Sample records for bikeways

  1. Bikeways (United States)

    Montgomery County of Maryland — Separated and marked bike lanes, bike-friendly shoulders, signed and sharrowed on-road routes, paved and natural surface trails in Montgomery County. A '1' in LEVEL...

  2. 23 CFR 652.3 - Definitions. (United States)


    ... BICYCLE ACCOMMODATIONS AND PROJECTS § 652.3 Definitions. (a) Bicycle. A vehicle having two tandem wheels, propelled solely by human power, upon which any person or persons may ride. (b) Bikeway. Any road, path, or way which in some manner is specifically designated as being open to bicycle travel, regardless...

  3. National Built Environment Health Impact Assessment Model ... (United States)

    Behavioral (activity, diet, social interaction) and exposure (air pollution, traffic injury, and noise) related health impacts of land use and transportation investment decisions are becoming better understood and quantified. Research has shown relationships between density, mix, street connectivity, access to parks, shops, transit, presence of sidewalks and bikeways, and healthy food with physical activity, obesity, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and some mental health outcomes. This session demonstrates successful integration of health impact assessment into multiple scenario planning tool platforms. Detailed evidence on chronic disease and related costs associated with contrasting land use and transportation investments are built into a general-purpose module that can be accessed by multiple platforms. Funders, researchers, and end users of the tool will present a detailed description of the key elements of the approach, how it has been applied, and how will evolve. A critical focus will be placed on equity and social justice inherent within the assessment of health disparities that will be featured in the session. Health impacts of community design have significant cost benefit implications. Recent research is now extending relationships between community design features and chronic disease to health care costs. This session will demonstrate the recent application of this evidence on health impacts to the newly adopted Los Angeles Regional Transpo