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  1. Human radiation studies: Remembering the early years: Oral history of cell biologist Don Francis Petersen, Ph.D., conducted November 29, 1994

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report is a transcript of an interview of Dr. Don Francis Petersen by representatives of the US DOE Office of Human Radiation Experiments. Dr. Petersen was selected for this interview because of his long research career at Los Alamos and his knowledge of the Atomic Energy Commission`s biomedical program. Dr. Petersen did not personally conduct research on human subjects. After a brief biographical sketch Dr. Petersen discusses his remembrances of the early use of radionuclides as biological tracers, aspects of nuclear weapons testing in the 1940`s and 1950`s including fallout studies, the means by which research projects were approved, use of humans in the whole-body counter, and the Health Division Biomedical responsibilities.

  2. Molecular Biologists:James Watson and Francis Crick

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    On Feb. 28, 1953, Francis Crick walked into the Eagle pub in Cambridge, England, and, as James Watson later recalled, announced that "we had found the secret of life. " Actually, they had. That morning, Watson and Crick had figured out the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA. And that structure-a "double helix" that can "unzip" to make copies of itself-confirmed suspicions that DNA carries life ’ s hereditary information.

  3. The greatest biologist in 20th century—Francis Crick%20世纪最伟大的生物学家——弗朗西斯?克里克

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    A biography of UK scientist Francis Crick who is called as the greatest biologist in 20th century is presented in this article. His contributions to life sciences and his approaches to scholarship are also given.%介绍了被称为"20世纪最伟大的生物学家"的英国科学家克里克的生平、对生命科学的贡献和治学之道.

  4. Francis Tchiegue

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Francis Tchiegue,a Cameroonian,is something of a legend in China.He came to the country in 2003 for doctoral studies,but is now known to Chinese television audiences as Jie Gai,a crosstalk performer. The art of crosstalk[A stand-up comedy routine],or xiangsheng,is difficult even for native Chinese speakers to do,let alone foreigners. Tchiegue’s success has kept him performing across China.He recently spoke with ChinAfrica about his story.

  5. The Francis Crick Institute. (United States)

    Peters, Keith; Smith, Jim


    The Francis Crick Institute Laboratory, opened in 2016, is supported by the Medical Research Council, Cancer Research UK, the Wellcome Trust, and University College London, King's College London and Imperial College London. The emphasis on research training and early independence of gifted scientists in a multidisciplinary environment provides unique opportunities for UK medical science, including clinical and translational research.

  6. Francis Bacon's behavioral psychology. (United States)

    MacDonald, Paul S


    Francis Bacon offers two accounts of the nature and function of the human mind: one is a medical-physical account of the composition and operation of spirits specific to human beings, the other is a behavioral account of the character and activities of individual persons. The medical-physical account is a run-of-the-mill version of the late Renaissance model of elemental constituents and humoral temperaments. The other, less well-known, behavioral account represents an unusual position in early modern philosophy. This theory espouses a form of behavioral psychology according to which (a) supposed mental properties are "hidden forms" best described in dispositional terms, (b) the true character of an individual can be discovered in his observable behavior, and (c) an "informed" understanding of these properties permits the prediction and control of human behavior. Both of Bacon's theories of human nature fall under his general notion of systematic science: his medical-physical theory of vital spirits is theoretical natural philosophy and his behavioral theory of disposition and expression is operative natural philosophy. Because natural philosophy as a whole is "the inquiry of causes and the production of effects," knowledge of human nature falls under the same two-part definition. It is an inquisition of forms that pertains to the patterns of minute motions in the vital spirits and the production of effects that pertains both to the way these hidden motions produce behavioral effects and to the way in which a skillful agent is able to produce desired effects in other persons' behavior.

  7. Systems biology: a biologist's viewpoint. (United States)

    Bose, Biplab


    The debate over reductionism and antireductionism in biology is very old. Even the systems approach in biology is more than five decades old. However, mainstream biology, particularly experimental biology, has broadly sidestepped those debates and ideas. Post-genome data explosion and development of high-throughput techniques led to resurfacing of those ideas and debates as a new incarnation called Systems Biology. Though experimental biologists have co-opted systems biology and hailed it as a paradigm shift, it is practiced in different shades and understood with divergent meanings. Biology has certain questions linked with organization of multiple components and processes. Often such questions involve multilevel systems. Here in this essay we argue that systems theory provides required framework and abstractions to explore those questions. We argue that systems biology should follow the logical and mathematical approach of systems theory and transmogrification of systems biology to mere collection of higher dimensional data must be avoided. Therefore, the questions that we ask and the priority of those questions should also change. Systems biology should focus on system-level properties and investigate complexity without shying away from it.

  8. Tihhi Don

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Fjodor Bondartshuk monteeris kokku tema isa Sergei poolt Itaalias 13 aastat tagasi pooleli jäänud Mihhail Sholohhovi romaani järgi tehtud teleseriaali "Vaikne Don", mida Venemaa televisiooni 1. Kanal näitab alates 7. novembrist

  9. Francis Bacon and the Technology of Style. (United States)

    Baker, Christopher


    Examines Francis Bacon's intentionally devised style for scientific writings and the theoretical basis of that style. Discusses his emphasis on a truly objective point of view, and his use of aphorisms to adapt to his audience. (HTH)

  10. Entropy for biologists an introduction to thermodynamics

    CERN Document Server

    Morowitz, Harold J


    Entropy for Biologists: An Introduction to Thermodynamics is an introductory book for people in the life sciences who wish to master the concepts of thermal physics without being forced to a degree and rate of symbol manipulation which is foreign to their patterns of thought. The book opens with a chapter on temperature, followed by separate chapters that discuss the concepts of energy, kinetic theory, total energy, the second law of thermodynamics, entropy, and probability and information theory. Subsequent chapters deal with statistical mechanics and its relation to thermodynamics, free-ener

  11. Which statistics should tropical biologists learn? (United States)

    Loaiza Velásquez, Natalia; González Lutz, María Isabel; Monge-Nájera, Julián


    Tropical biologists study the richest and most endangered biodiversity in the planet, and in these times of climate change and mega-extinctions, the need for efficient, good quality research is more pressing than in the past. However, the statistical component in research published by tropical authors sometimes suffers from poor quality in data collection; mediocre or bad experimental design and a rigid and outdated view of data analysis. To suggest improvements in their statistical education, we listed all the statistical tests and other quantitative analyses used in two leading tropical journals, the Revista de Biología Tropical and Biotropica, during a year. The 12 most frequent tests in the articles were: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Chi-Square Test, Student's T Test, Linear Regression, Pearson's Correlation Coefficient, Mann-Whitney U Test, Kruskal-Wallis Test, Shannon's Diversity Index, Tukey's Test, Cluster Analysis, Spearman's Rank Correlation Test and Principal Component Analysis. We conclude that statistical education for tropical biologists must abandon the old syllabus based on the mathematical side of statistics and concentrate on the correct selection of these and other procedures and tests, on their biological interpretation and on the use of reliable and friendly freeware. We think that their time will be better spent understanding and protecting tropical ecosystems than trying to learn the mathematical foundations of statistics: in most cases, a well designed one-semester course should be enough for their basic requirements.

  12. Poetic and Francis Bacon's Ambivalence toward Language. (United States)

    Pribble, Paula Tompkins

    Just as rhetoric is a way of knowing, so is poetic, both of which, for Francis Bacon, produce false knowledge. But Bacon is not entirely negative. When the poetic elements of language are used in strategic and public communication, like the scholarly communication Bacon attempts to reform, poetic and rhetoric work together to create a plurality of…

  13. The Francis Report--dento-legal implications. (United States)

    Foster, Martin


    This article explores the potential implications of the Francis Report for members of the dental team from a dento-legal perspective. It looks at the broad recommendations in light of the existing ethical environment in which dental registrants work and asks what is new and what the recommendations will actually mean for dental professionals in practical terms. Clinical Relevance: The fundamental recommendations of the Francis Report, namely, that those who provide care should put patients' interests first and be open about outcomes and performance, are not new concepts. A breach of these ethically based expectations may, however, create grounds for legal proceedings, which is clearly a significant point for all members of the dental team. It is therefore important to be aware of what is expected of those providing clinical care.

  14. From political economy to sociology: Francis Galton and the social-scientific origins of eugenics. (United States)

    Renwick, Chris


    Having coined the word 'eugenics' and inspired leading biologists and statisticians of the early twentieth century, Francis Galton is often studied for his contributions to modern statistical biology. However, whilst documenting this part of his work, historians have frequently neglected crucial aspects of what motivated Galton to establish his eugenics research programme. Arguing that his work was shaped more by social than by biological science, this paper addresses these oversights by tracing the development of Galton's programme, from its roots in a debate about political economy to his appeals for it to be taken up by sociologists. In so doing, the paper not only returns Galton's ideas to their original context but also provides a reason to reflect on the place of the social sciences in history-of-science scholarship.

  15. State-transition diagrams for biologists. (United States)

    Bersini, Hugues; Klatzmann, David; Six, Adrien; Thomas-Vaslin, Véronique


    It is clearly in the tradition of biologists to conceptualize the dynamical evolution of biological systems in terms of state-transitions of biological objects. This paper is mainly concerned with (but obviously not limited too) the immunological branch of biology and shows how the adoption of UML (Unified Modeling Language) state-transition diagrams can ease the modeling, the understanding, the coding, the manipulation or the documentation of population-based immune software model generally defined as a set of ordinary differential equations (ODE), describing the evolution in time of populations of various biological objects. Moreover, that same UML adoption naturally entails a far from negligible representational economy since one graphical item of the diagram might have to be repeated in various places of the mathematical model. First, the main graphical elements of the UML state-transition diagram and how they can be mapped onto a corresponding ODE mathematical model are presented. Then, two already published immune models of thymocyte behavior and time evolution in the thymus, the first one originally conceived as an ODE population-based model whereas the second one as an agent-based one, are refactored and expressed in a state-transition form so as to make them much easier to understand and their respective code easier to access, to modify and run. As an illustrative proof, for any immunologist, it should be possible to understand faithfully enough what the two software models are supposed to reproduce and how they execute with no need to plunge into the Java or Fortran lines.

  16. Saint Francis adapts women's cardiac risk campaign for Missouri. (United States)

    Botvin, Judith D


    Saint Francis Medical Center, Cape Girardeau, Mo., became the first hospital in Missouri to promote the VHA national initiative, Women's HeartAdvantage. Marketers incorporated Women's HeartAdvantage materials into the broader marketing plan for the Saint Francis Heart Institute. Using both traditional and innovative media, they're spreading the word that heart disease is woman's greatest health risk.

  17. Failure analysis of a Francis turbine runner

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Frunzaverde, D; Campian, V [Research Center in Hydraulics, Automation and Heat Transfer, ' Eftimie Murgu' University of Resita P-ta Traian Vuia 1-4, RO-320085, Resita (Romania); Muntean, S [Centre of Advanced Research in Engineering Sciences, Romanian Academy - Timisoara Branch Bv. Mihai Viteazu 24, RO-300223, Timisoara (Romania); Marginean, G [University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen, Neidenburger Str. 10, 45877 Gelsenkirchen (Germany); Marsavina, L [Department of Strength, ' Politehnica' University of Timisoara, Bv. Mihai Viteazu 1, RO-300222, Timisoara (Romania); Terzi, R; Serban, V, E-mail: gabriela.marginean@fh-gelsenkirchen.d, E-mail: d.frunzaverde@uem.r [Ramnicu Valcea Subsidiary, S.C. Hidroelectrica S.A., Str. Decebal 11, RO-240255, Ramnicu Valcea (Romania)


    The variable demand on the energy market requires great flexibility in operating hydraulic turbines. Therefore, turbines are frequently operated over an extended range of regimes. Francis turbines operating at partial load present pressure fluctuations due to the vortex rope in the draft tube cone. This phenomenon generates strong vibrations and noise that may produce failures on the mechanical elements of the machine. This paper presents the failure analysis of a broken Francis turbine runner blade. The failure appeared some months after the welding repair work realized in situ on fatigue cracks initiated near to the trailing edge at the junction with the crown, where stress concentration occurs. In order to determine the causes that led to the fracture of the runner blade, the metallographic investigations on a sample obtained from the blade is carried out. The metallographic investigations included macroscopic and microscopic examinations, both performed with light and scanning electron microscopy, as well as EDX - analyses. These investigations led to the conclusion, that the cracking of the blade was caused by fatigue, initiated by the surface unevenness of the welding seam. The failure was accelerated by the hydrogen embrittlement of the filling material, which appeared as a consequence of improper welding conditions. In addition to the metallographic investigations, numerical computations with finite element analysis are performed in order to evaluate the deformation and stress distribution on blade.

  18. Tolerance Stack Analysis in Francis Turbine Design

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Indra Djodikusumo


    Full Text Available The tolerance stacking problem arises in the context of assemblies from interchangeable parts because of the inability to produce or to join parts exactly according to nominal dimensions. Either the relevant part’s dimension varies around some nominal values from part to part or the act of assembly that leads to variation. For example, as runner of Francis turbine is joined with turbine shaft via mechanical lock, there is not only variation in the diameter of runner and the concentricity between the runner hole and turbine shaft, but also the variation in concentricity between the outer parts of runner to runner hole. Thus, there is the possibility that the assembly of such interacting parts won’t function or won’t come together as planned. Research in this area has been conducted and 2 mini hydro Francis turbines (800 kW and 910 kW have been designed and manufactured for San Sarino and Sawi Dago 2 in Central Sulawesi. Experiences in analyzing the tolerance stacks have been documented. In this paper it will be demonstrated how the requirements of assembling performance are derived to be the designed tolerances of each interacting component, such a way that the assembling would be functioning and come together as planned.

  19. [Sir Francis Galton: the father of eugenics]. (United States)

    Aubert-Marson, Dominique


    Not only was Sir Francis Galton a famous geographer and statistician, he also invented "eugenics" in 1883. Eugenics, defined as the science of improving racial stock, was developed from a new heredity theory, conceived by Galton himself, and from the evolution theory of Charles Darwin, transposed to human society by Herbert Spencer. Galton's eugenics was a program to artificially produce a better human race through regulating marriage and thus procreation. Galton put particular emphasis on "positive eugenics", aimed at encouraging the physically and mentally superior members of the population to choose partners with similar traits. In 1904, he presented his ideas in front of a vast audience of physicians and scientists in London. His widely-publicized lecture served as the starting point for the development of eugenics groups in Europe and the United States during the first half of the 20th century.

  20. Investigation of seal technology for Francis turbine

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhao, Wei


    Leakage loss and disk friction loss caused by the clearance gap flow at the back of a runner have a major impact on the efficiency of hydraulic turbines. Accordingly, it is extremely important to develop and improve the seal technology by investigating the gap flow. Generally, there are two types of the gap flow: axial gap flow between a rotating disk and a stator (e.g. the flow at the back of a runner) and the annular gap flow (e.g. the flow at an annular seal). Firstly, the overview of previous researches on labyrinth seal, rotating disk flow and Taylor-Couette flow are summarized. Labyrinth seals are the primary type of seals for turbo machinery. However, most researchers studied it for compressible flow only. It is also found that the enclosed rotating disk flow with through-flow can be studied instead of the gap flow in a hydraulic machine. Furthermore, the above mentioned annular gap flow is similar to the Taylor-Couette flow. The Taylor-vortices are formed in the annular gap due to the rotation of disk, which could be used as a resistance of flow. Therefore, in the present work, three parts are investigated. The first part is the investigation of the labyrinth seal for Francis turbines. The second part is the investigation of the gap flow between two stationary walls. The third part is investigation of the annular gap flow between one stationary and one rotating wall, based on the theory of Taylor-Couette flow. Afterwards, the theoretical formulas for leakage flow of a traditional labyrinth seal used in high head Francis turbine is derived and is verified to give acceptable results. The theoretical model is useful to predict the leakage flow by the measurements of Francis turbine at the Aabjoera Power plant. For straight-through labyrinth seal, the effects of cavity dimensions, numbers and locations on the leakage flow are investigated numerically. Smaller cavity depth, longer cavity length and fewer cavity numbers are required in order to reduce leakage

  1. Francis Galton: his approach to polygenic disease. (United States)

    Galton, D J; Galton, C J


    Gregor Mendel is considered to be the founding father of modern genetics, and his laws of inheritance have led to the successful analysis of rare monogenic diseases such as cystic fibrosis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, familial hypercholesterolaemia, and many others. Francis Galton chose multifactorial inheritance as his starting point, and his methods of analysis have withstood the test of time. He used detailed family records to study the inherited tendency of complex traits between parents and offspring, and between identical and non-identical twins to refine the analysis, and devised new statistics to attempt to measure the extent of inheritance. For all these reasons, he can be considered the founding father of quantitative genetics.

  2. Assessing Attitude towards Religion: The Astley-Francis Scale of Attitude towards Theistic Faith (United States)

    Astley, Jeff; Francis, Leslie J.; Robbins, Mandy


    This study builds on the research tradition modelled by the Francis Scale of Attitude towards Christianity, the Katz-Francis Scale of Attitude towards Judaism, the Sahin-Francis Scale of Attitude towards Islam and the Santosh-Francis Scale of Attitude towards Hinduism to propose a generic instrument concerned with attitudes towards theistic faith.…

  3. Francis Goyat kuuleb pühapäeval

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Belgia kitarristist Francis Goyast, kontsertidest Pärnu kontserdimajas 19. nov., Tartus Vanemuise kontserdimajas 21.nov ja Tallinnas Estonia kontserdisaalis 23. nov., heliplaadist "Pleased to meet You, Mr. Valgre"


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    A new type of hydraulic turbine and its design theory is presentedThis turbine has the advantages of the most widely used Francis turbine and Straflo tubine,has its own specific theoretical basis,compact structure,small volume,low cost and steady operationAnd it is convenient to be transported,installed and maintained,and has good hydraulic and cavitation performanceIt is named StrafloFrancis turbine

  5. HydroHillChart – Francis module. Software used to Calculate the Hill Chart of the Francis Hydraulic Turbines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dorian Nedelcu


    Full Text Available The paper presents the Hydro Hill Chart - Francis module application, used to calculate the hill chart of the Pelton, Francis and Kaplan hydraulic turbine models, by processing the data measured on the stand. After describing the interface and menu, the input data is graphically presented and the universal characteristic for measuring scenarios ao=const. and n11=const is calculated. Finally, the two calculated hill charts are compared through a graphical superimposition of the isolines.

  6. The Biologist, the Psychologist, and the Environmental Crisis (United States)

    Franke, Robert G.


    Considers the possibility that factors identified in the psychological writings of Eric Fromm, which neglect the fulfillment of human psychological needs may have helped induce the environmental crisis. States that biologists need to be aware of these factors when planning restorative and stabilizing strategies. (AL)

  7. Dr Jacob van der Land, marine biologist extraordinary

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bruggen, van A.C.


    This contribution is an attempt to sketch the life and works of Dr Jacob van der Land, curator of worms and chief marine biologist of the National Museum of Natural History, on the occasion of his official retirement. Born in 1935, Jacob van der Land read biology at Leiden University (1958-1964), wh

  8. The descent of language. A conversation between two jobless biologists

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giovanni D'Angelo


    Full Text Available Seen from the perspective of a biologist, the issue of the origin of language contains an inherent ambiguity. On the one hand, one might think to explore the cognitive features or even the anatomical structures related to communication through the peculiar medium called verbal language, a characteristic property emergent among the Homo sapiens. On the other hand, if one decides to restrict oneself to the formal definition of language as a system of signs for encoding information, then, the human‐specific nature of language becomes less convincing and the temptation to look into non ‐ human languages allows a provocative question. Was human verbal language an invention or a discovery? In the following two biologists informally discuss about the concept of non‐ verbal biological languages.

  9. Don Eddy; "Jewelry." (United States)

    Schaefer, Claire


    Presents a lesson that introduces students in grades K-three to sources of design inspiration in contemporary urban settings. Using Don Eddy's painting of a jewelry store window display, asks students to describe and analyze the interplay of shape, pattern, and color. Suggests studio activities, including an activity in which students build a…

  10. Hvad danske politikere kan lære af Francis Fukuyama

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Böss, Michael


    Introduktion til Francis Fukuyamas teorier om social kapital og social tillid Udgivelsesdato: Forår 2009......Introduktion til Francis Fukuyamas teorier om social kapital og social tillid Udgivelsesdato: Forår 2009...

  11. Don Quijote y Hamlet

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lúdovik B. Osterc


    Hamlet está loco, es un alucinado que duda de sus propios sentidos. Para él existe sólo un lado negro de la existencia, su único objeto es llegar más pronto al descubrimiento del crimen. Es egocentrico, ne cree en nada, eternamente mira en su interior, se alimenta en su desprecio de sí mismo y su sufrimiento es mucho más doloroso.que aquel de Don Quijote. Don Quijote, al contrario, cree en el hombre y su futuro. Su ideal es implantar por la fuerza, la verdad, el bien y la justicia en la tierra. Para servir a su ideal, está dispuesto a sufrir todas las posibles privaciones. Representa la fe en la verdad. Es ridículo y quizás el más cómico tipo disenado jamás por un literato. Hamlet es el hijo del rey muerte, mientras que Don Quijote está pobre. Se hace los enemigos imaginarios y lucha contra ellos, mientras que Hamlet no cree en las ilusiones (siempre duda, y tampoco no combatiría si supiera que son sinónimos de opresores. Continua con la examinación de la actitud del pueblo o sus representantes hacia Don Quijote y Hamlet y viceversa. Polonia es el representante de las multitudes populares ante Hamlet, Sancho lo es ante su senor. El primero es de sano pensamiento y al mismo tiempo un viejo charalatán. Para él Hamlet no es tanto un loco como un nino y le parece inútil para la sociedad. Sancho Pansa está persuadido de que su senor está loco, pero le está leal hasta la muerte. Don Quijote simpatiza profundamente con el pueblo, pero la única persona con la que se entiende verdaderamente es Sancho Pansa (uno no puede vivir sin otro. La actitud de Hamlet es completamente diferente, él desprecia las multitudes populares, porque también desprecia a sí mismo. social: el tedio, el hastío, el descontento de la vida, desorientación espiritual y la eclipse de la fe, miéntras que Don Quijote encarna el mundo libre, bien estar y la felicidad de los seres humanos. Por eso y porque es un ideal el más humano, generoso, noble y elevado, el autor del


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Numerical simulation on Francis turbine runner's welding temperature field and welding stress field is carried out on the base of solving the problem of welding heat source's movement along any spatial routes and the problem of heat elimination between the complicated blade and air. The evolvement law of welding stress and the distribution of the stress field after welding are obtained.The results indicate that the peak value of the welding residual stress appears on the outlet edge of blade near the contact area between blade and band or blade and crown. Associated with the distribution of the runner's working stress, the invalidation reason of the Francis turbine runner is explained.

  13. Scientific Cousins: The Relationship between Charles Darwin and Francis Galton (United States)

    Fancher, Raymond E.


    This article traces the personal as well as the intellectual and scientific relationship between Charles Darwin and his younger half-cousin Francis Galton. Although they had been on friendly terms as young men, and Darwin had in some ways been a role model for Galton, the two did not share major scientific interests until after the publication of…

  14. Francis Bacon and the Historiography of Scientific Rhetoric. (United States)

    Zappen, James P.


    Reviews three twentieth-century interpretations of Francis Bacon's science and rhetoric: positivistic science and the plain style; institutionalized science and its more highly figured style; and democratic science. Presents the author's own interpretation, and concludes that each interpretation reflects different perceptions of the good of the…

  15. Expanding the Biologist's Toolkit with CRISPR-Cas9. (United States)

    Sternberg, Samuel H; Doudna, Jennifer A


    Few discoveries transform a discipline overnight, but biologists today can manipulate cells in ways never possible before, thanks to a peculiar form of prokaryotic adaptive immunity mediated by clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR). From elegant studies that deciphered how these immune systems function in bacteria, researchers quickly uncovered the technological potential of Cas9, an RNA-guided DNA cleaving enzyme, for genome engineering. Here we highlight the recent explosion in visionary applications of CRISPR-Cas9 that promises to usher in a new era of biological understanding and control.

  16. Improving interactions between animal rights groups and conservation biologists. (United States)

    Perry, Dan; Perry, Gad


    Invasive species are often considered to be a major threat to biodiversity, leading conservation biologists to often recommend their complete eradication. Animal rights groups typically categorically oppose killing animals, and their opposition has brought eradication attempts of gray squirrels in northern Italy (Europe) and mute swans in Vermont to a halt. As a result native red squirrels may disappear from Europe and ecosystem-wide impacts are expected to be caused by the swan. In contrast, cooperation between managers and animal rights groups has resulted in a successful control program for feral pigs in Fort Worth, Texas (U.S.A.). The philosophical differences between animal rights and conservation biologists' views make cooperation seem unlikely, yet documented cases of cooperation have been beneficial for both groups. We recommend that managers dealing with invasive species should consult with social scientists and ethicists to gain a better understanding of the implications of some of their policy decisions. In addition, we recommend that animal rights groups do more to support alternatives to lethal control, which are often excluded by economic limitations. Prevention of arrival of invasive species via application of the precautionary principle may be an especially productive avenue for such collaboration because it fits the goals and values of both groups.

  17. Reinventing College Physics for Biologists: Explicating an epistemological curriculum

    CERN Document Server

    Redish, Edward F


    The University of Maryland Physics Education Research Group (UMd-PERG) carried out a five-year research project to rethink, observe, and reform introductory algebra-based (college) physics. This class is one of the Maryland Physics Department's large service courses, serving primarily life-science majors. After consultation with biologists, we re-focused the class on helping the students learn to think scientifically -- to build coherence, think in terms of mechanism, and to follow the implications of assumptions. We designed the course to tap into students' productive conceptual and epistemological resources, based on a theoretical framework from research on learning. The reformed class retains its traditional structure in terms of time and instructional personnel, but we modified existing best-practices curricular materials, including Peer Instruction, Interactive Lecture Demonstrations, and Tutorials. We provided class-controlled spaces for student collaboration, which allowed us to observe and record stud...

  18. A Biologist's Field Guide to Multiplexed Quantitative Proteomics. (United States)

    Bakalarski, Corey E; Kirkpatrick, Donald S


    High-throughput genomic and proteomic studies have generated near-comprehensive catalogs of biological constituents within many model systems. Nevertheless, static catalogs are often insufficient to fully describe the dynamic processes that drive biology. Quantitative proteomic techniques address this need by providing insight into closely related biological states such as the stages of a therapeutic response or cellular differentiation. The maturation of quantitative proteomics in recent years has brought about a variety of technologies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. It can be difficult for those unfamiliar with this evolving landscape to match the experiment at hand with the best tool for the job. Here, we outline quantitative methods for proteomic mass spectrometry and discuss their benefits and weaknesses from the perspective of the biologist aiming to generate meaningful data and address mechanistic questions.

  19. Engineers are from PDMS-land, Biologists are from Polystyrenia. (United States)

    Berthier, Erwin; Young, Edmond W K; Beebe, David


    As the integration of microfluidics into cell biology research proceeds at an ever-increasing pace, a critical question for those working at the interface of both disciplines is which device material to use for a given application. While PDMS and soft lithography methods offer the engineer rapid prototyping capabilities, PDMS as a material has characteristics that have known adverse effects on cell-based experiments. In contrast, while polystyrene (PS), the most commonly used thermoplastic for laboratory cultureware, has provided decades of grounded and validated research conclusions in cell behavior and function, PS as a material has posed significant challenges in microfabrication. These competing issues have forced microfluidics engineers and biologists to make compromises in how they approach specific research questions, and furthermore, have attenuated the impact of microfluidics on biological research. In this review, we provide a comparison of the attributes of PDMS and PS, and discuss reasons for their popularity in their respective fields. We provide a critical evaluation of the strengths and limitations of PDMS and PS in relation to the advancement and future impact on microfluidic cell-based studies and applications. We believe that engineers have a responsibility to overcome any challenges associated with microfabrication, whether with PS or other materials, and that engineers should provide options and solutions that assist biologists in their experimental design. Our goal is not to advocate for any specific material, but provide guidelines for researchers who desire to choose the most suitable material for their application, and suggest important research directions for engineers working at the interface between microfabrication technology and biological application.

  20. Mimesis in Don Quixote

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giselle von der Walde


    Full Text Available Resumen:Frente a argumentos tomados de las poéticas neoaristotélicas que esgrime el canónigo para condenar los libros de caballerías, don Quijote pretende mostrar con su propio ejemplo, que ese tipo de lecturas no llevan a la locura ni al abandono de sí mismo, sino que, por el contrario, sacan lo mejor de la naturaleza de un individuo y lo hacen mejor persona. Este es el único tipo de imitación que Platón acepta en la República, pues más que un remedo o una suplantación, implica emulación. Este escrito se propone mirar, a partir del diálogo con el canónigo de Toledo (I, 49-50, cómo en sus conductas miméticas desde el comienzo de la obra, don Quijote entiende la imitación como emulación; en consecuencia se intenta demostrar que el efecto de la literatura en el caballero manchego parece ser el tipo de mimesis que Platón acepta en el libro III de la República.Abstract:Don Quijote demonstrates with the example of his own life the error made by the Canon of Toledo when the latter uses the arguments of the neo-Aristotelian poets to condemn the novels of chivalric romance. Quijote tries to show that reading the chivalric romances leads to neither madness nor the abandonment of the self, but, on the contrary, brings out the best in a person’s nature, and makes one a better person. This is the only type of imitation that Plato accepts in the Republic, because, unlike the mere copying of a person, or the substitution of one person for another, it implies a type of emulation. Starting with the dialogue of the Canon of Toledo (I, 49-50, this paper shows how, in his mimetic behavior, Don Quijote understands imitation as emulation. As a result, the paper shows that the effect of literature on the gentleman from La Mancha is the type of mimesis of which Plato approves in book III of the Republic.

  1. Don Alan Pennebaker



    Geboren am 15. Juli 1925, dreht der heute vierundachtzigjährige Don Alan Pennebaker, Sohn eines Fotografen, noch immer Filme. Nach seinem Militärdienst und einem Ingenieurstudium in Yale sowie am M.I.T in Cambridge arbeitete er in verschiedenen Berufen, bevor er auf Drew und Leacock stieß. Michael Barchet zufolge verdiente Pennebaker sein Geld zunächst als Werbetexter und entwickelte u.a. ein computergestütztes Buchungssystem für Fluglinien (Barchet 1991, 154). Inspiriert durch den Filmemache...


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LAI Xi-de


    With the development of large-capacity hydro turbines, the hydraulic instability of bydro turbines has become one of the most important problems that affect the stable operation of the hydro-electric units. The hydraulic vibration and unstable operation of Francis hydro turbines are primarily caused by the unsteady pressure pulsations inside draft tubes.The forced rotating vortex core at the runner exit and the channel vortices inside Francis turbine runners are origins of the unsteady pressure pulsations when operating at partial load. This paper briefly analyzes the hydraulic instability of operation caused by the vortex core and channel vortices at partial load, then, presents a way to estimate the hydraulic stability by calculation of the flow behavior at the runner exit.The validity of estimation is examined by comparison with experimental data. This will be helpful to evaluate the alternative design and predict the hydraulic stability for both the prototype and model hydro turbines.

  3. Francis Bacon’s Qualification As A Principal Empiricist Philosopher



    The purpose of this paper is to determine if there is any basis for regarding FrancisBacon as a principal empiricist philosopher. This involves effort to determine whatconstitutes, in essence, the qualities of a principal empiricist philosopher. Are thereany criteria that qualify one as a principal empiricist philosopher? Proceeding with thisinquiry, our paper examines, on the one hand, the views of those who argue in defenceof Bacon’s qualification as a principal empiricist philosopher. Here...

  4. Francis Bacons Qualification As A Principal Empiricist Philosopher



    The purpose of this paper is to determine if there is any basis for regarding Francis Bacon as a principal empiricist philosopher. This involves effort to determine what constitutes, in essence, the qualities of a principal empiricist philosopher. Are there any criteria that qualify one as a principal empiricist philosopher? Proceeding with this inquiry, our paper examines, on the one hand, the views of those who argue in defence of Bacon’s qualification as a principal empiricist philosopher....

  5. High load vortex oscillations developed in Francis turbines (United States)

    Rodriguez, D.; Rivetti, A.; Lucino, C.


    Francis turbines operating at high load conditions produce a typical flow pattern in the draft tube cone characterized by the presence of an axisymmetric central vortex. This central cavity could become unstable, generating synchronic pressure pulsations, usually called self-excited oscillations, which propagate into the whole machine. The on-set and size of the central vortex cavity depend on the geometry of the runner and draft tube and on the operating point as well. Numerical flow simulations and model tests allow for the characterization of the different flow patterns induced by each particular Francis turbine design and, when studied in combination with the hydraulic system, including the intake and penstock, could predict the prototype hydraulic behavior for the complete operation zone. The present work focuses the CFD simulation on the development and dynamic behavior of the central axisymmetric vortex for a medium-head Francis turbine operating at high load conditions. The CFD simulations are based in two-phase transient calculations. Oscillation frequencies against its cavity volume development were obtained and good correlation was found with experimental results.

  6. Francis Bacon: The Real's Brutality. The Figure and the Other

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guido Mannucci


    Full Text Available Getting in front of painting by Francis Bacon touches you deeply. I’m talking about aesthetics, sensations: resounding flow that strikes abruptly, making futile any search for meaning. Francis Bacon circumvents the figurative, the meaning, he aims to the figural: to feelings, not words. Beauty, in his paintings, shows itself in the peaceful union of the positive and of its contrary; if the negative wasn’t there, though, his paintings wouldn’t exude such a brutal sense of reality. This essay investigates the figure of Francis Bacon and the spectator – the Other – as he tries to confront the painting. Bacon will be analysed using a purely phenomenological approach, with references that range from Merleau-Ponty to Martin Heidegger; the meeting-collision between the spectator and the painting, instead, will be examined taking inspiration from the Winnicott’s thesis on the relationship between Bacon and mirrors in the painter’s childhood. In order to take distance from Winnicott’s psychoanalytical approach, this essay will focus on the relationship between spectator and painting from a more anthropological point of view. 

  7. Francis E. Walter Dam and Reservoir Project, Water Quality Data Report (RCS-DAEN-CWE-15). (United States)


    noceeeary and identify by block number) Francis E. Walter and and Reservoir, Pa. Bear Creek, Pa Lehigh River, Pa. Water quality Water pollution Land use... pollution to the impoundment. The Francis Walter Lake is an oligotrophic lake having few nutrients and little plant life. Furthermore, due to the...counts at the Francis E. Walter Reservoir remained within the limits established by the Pennsylvania Department of Enviromental Resources of no more than

  8. El evangelio de Don Florencio



    En su discurso de incorporación a la Academia Costarricense de la Lengua, el periodista Armando Vargas, escoge un tema que vincula a Costa Rica, España y México: El evangelio de Don Florencio. Rescata las enseñanzas cívicas, éticas, filosóficas y políticas de un maestro adelantado a su época. El autor presenta a don Florencio del Castillo, prócer de la independencia, como el primer costarricense universal cuyos valores e ideales cobran hoy actualidad. Don Florencio, liberal y progresista, es ...

  9. Steroid use and human performance: Lessons for integrative biologists. (United States)

    Husak, Jerry F; Irschick, Duncan J


    While recent studies have begun to address how hormones mediate whole-animal performance traits, the field conspicuously lags behind research conducted on humans. Recent studies of human steroid use have revealed that steroid use increases muscle cross-sectional area and mass, largely due to increases in protein synthesis, and muscle fiber hypertrophy attributable to an increased number of satellite cells and myonuclei per unit area. These biochemical and cellular effects on skeletal muscle morphology translate into increased power and work during weight-lifting and enhanced performance in burst, sprinting activities. However, there are no unequivocal data that human steroid use enhances endurance performance or muscle fatigability or recovery. The effects of steroids on human morphology and performance are in general consistent with results found for nonhuman animals, though there are notable discrepancies. However, some of the discrepancies may be due to a paucity of comparative data on how testosterone affects muscle physiology and subsequent performance across different regions of the body and across vertebrate taxa. Therefore, we advocate more research on the basic relationships among hormones, morphology, and performance. Based on results from human studies, we recommend that integrative biologists interested in studying hormone regulation of performance should take into account training, timing of administration, and dosage administered when designing experiments or field studies. We also argue that more information is needed on the long-term effects of hormone manipulation on performance and fitness.

  10. Vaikne Don : [luuletused] / Mart Kangur

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kangur, Mart


    Sisu: Vaikne Don ; "Imelik, kui kerge on hakata armastama neid ..." ; "Laud otsekui tool ..." ; "Raamat on monument ..." ; "Nägu on liiga tühi ..." ; "Mida teeb Buddha pärast virgumist? Peseb hambaid ..."

  11. "Tihhi Don" - za i protiv

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Võrdluses on Mihhail Sholohhovi raamatu "Vaikne Don" kaks ekraniseeringut : Sergei Gerassimovi (1975) ja Sergei Bondartshuki (1991) oma. Võrreldakse peaosatäitjaid, meenutatakse huvitavaid fakte filmivõtetelt. Katkend Elina Bõstritskaja mälestusteraamatust

  12. Cost of enlarged operating zone for an existing Francis runner (United States)

    Monette, Christine; Marmont, Hugues; Chamberland-Lauzon, Joël; Skagerstrand, Anders; Coutu, André; Carlevi, Jens


    Traditionally, hydro power plants have been operated close to best efficiency point, the more stable operating condition for which they have been designed. However, because of changes in the electricity market, many hydro power plants operators wish to operate their machines differently to fulfil those new market needs. New operating conditions can include whole range operation, many start/stops, extensive low load operation, synchronous condenser mode and power/frequency regulation. Many of these new operating conditions may impose more severe fatigue damage than the traditional base load operation close to best efficiency point. Under these conditions, the fatigue life of the runner may be significantly reduced and reparation or replacement cost might occur sooner than expected. In order to design reliable Francis runners for those new challenging operating scenarios, Andritz Hydro has developed various proprietary tools and design rules. These are used within Andritz Hydro to design mechanically robust Francis runners for the operating scenarios fulfilling customer's specifications. To estimate residual life under different operating scenarios of an existing runner designed years ago for best efficiency base load operation, Andritz Hydro's design rules and tools would necessarily lead to conservative results. While the geometry of a new runner can be modified to fulfil all conservative mechanical design rules, the predicted fatigue life of an existing runner under off-design operating conditions may appear rather short because of the conservative safety factor included in the calculations. The most precise and reliable way to calculate residual life of an existing runner under different operating scenarios is to perform a strain gauge measurement campaign on the runner. This paper presents the runner strain gage measurement campaign of a mid-head Francis turbine over all the operating conditions available during the test, the analysis of the measurement signals

  13. Of the Helmholtz Club, South-Californian seedbed for visual and cognitive neuroscience, and its patron Francis Crick. (United States)

    Aicardi, Christine


    Taking up the view that semi-institutional gatherings such as clubs, societies, research schools, have been instrumental in creating sheltered spaces from which many a 20th-century project-driven interdisciplinary research programme could develop and become established within the institutions of science, the paper explores the history of one such gathering from its inception in the early 1980s into the 2000s, the Helmholtz Club, which brought together scientists from such various research fields as neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, psychophysics, computer science and engineering, who all had an interest in the study of the visual system and of higher cognitive functions relying on visual perception such as visual consciousness. It argues that British molecular biologist turned South Californian neuroscientist Francis Crick had an early and lasting influence over the Helmholtz Club of which he was a founding pillar, and that from its inception, the club served as a constitutive element in his long-term plans for a neuroscience of vision and of cognition. Further, it argues that in this role, the Helmholtz Club served many purposes, the primary of which was to be a social forum for interdisciplinary discussion, where 'discussion' was not mere talk but was imbued with an epistemic value and as such, carefully cultivated. Finally, it questions what counts as 'doing science' and in turn, definitions of success and failure-and provides some material evidence towards re-appraising the successfulness of Crick's contribution to the neurosciences.

  14. Lines of Work: Teacher Francis Gilbert on Rousseau


    Gilbert, Francis


    Prominent people in a particular line of work read and reflect on the writings of an illustrious forebear of the same trade. The essays are partly about ideas and how they change, but also about the practice and the human experience of being a certain kind of thing; be it a teacher, a soldier a critic or a journalist. Francis Gilbert was a secondary school teacher for a number of years and is now Lecturer in Education at the University of London. He reads Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Emile and...

  15. The Poetry at the Age of Capital: Francis Ponge


    Guido Mattia Gallerani


    Two prose poems of Le Parti pris des choses (1942), entitled R.C. Seine and Le restaurant Lemeunier, are different from others texts of the book because the subject, which is not a bear inactive thing, but a social body. They describe a group of people and are set in an office and in a restaurant. This article claims that the subject of both poems by Francis Ponge is the working time rather than the description of a social place. The condemnation of the capitalistic production appears clearly...

  16. Teaching and Leading through Dialogue: Pope Francis and Catholic Higher Education (United States)

    Curran, Joseph


    The early pontificate of Francis has been marked by substantial changes in the style of papal governance and teaching. Francis's engagement in dialogue with members of the media corresponds to a willingness to foster meaningful dialogue among the bishops and to use teaching documents to raise questions rather than answer them. At the Extraordinary…

  17. Efficiency limit factor analysis for the Francis-99 hydraulic turbine (United States)

    Zeng, Y.; Zhang, L. X.; Guo, J. P.; Guo, Y. K.; Pan, Q. L.; Qian, J.


    The energy loss in hydraulic turbine is the most direct factor that affects the efficiency of the hydraulic turbine. Based on the analysis theory of inner energy loss of hydraulic turbine, combining the measurement data of the Francis-99, this paper calculates characteristic parameters of inner energy loss of the hydraulic turbine, and establishes the calculation model of the hydraulic turbine power. Taken the start-up test conditions given by Francis-99 as case, characteristics of the inner energy of the hydraulic turbine in transient and transformation law are researched. Further, analyzing mechanical friction in hydraulic turbine, we think that main ingredients of mechanical friction loss is the rotation friction loss between rotating runner and water body, and defined as the inner mechanical friction loss. The calculation method of the inner mechanical friction loss is given roughly. Our purpose is that explore and research the method and way increasing transformation efficiency of water flow by means of analysis energy losses in hydraulic turbine.

  18. The green roof dilemma - discussion of Francis and Lorimer (2011). (United States)

    Henry, Alexandre; Frascaria-Lacoste, Nathalie


    Urban ecosystems are the most complex mosaics of vegetative land cover that can be found. In a recent paper, Francis and Lorimer (2011) evaluated the reconciliation potential of living roofs and walls. For these authors, these two techniques for habitat improvement have strong potential for urban reconciliation ecology. However they have some ecological and societal limitations such as the physical extreme environmental characteristics, the monetary investment and the cultural perceptions of urban nature. We are interested in their results and support their conclusions. However, for a considerable time, green roofs have been designed to provide urban greenery for buildings and the green roof market has only focused on extensive roof at a restricted scale within cities. Thus, we have strong doubts about the relevance of their use as possible integrated elements of the network. Furthermore, without dynamic progress in research and the implementation of well-thought-out policies, what will be the real capital gain from green roofs with respect to land-use complementation in cities? If we agree with Francis and Lorimer (2011) considering that urban reconciliation ecology between nature and citizens is a current major challenge, then "adaptive collaborative management" is a fundamental requirement.

  19. LDA measurements in the Francis-99 draft tube cone (United States)

    Sundstrom, L. R. J.; Amiri, K.; Bergan, C.; Cervantes, M. J.; Dahlhaug, O. G.


    Velocity measurements were performed in the draft tube cone of a 1:5.1 scaled model of the Tokke hydropower plant, Norway; also known as the Francis-99 model. Results from the laser Doppler anemometry measurements undertaken at three operating points will be used as validation data for an upcoming workshop on the state of the art of Francis turbine numerical simulation. With the turbine operating at the best efficiency point, a sensitivity analysis of the flow parameters head, flow rate and runner rotational speed shows that the effects on the dimensionless velocity profiles are small as long as nED and QED are held constant. The results indicate a well-functioning turbine at the best efficiency point and high load. At the part load operating point, a vortex breakdown occurs which distorts the velocity profiles and significantly lowers the turbine's hydraulic efficiency. Frequency spectrums of each LDA signal at part load reveals a peak which is asynchronous to that of the runner angular speed. The peaks might be related to the precession of a rotating vortex rope but the characteristics of the LDA signals are different compared to previous studies involving rotating vortex ropes.

  20. A chemist and biologist talk to each other about caged neurotransmitters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Graham C.R. Ellis-Davies


    Full Text Available Caged compounds are small organic molecules that can be photoactivated with brief pulses of light. They are widely used to study a great variety of biological processes by physiologists, cell biologists and neuroscientists. Initially made and invented by biologists in the late 1970s, they are now made mostly by chemists, often without any dialogue with the end users, the biologists. The idea for this review is to stimulate interaction between the two communities to further the creative development and application of these powerful optical probes.

  1. Career Choices by Biologists: A Case Study of Destinations of Graduates in Marine Biology and Zoology, 1986-1998. (United States)

    Gill, Margaret E.; Golding, David W.


    Reports on a study tracking marine biologists' and zoologists' employment status between the years of 1986 and 1998. Suggests that despite the increase in university class sizes, able and well-trained biologists enjoy good career prospects. (Author/YDS)

  2. Don't Double Up on Acetaminophen (United States)

    ... For Consumers Home For Consumers Consumer Updates Don't Double Up on Acetaminophen Share Tweet Linkedin Pin ... consumer organizations. AAC’s outreach campaign, "Double Check, Don't Double Up," is all about the safe use ...

  3. "Don't take diabetes for granted." (United States)

    ... please turn Javascript on. Feature: Diabetes Stories "Don't take diabetes for granted." Past Issues / Fall 2009 ... regularly, and take your medicines on time. Don't take diabetes for granted! Fall 2009 Issue: Volume ...

  4. Mechanical risks prediction on Francis runner by Spatial Harmonic Decomposition (United States)

    Bouloc, F.; Guillozet, J.; Duparchy, F.; Lowys, P. Y.; Duparchy, A.


    Extending the operating zone of Francis turbines toward low load is a major stake to allow the optimization of the electrical grid. The dynamic phenomena encountered at low load are potential sources of pressure fluctuations, power instability and runner fatigue. Traditionally, the peak to peak value of pressure fluctuations is used to assess these risks. However, this estimator is not sufficient to analyse separately the various dynamic phenomena and their impact on the stability of the turbine. In this paper the recent Spatial Harmonic Decomposition (SHD) method is used to analyse the pressure fluctuations through more relevant indicators. The evolution of these indicators along a load variation is compared with the associated runner strain measured with on-board gauges. It is shown that the use of the Spatial Harmonic Decomposition is a powerful tool to evaluate the risks for the industrial turbine and thus improve its behaviour and its reliability.

  5. Simulations of Steady Cavitating Flow in a Small Francis Turbine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmed Laouari


    Full Text Available The turbulent flow through a small horizontal Francis turbine is solved by means of Ansys-CFX at different operating points, with the determination of the hydrodynamic performance and the best efficiency point. The flow structures at different regimes reveal a large flow eddy in the runner and a swirl in the draft tube. The use of the mixture model for the cavity/liquid two-phase flow allowed studying the influence of cavitation on the hydrodynamic performance and revealed cavitation pockets near the trailing edge of the runner and a cavitation vortex rope in the draft tube. By maintaining a constant dimensionless head and a distributor vane opening while gradually increasing the cavitation number, the output power and efficiency reached a critical point and then had begun to stabilize. The cavitation number corresponding to the safety margin of cavitation is also predicted for this hydraulic turbine.

  6. A look at Francis runner blades response during transients (United States)

    Gagnon, M.; Nicolle, J.; Morissette, J.-F.; Lawrence, M.


    Data shows that the mechanical response of Francis runner blades is sensitive to power plant control systems. To demonstrate this, we have explored two such systems: wicket gates opening and air admission. The proper control of these systems does more than warrant safe operation; they can also be used to minimize the strain cycle amplitudes during transients such as: startups, shutdowns and load rejections. Proper control parameters settings should minimize the equipment risk of fatigue failure without negative side effects on other components and objectives. With the help of measured examples from Hydro-Québec power plants, this paper demonstrates that a better understanding of these systems is needed in order to move beyond costly trial and error fine-tuning methodology.

  7. The "Visual Shock" of Francis Bacon: an essay in neuroesthetics. (United States)

    Zeki, Semir; Ishizu, Tomohiro


    In this paper we discuss the work of Francis Bacon in the context of his declared aim of giving a "visual shock."We explore what this means in terms of brain activity and what insights into the brain's visual perceptive system his work gives. We do so especially with reference to the representation of faces and bodies in the human visual brain. We discuss the evidence that shows that both these categories of stimuli have a very privileged status in visual perception, compared to the perception of other stimuli, including man-made artifacts such as houses, chairs, and cars. We show that viewing stimuli that depart significantly from a normal representation of faces and bodies entails a significant difference in the pattern of brain activation. We argue that Bacon succeeded in delivering his "visual shock" because he subverted the normal neural representation of faces and bodies, without at the same time subverting the representation of man-made artifacts.

  8. Francis Bacon: constructing natural histories of the invisible. (United States)

    Rusu, Doina-Cristina


    The natural histories contained in Francis Bacon's Historia naturalis et experimentalis seem to differ from the model presented in De augmentis scientiarum and the Descriptio globi intellectualis in that they are focused on the defining properties of matter, its primary schematisms and the spirits. In this respect, they are highly speculative. In this paper I aim to describe the Historia naturalis et experimentalis as a text about matter theory, the histories of which are ascending from what is most evident to the senses to what is least accessible to them. Moreover, the Latin natural histories are parts of a methodological procedure in which the provisional rules and axioms obtained in one history can be used as theoretical assumptions for another history, thereby permitting one to delve ever more profoundly into the structure of nature.

  9. Francis Bacon: teory, method and contributions to the education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberto Carlos Simões Galvão


    Full Text Available In the present article, we propose a brief analysis of Francis Bacon’s thought (1561-1626 and his contributions to the Education. With Bacon, the old religious or metaphysical character of knowledge was substituted by the objectivity of the experimental science, something unknown until then. The science started to represent a means in search of an end, i.e., man’s control over nature. The desire of Bacon to promote a reorganization of the power of the human knowledge, not based on the old scholastic knowledge, but in the new scientific knowledge, was shared by educators, philosophers and statesmen of his time. The role of the school would be to assure the dissemination of this new knowledge which, properly unified, would be within reach of all the children

  10. Experimental vibration level analysis of a Francis turbine (United States)

    Bucur, D. M.; Dunca, G.; Cǎlinoiu, C.


    In this study the vibration level of a Francis turbine is investigated by experimental work in site. Measurements are carried out for different power output values, in order to highlight the influence of the operation regimes on the turbine behavior. The study focuses on the turbine shaft to identify the mechanical vibration sources and on the draft tube in order to identify the hydraulic vibration sources. Analyzing the vibration results, recommendations regarding the operation of the turbine, at partial load close to minimum values, in the middle of the operating domain or close to maximum values of electric power, can be made in order to keep relatively low levels of vibration. Finally, conclusions are drawn in order to present the real sources of the vibrations.

  11. Kulturel liminalitet i Don Quixote

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fastrup, Anne


    Med udgangspunkt i og i kontrast til nogle af hovedlinierne i den nyere litteratur om Don Quixote søger artiklen tilbage til de mere specifikke og lokale historiske forhold, som er romanens baggrund, bl.a. til Cervantes' »algierske erfaring« med tyrkisk fangenskab. Artiklen forsøger at kombinere...

  12. From Innocence to Suffering to Awareness:Nada Confrontation in Francis Macomber

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber is a quintessential Hemingway tale of one man’s attempt to overcome an in⁃ternal struggle by mastering the external world. Francis Macomber discovers his own bravery and strength when he ignores his self-consciousness and relies on instinct. This essay will examine Hemingway's code and how it confronts nada thus analyze Macomb⁃er’s change from innocent to suffering to aware.

  13. The Visual Shock of Francis Bacon: An essay in neuroesthetics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Semir eZeki


    Full Text Available In this paper we discuss the work of Francis Bacon in the context of his declared aim of giving a visual shock. We explore what this means in terms of brain activity and what insights into the brain’s visual perceptive system his work gives. We do so especially with reference to the representation of faces and bodies in the human visual brain. We discuss the evidence that shows that both these categories of stimuli have a very privileged status in visual perception, compared to the perception of other stimuli, including man-made artifacts such as houses, chairs and cars. We show that viewing face and house stimuli that depart significantly from a normal representation of faces and bodies entails a significant difference in the pattern of brain activation. We argue that Bacon succeeded in delivering his visual shock because he subverted the normal neural representation of faces and bodies, without at the same time subverting the representation of man-made artifacts.

  14. The medical philosophy of Francis Bacon (1561-1626). (United States)

    Boss, J


    Francis Bacon's view of man is dualistic but, although he takes note of mental faculties, he makes the relation between mind and body, rather than the substance of mind, the basis for enquiry into mental processes and, more particularly, for the medically relevant study of mind. (He uses "mind" and "soul" as equivalent terms.) The healing of the body requires study of the body, and the ineffectiveness of physicians is due to their failure in this respect rather than to the body's complexity. To learn about the body requires clinical observation and recording, together with the comparison of bodies, experiments on living animals and attention to pathological changes. The aims of medicine should include not only the restoration of health but also the relief of suffering and they are not to be limited by putting aside a disease as incurable. To learn from treatment it must be fixed in its ordering with controlled and limited variation. Bacon has no separation of medicine from natural science; his philosophy of medicine is his general philosophy of the advancement of knowledge, but limited to a particular field of application. If medicine is separated from natural philosophy it is changed wholly or greatly into empiricism.

  15. Don Germán

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Luis Mejía


    Full Text Available El veranillo de San Juan hace soportable el mediodía. Los "chorros d'oro" inundan de amarillo los antejardines del Prado. Las golondrinas veraneras invaden, al atardecer, los alrededores de la Biblioteca Departamental. Los voceadores de la suerte del paseo Bolívar claman a los cuatro vientos el número que cambiará su destino . Pero algo falta definitivamente en esta Barranquilla. De alguna manera la ciudad ya no es la misma. Falta Don Germán.

  16. Don DeLillos Bilder

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diesner, Fabian


    Full Text Available The American author Don DeLillo is a master of creating powerful images, which want to be discovered, read and interpreted. To have a closer look at his novel Mao II from the Visual Studies' point of view reveals the complexity of literary images and the diverse references that are evoked. DeLillo plays with the reader's memory of perception, asks fundamental questions about our society ruled by mass media and simply delights with a picturesque style of narration. The central aspects in his novel are photography in general, the visual arts especially by Andy Warhol and the visual representation of mass media, particularly television.

  17. [Don Quijote, a lucid mad]. (United States)

    Alonso Fernández, Francisco


    The case of a 50-year-old hidalgo who believed to be transformed into a knight-errant named Don Quijote is a megalomaniac systematized delusion of transformation of the self, a delusion of metamorphosis in reference to the patient's own identity. The outward projection of this syndrome produces some delusional misidentifications of others, things and animals and include elements of a persecutory delusion which increase the grandiosity of the self. At the same time the hidalgo was maniac with a pathway of bipolar disorder. The phenomenon of donquijotismo is described as the defence of wasted causes and Sancho Panza as an illiterate Sócrates.

  18. Influence of the boundary conditions on the natural frequencies of a Francis turbine (United States)

    Valentín, David; Ramos, David; Bossio, Matías; Presas, Alexandre; Egusquiza, Eduard; Valero, Carme


    Natural frequencies estimation of Francis turbines is of paramount importance in the stage of design in order to avoid vibration and resonance problems especially during transient events. Francis turbine runners are submerged in water and confined with small axial and radial gaps which considerably decrease their natural frequencies in comparison to the same structure in the air. Acoustic-structural FSI simulations have been used to evaluate the influence of these gaps. This model considers an entire prototype of a Francis turbine, including generator, shaft, runner and surrounding water. The radial gap between the runner and the static parts has been changed from the real configuration (about 0.04% the runner diameter) to 1% of the runner diameter to evaluate its influence on the machine natural frequencies. Mode-shapes and natural frequencies of the whole machine are discussed for all the boundary conditions tested.

  19. Modelisation numerique et algebrique des joints labyrinthe des turbines francis (United States)

    Bouderlique, Remi

    There are various types of hydraulic turbines. Regarding the operating conditions, geometries and technologies differ. Hydraulic seals are only used in Francis turbines, which are widely used. The role of hydraulic seals is not to be waterproof. Their main aim is to prevent contact between the rotating and static parts of the turbine. Although necessary, hydraulic seals create energetic losses : some fluid does not flow through the runner (leakage loss) and exerts a torque on the rotor (friction loss). In a context of constant progression towards still more efficient turbines, the optimization of each part of the turbine is necessary. Our study is a part of this research seeking to decrease the losses in turbines as much as possible. In order to understand fully the problem, and to ensure an optimal seal exists, an analytical study has been lead in the first place. It establishes the analytical expressions of the speeds, pressure, losses and optimal seal length for laminar flows in straight seals. Various tests were then lead with the ANSYS CFX solver in order to highlight aspects which necessitate a particular attention. For example, the issues of boundary conditions and dimensionless simulations were adressed. A CFD model has then been validated. The results of the experiences lead in the sixties by Dominion Engineering Works, which later became Andritz Hydro Limited, were used in this process. Even if all the tests were not useable, some of them were reproduced numerically. The CFD model which was used features SST turbulence modeling, 2D axisymmetric geometries, parabolic mesh distributions, smooth walls, and a outlet headloss based on the normal speed. For the various tests which were considered, the average discrepancy between numerical and experimental results is 6.5%. More than 60% of the discrepancies of those simulations are below the empirical uncertainty. That is why this model can be used for numerical experiences : as long as these experiences are in

  20. Characteristics analysis for different water heads on the efficiency hill chart of Francis turbine (United States)

    Wang, Z. N.; Guo, P. C.; Luo, X. Q.; Wang, Y. L.; Sun, S. H.


    Based on the test results of Francis turbine, the causes and inevitability of various hydraulic phenomena in the model combined characteristic curve for typical water heads were analyzed in this paper. the difference of the model combined characteristic curve from the low water head to the high water head is compared, and the characteristics and commonness of the model combined characteristic curve about different water head are summarized. Further, hydraulic performance and geometric features of Francis turbine are revealed by particularly analyzing model combined characteristic curves, and to provide powerful theoretical basis and definite modification direction for the hydraulic design of hydraulic turbine.

  1. An Analysis of the Means of Cohesion in“of Studies”by Francis Bacon

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This thesis aims to analyze the means of cohesion in“of Studies”by Francis Bacon. According to the systemic-func-tional linguistics, the paper is intended to explore cohesion means applied in Of Studies by Francis Bacon. It gives an account of the functions in grammatical cohesion in the several fields, they are reference, substitution, ellipsis, and conjunction respectively. Finally, it is expected that these analyses can help readers gain a better and deeper comprehension of the structure and content of the text.

  2. Microbial biotransformation of DON: molecular basis for reduced toxicity (United States)

    Pierron, Alix; Mimoun, Sabria; Murate, Leticia S.; Loiseau, Nicolas; Lippi, Yannick; Bracarense, Ana-Paula F. L.; Schatzmayr, Gerd; He, Jian Wei; Zhou, Ting; Moll, Wulf-Dieter; Oswald, Isabelle P.


    Bacteria are able to de-epoxidize or epimerize deoxynivalenol (DON), a mycotoxin, to deepoxy-deoxynivalenol (deepoxy-DON or DOM-1) or 3-epi-deoxynivalenol (3-epi-DON), respectively. Using different approaches, the intestinal toxicity of 3 molecules was compared and the molecular basis for the reduced toxicity investigated. In human intestinal epithelial cells, deepoxy-DON and 3-epi-DON were not cytotoxic, did not change the oxygen consumption or impair the barrier function. In intestinal explants, exposure for 4 hours to 10 μM DON induced intestinal lesions not seen in explants treated with deepoxy-DON and 3-epi-DON. A pan-genomic transcriptomic analysis was performed on intestinal explants. 747 probes, representing 323 genes, were differentially expressed, between DON-treated and control explants. By contrast, no differentially expressed genes were observed between control, deepoxy-DON and 3-epi-DON treated explants. Both DON and its biotransformation products were able to fit into the pockets of the A-site of the ribosome peptidyl transferase center. DON forms three hydrogen bonds with the A site and activates MAPKinases (mitogen-activated protein kinases). By contrast deepoxy-DON and 3-epi-DON only form two hydrogen bonds and do not activate MAPKinases. Our data demonstrate that bacterial de-epoxidation or epimerization of DON altered their interaction with the ribosome, leading to an absence of MAPKinase activation and a reduced toxicity.

  3. Young CAS biologist gets five-year grant from Howard Hughes Medical Institute

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Dr. TANG Chun, an outstanding young biologist from the CAS Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (WIPM) was announced in January 2012 to have won the first International Early Career Award from Howard Hughes Medical Institute with a five-year grant totaling up to 650,000 US dollars. Dr. Tang is an expert in using novel nuclear magnetic resonance methods to study the behavior and function of proteins,

  4. ``Don't Lecture Me'' (United States)

    Blanton, Patricia


    Often I will listen to public radio on long drives when I am alone. Recently I happened to catch a program called ``Don't Lecture Me'' and it really caught my attention for several reasons. First, the speakers were all notable leaders in Physics Education Research such as Joe Redish, David Hestenes, and Eric Mazur. (See this month's WebSights column.) These folks are among many who have devoted their energies to understanding how students learn physics and how teachers can design classroom instruction and interactions to best meet the needs of learners. Second, on this particular trip, I had just observed a teacher whose class was very teacher-centered as the teacher lectured most of the class period. As we discussed this later, she expressed concern that she had to cover the material and didn't feel that she could do it without lecturing.

  5. "Don't Lecture Me" (United States)


    Often I will listen to public radio on long drives when I am alone. Recently I happened to catch a program called "Don't Lecture Me" and it really caught my attention for several reasons. First, the speakers were all notable leaders in Physics Education Research such as Joe Redish, David Hestenes, and Eric Mazur. (See this month's WebSights column.) These folks are among many who have devoted their energies to understanding how students learn physics and how teachers can design classroom instruction and interactions to best meet the needs of learners. Second, on this particular trip, I had just observed a teacher whose class was very teacher-centered as the teacher lectured most of the class period. As we discussed this later, she expressed concern that she had to cover the material and didn't feel that she could do it without lecturing.

  6. The consistency test does not - and cannot - deliver what is advertised : A comment on Francis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Morey, Richard D.


    The statistical consistency test of Ioannidis and Trikalinos (2007) has been used recently by Francis (2012a,c,d,e,2013,in press), to argue that specific sets of experiments show evidence of publication bias. I argue that the test is unnecessary because publication bias exists almost everywhere as p

  7. Hydraulic Turbines: The Francis Turbine. Technical Terminology Bulletin. Terminotech, Vol. 2, No. 2. (United States)

    General Electric Co. of Canada, Ltd., Montreal, Quebec.

    This issue of a bulletin of technological terminology is devoted to the Francis turbine. A brief narrative on the subject is presented in both French and English. An English-French dictionary of terms comprises the bulk of the document. An explanatory illustration is appended. (JB)

  8. "Ajaloo lõpp" on lähedal / Francis Fukuyama ; interv. Adam Piore

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Fukuyama, Francis


    Ajakirjas Newsweek ilmunud intervjuus vastab filosoof Francis Fukuyama küsimustele 2004. aasta kõige olulisemate probleemide, EL-i, Cancunis toimunud Maailma Kaubandusorganisatsiooni kõneluste, ajaloo lõppu jõudmise, Pakistani presidendile tehtud atentaadi kohta

  9. Francis Farley presenting his novel "Catalysed Fusion" in the CERN Library

    CERN Multimedia

    Farley, Irina


    "Catalysed Fusion" is described by its author Francis Farley, 92, as a "true-to-life fantasy woven around particle physics" set in 1980s Geneva – "the city where nations meet and particles collide". Farley presented the book in the program "Literature in Focus" on Tuesday 16th April 2013.

  10. The Culture of Science and the Rhetoric of Scientism: From Francis Bacon to the Darwin Fish (United States)

    Lessl, Thomas M.


    The culture of modern science continues to establish its public identity by appealing to values and historical conceptions that reflect its appropriation of various religious ideals during its formative period, most especially in the rhetoric of Francis Bacon. These elements have persisted because they continue to achieve similar goals, but the…

  11. Francis Bacon's New Science: Rhetoric and the Transformative Power of Print. (United States)

    Heckel, David

    The process of projecting textual models onto the phenomenal world began with the invention of writing and accelerated through the manuscript culture of classical antiquity and the Middle Ages into the age of print. In Francis Bacon's work, the book (a metaphor for the phenomenal world) adapted to the demands of the printed text and reflects the…

  12. Teaching Psychology and Literature: Melancholia as Motivation in the Novels of Dick Francis (United States)

    Wagner, Elaine


    Teaching literature from a psychological perspective provides a basis for the study and analysis of human motivation and behavior, as psychology and literature make mutual contributions to the study of both disciplines. Melancholia is a recurring theme in the novels of Dick Francis, and the first-person accounts of despair and depression are…

  13. Assessing Hydraulic Conditions through Francis turbines using an autonomous sensor device

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fu, Tao; Deng, Zhiqun; Duncan, Joanne P.; Zhou, Daqing; Carlson, Thomas J.; Johnson, Gary E.; Hou, Hongfei


    Downstream migratory fish, including some endangered species, can be injured or killed during turbine passage. In this study an autonomous Sensor Fish device was deployed at Arrowrock Dam, Cougar Dam, and Detroit Dam to evaluate the hydraulic conditions and physical stresses that fish experienced when passing through these Francis turbines. Pressure data was used to identify the location of the Sensor Fish and to calculate the nadir pressure and the magnitude and the rate of change in pressure during turbine passage. Acceleration data was used to identify events (collisions or shear) Sensor Fish experienced and to categorize the severity level (severe, medium, and slight) of each event. The results showed that Sensor Fish experienced severe events mostly in the stay vane/wicket gate region and the runner region. In the stay vane/wicket gate region, almost all severe events were collisions. In the runner region, Sensor fish experienced both severe collisions and severe shear events. Sensor Fish data at three wicket gate opening treatments at Cougar Dam indicated that the wicket gate opening of the Francis turbine can affect the hydraulic conditions in the turbine runner region. Fewer Sensor Fish experienced severe collisions in the turbine runner region at the peak efficiency than at the minimum opening and the maximum opening treatments. Comparisons between the Francis turbines at the three dams and the AHT Kaplan turbine at Wanapum Dam showed that higher percentage of Sensor Fish experienced severe events in the runner region when passing through Francis turbines than the AHT Kaplan turbine. The nadir pressures of the Francis turbines were lower than those of the AHT Kaplan turbine at Wanapum Dam. Both the magnitude and the rate of change in pressure were higher in Francis turbines than in the AHT Kaplan turbine at Wanapum Dam in the runner region. This study can be used to guide future laboratory studies of fish passing through Francis turbine and help the design

  14. Educational background and professional participation by federal wildlife biologists: Implications for science, management, and The Wildlife Society (United States)

    Schmutz, J.A.


    Over 2,000 people are employed in wildlife biology in the United States federal government. The size of this constituency motivated me to examine the amount of formal education federal biologists have received and the extent of continuing education they undertake by reading journals or attending scientific meetings. Most federal biologists who are members of The Wildlife Society (TWS) have a graduate degree. However, one-third have only a Bachelor of Science degree, despite the current trend toward hiring people with graduate degrees. Most federal biologists are not research biologists. Numbers of journals subscribed to was positively related to educational level. Less than one-third of all wildlife biologists employed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service are members of TWS or subscribe to any of its journals. In contrast, the majority of presenters at the TWS 2000 Annual Conference were research biologists and members of TWS. The failure of many federal wildlife biologists to read scientific literature or attend professional meetings indicates a failure to promote the importance of continuing education in the federal workplace. I identify 2 potential adverse impacts of this failing: an inability to recognize important and relevant scientific contributions and an ineffectiveness in carrying out adaptive management.

  15. Francis Bacon: Of Building, Essay 45, aus: Francis Bacon: The Essayes or Counsels, Civill and Morall, of Francis Lo. Verulam, Viscount St. Alban (London: Printed by Iohn Haviland for Hanna Barret, 1625) (FONTES 16)



    Together with 'The Elements of Achitecture' by Henry Wotton (1624), Francis Bacon’s essay 'Of Building' (1625, no. 45) constitutes the earliest significant statement of architectural thought both in printed form and in English. With his opening sentence, “A house is to live in, and not to look on”, Bacon gives expression to a new functionalist and empiricist position that anticipates architectural theories of modern times. Bacon discusses the site of the house (“seat”), and he proposes a verb...

  16. Don't Take This with That!

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Home Drugs Resources for You Special Features Don't take this with that! Share Tweet Linkedin Pin ... bushel of problems. How it does or doesn’t work Depending on the active ingredient, grapefruit can ...

  17. Don't Take This with That! (United States)

    ... Home Drugs Resources for You Special Features Don't take this with that! Share Tweet Linkedin Pin ... bushel of problems. How it does or doesn’t work Depending on the active ingredient, grapefruit can ...

  18. Don Zhuanu otdajutsja tolko po ljubvi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Eestisse tuleb külla Roman Viktjuki Teater, 1. nov. mängitakse Vene Kultuurikeskuses Jean Genet' "Toatüdrukuid" (lavastaja Roman Viktjuk), 23. nov. etendatakse Eric-Emmanuel Scmitti "Don Juani viimast armastust" (lavastaja Roman Viktjuk)

  19. Donning and doffing PPE for HPAI surveillance (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Instructions describing the proper donning and doffing personal protective equipment (PPE) for highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) surveillance. This protocol...

  20. Fatigue analyses of the prototype Francis runners based on site measurements and simulations (United States)

    Huang, X.; Chamberland-Lauzon, J.; Oram, C.; Klopfer, A.; Ruchonnet, N.


    With the increasing development of solar power and wind power which give an unstable output to the electrical grid, hydropower is required to give a rapid and flexible compensation, and the hydraulic turbines have to operate at off-design conditions frequently. Prototype Francis runners suffer from strong vibrations induced by high pressure pulsations at part load, low part load, speed-no-load and during start-stops and load rejections. Fatigue and damage may be caused by the alternating stress on the runner blades. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to carry out fatigue analysis and life time assessment of the prototype Francis runners, especially at off-design conditions. This paper presents the fatigue analyses of the prototype Francis runners based on the strain gauge site measurements and numerical simulations. In the case of low part load, speed-no-load and transient events, since the Francis runners are subjected to complex hydraulic loading, which shows a stochastic characteristic, the rainflow counting method is used to obtain the number of cycles for various dynamic amplitude ranges. From middle load to full load, pressure pulsations caused by Rotor-stator- Interaction become the dominant hydraulic excitation of the runners. Forced response analysis is performed to calculate the maximum dynamic stress. The agreement between numerical and experimental stresses is evaluated using linear regression method. Taking into account the effect of the static stress on the S-N curve, the Miner's rule, a linear cumulative fatigue damage theory, is employed to calculate the damage factors of the prototype Francis runners at various operating conditions. The relative damage factors of the runners at different operating points are compared and discussed in detail.

  1. Une expérience scientifique et didactique : enseigner l’informatique aux biologistes



    Tout a commencé avec James D. Watson, Francis Crick, Rosalind Elsie Franklin et quelques autres dans les années 1950. Ils nous ont appris que la conformation des êtres vivants se déduisait de l’information génétique codée par l’acide désoxyribonucléique (ADN) de leurs cellules. Les macromolécules (on dit aussi polymères) d’ADN sont de longues chaînes de motifs moléculaires élémentaires, les nucléotides, dont il existe quatre variétés : l’adénine (notée A), la thymine (notée T), la cytosine (n...

  2. Guidelines : the do's, don'ts and don't knows of feedback for clinical education

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lefroy, Janet; Watling, Chris; Teunissen, Pim W; Brand, Paul


    INTRODUCTION: The guidelines offered in this paper aim to amalgamate the literature on formative feedback into practical Do's, Don'ts and Don't Knows for individual clinical supervisors and for the institutions that support clinical learning. METHODS: The authors built consensus by an iterative proc

  3. Don Quixote: Freud and Cervantes. (United States)

    Beá, J; Hernández, V


    We have focused this paper on an attempt to examine the process occurring in the transformations which Alonso Quijano undergoes when becoming Don Quixote as an expression of his disturbance, and the evolution at work during his travels to dissipate his grandiose narcissism by means of a cure of humiliation which makes him humble and able to recognize dependence and internal conflicts, finally culminating in the working through of the depressive position and the resolution of the prior schizo-paranoid phase just before his death. The disturbances of Alonso Quijano begin when he is faced with the anxieties provoked by approaching old age and death. The internal conflict over not-worked through mournings may lead to making reparations and to the stimulus of creativity and towards maturity. Badly resolved, it progresses to involutive psychosis which may result in psychotic destruction. Cervantes creates a 'hero' whom he treats in humorous and tragicomic ways, a hero who rises regressively from his unresolved Oedipus conflict, and with the traits of a grandiose self and with the need to 'repair' the projected image, deforming reality and at the same time being slowly obliged to take it into account.

  4. Fighting for life: Religion and science in the work of fish and wildlife biologists (United States)

    Geffen, Joel Phillip

    Philosophers, historians, and sociologists of science have argued that it is impossible to separate fact from value. Even so, Americans generally demand that scientists be "objective." No bias is permitted in their work. Religious motivations in particular are widely considered anathema within the halls of science. My dissertation addresses both theoretical and practical aspects concerning objectivity in science through an examination of fish and wildlife biologists. I hypothesized that they use the language of objective science as a tool to convince others to protect habitats and species. Further, I claimed that this "rhetoric of science" is employed either consciously or unconsciously on behalf of personal values, and that religious and/or spiritual values figure significantly among these. Regarding the issue's practical applications, I argued in support of Susan Longino's assertion that while subjective influences exist in science, they do not necessarily indicate that objectivity has been sacrificed. My primary methodology is ethnographic. Thirty-five biologists working in the Pacific Northwest were interviewed during the course of summer 2001. Participant ages ranged from 23 to 78. Both genders were represented, as were various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, including Native American. I used a questionnaire to guide respondents through a consistent set of open-ended queries. I organized their answers under four categories: the true, the good, the beautiful, and the holy. The first three were borrowed from the theoretical writings of philosopher Immanuel Kant. The last came from Rudolf Otto's theological work. These categories provided an excellent analytical framework. I found that the great majority of fish and wildlife biologists strive for objectivity. However, they are also informed by powerful contextual values. These are derived from environmental ethics, aesthetic preferences pertaining to ecosystem appearance and function, and visceral experiences of

  5. Preeminent Biologist Joins CAS to Lead a New Research Center in Shanghai

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Dr. ZHU Jiankang, an internationally renowned plant cell biologist and member of the US National Academy of Sciences, will work as Director of the Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology, which was officially inaugurated on April 28, 2012 in suburban Shanghai. Before he joined CAS through a key talent recruitment program sponsored by the Chinese government called the "Thousand Talents Program", Dr. ZHU had worked for many universities in the world and carried out leading innovative research on genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of plant responses to adverse environments such as salinity, drought and low temperature.

  6. Mobile Technology and Health Care, From NIH Director Dr. Francis S. Collins | NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine (United States)

    ... version of this page please turn Javascript on. Mobile Technology and Health Care, From NIH Director Dr. Francis S. ... Contents Mobile health, or mHealth for short, uses mobile technologies for health research and healthcare delivery. At last ...

  7. Cost estimation 2012 for the electrical and mechanical equipment of the power house in hydropower projects and pumped storage projects. Equipment with Pelton turbines, Francis turbines, Kaplan Turbines, Kaplan tube turbines, bulb turbines and Francis pump-turbines; Kostenschaetzung 2012 fuer die elektrische und mechanische Ausruestung des Krafthauses in Wasserkraft- und Pumpspeicher-Projekten. Ausruestung mit Pelton-, Francis-, Kaplan-, Kaplan-Rohr-, Bulb-Turbinen oder Francis-Pumpturbinen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alvarado-Ancieta, Cesar Adolfo


    The compilation of statistical data on costs for the electrical and mechanical equipment of approximately 140 selected hydropower projects and pumped storage projects in 46 countries in America, Europe, Asia and Africa provides helpful diagrams with which the cost of the electrical and mechanical equipment of Pelton turbines, Francis turbines, Kaplan Turbines, Kaplan tube turbines, bulb turbines and Francis pump-turbines can be determined.

  8. Flow characteristics on the blade channel vortex in the Francis turbine (United States)

    Guo, P. C.; Wang, Z. N.; Luo, X. Q.; Wang, Y. L.; Zuo, J. L.


    Depending on the long-term hydraulic development of Francis turbine, the blade channel vortex phenomenon was investigated systematically from hydraulic design, experimental and numerical computation in this paper. The blade channel vortex difference between the high water head and low water head turbine was also analyzed. Meanwhile, the relationship between the blade channel vortex and the operating stability of hydraulic turbine was also investigated. The results show that the phenomenon of blade channel vortex is an intrinsic property for Francis turbine under small flow rate condition, the turning-point of the blade channel vortex inception curve appears at low unit speed region, and the variation trend of the blade channel vortex inception curve is closely related to the blade inlet edge profile. In addition to, the vortex of the high water head turbine can generally be excluded from the stable operation region, while which is more different for the one of the low water head turbine.

  9. Experimental investigations of the unsteady flow in a Francis turbine draft tube cone

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baya, A [Department of Hydraulic Machinery, ' Politehnica' University of Timisoara Bv. Mihai Viteazu 1, RO-300222, Timisoara (Romania); Muntean, S [Centre of Advanced Research in Engineering Sciences, Romanian Academy - Timisoara Branch Bv. Mihai Viteazu 24, RO-300223, Timisoara (Romania); Campian, V C; Cuzmos, A [Research Center in Hydraulics, Automation and Heat Transfer, ' Eftimie Murgu' University of Resita P-ta. Traian Vuia 1-4, RO-320085, Resita (Romania); Diaconescu, M; Balan, G, E-mail: abaya@mh.mec.upt.r [Ramnicu Valcea Subsidiary, S.C. Hidroelectrica S.A. Str. Decebal 11, RO-240255, Ramnicu Valcea (Romania)


    Operating Francis turbines at partial discharge is often hindered by the development of the helical vortex (so-called vortex rope) downstream the runner, in the draft tube cone. The unsteady pressure field induced by precessing vortex rope leads to pressure fluctuations. The paper presents the experimental investigations of the unsteady pressure field generated by precessing vortex rope and its associated pressure fluctuations into a draft tube of the Francis turbine operating at partial discharge. In situ measurements are performed in order to evaluate the pressure fluctuations and vortex rope frequency at partial load operation. Three pressure taps are installed on the cone wall of the draft tube in order to record the unsteady pressure. As a result, the Fourier spectra are obtained in order to evaluate the amplitude of pressure fluctuations and vortex rope frequency. Moreover, the wall pressure recovery along to the draft tube cone is acquired. Finally, conclusions are drawn in order to present the vortex rope effects.

  10. Numerical and experimental study of low-frequency pressure pulsations in hydraulic units with Francis turbine (United States)

    Platonov, D.; Minakov, A.; Dekterev, D.; Sentyabov, A.; Dekterev, A.


    The paper presents the numerical simulation method of three-dimensional turbulent flows in the hydraulic turbine. This technique was verified by means of experimental data obtained on a water model of the Francis turbines. An aerodynamic stand, which is a miniature copy of the real hydraulic turbine, was designed. A series of experiments have been carried out on this stand and the corresponding calculations were performed. The dependence of the velocity and pressure pulsations profiles for different operation regimes are presented.

  11. Simulación numérica de turbinas Francis


    Laín, Santiago; García, Manuel; Avellan, François; Quintero, Brian; Orrego, Santiago


    Este libro aborda el panorama de la simulación numérica de turbinas Francis desde un punto de vista tanto estacionario como transitorio. Por primera vez se describe la metodología de simulación de escenarios de funcionamiento desfavorables de la máquina, lo cual es una novedad en el campo de la simulación de turbo-máquinas hidráulicas.

  12. The Rule of Three for Prizes in Science and the Bold Triptychs of Francis Bacon. (United States)

    Goldstein, Joseph L


    For many scientific awards, such as Nobels and Laskers, the maximum number of recipients is three. This Rule of Three forces selection committees to make difficult decisions that increase the likelihood of singling out those individuals who open a new field and continue to lead it. The Rule of Three is reminiscent of art's three-panel triptych, a form that the modern master Francis Bacon used to distill complex stories in a bold way.

  13. Numerical Study of Cavitation in Francis Turbine of a Small Hydro Power Plant


    Pankaj Gohil; Rajeshwer Saini


    Cavitation is undesirable phenomena and more prone in reaction turbines. It is one of the challenges in any hydro power plant which cause vibration, degradation of performance and the damage to the hydraulic turbine components. Under the present study, an attempt has been made to carry out a numerical analysis to investigate the cavitation effect in a Francis turbine. Three dimensional numerical study approach of unsteady and SST turbulence model are considered for the numerical a...

  14. Modelling and Internal Fuzzy Model Power Control of a Francis Water Turbine


    Klemen Nagode; Igor Škrjanc


    This paper presents dynamic modelling of a Francis turbine with a surge tank and the control of a hydro power plant (HPP). Non-linear and linear models include technical parameters and show high similarity to measurement data. Turbine power control with an internal model control (IMC) is proposed, based on a turbine fuzzy model. Considering appropriate control responses in the entire area of turbine power, the model parameters of the process are determined from a fuzzy model, which are furthe...

  15. Hydroacoustic simulation of rotor-stator interaction in resonance conditions in Francis pump-turbine

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nicolet, C [Power Vision Engineering sarl, Ch. des Champs-Courbes 1, CH-1024 Ecublens (Switzerland); Ruchonnet, N; Alligne, S; Avellan, F [EPFL Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines, Av. de Cour 33bis, CH-1007 Lausanne (Switzerland); Koutnik, J, E-mail: christophe.nicolet@powervision-eng.c [Voith Hydro Holding GmbH and Co. KG, Alexanderstr. 11, 89522 Heidenheim (Germany)


    Combined effect of rotating pressure field related to runner blade and wakes of wicket gates leads to rotor stator interactions, RSI, in Francis pump-turbines. These interactions induce pressures waves propagating in the entire hydraulic machine. Superposition of those pressure waves may result in standing wave in the spiral casing and rotating diametrical mode in the guide vanes and can cause strong pressure fluctuations and vibrations. This paper presents the modeling, simulation and analysis of Rotor-Stator Interaction of a scale model of a Francis pump-turbine and related test rig using a one-dimensional approach. The hydroacoustic modeling of the Francis pump-turbine takes into account the spiral casing, the 20 guide vanes, the 9 rotating runner vanes. The connection between stationary and rotating parts is ensured by a valve network driven according to the unsteady flow distribution between guide vanes and runner vanes. Time domain simulations are performed for 2 different runner rotational speeds in turbine mode. The simulation results are analyzed in frequency domain and highlights hydroacoustic resonance between RSI excitations and the spiral case. Rotating diametrical mode in the vaneless gap and standing wave in the spiral case are identified. The influence of the resonance on phase and amplitude of pressure fluctuations obtained for both the spiral case and the vaneless gap is analyzed. The mode shape and frequencies are confirmed using eigenvalues analysis.

  16. Genio y figura de don Alfonso Reyes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eduardo Carranza


    Full Text Available Entre varias, escojo esta: por sobria y conmovida a un tiempo. La escribió Juan Fernández Figueroa para su revista " Indice", de Madrid. Nos parece ver a don Alfonso en el rellano de la escalera -al fondo, sus libros; más allá, toda su vida, noble y pura- nos parece verle por última vez, inclinado ya sobre la baranda de la muerte. Tiene la calidad y el dinamismo de unos cuantos dibujos rápidos, nerviosos, esta imagen última de don Alfonso Reyes.

  17. CWM Global Search—The Internet Search Engine for Chemists and Biologists

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hans-Jürgen Himmler


    Full Text Available CWM Global Search is a meta-search engine allowing chemists and biologists to search the major chemical and biological databases on the Internet, by structure, synonyms, CAS Registry Numbers and free text. A meta-search engine is a search tool that sends user requests to several other search engines and/or databases and aggregates the results into a single list or displays them according to their source [1]. CWM Global Search is a web application that has many of the characteristics of desktop applications (also known as Rich Internet Application, RIA, and it runs on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. The application is one of the first RIA for scientists. The application can be started using the URL

  18. What in silico molecular docking can do for the `bench-working biologists'

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Marius Mihăşan


    Required by an increasing amount of scientists, the in silico docking field is in full expansion, new algorithms and methods appearing at an exponential rate. The sheer range of available programs is overwhelming for the bench-working biologist, which is often discouraging by the lack of a graphical user interface, good user manual or literature to validate a given program. This mini-review attempts to present the docking problem and available solutions from a non-bioinformatician point of view and makes a selection of the available servers and programs. These tools are evaluated from several points of view, as numbers of citations, ease of usage and computer requirements. Finally, the capabilities and limitations as well as specific applications of in silico docking techniques are presented.

  19. BioLogistics and the Struggle for Efficiency: Concepts and Perspectives

    CERN Document Server

    Helbing, Dirk; Diez, Stefan; Peters, Karsten; Kalaidzidis, Yannis; Padberg, Kathrin; Lammer, Stefan; Johansson, Anders; Breier, Georg; Schulze, Frank; Zerial, Marino; 10.1142/S0219525909002374


    The growth of world population, limitation of resources, economic problems and environmental issues force engineers to develop increasingly efficient solutions for logistic systems. Pure optimization for efficiency, however, has often led to technical solutions that are vulnerable to variations in supply and demand, and to perturbations. In contrast, nature already provides a large variety of efficient, flexible and robust logistic solutions. Can we utilize biological principles to design systems, which can flexibly adapt to hardly predictable, fluctuating conditions? We propose a bio-inspired "BioLogistics" approach to deduce dynamic organization processes and principles of adaptive self-control from biological systems, and to transfer them to man-made logistics (including nanologistics), using principles of modularity, self-assembly, self-organization, and decentralized coordination. Conversely, logistic models can help revealing the logic of biological processes at the systems level.

  20. The rise of repeal: policy entrepreneurship and Don't Ask, Don't Tell. (United States)

    Neff, Christopher L; Edgell, Luke R


    We report on policy entrepreneurship by Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN) and how its legislative strategies used mini-windows of opportunity to shift Capitol Hill perspectives of Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) from political plutonium to an emerging issue requiring a second look. Four phases in the legislative history of DADT are identified: radioactive, contested, emerging, and viable. In all, this article argues that SLDN's entrepreneurship focused on contesting congressional sensibilities to wait or defer on repeal, maintained that every discharge was damaging and transitioned toward a post-repeal mind set. Finally, we illustrate the importance of these transitions by comparing SLDN's 2004 estimated vote count for the introduction of the Military Readiness Enhancement Act with the final 2010 voting results on the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act.

  1. GeneNotes – A novel information management software for biologists

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wong Wing H


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Collecting and managing information is a challenging task in a genome-wide profiling research project. Most databases and online computational tools require a direct human involvement. Information and computational results are presented in various multimedia formats (e.g., text, image, PDF, word files, etc., many of which cannot be automatically processed by computers in biologically meaningful ways. In addition, the quality of computational results is far from perfect and requires nontrivial manual examination. The timely selection, integration and interpretation of heterogeneous biological information still heavily rely on the sensibility of biologists. Biologists often feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of and the great diversity of distributed heterogeneous biological information. Description We developed an information management application called GeneNotes. GeneNotes is the first application that allows users to collect and manage multimedia biological information about genes/ESTs. GeneNotes provides an integrated environment for users to surf the Internet, collect notes for genes/ESTs, and retrieve notes. GeneNotes is supported by a server that integrates gene annotations from many major databases (e.g., HGNC, MGI, etc.. GeneNotes uses the integrated gene annotations to (a identify genes given various types of gene IDs (e.g., RefSeq ID, GenBank ID, etc., and (b provide quick views of genes. GeneNotes is free for academic usage. The program and the tutorials are available at: Conclusions GeneNotes provides a novel human-computer interface to assist researchers to collect and manage biological information. It also provides a platform for studying how users behave when they manipulate biological information. The results of such study can lead to innovation of more intelligent human-computer interfaces that greatly shorten the cycle of biology research.

  2. The Washington Biologists' Field Club : Its members and its history (1900-2006) (United States)

    Perry, M.C.


    This book is based on the interesting one-hundred-plus-year history of the Club and its members. Plummers Island and the historic cabin on the Island have served as a common meeting area where the Club members have conducted research and held many social activities for over a century. The history has been written and revised over the years by members, and the biographical sketches also have been collected and written by the members. The Club was formed in 1900 and incorporated as a society in 1901 for scientists in the Washington, D.C., area. In recent years the Club has sponsored research by many non-member local scientists with grants totaling over $305,000. The cumulative total of 267 members represents all branches of natural science, with a strong emphasis on biology as the Club name indicates. In addition to the biologists there have been famous naturalists (e.g., John Burroughs), high-level administrators (e.g., Ira Gabrielson), and well-known artists (e.g., Roger Tory Peterson). Most members have been biological scientists, working for agencies in the Washington, D.C., area, who have published many articles and books dealing with biology and related subjects. The book is publIshed mainly for the benefit of the living Club members and for relatives of the deceased members. The members hope that the book will find its way into libraries across the country and that in the future, persons interested in some of the pioneer scientists, in the various professional areas of science, can obtain biographical information from a well-documented source. Most of the 542 illustrations of the members, cabin, and the Island have not been published previously. It is hopeful that the biographical sketches, pictures, and other information presented in this book can generate new information for future publications and for the website of the Washington Biologists' Field Club, which is updated frequently.

  3. Don't Take This with That!

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Vaccines, Blood & Biologics Animal & Veterinary Cosmetics Tobacco Products Drugs Home Drugs Resources for You Special Features Don't take ... more than fifty prescription and over-the-counter drugs known to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ...

  4. On Byronic Heroism in Don Juan

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Byron is the chief exponent and the most important figure of the "Romantic Movement".And Byronic heroism is one of his most important representatives of his literary contribution.In his masterpiece Don Juan,Byron exploits the whole range of his feelings a

  5. A Conversation with Don Knuth: Part I. (United States)

    Albers, Donald J.; Steen, Lynn Arthur


    This interview reviews Don Knuth's life and contributions and his views on a variety of mathematical and computer-related topics. He is viewed as the pre-eminent scholar of computer science in the world, and is probably best known for a series of books titled, "The Art of Computer Programing." (MP)

  6. Don Juan on manipulaator / Kai Ilustrumm

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ilustrumm, Kai


    Nüüdisaegne muusikalis-koreograafiline fantaasia "Don Juani pidusöök" Kanuti Gildi Saalis. Eesti tantsijate ja hollandi muusikute Holland Windplayers koostöös sündinud projekti tutvustab Tallinna Filharmoonia sarja "Diplomaadilised noodid" juht Heli Vaus-Tamm

  7. Saga y fugas de Don Juan


    Pérez-Bustamante Mourier, Ana Sofía


    Ensayo acerca de las diversas versiones e interpretaciones que a lo largo de la historia ha suscitado el mito de Don Juan Tenorio. Lectura original del donjuanismo a partir de las teorías del filósofo José Antonio Marina en torno al ingenio y sus productos.

  8. Don Quijote en Canadá

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristina Botella González


    Full Text Available Conocer a Cervantes y su obra.- Descubrir otros países y artistas.- Conocer al personaje de Don Quijote.- Familiarizarse con los personajes principales.- Relacionar la pintura y la literatura.- Desarrollar habilidades manuales y artísticas.- Potenciar la creatividad.

  9. VALIDEZ Y CONFIABILIDAD DE LA ESCALA BREVE DE FRANCIS PARA ACTITUD ANTE EL CRISTIANISMO Validity and reliability of the five-item version of the Francis scale of attitude toward Christianity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zuleima Cogollo


    Full Text Available Antecedentes. La escala breve de Francis para actitud ante el cristianismo (Francis-5 muestra alta consistencia interna y confiabilidad de tipo prueba-reprueba en adolescentes colombianos. Sin embargo, las investigaciones sólo están disponibles en inglés y no se conoce la validez nomológica de escala en esta población. Objetivo. Corroborar la validez y confiabilidad de la escala Francis-5 en adolescentes estudiantes de Cartagena, Colombia. Material y métodos. Participaron 1.730 estudiantes de sexto a undécimo grado, con una media para la edad de 14,7 años (DE=1,2, y 52,7% mujeres. Se estimó la validez de constructo (análisis de factores y la validez nomológica (comparación de las puntuaciones entre mujeres y varones. Para conocer la confiabilidad se calcularon los coeficientes alfa de Cronbach y omega de McDonald. Resultados. La escala Francis-5 mostró una estructura unidimensional, con un valor propio de 3,681 que dio cuenta del 73,6% de la varianza. Las mujeres puntuaron significativamente mayor que los varones, 18,5 (DE=2,7 vs. 17,9 (DE=3,3 (t = 4,3; pBackground. The short version of Francis Scale attitude toward Christianity (Francis-5 presents high internal consistency and test-retest reliability among Colombian adolescents. However, the papers are only available in English, and nomological validity is not known in this population. Objective. To corroborate the validity and reliability of the Francis-5 scale among adolescent students at Cartagena, Colombia. Materials and method. A total of 1,730 sixth to eleventh grade students, mean age of 14,7 years old (SD=1.2, and 52.7% were girls. Construct validity (factor analysis and nomological validity (score comparison between boys and girls were explored. Cronbach alpha and McDonald omega were computed as measures of reliability. Results. Francis-5 Scale showed one dimensional structure, with Eigen value of 3.681 that accounted for 73.6% of the total variance. Girls scored

  10. Dos obras del escultor neoclásico inglés John Francis (1780- 1861 en una colección particular española

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Quintanilla Martínez, Emilio


    Full Text Available Two previously unknown works by the British neoclassical sculptor John Francis dating from the second quarter of the 19th century, representing the 1st Duke of Sutherland and, most likely, the sculptor Sir John Francis, have been located in a Spanish private collection.

    Dos obras, hasta ahora inéditas, del escultor neoclásico inglés John Francis del segundo cuarto del siglo XIX, y que representan al primer duque de Sutherland y seguramente al escultor Sir John Francis, en colección privada española.

  11. [Discreet follies. Variations on Don Quixote's folly]. (United States)

    Gracia Guillén, Diego


    Physicians and psychiatrists have been discussing through centuries about the madness of Don Quixote. The first in doing that was Philippe Pinel, followed immediately by many others. They all agreed in diagnosing Don Quixote as "monomaniac". Cervantes was considered an excellent "nosographer", and the novel a paradigmatic description of this mental disorder. After the Kraepelin's work, the old Pinelian nosography was substituted by a new system of classification of mental diseases, and Don Quixote was considered "paranoid". Finally, after the DSM IV, the usual diagnostic is "delusional disorder". Throughout history there have been two different types of mental disorders, being only one of them considered pathological. This difference appears in English in words like "crazy" and "mad." The thesis of this essay is that Don Quixote is more a crazy than a mad man. He is trying to achieve a world full of peace, justice and love. His moral ideal is to make possible the triumph of this perfect world. This crazy goal was deeply influenced by the Erasmian ideology. And Erasmus of Rotterdam was the author of a very famous book entitled The Praise of Folly, published the year 1509, almost a century before the novel of Cervantes. In this work, the word opposite to "loco" (crazy, mad, insane) is "discreto", a word of difficult translation to English, which means at the same time "shrewd," "discreet" and "ingenious". Cervantes says at the beginning of the second part of his work, that Don Quixote is doing in it "discretas locuras" ("discreet follies", trans. Thomas Shelton, 1620; "ingenious follies", trans. Tobias G. Smollet, 1755; "shrewd lunacies", trans. John Ormsby, 1885). This mixture of cleverness and lack of moderation is considered by the author the interpretation's key of the work.

  12. Urinary deoxynivalenol (DON) and zearalenone (ZEA) as biomarkers of DON and ZEA exposure of pigs. (United States)

    Thanner, S; Czeglédi, L; Schwartz-Zimmermann, H E; Berthiller, F; Gutzwiller, A


    Four diets contaminated with 1.1 to 5.0 mg/kg deoxynivalenol (DON) and 0.4 to 2.4 mg/kg zearalenone (ZEA) were fed to four groups of six growing Large White pigs. Urine samples were collected after 3 to 4 days and again after 6 to 7 days on the diets. On each sampling day, half of the animals were sampled in the morning, after an 8-h fast, and the other half were sampled in the afternoon, after 7 h of ad libitum access to feed. The urinary concentrations of DON, DON-glucuronide, DON-3-sulphate, de-epoxy-DON, as well as of ZEA, ZEA-14-glucuronide, α-zearalenol and α-zearalenol-14-glucuronide, analysed using LC-MS/MS, were used to calculate urinary DON and ZEA equivalent concentrations (DONe and ZEAe). The urinary concentration of DONe (P < 0.001), but not of ZEAe (P = 0.31), was lower in the fasted than that in the fed animals. The urinary DONe/creatinine and ZEAe/creatinine ratios were highly correlated with DON and ZEA intake per kg body weight the day preceding sampling (r = 0.76 and 0.77; P < 0.001). The correlations between DON intake during the 7 h preceding urine sampling in the afternoon and urinary DONe/creatinine ratio (r = 0.88) as well as between mean ZEA intake during 3 days preceding urine sampling and urinary ZEAe/creatinine ratio (r = 0.84) were even higher, reflecting the plasma elimination half-time of several hours for DON and of more than 3 days for ZEA. ZEAe analysed in enzymatically hydrolysed urine using an ELISA kit was highly correlated with the LC-MS/MS data (r = 0.94). The urinary DONe and ZEAe to creatinine ratios, analysed in pooled urine samples of several pigs fed the same diet, can be used to estimate their exposure to DON and ZEA.

  13. El placer de la virtud en el universo moral de Francis Hutcheson



    Hutcheson define la virtud por su relación con la inclinación benevolente de la naturaleza humana y su proyección a través de los actos del agente moral que buscan la felicidad ajena. Los actos virtuosos son objeto del sentido moral, cuya capacidad de valorarlos va unida al sentimiento que despiertan en el observador, atento a sus consecuencias. El artículo trata de articular los conceptos fundamentales de la filosofía moral de Francis Hutcheson en torno a la definición que ofrece de virtud m...

  14. The Construction of the Lyrical Subject in Francis Ponge’s Objectual Poetry


    Begoña Capllonch


    The aim of this paper is to show how, in the case of the works of Francis Ponge, the lyrical subject of a deliberately non-subjectivist body of work can be constructed, despite – and even because of - the absence of said subject and in opposition to the object which itrecreates. Although the disappearance of the subject is a rhetorical strategy to draw attention to the object, both the linguistic features and the communicative intentionality of the texts, serveonly to define the subject in qu...

  15. Patchy Solution of a Francis-Byrnes-Isidori Partial Differential Equation

    CERN Document Server

    Aguilar, Cesar O


    The solution to the nonlinear output regulation problem requires one to solve a first order PDE, known as the Francis-Byrnes-Isidori (FBI) equations. In this paper we propose a method to compute approximate solutions to the FBI equations when the zero dynamics of the plant are hyperbolic and the exosystem is two-dimensional. With our method we are able to produce approximations that converge uniformly to the true solution. Our method relies on the periodic nature of two-dimensional analytic center manifolds.

  16. Isotopic analysis of bulk, LMW, and HMW DON d15N indicates recycled nitrogen release from marine DON (United States)

    Knapp, A. N.; Sigman, D. M.; Lipschultz, F.; Kustka, A.; Capone, D. G.


    Nitrogen (N) concentration and stable isotope ratio (d15N) measurements were made on bulk and size fractionated surface ocean dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) samples collected in the oligotrophic North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The bulk DON concentration in the upper 100 m is similar between the North Atlantic and North Pacific, between 4.5 and 5.0 uM, but the average d15N of bulk DON is significantly different, 3.9 per mil vs. air in the North Atlantic and 4.7 per mil in the North Pacific. The d15N of both bulk and HMW DON from the western tropical North Atlantic are similar to previous measurements, ~4.0 to 4.5 per mil. We report the first measurements of LMW DON d15N, which is consistently lower than HMW DON d15N. Neither the concentration nor d15N of bulk or size-fractionated DON varied with in situ N2 fixation rate, although significant variation in bulk and LMW DON d15N was observed between January and July of the same year in the western tropical North Atlantic. We propose a conceptual model to explain 1) the elevated d15N of bulk DON relative to other surface ocean N pools and fluxes, 2) the elevation of HMW DON d15N relative to LMW DON d15N, and 3) the inter-basin difference in the d15N of bulk DON. In this model, DON is produced from suspended particulate organic nitrogen (PON) without isotope fractionation because the conversion from PON to DON largely does not involve N-bearing bonds. In contrast, deamination and amide hydrolysis, with N isotope effects of 3 to 10 per mil, are major mechanisms by which DON is converted to ammonia and/or to other simple N compounds (e.g., amino acids). Thus these N-specific DON loss reactions result in an elevated d15N of residual DON relative to the parent DON and therefore also to the PON source. Moreover, the ammonium and simple organic N compounds released by microbial DON degradation are efficiently reassimilated back into the PON pool, as an integral part of the regenerated N cycle that further lowers the d15N

  17. Sleep and sleep disorders in Don Quixote. (United States)

    Iranzo, Alex; Santamaria, Joan; de Riquer, Martín


    In Don Quijote de la Mancha, Miguel de Cervantes presents Don Quixote as an amazing character of the 17th century who suffers from delusions and illusions, believing himself to be a medieval knight errant. Besides this neuropsychiatric condition, Cervantes included masterful descriptions of several sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep deprivation, disruptive loud snoring and rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder. In addition, he described the occurrence of physiological, vivid dreams and habitual, post-prandial sleepiness--the siesta. Cervantes' concept of sleep as a passive state where all cerebral activities are almost absent is in conflict with his description of abnormal behaviours during sleep and vivid, fantastic dreams. His concept of sleep was shared by his contemporary, Shakespeare, and could have been influenced by the reading of the classical Spanish book of psychiatry Examen de Ingenios (1575).

  18. Measuring, interpreting, and responding to changes in coral reefs: A challenge for biologists, geologist, and managers (United States)

    Rogers, Caroline S.; Miller, Jeff; Hubbard, Dennis K.; Rogers, Caroline S.; Lipps, Jere H.; Stanley, George D.


    What, exactly, is a coral reef? And how have the world’s reefs changed in the last several decades? What are the stressors undermining reef structure and function? Given the predicted effects of climate change, do reefs have a future? Is it possible to “manage” coral reefs for resilience? What can coral reef scientists contribute to improve protection and management of coral reefs? What insights can biologists and geologists provide regarding the persistence of coral reefs on a human timescale? What is reef change to a biologist… to a geologist?Clearly, there are many challenging questions. In this chapter, we present some of our thoughts on monitoring and management of coral reefs in US national parks in the Caribbean and western Atlantic based on our experience as members of monitoring teams. We reflect on the need to characterize and evaluate reefs, on how to conduct high-quality monitoring programs, and on what we can learn from biological and geological experiments and investigations. We explore the possibility that specific steps can be taken to “manage” coral reefs for greater resilience.

  19. From glass flowers to computer games: Examining the emergent media practices of plant biologists (United States)

    Reitmeyer, Morgan

    The goal of this project is to begin investigating the emergent media practices of current academic disciplines. This dissertation posits that Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) scholars have investigated new media use in undergraduate pedagogy, and to some extent the practices of graduate students. However, WAC scholars have yet to try to understand how Writing in the Disciplines (WID) is being impacted by emergent media. The gap might be, in part, accounted for by the complexity of researching disciplinary writing compounded by the complexity of researching new media. However, in order to both design effective undergraduate curriculum and partner with peers across the discipline, this research must take place. This dissertation proposes a mixed method process, consisting of textual analysis, interviews and observations, in order to understand emergent media writing in the disciplines. Specifically, this research focuses on the practices of plant biologists online publication, online professionalization, and changing use of databases. This preliminary study reflects on the research practices that could be used to gather this information, as well what rhetoric and composition scholars have to gain from this type of difficult work.

  20. Speeding up ecological and evolutionary computations in R; essentials of high performance computing for biologists. (United States)

    Visser, Marco D; McMahon, Sean M; Merow, Cory; Dixon, Philip M; Record, Sydne; Jongejans, Eelke


    Computation has become a critical component of research in biology. A risk has emerged that computational and programming challenges may limit research scope, depth, and quality. We review various solutions to common computational efficiency problems in ecological and evolutionary research. Our review pulls together material that is currently scattered across many sources and emphasizes those techniques that are especially effective for typical ecological and environmental problems. We demonstrate how straightforward it can be to write efficient code and implement techniques such as profiling or parallel computing. We supply a newly developed R package (aprof) that helps to identify computational bottlenecks in R code and determine whether optimization can be effective. Our review is complemented by a practical set of examples and detailed Supporting Information material (S1-S3 Texts) that demonstrate large improvements in computational speed (ranging from 10.5 times to 14,000 times faster). By improving computational efficiency, biologists can feasibly solve more complex tasks, ask more ambitious questions, and include more sophisticated analyses in their research.

  1. The Plant Detectives: innovative undergraduate teaching to inspire the next generation of plant biologists

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elizabeth Ann Beckmann


    Full Text Available Encouraging more students to embrace plant science research is an urgent global priority. We have evolved a second year undergraduate course from a standard lecture/practical format into an innovative research-led learning design that gives students hands-on experience of cutting-edge plant science research and specialist instrumentation. By making tangible the links between plant genetics, biochemistry, physiology and function, the active learning curriculum extends students to their limits, and gives them insights into the multi-faceted nature of plant science research. Using genetically-mapped mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana, we challenge our students to apply their conceptual learning immediately to identify 'unknown' genetic mutations affecting plant form and function. By exposing students early in their student careers to the challenges, rigours and excitement of plant science research, we have helped them grow quickly into astute researchers who truly deserve the title 'Plant Detectives'. Many have become motivated to continue their studies as plant biologists in research-focused honours (pre-doctoral and doctoral programs.

  2. Polarized Light Experiment, Presa Don Martin, Mexico (United States)


    This is a single scene from a pair (frames 021 and 024) to study the effects of polarized light in Earth Observations. One scene was exposed with vertically polarized light, the other, horizontally. The subject in this study, is a lake behind Presa (dam) Don Martin (27.5N, 100.5W) on thge edge of the Rio Grande Plain near it's boundry with the Sierra Madre Oriental in Coahuila, Mexico.

  3. On the performance of a high head Francis turbine at design and off-design conditions (United States)

    Aakti, B.; Amstutz, O.; Casartelli, E.; Romanelli, G.; Mangani, L.


    In the present paper, fully 360 degrees transient and steady-state simulations of a Francis turbine were performed at three operating conditions, namely at part load (PL), best efficiency point (BEP), and high load (HL), using different numerical approaches for the pressure-velocity coupling. The simulation domain includes the spiral casing with stay and guide vanes, the runner and the draft tube. The main target of the investigations is the numerical prediction of the overall performance of the high head Francis turbine model as well as local and integral quantities of the complete machine in different operating conditions. All results were compared with experimental data published by the workshop organization. All CFD simulations were performed at model scale with a new in-house, 3D, unstructured, object-oriented finite volume code within the framework of the open source OpenFOAM library. The novel fully coupled pressure-based solver is designed to solve the incompressible RANS- Equations and is capable of handling multiple references of frame (MRF). The obtained results show that the overall performance is well captured by the simulations. Regarding the local flow distributions within the inlet section of the draft-tube, the axial velocity is better estimated than the circumferential component.

  4. Development and validation of the Bush-Francis Catatonia Rating Scale – Brazilian version

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Letícia Santos Nunes

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT Objective: This article aims to describe the adaptation and translation process of the Bush-Francis Catatonia Rating Scale (BFCRS and its reduced version, the Bush-Francis Catatonia Screening Instrument (BFCSI for Brazilian Portuguese, as well as its validation. Methods: Semantic equivalence processes included four steps: translation, back translation, evaluation of semantic equivalence and a pilot-study. Validation consisted of simultaneous applications of the instrument in Portuguese by two examiners in 30 catatonic and 30 non-catatonic patients. Results: Total scores averaged 20.07 for the complete scale and 7.80 for its reduced version among catatonic patients, compared with 0.47 and 0.20 among non-catatonic patients, respectively. Overall values of inter-rater reliability of the instruments were 0.97 for the BFCSI and 0.96 for the BFCRS. Conclusion: The scale's version in Portuguese proved to be valid and was able to distinguish between catatonic and non-catatonic patients. It was also reliable, with inter-evaluator reliability indexes as high as those of the original instrument.

  5. Transient pressure measurements at part load operating condition of a high head model Francis turbine

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)



    Hydraulic turbines are operating at part load conditions depending on availability of hydraulic energy or to meet the grid requirements. The turbine experiences more fatigue during the part load operating conditions due to flow phenomena such as vortex breakdown in the draft tube and flow instability in the runner.The present paper focuses on the investigation of a high head model Francis turbine operating at 50% load.Pressure measurements have been carried out experimentally on a model Francis turbine. Total six pressure sensors were mounted inside the turbine and other two pressure sensors were mounted at the turbine inlet pipe. It is observed that the turbine experiences significant pressure fluctuations at the vaneless space and the runner.Moreover, a standing wave is observed between the pressure tank outlet and the turbine inlet. Analysis of the data acquired by the pressure sensors mounted in the draft tube showed the presence of vortex breakdown corotating with the runner. The detailed analysis showed the rotating and plunging components of the vortex breakdown. The influence of the rotating component was observed in the entire hydraulic circuit includingdistributor and turbine inlet but not the plunging one.

  6. Progress in load prediction for speed-no-load operation in Francis turbines (United States)

    Mende, C.; Weber, W.; Seidel, U.


    Francis turbines are increasingly required to operate from 0-100% of power output. For the design of these turbines, a sound understanding of formerly “off-design” operating points, e.g. speed-no-load, is necessary. One way to assess loads at these operating points is to apply scale resolving CFD methods in order to account for the broad-band turbulence spectrum. This results in stochastic load patterns, which are characteristic for these off-design points. In this paper, two CFD approaches for scale resolving simulations are applied to a Francis model turbine to resolve the larger anisotropic scales in turbine flow at speed-no-load operation. The first uses a hybrid RANS-LES model presented by Menter & Egorov [2]. Here the resolved scales are adapted continuously by RANS-LES blending based on the actual flow condition. The second approach is a LES with a dynamic model based on Germano et al. [3]. For both approaches, spectra of resulting pressure fluctuations at the draft tube cone wall are presented. Additionally, pressure loads from LES are applied to calculate mean and dynamic stresses. The dynamic stresses are finally compared with measurements in the corresponding prototype turbine.

  7. Stress predictions in a Francis turbine at no-load operating regime (United States)

    Morissette, JF; Chamberland-Lauzon, J.; Nennemann, B.; Monette, C.; Giroux, AM; Coutu, A.; Nicolle, J.


    In the operation of hydraulic turbines, no-load and very low load conditions are among the most damaging. Even though there is no power generation, there is still a significant amount of energy which has to be entirely dissipated, mainly in the runner, where the flow is quite complex, with large scale unsteady and chaotic vortices resulting from partial pumping. This paper presents different approaches to perform stress analyses at low load conditions on a Francis turbine, taking into account the pressure fluctuations on the runner blades due to the large stochastic flow structures inherent in no-load operating regimes. With appropriate mesh density and time step, unsteady computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations using the SAS-SST turbulence model can be used on a Francis runner to predict the pressure fluctuations with reasonable accuracy when compared to measurements. These calculated pressure loads can then be used to predict the dynamic stresses with finite-element analyses (FEA). Different approaches are discussed ranging from quasi-static single-blade models to full runner time- dependent one-way fluid-structure interaction (FSI). Pros and cons of the different modelling strategies will be discussed in a detailed analysis of the structural results with comparisons to experimental data. Once the time signal of the stochastic stress at no-load conditions is obtained, the runner fatigue damage related to this operating condition can be estimated using different tools such as time signal extrapolation and rainflow counting.

  8. Ecos literarios y memoria cartográfica del Famous Voyage de Francis Drake

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    García Redondo, José María


    Full Text Available Despite the English policy of secrecy, the news on Francis Drake’s circumnavigation travel was disseminated and fostered by foreign nations. In this article, we analyse the images of the corsair and his voyage across the Pacific in the Golden Age of Spanish Literature, as well as their representations in cartography, both for propaganda purposes and as an instrument of geographical knowledge production.Pese a quedar en secreto por la diplomacia inglesa, las noticias del viaje de circunnavegación de Francis Drake fueron difundidas y alimentadas por las naciones extranjeras. En este artículo analizamos las imágenes del corsario y de su paso por el océano Pacífico en la literatura española del Siglo de Oro, así como sus representaciones en la cartografía, como elemento de propaganda y de elaboración del conocimiento geográfico.

  9. CFD simulations of transient load change on a high head Francis turbine (United States)

    Jakobsen, Ken-Robert G.; Aasved Holst, Martin


    Motivated by the importance of better understanding the structural integrity of high-head hydraulic turbines operating at intermittent conditions, complete 360º steady-state and transient simulations of a Francis turbine are presented in this paper. The main target of the work has been to investigate different numerical approaches such as mesh deformation for different operating conditions. Steady-state simulations were performed at the best efficiency point (BEP) and used as initial conditions for the transient simulations considering load rejection from BEP to part load (BEP2PL) and during load acceptance from BEP to high load (BEP2HL). Simulation results were compared with experimental data available for the Francis-99 project where close agreement was found for the mesh independent solution. The transient load analyses showed general trends in accordance with the measurement reports, especially for the pressure in vaneless space that is of high importance regarding RSI effects. Some deviations were identified for the net head at load rejection for which further investigations will be conducted. All CFD simulations were performed at model scale with ANSYS CFX v. 17 at either 96 or 120 cores (2.60 GHz). The immersed boundary technique was tested during the initial stages of the project, but had to be abandoned due to severe memory requirements. Pressure amplitudes and other instantaneous results were not considered.

  10. Design and development of guide vane cascade for a low speed number Francis turbine

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Biraj Singh THAPA; Chirag TRIVEDI; Ole Gunnar DAHLHAUG


    Guide vane cascade of a low speed number Francis turbine is developed for the experimental investigations. The test setup is able to produce similar velocity distributions at the runner inlet as that of a reference prototype turbine. Standard analytical methods are used to design the reference turbine. Periodic walls of flow channel between guide vanes are identified as the starting profile for the boundary of the cascade. Two alternative designs with three guide vanes and two guide vanes, without runner, are studied. A new approach, for the hydraulic design and optimization of the cascade test setup layout, is proposed and investigated in details. CFD based optimization methods are used to define the final layout of the test setup. The optimum design is developed as a test setup and experimental validation is done with PIV methods. The optimized design of cascade with one guide vane between two flow channels is found to produce similar flow conditions to that in the runner inlet of a low speed number Francis turbine.

  11. Numerical predictions of pressure pulses in a Francis pump turbine with misali-gned guide vanes

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    肖业祥; 王正伟; 张瑾; 罗永要


    Previous experimental and numerical analyses of the pressure pulse characteristics in a Francis turbine are extended here by using the unsteady Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations with the shear stress transport (SST) turbulence model to model the unsteady flow within the entire flow passage of a large Francis pump turbine with misaligned guide vanes at the rated rotational speed. The S-curve characteristics are analyzed by a combined use of the model test and the steady state simulation with the aligned guide vane firstly. Four misaligned guide vanes with two different openings are chosen to analyze the influence of pressure pulses in the turbine. The characteristics of the dominant unsteady flow frequencies in different parts of the pump turbine for various misaligned guide vane openings are investigated in detail. The predicted hydraulic performance and the pressure fluctuations show that the misaligned guide vanes reduce the relative pressure fluctuation amplitudes in the stationary part of the flow passage, but not the runner blades. The misaligned guide vanes have changed the low frequencies in the entire flow passage with the change of the pulse amplitudes mainly due to changes in the rotor-stator interaction and the low frequency vortex rope flow behavior.

  12. Francis Bacon's natural history and the Senecan natural histories of early modern Europe. (United States)

    Jalobeanu, Dana


    At various stages in his career, Francis Bacon claimed to have reformed and changed traditional natural history in such a way that his new "natural and experimental history" was unlike any of its ancient or humanist predecessors. Surprisingly, such claims have gone largely unquestioned in Baconian scholarship. Contextual readings of Bacon's natural history have compared it, so far, only with Plinian or humanist natural history. This paper investigates a different form of natural history, very popular among Bacon's contemporaries, but yet unexplored by contemporary students of Bacon's works. I have provisionally called this form of natural history'Senecan' natural history, partly because it took shape in the Neo-Stoic revival of the sixteenth-century, partly because it originates in a particular cosmographical reading of Seneca's Naturales quaestiones. I discuss in this paper two examples of Senecan natural history: the encyclopedic and cosmographical projects of Pierre de la Primaudaye (1546-1619) and Samuel Purchas (1577-1626). I highlight a number of similarities between these two projects and Francis Bacon's natural history, and argue that Senecan natural history forms an important aspect in the historical and philosophical background that needs to be taken into consideration if we want to understand the extent to which Bacon's project to reform natural history can be said to be new.

  13. Hydrodynamic damping and stiffness prediction in Francis turbine runners using CFD (United States)

    Nennemann, Bernd; Monette, Christine; Chamberland-Lauzon, Joël


    Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) has a major impact on the dynamic response of the structural components of hydroelectric turbines. On mid- to high-head Francis runners, the rotor-stator interaction (RSI) phenomenon has to be considered carefully during the design phase to avoid operational issues on the prototype machine. The RSI dynamic response amplitudes of the runner are driven by three main factors: (1) pressure forcing amplitudes, (2) excitation frequencies in relation to natural frequencies and (3) damping. All three of the above factors are significantly influenced by both mechanical and hydraulic parameters. The prediction of the first two factors has been largely documented in the literature. However, the prediction of hydro-dynamic damping has only recently and only partially been treated. Two mode-based approaches (modal work and coupled single degree of freedom) for the prediction of flow-added dynamic parameters using separate finite element analyses (FEA) in still water and unsteady computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analyses are presented. The modal motion is connected to the time resolved CFD calculation by means of dynamic mesh deformation. This approach has partially been presented in a previous paper applied to a simplified hydrofoil. The present work extends the approach to Francis runners under RSI loading. In particular the travelling wave mode shapes of turbine runners are considered. Reasonable agreement with experimental results is obtained in parts of the operating range.

  14. Hydraulic design of a low-specific speed Francis runner for a hydraulic cooling tower (United States)

    Ruan, H.; Luo, X. Q.; Liao, W. L.; Zhao, Y. P.


    The air blower in a cooling tower is normally driven by an electromotor, and the electric energy consumed by the electromotor is tremendous. The remaining energy at the outlet of the cooling cycle is considerable. This energy can be utilized to drive a hydraulic turbine and consequently to rotate the air blower. The purpose of this project is to recycle energy, lower energy consumption and reduce pollutant discharge. Firstly, a two-order polynomial is proposed to describe the blade setting angle distribution law along the meridional streamline in the streamline equation. The runner is designed by the point-to-point integration method with a specific blade setting angle distribution. Three different ultra-low-specificspeed Francis runners with different wrap angles are obtained in this method. Secondly, based on CFD numerical simulations, the effects of blade setting angle distribution on pressure coefficient distribution and relative efficiency have been analyzed. Finally, blade angles of inlet and outlet and control coefficients of blade setting angle distribution law are optimal variables, efficiency and minimum pressure are objective functions, adopting NSGA-II algorithm, a multi-objective optimization for ultra-low-specific speed Francis runner is carried out. The obtained results show that the optimal runner has higher efficiency and better cavitation performance.

  15. The influence of deoxynivalenol (DON on hemoleucogram components at rats

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marioara Nicoleta FILIMON


    Full Text Available Mycotoxins are considered to be natural substances produced by fungi, infecting cereals and other agricultural products. The study was conducted on 20 male Sprague-Dowley rats which received feed with known concentration of DON. The animals were divided in 4 groups: Group I - control group, group II - 3 mg//Kgc DON, group III - 5 mg/Kgc DON, group IV - 9 mg/Kgc DON. The blood samples were taken and the main components of bloods were analyzed: erythrocytes, platelets, leucocytes, Ht. (hematocrit, Hb. (concentration hemoglobin. Variations of blood parameters give information regarding the influence of DON on functionality of cardiovascular and excretory system. Administration of DON contaminated feeds determined at Sprague-Dowley rats a decrease of erythrocytes and platelets with each increasing dose (p 0.05 were observed regarding the number of leucocytes.

  16. Cross-reactivity of some commercially available DON and ZEN immunoaffinity columns to DON and ZEN conjugated forms and metabolites


    Versilovskis, Aleksandrs; Huybrecht, Bart; Tangni, Emmanuel K; Luc, Pussemier; De Saeger, Sarah; Callebaut, Alfons


    Abstract Abstract Seven commercially available deoxynivalenol (DON) and zearalenone (ZEN) immunoaffinity columns (IACs) were tested for cross-reactivity to conjugated forms (3-acetyl-deoxynivalenol, 15-acetyl-deoxynivalenol, DON-3-glucoside, DON-3-glucuronide, ZEN-glucosides, ZEN-glucuronide) and metabolites (de-epoxydeoxynivalenol, ?-zearalenol, ?-zearalenol) and nivalenol (NIV), using a semi-quantitative multi-mycotoxin ultra performance liquid chromatography ? tandem ...

  17. Measuring Attitude toward Theistic Faith: Assessing the Astley-Francis Scale among Christian, Muslim and Secular Youth in England (United States)

    Francis, Leslie J.; Brockett, Adrian; Village, Andrew


    Alongside a family of instruments designed to measure the attitudinal dimension of religion within specific faith contexts (Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism), the Astley-Francis Scale of Attitude toward Theistic Faith was designed to assess the attitudinal dimension of religion within a multifaith context. Drawing on a sample of 4338…

  18. Aesthetic of the subversion and the violence in Francis Bacon and Frida Kahlo’s WorKs of Art

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Catarina Pinheiro


    Full Text Available Having Frida Kahlo and Francis Bacon ́s work as a starting point, the authors discuss the dimensions of violence and trauma present in their creative forms and on the impact produced on the spectator. They also reflect on its connections with the clinic on the impact/countertransference phenomenon and its transformational possibilities.

  19. 76 FR 41810 - Francis Proposed Low-Effect Habitat Conservation Plan for the Morro Shoulderband Snail, Los Osos... (United States)


    ... Shoulderband Snail, Los Osos, San Luis Obispo County, CA AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior. ACTION... the potential for ``take'' of the Federally endangered Morro shoulderband snail (Helminthoglypta... includes the Francis Low-Effect Habitat Conservation Plan for the Morro Shoulderband Snail (HCP) that...

  20. Don't be such a scientist talking substance in an age of style

    CERN Document Server

    Olson, Randy


    How to relate scientific information in a way that entertains and enlightens? After twenty years as a marine biologist, a Ph.D. from Harvard, a tenured professorship at the University of New Hampshire, and more than twenty published research papers, why is Dr. Randy Olson telling readers, 'Don't Be Such a Scientist'? The hard-earned advice comes from a fifteen-year career transition to filmmaking, culminating in the acclaimed documentaries "Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus" and "Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy". In his first book, Olson makes clear what those glued to their microscopes and climate models may not recognize: the general public doesn't speak science. For better or worse, most of us rely not on intellect, but on what Olson terms the organs of mass communication: the heart, the gut, and even 'the lower organs'. Why else do some still question the existence of global warming or evolution when the evidence is irrefutable? Drawing on his own hilarious - and at times humiliating...

  1. Cognitive empathy in inter-disciplinary research: the contrasting attitudes of plant breeders and molecular biologists towards rice

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    E Haribabu


    I draw attention to the perceptions of and interactions between molecular biologists and scientists engaged in plant breeding in India, who have been attempting to employ molecular biology tools to understand and intervene to improve the rice crop. The present essay suggests that the concept of cognitive empathy is crucial for enabling basic scientists and applied scientists to begin to understand phenomena from the point of view of the other and from the point of view of society at large, and in arriving at solutions that are scientifically feasible and socially acceptable. Socialization into disciplinary cultures, organizational factors and individual anxieties seem to inhibit inter-disciplinary collaboration. The majority of rice breeders and a small group of molecular biologists emphasize the relative merits of marker-assisted selection (MAS) in the near term vis-à-vis the currently controversial transgenic approach for rice crop improvement in India.

  2. Dynamic Stresses in a Francis Turbine Runner Based on Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    XIAO Ruofu; WANG Zhengwei; LUO Yongyao


    Fatigue and cracks have occurred in many large hydraulic turbines after they were put into production.The cracks are thought to be due to dynamic stresses in the runner caused by hydraulic forces.Computational fluid dynamics(CFD)simulations that included the spiral case,stay vane,guide vane,runner vane.and draft tube were run at various operating points to analyze the pressure distribution on the runner surface and the stress characteristics in the runner due to the fluid-structure interactions(FSl).The dynamic stresses in the Francis turbine runner at the most dangerous operating point were then analyzed.The results show that the dynamic stresses caused by the hydraulic forces during off-design operating points are one of the main reasons for the fatigue and cracks in the runner blade.The results can be used to optimize the runner and to analyze other critical components in the hydraulic turbine.

  3. Modelling and Internal Fuzzy Model Power Control of a Francis Water Turbine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Klemen Nagode


    Full Text Available This paper presents dynamic modelling of a Francis turbine with a surge tank and the control of a hydro power plant (HPP. Non-linear and linear models include technical parameters and show high similarity to measurement data. Turbine power control with an internal model control (IMC is proposed, based on a turbine fuzzy model. Considering appropriate control responses in the entire area of turbine power, the model parameters of the process are determined from a fuzzy model, which are further included in the internal model controller. The results are compared to a proportional-integral (PI controller tuned with an integral absolute error (IAE objective function, and show an improved response of internal model control.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    In this article, the three-dimensional unsteady multiphase flow is simulated in the whole passage of Francis hydraulic turbine. The pressure pulsation is predicted and compared with experimental data at positions in the draft tube, in front of runner, guide vanes and at the inlet of the spiral case. The relationship between pressure pulsation in the whole passage and air admission is analyzed. The computational results show: air admission from spindle hole decreases the pressure difference in the horizontal section of draft tube, which in turn decreases the amplitude of low-frequency pressure pulsation in the draft tube; the rotor-stator interaction between the air inlet and the runner increases the blade-frequency pressure pulsation in front of the runner.

  5. Numerical investigation of flow structure and pressure pulsation in the Francis-99 turbine during startup (United States)

    Minakov, A.; Sentyabov, A.; Platonov, D.


    We performed numerical simulation of flow in a laboratory model of a Francis hydroturbine at startup regimes. Numerical technique for calculating of low frequency pressure pulsations in a water turbine is based on the use of DES (k-ω Shear Stress Transport) turbulence model and the approach of “frozen rotor”. The structure of the flow behind the runner of turbine was analysed. Shows the effect of flow structure on the frequency and intensity of non-stationary processes in the flow path. Two version of the inlet boundary conditions were considered. The first one corresponded measured time dependence of the discharge. Comparison of the calculation results with the experimental data shows the considerable delay of the discharge in this calculation. Second version corresponded linear approximation of time dependence of the discharge. This calculation shows good agreement with experimental results.

  6. Adam Smith e Francis Ysidro Edgeworth: uma crítica do utilitarismo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Solange Regina Marin


    Full Text Available Sugerimos, nesse trabalho, a investigação das concepções de Adam Smith e a de Francis Ysidro Edgeworth do utilitarismo. Ambas as concepções foram utilizadas para desenvolver a Ciência Econômica. Porém, também apresentaram as limitações da teoria econômica, cujas fronteiras vislumbradas pelos autores remetem para a necessidade de avaliar as ações e condutas humanas com teoria moral diferente do utilitarismo. Entendemos que a teoria moral de Adam Smith, esquecida pela história do pensamento econômico, se apresenta como alternativa e, em decorrência, uma ideia promissora para aperfeiçoar o estudo das ações e condutas ditas econômicas.

  7. A world in one dimension: Linus Pauling, Francis Crick and the central dogma of molecular biology. (United States)

    Strasser, Bruno J


    In 1957, Francis Crick outlined a startling vision of life in which the great diversity of forms and shapes of macromolecules was encoded in the one-dimensional sequence of nucleic acids. This paper situates Crick's new vision in the debates of the 1950s about protein synthesis and gene action. After exploring the reception of Crick's ideas, it shows how they differed radically from a different model of protein synthesis which enjoyed wide currency in that decade. In this alternative model, advocated by Linus Pauling and other luminaries, three-dimensional templates directed the folding of proteins. Even though it was always considered somewhat speculative, this theory was supported by a number of empirical results originating in different experimental systems. It was eventually replaced by a model in which the forms and shapes of macromolecules resulted solely from their amino acid sequence, dramatically simplifying the problem of protein synthesis which Crick was attempting to solve in 1957.

  8. Sir Francis Galton, epigenetic rules, genetic similarity theory, and human life-history analysis. (United States)

    Rushton, J P


    In this article, an evolutionary perspective is applied to individual differences. Among the issues discussed are (a) the seminal contributions of Francis Galton and the subsequent ideological reaction, (b) the distal proximal continuum for understanding levels of explanation in social behavior, (c) consistent patterns of group differences in behavior (age, sex, social class,and race), (d) the heritability of personality and the role epigenetic rules play in guiding development in one direction over alternatives, (e) the genetic similarity theory perspective on friendship and mate choice, and (f) the view that personality is part of an r-K reproductive strategy involving a compensatory exchange between the production of gametes and parental care. It is suggested in conclusion that personality traits be considered aspects of a coordinated life cycle deeply embedded m evolutionary history.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Li-xiang; WANG Wen-quan; GUO Yakun


    The turbulent flow, with the Reynolds number of 5.9 105, in the strongly 3-D skew blade passage of a true Francis hydro turbine was simulated by the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) approach to investigate the spatial and temporal distributions of the fully developed turbulence in the passage with strongly 3-D complex geometry. The simulations show that the strong three-dimensionality of the passage has a great amplification effect on the turbulence in the passage, and the distributions of the turbulence are diversely nonuniform, for instance, the rise of turbulent kinetic energy in the lower 1/3 region of the passage is more than 45%, whereas its rise in the upper 1/3 region is less than 1%. With the LES approach, the details of the flow structures at the near-wall surfaces of the blades could be obtained. Several turbulent spots were captured.

  10. Images of trauma: pain, recognition, and disavowal in the works of Frida Kahlo and Francis Bacon. (United States)

    Bose, Joerg


    The role of art in the encounter with trauma and destructiveness is comparatively studied in the works of Frida Kahlo and Francis Bacon as examples of a direct and a more indirect way of dealing with such experiences. A creative product may function intrapsychically as a kind of messenger between dissociated self-states and consciousness, and it may also serve as a witnessing presence in a self-supporting and self-constituting way. Artistic work may thus be used by the artist for an expressive as well as for a protective purpose, as a means of sympathetic participation in painful experience, or as a medium for a view from the outside. The act itself of finding and of making expressive forms at the time of traumatic experience is a remarkable assertion of the human capability to synthesize and to counteract fragmenting dissociative processes.

  11. Special article: Francis Hoeffer McMechan, MD: creator of modern anesthesiology? (United States)

    Bacon, Douglas R


    If one person can be credited with the creation of the infrastructure of modern anesthesiology, that individual would be Francis Hoeffer McMechan. He has been largely forgotten since his death in 1939 despite his remarkable and enduring accomplishments. McMechan edited the first national journal devoted to anesthesiology, created and managed almost all of the national and regional societies devoted to the specialty between 1912 and his death, and created the first international physician certification as a specialist in anesthesiology. His accomplishments are even more amazing given the severe arthritis that left him wheelchair-bound for almost his entire professional life and denied him the ability to practice anesthesia. Our specialty owes an incredible debt to this largely unknown and unsung hero.

  12. Francis Bacon's concept of objectivity and the idols of the mind. (United States)

    Zagorin, P


    This paper examines the concept of objectivity traceable in Francis Bacon's natural philosophy. After some historical background on this concept, it considers the question of whether it is not an anachronism to attribute such a concept to Bacon, since the word 'objectivity' is a later coinage and does not appear anywhere in his writings. The essay gives reasons for answering this question in the negative, and then criticizes the accounts given of Bacon's understanding of objectivity by Lorraine Daston and Julie Robin Solomon. It argues that this understanding is most directly and fully expressed in his discussion of the idols of the mind. In this connection, the paper notes Bacon's critical attitude to sixteenth-century scepticism and its relevance to the idea of objectivity implicit in his comments on the idols. In conclusion, the paper argues that Bacon was not a pure empiricist and describes the place assigned to theories and hypotheses in his natural philosophy.

  13. Don Quijote, el escribidor y el escritor



    In his diverse critical studies, Mario Vargas Llosa has shown particular interest in reflecting on Miguel de Cervantes’s novelistic theory in accordance with his own concerns as a scholar and novelist. Suffice it to read the essay “Una novela para el siglo XXI” that he wrote in 2005 as an introduction to the edition of Don Quijote prepared to celebrate the IV Centenario, to make sure that Vargas Llosa “reads” Cervantes in accordance with his own reflections on the theory of the novel, fanatic...

  14. Don Quijote, el escribidor y el escritor



    In his diverse critical studies, Mario Vargas Llosa has shown particular interest in reflecting on Miguel de Cervantes’s novelistic theory in accordance with his own concerns as a scholar and novelist. Suffice it to read the essay “Una novela para el siglo XXI” that he wrote in 2005 as an introduction to the edition of Don Quijote prepared to celebrate the IV Centenario, to make sure that Vargas Llosa “reads” Cervantes in accordance with his own reflections on the theory of the novel, fanatic...

  15. Colombianos de ayer. Don Ezequiel Uricochea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Víctor Sánchez Montenegro


    Full Text Available El general Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera había sido electo presidente por cuarta vez para el período presidencial de 1866 a 1868, según la reforma de la Constitución de Rionegro. La oposición se desencadenó casi al instante de la inauguración de su gobierno. En "El Mensajero" lo combatían sin tregua don Santiago Pérez, Tomás Cuenca y Felipe Zapata.

  16. Turbulence Resolving Flow Simulations of a Francis Turbine in Part Load using Highly Parallel CFD Simulations (United States)

    Krappel, Timo; Riedelbauch, Stefan; Jester-Zuerker, Roland; Jung, Alexander; Flurl, Benedikt; Unger, Friedeman; Galpin, Paul


    The operation of Francis turbines in part load conditions causes high fluctuations and dynamic loads in the turbine and especially in the draft tube. At the hub of the runner outlet a rotating vortex rope within a low pressure zone arises and propagates into the draft tube cone. The investigated part load operating point is at about 72% discharge of best efficiency. To reduce the possible influence of boundary conditions on the solution, a flow simulation of a complete Francis turbine is conducted consisting of spiral case, stay and guide vanes, runner and draft tube. As the flow has a strong swirling component for the chosen operating point, it is very challenging to accurately predict the flow and in particular the flow losses in the diffusor. The goal of this study is to reach significantly better numerical prediction of this flow type. This is achieved by an improved resolution of small turbulent structures. Therefore, the Scale Adaptive Simulation SAS-SST turbulence model - a scale resolving turbulence model - is applied and compared to the widely used RANS-SST turbulence model. The largest mesh contains 300 million elements, which achieves LES-like resolution throughout much of the computational domain. The simulations are evaluated in terms of the hydraulic losses in the machine, evaluation of the velocity field, pressure oscillations in the draft tube and visual comparisons of turbulent flow structures. A pre-release version of ANSYS CFX 17.0 is used in this paper, as this CFD solver has a parallel performance up to several thousands of cores for this application which includes a transient rotor-stator interface to support the relative motion between the runner and the stationary portions of the water turbine.

  17. Reading "Las Meninas": An Ekphrastic Approach to Teaching "Don Quijote" (United States)

    Ortuno, Marian


    Reading and teaching "Don Quijote" present multiple challenges to twenty-first century students and instructors who are culturally and historically distanced from the seventeenth century. With "Las Meninas" serving as a visual lexicon for cuing correlative themes and events in "Don Quijote", the instructor, through an ekphrastic, interdisciplinary…

  18. Measuring the continuum linear polarization with ESPaDOnS

    CERN Document Server

    Pereyra, A; Martioli, E


    Our goal is to test the feasibility to obtain accurate measurements of the continuum linear polarization from high-resolution spectra using the spectropolarimetric mode of ESPaDOnS. We used the new pipeline OPERA to reduce recent and archived ESPaDOnS data. A couple of standard polarization stars and several science objects were tested. Synthetic broad-band polarization was computed from the ESPaDOnS continuum linear polarization spectra and compared with published values to quantify the accuracy of the instrument. The continuum linear polarization measured by ESPaDOnS is consistent with the broad-band polarimetry measurements available in the literature. The polarization degree accuracy is better than 0.2% considering the full sample. The accuracy in polarization position angle using the most polarized objects is better than 5deg. Our results suggest that measurements of the continuum linear polarization using ESPaDOnS are viable.

  19. Sir Francis Joseph Campbell and His Family: The First Family in Professional Services for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired (United States)

    Welsh, Richard L.


    The author discusses the pivotal roles of Sir Francis Campbell (1832-1914) and members of his family, especially his son Charles Campbell, in the evolution of the blindness field to a professional and reason-based service.

  20. Don Quijote o la mismidad de Cervantes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ernesto Cortés Ahumada


    Full Text Available Ahora tenemos que don Miguel era un pobre diablo, un mísero ente, todo inseguridad y a merced del primer viento, que, a las mil y una vueltas de su vida, escribió nada menos que el "Quijote" ¡El Cervantes de aquella España errabunda y a la intemperie, de aquella Iberia con vocación de alondra; una España que brotó en el planeta con la misión de quinta esencia las potencialidades fabulosas del gesto gallardo, como el de Ercilla en América, como los de Leiva y Oquendo en Inglaterra, como el de los soldados de los tercios de Italia!

  1. Don quijote, Christelike geloof en natuurwetenskap 1

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. P.P. Lötter


    Full Text Available The story about Don Qulchote and the windmills is used in this article as an analogy to typify the debates that have taken place in history between natural science and representatives of Christian religion. The analogy is tested on debates that took place around Galileo. Darwin, Newton, Cuvier and the Big Bang theory. The analogy matches these debates quite well and this Is explained by the view that scientific claims to knowledge, and claims to knowledge based on Christian faith, belong to different categories and are thus not concurrents for the same truth. Gilbert Ryle's criticism on Descartes' mind-body dualism is used here to strengthen this argument. The article is concluded by pointing out in what ways one can engage in a meaningful debate on the nature of the relationship between science and Christian religion.

  2. We don't need another hero. (United States)

    Badaracco, J L


    Everybody loves the stories of heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, and Gandhi. But the heroic model of moral leadership usually doesn't work in the corporate world. Modesty and restraint are largely responsible for the achievements of the most effective moral leaders in business. The author, a specialist in business ethics, says the quiet leaders he has studied follow four basic rules in meeting ethical challenges and making decisions. The rules constitute an important resource for executives who want to encourage the development of such leaders among their middle managers. The first rule is "Put things off till tomorrow." The passage of time allows turbulent waters to calm and lets leaders' moral instincts emerge. "Pick your battles" means that quiet leaders don't waste political capital on fights they can't win; they save it for occasions when they really want to fight. "Bend the rules, don't break them" sounds easier than it is--bending the rules in order to resolve a complicated situation requires imagination, discipline, restraint, flexibility, and entrepreneurship. The fourth rule, "Find a compromise," reflects the author's finding that quiet leaders try not to see situations as polarized tests of ethical principles. These individuals work hard to craft compromises that are "good enough"--responsible and workable enough--to satisfy themselves, their companies, and their customers. The vast majority of difficult problems are solved through the consistent striving of people working far from the limelight. Their quiet approach to leadership doesn't inspire, thrill, or provide story lines for uplifting TV shows. But the unglamorous efforts of quiet leaders make a tremendous difference every day in the corporate world.

  3. Quantum Physics for Scientists and Technologists Fundamental Principles and Applications for Biologists, Chemists, Computer Scientists, and Nanotechnologists

    CERN Document Server

    Sanghera, Paul


    Presenting quantum physics for the non-physicists, Quantum Physics for Scientists and Technologists is a self-contained, cohesive, concise, yet comprehensive, story of quantum physics from the fields of science and technology, including computer science, biology, chemistry, and nanotechnology. The authors explain the concepts and phenomena in a practical fashion with only a minimum amount of math. Examples from, and references to, computer science, biology, chemistry, and nanotechnology throughout the book make the material accessible to biologists, chemists, computer scientists, and non-techn

  4. Fukuyama : kõigepealt hea valitsus, siis demokraatia ja ajaloo lõpp / Francis Fukuyama ; interv. Nathan Gardels

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Fukuyama, Francis


    Francis Fukuyama sõnul vajab riik oma arenguks esmajoones head valitsemist. Kõige olulisem on, et oleks toimiv riik, mis suudab tagada julgeoleku ja majandusarengu elementaarsed tingimused. Iraagi praeguste probleemide põhjus on selles, et USA ei suutnud ette näha, kuidas riik Saddami kukkudes kokku variseb, kuid tuleb mõista, et aeg-ajalt on USA ja kogu maailma huvides kusagil maailma nurgas riigi ehitamine tõsiselt ette võtta, ütleb autor

  5. Numerical analysis of solid–liquidtwo-phase turbulent flow in Francis turbine runner with splitter bladesin sandy water

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hua Hong


    Full Text Available As the key component of a hydroelectric power generation system, hydraulic turbine plays a decisive role in the overall performance of the system. There are many sandy rivers in the world, and turbines working in these rivers are seriously damaged. Therefore, the research of flow in sandy water has great theoretical significance and practical value. Based on the specific hydrological conditions of a hydropower station, the solid–liquid two-phase flow in the whole flow passage of a Francis turbine with splitter blades in sandy water was numerically studied. A geometric model of the whole flow passage of the Francis turbine was established on the basis of given design parameters. The solid–liquid two-phase turbulent flows in Francis turbine runner under three different loads were numerically analyzed by using this model. The three different loads are as follows: Condition 1: single unit with 1/4 load, Condition 2: single unit with 1/2 load, and Condition 3: single unit with full load. The distributions of pressure and sand concentration on the leading side and the suction side of the runner blades, as well as the velocity vector distribution of water and sand on the horizontal section of the runner, were obtained under different load conditions. Therefore, the damages to various flow passage components by sand can be qualitatively predicated under various conditions. To guarantee the safety and stability of the unit, the adverse conditions shall be avoided, which can provide certain reference for plant operation.

  6. The 'root-brain' hypothesis of Charles and Francis Darwin: Revival after more than 125 years. (United States)

    Baluska, Frantisek; Mancuso, Stefano; Volkmann, Dieter; Barlow, Peter W


    This year celebrates the 200(th) aniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, best known for his theory of evolution summarized in On the Origin of Species. Less well known is that, in the second half of his life, Darwin's major scientific focus turned towards plants. He wrote several books on plants, the next-to-last of which, The Power of Movement of Plants, published together with his son Francis, opened plants to a new view. Here we amplify the final sentence of this book in which the Darwins proposed that: "It is hardly an exaggeration to say that the tip of the radicle thus endowed [with sensitivity] and having the power of directing the movements of the adjoining parts, acts like the brain of one of the lower animals; the brain being seated within the anterior end of the body, receiving impressions from the sense-organs, and directing the several movements." This sentence conveys two important messages: first, that the root apex may be considered to be a 'brain-like' organ endowed with a sensitivity which controls its navigation through soil; second, that the root apex represents the anterior end of the plant body. In this article, we discuss both these statements.

  7. Experimental Investigation on the Characteristics of Hydrodynamic Stabilities in Francis Hydroturbine Models

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wen-Tao Su


    Full Text Available This paper presents an experimental investigation of flow phenomena related to the characteristic frequencies of pressure fluctuation in Francis hydroturbine models. The experiments were carried out on two test rigs with two model runners having hydraulic similarities. Flow field around the guide vanes was measured with a particle image velocimetry (PIV on the first PIV test rig. Flow structures at the inlet region of runner and in draft tube at different operating conditions were visualized on another hydrodynamic test rig. Analyses of dominant frequency of unsteady hydraulic behaviors in the tested hydroturbines were performed. It was observed that the main frequency of flow over the guide vanes and the dominant frequency of channel vortex equal the blade passing frequency; the dominant frequency of flow separation at the suction side of blade inlet equals the vane passing frequency; the vortex rope in the draft tube displays a low-frequency nature. The flow instabilities and fluctuations directly influence the running of hydroturbine, thus these experimental results could provide important evidence for the stability study of a real hydroturbine.

  8. Numerical Study of Cavitation in Francis Turbine of a Small Hydro Power Plant

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pankaj Gohil


    Full Text Available Cavitation is undesirable phenomena and more prone in reaction turbines. It is one of the challenges in any hydro power plant which cause vibration, degradation of performance and the damage to the hydraulic turbine components. Under the present study, an attempt has been made to carry out a numerical analysis to investigate the cavitation effect in a Francis turbine. Three dimensional numerical study approach of unsteady and SST turbulence model are considered for the numerical analysis under multiphase flow such as cavitating flow. The performance parameters and cavitating flow under different operating conditions have been predicted using commercial CFX code. Three different operating conditions under cavitation and without cavitation with part load and overload conditions of the turbine for a plant sigma factor are investigated. The results are presented in the form of efficiency, pressure fluctuation, vortex rope and vapor volume fraction. It has been observed that variation in efficiency and vapor volume fraction is found to be nominal between cavitation and without cavitation conditionsat rated discharge and rated head. Turbine efficiency loss and vapor bubbles formation towards suction side of the runner blade are found to be maximum under overload condition. However, the pressure pulsation has been found maximum under part load condition in the draft tube. The simulation results are found to be in good agreement with model test results for efficiency. The locations of cavitating zone observed wellwith the result of previous studies.

  9. Water hammer effect in the spiral case and penstock of Francis turbines (United States)

    Pepa, D.; Ursoniu, C.; Gillich, R. N.; Campian, C. V.


    Sudden pressure increases in the penstock or spiral case of a hydraulic turbine are the effect of sudden flow variation that occur during transient processes of type opening / closing or load rejection of the hydro unit. The consequence of the pressure rise in the spiral case and penstock is the water hammer phenomenon, whose effects can be devastating in some cases, up to breaking pipes and calamities produced in the area. This paper aims to analyze the method of calculation of the maximum pressure values that might occur in load rejection situations to a hydraulic turbine, in spiral case and in penstock, conditioned by the limiting of the values of the over speed and measures of limiting the increase in pressure in conjunction with limiting the increase in speed in these specific processes. As an example, we studied and analyzed the situation of a hydroelectric power plant equipped with a 7.8 MW Francis turbine without pressure regulator and the inflow surge. The results of analytical calculation overlaid on the experimental measurements performed during the performance tests of the hydro unit lead to the conclusion that the calculation algorithm proposed has been chosen correctly and the 2-stage closing law of the wicket gate promoted in this case is effective in such situations.

  10. Deciphering the language of nature: cryptography, secrecy, and alterity in Francis Bacon. (United States)

    Clody, Michael C


    The essay argues that Francis Bacon's considerations of parables and cryptography reflect larger interpretative concerns of his natural philosophic project. Bacon describes nature as having a language distinct from those of God and man, and, in so doing, establishes a central problem of his natural philosophy—namely, how can the language of nature be accessed through scientific representation? Ultimately, Bacon's solution relies on a theory of differential and duplicitous signs that conceal within them the hidden voice of nature, which is best recognized in the natural forms of efficient causality. The "alphabet of nature"—those tables of natural occurrences—consequently plays a central role in his program, as it renders nature's language susceptible to a process and decryption that mirrors the model of the bilateral cipher. It is argued that while the writing of Bacon's natural philosophy strives for literality, its investigative process preserves a space for alterity within scientific representation, that is made accessible to those with the interpretative key.

  11. The mine and the furnace: Francis Bacon, Thomas Russell, and early Stuart mining culture. (United States)

    Pastorino, Cesare


    Notwithstanding Francis Bacon's praise for the philosophical role of the mechanical arts, historians have often downplayed Bacon's connections with actual artisans and entrepreneurs. Addressing the specific context of mining culture, this study proposes a rather different picture. The analysis of a famous mining metaphor in The Advancement of Learning shows us how Bacon's project of reform of knowledge could find an apt correspondence in civic and entrepreneurial values of his time. Also, Bacon had interesting and so far unexplored links with the early modern English mining enterprises, like the Company of Mineral and Battery Works, ofwhich he was a shareholder. Moreover, Bacon's notes in a private notebook, Commentarius Solutus, and records of patents of invention, allow us to start grasping Bacon's connections with the metallurgist and entrepreneur Thomas Russell. Lastly, this paper argues that, to fully understand Bacon's links with the world of Stuart technicians and entrepreneurs, it is necessary to consider a different and insufficiently studied aspect of Bacon's interests, namely his work as patents referee while a Commissioner of Suits.

  12. Francis Bacon and the "Interpretation of Nature" in the late Renaissance. (United States)

    Serjeantson, Richard


    The "interpretation of nature" (interpretatio naturae) is the leading idea in Francis Bacon's natural philosophy. But by contrast with his ideas about method, induction, or experiment, the significance of the "interpretation of nature" has received very little scholarly attention. This essay tests the originality of Bacon's idea by means of a focused survey of existing forms of Renaissance natural knowledge-Aristotelian and anti-Aristotelian natural philosophy, Galenic and Paracelsian medicine, natural magic, physiognomy, natural history-before turning to consider the much more prominent place of "interpretation" in the fields of Renaissance logic, revealed and natural theology, and law. It finds that Bacon's application of the idea of "interpretation" to nature was highly original, but also that certain important aspects of his conception have analogies in Renaissance civil law. The essay concludes by exploring the implications of these findings for a recent body of scholarship in the history of the sciences that invokes the notion of the "interpretation of nature" to characterize pre-Baconian natural philosophy more generally.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Wen-quan; ZHANG Li-xiang; YAN Yan; GUO Yakun


    Turbulent flow in a 3-D blade passage of a Francis hydro turbine was simulated with the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) to investigate the spatial and temporal distributions of the turbulence when strongly distorted wakes in the inflow sweep over the passage. In a suitable consideration of the energy exchanging mechanism between the large and small scales in the complicated passage with a strong 3-D curvature, one-coefficient dynamic Sub-Grid-Scale (SGS) stress model was used in this article. The simulations show that the strong wakes in the inflow lead to a flow separation at the leading zone of the passage, and to form a primary vortex in the span-wise direction. The primary span-wise vortex evolves and splits into smaller vortex pairs due to the constraint of no-slip wall condition, which triggers losing stability of the flow in the passage. The computed pressures on the pressure and suction sides agree with the measured data for a working test turbine model.

  14. Reference measurements on a Francis model turbine with 2D Laser-Doppler-Anemometry (United States)

    Frey, A.; Kirschner, O.; Riedelbauch, S.; Jester-Zuerker, R.; Jung, A.


    To validate the investigations of a high-resolution CFD simulation of a Francis turbine, measurements with 2D Laser-Doppler-Anemometry are carried out. The turbine is operated in part load, where a rotating vortex rope occurs. To validate both, mean velocities and velocity fluctuations, the measurements are classified relative to the vortex rope position. Several acrylic glass windows are installed in the turbine walls such as upstream of the spiral case inlet, in the vaneless space and in the draft tube. The current investigation is focused on a measurement plane below the runner. 2D velocity components are measured on this whole plane by measuring several narrow spaced radial lines. To avoid optical refraction of the laser beam a plan parallel window is inserted in the cone wall. The laser probe is positioned with a 2D traverse system consisting of a circumferential rail and a radial aligned linear traverse. The velocity data are synchronized with the rotational frequency of the rotating vortex rope. The results of one measurement line show the dependency of the axial and circumferential velocities on the vortex rope position.

  15. Experimental Investigation of Inter-Blade Vortices in a Model Francis Turbine (United States)

    LIU, Demin; LIU, Xiaobing; ZHAO, Yongzhi


    The inter-blade vortex in a Francis turbine becomes one of the main hydraulic factors that are likely to cause blade erosion at deep part load operating conditions. However, the causes and the mechanism of inter-blade vortex are still under investigation according to present researches. Thus the causes of inter-blade vortex and the effect of different hydraulic parameters on the inter-blade vortex are investigated experimentally. The whole life cycle of the inter-blade vortex is observed by a high speed camera. The test results illustrate the whole life cycle of the inter-blade vortex from generation to separation and even to fading. It is observed that the inter-blade vortex becomes stronger with the decreasing of flow and head, which leads to pressure fluctuation. Meanwhile, the pressure fluctuations in the vane-less area and the draft tube section become stronger when inter-blade vortices exist in the blade channel. The turbine will be damaged if operating in the inter-blade vortex zone, so its operating range must be far away from that zone. This paper reveals the main cause of the inter-blade vortex which is the larger incidence angle between the inflow angle and the blade angle on the leading edge of the runner at deep part load operating conditions.

  16. Speak Up! But don't strain your voice (United States)

    ... Disorders Speak Up! But don't strain your voice Past Issues / Fall 2008 Table of Contents For ... Javascript on. A clinical trial at the NIDCD Voice Center gave Sherdina Jones tools to limit voice ...

  17. News from the CFHT/ESPaDOnS spectropolarimeter

    CERN Document Server

    Moutou, C; Manset, N; Selliez-Vandernotte, L; Desrochers, M -E


    The ESPaDOnS spectropolarimeter has been in use on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) since 2004, for studying stars, galactic objects and planets. ESPaDOnS is used in queued service observing mode since 2008, which allows an optimization of the science outcome. In this article, we summarize the new functionalities and analyses made on ESPaDOnS operations and data for the present and future users. These modifications include: signal-to-noise ratio based observing, radial velocity nightly drifts, the OPERA pipeline under development, the measurement of H2O content in the Maunakea sky, and the use of ESPaDOnS with the neighbour telescope Gemini.

  18. Vitamin E, Selenium Don't Cut Colon Cancer Risk (United States)

    ... page: Vitamin E, Selenium Don't Cut Colon Cancer Risk: ... 2016 WEDNESDAY, Dec. 21, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Taking vitamin E and selenium does not appear to reduce ...

  19. Will 3552 Don Quixote escape from the Solar System?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suryadi Siregar


    Full Text Available Asteroid 1983 SA, well known as 3552 Don Quixote, is one of Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs which is the most probable candidate for the cometary origin, or otherwise as Jupiter-Family-Comets (JFCs. The aim of this study is to investigate the possibility of 3552 Don Quixote to be ejected from the Solar System. This paper presents an orbital evolution of 100 hypothetical asteroids generated by cloning 3552 Don Quixote. Investigation of its orbital evolution is conducted by using the SWIFT subroutine package, where the gravitational perturbations of eight major planets in the Solar System are considered. Over very short time scales (220 kyr relative to the Solar System life time (10 Gyr, the asteroid 3552 Don Quixote gave an example of chaotic motion that can cause asteroid to move outward and may be followed by escaping from the Solar System. Probability of ejection within the 220 kyr time scale is 50%.

  20. Common Culex Mosquitoes Don't Transmit Zika Virus (United States)

    ... 161186.html Common Culex Mosquitoes Don't Transmit Zika Virus: Study These widespread insects do spread West Nile ... t appear to be able to transmit the Zika virus to people, researchers report. The researchers at Kansas ...

  1. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Don't Be Misled (United States)

    ... Products For Consumers Home For Consumers Consumer Updates Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Don't Be Misled Share Tweet ... How HBOT Works What are the Risks No, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has not been clinically proven ...

  2. Don't Panic! | NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine (United States)

    ... of this page please turn Javascript on. Feature: Phobias and Anxiety Disorders Don't Panic! Past Issues / Fall 2010 Table of Contents Phobias and other anxiety disorders affect millions of Americans. ...

  3. Evaluation of effect of measures taken after a DON outbreak. (United States)

    Spanjer, M C; Scholten, J M; Rensen, P M


    In April 1999 an amount of 2600 μg/kg DON was found in a sample breakfast cereals in the Netherlands. This event was the start of a lot of activities, which dealt with the prevention, control, health and consumer aspects of DON in food for human consumption. The Food Inspection Services started a monitoring program to measure DON in cereal products, flour and raw cereals. The National Institute of Public Health and the Environment, another part of the Ministry of Health in the Netherlands, was asked to carry out a risk analysis on DON. This was the basis for the Minister of Health to set an action limit for consumer products. She also informed Brussels and asked for a European limit. The Main Board on Agriculture set out to implement measures to be taken at harvesting, milling and bread baking industry. The Scientific Committee on Food of the EC expressed an opinion on DON in December 1999. Worldwide attention leads to discussion of a DON limit by JECFA in February 2001.In the period may 1999 until march 2002 a number of more than 1700 samples were analysed on DON. These originated from the cereal harvest of the years 1998 until 2001. The results showed a sharp decrease of DON content in samples of harvest 1999 when compared to 1998. This lower level was maintained in the 2000 and 2001 harvests. Apparently the measures taken to control the DON level succeeded to maintain values below the action limits. Despite these activities a smaller outbreak of DON appeared in 2001 in pasta products at a lower extent. This indicated that control should be done systematically, not sporadically, and at a European level, which is made possible since EC has set a limit in July 2000. Analytical results of the measurements are presented, together with the chronological order of the associated activities of national, EU and worldwide bodies on human health control. Special attention is paid to DON in bread, related to the level in flour.

  4. Falling through the cracks: shortcomings in the collaboration between biologists and veterinarians and their consequences for wildlife. (United States)

    Cattet, Marc R L


    Although biologists and veterinarians have shown considerable success in working together to address wildlife-related issues, including disease, chemical immobilization, reproductive biology, and conservation biology, examples of shared efforts to evaluate and ensure the welfare of study animals are mostly absent. I present the case that this deficiency arises primarily from a lack of mutual understanding between fields with respect to the other's training and experience in addressing animal welfare issues. In effect, each assumes that the final word on animal welfare rests with the other. The reality is, however, that neither field contains the knowledge and skills required to address animal welfare concerns alone. Nevertheless, wildlife researchers are increasingly encountering difficulties conducting research on wild animals because of opposition from stakeholders on the basis of animal welfare concerns. Further, a growing number of articles in the peer-reviewed scientific literature are reporting on potential biases in research results developing from the welfare impacts of widely used techniques, including methods of capturing and marking wildlife. By viewing animal welfare as a shared responsibility and combining their knowledge and skills, wildlife biologists and veterinarians have an opportunity to reform "invasive" wildlife research in a manner that is less harmful to the animals being studied, less likely to bias research results, and less objectionable to the stakeholders who ultimately influence or make decisions on how wildlife research is conducted.

  5. The Metabolic Fate of Deoxynivalenol and Its Acetylated Derivatives in a Wheat Suspension Culture: Identification and Detection of DON-15-O-Glucoside, 15-Acetyl-DON-3-O-Glucoside and 15-Acetyl-DON-3-Sulfate

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Clemens Schmeitzl


    Full Text Available Deoxynivalenol (DON is a protein synthesis inhibitor produced by the Fusarium species, which frequently contaminates grains used for human or animal consumption. We treated a wheat suspension culture with DON or one of its acetylated derivatives, 3-acetyl-DON (3-ADON, 15-acetyl-DON (15-ADON and 3,15-diacetyl-DON (3,15-diADON, and monitored the metabolization over a course of 96 h. Supernatant and cell extract samples were analyzed using a tailored LC-MS/MS method for the quantification of DON metabolites. We report the formation of tentatively identified DON-15-O-β-D-glucoside (D15G and of 15-acetyl-DON-3-sulfate (15-ADON3S as novel deoxynivalenol metabolites in wheat. Furthermore, we found that the recently identified 15-acetyl-DON-3-O-β-D-glucoside (15-ADON3G is the major metabolite produced after 15-ADON challenge. 3-ADON treatment led to a higher intracellular content of toxic metabolites after six hours compared to all other treatments. 3-ADON was exclusively metabolized into DON before phase II reactions occurred. In contrast, we found that 15-ADON was directly converted into 15-ADON3G and 15-ADON3S in addition to metabolization into deoxynivalenol-3-O-β-D-glucoside (D3G. This study highlights significant differences in the metabolization of DON and its acetylated derivatives.

  6. Don Quijote, el escribidor y el escritor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giovanna Pollarolo


    Full Text Available In his diverse critical studies, Mario Vargas Llosa has shown particular interest in reflecting on Miguel de Cervantes’s novelistic theory in accordance with his own concerns as a scholar and novelist. Suffice it to read the essay “Una novela para el siglo XXI” that he wrote in 2005 as an introduction to the edition of Don Quijote prepared to celebrate the IV Centenario, to make sure that Vargas Llosa “reads” Cervantes in accordance with his own reflections on the theory of the novel, fanaticism or the “insanity” of the characters, the fiction and its relationship with “reality”, the narrative voices or the problem of the narrator. But the Cervantes – Vargas Llosa relationship goes beyond the theoretical level or reflective and is manifested in his own novelistic creation such as ocurrs, specifically, in La tía Julia y el escribidor. In that sense, the main goal of this study is to analyze the “dialogue” that is set between La tía Julia y el escribidor and the Quijotefrom the point of view of the “insanity” of Pedro Camacho, the writer of radio soap operas created by Vargas Llosa, and their similarities with that of the knight-errant.

  7. Don't Be Such a Scientist (United States)

    Olson, R.


    Academics are bad enough at communication. Science academics are worse. They think too much, they don't care about their image, they assume audiences cherish every word they say, and when the general public fails to embrace them, they blame it on the audience. This is the message of my recent documentary feature film, "Flock of Dodos: the evolution-intelligent design circus." I'm not alone with this message -- others are saying it as well. The world has changed. We live in a new media environment, and changed environments bring about new selective forces. Academic scientists are being challenged as never before, as documented in part in Chris Mooney's bestselling book, "The Republican War on Science." And they must now consider whether they need to adapt, or run the risk of going the way of the dodo. In this talk I will offer up my ten suggestions on how to more effectively reach a broader audience, and then wait for all the scientists to tell me I'm wrong.

  8. Computation and analysis of cavitating flow in Francis-class hydraulic turbines (United States)

    Leonard, Daniel J.

    Hydropower is the most proven renewable energy technology, supplying the world with 16% of its electricity. Conventional hydropower generates a vast majority of that percentage. Although a mature technology, hydroelectric generation shows great promise for expansion through new dams and plants in developing hydro countries. Moreover, in developed hydro countries, such as the United States, installing generating units in existing dams and the modern refurbishment of existing plants can greatly expand generating capabilities with little to no further impact on the environment. In addition, modern computational technology and fluid dynamics expertise has led to substantial improvements in modern turbine design and performance. Cavitation has always presented a problem in hydroturbines, causing performance breakdown, erosion, damage, vibration, and noise. While modern turbines are usually designed to be cavitation-free at their best efficiency point, due to the variable demand of the energy market it is fairly common to operate at off-design conditions. Here, cavitation and its deleterious effects are unavoidable, and hence, cavitation is a limiting factor on the design and operation of these turbines. Multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has been used in recent years to model cavitating flow for a large range of problems, including turbomachinery. However, CFD of cavitating flow in hydroturbines is still in its infancy. This dissertation presents steady-periodic Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes simulations of a cavitating Francis-class hydroturbine at model and prototype scales. Computational results of the reduced-scale model and full-scale prototype, undergoing performance breakdown, are compared with empirical model data and prototype performance estimations based on standard industry scalings from the model data. Mesh convergence of the simulations is also displayed. Comparisons are made between the scales to display that cavitation performance breakdown

  9. Francis Bacon y el atomismo: una nueva evaluación

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silvia Manzo


    Full Text Available En la actualidad no hay una interpretación unánime acerca de la teoría de la materia de Francis Bacon. Los desacuerdos giran particularmente en torno al atomismo de Bacon y a sus ideas animistas. En este artículo sostengo que a pesar de que Bacon cambió su visión del atomismo repetidas veces, nunca lo rechazó por completo. Reconstruiré las diversas opiniones de Bacon en orden cronológico para establecer su evaluación final del atomismo y las razones sobre las que la justifica. Debido a que Bacon nunca sostuvo una teoría atomista ortodoxa de la materia identificable con el atomismo griego, en este trabajo definiré el atomismo en sentido amplio como una teoría corpuscular de la materia que establece la existencia de partículas últimas e indivisibles. Siguiendo esta delimitación semántica, es posible distinguir dos posiciones baconianas sucesivas: la primera considera que el atomismo constituye un principio ontológico y causal-operativo; la segunda priva al átomo de su capacidad causal-operativa pero deja intacta su prioridad ontológica. Además, investigaré la cuestión de la coexistencia del atomismo y el pneumatismo en la teoría baconiana, un punto que ha sido abordado por las influyentes interpretaciones de Kargon y Rees. Sin embargo, argumentaré que Bacon no consideró que esas dos doctrinas fuesen incompatibles.There is no unanimity among recent historians about Francis Bacon's theory of matter. Disagreement exists in particular about Bacon's atomist and animistic ideas. My claim is that although Bacon changed his views on atomism repeatedly, he never rejected it completely. I shall reconstruct Bacon's various opinions in chronological order to establish his final evaluation of atomism and his reasons for it. Because Bacon never held an orthodox atomist matter theory identical with Greek atomism, for this paper I will define atomism in the broadest sense, as a corpuscular matter theory that posits final and indivisible

  10. Francis Crick, cross-worlds influencer: A narrative model to historicize big bioscience. (United States)

    Aicardi, Christine


    The essay is an empirical case study of famed British scientist Francis Crick. Viewing him as a 'cross-worlds influencer' who was moreover dedicated to a cause, I have tried to understand how these two characteristics influenced the trajectory of his long career and how they shaped his contributions to the diverse research fields in which he was active, and concluded that these characteristics reconfigure Crick's career into a coherent whole. First, I identify a major thread running through Crick's career: helping organise 'un-disciplined' new research fields, and show that his successive choices were not serendipitous but motivated by what he construed as a crusade against 'vitalism': anti-vitalism was a defining driver of his career. I then examine how Crick put his skills as a crossworlds influencer to the service of his cause, by helping organise his chosen fields of intervention. I argue that his activities as a cross-worlds influencer were an integral part of his way of 'doing science' and that his contributions to science, neuroscience in particular, should be re-evaluated in this light. This leads me to advance a possible strategy for historians to investigate big bioscience fields. Following Abir-Am, I propose to trace their genealogies back to the fluctuating semi-institutional gatherings and the institutional structures that sustained them. My research on Crick supports the view that such studies can bring insights into the question of why the contours of contemporary big bioscience endeavours have come to be shaped the way they are. Further, the essay provides a heuristic device for approaching these enquiries: 'follow the cross-worlds influencers' who worked to build and organise these semi-institutional gatherings and institutional structures.

  11. Performance prediction of the high head Francis-99 turbine for steady operation points (United States)

    Casartelli, E.; Mangani, L.; Ryan, O.; Del Rio, A.


    Steady-state numerical investigations are still the reference computational method for the prediction of the global machine performance during the design phase. Accordingly, steady state CFD simulations of the complete high head Francis-99 turbine, from spiral casing to draft tube have been performed at three operating conditions, namely at part load (PL), best efficiency point (BEP), and high load (HL). In addition, simulations with a moving runner for the three operating points are conducted and compared to the steady state results. The prediction accuracy of the numerical results is assessed comparing global and local data to the available experimental results. A full 360°-model is applied for the unsteady simulations and for the steady state simulations a reduced domain was used for the periodic components, with respectively only one guide vane and one runner passage. The steady state rotor-stator interactions were modeled with a mixing-plane. All CFD simulations were performed at model scale with an in-house 3D, unstructured, object-oriented finite volume code designed to solve incompressible RANS-Equations. Steady and unsteady solver simulations are both able to predict similar values for torque and head in design and off-design. Flow features in off-design operation such as a vortex rope in PL operation can be predicted by both simulation types, though all simulations tend to overestimate head and torque. Differences among steady and unsteady simulations can mainly be attributed to the averaging process used in the mixing plane interface in steady state simulations. Measured efficiency agrees best with the unsteady simulations for BEP and PL operation, though the steady state simulations also provide a cost-effective alternative with comparable accuracy.

  12. Numerical model validation using experimental data: Application of the area metric on a Francis runner (United States)

    Chatenet, Q.; Tahan, A.; Gagnon, M.; Chamberland-Lauzon, J.


    Nowadays, engineers are able to solve complex equations thanks to the increase of computing capacity. Thus, finite elements software is widely used, especially in the field of mechanics to predict part behavior such as strain, stress and natural frequency. However, it can be difficult to determine how a model might be right or wrong, or whether a model is better than another one. Nevertheless, during the design phase, it is very important to estimate how the hydroelectric turbine blades will behave according to the stress to which it is subjected. Indeed, the static and dynamic stress levels will influence the blade's fatigue resistance and thus its lifetime, which is a significant feature. In the industry, engineers generally use either graphic representation, hypothesis tests such as the Student test, or linear regressions in order to compare experimental to estimated data from the numerical model. Due to the variability in personal interpretation (reproducibility), graphical validation is not considered objective. For an objective assessment, it is essential to use a robust validation metric to measure the conformity of predictions against data. We propose to use the area metric in the case of a turbine blade that meets the key points of the ASME Standards and produces a quantitative measure of agreement between simulations and empirical data. This validation metric excludes any belief and criterion of accepting a model which increases robustness. The present work is aimed at applying a validation method, according to ASME V&V 10 recommendations. Firstly, the area metric is applied on the case of a real Francis runner whose geometry and boundaries conditions are complex. Secondly, the area metric will be compared to classical regression methods to evaluate the performance of the method. Finally, we will discuss the use of the area metric as a tool to correct simulations.

  13. Sobre as afinidades entre a filosofia de Francis Bacon e o ceticismo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luiz A. A. Eva


    Full Text Available Este texto se ocupa de um exame, em caráter introdutório, das relações entre a reflexão de Bacon acerca das limitações de nossas faculdades e o ceticismo filosófico - um tema pouco considerado pela literatura mais recente, a despeito das muitas referências a tal filosofia. Ainda que, à primeira vista, tais referências possam parecer vagas e imprecisas, pensamos que um exame adequado de algumas delas pode revelar, não apenas a importância do tema para a compreensão de aspectos do seu próprio empreendimento, mas o interesse de Bacon pela literatura cética contemporânea. As peculiaridades de sua própria interpretação, por sua vez, parecem antecipar traços do modo como essa filosofia foi compreendida por filósofos posteriores, como Hume.This text focuses, in a preliminary way, on the relations between Francis Bacon's reflections on the limits of our cognitive faculties and philosophical skepticism, a theme not much considered by most of recent commentaries, in spite of Bacon's own explicit and numerous allusions to this philosophy. Even if these allusions seem at first sight somewhat loose and not very sharp, some of them reveal, we think, not only its relevance for understanding of some aspects of his own enterprise, but also Bacon's attention to the skeptical literature produced on the period. Moreover, the particularities of his own interpretation of skepticism seem to anticipate important features of the way this philosophy was understood by later philosophers as Hume.

  14. Two-phase simulations of the full load surge in Francis turbines (United States)

    Wack, J.; Riedelbauch, S.


    At off-design conditions, Francis turbines experience cavitation which may reduce the power output and can cause severe damage in the machine. Certain conditions can cause self-excited oscillations of the vortex rope in the draft tube at full load operating point. For the presented work, two-phase simulations are carried out at model scale on a domain ranging from the inlet of the spiral case to the outlet of the draft tube. At different locations, wall pressure measurements are available and compared to the simulation results. Furthermore, the dynamics of the cavity volume in the draft tube cone and at the trailing edge of the runner blades are investigated by comparing with high speed visualization. To account for the selfexcited behaviour, proper boundary conditions need to be set. In this work, the focus lies on the treatment of the boundary condition at the inlet. In the first step, the dynamic behaviour of the cavity regions is investigated using a constant mass flow. Thereafter, oscillations of the total pressure and mass flow rate are prescribed using various frequencies and amplitudes. This methodology enables to examine the response of the cavity dynamics due to different excitations. It can be observed that setting a constant mass flow boundary condition is not suitable to account for the self-excited behaviour. Prescribing the total pressure has the result that the frequency of the vapour volume oscillation is the same as the frequency of the excitation signal. Contrary to that, for an excitation with a mass flow boundary condition, the response of the system is not equal to the excitation.

  15. Engineering diagnostics for vortex-induced stay vanes cracks in a Francis turbine (United States)

    D'Agostini Neto, Alexandre; Gissoni, Humberto, Dr.; Gonçalves, Manuel, Dr.; Cardoso, Rogério; Jung, Alexander, Dr.; Meneghini, Julio, Prof.


    Despite the fact that vortex-induced vibration (VIV) in hydraulic turbines components (especially in stay vanes) is a well-known phenomenon, it still remains challenging for operation and maintenance teams in several power plants around the world. Since the first publication of a similar problem in 1967, literature shows that at least 27 other turbines witnessed strong stay vane vibrations associated with vortex shedding. Recurrent stay vane cracks in a 250 MW Francis turbine in Brazil motivated an engineering study involving prototype measurements, structural and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis in order to determine a proper geometry modification that could eliminate the periodic vortex wake generated at the stay vanes trailing edge. First cracks appeared in 1978 just after the machine was put into operation. A study published in 1982 associated these cracks with dynamic excitations caused by the water flow at high flow conditions. New stay vane profiles were proposed and executed as well as improved welding recommendations. Cracks however, continued to appear requiring welding repairs roughly every two years. Although Voith Hydro was not the original equipment manufacturer for these units, the necessary information was available to study the issue and propose and execute new stay vane profiles. This paper details the approach taken for the study. First, indirect vibration measurements were used to determine vibration frequencies to help to characterize the affected mode shapes. These results were compared to finite element (FE) calculations. Strain gage measurements performed afterwards confirmed the conclusions of this analysis. Next, transient CFD calculations were run to reproduce the measured phenomenon and to serve as a basis for a new stay vane geometry. This modification was then implemented in the actual turbine stay vanes. A new set of indirect vibration measurements indicated the effectiveness of the proposed solution. Final confirmation

  16. Francis Crick, cross-worlds influencer: A narrative model to historicize big bioscience (United States)

    Aicardi, Christine


    The essay is an empirical case study of famed British scientist Francis Crick. Viewing him as a ‘cross-worlds influencer’ who was moreover dedicated to a cause, I have tried to understand how these two characteristics influenced the trajectory of his long career and how they shaped his contributions to the diverse research fields in which he was active, and concluded that these characteristics reconfigure Crick's career into a coherent whole. First, I identify a major thread running through Crick's career: helping organise ‘un-disciplined’ new research fields, and show that his successive choices were not serendipitous but motivated by what he construed as a crusade against ‘vitalism’: anti-vitalism was a defining driver of his career. I then examine how Crick put his skills as a crossworlds influencer to the service of his cause, by helping organise his chosen fields of intervention. I argue that his activities as a cross-worlds influencer were an integral part of his way of ‘doing science’ and that his contributions to science, neuroscience in particular, should be re-evaluated in this light. This leads me to advance a possible strategy for historians to investigate big bioscience fields. Following Abir-Am, I propose to trace their genealogies back to the fluctuating semi-institutional gatherings and the institutional structures that sustained them. My research on Crick supports the view that such studies can bring insights into the question of why the contours of contemporary big bioscience endeavours have come to be shaped the way they are. Further, the essay provides a heuristic device for approaching these enquiries: ‘follow the cross-worlds influencers’ who worked to build and organise these semi-institutional gatherings and institutional structures. PMID:26383132

  17. Physical biologists and biological physicists: combining biology and physics in research on the effects of noise on aquatic life. (United States)

    Cato, Douglas H


    Research in aquatic bioacoustics and the effects of noise is interdisciplinary and to be effective requires a collaboration of experts from all the fields involved. The full range of expertise is needed for adequate understanding of the processes involved, adequate experimental design, analysis and interpretation, and adequate knowledge of the research already published. The biologists need to understand how physicists work and make allowance, and vice versa. Both need to understand that the other will not be familiar with their practices and approach and that there will be a certain amount of negotiation and education on both sides.However, the best reason to develop collaborations with other experts in interdisciplinary research is that it is such a rewarding experience from the insights it provides into other disciplines and from the opportunity to do really effective and very significant research, well beyond what the individuals might have achieved on their own.

  18. A biologist's guide to de novo genome assembly using next-generation sequence data: A test with fungal genomes. (United States)

    Haridas, Sajeet; Breuill, Colette; Bohlmann, Joerg; Hsiang, Tom


    We offer a guide to de novo genome assembly using sequence data generated by the Illumina platform for biologists working with fungi or other organisms whose genomes are less than 100Mb in size. The guide requires no familiarity with sequencing assembly technology or associated computer programs. It defines commonly used terms in genome sequencing and assembly; provides examples of assembling short-read genome sequence data for four strains of the fungus Grosmannia clavigera using four assembly programs; gives examples of protocols and software; and presents a commented flowchart that extends from DNA preparation for submission to a sequencing center, through to processing and assembly of the raw sequence reads using freely available operating systems and software.

  19. On dialectisms of authentic origin in Don dialects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Flyagina Marina Valerievna


    Full Text Available This article analyzes the locally limited vocabulary of authentic origin represented in the dictionary of Don dialects. The emergence of vocabulary authentic origin in the dialect language is the result of cultural and language contacts, which are an integral part of any ethnic culture. Particularly notable was the impact of the Turkic language, related to the pre-Russian indigenous population neighborhoods of Wild Field. Authentic locally marked lexical units reflect the particular social, commodity-money relations, religious beliefs inherent in the culture of Turkic peoples, whose names were borrowed from Russian. Besides Turkisms in the lexicon of the Don dialect, there are also borrowings from other languages - Finno-Ugric, Slavic. Turkisms take the bulk of borrowed words, due to the territorial proximity to the earliest periods of the Don Cossacks. Regional origin covers the entire scope of domestic relations on Don, found among the names of the natural world. Research of dialect vocabulary of authentic origin lets to determine the specifics of formation of Don resettlement negotiations, which took place in a dialogue between different ethnic cultures.

  20. [Spanish neuroscience in times of Don Quixote]. (United States)

    Martín-Araguz, Antonio; Mikola, Yvett; Almendral-Doncel, Raquel; Campos-Bueno, Javier


    Introduccion. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra publico su inmortal obra Don Quijote de la Mancha en plena epoca de crisis y decadencia en la España de la transicion entre los siglos XVI y XVII. Objetivo. En 2016 se conmemora el cuarto centenario del fallecimiento de nuestro insigne literato, por cuyo motivo analizamos en este articulo el estado de la neurociencia hispana, tanto en el texto quijotesco como en la obra de los autores coetaneos mas relevantes. Desarrollo. A pesar de las peyorativas circunstancias historicas, en la epoca de la transicion del Renacimiento al Barroco se produjo en la Corona de Castilla un florecimiento de la literatura (Siglo de Oro español) y de otras artes hispanas (pintura, escultura, arquitectura y musica), asi como una prodigiosa creatividad en el campo de la neurociencia, incluida en la filosofia natural. El medico Gomez Pereira, en su libro Antoniana Margarita, se adelanto en decadas a las bases del mecanicismo cerebral y del concepto de reflejo condicionado. El boticario Miguel Sabuco, en su texto Nueva filosofia, anticipo en siglos el concepto de neurotransmision. El medico Juan Huarte de San Juan fue el fundador de la neuropsicologia y la psicologia experimental; su texto Examen de ingenios ha sido uno de los textos cientificos mas influyentes y traducidos de todos los tiempos; sus conceptos quedan patentemente reflejados en el texto cervantino. Conclusion. Este analisis de la obra cervantina dentro del entorno cultural de la obra pretende ser un homenaje a la inmortal figura de nuestro 'Principe de los ingenios' en el cuarto centenario de su fallecimiento.

  1. The Revels of a Young Republic: Revolutionary Possibilities of the Fandango in Timothy Flint’s 1826 Francis Berrian


    Paul D. Naish


    Francis Berrian, de Timothy Flint (1826), la primera novela de temática latinoamericana escrita en Estados Unidos presenta a un joven de Massachusetts que rescata a la hija de un Conde de una banda de Comanches, y llega a participar en la Guerra de la Independencia de México. Un fandango en la hacienda de la mujer forma la escena central, donde ancianos y jóvenes, padres e hijos, amos y sirvientes se entremezclan en un baile lleno de posibilidades que anticipa una futura unión provechosa entr...

  2. Natural knowledge as a propaedeutic to self-betterment: Francis Bacon and the transformation of natural history. (United States)

    Lancaster, James A T


    This paper establishes the 'emblematic' use of natural history as a propaedeutic to self-betterment in the Renaissance; in particular, in the natural histories of Gessner and Topsell, but also in the works of Erasmus and Rabelais. Subsequently, it investigates how Francis Bacon's conception of natural history is envisaged in relation to them. The paper contends that, where humanist natural historians understood the use of natural knowledge as a preliminary to individual improvement, Bacon conceived self-betterment foremost as a means to Christian charity, or social-betterment. It thus examines the transformation of the moralizing aspect of Renaissance natural history in Bacon's conception of his Great Instauration.

  3. Mathematical modeling and optimization of flow structure in stage of francis turbine of micro gas turbine power plant (United States)

    Kartashev, A. L.; Vaulin, S. D.; Kartasheva, M. A.; Martynov, A. A.; Safonov, E. V.


    This article presents information about the main distinguishing features of microturbine power plants. The justification of the use of Francis turbine in microturbine power plants with rated power of 100 kW is given. Initial analytical engineering calculations of the turbine (without using computational fluid dynamics) with appropriate calculation methods are considered. The parametric study of nozzle blade and whole turbine stage using ANSYS CFX is descripted. The calculations determined the optimal geometry on the criterion of maximizing efficiency at total pressure ratio. The calculation results are presented in graphical form, as well as the velocity and pressure fields at the interscapular channels of nozzle unit and the impeller.

  4. Most Cow's Milk Baby Formulas Don't Up Risk of Type 1 Diabetes (United States)

    ... page: Most Cow's Milk Baby Formulas Don't Up Risk ... nutrition for babies, a new study suggests that most cow's milk formulas don't increase the risk ...

  5. Don Quixote e a transgressão do saber

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo Roberto Ceccarelli


    truth will constantly be replaced to make place to another one that, in turn, will also be replaced. Cervantes belongs to the intellectual tradition of Erasmus de Rotterdam, and his Don Quixote rambles thought the universe of Erasmus in which every truth is suspected, and everything bathes in incertitude. Don Quixote de La Mancha is the result of the wisdom of Rotterdam and craziness of La Mancha. By transgressing the "known", Don Quixote transgresses the truth that up to then was taken for sacred and as a guarantee of knowledge and, therefore, of a possible means of controlling the world. Transgression produces turning points but there is not such a thing like a "final transgressing", which would be the equivalent of recreating the myth of an absolute knowledge. According to author, both our theoretical and clinical practices lack the necessary transgressing movement that would force us to abandon the shelter of constructed truths.

  6. Le don, histoire du concept, évolution des pratiques

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    François Athané


    Full Text Available Le premier chapitre de cette thèse étudie la notion de don établie en anthropologie et en sociologie par l’Essai sur le don de Marcel Mauss . Il a semblé utile d’examiner en détail les faits sociaux et culturels dont parle Mauss : le potlatch, cette fameuse « guerre des cadeaux » des Amérindiens de la côte nord-ouest du Canada, le kula des archipels Trobriand, à l’est de la Nouvelle-Guinée, le hau des Maoris de Nouvelle-Zélande. La thèse centrale de l’anthropologie de Mauss est que dons et ca...

  7. Distributed Observer Network (DON), Version 3.0, User's Guide (United States)

    Mazzone, Rebecca A.; Conroy, Michael P.


    The Distributed Observer Network (DON) is a data presentation tool developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to distribute and publish simulation results. Leveraging the display capabilities inherent in modern gaming technology, DON places users in a fully navigable 3-D environment containing graphical models and allows the users to observe how those models evolve and interact over time in a given scenario. Each scenario is driven with data that has been generated by authoritative NASA simulation tools and exported in accordance with a published data interface specification. This decoupling of the data from the source tool enables DON to faithfully display a simulator's results and ensure that every simulation stakeholder will view the exact same information every time.

  8. Francis Bacon sob o olhar de Gilles Deleuze: a imagem como intensidade

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Osvaldo Fontes Filho


    Full Text Available O ensaio de Gilles Deleuze La logique de la sensation é texto que se detém principalmente na prática e na eficácia da imagem. A pintura de Francis Bacon é ali tomada como paradigma de modernidade ao investir contra os clichês expressivos e ao produzir imagem junto à brutalidade dos fatos, como um contra-efeito do narrativo. Em uma obra que conjura todo modelo a representar, toda história a contar, “alguma coisa se passa”, explica Deleuze, “que define o funcionamento da pintura”. Algo se passa, tem lugar: o acontecimento de uma catástrofe e de uma histeria no ato de pintura que acomete a Figura de modo a transmitir uma potencial violência de reação e de expressão. O “Bacon” de Deleuze apresenta a realidade vivida em uma nova e não-convencional ordem de sensação. Neste artigo, são comentados os modos como o filósofo interpreta os atos físicos da pintura de Bacon — marcas aleatórias, varredura da massa pictural, escansão das superfícies —, procedimentos que introduzem no mundo visual da figuração a variedade caótica dos fatos e sentidos. Mostra-se como as faces e as figuras contorcidas, distorcidas, escorchadas de Bacon recebem uma voz conceitual complementar no texto de Deleuze. Consequentemente, focaliza-se a disposição de alguns conceitos do filósofo: diagrama, Figura, diferença, espaço háptico. Locados no espaço afetivo ou na “lógica da sensação” da pintura baconiana, esses conceitos atribuem legitimidade ao entrelaçamento e à co-implicação entre arte e filosofia. Uma última observação dá conta do fato de a prática da imagem em Bacon, apresentada por Deleuze no palco de uma modernidade particularmente solapada por um “dilúvio anestésico de imagens reprimindo a possibilidade de pensar”, evidenciar para o filósofo os rumos necessariamente sinuosos, “reptilíneos”, do pensamento moderno. Tanto o conceito como a forma criam por catástrofe, por conflagração, por varia


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. V. Danylova


    Full Text Available Introduction. Francis Fukuyama in his famous book “The End of History and the Last Man” assumes that human history should be considered as the battle of ideologies that reaches its goal in the universalization of Western liberal democracy. Author’s ideas have gained many supporters. At the same time, they were subjected to severe criticism that reflected the important trends of political life and ideological preferences. Leaving aside the criticism based on geopolitical and civilizational confrontation and confusion which confronts Fukuyama’s theory, it should be stated that anthropological aspect of Fukuyama’s theory has vastly evaded philosophical comprehension. Purpose. This article attempts to test Fukuyama’s theory through the lens of philosophical anthropology and analyze human desire for recognition in the context of Fukuyama’s World History. Methodology. The analysis is focused on human desire for recognition as a significant dimension of human nature. The author has used hermeneutical methodology and anthropological integrative approach. Theoretical basis and results. Fukuyama is not satisfied by merely economic interpretation of history emphasizing that human is not simply an economic animal. Economic development fails to explain why people advocate the principles of liberal democracy. The author goes back to Hegel’s non-materialistic view of history based on the struggle for recognition. According to Fukuyama, this deeply rooted human desire for recognition is the great motor of history and cause of tyranny, conflicts, and wars. But at the same time, it also acts as a psychological foundation of many virtues – the spirit of citizenship, courage, and justice. Throughout history, this desire for recognition was not satisfied. Only modern liberal democracy provides universal recognition of all humans ensuring and protecting their rights. Originality. Fukuyama’s concept is important and interesting because it draws

  10. Don Quixote's countenance before and after losing his teeth. (United States)

    del Valle, A; Romero, M


    The authors of this paper wish to draw attention to certain not-so-well-known aspects concerning the epithet "Knight of the Woeful Countenance", by which Cervantes' character Don Quixote is universally known. Cervantes used it to highlight the loss of his hero's molars and incisors; thus, the reduced vertical dimension of his face, along with his sagging cheeks and deepened facial furrows, was the reason for his permanently sorrowful countenance. Luis Martínez, a professional illustrator following instructions from the authors of this paper, has recreated the face of Don Quixote as Miguel de Cervantes may well have imagined it for his celebrated character.

  11. Bioprospecting for TRI101 in Fusarium: Searching for a Better Enzyme to Detoxify Deoxynivalenol (DON) (United States)

    The mycotoxin deoxynivalenol (DON) is a common contaminant of wheat and barley in the United States. New strategies to mitigate the threat of DON need to be developed and implemented. Previous research has shown the value of an enzyme (TRI101) to modify DON and reduce its toxicity. Recent work by...

  12. DON modification in naturally-contaminated wheat samples using microorganisms isolated from the environment (United States)

    The fungus Fusarium graminearum produces the toxic compound deoxynivalenol (DON) that contaminates wheat, barley, and maize. New strategies are needed to mitigate DON in the United States. Microbes were isolated from different soil types, and cultured in a mineral salt media using 100 ppm DON as the...

  13. Mars and the Mind of Don (United States)

    Solomon, S. C.


    Among the many interests of Don Turcotte have been the terrestrial planets, both as individual bodies and as test beds for generalizations on the processes that have affected the form, evolution, and interior dynamics of Earth-like planets. Over a span of more than 20 years, Turcotte and his collaborators have contributed many insights into the surface evolution and mantle dynamics of Mars on topics ranging from the nature of support of long-wavelength topography, the origin of the Tharsis rise, the internal thermal evolution and its effect on topography and lithospheric stress, and the history of outgassing. A summary of recent findings concerning early Martian evolution permits Turcotte's contributions to be placed within the context of current understanding. Core-mantle differentiation occurred within 10-15 My of the start of solar system evolution, on the basis of isotope systematics in Martian meteorites. A magnetic dynamo was active in the early Noachian but apparently ceased before the end of heavy bombardment. Crustal formation was largely complete by the earliest Noachian, on the basis of the density of both well-preserved and largely buried impact structures. Gravity-topography admittances for Noachian terrain suggests that the general south-to-north thinning of the crust may have been the result of lower crustal flow, but rapid cooling of the crust is indicated by the preservation of early Noachian relief and large crustal magnetization anomalies. The onset of the Tharsis province as a site of voluminous magmatism and concentrated deformation likely postdated the establishment of the crustal thickness dichotomy, but much of the magmatism occurred prior to the formation of late Noachian valley networks. Extensive resurfacing of the northern hemisphere occurred in the Noachian, on the basis of the detection of large impact structures superposed on older filled basins. Extensive evidence for water-surface interactions during this period supports the view

  14. The Revels of a Young Republic: Revolutionary Possibilities of the Fandango in Timothy Flint’s 1826 Francis Berrian

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul D. Naish


    Full Text Available Francis Berrian, de Timothy Flint (1826, la primera novela de temática latinoamericana escrita en Estados Unidos presenta a un joven de Massachusetts que rescata a la hija de un Conde de una banda de Comanches, y llega a participar en la Guerra de la Independencia de México. Un fandango en la hacienda de la mujer forma la escena central, donde ancianos y jóvenes, padres e hijos, amos y sirvientes se entremezclan en un baile lleno de posibilidades que anticipa una futura unión provechosa entre México y los Estados Unidos. Sin embargo, al tedioso norteamericano esta exhibición de familiaridad entre clases le incomoda, y la mexicana aristocrática le reprocha su esnobismo. Quizás, sin querer, Francis Berrian nos sugiere que las ideas de igualdad y fraternidad son mejor recibidas en una pista del México aristocrático que en la Republica de los Estados Unidos.

  15. A Response to "BIO 2010: Transforming Undergraduate Education for Future Research Biologists," from the Perspective of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major Program at Kenyon College (United States)

    Slonczewski, Joan L.; Marusak, Rosemary


    The National Research Council completed a major study of undergraduate biology education, "BIO 2010-Transforming Undergraduate Education For Future Research Biologists (BIO 2010)," funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the National Institutes of Health. The "BIO 2010" report recommends that biology pedagogy should use an…

  16. Biologists Bridging Science and the Conservation Movement : The Rise of Nature Conservation and Nature Management in the Netherlands, 1850-1950

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Windt, Henny J.


    This paper investigates the importance and various roles of amateur naturalists and biologists in the conservation movement between 1850 and 1950, in particular in the Netherlands. It is concluded that biological sciences were important resources for Dutch nature conservation, although the extent of

  17. The 'Don'ts' of Web Page Design. (United States)

    Balas, Janet L.


    Discusses online resources that focus on what not to do in Web page design. "Don'ts" include: making any of the top 10 mistakes identified by Nielsen, qualifying for a "muddie" award for bad Web sites, forgetting to listen to users, and forgetting accessibility. A sidebar lists the Web site addresses for the nine resources…

  18. Don Juan Huarte de San Juan: El doctor que anticipó la melancolía de Don Quijote Don Juan Huarte de San Juan: The doctor who antocipated Don Quixote´s Melancholy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pedro García Martín


    Full Text Available El estado de enajenación del ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote lo había aprendido Cervantes a través del doctor Juan Huarte San Juan, autor del famoso ensayo Examen de ingenios, donde formula la teoría de los humores para explicar el cuerpo y el carácter del hombre. En este artículo, pues, repasaremos la biografía de este personaje, analizaremos la formación de los médicos en las universidades de la España del Siglo de Oro, la influencia del Examen en la Europa de su tiempo y en la obra cervantina a través de la melancolía de don Quijote y de la locura del Licenciado Vidriera. Para terminar con la aplicación literaria de las tesis sobre ingenios que definiera nuestro dilecto médico de resonancia mundial.Cervantes learned about Don Quixote's derangement through Juan Huarte de San Juan's famous treatise Examen de ingenios, where he deployed the humoral theory to explain human body and character. In this article Huarte's biography will be summarized, analyzing the academic background of golden age Spanish doctors, and the impact of Examen in Early Modern Europe and in Cervante's work by examining Don Quixote's melancholy and Licenciado Vidriera's madness. Finally, I will show how the internationally famous Spanish doctor's thesis was used in literature.

  19. IDEA: An Interdisciplinary Unit Comparing "Don Quixote" to "Hamlet." (United States)

    Harris, Mary J. G.


    Describes an idea for teaching language through content-based instruction in which a high school Spanish class studying a shortened abridged version of Cervantes'"Don Quixote" and an English class reading Shakespeare's "Hamlet," did a simple comparative analysis of the two texts. (Author/VWL)

  20. Don L. Anderson and the Caltech Seismo Lab



    The following reminiscences and recollections, scientific and otherwise, were contributed by Don Anderson’s scientific colleagues. Incomplete though they are, they give a flavor of the extraordinary range of Don’s activities, his influence on Earth science, and the phenomenon that was the Caltech Seismological Laboratory in his time.

  1. Det litterære rum i Don Quixote

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brink, Dennis Meyhoff


    Don Quixote kommer til verden i det måske mest afgørende øjeblik i den vestlige rumopfattelses historie - nemlig i det øjeblik, hvor forestillingen om, at vi lever i et uendeligt univers, erstatter den gammeleuropæiske forestilling om verdensrummet som et endeligt kosmos. Det nye verdensrum danner...

  2. The "Don't Know" Option in Progress Testing (United States)

    Ravesloot, C. J.; Van der Schaaf, M. F.; Muijtjens, A. M. M.; Haaring, C.; Kruitwagen, C. L. J. J.; Beek, F. J. A.; Bakker, J.; Van Schaik, J.P.J.; Ten Cate, Th. J.


    Formula scoring (FS) is the use of a don't know option (DKO) with subtraction of points for wrong answers. Its effect on construct validity and reliability of progress test scores, is subject of discussion. Choosing a DKO may not only be affected by knowledge level, but also by risk taking tendency, and may thus introduce construct-irrelevant…

  3. "Tihhi Don" : Fjodor Bondartshuk zakontshil film svojego otsa / Darja Zavgorodnjaja

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Zavgorodnjaja, Darja


    Fjodor Bondartshuk monteeris kokku tema isa Sergei poolt Itaalias 13 aastat tagasi pooleli jäänud Mihhail Sholohhovi romaani järgi tehtud teleseriaali "Vaikne Don", mida hakkab Venemaa televisiooni 1. Kanal näitama 7. novembril

  4. Fjodor Bondartshuk dodelal "Tihhi Don" ottsa / Olga Saburova

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Saburova, Olga


    Fjodor Bondartshuk monteeris kokku tema isa Sergei poolt Itaalias 13 aastat tagasi pooleli jäänud Mihhail Sholohhovi romaani järgi tehtud teleseriaali "Vaikne Don", mida hakkab Venemaa televisiooni 1. Kanal näitama 7. novembril

  5. "Don Kihotõ" nazõvajut lutshshih / Boris Tuch

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tuch, Boris, 1946-


    Lõppenud festivali FIPRESCI auhinna sai türgi film "Kauge" ("Uzak") : režissöör Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Rahvusvaheline filmiklubide föderatsioon (FICC) andis oma auhinna Don Quijote Andrei Zvjagintsevi filmile "Tagasitulek" ("Vozvrashtshenije") ja eriauhinna hiinlase Chen Kaige filmile "Üheskoos" ("Han ni zai ylki")

  6. Viajando con Don Quijote en el siglo XXI

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Odilíe Rojas López


    Full Text Available

    Resumen. El Quijote ha cabalgado con nosotros por largo tiempo y como si no fuera suficiente la lucha contra los molinos de viento, don Quijote de la Mancha tendrá que luchar contra muchas situaciones de nuestra época actual. ¿Logrará esta hazaña el Caballero de la Triste Figura? El reto es dar la respuesta.

    Por tal motivo, la autora de este ensayo traslada al Caballero de la Triste Figura y lo inserta a la sociedad del siglo XXI. Transforma los valores, costumbres y puntos de vistas de la época en que se desarrolla la obra literaria y establece una serie de correlaciones entre el texto literario, el personaje principal y las diversas situaciones cotidianas actuales. Ciertamente, Don Quijote seguirá luchando contra las situaciones de nuestra época actual. Sin duda alguna este hidalgo está aún entre nosotros.


    Abstract. Don Quixote has ridden with us for a long time now, and as if his fight against windmills were not enough, Don Quixote still has many more difficult situations to combat in the present times.  Will the Knight of the Sad Figure accomplish this new deed?

    It is our challenge to find an answer to this inquiry. For this purpose, the author of this essay inserts the Knight of the Sad Figure in XXI century society. The author transforms the values, costumes and points of view of the times of the literary piece and establishes a series of relationships between the literary text, the main character and several current daily life situations. Don Quixote will certainly continue his fight against all the conditions we encounter nowadays. There is no doubt, then, that this knight still lives among us.

  7. Rotor optimization of a Francis type hydraulic turbine through the computer flow analysis (CFD); Optimizacion del rodete de una turbina hidraulica tipo Francis a traves del analisis computacional del flujo (CFD)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rosado Tamariz, Erick


    In the analysis of fluid behavior through hydraulic turbines, two basic methodologies for flow analysis and optimization processes in turbines are used, which are: a) modeled of flow through the entire turbine (joint), or modeled one of each component separately, obtaining satisfactory results by both methodologies. The analysis of computational fluids dynamics (CFD) to geometries improved by means of finite volume method (FVM) with their corresponding initials and boundary conditions is made, to solve a system differential equations of second order that correspond to the flow around the dominion of runner blades; considering nonviscous flow and the implementation of the two equations models for the solution of the equations that govern the turbulent flow. Also, used parameterization techniques based in a parametric geometry an objective function and the diminution of cavitation. This work presents the optimization of a runner from a Francis hydro turbine for a 75 MW considering three different load conditions (75%, 85% and 100%) through CFD as a part of the hydraulic analysis for modernization of the actual condition of a power generation unit. Francis runner optimization is made, through a previous analysis of CFD by means of the FVM, considering the viscous effects of the fluid and the model of turbulence developed by Sparlart and Allmaras; modeling the wicket and runner separately. Later the generation of a parametric model of the runner is made and the simulation for the generation of data base is formed. Finally an objective function is considered to develop the optimal geometry of the runner blades. The results are presented in a graphic form in such a way, that it shows the distributions of pressure and speed around the blades runner, the geometrical and performance (efficiency and power) comparison between original and optimized model. [Spanish] En el analisis del comportamiento del fluido a traves de turbinas hidraulicas, se emplean dos metodologias

  8. Tod in den Anden. Ein Brief Francis Halls an Humboldt 1831 und seine historischen und politischen Hintergründe

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas Schmuck


    Full Text Available Zusammenfassung Der Forschungsreisende Francis Hall kam als Soldat nach Südamerika und betätigte sich hier auch als Pflanzensammler, Reiseschriftsteller und Bergsteiger. Er war Freund und Briefpartner Jeremy Benthams und versuchte gemeinsam mit Jean-Baptiste Boussingault den Chimborazo zu besteigen. Der liberale Journalist wurde 1833 in bürgerkriegsähnlichen Unruhen in Ecuador ermordet. Der einzige Brief Halls an Humboldt, in dem er diesen für die Naturerschließung des Landes zu gewinnen versucht, eine Sammlung andiner Pflanzen übersendet und seine Einschätzung zur politischen Lage und Zukunft Südamerikas kundtut, wird hier veröffentlicht und kommentiert. Abstract The British explorer Francis Hall was active in South-America as a soldier, a collector of plants, a writer of travelogues and a mountaineer. Together with Jean-Baptiste Boussingault he failed in ascending the Chimborazo. Friend and correspondent of Jeremy Bentham and also liberal journalist, Hall was killed during riots in Ecuador in 1833. In one single letter addressed to Humboldt, which is presented here, Hall tries to awaken interest for Ecuador, develops his views on the political future of South America and sends a collection of plants from the Andes. Resumen El explorador británico Francis Hall llegó a América del Sur como soldado y allí también se dedicó a la colección de plantas, a escribir sobre viajes y a hacer alpinismo. Intentó subir al Chimborazo con Jean-Baptiste Boussingault. El periodista liberal, amigo de Jeremy Bentham con el que también mantenía correspondencia, fue asesinado en los disturbios de 1833 en Ecuador. En la única carta de Hall a Humboldt, que está publicada y comentada aquí, Hall intenta despertar el interés de Humboldt por la naturaleza del país enviando una colección de plantas andinas y dando su opinión sobre la situación política y el futuro de América del Sur. (Traducción: Christine Lebas

  9. St. Francis Rain Garden Water Quality Sampling Interim Data Report; Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus, Sediments or Solids, and E. Coli for the period April to June, 2014 (United States)

    This interim data reported is being provided per request to the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) to provide summary statistics on a limited set of water quality parameters as measured at the St. Francis Rain Garden site in the Lick Run Valley as it pertains to MSD's Project Grou...

  10. The Red-Attractiveness Effect, Applying the Ioannidis and Trikalinos (2007b) Test, and the Broader Scientific Context: A Reply to Francis (2013) (United States)

    Elliot, Andrew J.; Maier, Markus A.


    Francis (2013) tested for and found evidence of publication bias in 1 of the 3 focal relations examined in Elliot et al. (2010), that between red and attractiveness. He then called into question the research as a whole and the field of experimental psychology more generally. Our reply has 3 foci. First, we attend to the bottom line regarding the…

  11. Francis Bacon czyli Diego Velázquez na fotelu dentystycznym - malarskie i inne cytaty jako "dodatek" do rozpraszającego się życia

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Nieukerken, A.


    "Francis Bacon or Diego Velázquez in a dentist’s chair" - pictorial and other kinds of quotations as an addition to a disintegrating life The mature poetry of Tadeusz Różewicz seems to be at odds with both modernist and postmodern literary tenets. It undeniably makes abundant use of intertextuality

  12. The Comprehensive Review Working Group and Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal at the Department of Defense. (United States)

    Lee, Jonathan L


    In February 2010, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Michael Mullen established the Comprehensive Review Working Group (CRWG) to conduct a comprehensive review of the issues associated with a repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT). Over the next 10 months, the CRWG undertook one of the most extensive studies of a personnel issue in the history of the U.S. military. This article describes the work and the findings of the CRWG (on which the author served) in the context of the activities within the Department of Defense (DoD) following President Obama's call for DADT repeal in his January 2010 State of the Union Address and leading up to the passage of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act in December 2010. It argues that the CRWG served a number of important functions in the DADT repeal process, particularly that it a) provided a rigorous, fact-based assessment of the impacts of repeal from which DoD senior leaders and Congress could base their views; b) developed a road map for a smooth and orderly implementation of repeal; and c) opened a conversation among military service members about what repeal would really mean to them. In doing so, the CRWG contributed to what has been a largely incident-free and successful transition to a post-DADT military.

  13. On the relation between friction losses and pressure pulsations caused by Rotor Stator interaction on the Francis-99 turbine (United States)

    Østby, Petter T. K.; Tore Billdal, Jan; Haugen, Bjørn; Dahlhaug, Ole Gunnar


    High head Francis runners are subject to pressure pulsations caused by rotor stator interaction. To ensure safe operation of such turbines, it is important to be able to predict these pulsations. For turbine manufacturers it is often a dilemma whether to perform very advanced and time consuming CFD calculations or to rely on simpler calculations to save development time. This paper tries to evaluate simplifications of the CFD model while still capturing the RSI phenomena and ensuring that the calculation does not underpredict the pressure amplitudes. The effects which turbulence modeling, wall friction, viscosity and mesh have on the pressure amplitudes will be investigated along with time savings with each simplification. The hypothesis is that rotor stator interaction is manly driven by inviscid flow and can therefore be modeled by the Euler equations.

  14. Il De uno alla luce dell’Exemplum tractatus de iustitia universali, sive de fontibus iuris di Francis Bacon

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Romana Bassi


    Full Text Available [Reading “De uno” in light of Francis Bacon’s “Exemplum tractatus de iustitia universali, sive de fontibus iuris”]. Although Vico was admittedly disappointed by Bacon’s Exemplum tractatus, a parallel reading of this text and De uno can provide insights as to how Vico ended up having to confront a series of issues: how does the universal law project itself into history? Where does the law stem from? Is there a link between law, occasion, and utility? What are the sources and the scope of authority? How does violence affect the law? What role for religion and piety? How to devise a philology for the laws and ancient fables? Bacon’s scattered aphorisms offer glimpses into problems which find a solution in the all-encompassing order of De uno.

  15. Francis-99 turbine numerical flow simulation of steady state operation using RANS and RANS/LES turbulence model (United States)

    Minakov, A.; Platonov, D.; Sentyabov, A.; Gavrilov, A.


    We performed numerical simulation of flow in a laboratory model of a Francis hydroturbine at three regimes, using two eddy-viscosity- (EVM) and a Reynolds stress (RSM) RANS models (realizable k-ɛ, k-ω SST, LRR) and detached-eddy-simulations (DES), as well as large-eddy simulations (LES). Comparison of calculation results with the experimental data was carried out. Unlike the linear EVMs, the RSM, DES, and LES reproduced well the mean velocity components, and pressure pulsations in the diffusor draft tube. Despite relatively coarse meshes and insufficient resolution of the near-wall region, LES, DES also reproduced well the intrinsic flow unsteadiness and the dominant flow structures and the associated pressure pulsations in the draft tube.

  16. LDV survey of cavitation and resonance effect on the precessing vortex rope dynamics in the draft tube of Francis turbines (United States)

    Favrel, A.; Müller, A.; Landry, C.; Yamamoto, K.; Avellan, F.


    The large-scale penetration of the electrical grid by intermittent renewable energy sources requires a continuous operating range extension of hydropower plants. This causes the formation of unfavourable flow patterns in the draft tube of turbines and pump-turbines. At partial load operation, a precessing cavitation vortex rope is formed at the Francis turbine runner outlet, acting as an excitation source for the hydraulic system. In case of resonance, the resulting high-amplitude pressure pulsations can put at risk the stability of the machine and of the electrical grid to which it is connected. It is therefore crucial to understand and accurately simulate the underlying physical mechanisms in such conditions. However, the exact impact of cavitation and hydro-acoustic resonance on the flow velocity fluctuations in the draft tube remains to be established. The flow discharge pulsations expected to occur in the draft tube in resonance conditions have for instance never been verified experimentally. In this study, two-component Laser Doppler Velocimetry is used to investigate the axial and tangential velocity fluctuations at the runner outlet of a reduced scale physical model of a Francis turbine. The investigation is performed for a discharge equal to 64 % of the nominal value and three different pressure levels in the draft tube, including resonance and cavitation-free conditions. Based on the convective pressure fluctuations induced by the vortex precession, the periodical velocity fluctuations over one typical precession period are recovered by phase averaging. The impact of cavitation and hydro-acoustic resonance on both axial and tangential velocity fluctuations in terms of amplitude and phase shift is highlighted for the first time. It is shown that the occurrence of resonance does not have significant effects on the draft tube velocity fields, suggesting that the synchronous axial velocity fluctuations are surprisingly negligible compared to the velocity

  17. FRamework Assessing Notorious Contributing Influences for Error (FRANCIE): Perspective on Taxonomy Development to Support Error Reporting and Analysis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lon N. Haney; David I. Gertman


    Beginning in the 1980s a primary focus of human reliability analysis was estimation of human error probabilities. However, detailed qualitative modeling with comprehensive representation of contextual variables often was lacking. This was likely due to the lack of comprehensive error and performance shaping factor taxonomies, and the limited data available on observed error rates and their relationship to specific contextual variables. In the mid 90s Boeing, America West Airlines, NASA Ames Research Center and INEEL partnered in a NASA sponsored Advanced Concepts grant to: assess the state of the art in human error analysis, identify future needs for human error analysis, and develop an approach addressing these needs. Identified needs included the need for a method to identify and prioritize task and contextual characteristics affecting human reliability. Other needs identified included developing comprehensive taxonomies to support detailed qualitative modeling and to structure meaningful data collection efforts across domains. A result was the development of the FRamework Assessing Notorious Contributing Influences for Error (FRANCIE) with a taxonomy for airline maintenance tasks. The assignment of performance shaping factors to generic errors by experts proved to be valuable to qualitative modeling. Performance shaping factors and error types from such detailed approaches can be used to structure error reporting schemes. In a recent NASA Advanced Human Support Technology grant FRANCIE was refined, and two new taxonomies for use on space missions were developed. The development, sharing, and use of error taxonomies, and the refinement of approaches for increased fidelity of qualitative modeling is offered as a means to help direct useful data collection strategies.

  18. Space and time reconstruction of the precessing vortex core in Francis turbine draft tube by 2D-PIV (United States)

    Favrel, A.; Müller, A.; Landry, C.; Yamamoto, K.; Avellan, F.


    Francis turbines operating at part load conditions experience the development of a high swirling flow at the runner outlet, giving rise to the development of a cavitation precessing vortex rope in the draft tube. The latter acts as an excitation source for the hydro-mechanical system and may jeopardize the system stability if resonance conditions are met. Although many aspects of the part load issue have been widely studied in the past, the accurate stability analysis of hydro-power plants remains challenging. A better understanding of the vortex rope dynamics in a wide range of operating conditions is an important step towards the prediction and the transposition of the pressure fluctuations from reduced to prototype scale. For this purpose, an investigation of the flow velocity fields at the outlet of a Francis turbine reduced scale physical model operating at part load conditions is performed by means of 2D-PIV in three different horizontal cross-sections of the draft tube cone. The measurements are performed in cavitation-free conditions for three values of discharge factor, comprised between 60% and 81% of the value at the Best Efficiency Point. The present article describes a detailed methodology to properly recover the evolution of the velocity fields during one precession cycle by means of phase averaging. The vortex circulation is computed and the vortex trajectory over one typical precession period is finally recovered for each operating point. It is notably shown that below a given value of the discharge factor, the vortex dynamics abruptly change and loose its periodicity and coherence.

  19. CDC Vital Signs–Blood Pressure Medicines Don’t Work If People Don’t Take Them

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Blood pressure medicines don’t work if people don’t take them. Learn how health care systems can work with patients to make taking medicines easier.  Created: 9/13/2016 by National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP).   Date Released: 9/13/2016.

  20. Pump used as a turbine (PAT) with flow control - Part 1: General; Petites centrales hydrauliques. Pompe fonctionnant en turbine avec reglage du debit (Pat-Francis). 1ere partie: presentation generale

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chapallaz, J.-M.


    This first part of a final report for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) discusses the use of a pump equipped with variable guide vanes, similar to a Francis turbine. This first part of a four-part article describes the PAT-Francis project in general. The turbine was realised by removing the existing spiral casing from a standard pump and replacing it with a guide vane system with a new spiral. General topics on the use of pumps as turbines are discussed and the characteristic curves and operational limits of a PAT are examined. The proposed concept for a PAT with variable flow, or PAT-Francis, is presented.

  1. Polarized Light Experiment, Presa Don Martin, Coahuila, Mexico (United States)


    This is a single scene from a pair (frames 021 and 024) to study the effects of polarized light in Earth Observations. One scene was exposed with vertically polarized light, the other, horizontally. The subject in this study, is a lake behind Presa (dam) Don Martin (27.5N, 100.5W) on the edge of the Rio Grande Plain near it's boundry with the Sierra Madre Orientral in Coahuila, Mexico.

  2. Don Giovanni Goes to Prison: Teaching Opera behind Bars


    Pierpaolo Polzonetti


    Teaching opera in prison presents challenges, such as limits imposed on printed and recorded material to study it, or the audio-visual technology in the classroom space, yet, no other experience can be so inspiring and rewarding for everybody involved. This essay focuses on teaching opera, in particular Mozart’s Don Giovanni, to imprisoned students in America. It addresses pedagogical challenges on how to teach opera in prison and advocates for the need to leave the ivory tower of academia an...

  3. Azorín y Don Juan (1922): vidas paralelas


    Pérez-Bustamante Mourier, Ana Sofía


    Análisis de la novela "Don Juan" (1922), de José Martínez Ruiz (a) Azorín, dentro de la tradición del Tenorio arrepentido y redimido. En este caso la ejemplaridad cristiana se une a la perspectiva regeneracionista, y el tema del arrepentimiento se desarrolla a través de una estética impresionista y simbolista.

  4. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Service Members: Life After Don't Ask, Don't Tell. (United States)

    Goldbach, Jeremy T; Castro, Carl Andrew


    Lesbian, gay, and bisexual service members can serve openly in the military with the repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. The fate of transgender service members remains uncertain as the policy preventing them from serving in the military remains under review. The health care needs of these populations remain for the most part unknown, with total acceptance and integration in the military yet to be achieved. In this paper, we review the literature on the health care needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) service members, relying heavily on what is known about LGBT civilian and veteran populations. Significant research gaps about the health care needs of LGBT service members are identified, along with recommendations for closing those gaps. In addition, recommendations for improving LGBT acceptance and integration within the military are provided.

  5. Las parodias dramáticas de Don Juan Tenorio en el siglo XIX


    Noh Kang, Sook-Hwa


    Zorrilla was, undoubtedly, the one who approached the myth of Don Juan the closest. Tirso has paternity. Madariaga thinks the Don Juan of Moliere lacks spontaneity and displays a conscious rebellion against the laws. That of Byron is a reflective character. The Don Giovanni created by Da Ponte for Mozart's opera is very civilised and lacks spontaneity, as well. Madariaga does not forgive Pushkin for the appearance of Laura on a balcony in Madrid and not in Seville. Obviously Madariaga is righ...

  6. Don Quichotte, un don quichotte ? Déprogrammation d’un stéréotype

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marta Cuenca-Godbert


    Full Text Available En réaction à la publication de la suite apocryphe de Don Quichotte de la Manche, Cervantès utilise dans sa seconde partie les ressorts narratifs de la stéréotypie littéraire pour montrer à quel point son personnage diffère de ce qu'en a fait Alonso Fernández de Avellaneda, continuateur peu respectueux de sa personne et de son personnage. Le refus de voir en don Quichotte un simple stéréotype du chevalier errant chimérique est particulièrement manifeste dans la série d'aventures se déroulant au château des ducs, où don Quichotte, par sa renommée littéraire littéralement reconnue, est traité en chevalier par des personnages manipulateurs de situations, qui visent à produire chez lui des réactions programmées pour s’en amuser. Il apparaît alors que le simple agrégat d'ingrédients propres au stéréotype littéraire chevaleresque finit par ne pas produire l'issue escomptée.En la Segunda parte del Quijote, Cervantes reacciona ante la publicación de la de Alonso Fernández de Avellaneda, continuador poco respetuoso con la persona del autor primigenio y su personaje. Recurriendo a los procedimientos narrativos de la estereotipia literaria deja bien claro qué diferente resulta ser el personaje original respecto al del continuador. La negativa de ver a don Quijote como un mero estereotipo del caballero andante loco se pone particularmente de manifiesto en la serie de aventuras que transcurren en el palacio de los duques. Allí, los personajes reconocen literalmente la fama literaria de don Quijote. Generan, desde situaciones ficticias, tipos de tratamiento que se dispensarían a un verdadero caballero andante. Como resultado, se desencadena una serie de reacciones programadas con las que pretenden divertirse. Sin embargo, queda claro que la mera acumulación de ingredientes propios del estereotipo literario caballeresco no produce el resultado esperado.

  7. Experimental investigations of transient pressure variations in a high head model Francis turbine during start-up and shutdown

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Penetration of the power generated using wind and solar energy to electrical grid network causing several incidents of the grid tripping, power outage, and frequency drooping. This has increased restart (star-stop) cycles of the hydroelectric turbines significantly since grid connected hydroelectric turbines are widely used to manage critical conditions of the grid. Each cycle induces significant stresses due to unsteady pressure loading on the runner blades. The presented work investigates the pressure loading to a high head ( HP=377m, DP=1.78m) Francis turbine during start-stop. The measurements were carried out on a scaled model turbine ( HM =12.5m, DM =0.349m). Total four operating points were considered. At each operating point, three schemes of guide vanes opening and three schemes of guide vanes closing were investigated. The results show that total head variation is up to 9%during start-stop of the turbine. On the runner blade, the maximum pressure amplitudes are about 14 kPa and 16 kPa from the instantaneous mean value of 121 kPa during rapid start-up and shutdown, respectively, which are about 1.5 times larger than that of the slow start-up and shutdown. Moreover, the maximum pressure fluctuations are given at the blade trailing edge.

  8. Nonlinear dynamic analysis and robust controller design for Francis hydraulic turbine regulating system with a straight-tube surge tank (United States)

    Liang, Ji; Yuan, Xiaohui; Yuan, Yanbin; Chen, Zhihuan; Li, Yuanzheng


    The safety and stability of hydraulic turbine regulating system (HTRS) in hydropower plants become increasingly important since the rapid development and the broad application of hydro energy technology. In this paper, a novel mathematical model of Francis hydraulic turbine regulating system with a straight-tube surge tank based on a few state-space equations is introduced to study the dynamic behaviors of the HTRS system, where the existence of possible unstable oscillations of this model is studied extensively and presented in the forms of the bifurcation diagram, time waveform plot, phase trajectories, and power spectrum. To eliminate these undesirable behaviors, a specified fuzzy sliding mode controller is designed. In this hybrid controller, the sliding mode control law makes full use of the proposed model to guarantee the robust control in the presence of system uncertainties, while the fuzzy system is applied to approximate the proper gains of the switching control in sliding mode technique to reduce the chattering effect, and particle swarm optimization is developed to search the optimal gains of the controller. Numerical simulations are presented to verify the effectiveness of the designed controller, and the results show that the performances of the nonlinear HTRS system assisted with the proposed controller is much better than that with the commonly used optimal PID controller.

  9. Simulation of the load rejection transient process of a francis turbine by using a 1-D-3-D coupling approach

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张晓曦; 程永光; 杨建东; 夏林生; 赖旭


    This paper presents the simulation and the analysis of the transient process of a Francis turbine during the load rejection by employing a one-dimensional and three-dimensional (1-D-3-D) coupling approach. The coupling is realized by partly overlapping the 1-D and 3-D parts, the water hammer wave is modeled by defining the pressure dependent density, and the guide vane closure is treated by a dynamic mesh method. To verify the results of the coupling approach, the transient parameters for both typical models and a real power station are compared with the data obtained by the 1-D approach, and good agreements are found. To investigate the differences between the transient and steady states at the corresponding operating parameters, the flow characteristics inside a turbine of the real power station are simulated by both transient and steady methods, and the results are analyzed in details. Our analysis suggests that there are just a little differences in the turbine outer characteristics, thus the traditional 1-D method is in general acceptable. However, the flow patterns in the spiral casing, the draft tube, and the runner passages are quite different: the transient situation has obvious water hammer waves, the water inertia, and some other effects. These may be crucial for the draft tube pul- sation and need further studies.

  10. Les livres de recettes « francisés » au Mexique au XIXe siècle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sarah Bak-Geller Corona


    Full Text Available L’apparition des premiers livres de cuisine au Mexique - publiés par des maisons d’édition françaises spécialisées en ouvrages en espagnol - marque le début de l’histoire de la cuisine mexicaine. Cet événement s’inscrit par ailleurs dans une histoire plus large : celle de la construction de l’État-nation, entre nationalisme et cosmopolitisme. L’article s’intéresse aux idéaux de nation et de cuisine cohabitant dans deux des livres de recettes francisés du XIXe siècle au Mexique : l’Arte novísimo de cocina et le Nuevo cocinero americano/mexicano en forma de diccionario.French-fashioned Mexican recipe books in the 19th century. Globalization and construction of a national culinary modelThe first Mexican recipe books were published in the early 1830’s by French publishing houses specialized in Spanish written books. This article deals with the different nationalistic and cuisine models in two French-fashioned Mexican recipe books -the Arte novísimo de cocina and the Nuevo cocinero americano/mexicano en forma de diccionario- and their relationship with the nation-building context in nineteenth century Mexico.

  11. La prolongation de la vie humaine selon Francis Bacon. Ou : quel Tithon voulons-nous être ?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dominique Weber


    Full Text Available Afin de comprendre avec exactitude la manière dont Francis Bacon envisage la question de la prolongation de la vie humaine, il faut impérativement examiner l’assise théologique de la réflexion du philosophe à ce sujet. Il convient aussi de restituer l’intégration de cette réflexion dans les objectifs plus amples de la philosophie naturelle nouvelle. Enfin, il est nécessaire de comprendre les dimensions proprement morales de la question. Car la prolongation de la vie humaine n’est pas seulement, au sein de la philosophie naturelle nouvelle, un cas parmi d’autres des recherches qu’il faut désormais effectuer : en réalité, c’est elle qui lui donne et qui lui fixe son sens ; avec elle se joue l’effectivité de l’identité espérée entre science et puissance. Mais il faut encore préciser qu’il ne s’agit aucunement pour l’homme de vieillir pour vieillir : il s’agit pour lui de pouvoir vieillir bien. Les leçons que Bacon tire de la fable de Tithon sont ici véritablement décisives.

  12. Cavitation on a scaled-down model of a Francis turbine guide vane: high-speed imaging and PIV measurements (United States)

    Pervunin, K. S.; Timoshevskiy, M. V.; Churkin, S. A.; Kravtsova, A. Yu; Markovich, D. M.; Hanjalić, K.


    Cavitation on two symmetric foils, a NACA0015 hydrofoil and a scaled-down model of a Francis turbine guide vane (GV), was investigated by high-speed visualization and PIV. At small attack angles the differences between the profiles of the mean and fluctuating velocities for both hydrofoils were shown to be insignificant. However, at the higher angle of incidence, flow separation from the GV surface was discovered for quasi-steady regimes including cavitation-free and cavitation inception cases. The flow separation leads to the appearance of a second maximum in velocity fluctuations distributions downstream far from the GV surface. When the transition to unsteady regimes occurred, the velocity distributions became quite similar for both foils. Additionally, for the GV an unsteady regime characterized by asymmetric spanwise variations of the sheet cavity length along with alternating periodic detachments of clouds between the sidewalls of the test channel was for the first time visualized. This asymmetric behaviour is very likely to be governed by the cross instability that was recently described by Decaix and Goncalvès [8]. Moreover, it was concluded that the existence of the cross instability is independent on the test body shape and its aspect ratio.

  13. Experience of an assessment of the vertical Francis hydroturbines vibration state at heads from 40 to 300 m (United States)

    Dolmatov, E.; Zaharov, A.; Ilin, S.; Kuznetsov, I.; Nikiforov, A.


    The article covers a choice of main vibration parameter at an assessment of a vibration state of vertical Francis hydroturbines. At present time vibration velocity and vibration displacement are adopted as main parameters of non-rotating parts vibration in the international standard ISO 10816-5:2000 «Mechanical vibration — Evaluation of machine vibration by measurements on non-rotating parts — Part 5: Machine sets in hydraulic power generating and pumping plants» (further ISO 10816-5:2000). The hydraulic turbines refer to the slow-speed machines with rotation speed from 60 to 600 rpm (∼ 1 - 10 Hz). So maximum vibration displacements and dynamic stresses in hydraulic turbines supporting parts are in low-frequency region of vibration spectrum. In this report comparative data of hydro units supporting parts vibration velocity and vibration displacement measurements are presented. Using these data assessment of hydro units vibration state has been done. It is shown that the assessment of a hydro unit vibration state using parameter "vibration displacement" corresponds to the fundamental principles of operational reliability and fatigue strength of hydro units supporting parts. It is noted that when hydro units operate at small and partial loads with high low-frequency unsteady flow (f hydraulic turbines» which was published in 1989. In this document vibration displacement was considered as a main parameter. Evaluation of turbine vibration was performed according to the effecrive value of turbine supporting parts vibration displacement.

  14. Transient two-phase CFD simulation of overload operating conditions and load rejection in a prototype sized Francis turbine (United States)

    Mössinger, Peter; Jung, Alexander


    An increasing shift in operating conditions of hydropower turbines towards peak load operations comes with the necessity for numerical methods to account for such operations. This requires modifications to state-of-the-art CFD simulations. In the first part of this paper a 1D hydroacoustic model to represent the pressure oscillations in the penstock was introduced and coupled with a commercial CFD solver. Based on previous studies, various changes in cavitation and turbulence modeling were done to influence the behavior of a cavitating vortex rope typically occurring at high load conditions of a Francis turbine. In the second part, mesh motion was added to this model to simulate a load rejection starting from full load conditions. It was shown that additional extensions to the 3D CFD model are compulsory to model specific operating conditions as well as transient operations. Thus, accordance with measurement data at overload operation was improved and only small deviations remained. For the load rejection the maximum overspeed was well captured and the comparison of guide vane torques with model test measurements showed a sufficient agreement. With the gained insights, occurring effects which influence the performance and the life-time can be detected and conclusions for the hydraulic design as well as the operating mode can be drawn. Upcoming studies will focus on evaluating the flow field in detail and on reducing the remaining deviations by further extending the mathematical model.

  15. Zoonotic disease risk and prevention practices among biologists and other wildlife workers--results from a national survey, US National Park Service, 2009. (United States)

    Bosch, Stacey A; Musgrave, Karl; Wong, David


    In 2007, a National Park Service (NPS) biologist died from pneumonic plague after unprotected exposure to an infected mountain lion. This incident increased awareness of occupational zoonotic disease transmission and prompted an assessment of employees who handle wildlife. During April-June 2009, we conducted a national online survey of NPS biologists and other wildlife workers to assess in the preceding 12 mo: 1) potential work-related zoonotic disease exposures; 2) protective practices, including use of personal protective equipment (PPE); and 3) barriers and facilitators to PPE use. Summary protective measure scores were calculated and compared with sociodemographic and work-related factors. Surveys were completed by 238 employees from 131 parks in all NPS regions. Seventy-one percent were biologists or technicians, 16% natural resource specialists or managers, and 13% had other job titles. Among a majority of respondents, interactions with animals were infrequent and occurred approximately several times per year as follows: handling live (39%), sick (43%), or dead animals (46%), and drawing blood from animals (42%). The most frequently reported protective measures used were hand hygiene and gloves. Commonly agreed-upon measures that would facilitate PPE use included having PPE stocked and readily available (92%) and having specific PPE kits for use during necropsies (91%) and in remote field settings (91%). Significantly higher summary protective measure scores were found if respondents had either read or reviewed "NPS safe work practices for employees handling wildlife" with their supervisor, had zoonotic disease safety or PPE use included in their employee performance appraisal plans, or had conducted a job-hazard analysis for handling wildlife. Ninety (38%) respondents reported receiving zoonotic disease training. Our findings support the development and implementation of workplace interventions to increase zoonotic disease awareness and promote a culture of

  16. Aspectos literarios de la obra de don Joan de Castellanos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mario Germán Romero


    Full Text Available Capítulo XIV Voces castizas que no figuran en el diccionario de la academia (I Con el título de Dos mil quinientas voces castizas y bien autorizadas que piden lugar en nuestro léxico, publicó don Francisco Rodríguez Marín un interesante libro en Madrid, 1922. El erudito comentador del Quijote estudió cuidadosamente los autores españoles de los siglos XV, XVI y XVII.

  17. Don, Betty and Jackie Kennedy: On Mad Men and Periodisation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Prudence Black


    Full Text Available Why is it that we watch Mad Men and think it represents a period? Flashes of patterned wallpaper, whiskey neat, babies born that are never mentioned, contact lining for kitchen drawers, Ayn Rand, polaroids, skinny ties, Hilton hotels, Walter Cronkite, and a time when Don Draper can ask ‘What do women want?’ and dry old Roger Sterling can reply ‘Who Cares?’ This essay explores the embrace of period detail in Mad Men finding it to be both loving and fetishistic, and belonging, like all period film, to the politics of the present.

  18. Citazioni e autocitazioni nel “Mastro-don Gesualdo”



    This essay focuses on the use of autocitation in Giovanni Verga’s Mastro-don Gesualdo (1889) and analyses echoes of characters and scenes already outlined by the writer in Novelle rusticane (specifically, I galantuomini, Il reverendo, Pane nero, La roba) and in the novel Il marito di Elena. The second section of the article claims that in the short story La roba one might find allusions to Nicholaï Gogol’s Dead Souls. Finally, I argue for possible echoes of The Betrothed, as well as Tolstoj’...

  19. The Generation of 1898 and Cervantes : The invention of Don Quixote as a national symbol

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Storm, H.J.; Achiri, N.; Baraibar, A.; Schmelzer, F.K.E.


    Don Quixote became a Spanish national symbol thanks to the authors the Generation of 1898, such as Miguel de Unamuno, Azorín and Francisco Navarra Ledesma, who published their new interpretations during the 1905 commemoration of the publication of Cervantes', The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of L

  20. El don de traducir. Ensayo sobre Die Aufgabe des Übersetzers


    Ilg, Andreas


    El estudio del "don" como "intercambio cultural" ofrece un enfoque distinto para una nueva aproximación al ensayo Die Aufgabe des Übersetzers de Walter Benjamin. Desde esa perspectiva, se reubica la tarea del traductor como un envío que devuelve la palabra donada. De ahí resulta que se trata de un "don de traducir".

  1. A patient with donning-related stump wounds : A case report

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Baars, E. C. T.; Geertzen, J. H. B.


    A patient suffering from diabetes and a trans-tibial amputation presented with stump wounds caused by improper donning of the liner. His diminished hand function resulted in improper donning, with air being trapped between the liner and stump. This caused blisters on the skin after loading the prost

  2. An Interview with Don Meyer on Siblings of Individuals with Disabilities (United States)

    Laman, Effie; Shaughnessy, Michael F.


    In this article, the authors present an interview with Don Meyer, an advocate for the siblings of children with disabilities. Don Meyer has conducted "SibShops," a peer support and information for school-age siblings of children with disabilities, and written extensively on the difficult situation of children in this underserved demographic. Here,…

  3. Influence of filtration velocity on DON variation in BAF for micropolluted surface water treatment. (United States)

    Ma, Teng-Fei; Chen, You-Peng; Kang, Jia; Gao, Xu; Guo, Jin-Song; Fang, Fang; Zhang, Xiao-Tian


    Biological aerated filters (BAFs) are widely used for the treatment of micropolluted surface water. However, the biological process produces dissolved organic nitrogen (DON), which, as precursors of nitrogenous disinfection by-products, pose potential threats to drinking water safety. Therefore, to control DON in BAF effluent, it is necessary to study the influence of BAF operation parameters on DON production. In this study, the influence of filtration velocity in a BAF on DON production was investigated. Under different filtration velocity (0.5, 2, and 4 m/h) conditions, profiles of DON concentrations along the media layer were measured. The profile at a filtration velocity of 0.5 m/h showed a decreasing trend, and the ones under filtration velocities of 2 and 4 m/h fluctuated in a small range (from 0.1 to 0.4 mg/L). Moreover, the relatively high filtration velocities of 2 and 4 m/h resulted in a lower level of DON concentration. Additionally, 3D excitation-emission matrix fluorescence spectroscopy was used to characterize DON. It is found that the patterns of DON at a relatively high filtration velocity condition (4 m/h) were obviously different from the ones under low filtration velocity conditions (0.5 and 2 m/h).

  4. Don Juan, de Gonzalo Torrente Ballester: el monstruo en su laberinto



    Estudio de la novela "Don Juan" (1963), de Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, dentro de la tradición del mito de Don Juan y como relato de técnica impecable que consigue el reto de hacer una novela fantástica larga.

  5. Research Advancement on Biosynthesis and Biodegradation of Deoxynivalenol (DON)%呕吐毒素(DON)生物合成和降解研究进展

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    曹慧英; 伍松陵; 孙长坡


    Vomitoxin,also known as deoxynivalenol (DON),is a kind of secondary metabolites produced by certain Fusarium species;it is one of the common mycotoxins which polluted the food.With the frequent occurrence of climate disasters domestically,the trend of DON pollution exacerbates,so prevention and treatment of DON contamination are imminent.This peper covers the physical and chemical properties of DON,analysis of the DON biosynthetic pathways based on its chemical structure and genes,and summarizes biodegradation of DON by microorganism,speculates possible sites of degradation,degradation pathways and products.Based on a comprehensive understanding of DON,it aims to inspire to seek safe,efficient and cost effective biodegradation pathways using biotechnology,finally to ensure grain and food safety and protect health of consumers.%呕吐毒素(Vomitoxin),即脱氧雪腐镰刀菌烯醇(deoxynivalenol,DON),是镰刀菌产生的次生代谢物质,是污染粮食的主要真菌毒素.随着我国灾害气候的频频发生,DON的污染程度呈现加剧趋势,因此DON污染的控制迫在眉睫.本文阐述了DON的物理化学特性,结合化学结构和基因遗传分析了DON的生物合成途径,并综述了微生物对DON的生物降解研究,推测了DON可能的作用位点、降解途径及降解产物,以此启发利用生物技术,探求安全、高效,低成本的DON生物降解途径,确保粮食和食品安全、保护消费者健康.

  6. Blood Pressure Medicines Don’t Work If People Don’t Take Them PSA (:60)

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    This 60 second public service announcement is based on the September 2016 CDC Vital Signs report. Blood pressure medicines don’t work if people don’t take them. Learn how health care systems can work with patients to make taking medicines easier.  Created: 9/13/2016 by National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP).   Date Released: 9/13/2016.

  7. 77 FR 37031 - Don W. Gilbert Hydro Power, LLC; Notice of Application Tendered for Filing With the Commission... (United States)


    ...-001] Don W. Gilbert Hydro Power, LLC; Notice of Application Tendered for Filing With the Commission... Minor License. b. Project No.: 14367-001. c. Date filed: May 30, 2012. d. Applicant: Don W. Gilbert... W. Gilbert and DeAnn G. Somonich, Don W. Gilbert Hydro Power, LLC, 1805 Grace Power Plant...

  8. 77 FR 64973 - Don W. Gilbert Hydro Power, LLC; Notice of Application Accepted for Filing With the Commission... (United States)


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission Don W. Gilbert Hydro Power, LLC; Notice of Application Accepted for Filing.... Date filed: May 30, 2012. d. Applicant: Don W. Gilbert Hydro Power, LLC. e. Name of Project: Gilbert... to: Federal Power Act, 16 U.S.C. 791(a)-825(r). (2006). h. Applicant Contact: Don W. Gilbert and...

  9. Hexokinase plays a critical role in deoxynivalenol (DON) production and fungal development in Fusarium graminearum. (United States)

    Zhang, Leigang; Li, Baicun; Zhang, Yu; Jia, Xiaojing; Zhou, Mingguo


    Fusarium graminearum, the causal agent of Fusarium head blight, is a common pathogen on small grain cereals worldwide and produces various trichothecenes [deoxynivalenol (DON) is predominant] during infection. A previous study has revealed that DON production is positively correlated with the occurrence of carbendazim (MBC) resistance. Here, we identified and characterized two putative genes encoding hexokinase in F. graminearum (FgHXK1 and FgHXK2), which is a rate-limiting enzyme in DON biosynthesis. The expression level of hexokinase genes and the production of pyruvate, which is the precursor of DON, were up-regulated in the MBC-resistant strain, indicating that hexokinase genes might be involved in increased DON production. Phylogenetic and comparative analyses indicated that FgHXK1 was the predominant hexokinase gene. Gene disruption showed that ΔFgHXK1 severely affected DON production, indicating that FgHXK1 played a role in the regulation of DON biosynthesis. Morphological characterization showed that ΔFgHXK1 led to inhibited vegetative growth and conidiation. Sensitivity tests to MBC and various stresses indicated that both ΔFgHXK1 and ΔFgHXK2 mutants showed no significant difference from parental strains. Pathogencity assays showed that ΔFgHXK1 mutants lost virulence on wheat head and corn stigma; however, they showed no change in sexual reproduction. The FgHXK1-overexpressing transformants were obtained subsequently. Their pyruvate and DON production was confirmed to be increased, indicating that FgHXK1 positively regulated DON biosynthesis. Although additional defects appeared in overexpression mutants, MBC sensitivity showed no change. All of the results indicated that the transcriptional level of FgHXK1 regulated DON biosynthesis, but showed no direct relationship with MBC resistance.

  10. Don Quijote y Sancho Panza: duelo hiperbólico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Stoopen


    Full Text Available Mientras don Quijote queda en Sierra Morena haciendo penitencia de amor por Dulcinea, Sancho Panza se encamina al Toboso a entregar a la amada una carta del caballero (Quijote I, 25. El escudero conoce ya la verdadera identidad de la señora que inspira los actos de su amo, “la moza labradora” Aldonza Lorenzo. El hecho de que Sancho no llegue al Toboso, y en consecuencia no vea nunca a la doncella ni le entregue ninguna carta, suscita en la descripción posterior que hace a su amo una serie de invenciones degradantes sobre la identidad de la joven construidas por el labrador a partir del imaginario rural. Se establece así un duelo hiperbólico de doble signo en donde don Quijote se ve forzado a adaptar las imágenes con que Sancho describe a Aldonza-Dulcinea, que no corresponden al ideal amoroso con que concibe a su amada (Quijote I, 30-31. Haré aquí un análisis de los recursos persuasivos que cada protagonista utiliza y del choque semántico que se establece a partir de los códigos de referencia de uno y otro. Asimismo, consideraré las consecuencias de estos episodios en la relación entre amo y escudero y la degradación creciente que sufre la imagen de la amada del caballero, gracias al poder discursivo de Sancho Panza.

  11. Ease of donning commercially available latex examination gloves. (United States)

    Cóté, S J; Fisher, M D; Kheir, J N; Paull, R B; Neal, J G; Jackson, E M; Suber, F; Thacker, J G; O'Keefe, J S; Edlich, R F


    There are a wide variety of latex examination gloves now available for use by health care providers. A prospective randomized trial was completed to quantify the forces required to don a sample of seven cornstarch-lubricated gloves and 13 powder-free latex examination gloves. The data collected was analyzed by a 20 x 2 general factorial ANOVA, as well as two 1-way ANOVAs using a least significance difference post hoc test. Some powder-free gloves can be easily donned with dry or wet hands without tearing with forces comparable to those encountered with powdered gloves. With the advent of these powder-free examination gloves, powdered gloves can now be abandoned, protecting health professionals and patients from the dangers of absorbable dusting powders. Despite the dangers of the absorbable dusting powders and the Food and Drug Administration's requirement for labeling examination glove boxes, some manufacturers of powdered examination gloves do not appropriately label their boxes with a warning to the health professional and patient of the presence of powder.

  12. Vivisection au ralenti: Don DeLillo’s Point Omega

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ruxanda BONTILĂ


    Full Text Available Reading a Don DeLillo is like walking on glass, that is, you need hold your breath so that nothing could deter you from focusing on the mission, if you want to keep safe and mostly sound. The writer’s latest novel, Point Omega (2010, is no exception in that its author engages once more in the exercise of stripping away all surfaces so as to let us see into the terror of what he calls “makeshift reality”—his characters’ and ours. The claims I advance and substantiate in the essay, refer to (1 how a fluid chronology sustained by framing devices adds to the understanding of the construct of a novel/film in progress; (2 how the shifting narrative perspective ensures a vivisectionist’s look into the body of life/death/world. Don DeLillo’s novel is another terrifying X-ray of war/life/death as agonizing nothingness which literature in its ‘late-phase’ is meant to cure.

  13. Biomechanical simulation of high-heeled shoe donning and walking. (United States)

    Yu, Jia; Cheung, Jason Tak-Man; Wong, Duo Wai-Chi; Cong, Yan; Zhang, Ming


    Footwear serves to protect the foot in various activities, to enhance athletic performance in sports and in many cases to fulfill aesthetic and cultural needs of urban society. Most women like wearing high-heeled shoes (HHS) for the benefit of sensuous attractiveness, while foot problems are often associated. Computational modeling based on finite element (FE) analysis is a useful tool for deep understanding of foot and footwear biomechanics and incorporating footwear with foot in the model is the prerequisite. In this study, a three-dimensional FE model of coupled foot-ankle-shoe complex and preceding gait simulation were established. Interfacial contact simulation was employed to complete the donning process of foot and shoe upper contact. Three major stance phases namely heel strike, midstance and push off were simulated to investigate the biomechanical response of high-heeled shod walking. It was found that the contact pressure at all metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joints intensified and reached their maximum at push off phase during locomotion, meanwhile the first MTP had the largest magnitude. The first and fifth MTP joints had larger movements in transverse plane among all MTP joints, indicating that these two joints bended more significantly by toe box restraint during locomotion. The dorsal contact pressure at the first toe increased by four times from heel strike to push off. The established HHS donning and walking simulation in this study proved the versatility and promising potential of computational approach for realistic biomechanical evaluation and optimization of footwear design in a virtual environment.

  14. Doña Clara e don Luis: l’ennesima 'questione amorosa' all’interno della "venta de Palomeque" (Don Quijote, I, 32-47

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Candeloro


    Full Text Available ITDoña Clara e don Luis rappresentano l’ultima coppia d’innamorati che raggiunge la locanda di Palomeque, all’interno di quella serie di disavventure e riconoscimenti insperati che danno vita allo “escandaloso happy end” – come lo definirà ironicamente Juan Benet – nel quale si risolve l’azione principale connessa alle numerose trame secondarie  sviluppate proprio nello spazio “scenico” della famosa locanda. Scopo di questo studio è quello di analizzare le caratteristiche e le problematiche legate alla “questione amorosa” di doña Clara e don Luis, il modo in cui nasce e si sviluppa tale intreccio e le tecniche narrative attraverso cui Cervantes ricollega e amalgama questa storia d’amore a quelle delle altre coppie presenti nella conclusione della Primera Parte del Quijote.ENDoña Clara and don Luis are the last couple of lovers arriving to Palomeque's inn. They are the umpteenth romantic couple in a string of episodes based on several recognition scenes between different couples.  That's why they contribute to reach that "scandalous happy end" – as Juan Benet ironically defined it –, through which the main action of the novel's plot comes to a conclusion and allows to finish, at the same time, all the secondary plots at the inn. This report aims to analyze the characteristics and problems related to "the love issue" between Doña Clara and don Luis and, in special, all the particular narrative techniques which Cervantes uses to link this "love story" with other couples in the first part of Don Quijote.Keywords: Cervantes – Don Quijote – narrative techniques – Doña Clara and Don Luis – love question

  15. La autoinmolación como don. Sobre la noción de sujeto en Gianni Vattimo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alonzo Loza Baltazar


    Full Text Available Se muestran los rasgos generales de la noción posmoderna de sujeto moral en Vattimo desde la interpretación que hace de Nietzsche y Heidegger, según la cual la continui-dad entre estos pensadores solo se da en el horizonte de una nueva ontología. Esta se especifica con el hilo conductor de la noción de don que desarrolla Bataille, lo que la hace una ontología nihilista del don (del ser como don. Por su parte, el sujeto se determina como agente del don, capaz de recibir el don del ser como llamado del pasado y, a su vez, mediar una respuesta que se configure como don para el futuro. Ese sujeto solo puede ser tal si primero se desustancializa o, según la noción de don de Bataille, se autoinmola.

  16. La autoinmolación como don Sobre la noción de sujeto en Gianni Vattimo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alonzo Loza Baltazar


    Full Text Available Se muestran los rasgos generales de la noción posmoderna de sujeto moral en Vattimo desde la interpretación que hace de Nietzsche y Heidegger, según la cual la continuidad entre estos pensadores solo se da en el horizonte de una nueva ontología. Esta se especifica con el hilo conductor de la noción de don que desarrolla Bataille, lo que la hace una ontología nihilista del don (del ser como don. Por su parte, el sujeto se determina como agente del don, capaz de recibir el don del ser como llamado del pasado y, a su vez, mediar una respuesta que se configure como don para el futuro. Ese sujeto solo puede ser tal si primero se desustancializa o, según la noción de don de Bataille, se autoinmola.

  17. Mission Analysis for the Don Quijote Phase-A Study (United States)

    Cano, Juan L.; Sanchez, Mariano; Cornara, Stefania; Carnelli, Ian


    The Don Quijote Phase-A study is a definition study funded by ESA and devoted to the analysis of the possibilities to deflect a Near Earth Object (NEO) in the range of 300-800 m diameter. DEIMOS Space S.L. and EADS Astrium have teamed up within this study to form one of the three consortia that have analyzed these aspects for ESA. Target asteroids for the mission are 1989 ML, 2002 AT4 and Apophis. This paper presents the mission analysis activities within the consortium providing: low-thrust interplanetary rendezvous Orbiter trajectories to the target asteroids, ballistic interplanetary trajectories for the Impactor, Orbiter arrival description at the asteroids, Orbiter stable orbits characterization at the asteroid, deflection determination by means of a Radio Science Experiment (RSE) as well as the mission timelines and overall mission scenarios.

  18. El viaje de Don Pero Tafur (1436-1439

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Villalba Ruíz de Toledo, Francisco Javier


    Full Text Available En este breve análisis del viaje de Don Pero Tafur, hemos querido poner el acento en la percepción que tiene de Oriente un representante de la hidalguía castellana de la segunda mitad del siglo XV, para lo que resulta inestimable su relato autobiográfico. De ahí que únicamente nos detengamos en el recorrido que le lleva a las islas griegas. Tierra Santa, Egipto y el mundo bizantino y turco. Como aspecto complementario de esa atracción oriental para el hombre europeo de la época, dedicamos un espacio al encuentro del aventurero andaluz con el célebre mercader italiano, Niccolò dei Conti.…

  19. Workshop on trichothecenes with a focus on DON: summary report

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, John Christian; Hunt, Josephine; Perrin, Irene;


    Natural Toxin Task Force therefore organised a workshop on trichothecenes with a special focus on deoxynivalenol (DON). A number of experts reviewed the current knowledge on trichothecenes with respect to occurrence, including aspects of mould growth, toxin formation, storage and effects of processing......A number of mycotoxins of the class of trichothecenes are produced by a variety of Fusarium fungi commonly found on cereals. Unfavourable weather conditions may lead to a high level of Fusarium infections in crops such as wheat and correspondingly high trichothecene contents. The ILSI Europe......; prevention; analytical methodologies, including sampling; surveillance and exposure assessments; and toxicology and risk assessment. A number of recommendations were given under the headings: prevention, sampling and analytical methods, exposure assessment, and toxicology. Gaps in knowledge were also...

  20. Don Giovanni Goes to Prison: Teaching Opera behind Bars

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pierpaolo Polzonetti


    Full Text Available Teaching opera in prison presents challenges, such as limits imposed on printed and recorded material to study it, or the audio-visual technology in the classroom space, yet, no other experience can be so inspiring and rewarding for everybody involved. This essay focuses on teaching opera, in particular Mozart’s Don Giovanni, to imprisoned students in America. It addresses pedagogical challenges on how to teach opera in prison and advocates for the need to leave the ivory tower of academia and engage in social action. If opera is still perceived as an elitist art form, it is because it is artificially kept that way by being practiced, taught, studied, and promoted only among an exclusive sector of our population.

  1. Don DeLillo’s Mapping of the City

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stipe Grgas


    Full Text Available Taking as his point of departure the immense significance the city has for understanding the present moment and the special relationship the city has had with the novel, the author gives a reading of Don DeLillo and the way his work has engaged the city of New York. Focusing upon his last two novels, Underworld and Cosmopolis, the author describes how these two novels narrate the transformations the American city has undergone during the second part of the twentieth century. The bulk of his analysis deals with the function the Prologue flashback of the Bronx has in the earlier novel and the transformed city of late capitalism in his last text. The author concludes his reading by pointing out how DeLillo’s novels not only provide fictional accounts of what has occurred in the urban sphere but how they provide evidence of the difficulty of representing the contemporary world and how they foreground urgent political considerations.

  2. Efectos embriotóxicos de Picrosia longifolia Don (Asteraceae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Victor Benavides


    Full Text Available Se ha evaluado los probables efectos tóxicos del extracto acuoso de Picrosia longifolia Don “Achicoria” sobre el desarrollo de embriones preimplantacionales de ratón. Extracto acuoso de P. longifolia al 20%, 10% y 0% fue suministrado a ratonas preñadas hasta las 86 horas postcópula (hpc. Al evaluar el estadio embrionario se encontró que el extracto acuoso de P. longifolia al 10% y 20% causó retraso en el desarrollo embrionario. También se observó una disminución en la viabilidad embrionaria en los grupos tratados. Tanto la disminución de viabilidad como el retraso en el desarrollo se produjo en una forma dosis dependiente.

  3. Las palabras transparentes: un análisis en torno a la posible iconicidad del lenguaje poético en Francis Ponge

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Begoña Capllonch


    Full Text Available The purpose of this article is to examine the different modalities of iconicity put into practice by Francis Ponge in order to make his verbal expressions reflect the objects they designate. Thus, we analyze to what extent the linguistic sign could act as an icon or it would rather constitute an instance of the semantic virtualities brought forth by the poetic language, given that –as far as Ponge is concerned– the transparency conferred to words is, in essence, part of the rhetoric itself of his poetic creation.

  4. Espíritos cheios de bichos: A fauna nas viagens de Louis Agassiz e Richard Francis Burton pelo Brasil oitocentista

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janaina Zito Losada


    Full Text Available O Brasil do século XIX foi alvo de inúmeras viagens realizadas por cientistas estrangeiros. O objetivo deste artigo é analisar as impressões sobre a fauna brasileira presentes nos relatos das viagens realizadas pelo naturalista suíço Louis Agassiz, em 1865, e pelo explorador inglês Richard Francis Burton, em 1868. Destes relatos privilegiam-se as descrições do meio natural de diferentes regiões brasileiras e das particularidades da fauna silvestre por eles encontrada.

  5. 《茶经》英译的几个问题——以Francis Ross Carpenter和姜欣等英译本为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    作者将以Francis Ross Carpenter和姜欣等两个《茶经》英译本为例,探讨《茶经》英译过程中存在的一些问题:如文化意象的英译、茶诗的英译以及篇章语言的英译等问题,期望达到中外译者在典籍翻译过程中能更有效地传播中华文化的目的.

  6. La construcción del sujeto lírico en la poética 'objetual' de Francis Ponge


    Capllonch, Begoña


    El propósito de este trabajo es el de mostrar, a partir del caso de la obra de Francis Ponge, cómo el sujeto lírico de una producción deliberadamente no subjetivista puede construirse, precisamente, ante la ausencia de ese sujeto y por oposición al objeto que recrea, pues siendo la desaparición del sujeto una estrategia retórica para manifestar el objeto, tanto los rasgos lingüísticos como la propia intencionalidad comunicativa de los textos no hacen sino definir a ese sujeto en cuestión. En ...

  7. Scientific Communication for Positive Action: Do's and Don'ts (United States)

    Sanquini, A.; Wood, M. M.


    Natural hazard presentations often highlight disasters that may ensue from natural processes when mitigation or preparedness actions are not taken. Examples include images of raging fires, collapsed buildings, and flooded urban areas. Research has shown that this makes presentations more interesting and more memorable. Such images are the stock and trade of disaster reporting by the media. Unfortunately, it may also trigger avoidance and denial in the audience, resulting in preparedness reduction; the opposite effect of what may have been intended by the speaker. Recent social research has provided insight into a better approach. The theory of communicating actionable risk posits that people will take action against hazards when they know what to do, think it would work, and know someone who did it. This approach was recently applied in an intervention designed to motivate earthquake-resistant construction in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Social theory further suggests that a tendency towards action is strengthened by hearing a consistent message over time, and by providing the audience with an appropriate opportunity to seek out relevant information. This presentation shows how, by taking this transdisciplinary step, scientists can make small changes in their hazard communication, thereby acting as positive influencers of change. A summary of "do's" and "don'ts" is given for reference. 1. Show examples of what to do. 2. Show effectiveness of actions. 3. Give sense of knowing someone who did it. 4. Deliver consistent message, repeatedly. 5. Give opportunity for more information. DON'T: 1. Make the disaster the star. 2. Contradict other communications.

  8. ‘Early Psychosis’ as a Mirror of Biologist Controversies in Post-WarGerman, Anglo-Saxon and Soviet Psychiatry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lara eRzesnitzek


    Full Text Available The English term ‘early psychosis’ was coined in the 1930s to refer to feelings of irritability, loss of concentration, hypochondriac ideas, moodiness and lassitude that were seen to precede the onset of clear-cut hallucinations and delusions. The history of thinking about ‘early psychosis’ under names such as ‘latent’, ‘masked’, ‘mild’, ‘simple’ or ‘sluggish’ schizophrenia before World War II and afterwards on the different sides of the Wall and the Iron Curtain reveals ‘early psychosis’ as a mirror of quite aged international biologist controversies that are still alive today and to the same extent as they are misunderstood, are influential in their implications in today’s psychiatry.

  9. Botulism protocols for the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This plan gives a basic description of what avian botulism is and the locations on the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge where botulism...

  10. Many Americans Don't Know How to Handle High Cholesterol (United States)

    ... Americans Don't Know How to Handle High Cholesterol Survey found they know it raises heart risks, ... April 11, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Americans with high cholesterol are well aware of its heart dangers, but ...

  11. Public use at Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge : Annual narrative 1995 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document contains the public use sections of the 1995 Annual Narrative Report for Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Public use activities...

  12. Regional economic impacts of current and proposed management alternatives for Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report first presents a description of the local community and economy near the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay NWR. Next, the report describes methods used to...

  13. The Question of Family Homeostasis, with Homage to Don D. Jackson. (United States)

    Jackson, Don D.; Zuk, Gerald H., Ed.


    A reprinting of Don D. Jackson's classic 1957 article on family homeostasis, with an homage to the author. Considers certain theoretical aspects of family interactional patterns and how they relate to therapy. (Author/RC)

  14. Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge: Annual Narrative Report: Calendar Year 2000 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual narrative report for Don Edwards San Francisco Bay NWR, Antioch Dunes NWR, Farallon NWR, San Pablo Bay NWR, Ellicot Slough NWR, Salinas River NWR, and...

  15. Don't Believe Everything You Read on Skin-Care Product Labels (United States)

    ... Don't Believe Everything You Read on Skin-Care Product ... product labels may mislead consumers, so people can't always rely on what they read on the ...

  16. Don't Punish Pregnant Women for Opioid Use, Docs Say (United States)

    ... gov/news/fullstory_163680.html Don't Punish Pregnant Women for Opioid Use, Docs Say Better prevention ... action, should be the focus when dealing with pregnant women who use opioids, a leading pediatricians' group ...

  17. Many People Don't Take Their High Blood Pressure Meds (United States)

    ... 163928.html Many People Don't Take Their High Blood Pressure Meds: Study Failure to follow doctors' orders leads ... 20 percent of patients seeking care for stubborn high blood pressure take all the medicine they're supposed to, ...

  18. Don Juan Basin, Wright Valley, Antarctica: Model for Surface Processes on Mars (United States)

    Englert, P.; Bishop, J. L.; Gibson, E. K.; Patel, S.; Koeberl, C.


    Mineral, chemical, and soluble salt composition of drill core samples from Don Juan Basin, Wright Valley, Antarctica, indicate that the formation of the most saline terrestrial pond may include groundwater discharge and near surface flow processes.

  19. What You Don't Know about Cancer Can Kill You (United States)

    ... And fewer than half understand that alcohol, inactivity, processed meat, eating lots of red meat and low consumption ... troubling that people don't recognize alcohol and processed meats increase cancer risk," Bender said in an institute ...

  20. The Trail Inventory of Don Edwards San Francisco Bay NWR [Cycle 2 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The purpose of this report is to create a baseline inventory of all non-motorized trails on Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Trails in this...

  1. Have a Baby or Young Child With a Cold? Most Don't Need Medicines (United States)

    ... a Baby or Young Child With a Cold? Most Don't Need Medicines Share Tweet Linkedin Pin ... cold? It depends on the child’s age. Although most colds in children don’t have serious complications, ...

  2. Most Parents Don't Think They're Meeting Kids' Nutritional Needs (United States)

    ... page: Most Parents Don't Think They're Meeting Kids' ... MONDAY, Feb. 20, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Even though most American parents believe good nutrition is important for ...

  3. [Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge: Final Comprehensive Conservation Plan (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) executive summary was written to guide management on Don Edwards San Francisco National Wildlife Refuge for the next 15...

  4. Too Many Stroke Victims Don't Get Clot-Busting Drug (United States)

    ... Too Many Stroke Victims Don't Get Clot-Busting Drug: Study ... 23, 2017 THURSDAY, Feb. 23, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Stroke victims can be saved through the timely use ...

  5. Public use at Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge : Annual narrative 1996 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document contains the public use sections of the 1996 Annual Narrative Report for Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Public use activities...

  6. Many Breast Cancer Survivors Don't Get Life-Extending Therapy (United States)

    ... Many Breast Cancer Survivors Don't Get Life-Extending Therapy Study ... reduce the likelihood that women diagnosed with certain breast cancers will experience a recurrence of their disease. However, ...

  7. Pump used as a turbine (PAT) with flow control - Part 4: Sizing the new spiral casing; Petites centrales hydrauliques. Pompe fonctionnant en turbine avec reglage du debit (Pat-Francis). 4eme partie: dimensionnement et construction de la bache spirale

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chapallaz, J.-M.


    This fourth and final part of a final report for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) discusses the use of a pump equipped with variable guide vanes, similar to a Francis turbine. This fourth part of a four-part article deals with the selection of a pump and describes the general lay-out of the new spiral casing to be adapted for use in the PAT-Francis turbine. The parameters to be taken into account are looked at and calculation examples are presented. Proposals for a simplified construction are examined.

  8. Science 101: Why Don't Spiders Stick to Their Own Webs? (United States)

    Robertson, Bill


    This article explains why spiders don't stick to their webs. Spiders don't get stuck in their own webs (and they aren't immune to their own glue) because they use a combination of sticky and nonsticky threads (different glands for producing those), and the glue is in droplets that the spider can avoid but the prey can't. The spider's nervous…

  9. Mixing regime as a key factor to determine DON formation in drinking water biological treatment. (United States)

    Lu, Changqing; Li, Shuai; Gong, Song; Yuan, Shoujun; Yu, Xin


    Dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) can act as precursor of nitrogenous disinfection by-products formed during chlorination disinfection. The performances of biological fluidized bed (continuous stirred tank reactor, CSTR) and bio-ceramic filters (plug flow reactor, PFR) were compared in this study to investigate the influence of mixing regime on DON formation in drinking water treatment. In the shared influent, DON ranged from 0.71mgL(-1) to 1.20mgL(-1). The two biological fluidized bed reactors, named BFB1 (mechanical stirring) and BFB2 (air agitation), contained 0.12 and 0.19mgL(-1) DON in their effluents, respectively. Meanwhile, the bio-ceramic reactors, labeled as BCF1 (no aeration) and BCF2 (with aeration), had 1.02 and 0.81mgL(-1) DON in their effluents, respectively. Comparative results showed that the CSTR mixing regime significantly reduced DON formation. This particular reduction was further investigated in this study. The viable/total microbial biomass was determined with propidium monoazide quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PMA-qPCR) and qPCR, respectively. The results of the investigation demonstrated that the microbes in BFB2 had higher viability than those in BCF2. The viable bacteria decreased more sharply than the total bacteria along the media depth in BCF2, and DON in BCF2 accumulated in the deeper media. These phenomena suggested that mixing regime determined DON formation by influencing the distribution of viable, total biomass, and ratio of viable biomass to total biomass.

  10. Estrategias de producción teatral : "Don Juan Tenorio" en 1950


    Cornejo Ibares, Mª Paz


    Este artículo supone un análisis de las estrategias de producción escénica de los distintos montajes de Don Juan Tenorio de José Zorrilla representados en Madrid durante 1950. This article is an analysis of the scenic production’s strategies in the different staging of Don Juan Tenorio by José Zorrilla performed in Madrid during 1950.

  11. Demistifikasi Tokoh Don Juan dalam La Nuit De Valognes Karya Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Talha Bachmid


    Full Text Available Don Juan is a myth about a seducer, a man with many love adventures, a women’s heat conqueror, and many other predicates. Don Juan as a myth is well-known world wide over, appearing in about 50 writings such as novels, plays, operas. But a French writer Eric-Emannuel Schmitt proposes a new figure of Don Juan in his play La Nuit de Valognes (Night in Valognes: the seducer is judged by five victims and convicted to marry one of his victims in order to stop his adventures. Surprisingly, Don Juan accepts this verdict without conditions. This sudden change becomes the theme of the play: the demythification of Don Juan. A flash back scene shows the beginning of this change and the interpretations that might arise from here. One possible interpretation is proposed and discussed in this paper: Don Juan found the way to a purer love, which is the union with God, and decides to begin his journey. This play can thus be categorised as a sufi text.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Deoxynivalenol is a mycotoxin produced by fungi of the Fusarium genera, which are abundant in various cereal crops and processed grains. In order to protect cell structure within the tissues studied, we tried various experimental variants by incorporating some selenium and boron sources into the combined fodder, and also in mixture with DON with different concentrations. To determine the morphophysiological changes induced by the mycotoxin DON upon kidney histological structure, and also the antioxidants’ effects, we took samples from 9 piglets belonging to three groups: group 1 (fed with fodder added with DON, group 2 (fed with fodder added with selenium and group 3 (fed with fodder added with selenium and DON. At renal parenchyma level, DON determines a series of changes in the renal corpuscles and also in the uriniferous tubes. These changes are represented by glomerular atrophies and nephrocyte epithelial dystrophies. The epithelial dystrophic processes occur in the renal medullar, too, where numerous ectasied capillaries and hemorrhagic areas are present. In the case of groups 2 and 3 consisted of piglets fed with fodder added with selenium, respectively fodder added with DON and selenium, the renal vascular network becomes hypertrophic associated with leukocyte infiltrative processes.

  13. Fuel elements assembling for the DON project exponential experience; Montaje de los elementos combustibles para la experiencia exponencial del proyecto DON

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Anca Abati, R. de


    It is described the fuel unit used in the DON exponential experience, the manufacturing installments and tools as well as the stages in the fabrication.These 74 elements contain each 19 cartridges loaded with synterized urania, uranium carbide and indium, gold, and manganese probes. They were arranged in calandria-like tubes and the process-tube. This last one containing a cooling liquid simulating the reactor organic. Besides being used in the DON reactor exponential experience they were used in critic essays by the substitution method in the French reactor AQUILON II. (Author) 6 refs.

  14. Consumption as Sign in Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seyyede Fateme Mirbabazade


    Full Text Available As one of the foremost American postmodern authors, Don DeLillo tends to focus on construction of postmodern subject’s consciousness through media, technology and consumption. Nevertheless, despite many affinities between Baudrillard and DeLillo, many researches which have been done on his works have failed to theoretically analyze them from Baudrillardian perspective. Although there is affinity between Baudrillard and DeLillo, there is dissimilarity as well. While Baudrillard believes that that there is no escape for individual from the ideology of the system, DeLillo claims that there is hope for change and revolution for the individuals by their action in society, particularly by the means of art, to be more  than a cog in the machine of ideology of system. Baudrillard, as one of the most influential postmodern theorists, defines consumption as organized control of sign and one of the many ways any subject is assimilated in any given society. For Baudrillard the logic of consumption is based on social differentiation. By the logic of social differentiation, individuals distinguish themselves and obtain social prestige and standing through the purchase and use of consumer goods. In his theorization about the concept of need and value, Baudrillard finds Marx’s logics of use value (utility and functionality and exchange value (economic value inadequate to include the whole function of an object and adds the logic of sign value. Baudrillard asserts that in consumption economic exchange value (money is transformed into sign exchange value (prestige, etc.; yet this functioning is maintained by the use value. The only way out of this dilemma, Baudrillard claims, is to return to symbolic exchange which is neither a conception nor an agency, but an act of exchange and a social relation and the only approach to real human communication and understanding. Therefore this research attempts to highlights those affinities in DeLillo’s first post-9

  15. Increasing trends of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) in temperate forests under recovery from acidification in Flanders, Belgium. (United States)

    Verstraeten, Arne; Verschelde, Pieter; De Vos, Bruno; Neirynck, Johan; Cools, Nathalie; Roskams, Peter; Hens, Maarten; Louette, Gerald; Sleutel, Steven; De Neve, Stefaan


    We evaluated trends (2005-2013) and patterns of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) and its ratio with dissolved organic carbon (DOC), DOC:DON in atmospheric deposition and soil solution of five Level II plots of the International Co-operative Programme on Assessment and Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Forests (ICP Forests) in Flanders, Northern Belgium. The primary aim was to confirm positive postulated trends in DON levels and DOC:DON under on-going recovery from acidification. The DON concentrations (0.95-1.41 mg L(-1)) and fluxes (5.6-8.3 kg ha(-1)y(-1)) in throughfall were about twice as high compared to precipitation in the open field (0.40-0.48 mg L(-1), 3.0-3.9 kg ha(-1)y(-1)). Annual soil profile leaching losses of DON varied between 1.2 and 3.7 kg ha(-1)y(-1). The highest soil DON concentrations and fluxes were observed beneath the O horizon (1.84-2.36 mg L(-1), 10.1-12.3 kg ha(-1)y(-1)). Soil solution concentrations and fluxes of DON showed significant increasing trends. Temporarily soil solution DOC:DON rose following an exceptionally long spring drought in 2007, suggesting an effect of drying and rewetting on DOM composition. Further research is needed to test the dependence of DON and DOC:DON on factors such as latitude, forest cover, length of the growing season, hydrology and topography. Nonetheless, even with considerable variation in soil type, level of base saturation, and soil texture in the five included ICP Forests Level II plots, all data revealed a proportionally larger positive response of DON flux than DOC to recovery from acidification.

  16. Why change programs don't produce change. (United States)

    Beer, M; Eisenstat, R A; Spector, B


    Faced with changing markets and tougher competition, more and more companies realize that to compete effectively they must transform how they function. But while senior managers understand the necessity of change, they often misunderstand what it takes to bring it about. They assume that corporate renewal is the product of company-wide change programs and that in order to transform employee behavior, they must alter a company's formal structure and systems. Both these assumptions are wrong, say these authors. Using examples drawn from their four-year study of organizational change at six large corporations, they argue that change programs are, in fact, the greatest obstacle to successful revitalization and that formal structures and systems are the last thing a company should change, not the first. The most successful change efforts begin at the periphery of a corporation, in a single plant or division. Such efforts are led by general managers, not the CEO or corporate staff people. And these general managers concentrate not on changing formal structures and systems but on creating ad hoc organizational arrangements to solve concrete business problems. This focuses energy for change on the work itself, not on abstractions such as "participation" or "culture." Once general managers understand the importance of this grass-roots approach to change, they don't have to wait for senior management to start a process of corporate renewal. The authors describe a six-step change process they call the "critical path."

  17. Authority as paradox: the transformations of Don Quijote. (United States)

    Priel, Beatriz


    The author's contention is that the analysand's temporary attribution of authority to the analyst is inherent in the analytic situation; this is seen as a transitional and paradoxical form of authority pertaining neither to internal nor external reality, but dwelling in the analytic third. The author proposes a conceptualization of psychoanalytic authority as a form of aesthetic authority according to Gadamer's definitions. While the scientific and hermeneutic codes for the understanding of authority in psychoanalysis assume that the main issue at stake is the delimitation of the objectivity or the subjectivity of the analyst's knowledge, this aesthetic perspective centres on the analysand's attribution of a claim of truth to analytic interpretations, and on the experience of recognition. The experience of recognition of a possible truth is particular and context-bound, as well as self-transformational. A reading of three episodes from Cervantes's The history of Don Quixote de la Mancha illuminates the transitional and paradoxical character of aesthetic authority within a transformational dialogue. These episodes are read as dramatizations of different positions vis-à-vis the paradoxical authority that characterizes transformational dialogues.

  18. Allergy to periwinkle pollen (Catharanthus roseus G. Don.). (United States)

    Ghosh, Debajyoti; Roy, Indrani; Chanda, Sunirmal; Gupta-Bhattacharya, Swati


    Catharanthus roseus G. Don. (CR) or periwinkle plants are widely grown/ cultivated as garden plants in the tropics and subtropics. In spite of its predominantly entomophilous nature, CR pollen had been reported to be airborne and allergenic. The objective of this study was to discover the seasonal changes of CR pollen concentration in air, to determine its potential to cause respiratory allergy and to analyze its allergenic components. A 2-year aerobiological survey was conducted with a Burkard 7-day sampler in an agricultural farm in the suburban zone of Calcutta city where CR pollen was found to be almost perennial with 3.6-5.4% contribution to the aeropollen load. Skin prick test was conducted on 282 respiratory allergic individuals living within a 15 km radius of the study area. 29.8% of them were positive to CR pollen. Among them, 80.9% were directly involved in gardening. The whole pollen extract was subjected to gel filtration in a Sephacryl S-200 column. Among 5 eluted fractions, fraction I showed optimum IgE-reactivity in ELISA-inhibition. The fraction I shows 4 protein components in SDS-PAGE, within which 3 (40-66 kD molecular mass) were found to be IgE-reactive in immunoblotting using patient sera. It can be concluded that CR pollen can trigger IgEmediated respiratory allergy in the people living in close proximity.

  19. Transtibial prosthetic suspension: Less pistoning versus easy donning and doffing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hossein Gholizadeh, MEngSc


    Full Text Available Poor suspension increases slippage of the residual limb inside the socket during ambulation. The main purpose of this article is to evaluate the pistoning at the prosthetic liner-socket interface during gait and assess patients’ satisfaction with two different liners. Two prostheses with seal-in and locking liners were fabricated for each of the 10 subjects with transtibial amputation. The Vicon motion system was used to measure the pistoning during gait. The subjects were also asked to complete a Prosthesis Evaluation Questionnaire. The results revealed higher pistoning inside the socket during gait with the locking liner than with the seal-in liner (p < 0.05. The overall satisfaction with the locking liner was higher (p < 0.05 because of the relative ease with which the patients could don and doff the device. As such, pistoning may not be the main factor that determines patients’ overall satisfaction with the prosthesis and other factors may also contribute to comfort and satisfaction with prostheses. The article also verifies the feasibility of the Vicon motion system for measuring pistoning during gait.

  20. Project and construction of the electric grid Don Rodrigo-Pinar del Rey. Proyecto y construccion de la linea electrica Don Rodrigo-Pinar del Rey

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Roig Soles, J.; Arevalo Camacho, J.


    The electric grid at 400 KV which links the substations of Don Rodrigo (Sevilla) and Pinar del Rey (Cadiz) was planned to improve the distribution to all the end-users of Cadiz province. This new grid reduces those disturbances produced by metallurgical industries at the zone. Operation was started in August 1993. (Author)

  1. The Authors of the Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Branka Kalenić Ramšak


    Full Text Available Even today literary criticism still considers the novel Don Quixote the first modern European novel because it fundamentally changes both the concept of literary creation and the findings regarding literary reception. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra published the first part of his chivalric novel in 1605 in Madrid with the title El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha. He published the second part, titled El ingenioso caballero don Quijote de la Mancha, ten years later (i.e., in 1615, again in Madrid. Why did Cervantes change the title in the second part of his novel and thus transform Don Quixote the hidalgo ‘nobleman’ into Don Quixote the caballero ‘knight, nobleman, horseman’? In Spanish literature of Cervantes’ time, writers often borrowed texts from one another, wrote sequels to them, and reworked them into humorous poems, jocular one-act plays, or unusual parodies. The Baroque concept of imitation was not understood as plagiarism, but rather as a positive approach to creativity. One of Cervantes’ most enthusiastic imitators was Alonso Fernández de Avellaneda. He hated Cervantes, but loved Don Quixote so much that he wrote a sequel to it in the form of a chivalric novel. In 1614, Avellaneda published his novel titled Segundo tomo del ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha (The Second Part of the Ingenious Hidalgo of La Mancha in Tarragona. Who is hidden behind the name Alonso Fernández de Avellaneda? To date, literary history has not been able to establish with certainty who the author of this “second part” was; this work represents the greatest literary mystery of all time in Spanish literature. In the 1960s a theory developed among Cervantes experts that for now seems to be the most convincing in determining Avellaneda’s true identity. In his article “ El Quijote y los libros” (Don Quixote and Books of 1969, Martín de Riquer presented the first well-founded hypothesis claiming that the writer Alonso Fern

  2. Francis Thompson o el misticismo al revés ( A los 75 años de una obra maestra

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucio Pabón Núñez


    Full Text Available En 1887 Francis Thompson envió a la revista católica de Londres Merry England un ensayo en prosa y dos poesías. Dirigían la publicación Wilfrid Meynell y su esposa, Alice, consagrada como cantora de profundos sentimientos y de dulces expresiones. Después de varias y difíciles tentativas para poner en relación directa a los publicistas y al colaborador espontáneo, se efectúa esta escena: "Lo que vio entrar a su despacho el señor Meynell fue un mendigo espantosamente flaco y lívido, sin más ropa que un largo paletó bajo el cual no había ropa interior, deshecho el calzado, que dejaba al descubierto los desnudos pies. Embarazosa situación...

  3. The Language of Colours. A Semiotic Analysis of Colours and Symbolic Imagery in Francis Ford Coppola’s "Bram Stoker’s Dracula" (1992

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Veronika Bernard


    Full Text Available Reviews referring to Francis Ford Coppola’s Columbia Pictures Bram Stoker’s Dracula classic of 1992 recurrently mention the images owing to the camera work of Michael Ballhaus as the striking feature of the movie and highly praise them for their thematically coherent effect.. The colours, if mentioned at all, leave reviewers undecided to sceptical when it comes to evaluating their contribution to the overall composition of the film, though. By providing a semiotic analysis of colours and symbolic imagery the below article will show how colours and imagery in their inter-relatedness create coherence and cohesion with Coppola’s interpretation of Stoker’s Dracula as a religiously inspired morality play set in the context of Victorian cultural values and self-perception.

  4. Richard Francis Burton e a inserÃÃo do kama-sutras como um manual sexual entre os vitorianos (Inglaterra, 1883)


    Felipe Salvador Weissheimer


    Dentre os vÃrios âKama-sutrasâ difundidos no mercado, a versÃo clÃssica foi escrita por Vatsyayana (sÃculo I-IV, aproximadamente) e publicada na Inglaterra em 1883 pela Sociedade Hindu Kama-Shastra. Richard Francis Burton foi o membro de maior importÃncia na Sociedade Hindu Kama-Shastra, pois, alÃm de fomentar a publicaÃÃo, auxiliou na traduÃÃo, editou e enunciou vÃrios comentÃrios ao longo da obra. Em seus comentÃrios, percebemos que o projeto da traduÃÃo e publicaÃÃo do Kama-sutras visava e...

  5. Sensitive method for determination of DON in cocoa by means of HPLC-techniques. (United States)

    Raters, M; Matissek, R


    The mycotoxin deoxynivalenol (DON) is one of a group of mycotoxins known as type B trichothecenes and is particularly formed by the mould speciesFusarium graminearum andFusarium culmorum. The frequency of the occurrence of DON in certain raw materials and the concentrations found make it one of the world's most significant mycotoxin contaminants. Positive findings of the toxin especially have been established in cereal-based foods, as well as in oilseeds.The main objective of this study was to set up a current situation assessment of the possible occurrence of deoxynivalenol in cocoa and cocoa products. As there was no analytical method for determining DON in cocoa and cocoa products, a special method was developed. The applicability and consistency of the method was confirmed by performing recovery assays on various cocoa products. A special post-column derivatisation procedure was developed to increase selectivity and raise sensitivity by a factor of 80.The method was used to test 230 samples for possible DON content, ranging from cocoa beans to cocoa bean shells, nibs, cocoa liquor and cocoa powders through to finished cocoa-based products. The results suggest that DON may occasionally occur in cocoa beans in very low concentrations.

  6. Training Experimental Biologists in Bioinformatics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pedro Fernandes


    Full Text Available Bioinformatics, for its very nature, is devoted to a set of targets that constantly evolve. Training is probably the best response to the constant need for the acquisition of bioinformatics skills. It is interesting to assess the effects of training in the different sets of researchers that make use of it. While training bench experimentalists in the life sciences, we have observed instances of changes in their attitudes in research that, if well exploited, can have beneficial impacts in the dialogue with professional bioinformaticians and influence the conduction of the research itself.

  7. Teaching experimental design to biologists. (United States)

    Zolman, J F


    The teaching of research design and data analysis to our graduate students has been a persistent problem. A course is described in which students, early in their graduate training, obtain extensive practice in designing experiments and interpreting data. Lecture-discussions on the essentials of biostatistics are given, and then these essentials are repeatedly reviewed by illustrating their applications and misapplications in numerous research design problems. Students critique these designs and prepare similar problems for peer evaluation. In most problems the treatments are confounded by extraneous variables, proper controls may be absent, or data analysis may be incorrect. For each problem, students must decide whether the researchers' conclusions are valid and, if not, must identify a fatal experimental flaw. Students learn that an experiment is a well-conceived plan for data collection, analysis, and interpretation. They enjoy the interactive evaluations of research designs and appreciate the repetitive review of common flaws in different experiments. They also benefit from their practice in scientific writing and in critically evaluating their peers' designs.

  8. Biologists napping while work militarized. (United States)

    Dando, Malcolm


    As researchers discover more agents that alter mental states, the Chemical Weapons Convention needs modification to help ensure that the life sciences are not used for hostile purposes, says Malcolm Dando.

  9. Reproducible Bioinformatics Research for Biologists (United States)

    This book chapter describes the current Big Data problem in Bioinformatics and the resulting issues with performing reproducible computational research. The core of the chapter provides guidelines and summaries of current tools/techniques that a noncomputational researcher would need to learn to pe...

  10. Why teams don't work. Interview by Diane Coutu. (United States)

    Hackman, J Richard


    The belief that teams make us more creative and productive--and are the best way to get things done--is deeply entrenched. But Hackman, a professor of organizational psychology at Harvard and a leading expert on teams, is having none of it. Research, he says, consistently shows that teams underperform despite all their extra resources. In an interview with senior editor Diane Coutu, Hackman explains where teams go wrong. Shockingly, most of the time members don't agree on what the team is supposed to be doing or even on who is on the team. The belief that bigger is better also compounds problems; as a team grows, the effort needed to manage links between members increases almost exponentially. Leaders need to be ruthless about defining teams and keeping them small (fewer than 10 members), and some individuals (like team destroyers) should simply be forced off. The leader also must set a compelling direction for the team--but in so doing, may encounter intense resistance that puts him or her at great risk. Hackman explores other fallacies about teams--for instance, that teams whose members have been together a long time become stale. In fact, research reveals that new teams make 50% more mistakes than established teams. To avoid complacency, though, every team needs a deviant--someone who is willing to make waves and open up the group to more ideas. Unfortunately, such individuals often get thrown off the team, robbing it of its chance to be magical. Leaders can't make a team do well. However, by being disciplined about how a team is set up and managed, instituting the right support systems, and providing coaching in group processes, they can increase the likelihood that a team will be great.

  11. Moving beyond Kucera and Francis: a critical evaluation of current word frequency norms and the introduction of a new and improved word frequency measure for American English. (United States)

    Brysbaert, Marc; New, Boris


    Word frequency is the most important variable in research on word processing and memory. Yet, the main criterion for selecting word frequency norms has been the availability of the measure, rather than its quality. As a result, much research is still based on the old Kucera and Francis frequency norms. By using the lexical decision times of recently published megastudies, we show how bad this measure is and what must be done to improve it. In particular, we investigated the size of the corpus, the language register on which the corpus is based, and the definition of the frequency measure. We observed that corpus size is of practical importance for small sizes (depending on the frequency of the word), but not for sizes above 16-30 million words. As for the language register, we found that frequencies based on television and film subtitles are better than frequencies based on written sources, certainly for the monosyllabic and bisyllabic words used in psycholinguistic research. Finally, we found that lemma frequencies are not superior to word form frequencies in English and that a measure of contextual diversity is better than a measure based on raw frequency of occurrence. Part of the superiority of the latter is due to the words that are frequently used as names. Assembling a new frequency norm on the basis of these considerations turned out to predict word processing times much better than did the existing norms (including Kucera & Francis and Celex). The new SUBTL frequency norms from the SUBTLEX(US) corpus are freely available for research purposes from, as well as from the University of Ghent and Lexique Web sites.

  12. Los usos políticos del cuerpo: los dos cuerpos del rey en la filosofía política de Francis Bacon

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silvia Manzo


    Full Text Available Como figure destacada en el complejo escenario político de la transición entre la dinastía Tudor y la dinastía Estuardo de Inglaterra, Francis Bacon (1561-1626 adoptó la teoría de los dos cuerpos del rey en sus textos políticos y jurídicos. Su uso de esta teoría tiene una estrecha conexión con conceptos centrales de su filosofía natural que testimonia la profunda conexión que Bacon encuentra entre la política y la naturaleza. En este trabajo, analizaré su utilización de la teoría medieval de los dos cuerpos del rey y la vinculación que esta tiene con el resto de la filosofía baconiana. Tomaré como eje para el análisis su discurso sobre la naturalización de los escoceses nacidos después de la subida al trono de James I, donde Bacon trata el concepto de los dos cuerpos del rey con más profundidad.As a prominent intellectual figure in the complex political arena of England, during the transition from Tudor to Stuart dinasties, Francis Bacon (1561-1626 assumes the medieval King's two bodies theory in his political and juridical writings. His use of this theory is extremely linked to central concepts of his natural philosphy, which testifies to the deep connection that Bacon finds between politics and nature. This paper addresses Bacon's use of the King's two bodies theory and its link to the rest of the Baconian philosophy. The focus of this study will be his discourse on the naturalization of Scots born after James I assumption of power, where Bacon deals more deeply with the King's two bodies theory.


    Castagna, Maura; Giuffra, Valentina; Fattori, Silvia; Vitiello, Angelica; Caramella, Davide; Giustini, Davide; Fornaciari, Gino


    Among the children found in the crypt of the Grand Duke Giangastone in S. Lorenzo Basilica (Florence), the skeletal remains of a 5-year-old child still wearing his fine high social status clothing were recovered. This child of the Medici family was identified as Don Filippino (1577-1582), son of the Grand Duke Francesco I (1541-1587) and Giovanna from Austria (1547 - 1578). The prince showed several pathological deformities of the cranial and post-cranial skeleton, including enlargement of the cranium, thinning of the cranial vault bones (craniotabes), platybasia and marked bending of femora, tibiae and fibulae. Differential diagnosis suggests that Don Filippino was affected by rickets. The occurrence of this metabolic disease related to vitamin D deficiency in a Renaissance high social class individual can be explained by the practice of very prolonged breast-feeding, up until two years of age. Maternal milk contains insufficient vitamin D ratios and retarded weaning severely exposes children to a higher risk of developing rickets, especially if dietary habits are combined with inadequate exposure to sunlight. Historical sources describe Don Filippino as frail and sickly, with frequent illnesses and persistent slight fevers, and it can be supposed that the child was frequently confined indoors, especially in the cold season. Integration of osteoarchaeological evidence with historical documentation suggests that bone lesions observed in the skeletal remains of Don Filippino are compatible with a diagnosis of rickets, caused by the custom of prolonged breast-feeding associated with inadequate sunlight exposure to sunlight. Historical sources describe Don Filippino as frail and sickly, with frequent illnesses and persistent slight fevers, and it can be supposed that the child was frequently confined indoors, especially in the cold season. Integration of osteoarchaeological evidence with historical documentation suggests that bone lesions observed in the skeletal

  14. WImpiBLAST: web interface for mpiBLAST to help biologists perform large-scale annotation using high performance computing. (United States)

    Sharma, Parichit; Mantri, Shrikant S


    The function of a newly sequenced gene can be discovered by determining its sequence homology with known proteins. BLAST is the most extensively used sequence analysis program for sequence similarity search in large databases of sequences. With the advent of next generation sequencing technologies it has now become possible to study genes and their expression at a genome-wide scale through RNA-seq and metagenome sequencing experiments. Functional annotation of all the genes is done by sequence similarity search against multiple protein databases. This annotation task is computationally very intensive and can take days to obtain complete results. The program mpiBLAST, an open-source parallelization of BLAST that achieves superlinear speedup, can be used to accelerate large-scale annotation by using supercomputers and high performance computing (HPC) clusters. Although many parallel bioinformatics applications using the Message Passing Interface (MPI) are available in the public domain, researchers are reluctant to use them due to lack of expertise in the Linux command line and relevant programming experience. With these limitations, it becomes difficult for biologists to use mpiBLAST for accelerating annotation. No web interface is available in the open-source domain for mpiBLAST. We have developed WImpiBLAST, a user-friendly open-source web interface for parallel BLAST searches. It is implemented in Struts 1.3 using a Java backbone and runs atop the open-source Apache Tomcat Server. WImpiBLAST supports script creation and job submission features and also provides a robust job management interface for system administrators. It combines script creation and modification features with job monitoring and management through the Torque resource manager on a Linux-based HPC cluster. Use case information highlights the acceleration of annotation analysis achieved by using WImpiBLAST. Here, we describe the WImpiBLAST web interface features and architecture, explain design

  15. WImpiBLAST: web interface for mpiBLAST to help biologists perform large-scale annotation using high performance computing.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Parichit Sharma

    Full Text Available The function of a newly sequenced gene can be discovered by determining its sequence homology with known proteins. BLAST is the most extensively used sequence analysis program for sequence similarity search in large databases of sequences. With the advent of next generation sequencing technologies it has now become possible to study genes and their expression at a genome-wide scale through RNA-seq and metagenome sequencing experiments. Functional annotation of all the genes is done by sequence similarity search against multiple protein databases. This annotation task is computationally very intensive and can take days to obtain complete results. The program mpiBLAST, an open-source parallelization of BLAST that achieves superlinear speedup, can be used to accelerate large-scale annotation by using supercomputers and high performance computing (HPC clusters. Although many parallel bioinformatics applications using the Message Passing Interface (MPI are available in the public domain, researchers are reluctant to use them due to lack of expertise in the Linux command line and relevant programming experience. With these limitations, it becomes difficult for biologists to use mpiBLAST for accelerating annotation. No web interface is available in the open-source domain for mpiBLAST. We have developed WImpiBLAST, a user-friendly open-source web interface for parallel BLAST searches. It is implemented in Struts 1.3 using a Java backbone and runs atop the open-source Apache Tomcat Server. WImpiBLAST supports script creation and job submission features and also provides a robust job management interface for system administrators. It combines script creation and modification features with job monitoring and management through the Torque resource manager on a Linux-based HPC cluster. Use case information highlights the acceleration of annotation analysis achieved by using WImpiBLAST. Here, we describe the WImpiBLAST web interface features and architecture

  16. Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Don Higher Medical Education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. P. Terentev


    Full Text Available This year the medical community of the Don marks 85th anniversary since the founding of the Rostov Regional Scientific Medical Society of Physicians. At the root of a society were outstanding clinicians, who left a bright trace in the history of Don Medicine — Professors Zavadsky I.V. , Kastanayan E.M. and others.The merits of the Rostov Regional Scientific Medical Society of Physicians are hard to overestimate, and today one of our most important tasks is to ensure the continuous education of doctors in the region.

  17. El anti-don Juan de María de Zayas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Trambaioli, Marcella


    Full Text Available All critics agree on considering that María de Zayas writes inspired by the anger that she feels for the women condition. Both in her prose and in the only play we know, La traición en la amistad, Zayas censures with irony and wit the don-Juan type who deceives women leaving them without honour. She does it elaborating an intertextual relationship with El burlador de Sevilla. Specifically, in the play she uses three characters: Liseo, who deceives three women, Fenisa, who is a don-Juan female even more exaggerated than Liseo, and don Juan, the less donjuanesco of all. As a matter of fact, Zayas creates an anti-don Juan similar to the one that Ventura de la Vega will realize in the XIX century with his play El hombre de mundo, a parody of Zorrilla’s Don Juan Tenorio; nevertheless it has a clear ethical purpose: to warn women of his age in order to avoid men’s abuses.Los críticos concuerdan en que María de Zayas escribe inspirada por la cólera que le provoca la condición femenina coetánea. Tanto en sus novelas como en la única comedia conservada, La traición en la amistad, Zayas censura con sutil ironía al tipo donjuanesco que se burla de las mujeres dejándolas sin honor, y lo hace entablando un complejo e ingenioso diálogo intertextual con El burlador de Sevilla. De forma especial, en la pieza lo hace a través de tres figuras: Liseo, que engaña a tres mujeres, Fenisa, un don Juan mujer aún más hiperbólico que Liseo, y don Juan, el menos donjuanesco de todos. En definitiva, crea un anti-don Juan parecido al que Ventura de la Vega realizará en el siglo XIX con El hombre de mundo, parodia del Tenorio de Zorrilla, pero con una clara intencionalidad ética: la de aleccionar a las mujeres de su época para que aprendan a esquivar a los hombres que abusan de ellas.

  18. Organ Damage and Hepatic Lipid Accumulation in Carp (Cyprinus carpio L. after Feed-Borne Exposure to the Mycotoxin, Deoxynivalenol (DON

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Constanze Pietsch


    Full Text Available Deoxynivalenol (DON frequently contaminates animal feed, including fish feed used in aquaculture. This study intends to further investigate the effects of DON on carp (Cyprinus carpio L. at concentrations representative for commercial fish feeds. Experimental feeding with 352, 619 or 953 μg DON kg−1 feed resulted in unaltered growth performance of fish during six weeks of experimentation, but increased lipid peroxidation was observed in liver, head kidney and spleen after feeding of fish with the highest DON concentration. These effects of DON were mostly reversible by two weeks of feeding the uncontaminated control diet. Histopathological scoring revealed increased liver damage in DON-treated fish, which persisted even after the recovery phase. At the highest DON concentration, significantly more fat, and consequently, increased energy content, was found in whole fish body homogenates. This suggests that DON affects nutrient metabolism in carp. Changes of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH activity in kidneys and muscle and high lactate levels in serum indicate an effect of DON on anaerobic metabolism. Serum albumin was reduced by feeding the medium and a high dosage of DON, probably due to the ribotoxic action of DON. Thus, the present study provides evidence of the effects of DON on liver function and metabolism.

  19. La reciprocidad y el don no son la misma cosa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ricardo Gabriel Abduca


    Full Text Available El autor se propone mostrar por qué la noción de reciprocidad, aunque ha sido muchas veces tomada como sinónimo del fenómeno de intercambios de dones, corresponde a diversas situaciones sociales, por lo cual tiene poca utilidad descriptiva y explicativa. Examina algunos hitos de la historia antropológica, mostrando que más que un concepto, 'reciprocidad' es un palimpsesto sobre el cual, de Durkheim a Polanyi, se han ido escribiendo variadas nociones. En cambio, sugiere una definición de don más estricta, cercana a las ideas de Mauss y acorde con los avances de la etnografía y la teoría contemporánea. Sugiere distinguir entre circuitos cerrados de dones, donde circulan bienes de consumo final, y circuitos abiertos, donde los dones que circulan condensan el conjunto de las relaciones sociales.O objetivo deste texto é mostrar que a expressão 'reciprocidade', ainda foi considerada como sinônimo de 'câmbio de domes', é outra coisa. O autor sugere um breve esquema de alguns marcos do desenvolvimento da noção de 'reciprocidade' em a teoria antropológica, mostrando que o sentido dela expressão foi mudando até assemelhar um palimpsesto com múltiplas rescritas, no processo que vá de Durkheim a Polanyi. Defende um conceito de dom próximo às idéias de Mauss e a certos avances dela etnografia contemporânea e a teoria social. Distingue deus tipos de circuitos de circulação de domes: fechados, onde circulam bens de consumação direita, e apertos, onde circulam certo tipo de bens que condensam o conjunto das relações sociais.The aim of this text is to show how the notion of 'reciprocity', although have been considered a synonymous of gift exchange, veils different social situations. A brief survey of the history of the use of the word shows how 'reciprocity', from Durkheim to Polanyi, seems as a palimpsest of various notions. Although, he essays a defense of a concept of 'gift' related to the Maussian texts, and closer to some

  20. Un curioso coleccionista del siglo XVII: don Manuel de Porras

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Agulló y Cobo, Mercedes


    Full Text Available Art collecting - an avocation almost exclusive to royalty in Spain - has not had representatives among those who did not belong to the high nobility, not even among artists themselves. In many cases, the word "collection" has been applied to what in reality were mere lists of patrimonial properties. For all of the above, it is especially noteworthy to encounter someone who neither belonged to an elevated class nor was a painter, but who managed to unite, at great personal sacrifice, an important art collection. Manuel de Porras owned interesting and a relatively large number of paintings, sculptures and prints, some of them extremely valuable. As a good collector, in order to avoid the dispersion of these works, he donated them to the Shod Trinitarians in Madrid and the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri in Alcalá, but unfortunately, in spite of his good intentions, nothing has survived.

    El coleccionismo —afición casi exclusiva de Reyes en España— no ha tenido representantes entre personas que no pertenecieran a la alta nobleza, ni entre los propios artistas. En muchos casos lo que se ha venido llamando colecciones son sólo relación de bienes patrimoniales. Por ello, resulta más llamativo encontrar alguien que, sin pertenecer a una clase elevada ni ser artista, lograra reunir —aun a costa de grandes sacrificios que le llevaron al extremo de ser enterrado de limosna— una tan importante colección de obras de arte como el personaje objeto de este artículo: Manuel de Porras, quien contaba con un interesante y elevado (para un particular sin títulos número de pinturas y esculturas, y un importantísimo número de dibujos y estampas, algunas valiosísimas y de alto precio. Desgraciadamente, aunque lo donó —como buen coleccionista, para evitar su dispersión— a los Trinitarios calzados de Madrid y al Oratorio de San Felipe Neri de Alcalá, nada de ello ha llegado a nuestros días.

  1. Toward Complete Inclusion: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Military Service Members after Repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. (United States)

    Aford, Brandon; Lee, Shawna J


    The 2010 repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) is one example of how U.S. public policy has shifted toward greater inclusion of lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) individuals. The repeal of DADT reversed the practice of discharging LGB service members on the basis of sexual identity. LGB service members may now serve their country without fear of direct repercussions stemming from sexual identity. Though it is a statutory step toward parity, DADT repeal does not address a number of cultural and institutional inequities that continue to hinder full inclusion of sexual minority service members. Notably, as discussed in this article, DADT largely ignores issues facing the transgender population. This study examines remaining inequities and their ramifications for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender service members and their families. The article concludes with practice and policy recommendations for culturally competent social work practice with military service members across the sexual identity spectrum.

  2. An Analysis of Opinion of the Impact of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Its Repeal, and the Proposed Plan to Implement the Repeal (United States)


    need to address homosexuals now. Honor, Courage, committment. Sexual Harrassment training, etc. [.don’t think weneeda classonwhat a gay person is or...scrutiny. lfthey brfng flamboyance or overbearing sexuality into the workplace , it will disrupt cohesion and make solutions difficult, since the...than whites. Sexuality . has no business in military workplace and should not qualify for .. compl:3inant because they choose to be open. 9:06AM 20

  3. Nitrate Regeneration Coupled to Degradation of Different Size Fractions of DON by the Picoplankton in the Elbe Estuary. (United States)

    Kerner, M.; Spitzy, A.


    Bacterial conversion of high (HMW > 3,000 Da) and low (LMW Elbe estuary during the summer of 1997. Indigenous populations of picoplankton were incubated in a flow-through chamber that allowed a constant exchange of sterile, filtered Elbe water as the culture medium for the microorganisms, which remained within the chamber. Nitrogen conversion was followed by changes in the concentrations of total and low molecular weight DON and dissolved inorganic nitrogen compounds, the uptake of O2, and bacterial growth. Along the Elbe estuary, total DON concentrations varied between 0.69 and 1.1 mg N L-1, of which between 64 and 79% was LMW-DON. Ammonium was a minor nutrient present in the Elbe at concentrations below 0.26 mg N L-1. During incubation in the laboratory between 27 and 64% of the LMW-DON was consumed at rates ranging from 24 to 51 µg N L-1 h-1. HMW-DON was used only when the degradable LMW-DON pool became exhausted and accounted for between 60 and 100% of the HMW-DON. This produced an increase in the DON consumption rate between 43 and 79 µg N L-1 h-1. Nitrification rates were independent of the external ammonium concentration until it decreased to below 1 µg N-NH4 L-1. Most of the N in the nitrification process originated as NH4 regenerated from DON. Between 75 and 100% of the LMW-DON and ammonium consumed was rapidly converted to nitrate. This amount decreased to between 65 and 85% when HMW-DON was consumed in addition to the LMW-DON. DON and ammonium consumption supported nitrification rates up to 71 µg N L-1 h-1. The amount of DOC (dissolved organic carbon) degraded was not equivalent to the C:N ratio of the total dissolved organic matter. Calculations based on oxygen consumption for respiration and ammonium regeneration revealed that the substrates used during the incubations contained C:N at ratios of about 3:1. These results suggest that the nitrogen-rich compounds had been removed from the dissolved organic matter and subsequently consumed by bacteria

  4. STS-28 Columbia, OV-102, MS Brown dons LES in JSC Mockup and Integration Lab (United States)


    STS-28 Columbia, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 102, Mission Specialist (MS) Mark N. Brown, wearing communications carrier assembly (CCA) and launch and entry suit (LES), prepares to don launch and entry helmet (LEH). Brown suits up for shuttle emergency egress (bailout) procedures in JSC Mockup and Integration Laboratory Bldg 9A.

  5. "Don't Know" Responding to Answerable and Unanswerable Questions during Misleading and Hypnotic Interviews (United States)

    Scoboria, Alan; Mazzoni, Giuliana; Kirsch, Irving


    "Don't know" (DK) responses to interview questions are conceptually heterogeneous, and may represent uncertainty or clear statements about the contents of memory. A study examined the subjective intent of DK responses in relation to the objective status of information queried, in the context of memory distorting procedures. Participants…

  6. A Brief Comparative Analysis of the Images of Don JuanandWeiXiaobao

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



      Don Juan and The Deer and the Cauldron , these two works reflect the views of the society, especially their fight against tra-ditional values. This article makes a deeper analysis of the two heroes who live in different time and spaces.

  7. Aspectos literarios de la obra de don Joan de Castellanos : Capitulo VIII

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mario Germán Romero


    Full Text Available Capítulo VIII. Los discursos de Jiménez de Quesada. Toda historia de la literatura colombiana comienza con el nombre del licenciado don Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada. Que era un letrado, no puede ponerse en duda. Los escritos que de él conocemos justifican plenamente el título.

  8. 33 CFR 208.82 - Hetch Hetchy, Cherry Valley, and Don Pedro Dams and Reservoirs. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Hetch Hetchy, Cherry Valley, and..., Cherry Valley, and Don Pedro Dams and Reservoirs. The Turlock Irrigation District and Modesto Irrigation..., shall operate Hetch Hetchy Dam and Reservoir and Cherry Valley Dam and Reservoir in the interest...

  9. The family interactional perspective: a study and examination of the work of Don D. Jackson. (United States)

    Greenberg, G S


    This article presents an overview of the primary contributions of the late Don D. Jackson. It analyzes and attempts to unify the central concepts of what the first referred to as "conjoint family therapy." Emphasis in upon the theoretical components leading to the development of a behaviorally oriented, nontransference, focused-treatment format, labeled by the author as "family interactional psychotherapy."

  10. Teaching "Don Quixote" in the Digital Age: Page and Screen, Visual and Tactile (United States)

    Boyle, Margaret; Hall, Crystal


    This current study describes an object-based learning approach to teaching "Don Quixote" as part of the curriculum for Spanish majors at a small liberal arts college. In order to maximize students' engagement with the narrative and the material culture of the novel, students worked with rare books, collaborative translation using Google…

  11. Comparison of glove donning techniques for the likelihood of gown contamination. An infection control study. (United States)

    Newman, James B; Bullock, Mark; Goyal, Ravi


    The creation of an optimal environment, whenever major joints are opened or metal is implanted into bone, is important to reduce infection following orthopaedic surgery. Following normal hand washing protocols, it is possible that pathogenic bacteria can remain on the skin. These bacteria may inadvertently be transferred to the surgical gown during the glove donning procedure and therefore contamination of the surgical wound could follow. We aimed to determine whether there is a difference between three differing glove donning techniques, open, closed and scrub staff assisted, in terms of accidental gown contamination, as the optimum method is unknown. Three differing glove donning techniques were assessed using ultra-violet (UV) lotion, applied to the hands after the scrub, to demonstrate patches of contamination on the surgical gowns. Two studies were carried out. An initial pilot study with theatre personnel and the main study by a single surgeon rehearsed in the various techniques. The region and size of contamination patches were documented. In the pilot study 12 out of 13 individuals were seen to have patches of UV fluorescent gown contamination following an observed scrub. In the main study, both the open and closed technique had a 100% gown contamination rate. This was concentrated around the cuff region. There were no contamination patches in the scrub staff assisted technique. Glove donning, using the scrub staff assisted technique can minimise the possibility of gown contamination. This is important in surgical procedures where the results of infection can be devastating.

  12. What We Don't Understand, We Explain to Each Other (United States)

    Pines, David


    "What we don't understand, we explain to each other" was Robert Oppenheimer's 1948 description of theoretical physics as a profession. Because the phrase connects research, teaching, and learning, it seemed the right approach for the talk I gave to the AAPT [American Association of Physics Teachers] on receiving the 2013 J.D. Jackson…

  13. A new phenylethanoid glycoside from Rabdosia lophanthoides (Buch.-Ham.ex D.Don)Hara.

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Wei Sheng Feng; Xin Yu Zang; Xiao Ke Zheng; Yan Zhi Wang


    A new phenylethanoid glycoside,3-hydroxy-4-methoxy-β-phenylethoxy-P-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1-3)-2-O-acetyl-O-β-D-glucopyranoside,named Iophanthoside A,was isolated from Rabdosia lophanthoides(Buch.-Ham.ex D.Don)Hara.Its structurewas determined by spectroscopic evidences.

  14. Oberonia mucronata (D. Don Ormerod & Seidenf. (Orchidaceae, new addition to the flora of Gujarat, India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mital R. Bhatt


    Full Text Available Oberonia mucronata (D.Don Ormerod & Seidenf. is characterized by its dense flowered racemose inflorescence, petals with erose-toothed margin, and tri-lobed lip with dentate margin. A brief description and images are provided here for easy identification of the species along with a report of its new distribution record in Gujarat State. 

  15. "They Don't Know Anything!": Latinx Immigrant Students Appropriating the Oppressor's Voice (United States)

    Monzó, Lilia D.


    This article discusses internalized oppression among Latinx communities through a revolutionary critical pedagogy. Data from a two-year ethnography of Latinx immigrant families show that students were developing deficit perspectives toward their parents, claiming that "they don't know anything," based on their positioning as powerless…

  16. Why I don't kill myself : [poems] / Paul-Eerik Rummo

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Rummo, Paul-Eerik, 1942-


    Autori lühitutvustus lk. 262. Sisu: Why I don't kill myself ; The sky stoops over the earth ; Clinging ; Crooning. Orig.: Miks ma end ära ei tapa ; "Taevas on kummargil üle maa..." ; Kinni hoidmas ; Poolüminal

  17. Many with Advanced Lung Cancer Don't Get Treatments That Might Help (United States)

    ... gov/news/fullstory_163162.html Many With Advanced Lung Cancer Don't Get Treatments That Might Help Study found 21 percent went ... Health News Related MedlinePlus Health Topics Cancer Chemotherapy Lung Cancer Radiation Therapy About MedlinePlus Site Map FAQs Customer Support Get ...

  18. 77 FR 21556 - Don Pedro Hydroelectric Project: Turlock Irrigation District; Modesto Irrigation District... (United States)


    ..., 916-446-0100. c. FERC Contact: Stephen Bowler, Don Pedro Hydroelectric Project, Dispute Resolution Panel Chair, (202) 505-6861, . d. Purpose of Meeting: The purpose of the...Grange Complex Facilities on Anadromous Fish; Request 2--Effects of the Project and Related...

  19. Using "Warriors Don't Cry" in a Capstone Project to Combat Bullying (United States)

    Korneliussen, Kristin


    "Two, four, six, eight, we ain't gonna integrate!" the author's eighth-grade students shouted with gusto. They were reading "Warriors Don't Cry," Melba Patillo Beals's memoir about her experiences as one of the nine African American students who integrated Little Rock Central High School in 1957. Each time those hateful words…

  20. Spendere meno, spendere meglio: una proposta panottica di J.-C. Guédon

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Chiara Pievatolo


    Full Text Available J.-C. Guédon ha commentato la nostra campagna di crowdsourcing in merito alle spese delle biblioteche sulla mailing list Nexa. Offriamo, qui di seguito, la versione italiana delle sue osservazioni – che presuppongono un mondo accademico molto diverso da quello impostoci...

  1. El momento de don Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guillermo Hernández de Alba


    Full Text Available El lunes 16 de febrero del año del Señor de mil y quinientos y setenta y nueve años muere en Mariquita, lugar de su retiro, el glorioso Conquistador del Nuevo Reino de Granada y fundador de Bogotá, el Adelantado Don Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada.

  2. Dr. S. Donald (Don) Stookey (1915-2014): Pioneering Researcher and Adventurer (United States)

    Beall, George H.


    Don Stookey, the father of glass-ceramics, was a pioneer in inducing and understanding internal nucleation phenomena in glass. His early work on dense opal glasses and photosensitive precipitation of gold and silver in glass led to an amazing series of inventions: Fotalite, a photosensitive opal, chemically machined Fotoform and Fotoceram, and TiO2-nucleated Pyroceram products including missile nosecones and oven-proof cookware. He received a basic patent on glass-ceramics, which was contested and affirmed in court. Don was able to demonstrate a clear photochromic glass that showed reversible darkening for thousands of cycles. This material became a fixture in the ophthalmic industry. He went on to invent a full-color polychromatic glass, capable of yielding a permanent patterned and monolithic stained glass. In his life outside science, Don chaired an interfaith group that founded a home for the elderly in Corning. He was also a wilderness enthusiast, surviving a plane crash in the Arctic and two boat capsizings. Even in his later years, he continued fishing off the coast of Florida and on Lake Ontario and went solo on a trip to the Patagonian Andes. Don Stookey was a special person by any measure: an unassuming optimist, eminent scientist and inventor, adventurer, and a beloved family man. Introduction

  3. Rap Music in School Counseling Based on Don Elligan's Rap Therapy (United States)

    Gonzalez, Tiphanie; Hayes, B. Grant


    In 2000, Don Elligan introduced Rap Therapy as a psychotherapeutic intervention for working with at-risk youths, primarily African American males whose identities were highly influenced by rap music. Rap music can engage a population of youth who often enter counseling apprehensively (Elligan 2000, 2004; Tillie-Allen, 2005). This article reviews…

  4. The Discovery of Cometary Activity in Near-Earth Asteroid (3552) Don Quixote

    CERN Document Server

    Mommert, Michael; Harris, Alan W; Reach, William T; Emery, Joshua P; Thomas, Cristina A; Mueller, Michael; Cruikshank, Dale P; Trilling, David E; Delbo', Marco; Smith, Howard A


    The near-Earth object (NEO) population, which mainly consists of fragments from collisions between asteroids in the main asteroid belt, is thought to include contributions from short-period comets as well. One of the most promising NEO candidates for a cometary origin is near-Earth asteroid (3552) Don Quixote, which has never been reported to show activity. Here we present the discovery of cometary activity in Don Quixote based on thermal-infrared observations made with the Spitzer Space Telescope in its 3.6 and 4.5 {\\mu}m bands. Our observations clearly show the presence of a coma and a tail in the 4.5 {\\mu}m but not in the 3.6 {\\mu}m band, which is consistent with molecular band emission from CO2. Thermal modeling of the combined photometric data on Don Quixote reveals a diameter of 18.4 (-0.4/+0.3) km and an albedo of 0.03 (-0.01/+0.02), which confirms Don Quixote to be the third-largest known NEO. We derive an upper limit on the dust production rate of 1.9 kg s^-1 and derive a CO2 gas production rate of (...

  5. Don Hammill: A Personal Perspective on the Field of Learning Disabilities, 3-Tier, and RTI (United States)

    Intervention in School and Clinic, 2010


    Don D. Hammill received all of his formal education in Texas schools, culminating in a doctorate in educational psychology-special education from the University of Texas at Austin in 1963. He had previously served as a teacher in the Corpus Christi (Texas) public schools and as a speech and language therapist in the Deer Park (Texas) public…

  6. Don Diego Luis Moctezuma, nieto de Hueytlatoani, padre de conde: un noble indígena entre dos mundos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco L. Jiménez Abollado


    Full Text Available The present work tries to explain the proceeding and discharge of don Diego Luis Moctezuma Ilhuitltemoctzin, grandson of the hueytlatoani Moctezuma Xocoyotzin, son of don Pedro Moctezuma Tlacahuepantzin and father of don Pedro Tesifón Moctezuma, the first Count of Moctezuma and Vizconde de Ilucan. Don Diego Luis Moctezuma played an important role during the second half of the 16th century and the first years of the XVIIth, first as son of don Pedro Moctezuma, who sends it to the Court and Kingdom of Castile to defending before the King of Spain and the Council of The Indies his interests as legitimate inheritor of Moctezuma Xocoyotzin. Later, when don Diego Luis converted into successor of his brother don Martin Cortés Moctezuma, one sees affected by the politics of the Crown and the Council of The Indies of systematic weakening of the indigenous nobility. His departure of the New Spain and the promises broken by part of the Crown determine the politics of Philip II and Philip III with the inheritors of Moctezuma Xocoyotzin.

  7. Characterization of Fish Passage Conditions through a Francis Turbine and Regulating Outlet at Cougar Dam, Oregon, Using Sensor Fish, 2009–2010

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Duncan, Joanne P.


    Fish passage conditions through a Francis turbine and a regulating outlet (RO) at Cougar Dam on the south fork of the McKenzie River in Oregon were evaluated by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District, using Sensor Fish devices. The objective of the study was to describe and compare passage exposure conditions, identifying potential fish injury regions encountered during passage via specific routes. The RO investigation was performed in December 2009 and the turbine evaluation in January 2010, concurrent with HI-Z balloon-tag studies by Normandeau Associates, Inc. Sensor Fish data were analyzed to estimate 1) exposure conditions, particularly exposure to severe collision, strike, and shear events by passage route sub-regions; 2) differences in passage conditions between passage routes; and 3) relationships to live-fish injury and mortality data estimates. Comparison of the three passage routes evaluated at Cougar Dam indicates that the RO passage route through the 3.7-ft gate opening was relatively the safest route for fish passage under the operating conditions tested; turbine passage was the most deleterious. These observations were supported also by the survival and malady estimates obtained from live-fish testing. Injury rates were highest for turbine passage. Compared to mainstem Columbia River passage routes, none of the Cougar Dam passage routes as tested are safe for juvenile salmonid passage.

  8. Gossip; Gift and Commodity in Francis Coventry’s History of Pompey the Little; or; The Life and Adventures of a Lap-Dog (1751

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Vogrinčič


    Full Text Available Francis Coventry’s History of Pompey the Little represents one of the better known examples of today otherwise neglected eighteenth-century English novels of non human-characters. By pointing at thus far unacknowledged dimensions of the text; the article challenges the established reading of the book as put forward by Liz Bellamy in the theory of the ‘novels of circulation’. According to Bellamy; the peregrinating animals and objects of these narratives represent circulating commodities and thus symbolize alienated commercial society. Demonstrating that Pompey the lapdog rather functions as a gift and a gossip; this essay offers an alternative interpretation which opens up a different perspective on Coventry’s representation of society. Following from this; the paper aims at situating Pompey the Little’ within broader socio-cultural context of eighteenth-century England; as well as reflects on its place in fiction of the period. As such it advocates socio-historical approaches to literature.

  9. Characterization of Fish Passage Conditions through a Francis Turbine, Spillway, and Regulating Outlet at Detroit Dam, Oregon, Using Sensor Fish, 2009

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Duncan, Joanne P.; Carlson, Thomas J.


    Fish passage conditions through two spillways, a Francis turbine, and a regulating outlet (RO) at Detroit Dam on the North Santiam River in Oregon were evaluated by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Portland District, using Sensor Fish devices. The objective of the study was to describe and compare passage exposure conditions, identifying potential fish injury regions within the routes. The study was performed in July, October, and December 2009 concurrent with HI-Z balloon-tag studies by Normandeau Associates, Inc. Sensor Fish data were analyzed to estimate 1) exposure conditions, particularly exposure to severe strike, collision, and shear events by passage route sub-regions; 2) differences in passage conditions between passage routes; and 3) relationships to live-fish injury and mortality data estimates. Comparison of the three passage routes evaluated at Detroit Dam indicates that the RO passage route through the 5-ft gate opening was relatively the safest route for fish passage under the operating conditions tested; turbine passage was the most deleterious. These observations were supported also by the survival and malady estimates obtained from live-fish testing. Injury rates were highest for turbine and spillway passage. However, none of the passage routes tested is safe for juvenile salmonid passage.

  10. Repensar el Caribe desde los Estudios Culturales: Literatura, Nación, Racialidad y Género en Donnete Francis, April Shemak y Rosamond King

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcelo José Cabarcas Ortega


    Full Text Available Desde los estudios literarios y culturales, estas autoras se unen a un creciente número de expertas interesadas en analizar el impacto de las dinámicas neoliberales en los aspectos étnicos, sexuales y de género en el Caribe, ya sea en el archipiélago o en sus bordes continentales. Respecto a este análisis se pueden afirmar, por lo menos, dos rasgos relevantes: el primero es la importancia otorgada a las nuevas diásporas y su efecto en la actualidad; el segundo es la necesidad de ampliar el archivo literario mediante la integración de la música, la fotografía y el performance al proceso tradicional de hermenéutica. Así, al plantearse formas más incluyentes de interpretación, la crítica busca superar lugares comunes ya desgastados por el excesivo uso y sintonizarse con las inquietudes de creadoras y creadores jóvenes respecto a las realidades de la migración y su influjo en el actual redimensionamiento político del cuerpo. En esa medida, April Shemak, Donnete Francis y Rosamond King y otras escritoras problematizan la idea de un Caribe de puro contacto y difusión.

  11. Sloshing motion dynamics of a free surface in the draft tube cone of a Francis turbine operating in synchronous condenser mode (United States)

    Vagnoni, Elena; Andolfatto, Loïc; Favrel, Arthur; Avellan, François


    The penetration of the electrical grid by intermittent renewable energy sources induces grid fluctuations which must be compensated in order to guarantee the stability of the grid. Hydropower plants can supply reactive power to ensure the grid stabilization by operating in condenser mode. In this operating mode, the turbine operates with the tail water depressed to let the runner spin in air to reduce the power consumption. Pressurized air is injected in the draft tube cone to maintain the water level below the runner and this induces air-water interaction phenomena which cause important power losses. Flow visualization and pressure fluctuation measurements are performed in a reduced scale physical model of a Francis turbine operating in condenser mode to investigate the dynamics of the air-water interaction in the draft tube cone which causes the sloshing motion of the free surface. An image post-processing method is developed, enabling a quantitative description of the sloshing motion. The latter depends on the Froude number. By increasing the value of the Froude number, the amplitude of the sloshing motion decreases, as well as the amplitude of the pressure fluctuations. The frequency of the sloshing motion corresponds to the first natural frequency of the water volume.

  12. Toward an epistemology of nano-technosciences: Probing technoscience from a historical perspective: on today's surprising prevalence and relevance of Francis Bacon. (United States)

    Schmidt, Jan C


    This paper aims to contribute to the attempts to clarify and classify the vague notion of "technosciences" from a historical perspective. A key question that is raised is as follows: Does Francis Bacon, one of the founding fathers of the modern age, provide a hitherto largely undiscovered programmatic position, which might facilitate a more profound understanding of technosciences? The paper argues that nearly everything we need today for an ontologically well-informed epistemology of technoscience can be found in the works of Bacon-this position will be called epistemological real-constructivism. Rather than realist or constructivist, empiricist or rationalist, Bacon's position can best be understood as real-constructivist since it challenges modern dichotomies. Reflection upon the contemporary relevance of Bacon could contribute to the expanding and critical discussion on technoscience. In the following I will reconstruct the term "technoscience". My finding is that at least four different understandings or types of the term "technoscience" co-exist. In a second step, I will analyze and elaborate on Bacon's epistemological position. I will identify central elements of the four different understandings in Bacon's work. Finally, I will conclude that the epistemology of technoscience is, indeed, very old-it is the epistemological position put forward by Bacon.

  13. 《茶经》文化内涵翻译的“得”与“失”--以 Francis Ross Carpenter 英译本为例%The Gains and Losses of the Chinese Cultural Connotation Translation of the Classic of Tea:A Case Study of the English Version of Francis Ross Carpenter

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The Classic of Tea written by Lu Yu is an important classic of Chinese tea culture, and its translation is of great significance to the spreading of Chinese tea culture. This paper, from the perspective of culture translation of classics, examines the translation of traditional Chinese culture, such as the ideas of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, based on the English version of The Classic of Tea by Francis Ross Carpenter. The gains and losses of the translation of Chinese cultural connotation in Carpenter’s English version are analyzed through specific examples. It is hoped that this study can provide some reference to the translation of Chinese tea classics and help translators to spread the Chinese culture more effectively in the process of Chinese ancient classics translation.%陆羽撰写的《茶经》是中国茶文化的核心典籍,其英译本对中国茶文化在西方世界的传播具有极大的价值。从典籍文化翻译的视角,重点考察美国译者 Francis Ross Carpenter 的《茶经》英译本中关于儒释道等中国传统文化的翻译效果,并对译者英译过程中准确再现原语负载的文化内涵方面存在的得与失进行综合评价,为茶典籍翻译实践提供借鉴,以促进中国茶文化的有效译介和传播。

  14. L’utilité de la théorie du don The utility of gift theory Utilidad de la teoría del don

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Norbert Alter


    Full Text Available Norbert Alter explique l’utilité et l’actualité de la théorie de Marcel Mauss pour penser la coopération en entreprise et l’engagement au travail. Il revient sur ses qualités heuristiques et sa portée critique nécessaires à mobiliser pour donner des clefs de compréhension et d’action au monde du travail. À cette contribution répond celle d’Alain Caillé, « Le paradigme du don face aux nouvelles réalités du monde du travail. Quelques remarques »Norbert Alter explains here the utility and topicality of Marcel Mauss’ theory in an analysis touching both on cooperation within a business structure and on people’s commitment to work. He reviews the heuristic qualities and critical scope that must be mobilised to create ways of understanding and acting within the work world. Alain Caillé responds to this contribution with his own article entitled, “ The gift paradigm facing new realities in the work world. Comments” (Le paradigme du don face aux nouvelles réalités du monde du travail. Quelques remarques.Norbert Alter explica la utilidad y la actualidad de la teoría de Marcel Mauss para pensar la cooperación en la empresa y el compromiso en el trabajo. Desde una nueva perspectiva, aborda las cualidades heurísticas de esa teoría y su alcance crítico, que es necesario movilizar para contar con claves de comprensión y de acción en el mundo laboral. A su contribución, Alain Caillé responde con el artículo “El paradigma del don frente a las nuevas realidades del mundo laboral. Algunas observaciones”.

  15. University Mentality or Community College Paranoia: A Critique of Don Morgan's Reaction to David Riesman's Tentative Hypotheses. (United States)

    Vaughan, George B.


    Responds to Don Morgan's reaction (JC 502 050) to David Riesman's article, "Community Colleges: Some Tentative Hypotheses" (JC 502 056). Summarizes Riesman's major arguments and challenges Morgan's interpretations of them. (AYC)

  16. National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Survey 2012: Individual refuge results for Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report summarizes the National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Survey for Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge and is part of the USGS Data Series...

  17. Pursuing perfection: an interview with Don Berwick and Michael Rothman. Interview by Andrea Kabcenell and Jane Roessner. (United States)

    Berwick, Don; Rothman, Michael


    Don Berwick and Michael Rothman discuss the Pursuing Perfection initiative, which is intended to help health care organizations integrate improvement work into day-to-day life, with systemwide changes in infrastructure, project management, care, and leadership.

  18. Don't Let Gun Sports Backfire on You: Use Ear Protection and Hang onto Your Hearing (United States)

    ... Inside NIDCD Newsletter » Spring 2006 Don't Let Gun Sports Backfire on You: Use Ear Protection and ... in the skeet event, would never fire a gun without them. Likewise, Dave Henderson, a nationally recognized ...

  19. Evaluation on levels and conversion profiles of DON, 3-ADON, and 15-ADON during bread making process. (United States)

    Wu, Li; Wang, Bujun


    The present study investigated the changes and conversion profiles of DON, its conjugations 3-ADON, and 15-ADON during bread making process, by spiking targeted mycotoxin standards to Fusarium mycotoxins-free wheat flour. No significant (p bread crust. Regarding ADONs, decreases of 20-40% for 3-ADON and 28-60% for 15-ADON were found during fermentation stage, and further losses of ADONs were observed after proofing process. Although ADONs levels gained an increase after baking. This study demonstrated that ADONs were converted to DON, while no ADONs were detectable in DON spiked samples during bread making process. The mechanism that ADONs could be converted into DON is unclear so far.

  20. Design of a Self Don/Doffing Rear Entry Planetary Suit to Interface with a Suit Port/Lock Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Under Phase 1 of subject SBIR, Air-Lock, Incorporated will design a self donning and doffing Rear Entry Hard Upper Torso (REHUT) that interfaces with a suit port....

  1. A Nutritional Approach for the Management of Deoxynivalenol (DON Toxicity in the Gastrointestinal Tract of Growing Chickens

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jürgen Zentek


    Full Text Available It has been shown that DON has negative effects on the active transport of some nutrients in the small intestine of chickens. The plausible interactions between food contaminants and natural components could be high. The present study investigated the effects of DON on the presence or absence of dietary inulin on the electrophysiological response of the gut to glucose. Ussing chamber studies were conducted with isolated jejunal epithelia at the age of 35 days. Electrophysiology of the epithelia was recorded and the changes of the short-circuit current (Isc were determined. The addition of Dglucose on the luminal side of the isolated mucosa increased (P 0.05. However, in the dietary inulin supplemented group in both jejunum and colon, the addition of glucose after preincubation of tissues with DON increased the Isc, suggesting that the dietary inulin supplementation of the broilers regulated and improved the glucose absorption in the presence of DON and kept it at normal levels.

  2. Bair Island Restoration and Management Plan : Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge : Bair Island Ecological Reserve (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, and the California Department of Fish and Game are proposing adoption of...

  3. Upland habitat weed management plan for the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Environmental Education Center (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The purpose of this plan is to outline the current status of invasive weeds at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay NWR Environmental Education Center and to provide a...

  4. Southern San Francisco Bay Colonial Nesting Bird Census 1995-1996: Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Lands (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report summarizes the 1995-1996 field season of the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory (SFBBO) Colonial Waterbird Monitoring Study on the Don Edwards San...


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ Women don't talk more than men. Really, they don't. Popular wisdom would have it that women are much chattier than men, speaking 20,000 words a day, vs. the average men's 7,000. But a study being published shows that it is stereotype(陈规). Both men and women use about 16,000 words a day, says the new research, in Science magazine.

  6. A novel recombinant cell fluorescence biosensor based on toxicity of pathway for rapid and simple evaluation of DON and ZEN (United States)

    Ji, Jian; Gu, Wenshu; Sun, Chao; Sun, Jiadi; Jiang, Hui; Zhang, Yinzhi; Sun, Xiulan


    During an exposure, humans and animals are most often exposed to a mixture rather than individual mycotoxins. In this study, a Human Embryonic Kidney 293 cell (HEK-293) fluorescence sensor was developed to detect and evaluate mycotoxins, deoxynivalenol (DON) and zearalenone (ZEN) compounds, produced by Fusarium culmorum that are common food contaminants. TRE-copGFP (green fluorescent protein) and ERE-TagRFP (red fluorescent protein) plasmids were constructed and cotransfected into HEK-293 cells through a highly efficient, lipid-mediated, DNA-transfection procedure. Results show that fluorescence intensity was proportional to DON and ZEN concentrations, ranging from 2 to 40 ng/mL and 10 to 100 ng/mL respectively, with a detection limit of 0.75 ng/mL and 3.2 ng/mL respectively. The EC50 of DON and ZEN are 30.13 ng/mL and 76.63 ng/mL respectively. Additionally, ZEN may have a synergistic effect on enhancing AP-1 activity of the toxicity pathway of DON. These data indicate the high sensitivity and effectiveness of our biosensor system in the evaluation of the combined toxicity of ZEN, DON and their derivatives. In addition, this approach is suitable for an early warning method for the detection of ZEN and DON family mycotoxins contamination without higher-priced, conventional analytical chemistry methods. PMID:27498557

  7. Don Quijote, doña Rodríguez y los duques

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stanislav Zimic


    Full Text Available Al llegar Don Quijote al palacio de los duques y "viéndose tratar del mesmo modo que él había leído se trataban Ios tales caballeros en Ios pasados siglos ... , aquél fue el primer día que de todo en todo conoció y creyó ser caballero andante verdadero y no fantastíco" (1378. Comprensiblemente, esta afirmacion ha causado gran perplejidad entre los lectores de todas las épocas: "Luego, antes ¿no lo había creído?" . La cuestión se complica mucho más, poco después de estos eufóricos momentos, al confesar Don Quijote a la duquesa: "Dios sabe si hay Dulcinea o no en el mundo, o si es fantástica ono es fantástica ...

  8. El palacio de don Antonio de Mendoza en Guadalajara. Aspectos decorativos y formales

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rodríguez Rebollo, Ángel


    Full Text Available The Palace of Don Antonio de Mendoza in Guadalajara was constructed at the beginning of the sixteenth century. In spite of the absence of documentation, there are clear stylistic similarities between this palace and the Calahorra Palace (Granada and the tomb of Cardinal Mendoza. The Codex Escurialensis was used for the decoration of the first floor column capitals as well as the façade decoration.

    El Palacio de Don Antonio de Mendoza en Guadalajara fue construido a principios del XVI. Pese a no estar documentado, las similitudes estilísticas con el Palacio de la Calahorra (Granada y el sepulcro del Cardenal Mendoza son claros. El Codex Excurialensis fue usado en la decoración de los capiteles del primer piso y en la decoración de la fachada principal.

  9. ["Is it an animal inside? "Melanie Klein's unpublished Don Juan Paper (1939)]. (United States)

    Frank, Claudia


    Klein had been asked to contribute an article to the birthday number of the International Journal for Jones. The author outlines how she hurriedly wrote a text about Don Juan which, however, was rejected by the editor. Essential parts of it are presented in German translation. The manuscript is discussed in the context of Klein's published work as well as of the relevant contemporary literature. In Klein's view, Don Juan's genitality is determined by oral impulses and fears. By his manic acting out he attempts to ward off a depressive break-down. The paper ends with some reflections about why Klein--ontrary to her intention--failed to revise her manuscript for later publication.

  10. "El sueño siniestro de don Félix de Montemar"


    Ludington, Z. R. (Zachary R.)


    El héroe de El estudiante de Salamanca ha sido calificado de “infernal arcano”, debido a una supuesta falta en el poema de análisis psicológico del libertino don Félix de Montemar. Este ensayo procura demostrar, a través de la aplicación de ideas expuestas por tres psicólogos, Freud, Lacan y James Hillman, que el poema es un sueño, una complicada exploración del individuo, y en efecto, su mismo proceso de creación. Así don Félix se revela un personaje sumamente humano, un ej...

  11. Phytic acid protects porcine intestinal epithelial cells from deoxynivalenol (DON) cytotoxicity. (United States)

    Pacheco, Graziela Drociunas; Silva, Caio Abércio da; Pinton, Philippe; Oswald, Isabelle P; Bracarense, Ana Paula Frederico Rodrigues Loureiro


    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of phytic acid (IP(6)) as a possible inhibitor of cellular damage induced by toxic substances such as mycotoxins on a porcine intestinal epithelial cell line (IPEC-1). We first observed that a dose of 5 mM phytic acid decreases cell viability and transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER) of cell monolayer. We next investigate the effect of non-cytotoxic dose of phytic acid on the deoxinivalenol (DON) induced decreased TEER. We showed that treatment with 0.5 mM or 1.0 mM phytic acid restores the decrease in TEER caused by 25 μM DON. In conclusion this study demonstrates that phytic acid decreased the negative effects of deoxynivalenol on the membrane integrity of the IPEC-1 intestinal epithelial cell line.

  12. On Test Data Compression Using Selective Don't-Care Identification

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Terumine Hayashi; Haruna Yoshioka; Tsuyoshi Shinogi; Hidehiko Kita; Haruhiko Takase


    This paper proposes an effective method for reducing test data volume under multiple scan chain designs. The proposed method is based on reduction of distinct scan vectors using selective don't-care identification. Selective don't-care identification is repeatedly executed under condition that each bit of frequent scan vectors is fixed to binary values (0 or 1). Besides, a code extension technique is adopted for improving compression efficiency with keeping decompressor circuits simple in the manner that the code length for infrequent scan vectors is designed as double of that for frequent ones. The effectiveness of the proposed method is shown through experiments for ISCAS'89 and ITC'99 benchmark circuits.

  13. Towards a theory of family therapy :rediscovering the influence of Don D. Jackson


    Bradley, Peter Douglas


    The theory and therapy of Don D. Jackson, MD. is an important piece in the foundation of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT). It is Jackson's unique Interactional Theory which is viewed by many as the foundation of systemically oriented theories of MFT. This study looked at Jackson's theory and therapy through the eyes of many individuals who worked with him during the most fertile period in MFf history. Individuals such as John Weakland, Murray Bowen, Paul Watzlawick, Jay Haley, Ri...

  14. Detsibill : Meie Mees kui ANTI. White Label : Don Erikson. Kuula / DJ Pickney Tiger

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    DJ Pickney Tiger, pseud., 1970-


    Heliplaatidest: Don Erikson "Israel Mix", Congotronics 2 "Buzz'n'rumble from the urb'n'jungle", Critikal "Chapter One ehk Teine maitse", Nirvana "Silver, The best of the Box", Singer Vinger "Eesti Kullafond", Bullet Train To Vegas "We Put Scissors Where Our Mouths Are", Ludachris "Disturbing tha peace", "Soul Satisfaction 5", The Kurt Webber's Pink Band "Café Regatt", Patrizio Buanne "The Italian", Eminem "Curtain Call"

  15. Reflections on Don Juan and on the utility of the unhappy love affair. (United States)

    Bergel, Ernest


    Based on an unusual clinical experience of a teenage boy in child psychotherapy, two conclusions are proposed: (1) that the extremely unhappy, early love affairs that occur in most men's lives serve a valuable function in helping them separate from their mothers sufficiently to be able to realistically relate to appropriate marriage partners, and (2) that some Don Juans start new relationships in order to break them off, rather than the reverse.

  16. Mujeres españolas de la conquista en don Joan de Castellanos (I

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mario Germán Romero


    Full Text Available La participación de la mujer española en la conquista de América es un tema que apenas comienza a ser tratado con la profundidad que merece. A principios del siglo don Cesáreo Fernández Duro publicó una breve disertación sobre ' 'La mujer española en Indias".

  17. STS-38 Mission Specialist (MS) Robert C. Springer dons EMU in JSC's WETF (United States)


    STS-38 Mission Specialist (MS) Robert C. Springer dons extravehicular mobility unit (EMU) upper torso with technicians' assistance in JSC's Weightless Environment Training Facility (WETF) Bldg 29. Positioned on the WETF platform at pool side, Springer is preparing for an underwater extravehicular activity (EVA) simulation. During the training session, Springer will rehearse contingency EVA procedures for the STS-38 mission aboard Atlantis, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 104.

  18. Los centenarios: El bibliotecario don Manuel del Socorro Rodríguez

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Boletín Cultural y Bibliográfico Banco de la República


    Full Text Available Se cumplió en este mes de abril el segundo centenario del nacimiento de don Manuel del Socorro Rodríguez. Con tal motivo, su memoria fue honrada con la celebración del Día del Bibliotecario, una magnífica iniciativa que, como dijo alguien, debe convertirse en una tradición cultural de Colombia.

  19. Cloning and characterization of a novel UDP-glycosyltransferase gene induced by DON from wheat

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    MA Xin; DU Xu-ye; LIU Guo-juan; YANG Zai-dong; HOU Wen-qian; WANG Hong-wei; FENG De-shun; LI An-fei; KONG Ling-rang


    Fusarium head blight (FHB), caused primarily by Fusarium graminearum, is a destructive disease of wheat throughout the world. However, the mechanisms of host resistance to FHB are stil largely unclear. Deoxynivalenol (DON) produced by F. graminearum which enhances the pathogen to spread could be converted into inactive form D3G by UDP-glycosyltrans-ferases (UGTs). A DON responsive UGT gene, designated as TaUGT4, was ifrst cloned from wheat in this study. The putative open reading frame (ORF) of TaUGT4 was 1 386 bp, encoding 461 amino acids protein. TaUGT4 was placed on chromosome 2D using a set of nul i-tetrasomic lines of wheat cultivar Chinese Spring (CS). When fused with eGFP at C terminal, TaUGT4 was shown to localize in cytoplasm of the transformed tobacco cel s. The transcriptional analysis revealed that TaUGT4 was strongly induced by F. graminearum or DON in both of FHB-resistant cultivar Sumai 3 and susceptible cultivar Kenong 199, especial y in Sumai 3 under DON treatment. Similar increase of TaUGT4 expression was observed in Sumai 3 and Kenong 199 in response to salicylic acid (SA) treatment. But interestingly, the transcripts level of TaUGT4 in Sumai 3 showed signiifcantly higher than that in Kenong 199 after treated with methyl jasmonate (MeJA). According to the expression patterns, TaUGT4 might lead to different effects between FHB-resistant genotype and susceptible genotype in the process against F. graminearum inoculation. It had also been discussed in this paper that JA signaling pathway might play a signiifcant role in the resistance against F. graminearum compared to SA signaling pathway.

  20. Enterovirus A71 Meningoencephalitis Outbreak, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 2013 (United States)

    Akhmadishina, Ludmila V.; Govorukhina, Marina V.; Kovalev, Evgeniy V.; Nenadskaya, Svetlana A.; Ivanova, Olga E.


    Seventy-eight cases of enterovirus infection, including 25 neuroinfections, occurred in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, during May–June 2013. The outbreak was caused by an enterovirus A type 71 (EV-A71) subgenotype C4 lineage that spread to neighboring countries from China ≈3 years earlier. Enterovirus associated neuroinfection may emerge in areas with a preceding background circulation of EV-A71 with apparently asymptomatic infection. PMID:26196217

  1. An Inventory of Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) from the Rostov-on-Don province of Russia. (United States)

    Poltavsky, Alexander N


    Records of leafroller moths (Tortricidae) from the Rostov-on-Don province of southern Russia are presented based on 10 years of field work (2005-2014). The list includes 91 species from 43 collecting sites; 80 species are recorded from the region for the first time. Compared to other well-surveyed, adjacent areas, the tortricid fauna is considerably more depauperate, and this may be explained in part by the predominance of steppe vegetation.

  2. Heavy Metals and Biogenic Elements in Aquatic Systems of the Don River Delta (United States)

    Tkachenko, Anna; Tkachenko, Oleg


    River deltas are located in the lower parts of the cascade landscape-geochemical systems of the river basins, so their geochemical conditions often characterize the anthropogenic impact on whole river system. The Don River runs through the one of the most agriculturally developed and densely populated area of Russia, and flows into the Azov Sea - the smallest and shallowest sea in the world. These factors determine the geochemical features of aquatic systems of the Don River mouth area and the specificity of the "river-sea" geochemical barrier zone. The paper presents results of the field studies of the geochemical structure of the Don River mouth area, which were conducted in frames of the RFBR project in 2012-2013. Major types of the deltaic water streams and bodies were studied in different hydrological seasons: spring floods, summer, autumn and winter low water periods. About 50 samples of water, suspended matter and 60 samples of bottom sediments have been collected and analyzed for heavy metals (Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Ni, Co, Pb, Cr, Cd etc.) and biogenic elements (nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, phosphates, silica, total nitrogen and phosphorus, dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll) content. To assess the toxicity degree and nutrient potential of water, bioassay test conducted by growing daphnia in water samples were held. The study shows that the Don River delta water is characterized by the relatively low values of dissolved heavy metal content. Significantly higher values of heavy metals were determined in the vicinity of settlements only. Metal accumulation in bottom sediments can be associated mainly with the rate of water flow. Higher values were found in sediments of small channels with weak flow velocity and prevailing processes of the suspended matter deposition. The data on the seasonal dynamics of nutrients and spatial variability of their forms have been obtained. The maximum concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus, silicon, and other biogenic elements are

  3. Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using leaves of Catharanthus roseus Linn. G. Don and their antiplasmodial activities


    S Ponarulselvam; Panneerselvam, C; K Murugan; Aarthi, N; Kalimuthu, K; S Thangamani


    Objective: To develop a novel approach for the green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using aqueous leaves extracts of Catharanthus roseus (C. roseus) Linn. G. Don which has been proven active against malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum (P. falciparum). Methods: Characterizations were determined by using ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectrophotometry, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive X-ray and X-ray diffraction. Results: SEM showed the formation of silver nanopa...

  4. En un lugar de Twitter: las andanzas del caballero don Quijote por la red del pajarito

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Concepción Torres Begines


    Full Text Available Since the beginning of Twitter in 2006, we have attended to the born of a new way of writing according to the parameters imposed by the social network. Many studies have stated the existence of a new literary form known as twitterature in its most popular entry. In this article, we have tried to compile the most significant projects related to the role played by Don Quixote, the main work in the literature written in Spanish, in Twitter.

  5. A new combination in Orophea (Annonaceae for Uvaria nitida Roxb. ex G. Don

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ian M. Turner


    Full Text Available The identity of Uvaria nitida Roxb. ex G.Don. (Annonaceae has not been considered for 180 years. The plant is only known from material grown in the Calcutta Botanic Garden in India following introduction from, reportedly, the Moluccas. Examination of a specimen from the Brussels Herbarium, designated here as lectotype, indicates that the species is a member of Orophea subgenus Sphaerocarpon, similar to Orophea gabra Merr. A new combination in Orophea is made. 

  6. Reproduction et Diversité Génétique chez Parkia biglobosa (Jacq.) G. Don

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sina, S.


    Parkiabiglobosa(Jacq.)G.Don, African

  7. El don: entre las prácticas intersticiales y el solidarismo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available El presente trabajo busca hacer evidente al solidarismo como la "pérdida del don", conforme expuesto por Mauss, en el contexto de la situación colonial, de los procesos de expansión capitalista en la actualidad. Como objeto de análisis y mediación hermenéutica, hemos seleccionado a la Responsabilidad Social Empresarial (RSE como una forma del solidarismo cuyas prácticas llevan a un conjunto de situaciones que pueden describirse como pornográficas. Para lograr el objetivo explicitado, hemos seguido la siguiente estrategia argumentativa: a se sintetizan algunas pocas coordenadas de carácter teóricos que permitan entender la centralidad del don y se explicita nuestra idea de solidarismo, b se realiza un triple análisis: de la conceptualización de la RSE y de las experiencias de RSE de algunas corporaciones internacionales en Argentina; y c se exponen nuestras ideas sobre prácticas intersticiales en tanto hiatos que quiebran a la economía política de la moral como una totalidad que demanda la "pérdida" de todo tipo de don.

  8. Relative Distributions of Dreissena bugensis and Dreissena polymorpha in the Lower Don River System, Russia (United States)

    Zhulidov, A. V.; Pavlov, D. F.; Nalepa, T. F.; Scherbina, G. H.; Zhulidov, D. A.; Gurtovaya, T. Yu.


    A survey was conducted in the lower Don River system in Russia to confirm the presence of Dreissena bugensis, and to compare its distribution relative to that of Dreissena polymorpha. In 1999 and 2001-2002, dreissenid mussels were collected at 15 sites in the main river, in connecting reservoirs, and in a major tributary, the Manych River. Collections were made near stations where long-term monitoring data on total mineral (sum of principal ions) and calcium content were available. Both dreissenid species were found at all sites, with D. bugensis comprising 4-75% of all dreissenids at individual sites. D. bugensis was relatively more abundant than D. polymorpha in the Manych River where total mineral and calcium content was significantly higher than in the Don River, suggesting the two species may have different calcium requirements. Examination of archived samples indicated that D. bugensis was present in the Don River system as early as the 1980s, presenting the unresolved enigma of why D. bugensis has not displaced D. polymorpha as the dominant species as typically found over shorter time periods in other water bodies. (

  9. Design of High Head Francis Turbine for Jiangbian Hydropower Station%江边水电站高水头混流式水轮机设计

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    应金仁; 熊建平


    主要介绍了四川江边水电站高水头混流式水轮机设计情况,重点对水轮机主要部件结构设计特点进行了介绍:转轮采用长短叶片结构,控制转轮进口处的流态;泵板和无接触式主轴密封结构;导水机构的剪断销加摩擦装置;高尾水位的主轴中心孔补气装置;水轮机中拆结构;水导轴承及导水机构密封等东芝公司经典结构。江边水电站3台机自2011年4月已先后投入运行,至今已正常运行3年多。%The paper mainly introduces the high head Francis turbine for Jiangbian hydropower station, especially the features and advantages of turbine structure, including runner with long and short blades, non-contact seal of pump plate and main shaft, shear pin with friction device for distributor, air supplement device for main shaft central hole at high tailwater level, middle dismantling gallery for turbine, water guide bearing and distributor seal etc. The three u-nits of Jiangbian hydropower station run normally since been put into operation in April 2011.

  10. An Artistic Creation of Francis Poulenc's Opera%浦朗克歌剧艺术创作评介

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Francis Poulenc was one of the most excellent composer of French art song.However,his operas were rarely known by people.In faithful adhered to classicism and romanticism,his music composition has styles of bright colors,natural,clear rhythms,and easy understanding.Based on the strong composition background(Vocal,Instrument),his extraordinary ability was brought out in the composition of operas.He wrote three operas,Les Mamelles de Tiresias,Dialogues des Carmelites,and Lo Voix humaine.These three operas presented the highest achievement of French Neoclassicism music.The paper discusses his success in two aspects of musical style and composition conditions.%第一次世界大战后,法国音乐有了空前的发展,浦朗克.法兰西斯便是其中最出色的法国新古典主义乐派作曲家之一。他在不同领域,如声乐、器乐、交响乐、歌剧方面有着丰富的创作经验。其歌剧《提瑞西阿斯》、《加尔默罗会修女的对话》、《人声》创作充满了对古典主义和浪漫主义的忠实坚持。本文主要从创作背景和音乐风格两个方面对其歌剧创作加以论述评介。

  11. Investigation of the fluid-structure interaction of a high head Francis turbine using OpenFOAM and Code_Aster (United States)

    Eichhorn, M.; Doujak, E.; Waldner, L.


    The increasing energy consumption and highly stressed power grids influence the operating conditions of turbines and pump turbines in the present situation. To provide or use energy as quick as possible, hydraulic turbines are operated more frequent and over longer periods of time in lower part load at off-design conditions. This leads to a more turbulent behavior and to higher requirements of the strength of stressed components (e.g. runner, guide or stay vanes). The modern advantages of computational capabilities regarding numerical investigations allow a precise prediction of appearing flow conditions and thereby induced strains in hydraulic machines. This paper focuses on the calculation of the unsteady pressure field of a high head Francis turbine with a specific speed of nq ≈ 24 min-1 and its impact on the structure at different operating conditions. In the first step, unsteady numerical flow simulations are performed with the open-source CFD software OpenFOAM. To obtain the appearing dynamic flow phenomena, the entire machine, consisting of the spiral casing, the stay vanes, the wicket gate, the runner and the draft tube, is taken into account. Additionally, a reduced model without the spiral casing and with a simplified inlet boundary is used. To evaluate the accuracy of the CFD simulations, operating parameters such as head and torque are compared with the results of site measurements carried out on the corresponding prototype machine. In the second part, the obtained pressure fields are used for a fluid-structure analysis with the open-source Finite Element software Code_Aster, to predict the static loads on the runner.

  12. The Battle Between the Biometricians and the Mendelians: How Sir Francis Galton's Work Caused his Disciples to Reach Conflicting Conclusions About the Hereditary Mechanism (United States)

    Gillham, Nicholas W.


    Francis Galton, Charles Darwin's cousin, had wide and varied interests. They ranged from exploration and travel writing to fingerprinting and the weather. After reading Darwin's On the Origin of Species, Galton reached the conclusion that it should be possible to improve the human stock through selective breeding, as was the case for domestic animals and cultivated plants. Much of the latter half of Galton's career was devoted to trying to devise methods to distinguish men of good stock and then to show that these qualities were inherited. But along the way he invented two important statistical methods: regression and correlation. He also discovered regression to the mean. This led Galton to believe that evolution could not proceed by the small steps envisioned by Darwin, but must proceed by discontinuous changes. Galton's book Natural Inheritance (1889) served as the inspiration for Karl Pearson, W.F.R. Weldon and William Bateson. Pearson and Weldon were interested in continuously varying characters and the application of statistical techniques to their study. Bateson was fascinated by discontinuities and the role they might play in evolution. Galton proposed his Law of Ancestral Heredity in the last decade of the nineteenth century. At first this seemed to work well as an explanation for continuously varying traits of the type that interested Pearson and Weldon. In contrast, Bateson had published a book on discontinuously varying traits so he was in a position to understand and embrace Mendel's principles of inheritance when they were rediscovered in 1900. The subsequent battle between Weldon and Pearson, the biometricians, and Bateson, the Mendelian, went on acrimoniously for several years at the beginning of the twentieth century before Mendelian theory finally won out.

  13. Secondary flow fields in Francis turbines. Mapping and analyzing dynamics in rotor-stator interaction and draft tube flow with novel methods

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Finstad, Paal Henrik Enger


    Hydropower, and especially Francis turbines, for electricity production has a history of more than 100 years and has proved to be one of the most efficient ways of utilizing renewable energy for electricity production. Yet, there are several problems to be solved regarding producing and running cost effective, high efficient and durable turbines. Secondary flow fields are all unwanted flow patterns present in the turbine. The major fluctuating flow fields in Francis turbines are caused by rotor-stator interaction when the runner vane passes the guide vane wake and the swirling flow in the draft tube at off-design operation. Such flow fields have a negative effect in terms of causing losses, vibrations, noise or damage to the turbine structure. The flow through a Francis turbine, especially at off-design operation is not optimal, and is characterized by a dynamic and fluctuating flow pattern. It is difficult, but important to understand the behavior of the dynamics to better predict the negative effects of the fluctuating flows, and also in order to minimize or remove the unwanted effects by e.g. geometry modifying or flow control.This work aims to introduce new methods helping to obtain a deeper understanding on the dynamics present in wake flow and in rotor-stator interaction. It is investigated whether vortex generators, VGs, can have a positive effect on the wake with respect to rotor-stator interaction. Experimental TRPIV (Transient Particle Image Velocimetry) wake data recorded at 10 000 Samples/sec from a cylinder in a stream at 1-6 m/s and hydrofoils in a stream at 9 m/s are studied. Both plain hydrofoils, and hydrofoils where Vortex Generators, VGs, are mounted are used in the study. The Reynolds number is in the range of 1.2x104, 7.3x105. The velocity fields from both the cylinder and the hydrofoils are used as inlet boundary condition in a 2D CFD-case simulating rotor-stator interaction. The characteristic frequencies of the system are the vortex shedding

  14. Spatio-temporal variability of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON), carbon (DOC), and nutrients in the Nile River, Egypt. (United States)

    Badr, El-Sayed A


    Increases in human activity have resulted in enhanced anthropogenic inputs of nitrogen (N) and carbon (C) into the Nile River. The Damietta Branch of the Nile is subject to inputs from industrial, agricultural, and domestic wastewater. This study investigated the distribution and seasonality of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON), dissolved organic carbon (DOC), and nutrients in the Nile Damietta Branch. Water samples were collected from 24 sites between May 2009 and February 2010. Dissolved organic nitrogen concentrations averaged 251 ± 115 μg/l, with a range of 90.2-671 μg/l, and contributed 40.8 ± 17.7 % to the total dissolved nitrogen (TDN) pool. Relative to autumn and winter, DON was a larger fraction of the TDN pool during spring and summer indicating the influence of bacterioplankton on the nitrogen cycle. Concentrations of DOC ranged from 2.23 to 11.3 mg/l with an average of 5.15 ± 2.36 mg/l, reflecting a high organic matter load from anthropogenic sources within the study area, and were highest during autumn. Higher values of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), DON, nitrate, and phosphate occurred downstream of the Damietta Branch and were probably due to anthropogenic inputs to the Nile from the Damietta district. A bacterial incubation experiment indicated that 52.1-95.0 % of DON was utilized by bacteria within 21 days. The decrease in DON concentration was accompanied by an increase in nitrate concentration of 54.8-87.3 %, presumably through DON mineralization. Based on these results, we recommend that water quality assessments consider DON and DOC, as their omission may result in an underestimation of the total organic matter load and impact.

  15. Pump used as a turbine (PAT) with flow control - Part 3: Sizing the variable guide vane system; Petites centrales hydrauliques. Pompe fonctionnant en turbine avec reglage du debit (Pat-Francis). 3eme partie: dimensionnement du distributeur

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chapallaz, J.-M.


    This third part of a final report for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) discusses the use of a pump equipped with variable guide vanes, similar to a Francis turbine. This third part of a four-part article deals with the concept and preliminary dimensioning of a variable guide vane system for a standard pump used as a turbine. Geometrical considerations are discussed and the basic data of such machines are presented. The principles behind the geometry and dimensioning of the vanes of the turbine are discussed and a proposal is described.

  16. Mercedes y privilegios para consolidar un mayorazgo indiano: de don Pedro Moctezuma Tlacahuepantzin a don Pedro Tesifón Moctezuma, primer conde de Moctezuma (1569-1639

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco Luis Jiménez Abollado


    Full Text Available Las adjudicaciones de mercedes y privilegios se convirtieron para los descendientes de Moctezuma II en una forma de sobrevivir a lo largo del período virreinal. Para ello esgrimieron razonamientos fundamentados en su ascendencia, la transmisión pacífica a la Corona hispánica de su patrimonio territorial, así como una presumible pobreza o necesidad. Este análisis se centrará en los sucesores del único hijo varón de Moctezuma que sobrevivió a la conquista castellana: don Pedro Moctezuma Tlacahuepantzin. Las adjudicaciones de mercedes, ayudas de costas y encomiendas vacas fueron continuas entre el último tercio del siglo xvi hasta el fin del período virreinal.

  17. Don Quijote de la Mancha: Reflexiones en torno a las relaciones cine-literatura Don Quijote de la Mancha: Reflections about the relationships between cinematography-literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Felipe Ardila Rojas


    Full Text Available Este artículo presenta un análisis de algunos aspectos de la relación cine-literatura, a partir del Don Quijote de La Mancha literario y de algunas versiones cinematográficas y televisivas realizadas en español y en inglés. Inicialmente se presentan problemas teóricos en torno a categorías que suelen serles afines: relato, autor, narración, historia, etc., para involucrar alternativamente fenómenos que, desde el punto de vista de los autores, generan ambigüedades textuales o múltiples interpretaciones en las versiones que se analizan. De este análisis comparativo que parte de los relatos en cuestión se llega finalmente a conclusiones de carácter estético e ideológico sobre los mismos.This article presents an analysis of some aspects of the relationship between cinematography and literature. Starting from the Don Quijote de La Mancha and taking into account some film and television versions developed in Spanish and English. At the beginning, a theoretical problem based on similar types for concepts categorization: author, narration, story, relat, among others will be analyzed. In addition, a connection is made with some authors' concepts in order to avoid textual ambiguity or multiple interpretations in the versions that are analyzed. Through a comparative analysis supported in these stories, it is possible to reach some aesthetic and ideological conclusions about them.

  18. Transcriptome analysis of the human T lymphocyte cell line Jurkat and human peripheral blood mononuclear cells exposed to deoxynivalenol (DON): New mechanistic insights

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Katika, Madhumohan R. [RIKILT-Institute of Food Safety, Wageningen University and Research Centre, Wageningen (Netherlands); Department of Health Risk Analysis and Toxicology, Maastricht University (Netherlands); Netherlands Toxicogenomics Centre (Netherlands); Hendriksen, Peter J.M. [RIKILT-Institute of Food Safety, Wageningen University and Research Centre, Wageningen (Netherlands); Netherlands Toxicogenomics Centre (Netherlands); Shao, Jia [RIKILT-Institute of Food Safety, Wageningen University and Research Centre, Wageningen (Netherlands); Department of Health Risk Analysis and Toxicology, Maastricht University (Netherlands); Netherlands Toxicogenomics Centre (Netherlands); Loveren, Henk van [Department of Health Risk Analysis and Toxicology, Maastricht University (Netherlands); National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Bilthoven (Netherlands); Netherlands Toxicogenomics Centre (Netherlands); Peijnenburg, Ad, E-mail: [RIKILT-Institute of Food Safety, Wageningen University and Research Centre, Wageningen (Netherlands); Netherlands Toxicogenomics Centre (Netherlands)


    Deoxynivalenol (DON) or vomitoxin is a commonly encountered type-B trichothecene mycotoxin, produced by Fusarium species predominantly found in cereals and grains. DON is known to exert toxic effects on the gastrointestinal, reproductive and neuroendocrine systems, and particularly on the immune system. Depending on dose and exposure time, it can either stimulate or suppress immune function. The main objective of this study was to obtain a deeper insight into DON-induced effects on lymphoid cells. For this, we exposed the human T-lymphocyte cell line Jurkat and human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) to various concentrations of DON for various times and examined gene expression changes by DNA microarray analysis. Jurkat cells were exposed to 0.25 and 0.5 μM DON for 3, 6 and 24 h. Biological interpretation of the microarray data indicated that DON affects various processes in these cells: It upregulates genes involved in ribosome structure and function, RNA/protein synthesis and processing, endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress, calcium-mediated signaling, mitochondrial function, oxidative stress, the NFAT and NF-κB/TNF-α pathways, T cell activation and apoptosis. The effects of DON on the expression of genes involved in ER stress, NFAT activation and apoptosis were confirmed by qRT-PCR. Other biochemical experiments confirmed that DON activates calcium-dependent proteins such as calcineurin and M-calpain that are known to be involved in T cell activation and apoptosis. Induction of T cell activation was also confirmed by demonstrating that DON activates NFATC1 and induces its translocation from the cytoplasm to the nucleus. For the gene expression profiling of PBMCs, cells were exposed to 2 and 4 μM DON for 6 and 24 h. Comparison of the Jurkat microarray data with those obtained with PBMCs showed that most of the processes affected by DON in the Jurkat cell line were also affected in the PBMCs. -- Highlights: ► The human T cell line Jurkat and human

  19. Analysis of abnormal noise of francis turbine by scene test%混流式水轮机异常噪声现场试验分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    庞立军; 钟苏; 卜良峰; 胡建文


    通过某水电站2台混流式水轮机现场振动、噪声试验,对1#机组运行时出现异常噪声的振源进行查找,同时采用锤击法对水轮机蝶阀层压力钢管进行固有频率测试.分析发现,某种水力激振频率与压力钢管的固有频率在92%以上负荷区域运行时发生耦合并引起压力钢管共振,是导致异常噪声的主要原因.在此基础上提出了活门出水边修型以及加装蜗壳进入门孔导流板的处理方案,最终通过改善流道环境,使水力激振频率得到大幅提高,并降低了涡列能量,起到了很好的错频消振效果.研究表明:通畅的流道环境对于有效避免由于水力激振或涡列振动引起的结构共振问题具有重要意义.%The vibration source of abnormal noise produced when water turbine unit 1# is running was investigated through vibration and noise tests of two Francis turbines in a certain hydraulic power station. The natural frequency of the penstock was tested at the butterfly valve floor by hammering method. It is found that when the load reaches above approximately 92 percent, certain hydraulic exciting frequency will couple with the natural frequency of the penstock and cause resonance phenomenon, which is the main cause of abnormal noise. Furthermore, the scheme of modifying the outlet edge of butterfly valve and adding guide plate to the man door of the spiral case was proposed. By improving the through-flow environment, the hydraulic exciting frequency was increased greatly and the energy of vortex was reduced. The method has very good effect on mitigating vibration. The research indicates that the expedite through-flow environment is of significance on avoiding resonance of structure caused by hydraulic excitation or vortex vibration.

  20. [Occurrence of Fusarium strains and their mycotoxins in corn silage. 7. Formation of deoxynivalenol (DON) in a silage corn plot artificially inoculated with Fusarium culmorum and the effect of silaging on the stability of the DON formed]. (United States)

    Lepom, P; Knabe, O; Baath, H


    The formation of deoxynivalenol in a maize plot inoculated with Fusarium culmorum was studied over a growing season. Already three weeks after inoculation 4.9 mg/kg of DON were measured in the infected ears. The toxin concentration increased continuously up to harvest after eight weeks to a value of 261 mg/kg. Ensilage experiments in laboratory scale silos have shown that the DON content of naturally contaminated corn-cob-mix was not reduced during the ensilage process. It was concluded that infection of maize plants by toxin-producing Fusarium species followed by DON production in the field seems to be the most probable way of contamination of maize silage with this mycotoxin.

  1. Church splits in the Don region in 1920-1930s. Collection of documents and materials / L.V. Tabunshchikovа, A.V. Shadrinа. Rostov-on-Don: Antaeus, 2015. 640 p.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrey A. Kostryukov


    Full Text Available The review is devoted to the collection of documents and materials “Church Split in the Don region in 1920–1930”, published in 2015. The Compilers, L.V. Tabunshchikovа and A.V. Shadrina, identified and prepared for publication 260 documents, covering the period from the beginning of Renovationist (1922 and Gregorian (1925 splits up to their elimination in the Rostov region in the mid-1940s. The vast majority of documents have been published for the first time. They show that the GPU initiated Renovationist and Gregorian schisms in the Don. The compilers identified four diocesan Renovationist centers, the names of not only Renovationist and Gregorian, but also anti-Renovationist Don bishops.

  2. Effects of deoxynivalenol (DON) in the lactation diet on the feed intake and fertility of sows. (United States)

    Gutzwiller, Andreas


    A diet contaminated with 2.8 mg deoxynivalenol (DON)/kg was fed at 6 kg per day to 32 mycotoxin-exposed pluriparous sows (M) during lactation. The 31 control sows (C) received 6 kg of an uncontaminated diet. Although more contaminated diet was refused (P = 0.05), DON exposure had no effect (P > 0.1) on body weight loss of the sows during lactation (M: 27.9 ± 12.3 kg; C: 29.7 ± 10.2 kg), the number of weaned piglets (M: 9.8 ± 1.4; C: 9.7 ± 1.6) and their daily weight gain (M: 266 ± 70 g; C: 272 ± 64 g). Several sows were culled after weaning for reasons unrelated to the experiment. Compared with the remaining 21 C sows, the remaining 26 M sows had an identical interval between weaning and the next farrowing (M: 120 ± 1 days; C: 120 ± 1 days) and a similar litter size (M: 14.5 ± 2.7; C: 14.9 ± 3.0; P > 0.10). The daily intake of 17 mg DON during lactation thus did not affect the reproductive performance of the sows.

  3. Don Quijote y sus andanzas por las tierras de John Bull (siglo XVII)


    Argelli, A. (Annalisa)


    El artículo se propone estudiar las varias “apropiaciones” del Quijote que se han efectuado en la literatura inglesa del siglo XVII, rastreando las huellas que la novela dejó ante todo en el teatro elisabetiano y jacobeo, y, después de su primera traducción oficial, en las obras de imitación. Además, el estudio comparativo de la primera traducción de Shelton, de las 'Pleasant Notes upan Don Quixot' de Edmund Gayton y del poema heroicómico 'Hudibras' de Samuel Butler nos lleva a la conclusi...

  4. The Knight-errant and their Itinerary. Journey and />Death of Don Quixote

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nieves Rodríguez Valle


    Full Text Available This article analyzes, from the perspective of the hero’s journey topic in the narrative, the wanderings of Don Quixote on the Spanish roads and in the spaces of the chivalric literature. Based on the four narrative sequences that stake out the itinerary in the journey narrative: departure, cruise, meeting, and return, the three departures and the three returns of the knight in the work are reviewed, specially the last return and the relationship that it keeps with his death.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wilton Barroso*


    Full Text Available Este estudo tem por objetivo uma análise acerca do comportamento libertino1 dos don Juans2 kunderianos. De posse da compreensão do percurso dessa personagem na historiografia literária, objetiva-se uma comparação analítica dessa figura com as composições de Milan Kundera, tendo como centro de observação os seus universos objetivos e subjetivos de onde se acredita, emanam grandes temas vividos pela humanidade nos tempos atuais. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Donjuanismo; Pós-modernidade; Subjetividade.

  6. Is the Partner the Don Quixote of the 21st Century Corporate World?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bévort, Frans; Poulfelt, Flemming


    A large and growing proportion of the organizations in the contemporary knowledge economy are organized as professional partnerships as is the case of professional service firms (PSFs). As these firms have grown larger (e. g. Big4: Deloitte, PwC, E&Y, KPMG), the way of organizing is under pressure...... for change. This raises the question of whether the Partner ownership and management model is a relic of the past - and the partner a Don Quixote-figure of the 21st century corporate world? Based on an ethnographic study of a PSF in Denmark, and data from other sources, the paper analyzes the changing...

  7. Sombreamento de plantas de Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don 'Pacifica White' por malhas coloridas: desenvolvimento vegetativo


    Melo,Anderson Adriano Martins; Alvarenga,Amauri Alves de


    As malhas coloridas têm sido utilizadas para manipular o desenvolvimento vegetativo, melhorando a utilização da radiação solar por plantas ornamentais. Objetivou-se, neste trabalho estudar o efeito da redução de 50% da radiação fotossinteticamente ativa sobre o crescimento vegetativo de plantas de Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don, por meio de malhas azul e vermelha e malha preta, em comparação com plantas crescidas na ausência de sombreamento (pleno sol). As plantas foram obtidas a partir de s...

  8. A Critique on Katie's Language in Mockingbird Don't Sing

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    彭巧兰; 闵家顺


    This paper aims at critiquing Katie's language in the famous film, Mockingbird Don't Sing, which is a 2001 American independent film based on the true story of Genie, a modern-day feral child, discovered in California in 1970. The analyses of Katie's language are based on Katie's language by the stimulation of some people around her after she escaped from her home according to the theories of the interactionist position, Behaviorism, the affective filter hypothesis, Innatism, the stages of lan-guage development and the critical period hypothesis. Katie's abnormal language bitterly proves the importance of critical peri-od for language acquisition and language learning.

  9. Don DeLillo : une bibliographie sélective

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aaron Smith


    Full Text Available Oeuvres de Don DeLilloRomansAmericana. 1971. London : Penguin, 1990.End Zone. 1972. New York : Penguin, 1986.Great Jones Street. 1973. New York : Penguin, 1994.Ratner’s Star. 1976. London : Vintage, 1991.Players. 1977. London : Vintage, 1991.Running Dog. 1978. London : Picador, 1992.The Names. 1982. New York : Vintage, 1989.White Noise. 1984. London : Picador, 1985.Libra. 1988. London : Penguin, 1989.Mao II. 1991. London : Vintage, 1992.Underworld. 1997. New York : Scribner, 1997.The Body Art...

  10. Don DeLillo: Mao II / Underworld / Falling Man. Ed. Stacey Olster.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angeliki Tseti


    Full Text Available The latest volume of the Continuum Studies in Contemporary North American Fiction is dedicated to three of the most influential recent novels written by Don DeLillo: Mao II, Underworld and Falling Man. These novels are set in pivotal moments of recent history, the end of the Cold War, the millennium and 9/11 and, so, offer fertile ground for the investigation of themes, such as terrorism, consumerism and globalism, that are dominant in the author’s entire oeuvre; what is more, the contributio...

  11. Chemical composition and possible in vitro phytotoxic activity of Helichrsyum italicum (Roth) Don ssp. italicum. (United States)

    Mancini, Emilia; De Martino, Laura; Marandino, Aurelio; Scognamiglio, Maria Rosa; De Feo, Vincenzo


    The chemical composition of the essential oil of Helichrysum italicum (Roth) Don ssp. italicum, collected in the National Park of Cilento and Diano Valley, Southern Italy, was studied by means of GC and GC/MS. Forty four compounds of 45 constituents were identified in the oil, mainly oxygenated sesquiterpenes. The essential oil was evaluated for its potential in vitro phytotoxic activity against germination and early radicle elongation of radish and garden cress. The radicle elongation of radish was significantly inhibited at the highest doses tested, while germination of both seeds was not affected.

  12. Phytic acid protects porcine intestinal epithelial cells from deoxynivalenol (DON) cytotoxicity.


    Pacheco, Graziela Drociunas; Silva,Caio Abércio da; Pinton, Philippe; Oswald, Isabelle


    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of phytic acid (IP(6)) as a possible inhibitor of cellular damage induced by toxic substances such as mycotoxins on a porcine intestinal epithelial cell line (IPEC-1). We first observed that a dose of 5 mM phytic acid decreases cell viability and transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER) of cell monolayer. We next investigate the effect of non-cytotoxic dose of phytic acid on the deoxinivalenol (DON) induced decreased TEER. We showed th...

  13. Learning with Don Quixote for Children: the Presence of the Knight in Interactive Classrooms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miriam Borham Puyal


    Full Text Available As a masterpiece, Don Quixote has become an iconic figure, owing to well-known episodes such as the tilting at windmills, which young readers already discover in editions of this classic for children. The present article provides an overview and assessment of the ways in which Spanish children have access to the text in an increasingly technological learning environment and how ICTs play a very important role in the ongoing popularity of Cervantes’ novel in the 21st century, as well as in the development of a form of education that goes beyond mere literacy by means of the approach to this text.

  14. 一代鬼才,COM之王——Don Box

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Microsoft之前的.Net平台演变有两个时代——DOS时代币口COM时代。在这九年的整个COM时代,对于开发分布式和并发式系统而言,COM是应用最为广泛的一种对象类型,如果在Window或NT上建立系统,那么就不可能躲开COM,本期名人堂栏目的主人公就是COM领域的泰斗Don Box。

  15. La biblioteca cervantina y caballeresca de don Juán Sedó

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vicente Pérez Silva


    Full Text Available En diciembre de 1960 leímos en "Lecturas Dominicales" de "El Tiempo" de Bogotá, un interesante artículo sobre la Colección Cervantina de don Juan Sedó Peris-Mancheta. Por aquel entonces y cuando la página escrita por Carlos Marimón nos brindaba la más auténtica primicia informativa a este respecto, qué nos íbamos a imaginar que al cabo de un par de años justos tuviésemos la indecible satisfacción de conocerla personalmente.

  16. What We Don't Know about the Beginning of the Universe (United States)

    Carroll, Sean


    The history of the universe from a few seconds after the Big Bang is fairly well-understood, but what happened before then is largely mysterious. Inflation is a popular paradigm, but raises a number of conceptual problems, both in its conception and its implementation. Before inflation, we don't know whether there was a true beginning or whether the universe has lasted eternally; which alternative is correct may come down to dimly-understood features of quantum gravity. I will discuss these issues, how they relate to later-universe cosmology, and the prospects for future progress.

  17. Early Activation of MAPK p44/42 Is Partially Involved in DON-Induced Disruption of the Intestinal Barrier Function and Tight Junction Network (United States)

    Springler, Alexandra; Hessenberger, Sabine; Schatzmayr, Gerd; Mayer, Elisabeth


    Deoxynivalenol (DON), produced by the plant pathogens Fusarium graminearum and Fusarium culmorum, is one of the most common mycotoxins, contaminating cereal and cereal-derived products. Although worldwide contamination of food and feed poses health threats to humans and animals, pigs are particularly susceptible to this mycotoxin. DON derivatives, such as deepoxy-deoxynivalenol (DOM-1), are produced by bacterial transformation of certain intestinal bacteria, which are naturally occurring or applied as feed additives. Intestinal epithelial cells are the initial barrier against these food- and feed-borne toxins. The present study confirms DON-induced activation of MAPK p44/42 and inhibition of p44/42 by MAPK-inhibitor U0126 monoethanolate. Influence of DON and DOM-1 on transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER), viability and expression of seven tight junction proteins (TJ), as well as the potential of U0126 to counteract DON-induced effects, was assessed. While DOM-1 showed no effect, DON significantly reduced TEER of differentiated IPEC-J2 and decreased expression of claudin-1 and -3, while leaving claudin-4; ZO-1, -2, and -3 and occludin unaffected. Inhibition of p44/42 counteracted DON-induced TEER decrease and restored claudin-3, but not claudin-1 expression. Therefore, effects of DON on TEER and claudin-3 are at least partially p44/42 mediated, while effects on viability and claudin-1 are likely mediated via alternative pathways. PMID:27618100

  18. Proexportní politika Francie


    Maslowská, Michaela


    The main focus of the diploma thesis "French policy to support export"is the way in which French government supports export. It consists of four chapters. First chapter focuses on the position of France as an exporter on the global markets using target regions for export, commodities and trade balance as criteria. Second chapter is centred on the key institutions in French export. Third chapter gives more details on the exact use of these institutions and measures the satisfaction with them b...

  19. Proexportní politika Francie


    Hlaváčková, Lucie


    The aim of the thesis is to describe French institutions designed to enhance French export, their inter-relations and the current strategy of the French government in this field with a focus on its tools and their efficiency. The conclusion of the thesis includes an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of french export policyas well as an evevaluation of the extent to which this policy is successful in the current period regarding the position of France in the world market. The aim of the t...

  20. Identiteet ja migratsioon / Francis Fukuyama

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Fukuyama, Francis


    Autor peab islamiäärmuslust immigrantide identiteedikriisi ilminguks ning arutleb identiteedipoliitika olemuse ja tuleviku üle Euroopa ja Ameerika postmodernses multikultuurilises ühiskonnas. Vt. samas: Jeffrey Goldstein: Euroopa ja USA - konkurendid või partnerid

  1. Don Yllán and the Egyptian Sorcerer: Vernacular commonality and literary diversity in medieval Castile

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wacks, David A.


    Full Text Available In this article the author compares the exemplo of Don Yllán and the Deán de Santiago -no. 11 in Don Juan Manuel's Conde Lucanor (ca. 1335- with an earlier Hebrew analogue found in the Hebrew Mešal Haqadmonī (ca. 1285 of fellow Castilian author Isaac ibn Sahula. A thorough analysis of the rhetorical and narrative style of both versions reveals that the two tales shared a common source in Castilian oral tradition. The appearance of the tale in an earlier Hebrew text from Castile (the only other known version in any language calls into question the originality of Don Juan Manuel's most famous exemplo, suggesting a productive interplay between a common oral tradition in Castilian and coexisting literary traditions in Hebrew and Castilian.

    En este artículo, el autor compara el exemplo de Don Yllán y el Deán de Santiago -n.° 11 en el Conde Lucanor (ca. 1335 de Don Juan Manuel- con una versión anterior en la obra hebrea, Mešal Haqadmonī (ca. 1285 de otro autor castellano, Isaac ibn Sahula. Un análisis cuidadoso del estilo narrativo y retórico de ambas versiones revela que las dos comparten una fuente común en la tradición oral castellana. La aparición del cuento en un texto hebreo anterior de Castilla (la única versión conocida en cualquier otra lengua cuestiona la originalidad literaria del más famoso exemplo de Don Juan Manuel, y sugiere un intercambio productivo entre una tradición oral común castellana y tradiciones literarias hebreas y castellanas coexistentes.

  2. Don Diego Luis Moctezuma, nieto de Hueytlatoani, padre de conde: un noble indígena entre dos mundos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jiménez Abollado, Francisco L.


    Full Text Available The present work tries to explain the proceeding and discharge of don Diego Luis Moctezuma Ilhuitltemoctzin, grandson of the hueytlatoani Moctezuma Xocoyotzin, son of don Pedro Moctezuma Tlacahuepantzin and father of don Pedro Tesifón Moctezuma, the first Count of Moctezuma and Vizconde de Ilucan. Don Diego Luis Moctezuma played an important role during the second half of the 16th century and the first years of the XVIIth, first as son of don Pedro Moctezuma, who sends it to the Court and Kingdom of Castile to defending before the King of Spain and the Council of The Indies his interests as legitimate inheritor of Moctezuma Xocoyotzin. Later, when don Diego Luis converted into successor of his brother don Martin Cortés Moctezuma, one sees affected by the politics of the Crown and the Council of The Indies of systematic weakening of the indigenous nobility. His departure of the New Spain and the promises broken by part of the Crown determine the politics of Philip II and Philip III with the inheritors of Moctezuma Xocoyotzin.

    El presente trabajo pretende mostrar la actuación y desempeño de don Diego Luis Moctezuma Ilhuitltemoctzin, nieto del hueytlatoani Moctezuma Xocoyotzin, hijo de don Pedro Moctezuma Tlacahuepantzin y padre de don Pedro Tesifón Moctezuma, primer conde de Moctezuma y vizconde de Ilucan. Don Diego Luis Moctezuma desempeñó un papel importante durante la segunda mitad del siglo XVI y primeros años del XVII, primero como hijo de don Pedro Moctezuma, quien lo envía a la Corte y Reino de Castilla a defender ante el rey de España y el Consejo de Indias sus intereses como heredero legítimo de Moctezuma Xocoyotzin. Posteriormente, cuando don Diego Luis se convierte en sucesor de su hermano don Martín Cortés Moctezuma se ve afectado por la política de la Corona y el Consejo de Indias de debilitamiento sistemático de la nobleza indígena. Su salida de la Nueva España y las promesas incumplidas por parte de la Corona

  3. The Influence of Processing by Impulse Pressure on the Productivity of the Don Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pavlova Violetta Aleksandrovna


    Full Text Available Plant productivity is the important indicator, which determines the amount of yield. The productivity of plants depends on the number of bruchids per plant and on the weight of 1000 bruchids. The article studies the influence of impulse pressure of various magnitudes on plant productivity of Don barley (Hordeum vulgare L.. It was found that the pressure of 17 MPa was the most effective for increasing the productivity. Impulse pressure of other magnitudes also had influence on the productivity of Don barley.

  4. A propósito de un gran economista colonial, Don Antonio de Narváez y La Torre

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergio Elías Ortiz


    Full Text Available Al preclaro nombre del Precursor don Pedro Fermín de Vargas, señalado como "nuestro primer economista" en reciente artículo publicado en el Boletín Cultural y Bibliográfico, bajo la firma de Alberto Miramón, tenemos que agregar otro, no menos brillante en nuestro concepto: el del Mariscal de Campo don Antonio de Narváez y La Torre, autor de la Relación o Informe de la Provincia de Santa Marta y Río Hacha.

  5. Patterns of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and nitrogen (DON) fluxes in deciduous and coniferous forests under historic high nitrogen deposition (United States)

    Sleutel, S.; Vandenbruwane, J.; de Schrijver, A.; Wuyts, K.; Moeskops, B.; Verheyen, K.; de Neve, S.


    Numerous recent studies have indicated that dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and nitrogen (DON) play an important role in C and N cycling in natural ecosystems, and have shown that N deposition alters the concentrations and fluxes of dissolved organic substances and may increase leaching losses from forests. Our study was set up to accurately quantify concentrations and flux patterns of DOC, DON and dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) in deciduous and coniferous forest in Flanders under historical high nitrogen deposition. We measured DOC, DON and DIN concentrations at two weekly intervals in a silver birch (SB) stand, a corsican pine (CP) stand and a pine stand with higher N deposition (CPN), and used the SWAP model (calibrated with PEST) for generating accurate water and matter fluxes. The input with precipitation was an important source of DON, but not for DOC. Release of DOC from the forest floor was minimally affected by forest type, but higher N deposition (CPN stand) caused an 82% increase of DOC release from the forest floor. Adsorption to mineral soil material rich in iron and/or aluminum oxyhydroxides was suggested to be the most important process removing DOC from the soil solution, responsible for substantial retention (67-84%) of DOC entering the mineral soil profile with forest floor leachate. Generally, DON was less reactive (i.e. less removal from the soil solution) than DOC, resulting in decreasing DOC/DON ratios with soil depth. We found increased DOC retention in the mineral soil as a result of higher N deposition (84 kg N ha-1 yr-1 additional DOC retention in CPN compared to CP). Overall DON leaching losses were 2.2, 3.3 and 5.0 kg N ha-1 yr-1 for SB, CP and CPN, respectively, contributing between 9-28% to total dissolved N (TDN) leaching. DON loss from SB and CP was not much higher than from unpolluted forests, and its relative contribution to TDN leaching was mainly determined by (large) differences in DIN leaching. The large TDN leaching losses

  6. Patterns of dissolved organic carbon (DOC and nitrogen (DON fluxes in deciduous and coniferous forests under historic high nitrogen deposition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Sleutel


    Full Text Available Numerous recent studies have indicated that dissolved organic carbon (DOC and nitrogen (DON play an important role in C and N cycling in natural ecosystems, and have shown that N deposition alters the concentrations and fluxes of dissolved organic substances and may increase leaching losses from forests. Our study was set up to accurately quantify concentrations and flux patterns of DOC, DON and dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN in deciduous and coniferous forest in Flanders under historical high nitrogen deposition. We measured DOC, DON and DIN concentrations at two weekly intervals in a silver birch (SB stand, a corsican pine (CP stand and a pine stand with higher N deposition (CPN, and used the SWAP model (calibrated with PEST for generating accurate water and matter fluxes. The input with precipitation was an important source of DON, but not for DOC. Release of DOC from the forest floor was minimally affected by forest type, but higher N deposition (CPN stand caused an 82% increase of DOC release from the forest floor. Adsorption to mineral soil material rich in iron and/or aluminum oxyhydroxides was suggested to be the most important process removing DOC from the soil solution, responsible for substantial retention (67–84% of DOC entering the mineral soil profile with forest floor leachate. Generally, DON was less reactive (i.e. less removal from the soil solution than DOC, resulting in decreasing DOC/DON ratios with soil depth. We found increased DOC retention in the mineral soil as a result of higher N deposition (84 kg N ha−1 yr−1 additional DOC retention in CPN compared to CP. Overall DON leaching losses were 2.2, 3.3 and 5.0 kg N ha−1 yr−1 for SB, CP and CPN, respectively, contributing between 9–28% to total dissolved N (TDN leaching. DON loss from SB and CP was not much higher than from unpolluted forests, and its relative contribution to TDN leaching was mainly determined by

  7. Libros adquiridos por don Pedro Fermín de Vargas en sus viajes por las Antillas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergio Elías Ortíz


    Full Text Available Entre los papeles relacionados con la vida de Don Pedro Fermín de Vargas, que pueden consultarse en el Archivo General de Indias de Sevilla, hay una carta de él y una lista de libros que envía al Administrador de Correos de la Habana, Don José Fuertes, antiguo amigo suyo, luego su corresponsal y a la  vez espía de sus pasos para aprisionarlo, con el objeto de que se los guardase “en algún rincón de sus casa”.

  8. Finite element analysis of donning procedure of a prosthetic transfemoral socket. (United States)

    Lacroix, Damien; Patiño, Juan Fernando Ramírez


    Lower limb amputation is a severe psychological and physical event in a patient. A prosthetic solution can be provided but should respond to a patient-specific need to accommodate for the geometrical and biomechanical specificities. A new approach to calculate the stress-strain state at the interaction between the socket and the stump of five transfemoral amputees is presented. In this study the socket donning procedure is modeled using an explicit finite element method based on the patient-specific geometry obtained from CT and laser scan data. Over stumps the mean maximum pressure is 4 kPa (SD 1.7) and the mean maximum shear stresses are 1.4 kPa (SD 0.6) and 0.6 kPa (SD 0.3) in longitudinal and circumferential directions, respectively. Locations of the maximum values are according to pressure zones at the sockets. The stress-strain states obtained in this study can be considered more reliable than others, since there are normal and tangential stresses associated to the socket donning procedure.

  9. Ecfrasis literaria y arquitectura novelesca: Los cuadernos de don Rigoberto de Mario Vargas Llosa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pedro Antonio Agudelo


    Full Text Available Este artículo propone una relectura de la novela Los cuadernos de don Rigoberto de Mario Vargas Llosa, concentrando la atención en la figura retórica de la ecfrasis. Examina la arquitectura novelesca y la representación verbal y visual como pilares de lo que constituiría una genuina novela iconoverbal. El estudio está soportado en las estrategias de análisis provenientes de la semiótica literaria, la narratología y la retórica, que permiten una comprensión amplia del objeto de estudio. This paper proposes a different interpretation of the novel Los cuadernos de don Rigoberto by Mario Vargas Llosa, focusing on the rhetorical figure of ekphrasis. It examines the novelistic architecture and verbal and visual representation as pillars of what would constitute a genuine iconoverbal novel. The study is supported by the analysis strategies from literary semiotics, narratology and rhetoric, which allow a comprehensive understanding of subject matter.

  10. Don't play the butter notes’: jazz in medical education (United States)

    Bradner, Melissa; Harper, Darryl V.; Ryan, Mark H.; Vanderbilt, Allison A.


    Jazz has influenced world music and culture globally – attesting to its universal truths of surviving, enduring, and triumphing over tragedy. This begs the question, what can we glean in medical education from this philosophy of jazz mentoring? Despite our training to understand disease and illness in branching logic diagrams, the human experience of illness is still best understood when told as a story. Stories like music have tempos, pauses, and silences. Often they are not linear but wrap around the past, future, and back to the present, frustrating the novice and the experienced clinician in documenting the history of present illness. The first mentoring lesson Hancock discusses is from a time he felt stuck with his playing – his sound was routine. Miles Davis told him in a low husky murmur, ‘Don't play the butter notes’. In medical education, ‘don't play the butter notes’ suggests not undervaluing the metacognition and reflective aspects of medical training that need to be fostered during the early years of clinical teaching years. PMID:27095009

  11. Change and Persistence in Land Surface Phenologies in the Don and Dnieper River Basins (United States)

    Kovalskyy, V.; Henebry, G. M.


    The formal collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991 produced major socioeconomic and institutional dislocations across the agricultural sector. We examine the patterns of land surface phenology (LSP) within two key river basins in Ukraine and Russia from 1982-2000 using AVHRR datasets (PAL and GIMMS) and from 2001-2005 using MODIS products. Originating south of Moscow, the Don River flows for nearly 2000 km south through the Central Russian Upland and discharges into the Gulf of Taganrog at the northern end of the Sea of Azov. The Don River Basin covers more than 45,000,000 ha of which roughly 83% is used for agricultural purposes. The Dnieper stretches from Russia through Belarus and Ukraine before flowing into the northern Black Sea at Kherson. The Dnieper River Basin covers more than 53,000,000 ha of which roughly 87% is used for agricultural purposes. Five very large surface water reservoirs occur in these basins; they cover at total of 862,000 ha or 17% of the impounded surface area in the Former Soviet Union. We report the temporal persistence of LSPs modeled using NDVI, WDRVI, and EVI2 within MODIS/IGBP land cover classes and map where significant shifts in LSPs have occurred during the past two decades.

  12. 'Don't play the butter notes': jazz in medical education. (United States)

    Bradner, Melissa; Harper, Darryl V; Ryan, Mark H; Vanderbilt, Allison A


    Jazz has influenced world music and culture globally - attesting to its universal truths of surviving, enduring, and triumphing over tragedy. This begs the question, what can we glean in medical education from this philosophy of jazz mentoring? Despite our training to understand disease and illness in branching logic diagrams, the human experience of illness is still best understood when told as a story. Stories like music have tempos, pauses, and silences. Often they are not linear but wrap around the past, future, and back to the present, frustrating the novice and the experienced clinician in documenting the history of present illness. The first mentoring lesson Hancock discusses is from a time he felt stuck with his playing - his sound was routine. Miles Davis told him in a low husky murmur, 'Don't play the butter notes'. In medical education, 'don't play the butter notes' suggests not undervaluing the metacognition and reflective aspects of medical training that need to be fostered during the early years of clinical teaching years.

  13. When Marcel Mauss's Essai sur le Don becomes The Gift: variations on the theme of solidarity. (United States)

    Bateman, Simone


    Since the early 1970s, Marcel Mauss's Essai sur le Don (1923), translated into English as The Gift in 1954, has been a standard reference in the social science and bioethical literature on the use of human body parts and substances for medical and research purposes. At that time, three social scientists-political scientist Richard Titmuss in the United Kingdom and sociologist Renée C. Fox working with historian Judith Swazey in the United States-had the idea of using this concept to highlight the fundamental structure of the biomedical practices they were studying, respectively, blood donation, and hemodialysis and organ transplantation. The fact that these first applications of Mauss's essay should emerge in English- rather than in French-speaking countries raises the question of what the translation of the essay, and notably of the word don as gift, may have to do with this fact. Reading Mauss in translation undoubtedly inspired a seminal approach to interpreting medical and research practices based on bodily giving. This article posits that something may have also been lost: a much broader concept of giving with unquestionable links to the Durkheimian concept of solidarity, which Mauss conceptualizes not only as an obligation but also as a liberty to give.

  14. Open source pipeline for ESPaDOnS reduction and analysis (United States)

    Martioli, Eder; Teeple, Doug; Manset, Nadine; Devost, Daniel; Withington, Kanoa; Venne, Andre; Tannock, Megan


    OPERA is a Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) open source collaborative software project currently under development for an ESPaDOnS echelle spectro-polarimetric image reduction pipeline. OPERA is designed to be fully automated, performing calibrations and reduction, producing one-dimensional intensity and polarimetric spectra. The calibrations are performed on two-dimensional images. Spectra are extracted using an optimal extraction algorithm. While primarily designed for CFHT ESPaDOnS data, the pipeline is being written to be extensible to other echelle spectrographs. A primary design goal is to make use of fast, modern object-oriented technologies. Processing is controlled by a harness, which manages a set of processing modules, that make use of a collection of native OPERA software libraries and standard external software libraries. The harness and modules are completely parametrized by site configuration and instrument parameters. The software is open- ended, permitting users of OPERA to extend the pipeline capabilities. All these features have been designed to provide a portable infrastructure that facilitates collaborative development, code re-usability and extensibility. OPERA is free software with support for both GNU/Linux and MacOSX platforms. The pipeline is hosted on SourceForge under the name "opera-pipeline".

  15. Leakage Current Optimization Techniques During Test Based on Don't Care Bits Assignment

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Wei Wang; Yu Hu; Yin-He Han; Xiao-Wei Li; You-Sheng Zhang


    It is a well-known fact that test power consumption may exceed that during functional operation. Leakage power dissipation caused by leakage current in Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) circuits during test has become a significant part of the total power dissipation. Hence, it is important to reduce leakage power to prolong battery life in portable systems which employ periodic self-test, to increase test reliability and to reduce test cost. This paper analyzes leakage current and presents a kind of leakage current simulator based on the transistor stacking effect.Using it, we propose techniques based on don't care bits (denoted by Xs) in test vectors to optimize leakage current in integrated circuit (IC) test by genetic algorithm. The techniques identify a set of don't care inputs in given test vectors and reassign specified logic values to the X inputs by the genetic algorithm to get minimum leakage vector (MLV).Experimental results indicate that the techniques can effectually optimize leakage current of combinational circuits and sequential circuits during test while maintaining high fault coverage.

  16. Sarmatian Monuments in the Forest-Steppe Interfluve Area Between the Don and the Volga Rivers (Zoning Experience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Berestnev Roman Sergeevich


    Full Text Available The article is devoted to the zoning of Sarmatian antiquities in the forest-steppe interfluve area between the Don and the Volga rivers. On the basis of the analysis, the authors allocate four areas of burial monuments in the Northern periphery of the Asian Sarmatia (the river in Voronezh, the Middle Don, the Upper Don, the area between the Khoper and the Volga rivers. The stages of the forest-steppe area development by the Sarmatians in the Don River, the Khoper river and the right bank of the Volga river were also studied. The first stage is characterized by the general description of Sarmatian monuments located in the forest-steppe area between the Volga and the Khoper. The authors carry out the detailed review of the distinctive features of the funeral rites and some peculiar details: stratigraphy, structures beneath barrows, forms of burial pits, postures of the deceased, orientation, use of fire, imported and domestic utensils, weapons and ornaments. Archaeological materials are compared with the data of ancient sources (Claudius Ptolemy. The result of the study consists in the comparative analysis of the binding of specific ethnic groups in the allocated areas. The authors attribute the Sarmatians on the Voronezh river with the Gippofagi ancient authors; the Aseyes and the Sakata – with the area of monuments in the forest between the Volga and the Khoper.

  17. Drácula vs Don Juan: la seducción y la condena en el cine



    La investigación se centra en el estudio comparativo de paralelismos y puntos en común en la psicología, iconografía y puesta en escena de los mitos de Drácula y Don Juan en el ámbito cinematográfico.

  18. Get Thee Away, Knight, Be Gone, Cavalier: English Translations of the Biscayan Squire Episode in "Don Quixote de la Mancha" (United States)

    Azevedo, Milton M.


    This article analyzes twelve English translations of the Biscayan squire's speech ("Don Quijote de la Mancha", Chapter Eight) published between 1612 and 2000. The solutions found fall into three categories, namely (a) using standard English and risking misrepresenting the style of the original and omitting relevant cultural connotations, (b) using…

  19. 13 CFR 123.510 - What if you don't use your Military Reservist EIDL funds as authorized? (United States)


    ... Military Reservist EIDL funds as authorized? 123.510 Section 123.510 Business Credit and Assistance SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DISASTER LOAN PROGRAM Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loans § 123.510 What if you don't use your Military Reservist EIDL funds as authorized? If your small business does...

  20. A Nutritional Approach for the Management of Deoxynivalenol (DON) Toxicity in the Gastrointestinal Tract of Growing Chickens (United States)

    Awad, Wageha; Ghareeb, Khaled; Böhm, Josef; Zentek, Jürgen


    It has been shown that DON has negative effects on the active transport of some nutrients in the small intestine of chickens. The plausible interactions between food contaminants and natural components could be high. The present study investigated the effects of DON on the presence or absence of dietary inulin on the electrophysiological response of the gut to glucose. Ussing chamber studies were conducted with isolated jejunal epithelia at the age of 35 days. Electrophysiology of the epithelia was recorded and the changes of the short-circuit current (Isc) were determined. The addition of d-glucose on the luminal side of the isolated mucosa increased (P 0.05). However, in the dietary inulin supplemented group in both jejunum and colon, the addition of glucose after preincubation of tissues with DON increased the Isc, suggesting that the dietary inulin supplementation of the broilers regulated and improved the glucose absorption in the presence of DON and kept it at normal levels. PMID:19330089

  1. 'Something deeper than things' : Some Artistic Influences on the Writing of Objects in the Fiction of Don DeLillo

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jelfs, Timothy


    This article explores some of the artistic influences on the depiction of objects in Don DeLillo's fiction, from seventeenth-century Dutch still life painting to American Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. It argues that the relationship between the depictions of objects encountered on the textual

  2. 77 FR 28895 - Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo... (United States)


    ... Fish and Wildlife Service Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Alameda, Santa Clara... Wildlife Refuge, located in the Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties of California, consists of... Federal Register notice of intent on February 23, 2010 (75 FR 8106), to solicit additional comments....

  3. 75 FR 8106 - Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo... (United States)


    ... Fish and Wildlife Service Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Alameda, Santa Clara... located in Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties of California. We provide this notice in... in Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties of California, consists of several non...

  4. 13 CFR 123.9 - What happens if I don't use loan proceeds for the intended purpose? (United States)


    ... 13 Business Credit and Assistance 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false What happens if I don't use loan proceeds for the intended purpose? 123.9 Section 123.9 Business Credit and Assistance SMALL BUSINESS.... Any failure to respond in time will be considered an admission that you misapplied the proceeds....

  5. Protien expression profiling of mouse thymoma upon exposure to the tricothecene deoxynivalenol (DON) Implications for its mechanism of action

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Osman, A.M.; Pennings, J.L.A.; Blokland, M.H.; Peijnenburg, A.A.C.M.; Loveren, van H.


    The objective of this work was to investigate whether proteomic analysis of thymoma cells treated with the trichothecene deoxynivalenol (DON) as compared to non-treated (control) cells would reveal differential protein expression, and thus would contribute to a better understanding of the mechanisms

  6. Spring summer cycling of DOC, DON and inorganic N in a highly seasonal system encompassing the Northeast Water Polynya, 1993 (United States)

    Skoog, Annelie; Lara, Ruben; Kattner, Gerhard


    Dissolved organic nitrogen (DON), dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and inorganic nutrient concentrations were determined in samples from an area encompassing the Northeast Water Polynya from June to August 1993. In June, still ice-covered polynya area surface waters (PySW) had significantly higher ( p<0.05) DOC concentrations (110 μM, n=68) than surface water outside the polynya area (96 μM, n=6). Melting ice and ice algae are suggested as DOC sources. DOC concentrations found in this study are consistent with other studies showing higher DOC concentrations in the Arctic than in other ocean areas. As the productive season progressed, DOC concentrations in Polynya surface water (PySW) decreased ( p<0.05) from 110 to 105 μM, while DON concentrations increased ( p<0.05) from 5.6 to 6.1 μM, causing a significant decrease ( p<0.05) in the C : N ratios of DOM from spring (C : N ratio 20) to summer (C : N ratio 17). We found a significant ( p<0.05) decrease in the DOM C : N ratio in all water masses within the polynya area as the productive season progressed. DON was the largest fraction of total dissolved nitrogen (TDN) in PySW and surface waters outside the polynya area. TDN was calculated as the sum of DON, nitrate, nitrite and ammonium concentrations. DON increased ( p<0.05) from 62% to 73% of TDN in PySW from spring to summer, a result of increasing DON concentrations and decreasing inorganic nitrogen concentrations over the productive season. The seasonal accumulation of DON and the corresponding decrease in nitrate concentrations in waters with primary production indicate that it is important to take the DON pool into account when estimating export production from nitrate concentration decreases in surface waters. PySW TDN concentrations decreased ( p<0.05) from 9.1 ( n=61) to 8.6 μM ( n=60) from spring (May 25 through June 19) to summer (July 1 through July 27). The seasonal decrease in surface water TDN concentrations corresponded to increases in TDN

  7. Un sabio médico gallego: don Jacobo López Elizagaray (1860-1934

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ponte Hernando, Fernando J.


    Full Text Available Biographical Portrait of don Jacobo López Elizagaray, one of the most prominent figures of Compostelan Medical School accredited in Madrid. True master of Internal Medicine of the last third of the nineteenth and twentieth first, pioneer in the modernization of Spanish medicine, was teacher and fellow of extraordinarily distinguished medical personalities from Galicia and from all Spain, as Drs. Varela y Varela, Santiago Carro García, Nóvoa Santos Gómez Ulla, Marañón, Jimenez Diaz, Goyanes Capdevila, Varela Radio and many others.Retrato biográfico de don Jacobo López Elizagaray, una de las más destacadas figuras de la Escuela Médica Compostelana acreditada en Madrid. Auténtico maestro de la Medicina interna del último tercio del siglo XIX y primero del XX, pionero en la modernización de la Medicina española, fue maestro y compañero de destacadísimas personalidades médicas gallegas y de toda España, como los Dres. Varela y Varela, Santiago Carro García, Nóvoa Santos, Gómez Ulla, Marañón, Jiménez Díaz, Goyanes Capdevila, Varela Radío y muchos otros. [gl] Retrato biográfico de don Jacobo López Elizagaray, unha das máis destacadas figuras da Escola Médica Compostelana acreditada en Madrid. Auténtico mestre da Medicina Interna do último tercio de século XIX e primeiro do XX, pioneiro na modernización da Medicina española, foi mestre e compañeiro de moi salientables personalidades médicas galegas e de toda España, como os Dres. Varela e Varela, Santiago Carro García, Nóvoa Santos, Gómez Ulla, Marañón, Jiménez Díaz, Goyanes Capdevila, Varela Radío e moitos outros.

  8. Fate of Fusarium mycotoxins in the cereal product supply chain: the deoxynivalenol (DON) case within industrial bread-making technology. (United States)

    Bergamini, E; Catellani, D; Dall'asta, C; Galaverna, G; Dossena, A; Marchelli, R; Suman, M


    Fusarium mycotoxins are a relevant problem in the cereal supply chain at a worldwide level, with wheat, maize and barley being the main contaminated crops. Mould growth can happen in the pre-harvest phase and also during transport and storage due to ineffective drying conditions. Among Fusarium toxins, deoxynivalenol (DON) is considered the most important contaminant in wheat due to its widespread occurrence. In the last years the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Commission have frequently expressed opinions on Fusarium toxins, setting limits, regulations and guidelines in order to reduce their levels in raw materials and food commodities. In particular, European legislation (Reg. 1881/2006) sets the maximum limit for DON in flour and bread as 750 and 500 microg kg(-1) respectively. Relatively few studies have taken into account the loss of trichothecenes during processing, focusing on how processing factors may influence their degradation. In particular, the description of DON behaviour during bread-making is very difficult, since complex physico-chemical modifications occur during the transformation of the raw ingredients into the final product. In the present study, we studied how DON concentration may be influenced by modifying bread-making parameters, with a special emphasis on the fermentation and baking stages, starting from a naturally contaminated flour at both pilot and industrial scales. Exploiting the power of a Design of Experiments (DoE) approach to consider the great complexity of the studied system, the obtained model shows satisfying goodness-of-fit and prediction, suggesting that the baking step (time/temperature ranges) is crucial for minimizing native DON level in bread.

  9. Effects of feeding deoxynivalenol (DON)-contaminated wheat to laying hens and roosters of different genetic background on the reproductive performance and health of the newly hatched chicks. (United States)

    Ebrahem, Mohammad; Kersten, Susanne; Valenta, Hana; Breves, Gerhard; Beineke, Andreas; Hermeyer, Kathrin; Dänicke, Sven


    A total of 216 23-week-old laying hens from two different genetic backgrounds (half of the birds were Lohmann brown [LB] and [LSL] hens, respectively) and 24 adult roosters were assigned to a feeding trial to study the effect of increasing concentrations of deoxynivalenol (DON) in the diet (0, 5, 10 mg/kg) on the reproductive performance of hens and roosters, and the health of the newly hatched chicks. Hatchability was adversely affected by the presence of DON in LB hens' diet, while the hatchability of the LSL chicks was significantly higher than LB chicks. An interaction effect between DON in the hens' diet and the breed was noticed on fertility, as the fertility was decreased in the eggs of LB hens receiving 10 mg/kg DON in their diet and increased in the eggs of LSL hens fed 10 mg/kg DON. Moreover, spleen relative weight was significantly decreased in the chicks hatched from eggs of hens fed contaminated diets, while gizzard relative weight was significantly decreased in LB chicks with 10 mg/kg DON in their diet compared with the control group. On the other hand, the chicks' haematology and organ histopathology were not affected by the dietary treatment. Additionally, the presence of DON in the roosters' diet had no effect on fertility (the percentage of fertile eggs of all laid eggs). Consequently, the current results indicate a negative impact of DON in LB hens' diet on fertility and hatchability, indicating that the breed of the hens seems to be an additional factor influencing the effect of DON on reproductive performance of the laying hens.

  10. Effects of Pinus flexilis on the dynamics and structure of plant communities on the northern Rocky Mountain front, and, Training biologists for emerging niches in non-traditional jobs (United States)

    Baumeister, Dayna Marie

    been characterized by invasion of P. flexilis and subsequent shifts in understory species composition apparently facilitated by P. flexilis. Lastly, I examined the role of the emerging science of biomimicry in providing employment for biologists. Biomimicry as a discipline seeks design solutions inspired by nature. Industries employing this tool require biologists with an understanding of biology from a functional perspective, good communication skills, and a background in applied natural history.

  11. Aspectos literarios de la obra de Don Joan de Castellanos: Capítulo I

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mario Germán Romero


    Full Text Available Capítulo I. Colores poéticos de las elegías Cuando se estudia con afecto la obra literaria de un autor se corre el peligro de considerarla como la mejor en su género. Después de tanto tiempo que llevo tratando diariamente la de don Joan de Castellanos no he de incurrir en tal exageración. Pero tampoco caeré en el extremo contrario juzgándola severamente y tratándola independientemente de las circunstancias de tiempo y lugar en que se produjo. Apenas si unas cuantas, verdaderamente geniales, podrían desafiarlas y no sería yo quien sometiera a prueba tan dura la obra del Beneficiado.

  12. Don Juan-Fracture” as a Hint to Aortic Isthmus Rupture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sirilak Suksompong


    Full Text Available We report a case of thoracic aortic rupture after blunt trauma in a 23-year-old male patient. The initial investigation found no external injury or bleeding, only a slightly widened mediastinum and a broken left calcaneus. Abdominal lavage was negative, biochemistry was normal, and breathing and oxygenation were not compromised. When changing his position during diagnostics, the patient all of a sudden developed cardiac arrest and typical signs of hypovolemic shock. An immediate sternotomy was done without any further diagnostics on suspicion of aortic isthmus injury. A circular avulsion at the ligamentum arteriosum was found as assumed and repaired under cardiopulmonary bypass. The patient left the hospital for rehabilitation after 12 days in adequate health status. Biodynamics of blunt trauma after high-speed frontal impact and the relationship between calcaneus fracture, called “Don-Juan fracture,” and aortic rupture at the site of ligamentum arteriosum are discussed.

  13. War as Haiku: The Politics of Don DeLillo’s Late Style

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matthew Shipe


    Full Text Available In the wake of 'Underworld' (1997, Don DeLillo’s work has been cast largely in a minor key. In this essay, I will focus on 'Point Omega', the work that I believe most clearly illuminates the political implications of DeLillo’s late style as it tackles the consequences of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. More broadly, I hope to connect 'Point Omega' to the work of DeLillo’s contemporaries that have also speculated on the historical and political implications of the War on Terror. Centering on 'Point Omega', I am interested in how DeLillo has adopted a distinctive narrative form in his most recent fiction that frequently unsettles and complicates the historical narratives that he had established in his earlier work.

  14. "Gathering Facts for the End of the World": Don DeLillo's Archive of Global Turbulence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cornelius Collins


    Full Text Available Over his career, Don DeLillo grows to inhabit more complex and critical ideas about politics, capitalism, and strategies for opposition than the remote affect of his earlier work might suggest. As part of this project, he developed an advanced analysis of conditions under the global finance regimes gaining strength in the West. The author's papers at the Harry Ransom Center show that he arrived at this informed position through a program of independent research, his newspaper cuttings from this period vividly demonstrating reflections on the meaning of US global power. Once back in New York, his investment in public intellectual debates on the meaning of "terrorism" led to a characteristic but problematic emphasis on free speech as a political issue. More recently, his work has turned to sophisticated theoretical texts for increasingly subtle ideas about globalization and its opponents.

  15. Una figura funeraria infantil de madera en el Instituto Valencia de Don Juan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernández Ahijado, Carmen


    Full Text Available Entre las piezas que componen la colección de escultura del Instituto Valencia de don Juan encontramos la estatua orante de un niño, realizada en madera, tela encolada y yeso. Sus medidas son 77,5 cm de alto, 38 cm de ancho y 38,5 cm de fondo. Presenta elegancia señorial, carácter y vitalidad en su cabeza. Aparece ante nuestros ojos con los mismos ademanes y la misma figura rígida y envarada que los adultos. La actitud recogida junto con su sencilla vestimenta acentúan el intimismo religioso del orante. Se consideró que era interesante encontrar otros ejemplos de este tipo de escultura funeraria infantil en madera, material poco usado en este género debido a su propia naturaleza. La madera se asociaba a transitoriedad…

  16. The Secret List of Dos and Don'ts for Filmmaking (United States)

    Kramer, N.


    Science is a massive black box to billions of people who walk the streets. However, the process of filmmaking can be equally as mystifying. As with the development of many scientific experiments, the process starts on a napkin at a restaurant…but then what? The road to scientific publication is propelled by a canonical list of several dos and don't that fit most situations. An equally useful list exists for up-and-coming producers. The list streamlines efforts, optimizes your use of the tools at your fingertips and enhances impact. Many fundamentals can be learned from books, but during this talk we will project and discuss several examples of best practices, from honing a story, to identifying audience appeal, filming, editing and the secrets of inexpensively acquiring expert help. Whether your goal is a two-minute webisode or a 90 minute documentary, these time-tested practices, with a little awareness, can give life to your films.;

  17. Housing of the Gorodets Population Forest-Steppe Area Don Region

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Razuvaev Yury D.


    Full Text Available The article studies middle – second half of the first millennium BC dwellings found on the Gorodets settlements from the forest-steppe area of the Don region. Majority of sites belonging to this culture are short-term stations without any permanent structures. Such structures were found only on stationary settlements located in river basins and on hillforts. Overall, thirteen surface (including with partly buried foundation and three half-buried dwellings were studied, including some small (3.5–7 sq.m, medium (11–17 sq.m and bigger (over 25 sq.m structures, of different shapes (rectangular, square, trapezoid. Half of the structures had open hearths. Three hillforts contained traces of dwellings forming one complex with fortifications. The studied structures find analogies both within the Gorodets area and on adjacent forest-steppe and forest areas.

  18. Lunar influence on Brunfelsia uniflora (Pohl. D. Don (Manacá-de-cheiro rooting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luciana Leal


    Full Text Available This study aimed to determinate the moon phase’s influence on Brunfelsia uniflora (Pohl. D. Don. In January 2008, semi woody cuttings were collected in Curitiba, Brazil. The experiment was conducted in a randomly design with four treatments that represent the moon phases (new; full; waning and waxing. The cuttings were maintained inside a greenhouse. After 90 days the followings were analyzed: rooting percentage, number of roots, length of the three longer roots, un-rooted living cuttings, dead cuttings and cuttings with sprouts. It was also evaluated the amount of reducing sugar and total sugar. From the results obtained it was not possible conclude that the moon phases had any influence on the rooting of Brunfelsia uniflora.

  19. "Don juan-fracture" as a hint to aortic isthmus rupture. (United States)

    Suksompong, Sirilak; von Bormann, Benno


    We report a case of thoracic aortic rupture after blunt trauma in a 23-year-old male patient. The initial investigation found no external injury or bleeding, only a slightly widened mediastinum and a broken left calcaneus. Abdominal lavage was negative, biochemistry was normal, and breathing and oxygenation were not compromised. When changing his position during diagnostics, the patient all of a sudden developed cardiac arrest and typical signs of hypovolemic shock. An immediate sternotomy was done without any further diagnostics on suspicion of aortic isthmus injury. A circular avulsion at the ligamentum arteriosum was found as assumed and repaired under cardiopulmonary bypass. The patient left the hospital for rehabilitation after 12 days in adequate health status. Biodynamics of blunt trauma after high-speed frontal impact and the relationship between calcaneus fracture, called "Don-Juan fracture," and aortic rupture at the site of ligamentum arteriosum are discussed.

  20. Don Juan-Fracture” as a Hint to Aortic Isthmus Rupture (United States)

    Suksompong, Sirilak; von Bormann, Benno


    We report a case of thoracic aortic rupture after blunt trauma in a 23-year-old male patient. The initial investigation found no external injury or bleeding, only a slightly widened mediastinum and a broken left calcaneus. Abdominal lavage was negative, biochemistry was normal, and breathing and oxygenation were not compromised. When changing his position during diagnostics, the patient all of a sudden developed cardiac arrest and typical signs of hypovolemic shock. An immediate sternotomy was done without any further diagnostics on suspicion of aortic isthmus injury. A circular avulsion at the ligamentum arteriosum was found as assumed and repaired under cardiopulmonary bypass. The patient left the hospital for rehabilitation after 12 days in adequate health status. Biodynamics of blunt trauma after high-speed frontal impact and the relationship between calcaneus fracture, called “Don-Juan fracture,” and aortic rupture at the site of ligamentum arteriosum are discussed. PMID:25478249