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  1. A Mobitz type II atrioventricular block in multicentric ischemic stroke ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Cardiac and cerebrovascular illnesses are major causes of mortality and morbidity. Thromboembolisms, which are the result of cardiac arrhythmia, are important causes of ischemic stroke. In this study, we present a rare case of multicentric ischemic stroke induced by Mobitz type II atrioventricular block. The Pan African ...

  2. Criminal Justice Systems. Block I: Law Enforcement. Block II: The Courts. Block III: Corrections. Block IV: Community Relations. Block V: Proficiency Skills. Block VI: Criminalistics. Student Guide. (United States)

    Florida State Dept. of Education, Tallahassee. Div. of Vocational, Adult, and Community Education.

    This student guide together with an instructor guide comprise a set of curriculum materials on the criminal justice system. The student guide contains self-contained instructional material that students can study at their own pace most of the time. Six major subject areas or blocks, which are further broken down into several units, with some units…

  3. Criminal Justice Systems. Block I: Law Enforcement. Block II: The Courts. Block III: Corrections. Block IV: Community Relations. Block V: Proficiency Skills. Block VI: Criminalistics. Instructor Guide. (United States)

    Florida State Dept. of Education, Tallahassee. Div. of Vocational, Adult, and Community Education.

    This instructor guide together with a student guide comprise a set of curriculum materials on the criminal justice system. The instructor guide is a resource for planning and managing individualized, competency-based instruction in six major subject areas or blocks, which are further broken down into several units with some units having several…

  4. Mit Shah

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Sadhana. Mit Shah. Articles written in Sadhana. Volume 41 Issue 2 February 2016 pp 193-202. Detection of spam web page using content and link-based techniques: A combined approach · Rajendra Kumar Roul Shubham Rohan Asthana Mit Shah Dhruvesh Parikh · More Details Abstract Fulltext PDF.

  5. Mit kokkeri

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ejlersen, Søren; Lorang, Louisa

    MIT kokkeri er resultatet af et samarbejde mellem Komiteen for Sundhedsoplysning, Institut for Uddannelse og Pædagogik/Aarhus Universitet og Haver til Maver. Projektet støttes af Nordea-fonden. Bag kogebogens mange opskrifter står en række erfarne madeksperter bestående af Søren Ejlersen, Louisa...

  6. Singlet - oxygen therapy. 'MIT-S' apparatus

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Samosyuk, I.Z.; Chukhraev, N.V.; Pisanko, O.I.


    The described method is based on using singlet-oxygen mixture with antioxiding properties. This mixture is produced by photochemical sensibilization of air or water vapour in MIT-S apparatus. Technical parameters of MIT-S are presented. The method is used for therapy of different organs, for prophylactics, treatment and rehabilitation of a series of diseases (bronchial asthma, cardio-vascular, neurologic, sugar diabet, immune diseases)

  7. Wrestling with Pedagogical Change: The TEAL Initiative at MIT (United States)

    Breslow, Lori


    In the late 1990s, the physics department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) had a problem. The department was responsible for teaching the two required physics courses that are part of the General Institute Requirements (GIRs), MIT's core curriculum--Physics I (mechanics, or in MIT parlance, 8.01) and Physics II (electricity and…

  8. Block orthogonal polynomials: II. Hermite and Laguerre standard block orthogonal polynomials

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Normand, Jean-Marie


    The standard block orthogonal (SBO) polynomials P i;n (x), 0 ≤ i ≤ n are real polynomials of degree n which are orthogonal with respect to a first Euclidean scalar product to polynomials of degree less than i. In addition, they are mutually orthogonal with respect to a second Euclidean scalar product. Applying the general results obtained in a previous paper, we determine and investigate these polynomials when the first scalar product corresponds to Hermite (resp. Laguerre) polynomials. These new sets of polynomials, which we call Hermite (resp. Laguerre) SBO polynomials, provide a basis of functional spaces well suited for some applications requiring to take into account special linear constraints which can be recast into an Euclidean orthogonality relation

  9. The cyclin-dependent kinase 8 module sterically blocks Mediator interactions with RNA polymerase II

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Elmlund, Hans; Baraznenok, Vera; Lindahl, Martin


    CDK8 (cyclin-dependent kinase 8), along with CycC, Med12, and Med13, form a repressive module (the Cdk8 module) that prevents RNA polymerase II (pol II) interactions with Mediator. Here, we report that the ability of the Cdk8 module to prevent pol II interactions is independent of the Cdk8......-dependent kinase activity. We use electron microscopy and single-particle reconstruction to demonstrate that the Cdk8 module forms a distinct structural entity that binds to the head and middle region of Mediator, thereby sterically blocking interactions with pol II....

  10. Army Tactical Missile System (TACMS) Block II Insensitive Munitions Test Results (United States)

    Fisher, Jamie M.; Nelson, Steven G.


    The Army TACMS Block II missile system provides the soldier with long range precision fire against moving armored combat vehicles in support of deep operations beyond the capability of other currently existing munitions. As part of an ongoing IM program for the ATACMS/BAT, warhead components were subject to IM threats identified in the system's Threat Hazard Assessment. These tests were conducted to assess the reaction of the Block II warhead, containing BAT submunitions, to bullet impact, fragment impact and fast cook-off. This paper will provide a summary of the test item configurations, test setups, results and preliminary assessments.

  11. Living supramolecular polymerization achieved by collaborative assembly of platinum(II) complexes and block copolymers. (United States)

    Zhang, Kaka; Yeung, Margaret Ching-Lam; Leung, Sammual Yu-Lut; Yam, Vivian Wing-Wah


    An important feature of biological systems to achieve complexity and precision is the involvement of multiple components where each component plays its own role and collaborates with other components. Mimicking this, we report living supramolecular polymerization achieved by collaborative assembly of two structurally dissimilar components, that is, platinum(II) complexes and poly(ethylene glycol)- b -poly(acrylic acid) (PEG- b -PAA). The PAA blocks neutralize the charges of the platinum(II) complexes, with the noncovalent metal-metal and π-π interactions directing the longitudinal growth of the platinum(II) complexes into 1D crystalline nanostructures, and the PEG blocks inhibiting the transverse growth of the platinum(II) complexes and providing the whole system with excellent solubility. The ends of the 1D crystalline nanostructures have been found to be active during the assembly and remain active after the assembly. One-dimensional segmented nanostructures with heterojunctions have been produced by sequential growth of two types of platinum(II) complexes. The PAA blocks act as adapters at the heterojunctions for lattice matching between chemically and crystallographically different platinum(II) complexes, achieving heterojunctions with a lattice mismatch as large as 21%. Published under the PNAS license.

  12. Traveling Rocky Roads: The Consequences of Transcription-Blocking DNA Lesions on RNA Polymerase II

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    B. Steurer (Barbara); J.A. Marteijn (Jurgen)


    textabstractThe faithful transcription of eukaryotic genes by RNA polymerase II (RNAP2) is crucial for proper cell function and tissue homeostasis. However, transcription-blocking DNA lesions of both endogenous and environmental origin continuously challenge the progression of elongating RNAP2. The

  13. Methyldopa blocks MHC class II binding to disease-specific antigens in autoimmune diabetes. (United States)

    Ostrov, David A; Alkanani, Aimon; McDaniel, Kristen A; Case, Stephanie; Baschal, Erin E; Pyle, Laura; Ellis, Samuel; Pöllinger, Bernadette; Seidl, Katherine J; Shah, Viral N; Garg, Satish K; Atkinson, Mark A; Gottlieb, Peter A; Michels, Aaron W


    Major histocompatibility (MHC) class II molecules are strongly associated with many autoimmune disorders. In type 1 diabetes, the DQ8 molecule is common, confers significant disease risk and is involved in disease pathogenesis. We hypothesized blocking DQ8 antigen presentation would provide therapeutic benefit by preventing recognition of self-peptides by pathogenic T cells. We used the crystal structure of DQ8 to select drug-like small molecules predicted to bind structural pockets in the MHC antigen-binding cleft. A limited number of the predicted compounds inhibited DQ8 antigen presentation in vitro with one compound preventing insulin autoantibody production and delaying diabetes onset in an animal model of spontaneous autoimmune diabetes. An existing drug of similar structure, methyldopa, specifically blocked DQ8 in recent-onset patients with type 1 diabetes along with reducing inflammatory T cell responses toward insulin, highlighting the relevance of blocking disease-specific MHC class II antigen presentation to treat autoimmunity.

  14. [Type II Quadratus Lumborum block for a sub-total gastrectomy in a septic patient]. (United States)

    Cardoso, José Miguel; Sá, Miguel; Reis, Hugo; Almeida, Liliana; Sampaio, José Carlos; Pinheiro, Célia; Machado, Duarte

    Quadratus Lumborum block was recently described and has already shown good results as an analgesic technique in abdominal surgeries, having the potential to significantly reduce opioids consumption and be a valid alternative to epidural catheter. We performed a type II Quadratus Lumborum block for analgesia in a septic patient having a sub-total gastrectomy. An 80 year-old, ASA III, male patient, weighting 50kg, with a history of arterial hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, diagnosed with sepsis due to purulent peritonitis was submitted to an open laparotomy. Bilateral ultrasound-guided type II Quadratus Lumborum block was performed before surgery, using 10mL of levobupivacaine 0.25% and 5mL of mepivacaine 1%, per side. Pain relief was achieved 5minutes after injection and the patient referred no pain in the immediate postoperative period. Type II Quadratus Lumborum block may be considered a valid alternative for postoperative analgesia in a septic patient undergoing major abdominal surgery with some relative contraindications to epidural catheter placement. It allowed us to achieve excellent pain management avoiding opioids usage. However, more reports are still needed to properly access its usefulness. Copyright © 2016 Sociedade Brasileira de Anestesiologia. Publicado por Elsevier Editora Ltda. All rights reserved.

  15. Class II malocclusion treatment using combined Twin Block and fixed orthodontic appliances – A case report (United States)

    Al-Anezi, Saud A.


    The effect of the Twin Block functional orthodontic appliances is mostly dento-alveolar with small skeletal effect. There are certain clinical indications where functional appliances can be used successfully in class II malocclusion e.g. in a growing patient. The use of these appliances is greatly dependent on the patient’s compliance and they simplify the fixed appliance phase. In this case, a 13-year old adolescent was treated with Twin Block appliance followed by fixed appliance to detail the occlusion. The design and treatment effects were demonstrated in this case report. PMID:24151413

  16. Entdeckung elektroschwacher Produktion einzelner Top-Quarks mit dem CDF II Experiment; Discovery electroweak production of single top quarks with the CDF II Experiment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Luck, Jan [Karlsruhe Inst. of Technology (KIT) (Germany)


    This thesis presents a neural network search for combined as well as separate s- and t-channel single top-quark production with the CDF II experiment at the Tevatron using 3.2 fb-1 of collision data. It is the twelfth thesis dealing with single top-quark production performed within the CDF Collaboration, whereas three have been done in Run I [53–55] and eight in Run II [23, 25, 28, 39, 56–59].

  17. Neutronenforschung Holographie mit Neutronen (United States)

    Krexner, Gerhard


    Jeder kennt sie, die räumlich wirkenden Hologramme, die es seit dreißig Jahren etwa zu kaufen gibt. Sie werden mit sichtbarem Laserlicht erstellt. Grundsätzlich spricht nichts dagegen, Hologramme auch mit Materiewellen anzufertigen. Einer internationalen Forschergruppe gelang kürzlich am Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble erstmals die holographische Abbildung eines Atomgitters mit Neutronen [1].

  18. Molecular Evolution of PvMSP3α Block II in Plasmodium vivax from Diverse Geographic Origins.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bhavna Gupta

    Full Text Available Block II of Plasmodium vivax merozoite surface protein 3α (PvMSP3α is conserved and has been proposed as a potential candidate for a malaria vaccine. The present study aimed to compare sequence diversity in PvMSP3a block II at a local microgeographic scale in a village as well as from larger geographic regions (countries and worldwide. Blood samples were collected from asymptomatic carriers of P. vivax in a village at the western border of Thailand and PvMSP3α was amplified and sequenced. For population genetic analysis, 237 PvMSP3α block II sequences from eleven P. vivax endemic countries were analyzed. PvMSP3α sequences from 20 village-level samples revealed two length variant types with one type containing a large deletion in block I. In contrast, block II was relatively conserved; especially, some non-synonymous mutations were extensively shared among 11 parasite populations. However, the majority of the low-frequency synonymous variations were population specific. The conserved pattern of nucleotide diversity in block II sequences was probably due to functional/structural constraints, which were further supported by the tests of neutrality. Notably, a small region in block II that encodes a predicted B cell epitope was highly polymorphic and showed signs of balancing selection, signifying that this region might be influenced by the immune selection and may serve as a starting point for designing multi-antigen/stage epitope based vaccines against this parasite.

  19. IRF-4-mediated CIITA transcription is blocked by KSHV encoded LANA to inhibit MHC II presentation.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qiliang Cai


    Full Text Available Peptides presentation to T cells by MHC class II molecules is of importance in initiation of immune response to a pathogen. The level of MHC II expression directly influences T lymphocyte activation and is often targeted by various viruses. Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV encoded LANA is known to evade MHC class I peptide processing, however, the effect of LANA on MHC class II remains unclear. Here, we report that LANA down-regulates MHC II expression and presentation by inhibiting the transcription of MHC II transactivator (CIITA promoter pIII and pIV in a dose-dependent manner. Strikingly, although LANA knockdown efficiently disrupts the inhibition of CIITA transcripts from its pIII and pIV promoter region, the expression of HLA-DQβ but no other MHC II molecules was significantly restored. Moreover, we revealed that the presentation of HLA-DQβ enhanced by LANA knockdown did not help LANA-specific CD4+ T cell recognition of PEL cells, and the inhibition of CIITA by LANA is independent of IL-4 or IFN-γ signaling but dependent on the direct interaction of LANA with IRF-4 (an activator of both the pIII and pIV CIITA promoters. This interaction dramatically blocked the DNA-binding ability of IRF-4 on both pIII and pIV promoters. Thus, our data implies that LANA can evade MHC II presentation and suppress CIITA transcription to provide a unique strategy of KSHV escape from immune surveillance by cytotoxic T cells.

  20. MITS machine operations

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Flinchem, J.


    This document contains procedures which apply to operations performed on individual P-1c machines in the Machine Interface Test System (MITS) at AiResearch Manufacturing Company's Torrance, California Facility

  1. Braune Zwerge mit Planetensystemen (United States)

    Quanz, Sascha P.; Bouwman, Jeroen


    Mit dem Weltraumteleskop SPITZER wies ein internationales Forscherteam nach, dass sich Vorstufen von Planeten auch in der Umgebung von Braunen Zwergen bilden können. Damit scheint der Prozess der Planetenentstehung weitaus universeller und robuster zu sein als bisher vermutet.

  2. Mit anderen Augen

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ydesen, Christian; Høberg, Per


    The article 'Mit anderen Augen' focuses on the debate about the state-church relationship in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Starting from the immediate assumption that a protestant church and a socialist, Marxist-Leninist state were irreconcilable in the construction of a new society...

  3. "Simple Metallurgist" at MIT

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    MIT's Department of Materials Science and Engineering, for- merly the Department of ... interested in the art and craft of blacksmithing ... Science. John Chipman's support has been most cordial, and he will be delighted to have you spend as much time with the. Metallurgy Department as you see fit" (8 July 1960). Smith was ...

  4. Altered gating and local anesthetic block mediated by residues in the I-S6 and II-S6 transmembrane segments of voltage-dependent Na+ channels. (United States)

    Kondratiev, Andrei; Tomaselli, Gordon F


    The cytoplasmic side of the voltage-dependent Na+ channel pore is putatively formed by the S6 segments of domains I to IV. The role of amino acid residues of I-S6 and II-S6 in channel gating and local anesthetic (LA) block was investigated using the cysteine scanning mutagenesis of the rat skeletal muscle Na+ channel (Nav1.4). G428C uniquely reduced sensitivity to rested state or first-pulse block by lidocaine without alterations in the voltage dependence or kinetics of gating that would otherwise account for the increase in the IC50 for block. Mutations in I-S6 (N434C and I436C) and in II-S6 (L785C and V787C) increased sensitivity to first-pulse block by lidocaine. Enhanced inactivation accounted for the increased sensitivity of N434C to lidocaine and hastening of inactivation of I436C in the absence of drug could account for higher affinity first-pulse block. Mutations in I-S6 (I424C, I425C, and F430C) and in II-S6 (I782C and V786C) reduced the use-dependent lidocaine block. The reduction in use-dependent block of F430C was consistent with alterations in inactivation gating; the other mutants did not exhibit gating changes that could explain the reduced sensitivity to lidocaine. Therefore, several amino acids (I424, I425, G428, I782, and V786), in addition to those previously identified (Yarov-Yarovoy et al., 2002), alter the sensitivity of Nav1.4 to lidocaine, independent of mutation-induced changes in gating. The magnitude of the change in the IC50 values, the isoform, and LA dependence of the changes in affinity suggest that the determinants of binding in I-S6 and II-S6 are subsidiary to those in IV-S6.

  5. Prospective double blind randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial of the pectoral nerves (Pecs) block type II

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Versyck, B.; Geffen, G.J. van; Houwe, P. Van


    STUDY OBJECTIVE: The aim of this clinical trial was to test the hypothesis whether adding the pectoral nerves (Pecs) block type II to the anesthetic procedure reduces opioid consumption during and after breast surgery. DESIGN: A prospective randomized double blind placebo-controlled study. SETTING:

  6. Correction of a Overjet and Overbite In Class II Division 1 Malocclusion Using Twin Block Appliance Therapy: A Case Report. (United States)

    Shastri, Dipti; Tandon, Pradeep; Singh, Gulshan K; Singh, Alka; Sharma, Sudhir


    Class II division 1 malocclusion is the most common malocclusion. It shows specific clinical characteristics such as large overiet and deep overbite resulting in a soft tissue profile imbalance. Majority of the patients with class II division 1 malocclusions have an underlying skeletal discrepancy between the maxilla and mandible. The treatment of skeletal class II division 1 malocclusion is done taking into consideration the age, growth potential, severity of malocclusion, and compliance of patient with treatment. Myofunctional appliances can be successfully used to treat growing patients with class II division 1 malocclusion. This article presents a discussion on successful treatment of class II division 1 malocclusion with growth modification approach using twin block appliances.

  7. HLA Class I and II Blocks Are Associated to Susceptibility, Clinical Subtypes and Autoantibodies in Mexican Systemic Sclerosis (SSc Patients.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tatiana S Rodriguez-Reyna

    Full Text Available Human leukocyte antigen (HLA polymorphism studies in Systemic Sclerosis (SSc have yielded variable results. These studies need to consider the genetic admixture of the studied population. Here we used our previously reported definition of genetic admixture of Mexicans using HLA class I and II DNA blocks to map genetic susceptibility to develop SSc and its complications.We included 159 patients from a cohort of Mexican Mestizo SSc patients. We performed clinical evaluation, obtained SSc-associated antibodies, and determined HLA class I and class II alleles using sequence-based, high-resolution techniques to evaluate the contribution of these genes to SSc susceptibility, their correlation with the clinical and autoantibody profile and the prevalence of Amerindian, Caucasian and African alleles, blocks and haplotypes in this population.Our study revealed that class I block HLA-C*12:03-B*18:01 was important to map susceptibility to diffuse cutaneous (dc SSc, HLA-C*07:01-B*08:01 block to map the susceptibility role of HLA-B*08:01 to develop SSc, and the C*07:02-B*39:05 and C*07:02-B*39:06 blocks to map the protective role of C*07:02 in SSc. We also confirmed previous associations of HLA-DRB1*11:04 and -DRB1*01 to susceptibility to develop SSc. Importantly, we mapped the protective role of DQB1*03:01 using three Amerindian blocks. We also found a significant association for the presence of anti-Topoisomerase I antibody with HLA-DQB1*04:02, present in an Amerindian block (DRB1*08:02-DQB1*04:02, and we found several alleles associated to internal organ damage. The admixture estimations revealed a lower proportion of the Amerindian genetic component among SSc patients.This is the first report of the diversity of HLA class I and II alleles and haplotypes Mexican patients with SSc. Our findings suggest that HLA class I and class II genes contribute to the protection and susceptibility to develop SSc and its different clinical presentations as well as

  8. Application of blocking diagnosis methods to general circulation models. Part II: model simulations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barriopedro, D.; Trigo, R.M. [Universidade de Lisboa, CGUL-IDL, Faculdade de Ciencias, Lisbon (Portugal); Garcia-Herrera, R.; Gonzalez-Rouco, J.F. [Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Departamento de Fisica de la Tierra II, Facultad de C.C. Fisicas, Madrid (Spain)


    A previously defined automatic method is applied to reanalysis and present-day (1950-1989) forced simulations of the ECHO-G model in order to assess its performance in reproducing atmospheric blocking in the Northern Hemisphere. Unlike previous methodologies, critical parameters and thresholds to estimate blocking occurrence in the model are not calibrated with an observed reference, but objectively derived from the simulated climatology. The choice of model dependent parameters allows for an objective definition of blocking and corrects for some intrinsic model bias, the difference between model and observed thresholds providing a measure of systematic errors in the model. The model captures reasonably the main blocking features (location, amplitude, annual cycle and persistence) found in observations, but reveals a relative southward shift of Eurasian blocks and an overall underestimation of blocking activity, especially over the Euro-Atlantic sector. Blocking underestimation mostly arises from the model inability to generate long persistent blocks with the observed frequency. This error is mainly attributed to a bias in the basic state. The bias pattern consists of excessive zonal winds over the Euro-Atlantic sector and a southward shift at the exit zone of the jet stream extending into in the Eurasian continent, that are more prominent in cold and warm seasons and account for much of Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian blocking errors, respectively. It is shown that other widely used blocking indices or empirical observational thresholds may not give a proper account of the lack of realism in the model as compared with the proposed method. This suggests that in addition to blocking changes that could be ascribed to natural variability processes or climate change signals in the simulated climate, attention should be paid to significant departures in the diagnosis of phenomena that can also arise from an inappropriate adaptation of detection methods to the climate of the

  9. Treatment of skeletal class II malocclusion with the combination of twin-block and combination-pull headgear

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sameer S Patil


    Full Text Available The patient was a girl with a Class II division 1 malocclusion, a large overjet, an excessively deep overbite, and a slightly increased mandibular plane angle. Treatment started with the Twin-block appliance combined with combination-pull headgear to promote growth of the mandible, restrain the maxilla in the anteroposterior plane, and improve her profile. This was later, followed by fixed appliance therapy.

  10. Assessment of groundwater quality from Bankura I and II Blocks, Bankura District, West Bengal, India (United States)

    Nag, S. K.; Das, Shreya


    Hydrochemical evaluation of groundwater has been conducted in Bankura I and II Blocks to analyze and determining groundwater quality in the area. Thirty-six groundwater samples were analyzed for their physical and chemical properties using standard laboratory methods. The constituents have the following ranges in the water: pH 6.4-8.6, electrical conductivity 80-1900 μS/cm, total hardness 30-730 mg/l, TDS 48-1001 mg/l, Ca2+ 4.2-222.6 mg/l, Na+ 2.33-103.33 mg/l, Mg2+ 1.56-115.36 mg/l, K+ 0.67-14 mg/l and Fe BDL-2.53 mg/l, {HCO}3^{ - } 48.8-1000.4 mg/l, Cl- 5.6-459.86 mg/l and {SO}4^{ = } BDL-99.03 mg/l. Results also show that bicarbonate ions ( {HCO}3^{ - } ) dominate the other anions (Cl- and {SO}4^{2 - } ). Sodium adsorption ratio (SAR), soluble sodium percentage (SSP), residual sodium carbonate (RSC), magnesium adsorption ratio (MAR), total hardness (TH), and permeability index (PI) were calculated as derived parameters, to investigate the ionic toxicity. Concerned chemical parameters when plotted in the U.S. Salinity diagram indicate that waters are of C1-S1, C2-S1 and C3-S1 types, i.e., low salinity and low sodium which is good for irrigation. The values of Sodium Adsorption Ratio indicate that the groundwater of the area falls under the category of low sodium hazard. So, there is neither salinity nor toxicity problem of irrigation water, and hence the ground water can safely be used for long-term irrigation. The chemical parameters when plotted in Piper's trilinear diagram are found to concentrate in the central and west central part of the diamond-shaped field. Based on the analytical results, groundwater in the area is found to be generally fresh and hard to very hard. The abundance of the major ions is as follows: HCO3 > Cl > SO4 and Ca > Na > Mg > K > Fe. Results also show that bicarbonate ions ( {HCO}3^{ - } ) dominate the other anions (Cl- and {SO}4^{2 - } ). According to Gibbs diagrams samples fall in the rock dominance field and the chemical quality

  11. An Implant-Passivated Blocked Impurity Band Germanium Detector for the Far Infrared, Phase II (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — We propose to fabricate a germanium blocked-impurity-band (BIB) detector using a novel process which will enable us to: 1- fabricate a suitably-doped active layer...

  12. Blocking Filters with Enhanced Throughput for X-Ray Microcalorimetry, Phase II (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — NASA will fly x-ray microcalorimeters on several mission payloads scheduled within the next 5 years: New and improved IR/Visible blocking filters are urgently needed...

  13. Acceleration of block-matching algorithms using a custom instruction-based paradigm on a Nios II microprocessor (United States)

    González, Diego; Botella, Guillermo; García, Carlos; Prieto, Manuel; Tirado, Francisco


    This contribution focuses on the optimization of matching-based motion estimation algorithms widely used for video coding standards using an Altera custom instruction-based paradigm and a combination of synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM) with on-chip memory in Nios II processors. A complete profile of the algorithms is achieved before the optimization, which locates code leaks, and afterward, creates a custom instruction set, which is then added to the specific design, enhancing the original system. As well, every possible memory combination between on-chip memory and SDRAM has been tested to achieve the best performance. The final throughput of the complete designs are shown. This manuscript outlines a low-cost system, mapped using very large scale integration technology, which accelerates software algorithms by converting them into custom hardware logic blocks and showing the best combination between on-chip memory and SDRAM for the Nios II processor.

  14. MIT-CSR XIS Project (United States)


    This report outlines the proposers' progress toward MIT's contribution to the X-Ray Imaging Spectrometer (XIS) experiment on the Japanese ASTRO-E mission. The report discusses electrical system design, mechanical system design, and ground support equipment.

  15. Die Last mit der Lust

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lutz Sauerteig


    Full Text Available Robert Jütte legt mit Lust ohne Last eine umfassende, allgemeinverständliche und spannend zu lesende Geschichte der Empfängnisverhütung von der Antike bis in die unmittelbare Gegenwart vor.

  16. Spillerum og mit eget rum

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    Undervisningsmaterialet Spillerum udviklet som APP til Ipad med interaktive muligheder. Spillerum som APP - et interaktivt undervisningsmateriale, hvor man ud over at bruge det originale materiale Spillerum elektronisk kan skabe sit eget billedbaserede rum "Mit eget rum" som udgangspunkt for dialog....

  17. Kleben von Kunststoff mit Metall

    CERN Document Server

    Brockmann, W; Käufer, H


    Das Buch behandelt das Kleben von Kunststoffen mit Metallen in einer fur den Praktiker verstandlichen und umsetzbaren Form. Es leitet zu Klebeverfahren an, die optimale Ergebnisse hinsichtlich Qualitat, Dauerhaftigkeit und Wirtschaftlichkeit liefern.

  18. Mit dem Makel der Kollaboration


    Hajduk, Thomas


    Vor 200 Jahren wurde der Rheinbund gegründet. Erst in ihm entstanden die Grundlagen des modernen deutschen Föderalismus. (

  19. Professionell entwickeln mit Java EE 7 das umfassende Handbuch

    CERN Document Server

    Salvanos, Alexander


    Ein praxisorientiertes Lehrbuch zur JEE 7 und zugleich ein Standardwerk, das Sie auf Ihrem Weg zum Enterprise-Entwickler begleitet. Inklusive Best Practices für leichtgewichtige Enterprise Applications, Standards zu servicebasierten Anwendungen, Persistence API, Dependency Injection, HTML5 und Performance-Tuning. Aus dem Inhalt: Grundlagen und Installation Software-Architektur mit Java EE Webanwendungen mit HTML5 und CSS3 Java Standard Tag Library Asynchrone Servlets und Non-blocking I/O Datenbanken anbinden mit der JDBC API Java Server Faces Datenbank-Organisation Java Persistence API Objektrelationales Mapping Transaktionssicherheit Performance-Tuning Internationalisierung Enterprise Java Beans WebSockets PrimeFaces Deployment Galileo Press heißt von jetzt an Rheinwerk Verlag.

  20. Abdichtungen mit kunststoffmodifizierten Bitumendickbeschichtungen (KMB) (United States)

    Reuthe, Thomas

    In der Bauwerksabdichtung liegen mit kunststoffmodifizierten Bitumendickbeschichtungen, in der Art wie sie heute verwendet werden, Erfahrungen seit 1968 [13.01] vor. Mit dem immer häufigeren Einsatz waren sowohl die material- als auch die anwendungstechnische Weiterentwicklung notwendig. Parallel dazu wurde die Bauweise in verschiedenen, sich ebenfalls weiter entwickelnden Regelwerken [13.02, 13.03] beschrieben und Qualitätskriterien formuliert.

  1. Cl II Malocclusion Treatment, Using the Modified Twin Block Appliance Coordinated with Fixed Orthodontics in a Postmenarche Patient

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amin Aminian


    Full Text Available Functional appliances have been used for treatment of Class II patients for a long time. The main objective of therapy with functional appliances is to induce supplementary lengthening of the mandible by stimulating increased growth at the condylar cartilage. The Twin Block appliance is one of the most commonly used functional appliances. The aim of this paper is to present a case report of mandibular deficiency treatment with Twin Block appliance in a female patient whose sexual maturation (one and a half years after menarche and cervical vertebral maturation stage indicated the end of the growth peak. The treatment started with bonding 0.022 in MBT prescription brackets on the upper arch in order to align upper teeth and create a symmetric overjet. When reaching alignment, a modified Twin Block was given to the patient for 8 months. Final coordination was achieved with fixed appliances in both arches. At the end of the treatment, profile of the patient improved, crowding was relieved, and Cl I relationship with normal overjet and overbite was achieved.

  2. The development of form two mathematics i-Think module (Mi-T2) (United States)

    Yao, Foo Jing; Abdullah, Mohd Faizal Nizam Lee; Tien, Lee Tien


    This study aims to develop a training module i-THINK Mathematics Form Two (Mi-T2) to increase the higher-order thinking skills of students. The Mi-T2 training module was built based on the Sidek Module Development Model (2001). Constructivist learning theory, cognitive learning theory, i-THINK map and higher order thinking skills were the building blocks of the module development. In this study, researcher determined the validity and reliability of Mi-T2 module. The design being used in this study was descriptive study. To determine the needs of Mi-T2 module, questionnaires and literature review were used to collect data. When the need of the module was determined, the module was built and a pilot study was conducted to test the reliability of the Mi-T2 module. The pilot study was conducted at a secondary school in North Kinta, Perak. A Form Two class was selected to be the sample study through clustered random sampling. The pilot study was conducted for two months and one topic had been studied. The Mi-T2 module was evaluated by five expert panels to determine the content validity of the module. The instruments being used in the study were questionnaires about the necessity of the Mi-T2 module for guidance, questionnaires about the validity of the module and questionnaires concerning the reliability of the module. Statistical analysis was conducted to determine the validity and reliability coefficients of the Mi-T2 module. The content validity of Mi-T2 module was determined by Cohen's Kappa's (1968) agreement coefficient and the reliability of Mi-T2 module was determined by Cronbach Alpha's value scale. The content validity of Mi-T2 module was 0.89 and the Cronbach Alpha's value of Mi-T2 module was 0.911.

  3. Platinum(II) complexes block the entry of T4 phage DNA into the host cells

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kerszman, Gustaw; Josephsen, Jens; Fernholm, Bo


    The efficiency of multiplicity reactivation of T4 particles inactivated by platinum(II) complexes is very low. The same is true for marker rescue and functional survival of genes. This can be at least partly explained by the inability of most inactivated virus particles to introduce their DNA...

  4. Physical Model of Laser-Assisted Blocking of Blood Flow: II. Pulse Modulation of Radiation

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Zheltov, GI


    Full Text Available stream_source_info Zheltov_2007_1.pdf.txt stream_content_type text/plain stream_size 13104 Content-Encoding UTF-8 stream_name Zheltov_2007_1.pdf.txt Content-Type text/plain; charset=UTF-8 ISSN 0030-400X, Optics... This study is a continuation of our preceding inves- tigation [1], where we considered the mechanism of blocking blood flow under laser irradiation and assumed that the experimentally observed contraction of blood vessels [2] is a consequence...

  5. MIT Space Engineering Research Center (United States)

    Crawley, Edward F.; Miller, David W.


    The Space Engineering Research Center (SERC) at MIT, started in Jul. 1988, has completed two years of research. The Center is approaching the operational phase of its first testbed, is midway through the construction of a second testbed, and is in the design phase of a third. We presently have seven participating faculty, four participating staff members, ten graduate students, and numerous undergraduates. This report reviews the testbed programs, individual graduate research, other SERC activities not funded by the Center, interaction with non-MIT organizations, and SERC milestones. Published papers made possible by SERC funding are included at the end of the report.

  6. Mineralogical aspects of fluid migration in the Salt Block II experiment

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lambert, S.J.


    A block of evaporite rock containing the mineral assemblage halite (88%) - polyhalite (8%) - sylvite (4%) was machined into a cylinder one meter in diameter and one meter high, and was fitted with an axial heater, thermocouples and an off-gas collection system. After about 100 days of heating, identification of mineral efflorescences at the heater hole (carnallite and bischofite) showed that a significant portion of the 111 grams of water recovered (out of around 8500 grams available in the rock) migrated as a liquid, not as a vapor. A microscopic examination of rock slices from within 15 cm of the heater hole (where the temperature was 100 to 200 0 C, and the gradient was 3 to 15 0 C/cm) revealed that: (1) fluid inclusions had migrated, but rarely across grain boundaries; (2) fluid inclusions had not been mobilized at distances greater than about 15 cm from the heater hole; and (3) intergranular liquid had been conspicuously mobilized within 15 cm of the heater hole

  7. Cavity simulator and controller for VUV free electron laser SIMCON 2.1, part II: functional blocks (United States)

    Pozniak, Krzysztof T.; Czarski, Tomasz; Koprek, Waldemar; Romaniuk, Ryszard S.


    The paper describes integrated system of hardware controller and simulator of the resonant superconducting, narrowband niobium cavity, originally considered for the TTF and TESLA in DESY, Hamburg (now predicted for the VUV and X-Ray FEL). The controller bases on a programmable circuit Xilinx VirtexII V3000 embedded on a PCB XtremeDSP Development Kit by Nallatech. The FPGA circuit configuration was done in the VHDL language. The internal hardware multiplication components, present in Virtex II chips, were used, to improve the floating point calculation efficiency. The implementation was achieved of a device working in the real time, according to the demands of the LLRF control system for the TESLA Test Facility. The device under consideration will be referred to as superconducting cavity (SCCav) SIMCON throughout this work. The following components are described here in detail: functional layer, parameter programming, foundations of control of particular blocks and monitoring of the real time processes. This note is accompanied by the one describing the DOOCS interface for the described hardware system. The interface was prepared in DOOCS and in Windows. The hardware and software of SIMCON was tested in CHECIA. The results were presented. While giving all necessary technical details required to understand the work of the integrated hardware controller and simulator and to enable its practical copying, this document is a unity with other TESLA technical notes published by the same team on the subject. Modeling was omitted, as it is addressed in detail in the quoted references.

  8. An antibody blocking activin type II receptors induces strong skeletal muscle hypertrophy and protects from atrophy. (United States)

    Lach-Trifilieff, Estelle; Minetti, Giulia C; Sheppard, KellyAnn; Ibebunjo, Chikwendu; Feige, Jerome N; Hartmann, Steffen; Brachat, Sophie; Rivet, Helene; Koelbing, Claudia; Morvan, Frederic; Hatakeyama, Shinji; Glass, David J


    The myostatin/activin type II receptor (ActRII) pathway has been identified to be critical in regulating skeletal muscle size. Several other ligands, including GDF11 and the activins, signal through this pathway, suggesting that the ActRII receptors are major regulatory nodes in the regulation of muscle mass. We have developed a novel, human anti-ActRII antibody (bimagrumab, or BYM338) to prevent binding of ligands to the receptors and thus inhibit downstream signaling. BYM338 enhances differentiation of primary human skeletal myoblasts and counteracts the inhibition of differentiation induced by myostatin or activin A. BYM338 prevents myostatin- or activin A-induced atrophy through inhibition of Smad2/3 phosphorylation, thus sparing the myosin heavy chain from degradation. BYM338 dramatically increases skeletal muscle mass in mice, beyond sole inhibition of myostatin, detected by comparing the antibody with a myostatin inhibitor. A mouse version of the antibody induces enhanced muscle hypertrophy in myostatin mutant mice, further confirming a beneficial effect on muscle growth beyond myostatin inhibition alone through blockade of ActRII ligands. BYM338 protects muscles from glucocorticoid-induced atrophy and weakness via prevention of muscle and tetanic force losses. These data highlight the compelling therapeutic potential of BYM338 for the treatment of skeletal muscle atrophy and weakness in multiple settings.

  9. MIT January Operational Internship Experience (United States)

    Bosanac, Natasha; DeVivero, Charlie; James, Jillian; Perez-Martinez, Carla; Pino, Wendy; Wang, Andrew; Willett, Ezekiel; Williams, Kwami


    This viewgraph presentation describes the MIT January Operational Internship Experience (JOIE) program. The topics include: 1) Landing and Recovery; 2) Transportation; 3) Shuttle Processing; 4) Constellation Processing; 5) External Tank; 6) Launch Pad; 7) Ground Operations; 8) Hypergolic Propellants; 9) Environmental; 10) Logistics; 11) Six Sigma; 12) Systems Engineering; and 13) Human Factors.

  10. Examination of the e{sup +} and e{sup +}e{sup -} pair emission from heavy ion collisions at the EPoS II spectrometer; Untersuchung der e{sup +}- und e{sup +}e{sup -}-Paaremission aus Schwerionenkollisionen mit dem EPoS II Spektrometer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baumann, J.


    In the course of examination of the positron and positron-electron pair emission from heavy ion collisions at the Coulomb barrier, the research groups EPOS I and ORANGE have found a number of line structures in the measured positron energy and cumulative pair energy spectra which up to present could not be fully explained, as theoretical interpretations so far remain inconsistent in some respects. For clarification, further measurements have been made at the completely new designed EPoS II spectrometer. Reproducibility of the lines is possible at a high level of statistical significance. (orig./CB) [Deutsch] Bei Untersuchungen der Positron- und Positron- Elektron- Paaremissionaus Schwerionenkollisionen an der Coulombbarriere wurde von den Gruppen EPOS I und ORANGE eine Reihe von Linienstrukturen in den gemessenen Positronenenergie- und Paarsummenenergiespektren beobachtet, fuer die bislang keine in allen Punkten konsistente, theoretische Erklaerunggefunden werden konnte. Um ihre Ursachen zu klaeren, wurden mit dem voellig neu aufgebauten EPoS II Spektrometer weitere Messreihen durgefuehrt. Die Reproduzierbarkeit der Linien ist auf einem hohen statistischen Signifikanzniveau moeglich.

  11. Tunable PhoXonic Band Gap Materials from Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers and Colloidal Nanocrystals (NBIT Phase II) (United States)


    Principal Investigators: Edwin L. Thomas, MIT and Rice University (and Youngjong Kang – Dept. of Chemistry, Hanyang University) - e-mail address : elt ...from your AOARD supported project: In standard format showing authors, title, journal , issue, pages, and date, for each category list the...following: a) papers published in peer-reviewed journals Kim, E., Kang, C., Baek, H., Hwang, K., Kwak, D., Lee, E., Kang, Y., Thomas, E.L., “Control

  12. Bloqueio do nervo supraescapular: procedimento importante na prática clínica. Parte II Suprascapular nerve block: important procedure in clinical practice. Part II

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcos Rassi Fernandes


    Full Text Available O bloqueio do nervo supraescapular é um método de tratamento reprodutível, confiável e extremamente efetivo no controle da dor no ombro. Esse método tem sido amplamente utilizado por profissionais na prática clínica, como reumatologistas, ortopedistas, neurologistas e especialistas em dor, na terapêutica de enfermidades crônicas, como lesão irreparável do manguito rotador, artrite reumatoide, sequelas de AVC e capsulite adesiva, o que justifica a presente revisão (Parte II. O objetivo deste estudo foi descrever as técnicas do procedimento e suas complicações descritas na literatura, já que a primeira parte reportou as indicações clínicas, drogas e volumes utilizados em aplicação única ou múltipla. Apresentamse, detalhadamente, os acessos para a realização do procedimento tanto direto como indireto, anterior e posterior, lateral e medial, e superior e inferior. Diversas são as opções para se realizar o bloqueio do nervo supraescapular. Apesar de raras, as complicações podem ocorrer. Quando bem indicado, este método deve ser considerado.The suprascapular nerve block is a reproducible, reliable, and extremely effective treatment method in shoulder pain control. This method has been widely used by professionals in clinical practice such as rheumatologists, orthopedists, neurologists, and pain specialists in the treatment of chronic diseases such as irreparable rotator cuff injury, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke sequelae, and adhesive capsulitis, which justifies the present review (Part II. The objective of this study was to describe the techniques and complications of the procedure described in the literature, as the first part reported the clinical indications, drugs, and volumes used in single or multiple procedures. We present in details the accesses used in the procedure: direct and indirect, anterior and posterior, lateral and medial, upper and lower. There are several options to perform suprascapular nerve block

  13. Modeling of radionuclide transport through rock formations and the resulting radiation exposure of reference persons. Calculations using Asse II parameters; Modellierung des Transports von Radionukliden durch Gesteinsschichten und der resultierenden Strahlenexposition von Referenzpersonen. Berechnungen mit Parametern der Asse II

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kueppers, Christian; Ustohalova, Veronika; Steinhoff, Mathias


    The long-term release of radioactivity into the ground water path cannot be excluded for the radioactive waste repository Asse II. The possible radiological consequences were analyzed using a radio-ecological scenario developed by GRS. A second scenario was developed considering the solubility of radionuclides in salt saturated solutions and retarding/retention effects during the radionuclide transport through the cap rock layers. The modeling of possible radiation exposure was based on the lifestyle habits of reference persons. In Germany the calculation procedure for the prediction of radionuclide release from final repositories is not defined by national standards, the used procedures are based on analogue methods from other radiation protection calculations.

  14. Current activities at the MIT Research Reactor

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hu Linwen; Bernard, John A.; Harling, Otto K.; Kohse, Gordon E.; Ames, Michael; Olmez, Ilhan


    The MIT Research Reactor (MITR) is a MW nuclear research reactor that is owned and operated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to further its educational and research goals at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The reactor first achieved criticality in 1958. It was largely rebuilt in 1973/1974 by MIT staff and students, and its current license expires in August 1999. The current facility, which is designated as the MITR-H, uses a compact core with finned, aluminum-clad, plate-type fuel that is cooled and moderated by light water and reflected by heavy water. The reactor core can hold twenty-seven fuel elements. However, the normal configuration is twenty-four elements. A maximum of four fuel elements can be replaced with in-core experimental facilities. A unique feature of the MITR-II's design is that fixed absorber plates can be inserted in the upper half of the core. These cause the flux to peak in the lower half which benefits experimenters and also facilitates a fuel strategy that involves inversion of fuel elements midway through their life cycle. The MITR-II currently operates continuously for four weeks followed by shutdown of a few days for maintenance. This paper provides an overview of current activities at the MITR including preparations for re-licensing. The status of an on-going Phase-I clinical trial of boron neutron capture therapy for both glioblastoma multiforme and metastatic melanoma is described as well as the design of a fission converter facility for BNCT. Environmental research using neutron activation analysis is summarized as well as in-pile research focussed on LWR water chemistry and structural materials. (author)

  15. Transforming common III-V/II-VI insulating building blocks into topological heterostructure via the intrinsic electric polarization (United States)

    Zunger, Alex; Zhang, Xiuwen; Abdalla, Leonardo; Liu, Qihang

    Currently known topological insulators (TIs) are limited to narrow gap compounds incorporating heavy elements, thus severely limiting the material pool available for such applications. We show how a heterovalent superlattice made of common semiconductor building blocks can transform its non-TI components into a topological heterostructure. The heterovalent nature of such interfaces sets up, in the absence of interfacial atomic exchange, a natural internal electric field that along with the quantum confinement leads to band inversion, transforming these semiconductors into a topological phase while also forming a giant Rashba spin splitting. We demonstrate this paradigm of designing TIs from ordinary semiconductors via first-principle calculations on III-V/II-VI superlattice InSb/CdTe. We illustrate the relationship between the interfacial stability and the topological transition, finding a ``window of opportunity'' where both conditions can be optimized. This work illustrates the general principles of co-evaluation of TI functionality with thermodynamic stability as a route of identifying realistic combination of common insulators that could produce topological heterostructures. This work was supported by Basic Energy Science, MSE division (Grant DE-FG02-13ER46959).

  16. MIT miniaturized disk bend test

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Harling, O.K.; Lee, M.; Sohn, D.S.; Kohse, G.; Lau, C.W.


    A miniaturized disk bend test (MDBT) using transmission electron microscopy specimens for the determination of various mechanical properties is being developed at MIT. Recent progress in obtaining strengths and ductilities of highly irradiated metal alloys is reviewed. Other mechanical properties can also be obtained using the MDBT approach. Progress in fatigue testing and in determination of the ductile-to-brittle transition temperature is reviewed briefly. 11 figures

  17. Search for solar axions with the X-ray telescope of the CAST experiment (phase II); Suche nach solaren Axionen mit dem Roentgenteleskop des CAST-Experiments (Phase II)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nordt, Annika


    The CAST (CERN Solar Axion Telescope) experiment is searching for solar axions by their conversion into photons inside a transverse magnetic field. So far, no solar axionsignal has been detected, but a new upper limit could be given (CAST Phase I). Since 2005, CAST entered in its second phase where it operates with a buffer gas ({sup 4}He) in the conversion region to extend the sensitivity of the experiment to higher axionmasses. For the first time it is possible to enter the theoretically favored axion massrange and to give an upper limit for this solar axion mass-range (>0.02 eV). This thesis is about the analysis of the X-ray telescope data Phase II with {sup 4}He inside the magnet. The result for the coupling constant of axions to photons is: g{sub {alpha}}{sub {gamma}}{sub {gamma}}<1.6-6.0 x 10{sup -10} GeV{sup -1} (95%C.L.) for m{sub a}=0.02-0.4 eV. (2) This result is better than any result that has been given before in this mass range for solar axions. (orig.)

  18. Dental and skeletal changes in mild to moderate Class II malocclusions treated by either a Twin-block or Xbow appliance followed by full fixed orthodontic treatment. (United States)

    Ehsani, Sayeh; Nebbe, Brian; Normando, David; Lagravere, Manuel O; Flores-Mir, Carlos


    To compare the short-term skeletal and dental effects of two-phase orthodontic treatment including either a Twin-block or an XBow appliance. This was a retrospective clinical trial of 50 consecutive Class II cases treated in a private practice with either a Twin-block (25) or XBow (25) appliance followed by full fixed orthodontic treatment. To factor out growth, an untreated Class II control group (25) was considered. A MANOVA of treatment/observation changes followed by univariate pairwise comparisons showed that the maxilla moved forward less in the treatment groups than in the control group. As for mandibular changes, the corpus length increase was larger in the Twin-block group by 3.9 mm. Dentally, mesial movement of mandibular molars was greater in both treatment groups. Although no distalization of maxillary molars was found in either treatment group, restriction of mesial movement of these teeth was seen in both treatment groups. Both treatment groups demonstrated increased mandibular incisor proclination with larger increases for the XBow group by 3.3°. The Wits value was decreased by 1.6 mm more in the Twin-block group. No sex-related differences were observed. Class II correction using an XBow or Twin-block followed by fixed appliances occurs through a relatively similar combination of dental and skeletal effects. An increase in mandibular incisor inclination for the XBow group and an increased corpus length for the Twin-block group were notable exceptions. No overall treatment length differences were seen.

  19. Mit1 Transcription Factor Mediates Methanol Signaling and Regulates the Alcohol Oxidase 1 (AOX1) Promoter in Pichia pastoris. (United States)

    Wang, Xiaolong; Wang, Qi; Wang, Jinjia; Bai, Peng; Shi, Lei; Shen, Wei; Zhou, Mian; Zhou, Xiangshan; Zhang, Yuanxing; Cai, Menghao


    The alcohol oxidase 1 (AOX1) promoter (P AOX1) of Pichia pastoris is the most powerful and commonly used promoter for driving protein expression. However, mechanisms regulating its transcriptional activity are unclear. Here, we identified a Zn(II)2Cys6-type methanol-induced transcription factor 1 (Mit1) and elucidated its roles in regulating PAOX1 activity in response to glycerol and methanol. Mit1 regulated the expression of many genes involved in methanol utilization pathway, including AOX1, but did not participate in peroxisome proliferation and transportation of peroxisomal proteins during methanol metabolism. Structural analysis of Mit1 by performing domain deletions confirmed its specific and critical role in the strict repression of P AOX1 in glycerol medium. Importantly, Mit1, Mxr1, and Prm1, which positively regulated P AOX1 in response to methanol, were bound to P AOX1 at different sites and did not interact with each other. However, these factors cooperatively activated P AOX1 through a cascade. Mxr1 mainly functioned during carbon derepression, whereas Mit1 and Prm1 functioned during methanol induction, with Prm1 transmitting methanol signal to Mit1 by binding to the MIT1 promoter (P MIT1), thus increasingly expressing Mit1 and subsequently activating P AOX1. © 2016 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  20. Positive Werkzeuge mit hohem IQ (United States)

    Luik, Matthias

    Fräsen ist ein Verfahren, auf welches im modernen Produktionsprozess nicht verzichtet werden kann. Dabei stellt die zunehmende Komplexität der zu fertigenden Bauteile ganz neue Herausforderungen an ein Werkzeug. Konnten früher Bauteile nur mit hohem Aufwand durch Erodieren oder Außenräumen hergestellt werden, müssen heute bereits Fräswerkzeuge für solche Bearbeitungsaufgaben aus Zeitund Kostengründen eingesetzt werden. Dies führt dazu, dass viele Bauteile heute in einer Aufspannung bearbeitbar sind, welche früher nur durch mehrmaliges Umspannen erzeugt werden konnten. Um Bearbeitungszeiten und -kosten dabei gering zu halten, müssen aber dennoch universelle Werkzeuge eingesetzt werden, welche für verschiedenste Bearbeitungsaufgaben ausgelegt sind.

  1. Mit1 Transcription Factor Mediates Methanol Signaling and Regulates the Alcohol Oxidase 1 (AOX1) Promoter in Pichia pastoris* (United States)

    Wang, Xiaolong; Wang, Qi; Wang, Jinjia; Bai, Peng; Shi, Lei; Shen, Wei; Zhou, Mian; Zhou, Xiangshan; Zhang, Yuanxing; Cai, Menghao


    The alcohol oxidase 1 (AOX1) promoter (PAOX1) of Pichia pastoris is the most powerful and commonly used promoter for driving protein expression. However, mechanisms regulating its transcriptional activity are unclear. Here, we identified a Zn(II)2Cys6-type methanol-induced transcription factor 1 (Mit1) and elucidated its roles in regulating PAOX1 activity in response to glycerol and methanol. Mit1 regulated the expression of many genes involved in methanol utilization pathway, including AOX1, but did not participate in peroxisome proliferation and transportation of peroxisomal proteins during methanol metabolism. Structural analysis of Mit1 by performing domain deletions confirmed its specific and critical role in the strict repression of PAOX1 in glycerol medium. Importantly, Mit1, Mxr1, and Prm1, which positively regulated PAOX1 in response to methanol, were bound to PAOX1 at different sites and did not interact with each other. However, these factors cooperatively activated PAOX1 through a cascade. Mxr1 mainly functioned during carbon derepression, whereas Mit1 and Prm1 functioned during methanol induction, with Prm1 transmitting methanol signal to Mit1 by binding to the MIT1 promoter (PMIT1), thus increasingly expressing Mit1 and subsequently activating PAOX1. PMID:26828066

  2. Cephalometric evaluation of the effects of the Twin Block appliance in subjects with Class II, Division 1 malocclusion amongst different cervical vertebral maturation stages. (United States)

    Khoja, Aisha; Fida, Mubassar; Shaikh, Attiya


    To evaluate the cephalometric changes in skeletal, dentoalveolar and soft tissue variables induced by Clark's Twin Block (CTB) in Class II, Division 1 malocclusion patients and to compare these changes in different cervical vertebral maturation stages. Pre- and post-treatment/observation lateral cephalograms of 53 Class II, Division 1 malocclusion patients and 60 controls were compared to evaluate skeletal, dentoalveolar and soft tissue changes. Skeletal maturity was assessed according to cervical vertebral maturation stages. Pre- and post-treatment/observation mean changes and differences (T2-T1) were compared by means of Wilcoxon sign rank and Mann-Whitney U-tests, respectively. Intergroup comparisons between different cervical stages were performed by means of Kruskal-Wallis test and Mann-Whitney U-test (p ≤ 0.05) . When compared with controls, there was a significant reduction in ANB angle (p cervical stages (p cervical stages (p cervical stages, significant differences were found for SNA, SNB and UI-SN angles and overjet. . The Twin-Block along with the normal craniofacial growth improves facial esthetics in Class II, Division 1 malocclusion by changes in underlying skeletal and dentoalveolar structures. The favorable mandibular growth occurs during any of the cervical vertebral maturation stages, with more pronounced effect during CS-3 stage.

  3. MITS Data Acquisition Subsystem Acceptance Test procedure

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Allison, R.


    This is an acceptance procedure for the Data Acquisition Subsystem of the Machine Interface Test System (MITS). Prerequisites, requirements, and detailed step-by-step instruction are presented for inspecting and performance testing the subsystem

  4. Hamlet er manden i mit liv

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rösing, Lilian Munk


    Hamlet er manden i mit liv. Min elskede. Jeg har en drøm om at frelse ham. At redde ham ud af sin mors soveværelse og ind i mit. Væk fra det ødipale Helvede han befinder sig i, fastlåst mellem et svin af en faderskikkelse (Claudius) og en alt for idealiseret far (gamle Hamlet), vågende over sin m...

  5. Metallocene mit \\(CF_{3}\\)-haltigen Substituenten


    Maschke, Marcus (M. Sc.)


    Die vorliegende Arbeit beschreibt die Untersuchung der Struktur-Wirkungsbeziehung von neuartigen Metallocenen mit \\(CF_{3}\\)-haltigen Substituenten sowie deren Biokonjugation mit ausgewählten Peptiden. Im Rahmen der Untersuchung der Struktur-Wirkungsbeziehung wurde gefunden, dass die Strukturelemente Metall, OH-Funktion und \\(CF_{3}\\)-Gruppen essentiell für die antiproliferative Wirkung der Metallkomplexe sind. Bezogen auf die physikochemischen Eigenschaften konnte gezeigt werden, dass die...

  6. The human major histocompatibility complex class II HLA-DRB1 and HLA-DQA1 genes are separated by a CTCF-binding enhancer-blocking element. (United States)

    Majumder, Parimal; Gomez, Jorge A; Boss, Jeremy M


    The human major histocompatibility complex class II (MHC-II) region encodes a cluster of polymorphic heterodimeric glycoproteins HLA-DR, -DQ, and -DP that functions in antigen presentation. Separated by approximately 44 kb of DNA, the HLA-DRB1 and HLA-DQA1 encode MHC-II proteins that function in separate MHC-II heterodimers and are diametrically transcribed. A region of high acetylation located in the intergenic sequences between HLA-DRB1 and HLA-DQA1 was discovered and termed XL9. The peak of acetylation coincided with sequences that bound the insulator protein CCCTC-binding factor as determined by chromatin immunoprecipitations and in vitro DNA binding studies. XL9 was also found to be associated with the nuclear matrix. The activity of the XL9 region was examined and found to be a potent enhancer-blocking element. These results suggest that the XL9 region may have evolved to separate the transcriptional units of the HLA-DR and HLA-DQ genes.

  7. Project based, Collaborative, Algorithmic Robotics for High School Students: Programming Self Driving Race Cars at MIT (United States)


    help students work in teams, and (iv) technical seminars that broaden the students ’ vision in science, engineering, research, entrepreneurship and...Project-based, Collaborative, Algorithmic Robotics for High School Students : Programming Self-driving Race Cars at MIT Sertac systems: the students design and build robotics software towards real-world applications, without being distracted by hardware issues; (ii) it

  8. Which One Is Better? Jigsaw II versus Jigsaw IV on the Subject of the Building Blocks of Matter and Atom (United States)

    Turkmen, Hakan; Buyukaltay, Didem


    In this study, the effect of using Jigsaw II and Jigsaw IV techniques on the subject of "Atoms-The Basic Unit of Matter" in science course of 6th grade on academic achievement was examined. Pre-test post-test control group research was used in the study. Study population is all secondary schools in Turgutlu district of Manisa province…

  9. Knocking down mitochondrial iron transporter (MIT) reprograms primary and secondary metabolism in rice plants. (United States)

    Vigani, Gianpiero; Bashir, Khurram; Ishimaru, Yasuhiro; Lehmann, Martin; Casiraghi, Fabio Marco; Nakanishi, Hiromi; Seki, Motoaki; Geigenberger, Peter; Zocchi, Graziano; Nishizawa, Naoko K


    Iron (Fe) is an essential micronutrient for plant growth and development, and its reduced bioavailability strongly impairs mitochondrial functionality. In this work, the metabolic adjustment in the rice (Oryza sativa) mitochondrial Fe transporter knockdown mutant (mit-2) was analysed. Biochemical characterization of purified mitochondria from rice roots showed alteration in the respiratory chain of mit-2 compared with wild-type (WT) plants. In particular, proteins belonging to the type II alternative NAD(P)H dehydrogenases accumulated strongly in mit-2 plants, indicating that alternative pathways were activated to keep the respiratory chain working. Additionally, large-scale changes in the transcriptome and metabolome were observed in mit-2 rice plants. In particular, a strong alteration (up-/down-regulation) in the expression of genes encoding enzymes of both primary and secondary metabolism was found in mutant plants. This was reflected by changes in the metabolic profiles in both roots and shoots of mit-2 plants. Significant alterations in the levels of amino acids belonging to the aspartic acid-related pathways (aspartic acid, lysine, and threonine in roots, and aspartic acid and ornithine in shoots) were found that are strictly connected to the Krebs cycle. Furthermore, some metabolites (e.g. pyruvic acid, fumaric acid, ornithine, and oligosaccharides of the raffinose family) accumulated only in the shoot of mit-2 plants, indicating possible hypoxic responses. These findings suggest that the induction of local Fe deficiency in the mitochondrial compartment of mit-2 plants differentially affects the transcript as well as the metabolic profiles in root and shoot tissues. © The Author 2015. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society for Experimental Biology.

  10. Minimally invasive thyroidectomy (MIT): indications and results. (United States)

    Docimo, Giovanni; Salvatore Tolone, Salvatore; Gili, Simona; d'Alessandro, A; Casalino, G; Brusciano, L; Ruggiero, Roberto; Docimo, Ludovico


    To establish if the indication for different approaches for thyroidectomy and the incision length provided by means of pre-operative assessment of gland volume and size of nodules resulted in safe and effective outcomes and in any notable aesthetic or quality-of-life impact on patients. Ninehundred eightytwo consecutive patients, undergoing total thyroidectomy, were enrolled. The thyroid volume and maximal nodule diameter were measured by means of ultrasounds. Based on ultrasounds findings, patients were divided into three groups: minimally invasive video assisted thyroidectomy (MIVAT), minimally invasive thyroidectomy (MIT) and conventional thyroidectomy (CT) groups. The data concerning the following parameters were collected: operative time, postoperative complications, postoperative pain and cosmetic results. The MIVAT group included 179 patients, MIT group included 592 patients and CT group included 211 patients. Incidence of complications did not differ significantly in each group. In MIVAT and MIT group, the perception of postoperative pain was less intense than CT group. The patients in the MIVAT (7±1.5) and MIT (8±2) groups were more satisfied with the cosmetic results than those in CT group (5±1.3) (p= MIT is a technique totally reproducible, and easily convertible to perform surgical procedures in respect of the patient, without additional complications, increased costs, and with better aesthetic results.

  11. Untersuchungen an Eisen- und Lanthanoidhaltigen Koordinationsclustern mit Triazolat- sowie Semiquinonato-Liganden


    Kriese, Thomas


    Magnetische Untersuchungen an Lanthanoiddimeren mit Semiquinonato-Liganden. Gemischtvalente Eisen-Koordinationsclustern. Lanthanoid-Koordinationscluster mit zwölf Lanthanoiden aber mit verschiedenen Clusterladungen.

  12. License amendment for neutron capture therapy at the MIT research reactor

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bernard, J.A.


    This paper reports the issuance by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of a license amendment to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the use of the MIT Research Reactor's (MITR-II) medical therapy facility beam for the treatment of humans using neutron capture therapy (NCT). This amendment is one of 11 required approvals. The others are those of internal MIT committees, review panels of the Tufts-New England Medical Center (NEMC), which is directing the program jointly with MIT, that of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and an NRC amendment to the NEMC hospital license. This amendment is the first of its type to be issued by NRC, and as such it establishes a precedent for the conduct of human therapy using neutron beams. Neutron capture therapy is a bimodal method for treating cancer that entails the administration of a tumor-seeking boronated drug followed by the irradiation of the target organ with neutrons. The latter cause boron nuclei to fission and thereby release densely ionizing helium and lithium nuclei, which destroy cancerous cells while leaving adjacent healthy cells undamaged. Neutron capture therapy is applicable to glioblastoma multiforme (brain tumors) and metastasized melanoma (skin cancer). Both Brookhaven National Laboratory and MIT conducted trials of NCT more than 30 yr ago. These were unsuccessful because the available boron drugs did not concentrate sufficiently in tumor and because the thermal neutron beams that were used did not enable neutrons to travel deep enough into the brain

  13. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere - Thermosphere (MIT) Coupling at Jupiter (United States)

    Yates, J. N.; Ray, L. C.; Achilleos, N.


    Jupiter's upper atmospheric temperature is considerably higher than that predicted by Solar Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) heating alone. Simulations incorporating magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling effects into general circulation models have, to date, struggled to reproduce the observed atmospheric temperatures under simplifying assumptions such as azimuthal symmetry and a spin-aligned dipole magnetic field. Here we present the development of a full three-dimensional thermosphere model coupled in both hemispheres to an axisymmetric magnetosphere model. This new coupled model is based on the two-dimensional MIT model presented in Yates et al., 2014. This coupled model is a critical step towards to the development of a fully coupled 3D MIT model. We discuss and compare the resulting thermospheric flows, energy balance and MI coupling currents to those presented in previous 2D MIT models.

  14. Kompressionstherapie - Versorgungspraxis: Informationsstand von Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum. (United States)

    Protz, Kerstin; Heyer, Kristina; Dissemond, Joachim; Temme, Barbara; Münter, Karl-Christian; Verheyen-Cronau, Ida; Klose, Katharina; Hampel-Kalthoff, Carsten; Augustin, Matthias


    Eine Säule der kausalen Therapie bei Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum ist die Kompressionstherapie. Sie unterstützt die Abheilung, reduziert Schmerzen und Rezidive und steigert die Lebensqualität. Bislang existieren kaum wissenschaftliche Daten zu dem Versorgungsstand und fachspezifischem Wissen von Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum. Standardisierte Fragebögen wurden bundesweit in 55 Pflegediensten, 32 Arztpraxen, vier Wundzentren und -sprechstunden sowie einem Pflegetherapiestützpunkt von Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum bei Erstvorstellung anonym ausgefüllt. Insgesamt nahmen 177 Patienten (Durchschnittsalter 69,4 Jahre; 75,1 % Frauen) teil. Ein florides Ulcus cruris venosum bestand im Mittel 17 Monate. 31,1 % hatten keine Kompressionstherapie, 40,1 % Binden und 28,8 % Strümpfe. Bei der Bestrumpfung hatten 13,7 % Kompressionsklasse III, 64,7 % Kompressionsklasse II und 19,6 % Kompressionsklasse I. 70,6 % legten die Strümpfe nach dem Aufstehen an, 21,1 % trugen sie Tag und Nacht. 39,2 % bereiteten die Strümpfe Beschwerden. Lediglich 11,7 % hatten eine An- und Ausziehhilfe. Die Binden wurden im Mittel 40,7 Wochen getragen und bei 69 % nicht unterpolstert. Bei 2,8 % wurde der Knöchel- und Waden-Umfang zur Erfolgskontrolle gemessen. Venensport machten 45,9 %. Ein Drittel hatte keine Kompressionsversorgung, obwohl diese eine Basismaßnahme der Therapie des Ulcus cruris venosum ist. Zudem ist deren korrekte Auswahl und Anwendung angesichts der langen Bestandsdauer der Ulzerationen zu hinterfragen. Weiterführende Fachkenntnisse bei Anwendern und Verordnern sowie Patientenschulungen sind erforderlich. © 2016 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  15. Kompressionstherapie bei Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum. (United States)

    Dissemond, Joachim; Assenheimer, Bernd; Bültemann, Anke; Gerber, Veronika; Gretener, Silvia; Kohler-von Siebenthal, Elisabeth; Koller, Sonja; Kröger, Knut; Kurz, Peter; Läuchli, Severin; Münter, Christian; Panfil, Eva-Maria; Probst, Sebastian; Protz, Kerstin; Riepe, Gunnar; Strohal, Robert; Traber, Jürg; Partsch, Hugo


    Wund-D.A.CH. ist der Dachverband deutschsprachiger Fachgesellschaften, die sich mit den Thematiken der Wundbehandlung beschäftigen. Experten verschiedener Fachgesellschaften aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz haben nun einen aktuellen Konsens der Kompressionstherapie für Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum erstellt. In Europa ist das Ulcus cruris venosum eine der häufigsten Ursachen für chronische Wunden. Neben der konservativen und interventionellen Wund- und Venentherapie, ist die Kompressionstherapie die Basis der Behandlungsstrategien. Die Kompressionstherapie kann heute mit sehr unterschiedlichen Materialien und Systemen durchgeführt werden. Während in der Entstauungsphase insbesondere Verbände mit Kurzzugbinden oder Mehrkomponentensysteme zur Anwendung kommen, sind es anschließend überwiegend Ulkus-Strumpfsysteme. Eine weitere, bislang wenig verbreitete Alternative sind adaptive Kompressionsbandagen. Insbesondere für die Rezidivprophylaxe werden medizinische Kompressionsstrümpfe empfohlen. Durch die Vielzahl der heute zur Verfügung stehenden Behandlungsoptionen, kann für nahezu alle Patienten ein Konzept entwickelt werden, dass sich an den individuellen Bedürfnissen und Fähigkeiten orientiert und daher auch akzeptiert und durchgeführt wird. Die Kompressionstherapie ist für die Behandlung von Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum essentiell. In den letzten Jahren sind viele verschiedene Therapieoptionen verfügbar, die in den deutschsprachigen Ländern unterschiedlich angewendet oder durchgeführt werden. Daher soll dieser Expertenkonsens dazu beitragen, konkrete Empfehlungen für die praktische Durchführung der Kompressionstherapie von Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum darzustellen. © 2016 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  16. Application of multivariate statistical analysis concepts for assessment of hydrogeochemistry of groundwater—a study in Suri I and II blocks of Birbhum District, West Bengal, India (United States)

    Das, Shreya; Nag, S. K.


    Multivariate statistical techniques, cluster and principal component analysis were applied to the data on groundwater quality of Suri I and II Blocks of Birbhum District, West Bengal, India, to extract principal factors corresponding to the different sources of variation in the hydrochemistry as well as the main controls on the hydrochemistry. For this, bore well water samples have been collected in two phases, during Post-monsoon (November 2012) and Pre-monsoon (April 2013) from 26 sampling locations spread homogeneously over the two blocks. Excess fluoride in groundwater has been reported at two locations both in post- and in pre-monsoon sessions, with a rise observed in pre-monsoon. Localized presence of excess iron has also been observed during both sessions. The water is found to be mildly alkaline in post-monsoon but slightly acidic at some locations during pre-monsoon. Correlation and cluster analysis studies demonstrate that fluoride shares a moderately positive correlation with pH in post-monsoon and a very strong one with carbonate in pre-monsoon indicating dominance of rock water interaction and ion exchange activity in the study area. Certain locations in the study area have been reported with less than 0.6 mg/l fluoride in groundwater, leading to possibility of occurrence of severe dental caries especially in children. Low values of sulfate and phosphate in water indicate a meager chance of contamination of groundwater due to anthropogenic factors.

  17. Hydroxyethyl cellulose doped with copper(II) phthalocyanine-tetrasulfonic acid tetrasodium salt as an effective dual functional hole-blocking layer for polymer light-emitting diodes (United States)

    Wu, Cheng-Liang; Chen, Yun


    We report a doping method to improve the performance of solution-processed polymer light-emitting diodes (PLEDs). Doping 12 wt% copper(II) phthalocyanine-tetrasulfonated acid tetrasodium salt (TS-CuPc) into hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) as a dual functional hole-blocking layer (df-HBL) of multilayer PLED (glass/ITO/PEDOT:PSS/HY-PPV/TS-CuPc-doped HEC/LiF/Al) significantly enhanced maximum luminance, maximum current and power efficiency over that without the df-HBL (10,319 cd/m2, 2.98 cd/A and 1.24 lm/W) to (29,205 cd/m2, 13.27 cd/A and 9.56 lm/W). CV measurements reveal that HEC possesses a powerful hole-blocking capability. Topography and conductivity AFM images show that doping TS-CuPc increases the interfacial contact area and interfacial conductivity, which can overcome the insulating nature of HEC and thus further facilitate electron injection. Enhancements in device performance are attributed to the improved carrier balance and recombination in the presence of df-HBL, confirmed in electron-only and hole-only devices. Moreover, apparently raised open-circuit voltages provide further evidence that enhanced electron injection is indeed realized by the df-HBL. This study demonstrates an effective approach to develop highly efficient PLEDs.

  18. Grosse Axiallager mit Hybridschmierung - Theoretische und experimentelle Betrachtungen

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Santos, Ilmar; Fuerst, Axel


    Der vorliegende Artikel praesentiert die Simulation eines grossen axialen Kippsegmentlagers unter Beruecksichtigung der hybriden Schmierung, d.h. gleichzeitige hydrodynamische und hydrostatische Schmierung. Ein Vergleich mit Messungen zeigt, dass fuer das betrachtete Lager mit 2,2 m Durchmesser d...

  19. "... aber all das mit Freude" (Janusz Korczak)


    Rehle, Cornelia


    "... aber all das mit Freude" (Janusz Korczak) : wiederspenstige Gedanken gegen das "Diktat der Eiffizienz" in der Bildung / Pius Thoma ; Cornelia Rehle. - In: Anthropologie und Kulturelle Identität : Friedemann Maurer zum 65. Geburtstag / hrsg. von Hans-Otto Mühleisen ... - Lindenberg u.a. : Fink u.a., 2005. – S. 181-196

  20. Mit Kindergartenkindern Medientechnologien ergründen

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Chimirri, Niklas Alexander


    Erklärungen für die Kind-Technik-Interaktion. Der Beitrag bezieht in einem Kindergarten erhobenes Datenmaterial ein, um das Konzept der alltäglichen Lebensführung für eine subjektwissenschaftliche Technikforschung mit Kindern fruchtbar zu machen. Die hier vorgeschlagene Erweiterung betont die Relevanz einer...

  1. MIT Lincoln Laboratory Annual Report 2012 (United States)


    diseases. A class of chimeric biomolecules was invented at Lincoln Laboratory, prepared in the laboratory, and recently tested successfully in mice that...MIT Lincoln Laboratory Best Invention Award, 2012 Museum of Science “ Invented Here!” Award, and 2012 First-Place Berthold Leibinger... baseball pitch. Student Internships Lincoln Laboratory arranges summer internship opportunities for graduating high-school seniors interested in

  2. Nuclear matter as an MIT bag crystal

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zhang, Q.; Derreth, C.; Schaefer, A.; Greiner, W.


    An MIT bag crystal model of nuclear matter is formulated. The energy bands of the quarks are calculated as a function of the overlap between adjacent bags. A clear indication of substantial overlap is found. Accordingly, infinite nuclear matter is more similar to a quark gas than to a nucleonic structure. (author)

  3. Cephalometric evaluation of the effects of the Twin Block appliance in subjects with Class II, Division 1 malocclusion amongst different cervical vertebral maturation stages

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aisha Khoja

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT Objectives: To evaluate the cephalometric changes in skeletal, dentoalveolar and soft tissue variables induced by Clark's Twin Block (CTB in Class II, Division 1 malocclusion patients and to compare these changes in different cervical vertebral maturation stages. Methods: Pre- and post-treatment/observation lateral cephalograms of 53 Class II, Division 1 malocclusion patients and 60 controls were compared to evaluate skeletal, dentoalveolar and soft tissue changes. Skeletal maturity was assessed according to cervical vertebral maturation stages. Pre- and post-treatment/observation mean changes and differences (T2-T1 were compared by means of Wilcoxon sign rank and Mann-Whitney U-tests, respectively. Intergroup comparisons between different cervical stages were performed by means of Kruskal-Wallis test and Mann-Whitney U-test (p ≤ 0.05 . Results: When compared with controls, there was a significant reduction in ANB angle (p < 0.001, which was due to a change in SNB angle in CS-2 and CS-3 (p < 0.001, and in SNA (p < 0.001 and SNB (p = 0.016 angles in the CS-4 group. There was significant increase in the GoGn-SN angle in CS-2 (p = 0.007 and CS-4 (p = 0.024, and increase in Co-Gn and Go-Gn amongst all cervical stages (p < 0.05. There was significant decrease in U1-SN and increase in IMPA amongst all cervical stages (p < 0.05. There was significant retraction of the upper lip in CS-3 (p = 0.001, protrusion of the lower lip in CS-2 (p = 0.005, increase in nasolabial angle in CS-4 (p = 0.006 and Z-angle in CS-3 (p = 0.016, reduction in H-angle in CS-2 (p = 0.013 and CS-3 (p = 0.002 groups. When pre- and post-treatment mean differences were compared between different cervical stages, significant differences were found for SNA, SNB and UI-SN angles and overjet. . Conclusions: The Twin-Block along with the normal craniofacial growth improves facial esthetics in Class II, Division 1 malocclusion by changes in underlying skeletal and

  4. Geochemical appraisal of fluoride-laden groundwater in Suri I and II blocks, Birbhum district, West Bengal (United States)

    Das, Shreya; Nag, S. K.


    The present study has been carried out covering two blocks—Suri I and II in Birbhum district, West Bengal, India. The evaluation focuses on occurrence, distribution and geochemistry in 26 water samples collected from borewells spread across the entire study area homogeneously. Quantitative chemical analysis of groundwater samples collected from the present study area has shown that samples from two locations—Gangta and Dhalla contain fluoride greater than the permissible limit prescribed by WHO during both post-monsoon and pre-monsoon sampling sessions. Significant factor controlling geochemistry of groundwater has been identified to be rock-water interaction processes during both sampling sessions based on the results of Gibb's diagrams. Geochemical modeling studies have revealed that fluorite (CaF2) is, indeed, present as a significant fluoride-bearing mineral in the groundwaters of this study area. Calcite or CaCO3 is one of the most common minerals with which fluorite remains associated, and saturation index calculations have revealed that the calcite-fluorite geochemistry is the dominant factor controlling fluoride concentration in this area during both post- and pre-monsoon. High fluoride waters have also been found to be of `bicarbonate' type showing increase of sodium in water with decrease of calcium.

  5. Numerical analysis of the bearing capacity of complex rock mechanical underground systems with filigree structures in the presence of imponderables. A contribution to the systematization of the investigative process with application/demonstration using the example of the salt cavern ASSE II/south flank; Numerische Analyse des Tragverhaltens komplexer gebirgsmechanischer untertaegiger Systeme mit filigranen Strukturen bei Anwesenheit von Imponderabilien. Ein Beitrag zur Systematisierung des Untersuchungsprozesses mit Anwendung/Demonstration am Beispiel des Salzbergwerks Schacht ASSE II/Suedflanke

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dyogtyev, Oleksandr


    The thesis dealing with the numerical analysis of the bearing capacity of complex rock mechanical underground systems with filigree structures in the presence of imponderables covers the following issues: status of science and technology, concept for the performance of numerical studies on the bearing capacity of large-volume underground systems, application example salt cavern ASSE II - application of the developed concept/development of numerical tools for the overall system/application of the global model to the given questions/realization of the modification potential.

  6. Atomic Basic Blocks (United States)

    Scheler, Fabian; Mitzlaff, Martin; Schröder-Preikschat, Wolfgang

    Die Entscheidung, einen zeit- bzw. ereignisgesteuerten Ansatz für ein Echtzeitsystem zu verwenden, ist schwierig und sehr weitreichend. Weitreichend vor allem deshalb, weil diese beiden Ansätze mit äußerst unterschiedlichen Kontrollflussabstraktionen verknüpft sind, die eine spätere Migration zum anderen Paradigma sehr schwer oder gar unmöglich machen. Wir schlagen daher die Verwendung einer Zwischendarstellung vor, die unabhängig von der jeweils verwendeten Kontrollflussabstraktion ist. Für diesen Zweck verwenden wir auf Basisblöcken basierende Atomic Basic Blocks (ABB) und bauen darauf ein Werkzeug, den Real-Time Systems Compiler (RTSC) auf, der die Migration zwischen zeit- und ereignisgesteuerten Systemen unterstützt.

  7. AG TURBO, TURBOTECH II - the influence of periodic unsteady inlet flow conditions on the transition behavior of compressor cascades. Final report; AG TURBO, TURBOTECH II: Vorhaben 1.134 - Optimierung des Stroemungsverhaltens von Verdichtergittern mit CDA-Profilierung. Der Einfluss periodisch instationaerer Zustroemung auf das Transitionsverhalten von Verdichtergittern. Abschlussbericht

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fottner, L.; Teusch, R.; Kampitsch, M.


    einer modernen kostenorientierten Schaufelauslegung wird versucht, durch Optimierung der Schaufelprofile unter Beruecksichtigung der obengenannten instationaeren Effekte bei gleichbleibendem Wirkungsgrad und Leistungsverhalten die aerodynamische Schaufelbelastung zu erhoehen, wodurch eine Reduzierung der Schaufelzahl und damit eine kompaktere Bauweise mit geringerem Gewicht ermoeglicht wird. Das Resultat einer diese Effekte beruecksichtigenden Optimierung ist ein aeusserst komplexes, hochgradig dreidimensionales und instationaeres Stroemungsfeld, das hohe Anforderungen an die numerischen Auselgungsverfahren stellt. Primaeres Ziel dieser Arbeit war, durch eine detaillierte Untersuchung des instationaeren Stroemungsverhaltens um Verdichterschaufeln mit CDA-Profilierung unter dem Einfluss von Nachlaufdellen stromaufliegender Schaufelreihen einen tieferen Einblick in die physikalischen Vorgaenge innerhalb der Schaufelgrenzschicht zu ermoeglichen und mit Hilfe der experimtellen Daten instationaere numerische Verfahren zu validieren. Fuer die beiden untersuchten Verdichtergitter V110 und V111 wurde bei niedriger Zustroem-Reynoldszahl eine bis zu 20%-ige Verlustreduzierung und bei hoher Reynoldszahl ein bis zu 30%-iger Verlustanstieg gegenueber dem stationaeren Fall verzeichnet. Die Nachrechnung der experimentellen Ergebnisse mit dem instationaeren Reynolds-gemittelten Navier-Stokes-Verfahren TRACE{sub U} mit Transitionsmodellierung lieferte sehr gute Ergebnisse. Desweiteren wurden Hinweise fuer eine zukuenftige, die instationaeren Effekte beruecksichtigende Schaufelauslegung erteilt. (orig.)

  8. Gentamicin blocks the ACh-induced BK current in guinea pig type II vestibular hair cells by competing with Ca²⁺ at the L-type calcium channel. (United States)

    Yu, Hong; Guo, Chang-Kai; Wang, Yi; Zhou, Tao; Kong, Wei-Jia


    Type II vestibular hair cells (VHCs II) contain big-conductance Ca²⁺-dependent K⁺ channels (BK) and L-type calcium channels. Our previous studies in guinea pig VHCs II indicated that acetylcholine (ACh) evoked the BK current by triggering the influx of Ca²⁺ ions through L-type Ca²⁺ channels, which was mediated by M2 muscarinic ACh receptor (mAChRs). Aminoglycoside antibiotics, such as gentamicin (GM), are known to have vestibulotoxicity, including damaging effects on the efferent nerve endings on VHCs II. This study used the whole-cell patch clamp technique to determine whether GM affects the vestibular efferent system at postsynaptic M2-mAChRs or the membrane ion channels. We found that GM could block the ACh-induced BK current and that inhibition was reversible, voltage-independent, and dose-dependent with an IC₅₀ value of 36.3 ± 7.8 µM. Increasing the ACh concentration had little influence on GM blocking effect, but increasing the extracellular Ca²⁺ concentration ([Ca²⁺]₀) could antagonize it. Moreover, 50 µM GM potently blocked Ca²⁺ currents activated by (-)-Bay-K8644, but did not block BK currents induced by NS1619. These observations indicate that GM most likely blocks the M2 mAChR-mediated response by competing with Ca²⁺ at the L-type calcium channel. These results provide insights into the vestibulotoxicity of aminoglycoside antibiotics on mammalian VHCs II.

  9. MIT Lincoln Laboratory Annual Report 2013 (United States)


    active plasmonics for fast nonmechanical scanning. The optical materials effort targets the application of aluminum as a plasmonic metal, enabling large...presentation in spring 2013, they showcased this functional system that produces electricity and heat from an aluminum energy source. sPOTLIghT MIT...Dr. George W. Turner, for “pioneering and sustained contributions in antimonide materials research and mid-wavelength infrared laser development

  10. Virtuelle Auskunft mit Mehrwert : Chatbots in Bibliotheken


    Christensen, Anne


    Die virtuelle Auskunft mit Hilfe elektronischer Informationsassistenten, auch Chatbots oder Chatterbots genannt, ist ein seit dem Jahr 2004 zu beobachtender Trend im deutschen Bibliothekswesen. Die Arbeit stellt die vier Chatbots ASKademicus, Stella, INA und das Sachsen-I vor. Am Beispiel von Stella aus der SUB Hamburg werden dann die Funktionsweise von Chatbots sowie die Anforderungen an die Konzeption dieser virtuellen Berater erläutert. Den Schwerpunkt der Arbeit bilden der Vergleich von C...

  11. Grundlegende Steuerungsverfahren im heterogenen Logistiknetz mit Kanban (United States)

    Dickmann, Eva; Dickmann, Philipp; Lödding, Hermann; Möller, Niklas; Rücker, Thomas; Schneider, Herfried M.; Zäh, Michael F.

    In vielen Unternehmen werden heterogene (verschiedene) Steuerungen in einem abgestimmten Konzept kombiniert. Je nach Anwendungsfall und Rahmenbedingungen werden Kombinationen allgemein bekannter Steuerungen oder Steuerungsvarianten gemischt eingesetzt, um eine optimale Steuerung für unterschiedliche Fälle zu erreichen. Hierbei stehen neben den bekannten und weit verbreiteten Methoden, wie Material Requirements Planning (MRP) oder Kanban, auch weniger bekannte oder neue Methoden zur Auswahl, wie die Produktionssteuerung mit dezentraler, bestandsorientierter Fertigungsregelung (DBF). Kanban ist ein simples und effizientes Steuerungskonzept, das in der klassischen Form für spezifische einfache Anwendungsfälle umsetzbar ist. Hochentwickelte Steuerungsalgorithmen können helfen, komplexe Abläufe optimal abzubilden. Mit einer grundlegenden Vereinfachung der Abläufe kann allerdings in vielen Fällen ein wesentlich stärkerer und umfassender Verbesserungseffekt erzielt werden. Die wesentliche Fragestellung sollte folglich lauten: Warum ist der Ablauf nicht mit einer einfachen Steuerung wie Kanban abzubilden? Um die Vorteile des Konzepts auch in untypischen Bereichen anwenden zu können, sind jedoch verschiedene Varianten oder Kanban-ähnliche Steuerungsmethoden entstanden. Darüber hinaus sind in der Praxis hybride Steuerungen im Einsatz, welche so kombiniert werden, dass die Zusammensetzung anspruchsvolle Eigenschaftsbilder noch exakt abbildet. In der Praxis basieren die Steuerungsentscheidungen nur zu einem kleinen Teil auf den eigentlichen Steuerungsalgorithmen, wie sie uns das MRP-System zur Verfügung stellt. Moderne Steuerungswelten" schließen alle relevanten Informationsquellen in eine heterogene Entscheidungsmatrix mit ein. Letztlich zählt nicht, ob die Entscheidung auf den Informationen aus dem MRP-System oder auf Softfacts basierend getroffen wurde, sondern nur, ob die Entscheidung erfolgreich war.

  12. Obstacles in the Utilisation of Maternal Health Care Services in Murarai-II C.D. Block, Birbhum District, West Bengal, India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alokananda Ghosh


    Full Text Available Improving maternal health was one of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs and now it is one of the targets of 17 point Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs. The utilisation of Maternal Health Care Services (MHCSs is a complex phenomenon and it is influenced by several factors, like-health care seeking behaviour of the cohorts belonging to different socio-economic and cultural background, distance of the facility centres, type and conditions of the roads including undulating surface, transportation cost, type and availability of transportation mode along with the factors related to the accountability and surveillances of the health care services. Therefore, clear understanding and discussion is needed to draw an association between MHCSs and its influential factors. The objectives of the study are to estimate the impact of accessibility on the underserved status of MHCSs and on the utilisation of MHCSs through paucity index. In addition, the study aims to evaluate the causal relationships between underserved situation and obstacle score with the paucity index of MHCS utilisation. The empirical observation unfolds that the provision and utilisation of MHCSs are strongly dependent on accessibility and distance. The situation is aggravating for proper delivery of services, which is responsible for the increasing obstacle score and paucity index, especially in remote sub- centres of Murarai-II C.D. Block of Birbhum District.

  13. Phylogenetic analysis of partial RNA-polymerase blocks II and III of Rabies virus isolated from the main rabies reservoirs in Brazil. (United States)

    Carnieli, Pedro; de Novaes Oliveira, Rafael; de Oliveira Fahl, Willian; de Carvalho Ruthner Batista, Helena Beatriz; Scheffer, Karin Corrêa; Iamamoto, Keila; Castilho, Juliana Galera


    This study describes the results of the sequencing and analysis of segments of Blocks II and III of the RNA polymerase L gene of Rabies virus isolates from different reservoir species of Brazil. The phylogenetic relations of the virus were determined and a variety of species-specific nucleotides were found in the analyzed areas, but the majority of these mutations were found to be synonymous. However, an analysis of the putative amino acid sequences were shown to have some characteristic mutations between some reservoir species of Brazil, indicating that there was positive selection in the RNA polymerase L gene of Rabies virus. On comparing the putative viral sequences obtained from the Brazilian isolates and other Lyssavirus, it was determined that amino acid mutations occurred in low-restriction areas. This study of the L gene of Rabies virus is the first to be conducted with samples of virus isolates from Brazil, and the results obtained will help in the determination of the phylogenetic relations of the virus.

  14. Assessment of the dentoskeletal changes following the use of twin-block functional appliance and inclined anterior bite plan in the patients with class II malocclusion div 1 in 11-14 years old

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Allahyar Geramy


    Full Text Available Background and Aims: Cl II malocclusion is one of the most common abnormalities in human societies and using a simple, affordable and accessible treatment that can be provided by general practitioners or specialists, to prevent future malocclusion complications is vital. Cl II malocclusion treatment using functional appliances such as twin block and anterior inclined bite plan have less cost, side effects and complications compared to fixed orthodontic or orthosurgery. Until now, the dentoskeletal changes resulting from the application of twin block and anterior inclined bite plan in patients with Class II malocclusion has not been evaluated. The objective of the present study was to assess the dentoskeletal changes following the use of twin-block functional appliance and inclined anterior bite plan in the patients with class II malocclusion div 1 during mixed dentition. Materials and Methods: In this retrospective cohort trial, 60 patients with the definitive diagnosis of Class II div. 1 malocclusion having ANB>2 and FMA angel between 20 and 30 and without any previous treatment or syndrome who were treated with twin-block or inclined anterior bite plan appliance were selected and their lateral cephalometries were traced before and after treatment. Selected distance and angular landmarks were measured on the cephalograms with the good reliability (ICC=0.953 and the changes occurred in the landmarks were statistically analyzed using Student t test. Results: Due to the increased mandibular growth, most of the landmarks experienced significant changes following the treatment with twin-block and inclined bite plan (P0.05, however, SNA (P=0.04, overjet (P=0.007 and wits appraisal (P=0.004 changed differently after using the appliances. Conclusion: Despite with most similarities of both twin-block and anterior inclined bite plan to correct class II div. 1 malocclusion, Due to the advantages of anterior inclined bite plan such as less size, good

  15. Population Blocks. (United States)

    Smith, Martin H.


    Describes an educational game called "Population Blocks" that is designed to illustrate the concept of exponential growth of the human population and some potential effects of overpopulation. The game material consists of wooden blocks; 18 blocks are painted green (representing land), 7 are painted blue (representing water); and the remaining…

  16. MIT CSAIL and Lincoln Laboratory Task Force Report (United States)


    undergraduates and graduate students. The MIT Lincoln Laboratory Beaver Works Center is part of both the MIT School of Engineering and MIT LL. Although...sponsorship. We propose addressing a challenge that maximizes opportunities for publication and to structure the activities in such a way as to...methods to detect population vulnerable to recruitment/ bullying based on their social media footprint • Develop indicators for recruitment/ bullying

  17. MIT CSAIL and Lincoln Laboratory Task Force Report (United States)


    graduate students. The MIT Lincoln Laboratory Beaver Works Center is part of both the MIT School of Engineering and MIT LL. Although we assume most readers...population vulnerable to recruitment/ bullying based on their social media footprint • Develop indicators for recruitment/ bullying activity on social...Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI), but these are not seen as insurmountable. 34 35 4. SUMMARY The committee is confident that strong

  18. MIT-Skywalker: On the use of a markerless system. (United States)

    Goncalves, Rogerio S; Hamilton, Taya; Krebs, Hermano I


    This paper describes our efforts to employ the Microsoft Kinect as a low cost vision control system for the MIT-Skywalker, a robotic gait rehabilitation device. The Kinect enables an alternative markerless solution to control the MIT-Skywalker and allows a more user-friendly set-up. A study involving eight healthy subjects and two stroke survivors using the MIT-Skywalker device demonstrates the advantages and challenges of this new proposed approach.

  19. MIT - Mighty Steps toward Energy Sustainability

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Robinson, Alastair [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Regnier, Cindy [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Settlemyre, Kevin [Sustainable IQ, Inc., Arlington, MA (United States); Bosnic, Zorana [HOK, San Francisco, CA (United States)


    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop and implement solutions to retrofit existing buildings to reduce energy consumption by at least 30% as part of DOE’s Commercial Building Partnerships (CBP) Program.1 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) provided technical expertise in support of this DOE program. MIT is one of the U.S.’s foremost higher education institutions, occupying a campus that is nearly 100 years old, with a building floor area totaling more than 12 million square feet. The CBP project focused on improving the energy performance of two campus buildings, the Ray and Maria Stata Center (RMSC) and the Building W91 (BW91) data center. A key goal of the project was to identify energy saving measures that could be applied to other buildings both within MIT’s portfolio and at other higher education institutions. The CBP retrofits at MIT are projected to reduce energy consumption by approximately 48%, including a reduction of around 72% in RMSC lighting energy and a reduction of approximately 55% in RMSC server room HVAC energy. The energy efficiency measure (EEM) package proposed for the BW91 data center is expected to reduce heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) energy use by 30% to 50%, depending on the final air intake temperature that is established for the server racks. The RMSC, an iconic building designed by Frank Gehry, houses the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, and the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy.

  20. [Bernt Ahrenholz : Verweise mit Demonstrativa im Gesprochenen Deutsch...] / Klaus Geyer

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Geyer, Klaus


    Arvustus: Ahrenholz, Bernt. Verweise mit Demonstrativa im gesprochenen Deutsch : Grammatik, Zweitspracherwerb und Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Berlin ; New York : de Gruyter, 2007. (Linguistik - Impulse & Tendenzen ; 17)

  1. The MIT Program, Competition, and Ethics (United States)

    Bradt, Hale V.


    The MIT program in x-ray astronomy was, and still is, diverse and productive. Bruno Rossi and later George Clark, as the nominal leaders of the “x-ray astronomy group” created a “hands-off” culture wherein individual researchers could develop their own independent programs. Walter Lewin, Claude Canizares, and I as well as those in the next academic generations, e.g., Saul Rappaport and George Ricker, were able to thrive in this environment. MIT researchers were principal investigators or providers of x-ray instruments on sounding rockets and balloons in the 1960s and then in later years on nine satellite missions, OSO-7, SAS-3, HEAO-1, Einstein, ASCA, RXTE, Chandra, HETE-2, and Suzaku. Such a diverse program involved collaborations with other institutions and of course striving for primacy in discovery and competition for NASA resources. Looking back, I see a high degree of ethical behavior among the observational x-ray community during those years. In competition, we remembered that we might well be collaborating the following year and behaved accordingly. Many of us in the x-ray community had been friends since graduate school days and did not want to lose those relationships. Am I viewing the past through rose colored glasses? I think not. A vignette on this topic: In 1967, I was debating vigorously with Herb Gursky of AS&E about which institution, MIT or AS&E, should be the lead on the fourth paper (Oda et al. 1967, ApJ 148, L5) based on data from the 1966 AS&E rocket flight which had led to Allan Sandage’s (and Japanese) identification of Sco X-1 (Sandage, et al. 1966, ApJ. 146, 316). I and my Italian colleague, Gianfranco Spada, and our Japanese colleague, Minoru Oda, both then visiting MIT, had actively supported that flight. After one rather heated discussion with Herb about this, - I was the heated one; he always remained calm - he left my office saying: “Hale, however this comes out, let’s remain friends.” I treasured that comment and

  2. Eigenversorgung mit Solarstrom: Ein Treiber der Energiewende?


    May, Nils; Neuhoff, Karsten


    Der Anteil der Solarenergie an der Stromversorgung in Deutschland hat sich rasant entwickelt, von weniger als einem Prozent in 2008 auf 5,7% in 2014 (AG Energiebilanzen, 2015). Die große Kostendegression in dem Zeitraum zog starke Vergütungssatzsenkungen nach sich (Fraunhofer Institut für Solare Energiesysteme, 2015). Seit circa 2012 liegt diese Vergütung unter dem Strombezugspreis von Haushalten (die sogenannte "Netzparität") (Weniger et al., 2014). Dieses hat zur Folge, dass Haushalte mit P...

  3. Proteinase inhibitors I and II from potatoes specifically block UV-induced activator protein-1 activation through a pathway that is independent of extracellular signal-regulated kinases, c-Jun N-terminal kinases, and P38 kinase

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Huang, C.S.; Ma, W.Y.; Ryan, C.A.; Dong, Z.G.


    Solar UV irradiation is the causal factor for the increasing incidence of human skin carcinomas. The activation of the transcription factor activator protein-1 (AP-1) has been shown to be responsible for the tumor promoter action of UV light in mammalian cells. We demonstrate that proteinase inhibitor I (Inh I) and II (Inh II) from potato tubers, when applied to mouse epidermal JB6 cells, block UV-induced AP-1 activation. The inhibition appears to be specific for UV-induced signal transduction for AP-1 activation, because these inhibitors did not block UV-induced p53 activation nor did they exhibit any significant influence on epidermal growth factor-induced AP-1 transactivation. Furthermore, the inhibition of UV-induced AP-1 activity occurs through a pathway that is independent of extracellular signal-regulated kinases and c-Jun N-terminal kinases as well as P38 kinases. Considering the important role of AP-1 in tumor promotion, it is possible that blocking UV-induced AP-1 activity by Inh I or Inh II may be functionally linked to irradiation-induced cell transformation

  4. Impact of Distance in the Provision of Maternal Health Care Services and Its Accountability in Murarai-II Block, Birbhum District

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alokananda Ghosh


    Full Text Available The maternal health issue was a part of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs, Target-5. Now it has been incorporated into Target-3 of 17 points Sustainable Development Goal-2030, declared by the United Nations, 2015. In India, about 50% of newborn deaths can be reduced by taking good care of the mother during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period. This requires timely, well-equipped healthcare by trained providers, along with emergency transportation for referral obstetric emergency. Governments need to ensure physicians in the rural underserved areas. The utilisation of maternal healthcare services (MHCSs depends on both the availability and accessibility of services along with accountability. This study is based on an empirical retrospective survey, also called a historic study, to evaluate the influences of distance on the provision of maternal health services and on its accountability in Murarai-II block, Birbhum District. The major objective of the study is to identify the influence of distance on the provision and accountability of the overall MHCSs. The investigation has found that there is a strong inverse relationship (-0.75 between accessibility index and accountability score with p-value = 0.05. Tracking of pregnant women, identification of high risk pregnancy and timely Postnatal Care (PNC have become the dominant factors of the maternal healthcare services in the first Principal Component Analysis (PCA, explaining 49.67% of the accountability system. Overall, institutional barriers to accessibility are identified as important constraints behind lesser accountability of the services, preventing the anticipated benefit. This study highlights the critical areas where maternal healthcare services are lacking. The analysis has highlighted the importance of physical access to health services in shaping the provision of maternal healthcare services. Drawing on empirical observations of operation of public distribution system in

  5. MACH MIT: Deutsches Wochenende am Karlsfluss (MACH MIT: a German Week-End on the Charles River). (United States)

    Reizes, Sonia; Kramsch, Claire J.


    Describes a joint high school/college pilot program planned by Massachusetts foreign language teachers and hosted by M.I.T. The success of the program dubbed "MACH MIT Total Immersion German Weekend" is attributed to the concept of active involvement, which was implemented through games, seminars, shows, cooking and other activities.…

  6. Radiotherapeutic aspects of the treatment of adult patients with supradiaphragmatic Hodgkin's disease CS I/II. Pt. 1; Regarding the indications of primary and adjuvant radiotherapy. Fragen und Aspekte zur Radiotherapie bei erwachsenen Patienten mit lokalisierten supradiaphragmalen Stadien (CS I/II) eines Morbus Hodgkin. T. 1; Fragen und Aspekte zu den Indikationen einer primaeren und einer adjuvanten Radiotherapie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Glanzmann, C. (Universitaetsspital, Klinik fuer Radio-Onkologie, Zurich (Switzerland)); Luetolf, U.M. (Universitaetsspital, Klinik fuer Radio-Onkologie, Zurich (Switzerland))


    Randomized studies of chemo- vs radiotherapy in patients with PS I/II A and some PS III A have shown conflicting results. Patients with supra-diaphragmatic Hodkin's disease and CS I/II can be subdivided according to radiotherapy as: 1. Patients with a very low or a low recurrence risk of approximately 10 to 20%: Patients less than 40 years old and CS I/II A NS/LP with less than three involved regions and no bulky mediastinal mass and an ESR below 30 mm. In the other patients, primary irradiation of an extended mantle field without a staging laparotomy is an acceptable primary treatment, achieving a recurrence-free survival rate of approximately 80%. Another option is a staging laparotomy with splenectomy and a mantle radiotherapy for PS I/II. Few groups prefer primary chemotherapy alone or some type of a reduced chemotherapy with lesser toxicity combined with localized radiotherapy and long-term observations of a larger group of patients after the last type of treatment have to confirm the excellent early results. 2. Patients with an intermediate recurrence risk of approximately 20 to 40%: Patients, who do not belong to group one or group 3. Patients less than 50 years old with CS I/II and an ESR less than 50 mm and without bulky mediastinal involvement and with one of the following signs: Three involved regions or MC or one B symptom. A patient with more than one of these signs or with two or three B symptoms should be classified in group 3. For these patients, we recommend staging laparotomy and radiotherapy if PS I/II or primary chemotherapy with or without radiotherapy of the involved regions. 3. Patients with a high recurrence risk (40% or higher): (Abstract Truncated)

  7. Deciphering groundwater quality for irrigation and domestic purposes - a case study in Suri I and II blocks, Birbhum District, West Bengal, India (United States)

    Das, Shreya; Nag, S. K.


    Assessment of the hydrochemical characteristics of water and aquifer hydraulic properties is important for groundwater planning and management in the study area. It is not only the basic need for human existence but also a vital input for all development activities. The present hydro-geochemical study of groundwater samples from the Suri I and II blocks of Birbhum district, West Bengal (23.76 ∘-23.99 ∘N; 87.42 ∘-87.64 ∘E) was carried out to assess their suitability for agricultural, domestic and drinking purposes. For this study, samples were collected from 26 locations during the post-monsoon and pre-monsoon sessions spanning over 2012 and 2013. Groundwater samples were analyzed for their physical and chemical properties using standard laboratory methods. Physical and chemical parameters of groundwater such as pH, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids, Na, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Cl, HCO3, SO4 and F were determined. Various water quality indices like SAR, SSP, PI, RSC, MAR and KR have been calculated for each water sample to identify the irrigational suitability standard. According to most of these parameters, the groundwater has been found to be well to moderately suitable for irrigation. In the post-monsoon session exceptionally high RSC values for around 80% samples indicate an alkaline hazard to the soil. The ion balance histogram for post-monsoon indicates undesirable ion balance values according to fresh water standards whereas in pre-monsoon, the samples show good ion balance in water. For determination of the drinking suitability standard of groundwater, three parameters have been considered - total hardness (TH), Piper's trilinear diagram and water quality index study. Groundwater of the present study area has been found to be moderately-hard to hard during both sampling sessions and hence poses no health risk which could arise due to excess consumption of calcium or magnesium. Hydrogeochemical facies in the form of Piper's trilinear diagram plot

  8. Final Technical Report for the MIT Annular Fuel Research Project

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mujid S. Kazimi; Pavel Hejzlar


    MIT-NFC-PR-082 (January 2006) Abstract This summary provides an overview of the results of the U.S. DOE funded NERI (Nuclear Research Energy Initiative) program on development of the internally and externally cooled annular fuel for high power density PWRs. This new fuel was proposed by MIT to allow a substantial increase in power density (on the order of 30% or higher) while maintaining or improving safety margins. A comprehensive study was performed by a team consisting of MIT (lead organization), Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Gamma Engineering Corporation, Framatome ANP(formerly Duke Engineering) and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

  9. Ferromagnetic dinuclear mixed-valence Mn(II)/Mn(III) complexes: building blocks for the higher nuclearity complexes. structure, magnetic properties, and density functional theory calculations. (United States)

    Hänninen, Mikko M; Välivaara, Juha; Mota, Antonio J; Colacio, Enrique; Lloret, Francesc; Sillanpää, Reijo


    A series of six mixed-valence Mn(II)/Mn(III) dinuclear complexes were synthesized and characterized by X-ray diffraction. The reactivity of the complexes was surveyed, and structures of three additional trinuclear mixed-valence Mn(III)/Mn(II)/Mn(III) species were resolved. The magnetic properties of the complexes were studied in detail both experimentally and theoretically. All dinuclear complexes show ferromagnetic intramolecular interactions, which were justified on the basis of the electronic structures of the Mn(II) and Mn(III) ions. The large Mn(II)-O-Mn(III) bond angle and small distortion of the Mn(II) cation from the ideal square pyramidal geometry were shown to enhance the ferromagnetic interactions since these geometrical conditions seem to favor the orthogonal arrangement of the magnetic orbitals.

  10. Behandlung des chronischen Tinnitus mit repetitiver transkranieller Magnetstimulation


    Kleinjung, T


    Tinnitus ist eine Funktionsstörung des Hörsystems, die von verschiedenen Strukturen und Ebenen ausgehen kann. Tinnitus geht mit neuroplastischen Veränderungen im zentralen auditorischen System einher. Existenz eines „Tinnitus-Netzwerkes“.

  11. MIT gets good marks for fighting gender discrimination (United States)

    Gwynne, Peter


    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has made "significant progress" in increasing the number of female faculty members, with their numbers in science and engineering almost doubling over the last decade.

  12. Laser mit instabilem Resonator fuer ringfoermige aktive Medien


    Jarosch, U.K.; Habich, U.; Plum, H.D.


    Beschrieben werden Laser mit instabilen Resonatoren, die ringfoermige Medien effektiv ausnutzen, unabhaengig davon, ob es sich um feste, fluessige oder gasfoermige Medien handelt. Die Erfindung zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass die Auskopplung des Strahles (5.1) eines Ringresonators entlang eines Spaltes oder eines Kreisringes ueber dem gesamten Umfang vorgesehen ist, wobei der Laserresonator durch Ringspiegel (1,2) mit torusfoermiger Spiegelflaeche gebildet und von den Waenden des Ringspaltes ...

  13. A geometrodynamical approach to the MIT confinement scheme

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Martellini, M.; Sodano, P.


    Starting from the strong gravity theory of Salam-Isham-Strathdee the M.I.T. bag is identified as a certain region of the global extension of a De Sitter-Schwarzschild solution. As a result the M.I.T. bag radius, a geometrical interpretation of the binding Lagrangian term and a rate of decaying of the ''bag manifold'' into the flat space (which, however, does not lead to observable quark wave functions) are obtained. (author)

  14. Rigiscan®-Monitoring der Erektion unter audiovisueller sexueller Stimulation ohne/mit Viagra™ bei Patienten mit erektiler Dysfunktion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Perabo FGE


    Full Text Available Die orale Medikation mit Sildenafil (Viagra™ hat sich zur Therapie der erektilen Dysfunktion etabliert und relativiert die Differentialdiagnose zwischen psychogener und organischer Dysfunktion mit den entsprechenden therapeutischen Konsequenzen. Diesem Problem widmet sich diese Studie zur Prüfung der erektilen Antwort unter RigiScan®-Monitoring ohne/mit 50 mg Viagra™. 64 Patienten (mittleres Alter 48 Jahre mit einer erektilen Dysfunktion arteriogener (n = 10, venöser (n = 7, gemischt neurogen/vaskulärer (n = 15 und psychogener (n = 32 Genese von mehr als 6 Monaten Dauer wurden in die Studie aufgenommen. Alle Patienten wurden eingehend diagnostisch abgeklärt, inklusive Hormonlabor, dynamischer Pharmako-Duplexsonographie und, falls indiziert, mit einer Cavernosometrie/ -graphie. Zur Testung der penilen Rigidität und zur Objektivierung der Erektion wurde das "real-time" RigiScan® verwendet. In zwei konsekutiven Messungen wurden sowohl die direkte erektile Antwort auf visuelle Stimulation als auch die nächtlichen Erektionen abgeleitet und die Meßergebnisse mit den Begleiterkrankungen, "lifestyle"-Faktoren und dem Ergebnis der Pharmako-Duplexsonographie korreliert. Es fand sich keine Korrelation zwischen der Ätiologie der erektilen Dysfunktion in bezug auf organische oder psychogene Genese und dem Alter der Patienten, der Dauer der Erektionsstörung, dem Nikotinabusus, den Blutfetten, den Testosteronwerten, dem klinischen Ergebnis der Pharmakotestung (Erektionsgrad und dem duplexsonographisch gemessenen Fluß der penilen Arterien. Hingegen zeigte sich eine positive Korrelation zwischen Genese der erektilen Dysfunktion (organisch bzw. psychogen und dem RigiScan®-Meßergebnis (r = 0,29. Patienten mit psychogen bedingter Erektionsstörung profitierten am meisten von Viagra™, während Patienten mit vaskulärer Genese oder gemischt neurogener/vaskulärer Genese deutlich schlechter auf Viagra™ ansprachen. Es bestand keine Korrelation

  15. Forensic intelligence framework. Part II: Study of the main generic building blocks and challenges through the examples of illicit drugs and false identity documents monitoring. (United States)

    Baechler, Simon; Morelato, Marie; Ribaux, Olivier; Beavis, Alison; Tahtouh, Mark; Kirkbride, K Paul; Esseiva, Pierre; Margot, Pierre; Roux, Claude


    The development of forensic intelligence relies on the expression of suitable models that better represent the contribution of forensic intelligence in relation to the criminal justice system, policing and security. Such models assist in comparing and evaluating methods and new technologies, provide transparency and foster the development of new applications. Interestingly, strong similarities between two separate projects focusing on specific forensic science areas were recently observed. These observations have led to the induction of a general model (Part I) that could guide the use of any forensic science case data in an intelligence perspective. The present article builds upon this general approach by focusing on decisional and organisational issues. The article investigates the comparison process and evaluation system that lay at the heart of the forensic intelligence framework, advocating scientific decision criteria and a structured but flexible and dynamic architecture. These building blocks are crucial and clearly lay within the expertise of forensic scientists. However, it is only part of the problem. Forensic intelligence includes other blocks with their respective interactions, decision points and tensions (e.g. regarding how to guide detection and how to integrate forensic information with other information). Formalising these blocks identifies many questions and potential answers. Addressing these questions is essential for the progress of the discipline. Such a process requires clarifying the role and place of the forensic scientist within the whole process and their relationship to other stakeholders. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  16. Modelling of current-voltage characteristics of infrared photo-detectors based on type – II InAs/GaSb super-lattice diodes with unipolar blocking layers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vishnu Gopal


    Full Text Available It is shown that current-voltage characteristics of infrared photo-detectors based on type-II InAs/GaSb super-lattices with uni-polar blocking layers can be modelled similar to a junction diode with a finite series resistance on account of blocking barriers. As an example this paper presents the results of a study of current-voltage characteristics of a type II InAs/GaSb super-lattice diode with PbIbN architecture using a recently proposed [J. Appl. Phys. 116, 084502 (2014] method for modelling of illuminated photovoltaic detectors. The thermal diffusion, generation – recombination (g-r, and ohmic currents are found as principal components besides a component of photocurrent due to background illumination. The experimentally observed reverse bias diode current in excess of thermal current (diffusion + g-r, photo-current and ohmic shunt current is reported to be best described by an exponential function of the type, Iexcess = Ir0 + K1exp(K2 V, where Ir0, K1 and K2 are fitting parameters and V is the applied bias voltage. The present investigations suggest that the exponential growth of excess current with the applied bias voltage may be taking place along the localized regions in the diode. These localized regions are the shunt resistance paths on account of the surface leakage currents and/or defects and dislocations in the base of the diode.

  17. Natural acquired inhibitory antibodies to Plasmodium vivax Duffy binding protein (PvDBP-II) equally block erythrocyte binding of homologous and heterologous expressed PvDBP-II on the surface of COS-7 cells. (United States)

    Valizadeh, Vahideh; Zakeri, Sedigheh; Mehrizi, Akram A; Mirkazemi, Sedigheh; Djadid, Navid D


    The binding domain of Plasmodium vivax Duffy binding protein (PvDBP-II) is a promising blood-stage vaccine candidate for vivax malaria. For the development of a successful vivax malaria vaccine based on DBP-II, the antigenic diversity and also naturally occurring functional antibodies to different PvDBP-II variant types in the various populations must be determined. However, similar to other blood-stage antigens, allelic variation within the PvDBP-II is a fundamental challenge for the development of a broadly efficient vaccine. The present study was performed to define whether the polymorphisms in PvDBP-II influence the nature of functional inhibitory activity of naturally acquired or induced anti-DBP-II antibodies in mice. In this investigation, five genetically distinct variants of PvDBP-II were transiently expressed on the COS-7 cell surface. Erythrocyte-binding inhibition assay (EBIA) was performed using human sera infected with corresponding and non-corresponding P. vivax variants as well as by the use of mice sera immunized with different expressed recombinant PvDBP-IIs. EBIA results showed that the inhibitory percentage varied between 50 and 63 % by using sera from infected individuals, and in case of mouse antisera, inhibition was in the range of 76-86 %. Interestingly, no significant difference was detected in red blood cell binding inhibition when different PvDBP-II variants on the COS-7 cell surfaces were incubated with heterologous and homologous sera infected with PvDBP-II variants. This suggests that the detected polymorphisms in all five forms of PvDBP-II may not affect functional activity of anti-DBP-II antibodies. In conclusion, our results revealed that there are functional cross-reactive antibody responses to heterologous PvDBP-II variants that might provide a broader inhibitory response against all, or at least the majority of strains compared to single allele of this protein that should be considered in development of PvDBP-II-based vaccine.

  18. VENTURE: a code block for solving multigroup neutronics problems applying the finite-difference diffusion-theory approximation to neutron transport, version II

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Vondy, D.R.; Fowler, T.B.; Cunningham, G.W.


    The report documents the computer code block VENTURE designed to solve multigroup neutronics problems with application of the finite-difference diffusion-theory approximation to neutron transport (or alternatively simple P 1 ) in up to three-dimensional geometry. It uses and generates interface data files adopted in the cooperative effort sponsored by the Reactor Physics Branch of the Division of Reactor Research and Development of the Energy Research and Development Administration. Several different data handling procedures have been incorporated to provide considerable flexibility; it is possible to solve a wide variety of problems on a variety of computer configurations relatively efficiently

  19. VENTURE: a code block for solving multigroup neutronics problems applying the finite-difference diffusion-theory approximation to neutron transport, version II. [LMFBR

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vondy, D.R.; Fowler, T.B.; Cunningham, G.W.


    The report documents the computer code block VENTURE designed to solve multigroup neutronics problems with application of the finite-difference diffusion-theory approximation to neutron transport (or alternatively simple P/sub 1/) in up to three-dimensional geometry. It uses and generates interface data files adopted in the cooperative effort sponsored by the Reactor Physics Branch of the Division of Reactor Research and Development of the Energy Research and Development Administration. Several different data handling procedures have been incorporated to provide considerable flexibility; it is possible to solve a wide variety of problems on a variety of computer configurations relatively efficiently.

  20. [Postoperative adjuvante Therapie mit einem Mistelextrakt (Viscum album ssp. album) bei Hündinnen mit Mammatumoren]. (United States)

    Biegel, Ulrike; Stratmann, Nina; Knauf, Yvonne; Ruess, Katja; Reif, Marcus; Wehrend, Axel


    Hintergrund: Canine Mammatumoren (CMT) sind wegen ihrer Häufigkeit und hohen Malignitätsrate eine Herausforderung für die Veterinärmedizin. Bisher ist noch keine postoperative adjuvante Therapie als wirksamer Standard etabliert und in den nächsten Jahren wohl auch nicht zu erwarten. Zusätzlich ist die Frage nach der Verträglichkeit einer adjuvanten Therapie mit Erhaltung oder Verbesserung der Lebensqualität (LQ) wichtig. Die Therapie mit Mistelextrakten (Viscum album L.; VAE) ist in der Humanonkologie nach adjuvanter Tumorbasistherapie (Chemotherapie und Bestrahlung) eine sehr häufig verwendete, zusätzliche adjuvante Behandlungsmethode. Auch bei verschiedenen Tierarten werden inzwischen Mistelpräparate in der Onkologie erfolgreich angewendet. Methoden: Überprüfung von Wirkung und Nutzen einer postoperativen, adjuvanten Misteltherapie beim CMT sowie Erfassung der LQ unter der VAE-Behandlung. Ausgewertet wurden 56 Hündinnen mit Mammaadenokarzinom, 33 ausschließlich operierte Kontrolltiere und 23 operierte Tiere, die adjuvant VAE erhielten. Ergebnisse: Die mediane Überlebenszeit (MST) aller Tiere (n = 56) betrug 32 Monate (Interquartilbereich 13-51 Monate). Im deskriptiven Vergleich der Überlebenszeiten (ST) nach Kaplan-Meier waren nach 12, 24, 36 bzw. 48 Monaten noch 24, 20, 15 bzw. 5 Hündinnen (entsprechend 72,7%, 60,6%, 45,1%, 12,4%) der Kontrollgruppe sowie 19, 14, 11 und 1 Hündin (82,6%, 60,9%, 47,8%, 4,3%) der VAE-Gruppe am Leben. Die VAE-Therapie führte zu einem geringeren Gesamtversterberisiko, das statistisch nicht signifikant war (Hazard Ratio (HR) 0,530, 95%-Konfidenzintervall (KI) 0,222-1,262; p = 0,15). Tendenziell (p = 0,07) zeigte sich eine Verringerung des tumorbedingten Sterberisikos auf 25% (HR 0,251, 95%-KI 0,056-1,122). Schlussfolgerungen: Es kann eine Tendenz zur Senkung des tumorbedingten Sterberisikos der VAE-Gruppe bei guter Verträglichkeit der Therapie angenommen werden. Die LQ der Tiere blieb über die gesamte

  1. EU Kids Online – Der sichere Umgang mit dem Internet. Österreich im europäischen Vergleich

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ingrid Paus-Hasebrink


    Full Text Available Die Ergebnisse des dreijährigen europäischen Forschungsprojektes „EU Kids Online I“ zu Erfahrungen von Kindern und Jugendlichen mit dem Internet in Europa zeigen, dass die Forschungslage zu dieser Thematik in Österreich – aber auch in vielen anderen Ländern – als defizitär bezeichnet werden muss. Zudem zählt Österreich bei mittlerer Nutzungshäufigkeit des Internets zu den Ländern mit immerhin mittlerem Online-Risiko. Österreichische Eltern scheinen sich der mit der Internetnutzung ihrer Kinder verbundenen Gefahren noch recht wenig bewusst zu sein. Im Nachfolgeprojekt "EU Kids Online II" steht nun der Bereich der Online-Risiken im Mittelpunkt einer europaweiten Befragung. The results of the triennial European research project "EU Kids Online I", which focused on online-experiences of children and teenagers in Europe, show, that the relevant state of research in Austria as well as in many other European countries is insufficient. Moreover, Austria belongs to the group with medium use of the internet and medium online risk. All in all, Austrian parents seem to be less aware of the risks children are encountering online. In the follow-up project "EU Kids Online II" online risks are the main topic of a pan-European survey.

  2. An approach to multiobjective optimization of rotational therapy. II. Pareto optimal surfaces and linear combinations of modulated blocked arcs for a prostate geometry. (United States)

    Pardo-Montero, Juan; Fenwick, John D


    The purpose of this work is twofold: To further develop an approach to multiobjective optimization of rotational therapy treatments recently introduced by the authors [J. Pardo-Montero and J. D. Fenwick, "An approach to multiobjective optimization of rotational therapy," Med. Phys. 36, 3292-3303 (2009)], especially regarding its application to realistic geometries, and to study the quality (Pareto optimality) of plans obtained using such an approach by comparing them with Pareto optimal plans obtained through inverse planning. In the previous work of the authors, a methodology is proposed for constructing a large number of plans, with different compromises between the objectives involved, from a small number of geometrically based arcs, each arc prioritizing different objectives. Here, this method has been further developed and studied. Two different techniques for constructing these arcs are investigated, one based on image-reconstruction algorithms and the other based on more common gradient-descent algorithms. The difficulty of dealing with organs abutting the target, briefly reported in previous work of the authors, has been investigated using partial OAR unblocking. Optimality of the solutions has been investigated by comparison with a Pareto front obtained from inverse planning. A relative Euclidean distance has been used to measure the distance of these plans to the Pareto front, and dose volume histogram comparisons have been used to gauge the clinical impact of these distances. A prostate geometry has been used for the study. For geometries where a blocked OAR abuts the target, moderate OAR unblocking can substantially improve target dose distribution and minimize hot spots while not overly compromising dose sparing of the organ. Image-reconstruction type and gradient-descent blocked-arc computations generate similar results. The Pareto front for the prostate geometry, reconstructed using a large number of inverse plans, presents a hockey-stick shape

  3. Hinderniserkennung und -verfolgung mit einer PMD-kamera im automobil (United States)

    Schamm, Thomas; Vacek, Stefan; Natroshvilli, Koba; Marius Zöllner, J.; Dillmann, Rüdiger

    Die Detektion von Hindernissen vor dem Automobil ist eine Hauptanforderung an moderne Fahrerassistenzsysteme (FAS). In dieser Arbeit wird ein System vorgestellt, das mit Hilfe einer PMDKamera (Photomischdetektor) Hindernisse auf der Fahrspur erkennt und deren relevante Parameter bestimmt. Durch die PMD-Kamera werden zunächst 3D-Tiefenbilder der Fahrzeugumwelt generiert. Nach einem initialen Filterprozess werden im Tiefenbild mit Hilfe eines Bereichswachstumsverfahrens Hindernisse gesucht. Zur Stabilisierung des Verfahrens und zur Parameterberechnung wird ein Kaiman Filter eingesetzt. Das Ergebnis ist eine Liste aller Hindernisse im Fahrbereich des Automobils.

  4. Fallstudie SIG - Supply Chain Prototyp mit Coca Cola Beverages


    Senger, Enrico


    SIG, ein führender Lieferant von Verpackungsmaterialien für Getränke, hat mit Coca Cola CPFR, collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment realisiert. Das Unternehmen kann elektronisch und ohne Zeitverzug (vorher mit bis zu 15 Tagen Verspätung) auf die Lagerbestände und Verkaufsvorhersagen bei Coca Cola zugreifen. Coca Cola erhält die exakten Liefermengen und zeiten. Coca Cola konnte dadurch den Lagerbestand von Verpackungsmaterial um 50% senken. Dies reduziert die Bearbeitungszeit d...

  5. Untersuchungen zur Farbreaktion von Amilorid, Chlorhexidin und Proguanil mit Hypobromit


    Huth, Silke


    Bei der Reaktion von Amiloridhydrochlorid (1· HCl) mit Brom in alkalischer Lösung wird ein gelbbraunes Dehydrierungsprodukt erhalten, daß als 3-(3-Amino-1,2,4-oxadiazol-5-yl)-5-chlor-2,6-pyrazindiamin (6) identifiziert werden konnte. Durch Vergleich von Massen- und NMR-Spektren der Verbindung 6 mit Spektren von 1· HCl und Referenzsubstanzen I-III konnte auf die verbindung 6 geschlossen werden. Die Struktur wurde durch eine Röntgenstrukturanalyse abgesichert. Erhitzen von Amiloridhydrochlorid ...

  6. Kontrazeption mit natürlichen Östrogenen


    Merki Feld G


    Die Anwendung kombinierter hormonaler Kontrazeptiva (KHK) ist assoziiert mit einem erhöhten Risiko für kardiovaskuläre und thromboembolische Ereignisse. Diese Effekte werden dem Östrogen Ethinylestradiol (EE) zugeschrieben, welches ausgeprägte Stoffwechselwirkungen in der Leber induziert. Die Idee, ein Verhütungspräparat mit dem natürlichen Östrogen Östradiol zu entwickeln, ließ sich über Jahrzehnte nicht umsetzen, da Östradiol (E2) ein Substrat der 17β-Dehydrogenase im Endometrium ist. ...

  7. Mechanical behavior of bulk direct composite versus block composite and lithium disilicate indirect Class II restorations by CAD-FEM modeling. (United States)

    Ausiello, Pietro; Ciaramella, Stefano; Fabianelli, Andrea; Gloria, Antonio; Martorelli, Massimo; Lanzotti, Antonio; Watts, David C


    To study the influence of resin based and lithium disilicate materials on the stress and strain distributions in adhesive class II mesio-occlusal-distal (MOD) restorations using numerical finite element analysis (FEA). To investigate the materials combinations in the restored teeth during mastication and their ability to relieve stresses. One 3D model of a sound lower molar and three 3D class II MOD cavity models with 95° cavity-margin-angle shapes were modelled. Different material combinations were simulated: model A, with a 10μm thick resin bonding layer and a resin composite bulk filling material; model B, with a 70μm resin cement with an indirect CAD-CAM resin composite inlay; model C, with a 70μm thick resin cement with an indirect lithium disilicate machinable inlay. To simulate polymerization shrinkage effects in the adhesive layers and bulk fill composite, the thermal expansion approach was used. Shell elements were employed for representing the adhesive layers. 3D solid CTETRA elements with four grid points were employed for modelling the food bolus and tooth. Slide-type contact elements were used between the tooth surface and food. A vertical occlusal load of 600 N was applied, and nodal displacements on the bottom cutting surfaces were constrained in all directions. All the materials were assumed to be isotropic and elastic and a static linear analysis was performed. Displacements were different in models A, B and C. Polymerization shrinkage hardly affected model A and mastication only partially affected mechanical behavior. Shrinkage stress peaks were mainly located marginally along the enamel-restoration interface at occlusal and mesio-distal sites. However, at the internal dentinal walls, stress distributions were critical with the highest maximum stresses concentrated in the proximal boxes. In models B and C, shrinkage stress was only produced by the 70μm thick resin layer, but the magnitudes depended on the Young's modulus (E) of the inlay

  8. Collimator optimization studies for the new MIT epithermal neutron beam

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Riley, K.J.; Ali, S.J.; Harling, O.K.


    A patient collimator has been designed for the epithermal neutron facility now being commissioned at MIT. Collimator performance both in and out of field was evaluated using the Monte Carlo code MCNP. A two piece design that can accommodate different circular field sizes will be manufactured using a composite lead, epoxy, boron and lithium mixture. (author)

  9. MIT bag model and the spin structure of the nucleon

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Abbas, Afsar (Manchester Univ. (UK). Dept. of Theoretical Physics)


    The expressions for the total probabilities of the u and d quarks to have spins parallel or antiparallel to the spin of the parent proton are obtained in the MIT bag model. These are then used to study the spin structure of the nucleon. (author).

  10. MIT Mints a Valuable New Form of Academic Currency (United States)

    Carey, Kevin


    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has invented or improved many world-changing things--radar, information theory, and synthetic self-replicating molecules, to name a few. Last month the university announced, to mild fanfare, an invention that could be similarly transformative, this time for higher education itself. It is called MITx.…

  11. MIT Orients Course Materials Online to K-12 (United States)

    Cavanagh, Sean


    Many science and mathematics educators across the country are taking advantage of a Web site created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the famed research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which offers free video, audio, and print lectures and course material taken straight from the school's classes. Those resources…

  12. Interaktion mit RFID Ausleih- und Rückgabeautomaten

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Greifeneder, Elke; Heyroth, Melanie; Klingbeil, Karin


    Der Artikel untersucht mittels Beobachtung die Interaktion zwischen RFID-Ausleih- und Rückgabeautomaten sowie Bibliotheksbenutzern in vier deutschen Bibliotheken. Die Ergebnisse belegen, dass die Interaktion grundsätzlich funktioniert. Die Benutzer zeigten Gelassenheit und Routine im Umgang mit den...

  13. Programming Education with a Blocks-Based Visual Language for Mobile Application Development (United States)

    Mihci, Can; Ozdener, Nesrin


    The aim of this study is to assess the impact upon academic success of the use of a reference block-based visual programming tool, namely the MIT App Inventor for Android, as an educational instrument for teaching object-oriented GUI-application development (CS2) concepts to students; who have previously completed a fundamental programming course…

  14. Kontrazeption mit natürlichen Östrogenen

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Merki Feld G


    Full Text Available Die Anwendung kombinierter hormonaler Kontrazeptiva (KHK ist assoziiert mit einem erhöhten Risiko für kardiovaskuläre und thromboembolische Ereignisse. Diese Effekte werden dem Östrogen Ethinylestradiol (EE zugeschrieben, welches ausgeprägte Stoffwechselwirkungen in der Leber induziert. Die Idee, ein Verhütungspräparat mit dem natürlichen Östrogen Östradiol zu entwickeln, ließ sich über Jahrzehnte nicht umsetzen, da Östradiol (E2 ein Substrat der 17β-Dehydrogenase im Endometrium ist. Die schnelle Metabolisierung von E2 im Endometrium führt zu Zwischenblutungen und verhindert eine ausreichende Zyklusstabilität. Inzwischen sind zwei Verhütungspillen mit natürlichen Östrogenen auf dem Markt. Sie unterscheiden sich im Östrogen, im Gestagen und im Anwendungsschema. Qlaira® (EV/DNG enthält Östradiolvalerat und Dienogest in einem 4-Phasen-Schema, welches über die Dauer von 26 Tagen eingenommen wird, gefolgt von 2 Tagen Placebotablette. Zoely® (E2/Nomac ist eine monophasische Pille mit 1,5 mg Östradiol und 2,5 mg Nomegestrol. Die Pillen mit natürlichen Östrogenen bieten eine hohe Verhütungssicherheit und eine gute Verträglichkeit. Auftretende Nebenwirkungen sind vergleichbar mit niedrig dosierten ethinylestradiolhaltigen Präparaten. Ein Unterschied besteht im weniger stabilen Blutungsmuster. Das häufigere Ausbleiben von Abbruchblutungen und das besonders in den ersten Zyklen etwas vermehrte Auftreten von Zwischenblutungen sollten unbedingt im Beratungsgespräch erwähnt werden. Metabolische Effekte auf in der Leber gebildete Faktoren sind geringer, aber nur teilweise signifikant verschieden von EE-haltigen Präparaten. Triglyzeride steigen weniger an, allerdings auch das HDL. Hier gibt es Unterschiede zwischen EV/DNG und E2/Nomac. Ob die geringeren Veränderungen der neuen Pillen auf das Gerinnungssystem das thromboembolische Risiko im Vergleich zu anderen Kombinationspräparaten senken, muss offen bleiben, bis

  15. Parallelization experience with four canonical econometric models using ParMitISEM

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Baştürk, N.; Grassi, S.; Hoogerheide, L.; van Dijk, H.K.


    This paper presents the parallel computing implementation of the MitISEM algorithm, labeled Parallel MitISEM. The basic MitISEM algorithm, introduced by Hoogerheide et al. (2012), provides an automatic and flexible method to approximate a non-elliptical target density using adaptive mixtures of

  16. Parallelization Experience with Four Canonical Econometric Models Using ParMitISEM

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    N. Basturk (Nalan); S. Grassi (Stefano); L.F. Hoogerheide (Lennart); H.K. van Dijk (Herman)


    textabstractThis paper presents the parallel computing implementation of the MitISEM algorithm, labeled Parallel MitISEM. The basic MitISEM algorithm, introduced by Hoogerheide, Opschoor and Van Dijk (2012), provides an automatic and flexible method to approximate a non-elliptical target density

  17. Parallelization experience with four canonical econometric models using ParMitISEM

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bastürk, Nalan; Grassi, S.; Hoogerheide, L.; van Dijk, Herman K.


    This paper presents the parallel computing implementation of the MitISEM algorithm, labeled Parallel MitISEM. The basic MitISEM algorithm provides an automatic and flexible method to approximate a non-elliptical target density using adaptive mixtures of Student-t densities, where only a kernel of

  18. A series of Cadmium(II) complexes with 2-substituted terephthalate building block and N-Donor co-ligands: Structural diversity and fluorescence properties (United States)

    Ren, Yixia; Zhou, Shanhong; Wang, Zhixiang; Zhang, Meili; Wang, Jijiang; Cao, Jia


    Four new Cd(II) complexes have been prepared based on 1,2,4-trimellitic acid (H3tma) and monosodium 2-sulfoterephthalate (2-NaH2stp), formulated as [Cd2(Htma)2 (dpp)2(H2O)] (1), [Cd3 (tma)2 (2,4-bipy)4(H2O)2] (2), [Cd (2-Hstp) (2,2'-bipy)2]·2H2O (3) and [Cd (2-Hstp) (2,4-bipy) (H2O)2] (4) (dpp = dipyrido [3,2-a:2‧,3'-c] phenazine, 2,4-bipy = 2,4-bipyridine, 2,2'-bipy = 2,2'- bipyridine) by hydrothermal method. X-ray diffraction structural analyses show all these complexes crystallized in triclinic crystal system of Pī space group, but their structures are diverse. Complex 1 exhibits an infinite one-dimensional chain featuring the left- and right-handed stranded chains interweaved each other. For 2, the two-dimensional network is constructed by one-dimensional ladder-like chain linked by Cd2 ions. In complex 3, the cadmium ion is surrounded with one 2-Hstp2- anion and two 2,2'-bipy molecules. Complex 4 is also a discrete structure based on a metallic dimer unit. In all these complexes, the N-donor co-ligands take the important roles in the assembly of three-dimensional supramolecular structures. The fluorescence properties of complexes 1-4 could be assigned to the π - π* transition of organic ligands.

  19. [Kombinierte Anwendung von Strahlentherapie und adjuvanter Therapie mit einem Mistelextrakt (Viscum album L.) zur Behandlung des oralen malignen Melanoms beim Hund: Eine retrospektive Studie]. (United States)

    von Bodungen, Uta; Ruess, Katja; Reif, Marcus; Biegel, Ulrike


    Hintergrund: Orale maligne Melanome (OMM) des Hundes zeichnen sich durch schnelles Wachstum, lokale Invasion und hohe Metastasierungsraten aus. Extrakte auf Basis von Viscum album L. (VAE) werden zunehmend in der Krebstherapie sowohl in der Human- als auch in der Veterinärmedizin eingesetzt. Ziel unserer Studie war es zu untersuchen, inwieweit die adjuvante Therapie mit VAE eine therapeutische Option zur Behandlung von OMM ist. Besonderes Augenmerk galt dabei der Überlebenszeit und möglichen Nebenwirkungen. Tiere und Methoden: 26 Hunde mit OMM, die in einem der größten veterinäronkologischen Zentren der Schweiz allesamt eine Strahlentherapie erhielten (teilweise nach operativer Tumorresektion) wurden in die retrospektive Studie eingeschlossen: 18 Hunde wurden mit VAE behandelt (1 ml VAE (Iscador®) in ansteigenden Konzentrationen von 0,1 bis 20 mg/ml subkutan 3-mal pro Woche (VAE-Gruppe), 8 erhielten keine adjuvante Behandlung (Vergleichsgruppe). Wir verglichen die Größenentwicklung der OMM sowie die Überlebenszeit. Ergebnisse: Patienten mit Bestrahlung und adjuvanter VAE-Therapie zeigten mit 236 Tagen eine signifikant längere mediane Überlebenszeit im Vergleich zu Patienten mit Bestrahlung, aber ohne adjuvante VAE-Therapie (49 Tage; Log-Rank-Test: p = 0,0047). Die VAE-Therapie verlängerte die Überlebenszeit um mehr als zwei Drittel (Hazard Ratio (HR) = 0,30, 95%-Konfidenzintervall (KI) 0,11-0,86; p = 0,024), während ein höheres Tumorstadium gemäß UICC (Union internationale contre le cancer) einen statistischen Trend zur Verdopplung des Sterberisikos zeigte (UICC-Stadium III/IV vs. I/II: HR = 2,12, 95%-KI 0,88-5,12; p = 0,095). Zwei Patienten zeigten milde Nebenwirkungen während der VAE-Behandlung. Einer der beiden zeigte 1 Tag lang ein selbstlimitiertes Fieber, bei dem anderen Patienten reduzierten wir die Dosis von einem konzentrierteren zu einem weniger konzentrierten VAE (Serie 0) aufgrund von Müdigkeit, die daraufhin verschwand

  20. Euripides und Hasen Medea (Die Interview mit Dane Zajc

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matej Hriberšek


    Full Text Available Jedes antike Motiv, daß von einem modemen Autor bearbeitet oder umgearbeitet wird, ist eine interessante Thematik, besonders wenn es sich urn ein bekanntes und oft behandeltes Motiv handelt. Auch die Slowenen haben einige solche Werke. Dazu gehört das Drama Medeja, das Werk eines der bemerkenswertesten Literaten der modemen slowenischen Literatur, des Dichters, Dramatikers und Essayisten Dane Zajc. Das Interview mit dem Autor beleuchtet das Drama aus verschiedenen Perspektiven, versucht jedoch vor allem, die Tatsachen vorzustellen: die Entstehung, einen Vergleich mit der Medea von Euripides, die einzelnen Akteure und einige besonderen Ansätze. Der Autor selbst stellt uns auch einige Bruchstücke aus seinem Leben vor, die diesem Drama auf ganz besondere Art ihren Stempel aufgedrückt haben.

  1. MIT-Skywalker: Evaluating comfort of bicycle/saddle seat. (United States)

    Goncalves, Rogerio S; Hamilton, Taya; Daher, Ali R; Hirai, Hiroaki; Krebs, Hermano I


    The MIT-Skywalker is a robotic device developed for the rehabilitation of gait and balance after a neurological injury. This device has been designed based on the concept of a passive walker and provides three distinct training modes: discrete movement, rhythmic movement, and balance training. In this paper, we present our efforts to evaluate the comfort of a bicycle/saddle seat design for the system's novel actuated body weight support device. We employed different bicycle and saddle seats and evaluated comfort using objective and subjective measures. Here we will summarize the results obtained from a study of fifteen healthy subjects and one stroke patient that led to the selection of a saddle seat design for the MIT-Skywalker.

  2. MIT LMFBR blanket research project. Final summary report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Driscoll, M.J.


    This is a final summary report on an experimental and analytical program for the investigation of LMFBR blanket characteristics carried out at MIT in the period 1969 to 1983. During this span of time, work was carried out on a wide range of subtasks, ranging from neutronic and photonic measurements in mockups of blankets using the Blanket Test Facility at the MIT Research Reactor, to analytic/numerical investigations of blanket design and economics. The main function of this report is to serve as a resource document which will permit ready reference to the more detailed topical reports and theses issued over the years on the various aspects of project activities. In addition, one aspect of work completed during the final year of the project, on doubly-heterogeneous blanket configurations, is documented for the record.

  3. Properties of hybrid stars in an extended MIT bag model

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bao Tmurbagan; Liu Guangzhou; Zhu Mingfeng


    The properties of hybrid stars are investigated in the framework of the relativistic mean field theory (RMFT) and an MIT bag model with density-dependent bag constant to describe the hadron phase (HP) and quark phase (QP), respectively. We find that the density-dependent B(ρ) decreases with baryon density ρ; this decrement makes the strange quark matter become more energetically favorable than ever; which makes the threshold densities of the hadron-quark phase transition lower than those of the original bag constant case. In this case, the hyperon degrees of freedom can not be considered. As a result, the equations of state of a star in the mixed phase (MP) become softer whereas those in the QP become stiffer, and the radii of the star obviously decrease. This indicates that the extended MIT bag model is more suitable to describe hybrid stars with small radii. (authors)

  4. Mol-Gastronomie: Dicke Saucen mit Cut-off (United States)

    Vilgis, Thomas


    Schöne sämige und dennoch rustikale Saucen leben von einer besonderen Hydrostatik. Die Sämigkeit wird von der Physik der Emulsionen beigesteuert, die Rustikalität durch eine breite Verteilung der Gemüsepartikel. Allerdings mit einer maximalen Teilchengröße: Diesen oberen Cut-off stellt die Lochscheibe des Passiergeräts namens Flotte Lotte ein. Sie führt auch zur Physik der Stabilität von Dispersionen.

  5. Quark matter revisited with non-extensive MIT bag model (United States)

    Cardoso, Pedro H. G.; Nunes da Silva, Tiago; Deppman, Airton; Menezes, Débora P.


    In this work we revisit the MIT bag model to describe quark matter within both the usual Fermi-Dirac and the Tsallis statistics. We verify the effects of the non-additivity of the latter by analysing two different pictures: the first order phase transition of the QCD phase diagram and stellar matter properties. While the QCD phase diagram is visually affected by the Tsallis statistics, the resulting effects on quark star macroscopic properties are barely noticed.

  6. "Mit dieser Fahne in der Hand" : materielle Kultur und Heldenverehrung


    Wulff, Aiko


    'Militärtechnische Entwicklungen im 19. Jahrhundert führten zu wachsenden Gefechtsverlusten und trugen in der Folge zu einem neuen Bild von Heldentum bei. Der vorzeitige Tod avancierte dabei zu einem Leitmotiv der Gedenkkultur. Dieser Aufsatz behandelt verschiedene, mit diesen Prozessen verbundene Objektgruppen, wie Flaggen, Denkmäler, Orden, Plakate und Gemälde sowie Trophäen, die auf Formen der Heldenverehrung und auf ihre Rolle in der Erinnerungskultur hin untersucht werden.' (Autorenrefer...

  7. Cost accounting in Kernforschungsanlage Juelich Gesellschaft mit beschraenkter Haftung (KFA)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Seidel, G.; Schilling, H.


    The paper gives an overview about the organization and the research program of the Kernforschungsanalage Juelich Gesellschaft mit beschraenkter Haftung (KFA). The cost accounting system is discussed in detail, cost categories, cost centers, units of production and the data flow of the cost accounting are described. The distribution of the resulting management accounting reports and all sorts of EDP-result listings of the cost accounting system is described. (A.N.)

  8. Quark matter revisited with non-extensive MIT bag model

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cardoso, Pedro H.G.; Nunes da Silva, Tiago; Menezes, Debora P. [Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Departamento de Fisica, CFM, Florianopolis (Brazil); Deppman, Airton [Instituto de Fisica da Universidade de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo (Brazil)


    In this work we revisit the MIT bag model to describe quark matter within both the usual Fermi-Dirac and the Tsallis statistics. We verify the effects of the non-additivity of the latter by analysing two different pictures: the first order phase transition of the QCD phase diagram and stellar matter properties. While the QCD phase diagram is visually affected by the Tsallis statistics, the resulting effects on quark star macroscopic properties are barely noticed. (orig.)

  9. Individuelles und gemeinsames Coping in Familien mit schizophren erkrankten Eltern


    Lenz, Albert; Kuhn, Juliane; Walther, Susann; Jungbauer, Johannes


    Die individuellen Bewältigungsstrategien und familiären Bewältigungsstrategien in Familien mit schizophren erkrankten Eltern werden unter Verwendung des Designs der Triangulation sowohl quantitativ als auch qualitativ erhoben und gegenübergestellt. Bei den Kindern (n = 25) konnten drei Copingtypen gefunden werden: „Aggressives Coping“, „Kontrollierendes Coping“ sowie „Moderates Coping“, womit ein unauffälliges Coping gemeint ist. Weiter zeigte sich, dass Eltern in gewisser Weise Co...

  10. Staatlicher Umgang mit sexuellem Mißbrauch


    Oberloskamp, Helga


    Das Thema bedarf differenzierter Betrachtung, da sich "der Staat" in seinen drei Gewalten Legislative, Exekutive, Judikative darstellt. Die Exekutive wird vor allem durch das Jugendamt repräsentiert, dessen Aufgaben das KJHG differenziert benennt. Dagegen sagt das Gesetz wenig darüber aus, wie die Aufgaben zu erledigen sind. Allerdings ist eine Kooperation mit Freien Trägern der Jugendhilfe, dem Vormundschafts- und Familiengericht und anderen bezeichneten Stellen (z B Schule, Polizei) vorgesc...

  11. Nagelbefall kann bei Patienten mit Psoriasis auf eine Enthesiopathie hinweisen. (United States)

    Castellanos-González, Maria; Joven, Beatriz Esther; Sánchez, Julio; Andrés-Esteban, Eva María; Vanaclocha-Sebastián, Francisco; Romero, Pablo Ortiz; Díaz, Raquel Rivera


    Obwohl subklinische Enthesiopathie ein gut etabliertes diagnostisches Merkmal der Psoriasisarthritis (PsA) ist, wird sie häufig übersehen, da viele Patienten asymptomatisch sind. Gäbe es klinische Hinweise auf das Vorliegen einer Enthesiopathie, würde dies den Klinikern die Möglichkeit eröffnen, eine PsA frühzeitig zu diagnostizieren. Es wurde eine monozentrische prospektive Studie mit insgesamt 90 Psoriasis-Patienten durchgeführt, um mittels Ultraschall das Vorliegen von Enthesenanomalien zu untersuchen und eine Korrelation mit dem Befall der Nägel festzustellen. Enthesenanomalien wurden bei 23 Patienten (25,5 %) gefunden, von denen 19 (82,6 %) Nagelbefall aufwiesen. Bei 4 Patienten waren die Nägel nicht betroffen. Enthesiopathie lag bei 31,1 % (19/61) der Patienten mit Onychopathie vor, von den Patienten ohne Nagelbefall litten nur 13,8 % (4/29) an Enthesiopathie (p = 0,07). Zwischen dem Target-NAPSI-Score und dem Vorliegen einer Enthesiopathie bestand eine signifikante Korrelation. Eine signifikante Korrelation bestand darüber hinaus auch zwischen dem Vorliegen einer Enthesiopathie und der Anzahl der betroffenen Nägel (p = 0,035). Klinische Belege für eine Onychopathie können der Schlüssel für die frühe Diagnose einer Enthesiopathie bei Psoriasis-Patienten sein. © 2016 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  12. Ultrasound guided supraclavicular block.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Hanumanthaiah, Deepak


    Ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia is becoming increasingly popular. The supraclavicular block has been transformed by ultrasound guidance into a potentially safe superficial block. We reviewed the techniques of performing supraclavicular block with special focus on ultrasound guidance.

  13. Phylogenetic relationships of the Gomphales based on nuc-25S-rDNA, mit-12S-rDNA, and mit-atp6-DNA combined sequences (United States)

    Admir J. Giachini; Kentaro Hosaka; Eduardo Nouhra; Joseph Spatafora; James M. Trappe


    Phylogenetic relationships among Geastrales, Gomphales, Hysterangiales, and Phallales were estimated via combined sequences: nuclear large subunit ribosomal DNA (nuc-25S-rDNA), mitochondrial small subunit ribosomal DNA (mit-12S-rDNA), and mitochondrial atp6 DNA (mit-atp6-DNA). Eighty-one taxa comprising 19 genera and 58 species...

  14. Bildung in Deutschland 2014: ein indikatorengestützter Bericht mit einer Analyse zur Bildung von Menschen mit Behinderungen



    Schwerpunkt von "Bildung in Deutschland 2014" ist die Inklusion. In der 5. Auflage von "Bildung in Deutschland" analysieren die Autoren die Situation von Menschen mit Behinderungen im Bildungssystem. Der Bericht "Bildung in Deutschland" erscheint seit 2006 alle zwei Jahre als umfassende und empirisch fundierte Bestandsaufnahme des deutschen Bildungswesens: von der frühkindlichen Bildung, Betreuung und Erziehung über die allgemeinbildende Schule und die non-formalen Lernwelten im Schulalter...

  15. Berechnung von Gleichgewichtskonstanten mit Hilfe der Quantenchemie und Vergleich mit experimentellen Daten bei der Bildung von Halbacetalen


    Jaubert, Silke


    Mischungen aus Aldehyden und Alkoholen sind für zahlreiche technische Prozesse von Bedeutung. Bei der Auslegung solcher Prozesse muss berücksichtigt werden, dass Aldehyde mit Alkoholen in einer Additions-Eliminierungsreaktion zu Halbacetalen reagieren. Zurzeit erhält man genaue Angaben zum Reaktionsgleichgewicht, die für technische Anwendungen ausreichend sind, fast ausschließlich aus experimentellen Untersuchungen. Eine Vorhersage solcher Gleichgewichtskonstanten (für Reaktionen in der Ga...

  16. Block copolymer investigations (United States)

    Yufa, Nataliya A.

    The research presented in this thesis deals with various aspects of block copolymers on the nanoscale: their behavior at a range of temperatures, their use as scaffolds, or for creation of chemically striped surfaces, as well as the behavior of metals on block copolymers under the influence of UV light, and the healing behavior of copolymers. Invented around the time of World War II, copolymers have been used for decades due to their macroscopic properties, such as their ability to be molded without vulcanization, and the fact that, unlike rubber, they can be recycled. In recent years, block copolymers (BCPs) have been used for lithography, as scaffolds for nano-objects, to create a magnetic hard drive, as well as in photonic and other applications. In this work we used primarily atomic force microscopy (AFM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), described in Chapter II, to conduct our studies. In Chapter III we demonstrate a new and general method for positioning nanoparticles within nanoscale grooves. This technique is suitable for nanodots, nanocrystals, as well as DNA. We use AFM and TEM to demonstrate selective decoration. In Chapters IV and V we use AFM and TEM to study the structure of polymer surfaces coated with metals and self-assembled monolayers. We describe how the surfaces were created, exhibit their structure on the nanoscale, and prove that their macroscopic wetting properties have been altered compared to the original polymer structures. Finally, Chapters VI and VII report out in-situ AFM studies of BCP at high temperatures, made possible only recently with the invention of air-tight high-temperature AFM imaging cells. We locate the transition between disordered films and cylinders during initial ordering. Fluctuations of existing domains leading to domain coarsening are also described, and are shown to be consistent with reptation and curvature minimization. Chapter VII deals with the healing of PS-b-PMMA following AFM-tip lithography or

  17. Homogeneous bilateral block shifts

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Douglas class were classified in [3]; they are unilateral block shifts of arbitrary block size (i.e. dim H(n) can be anything). However, no examples of irreducible homogeneous bilateral block shifts of block size larger than 1 were known until now.

  18. Wirksamkeit und Sicherheit von Fumarsäureestern in Kombination mit Phototherapie bei Patienten mit moderater bis schwerer Plaque-Psoriasis (FAST). (United States)

    Weisenseel, Peter; Reich, Kristian; Griemberg, Wiebke; Merten, Katharina; Gröschel, Christine; Gomez, Natalie Nunez; Taipale, Kirsi; Bräu, Beate; Zschocke, Ina


    Die Behandlung von Psoriasis-Patienten mit einer Kombination aus Fumarsäureestern (FSE, Fumaderm ® ) und Phototherapie (UV) ist verbreitet, wurde aber im Rahmen von Studien wenig untersucht. Bisher liegen lediglich Daten aus einer kleinen Pilotstudie vor. Intention dieser Studie war, eine FSE/UV-Kombinationsbehandlung an einem größeren Patientenkollektiv mit mittelschwerer bis schwerer Psoriasis zu untersuchen. In dieser prospektiven, multizentrischen, nichtinterventionellen Studie wurden Daten von Patienten mit FSE/UV-Kombinationstherapie hinsichtlich der Wirksamkeit (PGA' PASI, DLQI, EQ-5D), Sicherheit und Dosierung über einen Zeitraum von zwölf Monaten erfasst und mit Daten einer retrospektiven Studie mit FSE-Monotherapie verglichen. Es wurden Daten von 363 Patienten ausgewertet. Unter der Kombinationstherapie verbesserten sich alle Wirksamkeitsparameter deutlich. Im Vergleich zur Monotherapie mit FSE konnte durch die Kombination mit UV ein schnellerer Wirkeintritt erzielt werden, wobei nach zwölf Monaten kein Unterschied in der Wirksamkeit bestand. Die Dauer und Art der Phototherapie zeigte keinen Einfluss auf die Wirksamkeitsparameter. Allgemein wurde die Kombinationstherapie gut vertragen. Unerwünschte Ereignisse wurden bei 7 % der Patienten berichtet. Die FSE/UV Kombinationstherapie zeigt eine gute Wirksamkeit und Verträglichkeit und kann zu einem schnelleren Wirkeintritt führen. Eine Kombinationstherapie erscheint vor allem in den ersten drei Monaten der FSE Behandlung sinnvoll. © 2017 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  19. Content Management von Leittexten mit XML Topic Maps

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Johannes Busse


    Full Text Available Die Autoren definieren den Umgang mit internet- basierten Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien als Schlüsselqualifikation für Studierende aller Fachrichtungen. Im vorliegenden Aufsatz beschreiben sie ein Projekt, das der Fachbereich Erziehungswissenschaften der Universität Heidelberg seit 2001 durchführt. Hier werden Studierende der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften zu "Lernberatern" ausgebildet, die als Multiplikatoren die notwendigen Kenntnisse erwerben. Die Teilnehmenden erarbeiten nach der "Leittextmethode" selbstgesteuert xml-basierte Contents. Dies setzt den Erwerb von informationstechnischen Kenntnissen voraus, der neben dem Aufbau eines (sowohl technischen als auch sozialen Netzwerks einen Schwerpunkt bildet.

  20. Elastolysen und Hauterkrankungen mit Verlust der elastischen Fasern. (United States)

    Tronnier, Michael


    Die elastischen Fasern sind neben den kollagenen Fasern der wichtigste Bestandteil des Bindegewebsgerüstes der Haut. Eine Verminderung oder ein Verlust der elastischen Fasern ist bei einer Vielzahl von klinisch sich unterschiedlich präsentierenden Erkrankungen, hereditär oder erworben, beschrieben. Bei den Erkrankungen, die mit einer Entzündung einhergehen ist die Elastophagozytose ein wichtiges histologisches Merkmal. Die Therapie der Erkrankungen dieser Gruppe ist grundsätzlich schwierig. © 2018 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  1. Innovative facades with photovoltaics; Innovative Fassaden mit Photovoltaik

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Eicker, U. [Hochschule fuer Technik, Stuttgart (Germany)


    Having grown at a rate of 15% since the middle of the 1980s the photovoltaic market today commands an annual module production of more than 100 MW{sub p}. In Germany altogether 10,000 PV systems with a total power output of 10 MW{sub p} were newly installed in 1997 alone. In 1990 the market was boosted by the heavily subsidised 1000 roofs programme, under which in the end more than 2,000 systems were installed on the roofs of mostly one-family houses. With power ratings ranging from 1 to 5 kW these decentral plants require roof surface areas between 10 and 50 m-2. On average they generate 800 kWh of electricity per kW of installed power. According to a number of studies carried out in the early 1990s the total surface area on buildings available for photovoltaics amounts to an enormous potential of 1,000 km-2, which is equivalent to an electricity generating potential of 130 TWh (100 TWh on roofs and 30 TWh on facades), or 25% of Germany`s total electricity demand. The degree to which this potential will be realised in the long term will notably depend on whether convincing architectural solutions are found for integrating photovoltaic plants in roofs and facades. [Deutsch] Der Photovoltaikmarkt waechst weltweit seit Mitte der 80er Jahre um durchschnittlich 15% und liegt heute bei einer Jahresmodulproduktion ueber 100 MW{sub p}. In Deutschland wurden alleine 1997 etwa 10.000 PV-Systeme mit einer Gesamtleistung von 10 MW{sub p} installiert. Die Marktentwicklung wurde 1990 mit dem stark subventionierten 1000-Daecher Programm angestossen, in welchem schliesslich mehr als 2000 Systeme meist auf Daechern von Einfamilienhaeusern installiert wurden. Diese dezentralen Anlagen mit Leistungen zwischen 1 und 5 kW erfordern Dachflaechen zwischen 10 und 50 m{sup 2} und erzeugen im Schnitt 800 kWh Strom pro kW installierter Leistung. Das verfuegbare Flaechenpotential von Gebaeuden wurde Anfang der 90er Jahre in einer Reihe von Studien ermittelt und stellt mit etwa 1000 km{sup 2

  2. Mit Mathematik zu Mehr Intelligenz in der Logistik (United States)

    Möhring, Rolf H.; Schenk, Michael

    Die Lösung logistischer Probleme ist ein wichtiger Aspekt menschlichen Handelns seit Menschen gemeinsam zielgerichtet tätig wurden. Die Grundlagen dessen, was wir heute Logistik nennen, entstammen dem militärischen Bereich. So basierte z. B. das römische Imperium in starkem Maße auf militärisch-logistischen Glanzleistungen. Ob damals bereits mathematische Überlegungen eine Rolle spielten, wissen wir heute nicht. Jedoch versuchte z. B. Napoleon, der mit den bedeutendsten Mathematikern seiner Zeit befreundet war, den Transport seiner Truppen und die Verbreitung von Informationen zu optimieren und strategisch einzusetzen.1,2

  3. Kortison-Osteoporose mit Wirbelkörperfrakturen

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kudlacek S


    Full Text Available Wir wissen um die Nebenwirkungen einer langfristigen Kortikosteroidtherapie in Hinblick auf den Knochen. Eine Hemmung der Osteoblastenaktivität, Steigerung der Kalziumausscheidung und ein steroidinduzierter Hypogonadismus führen zur Abnahme der Knochendichte und zu einem erhöhten Frakturrisiko. Eine Basistherapie mit Kalzium und Vitamin D sowie Bisphosphonate als Prophylaxe und Therapie sind derzeit die am ausführlichsten nachgewiesenen Optionen. Weiter stehen aktive Vitamin D-Metaboliten, Calcitonin und eine Hormonsubstitution bei Frauen in der Postmenopause zur Verfügung.

  4. Recent work at MIT on uranium recovery from seawater

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Driscoll, M.J.


    Recent work at MIT has confirmed the superiority of fiber-form ion exchange media for uranium recovery from seawater, subject to demonstration of the ability to control fouling by suspended particulate matter. Calculations and laboratory experiments indicate loading rates of several hundred ppm U/day: an order of magnitude faster than for bead-type sorbers in fixed or fluidized beds. A high performance, modular, sorber cartridge/seawater contactor system capable of a lifetime-levelized cost of product in the range 100-150 $/1b U 3 O 8 has been designed. (author)

  5. Image Chunking: Defining Spatial Building Blocks for Scene Analysis. (United States)


    mumgs0.USmusa 7.AUWOJO 4. CIUTAC Rm6ANT Wuugme*j James V/. Mlahoney DACA? 6-85-C-00 10 NOQ 1 4-85-K-O 124 Artificial Inteligence Laboratory US USS 545...0197 672 IMAGE CHUWING: DEINING SPATIAL UILDING PLOCKS FOR 142 SCENE ANRLYSIS(U) MASSACHUSETTS INST OF TECH CAIIAIDGE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE LAO J...Technical Report 980 F-Image Chunking: Defining Spatial Building Blocks for Scene DTm -Analysis S ELECTED James V. Mahoney’ MIT Artificial Intelligence

  6. Implementation & Flight Testing of IMPACT system for Autonomous ISR using Collaborating UAVs with Application to Wild Fire Monitoring, Phase II (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — SSCI and MIT propose to further develop, implement and test the Integrated Mission Planning (ii) Robust on-line learning for prediction of the fire spread using the...

  7. Helicobacter sp. MIT 01-6451 infection during fetal and neonatal life in laboratory mice. (United States)

    Yamanaka, Hitoki; Nakanishi, Tai; Takagi, Toshikazu; Ohsawa, Makiko; Kubo, Noriaki; Yamamoto, Naoto; Takemoto, Takahira; Ohsawa, Kazutaka


    Helicobacter sp. MIT 01-6451 has been detected in SPF mice kept in Japan. To characterize strain MIT 01-6451, its infection route during fetal and neonatal life and effects on pregnancy were investigated using immunocompetent and immunodeficient mouse strains (BALB/c, C57BL/6, and SCID). MIT 01-6451 was detected in the uterus, vagina, and mammary glands of 50% of infected SCID mice, whereas these tissues were all negative in immunocompetent mice. No fetal infections with MIT 01-6451 were detected at 16-18 days after pregnancy in any mouse strain. In newborn mice, MIT 01-6451 was detected in intestinal tissue of C57BL/6 and SCID mice at 9-11 days after birth, but not in BALB/c mice. The IgA and IgG titers to MIT 01-6451 in sera of C57BL/6 female mice were significantly lower than those of BALB/c mice. Although no significant differences in the number of newborns per litter were observed between MIT 01-6451-infected and MIT 01-6451-free dams, the birth rate was lower in infected SCID mice than in control SCID mice. The present results indicated that MIT 01-6451 infects newborn mice after birth rather than by vertical transmission to the fetus via the placenta and that MIT 01-6451 infection shows opportunistically negative effects on the birth rate. In addition, the maternal immune response may affect infection of newborn mice with MIT 01-6451 through breast milk.

  8. The MIT Lincoln Laboratory optical systems test facility (United States)

    Harrison, David C.; Hayes, Alexander G.; Jiang, Leaf A.; Hines, Eric L.; Richardson, Jonathan M.


    The Optical Systems Test Facility was established at MIT Lincoln Laboratory to support a broad scope of program areas, encompassing tactical ground-based sensors through strategic space-based sensors. The Optical Systems Test Facility comprises several separate ranges developed as a coordinated set of test sites at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. There are currently four separate ranges in the facility, an active range (Laser Radar Test Facility), a passive range (Seeker Experimental System), an aerosol range (Standoff Aerosol Active Signature Testbed) and an optical material measurements range. The active range has optical and target facilities for evaluating elements of laser radar sensors as well as complete ladar systems. It has facilities for simulating long range wavefronts and for dynamic target motions. The passive range concentrates on evaluating passive infrared sensors, with capabilities for static and dynamic scene generation in both cryogenic and room temperature environments. The aerosol range is currently configured for the measurement of both particulate and bio-agent aerosol dispersion characteristics. The optical materials measurements range started with measurement capabilities for laser radar target materials and is currently being expanded to measure both emissivity and reflectance of materials from the visible through the infrared.

  9. Material Identification Technology (MIT) concept technical feasibility study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jones, J.L.; Harker, Y.D.; Yoon, W.Y.; Johnson, L.O.


    The Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL) has initiated the design and development of a novel pulsed accelerator-based, active interrogation concept. The proposed concept, referred to as the Material Identification Technology (MIT), enables rapid (between accelerator pulses), non-destructive, elemental composition analysis of both nuclear and non-nuclear materials. Applications of this technique include material monitoring in support of counter-proliferation activities, such as export controls (at domestic and international inspection locations), SNM controls, nuclear weapon dismantlement, and chemical weapon verification. Material Identification Technology combines a pulsed, X-ray source (an electron accelerator) and a gamma detection system. The accelerator must maximize neutron production (pulse width, beam current, beam energy, and repetition rate) and minimize photon dose to the object. Current available accelerator technology can meet these requirements. The detection system must include detectors which provide adequate gamma energy resolution capability, rapid recovery after the initial X-ray interrogation pulse, and multiple single gamma event detection between accelerator pulses. Further research is required to develop the detection system. This report provides the initial feasibility assessment of the MIT concept.

  10. Deszensusoperationen mit und ohne Gewebeersatz: Komplikations- und Rezidivmanagement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tunn R


    Full Text Available Ein Deszensus soll erst dann operativ korrigiert werden, wenn er einen Leidensdruck verursacht und konservative Behandlungsmethoden ausgeschöpft wurden. In der Primärsituation hat die Rekonstruktion körpereigener Faszienstrukturen Priorität. Werden Zystound Rektozele durch zentrale Fasziendefekte bedingt, werden diese durch die vaginale Faszienrekonstruktion korrigiert, bei einer Damminsuffizienz wird die Rektozelenkorrektur mit der Dammrekonstruktion kombiniert. Ventrale Lateraldefekte zeigen sonographisch eine Hypermobilität von Urethra und Harnblase, bei der vaginalen Einstellung stellen sich die Rugae vaginales erhalten dar, hier bietet sich die Kolposuspension mit lateraler Rekonstruktion an. In der Rezidivsituation ist die Verwendung von Gewebeersatz sinnvoll. Als Gewebeersatz kommen allogene und xenogene Biomaterialien und alloplastische resorbierbare bzw. nicht resorbierbare Netzstrukturen zur Anwendung. Trägt man dem aktuellen Stand der Literatur und den klinischen Erfahrungen Rechnung, geht der Trend zum Einsatz alloplastischer, nicht resorbierbarer Polypropylennetze Typ I nach Amid (grobporig, monophil, leichtgewichtig: ca. 25–35 g/m². Defekte Level I können erfolgreich abdominal durch Kolposakropexie, Zysto- und Rektozelen bevorzugt vaginal durch ventrale transobturatorische bzw. dorsale transischioanale Netzeinlagen korrigiert werden.

  11. Radikale Operation bei Nierenkarzinom mit Tumorthrombose im rechten Herzvorhof

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Morávek P


    Full Text Available Einleitung: Die Ansicht über eine radikale Operation bei Nierenkarzinom mit einer Tumorthrombose im rechten Herzvorhof ist in der Literatur bisher kontrovers. Nach Meinung der Autoren ist der Tumorthrombus in erster Linie ein ernsthaftes Problem der Operabilität. Sie entschieden sich für eine radikale Operation. Methode: Die Autoren operierten 11 Patienten im Zeitraum von 1978 bis 2001. Die grundlegenden Bedingungen für eine Operation waren die exakte Festlegung der Diagnose und des Stadiums der Erkrankung (T1-T3, N0, M0. Bei 9 Patienten haben die Autoren eine Entfernung des Tumorthrombus in extrakorporaler Zirkulation bei Kreislaufstillstand und bei 2 Kranken mittels kavoatrialem Shunt ohne Herz-Lungen-Maschine durchgeführt. Ergebnisse: 2 Patienten sind in der 2. bis 4. Woche nach der Operation gestorben, 1 Patientin ist 2 Jahre nach der Operation gestorben, 1 Patient ist nach 4 Jahren und 1 Patient nach 8 Jahren gestorben. 6 Patienten leben 1, 2, 3, 3,5, 3,5 und 5 Jahre nach der Operation. Schlußfolgerung: Die Voraussetzungen für eine erfolgreiche Operation sind die richtige Indikation, die Wahl der passenden Operationsmethode sowie die Zusammenarbeit von Urologen und Kardiochirurgen. Die Autoren halten eine Entfernung des Thrombus mittels Atriotomie sowie Kavotomie in extrakorporaler Zirkulation und tiefer Hypothermie mit Kreislaufstillstand für die beste Methode.

  12. Ganglion block. When and how?; Ganglienblockade. Wann und wie?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bale, R. [Medizinische Universitaet Innsbruck, Sektion fuer Mikroinvasive Therapie Universitaetsklinik fuer Radiologie, Innsbruck (Austria)


    Increasing understanding of the anatomy and physiology of neural structures has led to the development of surgical and percutaneous neurodestructive methods in order to target and destroy various components of afferent nociceptive pathways. The dorsal root ganglia and in particular the ganglia of the autonomous nervous system are targets for radiological interventions. The autonomous nervous system is responsible for the regulation of organ functions, sweating, visceral and blood vessel-associated pain. Ganglia of the sympathetic chain and non-myelinized autonomous nerves can be irreversibly destroyed by chemical and thermal ablation. Computed tomography (CT)-guided sympathetic nerve blocks are well established interventional radiological procedures which lead to vasodilatation, reduction of sweating and reduction of pain associated with the autonomous nervous system. Sympathetic blocks are applied for the treatment of various vascular diseases including critical limb ischemia. Other indications for thoracic and lumbar sympathectomy include complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), chronic tumor associated pain and hyperhidrosis. Neurolysis of the celiac plexus is an effective palliative pain treatment particularly in patients suffering from pancreatic cancer. Percutaneous dorsal root ganglion rhizotomy can be performed in selected patients with radicular pain that is resistant to conventional pharmacological and interventional treatment. (orig.) [German] Anatomische und physiologische Kenntnisse ueber die Funktion von Schmerzbahnen fuehrten zur Entwicklung chirurgischer und perkutaner destruktiver Verfahren, um einzelne Komponenten afferenter Schmerzbahnen anzusteuern bzw. auszuschalten. Neben anderen nervalen Strukturen gelten Hinterstrangganglien und insbesondere die Ganglien des autonomen Nervensystems als Ziele fuer radiologische Interventionen. Das vegetative Nervensystem ist fuer die Organfunktion durch Regulation des Gefaesstonus und fuer die Leitung

  13. Messung der Vorwärts-Rückwärts-Ladungsassymetrie von b-Quarks bei Energien nahe der Z0-Resonanz. Untersuchung von Ereignissen mit initialem b-Quark unter Verwendung der Jetladungstechnik mit dem DELPHI Detektor

    CERN Document Server

    Schwering, Britta

    Messung der Vorwärts-Rückwärts-Ladungsassymetrie von b-Quarks bei Energien nahe der Z0-Resonanz. Untersuchung von Ereignissen mit initialem b-Quark unter Verwendung der Jetladungstechnik mit dem DELPHI Detektor

  14. Klinische Ergebnisse in der Behandlung der rezidivierenden respiratorischen Papillomatose mit Microdebrider, intraläsionaler Cidofovir-Injektion und Impfung mit Gardasil


    Schäfer, Fabian Axel


    Die Rekurrierende Respiratorische Papillomatose (RRP) ist eine seltene Erkrankung, die Kinder, aber auch Erwachsene betrifft. Sie ist charakterisiert durch eine Proliferation benigner Plattenepithel-Papillome innerhalb des Aerodigestiv-Traktes mit dem Larynx als Prädilektionsstelle. Hervorgerufen wird die RRP durch eine orale Infektion mit Humanen Papillomviren (HPV) der Typen 6 oder 11. Bei aggressiven Verlaufsformen, die eine Vielzahl von Papillomabtragungen im Abstand von wenigen Monaten o...

  15. MIT domain of Vps4 is a Ca2+-dependent phosphoinositide-binding domain. (United States)

    Iwaya, Naoko; Takasu, Hirotoshi; Goda, Natsuko; Shirakawa, Masahiro; Tanaka, Toshiki; Hamada, Daizo; Hiroaki, Hidekazu


    The microtubule interacting and trafficking (MIT) domain is a small protein module that is conserved in proteins of diverged function, such as Vps4, spastin and sorting nexin 15 (SNX15). The molecular function of the MIT domain is protein-protein interaction, in which the domain recognizes peptides containing MIT-interacting motifs. Recently, we identified an evolutionarily related domain, 'variant' MIT domain at the N-terminal region of the microtubule severing enzyme katanin p60. We found that the domain was responsible for binding to microtubules and Ca(2+). Here, we have examined whether the authentic MIT domains also bind Ca(2+). We found that the loop between the first and second α-helices of the MIT domain binds a Ca(2+) ion. Furthermore, the MIT domains derived from Vps4b and SNX15a showed phosphoinositide-binding activities in a Ca(2+)-dependent manner. We propose that the MIT domain is a novel membrane-associating domain involved in endosomal trafficking.

  16. Erste Erfahrungen mit der subkutanen Harnableitung bei der palliativen Therapie von Ureterobstruktionen

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Würnschimmel E


    Full Text Available Eine Harnableitung in Form von Nephrostomien oder inneren Schienen ist bei Patienten mit Harnstauungsnieren aufgrund retroperitonealer Malignome nicht selten die einzige palliative Therapiemöglichkeit. Die subkutane Harnableitung mittels einer Prothese aus Silikon-PTFE ist eine neue, minimal-invasive Therapieoption. Wir haben bisher bei 4 Patientinnen diese Behandlung mit ausgezeichneten Ergebnissen angewendet.

  17. Assessing International Product Design and Development Graduate Courses: The MIT-Portugal Program (United States)

    Dori, Yehudit Judy; Silva, Arlindo


    The Product Design and Development (PDD) course is part of the graduate curriculum in the Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing (EDAM) study in the MIT-Portugal Program. The research participants included about 110 students from MIT, EDAM, and two universities in Portugal, Instituto Superior Técnico-Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (IST) and…

  18. Der Entwurf einer Musterwohnung für ältere Menschen mit Demenz

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Joost van Hoof


    Einführung Ältere Menschen mit Demenz brauchen Wohnungen, die sowohl altersgemäß ausgestattet sind als auch die erforderliche Pflege im Haus anbieten. Traditionelle Änderungen und entsprechende Technologien bieten in erster Linie Lösungen für Personen mit eingeschränkter Mobilität. Dies bedeutet,

  19. Scratch that: MIT's Mitchel Resnick Says Kids Should Do It for Themselves (United States)

    Traylor, Scott


    Mitchel Resnick is a researcher, inventor, and professor at MIT's Media Laboratory in Cambridge, MA, and the founder of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT. He is the lead innovator behind many cutting-edge learning technologies and projects for children, including the Computer Clubhouse, PicoCrickets, and the wildly successful consumer…

  20. Homogeneous bilateral block shifts

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    A new 3-parameter family of homogeneous 2-by-2 block shifts is described. These are the first examples of irreducible homogeneous bilateral block shifts of block size larger than 1. Author Affiliations. Adam Korányi1. Department of Mathematics, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, New York, NY 10016, USA ...

  1. Parallelization Experience with Four Canonical Econometric Models Using ParMitISEM

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nalan Baştürk


    Full Text Available This paper presents the parallel computing implementation of the MitISEM algorithm, labeled Parallel MitISEM. The basic MitISEM algorithm provides an automatic and flexible method to approximate a non-elliptical target density using adaptive mixtures of Student-t densities, where only a kernel of the target density is required. The approximation can be used as a candidate density in Importance Sampling or Metropolis Hastings methods for Bayesian inference on model parameters and probabilities. We present and discuss four canonical econometric models using a Graphics Processing Unit and a multi-core Central Processing Unit version of the MitISEM algorithm. The results show that the parallelization of the MitISEM algorithm on Graphics Processing Units and multi-core Central Processing Units is straightforward and fast to program using MATLAB. Moreover the speed performance of the Graphics Processing Unit version is much higher than the Central Processing Unit one.

  2. [Evaluation of the Musical Concentration Training with Pepe (MusiKo mit Pepe) for children with attention deficits]. (United States)

    Rothmann, Kathrin; Hillmer, Jana-Mareike; Hosser, Daniela


    This study evaluates the Musical Concentration Training with Pepe ("MusiKo mit Pepe") for children aged 5 to 10 years with attention deficits. Using a pre-post-control design (N = 108), changes in attention capacity are measured by the Test of Attentional Performance for Children (KiTAP), whereas changes in the quality of life are assessed with the Children's Questionnaire (KINDL-R). Additionally, we utilized the Symptom Checklist for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (FBB-ADHS) and for Conduct Disorder (FBB-SSV) of the Diagnostic System of Mental Disorders in Children and Adolescents II based on ICD-10 and DSM-IV as well as the Child Behavior Checklist and the Teacher's Report Form (CBCL, TRF). Significant pre-post effects were found in both attention and quality of life for children treated by the training compared to controls. Moreover, significant reductions were detected in ADHD symptomatology in parents' and teachers' ratings, and in internal problems in parents' ratings. The effectiveness of the intervention was not affected by age, sex, intelligence, or migration background. The music-based training "MusiKo mit Pepe" is an effective intervention for children with attention deficits, pending replication of these findings in future studies.

  3. Die minimalinvasive chirurgische Versorgung osteoporotischer Wirbelfrakturen mit Vertebroplastie und Kyphoplastie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Becker S


    Full Text Available Osteoporotische Wirbeleinbrüche sind eine bekannte Komplikation mit weitreichenden Konsequenzen, die letztendlich eine der Schenkelhalsfraktur ähnliche Mortalität aufweist. Deshalb sind frühestmögliche Therapien notwendig. In den letzten Jahren haben sich hier zwei minimal-invasive Therapieformen, die Vertebroplastie und die Kyphoplastie, etabliert. Durch diese risikoarmen Eingriffe können nicht nur Schmerzen deutlich vermindert werden, sondern auch eine Frühmobilisation der Patienten erreicht werden, was entscheidend die Prognose nach Wirbelfraktur verbessert. Dieser Artikel zeigt Vor- und Nachteile beider Techniken und berichtet über die erfreulich guten Resultate. Entscheidend für ein optimales postoperatives Resultat sind jedoch frühe Diagnosestellung und Intervention.

  4. Intermediate energy nuclear physics at MIT-Bates

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Alarcon, R.


    The MIT-Bates Linear Accelerator Center is a university-based laboratory carrying out frontier research in nuclear physics. The research program is focussed on the flavor structure, charge distribution, shape, size and polarizability of the nucleon; the spin and electromagnetic structure of light nuclei; and the origin of the elements. The Bates research program has three central thrusts: the SAMPLE experiments to probe the flavor structure of the proton using parity-violating electron scattering at back angles; the OOPS (Out-Of-Plane Spectrometer System) program which uses out-of-plane detection to probe nucleon and few-body nuclear structure; and the BLAST (Bates Large Acceptance Spectrometer Toroid) program which will use a new spectrometer under construction to measure electron scattering from internal gas targets in the South Hall Ring. (author)

  5. LLIMAS: Revolutionizing integrating modeling and analysis at MIT Lincoln Laboratory (United States)

    Doyle, Keith B.; Stoeckel, Gerhard P.; Rey, Justin J.; Bury, Mark E.


    MIT Lincoln Laboratory's Integrated Modeling and Analysis Software (LLIMAS) enables the development of novel engineering solutions for advanced prototype systems through unique insights into engineering performance and interdisciplinary behavior to meet challenging size, weight, power, environmental, and performance requirements. LLIMAS is a multidisciplinary design optimization tool that wraps numerical optimization algorithms around an integrated framework of structural, thermal, optical, stray light, and computational fluid dynamics analysis capabilities. LLIMAS software is highly extensible and has developed organically across a variety of technologies including laser communications, directed energy, photometric detectors, chemical sensing, laser radar, and imaging systems. The custom software architecture leverages the capabilities of existing industry standard commercial software and supports the incorporation of internally developed tools. Recent advances in LLIMAS's Structural-Thermal-Optical Performance (STOP), aeromechanical, and aero-optical capabilities as applied to Lincoln prototypes are presented.

  6. Nachteile der Ballonkyphoplastie mit PMMA - Eine klinische und biomechanische Stellungnahme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Becker S


    Full Text Available Ballonkyphoplastie (BKP und Vertebroplastie (VP sind klinisch erfolgreiche Verfahren. Nichtsdestoweniger zeigen Einzelbeobachtungen bei der BKP ein Versagen der Methode, ohne dass bisher die Ursache aufgezeigt wurde. Nach unserer Meinung liegt das Versagen der BKP insbesondere bei schwerer Osteoporose und Osteonekrose am „Stressshielding“ sowie der Zementsteifigkeit. Bei diesen Patientengruppen könnten andere, knochenerhaltende kyphoplastische Verfahren und die Vertebroplastie sowie neuere, an den Osteoporosegrad angepasste Zemente Vorteile bringen. Weiterhin ist es wichtig, dass intraoperativ bei der BKP eine komplette Aufrichtung erzielt werden sollte, da eine Restkyphose den negativen Effekt hinsichtlich der Belastung der angrenzenden Wirbelkörper bei Erzeugung eines mit Zement gefüllten Hohlraums erhöht. Es ist somit zu überdenken, alternative knochenerhaltende kyphoplastische Massnahmen der BKP vorzuziehen, bei älteren Frakturen eher auf eine VP auszuweichen und neue Zemente einzusetzen.

  7. Lernen und Lehren mit Neuen Medien im islamischen Religionsunterricht

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aida Tuhcic


    Full Text Available Der schulische konfessionelle Religionsunterricht trägt eine nicht unwesentliche Mitverantwortung für die Erziehung und Bildung von heranwachsenden Generationen. So versucht auch der islamische Religionsunterricht in Österreich mit der Herausgabe der neuen und kompetenzorientierten Schulbuchreihe Islamstunde sowie der Einbeziehung mediendidaktischer Innovationen in deren Konzept im aktuellen religionspädagogisch-didaktischen Diskurs anschlussfähig zu bleiben. Denn gerade Neue Medien motivieren, fördern selbstständiges und reflexives Lernen, gestatten neue Unterrichtskonzepte und ermöglichen die Integration authentischer Probleme in Lernsituationen. Beispielhaft wird in diesem Beitrag aufgezeigt, wie Lernen und Lehren mit Neuen Medien mithilfe des Konzepts der Islamstunde im islamischen Religionsunterricht umgesetzt werden kann. Learning and teaching with new media in Islamic religious instruction Scholastic confessional religious instruction has a considerable joint responsibility when it comes to the upbringing and education of generations to come. That is why Islamic religious instruction in Austria too has been seeking to stay engaged in the latest discourse on religious education and its teaching principles through both the publication of the new and skills-based Islamstunde [Islamic religious class] schoolbook series and the inclusion of media-related and didactic innovations in the concept. Precisely because new media motivate, facilitate independent and reflective learning, allow new teaching concepts and enable the integration of authentic problems into learning situations. The present article illustrates, by way of example, how learning and teaching with new media can be implemented in Islamic religious instruction by drawing on the concept as presented in Islamstunde.

  8. MiT family translocation renal cell carcinoma. (United States)

    Argani, Pedram


    The MiT subfamily of transcription factors includes TFE3, TFEB, TFC, and MiTF. Gene fusions involving two of these transcription factors have been identified in renal cell carcinoma (RCC). The Xp11 translocation RCCs were first officially recognized in the 2004 WHO renal tumor classification, and harbor gene fusions involving TFE3. The t(6;11) RCCs harbor a specific Alpha-TFEB gene fusion and were first officially recognized in the 2013 International Society of Urologic Pathology (ISUP) Vancouver classification of renal neoplasia. These two subtypes of translocation RCC have many similarities. Both were initially described in and disproportionately involve young patients, though adult translocation RCC may overall outnumber pediatric cases. Both often have unusual and distinctive morphologies; the Xp11 translocation RCCs frequently have clear cells with papillary architecture and abundant psammomatous bodies, while the t(6;11) RCCs frequently have a biphasic appearance with both large and small epithelioid cells and nodules of basement membrane material. However, the morphology of these two neoplasms can overlap, with one mimicking the other. Both of these RCCs underexpress epithelial immunohistochemical markers like cytokeratin and epithelial membrane antigen (EMA) relative to most other RCCs. Unlike other RCCs, both frequently express the cysteine protease cathepsin k and often express melanocytic markers like HMB45 and Melan A. Finally, TFE3 and TFEB have overlapping functional activity as these two transcription factors frequently heterodimerize and bind to the same targets. Therefore, on the basis of clinical, morphologic, immunohistochemical, and genetic similarities, the 2013 ISUP Vancouver classification of renal neoplasia grouped these two neoplasms together under the heading of "MiT family translocation RCC." This review summarizes our current knowledge of these recently described RCCs. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. Plattenepithelkarzinom in Verbindung mit einer roten Tätowierung. (United States)

    Schmitz, Inge; Prymak, Oleg; Epple, Matthias; Ernert, Carsten; Tannapfel, Andrea


    Obwohl Tätowierungen in den letzten Jahren außerordentlich beliebt geworden sind, wurde in der Literatur bisher nur über wenige Fälle schwerer Reaktionen berichtet, die zu einer malignen Transformation führten. Dies steht im Kontrast zu der praktisch unüberschaubaren Zahl an Tätowierungen weltweit. Die Zusammensetzung der für Tätowierungen verwendeten Farbstoffe variiert stark, und selbst gleiche Farbtöne können unterschiedliche Komponenten enthalten. Das Ziel unserer Studie war es zu untersuchen, auf welche Weise Tätowierungen möglicherweise Hautkrebs auslösen können. Wir berichten über den seltenen Fall einer 24-jährigen Frau, bei der sich sieben Monate nachdem sie eine Tätowierung auf dem Fußrücken erhalten hatte in unmittelbarer Nähe des verwendeten roten Farbstoffs ein Plattenepithelkarzinom entwickelte. Die Komplikationen begannen mit einer unspezifischen Schwellung. Die Läsion wurde histologisch untersucht. Die Zusammensetzung des inkorporierten Farbstoffs wurde mittels Rasterelektronenmikroskopie in Kombination mit energiedispersiver Elementanalyse analysiert. Zur weiteren Charakterisierung wurden Thermogravimetrie und Pulverdiffraktometrie eingesetzt. Der Tätowierungsfarbstoff enthielt hauptsächlich Bariumsulfat; Spuren von Al, S, Ti, P, Mg und Cl ließen sich ebenfalls nachweisen. Bei der Analyse zeigten sich Pigmentgranula unterschiedlicher Größe. In seltenen Fällen kann Tätowierungstinte karzinogene Effekte haben, die multifaktoriell zu sein scheinen. © 2016 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  10. Pathophysiologie des Kollagenstoffwechsels bei Patienten mit Induratio penis plastica (IPP

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lahme S


    Full Text Available Die Pathogenese der IPP ist bis heute nicht geklärt. Histopathologische Untersuchungen zeigen, daß der Kollagenstoffwechsel eine Rolle spielt. Dies veranlaßte uns zur genauen Analyse der Kollagenstoffwechselparameter bei IPP. Bei 11 Patienten mit IPP und 11 Kontrollpersonen wurden Kollagenstoffwechselparameter (Prokollagen III [PIIIP], PMN-Elastase [PMN-E], Fibronektin [FN], Fibronektinrezeptor [FN-R] und alpha1-Proteinase-Inhibitor [alpha1-PI] im cavernösen und peripheren Blut bestimmt. PMN-E, PIIIP, FN und FN-R waren in den beiden Untersuchungsgruppen nicht unterschiedlich. Die peripher venösen unterschieden sich nicht von den cavernösen Blutproben. Sowohl im peripher venös (158,55 mg/dl als auch im cavernös entnommenen Blut (168,29 mg/dl war die Konzentration des a1-PI signifikant niedriger als in der Kontrollgruppe (214,82 mg/dl. An einem zweiten Kollektiv von 23 Patienten wurden Analysen des Phänotyps für alpha1-PI im Hinblick auf das Vorliegen von genetisch determinierten Mangelallelen vorgenommen. Hier zeigte sich kein signifikanter Unterschied zu einem Kontrollkollektiv von 19 gesunden Probanden. Die alpha1-PI Erniedrigung der IPP-Patienten ist signifikant und liegt unterhalb des Normalwertbereichs für die gesunde Population. Ein Mangel an alpha1-PI kann zur Aktivitätserhöhung der Proteasen und zum Umbau des Kollagengewebes führen. Möglicherweise kommt es zusammen mit einem lokal wirksamen Einflußfaktor schließlich zur dystrophen Kalzifikation. Die humangenetischen Untersuchungen sprechen nicht für eine genetische Determinierung des alpha1-PI-Mangels, sondern legen eine erworbene hepatische Störung nahe.

  11. [R]MIT Research Centre at Delft University of Technology: A Bridge between Research, Education, Society and Profession (United States)

    Zijlstra, Hielkje


    In 2006, we launched the [R]MIT Research Centre (Modification, Intervention Transformation) at the Faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology. [R]MIT was founded to respond to the need for an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to the transformation of the built environment. [R]MIT aims to bring momentum to the renewal of…

  12. Kyphoplasty combined with intraoperative radiotherapy (Kypho-IORT). Alternative therapy for patients with oligometastatic spinal metastases; Kyphoplastie kombiniert mit intraoperativer Radiotherapie (Kypho-IORT). Therapiealternative fuer den oligometastasierten Patienten mit Wirbelsaeulenmetastasen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bludau, F.; Obertacke, U. [Universitaetsklinikum Mannheim, Med. Fakultaet Mannheim der Universitaet Heidelberg, Orthopaedisch-Unfallchirurgisches Zentrum, Mannheim (Germany); Reis, T.; Schneider, F.; Clausen, S.; Wenz, F. [Universitaetsklinikum Mannheim, Med. Fakultaet Mannheim der Universitaet Heidelberg, Klinik fuer Strahlentherapie und Radioonkologie, Mannheim (Germany)


    deutlich verbesserten Ueberlebenszeit, sondern auch zu einer Zunahme an ossaeren Metastasen bei Tumorpatienten. Die haeufigste Lokalisation stellt dabei die Wirbelsaeule dar, die Folge koennen Instabilitaet, Schmerz und neurologische Defizite sein. Das interdisziplinaere Tumormanagement der Wirbelsaeule umfasste bisher insbesondere die Stabilisierung und anschliessende Bestrahlung der Metastasen. Eine Reduktion der Eingriffsschwere und Morbiditaet sind ebenso wie die Beachtung und Erhalt der Autarkie des Patienten wichtige Zielparameter bei diesen palliativen Patienten. Die Kyphoplastie kombiniert mit intraoperativer Radiotherapie (Kypho-IORT) stellt eine weitere, moderne Behandlungsoption fuer Patienten dar, bei welcher minimal-invasiv eine lokale Hochdosisbestrahlung im Wirbelkoerper mittels niedrigenergetischen Roentgenstrahlen (50 kV) transpedikulaer vorgenommen wird. Unmittelbar anschliessend erfolgt die Stabilisierung des Wirbelkoerpers ueber das gleiche Portal mittels Kyphoplastie, sodass eine einzeitige Prozedur mit guter Schmerzreduktion und guter lokaler Tumorkontrolle erzielt werden kann. Neben der Praesentation klinischer Daten werden die Indikationsstellungen zur Kypho-IORT in diesem Artikel kritisch dargestellt und mit anderen Therapieoptionen verglichen. Methodische Verbesserungen und Moeglichkeiten zur weiteren Individualisierung der Therapie werden aufgezeigt. Die Kypho-IORT ist eine neue Behandlungsoption fuer Patienten mit Wirbelsaeulenmetastasen. Nach ueber 100 erfolgreichen Anwendungen sind technische Machbarkeit, Patientensicherheit und gute lokale Tumorkontrolle dargelegt, sodass eine Anwendung im klinischen Alltag moeglich und sinnvoll erscheint. Eine Phase-II-Dosiseskalationsstudie ist abgeschlossen und zur Publikation eingereicht, eine Phase-III-Studie zum Vergleich mit konventioneller Bestrahlung ist begonnen worden. (orig.)

  13. Blocked Randomization with Randomly Selected Block Sizes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jimmy Efird


    Full Text Available When planning a randomized clinical trial, careful consideration must be given to how participants are selected for various arms of a study. Selection and accidental bias may occur when participants are not assigned to study groups with equal probability. A simple random allocation scheme is a process by which each participant has equal likelihood of being assigned to treatment versus referent groups. However, by chance an unequal number of individuals may be assigned to each arm of the study and thus decrease the power to detect statistically significant differences between groups. Block randomization is a commonly used technique in clinical trial design to reduce bias and achieve balance in the allocation of participants to treatment arms, especially when the sample size is small. This method increases the probability that each arm will contain an equal number of individuals by sequencing participant assignments by block. Yet still, the allocation process may be predictable, for example, when the investigator is not blind and the block size is fixed. This paper provides an overview of blocked randomization and illustrates how to avoid selection bias by using random block sizes.

  14. Blocked randomization with randomly selected block sizes. (United States)

    Efird, Jimmy


    When planning a randomized clinical trial, careful consideration must be given to how participants are selected for various arms of a study. Selection and accidental bias may occur when participants are not assigned to study groups with equal probability. A simple random allocation scheme is a process by which each participant has equal likelihood of being assigned to treatment versus referent groups. However, by chance an unequal number of individuals may be assigned to each arm of the study and thus decrease the power to detect statistically significant differences between groups. Block randomization is a commonly used technique in clinical trial design to reduce bias and achieve balance in the allocation of participants to treatment arms, especially when the sample size is small. This method increases the probability that each arm will contain an equal number of individuals by sequencing participant assignments by block. Yet still, the allocation process may be predictable, for example, when the investigator is not blind and the block size is fixed. This paper provides an overview of blocked randomization and illustrates how to avoid selection bias by using random block sizes.

  15. Clinical treatment planning for subjects undergoing boron neutron capture therapy at Harvard-MIT

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zamenhof, R.G.; Palmer, M.R.; Buse, P.M.


    Treatment planning is a crucial component of the Harvard-MIT boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) clinical trials. Treatment planning can be divided into five stages: (1) pre-planning, based on CT and MRI scans obtained when the subject arrives at the hospital and on assumed boron-10 distribution parameters; (2) subject set-up, or simulation, in the MITR-II medical therapy room to determine the boundary conditions for possible set-up configurations; (3) re-planning, following the subject simulation; (4) final localization of the subject in the medical therapy room for BNCT; and (5) final post facto recalculation of the doses delivered based on firm knowledge of the blood boron-10 concentration profiles and the neutron flux histories from precise online monitoring. The computer-assisted treatment planning is done using a specially written BNCT treatment planning code called MacNCTPLAN. The code uses the Los Alamos National Laboratory's Monte Carlo n-particle radiation transport code MCNPv.4b as the dose calculation engine and advanced anatomical model simulation based on an automatic evaluation of CT scan data. Results are displayed as isodose contours and dose-volume histograms, the latter correlated precisely with corresponding anatomical CT or MRI image planes. Examples of typical treatment planning scenarios will be presented. (author)

  16. 31 CFR 595.301 - Blocked account; blocked property. (United States)


    ... (Continued) OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY TERRORISM SANCTIONS REGULATIONS General Definitions § 595.301 Blocked account; blocked property. The terms blocked account and blocked...

  17. MRT of scaphoid pseudo-arthrosis using Gd-DTPA. Staging and clinical correlation; MRT der Skaphoidpseudarthrose mit Gd-DTPA. Stadieneinteilung und klinische Korrelation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vogl, T.J. [Freie Univ. Berlin (Germany). Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik; Beutel, F. [Freie Univ. Berlin (Germany). Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik; Wilhelm, K. [LMU Muenchen (Germany). Abt. fuer Handchirurgie; Tempka, A. [Freie Univ. Berlin (Germany). Klinik fuer Unfall- und Wiederherstellungschirurgie; Schedel, H. [Freie Univ. Berlin (Germany). Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik; Haas, R. [Freie Univ. Berlin (Germany). Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik; Felix, R. [Freie Univ. Berlin (Germany). Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik


    During a period of two years, 134 patients with pseudo-arthrosis of the scaphoid were examined by conventional radiography and by MRI in the course of a prospective study. The aim of the study was to define radiological staging using contrast enhanced MRI in order to improve the prognostic criteria. All MRI examinations were carried out with a 1.5 Tesla scanner (SP63) using a surface coil and T{sub 1} weighted spin echo sequences in sagittal and frontal projection and frontal FLASH T{sub 2}-sequences and axial spin echo T{sub 2} sequences. The T{sub 1} weighted SE sequences in frontal projection were carried out before and after iv contrast (0.1 mmol Gd-DTPA/kg KG). All sequences were compared with conventional radiographs and the operative findings. Eight patients in stage 0 showed high signal intensity of both fragments in T{sub 1} weighted SE sequences and at surgery there was good vascularisation. In 22 cases there was reduced signal intensity in at least one fragment (stage I). 45 patients with scaphoid pseudo-arthrosis showed complete signal loss but marked contrast uptake with still vital nuclei at surgery (stage II). In 22 patients, there was no increase in signal intensity after contrast and complete loss of vitality of the fragments at surgery. Staging was not possible in 37 patients because of previous operative intervention. The use of contrast enhanced MRI provides additional information compared with conventional radiography or plain MRI. (orig.) [Deutsch] Im Rahmen einer prospektiven Studie wurden in einem Zeitraum von 2 Jahren 134 Patienten mit einer Skaphoidpseudarthrose (SPA) vergleichend konventionell roentgenologisch und magnetresonanztomographisch untersucht. Ziel der Studie war die Erstellung einer klinisch radiologischen Stadieneinteilung mit Hilfe der kontrastverstaerkten MRT zur Verbesserung von Prognosekriterien. Alle MRT-Untersuchungen wurden an einem 1,5 Tesla-Geraet (SP63) mittels einer Oberflaechenspule unter Verwendung von T{sub 1

  18. Gebrauch von Komplementärmedizin bei Patienten mit metastasierendem Melanom unter Therapie mit Ipilimumab innerhalb einer klinischen Studie. (United States)

    Huebner, Jutta; Mohr, Peter; Simon, Jan-Christoph; Fluck, Michael; Berking, Carola; Zimmer, Lisa; Loquai, Carmen


    In Deutschland wenden 40-90 % aller Krebspatienten Methoden der komplementären and alternativen Medizin (KAM) an. Bis dato gibt es kein Datenmaterial zum Einsatz der KAM bei Melanompatienten. Das Ziel unserer Studie war es, Daten über den Gebrauch, die Informationsquellen und Ziele von Patienten mit metastasierendem Melanom zu erfassen. Einhundertsechsundfünfzig Patienten aus 25 Studienzentren nahmen an der DecOG-MM-PAL Multibasket Studie teil. Die beteiligten Personen wurden auch gebeten, an einer Nebenstudie teilzunehmen, die ihren Gebrauch von KAM erfassen sollte. Dazu wurde während der Behandlung ein standardisierter Fragebogen zu genau festgelegten Zeitpunkten ausgeteilt. Insgesamt gingen 55 Fragebögen von 32 (21 %) Melanompatienten ein. Von diesen gaben 17 (53 %) ein Interesse an KAM an, und sieben (22 %) machten von KAM Gebrauch. Die Hauptinformationsquellen (31 %) waren Familienmitglieder und Freunde, gefolgt von Ärzten (19 %). Die Hauptgründe für die Anwendung von KAM waren die Stärkung des Immunsystems (41 %) und des Körpers (34 %). Nahrungsergänzungsmittel (Vitamine und Spurenelemente) wurden am häufigsten angewendet (28 %). Eine relativ hohe Anzahl an Patienten mit metastasierendem Melanom machte trotz Teilnahme an einer klinischen Studie von KAM Gebrauch. Wechselwirkungen könnten durch biologisch basierte KAM auftreten, und hier besonders bei immunmodulierenden KAM- Strategien. Um Risiken zu vermeiden, sollte die Kommunikation zwischen den Ärzten und den Patienten verbessert werden. © 2016 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  19. Evaluation of the MIT RMID 1000 system for the identification of Listeria species. (United States)

    Ricardi, John; Haavig, David; Cruz, Lasaunta; Paoli, George; Gehring, Andrew


    The Micro Imaging Technology (MIT) 1000 Rapid Microbial Identification (RMID) System is a device that uses the principles of light scattering coupled with proprietary algorithms to identify bacteria after being cultured and placed in a vial of filtered water. This specific method is for pure culture identification of Listeria spp. A total of 81 microorganisms (55 isolates) were tested by the MIT 1000 System, of which 25 were Listeria spp. and 30 a variety of other bacterial species. In addition, a total of 406 tests over seven different ruggedness parameters were tested by the MIT 1000 System to determine its flexibility to the specifications stated in the MIT 1000 System User Guide in areas where they might be deviated by a user to shorten the test cycle. Overall, MIT concluded that the MIT 1000 System had an accuracy performance that should certify this Performance Test Method for the identification of Listeria spp. This report discusses the tests performed, results achieved, and conclusions, along with several reference documents to enable a higher understanding of the technology used by the MIT 1000 System.

  20. Asymmetrische Alkensynthesen durch Kinetische Racematspaltungen von Aldehyden mit Chiralen Phosphonaten

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kreuder, Reinhard; Bodmann, Kerstin; von Zezschwitz, Paultheo


    The article gives an overview of how synthetically useful chiral building blocks can be obtained by kinetic resolution of chiral, racemic aldehydes through the reaction with chiral phosphonate reagents....

  1. Generalized Block Failure

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jönsson, Jeppe


    Block tearing is considered in several codes as a pure block tension or a pure block shear failure mechanism. However in many situations the load acts eccentrically and involves the transfer of a substantial moment in combination with the shear force and perhaps a normal force. A literature study...... shows that no readily available tests with a well-defined substantial eccentricity have been performed. This paper presents theoretical and experimental work leading towards generalized block failure capacity methods. Simple combination of normal force, shear force and moment stress distributions along...

  2. Star in Deep Freeze Chills Theory, MIT Researchers Report (United States)


    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Like a frozen turkey that just won't thaw, a strange star near the center of the Milky Way is surprising MIT experts and colleagues with its remarkably low temperature. The odd behavior is chilling current theories of stellar physics. A famously battered neutron star named KS 1731-260 appears no hotter than some of its tranquil brethren, despite enduring the heat of constant thermonuclear explosions with the force of billions of hydrogen bombs every second across a region only a few miles wide for the past 12 years. Dr. Rudi Wijnands, an astrophysicist at MIT's Center for Space Research, used the Chandra X-ray Observatory to measure the temperature of the neutron star at a very opportune moment, only months after the nuclear war apparently ended and the smoke cleared. He presented his team's findings September 5 in Washington, D.C. at a scientific conference entitled "Two Years of Science with Chandra." "Twelve years of constant thermonuclear explosions: One would think that would heat things up," said Wijnands. "This leaves us wondering whether some neutron stars are in the freezer for a much longer time than previously thought and consequently take a long time to heat up, or whether they cool down incredibly fast. Either explanation has profound implications for our field." Neutron stars are the dense, core remains of stars once many times more massive than our Sun. They are created in dazzling supernovas, in which the outer shell of the star explodes into space, and the core, containing about as much mass as the Sun, implodes and collapses into a sphere no wider than Cambridge, Massachusetts. Despite their tiny size, neutron stars are visible in several ways. One is through accretion. Neutron stars are a strong source of gravity. When they exist in binary star systems, such as KS 1731-260, they can attract the gas from what is often a "healthy" hydrogen-burning companion star (although the nature of KS 1731-260's companion is not clear.) Gas

  3. Silicon solar cells with high efficiencies. Final report; Silicium-Solarzellen mit hoechsten Wirkungsgraden. Abschlussbericht

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wettling, W.; Knobloch, J.; Glunz, S.W.; Henninger, V.; Kamerewerd, F.J.; Koester, B.; Leimenstoll, A.; Schaeffer, E.; Schumacher, J.; Sterk, S.; Warta, W.


    In this report the basic activities for the development of the silicon high efficiency solar cell technology are described. The project had two main goals: (i) The improvement of efficiencies using a systematic optimization of all cell parameters and technology steps and (ii) the simplification of the technology towards the possibilities of an industrial production, keeping the cell efficiency at a high level. Starting from the LBSF technology, developed at Fraunhofer ISE, the reduction of all loss mechanisms led to efficiencies up to 22.5% on FZ-silicon. Using a modification of this technology efficiencies of up to 21.7% have been reached on Cz-silicon. Even after the reduction of the number of photolithographic steps from six to three efficiencies up to 21.6% on FZ- and 19.5% on Cz-silicon have been obtained. These are best values in an international comparison. (orig.) [Deutsch] In diesem Projektbericht werden grundlegende Arbeiten zur Entwicklung der Silicium-`Highefficiency`-Solarzellentechnologie beschrieben. Das Projekt hatte zwei Hauptziele: (i) Die Erhoehung der Wirkungsgrade durch eine systematische Optimierung aller Zellparameter und aller Technologieschritte und (ii) die Vereinfachung der Technologie unter Beibehaltung sehr hoher Wirkungsgrade mit dem Ziel einer Annaeherung an die Moeglichkeiten der Industriefertigung. Ausgehend von der im Fraunhofer ISE entwickelten LBSF-Technologie gelang es durch Reduzierung aller Verlustmechanismen, Wirkungsgrade bis zu 22.5% auf FZ-Silicium zu erreichen. Nach Anpassung der Technologie wurden auf Cz-Silicium Wirkungsgrade bis 21.7% erzielt. Ein von sechs auf drei Fotomaskenschritte reduzierter Prozess erzielte immerhin noch Werte bis 21.6% auf FZ- und 19.5% auf Cz-Material. Alle dieser Werte stellen im internationalen Vergleich Spitzenleistungen dar. (orig.)

  4. Homogeneous bilateral block shifts

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Homogeneous bilateral block shifts. ADAM KORÁNYI. Department of Mathematics, The Graduate Center, City University of New York,. New York, NY 10016, USA. E-mail: MS received 18 January 2013. Abstract. A new 3-parameter family of homogeneous 2-by-2 block shifts is described.

  5. Related Drupal Nodes Block

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Van der Vegt, Wim


    Related Drupal Nodes Block This module exposes a block that uses Latent Semantic Analysis (Lsa) internally to suggest three nodes that are relevant to the node a user is viewing. This module performs three tasks. 1) It periodically indexes a Drupal site and generates a Lsa Term Document Matrix.

  6. Control rod blocking monitor

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Suzuki, Shigeru.


    The number of times for setting up a control rod blocking monitor of a BWR type power plant is remarkably reduced to mitigate operator's burden. In the control rod blocking monitor, trip levels, as a judging standard upon outputting control rod blocking inhibition signals, are set up stepwise depending on the power level around control rods put to blocking control. The present invention comprises an allowance judging means capable of setting up trip levels for each of power levels corresponding to a plurality of control rods at once if the power levels are within the set up allowable range. With such a constitution, the set up allowable range is determined previously in the allowance judging means. Accordingly, when a gang blocking is conducted to control rods, if power levels around the control rods are increased at once into the set up allowable range, the trip levels for each of the control rods are set up at once. (I.S.)

  7. Spectroscopic and Magnetic Properties of a Series of mu-Cyano Bridged Bimetallic Compounds of the Type M-II-NC-Fe-III (M = Mn, Co, and Zn) Using the Building Block [Fe-III(CN)(5)imidazole](2-)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Tchouka, Heloise; Meetsma, Auke; Browne, Wesley R.


    In this contribution, we describe the preparation and single-crystal X-ray diffraction of a new building block for bimetallic solid state materials. X-ray diffraction data of these complexes indicate that (PPh4)(2)[Fe(CN)(5)imidazole]center dot 2H(2)O crystallizes in the triclinic space group P (1)

  8. Datenqualitätsmanagement - Steigerung der Datenqualität mit Methode (United States)

    Weigel, Niels

    Daten- und Informationsqualität ist ein Thema von enormer Reichweite. In den meisten Organisationen werden Problem und Schwierigkeiten mit dem vorhandenen Qualitätsniveau meist nur reaktiv erkannt und behandelt.

  9. Umgang mit der deutschen Geschichte: Reaktionen der 3. Nachkriegsgeneration auf filmische Darstellungen des Holocaust

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Johannes Kopf-Beck


    Full Text Available Da ZeitzeugInnen des Holocaust seltener werden, steigt die Bedeutung von medialen Zeugnissen zur Geschichtsvermittlung an die „3. Generation“. Gegenstand dieser quasi-experimentellen Untersuchung sind rezipientenseitige Wirkungen von TV-Dokumentationen mit unterschiedlichen Darstellungsstrategien des Holocaust bei SchülerInnen. Hierzu wurden 12 Schulklassen (N = 184 per Fragebogen zu ihrer nationaler Identifikation und bisherigen Auseinandersetzung mit dem Holocaust befragt. Nach drei Wochen wurde einer von insgesamt sechs dokumentarischen Filmausschnitten zum Holocaust vorgeführt und die Reaktionen der SchülerInnen mit standardisierten Items und offenen Essay-Fragen erhoben. Die Ergebnisse zeigen auf, unter welchen Umständen TV-Dokumentationen kontraindizierte Wirkungen hervorrufen und wie durch filmische Mittel über vergangenes Unrecht aufgeklärt werden kann, ohne dass dies Abwehrreaktionen hervorruft und so eine konstruktive Auseinandersetzung mit der Geschichte möglich wird.

  10. suitability of commercially available sandcrete blocks in abuja ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    The water to cement ratio also varies from one block moulding factories to another and lies between. 0.48 and 0.52. Batching was done by volume in all the factories. The mode of curing in all the factories was by spraying/sprinkling water on the blocks twice daily for twenty eight days. II. The 28 day compressive strength of.

  11. Educational Outreach at the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center (United States)

    Rivenberg, Paul; Thomas, Paul


    At the MIT PSFC, student and staff volunteers work together to increase the public's knowledge of fusion science and plasma technology. Seeking to generate excitement in young people about science and engineering, the PSFC hosts a number of educational outreach activities throughout the year, including Middle and High School Outreach Days. The PSFC also has an in-school science demonstration program on the theme of magnetism. The Mr. Magnet Program, headed by Mr. Paul Thomas, has been bringing lively demonstrations on magnetism into local elementary and middle schools for 15 years. This year Mr. Magnet presented the program to nearly 30,000 students at over 67 schools and other events, reaching kindergartners through college freshmen. In addition to his program on magnetism, he is offering an interactive lecture about plasma to high schools. The "Traveling Plasma Lab" encourages students to learn more about plasma science while having fun investigating plasma properties using actual laboratory techniques and equipment. Beyond the classroom, Paul Thomas has provided technical training for Boston Museum of Science staff in preparation for the opening of a Star Wars exhibit. His hands-on demos have also been filmed by the History Channel for a one-hour program about Magnetism, which aired in June 2006.

  12. Lessons learned from the MIT Tara control and data system

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Gaudreau, M.P.J.; Sullivan, J.D.; Fredian, T.W.; Irby, J.H.; Karcher, C.A.; Rameriz, R.A.; Sevillano, E.; Stillerman, J.A.; Thomas, P.


    The control and data system of the MIT Tara Tandem Mirror has worked successfully throughout the lifetime of the experiment (1983 through 1987). As the Tara project winds down, it is appropriate to summarize the lessons learned from the implementation and operation of the control and data system over the years and in its final form. The control system handled ∼2400 I/0 points in real time throughout the 5 to 10 minute shot cycle while the data system, in near real time, handled ∼1000 signals with a total of 5 to 7 Mbytes of data each shot. The implementation depended upon a consistent approach based on separating physics and engineering functions and on detailed functional diagrams with narrowly defined cross communication. This paper is a comprehensive treatment of the principal successes, residual problems, and dilemmas that arose from the beginning until the final hardware and software implementation. Suggestions for future systems of either similar size or of larger scale such as CIT are made in the conclusion. 11 refs., 1 fig

  13. Denkmal Ost-Moderne II, Denkmalpflegerische Praxis der Nachkriegsmoderne


    Wolf, Tobias Michael


    Denkmal Ost-Moderne II, Denkmalpflegerische Praxis der Nachkriegsmoderne. Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Symposium der Professur für Denkmalpflege und Baugeschichte der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar gemeinsam mit der Wüstenrot-Stiftung Ludwigsburg, 31. Januar – 1. Februar 2014.

  14. Aufbruch ins pazifische Zeitalter: die Transpazifische Partnerschaft - ein Abkommen mit Vorbildcharakter?


    Schmucker, Claudia; Mildner, Stormy-Annika; Kokert, Marius


    Die Transpazifische Partnerschaft (TPP) ist das wichtigste Element der amerikanischen Außenhandelsstrategie. Die USA wollen dabei zusammen mit acht anderen Staaten - Australien, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, Neuseeland, Peru, Singapur und Vietnam - ein so genanntes "High-standard"-Abkommen abschließen. Mittlerweile wurden auch Mexiko und Kanada zu den Verhandlungen eingeladen. Da die TPP weiteren Ländern offen steht, ist mit einer steigenden Mitgliedschaft zu rechnen. Langfristig erhoffen sich die...

  15. Holographische Abbildung nicht-kristalliner organischer und biologischer Makromoleküle mit Elektronenpunktquellen


    Jäger, Barbara Maria


    In dieser Arbeit wurde an der Weiterentwicklung einer neuen Methode zur Strukturaufklärung von Makromolekülen gearbeitet. Holographie mit niederenergetischen Elektronen ist eine Mikroskopietechnik, die ohne Linsen und aus Linsen resultierenden Fehlern arbeitet. Hologramme können mit einer nominellen Vergößerung von M > 106 aufgenommen werden. Eine ultrascharfe Wolframspitze liefert dabei die zur Holographie benötigte kohärente Strahlung. Die Elektronenquelle wird in einem Elektronen-Projektio...

  16. "Drugwatch": Forschung mit Schlüsselprofessionellen und illegalen Drogenusern zur Identifikation von Drogentrends


    Mason, Mark; Baker, Oswin; Hardy, Rebecca


    Die revidierte "United Kingdom Anti-Drugs Strategy" hat Lücken im Wissen über Drogen verdeutlicht: Insbesondere die Dynamiken, die mit der Entstehung regionalen Drogentrends einhergehen, erwiesen sich trotz mehrjährigem Bemühen als schwer fassbar, und einige hierzu in Großbritannien durchgeführte Studien waren mit erheblichen Problemen behaftet. Deshalb wurde vom "Drugs Analysis and Research Programme" und von "Market and Opinion Research International" (MORI) ein nationales Entwicklungsproje...

  17. Predictability of blocking

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Tosi, E.; Ruti, P.; Tibaldi, S.; D'Andrea, F.


    Tibaldi and Molteni (1990, hereafter referred to as TM) had previously investigated operational blocking predictability by the ECMWF model and the possible relationships between model systematic error and blocking in the winter season of the Northern Hemisphere, using seven years of ECMWF operational archives of analyses and day 1 to 10 forecasts. They showed that fewer blocking episodes than in the real atmosphere were generally simulated by the model, and that this deficiency increased with increasing forecast time. As a consequence of this, a major contribution to the systematic error in the winter season was shown to derive from the inability of the model to properly forecast blocking. In this study, the analysis performed in TM for the first seven winter seasons of the ECMWF operational model is extended to the subsequent five winters, during which model development, reflecting both resolution increases and parametrisation modifications, continued unabated. In addition the objective blocking index developed by TM has been applied to the observed data to study the natural low frequency variability of blocking. The ability to simulate blocking of some climate models has also been tested

  18. Erste Erfahrungen mit RDA an wissenschaftlichen Universalbibliotheken in Deutschland - Ergebnisse aus Fokusgruppengesprächen mit Katalogisierenden

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heidrun Wiesenmüller


    Full Text Available Einige Monate nach dem Umstieg auf das neue Regelwerk "Resource Description and Access" (RDA wurden an 18 großen deutschen wissenschaftlichen Universalbibliotheken Fokusgruppengespräche mit Katalogisierererinnen und Katalogisierern durchgeführt. Die Katalogisierenden wurden u.a. befragt, wie sicher sie sich bei der Anwendung von RDA fühlen, was sie am neuen Regelwerk gut oder schlecht finden, wie sie den Aufwand im Vergleich zum früheren Regelwerk RAK einschätzen, welche Informations- und Hilfsmittel sie verwenden und wie sie zu den regelmäßigen Änderungen im Standard stehen. Der vorliegende Aufsatz dokumentiert die Ergebnisse der Gespräche.   Several months after the introduction of the new cataloging standard "Resource Description and Access" (RDA, focus-group interviews with catalogers were conducted at 18 large academic and state libraries in Germany. Among other things, the catalogers were asked how confident they feel in applying RDA, which aspects of the new cataloging code they like or do not like, how they estimate the expenditure of time in comparison to the former cataloging code RAK, which sources they use to get help or information, and what they think about the frequent changes to the new standard. The paper presents the results of these interviews.

  19. 31 CFR 594.301 - Blocked account; blocked property. (United States)


    ... (Continued) OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY GLOBAL TERRORISM SANCTIONS REGULATIONS General Definitions § 594.301 Blocked account; blocked property. The terms blocked account and...

  20. Bundle Branch Block (United States)

    ... 2015. Bundle branch block Symptoms & causes Diagnosis & treatment Advertisement Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. ... a Job Site Map About This Site Twitter Facebook Google YouTube Pinterest Mayo Clinic is a not- ...

  1. Blocked Urethral Valves (United States)

    ... the penis. Rarely, small membranes form across the urethra in boys early in pregnancy, and they can block the flow of urine out of the bladder. These membranes are called posterior urethral valves and can have life-threatening consequences ...

  2. Optoelectronics using block copolymers.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Botiz, I.; Darling, S. B.; Center for Nanoscale Materials


    Block copolymers, either as semiconductors themselves or as structure directors, are emerging as a promising class of materials for understanding and controlling processes associated with both photovoltaic energy conversion and light emitting devices.

  3. Block copolymer membranes for aqueous solution applications

    KAUST Repository

    Nunes, Suzana Pereira


    Block copolymers are known for their intricate morphology. We review the state of the art of block copolymer membranes and discuss perspectives in this field. The main focus is on pore morphology tuning with a short introduction on non-porous membranes. The two main strategies for pore formation in block copolymer membranes are (i) film casting and selective block sacrifice and (ii) self-assembly and non-solvent induced phase separation (SNIPS). Different fundamental aspects involved in the manufacture of block copolymer membranes are considered, including factors affecting the equilibrium morphology in solid films, self-assembly of copolymer in solutions and macrophase separation by solvent-non-solvent exchange. Different mechanisms are proposed for different depths of the SNIPS membrane. Block copolymer membranes can be prepared with much narrower pore size distribution than homopolymer membranes. Open questions and indications of what we consider the next development steps are finally discussed. They include the synthesis and application of new copolymers and specific functionalization, adding characteristics to respond to stimuli and chemical environment, polymerization-induced phase separation, and the manufacture of organic-inorganic hybrids.

  4. Verantwortlicher Umgang mit Antibiotika: Notwendigkeit der Antibiotikareduktion in der Aknetherapie. (United States)

    Gollnick, Harald P M; Buer, Jan; Beissert, Stefan; Sunderkätter, Cord


    Der übermäßige oder unkritische weltweite Einsatz von Antibiotika in der Medizin hat die Ausbreitung von Antibiotikaresistenzen beschleunigt. In einigen Bereichen sind viele Antibiotika bei bakteriellen Infektionen, die zuvor noch gut auf antibakterielle Wirkstoffe reagierten, mittlerweile wirkungslos geworden. Dermatologen/Venerologen setzten orale und topische Antibiotika bei der Behandlung von Acne vulgaris routinemäßig ein, obwohl Akne weder eine infektiöse Erkrankung ist noch alleine durch das Propionibacterium getriggert wird. Vielmehr ist sie eine komplexe, chronische entzündliche Hauterkrankung, die durch verschiedene pathogenetische Faktoren wie follikuläre Hyperkeratose, erhöhter Sebumproduktion, bakterielle Proliferation und Entzündung zustande kommt. Folglich sollte eine erfolgreiche Therapie auf die Bekämpfung verschiedener pathogenetischer Faktoren und nicht nur auf die von Propionibacterium acnes abzielen. Daher wurden topische Retinoide und Benzoylperoxid als Mittel der ersten Wahl definiert. Monotherapien mit lokalen Antibiotika sollten insgesamt vermieden werden. Systemische Antibiotika der Tetrazyklin-Gruppe haben bei bestimmen Krankheitsstadien ihren Sinn, ihre Wirkung könnte aber eher auf der antientzündlichen als auf der antibiotischen Reaktion beruhen. Gesundheitsbehörden ermahnen alle Gesundheitsdienstleister, den Einsatz von Antibiotika einzuschränken. Das Nutzen-Risiko-Verhältnis muss bei der Entscheidung für oder gegen eine antibiotische Therapie bei einem einzelnen Patienten immer auch in Bezug auf das öffentliche Interesse am Erhalt der Wirksamkeit von Antibiotika abgewogen werden. Im Folgenden werden das aktuelle Krankheitskonzept zu Acne vulgaris und die sich daraus ableitenden Konsequenzen für den Einsatz von Antibiotika vorgestellt. © 2016 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  5. Undergraduate Research and Education at MIT Haystack Observatory (United States)

    Pratap, P.; Salah, J.


    The MIT Haystack Observatory Undergraduate Research Initiative is an NSF- funded program aimed at involving undergraduate students in active radio astronomical research. The project has two major thrusts - students get hands-on experience using a small radio telescope that has been developed at Haystack and which will be provided as a low cost kit early next year. Beta versions of this telescope are being built for a select group of institutions. The second component is a research experience with the Haystack 37-m telescope. Use of the 37-m telescope has ranged from classroom demonstrations to original research projects. The Small Radio Telescope (SRT) project consists of a 2m dish with a 1420 MHz receiver. The antenna has a two axis mount that provides full sky coverage. The telescope is intended to provide students and faculty with an introduction to radio astronomy and instrument calibration. Observations of the sun and the galactic HI line are possible with the current version of this telescope. The 37-m telescope program is aimed at providing students with a research experience that can result in publishable results. The telescope has also been used in providing students with an introduction to the scope of radio astronomical data including continuum and spectral line observations. Classroom demonstrations have also been tested with non-science majors. Extensive supporting materials for the project have been developed on the world wide web. These include a radio astronomy tutorial, hardware and software information about both telescopes and project descriptions. We also provide curriculum suggestions to aid faculty incorporate radio astronomy into their courses.

  6. cobalt (ii), nickel (ii)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    ABSTRACT. The manganese (II), cobalt (II), nickel (II) and copper (II) complexes of N, N' – bis(benzoin)ethylenediiminato have been prepared and characterized by infrared, elemental analysis, conductivity measurements and solubility. The potentiometric, and elemental analyses studies of the complexes revealed 1:1 ...

  7. First paper from Tevatron Run II submitted by CDF collaboration

    CERN Multimedia


    "Scientists of the Collider Detector at Fermilab submitted today (March 19) the first scientific publication of Collider Run II to the science journal Physical Review D. The paper titled "Measurement of the Mass Difference m(Ds+)-m(D+) at CDF II" summarizes the results of an analysis carried out by CDF scientists Christoph Paus and Ivan Furic, MIT, describing the mass measurement of particles containing charm quarks" (1 page).

  8. Mütterliches Erziehungsverhalten. Ein Vergleich türkisch-deutscher und deutscher Mütter mit Kindern im Vorschulalter


    Otyakmaz, Berrin Özlem


    In dieser Untersuchung wurde das Erziehungsverhalten 98 türkisch-deutscher und 99 deutscher Mütter von Vorschulkindern mit dem Child-Rearing Practices Questionnaire [...] erfasst. Das Instrument, welches sich in verschiedenen internationalen Studien als valide für die Erfassung des Erziehungsverhaltens von Eltern mit Kindern im Vorschulalter erwiesen hat und bereits auch bei Müttern mit türkischem Migrationshintergrund in den Niederlanden und in Australien eingesetzt wurde, besteht aus 30 Ite...

  9. Die Wirkung von Desacetylcefotaxin, einem Metaboliten von Cefotaxim, in vitro und auf die experimentelle Infektion mit Escherichia coli


    Wirbelauer, J.; Hof, H.; Hacker, Jörg


    Die MHK-Werte von Desacetylcefotaxim gegen verschiedene, z. T. ampicillinresistente Stämme von Escherichia coH, die mit Hilfe einer Agardilutionsmethode erhoben wurden, waren höher als die von Cefotaxim und Ceftriaxon, jedoch niedriger als die von Cefoxitin. In einem Modell der systemischen Infektion der Maus mit einem plasmidtragenden, betalactamaseproduzierenden Stamm von E. coli führte die Therapie mit Desacetylcefotaxim zu einer starken Reduktion der Keime pro Leber. Im Vergleich zur Ther...

  10. Experimental studies on a single-stage compressor equipped with profiles with controlled retardation. Phase 2. Final report; Experimentelle Untersuchungen an einem einstufigen Verdichter mit Profilen mit kontrollierter Verzoegerung. Phase 2. Schlussbericht

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Blaha, C.; Schulze, G.


    As part of the TurboTech study detailed measurements were performed on compressor cascades, single-stage machines, and whole compressors. The purpose of this was to gain greater clarity concerning flow conditions in compressors. The experimental results obtained were to permit a refinement of the calculation methods thus creating a reliable tool for dimensioning the HTGT compressors. The project described here is dedicated to the single stage. The tasks of phase II can be divided as follows: determination of the performance map; numerical simulation of operating behaviour; dimensioning check; analysis of the simulation and measurements and their comparison; and further measurements for the study of special flow phenomena and development of an experimental - data base for the validation of calculation methods. (orig./GL) [Deutsch] Im Rahmen von TurboTech werden detaillierte Messungen an Verdichtergittern, einstufigen Maschinen und Gesamtverdichtern durchgefuehrt, um groessere Klarheit ueber die Stroemungsverhaeltnisse in Verdichtern zu erlangen. Hierbei sollen mit Hilfe der Versuchsergebnisse die Rechenverfahren verfeinert werden, um so ein zuverlaessiges Werkzeug zur Auslegung des HTGT Verdichters in die Hand zu bekommen. Das beschriebene Vorhaben ist der Einzelstufe gewidmet. Die Aufgaben der Phase II unterteilten sich in folgende Punkte: - Vermessung des Kennfeldes - Numerische Simulation des Betriebsverhaltens - Ueberpruefung der Auslegung - Analyse der Simulation und der Messungen sowie deren Vergleich - Durchfuehrung weiterer Messungen zur Untersuchung spezieller Stroemungsphaenomene und Schaffung einer Basis experimenteller Daten zur Validierung von Rechenverfahren. (orig./GL)

  11. The knockdown of OsVIT2 and MIT affects iron localization in rice seed. (United States)

    Bashir, Khurram; Takahashi, Ryuichi; Akhtar, Shamim; Ishimaru, Yasuhiro; Nakanishi, Hiromi; Nishizawa, Naoko K


    The mechanism of iron (Fe) uptake in plants has been extensively characterized, but little is known about how Fe transport to different subcellular compartments affects Fe localization in rice seed. Here, we discuss the characterization of a rice vacuolar Fe transporter 2 (OsVIT2) T-DNA insertion line (osvit2) and report that the knockdown of OsVIT2 and mitochondrial Fe transporter (MIT) expression affects seed Fe localization. osvit2 plants accumulated less Fe in their shoots when grown under normal or excess Fe conditions, while the accumulation of Fe was comparable to that in wild-type (WT) plants under Fe-deficient conditions. The accumulation of zinc, copper, and manganese also changed significantly in the shoots of osvit2 plants. The growth of osvit2 plants was also slow compared to that of WT plants. The concentration of Fe increased in osvit2 polished seeds. Previously, we reported that the expression of OsVIT2 was higher in MIT knockdown (mit-2) plants, and in this study, the accumulation of Fe in mit-2 seeds decreased significantly. These results suggest that vacuolar Fe trafficking is important for plant Fe homeostasis and distribution, especially in plants grown in the presence of excess Fe. Moreover, changes in the expression of OsVIT2 and MIT affect the concentration and localization of metals in brown rice as well as in polished rice seeds.

  12. Indirect MR venography: contrast medium protocols, postprocessing and combination in diagnosing pulmonary emboli with MRI; Indirekte MR-Phlebografie: Kontrastmittelprotokolle, Nachverarbeitung und Kombination mit Lungenemboliediagnostik in der MRT

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kluge, A.; Bachmann, G. [Diagnostische Radiologie, Kerckhoff-Klinik, Bad Nauheim (Germany); Rominger, M. [Diagnostische Radiologie, Phillips-Univ. Marburg (Germany); Schoenburg, M. [Herzchirurgie, Kerckhoff-Klinik, Bad Nauheim (Germany)


    Purpose: Integration of MR venography in a comprehensive MR imaging protocol in patients with suspected pulmonary embolism (PE) and evaluation of contrast media dosage, timing and postprocessing for diagnostic accuracy. Materials and Methods: Fortyeight consecutive inpatients with suspected PE or deep vein thrombosis were examined by MR venography according to one of the following protocols: protocol I: MR venography only, 0.25 mmol/kg bodyweight (BW) Gadopentate dimeglumine(Gd-DTPA) as single dose, bolus timing; protocol II: MR angiography of pulmonary arteries with a cumulative dosage of 0.25 mmol/kg contrast media, modification of coil setting for MR venography without further contrast media application; protocol III: as protocol II but with 0.125 mmol/kg BW, followed by MR venography. Signal-to-noise ratio, contrast-to-noise ratio, number of definable vascular segments and image quality were evaluated. The results were compared to conventional bilateral venography. Results: All MR venography examinations were of diagnostic quality and the examination time was below 10 min. MR venography could be performed in all 48 patients comparted to 43 of 48 patients for conventional venography. Significantly more superficial and deep veins of the leg could be visualized by MR venography (94% compared to 83% for conventional venography). Sensitivity and specificity were 100% and 92%, respectively. Quality differed significantly between 0.125 mmol/kg (protocol III) and 0.25 mmol/kg Gd-DTPA (protocols I and II) while timing did not influence quality (protocol I vs. II). (orig.) [German] Ziel: Integration der MR-Phlebografie in ein umfassendes Konzept der MRT-Diagnostik bei Verdacht auf Lungenembolie (LE). Untersuchung des Einflusses von Kontrastmittelmenge, -bolusform und Verzoegerungszeit sowie der Nachverarbeitung auf die diagnostische Qualitaet von MR-Phlebografien. Material und Methode: Bei 48 konsekutiven stationaeren Patienten mit Verdacht auf Beinvenenthrombose (TVT

  13. Right bundle branch block

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bussink, Barbara E; Holst, Anders Gaarsdal; Jespersen, Lasse


    AimsTo determine the prevalence, predictors of newly acquired, and the prognostic value of right bundle branch block (RBBB) and incomplete RBBB (IRBBB) on a resting 12-lead electrocardiogram in men and women from the general population.Methods and resultsWe followed 18 441 participants included.......5%/2.3% in women, P Right bundle branch block was associated with significantly...... increased all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in both genders with age-adjusted hazard ratios (HR) of 1.31 [95% confidence interval (CI), 1.11-1.54] and 1.87 (95% CI, 1.48-2.36) in the gender pooled analysis with little attenuation after multiple adjustment. Right bundle branch block was associated...

  14. Practical experience with gas permeability tests by the new SoMIT method in Etzel cavern field; Praktische Erfahrungen mit Gasdichtheitstests nach dem neuen SoMIT-Verfahren im Kavernenfeld Etzel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Boor, S.; Huebner, S. [KBB Underground Technologies GmbH, Hannover (Germany); Schweinsberg, H.J. [IVG Logistik GmbH, Bonn (Germany); Tryller, H. von [SOCON, Giessen (Germany)


    In the course of restructuring and extension measures in the Etzel cavern field, IVG Logistik GmbH has been retrofitting oil storage caverns into gas storage caverns since November 2005. Before completion can be started, gastightness of all wells had to be checked. This was done, for the first time, using the SoMIT (Sonar Mechanical Integrity Testing) process in which the level is gauged continuously by an ultrasonic probe. This method is more accurate by about a power of ten than the conventional gamma-gamma probe. Further, continuous measurement enables in-time evaluation of trends. As IVG had good results with the conventional test method in Etzel cavern field, the higher accuracy of the SoMIT method was used for shortening the test time and achieving a cost reduction. SoMIT also has operative advantages. For example, there are no repeated measurements which would require resetting of the probe to the reference depth and might also cause measuring errors. Further, the measurements are not influenced by oil residues in the cavern as the ultrasonic probe is used above the fluid level. (orig.)

  15. E-Block: A Tangible Programming Tool with Graphical Blocks


    Danli Wang; Yang Zhang; Shengyong Chen


    This paper designs a tangible programming tool, E-Block, for children aged 5 to 9 to experience the preliminary understanding of programming by building blocks. With embedded artificial intelligence, the tool defines the programming blocks with the sensors as the input and enables children to write programs to complete the tasks in the computer. The symbol on the programming block's surface is used to help children understanding the function of each block. The sequence information is transfer...

  16. MITR-III: Upgrade and relicensing studies for the MIT Research Reactor. Second annual report

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Trosman, H.G.; Lanning, D.D.; Harling, O.K.


    The current operating license of the MIT research reactor will expire on May 7, 1996 or possibly a few years later if the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission agrees that the license period can start with the date of initial reactor operation. Driven by the imminent expiration of the operating license, a team of nuclear engineering staff and students have begun a study of the future options for the MIT Research Reactor. These options have included the range from a major rebuilding of the reactor to its decommissioning. This document reports the results of a two year intensive activity which has been supported by a $148,000 grant from the USDOE contract Number DEFG0293ER75859, approximately $100,000 of internal MIT funds and Nuclear Engineering Department graduate student fellowships as well as assistance from international visiting scientists and engineers

  17. MIT Clean Energy Prize: Final Technical Report May 12, 2010 - May 11, 2011

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Snyder, Chris [Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA (United States); Campbell, Georgina [Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA (United States); Salony, Jason [Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA (United States); Aulet, Bill [Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA (United States)


    The MIT Clean Energy Prize (MIT CEP) is a venture creation and innovation competition to encourage innovation in the energy space, specifically with regard to clean energy. The Competition invited student teams from any US university to submit student-led ventures that demonstrate a high potential of successfully making clean energy more affordable, with a positive impact on the environment. By focusing on student ventures, the MIT CEP aims to educate the next generation of clean energy entrepreneurs. Teams receive valuable mentoring and hard deadlines that complement the cash prize to accelerate development of ventures. The competition is a year-long educational process that culminates in the selection of five category finalists and a Grand Prize winner and the distribution of cash prizes to each of those teams. Each entry was submitted in one of five clean energy categories: Renewables, Clean Non-Renewables, Energy Efficiency, Transportation, and Deployment.

  18. Contaminated soil concrete blocks

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Korte, A.C.J.; Brouwers, Jos; Limbachiya, Mukesh C.; Kew, Hsein Y.


    According to Dutch law the contaminated soil needs to be remediated or immobilised. The main focus in this article is the design of concrete blocks, containing contaminated soil, that are suitable for large production, financial feasible and meets all technical and environmental requirements. In

  19. Making Block Grants Accountable. (United States)

    Chelimsky, Eleanor

    Methods of accountability are presented in considering the Reagan administration plan to consolidate 84 federal health, education and social service grants into six block grant areas and to cut overall funding. After matching aspects of public criticism with proposal objectives, a rationale is developed for building elements of accountability into…

  20. Linoleum Block Printing Revisited. (United States)

    Chetelat, Frank J.


    The author discusses practical considerations of teaching linoleum block printing in the elementary grades (tool use, materials, motivation) and outlines a sequence of design concepts in this area for the primary, intermediate and junior high grades. A short list of books and audiovisual aids is appended. (SJL)

  1. Effects of Block Scheduling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    William R. Veal


    Full Text Available This study examined the effects of a tri-schedule on the academic achievement of students in a high school. The tri-schedule consists of traditional, 4x4 block, and hybrid schedules running at the same time in the same high school. Effectiveness of the schedules was determined from the state mandated test of basic skills in reading, language, and mathematics. Students who were in a particular schedule their freshman year were tested at the beginning of their sophomore year. A statistical ANCOVA test was performed using the schedule types as independent variables and cognitive skill index and GPA as covariates. For reading and language, there was no statistically significant difference in test results. There was a statistical difference mathematics-computation. Block mathematics is an ideal format for obtaining more credits in mathematics, but the block format does little for mathematics achievement and conceptual understanding. The results have content specific implications for schools, administrations, and school boards who are considering block scheduling adoption.

  2. Coding with Blockly

    CERN Document Server

    Lovett, Amber


    "Blockly is a fun, graphical programming language designed to get kids interested in creating their own computer programs. Through simple text written to foster creativity and problem solving, students will the art of innovation. Large, colorful images show students how to complete activities. Additional tools, including a glossary and an index, help students learn new vocabulary and locate information."-- Provided by publisher.

  3. Long-lived mitochondrial (Mit) mutants of Caenorhabditis elegans utilize a novel metabolism. (United States)

    Butler, Jeffrey A; Ventura, Natascia; Johnson, Thomas E; Rea, Shane L


    The Caenorhabditis elegans mitochondrial (Mit) mutants have disrupted mitochondrial electron transport chain (ETC) functionality, yet, surprisingly, they are long lived. We have previously proposed that Mit mutants supplement their energy needs by exploiting alternate energy production pathways normally used by wild-type animals only when exposed to hypoxic conditions. We have also proposed that longevity in the Mit mutants arises as a property of their new metabolic state. If longevity does arise as a function of metabolic state, we would expect to find a common metabolic signature among these animals. To test these predictions, we established a novel approach monitoring the C. elegans exometabolism as a surrogate marker for internal metabolic events. Using HPLC-ultraviolet-based metabolomics and multivariate analyses, we show that long-lived clk-1(qm30) and isp-1(qm150) Mit mutants have a common metabolic profile that is distinct from that of aerobically cultured wild-type animals and, unexpectedly, wild-type animals cultured under severe oxygen deprivation. Moreover, we show that 2 short-lived mitochondrial ETC mutants, mev-1(kn1) and ucr-2.3(pk732), also share a common metabolic signature that is unique. We show that removal of soluble fumarate reductase unexpectedly increases health span in several genetically defined Mit mutants, identifying at least 1 alternate energy production pathway, malate dismutation, that is operative in these animals. Our study suggests long-lived, genetically specified Mit mutants employ a novel metabolism and that life span may well arise as a function of metabolic state.

  4. The R Package MitISEM: Efficient and Robust Simulation Procedures for Bayesian Inference

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nalan Baştürk


    Full Text Available This paper presents the R package MitISEM (mixture of t by importance sampling weighted expectation maximization which provides an automatic and flexible two-stage method to approximate a non-elliptical target density kernel - typically a posterior density kernel - using an adaptive mixture of Student t densities as approximating density. In the first stage a mixture of Student t densities is fitted to the target using an expectation maximization algorithm where each step of the optimization procedure is weighted using importance sampling. In the second stage this mixture density is a candidate density for efficient and robust application of importance sampling or the Metropolis-Hastings (MH method to estimate properties of the target distribution. The package enables Bayesian inference and prediction on model parameters and probabilities, in particular, for models where densities have multi-modal or other non-elliptical shapes like curved ridges. These shapes occur in research topics in several scientific fields. For instance, analysis of DNA data in bio-informatics, obtaining loans in the banking sector by heterogeneous groups in financial economics and analysis of education's effect on earned income in labor economics. The package MitISEM provides also an extended algorithm, 'sequential MitISEM', which substantially decreases computation time when the target density has to be approximated for increasing data samples. This occurs when the posterior or predictive density is updated with new observations and/or when one computes model probabilities using predictive likelihoods. We illustrate the MitISEM algorithm using three canonical statistical and econometric models that are characterized by several types of non-elliptical posterior shapes and that describe well-known data patterns in econometrics and finance. We show that MH using the candidate density obtained by MitISEM outperforms, in terms of numerical efficiency, MH using a simpler

  5. [Masquerading bundle branch block]. (United States)

    Kukla, Piotr; Baranchuk, Adrian; Jastrzębski, Marek; Bryniarski, Leszek


    We here describe a surface 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) of a 72-year-old female with a prior history of breast cancer and chemotherapy-induced cardiomyopathy. An echocardiogram revealed left ventricular dysfunction, ejection fraction of 23%, with mild enlarged left ventricle. The 12-lead ECG showed atrial fibrillation with a mean heart rate of about 100 bpm, QRS duration 160 ms, QT interval 400 ms, right bundle branch block (RBBB) and left anterior fascicular block (LAFB). The combination of RBBB features in the precordial leads and LAFB features in the limb leads is known as ''masquerading bundle branch block''. In most cases of RBBB and LAFB, the QRS axis deviation is located between - 80 to -120 degrees. Rarely, when predominant left ventricular forces are present, the QRS axis deviation is near about -90 degrees, turning the pattern into an atypical form. In a situation of RBBB associated with LAFB, the S wave can be absent or very small in lead I. Such a situation is the result of not only purely LAFB but also with left ventricular hypertrophy and/or focal block due to scar (extensive anterior myocardial infarction) or fibrosis (cardiomyopathy). Sometimes, this specific ECG pattern is mistaken for LBBB. RBBB with LAFB may imitate LBBB either in the limb leads (known as 'standard masquerading' - absence of S wave in lead I), or in the precordial leads (called 'precordial masquerading' - absence of S wave in leads V₅ and V₆). Our ECG showed both these types of masquerading bundle branch block - absence of S wave in lead I and in leads V₅ and V₆.

  6. Neuartige Spannkonzepte mit aktiver Verzugskompensation beim Rührreibschweißen


    Schulze, Sebastian


    Die vorliegende Arbeit trägt zur Erweiterung des Wissensstandes von geeigneten Spanntechnologien bei, um die Einführung des Rührreibschweißverfahrens in die Großkomponentenmontage der Luftfahrtindustrie zu erleichtern. Dabei werden die beim Rührreibschweißen auftretenden Kräfteverhältnisse mit Fokus auf dünnwandige Komponenten und das jeweils eingesetzte Spannsystem ermittelt und bewertet. Mit einer eigens programmierten thermo-mechanischen FEM-Simulation werden zudem Rückschlüsse auf das Ver...

  7. Initiation of a phase-I trial of neutron capture therapy at the MIT research reactor

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Harling, O.K.; Bernard, J.A.; Yam, Chun-Shan


    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the New England Medical Center (NEMC), and Boston University Medical Center (BUMC) initiated a phase-1 trial of boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) on September 6, 1994, at the 5-MW(thermal) MIT research reactor (MITR). A novel form of experimental cancer therapy, BNCT is being developed for certain types of highly malignant brain tumors such as glioblastoma and melanoma. The results of the phase-1 trials on patients with tumors in the legs or feet are described

  8. Rehkitzrettung mit dem Fliegenden Wildretter: Erfahrungen der ersten Feldeinsätze


    Wimmer, Tilman; Israel, Martin; Haschberger, Peter; Weimann, Anita


    Der Fliegende Wildretter des Deutschen Zentrums für Luft- und Raumfahrt ist als prototypische Kleinserie seit dem Jahr 2010 erfolgreich in Deutsch-land und Österreich im Einsatz, um aus der Luft Wildtiere während der Wiesenmahd aufzuspüren, und diese so vor dem Tod durch das Mähwerk zu retten. Der Prototyp basiert auf einem ferngesteuerten Multikopter, der mit mehreren Kameras ausgestattet ist und damit im Flug zuverlässiger und wesentlich schneller Wildtiere er-kennen kann, als dies mit b...

  9. Center for Multiscale Plasma Dynamics: Report on Activities (UCLA/MIT), 2009-2010

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Troy Carter


    The final 'phaseout' year of the CMPD ended July 2010; a no cost extension was requested until May 2011 in order to enable the MIT subcontract funds to be fully utilized. Research progress over this time included verification and validation activities for the BOUT and BOUT++ code, studies of spontaneous reconnection in the VTF facility at MIT, and studies of the interaction between Alfven waves and drift waves in LAPD. The CMPD also hosted the 6th plasma physics winter school in 2010 (jointly with the NSF frontier center the Center for Magnetic Self-Organization, significant funding came from NSF for this most recent iteration of the Winter School).

  10. Turbulence Interface Simulation by Lagrangian Blocks (United States)

    Chu, V. H.


    Most computational fluid-dynamics codes are developed using the Eulerian description. To find the numerical solution, fluxes are estimated on the surface of the finite volume using a truncation series. Spurious numerical oscillations and artificial numerical diffusion are consequences, particularly in regions across flow discontinuities. Diffusion often is introduced synthetically in many schemes to gain computational stability. Occasional switching to a diffusive upwind scheme, for example, is one classic strategy to manage the numerical oscillations [see e.g., Ghannadi & Chu 2015]. Lagrangian-block simulation offers an alternative that could minimize the spurious oscillations and false diffusive error. The blocks move in the direction of the flow. The squares of the block widths expand in proportion to the diffusivities. The block simulation procedure consists of (i) Lagrangian advection and diffusion, (ii) division into portions, and (iii) reassembly of the portions into new blocks. The blocks are renewed in each time increment to prevent excessive distortion. Details of the Lagrangian-block simulations method have been given in a series of papers by Tan & Chu (2012), Chu & Altai (2012, 2015}. In this paper, the exchanges across turbulence interfaces are considered for two problems. The first series of the simulations are conducted to find the mass and momentum exchanges across a shallow flow of two different depth. In the simulations, the advection and diffusion of three separated systems of blocks that contain the mass, momentum and potential vorticity are carried out using the Lagrangian-block simulation method. The simulation results are compared with data obtained from a previous laboratory investigation and related to the shear instability problem in rotating shear flow previously considered by Chu (2014). The second problem involves the turbulence generation across the interface of an internal waves. The simulation shows the development of gravitational

  11. Entwicklungspotenziale für ein passiv klimatisiertes Gebäude mit Badgir und Luftkollektor in Isfahan (Iran)


    Nasrollahi, Kamyar


    Im Rahmen dieser Arbeit wurden verschiedene Ansätze zur Bilanzierung von Badgiren und Luftkollektorkonstruktionen studiert und ein Beitrag zur Bilanzierung, harmonisiert mit der DIN V 18599, neu entwickelt. Die rechnerische Bilanzierung der Einzelelemente wurde mit dem Werkzeug der thermisch dynamischen Simulation entwickelt und überprüft.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Komang Mega Puspadisari


    Full Text Available Superficial cervical plexus block is one of the regional anesthesia in  neck were limited to thesuperficial fascia. Anesthesia is used to relieve pain caused either during or after the surgery iscompleted. This technique can be done by landmark or with ultrasound guiding. The midpointof posterior border of the Sternocleidomastoid was identified and the prosedure done on thatplace or on the level of cartilage cricoid.

  13. Change Around the Block? (United States)

    Berlin, Joey


    Proponents of a block grant or per-capita cap trumpet them as vehicles for the federal government to give the states a capped amount of funding for Medicaid that legislatures would effectively distribute how they see fit. Questions abound as to what capped Medicaid funding would look like, and what effect it would have on the current Medicaid-eligible population, covered services, and physician payments.

  14. Managing access block. (United States)

    Cameron, Peter; Scown, Paul; Campbell, Donald


    There is pessimism regarding the ability of the Acute Health Sector to manage access block for emergency and elective patients. Melbourne Health suffered an acute bed crisis in 2001 resulting in record ambulance diversions and emergency department (ED) delays. We conducted an observational study to reduce access block for emergency patients whilst maintaining elective throughput at Melbourne Health. This involved a clinician-led taskforce using previously proven principles for organisational change to implement 51 actions to improve patient access over a three-month period. The primary outcome measures were ambulance diversion, emergency patients waiting more than 12 hours for an inpatient bed, elective throughput and theatre cancellations. Despite a reduction in multi-day bed numbers all primary objectives were met, ambulance diversion decreased to minimal levels, 12-hour waits decreased by 40% and elective throughput was maintained. Theatre cancellations were also minimised. We conclude that access block can be improved by clinician-led implementation of proven process improvements over a short time frame. The ability to sustain change over the longer term requires further study.

  15. Bier′s block using lignocaine and butorphanol

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abhishek Bansal


    Full Text Available Background : Opioids are most commonly used as adjuncts in intravenous regional anesthesia (IVRA to improve the quality of intraoperative and postoperative analgesia. There is paucity of literature on the use of butorphanol in IVRA. Aims : The aim of this study was to evaluate the likely benefits of addition of butorphanol to lignocaine in Bier′s block in terms of onset and duration of sensory block and also for analgesic requirement in postoperative period. Settings and Design : A randomized double blind study was conducted at Tertiary Care Educational Institute. Patients and Methods : A total of 40 adult ASA I or II patients scheduled to undergo upper limb surgery were randomized in two groups (n=20. Group I received 3 mg/kg of lignocaine alone and group II received 1 mg butorphanol in addition to 3 mg/kg lignocaine. Sensory block onset time and time to recovery from sensory block after tourniquet deflation were noted using the pin prick method. Duration of postoperative analgesia was noted using a visual analogue scale. All the patients were compared for the time to first rescue analgesic consumption and total analgesic consumption in first 24 hours postoperatively. Statistical Analysis Used : The statistical analysis was done using unpaired Student′s t-test. Results : Our study showed significant prolongation of postoperative analgesia in group II as noted by the time to first analgesic requirement. Total analgesic consumption in first 24 hours postoperatively was less in group II. Sensory block onset time and time to recovery from sensory block after tourniquet deflation, did not show any significant difference between the two groups. Conclusions : Addition of butorphanol to lignocaine in IVRA significantly prolongs the duration of postoperative analgesia and 24 hours analgesic consumption is less in patients receiving butorphanol along with lignocaine in IVRA. However, there is no effect on sensory block onset time and time to recovery

  16. Integration oder Isolation? : Überlegungen zum Umgang mit Hamas


    Künzl, Jan


    Inhalt: I. Einleitende Bemerkungen; II. Entwicklungslinien: Von der Hamas-Gründung 1987 bis zu den palästinensischen Parlamentswahlen 2006; 1. Die Theoriebasis für die Erklärung des politischen Handelns von Hamas: Das "Spoiler"-Konzept von Stephen J. Stedman; 2. Die Hamas im Oslo-Prozess: Zwischen fundamentalistischer Charta und realpolitischem Pragmatismus; 3. Das Scheitern des Oslo-Prozesses und dessen Hintergründe; III. Die Reaktionen auf den Wahlsieg von Hamas bei den Parlamentswahlen 200...

  17. X-ray spectrometry with synchrotron radiation; Roentgenspektrometrie mit Synchrotronstrahlung

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mueller, Matthias [Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Berlin (Germany). Arbeitsgruppe ' Roentgen- und IR-Spektrometrie' ; Gerlach, Martin; Holfelder, Ina; Hoenicke, Philipp; Lubeck, Janin; Nutsch, Andreas; Pollakowski, Beatrix; Streeck, Cornelia; Unterumsberger, Rainer; Weser, Jan; Beckhoff, Burkhard


    The X-ray spectrometry of the PTB at the BESSY II storage ring with radiation in the range from 78 eV to 10.5 keV is described. After a description of the instrumentation development reference-sample free X-ray fluorescence analysis, the determination of fundamental atomic parameters, X-ray fluorescence analysis under glance-angle incidence, highly-resolving absorption spectrometry, and emission spectrometry are considered. Finally liquid cells and in-situ measurement techniques are described. (HSI)

  18. Schwerpunktseminar : "Dazugehören? Umgang mit Minderheiten" / Liliāna Vancāne

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vancāne, Liliāna


    17. -20. märtsini 2016 Tartus toimunud seminarist "Dazugehören? Umgang mit Minderheiten. Estland und Lettland gestern-heutu-morgen". Seminarist sotsiaalse kuuluvuse ja vähemuste teemal. Suurepäraselt korraldatud ürituse parim osa oli töötuba

  19. Zuiderent-Jerak Teun Situated Intervention: Sociological Experiments in Health Care. Cambridge & London: The MIT Press.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Winthereik, Brit Ross; Mesman, Jessica; Marres, Noortje


    This article is a elaborate review of Teun Zuiderent's book 'Situated Intervention: Sociological Experiments in Health Care' (2015) The MIT Press. The article is based on our comments and the discussions made during the launch of the book at Linköping University in Sweden in October 2015.

  20. eLearning in der Volksschule – ein Mehrwert? - Aspekte zu einem zukunftsorientierten Unterricht mit IKT

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ursula Dopplinger


    Full Text Available In einer Panelstudie wurde die Verbesserung der Schlüsselkompetenzen von Schülerinnen und Schülern durch eLearning in vier Volksschulen untersucht. Mit der verwendeten Webquest-Methode wurden bei drei von vier Untersuchten im Bereich der Schlüsselkompetenzen Erfolge erzielt.

  1. Review of 'Where the action is, by Paul Dorish, MIT Press 2001

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wentzer, Helle


    Bogen til human-computer interaction, HCI er ikke helt ny (MIT 2001/2004), men dog filosofisk aktuel som baggrund for nye tanker, forventninger og krav til sundhedsinformatikken. Den foranker forskningprogrammerne til ’tangible computing’ og ’social computing’ paradigmatisk i fænomenologien og...

  2. Evaluation of the MIT-Scan-T2 for non-destructive PCC pavement thickness determination. (United States)


    The MIT-Scan-T2 device is marketed as a non-destructive way to determine pavement thickness on both : HMA and PCC pavements. PCC pavement thickness determination is an important incentivedisincentive : measurement for the Iowa DOT and contractors. Th...

  3. On the MIT Bag Model in the Non-relativistic Limit (United States)

    Arrizabalaga, N.; Le Treust, L.; Raymond, N.


    This paper is devoted to the spectral investigation of the MIT bag model, that is, the Dirac operator on a smooth and bounded domain of R^3 with certain boundary conditions. When the mass m goes to {±∞}, we provide spectral asymptotic results.

  4. The R package MitISEM : efficient and robust simulation procedures for Bayesian inference

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Baştürk, N.; Grassi, S.; Hoogerheide, L.; Opschoor, A.; van Dijk, H.K.


    This paper presents the R package MitISEM (mixture of t by importance sampling weighted expectation maximization) which provides an automatic and flexible two-stage method to approximate a non-elliptical target density kernel - typically a posterior density kernel - using an adaptive mixture of

  5. Biogas - a new energy source saves fossil resources; Biogas - mit neuer Energie Ressourcen schonen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Thoss, C. (comp.)


    The new German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) of 2000 made conditions for biogas more favourable - small wonder, as the German Biogas Association (Fachverband Biogas e.V.) co-operated with written expert opinions and many discussions with decision-makers. The subjects discussed at the 10th Biogas Conference reflect the current situation and will provide a basis for committee work in 2001. [German] Im Jahr 2000 haben sich die gesetzlichen Rahmenbedingungen fuer den Biogasbereich mit dem Inkrafttreten des erneuerbaren Energiegesetz (EEG) sehr positiv entwickelt. Der Fachverband Biogas e.V. hat mit schriftlichen Stellungnahmen und in vielen Gespraechen mit Entscheidungstraegern diese Bedingungen mitgestaltet. In Zukunft gibt es noch viele Aufgaben fuer eine effektive Interessenvertretung der Biogasbranche auf Laender- und Bundesebene. Die Themen, die auf der 10. Biogastagung diskutiert werden, spiegeln die Fragen wieder, die unter Experten derzeit intensiv diskutiert werden. Die Ergebnisse des Erfahrungsaustausches auf dieser Tagung werden die Grundlage fuer die Arbeit der Gremien im Fachverband Biogas im Jahr 2001 sein. Mit dem vorliegenden Tagungsband ist es gelungen, die Basis fuer die fachlichen Gespraeche waehrend und nach der Tagung schaffen. (orig.)

  6. Aus Wirtschaft und Betrieb. Biomasse: Gewinnung und Verarbeitung mit Profilschal-maschinen (United States)

    P. Koch


    1963 wurden in den Südstaaten der USA nur 30% der oberund unterirdischen Biomasse der geernteten sog. Southern pines für Schnittholz und Zellstoff verwertet bzw. als getrockneies, gehobletes und abgelängtes Schnittholz oder als Kraftpapier verkauft. Keine der zusammen mit den Kiefern vorkommenden Laubholzarten wurde bisher in nennenswertem Umfan verwertet. Auch heute...

  7. Underground storage with floating cover. An overview; Erdbeckenspeicher mit schwimmender Abdeckung. Eine Uebersicht

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Heller, A.; Maureschat, G.; Duer, K. [Technical Univ. of Denmark, Lyngby (Denmark). Dept. of Buildings and Energy


    A number of underground stores have been developed in recent years in Denmark. The development has been subsidised with funds of `Development program renewable energy` launched by the Danish Ministry for Environment and Energy. First experience reports on underground storage show that more emphasis must be put on the development of storage sealing and cover construction. Hence research works currently focuses on the investigation of liner material and further development of floating cover constructions. The target is the development of underground storage using solar energy for heating that can compete with conventional heating systems technically and economically. (orig.) [Deutsch] In Daenemark hat man in den letzten Jahren eine Reihe von Erdbeckenspeichern entwickelt. Die Entwicklung wird mit Mitteln aus dem `Entwicklungsprogramm Erneuerbare Energie` vom daenischen Umwelt- und Energieministerium finanziell gefoerdert. Die ersten Erfahrungen mit Erdbeckenspeichern haben gezeigt, dass ein verstaerkter Einsatz bei der Entwicklung von Abdichtungen des Speichers und von Deckelkonstruktionen gefordert ist. Deshalb wird in Daenemark aktuell mit der Untersuchung von Linermaterialien und der Weiterentwicklung von schwimmenden Deckelkonstruktionen gearbeitet. Das Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es, Erdbeckenspeicher zu entwickeln, die die Ausnutzung von Sonnenenergie zur Waermeversorgung im Vergleich mit herkoemmlicher Waermeversorgung sowohl technisch als auch oekonomisch konkurrenzfaehig macht. (orig.)

  8. How Much Have They Retained? Making Unseen Concepts Seen in a Freshman Electromagnetism Course at MIT (United States)

    Dori, Yehudit Judy; Hult, Erin; Breslow, Lori; Belcher, John W.


    The introductory freshmen electromagnetism course at MIT has been taught since 2000 using a studio physics format entitled TEAL--Technology Enabled Active Learning. TEAL has created a collaborative, hands-on environment where students carry out desktop experiments, submit web-based assignments, and have access to a host of visualizations and…

  9. Energiemessungen bei Aspergillus niger mit Hilfe eines automatischen Mikro-Kompensations-Calorimeters

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Algera, Leendert


    Beschrieben wurde ein Calorimeter. Das Prinzip der Warmemessung besteht darin, dasz die entwickelte Wärme, sobald sie entsteht, durch eine entsprechende Kältemenge kompensiert wird. Sobald die Temperatur des Kulturgefaszes ein wenig ansteigt, wird trockne Luft gepumpt durch ein mit Wasser gefulltes

  10. Kontextspezifische Positionierungen: Darstellung eines Forschungszugangs und einer Analysestrategie am Fallbeispiel einer Lehrkraft "mit Migrationshintergrund"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vesna Varga


    Full Text Available In diesem Beitrag wird der von uns entwickelte Ansatz der kontextspezifischen Positionierungen als Forschungszugang und Analysestrategie qualitativer Migrationsforschung beschrieben. Theoretische und empirische Arbeiten betonen seit Längerem, dass migrationsbezogene Differenzsetzungen und Zugehörigkeitskonstruktionen als relational hergestellte und kontextspezifisch differierende soziale Phänomene betrachtet werden müssen. Dies erfordert eine systematische Analyse fluider, sozialer (migrationsbezogener Relationen im Hinblick auf die Spezifik der alltäglichen Kontexte, in denen sie hergestellt werden. Bislang steht eine solche Analyse allerdings noch weitgehend aus. Mit der Verknüpfung der Analyse von Positionierungen mit derjenigen der Kontexte, in denen Positionierungen in narrativen Erzählungen stehen, veranschaulicht der Beitrag eine Möglichkeit der methodischen Realisierung mittels der Grounded-Theory-Methodologie. Er verdeutlicht damit speziell auch Einsatzmöglichkeiten der Positionierungsanalyse, um diese stärker als bisher für die (deutschsprachige Migrationsforschung nutzbar zu machen. Das Vorgehen wird beispielhaft anhand der Analyse eines Interviews mit einer Lehrkraft mit zugeschriebenem Migrationshintergrund veranschaulicht. Die Analyse zeigt, wie migrationsbezogene (und weitere Selbst- und Fremdpositionierungen je nach Kontext variieren und welche Bedeutung Positionierungen innerhalb schulischer Dominanzordnungen und Hierarchien haben. URN:

  11. Neutron capture therapy beams at the MIT Research Reactor

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Choi, J.R.; Clement, S.D.; Harling, O.K.; Zamenhof, R.G.


    Several neutron beams that could be used for neutron capture therapy at MITR-II are dosimetrically characterized and their suitability for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme and other types of tumors are described. The types of neutron beams studied are: (1) those filtered by various thicknesses of cadmium, D2O, 6Li, and bismuth; and (2) epithermal beams achieved by filtration with aluminum, sulfur, cadmium, 6Li, and bismuth. Measured dose vs. depth data are presented in polyethylene phantom with references to what can be expected in brain. The results indicate that both types of neutron beams are useful for neutron capture therapy. The first type of neutron beams have good therapeutic advantage depths (approximately 5 cm) and excellent in-phantom ratios of therapeutic dose to background dose. Such beams would be useful for treating tumors located at relatively shallow depths in the brain. On the other hand, the second type of neutron beams have superior therapeutic advantage depths (greater than 6 cm) and good in-phantom therapeutic advantage ratios. Such beams, when used along with bilateral irradiation schemes, would be able to treat tumors at any depth in the brain. Numerical examples of what could be achieved with these beams, using RBEs, fractionated-dose delivery, unilateral, and bilateral irradiation are presented in the paper. Finally, additional plans for further neutron beam development at MITR-II are discussed

  12. Functional imaging with electron-beam computed tompgraphy; Funktionsuntersuchungen des Herzens mit der Elektronenstrahltomographie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Becker, A.; Knez, A.; Haberl, R.; Steinbeck, G. [Medizinische Klinik 1, Klinikum Grosshadern, Muenchen Univ. (Germany); Becker, C.; Bruening, R.; Reiser, M. [Inst. fuer Radiologische Diagnostik, Klinikum Grosshadern, Muenchen Univ. (Germany)


    Purpose: Electron-beam computed tomography (EBCT) enables examinations with a very short acquisition time of 50 ms and thus permits cardiac imaging without motion artifacts. Utilizing eight detector rings simultaneous image acquisition in up to eight levels and complete imaging of the whole heart is possible. In studies, functional imaging with EBCT was compared to our angiocardiography, echocardiography, radionuclide, ventriculography and magnetic resonance tomography. Results: A very high correlation between EBCT and direct determination of right and left ventricle (r=0.98 and r=0.99) was demonstrated. Compared to echocardiography, angiocardiography and radionuclide ventriculography, assessment of ventricular function was more precise and more reliable. Discussion: EBCT allows the exact and reliable determination of left and right ventricular function. Also precise assessment of myocardial mass is possible. However, the high radiation exposure and diagnostic effort have to be considered. (orig./AJ) [Deutsch] Zielsetzung: Die Elektronenstrahltomographie ermoeglicht Aufnahmen mit einer aeusserst kurzen Akquisitionszeit von 50 ms. Dadurch erfolgt die artefaktfreie Abbildung des Herzens. Zudem ist mit 2 Detektorringen die simultane Bildakquisition in bis zu 8 Schichten und damit die vollstaendige Abbildung des Herzens moeglich. Wir haben die EBCT mit Angiokardiographie, Echokardiographie, Radionuklidventrikulographie und Magnetresonanztomographie zur Beurteilung von Ventrikelgroesse, Pumpfunktion und Myokardmasse verglichen. Ergebnisse: Es zeigte sich eine sehr gute Korrelation der EBCT mit der direkten Bestimmung der rechten und linken Ventrikelgroesse (r=0,98 und r=0,99). Im Vergleich zu Echokardiographie, Angiokardiographie und Radionuklidventrikulographie ermoeglichte die EBCT eine genauere und zuverlaessigere Bestimmung der ventrikulaeren Funktion. Diskussion: Mit der EBCT kann die rechts- und linksventrikulaere Funktion exakt und zuverlaessig beurteilt werden

  13. Paving block study : final report. (United States)


    The Louisiana Department of Highways has conducted field tests with an experimental revetment consisting of cellular concrete revetment blocks used in conjunction with plastic filter cloth and/or vegetation such as grass or vines. The precast blocks ...

  14. Habitat Blocks and Wildlife Corridors (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — Habitat blocks are areas of contiguous forest and other natural habitats that are unfragmented by roads, development, or agriculture. Vermonts habitat blocks are...

  15. Demographic Data - MDC_Block (United States)

    NSGIC Local Govt | GIS Inventory — A polygon feature class of Miami-Dade Census 2000 Blocks. Census blocks are areas bounded on all sides by visible and/or invisible features shown on a map prepared...

  16. Blocking the Hawking radiation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Autzen, M.; Kouvaris, C.


    grows after its formation (and eventually destroys the star) instead of evaporating. The fate of the black hole is dictated by the two opposite mechanics, i.e., accretion of nuclear matter from the center of the star and Hawking radiation that tends to decrease the mass of the black hole. We study how...... the assumptions for the accretion rate can in fact affect the critical mass beyond which a black hole always grows. We also study to what extent degenerate nuclear matter can impede Hawking radiation due to the fact that emitted particles can be Pauli blocked at the core of the star....

  17. How Artists Overcome Creative Blocks. (United States)

    Hirst, Barbara


    Six practicing artists were interviewed about how they overcome creative blocks. Their responses indicated that feelings of self-doubt, fear, and depression accompany blocks but that relaxing and working on new directions and playing ideas off a supportive person helped to overcome such blocks. (DB)

  18. Block Scheduling in High Schools. (United States)

    Irmsher, Karen


    Block Scheduling has been considered a cure for a lengthy list of educational problems. This report reviews the literature on block schedules and describes some Oregon high schools that have integrated block scheduling. Major disadvantages included resistance to change and requirements that teachers change their teaching strategies. There is…

  19. Abdominal wall blocks in adults

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Neimann, Jens Dupont Børglum; Gögenür, Ismail; Bendtsen, Thomas F.


    Purpose of review Abdominal wall blocks in adults have evolved much during the last decade; that is, particularly with the introduction of ultrasound-guided (USG) blocks. This review highlights recent advances of block techniques within this field and proposes directions for future research.  Rec...

  20. Europäisch eingestellt – Valenzforschung mit Parallelkorpora

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kamber, Alain


    Full Text Available The aim of this research is to demonstrate with a case study the significance of corpus linguistics within the field of verb valency and bilingual lexicography. Specifically, we will introduce a corpus-based process that determines context-sensitive translations of polysemous word forms. Three steps are considered here in detail. First, text evidences of the verb einstellen in the monolingual Deutsches Referenzkorpus (DeReKo will be examined with a collocation analysis. With help of the analytical instrument COSMAS II, the collocation profiles will then be summarized into a typology (senses and subsenses, valency structures and typical collocations. In a further step, the determined senses can be attributed to the corresponding translations of the word form einstellen in other languages (English, French and Italian by means of the multilingual parallel corpus Europarl (Open Source Parallel Corpus OPUS. Finally, the results will be compared to the codifications of commonly used bilingual dictionaries.

  1. Program structure-based blocking (United States)

    Bertolli, Carlo; Eichenberger, Alexandre E.; O'Brien, John K.; Sura, Zehra N.


    Embodiments relate to program structure-based blocking. An aspect includes receiving source code corresponding to a computer program by a compiler of a computer system. Another aspect includes determining a prefetching section in the source code by a marking module of the compiler. Yet another aspect includes performing, by a blocking module of the compiler, blocking of instructions located in the prefetching section into instruction blocks, such that the instruction blocks of the prefetching section only contain instructions that are located in the prefetching section.

  2. EU Kids Online – Der sichere Umgang mit dem Internet. Österreich im europäischen Vergleich


    Ingrid Paus-Hasebrink; Andrea Dürager


    Die Ergebnisse des dreijährigen europäischen Forschungsprojektes „EU Kids Online I“ zu Erfahrungen von Kindern und Jugendlichen mit dem Internet in Europa zeigen, dass die Forschungslage zu dieser Thematik in Österreich – aber auch in vielen anderen Ländern – als defizitär bezeichnet werden muss. Zudem zählt Österreich bei mittlerer Nutzungshäufigkeit des Internets zu den Ländern mit immerhin mittlerem Online-Risiko. Österreichische Eltern scheinen sich der mit der Internetnutzung ihrer Kinde...

  3. Nanomedical strategy to prolong survival period, heighten cure rate, and lower systemic toxicity of S180 mice treated with MTX/MIT. (United States)

    Song, Ning; Zhao, Ming; Wang, Yuji; Hu, Xi; Wu, Jianhui; Jiang, Xueyun; Li, Shan; Cui, Chunying; Peng, Shiqi


    In spite of the usual combination form of methotrexate (MTX)/mitoxantrone (MIT) and various complex combination regimens of MTX/MIT with other anticancer drugs, the survival period, cure rate, and systemic toxicity still need to be improved. For this purpose, a nanostructured amino group-modified mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNN)-MTX/MIT was designed. In the preparation, the surface of mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs) was modified with amino groups to form MSNN. The covalent modification of the amino groups on the surface of MSNN with MTX resulted in MSNN-MTX. The loading of MIT into the surface pores of MSNN-MTX produced nanostructured MSNN-MTX/MIT. Compared with the usual combination form (MTX/MIT), nanostructured MSNN-MTX/MIT increased the survival period greatly, heightened the cure rate to a great extent, and lowered the systemic toxicity of the treated S180 mice, significantly. These superior in vivo properties of nanostructured MSNN-MTX/MIT over the usual combination form (MTX/MIT) were correlated with the former selectively releasing MTX and MIT in tumor tissue and inside cancer cells in vitro. The chemical structure and the nanostructure of MSNN-MTX/MIT were characterized using infrared and differential scanning calorimeter spectra as well as transmission electron microscope images, respectively.

  4. Celiac ganglia block

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Akinci, Devrim [Department of Radiology, Hacettepe University School of Medicine, Sihhiye, 06100 Ankara (Turkey); Akhan, Okan [Department of Radiology, Hacettepe University School of Medicine, Sihhiye, 06100 Ankara (Turkey)]. E-mail:


    Pain occurs frequently in patients with advanced cancers. Tumors originating from upper abdominal viscera such as pancreas, stomach, duodenum, proximal small bowel, liver and biliary tract and from compressing enlarged lymph nodes can cause severe abdominal pain, which do not respond satisfactorily to medical treatment or radiotherapy. Percutaneous celiac ganglia block (CGB) can be performed with high success and low complication rates under imaging guidance to obtain pain relief in patients with upper abdominal malignancies. A significant relationship between pain relief and degree of tumoral celiac ganglia invasion according to CT features was described in the literature. Performing the procedure in the early grades of celiac ganglia invasion on CT can increase the effectiveness of the CGB, which is contrary to World Health Organization criteria stating that CGB must be performed in patients with advanced stage cancer. CGB may also be effectively performed in patients with chronic pancreatitis for pain palliation.

  5. Photovoltaic building blocks

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hanberg, Peter Jesper; Jørgensen, Anders Michael


    efficiency of about 15% for commercial Silicon solar cells there is still much to gain. DTU Danchip provides research facilities, equipment and expertise for the building blocks that comprises fabricating the efficient solar cell. In order to get more of the sun light into the device we provide thin film......Photovoltaics (PV), better known as solar cells, are now a common day sight on many rooftops in Denmark.The installed capacity of PV systems worldwide is growing exponentially1 and is the third most importantrenewable energy source today. The cost of PV is decreasing fast with ~10%/year but to make...... it directcompetitive with fossil energy sources a further reduction is needed. By increasing the efficiency of the solar cells one gain an advantage through the whole chain of cost. So that per produced Watt of power less material is spent, installation costs are lower, less area is used etc. With an average...

  6. Celiac ganglia block

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Akinci, Devrim; Akhan, Okan


    Pain occurs frequently in patients with advanced cancers. Tumors originating from upper abdominal viscera such as pancreas, stomach, duodenum, proximal small bowel, liver and biliary tract and from compressing enlarged lymph nodes can cause severe abdominal pain, which do not respond satisfactorily to medical treatment or radiotherapy. Percutaneous celiac ganglia block (CGB) can be performed with high success and low complication rates under imaging guidance to obtain pain relief in patients with upper abdominal malignancies. A significant relationship between pain relief and degree of tumoral celiac ganglia invasion according to CT features was described in the literature. Performing the procedure in the early grades of celiac ganglia invasion on CT can increase the effectiveness of the CGB, which is contrary to World Health Organization criteria stating that CGB must be performed in patients with advanced stage cancer. CGB may also be effectively performed in patients with chronic pancreatitis for pain palliation

  7. Die Dramatikerin Theresia Walser spricht mit Maria Aparecida Barbosa über das Theaterstück "King Kongs Töchter":Mit einer Einführung von Karina Schuller


    Barbosa, M.A. (Maria)


    In ihrem Interview spricht die Literaturwissenschaftlerin Maria Aparecida Barbosa mit der Dramatikerin Theresia Walser. Am Beispiel des Theaterstücks King Kongs Töchter (1998), das sich auf groteske Art und Weise mit dem Alltag in einem Altenheim befasst, werden dabei verschiedene Themen angesprochen: Es geht um die Selbstreflexivität des Theaters, um Walsers Verständnis von poetischer Sprache und Realismus sowie um den kreativen Schreibprozess im Allgemeinen. Ergänzt wird das Interview durch...

  8. Mit sprog - mit arbejde - mit liv

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Michael Svendsen


    Med inspiration fra et økologisk perspektiv på sproglæring diskuteres mulighederne for videreudvikling af en kommunikativ pædagogik inden for arbejdspladsrelateret undervisning i dansk som andetsprog for voksne....

  9. Rethinking the Relationship Between Academia and Industry: Qualitative Case Studies of MIT and Stanford. (United States)

    Zhu, Fengliang; Hawk, Soaring


    As knowledge has become more closely tied to economic development, the interrelationship between academia and industry has become stronger. The result has been the emergence of what Slaughter and Leslie call academic capitalism. Inevitably, tensions between academia and industry arise; however, universities such as MIT and Stanford with long traditions of industry interaction have been able to achieve a balance between academic and market values. This paper describes the strategies adopted by MIT and Stanford to achieve this balance. The results indicate that implicit culture is a stronger determinant of balance than are explicit rules. Finally, the author proposes a concept of balance to reconsider the relationship between academia and industry: today's universities, particularly those with strengths in engineering and management, are both symbiotic and interdependent with industry. A reasonable attitude toward the university-industry relationship is that of balance rather than strict separation. Universities can thus establish effective mechanisms to reach a balance between conflicting values.

  10. A review of the MIT experiments on the closed-loop digital control of reactor power

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bernard, J.A.


    In this paper a review is provided of certain major experiments conducted from 1985 to 1988 as part of the MIT program on the development and demonstration of advanced technologies for the closed-loop digital control of nuclear reactors. Included are demonstrations of the supervisory control of neutronic power using an alternate formulation of the dynamic period equation, the use of the MIT-SNL Period-Generated Minimum Time Control Laws for the time-optimal control of neutronic power, and the evaluation of predictive displays as an operator aid. The significance of each of these advances is discussed in terms of the overall development of a multi-tiered controller that includes supervisory algorithms, predictive control laws, and automated reasoning

  11. KoelnArena has 18,000 seats; Die KoelnArena mit 18 000 Sitzplaetzen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zerres, E.


    The ``Koelnarena`` is a new hall with 18,000 seats for sports events and cultural events, and with a skating rink in the hall center. In view of the many events (up to 180 per year), the skating rink must be glazed throughout the year (except for the summer holidays) in order to avoid the high cost of frequent freezing and thawing. [Deutsch] Die Koelnarena ist eine neue Halle fuer 18 000 Besucher in Koeln-Deutz, mit vielfacher Verwendbarkeit fuer Eishockey und Eistanz, Tennis, Volleyball, Boxen, Schausport, Showkonzerte, Oper und Tanzveranstaltungen. Das Kernstueck dieser MEGA-Halle ist die Eispiste in der Hallenmitte. Wegen der hohen Auslastung der Halle mit bis zu 180 Veranstaltungen pro Jahr muss die Eispiste ganzjaehrig (ausser waehrend der Sommerferien) vereist bleiben, um den sehr grossen Energieaufwand fuer haeufig Eisbildung (und Abtauen.) sowie die Kosten hierfuer zu vermeiden. (orig.)

  12. Center for Multiscale Plasma Dynamics: Report on Activities (UCLA/MIT), 2009-2010

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carter, Troy Alan [Univ. of California, Los Angeles, CA (United States)


    The final “phaseout” year of the CMPD ended July 2010; a no cost extension was requested until May 2011 in order to enable the MIT subcontract funds to be fully utilized. Research progress over this time included verification and validation activities for the BOUT and BOUT++ code, studies of spontaneous reconnection in the VTF facility at MIT, and studies of the interaction between Alfv´en waves and drift waves in LAPD. The CMPD also hosted the 6th plasma physics winter school in 2010 (jointly with the NSF frontier center the Center for Magnetic Self-Organization, significant funding came from NSF for this most recent iteration of theWinter School).

  13. Coupling of the Magnetosphere-Ionosphere/Thermosphere and Oxygen Outflow-- MIT Mission (United States)

    Fu, S.


    The goal of the MIT mission is to understand the coupling of the magnetosphere and ionosphere from the prospective of particles. It will focus on the outflow of the ionosphere particles (mainly oxygen ions) from the Earth, including the acceleration mechanisms of oxygen ions and their relative importance in different regions, the importance of these ions while transferred into the magnetosphere and the roles they played in magnetosphere activities. A constellation of four satellites orbiting at three elliptical orbits will provide the unique opportunities to observed there ions at three different altitude with temporal changes of the flux of these particles and the magnetic field environments. The conceptual design of the spacecraft and a summary of the payload will be presented. The MIT mission was selected as one of the five candidates for the upcoming mission plan in China.

  14. A Systems Approach to Healthcare Innovation Using the MIT Hacking Medicine Model. (United States)

    Gubin, Tatyana A; Iyer, Hari P; Liew, Shirlene N; Sarma, Aartik; Revelos, Alex; Ribas, João; Movassaghi, Babak; Chu, Zen M; Khalid, Ayesha N; Majmudar, Maulik D; Lee, Christopher Xiang


    MIT Hacking Medicine is a student, academic, and community-led organization that uses systems-oriented "healthcare hacking" to address challenges around innovation in healthcare. The group has organized more than 80 events around the world that attract participants with diverse backgrounds. These participants are trained to address clinical needs from the perspective of multiple stakeholders and emphasize utility and implementation viability of proposed solutions. We describe the MIT Hacking Medicine model as a potential method to integrate collaboration and training in rapid innovation techniques into academic medical centers. Built upon a systems approach to healthcare innovation, the time-compressed but expertly guided nature of the events could enable more widely accessible preliminary training in systems-level innovation methodology, as well as creating a structured opportunity for interdisciplinary congregation and collaboration. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  15. The neurosciences research program at MIT and the beginning of the modern field of neuroscience. (United States)

    Adelman, George


    The interdisciplinary field, "neuroscience," began at MIT in 1962 with the founding of the Neurosciences Research Program (NRP) by Francis O. Schmitt and a group of US and international scientists - physical, biological, medical, and behavioral - interested in understanding the brain basis of behavior and mind. They organized and held specialist meetings of basic topics in neuroscience, and the journal and book publications over the next 20 years, based on these meetings, helped establish the new field.

  16. Portable Map-Reduce Utility for MIT SuperCloud Environment (United States)


    Google [2]. The open source community has its own implementations such as Hadoop MapReduce framework [3]. Although its underlying concept has...popular with the Hadoop MapReduce framework for the Java community. The Map Reduce programming model provides a number of benefits such as automatic...utility to MIT SuperCloud systems [5], which works on a central storage system instead of distributed filesystem such as Hadoop distributed filesystem

  17. Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung von modernen Werkstoffen mit dynamischen Shearografie-Verfahren


    Menner, Philipp


    Die Herausforderungen an die zerstörungsfreie Prüfung steigen mit der zunehmenden Verbreitung moderner Werkstoffe. Die ZfP-Methoden sollten nicht nur schnell und kontaktfrei arbeiten, sondern auch die in diesen Werkstoffen auftretenden neuen Defektarten zuverlässig erfassen. Elektronische Speckle-Pattern-Interferometrie (ESPI) kann unter Verwendung zeitabhängiger Anregungs- und Auswerte-Methoden viele dieser Anforderungen erfüllen, sie ist jedoch für industrielle Anwendungen nicht robust g...

  18. Ioneninduzierte Umwandlung von Polymerschichten zu diamantähnlichem Kohlenstoff mit darin enthaltenen Silber-Nanopartikeln


    Schwarz, Florian P.


    Silberhaltiger diamantähnlicher Kohlenstoff (DLC) in Form eines Nanokomposits ist aus mehreren Gründen ein interessantes Material für die Medizintechnik. Zum Einen bietet DLC gute mechanische Eigenschaften, so dass es als biokompatible Verschleißschutzbeschichtung auf Gelenkendoprothesen eingesetzt werden kann. Zum Anderen besitzt Silber antibakterielle Eigenschaften, die es ermöglichen, postoperative Infektionen zu reduzieren. Die Herstellung von Ag-DLC mit konventionellen Verfahren ist jedo...

  19. Recent measurements with the out-of-plane spectrometer system at MIT-Bates

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sirca, Simon


    The recent experimental program with the out-of-plane spectrometer system (OOPS) at MIT-Bates encompassed an extensive set of d(e-vector,e ' p) measurements, investigations of the N→Δ transition using p(e-vector,e ' p)π 0 and p(e-vector,e ' π + )n reaction channels, and studies of virtual Compton scattering (VCS) p(e,e ' p)γ below the pion threshold. Preliminary results are presented

  20. Beurteilung von nativen und aufgetauten Spermatozoen fertiler und subfertiler Hengste mit Hilfe der Phasenkontrast- und Transmissionselektronenmikroskopie


    Smedts, Ellen


    Beurteilung von nativen und aufgetauten Spermatozoen fertiler und subfertiler Hengste mit Hilfe der Phasenkontrast- und Transmissionselektronenmikroskopie. Institut für Veterinär-Pathologie der Veterinärmedizinischen Fakultät, Universität Leipzig Reproduktionsmedizinische Einheit der Kliniken der Tierärztlichen Hochschule Hannover In dieser Arbeit wurde die Ultrastruktur von nativen und tiefgefrorenen Spermien mittels Phasenkontrast- und Transmissionselektronenmikroskopie (TEM) unt...

  1. Pionic corrections to the MIT bag model: The (3,3) resonance

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Theberge, S.; Thomas, A.W.; Miller, G.A.


    By incorporating chiral invariance in the MIT bag model, we are led to a theory in which the pion field is coupled to the confined quarks only at the bag surface. An equivalent quantized theory of nucleons and Δ's interacting with pions is then obtained. The pion-nucleon scattering amplitude in this model is found to give a good fit to experimental data on the (3,3) resonance, with a bag radius of about 0.72 fm

  2. Neuropsychologische Aspekte der Diagnostik von Kindern mit umschriebenen Entwicklungsstörungen schulischer Fertigkeiten


    Blender, Anja


    Die vorliegende Studie liefert empirische Evidenz für die Annahme von umschriebenen Entwicklungsstörungen schulischer Fertigkeiten als Manifestation einer auffälligen neuropsychologischen Entwicklung. Von allen untersuchten neuropsychologischen Funktionen erwies sich die phonologische Verarbeitung, insbesondere die phonologische Bewusstheit, als die am höchsten diskriminative Variable für umschriebene Lernstörungen im Lesen und/ oder Rechtschreiben sowie in der kombinierten Form mit Rechenstö...

  3. Functional MR urography in patients with renal transplants; Funktionelle MR-Urographie bei Patienten mit Nierentransplantaten

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Knopp, M.V. [Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg (Germany). Forschungsschwerpunkt Radiologische Diagnostik und Therapie; Doersam, J. [Heidelberg Univ. (Germany). Abt. Urologie und Poliklinik; Oesingmann, N. [Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg (Germany). Forschungsschwerpunkt Radiologische Diagnostik und Therapie; Piesche, S. [Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg (Germany). Forschungsschwerpunkt Radiologische Diagnostik und Therapie; Hawighorst, H. [Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg (Germany). Forschungsschwerpunkt Radiologische Diagnostik und Therapie; Wiesel, M. [Heidelberg Univ. (Germany). Abt. Urologie und Poliklinik; Schad, L.R. [Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg (Germany). Forschungsschwerpunkt Radiologische Diagnostik und Therapie; Kaick, G. van [Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg (Germany). Forschungsschwerpunkt Radiologische Diagnostik und Therapie


    Purpose: To assess the value of functional magnetic resonance urography for the noninvasive postoperative evaluation of renal transplants. Methods: A saturation inversion projection sequence allows the selective imaging of strongly T1 weighted signal from the MR contrast agent. A coronal slab leads to images comparable to conventional urography which can be acquired as a sequence with four images per minute. Results: 15 patients with urologic questionable findings after renal transplantation were studied. FMRU revealed in 6 patients normal findings, in 6 moderate dilatation of the renal pelvis without any urodynamic relevant obstruction. 3 pathologic findings, ureteral leak, ureteropelvic-junction obstruction and ureteral stenosis were diagnosed and consequently surgically treated. The imaging quality in all studies was diagnostic and urologically relevant. Conclusion: FMRU can be used as a noninvasive technique for the assessment of renal transplant in cases with suspicion of complication in the excretory system. (orig.) [Deutsch] Fragestellung: Laesst sich die funktionelle Magnetresonanzurographie (FMRU) zur nichtinvasiven Diagnostik im postoperativen Verlauf von Nierentransplantaten einsetzen? Methodik: Mit Hilfe einer Saturation-Inversion-Projektionstechnik kann eine selektive Darstellung der durch das Kontrastmittel stark verkuerzten T1-gewichteten Signalanteile erreicht werden. Durch koronare Schichtfuehrung entstehen Bilder vergleichbar mit einer konventionellen Urographie, die als Sequenz von 4 Bildern pro Minute aufgenommen werden. Ergebnisse: 15 Patienten mit urologisch abklaerungsbeduerftigen Befunden nach Nierentransplantation wurden untersucht. Mit der FMRU konnte bei 6 Patienten ein unauffaelliger Befund, bei 6 eine diskrete Dilatation des Nierenbeckenkelchsystems ohne urodynamisch relevante Abflussbehinderung nachgewiesen werden, jeweils eine Harnleiterleckage, eine Harnleitermuendungsstenose und eine Harnleiterabgangsenge wurden diagnostiziert und

  4. Gefahrenfall und Entempirisierung. Anmerkungen zur Unterscheidung literarischer Akteure und Personen mit Bezug auf Oliver Jahraus’ Replik

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David-Christopher Assmann


    Full Text Available Anmerkungen zur Unterscheidung literarischer Akteure und Personen mit Bezug auf Oliver Jahraus’ Replik. Die Replik setzt die seit der ersten Ausgabe von Textpraxis geführte Diskussion um eine Neufokussierung der systemtheoretischen Literaturwissenschaft fort. David-Christopher Assmann antwortet auf Oliver Jahraus’ Kritik an der Unterscheidung von Akteuren und Personen im Literatursystem, die jener in Ausgabe #3 in die Debatte eingeführt hat.

  5. Geschmackspapillendichte und Geschmackswahrnehmung bei Jugendlichen mit Essstörungen und einer gesunden Kontrollgruppe


    Kaltenhofer, Alice


    Fragestellung Die Schmeckwahrnehmung wird u.a. über Lernprozesse, kognitive Vorgänge, genetische und biochemische Faktoren reguliert. Ess- und Diätverhalten werden durch sie beeinflusst. Den anatomisch und physiologisch ersten Abschnitt der Schmeckwahrnehmung bilden die fungiformen Geschmackspapillen. In den Geschmackspapillen liegen die Geschmacksknopsen, mit deren Hilfe die Schmeckstoffe aufgenommen und in Form von Aktionspotentialen zum Thalamus, dem limbischen System,dem Gyrus postzentral...

  6. Kognitiv-behaviorale Psychotherapie bei Jugendlichen mit Essstörungen


    Ruhl, Uwe; Jacobi, Corinna


    Anorexia nervosa (AN), Bulimia nervosa (BN) und Binge Eating Störungen (BED) werden unter dem Begriff Essstörungen zusammengefasst. Insbesondere die AN stellt im Jugendalter aufgrund des typischen Beginns in diesem Altersbereich eine häufige Erkrankung mit häufig ungünstigen Verlauf (Steinhausen 2002) dar. Die psychischen, sozialen und körperlichen Folgen sind gravierend. Die Therapieforschung zeigt, dass die kognitiv-behaviorale Behandlung (CBT) bei BN, BN und BED im Erwachsenena...

  7. Neuropsychologische Diagnostik haptischer Wahrnehmungsleistungen bei Erwachsenen mit erworbenen schweren Hirnschädigungen


    Peschke, Volker


    In Alltagshandlungen und exekutiven Testaufgaben enthaltene haptische Wahrnehmungsleistungen werden bisher selten Gegenstand der neuropsychologischen Untersuchung. Es fehlen geeignete haptische Tests, die über das Niveau der Stereognosieprüfung von Einzelobjekten hinausgehen. In der Studie wurden vier standardisierte haptische Aufgaben und ein Test zur Sensibilitätsprüfung 56 gesunden Versuchspersonen und 78 Patienten mit schweren erworbenen Hirnschädigungen vorgelegt. Es wurde geprüft, ob di...

  8. Regional infraclavicular blocks via the coracoid approach for below ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This randomised, observer-blinded study compared brachial plexus infraclavicular block under ultrasound guidance with, or without, nerve stimulation, for patients undergoing below-elbow surgery. Sixty-six patients, aged 18-70 years, with American Society Anesthesiologists' status I, II or III, were randomised into two ...

  9. Improved tracking performance of Lagrangian block-matching methodologies using block expansion in the time domain: in silico, phantom and in vivo evaluations. (United States)

    Albinsson, John; Brorsson, Sofia; Ahlgren, Asa Rydén; Cinthio, Magnus


    The aim of this study was to evaluate tracking performance when an extra reference block is added to a basic block-matching method, where the two reference blocks originate from two consecutive ultrasound frames. The use of an extra reference block was evaluated for two putative benefits: (i) an increase in tracking performance while maintaining the size of the reference blocks, evaluated using in silico and phantom cine loops; (ii) a reduction in the size of the reference blocks while maintaining the tracking performance, evaluated using in vivo cine loops of the common carotid artery where the longitudinal movement of the wall was estimated. The results indicated that tracking accuracy improved (mean = 48%, p blocks while maintaining tracking performance (mean = 19%, p < 0.01 [in vivo]). This novel method will facilitate further exploration of the longitudinal movement of the arterial wall. Copyright © 2014 World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  10. Engineering Physics – zehn Jahre Erfahrung mit einem Bachelor-Master-Programm oder Ist Bologna drin, wenn Akkreditierung drauf steht?


    Mellert, Volker; Koch, Sandra; Reck; Martin; Eenboom, Frauke


    Die Universität Oldenburg betreibt gemeinsam mit der Fachhochschule Oldenburg, Ostfriesland, Wilhelmshaven – Standort Emden – den internationalen Studiengang Engineeering Physics seit 1998 als Bachelor-Master-Studienprogramm. Es werden die fünf Schwerpunkte „Biomedical Physics“, „Sound and Vibration“, „Laser and Optics“, „Material Sciences“ und „Renewable Energy“ angeboten. Das Programm wurde erstmals 2002 akkreditiert, 2008 erfolgreich re-akkreditiert und mit dem EUR-ACE Label versehen. Inzw...

  11. Wissenschaftlicher Briefwechsel mit Bohr, Einstein, Heisenberg, u.a., Bd.4, Teil 4 A : 1957 ; B : 1958

    CERN Document Server

    Pauli, Wolfgang Ernst Friederich


    Mit dem Druck von Wolfgang Paulis Briefwechsel aus seinen letzten beiden Lebensjahren wird eine großangelegte Edition der gesamten wissenschaftlichen Korrespondenz eines der bedeutendsten theoretischen Physiker des 20. Jahrhunderts abgeschlossen, der an der Entwicklung der wichtigsten physikalischen Ideen und Theorien, insbesondere an der Relativitätstheorie und Quantentheorie sowie deren weiteren Ausbau zu einer Feld- und Elementarteilchentheorie, teilgenommen hat. Der vorliegende besonders umfangreiche Band mit 711 Briefen behandelt die durch Wu, Telegdi, Lederman u.a. bei den schwachen Wech

  12. [Homöopathisch-phytotherapeutische Behandlung des Reizdarmsyndroms mit Magen-Darm-Entoxin N®: Eine Anwendungsbeobachtung]. (United States)

    Märtens, Diane; Range, Natasha; Günnewich, Nils; Gruber, Nicola; Schmidt, Stefan

    Hintergrund: In dieser Anwendungsbeobachtung wird zum ersten Mal die Behandlung des Reizdarmsyndroms (RDS) mit einem homöopathisch-phytotherapeutischen Komplexpräparat beschrieben. Methodik: Ziel der 6-wöchigen Therapie mit dem Magen-Darm-Entoxin N® war die Reduzierung der RDS-Symptomatik sowie die Verbesserung der Lebensqualität. Zielkriterien waren die Veränderungen in der Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Severity Scoring System (IBS-SSS) und der Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Quality-of-Life Scale (IBS-QoL). Die Patient/innen (N = 41; Alter 44,0 ± 15,74 Jahre) wurden zu gleichen Teilen in einer Hausarztpraxis (N = 20) und einer Heilpraktikerpraxis (N = 21) rekrutiert. Ergebnisse: Der IBS-QoL-Score verringerte sich signifikant (prä: 35,9 ± 16,3; post: 20,1 ± 13,4; t = 8,504; p mit einer Effektstärke von d = 1,24. Die Neben- und Wechselwirkungen waren minimal und signifikante Unterschiede zwischen beiden Praxen wurden nicht gefunden. Schlussfolgerungen: Magen-Darm-Entoxin N® ist eine sichere und sinnvolle Therapieoption bei der Behandlung des RDS. Allerdings sollten randomisierte kontrollierte Studien folgen, um die Spezifizität der Ergebnisse dieser Anwendungsbeobachtung zu stützen. © 2017 S. Karger GmbH, Freiburg.

  13. A metabolic signature for long life in the Caenorhabditis elegans Mit mutants. (United States)

    Butler, Jeffrey A; Mishur, Robert J; Bhaskaran, Shylesh; Rea, Shane L


    Mit mutations that disrupt function of the mitochondrial electron transport chain can, inexplicably, prolong Caenorhabditis elegans lifespan. In this study we use a metabolomics approach to identify an ensemble of mitochondrial-derived α-ketoacids and α-hydroxyacids that are produced by long-lived Mit mutants but not by other long-lived mutants or by short-lived mitochondrial mutants. We show that accumulation of these compounds is dependent on concerted inhibition of three α-ketoacid dehydrogenases that share dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase (DLD) as a common subunit, a protein previously linked in humans with increased risk of Alzheimer's disease. When the expression of DLD in wild-type animals was reduced using RNA interference we observed an unprecedented effect on lifespan - as RNAi dosage was increased lifespan was significantly shortened, but, at higher doses, it was significantly lengthened, suggesting that DLD plays a unique role in modulating length of life. Our findings provide novel insight into the origin of the Mit phenotype. © 2012 The Authors Aging Cell © 2012 Blackwell Publishing Ltd/Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

  14. [COPD und Klangtherapie: Pilotstudie zur Wirksamkeit einer Behandlung mit Körpertambura bei COPD-Patienten]. (United States)

    Hartwig, Bernhard; Schmidt, Stefan; Hartwig, Isabella


    Hintergrund: Erkrankungen der Atemorgane treten mit steigendem Alter öfter auf, nehmen weltweit zu und sind häufige Ursachen für Morbidität und Mortalität. In dieser Pilotstudie wurde der Frage nachgegangen, ob eine einmalige 10-minütige Behandlung mit einer Körpertambura eine signifikante und effektive Verbesserung der Lungenfunktion von Patienten mit chronisch-obstruktiver Lungenerkrankung (COPD; GOLD-Stadium A oder B) erbringen kann. Patienten und Methoden: 54 Probanden konnten je zur Hälfte in eine Behandlungsgruppe (Körpertambura) und eine aktive Kontrollgruppe (Atemtherapie) randomisiert werden. Eine Bestimmung der Lungenfunktionsmessparameter «Einsekundenkapazität» (FEV1) und «inspiratorische Vitalkapazität» (IVC) zu den Zeitpunkten T1 (Baseline), T2 (direkt nach Behandlung) und als Follow-up etwa 3 Wochen nach T1 (T3). Ergebnisse: Die Behandlungsgruppe zeigte sich der Kontrollgruppe in beiden Werten signifikant überlegen. Die Zeit-×-Gruppe-Interaktion (Varianzanalyse) ergab p = 0,001 (FEV1) bzw. p = 0,04 (IVC). Die Behandlungsgruppe zeigte bei beiden Werten eine Verbesserung von klinischer Relevanz. Schlussfolgerung: Diese Ergebnisse zeigen, dass die Klangbehandlung mittels einer Körpertambura - neben den schulmedizinischen, leitliniengerechten Therapien - eine zusätzliche, nebenwirkungsarme, aber durchaus klinisch wirksame Option für die Behandlung von COPD-Patienten darstellen kann, um deren Lebensqualität zu stabilisieren und zu verbessern. © 2016 S. Karger GmbH, Freiburg.


    Butler, Jeffrey A.; Mishur, Robert J.; Bhaskaran, Shylesh; Rea, Shane L.


    SUMMARY Mit mutations that disrupt function of the mitochondrial electron transport chain can, inexplicably, prolong Caenorhabditis elegans lifespan. In this study we use a metabolomics approach to identify an ensemble of mitochondrial-derived α-ketoacids and α-hydroxyacids that are produced by long-lived Mit mutants but not by other long-lived mutants or by short-lived mitochondrial mutants. We show that accumulation of these compounds is dependent upon concerted inhibition of three α-ketoacid dehydrogenases that share dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase (DLD) as a common subunit, a protein previously linked in humans with increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. When the expression of DLD in wild type animals was reduced using RNA interference we observed an unprecedented effect on lifespan - as RNAi dosage was increased lifespan was significantly shortened but, at higher doses, it was significantly lengthened, suggesting DLD plays a unique role in modulating length of life. Our findings provide novel insight into the origin of the Mit phenotype. PMID:23173729

  16. Clinical accuracy of inflationary oscillometry in pregnancy and pre-eclampsia: Omron-MIT Elite. (United States)

    Chung, Y; Brochut, M C; de Greeff, A; Shennan, A H


    To evaluate the accuracy of the Omron MIT Elite in pregnancy and pre-eclampsia according to the British Hypertension Society protocol (BHS). Prospective observational study. Antenatal clinics and wards at St. Thomas' Hospital (London, UK). Forty-five pregnant women including 15 with pre-eclampsia. Nine sequential same arm blood pressure (BP) measurements were taken from each woman by trained observers, alternating between mercury sphygmomanometry and the test device. Grading criteria of the BHS protocol (A/B grade=pass; C/D=fail). The Omron MIT Elite achieved a grade A/A in both pregnancy and pre-eclampsia. The mean difference (SD) between the mercury standard and the device in pregnancy was -1.1 (5.2)mmHg and 1.5 (4.8)mmHg for systolic and diastolic BP respectively compared to 0.2 (5.3)mmHg and 2.2 (5.5)mmHg in pre-eclampsia. The Omron MIT Elite can be recommended for use in pregnancy and pre-eclampsia according to the BHS protocol. To date, this is the most accurate automated BP device validated in pre-eclampsia. Copyright © 2012. Published by Elsevier B.V.

  17. Embryonic expression of zebrafish MiT family genes tfe3b, tfeb, and tfec. (United States)

    Lister, James A; Lane, Brandon M; Nguyen, Anhthu; Lunney, Katherine


    The MiT family comprises four genes in mammals: Mitf, Tfe3, Tfeb, and Tfec, which encode transcription factors of the basic-helix-loop-helix/leucine zipper class. Mitf is well-known for its essential role in the development of melanocytes, however the functions of the other members of this family, and of interactions between them, are less well understood. We have now characterized the complete set of MiT genes from zebrafish, which totals six instead of four. The zebrafish genome contain two mitf (mitfa and mitfb), two tfe3 (tfe3a and tfe3b), and single tfeb and tfec genes; this distribution is shared with other teleosts. We present here the sequence and embryonic expression patterns for the zebrafish tfe3b, tfeb, and tfec genes, and identify a new isoform of tfe3a. These findings will assist in elucidating the roles of the MiT gene family over the course of vertebrate evolution. Copyright © 2011 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

  18. A phase-I clinical trial for cranial BNCT at Harvard-MIT

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Busse, P.M.; Palmer, M.R.; Harling, O.K.


    Phase I trial designed to determine the maximum tolerable dose to normal tissue for cranial BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy) irradiations was recently completed at Harvard Medical School and MIT. Twenty-two subjects diagnosed with either glioblastoma multiforme or intracranial melanoma were treated between 1996 and 1999. Subjects received either one or two administrations of boronophenylalanine intravenously at doses between 250 and 350 mg/kg body weight, then exposed in one, two or three fields to epithermal neutrons at the MIT Research Reactor in one or two fractions. Over the course of the study, the maximum normal tissue dose target was increased from 8.8 to 14.2 RBE (Relative Biological Effectiveness) Gy in 10% increments. Subjects have been followed clinically and radiographically. Of those patients surviving beyond six months, no MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) white-matter changes were observed and no long-term complications attributable to BNCT were evident. Tumor responses were observed, particularly with the melanoma subjects. With increasing doses, difficulties arose from long irradiation times (approximately 3 hours) and the emergence of acute reactions in the skin and mucosa. The trial was stopped in May 1999. Future trials will be initiated with the new high intensity, low background fission converter beam at MIT. (author)

  19. Gasification together with other residual materials; Vergasung gemeinsam mit anderen Reststoffen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lungwitz, H. [Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Berlin (Germany)


    The commonest method of thermal sewage sludge treatment at present is still combustion in mono-fluidised-bed plants. The possibilities described in the introduction of this paper give an impression of the great variety of disposal methods with a thermal final stage among which one can choose today. The solution that has been found to the disposal problems of four sewage plants in Berlin shows by way of example how a Europe-wide tender can lead to an inexpensive, permanent, secure, and flexible disposal system which includes recycling and figures as part of an integrated disposal system for different wastes. This disposal system has found ready acceptance on account of its environmental friendliness and sparing consumption of resources. Unlike incineration plants, its construction did not meet with public resistance. [Deutsch] Die zur Zeit noch haeufigste thermische Klaerschlammbehandlung ist die Verbrennung in Mono-Wirbelschichtanlagen. Die einleitend geschilderten Moeglichkeiten lassen jedoch die Vielfalt erkennen, die jetzt bei der Wahl eines Entsorgungsweges mit thermischer Endstufe gegeben sind. Die Loesung der Entsorgungsprobleme fuer 4 Berliner Klaerwerke hat beispielhaft gezeigt wie z.B. mittels eines europaweiten Ausschreibungsverfahrens ein kostenguenstiger, zeitlich nicht begrenzter, sicherer und flexibler Entsorgungsweg mit stofflicher Verwertung im Rahmen eines Verbundkonzeptes mit anderen Abfallstoffen gefunden werden kann. Ein Verwertungsweg, der allgemein wegen seiner Umweltvertraeglichkeit und Ressourcenschonung grosse Akzeptanz erfahren hat. Widerstand, wie beim Bau von Verbrennungsanlagen, hat es nicht gegeben. (orig.)

  20. Untersuchung perturbativer und nichtperturbativer Struktur der Momente hadronischer Ereignisformvariablen mit den Experimenten JADE und OPAL

    CERN Document Server

    Pahl, Christoph Johannes


    In Hadronproduktionsdaten der e+e− - Vernichtungsexperimente JADE und OPAL messen wir die ersten f¨unf Momente von zw¨olf hadronischen Ereignisformvariablen bei Schwerpunktsenergien von 14 bis 207GeV. Aus dem Vergleich der QCD NLO-Vorhersage mit den mittels MC-Modellen um Hadronisierung korrigierten Daten erhalten wir den Referenzwert der starken Kopplung αs(MZ0) = 0.1254 ± 0.0007(stat.) ± 0.0010(exp.)+0.0009 −0.0023(had.)+0.0069 −0.0053(theo.) . F¨ur einige, insbesondere h¨ohere, Momente sind systematische Unzul¨anglichkeiten in der QCD NLO-Vorhersage erkenntlich. Simultane Fits an zwei Momente unter Annahme identischer Renormierungsskalen ergeben Skalenwerte von xμ=0.057 bis xμ=0.196 . Wir pr¨ufen Vorhersagen verschiedener nichtperturbativer Modelle. Aus der Single Dressed Gluon - N¨aherung ergibt sich eine perturbative Vorhersage in O(α5 s ) mit zu vernachl¨assigender Energiepotenzkorrektur, die den Mittelwert von Thrust auf Hadronniveau gut beschreibt mit αs(MZ0) = 0.1186 ± 0.0007(st...

  1. Dimensional reduction for conformal blocks (United States)

    Hogervorst, Matthijs


    We consider the dimensional reduction of a CFT, breaking multiplets of the d-dimensional conformal group SO( d + 1 , 1) up into multiplets of SO( d, 1). This leads to an expansion of d-dimensional conformal blocks in terms of blocks in d - 1 dimensions. In particular, we obtain a formula for 3 d conformal blocks as an infinite sum over 2 F 1 hypergeometric functions with closed-form coefficients.

  2. Learning Potentials in Number Blocks

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Majgaard, Gunver; Misfeldt, Morten; Nielsen, Jacob


    . The tool is called Number Blocks and it combines physical interaction, learning, and immediate feedback. Number Blocks supports the children's understanding of place value in the sense that it allows them to experiment with creating large numbers. We found the blocks contributed to the learning process...... in several ways. The blocks combined mathematics and play, and they included and supported children at different academic levels. The auditory representation, especially the enhanced rhythmic effects due to using speech synthesis, and the rhythm helped the children to pronounce large numbers. This creates...

  3. Common blocks for ASQS(12

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lorenzo Milazzo


    Full Text Available An ASQS(v is a particular Steiner system featuring a set of v vertices and two separate families of blocks, B and G, whose elements have a respective cardinality of 4 and 6. It has the property that any three vertices of X belong either to a B-block or to a G-block. The parameter cb is the number of common blocks in two separate ASQSs, both defined on the same set of vertices X . In this paper it is shown that cb ≤ 29 for any pair of ASQSs(12.

  4. 31 CFR 545.301 - Blocked account; blocked property. (United States)


    ... (Continued) OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY TALIBAN (AFGHANISTAN) SANCTIONS... name of the Taliban or persons whose property or interests in property are blocked pursuant to § 545.201, or in which the Taliban or persons whose property or interests in property are blocked pursuant...

  5. Radiochemotherapy with gemcitabine and cisplatin in pancreatic cancer - feasible and effective; Radiochemotherapie mit Gemcitabin und Cisplatin bei Pankreaskarzinom - durchfuehrbar und effektiv

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wilkowski, R.; Thoma, M.; Duehmke, E. [Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Strahlentherapie, Klinikum Grosshadern, Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ. Muenchen (Germany); Heinemann, V. [Medizinische Klinik III, Klinikum Grosshadern, Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ. Muenchen (Germany); Rau, H.G. [Abt. fuer Viszeralchirurgie, Klinikum Dachau (Germany); Wagner, A. [Medizinische Klinik II, Klinikum Grosshadern, Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ. Muenchen (Germany); Stoffregen, C. [Lilly Deutschland GmbH, Bad Homburg (Germany)


    sequential gemcitabine and cisplatin with radiation is feasible with justifiable side effects. To evaluate the promising remission and survival rates, randomized trials of neoadjuvant and primary chemoradiation are started. (orig.) [German] Hintergrund: Die simultane Radiochemotherapie unter Verwendung von Gemcitabin scheint bei der Behandlung des Pankreaskarzinoms ein hoffnungsvoller Ansatz, da Gemcitabin als Monosubstanz oder in Kombination mit anderen Zytostatika eine verbesserte Wirksamkeit beim (metastasierten) Pankreaskarzinom im Vergleich zu 5-FU-haltigen Therapieschemata zeigt und zudem strahlensensibilisierendes Potential besitzt. In der vorliegenden Arbeit werden die Pilotdaten einer sequentiellen und simultanen Radiochemotherapie unter Verwendung von Gemcitabin und Cisplatin vorgestellt. Patienten und Methode: 57 Patienten (w/m 23/34) mit Pankreaskarzinom wurden insgesamt behandelt, davon 33 Patienten mit inoperablem Tumor, 19 Patienten nach Tumorresektion (R1-Resektion und/oder pN+) sowie fuenf Patienten mit Lokalrezidiv. Die Strahlentherapie wurde in konventioneller Fraktionierung bis zu einer Dosis von 45,0 Gy im Referenzpunkt nach ICRU (50 Patienten 1,8 Gy ED) bzw. 50,0 Gy im Zielvolumen I. Ordnung (sieben Patienten, 45,0 Gy im ZV II. Ordnung, 1,8/2,0 Gy ED) durchgefuehrt. Simultan zur Bestrahlung wurden Cisplatin 30 mg/m{sup 2} und Gemcitabin 300 mg/m{sup 2} an den Tagen 1, 8, 22 und 29 verabreicht. Nach Abschluss der simultanen Radiochemotherapie wurden sequentiell zwei Zyklen Gemcitabin/Cisplatin (1000 mg/m{sup 2}/50 mg/m{sup 2} d 1, 15) verabreicht. Ergebnisse: Bei einer medianen Nachbeobachtungszeit von 8,2 Monaten betraegt die aktuelle mediane Ueberlebenszeit 14,8 Monate (inoperable Patienten 10,3 Monate, postoperative Patienten 15,1 Monate). Bei 19 bzw. vier der 33 inoperablen Patienten trat eine partielle bzw. komplette Remission auf. Insgesamt konnten 14 Patienten sekundaer operiert werden. Unter adaequater Antiemese mit Ondansetron und Dexamethason

  6. Furosemide urogram in patients with neobladder; Das Diureseurogramm bei Patienten mit Harnblasenersatz

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Merkle, E.M. [Univ. Ulm (Germany). Abt. Radiologie; Aschoff, A.J. [Univ. Ulm (Germany). Abt. Radiologie; Bachor, R. [Univ. Ulm (Germany). Abt. fuer Urologie; Vogel, J. [Univ. Ulm (Germany). Abt. Radiologie; Merk, J. [Univ. Ulm (Germany). Abt. Radiologie; Brambs, H.J. [Univ. Ulm (Germany). Abt. Radiologie


    Purpose: To differentiate between urodynamically relevant obstruction and functionally unimportant dilation of the upper urinary tract in patients with neobladder using a modified furosemide urogram. Method: An excretory urogram with furosemide loading was carried out in 19 patients with neobladder and sonographically and urographically confirmed dilation of the upper urinary tract. Once strong contrasting of the renal pelves and calyces has been achieved, 20 mg of furosemide were applied and late radiographs were obtained at 15 min and 30 min, respectively. An obstruction was defined as increasing dilation of the renal pelves and calices during forced diuresis and lack of washout effect of the contrast medium. Results: In 32 cases, the renoureteral unit (RUU) was dilated on ultrasound. Of these, 25 RUU`s showed good emptyness of contrast medium upon stimulation of diuresis, six RUU`s returned a borderline findings, while one RUU was found to exhibit a decompensated anastomotic stenosis, which was dilated. Two further patients with bordeline findings were later treated surgically due to their pain symptoms. No patient required further preoperative diagnostic procedures. Conclusions: The modified furosemide urogram represents a cost-effective diagnostic orientation strategy in patients with neobladder and dilated renal pelves and calyses and is both well-tolerated by patients and meets with broad acceptance from the urologic staff. (orig.) [Deutsch] Ziel: Differenzierung zwischen urodynamisch relevanter Obstruktion und funktionell bedeutungsloser Dilatation des oberen Harntraktes bei Patienten mit Harnblasenersatz durch ein modifiziertes Diureseurogramm. Methodik: Bei 19 Patienten mit Harnableitung und sonographisch sowie urographisch nachgewiesener Erweiterung des oberen Harntraktes wurde ein Ausscheidungsurogramm mit Furosemidbelastung durchgefuehrt. Bei kraeftiger Kontrastierung des erweiterten Nierenbeckenkelchsystems (NBKS) wurden 20 mg Furosemid appliziert und

  7. Insight into the adsorption profiles of the Saprolegnia monoica chitin synthase MIT domain on POPA and POPC membranes by molecular dynamics simulation studies. (United States)

    Kuang, Guanglin; Liang, Lijun; Brown, Christian; Wang, Qi; Bulone, Vincent; Tu, Yaoquan


    The critical role of chitin synthases in oomycete hyphal tip growth has been established. A microtubule interacting and trafficking (MIT) domain was discovered in the chitin synthases of the oomycete model organism, Saprolegnia monoica. MIT domains have been identified in diverse proteins and may play a role in intracellular trafficking. The structure of the Saprolegnia monoica chitin synthase 1 (SmChs1) MIT domain has been recently determined by our group. However, although our in vitro assay identified increased strength in interactions between the MIT domain and phosphatidic acid (PA) relative to other phospholipids including phosphatidylcholine (PC), the mechanism used by the MIT domain remains unknown. In this work, the adsorption behavior of the SmChs1 MIT domain on POPA and POPC membranes was systematically investigated by molecular dynamics simulations. Our results indicate that the MIT domain can adsorb onto the tested membranes in varying orientations. Interestingly, due to the specific interactions between MIT residues and lipid molecules, the binding affinity to the POPA membrane is much higher than that to the POPC membrane. A binding hotspot, which is critical for the adsorption of the MIT domain onto the POPA membrane, was also identified. The lower binding affinity to the POPC membrane can be attributed to the self-saturated membrane surface, which is unfavorable for hydrogen-bond and electrostatic interactions. The present study provides insight into the adsorption profile of SmChs1 and additionally has the potential to improve our understanding of other proteins containing MIT domains.

  8. Classical Virasoro irregular conformal block (United States)

    Rim, Chaiho; Zhang, Hong


    Virasoro irregular conformal block with arbitrary rank is obtained for the classical limit or equivalently Nekrasov-Shatashvili limit using the beta-deformed irregular matrix model (Penner-type matrix model for the irregular conformal block). The same result is derived using the generalized Mathieu equation which is equivalent to the loop equation of the irregular matrix model.

  9. Classical Virasoro irregular conformal block

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rim, Chaiho; Zhang, Hong [Department of Physics and Center for Quantum Spacetime (CQUeST), Sogang University,Seoul 121-742 (Korea, Republic of)


    Virasoro irregular conformal block with arbitrary rank is obtained for the classical limit or equivalently Nekrasov-Shatashvili limit using the beta-deformed irregular matrix model (Penner-type matrix model for the irregular conformal block). The same result is derived using the generalized Mathieu equation which is equivalent to the loop equation of the irregular matrix model.

  10. Four-block beam collimator

    CERN Document Server

    CERN PhotoLab


    The photo shows a four-block collimator installed on a control table for positioning the alignment reference marks. Designed for use with the secondary beams, the collimators operated in vacuum conditions. The blocks were made of steel and had a standard length of 1 m. The maximum aperture had a square coss-section of 144 cm2. (See Annual Report 1976.)

  11. OPAL Various Lead Glass Blocks

    CERN Document Server

    These lead glass blocks were part of a CERN detector called OPAL (one of the four experiments at the LEP particle detector). OPAL uses some 12 000 blocks of glass like this to measure particle energies in the electromagnetic calorimeter. This detector measured the energy deposited when electrons and photons were slowed down and stopped.

  12. Writing Blocks and Tacit Knowledge. (United States)

    Boice, Robert


    A review of the literature on writing block looks at two kinds: inability to write in a timely, fluent fashion, and reluctance by academicians to assist others in writing. Obstacles to fluent writing are outlined, four historical trends in treating blocks are discussed, and implications are examined. (MSE)

  13. Block storage subsystem performance analysis

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva


    You feel that your service is slow because of the storage subsystem? But there are too many abstraction layers between your software and the raw block device for you to debug all this pile... Let's dive on the platters and check out how the block storage sees your I/Os! We can even figure out what those patterns are meaning.

  14. MitProNet: A knowledgebase and analysis platform of proteome, interactome and diseases for mammalian mitochondria.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jiabin Wang

    Full Text Available Mitochondrion plays a central role in diverse biological processes in most eukaryotes, and its dysfunctions are critically involved in a large number of diseases and the aging process. A systematic identification of mitochondrial proteomes and characterization of functional linkages among mitochondrial proteins are fundamental in understanding the mechanisms underlying biological functions and human diseases associated with mitochondria. Here we present a database MitProNet which provides a comprehensive knowledgebase for mitochondrial proteome, interactome and human diseases. First an inventory of mammalian mitochondrial proteins was compiled by widely collecting proteomic datasets, and the proteins were classified by machine learning to achieve a high-confidence list of mitochondrial proteins. The current version of MitProNet covers 1124 high-confidence proteins, and the remainders were further classified as middle- or low-confidence. An organelle-specific network of functional linkages among mitochondrial proteins was then generated by integrating genomic features encoded by a wide range of datasets including genomic context, gene expression profiles, protein-protein interactions, functional similarity and metabolic pathways. The functional-linkage network should be a valuable resource for the study of biological functions of mitochondrial proteins and human mitochondrial diseases. Furthermore, we utilized the network to predict candidate genes for mitochondrial diseases using prioritization algorithms. All proteins, functional linkages and disease candidate genes in MitProNet were annotated according to the information collected from their original sources including GO, GEO, OMIM, KEGG, MIPS, HPRD and so on. MitProNet features a user-friendly graphic visualization interface to present functional analysis of linkage networks. As an up-to-date database and analysis platform, MitProNet should be particularly helpful in comprehensive studies of

  15. Binding of Substrates to the Central Pore of the Vps4 ATPase Is Autoinhibited by the Microtubule Interacting and Trafficking (MIT) Domain and Activated by MIT Interacting Motifs (MIMs)* (United States)

    Han, Han; Monroe, Nicole; Votteler, Jörg; Shakya, Binita; Sundquist, Wesley I.; Hill, Christopher P.


    The endosomal sorting complexes required for transport (ESCRT) pathway drives reverse topology membrane fission events within multiple cellular pathways, including cytokinesis, multivesicular body biogenesis, repair of the plasma membrane, nuclear membrane vesicle formation, and HIV budding. The AAA ATPase Vps4 is recruited to membrane necks shortly before fission, where it catalyzes disassembly of the ESCRT-III lattice. The N-terminal Vps4 microtubule-interacting and trafficking (MIT) domains initially bind the C-terminal MIT-interacting motifs (MIMs) of ESCRT-III subunits, but it is unclear how the enzyme then remodels these substrates in response to ATP hydrolysis. Here, we report quantitative binding studies that demonstrate that residues from helix 5 of the Vps2p subunit of ESCRT-III bind to the central pore of an asymmetric Vps4p hexamer in a manner that is dependent upon the presence of flexible nucleotide analogs that can mimic multiple states in the ATP hydrolysis cycle. We also find that substrate engagement is autoinhibited by the Vps4p MIT domain and that this inhibition is relieved by binding of either Type 1 or Type 2 MIM elements, which bind the Vps4p MIT domain through different interfaces. These observations support the model that Vps4 substrates are initially recruited by an MIM-MIT interaction that activates the Vps4 central pore to engage substrates and generate force, thereby triggering ESCRT-III disassembly. PMID:25833946

  16. Binding of Substrates to the Central Pore of the Vps4 ATPase Is Autoinhibited by the Microtubule Interacting and Trafficking (MIT) Domain and Activated by MIT Interacting Motifs (MIMs). (United States)

    Han, Han; Monroe, Nicole; Votteler, Jörg; Shakya, Binita; Sundquist, Wesley I; Hill, Christopher P


    The endosomal sorting complexes required for transport (ESCRT) pathway drives reverse topology membrane fission events within multiple cellular pathways, including cytokinesis, multivesicular body biogenesis, repair of the plasma membrane, nuclear membrane vesicle formation, and HIV budding. The AAA ATPase Vps4 is recruited to membrane necks shortly before fission, where it catalyzes disassembly of the ESCRT-III lattice. The N-terminal Vps4 microtubule-interacting and trafficking (MIT) domains initially bind the C-terminal MIT-interacting motifs (MIMs) of ESCRT-III subunits, but it is unclear how the enzyme then remodels these substrates in response to ATP hydrolysis. Here, we report quantitative binding studies that demonstrate that residues from helix 5 of the Vps2p subunit of ESCRT-III bind to the central pore of an asymmetric Vps4p hexamer in a manner that is dependent upon the presence of flexible nucleotide analogs that can mimic multiple states in the ATP hydrolysis cycle. We also find that substrate engagement is autoinhibited by the Vps4p MIT domain and that this inhibition is relieved by binding of either Type 1 or Type 2 MIM elements, which bind the Vps4p MIT domain through different interfaces. These observations support the model that Vps4 substrates are initially recruited by an MIM-MIT interaction that activates the Vps4 central pore to engage substrates and generate force, thereby triggering ESCRT-III disassembly. © 2015 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  17. Block by Block: Civic Action in the Battle of Baghdad (United States)


    bedding, and latrine facilities. Additionally, provide milk , baby formula, diapers, 7 Bogart: Block by Block and infant/family care items such as...viable agricultural businesses. The cattle are a cross breed of a “regular” Iraqi cow and a water buffalo. Chicken farms are mostly egg farms, and...a problem. Contractors did not want to work for fear of being shot or kid - napped. For example, four contractors were shot over the duration of

  18. Harmony of spinning conformal blocks

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schomerus, Volker [DESY Hamburg, Theory Group,Notkestraße 85, 22607 Hamburg (Germany); Sobko, Evgeny [Nordita and Stockholm University,Roslagstullsbacken 23, SE-106 91 Stockholm (Sweden); Isachenkov, Mikhail [Department of Particle Physics and Astrophysics, Weizmann Institute of Science,Rehovot 7610001 (Israel)


    Conformal blocks for correlation functions of tensor operators play an increasingly important role for the conformal bootstrap programme. We develop a universal approach to such spinning blocks through the harmonic analysis of certain bundles over a coset of the conformal group. The resulting Casimir equations are given by a matrix version of the Calogero-Sutherland Hamiltonian that describes the scattering of interacting spinning particles in a 1-dimensional external potential. The approach is illustrated in several examples including fermionic seed blocks in 3D CFT where they take a very simple form.

  19. Harmony of spinning conformal blocks

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schomerus, Volker [Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg (Germany). Theory Group; Sobko, Evgeny [Stockholm Univ. (Sweden); Nordita, Stockholm (Sweden); Isachenkov, Mikhail [Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovoth (Israel). Dept. of Particle Physics and Astrophysics


    Conformal blocks for correlation functions of tensor operators play an increasingly important role for the conformal bootstrap programme. We develop a universal approach to such spinning blocks through the harmonic analysis of certain bundles over a coset of the conformal group. The resulting Casimir equations are given by a matrix version of the Calogero-Sutherland Hamiltonian that describes the scattering of interacting spinning particles in a 1-dimensional external potential. The approach is illustrated in several examples including fermionic seed blocks in 3D CFT where they take a very simple form.

  20. Eddy current testing with high penetration; WS-Pruefungen mit grosser Eindringtiefe

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Becker, R.; Kroening, M. [Fraunhofer Inst. fuer Zerstoerungsfreie Pruefverfahren, Saarbruecken (Germany)


    The low-frequency eddy current testing method is used when penetration into very deep layers is required. The achievable penetration depth is determined among other parameters by the lowest testing frequency that can be realised together with the eddy current sensor. When using inductive sensors, the measuring effect declines proportional to the lowering frequency (induction effect). Further reduction of testing frequency requires other types of sensors, as e.g. the GMR (Giant Magnetic Resistance), which achieves a constant measuring sensitivity down to the steady field. The multi-frequency eddy current testing method MFEC 3 of IZFP described here can be operated using three different scanning frequencies at a time. Two variants of eddy current probes are used in this case. Both have an inductive winding at their emitters, of the type of a measuring probe. The receiver end is either also an inductive winding, or a magnetic field-responsive resistance (GMR). (orig./CB) [Deutsch] Das Niederfrequenz(NF)-Wirbelstrom(WS)-Verfahren wird eingesetzt, um eine grosse Eindringtiefe zu erzielen. Die erreichbare Tiefenreichweite wird u.a. durch die niedrigste Prueffrequenz bestimmt, die zusammen mit dem Wirbelstrom-Sensor realisiert werden kann. Bei Einsatz von induktiven Sensoren geht mit abnehmender Prueffrequenz der Messeffekt proportional zurueck (Induktionswirkung). Eine weitere Absenkung der Prueffrequenzen macht den Einsatz von andersartigen Sensoren notwendig, z.B. den GMR (Giant Magnetic Resistance), der eine gleichmaessige Messempfindlichkeit bis zum Gleichfeld besitzt. Das eingesetzte Mehrfrequenz-Wirbelstrom-Pruefverfahren MFEC 3 des IZFP arbeitet mit drei gleichzeitig eingespeisten Prueffrequenzen. Dabei werden zwei Varianten von WS-Sensoren eingesetzt. Beide besitzen auf der Senderseite eine induktive Wicklung in der Art einer Tastsonde. Die Empfaengerseite ist entweder ebenfalls eine induktive Wicklung oder ein magnetfeldempfindlicher Widerstand (GMR). (orig./DGE)

  1. MIT Project Apophis: Surface Evaulation & Tomography (SET) Mission Study for the April 2029 Earth Encounter (United States)

    Binzel, R. P.; Earle, A. M.; Vanatta, M.; Miller, D. W.


    Nature is providing a once-per-thousand year opportunity to study the geophysical outcome induced on an unprecedentedly large (350 meter) asteroid making an extremely close passage by the Earth (inside the distance of geosynchronous satellites) on Friday April 13, 2029. The aircraft carrier-sized (estimated 20 million metric ton) asteroid is named Apophis. While many previous spacecraft missions have studied asteroids, none has ever had the opportunity to study "live" the outcome of planetary tidal forces on their shapes, spin states, surface geology, and internal structure. Beyond the science interest directly observing this planetary process, the Apophis encounter provides an invaluable opportunity to gain knowledge for any eventuality of a known asteroid found to be on a certain impact trajectory. MIT's Project Apophis [1] is our response to nature's generous opportunity by developing a detailed mission concept for sending a spacecraft to orbit Apophis with the objectives of surveying its surface and interior structure before, during, and after its 2029 near-Earth encounter. The Surface Evaluation & Tomography (SET) mission concept we present is designed toward accomplishing three key science objectives: (1) bulk physical characterization, (2) internal structure, and (3) long-term orbit tracking. For its first mission objective, SET will study Apophis' bulk properties, including: shape, size, mass, volume, bulk density, surface geology, and composition, rotation rate, and spin state. The second mission objective is to characterize Apophis' internal structure before and after the encounter to determine its strength and cohesion - including tidally induced changes. Finally, the third objective studies the process of thermal re-radiation and consequential Yarkovsky drift, whose results will improve orbit predictions for Apophis as well as other potentially hazardous asteroids. [1]

  2. Vitex-agnus-castus-Extrakt (Ze 440 zur Symptombehandlung bei Frauen mit menstruellen Zyklusstörungen

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eltbogen R


    Full Text Available Ziel: Diese nichtinterventionelle Beobachtungsstudie (NIS wurde von Schweizer Gynäkologen und Allgemeinmedizinern im Rahmen der üblichen ärztlichen Grundversorgung durchgeführt. Das Ziel der NIS war es, die Wirksamkeit und Sicherheit von Vitex-agnus-castus-(VAC Extrakt (Ze 440: premens, Zeller Medical AG, Romanshorn, Schweiz bei Frauen, die unter menstruellen Zyklusstörungen wie Polymenorrhö, Oligomenorrhö oder Amenorrhö litten, zu untersuchen. Methode: Insgesamt 211 Patientinnen nahmen an dieser NIS teil. Symptome, die mit menstruellen Zyklusstörungen („menstrual cycle irregularities“ [MCIs] und der Menstruationsblutung in Verbindung stehen, wurden bei einer Erstuntersuchung („baseline visit“ [BV] und einer Kontrolluntersuchung („follow-up visit“ [FV] nach Behandlung mit VAC-Extrakt über einen Zeitraum von 3 aufeinanderfolgenden Menstruationszyklen beurteilt. Ergebnisse: Der Anteil der Patientinnen, bei denen eine Beschwerdefreiheit oder eine Besserung der MCIs (insgesamt und spezifischer Beschwerdebilder wie Polymenorrhö, Oligomenorrhö und Amenorrhö erzielt werden konnte, lag bei der FV bei 79–85 %. Bei Symptomen im Zusammenhang mit der Menstruationsblutung wie Dysmenorrhö, Zwischenblutungen, Hypermenorrhö, Menometrorrhagie, Ovulationsblutung, präoder postmenstrueller Blutung betrug der Anteil der Patientinnen, bei denen ein Rückgang oder eine Besserung festgestellt wurde, bei der FV zwischen 60 und 88 %. Von 53 Patientinnen, die bei der BV von einem unerfüllten Kinderwunsch berichteten, wurden 12 Frauen (23 % während der Behandlung mit VAC-Extrakt schwanger. Bei der FV waren 91 % der Ärzte und 92 % der Patientinnen mit den erzielten Behandlungsergebnissen „zufrieden“ oder „sehr zufrieden“ und 80 % der Patientinnen bestätigten, dass sie gerne mit der Behandlung mit VAC-Extrakt fortfahren wollen. Fazit: Diese Beobachtungsstudie im Bereich der ärztlichen Grundversorgung ergab, dass die Behandlung mit VAC

  3. Von Donuts und Zucker: Mit Neutronen biologische Makromoleküle erforschen (United States)

    May, Roland P.


    Für die Erforschung von Biomolekülen bieten Neutronen einzigartige Eigenschaften. Vor allem ihre unterschiedliche Wechselwirkung mit dem natürlichen Wasserstoff und seinem schweren Isotop Deuterium ermöglicht tiefe Einblicke in Struktur, Funktion und Dynamik von Proteinen, Nukleinsäuren und Biomembranen. Bei vielen Fragestellungen zur Strukturaufklärung gibt es kaum oder keine Alternative zum Neutron. Das Institut Laue-Langevin trägt Bahnbrechendes zum Erfolg der Neutronen-Methoden in der Biologie bei.

  4. New combined plant with integrated solar thermal energy; Neue Kombi-Anlage mit integrierter Solarwaerme

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Leithner, R.; Dobrowolski, R.; Gresch, H. [Technische Univ. Braunschweig (Germany). Inst. fuer Waerme- und Brennstofftechnik


    In California there are already 350 MW{sub e} worth of solar thermal energy plants in operation on a more or less commercial basis. In these installations thermal oil in parabolic gutters is heated from 300 C to 400 C. The thermal oil passes its thermal energy on to a water vapour circuit via a heat exchanger. The water vapour circuit can also be heated with natural gas, for instance at night when solar energy is not available. However, as yet no existing plant fulfils all three of the following requirements: its construction should entail the lowest possible investment costs and it should be able to run without solar energy and without an expensive storage system; it should have the greatest possible efficiency, especially at times when solar energy is not available (e.g. at night); at the same time, the solar thermal energy should be harvested at the lowest possible temperature so as to make expensive concentrating equipment superfluous. These seemingly contradictory demands are now met by a new concept involving a combined gas and steam plant whose operation is based on the injection of water into the compressed air rather than on a high excess of air. This water is evaporated by solar thermal energy at temperatures below 170 C according to its partial pressure. [Deutsch] Es gibt bereits ueber 350 MWe solarthermische Anlagen in Kalifornien, die mehr oder weniger kommerziell betrieben werden. Bei diesen Anlagen wird Thermaloel von 300 C auf 400 C in Parabolrinnen erhitzt. In einem Waermetauscher gibt das Thermaloel die Waerme an einen Wasserdampfkreislauf ab, der auch mit Erdgas beheizt werden kann, wenn wie z.B. nachts keine Solarwaerme verfuegbar ist. In einem weiteren Schritt wurde vorgeschlagen, das Wasser direkt zu verdampfen. Keine dieser Anlagen genuegt jedoch gleichzeitig den folgenden drei Anforderungen: Die Anlage sollte mit moeglichst niedrigen Investitionskosten gebaut und auch ohne Solarwaerme bzw. ohne aufwendigen Speicher betrieben werden koennen

  5. Harnableitung bei Kindern und Jugendlichen mit neurogener Blasenfunktionsstörung: auch langfristig eine sichere Therapieoption?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stein R


    Full Text Available Einleitung: Pharmakotherapie, der saubere Einmalkatheterismus (clean intermittent catheterization = CIC und die Infektionsprophylaxe sind die drei Säulen der konservativen Therapie bei Patienten mit neurogener Blasenfunktionsstörung. Während der Pubertät werden die Patienten zunehmend unabhängiger vom Elternhaus. Gleichzeitig nimmt jedoch die Compliance der Medikamenteneinnahme und der Durchführung des regelmäßigen CIC ab. Der orthopädische und/oder neurologische Status kann sich ebenfalls verändern. Dies kann letztlich zum Fehlschlagen der konservativen Therapie (Inkontinenz, Restharn, Verschlechterung der Funktion des oberen Harntraktes führen. In einem multidisziplinären Team wird diese Problematik der Kinder und Jugendlichen unter Berücksichtigung der Wünsche des Patienten als auch der medizinischen Ziele (z. B. Schutz der Nierenfunktion in unserer Klinik diskutiert. Die Harnableitung wurde hierbei in einigen Fällen als notwendige Kompromißlösung angesehen. In der vorliegenden retrospektiven Studie untersuchten wir, ob die Harnableitung auch langfristig ein sicheres Verfahren darstellt. Material und Methode: Zwischen 1967 und 1997 erfolgte bei 149 Kindern und Heranwachsenden die Anlage einer Harnableitung. 129 Patienten konnten durchschnittlich 11,8 Jahre (0,8-28,5 nachbeobachtet werden. Das durchschnittliche Alter bei der Operation betrug 12,1 Jahre (0,8-20. Ein Colon-Conduit wurde bei 59 Patienten (in der Mehrzahl der Fälle vor der Ära des CIC und der kontinenten Harnableitung angelegt, eine orthotope Blasensubstitution erfolgte bei 12, eine kontinente kutane Harnableitung bei 58 Patienten (50 % Rollstuhlfahrer. Ergebnisse: Der obere Harntrakt blieb bei 95-97 % der renoureteralen Einheiten (RUE stabil, bzw. verbesserte sich. Alle Patienten mit einer orthotopen Blasensubstitution sind tagsüber kontinent; eine Patientin benötigt zur Sicherheit zeitweise eine Vorlage während der Nacht. 7 der 12 Patienten führen einen

  6. [Cardiodoron® bei Patienten mit Schlafstörungen - Ergebnisse einer prospektiven Beobachtungsstudie]. (United States)

    Rother, Claudia; Schnelle, Martin

    Hintergrund: Schlafstörungen gehören zu den häufigsten gesundheitlichen Problemen der heutigen Zeit. Stress und die dadurch bedingte innere Anspannung sowie eine unrhythmische Lebensführung z.B. durch Schichtarbeit sind bekannte auslösende Faktoren. Weniger bekannt ist, dass auch funktionelle Herz-Kreislauf-Beschwerden zu Störungen des Schlafs führen können und dass deren Behandlung zu einer Verbesserung der Schlafqualität beiträgt. Ganzheitlich betrachtet geht es daher um die Wiederherstellung einer gesunden Rhythmik, insbesondere des Herz-/Atem- sowie des Schlaf-Wach-Rhythmus, die Cardiodoron®, eine Heilpflanzenkomposition aus Primula veris, Hyoscyamus niger und Onopordum acanthium, unterstützt. Patienten und Methoden: Mittels einer prospektiven, multizentrischen Beobachtungsstudie sollte ermittelt werden, wie sich funktionelle Herz-Kreislauf-Beschwerden und/oder Schlafstörungen unter der Behandlung mit Cardiodoron® (Dilution) über 3-6 Monate entwickeln. Im Zeitraum von September 2009 bis März 2012 dokumentierten 92 Ärzte 501 Patienten, von denen 380 über Schlafstörungen klagten und deren Daten in dieser Publikation näher betrachtet werden. Nach einer Aufnahmeuntersuchung erfolgte nach 90 Tagen eine Abschlussuntersuchung und bei Fortführung der Therapie nach nochmals 90 Tagen eine Follow-up-Untersuchung. Neben 30 ärztlicherseits bewerteten Symptomen beurteilten die Patienten ihr Befinden mittels Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) nach Buysse und der Beschwerden-Liste nach von Zerssen (B-L und B-L'). Ergebnisse: Unter der Cardiodoron®-Therapie gingen bei guter Verträglichkeit sowohl die Ausprägung der Schlafstörungen (um 65% von 2,0 auf 0,7 Punkte) als auch die erfassten 30 Symptome (um 59% von 24,3 auf 9,9 Punkte) deutlich zurück (p mit Schlafstörungen (mit oder ohne funktionelle Herz-Kreislauf-Beschwerden) kann die Ausprägung der Beschwerden mit Cardiodoron® deutlich gesenkt werden. Cardiodoron® ist gut verträglich. © 2016 S

  7. Esclavos perfectos: historia breve de la ciberarquitectura en MIT (1959-1967

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Cardoso Llach


    Full Text Available This paper addresses unexplored aspects of the relationship between military research at MIT, and the constitution, during the cold war years, of a techno-scientific discourse of architecture. Exploring primary sources from the "Computer-Aided Design Project" (1959-1967, this paper explains the emergence of a cybernetic understanding of design, and its transit into architectural culture. The article presents Nicholas Negroponte's use of the CAD project's technical and theoretical idioms to re-imagine architectural practice through a technocratic (and populist lens, and discusses aspects of its influence in contemporary techno-scientific design discourse.

  8. Untersuchung der Produktion charmhaltiger Mesonen in der Photon-Photon-Streuung mit dem OPAL-Experiment


    Patt, Jochen


    Die Produktion von Charm-Quarks in der Photon-Photon-Streuung wird ueber den Nachweis charmhaltiger Mesonen untersucht. Die Arbeit basiert auf den Daten, die mit dem OPAL-Detektor am Elektron-Positron-Speicherring LEP am CERN in Genf in den Jahren von 1989 bis 1998 aufgenommen worden sind. Anhand des Charmonium-Zustandes Chi(c2) wird die Resonanzproduktion von Charm-Quarks untersucht und die Zwei-Photon-Breite des Chi(c2)-Mesons wird gemessen. Geladene D*-Mesonen werden zur Untersuchung der o...

  9. MIT extraction method for measuring average subchannel axial velocities in reactor assemblies

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hawley, J.T.; Chiu, C.; Todreas, N.E.


    The MIT extraction method for obtaining flow split data for individual subchannels is described in detail. An analysis of the method is presented which shows that isokinetic values of the subchannel flow rates are obtained directly even though the method is non-isokinetic. Time saving methods are discussed for obtaining the average value of the interior region flow split parameter. An analysis of the method at low bundle flow rates indicates that there is no inherent low flow rate limitation on the method and suggests a way to obtain laminar flow split data

  10. Aufgabenorientierung mit proaktiver Formfokussierung als didaktisches Konzept für den Deutschunterricht im Tourismus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gloria Bosch Roig


    Full Text Available Der aufgabenoriente Unterricht Deutsch für den Tourismus stellt eine realitätsnähere Variante des kommunikativen Deutschunterrichts dar, die es ermöglicht, sinnvolle Inhalte mit der effizienten Bewältigung konkreter Interaktionssituationen des Berufslebens zu kombinieren. Dabei werden die formellen Aspekte der Sprache weder aus dem Unterricht ausgeklammert noch als reine Form-Funktionsbeziehungen eingeführt. Grammatik wird vielmehr als eine metasprachliche Aufgabe verstanden, die es kooperativ und interaktiv zu entschlüsseln und zu lösen gilt.

  11. Agentenbasierter Programmassistent zur Verwaltung von NC-Informationen in Produktionssystemen mit Kommunikationsnetzwerken


    Dang, Thien Ngon


    In den letzten Jahren hat sich die rapide Entwicklung der Elektrotechnik ebenso wie die der Softwaretechnologie auf die numerischen Steuerungen in den heutigen CNC-Maschinen groß ausgewirkt. Diese numerischen Steuerungen sind sowohl intelligenter und flexibler als auch mit größerer Internspeicherkapazität ausgerüstet. Dies führt zu einer Änderung der Art und Weise, wie DNC-Systeme zu etablieren sind, besonders solcher, die auf bisher verfügbaren, aber ungleichartigen DNC-Systemen basieren. In...

  12. Recent activities at MIT in the applications of acoustic emission technology for superconducting magnets

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Iwasa, Y.


    Recent activities at MIT in the applications of acoustic emission (AE) technology are presented. Specifically these activities include: acoustic- emission-technology based monitoring of and results from SCC dipole magnets, at both room temperature and 4.2 K, and the analytical and experimental study of acoustic signals emitted by epoxy-impregnated adiabatic superconducting magnets. The authors' preliminary results from the SSC dipoles support the notion that the principal source of premature quenches in these dipoles is dissipative mechanical events taking place within the winding and that the performance of these dipoles is furthermore critically dependent on the mechanical stiffness of the magnet structure

  13. Las conmemoraciones noticiosas en la prensa colombiana: rememorando la toma a Mitú


    Jairo Enrique Martin; Jefferson Jaramillo-Marín


    El secuestro en Colombia es un acontecimiento disruptivo que además de irrumpir de forma trágica en la escena pública y profundizar el conflic - to armado, de por sí prolongado y degradado, fractura la agenda noticiosa normal de los medios de comunicación. Un ejemplo de ello fue la emble - mática toma guerrillera de Mitú, acontecida el 1 de noviembre de 1998, en vísperas del proceso de paz en la región de San Vicente del Caguán. Esta toma fue realizada por las Farc (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucion...

  14. Untersuchungen zum Längenwachstum von Kindern mit CHARGE-Syndrom


    Madeja, Julia


    Hintergrund und Ziele: Das CHARGE-Syndrom ist eine seltene, autosomal-dominante, in den meis-ten Fällen sporadisch auftretende Erkrankung mit verschiedenen kongenitalen Malformationen. Pagon et al. prägten das Akronym CHARGE, wobei die Buchstaben C für Colobome, H für Herzfehler, A für Atresie der Choanen, R für Retardierung von Wachstum und/oder geistiger Entwicklung, G für genitale Fehlbildungen und E für ear (Ohr)-Fehlbildungen stehen. Die betroffenen Kinder haben zusätzlich endokrine...

  15. Richtungshören bei Senioren mit Hörgeräteversorgung


    Neumayer, T; Baumann, U; Stöver, T; Weißgerber, T


    Einleitung: Da die Lebenserwartung weiter ansteigt, muss in Zukunft Erkrankungen und Veränderungen des Alters eine größere Bedeutung zukommen. So gibt es einen deutlichen Anstieg der mittels Hörhilfen zu versorgenden Presbyakusis. Viele Hörgeräte (HG) werden hinter dem Ohr getragen, somit fehlt die richtungsabhängige Filterwirkung der Ohrmuschel. Ziel dieser Studie war die Untersuchung der Richtungshörfähigkeit bei Senioren mit Hörgeräten.Material/Methoden: 40 Probanden im Alter von 76,3 (±...

  16. Metacognitive Interpersonal Therapy in group (MIT-G) for young adults with personality disorders: A pilot randomized controlled trial. (United States)

    Popolo, Raffaele; MacBeth, Angus; Canfora, Flaviano; Rebecchi, Daniela; Toselli, Cecilia; Salvatore, Giampaolo; Dimaggio, Giancarlo


    Young adults with personality disorders (PD) other than borderline are in urgent need of validated treatments to help them in managing important life transitions. Therapeutic interventions focused upon social and interpersonal difficulties may facilitate these individuals in maximizing opportunities for employment, forming stable romantic relationships, and belong to social groups. It is also important that they are offered evidence-based, first-line time-limited treatments in order to maximize effectiveness and reduce costs. We developed a 16-session programme of group-based Metacognitive Interpersonal Therapy (MIT-G) including psychoeducation on the main interpersonal motives, an experiential component enabling practice of awareness of mental states; and use of mentalistic knowledge for purposeful problem-solving. We report a feasibility, acceptability, and clinical significance randomized clinical trial. Participants meeting inclusion criteria were randomized to receive MIT-G (n = 10) or waiting list+TAU (n = 10). Dropout rate was low and session attendance high (92.19%). Participants in the MIT-G arm had symptomatic and functional improvements consistent with large effect sizes. In the MIT-G arm similarly large effects were noted for increased capacity to understand mental states and regulate social interactions using mentalistic knowledge. Results were sustained at follow-up. Our findings suggest potential for applying MIT-G in larger samples to further test its effectiveness in reducing PD-related symptoms and problematic social functioning. © 2018 The British Psychological Society.

  17. Diagnosis of pulmonary embolism with spiral and electron-beam CT; Diagnostik der Lungenembolie mit Spiral- und Elektronenstrahl-CT

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schoepf, U.J.; Bruening, R.D.; Becker, C.R.; Konschitzky, H.; Muehling, O.; Staebler, A.; Helmberger, T.; Holzknecht, N.; Reiser, M.F. [Muenchen Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Radiologische Diagnostik; Knez, A.; Haberl, R. [Muenchen Univ. (Germany). Medizinische Klinik 1


    Purpose: To compare spiral (SCT) and electron-beam CT (EBT) for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism (PE). Materials and methods: From June 1997 to June 1998 188 patients with suspected acute or chronic thrombembolism of the pulmonary arteries were examined. A total of 108 patients were scanned using SCT and 80 patients using EBT. On each scanner two different scan protocols were evaluated. Conclusions: Advanced CT scanning techniques allow the highly accurate diagnosis of central and peripheral PE. Other potentially life-threatening underlying diseases are also readily recognized. (orig./AJ) [Deutsch] Fragestellung: Spiral-CT (SCT) und Elektronenstrahlcomputertomographie (EBT) sollten hinsichtlich ihrer Eignung fuer die Diagnostik der Lungenembolie (LE) verglichen werden. Methode: Von Juni 1997 bis Juni 1998 wurden 188 Patienten mit Verdacht auf akute oder chronische thrombembolische Veraenderungen der Lungenarterien untersucht. Die CT-Diagnostik erfolgte dabei bei 108 Patienten mit Spiral-CT und bei 80 Patienten mit EBT. Schlussfolgerungen: Moderne CT-Scan-Verfahren erlauben mit hoher Genauigkeit die Diagnose der zentralen und peripheren Lungenembolie. Die EBT bietet Vorteile in der Darstellung herznaher peripherer Lungenarterien. Andere lebendsbedrohliche Ursachen fuer die Beschwerden des Patienten werden mit der CT sicher erkannt. (orig./AJ)

  18. Numerical simulation of turbulent shear flow using a cascade model; Numerische Simulation turbulenter Scherstroemungen mit einem Kaskadenmodell

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Niemann, V.


    Homogeneous stratified turbulent shear flow was simulated numerically using the cascade model of Eggers and Grossmann (1991). The model is made applicable to homogeneous shear flow by transformation into a coordinate system that moves along with a basic flow with a constant vertical velocity gradient. The author simulated cases of stable thermal stratification with Richardson numbers in the range of 0{<=}Ri{<=}1. The simulation data were evaluated with particular regard to the anisotropic characteristics of the turbulence field. Further, the results are compared with some common equation systems up to second order. (orig.) [Deutsch] Thema der vorliegenden Dissertation ist die numerische Simulation homogener geschichteter turbulenter Scherstroemungen. Grundlage der Simulation ist das von Eggers and Grossmann (1991) entwickelte Kaskadenmodell. Dieses Modell wird durch Transformation in ein Koordinatensystem, das mit einem Grundstrom mit konstantem vertikalen Geschwindigkeitsgradienten mitbewegt wird, auf homogene Scherstroemungen angewendet. Simuliert werden Faelle mit stabiler thermischer Schichtung mit Richardsonzahlen im Bereich von 0{<=}Ri{<=}1. Der Schwerpunkt bei der Auswertung der Simulationsdaten liegt auf der Untersuchung der Anisotropie-Eigenschaften des Turbulenzfeldes. Darueber hinaus wird ein Vergleich mit einigen gaengigen Schliessungsansaetzen bis zur zweiten Ordnung gezogen. (orig.)

  19. Mit przeiudnienia


    Dumont, Gérard-François


    International audience; [The fear of overpopulation is recurrent in the course of history as shown, for example, by the reading of Plato or Aristotle. But is this fear confirmed or reversed by the long history of humanity, and then by contemporary history?]; [La crainte d’une surpopulation est récurrente au fil de l’histoire comme le montre par exemple la lecture de Platon ou d’Aristote. Mais cette crainte est-elle confirmée ou infirmée par la longue histoire de l’humanité, puis par l’histoir...

  20. Left bundle-branch block

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Risum, Niels; Strauss, David; Sogaard, Peter


    The relationship between myocardial electrical activation by electrocardiogram (ECG) and mechanical contraction by echocardiography in left bundle-branch block (LBBB) has never been clearly demonstrated. New strict criteria for LBBB based on a fundamental understanding of physiology have recently...

  1. The wild tapered block bootstrap

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hounyo, Ulrich

    -based method in terms of asymptotic accuracy of variance estimation and distribution approximation. For stationary time series, the asymptotic validity, and the favorable bias properties of the new bootstrap method are shown in two important cases: smooth functions of means, and M-estimators. The first......-order asymptotic validity of the tapered block bootstrap as well as the wild tapered block bootstrap approximation to the actual distribution of the sample mean is also established when data are assumed to satisfy a near epoch dependent condition. The consistency of the bootstrap variance estimator for the sample......In this paper, a new resampling procedure, called the wild tapered block bootstrap, is introduced as a means of calculating standard errors of estimators and constructing confidence regions for parameters based on dependent heterogeneous data. The method consists in tapering each overlapping block...

  2. Recursion Relations for Conformal Blocks

    CERN Document Server

    Penedones, João; Yamazaki, Masahito


    In the context of conformal field theories in general space-time dimension, we find all the possible singularities of the conformal blocks as functions of the scaling dimension $\\Delta$ of the exchanged operator. In particular, we argue, using representation theory of parabolic Verma modules, that in odd spacetime dimension the singularities are only simple poles. We discuss how to use this information to write recursion relations that determine the conformal blocks. We first recover the recursion relation introduced in 1307.6856 for conformal blocks of external scalar operators. We then generalize this recursion relation for the conformal blocks associated to the four point function of three scalar and one vector operator. Finally we specialize to the case in which the vector operator is a conserved current.

  3. Defying gravity using Jenga™ blocks (United States)

    Tan, Yin-Soo; Yap, Kueh-Chin


    This paper describes how Jenga™ blocks can be used to demonstrate the physics of an overhanging tower that appears to defy gravity. We also propose ideas for how this demonstration can be adapted for the A-level physics curriculum.

  4. Dynamic MR imaging: Follow-up study after femoral head core decompression and rhBMP-2 instillation in patients with avascular necrosis of the femoral head; Dynamische Magnetresonanztomographie (MRT): Verlaufsbeobachtung nach Femurkerndekompression und Auffuellung mit rekombinantem, humanem Bone morphogenetic Protein-2 (rhBMP-2) bei avaskulaerer Femurkopfnekrose

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schedel, H. [Klinik Prof. Schedel, Kellberg (Germany); Schneller, A. [Humboldt-Universitaet, Berlin (Germany). Klinik fuer Allgemein- und Transplantationschirurgie; Vogl, T.; Mueller, H.F.; Maeurer, J.; Felix, R. [Humboldt-Universitaet, Berlin (Germany). Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik; Suedkamp, N. [Humboldt-Universitaet, Berlin (Germany). Unfall- und Wiederherstellungschirurgie; Eisenschenk, A. [Freie Univ. Berlin (Germany). Orthopaedische Klinik und Poliklinik


    Material and Methods: Six patients with avascular necrosis of the femoral head ARCO-stage I- or II-lesions were treated surgically by femoral head core decompression. Three of these patients were additionally treated with rhBMP-2-instillation. The progression or regression could be confirmed by T1- and T2-weighted spinecho-sequences (zero, four, ten, sixteen weeks and 24 months follow up). Results: Corresponding ARCO-classification with partly more sensitive measurement of vitality signs in comparison to the optical X-ray classification. The objective, quantitative measurement of signalintensity post contrast medium reduces the influence of experience and level of education. The dynamic sequences results are reproducable. (orig.) [German] Material und Methoden: Sechs Patienten mit avaskulaerer Nekrose des Femurkopfes des Stadiums I oder II nach ARCO wurden einer Femurkerndekompression unterzogen. Drei dieser Patienten erhielten zusaetzlich eine rhBMP-2-Auffuellung. Zum Zeitpunkt null, vier, zehn, sechszehn Wochen und 24 Monaten post OP erfolgte die kernspintomographische Untersuchung mit T1- und T2-gewichteten Sequenzen unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der dynamischen Untersuchungssequenz nach Gabe von Gd-DTPA (Gadopentetsaeure, Dimegluminsalz; Magnevist {sup trademark}) zur Dokumentation der Signalintensitaetssteigerung pro Zeiteinheit in der Nekroseregion. Ergebnisse: Uebereinstimmende Stadienklassifikation nach ARCO mit zum Teil empfindlicherer Messung von Vitalitaetszeichen im Vergleich zu rein visuellen roentgenologischen Einteilung. Die objektive, quantitative Messung des Signalintensitaetssteigerungsverhaltens nach Kontrastmittelgabe im Bereich der Femurkopfnekrose kann den Einfluss von subjektiven Eigenschaften des Untersuchers (Erfahrung, Ausbildungsstand) reduzieren, wobei die Ergebnisse der Dynamiksequenzen objektiv reproduzierbar sind. (orig.)

  5. TRUE Block Scale Continuation Project. Final Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Andersson, Peter; Byegaard, Johan [Geosigma AB (Sweden); Billaux, Daniel [Itasca Consultants SA (France); Cvetkovic, Vladimir [Royal Inst. of Technology, Stockholm (Sweden); Dershowitz, William; Doe, Thomas [Golder Associates Inc. (United States); Hermanson, Jan [Golder Associates AB (Sweden); Poteri, Antti [VTT (Finland); Tullborg, Eva-Lena [Terralogica AB (Sweden); Winberg, Anders [Conterra AB (SE)] (ed.)


    developed microstructural model. It is noted that the observed difference is applicable to experimental time scales while at longer time scales the retention capacity of the fault type fractures may become saturated. The overall retention (taking effects of both {kappa} and {beta} into account) in the background fracture Flow path II is found to be about one order of magnitude higher than for Flow path I. This finding is attributed to the fact that that the flow rate is significantly lower compared with Flow path I, resulting in longer residence times. The presented results are consistent with Flow path I being contained in a planar structure with immobile zones assigned according to the microstructural model. Similarly, the results suggest Flow path II is being made up of a set of background fractures, including BG1. The uncertainty associated with the analysis and interpretations has been evaluated quantitatively, demonstrating that the uncertainty in the hydrodynamic (pathway length and velocity) parameter group {beta} is higher than that for the retention (physical and geochemical) parameter group {kappa}. This analysis supports the development of more realistic hydrostructural models with uncertainty represented through discrete fracture network (DFN) simulations for radionuclide transport in crystalline rock. The analysis (prediction and evaluation) made of the TRUE Block Scale Continuation tracer tests demonstrates clearly that a good geological basis (as expressed in the developed hydrostructural and microstructure models) is important for understanding sorbing tracer transport in fractured crystalline rock.The quantitative analysis pertaining to the background fracture Flow path II suggests that background fracture flow paths, although with poor material retention properties, may contribute significantly to retention because of the low flow rates expected in them. Given that the current results are based on one sole experimental result there exists a need to

  6. Intraläsionale Therapie niedrig maligner primär kutaner B-Zell-Lymphome mit Anti-CD20-Antikörper: Nebenwirkungen korrelieren mit gutem klinischen Ansprechen. (United States)

    Eberle, Franziska C; Holstein, Julia; Scheu, Alexander; Fend, Falko; Yazdi, Amir S


    Die intraläsionale Gabe von Anti-CD20-Antikörpern (Rituximab) wurde als effektive Therapieoption für Patienten mit niedrig malignen primär kutanen B-Zell-Lymphomen beschrieben. Bis heute wurden allerdings keine Parameter identifiziert, welche reproduzierbar ein gutes klinisches Ansprechen dieser Therapie vorhersagen. Ziel dieser Studie ist, sowohl das klinische Ansprechen und die unerwünschten Nebenwirkungen als auch die Patientenwahrnehmung hinsichtlich intraläsionaler Injektionen von anti-CD20-Antikörpern zur Behandlung indolenter primär kutaner B-Zell-Lymphome im Vergleich mit anderen Therapien zu evaluieren. Elf Patienten mit einem primär kutanen B-Zell-Lymphom, namentlich primär kutanes Keimzentrumslymphom (n = 9) und primär kutanes Marginalzonenlymphom (n = 2), welche mittels intraläsionalem Anti-CD20-Antikörper behandelt wurden, wurden retrospektiv evaluiert hinsichtlich der Ansprechrate und unerwünschter Nebenwirkungen sowie in Bezug auf deren Selbsteinschätzung dieser und anderer Therapien des primär kutanen B-Zell-Lymphoms. Patienten, deren primär kutanes B-Zell-Lymphom mittels intraläsionaler Gabe von Anti-CD20-Antikörper behandelt wurde, zeigten ein komplettes oder partielles Ansprechen in 45 % beziehungsweise 27 % aller Patienten. Speziell Patienten mit grippeähnlichen Symptomen nach erfolgter Injektion zeigten ein gutes Ansprechen. Die Mehrheit der Patienten empfand die Therapie mit Rituximab als die beste Therapie im Vergleich zu anderen Therapien wie beispielsweise chirurgische Exzision oder Radiotherapie. Intraläsionales Rituximab ist eine effektive Therapie mit hoher Patientenzufriedenheit. Starke therapiebedingte Nebenwirkungen wie Fieber, Schüttelfrost und Kopfschmerzen nach Gabe von Rituximab könnten als Indikator für gute Wirksamkeit dienen. © 2017 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  7. 3D-TSE MR-cholangiography with respiratory triggering in the diagnosis of hepatopathies in infants and young children; 3D-TSE MR-Cholangiopankreatikographie mit Atemtriggerung zur Abklaerung von unklaren Hepatopathien bei Kindern

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Textor, H.J.; Pauleit, D.; Flacke, S.; Keller, E.; Schild, H.H. [Bonn Univ. (Germany). Radiologische Klinik; Keller, K.M. [Bonn Univ. (Germany). Kinderklinik und Poliklinik; Neubrand, M. [Bonn Univ. (Germany). Medizinische Klinik; Gieseke, J. [Philips Medizin Systeme Unternehmensbereich der Philips GmbH, Hamburg (Germany)


    Purpose: Evaluation of 3D-TSE MR-cholangiography with respiratory triggering in the work up of hepatopathies in infants and young children. Patients and Method: 16 infants (4-16 years) with increased transaminases, two with recurrent pancreatitis, were examined at 1.5 T (ACS-NT II, Philips Medical Systems) using a 3D-TSE MRCP with respiratory triggering in addition to a regular MRI of the liver. The MRCP was compared to ERCP. Two radiologists and one gastroenterologist evaluated the technical quality, visualization of the pancreaticobiliary system, and the diagnostic value of the examinations. Results: Technically feasible were 14/16 MRCPs and 13/16 ERCPs. Two MRCP were not of diagnostic value due to motion artifacts and in three ERCP cannulation of the papilla was not possible. 14/16 ERCP required general anaesthesia, while MRCP needed i.v. sedation in two patients only. Extrahepatic ducts/cystic duct-pancreatic duct were visualized in 14/12/8 patients using MRCP, and in 13/10/3 patients using ERCP, both without adverse effects or complications. Intrahepatic ducts were better delineated with MRCP. In 10 patients with histologically proven periportal fibrosis (n=7) and liver fibrosis (n=1) or antineutrophil cytoplasmatic antibodies and associated inflammatory bowel disease, MRCP and ERCP revealed pathological results. Conclusion: MRCP using a 3D-TSE sequence with respiratory triggering is a good non-invasive technique for delineation of the biliary tract in infants and young children for the work up to hepatopathies. (orig.) [Deutsch] Ziel: Evaluation der 3D-TSE MR-Cholangiographie mit Atemtriggerung in der Diagnostik unklarer Hepatopathien im Kindesalter. Patienten und Methode: 16 Kinder (4-16 Jahre) mit unklarer Transaminasenerhoehung, davon zwei mit rezidivierenden Pankreatitiden, erhielten an einem 1,5 Tesla-Geraet (ACS-NT II, Philips Medizin Systeme) im Rahmen eines Leber-MRT eine atemgetriggerte koronare 3D-Turbo-Spin-Echo (TSE) MRCP. Bei einem 16jaehrigen

  8. Die Dramatikerin Theresia Walser spricht mit Maria Aparecida Barbosa über das Theaterstück »King Kongs Töchter«. Mit einer Einführung von Karina Schuller

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Theresia Walser


    Full Text Available In ihrem Interview spricht die Literaturwissenschaftlerin Maria Aparecida Barbosa mit der Dramatikerin Theresia Walser. Am Beispiel des Theaterstücks King Kongs Töchter (1998, das sich auf groteske Art und Weise mit dem Alltag in einem Altenheim befasst, werden dabei verschiedene Themen angesprochen: Es geht um die Selbstreflexivität des Theaters, um Walsers Verständnis von poetischer Sprache und Realismus sowie um den kreativen Schreibprozess im Allgemeinen. Ergänzt wird das Interview durch eine Einführung von Karina Schuller.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lada Badurina


    Full Text Available Im Artikel sind zunächst Grundsetzen der Schreibung und der Rechtschreibung dargestellt, demnach die Schreibung und die Rechtschreibung in "Fluminensia" von Fran Kurelac. Die von Kurelac vorgeschlagenen Lösungen sind mit den Lösungen seiner unmittelbaren Vorgänger und Zeitgenossen vergleicht, sowie mit der heutigen Rechtschreibungspraxis. Für die von Kurelac vorgeschlagne Schreibung ist festgestellt, daß es sich um ein beständiges System handelt, das von der Tradition ausgeht und das sich nur in eingen Lösungen von heutigen unterscheidet. In der Rechtschreibung überwiegt der morphologische Grundsatz, was leicht in Verbindung mit den Grundgedanken der Philologischen Schule in Rijeka zu steilen ist.

  10. MRI for therapy planning in patients with atrial septum defects; MRT zur Therapieplanung bei Patienten mit Vorhofseptumdefekt

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Huber, A.; Rummeny, E. [Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Institut fuer Radiologie, Muenchen (Germany); Prompona, M.; Reiser, M.; Theisen, D. [Klinikum der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen, Campus Grosshadern, Institut fuer Klinische Radiologie, Muenchen (Germany); Kozlik-Feldmann, R. [Klinikum der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen, Campus Grosshadern, Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Kinderkardiologie, Muenchen (Germany); Muehling, O. [Klinikum der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen, Campus Grosshadern, Medizinische Klinik I, Muenchen (Germany)


    The aim of this study was to determine the value of a combined magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) protocol including steady-state free precession (SSFP) imaging, phase-contrast measurements and contrast-enhanced MR angiography (CE-MRA) for presurgical or preinterventional diagnostic imaging in patients with suspected atrial septum defects. Out of 65 MRI studies of patients with suspected atrial septum defects, 56 patients were included in the study. The atrial septum defects were identified on cine images. Velocity encoded flow measurements were used to determine shunt volumes, which were compared with invasive oxymetry in 24 patients. Contrast-enhanced MRI was used to assess the thoracic vessels in order to detect vascular anomalies. The findings were compared with the intraoperative results. A total of 24 patients with high shunt volumes were treated either surgically (16 patients) or interventionally (8 patients) and 32 patients with low shunt volumes did not require surgical or interventional treatment. The vascular anomaly, which in all cases was anomalous pulmonary venous return, was confirmed by the intraoperative findings. The type and location of atrial septal defects which required treatment, were confirmed intraoperatively or during the intervention. The results of shunt quantification by MRI showed a good correlation with the results of invasive oximetry (r=0.91, p <0.0001). A combined MRI protocol including cine SSFP images, velocity-encoded flow measurements and CE-MRA is an accurate method for preoperative and preinterventional evaluation of atrial septum defects. (orig.) [German] Ziel war es, die Wertigkeit eines kombinierten MRT-Protokolls aus Funktionsuntersuchung, Flussmessung und MR-Angiographie zur praeoperativen oder -interventionellen Abklaerung bei Patienten mit Vorhofseptumdefekt zu evaluieren. Ingesamt wurden 56 Patienten mit Vorhofseptumdefekt aus einem Kollektiv von 65 Patienten mit Verdacht auf Vorhofseptumdefekt, die im MRT untersucht

  11. Regional anesthesia in transurethral resection of prostate (TURP surgery: A comparative study between saddle block and subarachnoid block

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susmita Bhattacharyya


    Full Text Available Background: Spinal anesthesia is the technique of choice in transurethral resection of prostate (TURP. The major complication of spinal technique is risk of hypotension. Saddle block paralyzed pelvic muscles and sacral nerve roots and hemodynamic derangement is less. Aims and objectives: To compare the hemodynamic changes and adequate surgical condition between saddle block and subarachnoid block for TURP. Material and methods: Ninety patients of aged between 50 to 70 years of ASA-PS I, II scheduled for TURP were randomly allocated into 2 groups of 45 in each group. Group A patients were received spinal (2 ml of hyperbaric bupivacaine and Group B were received saddle block (2 ml of hyperbaric bupivacaine. Baseline systolic, diastolic and mean arterial pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation were recorded and measured subsequently. The height of block was noted in both groups. Hypotension was corrected by administration of phenylephrine 50 mcg bolus and total requirement of vasopressor was noted. Complications (volume overload, TURP syndrome etc. were noted. Results: Incidence of hypotension and vasopressor requirement was less (P < 0.01 in Gr B patients.Adequate surgical condition was achieved in both groups. There was no incidence of volume overload, TURP syndrome, and bladder perforation. Conclusion: TURP can be safely performed under saddle block without hypotension and less vasopressor requirement.

  12. Supra-Hisian Conduction Block as an Unusual Presenting Feature of Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. (United States)

    Prabhu, Mukund Aravind; Pai, Praveen Gopalakrishna; Vupputuri, Anjith; Shekhar, Saritha; Harikrishnan, Madhavankutty Santhakumari; Kumaraswamy, Natarajan Umayammal


    Atrioventricular (AV) block is rare in Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (TC). A 66-year-old female presented with fatigue. Her electrocardiogram revealed 3:2 Mobitz Type II AV block, confirmed to be supra-Hisian by electrophysiological study. Echocardiogram and left ventricular angiogram showed moderate left ventricular dysfunction and apical ballooning, whereas coronary angiogram revealed mildly ectatic coronaries. At 2 weeks AV block persisted, needing permanent pacemaker implantation. At 1-month follow-up, she had normal ventricular function and no AV block. Delayed recovery of AV conduction is possible in TC, thus implying to wait for a longer period before implanting a pacemaker. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  13. Optimierung von FSS-Bandpassfiltern mit Hilfe der Schwarmintelligenz (Particle Swarm Optimization) (United States)

    Wu, G.; Hansen, V.; Kreysa, E.; Gemünd, H.-P.


    In diesem Beitrag wird ein neues Verfahren zur Optimierung von Bandpassfiltern aus mehrlagigen frequenzselektiven Schirmen (FSS), die in ein Dielektrikum eingebettet sind, vorgestellt. Das Ziel ist es, die Parameter der gesamten Struktur so zu optimieren, dass ihre Transmissionseigenschaften hohe Filteranforderungen erfüllen. Als Optimierungsverfahren wird die Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) eingesetzt. PSO ist eine neue stochastische Optimierungsmethode, die in verschieden Gebieten, besonders aber bei der Optimierung nicht linearer Probleme mit mehreren Zielfunktionen erfolgreich eingesetzt wird. In dieser Arbeit wird die PSO in die Spektralbereichsanalyse zur Berechnung komplexer FSS-Strukturen integriert. Die numerische Berechnung basiert auf einer Integralgleichungsformulierung mit Hilfe der spektralen Greenschen Funktion für geschichtete Strukturen. This paper presents a novel procedure for the optimization of band-pass filters consisting of frequency selective surfaces (FSS) embedded in a dielectric. The aim is to optimize the parameters of the complete structure so that the transmission characteristics of the filters fulfill the demanding requirements. The Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is used as the optimization procedure. PSO is a new stochastic optimization method that is successfully applied in different areas for the optimization of non-linear problems with several object-functions. In this work, PSO is integrated into the spectral domain analysis for the calculation of the complex FSS structures. The numerical computation is based on the formulation of an integral equation with the help of the spectral Green's function for layered media.

  14. Identifikationsverfahren zur Analyse von EEG-Signalen bei Epilepsie mit Reaktions-Diffusions Netzwerken (United States)

    Gollas, F.; Tetzlaff, R.


    Partielle Differentialgleichungen des Reaktions-Diffusions-Typs beschreiben Phänomene wie Musterbildung, nichtlineare Wellenausbreitung und deterministisches Chaos und werden oft zur Untersuchung komplexer Vorgänge auf den Gebieten der Biologie, Chemie und Physik herangezogen. Zellulare Nichtlineare Netzwerke (CNN) sind eine räumliche Anordnung vergleichsweise einfacher dynamischer Systeme, die eine lokale Kopplung untereinander aufweisen. Durch eine Diskretisierung der Ortsvariablen können Reaktions-Diffusions-Gleichungen häufig auf CNN mit nichtlinearen Gewichtsfunktionen abgebildet werden. Die resultierenden Reaktions-Diffusions-CNN (RD-CNN) weisen dann in ihrer Dynamik näherungsweise gleiches Verhalten wie die zugrunde gelegten Reaktions-Diffusions-Systeme auf. Werden RD-CNN zur Identifikation neuronaler Strukturen anhand von EEG-Signalen herangezogen, so besteht die Möglichkeit festzustellen, ob das gefundene Netzwerk lokale Aktivität aufweist. Die von Chua eingeführte Theorie der lokalen Aktivität Chua (1998); Dogaru und Chua (1998) liefert eine notwendige Bedingung für das Auftreten von emergentem Verhalten in zellularen Netzwerken. Änderungen in den Parametern bestimmter RD-CNN könnten auf bevorstehende epileptische Anfälle hinweisen. In diesem Beitrag steht die Identifikation neuronaler Strukturen anhand von EEG-Signalen durch Reaktions-Diffusions-Netzwerke im Vordergrund der dargestellten Untersuchungen. In der Ergebnisdiskussion wird insbesondere auch die Frage nach einer geeigneten Netzwerkstruktur mit minimaler Komplexität behandelt.

  15. Modernization by oil-fuelled high efficiency boilers; Modernisierung mit Oel-Brennwerttechnik

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Genath, B.


    In the Markt Erlbach region, honey is an obstacle to the expansion efforts of the natural gas industry. The local honey factory - as well as some market gardeners - have recently modernized their 2 MW oil heating system and are not inclined to change to natural gas. This means a shortage of customers for the local utility, which has lost interest in installing a new natural gas grid. This is a marketing opportunity for oil-fuelled high-efficiency boilers. (orig.) [German] Was hat Heizoel mit Honig zu tun? Direkt hoffentlich nichts. Indirekt dagegen behindert der zuckersuesse Brotaufstrich die Expansionsbemuehungen des Erdgases in der Region um Markt Erlbach wesentlich von Fuerth. Deshalb naemlich, weil die Honigfabrik des Bezirks - und dazu einige Grossgaertnereien - erst kuerzlich ihre 2-MW-Oelheizungsanlage modernisiert hat und nun nicht gewillt ist, durch einen Wechsel auf Erdgas diese Renovierung sozusagen als Fehlinvestition abzubuchen. Dem oertlichen Gasversorger fehlen dadurch bedeutende Abnehmer. Folge: Er zeigt keine Neigung, dem mit Heizoel versorgten Landstrich ueber ein noch zu installierendes Netz zu beliefern. Damit schlaegt hier die Stunde der Oel-Brennwerttechnik. (orig.)

  16. MIT-Skywalker: considerations on the Design of a Body Weight Support System. (United States)

    Gonçalves, Rogério Sales; Krebs, Hermano Igo


    To provide body weight support during walking and balance training, one can employ two distinct embodiments: support through a harness hanging from an overhead system or support through a saddle/seat type. This paper presents a comparison of these two approaches. Ultimately, this comparison determined our selection of the body weight support system employed in the MIT-Skywalker, a robotic device developed for the rehabilitation/habilitation of gait and balance after a neurological injury. Here we will summarize our results with eight healthy subjects walking on the treadmill without any support, with 30% unloading supported by a harness hanging from an overhead system, and with a saddle/seat-like support system. We compared the center of mass as well as vertical and mediolateral trunk displacements across different walking speeds and support. The bicycle/saddle system had the highest values for the mediolateral inclination, while the overhead harness body weight support showed the lowest values at all speeds. The differences were statistically significant. We selected the bicycle/saddle system for the MIT-Skywalker. It allows faster don-and-doff, better centers the patient to the split treadmill, and allows all forms of training. The overhead harness body weight support might be adequate for rhythmic walking training but limits any potential for balance training.

  17. Ustekinumab in der Therapie der Pustulosis palmoplantaris - Eine Fallserie mit neun Patienten. (United States)

    Buder, Valeska; Herberger, Katharina; Jacobi, Arnd; Augustin, Matthias; Radtke, Marc Alexander


    Die Pustulosis palmoplantaris ist eine chronisch entzündliche Hauterkrankung, die mit bedeutenden Einschränkungen der Lebensqualität und der Belastbarkeit einhergeht. Aufgrund von Zulassungsbeschränkungen und einem häufig therapierefraktären Verlauf sind die Behandlungsmöglichkeiten limitiert. Nach zuvor frustranen Therapien erhielten 9 Patienten mit Pustulosis palmoplantaris nach Ausschluss einer latenten Tuberkulose Ustekinumab (45 mg Ustekinumab bei  100 kg KG) in Woche 0, 4, 12 und 24. Reguläre Visiten erfolgten nach 4 und 12 Wochen, im weiteren Verlauf alle 12 Wochen. Das Durchschnittsalter bei Therapiebeginn betrug 48 Jahre. Drei Patienten waren männlich. Bei n  =  4 Patienten (44,4 %) wurde eine Verbesserung um 75 % des Palmoplantar-Psoriasis-Area-Severity-Index (PPPASI) erreicht. Insgesamt verbesserte sich der PPPASI nach 24 Wochen durchschnittlich um 71,6 %. Eine komplette Abheilung zeigte sich bei n  =  2 Patienten nach 24 Wochen. Bis auf lokale Injektionsreaktionen und leichte Infekte wurden keine unerwünschten Wirkungen beobachtet. Die Fallserie ist ein weiterer Beleg für die Wirksamkeit und Verträglichkeit von Ustekinumab in der Therapie der Pustulosis palmoplantaris. Zur Beurteilung der Langzeitwirkung und -sicherheit sowie der Wirksamkeit einer intermittierenden Therapie sind kontrollierte Studiendaten sowie Beobachtungen im Rahmen von Patientenregistern notwendig. © 2016 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  18. Messsysteme für die Bildgebung mit Röntgenstrahlung (United States)

    Krieger, Hanno

    Nach einem kurzen Überblick über die heute verwendeten Detektorsysteme zur Erzeugung von Röntgenbildern in der Projektionsradiografie folgt die ausführliche Darstellung der klassischen Kombination von Röntgenfilm und Verstärkungsfolien. Der nächste Abschnitt befasst sich mit den Ausführungen zu Bildverstärkern, den Speicherfolien und den anderen digitalen Festkörperdetektoren. Der Dosisbedarf eines bildgebenden Systems kann bei Film-Folien- Kombinationen durch die Angabe von Empfindlichkeitsklassen definiert werden, bei den digitalen Detektoren geschieht dies mit Hilfe der Dosisindikatoren (Exposure Indicator EI, Abweichungsindikator DI). Im zweiten großen Abschnitt dieses Kapitels werden die Grundlagen der Computertomografie erläutert. Dazu werden zunächst die CT-Gerätegenerationen und die CT-Detektoren besprochen. Nach einer Erläuterung der Rechenverfahren zur Bilderzeugung folgt die Definition der Hounsfield-Einheiten. Den Abschluss bildet eine ausführliche Darstellung der Bildartefakte bei der Computertomografie.

  19. Bone densitometry by dual energy methods; Knochendichtemessung mit Zwei-Spektren-Methoden

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Felsenberg, D.; Gowin, W. [Freie Univ. Berlin (Germany). Radiologische Klinik und Poliklinik


    Osteoporosis is mainly diagnosed by means of bone densitometry. Dual X-ray absorptiometry examinations represent the basis for a highly reproducible and correct measurement. At present, densitometry is the only method at our disposal capable of assessing material-related fracture risk. The calculation of general fracture risk is dependent on a number of various factors and is, therefore, not to be deduced from bone density values only. Reference values are necessary in order to estimate bone strength. The most sensible way to achieve this is to compare measured values with a normal, healthy population (T score). Material-related fracture risk increases with the decrease of bone density. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die Osteoporose wird im wesentlichen durch die Knochendichtemessung diagnostiziert. Dabei bilden die Zwei-Spektren Untersuchungen heute die Grundlage fuer eine gut reproduzierbare und richtige Messung. Zur Einschaetzung eines materialbezogenen Frakturrisikos ist die Densitometrie das einzige Verfahren, welches uns heute zur Verfuegung steht. Die Berechnung des allgemeinen Frakturrisikos haengt jedoch noch von vielen weiteren Faktoren ab und darf nicht allein aus dem Knochendichtewert abgeleitet werden. Zur Abschaetzung der Knochenfestigkeit sind Referenzwerte erforderlich. Dabei ist der Vergleich mit einer jungen gesunden Normalpopulation (T-Score) einzig sinnvoll. Mit Abnahme der Knochendichte steigt auch das materialbezogene Frakturrisiko. (orig.)

  20. Bedeutung einer Supplementation bei Osteopenie mit einer Kombination aus Kalzium und Vitamin D

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kudlacek S


    Full Text Available Sowohl Vitamin D als auch Kalzium werden für den gesunden Knochenstoffwechsel in ausreichender Konzentration benötigt. Die erhobenen Normwerte für die tägliche Aufnahme sind mit der Nahrung kaum abzudecken und die Regulationsmechanismen von Parathormon führen zur Osteoporose. Bisher ist, abgesehen vom Knochenstoffwechsel, eine Reihe von chronischen Erkrankungen bekannt, die wahrscheinlich mit einer Hypovitaminose D in Zusammenhang stehen. Da derzeit in den überwiegenden Studien die gezielte Supplementation von Vitamin D und Kalzium einen nachweisbaren Effekt zeigte oder zumindest fixer Bestandteil des Therapieregimes ist, kann die derzeit praktizierte Applikation als Standard gelten. Einen positiven Effekt auf Frakturdaten zeigte auch die kürzlich veröffentlichte Metaanalyse, allerdings bei einer Dosierung von 700–800 IU. Da eindeutige Vitamin-D-Defizite in der gesunden Bevölkerung nachweisbar sind, sollte Vitamin D vermehrt appliziert werden, sei es durch Sonne, Ernährung oder auch mittels Supplementation. Wünschenswert ist allerdings zukünftig eine Vitamin D-Anreicherung von Nahrungsmitteln, z. B. Milch. Somit könnte zumindest bei Risikogruppen, wie es Altenheimbewohner sind, eine den Richtlinien entsprechende Versorgung gewährleistet werden.

  1. Distinct features of C/N balance regulation in Prochlorococcus sp. strain MIT9313. (United States)

    Domínguez-Martín, María Agustina; López-Lozano, Antonio; Rangel-Zúñiga, Oriol Alberto; Díez, Jesús; García-Fernández, José Manuel


    The abundance and significant contribution to global primary production of the marine cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus have made it one of the main models in marine ecology. Several conditions known to cause strong effects on the regulation of N-related enzymes in other cyanobacteria lacked such effect in Prochlorococcus. Prochlorococcus sp. strain MIT9313 is one of the most early-branching strains among the members of this genus. In order to further understand the C/N control system in this cyanobacterium, we studied the effect of the absence of three key elements in the ocean, namely N, P and Fe, as well as the effect of inhibitors of the N assimilation or photosynthesis on the N metabolism of this strain. Furthermore, we focused our work in the effect of ageing, as the age of cultures has clear effects on the regulation of some enzymes in Prochlorococcus. To reach this goal, expression of the main three regulators involved in N assimilation in cyanobacteria, namely ntcA, glnB and pipX, as well as that of icd (encoding for isocitrate dehydrogenase) were analysed. Our results show that the control of the main proteins involved in the C/N balance in strain MIT9313 differs from other model Prochlorococcus strains. © FEMS 2017. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail:

  2. Berechnung des Hochfrequenzverhaltens komplexer Strukturen mit der Methode gekoppelter Streuparameter – CSC

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H.-W. Glock


    Full Text Available Es wird eine Methode zur Berechnung der Hochfrequenz-Eigenschaften komplexer Strukturen vorgestellt. Das Verfahren beruht auf der Zerlegung der Gesamtstruktur in einzelne einfachere Segmente, deren breitbandige S-Matrizen mit kommerziellen Programmen berechnet werden. Das Gesamtsystem kann von beliebiger Topologie sein, und die Zahl der die Segmente verkoppelnden Hohlleiter- Moden ist nicht begrenzt. Als Ergebnis steht bei offenen Strukturen deren vollständige S-Matrix, bei abgeschlossenen deren Resonanzeigenschaften zur Verfügung. Die theoretischen Grundlagen werden beschrieben und die Anwendung mit Beispielen aus dem Gebiet der Teilchenbeschleuniger und zu Eigenschaften schwach elliptisch geformter Resonatoren illustriert. A method called Coupled S-Parameter Calculation – CSC is described which is used to calculate the rf properties of complex structures, i.e. either their scattering (devices with ports or their resonance properties. The method is based on the segmentation of the entire system into sections being less complex, the external calculation of the section’s broadband S-matrices, and a combination scheme, which is applicable to any topology and number of modes. The method’s principle is described. Examples from the field of particle accelerator cavities and about the properties of weakly elliptical resonators are given.

  3. Computerunterstützte Sacherschließung mit dem Digitalen Assistenten (DA-2

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Imma Hinrichs


    Full Text Available Wir beschreiben den Digitalen Assistenten DA-2, den wir zur Unterstützung der Sacherschliessung im IBS-Verbund implementiert haben. Diese webbasierte Anwendung ist eine vollständige Neuimplementierung, welche die Erkenntnisse des Vorgängersystems bei der Zentralbibliothek Zürich berücksichtigt. Wir stellen Überlegungen zur Zukunft der Sacherschliessung an und geben eine Übersicht über Projekte mit ähnlichen Zielsetzungen, die Sacherschließung mit Computerunterstützung effizienter und besser zu gestalten.   We describe the digital assistant DA-2 which we have implemented to support the subject indexing process in the IBS-Verbund. This web-based service is a new implementation from scratch based on the lessons learned with its predecessor used by the Zentralbibliothek Zürich. We also discuss the future of intellectual subject indexing and we give an overview on related projects also aiming at digitizing and economizing this challenging process.

  4. Temperature measurement in practice with resistance thermometers and thermocouples; Temperaturmesspraxis mit Widerstandsthermometern und Thermoelementen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Irrgang, K.; Michalowsky, L (eds.)


    The book addresses students of science and engineering, engineers and practicians in research and industry who are interested in temperature measurements and thermal processes in the temperature range between a few K and over 3200 K. For the first time ever, temperature sensors are classified on the basis of heat transport and heat transfer to the sensor as related to the technological aspects of sensor stress. This includes physical and materials-related fundamentals, materials selection, sensor design and optimisation, error analysis, as well as the analysis of economically relevant applications of electrical temperature measurement in thermal processes. [German] Dieses Buch wendet sich an Studenten der Natur- und Technikwissenschaften, Ingenieure und Hochschulabsolventen in der Forschung und Industrie, die sich mit Temperaturmessungen und thermischen Prozessen im Temperaturbereich von wenigen Kelvin bis zu ueber 3200 K befassen. Der neue Titel wird sich gegenueber bekannten Standards auf diesem Gebiet dadurch auszeichnen, dass eine Klassifizierung der Temperaturfuehler abhaengig vom Waermetransport und den Waermeuebergaengen zum Sensor in Verbindung mit den technologischen Aspekten zu den konkreten Beanspruchungen der Fuehler in der Anwendung vorgenommen wird. Dieser hohe Anspruch schliesst physikalische und werkstoffwissenschaftliche Grundlagen zur Systemloesung, der Werkstoffauswahl, zur Auslegung und Optimierung des Fuehlerdesigns und der notwendigen Fehlerbetrachtung ebenso ein, wie die Analyse volkswirtschaftlich bedeutsamer Anwendungen der elektrischen Temperaturmesstechnik in thermischen Prozessen. (orig.)

  5. The MIT HEDP Accelerator Facility for Diagnostic Development for OMEGA, Z, and the NIF (United States)

    Sio, H.; Gatu Johnson, M.; Birkel, A.; Doeg, E.; Frankel, R.; Kabadi, N. V.; Lahmann, B.; Manzin, M.; Simpson, R. A.; Parker, C. E.; Sutcliffe, G. D.; Wink, C.; Frenje, J. A.; Li, C. K.; Seguin, F. H.; Petrasso, R. D.; Leeper, R.; Hahn, K.; Ruiz, C. L.; Sangster, T. C.; Hilsabeck, T.


    The MIT HEDP Accelerator Facility utilizes a 135-keV, linear electrostatic ion accelerator; DT and DD neutron sources; and two x-ray sources for development and characterization of nuclear diagnostics for OMEGA, Z, and the NIF. The accelerator generates DD and D3He fusion products through the acceleration of D+ ions onto a 3He-doped Erbium-Deuteride target. Accurately characterized fusion product rates of around 106 s- 1 are routinely achieved. The DT and DD neutron sources generate up to 6×108 and 1×107 neutrons/s, respectively. One x-ray generator is a thick-target W source with a peak energy of 225 keV and a maximum dose rate of 12 Gy/min; the other uses Cu, Mo, or Ti elemental tubes to generate x-rays with a maximum energy of 40 keV. Diagnostics developed and calibrated at this facility include CR-39-based charged-particle spectrometers, neutron detectors, and the particle Time-Of-Flight (pTOF) and Magnetic PTOF CVD-diamond-based bang time detectors. The accelerator is also a valuable hands-on tool for graduate and undergraduate education at MIT. This work was supported in part by the U.S. DoE, SNL, LLE and LLNL.

  6. High-speed pyrolysis with circulating heat carriers; Schnell-Pyrolyse mit zirkulierenden Waermetraegern

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schmalfeld, J.; Albrecht, J.; Solmaz, S.; Zentner, U. [Lurgi Energie und Umwelt GmbH, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)


    Yields and product compositions of pyrolysis reactions depend on the mode of heat supply, the temperature level, and the time of residue at reaction temperature. Using hot circulating granular materials mixed with solid or liquid materials (e.g. biogenic or hydrocarbon-rich residues and waste materials or refinery residues), the following important processes can be investigated: Separation of pyrolysis reaction and heat supply - accurate, optimal temperature levels for pyrolysis, e.g. between 5000 and 850 degrees centigrade - undiluted, unmixed pyrolysis gas - short times of residue of the pyrolysis gas for suppression of secondary reactions. (orig.) [Deutsch] Ausbeuten und Produktzusammensetzung von Pyrolyse-Reaktionen werden weitestgehend durch die Art und Weise der Waermezufuhr, das Temperaturniveau und die Verweilzeit bei Reaktionstemperatur bestimmt. Mit Hilfe des Prinzips heisser, umlaufender, koerniger Waermetraeger in Vermischung - fuer die Pyrolyse-Reaktion - mit festen oder fluessigen Einsatzstoffen (z.B. biogene oder kohlenwasserstoffreiche Rest-/Abfallstoffe, Raffinerie-Rueckstaende) lassen sich folgende wichtige, haeufig gewuenschte Vorgaenge realisieren: - Trennung von Pyrolyse-Reaktion und Waermeversorgung - Temperaturgenaue Pyrolyse-Reaktion auf gewuenschtem, optimalem Niveau waehlbar zwischen z.B. 5000 C und 850 C - Erhalt eines unverduennten, unvermischten Pyrolysegases - Kurze Verweilzeiten des Pyrolysegases zur Unterdrueckung von Sekundaerreaktionen. (orig.)

  7. Optimierung von FSS-Bandpassfiltern mit Hilfe der Schwarmintelligenz (Particle Swarm Optimization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. Wu


    Full Text Available In diesem Beitrag wird ein neues Verfahren zur Optimierung von Bandpassfiltern aus mehrlagigen frequenzselektiven Schirmen (FSS, die in ein Dielektrikum eingebettet sind, vorgestellt. Das Ziel ist es, die Parameter der gesamten Struktur so zu optimieren, dass ihre Transmissionseigenschaften hohe Filteranforderungen erfüllen. Als Optimierungsverfahren wird die Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO eingesetzt. PSO ist eine neue stochastische Optimierungsmethode, die in verschieden Gebieten, besonders aber bei der Optimierung nicht linearer Probleme mit mehreren Zielfunktionen erfolgreich eingesetzt wird. In dieser Arbeit wird die PSO in die Spektralbereichsanalyse zur Berechnung komplexer FSS-Strukturen integriert. Die numerische Berechnung basiert auf einer Integralgleichungsformulierung mit Hilfe der spektralen Greenschen Funktion für geschichtete Strukturen. This paper presents a novel procedure for the optimization of band-pass filters consisting of frequency selective surfaces (FSS embedded in a dielectric. The aim is to optimize the parameters of the complete structure so that the transmission characteristics of the filters fulfill the demanding requirements. The Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO is used as the optimization procedure. PSO is a new stochastic optimization method that is successfully applied in different areas for the optimization of non-linear problems with several object-functions. In this work, PSO is integrated into the spectral domain analysis for the calculation of the complex FSS structures. The numerical computation is based on the formulation of an integral equation with the help of the spectral Green's function for layered media.

  8. Modern engine management using neuronal nets; Modernes Motormanagement mit Neuronalen Netzen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mueller, R.O.


    The author focuses on the theoretical analysis, description and extension of neuronal control technology and its applications in engine management. Definitions and methods are presented for forward and recurrent nets. The fundamentals of control technology are described, and neuronal methods for modelling and control are presented. The first part of the report ends with a stability calculation which leads to the extension of existing learning methods. The second part discusses neuronal methods in the control of an external combustion engine. The investigated engine system is described, the combustion process is analyzed, and the fundamentals of engine management are presented. Ignition point and momentum control are presented as examples to illustrate the applicability of neuronal methods. [German] Das Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit war die theoretische Aufarbeitung, Darstellung und Erweiterung der neuronalen Regelungstechnik und ihre moegliche Anwendung im Motormanagement. Im grundlagenorientierten Teil wurden zuerst die wichtigsten Definitionen und Verfahren fuer vorwaertsgekoppelte und rekurrente Netze praesentiert. Anschliessend folgte eine kurze Einfuehrung in die Regelungstechnik, bevor ausfuehrlich verschiedene Methoden zur neuronalen Modellierung und Regelung vorgestellt wurden. Der erste Teil der Arbeit endete mit einer Stabilitaetsbetrachtung und einer darauf aufbauenden Erweiterung der bestehenden Lernverfahren. Der zweite Teil beschaeftigte sich mit der Anwendung der neuronalen Methoden in der Steuerung eines Verbrennungsmotors. Zur Motivation wurde das betrachtete System genau beschrieben, die Verbrennung analysiert und die Grundlagen des Motormanagements vorgestellt. Beispielhaft wurden im letzten Kapitel die Zuendzeitpunkt- und die Momentenregelung herausgegriffen und an ihnen die Anwendbarkeit der neuronalen Verfahren aufgezeigt. (orig.)

  9. Umgang mit Antithrombotika bei Operationen an der Haut vor und nach Publikation der entsprechenden S3-Leitlinie. (United States)

    Gaskins, Matthew; Dittmann, Martin; Eisert, Lisa; Werner, Ricardo Niklas; Dressler, Corinna; Löser, Christoph; Nast, Alexander


    Laut einer Befragung im Jahre 2012 war der Umgang mit Antithrombotika bei dermatochirurgischen Eingriffen in Deutschland sehr heterogen. 2014 wurde erstmals eine evidenzbasierte Leitlinie zu diesem Thema veröffentlicht. Es wurde eine anonyme Befragung derselben Stichprobe zum Umgang mit Antithrombotika sowie zu Kenntnissen der Leitlinie durchgeführt. Die Ergebnisse wurden als relative Häufigkeiten berichtet und denen aus 2012 gegenübergestellt. 208 Antwortbögen wurden ausgewertet (Rücklaufquote: 36,6 %). Die große Mehrheit der Dermatologen erklärte, kleinere Eingriffe unter Fortführung der Therapie mit Phenprocoumon, niedrig dosierter Acetylsalicylsäure (≤ 100 mg) und Clopidogrel sowie mit direkten oralen Antikoagulanzien durchzuführen. Bei größeren Eingriffen war der Umgang hingegen weiterhin heterogen, insbesondere unter niedergelassenen Dermatologen. Der Anteil der Dermatologen, die Phenprocoumon, Acetylsalicylsäure und Clopidogrel leitlinienkonform verwendeten, hat sich insgesamt vergrößert. Führten 2012 beispielsweise 53,8 % der Klinikärzte bzw. 36,3 % der niedergelassenen Dermatologen eine große Exzision unter Fortführung der Therapie mit niedrig dosierter Acetylsalicylsäure durch, taten dies 2017 90,2 % bzw. 57,8 % (Phenprocoumon: 33,8 % bzw. 11,9 % auf 63,9 % bzw. 29,9 %; Clopidogrel: 36,9 % bzw. 23,2 % auf 63,9 % bzw. 30,6 %). Unter den Klinikärzten war ein hoher Anteil mit der Leitlinie vertraut und fand diese hilfreich. Eine Zunahme des leitlinienkonformen Verhaltens war bei allen Eingriffen zu verzeichnen. Bei größeren Eingriffen zeigte sich trotz deutlicher Verbesserung die Notwendigkeit verstärkter Anstrengungen zur Leitlinienumsetzung bzw. zur Identifizierung von Implementierungsbarrieren. © 2018 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  10. Analysis of Separated Flow over Blocked Surface

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available In this study, the separated flow over flat and blocked surfaces was investigated experimentally. Velocity and turbulence intensity measurements were carried out by a constanttemperature hot wire anemometer and static pressure measurements by a micro-manometer. The flow separations and reattachments were occurred before the first block, on the first block, between blocks and after the last block, and the presence of the blocks significantly increased the turbulent intensity

  11. Verhaltenssymptome bei Kindern im Vorschul- und Schulalter mit Prader-Willi-Syndrom - eine explorative Studie zu ritualisierten Verhaltensformen


    Sarimski, Klaus; Ebner, Sarah; Wördemann, Claudia


    Die Eltern von 64 Kindern und Jugendlichen mit Prader-Willi-Syndrom (PWS) beschrieben Verhaltensmerkmale ihrer Kinder in standardisierten Fragebögen. Dazu wurden im frühen Kindesalter die "Temperament and Atypical Behavior Scale", im späteren Kindes- und Jugendalter der "Verhaltensfragebogen bei Entwicklungsstörungen" verwendet. Während sich im frühen Kindesalter nicht mehr Verhaltensauffälligkeiten zeigten als bei anderen Kindern mit kognitiven Beeinträchtigungen, ergaben sich im späteren Al...

  12. Erweiterung der Gruppenbeitragsmethode Modified UNIFAC (Dortmund)zur Beschreibung und Vorhersage von Systemen mit ionischen Flüssigkeiten


    Nebig, Silke


    Die Zielsetzung dieser Arbeit war es, den Anwendungsbereich der Gruppen-beitragsmethode Modified UNIFAC (Do) auf Systeme mit ionischen Flüssigkeiten zu erweitern. Im experimentellen Teil dieser Arbeit wurde die Datenbasis für Systeme mit ionischen Flüssigkeiten durch systematische Messungen von Aktivitätskoeffizienten bei unendlicher Verdünnung, Exzessenthalpien, Dampf-Flüssig-Gleichgewichten und Flüssig-Flüssig-Gleichgewichten erweitert. Im theoretischen Teil dieser Arbeit galt es, das Modif...

  13. Various semiclassical limits of torus conformal blocks

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alkalaev, Konstantin [I.E. Tamm Department of Theoretical Physics, P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute,Leninsky ave. 53, Moscow, 119991 (Russian Federation); Department of General and Applied Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology,Institutskiy per. 7, Dolgoprudnyi, Moscow region, 141700 (Russian Federation); Geiko, Roman [Mathematics Department, National Research University Higher School of Economics,Usacheva str. 6, Moscow, 119048 (Russian Federation); Rappoport, Vladimir [I.E. Tamm Department of Theoretical Physics, P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute,Leninsky ave. 53, Moscow, 119991 (Russian Federation); Department of Quantum Physics, Institute for Information Transmission Problems,Bolshoy Karetny per. 19, Moscow, 127994 (Russian Federation)


    We study four types of one-point torus blocks arising in the large central charge regime. There are the global block, the light block, the heavy-light block, and the linearized classical block, according to different regimes of conformal dimensions. It is shown that the blocks are not independent being connected to each other by various links. We find that the global, light, and heavy-light blocks correspond to three different contractions of the Virasoro algebra. Also, we formulate the c-recursive representation of the one-point torus blocks which is relevant in the semiclassical approximation.

  14. Pb II

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

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    ., 2009) biomaterials. However, the ..... reported for various microorganisms by various researchers (Gong et al., 2005). At biomass ... the increase in initial Pb (II) was also observed for removal of Pb (II) by loofa sponge immobilized Aspergillus.

  15. Coprocessing of fossil fuels with biomass Pt. 1. Vacuum residue with wood or lignin; Coprocessing von fossilen Rohstoffen mit Biomasse T. 1. Erdoelvakuumrueckstand mit Holz oder Lignin

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Krey, F. [Technische Univ. Clausthal, Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Germany). Inst. fuer Technische Chemie; Oelert, H.H. [Technische Univ. Clausthal, Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Germany). Inst. fuer Technische Chemie


    The hydrogenation of vacuum residue with beechwood and eucalyptus lignin had been investigated. The experiments were done in an autoclav with 6 to 12 MPa hydrogen, at 380 to 440 C and a resistence time of 0 to 60 minutes. The results were evaluated over fractionation in several product fractions and over the analytical characterisation of some of these fractions. There was been found synergetic effects between the residue and the biomass. They result in higher yield of oils and in lower molecular weight of oils. The reasons can be found in the higher thermal sensibility of biomass which bonds are split at lower temperatures than the bonds of the vacuum residue. So the biomass builds radicals which act as initiator for the reactions of the vacuum residue. (orig.) [Deutsch] Es werden Untersuchungen zu der gemeinsamen hydrierenden Umsetzung von Erdoelvakuumrueckstand mit Buchenholz oder Eukalyptus-Lignin dargestellt. Die Versuche wurden in einem Autoklaven unter 6 bis 12 MPa Wasserstoffkaltdruck, bei 380 bis 440 C und 0 bis 60 Minuten Verweilzeit durchgefuehrt. Es findet eine Bewertung der Ergebnisse ueber die Trennung in verschiedene Produktfraktionen sowie ueber die analytische Charakterisierung einzelner Fraktionen statt. Es tritt eine synergistische Wechselwirkung zwischen dem Erdoelvakuumrueckstand und der Biomasse auf. Diese wirkt sich vor allem auf die oelfoermigen Produkte sowohl in ihrer Menge als auch in ihrer Charakterisierung aus. Die Wechselwirkung beruht vor allem auf der groesseren thermischen Empfindlichkeit der Biomasse, wodurch diese wie ein Initiator auf die Reaktionen des Vakuumrueckstandes wirkt und diesen zu verstaerkten Reaktionen anregt. (orig.)

  16. Efficiency of levobupivacaine and bupivacaine for supraclavicular block: a randomized double-blind comparative study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cenk Ilham


    Full Text Available Background and objectives: Success rate of catheter applications is low in supraclavicular block. Thus, bupivacaine and levobupivacaine become important with their long effect time in single injection practices. In this study, we aimed to compare the effectiveness, side effects and complications of bupivacaine and levobupivacaine in supraclavicular block. Methods: Sixty patients aged between 20 and 65, with body weight between 50 and 100 kg, in the ASA I-II-III group who were scheduled for hand, forearm and arm surgery using supraclavicular block were randomized into two groups of 30. The patients received 30 ml 0.5% bupivacaine (Group B or 30 ml 0.5% levobupivacaine (Group L. Motor and sensory blocks were evaluated. Motor and sensory block onset times, total block durations, postoperative pain, amount of postoperative analgesic used and patient satisfaction were recorded. Results: Demographic data, distribution of surgical area and hemodynamic data were similar between the two groups. Surgery, motor and sensory block durations of Group B and L patients did not vary statistically significantly. However, motor and sensory block onset times in Group B were significantly shorter than Group L (p 0.05. Conclusion: 30 ml 0.5% bupivacaine and levobupivacaine provide similar block characteristics for supraclavicular block. Bupivacaine leads to faster motor and sensory block onset compared to levobupivacaine however similar duration of postoperative analgesia.

  17. (II) complexes

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    activities of Schiff base tin (II) complexes. Neelofar1 ... Conclusion: All synthesized Schiff bases and their Tin (II) complexes showed high antimicrobial and ...... Singh HL. Synthesis and characterization of tin (II) complexes of fluorinated Schiff bases derived from amino acids. Spectrochim Acta Part A: Molec Biomolec.

  18. Distinct mechanisms of recognizing endosomal sorting complex required for transport III (ESCRT-III) protein IST1 by different microtubule interacting and trafficking (MIT) domains. (United States)

    Guo, Emily Z; Xu, Zhaohui


    The endosomal sorting complex required for transport (ESCRT) machinery is responsible for membrane remodeling in a number of biological processes including multivesicular body biogenesis, cytokinesis, and enveloped virus budding. In mammalian cells, efficient abscission during cytokinesis requires proper function of the ESCRT-III protein IST1, which binds to the microtubule interacting and trafficking (MIT) domains of VPS4, LIP5, and Spartin via its C-terminal MIT-interacting motif (MIM). Here, we studied the molecular interactions between IST1 and the three MIT domain-containing proteins to understand the structural basis that governs pairwise MIT-MIM interaction. Crystal structures of the three molecular complexes revealed that IST1 binds to the MIT domains of VPS4, LIP5, and Spartin using two different mechanisms (MIM1 mode versus MIM3 mode). Structural comparison revealed that structural features in both MIT and MIM contribute to determine the specific binding mechanism. Within the IST1 MIM sequence, two phenylalanine residues were shown to be important in discriminating MIM1 versus MIM3 binding. These observations enabled us to deduce a preliminary binding code, which we applied to provide CHMP2A, a protein that normally only binds the MIT domain in the MIM1 mode, the additional ability to bind the MIT domain of Spartin in the MIM3 mode. © 2015 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  19. Distinct Mechanisms of Recognizing Endosomal Sorting Complex Required for Transport III (ESCRT-III) Protein IST1 by Different Microtubule Interacting and Trafficking (MIT) Domains* (United States)

    Guo, Emily Z.; Xu, Zhaohui


    The endosomal sorting complex required for transport (ESCRT) machinery is responsible for membrane remodeling in a number of biological processes including multivesicular body biogenesis, cytokinesis, and enveloped virus budding. In mammalian cells, efficient abscission during cytokinesis requires proper function of the ESCRT-III protein IST1, which binds to the microtubule interacting and trafficking (MIT) domains of VPS4, LIP5, and Spartin via its C-terminal MIT-interacting motif (MIM). Here, we studied the molecular interactions between IST1 and the three MIT domain-containing proteins to understand the structural basis that governs pairwise MIT-MIM interaction. Crystal structures of the three molecular complexes revealed that IST1 binds to the MIT domains of VPS4, LIP5, and Spartin using two different mechanisms (MIM1 mode versus MIM3 mode). Structural comparison revealed that structural features in both MIT and MIM contribute to determine the specific binding mechanism. Within the IST1 MIM sequence, two phenylalanine residues were shown to be important in discriminating MIM1 versus MIM3 binding. These observations enabled us to deduce a preliminary binding code, which we applied to provide CHMP2A, a protein that normally only binds the MIT domain in the MIM1 mode, the additional ability to bind the MIT domain of Spartin in the MIM3 mode. PMID:25657007

  20. The Libera as a PS orbit measurement system building block

    CERN Document Server

    Belleman, J M; CERN. Geneva. AB Department


    During the year 2004, extensive tests using a Libera data processor have been made in order to study its suitability as a building block for a complete PS trajectory and orbit measurement system. The Libera consists of four fast 12-bits ADCs, a Virtex II Pro FPGA and a large memory. This note presents some of the results of the analysis of acquisitions made on a position pick-up in the CERN PS.

  1. Radial Coordinates for Conformal Blocks

    CERN Document Server

    Hogervorst, Matthijs


    We develop the theory of conformal blocks in CFT_d expressing them as power series with Gegenbauer polynomial coefficients. Such series have a clear physical meaning when the conformal block is analyzed in radial quantization: individual terms describe contributions of descendants of a given spin. Convergence of these series can be optimized by a judicious choice of the radial quantization origin. We argue that the best choice is to insert the operators symmetrically. We analyze in detail the resulting "rho-series" and show that it converges much more rapidly than for the commonly used variable z. We discuss how these conformal block representations can be used in the conformal bootstrap. In particular, we use them to derive analytically some bootstrap bounds whose existence was previously found numerically.

  2. Diversity Gain through Antenna Blocking

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. Dehghanian


    Full Text Available As part of the typical usage mode, interaction between a handheld receiver antenna and the operator's RF absorbing body and nearby objects is known to generate variability in antenna radiation characteristics through blocking and pattern changes. It is counterintuitive that random variations in blocking can result in diversity gain of practical applicability. This diversity gain is quantified from a theoretical and experimental perspective. Measurements carried out at 1947.5 MHz verify the theoretical predictions, and a diversity gain of 3.1 dB was measured through antenna blocking and based on the utilized measurement setup. The diversity gain can be exploited to enhance signal detectability of handheld receivers based on a single antenna in indoor multipath environments.

  3. Cryptanalysis of Selected Block Ciphers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Alkhzaimi, Hoda A.

    , pseudorandom number generators, and authenticated encryption designs. For this reason a multitude of initiatives over the years has been established to provide a secure and sound designs for block ciphers as in the calls for Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), lightweight...... ciphers initiatives, and the Competition for Authenticated Encryption: Security, Applicability, and Robustness (CAESAR). In this thesis, we first present cryptanalytic results on different ciphers. We propose attack named the Invariant Subspace Attack. It is utilized to break the full block cipher...... on the family of lightweight block cipher SIMON that was published by the U.S National Security Agency (NSA). The ciphers are developed with optimization towards both hardware and software in mind. While the specification paper discusses design requirements and performance of the presented lightweight ciphers...

  4. Climatological features of blocking anticyclones

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lupo, A.R.; Smith, P.J.; Oglesby, R.J.


    Several climatological studies have been previously performed using large observational data sets (i.e., 10 years or longer) in order to determine the predominant characteristics of blocking anticyclones, including favored development regions, duration, preferred seasonal occurrence, and frequency of occurrence. These studies have shown that blocking anticyclones occur most frequently from October to April over the eastern Atlantic and Pacific oceans downstream from both the North American and Asian continental regions and the storm track regions to the east of these continents. Some studies have also revealed the presence of a third region block formation in western Russia near 40 degrees E which is associated with another storm track region over the Mediterranean and western Asia

  5. Projectors, shadows, and conformal blocks

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Simmons-Duffin, David [Jefferson Physical Laboratory, Harvard University,Cambridge, MA 02138 (United States)


    We introduce a method for computing conformal blocks of operators in arbitrary Lorentz representations in any spacetime dimension, making it possible to apply bootstrap techniques to operators with spin. The key idea is to implement the “shadow formalism' of Ferrara, Gatto, Grillo, and Parisi in a setting where conformal invariance is manifest. Conformal blocks in d-dimensions can be expressed as integrals over the projective null-cone in the “embedding space' ℝ{sup d+1,1}. Taking care with their analytic structure, these integrals can be evaluated in great generality, reducing the computation of conformal blocks to a bookkeeping exercise. To facilitate calculations in four-dimensional CFTs, we introduce techniques for writing down conformally-invariant correlators using auxiliary twistor variables, and demonstrate their use in some simple examples.

  6. Projectors, Shadows, and Conformal Blocks


    Simmons-Duffin, David


    We introduce a method for computing conformal blocks of operators in arbitrary Lorentz representations in any spacetime dimension, making it possible to apply bootstrap techniques to operators with spin. The key idea is to implement the “shadow formalism” of Ferrara, Gatto, Grillo, and Parisi in a setting where conformal invariance is manifest. Conformal blocks in d -dimensions can be expressed as integrals over the projective null-cone in the “embedding space” $ \\mathbb{R} $ d +1,1 . Taking ...

  7. Energy-optimized museum building with optimized daylighting. Phase 2. Final report; Forschungs- und Demonstrationsvorhaben: Museum als Niedrigenergiegebaeude mit optimierter Tageslichtversorgung. Phase 2. Schlussbericht

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gottman, G.; Kugler, L.; Hillmann, G.; Jakobiak, R.; Erhorn, H.; Kluttig, H.; Reiss, J.; Steinborn, J.; Beackert, M.; Schreck, H.


    Elements of the project were: (a) Energetic and economic optimization of the building; (b) integrative planning as far as possible; (c) development of innovative integrated daylighting and solar energy systems; (d) demonstration of the systems; (e) measurements. The project was carried out in three phases: 1. Projecting phase, 1989-1993; Energetic optimization of the building up to the definition of the ultimate solution; 2. Construction phase, 1993-2001: Implementation of the energy and daylighting concept; 3. Measuring phase from 2003: Optimization, exhibition of the energy concept, analysis of the results. The evaluations will start as soon as the building is opened to the public; currently, exhibitions are installed. This project documents the finished building and shows the situation at the end of Phase II. The report was compiled in a joint effort of all project partners. Tasks were carried out as specified in the application of June 1993 and the working plans of June 1998. [German] Hauptziel des Vorhabens ist das Aufzeigen des Energieeinsparpotenzials grosser oeffentlicher Gebaeude. Elemente des Vorhabens sind (a) die gesamtenergetische und wirtschaftliche Optimierung des Gebaeudes, (b) das Nutzen der Moeglichkeiten integrativen Planens, (c) die Entwicklung innovativer gebaeudeintegrierter Systeme der Tageslichttechnik und der Sonnenenergienutzung, (d) die Demonstration der eingesetzten Systeme, (e) die Messtechnische Auswertung. Das Projekt wird in drei Phasen abgewickelt. Phase I Planungsphase: 1989-1993 Energetische Optimierung des Gebaeudes bis zur Definition der endgueltigen Loesung. Phase II Bauphase: 1993-2001 Bauliche Umsetzung des Energie- und Tageslichtkonzeptes. Phase III Messphase: ab 2003 Betriebliche Optimierung, Ausstellung zum Energiekonzept, und Bewertung der realisierten Loesung. Die messtechnische Auswertung kann erst mit der Eroeffnung des Gebaeudes fuer das Publikum beginnen - gegenwaertig werden die Ausstellungen eingerichtet. Der

  8. Toothbrushing alters the surface roughness and gloss of composite resin CAD/CAM blocks. (United States)

    Kamonkhantikul, Krid; Arksornnukit, Mansuang; Lauvahutanon, Sasipin; Takahashi, Hidekazu


    This study investigated the surface roughness and gloss of composite resin CAD/CAM blocks after toothbrushing. Five composite resin blocks (Block HC, Cerasmart, Gradia Block, KZR-CAD Hybrid Resin Block, and Lava Ultimate), one hybrid ceramic (Vita Enamic), one feldspar ceramic (Vitablocs Mark II), one PMMA block (Telio CAD), and one conventional composite resin (Filtek Z350 XT) were evaluated. Surface roughness (Ra) and gloss were determined for each group of materials (n=6) after silicon carbide paper (P4000) grinding, 10k, 20k, and 40k toothbrushing cycles. One-way repeated measures ANOVA indicated significant differences in the Ra and gloss of each material except for the Ra of GRA. After 40k toothbrushing cycles, the Ra of BLO and TEL showed significant increases, while CER, KZR, ULT, and Z350 showed significant decreases. GRA, ENA, and VIT maintained their Ra. All of the materials tested, except CER, demonstrated significant decreases in gloss after 40k toothbrushing cycles.

  9. Mechanical behavior analysis of small-scale modeling of ceramic block masonry structures: geometries effect

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. Rizzatti

    Full Text Available This paper presents the experimental results of a research program with ceramic block masonry under compression. Four different block geometries were investigated. Two of them had circular hollows with different net area. The third one had two rectangular hollow and the last block was with rectangular hollows and a double central webs. The prisms and walls were built with two mortar type 1:1:6 (I and 1:0,5:4 (II (proportions by volume of cement: lime: sand. One:three small scale blocks were used to test block, prisms and walls on compression. It was possible to conclude that the block with double central webs gave better results of compressive strength showing to be more efficient. The mortar didn't influenced the compressive strength of prisms and walls.

  10. Detection of Bundle Branch Block using Adaptive Bacterial Foraging Optimization and Neural Network

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Padmavthi Kora


    Full Text Available The medical practitioners analyze the electrical activity of the human heart so as to predict various ailments by studying the data collected from the Electrocardiogram (ECG. A Bundle Branch Block (BBB is a type of heart disease which occurs when there is an obstruction along the pathway of an electrical impulse. This abnormality makes the heart beat irregular as there is an obstruction in the branches of heart, this results in pulses to travel slower than the usual. Our current study involved is to diagnose this heart problem using Adaptive Bacterial Foraging Optimization (ABFO Algorithm. The Data collected from MIT/BIH arrhythmia BBB database applied to an ABFO Algorithm for obtaining best(important feature from each ECG beat. These features later fed to Levenberg Marquardt Neural Network (LMNN based classifier. The results show the proposed classification using ABFO is better than some recent algorithms reported in the literature.

  11. Invariant chain can function as a chaperone protein for class II major histocompatibility complex molecules.


    Anderson, M S; Miller, J


    During biosynthesis, class II major histocompatibility complex molecules are intimately associated with invariant chain (Ii). The Ii-class II association has been shown to block peptide-class II binding and to affect the ultimate conformation of class II expressed on the cell surface. To assess the biochemical basis for the effects of Ii on class II, we have analyzed the biosynthesis of class II in EL4 cells transfected with I-Ad with and without Ii. In these studies, we found that Ii had a p...

  12. 76 FR 31230 - Safety Zone; M.I.T.'s 150th Birthday Celebration Fireworks, Charles River, Boston, MA (United States)


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; M.I.T.'s 150th Birthday Celebration Fireworks, Charles River, Boston, MA AGENCY... regulated area on the Charles River around the fireworks launch barge during the fireworks display... portions of the Charles River during a fireworks display. This rule will not have a significant economic...

  13. TM-INES2: The 2nd Tokyo Tech-MIT symposium on innovative nuclear energy systems. Presentation materials

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    The symposium of the title was held with four technical sessions; Innovative fast reactors, Advances in heat transfer, Nuclear hydrogen and synthetic fuels, Technologies for closing fuel cycle with 70 participants including 13 persons of MIT guests and 26 oral presentations in addition to a student poster session and the special educational session with over 150 participants. (J.P.N.)

  14. Validation of the Omron MIT Elite blood pressure device in a pregnant population with large arm circumference. (United States)

    James, Lauren; Nzelu, Diane; Hay, Anna; Shennan, Andrew; Kametas, Nikos A


    The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of the Omron MIT Elite automated device in pregnant women with an arm circumference of or above 32 cm, using the British Hypertension Society validation protocol. Blood pressure was measured sequentially in 46 women of any gestation requiring the use of a large cuff (arm circumference ≥32 cm) alternating between the mercury sphygmomanometer and the Omron MIT Elite device. The Omron MIT Elite achieved an overall D/D grade with a mean of the device-observer difference being 7.17±6.67 and 9.31±6.59 for systolic and diastolic blood pressure respectively. Interobserver accuracy was 94.6% for systolic and 95% for diastolic readings within 5 mmHg. The Omron MIT Elite overestimates blood pressure and has failed the British Hypertension Society protocol requirements. Therefore, it cannot be recommended for use in pregnant women with an arm circumference of or above 32 cm.

  15. TAF-4 is required for the life extension of isp-1, clk-1 and tpk-1 Mit mutants. (United States)

    Khan, Maruf H; Ligon, Melissa; Hussey, Lauren R; Hufnal, Bryce; Farber, Robert; Munkácsy, Erin; Rodriguez, Amanda; Dillow, Andy; Kahlig, Erynn; Rea, Shane L


    While numerous life-extending manipulations have been discovered in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, one that remains most enigmatic is disruption of oxidative phosphorylation. In order to unravel how such an ostensibly deleterious manipulation can extend lifespan, we sought to identify the ensemble of nuclear transcription factors that are activated in response to defective mitochondrial electron transport chain (ETC) function. Using a feeding RNAi approach, we targeted over 400 transcription factors and identified 15 that, when reduced in function, reproducibly and differentially altered the development, stress response, and/or fecundity of isp-1(qm150) Mit mutants relative to wild-type animals. Seven of these transcription factors--AHA-1, CEH-18, HIF-1, JUN-1, NHR-27, NHR-49 and the CREB homolog-1 (CRH-1)-interacting protein TAF-4--were also essential for isp-1 life extension. When we tested the involvement of these seven transcription factors in the life extension of two other Mit mutants, namely clk-1(qm30) and tpk-1(qm162), TAF-4 and HIF-1 were consistently required. Our findings suggest that the Mit phenotype is under the control of multiple transcriptional responses, and that TAF-4 and HIF-1 may be part of a general signaling axis that specifies Mit mutant life extension.

  16. Understanding the Self-Directed Online Learning Preferences, Goals, Achievements, and Challenges of MIT OpenCourseWare Subscribers (United States)

    Bonk, Curtis J.; Lee, Mimi Miyoung; Kou, Xiaojing; Xu, Shuya; Sheu, Feng-Ru


    This research targeted the learning preferences, goals and motivations, achievements, challenges, and possibilities for life change of self-directed online learners who subscribed to the monthly OpenCourseWare (OCW) e-newsletter from MIT. Data collection included a 25-item survey of 1,429 newsletter subscribers; 613 of whom also completed an…

  17. Kopplung eines auf der Momentenmethode basierenden Computerprogramms mit einem FEM-Algorithmus zur Berechnung von elektromagnetischen Streuproblemen im medizinischen Bereich

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Schick


    Full Text Available Am Beispiel der Verkopplung von medizinischen Geräten über den menschlichen Körper werden elektromagnetische Störphänomene im Klinikbereich betrachtet. Für die Berechnung dieser komplexen Szenarien wird zum einen die Momentenmethode (MoM verwendet, die sich in besonderem Maße für die Berücksichtigung metallischer Strukturen und offener Streuprobleme eignet, und zum anderen die Methode der Finiten Elemente (FEM, mit der die Eigenschaften des menschlichen Körpers besser berücksichtigt werden können. Mit Hilfe des Äquivalenzprinzips lässt sich das Gesamtproblem in zwei Teile zerlegen, in ein inneres und in ein äußeres. Der Außenraum wird dabei mit der MoM behandelt und das Innere, d.h. der Körper mit der FEM. Die Kopplung der beiden Methoden erfolgt an der Körperoberfläche über äquivalente Oberflächenströme. Durch Lösen des resultierenden linearen Gleichungssystems für das gesamte Problem lassen sich dann die Oberflächenströme und die über die Kontinuitätsgleichung miteinander verknüpften elektromagnetischen Felder bestimmen.

  18. Development of a Charged Particle Microbeam for Single-Particle Subcellular Irradiations at the MIT Laboratory for Accelerator Beam Application

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Yanch, Jacquelyn C.


    The development of a charged particle microbeam for single particle, subcellular irradiations at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory for Accelerator Beam Applications (MIT LABA) was initiated under this NEER aeard. The Microbeam apparatus makes use of a pre-existing electrostatic accelerator with a horizontal beam tube

  19. Main-chain supramolecular block copolymers. (United States)

    Yang, Si Kyung; Ambade, Ashootosh V; Weck, Marcus


    Block copolymers are key building blocks for a variety of applications ranging from electronic devices to drug delivery. The material properties of block copolymers can be tuned and potentially improved by introducing noncovalent interactions in place of covalent linkages between polymeric blocks resulting in the formation of supramolecular block copolymers. Such materials combine the microphase separation behavior inherent to block copolymers with the responsiveness of supramolecular materials thereby affording dynamic and reversible materials. This tutorial review covers recent advances in main-chain supramolecular block copolymers and describes the design principles, synthetic approaches, advantages, and potential applications.

  20. Building Blocks for Personal Brands (United States)

    Thomas, Lisa Carlucci


    In this article, the author discusses the four essential building blocks for personal brands: (1) name; (2) message; (3) channels; and (4) bridges. However, outstanding building materials can only take a person so far. The author emphasizes that vision, determination, faith, a sense of humor, and humility are also required.

  1. Control rod removal blocking device

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Yoshioka, Ritsuo.


    Purpose: To prevent excess power increase resulted from erroneous control rod removal during high power operation in BWR type reactor by decreasing the continuous removal enabling distance for the control rods along with increase in the reactor power where the reactor power is greater than a predetermined level. Constitution: When control rod selection signals are supplied from a control unit to a control rod removal blocking device, the blocking device judges whether the reactor core power is greater than a predetermined value A or not, using reactor core power signals outputted from an average power monitor. Where the reactor core power exceeds the predetermined value A and if the reactor core power is relatively low, a large continuous removal enabling distance N 1 is calculated in the blocking device to allow the continuous removal as far as the notch N 1 . The continuous removal enabling distance is shortened as the reactor core power increases and the removal is blocked, for example, at notch N 2 . While on the other hand, if the reactor core power is below the predetermined value A, both of the notchwise removal and the continuous removal are enabled. (Seki, T.)

  2. First Degree Pacemaker Exit Block

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Johnson Francis


    Full Text Available Usually atrial and ventricular depolarizations follow soon after the pacemaker stimulus (spike on the ECG. But there can be an exit block due to fibrosis at the electrode - tissue interface at the lead tip. This can increase the delay between the spike and atrial or ventricular depolarization.

  3. Vagal Blocking for Obesity Control

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Johannessen, Helene; Revesz, David; Kodama, Yosuke


    BACKGROUND: Recently, the US FDA has approved "vagal blocking therapy or vBLoc® therapy" as a new treatment for obesity. The aim of the present study was to study the mechanism-of-action of "VBLOC" in rat models. METHODS: Rats were implanted with VBLOC, an intra-abdominal electrical device...

  4. Thermo-responsive block copolymers

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mocan Cetintas, Merve


    Block copolymers (BCPs) are remarkable materials because of their self-assembly behavior into nano-sized regular structures and high tunable properties. BCPs are in used various applications such as surfactants, nanolithography, biomedicine and nanoporous membranes. In these thesis, we aimed to

  5. Scintigraphic visualization of 'Blocking' thyroid

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Simeonova, A.; Kostadinova, I.


    Full text: An important problem in nuclear endocrinology is 'blocking' of thyroid gland, which necessitates postpone of the investigation, adverse clinical effect of stopping medications and a delay of making diagnosis. The aim of the study was to introduce and to determine the clinical value of the scintigraphy with 99mTc-MIBI in patients (Pts) with 'blocked thyroid'. In 365 Pts (aged 38-75 years), indicated for a thyroid scintigraphy after proper preparation, an investigation was performed with 74 MBq 99mTc-pertechnetate, 20 min. p.i. In 14 of them (3.8%), the thyroid was 'blocked' and additional scintigraphy was done with 370-555 MBq 99mTc-MIBI, 15 and 120 min.p.i. It was estimated that in all Pts there was a visualization of thyroid. In 1 of them, a large 'hot' nodule was visualized in the early and late image. Later on a differentiated thyroid carcinoma was proved histologically. In the rest of the patients 'cold' nodules with different size were visualized, eventually as a result of cysts. As a conclusion we consider, that a scintigraphy with 99mTc-MIBI is a useful tool in Pts with 'blocked' thyroid. In addition an evaluation of the thyroid nodule could be done and therefore- a recommendation for therapy

  6. Space applications of the MITS electron-photon Monte Carlo transport code system

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kensek, R.P.; Lorence, L.J.; Halbleib, J.A.; Morel, J.E.


    The MITS multigroup/continuous-energy electron-photon Monte Carlo transport code system has matured to the point that it is capable of addressing more realistic three-dimensional adjoint applications. It is first employed to efficiently predict point doses as a function of source energy for simple three-dimensional experimental geometries exposed to simulated uniform isotropic planar sources of monoenergetic electrons up to 4.0 MeV. Results are in very good agreement with experimental data. It is then used to efficiently simulate dose to a detector in a subsystem of a GPS satellite due to its natural electron environment, employing a relatively complex model of the satellite. The capability for survivability analysis of space systems is demonstrated, and results are obtained with and without variance reduction

  7. Terahertz Coherent Synchrotron Radiation in the MIT-Bates South Hall Ring

    CERN Document Server

    Wang, Fuhua; Cheever, Dan; Farkhondeh, Manouchehr; Franklin, Wilbur; Graves, William; Ihloff, Ernie; Podobedov, Boris; Sannibale, Fernando; Tschalär, C; Wang, Defa; Wang, Dong; Zwart, Townsend; van der Laan, Jan


    We investigate the terahertz coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR) potential of the South Hall Ring (SHR) at MIT-Bates Linear Accelerator Center. The SHR is equipped with a unique single cavity, 2.856 GHz RF system. The high RF frequency is advantageous for producing short bunch length and for having higher bunch current threshold to generate stable CSR. Combining with other techniques such as external pulse stacking cavity, femtosecond laser slicing, the potential for generating ultra-stable, high power, broadband terahertz CSR is very attractive. Beam dynamics issues related to short bunch length operation, and may associated with the high frequency RF system, such as multi-bunch instability are concerned. They could affect bunch length, bunch intensity and beam stability. The SHR is ideal for experimental exploration of these problems. Results of initial test of low momentum compaction lattice and bunch length measurements are presented and compared to expectations.

  8. Förderung beruflicher Handlungskompetenz durch reflektiertes Erfahrungslernen mit digitalen Medien

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jan Hellriegel


    Full Text Available Eine gelingende Entwicklung beruflicher Handlungsfähigkeit in der dualen Berufsausbildung ist auf eine Kooperation von Lehrenden, Ausbildenden und Auszubildenden angewiesen. Häufig scheitert diese Zusammenarbeit jedoch an den spezifischen Lernkulturen und der räumlichen Trennung der verschiedenen Lernorte. Das BMBF-geförderte Forschungsprojekt KOLA: «Kompetenzorientiertes Lernen im Arbeitsprozess mit digitalen Medien» greift diese Problematik auf und verfolgt das Ziel, mithilfe digitaler Medien eine Lernortkooperation zu befördern. Erprobt wird das entwickelte System, bestehend aus einer App und einer Browser-basierten Plattform, in saarländischen Ausbildungsstätten des Elektrohandwerks im Untersuchungszeitraum von Oktober 2014 bis September 2017. Im Rahmen dieses Projektes wird ein lerntheoretischer Ansatz verfolgt, der sich im Kontext von Konstruktivismus und Pragmatismus verorten lässt. Der vorliegende Beitrag fokussiert dabei das didaktische Konzept des Projektes, welches einerseits die didaktischen Grundannahmen und andererseits das hieraus abgeleitete Nutzungsszenario darstellt.

  9. Bestimmung der Mas'se des neutralen Bs-Mesons mit dem ALEPH-Experiment

    CERN Document Server

    Stehle, M


    Gegenstand der vorliegenden Arbeit ist die Bestimmung der Masse des neutralen Bs-Mesons. Dazu wurden B~-Mesonen in den beiden Zerfallskanalen B~ -+ J/W P und B~ -+ W(2S) P rekonstruiert, wobei die Subresonanzen in den Zerfallsmoden J /w -+ l+ l-, W(2S) -+ l+ l- und P -+ K+ K- untersucht wurden. Diese beiden Kanale werden auf Grund ihrer eindeutigen Signatur auch als "goldene Kanale" bezeichnet und eignen sich deshalb sehr gut fur eine exklusive Rekonstruktion, wie sie hier angewendet wurde. Grundlage der Analyse waren ca. 4 Millionen hadronische ZO-Zerfalle, die in den Jahren 1991 1995 mit dem ALEPH-Detektor am e+e--Speicherring LEP am CERN aufgezeichnet wurden. Die zwischenzeitliche Reprozessierung der Daten ermoglichte eine prazisere und effizientere Rekonstruktion als das in fruheren Messungen der Fall war. Wegen der niedrigen Verzweigungsverhaltnisse der untersuchten Zerfallsmoden wurden nur wenige einzelne Ereignisse in den Daten erwartet. Die selektierten Kandidaten wurden durch Schnitte in mehreren Ere...

  10. Optimising electrical system architecture using genetic algorithms; Optimierung der Bordnetzarchitektur mit Hilfe genetischer Algorithmen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Luebke, A. [Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg (Germany). Fahrzeug-Elektrik/ -Elektronik Vorentwicklung; Reuss, H.C. [Technische Univ. Dresden (Germany). Inst. fuer Verbrennungsmotoren und Kraftfahrzeuge


    Control units in vehicles are increasingly being networked. Framework conditions, for example the cost of network nodes, change so rapidly that an optimised network rarely survives one model generation. This article describes the possible applications of a genetic algorithm which can be used to optimise the architecture of the datanet quickly and easily. (orig.) [German] Die Vernetzung der Steuergeraete im Kraftfahrzeug nimmt staendig zu. Dabei aendern sich die Randbedingungen, zum Beispiel die Kosten von Netzknoten, laufend, so dass eine einmal optimierte Architektur der Vernetzung schon fuer das naechste Fahrzeugmodell nicht mehr das Optimum darstellt. Der vorliegende Artikel beschreibt die Anwendungsmoeglichkeit eines genetischen Algorithmus, mit dessen Hilfe sich die Architektur des Datennetzes schnell und zuverlaessig optimieren laesst. (orig.)

  11. Classification of cardiac rhythm using heart rate dynamical measures: validation in MIT-BIH databases. (United States)

    Carrara, Marta; Carozzi, Luca; Moss, Travis J; de Pasquale, Marco; Cerutti, Sergio; Lake, Douglas E; Moorman, J Randall; Ferrario, Manuela


    Identification of atrial fibrillation (AF) is a clinical imperative. Heartbeat interval time series are increasingly available from personal monitors, allowing new opportunity for AF diagnosis. Previously, we devised numerical algorithms for identification of normal sinus rhythm (NSR), AF, and SR with frequent ectopy using dynamical measures of heart rate. Here, we wished to validate them in the canonical MIT-BIH ECG databases. We tested algorithms on the NSR, AF and arrhythmia databases. When the databases were combined, the positive predictive value of the new algorithms exceeded 95% for NSR and AF, and was 40% for SR with ectopy. Further, dynamical measures did not distinguish atrial from ventricular ectopy. Inspection of individual 24hour records showed good correlation of observed and predicted rhythms. Heart rate dynamical measures are effective ingredients in numerical algorithms to classify cardiac rhythm from the heartbeat intervals time series alone. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. MIT Solar Building 5: the second year's performance

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Johnson, T E; Quinlan, E


    The MIT Solar Building 5 has shown the problems associated with direct gain approaches can be overcome with new architectural finish materials that emphasize their thermophysical properties. Three new materials are demonstrated in the building: (1) a transparent window insulation; (2) a glare modulating and light directing louver; and (3) a ceiling tile that stores heat latently. 1978-1979 thermal performance measurements showed the sun supplied 62% of the building's seasonal heating requirement while an additional 13% of the load was supplied by internal gains from the lights. This was done by glazing only 45% of the south wall. Economic analyses show the payback period is 4 to 5 times faster than when using the flat plate collector approach. Architectural flexibility has been increased, even to the point where new kinds of spaces can be created using these materials.

  13. Die Struktur von schlankem Materialfluss mit Lean Production Kanban und Innovationen (United States)

    Scheid, Wolf-Michael

    In der Literatur wird Materialfluss überwiegend in Spezialdisziplinen betrachtet, etwa der Steuerungslogik, der Logistiktechnik oder dem Supply Chain Management. Ein charakterisierendes Merkmal des Materialflusses ist jedoch, dass er sich aus vielfältigen Einzelbausteinen zusammensetzt, die alle harmonisch abgestimmt sein müssen. Die maximal erreichbare Effizienz wird nicht durch Höchstleistungen in dem einen oder anderen Spezialthema bestimmt, sondern durch das schwächste Glied im gesamten komplexen Netzwerk. Den Schnittstellen zwischen den betroffenen Fachbereichen in einem Unternehmen kommt hier eine ganz besondere Bedeutung zu: Erst ein harmonischer Einklang ermöglicht hohe Effektivität. Dies setzt umfassendes Verständnis für interdisziplinäre Notwendigkeiten, ein hohes Maß an Abstimmung mit den operativen Prozessen und letztlich einen einvernehmlichen Umgang und den Respekt vor den Problemstellungen des Anderen voraus.

  14. SERSO: Summer sun against winter ice; SERSO: Mit Sommer-Sonne gegen Winter-Glatteis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Eugster, W.J. [Polydynamics Engineering, Zuerich (Switzerland); Hess, K. [Polydynamics Engineering, Bremgarten-Bern (Switzerland); Hopkirk, R.J. [Polydynamics Engineering, Maennedorf (Switzerland)


    nutzen bezweckt das Pilotprojekt SERSO (Sonnenenergierueckgewinnung aus Strassenoberflaechen) and einer Bruecke der A8 bei Daerligen am Thunersee. SERSO wurde am 22. August 1994 offiziell in Betrieb genommen. In der Brueckenfahrbahn sind auf einer Flaeche von 1`300 m{sup 2} Rohrregister eingebaut, in denen eine Waermetraegerfluessigkeit zirkuliert. Im Sommer transportiert diese die Waerme in einem unterirdischen, zylinderfoermig angelegten Felsspeicher mit einem Durchmesser von 31.5 m und einer Tiefe von 65 m. Das Gesamtvolumen betraegt mit den anrechenbaren Randgebieten und 55`000 m{sup 3}. Die Oberflaeche des Speichers ist waermegdeaemmt. Die Pilotanlage wird zusaetzlich mit einem umfangreichen Messprogramm mit 132 Messstellen (Belags- und Speichertemperaturen an verschiedenen Standorten und Tiefen, Kreislauftemperaturen und -mengen sowie Meteodaten) wissenschaftlich begleitet. Die ersten zwei Betriebsjahre haben gezeigt, dass dem Belag im Sommer genuegend Waermeenergie entzogen werden kann, um im Winter damit die Bruecke eisfrei zu halten. Die Bilanz der saisonalen Niedertemperaturspeicherung im Fels bestaetigt die im voraus berechneten Effizienzen. (orig./AKF)

  15. Polarized Electron Beams for Nuclear Physics at the MIT Bates Accelerator Center

    CERN Document Server

    Farkhondeh, Manouchehr; Franklin, Wilbur; Ihloff, Ernie; McAllister, Brian; Milner, Richard; North, William; Tschalär, C; Tsentalovich, Evgeni; Wang, Defa; Wang, Dong; Wang, Fuhua; Zolfaghari, Abbasali; Zwart, Townsend; van der Laan, Jan


    The MIT Bates Accelerator Center is delivering highly polarized electron beams to its South Hall Ring for use in Nuclear Physics Experiments. Circulating electron currents in excess of 200 mA with polarization of 70% are scattered from a highly polarized, but very thin atomic beam source deuterium target. At the electron source a compact diode laser creates photoemission of quasi-CW mA pulses of polarized electrons at low duty factors from a strained GaAs photocathode. Refurbished RF transmitters provide power to the 2856 MHz linac, accelerating the beam to 850 MeV in two passes before injection into the South Hall Ring. In the ring a Siberian snake serves to maintain a high degree of longitudinal polarization at the BLAST scattering target. A Compton laser back-scattering polarimeter measures the electron beam polarization with a statistical acuracy of 6% every 15 minutes.

  16. Powerful near-surface geothermal energy with vertical groundwater circulation; Leistungsfaehige oberflaechennahe Geothermie mit vertikaler Grundwasserzirkulation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Viernickel, Michael [Geo-En Energy Technologies GmbH, Berlin (Germany). Bereich Produktentwicklung und Projektierung komplexer Energiesysteme unter Einsatz von Geothermie


    The conversion of energy supply based on renewable energies will be electricity based and the efficient provision of heating and cooling can be done by electric heat pumps. In cities, however, where the open areas for geothermal systems are scarce, groundwater-based systems can be a powerful option. The development of a large heat reservoir via a single bore is possible with vertical groundwater circulation systems and is described here. [German] Der Umbau der Energieversorgung auf erneuerbare Energien wird Strom basiert sein und eine effiziente Bereitstellung von Waerme und Kaelte kann durch elektrische Waermepumpen erfolgen. Innerstaedtisch sind die Freiflaechen fuer Geothermieanlagen allerdings knapp, so dass Grundwasser basierte Anlagen eine leistungsfaehige Option darstellen koennen. Die Erschliessung eines grossen Waerme-Reservoirs ueber nur eine Bohrung ist mit vertikalen Grundwasserzirkulationsanlagen moeglich und wird hier beschrieben.

  17. District heat, energy for fore-sighted people. Proceedings; Energie fuer Menschen mit Weitblick. Vortragsband

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The proceedings volume contains a great part of the papers presented, but some are represented only by copies of the overheads which accompanied the papers. The lecture meeting was devoted to the following major topics: Economical and safe supply of district heat, outlook on the future of the district heat supply industry in a liberalized market, customer relationship management taking into account contracting, information and communication via call centers, and other forms of guidance for decision making.(GL) [German] Vortraege vorliegend teils als Manuskript, teils als Folien mit folgenden Schwerpunkten: Die wirtschaftliche und sichere Versorgung durch Fernwaerme, die Zukunft der Fernwaerme im liberalisierten Markt, der Weg zum Kunden im Hinblick auf Contracting, Kommunikation, Betreuung sowie Beratung und Entscheidungsfindung.(GL)

  18. Science and History Banham versus Rowe [Saarinen on the MIT Campus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Rojo de Castro


    However, what neither Saarinen nor MIT did foresee was the difficulty for the integration of humanism and science in a coherent and stable architectural image, precisely in the 1950’s. The integration of such confronted paradigms, characterized within architecture discipline as the opposition between the operational lore and technological advances led to a long and thorough debate only to be somehow concluded by 1975 with the ephemeral and temporary victory of the arguments of tradition. A controversy between two diverse however distinctive architectural components, confronted by Modernism in a skewed debate from both sides and, by 1950, made explicit in the differences between Reyner Banham’s and Colin Rowe’s writings. Their conflicting arguments, contemporary to the Chapel and Kresge Auditorium, provide the critical context in which to inscribe Saarinen’s buildings and the wide international controversy they triggered.

  19. Ciencia e Historia: Banham versus Rowe. Saarinen en el Campus del MIT

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Rojo de Castro


    Full Text Available Resumen En la década de 1950, el MIT confió en la arquitectura como instrumento de expresión del programa de modernización y actualización de la institución y de su currículo académico. Y con la estratégica elección de Eero Saarinen, se identificaba con la nueva imagen de las grandes  corporaciones tecnológicas de la economía post-bélica. La elección del momento, el programa, la localización y el arquitecto constituyó un plan cuidadosamente calibrado. Lo que no supieron prever ni Saarinen ni el MIT, sin embargo, fue la dificultad de integrar humanismo y ciencia en una imagen arquitectónica coherente y estable, precisamente en 1950. Tal integración de paradigmas enfrentados, trasladada a la arquitectura como la oposición entre tradición y avance tecnológico, dio lugar a un largo y profundo debate que solo finalizaría, hacia 1975, con la efímera y temporal victoria de los argumentos de la tradición. Una polémica entre  dos componentes de la arquitectura que el discurso Moderno enfrentó en un debate sesgado desde uno y otra lado y que, habría que esperar a 1960 para que se explicitará, de modo crítico y teórico, en las posiciones encontradas de Reyner Banham y Colin Rowe. Sus discursos  contrapuestos, contemporáneos de la Capilla y el Auditorio Kresge, aportan el contexto crítico en el que se inscriben los edificios de Saarinen y su controversia de escala internacional.

  20. Rehabilitation of deaf persons with cochlear implants; Rehabilitation Hoergeschaedigter mit Cochlearimplantaten

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gstoettner, W.; Hamzavi, J. [Universitaetsklinik fuer Hals-Nasen-Ohrenheilkunde, Wien (Austria); Czerny, C. [Universitaetsklinik fuer Radiologie, Wien (Austria)


    In the last decade, the rehabilitation of postlingually deaf adults and prelingually deaf children with cochlear implants has been established as a treatment of deafness. The technological development of the implant devices and improvement of the surgical technique have led to a considerable increase of hearing performance during the last years. The postlingually deaf adults are able to use the telephone and may be integrated in their original job. Prelingually deaf children can even visit normal schools after cochlear implantation and hearing rehabilitation training. In order to preoperatively establish the state of the cochlear, radiological diagnosis of the temporal bone is necessary. High resolution computerized tomography imaging of the temporal bone with coronar and axial 1 mm slices and MRI with thin slice technique (three dimensional, T2 weighted turbo-spinecho sequence with 0.7 mm slices) have proved to be valuable according to our experience. Furthermore a postoperative synoptical X-ray, in a modified Chausse III projection, offers good information about the position of the implant and insertion of the stimulating electrode into the cochlea. (orig.) [Deutsch] In der letzten Dekade hat sich der operative Einsatz von Cochlearimplantaten fuer die Rehabilitation taubgeborener Kinder und ertaubter Erwachsenen als erfolgreiche Therapie etabliert. Durch technische Weiterentwicklung der Implantatsysteme und Verbesserung der Operationstechnik konnten in den letzten Jahren die Hoerleistungen der Patienten deutlich verbessert werden. Postlingual ertaubte Erwachsene koennen nun oftmals wieder ins Berufsleben eingegliedert werden und praelingual ertaubte Kinder koennen regulaere Schulen besuchen. Im Rahmen der Voruntersuchung fuer die Cochlearimplantation ist die radiologische Felsenbeindiagnostik von besonderer Bedeutung. Hochaufloesendes CT des Felsenbeins in koronaren und axialen Ebenen mit 1 mm Schichtdicke und MRT in Duennschichttechnik (dreidimensionale, T2

  1. The medical management of high risk individuals. Experiences with persons exposed to chronic internal irradiation; Ueber den aerztlichen Umgang mit Hochrisikopersonen. Erfahrungen bei Personen mit chronischer interner Strahlenexposition

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kaick, G. van; Delorme, S. [Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, E010 - Radiologie, Heidelberg (Germany)


    sich auf den Umgang mit anderen Hochrisikogruppen uebertragen. (orig.)

  2. Zeitlicher Verlauf der avaskulären Nekrose des Hüftkopfes bei Patienten mit Pemphigus vulgaris. (United States)

    Balighi, Kamran; Daneshpazhooh, Maryam; Aghazadeh, Nessa; Saeidi, Vahide; Shahpouri, Farzam; Hejazi, Pardis; Chams-Davatchi, Cheyda


    Pemphigus vulgaris (PV) wird in der Regel mit systemischen Corticosteroiden und Immunsuppressiva behandelt. Avaskuläre Nekrose (AVN) des Hüftkopfes ist eine gut bekannte schwerere Komplikation einer Corticosteroid-Therapie. Die Charakteristika dieser schweren Komplikation bei PV sind nach wie vor unbekannt. Nicht kontrollierte, retrospektive Untersuchung aller PV-bedingten AVN-Fälle, die in einer iranischen Klinik für bullöse Autoimmunerkrankungen zwischen 1985 und 2013 diagnostiziert wurden. Anhand der Krankenakten von 2321 untersuchten PV-Patienten wurden 45 Fälle (1,93 %) von femoraler AVN identifiziert. Dreißig davon waren Männer. Das mittlere Alter bei der Diagnose der AVN betrug 47,4 ± 14,2 Jahre. Der mittlere Zeitraum zwischen der Diagnose des PV und dem Einsetzen der AVN lag bei 25,3 ± 18,3 Monaten. Mit Ausnahme von acht Fällen (17,8 %) setzte die AVN bei der Mehrheit der Patienten innerhalb von drei Jahren nach Diagnose des PV ein. Die mittlere kumulative Dosis von Prednisolon bei Patienten mit AVN betrug 13.115,8 ± 7041,1 mg. Zwischen der Prednisolon-Gesamtdosis und dem Zeitraum bis zum Einsetzen der AVN bestand eine starke Korrelation (p = 0,001). Bei Patienten mit Alendronateinnahme in der Vorgeschichte war dieser Zeitraum signifikant kürzer (p = 0,01). Die AVN ist eine schwere Komplikation einer Corticosteroid-Behandlung bei Patienten mit PV. Sie wird bei 2 % der Patienten beobachtet und tritt vor allem in den ersten drei Behandlungsjahren auf. Bei Patienten, die höhere Dosen von Prednisolon erhalten, setzt die AVN tendenziell früher ein. © 2016 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  3. Detection of coronary calcium with electron beam tomography in coronary artery disease; Stellenwert der Kalkbestimmung mit Elektronenstrahltomographie bei koronarer Herzkrankheit

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Haberl, R.; Knez, A.; Becker, A. [Muenchen Univ. (Germany). Medizinische Klinik 1; Becker, C.; Bruening, R.; Reiser, M. [Muenchen Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Radiologische Diagnostik; Maass, A.; Steinbeck, G.


    patients with known risk factors, in whom primary preventive strategies could be performed more selectively and cost-effectively. (orig./AJ) [Deutsch] Zielsetzung: Koronarer Kalk ist Hinweis auf einen arteriosklerotischen Prozess und kann mit Elektronenstrahltomographie sehr genau erfasst werden. Der klinische Stellenwert unterscheidet sich je nachdem, ob das Kalkscreening bei Patienten mit schon bekannter koronarer Herzkrankheit oder bei asymptomatischen Patienten zur Primaerpraevention durchgefuehrt wird. Ergebnisse: Am Klinikum Grosshadern wurden in dem einen Jahr nach Inbetriebnahme der EBT bei 1100 Patienten ein EBT des Herzens vorgenommen, bei 567 Patienten im direkten Vergleich zur Koronarangiographie ({+-}3 Tage). In Uebereinstimmung mit der Literatur findet sich eine Abhaengigkeit des Kalkscores vom Alter und Geschlecht der Patienten. Schwere koronare Herzerkrankungen (Stenosen {>=} 75%) sind mit signifikant mehr Kalk verbunden als KHK niedrigen Schweregrades. Eine Unterscheidung zwischen 1-, 2- und 3-Gefaess-Erkrankung mit dem Kalkscore gelingt nicht. Unter Verwendung eines alterskorrigierten Kalkscores werden 33% der Patienten mit signifikanter KHK nicht erfasst, immerhin 8,1% der Patienten mit hochgradigen Stenosen weisen keinerlei Kalk (Score=0) auf. Es liegen nur wenige Studien zum Stellenwert der Kalkbestimmung bei asymptomatischen Patienten vor. Weiche Plaques koennen mit der EBT nicht erfasst werden, offensichtlich kommen `harte` (=verkalkte) und weiche Plaques bei der ueberwiegenden Mehrzahl der Patienten gemeinsam vor. Spiral-CT der neuesten Generatoren erfasst koronaren Kalk mit grosser Praezision. Es besteht eine exzellente Korrelation zur EBT. Diskussion: Der Nachweis von koronarem Kalk weist mit hoher Sicherheit auf eine koronare Herzkrankheit hin. Indikationsgebiete der EBT erstrecken sich auf Patienten mit bekannter koronarer Herzkrankheit (Kalkscore korreliert mit der Prognose), Patienten, bei denen eine konventionelle Belastungsuntersuchung nicht

  4. 31 CFR 585.216 - Expenses of maintaining blocked property; liquidation into blocked account. (United States)


    ... property; liquidation into blocked account. 585.216 Section 585.216 Money and Finance: Treasury Regulations... blocked property; liquidation into blocked account. (a) Except as otherwise authorized, and... expenses incident to the blocking and maintenance of property blocked pursuant to § 585.201 or § 585.215(a...

  5. On the Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Block Triangular Preconditioned Block Matrices

    KAUST Repository

    Pestana, Jennifer


    Block lower triangular matrices and block upper triangular matrices are popular preconditioners for 2×2 block matrices. In this note we show that a block lower triangular preconditioner gives the same spectrum as a block upper triangular preconditioner and that the eigenvectors of the two preconditioned matrices are related. © 2014 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

  6. Block-Matching Based Multifocus Image Fusion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Feng Zhu


    Full Text Available A new multifocus image fusion method is proposed. Two image blocks are selected by sliding the window from the two source images at the same position, discrete cosine transform (DCT is implemented, respectively, on these two blocks, and the alternating component (AC energy of these blocks is then calculated to decide which is the well-focused one. In addition, block matching is used to determine a group of image blocks that are all similar to the well-focused reference block. Finally, all the blocks are returned to their original positions through weighted average. The weight is decided with the AC energy of the well-focused block. Experimental results demonstrate that, unlike other spatial methods, the proposed method effectively avoids block artifacts. The proposed method also significantly improves the objective evaluation results, which are obtained by some transform domain methods.

  7. Blocking incidental frustration during bargaining. (United States)

    Vargas, Maria Esperanza S; Brown, Anna-Leigh; Durkee, Cassandra M; Sim, Hoeun


    The current study examined the effects of an intervention aimed at blocking the transfer of frustration from a previous experience (i.e. recall task) to a subsequent and unrelated task (i.e. ultimatum bargaining task). Participants who went through the intervention were more likely to accept unfair offers in the ultimatum bargaining task than those who did not go through the intervention. These results show that participants who were blocked from transferring their feelings of frustration from the recall task to the subsequent bargaining task (no-transfer condition) more likely accepted unfair offers than those who inadvertently transferred their feelings of frustration (transfer condition). The effect of conditions on accept-reject decisions in the ultimatum bargaining was mediated by reported feelings of frustration.

  8. The RUBISCO to Photosystem II Ratio Limits the Maximum Photosynthetic Rate in Picocyanobacteria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jackie K. Zorz


    Full Text Available Marine Synechococcus and Prochlorococcus are picocyanobacteria predominating in subtropical, oligotrophic marine environments, a niche predicted to expand with climate change. When grown under common low light conditions Synechococcus WH 8102 and Prochlorococcus MED 4 show similar Cytochrome b6f and Photosystem I contents normalized to Photosystem II content, while Prochlorococcus MIT 9313 has twice the Cytochrome b6f content and four times the Photosystem I content of the other strains. Interestingly, the Prochlorococcus strains contain only one third to one half of the RUBISCO catalytic subunits compared to the marine Synechococcus strain. The maximum Photosystem II electron transport rates were similar for the two Prochlorococcus strains but higher for the marine Synechococcus strain. Photosystem II electron transport capacity is highly correlated to the molar ratio of RUBISCO active sites to Photosystem II but not to the ratio of cytochrome b6f to Photosystem II, nor to the ratio of Photosystem I: Photosystem II. Thus, the catalytic capacity for the rate-limiting step of carbon fixation, the ultimate electron sink, appears to limit electron transport rates. The high abundance of Cytochrome b6f and Photosystem I in MIT 9313, combined with the slower flow of electrons away from Photosystem II and the relatively low level of RUBISCO, are consistent with cyclic electron flow around Photosystem I in this strain.

  9. Atrio-ventricular block as the first presentation of disseminated Lyme disease. (United States)

    Panic, Gordana; Stanulovic, Vid; Popov, Tanja


    A 36 year old male patient presented to emergency cardiology department because of fatigability. ECG revealed high grade II atrio-ventricular block and bradycardia of 31 beats/min. An erythema increasing in size to up to 7-8 cm in diameter appeared a month earlier and spontaneously resolved within 10 days. ELISA testing for antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi IgM was positive and IgG titer was 1:40. Intravenous ceftriaxone 2g qod, and 0.5 g metronidazole tid lead to regression of grade II block to grade I block within 2 days. Grade I block persisted for an additional 10 days. This is a relatively rare case of early occurrence of Lyme carditis within one month of exposure as the first sign of Lyme disease dissemination. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Gini


    Full Text Available UAVs systems represent a flexible technology able to collect a big amount of high resolution information, both for metric and interpretation uses. In the frame of experimental tests carried out at Dept. ICA of Politecnico di Milano to validate vector-sensor systems and to assess metric accuracies of images acquired by UAVs, a block of photos taken by a fixed wing system is triangulated with several software. The test field is a rural area included in an Italian Park ("Parco Adda Nord", useful to study flight and imagery performances on buildings, roads, cultivated and uncultivated vegetation. The UAV SenseFly, equipped with a camera Canon Ixus 220HS, flew autonomously over the area at a height of 130 m yielding a block of 49 images divided in 5 strips. Sixteen pre-signalized Ground Control Points, surveyed in the area through GPS (NRTK survey, allowed the referencing of the block and accuracy analyses. Approximate values for exterior orientation parameters (positions and attitudes were recorded by the flight control system. The block was processed with several software: Erdas-LPS, EyeDEA (Univ. of Parma, Agisoft Photoscan, Pix4UAV, in assisted or automatic way. Results comparisons are given in terms of differences among digital surface models, differences in orientation parameters and accuracies, when available. Moreover, image and ground point coordinates obtained by the various software were independently used as initial values in a comparative adjustment made by scientific in-house software, which can apply constraints to evaluate the effectiveness of different methods of point extraction and accuracies on ground check points.

  11. Copper (II)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    ABSTRACT: A Schiff base was prepared from the reaction of 2 - amino - 3 – methylbutanoic acid and 2, 4 - pentanedione. The reaction of the prepared Schiff base with ethanolic solution of copper (II) chloride formed diaquo bis( N – 2 – amino – 3 - methylbutyl - 2, 4 - pentanedionato) copper (II) complex. The Schiff base is ...


    Volchenko, N N; Borisova, O V; Baranova, I B


    The article presents summary information concerning application of "cell block" technology in cytological practice. The possibilities of implementation of various modern techniques (immune cytochemnical analysis. FISH, CISH, polymerase chain reaction) with application of "cell block" method are demonstrated. The original results of study of "cell block" technology made with gelatin, AgarCyto and Shadon Cyoblock set are presented. The diagnostic effectiveness of "cell block" technology and common cytological smear and also immune cytochemical analysis on samples of "cell block" technology and fluid cytology were compared. Actually application of "cell block" technology is necessary for ensuring preservation of cell elements for subsequent immune cytochemical and molecular genetic analysis.

  13. Genetics Home Reference: distal hereditary motor neuropathy, type II (United States)

    ... neuropathy, type II change single protein building blocks ( amino acids ) in the protein sequence. If either protein is altered, they may be more likely to cluster together and form clumps (aggregates). Aggregates of heat shock proteins may ...

  14. Incremental versus maximum bite advancement during twin-block therapy: A randomized controlled clinical trial


    Banks, Phil; Wright, Jean; O'Brien, Kevin


    The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of incremental and maximum bite advancement during treatment of Class II Division 1 malocclusion with the Twin-block appliance in the permanent dentition. It was performed at 3 district general hospitals in the United Kingdom with 4 operators. Two hundred three patients, 10-14 years old, were randomized. Control patients had the initial bite taken edge-to-edge for appliance construction with a standard Twin-block. Experimental patients h...

  15. SupraTrans II. Test drive facility for a superconductor-based maglev train; SupraTrans II. Fahrversuchsanlage fuer eine Magnetbahn mit Supraleitern

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kuehn, Lars; Haas, Oliver de [evico GmbH, Dresden (Germany); Berger, Dietmar; Schultz, Ludwig [IFW Dresden (Germany); Olsen, Henning; Roehlig, Steffen [ELBAS Elektrische Bahnsysteme Ingenieur-Gesellschaft mbH, DNV company, Dresden (Germany)


    The SupraTrans system was further developed and a test drive facility built up in Dresden. The latter permits complex drive tests to be made as well as the testing of components. Compared to the demonstrator, the facility is characterized by a higher loadability, higher speeds and a completely contactless energy transmission. (orig.)

  16. Properties of concrete blocks prepared with low grade recycled aggregates. (United States)

    Poon, Chi-Sun; Kou, Shi-cong; Wan, Hui-wen; Etxeberria, Miren


    Low grade recycled aggregates obtained from a construction waste sorting facility were tested to assess the feasibility of using these in the production of concrete blocks. The characteristics of the sorted construction waste are significantly different from that of crushed concrete rubbles that are mostly derived from demolition waste streams. This is due to the presence of higher percentages of non-concrete components (e.g. >10% soil, brick, tiles etc.) in the sorted construction waste. In the study reported in this paper, three series of concrete block mixtures were prepared by using the low grade recycled aggregates to replace (i) natural coarse granite (10mm), and (ii) 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% replacement levels of crushed stone fine (crushed natural granite concrete blocks. Test results on properties such as density, compressive strength, transverse strength and drying shrinkage as well as strength reduction after exposure to 800 degrees C are presented below. The results show that the soil content in the recycled fine aggregate was an important factor in affecting the properties of the blocks produced and the mechanical strength deceased with increasing low grade recycled fine aggregate content. But the higher soil content in the recycled aggregates reduced the reduction of compressive strength of the blocks after exposure to high temperature due probably to the formation of a new crystalline phase. The results show that the low grade recycled aggregates obtained from the construction waste sorting facility has potential to be used as aggregates for making non-structural pre-cast concrete blocks.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kavya Pingali


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND The angiographic findings and prognosis of patients with Complete Heart Block (CHB remain unclear. Thus, we aimed to study the clinical profile, risk factors, angiographic distribution and in-hospital outcomes of patients with complete heart block. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a prospective, single-centred study which included 100 patients who came to the emergency department with CHB. Routine blood investigations including serum electrolytes were done. Coronary angiogram was done and lesions were assessed. Temporary pacemaker was implanted followed by permanent pacemakers in required patients, and in-hospital complications were noted down. RESULTS Commonest age group was above 60 years (75%. The patients were predominantly males. Most common presentation was chest pain (60%; there was regional wall motion abnormality in 30% patients. Degenerative complete heart block was seen in 34% patients, diphtheric myocarditis in 15%, hypokalaemic in 15%, dilated cardiomyopathy in 2%. Of total 53 patients had AV block, 14 had bifascicular block, 23 had LBBB, 6 had RBBB, 3 had Mobitz I and 1 had Mobitz II. Inferior wall myocardial infarction (MI was pervasively present in patients. Temporary pacemakers were implanted in 6 patients and permanent pacemakers in 43 patients. In-hospital outcomes constituted of complication like cardiogenic shock (10% and death (26%. The patients who died either had 80% -90% stenosis in RCA, triple vessel disease, ostioproximal LAD occlusion or diphtheric myocarditis. CONCLUSION Complete heart block was majorly associated with advanced age and inferior wall MI, virtually caused by dominant RCA occlusion. The in-hospital mortality was significantly higher in the patients with CHB.

  18. Carbon dioxide digital subtraction angiography using a new gas management system; Digitale Subtraktionsangiographie mit Kohlendioxid unter Verwendung eines neuen Gasdosiersystems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schmitz-Rode, T.; Alzen, G.; Guenther, R.W. [Klinik fuer Radiologische Diagnostik, Universitaetsklinikum der RWTH Aachen (Germany)


    Purpose: The clinical evaluation of digital subtraction angiography with carbon dioxide using a newly developed low-tech CO{sub 2}-dosage- and injection system. Method and patients: The hand-held system (CO{sub 2} angio set) consists of a dosage chamber in connection with a special stopcock to apportion the gas. By optimising injection volume and pressure steady gas flow characteristics are approximated. A safety design prevents unintentional gas injection volume and pressure steady gas flow characteristics are approximated. A safety design prevents unintentional gas injection. CO{sub 2} arteriographies were performed on 185 patients. Main indications were renal insufficiency and a history of adverse reactions to iodinated contrast media. In patients with femoral connula access, catheterless reflux angiography was performed. Results: The injection system provided complete and coherent visualisation of the abdominal aorta, visceral, pelvic, and lower limb arteries via catheter (71 cases) or via femoral cannula using reflux technique (114 cases). Stenoses, occlusions, and collaterals were assessable. Employing the gas reflux over the aortic bifurcation bilateral run-off studies up to the calf trifurcation were performed via unilateral femoral cannula. Use of a dedicated stacking software improved image quality of distal femoral, popliteal and calf arteries. Conclusion: The CO{sub 2} management system allows adequate imaging of the arteries below the diaphragm. Ease and safety of use and low costs are advantageous. (orig.) [Deutsch] Ziel: Die klinische Erprobung der digitalen Subtraktionsangiographie mit Kohlendioxid unter Verwendung eines neuentwickelten, einfachen Gasdosier- und Injektionssystems. Methode und Patienten: Eine Dosierkammer mit einstellbarem Volumen in Verbindung mit einem Spezial-Hahn (CO{sub 2}-Angio-Set) portioniert das Gas. Durch Optimierung von Injektionsvolumen und -druck wurde eine konstante Ausstroemcharakteristik angenaehert. Das System wurde

  19. Synthesis of tri-block copolymers through reverse atom transfer radical polymerization of methyl methacrylate using polyurethane macroiniferter

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Reverse atom transfer radical polymerization was successfully used for the first time to synthesis tri-block copolymers. Poly (methyl methacrylate-block-polyurethane-block-poly (methyl methacrylate tri-block copolymers were synthesized using tetraphenylethane-based polyurethane as a macroiniferter, copper(II halide as a catalyst and N, N, N′, N″, N″-pentamethyldiethylenetriamine as a ligand. Controlled nature of the polymerization was confirmed by the linear increase of number average molecular weight with increasing conversion. Mole contents of poly (methyl methacrylate present in the tri-block copolymers were calculated using proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and the results were comparable with the gel permeation chromatography results. Differential scanning calorimetric results confirmed the presence of two different types of blocks in the tri-block copolymers.

  20. Improving the nutritive value of the blocks using gamma irradiation treatment

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Al-Masri, M. R.


    The effects of 100 KGy of gamma irradiation on dry matter and organic matter digestibility determined in vitro to improve the nutritive value of three types of blocks containing different feed stuffs were investigated. The compositions of the blocks were type I (wheat bran 28%, dried poultry manure 31%, molasses 20%, urea 10%, Ca(OH)2 6%, salt 5%). Type II (wheat bran 22%, dried poultry manure 10%, sugarbeet 30%, molasses 20%, urea 8%, Ca(OH)2 6%, salt 4%). Type III (olive-oil cake 35%. Wheat bran 30%, urea 100%, cement 15%, salt 10%). The results indicate that there was a significant difference (0.05) between the treated samples and the control for NDF, dry matter and organic matter digestibility. Gamma irradiation resulted in a significant increase (P<0.05) in dry matter and organic matter digestibility and a significant decrease (P<0.05) in NDF contents for the three types of feed blocks. Dry matter digestibility increased by 5% for all block types whereas organic matter digestibility increased by 7%, and 10% for block types I, II and III respectively. The increase in organic matter digestibility was probably due to a decrease in NDF content resulting from gamma irradiation. NDF decreased by 25%, 19% and 16% for block types I, II and III respectively. (author). 23 refs., 4 figs., 2 tabs

  1. [Quadratus lumborum block: are we aware of its side effects? A report of 2 cases]. (United States)

    Sá, Miguel; Cardoso, José Miguel; Reis, Hugo; Esteves, Marta; Sampaio, José; Gouveia, Isabel; Carballada, Pilar; Pinheiro, Célia; Machado, Duarte


    The quadratus lumborum block was initially described in 2007 and aims at blocking the same nerves as the ones involved on the Transverse Abdominis Plane block, while accomplishing some visceral enervation as well due to closer proximity with the neuroaxis and sympathetic trunk. Given its versatility, we have successfully used it in a wide range of procedures. We report two cases where we believe the dispersion of local anesthetic is likely to have led to a previously undescribed complication. We report two cases in which we performed a quadratus lumborum type II block and general anesthesia for total gastrectomy and right hemicolectomy. There were no noteworthy events while performing the block and inducing general anesthesia, but within 30-40min serious hypotension and tachycardia were noted. As other motives for hypotension were ruled out, the event was interpreted as block-induced sympatholysis due to cephalad dispersion of the local anesthetic to the paravertebral and epidural space, and successfully managed with ephedrine and increase of the crystalloid infusion rate. The quadratus Lumborum block is safe to execute and provides effective abdominal wall and visceral analgesia. However, the possibility of eliciting undesired episodes should prompt caution when performing this block and practitioners should thereafter remain vigilant. Questions regarding ideal dosing, volumes, timing of block and pertinence of catheters remain to be answered. Copyright © 2016 Sociedade Brasileira de Anestesiologia. Publicado por Elsevier Editora Ltda. All rights reserved.

  2. Block copolymer micelles with near infrared metal phthalocyanine dyes for laser induced writing. (United States)

    Acharya, Himadri; Yoon, Bokyung; Park, Youn Jung; Bae, Insung; Park, Cheolmin


    A route has been developed to disperse metal-containing phthalocyanine dyes in a non-polar medium based on amphiphilic block copolymer micelles of poly[styrene-block-(4-vinylpyridine)] (PS-b-P4VP) and poly[styrene-block-(acrylic acid)] (PS-b-PAA) copolymers. Polar P4VP and PAA efficiently encapsulate cobalt(II), manganese(II), and nickel(II) phthalocyanine dyes by axial coordination of nitrogen and µ-oxo bridged dimerization with the transition metals, respectively. Good dispersion of the dyes is confirmed by the linear enhancement of Q-bands in UV-vis absorption spectra with dye concentration. A thin monolayered PS-b-P4VP micelle film that contained a nickel(II) phthalocyanine dye which efficiently adsorbs a laser beam on a localized area to generate a local heat higher than the glass transition temperatures of both blocks. One-dimensional laser writing on the dye-containing film allows the fabrication of a few submicrometer wide line patterns in which the self-assembled nanostructure of the block copolymer is modified by the directional heat arising from laser scanning. Copyright © 2010 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  3. The MIT Integrated Global System Model: A facility for Assessing and Communicating Climate Change Uncertainty (Invited) (United States)

    Prinn, R. G.


    The world is facing major challenges that create tensions between human development and environmental sustenance. In facing these challenges, computer models are invaluable tools for addressing the need for probabilistic approaches to forecasting. To illustrate this, I use the MIT Integrated Global System Model framework (IGSM; ). The IGSM consists of a set of coupled sub-models of global economic and technological development and resultant emissions, and physical, dynamical and chemical processes in the atmosphere, land, ocean and ecosystems (natural and managed). Some of the sub-models have both complex and simplified versions available, with the choice of which version to use being guided by the questions being addressed. Some sub-models (e.g.urban air pollution) are reduced forms of complex ones created by probabilistic collocation with polynomial chaos bases. Given the significant uncertainties in the model components, it is highly desirable that forecasts be probabilistic. We achieve this by running 400-member ensembles (Latin hypercube sampling) with different choices for key uncertain variables and processes within the human and natural system model components (pdfs of inputs estimated by model-observation comparisons, literature surveys, or expert elicitation). The IGSM has recently been used for probabilistic forecasts of climate, each using 400-member ensembles: one ensemble assumes no explicit climate mitigation policy and others assume increasingly stringent policies involving stabilization of greenhouse gases at various levels. These forecasts indicate clearly that the greatest effect of these policies is to lower the probability of extreme changes. The value of such probability analyses for policy decision-making lies in their ability to compare relative (not just absolute) risks of various policies, which are less affected by the earth system model uncertainties. Given the uncertainties in forecasts, it is also clear that

  4. Schriftspracherwerb am Computer - Chance für Kinder mit Legasthenie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ursula Mulley


    Full Text Available Der Einsatz von Computern gewinnt im Kontext des zukunftsorientierten und individuellen Unterrichts unserer Informationsgesellschaft an großer Bedeutung und das Arbeiten mit diesem Werkzeug wird als vierte Kulturtechnik, neben dem Lesen, Schreiben und Rechnen, im Lehrplan fixiert. Jedes zweite Kind nutzt Lernprogramme vor allem zuhause und mehr als die Hälfte der SchülerInnen hat einen Internetzugang. Die technische Ausrüstung der Schulen hat sich zwar in den letzten Jahren verbessert, der Einsatz bleibt jedoch weit hinter den pädagogisch sinnvollen Möglichkeiten. Die didaktische und pädagogische Forschung in der Volksschule zum Computereinsatz ist defizitär. Grundschulpädagogik steht im starken Gegensatz zur inzwischen erreichten häuslichen Bedeutung des längst nicht mehr neuen elektronischen Medieneinsatzes. Das an der GEPS-Volksschule Brünner Straße, 1210 Wien durchgeführte Projekt möchte einen Beitrag leisten diese Wichtigkeit zu unterstreichen, indem es einen Bereich aufzeigt, wo Computereinsatz effizient individuelle und differenzierte Möglichkeiten für Kinder mit Teilleistungsstörungen bietet, um in den Unterricht integriert zu werden. There is a growing interest in the use of computers to provide a forward-looking and individual education in our technologically advanced society. Working with computers is also considered There is a growing interest in the use of computers to provide a forward-looking and to be a fourth cultural technique in addition to reading, writing and numeracy, anchored in the curriculum for primary schools. Every other child uses computer based learning-programs and more than half of students have internet-access. In fact, the technical equipment of schools has improved in recent years, but the pedagogical use is left far behind the possibilities. The educational and pedagogical research for the use of computers in primary schools is still very poor. There is a massive difference between the usage

  5. Blocking device especially for circulating pumps

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Susil, J.; Vychodil, V.; Lorenc, P.


    The claim of the invention is a blocking device which blocks reverse flow occurring after the shutdown of circulating pumps, namely in the operation of nuclear power plants or in pumps with a high delivery head. (F.M.)

  6. Demographic Data - MDC_BlockGroup (United States)

    NSGIC Local Govt | GIS Inventory — A polygon feature class of Miami-Dade County Census 2000 Block Groups. A census Block Group is a statistical subdivision of a census Tract consisting of a cluster of...

  7. G2-block after irradiation of cells with different p53 status

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zoelzer, Friedo [University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice, Department of Radiology, Toxicology and Civil Protection, Faculty of Health and Social Studies, Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic); University Duisburg-Essen, Institute of Medical Radiobiology, Medical Faculty, Essen (Germany); Jagetia, Ganesh [University Duisburg-Essen, Institute of Medical Radiobiology, Medical Faculty, Essen (Germany); Mizoram University, Department of Zoology, School of Life Sciences, Aizawl (India); Streffer, Christian [University Duisburg-Essen, Institute of Medical Radiobiology, Medical Faculty, Essen (Germany)


    absolute Dauer der G{sub 2}- und M-Phasen in unbestrahlten und bestrahlten Zellen ermittelt werden. Unsere Experimente mit vier Zelllinien, zwei Melanomen und zwei Plattenepithelkarzinomen zeigen, dass die strahleninduzierte Verzoegerung des Durchgangs durch G{sub 2} und M nicht mit dem p53-Status im Zusammenhang steht. Wenn man Unterschiede des G{sub 2}-Block feststellen moechte, kann die blosse Beobachtung der Akkumulation von Zellen im G{sub 2}-Kompartiment irrefuehrend sein. Der G{sub 2}-Block ist tatsaechlich unabhaengig vom p53-Status. (orig.)

  8. Advanced waste water cleaning with the aid of an algae biofilm; Weitergehende Abwasserreinigung mit Hilfe eines Algenbiofilms

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schumacher, G.; Patzold, V.; Ike, A.; Sekoulov, I. [Technische Univ. Hamburg-Harburg, Hamburg (Germany). Arbeitsbereich Abwasserwirtschaft


    These first investigations have led to results indicating that advanced waste water cleaning with the aid of algae biofilm as a downstream process stage is feasible. The concentration of phosphorus in waste water could be reduced to less than 1 mg per litre. Ammonium, which is toxic to fish, was nitrified, and the overall nitrogen concentration could be cut down. The concentration of bacteria was reduced by means of a close-to-nature process to less than the limiting values set by the European Union directive governing the quality of bathing waters. (orig.) [German] Die Ergebnisse dieser ersten Untersuchungen zeigen, dass eine weitergehende Abwasserreinigung mit Hilfe eines Algenbiofilms als nachgeschaltete Verfahrensstufe moeglich ist. Die Phosphorkonzentration im Abwasser konnte auf unter 1 mg/l reduziert werden. Fischgiftiges Ammonium wurde nitrifiziert und die Gesamtstickstoffkonzentration konnte gesenkt werden. Die Bakterienkonzentration konnte mit Hilfe eines naturnahen Verfahrens bis unter die Grenzwerte der EU-Richtlinie ueber die Qualitaet der Badegewaesser reduziert werden. (orig.)

  9. Used, Blocking and Sleeping Patents

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Torrisi, Salvatore; Gambardella, Alfonso; Giuri, Paola


    patents are being utilized. A substantial share of patents is neither used internally nor for market transactions, which confirms the importance of strategic patenting and inefficiency in the management of intellectual property. We investigate different types of unused patents—unused blocking patents...... and sleeping patents. We also examine the association between used and unused patents and their characteristics such as family size, scope, generality and overlapping claims, technology area, type of applicant, and the competitive environment from where these patents originate. We discuss our results...

  10. Large block test status report

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Wilder, D.G.; Lin, W.; Blair, S.C.


    This report is intended to serve as a status report, which essentially transmits the data that have been collected to date on the Large Block Test (LBT). The analyses of data will be performed during FY98, and then a complete report will be prepared. This status report includes introductory material that is not needed merely to transmit data but is available at this time and therefore included. As such, this status report will serve as the template for the future report, and the information is thus preserved

  11. Micellization and Dynamics of a Block Copolymer

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hvidt, Søren


    Triblock copolymers of the type EPE, where E and P denote ethylene oxide and propylene oxide blocks, respectively, are industrially important copolymers often called Pluronics or Poloxamers. EPE copolymers form micelles with a core of P blocks and different micellar shapes depending on block leng...

  12. 31 CFR 515.319 - Blocked account. (United States)


    ... 31 Money and Finance: Treasury 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Blocked account. 515.319 Section 515... § 515.319 Blocked account. The term blocked account shall mean an account in which any designated national has an interest, with respect to which account payments, transfers or withdrawals or other...

  13. 31 CFR 500.319 - Blocked account. (United States)


    ... 31 Money and Finance: Treasury 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Blocked account. 500.319 Section 500... § 500.319 Blocked account. The term blocked account shall mean an account in which any designated national has an interest, with respect to which account payments, transfers or withdrawals of other...

  14. Bullet-Block Science Video Puzzle (United States)

    Shakur, Asif


    A science video blog, which has gone viral, shows a wooden block shot by a vertically aimed rifle. The video shows that the block hit dead center goes exactly as high as the one shot off-center. (Fig. 1). The puzzle is that the block shot off-center carries rotational kinetic energy in addition to the gravitational potential energy. This leads a…

  15. 21 CFR 882.5070 - Bite block. (United States)


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Bite block. 882.5070 Section 882.5070 Food and Drugs FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES (CONTINUED) MEDICAL DEVICES NEUROLOGICAL DEVICES Neurological Therapeutic Devices § 882.5070 Bite block. (a) Identification. A bite block...

  16. MR imaging of the lateral collateral ligaments after ankle sprain; Aussenbandrupturen des Sprunggelenkes - Darstellung mit der MRT vor und nach funktioneller Therapie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grebe, P. [Klinik fuer Radiologie der Universitaetsklinik, Mainz (Germany); Kreitner, K.F. [Klinik fuer Radiologie der Universitaetsklinik, Mainz (Germany); Roeder, W. [Abt. fuer Chirurgie, St-Hildegardis-Krankenhaus, Mainz (Germany); Kersjes, W. [Klinik fuer Radiologie der Universitaetsklinik, Mainz (Germany); Hennes, R. [Abt. fuer Allgemein- und Unfallchirurgie, St. Josefshospital, Wiesbaden (Germany); Runkel, M. [Unfallchirurgische Klinik der Unversitaetsklinik, Mainz (Germany)


    35 patients with ankle sprain were examined by MRI and stress radiographs. 13 were operated afterwards, 22 patients underwent a functional conservative therapy and were examined by MRI and stress radiographs and second time after three months. MRI reports were correct in 12 of 13 operated cases. After conservative therapy we did not find any disrupted ankle ligament. MRI showed intact ligaments thickened by scar. (orig./MG) [Deutsch] 35 Patienten mit klinischem Verdacht auf Aussenbandruptur wurden mit der MRT untersucht. 13 Patienten wurden operiert, 22 konzervativ therapiert. Letztere wurden nach drei Monaten erneut mit MRT und gehaltenen Aufnahmen untersucht. Die MRT-Befunde stimmten in 12 von 13 Faellen mit den operativ erhobenen Befunden ueberein. Nach dreimonatiger konzervativer Therapie waren alle 22 Sprunggelenke stabil. Die rupturierten Baender stellten sich verdickt und durchgaengig dar. (orig./MG)

  17. Wachstumshormonrezeptorproteinpolymorphismus und Effektivität der Wachstumshormontherapie bei Kindern mit Ullrich-Turner-Syndrom und intrauterinem Kleinwuchs


    Baur, Friederike


    Der Proteinpolymorphismus des Wachstumshormonrezeptors, verursacht durch die Deletion des Exons 3, wurde vor kurzem mit einem unterschiedlichen Ansprechen kleiner Kinder ohne Wachstumshormonmangel auf eine Hochdosis Wachstumshormontherapie in Verbindung gebracht (16). In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurde diese Verbindung an zwei genau definierten Patientenkollektiven überprüft. Untersucht wurden in einer retrospektiven Studie einerseits Turner-Mädchen (n=53), definiert über den Karyotyp, ander...

  18. Mit Salzschmelzen modifizierte Katalysatoren für die Methanol-Dampfreformierung und Wassergas-Shift-Reaktion


    Kusche, Matthias


    In dieser Arbeit wurden Katalysatoren durch die Anwendung des SCILL-Konzepts (solid catalyst with ionic liquid layer) modifiziert. Dazu wurde ein heterogener Katalysator mit einer Salzschmelze beschichtet. Durch die Imprägnierung sollten die katalytischen Eigenschaften gezielt verändert werden. Aufgrund der thermischen Instabilität von ionischen Flüssigkeiten wurden hierfür anorganische, einfach aufgebaute und demnach thermisch stabilere Salzschmelzen verwendet. Die Katalysatoren wurden in de...

  19. Untersuchung auf Aggressionswerte unter Berücksichtigung soziologischer und sportpädagogischer Aspekte in Kampfstilen mit Trefferwirkung


    Hoffmann, Holger


    In der hier vorliegenden Studie wurde ein bisher noch nicht beachteter Teil der Sportwissenschaften untersucht. Nach einer umfassenden Literaturrecherche und qualitativen Interviews wurden im Zeitraum von 2005 bis 2006 von über 500 Kampfstilschülern - und Trainern Aggressionswerte sowie sportpädagogisch und -soziologisch relevante Fakten erhoben. Hierbei wurden bewusst solche Personen befragt, die Stile mit überdurchschnittlich hartem Trefferkontakt trainieren. Neben Muay Thai, Freefight und ...

  20. Analyse der pharmazeutischen Versorgungssituation von Patienten mit Psoriasis-Arthritis auf Basis von Routinedaten der Gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung. (United States)

    Sondermann, Wiebke; Ventzke, Julia; Matusiewicz, David; Körber, Andreas


    Die Psoriasis-Arthritis (PsA) gehört zu den chronisch entzündlichen Gelenkerkrankungen. Trotz zahlreicher versorgungswissenschaftlicher Studien in Deutschland liegen zur pharmazeutischen Versorgungssituation von PsA-Patienten bisher kaum aktuelle Ergebnisse vor. Mit Hilfe einer systematischen Literaturrecherche sowie anhand von Routinedaten der Allgemeinen Ortskrankenkasse (AOK) Rheinland/Hamburg wird ein aktueller Überblick über die pharmazeutische Versorgung von PsA-Patienten in Deutschland gegeben. Selektiert wurden Versicherte aus dem ambulanten und stationären Bereich, die im 1. und 2. Quartal des Jahres 2014 die gesicherte Abrechnungsdiagnose Psoriasis-Arthritis L40.5+ aufwiesen. Anschließend wurden auf Basis dieser "vorab definierten" Kohorte die Arzneimitteldaten für 5 Jahre (01.01.2010-31.12.2014) abgerufen. Es konnten insgesamt n  =  3205 Versicherte (45 % männlich, 55 % weiblich) der AOK Rheinland/Hamburg mit einer gesicherten PsA-Diagnose selektiert werden. Das Durchschnittsalter betrug 58,9 Jahre. 53,7 % der PsA-Patienten wurden mit systemischen PsA-relevanten Arzneimitteln versorgt. Nichtsteroidale Antirheumatika (NSAR) wurden am häufigsten verordnet, gefolgt von systemischen Glucocorticoiden. Von den selektierten PsA-Patienten, die eine Systemtherapie erhielten, wurden 72,1 % mittels einer Disease-modifying-antirheumatic-Drug (DMARD)-Monotherapie behandelt, gefolgt von der Kombinationstherapie aus DMARDs und Biologika (20,9 %). Die pharmakologische Therapie der PsA muss eine Gewährleistung zwischen adäquater Versorgung der PsA mit Verhinderung der Krankheitsprogression und ökonomischer Verantwortung darstellen. © 2018 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  1. Imaging modalities and therapy options in patients with acute flank pain; Bildgebungsmodalitaeten und Therapieoptionen bei Patienten mit akutem Flankenschmerz

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grosse, A.; Grosse, C. [Universitaet Bern, Bern (Switzerland)


    The objective of this article is the description of imaging techniques for the evaluation of patients with acute flank pain and suspicion of urolithiasis and the impact of these techniques in the therapy management of patients with calculi. (orig.) [German] Ziel der Arbeit ist die Eroerterung der bildgebenden Verfahren zur Abklaerung von Patienten mit akutem Flankenschmerz und Verdacht auf Urolithiasis und die Rolle dieser Verfahren im Therapiemanagement von Steinpatienten. (orig.)

  2. Kombinierte Hoch-/Niedrig-Dosis-Therapie mit systemischen Glukokor-tikoiden bei schweren Verlaufsformen der Alopecia areata im Kindesalter. (United States)

    Jahn-Bassler, Karin; Bauer, Wolfgang Michael; Karlhofer, Franz; Vossen, Matthias G; Stingl, Georg


    Schwere Verlaufsformen der Alopecia areata (AA) im Kindesalter sind aufgrund limitierter Optionen therapeutisch herausfordernd. Systemische, hochdosierte Glukokortikoide weisen die schnellste Ansprechrate auf, nach dem Absetzen kommt es allerdings zu Rezidiven. Eine längerfristige Hochdosis-Anwendung ist aufgrund der zu erwartenden Nebenwirkungen nicht empfehlenswert. Eine dauerhafte Steroiderhaltungstherapie unterhalb der Cushing-Schwellen-Dosis nach Bolustherapie könnte die Krankheitsaktivität ohne Nebenwirkungen längerfristig unterdrücken. Im Rahmen einer offenen Anwendungsbeobachtung wurden 13 Kinder mit schweren Formen der AA in diese Studie eingeschlossen. Bei sieben Kindern lag eine AA totalis/universalis vor, bei sechs eine multifokale AA mit Befall von mehr als 50 % der Kopfhaut. Das Therapieregime sah eine initiale Prednisolon-Dosierung von 2 mg/kg Körpergeweicht (KG) vor und wurde innerhalb von neun Wochen auf eine Erhaltungsdosierung unter der individuellen Cushing-Schwelle reduziert. Der Nachbeobachtungszeitraum betrug ein bis drei Jahre. Wir beobachteten in 62 % aller Fälle ein komplettes Nachwachsen der Haare. Die mittlere Dauer bis zum Ansprechen lag bei 6,6 Wochen und konnte mit der Erhaltungstherapie über den gesamten Beobachtungszeitraum aufrechterhalten werden. An Nebenwirkungen wurden ausschließlich eine Gewichtszunahme (1-3 kg) bei allen Behandelten sowie eine milde Steroidakne in 23 % der Fälle beobachtet. Die kombinierte Hoch-/Niedrig-Dosis-Therapie mit systemischen Glukokortikoiden mittels Prednisolon zeigte eine hohe, dauerhafte Ansprechrate ohne signifikante Nebenwirkungen. © 2017 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  3. "Matkalla jo jutellaan, mitähän mielenkiintoista taas saa kuulla" : Äänikirjalukupiiri Vaasan kaupunginkirjastossa


    Airaksinen, Virpi


    Tutkimuksen tavoitteena oli selvittää kvalitatiivisten menetelmien avulla lukupiiriläisten kokemuksellisuutta. Opinnäytetyössäni painotettiin äänikirjojen lukemisen kokemuksellisuutta. Vertailututkimuksessa käytettiin perinteisempää, painettuja teoksia lukevaa kirjallisuuspiiriä. Tutkimusongelmaan pyrittiin hakemaan vastauksia seuraavien kysymysten kautta: miksi halutaan kuulua lukupiirin, mitä luetaan, millaisista aiheista keskustellaan, kuinka lukupiirissä lukeminen eroaa yksinlukemisesta, ...

  4. Stadterneuerung und Stadtentwicklung im historischen Kontext : eine Untersuchung chinesischer und deutscher Strategien im Umgang mit dem „Genius Loci“


    Yang, Yinan


    In China wird immer mehr Wert auf die historische Einzigartigkeit einer Stadt gelegt. Als Stadtteil mit besonderen historischen Informationen spielt der Altstadtkern eine wichtige Rolle in Stadtgestalt, Stadtkultur und Stadtfunktion. Mitte der 1990er Jahre wuchs der Tourismus in historischen Gebieten rasant. Besonders nach der „Olympiade 2008“ in Peking besichtigen immer mehr ausländische Touristen chinesische Altstädte. Dies spiegelt ein großes Interesse an regionaler Kultur und Stadtgestalt...

  5. Support for operativ train scheduling using algorithm optimisation; Unterstuetzung der operativen Fahrplanerstellung basierend auf der Optimierung mit genetischen Algorithmen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wegele, S.; Slovak, R.; Schnieder, E. [Technische Univ. Braunschweig (Germany)


    Considering the German transportation growth prognosis (Verkehrsprognose fuer die Bundesverkehrswegeplanung) for the year 2015 the rail traffic performance has to improve drastically in order to avoid an estimated traffic chaos on German roads. According to this it is necessary to encourage especially the competitiveness of rail traffic. Therefore the advantages of road traffic - flexibility and punctuality - have to be competitively implemented in rail traffic. Presently the railway management is based on a centralized implementation of railway operation, which has to be optimized in order to handle the upcoming growth of transportation. This task can be performed by automated train path routing procedures based on mathematical optimizations. This paper shows an approach using genetic algorithms. The application of this stochastic optimization procedure requires a highly efficient simulation of railway operations, which in the present case is been implemented by using Petri-nets. On the bases of a practical case study the possible fields of application for this prototypical implemented procedure of train path routing are presented. (orig.) [German] Aus den Verkehrsprognosen fuer die Bundesverkehrswegeplanung bis zum Jahre 2015 wird ersichtlich, dass nur eine drastische Erhoehung des Eisenbahnanteils an der gesamten Transportleistung das Chaos auf deutschen Autobahnen verhindern kann. Zu diesem Zweck muss die Konkurrenzfaehigkeit der Eisenbahnen stark verbessert werden, indem die Vorteile der Eisenbahn-Puenktlichkeit mit denen der Strassenverkehrs-Flexibilitaet kombiniert werden. Heutiger Eisenbahnbetrieb wird weitgehend zentralisiert aus Betriebszentralen gesteuert. Mit steigendem Transportdurchsatz erhoehen sich die Komplexitaet der Steuerung und die Anforderungen bezueglich derer Antwortzeit bei der Ermittlung neuer Zugtrassen. Eine Loesung bietet der Einsatz eines optimierungsbasierten Trassenplanungssystems. Im Beitrag wird ein Optimierungsansatz mit

  6. Acceptance and operational test procedure for neutron and gamma probe application to tank 241-SY-101 MITs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    CANNON, N.S.


    This ATP/OTP provides procedures for testing to be performed to verify that newly procured neutron and gamma probes (reduced diameter design modifications) for operation in the Tank 241-SY-101 MlTs are compatible with existing LOW van instrumentation and hardware. A set of moisture data versus elevation will be obtained from the Tank 241-SY-101 MITs, and (optionally) from the Tank 241-AX-I01 LOW as part of this testing program.

  7. Integration of liquid-cooled solar collectors into building walls; Gebaeudeintegration von Sonnenkollektoren mit Fluessigkeitskuehlung

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Janssen, S.; Rockendorf, G.; Bartelsen, B. [Institut fuer Solarenergieforschung GmbH Hameln/Emmerthal (ISFH), Emmerthal (Germany)


    Three different methods are presented how to integrate active solar thermal components into building facades. The solar thermal absorber acts as overheating protection and the heat produced can be utilized further. The lower annual yield in comparison to roof-mounted installations is counterbalanced by a more uniform solar gain and an improved wall insulation. The new concept of elastomer-metal-absorbers can be realized in different configurations and material combinations and offers attractive options for collector installation. The methods discussed hold the promise of significant cost reductions. (orig.) [Deutsch] Es werden drei Methoden vorgestellt, aktive solarthermische Komponenten mit Fluessigkeit als Waermetraeger in die Gebaeudehuelle zu integrieren. Dabei dient der solarthermische Absorber als Ueberhitzungsschutz und die abgefuehrte Waerme kann einer Nutzung zugefuehrt werden. Der geringere jaehrliche Waermeertrag im Vergleich zur Dachmontage wird durch ein gleichmaesssiges Ertragsprofil und eine verbesserte Waermedaemmung weitgehend ausgeglichen. Das neu entwickelte Elastomer-Metall-Absorber-Konzept (EMA-Konzept) ist in unterschiedliche Konfigurationen und Materialkombinationen umsetzbar und eroeffnet attraktive Moeglichkeiten der Kollektorinstallation. Die diskutierten Methoden lassen eine deutliche Kostenersparnis erwarten. (orig.)

  8. New paradigms for musical control-A decade of development at the MIT Media Lab (United States)

    Paradiso, Joseph A.


    As electronic musical instruments liberate the action and energy of control from physical sound production, they are free to mutate into many different forms-the constraints on instrument design have shifted from physics to ergonomics, applications, and aesthetics. Low-cost sensors enable stimuli of all types to act as input, and with a computer interposed between action and sound production, essentially any sonic or musical dynamic can be mapped onto any gesture or activity with an increasingly high degree of interpretation or ``mapping,'' Accordingly, the notion of a musical instrument is being redefined, and as possibilities broaden, some researchers and artists are striving to break boundaries while others work to quantify and understand expanded metrics for musical interaction. Over the past decade, the author and his colleagues have adapted a wealth of sensor technologies and developed many interaction paradigms to scratch away at the evolving frontier of electronic musical instruments [J. Paradiso, ``Electronic music interfaces: new ways to play,'' IEEE Spectrum 34(12), 18-30 (1997)]. This presentation will review the status of electronic music controllers, provide a snapshot of current issues that the field is facing, and present various examples of new musical interfaces developed at the MIT Media Lab.

  9. An investigation of soil-structure interaction effects observed at the MIT Green Building (United States)

    Taciroglu, Ertugrul; Çelebi, Mehmet; Ghahari, S. Farid; Abazarsa, Fariba


    The soil-foundation impedance function of the MIT Green Building is identified from its response signals recorded during an earthquake. Estimation of foundation impedance functions from seismic response signals is a challenging task, because: (1) the foundation input motions (FIMs) are not directly measurable, (2) the as-built properties of the super-structure are only approximately known, and (3) the soil-foundation impedance functions are inherently frequency-dependent. In the present study, aforementioned difficulties are circumvented by using, in succession, a blind modal identification (BMID) method, a simplified Timoshenko beam model (TBM), and a parametric updating of transfer functions (TFs). First, the flexible-base modal properties of the building are identified from response signals using the BMID method. Then, a flexible-base TBM is updated using the identified modal data. Finally, the frequency-dependent soil-foundation impedance function is estimated by minimizing the discrepancy between TFs (of pairs instrumented floors) that are (1) obtained experimentally from earthquake data and (2) analytically from the updated TBM. Using the fully identified flexible-base TBM, the FIMs as well as building responses at locations without instruments can be predicted, as demonstrated in the present study.

  10. High-performance HVDC transmission over long distances; Hochleistungsuebertragung ueber grosse Entfernungen mit hochgespanntem Gleichstrom

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Radtke, U. [PreussenElektra AG, Hannover (Germany)


    High-voltage DC transmission is a world-wide established technology for low-cost transmission of large amounts of electricity over long distances. Thanks to HVDC transmission, large amounts of electricity can now for the first time also be transmitted over long distances via ocean cable, something that cannot be done with AC power cables. HVDC transmission is independent of grid frequencies and can link grids of different frequency and different quality of frequency. Interconnected grids coupled via DC circuits can exploit additional technical and economic advantages such as mutual supply of power reserves, balancing of peak load, and modulation of active and reactive power. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die Hochspannungs-Gleichstromuebertragung (HGUe) ist eine weltweit etablierte Technik zur kostenguenstigen Uebertragung grosser elektrischer Leistungen ueber grosse Entfernungen. Sie schafft erstmals die Moeglichkeit, auch mittels Seekabel grosse Leistungen ueber Entfernungen zu uebertragen, die mit der Drehstromtechnik nicht moeglich sind. HGUeist unabhaengig von den Netzfrequenzen und kann Netze unterschiedlicher Frequenz und Frequenzguete miteinander verbinden. Ueber Gleichstromkreise gekuppelte Verbundnetze koennen zusaetzliche technische und wirtschaftliche Vorteile wie gegenseitige Bereitstellung von Kraftwerksreserven, Spitzenlastausgleich sowie Wirk- und Blindleistungsmodulation nutzt. (orig.)

  11. Harvard-MIT research program in short-lived radiopharmaceuticals. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Adelstein, S.J. [Massachusetts Inst. of Tech., Cambridge, MA (United States). Office of Sponsored Programs


    The Harvard-MIT Research Program in Short-lived Radiopharmaceuticals was established in 1977 to foster interaction among groups working in radiopharmaceutical chemistry at Harvard Medical School, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Massachusetts General Hospital. To this was added a group at The Childrens Hospital. From these collaborations and building upon the special strengths of the participating individuals, laboratories and institutions, it was hoped that original approaches would be found for the design of new, clinically useful, radiolabeled compounds. The original thrust of this proposal included: (a) examination of the coordination chemistry of technetium as a basis for rational radiopharmaceutical design, (b) development of an ultrashort-lived radionuclide generator for the diagnosis of congenital heart disease in newborns, (c) synthesis of receptor-site-directed halopharmaceuticals, (d) improved facile labeling of complex molecules with positron-emitting radionuclides. The authors` 1986 proposal was oriented toward organs and disease, emphasizing radiolabeled agents that delineate specific functions and the distribution of receptors in brain, heart, and tumors. In 1989, they further refined their purposes and focused on two major aims: (a) synthesis and utilization of neutral technetium and rhenium complexes of high specific activity, and (b) development of new approaches to the radiolabeling of proteins, peptides, immunoglobulins, and their fragments. In 1992, the authors amended this proposal to concentrate their efforts on biologically active peptides and proteins for targeted radiodiagnosis and therapy.

  12. Harvard-MIT research program in short-lived radiopharmaceuticals. Final report

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Adelstein, S.J.


    The Harvard-MIT Research Program in Short-lived Radiopharmaceuticals was established in 1977 to foster interaction among groups working in radiopharmaceutical chemistry at Harvard Medical School, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Massachusetts General Hospital. To this was added a group at The Childrens Hospital. From these collaborations and building upon the special strengths of the participating individuals, laboratories and institutions, it was hoped that original approaches would be found for the design of new, clinically useful, radiolabeled compounds. The original thrust of this proposal included: (a) examination of the coordination chemistry of technetium as a basis for rational radiopharmaceutical design, (b) development of an ultrashort-lived radionuclide generator for the diagnosis of congenital heart disease in newborns, (c) synthesis of receptor-site-directed halopharmaceuticals, (d) improved facile labeling of complex molecules with positron-emitting radionuclides. The authors' 1986 proposal was oriented toward organs and disease, emphasizing radiolabeled agents that delineate specific functions and the distribution of receptors in brain, heart, and tumors. In 1989, they further refined their purposes and focused on two major aims: (a) synthesis and utilization of neutral technetium and rhenium complexes of high specific activity, and (b) development of new approaches to the radiolabeling of proteins, peptides, immunoglobulins, and their fragments. In 1992, the authors amended this proposal to concentrate their efforts on biologically active peptides and proteins for targeted radiodiagnosis and therapy

  13. Field Measurement-Based System Identification and Dynamic Response Prediction of a Unique MIT Building. (United States)

    Cha, Young-Jin; Trocha, Peter; Büyüköztürk, Oral


    Tall buildings are ubiquitous in major cities and house the homes and workplaces of many individuals. However, relatively few studies have been carried out to study the dynamic characteristics of tall buildings based on field measurements. In this paper, the dynamic behavior of the Green Building, a unique 21-story tall structure located on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA), was characterized and modeled as a simplified lumped-mass beam model (SLMM), using data from a network of accelerometers. The accelerometer network was used to record structural responses due to ambient vibrations, blast loading, and the October 16th 2012 earthquake near Hollis Center (ME, USA). Spectral and signal coherence analysis of the collected data was used to identify natural frequencies, modes, foundation rocking behavior, and structural asymmetries. A relation between foundation rocking and structural natural frequencies was also found. Natural frequencies and structural acceleration from the field measurements were compared with those predicted by the SLMM which was updated by inverse solving based on advanced multiobjective optimization methods using the measured structural responses and found to have good agreement.

  14. MIT-Skywalker: A Novel Gait Neurorehabilitation Robot for Stroke and Cerebral Palsy. (United States)

    Susko, Tyler; Swaminathan, Krithika; Krebs, Hermano Igo


    The MIT-Skywalker is a novel robotic device developed for the rehabilitation or habilitation of gait and balance after a neurological injury. It represents an embodiment of the concept exhibited by passive walkers for rehabilitation training. Its novelty extends beyond the passive walker quintessence to the unparalleled versatility among lower extremity devices. For example, it affords the potential to implement a novel training approach built upon our working model of movement primitives based on submovements, oscillations, and mechanical impedances. This translates into three distinct training modes: discrete, rhythmic, and balance. The system offers freedom of motion that forces self-directed movement for each of the three modes. This paper will present the technical details of the robotic system as well as a feasibility study done with one adult with stroke and two adults with cerebral palsy. Results of the one-month feasibility study demonstrated that the device is safe and suggested the potential advantages of the three modular training modes that can be added or subtracted to tailor therapy to a particular patient's need. Each participant demonstrated improvement in common clinical and kinematic measurements that must be confirmed in larger randomized control clinical trials.

  15. Field Measurement-Based System Identification and Dynamic Response Prediction of a Unique MIT Building

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Young-Jin Cha


    Full Text Available Tall buildings are ubiquitous in major cities and house the homes and workplaces of many individuals. However, relatively few studies have been carried out to study the dynamic characteristics of tall buildings based on field measurements. In this paper, the dynamic behavior of the Green Building, a unique 21-story tall structure located on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA, was characterized and modeled as a simplified lumped-mass beam model (SLMM, using data from a network of accelerometers. The accelerometer network was used to record structural responses due to ambient vibrations, blast loading, and the October 16th 2012 earthquake near Hollis Center (ME, USA. Spectral and signal coherence analysis of the collected data was used to identify natural frequencies, modes, foundation rocking behavior, and structural asymmetries. A relation between foundation rocking and structural natural frequencies was also found. Natural frequencies and structural acceleration from the field measurements were compared with those predicted by the SLMM which was updated by inverse solving based on advanced multiobjective optimization methods using the measured structural responses and found to have good agreement.

  16. The MIT report 'The future of nuclear power' and its implications

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Suzuki, Tatsujiro; Nagano, Koji


    An interdisciplinary MIT study : 'The Future of Nuclear Power' was published on 29 July, 2003. Its important points and meaning of this report are described. The object of the report is to make clear what should be played a part of nuclear power. From the growth scenario of nuclear power in the world, it concluded nuclear power had to generate 100 million kW, 19% total power generation, in 2050. Three choices for future of nuclear power are expected as followings, 1) once-through operation of the existing thermal neutron reactors and direct processing of spent fuel, 2) closed cycle operation of thermal neutron reactors and recycle burnup of MOX fuel of separated Pu (PUREX/MOX) and 3) introduction of fast reactors for closed cycle operation of both fast and thermal neutron reactors in order of material balance of the latter reactors. It is the most important part of the report that these choices were evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively on the view points of economical efficiency, waste disposal (short and long term), non-proliferation and safety (reactor and fuel cycle). Some new politics such as support of nuclear power introduction, waste disposal and development of researches are suggested. (S.Y.)

  17. Combining mechanical-biological residual waste treatment plants with grate firing; Kombination MBA mit Rostfeuerung

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fleck, E. [ABB Umwelttechnik GmbH, Butzbach (Germany)


    The promulgation of the Technical Code on Household Waste obliges the local authorities responsible for waste disposal to review existing and prepare new waste management plans. Given the present state of the art the Code`s limit value for loss due to burning of 5% makes thermal treatment of the residual waste practically compulsory. In preparation of these developments and in order to lower costs in general and be able respond flexibly to customer demands ABB is currently undertaking great efforts to provide thermal residual waste treatment plants with a modular design. [Deutsch] Mit Veroeffentlichung der TASi wurden die entsorgungspflichtigen Gebietskoerperschaften gezwungen, bereits vorhandene Abfall-Wirtschaftsplaene zu ueberarbeiten bzw. neue zu erstellen. Technisch laeuft nach derzeitigem Wissensstand der in der TASi vorgegebene maximale Gluehverlust von 5% darauf hinaus, dass eine thermische Behandlung des Restabfalls zwingend vorgegeben ist. Um hierfuer geruestet zu sein, aber auch um generell Kosten zu senken unf flexibel auf Kundenwuensche eingehen zu koennen, unternimmt ABB grosse Abstrengungen, den Aufbau von Anlagen zur thermischen Restabfallbehandlung modular zu gestalten. (orig./SR)

  18. Vom Anschauen zum Hinschauen. Zum Lernen mit digitalen Medien am Beispiel der Computerkunst

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susanne Grabowski


    Full Text Available Digitale Medien besitzen Eigenschaften, die es Lernenden erlauben, neue Zugangsweisen zur Welt zu entdecken. Das ist eine gewagte Behauptung. Wir werden versuchen, sie näher zu begründen und ihr Gestalt zu verleihen. Wir tun dies anhand von Beispielen aus dem Bereich der Computerkunst – anhand technischer Bilder. Wir setzen dazu bei Vilém Flusser (1999 an, der uns darauf hinweist, dass technische Bilder anders zu verstehen seien als traditionelle. Dieses Verständnis der technischen Bilder möchten wir auf den besonderen Charakter vieler Computerdinge hin verallgemeinern. Dies führt uns zu Vorschlägen zur Gestaltung von digitalen Medien für Lernumgebungen, insbesondere ihrer Eigenschaft der Interaktivität. Wir enden mit einem Beispiel der praktischen Umsetzung einer konstruktivistisch fundierten Lernumgebung aus unserem Forschungsprojekt COMPART: Ein RAUM FÜR DIE COMPUTERKUNST. Abschließend fragen wir nach der Eignung der Terme Flussers in Bezug auf dieses Projekt.

  19. Metabolic disorders with typical alterations in MRI; Stoffwechselstoerungen mit typischen Veraenderungen im MRT

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Warmuth-Metz, M. [Klinikum der Universitaet Wuerzburg, Abteilung fuer Neuroradiologie, Wuerzburg (Germany)


    The classification of metabolic disorders according to the etiology is not practical for neuroradiological purposes because the underlying defect does not uniformly transform into morphological characteristics. Therefore typical MR and clinical features of some easily identifiable metabolic disorders are presented. Canavan disease, Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease, Alexander disease, X-chromosomal adrenoleukodystrophy and adrenomyeloneuropathy, mitochondrial disorders, such as MELAS (mitochondrial encephalopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes) and Leigh syndrome as well as L-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria are presented. (orig.) [German] Die Einteilung von Stoffwechselstoerungen nach ihrer Aetiologie ist fuer den diagnostischen Neuroradiologen nicht sinnvoll, da sich aus der zugrunde liegenden Stoerung keine Rueckschluesse auf die zu erwartende MR-Morphologie ziehen lassen. Deshalb sollen anhand typischer bildmorphologischer Veraenderungen in Zusammenschau mit den jeweiligen klinischen Charakteristika einige leicht einzuordnende Stoffwechselstoerungen dargestellt werden. Es handelt sich um den Morbus Canavan, Morbus Pelizaeus-Merzbacher, Morbus Alexander, die X-chromosomal vererbte Adrenoleukodystrophie und Adrenomyeloneuropathie, die mitochondrialen Stoerungen MELAS (mitochondriale Enzephalomyopathie, Laktazidose und Stroke-like-Episoden) und Leigh-Syndrom sowie die L-2-Hydroxyglutarazidurie. (orig.)

  20. Comparative study of adaptive controller using MIT rules and Lyapunov method for MPPT standalone PV systems (United States)

    Tariba, N.; Bouknadel, A.; Haddou, A.; Ikken, N.; Omari, Hafsa El; Omari, Hamid El


    The Photovoltaic Generator have a nonlinear characteristic function relating the intensity at the voltage I = f (U) and depend on the variation of solar irradiation and temperature, In addition, its point of operation depends directly on the load that it supplies. To fix this drawback, and to extract the maximum power available to the terminal of the generator, an adaptation stage is introduced between the generator and the load to couple the two elements as perfectly as possible. The adaptation stage is associated with a command called MPPT MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) whose is used to force the PVG to operate at the MPP (Maximum Power Point) under variation of climatic conditions and load variation. This paper presents a comparative study between the adaptive controller for PV Systems using MIT rules and Lyapunov method to regulate the PV voltage. The Incremental Conductance (IC) algorithm is used to extract the maximum power from the PVG by calculating the voltage Vref, and the adaptive controller is used to regulate and track quickly the PV voltage. The two methods of the adaptive controller will be compared to prove their performance by using the PSIM tools and experimental test, and the mathematical model of step-up with PVG model will be presented.