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  1. Naval submarine base Kings Bay and Bangor soil evaluations.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Holcomb, David Joseph; Patteson, Raymond; Wesenberg, Donald L.; Attaway, Stephen W.


    This report provides soil evaluation and characterization testing for the submarine bases at Kings Bay, Georgia, and Bangor, Washington, using triaxial testing at high confining pressures with different moisture contents. In general, the samples from the Bangor and Kings Bay sites appeared to be stronger than a previously used reference soil. Assuming the samples of the material were representative of the material found at the sites, they should be adequate for use in the planned construction. Since soils can vary greatly over even a small site, a soil specification for the construction contractor would be needed to insure that soil variations found at the site would meet or exceed the requirements. A suggested specification for the Bangor and Kings Bay soils was presented based on information gathered from references plus data obtained from this study, which could be used as a basis for design by the construction contractor.

  2. 33 CFR 334.370 - Chesapeake Bay, Lynnhaven Roads; danger zones, U.S. Naval Amphibious Base. (United States)


    ...; danger zones, U.S. Naval Amphibious Base. 334.370 Section 334.370 Navigation and Navigable Waters CORPS OF ENGINEERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DANGER ZONE AND RESTRICTED AREA REGULATIONS § 334.370 Chesapeake Bay, Lynnhaven Roads; danger zones, U.S. Naval Amphibious Base....

  3. Updated Fiscal Impact Analysis, Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, Georgia (United States)


    It also uses the grade structure of the inmigrating Navy personnel to 4-3- calculate the salaries that will be brought to the area. The population and...of inmigrants who wish to work. The FIA model treats the labor market as a dynamic condition that varies with base load-up and multiplier changes...Florida and Georgia (see the map on Figure 1-1). The selection of these counties was based on preliminary information about where the inmigrating

  4. Updated Fiscal Impact Analysis for the Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, Georgia. Technical Appendices (United States)


    any person wishing to enter the labor force. Thus, the only existing labor supply is actually the inflow of spouses of inmigrants who wish to work...The existing labor supply for the Kings Bay expansion is calculated in the model by assuming that 60 percent of the spouses of inmigrants who wish The existing labor supply for the Kings Bay expansion is calculated in the model by assuming that 60 percent of the spouses of inmigrants from the

  5. 33 CFR 334.930 - Anaheim Bay Harbor, Calif.; Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach. (United States)


    ... Weapons Station, Seal Beach. 334.930 Section 334.930 Navigation and Navigable Waters CORPS OF ENGINEERS... Bay Harbor, Calif.; Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach. (a) The restricted area. The water of Anaheim Bay Harbor between the east and west jetties at the United States Naval Weapons Station, Seal...

  6. 33 CFR 334.102 - Sandy Hook Bay, Naval Weapons Station EARLE, Piers and Terminal Channel, restricted area... (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Sandy Hook Bay, Naval Weapons... DANGER ZONE AND RESTRICTED AREA REGULATIONS § 334.102 Sandy Hook Bay, Naval Weapons Station EARLE, Piers..., shall be enforced by the Commanding Officer, Naval Weapons Station Earle, and/or other persons...

  7. 33 CFR 334.220 - Chesapeake Bay, south of Tangier Island, Va.; naval firing range. (United States)


    ... Island, Va.; naval firing range. 334.220 Section 334.220 Navigation and Navigable Waters CORPS OF....220 Chesapeake Bay, south of Tangier Island, Va.; naval firing range. (a) The danger zone. Beginning... the range will be conducted intermittently by one or more vessels, depending on weather and...

  8. 33 CFR 334.70 - Buzzards Bay, and adjacent waters, Mass.; danger zones for naval operations. (United States)


    ..., Mass.; danger zones for naval operations. 334.70 Section 334.70 Navigation and Navigable Waters CORPS OF ENGINEERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DANGER ZONE AND RESTRICTED AREA REGULATIONS § 334.70 Buzzards Bay, and adjacent waters, Mass.; danger zones for naval operations. (a)...

  9. 33 CFR 334.800 - Corpus Christi Bay, Tex.; seaplane restricted area, U.S. Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Corpus Christi Bay, Tex.; seaplane restricted area, U.S. Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi. 334.800 Section 334.800 Navigation and... RESTRICTED AREA REGULATIONS § 334.800 Corpus Christi Bay, Tex.; seaplane restricted area, U.S. Naval...

  10. 33 CFR 334.380 - Atlantic Ocean south of entrance to Chesapeake Bay off Dam Neck, Virginia; naval firing range. (United States)


    ... to Chesapeake Bay off Dam Neck, Virginia; naval firing range. 334.380 Section 334.380 Navigation and..., Virginia; naval firing range. (a) The danger zone. All of the water within a sector extending seaward a...) nautical miles. (3) Firing on the ranges will be suspended as long as any vessel is within the danger...

  11. 33 CFR 334.760 - Naval Support Activity Panama City and Alligator Bayou, a tributary of St. Andrew Bay, Fla... (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Naval Support Activity Panama City and Alligator Bayou, a tributary of St. Andrew Bay, Fla.; naval restricted area. 334.760 Section 334.760 Navigation and Navigable Waters CORPS OF ENGINEERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DANGER ZONE AND RESTRICTED AREA REGULATIONS...

  12. 33 CFR 334.170 - Chesapeake Bay, in the vicinity of Chesapeake Beach, Md.; firing range, Naval Research Laboratory. (United States)


    ... of Chesapeake Beach, Md.; firing range, Naval Research Laboratory. 334.170 Section 334.170 Navigation... RESTRICTED AREA REGULATIONS § 334.170 Chesapeake Bay, in the vicinity of Chesapeake Beach, Md.; firing range... on the west by the shore of Chesapeake Bay. (2) Area B. The sector of a circle bounded by radii of...

  13. 33 CFR 334.1190 - Hood Canal and Dabob Bay, Wash.; naval non-explosive torpedo testing area. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Hood Canal and Dabob Bay, Wash.; naval non-explosive torpedo testing area. 334.1190 Section 334.1190 Navigation and Navigable Waters CORPS OF ENGINEERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DANGER ZONE AND RESTRICTED AREA REGULATIONS § 334.1190 Hood Canal and Dabob...

  14. Agent-based analysis and simulation of meta-reasoning processes in strategic naval planning

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hoogendoorn, M.; Jonker, C.M.; Maanen, P.P. van; Treur, J.


    This paper presents analysis and simulation of meta-reasoning processes based on an agent-based meta-level architecture for strategic reasoning in naval planning. The architecture was designed as a generic agent model and instantiated with decision knowledge acquired from naval domain experts and wa

  15. Numerical simulation of groundwater flow at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Naval Base Kitsap, Bremerton, Washington (United States)

    Jones, Joseph L.; Johnson, Kenneth H.; Frans, Lonna M.


    Information about groundwater-flow paths and locations where groundwater discharges at and near Puget Sound Naval Shipyard is necessary for understanding the potential migration of subsurface contaminants by groundwater at the shipyard. The design of some remediation alternatives would be aided by knowledge of whether groundwater flowing at specific locations beneath the shipyard will eventually discharge directly to Sinclair Inlet of Puget Sound, or if it will discharge to the drainage system of one of the six dry docks located in the shipyard. A 1997 numerical (finite difference) groundwater-flow model of the shipyard and surrounding area was constructed to help evaluate the potential for groundwater discharge to Puget Sound. That steady-state, multilayer numerical model with homogeneous hydraulic characteristics indicated that groundwater flowing beneath nearly all of the shipyard discharges to the dry-dock drainage systems, and only shallow groundwater flowing beneath the western end of the shipyard discharges directly to Sinclair Inlet.Updated information from a 2016 regional groundwater-flow model constructed for the greater Kitsap Peninsula was used to update the 1997 groundwater model of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. That information included a new interpretation of the hydrogeologic units underlying the area, as well as improved recharge estimates. Other updates to the 1997 model included finer discretization of the finite-difference model grid into more layers, rows, and columns, all with reduced dimensions. This updated Puget Sound Naval Shipyard model was calibrated to 2001–2005 measured water levels, and hydraulic characteristics of the model layers representing different hydrogeologic units were estimated with the aid of state-of-the-art parameter optimization techniques.The flow directions and discharge locations predicted by this updated model generally match the 1997 model despite refinements and other changes. In the updated model, most

  16. 33 CFR 334.610 - Key West Harbor, at U.S. Naval Base, Key West, Fla.; naval restricted areas and danger zone. (United States)


    ... Base, Key West, Fla.; naval restricted areas and danger zone. 334.610 Section 334.610 Navigation and Navigable Waters CORPS OF ENGINEERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DANGER ZONE AND... areas and danger zone. (a) The areas. (1) All waters within 100 yards of the south shoreline of...

  17. Health of the coral reefs at the US Navy Base, Guantánamo Bay, Cuba: a preliminary report based on isotopic records from gorgonians. (United States)

    Risk, Michael J; Burchell, Meghan; Brunton, Dalston A; McCord, Michael R


    Specimens of the gorgonian Plexaura homomalla were sampled from several areas along the fringing reefs fronting the United States Naval Base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Sample coverage extended from apparently healthy reefs in oceanic waters to declining reefs located in the plume of the drainage from upper parts of Guantánamo Bay. Tentacle tips were excised, and trunk sections were cut and polished. Stable isotope ratios of nitrogen (δ(15)N) and carbon indicate a strong correlation of reef health with proximity to the plume of the river. Of all the worldwide cases in which land-based sources of pollution have impacted reefs, this one may well be the most intractable. The US Navy has jurisdiction over the reefs, with the obligation to protect them, yet the threat comes down the river from Cuba.

  18. 78 FR 72025 - Security Zones; Naval Base Point Loma; Naval Mine Anti Submarine Warfare Command; San Diego Bay... (United States)


    ... to the construction near their current pens. This project has been well advertised in the local.... Protection of Children We have analyzed this rule under Executive Order 13045, Protection of Children from... create an environmental risk to health or risk to safety that may disproportionately affect children....

  19. 33 CFR 334.300 - Hampton Roads and Willoughby Bay, Norfolk Naval Base, naval restricted area, Norfolk, Virginia. (United States)


    ... easterly to latitude 36°57′52″ N, longitude 76°19′35″ W; thence to latitude 36°57′47.7″ N, 76°18′57″ W; thence southeasterly to latitude 36°57′26″ N, longitude 76°18′42″ W; thence easterly to latitude 36°57′26... eastern limit of Norfolk Harbor Channel to latitude 36°57′52″ N, longitude 76°20′00″ W; thence easterly...

  20. Simulation of Naval Guns' Breechblock System Dynamics Based on ADAMS (United States)

    Tan, Bo; Liu, Hui-Min; Liu, Kai

    In order to study the dynamical characteristics of the breechblock system during gun firing, a virtual prototype model was established based on ADAMS, in which motion and force transmission among mechanisms are realized by collision. By simulation, kinematics and dynamics properties of main components are obtained, and the relationships between the motion of breechblock and the position of breechblock opening plate are analyzed. According to the simulation results, the collision among the breechblock opening plate and the roller is discontinuous, which may make the breechblock system fail to hitch the breechblock reliably. And within allowable scope of the structure, the breechblock opening template should be installed near the upside as much as possible.

  1. Human factors in the Naval Air Systems Command: Computer based training

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Seamster, T.L.; Snyder, C.E.; Terranova, M.; Walker W.J.; Jones, D.T.


    Military standards applied to the private sector contracts have a substantial effect on the quality of Computer Based Training (CBT) systems procured for the Naval Air Systems Command. This study evaluated standards regulating the following areas in CBT development and procurement: interactive training systems, cognitive task analysis, and CBT hardware. The objective was to develop some high-level recommendations for evolving standards that will govern the next generation of CBT systems. One of the key recommendations is that there be an integration of the instructional systems development, the human factors engineering, and the software development standards. Recommendations were also made for task analysis and CBT hardware standards. (9 refs., 3 figs.)

  2. Trusted dynamic level scheduling based on Bayes trust model

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Wei; ZENG GuoSun


    A kind of trust mechanism-based task scheduling model was presented. Referring to the trust relationship models of social persons, trust relationship is built among Grid nodes, and the trustworthiness of nodes is evaluated by utilizing the Bayes method. Integrating the trustworthiness of nodes into a Dynamic Level Scheduling (DLS) algorithm, the Trust-Dynamic Level Scheduling (Trust-DLS) algorithm is proposed. Theoretical analysis and simulations prove that the Trust-DLS algorithm can efficiently meet the requirement of Grid tasks in trust, sacrificing fewer time costs, and assuring the execution of tasks in a security way in Grid environment.

  3. An Overseas Naval Presence without Overseas Bases: China’s Counter-piracy Operation in the Gulf of Aden

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susanne Kamerling


    Full Text Available This article aims to assess how China is using its navy to secure its interests in the Gulf of Aden, and what this means for the European Union. The analysis of how China’s naval presence in the Gulf of Aden has evolved since early 2009 suggests that China’s increasing interests and involvement in Africa do not necessarily lead to the establishment of Chinese naval bases in or close to the continent. To supply its ships, the Chinese navy may well continue using the commercial-diplomatic model that China has been developing. This model is based on China’s close diplomatic relations with countries in the region and the extensive presence of Chinese companies to whom logistical services can be outsourced and who are under a greater degree of state influence than most Western multinationals. One of the consequences of this approach is that although China may not establish overseas military bases, it may be able to keep expanding its naval presence in or around Africa.

  4. The Sea of Simulation : Improving Naval Shiphandling Training and Readiness through Game-Based Learning


    Reber, Ethan A.; Bernard, Benjamin J.


    Approved for public release, distribution unlimited Currently, a gap exists between seminar-style shiphandling training and higher fidelity simulations available to the U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Officer (SWO). There is currently no individually accessible, low cost, intermediate level, interactive modality shiphandling resource that would allow SWOs to practice shiphandling skills without requiring instructor oversight. A student research team from the Naval Postgraduate Schools MOVES Inst...

  5. Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC) at Naval Base Guam: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Acquisition Strategy (United States)


    Renewable energy is a recognized effective means of conservation. The present is an era of significant advancement in renewable energy capabilities, a significant number of naval facilities, and it provides a significant contribution towards meeting the Secretary of the Navy???s renewable energy ...provides a significant contribution towards meeting the Secretary of the Navy’s renewable energy goals. THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK ii NPS-AM-14

  6. Efficient Bayes-Adaptive Reinforcement Learning using Sample-Based Search

    CERN Document Server

    Guez, Arthur; Dayan, Peter


    Bayesian model-based reinforcement learning is a formally elegant approach to learning optimal behaviour under model uncertainty. In this setting, a Bayes-optimal policy captures the ideal trade-off between exploration and exploitation. Unfortunately, finding Bayes-optimal policies is notoriously taxing due to the enormous search space in the augmented belief-state MDP. In this paper we exploit recent advances in sample-based planning, based on Monte-Carlo tree search, to introduce a tractable method for approximate Bayes-optimal planning. Unlike prior work in this area, we avoid expensive applications of Bayes rule within the search tree, by lazily sampling models from the current beliefs. Our approach outperformed prior Bayesian model-based RL algorithms by a significant margin on several well-known benchmark problems.

  7. Approximate Bayes Estimators of the Logistic Distribution Parameters Based on Progressive Type-II Censoring Scheme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed


    Full Text Available In this paper we develop approximate Bayes estimators of the parameters,reliability, and hazard rate functions of the Logistic distribution by using Lindley’sapproximation, based on progressively type-II censoring samples. Noninformativeprior distributions are used for the parameters. Quadratic, linexand general Entropy loss functions are used. The statistical performances of theBayes estimates relative to quadratic, linex and general entropy loss functionsare compared to those of the maximum likelihood based on simulation study.

  8. Decision Bayes Criteria for Optimal Classifier Based on Probabilistic Measures

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Wissal Drira; Faouzi Ghorbel


    This paper addresses the high dimension sample problem in discriminate analysis under nonparametric and supervised assumptions. Since there is a kind of equivalence between the probabilistic dependence measure and the Bayes classification error probability, we propose to use an iterative algorithm to optimize the dimension reduction for classification with a probabilistic approach to achieve the Bayes classifier. The estimated probabilities of different errors encountered along the different phases of the system are realized by the Kernel estimate which is adjusted in a means of the smoothing parameter. Experiment results suggest that the proposed approach performs well.

  9. 20 CFR 404.111 - When we consider a person fully insured based on World War II active military or naval service. (United States)


    ... on World War II active military or naval service. 404.111 Section 404.111 Employees' Benefits SOCIAL... States during World War II; (b) The person died within three years after separation from service and... Quarters of Coverage Fully Insured Status § 404.111 When we consider a person fully insured based on...

  10. Geothermal energy at Long Beach Naval Shipyard and Naval Station and at Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station, California. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Higgins, C.T.; Chapman, R.H.


    The purpose of this project was to determine and evaluate sources of geothermal energy at two military bases in southern California, the Long Beach Naval Shipyard and Naval Station and the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station. One part of the project focused on the natural geothermal characteristics beneath the naval bases. Another part focused on the geothermal energy produced by oilfield operations on and adjacent to each base. Results of the study are presented here for the US Department of the Navy to use in its program to reduce its reliance on petrolem by the development of different sources of energy. The study was accomplished under a cooperative agreement between the US Department of Energy's San Francisco Operations Office and the Department of the Navy's Naval Weapons Center, China Lake, California, for joint research and development of geothermal energy at military installations.

  11. Red Tide Information Extraction Based on Multi-source Remote Sensing Data in Haizhou Bay

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    [Objective] The aim was to extract red tide information in Haizhou Bay on the basis of multi-source remote sensing data.[Method] Red tide in Haizhou Bay was studied based on multi-source remote sensing data,such as IRS-P6 data on October 8,2005,Landsat 5-TM data on May 20,2006,MODIS 1B data on October 6,2006 and HY-1B second-grade data on April 22,2009,which were firstly preprocessed through geometric correction,atmospheric correction,image resizing and so on.At the same time,the synchronous environment mon...

  12. Targeting Net Zero Energy at Marine Corps Base Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii: Assessment and Recommendations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Burman, K.; Kandt, A.; Lisell, L.; Booth, S.; Walker, A.; Roberts, J.; Falcey, J.


    DOD's U.S. Pacific Command has partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to assess opportunities for increasing energy security through renewable energy and energy efficiency in Hawaii installations. NREL selected Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH), Kaneohe Bay to receive technical support for net zero energy assessment and planning funded through the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI). NREL performed a comprehensive assessment to appraise the potential of MCBH Kaneohe Bay to achieve net zero energy status through energy efficiency, renewable energy, and electric vehicle integration. This report summarizes the results of the assessment and provides energy recommendations.

  13. Paleoenvironmental interpretation of the Plio-Pleistocene Kallithea Bay Section, Rhodes, Greece, based on Ostracods

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hastrup, Annette; Thomsen, Erik


    The Plio-Pleistocene deposits exposed in the Kallithea Bay section on the eastern coast of Rhodes comprise an overall transgressive sequence ranging from brackish water sand and gravel at the base to deep-water marl at the top. Variations in the distribution of ostracods were investigated in 41 s...

  14. Experts' Knowledge Fusion in Model-Based Diagnosis Based on Bayes Networks

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邓勇; 施文康


    In previous researches on a model-based diagnostic system, the components are assumed mutually independent. Howerver , the assumption is not always the case because the information about whether a component is faulty or not usually influences our knowledge about other components. Some experts may draw such a conclusion that "if component m1 is faulty, then component m2 may be faulty too". How can we use this experts' knowledge to aid the diagnosis? Based on Kohlas's probabilistic assumption-based reasoning method, we use Bayes networks to solve this problem. We calculate the posterior fault probability of the components in the observation state. The result is reasonable and reflects the effectiveness of the experts' knowledge.

  15. Targeting Net Zero Energy at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay: Preprint

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Burman, K.; Kandt, A.; Lisell, L.; Booth, S.


    This paper summarizes the results of an NREL assessment of Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH), Kaneohe Bay to appraise the potential of achieving net zero energy status through energy efficiency, renewable energy, and hydrogen vehicle integration. In 2008, the U.S. Department of Defense's U.S. Pacific Command partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to assess opportunities for increasing energy security through renewable energy and energy efficiency at Hawaii military installations. DOE selected Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH), Kaneohe Bay, to receive technical support for net zero energy assessment and planning funded through the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI). NREL performed a comprehensive assessment to appraise the potential of MCBH Kaneohe Bay to achieve net zero energy status through energy efficiency, renewable energy, and hydrogen vehicle integration. This paper summarizes the results of the assessment and provides energy recommendations. The analysis shows that MCBH Kaneohe Bay has the potential to make significant progress toward becoming a net zero installation. Wind, solar photovoltaics, solar hot water, and hydrogen production were assessed, as well as energy efficiency technologies. Deploying wind turbines is the most cost-effective energy production measure. If the identified energy projects and savings measures are implemented, the base will achieve a 96% site Btu reduction and a 99% source Btu reduction. Using excess wind and solar energy to produce hydrogen for a fleet and fuel cells could significantly reduce energy use and potentially bring MCBH Kaneohe Bay to net zero. Further analysis with an environmental impact and interconnection study will need to be completed. By achieving net zero status, the base will set an example for other military installations, provide environmental benefits, reduce costs, increase energy security, and exceed its energy goals and mandates.

  16. An Economic Basis for Littoral Land-Based Production of Low Carbon Fuel from Renewable Electrical Energy and Seawater for Naval Use: Diego Garcia Evaluation (United States)


    Based Production of Low Carbon Fuel from Renewable Electrical Energy and Seawater for Naval Use: Diego Garcia Evaluation Heather D. Willauer, Dennis R...difficult challenges to the U.S. Navy for the future production of low carbon fuel from renewable electrical energy from photovoltaic (PV) arrays and...gallons of fuel delivered annually to Diego Garcia. Using published capital cost estimates and a range of solar and wind renewable electrical energy

  17. Culture-based Identification Of Microcystin-Degrading Bacteria In the Sandusky Bay and Maumee Bay of Lake Erie (United States)

    Ormiston, A.; Mou, X.


    Harmful cyanobacteria blooms (cyanoHABs) are a serious issue that affects wildlife, human health, recreation and local economics worldwide. CyanoHABs produce cyanotoxins, such as microcystins (MCs) that lead to skin irritation, illness and liver tumors. Bacterially mediated degradation of MCs plays a key role to transform these toxic substrates to less harmful metabolites in natural environments. However, only a few Sphingomonos species have been isolated for degradation of MCs and many of which are from other habitats such as water plants. This project aims to isolate and identify bacteria that can degrade MC-LR and MC-RR, two major forms of MCs found during cyanoHABs in Lake Erie. Water samples were collected from the surface of Sandusky Bay and Maumee Bay of Lake Erie and immediately filtered through 3.0 -μm-pore-size membrane filters to obtain bacterioplankton fraction. The filtrates were amended with excessive inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus compounds and incubated in the dark for a week to purposely establish a carbon-limited condition. Afterwards, enrichment microcosms were established in flasks filled with pre-incubated bacterioplankton and single MC compounds (final concentration 10 μM). Once cell growth was confirmed by flow cytometry-based cell counting, bacterial cells in enriched microcosms were transferred onto solid surfaces, i.e., GFF filter and noble agar for colony isolation. Obtained single colonies were inoculated in defined liquid media with MCs as single carbon source. DNA was extracted from each purified isolate and analyzed by restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis (RFLP). A total of 18 different RFLP banding patterns were found, indicating MC-degrading bacteria may be heterogeneous in studied water samples. 16S rRNA genes of selected bacterial isolates were PCR amplified and sequenced for taxonomic identification. Our results demonstrated that MCs can be degraded by multiple bacterial species in Lake Erie. Future directions

  18. Battle of Midway Memorial Dinner, Monterey Bay Commandery, NOUS tickets


    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.)


    Web page capture of tickets to the Battle of Midway Memorial Dinner through Eventbrite. The Monterey Bay Commandery of the Naval Order of the United States will host the 73 Battle of Midway Dining-Out on Saturday 6 June at the Naval Support Activity, Monterey, Herrmann Hall, Naval Postgraduate School. This black-tie event is open to the all active and retired service members, military faculty, and civilians. Guests holding confirmed reservations will have gate access the evenin...

  19. A fugacity based multimedia environmental fate model of organic contaminants in Massachusetts Bay

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Keys, D.; Shea, D. [North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh, NC (United States)


    A new sewage outfall is being constructed in Massachusetts Bay as part of the pollution abatement program in Boston Harbor. Previous models of potential environmental impact from the new sewage outfall in Massachusetts Bay have either relied upon hydrodynamic transport models that assume conservative behavior of the contaminants or on non-quantitative conceptual models of non-conservative behavior. The authors have found that a more quantitative mass balance model is necessary to better predict contaminant exposure resulting from effluent discharge through the new outfall. Hence, the authors have developed a time-variant, multimedia environmental model of organic contaminants in the air, water, and sediment phases of Massachusetts Bay. This model is based on the fugacity approach developed by Donald Mackay and is a level 4 unsteady-state model that includes flows through the system. Advection, reaction, and intermedia transport processes are incorporated into the model as first order rate processes and parameters for the model include environmental parameters, physical-chemical properties, contaminant loading estimates from major sources, and transport parameters. The model was applied to several organic contaminants found in Massachusetts Bay water and sediment: naphthalene, benzo(a)pyrene, fluoranthene, dieldrin, 4,4{prime}-DDT, and the polychlorinated biphenyl C16(153). Model output includes a steady-state bay-wide average of water and sediment concentrations, relative distribution of mass after one month at steady state, time to reach steady-state, and residence times. The calculated steady-state concentrations were compared to recent observed values. In addition, sensitivity analysis of the model was performed to indicate which model parameters are most sensitive to perturbation.

  20. A Bayes fusion method based ensemble classification approach for Brown cloud application

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Classification is a recurrent task of determining a target function that maps each attribute set to one of the predefined class labels. Ensemble fusion is one of the suitable classifier model fusion techniques which combine the multiple classifiers to perform high classification accuracy than individual classifiers. The main objective of this paper is to combine base classifiers using ensemble fusion methods namely Decision Template, Dempster-Shafer and Bayes to compare the accuracy of the each fusion methods on the brown cloud dataset. The base classifiers like KNN, MLP and SVM have been considered in ensemble classification in which each classifier with four different function parameters. From the experimental study it is proved, that the Bayes fusion method performs better classification accuracy of 95% than Decision Template of 80%, Dempster-Shaferof 85%, in a Brown Cloud image dataset.

  1. Evaluation of geophysical logs, Phase II, at Willow Grove Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (United States)

    Conger, Randall W.


    Between March and April 1998, the U.S. Navy contracted Tetra Tech NUS Inc., to drill two monitor wells in the Stockton Formation at the Willow Grove Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Horsham Township, Montgomery County, Pa. The wells MG-1634 and MG-1635 were installed to monitor water levels and sample contaminants in the shallow, intermediate, and deep water-producing zones of the fractured bedrock. Chemical analyses of the samples will help determine the horizontal and vertical distribution of any contaminated ground water migrating from known contaminant sources. Wells were drilled near the Fire Training Area (Site 5). Depths of all boreholes range from 69 to 149 feet below land surface. The U.S. Geological Survey conducted borehole geophysical logging and video surveys to identify water-producing zones in newly drilled monitor wells MG-1634 and MG-1635 and in wells MG-1675 and MG-1676. The logging was conducted from March 5, 1998, to April 16, 1998. This work is a continuation of the Phase I work. Caliper logs and video surveys were used to locate fractures; inflections on fluid-temperature and fluid-resistivity logs were used to locate possible water-producing fractures. Heatpulse-flowmeter measurements were used to verify the locations of water-producing or water-receiving zones and to measure rates of flow between water-bearing fractures. Single-point-resistance and natural-gamma logs provided information on stratigraphy. After interpretation of geophysical logs, video surveys, and driller's notes, wells MG-1634 and MG-1635 were screened such that water-levels fluctuations could be monitored and discrete water samples collected from one or more water-producing zones in each borehole.

  2. The Sea of Simulation: Improving Naval Shiphandling Training and Readiness through Game-Based Learning (United States)


    V2 system is installed at FCAs and other central training locations. The system is comprised of a generic bridge mockup with 240 degrees of...the experiment to complete a voluntary web based survey on SurveyMonkey after completing and detaching from their SWOI course of instruction

  3. Technique Based on Image Pyramid and Bayes Rule for Noise Reduction in Unsupervised Change Detection

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI Zhi-qiang; HUO hong; FANG Tao; ZHU Ju-lian; GE Wei-li


    In this paper, a technique based on image pyramid and Bayes rule for reducing noise effects in unsupervised change detection is proposed. By using Gaussian pyramid to process two multitemporal images respectively, two image pyramids are constructed. The difference pyramid images are obtained by point-by-point subtraction between the same level images of the two image pyramids. By resizing all difference pyramid images to the size of the original multitemporal image and then making product operator among them, a map being similar to the difference image is obtained. The difference image is generated by point-by-point subtraction between the two multitemporal images directly. At last, the Bayes rule is used to distinguish the changed pixels. Both synthetic and real data sets are used to evaluate the performance of the proposed technique. Experimental results show that the map from the proposed technique is more robust to noise than the difference image.

  4. Using Net-Zero Energy Projects to Enable Sustainable Economic Redevelopment at the Former Brunswick Air Naval Base

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Huffman, S.


    A Study Prepared in Partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency for the RE-Powering America's Land Initiative: Siting Renewable Energy on Potentially Contaminated Land and Mine Sites. The Brunswick Naval Air Station is a naval air facility and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Super Fund site that is being cleaned up, and closed down. The objective of this report is not only to look at the economics of individual renewable energy technologies, but also to look at the systemic benefits that can be gained when cost-effective renewable energy technologies are integrated with other systems and businesses in a community; thus multiplying the total monetary, employment, and quality-of-life benefits they can provide to a community.

  5. 32 CFR 770.31 - List of major naval installations in the State of Hawaii and cognizant commanders authorized to... (United States)


    ..., Pearl Harbor complex, and the waters of Pearl Harbor). Contact: Commander, Naval Base, Pearl Harbor, HI 96860. (2) Naval Western Oceanography Center, Pearl Harbor. Contact: Commanding Officer, Naval Western Oceanography Center, Box 113, Pearl Harbor, HI 96860. (3) Naval Air Station, Barbers Point. Contact:...

  6. View Based Methods can achieve Bayes-Optimal 3D Recognition

    CERN Document Server

    Breuel, Thomas M


    This paper proves that visual object recognition systems using only 2D Euclidean similarity measurements to compare object views against previously seen views can achieve the same recognition performance as observers having access to all coordinate information and able of using arbitrary 3D models internally. Furthermore, it demonstrates that such systems do not require more training views than Bayes-optimal 3D model-based systems. For building computer vision systems, these results imply that using view-based or appearance-based techniques with carefully constructed combination of evidence mechanisms may not be at a disadvantage relative to 3D model-based systems. For computational approaches to human vision, they show that it is impossible to distinguish view-based and 3D model-based techniques for 3D object recognition solely by comparing the performance achievable by human and 3D model-based systems.}

  7. Communities recognition in the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem by dynamical clustering algorithms based on different oscillators systems

    CERN Document Server

    Pluchino, Alessandro; Latora, Vito


    We have recently introduced an efficient method for the detection and identification of modules in complex networks, based on the de-synchronization properties (dynamical clustering) of phase oscillators. In this paper we apply the dynamical clustering tecnique to the identification of communities of marine organisms living in the Chesapeake Bay food web. We show that our algorithm is able to perform a very reliable classification of the real communities existing in this ecosystem by using different kinds of dynamical oscillators. We compare also our results with those of other methods for the detection of community structures in complex networks.

  8. Module bay with directed flow (United States)

    Torczynski, John R.


    A module bay requires less cleanroom airflow. A shaped gas inlet passage can allow cleanroom air into the module bay with flow velocity preferentially directed toward contaminant rich portions of a processing module in the module bay. Preferential gas flow direction can more efficiently purge contaminants from appropriate portions of the module bay, allowing a reduced cleanroom air flow rate for contaminant removal. A shelf extending from an air inlet slit in one wall of a module bay can direct air flowing therethrough toward contaminant-rich portions of the module bay, such as a junction between a lid and base of a processing module.

  9. Geothermal energy at Long Beach Naval Shipyard and Naval Station and at Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station, California. Final Report 1

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Higgins, C.T.; Chapman, R.H.


    The purpose of this project was to determine and evaluate sources of geothermal energy at two military bases in southern California, the Long Beach Naval Shipyard and Naval Station and the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station. One part of the project focused on the natural geothermal characteristics beneath the naval bases. Another part focused on the geothermal energy produced by oilfield operations on and adjacent to each base. Results of the study are presented here for the US Department of the Navy to use in its program to reduce its reliance on petroleum by the development of different sources of energy. The project required research of various reports and data, both published and unpublished, particularly those of the California Department of Conservation, Division of Oil and Gas and of oil companies with leases on or adjacent to the naval bases. Important field investigations included the measurement of well-head temperatures of fluids produced from selected oil wells at each naval base and a detailed gravity survey of the Seal Beach naval base and vicinity. The well-head temperatures were needed to evaluate individual wells as sources of geothermal energy, while the gravity survey attempted to discover subsurface geologic structures that might contain geothermal fluids of temperatures higher than those predicted by the regional geothermal conditions.

  10. Numerical study on pollutant transport in Dalian bay based on hydrodynamic model (United States)

    Qiao, Huiting; Li, Jin; Zhang, Hongxing; Zhao, Kaibin; Zhang, Mingliang


    Based on the depth-averaged two-dimensional shallow water and pollutant transport equation, the coupling model of water flow and water quality with explicit scheme is developed in this study. The unstructured triangular grid is adopted to locally refine the mesh around sewage outlet or in high-gradient regions of terrain change for the coupling model. The finite volume method is applied to ensure the conservation of mass for each element. This hydrodynamic model applies the Roe solver approximate Riemann solution with second-order accuracy to compute the water momentum flux on the grid interface. Taking Dalian Bay as the research object, the numerical model established is used to simulate the hydrodynamic characteristics and pollutant transport process. The computed results of the tide level, flow current and flow direction agree well with the measured data in Dalian Bay. The spatial and temporal distribution of pollutant in water are analyzed and discussed in this study. Simulated results show that the two-dimensional hydrodynamic and pollutant transport model can accurately simulate the mass transport in coastal waters, and it can provide a scientific basis on coastal water environment protection for the research water.

  11. Status and Future of the Naval R&D Establishment (United States)


    Bay Aquarium Research Institute, and was Director of Engineering from 1999 to 2006. In his time at MBARI he has elevated its Engineering Department...bachelor’s degree with honors from Pfeiffer University in North Carolina. He holds an MA degree from the University of Georgia , and he earned his a Marine Corps officer and Naval Aviator. He earned his Doctorate from the Georgia Institute of Technology in systems engineering. He also

  12. An objective prior that unifies objective Bayes and information-based inference

    CERN Document Server

    LaMont, Colin H


    There are three principle paradigms of statistical inference: (i) Bayesian, (ii) information-based and (iii) frequentist inference. We describe an objective prior (the weighting or $w$-prior) which unifies objective Bayes and information-based inference. The $w$-prior is chosen to make the marginal probability an unbiased estimator of the predictive performance of the model. This definition has several other natural interpretations. From the perspective of the information content of the prior, the $w$-prior is both uniformly and maximally uninformative. The $w$-prior can also be understood to result in a uniform density of distinguishable models in parameter space. Finally we demonstrate the the $w$-prior is equivalent to the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) for regular models in the asymptotic limit. The $w$-prior appears to be generically applicable to statistical inference and is free of {\\it ad hoc} regularization. The mechanism for suppressing complexity is analogous to AIC: model complexity reduces mo...

  13. A Bayes Theory-Based Modeling Algorithm to End-to-end Network Traffic

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhao Hong-hao


    Full Text Available Recently, network traffic has exponentially increasing due to all kind of applications, such as mobile Internet, smart cities, smart transportations, Internet of things, and so on. the end-to-end network traffic becomes more important for traffic engineering. Usually end-to-end traffic estimation is highly difficult. This paper proposes a Bayes theory-based method to model the end-to-end network traffic. Firstly, the end-to-end network traffic is described as a independent identically distributed normal process. Then the Bases theory is used to characterize the end-to-end network traffic. By calculating the parameters, the model is determined correctly. Simulation results show that our approach is feasible and effective.

  14. Reliability-Based Load and Resistance Factors Design for Offshore Jacket Platforms in the Bohai Bay: Calibration on Design Factors

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    JIN Wei-liang; HU Qi-zhong; SHEN Zhao-wei; SHI Zhong-min


    For the fulfillment of the probability-based structural design for the offshore jacket platforms in the Bohai Bay, the design factors of loads, resistance and load combinations are much necessary to be calibrated according to the proposed target reliability index. Firstly, the limit states function for the offshore jacket platforms is introduced. Then, four ap-proaches to calibrate the factors of load and resistance are presented and compared. Afterwards, the methods to calibrate the load combination factors are developed. Finally, the factors of load, resistance and load combination for the offshore jacket platforms in the Bohai Bay are calibrated and the corresponding design formulae are recommended. The results are proved to be rational in practice, and also illustrate that the proposed target reliability index for offshore jacket platforms in the Bohai Bay is also appropriate.

  15. Comparison of land-based sources with ambient estuarine concentrations of total dissolved nitrogen in Jiaozhou Bay (China) (United States)

    Lu, Dongliang; Yang, Nannan; Liang, Shengkang; Li, Keqiang; Wang, Xiulin


    Seasonal, land-sea synchronous surveys were conducted from 2012 to 2013 to characterize the relationship between the composition of land-based total dissolved nitrogen (TDN) and the concentration of dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) in Jiaozhou Bay (JZB). A total of 11 freshwater riverine sampling sites were selected at the river mouths and at waste water outfalls around JZB, while a total 23 Bay stations were established in JZB. Among them, 11 Bay stations were located near the 11 outfalls. Each land-sea sampling was conducted synchronously during a semi-tidal cycle. The contribution of NO3sbnd N, NO2sbnd N, NH4sbnd N, and dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) to TDN in land-based freshwater were similar to those in JZB seawater, while the contribution of the sum of NO3sbnd N and NO2sbnd N to TDN and the contribution of DON to TDN were about 3.2 and 4.1 times higher than the contribution of NH4sbnd N to TDN, respectively. These results showed that inputs of all land-based forms of nitrogen impact the DIN in seawater. Spatial distributions of DIN and DON, showing a gradual decrease from inner bay to the mouth of the bay, were negatively correlated with S in different seasons. In summer and winter, the ratio of DIN to DON in seawater (Rs) gradually decreased from the inner bay to the center of the bay, and the ratio of land-based DIN to DON (RL) was less than RS, indicating net transformation from land-based DON into marine DIN. However, in spring and autumn, the distribution of Rs was opposite to that in summer and winter, and RL was greater than RS, indicating net conversion from land-based DIN into marine DON. Throughout the whole year, net land-based DON was transformed into marine DIN. We provided direct evidence that the variation in DIN concentration in JZB was affected both by land-based TDN inputs and by their hydrodynamic transport and biogeochemical transformation processes.

  16. The East Bay Center for the Performing Arts: A Model for Community-Based Multicultural Arts Education (United States)

    Engdahl, Eric


    This article highlights the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts in Richmond, California, which is one successful model of a community-based arts education organization whose central mission is to provide these deep art-rich experiences for students from low socio-economic status (SES) communities, who in this instance are predominately African…

  17. Major Naval Operations (United States)


    were transported by air to Roma - nia; Ruge, The Soviets as Naval Opponents 1941–1945, p. 130. 42. Some seventy-two German warships and auxiliaries, one...population, urbanization, eth- nicity, religion , and domestic and foreign policy on the employment of friendly and the enemy maritime forces should be

  18. Communities recognition in the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem by dynamical clustering algorithms based on different oscillators systems (United States)

    Pluchino, A.; Rapisarda, A.; Latora, V.


    We have recently introduced [Phys. Rev. E 75, 045102(R) (2007); AIP Conference Proceedings 965, 2007, p. 323] an efficient method for the detection and identification of modules in complex networks, based on the de-synchronization properties (dynamical clustering) of phase oscillators. In this paper we apply the dynamical clustering tecnique to the identification of communities of marine organisms living in the Chesapeake Bay food web. We show that our algorithm is able to perform a very reliable classification of the real communities existing in this ecosystem by using different kinds of dynamical oscillators. We compare also our results with those of other methods for the detection of community structures in complex networks.

  19. Infrared dim target tracking based on guide filter and Bayes classification (United States)

    Qian, Kun; Zhou, Hui-xin; Qin, Han-lin; Song, Shang-zhen; Zhao, Dong; Wang, Bing-jian


    An infrared dim and small tracking is proposed based on an explicit image filter - guided filter. The guided filter utilizes the structure in the guidance image and performs as an edge-preserving smoothing operator. The superior performance depending on the guidance image is critical advantage for target tracking. First, the guided filter can help to preserve the detail of the valuable templates and make the inaccurate ones blurry so that the tracker can distinguish the target from numerous bad templates easily. Besides, the filter can recover the content of the small target being influenced according to the guidance image, helping to alleviate the drifting problem effectively. Finally, the candidate samples are utilized to train an effective Bayes classifier to generate a robust tracker, which is easy to be implemented. Experimental results demonstrate that the presented method can track the target effectively, compared with several classical methods. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm outperforms relative trackers in the accuracy and the robustness.

  20. Measurement of electron antineutrino oscillation based on 1230 days of operation of the Daya Bay experiment

    CERN Document Server

    An, F P; Band, H R; Bishai, M; Blyth, S; Cao, D; Cao, G F; Cao, J; Cen, W R; Chan, Y L; Chang, J F; Chang, L C; Chang, Y; Chen, H S; Chen, Q Y; Chen, S M; Chen, Y X; Chen, Y; Cheng, J -H; Cheng, J; Cheng, Y P; Cheng, Z K; Cherwinka, J J; Chu, M C; Chukanov, A; Cummings, J P; de Arcos, J; Deng, Z Y; Ding, X F; Ding, Y Y; Diwan, M V; Dolgareva, M; Dove, J; Dwyer, D A; Edwards, W R; Gill, R; Gonchar, M; Gong, G H; Gong, H; Grassi, M; Gu, W Q; Guan, M Y; Guo, L; Guo, X H; Guo, Z; Hackenburg, R W; Han, R; Hans, S; He, M; Heeger, K M; Heng, Y K; Higuera, A; Hor, Y K; Hsiung, Y B; Hu, B Z; Hu, T; Hu, W; Huang, E C; Huang, H X; Huang, X T; Huber, P; Huo, W; Hussain, G; Jaffe, D E; Jaffke, P; Jen, K L; Jetter, S; Ji, X P; Ji, X L; Jiao, J B; Johnson, R A; Jones, D; Joshi, J; Kang, L; Kettell, S H; Kohn, S; Kramer, M; Kwan, K K; Kwok, M W; Kwok, T; Langford, T J; Lau, K; Lebanowski, L; Lee, J; Lee, J H C; Lei, R T; Leitner, R; Leung, J K C; Li, C; Li, D J; Li, F; Li, G S; Li, Q J; Li, S; Li, S C; Li, W D; Li, X N; Li, Y F; Li, Z B; Liang, H; Lin, C J; Lin, G L; Lin, S; Lin, S K; Lin, Y -C; Ling, J J; Link, J M; Littenberg, L; Littlejohn, B R; Liu, D W; Liu, J L; Liu, J C; Loh, C W; Lu, C; Lu, H Q; Lu, J S; Luk, K B; Lv, Z; Ma, Q M; Ma, X Y; Ma, X B; Ma, Y Q; Malyshkin, Y; Caicedo, D A Martinez; McDonald, K T; McKeown, R D; Mitchell, I; Mooney, M; Nakajima, Y; Napolitano, J; Naumov, D; Naumova, E; Ngai, H Y; Ning, Z; Ochoa-Ricoux, J P; Olshevskiy, A; Pan, H -R; Park, J; Patton, S; Pec, V; Peng, J C; Pinsky, L; Pun, C S J; Qi, F Z; Qi, M; Qian, X; Raper, N; Ren, J; Rosero, R; Roskovec, B; Ruan, X C; Steiner, H; Sun, G X; Sun, J L; Tang, W; Taychenachev, D; Treskov, K; Tsang, K V; Tull, C E; Viaux, N; Viren, B; Vorobel, V; Wang, C H; Wang, M; Wang, N Y; Wang, R G; Wang, W; Wang, X; Wang, Y F; Wang, Z; Wang, Z; Wang, Z M; Wei, H Y; Wen, L J; Whisnant, K; White, C G; Whitehead, L; Wise, T; Wong, H L H; Wong, S C F; Worcester, E; Wu, C -H; Wu, Q; Wu, W J; Xia, D M; Xia, J K; Xing, Z Z; Xu, J Y; Xu, J L; Xu, Y; Xue, T; Yang, C G; Yang, H; Yang, L; Yang, M S; Yang, M T; Ye, M; Ye, Z; Yeh, M; Young, B L; Yu, Z Y; Zeng, S; Zhan, L; Zhang, C; Zhang, H H; Zhang, J W; Zhang, Q M; Zhang, X T; Zhang, Y M; Zhang, Y X; Zhang, Y M; Zhang, Z J; Zhang, Z Y; Zhang, Z P; Zhao, J; Zhao, Q W; Zhao, Y B; Zhong, W L; Zhou, L; Zhou, N; Zhuang, H L; Zou, J H


    A measurement of electron antineutrino oscillation by the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment is described in detail. Six 2.9-GW$_{\\rm th}$ nuclear power reactors of the Daya Bay and Ling Ao nuclear power facilities served as intense sources of $\\overline{\

  1. Top-down Structural Design Method of Large-caliber Naval Gun Based on UG/WAVE%基于UG/WAVE的大口径舰炮结构自顶向下设计方法

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    姚忠; 夏方超


    A top-down design method was applied to design the structure of large-caliber naval gun in accordance with the structural feature of large-caliber naval gun. Based on the analysis of structure differences,large-caliber naval guns were classified according to ammunition loading paths and laun-ching-feeding. Taken the complex loading large-caliber naval gun for example,the skeleton and para-metric solid models were established according to the top-down design method. The method can effec-tively achieve quantitative,parametric design of large-caliber naval gun,and also has a measure of reference value in improving the efficiency of artillery engineering design.%针对大口径舰炮结构特点,将自顶向下设计方法应用于大口径舰炮的结构设计中。按大口径舰炮弹药装填路径和扬供弹方式的不同,对大口径舰炮进行了类别划分。以复合装填大口径舰炮为设计实例,进行大口径舰炮结构自顶向下设计研究。建立了某复合装填大口径舰炮的顶层骨架模型和参数化实体模型。该设计方法能够有效实现大口径舰炮定量化、参数化设计,对提高火炮工程设计效率有一定的参考价值。

  2. A Hierarchical NeuroBayes-based Algorithm for Full Reconstruction of B Mesons at B Factories

    CERN Document Server

    Feindt, Michael; Kreps, Michal; Kuhr, Thomas; Neubauer, Sebastian; Zander, Daniel; Zupanc, Anze


    We describe a new B-meson full reconstruction algorithm designed for the Belle experiment at the B-factory KEKB, an asymmetric e+e- collider. To maximize the number of reconstructed B decay channels, it utilizes a hierarchical reconstruction procedure and probabilistic calculus instead of classical selection cuts. The multivariate analysis package NeuroBayes was used extensively to hold the balance between highest possible efficiency, robustness and acceptable CPU time consumption. In total, 1042 exclusive decay channels were reconstructed, employing 71 neural networks altogether. Overall, we correctly reconstruct one B+/- or B0 candidate in 0.3% or 0.2% of the BBbar events, respectively. This is an improvement in efficiency by roughly a factor of 2, depending on the analysis considered, compared to the cut-based classical reconstruction algorithm used at Belle. The new framework also features the ability to choose the desired purity or efficiency of the fully reconstructed sample. If the same purity as for t...

  3. Analysis and Capacity Based Earthquake Resistance Design of Multy Bay Multy Storeyed Residential Building

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bhave Priyanka


    Full Text Available Many reinforced concrete (RC framed structures located in zones of high seismicity in India are constructed without considering the seismic code provisions. The vulnerability of inadequately designed structures represents seismic risk to occupants. The main cause of failure of multi-storey reinforced concrete frames during seismic motion is the sway mechanism. If the frame is designed on the basis of strong column-weak beam concept the possibilities of collapse due to sway mechanisms can be completely eliminated. In multi storey frame this can be achieved by allowing the plastic hinges to form, in a predetermined sequence only at the ends of all the beams while the columns remain essentially in elastic stage and by avoiding shear mode of failures in columns and beams. This procedure for design is known as Capacity based design which would be the future design philosophy for earthquake resistant design of multi storey reinforced concrete frames. Model of multi bay multi storied residential building study were done using the software program ETAB2015 and were analyzed using non-linear static pushover analysis.

  4. Environmental Assessment for the Construction and Operation of a Battalion Headquarters for the U.S. Army Priority Air Transport at Joint Base Andrews-Naval Air Facility Washington, Prince George’s County, Maryland (United States)


    Wastewater Program, and Toxics/Asbestos Program. To learn more about each program click here. Polution Prevention Pollution Prevention The Air Force...PRIORITY AIR TRANSPORT AT JOINT BASE ANDREWS-NAVAL AIR FACILITY W ASillNGTON, MARYLAND INTRODUCTION The attached environmental assessment (EA) examines...the potential impacts on the environment from the Proposed Action to construct and operate a battalion headquarters for the U.S. Army Priority Air

  5. Opinion mining feature-level using Naive Bayes and feature extraction based analysis dependencies (United States)

    Sanda, Regi; Baizal, Z. K. Abdurahman; Nhita, Fhira


    Development of internet and technology, has major impact and providing new business called e-commerce. Many e-commerce sites that provide convenience in transaction, and consumers can also provide reviews or opinions on products that purchased. These opinions can be used by consumers and producers. Consumers to know the advantages and disadvantages of particular feature of the product. Procuders can analyse own strengths and weaknesses as well as it's competitors products. Many opinions need a method that the reader can know the point of whole opinion. The idea emerged from review summarization that summarizes the overall opinion based on sentiment and features contain. In this study, the domain that become the main focus is about the digital camera. This research consisted of four steps 1) giving the knowledge to the system to recognize the semantic orientation of an opinion 2) indentify the features of product 3) indentify whether the opinion gives a positive or negative 4) summarizing the result. In this research discussed the methods such as Naï;ve Bayes for sentiment classification, and feature extraction algorithm based on Dependencies Analysis, which is one of the tools in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and knowledge based dictionary which is useful for handling implicit features. The end result of research is a summary that contains a bunch of reviews from consumers on the features and sentiment. With proposed method, accuration for sentiment classification giving 81.2 % for positive test data, 80.2 % for negative test data, and accuration for feature extraction reach 90.3 %.

  6. Simulation of Naval Wargames

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. C. Jethi


    Full Text Available Computerised naval wargames are being used worldwide for operational planning, personnel training, operational development, and research and development. These wargames simulatesurface, antisubmarine warfare, anti-air, and air warfare. Generally, the three forces participate in these wargames, namely blue (friendly, red (enemy, and neutral. The platforms of theseforces, ie, ships, submarines, and aircraft along with their sensors and weapons are simulated under varying environmental conditions. These platforms are manoeuvered by the players withconflicting objectives, and they consequently detect, react, engage, and inflict or suffer damages. Efforts are made to model the performance of weapons and sensors. The outcome of the wargames has been analysed and used for the required purposes.

  7. Naval Airborne ESM Systems Analysis (United States)


    GiScre-te, E4 superhet receiver is the optimum choice. 2 In wartime tactical operations, the IFM is superior becauseV cf its shorter time to...General de Educacion I Primera Zona Naval Guayaquil , Ecuador 4. Naval Postgraduate School 2 Attn: Captain Thomas H. Hoivik, Code 55 Ho Monterey

  8. Naval Weapons Station Earle Reassessment (United States)


    surveys for their Section 110 compliance: Architectural Resources Survey, Naval Weapons Station Earle, Monmouth County, New Jersey (Louis Berger 1999...text within brackets. Berger Report 1999 Architectural Resources Survey, Naval Weapons Station Earle, Monmouth County, New Jersey (Louis Berger... architectural treatment of buildings at NWS Earle: a traditional vernacular theme with minimal decorative detailing. This so-called minimal traditional

  9. Remote sensing monitoring of thermal discharge in Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station based on HJ-1 infrared camera (United States)

    Zhu, Li; Yin, Shoujing; Wu, Chuanqing; Ma, Wandong; Hou, Haiqian; Xu, Jing


    In this paper, the method of monitoring coastal areas affected by thermal discharge of nuclear plant by using remote sensing techniques was introduced. The proposed approach was demonstrated in Daya Bay nuclear plant based on HJ-B IRS data. A single channel water temperature inversion algorithm was detailed, considering the satellite zenith angle and water vapor. Moreover the reference background temperature was obtained using the average environmental temperature method. In the case study of Daya Bay nuclear plant, the spatial distribution of thermal pollution was analyzed by taking into account the influence of tidal, wind and so on. According to the findings of this study, the speed and direction of the ebb tide, is not conducive to the diffusion of thermal discharge of DNNP. The vertically thermal diffusion was limited by the shallow water depth near the outlet.

  10. Assessment Method of Heavy NC Machine Reliability Based on Bayes Theory

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张雷; 王太勇; 胡占齐


    It is difficult to collect the prior information for small-sample machinery products when their reliability is assessed by using Bayes method. In this study, an improved Bayes method with gradient reliability (GR) results as prior information was proposed to solve the problem. A certain type of heavy NC boring and milling machine was considered as the research subject, and its reliability model was established on the basis of its functional and structural characteristics and working principle. According to the stress-intensity interference theory and the reli-ability model theory, the GR results of the host machine and its key components were obtained. Then the GR results were deemed as prior information to estimate the probabilistic reliability (PR) of the spindle box, the column and the host machine in the present method. The comparative studies demonstrated that the improved Bayes method was applicable in the reliability assessment of heavy NC machine tools.

  11. Optimization on Emergency Resources Transportation Network Based on Bayes Risk Function: A Case Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Changfeng Zhu


    Full Text Available In order to coordinate the complex relationship between supplies distribution and path selection, some influential factors must be taken into account such as the insufficient remaining capacity of the road and uncertainty of travel time during supplies distribution and transportation. After the structure of emergency logistics network is analyzed, the travel time Bayes risk function of path and the total loss Bayes risk function of the disaster area are proposed. With the emergency supplies total transportation unit loss as the goal, an emergency logistics network optimization model under crowded conditions is established by the Bayes decision theory and solved by the improved ant colony algorithm. Then, a case of the model is validated to prove that the emergency logistics network optimization model is effective in congested conditions.

  12. Water mass bio-optical properties in the Monterey Bay region: Fluorescence-based inference of shifts in phytoplankton photophysiology (United States)

    Jolliff, J. K.; Gould, R. W., Jr.; Penta, B.; Teague, W. J.; DeRada, S.; Chavez, F. P.; Arnone, R. A.


    A physical and bio-optical field survey of the Monterey Bay area was conducted during May-June 2008. The combined bio-optical and physical data may be summarized as a transition between two end-member states during the late spring to summer upwelling season: (1) the mesotrophic, nanoflagellate-dominated, low-salinity surface waters (chlorophyll-a ˜ 0.5-2 mg m-3; S 2 mg m-3; S > 33.8) of Monterey Bay and adjacent continental shelf areas. High-resolution and collocated spectrophotometric, fluorometric and CTD data obtained from a towed platform indicated low-salinity subarctic-origin surface waters intruded into Monterey Bay on 4 June. The dark in vivo fluorometry (IVF) phytoplankton response normalized to particle absorption at 676 nm (the apparent fluorescence efficiency, AFE) was nearly fourfold larger in this water mass type compared to higher salinity surface waters more typical of Monterey Bay. The collocated fluorescence and optical data were then used to estimate in situ irradiance values and determine apparent light saturation intensities (I'k) based on the remarkably consistent AFE water column inflection points. I'kvalues retrieved from the low-salinity surface waters were approximately half those obtained over the continental shelf. An analysis of concomitant HPLC data, in addition to historical data for the region, suggest these observed fluorescence trends may be indicative of taxon-specific variation in photophysiology. Specifically, the subarctic water mass-associated pelagic nanoflagellate group likely possesses a fundamentally different photosynthetic architecture than large diatoms prototypical of coastal upwelling regimes.

  13. Inorganic elemental determinations of marine traditional Chinese Medicine Meretricis concha from Jiaozhou Bay: The construction of inorganic elemental fingerprint based on chemometric analysis (United States)

    Shao, Mingying; Li, Xuejie; Zheng, Kang; Jiang, Man; Yan, Cuiwei; Li, Yantuan


    The goal of this paper is to explore the relationship between the inorganic elemental fingerprint and the geographical origin identification of Meretricis concha, which is a commonly used marine traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for the treatment of asthma and scald burns. For that, the inorganic elemental contents of Meretricis concha from five sampling points in Jiaozhou Bay have been determined by means of inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry, and the comparative investigations based on the contents of 14 inorganic elements (Al, As, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Hg, Mn, Mo, Ni, Pb, Se and Zn) of the samples from Jiaozhou Bay and the previous reported Rushan Bay were performed. It has been found that the samples from the two bays are approximately classified into two kinds using hierarchical cluster analysis, and a four-factor model based on principle component analysis could explain approximately 75% of the detection data, also linear discriminant analysis can be used to develop a prediction model to distinguish the samples from Jiaozhou Bay and Rushan Bay with accuracy of about 93%. The results of the present investigation suggested that the inorganic elemental fingerprint based on the combination of the measured elemental content and chemometric analysis is a promising approach for verifying the geographical origin of Meretricis concha, and this strategy should be valuable for the authenticity discrimination of some marine TCM.

  14. Naval Research Laboratory Overview (United States)


    Res Ctr Blossom Point Pomonkey KEY WEST Marine Corrosion Facility MOBILE , AL Ex-USS Shadwell BAY ST. LOUIS, MS John C. Stennis Space Center...decision support, and autonomous systems. Mobile Networks / Personal Secure Phone The Navy and Marine Corps Corporate Laboratory NRL Personnel FY 11...laser 1980 1990 2000 2010 1970 SHARP Reconnaissance 2001 QuadGard 2005 IPsec, IPv6 , NKDS ANDE-2 Spacecraft Blood Surrogate Significant and

  15. Algorithm of Antiaircraft Miss-distance for Naval Gun Based on Acoustic Measurement%基于声学测量的舰炮对空脱靶量算法研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    石岩; 胡春晓


    The firing precision is a basic and important tactical target of the naval gun weapon system .The antiaircraft miss‐distance measurement for naval gun weapon system can evaluate firing precision and firing effectiveness .Based on prin‐ciple of acoustic measurement ,space sensor arrays are constructed to conduct multipoint measure .The mathematical model is constructed and antiaircraft miss‐distance measurement for naval gun weapon system is completed by using connection be‐tween shockwave parameters with transmission distance .%舰炮武器系统最基本、最重要的战术指标是射击精度,而通过舰炮对空射击脱靶量的测量能够评估对空射击精度及射击效力。在声学测量原理基础上,通过建立空间传感器阵进行多点测量,并利用弹丸激波参数与传播距离存在的关系,建立相应的数学模型,以完成舰炮武器系统对空射击脱靶量的测量。

  16. Remarks on kernel Bayes' rule


    Johno, Hisashi; Nakamoto, Kazunori; Saigo, Tatsuhiko


    Kernel Bayes' rule has been proposed as a nonparametric kernel-based method to realize Bayesian inference in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces. However, we demonstrate both theoretically and experimentally that the prediction result by kernel Bayes' rule is in some cases unnatural. We consider that this phenomenon is in part due to the fact that the assumptions in kernel Bayes' rule do not hold in general.

  17. On-site radioactive soil contamination at the Andreeva Bay shore technical base, Northwest Russia

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Reistad, O.; Dowdall, M.; Selnaes, O. G.; Standring, W. J. F.; Hustveit, S.; Steenhuisen, F.; Sorlie, A.


    The radioactive waste (RAW) storage site at Andreeva Bay in the Russian Northwest has experienced radioactive contamination both as a result of activities carried out at the site and due to incidents that have occurred there in the past such as accidental releases of radioactive materials. The site

  18. Recent Naval Postgraduate School Publications. (United States)


    oceanography and hydrology, Halstead Press, 1981. Larson, H 3Introduccion ala teoria de probabilidade y inferencia estadist ica Mexico City, Limusa, 1978. Larson...advancements in the Navy enlisted force Naval Postgraduate School, (NPS-55-78-6), 1978. 164 p. Neil, D F Design parameters and color CRT display design Naval...Postgraduate School, (NPS- 55-79-05), Feb., 1979. 17 p. Neil, D E Application of color coding in tactical displays in theS-A Sponsored by the Naval Air

  19. Combat Support Forces (1C6C) Naval Surface Forces Requirements-based Budget Determination for Assault Craft Unit ONE (United States)


    period of time. It is an instrument of planning, performance measurement, decision-making, and management control , as well as a statement of priorities...Dimmerling, 1997). In 1995, Fleming wrote of the importance of budgeting. She states that “budgeting is one of the important planning and control ...Landing Craft Air Cushioned (LCAC) hovercrafts out of its base at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton located in North San Diego County, California

  20. Naval Aerodynamics Test Facility (NATF) (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The NATF specializes in Aerodynamics testing of scaled and fullsized Naval models, research into flow physics found on US Navy planes and ships, aerosol testing and...

  1. Recent Naval Postgraduate School Publications (United States)


    Research in transportation economics, vol. 2, JAI Press, 1985, p. 229-267. Bui, T Planejamento executivo com BASIC Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Livros ...arms control. American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Boston. October 1988. Laurance E J The illegal export of conventional arms form the United States...strategy? Naval Forces, vol. 8, no. 4, p. 56-60, (1987). Tritten, J J Anti-carrier warfare and naval operational art - a problem for NATO The Army

  2. Implementation of Total Quality Leadership (TQL) at Long Beach Naval Shipyard and Future Perspectives for Implementation by the Hellenic Naval Stations (United States)


    depending on their personality. Maslow postulated that people are rational beings with conscious desires, and the capability to fulfill these desires. He...distribution to all levels of the organizational pyramid , including waterfront employees was severely curtailed. The focus of assessing the TQL...the Hellenic Navy. In Greece there are three main Naval Stations. Salamina, Souda Bay, and Leros (the smallest). The organizational pyramids of these

  3. Installation Development Environmental Assessment at Joint Base Andrews-Naval Air Facility Washington Prince George’s County, Maryland (United States)


    two-lane, undivided road makes an 8.4-mile loop around the Base. Traffic during peak flow hours is heaviest at the Alabama Avenue/North Perimeter...JBA include common species of snakes, lizards, and turtles. Mammals known to occur at JBA are also those common in the region, including white-tailed

  4. Differential bleaching of corals based on El Nino type and intensity in the Andaman Sea, southeast Bay of Bengal

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Lix, J.K.; Venkatesan, R.; Grinson, G.; Rao, R.R.; Jineesh, V.K.; Arul, M.M.; Vengatesan, G.; Ramasundaram, S.; Sundar, R.; Atmanand, M.A.

    stream_size 39820 stream_content_type text/plain stream_name Environ_Monit_Assess_188_175.pdf.txt stream_source_info Environ_Monit_Assess_188_175.pdf.txt Content-Encoding UTF-8 Content-Type text/plain; charset=UTF-8... Differential bleaching of corals based on El Niño type and intensity in the Andaman Sea, southeast Bay of Bengal J. K. Lix & R. Venkatesan & George Grinson & R. R. Rao & V. K. Jineesh & Muthiah M. Arul & G. Vengatesan & S. Ramasundaram & R. Sundar & M. A...

  5. Modeling and Simulation of Efficiency Evaluation about Fire to Coast of Naval Gun Based on Monte -Carlo Method%基于统计方法的舰炮对岸作战效能建模与仿真

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李海林; 姜俊; 彭鹏菲


    Modern fire to coast of naval gun is of high mission intensity and strong aging pressure for fire. Valid plan of ammunition reserves and well-timed determination fire ammunition of attacking targets become the key factors for effectively organizing and implementing missions. Aiming at the inherent uncertainty of traditional planning way of fire to coast of naval gun relied on experiences, an efficiency evaluation model for fire to coast of naval gun is set up based on the method of Monte-Carlo. Accoring to the forms and characteristics of fire to coast of naval gun,and based on the necessary condition simplification for the actual operation procedure, the factors of movement of warship on the sea, surrounding and grouping pattern of hits brought the firing error to naval gun, and were considered to ascertain the optimal relation. The model can offer some reference for efficient program of fire to coast of naval gun and make the blind firing command of commander, and the max-effectiveness of fire to coast of naval gun can be realized. At last, a combat simulation model example was given to illustrate the validation and practicability of e-valuating model.%研究舰炮作战效能优化建模问题,现代舰炮对岸支援作战任务强度高且时效性强,合理规划弹药携带量和适时确定打击目标需发射弹药数优化,影响实施任务完成的关键因素.针对传统的舰炮对岸作战规划和实施主要依据经验所固有的不确定性,为提高最佳匹配效能,减少盲目性,提出了一种统计方法的舰炮对岸作战效能评估仿真模型.模型根据舰炮对岸支援作战的形式和特点,在对真实的舰炮对岸作战过程进行必要和合理简化的基础上,考虑舰艇海上运动、环境和弹丸散布三个影响舰炮对岸射击误差的随机因素,用以确定上述优化关系,从而为制定高效的对岸火力支援作战方案提供参考,最大限度地发挥舰炮武器系统对岸作战效能.仿

  6. Environmental Assessment for Replacement of Taxiway Sierra, Taxiway Whiskey, Pad 12, and Pad 13 at Joint Base Andrews-Naval Air Facility Washington, Prince George’s County, Maryland (United States)


    especially waterfowl, are common at the Base because of the ponds and wetlands and the proximity of JBA to the Chesapeake Bay. Reptiles found at JBA...Control. Acoustical Society of America , Sewickley, Pennsylvania. HDR (HDR Engineering, Inc.). 2012a. 35% Design Analysis. Design for Replacement of

  7. Greenland ice sheet retreat history in the northeast Baffin Bay based on high-resolution bathymetry (United States)

    Slabon, Patricia; Dorschel, Boris; Jokat, Wilfried; Myklebust, Reidun; Hebbeln, Dierk; Gebhardt, Catalina


    New swath-bathymetric data acquired in 2010 and 2015 indicate a variety of glacial landforms in cross-shelf troughs of the Melville Bay (northeast Baffin Bay). These landforms reveal that, at their maximum extent, ice streams in the troughs crossed the shelf all the way to the shelf edge. Moraines, grounding-zone wedges (GZWs) and subglacial till lobes on the continental shelf define a pattern of variable ice stream retreat in the individual troughs. On the outer shelf, in the northern cross-shelf trough, ice-stream retreat was slow compared to more episodic retreat in the central (at least one stabilization on the outer shelf) and southern cross-shelf trough (re-advances at the shelf edge and fast retreat thereafter). Large GZWs on the mid-to inner shelf of the troughs indicate periods of grounding-zone stabilization. According to glacial landforms, the final retreat across the inner shelf (before 8.41 ka BP) was episodic to slow. Furthermore, evidence has been found for localized ice domes with minor ice-streams on inter-trough banks. The glacial landforms in Melville Bay, thus, indicate the varying and discontinuous ice sheet retreat history across the Northwest Greenland continental shelf.

  8. Paleoenvironmental assessment of recent environmental changes in Florida Bay, USA: A biomarker based study (United States)

    Xu, Yunping; Holmes, Charles W.; Jaffé, Rudolf


    The extractable lipid compositions in four Florida Bay cores were determined in order to understand environmental changes over the last 160 years. The most significant environmental change was recorded by oscillations in the amplitude and frequency of biomarkers during the 20th century. Two seagrass molecular proxies ( Paq and the C 25/C 27n-alkan-2-one ratio) reached a maximum post 1900, suggesting that abundant seagrass communities existed during the 20th century. A sharp drop in the Paq value from 0.65 to 0.48 in the central Bay at about 1987 seems to reflect seagrass die-off. The concentrations of microbial biomarkers (C 20 HBIs, C 25 HBIs and dinosterol) substantially increased after 1950 in the TC, BA and NB cores, reflecting an increase in algal (planktonic organism) primary productivity. However, the RB core presented the highest abundance of C 25 HBIs and dinosterol during the period of 1880-1940, suggesting historically large inputs from diatoms and dinoflagellates. A substantial rise in abundance of taraxerol (a specific biomarker of mangroves) from 20 μg/g TOC in the 1830s to 279 μg/g TOC in the l980s is likely a result of increased mangrove primary productivity along the shore of the NE Bay. These changes are most likely the result of hydrological alterations in South Florida.

  9. Modeling the 1958 Lituya Bay mega-tsunami with a PVM-IFCP GPU-based model (United States)

    González-Vida, José M.; Arcas, Diego; de la Asunción, Marc; Castro, Manuel J.; Macías, Jorge; Ortega, Sergio; Sánchez-Linares, Carlos; Titov, Vasily


    In this work we present a numerical study, performed in collaboration with the NOAA Center for Tsunami Research (USA), that uses a GPU version of the PVM-IFCP landslide model for the simulation of the 1958 landslide generated tsunami of Lituya Bay. In this model, a layer composed of fluidized granular material is assumed to flow within an upper layer of an inviscid fluid (e. g. water). The model is discretized using a two dimensional PVM-IFCP [Fernández - Castro - Parés. On an Intermediate Field Capturing Riemann Solver Based on a Parabolic Viscosity Matrix for the Two-Layer Shallow Water System, J. Sci. Comput., 48 (2011):117-140] finite volume scheme implemented on GPU cards for increasing the speed-up. This model has been previously validated by using the two-dimensional physical laboratory experiments data from H. Fritz [Lituya Bay Landslide Impact Generated Mega-Tsunami 50th Anniversary. Pure Appl. Geophys., 166 (2009) pp. 153-175]. In the present work, the first step was to reconstruct the topobathymetry of the Lituya Bay before this event ocurred, this is based on USGS geological surveys data. Then, a sensitivity analysis of some model parameters has been performed in order to determine the parameters that better fit to reality, when model results are compared against available event data, as run-up areas. In this presentation, the reconstruction of the pre-tsunami scenario will be shown, a detailed simulation of the tsunami presented and several comparisons with real data (runup, wave height, etc.) shown.

  10. Ecosystem-based assessment indices of restoration for Daya Bay near a nuclear power plant in South China. (United States)

    Chen, Xiaoyan; Gao, Huiwang; Yao, Xiaohong; Fang, Hongda; Chen, Zhenhua; Xu, Zhanzhou


    China has adopted nuclear power generation as one of the strategic energy sources to resolve the dilemma between its ever-growing energy demand and the associated environmental issues. To achieve the latter, a systematic assessment of the state of the ecosystem near nuclear power plants and its restoration via ongoing recovery actions would be highly desirable and much needed. Current assessment methods are mostly based on the individual components of the ecosystem and the methods are therefore not integrated. In this paper, we report a set of system-based assessment indices to study the restoration of Daya Bay in Guangdong, China where a nuclear power plant has been in operation for 15 years. The results show that decades of intensive exploitation by the various coastal activities have pushed Daya Bay's ecosystem away from its baseline and its structure and functions are impaired; ecosystem restoration does not make up for the weakening of the ecological carrying capacity due to anthropogenic sea-use, nonetheless, the potential for recovery still exists. The case study suggests that the system-based indices can provide integrated information for ecosystem restoration assessment and management.

  11. The Fermi's Bayes Theorem

    CERN Document Server

    D'Agostini, G


    It is curious to learn that Enrico Fermi knew how to base probabilistic inference on Bayes theorem, and that some influential notes on statistics for physicists stem from what the author calls elsewhere, but never in these notes, {\\it the Bayes Theorem of Fermi}. The fact is curious because the large majority of living physicists, educated in the second half of last century -- a kind of middle age in the statistical reasoning -- never heard of Bayes theorem during their studies, though they have been constantly using an intuitive reasoning quite Bayesian in spirit. This paper is based on recollections and notes by Jay Orear and on Gauss' ``Theoria motus corporum coelestium'', being the {\\it Princeps mathematicorum} remembered by Orear as source of Fermi's Bayesian reasoning.

  12. A Comparison of Current Naval Marksmanship Training Vs. Simulation-Based Marksmanship Training with the Use of Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer (Ismt) (United States)


    participant failed to maintain proper muscular tension or properly place the finger on the trigger then the performance should vary more in the isosceles...Naval Operations, 2009). Enclosure one covers the range regulations , general safety rules, general range safety rules, range operations, weapons...another study should be administered in which the retention phase is longer than one week. The navy regulation clearly stated that the time between

  13. A Landsat-Based Assessment of Mobile Bay Land Use and Land Cover Change from 1974 to 2008 (United States)

    Spruce, Joseph; Ellis, Jean; Smoot, James; Swann, Roberta; Graham, William


    The Mobile Bay region has experienced noteworthy land use and land cover (LULC) change in the latter half of the 20th century. Accompanying this change has been urban expansion and a reduction of rural land uses. Much of this LULC change has reportedly occurred since the landfall of Hurricane Frederic in 1979. The Mobile Bay region provides great economic and ecologic benefits to the Nation, including important coastal habitat for a broad diversity of fisheries and wildlife. Regional urbanization threatens the estuary s water quality and aquatic-habitat dependent biota, including commercial fisheries and avian wildlife. Coastal conservation and urban land use planners require additional information on historical LULC change to support coastal habitat restoration and resiliency management efforts. This presentation discusses results of a Gulf of Mexico Application Pilot project that was conducted in 2008 to quantify and assess LULC change from 1974 to 2008. This project was led by NASA Stennis Space Center and involved multiple Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) partners, including the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program (NEP), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration s (NOAA s) National Coastal Data Development Center (NCDDC), and the NOAA Coastal Services Center. Nine Landsat images were employed to compute LULC products because of their availability and suitability for the application. The project also used Landsat-based national LULC products, including coastal LULC products from NOAA s Coastal Change & Analysis Program (C-CAP), available at 5-year intervals since 1995. Our study was initiated in part because C-CAP LULC products were not available to assess the region s urbanization prior to 1995 and subsequent to post Hurricane Katrina in 2006. This project assessed LULC change across the 34-year time frame and at decadal and middecadal scales. The study area included the majority of Mobile and Baldwin counties that

  14. Using naive Bayes classifier for classification of convective rainfall intensities based on spectral characteristics retrieved from SEVIRI

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Slimane Hameg; Mourad Lazri; Soltane Ameur


    This paper presents a new algorithm to classify convective clouds and determine their intensity, based oncloud physical properties retrieved from the Spinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager (SEVIRI).The convective rainfall events at 15 min, 4 × 5 km spatial resolution from 2006 to 2012 are analysed overnorthern Algeria. The convective rain classification methodology makes use of the relationship betweencloud spectral characteristics and cloud physical properties such as cloud water path (CWP), cloudphase (CP) and cloud top height (CTH). For this classification, a statistical method based on ‘naiveBayes classifier’ is applied. This is a simple probabilistic classifier based on applying ‘Bayes’ theoremwith strong (naive) independent assumptions. For a 9-month period, the ability of SEVIRI to classifythe rainfall intensity in the convective clouds is evaluated using weather radar over the northern Algeria.The results indicate an encouraging performance of the new algorithm for intensity differentiation ofconvective clouds using SEVIRI data.

  15. [Ecological carrying capacity of Chinese shrimp stock enhancement in Laizhou Bay of East China based on Ecopath model]. (United States)

    Lin, Qun; Li, Xian-sen; Li, Zhong-yi; Jin, Xian-shi


    Stock enhancement is an important way of fishery resources conservation, which can increase the high quality fishery resources and improve the fish population structure. The study of ecological carrying capacity is the premise for the scientific implementation of stock enhancement. Based on the survey data of the fishery resources and ecological environment in Laizhou Bay from 2009 to 2010, an Ecopath mass-balance model of the Laizhou Bay ecosystem consisted of 26 functional groups was constructed, and applied to analyze the overall characteristics of the ecosystem, the trophic interrelationships, and the keystone species, and to calculate the ecological carrying capacity of Chinese shrimp enhancement. As for the overall characteristics of the ecosystem, the total primary production/total respiration (TPP/TR) was 1. 53, total primary production/total biomass (TPP/B) was 24.54, Finn' s cycling index was lower (0.07), surplus production was higher (434. 41 t km-2 a-1 ), and system connectance index was lower (0. 29), indicating that this ecosystem was at an early development stage. The analysis on the keystone species showed that Chinese shrimp was not a keystone species of this ecosystem. At present, the biomass of Chinese shrimp in the ecosystem was 0. 1143 t km-2, with a greater potential of continued enhancement. It did not exceed the ecological carrying capacity of 2. 9489 t km-2 when the biomass of the Chinese shrimp was increased by 25. 8 times.

  16. What caused the rise of water level in the battle of Luermen bay in 1661? Tsunami, Storm surge, or Tide? (United States)

    Wu, Tso-Ren; Wu, Han; Tsai, Yu-Lin


    In 1661, Chinese navy led by General Zheng Chenggong at the end of Ming Dynasty had a naval battle against Netherlands. This battle was not only the first official sea warfare that China confronted the Western world, but also the only naval battle won by Chinese Navy so far. This event was important because it changed the fate of Taiwan until today. One of the critical points that General Zheng won the battle was entering Luermen bay unexpected. Luermen bay was and is an extreme shallow bay with a 2.1m maximum water depth during the high tide, which was not possible for a fleet of 20,000 marines to across. Therefore, no defense was deployed from the Netherlands side. However, plenty of historical literatures mentioned a strange phenomenon that helped Chinese warships entered the Luermen bay, the rise of water level. In this study, we will discuss the possible causes that might rise the water level, e.g. Tsunami, storm surge, and high tide. We analyzed it based on the knowledge of hydrodynamics. We performed the newly developed Impact Intensify Analysis (IIA) for finding the potential tsunami sources, and the COMCOT tsunami model was adopted for the nonlinear scenario simulations, associated with the high resolution bathymetry data. Both earthquake and mudslide tsunamis were inspected. Other than that, we also collected the information of tide and weather for identifying the effects form high tide and storm surge. After the thorough study, a scenario that satisfy most of the descriptions in the historical literatures will be presented. The results will explain the cause of mysterious event that changed the destiny of Taiwan.

  17. Modeling Magnetic Fields from a DC Power Cable Buried Beneath San Francisco Bay Based on Empirical Measurements. (United States)

    Kavet, Robert; Wyman, Megan T; Klimley, A Peter


    yielded a pooled cable depth below the bay floor of 2.06 m (±1.46 std dev), and estimated the angle to the horizontal of the imaginary line connecting the cross-sectional center of the cable's two conductors (0.1143 m apart) as 178.9° ±61.9° (std dev) for Ben, 78.6°±37.0° (std dev) for RSR, and 139.9°±27.4° (std dev) for SP. The mean of the eight daily average currents derived from the regressions was 986 ±185 amperes (A) (std dev), as compared to 722 ±95 A (std dev) provided by Trans Bay Cable LLC. Overall, the regressions based on fundamental principles (Biot Savart law) and the vectorial summation of cable and geomagnetic fields provide estimates of cable characteristics consistent with plausible expectations.

  18. Modeling Magnetic Fields from a DC Power Cable Buried Beneath San Francisco Bay Based on Empirical Measurements.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert Kavet

    modeling yielded a pooled cable depth below the bay floor of 2.06 m (±1.46 std dev, and estimated the angle to the horizontal of the imaginary line connecting the cross-sectional center of the cable's two conductors (0.1143 m apart as 178.9° ±61.9° (std dev for Ben, 78.6°±37.0° (std dev for RSR, and 139.9°±27.4° (std dev for SP. The mean of the eight daily average currents derived from the regressions was 986 ±185 amperes (A (std dev, as compared to 722 ±95 A (std dev provided by Trans Bay Cable LLC. Overall, the regressions based on fundamental principles (Biot Savart law and the vectorial summation of cable and geomagnetic fields provide estimates of cable characteristics consistent with plausible expectations.

  19. Environmental Assessment for Taxiway Whiskey Supplemental Projects at Joint Base Andrews-Naval Air Facility Washington, Prince George’s County, Maryland (United States)


    of the ponds and wetlands and the proximity of JBA to the Chesapeake Bay. Reptiles found at JBA include common species of snakes, lizards, and turtles...Noise Control. Acoustical Society of America , Sewickley, Pennsylvania. HDR (HDR Engineering, Inc.). 2012a. 35% Design Analysis. Design for Replacement of

  20. Analysis of Fire Effectiveness Based on High-rate-firing Naval Gun Weapon System%基于高射频舰炮武器系统的射击效力分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    胡小利; 王炳


    In the face of the improved missile penetration ability and its speed, the author proposes to increase the gun firing rate based on the existing high⁃rate⁃firing of naval gun weapon system for an effective way, with the grim situation of sea bat⁃tlefield as a background. And this paper analyzes the Shooting effectiveness of different firing rate naval gun weapon system through the establishment of the mathematics module for damage probability. There is an important guiding significance on the development of high⁃rate⁃firing automatic gun weapon system.%以严峻的海上战场形势为背景,面对飞行速度和突防能力不断加强的反舰导弹,在现有高射频舰炮武器系统基础上,提出以增加舰炮射速为途径的改进方式,并建立对空碰炸射击毁伤模型,对不同射频的舰炮武器系统进行射击效力分析,对高射频自动炮武器系统的研制有重要指导意义。

  1. Process-based, morphodynamic hindcast of decadal deposition patterns in San Pablo Bay, California, 1856-1887 (United States)

    van der Wegen, M.; Jaffe, B.E.; Roelvink, J.A.


    This study investigates the possibility of hindcasting-observed decadal-scale morphologic change in San Pablo Bay, a subembayment of the San Francisco Estuary, California, USA, by means of a 3-D numerical model (Delft3D). The hindcast period, 1856-1887, is characterized by upstream hydraulic mining that resulted in a high sediment input to the estuary. The model includes wind waves, salt water and fresh water interactions, and graded sediment transport, among others. Simplified initial conditions and hydrodynamic forcing were necessary because detailed historic descriptions were lacking. Model results show significant skill. The river discharge and sediment concentration have a strong positive influence on deposition volumes. Waves decrease deposition rates and have, together with tidal movement, the greatest effect on sediment distribution within San Pablo Bay. The applied process-based (or reductionist) modeling approach is valuable once reasonable values for model parameters and hydrodynamic forcing are obtained. Sensitivity analysis reveals the dominant forcing of the system and suggests that the model planform plays a dominant role in the morphodynamic development. A detailed physical explanation of the model outcomes is difficult because of the high nonlinearity of the processes. Process formulation refinement, a more detailed description of the forcing, or further model parameter variations may lead to an enhanced model performance, albeit to a limited extent. The approach potentially provides a sound basis for prediction of future developments. Parallel use of highly schematized box models and a process-based approach as described in the present work is probably the most valuable method to assess decadal morphodynamic development. Copyright ?? 2011 by the American Geophysical Union.

  2. 33 CFR 334.1380 - Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH), Kaneohe Bay, Island of Oahu, Hawaii-Ulupau Crater Weapons... (United States)


    ...), Kaneohe Bay, Island of Oahu, Hawaii-Ulupau Crater Weapons Training Range; danger zone. 334.1380 Section... Bay, Island of Oahu, Hawaii—Ulupau Crater Weapons Training Range; danger zone. (a) The danger zone...″ W Point C: Latitude 21°25′01.79″ N, Longitude 157°40′33.70″ W (b) The regulations. (1)...

  3. Physics-Based Continuous Simulation of Long-Term Near-Surface Hydrologic Response for the Coos Bay Experimental Catchment (United States)

    Ebel, B. A.; Loague, K.; Montgomery, D. R.; Dietrich, W. E.


    The study reported here employed the physics-based InHM to simulate continuous hydrologic response from 1990 through 1996 for the Coos Bay (CB1) experimental catchment. InHM dynamically simulates 3D variably- saturated subsurface flow using Richards equation and 2D surface and open channel flow using the diffusion- wave approximation to the depth-integrated shallow-water equations. The uniqueness of the boundary-value problem (BVP) used in a previous study to successfully simulate three sprinkling experiments was assessed, via model performance evaluation against piezometric and discharge data, for 33 events extracted from the seven- year continuous record. The simulations conducted in this effort suggest the potential for interaction between the deeper water table and near-surface hydrologic response, which is in agreement with the detailed field observations made during the CB1 sprinkling experiments. The InHM simulations could not adequately reproduce the observed pore-water pressures, suggesting that detailed characterization of the locations and connectivities of bedrock fractures would be necessary to simulate distributed hydrologic response at locations where bedrock fracture flow is important. The results from this study suggest that uniqueness is a problem for physics-based models when employing a BVP used successfully for smaller magnitude storms to simulate larger storms. The long-term simulations conducted here, combined with previous event-based hydrologic- response simulations and field-based observations, highlight the challenges in characterizing / simulating fractured bedrock flow at small catchments like CB1.

  4. Galveston Bay (United States)

    Handley, Lawrence R.; Spear, Kathryn A.; Eleonor Taylor,; Thatcher, Cindy


    The Galveston Bay estuary is located on the upper Texas Gulf coast (Lester and Gonzalez, 2002). It is composed of four major sub-bays—Galveston, Trinity, East, and West Bays. It is Texas’ largest estuary on the Gulf Coast with a total area of 155,399 hectares (384,000 acres) and 1,885 km (1,171 miles) of shoreline (Burgan and Engle, 2006). The volume of the bay has increased over the past 50 years due to subsidence, dredging, and sea level rise. Outside of ship channels, the maximum depth is only 3.7 m (12 ft), with the average depth ranging from 1.2 m (4 ft) to 2.4 m (8 ft)— even shallower in areas with widespread oyster reefs (Lester and Gonzalez, 2002). The tidal range is less than 0.9 m (3 ft), but water levels and circulation are highly influenced by wind. The estuary was formed in a drowned river delta, and its bayous were once channels of the Brazos and Trinity Rivers. Today, the watersheds surrounding the Trinity and San Jacinto Rivers, along with many other smaller bayous, feed into the bay. The entire Galveston Bay watershed is 85,470 km2 (33,000 miles2 ) large (Figure 1). Galveston Island, a 5,000 year old sand bar that lies at the western edge of the bay’s opening into the Gulf of Mexico, impedes the freshwater flow of the Trinity and San Jacinto Rivers into the Gulf, the majority of which comes from the Trinity. The Bolivar Peninsula lies at the eastern edge of the bay’s opening into the Gulf. Water flows into the Gulf at Bolivar Roads, 1 U.S. Geological Survey National Wetlands Research Center, 700 Cajundome Blvd., Lafayette, LA 70506 2 Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, 6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5869, Corpus Christi, Texas 78412 2 Galveston Pass, between Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula, and at San Luis Pass, between the western side of Galveston Island and Follets Island.

  5. Probabilistic seismic hazard in the San Francisco Bay area based on seismicity simulation (United States)

    Pollitz, F. F.


    Understanding how fault systems evolve in time under a relevant set of governing physical laws is a needed critical step towards reliable earthquake forecasting. We can address issues relevant to probabilistic seismic hazard analysis (e.g. recurrence time, coefficient of variation, probability of multi-segment rupture) with numerical simulations of seismicity. A seismicity simulator essentially provides a means of tracking the increasing tectonic stress as it loads the faults and determines how stress is redistributed among the network faults as the result of an earthquake. I implement a seismicity simulator that includes the effects of: (1) tectonic loading of a plate boundary zone; (2) static stress transfer; (3) viscoelasticity of the ductile lower crust and mantle; (4) length- and depth-dependent fault slip. I apply it to a network of multiple interacting faults in the San Francisco Bay area. Earthquake initiation, propagation, and termination are governed by a cascade model using a Coulomb failure function. 30000 years of simulated seismicity yield probability density functions of inter-event times on all major faults at practically a continuum of magnitude thresholds. At a threshold of M6.5, reasonable combinations of controlling parameters yield mean inter-event times of ~ 140 years for the southern Hayward and Rodgers Creek faults and ~ 250 years for the northern Hayward and northern Calaveras faults. To help interpret simulation results I explore systematic covariations among mean characteristic magnitude, coefficient of variation (typical values are 0.4 to 0.6), degree of dynamic overshoot, and mantle viscosity.

  6. Assessment and regulation of ocean health based on ecosystem services:Case study in the Laizhou Bay, China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    SHEN Chengcheng; ZHENG Wei; SHI Honghua; DING Dewen; WANG Zongling


    The ecosystem-based management of nearshore waters requires integrated assessment of ocean health and scientific guidance on artificial regulations to promote sustainable development. Quantitative approaches were developed in this paper to assess present and near-term ocean health based on ecosystem services. Results of the case study in the Laizhou Bay of China showed that the index score of ocean health was 0.785 6 out of 1.0 at present and was expected to range from 0.555 1 to 0.804 1 in the near-term future depending on different intensities of artificial regulation of negative pressures. Specifically, the results of ocean health at present mainly indicated that cultural services and provisioning services performed essentially perfectly while supporting services and regulating services functioned less well. It can be concluded that this nearshore ecosystem would partially lose supporting and regulating services in the near-term future if the increasing pressures were not well-regulated but that all of these categories of ecosystem services could be slightly improved if the negative pressures were fully controlled. Additionally, it is recommended that publicity and education on ecosystem services especially on cultural services and regulating services should be further strengthened. The analytical process and resulting quantification provide flexible tools to guide future development of regulations so as to facilitate ecosystem-based management in the coastal zone.

  7. Chaotic LIDAR for Naval Applications (United States)


    LIDAR for Naval Applications: FY12 Progress Report (7/1/2014- 9/30/2014) This document provides a progress report on the project "Chaotic LIDAR receiver to form a chaotic LIDAR (CLIDAR) ranging system. The design of the chaotic fiber ring laser and the fiber amplifiers are guided by...Wideband Amplifier Chain High Power Blue-Green Ranging Fig 1. The chaotic LIDAR (CLIDAR) transmitter approach. Several stages are used to

  8. Reliability of Naval Radar Systems (United States)


    CONFIDENTIAL (THIS PACE IS UNCUIASSFIED) CONFIDENTIAL (U) For airborne radars, 3-M’(Maintenance and Material Management )and RISE (Readiness Improvement...of the 3-M Program reports (3-M from Maintenance and Material Management ) as well as Naval Air Systems Command RISE (Readi-. ness Improvement Summary...TRANSIT PULSE LE11CTR (;As): 12.8 ANTENNA UEIGHr (k 1058 (2331 lbs.) excluding pedestal COMPRESSED PLUE LENGTH (.is): 0.2 BEAN POSITIObiNG TECNIQUES : H)RZ

  9. USGS Tampa Bay Pilot Study (United States)

    Yates, K.K.; Cronin, T. M.; Crane, M.; Hansen, M.; Nayeghandi, A.; Swarzenski, P.; Edgar, T.; Brooks, G.R.; Suthard, B.; Hine, A.; Locker, S.; Willard, D.A.; Hastings, D.; Flower, B.; Hollander, D.; Larson, R.A.; Smith, K.


    predictive modeling tools for effective ecosystem adaptive management. As a multidisciplinary organization, the USGS possesses the capability of developing and coordinating an integrated science strategy for estuarine research founded on partnerships and collaborative efforts, multidisciplinary teams of scientists, and integrated field work, data analysis and interpretation, and product development. The primary role of the USGS in Tamps Bay research was defined with our partners based upon this capability to address estuarine issues using an integrated science approach with a regional perspective and within a national context to complement the numerous ongoing scien efforts by state and local agencies that address local issues within Tamp Bay. Six primary components of the USGS Tamp Bay Study address critical gaps within each of the the four estuarine system components and focus on: 1.) Examining how natural and man-made physical changes affect ecosystem health through mapping and modeling.

  10. Naval Reserve: an organization in transition.


    Mazza, Richard Charles


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited The purpose of this thesis is to examine the issues facing the Naval Reserve as it transitions from its cold war mission to new and, possibly, expanded roles under the New National Military Strategy. The thesis further provides an overview of the changed strategic environment and budgetary concerns that serve as drivers for change within the Naval Reserve. The evolution of the present Naval Reserve organization, manpower an...

  11. Comparative naval architecture analysis of diesel submarines


    Torkelson, Kai Oscar


    CIVINS Many comparative naval architecture analyses of surface ships have been performed, but few published comparative analyses of submarines exist. Of the several design concept papers, reports and studies that have been written on submarines, no exclusively diesel submarine comparative naval architecture analyses have been published. One possible reason for few submarine studies may be the lack of complete and accurate information regarding the naval architecture of foreign diesel subma...

  12. An updated interpretation of the Hanö Bay Basin, Baltic Sea, based on recently re-processed vintage 2D seismic data (United States)

    Bell, Nicholas; Sopher, Daniel; Juhlin, Christopher


    The Hanö Bay Basin is a relatively small, tectonically controlled, Mesozoic basin in the SW Baltic Sea, Northern Europe. In this study a new seismic interpretation has been made of the basin based on re-processed vintage 2D marine seismic data. A large dataset acquired between 1970 and 1984 by Oljeprospektering AB (OPAB) containing seismic lines across the Hanö Bay Basin has recently been made available by the Swedish Geological Survey (SGU). Seismic interpretation studies within the Hanö Bay Basin were last conducted in the mid-1990's. Since this time, computer power and seismic processing methods have advanced. Re-processing of a grid of lines across the Hanö Bay Basin has allowed updated interpretations to be made which more accurately reflect the geological history of the area. Multi channel seismic data from four surveys within the OPAB dataset: NA79, D72, W70 and EA73, along with two wells H1 and H4, were used in this study. An updated interpretation of the pre-Cambrian basement, which exhibits a distinctive, sharply undulating morphology, was undertaken. The basement horizon across parts of the Hanö Bay appears to be very rugose, containing a number of distinctive troughs and peaks that are over 50m in amplitude. Within these basement troughs a set of distinct packages of sediment is observed. These packages are discontinuous and are most prevalent in a small circular area in the central section of the study area. The age of these sediment packages is uncertain, being either early Mesozoic or the erosional remnants of older Paleozoic sediments. Interpretations of the re-processed seismic data indicate, in some areas, that basin fill has occurred in a significantly different way to previous interpretations during the Mesozoic. The model proposed in this study takes into account normal movement on the Christiansø Fault prior to Cretaceous inversion.

  13. Concept relation extraction using Naïve Bayes classifier for ontology-based question answering systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. Suresh kumar


    Full Text Available Domain ontology is used as a reliable source of knowledge in information retrieval systems such as question answering systems. Automatic ontology construction is possible by extracting concept relations from unstructured large-scale text. In this paper, we propose a methodology to extract concept relations from unstructured text using a syntactic and semantic probability-based Naïve Bayes classifier. We propose an algorithm to iteratively extract a list of attributes and associations for the given seed concept from which the rough schema is conceptualized. A set of hand-coded dependency parsing pattern rules and a binary decision tree-based rule engine were developed for this purpose. This ontology construction process is initiated through a question answering process. For each new query submitted, the required concept is dynamically constructed, and ontology is updated. The proposed relation extraction method was evaluated using benchmark data sets. The performance of the constructed ontology was evaluated using gold standard evaluation and compared with similar well-performing methods. The experimental results reveal that the proposed approach can be used to effectively construct a generic domain ontology with higher accuracy. Furthermore, the ontology construction method was integrated into the question answering framework, which was evaluated using the entailment method.

  14. Applying Integrated ITS Technologies to Parking Management Systems: A Transit-Based Case Study in the San Francisco Bay Area


    Shaheen, Susan; Rodier, Caroline J.; Eaken, Amanda M.


    California Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways has teamed with the California Department of Transportation, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) District, ParkingCarmaâ„¢, and Quixote Corporation to launch a smart parking research demonstration at the Rockridge BART station in the East San Francisco Bay Area (California, USA). The results of an extensive literature review demonstrate that different smart parking applications implemented worldwide can ease traveler delays, increase transit...

  15. Research on integrated naval ship design model and its intelligent algorithm

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    HOU Yuan-hang; HUANG Sheng


    Pointing at naval ship projects creation and evaluation at stage of naval ship concept design,in the mechanism of integrated design based on naval ship synthesis model, ship projects creation and intelligent fuzzy evaluation method is researched, thus the applicability of each algorithm is obtained. Firstly,the naval ship synthesis model is introduced to design process, value and application status of synthesis model in integrated design is then exposed. Then the applicability of single target and multi targets SA algorithm is improved, and the quick generation of naval ship projects is done. After that, multiple projects evaluation method based on Vague fuzzy set is introduced to established the intelligent evaluation model, which can integrate effectively the quantitative and qualitative indexes. At last, the analysis of results comparison shows the advancement and rationality of each method. The example shows the integrated design process researched in this paper can be a great orientation of naval ship project design, and can also be used in other parts of naval ship development.

  16. Naval War College Review. Volume 65, Number 3 (United States)


    undated briefing charts, Dado Center for Interdisciplinary Military Studies, Glilot Base , Tel Aviv). 45. Har’el and Issacharoff, 34 Days, p. ix. 46...Moral Compass: Commanding Officers and Personal Misconduct.” Based on a careful analysis of historical met- rics as well as personal interviews with...replenishment at sea and support from nearby bases . In the years prior to World War II, most professional studies at the U.S. Naval War College, in

  17. 78 FR 21349 - Meeting of the Board of Advisors to the Presidents of the Naval Postgraduate School and Naval War... (United States)


    ... and Naval War College, Naval Postgraduate School Subcommittee AGENCY: Department of the Navy, DoD... also through the Board of Advisors (BOA) to the Presidents of NPS and Naval War College report...

  18. Las carreras armamentistas navales entre Argentina, Chile y Brasil (1891-1923

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristián Garay


    Full Text Available The overview of the issue of South American naval competition between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century' has been hindered by a bilateral perspective. Based on a perception of the hard power, naval competition is not interpreted as an episode restricted to the case of Chile-Argentina or Argentina-Brazil, but as a regional political determination induced by the belief that naval competition would increase the chances for success in the international system. This search for prestige ended in the 1920s due to cultural reasons, Wilsonianism, the path of collective security being discredited after World War I, and the global pro-disarmament climate.

  19. Marine ecology conditions at Weda Bay, North Maluku based on statistical analysis on distribution of recent foraminifera

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kurniasih Anis


    Full Text Available Analysis of foraminifera in geology,usually being used to find the age of rocks/ sediments and depositional environment. In this study, recent foraminifera was used not only to determinethe sedimentary environment,but also to estimate the ecological condition of the water through a statistical approach.Analysis was performed quantitatively in 10 surface seabed sediment samples in Weda Bay North Maluku. The analysis includes dominance (Sympson Index, diversity and evenness (Shannon Index, and the ratio of planktonic -benthic. The results were shown in the plotting diagram of M-R-T (Miliolid-Rotalid-Textularid to determine the depositional environment. Quantitative analysis was performed using Past software (paleontological version Statistic 1:29.The analysis result showed there was no domination of certain taxon with a moderate degree of evenness and stable communities and considerably a moderate diversity. The results of this analysis indicated that research area had a stable water conditions with the optimum level of carbonate content, oxygen supply, salinity, and temperature. The ratio of planktonic and benthic indicate the relative depth, which was deeper the water increased the percentage of planktonic foraminifera. Based on M-R-T diagram showed the distribution of sediment deposited on exposed carbonate (carbonate platform environment with normal saline.

  20. Naval Aviation Vision (United States)


    jungle strips, mountainous fire support bases, and desert airfields; and they have gone into combat in nearly every clime on the planet , from the...under similar environmental conditions, while fitting within the same shipboard footprint. The CH-53K also will provide lift capability under high...tomorrow: aircraft 60 E-6B Mercury Derived from Boeing’s 707 aircraft, the E-6B supports U.S. Strategic Command with command, control, and

  1. Naval Arms Control: The Backdrop of History (United States)


    from Europe and The Hague. In the Pactos de Mayo of 1902, Argentina and Chile agreed to cancel existing orders for naval warships and to give each...the Soviet Union, signed protocols modeled on the Pactos de Mayo of the preceding century. In the two agreements, the parties forswore further naval

  2. US Naval Research Laboratory focus issue: introduction. (United States)

    Hoffman, Craig A


    Rather than concentrate on a single topic, this feature issue presents the wide variety of research in optics that takes place at a single institution, the United States Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and is analogous to an NRL feature issue published in Applied Optics in 1967. NRL is the corporate research laboratory for the Navy and Marine Corps. It conducts a broadly based multidisciplinary program of scientific research and advanced technological development in the physical, engineering, space, and environmental sciences related to maritime, atmospheric, and space domains. NRL's research is directed toward new and improved materials, techniques, equipment, and systems in response to identified and anticipated Navy needs. A number of articles in this issue review progress in broader research areas while other articles present the latest results on specific topics.

  3. Study on Noise Environment Prediction of Missile Instrument Bay Base on NASTRAN%基于NASTRAN导弹仪器舱噪声环境预示研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王亮; 商霖; 牛智玲; 李炳蔚


    Based on the FEM software MSC.Patran and Nastran, the prediction of the noise environment dynamics of the missile instrument bay is investigated. Firstly, the 3-D shell model of the instrument bay is established. Secondly, the sound press lever (SPL) of the missile during flight is studied based on trajectory data. And the Spectrum of SPL is presented, which is transferred to power spectral density function of pressure. At last, the dynamic environment of missile instrument bay is predicted.%  基于商用有限元软件 MSC.Patran 和 Nastran,研究某型导弹的仪器舱结构的噪声环境动力学预示.首先建立仪器舱的三维壳单元模型;根据弹道数据理论,研究导弹在飞行过程中遭受噪声的总声压级,给出噪声声压级谱,并转换为压力功率谱密度函数;最后预示了该仪器舱在压力功率谱的作用下的动力学环境.

  4. Multiple stressor effects on water quality in Poplar Bay, Lake of the Woods, Canada: a midge-based assessment of hypolimnetic oxygen conditions over the last two centuries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jamie C. Summers


    Full Text Available Chironomid and Chaoborus (midge remains preserved in a dated sediment core from Poplar Bay, Lake of the Woods (LOW, Ontario, Canada, were used to assess the effects of multiple stressors (e.g., recent warming and shoreline development on water quality over the past ~200 years. As monitoring data for LOW do not extend beyond recent decades, paleolimnological methods are used to reconstruct long-term limnological trends and to establish pre-disturbance conditions. The effects of recent warming and shoreline development on Poplar Bay water quality are examined using an index of hypolimnetic oxygen (O2 status based on the ratio of Chaoborus to chironomid remains (chaob:chir and a midge-inferred volume-weighted hypolimnetic oxygen (VWHO model. Our paleolimnological data indicate that hypolimnetic [O2] in Poplar Bay have been historically hypoxic (1-4 mg O2 L-1 but have declined further (generally <2 mg O2 L-1 over the last few decades. Significant relationships between air temperature and midge data indicate that substantial warming starting in the late-1970s has triggered a marked response in the midge assemblages that pre-dates the onset of cottage development (mid-1990s. These findings complement a diatom-based study on the same sediment core, likewise suggesting that recent warming has played a prominent role in structuring limnetic communities. However, it is likely that the full, compounded effects of recent warming and shoreline development have not yet been realized. Our study highlights the complexity of multiple stressor systems, such as Poplar Bay, and emphasizes the benefits of using multiple, independent lines of paleoenvironmental evidence in gaining a more complete understanding of historical water quality.

  5. Examining features of enhanced phytoplankton biomass in the Bay of Bengal using a coupled physical-biological model (United States)

    Gomes, Helga do Rosário; deRada, Sergio; Goes, Joaquim I.; Chai, Fei


    A coupled bio-physical ocean model is used to describe areas of enhanced phytoplankton biomass, seen in remotely sensed observations, in the otherwise oligotrophic environment of the Bay of Bengal. The model is based on the Naval Coastal Ocean Model (NCOM), which is one-way coupled to the 13-component Carbon, Silicate, and Nitrogen Ecosystem (CoSiNE) model and configured for the Indian Ocean. Model results are compared and evaluated against a set of in situ shipboard observations as well as ocean color data acquired from several remote sensing platforms. The model is shown to successfully simulate the seasonal cycle of phytoplankton, the markedly contrasting scenarios of phytoplankton distribution in the north versus the south Bay of Bengal, and the biological impact from the 1997/1998 Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) event. The model simulation provides us with vertical cross sections of phytoplankton biomass from summer and winter blooms in the southwest of the bay, information not found in remotely sensed data. It also successfully reproduces the timing of the onset of the blooms and their spatial extent, thereby providing a measure of its potential for augmenting in situ and remotely sensed observations to improve understanding of the dynamics of primary producers and carbon cycling in one of the most poorly sampled regions of the world's oceans.

  6. Numerical Simulation of Water Exchange Characteristics of the Jiaozhou Bay Based on A Three-Dimensional Lagrangian Model

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Cui; ZHANG Xue-qing; SUN Ying-lan


    Based on theory of three-dimensional hydrodynamics,an Euler-Lagrangian particle model is established to study the transport and water exchange capability in the Jiaozhou Bay.The three-dimensional hydrodynamic model,driven by tide and wind,is used to study the effects of wetting and drying of eatuarine intertidal flats by the dry-wet grid technology based on the Estuarine,Coastal and Ocean Model (ECOM).The particle model includes the advection and the diffusion processes,of which the advection process is simulated with a certain method,and the diffusion process is simulated with the random walk method.The effect of the intertidal zone,the turbulent diffusion and the timescales of the water exchange are also discussed.The results show that a moving boundary model can simulate the transport process of the particle in the intertidal zone,where the particles are transported for a longer distance than that of the stationary result.Simulations with and without the turbulent random walk show that the effect of turbulent diffusion is very effective at spreading particles throughout the estuary and speeding up the particle movement.The spatial distribution of residence time is given to quantify the water exchange capability that has very important ramifications to water quality.The effect of wind on the water exchange is also examined and the southeasterly wind in summer tends to block the water exchange near the northeast coast,while the northerly wind in winter speeds up the transport process.These results indicate that the Lagrangian particle model is applicable and has a large potential to help understanding the water exchange capability in estuaries,which can also he useful to simulate the transport process of contaminant.

  7. Estimation of design wave heights based on exterme value statistics for Kakinada coast, Bay of Bengal

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Chandramohan, P.; Nayak, B.U.; Raju, N.S.N.

    distribution showed large scattering in the plot resulting in the estimated extreme wave height on much higher side. The extreme wave height estimated based on Lognormal distribution was also relatively higher, while the Weibull distribution gave relatively...

  8. Helicopter Based Magnetic Detection Of Wells At The Teapot Dome (Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 3 Oilfield: Rapid And Accurate Geophysical Algorithms For Locating Wells (United States)

    Harbert, W.; Hammack, R.; Veloski, G.; Hodge, G.


    In this study Airborne magnetic data was collected by Fugro Airborne Surveys from a helicopter platform (Figure 1) using the Midas II system over the 39 km2 NPR3 (Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 3) oilfield in east-central Wyoming. The Midas II system employs two Scintrex CS-2 cesium vapor magnetometers on opposite ends of a transversely mounted, 13.4-m long horizontal boom located amidships (Fig. 1). Each magnetic sensor had an in-flight sensitivity of 0.01 nT. Real time compensation of the magnetic data for magnetic noise induced by maneuvering of the aircraft was accomplished using two fluxgate magnetometers mounted just inboard of the cesium sensors. The total area surveyed was 40.5 km2 (NPR3) near Casper, Wyoming. The purpose of the survey was to accurately locate wells that had been drilled there during more than 90 years of continuous oilfield operation. The survey was conducted at low altitude and with closely spaced flight lines to improve the detection of wells with weak magnetic response and to increase the resolution of closely spaced wells. The survey was in preparation for a planned CO2 flood to enhance oil recovery, which requires a complete well inventory with accurate locations for all existing wells. The magnetic survey was intended to locate wells that are missing from the well database and to provide accurate locations for all wells. The well location method used combined an input dataset (for example, leveled total magnetic field reduced to the pole), combined with first and second horizontal spatial derivatives of this input dataset, which were then analyzed using focal statistics and finally combined using a fuzzy combination operation. Analytic signal and the Shi and Butt (2004) ZS attribute were also analyzed using this algorithm. A parameter could be adjusted to determine sensitivity. Depending on the input dataset 88% to 100% of the wells were located, with typical values being 95% to 99% for the NPR3 field site.

  9. Sand sources and transport pathways for the San Francisco Bay coastal system, based on X-ray diffraction mineralogy (United States)

    Hein, James R.; Mizell, Kira; Barnard, Patrick L.; Barnard, P.L.; Jaffee, B.E.; Schoellhamer, D.H.


    The mineralogical compositions of 119 samples collected from throughout the San Francisco Bay coastal system, including bayfloor and seafloor, area beaches, cliff outcrops, and major drainages, were determined using X-ray diffraction (XRD). Comparison of the mineral concentrations and application of statistical cluster analysis of XRD spectra allowed for the determination of provenances and transport pathways. The use of XRD mineral identifications provides semi-quantitative compositions needed for comparisons of beach and offshore sands with potential cliff and river sources, but the innovative cluster analysis of XRD diffraction spectra provides a unique visualization of how groups of samples within the San Francisco Bay coastal system are related so that sand-sized sediment transport pathways can be inferred. The main vector for sediment transport as defined by the XRD analysis is from San Francisco Bay to the outer coast, where the sand then accumulates on the ebb tidal delta and also moves alongshore. This mineralogical link defines a critical pathway because large volumes of sediment have been removed from the Bay over the last century via channel dredging, aggregate mining, and borrow pit mining, with comparable volumes of erosion from the ebb tidal delta over the same period, in addition to high rates of shoreline retreat along the adjacent, open-coast beaches. Therefore, while previously only a temporal relationship was established, the transport pathway defined by mineralogical and geochemical tracers support the link between anthropogenic activities in the Bay and widespread erosion outside the Bay. The XRD results also establish the regional and local importance of sediment derived from cliff erosion, as well as both proximal and distal fluvial sources. This research is an important contribution to a broader provenance study aimed at identifying the driving forces for widespread geomorphic change in a heavily urbanized coastal-estuarine system.

  10. Naval Readiness, Operational Training, and Environmental Protection: Achieving an Appropriate Balance between Competing National Interests (United States)


    Readiness: Operational Traininz; Polution 19 ABSTRACT (Continue on reverse if necessary and identify by block number) This paper describes the...Education Command (Quantico, Virginia); Washington Navy Yard, Naval Air Stations Patuxent River % . (Maryland), Bermuda and Keflavik (Iceland); Marine...Corps Air Station lwakuni (Japan); U.S. Naval Base Yokosuka (Japan); =.nd on Okinawa (Japan). The author holds a Bachelor of Science from the United

  11. Bayes and empirical Bayes: do they merge?

    CERN Document Server

    Petrone, Sonia; Scricciolo, Catia


    Bayesian inference is attractive for its coherence and good frequentist properties. However, it is a common experience that eliciting a honest prior may be difficult and, in practice, people often take an {\\em empirical Bayes} approach, plugging empirical estimates of the prior hyperparameters into the posterior distribution. Even if not rigorously justified, the underlying idea is that, when the sample size is large, empirical Bayes leads to "similar" inferential answers. Yet, precise mathematical results seem to be missing. In this work, we give a more rigorous justification in terms of merging of Bayes and empirical Bayes posterior distributions. We consider two notions of merging: Bayesian weak merging and frequentist merging in total variation. Since weak merging is related to consistency, we provide sufficient conditions for consistency of empirical Bayes posteriors. Also, we show that, under regularity conditions, the empirical Bayes procedure asymptotically selects the value of the hyperparameter for ...

  12. Physics-Based Simulations of Near-Surface Hydrologic Response for a Steep, Unchanneled Catchment Near Coos Bay, Oregon (United States)

    Ebel, B. A.; Loague, K.; Vanderkwaak, J. E.


    The comprehensive physics-based hydrologic-response model InHM was used to simulate 3D variably- saturated flow and solute transport for three controlled sprinkling experiments at the Coos Bay 1 (CB1) experimental catchment in the Oregon Coast Range. InHM dynamically simulates 3D variably-saturated subsurface flow using Richards equation and 2D surface and open channel flow using the diffusion-wave approximation to the depth-integrated shallow-water equations. The InHM-simulated hydrologic-response was evaluated against observed discharge, pressure head, total head, soil-water content, and deuterium concentration records. Runoff generation, tensiometric / piezometric response, pore-water pressure generation, and solute (tracer) transport were all simulated well for the soil. The InHM simulations indicate that the 3D geometry and hydraulic characteristics of the layered geologic interfaces at CB1 can control the development of saturation and pore-water pressures at the soil-saprolite interface. The weathered bedrock piezometric response and runoff contribution were not simulated well in this study, most likely as a result of the uncertainty in the weathered bedrock layer geometry and fractured-rock hydraulic properties. Sensitivity analyses for the CB1 boundary-value problem indicate that: (i) hysteretic unsaturated flow in the CB1 soil is important for accurate hydrologic-response simulation, (ii) using an impermeable boundary condition to represent layered geologic interfaces leads to large errors in simulated magnitudes of runoff generation and pore-water pressure development, and (iii) field-based retention curve measurements can dramatically improve variably-saturated hydrologic-response simulation at sites with steep soil-water retention curves. The near-surface CB1 simulations demonstrate that physics-based models like InHM are useful for characterizing detailed spatio-temporal hydrologic-response, developing process-based concepts, and identifying

  13. Community-Based Education Support Programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. (United States)

    Eldredge, Susan; Dornbusch, Sanford M.

    Although community-based education support organizations are second only to public schools in the number of young people they serve each year, there has been little substantive research on these organizations and the education support they provide. With funding from the Walter S. Johnson Foundation, a 10-month study of neighborhood-based…

  14. Naïve Bayes classification in R


    Zhang, Zhongheng


    Naïve Bayes classification is a kind of simple probabilistic classification methods based on Bayes’ theorem with the assumption of independence between features. The model is trained on training dataset to make predictions by predict() function. This article introduces two functions naiveBayes() and train() for the performance of Naïve Bayes classification.

  15. Optimization of a Coastal Environmental Monitoring Network Based on the Kriging Method: A Case Study of Quanzhou Bay, China

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kai Chen


    Full Text Available Environmental monitoring is fundamental in assessing environmental quality and to fulfill protection and management measures with permit conditions. However, coastal environmental monitoring work faces many problems and challenges, including the fact that monitoring information cannot be linked up with evaluation, monitoring data cannot well reflect the current coastal environmental condition, and monitoring activities are limited by cost constraints. For these reasons, protection and management measures cannot be developed and implemented well by policy makers who intend to solve this issue. In this paper, Quanzhou Bay in southeastern China was selected as a case study; and the Kriging method and a geographic information system were employed to evaluate and optimize the existing monitoring network in a semienclosed bay. This study used coastal environmental monitoring data from 15 sites (including COD, DIN, and PO4-P to adequately analyze the water quality from 2009 to 2012 by applying the Trophic State Index. The monitoring network in Quanzhou Bay was evaluated and optimized, with the number of sites increased from 15 to 24, and the monitoring precision improved by 32.9%. The results demonstrated that the proposed advanced monitoring network optimization was appropriate for environmental monitoring in Quanzhou Bay. It might provide technical support for coastal management and pollutant reduction in similar areas.

  16. Chronicling long-term predator responses to a shifting forage base in Chesapeake Bay: an energetics approach (United States)

    Overton, Anthony S.; Griffin, Jennifer C.; Margraf, F. Joseph; May, Eric B.; Hartman, Kyle J.


    The population of Striped Bass Morone saxatilis in Chesapeake Bay has increased significantly since the 1980s because of management efforts while the relative abundance of some key prey fish has declined since the 1970s. We examined the trophic interactions and prey consumption patterns of Striped Bass in Chesapeake Bay to determine how Striped Bass have responded to changing prey resources. Seasonal diet, growth, and thermal data were collected from 1955 to 1959, 1990 to 1992, and 1998 to 2001; these data were coupled with a bioenergetics model approach to characterize temporal patterns in prey consumption for Striped Bass. The estimates were compared across each period to build a historical prey consumption profile from 1955 to 2001. Prey consumption dynamics for Striped Bass have changed dramatically between 1955 and 2001. In general, Striped Bass in the early and late 1990s consumed less Atlantic Menhaden Brevoortia tyranus and more Bay Anchovy Anchoa mitchilli than during the 1950s. The largest differences in consumption were observed in the younger age-classes. During 1998–2001, age-1 and age-2 Striped Bass consumed, respectively, 15.5 and 11.9 times less Atlantic Menhaden than during the 1950sand 12.2 and 7.2 less than during 1990–1992. Bay Anchovy were almost absent in the diet of bass age 3 and older during the 1950s but were consumed by the age-3+ group during 1990–1992 and to a greater extent during 1998–2001. Age-3+ Striped Bass during 1998–2001, on average, consumed twice as much Bay Anchovy than during 1990–1992. Blue crab Callinectes sappidus were consumed only by age 2 in the 1950s and 1990–1992 and by ages 2 and older in 1998–2001. Age-2 bass consumed 8.8 more blue crab in 1990–1992 and 7.5 times more in 1998–2001 than during the 1950s. The patterns in the consumption of Atlantic Menhaden coincided with increased consumption of Bay Anchovy and blue crab, possibly as a result of the declines in Atlantic Menhaden

  17. Comparison of two regression-based approaches for determining nutrient and sediment fluxes and trends in the Chesapeake Bay watershed (United States)

    Moyer, Douglas; Hirsch, Robert M.; Hyer, Kenneth


    Nutrient and sediment fluxes and changes in fluxes over time are key indicators that water resource managers can use to assess the progress being made in improving the structure and function of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. The U.S. Geological Survey collects annual nutrient (nitrogen and phosphorus) and sediment flux data and computes trends that describe the extent to which water-quality conditions are changing within the major Chesapeake Bay tributaries. Two regression-based approaches were compared for estimating annual nutrient and sediment fluxes and for characterizing how these annual fluxes are changing over time. The two regression models compared are the traditionally used ESTIMATOR and the newly developed Weighted Regression on Time, Discharge, and Season (WRTDS). The model comparison focused on answering three questions: (1) What are the differences between the functional form and construction of each model? (2) Which model produces estimates of flux with the greatest accuracy and least amount of bias? (3) How different would the historical estimates of annual flux be if WRTDS had been used instead of ESTIMATOR? One additional point of comparison between the two models is how each model determines trends in annual flux once the year-to-year variations in discharge have been determined. All comparisons were made using total nitrogen, nitrate, total phosphorus, orthophosphorus, and suspended-sediment concentration data collected at the nine U.S. Geological Survey River Input Monitoring stations located on the Susquehanna, Potomac, James, Rappahannock, Appomattox, Pamunkey, Mattaponi, Patuxent, and Choptank Rivers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Two model characteristics that uniquely distinguish ESTIMATOR and WRTDS are the fundamental model form and the determination of model coefficients. ESTIMATOR and WRTDS both predict water-quality constituent concentration by developing a linear relation between the natural logarithm of observed constituent

  18. Advanced Naval Surface fire support weapon employment against mobile targets


    Le, Hung B.


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited Key threat trends have identified shortfalls in Naval Surface Fire Support (NSFS), a mission area that is undergoing rapid evolution. The Navy's ability to effectively provide sea-based fire support to ground forces is profoundly challenged by mobile and reduced dwell time targets. Furthermore, longer range enemy weapon systems, which must be destroyed at greater ranges prior to their engagement of friendly forces, will make NSFS timel...

  19. U. S. Naval Forces, Vietnam Monthly Historical Supplement for February 1968 (United States)


    five PGMs, four PCEs and one MSC assigned daily to .’ MfLRKET TIME forces. In addition, the Royal Thai Navy had one PGM assigned to MAKET TIIýL forces in...Economic Development 6 ib,120 Education o40 24oo49 Social Welfare 2002 802,435 Transportation 192 18,169 Refugee Assistance Support 1010 3,491,81)4 TOTALS...patrols, conducted sweeps, manned listening posts and maintained an excellent defense posture. At ti e Naval Recruit Training Center, Can Ranh Bay

  20. The Bayes Inference Engine

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hanson, K.M.; Cunningham, G.S.


    The authors are developing a computer application, called the Bayes Inference Engine, to provide the means to make inferences about models of physical reality within a Bayesian framework. The construction of complex nonlinear models is achieved by a fully object-oriented design. The models are represented by a data-flow diagram that may be manipulated by the analyst through a graphical programming environment. Maximum a posteriori solutions are achieved using a general, gradient-based optimization algorithm. The application incorporates a new technique of estimating and visualizing the uncertainties in specific aspects of the model.

  1. 基于物联网的舰炮装备“云保障”模式%Cloud Support Model for Naval Gun Equipment Based on Internet of Things

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    米巧丽; 徐廷学; 刘勇; 杨继坤


    面临信息化战争的挑战,装备保障的信息化程度直接影响着装备的战备完好性与任务成功性.将物联网工(loT)与云计算两种技术结合运用于舰炮装备保障中,通过对舰炮装备保障任务的分析,在应用物联网技术建立的武器装备局域网与云计算基本架构的基础上,提出并构建了舰炮装备“云保障”模式架构,将舰炮各个保障任务对应的数据中心视为私有云,利用传感器网及广域通信网进行云端信息的采集与传递,保证了各保障任务云之间及其与装备保障总数据中心云端快捷、安全地通信,分别从保障过程和保障资源两方面对舰炮装备“云保障”的实施进行探讨.由此,可提高舰炮装备保障的信息化程度及互联互通性,实现保障过程的实时、可视监控及保障资源的动态、高效管理.%Facing the challenge of the information battle, the informationization degree of the equipment support directly affects the operational readiness and the mission success. With the idea of combining the clouding computing technique with the Internet of Things (IoT), the support missions for the naval gun equipment are analyzed, and then the cloud support frame of the naval gun equipment is proposed, based on the military equipment LAN built by the IoT and the basic cloud computing frame. The quick and safe communication between the clouds is ensured by this new frame, in which each data center responding to the support missions is viewed as a private cloud, and the information is collected and transferred by the sensor network and the wide area communication network. The two implementation aspects, the support course and the resource, are discussed. Consequently, the informationization degree and the connectivity of the naval gun equipment support are enhanced. The real -time and visualized surveillance of the support course is realized, with the dynamic and highly efficient management of the support

  2. A consensus microsatellite-based linkage map for the hermaphroditic bay scallop (Argopecten irradians and its application in size-related QTL analysis.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hongjun Li

    Full Text Available Bay scallop (Argopecten irradians is one of the most economically important aquaculture species in China. In this study, we constructed a consensus microsatellite-based genetic linkage map with a mapping panel containing two hybrid backcross-like families involving two subspecies of bay scallop, A. i. irradians and A. i. concentricus. One hundred sixty-one microsatellite and one phenotypic (shell color markers were mapped to 16 linkage groups (LGs, which corresponds to the haploid chromosome number of bay scallop. The sex-specific map was 779.2 cM and 781.6 cM long in female and male, respectively, whereas the sex-averaged map spanned 849.3 cM. The average resolution of integrated map was 5.9 cM/locus and the estimated coverage was 81.3%. The proportion of distorted markers occurred more in the hybrid parents, suggesting that the segregation distortion was possibly resulted from heterospecific interaction between genomes of two subspecies of bay scallop. The overall female-to-male recombination rate was 1.13:1 across all linked markers in common to both parents, and considerable differences in recombination also existed among different parents in both families. Four size-related traits, including shell length (SL, shell height (SH, shell width (SW and total weight (TW were measured for quantitative trait loci (QTL analysis. Three significant and six suggestive QTL were detected on five LGs. Among the three significant QTL, two (qSW-10 and qTW-10, controlling SW and TW, respectively were mapped on the same region near marker AiAD121 on LG10 and explained 20.5% and 27.7% of the phenotypic variance, while the third (qSH-7, controlling SH was located on LG7 and accounted for 15.8% of the phenotypic variance. Six suggestive QTL were detected on four different LGs. The linkage map and size-related QTL obtained in this study may facilitate marker-assisted selection (MAS in bay scallop.

  3. One year observations of atmospheric reactive gases (O3, CO, NOx, SO2) at Jang Bogo base in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica (United States)

    Siek Rhee, Tae; Seo, Sora


    Antarctica is a remote area surrounded by the Southern Ocean and far from the influence of human activities, giving us unique opportunity to investigate the background variation of trace gases which are sensitive to the human activities. Korean Antarctic base, Jang Bogo, was established as a unique permanent overwintering base in Terra Nova Bay in February, 2014. One year later, we installed a package of instruments to monitor atmospheric trace gases at the base, which includes long-lived greenhouse gases, CO2, CH4, and N2O, and reactive gases, O3, CO, NOx, and SO2. The atmospheric chemistry observatory, where these scientific instruments were installed, is located ca. 1 km far from the main building and power plant, minimizing the influence of pollution that may come from the operation of the base. Here we focus on the reactive gases measured in-situ at the base; O3 displays a typical seasonal variation with high in winter and low in summer with seasonal amplitude of ~18 ppb, CO was high in September at ~56 ppb, probably implying the invasion of lower latitude air mass with biomass burning, and low in late summer due to photochemical oxidation. NO did not show clear seasonal variation, but SO2 reveals larger values in summer than in winter. We will discuss potential atmospheric processes behind these first observations of reactive gases in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica.

  4. Analysis and Applications API eBay


    ŠIK, Martin


    The subject of this bachelor thesis "Analysis and Applications API eBay" is to create application based on the use of Application Programming Interface (API), released by eBay. The theoretical part is focused on explaining the fundamental issue of Internet auctions, e-commmerce, comparsion of auction portals and term "trust" as a key attribute of e-commerce. The practical part is based on analyse of principles and instruments of eBay API and create an application based on this interface. The ...

  5. Bayes linear statistics, theory & methods

    CERN Document Server

    Goldstein, Michael


    Bayesian methods combine information available from data with any prior information available from expert knowledge. The Bayes linear approach follows this path, offering a quantitative structure for expressing beliefs, and systematic methods for adjusting these beliefs, given observational data. The methodology differs from the full Bayesian methodology in that it establishes simpler approaches to belief specification and analysis based around expectation judgements. Bayes Linear Statistics presents an authoritative account of this approach, explaining the foundations, theory, methodology, and practicalities of this important field. The text provides a thorough coverage of Bayes linear analysis, from the development of the basic language to the collection of algebraic results needed for efficient implementation, with detailed practical examples. The book covers:The importance of partial prior specifications for complex problems where it is difficult to supply a meaningful full prior probability specification...

  6. Bayes' postulate for trinomial trials (United States)

    Diniz, M. A.; Polpo, A.


    In this paper, we discuss Bayes' postulate and its interpretation. We extend the binomial trial method proposed by de Finetti [1] to trinomial trials, for which we argue that the consideration of equiprobability a priori for the possible outcomes of the trinomial trials implies that the parameter vector has Dirichlet(1,1) as prior. Based on this result, we agree with Stigler [2] in that the notion in Bayes' postulate stating "absolutely know nothing" is related to the possible outcomes of an experiment and not to "non-information" about the parameter.

  7. Research on Focused Crawler Based on Naive Bayes Algorithm%基于朴素贝叶斯算法的主题爬虫的研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    皮靖; 邵雄凯; 肖雅夫


    Focused crawler is a key part of the focused search engine. This paper proposed a method of using Naive Bayes algorithm to identify topics, introduced the core part of the focused crawler, including the generation of seed URL collection, the page analysis and feature extraction and the topic identify. Compared the focused crawler based on Naive Bayes algorithm with the focused crawler base on links analysis and thesaurus, the experiment result proved that the focused crawler based on Naive Bayes algorithm has better accuracy and the method is feasible. It laid good foundation for the topic information collection.%主题爬虫是实现主题搜索引擎的关键部分.提出了利用朴素贝叶斯算法进行主题识别的方法,介绍了主题爬虫实现过程中所涉及到的关键部分,包括种子URL集合的生成、页面分析及特征提取、主题识别等.将基于朴素贝叶斯算法的主题爬虫,与基于链接分析的主题爬虫和基于主题词表的主题爬虫进行比较,实验表明基于朴素贝叶斯算法的主题爬虫准确性较好,论证了方法的可行性,为主题信息的采集奠定了良好的基础.

  8. Status of macrobenthic community of Manifa-Tanajib Bay System of Saudi Arabia based on a once-off sampling event. (United States)

    Joydas, T V; Krishnakumar, P K; Qurban, Mohammad A; Ali, Said M; Al-Suwailem, Abdulaziz; Al-Abdulkader, Khaled


    Shallow water bays located in the western Arabian Gulf experience harsh environmental conditions. Some of these bays, including Manifa-Tanajib Bay System (MTBS), were also exposed to the 1991 oil pollution event. This study investigates the status of the macrobenthos in MTBS during 2006. This bay system is characterized by very shallow inner bays with elevated salinity and temperature compared to the rest of the bay area. As a result mainly of the hyper salinity, the inner bay communities are distinct from the outer bay communities. Overall, fairly high species richness with several rare species was observed. High Shannon-Wiener diversity values and ABC plots indicated the healthy status of the polychaete communities, while BOPA index indicated slightly polluted status in 20% of the stations. The oil sensitive amphipods were not completely re-colonized in 20% of the stations, even after 15 years of recovery from the 1991 oil spill.

  9. Status of macrobenthic community of Manifa-Tanajib Bay System of Saudi Arabia based on a once-off sampling event

    KAUST Repository

    Joydas, Thadickal Viswanathan


    Shallow water bays located in the western Arabian Gulf experience harsh environmental conditions. Some of these bays, including Manifa-Tanajib Bay System (MTBS), were also exposed to the 1991 oil pollution event. This study investigates the status of the macrobenthos in MTBS during 2006. This bay system is characterized by very shallow inner bays with elevated salinity and temperature compared to the rest of the bay area. As a result mainly of the hyper salinity, the inner bay communities are distinct from the outer bay communities. Overall, fairly high species richness with several rare species was observed. High Shannon-Wiener diversity values and ABC plots indicated the healthy status of the polychaete communities, while BOPA index indicated slightly polluted status in 20% of the stations. The oil sensitive amphipods were not completely re-colonized in 20% of the stations, even after 15. years of recovery from the 1991 oil spill. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.

  10. Corpus Christi, Nueces, and Aransas Bays (United States)

    Handley, Lawrence R.; Spear, Kathryn A.; Eleonor Taylor,; Thatcher, Cindy


    Corpus Christi Bay and Nueces Bay comprise the middle estuarine portion of Texas’ Coastal Bend region (Figure 1; Burgan and Engle, 2006). Aransas Bay is part of the upper estuarine portion of the region. These bays make up part of the Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program, one of the many estuarine areas in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Estuary Program (Holt, 1998). The Coastal Bend region is sub-humid and sub-tropical. Summers are long, hot, and humid, and winters are short and mild. The landscape around the estuaries is dominated by row crops, pastures, and brushy rangeland (Handley and others, 2007). The Nueces River, along with other smaller rivers and creeks, provides freshwater inflow—along with essential nutrients and sediment— into Nueces Bay, which feeds into Corpus Christi Bay (Holt, 1998). Freshwater inflow into the Aransas Bay comes from Mission River, Aransas River, and Copano Creek. The region is relatively dry otherwise and prone to droughts. Corpus Christi receives an average of 76.2 cm (30 in) of rain annually; evaporation usually exceeds 177.8 cm (70 in) (Holt, 1998; Handley and others, 2007). The San Antonio-Nueces Coastal Basin drains into Aransas Bay. The Nueces River basin covers 43,253 km2 (16,700 miles2 ), from northwest of San Antonio, flowing southeast to where it drains into Nueces and Corpus Christi Bays (Holt, 1998). The Nueces-Rio Grande basin covers approximately 18,648 1 U.S. Geological Survey National Wetlands Research Center, 700 Cajundome Blvd., Lafayette, LA 70506 2 Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, 6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5869, Corpus Christi, Texas 78412 2 km2 (7,200 miles2 ) and flows partially into Corpus Christi Bay (as well as the upper Laguna Madre). The inflow from Nueces River has declined by approximately 20 percent over the past several decades, partly due to construction of lakes and reservoirs, particularly Lake Corpus Christi

  11. Wave modelling as a proxy for seagrass ecological modelling: Comparing fetch and process-based predictions for a bay and reef lagoon (United States)

    Callaghan, David P.; Leon, Javier X.; Saunders, Megan I.


    The distribution, abundance, behaviour, and morphology of marine species is affected by spatial variability in the wave environment. Maps of wave metrics (e.g. significant wave height Hs, peak energy wave period Tp, and benthic wave orbital velocity URMS) are therefore useful for predictive ecological models of marine species and ecosystems. A number of techniques are available to generate maps of wave metrics, with varying levels of complexity in terms of input data requirements, operator knowledge, and computation time. Relatively simple "fetch-based" models are generated using geographic information system (GIS) layers of bathymetry and dominant wind speed and direction. More complex, but computationally expensive, "process-based" models are generated using numerical models such as the Simulating Waves Nearshore (SWAN) model. We generated maps of wave metrics based on both fetch-based and process-based models and asked whether predictive performance in models of benthic marine habitats differed. Predictive models of seagrass distribution for Moreton Bay, Southeast Queensland, and Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia, were generated using maps based on each type of wave model. For Lizard Island, performance of the process-based wave maps was significantly better for describing the presence of seagrass, based on Hs, Tp, and URMS. Conversely, for the predictive model of seagrass in Moreton Bay, based on benthic light availability and Hs, there was no difference in performance using the maps of the different wave metrics. For predictive models where wave metrics are the dominant factor determining ecological processes it is recommended that process-based models be used. Our results suggest that for models where wave metrics provide secondarily useful information, either fetch- or process-based models may be equally useful.

  12. Propuesta de un modelo de gestión para el proceso de mantenimiento aeronáutico en la aviación naval con base en la Norma Técnica de Calidad en la gestión pública NTCGP1000:2004

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Carlos Quintero Gómez


    Full Text Available Este trabajo presenta la propuesta de un modelo de gestión para el proceso de mantenimiento aeronáutico en la Aviación Naval con base en la norma técnica NTCGP1000:2004 Identifica los subprocesos que forman parte del mantenimiento aeronáutico en la aviacion naval y establece sus interacciones. Ademàs, describe cómo se efectua el proceso de mantenimiento aeronáutico desarrollado en esa Institución para, posteriormente, proponer un modelo que permita llevar a cabo dicho proceso con base en los requisitos de la norma técnica NTCGP1000:2004 Esta propuesta impacta la Aviación Naval, su organización general, el mapa de procesos, haciendo énfasis en el proceso de mantenimiento aeronáutico el cual está conformado por cuatro procedmientos que son: la Planeación del mantenimiento, el Mantenimiento Programado, el Mantenimiento no programado y el Procedimiento de abastecimientos de mantenimiento. Cada procedimiento se describe por medio de un diagrama de flujo en el cual se explica de manera detallada cada tarea principal, indicando el área o cargo del personal encargado de realizarla. A su vez se presentan los indicadores de gestión que permitirán evaluar el desempeño de cada área y enfocar los esfuerzos institucionales para conseguir la mejora continua en la aviación naval.

  13. 基于WINDOWS+RTX的舰炮火控测试评估系统开发%Development of Test and Evaluation System for Fire Control of Naval Gun Based on Windows Adding in RTX Technology

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王立红; 方华


    A test and evaluation system for fire control of naval gun is designed by utilizing digital simulation and windows adding in RTX technology, which provides a technical method for checking tactical function of naval gun weapon and fire control calculation accuracy. The equipment has been used in engineer practice of XX naval gun weapon.%采用数字仿真方法和WINDOWS+ RTX技术设计一套舰炮火控测试评估系统,为检查舰炮武器战术功能和火控精度提供了一种技术途径,已成功应用于××型舰炮武器工程实践中.

  14. Professors of War. The Naval War College and the Development of the Naval Profession. (United States)

    Spector, Ronald

    A study is presented of the role of the Naval War College in the professionalization of the U.S. Navy and the effects of that process upon the shaping of naval policy from the founding of the College in 1884 to its temporary discontinuance in 1917 during World War 1. A summary biography is given of Stephen Bleeker Luce, leading advocate and first…

  15. Hydrogeomorphic Regions in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Generalized lithology (rock type) and physiography based on geologic formations were used to characterize hydrgeomorphic regions (HGMR) within the Chesapeake Bay...

  16. Biscayne Bay Florida Bottlenose Dolphin Studies (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data sets include a compilation of small vessel based studies of bottlenose dolphins that reside within Biscayne Bay, Florida, adjacent estuaries and nearshore...

  17. 基于锦州湾围填海的海岸线演变分析%Analysis of Coastline Evolution Based on the Reclamation of Jinzhou Bay

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张俊丽; 赵云; 柯丽娜


    Since 1970s,a large number of land reclamation projects were implemented in the wa-ters near the Gulf of Jinzhou,which have promoted the economic development as well as causing the adverse ecological and environmental effects.It is necessary to monitor the status of the recla-mation areas near the Gulf of Jinzhou.This study based on five phases of the Landsat TM remote sensing images as the main data were extracted in the Jinzhou Bay coast line,by using RS and GIS technology,the system analysis of Jinzhou Bay reclamation coastline evolution process,and the length change from the coastline.Quantitative analysis on the characteristics of reclamation devel-opment was carried out in Jinzhou Bay by using the structure of the sea and shoreline twists and turns.%自20世纪70年代以来,锦州湾附近海域实施大量填海造陆工程,在促进经济发展的同时也对生态环境造成不良影响,有必要对锦州湾附近海域的围填海状况进行连续监测。文章以5个时相的 Landsat TM 遥感影像作为主要数据,利用 RS 和 GIS 技术手段进行锦州湾附近海域海岸线的提取,系统分析锦州湾围填海海岸线的演进过程,并从海岸线长度和海岸线曲折度等方面对锦州湾围填海开发特点进行定量分析。

  18. Request for Naval Reactors Comment on Proposed Prometheus Space Flight Nuclear Reactor High Tier Reactor Safety Requirements and for Naval Reactors Approval to Transmit These Requirements to JPL

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    D. Kokkinos


    The purpose of this letter is to request Naval Reactors comments on the nuclear reactor high tier requirements for the PROMETHEUS space flight reactor design, pre-launch operations, launch, ascent, operation, and disposal, and to request Naval Reactors approval to transmit these requirements to Jet Propulsion Laboratory to ensure consistency between the reactor safety requirements and the spacecraft safety requirements. The proposed PROMETHEUS nuclear reactor high tier safety requirements are consistent with the long standing safety culture of the Naval Reactors Program and its commitment to protecting the health and safety of the public and the environment. In addition, the philosophy on which these requirements are based is consistent with the Nuclear Safety Policy Working Group recommendations on space nuclear propulsion safety (Reference 1), DOE Nuclear Safety Criteria and Specifications for Space Nuclear Reactors (Reference 2), the Nuclear Space Power Safety and Facility Guidelines Study of the Applied Physics Laboratory.

  19. Bayes Multiple Decision Functions

    CERN Document Server

    Wu, Wensong


    This paper deals with the problem of simultaneously making many (M) binary decisions based on one realization of a random data matrix X. M is typically large and X will usually have M rows associated with each of the M decisions to make, but for each row the data may be low dimensional. A Bayesian decision-theoretic approach for this problem is implemented with the overall loss function being a cost-weighted linear combination of Type I and Type II loss functions. The class of loss functions considered allows for the use of the false discovery rate (FDR), false nondiscovery rate (FNR), and missed discovery rate (MDR) in assessing the decision. Through this Bayesian paradigm, the Bayes multiple decision function (BMDF) is derived and an efficient algorithm to obtain the optimal Bayes action is described. In contrast to many works in the literature where the rows of the matrix X are assumed to be stochastically independent, we allow in this paper a dependent data structure with the associations obtained through...

  20. Gradient Analysis and Classification of Carolina Bay Vegetation: A Framework for Bay Wetlands Conservation and Restoration

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Diane De Steven,Ph.D.; Maureen Tone,PhD.


    This report address four project objectives: (1) Gradient model of Carolina bay vegetation on the SRS--The authors use ordination analyses to identify environmental and landscape factors that are correlated with vegetation composition. Significant factors can provide a framework for site-based conservation of existing diversity, and they may also be useful site predictors for potential vegetation in bay restorations. (2) Regional analysis of Carolina bay vegetation diversity--They expand the ordination analyses to assess the degree to which SRS bays encompass the range of vegetation diversity found in the regional landscape of South Carolina's western Upper Coastal Plain. Such comparisons can indicate floristic status relative to regional potentials and identify missing species or community elements that might be re-introduced or restored. (3) Classification of vegetation communities in Upper Coastal Plain bays--They use cluster analysis to identify plant community-types at the regional scale, and explore how this classification may be functional with respect to significant environmental and landscape factors. An environmentally-based classification at the whole-bay level can provide a system of templates for managing bays as individual units and for restoring bays to desired plant communities. (4) Qualitative model for bay vegetation dynamics--They analyze present-day vegetation in relation to historic land uses and disturbances. The distinctive history of SRS bays provides the possibility of assessing pathways of post-disturbance succession. They attempt to develop a coarse-scale model of vegetation shifts in response to changing site factors; such qualitative models can provide a basis for suggesting management interventions that may be needed to maintain desired vegetation in protected or restored bays.

  1. Reconnaissance of geothermal resources near US naval facilities in the San Diego area, California

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Youngs, L.G.


    A reconnaissance study has found little evidence of potential geothermal resources useful at naval facilities in the greater San Diego metropolitan area. However, there is a zone of modest elevated water well temperatures and slightly elevated thermal gradients that may include the eastern portion of the Imperial Beach Naval Air Station south of San Diego Bay. An increase of 0.3/sup 0/ to 0.4/sup 0/F/100 ft over the regional thermal gradient of 1.56/sup 0/F/100 ft was conservatively calculated for this zone. The thermal gradient can be used to predict 150/sup 0/F temperatures at a depth of approximately 4000 ft. This zone of greatest potential for a viable geothermal resource lies within a negative gravity anomaly thought to be caused by a tensionally developed graben, approximately centered over the San Diego Bay. Water well production in this zone is good to high, with 300 gpm often quoted as common for wells in this area. The concentration of total dissolved solids (TDS) in the deeper wells in this zone is relatively high due to intrusion of sea water. Productive geothermal wells may have to be drilled to depths economically infeasible for development of the resource in the area of discussion.

  2. Maritime interception and the law of naval operations: A study of legal bases and legal regimes in maritime interception operations, in particular conducted outside the sovereign waters of a State and in the context of international peace and security

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    M.D. Fink


    This thesis is divided into four parts. Part I consists of a general introduction and will start with a brief sketch of the context of naval operations to better understand operational environment in which maritime interception operations are used (Chapter 2), and will also address contemporary mari

  3. Reliability-Based Load and Resistance Factors Design for Offshore Jacket Platforms in the Bohai Bay:Calibration on Target Reliability Index

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    JIN Wei-liang; HU Qi-zhong; SHEN Zhao-wei; SHI Zhong-min


    The target reliability index has been effectively used as the best solution to deal with the relationship between the structural safety and the optimal economy in any structural design.However,the target reliability index for offshore jacket platforms based on different sea areas in China has never been calibrated.This paper presents an approach for its calibration,and suggests many kinds of associated load cases.The uncertainties of loads and structural resistance are mainly investigated.The target reliability index for structural components,tubular joints and piles of offshore jacket platforms are discussed respectively in detail.Finally,through the calibrated results from the offshore jacket platforms of QK18-1,JZ20-2,SZ36-1 and BZ28-1 in the Bohai Bay,it is proposed to adopt 2.8 as the target reliability index of offshore jacket platforms in the Bohai Bay for a 25-year design period.The results provide significant reference for the design of offshore jacket platforms.

  4. Reproduction and structure of the population of the Chaetognath Parasagitta friderici in Guanabara Bay (Brazil) based on short term sampling. (United States)

    Mendes, Fabiana; Figueiredo, Gisela M de; Valentin, Jean L


    The aim of this study was to describe the total density, densities of developmental stages and the reproduction period of Parasagitta friderici. Weekly samples were collected at one station in the channel of Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, during one year. Three vertical hauls were made for each sample, and P. friderici was separated, the developmental stages were identified, and body length (BL), ovary length (OL) and seminal vesicle width (SVW) were measured. Throughout the year P. friderici was the most abundant chaetognath species occurring in all four developmental stages, the densities of which varied from week to week. Higher densities of adults occurred in the spring, followed by peaks of juveniles in the summer. Although P. friderici seems to reproduce continuously in Guanabara Bay, a reproductive peak was apparent during the spring. The intensification of reproduction during the spring, with juveniles occurring in the summer, seems to be related to the period of higher food supply during the rainy season and intrusions of the South Atlantic Central Water.

  5. Annual Energy Production (AEP) optimization for tidal power plants based on Evolutionary Algorithms - Swansea Bay Tidal Power Plant AEP optimization (United States)

    Kontoleontos, E.; Weissenberger, S.


    In order to be able to predict the maximum Annual Energy Production (AEP) for tidal power plants, an advanced AEP optimization procedure is required for solving the optimization problem which consists of a high number of design variables and constraints. This efficient AEP optimization procedure requires an advanced optimization tool (EASY software) and an AEP calculation tool that can simulate all different operating modes of the units (bidirectional turbine, pump and sluicing mode). The EASY optimization software is a metamodel-assisted Evolutionary Algorithm (MAEA) that can be used in both single- and multi-objective optimization problems. The AEP calculation tool, developed by ANDRITZ HYDRO, in combination with EASY is used to maximize the tidal annual energy produced by optimizing the plant operation throughout the year. For the Swansea Bay Tidal Power Plant project, the AEP optimization along with the hydraulic design optimization and the model testing was used to evaluate all different hydraulic and operating concepts and define the optimal concept that led to a significant increase of the AEP value. This new concept of a triple regulated “bi-directional bulb pump turbine” for Swansea Bay Tidal Power Plant (16 units, nominal power above 320 MW) along with its AEP optimization scheme will be presented in detail in the paper. Furthermore, the use of an online AEP optimization during operation of the power plant, that will provide the optimal operating points to the control system, will be also presented.

  6. Measurement of Naval Ship Responses to Underwater Explosion Shock Loadings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Il-Kwon Park


    Full Text Available The shock-resistance capability of battle ships against a non-contact underwater explosion (UNDEX is a very critical factor of survivability. In July 1987 and April 2000, we successfully conducted UNDEX shock tests for a coastal mine hunter (MHC and a mine sweeper/hunter (MSH of Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN, at the Chinhae bay, Korea. Test planning for conducting these shock tests included responsibilities, methods, and procedures. Test instruments were developed and tested on a drop shock machine to confirm availability in the actual shock tests with emphasis on shock resistance, remote control and reliability. All vital systems of the ships were confirmed to be capable of normal operational condition without significant damages during the explosion shot. By analyzing the test results, the tactical operational safety zone of the ships in underwater explosion environments was estimated. In this paper, we described the results of measurement of naval ship responses to underwater explosion shock loadings including test planning, sensor locations, data reduction, explosive devices, instrumentation and damage assessments of MSH.

  7. Bayes Factors via Savage-Dickey Supermodels

    CERN Document Server

    Mootoovaloo, A; Kunz, M


    We outline a new method to compute the Bayes Factor for model selection which bypasses the Bayesian Evidence. Our method combines multiple models into a single, nested, Supermodel using one or more hyperparameters. Since the models are now nested the Bayes Factors between the models can be efficiently computed using the Savage-Dickey Density Ratio (SDDR). In this way model selection becomes a problem of parameter estimation. We consider two ways of constructing the supermodel in detail: one based on combined models, and a second based on combined likelihoods. We report on these two approaches for a Gaussian linear model for which the Bayesian evidence can be calculated analytically and a toy nonlinear problem. Unlike the combined model approach, where a standard Monte Carlo Markov Chain (MCMC) struggles, the combined-likelihood approach fares much better in providing a reliable estimate of the log-Bayes Factor. This scheme potentially opens the way to computationally efficient ways to compute Bayes Factors in...

  8. Prediction of a potentially effective dose in humans for BAY 60–5521, a potent inhibitor of cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) by allometric species scaling and combined pharmacodynamic and physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modelling (United States)

    Weber, Olaf; Willmann, Stefan; Bischoff, Hilmar; Li, Volkhart; Vakalopoulos, Alexandros; Lustig, Klemens; Hafner, Frank-Thorsten; Heinig, Roland; Schmeck, Carsten; Buehner, Klaus


    AIMS The purpose of this work was to support the prediction of a potentially effective dose for the CETP-inhibitor, BAY 60–5521, in humans. METHODS A combination of allometric scaling of the pharmacokinetics of the CETP-inhibitor BAY 60–5521 with pharmacodynamic studies in CETP-transgenic mice and in human plasma with physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling was used to support the selection of the first-in-man dose. RESULTS The PBPK approach predicts a greater extent of distribution for BAY 60–5521 in humans compared with the allometric scaling method as reflected by a larger predicted volume of distribution and longer elimination half-life. The combined approach led to an estimate of a potentially effective dose for BAY 60–5521 of 51 mg in humans. CONCLUSION The approach described in this paper supported the prediction of a potentially effective dose for the CETP-inhibitor BAY 60–5521 in humans. Confirmation of the dose estimate was obtained in a first-in-man study. PMID:21762205

  9. The Energetic Value of Land-Based Foods in Western Hudson Bay and Their Potential to Alleviate Energy Deficits of Starving Adult Male Polar Bears.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Linda J Gormezano

    Full Text Available Climate change is predicted to expand the ice-free season in western Hudson Bay and when it grows to 180 days, 28-48% of adult male polar bears are projected to starve unless nutritional deficits can be offset by foods consumed on land. We updated a dynamic energy budget model developed by Molnar et al. to allow influx of additional energy from novel terrestrial foods (lesser snow geese, eggs, caribou that polar bears currently consume as part of a mixed diet while on land. We calculated the units of each prey, alone and in combination, needed to alleviate these lethal energy deficits under conditions of resting or limited movement (2 km d-1 prior to starvation. We further considered the total energy available from each sex and age class of each animal prey over the period they would overlap land-bound polar bears and calculated the maximum number of starving adult males that could be sustained on each food during the ice-free season. Our results suggest that the net energy from land-based food, after subtracting costs of limited movement to obtain it, could eliminate all projected nutritional deficits of starving adult male polar bears and likely other demographic groups as well. The hunting tactics employed, success rates as well as behavior and abundance of each prey will determine the realized energetic values for individual polar bears. Although climate change may cause a phenological mismatch between polar bears and their historical ice-based prey, it may simultaneously yield a new match with certain land-based foods. If polar bears can transition their foraging behavior to effectively exploit these resources, predictions for starvation-related mortality may be overestimated for western Hudson Bay. We also discuss potential complications with stable-carbon isotope studies to evaluate utilization of land-based foods by polar bears including metabolic effects of capture-related stress and consuming a mixed diet.

  10. Bayes and empirical Bayes iteration estimators in two seemingly unrelated regression equations

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG; Lichun


    For a system of two seemingly unrelated regression equations given by {y1=X1β+ε1,y2=X2γ+ε2, (y1 is an m × 1 vector and y2 is an n × 1 vector, m≠ n), employing the covariance adjusted technique, we propose the parametric Bayes and empirical Bayes iteration estimator sequences for regression coefficients. We prove that both the covariance matrices converge monotonically and the Bayes iteration estimator squence is consistent as well. Based on the mean square error (MSE) criterion, we elaborate the superiority of empirical Bayes iteration estimator over the Bayes estimator of single equation when the covariance matrix of errors is unknown. The results obtained in this paper further show the power of the covariance adjusted approach.

  11. Determining Optimal Allocation of Naval Obstetric Resources with Linear Programming (United States)


    NHCP Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton NICU neonatal intensive care unit NMCP Naval Medical Center Portsmouth NMCSD Naval Medical Center San Diego... obstetric care that meets the delivery volume of specific facilities as well as the standards and vision of BUMED. Furthermore, optimum staffing... obstetric care to include, but not limited to, the following services: hospitalization for labor, delivery, and postpartum care ; anesthesia; cesarean

  12. Undergraduate courses for enhancing design ability in naval architecture (United States)

    Lee, Kyu-Yeul; Ku, Namkug; Cha, Ju-Hwan


    Contemporary lectures in undergraduate engineering courses typically focus on teaching major technical knowledge-based theories in a limited time. Therefore, most lectures do not allow the students to gain understanding of how the theories are applied, especially in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering departments. Shipyards require students to acquire practical ship design skills in undergraduate courses. To meet this requirement, two lectures are organized by the authors; namely, "Planning Procedure of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering" (PNAOE) and "Innovative Ship Design" (ISD). The concept of project-based and collaborative learning is applied in these two lectures. In the PNAOE lecture, sophomores receive instruction in the designing and building of model ships, and the students' work is evaluated in a model ship contest. This curriculum enables students to understand the concepts of ship design and production. In the ISD lecture, seniors learn how to develop their creative ideas about ship design and communicate with members of group. They are encouraged to cooperate with others and understand the ship design process. In the capstone design course, students receive guidance to facilitate understanding of how the knowledge from their sophomore or junior classes, such as fluid mechanics, statics, and dynamics, can be applied to practical ship design. Students are also encouraged to compete in the ship design contest organized by the Society of Naval Architects of Korea. Moreover, the effectiveness of project-based and collaborative learning for enhancing interest in the shipbuilding Industry and understanding the ship design process is demonstrated by citing the PNAOE and ISD lectures as examples.

  13. Bayes multiple decision functions. (United States)

    Wu, Wensong; Peña, Edsel A


    This paper deals with the problem of simultaneously making many (M) binary decisions based on one realization of a random data matrix X. M is typically large and X will usually have M rows associated with each of the M decisions to make, but for each row the data may be low dimensional. Such problems arise in many practical areas such as the biological and medical sciences, where the available dataset is from microarrays or other high-throughput technology and with the goal being to decide which among of many genes are relevant with respect to some phenotype of interest; in the engineering and reliability sciences; in astronomy; in education; and in business. A Bayesian decision-theoretic approach to this problem is implemented with the overall loss function being a cost-weighted linear combination of Type I and Type II loss functions. The class of loss functions considered allows for use of the false discovery rate (FDR), false nondiscovery rate (FNR), and missed discovery rate (MDR) in assessing the quality of decision. Through this Bayesian paradigm, the Bayes multiple decision function (BMDF) is derived and an efficient algorithm to obtain the optimal Bayes action is described. In contrast to many works in the literature where the rows of the matrix X are assumed to be stochastically independent, we allow a dependent data structure with the associations obtained through a class of frailty-induced Archimedean copulas. In particular, non-Gaussian dependent data structure, which is typical with failure-time data, can be entertained. The numerical implementation of the determination of the Bayes optimal action is facilitated through sequential Monte Carlo techniques. The theory developed could also be extended to the problem of multiple hypotheses testing, multiple classification and prediction, and high-dimensional variable selection. The proposed procedure is illustrated for the simple versus simple hypotheses setting and for the composite hypotheses setting

  14. The elements of a consumer-based initiative in contributing to positive environmental change: Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program. (United States)

    Kemmerly, Jennifer Dianto; Macfarlane, Victoria


    Monterey Bay Aquarium launched the Seafood Watch program in 2000. The program's Seafood Watch pocket guide is a simple tool that visitors can use to identify seafood from environmentally responsible sources. Since its inception, more than 2 million pocket guides have been distributed to Monterey Bay Aquarium visitors and 20 million have been distributed through partnerships across the United States. Partner institutions such as aquariums, conservation organizations, and businesses also conduct outreach and are working to influence their local seafood purveyors. An evaluation conducted in 2003 and 2004 assessed the program's strategies for increasing awareness and shifting consumer buying habits as they relate to sustainable seafood, including use of the pocket guide. Visitors who picked up pocket guides were surveyed immediately after their aquarium visit, and again four months later. The evaluation found that most visitors continued to use the guides and had changed their seafood buying habits in several respects. Those interviewed also reported some barriers to using the guides. The elements that appear to be critical to the success of the strategy with respect to changing consumer purchasing habits include: a focused distribution approach; providing credible and specific information on problems and solutions to increase action-related knowledge; providing a trigger or prompt that is available at the time of purchase; and reducing barriers to action, at the point of action, by working with seafood purveyors and the broader sustainable seafood movement to increase knowledge and available options. In response to the evaluation, Seafood Watch has strengthened these elements and expanded to help meet the needs of the broader sustainable seafood movement. A process of strategic planning, evaluation, cooperation among partners, and adaptability to the movement's natural evolution has proven to be critical to the program's success in contributing to the development of a

  15. CASCO BAY PLAN (United States)

    Casco Bay lies at the heart of Maine's most populated area. The health of its waters, wetlands, and wildlife depend in large part on the activities of the quarter-million residents who live in its watershed. Less than 30 years ago, portions of Casco Bay were off-limits to recr...

  16. Pb distribution and translocation in Jiaozhou Bay

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The trends of distribution, translocation and seasonal change of heavy metal Pb were studied based on the surface and bottom water sampling in Jiaozhou Bay in 1979, and compared with those in 1990's. The results showed that the source of Pb in the bay was from wastewater and sewage in the east of Jiaozhou Bay from ocean vessels. Pb concentration was higher in spring and lower in summer and autumn, and remained stable through sedimentation in the bottom layer. The overall water quality was good in 1970's. Compared with the environmental monitoring data of 1995-1999, Pb pollution had become serious. Therefore, more efforts should be made to protect the bay from Pb pollution.

  17. Naval Law Review (Volume 59, 2010) (United States)


    800-pound gorilla in the room of high- seas freedoms. Congressional permissions are broad, but some may cross the thresholds established by...a victim is a national of the United States”). Naval Law Review LIX 99 terrorist activities – the 800-pound gorilla . Several theories

  18. Rio Branco, grand strategy and naval power

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    João Paulo Alsina Jr.


    Full Text Available This article addresses Baron of Rio Branco's grand strategy and the role played by the naval reorganization program (1904-1910 in this context. The ensuing case study determined the domestic and international constraints that affected the program, as well as the worldview of the patron of Brazilian diplomacy regarding military power's instrumentality to foreign policy.

  19. Naval Arms Control: Yes or No? (United States)


    and marine forces are undesirable spider webs. Other Soviet CBM proposals have included setting a cap on the maximum number of naval vessels...twice since World War II, that being when a British submarine sank the Argentine ship "General Belgrano" during the Falklands conflict with a loss of

  20. A Theory of Naval Strategic Planning (United States)


    This study proposes a theory of naval strategic planning for programming. It identifies and describes those factors which should influence how the...requirements. The resultant concepts can then be further developed as required by the organization’s overall needs. Strategic planning is first and foremost a

  1. Electromagnetic protection assessment of naval vessels

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Middelkoop, R.; Vernooy, J.A.M.


    Modern naval vessels are well equipped with a lot of weapon and sensor systems, all controlled by electronics. Mutual interference between all those electronic systems as well as illumination of a ship by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) caused by lightning or by a nuclear detonation can potentially u

  2. Decision Aids for Naval Air ASW (United States)


    referred to as the target’s Location, with a capital "L.") The following description will describe a single iteration through the loop. 4.4.2 Underlying...Crawford M. L. Metersky American Psycological Association Naval Air Development Center Office of Educational Affairs Code 2031 1200 17th Street, NW

  3. Simulation of Naval Gun to Anti-ship Missle Counterwork Based on Nonplanar Maneuver%基于非平面机动的弹炮对抗仿真

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    为探讨反舰导弹非平面机动对舰炮武器系统反导能力的影响,仿真计算了反导舰炮对末端作摆式机动和螺旋机动目标的命中概率,分别给出了不同机动周期、不同机动幅度、不同舰炮射速时的命中概率图线。结果表明,非平面机动无需大幅度机动就能很好抑制反导舰炮的反导能力;且螺旋机动突防效果更好;而舰炮射速对舰炮武器系统的反导能力至关重要。%In order to discuss the influence of target maneuver on firing accuracy of naval gun weapon system,the hitting probability of the short range anti-missle naval gun weapon system against terminal cycloid maneuvering missle and spiral maneuvering missle are computed by simulation method,and gives the computed results in different conditions by graphs. The results show,just a small er amplitude maneuver of short cycle can significantly reduce the hitting probability of naval gun weapon system;and,compared with the cycloid maneuver,spiral maneuver penetration better and required overload is smaller;and the effective way to improve the hitting probability of the short range anti-missle naval gun weapon system against maneuvering target is to increase it’s firing rate.

  4. Benchmarking Dutch and U.S. Naval Shipbuilding: Reducing U.S. Naval Shipbuilding Costs Using Collaborative PLM and 3D Imaging (United States)


    Benchmarking Dutch and U.S. Naval Shipbuilding: Reducing U.S. Naval Shipbuilding Costs Using Collaborative PLM and 3D Imaging 2 November...4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Benchmarking Dutch and U.S. Naval Shipbuilding: Reducing U.S. Naval Shipbuilding Costs Using Collaborative PLM and 3D Imaging...e= pmlkploba=obmloq=pbofbp= = Benchmarking Dutch and U.S. Naval Shipbuilding: Reducing U.S. Naval Shipbuilding Costs Using Collaborative PLM and

  5. Reproduction and structure of the population of the Chaetognath Parasagitta friderici in Guanabara Bay (Brazil based on short term sampling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabiana Mendes


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to describe the total density, densities of developmental stages and the reproduction period of Parasagitta friderici. Weekly samples were collected at one station in the channel of Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, during one year. Three vertical hauls were made for each sample, and P. friderici was separated, the developmental stages were identified, and body length (BL, ovary length (OL and seminal vesicle width (SVW were measured. Throughout the year P. friderici was the most abundant chaetognath species occurring in all four developmental stages, the densities of which varied from week to week. Higher densities of adults occurred in the spring, followed by peaks of juveniles in the summer. Although P. friderici seems to reproduce continuously in Guanabara Bay, a reproductive peak was apparent during the spring. The intensification of reproduction during the spring, with juveniles occurring in the summer, seems to be related to the period of higher food supply during the rainy season and intrusions of the South Atlantic Central Water.O objetivo deste estudo foi descrever a densidade total, densidades dos estágios de desenvolvimento e o período reprodutivo de Parasagitta friderici. As coletas foram realizadas semanalmente durante um ano em uma estação no canal da Baía de Guanabara, Rio de Janeiro. Foram realizados três arrastos verticais em cada amostragem e, P. friderici foi separada, os estágios de desenvolvimento identificados e o comprimento do corpo, comprimento dos ovários e a largura da vesícula seminal foram medidos. Ao longo do ano, P. friderici foi a espécie de Chaetognatha mais abundante, ocorrendo em todos os quatro estágios de desenvolvimento, dos quais as densidades variaram entre as semanas. As densidades mais altas de adultos ocorreram na primavera seguidas de picos de juvenis no verão. Embora, P. friderici se reproduza continuamente na baía de Guanabara, um pico reprodutivo foi aparente

  6. Dinoflagellate cyst production in Hudson Bay, the world's largest inland sea, based on monthly sediment trap data (United States)

    Heikkilä, Maija; Pospelova, Vera; Forest, Alexandre; Stern, Gary


    Phytoplankters, microscopic primary producers of oceans are capable of responding rapidly to environmental fluctuations due to their high cell replication rates. Fast phytoplankton growth maybe balanced out by equally fast consumption by herbivorous grazers. In high-latitude marine systems, seasonal fluctuations in plankton biomass are essentially linked to light regime controlled by the waxing and waning sea-ice cover. In addition, nutrient limitation in surface waters, seasonal temperature fluctuations and changes in freshwater inputs may play important roles. In cold-water seas, many planktonic organisms cope with seasonal harshness by the production of benthic dormant stages. Dinoflagellates are a diverse group of single-celled plankton, constituting major marine primary producers, as well as herbivorous grazers of the microbial loop. Many dinoflagellate species produce highly resistant, organic-walled resting cysts that are archived in sediments and have been increasingly used to reconstruct past environmental conditions, e.g., sea-surface temperature and salinity, productivity, sea-ice cover and eutrophication. Marine sediment core sequences are characterized by slow accumulation rates and high mixing rates: the top centimeter of surface sediment from an arctic shelf may correspond to several years or decades of deposition. Consequently, sedimentary archives do not give direct information on long-term changes in seasonal bloom patterns or cues of annually recurring life-cycle events. We used two particle-intercepting sediment traps moored in eastern and western Hudson Bay, respectively, to study monthly fluctuations in dinoflagellate cyst production from October 2005 to September 2006. The traps were deployed close to the seafloor and recovered during the ArcticNet annual expeditions onboard the CCGS Amundsen in 2005 and the CCGS Pierre Radisson in 2006. We document the seasonal succession of dinoflagellate cyst taxa, together with cyst species composition

  7. Bayes' theorem: scientific assessment of experience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lex Rutten


    Full Text Available Homeopathy is based on experience and this is a scientific procedure if we follow Bayes' theorem. Unfortunately this is not the case at the moment. Symptoms are added to our materia medica based on absolute occurrence, while Bayes theorem tells us that this should be based on relative occurrence. Bayes theorem can be applied on prospective research, but also on retrospective research and consensus based on a large number of cases. Confirmation bias is an important source of false data in experience based systems like homeopathy. Homeopathic doctors should become more aware of this and longer follow-up of cases could remedy this. The existing system of adding symptoms to our materia medica is obsolete.

  8. Air Pollution over North-West Bay of Bengal in the Early Post-Monsoon Season Based on NASA MERRAero Data (United States)

    Kishcha, Pavel; DaSilva, Arlindo M.; Starobinets, Boris; Alpert, Pinhas


    The MERRA Aerosol Reanalysis (MERRAero) has been recently developed at NASA's Global Modeling Assimilation Office (GMAO). This reanalysis is based on a version of the GEOS-5 model radiatively coupled with GOCART aerosols, and it includes assimilation of bias-corrected Aerosol Optical Thickness (AOT) from the MODIS sensor on both Terra and Aqua satellites. Our main finding is that, in October, in the absence of aerosol sources in north-west Bay of Bengal (BoB), MERRAero showed increasing AOT trends over north-west BoB exceeding those over the east of the Ganges basin. The Ganges basin is characterized by significant population growth accompanied by developing industry, agriculture, and increasing transportation: this has resulted in declining air quality. MERRAero data for the period 2002-2009 was used to study AOT trends over north-west Bay of Bengal (BoB) in the early post-monsoon season. This season is characterized by aerosol transport from the Ganges basin to north-west BoB by prevailing winds; and still significant rainfall of over 150 mmmonth. Different aerosol components showed strong increasing AOT trends over north-west BoB. The following factors contributed to the increasing AOT trend over the area in question in October: an increasing number of days when prevailing winds blew from land to sea, resulting in a drier environment and an increase in air pollution over north-west BoB; wind convergence was observed over north-west BoB causing the accumulation of aerosol particles over that region, when prevailing winds blew from land to sea. MERRAero aerosol reanalysis can be used on a global scale.

  9. Bayes reconstruction of missing teeth

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sporring, Jon; Jensen, Katrine Hommelhoff


     We propose a method for restoring the surface of tooth crowns in a 3D model of a human denture, so that the pose and anatomical features of the tooth will work well for chewing. This is achieved by including information about the position and anatomy of the other teeth in the mouth. Our system...... contains two major parts: A statistical model of a selection of tooth shapes and a reconstruction of missing data. We use a training set consisting of 3D scans of dental cast models obtained with a laser scanner, and we have build a model of the shape variability of the teeth, their neighbors...... regularization of the log-likelihood estimate based on differential geometrical properties of teeth surfaces, and we show general conditions under which this may be considered a Bayes prior.Finally we use Bayes method to propose the reconstruction of missing data, for e.g. finding the most probable shape...

  10. NPSNET: Physically Based, Autonomous, Naval Surface Agents (United States)


    Branch, NASA - Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, January 1991. [Hall 88] Halliday , David, Resnick , Robert, Fundamentals of Physics, Third...Prindle, Weber & Schmidt, Boston, MA, 1979. [Walk90] Walker , Terri C., Miller, Richard K., Expert Systems Handbook, The Fairmont Press, Inc., Lilburn, GA

  11. The Great Outdoors: Comparing Leader Development Programs at the U.S. Naval Academy (United States)

    Huey, Wesley S.; Smith, David G.; Thomas, Joseph J.; Carlson, Charles R.


    This study compares outdoor adventure-based leader development programs with a traditional non-outdoor program to test predictions about differential effects on leader development outcomes. Participants were drawn from the population of U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen involved in experiential leader development programs as a component of their…

  12. Metallized Coatings for Corrosion Control of Naval Ship Structures and Components. (United States)


    Deutschen Normen n.d.; Petersen 1969; Hermanek 1978; Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Group 1968; Lyashenko et al. 1969a,b) have been devised that are based on a...Naval ships. Report DoD-STD-2138(SH). Washington, D.C. Deutschen Normen (German standard). n.d. Prufung Termisch Gesprtizler Metallischer Schichten

  13. New technologies for fire suppression on board naval craft, FiST

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rahm, M.; Hiltz, J.; Wal, R. van der; Hertzberg, T.; Lindström, J.


    For three years Canada, Sweden and the Netherlands have been investigating new technologies for fire suppression on board naval crafts within the FiST project. The project has focused on a number of technologies. These included the evaluation of water based fire suppression systems and in particular

  14. Hammond Bay Biological Station (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Hammond Bay Biological Station (HBBS), located near Millersburg, Michigan, is a field station of the USGS Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC). HBBS was established by...

  15. Bathymetry in Jobos Bay (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This image represents a 4x4 meter resolution bathymetric surface for Jobos Bay, Puerto Rico (in NAD83 UTM 19 North). The depth values are in meters referenced to the...

  16. Biscayne Bay Alongshore Epifauna (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Field studies to characterize the alongshore epifauna (shrimp, crabs, echinoderms, and small fishes) along the western shore of southern Biscayne Bay were started in...

  17. Humboldt Bay Orthoimages (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set consists of 0.5-meter pixel resolution, four band orthoimages covering the Humboldt Bay area. An orthoimage is remotely sensed image data in which...

  18. Lithospheric Architecture Beneath Hudson Bay (United States)

    Porritt, R. W.; Miller, M. S.; Darbyshire, F. A.


    Hudson Bay overlies some of the thickest Precambrian lithosphere on Earth, whose internal structures contain important clues to the earliest workings of plate formation. The terminal collision, the Trans-Hudson Orogen, brought together the Western Churchill craton to the northwest and the Superior craton to the southeast. These two Archean cratons along with the Paleo-Proterozoic Trans-Hudson internides, form the core of the North American craton. We use S to P converted wave imaging and absolute shear velocity information from a joint inversion of P to S receiver functions, new ambient noise derived phase velocities, and teleseismic phase velocities to investigate this region and determine both the thickness of the lithosphere and the presence of internal discontinuities. The lithosphere under central Hudson Bay approaches 􏰂350 km thick but is thinner (􏰂200-250 km) around the periphery of the Bay. Furthermore, the amplitude of the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (LAB) conversion from the S receiver functions is unusually large for a craton, suggesting a large thermal contrast across the LAB, which we interpret as direct evidence of the thermal insulation effect of continents on the asthenosphere. Within the lithosphere, midlithospheric discontinuities, significantly shallower than the base of the lithosphere, are often imaged, suggesting the mechanisms that form these layers are common. Lacking time-history information, we infer that these discontinuities reflect reactivation of formation structures during deformation of the craton.

  19. Habitat suitability for juvenile common sole ( Solea solea, L.) in the Bay of Biscay (France): A quantitative description using indicators based on epibenthic fauna (United States)

    Le Pape, Olivier; Baulier, Loîc; Cloarec, Aurélie; Martin, Jocelyne; Le Loc'h, François; Désaunay, Yves


    This study describes the spatial distribution of young-of-the-year common sole based on beam trawl surveys conducted in late summer in the coastal and estuarine parts of the Bay of Biscay (France). Previous studies showed that habitat suitability for juvenile common sole varies according to physical factors and notably bathymetry and sediment structure. Nevertheless, the use of these descriptors alone to model habitat suitability led to considerable unexplained variability in juvenile common sole distribution. Hence, the epibenthic macro- and megafauna collected during beam trawl surveys was taken into account to improve models of habitat suitability for these juvenile flatfish. Ecotrophic guilds based on life traits (behaviour, mobility and feeding) were used to develop generic indicators of trawled benthic fauna. These synthetic descriptors were used in generalized linear models of habitat suitability in order to characterize the distribution of juvenile common sole. This approach significantly improved the description based on physical descriptors and allowed demonstrating that young common sole distribution is related to the density of trawled deposit and suspension feeders and also of carnivorous organisms. These models provide a reliable method to develop indicators of nursery habitat suitability from trawl survey data with the aim of assessing and surveying their quality.


    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Engholm, Ida


    Celebrated as one of the leading and most valuable brands in the world, eBay has acquired iconic status on par with century-old brands such as Coca-Cola and Disney. The eBay logo is now synonymous with the world’s leading online auction website, and its design is associated with the company......’s purpose: selling millions of goods, some of which are ‘designer’ items and some of which are considered design icons....

  1. An enlightened age: building the naval hospitals. (United States)

    Buchanan, Emmakate MacQueen


    Summerson writes that, in the spirit of the Enlightenment, the notion of 'bienfaisance', literally meaning the desire to render society more reasonable and more humane, liberated the scope of both hospital and prison planning. Both types of institution housed people who were deprived of their freedom either by disability or by force of law; therefore, we find similarities in the disposition of space and in the degree of humanitarianism expressed in their outward appearance. This observation can be transferred to naval hospital design, where architecture was combined to fulfil a twofold purpose. The high walls, sturdy massing and pared-down details intimated a strict economy of means, but also a strong sense of gravitas and authority. This visual authoritarian character was fundamental to the identity of a naval hospital, for whilst the prime intention was to provide efficient medical care, an equally important consideration was to maintain discipline and prevent sailors from escaping.

  2. NRL Review, 1994. (Naval Research Lab) (United States)


    significantly ed-ancos human knowledge and welfare The Franklin Institute ’ovas organized in Phldelphia in 1824 as a momorial to Sc ijamin Franklin...and the Naval Ocean They hypothesized these signals to be originat- Processing Facility (NOPF) at Dam Neck, ing from cetaceans (e.g., whales) or...Because IUSS is an operational compon- "* catalog the acoustic signals from large ent of the U.S. Navy, security restrictions are marine cetaceans to

  3. Logistics Support of Naval Expeditionary Units (United States)


    DIEGO, CA NSCT 1 SAN DIEGO, CA EODMU 12 CHAS’N EODMU 10 FT STORY, VA EODMU 4 BAHRAIN EODMU 8 SICILY, IT EODMU 6 CHAS’N EODMU 2 NORFOLK, VA Figure...create a disincentive to accurately depict requirements if those requirements paint a negative image of the logistics process or management. For...the 2020 force. The ones that will directly affect naval expeditionary forces are: Joint Deployment and Rapid Distribution, Information Fusion

  4. Naval Law Review, Number 52, 2005 (United States)


    Klein , JAGC, USN Major Felipe Paez, USMC Lieutenant Dustin E. Wallace, JAGC, USN Lieutenant Mark A. Lindsey, JAGC, USN Captain Joseph C. Silvio...Donald H. Rumsfeld and Melanie A. Marr, Commander of the naval brig in which Padilla was detained.152 The habeas petition was filed in the Southern...should include an abstract of the proposed article, a short biography , and a statement as to whether the manuscript has been submitted elsewhere for

  5. Naval Sea Systems Command On Watch 2010 (United States)


    USS Hampton (SSN 767) Docking Selected Restricted Availability in San Di- ego 15 days early. getting greener Each of the four Naval Shipyards has been...fol- lowed by full-rate production, and led up to the team’s ultimate objective―a global battle force with a formidable ship self - defense...craft, quiet diesel submarines and mines. The LCS seaframes will be outfitted with reconfigurable payloads, called mission packages, which can be

  6. Comparative Naval Architecture Analysis of Diesel Submarines (United States)


    space required to enclose all of the requirements, this volume must be able to support the weight of the submarine. In other words, Archimedes ’ principle ...accurate information regarding the naval architecture of foreign diesel submarines. However, with some fundamental submarine design principles , drawings of...cycling and hiking, I thank you for pushing me to relieve stress through my favorite sports. Last but not least of all, I want to pay tribute to the

  7. Naval District Washington -- Anacostia Annex Building Survey (United States)


    variation of Art Deco ) style that was prevalent in naval architecture at the time. Figure 59. The east side of Building 92 (old operations...which was constructed in 1942. Building 92 (old operations building) was designed by the Bureau of Yards and Docks in 1942 in the Government Deco (a...Government Deco style. ERDC/CERL SR-09-12 52 Figure 60. The west side of Building 93 (Bachelors Officers’ Quarters) which was constructed in 1942

  8. A support system for predicting eBay end prices.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    D.P. van Heijst (Dennis); R. Potharst (Rob); M.C. van Wezel (Michiel)


    textabstractIn this report a support system for predicting end prices on eBay is proposed. The end price predictions are based on the item descriptions found in the item listings of eBay, and on some numerical item features. The system uses text mining and boosting algorithms from the field of mach

  9. Evaluating cryostat performance for naval applications (United States)

    Knoll, David; Willen, Dag; Fesmire, James; Johnson, Wesley; Smith, Jonathan; Meneghelli, Barry; Demko, Jonathan; George, Daniel; Fowler, Brian; Huber, Patti


    The Navy intends to use High Temperature Superconducting Degaussing (HTSDG) coil systems on future Navy platforms. The Navy Metalworking Center (NMC) is leading a team that is addressing cryostat configuration and manufacturing issues associated with fabricating long lengths of flexible, vacuum-jacketed cryostats that meet Navy shipboard performance requirements. The project includes provisions to evaluate the reliability performance, as well as proofing of fabrication techniques. Navy cryostat performance specifications include less than 1 Wm-1 heat loss, 2 MPa working pressure, and a 25-year vacuum life. Cryostat multilayer insulation (MLI) systems developed on the project have been validated using a standardized cryogenic test facility and implemented on 5-meterlong test samples. Performance data from these test samples, which were characterized using both LN2 boiloff and flow-through measurement techniques, will be presented. NMC is working with an Integrated Project Team consisting of Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Surface Warfare Center-Carderock Division, Southwire Company, nkt cables, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), ASRC Aerospace, and NASA Kennedy Space Center (NASA-KSC) to complete these efforts. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. This material is submitted with the understanding that right of reproduction for governmental purposes is reserved for the Office of Naval Research, Arlington, Virginia 22203-1995.

  10. NOSBATC - bathymetric contour data for the Monterey Bay region from Point Ano Nuevo to Point Sur, California based on NOAA/NOS data (UTM) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This dataset contains bathymetric data as contours for the the greater Monterey Bay area between Point Ano Nuevo to the north and Point Sur to the south. NOSBATC are...

  11. Climate variability during the Medieval Climate Anomaly and Little Ice Age based on ostracod faunas and shell geochemistry from Biscayne Bay, Florida: Chapter 14 (United States)

    Cronin, Thomas M.; Wingard, Georgiana L.; Dwyer, Gary S.; Swart, Peter K.; Willard, Debra A.; Albietz, Jessica


    An 800-year-long environmental history of Biscayne Bay, Florida, is reconstructed from ostracod faunal and shell geochemical (oxygen, carbon isotopes, Mg/Ca ratios) studies of sediment cores from three mudbanks in the central and southern parts of the bay. Using calibrations derived from analyses of modern Biscayne and Florida Bay ostracods, palaeosalinity oscillations associated with changes in precipitation were identified. These oscillations reflect multidecadal- and centennial-scale climate variability associated with the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation during the late Medieval Climate Anomaly (MCA) and the Little Ice Age (LIA). Evidence suggests wetter regional climate during the MCA and drier conditions during the LIA. In addition, twentieth century anthropogenic modifications to Everglades hydrology influenced bay circulation and/or processes controlling carbon isotopic composition.

  12. 33 CFR 100.124 - Maggie Fischer Memorial Great South Bay Cross Bay Swim, Great South Bay, New York. (United States)


    ... South Bay Cross Bay Swim, Great South Bay, New York. 100.124 Section 100.124 Navigation and Navigable... NAVIGABLE WATERS § 100.124 Maggie Fischer Memorial Great South Bay Cross Bay Swim, Great South Bay, New York... swimmer or safety craft on the swim event race course bounded by the following points: Starting Point...

  13. Naval Medical R and D News. Volume 8, Issue 9 (United States)


    Naval Health Research Center (NHRC) provided a tour and overview of the center’s research capabilities and physical assets to the science advisors...Naval Medical Research Unit San Antonio (NAMRU-SA) joined 2400 attendees at the 24th Annual Military Health Systems Research Symposium (MHSRS) in...surgeon general and chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, visited the Naval Health Research Center (NHRC) to meet with the scientists whose research

  14. Naval Battleforce Networks Composite Routing (United States)


    fashion by DHCP), restarts or recontigures the OSPi" daemon, starts advertising the attached subnet in its new wireless subnet, and data transfer starts...Policy Manager. studying extcnsions to PlM or source specific multicast pro,i,,.:als to enable dynamic policy based routing based on DS(’P or other

  15. Ion sequestration particles for naval anticorrosion coatings (United States)

    Zguris, Zachary Z.

    Corrosion is the electrochemical process of a metal returning to its lower energy state, the metal oxide. The cost of corrosion is difficult to estimate. One area particularly susceptible to corrosion problems with high maintenance costs is that of the 20,000 tanks existent in the US Naval Fleet. The Navy is sponsoring the development of novel coatings and additives that can be used to decrease the rising corrosion related costs. This dissertation describes in detail the synthesis of Ion Sequestration Particles (ISP) that when added to the standard MIL-DTL-24441 or potentially another coating system act to enhance the anticorrosion properties of the coating. A solid ion sequestration core material (SISCM) is first produced. The core is then encapsulated in a second stage forming a shell that protects the SISCM sufficiently from the harmful interactions with uncured epoxy based coatings. ISPs were designed to sequester harmful ions while releasing passivating ions in their place. The passivating ions then migrate to defect sites at the coating interface where they act to inhibit corrosion. The anticorrosion performance of ISPs in epoxy coatings has been demonstrated by both 500 hrs of hot deionized water immersion and 1000 hrs of salt spray exposure (ASTM B117). The best improvements in coating performance are attained with ISP content ranging from 5-10 wt % loading in a coating. ISPs were designed to limit the transport of harmful ions through the coating. However this work has determined high diffusion coefficients for ions (CI- and PO42-) through the epoxy matrix. Without ISPs, the diffusion coefficient through the MIL-DTL-24441 coating was determined for phosphate to be 1.16x10-7 cm2/s and for chloride to be in the range of 2.7x10-9 to 5.6x10-10 cm2/s. The addition of 5 wt % ISPs to the coating had the effect of decreasing the diffusion coefficient by an average of 25.5%. These results yield the conclusion that the enhanced anticorrosion properties of coatings

  16. Sea/lake water cooling for Naval facilities. Final report November 1975-November 1977

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ciani, J.


    Seawater cooling was found to be economically feasible for a trial Naval facility in San Diego, Calif. and an operational test was recommended for the Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA), Winter Harbor, Maine. A preliminary design and environmental impact assessment were performed for a seawater cooling system at NSGA. This work was supplemented with seawater temperature measurements in the adjoining bay, a study of biofouling and its prevention in this system, and land and offshore surveys at NSGA. A separate study found that the life cycle cost of this seawater cooling system was less than that of the existing conventional air conditioning system. It was concluded that a seawater cooling system for NSGA would cost about $150K, and annually save over 200 MWh of energy and $9,000. Also, a study of the Navywide potential of sea/lake water cooling found that if such cooling were installed at 25 Navy sites, 59 x 1,000 MWh and $3 million could be saved annually. This report recommends that: (1) a final design and installation of an operational test seawater cooling system for NSGA, Winter Harbor be made; (2) seawater temperatures be measured at Apra Harbor, Pearl Harbor, Chicago, and Point Mugu as potential sites; and (3) a parametric model be developed for estimating the capital and energy costs of sea/lake water cooling systems.

  17. Medical rescue of naval combat:challenge and future

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Hai Jin; Li-Jun Hou; Xiao-Bing Fu


    There has been no large-scale naval combat in the last 30 years. With the rapid development of battleships, weapons manufacturing and electronic technology, naval combat will present some new characteristics. Additionally, naval combat is facing unprecedented challenges. In this paper, we discuss the topic of medical rescue at sea: what chal-lenges we face and what we could do. The contents discussed in this paper contain battlefield self-aid buddy care, clinical skills, organized health services, medical training and future medical research programs. We also discuss the characteristics of modern naval combat, medical rescue challenges, medical treatment highlights and future develop-ments of medical rescue at sea.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J.D. Bredenkamp


    Full Text Available Naval Headquarters moved from Simonstown to Pretoria in January 1977. The then SA Naval Headquarters Unit was there 'to support the Chief of the Navy and his five Chiefs of Naval Staff and their Staff Officers in matters pertaining to personnel, administration, operations, logistics, intelligence and finance as well as most naval matters related to the inland area'. During the period 1977 to 1979, members of the HQ Unit were accommodated in mainly the Air Force Officers and NCO Messes till the Union Hotel was purchased in 1979.

  19. Characteristics of California Least Tern Nesting Sites Associated With Breeding Success or Failure, With Special Reference to the Site at the Naval Air Station, Alameda (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The Naval Air Station, Alameda, is being closed under the requirements of the Defense Base Realignment and Closure Act of 1990. The purpose of this report is to...

  20. An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Computer-based Training for Newly Commissioned Surface Warfare Division Officers (United States)


    Chief of Naval Operations Surface Warfare Directorate. (2002, June 15). Navigation, seamanship and shiphandling training requirements document...unlimited. Prepared for: Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California 93943 An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Computer-based Training...Stephen Mehay, Professor With the assistance of Carol Stoker and Robert Paynter Naval Postgraduate School Naval Postgraduate School

  1. Space-based observation of chlorophyll, sea surface temperature, nitrate, and sea surface height anomaly over the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea (United States)

    Sarangi, R. K.; Devi, K. Nanthini


    Monthly chlorophyll and sea surface temperature (SST) images were generated using MODIS-Aqua data sets during 2014 and 2015 in the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. The in situ data-based nitrate algorithm was used to generate nitrate images by using the satellite-derived chlorophyll and SST images. To link ocean productivity with the sea surface features and sea level anomaly, the Indo-French altimeter mission SARAL-ALTIKA-derived sea surface height anomaly (SSHa) data sets were processed and maps were generated. The monthly average chlorophyll concentration ranged from 0.001 to 3.0 mg m-3, SST ranged from 24 to 32 °C, nitrate concentration ranged from 0.01 to 6.0 μM, and overall SSH anomaly ranged from -52 to +40 cm. Nitrate concentration was observed to be high (3-5 μM) during December-January, possibly due to convective eddies and winter cooling as well as atmospheric aerosols and dust inducing ocean productivity. The nitrate concentration was observed to be associated more with chlorophyll than SST, as nitrate inherently enhances the ocean chlorophyll and productivity, acting as proxy. The SSH anomaly showed irregular features and depicting few eddies, upwelling, and ocean circulation features. The low SSHa was mostly due to high chlorophyll concentration. It was observed that the low SST (∼24-26 °C) is attributed to high chlorophyll concentration (1.5-3.0 mg m-3) over the study area. The lag phase and enhancement in chlorophyll mean during September was due to the decrease in average SST during August. The SSHa showed seasonal trend over the study area during the monsoon period with observation of negative anomaly. Arabian Sea was found to have more negative SSH anomaly monthly mean values than Bay of Bengal. The impact and interrelationship of SSHa indicated better relationship with chlorophyll than with nitrate and SST, as observed from multiple regression analysis. The analysis of variance (ANOVA) results between the 2-year monthly data showed that the

  2. Whole grains and risk of pancreatic cancer in a large population-based case-control study in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. (United States)

    Chan, June M; Wang, Furong; Holly, Elizabeth A


    Epidemiologic data suggest that consumption of whole-grain products may be inversely associated with risk of pancreatic cancer. Grain intake was examined in a population-based case-control study of pancreatic cancer in the San Francisco Bay Area (1995-1999). A 131-item semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire was administered to 532 cases and 1,701 controls. Odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals were computed as estimates of relative risk. Persons who consumed > or =2 servings of whole grains daily had a lower risk of pancreatic cancer than persons who consumed tortillas (OR = 0.56, 95% CI: 0.35, 0.89; trend-p = 0.02). Consumption of doughnuts (> or =2 servings/week vs. or =2 servings/week vs. Dietary fiber was inversely associated with risk (for highest quartile vs. lowest, OR = 0.65, 95% CI: 0.47, 0.89; trend-p = 0.02). These data provide some support for the hypothesis that consuming more whole-grain or high-fiber foods may reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer. Refined grains were not associated with risk.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I Nyoman Radiarta


    Full Text Available Green mussel is one of important species cultured in Lada Bay, Pandeglang. To provide a necessary guidance regarding green mussel mariculture development, finding suitable site is an important step. This study was conducted to identify suitable site for green mussel mariculture development using geographic information system (GIS based models. Seven important parameters were grouped into two submodels, namely environmental (water temperature, salinity, suspended solid, dissolve oxygen, and bathymetry and infrastructural (distance to settlement and pond aquaculture. A constraint data was used to exclude the area from suitability maps that cannot be allowed to develop green mussel mariculture, including area of floating net fishing activity and area near electricity station. Analyses of factors and constraints indicated that about 31% of potential area with bottom depth less than 25 m had the most suitable area. This area was shown to have an ideal condition for green mussel mariculture in this study region. This study shows that GIS model is a powerful tool for site selection decision making. The tool can be a valuable tool in solving problems in local, regional, and/or continent areas.

  4. Naïve Bayes QSDR classification based on spiral-graph Shannon entropies for protein biomarkers in human colon cancer. (United States)

    Aguiar-Pulido, Vanessa; Munteanu, Cristian R; Seoane, José A; Fernández-Blanco, Enrique; Pérez-Montoto, Lázaro G; González-Díaz, Humberto; Dorado, Julián


    Fast cancer diagnosis represents a real necessity in applied medicine due to the importance of this disease. Thus, theoretical models can help as prediction tools. Graph theory representation is one option because it permits us to numerically describe any real system such as the protein macromolecules by transforming real properties into molecular graph topological indices. This study proposes a new classification model for proteins linked with human colon cancer by using spiral graph topological indices of protein amino acid sequences. The best quantitative structure-disease relationship model is based on eleven Shannon entropy indices. It was obtained with the Naïve Bayes method and shows excellent predictive ability (90.92%) for new proteins linked with this type of cancer. The statistical analysis confirms that this model allows diagnosing the absence of human colon cancer obtaining an area under receiver operating characteristic of 0.91. The methodology presented can be used for any type of sequential information such as any protein and nucleic acid sequence.

  5. Fine Sediment Resuspension Dynamics in Moreton Bay

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YOU Zai-jin; YIN Bao-shu


    A comprehensive field study has been undertaken to investigate sediment resuspension dynamics in the Moreton Bay, a large semi-enclosed bay situated in South East Queensland, Australia. An instrumented tripod, which housed three current meters, three OBS sensors and one underwater video camera, was used to collect the field data on tides, currents, waves and suspended sediment concentrations at four sites (Sites 1, 2, 4, and 5) in the bay. Site 1 was located at the main entrance, Site 2 at the central bay in deep water, and Sites 4 and 5 at two small bays in shallow water. The bed sediment was fine sand (d50=0.2 mm) at Site 1, and cohesive sediment at the other three sites. Based on the collected field data, it is found that the dominant driving forces for sediment resuspension are a combination of ocean swell and tidal currents at Site 1, tidal currents at Site 2, and wind-waves at Sites 4 and 5. The critical bed shear stress for cohesive sediment resuspension is determined as 0.079 Pa in unidirectional flow at Site 2, and 0.076 Pa in wave-induced oscillatory flow at Site 5.

  6. Responses of upland herpetofauna to the restoration of Carolina Bays and thinning of forested Bay Margins.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ledvina, Joseph A.


    Research on the effects of wetland restoration on reptiles and amphibians is becoming more common, but almost all of these studies have observed the colonization of recently disturbed habitats that were completely dry at the time of restoration. In a similar manner, investigations herpetofaunal responses to forest management have focused on clearcuts, and less intensive stand manipulations are not as well studied. To evaluate community and population responses of reptiles and amphibians to hydrology restoration and canopy removal in the interior of previously degraded Carolina bays, I monitored herpetofauna in the uplands adjacent to six historically degraded Carolina bays at the Savannah River Site (SRS) in South Carolina for four years after restoration. To evaluate the effects of forest thinning on upland herpetofauna, forests were thinned in the margins of three of these bays. I used repeated measures ANOVA to compare species richness and diversity and the abundance of selected species and guilds between these bays and with those at three reference bays that were not historically drained and three control bays that remained degraded. I also used Non-metric Multidimensional Scaling (NMDS) to look for community-level patterns based treatments.

  7. Journal of the School of Naval Warfare (Revista da Escola de Guerra Naval) (United States)


    terrorism, global organized crime, pandemics, the likely proliferation of nuclear artifacts/ ,: CARRILLO SALCEDO. Juan Antonio, tl Derecho International...CARRILLO SALCEDO Juan Antonio. El Derecho Internacional em Perspectiva Historica. Madrid: Tccnos, S. A., 1991. REVISTA DA ESCOLA DE GUERRA NAVAL I 21...Chinese workers, cheap labor and abundant internal demand catalyzed by external elements, such as massive investments and demands generated in other

  8. Stress-based aftershock forecasts made within 24 h postmain shock: Expected north San Francisco Bay area seismicity changes after the 2014 M = 6.0 West Napa earthquake (United States)

    Parsons, Tom; Segou, Margaret; Sevilgen, Volkan; Milner, Kevin; Field, Edward; Toda, Shinji; Stein, Ross S.


    We calculate stress changes resulting from the M = 6.0 West Napa earthquake on north San Francisco Bay area faults. The earthquake ruptured within a series of long faults that pose significant hazard to the Bay area, and we are thus concerned with potential increases in the probability of a large earthquake through stress transfer. We conduct this exercise as a prospective test because the skill of stress-based aftershock forecasting methodology is inconclusive. We apply three methods: (1) generalized mapping of regional Coulomb stress change, (2) stress changes resolved on Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast faults, and (3) a mapped rate/state aftershock forecast. All calculations were completed within 24 h after the main shock and were made without benefit of known aftershocks, which will be used to evaluative the prospective forecast. All methods suggest that we should expect heightened seismicity on parts of the southern Rodgers Creek, northern Hayward, and Green Valley faults.

  9. Stress-based aftershock forecasts made within 24h post mainshock: Expected north San Francisco Bay area seismicity changes after the 2014M=6.0 West Napa earthquake (United States)

    Parsons, Thomas E.; Segou, Margaret; Sevilgen, Volkan; Milner, Kevin; Field, Ned; Toda, Shinji; Stein, Ross S.


    We calculate stress changes resulting from the M= 6.0 West Napa earthquake on north San Francisco Bay area faults. The earthquake ruptured within a series of long faults that pose significant hazard to the Bay area, and we are thus concerned with potential increases in the probability of a large earthquake through stress transfer. We conduct this exercise as a prospective test because the skill of stress-based aftershock forecasting methodology is inconclusive. We apply three methods: (1) generalized mapping of regional Coulomb stress change, (2) stress changes resolved on Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast faults, and (3) a mapped rate/state aftershock forecast. All calculations were completed within 24 h after the main shock and were made without benefit of known aftershocks, which will be used to evaluative the prospective forecast. All methods suggest that we should expect heightened seismicity on parts of the southern Rodgers Creek, northern Hayward, and Green Valley faults.

  10. Chaotic LIDAR for Naval Applications (United States)


    CND ) approach that was originally proposed for noise radar. We are also investigating a digital signal processing (DSP) approach based on a software...defined radio architecture. CND Receiver The block diagram of the analog CND receiver is shown in Figure 4. ; r.WijBbinclj’A ’, QtooAc Sonol ,1...Coupta V»T»bta Q«Uy Lin* Fr M Sf^cm Tr an uvi sii un B«trt «J Piu*t CoOmBXct [152 Figure 4. The coherent noise detection ( CND ) circuit splits

  11. Spatial and temporal characterizations of water quality in Kuwait Bay. (United States)

    Al-Mutairi, N; Abahussain, A; El-Battay, A


    The spatial and temporal patterns of water quality in Kuwait Bay have been investigated using data from six stations between 2009 and 2011. The results showed that most of water quality parameters such as phosphorus (PO4), nitrate (NO3), dissolved oxygen (DO), and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) fluctuated over time and space. Based on Water Quality Index (WQI) data, six stations were significantly clustered into two main classes using cluster analysis, one group located in western side of the Bay, and other in eastern side. Three principal components are responsible for water quality variations in the Bay. The first component included DO and pH. The second included PO4, TSS and NO3, and the last component contained seawater temperature and turbidity. The spatial and temporal patterns of water quality in Kuwait Bay are mainly controlled by seasonal variations and discharges from point sources of pollution along Kuwait Bay's coast as well as from Shatt Al-Arab River.

  12. Combat Resource Allocation Planning in Naval Engagements (United States)


    Valcartier; August 2007. Management of tactical combat resources, as a part of military naval Command & Con- trol (C2) process , provides a real world multi...systèmes d’agents et multi-agents est présentée et les problèmes de planifi - cation en temps réel et de l’allocation des ressources sont abordé to be processed under time-critical conditions pose significant challenges for future shipboard Command & Control Systems (CCSs). Among other

  13. Naval Aviation Costs: Targeting Operations and Support (United States)


    17 Defense AT&L: November–December 2013 Naval Aviation Costs Targeting Operations and Support Capt. Robert Farmer n Capt. Keith Nixon n Capt...ONR Maj. Gen. Murray, TECOM Brig. Gen. Jansson, DLA Aviation SES Gilpin , DASN (Air) SES Stiller, DASN (Ships) SES Zangardi, DASN (C4I) *NAE Air... Robert Brown Training/Training Supt 6.7.6 – Lorie Nace Support Equipment 6.7.7 – Bruce Wilhelm Industrial Business Ops 6.8D – Roy Harris Tech Dir

  14. Refined Orbital Architecture for Targets of Naval Interest (United States)


    pioneered the Walker delta pattern.29 The technique distributes t total satellites into p orbital planes, evenly spaced with a f relative phasing...NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA THESIS Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited REFINED ORBITAL ...Thesis 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE 5. FUNDING NUMBERS REFINED ORBITAL ARCHITECTURE FOR TARGETS OF NAVAL INTEREST 6. AUTHOR(S) Andrew Konowicz 7

  15. Geography, Technology, and British Naval Strategy in the Dreadnought Era (United States)


    destruction of the lu- crative China trade. Faced with the prospect of war against France and Russia in combination, Britain responded from 1889 with enormous...government bent on economy and social reform, a sharp increase in German naval construction, and signs of a Russian naval recovery had created the

  16. Naval War College Review. Volume 66, Number 1, Winter 2013 (United States)


    well as facilitate the process of innovation. In many ways the Naval War College is experiencing a renaissance in terms of its influence on Navy...defined the primary mission of carrier aircraft as gaining and maintaining “control of the air in the theatre of naval opera- tions. Missions of a

  17. Renewable Energy and Storage Implementation in Naval Station Pearl Harbor (United States)


    NAVFAC Naval Facilities Engineering Command NOx nitrogen oxide NPV net present value NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory NSPH Naval Station...and frequency fluctuations inherent to renewable sources. These fluctuations generate higher maintenance cost as a result (Henne, 2014) further... regulate and distribute power, 2. increase renewable energy consumption, 6 3. and increase energy reliability for fixed installations critical

  18. The effect of prior assumptions over the weights in BayesPI with application to study protein-DNA interactions from ChIP-based high-throughput data

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wang Junbai


    Full Text Available Abstract Background To further understand the implementation of hyperparameters re-estimation technique in Bayesian hierarchical model, we added two more prior assumptions over the weight in BayesPI, namely Laplace prior and Cauchy prior, by using the evidence approximation method. In addition, we divided hyperparameter (regularization constants α of the model into multiple distinct classes based on either the structure of the neural networks or the property of the weights. Results The newly implemented BayesPI was tested on both synthetic and real ChIP-based high-throughput datasets to identify the corresponding protein binding energy matrices. The results obtained were encouraging: 1 there was a minor effect on the quality of predictions when prior assumptions over the weights were altered (e.g. the prior probability distributions to the weights and the number of classes to the hyperparameters in BayesPI; 2 however, there was a significant impact on the computational speed when tuning the weight prior in the model: for example, BayesPI with a Laplace weight prior achieved the best performance with regard to both the computational speed and the prediction accuracy. Conclusions From this study, we learned that it is absolutely necessary to try different prior assumptions over the weights in Bayesian hierarchical model to design an efficient learning algorithm, though the quality of the final results may not be associated with such changes. In future, the evidence approximation method can be an alternative to Monte Carlo methods for computational implementation of Bayesian hierarchical model.

  19. Status of Bay of Bengal: An Ecological Point of View

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pai IK


    Full Text Available The marine resources are a major source of food, a reservoir of minerals, major suppliers of oxygen, regulator of climate. It is also an ultimate dumping ground for the mounting burden of human waste material. Due to unchecked anthropogenic activity in recent years, the physico-chemical and biological status of the marine environments have changed significantly. This has resulted in the changing environmental scenario of the world. The Bay of Bengal, is one of the largest Bay in the world known to receive large flow of sediments from several rivers and other water bodies from India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia etc., Many of these rivers bring along with them, a large quantity of effluents from cities / towns located on either side of these rivers, thus making the Bay nutrient rich. This Bay also plays a major role in determining the climatic conditions of India and other South East Asian countries. Thus its ecology is of paramount interest. Further, the Bay is also known for its oligotrophic nature as well low productivity, thus resulting in high diversity of flora and fauna. The ecological status of the Bay has a direct bearing on the lifescape of the Bay, and therefore, a study was undertaken to understand abiotic and biotic factors with special reference to zooplankton. Based on the observations, the study recommends certain appropriate measures to be taken to conserve the ecology of one of the largest Bay in the world.

  20. Relations between DNA- and RNA-based molecular methods for cyanobacteria and microcystin concentration at Maumee Bay State Park Lakeside Beach, Oregon, Ohio, 2012 (United States)

    Stelzer, Erin A.; Loftin, Keith A.; Struffolino, Pamela


    Water samples were collected from Maumee Bay State Park Lakeside Beach, Oregon, Ohio, during the 2012 recreational season and analyzed for selected cyanobacteria gene sequences by DNA-based quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) and RNA-based quantitative reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR). Results from the four DNA assays (for quantifying total cyanobacteria, total Microcystis, and Microcystis and Planktothrix strains that possess the microcystin synthetase E (mcyE) gene) and two RNA assays (for quantifying Microcystis and Planktothrix genera that are expressing the microcystin synthetase E (mcyE) gene) were compared to microcystin concentration results determined by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Concentrations of the target in replicate analyses were log10 transformed. The average value of differences in log10 concentrations for the replicates that had at least one detection were found to range from 0.05 to >0.37 copy per 100 milliliters (copy/100 mL) for DNA-based methods and from >0.04 to >0.17 copy/100 mL for RNA-based methods. RNA has a shorter half-life than DNA; consequently, a 24-hour holding-time study was done to determine the effects of holding time on RNA concentrations. Holding-time comparisons for the RNA-based Microcystis toxin mcyE assay showed reductions in the number of copies per 100 milliliters over 24 hours. The log difference between time 2 hours and time 24 hours was >0.37 copy/100 mL, which was higher than the analytical variability (log difference of >0.17 copy/100 mL). Spearman’s correlation analysis indicated that microcystin toxin concentrations were moderately to highly related to DNA-based assay results for total cyanobacteria (rho=0.69), total Microcystis (rho=0.74), and Microcystis strains that possess the mcyE gene (rho=0.81). Microcystin toxin concentrations were strongly related with RNA-based assay results for Microcystis mcyE gene expression (rho=0.95). Correlation analysis could

  1. The RES reactor, a test reactor for naval propulsion; Le reacteur d'essais RES, reacteur d'essais de la propulsion navale

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pivet, S. [CEA Bruyeres-le-Chatel, 91 (France); Minguet, J.L. [AREVA-Technicatome, 13 - Aix en Provence (France)


    The RES, the new test reactor for naval propulsion, will replace the RNG that nears the end of its operating life after 30 years in service. The main asset of a land-based installation is to provide an in-core instrumented reactor while the on-board system must stay as simple as possible for robustness reasons. The objective of the RES is fivefold: 1) to foresee and help solving problems likely to happen on on-board reactor, 2) to validate nuclear fuels and reactor systems for naval propulsion, 3) to validate reactor system and equipment for the Barracuda submarine program, 4) to upgrade the on-ground facility located at Cadarache, and 5) to provide the Cea with a new capacity for the storing of spent fuels from naval propulsion systems and from Cea research reactors. The RES facility is made of 2 parts: one that houses the reactor and the other that is dedicated to the handling on spent fuels, their examination through a gamma spectrometry bench and their storing in a pool. The RES facility is scheduled to open in 2009. (A.C.)

  2. Data assimilative twin-experiment in a high-resolution Bay of Biscay configuration: 4DEnOI based on stochastic modeling of the wind forcing (United States)

    Vervatis, V.; Testut, C. E.; De Mey, P.; Ayoub, N.; Chanut, J.; Quattrocchi, G.


    A twin-experiment is carried out introducing elements of an Ensemble Kalman Filter (EnKF), to assess and correct ocean uncertainties in a high-resolution Bay of Biscay configuration. Initially, an ensemble of 102 members is performed by applying stochastic modeling of the wind forcing. The target of this step is to simulate the envelope of possible realizations and to explore the robustness of the method at building ensemble covariances. Our second step includes the integration of the ensemble-based error estimates into a data assimilative system adopting a 4D Ensemble Optimal Interpolation (4DEnOI) approach. In the twin-experiment context, synthetic observations are simulated from a perturbed member not used in the subsequent analyses, satisfying the condition of an unbiased probability distribution function against the ensemble by performing a rank histogram. We evaluate the assimilation performance on short-term predictability focusing on the ensemble size, the observational network, and the enrichment of the ensemble by inexpensive time-lagged techniques. The results show that variations in performance are linked to intrinsic oceanic processes, such as the spring shoaling of the thermocline, in combination with external forcing modulated by river runoffs and time-variable wind patterns, constantly reshaping the error regimes. Ensemble covariances are able to capture high-frequency processes associated with coastal density fronts, slope currents and upwelling events near the Armorican and Galician shelf break. Further improvement is gained when enriching model covariances by including pattern phase errors, with the help of time-neighbor states augmenting the ensemble spread.

  3. Air Pollution Over the Ganges Basin and Northwest Bay of Bengal in the Early Postmonsoon Season Based on NASA MERRAero Data (United States)

    Kishcha, Pavel; Da Silva, Arlindo M.; Starobinets, Boris; Alpert, Pinhas


    The MERRA Aerosol Reanalysis (MERRAero) has been recently developed at NASA's Global Modeling Assimilation Office. This reanalysis is based on a version of the Goddard Earth Observing System-5 (GEOS-5) model radiatively coupled with Goddard Chemistry, Aerosol, Radiation, and Transport aerosols, and it includes assimilation of bias-corrected aerosol optical thickness (AOT) from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) sensor on both Terra and Aqua satellites. In October over the period 2002-2009, MERRAero showed that AOT was lower over the east of the Ganges basin than over the northwest of the Ganges basin: this was despite the fact that the east of the Ganges basin should have produced higher anthropogenic aerosol emissions because of higher population density, increased industrial output, and transportation. This is evidence that higher aerosol emissions do not always correspond to higher AOT over the areas where the effects of meteorological factors on AOT dominate those of aerosol emissions. MODIS AOT assimilation was essential for correcting modeled AOT mainly over the northwest of the Ganges basin, where AOT increments were maximal. Over the east of the Ganges basin and northwest Bay of Bengal (BoB), AOT increments were low and MODIS AOT assimilation did not contribute significantly to modeled AOT. Our analysis showed that increasing AOT trends over northwest BoB (exceeding those over the east of the Ganges basin) were reproduced by GEOS-5, not because of MODIS AOT assimilation butmainly because of the model capability of reproducing meteorological factors contributing to AOT trends. Moreover, vertically integrated aerosol mass flux was sensitive to wind convergence causing aerosol accumulation over northwest BoB.

  4. National Status and Trends: Bioeffects Program - Kachemak Bay Database (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This study was based on the sediment quality triad (SQT) approach. A stratified probabilistic sampling design was utilized to characterize the Kachemak Bay system in...

  5. National Status and Trends: Bioeffects Program - San Francisco Bay Database (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This study was based on the sediment quality triad (SQT) approach. A stratified probabilistic sampling design was utilized to characterize the San Francisco Bay...

  6. Storm Water Toxicity Evaluation Conducted at Naval Station San Diego, Naval Submarine Base San Diego, Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, and Naval Air Station North Island (United States)


    MBAS includes a common group of anionic surfactants known as linear alkyl sulfonates (LAS). Surfactants were analyzed by CEL following EPA Method...P. Giro, M. Marin, P. Negrisolo and L. Tallandini. 1989. Effects of Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonates (LAS) on benthic organisms. Tenside...produce the dilution series test concentrations. Figure 70 shows the results. The linear regression was generated only for TUA values less than 6.2, as

  7. Magnetic Characteristics of Surface Sediments of Liaodong Bay, China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG ShuangP; WANG Yonghong; LIU Jian; YU Yiyong


    Analysis of magnetic properties of marine surface sediments has been gradually proved to be one of the effective means for researching the source of marine sediments. In this paper, samples from 39 sites in Liaodong Bay were collected to analyze the magnetic characteristics of the surface sediments. Magnetic study indicated that the surface sediments of the Liaodong Bay are char-acterized by magnetite. In the middle and eastern part and the southwest corner of the Bay, the main magnetic grains were coarse multi-domain and pseudo-single-domain particles, while in other areas single-domain and pseudo-single-domain particles constitute the majority. Based on grain size and environmental magnetism data, the content of magnetic minerals has a positive correlation with the hydrodynamic environment when the magnetic mineral domain is finer. However, the content of magnetic minerals is in a complex relationship with the hydrodynamic environment in the coarse magnetic domain of magnetic minerals found in central Liaodong Bay and places outside the Fuzhou Bay, implying that the strong hydrodynamic environment accelerates the sedimentation of coarse magnetic minerals. Based on geographic pattern of magnetic properties, it can be inferred that the main provenance of the surface sediments of the Liaodong Bay is the surrounding rivers, and the comparative analysis indicates that Yellow River substances maybe also exist in the bay.

  8. Recruitment from an egg bank into the plankton in Baisha Bay, a mariculture base in Southern China (United States)

    Wang, Qing; Luan, Lei-Lei; Chen, Liang-Dong; Yuan, Dan-Ni; Liu, Sheng; Hwang, Jiang-Shiou; Yang, Yu-Feng


    The potential recruitment of resting eggs of calanoid copepods and rotifers to planktonic populations was investigated in the surface and sub-surface sediments of three mariculture zones: an integrated seaweed Gracilaria lemaneiformis and shellfish cultivation area (G), a fish cultivation area (F), and a shellfish cultivation area (S), as well as the sediments of a nearby control sea area (C) in a mariculture base in Southern China. The potential recruitment of copepod and rotifer eggs in the sediments of C and G was significantly higher than in F and S. Potential recruitment in the sub-surface sediments of F and S was not observed, suggesting that fish and shellfish mariculture may be responsible for this decrease. The hatching success of resting eggs of copepods and rotifers was affected by mariculture type, and that large-scale seaweed cultivation may offset the adverse effect of fish and shellfish cultivation on the resting eggs if integrated cultivation is adopted.

  9. Naval War College Review. Volume 64, Number 1, Winter 2011 (United States)


    learn from the Director of Naval History, Rear Admiral J. A. DeLoach, USN (Ret.), that the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) and the the Gulf of Aden, we have seen them previously in the area of the Strait of Malacca , and we could see them in the South China Sea, for example, or...only be a hotel -style peaceful presence. There is no need to be grouped together with them.”55 Given Beijing’s desire to present its operations as


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    T.L. Mitchell


    The purpose of this analysis is to demonstrate the design of the naval spent nuclear fuel (SNF) waste package (WP) using the Waste Package Department's (WPD) design methodologies and processes described in the ''Waste Package Design Methodology Report'' (CRWMS M&O [Civilian Radioactive Waste Management System Management and Operating Contractor] 2000b). The calculations that support the design of the naval SNF WP will be discussed; however, only a sub-set of such analyses will be presented and shall be limited to those identified in the ''Waste Package Design Sensitivity Report'' (CRWMS M&O 2000c). The objective of this analysis is to describe the naval SNF WP design method and to show that the design of the naval SNF WP complies with the ''Naval Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal Container System Description Document'' (CRWMS M&O 1999a) and Interface Control Document (ICD) criteria for Site Recommendation. Additional criteria for the design of the naval SNF WP have been outlined in Section 6.2 of the ''Waste Package Design Sensitivity Report'' (CRWMS M&O 2000c). The scope of this analysis is restricted to the design of the naval long WP containing one naval long SNF canister. This WP is representative of the WPs that will contain both naval short SNF and naval long SNF canisters. The following items are included in the scope of this analysis: (1) Providing a general description of the applicable design criteria; (2) Describing the design methodology to be used; (3) Presenting the design of the naval SNF waste package; and (4) Showing compliance with all applicable design criteria. The intended use of this analysis is to support Site Recommendation reports and assist in the development of WPD drawings. Activities described in this analysis were conducted in accordance with the technical product development plan (TPDP) ''Design Analysis for the Naval SNF Waste Package (CRWMS M

  11. 基于贝叶斯概率的油库池火灾多米诺效应分析%Analysis on pool fire Domino effect in fuel tank district based on Bayes probability

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张青松; 杨一楠; 郑薇


    The present paper is dedicated to a study of the pool fire Domino effect in fuel tank district based on Bayes probability theory.In order to prevent the pool fire Domino effect,we have attempted to bring the Bayes theory into the analysis of the effect in hoping to quantify the probability of such a kind of Domino effect.For this purpose,we have established a novel Bayes model of pool fire Domino effect in fuel tank district with the basic performance steps proposed.First of all,we have chosen the first accident as the parent node of the Bayes net and then analyzed the radiation path of the pool fire Domino effect so as to confirm all the other accidents of the pool fire Domino effect.Having performed the above 3 steps of Bayes net reasoning principle,it would be easier to accomplish Bayes net chart according to all the different final accidents.Besides,step (5) should be the fulfillment of the condition probability table,in which the prior probabilities can be worked out with the adoption of equipment damage probability model.Based on the fulfillment of the prior probabilities,we have worked out all the posterior probabilities of all the accident scenarios with the biggest posterior probability ascertained.The last step is to control the measuring institution on the basis of reassuring the best control point to the accident and the logic features of the accident links.Combined with a typical example,we have confirmed the posterior probability that perpetrates the biggest contribution to the pool fire Domino effect through the application of Bayes model in fuel tank district.And,consequently,we have managed to improve the control measure in accordance with the energy transfer sequence of the relative accident links.%将贝叶斯理论引入油库池火灾多米诺效应分析中,建立油库池火灾多米诺效应的贝叶斯模型并给出建模的基本步骤,推理得出油库池火灾多米诺效应的事故场景,提出基于池火灾多米诺效应的贝叶

  12. Tiger Team Assessment of the Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming



    This report documents the Tiger Team Assessment of the Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves in Colordao, Utah, and Wyoming (NPOSR-CUW). NPOSR-CUW consists of Naval Petroleum Reserve Number 3 (NPR-3) located near Casper, Wyoming; Naval Oil Shale Reserve Number 1 (NOSR-1) and Naval Oil Shale Reserve Number 3 (NOSR-3) located near Rifle, Colorado; and Naval Oil Shale Reserve Number 2 (NOSR-2) located near Vernal, Utah, which was not examined as part of this assessment.

  13. Spanish Naval Artillery on 1890–1900

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kent R. Crawford


    Full Text Available Spanish naval artillery in the late XIX cen. had features such as artillery great maritime states and the countries of the second world. On the one hand, in Spain, developed and put into service the original artillery systems of national development, on the other - export versions of the world's leading manufacturers. And often when applying for a variety of weapons could be made is not in favor of cheaper and more advanced foreign models. But we should not downplay the role of Spanish designers: often implements its development could outpace similar foreign solutions. All this predetermined the extraordinary diverse nature and diversity of nomenclature, both the guns and ammunition. The proposed work –is the first attempt to bring together a variety of eclectic details, often contradict each other, the Spanish artillery of the period.

  14. [Comment to “Response of Monterey Bay to the Loma Prieta Earthquake of October 17, 1989”] Montery Bay (United States)

    Schwing, Franklin B.; Norton, Jerrold G.; Pilskaln, Cynthia H.

    Observations of liquefaction and slumping in Monterey Bay, Calif., described in “Response of Monterey Bay to the Loma Prieta Earthquake of October 17, 1989,” (Eos, February [6], 1990, p. 250), were based on the ongoing work of a team of scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML), Hopkins Marine Station, and Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), who are continuing to investigate the causes and effects of slumping and other processes that occurred in association with the earthquake.

  15. United States Naval Academy Polar Science Program; Undergraduate Research and Outreach in Polar Environments (United States)

    Woods, J. E.


    The United States Naval Academy (USNA) Polar Science Program (PSP), has been very active completing its own field campaign out of Barrow, AK, sent students to the South Pole, participated in STEM activities and educated over 100 future Naval Officers about the Polar Regions. Each activity is uniquely different, but has the similar undertone of sharing the recent rapid changes in the Cryosphere to a wide range of audiences. There is further room for development and growth through future field campaigns and new collaborations. The Naval Academy Ice Experiment (NAICEX) 2013 was based out of the old Naval Arctic Research Laboratory (NARL) in Barrow, AK. In joint collaboration with the University of Delaware, University of Washington, and Naval Research Laboratory we successfully took multiple measurements for over a week on the fast ice just offshore. Five undergraduate students from USNA, as well as 3 graduate students from University of Delaware participated, as well as multiple professors and instructors from each institution. Data collected during the experiment will be used in capstone courses and thesis research. There was also an outreach component to the experiment, where local students from Barrow H.S. have been assigned to the USNA ice observations project for their own high school course work. Local students will be analyzing data that will contribute into the larger research effort at USNA through coordinated remote efforts and participation in future field experiments. The USNA STEM office is one of the most robust in the entire country. The USNA PSP is active within this program by developing polar specific modules that are integrated varying length outreach opportunities from a few hours to week long camps. USNA PSP also engages in educator training that is held at the Naval Academy each summer. Through this program of educating the educators, the far reaching levels of awareness are multiplied exponentially. Also, the USNA Oceanography Department has

  16. Design and test of lightweight sandwich T-joint for naval ships

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Toftegaard, H.; Lystrup, Aa.


    Within the EUCLID project, 'Survivability, Durability and Performance of Naval Composite Structures', one task is to develop improved fibre composite joints for naval ship super structures. One type of joint in such a super structure is a T-joint between sandwich panels. An existing design consists......-joint with reduced weight but with the same or higher strength than the existing design. The lightweight T-joint is designed for sandwich panels with 60 mm thick PVC foam core and 4 rum thick glass fibre/vinyl ester skin laminates. The panels are joined by use of filler and two triangular PVC foam fillets (core....... This is found to be a comprehensive way to compare many different configurations. The base angle of the core triangle is the most important geometry parameter of the joint, and tensile tests show very good agreement with the numerical predictions. The lightweight T-joint has 20% higher strength than...

  17. Index for Assessing Water Trophic Status in Semi-Enclosed Cuban Bays. Case Study: Cienfuegos Bay

    CERN Document Server

    Seisdedo, Mabel; Arencibia, Gustavo


    This paper aims at contributing to the coastal environmental management by developing a new trophic status index of the water (TSIW). The index is tailored to semi-enclosed bays with estuarine characteristic like the Cienfuegos bay in Cuba. We also propose pressure indicators related to exporting and assimilation capacities as a tool to assess the vulnerability of the system to eutrophication. The TSIW is based on response indicators to eutrophication processes showing correspondence with the predefined pressure indicators and previous reports on water quality. Thus, the proposed trophic status index is a reliable scientific tool to measure the current stage of the water quality and to establish a baseline for further studies.

  18. BCDC Bay Trail Alignment 2009 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — The Bay Trail provides easily accessible recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, including hikers, joggers, bicyclists and skaters. It also offers a...

  19. U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office Cores (BOCKMAN65 shapefile) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The results of the sediment size analysis performed by the U.S.Naval Oceanographic Office Geological Laboratory for six Phleger gravity cores are presented in this...

  20. Examining the Effects of Chromatic Aberration, Object Distance, and Eye Shape on Image-Formation in the Mirror-Based Eyes of the Bay Scallop Argopecten irradians. (United States)

    Speiser, Daniel I; Gagnon, Yakir Luc; Chhetri, Raghav K; Oldenburg, Amy L; Johnsen, Sönke


    The eyes of scallops form images using a concave spherical mirror and contain two separate retinas, one layered on top of the other. Behavioral and electrophysiological studies indicate that the images formed by these eyes have angular resolutions of about 2°. Based on previous ray-tracing models, it has been thought that the more distal of the two retinas lies near the focal point of the mirror and that the proximal retina, positioned closer to the mirror at the back of the eye, receives light that is out-of-focus. Here, we propose three mechanisms through which both retinas may receive focused light: (1) chromatic aberration produced by the lens may cause the focal points for longer and shorter wavelengths to fall near the distal and proximal retinas, respectively; (2) focused light from near and far objects may fall on the distal and proximal retinas, respectively; and (3) the eyes of scallops may be dynamic structures that change shape to determine which retina receives focused light. To test our hypotheses, we used optical coherence tomography (OCT), a method of near-infrared optical depth-ranging, to acquire virtual cross-sections of live, intact eyes from the bay scallop Argopecten irradians Next, we used a custom-built ray-tracing model to estimate the qualities of the images that fall on an eye's distal and proximal retinas as functions of the wavelengths of light entering the eye (400-700 nm), object distances (0.01-1 m), and the overall shape of the eye. When we assume 550 nm wavelength light and object distances greater than 0.01 m, our model predicts that the angular resolutions of the distal and proximal retinas are 2° and 7°, respectively. Our model also predicts that neither chromatic aberration nor differences in object distance lead to focused light falling on the distal and proximal retinas simultaneously. However, if scallops can manipulate the shapes of their eyes, perhaps through muscle contractions, we speculate that they may be able

  1. Mineralizing Filamentous Bacteria from the Prony Bay Hydrothermal Field Give New Insights into the Functioning of Serpentinization-Based Subseafloor Ecosystems (United States)

    Pisapia, Céline; Gérard, Emmanuelle; Gérard, Martine; Lecourt, Léna; Lang, Susan Q.; Pelletier, Bernard; Payri, Claude E.; Monnin, Christophe; Guentas, Linda; Postec, Anne; Quéméneur, Marianne; Erauso, Gaël; Ménez, Bénédicte


    Despite their potential importance as analogs of primitive microbial metabolisms, the knowledge of the structure and functioning of the deep ecosystems associated with serpentinizing environments is hampered by the lack of accessibility to relevant systems. These hyperalkaline environments are depleted in dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), making the carbon sources and assimilation pathways in the associated ecosystems highly enigmatic. The Prony Bay Hydrothermal Field (PHF) is an active serpentinization site where, similar to Lost City (Mid-Atlantic Ridge), high-pH fluids rich in H2 and CH4 are discharged from carbonate chimneys at the seafloor, but in a shallower lagoonal environment. This study aimed to characterize the subsurface microbial ecology of this environment by focusing on the earliest stages of chimney construction, dominated by the discharge of hydrothermal fluids of subseafloor origin. By jointly examining the mineralogy and the microbial diversity of the conduits of juvenile edifices at the micrometric scale, we find a central role of uncultivated bacteria belonging to the Firmicutes in the ecology of the PHF. These bacteria, along with members of the phyla Acetothermia and Omnitrophica, are identified as the first chimneys inhabitants before archaeal Methanosarcinales. They are involved in the construction and early consolidation of the carbonate structures via organomineralization processes. Their predominance in the most juvenile and nascent hydrothermal chimneys, and their affiliation with environmental subsurface microorganisms, indicate that they are likely discharged with hydrothermal fluids from the subseafloor. They may thus be representative of endolithic serpentinization-based ecosystems, in an environment where DIC is limited. In contrast, heterotrophic and fermentative microorganisms may consume organic compounds from the abiotic by-products of serpentinization processes and/or from life in the deeper subsurface. We thus propose that

  2. Defining a data management strategy for USGS Chesapeake Bay studies (United States)

    Ladino, Cassandra


    The mission of U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) Chesapeake Bay studies is to provide integrated science for improved understanding and management of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. Collective USGS efforts in the Chesapeake Bay watershed began in the 1980s, and by the mid-1990s the USGS adopted the watershed as one of its national place-based study areas. Great focus and effort by the USGS have been directed toward Chesapeake Bay studies for almost three decades. The USGS plays a key role in using “ecosystem-based adaptive management, which will provide science to improve the efficiency and accountability of Chesapeake Bay Program activities” (Phillips, 2011). Each year USGS Chesapeake Bay studies produce published research, monitoring data, and models addressing aspects of bay restoration such as, but not limited to, fish health, water quality, land-cover change, and habitat loss. The USGS is responsible for collaborating and sharing this information with other Federal agencies and partners as described under the President’s Executive Order 13508—Strategy for Protecting and Restoring the Chesapeake Bay Watershed signed by President Obama in 2009. Historically, the USGS Chesapeake Bay studies have relied on national USGS databases to store only major nationally available sources of data such as streamflow and water-quality data collected through local monitoring programs and projects, leaving a multitude of other important project data out of the data management process. This practice has led to inefficient methods of finding Chesapeake Bay studies data and underutilization of data resources. Data management by definition is “the business functions that develop and execute plans, policies, practices and projects that acquire, control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of data and information.” (Mosley, 2008a). In other words, data management is a way to preserve, integrate, and share data to address the needs of the Chesapeake Bay studies to better

  3. 77 FR 57107 - Bandon Marsh, Nestucca Bay, and Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuges, Coos, Tillamook, and... (United States)


    ... eco-tourism or natural resource-based visitor centers. Nestucca Bay NWR Alternative A: No Action Under... continue to seek funding to replace the deteriorating volunteer residence with a bunkhouse through the... visitor lobby under this alternative, as well as replacing the existing volunteer residence with...

  4. Fallon Geothermal Exploration Project, Naval Air Station, Fallon, Nevada. (United States)


    Dral. Iron Ore Deposits of Nevada . Part A: Geology and Iron Ore Deposits of the Buena Vista Hills, Chur- chill and Pershing Counties , Nevada . Nevada ...tumber) Geothermal Potential Naval Air Station, Fallon, Nevada Fallon Exploration Project 20. ABSTRACT (Coawu en reverse aide It neeeen end $doaft...UNCLASSIFIED ICUMTY CLASSIFICATION OF THIS PAat L tmb Doe aneem (U) Fallon Geothermal Exploration Project, Naval Air Station, Fallon, Nevada , Interim Report

  5. Naval College Review. Volume 61, Number 3, Summer 2008 (United States)


    strengthen its comprehensive deterrence and warfighting capabilities.”1 The introduction of new classes of advanced surface warships; the unveiling of new...Avenger (a truck-borne Stinger), and Chaparral ; they might be stored in hardened or disguised shelters and frequently moved between them. These steps... California , 1995), pp. 58–61. 25. Ibid., pp. 64–69. 26. Conversation with Professor John Meyer, Captain, USN (Ret.), Naval War College, College of Naval

  6. Naval Biodynamics Laboratory: 1989 and 1990 Command History (United States)


    Washington, DC Dr. Charles McLeod Maryland Medical Laboratory Baltimore, MD CDR Kenneth Meyer Naval Medical Center Corpus Christi , TX 62 1989 and 1990...Padro, Madrid , Spain, 24-26 April 1990. Call, D. W., "Mission and Capabilities of the Naval Biodynamics Laboratory." Three separate presentations and...Seminar, Baton Rouge, LA, 15 February 1990. Call, D. W., attended the NATO IEG/6 Ship Design SG/5 Seakeeping Conference, Madrid , Spain, 22-28 April

  7. Unscaled Bayes factors for multiple hypothesis testing in microarray experiments. (United States)

    Bertolino, Francesco; Cabras, Stefano; Castellanos, Maria Eugenia; Racugno, Walter


    Multiple hypothesis testing collects a series of techniques usually based on p-values as a summary of the available evidence from many statistical tests. In hypothesis testing, under a Bayesian perspective, the evidence for a specified hypothesis against an alternative, conditionally on data, is given by the Bayes factor. In this study, we approach multiple hypothesis testing based on both Bayes factors and p-values, regarding multiple hypothesis testing as a multiple model selection problem. To obtain the Bayes factors we assume default priors that are typically improper. In this case, the Bayes factor is usually undetermined due to the ratio of prior pseudo-constants. We show that ignoring prior pseudo-constants leads to unscaled Bayes factor which do not invalidate the inferential procedure in multiple hypothesis testing, because they are used within a comparative scheme. In fact, using partial information from the p-values, we are able to approximate the sampling null distribution of the unscaled Bayes factor and use it within Efron's multiple testing procedure. The simulation study suggests that under normal sampling model and even with small sample sizes, our approach provides false positive and false negative proportions that are less than other common multiple hypothesis testing approaches based only on p-values. The proposed procedure is illustrated in two simulation studies, and the advantages of its use are showed in the analysis of two microarray experiments.

  8. Emission factors of SO2, NOx and particles from ships in Neva Bay from ground-based and helicopter-borne measurements and AIS-based modeling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. Beecken


    Full Text Available Emission factors of SO2, NOx and size distributed particle numbers were measured for approximately 300 different ships in the Gulf of Finland and Neva Bay area during two campaigns in August/September 2011 and June/July 2012. The measurements were carried out from a harbor vessel and from an MI-8 helicopter downwind of passing ships. Other measurements were carried out from shore sites near the island of Kronstadt and along the river Neva in the city area of Saint Petersburg. Most ships were running at reduced speed (10 knots, i.e. not at their optimal load. Vessels for domestic and international shipping were monitored. It was seen that the distribution of the SO2 emission factors is bi-modal with averages of 4.6 gSO2 kgfuel−1 and 18.2 gSO2 kgfuel−1 for the lower and the higher mode, respectively. The emission factors show compliance with the 1% fuel sulfur content SECA limit for 90% of the vessels in 2011 and 97% in 2012. The distribution of the NOx emission factor is mono-modal with an average of 58 gNOx kgfuel−1. The corresponding emission related to the generated power yields an average of 12.1 gNOx kWh−1. The distribution of the emission factors for particulate number shows that nearly 90% of all particles in the 5.6 nm to 10 μm size range were below 70 nm in diameter. The distribution of the corresponding emission factors for the mass indicates two separated main modes, one for particles between 30 and 300 nm the other above 2 μm. The average particle emission factors were found to be in the range from 0.7 to 2.7 × 1016 particles kgfuel−1 and 0.2 to 3.4 gPM kgfuel−1, respectively. The NOx and particulate emissions are comparable with other studies. The measured emission factors were compared, for individual ships, to modeled ones using the Ship Traffic Emission Assessment Model (STEAM of the Finnish Meteorological Institute. A reasonably good agreement for gaseous sulfur and nitrogen emissions can be seen for ships in

  9. ESRI Binary 75-m Grid of the Base of the Mud Isopach of Apalachicola Bay based on Seismic-Reflection Profiles Collected in 2006 from U.S. Geological Survey Cruise 06001 (BASEMUDISO, UTM, Zone 16, WGS84) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Apalachicola Bay and St. George Sound contain the largest oyster fishery in Florida, and the growth and distribution of the numerous oyster reefs here are the...

  10. A Method of Automatic Generation of Diagram-database-rules-order Based on Bay Model%基于间隔模型的图-库-规则-操作票自动生成方法

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    董元帅; 程健; 彭彬; 陈欣


    The practice of manual generation of primary equipment wiring diagram, equipment attributes, misoperation prevention rules and manual writing of operation order,in the current substation misoperation prevention system and dispatch misoperation prevention system,is time-consuming and labor-intensive,which is inconsistent with the requirement of the automatic system.A method of automatic generation of diagram-database-rules-order based on the bay model is proposed.A typical bay model including primary typical bay and secondary typical bay is developed,based on which,a method of automatic generation of primary equipment wiring diagram,database,misoperation prevention rules,operation order is described.Also developed is the software of automatic generation of diagram-database-rules and operation order.The research results are in application.%现有的变电站防误操作系统和调控防误操作系统中手工生成一次设备接线图、一次设备属性、防误规则,手工开列操作票的方式费时、费力,不符合用户对自动化系统的要求。提出了基于间隔模型的图—库—规则—操作票自动生成方法。建立了包含典型一次间隔和典型二次间隔的典型间隔模型,基于该模型分别介绍了一次设备接线图—库自动生成、防误规则自动生成、操作票自动生成的方法。开发了图—库—规则自动生成和操作票自动生成软件,研究成果已得到工程应用。

  11. Calculation of Environmental Capacity of Petroleum Hydrocarbon in Jiaozhou Bay

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李克强; 王修林; 邓宁宁; 石晓勇; 祝陈坚; 韩秀荣; 胡海燕


    The method has been established to calculate the environmental capacity (ECo),surplus environment capacity (SECo) of water with respect to marine petroleum hydrocarbons associated with oil (PHAOs) and the self-purification capacity (SPCo) of main self-purification process to PHAOs in the Jiaozhou Bay, China, according to the dynamic model for distribution of marine PHAOs among multiphase environments. The variation of concentration of PHAOs in the Jiaozhou Bay is well simulated by the dynamic model. Based on the model,the EC., SEC. of water with respect to PHAOs in the Jiaozhou Bay were calculated during the last 10 years under the first-class and second-class quality standard requirement, according to SPCoof main self-purification process to PHAOs. The results show that about 200 tons of PHAOs could be discharged into the Jiaozhou Bay for maintaining the first class seawater quality standard, and about 600 tons of PHAOs for the second class seawater quality standard later.

  12. The Liverpool Bay Coastal Observatory (United States)

    Howarth, John; Palmer, Matthew


    A pilot Coastal Observatory has been established in Liverpool Bay which integrates (near) real-time measurements with coupled models and whose results are displayed on the web. The aim is to understand the functioning of coastal seas, their response to natural forcing and the consequences of human activity. The eastern Irish Sea is an apt test site, since it encompasses a comprehensive range of processes found in tidally dominated coastal seas, including near-shore physical and biogeochemical processes influenced by estuarine inflows, where both vertical and horizontal gradients are important. Applications include hypernutrification, since the region receives significantly elevated levels of nutrient inputs, shoreline management (coastal flooding and beach erosion/accretion), and understanding present conditions to predict the impact of climate change (for instance if the number and severity of storms, or of high or low river flows, change). The integrated measurement suite which started in August 2002 covers a range of space and time scales. It includes in situ time series, four to six weekly regional water column surveys, an instrumented ferry, a shore-based HF radar system measuring surface currents and waves, coastal tide gauges and visible and infra-red satellite data. The time series enable definition of the seasonal cycle, its inter-annual variability and provide a baseline from which the relative importance of events can be quantified. A suite of nested 3D hydrodynamic, wave and ecosystem models is run daily, focusing on the observatory area by covering the ocean/shelf of northwest Europe (at 12-km resolution) and the Irish Sea (at 1.8 km), and Liverpool Bay at the highest resolution of 200 m. The measurements test the models against events as they happen in a truly 3D context. All measurements and model outputs are displayed freely on the Coastal Observatory website ( for an audience of researchers, education, coastal managers and the

  13. 75 FR 29891 - Special Local Regulation; Maggie Fischer Memorial Great South Bay Cross Bay Swim, Great South Bay... (United States)


    ... Swim, Great South Bay, NY, in the Federal Register (74 FR 32428). We did not receive any comments or... published at 74 FR 32428 on July 8, 2009, is adopted as a final rule with the following changes: PART 100... South Bay Cross Bay Swim, Great South Bay, NY AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Final rule. SUMMARY:...

  14. 基于多源遥感数据的连云港海域赤潮信息提取研究%Red Tide Information Extraction Based on Multi-source Remote Sensing Data in Haizhou Bay

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    卢霞; 焦明连


    [Objective] The aim was to extract red tide information in Haizhou Bay by using multi-source remote sensing data. [ Method] Red tide in Haizhou Bay was studied based on multi-source remote sensing data, such as IRS-P6 data on October 8, 2005, Landsat-5 TM data on May 20, 2006, MODIS 1B data on October 6, 2006 and HY-1B second-grade data on April 22, 2009, which were preprocessed through geometric correction, atmospheric correction, image resizing and so on firstly. At the same time, synchronous environment monitoring data of red tide water were acquired. Then, band ratio method, chlorophyll-a concentration method and secondary filtering method were adopted to extract red tide information. [Result] On October 8, 2005, the area of red tide was about 20. 0 km2 in Haizhou bay. There was no red tide in Haizhou bay on May 20, 2006. On October 6, 2006, large areas of red tide occurred in Haizhou bay, with area of 436.5 km2. On April 22, 2009, red tide scattered in Haizhou bay, and its area was about 10. 8 km2. [ Conclusion] The research would provide technical ideas for the effective implementation of red tide forecast and warning by the environmental monitoring department of Lianyungang.%[目的]利用多元遥感数据提取连云港海域赤潮信息.[方法]以小尺度连云港海州湾赤潮为研究对象,选用2005年10月8日IRS-P6数据、2006年5月20日Landsat 5-TM数据、2006年10月6日MODIS lB数据以及2009年4月22日HY-1B的2级数据为遥感数据源,对其进行几何校正、大气校正、图像裁剪等预处理后,结合同步观测的连云港赤潮监控区站位环境数据,采用二次滤波法、叶绿素a浓度法、波段比值法提取海州湾赤潮信息.[结果]2005年10月8日,连云港海域暴发面积约20.0 km2的赤潮;2006年5月20日,连云港海域赤潮处于消亡阶段;2006年10月6日,赤潮暴发规模大,面积约436.5 km2;2009年4月22日,连云港海域赤潮零星分布,面积约10.8 km2.[结论]该研究为

  15. Topobathymetric model of Mobile Bay, Alabama (United States)

    Danielson, Jeffrey J.; Brock, John C.; Howard, Daniel M.; Gesch, Dean B.; Bonisteel-Cormier, Jamie M.; Travers, Laurinda J.


    were made to these input data. The NGDC hydrographic, multibeam, and trackline surveys were transformed from mean low water (MLW) or mean lower low water (MLLW) to NAVD 88 using VDatum ( VDatum is a tool developed by the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) that performs transformations among tidal, ellipsoid-based, geoid-based, and orthometric datums using calibrated hydrodynamic models. The vertical accuracy of the input topographic data varied depending on the input source. Because the input elevation data were derived primarily from lidar, the vertical accuracy ranges from 6 to 20 centimeters in root mean square error (RMSE). he horizontal datum of the Mobile Bay topobathymetric model is the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 83), geographic coordinates. All the topographic and bathymetric datasets were originally referenced to NAD 83, and no transformations were made to the input data. The bathymetric surveys were downloaded referenced to NAD 83 geographic, and therefore no horizontal transformations were required. The topbathymetric model of Mobile Bay and detailed metadata can be obtained from the USGS Web sites:

  16. Movements of brown bullheads in Presque Isle Bay, Lake Erie, Pennsylvania (United States)

    Millard, M.J.; Smith, D.R.; Obert, E.; Grazio, J.; Bartron, M.L.; Wellington, C.; Grise, S.; Rafferty, S.; Wellington, R.; Julian, S.


    Presque Isle Bay, Lake Erie, was listed as an Area of Concern (AOC) by the International Joint Commission in part because of the high incidence of external tumor in brown bullheads. Verifying the source of the possible contaminant exposure is critical to addressing the AOC designation. We used telemetry tracking (n = 49 fish) to test the hypothesis that adult bullheads captured within the bay during spawning season do not exit the bay during the post-spawning summer and fall months. We analyzed genetic variation at 15 microsatellite loci for 112 adult fish from 5 locations, 4 inside the bay and 1 outside, in order to test for possible differences. Data from fixed-station receivers suggested fish did not leave Presque Isle Bay during the study period. Predicted locations outside Presque Isle Bay were only 0.1% of all predicted locations and were below the 0.2% error rate based on known manual relocations. However, there was evidence for movement within Presque Isle Bay. Most movement was between Misery Bay or Lagoons and the open bay area. Whereas telemetry results showed tendency for adult site fidelity, genetic results showed no differences among locations, indicating that there is a single panmictic population. Our telemetry data suggest that brown bullheads are likely a useful indicator species for environmental conditions in Presque Isle Bay, since adults likely are retained in the system.

  17. La Enseñanza Naval

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nieto Manso, Emilio J.


    Full Text Available Not available

    La situación mundial en los albores del siglo XXI presenta un escenario de drásticos y rápidos cambios que, naturalmente, afectan también a los ámbitos de Seguridad y Defensa. La Armada, consciente de que su centro de gravedad reside en la calidad humana y competencia profesional de los hombres y mujeres que la componen, se enfrenta al futuro con el decidido propósito de potenciar su enseñanza y formación. El Director de Enseñanza Naval, tras una breve descripción de los diferentes niveles de enseñanza y centros docentes con que cuenta actualmente la Armada, centra su artículo en un acertado análisis de los factores determinantes que han conducido a un proceso de reestructuración para racionalizar los medios disponibles y mejorar la calidad de la enseñanza, finalizando su presentación con una síntesis sobre las principales líneas de actuación a corto y medio plazo, y la implantación progresiva de un ambicioso Plan de Innovación Tecnológica de la Enseñanza en la Armada.

  18. Younger Dryas and Holocene oceanography of the western Labrador Sea region based on foraminifera and sediment proxies from Placentia Bay, Newfoundland (United States)

    Sheldon, Christina; Pearce, Christof; Seidenkrantz, Marit-Solveig; Kuijpers, Antoon; Reynisson, Njáll F.; Zilmer Christensen, Eva; Juncker Hansen, Mette


    Benthic foraminiferal assemblages and geochemical analyses from three marine sediment cores from Placentia Bay on the southwest coast of Newfoundland captured the evolving surface and subsurface environment of the eastern Labrador Sea during the late glacial and Holocene. The area, which is today located in the boundary zone between the Arctic Labrador current and the warm Gulf Stream in the eastern margin of the Labrador Sea was during the early part of the Younger Dryas (13.0-12.3 cal. kyr BP) dominated by cold, Arctic conditions and heavy sea-ice cover linked to a strong Polar Water component of the Inner Labrador Current. In the later part of the Younger Dryas (12.3-11.5 kyr BP) the influence of the Labrador Current (LC) became less pronounced resulting in more unstable conditions with varying sea-ice cover and increased influence of Gulf Stream water, presumably linked to an increased strength of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC). The earliest Holocene (11.5-10.4 kyr BP) saw slightly warmer subsurface conditions in Placentia Bay and increased productivity, presumably caused by a decreased southward transport of Polar Water via the LC. The onset of a strong AMOC caused the northward movement of the frontal zone between the Subpolar Gyre and the North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre in the western North Atlantic region to closer proximity to the southern coast of Newfoundland compared to previously. From ca. 10.4-9.65 kyr BP increased bottom-current speeds and the presence of species often found in connection to oceanic fronts, suggest a further strengthening of the AMOC causing inflow of Atlantic-source water into Placentia Bay. This tendency was further strengthened at 9.65-7.3 kyr BP, which saw a relatively strong inflow of Atlantic-source Gulf Stream water into Placentia Bay, evidenced by high frequencies of Cassidulina neoteretis. This inflow of Atlantic was however temporarily halted around 8.2 kyr BP, when a short-lived, extreme peak in

  19. Estimation of past sea-level variations based on ground-penetrating radar mapping of beach-ridges - preliminary results from Feddet, Faxe Bay, eastern Denmark

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hede, Mikkel Ulfeldt; Nielsen, Lars; Clemmensen, Lars B


    isostatic uplift and changes in eustatic sea-level, and therefore represent an archive of past relative sea-level variations. Here, we present preliminary results from investigation of beach ridges from Feddet, a small peninsula located in Faxe Bay (Baltic Sea) in the eastern part of Denmark. Feddet has...... been chosen as a key-locality in this project, as it is located relatively close to the current 0-isobase of isostatic rebound. GPR reflection data have been acquired with shielded 250 MHz Sensors & software antennae along a number of profile lines across beach ridge and swale structures of the Feddet...

  20. GIS-based integration of interdisciplinary ecological data to detect land-cover changes in creek Mangroves at Gazi Bay, Kenya


    N. Koedam; Dahdouh-Guebas, F; De Wulf, R.; Tack, J; Obade, P.T.


    Historic environmental, faunal, floral and socioeconomic data of Gazi Bay in coastal Kenya were collated and integrated into a GIS environment and data of impacts due to various factors were then related to remotely sensed data. Rhizophora mucronata, a valuable mangrove species, was investigated. Very low values of basal area (7.7 m2/ha and 4.9 m2/ha) and complexity indices (1.86 and 1.12) at Makongeni and Kinondo 1, respectively, reflected intense human pressure in these areas. Areas that we...

  1. Chesapeake Bay: Introduction to an Ecosystem. (United States)

    Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC.

    The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the contiguous United States. The Bay and its tidal tributaries make up the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. This document, which focuses of various aspects of this ecosystem, is divided into four major parts. The first part traces the geologic history of the Bay, describes the overall physical structure of…

  2. Bioslurping technology applications at Naval fuel remediation sites

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hoeppel, R.; Goetz, F. [Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center, Port Hueneme, CA (United States); Zwick, T.; Kittel, J. [Battelle Memorial Inst., Columbus, OH (United States); Julio, S.D. [California State Univ., Northridge, CA (United States)


    Bioventing accelerates the biodegradation of both high and low volatility fuels immobilized in the vadose zone by satisfying the high oxygen demand of in situ microorganisms through forced aeration of subsurface soils. However, many Naval field sites have light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) residing at and above the groundwater table. In such cases biodegradation of the LNAPL may be a very slow process because bioemulsification and bioavailability are impeded. Bioslurper systems are designed to recover LNAPL via vacuum-assisted pumping, while simultaneously promoting the remediation of vadose zone soil contamination via bioventing. Bioslurping has been ongoing at NAS Fallon, Nevada, for over three years and was initiated at Marine Corps Base Hawaii last summer. The sites have low volatility JP-5 jet fuel on the groundwater table in low to medium permeability soils. An arid bioventing site at Twentynine Palms, CA, appears to be moisture limited. Subsurface irrigation of the 190 ft vadose zone has increased mixed fuel biodegradation rates about 10-fold but wetting the contaminated zone has been a slow process.

  3. Experimental Analysis of Podded Propulsor on Naval Vessel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M.P. Abdul Ghani


    Full Text Available This paper describes the effect of pod propulsor attachment to the existing Naval Vessel hull form which was designed for conventional propulsor in aspects of resistance and motion characteristics. These investigations were carried out on a 3.0 m model by experimental works in the towing tank 120m x 4m x 2.5m at the Marine Technology Centre (MTC, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM. The basis ship chosen for this study is Sealift class type MPCSS (Multi Purpose Command Support Ship. In this study, the design for the new pod propulsor is based on a proven design and scaled down to suit this type of hullform accordingly. This paper describes the resistance comparison between bare and podded hulls in calm water as well in waves. The seakeeping test for hull with and without pod in regular waves at service speed of 16.8 knots were carried out at wavelength to model length ratio, Lw/Lm between 0.2 and 1.2. The outcomes from this experimental works on hull with and without pod were compared.

  4. The Fourth US Naval Observatory CCD Astrograph Catalog (UCAC4)

    CERN Document Server

    Zacharias, Norbert; Girard, Terry; Henden, Arne; Bartlett, Jennifer; Monet, Dave; Zacharias, Marion


    The fourth United States Naval Observatory (USNO) CCD Astrograph Catalog, UCAC4 was released in August 2012 (double-sided DVD and CDS data center Vizier catalog I/322). It is the final release in this series and contains over 113 million objects; over 105 million of them with proper motions. UCAC4 is an updated version of UCAC3 with about the same number of stars also covering all-sky. Bugs were fixed, Schmidt plate survey data were avoided, and precise 5-band photometry were added. Astrograph observations have been supplemented for bright stars by FK6, Hipparcos and Tycho-2 data to compile a UCAC4 star catalog complete to about magnitude R = 16. Epoch 1998 to 2004 positions are obtained from observations with the 20 cm aperture USNO Astrograph's red lens, equipped with a 4k by 4k CCD. Mean positions and proper motions are derived by combining these observations with over 140 ground- and space-based catalogs, including Hipparcos/Tycho and the AC2000.2, as well as unpublished measures of over 5000 plates from ...

  5. An example of defense service using HYCOM output of the bay of Biscay (United States)

    Maraldi, Claire; Corréard, Stéphanie; Louazel, Stéphanie; Faillot, Mathilde; Jourdan, Didier


    With the continuous improvement of both ocean physics description by numerical models and operational information systems in oceanography to process and analyze coastal observations and forecasts, it becomes now feasible to support defense applications with appropriate production and service at regional scale. On one hand, a real time system based on the HYCOM model has been set up in the bay of Biscay. This system, without assimilation, is run daily. The purpose is to well describe all the processes which occur in this area : the large scale and the mesoscale circulation (eddies, thermal fronts,...), the tidal circulation (the well-known homogeneous one but also the stratified case), the mixing processes... The system provides everyday forecasts of temperature, salinity, currents and sea surface height. Moreover, the system includes a validation component. This validation is automatically performed everyday. In term of temperature and salinity, the model is compared with in-situ profiles, the modeled sea surface height is compared with tide gauge data and the modeled currents are compared with HF radar data in the Iroise sea. On the other hand, SHOM has developped a System for Operational Analysis and Forecast (SOAP) to support French Navy activities. Primarily designed and developed to support anti-submarine warfare at operative level (description of the synoptic scale), the Soap System is dedicated to routinely compute, qualify, prepare and deliver added-value military products. The final version of the Soap System (Soap-3) entered service early 2010 and has become the core component of the oceanographic support for naval operations. It relies on various functionalities ranging from observations and/or model retrieval to the processing and layout of the products. In this talk, we propose to present the real time HYCOM system and we will show how its outputs can be used as inputs of SOAP. Examples of defense products provided in the framework of the the SPONTEX

  6. Diversity of Denitrifying Bacteria in the San Francisco Bay (United States)

    Atluri, A.; Lee, J.; Francis, C. A.


    We compared the diversity of communities of denitrifying bacteria from the San Francisco Bay to investigate whether environmental factors affect diversity. To do this, we studied the sequence diversity of the marker gene nirK. nirK codes for the enzyme nitrite reductase which helps reduce nitrite to nitric oxide, an important step in denitrification. Sediment samples were collected spatially from five different locations and temporally during the four different seasons along a salinity gradient in the bay. After collecting samples and extracting DNA from them, we used PCR to amplify our gene of interest, created clone libraries for sequencing, and compared phylogenetic trees from the different communities. Based on several phylogenetic analyses on our tree and environments, we saw that denitrifying bacteria from the North and Central Bay form distinct spatial clusters; Central Bay communities are very similar to each other, while communities from the North Bay are more distinct from each other and from communities in the Central Bay. Bacteria from site 8.1M (Carquinez Strait) showed the most cm-scale spatial diversity, and there was the most species richness during the winter. All this suggests that diversity of communities of denitrifying bacteria may be affected by spatial and temporal environmental factors.

  7. Island Bay Wilderness study area : Island Bay National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document is a brief report on a wilderness study area located in the Island Bay National Wildlife Refuge. It discusses the history of the study area, its...

  8. 77 FR 13296 - Subcommittee Meeting of the Board of Advisors to the President, Naval Postgraduate School (United States)


    ... meeting will be held at the Naval Postgraduate School, Herrmann Hall, 1 University Circle, Didactic Room... meeting is to elicit the advice of the Board on the Naval Service's Postgraduate Education Program and...

  9. Thatcher Bay, Washington, Nearshore Restoration Assessment (United States)

    Breems, Joel; Wyllie-Echeverria, Sandy; Grossman, Eric E.; Elliott, Joel


    coring and GIS-based interpolation techniques. Additionally, pilot studies were conducted to characterize in place sediment redox, organic composition, and sulfide impacts to nearshore flora and fauna. We found that the presence of wood-waste in Thatcher Bay may alter the quality of the benthic habitat by contributing to elevated levels of total organic composition (TOC) of the sediment. Increased TOC favors anaerobic respiration in marine sediments, and sulfide, a toxic by-product of this process, was found at levels as high as 17.5 mg L-1 in Thatcher Bay. The Thatcher Bay sulfide levels are several orders of magnitude higher than those known to impact benthic invertebrates. Eelgrass, Zostera marina, located on the western margin of Thatcher Bay, was surveyed by using underwater video surveys. This baseline distribution will in part be used to measure the impact of any future remediation efforts. Additionally, the distribution and survey data can provide an estimate of propagule source for future colonization of restored sediment. Three restoration alternatives were considered, and a ranking matrix was developed to score each alternative against site-specific and regional criteria. The process identified the removal of wood-waste from a water-based platform as the preferred alternative. Our multidisciplinary investigation identified the location, thickness, and potential impacts of wood-waste that has persisted in the nearshore environment of Thatcher Bay since at least 1942. We also provide a process to efficiently evaluate alternatives to remediate the impact of this historical disturbance and to potentially contribute to an increase of nearshore diversity and productivity at this site. Elements of this approach could inform restoration planning at similarly impacted sites throughout the region.

  10. Soundscape Ecology of Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin Resting Bays (United States)

    Heenehan, Heather Leigh

    Sound is a key sensory modality for Hawaiian spinner dolphins. Like many other marine animals, these dolphins rely on sound and their acoustic environment for many aspects of their daily lives, making it is essential to understand soundscape in areas that are critical to their survival. Hawaiian spinner dolphins rest during the day in shallow coastal areas and forage offshore at night. In my dissertation I focus on the soundscape of the bays where Hawaiian spinner dolphins rest taking a soundscape ecology approach. I primarily relied on passive acoustic monitoring using four DSG-Ocean acoustic loggers in four Hawaiian spinner dolphin resting bays on the Kona Coast of Hawai'i Island. 30-second recordings were made every four minutes in each of the bays for 20 to 27 months between January 8, 2011 and March 30, 2013. I also utilized concomitant vessel-based visual surveys in the four bays to provide context for these recordings. In my first chapter I used the contributions of the dolphins to the soundscape to monitor presence in the bays and found the degree of presence varied greatly from less than 40% to nearly 90% of days monitored with dolphins present. Having established these bays as important to the animals, in my second chapter I explored the many components of their resting bay soundscape and evaluated the influence of natural and human events on the soundscape. I characterized the overall soundscape in each of the four bays, used the tsunami event of March 2011 to approximate a natural soundscape and identified all loud daytime outliers. Overall, sound levels were consistently louder at night and quieter during the daytime due to the sounds from snapping shrimp. In fact, peak Hawaiian spinner dolphin resting time co-occurs with the quietest part of the day. However, I also found that humans drastically alter this daytime soundscape with sound from offshore aquaculture, vessel sound and military mid-frequency active sonar. During one recorded mid

  11. Mystery of the First Russian Rifle Naval Guns

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicholas W. Mitiukov


    Full Text Available In 1859 France completed the first ocean-going ironclad warship, «La Gloire», and changed the definition of naval power completely. Russia, as all the other Powers, found that her most powerful naval gun, the 60-pdr, was insufficient for modern warfare, and realized the future naval armament relied on heavy rifled artillery. Both the Army and Navy began purchasing such cannon from foreign providers until a suitable domestic weapon could be produced. The relationship between the Russian military and Krupp is well known. But there was another provided, the Blakely Ordnance Company in England sold many guns to the Army and Navy, beginning with 8-inch MLR in early 1863 to a large number of 9- and 11-inch guns. Deliveries began in November 1863 and continued until mid-1866. But no sources on the armament of Russian ships and fortresses mentions these guns. What happened to them is a mystery.

  12. Lavaca Bay 1985-1987 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Samples were collected from October 15, 1985 through June 12, 1987 in emergent marsh and non-vegetated habitats throughout the Lavaca Bay system to characterize...

  13. Back Bay Wilderness area description (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document is a description of the lands located within the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Within these lands, it designates which area is suitable for...

  14. Annual report, Bristol Bay, 1955 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Commercial fishery management activities for Bristol Bay for 1955, including lists of operators, extensive statistics, descriptions of enforcement activities, and...

  15. FL BAY SPECTROUT-DIET (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Juvenile spotted seatrout and other sportfish are being monitored annually over a 6-mo period in Florida Bay to assess their abundance over time relative to...

  16. Annual report, Bristol Bay, 1958 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Commercial fishery management activities for Bristol Bay for 1958, including lists of operators, extensive statistics, and descriptions of enforcement activities.

  17. Vapor Intrusion Facilities - South Bay (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — POINT locations for the South Bay Vapor Instrusion Sites were derived from the NPL data for Region 9. One site, Philips Semiconductor, was extracted from the...

  18. 78 FR 29124 - Meeting of the U.S. Naval Academy Board of Visitors (United States)


    ... Department of the Navy Meeting of the U.S. Naval Academy Board of Visitors AGENCY: Department of the Navy, DoD. ACTION: Notice of partially closed meeting. SUMMARY: The United States Naval Academy Board of... Naval Academy. The executive session of this meeting from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on June 3, 2013,...

  19. 77 FR 65870 - Meeting of the U.S. Naval Academy Board of Visitors (United States)


    ... Department of the Navy Meeting of the U.S. Naval Academy Board of Visitors AGENCY: Department of the Navy, DoD. ACTION: Notice of partially closed meeting. SUMMARY: The U.S. Naval Academy Board of Visitors... Naval Academy. The executive session of this meeting from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on December 3,...

  20. 75 FR 18167 - Meeting of the U.S. Naval Academy Board of Visitors (United States)


    ... Department of the Navy Meeting of the U.S. Naval Academy Board of Visitors AGENCY: Department of the Navy, DoD. ACTION: Notice of partially closed meeting. SUMMARY: The U.S. Naval Academy Board of Visitors... Naval Academy. The executive session of this meeting from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. on June 28, 2010,...

  1. 78 FR 53430 - Meeting of the U.S. Naval Academy Board of Visitors (United States)


    ... Department of the Navy Meeting of the U.S. Naval Academy Board of Visitors AGENCY: Department of the Navy, DoD. ACTION: Notice of partially closed meeting. SUMMARY: The U.S. Naval Academy Board of Visitors... Naval Academy. The executive session of this meeting from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on September 30,...

  2. The Participation of Ukrainian Companies in Building the Mechanisms for Naval Aviation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrey I. Kharuk


    Full Text Available The main program for the development and production of equipment for naval aviation, carried out in Ukraine in 1910 - 1980. The author comes to the conclusion that naval aviation has never been a priority area for the Ukrainian aviation industry. However, throughout its history, the aircrafts intended for naval aviation, developed and in some cases introduced into serial production.

  3. Naval Aviation Attrition 1950-1976: Implications for the Development of Future Research and Evaluation. (United States)


    threat. NAMI-1077, Naval Aerospace Medical Institute, Pensacola, Fla.: 1969. 67. Creelman , J. A., An analysis of the physical fitness index in training criteria in naval air trining. NSAM-180, Naval School of Aviation Medicine, Pensacola, Fla.: 1954. 68. Creelman , J. A., Evaluation of

  4. Reactor Safety Planning for Prometheus Project, for Naval Reactors Information

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    P. Delmolino


    The purpose of this letter is to submit to Naval Reactors the initial plan for the Prometheus project Reactor Safety work. The Prometheus project is currently developing plans for cold physics experiments and reactor prototype tests. These tests and facilities may require safety analysis and siting support. In addition to the ground facilities, the flight reactor units will require unique analyses to evaluate the risk to the public from normal operations and credible accident conditions. This letter outlines major safety documents that will be submitted with estimated deliverable dates. Included in this planning is the reactor servicing documentation and shipping analysis that will be submitted to Naval Reactors.

  5. The rise of naval powes in Asia and Europe's decline


    Terjesen, Bjørn; Tunsjø, Øystein (eds.)


    For the first time in modern history Asian states are spending more on defence than their European counterparts. The sea power ambitions of leading land powers such as China, Russia and India stand as a challenge to US naval supremacy in the region. The old European great powers are becoming marginalised in an increasingly Asia-centred world. The edited volume The Rise of Naval Powers in Asia and Europe’s Decline examines this new geopolitical landscape of the 21st century, emphasising ...

  6. Innovation in Carrier Aviation (Naval War College Newport Papers, 37) (United States)


    Operations for Logistics DNC Director of Naval Construction E EIC Engineer-in-Chief C:\\_WIP\\_Newport Paper\\_NP37\\_VP\\NP_37.vp Wednesday, August...promised, in his reply of 15 July, to take the matter up with the RN’s Engineer-in-Chief (EIC) and the Director of Naval Construction ( DNC ). The director...that is, from the RN to the USN and vice versa.60 The EIC responded on 12 August, and he supported the points made by DNC . As he pointed out, “It is

  7. Eco-environmental quality assessment of Luoyuan Bay, Fujian Province of East China based on biotic indices%基于不同生物指数的罗源湾生态环境质量状况评价

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    吴海燕; 陈克亮; 张平; 傅世锋; 侯建平; 陈庆辉


    将国外已经成功应用的两类生态环境质量状况评价指数:严格基于底栖生物敏感度分类的AZTI海洋生物指数(AZTI marine biotic index,AMBI)和BENTIX指数,以及包含AMBI、香农多样性指数(H ')和物种丰度的复合指数——多因子AZTI海洋生物指数(multivariateAMBI,M-AMBI)应用于罗源湾,并将这两类指数的评价结果与我国常用的基于群落结构的H '进行相互校准,探讨这些指数在罗源湾的适用性,以期为我国近岸海域生态环境质量状况评价指数的选择提供一定的参考.结果表明:AMBI和BENTIX、M-AMBI和H'的评价结果基本一致.这3类指数在大部分站位的评价结果是一致的(13/16),不一致的站位都是AMBI和BENTIX的评价等级(优或良)高于M-AMBI和H'的评价等级(中).综合考虑物种丰度、个体丰度以及生物群组组成等信息,M-AMBI和H'的评价等级梯度明显(从中到优),评价结果更为合理.对于富营养化程度较高、沉积物有机富集程度低以及底栖生物组成以敏感种为主的罗源湾,选择H'和M-AMBI指数能够合理地评价生态环境质量状况.%In this paper, two types of eco-environmental quality assessment indices that have been successively applied abroad, i.e., the AZTI marine biotic index (AMBI) and BENTIX index based on the ecological sensitivity of benthos and the multivariate-AMBI (M-AMBI) , a multivariate index integrating AMBI, Shannon Index H', and species richness, were applied to assess the eco-environmental quality of Luoyuan Bay, Fujian Province of East China, and the assessment results were compared with those by the H', an index based on community structure, which is often applied in China, aimed to test the applicability of these indices to the Bay, and to provide reference in selecting the indices for assessing our coastal eco-environment quality.Similar assessment results were obtained by applying AMBI and BENTIX index, and M-AMBI and H'.At most stations (13

  8. Variable influx of West Greenland Current water into the Labrador Current through the last 8000 years, based on a multiproxy study from Trinity Bay, NE Newfoundland

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sheldon, Christina; Seidenkrantz, Marit-Solveig; Frandsen, Paul


    . This may be explained by a weaker North Atlantic subpolar gyre, transporting less Atlantic Water from the WGC to the (outer) LC. Arctic meltwater transport was reduced as glacial melting decreased at the end of the Holocene Thermal Optimum. At ca. 3 cal kyr BP, bottom waters returned to colder, more stable...... Current (WGC) Davis Strait branch, merging into the relatively cold LC. This Atlantic water influence gradually decreased after ca. 6 cal kyr BP, reaching a minimum at 5 cal kyr BP. In contrast, surface temperatures were relatively low due to cold surface water dominated by sea ice and meltwater carried...... conditions, indicating a slight decrease in bottom-water ventilation. After ca. 2.2 cal kyr BP surface water temperatures dropped and sea ice flux increased. The seafloor of Trinity Bay saw warmer conditions, consistent with a stronger subpolar gyre and increased influx of Atlantic-sourced water....

  9. Queuing Aircraft Deicing-dispatch in Multi-deicing Bays Based on Non-cooperative Game Theory%多除冰坪排队飞机除冰过程调度非合作博弈

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邢志伟; 唐广群; 任准


    According to the practical situation of aircraft delays in hub airports on snowy days and the current application of multi-deicing bays (MDB),aircraft queuing model of the MDB is established based on multi-server queuing system theory.Besides,the dispatch model of each corresponding holding deicing queue is also established based on game theory.The dynamic flights data of Beijing Capital Airport are used for simulation.The results show that the classification and fair allocation of the deicing bay can decrease the holding time of all the deicing aircrafts in the deicing system and relieve the deicing jam in peak hours,and the model guarantees the fairness of the deicing resources allocation and presents the relationship between MDB input and aircraft's sojourn time.This research also provides a new way for airports' deicing operation and deicing bay construction.%针对冰雪天气大型枢纽机场的大面积航班延误及多除冰坪的实际情况,利用多服务台排队系统理论,建立多除冰坪飞机排队模型,并结合博弈思想建立对应于各等待除冰队列的调度模型.利用首都机场动态航班数据进行仿真计算.仿真结果表明,对除冰位进行分类和合理分配,可以降低所有除冰飞机在除冰系统中的总逗留时间,从而缓解高峰时段除冰坪拥堵情况,给出了除冰坪投入量与飞机逗留时间的关系,保证了除冰资源分配的公平性,为机场地面除冰运行及除冰坪建设提供了一种新的思路.

  10. Polychlorinated biphenyl source attribution in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA, using multivariate similarity among congener profiles in sediment samples. (United States)

    Cacela, Dave; Beltman, Douglas J; Lipton, Joshua


    Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) congener concentrations measured in 1,189 sediment samples from Green Bay (MI/WI, USA), Lake Michigan (MI/WI, USA), and the Fox River (WI, USA) were analyzed statistically to evaluate whether PCB congener profiles in outer Green Bay are more similar to those observed in inner Green Bay or Lake Michigan. Similarities among PCB profiles were assessed with complementary multivariate analysis techniques: Principal component analysis (PCA), cluster analysis, and classification trees. The PCA indicated that profiles in outer Green Bay are distinct from those of inner Green Bay or Lake Michigan but are more similar to those of inner Green Bay. The outer bay profiles are dissimilar to profiles that would result from a simple process of mixing contaminated sediments from the inner bay with Lake Michigan sediments and, therefore, support the conclusion that contaminants in outer Green Bay come from discharges of the Fox River. Several classification trees based on small sets of congener proportions defined simple rules that consistently distinguished the regional profiles. Application of these rules to classify the outer bay samples suggests that the profiles of less than 7% of outer bay samples are similar to Lake Michigan profiles. These results are interpreted with respect to physical transport and chemical weathering processes that may account for the observed differences.

  11. Bioslurping technology applications at naval middle distillate fuel remediation sites

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hoeppel, R.E.; Goetz, F.E. [Naval Facilities Engineering Services Center, Port Hueneme, CA (United States); Kittel, J.A.; Hinchee, R.E.; Abbott, J.E. [Battelle Columbus, OH (United States)


    Bioslurping technology, a combination of bioventing and vacuum-enhanced free-product recovery of light, nonaqueous-phase liquid (LNAPL), has been employed at Fallon Naval Air Station, Nevada, for over 2 years and was initiated at Marine Corps Base Hawaii and a radar station near Hofn, Iceland. These sites have low-volatility fuels on the groundwater table in low- to medium-permeability soils. LNAPL recovery rates from 48 wells in silty fine sand to clay loam profiles at Fallon have ranged from 57 to 227 L/day with an average of 170 L/day at 10 to 30 cm of mercury vacuum. Mass discharge from the bioslurper system for LNAPL and vapor averaged 97% and 2.7%, respectively, with an average soil gas extraction rate of 0.024 m{sup 3}/min. Based on periodic soil gas analyses from 90 isolated soil gas sampling points in the vadose zone of the treatment plot, bioslurping appeared to satisfy O{sub 2} limitations i the contaminated soil profile. Despite no apparent O{sub 2} limitations in the contaminated soil profile. Despite no apparent O{sub 2} limitation for fuel biodegradation, low oxygen utilization rates were observed while performing in situ respiration tests following system shutdown. Preliminary in situ respirometry, soil gas, laboratory microcosm, stable carbon isotope, and soil characterization data indicate that both a low fuel surface area to volume ratio and bacterial cell damage may be involved in the observed low LNAPL bioemulsification and biodegradation rates.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Cifuentes


    Full Text Available El Observatorio Naval Buenos Aires (ONBA, a trav ́es del Servicio P ́ublico de la H ora Oficial Argentina, mantiene, conserva y difunde la representaci ́on local de UTC como UTC (ONBA (BIPM Circular T, la cual es la base legal del tiempo en la Rep ́ublica Argentina. Se presentan las actividades y proyectos del ONBA, entre ellos, la participaci ́on en la Firma Digital y el nuevo equipamiento que permiti ́o mejorar la trazabilidad de UTC ̇ (ONBA a UTC.

  13. Hoist technology of a new agile naval gun shell-feeding system

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LUO A-ni; LIU He-ping; SONG Hong-xia; HU Sheng-hai; ZHANG Jia-tai


    Shell-feeding velocity is an important factor affecting naval gun shooting capacity. An agile shell-feeding system was designed to ensure quick implementation of the shell-feeding task. Based on composition of the agile shell-feeding system, hoist technology was studied. Working principles were discussed and the hydraulic pressure system of the hoist was constructed. The hydraulic pressure cylinder and the accumulator were analyzed and calculated. Finally, PRO/E and ADAMS were used to simulate the hoist and its hydraulic system. It was found that this type of virtual prototype provides a good method to actualize a physical prototype.

  14. EnviroAtlas - Green Bay, WI - Block Groups (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This EnviroAtlas dataset is the base layer for the Green Bay, WI EnviroAtlas area. The block groups are from the US Census Bureau and are included/excluded based on...

  15. Bayes factors for detection of Quantitative Trait Loci

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pérez-Enciso Miguel


    Full Text Available Abstract A fundamental issue in quantitative trait locus (QTL mapping is to determine the plausibility of the presence of a QTL at a given genome location. Bayesian analysis offers an attractive way of testing alternative models (here, QTL vs. no-QTL via the Bayes factor. There have been several numerical approaches to computing the Bayes factor, mostly based on Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC, but these strategies are subject to numerical or stability problems. We propose a simple and stable approach to calculating the Bayes factor between nested models. The procedure is based on a reparameterization of a variance component model in terms of intra-class correlation. The Bayes factor can then be easily calculated from the output of a MCMC scheme by averaging conditional densities at the null intra-class correlation. We studied the performance of the method using simulation. We applied this approach to QTL analysis in an outbred population. We also compared it with the Likelihood Ratio Test and we analyzed its stability. Simulation results were very similar to the simulated parameters. The posterior probability of the QTL model increases as the QTL effect does. The location of the QTL was also correctly obtained. The use of meta-analysis is suggested from the properties of the Bayes factor.

  16. Naval Survivability and Susceptibility Reduction Study-Surface Ship (United States)

    2012-09-01 [145] Safran , “Optronics for surface vessels – NGDS”, accessed 24 March 2012, safran -en/defense-303/naval-defense/optronics- for-surface-vessels. [146] D. Busch and Co. J. Grant, “Changing the Face of War”, Seapower Magazine

  17. Women at the Naval Academy: The First Year of Integration. (United States)

    Navy Personnel Research and Development Center, San Diego, CA.

    The 81 women who entered the U.S. Naval Academy in the summer of 1976 were breaking precedent and attempting to function in a male ethos with virtually no female role models. A central purpose of this study was to determine how various degrees of contact between male and female midshipmen would affect male attitudes. Plebes were administered two…

  18. An Autonomous Distributed Control System for Naval Platforms

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Janssen, J.A.A.J.; Logtmeijer, R.A.; Bodegraven, K.S. van


    The success of the missions of naval ships depends highly on the availability of sensor, weapon, and command systems. These systems depend on support systems such as chilled water systems and electrical power systems. Disturbances caused by technical problems or battle damage may result in deteriora

  19. Evaluating Point-of-Sale Alternatives within Naval Aviation (United States)


    efficient (doing it economically )? Tertiary Questions. What are the metrics that drive CWR within Naval Aviation? How does NAE measure these metrics...repairs. If the NADEP cannot repair the item at a reasonable cost, it declares the component Beyond Economic Repair (BER). The NADEP FISC Annex will...Demand Management Order Fulfillment Manufacturing Flow Management Supplier Relationship Management Product Development and Commercialization Returns

  20. Naval Research Logistics Quarterly. Volume 29, Number 1. (United States)


    University of North Carolina Paul R. Kleindorfer, University of Pennsylvania John W. Wingate, Naval Surface Weapons Center, White Oak Darwin Klingman...Mathematical Methods of Risk Theory (Springer Verlag, Berlin, 1970). [31 De Finetti, B., "Su una Impostazione Alternativa della Teoria Collettiva del Rischio

  1. TACOP : A cognitive agent for a naval training simulation environment

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Doesburg, W.A. van; Heuvelink, A.; Broek, E.L. van den


    This paper describes how cognitive modeling can be exploited in the design of software agents that support naval training sessions. The architecture, specifications, and embedding of the cognitive agent in a simulation environment are described. Subsequently, the agent's functioning was evaluated in

  2. Naval Ships Acquisition Strategy for the Venezuelan Navy. (United States)


    General de la Marina,’ Acta No ACT-DM-CGM-0001 Definicion del Modelo Teorico Para Systemas Mayores de Defensa Naval, Comando General de la MarFina...Manual de Normas y Procedimientos Adiuinistrativos de ia Mision Venezolana en Italia, Programa.d Adquisicion para las Fragatas Clase "Mariscal Sucre

  3. Office of Naval Research: Solid and Structural Mechanics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Belytschenko, T.; Murphy, W.P.; Bernitsas, M.M.;


    The goal of this report is to pursue a new paradigm for basic research in Solid and Structural Mechanics in order to serve the needs of the Navy of the 21st century. The framework for the report was established through meetings of the committee with Navy engineers and Office of Naval Research...

  4. Pommihirm Pae tänaval kestab / Allar Viivik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Viivik, Allar


    Lasnamäe elanikud ei ole kindlad, kas Pae tänava pommiplahvatustega seoses vahistati õige inimene. Kaitsepolitseiameti komissari Henno Kuurmanni sõnul annavad kogutud tõendid piisava aluse kahtlustada vahistatud meest seotuses mitme Pae tänaval toimunud plahvatusega

  5. Naval Postgraduate School Research. Volume 9, Number 3, October 1999 (United States)


    Electronic Warfare Conference Naval Air Warfare Center (SECRET) 23-24 Jun 00 Thirty-Fifth Annual Colonel Allyn D. Burke Memorial U.S. Army Dental Symposium...Programs Judy Joyce Code: 91JJ Phone: 831-656-5041 Mail: Administrative Support Assistant Dolores Jackson Code: 91DJ Phone

  6. Naval War College. Volume 60, Number 2, Spring 2007 (United States)


    line between the belligerents, a liaison office in Tindouf ( Algeria ), a staging area in Dakhla, and the UN headquarters in Laayoune. The team sites...and CATCHPOLE) and the Marianas ( FORAGER ) are examples. A preliminary major naval operation is usually planned to isolate a maritime area of operations

  7. Oravate erahuvid Harju tänaval / Jaanus Kõrv

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kõrv, Jaanus


    Kuigi tallinlased hääletasid Harju tänavale pargi ja memoriaali rajamise poolt, pole otsus ellu viidud, kuna planeeringud olid eelmises koalitsioonis ja on ka praegu Reformierakonna haldusalas, ütleb autor. Harju tänavaga piirnevate kruntide omanikest

  8. Security Guard Services Contract at Naval Weapons Station Earle (United States)


    Naval Operations Instruction QA Quality Assurance QAE Quality Assurance Evaluator QAP Quality Assurance Plan INSPECTOR GENERAL... QAP ) that specifies all contract work requiring surveillance and the surveillance method. Maintenance and Operation Manual (MO)-327 provides...guidance for creating and administering the plan. MO-327 states that QAPs : (a) Provide quality assurance evaluators (QAEs) with a systematic plan

  9. Verification of the Naval Oceanic Vertical Aerosol Model During Fire

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Davidson, K.L.; Leeuw, G. de; Gathman, S.G.; Jensen, D.R.


    The Naval Oceanic Vertical Aerosol Model (NOVAM) has been formulated to estimate the vertical structure of the optical and infrared extinction coefficients in the marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL), for waverengths between 0,2 and 40 um. NOVAM was designed to predict, utilizing a set of routin

  10. The Naval Ocean Vertical Aerosol Model : Progress Report

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Leeuw, G. de; Gathman, S.G.; Davidson, K.L.; Jensen, D.R.


    The Naval Oceanic Vertical Aerosol Model (NOVAM) has been formulated to estimate the vertical structure of the optical and infrared extinction coefficients in the marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL). NOVAM was designed to predict the non-uniform and non-logarithmic extinction profiles which are

  11. Naval War College Review. Volume 61, Number 4, Autumn 2008 (United States)


    detailed assessment of Axis intentions and capabilities in the Mediter - ranean theater. This assessment was largely a British one, as American 7 8 N A V...chief, Genda, put the naval pilots through classroom briefings and training in flight formations and tactics to be used in the attack. The necessity for

  12. Length of service for various promotions in naval ranks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. N. Nanda


    Full Text Available "Naval seamen are at present signed up initially for 10 years and then for every 5 years and then for every 2 years. The present relative strength is OD & AB Rates are getting promotion after total service of 11 years or so. It was sought to plan for steady state when Navy has expanded fully. First objective is to make signing up periods longer and under a probable basis of relative strength, the automatic promotion points turn out to be 14, 19 and 23 years. This will make this career rather unpopular. The relative strengths should be slightly modified and promotion points can be brought down provided only selected few get promoted. It has been shown that roughly 33% should be promoted at any competition for promotion to Leading or to Petty Officer's level. There should be 4 chances for first promotion after 10, 11, 12 and 13 years of service and 3 chances for second promotion after total 15, 16, or 17 years of service. AB Rates who fail to get promotion, should not be signed up after 20 years of service and 75% of eligible Petty Officers can be promoted. The calculation is based on the premise that there is 2% wastage each year upto 10 years of service and subsequently 1.5% overall wastage per annum. Also overall loss is 30% at second signing up after 15 years of service and 10% at 3rd signing up of 20 years of service. These discrete losses will be relatively less for higher grades. "

  13. 77 FR 18739 - Safety Zone; Bay Swim V, Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PA (United States)


    ... the January 17, 2008, issue of the Federal Register (73 FR 3316). Public Meeting We do not now plan to... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Bay Swim V, Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PA... is intended to restrict vessels from a portion of the Presque Island Bay during the Bay Swim...

  14. 77 FR 35860 - Safety Zone; Bay Swim V, Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PA (United States)


    ..., Erie, PA in the Federal Register (77 FR 18739). We received no letters commenting on the proposed rule... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Bay Swim V, Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PA... restrict vessels from a portion of the Presque Island Bay during the Bay Swim V swimming event. The...

  15. 78 FR 34575 - Safety Zone; Bay Swim VI, Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PA (United States)


    ... FR Federal Register NPRM Notice of Proposed Rulemaking TFR Temporary Final Rule A. Regulatory History... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Bay Swim VI, Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PA... portion of Presque Isle bay during the Bay Swim VI swimming event. This temporary safety zone is...

  16. SF Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund (United States)

    EPAs grant program to protect and restore San Francisco Bay. The San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund (SFBWQIF) has invested in 58 projects along with 70 partners contributing to restore wetlands, water quality, and reduce polluted runoff.,

  17. Humboldt Bay, California Benthic Habitats 2009 Substrate (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Humboldt Bay is the largest estuary in California north of San Francisco Bay and represents a significant resource for the north coast region. Beginning in 2007 the...

  18. Humboldt Bay, California Benthic Habitats 2009 Geoform (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Humboldt Bay is the largest estuary in California north of San Francisco Bay and represents a significant resource for the north coast region. Beginning in 2007 the...

  19. Humboldt Bay, California Benthic Habitats 2009 Geodatabase (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Humboldt Bay is the largest estuary in California north of San Francisco Bay and represents a significant resource for the north coast region. Beginning in 2007 the...

  20. Humboldt Bay, California Benthic Habitats 2009 Biotic (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Humboldt Bay is the largest estuary in California north of San Francisco Bay and represents a significant resource for the north coast region. Beginning in 2007 the...

  1. Norbert Elias, maritime supremacy and the naval profession: on Elias' unpublished studies in the genesis of the naval profession. (United States)

    Moelker, René


    In 1950 Norbert Elias published the first of three studies on 'The Genesis of the Naval Profession' in the British Journal of Sociology. At the time Elias was not the established scholar that he was to become in later days. In the 1950s his work on the 'Naval Profession' was not well received by the audience, even though all the major themes of the 'civilizing process' were interwoven in the article. The other two studies were never published in English journals (only one was published in a Dutch journal but received no international attention). A perusal of the Norbert Elias Archive in Marbach am Neckar in Germany--shows that the 'Naval Profession' project is larger than the intended three part series of articles for the BJS. From an outline to the project found in the archive it can be concluded that Elias intended to write a book with six to seven chapters. The key to the studies is a sketchy theory of institutions, which states that conflict promotes institutional development. Through the conflict between two occupational groups, sailors and soldiers, the naval officer becomes institutionalized as a new profession. During the period this process takes place England acquires maritime supremacy, secures the passages to the colonies and becomes an empire.

  2. Net sea–air CO2 flux uncertainties in the Bay of Biscay based on the choice of wind speed products and gas transfer parameterizations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Otero


    Full Text Available The estimation of sea–air CO2 fluxes is largely dependent on wind speed through the gas transfer velocity parameterization. In this paper, we quantify uncertainties in the estimation of the CO2 uptake in the Bay of Biscay resulting from the use of different sources of wind speed such as three different global reanalysis meteorological models (NCEP/NCAR 1, NCEP/DOE 2 and ERA-Interim, one high-resolution regional forecast model (HIRLAM-AEMet, winds derived under the Cross-Calibrated Multi-Platform (CCMP project, and QuikSCAT winds in combination with some of the most widely used gas transfer velocity parameterizations. Results show that net CO2 flux estimations during an entire seasonal cycle (September 2002–September 2003 may vary by a factor of ~ 3 depending on the selected wind speed product and the gas exchange parameterization, with the highest impact due to the last one. The comparison of satellite- and model-derived winds with observations at buoys advises against the systematic overestimation of NCEP-2 and the underestimation of NCEP-1. In the coastal region, the presence of land and the time resolution are the main constraints of QuikSCAT, which turns CCMP and ERA-Interim in the preferred options.

  3. Operational Efficiency Evaluation of Iron Ore Logistics at the Ports of Bohai Bay in China: Based on the PCA-DEA Model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jihong Chen


    Full Text Available Operational efficiency is significant for the comprehensive competitiveness of a port. In this study, we use a principal component analysis-data envelopment analysis (PCA-DEA integrated model to evaluate the operational efficiency of iron ore logistics at the ports of Bohai Bay, China. The key indicators and systematic framework are established for logistics efficiency research. We consider the PCA-DEA integrated model as a practical tool for evaluating and analyzing the relative efficiency of the iron ore logistics of each port in that area. The proposed method consists of a two-stage research and analysis that begins with PCA. In the first stage, we use PCA to obtain 6 synthetic indicators, including 4 input indicators and 2 output indicators, from 15 original indicators. In the second stage, the standard DEA approach is used with the specific synthetic indicators. The evaluation results of the selected ports from the integrated PCA-DEA model are compared and discussed. The comparison of the evaluation results indicates that the PCA-DEA model provides a practical and powerful tool for the investigation of the port logistics problem. With this integrated model, a comparison analysis and further research into the iron ore logistics efficiency of different ports in the area are presented. Finally, discussions and suggestions are provided.

  4. A model of the effects of land-based, human activities on the health of coral reefs in the Great Barrier Reef and in Fouha Bay, Guam, Micronesia (United States)

    Wolanski, Eric; Richmond, Robert H.; McCook, Laurence


    A model is proposed to explain coral and algal abundance on coastal coral reefs as a function of spike-like natural disturbances from tropical cyclones and turbid river floods, followed by long recovery periods where the rate of reef recovery depends on ambient water and substratum quality. The model includes competition for space between corals and algae, coral recruitment and reef connectivity. The model is applied to a 400-km stretch of Australia's Great Barrier Reef and to the 200-m-long reef tract at Fouha Bay, in Guam, Micronesia. For these two sites and at these two scales, the model appears successful at reproducing the observed distribution of algae and coral. For both sites, it is suggested that the reefs have been degraded by human activities on land and that they will recover provided remedial measures are implemented on land to restore the water and substrate conditions. We suggest ways to improve the model and to use the model to guide future ecological research and management efforts on coastal coral reefs.

  5. 33 CFR 117.622 - West Bay (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false West Bay 117.622 Section 117.622 Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY BRIDGES DRAWBRIDGE OPERATION REGULATIONS Specific Requirements Massachusetts § 117.622 West Bay The draw of the West Bay Bridge, mile...

  6. Microcontaminants and reproductive impairment of the Forster's tern on Green Bay, Lake Michigan,1983 (United States)

    Kubiak, T.J.; Harris, H.J.; Smith, L.M.; Schwartz, T.R.; Stalling, D.L.; Trick, J.A.; Sileo, L.; Docherty, D.E.; Erdman, T.C.


    For the 1983 nesting season, Forster's tern (Sterna forsteri) reproductive success was significantly impaired on organochlorine contaminated Green Bay, Lake Michigan compared to a relatively uncontaminated inland location at Lake Poygan, Wisconsin. Compared with tern eggs from Lake Poygan, eggs from Green Bay had significantly higher median concentrations of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD), other polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs), total polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), total (three congeners) non-ortho, ortho' PCBs, five individual PCB congeners known to induce aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase (AHH) and several other organochlorine contaminants. Conversions of analytical concentrations of TCDD and PCB congeners based on relative AHH induction potencies allowed for estimation of total 2,3,7,8-TCDD equivalents. Two PCB congeners, 2,3,3',4,4'- and 3,3',4,4',5-pentachlorobiphenyl (PeCB) accounted for more than 90% of the median estimated TCDD equivalents at both Green Bay and Lake Poygan. The median estimated TCDD equivalents were almost 11-fold higher in tern eggs from Green Bay than in eggs from Lake Poygan (2175 and 201 pg/g). The hatching success of Green Bay sibling eggs from nests where eggs were collected for contaminant analyses was 75% lower at Green Bay than at Lake Poygan. Hatchability of eggs taken from other nests and artificially incubated was about 50% lower for Green Bay than for Lake Poygan. Among hatchlings from laboratory incubation, those from Green Bay weighed approximately 20% less and had a mean liver weight to body weight ratio 26% greater than those from Lake Poygan. In both field and laboratory, mean minimum incubation periods were significantly longer for eggs from Green Bay compared to Lake Poygan (8.25 and 4.58 days, respectively). Mean minimum incubation time for Green Bay eggs in the field was 4.37 days longer than in the laboratory. Hatchability was greatly improved when Green Bay eggs were incubated by Lake Poygan adults

  7. Changing the surface properties on naval steel as result of non-thermal plasma treatment (United States)

    Hnatiuc, B.; Sabău, A.; Dumitrache, C. L.; Hnatiuc, M.; Crețu, M.; Astanei, D.


    The problem of corrosion, related to Biofouling formation, is an issue with very high importance in the maritime domain. According to new rules, the paints and all the technologies for the conditioning of naval materials must fulfil more restrictive environmental conditions. In order to solve this issue, different new clean technologies have been proposed. Among them, the use of non-thermal plasmas produced at atmospheric pressure plays a very important role. This study concerns the opportunity of plasma treatment for preparation or conditioning of naval steel OL36 type. The plasma reactors chosen for the experiments can operate at atmospheric pressure and are easy to use in industrial conditions. They are based on electrical discharges GlidArc and Spark, which already proved their efficiency for the surface activation or even for coatings of the surface. The non-thermal character of the plasma is ensured by a gas flow blown through the electrical discharges. One power supply has been used for reactors that provide a 5 kV voltage and a maximum current of 100 mA. The modifications of the surface properties and composition have been studied by XPS technique (X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy). There were taken into consideration 5 samples: 4 of them undergoing a Mini-torch plasma, a Gliding Spark, a GlidArc with dry air and a GlidArc with CO2, respectively the fifth sample which is the untreated witness. Before the plasma treatment, samples of naval steel were processed in order to obtain mechanical gloss. The time of treatment was chosen to 12 minutes. In the spectroscopic analysis, done on a ULVAC-PHI, Inc. PHI 5000 Versa Probe scanning XPS microprobe, a monocromated Al Kα X-ray source with a spot size of 100 μm2 was used to scan each sample while the photoelectrons were collected at a 45-degree take-off angle. Differences were found between atomic concentrations in each individual case, which proves that the active species produced by each type of plasma affects

  8. Near Surface Ocean Experimental Technology Workshop Proceedings Held at Naval Ocean Research and Development Activity, NSTL Station, Mississippi on 6-8 November 1979, (United States)


    Lithium - Thionyl Chloride Batteries - Past...Thesis, University of California, San Diego. 203 __ _ __ _A LITHIUM - THIONYL CHLORIDE BATTERIES - PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OJoseph F. McCartney, Naval... Lithium based batteries have the highest theoretical energy density of known battery types. Of the lithium batteries , the lithium - thionyl chloride

  9. Upper layer waters and their northward extension from Prydz Bay in summer

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    蒲书箴; 董兆乾; 胡筱敏; 于非; 陈幸荣


    In this paper, CTD observational data obtained during the 15th Chinese National Antarctic Research Expedition (CHINARE-15) in the Southern Ocean are used to analyse and study water mass distribution in the Prydz Bay and its adjacent seas. The area, depth, and the thermohaline characteristics are identified for the Prydz Bay summer coastal surface water, the Prydz Bay winter water, the Prydz Bay shelf water, and the circumpolar deep water. Based on the above discussion, the northward extention of the Prydz Bay shelf water are found. Then the thermodynamic and the dynamic characteristics are further discussed, dealing with the inversion layer depth of the water temperature, the locations of the minima of the vertical temperature distribution and the temperature vertical gradient in the water column, the baraclinicity, and the effect of Coriolis deflection force.

  10. Nutrient load estimates for Manila Bay, Philippines using population data

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sotto, Lara Patricia A; Beusen, Arthur H W|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/109357302; Villanoy, Cesar L.; Bouwman, Lex F.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/090428048; Jacinto, Gil S.


    A major source of nutrient load to periodically hypoxic Manila Bay is the urban nutrient waste water flow from humans and industries to surface water. In Manila alone, the population density is as high as 19,137 people/km2. A model based on a global point source model by Morée et al. (2013) was used

  11. The biology of the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Gauns, M.

    This article focusses on the variability in physics and chemistry of the region and investigate its influence on the biology. This article is largely based on the recent observations made during the India JGOFS and BOBPS (Bay of Bengal Process Study...

  12. Construction for neutrino experiment starts at Daya Bay

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ The ground-breaking ceremony for the Daya Reactor Neutrino Experiment, China's largest single project of international collaboration in basic science as well as the biggest one between US and China, was held at Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base in Shenzhen on 13 October, 2007.

  13. Management case study: Tampa Bay, Florida (United States)

    Morrison, Gerold; Greening, Holly; Yates, Kimberly K.; Wolanski, Eric; McLusky, Donald S.


    Tampa Bay, Florida, USA, is a shallow, subtropical estuary that experienced severe cultural eutrophication between the 1940s and 1980s, a period when the human population of its watershed quadrupled. In response, citizen action led to the formation of a public- and private-sector partnership (the Tampa Bay Estuary Program), which adopted a number of management objectives to support the restoration and protection of the bay’s living resources. These included numeric chlorophyll a and water-clarity targets, as well as long-term goals addressing the spatial extent of seagrasses and other selected habitat types, to support estuarine-dependent faunal guilds. Over the past three decades, nitrogen controls involving sources such as wastewater treatment plants, stormwater conveyance systems, fertilizer manufacturing and shipping operations, and power plants have been undertaken to meet these and other management objectives. Cumulatively, these controls have resulted in a 60% reduction in annual total nitrogen (TN) loads relative to earlier worse-case (latter 1970s) conditions. As a result, annual water-clarity and chlorophyll a targets are currently met in most years, and seagrass cover measured in 2008 was the highest recorded since 1950. Factors that have contributed to the observed improvements in Tampa Bay over the past several decades include the following: (1) Development of numeric, science-based water-quality targets to meet a long-term goal of restoring seagrass acreage to 1950s levels. Empirical and mechanistic models found that annual average chlorophyll a concentrations were a primary manageable factor affecting light attenuation. The models also quantified relationships between TN loads, chlorophyll a concentrations, light attenuation, and fluctuations in seagrass cover. The availability of long-term monitoring data, and a systematic process for using the data to evaluate the effectiveness of management actions, has allowed managers to track progress and

  14. MrBayes tgMC³: a tight GPU implementation of MrBayes.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cheng Ling

    Full Text Available MrBayes is model-based phylogenetic inference tool using Bayesian statistics. However, model-based assessment of phylogenetic trees adds to the computational burden of tree-searching, and so poses significant computational challenges. Graphics Processing Units (GPUs have been proposed as high performance, low cost acceleration platforms and several parallelized versions of the Metropolis Coupled Markov Chain Mote Carlo (MC(3 algorithm in MrBayes have been presented that can run on GPUs. However, some bottlenecks decrease the efficiency of these implementations. To address these bottlenecks, we propose a tight GPU MC(3 (tgMC(3 algorithm. tgMC(3 implements a different architecture from the one-to-one acceleration architecture employed in previously proposed methods. It merges multiply discrete GPU kernels according to the data dependency and hence decreases the number of kernels launched and the complexity of data transfer. We implemented tgMC(3 and made performance comparisons with an earlier proposed algorithm, nMC(3, and also with MrBayes MC(3 under serial and multiply concurrent CPU processes. All of the methods were benchmarked on the same computing node from DEGIMA. Experiments indicate that the tgMC(3 method outstrips nMC(3 (v1.0 with speedup factors from 2.1 to 2.7×. In addition, tgMC(3 outperforms the serial MrBayes MC(3 by a factor of 6 to 30× when using a single GTX480 card, whereas a speedup factor of around 51× can be achieved by using two GTX 480 cards on relatively long sequences. Moreover, tgMC(3 was compared with MrBayes accelerated by BEAGLE, and achieved speedup factors from 3.7 to 5.7×. The reported performance improvement of tgMC(3 is significant and appears to scale well with increasing dataset sizes. In addition, the strategy proposed in tgMC(3 could benefit the acceleration of other Bayesian-based phylogenetic analysis methods using GPUs.

  15. Backscatter imagery in Jobos Bay (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This image represents a 1x1 meter resolution backscatter mosaic of Jobos Bay, Puerto Rico (in NAD83 UTM 19 North). The backscatter values are in relative 8-bit (0 –...

  16. A method based on self-adaptive surface subdivision algorithm for naval vessels parts modeling%一种基于自适应细分算法的舰艇零件造型方法

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王艳华; 苏洲


    基于舰艇作战或巡航时隐身性能的需要,针对舰艇关键零件的设计和加工制造现状,结合应用日益广泛的细分曲面造型方法,以Catmull-Clark (C-C)细分算法为基础,提出一种基于网格边光顺程度计算的自适应细分算法,将其应用于船用螺旋桨的设计实验,并将实验结果与原始Catmull-Clark细分算法结果、传统均值计算结果进行比较.实验结果证明,该自适应细分算法能够在满足零件设计现实需求的前提下较好地减少网格数量,并能克服以往基于均值计算的自适应算法存在的区分能力不足的影响.%To meet the stealth performance based on ship combat or cruise ships,an adaptive subdivision algorithm based on the grid side is proposed according to the current situation of key parts in the design and manufacturing, which combines with the subdivision surface modeling and applies Catmull-Clark subdivision algorithm. The proposed algorithm is applied in the design experiments of marine propeller. The experimental results are compared with that of the original Catmull-Clark subdivision algorithm and calculation of the degree of smoothing applied to, and the experimental results with the results of the original Catmull-Clark subdivision algorithm. Experimental results show that the adaptive subdivision algorithm can meet with the real needs in part design and overcome the ability based on the impact of adaptive algorithms and the previous calculation based on the mean.

  17. Point Shapefile of the Interpreted Seafloor Horizon Based on Seismic-Reflection Profiles Collected in Apalachicola Bay in 2006 from U.S. Geological Survey Cruise 06001 (SEAFLOOR_GEOG.SHP, Geographic, WGS84) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Apalachicola Bay and St. George Sound contain the largest oyster fishery in Florida, and the growth and distribution of the numerous oyster reefs here are the...

  18. Impact of Point and Non-point Source Pollution on Coral Reef Ecosystems In Mamala Bay, Oahu, Hawaii based on Water Quality Measurements and Benthic Surveys in 1993-1994 (NODC Accession 0001172) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The effects of both point and non-point sources of pollution on coral reef ecosystems in Mamala Bay were studied at three levels of biological organization; the...

  19. Assessment of invasiveness of the Orange Keyhole Sponge Mycale Armata in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii, based on surveys in 2005 - 2006, Year 2 of Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative (NODC Accession 0033380) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The purpose of this study was to determine Mycale armata's distribution, abundance throughout the bay, its growth rates on permanent quadrats, and whether mechanical...

  20. ESRI Binary 75-m Grid of the Lowstand Surface in Apalachicola Bay based on Seismic-Reflection Profiles Collected in 2006 from U.S. Geological Survey Cruise 06001 (LOWFILCLIP, UTM, Zone 16, WGS84) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Apalachicola Bay and St. George Sound contain the largest oyster fishery in Florida, and the growth and distribution of the numerous oyster reefs here are the...

  1. ESRI Binary 75-m Grid of the Flooding Surface in Apalachicola Bay based on Seismic-Reflection Profiles Collected in 2006 from U.S. Geological Survey Cruise 06001 (FLOODSURF, UTM, Zone 16, WGS84) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Apalachicola Bay and St. George Sound contain the largest oyster fishery in Florida, and the growth and distribution of the numerous oyster reefs here are the...

  2. Indicators and impact analysis of sediment from the Changjiang Estuary and East China Sea to the Hangzhou Bay

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Hong; FAN Wei; YUN Caixing


    Based on the historical evolution of the Hangzhou Bay, by making use of the conclusions made by the previous research workers and the integration of concrete data, five distinct impact indicators of the sediment from the Changjiang Estuary and the East China Sea to the Hangzhou Bay are summarized. Numerical calculation and analysis indicate that the scouring and deposition of seabed in the Hangzhou Bay are subject to the direct impact of the evolution of the Changjiang Estuary, and the growth and decline and the direction of the sandy bar at Nanhuizui give traces to the sediment transport between the Changjiang Estuary and the Hangzhou Bay. The transport of sediment from the Changjiang Estuary to the Hangzhou Bay occurs mainly in winter and spring seasons and the increase of the Changjiang River runoff and the decrease of sediment charge have caused scouring in the northern coast of the Hangzhou Bay and the seabed erosion along the frontal margin of the Changjiang River Delta.

  3. Analysis of Lean Initiatives in the Production of Naval Aviators (United States)


    correlate to waste in aviation training:  Overproduction .– Overproduction of pilots between phases of training.  Unnecessary stocks. –Student...apparent in several areas: Overproduction —The overproduction of Naval Aviators is usually not an issue with NAPP. The original purpose of NAPP help fix gross underproduction issues. However, with the possibility of rapid defense budget cuts an overproduction event could occur

  4. Naval Medical Research And Development News. Volume 7, Issue 8 (United States)


    Center, Matthew Wagner of the Naval Medical Research Center, Andrew Vickers of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Christopher Dente of Emory...countless tedious hours in the lab, you make a discovery that adds to the greater wealth of scientific knowledge and has the potential to benefit many...Edstrom and David Burnside, were in attendance with their dog to watch Edstrom’s daughter, intern Emmy Franklin of Rhode Island School of Design

  5. Naval War College Review. Volume 63, Number 4, Autumn 2010 (United States)


    NavalWarCollege\\NWC_Review_Autumn2010\\NWCR_Autumn2010.vp Friday, August 13, 2010 2:49:18 PM Color profile: Disabled Composite Default screen users ... Malaysia , New Zealand, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, Somalia, South Korea, and Ukraine—are cooperating to broadly ad- dress the issue as well. Though player, Web-surfing device, and music player. Addi- tionally, many “ smartphones ” can also be used to read e-content, although their smaller

  6. Naval Research Logistics Quarterly. Volume 28, Number 4, (United States)


    S, Bazaraa School of Industrial and Systems Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia Hanif D. Sherali School of Industrial...sElIoTna1 546 M. S. BAZARAA AND It. D. SHERALI As a result, several researchers have devised schemes for ranking the extreme points of an assignment...are zero in VOL. 28, NO. 4, DECEMBER 1981 NAVAL RESEARCH LOGISTICS QUARTERLY 548 M. S. BAZARAA AND H. D. SHERALI a given solution, then this solution is

  7. Naval Research Logistics Quarterly. Volume 23, Number 1 (United States)


    approximated by those with constant ß. For instance, Presutti and Trepp [6] show that the standard normal distribution can be approximated by a...and Quality Control, IRE. 1-11 (1961). [6] Presutti, V. J. and R. C. Trepp , "More Ado About Economic Order Quantities (EOQ)." Naval Res. Log. Quart...order quantity may be deter- mined independently of the reorder point. This special case is discussed by Parker [6], Presutti and Trepp [7] and

  8. Energy use baselining study for the National Naval Medical Center

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Parker, G.B.; Halverson, M.A.


    This report provides an energy consumption profile for fourteen buildings at the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) in Bethesda, Maryland. Recommendations are also made for viable energy efficiency projects funded with assistance from the servicing utility (Potomic Electric Power Company) in the form of rebates and incentives available in their Demand Side Management (DSM) program and through Shared Energy Savings (SES) projects. This report also provides estimates of costs and potential energy savings of the recommended projects.

  9. CNA Maritime Asia Project. Workshop Two: Naval Developments in Asia (United States)


    conflict. The naval arms race between Britain and Germany in the days before the First World War is usually cited as a classic example of the genre ...deadly example of the genre , with the sinking of the ROK Corvette Cheonan and the bombardment of Yeonpyeong island in 2010. Many of the ROK Navy’s...flect conventional wisdom. The issue of Beijing’s perceptions regarding the ROK Navy and Vietnam Navy are likely a greater mystery and thus are

  10. Systems Architectures for a Tactical Naval Command and Control System (United States)


    assembly of the simpler portions of the problem [ Descartes , 1850: 61]. This thesis dissects the complex engineering process of naval tactical command...Clausewitz presents include courage, strength of body and soul, intelligence, coup d’oeil, determination, energy of action, staunchness, endurance...for the systems engineer will have a fault tolerance placeholder in their mind when defining system functions. Protect Information is removed as a

  11. Realignment and the Process of Change at Naval Postgraduate School (United States)


    attitudes and affect behavior.77 Thus, as defined in the Strategic Model for Government Communication , analyzing situational factors and designing...and Maury.A. Peiperl, (Boston: McGraw Hill, 1990), 346. 77 James L. Garnett, “Applying a Strategic Model to Government Communication ,” Communicating...Postgraduate School brochure, Naval Postgraduate School Foundation, Monterey, CA: 2002. Garnett, James L. “Applying a Strategic Model to Government

  12. Naval Research Logistics Quarterly. Volume 27, Number 2. (United States)


    Borsting, Naval Postgraduate School Charles Kriebel, Carnegie-Mellon University Leon Cooper, Southern Methodist University Jack Laderman, Bronx, New...whose solution p° will be the focal point of this paper. Condition (4), known as the Walras Law [271, is the aggregated form of Eq. (1) and holds for...excess demand function to be less than or equal to zero; and the fourth condition is Walras ’ Law and reflects the following circumstances: if x,, the

  13. Naval Postgraduate School Research. Volume 8, Number 2, June 1998 (United States)


    CARON, USS COLE, USS LABOONE, USS SAN JACINTO , USS MONTEREY, and USS ROSS during Naval Gunfire Qualification and spotting exercises. The many ship...several areas of interest to DoD and also provided participants with a tour of selected NPS research labs. Vicente Garcia , Cryptologic Chair at NPS...Raymond R. Flores , JTCG/AS Central Office; Lt Col Phil Meteer, Air Force Mission Planning Systems, USAF Electronic Systems Center; Mr. Larry D

  14. Zirconium as a Structural Material for Naval Systems (United States)


    passive) Silver Solder Cupro Nickels (70-30) Bronzes Copper Brasses Nickel (active) Naval Brass Tin Lead Type 316, 317 Stainless Steels (active) Type...and nitrogen from the atmosphere, embrittling the weld. The techniques used for zirconium welding are gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), tungsten inert...imposed by the data of Table 4 must be considered, and galvannic couples avoided. 20 NSWC TR 85-48 4-11/2" POROUS BRONZE TYPICAL TRAILING SHIELD DESIGN

  15. Naval War College Review. Volume 59, Number 3, Summer 2006 (United States)


    After learning of Benito Mussolini’s plans for war, Admiral Domenico Cavagnari, the Italian chief of naval staff, sent Mussolini a lengthy memoran...both Mussolini and his admirals.19 Regardless, all Italian military aircraft were placed under the control of the RAI, and all aircraft development...traditional view in this debate is repre- sented by Brian Sullivan, in his statement that Mussolini established an independent air force, granted it a

  16. Naval Enterprise Engineering: Design, Innovate and Train (NEEDIT) (United States)


    training innovative Naval Engineers is that designing (or creating from Bloom taxonomy ) is the highest level of mastery of these abilities. This is...Krathwold. "A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching and Assessing: A revision of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educatonal Objectives ." New York: Longman, 2001. Ann...Crismond, David P. and Robin S . Admas. The Informed Design Teaching and Learning matrix. Vols. Vol. 101, No. 4. Journal of Engineering Education

  17. Genetic diversity analysis of spawner and recaptured populations of Chinese shrimp (Fenneropenaeus chinensis) during stock enhancement in the Bohai Bay based on an SSR marker

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Mosang; WANG Weiji; XIAO Guangxia; LIU Kefeng; HU Yulong; TIAN Tao; KONG Jie; JIN Xianshi


    Eight microsatellite markers were used to analyze genetic diversity, level of inbreeding, and effective population size of spawner and recaptured populations of Chinese shrimp (Fenneropenaeus chinensis) during stock enhancement in the Bohai Bay in 2013. A total of 254 and 238 alleles were identified in the spawner and recaptured populations, respectively, and the numbers of alleles (Na) were 8–63 and 6–60, respectively. The numbers of effective alleles (Ne) were 2.52–21.60 and 2.67–20.72, respectively. The polymorphism information content ranged from 0.529 to 0.952. The observed heterozygosity (Ho) values (0.638–0.910 and 0.712–0.927) were lower than the expected heterozygosity (He) values (0.603–0.954 and 0.625–0.952), which indicated that the two populations possessed a rich genetic diversity. In 16 tests (2 populations×8 loci), 13 tests deviated from the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.Fis values were positive at seven loci and the inbreeding coefficients (F) of the two populations estimated by trioML were 13.234% and 11.603%, suggesting that there was a relatively high degree of inbreeding. A certain level of inbreeding depression had occurred in the Chinese shrimp population.Fst values ranged from 0 to 0.059, with a mean of 0.028, displaying a low level of genetic differentiation in the two populations. Effective population sizes (3 060.2 and 3 842.8) were higher than the minimum number suggested for retaining the evolutionary potential to adapt to new environmental conditions. For enhancement activity in 2014, the ideal number of captured shrimp spawners should have ranged from 7 686 to 19 214 to maintain genetic diversity and effective population size. Further strategies to adjust the balance of economic cost, fishing effort and ideal number of shrimp spawners to maintain a satisfactory effective population size for ensuring the sustainability of Chinese shrimp are proposed.

  18. The United States Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program - Over 151 Million Miles Safely Steamed on Nuclear Power

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    None, None


    NNSA’s third mission pillar is supporting the U.S. Navy’s ability to protect and defend American interests across the globe. The Naval Reactors Program remains at the forefront of technological developments in naval nuclear propulsion and ensures a commanding edge in warfighting capabilities by advancing new technologies and improvements in naval reactor performance and reliability. In 2015, the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program pioneered advances in nuclear reactor and warship design – such as increasing reactor lifetimes, improving submarine operational effectiveness, and reducing propulsion plant crewing. The Naval Reactors Program continued its record of operational excellence by providing the technical expertise required to resolve emergent issues in the Nation’s nuclear-powered fleet, enabling the Fleet to safely steam more than two million miles. Naval Reactors safely maintains, operates, and oversees the reactors on the Navy’s 82 nuclear-powered warships, constituting more than 45 percent of the Navy’s major combatants.

  19. 1996 environmental monitoring report for the Naval Reactors Facility

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The results of the radiological and nonradiological environmental monitoring programs for 1996 at the Naval Reactors Facility (NRF) are presented in this report. The NRF is located on the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory and contains three naval reactor prototypes and the Expended Core Facility, which examines developmental nuclear fuel material samples, spent naval fuel, and irradiated reactor plant components/materials. The results obtained from the environmental monitoring programs verify that releases to the environment from operations at NRF were in accordance with state and federal regulations. Evaluation of the environmental data confirms that the operation of NRF continues to have no adverse effect on the quality of the environment or the health and safety of the general public. Furthermore, a conservative assessment of radiation exposure to the general public as a result of NRF operations demonstrated that the dose received by any member of the public was well below the most restrictive dose limits prescribed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE).

  20. Study on Structural Composition Norm of Naval Gun%舰炮结构组成规范研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The existing norm of naval gun structural composition is not exactly expressed and in which the standards are usually contradictory each other.The reasons for the above-mentioned problems lie in the inadequate understanding of the concepts historic significance and the systematicness as well as the incor-rect definition of the concepts technical features.The structural composition norm of modern naval gun based on the principle of obj ectively reflecting the technical and structural features in modern naval gun was constructed by use of the principle of inheriting while innovating.%舰炮结构组成规范中存在表述不严谨、标准之间相互矛盾等问题。问题产生的原因主要有对概念的历史性与系统性把握不够和对概念的技术特征定位不准确等。本着客观反映现代舰炮的技术结构特征,并遵循历史与现实的统一、继承与创新的统一的原则,构建出了现代舰炮结构组成规范。

  1. Local Component Analysis for Nonparametric Bayes Classifier

    CERN Document Server

    Khademi, Mahmoud; safayani, Meharn


    The decision boundaries of Bayes classifier are optimal because they lead to maximum probability of correct decision. It means if we knew the prior probabilities and the class-conditional densities, we could design a classifier which gives the lowest probability of error. However, in classification based on nonparametric density estimation methods such as Parzen windows, the decision regions depend on the choice of parameters such as window width. Moreover, these methods suffer from curse of dimensionality of the feature space and small sample size problem which severely restricts their practical applications. In this paper, we address these problems by introducing a novel dimension reduction and classification method based on local component analysis. In this method, by adopting an iterative cross-validation algorithm, we simultaneously estimate the optimal transformation matrices (for dimension reduction) and classifier parameters based on local information. The proposed method can classify the data with co...

  2. National Status and Trends: Bioeffects Assessment Program, Delaware Bay Summary Database (1997) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This study was based on the sediment quality triad (SQT) approach. A stratified probabilistic sampling design was utilized to characterize the Delaware Bay system in...

  3. National Status and Trends: Bioeffects Assessment Program, Chesapeake Bay Summary Database (1998-2001) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This study was based on the sediment quality triad (SQT) approach. A stratified probabilistic sampling design was utilized to characterize the Chesapeake Bay system...

  4. Late Miocene radiolarian biostratigraphy and paleoceanography of Sawai Bay formation, Neill Island, Andamans, India

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Gupta, S.M.; Srinivasan, M.S.

    Late Miocene radiolarian zones are encountered from mudstone strata of Sawai Bay Formation, Neill Island, Andamans. Percentage data of forty-five coarser taxonomic groups of radiolarians were subjected to Q-mode cluster analysis. Based...

  5. Eureka Littoral Cell CRSMP Humboldt Bay Mean Monthly Maximum Water Elevation 2011 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — The Humboldt Bay Shoreline Assessment and LiDAR Analysis was conducted by field mapping the entire shoreline and assigning an unique segment identifier based on a...

  6. National Status and Trends: Bioeffects Assessment Program, Delaware Bay Summary Database (1997) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This study was based on the sediment quality triad (SQT) approach. A stratified probabilistic sampling design was utilized to characterize the Delaware Bay system...

  7. Directional characteristics of shallow water waves along southwestern Bay of Bengal

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Johnson, G.; SanilKumar, V.; Anoop, T.R.; Joseph, J.

    The aim of the present research is to investigate the directional characteristics of waves along the southwestern Bay of Bengal based on the measured data during 2010 at 14 m water depth. Diurnal, monthly and annual variation of reflected waves...

  8. Equatorward western boundary current in the Bay of Bengal during November - December 1983

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Babu, M.T.

    Geostrophic circulation derived from the observed hydrographic data for the period November-December (1983) indicates the presence of a strong equatorward western boundary current (WBC) in the Bay of Bengal. The curl sub(z) phi based...

  9. 75 FR 57442 - Availability of Seats for the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council (United States)


    ... Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council: Business/Industry, Tourism, Community-at-Large: Tutuila East Side, and Youth. Applicants are chosen based upon their particular expertise and...

  10. A Heuristic Algorithm for U.S. Naval Mission Resource Allocation (United States)


    NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA THESIS Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited A HEURISTIC ALGORITHM FOR...DATES COVERED Master’s Thesis 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE A Heuristic Algorithm for U.S. Naval Mission Allocation 6. AUTHOR(S) Derek T. Dwyer 5...release; distribution is unlimited. A HEURISTIC ALGORITHM FOR U.S. NAVAL MISSION RESOURCE ALLOCATION Derek T. Dwyer Lieutenant Commander

  11. 海权视阈下的当代印度海军战略与海外军事基地∗%Indian Naval Strategy and Oversea Military Bases of India

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杨震; 董健


    After the end of the Cold War, India has reexamined its maritime strategy in accordance with the changed international situation, geopolitical environment and national interests. Indian Navy therefore develops itself to the direction of a blue navy. India has established several overseas military bases in recent years, which will bring about a significant impact on regional security and strategic landscape. China could learn some experience in this regard.%冷战结束后,印度根据变化了的国际形势、地缘政治环境以及国家利益对其海洋战略进行了重新审视,并以海权思想为基础出台了一系列海军战略,印度海军也因此向远洋化的方向发展。海外军事基地对于舰队远洋作战与机动是不可或缺的。出于对发展远洋海军的需求,印度近年来陆续在海外设立了军事基地。这些军事基地的设立对于地区安全形势和战略格局将会产生比较重大的影响,同时也给予同样在发展远洋海军的中国一些有益的启示。

  12. Experimental Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Roofing Systems. III. Naval Station, Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico, and Naval Facility, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. (United States)


    other sources of energy loss must be investigated. The units had jalousie windows that permitted a moderate degree of air infiltration and resultant...units with jalousie windows, optimum energy conservation is obtained with 1-1/2 to 3 inches of foam. Naval Facility, Cape Hatteras, N.C. 1. A 25- to...replacing jalousie windows with a closed window. Two to 3 inches of foam should be used to provide maximum energy conservation in semitropical

  13. A comparative study of chlorophyll-a concentration during different tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal based on measurements and model simulations (United States)

    Pandey, Suchita; Bhagawati, Chirantan; Patel, Ramkrushnbhai; Chakraborty, Arun; Jayanarayanan, Kuttippurath


    Chlorophyll-a (chl-a) pigments derived from ocean color can be used as a tool for estimating phytoplankton distribution in the observed oceanic region. This study aims at providing new insights on the variability of chl-a concentration during the occurrences of different cyclones in the Bay of Bengal (BoB). We consider two tropical cyclones of different intensities observed in the BOB; MALA and NILAM. MALA was a cyclonic storm and was formed on 24 April 2006 and dissipated by 30 April 2006. The wind speed and lowest pressure during the MALA have been recorded as 185‒220 Km/h and 950 hp, respectively. Multi-satellite observations are used for chl-a (SeaWiFS, MODIS, OCM-2), winds (QuickSCAT) and sea surface height (SSH) (TOPEX/POSEIDON) analyses in this study. Argo data taken from CORIOLIS (along the cyclone track) are used for temperature and salinity, from which Mixed Layer Depth (MLD), Isothermal Layer Depth (ILD), Barrier Layer Thickness (BLT) is calculated. A case study for MALA cyclone using daily forcing of winds and surface net heat flux in 'Regional Ocean Modeling System' (ROMS) with NPCHLZD (Nitrate, Phytoplankton, Chlorophyll, Zooplankton and Detritus), five components ecosystem model is used for study the chl-a variability during the cyclone. The results show high chl-a concentration along the track as well as in the right side of the track of the cyclone. The daily variations of MLD, BLT, SSH and wind stress curl (WSC) are compared with the daily time series of chl-a for pre-cyclone, during cyclone and post cyclone period. During and after the passage of cyclone average chl-a values increased from 0.2 mg/l to 0.4 mg/l and greater. It shows good agreement with MLD (30‒40 m), negligible BLT and strong WSC (4*10-6n/m3). It implies the strong winds has initiated upwelling, which subsequently triggered phytoplankton bloom during and after the cyclonic storm. The cyclone NILAM was formed on 28 October 2012 and dissipated by 1 November 2012, which had a

  14. Implementation of the BayBIS process information system in a power station at minimal cost; Die kostenminimale Realisierung des Prozessinformationssystems BayBIS fuer einen Kraftwerksbetreiber

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Woyke, W.


    BKW are currently introducing the process information system BayBIS (Bayernwerk Betriebsinformationssystem) in three of their power stations. It was developed for a BKW medium-capacity power station where it was installed one year ago. The measuring and data acquisition systems of the power stations can be utilized for BayBIS. It is based on well-establilshed methods and makes use of the available IT systems. It is applied for process monitoring, process analysis, billing, controlling and reporting. [German] Die BKW fuehrt derzeit fuer drei Kraftwerke das Prozessinformationssystem BayBIS (Bayernwerk Betriebsinformationssystem) ein. Es wurde fuer ein Mittellastkraftwerk der BKW entwickelt und ist dort bereits seit einem Jahr im Einsatz. Messtechnik und prozessnahe Datenerfassung der Leittechnik in den Kraftwerken koennen fuer BayBIS genutzt werden. Es baut auf Methoden auf, die sich in der Praxis bewaehrt haben, und nutzt die vorhandene IT-Ausstattung des Unternehmens. Anwendung findet es fuer Prozessbeobachtung, Prozessanalyse, Abrechnung, Controlling und Berichtswesen. (orig.)

  15. 基于权限的朴素贝叶斯Android恶意软件检测研究%Android Malware Detection of Using Naive Bayes Based on Permissions

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    蔡泽廷; 姜梅


    @@@@With open source Android being more popular, there is more and more malwares disturbing users, such as Trojan horse, advertisement, privacy steal, financial charge. The author first introduce the structure of Android, and analyse its security mecha?nism and potential flaw, and then summarize related research. Afterwards, based on android permission, the author put forward a model, of using machine learning, naive bayes, to detect android malware. In the end, experiments are conducted to verify the effect of model.%在今天开源的android手机越来越流行的同时,也有越来越多的木马、广告、隐私偷窥、扣费等恶意软件的出现困扰着用户.该文首先介绍了Android系统的构成,分析了android系统的安全机制和存在的安全隐患,并就关键的权限机制的相关研究进行了综述.文章提出利用机器学习中的朴素贝叶斯分类算法,对程序的权限进行建模分类检测,并进行了模拟实验.

  16. 基于贝叶斯和可信度的糖尿病诊疗系统研究%Research on Diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment System Based on Bayes and Credibility

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    沈丽容; 黄洪


    Diabetes is one of the symptoms which has the highest mortality. Its chronic complications cause high mortality. So it is necessary for diabetes patients to detect their hidden diseases earlier, monitor their blood glucose and supply them with the appropriate treatment programs. This paper introduces the method of diagnosis and classification of diabetes based on bayes and credibility. It is useful for diabetes patients to control their diseases, and also useful for interns to diagnose and treat diabetes patients.%糖尿病是现代疾病中死亡率最高的病症之一,其带来的慢性并发症具有较高的死亡率.因此,帮助病人尽早发现隐藏的糖尿病病情、监控自己的血糖并辅以相应的治疗方案显得尤为必要.文章介绍了基于贝叶斯和可信度的糖尿病诊断以及分型方法,对糖尿病病人的自我诊治、辅助实习医师诊治糖尿病有一定的实用价值.

  17. 基于朴素贝叶斯分类算法的股指预测研究%On stock index prediction based on native Bayes classification algorithm

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    任民宏; 肖海蓉


    预测大盘指数的涨跌幅度在股票投资中具有重要的意义。大盘指数的涨跌既与国家的宏观经济政策有关,也与大盘指数自身运行状态有关。结合朴素贝叶斯分类算法和股票大盘指数涨跌的影响因素建立了大盘指数分类预测模型,以上证指数为例进行了实验,结果表明分类预测模型有效,准确性较高。%Margin prediction for the broader market index is of great significance in stock investment . Broader market index is not only related to national macroeconomic policies , but also related to the broader in-dex operation itself .Based on native Bayes classification algorithm and influence factors of stock market index , a classification prediction model is established about market index , and followed by an experiment of Shanghai stock index as a case study .The experiment results prove that the classification prediction model is effective with higher accuracy .

  18. Zooplankton Biomass Data from Prince William Sound, Icy Bay and Yakutat Bay, Alaska 2010-2011 (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This dataset includes zooplankton biomass from Prince William Sound, Icy Bay and Yakutat Bay, Alaska. Zooplankton were sampled with a ring net (0.6 m diameter with...

  19. Nelson River and Hudson Bay (United States)


    Rivers that empty into large bodies of water can have a significant impact on the thawing of nearshore winter ice. This true-color Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) image from May 18, 2001, shows the Nelson River emptying spring runoff from the Manitoba province to the south into the southwestern corner of Canada's Hudson Bay. The warmer waters from more southern latitudes hasten melting of ice near the shore, though some still remained, perhaps because in shallow coastal waters, the ice could have been anchored to the bottom. High volumes of sediment in the runoff turned the inflow brown, and the rim of the retreating ice has taken on a dirty appearance even far to the east of the river's entrance into the Bay. The sediment would have further hastened the melting of the ice because its darker color would have absorbed more solar radiation than cleaner, whiter ice. Image courtesy Jacques Descloitres, MODIS Land Rapid Response Team at NASA GSFC

  20. Bird communities of contrasting semi-natural habitats of Lac bay, Bonaire, during the fall migration season, 2011

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Debrot, A.O.; Bemmelen, van R.S.A.; Ligon, J.


    The mangrove and seagrass lagoon of Lac Bay on Bonaire covers an area of roughly 700 ha. It is home to endangered green sea turtles, Chelonia mydas, and the Caribbean queen conch, Strombus gigas, and is a roosting and breeding area for several birds. Based on its nature values this 7 km2 bay has bee

  1. Naval Science & Technology: Enabling the Future Force (United States)


    From Land Attack • To Multi-Mission Initiative General Atomics BAE EM Railgun Electromagnetic Railgun INP 14 15 Basic Research Seed...Dominance • Expeditionary & Irregular Warfare • Power Projection & Integrated Defense • Platform Design & Survivability • Power & Energy • Warfighter...Technologies Free Electron Laser Integrated Topside EM Railgun Sea Base Enablers Tactical Satellite Large Displacement UUV AACUS Directed

  2. Simulation of Pollutant Transport in Marmaris Bay

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Lale BALAS


    The circulation pattern and the pollutant transport in the Marmaris Bay are simulated by the developed three-dimensional baroclinic model. The Marmaris Bay is located at the Mediterranean Sea coast of Turkey. Since the sp ring tidal range is typically 20~30 cm, the dominant forcing for the circulation and water exchange is due to the wind action. In the Marmaris Bay, there is sea outfall discharging directly into the bay, and that threats the bay water quality significantly. The current patterns in the vicinity of the outfall have been observed by tracking drogues which are moved by currents at different water depths. In the simulations of pollutant transport, the coliforms-counts is used as the tracer.The model provides realistic predictions for the circulation and pollutant transport in the Marmaris Bay. The transport model component predictions well agree with the results of a laboratory model study.

  3. Probability Theory without Bayes' Rule


    Rodriques, Samuel G.


    Within the Kolmogorov theory of probability, Bayes' rule allows one to perform statistical inference by relating conditional probabilities to unconditional probabilities. As we show here, however, there is a continuous set of alternative inference rules that yield the same results, and that may have computational or practical advantages for certain problems. We formulate generalized axioms for probability theory, according to which the reverse conditional probability distribution P(B|A) is no...

  4. Nutrient Subsidies to Hanalei Bay, Kauai, HI From Submarine Groundwater Discharge (United States)

    Knee, K.; Santoro, A.; Street, J.; Boehm, A.; Berg, C.; Paytan, A.


    Submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) has been shown to be a potentially important source of freshwater, nutrients, and pollutants to many coastal areas, including some locations in Hawaii. This study investigated the importance of SGD in Hanalei Bay, a northward-opening, half-moon shaped bay approximately 2 km in diameter, located on the northern shore of the island of Kauai. High fecal indicator bacteria (FIB) counts at Hanalei beaches sparked concern that nutrients and/or bacteria might be leaching into groundwater from septic systems and cesspools and making their way to the coastal ocean. Sampling was conducted in March and June 2005 at 3 local beaches, 3 streams, the Hanalei River, several groundwater pits, and the open bay. Radium was used as a groundwater tracer. Salinity, water temperature, nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, phosphate, silicate, total coliform, Enterococcus, and E. coli were measured. The ratio of 223Ra (half life = 11.4 days) to 224Ra (half life = 3.66 days) was relatively constant across samples from groundwater and the bay, indicating that the residence time of water in the bay was less than one day during the study period. Groundwater had lower concentrations of all FIB than the Hanalei River, the streams, or the bay, indicating that SGD was not contributing bacteria directly to the coastal zone over the course of this study. However, E. coli was detected at relative high levels in groundwater seaward of a cesspool, suggesting that during periods of high discharge, SGD could transport fecal bacteria to the bay. Concentrations of all nutrients were higher in groundwater than in Hanalei Bay, and nitrate concentrations were higher in groundwater than in the Hanalei River or the streams. Additionally, nitrate concentrations in groundwater and in Hanalei Bay were coupled with radium activities, suggesting a common source, most likely SGD. Mass balance calculations, based on residence times of 2 and 6 hours for the surf zone, indicate that the SGD

  5. Activity-Based Costing in the Naval Postgraduate School (United States)


    costs is in part due to capacity constraints. 29 An example at NPS would be an influx to the number of students attending graduate programs . calculated on an annual basis. A comparison is made with similar graduate programs accompanied by caveats to such comparisons. A. PRODUCT LINE...per year, per student in FY 2013. (1) Similar Graduate Programs Similar graduate programs at other institutions were reviewed to provide some

  6. Advanced piezoelectric single crystal based transducers for naval sonar applications (United States)

    Snook, Kevin A.; Rehrig, Paul W.; Hackenberger, Wesley S.; Jiang, Xiaoning; Meyer, Richard J., Jr.; Markley, Douglas


    Transducers incorporating single crystal piezoelectric Pb(Mg 1/3Nb 2/3) x-1Ti xO 3 (PMN-PT) exhibit significant advantages over ceramic piezoelectrics such as PZT, including both high electromechanical coupling (k 33 > 90%) and piezoelectric coefficients (d 33 > 2000 pC/N). Conventional orientation gives inherently larger bandwidth and output power than PZT ceramics, however, the anisotropy of the crystal also allows for tailoring of the performance by orienting the crystal along different crystallographic axes. This attribute combined with composition refinements can be used to improve thermal or mechanical stability, which is important in high power, high duty cycle sonar applications. By utilizing the "31" resonance mode, the high power performance of PMN-PT can be improved over traditional "33" mode single crystal transducers, due to an improved aspect ratio. Utilizing novel geometries, effective piezoelectric constants of -600 pC/N to -1200 pC/N have been measured. The phase transition point induced by temperature, pre-stress or field is close to that in the "33" mode, and since the prestress is applied perpendicular to the poling direction in "31" mode elements, they exhibit lower loss and can therefore be driven harder. The high power characteristics of tonpilz transducers can also be affected by the composition of the PMN-PT crystal. TRS modified the composition of PMN-PT to improve the thermal stability of the material, while keeping the loss as low as possible. Three dimensional modeling shows that the useable bandwidth of these novel compositions nearly equals that of conventional PMN-PT. A decrease in the source level of up to 6 dB was calculated, which can be compensated for by the higher drive voltages possible.

  7. Web-Based Naval Fleet Logistics Information System (United States)


    POTENTIAL DOD-WIDE USE OF THE SYSTEM .................................61 1. Market Maturity Environment in the Operating Area..................61 2...Ship AOR Area of Responsibility ATG Assistant Training Group B2B Business to business Beach DET Beach Detachment CHT Collection and Holding...Agency DNSC Defense National Stockpile Center DoD Department of Defense DON Department of the Navy DRMS Defense Reutilization and Marketing

  8. Empirical Bayes Model Comparisons for Differential Methylation Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mingxiang Teng


    Full Text Available A number of empirical Bayes models (each with different statistical distribution assumptions have now been developed to analyze differential DNA methylation using high-density oligonucleotide tiling arrays. However, it remains unclear which model performs best. For example, for analysis of differentially methylated regions for conservative and functional sequence characteristics (e.g., enrichment of transcription factor-binding sites (TFBSs, the sensitivity of such analyses, using various empirical Bayes models, remains unclear. In this paper, five empirical Bayes models were constructed, based on either a gamma distribution or a log-normal distribution, for the identification of differential methylated loci and their cell division—(1, 3, and 5 and drug-treatment-(cisplatin dependent methylation patterns. While differential methylation patterns generated by log-normal models were enriched with numerous TFBSs, we observed almost no TFBS-enriched sequences using gamma assumption models. Statistical and biological results suggest log-normal, rather than gamma, empirical Bayes model distribution to be a highly accurate and precise method for differential methylation microarray analysis. In addition, we presented one of the log-normal models for differential methylation analysis and tested its reproducibility by simulation study. We believe this research to be the first extensive comparison of statistical modeling for the analysis of differential DNA methylation, an important biological phenomenon that precisely regulates gene transcription.

  9. Sediment Quality Characterization Naval Station San Diego (United States)


    Current Profiler APDC Ammonium pyrolidine dithiocarbamate Ag Silver As Arsenic ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials AVS Acid Volatile one method for screening measured samples to deter- mine the likelihood of ecological effects. Our study data were compiled with data from the SSC...biological data. The chemical and biological data within each subregion were then evaluated based on commonly applied screening effect thresholds. Within each

  10. Naval Law Review, Volume 57, 2009 (United States)


    BENVENISTI, supra note 2, 175-177 (discussing international reaction to the creation of Bangladesh as an entity independent from Pakistan and arguing...UNCLOS III. Based on what is currently understood about the geology and 19 Leapman, supra note 4. front of whose coastlines it lies, is therefore a fact, and it can be useful to consider the geology of that shelf in order to find out whither

  11. Impact of Bay-Breeze Circulations on Surface Air Quality and Boundary Layer Export (United States)

    Loughner, Christopher P.; Tzortziou, Maria; Follette-Cook, Melanie; Pickering, Kenneth E.; Goldberg, Daniel; Satam, Chinmay; Weinheimer, Andrew; Crawford, James H.; Knapp, David J.; Montzka, Denise D.; Diskin, Glenn S.; Dickerson, Russell R.


    Meteorological and air-quality model simulations are analyzed alongside observations to investigate the role of the Chesapeake Bay breeze on surface air quality, pollutant transport, and boundary layer venting. A case study was conducted to understand why a particular day was the only one during an 11-day ship-based field campaign on which surface ozone was not elevated in concentration over the Chesapeake Bay relative to the closest upwind site and why high ozone concentrations were observed aloft by in situ aircraft observations. Results show that southerly winds during the overnight and early-morning hours prevented the advection of air pollutants from the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Maryland, metropolitan areas over the surface waters of the bay. A strong and prolonged bay breeze developed during the late morning and early afternoon along the western coastline of the bay. The strength and duration of the bay breeze allowed pollutants to converge, resulting in high concentrations locally near the bay-breeze front within the Baltimore metropolitan area, where they were then lofted to the top of the planetary boundary layer (PBL). Near the top of the PBL, these pollutants were horizontally advected to a region with lower PBL heights, resulting in pollution transport out of the boundary layer and into the free troposphere. This elevated layer of air pollution aloft was transported downwind into New England by early the following morning where it likely mixed down to the surface, affecting air quality as the boundary layer grew.

  12. Suspended particulate matter in Jiaozhou Bay:Properties and variations in response to hydrodynamics and pollution

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YANG Shilun; YANG Hua; WANG Liang; ZHANG Wenxiang; MENG Yi; ZHANG Jing; XUE Yuanzhong; CHEN Hongtao; WEI Hao; LIU Zhe; WU Ruiming; WANG Lingxiang


    Based on water samples collected and observations of currents, tidal levels as well as turbidities taken, respectively over a period of 15 and 7 d, in southwestern Jiaozhou Bay on August, 2001, it was found that: (ⅰ) the average content of non mineral component amounted to 87% of the suspended sediment matter (SPM) in Jiaozhou Bay, much higher than in estuaries and bays where turbidity is high and mineral particulates dominates; (ⅱ) in contrast to high turbid bays, SPM was generally coarser than bed deposits and in upper water column than in lower water column in Jiaozhou Bay; (ⅲ) in fair weathers, suspended sediment concentration (SPC) varied regularly within tidal cycles and neap-spring cycles, but the regularity was deformed in storms; and (ⅳ) SPC was controlled by settling/ resuspension near the bed and by advection at the surface at the study site with a depth of 20 m, suggesting weak vertical exchanges. It was concluded that SPM property of a low turbid bay is sensitive to pollution, and that the maintenance of low turbidity in the bay depends on less SPM supply, low waves and currents, and controlling on discharge of particulate pollutants.

  13. 75 FR 73121 - Bandon Marsh, Nestucca Bay, and Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuges, Coos, Tillamook, and... (United States)


    ... of Neskowin, Oregon. Neskowin Marsh incorporates unique freshwater wetland and bog habitats and... Fish and Wildlife Service Bandon Marsh, Nestucca Bay, and Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuges, Coos... prepare a comprehensive conservation plan (CCP) for the Bandon Marsh, Nestucca Bay, and Siletz...

  14. 78 FR 45061 - Safety Zone; Sister Bay Marina Fest Fireworks and Ski Show, Sister Bay, WI (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Sister Bay Marina Fest Fireworks and Ski... intended to restrict vessels from a portion of Sister Bay due to a fireworks display and ski show. This... with the fireworks display and ski show in Sister Bay on August 31, 2013. DATES: This rule is...

  15. 78 FR 39610 - Safety Zone; Big Bay Boom, San Diego Bay; San Diego, CA (United States)


    ... Fourth of July Big Bay Boom Fireworks display on the evening of July 4, 2013. These temporary safety... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Big Bay Boom, San Diego Bay; San Diego, CA... representative. ] DATES: This rule is effective from 8:45 p.m. to 10 p.m. on July 4, 2013. ADDRESSES:...

  16. 33 CFR 80.1114 - San Pedro Bay-Anaheim Bay, CA. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false San Pedro Bay-Anaheim Bay, CA. 80.1114 Section 80.1114 Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY INTERNATIONAL NAVIGATION RULES COLREGS DEMARCATION LINES Pacific Coast § 80.1114 San Pedro Bay—Anaheim Bay,...

  17. Chesapeake Bay Program Water Quality Database (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — The Chesapeake Information Management System (CIMS), designed in 1996, is an integrated, accessible information management system for the Chesapeake Bay Region....

  18. Word Semantic Similarity Measurement Based on Naïve Bayes Model%基于朴素贝叶斯模型的单词语义相似度度量

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王俊华; 左万利; 闫昭


    单词语义相似度度量是自然语言处理领域的经典和热点问题.通过结合朴素贝叶斯模型和知识库,提出一个新颖的度量单词语义相似度度量途径.首先借助通用本体 WordNet 获取属性变量,然后使用统计和分段线性插值生成条件概率分布列,继而通过贝叶斯推理实现信息融合获得后验概率,并在此基础上量化单词语义相似度.主要贡献是定义了单词对距离和深度,并将朴素贝叶斯模型用于单词语义相似度度量.在基准数据集 R&G(65)上,对比算法评判结果与人类评判结果的相关度,采用5折交叉验证对算法进行分析,样本 Pearson 相关度达到0.912,比当前最优方法高出0.4%,比经典算法高出7%~13%;Spearman 相关度达到0.873,比经典算法高出10%~20%;且算法的运行效率和经典算法相当.实验结果显示将朴素贝叶斯模型和知识库相结合解决单词语义相似度问题是合理有效的.%Measuring semantic similarity between words is a classical and hot problem in nature language processing ,the achievement of which has great impact on many applications such as word sense disambiguation , machine translation , ontology mapping , computational linguistics , etc . A novel approach is proposed to measure words semantic similarity by combining Naïve Bayes model with knowledge base . To start , extract attribute variables based on WordNet ; then , generate conditional probability distribution by statistics and piecewise linear interpolation technique ; after that ,obtain posteriori through Bayesian inference ;at last ,quantify word semantic similarity .The main contributions are definition of distance and depth between word pairs with small amount of computation and high degree of distinguishing the characteristics from words’ sense , and word semantic similarity measurement based on naïve Bayesian model .On benchmark data set R

  19. Strategic Analysis of Naval Force Structure (United States)


    The views expressed in this brief are those of the authors and do  not reflect the official  policy  or position of the Department of  1 the Navy, the...ThreatGuidance es gns e orce based on the world context and financial constraints • Policy Guidance/ Roles & Missions • Concepts of Operations... Backcasting technology development cru se m ss es an smart su munitions. • Provides to AAW, ASW, & SUW defense to ESG. TiltRotor is to provide lift

  20. Detection of localized methylmercury contamination by use of the mussel adductor muscle in Minamata Bay and Kagoshima Bay, Japan. (United States)

    Haraguchi, K; Ando, T; Sato, M; Kawaguchi, C; Tomiyasu, T; Horvat, M; Akagi, H


    Based on our previous finding that the concentrations of total mercury in mussel adductor muscle approximated those of methylmercury, we compared concentrations of total mercury in the adductor muscle of the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis, collected from four sites around Minamata City from 1993 to 1995 and four sites in Kagoshima Bay from 1997 to 1998, to assess the level of localized methylmercury contamination. Though the input of mercury from the chemical plant had stopped by around 1970, concentrations of total mercury in the mussel adductor muscle were higher at two sites (26-121 ng/g, n = 135) near the main fallout of wastewater from the chemical plant in Minamata Bay than at the other sites, i.e. two sites 1-5 km from the former sites in Minamata City (6-28 ng/g, n = 52), and all sites in Kagoshima Bay (2-30 ng/g, n = 287). The localized methylmercury contamination around the chemical plant in Minamata Bay was documented also by our sensitive analysis of mercury concentrations in seawater and sediment samples. The survey of concentrations of total mercury in the mussel adductor muscle seems to be useful for monitoring the methylmercury contamination in coastal areas.

  1. Whole-system metabolism and CO2 fluxes in a Mediterranean Bay dominated by seagrass beds (Palma Bay, NW Mediterranean

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F. Gazeau


    Full Text Available Planktonic and benthic incubations (bare and Posidonia oceanica vegetated sediments were performed at monthly intervals from March 2001 to October 2002 in a seagrass vegetated area of the Bay of Palma (Mallorca, Spain. Results showed a contrast between the planktonic compartment, which was on average near metabolic balance (−4.6±5.9 mmol O2 m-2 d-1 and the benthic compartment, which was autotrophic (17.6±8.5 mmol O2 m-2 d-1. During two cruises in March and June 2002, planktonic and benthic incubations were performed at several stations in the bay to estimate the whole-system metabolism and to examine its relationship with partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2 and apparent oxygen utilisation (AOU spatial patterns. Moreover, during the second cruise, when the residence time of water was long enough, net ecosystem production (NEP estimates based on incubations were compared, over the Posidonia oceanica meadow, to rates derived from dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC and oxygen (O2 mass balance budgets. These budgets provided NEP estimates in fair agreement with those derived from direct metabolic estimates based on incubated samples over the Posidonia oceanica meadow. Whereas the seagrass community was autotrophic, the excess organic carbon production therein could only balance the planktonic heterotrophy in shallow waters relative to the maximum depth of the bay (55 m. This generated a horizontal gradient from autotrophic or balanced communities in the shallow seagrass-covered areas, to strongly heterotrophic communities in deeper areas of the bay. It seems therefore that, on an annual scale in the whole bay, the organic matter production by the Posidonia oceanica may not be sufficient to fully compensate the heterotrophy of the planktonic compartment, which may require external organic carbon inputs, most likely from land.

  2. Assessment of Cross-Berth Circulation at Charleston Naval Station. (United States)


    Regional Office, Boston, MA; Code 421 (Code E.A. Silva ). Arlington, VA; Code 481, Bay St. Louis. MS; Code 700F Arlington VA PACMISRANFAC HI Area Bkg...3) New York. NY WATER & POWER RESOURCES SERVICE (Smoak) Denver. CO OSBORN, JAS. H. Ventura , CA PETERSEN, CAPT N.W. Camarillo, CA 36

  3. Naval War College Review. Volume 63, Number 2, Spring 2010 (United States)


    Fuchida’s claim, made in Prange’s God’s Samurai , that he had attended the surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay aboard the USS Missouri.16 This statement triggered...Books, 2005), p. 230. 14. Ibid., p. 501. 15. Ibid. 16. Gordon Prange, with Donald M. Goldstein and Katherine V. Dillon, God’s Samurai : Lead Pilot at

  4. 基于试验损失的指数型产品Bayes可靠性试验设计%Bayes reliability experimental design for exponential distributed product based on experimental loss

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    冯文哲; 刘琦


    The reliability demonstration experimental design for exponential distributed products was made based on Bayes theory. Considering the loss caused by the producer's risk and consumer's risk, and reliability experimental cost, the reliability experimental design model based on experimental loss (REDMEL) was constructed for the reliability experimental design of exponential distributed products. For given failure numbers, the least experimental time calculation method was presented, under the principle of minimizing the posterior expected loss, according to the 0-1 loss function. Considering average risk criteria, the formulas of the producer's risk and consumer's risk were deduced. At last, an example was given to show the validity of the method.%依据Bayes理论,对可靠性参数服从指数分布的装备产品进行了统计验证试验设计.综合考虑弃真和采伪的风险损失以及可靠性试验成本,建立了基于试验损失的可靠性验证试验设计模型.对于给定的失效数,运用0-1损失函数,按照验后期望损失最小的原则,给出了最短试验截止时间的计算方法.根据平均风险准则,推导出了弃真和采伪两类风险的计算公式.最后通过算例验证了方法的有效性.

  5. Improved methodology for developing cost uncertainty models for naval vessels


    Brown, Cinda L.


    The purpose of this thesis is to analyze the probabilistic cost model currently in use by NAVSEA 05C to predict cost uncertainty in naval vessel construction and to develop a method that better predicts the ultimate cost risk. The data used to develop the improved approach is collected from analysis of the CG(X) class ship by NAVSEA 05C. The NAVSEA 05C cost risk factors are reviewed and analyzed to determine if different factors are better cost predictors. The impact of data elicitation, t...

  6. Single Naval Fuel At-Sea Feasibility Study - Phase One (United States)


    ship propulsion , electrical power generation systems, and USMC ground force equipment. JP-5 was chosen as the single fuel because the aircraft requirements are the most stringent of all the naval fuel user requirements. As an approved alternate to both F-76 and JP-8, JP-5 is the only fuel that can be used by all services for all bulk fuel requirements. It is anticipated that if JP-5 is not available for shipboard propulsion, then limited quantities of commercial marine middle distillate (diesel) fuel, purchased under local bunker contracts, may still be

  7. [1st Naval Hospital during the Great Patriotic War]. (United States)

    Chernikov, O G; Chernyĭ, V S; Mishin, Iu A; Soshkin, P A


    In the article about The First Naval Hospital, that became famous during the Great Patriotic War, the authors present the facts of the heroic work of the hospital and its staff under the hardest conditions of the Siege of Leningrad, in an atmosphere of constant shelling, its productive clinical and scientfic work during the war years (1941-1945). As a material for the preparation of this article were used documents of the Military-Medical Museum, factual information about the history of the hospital published in various sources.

  8. Naval Research Logistics Quarterly. Volume 27, Number 4. (United States)


    Central Limit Theorem," Theory of Probability and Its Applications, 15, 354-356 (1970). (121 Spivak , M., Calculus on Manifolds, (W.A. Benjamin, New York...the queue length. This point was made in his paper [7]. REFERENCES [II Buck, R.C., Advanced Calculus , (McGraw-Hill, New York, 1956). [2] Burke, P.J...34 Naval Research Logistics Quarterly 17, 397-405 (1970). (51 Boole, G., A Treatise on the Calculus of Finite Di.ikreces (MacMillan and Co., London, 1860

  9. Estimates of Peacetime Soviet Naval Intentions: An Assessment of Methods (United States)


    Moscow had embarked on a new naval policy "aimed at building up capabilities not only rfor nuclear (world) wars, but also for conventional (local) wars and... up to the present. In addition to this supposition that tv, Soviets have intentionally designed their fcrcen for traditionol diploqiatil power...given 4or SoVitte arshp v111ii .. a& 06tt" call Is ptoably -ie todat . tot Call priedits ago bettet thaae rei ctst In adition tb nob~re eaptft i t

  10. Naval War College Review. Volume 60, Number 4, Autumn 2007 (United States)


    promi- nent as Alfred Thayer Mahan, Theodore Roosevelt, and Henry Cabot Lodge.24 Yet each of these three prominent thinkers on American naval strategy...preemptive attacks against the U.S. Navy in this period, see Forrest Davis, The Atlantic System (New York: Reynal and Hitchcock , 1941), pp. 3, 44–46...see Alfred Vagts, Defense and Diplomacy (New York: Kings Crown, 1956), p. 293. 2 8 N A V A L W A R C O L L E G E R E V I E W T H E U N I T E D S T A T

  11. Telescope site survey at the US Naval Observatory, Flagstaff Station (United States)

    DiVittorio, Michael; Harris, Frederick; Subasavage, John; Cenko, Andrew


    We present the status of site testing being done at and near the US Naval Observatory's Flagstaff Station (NOFS). Differential image motion monitors (DIMM) will be used to measure r0, the Fried seeing parameter, at each candidate site. DIMM results will be correlated with image quality as measured by the NOFS 1.55-m telescope. In addition, sky darkness measurements will be made and analysis of water column measurements made nearby by NOAA will be discussed. Site history, measurement methodology, and preliminary results will be presented.

  12. 基于贝叶斯决策方法的电力企业知识管理投入评估%Assessment of input for knowledge management of power firm based on Bayes decision method

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    运用贝叶斯决策方法评估电力企业知识管理投入的费用,以便为企业的科学预算和宏观调控提供科学决策依据.贝叶斯决策方法既考虑了决策者重要的私人信息,同时又考虑了统计分析的样本信息,使得决策分析过程更加符合实际.%The paper tries to use Bayes descision method to assess the input expense for knowledge management of a power firm,so as to provide evidence of the scientific making decision.Bayes decision method not only considers decision-maker's private information,but also considers sample information using statistic analysis.Bayes decision method is truthful to the process of making decision.

  13. 7 CFR 160.203 - Fees for inspection and certification of other naval stores material. (United States)


    ... stores material. 160.203 Section 160.203 Agriculture Regulations of the Department of Agriculture... Services Rendered § 160.203 Fees for inspection and certification of other naval stores material. Whenever..., analyze and certify any naval stores material other than spirits of turpentine or rosin, at the request...

  14. Pharmacy Automation in Navy Medicine: A Study of Naval Medical Center San Diego (United States)


    medication, dispensing errors, Navy Medicine, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery , BUMED, Naval Medical Center San Diego, NMCSD 15. NUMBER OF PAGES pharmacist verification. ...............................................................7  Figure 3.  Robotic Delivery System Installed at Naval...processes tend to happen when there is a complication . Only the eight processes outline in Chapter III are specifically relevant to this study

  15. 33 CFR 334.1220 - Hood Canal, Bangor; naval restricted areas. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Hood Canal, Bangor; naval restricted areas. 334.1220 Section 334.1220 Navigation and Navigable Waters CORPS OF ENGINEERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DANGER ZONE AND RESTRICTED AREA REGULATIONS § 334.1220 Hood Canal, Bangor; naval restricted areas. (a) Hood...

  16. A meta-level architecture for strategic reasoning in naval planning [Extended Abstract

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hoogendoorn, M.; Jonker, C.M.; Maanen, P.P. van; Treur, J.


    The management of naval organizations aims at the maximization of mission success by means of monitoring, planning, and strategic reasoning. This paper presents a meta-level architecture for strategic reasoning in naval planning. The architecture is instantiated with decision knowledge acquired from

  17. 48 CFR 225.7006 - Restriction on air circuit breakers for naval vessels. (United States)


    ... on air circuit breakers for naval vessels. ... 48 Federal Acquisition Regulations System 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Restriction on air circuit breakers for naval vessels. 225.7006 Section 225.7006 Federal Acquisition Regulations System...

  18. 33 CFR 334.1140 - Pacific Ocean at San Miguel Island, Calif.; naval danger zone. (United States)


    ... Island, Calif.; naval danger zone. 334.1140 Section 334.1140 Navigation and Navigable Waters CORPS OF ENGINEERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DANGER ZONE AND RESTRICTED AREA REGULATIONS § 334.1140 Pacific Ocean at San Miguel Island, Calif.; naval danger zone. (a) The area. The waters around...

  19. Time and Frequency Activities at the U.S. Naval Observatory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Demetrios Matsakis


    Full Text Available The US Naval Observatory (USNO has provided timing for the navy since 1830 and, in cooperation with other institutions, has also provided timing for the United States and the international community. Its Master Clock (MC is the source of UTC(USNO, the USNO's realization of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC, which has stayed within 5 nanoseconds RMS of UTC since 1999. The data used to generate UTC(USNO are based upon 73 cesium and 21 hydrogen maser frequency standards in three buildings at two sites. The USNO disseminates time via voice, telephone modem, LORAN, Network Time Protocol (NTP, GPS, and two-way satellite time transfer (TWSTT. This paper describes some of the changes being made to meet the future needs for precision, accuracy, and robustness.

  20. Diagnostic, treatment, and demographic factors influencing survival in a population-based study of adult glioma patients in the San Francisco Bay Area1


    Wrensch, Margaret; Rice, Terri; Miike, Rei; McMillan, Alex; Lamborn, Kathleen R.; Aldape, Kenneth; Prados, Michael D.


    We compare survival estimates for population-based glioma cases by using two diagnostic coding schemes, (1) the International Classification of Diseases, Oncology, second edition (ICD-O-2) as reported by the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) program and (2) central neuropathology review diagnosis based on the World Health Organization II classification. In addition, among review categories, we estimate survival in relation to several patient demographic and treatment factors....

  1. Free-living marine nematodes from San Antonio Bay (Río Negro, Argentina)


    Villares, Gabriela; Lo Russo, Virginia; Pastor de Ward, Catalina; Milano, Viviana; Miyashiro, Lidia; Mazzanti, Renato


    Abstract The dataset of free-living marine nematodes of San Antonio Bay is based on sediment samples collected in February 2009 during doctoral theses funded by CONICET grants. A total of 36 samples has been taken at three locations in the San Antonio Bay, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina on the coastal littoral at three tidal levels. This presents a unique and important collection for benthic biodiversity assessment of Patagonian nematodes as this area remains one of the least known regions. I...

  2. 一类复合MRACS在舰炮随动系统中的应用%Application of a Hybrid MRACS to Naval Gun Servo System

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邵中年; 张志瑞


    舰炮随动系统的快速性,稳定性和控制精度是影响舰炮武器系统作战性能的重要因素。针对舰炮随动系统参数时变性和负载干扰大对其快速性,稳定性和准确性的影响,设计了一种神经网络直接模型参考自适应控制器,建立了该控制器的仿真模型,并以某型舰炮为例进行了计算机仿真。结果表明该复合控制器调节时间短、控制精度高、鲁棒性强。该类控制器能够在舰炮随动控制中获得良好的控制性能。%The rapidity,stability and precision of the naval gun servo system are important factors of the naval gun operation performance.To the influence to naval gun servo system performance of time varying parameters and strong load disturbance,a adaptive model reference to direct model reference adaptive controller based on neural network is designed.The simulation model of this kind of controller was built up.A naval gun was taken as the example.The result show that the controller gets a shorter adjustment time,higher control precision and stronger robustness.The application of this kind of controller to naval gun gets a good control performance.

  3. 75 FR 7453 - Notice of Partially Closed Meeting of the U.S. Naval Academy Board of Visitors (United States)


    ... Department of the Navy Notice of Partially Closed Meeting of the U.S. Naval Academy Board of Visitors AGENCY: Department of the Navy, DoD. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The U.S. Naval Academy Board of Visitors will meet to... curriculum, instruction, physical equipment, fiscal affairs, and academic methods of the Naval Academy....

  4. 33 CFR 334.1125 - Pacific Ocean Naval Air Weapons Station, Point Mugu, Small Arms Range, Ventura County, California... (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Pacific Ocean Naval Air Weapons... AND RESTRICTED AREA REGULATIONS § 334.1125 Pacific Ocean Naval Air Weapons Station, Point Mugu, Small... enforced by personnel attached to the Naval Air Weapons Station, Point Mugu, California, and by such...

  5. Baroclinicity, Forcing Mechanism and Prediction of Chemical Propagation of San Diego Bay and Their Effects on Naval Applications (United States)


    synthetically produced from carbon oxides and hydrogen. It has a faintly sweet pungent odor like that of ethyl alcohol. It has a flash point 12.222oC and...degradation rate is 0.1586 in both air and water. Contact with ammonia could cause skin and eye burns and inhalation some burning sensation , cough

  6. 76 FR 13275 - Periodic Review of Individuals Detained at Guantánamo Bay Naval Station Pursuant to the... (United States)


    ... significant threat to the security of the United States. Sec. 3. Periodic Review. The Secretary of Defense... circumstances where it is necessary to protect national security, including intelligence sources and methods... determines that the need to protect national security, including intelligence sources and methods, or...

  7. 76 FR 18395 - Safety Zone; Naval Air Station Corpus Christi Air Show, Oso Bay, Corpus Christi, TX (United States)


    ... and the fact the no commercial entities and very few recreational fisherman utilize this section of...: The owners or operators of vessels intending to transit the affected waterway during the time of... Corpus Christi or a designated representative. (2) Persons and vessels desiring to enter, transit...

  8. Improving the operational forecasting system of the stratified flow in Osaka Bay using an ensemble Kalman filter–based steady state Kalman filter

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    El Serafy, G.Y.H.; Mynett, A.E.


    Numerical models of a water system are always based on assumptions and simplifications that may result in errors in the model's predictions. Such errors can be reduced through the use of data assimilation and thus can significantly improve the success rate of the predictions and operational forecast

  9. Comprehensive evidence-based assessment and prioritization of potential antidiabetic medicinal plants: a case study from canadian eastern james bay cree traditional medicine. (United States)

    Haddad, Pierre S; Musallam, Lina; Martineau, Louis C; Harris, Cory; Lavoie, Louis; Arnason, John T; Foster, Brian; Bennett, Steffany; Johns, Timothy; Cuerrier, Alain; Coon Come, Emma; Coon Come, Rene; Diamond, Josephine; Etapp, Louise; Etapp, Charlie; George, Jimmy; Husky Swallow, Charlotte; Husky Swallow, Johnny; Jolly, Mary; Kawapit, Andrew; Mamianskum, Eliza; Petagumskum, John; Petawabano, Smalley; Petawabano, Laurie; Weistche, Alex; Badawi, Alaa


    Canadian Aboriginals, like others globally, suffer from disproportionately high rates of diabetes. A comprehensive evidence-based approach was therefore developed to study potential antidiabetic medicinal plants stemming from Canadian Aboriginal Traditional Medicine to provide culturally adapted complementary and alternative treatment options. Key elements of pathophysiology of diabetes and of related contemporary drug therapy are presented to highlight relevant cellular and molecular targets for medicinal plants. Potential antidiabetic plants were identified using a novel ethnobotanical method based on a set of diabetes symptoms. The most promising species were screened for primary (glucose-lowering) and secondary (toxicity, drug interactions, complications) antidiabetic activity by using a comprehensive platform of in vitro cell-based and cell-free bioassays. The most active species were studied further for their mechanism of action and their active principles identified though bioassay-guided fractionation. Biological activity of key species was confirmed in animal models of diabetes. These in vitro and in vivo findings are the basis for evidence-based prioritization of antidiabetic plants. In parallel, plants were also prioritized by Cree Elders and healers according to their Traditional Medicine paradigm. This case study highlights the convergence of modern science and Traditional Medicine while providing a model that can be adapted to other Aboriginal realities worldwide.

  10. Comprehensive Evidence-Based Assessment and Prioritization of Potential Antidiabetic Medicinal Plants: A Case Study from Canadian Eastern James Bay Cree Traditional Medicine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pierre S. Haddad


    Full Text Available Canadian Aboriginals, like others globally, suffer from disproportionately high rates of diabetes. A comprehensive evidence-based approach was therefore developed to study potential antidiabetic medicinal plants stemming from Canadian Aboriginal Traditional Medicine to provide culturally adapted complementary and alternative treatment options. Key elements of pathophysiology of diabetes and of related contemporary drug therapy are presented to highlight relevant cellular and molecular targets for medicinal plants. Potential antidiabetic plants were identified using a novel ethnobotanical method based on a set of diabetes symptoms. The most promising species were screened for primary (glucose-lowering and secondary (toxicity, drug interactions, complications antidiabetic activity by using a comprehensive platform of in vitro cell-based and cell-free bioassays. The most active species were studied further for their mechanism of action and their active principles identified though bioassay-guided fractionation. Biological activity of key species was confirmed in animal models of diabetes. These in vitro and in vivo findings are the basis for evidence-based prioritization of antidiabetic plants. In parallel, plants were also prioritized by Cree Elders and healers according to their Traditional Medicine paradigm. This case study highlights the convergence of modern science and Traditional Medicine while providing a model that can be adapted to other Aboriginal realities worldwide.

  11. Structured Additive Regression Models: An R Interface to BayesX

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikolaus Umlauf


    Full Text Available Structured additive regression (STAR models provide a flexible framework for model- ing possible nonlinear effects of covariates: They contain the well established frameworks of generalized linear models and generalized additive models as special cases but also allow a wider class of effects, e.g., for geographical or spatio-temporal data, allowing for specification of complex and realistic models. BayesX is standalone software package providing software for fitting general class of STAR models. Based on a comprehensive open-source regression toolbox written in C++, BayesX uses Bayesian inference for estimating STAR models based on Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation techniques, a mixed model representation of STAR models, or stepwise regression techniques combining penalized least squares estimation with model selection. BayesX not only covers models for responses from univariate exponential families, but also models from less-standard regression situations such as models for multi-categorical responses with either ordered or unordered categories, continuous time survival data, or continuous time multi-state models. This paper presents a new fully interactive R interface to BayesX: the R package R2BayesX. With the new package, STAR models can be conveniently specified using Rs formula language (with some extended terms, fitted using the BayesX binary, represented in R with objects of suitable classes, and finally printed/summarized/plotted. This makes BayesX much more accessible to users familiar with R and adds extensive graphics capabilities for visualizing fitted STAR models. Furthermore, R2BayesX complements the already impressive capabilities for semiparametric regression in R by a comprehensive toolbox comprising in particular more complex response types and alternative inferential procedures such as simulation-based Bayesian inference.

  12. Comparative study of the hydrochemical regime in the Gelendzhik and Golubaya Bays, northeastern Black Sea (United States)

    Kostyleva, A.; Chasovnikov, V.; Chjoo, V.; Menshikova, N.; Kuprikova, N.


    The goal of this work was to study the hydrochemical regime in the coastal waters of the northeastern Black Sea. The observations were performed in influenced by significant anthropogenic stress Gelendzhik Bay and at the open coast region (Golubaya Bay). A sampling program has been initiated by the Southern Branch of Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, RAS, (SB SIO RAS) on a weekly basis at the shore line area of «Chernomorets» beach (Gelendzhik Bay) and from the head of pier in the Golubaya Bay. Studies were carried out during a period from January 2001 to December 2008. List of measured parameters includes following: temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, biological oxygen demand (BOD), pH, alkalinity, phosphate, organic phosphorus, silicates, nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, urea, organic nitrogen, oil products. The Gelendzhik bay in its different parts is characterized with strong variability of concentrations of hydrochemical parameters. Above all, it relates to complex structure caused by wind impact. Parts of the bay filled with nearshore and sea waters are legibly differ from each other. The bay itself is rather isolated from the open sea, and its liability to man's impact leads to forming of next features of its seasonal variability of physical-chemical state: • On the base of Si/P and Si/N ratios analysis it was shown that the Gelendzhik Bay waters are significantly enriched with nitrogen and phosphorus compounds. • Unlike the Golubaya bay, phosphates are always present in the water of the Gelendzhik Bay and development of photosynthesis is not limited with nutrients. It may lead to processes of intensive eutrophication. • The oxygen saturation in the Gelendzhik Bay periodically descend lower than 80% during the summer period. That means, that even the Bay's surface layer formally corresponds to the hypoxic conditions that testify to the degradation of the ecosystem there. The conclusions obtained during our studies testify that the pollution from

  13. Smart limbed vehicles for naval applications. Part I. Performance analysis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Weisberg, A.; Wood, L.


    Research work in smart, unmanned limbed vehicles for naval warfare applications performed during the latter part of FY76 and FY76T by the Special Studies Group of the LLL Physics Department for the Office of Naval Research is reported. Smart water-traversing limbed remotely navigated vehicles are interesting because: they are the only viable small vehicle usable in high sea states; they are small and work on the ocean surface, they are much harder to detect than any other conventional craft; they have no human pilot, are capable of high-g evasion, and will continue to operate after direct hits that would have crippled a human crew; they have the prospect of providing surface platforms possessing unprecedented speed and maneuverability; unlike manned information-gathering craft, they impose almost no penalty for missions in excess of 10 hours (no need to rotate shifts of crewmen, no food/lavatory requirements, etc.) and, in their ''loitering mode'', waterbugs could perhaps perform their missions for days to weeks; they are cheap enough to use for one-way missions; they are mass-producible; they are inherently reliable--almost impossible to sink and, in the event of in-use failure, the vehicle will not be destroyed; they maximally exploit continuing technological asymmetries between the U.S. and its potential opponents; and they are economically highly cost-effective for a wide spectrum of Navy missions. (TFD)

  14. Geomorphic change in Dingzi Bay, East China since the 1950s: impacts of human activity and fluvial input (United States)

    Tian, Qing; Wang, Qing; Liu, Yalong


    This study examines the geomorphic evolution of Dingzi Bay, East China in response to human activity and variations in fluvial input since the 1950s. The analysis is based on data from multiple mathematical methods, along with information obtained from Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System and Global Position System technology. The results show that the annual runoff and sediment load discharged into Dingzi Bay display significant decreasing trends overall, and marked downward steps were observed in 1966 and 1980. Around 60%-80% of the decline is attributed to decreasing precipitation in the Wulong River Basin. The landform types in Dingzi Bay have changed significantly since the 1950s, especially over the period between 1981 and 1995. Large areas of tidal flats, swamp, salt fields, and paddy fields have been reclaimed, and aquaculture ponds have been constructed. Consequently, the patterns of erosion and deposition in the bay have changed substantially. Despite a reduction in sediment input of 65.68% after 1966, low rates of sediment deposition continued in the bay. However, deposition rates changed significantly after 1981 owing to large-scale development in the bay, with a net depositional area approximately 10 times larger than that during 1961-1981. This geomorphic evolution stabilized following the termination of large-scale human activity in the bay after 1995. Overall, Dingzi Bay has shown a tendency towards silting-up during 1952-2010, with the bay head migrating seaward, the number of channels in the tidal creek system decreasing, and the tidal inlet becoming narrower and shorter. In conclusion, largescale development and human activity in Dingzi Bay have controlled the geomorphic evolution of the bay since the 1950s.

  15. 33 CFR 117.1101 - Sturgeon Bay. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Sturgeon Bay. 117.1101 Section 117.1101 Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY BRIDGES DRAWBRIDGE OPERATION REGULATIONS Specific Requirements Wisconsin § 117.1101 Sturgeon Bay. (a) The draw of the Michigan Street Bridge, mile 4.3 at Sturgeon...

  16. A Water Movement Study in Lianzhou Bay, Guangxi Province,China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    SUN Ting; Andreas Macrander; David Kaiser


    This study investigates the physical conditions (water depth, current speed, salinity, temperature) in Lianzhou Bay, a shallow coastal bay in southern China, during two expeditions in the dry and wet seasons of 2011. Based on these expedition data, basic hydrodynamic parameters like Brunt-Väisälä Frequency, Richardson Number, Rossby radius, and Resonance Period are calcu-lated. The results show that Lianzhou Bay is characterized by comparatively small quantity of freshwater input and weak stratifica-tion. Strong tides, which are spatially uniform within the bay, cause turbulent mixing. Residence time of the water is shorter in winter due to a stronger coastal current in that season. Consideration of the water movement may help to reduce the harmful ecological impact of aquaculture waste water discharge.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI Ming-kui; HOU Yi-jun; WEI Ze-xun


    The three-dimensional Princeton Ocean Model(POM)was employed to simulate the tide and current simultanuously for the first time in the Fushan Bay,Qingdao,China.By adopting the elevation condition that was combined with the tides M2,S2,K1 and O1 at the open boundary and by choosing the proper value of bottom roughness,the horizontal and vertical distributions of the tidal current and water level variations in the bay were computed.The results agree well with the field observation data,indicating that this model can be used to predict accurately the variation of tides and currents in the Fushan Bay and other costal regions in the future.Our study also provides useful information and a data base for the Olympic Projects that will be conducted in the Fushan Bay in 2008.

  18. Joint Task Force -Guantanamo Bay, Cuba: Open or Close? (United States)


    December 1903, the treaty was finalized, and signed in Havana . Another treaty reaffirmed the lease in 1934; it granted Cuba and her trading partners...windward side. Ferry services provide transportation across the bay. The primary mission of this facility is to serve as a strategic logistics base for...the cost of transporting them securely to new facilities? Why spend this amount of money again, rather than keep the current 15 facilities in


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    朱海宏; 徐中伟; 梅萌; 祝玉军


    It is of great importance for the safety assessment of high speed railway control system. In this paper, the Bayes network technology is introduced which takes advantage of traditional event tree and fault tree that are good at analysis. The fault trees at each safety stage of the event tree are turned into Bayes network respectively, then are merged into an integrated Bayes network by logical relations.Through the integrated Bayes network, not only can the safety of the railway control system be analyzed, but also other useful probabilistic reasoning information can be obtained.%高速铁路控制系统的安全性评估非常重要,引入贝叶斯网络技术,充分利用传统事件树、故障树的分析优势,将事件树中各安全环节的故障树分别转化为贝叶斯网络,并按逻辑关系最终融合为一张完整的贝叶斯网.通过整合的贝叶斯网络不仅可以分析列控系统的安全性,同时还能得出其他有用的概率推理信息.

  20. Bayesian estimation of Pareto distribution parameter under entropy loss based on fixed time censoring data%定时截尾数据 Pareto 分布参数的 Bayes 估计

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王晓红; 宋立新


      研究定时截尾数据情形下 Pareto 分布参数θ的 Bayes 估计和可容许性。给出熵损失函数的定义,取损失函数为熵损失函数,通过计算求出定时截尾情形下的熵损失函数,从而给出了 Pareto 分布参数θ的 Bayes 估计的一般形式;在给出先验分布为 Gamma 分布的条件下,计算出参数θ的后验密度,进而得出了参数θ的 Bayes 估计的精确形式,证明了所得到的参数θ的 Bayes 估计的可容许性。%In order to investigate the Bayesian estimation of Pareto distribution parameter on fixed time censoring data, this paper introduces the definition of entropy loss function by taking the loss function as entropy loss function. Through the calculations of above functions, the general form of Bayesian estimation of Pareto distribution parameter is obtained. Under the conditions of prior distribution as Gamma distribution, calculating the posterior density, the exact form of estimation is then given. In addition, the paper proves that the Bayesian estimation is admissible.

  1. Study on the carry capacity of edible jellyfish fishery in Liaodong Bay (United States)

    You, Kui; Bian, Yongning; Ma, Caihua; Chi, Xupeng; Liu, Zhiqiang; Zhang, Yuyu


    Jellyfish fishing is a special type of fishery that mainly exists in some countries of East and Southeast Asia. China has the largest jellyfish fishery yield in the world with an annual harvest of around 300 thousand tons. Liaodong Bay is the most important jellyfish fishery ground in China. However, due to the high benefits of jellyfish fishery, which leads to illegal and out-of-season jellyfish fishing occurring each year in Liaodong Bay. Illegal jellyfish fishery in Liaodong Bay is a typical example of the tragedy of the commons. The key problem is that fishermen seek to an illegally initiate jellyfish fishing as early as possible. In this paper, basing on the data of edible jellyfish's biology and ecology, we mainly analyzed the history of jellyfish fishery in China, especially in Liaodong bay, and then we calculated the carry capacity of edible jellyfish in Liaodong Bay which is about 300 thousand tons one year. This number is equal to the recent annual yield of edible jellyfish in China. Furthermore, basing on the carry capacity and reasonable quotas price analysis, we set up a Jellyfish fishing quotas and deficit quotas buyback system which could be a suitable and effective solution for jellyfish fishery management and development in Liaodong Bay at the underlying roots. Although China is the first country with edible jellyfish aquaculture, the annual yield of jellyfish aquaculture is only one fifth of jellyfish fishing. So, there is a very bright developing prospect about edible jellyfish aquaculture in China.

  2. 基于多源信息的辽东湾顶东部海岸时空变化研究%Multi-Source-Based Space-Time Analysis of Shoreline Changes in Eastern Liaodong Bay Top

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    武芳; 苏奋振; 平博; 吴文周; 朱良


    Due to the development of the local economy and exploitation of the shoreline, Liaodong Bay has changed. The analysis of shoreline changes plays a pivotal role in the development of the economy and policy. Prior to the 1990s, wetland degradation, sandy shoreline erosion and man-made land projects were responsible for changes in Liaodong Bay' s shoreline. We analyze changes in the shoreline across the study area, examining the impacts of comprehensive development and management, and raise scientific alternatives for improved outcomes. Since RS and GIS based spatial analysis can detect shoreline changes immediately and accurately, this research adopted band 7, band 4 and band 1 TM data to compose false color images using ArcGIS. We propose six principles to distinguish different types of shoreline. According to field surveys and monitoring data, we found that trends in the length of shoreline have not changed and show a consistent increase in length while curvature is declining. The shape of the coast has trended from arc to jagged and has been driven by man-made development. Wetland resources have been converted from dimension change to qualitative change. The area of man-made land has shown index increase and breakwater is effective to reduce erosion of the sandy shoreline. These patterns indicate that in a relatively stable environment, social and economic factors are the main causes of shoreline change. Different institutions and different shaping shoreline policies cause various impacts. A combination of short-term high-density shoreline detection and traditional large scale detection will be highly effective in analyzing the impact caused by human activities. Monitoring shoreline development and management as well as intervention will also benefit from combined detection.%根据对辽东湾顶东部的实地考察,本文综合利用RS/GIS技术方法,提出了岸线解译原则,采用多期TM/ETM+影像、CEBERS-02B高分辨率多

  3. BayeSED: A General Approach to Fitting the Spectral Energy Distribution of Galaxies (United States)

    Han, Yunkun; Han, Zhanwen


    We present a newly developed version of BayeSED, a general Bayesian approach to the spectral energy distribution (SED) fitting of galaxies. The new BayeSED code has been systematically tested on a mock sample of galaxies. The comparison between the estimated and input values of the parameters shows that BayeSED can recover the physical parameters of galaxies reasonably well. We then applied BayeSED to interpret the SEDs of a large Ks -selected sample of galaxies in the COSMOS/UltraVISTA field with stellar population synthesis models. Using the new BayeSED code, a Bayesian model comparison of stellar population synthesis models has been performed for the first time. We found that the 2003 model by Bruzual & Charlot, statistically speaking, has greater Bayesian evidence than the 2005 model by Maraston for the Ks -selected sample. In addition, while setting the stellar metallicity as a free parameter obviously increases the Bayesian evidence of both models, varying the initial mass function has a notable effect only on the Maraston model. Meanwhile, the physical parameters estimated with BayeSED are found to be generally consistent with those obtained using the popular grid-based FAST code, while the former parameters exhibit more natural distributions. Based on the estimated physical parameters of the galaxies in the sample, we qualitatively classified the galaxies in the sample into five populations that may represent galaxies at different evolution stages or in different environments. We conclude that BayeSED could be a reliable and powerful tool for investigating the formation and evolution of galaxies from the rich multi-wavelength observations currently available. A binary version of the BayeSED code parallelized with Message Passing Interface is publicly available at

  4. The sediment budget of an urban coastal lagoon (Jamaica Bay, NY) determined using 234Th and 210Pb (United States)

    Renfro, Alisha A.; Cochran, J. Kirk; Hirschberg, David J.; Bokuniewicz, Henry J.; Goodbred, Steven L.


    The sediment budget of Jamaica Bay (New York, USA) has been determined using the natural particle-reactive radionuclides 234Th and 210Pb. Inventories of excess thorium-234 (234Thxs, half-life = 24.1 d) were measured in bottom sediments of the Bay during four cruises from September 2004 to July 2006. The mean bay-wide inventory for the four sampling periods ranged from 3.5 to 5.0 dpm cm-2, four to six times that expected from 234Th production in the overlying water column. The presence of dissolved 234Th and a high specific activity of 234Thxs on particles at the bay inlet (∼30 dpm g-1) indicated that both dissolved and particulate 234Th could be imported into the bay from the ocean. Based on these observations, a mass balance of 234Th yields an annual input of ∼39 ± 14 × 1010 g sediment into the bay. Mass accumulation rates determined from profiles of excess 210Pb (half-life = 22.3 y) in sediment cores require annual sediment import of 7.4 ± 4.5 × 1010 g. Both radionuclides indicate that there is considerable marine-derived sediment import to Jamaica Bay, consistent with earlier work using 210Pb. Such sediment input may be important in sustaining longer-term accretion rates of salt marshes in the bay.

  5. 33 CFR 334.770 - Gulf of Mexico and St. Andrew Sound, south of East Bay, Fla., Tyndall Drone Launch Corridor... (United States)


    ... Sound, south of East Bay, Fla., Tyndall Drone Launch Corridor, Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla.; restricted.... Andrew Sound, south of East Bay, Fla., Tyndall Drone Launch Corridor, Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla... referred to as the “Tyndall Drone Launch Corridor.” (b) The regulations. (1) Military usage of areas...

  6. An Improved Measurement of Electron Antineutrino Disappearance at Daya Bay

    CERN Document Server

    Webber, David M


    The theory of neutrino oscillations explains changes in neutrino flavor, count rates, and spectra from solar, atmospheric, accelerator, and reactor neutrinos. These oscillations are characterized by three mixing angles and two mass-squared differences. The solar mixing angle, {\\theta}_12, and the atmospheric mixing angle, {\\theta}_23, have been well measured, but until recently the neutrino mixing angle {\\theta}_13 was not well known. The Daya Bay experiment, located northeast of Hong Kong at the Guangdong Nuclear Power Complex in China, has made a precise measurement of electron antineutrino disappearance using six functionally-identical gadolinium-doped liquid scintillator-based detectors at three sites with distances between 364 and 1900 meters from six reactor cores. This proceeding describes the Daya Bay updated result, using 127 days of good run time collected between December 24, 2011 and May 11, 2012. For the far site, the ratio of the observed number of events to the expected number of events assumin...

  7. Sediment environmental capacity of 137Cs in Daya Bay

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Junli; CHEN Jiajun; XU Jialin; LI Yuanxin; HUANG Naiming


    Sediment environmental capacity of pollutants is very important for marine environmental management.Based on the methodology of a study on water,soil environmental capacity,and mass conservation theory in a system,the concept and model on sediment environmental capacity for 137Cs in Daya Bay were developed.The static capacity for 137Cs in the upper sediment near the shore at a shallow area was calculated,and the annual dynamic capacity and total dynamic capacity were also calculated through determination of the typical biomass in the sediment.The results showed that the estimated environmental capacity for 137Cs in sediments was approximately equal to the current input of 137Cs into the sediments.Controlling the input of 137Cs in the sediments within the environmental capacity guarantees the sustainability of the current situation of the Daya Bay ecosystem and avoidance of a significant degradation of the system.

  8. Multidisciplinary Investigations of Submarine Flow to Biscayne Bay, Florida (United States)

    Halley, R. B.; Reich, C. D.; Swarzenski, P. W.; Langevin, C. D.


    Biscayne Bay and Biscayne National Park (BNP) are located next to the Miami-Dade urban complex and are adjacent to the Dade County South Dade Landfill Facility and the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer South District Plant. The base of the landfill is lined to separate it from the underlying Miami Limestone, the host rock for the surficial Biscayne Aquifer. The sewage-treatment facility injects treated sewage into the lower Florida Aquifer (750 m) that is overlain by an aquitard termed the Middle Confining Unit (450 m). The Biscayne Aquifer (up to 50 m thick) borders the western margin of BNP, and the Floridan Aquifer underlies the entire park. There is concern about leakage of contaminated aquifer water into BNP and its potential effects on water quality. Groundwater flux to Biscayne Bay is being studied using pressure measurements and geochemical analyses from submarine wells, electromagnetic seepage meters, streaming resistivity profiling, and local and regional model simulations. Both seepage meters and water analyses provide point information that can be placed into the regional context provided by flow models and geochemical and geophysical profiling, which, in turn, constrain the groundwater contribution. Water samples were collected approximately quarterly from August 2002 until March 2004 from submarine wells along a transect through Biscayne Bay and across the reef to the shelf edge. Samples were analyzed for conductivity (salinity), dissolved oxygen, temperature, redox potential, nutrients, metals, strontium isotopes, radon, sulfate, and wastewater compounds. Low-salinity water was identified from nearshore wells and indicates seepage from the Biscayne Aquifer and/or surface-water intrusion into the rocks along western Biscayne Bay. Analyses of water samples (n = 109) collected from wells across the Florida shelf show no consistent evidence of wastewater contaminants occurring in groundwater beneath BNP. No significant leakage from the Floridan Aquifer

  9. River Flow Control on the Phytoplankton Dynamics of Chesapeake Bay

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YU Qingyun; WANG You; TANG Xuexi; LI Ming


    Recent observations support an emerging paradigm that climate variability dominates nutrient enrichment in costal ecosystems,which can explain seasonal and inter-annual variability of phytoplankton community composition,biomass (Chl-a),and primary production (PP).In this paper,we combined observation and modeling to investigate the regulation of phytoplankton dynamics in Chesapeake Bay.The year we chose is 1996 that has high river runoff and is usually called a ‘wet year’.A 3-D physical-biogeochemical model based on ROMS was developed to simulate the seasonal cycle and the regional distributions of phytoplankton biomass and primary production in Chesapeake Bay.Based on the model results,NO3 presents a strong contrast to the river nitrate load during spring and the highest concentration in the bay reaches around 80mmol N m3.Compared with the normal year,phytoplankton bloom in spring of 1996 appears in lower latitudes with a higher concentration.Quantitative comparison between the modeled and observed seasonal averaged dissolved inorganic nitrogen concentrations shows that the model produces reliable results.The correlation coefficient r2 for all quantities exceeds 0.95,and the skill parameter for the four seasons is all above 0.95.

  10. AutoBayes Program Synthesis System System Internals (United States)

    Schumann, Johann Martin


    This lecture combines the theoretical background of schema based program synthesis with the hands-on study of a powerful, open-source program synthesis system (Auto-Bayes). Schema-based program synthesis is a popular approach toward program synthesis. The lecture will provide an introduction into this topic and discuss how this technology can be used to generate customized algorithms. The synthesis of advanced numerical algorithms requires the availability of a powerful symbolic (algebra) system. Its task is to symbolically solve equations, simplify expressions, or to symbolically calculate derivatives (among others) such that the synthesized algorithms become as efficient as possible. We will discuss the use and importance of the symbolic system for synthesis. Any synthesis system is a large and complex piece of code. In this lecture, we will study Autobayes in detail. AutoBayes has been developed at NASA Ames and has been made open source. It takes a compact statistical specification and generates a customized data analysis algorithm (in C/C++) from it. AutoBayes is written in SWI Prolog and many concepts from rewriting, logic, functional, and symbolic programming. We will discuss the system architecture, the schema libary and the extensive support infra-structure. Practical hands-on experiments and exercises will enable the student to get insight into a realistic program synthesis system and provides knowledge to use, modify, and extend Autobayes.

  11. Integration Impacts of a Hybrid Contra-Rotating Shaft-Pod (HCRSP) Arrangement on Naval Auxiliaries (United States)


    Oil MSC Military Sealift Command n Rotational Speed NAVSEA Naval Sea Systems Command NSWCCD Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division OEM...and guidance on the concept and the study scope • Dr. Colen Kennell for his naval architectural support & advice • Mr. Peter S. Anderson – VP... essential in any totally new design and probably essential if a larger pod is required on a T-AKE 1 hull-form. • On a modified-repeat T-AKE 1, add a

  12. Comprehensive characterization report on Winter Quarters Bay, McMurdo Station, Antarctica

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Crockett, A.B.; White, G.J.


    Winter Quarters Bay is a small embayment located adjacent to the United States largest base in Antarctica, McMurdo Station. McMurdo Station, which is managed by the National Science Foundation`s Office of Polar Programs, was constructed in 1955, has been in constant use since that time, and has a population of about 1,000 persons during the summer and about 250 people for the winter. The bay offers shelter for ships and an ice dock is used during January and February to off load fuel and cargo. During earlier times, trash from the McMurdo Station was piled on the steep shoreline of the bay, doused with several thousand gallons of fuel and ignited. That practice has ceased and the site has been regraded to cover the waste. The bottom of the bay is littered with drums, equipment, tanks, tires, all sorts of metal objects, cables, etc., especially the southeastern side where dumping took place. The sediments are gravel in some places yet fine and fluid at other sites with coarse particles intermixed. The original benthic community is not well recorded but significant ecological changes have occurred. Sediments are contaminated with PCBs, metals, and hydrocarbon fuels. This report summarizes available information on Winter Quarters Bay and was originally intended to be used by workshop participants to become familiar with the bay prior to becoming updated with unpublished data by various Antarctic investigators. The proposed workshop was to assist the National Science Foundation in determining whether and how the bay should be remediated and to develop an integrated research plan if additional data were needed. However, plans changed, the workshop was never conducted, but the briefing report was prepared. Most of this report reviews and summarizes other published data. The only new data are those from the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory`s investigation into the distribution of organic contaminants in the bay and sediment toxicity testing.

  13. Evidence for mid-Holocene shift in depositional style in Mobile Bay, Alabama (United States)

    Twichell, David; Kelso, Kyle; Pendleton, Elizabeth A.


    The Holocene stratigraphy of Mobile Bay, Alabama, was mapped using a combination of high-resolution seismic data and sediment cores to refine changes in the bay's evolution during this time. The base of the Holocene-era stratigraphy is an erosional surface formed during the last glacial maximum. Overlying Holocene deposits are primarily estuarine mud that has a finely laminated weak acoustic signature. One exception is a thin unit, R1, with varying reflection amplitude that can be traced throughout the southern part of the bay. The continuity of the unit throughout the southern part of the bay suggests a baywide change in sedimentation that was perhaps driven by rapid retreat of the bay-head delta in response to a sudden rise in sea level or an abrupt change in accommodation space due to basin geometry. Along the southern edge of the bay, the R1 unit increases in thickness and reflector amplitude towards Morgan Peninsula. The peninsula itself underwent a period of erosion and narrowing between 4,300 to 3,000 years before present, and the variation in reflector amplitude and the geometry of this part of the R1 unit appear to reflect a period of increased overwashing of the peninsula during this period. Average estuarine sedimentation rates decreased after the formation of the R1 unit, and the decrease coincides with a decline in the rate of sea-level rise. A similar change in depositional style at approximately the same time in neighboring Apalachicola Bay suggests a change that affected the northeastern Gulf of Mexico region and not just Mobile Bay.

  14. 76 FR 37641 - Safety Zone; Independence Day Fireworks Celebration for the City of Half Moon Bay, Half Moon Bay, CA (United States)


    ... the City of Half Moon Bay, Half Moon Bay, CA AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Temporary final rule. SUMMARY: The Coast Guard is establishing a temporary safety zone in the navigable waters of Half Moon Bay, off of Pillar Point Harbor beach, Half Moon Bay, CA in support of the Independence Day...

  15. 78 FR 62293 - Safety Zone, Oyster Festival 30th Anniversary Fireworks Display, Oyster Bay; Oyster Bay, NY (United States)


    ... CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone, Oyster Festival 30th Anniversary Fireworks Display, Oyster Bay; Oyster Bay, NY AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Temporary final rule. SUMMARY: The Coast Guard is establishing a temporary safety zone on the navigable waters of Oyster Bay near Oyster Bay, NY for the...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. Carroll


    Full Text Available The response of Monterey Bay to the Great Tohoku earthquake of 2011 is examined in this study. From a practical standpoint, although the resulting tsunami did not cause any damage to the open harbors at Monterey and Moss Landing, it caused extensive damage to boats and infrastructure in Santa Cruz Harbor, which is closed to surrounding waters. From a scientific standpoint, the observed and predicted amplitudes of the tsunami at 1 km from the source were 21.3 and 22.5 m based on the primary arrival from one DART bottom pressure recorder located 986 km ENE of the epicenter. The predicted and observed travel times for the tsunami to reach Monterey Bay agreed within 3%. The predicted and observed periods of the tsunami-generated wave before it entered the bay yielded periods that approached 2 hours. Once the tsunami entered Monterey Bay it was transformed into a seiche with a primary period of 36-37 minutes, corresponding to quarter-wave resonance within the bay. Finally, from a predictive standpoint, major tsunamis that enter the bay from the northwest, as in the present case, are the ones most likely to cause damage to Santa Cruz harbor.

  17. Biodiversity inventories and conservation of the marine fishes of Bootless Bay, Papua New Guinea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Drew Joshua A


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The effective management and conservation of biodiversity is predicated on clearly defined conservation targets. Species number is frequently used as a metric for conservation prioritization and monitoring changes in ecosystem health. We conducted a series of synoptic surveys focusing on the fishes of the Bootless Bay region of Papua New Guinea to generate a checklist of fishes of the region. Bootless Bay lies directly south of Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, and experiences the highest human population density of any marine area in the country. Our checklist will set a baseline against which future environmental changes can be tracked. Results We generated a checklist of 488 fish species in 72 families found in Bootless Bay during a two-week sampling effort. Using incident-based methods of species estimation, we extrapolate there to be approximately 940 fish species in Bootless Bay, one of the lowest reported numbers in Papua New Guinea. Conclusions Our data suggest that the Bootless Bay ecosystem of Papua New Guinea, while diverse in absolute terms, has lower fish biodiversity compared to other shallow marine areas within the country. These differences in faunal diversity are most likely a combination of unequal sampling effort as well as biophysical factors within Bootless Bay compounded by historical and/or contemporary anthropogenic disturbances.

  18. Geologic insights from multibeam bathymetry and seascape maps of the Bay of Fundy, Canada (United States)

    Shaw, John; Todd, Brian J.; Li, Michael Z.


    The macrotidal Bay of Fundy, Canada, was systematically mapped in the early 2000s using multibeam sonar technology, partly to support efforts to develop hydropower. The primary product was a suite of 1:50,000-scale maps of shaded seafloor relief and backscatter. In addition, a ‘seascape’ map was produced in an attempt to classify the entire bay in terms of morphology, texture, and biota. The eight seascape groups that are delineated reflect the strong signature of glaciation in much of the bay, the effects of Holocene tidal range expansion, and the results of modern processes under a dynamic current regime. As a result of the recent mapping we are able to argue that the muddy depocentre in the southwest of the bay was primarily active before the well-documented expansion of tidal range that occurred in the Bay of Fundy in the Holocene epoch. We further demonstrate the complexity of the seafloor in one of the glacial seascapes, and discuss the morphology and stability of a major tidal scour. The evidence obtained from multibeam sonar mapping reveals the complexity of the sea floor in the Bay of Fundy not necessarily apparent on the 1977 surficial geology map based on sparse lines of single-beam echo sounder data.

  19. Numerical Simulation of Pollutant Transport and Accumulation Areas in the Hangzhou Bay

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI Ning; MAO Zhihua; ZHANG Qinghe


    Based on the COHERENS model (a coupled hydrodynamic ecological model for regional and shelf seas), a numerical hydrodynamic model of the Hangzhou Bay, influenced by tide, regional winds and freshwater from the Yangtze River and the Qiantangjiang River was established. The Lagrangian particle tracking was simulated to provide tracer trajectories. For convenience, the modeling area was divided into 8 subdomains and the modeling focused on March (dry season) and July (wet season). Numerical simulation and analysis indicate that the tracer trajectories originated in different subdomains are quite different. Most particles released in the mouth of the bay move outside the bay quickly and reach the farthest place at 122.5°E; while particles released in the inner part of the bay mostly remain in the same subdomain, with only minor migrations in two opposite directions along the shore. The tracer experiments also indicate that the northwest region of the bay is an area where pollutant can easily accumulate in both wet and dry seasons, and that the southeast region of the bay is another area for pollutant to accumulate in dry season because it is the main path for the contaminant.

  20. A discussion on typhoon occurred in the Haikou Bay and impact mechanism on seawater quality

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Water quality parameters such as pH, DO, COD, PO4 - P, SiO3 - Si, NO2 - N, NO3 -N in the Haikou Bay were monitored respectively before and after Typhoon 9618 occurring on Sep. 18,1996. Based on the statistics of typhoon in the Haikou Bay and numerical calculation of stormy current,the mechanism of water quality variation caused by typhoon is discussed. The typhoon impact on the Haikou Bay usually appears between July and November, most usually between August and October.The monitoring results before a typhoon were different from that. The stormy wave and windstorm cur rent stir up the sediment in near-shore bottom and make the bottom water mix with the surface water strongly, specially windstorm current with strong velocity at the head of the bay stirs up higher pollu tants sediment near sea area of sewage outfall, and heavy rain with typhoon carries the pollutants from land through the Nandu River to the Haikou Bay, so the contents of COD, PO4 - P, NO2 - N, NO3 -N, SiO3 after a typhoon are higher than those before. Windstorm current is violent, which makes offshore high DO water exchange more frequently with inner bay water and oxygen in the air dissolves in sea water faster, so DO content after typhoon is higher than that before typhoon. This strong action of water exchange also causes lower pH change before and after the typhoon.

  1. Crystal habit for upconversion laser crystal of BaY2F8

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI Guanghui; RUAN Yongfeng; ZHANG Shouchao; SUN Wei


    BaY2F8 crystals had a relatively low symmetry, and its XRD data showed that those strong diffractions occurred in a narrow angle range, so it was difficult to orientate the single crystals of BaY2F8. In this paper, based on the structure characteristics and XRD data, the crystal habit of BaY2F8 was analyzed. The strong bond in crystal structure of BaY2F8 was Y-F2-Y, which stretched to the shape of chain along the direction of [001]. And this was an advantaged direction for the crystal growth. The steady shapes of BaY2F8 were composed of rhombic prism {130} and {021}. The crystal showed an axial habit in the direction of [001]. The analysis of the crystal slice obtained by temperature gradient technique verified the above conclusion. The BaY2F8 crystal was grown by compulsive methods such as Czochralski method.

  2. The Method of Analysis Derived Coefficients of Database as a New Method of Historical Research (for Example, a Database of Ballistic Parameters of Naval Artillery

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicholas W. Mitiukov


    Full Text Available In paper there is proposed a new method of historical research, based on analysis of derivatives coefficients of database (for example, the form factor in the database of ballistic data. This method has a much greater protection from subjectivism and direct falsification, compared with the analysis obtained directly from the source of the numerical series, as any intentional or unintentional distortion of the raw data provides a significant contrast ratio derived from the average sample values. Application of this method to the analysis of ballistic data base of naval artillery allowed to find the facts, forcing a new look at some of the events in the history data on the German naval artillery before World War I, probably overpriced for disinformation opponents of the Entente; during the First World War, Spain, apparently held secret talks with the firm Bofors ended purchase of Swedish shells; the first Russian naval rifled guns were created obvious based on the project Blackly, not Krupp as traditionally considered.

  3. 1993 environmental monitoring report for the naval reactors facility

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The results of the radiological and nonradiological environmental monitoring programs for 1993 at the Naval Reactors Facility (NRF) are presented in this report. The results obtained from the environmental monitoring programs verify that releases to the environment from operations at NRF were in accordance with state and federal regulations. Evaluation of the environmental data confirms that the operation of NRF continues to have no adverse effect on the quality of the environment or the health and safety of the general public. Furthermore, a conservative assessment of radiation exposure to the general public as a result of NRF operations demonstrated that the dose received by any member of the public was well below the most restrictive dose limits prescribed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE).

  4. Naval Reactors Facility environmental monitoring report, calendar year 2001

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The results of the radiological and nonradiological environmental monitoring programs for 2001 at the Naval Reactors Facility are presented in this report. The results obtained from the environmental monitoring programs verify that releases to the environment from operations at NRF were in accordance with Federal and State regulations. Evaluation of the environmental data confirms that the operation of NRF continues to have no adverse effect on the quality of the environment or the health and safety of the general public. Furthermore, a conservative assessment of radiation exposure to the general public as a result of NRF operations demonstrated that the dose received by any member of the public was well below the most restrictive dose limits prescribed by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U. S. Department of Energy.

  5. 1997 environmental monitoring report for the Naval Reactors Facility

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The results of the radiological and nonradiological environmental monitoring programs for 1997 at the Naval Reactors Facility (NRF) are presented in this report. The results obtained from the environmental monitoring programs verify that releases to the environment from operations at NRF were in accordance with state and federal regulations. Evaluation of the environmental data confirms that the operation of NRF continues to have no adverse effect on the quality of the environment or the health and safety of the general public. Furthermore, a conservative assessment of radiation exposure to the general public as a result of NRF operations demonstrated that the dose received by any member of the public was well below the most restrictive dose limits prescribed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE).

  6. Naval Reactors Facility environmental monitoring report, calendar year 1999

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The results of the radiological and nonradiological environmental monitoring programs for 1999 at the Naval Reactors Facility (NRF) are presented in this report. The results obtained from the environmental monitoring programs verify that releases to the environment from operations at NRF were in accordance with Federal and State regulations. Evaluation of the environmental data confirms that the operation of NRF continues to have no adverse effect on the quality of the environment or the health and safety of the general public. Furthermore, a conservative assessment of radiation exposure to the general public as a result of NRF operations demonstrated that the dose received by any member of the public was well below the most restrictive dose limits prescribed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

  7. Naval Reactors Facility environmental monitoring report, calendar year 2000

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The results of the radiological and nonradiological environmental monitoring programs for 2000 at the Naval Reactors Facility (NRF) are presented in this report. The results obtained from the environmental monitoring programs verify that releases to the environment from operations at NRF were in accordance with Federal and State regulations. Evaluation of the environmental data confirms that the operation of NRF continues to have no adverse effect on the quality of the environment or the health and safety of the general public. Furthermore, a conservative assessment of radiation exposure to the general public as a result of NRF operations demonstrated that the dose received by any member of the public was well below the most restrictive dose limits prescribed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

  8. Distribution and isotopic composition of uranium in lower Nueces River, Nueces Bay and Corpus Christi Bay, Texas (United States)

    Holmes, Charles W.; Slade, Elizabeth Ann


    The uranium concentration and isotopic composition of water and suspended sediment from the Nueces River, Nueces Bay and Corpus Christi Bay were determined by alpha-spectroscopy. The average dissolved uranium concentration and radioactivity ratio (U234/U238) of Nueces River water were determined to be 2.44 µg/1 and 1.15 respectively. Water from a tributary of the Nueces River, Cayamon Creek, was found to contain an average dissolved uranium concentration of 42.8 µg/1 with an isotopic radioactivity ratio of 1.56. Close inspection of the lateral concentration and isotopic activity ratio of uranium revealed an increase below the confluence of Cayamon Creek with the Nueces River. A model was derived based on equations used in isotopic dilution analysis, which predicts these increases within analytical error. This model may be useful in future studies to locate anomalous uranium within the hydrologic environment.

  9. Biological, chemical, and physical data collected in Delaware Bay from 2 Sep 1997 to 8 Oct 1997 (NODC Accession 0118720) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This study was based on the sediment quality triad (SQT) approach. A stratified probabilistic sampling design was utilized to characterize the Delaware Bay system in...

  10. 78 FR 29289 - Safety Zone; Big Bay Boom, San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA (United States)


    ... Big Bay Boom Fireworks display from 8:45 p.m. to 10 p.m. on July 4, 2013. These proposed safety zones... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Big Bay Boom, San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA... 3316). 4. Public Meeting We do not now plan to hold a public meeting. But you may submit a request...

  11. Whole-system metabolism and CO2 fluxes in a Mediterranean Bay dominated by seagrass beds (Palma Bay, NW Mediterranean

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. V. Borges


    Full Text Available The relationship between whole-system metabolism estimates based on planktonic and benthic incubations (bare sediments and seagrass, Posidonia oceanica meadows, and CO2 fluxes across the air-sea interface were examined in the Bay of Palma (Mallorca, Spain during two cruises in March and June 2002. Moreover, planktonic and benthic incubations were performed at monthly intervals from March 2001 to October 2002 in a seagrass vegetated area of the bay. From the annual study, results showed a contrast between the planktonic compartment, which was heterotrophic during most of the year, except for occasional bloom episodes, and the benthic compartment, which was slightly autotrophic. Whereas the seagrass community was autotrophic, the excess organic carbon production therein could only balance the excess respiration of the planktonic compartment in shallow waters (2 fields and fluxes across the bay observed during the two extensive cruises in 2002. Finally, dissolved inorganic carbon and oxygen budgets provided NEP estimates in fair agreement with those derived from direct metabolic estimates based on incubated samples over the Posidonia oceanica meadow.

  12. Bayes linear covariance matrix adjustment

    CERN Document Server

    Wilkinson, Darren J


    In this thesis, a Bayes linear methodology for the adjustment of covariance matrices is presented and discussed. A geometric framework for quantifying uncertainties about covariance matrices is set up, and an inner-product for spaces of random matrices is motivated and constructed. The inner-product on this space captures aspects of our beliefs about the relationship between covariance matrices of interest to us, providing a structure rich enough for us to adjust beliefs about unknown matrices in the light of data such as sample covariance matrices, exploiting second-order exchangeability and related specifications to obtain representations allowing analysis. Adjustment is associated with orthogonal projection, and illustrated with examples of adjustments for some common problems. The problem of adjusting the covariance matrices underlying exchangeable random vectors is tackled and discussed. Learning about the covariance matrices associated with multivariate time series dynamic linear models is shown to be a...

  13. 基于遥感和GIS技术的墨西哥湾溢油动态分析%Dynamic analysis on oil spill in Mexico Bay based on remote sensing and GIS

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李颖; 兰国新; 刘丙新; 陈铎


    The oil spill occurred in Mexico Bay was monitored based on a series of remote sensing images and Geographical Information System (GIS) techniques. The result showed that the area of the oil slicks was four times of that in the first day (April 25) to May 1, and the drifting direction of the oil slicks was the same as the current. The studies indicated that effort of the oil cleaning and the sealing of the leak almost achieved no effect, and the drifting way of the oil had a correlation with current. The studies verified the capacity of remote sensing and GIS in monitoring of the oil spills. Combined with the current data, the remote sensing and GIS techniques could be used to predict the drifting trend, which were very helpful in cleaning and controlling the oil slicks.%利用多时相的遥感影像数据和地理信息系统( GIS)的空间分析功,对2010年发生在墨两哥湾的溢油事故进行了动态监测,并结合洋流等信息对溢油漂移趋势进行了预测.结果显示,至2010年5月1日溢油面积已达到4月25日的4倍,并且溢油漂移趋势受到洋流的作用,漂移方向与洋流方向一致.研究表明,至5月1日对溢油处理与漏油处封堵的努力效果甚微,油污面积有继续扩大趋势,油污漂移方向与洋流具有较强相关性.该研究验证了光学遥感图像可以很好地对溢油事故造成的溢油范围进行监测,结合GIS的空间分析功能和洋流等信息可对溢油面积和溢油漂移趋势进行监测与分析,从而为溢油控制与清理提供重要参考信息.

  14. 基于Bayes方法的渤海渔业资源动态评析%A Stock Assessment of Bohai Sea by Bayes-based Pella-Tomlinson Model

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李九奇; 聂小杰; 叶昌臣; 尹增强


    研究利用来自于黄渤海渔政局的内部统计资料,采用基于Bayes方法的Pella-Tomlinson模型对渤海渔业资源动态进行了科学评析,评析结果显示:渤海渔业资源的环境容纳量为3.5×106~5.5×106t;渔业资源综合种群的内禀增长率r为0.9~1.6;1979年渔业资源年平均生物量为2 332 523 t,尔后持续上升到1985年的最高值4 251 292 t,1985年以后又持续下降到2002年的最低值2 250 709 t;渤海渔业资源的最大持续产量MSY约为140×104t左右;支持MSY所需的捕捞努力量约为817 771 kW,到1991年捕捞努力量增加到963 564 kW,此时已超过获得MSY时需要的捕捞努力量,即从1991年开始出现捕捞过度。%The fish stock assessment is important groundwork for present-day fish stock management,The report presents a stock assessment of Bohai Sea by Bayes-based Pella-Tomlinson model.All of the data used in this study are from the Bohai-Yellow Sea Fisheries Administration Bureau.The research results show that the carrying capacity K of Bohai Sea is about 3.5×106-5.5×106 t and the Intrinsic growth rate r is about 0.9-1.6;the estimated stock biomass increased from approximately 2332523 t in 1979 to the maximum value 4251292 t in 1985 and then declined to less than 2250709 t in 2002;the estimated MSY is 1400000 t;the estimated effort for achieving MSY is 817771 kW and the effort is 963564 kW in 1991,since then overfishing was started.

  15. 基于某型舰炮的数据采集系统设计与试验%Design and Test for Data Acquisition System of Naval Gun

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    谈芳吟; 孙宽雷; 韩峻


    As the integrative degree of naval gun improves ,its structure becomes more precision ,which puts forward higher standards for failure detection and diagnose .In order to catch up these standards ,based on the deep research of cer‐tain naval gun ,with modern testing technology ,combined with the technology of microcontroller and the Labwindows/CVI development platform ,the data acquisition system of running automaton for a certain type of naval gun is designed ,and is applied on a certain type of active naval gun .The result shows that the system can collect effective information of naval gun stably and its automatic mechanism ,and can also restore the naval gun's working stateaccurately ,providing a solid founda‐tion and reliable basis for fault diagnosis .%随着舰炮一体化程度的提高,其结构越来越精密,这对故障检测及诊断提出了更高的要求。为了适应这一需要,在深入研究某型舰炮结构的基础上,利用现代测试技术,结合单片机技术和 Labwindows/CVI 开发平台,设计出了某型舰炮自动机运行数据采集系统,并将其应用于现役的某型舰炮上。实际应用结果表明,它可稳定地采集舰炮及自动机有效信息,并能通过上位机准确地还原舰炮运动过程,为故障诊断提供了坚实基础和可靠依据。

  16. 基于无失效数据的加权 E-Bayes 可靠性评估方法%Method for evaluation of weight expected-Bayesian reliability based on zero-failure data

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    蔡忠义; 陈云翔; 项华春; 董骁雄


    针对无失效数据情况下产品的可靠性评估问题,提出加权最小二乘法结合期望 Bayes(expected-Bayesian,E-Bayes)可靠性评估方法与模型。根据工程经验,构造出产品失效概率的先验分布;运用 Bayes 理论与方法,给出产品失效概率的 E-Bayes 估计;在威布尔分布场合下,采用加权最小二乘法来拟合产品寿命分布参数,给出产品可靠性指标的点估计和区间估计;结合算例分析,探讨模型的稳健性与方法的优越性,表明该方法具有较好的工程应用价值。%Aiming at the problem of product reliability evaluation in condition of zero-failure data,a method combining the weight-least-square method with expected-Bayesian (E-Bayes)reliability evaluation is put for-ward.According to the engineering experience,the prior distribution of product failure probability is construc-ted.Then the E-Bayes estimation of product failure probability is given by using the theory and method of Bayesian.In condition of Weibull distribution,the weight-least-square method is used to seek out the parameter of Weibull distribution,and obtain the reliability indexes’point and interval estimation.At last the robustness of the model and the superiority of the method are discussed by an example which shows the value of the method in engineering application.

  17. 一种基于贝叶斯决策的自适应视频编码方法%Adaptive Video Coding Based on Bayes-Cost Function

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    柳葆芳; 平西建; 李弼程; 邵美珍


    针对图象质量和传输码率在不同的视频传输系统中的不同要求,给出了一种用于视频编码宏块分类的贝叶斯代价函数,并依此构成了基于贝叶斯决策的自适应编码算法.试验表明,该算法可以实现图象质量和传输码率的主观折衷,并能提高重建图象的质量和平均峰值信噪比.%Both picture quality and coder's outputting bit-rate are important in the video coding process. An adaptive video coding algorithm is proposed in this paper. The algorithm takes into account both picture quality and coder's outputting bit-rate. It gives out a reasonable Bayes-cost function and introduces Bayes decision method into the video coding process. The algorithm uses Bayes decision method to choose coding strategy in order to agree with the statistical sort of image macroblock. The algorithm chooses the coding strategy whose Bayes-cost is the minimum and the subjective assessment of the coding strategy is the best. At the same time, the algorithm gives out the trade-off parameter λ between picture quality and coder's outputting bit-rate. The trade-off parameter λ is updated according the state of the buffer and the coder's outputting bit-rate is smoothed in order to make the best use of the channel. This method can get better quality of reconstructed picture and higher average PSNR.

  18. 桂林-北部湾经济区工业优势互补的发展模式%The Developmental Pattern Based on Mutual Complement of Industrial Advantages of Guilin - Beibu Bay Economic Zone

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    蔡翔; 杨晓蓓; 唐贵伍; 郭盟; 毛昌麒


    Bused on the integrated view of mutual complement of industrial elements and industrial cluster, this paper analyses the foundation of industrial development, the opportunities of industrial cooperation and coordinated development, and the space of cooperation and mutual complement between Guilin and Beibu Bay Economic Zone.Then the paper briefly designs the main win - win pattern of coordinated development in Guilin - Beibu Bay Economic Zone from the angles of element mutual complement: integrating actively the human resources, transport network and advantageous industries of Guilin with the industry cluster of Beibu Bay.%基于产业要素互补和产业集群的整合视角,对桂林-北部湾经济区两地工业发展的条件基础、工业合作与协同发展的机会以及两地工业发展的合作互补空间等进行了分析,并从人力资源、交通网络等要素互补角度和桂林优势产业积极融入北部湾产业集群的产业互补角度,初步设计了桂林-北部湾经济区持续协同发展的主要双赢模式.

  19. Environmental Assessment for the management of the Greenbelt Area at Naval Air Station (NAS) (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Approximately 3,595 acres of land around Naval Air Station (NAS) Fallon, known as the greenbelt, are out leased to local farmers for agricultural production. In...

  20. Microprocessors in Systems Engineering at the U.S. Naval Academy. (United States)

    Mitchell, Eugene E., Ed.; Lowe, W. M., Ed.


    Describes the introduction of microprocessors into the Weapons and Systems Engineering Department at the U.S. Naval Academy, including planning decisions, implementation, procedures, uses of microprocessors in the department, and impact on the Systems Engineering major and curriculum. (SK)