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  1. Nonlinear and non-Gaussian Bayesian based handwriting beautification (United States)

    Shi, Cao; Xiao, Jianguo; Xu, Canhui; Jia, Wenhua


    A framework is proposed in this paper to effectively and efficiently beautify handwriting by means of a novel nonlinear and non-Gaussian Bayesian algorithm. In the proposed framework, format and size of handwriting image are firstly normalized, and then typeface in computer system is applied to optimize vision effect of handwriting. The Bayesian statistics is exploited to characterize the handwriting beautification process as a Bayesian dynamic model. The model parameters to translate, rotate and scale typeface in computer system are controlled by state equation, and the matching optimization between handwriting and transformed typeface is employed by measurement equation. Finally, the new typeface, which is transformed from the original one and gains the best nonlinear and non-Gaussian optimization, is the beautification result of handwriting. Experimental results demonstrate the proposed framework provides a creative handwriting beautification methodology to improve visual acceptance.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Md. Humayun Kabir Chowdhury


    Full Text Available This study investigates the influence of extrinsic cues, i.e. brand image, perceived price, perceived quality, and perceived country of origin on consumers' evaluative judgments for beautification products. Multi-item measures were used for data collection. Resultsrevealed that three extrinsic cues: brand image, perceived quality, and perceived country of origin have positive and significant influence on consumers' brand evaluation of beautification brands. Only perceived price has shown no such influence on consumers' brand evaluation. Finally, unanswered questions and future researchdirections are presented.

  3. Genital beautification: a concept that offers more than reduction of the labia minora. (United States)

    Cihantimur, Bülent; Herold, Christian


    The interest and demand for female genital rejuvenation surgery are steadily increasing. This report presents a concept of genital beautification consisting of labia minora reduction, labia majora augmentation by autologous fat transplantation, labial brightening by laser, mons pubis reduction by liposuction, and vaginal tightening if desired. Genital beautification was performed for 124 patients between May 2009 and January 2012 and followed up for 1 year to obtain data about satisfaction with the surgery. Of the 124 female patients included in the study, 118 (95.2 %) were happy and 4 (3.2 %) were very happy with their postoperative appearance. In terms of postoperative functionality, 84 patients (67.7 %) were happy and 40 (32.3 %) were very happy. Only 2 patients (1.6 %) were not satisfied with the aesthetic result of their genital beautification procedures, and 10 patients (8.1 %) experienced wound dehiscence. The described technique of genital beautification combines different aesthetic female genital surgery techniques. Like other aesthetic surgeries, these procedures are designed for the subjective improvement of the appearance and feelings of the patients. The effects of the operation are functional and psychological. They offer the opportunity for sexual stimulation and satisfaction. The complication rate is low. Superior aesthetic results and patient satisfaction can be achieved by applying this technique. This journal requires that authors assign a level of evidence to each article. For a full description of these Evidence-Based Medicine ratings, please refer to the Table of Contents or the online Instructions to Authors .

  4. Establishment of effective control factors to achieve federal enforcement consistency with the Highway Beautification Act : a final report submitted to Florida Department of Transportation, Right of Way Division. (United States)


    The Highway Beautification Act, which was enforced in 1965, aims to establish an efficient outdoor advertising control (OAC) program for erection and maintenance of the outdoor advertising signs, displays and devices, which are located in a close pro...

  5. Ethno beauty: practices of beautification among urban muslim middle-class women in Surabaya (United States)

    Listyani, RH; Sadewo, FX S.; Legowo, M.


    This research examines practices of beautification by urban middle-class Muslim women using an ethnomethodology approach. Several theories are employed in this research including the theory of consumption (leisure class), sociology of body, middle-class theory and the concept of modern Islam. Results indicate that the beautiful concept according to Muslim middle-class urban women is white skin without stains, face without wrinkles, nose sharp, eyelashes and thick eyebrows and red lips. To be said to be beautiful, they took various efforts through beauty treatment, diet, fashion and dress up. In this study also revealed that their goal to self-care is pride and recognition in front of other fellow female friends and to happy partner (husband). This shows that the consumption through the body (fashions, diets, make up) and consumption around the body (beauty treatments) represent symbolic and material ways of positioning themselves within contemporary society - thus becoming ‘visible’. The implications of this research are this study is expected to contribute information and enrich the repertoire of social science especially sociology also for the development of research on body and beauty.

  6. Combined aesthetic interventions for prevention of facial ageing, and restoration and beautification of face and body

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabi S


    Full Text Available Sabrina Fabi,1 Tatjana Pavicic,2 André Braz,3 Jeremy B Green,4,5 Kyle Seo,6 Jani AJ van Loghem7 1Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, San Diego, CA, USA; 2Private Practice for Dermatology and Aesthetics, Munich, Germany; 3Division of the Policlínica Geral do Rio de Janeiro (PGRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 4Skin Associates of South Florida, Miami, 5University of Miami Department of Dermatology, Miami, FL, USA; 6Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea; 7Doctors Inc., Amsterdam, The Netherlands Abstract: The Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics Expert Summit was held in Prague, Czech Republic, from 19–20 November 2016. The meeting had a distinct advisory board character and invited aesthetic practitioners from all over the world to hear an international faculty present a range of keynote lectures and conduct live injection sessions with an emphasis on recent developments in combination aesthetic interventions for face and body rejuvenation and beautification. Aging is associated with changes in bones, muscles, ligaments, adipose tissue, and skin and, moreover, involves interactions among these tissue types. To achieve the most natural and harmonious rejuvenation of the face, all changes that result from the aging process should be corrected, which generally involves treatment with more than a single agent or technology. Presentations described innovative treatment algorithms for the face and body and focused on patients’ desires for natural-looking rejuvenation and how this requires a three-dimensional approach combining products that relax the musculature, volumize, and re-drape the skin. Besides treating the aging face, these procedures are increasingly used to enhance facial features as well as to delay facial aging in younger patients. The presentations covered patients from different ethnicities as well as the treatment of non-facial areas, with a particular focus on the use of Ultherapy® for skin lifting and tightening, and new aesthetic

  7. New Hydrogels Enriched with Antioxidants from Saffron Crocus Can Find Applications in Wound Treatment and/or Beautification. (United States)

    Zeka, Keti; Ruparelia, Ketan C; Sansone, Claudia; Macchiarelli, Guido; Continenza, Maria Adelaide; Arroo, Randolph R J


    Saffron extracts have a long history of application as skin protectant, possibly due to their ability to scavenge free radicals. In this work, the performance of a hydrogel enriched with antioxidant compounds isolated from saffron crocus (Crocus sativus L.) petals was tested. These hydrogels could be considered as new drug delivery system. Hydrogels are crosslinked polymer networks that absorb large quantities of water but retain the properties of a solid, thus making ideal dressings for sensitive skin. We tested antioxidant-enriched hydrogels on primary mouse fibroblasts. Hydrogels enriched with kaempferol and crocin extracted from saffron petals showed good biocompatibility with in vitro cultured fibroblasts. These new types of hydrogels may find applications in wound treatment and/or beautification. © 2018 S. Karger AG, Basel.

  8. Skin beautification with oral non-hydrolized versions of carnosine and carcinine: Effective therapeutic management and cosmetic skincare solutions against oxidative glycation and free-radical production as a causal mechanism of diabetic complications and skin aging. (United States)

    Babizhayev, Mark A; Deyev, Anatoliy I; Savel'yeva, Ekaterina L; Lankin, Vadim Z; Yegorov, Yegor E


    the generation of the cross-linked radical cation and the radical counteranion of methylglyoxal. Under aerobic conditions, molecular oxygen can then accept an electron from the methylglyoxal anion to generate the superoxide radical anion causing the propagation of oxidative stress chain reactions in the presence of transition metal ions. Carnosine stabilized from enzymatic hydrolysis, carcinine and leucyl-histidylhydrazide in patented formulations thereof, demonstrate the Schiff bases' transglycating activities concomitant with glycation site specific antioxidant activities and protection of proprietary antioxidant enzymes in the skin during aging and with diabetes lesions. During oral supplementation with stabilized from enzymatic hydrolysis carnosine (Can-C Plus® formulation), the skin parameters investigated showed a continuous and significant improvement in the active group during the 3 months of supplementation as compared to placebo. Visual investigation showed improvement of the overall skin appearance and a reduction of fine lines. No treatment-related side effects were reported. The finding that already-formed AGE cross-links can be pharmacologically severed and attendant pathology thereby reversed by non-hydrolized carnosine or carcinine in patented oral formulations thereof has broad implications for the skin beautification and therapeutics of the complications of diabetes and skin diseases associated with aging.

  9. Investigation of economic impacts of Florida's highway beautification program : [summary]. (United States)


    Public investment in landscape beauti cation projects is presumed to provide monetary bene ts by : attracting private investment and contributing to : the economy. Recently, researchers at the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricu...

  10. Engaging Urban Students in a Schoolyard Beautification and Gardening Project (United States)

    Ramey, Linda


    Community gardening provides many benefits for students like outdoor physical activity, an understanding of plant life cycles, food production and healthy eating (Blair, 2009; Whiren, 1995). Gardening also provides hands-on learning opportunities to draw parallels between what is needed for plants to grow and what students need to be healthy. When…

  11. Interactive QR code beautification with full background image embedding (United States)

    Lin, Lijian; Wu, Song; Liu, Sijiang; Jiang, Bo


    QR (Quick Response) code is a kind of two dimensional barcode that was first developed in automotive industry. Nowadays, QR code has been widely used in commercial applications like product promotion, mobile payment, product information management, etc. Traditional QR codes in accordance with the international standard are reliable and fast to decode, but are lack of aesthetic appearance to demonstrate visual information to customers. In this work, we present a novel interactive method to generate aesthetic QR code. By given information to be encoded and an image to be decorated as full QR code background, our method accepts interactive user's strokes as hints to remove undesired parts of QR code modules based on the support of QR code error correction mechanism and background color thresholds. Compared to previous approaches, our method follows the intention of the QR code designer, thus can achieve more user pleasant result, while keeping high machine readability.

  12. Establishment of effective control factors to achieve federal enforcement consistency with the Highway Beautification Act : [research summary]. (United States)


    One of the pleasures of driving in Florida is enjoying a beautiful and diverse landscape. The quality of this view is critical to a states image for visitors and those considering relocation as well as to residents enjoyment. To ensure the cont...

  13. A Study on the Interpretive Structural Model to Discuss the Analysis of Curriculum Planning and Benefit among Cosmetology and Hair Salon Professional Courses in College-Department of Cosmetic Applications and Management (United States)

    Yeh, Ju-Hsuan; Lo, Tsai-Yun; Wu, Hsiao-Ling


    This research aims to analyze the Curriculum planning and benefit between departments of beautification in college and the professional courses by using ISM. To understand the link between different professional courses of beautification in college and find out the connections, Department of Cosmetic Science will be taken as an example. The result…

  14. Outdoor advertising control practices in Australia, Europe, and Japan (United States)


    Although the Highway Beautification Act (HBA) has been credited with reducing the number of nonconforming signs and removing illegal signs throughout the country, the law is controversial and costly to administer. Many have questioned whether it has ...

  15. New and improved ornamental plants for a world of environmental stresses

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Seibert, R J


    Ornamental plants serve several useful functions, among them beautification of the environment and oxygen production. The strengths and advantages of a large number of plant species and varieties are discussed. Resistance to pollution damage, when known, is discussed.

  16. ISSN 2070-0083

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    neighbourhood, facilities for the restoration of declining areas as well as the recreation of ... beautification of monuments and structures, and city conservation among others. .... market, convention facility and convention hotels.Zone 2 will ...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    These symbols and images were communal more in enjoyment rather than in production in ... means decoration or beautification. uli also served as dress or clothing among some Igbo women .... Organisation (WIPO) Geneva, Switzerland).

  18. 23 CFR 750.706 - Sign control in zoned and unzoned commercial and industrial areas. (United States)


    ... TRANSPORTATION RIGHT-OF-WAY AND ENVIRONMENT HIGHWAY BEAUTIFICATION Outdoor Advertising Control § 750.706 Sign... spacing of outdoor advertising signs located in commercial or industrial zoned or unzoned areas, as... back-to-back or “V” type signs. (c) Where the agreement and State law permits control by local zoning...

  19. 23 CFR 750.107 - Class 3 and 4 signs outside informational sites. (United States)


    ... areas. (6) Not more than one such sign advertising activities being conducted as a single enterprise or... ENVIRONMENT HIGHWAY BEAUTIFICATION National Standards for Regulation by States of Outdoor Advertising Adjacent... traffic not served by an informational site within 12 air miles of the advertised activity; (2) Class 4...

  20. 23 CFR 750.152 - Application. (United States)


    ... 23 Highways 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Application. 750.152 Section 750.152 Highways FEDERAL HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION RIGHT-OF-WAY AND ENVIRONMENT HIGHWAY BEAUTIFICATION National Standards for Directional and Official Signs § 750.152 Application. The following standards apply...

  1. Community Gardening, Neighborhood Meetings, and Social Capital (United States)

    Alaimo, Katherine; Reischl, Thomas M.; Allen, Julie Ober


    This study examined associations between participation in community gardening/beautification projects and neighborhood meetings with perceptions of social capital at both the individual and neighborhood levels. Data were analyzed from a cross-sectional stratified random telephone survey conducted in Flint, Michigan (N=1916). Hierarchical linear…

  2. Identifying Robust Co-Occurrence Patterns in Personal Care Product Purchases (United States)

    Personal care products (PCPs) are used for beautification and personal hygiene, and because they are applied to the skin, hair, and mouth, they provide an efficient delivery vehicle for chemicals into our bodies. Although efforts have been made to enumerate the chemicals in indiv...

  3. 23 CFR 750.711 - Structures which have never displayed advertising material. (United States)


    ... 23 Highways 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Structures which have never displayed advertising... RIGHT-OF-WAY AND ENVIRONMENT HIGHWAY BEAUTIFICATION Outdoor Advertising Control § 750.711 Structures which have never displayed advertising material. Structures, including poles, which have never displayed...

  4. JPP: A Java Pre-Processor


    Kiniry, Joseph R.; Cheong, Elaine


    The Java Pre-Processor, or JPP for short, is a parsing pre-processor for the Java programming language. Unlike its namesake (the C/C++ Pre-Processor, cpp), JPP provides functionality above and beyond simple textual substitution. JPP's capabilities include code beautification, code standard conformance checking, class and interface specification and testing, and documentation generation.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Jun 2, 2016 ... social institutions; as they all believe in the same Supreme Being called .... responsibility of maintaining peace and security of the community. ... perceived the cosmos as a rigid and hierarchical pyramid, with ..... the beautification of both residential and corporate grounds with interlocks or German floor.

  6. Evaluation of Green Roof Plants and Materials for Semi-Arid Climates (United States)

    Abstract While green roof systems have proven to be highly effective in the evaporative cooling of buildings, reduction of roof top temperatures, protection of roof membranes from solar radiation degradation, reducing stormwater runoff, as well as beautification of the urban roo...

  7. Prevalence of use of skin lightening agents amongst University of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The use of skin lightening 'bleaching' agents has adverse effects on the skin. Cosmetic manufacturers in the country in advertising their products have exploited beautification with the use of these “bleaching” agents. The resultant increase in the use of these agents is likely to lead to a concomitant rise in the incidence of ...

  8. The American lawn revisited: awareness education and culture as public policies toward sustainable lawn (United States)

    Yaoqi Zhang; Bin Zheng; Ge Sun; Peilei Fan Fan


    Lawn has been used for landscaping, gardening, and beautification of homes and cities for a long time. The evolution of the lawn reflects important cultural and biophysical interactions between humans and nature. The American lawn, which was from Europe and has been a part of the American dream for home ownership and culture, has become an area going against nature for...

  9. 23 CFR 750.708 - Acceptance of state zoning. (United States)


    ... 23 Highways 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Acceptance of state zoning. 750.708 Section 750.708... BEAUTIFICATION Outdoor Advertising Control § 750.708 Acceptance of state zoning. (a) 23 U.S.C. 131(d) provide... within areas . . . which are zoned industrial or commercial under authority of State law.” Section 131(d...

  10. Prevalence of Topical Corticosteroids Related Adverse Drug Events and Associated Factors in Selected Community Pharmacies and Cosmetic Shops of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mahlet Tsegaye


    Conclusion: Majority of the topical corticosteroids were obtained without prescription for the purpose of beautification rather than treatment. A higher proportion of cosmetic users reported to have experienced at least one adverse event. There needs to consider safety concerns related to topical corticosteroids use in the city.

  11. 23 CFR 750.705 - Effective control. (United States)


    ... 23 Highways 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Effective control. 750.705 Section 750.705 Highways... BEAUTIFICATION Outdoor Advertising Control § 750.705 Effective control. In order to provide effective control of... of applicable control requirements will apply; (h) Develop laws, regulations, and procedures to...

  12. Nail cosmetics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nina A Madnani


    Full Text Available The nail as an anatomic structure protects the terminal phalanx of the digit from injury. Historically, it has served as a tool for protection and for survival. As civilizations developed, it attained the additional function of adornment. Nail beautification is a big industry today, with various nail cosmetics available, ranging from nail hardeners, polishes, extensions, artificial/sculpted nails, and nail decorations. Adverse events may occur either during the nail-grooming procedure or as a reaction to the individual components of the nail cosmetics. This holds true for both the client and the nail technician. Typically, any of the procedures involves several steps and a series of products. Separate "nail-bars" have been set up dedicated to serve women and men interested in nail beautification. This article attempts to comprehensively inform and educate the dermatologist on the services offered, the products used, and the possible/potential adverse effects related to nail-grooming and nail cosmetics.

  13. Nail cosmetics. (United States)

    Madnani, Nina A; Khan, Kaleem J


    The nail as an anatomic structure protects the terminal phalanx of the digit from injury. Historically, it has served as a tool for protection and for survival. As civilizations developed, it attained the additional function of adornment. Nail beautification is a big industry today, with various nail cosmetics available, ranging from nail hardeners, polishes, extensions, artificial/sculpted nails, and nail decorations. Adverse events may occur either during the nail-grooming procedure or as a reaction to the individual components of the nail cosmetics. This holds true for both the client and the nail technician. Typically, any of the procedures involves several steps and a series of products. Separate "nail-bars" have been set up dedicated to serve women and men interested in nail beautification. This article attempts to comprehensively inform and educate the dermatologist on the services offered, the products used, and the possible/potential adverse effects related to nail-grooming and nail cosmetics.

  14. Smart Mirror: Intelligent Makeup Recommendation and Synthesis


    Nguyen, Tam V.; Liu, Luoqi


    The female facial image beautification usually requires professional editing softwares, which are relatively difficult for common users. In this demo, we introduce a practical system for automatic and personalized facial makeup recommendation and synthesis. First, a model describing the relations among facial features, facial attributes and makeup attributes is learned as the makeup recommendation model for suggesting the most suitable makeup attributes. Then the recommended makeup attributes...

  15. Green infrastructure: a natural systems approach to stormwater in the city

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nathaniel S. Cormier


    Full Text Available This paper presents diverse typologies of urban open space designed as green infrastructure in the american cities of Seattle and Portland. In these cities of the Pacific Northwest, landscape design is viewed as much more than mere beautification of the urban environment, but as pieces of a high-performance infrastructure that protects and even improves urban hydrology, climate, and ecology. Green infrastructure is a landscape approach that creates a distinctive local landscape identity and a more sustainable urban environment.

  16. Conditions and opportunities for green infrastructure – Aiming for green, water-resilient cities in Addis Ababa and Dar es Salaam

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Herslund, Lise Byskov; Backhaus, Antje; Fryd, Ole


    capacity based on interviews and workshops with key urban stakeholders. A top-down master planning paradigm combined with a green institutional framework preoccupied with beautification seem to block possibilities of supporting and integrating GI experiments coming from outside the regime. The master plans...... agriculture authorities but also large land owners, informal settlers, urban farmers and local organisations are needed. Solutions must be attractive also for the actual green space managers − the individual plot- and condominium owners and local groups. Local niche experiments linking up to on-going coping...

  17. Genital male piercings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mircea Tampa


    Full Text Available Body piercing has been practiced for thousands of years all over the world for beautification, religion, initiation rites or status reasons. Genital piercings also have a significant background and have been practiced for enhancing sexual pleasure, chastity, shocking or as a protest against a conservative society. As the popularity of genital piercings increased in the last years, the number of complications is also on the rise. It is therefore important for the medical professionals to have at least basic knowledge regarding this practice, as it might be required in the management of unpredictable complications.

  18. Effect of perceived Price, Brand Image, perceived Quality and Trust on Consumer’s buying Preferences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. Afsar


    Full Text Available The study investigates the effect of factors such as perceived price, brand image, perceived quality and trust on consumers' evaluative judgments for beautification products. Results showed that brand image has positive and significant impact on consumer trust. Increase in perceived quality and trust depicted increase in a particular brand preference. Decrease in perceived price showed significant and positive impact on brand preference. This study measured the effect of brand image, price, quality and consumer trust information on how individuals subjectively evaluate a brand.

  19. Rhinoplasty and its effects on the perception of beauty

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chinski, Hernan


    Full Text Available Introduction: Experts on nasal cosmetics and nasal surgery agree that aesthetic rhinoplasty leads to overall facial beautification and the perception of youth in patients. This "assumed truth" has never been proven in the international literature. Aim: To examine increases in facial attractiveness ratings after rhinoplasty surgery. Methods: We conducted a study series by choosing 30 female patients on whom we had operated and 25 evaluators in a single blind trial. The evaluators graded the patients' attractiveness before and after surgery. Results: Beauty indices were significantly improved after the operation. Conclusion: According to the third-party evaluation, the patients appeared prettier after undergoing aesthetic rhinoplasty.

  20. Generation of a plan for the implementation of INTE/ISO IEC 17025 in a paint industry and modification of a quality manual

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Salazar Gomez, Andrea Marcela


    A diagnosis to the integrated management system and quality control laboratories is done in a paint industry. The administrative aspects related with the documentation are evaluated: procedures, instructions, records, processes of sampling, testing, for possible accreditation of some methods of analysis under the norm ISO/IEC 17025 representing an opportunity for growth and improvement in labs. The laboratories of the paint industry have analyzed a number of materials such as products for the various stages of construction and beautification of homes, buildings and other, as well as evaluation of the requirements established by international standards to demonstrate competence regarding these. The feasibility of implementing the standard is visualized, solving the disagreements that have been found during the evaluation period. The impact of the perception of quality is determined by the direction, the need for investment in resources, training and equipment. (author) [es


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marco Valesi


    Full Text Available My article centers the discussion on Banksy’s street interventions. It analyzes the world’s most famous street artist, underlining the impact of his artworks on the city and its citizens. Banksy’s street art calls attention to the hypocrisy of political and corporate ownership and to authority over public spaces. Banksy’s stencils and museum interventions encourage interactions, often using timeless symbols and icons, inciting to question existing structures of authority and hegemony, fighting for a redistribution of power. My analysis demonstrates that Banksy’s cultural production is a way of linking street art to beautification and enhancement of the urban environment. In conclusion this study promotes Banksy's imaginative use of locations and public spaces as a way to bring out the wonders of the urban landscape fostering a new urban mindscape.

  2. Greenspace planning and management in Klang Valley, Peninsular Malaysia

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Abdul Aziz, Nor Akmar Binti; Konijnendijk, Cecil Cornelis; Sreetheran, M.


    In rapidly developing countries such as Malaysia, the importance of urban greenspaces is recognized, but due to rapid industrialization and urbanization, maintaining and developing greenspace is a major challenge. This paper analyzes the status of urban greenspace policy, planning, and management...... in Malaysia. For this purpose, information was collected about urban greenspaces and their governance, planning, and management, both at the national level and in six representative case cities in the most urbanized part of Malaysia, the Klang Valley. Data was compiled by means of a literature review......, document analysis, and expert interviews with municipal officers in the selected cities. Results show the greenspace discourse in Malaysia has shifted its focus from one dominated by beautification to one concentrated on regarding greenspace as an essential part of the urban infrastructure. In spite...

  3. Hyaluron Filler Containing Lidocaine on a CPM Basis for Lip Augmentation: Reports from Practical Experience. (United States)

    Fischer, Tanja C; Sattler, Gerhard; Gauglitz, Gerd G


    Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid fillers is established. As monophasic polydensified hyaluronic acid products with variable density, CPM-HAL1 (Belotero Balance Lidocaine, Merz Aesthetics, Raleigh, NC) and CPM-HAL2 (Belotero Intense Lidocaine, Merz Aesthetics, Raleigh, NC) are qualified for beautification and particularly natural-looking rejuvenation, respectively. The aim of this article was to assess the handling and outcome of lip augmentation using the lidocaine-containing hyaluronic acid fillers, CPM-HAL1 and CPM-HAL2. Data were documented from patients who received lip augmentation by means of beautification and/or rejuvenation using CPM-HAL1 and/or CPM-HAL2. Observation period was 4 months, with assessment of natural outcome, evenness, distribution, fluidity, handling, malleability, tolerability, as well as patient satisfaction and pain. A total of 146 patients from 21 German centers participated. Physicians rated natural outcome and evenness as good or very good for more than 95% of patients. Distribution, fluidity, handling, and malleability were assessed for both fillers as good or very good in more than 91% of patients. At every evaluation point, more than 93% of patients were very or very much satisfied with the product. A total of 125 patients (85.6%) experienced transient injection-related side effects. Pain intensity during the procedure was mild (2.72 ± 1.72 on the 0-10 pain assessment scale) and abated markedly within 30 minutes (0.42 ± 0.57). Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid fillers produced a long-term cosmetic result. Due to the lidocaine content, procedural pain was low and transient. Accordingly, a high degree of patient satisfaction was achieved that was maintained throughout the observation period. Thieme Medical Publishers 333 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001, USA.

  4. Sustainable Strategies for the Dynamic Equilibrium of the Urban Stream, Cheonggyecheon (United States)

    Seo, D.; Kwon, Y.


    Cheonggyecheon, which had been transformed into a 14-lane urban highway and a large underground sewer system, was finally converted back to an urban stream again. Its transformation has been praised as a successful example of urban downtown regeneration and beautification. It is, however, obvious that there have not been prudent ecological considerations since the project’s principal goals were to provide public recreational use and achieve maximum flood control capacity via the use of embankments. For a healthier and sustainable stream environment, Cheonggyecheon should be ecologically re-restored again, based on a dynamic equilibrium model. It must primarily establish a corridor of vegetation, an aquatic transitional zone, and install constructed wetlands nearby which support the water source. The upper streams of Cheonggyecheon should be further restored and supply natural waters. Furthermore, there ultimately needs to be de-channelization for hydrological sustainability. This would vary from merely increasing the sinuosity to thoroughly reconstruct a naturalized stream. Complete dynamic equilibrium of Cheonggyecheon can be accomplished through more fundamental sustainable strategies.

  5. Socio-Psychological Impact of Outdoor Sculptures in Nigeria Urban Cities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Allan Francis Ebunola Oladugbagbe


    Full Text Available One major element that finds expression at road intersections, parks, gardens, square and open spaces in the urban landscape are outdoor sculptures. Of great significance is the historical information they disseminate, the visual impressions they convey and the aesthetic value they add to the quality of the city. From 1960s and after the civil war, the uses of sculptures for embellishments in public places have increased tremendously in Nigeria. However, outdoor sculpture for the purpose of recreation and relaxation in our built environment has not been adequately addressed scholastically in Nigeria. This paper, therefore, focuses on the social values derivable from the use of sculpture in urban design and the losses that could accrue to the social system if not adequately managed. The values of these sculptures to the socio-psychological development of Nigerians and the beautification of the urban environment are equally emphasized. The study shows that incorporating sculptures into public places without doubt will heighten public appreciation and aesthetic perception and make Nigerian cities unique and vibrant.Keywords: Nigeria urban cities; socio-psychological impact; outdoor sculptures.

  6. Transforming Shell and Society Elements in Human Settlements for Sustainable Tourism Development: Setu Babakan, South Jakarta, Indonesia (United States)

    Koncara, R. M. P.; Tiarasari, R.; Pratiwi, W. D.


    The government has established the settlements around Setu Babakan as Betawi Cultural Village (PBB). The goal of PBB Setu Babakan is to preserve Betawi culture which is fading, and realized by making the location as a tourism destination in South Jakarta. This paper discusses the transformation on the two ekistics elements in human settlements around Setu Babakan; shell and society in the development of tourism. Shell as a physical element is reflected in the citizen’s houses which are adapted into traditional Betawi houses. While the society refers to Setu Babakan’s citizen who participated as economic actors by selling traditional Betawi food and beverages, as well as a performers at the Betawi traditional art performances. In its application, the adaptation of citizen’s houses into traditional Betawi house cannot be done completely. The adaptation that can be done to the residents’ houses is by beautification in the appearance of the building. The application of typical Betawi ornaments makes the settlement feels like Betawi traditional village. This is one of the attractions for tourists. They can enjoy the atmosphere of Betawi village, enjoy Betawi food and beverages, watch Betawi art performance, and enjoy the lake tour at PBB Setu Babakan.

  7. Labia Majora Augmentation Combined With Minimal Labia Minora Resection: A Safe and Global Approach to the External Female Genitalia. (United States)

    Hersant, Barbara; Jabbour, Samer; Noel, Warren; Benadiba, Laurent; La Padula, Simone; SidAhmed-Mezi, Mounia; Meningaud, Jean Paul


    All the labia minora reduction techniques fail to treat the other component of the abnormally increased labia minora to majora ratio: the labia majora atrophy. The purpose of this study is to describe a technique of female genitalia beautification, which combines labia majora augmentation and conservative labia minora reduction. The hypertrophied labia minora were first treated by a conservative inferior wedge excision with a superior flap. The conservative excision was done to obtain labia minora that would still protrude beyond the labia majora because it will be masked by the augmentation of the labia majora. Labia majora augmentation was done by autologous fat transplantation. The newly augmented labia majora completely masked the conservatively reduced labia minora. Twenty-one patients underwent surgery for labia majora augmentation and labia minora reduction. One patient (4.7%) had a small separation of the labial edge postoperatively that resolved with no additional interventions. There was no flap necrosis or infections. No patient reported pain or sexual dysfunction. Seventeen patients (81%) were satisfied or very satisfied with their results. Labia majora augmentation combined with a conservative labia minora reduction is an appealing procedure because it enhances the global aspect of the female genitalia while reducing the labioplasty complications.

  8. Community Lenses Revealing the Role of Sociocultural Environment on Physical Activity (United States)

    Belon, Ana Paula; Nieuwendyk, Laura M.; Vallianatos, Helen; Nykiforuk, Candace I. J.


    Purpose To identify perceptions of how sociocultural environment enabled and hindered physical activity (PA) participation. Design Community-based participatory research. Setting Two semirural and two urban communities located in Alberta, Canada. Participants Thirty-five people (74.3% females, 71.4% aged 25–64 years) across the four communities. Method PhotoVoice activities occurred over 3 months during the spring of 2009. Participants were asked to document perceived environmental attributes that might foster or inhibit PA in their community. Photographs and narratives were shared in one-on-one interviews. Line-by-line coding of the transcripts was independently conducted by two researchers using an inductive approach. Codes were arranged into themes and subthemes, which were then organized into the Analysis Grid for Environments Linked to Obesity (ANGELO) framework. Results Six main themes (accompanied by subthemes) emerged: sociocultural aesthetics, safety, social involvement, PA motivation, cultural ideas of recreation, and car culture. Representative quotes and photographs illustrate enablers and obstacles identified by participants. Conclusion This PhotoVoice study revealed how aspects of participants’ sociocultural environments shaped their decisions to be physically active. Providing more PA resources is only one step in the promotion of supportive environments. Strategies should also account for the beautification and maintenance of communities, increasing feelings of safety, enhancement of social support among community members, popularization of PA, and mitigating car culture, among others. PMID:25973966

  9. Digital prototyping technique applied for redesigning plastic products (United States)

    Pop, A.; Andrei, A.


    After products are on the market for some time, they often need to be redesigned to meet new market requirements. New products are generally derived from similar but outdated products. Redesigning a product is an important part of the production and development process. The purpose of this paper is to show that using modern technology, like Digital Prototyping in industry is an effective way to produce new products. This paper tries to demonstrate and highlight the effectiveness of the concept of Digital Prototyping, both to reduce the design time of a new product, but also the costs required for implementing this step. The results of this paper show that using Digital Prototyping techniques in designing a new product from an existing one available on the market mould offers a significantly manufacturing time and cost reduction. The ability to simulate and test a new product with modern CAD-CAM programs in all aspects of production (designing of the 3D model, simulation of the structural resistance, analysis of the injection process and beautification) offers a helpful tool for engineers. The whole process can be realised by one skilled engineer very fast and effective.

  10. The mathematics of soap films

    CERN Document Server

    Oprea, John


    Nature tries to minimize the surface area of a soap film through the action of surface tension. The process can be understood mathematically by using differential geometry, complex analysis, and the calculus of variations. This book employs ingredients from each of these subjects to tell the mathematical story of soap films. The text is fully self-contained, bringing together a mixture of types of mathematics along with a bit of the physics that underlies the subject. The development is primarily from first principles, requiring no advanced background material from either mathematics or physics. Through the Maple® applications, the reader is given tools for creating the shapes that are being studied. Thus, you can "see" a fluid rising up an inclined plane, create minimal surfaces from complex variables data, and investigate the "true" shape of a balloon. Oprea also includes descriptions of experiments and photographs that let you see real soap films on wire frames. The theory of minimal surfaces is a beautif...

  11. Optimal tree design for daylighting in residential buildings

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hongbing, Wang [College of Landscape Architecture, Beijing Forestry University, 35, East Qinghua Rd., Beijing (China); Shanghai Botanical Garden, 1111, Longwu Rd., Shanghai (China); Jun, Qin; Yonghong, Hu [Shanghai Botanical Garden, 1111, Longwu Rd., Shanghai (China); Li, Dong [College of Landscape Architecture, Beijing Forestry University, 35, East Qinghua Rd., Beijing (China)


    Urban reforestation is advocated as an efficient countermeasure to the intensification of urban heat islands. The greening and beautification of residential quarters is one of the main concerns of residents, while lighting and ventilation are two main energy-consuming building services. Hence, the tree layout in green space between buildings is important, and it is necessary to determine the relationships between trees and buildings. This study takes Shanghai as a case study to optimize tree design between residential buildings and meet good daylighting requirements. Models were made using software such as AutoCAD and SketchUp. The relationships between maximum tree height and building separation were determined. For the same building layout, there were different tree height limits according to crown shape; the order of decreasing height limits was cylindrical, conical, spherical, and inverted conical crowns. Three cases having different green space between building layouts were studied. Their maximum tree heights differed. Overall, our model helps us realize good daylighting of a building environment. The formula allows us to determine which trees to plant between buildings in that we can predict the effects of future tree growth on building daylighting. (author)

  12. 2016 textile listed companies operation of the first quarter of industry development has improved, the growth rate continued to rise%行业发展有所好转业绩增速持续回升--2016年一季度纺织上市公司运行分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The textile industry is a traditional pillar industry in China, and an important livelihood industry and create new advantages of the internationalization of the industry,which is also the integration of technology and fashion industry. The textile industry in the beautification of people's life and the development of related industries, stimulating domestic demands, the construction of ecological civilization, and enhance cultural self-confidence, plays an important role in promoting social harmony. The current the textile industry is facing two major challenges directly, on the one hand from the change of market environment and market demand is weakening, on the other hand, from the cost increase,there are “eight high”,such as transaction costs, taxes, labor, land, capital, energy, material flow and exchange rate of enterprise production cost. The deeper chalenge is: after years of rapid development on Chinese textile industry ,it is difficult to continue with the comparative advantage and the advantage of "investment" and "export oriented" development mode, the textile industry must enter the market orientation, structural adjustment, innovation driven and green development of the new stage, they need to find new energy industry development.

  13. Avoiding twisted pixels: ethical guidelines for the appropriate use and manipulation of scientific digital images. (United States)

    Cromey, Douglas W


    Digital imaging has provided scientists with new opportunities to acquire and manipulate data using techniques that were difficult or impossible to employ in the past. Because digital images are easier to manipulate than film images, new problems have emerged. One growing concern in the scientific community is that digital images are not being handled with sufficient care. The problem is twofold: (1) the very small, yet troubling, number of intentional falsifications that have been identified, and (2) the more common unintentional, inappropriate manipulation of images for publication. Journals and professional societies have begun to address the issue with specific digital imaging guidelines. Unfortunately, the guidelines provided often do not come with instructions to explain their importance. Thus they deal with what should or should not be done, but not the associated 'why' that is required for understanding the rules. This article proposes 12 guidelines for scientific digital image manipulation and discusses the technical reasons behind these guidelines. These guidelines can be incorporated into lab meetings and graduate student training in order to provoke discussion and begin to bring an end to the culture of "data beautification".

  14. The origins of Cenobitic Monasticism on Mount Pochayiv and the First Donations to the Monastery

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrzej Borkowski


    Full Text Available Mount Pochayiv became famous in Russia after the miraculous apparition of the Mother of God, which took place there. Presumably, already in 1240, monks from Kiev found refuge in nearby caves when fleeing the Tartar hordes. In 1559, the owner of these lands Anna Hojska provided funds for building an Orthodox monastery for the monks living in the caves and gave them a miraculous icon of the Mother of God. The most prominent abbot of the Pochayiv monastery was Job Zalizo. He was first elected exclusively by the monks as the new superior of the monastery, the fourth superior since the cenobitic rule was introduced in the monastery. The second prominent founder of the Pochayiv monastery were the Domaszewska family. Their efforts in the construction of the stone church, financial, land support and earth intended for the beautification and maintenance of the monastery, was to compensate for losses and damages applied by the magnate Firlej and the Cossack uprising. They wanted to prevent the total collapse and cessation of monastic life on Mount Pochayiv. For this reason, their names are so strongly emphasized in the history of the main spiritual center of Volyn.

  15. Detection of highly toxic elements (lead and chromium) in commercially available eyeliner (kohl) using laser induced break down spectroscopy (United States)

    Gondal, M. A.; Dastageer, M. A.; Al-Adel, F. F.; Naqvi, A. A.; Habibullah, Y. B.


    A sensitive laser induced breakdown spectroscopic system was developed and optimized for using it as a sensor for the detection of trace levels of lead and chromium present in the cosmetic eyeliner (kohl) of different price ranges (brands) available in the local market. Kohl is widely used in developing countries for babies as well adults for beautification as well eyes protection. The atomic transition lines at 405.7 nm and 425.4 nm were used as the marker lines for the detection of lead and chromium respectively. The detection system was optimized by finding the appropriate gate delay between the laser excitation and the data acquisition system and also by achieving optically thin plasma near the target by establishing the local thermodynamic equilibrium condition. The detection system was calibrated for these two hazardous elements and the kohl samples under investigation showed 8-15 ppm by mass of lead and 4-9 ppm by mass of Chromium, which are higher than the safe permissible levels of these elements. The limits of detection of the LIBS system for lead and chromium were found to be 1 and 2 ppm respectively.

  16. Oportunidades e transformação na cidade centro

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teresa Barata Salgueiro


    Full Text Available TRANSFORMATION AND OPPORTUNITIES IN THE INNER CITY. In this paper we wish to contribute towards the understanding of the built environment, transformation mainly in inner cities, in relation to the development of new social demands and new strategies for urban redevelopment. The main argument is based upon the technological-economic component of globalisation, discussed along two main axes (fig. 1. The former is related to the modification of cities’ economic base and their management; the latter concerns the movement of people and the emergence of new lifestyles. Population growth, which brings new residents and visitors to cities, and changes in postmodern consumers’ tastes, which are more concerned with the beautification of their surroundings, serve to influence the growth of the cultural economy and represent new opportunities for inner cities in terms of housing (gentrification, retail, urban revitalisation and events. Economic globalisation and the development of neoliberal ideologies allow for different forms of competitiveness between territories and change in political issues. The importance of economic issues in policy orientation, the development of entrepreneurial types of urban management and coalitions between the public and the private sectors are just some examples of the transformation behind the huge investments in the built environment’s transformation and re-imaging. Changes in urban management and governance strongly impact the real estate development of high quality projects.

  17. Beauty and healing: examining sociocultural expectations of the embodied goddess. (United States)

    Yeh, Jin-Tsann; Lin, Chyong-Ling


    Studies indicate mental health improvement can occur via religious communities offering social support and other resources. Many people from many cultures regard medicine as a supernatural or magical treatment that can somehow lead to a better state of living. In medical advertising, female role portrayal involves the blending of beauty, ritual and attractiveness in combination with the best product image. A Chinese saying suggests that, "A girl will doll herself up for him who loves her." Female role attraction is a very important ethical subject in gender issues. Moving forward in time, female role visualization and consumption in medical advertising reveal depictions that encouraged women to do some self-searching and find, or develop, inner strength. This study is designed to examine female role portrayals in a restricted patriarchal society. The results indicate that the ideology of motherhood is an accepted social orientation that the public readily identifies with. Results further indicate that beautification through medical products incorporates an emotional element of religious healing and that the objectification of beauty in the media reveals a possible neglect of women's internal beauty.

  18. Community Lenses Revealing the Role of Sociocultural Environment on Physical Activity. (United States)

    Belon, Ana Paula; Nieuwendyk, Laura M; Vallianatos, Helen; Nykiforuk, Candace I J


    To identify perceptions of how sociocultural environment enabled and hindered physical activity (PA) participation. Community-based participatory research. Two semirural and two urban communities located in Alberta, Canada. Thirty-five people (74.3% females, 71.4% aged 25-64 years) across the four communities. PhotoVoice activities occurred over 3 months during the spring of 2009. Participants were asked to document perceived environmental attributes that might foster or inhibit PA in their community. Photographs and narratives were shared in one-on-one interviews. Line-by-line coding of the transcripts was independently conducted by two researchers using an inductive approach. Codes were arranged into themes and subthemes, which were then organized into the Analysis Grid for Environments Linked to Obesity (ANGELO) framework. Six main themes (accompanied by subthemes) emerged: sociocultural aesthetics, safety, social involvement, PA motivation, cultural ideas of recreation, and car culture. Representative quotes and photographs illustrate enablers and obstacles identified by participants. This PhotoVoice study revealed how aspects of participants' sociocultural environments shaped their decisions to be physically active. Providing more PA resources is only one step in the promotion of supportive environments. Strategies should also account for the beautification and maintenance of communities, increasing feelings of safety, enhancement of social support among community members, popularization of PA, and mitigating car culture, among others.

  19. Research on Wushu Actions and Techniques Based on a Biomechanical Sensor System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xiaohong Wang


    Full Text Available Wushu actions and techniques is an index reflecting the differences in physical quality, basic skills and performance level between athletes. But the gap narrows because of the rapid development of sports events with high difficulty and aesthetic values. Thus, it is urgent to improve Wushu techniques and create new ones. This study measured and quantitatively analyzed Wushu actions and techniques using a biomechanical sensor and biomechanical theory, aiming to provide scientific guidance and technical support for the promotion and improvement of Wushu level and the enhancement of the visual sense and competitiveness of Wushu. In the study, the plantar pressure of a flying kick was measured using a Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF insole plantar pressure sensor. The data analysis suggested that the heel had little influence on take-off jumping and the load borne by the sole was the largest, which provided a quantitative basis for the innovation and beautification of the take-off action of the jumping kick and also suggested the design of the plantar pressure sensor was reasonable and feasible.

  20. City’s lost jewel. History of Cracow’a All Saints church till the end of XVI century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katarzyna Walczak


    Full Text Available One of the oldest churches in Krakow, dedicated to All Saints, was situated between Grodzka and Franciszkańska Street. It was build in the XIII century, could had been replacement church for first Cracow’s parish, which was transferred from Saint Trinity church. The name of All Saints church was mentioned for the first time in Vita S. Stanislai. The second time in 1278 his rector Arnold was noted. Most interesting fact is that in the Tables of Pence from 1325–1327 you can find two rectors, who had separate salary and were called rectors of wooden and brick churches. In 1490 church got a collegiate title. Than double rectory was liquidated and positions of provost and dean were established. Church was a place where Brotherhood of the Poor created by Bishop Zbigniew Oleśnicki used to work. Our knowledge of churches looks comes from iconography which was made when the building was already a ruin. According to those sources church had two naves, was oriented and had simply completed presbytery. The building had adhered tower, sacristy, treasure and chapel, called capella antiqua. Description of the interior of the church comes from 1599, when Jerzy Radziwiłł, Bishop of Cracow had visited it. According to the decision of the City Beautification Committee, the church was demolished in 1835, and church’s equipment was sold on auction. The tower survived till 1840, when it shared the fate of the rest of the building.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suzana Maria L.A. Fajarini


    Full Text Available Known as an adornment and beautification for womenin dancing costume, a scarf (selendang – Javanese/Indonesian in RonggengDukuhParuk and The Dancer has two contradictory meanings. On the one hand, it represents the shackle of the dancer, Srintil. On the other hand, the scarf can be a symbol of Srintil‘s dominance againstthe patriarchal system. As far as patriarchal society is concerned, subjugation towards women tends to occur. Believed to be born as a ronggeng dancer, Srintilgoes through oppressions since her early adolescent. However, employing Derrida‘s deconstruction theory, this paper will argue that Srintil attempts veryhard to achieve her liberation and to overturn the control. The swings of the scarf during the dancing denote the domination of the dancer‘s fated life and her self-determination as a woman. Under a strong influence of Javanese female negotiation, Srintil endeavors to liberate herself – although she is rendered to be unsuccessful – yet, there are some efforts done by her. Through some discussionthe readers are supposed to observe that Srintil– who is treated unjustly by patriarchal society– manipulativelyresists and fights for her freedom.

  2. Assessing The Current Status Of Solid Waste Management Of Gondar Town Ethiopia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammed Gedefaw


    Full Text Available Abstract Ethiopia is facing rapid urbanization leading to overcrowding and the development of slums and informal settlements with poor waste management practices. Urban dwellers generally consume more resources than rural dwellers and so generate huge quantities of solid wastes. This study is focused on the overall assessment of the existing MSWM service of Gondar town. The overall objective of this study was assessing the current solid waste management service of Gondar town. Both primary and secondary sources were used to achieve the objectives. The analysis of this study was carried out using both qualitative and quantitative techniques. The findings of this study revealed that the present system of MSWM in Gondar town entirely relied on the municipality which provided the full range of waste collection transportation and disposal service. But the provision of this service is not kept in pace with the town solid waste generation. Based on the findings of this study the town households dominantly produced biodegradable solid wastes with generation rate of 0.21kgpersonday. This made the daily total solid waste generation of households to be 8140Kg. Together with other four solid waste sources the total daily solid waste generation of the town is about 11660 kg. So that MSWM of the town is found in very low status and spatial coverage. This poor status of MSWM is also intensified by three critical factors i.e poor institutional structure and capacity of Sanitation and beautification limited participation and contribution of stakeholders and poor households solid waste management practices. This study concluded that there should be sustainable solid waste management systems reuse recycle composting and incineration through awareness creation and training improvement of SB institutional structure and capacity and implementation of integrated MSWM approach which recognizes and comprises all stakeholders in the town.

  3. Grassroots projects aimed at the built environment: Association with neighbourhood deprivation, land-use mix and injury risk to road users. (United States)

    Dubé, Anne Sophie; Beausoleil, Maude; Gosselin, Céline; Beaulme, Ginette; Paquin, Sophie; Pelletier, Anne; Goudreau, Sophie; Poirier, Marie-Hélène; Drouin, Louis; Gauvin, Lise


    1) To describe grassroots projects aimed at the built environment and associated with active transportation on the Island of Montreal; and 2) to examine associations between the number of projects and indicators of neighbourhood material and social deprivation and the built environment. We identified funding agencies and community groups conducting projects on built environments throughout the Island of Montreal. Through website consultation and a snowballing procedure, we inventoried projects that aimed at transforming built environments and that were carried out by community organizations between January 1, 2006, and November 1, 2010. We coded and validated information about project activities and created an interactive map using Geoclip software. Correlational analyses quantified associations between number of projects, neighbourhood characteristics and deprivation. A total of 134 community organizations were identified, and 183 grassroots projects were inventoried. A large number of projects were aimed at increasing awareness of/improving active or public transportation (n=95), improving road safety (n=84) and enhancing neighbourhood beautification and greening (n=69). The correlation between the presence of projects and the extent of neighbourhood material deprivation was small (Kendall's t=0.26, p<0.001), but in areas with greater social deprivation there were more projects (Kendall's t=0.38, p<0.001). Larger numbers of projects were also associated with the presence of more extensive land-use mix (Kendall's t=0.23, p<0.001) and a greater proportion of road intersections with injured pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicle users (Kendall's t=0.43, p<0.001). There is significant community mobilization around built environments and active transportation. Investigations of the implementation processes and impacts are warranted.

  4. [Lidocaine-containing hyaluronic acid filler on a CPM® basis for lip augmentation : Experience from clinical practice]. (United States)

    Fischer, T; Sattler, G; Gauglitz, G


    Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid fillers is an established procedure. As monophasic polydensified hyaluronic acid products with variable density CPM-HAL1 (Belotero® Balance Lidocaine) and CPM-HAL2 (Belotero® Intense Lidocaine) are qualified for beautification and particularly natural-looking rejuvenation, respectively. Assessment of handling and outcome of lip augmentation using the lidocaine-containing hyaluronic acid fillers CPM-HAL1 and CPM-HAL2. Data from patients who received lip augmentation by means of bautification and/or rejuvenation using CPM-HAL1 and/or CPM-HAL2 were documented. Observation period was 4 months, with assessment of natural outcome, evenness, handling, fluidity, distribution, malleability, tolerability, as well as patient satisfaction and pain. In total, 146 patients from 21 German centres participated. Physicians rated natural outcome and evenness as good or very good for > 95 % of patients. Handling, fluidity, distribution and malleability were assessed for both fillers as good or very good in > 91 % of patients. At every evaluation point, more than 93 % of patients were very or very much satisfied with the product. A total of 125 patients (85.6 %) experienced transient injection-related side effects. Pain intensity during the procedure was mild (2.72 ± 1.72 on the 0-10 pain assessment scale) and abated markedly within 30 min (0.42 ± 0.57). Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid fillers produced a long-term cosmetic result. Due to the lidocaine content, procedural pain was low and transient. Accordingly, a high degree of patient satisfaction was achieved that was maintained throughout the observation period.

  5. Groundwater Modeling in Coastal Arid Regions Under the Influence of Marine Saltwater Intrusion (United States)

    Walther, Marc; Kolditz, Olaf; Grundmann, Jens; Liedl, Rudolf


    the groundwater model, scenarios will be evaluated considering various target figures (i.e. agricultural water demand, drinking water supply, "beautification", tourism, industry etc.). Within these scenarios, marine saltwater encroachment should be minimized or saline groundwater should even be pushed back into the coastal direction, thus stabilizing the natural equilibrium between continental freshwater flux and seawater intrusion and ensuring a long-term, stable usage of the agricultural areas. Literature KOLDITZ O., DELFS J.-O., BÜRGER C.-M., BEINHORN M., PARK C.-H. (2008): Numerical analysis of coupled hydrosystems based on an object-oriented compartment approach. J. Hydroinformatics, 10(3): 227-244, DOI: 10.2166/hydro.2008.003.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fitriyah Nurul Hidayati Utami


    panel could increase landscape beautification

  7. Islam and tattooing: an old question, a new research topic

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Göran Larsson


    Full Text Available Most Muslim theologians have argued on the basis of the ḥadīth-literature that tattooing is ḥarām (forbidden, but it is nonetheless possible to find both historical and contemporary examples indicating that, at different times and in different places, this art was practiced by certain Islamic groups. With specific reference to washm,or tattooing, it has been well documented that certain Muslim groups (e.g., the Berbers and the Bedouins in places such as Africa, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and West Pakistan have used tattoos for beautification, prophylaxis and the prevention of disease. Among Islam’s lay populations, tattooing has been considered significant as a healing practice for a very long time despite the formal opinions of Islamic scholars and theologians. And while in more recent times these Muslim groups appear to have abandoned past notions about the function of tattoos, which had caused a certain waning of the practice, of late it has had a resurgence—although for reasons that differ from those of distant times. The rise of interest in tattoos among Muslims has been directly observed by a handful of contemporary researchers, and is indirectly indicated by the fact that many contemporary Muslim authorities have expressed growing concern about the practice.This development has been further spurred on by the fact that many Muslims are actively seeking advice and clarification about where Islam stands on the matter of tattoos. The aim of of this article is to sketch the background of the more formal theological discussion on tattooing (especially in the ḥadīth-literature. It also aims to examine a number of contemporary religious texts that specifically deal with Muslim theological opinions about this practice: what is considered to be the problem; and what types of arguments are employed by the selected theologians in their attempts to provide answers. Is it possible to see the renewed interest in tattoos as an example of the


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. Rwanyiziri


    Full Text Available This study was assessing the challenges and opportunities for managing Green Spaces (GS of the Urban Part of Kigali City (UPKC. To find out the GS classes and their threats, the land use classes were identified using GIS technologies. Its output was completed by the field visit, questionnaire survey, informal interviews and desk review of the existing environmental and biodiversity policies and laws. The land use assessment has shown that the built up areas is the most predominant and occupies 74.3%, while the green spaces occupy only 25.3% of the total areas of Urban Part of Kigali City (UPKC. Among the GS classes identified in UPKC, wetlands occupy about 62.6% of the total area of the GS, forests 25%, gardens that are combination of the road side trees, the roundabouts, and playgrounds occupy 12.4% of the total area of GS while the seasonal and perennial crops areas are not significant in the city. In addition, results have shown that GS play different roles in the city among others, the beautification of the city, the air purification and refreshment, waste water treatment, heat reduction, mind refreshment; act as habitat, food and corridors for a good number of animal, etc. Even though there is no specific law or policy to the urban GS management and protection, the Government of Rwanda (GoR has put in place a good number of opportunities that take them into consideration. Those include, (1 the governmental policies such as Environmental Policy, Biodiversity Policy, and Forest Policy; (2 the laws such as Organic Environmental Law and, (3 the plans such the master plans for the three districts that make Kigali City. Despite these opportunities, the management of GS in Kigali City is still facing some challenges that the Kigali City authorities are still trying to address. Those include the lack of policies on GS management, low level of awareness on GS management among local people, and the demographic pressure particularly caused by the

  9. An approach to link water resource management with landscape art to enhance its aesthetic appeal, ecological utility and social benefits (United States)

    Mukherjee, Anita; Sen, Somnath; Paul, Saikat Kumar


    Landscape art or land art is the discourse of scientific application of artistic skill to integrate man-made structures with the natural landscape for planning, design, management, preservation and rehabilitation of natural and built environment. It does beautification of the landscape enhancing its utility for habitats. Availability of water with acceptable quality is crucial for economic growth, social peace and equality and of course for environmental sustainability. Development of new and growth of existing urban and suburban units are obvious. It postulates the increase of population density and percent of the impervious area in an urban unit. The demand for water is increasing with progressive concentration of population, the volume and velocity of surface runoff increase and the travel time decreases. At the same time, an increase in the volume of gray water not only contaminate water bodies, it also reduces the quantity of available freshwater transforming a portion of blue and green water to gray one and would intensify the pressure on water resources of the area. Therefore, to meet the incremental pressure of demand for and pollution of water collection, treatment and reuse of wastewater, both sewage and storm water, are on the requirement to improve urban water security. People must be concerned not to stifle urban lives with concrete; rather must provide all basic amenities for achieving a higher standard of life than the previous one with the essence of natural green spaces. The objective of the study is to propose a conceptual design and planning guidelines for developing urban and suburban drainage network and reuse of surface runoff and sewage water utilizing less used natural water bodies, such as paleo-channels or lakes or moribund channels as retention or detention basin. In addition to wastewater management, the proposal serves to promote the aesthetics of environmental engagement, ecological utility and restoration of moribund channels

  10. Geoportal of the green zones in the city of Sumy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Наталя Бубир


    routes. It is also important that users can leave comments and suggestions to local authority about the current state of green areas and beautification of the city (town. It is indicated that creation of the city’s (town’s green zone geoportal will improve the accounting and registration of green areas of the city (town and their cartographic visualization. Promising in this study is the creation of a specialized geoportal of city’s green areas for official use only.

  11. Diagnóstico e intervención en escuelas desde la política de convivencia escolar y enfoque de derechos humanos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Luisa Arancibia Muñoz


    , implemented in educational institutions in the district of Chiguayante, in the framework of the fund to support the Community Management Plan Municipal Public Security. This project was part of a research design action as intended to contribute to the transformation and educational praxis. The most important results of the diagnostic phase of the school project realize toxic climates in schools, in terms of communication, conflict management, empathy and living spaces. From these findings are several interventions in schools following the guidelines of the policy of school life and the human rights approach. On line training key educational actors, circuit training was implemented in theoretical and practical mode with the teaching staff. Training spaces and reflection on school life for the student population were also generated in the line of awareness and dissemination to parents and guardians, gave information and tools on prevention of violence. On improving physical living spaces were built seating, mural design, beautification group classrooms and the construction of a meeting room for students. The most important conclusion about interventions based on the need to discuss and highlight the policy of coexistence in schools and on the other hand, the human rights approach is applied transversely in schools, trying to educate for peace, tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity.

  12. Visual encoding of a QR code using a Gaussian modulating function%利用高斯调变函数视觉编码QR码

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郭兴华; 朱小刚


    .Visually appealing codes incorporate high-level visual features,such as colors,letters,illustrations,or logos.Researchers have attempted to endow the QR code with aesthetic elements,and QR code beautification has been formulated as an optimization problem that minimizes visual perception distortion subject to an acceptable decoding rate.However,the visual quality of the QR code generated by existing methods still requires improvement.The key challenge is the lack of proper understanding or analytical formulations capturing the stability of QR codes under variations in lighting,camera specifications,and even perturbations to the QR codes.Patented and ill-documented algorithms employed to read QR codes cause further difficulties.Consequently,existing approaches are mostly ad hoc and often favor readability at the cost of reduced visual quality.Method This work presents an algorithm that visually encodes a QR code by synthesizing the conventional QR code with a theme image.This task is fulfilled by dividing the theme image into equal-sized non-overlapping blocks and modifying the average luminance of each block to its corresponding module type in the QR code by applying the well-designed Gaussian modulating function.In the Gaussian modulating function,standard deviation is dynamically determined according to the smoothness of the corresponding module block.The brightness of the central region of the modified module gradually changes along the circular and presents a smooth appearance and different sizes,which make it consistent with the human visual system.In addition,the size of the module's brightness-sensing region can be adjusted according to application scenarios and the sensitivity of the human eye to different noises.Result In the experimental stage,visually meaningful QR codes are synthesized by setting different parameters,and their correct decoding rate is tested.The optimal parameters are determined to ensure decoding reliability and make the QR code easily recognizable for