate organic carbon (POC) and dissolved organic and inorganic carbon (DOC, DIC)) of the Hooghly into the Bay of Bengal (BoB), ii) to estimate the C export (DOC, DIC, POC) from the Sundarbans into the BoB by using a simple mixing model, as well as iii) to revise the existing C budget constructed for the mangroves. The riverine exports of POC, DOC and DIC account for 0.07TgCyr -1 , 0.34TgCyr -1 and 4.14TgCyr -1 , respectively, and were largest during the monsoon period. Results revealed that mangrove plant derived organic matter and its subsequent degradation is the primary source of DIC and DOC in the Hooghly estuary whereas POC is linked to soil erosion. Mangroves are identified as a major source of carbon (POC, DOC, DIC) transported from the Sundarbans into the BoB, with export rates of 0.58 TgCyr -1 , 3.03TgCyr -1 , and 3.69TgCyr -1 respectively, altogether amounting to 7.3TgCyr -1 . This C export from the Indian Sundarbans exceeds the 'missing C' of the previous budget, thus necessitating further research to finally resolve the mangrove C budget. However, these first baseline data on C exports from the world's largest deltaic mangrove improves limited global data inventory and signifies the need of acquiring more data from different mangrove settings to reduce uncertainties. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  16. Air Pollution Over the Ganges Basin and Northwest Bay of Bengal in the Early Postmonsoon Season Based on NASA MERRAero Data (United States)

    Kishcha, Pavel; Da Silva, Arlindo M.; Starobinets, Boris; Alpert, Pinhas


    The MERRA Aerosol Reanalysis (MERRAero) has been recently developed at NASA's Global Modeling Assimilation Office. This reanalysis is based on a version of the Goddard Earth Observing System-5 (GEOS-5) model radiatively coupled with Goddard Chemistry, Aerosol, Radiation, and Transport aerosols, and it includes assimilation of bias-corrected aerosol optical thickness (AOT) from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) sensor on both Terra and Aqua satellites. In October over the period 2002-2009, MERRAero showed that AOT was lower over the east of the Ganges basin than over the northwest of the Ganges basin: this was despite the fact that the east of the Ganges basin should have produced higher anthropogenic aerosol emissions because of higher population density, increased industrial output, and transportation. This is evidence that higher aerosol emissions do not always correspond to higher AOT over the areas where the effects of meteorological factors on AOT dominate those of aerosol emissions. MODIS AOT assimilation was essential for correcting modeled AOT mainly over the northwest of the Ganges basin, where AOT increments were maximal. Over the east of the Ganges basin and northwest Bay of Bengal (BoB), AOT increments were low and MODIS AOT assimilation did not contribute significantly to modeled AOT. Our analysis showed that increasing AOT trends over northwest BoB (exceeding those over the east of the Ganges basin) were reproduced by GEOS-5, not because of MODIS AOT assimilation butmainly because of the model capability of reproducing meteorological factors contributing to AOT trends. Moreover, vertically integrated aerosol mass flux was sensitive to wind convergence causing aerosol accumulation over northwest BoB.

  17. Enhanced charging capability of lithium metal batteries based on lithium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide-lithium bis(oxalato)borate dual-salt electrolytes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Xiang, Hongfa; Shi, Pengcheng; Bhattacharya, Priyanka; Chen, Xilin; Mei, Donghai; Bowden, Mark E.; Zheng, Jianming; Zhang, Ji-Guang; Xu, Wu


    Rechargeable lithium (Li) metal batteries with conventional LiPF6-carbonate electrolytes have been reported to fail quickly at charging current densities of about 1.0 mA cm-2 and above. In this work, we demonstrate the rapid charging capability of the Li||LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 (NCA) cells enabled by a dual-salt electrolyte of LiTFSI-LiBOB in a carbonate solvent mixture. It is found that the thickness of solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) layer on Li metal anode largely increases with increasing charging current density. However, the cells using the LiTFSI-LiBOB dual-salt electrolyte significantly outperforms those using the LiPF6 electrolyte at high charging current densities. At the charging current density of 1.50 mA cm-2, the Li||NCA cells with the dual-salt electrolyte can still deliver a discharge capacity of 131 mAh g-1 and a capacity retention of 80% after 100 cycles, while those with the LiPF6 electrolyte start to show fast capacity fading after the 30th cycle and only exhibit a low capacity of 25 mAh g-1 and a low retention of 15% after 100 cycles. The reasons for the good chargeability and cycling stability of the cells using LiTFSI-LiBOB dual-salt electrolyte can be attributed to the good film-formation ability of the electrolyte on lithium metal anode and the highly conductive nature of the sulfur-rich interphase layer.

  18. Serotonergic and dopaminergic distinctions in the behavioral pharmacology of (±)-1-(2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenyl)-2-aminopropane (DOI) and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). (United States)

    Schindler, Emmanuelle A D; Dave, Kuldip D; Smolock, Elaine M; Aloyo, Vincent J; Harvey, John A


    After decades of social stigma, hallucinogens have reappeared in the clinical literature demonstrating unique benefits in medicine. The precise behavioral pharmacology of these compounds remains unclear, however. Two commonly studied hallucinogens, (±)-1-(2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenyl)-2-aminopropane (DOI) and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), were investigated both in vivo and in vitro to determine the pharmacology of their behavioral effects in an animal model. Rabbits were administered DOI or LSD and observed for head bob behavior after chronic drug treatment or after pretreatment with antagonist ligands. The receptor binding characteristics of DOI and LSD were studied in vitro in frontocortical homogenates from naïve rabbits or ex vivo in animals receiving an acute drug injection. Both DOI- and LSD-elicited head bobs required serotonin(2A) (5-HT(2A)) and dopamine(1) (D(1)) receptor activation. Serotonin(2B/2C) receptors were not implicated in these behaviors. In vitro studies demonstrated that LSD and the 5-HT(2A/2C) receptor antagonist, ritanserin, bound frontocortical 5-HT(2A) receptors in a pseudo-irreversible manner. In contrast, DOI and the 5-HT(2A/2C) receptor antagonist, ketanserin, bound reversibly. These binding properties were reflected in ex vivo binding studies. The two hallucinogens also differed in that LSD showed modest D(1) receptor binding affinity whereas DOI had negligible binding affinity at this receptor. Although DOI and LSD differed in their receptor binding properties, activation of 5-HT(2A) and D(1) receptors was a common mechanism for eliciting head bob behavior. These findings implicate these two receptors in the mechanism of action of hallucinogens. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  19. RHIC spin physics: Proceedings. Volume 7

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This proceedings compiles one-page summaries and five transparencies for each talk, with the intention that the speaker should include a web location for additional information in the summary. Also, email addresses are given with the participant list. The order follows the agenda: gluon, polarimetry, accelerator, W production and quark/antiquark polarization, parity violation searches, transversity, single transverse spin, small angle elastic scattering, and the final talk on ep collisions at RHIC. The authors begin the Proceedings with the full set of transparencies from Bob Jaffe`s colloquium on spin, by popular request.

  20. RHIC spin physics: Proceedings. Volume 7

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    This proceedings compiles one-page summaries and five transparencies for each talk, with the intention that the speaker should include a web location for additional information in the summary. Also, email addresses are given with the participant list. The order follows the agenda: gluon, polarimetry, accelerator, W production and quark/antiquark polarization, parity violation searches, transversity, single transverse spin, small angle elastic scattering, and the final talk on ep collisions at RHIC. The authors begin the Proceedings with the full set of transparencies from Bob Jaffe's colloquium on spin, by popular request

  1. Crowdsourcing Intelligence to Combat Terrorism: Harnessing Bottom-Up Collection to Prevent Lone-Wolf Terror Attacks (United States)


    doesn’t require a lot pre-operational surveillance and is only happening in the mind of the offender , from an intelligence standpoint, from a...but were not members of 55 Bob Drogin and April Choi, “ Teen Held in Alleged Portland Bomb Plot,” Los Angeles Times, November 28, 2010, terrorist-attack-article-1.444423. 75 Pat Pheifer, “Waseca Teen Accused in School Shooting Plot had been

  2. School Foucault pendulum

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lacsny, Boris; Štubna, Igor; Teleki, Aba


    A Foucault pendulum was assembled for a university/high-school physics course. The pendulum is 2.85 m long and the mass of the bob is 4.70 kg. A new technique based on the spark burned points on a sheet of paper was used to register the pendulum’s motion. A Ruhmkorff induction coil was used as a high-voltage source. Plots of the elliptical trajectories (except the first trajectory, which is a straight line) can be created and the angles between the major axes of the ellipses can be determined after assigning the coordinates to the burned points. (paper)

  3. Note: A 1-m Foucault pendulum rolling on a ball (United States)

    Salva, H. R.; Benavides, R. E.; Venturino, J. A.; Cuscueta, D. J.; Ghilarducci, A. A.


    We have built a short Foucault pendulum of 1-m length. The aim of this work was to increase the sensitivity to elliptical trajectories from other longer pendula. The design was a semi-rigid pendulum that rolls over a small ball. The measurements of the movements (azimuth and elliptical trajectory) were done by an optical method. The resulting pendulum works in a medium satisfactory way due to problems of the correct choice of the mass of the bob together with the diameter of the supporting ball. It is also important to keep the rolling surface very clean.

  4. School Foucault pendulum (United States)

    Lacsny, Boris; Štubna, Igor; Teleki, Aba


    A Foucault pendulum was assembled for a university/high-school physics course. The pendulum is 2.85 m long and the mass of the bob is 4.70 kg. A new technique based on the spark burned points on a sheet of paper was used to register the pendulum’s motion. A Ruhmkorff induction coil was used as a high-voltage source. Plots of the elliptical trajectories (except the first trajectory, which is a straight line) can be created and the angles between the major axes of the ellipses can be determined after assigning the coordinates to the burned points.

  5. OS X Mavericks for dummies

    CERN Document Server

    LeVitus, Bob


    Coast through OS X Mavericks with help from Dr. Mac and For Dummies Ready to make friends with Mavericks? Then, Dr. Mac's your man. Author and longtime Mac guru, Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus shares his witty insights and helpful tips in this full-color update to his bestselling OS X guide. You'll learn the basics of working with the Dock, Launchpad, and Mission Control before moving on to setting up your e-mail, surfing with Safari, organizing your files, and customizing OS X Mavericks for all you need your Mac to do. Familiarizes you with OS X essentials like navigating the desktop, connecting to

  6. Liquid weighing by buoyancy technique

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Jeter, D.W.; Hafer, D.E.; Hagie, L.T.; Kurtz, E.F.


    A unique method is being developed to indirectly measure the mass of liquid in a tank. This method (the Bob Displacement Technique), which is based on Archimedes Buoyancy Principle, is described. The working equation is developed and reduced to a linear response equation which is unaffected by density. A prototype design for use on a plutonium/uranium nitrate feed tank has been developed and is described. The water testing of this hardware is discussed. Typical fuel cycle applications and the material accountability considerations are included

  7. A new experimental method for determining liquid density and surface tension (United States)

    Chou, Kjo-Chih; Hu, Jian-Hong


    A summary concerning the measurement of liquid density relying on the Archimedes principle has been presented, based on which a new effective method with a specially designed bob for determining liquid density has been suggested. The application of this method to ethyl alcohol solution and liquid glycerol, as well as a theoretical error analysis, shows that this new method is significant, because not only can it simplify the procedure of measurement but it can also offer more precise results. Besides, this method can further provide surface tension or contact angle simultaneously. It is expected that this new method will find its application in hightemperature melts.

  8. The Potential Linkage between Emergency Medical Services Systems and Health Systems Agencies to Civil Defense Related Health and Medical Care Plans and Operations. (United States)


    Attendees Madge R. Swann HRA 436-7234 Bob Handy HRA 436-7240 Dick Salamandra HSA-EMS 436-6295 Jonetta Darden PHS 443-1167 Gordon Johnson PHS/FDA/BRH 443...Francsico area. He said all Federal agencies have been working under General Woodward’s leadership to develop a plan. Mr. Salamandra asked Ms. Darden how...Anderson then introduced Dick Salamandra whose topic was Overview of Emergency Medical Services Systems. Mr. Salamandra said the intent of the EMS Act of

  9. <報文>LiF-MgF_2,LiF-NaCl各2元系溶融塩の密度について


    金井, 俊治; 谷内, 研太郎; 伊藤, 良雅


    The densities of the binary molten salts of LiF-MgF_2 and LiF-NaCl systems were measured by "the double bob method" based on the Archimedes' principle. 1) The densities of the molten salts in the LiF-MgF_2 binary system of an eutectic type having the solid solution on each side were measured in the composition range of 0?40 mol % MgF_2. Measured densities increased gradually with the increase in MgF_2 content. 2) The densities of the molten salts in the Lit-NaCl binary system of a simple eute...

  10. <報文>LiF-MgF_2,LiF-NaCl各2元系溶融塩の密度について


    金井, 俊治; 谷内, 研太郎; 伊藤, 良雅; Toshiharu, KANAI; Kentaro, TANIUCHI; Yoshimasa, ITO; 東北大学選鉱製錬研究所; 東北大学選鉱製錬研究所; 東北大学選鉱製錬研究所


    The densities of the binary molten salts of LiF-MgF_2 and LiF-NaCl systems were measured by "the double bob method" based on the Archimedes' principle. 1) The densities of the molten salts in the LiF-MgF_2 binary system of an eutectic type having the solid solution on each side were measured in the composition range of 0~40 mol % MgF_2. Measured densities increased gradually with the increase in MgF_2 content. 2) The densities of the molten salts in the Lit-NaCl binary system of a simple eute...

  11. Practitioner's guide to health informatics

    CERN Document Server

    Braunstein, Mark


    ""This book will be a terrific introduction to the field of clinical IT and clinical informatics"" -- Kevin Johnson ""Dr. Braunstein has done a wonderful job of exploring a number of key trends in technology in the context of the transformations that are occurring in our health care system"" -- Bob Greenes ""This insightful book is a perfect primer for technologists entering the health tech field."" -- Deb Estrin ""This book should be read by everyone.​"" -- David Kibbe This book provides care providers and other non-technical readers with a broad, practical overview of the changi

  12. Problem-oriented clinical microbiology and infection. 2nd. ed.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hilary Humphreys; William, L. Irving [Royal College of Surgeons (Ireland)


    This medical textbook is problem-based, in line with current medical teaching, and covers 70 clinical cases. This second edition has been updated to include new material on AIDS/HIV, emerging antibiotic-resistant bacteria and new viral pathogens such as SARS. Sections are headed; Skin and mucous membranes; Respiratory tract; Gastrointestinal system which includes a case study entitled: Bob, a 55-year-old retired coal miner with abdominal pain; Genito-urinary system; Central nervous system; Systemic infections; Pregnancy and the neonate; and Miscellaneous. 29 ills., 125 photos.

  13. iTunes music

    CERN Document Server

    Katz, Bob


    Apple's exciting new Mastered for iTunes (MFiT) initiative, introduced in early 2012, introduces new possibilities for delivering high-quality audio. For the first time, record labels and program producers are encouraged to deliver audio materials to iTunes in a high resolution format, which can produce better-sounding masters. In iTunes Music, author and world-class mastering engineer Bob Katz starts out with the basics, surveys the recent past, and brings you quickly up to the present-where the current state of digital audio is bleak. Katz explains the evolution of

  14. Officers and Council, 1998-1999 (United States)


    The 1998-1999 Council of the British Astronomical Association photographed on the steps of Burlington House, London, on 1999 May 26. Front row, left to right: Bob Marriott, Hazel McGee, Martin Mobberley, Nick James, Jonathan Shanklin, Ron Johnson; centre: Richard Miles, Gordon Taylor, Jacqueline Mitton, David Tucker, John Mason, Pat Barber, David Reid, Peter Hudson; back: Laurence Anslow, Guy Hurst, Lionel Mayling, Nick Hewitt, Owen Brazell, Tony Kinder, Mark Armstrong, Maurice Gavin. Photo by Hazel McGee and Linda Newton.

  15. Radiological audit of remedial action activities at the processing site, transfer site, and Cheney disposal site Grand Junction, Colorado: Audit date, August 9--11, 1993

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    The Uranium Mill Tailing Remedial Action (UMTRA) Project's Technical Assistance Contractor (TAC) performed a radiological audit of the Remedial Action Contractor (RAC), MK-Ferguson and CWM Federal Environmental Services, Inc., at the processing site, transfer site, and Cheney disposal site in Grand Junction, Colorado. Jim Hylko and Bill James of the TAC conducted this audit August 9 through 11, 1993. Bob Cornish and Frank Bosiljevec represented the US Department of Energy (DOE). This report presents one programmatic finding, eleven site-specific observations, one good practice, and four programmatic observations

  16. The United States Air Force Academy: a Bibliography 1972-1982 (United States)


    Air Force Base, Fla.: Civil and Environmental Engineering Development Office, 1978. (TH 7413 .E22) 139 Marley , Frederick H. A proposal for the...1978-80 Rep. David C. Treen 1975-76 Mr. Churchill T. Williams 1973-75 Rep. Bob Wilson 1977-78 Rep. Charles H. Wilson 1972-73 Dr. Sheila E. Windall 1978...575 Mark, Hans M., 560 ivins, Molly, 466 Markey, J. H., 278 James, D. Clayton, 576 Marley , Frederick H., 139 Janson, Donald, 467 Martin, Ben, 656

  17. Species-richness of the Anopheles annulipes Complex (Diptera: Culicidae) Revealed by Tree and Model-Based Allozyme Clustering Analyses (United States)


    54 Holland landing1: 147°28’E 38°04𔄂 141(3) 28 13 11 9 I:: 55 Marley Point:j: 147°15’E 38°05’S 140(3) 28 13 11 9:! :!.. 56 Meerlieu:j: 147°23’E 38°01...supplied by the following: Tony Barnes, Ann Marie Boyd, Bob Cooper, Peter Ebsworth, Ian Fan- ning, Chris Freebairn, Brian Kay, Con Lokkers, Melina Miles

  18. Storm Warning Service (United States)


    A Huntsville meteorologist of Baron Services, Inc. has formed a commercial weather advisory service. Weather information is based on data from Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) collected from antennas in Alabama and Tennessee. Bob Baron refines and enhances MSFC's real time display software. Computer data is changed to audio data for radio transmission, received by clients through an antenna and decoded by computer for display. Using his service, clients can monitor the approach of significant storms and schedule operations accordingly. Utilities and emergency management officials are able to plot a storm's path. A recent agreement with two other companies will promote continued development and marketing.

  19. Quantifying oceanic moisture exports to mainland China in association with summer precipitation (United States)

    Chen, Bin; Xu, Xiang-De; Zhao, TianLiang


    Oceanic moisture exports (OMEs) are considered the major moisture sources for precipitation over Mainland China during the boreal summer season. In this study, a Lagrangian particle dispersion and transport model [FLEXible PARTicle dispersion model (FLEXPART)] driven with European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) reanalysis (ERA)-Interim data was used to conduct 35-year modeling of the summer season (May-August) for 1980-2014. Based on the 6-h output over 35 years, a relatively sophisticated approach was adopted that considers the change in specific humidity with trajectory tracking to diagnose OME-based precipitation during the summer season in China. We specifically explored the spatiotemporal structure of OME-based precipitation over Mainland China with a focus on quantifying the relative contributions of three specific oceanic sub-regions: the Arabian Sea (AS), the Bay of Bengal (BOB), and the South China Sea (SCS). The relevance of the OME anomalies from the three sub-regions and the observed precipitation changes on an interannual scale were also explored. The main research conclusions are summarized as follows: (1) The diagnosed OME-based precipitation and gauge observations exhibit similar spatial patterns in both seasonal and sub-seasonal scales, further evidencing the robustness of the approach used in this study. (2) Climatologically, the OMEs originating from the AS, the BOB, and the SCS made roughly equivalent contributions to the entire areal-averaged precipitation over Mainland China on a seasonal scale, but the preferred regions influenced by the three oceanic sources differ strongly from each other. (3) The relative contributions of OME from three specific subsections to precipitation varied significantly on the sub-seasonal scale. During the onset of summer monsoons, the AS region ranked first as an important oceanic source, followed by the BOB and the SCS, whereas during the withdrawal of summer monsoons, this order was reversed

  20. Quantum Kolmogorov complexity and bounded quantum memory (United States)

    Miyadera, Takayuki


    The effect of bounded quantum memory in a primitive information protocol has been examined using the quantum Kolmogorov complexity as a measure of information. We employed a toy two-party protocol in which Bob, by using a bounded quantum memory and an unbounded classical memory, estimates a message that was encoded in qubits by Alice in one of the bases X or Z. Our theorem gave a nontrivial effect of the memory boundedness. In addition, a generalization of the uncertainty principle in the presence of quantum memory has been obtained.