Sample records for benzopyrroles

  1. Assessment of changes in the aroma and sensory profile of dawadawa due to modification in fermentation conditions

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Agyei-Baoteng, R.


    charateristic odour of faeces. The levels of all but eight (2-Methlpropyl acetate; 2- Pentylfuran; 1-Pentanol; 2,6-dimenthlpyrazine; 2,3,5- Trimethlpyrazine; Phenylethanal; Methyl phenylacetate and Benzyl alcohol) of the aroma compounds were either not identified in the control sample or significantly different ( P≤0.05) in the control compared to the treated samples. Aroma compounds known to have low odour thresholds such as 2-methylfuran; 2-metylfuran, dimethl trisulfide, 2,6-dimethlpyrazine, 2,3,5-trimethlpyrazine and 2,3-benzopyrrole were all at significantly different levels in al the samples they occurred. Generally the odour compunds with pungent and objectionable odours were present at higher levels in the control than in the treated samples. This work has shown that the objectionable/undesirable odour in dawadawa can be reducesd by applying the methods investigated. The most practical effective methods which can be applied by SMEs to reduce the atypical odour of dawadawa is to carry out the fementation in an enclosed chamber with a predetermined oxygen concentration or at a low temperature of 15°C which can be obtained by strong air-conditioning. (au)