Sample records for biobibliography

  1. Aldo Leopold: A Bio-Bibliography (United States)


    consciousness, evident in the widespread acceptance of the American Environmental Protection Act or the growth of the European Green Parties. Leopold did not...34* "An Outline Plan for Game Management in Wisconsin" " Feathered vs Human Predators" "Coon Valley: An Adventure in Cooperative Conservation" "Leopold on...34 "Clandeboye" "Wilderness as a Land Laboratory" "Prairie Birthday" 29 "Lakes in Relation to Terrestrial Life Patterns" "A Raptor Tally in the Northwest

  2. The dragonfly's face of the multidimensional Dr. Angelo Barbosa Monteiro Machado: a short bio-bibliography. (United States)

    Pinto, Ângelo Parise


    In this special issue celebrating the Brazilian researcher Dr. Angelo Barbosa Monteiro Machado's 80th birthday, I present a very short biographical overview focused on his prolific career as odonatologist. The doctor, professor, children's book writer, conservationist, comedian, neuroanatomist, and eventually odonatologist Professor Angelo has published more than 110 papers, of which 79 are on dragonflies. He erected 97 new names, an impressive number for a small and relatively well-known order of insects. Here are presented annotated checklists of his publications on dragonflies (from 1953 to September of 2015), and nomina, as well as few comments of his impact on Neotropical odonatology as a whole.

  3. A Baltic bio-bibliography - international lawyers of the Baltic region, past and present / Peter Macalister-Smith

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Macalister-Smith, Peter


    Eestist: Küllike Jürimäe (s. 1962, Euroopa Ühenduste Kohtu esimese astme kohtu kohtunik alates 12. maist 2004) ; Uno Lõhmus (s. 1952, Euroopa Kohtu kohtunik alates 11. maist 2004) ; Rait Maruste (s. 1953, Euroopa Inimõiguste Kohtu kohtunik) ; Rein Müllerson (s. 1944, Institut de droit international liige, valiti aastal 1995) ; Ants Piip (1884-1942, rahvusvahelise õiguse uurija) ; Kaarel Robert Pusta (1883-1964, Institut de droit international liige, valiti aastal 1932) ; Otto Strandman (1875-1941, Permanent Court of International Justice - kohtunik 1938, 1939) ; Henn-Jüri Uibopuu (s. 1929, rahvusvahelise õiguse uurija) ; Abner T. Uustal (1915-1985, rahvusvahelise õiguse uurija). Lisatud: A note on F. F. Martens (1845-1909), lk. 159-164 (Friedrich Frommhold Martens, Frederic de Martens, Fjodor Fjodorovitsh Martens)

  4. The Swedish marine nematologist Carl Allgén (1886-1960): a bio-bibliography and his collection. (United States)

    Boström, Sven; Holovachov, Oleksandr


    The Swedish marine nematologist Carl Allgén (1886-1960) published 185 scientific papers on parasitic, terrestrial, limnic and especially marine nematodes between 1921 and 1960. Among them are also some papers on species of suctorians found mostly on desmodorid nematodes. He described about 70 new genera and over 800 new species and subspecies of nematodes. Allgén left a large collection of nematodes to the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm and it is now deposited in the invertebrate collection of the Zoology department. The collection comprises about 4500 slides in total, with about 310 slides containing type specimens collected from the Arctic to Antarctica. Allgén's publications have to a large extent been ignored by scientists working on marine nematodes, likely because of the poor quality of many of his species descriptions. The authors want to remind the scientific community about the existence of Allgén's collection, its availability for study and its importance for nematode taxonomy and systematics. A complete list of Allgén's publications, a list of all species described by him, and a list of type material available is presented.

  5. 杨冠卿生平及其《客亭类稿》考%On Yang guanqing's biobibliography cnd "ketingleigao"

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)